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PRiirrsD BY A. jr. talpt* 







Amidst the numeFous distinctions which confer extensive and 
permanent glory upon a Monarch, the encoi^agement of Literature and 
die advancement of Sconce. wiU. always prove the most illustrious. The 
present Volume is indeed a very simple monument in itself^ but it exhi- 
hits a record w|||ch cannot find a parallel in the annals of any odier 
nation ancieJa or modem. And yet even this collection of Iklerary me- 
nmrB is no more than a slight iricetch - of the ^ exalted triumph which 
Human Knowledge has gained in this country during the life of your 

» a 

Royal H%hne^; aqd 'under the auspicious protection of your august 
Father. If in that long and eventful period, the world has .been dis- 
tracted by wars and convulsed by revolutions, it is satbfactory to r^ect 
tfiat the utmost boundaries and remotest regions of the earth have been 
explore^ by British enterprize, and derived improvement frcmi British 
g^us. Such is the beneficial effect of our regulated freedom and the 


blessing of our constitution, that where our arms have been felt, the 
influence of our laws has commanded respect, and our scientific 
raperMnrity has excited emulation. Thus have Morals and Letters con- 


this view was fomied the project of publishiog a yearly report exclusively 
devoted to the actual state of Literature and the Arts ; comprehending a 
separate Dictionary of Authors, another of the Professors of Painttng^ 

' Engraving, Sculpture, &c. ; and one of Musical Composers. It was also 
mtended to have followed these leading departments with a statisticed 
account of learned establishments and scientific institutions, in various parts 
of the British empire ; notices of inventions and discoveries ; and in short to 
•Inve concentrated, in a moderate compass, an euict register of all matters 
connected with the progress of human knowledge. But however useful such 
a design appeared, and much as something of the kind is wanting, it was at 
length found that the compass proposed would not admit of satisfactory 
detail ; and therefore it became expedient to make some alteration in the plan 
by detaching the Biographical divisions^ and forming them into separate pub* 
. lications. The Dictionary of Living Authors is accordingly now offered to 
the Literary World, in a much more substantial form than it could have poa* 
ribly been if confined to the hudts it was originally intended to occupy'. It 
will occur to the iutjelligent reader that the idea of such a work is 
sot new, for there have been at least three attempts made towards a collec- 
tion of this description in our own country, and within our remembrance ; 

• but wbat is singular and worthy of observation, the scheme approximating 
the nearest to that which now waits the public approbation, was ojie projected 
by an enlighteped foreigner, and published at Berlins 1791> with this title: 
** Das Gelehrte England oder Lexicon der Jeztiebenden Schriftsteller in Gros- 
britannien, Irland, und Nord-Amerika nebst einem Verzeichenis ibret Schi'ifieny 
y. Jabr 1770 bis 1790- Von Jereroias David Reuss, ordintlichen Professor 
der Philosophic und Unter Bibliothekar bey der Universitsets — Bibliot^ek zu 
Gottingen. 2 vols. 8vo." This ** Alphabetical Register of all the Authors 
living in Great Britain, &c. with a catalogue of their publications;" met ^HHk 
so favorable a reception as to induce Professor Reuss, in 1804, to publish a 
Supplement to it in two volumes. It is surely not a little extraordinary that 
the plan of so useful a catalogue as this should never have occurred to any 
of our enterprizing countrymen; but it is still more uuaccountable that the 
biographical lists of Living Authors which have appeared among us should 
fell far short of the German work in extent and accuracy of information. 
The last, it is true, consists of a mere index of names, and a register of pub- 
lications without memoir or observation ; but the best of the English compila- 
- tions passes over without notice many writers of the first order, and gives % 
very slender and imperfect account of others. The essential articles of^ates^ 
anecdotes, professions and pursuits, are slighted for splenetic remarks aoa 

~ idle criticism. Forgetful that a Dictionary of this class is principally valua* 
ble as a book of reference, and that as such it cannot be too copious in it3 
facts, and simple in the narration ; these compilers have related notning where 
the subject required detail, while they have been prolix where Jthey ought to 
have been silent. 

« With such errors and deficiencies in the collections of those who have 
preceded them in this course, the editors of the present volume have bjcea 
carefid to give as complete a catalogue of existing authors, accompanied by 
brief but accurate sketches of their memoirs, and a correct list of their pubUca* 
tions, as could be obtained. It must be evident, upon the most hasty Midi 
superficial observation, that such a body of information could not poASiolv 
be collected and systematized without great labour and assistance* Mocn 


ti|^vh>i #tt9 oedRnfy* to l# eovMntated hy sdaltefeA in TatkMMf dlRfVliMy; 
^ it ftsqnentiy happened Atti Mer s lodg ^>»d frtigmiig seank tke 4lir|iMI 
^mxftkrj iWB nmnbefed with the dead. 

Ferleetbii is not m Ike paTsuits of btcaraiare, any moit liiln » the ^cacttiH 
•f ifeovais ; and it would be prepos|erm» to look fet an QDerraig gaide fti 
wiM depends upon haman teatanoay. The EAtors are aware ttuit alter A 
their etfbrts and caation, inqniry and diligence many omiMioas may he 
deleeled ; and that several nuatalies h|ive Imsa eoraaiitted» which i:b«fy lefy 
m iha hhetal to exeaae and the intelMgeat to reclUy. In the pto-^ 
» of the work thrcnigh thtf pvess^ some* h^>8es have bee» dise^vere^ 
eonertioa of whkh has oeeasieae4 a SupfjAevaeaitai^ Alphabet, where 
mmnj knpnrtiAtt addhtions wiift he feuad eoseeming liariag authovs, aad biirf 
aatiees of athecs who have no hHiger a title io that distinctioB. But as it isr of 
kbpoi^anoe to tte geoeni reader that the fester %t existing writen shotM 
be accompanied by one of departed genius, it is artended to pabfeh, ti na 
BRITAIN, eofr opo i lding in pkn and ammgement with the preseaf. 

It may also Iw proper here to ohsanre tliAt the proposed ** Dictioitey itf 
lithif ArtbtSy m Fainter^^ Engiyvei?/ Sculptors and Arehiteets/' which was 
ta Im oeeapied a leading deparlineMt m the literary Calendar, w9, for the 
saiMtteasons as lliifte Ivfaich have ted t6 arv expiaision t>f this vdume, be pul^ 
lisHv in a separate state. The materials for that woA have aheady acca- 
mnlated beyond what could have been well ^pected,' lind as no delii^ will re- 
tard the appearance of the volume beyond what may be requisite to render it 
accurate and complete, timely communications for that purpose are respect- 
fiiDy solicited on the behalf of our publisher. 

There^ yet remains another division of the original plan which it is expa- 
dient to mention in thb place, for the gratification of those persons who have 
|wen pleased to indulge an expectation of a variety of information respecting 
persons celebxated for their genius .and talents. It was certainly intended to 
nave given in alphabetical order Memoirs of the Musical Composers of the 
pieaent day, with an ajranged account of their published performances ; but 
Ae necessity of such a work as that in the ^rm of a Dictionary has been 
wholly supmeded by the appearance of two volumes under 'the appropriate 
tide of '' Musical Biography ;'' upon which the approbati<m of the scientific 
wori^ and the public at large has been already stamped, in the demand for 
a seynd edition. 

Thus the deviation from the original plan leaves ample room for the exe- 
ovtion of a periodical work, devoted to the sole object of literary Infiirm-^ 
atioa, while at the same time it provides distinct books of reference by which 
even the utility of such a J^scellany will be considerably increased. 

But to return to the immecfiate object of the Register which is now submit- 
lid to the fri^ids ofliterature. Indepppdent of the general advantages resnltiof 
fiom the intelligence conveyed with respect to those persons who have '^ S - 
oeotly distinguished themselves in the worid of letters; and which cannot 
Imt bie serviceable to future biographers ; it wiU be seen that the very list of 
imblications given under each article, arranged according to the order of time 
m which they app«ured» and the editions uey have gone through, mast be 
of Bcalcnbble benefit to Aitthobs, Booksbllebs, and the Public. The 
Ktmy mduiliy of the folmer is here eihibited in a conspicuous point of view. 

•lid maay of lluMe inicit whidh {Mrittpf «i« Kg^^ 

•ffedioii as amone his b^t «ffiortB» but which by some meana or otber hav^ ^ 
been neglected^ will^tand a chance of 'attracting the attention of those ^iba 
are best qualified to appreciate their merit. This of coarse must be in the aaine 
degree beneficial to publishers by bringing t9 light and promoting the sale ^ 
performances which, nbf withstanding Sieir intrinsic falue, are now fast sinking 
ipy orare absolutely buriad in obhvion. To the studious and inqubitive alao 
these separate catalogues will be pecfiliarly acceptable by enabling him to 
discover without any difficulty what has been pnnted on particular subjeela 
|iy persons of whose talents as writers he has formed a h^h opinion. 

It remains oiilv to observe by way of explanation, that a few foreign naoMS 
have obtained admission into thu Dictionary on the ground that, as some frf 
Iheir works originally appeared in this country, or have been lepubtiahed 
Jbefe, wbich is particulariy the cas^ with American productions^ they may ba 
considererl a^i legally naturaliaed. 

While thus the Editors submit their labours to the fiivourable judgment of 
the friends of Literature, with a confidence that the volume will be of aooae 
use as a Directory in giving ready information to those persons who wish lor 
some intelligence concerning the present rac^ of Authors and their woriis, they 
beg leave to solicit indulgence for unavoidable errors, and the oommunicati« 
of conections and addHioBs directed^ firee of ezpenscy to their publisher. 

iOtpea^tr I, 1815. 




AiBOTT, Rt. Hon, Charles, D.C.L. the Corporation of SurgeonI of 

¥.BL and A.S., M.P. for the Univcr- Londoir; Asmrtant Surgeon to Bartholo- 

iiiy of Oxford, Speaker of the House of rocWs Hospital, and Teacher of Anatom/ 

Commons, and Keeper of the Privy Seal »n<J Surgery, 

in Ireland; also, in his official capacity, ^""^"^ nod Physioiopicai e«»j% in 4 p«rt«,aTo, 

*• -.u *r» -*-.-.- ^< »u^ ti :* »* 1795-I7SJ7. — lue same work, new edit, under ih« titl% 

one of the Tnistees of the Brit. M.i- rf»„,^,oi««v.d.o,.tV.8».. uw-wio. 

•eum,« Member of the Privy Council. j^ Fhederic, Hon. Memb. of 

^*ST^_5!:[^*'^„S^.Viy/^V!?"- the Irish Ac«»emy, Operative Chemiat. 

nence as a Chancery Pleader. In 1790 Aoaiyticni Minoraiogj, £ ▼. ismo. i80B.>-£icai«a«i 

iind 1796, he was elected M. P. for Hel- of CfyBuUogr.phy, svo. i8i3. 
AtoDe; in 180? for Woodstock; since Acki^anp, Tbomas Gilbank, A. ft. 

1806 be has represented the University of St. John's Colle^, Cambridge, and 

■ af OxfonL and from 1802 has been Assistant Master ot the Charter-hous* 

Speaker of^ the House of Commons. He School. 

^^ formerly Aecorder of Oxford, and Miweiiaoeoo* Poems, svo. ibi£.>-A Scm*n pm«i»«d 

lifutcnant Colonel of the North Peven- "^ ^»'"*^ ^'^"«'»' ^'*"*'' *»°- *®"- 
MCf Legion of yolunteer%avalry. Id Acton, Thomas Harman, Esq. of tb* 

179r he married Elizabeth elder daugh- Middle Temple. 

ICr of Sir Philip GibbeS Bttrt. Reports of C«iies bofore the ConmuMioneri of Appefb 

Balmami Otdm on the Flea' Side if tb« Court of *«» P*« Sautes, in May, Juno, and July, r. 1. p.i. 

XiPt's Bench, from Eastmr Tom J7»l to Trio. Term, "** *• "*y*' •*«• '«^* 

1794 8ro. 1T95.— Jurisdiction and PracUce of the AdaIR, JaUES MaCKITTRICK, M.D. 

Court of Great Seatioof of W4le., on the ^heater one of the J I id get of the CourtS of King^S 

S;^*'»£S'«t^;i'tl^;:::r,1^:iSr.«': Bench and Coj.a.on Ple«in the Is^nd 
'mdkL laos. • ' of Antigua, and subsequently ui tne IiM- 

Abbo'tt, Chaeles. DJ). F.L.S. Vicar ^ard Islands. 
<>f Oakley Ray nes, Bedfordshire. !i"^^]J^^''":^!^'^'' ^A^SlfS^Lf '^ilt 

nofm BedMieMb: <^i«eheoding tach Plnnts ea •^•' ^^^' **** •**'*' ^^iZ^ PMIojophlenl and Medi- 
^.JmJIH^. o. s::-K> Various SuhJ^, ^L^^^tB^^ 

AbDT, Itev. William JaRVIS, A.M. ^„ , Nmwleacript or Kewly.lny«nted Diseaa«, 8««. 

Hector ot St. John S, Soutbwarfc, and irgo.— Anecdotes of the Life, AdTenfoiea and Via. 

^Evening Lecturer of^St. Mary le BVW, dication ef a Medksl Chancttr, mctaphoncall/ D*. 

-Cheapside. Ainet, Bj Beujemia Oooaeqmll and Pecer Para^pk, 

The British Christias's Pntj to make Prayen and ^^ ^TSO. (Tliese Anecdotes relate to the AatlM» 

Sapplicatioos for the Kiar, a Sermon, Bro. 18l£. liiBiself.>-Enq«iry into the Truth of certain Ch^rget 

Abernbtht, John, Esa. F.R.S. Hon. ^ ?!»• *>"«!«»" ^T*"T*"^i1«!?**.*l?!"Sir 

Wr^^U ^r II,-. tt*.^ Yr^ O^ ^f «>ollnc Retimen, under InoCalation for the SoeU- 

Memb. of the Roy. M^. SOC. of p^^ ^^ ITOO^-Curious Fectn and Anecdotes ^ 

Z4mb,, and of the Med. SoaetieS of contained in the Memoin of PhUip Thlckncsse. Es4. 

fwnBp Philadelphia. &C Prof, of AlUi- by Benjanui Gooeeqaill tmd Peter Firagmph. 9^^ 

IM.Od. ^ A 

* I 



/ .< 

t \ 


-{ y 


ofUwOcologicalSoc^ brother of the two !*«». with Copious Notv t ▼. aro. laoo^vocmi 

procedmg. He is the author of some ^*^^» «■ • Sei^t coificiioa of £ugi)sh Sooul 

papers in the Trans, ^th€ GeoL Soc. and **** *''** 18jo.~Em#,>, Liu^r«r, tad MiMAiUaeooT 

has published, svo i8u.~.n,o ii,« of joha s«idM, u^T!^ 

~ . , _ . A4chb»hop U»h«r,8vo. 1811. 

Dvngm for ViIIm, &c. 4to. IMB.— Emat on the At«^.v^ r j l. ^ -. 

DoricOnier of Architecture, fol. WO ^ '^'*^'^' ^^'^^' daughter of Dr. Aiki». 

A- T ii*-rk i-.m ^ ^'® Travels of Rolando rwuod eh« Vorld Amm. 

ArriN, John, M.D son of the late Dr. ^^ French of jaaffmt. 4 .. 8.o. «»;.-!sSl^o^ 

A. ot Warrington. He originally prac- Po^'^'y forchudren.icmo.ifioi. sthed KpUtimM^n 

tised as a surgeon; aAerwaras settled as ^* ^'»»«™cter»of women. irUb MnceiiuKouPoeiM 

a physician at Yamiouth, Norfolk, and Jj!* ^^'^^--^^/^'^^ Co"e.pondeoce, lamo. laii -! 

has for many years resided at Stoke li: F^nct^^ Z/'*' '"' '"^ ''•'^"^' "^ 

Newmeton. Dr. A. is the author of AiNSLife Jonv 

toany Jssays m the Monthfy Maga^ T.b.e.^'for 'Lpu"^; the of m, c,t«e 

sine, the At/ien4tum, the ClauicalJour^ &c. by Me„oreI,,eat. ICmo VsiS-T^^' 
««/, and the UeJUetor. Of the first he ;*" Land-surveymji. 4to. ISIO— Of the l«tter, noe 

was editor for many years, and also of '•*•" ^^'^^ *^®P'" ■'« "W to here been sold 
the second from its commencement to ""7 '"^ ^"' P"Wic.tiou. 
its close. A JKSwoRTw, Joseph. 

Ob-rraUon. on the External U.e of Fi^r.- ^5riS;;f wiV*'"'''' *" ' '^'"^^ °"'^ **" ^*^«^ 

tioM of LMd, 8ro. 1771 — Thoughts on IlosritiU*, Aw^.^^.. 't u «-- *> 

9vo. mi^EsM,. o« Souf-Writiniu witli a Collec p -^'TKEN, John^ M. D. 

tion of EngUsh Songs. 8vo. 1772.— Mi»c«:Ilaneoui ^^' ***" Fractures and LuxaUons. 8vo. 1800. 

Ptocea in FroM, (written m conjnnctioii with his AlTOW, WiLLIAM ToWNSEND Prin<*i 

•ister, Mrs. Barbauld,) 8vo. 1773.- Cn. JoHi Agri- pal Gardcncr tO his Mai«;tv u* !?!-!-* 

eol.Vita,scriptoreC.Com.T.dto.wlthaTn»s|i.. and SOU of the laVl Wn^^^^ ^^?^l 

Hon. 8vo.m*.-«peciin«i of the Medical Biogn«hj thp Qorn.o c!/ f- '*^® ^^"^- A. who held 

of Gr. Brit«n. 4to. ms,-On the Applic.V!«r<5 „ ^^?^ Situation. 

Xetmi Hist, to Pbetry. 8ve. 1777.-Tran.J.tion "^^i"' ^f'^l"*^'.**'" • C*t«'one of P»«rt», coltw 

«f Tacitus oa the Manoers of the Germans, with ?. *° . *oy«» <*•'*« -t Kew. by the toes Wa. 

tke lilis of Agricola and Notes, 8vo. I777.-A M». "' •o»«f «*, 5 ▼. Sro. 1810.1813. 

■nal of Chenstry. iron the French of Baurn^, 8vo. AlaBSON, EdWaRD, Surzeon at Uver. 

1778.— Thomson's Seasons, with aa Essay on tho pool. * 

^"^ mJI^ST^m!!^*^.*?- '778.~Bio. Pi^aical Obeer«tio«s upon Amputation and tha 

Uwb'W MaterU Medica, Sd edit. 4ro. 1784, 4th edit. ^Al^ ?' "*• ™0*'»^«' at Newport, Ifile 
179l^MsDualofMateriaMedica;Bvo.l785.-EngUnd *^lght. 

Eelineated. cr. 8vo. 1788.— Poems, cr. 8vo. 1791.~A History of the I. of Wiirht 8vo itqs 
View of tl.e Character and PoWlc Ser«ees of the a /n.- T ^' 

lele John Howard. «r. 8vo. I791.--Eveinngs at -^^^ZRy 1. 

Home. 6 ▼. Ifimo. 1798-1796— Letters fnm a Arguments to show the Impropriety of coMiderinr 
Vstbcr to Ms Son. relative to Literabire and the '*" " wi»ing from Contagion. Part I. 4io. 1803 
Conduct of Lifu, « V. cr. Sro. 179»-180O.-Arm. AlderSON, JoHN, M. D. bom at Kr»iL 

•trongs Art of Presenring Health, with a Critical wicb, Memb of the Rnv mIh < 4^ 

Ee6iy. cr. 8vo. 1795— description of tlie CountrT VA\!a i°' • /"^^V^^: -^^^d. Suc. of 

n>««i Mancbe,terr4to. ITSS^-SomervlJle's Chsce o i •'^"*^ '^^'"^^''^ Physician at HllU. 

With a Critical Essay, cr.8vo.l796.-n»e Spleen and p" « \"il *"« ^"«'" ^ '^« ConUgion of 

otijer Poems, by Green, with a Prefatory Essav cr i "^T[!' *78a.-Essay on the Rhus Toxicoden- 

•to. 1798— Pope's Essay on Man, with a Critical Es-" p^' ^.'^^*=°' ^o'"" 0«k. or Sumach. sliowiaR iu 

»»y. cr. 8vo. 1796— Sermons by the late Dr. Enfield n^vJ *! ^*™'^"'* *"'* other Diseases of KstreiM 

with Memoirs of the Author, 3 v. 8vo. 1708 J ?««'ty. «*'<»• J 79*<-Ob ri.e Improvement of Pour 

General Biography, (the early volnmes written* in f"!**^'*- '««• '^ ^^ 1807 .-Orthographical Ex. 
conjunction with the late Dr. Enfield, Uie iBtter '^'■*** »oy^n\ editions. 

with the Rev. Tho. Morgan and Mr. Wm. AlDIKGTON, JoHN, Major in the Armv 

Johnston.) V I to IX 4to. 1799-1S13.-Select ^J on the Coaatruciou lad A*r«i^^ 

Eulogies of Members of the FVtsnch Academy, from Light Artillery, 1804. -^o^Mi^ges •€ 

Ji:ns^nrPol^o^'GTerBriL;\s^^^^^^ . t-^-i Jo?-^ nephew Of th. cele- 

evo. 1802, Cowley. 3 v. i8oe. BotierV* t. isJi 1 bratcd Galvani; professor of Experimett. 

Arts of Life. Kmo. 18«.-Woodland Companion. J?* t'hllosophy in thc University of 

Tl' l**'*::'"* ^"^ ^ ^•'"^ History of the Bologna, and Member of the Medical 
k*s Rev Gilbert White. M. A. 2 v. 8vo.^ i8o«.- and fialvanic Society of Paris Kev^ 

JschokkeNi Hutory of the Invasion of Switzerland ed England in V^^ l^AA ^ l- 
by thc Fyench; from the French of Briatte 8vo r^iri;"^ k ??^I' .^^ ^"™S ^W 

i8os.-^Letter, on a couwe of English Po^iy. wm^' residence here pubhshed : 

tt04.— Geographical Dlldieations. or a View'of th« ^" Account of the late ImprovemeuU ia Galvan. 
Natural and Political State of all Pwts of «he 01ob«» ""' *^®* *®^^* 

•hhop of AmmJm, iprfttta by kim^, fr«, ih. Roy. Aied. Soc, Ediob. 





Ott the Vatnra and Cure «f the Csnanclie Tiaoiie- 
ah*. or Croap.Svo. ]79i« 

Ajuw«r u> Van Oveu'ii Lelters on the State of the 
Jcvisli Poor m Iroodon, 8vo. 1802. 

Alexa!«der,William,F. A. S. Drafts- 
man to Earl Macartney during his Em- 
bassy to China, Ass^istant Keeper of the 
Antiquities and Coins at the British 

ShcCclMS from Kature, mad* in China* rojal Ito. 

Alszavoeb, WiLLiAMy M. D. Ediik- 

CaanjB on the EzteniAl Application of Antiaeptics 
m fWtvU Diaenies, 8vo. t7^~ Inquiry eoncerninf 
the CaQMS of Putrid Diseases, Svo. 177^. — ^The 
IFijC. of WonM>n. from the rartiest Aatiqiiicj to the 
prvMoC TioM, i V. 410. 1779< Sd edit. Si v. 8vo. 

Alisov, Rev. Archibald, XL. B. 
F. R. S. Lond. and Edinh., Preben- 
dary of Salisbury, and Senior Mipistcr 
of ''the Episcopal Chapel, Canoogate, 

£a»'»7s on the Nature and Principle* of Taate, 4to. 
1790- Sd edic 2 v.dvo. 1811.-- A Discourse on the 
Fmt^y, 1800. 8fO. 1800. 

AiLAir, RoBBKT, Surgeon. 

A Dictionary of the Anelent Lnnftiage of ScotlaBd, 
A> ]a07.r— Tieakiae on the Operation of Lltbutomj, 


Allcoiv, RicnARi>, Pastor of the 
Ditsenting Charity School, Mudstone. 

Addreta to Younf Penona on the Tratb and Im- 
penance of Chriatiamtjr, 1803. 

Allosidge, W. J. 
The G^ldsmiCb's Repository, 8vo. 1791. 

Allts, Coables, a. M. 

History of England, l2mo. 1798-— History of Rome, 
Iteo. 1798. 

Allen, Edward. 

Arfument in Sapftort of the Constitution and 
BleeMTe Franchise of the Eleetors of Jeisey, 8vo. 

Allbn« James. 

The Damier of I'liUosophy to the Churches of Christ, 
Iteo, 1807. 

Allen, Jobn, Surgeon, Fell, of the 
Roy. ColL of Surgeons, Edinb. 

Introduction to the Study of the Auimal Econo- 
my* from the French of Cuvier.Bvo. 1801. 

Allen, Joun. 

Inatitirtea of the Christian Relif^n, firom the JLatin 
of Calvia^S v. 8ro. 181S. 

All£N, Willi Air, formerly Adjutant 
of the Herefordshire Gentlemen Yeo* 

UiDtites and Observations for the Use of the Oen- 
tiemen Teofnanry, Sto. 179S> 

Allen, Rev. W. Newbury, Berks. 

TIw Qenents of English Oramouu-, iSmo. 18U. 

Allen, . * 

Bcaddab, a Sacred DraoMv tpo. USB* 

Chaplain to Lord Sbeffieki> bom in 1760, 
and educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin. 

The Widoved Queen; or Elisabeth Dowegeref 
Edward IV. a Poem, 4to, arrS.--Obfler\-atJ0M on 
the Goveniment and Constitution of Great Britain, 
ero. )799'— Review of the Pieiitieal Princtples| of tKe 
Hodcro Whigs. 1792.— The Jndge, a Poem, Svo. 
1801.— A Viodication of tlie Principles and Stale, 
meats adranced in Uie Strictures of Lofd Sheffield^ 
8to. 1806. 

Alley, Peteb. 

The Tears of the Muse, an Elegiac Poem, to the 
AleBory of the Countess of WestaoreUnd* 4to. 

Allnatt, a. Charles* 

Poverty, with other Poems, 1801. 

Allnutt, Zacuabiah, Henley, Oi- 
fordsb., Superiuten'iant of the Sd and 
3d Districts of the Uiver Thames. 

Conskierauons on the liest Mode of improving the 
Navigation from Richmond to Staines, Kmo. 1800. — 
Accouriu of the Navigation of liie Riven and Canals 
West of London, 1810. 

Allston, W. 
The Sylphs of the Seesons, with other Pbems, tc. 
8vo. 1813. 

Allwood, Philip, A. M. Fdlow of 
Magdalen Coll., Cambridge. 

Literary Antiquities of Oreece, 4to. 1700.^-Remaiks 
on some Obsrrvations in tlie British Critie relative' 
to ** Lizernry Antinalties,** 4to. 1801. 

Alston, J. W. * 

Hints to Young Practitionen oa Leadscape Feint- 
ing, 8vo. 1804. 

Alyes, James. 

The Banks of Eftic, a Poem, 1801. 

Amos, James, jun. Esq. Secretary to 
the Ciiy Dispensary. 

A Letter to the Lord Mayor on the Subject of G» 
ucral Medical Relief to tlic dtieased Poor of Loa* 
don, 8vo. 1800. 

Amos, William, <)f Brothettoft, near 
Boston, Lincolnshire.. 

The Theory and Practice of the Drill Husbandry, 
4U>. 1705. — Minutes of Agriculture and Pianting, 
royal 4to. 1804. 

Amphlett, William, formerly Editor 
of the Staffordshire Advertiser, and lately 
proprietor of the Rifleman Loudon Sun* 
day Newspaper. 

The Triumphs of War, and other Poems, tee. 
1796— The Astronomer, a Faree, 8vo. 1808..-.l'he 
War Offiarittgv a Collection of Songs, Kmo. 1809.^ 
Invasion, a Poem, ISaso. 1804..J-Ncd BcnUex, nov^ 
3 V. ISiDO. 1808. 

A MYOT, Thomas, Esq. Private' Secre- 
tary to the late Right Hon. W. Wind- 

Speeches hi Pnrliamant of tbe kte Right Bda. 
W. Wiudham, vith some Account of his Life, 8 r. 
8vo. 1812. 

Anbur^y, Thomas, Esq.* formerly aa 
officer in tltf; army under General Bur* 
goyne, in N. America. 

Travels through the Interior of America, i ▼. ftve. 

Andebsen, Andreas, a Katire of Den* 
iBArky bom about 1739. 


Xanmsiu's TV.wi«. inn the G«ra»ii. 3 ▼. iteo. of the evening pretchers at the Found- 

3603.— KMrMnsio'* TaJei, from tikw Ocrman, 8vo. Ijnir HosnitAl TKmnffli tK^ ;nf«*«c«- ^Z" 
»».-A Tour U Z«l«d, with « Sketch oC the 7?! "'?!?k!^* IhrOUgh the ^^J^rtStoi 

2»tti8 of Cop«ihH«n. ifcno. 1809. 8d ed.t. MOT. ^*?y ^~i??H ,**? ^*« presented to the 

~«ireat aod Good l>ee<{s of Daowi, Norwegiaas, "VID^ Of MlCKlehaniy and unexpectedly, 

4;c. from tfi« uanub of Mailing, 4u>. 1807.— Menuu on his part, With that of St. James^s, 

Hecfeations; four DanUh and OermaD Talea, or. against the regular in tri ffucs of interest. 

t:irA;;^:T^^:t%^z'jis: «°^ '\ri' ^"t*'''^* 5*'""''*'^ °^ 

>ah of ueifried, Bvo. leoQ.-A Dane's Excunions P.^^*-**"' ^he former he offered some time 
fa Great Britain, s v. ismo. 1810. ^ince to resign, but was pressed by bis 
And*br8on, Ameas, formerly in the patroness to retain it. Dr. A. has pub- 
suite of Earl Macartney, during his em- "shed: A 
Ussy to China; lieut. in the Manx Fen- f^i^^J"*^***^ ■*!?*!! ^i*"V!! ^« ci«iey. 
dblesandafterwanisofthe40thlleg. IL^T^to^^^^riJ^rB^^^^^^ 

A narrative of Ute Dntish Bmbas^y to China in Avnnvvir^ n/vtn 

1798-179*. 4to. 1795.-Aecount of Lord Hacart. r^.ti; ?„ ^T»!.U« Jli.i'^ -. w »«■-,. * ^^.^ 

«e,'. E«ba«, to China, abridged from the original ^, 'l^'»^ '*"^'***'* on h» Spuit of Chri- 

Woik, 8vo. 179S.-Journal of the Forces which sail- "T^' "''**• *^*'*^ 

«4 from the Downs in Apr. 1808, nnUl the com. ^NDREWS,, JJ.ITZA. 

ptote Evacuation of Egjpt bj the Frendi, 4U>. 1803. ^* Manuscripts of Virtudeo, with Thoughts oss 

Akdersoh, ChaBLES, M. D- Education. Bvo. 180l.-The Beauties of Stum^ 

Vew Theory of the Formation of Veins, from the ^*"^*^"«"»' ^«»«»- _^ . . ^ .^ 

Gennw of Werner, 8vo. 1809.-MineraloBical De- „ ANDREWS, IIeKRY, of KnightsbridgC, 

acf iptioo pf the Environs oi' Landock, in tiie County Botanical Painter and Engraver. 

of Glatz, from the French, 8vo. 1810, Engrariogs of Ericas or Heaths, with ~ 

A||DERSp37, David. Descriptions, fol. 1796.--The DoUnist's Repository; 
Fergus II. or the Battle of Carron, a Poem, fc8vo. * ^"'•' *'**' 1799— A Re^-iew of the Plants hitherto 
3810. figured in the BoUnin's Repository. 4to. 1801 

Aif DERsow, Ms«or G. ^* IV^^"^: ""^ »'«»"«s"p*» »f ^ «*»«• »»*« Cm 

Wan, a»l View's of the Abbey of St, D«»i^ with "^T^ Numbers) v. I. to VI. 1804.1818. 

•n Historical Acconnt, imp. 4Co. 1818. . ANDREWS, JOHN, formerly of IPUx^tm 

Anderson, J. W., A. M. <li%> Mapseller and Engraver. ^ 

The Manner pointed out in which the Common ^^ Historical Atlas of England, fol. Hgr^-Plaiw 
Txayer was read in prirate by the late Mr. Garrick, •^Cities, 4to.— A Survey of Europe, with a Plan oT 
•vo. 1797. Operations for curbing the Ambition of Ftvtti|mrtcr, 

Anderson, Raiph, of Carlisle. 8vo. laoe. 

letter on the Necessity of an Immediate Change ANDREWS, MiLES Peter, Esq. M. P, 
of Ministry and an Immediate Peace, 1797— Poems, for Bewdley, Lieut. Colonel Command- 

oo various Subjects, 8vo. 179B.— Cumberland Bai- ant of the P. of Wales's Volunteers; son 

***A *^' T nv Fx 1. , r. ®^ * merchant in the city of London. 

.^r^\l''7i' ^l^^' T^r""'^^; ^"'; *"^ ^^^'^^^ '° ««»'^'^<J» with a view to 
§!^"k. f Magdalen Hospital and being sent in a commercial character to 

d^ntarH^rtl^^^^^^^^^ ""^''''" '^^ ^^*"^ ^" ^790, he was elated 

C^b:ir^tL?s"^^^^^^ St.r..T.aUse on the Vir. L^enrrsenrd'^ '^"^ '«^"^"«*^ *^. 

ine. of Hemlock in the Cure of Cancer. 8vo. 1761. f!** represented ever Since. He IS one of 

—Inoculation impartiaUy considered, Bvo. 1765.— J"® proprietors ot the Gunpowder Manila 

On ti)« Tiieory and Cure of the Venereal Gonor- factory at Dartlord, and also a partner va. 

ri»», 8vo. .1777. «d edit. 1781.— On the Theory the liouseofPi^Tou, Andrews, and Wilkes 

and Cure of li.e Venereal Disease. Svo. 1779.-Ac. Besides SOmC IMavs which havc notbecn 

count of an Elaitlc Trochar. 8vo. l781.-Considera. nrinf«/l Mr A ',1 fV.J IWul Zc 

Hon, on BiHoo, Diseases and some parUcuIar Affec- V^^^^^, Mr. A. IS the author of numer- 

tioos of the Uver and Oaii.4iiadder, 8vo. 1738. 5"^ rroiogiies and Epilogues, and of the 

id edit. 1790.— CaMs and Observaiions on Futub, follpwing pieces : 

Hemorrhage, &c. 8vo. 1799. The Election, Mns. Int. Svo. 1774.— Fire and W«» 

Andrew, James, A. M. ^* B»l\*d op. Svo. 178a— Dissipation. Com. Op, 

Astronomical and Nautical Tables. 8vo. 1810. '*^* *78l.^The Baron Kinkvervaokotsdorsprakea. 

^ Andrewes. Gerrard, D.D. Dean of 2^'*' nw ^'fiet.^'^J^^^^ 

Canterbury, Rector of St. James's, Wes^ SSi.Xl^:."f ^T^Z a d^.??;, VZ 

minster, and Mickleham, Surrey. The ^W- ' ^ 

fether of this distinguished divine was Andrews, M. W. M. D. Memb. of the 

Master of the Free Grammar School, ^y- Coll. of Surgeons, London, and 

Leicester. He was educated at Trinity ^^^ Physician at Madeira. 

College, Cambridge, and was formerly *^**«^**»" on the Application of the Lnnar 

Assistant Master of Westminster School f*"*'*"" *" sgictur« of the Urethn and ossopbaguK 

Hcafterwards preached at variouschapels a^rw.. Rtriann 

in and near the mctiopolis, ^ wa. Sn. 7i:tS^^'^.J^Z^. a» 

1814b ^ Awa liTiiro avthoks. apt 7 

Axons, William, A. M. Teacher of Vhcel-Cmriafes of dUferant Stmetart ui#|>ravc;1i% 
£n«»lish. •••• 1790— A» Inquiry into m Laws of FslU^ 

An Eoftish flpelUttg aad ProDooncing YcMnbulary, Bodies, 8vo; 179*. " 

mk edit. 8vo. 1806.— An inirodaction to Angle's Anstie, JoHNf Chairman ofthe Gcne* 

ToenbQlaiy, IBOg^^A New System of Englbh Onin. ral Wool Meeting in 1788. 

flMTp ISiDO. 1819.— The Lifieof onrLerdand Saviour Oeneral View of the Bill presented to Parliaififfft 

Je»its Christ, IZtao, 181S. for preventing the illicit Exportation of Wool afd 

Anhbsley, Alexander, of the Inner ^^^ sheep, svo. 1787— Letter to Edward pwiip. 

Tf*mplfe, Solicitor "^***' ®" '**" Advantages of Manufacturing the Co^ 

Obeerfi^ on the oknger of a premature Peace, »"«-^7* ^^ ^«8»"<»- 8^»- Ues.-Observation. am 

»v«. 1B00.-Strictures on the True CauM. of the pre- the Nature and Necessity of introducing improved 

•e&t aMtoim; Scarcity of Grain, 8vo. ISOC-Compen- Machinery inio the Woollen Manufacture. 8vo. 1808. 
dlwnofthelAWof Marine Insurances, 8VO. 1808— AnSTRUTHER, ALEXANDER, Es<|. Of 

Mr. A's name appears as a coatribator to the Edinb. Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. 

JSneyctoptedia. Reports of Cases In the Court of Exehe(|«er from 

AnSPACH, Margravine of, (Elizabeth ^^ Tenn. SS Geo. in. to Trin. Term, ss #e«. 

Berkeley ^ vounpest dau<»hter of AliffUS- "^" ***** inclusive. 3 v. royal 8vo. 1795.7— A« 
XSerKeiev,} jouncesi oaUoOier oi Augus- ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ Connection of Heat. Slcc 

tus Earl of Berkelev, born 1750 : married tridty and Light, svo. laoo. 

ID 176T, William, late Ix)rd Craven, by Antepara, J. M. a native of Gvay*- 

whom she had seven children. A sepa- quil, South America. 

ration took place in 1781, and the next south American Emancipation; Documenci show- 
ten years her ladyship spent on the Con- ing the Designs and Exertions of Miranda. Srow 

iineat. On the death of Lord C. in 1791, *8"- 

abe was united to the Margrave of An- , Apperley, Mr. 

apach and Bayreuth, who having dis- 1?"^', "** o!^!5^^°^ n^ngionB and Mora^ 

^^^r /. !• J • • ^ ..L v^ !• Wono. 1793. Sd edit. I8O6. 

poacdofhisdommionsto theKmgot Appleoarth, Robert, formerly a 
trussia, 7f^««*^%E'^?^'*'{? ^^^«« h« Quaker, resident in Salisbury, but who 
died m 1806, at Brandenbiirgh House, ^^ adopted the doctrmes of the Estib. 
Hammersmith. Her Ladyship has pro- blished Church. 

duced many dramatic pieces for the xiieologicel survey of the Human Uodantanding; 
amusement of her friends, at her private Svo. 1776— Apology for the Two Ordinaheeo of 

theatre in Brandenburgh House, which J«sas chri$t, the iioiy Commvnion and Baptism, 
have never been printed, and is the au- o^"- u^-a piea for the Poor, or Remariis on *• 

thoT of the following • ^^'^ **^ Piwrisions, 8vo. l789.-EKMiy coneemiHc 

!!!!?«? tne roiiowmg. ^ ^^ ^^ , Tithes, as appertnining to the Clergy of the Cbuith 

Tht Slee|>n>ralke% Com. (pnntad at the S^wberry- ^f England, Svo. 1791— Rights for Man. or Strio. 

HmPrM.),1778.-Modern Anecdotes of the iamily tuna on the ConstituUon of Great Britein and litw 

•r the Kinkvervanlcotsdarsprakengotchderns, a Tale, j^q j iSmo. 1702. 

19mo« 1770.— -The Miniature Picture. Com. 8vo. a'»Z«/n*«« !?.«« Tfc r% «a«. ^r » •«.,«. 

t78l.-4fVr>«l. a Fr«Kb Com. (printed at Anapaeh) , "^7°^.^^^ ^J"^* 5' ^ * ^^'^l^^^* ™^' 

170r.-Le Degnisement. a transiaUon of Cihber»s ^^^^^ <>/ BoSton, New England, waS 

Comedy. *• sim Would and She Would Not.**— A educated at Jesus College, Cambridge^ 

Journey throngb the Crimea to Conauotiiiople, 4to. where he tOok the degree of B. A. 1T55; 
1789— The Soldier of Dierensteia, an Austrian Story, M. A. 1758, and was also elected a Fd- 

•^' *"**• v> T « ^^'^' He went to America where he 

Ahspach, Rev. Lewis Amedbtjs, a founded a Church at Cambridge; but 

Magistrate of Newfoundland. met with so much opposition from the 

S^SZtolirfo^^^r^^ conp.ationists that Ee returned to Eng. 

aTstbt, John, Esq. of LincolnVInn, ^^- ^"^ f^^, he was co»?ted to the 

Barrister at Law, alid a Commissioned J^ica^ge of Crcyrdon and m 1778, to 

for auditing Public Accounts, son of the ^?„?f ?,^'Lf.nii Knt^T' ]!? -'^ 
Ute ChristSpher A., Esq. author ofthe w^£ ^!, !!?£"^.i° ^ 

BathGuide^ He Was educated at Eton; S^C,llr!^^^ 

m.^A ;« ^tiXA ^^^»A^A ♦!,« «.Ni,i»»^o» ^«.,»k St. Paul's Cathedral. He was before this 

JS^if ttif l^^ndsCiZ &5f ^"« ««'<=*«' with blindness, and retired 
MowthoTpe Granse. Yorkshil ' ^*^' wholly to Cambridge, where he still coivr 

The P1eadeffo,tfde, a Didactic Poem*. Svo. 1796 ^?"®\^ ^}^^'' but having been COUch- 

—1803. 6th edit. 1810.— The Poetical Works of the cd by Mr. Ware, he has in a small degrea 

late Christopher Anstey, Esq. with some Account of recovered his xight. Bv his ArSt wife 

bis Life and Writings, 4to. 1810. Elizabeth, daughter of Eliakiro Hutchin- 

Akstice, Robf.rt, Esq. Collector of son, Esq. Judge of the Court of Com- 
bis Blajestjr's Customs at the Port of mon Pleat in the province of Massachu- 
Bridgewater; formerly master of a ship set's Ba^, who aied in 1789, he had 
in tlM West India Trade. • nine* children, among whom are the 

• — ■^- m^ the Comparativf Advaatages of Rev. Frederick A., Prebendary of Lift- 


coin; telle, married to Dr. Qvv, Master CateHieticai i^ctm-ei. «r Uw ch«reh CttccUm 
of Emanuel ObUeee, CamTOOge; and "p'"*"^^. svo. 1796.— a scrmou prwcUcd «t Cb«. 
Harriet wife of the Rev. Dr. Butler, i"".''*"? '^''^".''^ ^ «*^"*'"'' ^"^^ wai. »ro. 
Master of Shrewsbury SchooL Up Hiq *«<»-- Loy«» Lffusions; n Sermon od chedoth Aiud- 
kl- k^ ^nreWSDUry OCnOOL Ue nas ver^w, of tlie King'* Accr^iun. 8yo. ie0SK-A LeiP 
pUOilsned : ter to the Ri-v. W. Dr*Itry, a«>ri«ning a ChilTcbm«n*i 

The Constitution of a Cbnsltao Charch Ulustratad IJcnsons for rcfuwnn to support the British aad Fo- 
in a Sermon at the Opt-uimj of Christ Chuixh. ia rngn Bible Sofirty.BTO. 181S.— A Second Letter to 
Cambridge, (New Eujland,) Oct. 9, 17dl.— The K«- the same, Bvo. UUC. 

licity of the nmei, a bcni.on j.rnuhtd at Christ Ars^st nnvr Wrrr>«%. !?«« U*-. A J 
Charch. C.rabridse. on the Thanksgivia^.D-y for \,nuu^n^?J^ \\ i^ {, '' ^^^\},^^^ '^^- 
file General Peace, Aua. U. 1763.-Amwcr to Dr. J^tant-Gcueml tO \us MajCSty'i Forces. 
Uxyhew's^an American Clerc> man.) Obsen-ations on ^^*^'^»t»on» on the Errors committed by QoatraU 
the Society for the Pro|.a«;RUon of the Gospel, Bvo. ""** *'**'** Officers, from 1743, to the present tiiM,8v*> 
1763— The Character and Example of a Christian ^**'^- 
Woman, a DMOouric at Christ Chuixh, Cambrid«;c. ArndeLL, W. 

