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Curtis sectional cab- 
inets may be quickly 
installed in your pres- 
ent kitchen. So don't 
think you can't have a 
"dream kitchen" un- 
less you build new. You 
can modernize the old 
one — make it conveni- 
ent and "smart" as any 
kitchen in town. Here 
is an excellent example 
of a kitchen modern- 
ized the Curtis Way — 
at low cost. 

KITCHEN ><?'m 

p". . . S Smml jamilu 

"Mrs. America" of today is a very busy woman — one sound reason why a modern kitchen 
is doubly-important. This practical arrangement of kitchen-dinette will appeal to many. The 
space- and step-saving Curtis cabinets greatly lighten kitchen work. The service bar — made 
up of three stock units — is a pleasing addition to many a kitchen. 

Page Two 


Copyrighl May, 1943, by Curlia Companies Incorporated 

(^^ K I T C H E N ^^ W ^mmeJ (/fi(}ui Jiaij Be ^em Pmeni Ki^den 


Not so long ago, Mrs. Average 
America struggled along in an out- 
dated kitchen that made her every- 
day jobs difficult and tiring. Then, 
S>^^^ I- ^^■p' » ' Curtis pioneered in modern kitchen 

T\ \/ BP^ planning. Now, through research 

• ■ ■ \\ 1^^ and experimenting, and with the 

accumulated knowledge gained in 
contacts with three generations of home builders, Curtis offers beautiful 
and modern kitchens — at a price within reach of all who want them. 
Over 75,000 housewives see a combination of all their desires in Curtis 

kitchens. Their valuable suggestions have resulted in kitchen cabinets 
that make better housekeepers and happier homes. 

Because Curtis wooc? kitchen cabinets are dehvered to you unfinished, 
you can make your kitchen reflect your own personality. Select the colors 
you want. Paint its cabinets, walls, trim, ceiling to suit you! 

Whether you build a new home or remodel an old kitchen, whether 
it is to be large or small, square, or oblong, you can have a Curtis 
planned kitchen which will incorporate your ideas and be best suited 
to your family needs. Your Curtis kitchen will save you time and steps; 
it will be the brightest, friendliest spot in your home, and it need not 
cost you a penny more than you can afford now. 

^ufiiis oecimal wniis 



WOOD — for centuries — has been considered our best material for cabinets, doors, 
windows, trim and for all exterior and interior millwork. Curtis cabinets are made 
of durable Ponder osa Pine — the best wood available for cabinetwork. They are 
shipped in dust-proof cartons — ready for quick installation. You'll find it a simple 
matter to install Curtis cabinets. And you need buy only those units you need and 
can afford now — add others later, if desired, or if your family increases. 

It is impossible to get the many patented features of Curtis cabinets in cupboards 
made on the job. Curtis makes each unit as one of a complete line and quantity 
production lowers the cost to the home owner. This is true of all Curtis Woodwork. 
Leading home magazines generally feature factory-made wood cabinets as being 
most suitable for home use. 

Your Curtis dealer offers a free kitchen planning service which enables you to 
see your kitchen in exact scale, in miniature, before you spend a penny. It's America's 
newest and most helpful kitchen planning service and may be had only through 
your Curtis dealer. Be sure to investigate before you buy any cabinets. 

S E E 



E A L E 


Page Three 


A very important point in kitchen 
planning is to place sink, stove and 
refrigerator to best possible advan- 
tage; and surround each with 
modern cabinets arranged to reduce 
unnecessary steps and speed up the 
preparation, cooking, serving and 
cleaning up after meals. Note here 
how sink is surrounded by handy, 
easy-to-reach cabinets. 


When cupboard space is limited, the one-wall kitchen arrangement 
may be your logical choice — provided you will be able to include suf- 
iicient cabinets to efficiently serve your needs. Very often, particularly 
in remodeling, this type of cabinet arrangement is the only solution. 
Certainly, it is the least expensive. Here, eight stock Curtis units form 
a stream-lined straight-wall assembly which provides maximum effici- 
ency. You may identify the units on page 11. 

All Curtis wall units were designed, like the base units, to fit easily 

and quickly together in various combinations. Wall Unit C-6704 (above) 
is available in eleven widths — all 36" high and 14" deep. The widths 
vary from 12" to 44". All units 36" and wider have a muUion between 
the doors. All wall cabinets have adjustable shelves — all have the "easy 
to clean" feature brought about by the absence of square corners. 
(See page 10.) 

In selecting kitchen cabinets, it is wise to remember that you are 
buying permanent furniture for your home. 


