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Full text of "The abbaye of the holy ghost, printed at Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde about the year 1496"


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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2007 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 


The abbaye of the holy ghost 

The abbaye of the holy ghost 

Printed at Westminster 
fay Wynkyn de Worde about the year 



at the University Press 








The Abbey of the Holy Ghost was printed 
by Wynkyn de Wor de at Westminster at least 
twice in the fifteenth century. Of the earlier 
edition, issued about 1496, three copies are 
known; one of them, in the British Museum, 
wants the first leaf: another is that which is 
here reproduced in facsimile. It belonged to 
John Moore, Bishop of Ely, whose library was 
presented to the University of Cambridge in 
1715 by King George the First. It was no. 4 
in the famous volume marked AB. 4. 58. 

1907 May 9 

I certify that I have printed 250 copies only 

of this facsimile, that the impressions have 

been rubbed off the plates and the negatives 

destroyed. * 





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fiff^m beg^nnetf)a ma'/ of ijmi) is Mm of c;)» 
tm fpebpnge of a place abbape / tj^z Cone gouer^ 
c!)a( te namtO (be abbaj^e ttour/tbe bolp gbott n;- ([^ 
of tiie bolpgf)oa/Hl)aH (our*^u(tbou9J)OKpab 
be f ouDco 02 grouOeo to bap j^aue neuei: (o gooo a 
a dene confcrence/^o Vbbt f ouocrygouernour/^ uiy 
cbeabba;^rbail Olbelie^ rour/bucKbauealfogooo 
p1ciplniif€sg!bottlp* tiiMoutsv^^abyitmay 

i^oloejiislonor/rentg ttz 
'fi tbis ab ootQ^peraucnrurcepib^t; 
ba)>e£bA bpbappeirff^ailbeeu/^ll 
rpre i^M (erueOoHlteoluaftemo^ 
beHbbede (be Dpfeafe of tnmpts^ 
,,^,gj5yng^^,^.^ja^roome '^berfoieJtboUrebera 
ptpourcOer^ei^ene^fup fc^^ttomstobnUs^Jtsoi 
piyouvtdeJSlnb^yi^^i^ ^apetbi^a^/tDbereanoof 
^otbeiTottenr.poucitce nbbotu^bts abba^^emas 
£lmmt[€ 'S:emperau(e fprde fbuoeo oi grouDeo 
^obemefle « pc naunce • Bnn t^mnt ydoH 3 tnpt 
^upimntf[t£onMm boxoiivnaBfytamaiizis 
Kr^b^pfites p2eoi>(a^ afrertDaroetib^otbot^i^ 
c^09;3emtgeb pacfcnce me oearopeo/s in xob^t 
^^^mpteneo ^ercp j£ar; manere/g bou) longe fj^^ 
genede Ueafoo ppre £Qe me 01 it ime maoe aj^p 
D;tacpoo £>2Koii iDctio jao te wis befwe » and 
e$o £oiteemp(aalo £bd {H>^ alm/^brpgoo ba^ 
fl)^Sfub;>farjH>ii$one^ put bto fbureoougb^et? 
fie iCtttteKjp iDreoe ano tt; rbis Npabbap a/^a 

0etoii(p*C'3^^fo2t^i^ ^ f^^^ Oougb^i^ of 

a 9' 