•o tkr Death of Mrs. Anne Whoelwricht, 4to. 17()4. T*^« JournryraHn Carpenter's and Joiaer's Book of 
—Of Sacred Poetry and Music, a Di.seourse at l'f'^«^^ for Task-work Labour, 1812. 

Mayhaw'a Kemarks on the Answer to his Ob5erva- V^'^f VV riting-MaSter and Mathexna- 

tions, Bvo. 1765.— A Fast Sermon on the Differences ^<^1^U1. 

batwven this Covntry and her Anieiican Coioaict, ^><^ Arithmetical Preceptor, Ifmo. 1798. 

1777*— Letters on the Prevalence of ChrUnaaity be- a» «,-«.»•.©.- t *^- 

fore its Civil Establislim^nt, with Ohserxatloas oo ARKOLr^ SaMUEL JaMES, Acting-Ma- 

Gibbon's History, Qvo. 1778 -The Excellency of the ^^^^ ^ Drury Lane Theatre, son of th« 

Litany of the Church of England, a Sermon, preach- '*^ Dr. A. of OlUsical Celebrity, brought 
cd at St. Mary-le-bow. pureuant t» Uie Will of Mr. Up tO the profession of PaintlD"^, «ld 

John Hutchins, 1778.-A Sermon pre^hcd in Urn- marHed to a daMshter of the tate M% V^m 

beUi Chapel, at the Consecration of Dr. Hallif^. Pn^r T aMrotf xL ; 1 ^ • ^^ 

Bishop of Oloocester, Oct. 51. I731.-S<.|ect De«>- -^V^'!^^*^' ^.■»^^» ^°*« ?*««€» UOt 

lioiM lor FamUies, Umo. 178S.-Discourees on Pro. P""tea, he has written : 

phecy read in the Chapel at UDcdn's Inn, at War* ^^^^ '******'* ^"'J'' Mas. Ent. Bvo. 279*.— The Ship, 

burton's Lecture, 8 v. Bvo. 1786. wre<:k, acom. op. Wmo. 1796 — ^The Creole, orliatint- 

AaCHaao, - ^*^ island, nov. .1 v. l2mo. 1796— The Vetrraa 

BeMj en th^ F^cfa niwiItT, A PhUojophi. ^"'' ?**""■ "P" ®''°- 1«>1— Foul D^jd. will Ri^e. 

cat Diacoone on ProvideiM*. Svo. 17Q8. ""V ""* ®''°- ^«>*— ''"^r <-'•»«». (written in Asso- 

AaCRBOLD. J F Em of r in«n1n'a.Tnn ^■'"0"^"*^Mr.Pye)co«. B^m.lBOS—Mao and Wife. 

*ro. 1811^-A Difcst of the Penal Lawsof England. ArnoI.D, ThoMAS, M. D. fbllow of th* 

rttotiiw to offence* againat Ood and Ueiigion, fvo. Roy . Coll. of Physicians, and of the Roy 
"^A»««»t» n p T^ « T . Med. Soc, FxJinb. ; Senior Physician to 

Iff^J^ir f ^"*'?I;i?''-. ¥' ?• ^.' ^' ^^ Leicester Infirmary, and sole Phj^ 
^ T?.^H nnj;?" *• ,M^^*» I"«t»^tions cian to the Leicester fiiUic Asylimf 
mireland, now resident in Bath. Dissert.«o do Pieantide. bvo. i7C6.-Obse,^i«. 

Observations on the Effecu of Oxyecn on the Ani- 00 the Nature. Causes, and Prevention of Imairitvu 

Bul end Yegetable Systems. Pert L Bvo. 1798. £ r. 8vo. 1788—1786, <d Edit. 18O0.-A Case 5 

AaCHSR, JiLMESy a Roman Catholic Hydrophobia, nuccrsstully treated, Bvo. 179S.— X)b* 

Clergyman. lervatioas oa the Menagemeat of the laaaae, tvo. 

Sermoas for all Uie Sundays in the year, 4 ▼. ^^^' 

ISmo. 178R.— Senaons for the principal FcstivaU of ArwDT, Hl'GO, Esq. Edinburgh, 

the year, l8mo. . . These two publications were Address to the British Notion ^a the Aeeeisloa of 

incorporated in a second edition. In 5 vols. l8mo. the Prince Regent to Power. Bvo. 181S^-«Letter to 

"^ . the Freeholders of the County of Fife, oa Rafima. 

AacHEK, Lieutenant, Joseph. «^o- wis. ' • . *•««, 

BtatietiGal Sarvey of the Coaaty of Dahlin, Svo. Armot, James, Memb. of thcRov ColL 

A.nrrw r^r^m^, of Surgeons, Edinb. 

ARDLET, UEOtCE. Remarks on the present Mode of Chirnr.l«l Af 

ASMSTRONC, L.ESLIE. dimiaal Lav, Svo. I8II. "»»«▼? w 

The Anglo-Saxons, or the Court of Ethelwulph, a AnrnTTw 1»<»w TW,«» « »»• . 

w««ce, 4 vote. i8mo. 1806. ^ ' *i. A ^' Key MicHAEL, Minister of 

A RicsTROMo, Rev. Robert. V^® Gospel, Edinburgh. 

Ihe Elemeats of the Latia Teague, vith aU the Z^ ^P^^ o^ the Asiembly's thoitar Cat*. 
Rule, ia Eaglish, 18mo. 1798. "^ ' ™* *" «* ch«« In a series of Sabbeth eveaiag Lectoia^ tTu 

Arhbtromo, Rev. Wm. A. B. F. S. A. aI?* v « ^ 

Curate ofCheihunt, Herts, and £rt^ Af^ ""'a^^^'^V^?^- ^'««>« ^^ 
4if Enfield, Middlesex.' ^^^^ ^"^ •"^ West India MerHhanta' ter- 





Thm Srann't Mcdictl AAvocatft, 8vo. ITQS. 

Arvndell, John. 

Tbe Geniriae luflaeace of Scripture PriDcipIn in 
Life and Deaih, a SermoD preach***! at Silver Street 
Chapel. Whitby, od thft Death of tbe Rev. £dw. 
IVUlimia^, D. D. 8vo. 1813. 

entering upra the pastomloffice, 8vo. 1805.— The Fall 
of eminent Men in Critical Periods, a National C^ 
iamity ; a Sermon ou the Death of Mr, Fox, 8vq. 
1806.— A Sermon oa the Death of the Rev. T. Utid- 
sey, 8vo. idM. — Oration delivered, Ort. l6, 1809, oa 
laying tbe fir^t stone of the Gravel Fit Meeting. 

A.SH, Edward, M. D. Argyle Street, house, Svo. WlO.-Bigotry and intolerance defeated, 

•11 • • i:. 4._\j' «*„ *^ »u^ v; or au Account of tJte Prosecution Of Mr. John Gi»r 

Physician Extraordinafy to the King, borne, UmUriHn M.nUter of Soh.m, Cambridgeshire, 

Nephew of the late Dr. John A. g^^. ISIO.— A Vindication of Unitarian Worship, n 

•Hie Speeutator (publisbcd in WeeLly Numbera,) 8vo. Sermon, 8vo. 1810.— A Selection of Hynins for the 

nSO. UnitMnao Worship, ISino. 1811.~The Beneficial In^ 

: ASBBURKHAM, WiLLlAM, Esq. grand- flaenceof Christianity on the Charaeter and Condk> 

90n of the late Sir William A. BisTlop of tion of the, Female Sex, a Sermon, 8vo. 181S^-A Vin- 

Chichester dication of Religious Liberty, a Semion preached at 

T»* Restoration of the Jews, a poem, 4to. 17»4.- Bridport, iSmo. 1812^A Sermon in belief of the So- 

Blegiac Sonnets and other Poems, 4to. 1795. 

ciety for the relief of the nt-ces-Mtous Widows and 

ASBDOW.E, W.LLtAM, of Canterbury. ^"^'sTLEr'l^rrNcrs m^"l 

-BMmj explaining Jesus' tr«e Meaning in his Para- ASTLET, TRANCIS I^ICK 

hies, 8vo. nao.^— Tike Unitarian, Ariiin, and Trinita- 

rinn Opinion respecting Christ examined, 8vo. 1789. — 

An Attempt to abev that the Opinion concerning the 

Devil or S«ktan as a fallen Angel, and that he tempts 

men to sin, hath no real FouudAtioii in Scripture, 8vo. 

1791. — ProoS that Adults only are included in the 

Ministers, 181S.' 

of Duckinfield Hal], Cheshire. 

Hints to Planters, 8va. 1807. — To his pen is tiM 
ascribed, Varnishandn, a serio-comic Poem, ad. 
dressed to Collectors of Paintings by an admirer of 
the Arts. 8vo. I8O9. 

AsTLEY, P)i IMP, formerly in the Army, 

Design of the New Covenant, or the Gospel Dispen- Proprietor of the Amphitheatre, Wcst^ 
•■tion, 8vo. 179e.— Two Letters addrcMed to the iQiQ^ter Brido^e. 

Bp. of Llandaff, respecting the distinction made 
by his Lordsliip between the Operation of the Holy 
Spirit in the primitive Ministers of Christ, and its 
Opention in Men at this day, 8vo. 1798. 

Ashe, Key. Jonathan. 

The Masonic Manual, or Lectures on Freenwsonry, 

Ashe, NtcnoLAS. 

Tantbeo, e Tragedy, l^mo. 180S. 

A Description and Ilistoricaf Account of the Places 
now tiie Theatre of War in die Low Countries, 8vo. 
1794. — Remarks on tiie ProfSoasion and Duty of n 
Soldier, 8vo. 179^* — ^Treatise on Horsemanship, 8vo. 

Aston, Josfph, 

Tlie Manchester Guide, sm. 8vo.— Tbe Lancaslurt 
Gazetteer, ISmo. 1809. 

AVOW 1 Aston, (Waiter Hutchinson,) Lord j5 

iwc^ ■ t»gvay, *ww. i«». ..^^,i„ heir male of the very ancient House 

Ashe. Robert HoADi^r,D.D.furmCT^^ of Tixall, Stafford, in Holy Orders Rec 

Curate and Master ofthe Free Grammar ^^ ^^nfie\6, Sussex, succeeded his 

School, Crewkeme, Somersetshire. r„*i,^, ;„ *o«r „«^ ^\^'^ ;« lOiui 

^ucl Translations bj John Browne, of C^w- ^*«[ '^ T^'u?"^ ?\T^** t^" ^^' 
kerne, r« boy eleven years old.) 4to. 1787.-Letier to Elizabeth, daughter of the RcV. Dr. 

John Miloer, AnUior of the History of Wioctiester, HaiOeS. 

occasioned by hn asper.Mous on the Memory and Select Psalms in vene, with a PreAice and Biogm. 

'Writings of Dr. Bcniamin Hoadly, formerly Bp. of pbical notices of those persons who have transl^ud 

^Winchester, 8vo. 1799* the whole book of Psalms, Bvo. 1811. 

Ashe, Thomas, Esq. late Captain of Atcheson, Nathaniel, F. A. S. Soli- 

the York Rangers. 

Travels In America, in I8O6, 3 v. 12mo. 1806. — 
Tbe Spirit of the Book, nov. 3 v. 12nao. 1811. — 
Liberal Critic, nov. 3 v. ISmo. 1812.— A 
View and Geographicai Sketch of the 
Braito and Madeira, 8vo. 181S. 

Ashley, — — . 


Report of the Case Havelcck against Rookwood, 
argaed and determined in thn Court of King's Bench, 
on the Validity of a Sentence of Condemnation by 
an enemy's Consul in a neutral Port, Rvo. 1800. — ^A 
Letter on the prespnt slate of the carrying part of the 
Coal Trade, 8vo. 1802.— Report of the case, Fisher 

TteArtof Painting on and AnneaiiM in Glase, 4to. .gainst Ward, respecting tiie Ro»ian Embanro on 

^^^- British ships, 8vo. 1803.— American encroachments 

AsHMOBE, Thomas, Esq. formerly a on British Righu,ovo. isoe. 
Merchant in the City of London. Atherley, Edmund Gibson, Esq. of 

Anelysiv of the s^eral Bank Annuities, 4lo. I774. Qrav's Inn. 

ASPJN, J. Professor and Teacher of 7,^,15,0 on the Law of .Marriage and other Fsp 

liistory and Chrunolog\'. . mlly SettlemeuU. 8ve. 1813. 

^Tiie Gwxhronoiogy of Euiopc, sd edit. 1808 — Atkiks, , Mathematical lostru- 

•Ad Appeal to Public Candour against Mr. Laucas* jj^^j^t maker. 

tier's Attack on the Clerkenwell Parochial Sunday _ .u n i *• » . ^i. 

fcfaooU, ia09.-A complete System of Chronology, f^^^ *^« ^^;«*»°» **"7??,'^* 'Pf««*= ^'^' 

«, Onivenml History ebridged, 1813. *^\**^°«'*'' *"'* ^'"* °^ Splntoon. Liquors, 4lo. 

AsPLAND, Robert, Unitarian Minister \ r>v -ajr^n^n^ 

at the Gravel Kts Meeting, Hackney. c.^^^'^T'^r' •^**'«?' . ' ^-^^^ot of 

Refteetions upon the Liberal Spirit of the Apos. ^t, Michacl 9, I^ng Stanton, Cambridjse- 

ice.« DifcoorsedeKvefvd, jone7, 1806, beforti the shire J educated at St. Mary Magdalen 

VMlarian Congregation at Hackney, on oceasion of ColL Cambridge. B« A. 17T4. Hc 

|0 ATK LITWIAAY CAX.ftfii>AR« SAB 1S14. 

«ru «ftcrward» a Fellow of that Society, 17T4, be was electod M. P. ior WoocW 

by which he v/as presented to the above- stock, and continued a Member of the 

mentioned living. Uoii*ie of Commons, till 1793; when be 

Tiie Asce&MOQ, a Poem, 4io. 1700.— A Tre»tUe on vus created a British Pccr, having pre- 

die nofisoDtid Sob and Moon, 8vo. i79». vioiisly been invested with an Irish Peer- 

ATKiRSy Robert. i^e. In 1776, he married Miss Elliot, 

A c^opeodiou. HHt of the Unidttas, itoo. 1810. ^^^^^ ^^f ^o^ Miiito, by whom he has 

AiKiasoM, Jameb. children born in all the diflerenJt coun- 

A Lett* orcMlo^ied by Um Keport of tlv BmUmhi "^ DUbUiCSS. 

^ T^ _, <ta- Mill Tl»« Wnciplo* of P«n«l U«a, Hvo. 1771.-^o«r t«U 

CMWtMe, nvo. wu. ^ C»rti»le. 8vo. in9» ."W *dit. vmJi 

Ar«iii30K,JoH« Augustus. .sthUucr, 1780-a P»mphict ou ihe poHatio* 

A Wct«rB«nie Repretenjtation of t»» Costw»« .f ^^ £„ i^pj }„ oppo»it»ou to Dr. Price.^Lcit*T to 

fMiet Walier,) PirtHr«*i«* R«p««nt.t.oB of the „.^^,ti. Svo. ITrf—Vievr of tlic TiTaty of Com- 

MiMWim, CuttOH-, aod Amusements r,t tUc R..sin«s, ^f^ ^.^ j,^,,^^ g^^- ifw—Hist, of New-lloU 
av. imp. fbl. IBW. r" - - «-♦:- ^ »'"«*» •^o- I7«7.— R««»rk» on the eppw^iit cir- 

Atkinsom, JostPH, i!.sq. a native oc eumstaucw of t»i« wur, i« Oct. nps, ero, 1793.— 
fpeland, and an Officer in the Aruiy. s«HtMK-e of his speech in the h. of Lord*, 

aivkuel D««eptioa, com. bro. ITSS.— M«ld> for e ^^j s, 1796. on oceesioa of a notio* made hy tbe 

Widow, com. op. Svo. 1788.— Killaruey, a } oem, 4to. Murquis of Lans<Sown, Ovo. tT9d-^tt^'st*Bce of bis 

1798.— Love iu a Bliise, com. op. ISmo. 1800. apecch. Jan. 8, 1799t on the BUI for gmnting Duties 

ATkIVS0a,Ta01IAS. on income, 8to. 1799 — Snbatance of h» speech, 

BIfeenitaB Eclofoea and Mtoceltsncoiit Poean, Apr. 11. 1799. on tlie piopo»ed Address re»pecuuffaa 

(DttblinO 17 •—A Poctkal Epistle from Marie Aa- Union bctueeo Great Britain and Ireland, 8v^o. 179^ 

teiiMtte, Quean of France, to I^eopold 11. Emperor Substance of hb speeches. May lAt •wl <S, ieoo,ia 

of Oermauy, avo. 1791.— An Oblique View of the support of the Bill for the pnnishmeot and piCTee^ 

^rand Conspiracy against Soctai Order, ftvo. 1799* tioii of Adnhery, Sro. 1800. 

Atri KBOKv William, Aichitea. Audley, John, of Cambridge. 

Picturesque Views of Cottages, dto. 1805. A Compsuion to the Alowoac, iSmo. 160<.-»AMd^ 

AtlaY ioSLPfl. "^^ ®' L^v*» UnhiwfHlness of. £aee EMartaiA. 

tfhe DUtUlcr's Vsde Mecom, liBmo. 1794. mcnis, 1809. 

Atmoee, Rev, Charles. At krere, Anthokt, Esq. 

Chandler's Hisiory of Persecution, wUh a M«Mir Tribute to tlie Memory of Uinc voa Uiitlen. <ram 

cf the AuUior, 8vo. ffllS. the Oermaa of QoChe, 8^. W8|^'Ii»toIs through 

Ao^ntrt T^ R Printer of the Brifffa ton the kingdom of Uaples in 1789. frwn the German af 

II 7/ ' SaUs, 8V0. 179a.-A Warning to Britun* ag|ii»t 

Herald. French perfidy and cruelty, or f^n account of the 

l*opegraphy of Brighlon, l«mn. I889, inhuman conduct of the French tp the Peasants o6 

AuCHIKCLOfeS, J. D. D. SwAbis in I796, 8w. 1798. 
The Sophistry of the firl pait of Paine's Age of AuSTIA',ReV. GiLBERT, M. A. M.R.ImA. 

]im.»u, in uiree Senaow, 8vo. nco. Chaplain to the Magdalen Asylum, Dub- 

AucKLAND, (William Luek,) Lord, j.^^ ^ & j f 

IX. D. F. R. S. Auditor and a Director ^^'^^ ^^^ ^^^ , ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^.^^ ^ ^^ 

of Grerawich Hospitill, Kecorder Ot MnpdHlen Asylum, 4to. I791.-Chironomia, or a 
Grantham, and Chancellor ot Marcschal TreaUse on Rhetorical Delivery, 4to. I8O6. 

• College in the Univ. of Aberdeen — Aylmer, George James, private 

third son of the Isle Sir Robert Eden, of Teacher of Writing, Mathematics^ &c. 

West Auckland, Dnrham ; educated at and Writing-master at Hackney Schoo4. 

iton andChristchurch, Oxford. In 1765, introduction to Piacticai ArWimctic. «mo. Mit. 

be was admiited of the Middle Tera^e, Aysiiford, Henry, M. D. 

Snd in 1768 called to the Bar. Lord A. Tabular Views of the Aaatomy of Uia UuMtt Bo^ 

2iM, during the greater part of his life, ***• ^"^• 

(een enzaged in public business, as will 

appear from the following list of his cm- B» 

tloyments : -Under SecretJjry of Stale h^«»* «ra»^ ma 

»r the Northern department, first in ^ Babxr, Rev. H^'^^ .W^RW MjA. 
1771, and again in 1773; Commissioner Assistant Liboinan at the British Mu- 
to AmericaTlTTB ; Chief Secretary in seum, and Assistant Preacher at Lincoln s 

Ireland 1780; Vice-T^^^^^^^ wSir. Tra^Ution of ^ Hew TeM^eot, ^ 

land, 1733 ; Envoy Extraordmary to j^^^^.^ ^^ ^„ ^^ ^p.^^ ^^^ VrUinga. a». 

France for Commercial Matters, 178d ; ittii—Psaiterium cracum e Coai^e jmh. Afceae^ 

Ambaseador to Madrid, 1767 ;- Pienipo- drino. imp. foi. isit. 

tentiary to Holland, 17S9; Joint Pom- Babincton, Wiixiam, MJD. formerly 

Maater Oaoanl fum U^ Uk KSOL In A|^tbK»r^, mw Phyaiciaa aiuiXiefitttiiw 


on Medicioe and Otemistry at Guy's laieMstiof Case addrensd to air 9. f o w aiy aa 

Hospital. He has been a contributor to '^ B-akrupt l.w»» (ho. 1809. 

JBcAoto«'fJour««/, and has published: Ban.lie, Lieutenant J. Professor <rf^ 

A Syatoowtic Amngement of MioewU. 4to. 1795— the Arabic and Persian Languages^ and 

A Nr^w Sjaten of Miaeraiofj in the form of a CaU- of MohaHimudan La« in the College of 
Jogoe^ oftrr tfao mMiaer of Born'* Caulogoo of fort William. 

Uoab*» Collection of FoMilt, 4to. 1799. Five Books upon Arabic O.xamu, t ▼. 410^ 

Backhocse, Tjiomas, late Master of i8«-s. 

H. M . & Thisbe. Baillie, Joanna, born about 1764 at 

•onrtys of tiie Frincipol UBrbovn on tb« Coast of BoihweJI, N.B. of which place her fathCT 

**S *•*"* l^^ was Minister. Her motlier was sister to 

Bacojr, James. j^e celebrated Physicians John aud Wil- 

jho Libwtioo. DOT. ie«o. i79i^Ti« A«tfka. jj^^ Hunter. She resides at Edinburdi 

ladiaii, a plaj, 8ftf. 1700. « • • j °^ 

B^coK, JoHii, Esq. FJLS. Receirer at ¥»£".* """"ff "«^- ^. _^ . ^ _ ^ . 

. n. '„ *«. /I^Ra ^ Series of Plays, \n vbicn tt u attanptea to d# 

tne rirsi rniltS CmKX. Ii„e^ thostroa^er FaSMOBs of tba Iliad. 8vo vol. I, 

libar R«Kiwel TbaMiifni Remm Bcclesiasti- j-gg, vol. «, 180£, (5th edit. 180«) vol. S, laiS. Hit. 

i,4to. m5. i. , W.J, "'"•neons Plays. 8w). WM, (tod adH. Ml«.>-Tlis 

Bacok, Matthew, Esq. of the Middle FamUy Legend, Trag. svo. isio. 
Temple. B^llie, Matthew, M.D. F.R.S. Pel* 

2*.l:'^x!;^^"T?'J';"'~^®^**'?'®T Jow of the Roy. Col. of Physicjaos^ 

Gvillln*s Ahndgment of tho law, corrected with k.^*.!.,, ,.r.k« »»«*1.^;»» ^ 

coosidefabie additioas 5tii ed. 7 ▼. 8vo. 1708. bioUicT of the preceding. 

conoeiaoie auoiuon^ ;»« ea. i t. »«»• »^- .ji^^, jj^^rtad Aaatamy of soiao of UlO »0St import. 

BaDHAM, ChaJLES, M.p. Lecturer on „t p^ of the Hnmaa Body. 8vo. 1798, 4th edit 

the Practice of Physic, and late Physician isor^Appondix to Uie Fust EdiUon of tba Morbid 

to the Westminster General Dispensary, Aoatomy. svo. i798.~A series of Engraviogs to 

A Treatise oa the InSaoMnatury Diseases of the illustrate the Morbid Atiatomy of the Homaa Body* 

Slao>«s Menbraae of the Bronchiis, 12nio. 1808. 10 fasc. 4to. 1799-lSOS. Sad edit. ISlt^AnatosKlcil 

Badoeb, Cdahlotte, (late Wain. ?«f"Pf "^ ^^^.^'^^ ^"^** y*^,:,*^!!* ."21: 

. ' "^ \ B. u likewise the author of several Papers tn tho 

WaiGBT.) Transactiom^ Med. and Ckirurg, 

Friendly AdoMoitioas to Parenta* and the Faaude jcnomledge* 

*« in generJ 8f . W», _ -« - . ^ ' BaILT* FaANClS, of thc StOck E». 

Baggs, Jeppry, LL.D. F.R- & A.8. th^no^ 

SS'iJSrv^^JvTla.^ KotasCriUeal «ul ^^^^S^^^ ^ PurehaalogaadHeaewing of Lease,, 

pT^^'i - »«»• ^ edit -The Rights of the SteckUfcerT^ 

. F^ 1 1. , .^ •^.. . fended agaiost tlie Attacks of thc City of London. 

A Soiptard View of the MUleata^ aro. 1708. gro. 1806 -The Doctrioe of Interest and Annnitiea 

BaCSAI, Rev. CjIBBON, A.M. Vicar of explained,4to.l808.—Tlie Doctrine of Life Annnitiea 

Home Lacy, Herefordshire ; formerly and Assorancca, c v. svo. 1810.— Account of the 

Master of the Free School, Hereford. In •^^nl Life Assurance companies, in London, 1810.— 

1767 he obtained a Prebend in the Car ^ ^JT ^i'Y^ **/ *""°'^' »8"— Appendix to Ae 

thednUofHen^fonl and in 17B3 a dis- ^^p?^:^VSn1v"rrr^^^^^^ 
arllwitfllo^Sly^^ '"'-''^ ^' BAiN J. a Methodist Preacher, Potter 

A Few Translation of Telemachus, hi English ^^^^h tiarJOW, i:.SSex. 

Veiae, No. I. ifiao. 1756. Completed »nd reprinted ^ ^amltive of the Death of Colonel Velley of 

in t T. Sfo mi'-A Sermon preached in thc Ca- ^""^^ *»'« "^ "*'»«*> "^ Reading In leaping outoT 

tfMdftf of Hereford, at the Anniversary Meeting of •»«" ^^ '»»« »»* Coaches, 12nio. I8O6. 

the three Choirs of Worcester, Oloucester and Here. BaKER, Rcv. GEOncCyM.A. of Ireland. 

Ibrd, Svo. 17<te.<— Education, an Essay in Vene, 4to- The History of Rome, by Titus Livios, translsted 

n69. from the original wiUi >iocesandlllustraUous»6T« 

Bagot Daniel. Bvo. 1797. 

Treatise 00 the Remedy by Civil Bill before the BaKER, GeOROE^ M. A. Of C. C* 

Jadges of Aswae.Svo. 179*.- The Bankrupt Laws of Collese Oxford. 

Wand. 8vo. 1795.-P«cedents of Decieek in tho x^nby, Navy of Ko'glsnd, and other Poetry . ttOr** 

Court of Chancery in Ireland, 8*0. 18M. Select Idyls, translated into EoRlish Verw, fron Hm 

Bailey, John. This gentleman, in German of Orssner, post 8vo. 1809. 
association with the late Mr. Culley, Baker, James. 

wrote the first of the following works : a Picturesque Guide tUroueh Wales and thn 

0«Benil View oi the Agriculture of Horthnoiber. WHrches, vol. 1. 1798.— The Imperial Ouldo oaA 

Inod, Bvn. IBM.— General View of the Agricultuie of AUa* of Engli'^h Towns, 3 v. 8vo. (ao date.) 
Bniliam, Svo. ISII. BaKEB, Rev. J. W. 

Bailey, T. a Grammar of Moral Philoaophy and Natoni Ae* 

^yWwtical List of Baakinpli^ DHIAndt, and «loKJ* »9io ^^U. 

o«ii««w for 1801^ 18(0. Babvb, Ricbabo, D. D. Rector of 

Baillie^ Oiobob* Cawston, Norfolk. He waa educated at 


Pembrokfr-Hal], Cambridge; B.A. 176«; twoor^^tut^iu^h.j^unoi^Av^9i>n. 

J iv ,1- V-.^«««-» o i;ln««» ftf thof 1789— Letter to the Author ot the Remnrks by Joha 

and afterwards became a bellow of that ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ Bmd^rd, with « Reply by tii« 
Society, by which lie was presented, m f„^„^ e^,,. iTpo.-Remarks on the Oathj. Dcci»ra- 

1763, to the living of Cawston. uom, Rud conduct of lohnson AtkiMou Bttsfield, 

How Ute Knowledge of Salvation it attainable, a £sq. 8vo. 171)1.— A f;oncnitulator7 Address to th« 

Sermon prenched at the Archdeacon's N'uitation at Rev. John Crosse, on Uie prosperi of his recovery 

ikyL'-haiD. to April. W9. '•to. 178^ — The Harmony, from a Dangeroun Di^easr, Bvo. 1791. 
or Agreement of U>e lour Evange'iits. In4 Pwrtt. BaLFOUR, FraHCIS, M. U. Edinburgh. 

8vo.. 17M-7.-TIW Psalms Evaiijeiiied.Bvo. 1811. formerly Firsl Member of the Medical 

Baker, S. ^ . . , ,. „ Board in Bengal. He entered into the 

r^-^rirx^uterr/ *" ""■"" service of the t;,.mpHny about 1769 

B.K5w.LL._.aweaverofCheadle, ^-^ otH^irrccrr^-riny.tT. 

Stalfordshire. • gvo. (Calcutta,) 1784. (Lond.) 1786. £J edit. undM 

The Domf:&lic Guide in Cases of Insanity. 12roo. jhe title of, A Collection of JVeatises on the £ffecU 

IBW-TheMoorJand Bai-d, or Poetical RecollectioMS ©f Sol-luuar Influence ia Fevers, Svo. 1818.— The 

of a Weaver of the Moorland* of Stalfordshire, 8 v. porm* of Ueikeru, translated into English, with am 

iSroo. 1807. Indtx of Aiatiic Words. 4to. (Cidc.) 1789.— A 

BaKCWELL, Robert, formerly a wool- TrtatlM- on Puifid intestinal EenilUng Fevers, 8vo. 

Stapler at Wakefield, Yorkshire, now re- 1790. ea c<\a. 170^. 
sideut in London. He has adopted the Ball, J. 

profession ot Mineralogical Surveyor, and Animadversions on an Admonitory Epistle to the 

Occasionally lectures at the Surrev Insti- J^'- »"*'«"<* "'"' «^°i,^V«rpr «t T^w Tn 

tution, on the subject of Mineralogy and ^^^V Thomas, Barrister at Law In 

luiiuu, uii nicou J f^ association with trancis Beatty he has 

Geology. 1 r h H 

Ob»er%ations on the Inauence of Soil and Climate puDllsnea: . .. _ ^ * oi,.^,..- Tp- 

upon Wool.8vo.Xa08.-An Introduction to Geology, R^P^rts of Cases in the Court of Chancery, Ir^ 

ft iRri *''°^' J""ng the time of Lord Chancellor Manucn, 

avo.lBW. V. 1. vt. 1. and II. roy.avo. 1812-3. 

Balbernie, Arthur, jun. Rwr^xTiKir Wititam Esa 

ObservaUoua for the Benefit of the Empire, with BVLLAATINE, VVILLIAM, ^^' 

Annoutions on Sieam-engines. Svo. 1810. A Treatise on the Statute of Limitauons, Svo. 18«k 

Bald, Robert, Civil Engineer, Hon. ^^ ^^''I'^J'^' \ 

-»» V A* ♦u-. r«l^i c^« T <.n,l^n The Slock-Broker's \» 

Memb. Oi the Gcol.boc. Lrfindon. p.tttm Mi«.« 

General View of the Coal-Trade of ScoUand, ^^^J^^^' „ wu»«^..i T.i.. «« .» ««w 

1808.-GenenU View of tlie Afiricolture of M.d-Lo^ Th* Statue^om. an Hlstoncal Tale. « v. ana. aww 

tliian, Svo. 1818— Mr. B. is one of the Contributore ^^90. r^^^,,,^ 

to th^ Edinb. tncyciop. BANCROFT, Aaron, Pastor of a Congre- 

Balderstoke, Rev. R, R. Curate of gat.onal Church at Worcester, America. 

-„ , ... i; Life of George Wiishincton, Svo. 1808. 

Wencle, ^beshire. Arehbishoo Bancroft, Edward Nathaniel, M.D. 

SiT^^n st! 1810 ' ' F.R.S. Fell, of the Hoy. Coll. of Phy- 

Baldwin, George, Esq. formerly his sic»-^ns, and Physician to the Army. He 

Majesty's Consul-general in Egypt, and resided many years ago in Amenca. 

t. u ,1 .« tk- r/..«»,Qnrl*.r .« PKir.*' Edsay on the ^'atanll History of GuiaoH. in Sooth 
attached to the Cominander in Chict ^J^.^^.^,^^,^ neg-The History of Charles went- 

during the Expedition m that Country. ^^^^j, g^^, ^^^ , ^ i2»no. 1770.— Experin-enul 

JPolitical RecolJecUons relative to Egypt, with a Researches concerning the Philosophy of Permanent 

Uarrative of the Campaign in the Spring of 1801, Colors, and the best Means of prodncing them by 

8vo. 1801. Dyeing, Calico-pnuting, &c. v. i. 8vo, 1794- * ▼• 

Baldwin, Thomas, Esq. A. M. evo. 1813.--ALetterto the Commissioners of Mili- 

Airopsdia, or liarrative of a Balloon Excursion tary Inquiry, cootiiining Animadversions on the Fiftii 

from Chester in 1785, Svo. 1786. Report, Svo. 1808— Refutation of vtrious Misrepre* 

Baldwin, Walter J. Esq. seniations published by Dr. M'Gregor and Dr. Jack- 

Lcttox to Lord Ellenborough, containing Observe- son m their Letters tothe Commissioneis of Military 

tton^ on Uie Trial of Messrs. Wright and Mrs. Clarke. Inquiry, Svo. 1808 —Essay on the Yellow Fever, 

for a Conspiracy, Svo. 1810. — Imprisonment for Debt 8vo. 1811. 

Injarioua alike to Debtor and Craiitor. Svo. 1813. BANCROFT, Rev. TuOMAS, Vicar of Bol* 

Baldwyn, Rev. Edward, educated at ton-le-Moors, Lancashire, educated at 
Jesus College, Oxford, and some time tli« King's School, Chester, and present- 
Fellow of that society : formerly resident ed to his living in 1793. 

in Yorkshire, where he was engaged in Prolu.Mones Poetic*; or a selection of PoeUcal Ex. 

a literary squabble with certain Clergy- "^i"'^ '" ^^^*'^' ^^i"' *^** S**"**"' ®^**' ^^ a 

menof aMethudisticalcast; and after- ^ ^^^"^7?!-^' ^^f,' ^nV''^r\f:.t 

waitls at Ludlow, Shropshire. ^f'T l^ ^T ^""f % ^jSf^'**' ^^Z^ 

A Critique on the Poeticai Eswiys of the Re^, of the Preachers at the Chapel RoyaJ, 

iruUMi Atkinson, 8TO. i78r.~Farth«r B«Bwk« on WhitebalL In 1813 be waselectecl Keeper 

The Stock-Broker's Vade^ecum, Svo. 1799* 


of the Bodleian library, as successor to sides various pieces in the FoeiUal Re^ 
the Rev. J. Price. gisier^ this lady has written, 

I>afd«ie*J Moaasticon AngUcanam, (to b« comr Po«ms, 8to. 1800. — Tales of SapenitiUon and Chi* 

pieted in 4 V ) Put 1. and 11. fol. 1613. Ouly valry. am. 8vo. 1802. 

SOOcopiM are printed. BanNISTER, RcV. JaMFS. 

BaMFILL, Samuel, E'^q. Select Tragedies of Euripidea, translated from the 

▲ Letter to Davies Giddy, Esq. M.P. in Answer Greek, 8vo. 1780.— A View of the Arts and S< iences 

to bis Statement of the Bullion Question, 8vo. 1811. from the earliest i'tmes to ihe age of Alexander th« 

Bam K£S, Rev. W. H. ^ Great, 8vo. 1785.-~A Translation of the Pythian, Ne. 

A Hebrew Enjiish Lexicon, 8vn. 1812. mean and I.stiiniian Odes of Pindar, 8vo. I7j)9.— . 

Banks, Johk, Lecturer on Natural DirecUons for the stud^ of Divinity, ,. ^sog. 
Fhilo!»ophy. ' Bannimek, Joun, gent, of Hortoa 

A Treatise on Milts. 8vo. 17<>5.— A Treatbe op the Kirby, Kent. 

Pbver of Machines, 8vo. 1812. A Synopsis of Husbandry, 8vo. 1799. 

Bakks, Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph, Bart. Barbauld, Anna Lstitia, sister to 

K.B. President of the Royal Society, a Dr. Aikin. Abwutl774or 5 she married 

Trustiee ot the Brir. Mus., F.A.S. tiie Rev. Rochemout Barbauld, a Dis- 

F.R^. Edin. M.R.I. A. and Member of sentiiig Clergyman, who ft)rmerly kept 

the National Institute of France, and a sc houi at Palgrave, Suffolk, and died a 

ofmostof the learned Societies in Europe few years since, at Stoke Newington, 

and America. This gentleman was edu- where Mrs. B.- still »esides. This lady 

cated at Eton and Oxford. On leaving has employed her excelleut genius to tlie 

the University in 1763 he visited the noblest ends, in exciting infancy to vir* 

coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador, tue, and maturer age to a love of free* 

for the purpose of making researches in dom. Of her publications the first two 

Natural History. In 1768 he accom- appeared under the name of ^i/:in. 

panied Captain Cook in his first voyage Poems, 4to. 1773.— Miscellaneous Pieces, in Prose, 

round the world, and contributed the (»" association with Dr. Aikin.) 8»o. 1773.— Devo- 
l«««.ical observations to the account of t^,:'tZ^':^s.-ill'e^,::^,^ 

the expedition, afterwards published, two to three ye-r* old. 4to, 177a— llymns in Prow, 

In 177*i he visited Iceland^ in order to for children, Svo. I78I Au Address to the Op. 

*^!^plore its natural productions. Sir posers of the Repeal of the Corporation and Test 

Joseph was elected President of the Royal Acts, hto. 1790— EpisUe to wmiam wuberforce, 
Society, on the resignation of Sir John f **»**" 'l!* ^l^J'^^^^V''" ^1" ^'' I^^^^^^ 

Cr. •' . .»^„ 1^ . , «• 1 SlaveTradc. 4u». 1791. — Remarks on Gilbert Wake- 

Pnngle, in 1778, and notwithstanding the field's Euquiry into the Expediency aud Propriety 

violent oppOblllOn raised against him a of Public or social Worship, Svo. 179^ Sinsofth* 

few years afterwards by some of the Goveminent, Sins of the Nation, or a Discourse for 

members, has ever since continued at *® ''»*^' ^y * volunteer, svo. 179' — Akeosid«'« 
its head. His Library and collections in ^^"^T" ^U'^'^f^'^'^^^'f J! ^''''fjT^* 

■k.T ^ • Tj- -i. . L , sm. Svo. 1795. — rbe PocUcaI Works of WiUiaoi 

Natuntl History cannot, perhaps, be coliios, wiUi a Prefatory Essay, sm.Bvo. 1797— 

equalled ; and the Sunday Evening Selections from tie Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, and 

Conversazioni, held at his house, are the FrechoUler, 3 ▼. lemo. ISO*.— The Correspond- 

resort of professors ahd friends of the enceof.Samuel Richardson, selected from the Origi- 

ivipnrp«? Therp are varioim Paners hv nal MSS. with his Life, and h Critique on his Works, 

«:iences. mere are ^a^lous rapers oy g ^ ^ 3^^ i80*.-Ti»e British Novelists, with 

Sir Joseph m periodical puhllcatlOns,and ,„ e«s«j and Biographical and Critical Preface!, 

in the volumes of dinerent Societies. 1'he 50 v. roy. ismo. 1810.— The Female speaker, » 

only distinct work that he seems to have Collection of Prose and Verse. 12mo. 18H — Eighteea 
given to the world, is a pamphlet en- H«»Jre'd and Eleven, a Poem, 4to. ISlC— Mrs. B. 
^ji-j * *^ coutriliutcd <bout a dozen papers to £vafing$ a§ 

A CI 1 4 * r .1. r» r ni* 1.. ..V Ml JHr/ine, published by her broihor, aud severaJ to the 

A SlH>rt Acrount of the Cause of Blight, Uxe Mil- j^^^^,J Magazine. 

dew and Rust m Corn, 8^'0. 1805. n \xr 

JTie DonnLil «d Extinct B^oMg. of En^d, J^"" *"' J'-^' *, '1!'"'°,^, a n.w J"*", 
^ .!_ ^ «<M^ • A^ .~« «. •• » houses CotUges, &c. 4lo. 1805. — A DescripUon of 

to the rear 1806, 3 V. 4to. 1807-9. ^u xa t eunAi :.. t>- z ^» ^arjt 

-. ^ r n 1 • the Mode of .building in Pise, 4to. 1800. 

Baknajitiks, jAMkS, formerly resi- n t nir t^ r^ *^ 

dent at Hondurij. , Barclay, John, M.D. Lecturer on 

iZiir. of Jonei Despard. Svo. 1799.-Opinioos Anatomy, FeUow of the Roy. Coll. of 

•fhb Majesty's Ministers respecting the French Re Physicians and Ot the lloy. feOC. of 

velutioo, and the War from 1790'to 1801; selected Edinburgh. 

ft«m the Speeches in Parliament, Svo. 1800. — ^Mew A New Anatomical Nomenclature, 8«o. 1803.— 

Jee Miller, S v. i«mo. 1801, 3 t. 1808.— Mr. B. 'I1ie Muscnlar Motions of the Human Body, 8v<s 

■ate author of several |Mq> the Monthly Ma- 1808«>*-nescription of the Arteries of the Hnmaa 

Body, ISmo. 181£. 

9^i^UAV, Avv9f Edinburgh. B«* .. £Ui^i>9{«£T> Sahv^l Amj^mt, M.D. 