Page Four 

SmniUe (Jasemenis 
Ovefi Sink 

There can be no discussion as to the 
desirabiHty of placing the sink under 
windows. That's exactly where it 
belongs. And very likely you'll want 
to use Curtis Silentite Casements. 
Opening this Casement is easy as 
dialing a radio. And the sash can't 
rattle or swing in the wind. In the 
kitchen on page 4, Silentite double- 
hung windows are used. 

(;^ll (prnefim 


Important determining factors in the kitchen plan you select are the 
location of doors and windows and the wall space available. Here is 
an excellent example of a U-type kitchen. This arrangement is con- 
sidered by many home economists to be the most practical and labor- 
saving type. In the ideal "U" kitchen, sink, range and refrigerator form 
a close triangle. All are surrounded by cabinets to provide ample stor- 
age space. This gives a speedy and efficient plan for the woman who 
does her own work. 

If your kitchen fits into this classification, the wide range of sizes and 
types of Curtis cabinets will offer limitless possibilities. Note how effi- 
ciently these units fit around sink, stove and refrigerator — not an inch 
of waste space here. This is one of the finest kitchens Curtis has planned. 

You may secure Curtis kitchen unit hardware through your dealer. 
He will price your cabinets with or without hardware, but for a truly 
modern kitchen you will want distinctive Curtis hardware, too. Any 
type counter top material preferred may be used with these units. 



T H E 



Page Five 



Sjjicmcij fiiicmn , . . compact and step saving 

jk pofiuia/i 

Below is a "close-up" of the popular 
breakfast or service bar. This is made 
up of three stock Curtis units and 
the counter top. The units consist 
of a drawer unit, pan unit, and half- 
circle end shelves. If space permits, 
you may easily install a breakfast 
bar in your present kitchen. Your 
Curtis dealer will provide ideas. 

You've probably seen dozens of kitchens twice the size of this one — with 
less than half the cupboard space. Large, back-breaking kitchens can 
easily be modernized — with little or no tearing up. If you plan wisely, 
you may have ample workable and usable space in a kitchen that will 
conserve your energy and speed up kitchen duties. 

Curtis cabinets conserve space. The storage capacity of all Curtis 
units (the usable inside space) bears the greatest ratio to the total room 
space taken up by the cabinets when compared with any other kitchen 

cabinet line, or with job-built units. If you use the old-fashioned car- 
penter-built kind of cabinets, you shouldn't expect the features found in 
Curtis units — as pictured in this book. Yet, Curtis units cost but little 
more than the "cheapest kind". 

It's unwise to stint on cupboard space. Cupboards, like closets, are 
always in demand. So make sure your kitchen will include ample storage 
space. The time to think about this is when you plan your kitchen 
— whether you build new or make over the old one. 

H E 


U R T I S 


Page Six 

Curtis wall-case ironing board — de- 
sign C-6771. Fits between studs 16" 
on centers. Overall width, 1' 2"; 
height, 6' 9M"; depth 3H{o'- Inside 
depth, 3". Two-panel door height is 
6' 0". Note handy sleeve board. 
Curtis makes a full line of built-in 
woodwork for the home. (See Curtis 
dealers' catalog.) Your dealer will 
furnish stock Curtis Woodwork for 
any work you contemplate. 


More kitchens are of the *'L-type" than any other style. This is because 
doors leading to other parts of the house fit this cabinet arrangement 
more readily. This typical "L" kitchen is compact, stream-lined. It was 
planned for a large family — and it is larger than the average kitchen. 
The refrigerator is on the wall opposite the sink. Corner windows — ■ 
Curtis Silentite Casements — are at one end of kitchen where a dinette 
table and chairs are placed. A unique type of construction is used in 
making Curtis kitchen units. Unusual strength is developed in each 

unit. The accurate machining produces assemblies, when bolted 
together, that are solid, square and very durable. 

Curtis Sectional Kitchen Units should not be compared with ordinary 
factory-made cabinets nor with the usual carpenter-built cupboards. 
Each Curtis unit is built like a piece of fine furniture and styled to con- 
form with today's design trend. When assembled in a complete installa- 
tion, the result is a harmonious, labor-saving, modern kitchen — the kind 
you'll be 'oroud to * 'show-off" to vour friends. 

L W 


• ' S 



T ' ' 

Page Seven 

ine jmhM 

Jljm Will ^sm 

in j0Uft 


Combination Pan and Bread Drawer 
Unit. Made in 2 widths: 28" and 32". 
Two wood drawers, one metal bread 
drawer; storage space below. Very 
practical unit. 