^ fctiDe;tbl)OttJ fbt ^ofp fbifa|>D (? to But and to 

^tJt (^aM ecmyt tot tf^tt i)cpic9/clenlpDpgi)r 

t^xo€it(oto^U* mt!)ou(onpt))eme«^9 

C^ci^ntpicI^^^^^^^ c^e u>S)t4)e goo maDca 

turt i?f»j^nou>e t!)ep ei)at noble ^oute of leligpoQ ^ 

beo iieie (^ (i)ep ^ bcQ Co to calleo t^t abbape of ^ 

(ome^Jalmpgb^P goo t)olpg!)oft«S{o(oYk)S)icl)C 

tQ trpitpre/faOer/fone/(z abbape i)epueman7go^ 

bo!p 9boS baut gpue ^ o(Hp laopes/^ lo (o (ape/ 

sraiueo/(Z \A)>'mpt^o20e gooDDmueo^'S^beriO &e 

conf emteo ro Hoati; ^ fb maoe (barpte abbeffe / ^ 

te fader of man^ to hut ibpfoon^pipourelle/^ me 

f)t0 tbpf e ^ (0 ^epr !)epp bettede (upp2pourc((e*j^ 

ltd a Ipfel pzecpouo place iballeD cbto abbape abou 

Cba(tocallio£onrcpence (ty^i^dtttnqit^ffnoio^iyc 

jf iprtb to i^epr Couleo bp keo tliouq^t Q)oloe (yaue 

mene a placed to calico tntnotQ^t^ouopfaoatQ 

^inoeteCto e^at dpreo a ^ i)(o tkipfe t)aOOe i^Ide 

mao i^o goooneoy^ grur; rbcmCelfe.0e gaaf ei)etQ 

(!)eci) apend eupll to rj^ae lotoCbpp of al t\^ tbozloe 

otber bAlfe«^!)ofe cnoe eomaptt(di(S)(9i)oIpiHiu 

tpetb fad bp ct)e grace of (e Co fcrf oieb tl)tU all ei)e 

goo/f b^tgb tbbtcbe eue'^ f pC(|)es to cbe (ee ano all 

rp mao tttap ooo Ybell pf (be bptoes of r^apre ano 

tfe tk>oU*Hno ^ ocber en^ beetles of (be ert^e (fyob 

oe Ipetb in 3oyt pf ^ Cou^ oe jyaue beo bujcome f o 

le be dene out of (pnne* ^pti| g to ^iBi^yfc and (o 

e!^bi^ bolp place al'/ tbepr bepreo afrer t^m 

tntgl^rpgoDgafeoaoan; cuerpfaoat^g^totiq^f 

{)ab htft t^mt fro fynnt |)aue orpcD/but t^l)ao al> 
to to rbepr enopngc oape migbep goo Yboioe^ct^of 
C^benoti % fenenou k* oe ^aue rake !)pn} t>p m 
^0 iiaue g ro t)otde tbis boop ^ foule to t^e blpflfe 
fo^Caj^o place ro j^foifa^o of is^mtvitbttt to liaue Ip 
SdatQ atiD to lEue ^ to ucD tDit!)oue enoe/pf 3; 
f|)epr Siepieo ftedp^tn oanj^^tstbpf t)aDkepe 
peas tbtt^out lette of onp ^ttt) fro fpnne/as3 iayOi 
tnaa euer.3nD tiiertbit!) oneoapetotiienDeCJ^^^ 
3ope ^ blpflfe ^neuer fi)al teatb5 K*j^f t^io bcretf) 
^aue enoe fo: ti)e Ccrupce tft)ptned angell ^ man/bt 
g cudome tbat lon%ttb ueo^ertbyConnegmone 
liKrof to t^e c^vtf loioe ftenes atto ail aeatures* 
of ti)e fee*BnD p tbaa no 0[loatn apuo paraopfu 
moze t^ao to mtj^Qonot K^getien at paraopCe tbe 
ei)e rempracdn of t|^e fen fyrft oape tbat man Yba^ 
Se ano of bio YDpfe«BnD made. cHnno regm k» 
ebatlaaco not of botge Si^tbcynt of t^e reg^ 
nota mple voape (pace* npngeof almpgS^tpgoa 
Mno almpgbtp goD ibol/ i2png of bpnges / Ttt^ofe 
Dei^auettarrantpDtoa^ kpngootQ neuer began 
Dar^^toiBue^tofbepr ne neuer Qjall S^aue en^ 
S^epreo ^at noble place/ oe. * 
to baue otDeUeo eucrmo^ C^arip men tj^re be ^ 
re io moze^ope tbm onp tboloe be to relpgpoo/btiC 
tongue map telle*cHlfo tbty map not f oz opuerfe 
^attbepne ber b^reo caufe0.'3:^erfozetbep^ 
(boloe neuer S^aue (uSreD map not be to boopip re^ 
ito/ne (Jfoloe t!)ep neuer ifgpoo / tbty map be iii 