YbyiicMfi t* tbe ll^ncheflter Infirmtry, 
Dispensary, Luoaric Hnspital and Asy- 
Imii, ftn<i Vice-President of the Literary 
and Philosophical Society of Manches- 

Crrticul Reattrks on the Tni{;cdy of Pisarro, with 
O^sefrafious an thf Subject of tut l>rtunii, 8vo. 
IWO'.—'Mt'rii^al Report*, of C»5«» and Kxperinu'nts, 
With Cftn€r^(iti6ni Chiefly derived from Hoapiul 
Pf*tke, 8vo. l$(Jr.— Dir. B. i% likrwi^e ih« imthor 
of srversl papers in the Mem. of iht Lit. and 
PkU, 9m:. of Ninnehtattr. 

Barham, Jose^o Foster, Esq. JfiT.P. 
for Stockbridgc. His father's paternal 
IMime was Foster, and from bim he in- 
hertCed considerable plantations in the 
WeU Indies: he came iuto parliament 
A»r the Arst time in 1796, and has since 
\eeti always re-elected for tlie Borongh 
which he now represents. In ITM, he 
married Lady Caroline Tufton, sister to 
tb« Earl of Thanet. 

Gdittidonitl>M ea the Act for cootinuine the Pro. 
bibitttn e#Ue Um of Corn iu the Distil terics, 8vo. 

Barjvo, Alexandfr, Esq. M.P. for 
I'auntony a Director of ihe Bank of Cn^:* 
land and a Merchant of London, second 
•An of the late Sir Francis B. and brother 
itf Sir I'horaas B. He was first returned 
in 1800, and again in 1807 and 1812. 

Inquiry into the Causes and Couaequences of the 
OfdeM in Council, 8vo. 1808. 

BAniNC, CuARLiiS, Esq. 

^Mce to our Power upon Tef laa not anreasonbble, 
•to. 1708. 

Babkeri Charles T. B.D« F.A.S. 
BolMlean and Canon Residentiary of 
V9t\\% Cathedral. 

A Snmon preached at the Anntvprsary Meeting 
of tii« Sons of the Clergy, 4to. 1806.— A Sermon 
prcmhed at Lambedi, Feb. l, 1807, hI the Consecra- 
ttonof tht Rt. Rev. Dr. \1qs^, Rp. of Oxford, 4to. 

Barker, Edmuno Khnry, Esq. Tri- 
nity College, Cambridge. Mr. B. is a 
/raquent contributor to the Cius$ical Jour- 
nal, and has published : 

CieCro de Seaeclute et Amicittft, from the Text of 
Xnie«>ti, ISmo. 1811, Snd ed. 1813. — Classical and 
BiWieaW Recreations, toI. 1, 8iro. 1812.—- Thp Cier- 
■any MH Aericola of Taeittis, with English Notes, 
tSao. 18M. 

Barker, Jojn, of Birmingham. 

A Treatise on Cheltenhani Water, 8vo. 1786. — 
Spidemict or general Observations on the Air and 
Diseases, from 1740 Co 1795» S^o. 1796. 

Barker, Rorekt. 

practical Obaerv-aiions on the Oonorrhdn virulen- 
M, anA a New Modo of treating that Disease, 8ro. 

Barker, Rev. W. H. Master of the 
Oraromar School, Carmarthen. 

.OrMmnar of the Hebrew Laniniage, 8vo. ITT*.'^ 
Hebrew and English Lexicon, 8vo. 1818. 

BAftLOWi fBTXBy Teacher of Mathe* 

matics at the Royal Militmr Academy, 
Woolwich. He is the autnor of sooM 
papers in NichoUonU Journal and kaB 


F.lempnt«ry TorestiKation of the Theory of Tfnmf 
bers. 8vo. I8U. — MrfthemHikal and Philojophkal 
Dictionary, 6 1'hiCs,8vo. 1813. 

Barlow, Sir Hobkrt. 

The Dissents or Protests of E. Parry. Esq. W, 
Anril, Esq. ^c. kc. Uirectori of the E. Ind. CoDip. 
acAinst the Rr^olut'oos of the Covrt by which Id. 
Minto WAS recalled trom the GoTcrnttienc genefal of 
India, 1813. 

Barlow, Stephen, A.M. 

History of Ireland, (in Weekly Notthers) b%gmu m 

Barlowe, Rev. R. Master of the Free 
Grammar School of Winwick, and Minis- 
ter of Burton-Wood, 

The Proneness of a Philosophising Spirit to EMWaea 
Error, a Sermon pre^cUr*! at tlie yearly meeting of 
the Sunday Schools, Maocbcstcr, 8vo. 1806. 

Barnard, Mrs. Caroline. 

A Parent's Ofl'crius,or Tales for Children, t ▼. Itea. 

Barnard, Sawuel, jun. 

The Essence, Spirituulity and glorioos ISMM •t tW 
Relision of Christ, ISiuo. I8O6. , 

Barn 8 Y, Mrs. 

Kerwald Castle, Not. from the Vreocfa, S ▼. tSM^ 
1803.— The American Savage, 9 v. Igmo. IflOS. , 

Barnes, J. ' 

The Voung Scholar*sNew Guide to Arithmetic, Itmti 
1811. — Euripidis Tragcedie Viginti, 6 v. 38mo. IRlg. 

Barnes, John, Winchester. 

An EssHy on Fate, with other Poems, Q»nb. at tW 
age of U) ISmo. 1007. 

Barnf.s, William. 

Epicritms, ISmo. 1803. 

Barnett, Rev. Richard. 

Lntin and English Poems, Translations, Ae« 9r9i 


Barrr, William, a native of France. 

The History of the French Consalate under Bon»> 
parte, 8vo 1804. — The liise, Progress, and Decline 
of Ranupartf's Enipiro in France, 8vo. 1805. 

Bar n IT, John, D. D. V'icc Provost and 
Senior Fellow of Triu. Col. Dublin* and 
Prof, of Orientil Languages in that Univ. 

An Inquiry into the Origin of the Constellataans 
that conipo&e the Zodiac, and the Uses diey wma 
intended to prooiotr, 8vo. 1800. — Essay on (ha cariiv 
part of the Life of Swift, 8vo. 1808. 

Barrett, Rev. B. 

Prctrnsion!) to a Final Analysis of (he Natmand 
Origin of Sublimity, Style, Beauty, 0«ttiai^ and 
Taste, 8vo. 1812. 

Bai.rett, Bryan, of Gray's Inn, 

The Code NM(>olPon, Terbally translated IWMn ffea 
French. £ v. 8vo. 1811, (Iu association with O aar g a 
Spenre, Esq. of tlie Middia Temple, a ar i U ta r at 
t<aw.>~ A Succinct Aceonnt of the Civil 
comprised in the Jewish Law, tlia Ordioant 
Mena, Uie Ta Tsing Len Laa, tha Zand 
the Laws af Solon, tha Twahfa Tablaa of 
Sk. 8to. I81g. 

BAtwrtf Eatov STAynAWy Scadeat 

1814. BAM LIVIKO AVrUOU$0 9A% %i 

of the Middle Temple; a native of Ire- ^' £ngUnd tepantea from the ciwndi^f Bime i»i 

I^Q^ considered, 1809.~OrDaod8 of UjiioD between tl^ 

All the lUeitfs, • poea, ero. WOT—The Comet, Clmrchespf England end Home cooMdemd: aCbei;^ 
r, «ro. laOB^-Woman, e poem, fc. <*e'**™«» » ISlO.-^moii.. Cb#xf «, end T«q^, 

avow laiO^nie Heroine, or Adventures of Cbeni- ?**' Wll^VigiUnce e Couult^rbHUince tu pap^ 

iNiie, nw.. S V. lEoio. Sd edit. 1814. Tim work bus Concewions, and a Preveutive to fauue Fff^i^fMlj, 

pronounced not inferior in wit and humour 10 »^««>«««»»'l«d* "» l«^«> Chai^e^ ftro. WW. 

SiMiidy, end in point of plot aud iutercet BaAAOW, lieiT. J. Vicar of NewtOO. 


litfmtely beyond Don Quixote. Tbe Poor Guild's Lidrary, l£uo. 1«1g TigiwettaiM 

BARaETT, Fbancis, Styled Professor of •«» *« *^*^ Teaumeut, umo. isu.r-'^eiMoiv tfw 
Chemiatrv, Natural and Occult Philoso- *''**^**' •***'*^*^ "** abiidged, iteo. wm. 
pby, the Cabala, &c. ! ! ! Barrow, James. 

tkm Maffiis» or Celestial Intelligencer, being a com. "^ ^'^'^ on the Peace between Great ^rit^n an4 
aleto System of Occult Phdoaopliy, 4to. 1801. Fraiit*, 4to. 1802. 

BAAKETTy Hekry. Barbow, JOHN, F. R. S. Ujider-Segr&» 

Zbe Aipe, a norai and descriptive poem from the ^^ry of the Admiralty, formerly phvatf 

ftnman of Haiier, 8vo. 1796. Secretary to the Earl of Macar^Hjey, whom 

BAaRETT, Joseph. he accompanied in his exohajssy tp China. 

J I dler tions and Anticipations, on the Opening of A Descripdon of Pocket and Mngwi^e Ip/nm M 

Che present Year, a Sermon delivered at tlie Anuual Matbematicai drawing Instruments, ^vo. i7{MU«*r«9t 

X.eetiire, Carter Lane, iao6.— The Duty of Britons veis Into the Interior of Soutiiern Africa in JJS7 und 

y pro mote tbe Progress of CbmUaniiy in India, a 1798, s v. 4to. 1801— 1804,— Travels in China, ftp, 

•crnon, 1813. 1801.— A Voyage to Cochin-China in 17QS.«od ITQJL 

BA&aiK'GToy, Sir Jonau, Knt. LL. D. 4to. i8u6. 
Jud«e of the Court of Admiralty in Ire- Barrow, Rev. William, L I-. D. 

land, and formerly a Member of the F. A. S. of Queen's College, Oxford, late 

Irish Parliament. Master of tlie Academy, 8oho-S(iua««. 

Hiitasic Anecdotes and Secret Memoirs of tbe Eight Sermons, containing Answers to some popsilir 

Z^giflJative Union between Great Britain and Ire- ObjeuUons Mg.'.iiist the liecesnity or tbe i^edil^lity 

Jnnd, Pert I*— IV. inip. 4lo. 180^—1812. of the Chrutian K«veiation, 8vo. 17g{).«-An ^^ew 

BaRBJNCTON, Hon. and Ht. Rev. on Education, S V. l«mo. 180S.— The , £«pediKMy 

fcuTEy' Lord Bishop of Durham, Count ©^ traiwlatiug our Scriptures into seveml of li)« 

PalatiBe and Gustos Rotulormn of the ^f''^^'^ h"'''"'***^. ** ^"°'*° ^?!" "^^^ u«iivmitj 

Principally «fD«ri«m. Visitor of Baliol t^^% ^^^^\ ^^^^ ^-» .^^„t 

College, Oxford, and a Trustee of the wen, Notu. laii. »-i- ** mm*. 

3riti&Museum. This venerable prelate, Barrs, Kev George M. A of St 

the yorun«st son of Viscount Barrington, jviary Majrdalen CoUege, CambriAgc, 

Ihe foend of the immoptal Locke, was and Curate ot Rowley Regis, Sui^ 

bom about 1732. Me was educated at shire. 

£lOO and Merton College, Oxford, where a sketch <Jf the Controversy relative tp the {». 
iie Cook the degree of A.M. 1756; building of the Parish Church of Rowley Rcgi^ 

IX. D. 1762. in 1769 he was conse- 8vo. isis. 

crated Bishop of Landafi'; in 1782, trans- Barry, Rev. Edward, M. and D. D» 

lated to the see of Salisbury, and in Rector of St. Mary's and St. Xieoiiard';^ 

1701 to that of Durham. In 1761 he Wallingfurd, Berks—a native of Bristol 

married Lady Diana Beauclerk, daughter bred to the study of physic; but alter 

of Charles, second Duke of St. Albans, practiMog for a short time in that tioe^ 

who died in 1766, without issue; and in he took holy orders. He was some tim^ 

1770 he was united to a sister of Sir assistant preacher at Fitzroy and £etb^ 

Wm. Guise, Bart, of Mongewell House, chapels, and afterwaids Chaplain to Dr, 

Oafordshire, who died in 1607, likewise Jackson, late Bishop of Odare. 

'^rfChoot issue, a Letter to Mr. Cumberland , occasioned by faw JjeiSm 

Hiacellaaea Sacra, (by bia father, Lord Barrington,) a to the Bp. of Landaff, Svo. 1783.-^ Sermon pseaehea 

0nmr wdiHnn,irtM>Jaty addiiions and correcuons, S v. Aug. 14. 1780, before the BritLih Assurance Society^ 

ll^90,ttfftL ■ A deimon preached before the Lords Spiri* 4to.-~A Sermon preached to tlie Convicts under Sen* 

«Ml and Temporal, Jan. JW, 1772, 4lo.i77«.— A Sermon teuce of Heath in Newgate, Ap. «0. 1T88. 4to.— T» elve 

praacbed before Uie Society for the Propagation of the Sermons on particular Oocasion<i,8vo. IT85;.— A Lettef 

Ooepd in foreign parts, 8vo. 1775.'-A Charge deliver* on the Practice of Boxing, addiea^^ed to tbe King, 

•d to tbeCleigy of the Dtocnc of Sarnm, at his primary Lords, and Commons, 8vo.l7 8 ». ■■<:oaUaonaaMd Com- 

itino,8vo. 1783.— Letter to the Clergj of the Pio- .promises, an Appeal to the Electors ot Gt. Rritmn, 

«r aarnm, with Directions relating to Orders, 8vo. 1790.— The present Practice of a Justice of 4te 

na, nnd Licenses, 8vo. 1789.— A Oliarge Peace, aud a complete Library of Papiah Law, 4 v. 

.to «he Cleimr of the Diocese of Durham, 8vo. 1791— l^ieoiogical* Philosopliic^l, undMomiflir 

Us piimary visitation, 4to. 1792.— A Charge deil- *^y»* 8vo. 1791- 2d ediL—A dispassionate Addcesp |^ 

1 in J907, avo. 2?97-'— A Charge dekverad in the Subjects of Crest Britalu,8vo.l793.--FanuUarX.^ 

4|pb liOd^-nilM Otooads on whkA tbn Charub teu on a variety of Subjecfat, l£ino. ITpS^-nA X^Uta p9^ 






tbe Necessity oftkdoptiafrKomeMcMsurca to reduce th« Col. George Johnston, Muior of the N«w Sootk 

pi«sent Number of l)oc«.3^•o. Hi)*.— A tVi V*\ >«t. Wales Corps, on a charge of Mutinj, 8vo. 1811. 

*oa preaclied Feb. «3. 17?^, "t ffonlcy on Tljames. BaRTRAM, WilLIAM, SOn of tbc late 

4to.— The Friendly Call of Truth and Reav)n to a J^^^ |y^„ Bartram, who appeared mailT 

•ewspecirsof D;..seMer,.8voi7oj>. 4th edit. 1812.- ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^ character of a botaoica! 

A fBW Obsrrrauons on the Lxuf<iience of Pailia- "f ,, & ^i. * ^' ^ j 

Mentary luterpnitation d«iy to explain theToiert- traveller on the American continent, and 

tioD Act. 8vo. 1799.— Work*. « v. 8vo. 1806.— A wau boianist to Geo- II. At the request 

Sermon preached at the Vistution of the Arch- of the late Df. Fothergll), Mr. W. B. WC 

deacon of Berks, at Abin«don,4io. I8O9.— A Strmoo QUt in 1773, tO explore the Flortdas, thc 

preathed before the soceiy of and Accepted Western Parts of Carolina and Georgia, 

Uasons, I8O9.— Hie E^culauiHo Monitor, or Guide r ..l. rt if 'j • ** 

to the History of the Hnumn Si^cirs. and the most '«r ^hc hkc purpose. He resides in Ame. 

importaot Brdnihej of Meilical Philosophy, 8vo. 

Barry, John Melven, M. D. Cork. 

An Account of Uie Nature and Etfects of Cow-pox, 
Cork, 8vo. 1800. 

Barry, TnoBfAS. 

)(arrative of his Adventorei and Capltvity among 
Iho Indiana of North Amcnca, 8vo. 1800. ' 

Bartell, EnMCND, jun. 

Observations upon thc Town of Cromer, con<>i<irr- 
•d as a Watrrin^-pUcc, 8vo. 1800.— IIiut:> for !*.( lu- 
reaque Improvements in ornumcatcd Cottage^, roy. 
Bro. 180*. 

Bartholomew, John. 

The FkU of the French Mooardiy, lliat. Trag. 8vo. 


Bartley, Nehemiah, E'iq. Secretary 

to the Bath Agricultural Society. 

Obiervat'wns nn tlie Conversion of Pasture Lands 
into TiUagr,8vo. 1802. — Several l*apt*rstnthe Trans. 

rica, where he published : 

Travels thruuch Noidi and Soutli Carolina, Geor> 
gia, £. and W. Florida, Uie Cherokee Country* the 
eatenaive lerritones of the Creek Confederacy, mnd 
tlte country of the Chactaws, Philad. 8ro. 179t« 
Lond. reprint. 179^. 

Barwick, Hlnry, Officer of Excise 
Stanstead, near Hertford. 

An Essay on Nnturr, a Poem, Itmo. 1807- 

Barwis, licv. John, A. M. Rector of 
Niton, Ihle of Wii^ht, and Chaplain t# 
the Hii;h Sheriff of .Surrey in 1804-5. 

Pro Aris et Focis, or thc Duties of Voluuteere, a 
Sermon, Itn. 1U04. — Assixe Sermon preached at 
hiii'4-^ton, 4to. iu>l. — As^ixe Sermon preached at 

Guildl'oid, itO. liik'n't. 

Basely, Thomas, A.M. Proprietor of 
Grosven(»r Chapel, Grosvenor Square. 

Sermons, 8vu. IBOl.— Funeral Orktion in Memory of 
the late Duke of Gloucester, 4to. 1805. — ^The Gloiy 
of the H«:!vcns. iCmo. 180(3. 8d edit. 1810.--T1W 

Bassk, J. H. 
Catfchi-in of Health, from the German of Dr. Tvut, 
12tno. 1794. 


•fthe Bath Svcut]/, 

Bartley, O. W. Surgeon, of Nails- t'"'*""'®^ the Komau CaUioUca conaututiimaUy co^ 

worth, Gloucestershire. ^ "^'^^*^' «^"- ^**- 

Attempt to vindicate tlio PiacUcc of Vaccination, 

Barton, Benjamin Smith, Professor ^,^^^^ Josfph Davifs Eso a Jus- 

of Natural History and Botany in the ,:,f ^/r^\i?"?^/irJI«;K;^ 

,, • •.. r 111 1 1 1 L- ii*^ * 1- J "ce ot the I'eace for Devonshire. 

University of Phi adelphm. He studied ^ better m J. B. Chadwick, F.sq. on U>e ReaU- 

medicine at Edinburo;!), and is a raeni- tions sul.milted by him to the Magistrates of Uis 

ber of the Roy. Med. Society of that County to resist any Applicatiou to Parliament for 

city. Of his works the only one that has »» *'fi"a^ County ran-, bvo. ibis. 

been re-printed in this country is: Batciielob, John, Vicar of Chitterne, 

Slements of Botany, revised and corrected by the v> llts. ■ 

Xnglisb Editor, roy. 8vo. 1804. A hermon drdic»tt d to the Memory of the Rt. Iloe. 

Barton, Charles, Esq of thc Middle ». Perceval, svo. i8i«. 

Temple, Barrister at Law. Batchelor, I. 

Voy's Grounds, Maxiin-s, and Analysis of the Eng- 
lish Laws, 6th edit. 12roo. 171) I. 7ih rdit. 180().— 
An Historical Tre^ttise of a Suit in Ec^uitv, &vo. 
1796. — Original Precedents in Conveyancing sclfctrd 
from the MS. Collection of tiie late Jos. Powell, 
Esq. 6 V. 8vo. 1802. 2d edit 
Bvo. 1810.--£Uments of Conveyancing, 6 v. roy 
Qvo. I8OS.5. — A Series of Original Precedents in 
Conveyancioe, 5 v. rov. 8vo. 1807-1810.— Select 
Collection of printed Blank Drafts in Conveyancing, 

Barton, Jamfs. 

Ilonoiina, or the Infatuated Child, nov. 8 t. ISmo. 


Bartram, Mr. Short-hand Writer, of 
-Clement's Inn. 


An Orthoepical Analysis of the English Langm{«* 
8vo. I8O9. 

Batcuklor, Thomas, a farmer and te- 
nant under the Duke of Bedford. Ht 
was instructed in the nidiments of learo- 

^ **'•_*_' ^k ^* '^°^* ^^y *^ * school at Ampthill, but is in- 
debted to his own unaided exertions for 
his progress in the art of literary compO" 
sition. He has written: 

Village Scenes, Jind other Poems, fc. 8vo. 1804.— 
General View- cf the Ai^ricultiire of Bedfordshiiff 

Bate, Rev. Hlxry. Sec Dudley^ 
Baieman, Rev. Thomas, Vicar of 
W hap lode, Lincolnshire, and Ch^laia 

Report of the Trial, Nightingale versus St{>ckda!e tO the D. of Gordon. 

In an Action for a Libel, contained in the Review of A Treatise on Agistment Tithe. Itmo. 1778, with l4| 

«he Portraitnre of Methodism^ 8vo. I8O9:— Procred- Appendix, 8x0. 1779— new edit. 1808.-^'I1ie - NecM 

%igs of a Generei Court Martial for the Trial of Lieut, lity and Advauuge of Heligious Principle* in dM 


fioldicrjr, a Sermon, 4to. 1778.— Two Sermons on the drawings made under the direction of Sir Jofl. Banks 

B«surrection of the Body, 4to. 1780.— The Royal darioK Capt. Cook's first voyage ; and some few will 

£cciesiaitical Gazetteer, 12mo. 1781. — ^Tiie Erclcsi- Ue taken from dried specimen? preserved iu the htf' 

■stiral Patronage of the Church of England, 8vot barium of this bot anisL, or of Mr. Brown.. 

*^ _ ufT^T?TOT»t Baverst^k, J. Brewer at Alton 

Bateman, Thom as, M D. F. L. S. Phy- Harapsh»e. 

SlCian to the Public Dlbpensary and the Hydrometrical Observations and Experiments in the 
Fever Institution. Brewery, Svo. 1785.— observations on the Prejudices 

A Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, 8vo. against the Brewery, 8vo. 1811. 

*8J^* Bawdwen, Rev. William, Vicar of 

Bates, Thomas. Hooton Pagnell, Yorkshire. 

Address to tlie Board of Agriculture and the other jy^^ ^^. ^ Xranslaiion of the Record, called 

Agrii-nltiiral Sfocieiies, on the Impoitance of, an In- Domesday. Vol. I. and II. 4to. 1812, (to becompletr 

stitation for ascerUining the Merits of the different ^^j ^^ ^^ vols.) 
Breeds of Livestock, 8»o. 1808. BaXTER ThomaS 

Bath, Robert, Surgeon, King Street, An illustration of the Egyptian, Grecian, and Rom« 

Portman Square. Costume, evo. i8io. 

Address on the Sabj*'ct of Inoculation, 8vo. 1778. — • BaYFIELD MrS. 

On the Nature and Quhlity of Disca«a of the Uver rvm^e Poeiis, l«mo. 180A.-Glcaning8 from 2u^ 

Md Biliary Ducts, 8vo. 1777 —Od the Medical Cha- nj^rmann on SoUtude, 12mo. 1806. 
meter, 8vo. 1785. ed. 3. 1789.— Tracts and Observa- B^y^ES R B 

tions on the Treatment of Infants, 1805. tu a ' r -^i- * -« .«/- 

T» Jt \iT -. T>:-i.^.^ ^r Caa ^^^ Sorrows of Eh«a, roy. 12mo. IBll. 

Bath and Wells, Bishop of. Sep ^^^^^^^^ Catherine. 

*l5£AD03f , UlCHARD. t T rfc T>- u f Vacation Evenings, or Conversations between a Go- 

BaTHUBST, HekRY, LL. D. BlSnop Ot vemess and her Pupils, 3 v. 12mo. 1809.»Zadig and 
Norwich, Vicar of Cirencester. This Astarte, from the French of Voltau-e, ISmo. 1810. 

pidate, who is related to the nohle family Bayley, Sir John, Knt. Judge in tha 

of the same name, was educatetl at New King's Bench. lie was horn about 1765, 

College, Oxford, where he obtained the and was an eminent special pleaderunder 

degree of B.C.L.1768,>and while Fellow the bar, to which he was called about 

of Christ Church was created D.C.L. 1790 or 1791. He was soon afterwards 

L in 1776. His first preferment was the elected Recorder of Maidstone, which 

^ vicarage of Cirencester, and his next a office he resigned; and had been a ser- 

prebcndal stall at DuYham. In 1803 he jeant at law nine years, wheiv he was 

was raised to the mitre, and has dis- elevated to the Bench in 1809. 

tinguished himself by his strenuous sup- On the Law of BIMs of Exchange, Cash Bills, and • 

port of the claims ot the Roman Catho- Promissory Notes, 8vo. 1789. 2d edit. 179'7«~iUy- 

lies He has published mond's Reports of Cases argued and adjudged in th» 

A ChaxKe deJiverid to the Cl'ergy of the Diocese at ^ourto of Kiug's Bench and Common Pleas, 4th edit, 

kis primary Visitation, 4to. I8O6.— A Sermon preach- ' ^U^®^' ®^*' ^l*^* 

ed at St. Paul's at the Annual Meeting of the Cha. BaYLEY, JoHN. 

miXj School Children of London and Westminster, The Forester, a drama, Bvo. 1798. 

4Co. 1810. Bayley, Peter, jun. 

Bathurst, Hekry, L. L. B. Chancellor Poems, svo. 1803. 

of the Diocese of Norwich, and Rector Baylis, John, has translated from the 

of North Creek and Oby, Norfolk. French the following dramatic pieces, 

A Sketch of the EcclesiasUcal Establishment, in a published in 1804 in 12mo. 

Sermon preached at Tarmonth, at the Archdeacon's A House to be sold, farce. — Ludoiska, hist, play.*^ 

visitation, 4to, I8O9. The Resemblance, com.->-Valet with Tvo Masters, 

Battte Thomas. farce. 

A I>isclosiire'of Parochial Abase, Artifice, and Pecu- B A YN ES, ReV. RoBERT, LL. B. of Sidney 

^ IB the Town of Manchester, Svo. 1796^-The College, Cambridge, Curate of Loughton, 

B«iil Book, or Puiah Register of Arrears for Sssex. 

I Mai a t wumee of the Offspring of UUcit Amours, Discourses, Moral and Religious, preached on boeid 

- 1797* II. M. S. the Tremendous, Svo. 1807 .—A Sermon on 

J3a VER, FeRDXNAN D. the Fast^lay, I8O9, Svo. 

l>eIineacion of Esotic Plants culUvated in the Royal BaYNTON, ThOMAS, SurgCOn, of BristoL 

O»rdeo at Kcw,fol.l7g6.--lllustraiiooes Floras Kovte B^^acriptlve Account of a Kew Method of treatinc 

0oll«n<U"B> sive JconesGenenim qon in Prodromo Flo- ^Id Ulccra in the Legs, Svo. 1797. 

0^iff^'»'>^'^}'^^fj'^^^'^^»^^?^^^^^' Beachcroft, Rev. Robert Porter, 
2^T:K4?e"ou^^;ht^^^^^^^^ AM of Oriel College, Oxford, Rector' 

. where the drawings for tlie latter work were of Blunham, Bedfordshire. 

Bost pMt made from the living plants in their A Sermon on the Jubilee, . . 1800. 

toil. For some of the genera, not detected BeADOIT, At. Rev. RfCHARO, D. D. Bi» 

ja tiM» va7*f^ ^ '** io<i«bted to tiM coUectioa of shop of Bath aod Weill. This pfftiatb 

JJt. CaL C 

It * lu LirmAMf cAuniMx* mu ni4w 

vas edueftted at Je&us Collei^e, Cam- tain employment in a situation suitablf 

bridge, ot' which he became master, to his former services, but without suc- 

Thc present Duke of Gloucester having cess ; and has since devoted himself 

been sent to Dr. B/s college, and entrusted cliielly to literary pur&ults. lie has pub- 

to his peculiar care, his conduct is said lished : 

to have secured the royal favor, and pavt^d A roiitic«i lodez to the Historic of Gr««t BritaM 

he was nominated to tl>C see of Glouces- — NhvhI and Military Memoirs of Great Britain rroia 

ter, and in 1802 translated to Bath and u?? to tue present time, .1 v. 8vo. 1790, <d ed. 6 v. 

Wells. His only publication i^, ■''®' 1«04.— a new aud di^Unrt Wevr of the Hemora* 

A Fa»t-day Sermon ^.rt »chrd U rorc U»e Lords Spiri- *»*« Artiiu of the C7tli July 177». in which tlie Ap 

tual and Temporal m V^wtuiiastor Ahboy, A|ir. ig, pe'M^'" cast on the Fla«.()fRt-er^* .re shown to be 

170&. 4to. totully unfounded, «Bvo. 1791. — An Essay on tht 

Bealbv, Rev. Josepd. w "T?r"l^^'.r^'"'^''l °1 J*''^'^'**.",^ «o™«»^, 

A Funenl Discoarse preached on the Death of the Z\IZ ^Vl^i ./^^^^Z. ,21?'*^ 

« T^ n r x« I. a > .1. Tx- . • hoih lIou:>ea of Parliament from 17OQ to 1007* 3 v. 

B«v. Dr. Baruei, of Manchester, at the DiaaftAtci-s ^ ,„«,,. « i. • V-u .. j . 

«... -, i- 1 ^ »f o ,. torn 8vo. I8O7.— Mr. B. has alio rontnbuted srvcnti 

If eeiiue House, Cockey Moor, 8vo. 1810. . .1 ^, •<■.■> j ^ ^—1 #. 

T* 1 . pa| erv u> ttie Coimn. to the Board qf AgricuUurt, 

l^F.ALE, JOHN. « ,. of which he is au honorary member. 

Guide to the Art of the German Flnte, fol. jj^^tty, Fra>CIS, see BaLL, Th0M.vS, 

BEAMES.JouN,Esq. ofDncoln'sInn, , BrAiiv, \V. M.D Surgeon to the Vic- 

Barrister at Law **^^>' *" ^"^ Battle of 1 rafalgar, and after- 

TfaMUtionofGlanTil'le'sLawof England. 8vo, 1812. ^auls Physiciau |0 the ChauUcl hkti 

^Brief View of Uie Writ Se cxtat Rtgno.Qvo. 181S. Ulldcr Earl St. Vinccnt. 

B£A>, Rev. Jamfs, Vicar of Olney, ^^^^''[^^ ^'•"*"^* «^ ^^^ ^^"^ of i-»wi Neiso^ 

Buckingliamshirc, Curate of Carshal ton, Beavford, William, A.M. Author of 

^^l' ^I"^ Assistant Librarian at the g^^^^al papers, chiefly on Irish Antiqui- 

British Museum. ^ . ^ ^,. ^ ^ tics /m the Trans, of the Royal JrUh Ac^ 

The Country Minister s affectionate Advice to a Dew- , */ ^ 

Bmrried Couple . . 17 . . . — A Thanksgiving Sermon "'^.V* 

preached at Olney, on occasion of hU Majesty*! Re* BEArFORT, ReV. DaMFX AUGUSTUS, 

•ovrry, 8vo. 1789.— Family Worship, a Course of .LL.D. M.R.LA. RcctOr of Navan, in thf 

Horning and Evening Piayer* for every day in the CountV of Meath, and Vicar of Colloo 

Month, 8vo. 1796. . .'- 


A IVeatise upon tithes, 8vo. I}»5. Sd id. I8O9. — ,>, , -, c 1 , in.-. .^. -^ 

rt, .. _ *^ „ 1 1 ► w I.- u J n^ Memoir of a Map of lulaud, illustratkng the loa» 

Ouscivations on a Pamphlet by Ku hard Flower, en. , r.i . t-- j .. ,-w. 

.-.1 J .< Ai^i-.- «-n-.i " o— -.o/^ graiihy of that Kingdom, 4lo. 17i)«. 
titled, " Abolition of 1 kUics, 8ro. I8O9. ti 1 r t »x 

^i ♦I T 0-1 Beaufort, John, LL.D. 

UEARD, llENRT, ot the Inner lemple. Jhe Daughter of Adoption, nov. 4 v. Ifioio. 1800. 
Cursory Remaikson the Laws with Reapcct to lh« BeaUFOY, I1i:^R\, Esq. of HacknCT 

Imprisonnient'of Debtor?, 8vo. 1801. W Ic 

BeaRT^JcIIN, a DibSentiug Minister of SclippAaria, or Considerations on t!,e,* «i* 

Bury, SulrolK. u^ of Rifled Barrels, (pub, under the name ot a 

▲ Vindication of tlie Eternal Law aad ETerlvting Corjioral of Riflemen) 8vo. 1810. 

«o^i, ifimo. 1810. Beaumont, A lban is, born not far from 

Beasi.ey, W. ,^ , . „ Mont Blanc, and for some time Engineer 

ianlsTaifi '''' ''''"" ""^ t« l»s Sardinian Majesty. 

Beatson, Lieut. Colonel Aiexander. J^^'^^ JJ^!"*'; "^rJ^Lr'^" t'fii ^H^ ^ 

«,, <■ 1^ A • t . ^ . o -. «.r .^ Italy to Germany, throuch J\-roJ, (with lanic aona- 

View of the Or-ginjind Conduct of the War ^.ti e„,«vings> i^M*. fol 17«i.-i^ect Viel. SZ 

Olppoo Sultan. 4to. 1800. t t rk -c i> O Antiquities and Harbours of the South of ..-^ 

liEATSON, nODERT, Ji-sq. L1j.U. t Ai.^. ^jy, Descriptions, fol. 179*^rravels dtroncli ihi 

£din., born 1742 at Dy&art^in the County MariUme Alps, from luiy to Ljons, fu. 179ft. 

cf Fife, N.B. In 1756 he obtained an Beaumomt, ALEXAiiota. 

Cnsigncy, and in 1757 accompanied the The History ©f Spain, »ro. wi«. 

expedition to the coast of France. He Beaumont, J. T. Babbeb, Esq. F.S.A. 

afterwards served as lieutenant at the at- Major commanding the Corps of th« 

tack on Mariinico and the taking of Duke of Cumberland's Sharp-Shooter% 

Guadaloupe, and about 1766 retired on and Managing Director of the Provideol 

J)alf-pay. On the commencement of Institution, Southampton Street, Strand, 

ihf ikjnencan wu he endeavoured to gb- This gentlenan, who has lately assuniel 






the nxme of Beattinotit, produced under trkk Brydone as his preceptor, and after* 
that of Barber the first two of the follow- wards settled at liertfora, in Jamaica, 
ing publications : where he resided more than twelve years, 

A Tour tfaroufh South w»i« and Monmouthshire, and was largely concerned in the traiBc 
9ro. i8w.-o>iisid«T.tioM on the be*t Means of en- ^nd plantations of the island. He has 

lining the iuteriMl Defence of Great BritaiD, 8vo. 
1800. — ^Tbe Arcaaum of Nalurak Defence, (by Hasta- 
tus), 8vo. 1806. 

Beaumont, William. 

CiManiennann on Solitade <Tom the French of Mercier, 
^•. Vfgi* — TraTeU of Anachanis the Younqer, in 

written : 

Remarks on the Sitoa^n of tlie Negroes in Jamaica, 
8to. 1768. — ^Description of Jamaica, S v. Qvo, ITQO* - 
— ^Tlie Uisiory of France from the most early record* 
to the death of Louis XVI. The ancient part by W. 
Beckford, Esq. the modern part by an English Gen- 

Oreoc^firomtlielVenchof B9rU»eIeiBy,4v.8vo.»nd tleman some time resident in Paris 4 v. 8vo. 17i>*. 

-^- J. .. (Mr. Beckford's share of tMs hbtoty comes down to 
the end of the niga of Charles VI. and fills the first, 
second* and part of the third volume.) — Letteii froai 
Italy to a FViend in England, 2 v. 8vo. 1805. 

Beckwitu, Josiah, F. A. S. 

Blount's Fragmenta Antiquitatu, or Ancient Tenu ret 
of Laud and /ocular Customs of some ^lanor^ 8vo» 

Beck WITH, William, Esq. 

A Flan to prevent all Charitable Donations frodi 
Loss, Misapplication, ftc. roy. 8vo. 1808. 

Beeke, IIenhy, D. D. Professor of 
Modern History iu the Univ. of Oxford. 

Letter on the Means of securing a safe and honor* 

of chai-ts, 1796. 8d edit. 7 ▼• 8vo. and one 4to. 
1807* (The history of this second edition is rather 
singular. Considerable progresa had been made in 
the pvinting, at the office of Mr. S. Hamilton, vhen 
bia premises vere destroyed by fira in laos. It was 
then given to Mr. Gillett, and finbbed within a few 
•heeta, when the whole impression perished in a se* 
cond coniagratioa— a rircumsunee whidi gave rise 
to aa expensive litiKation between the printer and 
the proprietors of the Work.)-~-Tbe Arabian Nights 
Entertmaments, firom the French, 4 v. ro^,* 12mo. 

BtAZLEY, S. jun. 

Tlie Boarding-house, or Five Hours at Brighton, 
A farce, 8vo. 1811. 

. . able Peace, (pub. anon.) 8vo. 1798. — Observations on 

BtCK, TliOMAS) a Dissenting Minister, the produce of the lacome-Ux. and iu proportion to 

in London. 

The Passions taught by Truth, an allegorical poem, 
6vo. 1795. — ^The Missionary, a poem, ISmo. 1795. — 
'Poetical AmmemenCs, ISmo. 1808. 

Becket, Joseph. 

tlie whole Income of Great Britain, 8vo. 1799. ^Vi 
edit, enlarged, 1800. 

Beer, G. J. M. D, of the University 
of Vienna, a distinguished oculist, has 
published : 

ffhe Elements and Practioe of Meosnration and Land* The Art of preserving the Sight nnimpaired to ex* 
•orveying, 8to. 1804. treme old Age, of re-establishing it, and streogtheo- 

Beckett, AvdBEW. This writer, we log itwhen it is become weak, with instructions hotr 

believe, enjoys the honorary appointment *f ^'^^^ ''' accidental Caaes which do not requir* 

^^ XTl^Jj :k*»«:«„ #.« ♦k^ tjJ,««« TJ««««f **^« Assbtance of professional Men, and tlie Mode of 

Of Vice-Llbranan to the Prince Regent. Treatment proper for tlie Eyes during and immedU 

fj® ''°'"°** —Socrates, dram, poem, ^j^, ^j^^, ^^ SmalLpox : to which are added Obser- 

«vo. 1806— Luaanus Redivivus, or DialoRues coo- ^^^^^ ^„ ^^^^ Inconveniences and Dangers arising 

•enung Men. Manners and Opmwns, 8vo. 1812. f^^ ^,,g Use of common SpecUeies, &c. l2mo. 181S. 

Beckford, William, Esq. F.A.S. of Beere, Rev. Richard, Rector of Sud- 
Fonthill-Abbey, Wiltshire, M. P. forHin- brooke, Lincolnshire. 

don, Wilts.; first elected 1790, vacated An Episthj to the Chief Priests and Elders of the 

1794, again returned in 1806 and 1807. "'"rrf'?- *^!?;r'^^rY?.'ir T.k^^'p 

rr .' ?, 1 1 -I J r * 1 I n and !*• S^o. 1790. (The latter of these Pamphlets 

He 18 the only child of Alderman B. SQ ^^^^^-^ .^,^„g ,^ ^^^„t Arguments, accompanied 

dlStin^lShed tor his ability, spirit and ^itl, Astronomical DemonstraUon, to prove that tb« 

magnificence in the office of fir^t magis- Commencement of the final Restoration of the Jews 

trate of the city of London, from whom to tUe Holy Land was to take place ia the ensuing 

he inherits a vast estate in the West In- ^*^» ^^^^'^ ,- 

dies. Mr. B. has visited many foreign ^ ^^\\?.^» ^\' .^. . « . ^ . ^ ^ 

^^_ «.• J- '1^ u u*^ General History of British Quadrupeds, with Figurei 

eonntnes, and IS said to have written engraved on wJod, by Bewick, 8.^. iVoo-^UUtory 
much on ttlC subject of his travels and the of British Birds, with Wood<ngraviogs. by Bewieki 

state of European courts, but hitherto he $ v. svo. 1797— iQoi. 

has appeared before the public as an Beilby, Samuel, D.D. Rector of Folk'* 
anonymous author only^ and this but in ton, Yorkshire ; and Vicar of Croxtoa 
two instances. He married Lady Mar- Kyriel, Leicestershire. 

garet Gordon only sister of the Earl of Au Asslae Sermon, preached at York, 8vo. 1781.— A 

Aboyne, by whom he has two daughters. ?,?^*»« «»" Religious Joierz^on, pre«hed in the 

Bkig^phiral Memoirs of Extraordinary Painteis, P'urch of Bowness, Wesfanoreland, 4to. 17g)^A 
l2mo. 1780.-The History of the Caliph Vatlieck. sm. ^J""^"' P'*^»>«* '» ^ ^^""^ "^ ^"»«'«» ^f^' 

tvo. 17 

1795, 4to. 

Becfoup, William, Esq. cousin to fI^^Z *5 fce^lj^h of Triart., 
the preceding. He formerly resided at i804.-«panish heroism, or the Bauie of Roua«i 
Somerly, Sunolk| travelled with Mr. Far nUes, a neutcai ronaac*, 8?o. uq0^^osIc, ad 

^^ 'MI- tlTEEARY CALENDAR. BEL' ' I8l4. 


a-ctic po«m. from the Spanish of Tri«rte, cr. 8vo. I8OI-I809 -Commentwie. «n th« Laws of Scot- 
lail.— Rajr s Eng. Proverbs. Qvo, WW. Uud, Sd edit. 4to. 1810. 

BELroL'R, Rev. O. Bell, James, D. D. xAIinister of Cold- 

The Lyceum of Ancient Literature, or Biographical stream. 

and Analytical Account of the Greek aud Roman (Lo..»^. * u 1 u r t. »t . , . 