Wall units bring everything within You'll find this tray case ideal for 

easy reach. Units are equipped with trays, flat pans, platters, etc. 12 

panel tops and two adjustable wide, three dividers. Small drawer 

shelves. Additional shelves avail- above — handy for cutlery. Always 

able at slight extra cost, useful in any kitchen. 

Unit for over refrigerator or stove. 
Three widths— 30', 32", and 36'. 
14" deep, 24' high. Easy to add a 
practical unit like this to your pres- 
ent kitchen. 

Space under sink provides storage 
every housewife loves. Have the at- 
tractive Curtis unit pictured here — 
either grille or louvre doors. (See 
page 10.) 

This base corner unit goes 'round a 
corner to save space. Provides extra 
room for iarge utensils. Same type 
cabinet is made for wall units as 
shown above counter top. 

The Broom Closet provides roomy 
storage for pots and pans as well as 
pails, mops, and brooms. An iron- 
ing board is built-in in the door — 
always ready for use. 

Here is Mrs. America using the iron- 
ing board in door of broom closet. 
(Left) You may purchase broom 
closet with or without ironing board 
— and with or vrithout over unit. 

Metal flour bin unit is convenient 
for storage. This may be installed in 
a pan unit 16", 18' or 20° wide. 
Curtis cabinets offer many such 
unusual features. 

Page Eight 

an vim Pafiis 0/ ine 0mse 

Will X/ifnien 

The line of Curtis sectional cabinets includes a unit for 
every purpose — most of which are made in several sizes. 
There are many uses for standard Curtis cabinets other 
than in the kitchen alone. Their use will save the cost of 
special job-built cabinets and will provide permanent fur- 
niture of high quahty. While designed primarily as kitchen 
cabinets, these units are used wherever storage space is 
needed. The ease of installation and adaptability to any 
practical use make them very popular. Here are some of 
the many ways and places these cabinets are used right 


Kitchen Units 

Towel Cases 

Linen Cases 

Drawer Chests 




(Storage for playthings) 


(Storage Uses) 

Sewing Rooms 


(Cleaning Supplies) 


(Fruit Closets, Etc.) 
Grocery Stores 
Meat Markets 
Hotel Kitchens 
Club Kitchens 
Church Kitchens 
Railroad Stations 

Domestic Science 



Locker Rooms 


Class Rooms 

(Supplies and books) 




Operating Rooms 

Storage Rooms 

Linen Cases 

Drawer Sections 

'''' ^«<i sfl^^^li^ Lu^iJ^^'Ji Iron. 

Page Nine 

" """ WHERE 






^(m §ei 

(Top) Soap tray — 2 J^' wide, 
2' deep, 12' long. 

(Bottom) Spice shelf— 9" 
deep, 7^8' tigh. Fits in 
W-18 units and wider. Very 

(Top) Cutlery drawer — 2^2* 
high, 14" long. Made in 16', 
18' and 20' widths. 

(Bottom) End shelf— 3.r x 
12" — quarter-circle shelf for 
corners, Very popular now. 

Since 1866, the name CURTIS has stood for fine woodwork. Throughout America and 
Canada, leading architects and contractors recommend Curtis products. Hundreds of 
thousands of home owners know Curtis Woodv/ork through many years of satisfactory 
operalion in their homes. 

Curtis kitchen cabinets are the result of much study, testing and experiment. The 
construction is the best known to the industry. Only the best of materials are used— 
carefully selected, graded Ponderosa Pine, perfectly machined and sanded, and handled 
by cabinetmakers of long experience. Through standardization and quantity production 
La large mills, Curtis is able to offer you these outstanding kitchen units at very reasonable 
cost — little, if any, more than you'll pay for ordinary factory-made cabinets, or cup- 
boards built on the job — which generally cost more. 

An important feature of Curtis cabinets is the ease and speed of installation. All units 
are interchangeable— made to fit together and harmonize with all standard kitchen 


equipment. Your carpenter will install Curtis cabinets with a minimum amount of labor. 
Each unit is fitted into place and screwed to the wall. Adjoining units are bolted together. 
All cabinets will be delivered to the job in clean, dust-proof cartons. 

A unique type of construction is used in making Curtis kitchen units. Unusual strength 
is developed in each unit. The accurate machining produces assemblies, when bolted 
together, that are solid, square and of unusually long life. Job-built cupboards cannot 
match such expert construction. 

Curtis cabinets are wood — for no other material surpasses wood — Ponderosa Pine — 
for cabinetwork, for durability, workability, and adaptability to paint, and for general 
lifetime satisfaction. Many wood homes built by the early Colonists stand in good repair 
today, defying centuries of time. Wood has the beauty, the charm, the hospitality one 
expects to find in a home. Curtis units may be painted or stained. They are delivered 
in the natural wood. 