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ttoll/^tsnuioco toapla Via\[m9to\)tpgt^^ma 
a f ts calico tsnlvfint^ \x i}^tm droni^e xo\t^ at; 
^ut fyrde ^ place mtiOe mc(ocOC9/g^nge glao^ 
bedenCeotb'^giiiceofeije Ipropooiemco after tjip 
^olf 9l)o(lCtbo mapOes date teyfimefaKiiCiiobi 
Ibecalledjoue^nrgbe Ci^^ '^uita rOK fuerd 
tbpCnes (^all cad at^j^c babuoanrtr enbue«Ci t bi 
frbrott(rpenceailmanci; (ireirfguu^panitsttrcdu 
oftplcb*^b^rte(iiaI£$e oeC!)ts(9rbudmocbeeo 
Izrnede ^ pouette make meane^^f ^ be r^(f)e ba'/ 
Cbefbuoemenr (bn:of/^ u|itgeplenreeof vboilolp 
pufatbape all tftxttloelp 0oDe0/g;pueplettteuou(lp 
cbougb^fitsrbongbin^ eberotfifi^bepootebeot 
baue YDoilocI)^ goooes fee gooottpll eo grue glaol)^ 
tl)epnorf!)e;^loue cbece offuc^rbpngeasj^bavt 
Dpo9/(2(bemtemapr!)ep fot (kfnt poul^(aprb« 
YDellbecalleomeopooie C^ar^ Oacoie Otltgtt 
toCpprpfe/eo tbbotQiDTtt oev^^^ae te to (ape/^oD 
g^uetb b^d blelTpnge* louerb f SlaD gpuer^Si^ 
C'Cbtsabba^^muftairo ({mllttebuploeburboite 
be(etDpo9arpua/^t0 (obcuc9tbttbt!)elouro( 
tbe rpuerof tcciteyoovb!)! (po g of our euetinTdeo 
(be tpueribas ^OatbOe^ i['Z:benne(ballpacpeit 
leptte fbuoto to (oiotbpn^ ce g dteitgcb repCe Hi^ all 
ge foi ber iynnt^te^xx^t ebe pplarsg tm5(ee tb^ 
rbe grace of 900 g bnieit ' Xbiih botraceo/^ no Vbpn 
Ir rpcbw came all fo b^ oe of tbOJDee of angte ne 
t(t)plcCb^(Q)a)Bu^u ofmnpettofperfeoicdp/ 

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t^ttt) oott>ne«C'(Dbcnne ue lomocle of f blpffe ^ 
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rre 19 t^to manciyp l^ail (eo iij t)euco«CPV^ ^S)^^ 
fccpe Ds gljofttp out of at be our fcrmoui iDcuocoa 
iDoilolptDougi)^ g ^F9!l> crilerer/^ l^oly S^toytatp 
(e0/f!)acisi3rpeT)>e our 01^ f^alt be garncrour* 
tpto fro all tuyii iy%\fHs t)»i)ao all tppit offmrs 
^our eercs fro rupll iicrpn beo maoc (pe jjolp g;!)o(l 
'gc / our moucb ^0 oipll io tbarocQ/tb*' goo ittdo: 
()>ei2ptigr/fro fu^erpnge/ f Juorr/iDie^ goo ci^e lone 
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to all ni]^l t^u^fes* tboztbplaoj^^i^arpteifial 
Snopfibf bepecbuocti^ be abbcOeof ebte t^o^o/ 
fbure coznero / tbe (t^all foi all t^ia oti^tv offpccid 
buploeibeUour clop(ht« f^atlobepe to Ci^arpfe* 
C^ tttavoe^t)pg!)C£ctt Q;jDnoe oia Dra 10 caH^ 
f eflpoii Ciiall maize out: eatefiar.ail(|i|^itgeti;a( 
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cpoocbefrap(our/^£)2p cf^ooneto^bueofgoo 
C09 tt)e oia(oip*iDoii(em^ C^las yf 3 Ourlte Cajt 
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pfc^pfe/QialberrfCeOtjp but feibeberclpepousi 
co^ibozCl^ppofgoo/tbep ootiiebpoopngeofponi 
mnftlhmOeourfrovboil roobcpeCorS^arper/ti^cr; 
oipttopCe/froiboiloipbe^ foielc(ee|irpmcr|^rrme 
(rne(re^angie*C£on> ^atforbermeorCiQotb 
femplacAitofioeelftsbur Ci)aU4)eibQiri)rlaop10op 
aoettOtteir!ierce^*'al)ie; (eooiQbeourpqHmitaie 