CIa»i«.Hmo. I809. (Originally p«blbhediaT.e f^™"P^"->^'"<i before the Uuivemt, of G1.3g<«r, 

MofftfUy Magazine.) wo.i.yo. -- ^ - , ^ 

Bf.lisarto, a.m. Esq. . *;^''''' -^^"^^ ^^-D- formerly Surgeon 

The Trml of Arthttr Hort^r, Esq. at Tortola, for the *" I. ^^-' 

tounlerof his Negro Slave. 8vo. 1811 t-nqmry into the Causes which produce, and the 

Bell, Rev. Andrew, D.' D. LL D ?'^"' *»^P^/'^';'i"« »»«-»« '^"ong British officer^ 

V -Q JCr A fi -Lvi;,, o «. re ■^^■^- S»ol<l«<''^ aud others m the West Indies, 8vo. 17OU 

Dor^t n; B ^i ii '^'n ""^ ^''^"•^^'^' ^^^^' ' J'^"^' Surgeon, Edinburgh 

Dorset. Dr. B.reMded many years since The Anatomy of the Human pidy. vol.i. ^o. 1795, 
in ine tJiSt indies, and had the SUperin- ronlaitnoR the Bones, Muscles, and JoinU; voi. u. 

tendance of the Male Asylum at Madras, <■<»"'«'>""«; tiie iiean and Arteries, 1797 ; vol. iii. con. 

where he introduced a new mode of edu- '"'"'"^ ^*"' >^natomy of the Brain, description of the 

cation, which, since his return to Entr- c°;*;^- «' ^^^ >|e'^«. •"'i the Anatomy of the Eye 

Innr? h-.o wr^o^^ ... U . . '" '^"=? ^^^ »"-»r, *ith Plates by Charles Bell, laoe. 3d edit. 

!L5* .k ^ so much noise m cpposi- 3 v. roy. Svo. 1811.-En,ruvu.gsof Uh. Bones, M^ 

rion to the system ot Joseph Lancaster. *"'". and Joims, iiiustratiuK the Hnt volume of the 

He has published : Anatomy of the Human Bo<ly, drawn and engraved 

An Experiment in Education, made at the Male Asy- ^^ himself, roy. 4to. 17^. .id edit.— Engravings of 

lam of Madras. 8vo. 179B.— Instructions for conduct- W'* ArteriM, illustrating the second volume of the 

ingScliools on the Madras System, l2mo. 1799, 3d '^"»^o™Jf of the Human Body, roy. 4to. 1801. 3d 

edit. 1812. — A .Sermon preached at Lambeth, June "f^'t- 3vo. 181C. — Discourses on Uie Nature and Core 

98, 1807, on the Education of Uie Poor under an ira- °^ Wounds. 8vo. ijyj. 3d edit. 1812.— Answer for 

proved System, 8vo.— The Madras School, or Eic- "''^ Jim.or Members of the Roy. Coll. of Surgeons 

meats of Tuition, 8\'o. 1808. °^ Edinburgh to the Memorial of Dr. Jaraea Gregory 

Bell, Archibald, Esq. Advocate, ^^^^ Managers of tiie Royal infiimary. svo. laoo. 

Edinbur*rh ~ I'^nciples of Surgery, 3 v. 4to. 1801—1808 — 

Enquiry into 'the Policy and Justice of tlie Prohibi- STe'Edu^^tfon ^IV'**"^' Character and Manner, or 

tiou of U,e Use of Grain in the DistUleries, 8vo. QuHl^cronTof „ Ph ''°";."t?;' ^"'^^ "^ 
1808. ' Wu«"tications of a Physician, 8vo. 1811. 

Bell. Benjamin, F.R.S. Ed. Member ^^^^ntnt ^J^h^i^iiMr^^ Robert, Com- 
of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Ire- ?? "u?"u°* ^^^ Artillery on the Madras 
land and Edinburgli. ^ Establishment. 

A Treatise on theThe«^y and Management of Ulcer, ^IV r , "T*'**''**' ^""^ ^^ Guidance of OiBeen 

and. Dissertation on ^VNlnte Swelii.'Jsof the JoinC "^^^"''"^ "" Management of Guns, 8x'0. I8O9, 

avo. 1778.-A System of Surgery, 7 v. 8^0. 1783— /. Z:^':' ^ i^i*^'*'^'- '^^^^^ ^"^ Proprietor 

1788. 7th edit.— A Treatise on Gonorrbcaa virulenU ®^ ^"® ^^ eekly Dispatch, Sunday NewS- 

and Ldes venerea, 2 v. 8vo. 1793. 2d edit.— A Trca. paper. 

tisc on the Hydrocele, on Sarcoccle or Cancer, and A Description of the Condition and Maniien of tb« 

oUier Diseases of the Testes, 8vo. 1794.— Essays on Peasantry of 1 1 eland, 8\'o. 1804. 

Agriculture, 8V0. i«og. Bell, Robebt, LL. B. Writer to the 

Bell, Chables, Fellow of the Royal Signet, Edinburgh. 

College of Surgeons, Edinburgh ; Lee- <'«'^es decided in the Court of Session, fh>m 17^ to 

turer on Anatomy and SurgerV, at the '792, 8vo. 1792 — Lectures on the Testing of Deeds, 

Anatomical Theatre, Great Windmill- ®^'**" *795.— Outiinea of Lectures on Conwyancing, 

street, London ®^°' l^OO—Sysum of the Forms of Deeds used ia 

A System of Dissections, explaining the Anatomy of 1^^"^ ^ ^ '""' '^^^T^ '^'^'^^r T ^"^^ 
the Human Body, by John Bell. fol. 1800. 2d edit. To l^-fr r"^ of the Law of ScotUnd, 2 v. 
2 v^y. lB«o.-The Anatomy of the Brain, exptain..- tlLl^ ^^Jj!^^'''^ l^"^' fL^'T ^''** ** '^'^ 
ed in a series of En^rKvinss. roy. 4to. 180e.-A series '^'•^* ^^ /»- R^Pr^'^-taUon of Scotland, -tto. 1812. 
of Engravings exphiining tiie Course of tbe Nerves, ^ ^*^»'L, liev. W JLLIAM, D. D. PrebeiK 
royal 4to. 1803.— Essays on the Anatomy of Exprvs-' °^^y ®' St. Petcr's, Westminster. He 
sioo in Painting, 4to. I8O6.— A system of Operative ^as educated at Magdalen College, Cam- 
Surgery, «v. roy. 8vo. 1809 -Letters concerning bridge, was somc time a Fellow of that 

the Diseases of Uie Urethra, 8VO. I8O9.— Engravings Societv and afterwai-<1« K*/.a«.« T^™- 

from Specimens of Morbid Parts preserved in the d^Chinlpfn t« th?^^^^^ P^T*" 

Author's Collection now ia Windmill^treet, and se. ^^ ^u* \? • ® PrinceSS Amehft, 

Jected from the divisions inscribed Urethra, Vesica, ^""^ ^^ "^^ MajestV, through whose in- 

Rena, roorbosa et la-sa, imp. fol. 1813. terest he obtained his present pfefer- 

Bell, George, Surgeon, Edinburgh. ™«nf- ^n 1810, Dr. Bell transferred 

Thooghuon the Cancer of the Breast, Svo. 1788.— 0^15,200, 3 per cent. StOck, tO the Uni- 

A ^ti«e on the Cow-pox. i2mo. 1882. versity of Cambridge, in trust, to foiind 

Bell, George Joseph, Ad vocate,Edin- eight new scholarships, for the sons, or 

Jt"^?"V , ^he orphans of Cler£;ymen of the Church 

o«th. Law of Bankruptcy in scoUand, 2 v. 8vo. of England, whose circumstanccs are 

1814; BEL LIVING Authors. bel 21 

such as not to enable them to bear the leave; and he who has written and pub- 
whole expence of sending their sons fo lished not less than fbrtv volumes, which 
the University. The firbt- of Dr. B.'s is my case, may well congratulate bjm- 
puhli=ations was one of the Dissertations self, first, that Providence has graciously 
to which the prizes given by Lord Vis- spared him for so long a period ; secondly, 
count Townsend to the University of that sufficient health and opportunity 
Cambridge, were adjudged in 1756. lie have been afforded; and lastly, that he 
has written : has passed through a career so extended 

A DUsertation on the Causes which principally con- and SO perilous withoUt beiriff SCrioUSlr 
trilmte to render a Nation populous, 4to. 1736. — ;,*^ni:r,r.»«/l ;« .^^-^^ i r*. i. ^-i*^ 

Enquiry into u.e divine mi.Mons of John the BHptist "»PV,cated m personal or literary hostih. 

and Jesus Christ. 8vo. 1760. Sd edit, under the title "®^* "® "** written : — 

0f3— Arguincuts in proof of the authenticity of the Ode to Miss RoscHwen. 4to. 1783.— The Rape of fT«. 

Vanatsves of the extmordinary Conception ami Birth '^n, from the Greek of Coluthiis, with notes, 4to. 

of St. John the Baptist, und the miraculous Con- 1780.— Poem=5 and Translations, 8vo. 1788. — Tho His- 

cepdoa and Birth of Jcsu^ Christ, 8vo. 1793. — A Ser- **"■>' of Herodotus, from the Greek, with notes, 4 v. 

raon preached in Lnmbeth ChMpcl at the Consecr-t- 8vo. 1791. — Alciphron's Epistles, from the Greek, 8vo. 

tion of Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Rochester, 4to. 177*— 1791. —Tlie Attic Nijfhls of Auius Gellius translated, 

An^attempt to ascertain aud illustrate Uie iiuthority, ^ ^> 179^> — Aliscelianics. consisting of Poems, Classi- 

natore and desicn of the Lord's Supper, 8vo. 1780. — ^'^^ Extracts tod Oriental Apologues, 3 v. ISmo. 

Aopplement to the preceding. 8vo. 17go. — T^st Sou- Hd-*^- — Arabian Nights' Entertainments, from the 

daents of P. F. le Courayer, D.D. on the different French, 4 v. 12mo —Joseph, from the Frenchof 

Doctrines of Religion, with his Life, 8\'o. 1*87. Bitaube, 2 v. 12mo —Anecdotes of Litei-atnre 

Bell, William. "^^^ scarce Books, 6 v. 8vo. 1806— 1812.— Mr. B. in 

DescripiWe Guide to the Stream of Time, or Figura- "''ociation with Rev. Robert Nares, Rev. W. Tooke, 

five Represenution of ancient and modem Universal '^'^ *® ^^^ *'•"• Morrison edited a new edition of 

History, from Uie German of Strass, 8vo. with a ^^ Btographtcal Dictionary, 13 v. 8vo. and was 

large engraved and colored sheet, 1810.— Flowers of ^^^ '^™*' y^"' ^*^ ^'^ *'"* ®f ^^^^ genUemcn, a 

Genaan Literature, 12mo. 1811. principal conductor of tlie British CrUic. 

Bellamy, Elizabeth. Belsham, Thomas, at present Minister 

The Young Lady's Assistant, or an easy Introdiic of the Unitarian Chapel, EsSCX-Street, 

f^n to Enjiiish Grammar, i2mo. 1802. Strand. He succecdcd Dr. Ashworth as 

Bellamy, J. tutor in the Dissenting Academy at Da-^ 

Jeaus Christ the only God. being a defence of that ventiT : but having changed his theolo- 

fondamental Doctrine of tl,e Christian Religion j^al Opinions he ^emovea tO the Ne^ 

The Ophion. or the Theology of the Serpent, and the Gravel-pit Meeting, where he Continued 

Unity of God. 8vo. 1811 Description of all Uie dif. till in 1808 he was ap|K)intcd SUCCCSSOr 

ferent Professions of Religion from the begin nins; of tO the late Rev. Mr. Llndscv, in Essex- 

the Antediluvian Churches to the present day, i8mo. street.—Mr. B. delivered a Charge at thc 

i8i«^ «ded.t. 18W. Ordination of the Rev. Timothy Kenrick, 

DELLENGER, w . A. ^^ Ej^g^pr, July 28, 1785, which was pub- 

Tbe trench and Enelish Idioms compnrrd, 12mo. i- i_ j ^ ^i "^ • i o i_ '^^l 

uoi.-Aiodcrn FVcnch Conversaiipns, loio.-The "»n«° together With a Scrmon by the 

French rriraer, 1813 Fables Choisies « TusaRc des RcV. Thos. Jervis. Another Charge dc- 

Knfans, 1811.— A Practical Treatise on the Globes, livered by him at the Ordination of the 

ismo. 1813. Rev. Wm. Field, of Warwick, July 12, 

Bellew, Robert, Esq. I79O, was also printed together with a 

TWaigar. a riiapsody on the deatii t>f Lord Nelson, Sermon by Dr. Priestley. Besides these 

Beloe, Rev. William, B.D. F.A.S. P|^^^«' he has himself published : 

Prebendary of St. Paurs, and Rector of The important, of Truth «d the Duty of makm^^ 
Aiiu It T J *••",> *"*" ^. V- open profession of It, a Sermon, 8vo. 1790. — Disho- 

Allhall0W8,L0nd0n-wall:— SOnol achma- nest shame the primar^ source of the Corruptions of 
man of Norwich, and educated at the tlve christian Doctrine, a Scimon, 8vo. 1794.— Know- 
l/niversity ot Cambridge. In 1791 he led^e the Foundation of virtue, a Sermon, Svo. 1795. 

obtained the vicarage of Earlsham with -'^«vi«v of wuberforce's " iiacticai view of the 

HowthnrDC aniii»vpfl and in 170fi thp rpr ^'■c^'«''»n8 UeliRious System of Professed ChrUtians," 

ijowuiorpe aniiexeu, ana m 1790 tne rec- g^,^ j^^ ^ ^-^ wis— Elements of the Philosophy 

tory ot AllhallowS. Me was lor some of tl«- Mind and of Moral Philosophy. 8vo.lW)l.— The 

time assistant librarian of the British character of the christian Teacher delineated, a Ser. 

Museum. In the preface to vol. vi. of »noo» 8vo. laoi. — Discourse on the Death of Dr. 

hislast publication, Tbe Anecdotes of Li- Priestley. Svo. ISM—TIie Progress of Error concern. 

tmtu«r Mr Beloe says: «. Of works of ^:^J:':S:r^'t:.:^::Z^Ts,-;;^. 

tms deSCnptlOn and perhaps ot every Svo- ISOS.-rhe importance of right Sentiments re- 

iHLer, X shaii on this occasion take my specUng Hie Penon of cbmt, a swmon, svo. i8o(>.^ 






A DiscoQiM oeCMioncd by the death of the Rt. Iloa. 
C J. Fox, 8vo. Itt06. — Vinilicatioit of certain Pu- 
•ftges in H Discourse on the death o( Dr. Prirstley in 
reply to tlie Auimadversious of the He v. John Pye 
8niiUi, 8vo. i806. — A summary View of the I'.vidpncc 
and Importance of ChristiHo KevHUtion, 8vo. 1807 . — 
The Providei;ce of Got! over-rtiliusj ti»e KjturH of Wnr 
aad Coaquc&t, h Sermon, Bvo. 1807 .•>- Lei tfn» on Ari- 
tniam and otiier to(,ici in .Mi>tapii>-<ir^ ami Religion, 
•vo. 1803. — A fM'iuion occiuioiied hy tljo dc«th of tiic 
Rev. Theophilui Lmdsey, with u bioirraphical Me- 
moir, 3^'o. 18VW. — riie Vftr of Juhiiec cousidprH, a 
discourse delivered Oct. S^, 180y. Uvo. — A ralm Ke- 
view of the Scripture Doilrnit' ctuKtemin;; the Person 
of Clirist, 8vo. IciU. — Uucorrupted Chriitianily un- 
patroni/ed by tiio Grcut, a disicuur^e on t..e dccea.Ne of 
the Duke of Gnuton. 8vo. mil.— J.ftt«i to I^id i»id- 
mouUi on tlie subject of his bill rq-«iti\e to Prottst.uit 
DtsscitUnc Ministers, 8vo. 1811— A Discourse oct*- 
aioned by the death of Mrs. IJml cy, Jan. 26, IBl'.', 
6vo. — riie Rtshtt of Conscience a scried and dt liu- 
«d, in reference to tlie moiUrn lutt-i<iuution of tfie 
Toleration Act. 8vo. 1812.— Memoira of the Ihte lit-v. 
T. Lindsey, wiih a brief Aoalysis of his WorLs. Bvo. 
1812. — A Plea for tlie Catholic Claims a Sermon, Bvo. 

Bei.sham, Wit.ltam, Esq. brother of 
the preceding, a gentleman of fortune 
resident at Bedford, and a writer of con- 
siderable reputaiiuii as a whig- historian 
of Great Britain. 

Esjay* Philosophiral, Historical, and Literary, 2 v. 
8to. 1789— 1791— ObscrxHtions on the Teit Laws, 
in reply to a Review of tlie Case of the Protestant 
Dtuenters, Bvo. 1791.— Historical Memoir on the 
Frendi Revolution, 8vo. 17yi.— iixamination of an 
Appeal from tlie New to the OI<l Wliiis, Bvo. I795. 
—Remarks on the Nature and Nccr -jity of a Parlia- 
mentary Uf Jorra, Bvo. I793.— Mrinoirs of the Kinjfs 
of Grtat T^ritain, of the llou.oof Brunswick Lune- 
burir, «v. Bvo. 179i-— ^^lemoirs of the Reign of 
Georse lU. to 1793. v. i to 4. 8vo. 1*95; from 
179(5 to 3799. V. fj an<i 6, 18t)l.—U( marks on tlie 
Observali.ii..-. of Major Srnit, rcl.ilivc to Ihe Aduii- 
nistraliou of Wanxu Hr-tiuTS Fsq. ia India, 4to. 
1797' — Rcmaiks on the Till Jor tue fK;ttcr Snjiport 
and Mainleuanre of il>e i', no.v di'ptnuliuc, 4to. 
1797- — History of Great I'.ritain, from tJie itevolu- 
tiou to the Acccsiou of thf House of Hi.noMr, v. 
1 and 2. 4to. I793 — to the conih.cncen.c'.it of 1791), 
V. 3, 4, and 5.- -new edit, to the Pcuee of Amiens 
in 1802, 12 v. 8vo. ira.5.— Two Historical Div>erta. 
tiohs; 1. On the Causes of the Ministerial .Seces- 
sion, A.D. 1717; 2. On the Treaty of Hanover, 
A. D.17£J, 8v0. 179!{.— lit marks on a Lite publica- 
tion styled the History of the Politics of Gnat Bri- 
tain and iVaiuc, Bvo. ini.o.—Rfiply to Herbert 
Marsh's Vin(li<alinn of tlie History of the Politics of 
Great Britain and Franrc, Bvo. 1801.— Remarks on 
the Peace of Amiens, 8«o. IBOC. — ^Two Historic;«l 
Dissertations on the Silcsiaa War, and on the cha- 
racter and conduct of Louis XVI. 4to. and Bvo. 
1800.— Appendix to the History of Great Britain, 
t V, Bvo. I8O7. 

Br.i.soN, Elizabeth. 

Kelson's Fasts and Festivals of the English Church 
abridged, Bvo. 1810. 

Belt, Robert, of the Inaer Temple, 
Barrister at law. 

Index to the First Fourteen VoIbbm of VeMy*s 
Chancery Reports, evo. 181(K 

Belward, II. D. D. See Leslie. 
Rev. C. 

Bi.NGLR, Miss Elizabeth Ocilvy. 

The l-eniale Grniad, a poem, (written at the aire 0/ 
13,; 4to. 1791.— ,rhe Abolition of the Slave Trade, a 
poem, (printed xuth Montcomerv's and Orahame** 
pieces on the saint- subject by Howycr,) 4to. I8O9.— 
Thi' Ilcirt aul ihi- ranty, a tule, 2 v. 12mo, ISIS. — 
Rlo|.j:toiK'» L'tt.i>, from the German, forming a 
lequel to his life, by Mis;* Smitli, 2 v. 1B13. 

Benjoix, Glorge, of Jesus College, 

Jonah, a faithful Translation from the Original, widi 
Notcs,4to. 17i,G— The Inteprity and Ex<eUenee of 
Set iutuie ; a Viudication of the ao much controverted 
PassHCPS, I>eut. vii. 2,5, and xx. 16, 17, Bvo. 1797. 

A Scrwioii before the General Baptist Assembly, «k 
the Annual .Met-tins; in Worship Street, Bvo. 1807. 

Bennktt, Ge'jrge, Dissenting Minis- 
ter, Carlisle. 

A Display of the Spirit and Designs of those vho, 
under Pretpxt of Reform, aim at the Subversion of 
the Constitution and Government, Bvo. lTg6. — Olam 
llaneek.uiioih ; or a View of tite Intermediate Stat^ 
as it a[.ptHrh in Uie Records of Ujc O. and N. Testa- 
ment, the Apocryphal Books, in Heathen A uUion* 
and the Greek and Ljtiu Fathers, Bvo. 1801. 

Blnnlit, II. M. A. 
The Treasury of Wit, 2 v. l«mo. 1786. 

Bex xett, Rev. Jam es, of Romsey. See 
Smith, Rev. J. P. D.D. 

The Star of the West, being Memoirs of the Life of 
R. Darracott, 12q)o. 1813. 

Bennett, Joun, A. B. 
Collectio Sententiarum, Exemplonun, &c. Mao. 


Bex'nett, John, Curate of St. Mary's 

A Discourse against the Fatal Practice of Dtielliog, 
preached at Manchester, Mar. 28, 17B3. 4to.— Divine 
Uc'velatjon iuiparctal and universal, or an Attempt to 
dffpnd Christiauity upon raboual Pxinciples, Bvo. 
17H3. — The Ad van' Hues of Sunday Schools, a Ser- 
mon, 4io. J7Hr>. — Strictures on Female Education, 
rhiefiy as it nlatcs to the Culture of the Heart, 
jsinonyui.) Kvo. i;u7. 2d edit. 1796.— Letters to n 
Vouuc Laly on a Vaiiety of Useful and Interesting 
Subjrrt>, - v. 12iao. 17fa4). 4th edit. 1812, 

Bi:x X n r, Solomon, Engraver, Charing 
Cross ; a Jew, and native of Poland. 

The ConsUncy of Israel, an Illustration of some ht 
the most importsint Texts of the Bible. Bvo. I8l«. 

Bennett, Rev.TKOMAS, of Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 

Lecuircs on the Apostles' Creed, (preached parsonnt 
to the will of Dr. Busby, in the chureh of St. John 

the Evangelist, Westminster,) Bvo. 1775. 

Bin NEXT, William, formerly a Dis- 
senting Minister, now residing at Wal^ 

A Concise View of Religious Worship, l«mo. 17«4, 
—A Sermon, preached at the Meeting-house on the 
Pavement, Moorfields,on the Natfonal ThanksgivliiK. 
Jnly 89, 17B«, Bvo — Youth reminded of a Fotoiv 
Judgment, a Seimon on Uie Death of Mr. Joha 
Vowel, Dec. 24, 179O, Bvo.— Waiting for God*8 Salv». 
Hon, n Sermon on the ^ath of Dr. Sand, ifocton 






Feb. 21, 1791, Svo^-Renuris on a Recent 
HfpothesU mpectiqg the Origia of Moral Evil, 8vo. 
UOf. — ^Appendix to the prerecUng, 8vo. 1807 • — His- 
tory of the Dissenters, in conjunction with the Rev. 
Mr. Bogup, 3 V. ISino. 181S-1S.— The Legislative 
AotfaofiCy of Revealed Grace, 8vo. 1813.—- A Defence 
«f the preceding in replj to the £clecfcic Reviewer, 
•ro. 1813. 

Besson^ Miss. 

The Wife, nov. 3 v. ISmo. 

Benson^Joseph, a Methodist Preacher. 

A Sennon on the Death of Mrs. Foster, of Birming- 
liMD, in 1790. — A Sennon on the Death of the Rev. 
John Wcaldy, in 1791.— A Defence of the Mctliod 
iats, ISmo. 1793.— A FarUier Defence of the Method- 
iats, 12nio. 179i> — ^A Sennon preached at Hull on 
the Fastrdaj, 7th March, 1796.— The SubsUnce of a 
Sermon on the Death of Alex. Mather, delivered 
Aag. 31, 1800.— A Vindication of the Methodists in 
Anvmtr to a Report from the Clergy of a District in 
the Diocese of lincoln, 8vo. 1800. — An Apology for 
the Methodists, 12aio. 1801. — Mr. Benoon is iiliewise 
author of Remarks on Dr. J. Priestley's System of 
Materialism and Necessity. — A Scriptural E^say to- 
wards the Proof of an Immort-il Spirit in Man. — A 
JUtiooal Vindication of the Catholic Faith ; bring 
the First Purt of a Vindication of Christ's Divinity. 
•"-Socinianism Unscriptural : or, the Prophets and 
Apottlts ^ndtcftled, from the CharRR of holding the 
Doctrine of Christ's mere Ilnmauity ; being the 
Second Fart of a Vindication of his Divio ity. (Tlie 
two last Tracts veie begun by tiin Rev. J. Fletcher, 
Ticar of MaJeley, Salop, but being left imperfect at 
his dceease, -were revised and finished by Mr. B.) — 
Foot Sermons on the Second Coming of Christ, and 
the future Misery of the Wicked^— Two Sermons on 
the Kature and Design of the Gospel. — Two Sermons 
on Sanctification. — A Sermon preached iL\ the Open- 
ing of the Chapel, in Lowgate, ITuU. 

Benson, Martix, M. A. Minister at 
Tunbridge WeJls Chapel, Hector of Mers- 
thaniy Surrey. 

garooBJ, 8vo. 1794. — A Sermon on the Duties and 
OhligatioBs of the Military Character, preached be- 
ion the Tunhridge Wells Volunteers, Oct. 2, 1603, 
dvo.— A Sennon preached at Tunbridge Wells on 
Occasion of the Jubilee, Oct. 22, 10O9, 8vo. 

Benson, William, M. A. of St. Mary 
Hall, Oxford. 

Obaenrations on the Impropriety of interfering with 
Hm Internal Policy of other States, Bvo. 1802. 

Bent, William, Bookseller, in Pater- 
noster Row. 

A Meteorological Jonmal, kept in London, from 
ITVSto 181S,8ro. (publisbed annually.) — ^The London 
Catalogue of Books, to Sept. 1799> 8vo. 1799-— Ap- 
fma/dSoL to do. to 1800, 8vo.— The Modem Caulogue 
to ms, 8ro. 1803.— The New London CaUi. to 
180T, 8vo. 180T-— -The Lond. C»t. to 1811, 6vo.— 
Jfodern Cat. to 1812, 8ro.— The Monthly Catalogue 
•f Vcw Publications, (begun in 1802,) 4to. 

Bentham, Jeremy, of Lincoln's Inn, 
Barrister at Law, brother to Gen. Sir 
Saml. Bentham. Mr. B. married M rs. 
Abbott, mother of the Speaker of the 
H. of Commons. He was many years 
«go at Cherson in the Ciimea, and is the 
•uthor of 

A fragment on Oovemment, being an Examination 
«f whait i» delnrwnd on lb« fubjeci in Steokatona'a 

Coonnentariea, Bvo. 1776.— A View of the Hard 
Labor Dill, 8vo. 1778. — Defence of Usury, showing 
tlie Impolicy of the present legal Restraints on Pe- 
cuniary Bargains^ 8vo. 1787> — Letter to a Member of 
the National Convention, 1787 « — An Introduction to 
the Principles of Morals and Legislation, (printed in 
1780,) 4to. 1789.— Draught of a new Plan for the 
Oiganiaation of the Judicial Establishment in Fhtoce^ 
8vo.- 1790. — Panopticon, or the Inspection House; 
containing the Idea of a new Principle of Construc- 
tion applicable to any place of Confinement, 3 v. 
12fno. 1791 — Supply without Burden, or Escheat 
vice Taxation, 8vo. 1795. — ^Traites de Legisiatioa 
civile «t peuale publi^'os en Francois d'apris lea MSS. 
par Ktienne Dumoht, 3 v. 8vo. 1802. — Letters to 
Lord Pelbam, (giving a Comparative View of the Sys- 
tem of Penal Colonisition in New Sooth Wales, au4 
the Home Penitentiary System, 8vo. 1802. — A Pie* 
for.tiie Constitution, 8vo. 1803. — Scotch Reform con- 
sideix>d, with Reference to the Plan proposed for the 
Regulation of the Courts and the Administration of 
Justice in Scotland, 8vo. 1806. — ^Tbcorie dcs Peine* 
et des Recompenses, redigee en fraofois par Etiennv 
Dumont, 2 v. ttvo. 1812. — On the Law of Evidence, 
1813 — Swear not at all, 1813.— Mr. B. is also tii» 
autlior of several papers m Young's Annul* qf Agru 

Bentinck, Lord William Henry Ca- 
vendish, K. B. eldest brother to the Duke 
of Portland', was appointed in 1803 Go- 
vernor of Madras ; and on his return from 
the £. Indies, Envo^ Extraordinary and 
Minister Pienipoteniiary to the Court 
of Sicily. He lately commanded tht 
British Army in the south-east of Spain. 
His lordship is Colonel of the tlth regi- 
ment of Dragoons, and M. P. for the 
county of Nottingham. He was born in 
1774, and in 1803 married Lady Mary 
Achcsou, daughter of the Earl of Guslord. 

On the Mutiny at Vcllore, 4to. 1810. 

Bentley, Elizabeth, Daughter of a 
Journeyman Shoemaker, born at Nor- 
wich, 1767. 

Genitiiio Poetical Compositions, on various Subjects, 
8vo. 1791. 

BiLNTLEY, John. 

The Royal Convert, a sacred drama, . . 1803.<— The 
Royal Penitent, sac dr. 1804. 

Bentley, John. 

The Divine Logos, or Jehovah Blohim, the only pr(K 
per Object of Christian Worship, 8vo. 180?. — ^The 
Sacred Tree, 12mo. 180*.— Tlie SpirilUMl Telescope, 
being an Inquiry respecting the World of Spirit", 
ISmo. 1805.— Friendly Address to the Members of 
the Established Church, ISmo. ISVi. — Autiw also 0f 
some papers in the Asiatic Re&earches. 

Bentley, Richard, a grandson of Dr. 
B. the celebrated critic. He was edu- 
cated at Eton, has since been in some 
eovernment employ, and is supposed to 
nave been a very material coadjutor of 
the author of the Pursuits of' Lileraturt, 
He has published. 

Considerations on Public Affairs at tiie beginuiof «f 
1796. 8vo. 1796.— Considerations on tbv ^tate of I'u^ 
lie Affairs at the beginnmg of 179B, S parts, 9v^ ITQt- 

Bentley, Thomas. 


RcMon and Revelation, or a brief Amww to Paine's tOok place at Lnmbelh, in 1706, but for 

Age of RcMon 8^c 1794. , abovc a \CSLT afterward?, the I^dy still 

UERARD, Feter. , , . ^ ,^ Went by tlic name of Miss Tudor, which 

The Uncles Will, a farce translated. 8vo. 1808. i l j i *. .l 

Bere, Thomas, M. A. Rector of Bub- ^^}^, ^*^ '^-sumed at the cornmencement 
combe near Bristol. of her connection with his Lordship ; so 

Tlie Cx>nlrovcr»y betweru Mrs. Hannah More, and ^^^^ '^ ^as not till 1797, that shc WaS 
4lje Curate of IXlBsdro. (Some ^^etsh ire,) relaUve to ackllOwled«;cd aS hlS Wllc. The Earl 
the conduct of Iicr Teacher o» the Sunday School died in 1810, leaving SCverill children. 

in that parifch.ovo. ijvn.— An Appeal to the Public On this cvcnt the tluim of thc family 

•ntheControv^ersybeiv,ceuIl Wore the ^ honOUrS by the eldest SOn bccarac 

Blagden, and A. Elton, 8vo. IhOl.— An Ad<lreas to .« l* / r i- 

H. More, on the conclusion of Uic Biagden Contro- ^1^^ subject of parliamentary iDvestiga- 
▼Cray, 8x0. 1801. tion ; the alleged marriage in 1785, was 

Berksford, Rev. Bexjamix, formerly not admitted, and thc first-born son after 
English Lecturer to the late Queen of tbc second union, was declared the legi- 
Prussia, Professor at the University of tiniate successor to the title. After this 
Dorpat. decision of the House of Lords, the Count- 

The German Erato, or a collection of favourite esS published a Statement for the pUfpOSC 

Songs translated into English, wiui iheir original of vindicating her character, and pro- 

jnusic. 4to.1797.-The German Son.sirr. or a col- ^^^^' additional testimony lU behalf of 
lection of favourite Airs with their ongiual uiumc, ^l i° -^^ j« » i i "^ . -r - 

done into Enciuh. 4to. 1798.-A coikction of Get ^"c. legitimacy ot her eldest son. It IS 

nan Ballads and Songs. 4to. 17()9.~Twclve fuvourltc entitled : 

Songs with their original music, done into Rugli»]i, An Address to tlie House of Peers of Uie United 

tvo, 1800.— Elegant extracts in verse for the u!»e of Kingdom, 8vo. 1812. 

tJie Learners of the English language, 8vo. lliOL— BeRKEMIOIT, MrS. HeI.EKA. 

(All the preceding were published at Bt riin.)— The the History of Victoria Mortimer, 4 v. 12nio. 1805. 

most remarkable year in the life of Augu^tu8 Von Bernard, SamUFL, jim. 

KotM^bue, from the German, 3 v. 8vo. l<Mi. — The t. „ p, ^ e»:_:. i» j » ^ . t r t 

Tie e A I -» r/- ►! f .. r. r '"'^ Esscnce, Spirituality, and glorious Issae of ilie 

Life of General de Zuthcn, from the German of ,. ,. . ., ^ ,1. . ^ .„ ,.««. 

Wad. de Blumenthal. 2 v. 8vo. «««. '"i"°" °^ "-^''''^l '!!:'°- '^' ^ . 

Beresford, Rev. James, A. M. Fellow ^ Bernard, SirTHOMAs,Bart.Barrister at 
of Merton College, Oxford. -^^^ P- ^- and Chancellor of the Dio- 

The JEneid of VirRil tr»n^lated into blank verse, 4to. ^^^e Of Durham. He mamcd ID 178«» 

iT94.— The Knights of the Swan, or the Court of Margaret, daughter of Patrick Adair, Esq. 

Charlemagne, from the French of Mad. de Geulis, and SUCCCededtO the title On the death of 

ty, i2mo.i796.-The Song of the Sun, imitated his brother Sir John B. in 1810. 

^»^«^^^* «^'°- lB05-,lhe battle of linf.lear. observations on U,e proceedings of the Friends of 
\^7 A JJ'*'"" r"" ^. \ H ; ?• '^^ Liberty of the Prtss, 8n-o. 1793. -Letter to the 

l?^J- .^""^Z **%; ^" ^« I -Z T Bp. of Durham on the measures under thc comide- 

Creation, 1800 — Bibhosophia, or Book«wisdom. fc. _,»:„_ ^c r»«,i:--»«... «?-.- .^ '^a . , j 

« ««,« «* n ^ -L / J . ..V T f ration or Parliament for promoting iDdustrr aiMl 

Svo. 1810. — Mr. B. contributed to thc Looker-on^ »|^ -.i:.* «*• .k- i*~.v- lorw ti ^ v cs^u i i. 

... ,. ^. r i-- L I • u 1-. r ■ .. *"• relief of the Poor, I8O7. — The wew Scbool, be> 

witi) the author of which he was in habits of inti- ;_„ ._ «..^™„. .„ :ii .>*->*l :.-_:• 1 j j 

.u.. rr ^eti .- » »i 1 -.^ .• r M *"*? "* attempt to illu5trat« its principles uad ad- 

■acy; the Tour of Sentiment; the Imitations of Mo- ^^^^^ 8vo.l810.-The Barrington School, 8vo. 

dern History Wnung. Novel-wntin?, and Biography ; i812._An atcounl of the Supply of Fish for the mm. 

Ae Taylor's Triumph; and tlic subsrquent mock^n. „„f^,turing poor. 8vo. l81S.!lsit Thos.« alM, 

tiasm; the Caricature of Hervey mi Covent-Garden „„,.„., ,„lL „„„^^ ;„ f.. „„.. i ,. ,.^^ ji # 

„ , ' 1 ..r « J «• »»-if . All T,- ^ntten some papers in icianr* -J/aia/t of iSpficirf* 

Market; and the Parody of Milton s AIU»ffro. — His ^^^.^ v * 

Miseries of HamHn Life, without much intrinsic me- * -n t r% 

tit, had an extraordinarj run, and found abundance HeRRIKGTON, KCV. JoSEPII, a Bomaa 

ofimiiators. Catholic Clergyman. 

Berkeley, (Mary,) Countess Dow- Letter on Matenali-im and Uartley^s Theory of the 
ager of. This Lady, whose case has re- Human Mind, 8vo. 1776.— Imnaterialiam delineated, 

cently occupied so large a portion of <"• a view ofu«Fiist Principles of Thing., svo. 1779. 

1.1'A^ /'^ e ^i A u^ — Address to the Protestant Dusenters who have 

P?"}.^, *^^°ii^^ "^^lone^t the danghters ,,,„y ^^^^^ ^^ . ^ , ^^^ con^nation ^ 

"of William Cole, a butcher, of Wootton, Test Acts, Svo. 1786— Reflection., with an Kxpoii. 

near Gloucester, who died in 1783, in tion of Roman c^tUioUc Principles, avo. 178T.— Urea . 

such low circumstances, that his children o^ Abclard and HeloiM, 4to. its*. 2d edit. 1787^— 
were obliged to go out to senice. She had ^^ccount of the pre4»nt state of the Roman Cath*. 

previous!? attracted the notice of the la.e ^^ ^^:^ mT^^r^J^^uZ 

Earl of Berkeley, whose family man€ ion day Schools. 8vo. 1788.-The Rights of Disaenlocs 
is in the neighbourhood of her native from the t-UtibUshrd Church, in relation principally 

place; and a marriage is asserted to have ^ English Catholics, 8\'o. 1789.— History of tbc 
taken place between them in 1783. Their ^^^'s" ""^ "•"'"y "• "<*<»^ Richard and John, hia 
first cliild was bom in 178C, and was Z''it'u;„'^^;7*'™" f fJI^^^L^T^i? ^ 

, 111 1 i_ ■ ^"^ Italian, 8vo. 17Q3.~ Examination of Events 

always styled and treated as heir appa- termed miraculous, u reported i« Letitn fnm luly, 
reat to the Earldom. Another marriage sve. 1796. 



I J I 


(In aSSOciatiOQ wilh the Rev. John sermon, on John, xx. Ca, preuhed before the Uui-|t.) versity of Oxford. 8vo. 1791. 

'ilip Fnith of Otholics confirmed by Scripture, and Best, ThOMAS,» Minister of the Chapel 

jtcte^tcii by the Fathers of the first five centuries of atCraciley, near Stourbridge. 

the Church, 8vo. 1B13. A True StHte of ihe Casit, or 11 Vindication of the 

Berry, Rev, Dissentccs from the MiMT{}reseDt»tion of Robert Fo- 

The Dttty of National llianksgivio?, a Sermon ley, M. A. in Uis Defence of thte Church of Kngtaad, 

preacbed on tlte Fast D»y, 181C. &vo. 179^. 

Berry,Robert, Esq. a native of Scot- Betham, Miss Matilda, daughter of 

land. During a residence in Italy with the Rev. Williani B. 

his two daughtrrs, thev became a&- e^^«»« and other small Poems, i««o. 179B—- A 

quaintrd with Horatio Walpole, after- ^'^I^P^'^^lLS^^^'r"'^ °^ "**'*T^ ^''*"' ^*'* 

• IT j^^ri u ..i''^j^Li. »nd ISmo. 18M. — Foems, or. 8vo. 1808. 

uar^ls Lord Orford who at lus death be- Betiiam, Rev. William, of Stonham 
qucat!,ed to the latter handsome le^ ^^ j Suffolk. 

gacieS, and to the lather the copy-right of OenealoRiraJ Table, of the Sovereigns of the World 

his works, which is said to. have prO^- from the ea^l^est to ihc present period, fol. 1795.— 

duced 3,000l. Mr. B. accordingly under- The History of Ene!i-,h Baronets and such Baronets of 

took the task of editor, and the preface acotland,ftsarcof English Families, 5 v. 4to.l80li5. 

was written by one of hiS daughters. Br.TTr.swoRTH, John, Master of an Aca- 

Work* of UoraUo W ilpole, £arJ of Orford, 5 v. roy. ' demv, Chelsea. 

4to. 1798. , Grammar F.pitomised, ISmo. . . > — The UoiTersftl 

BerrV, WlLlIAM, fifteen years clerk Reckoner, 8vo. 1778 — Aritlimeuc in the first four 

to the Registrar of the College of Arms. Fundamental Rules, avo. 1779.— A-Sy$tem of N«val 

An Inuoduction to Heraldry, 8vo. fSlO. Mathematics, 12mo. 1787. 

Berwick, Rev. Edward, Vicar of Beva.\s,Joun. 

Lcixlip, Co. Dublin, and Rector of Clon- A Defeye of the Christian Doctrines of the Society 
', 1 V' T ^^^r^^A ¥...1......^ . - *: r of Friends, ucuiust the Charge of Sociniamsm, and 

Bisn, Co. LonEiord, Ireland, a native of .. ,., , t» » • j .. r 1 o « ii«^< a nrut- 

fc, ' -'1 ' , ' , _, . Its Cimich DiSLiuljnc vindicated, 8vo. 1805. — A Bnet 

the County of Down, educated at 1 riOlty view of tl»e Doctrtnes of the Christian Religion, aa 
,Co]leLe, Dublin. While a student in professed by the Society of Friends, ISmo. ISU. 

that seminary in 1775, Mr. B. was distin- * Bevan, Joseph Gurney. 

guished for his spirited and successful A Refouiion of some of the more modern misrepre- 
opposition to the arbitrary proceedings senUtlouaoftljeSociety of Friends commonly called 

of the then ProVost, Hutchinson, who Q«ake". 8^^. i300.~a si,ort Accoiint of A^ life 

^^^»;.,^^ u:.*. ^f u;» .^».^u:» A.- ^ * ^^^ Writings of Robert Barclay, Hmo. 180e.— Mo- 
deprived hlrtiof his scholarship for re- ^^^^f ^^ Life of Isaac Pennineton, 8VO. 1807- 
flismg to vote in tavor of a candidate of The Lifeoftlie Apostle Paul as related in Scripture. 

his recommendation to represent the evo. i807.>-a Reply to so much of a Sermon by h. 
University in Parliament. Mr. B. ap- rhiiip Dodd, a» relates to die Scmpie of the Quak«r» 
pcaJed to the visitors of the College, who, *g*^' •" Swearing, svo. i808.--Thoufihts on Re*. 
in the absence of the ChanceRor and Z^Lfr^.lu^\^ ' *^'' 

Vice^hancellor, are the Archbishops of Beverley, Mrs. Charlotte. 
Armagh and Dublin. During three days ^..^ ^„ Misceiianeou* Subject, composed «>d — 
the prerosativesofthe Academical Sove- Ucted. evo. 1792. 

reign, and the privileges of ttie freehold* Beverley, John, M. A. one of the Es- 
ers were solemn jy disc! issed in a crowded quire Bedells 6f the University of Catti- 
Hall, and by the deliberate sentence of bridge, and Proctor of the Vice Chan- 
the judges, Mr. B. was in the most ho- cellor's Court. 