Note three inches of toe 
space at bottom of base 
units. Eliminates leg strain, 
keeps shoes from soiling. 

Curtis furnishes sanitary 
corner blocks, as pictured 
at base of cabinet. CleaU" 
ing is easier. 

View showing easily cleaned 
interior. Corners are ehm- 
inated by beveling corner 
posts (C). 

Drawers dovetailed at four 
corners (A). Back, front and 
sides are plowed (B). Panel 
bottom inserted. 

Section of union of two cases 
(front corner posts). Borings 
extend to within i^j' of out- 
side of panel. 

Packed in dust-proof car- 
tons, Curtis cabinets are de- 
livered clean and unmarred 
— ready for painter's brush. 

Page Ten 




Note: All units 36" and wider havo 
a mullion between the doors. 

1. Utility Unit. 14" deep, 13^,,s' high. 
Attached to bottom o£ center units. Widths, 
35" and 44". Consists of flour bin, sugar bin, 
one tilting drawer. 

2. Broom Closet Over Unit. 24}^" deep, 
20" high. Widths, 18' and 20". 

3. Over Unit. Used over wall units and 
over sinks, stoves, refrigerators. 14' deep, 
16" high. Eleven widths, 12" to 44'. 

4. Hase Corner Unit. Goes 'round corner 
to save space. Same lype unit is made for 
wall, and over units. 

5. Refrigerator Over Unit. Use over re- 
frigerator or stove. 14" deep, 24' high. 
Three widths— 30", 32" and 36". 

6. Center Unit. Use alone over stove or 
sink. 14* deep, 28' high. Three widths, 
36', 40", and 44". 

7. Ironing Board. Can be fitted into door 
of broom closet. Two widths, 18" and 20'. 

8. Half Circle End Shelves. 24 'ij' wide, 
13 Jg" deep. Used at end of base units. 

9. Broom Closet Unit. 24'^" deep, 64' 
high. Two widths, 18" and 20'. 

10. Linen Storage Unit. 24';; 'deep, 48' 
high. Two widths, 24 ' and 28'." 

11. Wall Unit. 14" deep, 36" high. Eleven 
widths, 12" to 44". 

12. Storage Over Unit. Used over broom 
closet. 24,',j" deep, 36" high. Two widths, 
18" and 20". 

13. Square Corner Units. For use below 
counter top in square corner. 32" high, 
40" wide. 

14. Bread Drawer Unit. Three inter- 
changeable drawers — two metal, one wood. 
24 4" deep, 32' high. Two widths, 16' 
and 18'. 

15. Drawer Unit. 24U" deep, 32" high. 
Eight widths, 16" to 40'. 

16. Pan Unit. Units 28' and wider have 
two drawers. Units 24" and wider have two 
doors. 243 5" deep, 32" high. Ten widths, 
16" to 44'. 

17. Sink Front. Consists of front frame 
set-up. Can be fitted with either grille panel 
doors or flush louvre doors. Fits any space 
from 24" to SO'. 

18. BaseTry Unit. 24 J.^" deep, 12" wide, 
32" high. Door removed to show dividers. 

19. Sink Front with grille panel doors. 
For space 24" to 50'. 

20. Pan and Bread Drawer Unit. 24}^' 
deep; 32" high; two widths, 28' and 32', 

Page Eleven 

See jeM 

00 Will jumm Sxfie^i 


The complete line of CURTIS WOODWORK, including stock wood 
kitchen units, is sold through leading lumber and material dealers 
everywhere. The Curtis dealer in your community will help you 
plan a modern Curtis Kitchen. He will give you prices and fuU 
information. Should you be unable to locate a Curtis dealer, write 
us for the name of the one nearest you. 

Your first step in acquiring a modern and beautiful 
kitchen is to plan it right. Your dealer's experience and 
help will be valuable to you. You may rely on his 
judgment and integrity. It is also wise to retain an 
architect, if you are building new. Select a reliable 




contractor by all means to be assured of a satisfactory job of 
installation in your kitchen. 

All the woodwork for your new or modernized home may be 
purchased through your Curtis dealer — generally the leading lum- 
ber dealer in his community. The Curtis line is complete and in- 
cludes SILENTITE Windows, Mitertite Trim, entrances, exterior and 
interior doors, trim, mantels, moldings, china cases, 
medicine cabinets, stairwork, cabinetwork, storm 
sash and doors, screens, garage doors, and sectional 
kitchen cabinets. 

See your dealer for prices and full information. 



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