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^atb el)pCe gouernours/ ccpueototecreoYb'^agbo 
fot all be blcflTpD ^ boide Otp loue^ ttta;>'n0t be Cbe 
t^vx) 10 tbcpr (cole « f oi tbeo to ali/ne bpoc io all 
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(eootb d i^ebeneflfe / tbe (\y loue f) gpue atmede (^ 
(bt^e pet Cones Co ttynyt^ cofpnuet'otb^prpiapero/ 
(ball gpue tbett) beueo ^o tDbere (bo tbep beo cbe;i: 
tneoe*'Cbat(ouleis9t(^ b^tteo (ptige tnoittpnge 
le^b^c ti^b^eoHatb (ongeoofloue/itbaorbep 
tlfpU tbt:t YbtcbtO berfelf* fonge tnt^rDtp tbub ar; 
CbaiT^e X)cpfDotp g i30e mes of loue to cl^ ppe tb^ 
henelTeClDpfcrecoofbal g!tfoQ\ymout^ to iz) Ke/ 
be errfoter/^ £)2K<^0 ftal rb<^;^ loue romepme (o bet 
be (baurour c /2a oid (a d;^^ ebep lacbeiitoiOeBfo 
cnftnu Deo bot (olaciu Ot t^qfv louefaupabecb t^e^ 
aboloro:menru« C^b^ pr^ertes^ebcpvboteitoc 
fenDe Ca^D eoj^erttlmetb (om^me ti^bat tj^ty doo^ 
ourloiOfeapodle^tbpoip CiDeuocpoo toCderer 
(onsbiennemefE^attte (bat hrpeeb all ^voy^/ 
}ienitaitte Captb tbba Ybe ties bott)e ^hvtt ^ reooe. 
pmpeiogooo ipfe/our Cba(beoall(bct(Mi!eb)» 
goooattgelDaucttb^nta (banfzpttgeo ti€ Ybbtcbe 
l:e(S)i^ofap2e(en(ro]^ ibealloibeeoootogoo/ 

be i)aci) Donc/ooot{)/anD ne of t)t9 paCTpou to hepe 
lAKitl Do (0 Dd )>f m VDoil ci)etQ fro rs^e ftmu Sno 
our(eif»C!)usoooeic0^ CotS^ept^^beotbj^keD^ 
t)e l^ati) 00 ibas VDl^ao m combieo td*^ fpntte ^e g)^ 
fill (i)oloe tiiaue ben toae uetb Tpace ^ Q>meeo to:; 
^nigl; Cf nne of SDatQ ^ ne tj^nho ^ to amende pf 
lielQ^eUeKDteboueetioe/ ebepi[bol*jfo}t!)^|)e(aptSi 
f^ao ttof !)€ of gitte gooD i^pmCelf e* c.fl^^^ tttoite 
ties ^ ppte become mao pctdtis Ceo mag<a u puei: 
fb} our faize/lpuptig iiere tat tt Dutaf * Cb^ ts to 
tttanp Ybj^ntero tp grete (a;^*3tbolfnottbe0et^e 
penaucegpaflffoo/^dt^ of^^efpnfuUmaobut^ 
fafle najHlro 09 a troffe^ S)^ ^^^^ H t>>ue*:^o tl)a 
ibttba^eretotige to tiie tobegrautttet!) mercp^ 
fierte ^ DepeDyano all tot fbigj^ueneiTe yf t{)ep tft)Olt 
ioue of DO to htpttge t^ tt a(ke« CSi^b^ gooOitro 
out of paptie« ^ i)e tboll 000 to do yfwc 