OOrable manner restored to his situation The Poll for the Election of two Representatives ia 
in the College. Soon afterwards he en- I^Hamont Tor the university of Cambridge, Apr. 

tered into holy orders, and was collated ^^^: ®^'*-7^\^?** *'^p.'*'"m " ^"^^f '//. p' ^"Z 

m..«u 1^ 1*^ Tk T»'i. rrk writing and publishing a Pamphlet, enutied *• Peace 

by the late Dr. Percy, Bishop of Dro- .nd Union recommended to the H««dated Bodieaof 

more, to the Vicarage of luliylish, Co. of Republicans, and Anti-Repabiicaus,'*8vo. 179s.— Th« 

J>OWn; which he resigned in 1795/ on Poll for the Election of a Representative in Parlia- 

obtaining his present preferment. His "««»' f®' ^»« University of Cambridge, Feb. i8o6» 
publications are : Sl^-S** ^f*? ^'''t."*' ^^^'^ ""L ^^"f^l* 

Vt.«rfAi. . *«. ^^^.,.. Mar. «6, «nd for a Keprcsenutive, Mai. 27,1811, 

The Life of ApolloniusofTyansM from the Greek widi 3^0 r ' 

Vom and Illustrations, 8vo. 1810. — A Treatise on C* -n t« r *.i.^ t— 

the Oovemment of Uie Church. Wmo. I811.-The ^ BevILL, R^JBT.RT, Esq. Of the Inner 

livee of Marcus Vuler lus, Mcs>ala Corvinus, and Temple, BamSter at LaW. 

Titus Piomponins Atticus, with Notes, post 8vo. A Treatise on the Law of Homicide and of Larcenj^ 

1819* at Common Law, 8vo. 179B. 

Bear, R«v. HEKaT, M. A. of St. Mary Bewick e, Robert, merchant. 

lAagdalen College, Oxford. Triples of the several Europeaa ExefaaqBea» abeiwiof 

The CMitiaB Relitioo defended egafost tiM VbUo- the iralao d any ram of money in all the piiadpal 
•ophcn ftBd Rttobttcuis of Rraate, 9vo. 1799«— piao8iol£arop«,Sv.4to. IMS. 

lie. Cal. D 


BewleY, Richard, M. D. conducted, Svo. laoi.—A sermon preached befon 

A TrcaUse on Air. coutainlog new Experiments and «*>« Soriety for MUsions to Africa and Uie East, 8vo. 

Xlio«glit3onConibwition,8vo. 1791. lOW.— The True Basis of National Confidence in 

BlANCUI M. \. Seaiou-, of DiMreis, a Sermon, 8vo. 1805. — ^Ibe Briiiak 

Levity and So/row,*aVennan Story. 2 v. ICmo. 18(». "'"";* ^" *' ^^^^' 8vo. UWQ. 

BicuENO, James, M. A. a Bapiii^t Mi- ^ Bior ^kf, John, D. D.Chapljun to the 

Ulster and Schoolmaster, late of New- Prince Regent and the Duke ot Clarence, 

bury Berks. *"" many years Master of the Grammar 

A Friendly Address to the Jrws 8to. i7ffi.-The School, Plymouth. Being the son of a 

Signs of the Times. 01 the Overthrow ofih. Papal jcwcllcr at Plymouth, he was educated at 

Tyranny in France, the Prelude of De^ruction to that Seminary, UIkI aflcrwards at Christ 

Popery and Despotism, cp;^ts me >.-A Word ill ciuirch, (hford. He was appointed 

S>eason, or a Call to the Inhnbitunts ol Grpat Britain -r^ ^ 1 ^ :_ -10,44 J . u:i-» :_ 

to stand prepare.! for the Co.uenuenccs of the pre- K^^jpt'^U l^ecturer m 1811, and while m 

sent War. 8to. I7y5.-Tlie pr(.t.Kble Progrfss aud Is- th'C pulpit delivering the thinl of hlS dlS- 

ane of the COmiuotioiw w hidi have acitatcd Europe COnrseS, he waS scized with SCVerc Ifldis- 

sincc Uic French Kcroiutioii, cto. 171)?.— A Glance po-ition whicli terminated in total hlind- 

*t the HUtory of Christianity and of Euglish Non- ^ggj^ jj^ jj, jjOW not oulv without pre- 

conformity, Svo. 1798.— riie Restoration of the Jews i'_^^^^ 1..^ u„„ i,„„„ ^ki;««/1 K«r »k:<. 

the Crisis of all Nations. «vo.l800.-The Destiny of ^^^f^ent, but haS hccn obliged bv thlS 

the German Empire, and the Rcueral Prospects of mislortime tO reMgu the Cliracy Ot btone- 

Europe, 8vo. 2 parts 1801 6.— A Supplement to the hoUSC, from which the principal part of 

Signs of the Times, with an Answer to Mr. Faber,Bvo. his income was derived, and the mcasurc 

1807 —The Consequences of unjust Wai. a Fast-day ^f ^js afflirtioUS has been filled up by a 

»«mon. 8.'o. 1810. rcccnt aUack of uaralvsis. A statement 
BiCKERSTAFF, LsAAC, a nativc of. Ire- ^i • „ ^ .a « 11:^:.. t...,« 1 »*o 

i„^j , r*.u «. r I of his case was made public in June lo 18, 

land, and one of the most successful mo- , 1 ^-.^^^ J*- u:- xi..«,. •«„ i «« 

^1 ' 1 .• _.. TT I and a new edit on ot nis Bampton Ijoc' 

em dramatic writers. He was born . ,1 • ^^j«^ .^ I>,,.,i.,„^ « 

^1 .. .^-_ . . 1 c ti, lures annoi need, in order to produce a 

about 1735, was appointed one of the ♦• 1 r 1 r.l....„ „..,...«.•. U^ u^^ 

^ * T -J r»u^\^ a M \ ^ T 1 *und tor his future support, lie has 

pages to Lord Chcsterfifld, when Jmtq ^j.:jj.«j. 

Lieutenant of Ireland in 1746, and was ^ sermon Reached at Stonehoase. Plymouih, Oct. 

afterwards an Othcer ot Marines. \\e 1736, before the subscribers to a .Sunday school. 4to. 

are informed by the Editor of the last —a sermon on the laying of the Fouudation-^tone 

edition of the Riographia Dntmaiica, of St. George's Chapel, East Stonehousfc, 4to. 1787- 

(Mr. Stephen Jones) that •* he is said to —Elegy supposed to be written on re-x-isiting ihe 

be still living at some place abroad to ri"*^,**^ \''*'rir^^'Ji'^^ 

,.« il-u*. 1.1. the slave-trade, 4to. 1788. — A Sermon before the So- 

which a deed without a name has ba- eieiy of Free and Accepted Ma«)ns, Sept. 28. 1790, 

nished him, and where he exists poor (the day appointed for the interment of the Duke of 

•nd despised by all orders of people." He Cumherlimd. Gr^nd MasPnrof England) 4IO.— Poems, 

is the Author of: *•*• 17i>*'.— Sermons on Various Subjects, v. 1, 8vo. 

Leucothoe. dram. poem. 8vo. 17a6.-Tliomas and *795. v. 2. 1790, v. 3, 1808.-The Sea. a poem. Svo. 

_,„. -Daphne and Amintor. com, op. .. 

ThePlawI>ealer,com.8vo.l7i56.-Loveintheaty. WOO.~Yo«ih, a poem, 8vo. 1808.-Pbetical Works, 

«om.op.8vo. 17fl7.-Lionel and Claris, com. op. ""'' 8^°' 180*.-! nlroduction to the Study of Geo- 

8vo. 17C8.-The Absent Man, far. Svo. 1768.-^The ^raphy, ICmo. 1808.-The Truth and Consistency of 

Royal Garland, operat. interl. Svo. 1768.-11:0 Pad- '^'^'°*^ KevelaUon. with Remarks on Uie contrary 

lock, com. op. 8vo. 1788.-1110 Hypocrilr, com. 8vo. ^^^^^'^^^ «» Infidelity and EnthusiHsro. in 8 dls- 

1768.— The Ephesian Matron, com. sketch, 8vo. 1769. «>""'=» preached at Hampton's Lecture in 1811. 8vo. 

—Dr. Last in his Chariot, com. Svo. 17(Vi._The Cap- T*»*" ^ «*• • * P®*^"' ^"^^^ ****•. 
live, com. op. Svo. 1769— A School for Fathers, com. BlOG, JaMES, a native of the United 

op. 8vo. 1770.— 'Tis well it's no worit, com. Kvo. States of America, and a companion of 

17T5.— Tiie Recruiting Serjeant, mus. ent. 8vo. Miranda in his expedition to South Amc- 

1770 — He Would if he Could, burl. 8\'0. 1771. j.jj.a. 

— ^Tlie Suitao. far. Svo. 1775. To him has also been „,.„.. ^ „. . , « ^ » . «• » t* 

— 'u J .iM. o ..:i-.i ^1-1.1 £.. o ,r ,- The History of Miranda's attempt to effect a Revo- 

a.cnbed : The SpoUed Chdd. far. Bvo. U... ,^^^^ .^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^.^^^ ^^ ,^ 

BiDDULPB, Rev. Thomas 1. :\Imister b,gof., Thomas, A. M. 

of St. James s, Bristol, and Chaplain to considerations on the state of Parties, evo. 179*^ 

the Dowager Lady BagOt. An Address to the inhabitants of Noribumberlaod 

An Elegy occa.sioned by the Deatli of W. B. Cado. uid Nnwrabtle-upon-Tyne, who pctitiotted 

gan, A. M. 4to. 1797. — Kssays on Select Parts of the the two Diils lately depending in Parliament, Svo. 1795. 
Litutgy of the Church of England, 1-mo. 1798, 3d edit. BlOLAND, JoilN, a native of JjkirlaUffh, 

3 V. i2mo. i8i2.-Lctter to John iiey. occasioned by j^ HoUlemess, Yorkshirc, formerly Mas- 

lits PublicatioD entitled :'< Tlie important Question . r^i_oi_i*.r» 

atia»ue;'avo. 1804.-^ An Appeal to. PubBcimparti. ^er of the School ttt Rossington near 

aJity oa the ipanoer in which the dispute conoem- Doiieaster, DOW resident at Finningley. 

iag " the Important QuoKioa at Isaoe," hat btea Otflectloat on tlM BeaonrecCion and Ascension or 


Christ, 8TO. 1603.— Letters on the Study and Use of graphy there are two German transla- 
Aacientaiid Modern Historj. i«ino. 1801.— Letters ^qxvs,^ and OHC in the French language. ' 

on the Jfoderu History and Political Aspect of Eu- ^ ^ j ^j g ^-^ ^ 

rope, 8vo. 180*.— Essays on vanoas Subjects, 2 v. jv.«.o ^ • ^^ «. ^um^ i.»ic 

8Fo:i805.-LmcrsonNaturaiHistory,i2mo. 180(5. " Correspondence between ihe Count- 

— A System of Geography and History, 5 v. Ovo. eSSCS of Pomlret and Hertford,'' all the 
1809^-IIistory of Eumpe from the Peace of 1783, to copieS of the SeCOnd editlOQ of which 

tbe present umc, « v. 8vo. 1811.— 'flic Philosophical ^^^ destroyed by the fire that consumed 

Wanderers or the History of the Tribune and the ^^^ priming office of Mr. Glllett. He haS 
PriesUss of Miuerra, 12mo. 1811 — The Boauties of ^ "^ . , o ^ , , 

England and Wales, t. i6, containing Yorkshire, 8vo. «>r Several years past been engaged upon 
iai«.— The History of England from the earliest pe- a " History of Hampshire,*' undcftakcn 
rtod to the close of 18W, « v. 8vo. 1813. Under very powerful patronage and sup- 

BiGLAND^ Richard, Esq. son of port. 

Ralph B. a Tour in North Wales during tbe Summer of 1796, 

Historical. Moacmental, and Genealogioal Collec S v. Svo. 1800.— Animal Biogniphy or Anecdotes of 

tioDs relative to Ae County of Gloucester, printod Uie Lives, Manners, and Economy of the Animal 

from the original papers of the late Ralph Bigland, Creation, 3v.8vo. 1802, 4Ui edit. 1813.— The £co- 

Esq. principal King of Ams, fbl. 1791> v. 1, and ten nomy of a Cliristian Life, % v. ISmo. 1808.— Memoirs 

numbers of ▼. 8. of British Quadrupeds, v. 1, 8vo. ISOSIli — Biographi- 

BlGLAXD, William. ^^ Dictionary of the Musical Composers of the three 

The Mechanic's Guide, or a Treatise on t)ie Laws of I^t Centuries, S v. Svo. 1813. 
Mechanics, as they relate to Wheel-machines, Svo. BiNNS, ABRAHAM, 

■*T97- T" o * c • Remarks on a Publication entitivd, •* A Serious Ad> 

BI^OLEY, James, Esq. F. S. A. Senior monition to the Disciples of Thomas Paine and other 

Commissioner of the Stamp Office, one of infidels," svo. 1796. 

the most eminent Bibhomaniacs and Col- Birch, John, formerly Army Surgeon, 

lectors of rare Prints of the present day. Surgeon Extraordinary to the Prince Re- 

Statufes relating to the Stamp^uties. 4to. 1775. gCUt, and SurgCOU lO St. ThoiUaS^S Ho&- 

BiNCHAM, Peregrine, Rector of Ens- pjtal. Mr. B. is one of the most stre- 
ham, Dorset, and Chaplain of H. M. S. nuous opposers of Vaccination. 

Agincourt, son of the Rev. George B. on the Efficacy of Electricity in removing Female 

Dikscrutious, Essays, and Sermons, by the late George obstructions, 8vo. 1779, 4th «l»t' 1798.— Letter to 

Bingiiam, B. D. to which are prefixed Memoirs of jjr. George Adams on Medical Electricity, Svo. I792. 

his Life, 2 v. Svo. 1801.— An Answer to the Beply _An Essay ou the Medical Application of Electri- 

or Dcfcnec of the Rector of Critchill, Svo. 1805.— rity, Svo. 1803.— Reasons for objecting to the Pi»c. 

Pains of Memory, a poem, fc. 8vo. 1811. tice of Vaccination, Svo. I8O6.— Copy of an Answer 

Bingham, Rev. Richard, B. A. edu- to the Queries of tlie London College of Surgeom, 

cated at New College, Oxford, some time and of a Letter to the College of Physicians respect- 

a Fellow of that Society, afterwards Mi- ^K^he Cow-pox svo. iW.--Tiie Fatal Effects of 

r^x^tPT ofOosnort C'lmnfel and latelv cm- Cow-Pox Protection, 12mo. ia08> (Hnon.>-A Report 
niStCrOf LrOSpon CnapCl, ana Uteiy CU- ^^ ^^ Xrue state of U»e Experiment of Cow^wx, 

rate of Maresneld, Sussex. In 1810, ig^Q, 

this Di vine, on a strong suspicion of hav- g, j y, CapUin of the Royal En- 

ins: written threatening letters to some oineers. 

of the parishioners, and set his house on 

wumry immediately, and has published : . '^ ^^^^^ Volunteers, born in 

Karrativc of the Circumstances which caused and atr - 1 ® .^^^ j * j *. a* /■> r j» 

tended his trial, Svo. 1811. Loudon, 4757, educated at Mr. Crawford's 

Bingham, Thomas. Academy, Newington Butts, and appren- Triamph of Truth, or Proofii of the Autiicntieity ticed to his father, a pastry-<ook in Com- 

ofthc Bible. 1800. hill, where he himself still continues to 

BiNGLEY, William, A. M. F. L. S. carry on the same business. Mr. B. dis- 

of Christrhurcb, Hants, and late of tinguished himself for many years as an 

St. Peter's College, Cambridge, a native energetic speaker in the Common Counr 

of Yorkshire, w^ho being lelt an orphan cil, to which he was elected in 1781, and 

at a very early age, was designed by was a strenuous supporter of the princi- 

his firiends for the profession of the pies and administration of Mr. Pitt. In 

law, in which he was for some time edu- 1789 he was chosen Deputy, and in 

cated. His own inclination, however, 1807 Alderman of his Ward, and in 1813 

leading him to prefer the church, he served the office of Sheriff of London and 

went in 1795 to Cambridge, and whilst Middlesex. In 1778 Mr. B. married a 

an undergraduate there, made two Tours daughter of the late Dr. John Fordyce, 

in Wales, which furnished the subject of bv whom he has a family of thirteen 

his first publication. Of his Animal Bib- children. He has published :— 






CoMiKii or Thottfhts Ob sevenl Subjects. 18mo. of the Young Rosclus, laot.— Binntashwa Directofy. 
17&J.— The Abbey of Ambreibury, 2 pan- 4tn. 8vo. isnn. 

178^9 —The Adopted Child, uios. dram. 8vo. 1795 
—The Smugglers, raus. dram. 8vo. I7g().— Fust 
AMeep, mus. mt. Bvo. 1797.— Speech in tlie Common 
Couocii ai^iiinst the Roman Catholic rcnitir>n, Jivo. 
1805.~^(eocu in tlje Couimon Cnumil on tlie Ad- 
mission ol VA^ihtU to bold Coinmi4»ious in the Army 
Mar. 5, 1<J07. 

BincH, Rev. WALirn, D. D. Fellow of 
Magdalen College, Oxford. 

A Sermon preached at the Parish Churcli of Tro*-- 
bridge, Oct. 25, 18(«). 

BiRciiALL, Samuel, of Leeds. 

A Dftsrriptive List of the Provincial Copper Coins or 
Tokens issued between 17i«) nnd 179^1.1797. 

Bird, James Barky, Esq. of New Inn, 

The Laws filpecting Landlords, Tenants and 
Lodgen, 8\'o." 17j>4. gtli edit, latk).— The Uus rt-- 
sporting MasteiTj ^d SiTv^nt-,. flvo. 179.'), 5th »\lit. 
I8O6.— Tiic Laws resjctttun Will.,, Ttstrtments, aud 

Codicils, Bvo. 1795. jtli edit. li]o6 The Laws re- 

specUnjf Parish Matters. 8vo. 5th wi«t. IHOB.— The 
Laws rcspertinn 'litlie?, Bvo. 4t]i edit. I809.— Tlie 
Laws reHnecting Commons and Commoner'*, Bvo. 
Sd edit. 1806.->Laws retpeitins IIijrhwa}s and Turn 

Bla( K, Rev. Dr. 

Sub>tance of two Sp«>echfs de'ivercd by him in the 
general Synod of Ui>tc.', i.t its Annual Meeting in 181S. 

Black, Jami-s, of Moiik'n, Jjiirrey. 

Obsei villous <'n ttie Tillat^c of tlie Earth, and Um 
lo^Lruuienu a-iipiei to tliia end, 4lo. 1778. 

Black, John, utColyion. 

The LifL* of Torqu:<tu Tas<o. with an Histoncal and' 
Critical Account olhjs writin?^, 2V. ♦to. Cdin. 1810., 

Black, John, an ol^ccr of llie ship 

Ladv Shore. 

Authrntic Narrative of the Mutiny on board tb« 
TianspOiC L<id> SUote, Mro. 179B. 

Black, John, reporter to the Moroiog 


A Political K^-nv on the kin^rlom of New .Spa^n from 
tlir ridi.h iA llu-n'ooldt. 4 v. V,\o. 1810-12.— ^Tra^fla 
tnro;i T.'i Noru.iy and Lapland in 1806-7. from t5:e 
Genn ID of T'.iich, with Notes and u Life of thr Au- 
thor by Proi. >M»r .lajTuson, 4to. 1813, a work of very 
con ,1 If r,. bit*. uUfrr t '.ccordinij to the Ediubun^ Re- 
\i«uir^.— AJtTi. iro ot Goldjni (the cclebraled Ita- 
lian nramat.:>ij from the Irench, 2 v. 8vo. 1813. 

Bi A( K, William, M. D. Member of 

pike road», Bvo. 2d edit. iao6.— Laws respecUng Ira- the lliiVd] College of PhvsicianS, and of 

veiiers and Traveiiinq, 8vo. 2d edit. 1808.— Ail the scveraf Literaiv Societies; resident in 

preceding are printed together under the title of: PiccaihUv 

Law Selections; containing Treatise) on such divi- 
sions of the Law as arc of the most eenerul Use and 
Importances v. Bvo. I8O9.— The Kew Pocket Con- 
veyancer, or Attorney's Complete Pocket Book, 2 v. 
12mo. r,gO, 2d edit. IBIO — An Assistant to tlie Prac- 
tice ofCon\eyancing, 12mo. 1796.— Original Prete- 

Ohs< 'oiis on the Small-pox and Tnoculation, Svo. 
1701. — ITi.stonc<l Sketch of Medicine and Surgery, 
fnnii tin ir orivrin to tlie pre-^cnt time, 8vo. 1782. — 
Com I urative View of the Mortality of the Human 
Specie) at all acps, 8vo. 1788. — Reasmis for |Kre- 

chant, of London. 

Proposals for paying off the whole of the National 
Efebt, and reducing Taxes immediately, 8vo. 1799. 

Brnn, J. 

Versc!iuir"s Onition ot> the Evil of a pervert Imita- 
tion of tlie old Economy in a Chnauau City and 
Church truosiated, 1812. 

Bird, John. 

The Castle of ilardajnc, rom.)2 v. 12mo. I795. 

Birrell, Andrew. 

Henry and Almeria, trac. 8vo. 180C. 

Birt, Isajah, Minister of the Baptist 
Church at Piy mouth Dock. 

A Vindication of tiie Rat)ti*ts. in 3 letters, 1795. 

B;rt, Joun, one of the Secretaries to 
the Hull Au\ih:irv Bible Society. 

The Conver.vitioiis of l,rastu? n.'id Tropljimtis on the 
Doctriue of di-tinguisbin.!; Grace, ICmo. 1813. 

Bishop, Mary, daughter of H. Bishop, 
Esq. of Liverpool, autlior of 

Poetical T.-iles aiid AfiaceJlauies, 1812.— St. Oswald 
aud otiicr I'ocws, 1813. 

BrssET, J. Proprietor of the Picture CuTate orWestDerbVchapelj^n^ 
CJallery, Reading, and Public News Room vcrpool. 

in ClenieiiS'-Street, and also of the Mu- Four sermons preached in the Kew Church, LivwP- 

seum in Upper Union-street, Leamington P^*>'' ^°- 1812.— statement of tiie Circumstanca 

Spa, late of Birmin&;hain. which led to the prosecut.o'n of the King v. Blacow, 

A Poetic Sur\'ey round Bimiingliam. 8vo. 1800.— ^^"-^Sl^- ' r^ *o^m 

Songs on Uie Pe^e, 1802.-Ti,e Converts, a Moral BlAGDEN, FraNCIS WlLLIAM. iD 1805 

TUe recootmending the practice of Humanity, &c. tQis gentleman suifeied an' imprisonment 

8vo. 180«.<*-Critic«l Essays on the DranuMic £asay9 of SIX monlhs In the KlDg'S Bench, aS tbf 

Insanity, Qvo. 1610. 

Black ALL, John, M. D. Physician to 
the Devon and Exeter Hospital, and^to 
the Lunatic Asylum near Exeter. 

ObsenMtiuus on die Mature and Cure of Dn^isaes, 

Cvo. Ibl'^. 

Bla( KBunxF., Francis, LL. B. (son of 
tlie Archdeacon.) He has edited : 

Tlio Works of Francis Diackburne, M. A. late ArHw 
dc :>.ron of Cleveland, with some Account of his U^t 
and Writings, 7 v. Bvo. ISO*. 

Blackburne, William, M.D. of New- 

Facta and ObservaLions concerning Scarlet Ferer, 
Bvo. 1L03. 

Bi ALKMor.E, TfiOMAs. Sce JoNES, Wm. 
Blackball, Jonathan, Goory, near 

Divine and Interesting; Extracts, or the selected 
Beauties of Joseph ilail, D. D. Bp. of Exeter ao(' 
Norwich, Bvo. 1796. 

Blacow, Hev. Richard, B. A. lately 




author of a suppressed pamphlet with the 
sisnatiire of Aristide<«, reHectini; on the 
naval administration of Karl Si. Vincent. 
In 1809, Mr. t5. launched slill fdrtlicr into 
the tempestuous ocean ot poUticii, and 
commenced a Sunday paper under the 
title of the Political f'egiMer, in avowed 
opposition to that of Cobbett, but was 
rumed by the speculation. lie long 
bad in his possession a copy ofT/ie Book, 
as it was emphatically denominated, and 
announced hi« intention ot'pubiis^hing its 
conteots in his paper, but was prevented 
by an iiyunction from Ibe Lord Chancel- 
lor. Besides some anonymous pamphleis, 
he has published -. 

Modrni Diacoveiies or a Collection of FiictsHmi Obser- 
vations pnncipally relative to Natuml Hbtoty, 2 v. 
ISmo.lSOS. — (In Association with tbr lat« Rev. F. Vte- 
Toat) MooTiuki, or Select Extiacts from tlie works of 
Dr. J. Sloorf, 2 v. ISiJio. 1802. — ^Travcb in ^^frica from 
the Frrnch of Golbcrry, 2 v. 18mo. i802.— Travels 
in Egypt from the French of Denon, 2 v. ISmo. 1003. 
-—Travels through tiie Soutliern Provinces of the 
Russian Empire from the German or TallM, 4 v, 
jemo. 1803.— Fowers of literatuic, l&08-ia09, 7 Vk 
ISno. 1803, (published in annual Voiumes, the 
•ariy ones compiled in associtUion with the late Rev. 
F. PievMi.) — ^I'he Gnuid Contest delii>crately con< 
sidered, or a View of the Causes and probable Con. 
s«qucncps of the tlireMtcned Invasion of Great Brit- 
ain, 8to. 1803. — Remarks on a Fiunflilet entitled 
Obaarvatioos on the Concise Statement of Facts by 
Sir Home Popham, published under the name of 
JEaehinca, 8vo. 18U5. — Ttifi Life and Worlcs of Gnoree 
Moriik&d, foU 1806.— History uf the Life of Lord Kel- 
sou, fol. 1806. — 'Cht MoUfm Gcogi-apher, 5 v. Bvo. 
1807* — Laughoroe's Fables of Flora with a Life of 
the Author, 181?.— The .Situation of Great Brituiit 
in toil from the Frrnc:) oi Montgaillard, 8vo. 1812. 
— History of Ancient end Modem India (to accom- 
paaj Doy ley's European in India) 1813. — Letters to 
tlie Phnceis of Wales cooiprisiug Uie only truo His- 
tory uf the cch brdted Boo%. 8vo. 1C13. 

BLAcr-Avr, J. j\olary public. 

Laws forrcguiatiug Bill) of Esihaogc, ICmo. J783* 
7 til edit. 

Blaini, Delarere, Professor of Ani- 
mal Medicine. 

Anatomy of tlie lionr, ful.--A Concise Description 
of the Diittemper tu Dos;^, with an Art-duut of an 
Efficacious Remedy fui it, l8mo. 18iX>. - - 1 l»c Outline* 
of the Veterinary Art, 2 v. Bvo, 18fi2. — A Poincstic 
Treatise on the Dhtca've^ of Uorsct* and lUiffi,' 12mo. 

Blair, William, A. M. Surgeon to 

I the Lock Hospital, and forinurly to the 

Asylum and Old Fimbury Dispensary'; a 

gentienian eminently skilful in his pro* 

fession. He has written : 

The Soldier's Friend, or the Means of Preserving the 
Health of Military Men, li^uio. 179a.-~£ssays on the 
• Venereal Disease, 8vo. 17C)B.— Authxopoiogy or tlie 
Katoral History of Man, 8vo. IBOj.— The Vaccine 
Contest, 8vo. 1806. — HiaU for the Considcratloii of 
Parliament on the supposed Failures of Vaccinu. 
Aon, 8vo< 1806. — Prostitutes Reclaimed and Peni- 
tents ProtaciM, b«ittg an Answer to some ObjeeUoos 
4faiost the Femaie Peuitcntiary, Qvo. lOOQ.— Stric- 

BLA 29 

tun's on Mr. Hale's Keply to the Pamphlets lately 
piibUsheil in Dtfence of tlie London Peoitentiiiry, 
Bvo. laOi).— Ihe Paiitor and Deacon Examined, 09 
Rif marks on the Rev. John Tlioroas's Appeal in Vindi- 
oallm of Mr. Ilale^g chunictei, and iu opposition to 
i'cmitle PeuiLrnti<uir..<i, Bvo. 1810- 

Blake, Sir Trakcis, B.irt. of Twisel 
Castle, Durham. He succeeded his fa- 
ther, the first Baronet in 1780, and mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander 
Douglas, Esq. late chief of the British 
settlement at Bussorah. 

The Eiticacy of a Sinking Fund of One Million per 
annum consitlnred, 8vo. 1785. — I'he Propriety of an 
actual pnjmc nt of the Public Debt considered, 8vo. 
ITKf),— The True Policy of Great Britain considered, 
bvo. 1787. — Tliesc pieces were le-pubiishcd collect- 
ively und«,r liie title of Political Tiact», 8vo. I79O, 
2J f'tlit. 1795. 

Blak e, Geopge, formerly supcrintendr 
ent to the King's Breweries. Mr. B. has 
for more than 20 years conducted the 
brewery of John Abbott, Esq. of Canter- 
bury. He claims the merit of having 
discovered a methorl by which consider- 
ably more than half of tne specific weight 
of good malt is obtained in the extract, and 
upwards of SO per cent more firom the ' 
hop than was ever attempted before. He 
has also lately announced the discovery 
of the means of producing genuine fer- 
mentation without the aid of yeast 

Strictures on a New Mode of Brewing, lately intro- 
duced into liis Majesty's Urewhousp, Londoi)3vo,]Qf91. 

Blake, J. llallwood Academy, near 
Runcorn, Cheshire. 

The Universal Piece-writer, Header and Reciter; a 
Collection of detached Moral Suutences in Prose 
aod Verse, Svo. 1811. 

Blake^ Mark; 

Letter to the Clergy of tlie Church of Sootland, 8vd« 

ti L A K F,, Ro B r ItT, M . D. » 

Ei>«y on the Structure r.nd Formjition of the Teeth 
in Man and various AninmU, 8vo. 1801. 

Blakf, W. 

Kinc; Kdward the Ihird, a drama, Svo. 1783. 

Blake, Wili iam, Ebq. F. R. S. of 
Portland Place. 

ObservHUons on the Priuripips wliirh regulate the 
Course of Exchani;e, tivu. 1310. 

Blake, Wiiuam, an eccentric but 
very ingenious artist, formerly 6f Her- 
cules Buildings, Lambeth, afterwards 
livintr at Felpham in Sussex, and princi- 
pally the engraver and publisher of his 
own (l(sif;ns. Among a variety of other 
pioductions, he is the author of 

Tiii.' (latcs of Paradise, illustrated by l6 engravings 
for Cliildreii, iCtno. I^mbeth, 1793 — Song:* of Ex- 
prririice, with platt-s, no date. — Ameiica, a Pio- 
pluTv, fol. Lambetli, 1791. — Europe, a Propliecy, do. 
17l)i. — A Descriptive Catalogue of Pictures, Poeti- 
cal and iiiatorical inventions painted by lumMif, in 
Water Colours, JlSino. Lond. 1800. 

. Blake, Mr. 
Speech relative to the Privilege of the H. of Con- 






ytn, at « Meetiog of the Frccliolden of Middlesex, 
»ru. IBIO, 

Ulakkway, Rev. John BnicKDALr, 
M. A. F.S.A. Minister of St. Mary's, 

A Sermon i;n the Tlianlt««;iviiij» l>uy. Dec. 5. iftO.'i, 
9vo. -An Attcint't to asccrUia the Author of Juuiu^'s 
L«ttei% avo. iU13. 

Blakky, — . 

A shortllbtnii.'Hl Arrount of tl)c TBvent ion. Theory, 
aod Prftctk-e of I'hv-raHrhmd), 8vo. 1793. 

Ri.AxciiARD, J. 11. short-hand writer. 

Tri^t of .luhn Home. Tuukt' fur Ili<:li 'Ireasou, at tiie 
Old BailcN. Nov. 17'jt, '2 v. Uvo. 17i)j. 

Blanc liAKO, Pr.Ti a. 

The New I^ Bniyere. '2 v. ISno. IWfi. 

Bi.ANriiARDandliAM vv^ , Messrs. short- 
hand writers. 

TrirtI of Hichiird THtch. 8vo. 115(K).— Trial of ()rn»r.»l 
Mhiir-liH^f, C V. Cvo. l*u«.— In..! of Ix)r.l ]'..••« t lor 
C'liui. Colt, witli L;uly \V>II<•^1• y. 8vo. lBOv». — The 
frocecdiittrf in the Clirtcrcl against Uruiidon, 
8vo. lliiiy. 

Uland, J. 
A lU^futiiUoiiui tJic Charge hroii;:ht ai^ainst Man^iiis 
W'tlle^ley, re«*ptcliiiu: tlu- Nahob ufOudc, Bvo, imi7. 

Bi.AND, Kcv. R. Tel low of bt, John*2i 
Coll. Cambridire. 

A It'cbraical Problems witli tlu ir. Solutions, roy. 8vo. 

Bland, Ron CRT, M.D. F.A.S. a Vice- 
President of the Weslinin^ter Dispen- 
sary, to which he was formerly Phy.«-i- 
ciau. Besides .simie papers in the FhiL 
Tranx.y Lond. Med. Jour., and Rtes* Cy- 
clopedia, he has written : 

Oi)'>( nations on Ilumiiu atid cu Coiupiiialixc Faitu- 
ri'.i )ij, avo. 179*' 

• Hi.AXP, llev. Uopr.RT. 

Kdwy suid Klkjiva ;<iid Sir Kvcrard. Ponn'«. nvo. 180B. 
— ihe tour Slaves of Cyilura. i- ■••t. r< m. Jivo. 1W«). 
— ;A Collritinn of \\,o \v{\-\ in .iti'iil I'otwi^ of Uic 
lilinor Poets of (ireeri . wiui nt u» :uid il'iU"*tj,jtioiin, 
8vu. 1813. — ^A u of Un i>iiu't->iiiie Memoirs, 
9a:. of I'aron de Gnsnui iiiid l)i<:i-]-ot,(iu roujunciiou 
vith .Micts Plumj'tre,) 2 v. Bvo. IKH. 

Blane, SirGiLHruT, B;irt. of Blanc- 
field, Ay i shire, M. D. F. U.S. Physician 
in (Ordinary to the Prince Regent, and 
Physician to his Household. This dis- 
tinguished professional character was ap- 
pointed physician tu the fleet under the 
command of Lord Rodney, in 1780, 
which he attended in different scenes of 
active service more than three years. He 
was afterwards for some time physician 
to St. Thomases Hospital, and attained 
the dignity of baronet in 1812. Sir G. 
has recently lost an amiable daujjhter in 
the bloom of youtli, who was accidentally 
drowned in a pond at Winkfield Park, 
the seat of her uncle Wm. B. Esq. 

Observstiona on Uie Diseases incident to Seamen, 
8vo. 1785. 3d edit. — ^A Lecture on Muscular Motion, 
read before th« Royal Society, 4to. 1788.— Xbere art 

some p«)iers by bin in the Phil, Trniu., in the 
'J'raru. of t fie Bicd^ and Chir. Hoc, and in I'oiut^M 
Ann. qf Agr, 

Blank, William, Esq. F.R.S. some 
time resident in the East Indies. 

K-^^yi on Ilntirinc (hen. • an extension of a pamphlet 
pull, by .lohn Smallnian Oiurdincr in 17^^, under the 
title of •* The Art and Pleasures of II aitB-liutitiin,") 
8vo. 1781. ?(l edit, (with an Account of tlie Vuier'a 
mantior of ^ uu: in.; in the Mui^ul Empiic; Uic author 
haMu){ liiiuscli stttbUJit'd sonif of thise excuruou:«.) 
17R8. Mr. H. hj« also writlcu a |.sij,er in thePAi/. 
Trant. on t'le priMluciion of liorax. 

Bt.a(»uiii:i-, En ward, Esq. an officer 
in the Royal Navv, who while com- 
mander of a small vessel in the Mediter- 
ranean occasionuUy visited the countries 
of \\hi( h he treats in thefollowing workr 

Lrtitrs iVom ilic MrditerrsuieAn, containing a civil 
Hi < |Ktliti>-ai Arotirt of hicily, Tripoli, Tunis, and 
MhIU, 2 V. bvii. 1}513. 

Blaoi riRF, lion. Wm. eldest brother 
of Lord" De Blaqulerc, Colonel in the 
Army en hall-pay, married, in 1811, 
Lady Henrietta, third daughter of the 
first Mai q u i s 'I own s 1 1 en d , 

T!k« Hi*tory of the Thirty' Vears* War, from the G«r> 
B*n of Schiller, 2 v. fivo. 1799, 

Bi r.CBOKorcii, Ralph, M.D. Memb. of 
the Roy. Coll. of Phvs. Nelson Square, 
BUicklViars. In lb 13, he married Mrs. 
Treacher, of Bristol. 

Fi.rt > 'and OhseiA'ationis respecting tlie efllicaCT of the 
Air-{umip Vapour-batli in Gout, and other Diaeaoes, 
evo. 18«3. 

Blkk, Francis, M.A. Vicarof Tam- 
worth, Warwickshire, formerly Curate 
of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, and 
of Wisset, Suffolk. While he served the 
former of lliese curacies he was accused 
by his rector ot preaching doctrines fun- 
damentally erroneous, in a sermon deli- 
vercd \\\ his parish church. From this 
change .\Jr. B. appealed to the tribunal of 
the public. • 

Serra^.ii un Jolin vii. 17. delivered in the paruk 
church of Sutton Coldfield, Jan. 3U, 1791, wilh the 
Leilt rs tliat paved bitween hira and tlie Rev. John 
Kiband, A. M. rector, respw-tiug it, Bvo. 1791- 

Blickk, Sir Charles, Knt. Surgeon to 
St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 

On the Bilious or Yellow lever of Jamaica, 6vo. 


Mmgd, Arthur, E?q. Works, iHOtJ. 

Bligu, William, Esq. Rear-Admiral 
of the White, In 1787, being then*- a 
Lieutenant, he was appointed to the 
command of his Majesty's ship Bounty, 
fated out for tiie purpose of conveving 
young plants of the bread-fruit-tree frooi 
Otaheite to the West Indies. The shi|» 
arrived without accident at Otaheite, and 
had sailed away laden with plants whea 
a mutiny broke out, headed by Fletcher 



Christian^ the master's mate. Captain Blomfield, Charles James, A.BL 
Bligh, with such of the officers and sea- late Fell, of Trin. Coll. Cambridge, a 

men as would not join the malcontents, native of Bury St. Edmund's. On the 

to the number of eighteen, was forced Dublication of his Prometheus, Earl 

into an open boat, without arms, and a Spencer, to whom he was not known, 
venr scanty stock of provisions. After presented him unsolicited to a valuable 
suffering incredible bardbhips, the six- living in Northamptonshire. (See MbNS, 

teen survivors at length reached Batavia. J. H. and Rexnell, T.) 

The Captain on his return to England *»chyli Prometheus vlnctus, Svo. ISIO. 2d edit. 

published an account of these transac- «i2.— jEschyii septem cont™ Tiiebas, svo. 1812. 

tjons. In 1805, he was appointed go- ^ Bloomfi eld, Nathaniel, elder bro- 

Temor of New South Wales. The co- J.^^^: 5>f Robert B. born at Ilonuigtou, 

lony was then in great distress, to alle- Suffolk, 1759; by trade a tailor, and re- 

viate which he found it necessary to en- **"^"^ >« London. 

force regulations that excited great dis^ An Es^y on War, and oth«. lV>ems, l«n»o leai, 

contcnt'^in many individuals.^ In Jan. , ^^^^S^^.^^^L^^^'^^^^' ^^^" at.Honm- 

1808, he was deposed by the military, ton, Suffolk 1766, was fir^t a farmei^s 

headed by Lieut.^^Col. Johnston, who ^^^/^ ^^"^ neisbbourhood, and after- 

K»»^.r^ ««^ i.*^..»k» 4.^ *^«i r^..\u^ ^J wards a shoemaker m London, at which 

liowever, was orous^nt to tnal on the ar- » • u *• 1 * 1 • -m^y* 

rival of ihe parties'in England in 181 1, ^Vf»°^?? ^t contmued to work m 1800. 

and sentenceTto be cashiered. Admiral ^hen his firs performance was ushered 

B 's Dublications are • '"^° ^^^ ^^^^^' 

D. s pUDllcauons are . ^ , . „ . . , ^. The Farmer's Boy, a rural poem. Svo. 1800— Huml 

Nurrauve of t^te Mutiny on board Ins Majesty .ship p^,^ ^^jj^j ^^^ ^^^ 1802.-^aod Tiding. 

Bounty, and the subsequent voyag*-^ ot part of the ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^,,^ P^ ^^ 1«H.-Wild Flowen. 

crew m the »hip. boat from Tofoa, one of the f^ ^,^ i80(5.-Tlie Banks of the Wye. a poem. fc. 

Fru»dly Wands, to Timor. 4to. IJQO.-A Vq>.a«e to q^^ i811._H« Works have also been published eol. 

the Sontb Sea in his Majesty's ship Bounty (includ- l^^.^^^.^,^ j^ n ^. iq^o 

ing the preeedmj). 4to. 1798.-An5w«rs to c^^^^^^ BLORFfTlIOMAS, Esq. F.A.S. of the 

AsMftwne contained in an Appendix M a rau2i4:let. ■«.• , 1, r,-. 1 •'» ** I 

entitled •* Minutes of the Proceedings on the Court- -MlurtlC lemple. 

martial bold at Portsmouth. Aug. 12. 179^, on ten Stotement of a Corro^poiidence with Sir Richard 

penons charged with Mutiny, on board his Majesty's l*I"Hip» respecting the AnUquary's Magazine, Svo. 

•hip the Bounty.** (this Appendix was written by 1807— Tlistory of Uie County of Rutland, v. i. pt. ii. 

Mr. Edward Christian, brother to Fletcher C.) 4to. »<>'• 1813.— The first |M»rt of Uib work is not yet fub- 

179i^-ln the ISth volume of the IVan#. of the &c. l«hcd: Uie whole wHl be comprised in she parts. 

t^ Art9, ara three papers by ftept.' B. respecting the ^^- B. has likewise written a History of tlia Manor 

pl«»ts conveyed by him to tiw West Indies. of South W infield, Derbyshire, publislicd in Ko. iii. 

Bliss John Surgeon of tiie Misc€Uan<uus AtUiquities,m conUnu^tlonuf 

X>pi»mentt and 'obserSitioni 00 the Medidml ^»« BibUotheca Briunnica. l-Jiis last has been un- 

Waters of Hamp6tead and Kilbura, 8vo. 1808. der^tood to be part of an mtondcd History of Derby. 

Bliss, Rev. Nathakiel, A.M. F.R.S. X"~ " * 'o«'^^^"'°'- *° ^« ^*«- ^''^y- 

^^\t*T'^'S^'^'^' ^"'' * ''""''■ Blower, Miss Euza, born at Worces-" 

■OMion. S ▼. rol. 1799— loOS. . ^«v.« 1 i_^ t' <.i J- 

Bliss, Philip, Esq. Fell, of St. John's ^f*"' ^7?^; claughter ot a gentleman d is- 

Coll Oxford tinguished by hi3 steady attachment to 

Earie's Micro^c^grmphy. with notes. Svo. 1811.- an unsuccessful candidate for her native 

Wood's Athen* Oxonieuses, eoutinned to 1800, 3d city. Her literarv exertions, which be- 

•dit. vol, 1. 4tx». 1813. * gan at a very early age, were made with 

Blizard, Sir William, Knt. F.R. and a view to benefit her family. She hat 

A.8. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery produced the Ibllowing novels: 

to the Roy. Coll. of Surgeons, Corres- The Paraonagp-house. s v. i2rao. 1780.— Geonr* 

pondent of the Roy. Soc. of Gottingen, natemau, » v. icmo. i78£.— Maria, 2 v. ismo. 1735. 

and one of the Surgeons of the London -J'eatures from lkc, c v. lemo. 1788. 

Hospital. Sir W. delivers gratuitously ^ Bi ukdell, 1. 

rf-«i' ^-iT._ e_2i^ > *^ 4.u!L Sermons on various Subjects, 8vo. 1800. 

Chnical I^tures on Surreal Cases to the 3 Charles, optician, Tavistock- 

Pupils of the I^ndon ftospital. lie is ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

the author of some papers in the Und. ^^^ ^; Mechamcal Drawing. 2 v. r^. 4to. ISliX 

Med. Joum. and has published: Blunt J. 

Desultory HeliectJons on Police. 8vo. 1785.-On tl»e Man-midwifery 'dil»ected. or the Obstetric Family 

Dengrr of Copper and Bell-metol in Pharmaceutical ,j,,t,uctor. 12mo. 1790. 

"^.f^cT*?* ^T!fT' ""Z^'^^^Z Di'^TH, Rev. Robert, chaplain in the 

OB the .Situatiou of the large Blood-vessets of the , / ^v i» .1 j x' '^ /- 

Eaonmitiea. and the Method of maicing effectual last war to the Rutland \conianry Cu- 

Praasttre on tiw Arteries, 8vo. 1786 — Sugi^citions for valry. 

tbe imptOTement of Hosptttls and otlier dmritabld Speech on oeeasion of Uie noninatioa of a Condiil^te 

lastitatioM, 8ro. 1796. to represent tbe Cotwty of HuUand |» ruiUamcuw 






—A ScnnoD }>rc»fliC(i at Uppinsliam bcfor* tiie Rut- 
land Yeomuuiy Cavjiliy, alter tbe ConMicratloa of 
their Colours, Oct. 29, 1795, Uo. 

BoADF.^y Jamhs, of the Middle Tem- 
ple; born at \V hiif haven, 1762. He 
canie at an early ai;e to London, 'where 
he was 6rst a baiik< r*s clerk, aud nftcr- 
wards editor of the Oracle morning ncw^ 
paper. Ills prodiK tions are, 

TIlB Priwncr, niii<». n m. Bvo. 1792. — Fontainvillp 
Forest, play, 8vo. 17ji.— llir Snut Tiibuuit', tnuj. 
8vo. 179^. — A I.ettei in Cuthv Stec\fii*, r.vj. con- 
tRininc; a Critical F.xiirnm.ttion of ti.e Paprn. of 
.Shakftpearc publii^hed by Sam. Ireland, r.vo. 17«)6. — 
The ItaiiHu Mou'^, plav, 8^r^. 1797.- -Cainhio- Briton*, 
hisU play, Uvo. 17'>t — Auicjio and Mir.ii.iia, 
8to. 1799 — ^^ Kaiiij' Day. or J'oPtirMl Iinpres*i» n« 
during a St.<v at Hii<'|itii( Int.stoiu'. 4to. iroi. i'iif 
Voice of Nature, pl.iy.bvo. lJsu3. — 'Ihv MhuI of Bnv 
tol, com. 8vo. lHo;t. 

BoAK, JofiK, Hector of Brockley. 

Letter to-the Hev. T. I'vn; bvo. loOl.— lllu' i Intionn 
of Character orca«<ioned by a Letter frort Uw U«v. 
R. Lewis, publislicd in the R«v, T. JJerc's Addrtad 
to Mrs. H. Morc,8vo. U'jOZ. 

BoARDHAN, J. Somcrs Town. 

Aa Analysis of Pcnmankiiip, Bvo. ia09. 

Boardman, Jamfs. 

Linguet's Analysis and Review of Voltaire's Wnrk^, 
8vo. 1790. — A VorahulHry in the Ennli^i, T^tin, 
French, German, Ituliau, Sjumi^h, ami PorCu<>uc c 
languages, ISmo. 1811. 

BoARDMAN, TiioKAS, Veterinary Sur- 

fon to the 3d res;, of Dragoons. 
Dictionary of the Veuiiuiiry Art, 4to. IWiO. 

fioARDMAK, William. 

A System of Book-keeping on a plan entirely now, 
4t0. 1802. 

BoASE, Henry. 

A Letter to Lord Kine in De'*"cni e of the Directors 
of the Banks of Enclaud and IrcLuid, «vo. 1804. — 
Remarks on the new L^octrine of tlie suppoicd De- 
praciation of our Currency, Uvo. 1811. 

BoouE, Rev. David, A.M. a Dissent- 
ing Minister, Superintendent of the Mis- 
sionary Society's Academy, Gosport. 

An Essay on the Divine Authority of the New Testa- 
ment, 8vo. 1801. — A Catf-chism for the Use of all 
the Churdies in tlie French Empire, from tlic French, 
l£mo. 1807 . — A Sermon preached before the Promot- 
ers of the Protestant Dissenters' Grammar School, 
Mill Hdl. Heudon, . . 1806.— Sermons by tlie itev. 
Dr. Grosvenor. wilh a Preluce, hvo. 1809. (In asso- 
ciation with Mr. Burnett; Hist, of the Di!>seuters, 
S V. 8vo. I8O9. 

BoiL£AU, D. a native of Berlin. He 
studied at the University of Halle, resid- 
ed for some y<^ars in Paris, and came to 
England in 1792, where he has been 

An Essay on the Study of Statistics, . . 1807. — Let- 
ters and Reflections of tlie Prinre de IJ^e, from the 
I^^Bch, 2 ▼. ISmo. I8O9. — Introduction to tlie Study 
of Political Economy. 8vo. 1811.— Inquiry into die 
various Systems of Political Economy, from the 
French of Ganilh.8To. 1812, a work wliieh has been 
pronounced by Sir F. D'lvemois and several other 
Itamed men to be of the greatcat importance iii 
th« stady of this useful sci«nce.>-£ditor of the H^ 

moires, iVr. d« 'Huron <?e Grimm et Diderot, 4 v. 8vo. 
1013— Mr. K. ifii o the author of the Mciaoira of 

Mcsd.uncs i'ot'J.i, (ycniis, und Ue Stael, prefixed to 
tlieir \^>«rks. and w«i-« a r(<ntribiitar to the '•hoit^lived 
Kevirw, conducted b> Ux* laio Kichd. Cumberland. 

Bo]sf.r.i.iN,Ix)i'i>, Knii;ht of Malta. 

Ancient tind Mo(?ern Multii, .1 v. 4to. 1804. — Travels 
tJuouffh Dcnn)ark and .Sweden, 8 v. 4io. 1810. 

BoLAFFrv, H. V. Hebrew Master, late- 
ly Lecturer in the Talmudical College, 
Heneajxc Lane, Lont^on. 

The Alcpu Pcth, or Fir»l .Siej) to the Ilriirew Lan- 
Kuiuu, ICmo. 1H11. 

lioi.iNGBROKF.. Hfkry, Esq. of Nor- 
wich, lately Deputy Vendue Master at 
Surinam, in Guiana, wh'^re he resided 
six vcar^. 

A Vo\av;e to Dcincr.irv, 4to. ia>rt. 

Boi LAMi, Will lAM, Esq. Birristcr at 
L;iw, educated at Keatliuij Scliool and at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, where he 
obtained the .Scatonian prizes in 1797, 
8, and 0, and the Xorribian in 1809. The 
suhjects of the former were: 

MintcU'.^, 4to. 179^J.— ii.e Epiphany, 4to. 1790.— 
St. Paul at Alaen<i, 4to. 1800. . 

Bolton, Georgf., Teacher of Geogra- 

Hi ni.irk!^ on ll;e present defective state of Fire-arm?, 
Mit'. /in ¥.\\ 1 'i':<iKin ot A newly invented patent Gun- 

loik. avf». 1705. 

Bolton, James, of Halifax, Yorkshire; 
natural history painter and member of 
the Nat. Hist. Society of Edinburgh. 

Filit-e) l>rti.inuic-i*, a Ilintory of the Briti^ proper 
Ferns, 4ro. 17B5.— 4f«story of Funcuaes (trowimf 
a!M)iit [iHlifrtx, -iv. ito. 17^18-1791 Natural llistory 

ol Uiitijli .•HjU'j lliidx.a V. 4to. 1794. 

lioLTs, VViLLiAM, Esq. mady ycars ID 
the service of tlie East India Company*, 
and formerly one of the aldermen of the 
Mavor's C'ourt in Calcutta. Having in- 
ttilertd with Governor Vcrelst in his pri- 
vate trade, he was seized by him and sent 
by force to England, on a charge which 
the Governor could never substantiate. 
Berng unable to obtain his reinstatement 
in the Company's service, he went to 
Vienna, where he was employed for some 
years by the Emperor Joseph IL as chief 
director of his East India Concerns. He 
has published : 

CousiUerations on India Affairs, Part I. and II. S v. 
4to. 1772-5. 

Bond, Rev. John, A. M. late Fell, of 
Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford, Curate of 
Han well, aud Chaplain to the D, of 

The Sennacherib of Modem Times, or BoiM|Mnte ui 
Instrument in the Ilaods of Frovideoce, Bvo. laof. 

Bone, John. 
Outline of a Plaa for reducing tift Poor's Rata, Sro. 
1805.— The Principles and Refiulations of tlie Xna* 
quillity, an Institution for enabling Individuals to pr»> 
vide for Uiemselves by the payment of snwU wueklj 

If 14% 'VOW uvniQ Aunoitt. boo 9i' 

Mm, 8v». i806.-^'nie w«at» of Hm People, or Ob. which countv hc is also a Magistrate, 
jjrtiojn to the iDierftrenre of the Lo^iatare io He is a , native of Nottingharo; where 

the Afiain of the Poor, 8vo. 1807.— fhe Reaaoner, l- r^«.u^ - u i ®. l i_ 

Vo. I. I80B. "** father was a schoolmaster, who by 

Bonhote) Mrs. Elizabeth. ^l?"'' ^*^'«s had thirteen children : four of 

Olivia, nor. 5 r. 178r.->Tbe P«ental Monitor, 4 v. ^^^^^ WCre SOnS, tO whom he gave thtt 

i«>io. iTse-itgr—Dawiey Vale. nor. 9 v. 1789— n*m«s of the lour evangehsts. Dr. B. 

£Uca Woodiey. nov. fi t. 1790.— Bansay Castle, nov. was for many years minister of St. £d- 

«T. 1797.— R»«We8of Fninkiy,nov. 4v. 179 . mund's, a Chapel of Ease in Dudlev« 

Bon HOT r, P, L D. and on leaving it in 1806, to enter upon 

x^arithm Tabiei adapted to the Oikoiation of Ex. the rectory of Tedstone Dclamere, was 

bS4^ek rE^^aTeV'"^* P"^^"'^^ ^^ ^'^ congregation with » 

« M r- T> ^ • Di^ r-u 1 ^"®*'' affection and esteem for his lone, 

Bo.v>'on, Mr. C. Prospect Place, Chel- ^^alous, and faithful services." In 1812 

^pect«. of «> institution for the Kelief and Edu- ^f ^«^""^^*1 '? i^ V*"!? fr' P*"*^*^" |»^ 

ctk^ of the Opulent Blind, . . 1810. »°S presented by L.)rd Viscount Dudlw 

BoKMOR, Charles, son of a distiller in ?Sl^ o'^u ^ j® J*""'!!?. **f ^"^^p^- J^ 
Bristol, and intended for a coachmaker. ^f}^ ^^- ^- "*° the afflicUon to lose his 
His inclination leading him to prefer the f ^^^^^ '*""' ^ promising youth, nearly 
stage, he made his first appearance <*>»rteen years of age, m consequence of 
at&ih in 1777, and afterwards acted an accident occasioned at schoof by gun- 
in London, till, through the interest of P?^,f f; "^ »» ^^« *"^*^°^ ^^ • 

Mr Pnlmpr who wsu thrn #»inraapd in The lIiphlanderB, a poem, 4to. 1787.— Poems, on Sob. 

Mr. falmcr, wno was men engagea m jectsaacred.mond, and entertaining, s v. lamo. 178a. 

arranging the mail-coach system, Ue was —a sermon, preached at old Swinford, Worcester^ 

appointed deputy-comptroller of the Post^ ahire, 4to. 1788.— Miscellaneoas Poems, 8vo. 1790...^ 

Omce. Inl795besilCceeded tothecomp- A Sennon preached at St Edmund's, Dadley, fer 

trollership of the inland department, and ^^ P"^^ of eroding in it e mon«a>ent to th» 

when that office with manv others was "*™'''^ **' '^ founder, Mr. George Bradley, 8fD. 

wnen rnai omce wiui many omers was i79i._stnnou5, 8vo. 179«— Malrern. n descriptiv* 

abulisbed, he retired with a handsome »nd historical Poem, 4to. 1798.— The Hop Garden, % 

provision for life. In 1784 Mr. B. was poem, 8vo. 1799.— a Discourse on tiie Dvty and Ad. 

•ent to Paris by Mr. Harris for the pur- vantages of inoculating children with the Cow-fiQK, 

pose of negOa.iting with the court re- • '^^Z^^T^* inscribed to Lord Viscount Dudley 

^ting thftstablSh^^^^^ of an English ^ ^JSi'^ .T^tl.;: "^ r.l"^t'; 

theatre in that capital, but the project poem, 4to. laOS—ChristUn intrepidity, a Sermon OD 

faiiled. He has published : the Fast^day, laOS, 8vo.— Tobias, a poem, 8vo. 1805. 

If r. Palmer's Cfese e^ained, . . 1797*^Lotter to —Illustrations of the Litany, 8vo. 1807.— An Address 

Benj. Hobbottse, Esq. M. P. on the Subject of Mr. to Parliament on the Necessity of enlarging the Ac- 

fkliaer's Claim, . . 1800. — Vindication against certain commodatiofts in Pariah Churches, 8vo I8O9. — S«r- 

Gblonnia OB the Subject of Mr. Palmer's Claim, 4to. mon on the Jubilee, preached at St. Philip's, fiir- 

laOOt. mingham, for the benefit of tlie Infirmary in that 

BoavrCASTLB, John, Professor of .M»- town, ia09.— The Temple of Truth, or tlie united 

thematicS in the Royal Military Acade- Church of England and Ireland proved to be buUt 

mv Woolwich and Master of a urivate '**** **** Prophets and AposUcs, 8to. I8io.-Of th« 

my, WOOIWlcn, ano niasiO' or a private fouo^ing productions of Dr. B.'s pen the dates have 

seminary there. This eminent mathe- not beeira.'Jcertaincd : A Fast Sennon, with an Ad. 
nuttictan formerly kept an academy at dress to the common people on riots, .... . — a Fast 
Hackney, and was a frequent correspond- Sermon, with an Address to British Soldiers, 

ent of the London Magazine previously -a semon preached at st. Phii^s. Bimingbam, 

to his more extensive views of author- *°' ***" **"'^^ ""^ "'• **"• ^'"^^ ^^^^^^ **~* *■ 
10 lUS more extensive views ox auinor« ^^fown .—An Address to th« Dudley Loyal 

•hip. He has written : Association, delivereil at tlie CooMicratioo of their 

TlM Scholar's Guide to Antbmetk, Iftno. 1780, Colours, .... .—A PUfai Form of Christian Wor-. 

^ch edit. 1811.— Introduction to Mensuration and shi(), for the use of Worli-hooses end Infirmaries, 

Tnctical Geometry, ISmo. 178^.— Introduction to .... —Select Psalms and Hymns for Ui4 use at 

JUfebra, ISmo. ITSS. — Introduction to Astronomy, Churches, 

•*o. 1706.— Eadid's Elements of Geometry. 8vo. BoOTH, DaVID, Schoolmastei, at NeW* 

ISip.— 0«Deral Histeiy of Mathematics, from the Kyfah N. B. 

Tyench of Bo«at, Ovo. 1803 — A Treatise on Plane -, ^^l..^ «*' 't..i.^i «• tu .-^ * ^u « 

m^ <.di*ri...i Trilniwim^*. ftiir. ihoA oa mA iftio PTOspcctus of an Analytical Dictionary of the Eng* 

Cemd Go«ne of Matfaematk^ 8«o. 1810.- A Tr*a. "^'^^T *»^ "*" ^8»»* Language, 8vo. UOf. 
lise OB AJgrbim, S v. Svo. 181$. ^.. *>^TH, n. 

« «r rrv^TT* p Miscellaneous Pieces m Verse, 8vo. 1806. 

Booi^cR, Rev. Luke, LL.D, vicar of Booth Rcv. John. 
^Dudley, Worcestershire, and Rector of Medniimseo Radic«ain9igIiioresthigttssGr»c«.4to. 
Tedstone Delamere, Herefordshire, of isoi.— An Evay on the Kingdom of chnst, ..... ' 

94 B09 citinumT oajudioas. wofw ltl4 

BooTHROTD, B. Printer and Bookseller, Rouse, of Rouse Lench, Woreestenfaire, 

FoDte/>»^% Yorkshire. and Downton Hall, Satop, Bt. one of tlw 

History «( PoDtrfriicc. 8vo. iao7#— BiMm ii«braica» Coinnitssioners for auditing Public Ac- 

orii.cnrtrrw.vrirture.ofiiieoidiimi NewTwu- toiints. This gentleman in 1768 took the 

»em W.U, NoT^ Pm '•~'';^*;^°-"^<>i8"' /»"'>« nameuf Iloiise OH succeeding lotheestatt 

completed in about 80 part^, nublbhofi qoHiterlT.) • «mr i- . o ^ %• t. 

BoRiN6DON,(JoHN Parker,) Lorcl,bom m Worccb ershire. After spend ingmu^ 

1771, and succeeded hiMather, the fir^t ot h»s early hie in India, he was ticcted 

Lord,in 1789. lie waseducated atChrUt ^\' ^' <^*^ Evesham, and in 1784 appoint- 

Church, Oxford, where he obtained the f ^^^cretary to the Board of ConiiwiL 

degree of D.C.L. and in 1804 married In 1791 he was created a Baronet, but oo 

IjSiy Augusta, second daughter of the succeeding to the family baronetage^ 

Earl of Westmorland, from whom he ob- f^sumed his original surname. In 1796, 

tained a divorce on account of adultery tl« ^^^ chosen representative for Bram. 

with Sir Arthur Paget. He has sinci ber, but vacated his seat on acceptn^ the 

married another lad v, and has publii^hed : ^^^^ ^^^'^^ ^« , *"". -^ r «r ^ J?* * 

8«iMuaGeof.8pMcbinUieHottwofLordsJouefl, married the only child of Wm. Peaict 

laiD, on the PetitiiM of the Romn Catholic* of Ire- Hall, Esq. of DowntOU Hall, Salop, 

land, 8vo. 1810. Suhstauce of au AddreM to « Purochial Meetiaf kU 

BORTIIWICK, GfoROE, M.D. Kilkenny. »« CWawick to consider the pfToprieiy of a Yoluotarj 

Traatbe upon the Extra^on of the Crysulline Lens, Contrihutloa tot the Detaice of the Coutry. Si^ 

8»o. 177^^. — ^There are several ympcrs by Dr. B. in ^9**- 

]>tifK^n'$AUd»calComunmnication 9 tuid Annals qf BOCLTOV, D'ArCY| £sq. Barrister ll 

Medicine. Law. 

BoRTJttWfCK, Willi AU, Esq. sketch of the ProiriBce of Upper Canaaa»4ft». MOfw 
lB(|«iries hito ilie Origin and LimitatiouA of the Feo- BoURKE, ThOMAS, Esq. 

dai Dignities of Scotland, 8to. 177^.— Remarks oa Hi&tory of tlie Moors in Spain, 4to. 1811. 

Bri^AnUquitiea 8VO. 1776. BouRK, Thomas, of Hackucy, Teachcf 

BosANQUET, C. Esq. ^f Writing and Geography, sou-in-Iaw to 

A Letter to W. Manning;. Fjq. M.P. on the Depre- »*_ w 7>„tl<ir 

Ott the Value to Oreiit Bnfi'in of Commerce in gene- ^^^ 

ral, and of the Colonial in parti, ular, cr. 8vo. o^*^ *•**• nirwx'nii /"U. 

WOr.—Rcroarki on U»e Report of the Committ<-c,iai«. UOURNE, KOBRRT, M.D. telhOtttie 

Bosakquet, John Bernard, Esq. of Roy. Coll. of Physicians, Aldrichian Pio- 

Dncoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. fessor of the Practice of Physic in the 

(In association with Christopher PniierO Reports Univ. of Oxford, and formerly Reader i& 

of Caws argued and delenniued in the Courts of Chemistry there. 

Common Picas and Exchequer from 37 to 44 Gw. An Introductory Lecture to a Coatse of Cbcmisby, 

III. S V. fol. laoo-lttiW.— y«w Reports of Case^ in avo. 1797.-— Oratio in Hieatro Cell. Reg. Med. Load. 

the Court of Commbn Fleas from 44 to 47 Gee. 111. ex Har\'eii Instituto Habita, 4Co. tt^^^-^Jmum ef 

£ V. roy. 8vo. 1806-1806. These lleporU are oi9w Pubaoiiary CoBsumpthm treated with Vva Ursi, Sieu 

continued by Taunton. IMS. 

BossLT, M. PAbbe. Bourne, Vincent, M. A. formerly 

Thp First French Gr«mar. 1807.--A Key to FreDch Usher of Westminster Schoof. 

^versauon and Idiom, lW7.-The French Syntax. Miscellaneous Poems, 4to. 177«^P«etierf WMi» 

^o T n« »-w « r ^i_ » - ^*^ *>>• Le"««. « ▼• l«»o- 1W8- 

BosTocR, John, M.D. Pres. of the Lit. Boustield, Benjamin, Esq. 

and PhlloS. boc. of Liverpool. Observations on Burke's pamphlet oa the Mlject rf 

Am Essay on Ko>^piralfon, Parts I and II. 8vo. 1804. tlic French Revolution, 8vo. 1791. 

-^Remarks on the Reform of the PliannMreiiticiil No- BOUVERIE SuPUIA 

r*^*i\T',r''' ; • V-^f™^''* «" .^"^ Nomencla. j,t. JusUn.or tlie Hour of Trial, rom. 3 v. iteo. WM. 

rrra,::t"ttL'rT3^3ra;S^^ , bowmen, Jo„N,astone.masonol-Che^ 

Nichoi»on*$ Journal, and a contributor to the Edinb. ^^* 

Sincyclop. 'ni* Kpitaph Writer, consisting f)^ upward of lis haa> 

BoSWELL, Edward. dred original Epitaphs, l«mo. 1791. ^ ^ „ , 
A Digest of the Acts of Parli««ent for raising a BOWDEN, JoSEPH, MmiSter of Call LaM 

Provisional Force of Cavalry to tJie end of 37 Geo. ^*'*PC*> Leeds. 

111. Part T. ISmo. 17ge. * Sermons delivered to the Protestant Mmtmun # 

Boswell, Miss IL ^^' 8^°- *«^- „ 

The Idiot, nov. 3 v. 12mo. 1810. liOWDLER, MrS. U. 

• n^o».^. XT e iLW s. T» II Poetical ObservetioBe OB the Revrtatio« of St. Johft, 

Boswortu, Newton, of Merton Hall, svo, .-..Sei«ioiuo.theDociriar.andDiiCieaofCfe>is- 

UXtOrd, llon.Memb.of UieLond. Phil.SciC. tianity, Svo. Poe» and Essays. 4IO. Mad a«o» 

The Aecidenu of Uoasan Life with Hints for their — Fragments in Prose and Verse by tbo l»ic llise 

Prevention, ISnio. 1813.— Mr. B. co-operated with Rli^- Smitli, 8\'o. 1810. several editions. 

Mr. J. M. Good and Dr. Gre«Qr/ m the Dictionary BOWDLER, JoilN, Esq. M.D. formerly la 

•f Arts and Science, entitled ^^aUgia. great practice RS a Physician at Bath. 

BOUOHTO.N, Sir ChaS. Wm. BovoHTON Reform or Ruin, take your ch6lce,«n>.lTW. 





Bowi»LSB, TmomASf F. R. tnd A. S. of 
New Norfolk Street. 

I^retter* vrittcn in HoUaad itt September and Octo- 
hOTV ITV. 8v9. 1T88. 

BowEN, Captain. 

A Atatracat of Fects in Answer to Mrs. Gimning't 
letter to the Duke of Argjle, 8to. 1791« 

Bow£M, Capt. Malcolm, R. N. 

An EiMy on Uie Construction of the SaiU of Ships, 
4ta. 1805. 

Bow Eft, Alexavdeb. 

Am Account of the life of James Bcettle, LL.D. cr. 
8ro. IBM.— The lifit of iAUier, with an Account of 
tlM onrf J p r o ftfc ss of the Refonnation, 8vo. 181S. 

Bowles, John, Esq. Barrister at Law, 
a Coiniiiis6k>ner of Bankrupts, and lately 
one of the Commissioners for the sale of 
I>utch prizes; son of the late Mr. John 
B. printseller in Cornhill. 

Connderations on the rrspeclive rights of Judfl^ and 
Jury, particoiarlj upon Trials for Libel, 8vo. 1791 • — 
Letter to the Rt. Hon. Clias. James Fox» occasioned 
by hb late motion in the H. of Commons respecting 
libels, 8vo. 1791. — A Second Letter upon the matter 
e^ libci, avo. nye. — Brief deductions from first Prin- 
ciples appl/ing to the matter of Libel, beinf an Ap* 
pandis to the Second Latter, 8vo. 179S'— I'he Real 
Orounds of di^ present War with Fhmce, 8vo. 1703. 
—A abort Answer to the Declaration of the Persons 
calliag themselTOs the Friends of the liberty of the 
P ireea, Ove. 1798. — Dialogues on the Rtgiits of Bri- 
teiM, 8to. 1793- — Reflections submitted to the Con%i> 
dcnitioa of the Combined Powers, 8lro. 1794. — Fur* 
■tfMr Reflfclions, 8vo. 1795. — The Dangers of Prema- 
twe Peace, 8vo. 1795. — Thoughts on the Origin and 
VanaaUoo of Pofitical Inatitationa, Svo. 1795.— A 
Proteat against Paiue's Righta of Man, 8to. 1795. — 
Two Lettef s addreased to a British MeTrbant, 8vo. 
17O0W— A Third Letter to a British Merchant, 9wo, 
1797. — Ff each Aggression, proved from Mr. Erskiae*s 
View of the Causes of the War, 8vo. 1197.— The Re- 
traepectfOr a Collection of Tracts, ^iiblislied at vari- 
eon periods of the War, 8vo. 1799* — Reflections en 
Che Monti and Political Sute of Society at the Close 
•f tte 18xh century, 8vo. 10DO. — Supplement to the 
Kcflactioos, Bvo. 1801. — Reflections on the PolidrAl 
State of Society at the Coamaiicement of tlie ]9tli 
century, 8to. 1800. new edit, continued to 18M.— 
Acflections on the Conclusion of tlie Wnr, 8ro. 1800. 
And ed. 1801. — Reflections on Modem Female Mao- 
aen, 8to. 1802.— Thoughts 00 the lat« General Elec- 
tion, 8vo. 1802. — ^The Salutary Effects of Vigour, ex- 
emplified iu the Nottingham Act, 8vo. 1804 Ob. 

aervatioas on the Correspondence between the Aa- 
thar aad Wm. Adam, Etq. in relation to the moral 
daaraetAT of the late Dnke of Bedford, 8vo. 180».-^A 
DiapasBinaate Inquiry into titc best Means of National 
Safety. 8vo. 1800.— A Letter addressed to Samut-l 
Whltbre«d, Esq. in coiKeqaenee of the* unqualified 
approbntien cxpreMed by him in the 1!. of Commons, 
of Mr. Lancaster's System of EJurvtion, Sro. I8O7. — 
Strictures 00 the Motions made iu the last Parliament, 
rcapectiog the Pledges which his Majesty was uiHier 
the aecessity of demanding from hi«i late Ministers, 
8ro. 1807. — A Seeood Letter to Mr. Wtiilbrostd oii 
Ma Bill for the Eatabllshment of Pnblic SchooU, 8vo. 

BowLKS, Rev. William Ltsle, M.A. 
of Dooheady near Shaftesbury^ Rector of 
Dumbleton, Gloucestershire. He w»ft 
educated at Winchester under Dr. Joseph 

Warton, and afterwards became a mem* 
ber and subsequently a Fellow of Trinity 
College, Oxford. 

Fourteen Sonnets, 4to. 1789. — ^Verses to Joba How- 
ard, on his State of the Prisons and Lasarettos, 4to. 
1789._The GrRve of Howard, a poem, 4to. 1790^>^ 
Verses on the 1 nstltuUon of the Philanthropic Society, 
410. 1790.— Mouody written at'Matiock, 4t». 179l«— ' 
Elegiac Staaaas written durini; sickness at Bath, 4to. 
1796.— Hope, an Allegorical Sketch, on recoTcrinf 
alowly from sickness, 4to. 1796.— Coombe Ellen, % 
poein,4to. 1798.^^. Michael's Mount, a poem, 4to. 
179B.— Poen», 4 T. sm. 8vo. 1796-1809.— The BattU 
of Uie N ile, a poem, 4to. 1709* -The Sorrows of SwiU 
serland, a poem,4to. 1801. — The Picture, Verses suf. 
gested hy a Magnificent LHodsra|je of Rubens, 8vo. 
1803.— The SpWl of Discovery, a poem, 8vo. 1805.>~ 
The Works of Alexander Pope, in Verse and Prose, 
10 ▼. 8to. I8O7. 

Bowles, W. R. 

Letters from a Portuguese Kan, to a FreaA OfBeer, 
translaied, ISmo. 1806. 

BowMAV, Thomas, M.A. Vicar of 

Mart ham. 

Cawstoniana, or Twelve* Discourses addrtsaed to Vhm 
Inhabitants of the Pariah of Caviton, Norfolk, •»•• 

Bowra, Thomas. 

A Gaaetteer of the most remarkable placet in flM 
World, 180T. 

BowYER, Sir GtoRGE, Bart. M.P. fiwr 
Abii^on, succeeded his father Adm. SiP 
George B. in 1801. lie sat in the last 
P'aaliament for Malmesbury. 

T)ie Resolution of the House of Commons reiativi 
to the Adjustment of the Roman Catholic Qaeatioo 
considered, 8vo. 1813. 

BowY£R,Rev. Reynold Gideov, LL.B. 
Prebendary of Durham, 

A Sermon preached before the Delivery of the Co* 
lours to the Durham Volunteer Infantry, 4tol 180S.— 
Comparative View of the two new Systems of £do« 
cation for the Infant poor, in a charge delivered to 
the Clergy of Dariiam,8vo. 1811. 

Bo YD, Rev. Hesrt, M. A. a native 
of Ireland, Vicar of Rathfriland, and 
Chaplain to Lord Viscount Charleville. 
Mr. B. is a frequent contributor to the 
Poetical Rcgix^er, and has published : 
A TransUtion of the Inferno of Dante in English 
Verse, with a Specimeu of a Traoalation of the Orlan- 
do Furioso of Arioato, 2 v. 8vo. 1785.— Poeou chitAf 
Dramatic and Lyric, 8vo. 1790* — The Divina Comroedte 
of Daiite, translated ioto English Verse, 3 v. 8vo. 1802* 
— ^The Penance of Hugo, a Vision, from the Italian 
of Vincensio Monti, with two additional cantos, fc, 
8to. 1805. — ^The Woodman's Tale, after the manner of 
Spcnner, 8«*o. lt)05.— The Triumphs ef Petrarch, trails 
luted Into Eni;lish Verse, 8vo. laOf. 

BoYD, IIi'Gii Stewart. 

Select Passat^e^ of the Writings of St. Chrysostoffl« 
St. Gregory Naaianzeii, and St. Basil, from the Oreok, 
roy. 8vo. 1806. 2d. edit. 1611. 

Boyd, Walttr, Esq. formerly a * irt- 
ner in the once flourishing house ofiojd 
and Benfield, and a member of parlia* 

Letter on the influence of tiie stoppage of issues it 
tpeda OB tbf prices of proviaiOBti ic» 8v0b WBU 


m^^m''*'^""*/', '*''''*•**""■» Cheap. tii«iUportofth.B«ifc«c««iti«.«« »,i. 
«de. Alderman of the City of London, conj;3ii,„. .f « ^.^rrSlTo TiiS; 
nephew «if the late Alderman John B. •*" Sy««». Mmo. wi*. 

BovERs, D. Sunevor. dLh R M P^ .^ ".^^"' Augustus Cavcn- 

Tht Builder's Companion .'©to. 1807. i ? , ^' f.' *^'". ^^''^^^ KlSing. Thlf 

BoYKE, J. ^^/p ^the eldest daughter of James St 

Letter to R, B. Sheridan. Esq. M. P. ofa hb Utf pnv ji"^'? Jf fereyes, of Blarney Castle, Co. 

cjedtogs M.Memher of the Society for the Frwdooi i^™' Z'*"^' ^''^^ married in 1784 tO the 

^.I^Ti*"^" "^-^ . ,. J-arl of Westmeath. from whom, after She 

Boys, John, of Betshanger, Farmer. had severaJ children bv him, she was 

tfcrT^ ^Li"^ ^**' "" ***" '^^^^ '^^ *»'* Bradstreet, RoBEjiT, Ksq. M. A. 

wifery. 8f», 1807. The Sabme F.rm, . poc m. 8vo. 1810. 

Sk^Xh?' t'^''''.^^.- ^^^^Z."^' ^'^^^ ^^ Bbady, Hev. John. 

Lmcoln Coll . Oxford. 8vo. lais, «d edit! 1813. "^ "* "" wuen«ur, s r. 

The Prophecy of Ituhb concerning the Messiah f». BftAGGE, J. 

l«id,£T.8vo.i806. •^ Bramah, Jof^EPH, Civil Engineer, aa 

BRAckLNEURY, Joseph, of Bene't Coll. J™'."«"t mechanical genius ; bred to the 
Cambridge. business of a cabinet-maker. 

Vatale Solum end other poetical pieces, 8vo. |^ Dijsertatiou on the Coostruction of Lock*. Svo. I78r. 

BRADBEaRY, DaVIO ^^ ^T '*'' °" ^** Subject of Uie Cause Boulioa and 

letter OQ an AppUcation to PaiUament for a Reoeal jl*^^. ""'c ll'^'t^'^V^'^ Maberly. for u Infringe 

of the Corporation and Test ActT^o Vtm K^ T''^ ""^ ^^'^ ^^'" » ^•*'**"^ ^"^ •» HDpTOTt^aTom 

tetai, the Final Clo«i. a p^emVsvo. *7^J^^-^'«^ the Steam-Engine. 8vo. 1797. "^ 

Bradby, James. Bra m well, Georce, of Lincoln's Inn 

Treetiie of the Uw of Distresses, 8vo. 1806. Fields. 

Bradford, John. Table of the Private statutes passed betveen 1 Gee, 

letter to the Inhabitanu of Saffron Walden, . , ^' ^^'^^^ *"** ** ^^' '"• (W12) inclosive, Bro. 
UlS. ' ' 1813. 

^R^OFORD, Rev. William, A. B. of Branch, 5ohn, Accountant. 

St John's College, Oxford, and late Chap- ^ Complete Ready Reckoner. 8to. 1804. . 

lam of Brigade to the forces in Portugal. Brand, Charles. 

TheCostuBe of Portugal, 4to. 1310. ® TrMiise on Assurance* and Annuities on Lives. 9ro 

Bradley, C. A. M. 1775— a Letter written by him in Defence of his' 

Grammatical Question* adapted to Murray's Gram- '^^^^'^ ^^ printed in the C^tiod Review, t. XLI. 

■wr, ICmo. I8O9.— Qae.tioos adapted to Valpv's Latin ^' V> 

Orammjr, ISmo. 1810.-.Ph»dri Fabul*, cum Notis Brand, F. J. M. A. 

Mgho. Wmo.lffl«. ■ ^ , , S<2-ctDi^^TtHtions from theAm<rniUte. Academic. 

IJRADLEY, Thomas, M. D. of the Roy. * S"PP'e«n"t to eiillinsfleefs XiacU relative to Nay- 

OoJl. of Physicians, London, senior Phy- '"™' Hwtory. translated, s v. bvo. 1781. 
sician to the Westminster Hospital and . J^'^and, Mibs, Hannah, a lady of con- 
to the Asylum. siderable learning and talents, formerly 
i^™!f ,^?"*L S'^^^^^'y "'»•«<« "<» -ugmented. ?? actress, of whose character Tate Wit 
i.^. Ji. ]'~^r*^*** *•" ^**"~ '"** *»'*»*' Ani- kmson has drawn ati arausinir picture in 

«»ai5 which inftst the homan boWv i«Hin im* k:» tt vxr ^ • n. "•""*'"»6 pi«-iur^ IH 

l)r.B.w.sforsom«yeai,Zofl'e^dicS"':;;; h" « Wandermg Patentee,'' and after, 
t).e foreign departnLt of the ild J^Th^ Z""^^^ * school-mistress at Norwich. 

Jcum, • "**• Plays and Poems, 8vo.l7gB. 

Bradly, John, Private Tutor, Liver- ^ Bbahd, Rev. John, educated at Caii» 
pooL Coll. Cambridge, where he took his de- 

Elements of Geography, umo. 1813. g?^© of B. A. with great credit to himself 

iJRADNEY, Joseph, Esq. formerly a ?^ * mathematical scholar in 1766. Hia 
merchant m the citj' of London, and ?"^ publication was intended as a candi- 
long resident at Bath. date for one of the Seatonian prizes, but 

TvZ^ISl^'l* ^'if »he Apothecary t«ced an acciden^l dcUy occasbncd its wriT- 

op to ito onginal loorce, 8vo. 1796— Reflecttoni oa IQg tOO JfttcT "«» *« ■*"▼- 


m ethical Essay, 4to. ITTS--— Observn- lated) — 1h9 History a&d Antiquities of the county 

tkms mi some of the probable Effects of Mr. Gilbert's of Suney, compiied from the matmals of the late 

Bill, with Remariu deduced fnm Dr. Price's Ac- Kev. Owen Manuing, and continued to the present 

eoiint of the Natidoal Debt. 8vo. 177<> — Hm Altera- time. ful. ▼. i. 18(M.— v. ii. laOQ. — Mr B. may claim 

tion of the <. onatittttion of the ilouse of Commons, the merit of being the sole author of fiir the gieator 

and the Inequality of the Land-l'ax considered, 8vo. part of this last laborious work, wliii-h will be rom> 

1793. — A Sermon on the Fa%t-day, 179^, 4to. — Coa^i- ptet^fl by a third volume. He has coniribnied sere- 

deratioos on the Depression ot the Funds, and the rai papers to the Arc/utotagia. 

present Embarrassments of Circulation, 8vo. 1797. — BraYLEY EdwaRD WedLAKE. 

A Determination of tl.e Averaire Depre.8i..n of the ^be Grand Alptistiiet of Alphabets, being an esgnved 

Pnce of Wheat in war below that of the preceding ^^,.„^ „f Running-hand. 1800. (In assocmtionwith 

p«ice, and of ,is re-advance lu the 8vo., ^^44,^ „„i^rt^ S Regin-lde. or die Black Tower. 

laoO^Letter on Buonaparte * Proposals for openuig . romance, with Tales and other Poems, Umo. 

* « *^*''**°^'^ **"• ^**' ^^^i r u i- 1803.— Beauties of England and Wales, several vo- 

Brand, Thomas, a member ot the Cor- lumes— Lambetii Palace illustrated. 4to. 1805.— tin 

poration of Surgeons, and formerly Slir- works of the Ute Edward Dayes, containing an Ex. 

geoa extraordinary to tlie Royal Hospital cursion through Derbyshire and Yorhshire, with 

at Greenwich notes, 4ro. and 8vo. 1805. — Desi-riptions of Views 

Timnslation of M. Sage's Treatise on tlie Fluor AI- "•"^trative of the Works of Robert Bloomfield* 

aiU,8vo. 1778^Chirurgical K»s«ys\n the Causes ^'''» " ***«*;:. ?i.i*»*,^?f'» *'^"' «^- *«^— ^ 

and Symptoms of Ruptures. 8vo. 17ttS.-The Case of •fnpt"'"' ^ Middirtian s V.ews and AbUqutbee of 

a Boy who had been mistidcen for a Girl, 4to. 1787. ^^^""^ BriVun, 4to. 1808-1813. 

-•'^Cncturea in Vindication 6f some of the doctrines BrEE, MaRTIN, M.D. 

misrepresented by Mr. Foot, in his ** Observations Observations upon the Venereal Disease, 8vo. 179r« 

■^Km the new Opinions of John Hunter." 4to. 17J7. fittEE, RoBERT, M.D. a native of War* 

Bbahde, Auocstus Evebard, Esq. ^Jckshire, educated under Dr. Thomai 

apoth^ary to the Queen. He is the au- £dwards, of Coventry, and at Univ. Coll. 

thor of several papers in the PAi/.i ran*. Oxford. After attending the hospitals 

and has published: aud lectures in London, he went to Edin- 

SrtTvruoi ^***^**'**" "* '^^ Aftgnstam ^^^„y^ ^^ complete his professional edu- 

Brandish; Joseph, Esq. Memb.ofthe ^^ion. In 1781, he was eiecied nhysi. 

Eoy.ColL of Surgeons, and surgeon to cian to the county hospital, at Northarap- 

the Duke of Sussex. toi\, and afterwards removed to Leicester, 

Ofaaerwations on.ifae Use of Caustic Alkali in Scrofula where he was chosen physician lu the ge« 

%nd otii^r Chronic Diseases, 8vo. i8i«.— Many years nenil infirmary. This office he resigned 

since whilst Surgeon at Alcester, Warwickshire, Mr. in 1793, On accOUnt of an asthma with 

B. ^othhated some papers to the Land, Med. ^jjich he was attacked; and in prosecu- 

^vZ\^^^ !• .« ^f ^ ^^.v,«»«-«:„i fo tion of a plan which he conceived likely 

xSranx>on, Isaac, of a commercial fa- *^ ^^^ u^««fi-:„i ;« 4>u»«. ^:«».oa ul 

miJyin the city of London, and of the ['' ^^^^ beneficial in that disease, he 

Jewish religion -^""""^ •"** "* "^'^ took a captain's commission m the Lei- 

rhv-«uaftSsie,i«,i2mo.iB06.— K.b, opera, cestershire militia, aiid joined thatregi- 

Bee. 1806. ment in 1794. From this change he re- 

Bbansbt, James Hews, a UniUrian ccived such benefit that he determined 

Minister. the following year to return to the exercise 

A Letter addressed to a Society of Protestant Dissen. of his profeSbion, and settled at Birming- 

ten in the west of Engisud. 1806.— Select Sermons ham, as physician to*the general hospital 

br the Use of Families, 2 v. itoo. i8oe.-The jn that towii. Dr. B. has published the 

OWaUan Hero, a Sermon preached -t Dudley on the j ^^^^ observations and researches 

death of the Ranr. Ur. Liudsey, I6O9. — Love to ^- ^1. j- 1 u- u i 

Christ, a Discourse delivered at Coventry before the respecting the disorder whlch he SUCCeS*- 

Vniurian Tract Socie^, 1811. fuUy com Dated ID his own person. Under 

Bravsby, Job:;. the title of 

The Use of the Globes, containing an Introduction A practical Inquiry on disordered Respiration, 8to. 

to AatronosBy and Geography, 8vo. 1791. 1797 • 3d ediu 

Bray, Edward Atryns, F.A.S. of the Brewer, George, son of Mr. John B. 