CC^e goooneo ti^at (le moll otbelle ^ abj^e Opll 
dotii to Do notb/io ibbpl^ to bi^ tmtyct ) tpat to to 
Vbebeo^ereniiboDp^to gooODertueo^joberpttge 
Coule/^pnge))9altbat feettge/fpebjmgeygoimge 
ibc nedebotb boDplpano t^attolj^itge/^ Co all otbet; 
gboCHp«]^oplr/a9tttete Dcoeo iberbpnge Ct^all be 
orpttize ^ clotbf nge® bo to tj^to.Jo tpttte of oct{)e 
dlp/ao gooo tpougbtes/ tbi^ao boop ^ foule fbaU 
good iH»iOeo/^ gooo De; oeparte attbepne ^ tbe Ds 
deo^anotbertototbett;^ ttplappereto!)tsotbnelp 
beogooD^egrauitcetS)a bettefTebefbteDototttabe 

t)0 agad/^ pf tit map (o to lytt\i/ntft\^t of etpn 
bzptigeDs 10 to mpCbpIe^ ge/Drpnbpngrytie of Uc^ 
tic / goD tDolDe fence t)to ppttge«t[;Sobcrnes mud 
oYbne artgell ^ all our go neoeo rcoe at t\^t b020e f 
oe oeae9^et;en))e \)tvt ipfeofbolj^faoero/ibijat 
tbrougbt Vdtytto to i^m Ipft tbep tj^uco t^ere to ei; 
t)d^comfo2tet)9/^orpue ebe/totaheofti^eti^ejcam 
att>at^e t^t Dcm^H/^ leoe pie to do as tlity opDe / g 
our loules to bfyfk.'S^it cberbp to tbpnite f meoe 
Ibbitbe btpflfe our lo:De {^ebepiiaue^cpptemua 
grautecb g gpuetb to all be tb^ pptaucer ^ Dootii 
iiiB cboCro ^ true (eniaud cbat gooo ebat Q)e map* 
Ibbao be (apr{) (ba^C^^ ^"SQmp mu(k be Blme^ 
tiite bnoittt parrio met g^ nir tbat gpuetb (o all g 
cfptteregnuq6t)obi6pa^ notbpnge cag boloe to 
(u ed ab oztgtite mnnou b4tr(elff;'2:be laCplDre^ 
Cpenauce Iball be E^er oe potter tbat lie perb ^t 
utv f> rpgbt vM tai) ma dopare of tl)t bert {^tba^ 
temanpgooomeetea/ruf cptb aiDape all i^pciKD 
ferpngemattpbptterfo^ t)pces$(aneotQgooot)ec 
rotbesfoifpnne to mate tueo/^clofetbtbegatee 
Ibe foule merp ano glao of tbe clopdre pnone cupl 
KbttbgoD tbat befoze ttao ccme not to to tl^t j^crte/ 
denge/fozCbebaobptt) tbe tfti^/t^t mou^/^c 
oflfenoeofECemperaii^ eereo/neiQtoorberplam 
te (ball feme to tbe fr^p bp t^ fpue VDpttesC^o^ 
four^ lobe alt aboute^ neftetsmapOrelTetotecbe 
^ mefurebefiaDoueralll miupceoairtepfpS^tDt!^' 
noneji^aur to motive ne Qyallbaue cbctQ io titt 

oede^/bor^ to sod in^to h^ti^ (o ^ttte « ^^t qm 
ntaoc^utteprptsj^oa'/ nertsabour ^ cellar.^gKi 
tereeocAlle 19 noble g)>fd meopracoo ouer oeuocoo 
ano ^pmpieties Q^atl be £@eopea($ii garnerour ^ 
|)er MoYi>e f> f be be nor eo oeuocpoo ceilerer/^ pj^re 
ll^berall. CUealoo Cbatl fbalt be ppeaucer* 
bepurueour ^rbere be no C^crof (pei:etb (^ pio^ 
Oeraurt«t:]goitte(balbe pbetelDauto^(a;^CS 
:f ermeter f Cebe men ro frrnm ftumctt Dint i olei 
(ertte«j0erfeIaM(ballbe muletpltcaet inU0f fm 
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tpcitff^t neoeeb*C^c oplebrotbepmuIteplfcD 
D)^ar|H)o 0imttout toi <5od beboeerb ro bto (bo 
to g:a0ie come toqfOtt Ceo tbr^( rbrr (bf^ngee* 
Ibar meo b^ue ^e^r fu^ ;Serue ^ ro me be (a;>rb 
lienaunce* ^ 3 (bal spue )n)u plenre 