Middle Temple. well known in his time as a connoisseur 

6eo.i79Q^idyis,8vo.i800^AFnnera)Ode in the arts. He was bom in 1766, and 
on ibe Deathof i^ Neiwn, ito. iw6. g^^^ly in life entered the navy as a mid- 

Brat, William, Esq. ofShere,mthe ^hipman. In 1791, he obtained the rank 
county of Surry, Fellow and Treasurer of of lieutenant in the Swedish service; but 
the Society of Antiquaries, a soliator of ^^ ^^e prospect of a long peace he was 
considerable eminence. prevailed upoU to engage at home in the 

Bketch of a Toor into Derbyshire and Yorkshire, '^ ~ V *u 1 tTLu u u^„ -; -. 

(«Hm.) aeo. 1778, atfedit. (with the author's mune), profcssion of the law, wlttch he has since 

•90. 1783^Aa account of Henry SniUi, Esq. and .lollowpd RS BU attomcy. He has Wnt- 
hit eiitnMve ChariUes, tro. 1800. (poTitel j dru;^ ten : % 






Tkf Iltttarj of Ttm W«»tan, nov, 9 ▼. lento. 1791>~ 
"Stf Mouo, or Historj of Bill Woodcock. Q v. lCi|to. 
lt^*^B««nwn Day, mus. cot. Bvo. 1796-^rhe 
RtghU of the Poor coasidered. 8vo. 1800.— -Hours of 
LtiMire, or EM«yi and Gbaracterintics, 18mo. I6O6. 
— Prp«pectu» of H Nev Low bptwcen iJebtor and 
Crodator, 8vo. 1806.<~Be!>iJm two dramatic pieces 
HOC priutfd. 

Brewer, James Nobri s, eldest son of 
B merchant ot London, who retired some 
years since to Clapham Common. Mr. 
B. married the daughter of a gentleman 
at Claphnn), and resides hi Londuu. He 
u thft author of: 

A Wittter's Tale, rom. 4 t. Umo. 1799- «d ed. IBU. 
— Tbbuirhu on ihc Present Sinte of the Kuqlii^ii Pcij. 
•aolrj, 8i'o. 1007 .^^creu Made Public, nov. 4 v. 
ISmo 1808.— The Wicc:h of Ravcn^tvroith, 2 v. ISnio. 
i808i> — Montvilie Co&tlc, S v. mno. 1806. — D«sciip- 
tious of Palaces and Public BuUdittgs, Ku^lish and 
Forfiirn. 4tc>. I8O9.— Aa Old Family Lc;;eDd, rom. 4 
V. Kmo. 1811 — Sir PVrdinand of EuglaiMl, rom. 4 v. 
18mo. 1812.— History ot', forming part 
of the ** Be;<uties of England aud Wiiles," 1813. 
Sir (}»4hort Kaslerltn^, rom. 4 v. ICmo. 1815. — Thi« 
0»nUeiiiaD*s name has likewise appcarefl tVeqiiently ia 
tbe Uniptnal and MontMy Magaiifte. 

Brewster, David, LL.D. FJEI.S. £din. 
F.S. A.of Scotland. 

Ferguson • Lectures on Astronomy, i v. 8vo, and 
Plates, 4to. 1805. new edit. 1811.- -A Treatise on 
New Philosophical InstruDieiiLa, 8vo. 1813. — ^Dr. B. 
is the QoDducior of the Edinh. Encyclop. b4>gun 
1811, publifthtne at the rate of two vols, yearly, and 
to be competed tu 15 ▼. 4to. 

BiHcwiTCRy James, Minister at Craig, 
N. B. 

Lecturer on our Lord's Sermon on the Moant, iSmo. 

BnEwsTEB, John, M.A. Rector of Bol- 
ton,, and Vicar ol Grealhani, Durham, 
Rud a Justiceof the Peace for the County; 
formerJv Lecturer of .Stockton upon 'lees. 

Sermons ^or Pri«ons, with Prayers for tlie Use of 
Prisoners in solitary Conlim'meiii, 8vo. I790.— On 
thf Prcvenlion of Crimes, and tlic AdvMutjtgt-.-, of s.o- 
litary Impii.-onmcnt, 8vo. 179'?.— The ParrxhiHl His. 
lory and Antiquities of Stockton upon Tec?, 4ta. 
]7()(lS.—Mediiations of a Heclusf, chiefly on lUlipi- 
ous Subjects, 12mo. 1800. 3d e(Mt.<->A secular E&Miy, 
eontajoing a Vit w of Evenu countcted with the Ec- 
dosiasUcal History of England daiiiti; the 18lh ccn- 
tnfy, 8vn. 1802.— The Restoration of Family Worship 

Tccoromended. 8vo. 1804 Lectures on the Acts of 

the Aposti'S delivered at Stockton, durini; Lent 
ltJ0.T6, 2 V. 8vo. I8OG — Of the Religious Improve- 
ment of Prisons, an Assise Sermon, )80B.— Me- 
ditations foi the Aged, Bvo. 1810. Sd edit. 1819.^ 
Meditations for Penitents, 8vo. 1813^ 

Brewster, William. 

Tlieolocical Anecdotes, 12mo. 3d edit. 1812. 

Brick, J. 

Scriptural Facts and Annotations 00 the Divinity of 
tbo Messiah, 8vo. 1800. 

Brtcrak, David, D.D. Minister of 
the Scotch Church, Artillery Street, Lon- 

A Senuoo preaohed on th« Ttuakigivii^ Daj, Ste. 

5, 1805, 8vo. — A Seroion preaehed on tte FnC THj^ 

I8O6, 4to — SeimODs, 8 v. 8to. 1818. 
Bkidfcakf, T. 

Remarks on the Diseases of the Uretiir«, . laOf. 

Bripel, Arleviile, A.M. 

Traitc des Grnns fruu^ais, IZiuo. 1798 — Elemens de 
la ProiJonciHtion finn^aise, . . — Rud.mens de la 
I^ngue trauvvtise, 12mo. 1798. — Le Petit Rbetori- 
tieti, . . Sth edit. ISno. 1812.— Chum baud's £xer- 
cis««» or I'rKctual Syntax of the French Toagiie, 
new edit. ICtnu. IBIO. 

Bridel, Edmund Philip, LL.D. Mas^ 
ter of an Academy in Bird*s Buildings, 

Introduction to Eugl. Grammar, 4 to* 1799.— Lot of 
the irregular Prcii riies. Supines and pa<>t Participles 
of Dtrpouent Verbs, 12mo. 1805. — The Fifth of Ho- 
venibcr, dram. 12mo. 1807. 

Bridgf, Rev. Bewick, B,D. F.R.8. 
Fell, of Si. Peter's Coll. Cambridge, and 
Profcshorof Mathematics in the E. Ind. 
Coll. Hertford.— B.A. 1790; MjV. 1798; 
B.D. 1811. 

Mathematical T.ecturea, con^ning, I. Lectufca <ni 
the Elements of Algebra. 11. Six Lecturca oo the 
Elements of Plane Trigonometry, with the Metiwd 
of constructing iables of Natural and Logaritlmic 
Sines, Co-sinea, Taujrents, &'c. III. A Treatise on 
tlie Construction, Properties and Analogies of tfaa 
Throe Conic Sections, 8 v. 8vo. 181&--1811. — An Ii^ 
troduction to the Study of the Mathematical Priiici< 
pies of Katural Philosophy, 2 v. 8vo. 1813. 

Bridge, Samtel, Esq. Paymaster of 
the 96th Rifle Regiment. 

Suggestions for enrolling and training 500,000 mea, 
8vo I8O7 — A Letter to Lord Castlereagh on tfat 
Military Establishment of the Country, 8vo. I8O9. 

Bridofs, Thomas, a native of York- 
shire, and at one period of his life a 
\*inc-merchant at Hull. 

New Tr^nsiHiion of Jlomer't Iliad, adapted to Cfa« 
capacity of honest Eni^li&h Roast Beef and Pudding- 
eaters, (pub. under tl»e name of CHUstie Barebo&esJ 
2 v ICino. 1764.— Dido, com. op. 8vo. I771.— The 
Dutchman, mus. ent. 8vo. 1775.-^Tlie Adventures of 
a B.4rik-note, nov. 

Br I DC EM AN, G. Mariner of Rother* 

Account of the Victory ov^r the Dutch Fleet, ohtaia* 
cd by Adm. Duncan. Oct. 11,1797. S^'o. I7J/7. 

Bridgfman, William, F.L.S. 
Translations from the Grt-eV, 4to. 1804.— The P^r^ 
phrase of an Anonymous Greek Antiior, hitherto 
pubiishrd under the name of Andronicas Rbodtas, 
4to. — ^'icomachian Ethics of Aristotle. 

BK1D^,MA^•, Richard Whallet, Esq. 

Tlifisau»ii5 Juridicus, eoutnining the Decisions of the 
several Couits of Equity. &-c. fiomtlxo Revolution t» 
1798, 8 v. roy. 8yo. 1799— 180a— Keflectiona oa tlM 
Study of the Law, Svo. 1804.— An Analytical DiKoa^ 
ed Index of alt the Reported Casee in iba Mv«ral 
Courts of Kqutty, as well Chaucacy as Exrkcqnar, 
and in the High Court of Pari. 8 v. roy. 8\'o. 1804. 
ed edit. 3 v. roy. 8vo. 1H13.— Duke's Law of Charit. 
able Uses continued to the present time, roy. Svo. 
1805.— Supplement to the Index of Roportod Gasess 
Bvo. 1807 .—A short View of Legal Bibliography, Svo. 
IBOr.— A Synth«i4s of the Law of Disi Friua, part k 
r^f.Svo* 1SQ9. 



1IVI50 avtho&s. 




B«ioGSy James, Memb. of the Roy. 
Coll. of Sure, and Surg, to the Public 
I>ispeDsary, London. 

fkvcdcai Obcervations on the PriRripal Diseanes of 
Vbe Ejn, from the Italian of Scarpa, 8vo. 1806. 

Bkichtly, Qharles, printer, Bungay, 

Aocoont of tlie method of casting Stereotype as prac> 
Used by Mm Author, 8vo. I8O9. 

BRttix.L£Y, R«v. John, D.D. F.R.S. 
M.R.I.A. Archdeacon of Clogher, and 
t^rofessor of Astronomy in the Univ. of 
]3ublin. This distinguished mathemati- 
cian has published nothing in a separate 
ibrm, but is the author ot numerous pa- 
ters in tlie Tyatu. of the Irish Acad, and 
ts said to have assisted the late Dr. Paley 
tn his Natural Theology. 

BaisTEDy John, of the Inner Temple. 

AdviMT, 4. ▼. l?mo. 1803. — Antliroplanomenos, 
aa Aeeount of a pedefttriaa tour throui^i part 
^ the (iighlands of Scotland in 1801> S v. 8vo. 1U03. 
«— Critical aud Philosopliical £ss;<y9, 12mo. 1804. — 
The System of tlie Society of Frit ads examined, 8vo. 
1800. — Edward aad Anna, nov. S v. ISiao. I8O6. 

Bristol, Bisuop of. See Man sell, 
William Lort. 
Bristow, Mrs. A. 

The Maniac, a Ule ; and the Merits of Women, a 
poem, from the French, l^mo. 1810. 

Bristow, James, formerly belonging 
to the Bengal Artillery. 

A Narrative of bis SafferiBt{» during ten years capti- 
^ty with Hyder Ali and Tippoo Saheb, 8vo. 17y». 

Bristow, J, A. 

A new Song to an old Tune, . 1811. 

Bristow, Whiston. 

I^oems, 8to. 1811. 

Bristow, W. Esq. 

On the Policy and Expediency of repealing the Test 
•ad Corporation Acts, 8vo. I789. 

Britton, John, F.S.A. 

Tht enterprizing Adveutures of Pizarro, 8vo. 1799' — 
The Beauties of WilUhire, v. 1 and 2, 8vo. laOl, (a 
third Tol. is in the press.) — ^Tlie Beauties of Euglund 
*ad Wales, several volumes, 1301— 1813.— Descrip- 
tive Catalogue of the Pictures «t Corsliam Houie, 
Wilts, cr. 8V0. I806.— The >\rchitectytral Antiquities 
•f Great Britain, 4 v. 4to. 1805— 1813.— CaUlogua 
Raisonne of the Morqui) of SU(ford*s Pictures at 
Cleveland House, I^ondon, 8co. 1808.— The Fine 
Arts of the English School. 4to. 1810— ISlg.— Iliito- 
fKai and Architectural Essay reUling to Redcliifa 
Cbwrch, Bristol, 4to. 1813. 

Broaduurst, Rev. Thomas. 

Advice to Toong Ladies on the Improvement of the 
Mind, l«nu>. 1808. — Funeral OrHtions in |jr.flae of 
SfHitary Men, from the Greek cf Thucydtdes, Plato 
•ad Lysiaa, 8vo. 18K. 

Broaolet, Jodk, merchant. 

Trntdon^i Box, and the Evils of Britain, 8vo. 1800. 

Broadlet, Tuomas, a. M. of Trin. 
Coll. Camb. This gentleman obtained 
the Norrisian Prize in the years 1805, 6, 
and 7. lie has published : 

Ab Essay on the lutprnal Kvideuce of thn Tlelieion 
•f Moves (being the Frixe Eciay for 1809), 8vo. 1805. 

Brocas, J. 

Calvinism Unmasked, being an answer to TMiter*« 
Predestinatiou Considered, ISmo. 1812. 

Brock, Irving. 

l*he Patriots and the Whigs the most dangerotts Efi4- 
mif4 of the State, 8ro. 1810. 

BiiODiE, Alexander. 

History of the Roman Government till the Vsvrpap 
Uon of Augustas Cte8ar,'8vo. 1811. 

Brodie, William Douglas, Esq. R«* 
gistrar of the Carnatic Debts, Madras. 

Reply to the CMlamnies and Misrepreaaatetions con- 
tained in a Charge delivered to the Gnud Jary at 
M<*dias, Jan. 18, 1811, by Sir Francis lIacnau|btoi^ 

^812. . 

Brodum, William, M.D. 

A Guide to Old Age, 2 v. 

Bromby, Rev. J. H. M.A. Vicar of 
Holy Trinity Church, Hull, and lat^ Fel- 
low of Sidney Sussex Coll. Camb. 

A Sermon pre»ached at the primary Visitation of tb^ 
Archhp. of York, 4to. I8O9. 

Bromley, Eliza Nt/CEHT. 

The Cave of Cosenaa, ronu altered from tlit ItaBwb 
2 v. 12mo. 1803. 

Bromley, Henry, an engraver of 
some eminence, and the laborious and 
accurate collector of, 

A History of the Fine Arts, 2 v. 4to. 1793.-*A Cata^ 
Inpuc of eugi jved British Portraits from Egbert iho 
Great to the preseut time, 4ti>. 179'* 

Bromley, Walter, Esq. payraastef to 
the 93d resitment Welch Fusileers. 

Treatise on ttie acknowledged superioricy of tho 
French orer the English Offieer in the VMd, arou 
1812.— Questions and Observations 00 ihe Catbotic 
Emancipation, 8vo. 1812.— Important Advice to Oflfi. 
epr«, particularly to those going to Spain and Porta- 
gal, 8vo. 1812.— An old Officer turued Financier; a 
plan wherein simple Remedies arc proposed to stars 
the ntitional Calamities, 0vo. 1812. 

Bromwich, Bryan Janson, AM. 

The Ex)«rienrcd Be«'-keeper, an Essay on the Msr 
nagement of Bees, 8vo. 1785.— .Arthur and Emma, or 
the First Navigator, a poem, 1796.— The Doctrines 
of the Church of Rome < xaminod, 8vo, 179T. 

Bronte, Rev. Patrick, B.A. Minister 
of Hanshead cum Clifton, near L^eds, 
Yorksh. In 1818, he married Maria, 
third daughter of the late T. BromweU, 
Esq. of Penzance. 

Cottage Poems, cr. 8vo. 181l.--The Roral Minstr^lt 
a misceliciMy of descriptive pucms, 12nio. 1813. 

Brook, Abraham, a mechanic of Nor- 

Bxperimenti aad Remarks on Electricity, the Air- 
pump, and the Barometer, rhe Description of an 
Electrometer of a new construction, 4to. 1789- — lu 
thf Phil. Tri/iu. for 178S b printed his Acct. of a 
new Electrom<*tcr. 

Brook, Rev. Benjamin. 

The Lives of the Puritans. conUining a Biog raphical 
Account of tliose Divines wIm» dl^tiugai^hed Utem- 
seives in the Cause of Reliijious Libfrty from tbo 
HeforniHrion to she Act of UuiformiiJ •» ltJfi«, 5n 
8eo. 181$. - 

Broore, Miss, daughter of the Tate 


Henry B. the celebrated Novelist end ti'« Tri*i of Wtrren Hnstiinpi. Etq.'in 

Dramatic writer ; a native of Ireland, """' ^^ ° '^^l^^ Comp^mive Review of the Ad. 

IUliq«« of Irish Poeu, tr.usl.ted into EngliJ. «'"»^^*;'°" ^^ "'• ""^I"!?*! 2^'* t^ ^ 

IT ..u v . -. /*«« rki.i. ..... K<*„.<^.. . War and Peace. 8vo 179I. — Obfterrattont on PBin«*s 

V«rse, with l«oies, 4to. 1790 — Dialogue bttween a „ _. ,. j « •. * .l « .. ^ « ^ _*•« » 

Tj ji- t. I J Ik-- 1 .,— •».-«.. j. •* D«»rlinfattdFallof iheEnritthSystMBof Knance* 
Xftd; *nd her lupd^ neacnbing a Ji.urnrj through - . 

Eogland and Wale-. 8vo. 179fi.— Emma, or the Found- "^**' ' '^• 

Ung of the Wood. uov. l£mo. 1809. BrOTHER«, RfCnARD, a native of PIs^ 

Brooke, N. M. D. oI' Bath. This centia, Newfouudland, formerly a Lieu- 

^ gentleman Iclt £n<:Iand in 1785 to make tenant in the Navy. This crack-brained 

An investigation by authority, of the cum- fanatic, about twenty years agp, excited 

merce of Italy with Great Britain; but on a considerable share of public attention, 

the invasion of the former country by the In his first publication, he declared him- 

French, he was obliged to leave it with self to be the nephew of the Almighty, 

the loss of considerable property. Since and the Prince oi the Hebrews, who was 

the pubhcation of the letters which he to restore the Jews to their ancient pri- 

wrote on that occasion, Dr. B. has been vilcges, and to lead them to the lana of 

afflicted with blindness. Before he left Canaan. He also predicted the destruo 

this country, he presented to the Chiin- tion of the city of Loudon by an earth- 

cellor of the Exchequer a plan for the quake, and many other absurdities, 

improvement of our foreign commerce, Extravagant as were these pretensions^ 

which, during his absence, was carried there were not wanting persons distin- 

into a law, and produced an important guished for abilities, who openly asserted 

accession to the revenue. In his publi- the divinityof his mission. Among these 

cation, Dr. B. has expressed a hope, that the most conspicuous was Namaniel 

his service mightexperience some reward, Brassey Halhed, Esq. a Member of Par- 

at a -time when it would be peculiarly liameut, and a gentleman eminent for 

acceptable. His work is entitled : his extensive attainments in classical. 

Observations on the sjanoers and Custuai*of itAiy, and. particularly in Oriental literature, 

with Remarks on the vast Importance' of British Several pamphlets were published On the 

Co^erce on Co«tintDt.8vo. 1796. subject, and such was the infatuatiou of 

itK^^'^.^p mJ^I^h fT''' *^tw.r „.!. a few dduded persons, that they sold all 

Short and E<My Method of Prayer fro« the Irencn , j * j l j 

ofMtd.Guyo..,i«ino. 1775— T*.etxtmpiary Life of ^^y jjossessed, lu Order to be ready to 

Mad . Ooyoo, from the French, 8vo. 1806. acA)n)pany the prophct to the Holy Land. 

Brooke, T. H. late Secretary to the This mad enthusiast was at length 

Government of St. Helena. pro|)crly noticed by government, and 

A Hisiory of the Island of St. Helena, avo. 1808. confined as a luoatic. His publications 

Brooke, William, F. U. S. are :— 

Tho True Causes of the present Distress for Provi- a Revealed Knowledge of the ProiiheciM Ao4 

•tons, with a Plan for the future Prevention of so Tiroes. Book I. wrote unifer Uie direction of the Lord 

great a Calamity. 8vo^ 1800. GorJ. and published by his sacred commaod ; con- 

BrOOKE, W. H. taiiiiog with oUier great and remai^cnble things, not 

Tlie Alien or Foreigner's Guide, 1807. revtalcd to any othr r person on cartli, the Rcsloi*. 

BrOOKSHA^, George. tlon of the Hebrews to Jerusalem, by the year 179B» 

Pomona Britannica, or Correct Delineations of British under the revealcri Prince »nd Prophet^dvo. 179k~. 

Froits, with Descriptions, atlas fol. 1805, originally A II ev^aled Knowledge of the Prophecies and Times* 

pub. in SO Numbers. Book H. contaiiiir.c tlie Sudd<-n and Perpetual Fall 

Broom, Thomas, Teacher of the Class- ®^''»« iurl^wJ*. German, and Russian Empires, Sro. 

ics. Geography, &C. at Wokingham, 1794.-An ExnoMiion of the Trinity, with a-farther 

T>^', u- Elucidauoo of Daniel, chap. xii. one letter to the 

IJerKsnire. / .. . , King, and two to Mr Pitt, 8vo. 1795.->A Letter to 

Sketches of Female Educauon, partly original and Miss Cott, the recorded daughter of King David, and 

jorUy selected, Ifimo. 1791- future Queen of Uie Hebrews, 8vo. 1798.— A Descrip^ 

Broome, Ralph, Esq. formerly aCapt. tion of Jerusalem, with Uie Garden of Eden in the 

in the service of the E. Ind. Comp. and centre, laos.— A Lener to his Majesty and her Mao 

Persian translator to the Army on the J' '^y »'»«' ■ P®**"' 8vo. moc. 

Froniier station, during a former war. Broigh, Axtuoky, Esq. a merchant 

This writer, who has shewn great ability of Ia)ndon. 

and injienuily, warmly espoused the Considerations on the Necessity of lowering the 

cause of Mr. Hastings in his pubhcations, J^*?'^) ^^ ^^'^^ employed in the Senrice of the 

which are as follow ? ^^^"f • ^"T^'tJ^""' ll'^'t ^Tn**/. ^ ^"T 

„....,. , . portancc of the Trade between Great Britain snd 

EUiadation of the Articles of Impeachment against Ru<i$ia 8vo. 1780. 

Warren Hastings, Esq. Uvo. 1790. — ^An Examination ■»>_' .. tt t« « n o t» 

of Uie Expediency of conaoumg tl.e present la.. . BRorOHAM, HcNRY, Esfl. F. R. S. Bar- 

pcachment, 8vo. 1791.— Tha Utters of simkin tlie Ulster at Law, M. P. In the last Parlia- 

Second, Poetic Recorder of all the proceediBft upon meut foi Camelford, aud fi)rmerly a co« 


of tlia 


operator in the Edinburgh Review. By An Historical Account of the Uws agaiust th« Rp. 

his excrtioiis wbiie in Parliament, for «''«•* <^"'«'^"<^i»ps »" t'"g'""'» «i«t^ Ireland, svo. lais. 
procuring iJie repeal of the Orders in i^Row.v, John, of Great Y.irmjinh. - 

C04JnciJ, and his opposition to the Lea- '"'*' ^^^S'^"^'*:^ «?» NPutralizUion, or uw British Navy 

ther-tax, Mr. B. acquired great i-opulv l""**'/'"'' iromu.e inji,succH.,d«- 

.. , \ . l«ii%..i fujiuKi aion tutfMrd^ Neutral FiaRS. 8v<». l8o6 — Ytliiti in 

nty; ami dunng the njccnt proceedings Spea.i„m. o, a sceun m tbc i(,?h Court otAdmu 

respecting the Prihcess of Wales, he »'«»lt>- displayiiij; tUe Fraud* of Seutnl Flags, 8vo. 

acred as the profes'Sional adviser of her ^^'^• 

Rojfal Uijyhness. Besides some p-i);ers .^Rown, John, Master of an Academy, 

in NickolsonU Journal, and the I'hil. J'^^ngston, Surrey. 

^IranS. he has written: '^^^ Klem<?nte of English Edaration, 12mo. t&Og. 

An Inquiry iato the Colonial Policy of tlie Eurofeau J^liOWN, RoBERT. This gentleman ac- 

ro*en, 2 V.8VO. i803.~on the State of Uie i^adoo, ''onjpanied Capt. Hinders in his voyage 

8«o. many i^Utioni»^-Two Speeches by him have |j««n round the COastS of New Holland in 

T^^^.;^'^f'''^^'"''^'^^'Of^<>^^^^<^ntt,^ 1802-5, and collected the materials for 

state of Cbmaaerre and Manufwtures. 8vo. 1812.— the followina wnrlr • 

»p«ch to bis Friend, assembled at Liverpool, (for J^^^V rt^ ^ J ,. .. 

which town fa« offered himaeif a Candidate at the *^"^'^™"» f^^™ Novjb UoliaDdie* v. 1. 8vo. 1810. 

General Electron,) Oct, 16. laie. 8vo. BROWN, lloBERT, farmer at Markle 

Brocghton, Arthi r, M. D. late Phy- ^^"^^ Haddington, N. B. 
sician to the Hospital, Bristol, now in the °/°*'"'' ^'<*^ °^ '^« AgricuUurB of the Wwt Riding 

AV est Indies o' Yorkshire, Svo. 1799.— 'Ireatiae on Rural Affairs, 

tolla 1788, 8vo. 1788— Enchiridion Bot*mcum,8vo. ll«r»wic R^nc^T r^^.v,..l» r- 1 

nm- Hortua EasUrntb, or a Catalogue of Exotic .^^^^ifOBEIlT, formerly a Corporal 

Plants in the garden of Hintte Ea^t, Esq. in Ja^ *" "*^ Cold^lieam Guards, in which he 
maica, 1798. Served in tiie NeiherlauJs at the com- 

Broughtoi?, Rev. Brian, JVt A. Fell, niencemant of the war of the French Re- 
of New Coll. Oxford. volution. 

Six Picturesque Views in North Wales, with Poetical Jouraa' of a Detachment from the Brigade of Foot 
Heieetions on leaving that Coautry, oblong imp. ^'i^r*^* coDimeurinR 25 Feb. 1793, and ending 9 May, 
fol. 1798. • 1795, 8to. 1796.— rijc Campaign, a Poetical Essay, 

B&oughton, Tromas Dueb, of the 8^<V ^797. 
E. Ind, Compaay*s Ser^ce, lately Com- Brown, Robert, E«n. Sheriff Substi- 
maader of the Hesident's Escort at the ^^ ^^ ^^^ Western District of Inver- 
CourtofScindia. nesssbire. 

letters written in a MahratU Camp in I8O9, dcscrip- S*"«'"'<» and Remarks on the Earl of Selkirk's Ob- 
tive of tbe Characters^ Mannen, &c. of tliose Pconte *«^*"»o"» on '•» Highlands of Scotland, 8vo. iao6. 

4«o. IMS. ' ' Brown, S. 

BrougUTON, Capt. William Robert ^*"<**c»'^tt of die Presbyterian Form of Clmrch Oo- 
A Voyag* of Discovery to the North Pacific Oceaii ^«*"n»n«ot. W"^®- W12- 

in 179*8, 4to. 18M. Brown, Thomas, M. D. of the Univ. 

Bbowell, James, R. N. of Edinburgh. 

AuAccoont of the Navies of Foreign Powers, parti- Observations on Drirvin's Zoonomi^, 8vo. 1798.— 
caltfly those of France, Spain, and fiauvia, now at Poe«». £ ''• l«mo. 180*.— A Snort CriUcism 00 tUo 
war with Great Briuin, 4to. 1799. Terms of tiie CUaigei against Mr. Leslie in the Pro- 

Brown, Alexanoeii Campbell. ***' ®^ ^^ aiiinstera of Edinburgh, svo. 1806. 

Colony Commerce, or Reflections on the Commernal Brown, ThoMAS, Surgeon at MuSSeJ- 

System, at It respects the w. ind. Islands, «cc. 8vo. burjh, N. B. Besides several papers on 
*^.««., A A. 1 • 1 . professional subjects in periodical works, 

T A A? ?' Anthony, Colonial Agent in this gentleman has written : 

IjOlUlOn tor Antigua. An inquiry into the Anti- Variolous Power of Vacci- 

^"^**^» ^ *« l*land of Antigua, 2 v. 4to. 18g6. nation, 8vo. I8O9.— A Letter in Reply to the Report 

Brown, J. Mathematician. °^ *c surgeons of the Vjccine lusntutiou, Edm- 

liatbematieal XaUes for the Use of Schools, 2d edit, ^urgh, 8vo. I8O9.— A Correspondence with the Board 

Bto. 1808. ^ of the National Vftctine EstHblishment, 8vo. 1810. 

Brown, Jamis. BrowxV, William, M. D. 

The FroJic, dram, play, 8vo. 178S. A Letter to the Clergy of the Church of Scotland pa 

Brown, James. Domestic inoculation, Svo. 1794. 
11ie.lmportance of preserving unviolated the System Brown, WilLI aM CulLEN, M. D. (son 

ofOnlGovemmentin every State^Svo 17^ ^^ ^^'^ Celebrated Dr. John B.) a Sur- 

^.Ti^^Ju^''- -^^ u^'' ^' ^ "^ ^*™- geon in the Roval Navy. ^ 

r«Ak«^il^IJ!£?S '^'i . r. » . '^elnstitutes.oftb-ePracticcofMedidnofromthe 
iRl^„^r^«a SxpianateonoftheBook Latin of Borserios, 5 v. 8vo. ISOO-l.-The Medical 

nlT^'^' o T^ . , '^'"^* *»^ ^'- •'<»•'" B"^^'. ^'th a Biograi^hical Ac 

BROWN, James BA|i9WIN; Esq. of the count of the Author, s v. Svo. lao*. 

toner Temple. Hw>wjr, William Laurence, D. D. 

xa.Cfl/, i . 






Principal of Marischal College, and Pro- 
fessor of Divinity in the Umv. of Aber- 
deen, and Minister of Grey Friars' 
Church, Aberdeen. He was for some 
time Minister of the English Clmrch at 
Utrecht, and Processor of Moral Philo- 
sophy, die Law of Nature, and Eccle- 
siastical History in the Univ. of that 
City. In 1796 he succeede<l Dr. George 
Campbell, as Principal of Marischal Col- 
lege. He has published: 

An Ess«y on tlie Tully nf Scpticism, the Absurdity 
of Dogmatising on Religious Subjecli. and the proper 
medium to be observpd between these two extremes, 
Avo. 1788. — Orstio habita die 14 Feb. 1788. q«ium 
ordinal ism in Academia Trujectiua, historisr ercle- 
siaatics et plulosoph:n moral is profocMOoem publico 
sasciperet, Ultraj. 4Co. 1788. — Oratio habita die 
25 Murt 1790, cum magi«trattt se academico abdi- 
caret, Ultraj. 4to. 1790. — l^«y on the Natural Equa- 
lity of M«ni(t»d, the Rights UmU result from it, and 
the Duties which it imposes, 8vo. 179S.— The Spirit 
of the Times considered, a Sermon, Bvo. 1793. — I'be 
Influence of the Divine Judgments on the Refbnna- 
tion of Uie World, a Sermon, Bvo. 179*. (These two 
Sermons were preaclied at Utrrcht ; tliose which fol- 
low at Aberdeen.)— The Influence of Religion on 
Matiooal Froapcritj, n Sermon, 8iro. 1796.— <Sermon 
on occasion of the Death of Dr. Geo. Campbell, Bvo. 
1796 — ^The Proper Metliod of Defending Religious 
Truth in times of prevailing Infideltiy, a Sermon, 8vo. 
1796. — Sermons, 8vo. 180S. — Remarks ou an Exami- 
nation of certain Passages of Mr. Dugald Stewart's 
Pamphlet (on the Election of a MathciLatical Pro* 
fessor iu the Univ. of Ediub.) IBO6. — Pliilrmon, or 
the Progress of Virtue, a poem, 2 v. fc. 8vo. 1810. — 
On the Chfiracter and Influence of a Virtuous King, 
a Sermon on the Jubilee, 8vo. 1810. — ^To the Essays 
on 8ce)<tirism and Che Equality of Mankind, medals 
were adjudged by the Teylerian Society at Hartem, 
and they wore originally printed iu its Memoirs. 

BuowN, William Robebt Hevrt, a 
proprietor in Golden Lane Brewery. 

Tlie whole of tlie Proceedings in the Cause of the 
Attoriiey-Gfneml v. Brown, Parry and qcbers of tlie 
Golden Lane Brewery, Bvo. 181 S. 

Browne, Felicia Dorothea. 

Poems V rttten betweeu the age o( 8 and 13 years, 4to. 
1808. — Engliind and Spain, or Valour and Petriocism, 
a pr.rm, 4to. 1806.— The Domestic Affections and 
other Poems, 19mo. 1812. 

BuowNE, Hyde Matuis, Surgeon of 
3d rcgt. of Oxfordshire Local Militia, and 
Jate of the Bedford Militia. 

Tlie Apothccru-y's Vade Mecuro, fc. 8vo.l811. 

Browne, J. P. M. of six Masonic Lodges^ 
and M. A. 

Masonic Master Key through the three degrees, 1803. 

Browne, John, M. A- late of Sidney 
Suss^^x Coll. Cambridge. 

An EsMiy On (Universal Redemption, Bvo. 1796. 

Browne, John, M. A. late Fellow of 
Christ Church Coll. Oxford. 

Sermons preadied at Bampton's Lactore in 1806, 
8ro. I8O9. 

Browne, John Samuel, eldest son of 
the late Mr. John B. Associate Engr&ver 
of the Royal Academy, born 1782, in 

Southwark, and one of tlie Clerks in the 
£. I. House. He is the compiler of: 

A Caulogue of English Bishc^s from idBB to the 
present time, Bvo. IBK. 

' Browne, M.C. 

A Leaf out of fiurke's Book being an Epistle to tbnt 
Oentlenum on his Letter to a Koble Lord, 8to. 179& 

BaowNEyRoBEiiT, formerly gardenor aC 
Gunton, Norfolk. 

Method to preserve Peach and Nectarine Tttes &oai 
Mildew, 12mo. 178A. 

Browne, Rev. THEOPniLrs, A.M. Ute 
Fellow and Tutor of St. Peter's ColL 


SeUct Parts of the O. and K. Testament, agreeaHf 
to the mostaoproved modern Versions, roy. 8n>.ia06. 

Browne, Tuom ah,LL. D. 

A New ClHssical Dictionary, for the Use of Bcfaools, 
l£mo, 1797-— Viridariom Poeticum, sen Delectac 
Epitlietorum in celeberrimts Latinis Scriptoriboa, Bvt*. 
1799._The British Cicero, or a Selection of tiba 
most admired Speeches in the English langvage. 5 v. 
Bvo. 1808. — Pinacolheca Classica, or Classical Gal- 
lery of Characters sncieut and modem, ISmo. 18U. 

Browne, Thomas, Esq. 

The Times, a 'Satire, 4to. 1783. 

Browne, Tuom as Gunter, Esq. ao 
officer in the army : author, of a droU 
pantomime of argument and irony in ri- 
dicule of Dr. Vincent's Analvsis of the 
Greek verb and metaphysical grammar, 
in two pamphlets entitled : 

Hemes Unmasked, 8vo. 1795^ 

Browne, W. Q. Esq. 

Travels in Africa, Egypt and Syria, from 17gt t» 
1798, 4to. 1799. 

Bbuce, Basil. 

An Exhortation to all people to fofsake the Sin «f 
Swearing Oaths, Bvo. 1798. 

Bruce, £. Teacher of Geography and 
the Mathematics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 
(In association with John Bnice.) 

An Introduction to Geogmphy and Astronomy, 1Ab9. 
1805, 4th edit. 1813. 

Brt'ce, John, Teacher of Geography, 

&c. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

AKc}' to Brace's Geography, ISmo. IBIS. 

BiiLTE, John, Esq. M.P. for St. Michael, 
Corn^vull, F. R. S. Lond. and Edin. Cor- 
re^pondent of the Roy.Soc.of Gottingen, 
Keeper of the State Papers, Secretary for 
the Latin Language and Kistoriograpber 
to the £. Ind. Company and Joint King's 
Printer and Stationer for Scotland. Tab 
gentleman was formerly Professor of Mo- 
ral Philosophy in the Universit)r of Edin- 
burgh, and having acquitted himself to 
the satisfaction of the late Viscount Mel- 
ville in the education of his son, through 
the friendship of that nobleman he waa 
appomted to tne places which he at pre- 
sent holds. His publications are .* 

First Principles of Philosophy, 8vo. 1780u— 4Uttk 
mcnts of the Science of fithios, Bvo. 1786.— His- 
torical View of Plans for the GoverameaC al 
British India and rogulation of the Trsde of ttte 
£. Iudies» «to. 179).^Aiunlt •flke & Ind. Cwap. 


from their ftfMJihnwmt ia l600» to the Unioo of the on tlie Inoculation of Cow-pox, 8vo. 180£. Sd ed. 

Xjondon nod English £. Ind. Conkpnoies 1707<8. 3 v. 1909. 

4to. 18ia— Report on the Negociatioo between the Bryce^ Rev. JaMES. 

E. Ind. Conp. and the Public, mpectiDj; the Re- A Sketch of the Stete of British India. poinUng out 

newel of Uie Company's Charter, 4to. 1812.— Speech the best means of civilising iu inhabitants, 8\o. 1810. 

'^i^T^'"'^'*''^ H. of Com. on i«iia Affiurs, Brydoes, Sir Sami'el Eoertok, eldest 
Bruce, Rev. S. Wakefield, (father of ^rviving son of Edward Jirydges. late of 

the Rev. John B. of Newpo^^ L of Wootton Court, m Kent, Esq. by Jem^ 

Wight.) SecSMiTn,R«v.J.Pr daughterand co-heir of the lUv.Wilham 

Bruckmeb Rev. J. Egerton, LL.D. 3rd son of the Hon. Tho, 

Thoaghto on FoW Worship, containing a Review EgcFton, of Tatton Park, in Cheshire, 

of Mr. Weke6eld'e OlgecUons to this Practice. 8vo. Ei>q> who was third SOU of John, 

1792- second Earl of Bridgewater. He was 

Bbuee, William, Urban, Esq. bom at Wootton, Nov. 30, 1762; was of 

Vamciveofthesucoessfnl manner of colUvaUng the Qiieen's College, CambridKe, frOm Oct. 
Clove Tree in ihe I. of Dominica. 4to. 1797. j^gO tO Jan. 1783 ; entered of the Mid- 

1 .^*y««"^*»' S- ?^t''' ?'^ 9^r '"e Temple in June 1784, and called to 

fctofGrLtBri^^^ * ^'"^ the bar in Nov. 1787 ; succeeded, on the 

^^^inl^'SLa^, 1^. laoa^A f^^t^'i^l^^'l brother, in Oct. 1807, 

View of the Pxop«» and Present State of Anunai ^ the high family claims of inhentance ; 

Chcaustrr from the Swedish of Bersehus. 8vo. 1813. was elected a Knight of the Chapteral 

Bbumton, Akna, wife of Mr. B. of Order of St Joachim in Nov. following ; 

Covent Garden Theatre, daughter of Mrs. and chosen representative in Parliament 

Brown, a comic actress of the same for the borough of Maidstone at the ge- 

theatre, born about 171^3. Under her neral election in Oct. 1813. Sir S. E. B. 

maiden name of Ross, she published at has distinguished himself in almost every 

the early age of fifteen : sort of polite literature, but more particu- 

The Cottagers, cem. op. 8«o. 1788. larly as a critic of English poesy, in which 

Brtav, Margaret, Mistress of a character it is not too much to say that 

Boarding School at Margate. he stands unrivalled by any living au- 

A Compeodioos System of Astronomy. 4to. 1797.— thor. His published WOrks are : 
Lecuires on Natural KhikMoph7.4Co. I8O6.— Conver- Sonnets, and oUier Poems, 8vo. 178.'5 ; 4th ed. 1808— 
•etionsen Chemistry, (anon.) « •. ISmo. I8O6. ^ary de Cliflfbrd, nov. 8vo. 1792 ; 2d. edit. 1800.— 

Bryan, Michael. ArUiur Pitz AiWni, nov. 2 v. 1798; sd edit. 1799.— 

A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters Tests of National Wealth,. 8vo. 1799 ^llieatrum 

nod Eagrsvcrs, Part I. and 11. 4to. 181S. Poetarum Afiglicanorum, being a new edition, with 

BbYAV, William. additions, of a work under the sa(ne title, by Rdward 

A TeaCuMMy of the Spirit of Tlrath concemuig Rich- Philips, nephew of Milton. 8vo. ISOO.-^he 'Forester, 

erd Brethen. the Han appointed of God to govern 9ov. 3 v. 8vo. ISOfi.— Memoirs of Peers in the reign of 

the Hebeewa, 4cc. 8vo. 17ga. Jamea 1. 8vo. 180S.^~Censara Literaria, 10 v. 8vo. 