^iS^^yfat^O torbougb^ 0^ tt)bere/of tDpne;^ of op 
in goo/of btotberfceo/of le.plenreofi^bcretorb^ 
^totboioeo/^ofbionta^ corbpnbeonj^aoffejn^ 
cures / ^ of b<0 paj^neo ^ itaroi)> ^ 09 i[:r;>ae 3ffU 
|ieloiieot»tbtrb*jo}oft rbaropeorbero9/{»ioro 
asooDrbougj)^ is btUtt (a^/meopracpon.plenre 
fbao manp ^noeuoYbte oftb^^netoiDelleof recreo 
pioptxs . C^b^of fpe^ f02 ro iDepe tbell 10 gooo 
kett^ f bolp bj^op iDe; oeuo(do*plenre of opie to 
nro (i fa;^ ♦ Dt^b^o rbe gooD oplntacdii to £17(1 
lierre to raugbtibirti rbe Jb^tu/^iooitrbelbcom^ 
lone of goo/bemapnor fmre«£);^egpuerbrauott 
fope rbe wnix ff b^ ^brn it ro meereo ^ if gbr alfo 

td f aped«m^8i)( to tt){)ao t^nt pmpoU ^ ttumyWt 
me9be(ec^ei)(crlpgoDof to\»i}o\uvi>ytt to (i)is 
merc)> / be (ettoet^ ^tyxo tbo^loe/fi t9 (o gad rpcjics 
agfioaip Joyt^'^bt oylt (o gadfoi gtcce U)o:(i)rp 
of comfo2( ^ of merrp/^ of rtjertiCelfe !)ere / g fot 
to 19 meop(acpo9ytD!Kre t^tyt iuOp Ipupngr/moie 
fo tb;>nl2C 09 ebe rrodeof r^ao fo^ ttft vaoiibpp oC 
iCcpdc 3^u«BnD io Onto gooyro parte t!)crof t^tu 
C09 [)e gpuet!) tbpney^ to as it neDet!)/beb tT$!)f np 
(i)etbeUeoftecreoofbpf refoko^gitfeme^cbeo/ 
terne9/^affcr^n>pneof astbe apodteDstecbet^ 
feeito of fmmcs • ^ut SftD eo t^ett)^bt!)^oeru( 
lotoe 31^ £cyQt (ettoeti) Cmiaunrco jb^ gpucti) <t^ 
tt}tm tl\t oyk of (otnfoit Ipg^f of lotie^^^rp Come 
(e of mrrcp |i gpueti) e!)e Dcic f aad (? fele box^ (t^ 
Ipgjbf of ^ C!)etbtc!) i)t6 5e re i)e is ^ botb g^ooo^^nt 
uenip pteuprtes ^ !)e {)p^ i)e gpiietb (e not all fullp 
oetbfromeo^beQftilof foinottiaSfrotbempgp 
fltdblp luOeo/fi gpue t^e te ail fiillp it f rle/j^ fot Ip 
all to tbotlodp t^yttc to hpnge atiD Jope bts ^ette 
DpuerCeoegtteo/^tbb^^be f^oloe to btade^ifot Cage 
to rpg!)t Qttte fblp Clf 02 aufien ooctoiir telltt!) ejc^; 
ti)e apodie pouie taytb* aittple of ao bolp pteeft ^ 
C^aptecia ei^tnuot (hil faptb ti)Uo/^ t;)ao tttiHio 
ticta e apuo deu*'c[:!)at to i^ei^eroeottptbrgeof goo 
ei)iio tnocbe to tape/^ ti^e tbat it ipbeo ^pt9 to bere 
ibpfoott) of t^tonjotloe to it i^olut be raupO^O (0 
folp bcfoic QOD»'2:bcrfo tto* Jope ^ be rjolDe fallc 
tetne t^ynUtt^ all t!)o(e glpeapUao{)ett>credce(i 

£lnD tlfouq!^ ony mm td t)a(l (o tb^ l^oit tpmt of 
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Z Abbey of the Holy Ghost 
21X The abbaye of the holy 

A2 ghost