BbYAXT, Charles, of Norwich. 1805-1809.—Tlie British Bibliographer, (in cofyuQctioa 

Aecovatof two Spadca of Lycoperdon. 8vo. 1782.-. wUh Joseph Ilaslewood, Esq.) 3 v . 8vo. 1810-1812.— 

flora Diietetice, or History of esculent Plants, do. Collins's Pccrnge, with larije additions. 9 v. 8vo. 

aieticand foraign. 8vo. 1783.— A Dictionary of Or- 1812 —The Sylvan Wanderer (the first work printed 

amuental T^eea, ShniJis and Plants most commonly •* ^* private press of Lee Priory, Kent) roy. 8vo.l813. 

ceUivatod io Great Briuiu. 8vo. 1799. —Tho R uminator. a Series of Moral .Critical and Seuti- 

T> T 1? o e T7J* »ir 1 r n»<'*»^ Essays, 2 v. 8vo. 1813 — And a multiplicity of 

BBTCB, JaME^ *.K.b. lUlm. Memb. Ol articles, chiefly biographical and antiquarian, in the 

the Roy. Coll. of Surgeons. In the sum- GentUmnn's Magasim, 
mer of 1792, when Aft. B. was.Surgeon of Brydone, pAxaicft, Esq. F.R.S. Lond. 

the Busbndge East Indiaman, during the and Edin. F. A. S. Comptroller of the 

voyage from England to Madras and Stamp Office. This gentleman, formerly 

BeneaU the yellow fever broke out on \^ the armv, was travelling preceptor to 

board that ship under a very formidable ^r. Wm. Bcckford of Somerly, to whom 

aspect: but he was so fortunate in his he addressed the Letters of which his 

treatment of the disease as to lose only Xour through Sicily and Malta consists, 

three persons out of 250 who were attacjc- Besides that work, published in 2 v. 8vo. 

ed, though it was so aeneral that not ^773^ he is the author of some papers 

above twelve persons otthe whole ship s jq ^he Phil Trum 
oompaJiy entirely escaped it. On his re- brydpon', ThomIs, F. A. S. Edin. 

torn he explained the method which he ^ Sumiovy view of Heraldry in reference to the 

had pursued m the first of hlS publica- usaqes of chivalry and the general economy of the 

tions : feudal systeoi. 8vo. 1795. — Obeervations respecting 

An Acoeoat of the Tellow Ferer with a successfal Precedence and tome of the Dbtinclions of Raab, 

Utthod of C«ire, 8vo. 1796«— Fnctiol QNcrmtions «(o. 18U. 


Bl'CnAK, Alex. P. M.D. a Member of coursca preached before the Vaiv. of Cambiidge, 

the Coll. ot Physicians, Limdoii; and ibh. 2<ied. i8i3.~rie iieaiiD«WHier*of Bethc»d«, 
Senior Physician to tba Westminster -•^''"°°"P'«'«i««;;.'*t'iuxu« Juae2,wu 

H. I "N ...I 1 .^ 1-v. xxr tj oa^nlc^c^^lng Subjects, 8vo 181S.— A iwicf View of 

Os|)ltal, St>U O* the late Dr. Wni. B. au- thcSt*te of U.e Colo.u. , of &n ut Britain and of her 

thor of" Domestic Medicmc.' Asi*Uc Empire, in icipect to religious Instruction, 

EncijiriJion Sy|.Liliticum, or Dirci tioan for the Con- Bvo. 1813.— A Letter to the lion. E. lad. Coap. 

duct of VcneiL-al Conipiaiuts 12mo. 1797— Oo-.rrva- in Reply lo ll»c SUieoicnts of Charies Bulier. Esq, 

tions on S«a-^alhin!j, cr. 8vo. 1W4. Cd «'d. 8vo.— M. T. concerning I le Idol Jiici;tTnaut, 8vo. 1813.— 

Arnisirong on the l>i<ciiSfK of Children, u t»w edit. An Apolusj tor prouiotiOK Chmiianity ia India, 8v», 

with note?, 8vo. 1808. — Uionouiia ; Opinions con> 1813.. 

ceinins Life and HcAlth, post Bvo. 18U.-Domcslic BUCUANAN, FraNCIS, M.D. F. R. aod 

MedKia. . .21>t rJ 8VO. 1813. j^ g Lo„j ^^ y^^^ ^j. ^j^^ ^^j^^ 3^ 

Blchan, David SrEWART Erskine) Calcuila, in the medical service of the 
Eaul OF el(l< r brothtr o ord Krski.ic^ j; I„d. Comp. Besides several papers 
Bucceededhi, futbu- m 176?. nz the Asial J Researches and the TVVw. 

bieman, while J.orJ Cardross, com- ..///.^ r;„.^. .. e^ k« ;. ,u ...*k « 
,' , . V*- I 1 ^L ^'^ '"<^ lAiitiaan Soc. he is the author ot : 

mcnced lu^ pohtUiJ career under the A Joumey f,.no M».lr^. through the Conntries of 

patronage of tne i;tte Kuri ot Cliaiham \i\ th.- iiy»ore, c:aiu.i.». and MaUbar, 3 v. ho. 1307. 
the diplomatic dcpuamcnt; but he nas Bi tiiAXAN,ltcv. John LANNE,anati^'C 

pasbCi* tlie greater part ot his life ui lue- ot Mcnteiih, Perthshire, N. B. educated 

rarv retuemenr, aiid wus particularly at the CJrannnar School at Callendar, and 

active in procuring iheinslitutionot the the Univ. of Glasgow, lie was many 

Scoti^h Soc. ol anl:m.aiios in 1780. lie vears assistant to the Rev. Mr. Menzies, 

manied in 17?1, >^:'rgaitl dau-»iter of umii'^ter of Comrie, on whose death he 

Wiihiiui Fraser, '.t 1-raserh. 1 J, hM\. hut went as missionary minister to the Isles 

has no issue, llis iurdiljip is . iic .iDony- from the Church of Scotland. He afier- 

inous an lior of various i)Ilcl's of ki.,itivc wards came to Lcjudon and devoted him- 

poet;> and some letters in wLuh he self to the study of Celtic antiquiij. 

warmly ( nilra^cd tbe cause of Mary The lirst of his works was prepared lor 

Qu' ';ii of S.cas a^uiiist Dr. Robcrison, the public eye by Dr. Wm. Thomsoa, 

and has,ncd : from ^ yerv large mass of materials, and 

tTT '"'*;; f*,)" ^:'' *;:'" *\°'^''" '° ''r T**" oc(.isioned\ qnarrel bot^veen Mr. B. and 

ol Sx.oJa.1.1, Oct. 1,. 17i". 4Uk— L -6.1 V oil the Lives l- i-.. ■ • ^ .. l y« . . 

and \%.iui.«» ot Fh.chcror s^jtnun and the Poet {?!* 'iterary assisliint, the former bcmg 

Thorniun. ftvo. 17i/.'.— Hi* Lordship has al«) conrri. h'ghly displ'^ased with the latter fof DOl 
bated se.ciul pbjers to the Tram, t^f t/ic Soc. of giving the Woild a follO instead of an 

ATiiiquui loi oj !Scotiand. ^ ^^ ^ ^ octavo, on whiCh an appeal was made by 

BicHANAN, Claldiuss D. D. Mcmb. both parties to llie editors of the European 

of the Asiatic Society This divme, who Magazine. His publications have bSn: 

ICU England in 1796 for India, was Vice- Travc^ls ,« the Western Hebrides, from 17W to 1790, 
provost of Fort William, Bengal, and Bvo. 179^).— a Defence of the Scots Uishlandei* ia 
since his return has distinguished him- «*"eral, and some learned Char»cier« in particulv, 
self by his zeal for the propagation of ??''• *7iH.~A General view of the Fiahery of 
#^i • .• •* • ..u r» '*.■ I I ^ threat mitain, drawn up for tbe Considemllon of th« 

Christianity m the British teinioriesm Uudmaice.. of the North British fTswIT,^. {7^ 

theEa^t.. In 1804 behave iiOO gumcas Buchanan, Robertson, Civil Engi- 

totheUniv.of Cambndgeas a prize for „eer, Glas^w. He is a contributor^ 

the best En^-hsh prose dissertation on the Pkil. Mag. and to the Edinb. 

the best means ol civilizing the Bnti.h ^i ^nd has published: ^ 

empire in India, and of dlttusilg the E«ay, on U.e Economy of Fol and M««iM«»eDl <rf 

light ot religion through the Eastern Hear.svo. isio. 

world. Dr. B. married Mary, youngest Buchanan, William, Esq, Advocate. 

daughter of Henry Thompson, Esq. of Heports on certain RemarlcaUe Casen in the Court of 

Kirby Half, Yorkshire, who died in 1813. **<""'<>'» *««* Trials in uie High Court of Justioacy, 
He hLis published : Svo^isn. 

The Firt lotir Years of the College of Port William Bt CK, Rev. CharI ES, * a DlSSentlDg 

in TiengJiI, 4 o 18 .—A Mi nwr of the Expediency Cle^g^•man, WilsOll St. Fiusbury So. 

ot" au K.rlosiauiral T'.i,tabmhme^t tor BiiUth India, Anecdotes, reliclous, moral, and entertaining. ISioo. 

4to. 1B05 2d edit — Tli« Star in the East, a Se laou 1799*'Theological Dictionary, S v. 8vo. IBOe.— A 

for U'?* Kenefii rf the Soc. tor Missions to Afnca, Treatise on Religions I4;Kp<'rit:nco, ISnio. 1806. Tlie 

and ihu Ea-^t, 1W3. 8tli ed. 1813 —r»>reo Sermons on Young Christian's Guide, 8vo. I8O7.— Scrinons ott 

the Jrhilfr, Svo. I81O.— Th*. Lignt of the World, a Select SulyeeU. 12mo. IBIO.— Memoirs of Mr. Tho- 

Sermrn '/rf.iciird bifore the Soc for .Missions to mas Atkins, 1813.— Serious rnquiries lelative to this 

At'i.'M a.O r),o EJtst, June 12, IRIO, Uvo. Sd ed. 1813. World an* that which is to nome, 12mo. 18IS.«-The 

^('!ut3tian Itesearrhcs iu A.ia, 8vo. 1^1. 5th ed. Practiital Expositor, or Scripture UlMtraterf br Facto 

I813.--Thc Three Er^ of Ught, being tiro Dis- 12mo. 18U. ' 


BvcKLE, William, A.M. Vicar of BuLLEN,Rev. Henry St. Jonir, M. A. 
Pyrion, iate ot Christ Church, Oxford. of Trinity College, Canibndse, Head 
A Catechism compiled from the Book of Commoo Master of the Grammar Scboo), Leicester. 

TnytTy ISmo. 180B. KudimenU et Euglbh Grammar. li2ao. 1797^— £le- 

BUCKMZR, Kt. Rev. John, LL. D. Bp. mcotsof Geography, for Schools, Svo. 1799. 

of Chichester and Rector of St. Giles's, Billman, £. 

Middlesex. This prelate, a native of Chi- IntroducUon to the Hebrew Lsnguage^Svo. 17»5. 

Chester, or its immediate vicinity, was Bullock, Rev. R. of Bolton, 

educated at the Charter-house and the Oeographjr £pitom«ed i2mo. iwo. 

Univ. of Cambridge; he was afterwards ^^^^ k^ V" ' ^^"^ "^ '''''' ^ Chaplam to the 

domestic Chaplain to the late Duke of ?^,^^H?^^ ^?Soons. 

■ni. J ji j£*..j- .1. Goliatli Sl4m aud tbe Philistines put to Ftieht, » 

Richmond, and officiated in the same Scrmonontl.eF.»Ud.y,l8a3.4to.-ASen»o»oDthe 

capacity wiln the regiment which his xii-nksgiviug day, Dec. .mbos, 4to. 

Grace commanded at the taking of the Bulmkr, Uev. Plfer, A.B. Vicar •f 

Havaonah in 1762. It was throjoh the Thorpe, Chaplain to Ld. Muncaster and 

interest of that nobleman, as it is bcliev- to the Wainfleet Volunteer Infantry^ 

Cd, that Dr. B, was elevatt* d to the mitre The Origin of Sovereign PowiT and the Lawfulness 

in 1797. Ills only publications aiO : ^^ Drfensive War, a Seimon preached to the WauH 

A Scrmou prwched -t m. fettr's. WesUi.ui5»pi , btfore ''•«* Vohmtctr*, 8vo. 1«05. 
the LordH Spiiitnal and Temporal. 00 the I tiankssiv- Br NKI^ O, CuARLES, Esq. 

log Day, Not. tg, 17gB. 4co.— A (:hai;:c> deli\rred to P<ac<> in our Power upon Terms not •nrwsondbic-, 

the Clergy of bis Oiocese at his LiOrd.*hip's piiniary 8to. 179S- 

Vivtaoon, 179B, Mo. 1799.-^nw>D beioic ihe House BlntiKG, JaBEZ, Methodlst Minister. 

of Ixrds, Feb. 5, 161 '^. 4>o. A Great Work described and rf commended, in a Ser- 

Bx'OD,UlNRY,M.A. Chaplain of Bride- mon preached hcfoie the Members of the Sunday 

well Hospital, Milisterof Bridewtjl Pre- School Union, avo. laos.- Justification by Faith, • 

Cinct, and Rector of White Roothing, Sermon preached at Leeds, Svo. law. 

-2^^^ ° BuRCHELL, JosrpH, onc of the jomt 

Bishop Hairs Christian laid forti,. rerismi. . . 1S09. 9^^^}^^^^ the Commissioners of Taxes 

—A Senaoa on Uie Duty aud Blessedneu of consid. lOr Holborn Division. 

•ring the Poor, —A Picture of the Con. Digest of the Law in the King's Bench and Coanuw 

dcnaed Cell ; being a Narrative of Ui« Life and Plew, from 1736 to 179*i roy. 8»o. 1796.— Obserrm. 

Dentil of J. L. Uiely executed for Forgery, . . 181J. t»on* on tiie Income Tax, 8vo. 1801.— Table contoin- 

BUDD, Edward, Methodist Preacher «« theP^cuUrs of the Bailable Process for D^ 

uid ScbUlmaster, Truro, Cornwall. *^V.^Tf ''^ M "n* ' 

ReaaAA on Ld. de DunstaoTUle's Speecli at the . I? ?L'Jt ' ."o* Ji , ,k.« toM 

C««nty Meetuig at Bodmin. laOQ-Heply to Mr. A Course of Medical Studnn. 3 v. Sro. 1808. 
Bliiideii, 8ro. JSlO—Obserrations suggeTle.i by the . BuRDER, Rev. GeORCE, PaSlOF Of 811 

Qiaostiou respecting the PriTiiege of Pariuiment, 1810. mdependeot Congregation in Fetter Lane, 
BcDDo, JoHn, A. M. Preacher of the Secretary to the Missionary Society, and 
Gospel at St. Andrews. Editor of the Evangelical Magazine. 

Progress of Edocstion and Mannen, ISmo. 1801.— Evangelical Truth Defended, 8vo. 17aB.>-Banyan'» 

EsBaysaad Sermons on Select Subjects 8vo. 1803. ' Filgrim'n Progress, a new edit, with Dotes, Umo. 

BUDWOBTH, Joseph, Esq. F.A.S. a lT86.-Collius's weaver's, or Wcaviiy 

captain in the army. He wl .b.merly in ^^ » 'j.^JIf^^^iirer. f^"^^ 
India, and was one of tho»c who shared ^^1^^ \Bd\MM, or a collection of Papers n»peetinf 

in the dangers and honors of the memo- a People whose Ancestors emigreted ftom Wales to 

rable siege of Gibraltar. America in the ypar 1170 with Prince Madoc, 8vo. 

A Fortnight's Ramble to the Lslces in W«tmoreUnd, 1797.— The Life of the late Rev. John Machm, lemo. 

Cumberland, and Lancasinre, 8vo. 179« ^^The Siege 1799-— Village Sermons, 6 v. 8vo. and 12mo. 1799- 

of Gibraltar, a poem, 4to.l79d.—Wmdemiere, a poem, 181«^Bunyan's Holy War, wilh explanatory and 

Svo.1798. practical Notes. 8vo. 1803.— Howers History of the 

Bull, Rev. J. M. A. Curate of Down «o»J BiWe, enlaiged and hnnroved, 8vo 1805.- 

and Cudham, Kent. ??*"':«S"'i ""^'JTll^^'^ "lUT'lS?' 

i-fc- *-!-.«-*..•»-/- • -.t- .1.^ «.«. . Iftno. 1807.*— Missionary Anecdotes, lato. uni. 

^ £^?^^K Li.^"''""'**"ilTJ.l * ' -In Asaociation wiUi the Rev. Joeeph Hughes, Mr. 

Mw e4a. wuh sddioons, cr 8vo. 1813. B ^^ ^^^ „^^^., j.^,y 3^4,1^ ^ijh Impnnri^ 

Bull, Joseph, an Unitanan Minister, mentsi, 4to. 

The Unity of the Doclrine of Reason and Scriptnre, BuRDER, Rev. HeNRT FoSTER, Onc of 

A dbcoorso. «vo. 1M9. ^j^^ j^^^ of the Academy of Dissenters 

BuLLAR, John, Schoolmaster, at or . Hoxton 

near Southampton. , . . A Sermon delivered at noxlon Chapel, on the Death 

Tour round Southampton.- Guide to the I. of Wight, ^ the Rev. Thos. Spencer, 8vo. 1811. 
cr. 8vo. 1907.— Thoughts on Kducation at School, !»„•«-„ ll*,« C.wnw AM of Clare 

avo. ISOT-Account of the Character and Death of „ VJi Jj ^!1! VJli^'-SLn^i 

victo. whUty, iteo. i8ii.---Que.tion. on the Holy Ha 1, Cambridce ; formerly Min^twof an 
Scnptnrea to be answered iu writing, i8mo. 1811. Independent CoDgregaUon at ^t. AiMn % 



bttt ofdsiocd into the church of EngUnd, he resides part of the year at Hartford, 

about 1809, by the Bishop of Durham, near Morpeth, and the remaiuder in 

He has been for aomc time Morning I^ndon. lie has published : 

Preacher at St. Margaret's. Lothbury, Th«eL»tt«tothe Birtiopof Und-ff.afo. i7»s^ 

^Ty? * r^A A^t^nt pJ*flrhpr nf E«mlDirtio« of the Merit. Md T«Ml«icy of the Fur* 

and Curate and Assistant Preacher of ^^^ ut««ttt«. s p.ris, svo. it«>.-a Yui4m» 

St. Dunstan's, Fleet-Stieet. He is also ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ Grattan from the ttuda of «■ 

Chaplain to the Duke of Kent, and was aaonymoas defamer. 1799.— Various TlMogbts on 

lately chosen Sunday afternoon Lecturer Politics, Morality, and Literature, Svo. laoo.— Mate- 

The Moral Uwcon«dered^^^ D^ll^fo? ita 18W-AdTice aSdreued to the lower Ra»k.. IKIS. 

profitable amployment of the Thrirt-Ds Sabbath j^oi.-Letters* on the Affair, of Spdn. W09.-A 

It-o. IS00.-Oneutal Custom., or «i "»«»t«^«^of Sostitution for the Spmiiri. Nation.^ the Sp«ush 

the Sacred Scnptunj. by «> «P>»^ •PPj'"^"" of Estrada. 1810.-InEod«ction to the Histor/offt. 

ofthe Customs »d Manner of ** ^" JJ^ ^S Kevolutio; in 8|mn. from U.e Spanish of Est^hmaiOi 

Id en^dally the Jew.. « ir. •«,. I8W-I8O6. Sd 17;;:^"J5rpAvileie.ofThe House of 

«i. »«r-?r.^'*'":! ^:K*!5/ "r^^r*"; sJ-^O- EJirnal^^ U^e Dispute botw^ 

^ .. the Bible. « V. 410. ^^-^^;;^^*^'^^ Spain and her American Colonies. sJoTll-Lettew 

Aroioiaoiam, new «lit. remod and correrted, Itoo. ^J ^^ ^^^^^^ Subscription to the Son. of the Clergy. 

BuaDETT, Sir FkaVCIS, Bart. M. P. tor ^^ lau^Cobbelt and the Reformen inpartiaUr 

Westminster, was educated at Westmin- examined, isis. 
ster 6cho(^, and for a time assumed his Burdy, Rev. Samuel, of Ireland, 
mother^s name of Jones on succeeding to The Life of the Rev. PhiUp skeiton. svo. 1792. 
certain estates which devolved in the fe- Buroes, Rev. George. A.B. of Trinity 
male line. In 1793, he marrie<l Sophia, College, Cambridge, Vicar of Moulton, 
youngest daughter of Thomas Coutts, near Acle, Norfolk. 

Esq. an eminent banker, and in ir9r Remark, on Mr. Wakeficlds EnqnSiy into the Expe- 

Z2ueM hU gmnd&ther in his dtle aod ^i^J^^ '^Cir;it'l.'S:^?'rA!?:i 

^tate. In 1T96 he commenced bis par- ^^^on, Svo. lT94.-De»ultory Hints on violence of 

liamentary career as representative for opinion and intempe ranee of language, svo. 179&— 

Boraughbridge; in 1009 lie was returned Tlie Necessity and Duty of enlightening the Uomafl 

after an extraordinary contest for Middle- R«c. ■ Fast-day sermon, ero. i7fl7.-A Letter to 
sex, and since 1807 has been one of the *";« ^''^^ ^^^'y- ?° '^^!^^^^!f^L^JT^J^ 

ii r ttr .. • ^«. c: T? Uiontative translatiou of the Holy Scnptiires, 8vo. 

members for X^estnnnsUr. Sir Francis ,jgj,__A^ ^ddre*. to the People of G^at Britmu. 

has been a steady opponent of aaminib- svo. ngs— a Discourse delivered at We.t WaHan, 
tratiOD, and lias unilonnly vindicated the Norfolk, on the Tlianksgiving-day, Der. 5, 1805k e«o. 

cause of those who have suffered from B urges, George, Esq. of Trinity Col- 
what he conceived an undue stretch of lege, Cambridge. 

pieiOgatiVB or power. With this feeling EunpidU Troade., «vo. I8O7.— EuripidU FhaemiMP, 

he pemied the Address mentioned belcw, ""»• wio- 

which occasioned his confinement in the , Bulges, Sir James Bland, Bart. 

Tewer by a vote of the House of Com- Jf-'^i ^^^^ ^^ ^l ^eorge B- Esq. by 

mons-^ measure which produced an ex- ^^ Hon. Anne Wichnoure, dau^iterof 

traordinary ferment in the metropolis. i?.l?^u^';l^T'"f- 1 ^I\y"J?™.'* 
Uaay of his speeches in parliament We 2'^^^^^ !i^ r?' .^^"^Jted at Westmms^ 
beenprinte<l,Wtheonl7productionof School and University College, OxfoH, 

his pen that has been given to the public ^*"^^r^*® t^ /^ ^^ J^ii i ^'^''''?^ 
|g. "^ ° *^ himself to the study of the law, was call- 

Addrew to his CowtitaMnts hi a letter dated Mar. £3, ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ i^ ^777. In 1787 aud 1790 
iaiO» denying the power of the House of Common, he Was elected M. P. for IlelstOn^ Corn* 

to imprison the people of England, Bvo. wall; in 1789 appointed one of theUn- 

BuEDOM, William, M. A. Welbeck der-secretaries ol State for the Foreign 
Street, Cavendish Square. This gentle- Department; in 1794 one of Uie Com-- 
man was bom at Newcastle upon Tyne missioners of the Privy Seal ; and io 1795 
1784, and educated at the Free Grammar having resigned the secreUiyship was 
School of tliat town, whence he removed created a baronet, and appointed Knight 
to ^mamiel College, Cambridge, 1782 ; Marshal of his Majesty's Household for 
A. B. 1786 ; Fellow and A. M. 1788. Not life. Sir James has been thrice married, 
ehusing to take orders he resigned his 1 . to the Hon. Elizabeth Noel, sister of 
Fellowship in 1790, and in 1798, mar- the present Viscount Wentworth, who 
ried thedaughter of Lieut. General Dick- died in 1779 without issue; 9. tp Anne^ 
wOf vhediM in 1800. As a coalWuer third daughter of Lieut. Gpl. MontoJieu, 


by wliom he has a numerous family; » Crerier, BroUer, Auger aUiMiiie eoaaeripU, Svo. 

and 3. in 1312 to Lady Margaret For- *!?r^""^!"!j**"' **" **»• AboUaoa of j*i.ver» 
dyce, sister u> the EarlkBaklrras. His Z'::::.'^^'^'^^'^^:^^^ 

publications are : Chrbt proT«d from his ova declaratioDS, a SeriMm, 

Heraie £|}isUe firon Seijcont Bmdsliaw in the Shades 4lo. 1700.— Kenuurks on tbt ticripwnl Account of 

KrJobn Dttoning, Esq. 1778.— Considerations on the the Diisensioos of Solomon's Temple, Svo. ITi^^^ 

Lav of Insotvcucy, 8vo. 1783.-~L(rtter to the Earl Toup £m«odation«s iu Saidam et Uesychium et alios 

of EliiDgham on his liUely proposed Act of Insoi- Lexicogrsphos Oraecos, 4 v. Bvo. 1701— Reflertiofl* 

vency, 8vo. 1783. — Address to the Countiy Gentle- on the Controvental Writings of Dr. Fnesilry rala. 

men of England and Wales on County Coorts, Svo. tive to Rcligtoos Opinions, EstabUsbments and Tests 

178^ — Letters on die Spanish Aggression at Nootka, 8vo. Hgi.^-^raviDa Opuscule, 8vo. 1798.— Aristot«^ 

(pnbttalMd OBder the signature of Veru%) 8to. 1790. lis vivXd; ab H. Steuhauo primum ediCom, ISmo. 

— AlAed's Letters, or a Aevicw of the Political Stete nge— Mu&ti Oxoulensis Itttemrii Conspectus, fascic. 

of £arope, 8ro. 179S*— The Birtli anil Triumph of l, 8vo. 1792. fasc. 2. 1797 An Easttr Catechisn^ 

JLuve, a poem, (viih plates from the designs of the l2mo. 1803.— Iniua Paulina, iivo Introductio ad lec- 

2^inc«HS Elisabeth,) 4to. 1796.— Rtchsrd the Firsi, an tioncm Pauli EpistoUrum (anon.) 12mo. 1801.— Sei^ » 

epic poem, 2 r. Svo. 1801 — (In alteociation with the mon prenched at Uie AouiversMry of tlte Roy. Ha- 

lat0 R. Cmnberland) The fiaodii*d, part I. 4to. mane Society, 180*, 8vo.— First Principles of Chris- 

1007. part ii. 1808.— Riches, or tlie Wile and Bro- tian Knowledge, l2mo. 1804.— Tlie Peculiar Privi- 

titer, rounded on Uaasiager's comeUj of tJ:c City leges of the Christiau Ministry considered in a charge 

Uadam, Svo. 1810. delivered to the Clergy of tfie Diooeae of St. Davidfe I 

BuKGESSy Mrs. a shopkeeper of Can- *^ '>** Lordship's primary visiutiOD an ia04k 4lo. 

terbliry ^^^^' ^ ^^* ^^^' — ^*'<i^*> preadied before th« 

The Odi* or the Beanties of Canterbury, com, Svo. ^'?» Spiritual aad Temporal, in Westminster Abbey, 

j»3jj^ ' on Jan. 30, 1807, 8vo.— A Hebrew Primer, 12mo. 

Yi—M^oe T^*<^/rt..H. 1807.— Hebrew Elements, or an Introduction to the 

BtROESS, JOH^ Cart. „^ ^^ ^^ 1,^4,^^ scriptures, Svo. 1807.-The 

Essay on the Art of Hower-palntrng. 1811. ^^i. Alphabet, or Introduction to the reading of 

BCRCESSy THOMAS, D.D. Bishopof St. y\rabic, 1809.- Motives to tlie Study of Hebrew, two 

David's^ and Prebendaiy of Durham, P"t«» !*"»«• isio.— The First seven Epochs of the 

F.R.S. & F.A.S. son of a grocer at Odi- ^"^^^ ^^^^ ^'*"'^' » ^'"«° preached on the 

han, Hants, where he w^ bom about SS^LTiS.'L'^IS^.r.rS^SS! 

1755. He was educated at Winchester isw^Hebrw KtyAoiogy, i2mo. ww^The ft*. 

School, and at Corpus Christ! Coll. Ox- testancTs Retroepect, evo. ISIS.— Two Letters on thfr 
ford, of which he became Fellow and ladependeoce of the Ancient British Church on toy 

Tutor. An early display of cxtraordi- Foreifn J«ri«iiction^8»o. wis. 

nary literary abilities introduced him to ^ ?^*®5> ^' **• ^- *»^* ^^ University 

the notice of the Bisliop of Durham, who ^^^' Oxford. 

gave him a prebend, fii^t in the cathedral ^t tf'^wCn "t?! ^ '^'^ *^ ** ^'^' 

ro 1*1. r •L-L L.L ties Of Cniidren, l2mo. 1809. 

of^iisbunr, (over which see he then pre- Burgoyne, Montaoit, Esq. of Mark 

sided), and afterwards at Durham. Here Hall, near Harlow, Essei. On a vacancy 

he continued till the administration of for a knight of the shire for that coun^ 

Mr. Addmgton, who had been his co- i^ ^glO, Mr. B. offered himself as a ca» 

temporaiy at \Vinchc8ter and Oxford, ^idate; but after an obstinwtc contest 

and who unsolicited conferred on hun, in p^yed unsuccessful. He has published j 

1802, the vacant see of St. David's, a LettertoUieFieebotders and inhabitants of Btaes 

With the most exemplary attention to on the state of PubUe aimis, and the neeessity or^ 

the concerns of his diocese, his lordship Reform in ParUaiMBt, evo. 1809—>Aecowit of the 

has planned and formed a society for the r«)ceedings at the late BjecUon for Essex, isio^A 
Ibunduon of a provincial coUese within H"*' ^? •'°^" ^?!^*^\**i ^^^ ?'"' ^^• 

•wuumwvu w» » ^1 vruaviot vyjivgv; vrifciiiii ^gp^^^i, ^^ j^^ iVeeholden of Essex on the last Day 

U for the edncauon of romisters for the of ieEiection. isis. 
Welch church, who have not the means Burke, Mrs. 

of an university education. Im 1796, Dr. Ela, or the Delosions of the Heart, a tnle, Umo. 

B. married Miss Bright, of Durham, half rrs?.— The Sorrows of Edith, a taie, d v. i«mo. 17901 
sister of the Marchioness of Winchester. —Adeia Northington, nov. 3 v. i«nio. iT96^Biiioti. 

His publications m : *''.i2!^*'t^![ ^^ ^ ~T;* JsST*' *^ 

BurteS-. Fe«aler% ^ Tnig«lh«« Omeanun -TJ- ^ecretof tbeCavern, « v. wmo. ISOS. 

Delectae, i8 V. Svo. 1780.— Dawes* Miseellailea Critft- "tJRKE, B. W. «... 

ca, Svo. 1781.— Essay on Uie Study of Antiquities, ^ Compendium rf the Auatoti^ FhysMogy, and 

»fO. 1788^— Conspectus Criticarum Observationum in- P^lofy w »• "»»«» ««»• 1800. 

•ui ptw ea Gnecos et Latinos, Svo. 1788.— Tnttia Ho- BuRKE, W. 

Milea, a«s RaoerpUcs Itlade Homeri, com omnium The Aimed Briton, a pUy, Svo. 180d. 

iocorwi Oraca Metaphran, 8vo. naa—Bcaarha on BORKE, WiLLIAli, late Army SurgBOli. 

ieecphaa*a acconnl of Herod's rebnUdi^g of the Teas- The Popular GompeadimM of Aaatowi; « ^ 

pl« at itmmim, »•. 178i«-TncUMi vwU Xatiai tioa of Um Hums Body» !»■». IBMb^ 


BvRKBy William. partly at the Free School of that town 

The liistorjr of the Caiii|wi|n ^ M05, in Germany and partly at Chester. In 1741, he rc- 
wd luiy. Wo. 1806 -South American independ- turned to Shrewsbury and studied music 

:^\i::t^'^:^:Z:il^ZZ^^^ under his halfbrother, Mr. WsB. till 

RewoD* for iniMediaiCely emancipating Spaiikh Ann- ^^ 1744 he was seut tU l40Uaon and 

nca, 8vo. 1807- placed for three years under the tuition 

Burke, William. ofDr. Arne. He was afterwards for nine 

^e Greek English DeriratiTe Dictionary, l2mo. years organist at I^'nn, Nortblk, and 10 

^^ -, %«»»*.. /. « ^^760 returned to London, where, from 

BrRN, Edward, M.A Minister of St. the zeal of his friends, and the astonisli- 

Mary s Chapel, Birmingham. i„g performances of his eldest daughtec, 

Letter to Dr. Pnestley on tli« luhiilibilitj of the apos- 4.u2r» ^«1« *»;«!,* „*«..- «M k^ -.Jt...^ 

toiic testimony coucenung the person of Chri5t, 8^:1 *"®" ^^'^^ eight years old, he entered 

1790.-Lctter to Dr. P. in vindication of the prccod- ".P**"^ *"* proteSblon With great repUtR- 

ittg. Bvo. 1790.— A Reply to Dr. Priestley's Aiipeai tioD and profit. Ihc University ot Ox- 
CO the Public on tJie Subject of the Riots in Birmiug- ford conferred on him the degree of Dt. 

^ fvo. 17^.-Pwtor*l Hinu, or Uie Importance of Music in 176^; and the foUowmsr ycir 

of^i.g.o.uE.iucatioi^i«)i. he set oat on his travels through ftince 

Burn, Johk, Eml a Magistrate for ^ud Ualy, with aview tocollect materials 
Westmoreland and Cumberland, son of for a history of music which he had pro- 
the late Dr Richard B. Chancellor of the jected; after which he made another 
diocese of Carlisle. tour for a similar purpose through the 

lr.JSTor;^t''L^8J^TTie.-;rp: Netherlands GermanS: ahd hW 

pendix to the 17th edition of Dr. Burn's Justice of r*"* **' ™^ "^'^ *^*^^ married, and bad 

the Peace and Parish omccr, 8%'o. 1795— The JusUce ^\&}^ children, several of whom have ex- 

of the Peace and Parish Officer, 18th edit, corrected hibited pubUc proofs of very SUperiOT tA- 

•nd enlarged, 4 V. 8vo. 1757-1800. lents. He has published : 

BuRK, John Ildertok, Esq. of the ti.* r«..»..i». %j, -« ««. t> . « ^ 

J rp 1 ' n The Cunning Alan, op. from Kottsscan's Deceit tht 

inner l empie. FUlage, and adapted to his music, Bvo. 17e6.~Easay 

Compendittm of tlie Lav of Marine Insurances, toward a Uistoiy of Comets, 1769.— Tlie present 

Itoo. 180t.r~8amm)inr of the Law reUtive to Stock. SUte of Music in FWmce and Italy, or the Journal 

jobbing. »».1«».-Ind«t to the Modem Reports of of » Tour throush those countries. 8ro. 1771.-A 

the Courts of Coamon I^w, previous to the com- Letter from the late 8ignor TarUnI, with die origiari 

!r!^!!r!*'il-« r^.K?*?'*!:'?;?'*/ '^-^ Italian. 4to. mi^Xhe present Stile of MusTto 

Adom^a VncUcm in the C*urt of Kmg's Bench, Germany, the Netherlani. and United Provinces, or 

Siro. laos. the Journal of 11 Tour through those countries. 8 ▼. 

Burn, M^OT Ueneral, Andrew, Royal evo. 1773.-OencrHl History of Music from th« 

Marines. eariiest ages to tlie present period, 4to. ▼. l. 177& 

The Chriatiaa Officer^* Complete Armour, l2mo. ^* 2* 17T9- v. 3 &: 4. 1789*— An Account of the Miist> 

I8O6.— Who fares best, the Christian or Uie Man of ^^ Performances in Westmmster Abbey iu Comm» 

the Worid ? Umo. 1806. 3d edit. 1810.— The Resur- monition of Handel, 4to. 1785^— Memotn of the Lift 

recdon of the Two Witnesses exhibited in the foma- ^^^ Writings of Metastasto, 3 v. 8vo. 1796.>-In the 

tkNi and Mceeis of the British and Foreigu Bible So- ^U* Trans, for 1779, ^^ « P*prr by Dr. B. giriog a« 

cic^, 8vo. Ulfl. Account of an Infant Musician—the celebmtf>d Dr. 

BuRNABT, £. A. ^°** Crotch, the present Ftafessor of Muiic in Che 

The Questioo— Has the House of Commons a Right ^'^^crrity of Oaford. 
•f Committal to Prison? considered, 8»o. 1810. BuRNEY, ChaRLES, D.D. LLD. F.R- 

BuRiTBT, John, Esq. advocate. acd A.S. Kind's Chaplain, Rector of St. 

Treatise on Various Branches of the Crimmal Law of Paul's, Deptford, Vicar of Hem HilL 

•eotiand, 4to. 1811. Kent, Professor of Ancient literature in 

Burnet, Thomas. the Royal Academy, and Honorary li- 

Oxford; some years' since resident in r^^aTlgjrof t^rii??^ 

A View <;f the present state of Poland, Umo. 1807. ^*t'^ ?f l^ Gnunmar School, Chis- 
-.Specimens of English Prose-Writers to the close of yc«j> wmc h he also kept for 80me time; 

«he 17th century, 3 v. cr. 8vo. 1807. he afierwaids conducted an academy at 

Burnett, Rev. Richard. Greenwich, which he relinquished about 

Soglish and LaUn Poems, preceded by a System of two years ago in favor of his SOU. He is 

Latin Prosody, B^-o. iao9. One of the most disUnguished. Greek 

Burney, Charles, Mus. D. F.R. 8. Scholars of the present day, and baa 

Member of the National Institute at afforded some capital specimens of his 

Paris, and Organist of Chelsea Hospital, skill in several masterly criticisms in the 

ln«o at Shrewsbury in 1720; educated Monthly lUview, He has published • 






Appendix ad Lexicon Gra?co-tatioum, a Joan. 
Sca»piila cotutmctuin, ct ad alia Lexica Graxa, e cod. 
Jdanoscripco ollm Asl^cviano, in luccoi nunc primum 
Tindicata, 8«t>. Xx>nd. 1789. — Appendix conUining 
Kemarks on the Greek Verses of Mi I too — at the 
«od of T. Warton*9 edit, of Miltoo's minor poems, 8vo. 
1791. — RichttTdi Bentlcii et doctorum virorum epis- 
toije, 4to. 1807. — ^Tentamen dc Mctns al> /Escliylo in 
choricis cantibtu adhibitis, 8vo. IBOQ^ — Bishop Pear- 
son's Exposition of tlio Creed abridged, 19mo. 1810, 
2d edit. 1812. — PhiIemofii« Lexicon Gnece e Bibliotli. 
Purisiens. 4to. and 8vo. IBIS. — Sermon preached ut 
the AnnivefMu^ Meethii; of ttte St^^wards of the Suns 
oftbc Clersy.atSt. Paul's, May 14.1812, 4to. 1813. 

BuRXEY, Frances. See D'Arblay, 

BrRNF.Y, James, Esq. Captain in the 
Royal Navy, elder brother ot the Rev. Dr. 
T!has. B. lie accompunic d Capt. Cuok in 
. one of his voyages round the world, and 
afterwards bad Ihe command of his Ma- 
jesty's ship Bristol, of 50 guns, in the 
East Indies. 

Plan of Defence against Invasion, 4to. 1796. — Mea- 
anres recommended for Che support of Pnblic Credit, 
4to. 1797. — Chronological History of die Discoveries 
ia the South Sea or Pacific Ocean, 4U). Part I. 1803, 
II. 1806, 111. 1813, (to be concluded in the fourth.}— 
£xpcn*iments nuide in tlie Miver Thames to discover 
a Method for ascertaininR the direction of the Cur- 
rento, 8vo. I6O9.— A Cliartof Ute Coast of China, witJi 
• Memoir, 1811. 

BuKNEY, Sarah Harriet, sister of 
the three preceding. 

Clarentine. nov. 3 v. ISmo. 1796. — Geraldine Fau> 
oonberg, noT. 3 t. ISmo. 1808, 8d edit. 1813.— Traits 
of Nature, nov. 5 v. ISmo. 2d edit. 1812. The first 
£dicion of this charming novel was sold in 3 months. 

BuRNEY, WiLLiAH, A. M. Master of 
the Naval Academy, Gosport. 

Th« Naval Heroes of Great Britain, or Lives of dis- 
tMBgoi»hed Admirals and Commanders, ISmo. I806. 
— ^Tbe Britisli Neptune, or a History of the Achieve- 
4DenUof the Royal Navy, 12mo. I806. 

Burns, Allan, Member of the Roy. 
Coll. of Surgeons, Loudon, and Lecturer 
on Anatomy and Surgery, Glasgow. 

Obi>ervataoos on some of the most Important Diseases 
of the Heart, Svo. 1809.->Observatiotts on the Surgical 
Anatomy of the Head and Neck,8vo. 1811. 

Burns, John, Lecturer on Midwifery, 
and Member of the faculty of Physicians 
and Surgeons, Glasgow. He is a contri- 
butor to the Edinb. Encyclop. and has 
published : 

Tho "Xnatomj of the Gravid Uterus, with Practical 
Inferences relative to Pregnancy and Labour, Svo. 
179c;. — On Inflammation, C v. Svo. 1800. — Observa- 
tions on Abortion, Svo. I8O6, 2d edit. — Ohsen^ations 
on the Uterine Hannorrhi^, Svo. I8O6. — The Prioci- 
|ftlea of Midwifery, 8vo. 1809, 2ded. 1811.— Popular 
Directions for the Treatment of the Diseases of Wo- 
men and Children, Svo. 1811. 

Burks, Robert, son of the celebrated 
Robert B. the noct, clerk in the office of the 
Comptroller for Stamps, Somerset-house. 

The- Caledonian Musical Museum, or complete Vo- 
«»I library. 12m6. I8O9. 

Lit, Cai, 

Burns, Rev. TiiOmas. 

Two Sermons preached iu the Church of Renfrew, on 
occasion of the Gen^ntl Fa^t, Oct. 30, 1803, Svo. 

Burns, William. 

An Inquiry into the-. Tendency of Methodism, 2 parts, 
Svo. 1810-12. 

BuiiRKLL, Rev. J. A.M. F. L. S. and 
Fellow of the Entomological Society. 

A Letter to £. Donovan, one of the Compilers of 
Dr. Rces's Cyclopaedia, on a paragraph in thdt woA 
reflecting on the Members of tlie EiitomoiogJcal So- 
ciety, 1810. — A Sermon preached in Hetheringsett 
Church, Svo. 1812. 

Burroughs, Francis, Esq. 

An Epistle to James Barry, Esq. containing Strictures 
on soihe of his Worlcs, Svo. 1805. 

Burt, Adam, some years since Sur- 
geon in the service of the E. Ind. Comp. 
at Goa. 

A Tract on the 'Biliary Complaints of European<t in 
hot Climates, founded on Observations in Bengal, 
ttvo. 1785. 

BuRT, Captadn Richard, R. N. 

A Niirrative of the Proceedings on board H. M. S. 
Theseus from tlie 4Ui to 15tii Sept. 1801 ; being an 
Account of a Hurricane which she encountered in 
tlie Atlantic Ocean, foi. I809. 

Burt, William, Attorney, Plymouth 

Observations on Banks (pub. under the signature of 
Danmonieusis,) Svo. 1810. — Rambles in Loudon, sm. 
Svo. 1S11-— Tlie Consequences of the French Kevo- 
lution to England considered, ISmo. 1811. 

Burton, Mrs. 

The Fugitive, nov. 2. v. ISmo. — Laura or the Orphan, 
nov. i V. ISmo. 1798. 

Burton, Capt. Charles. 

'Journal of a Voyage from London to Madeira, New 
Providence, and back to London in the Snow Thames, 
Svo. 1805. 

Burton, Edmund, Esq. M. A. He 
was educated at Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, and was for some time a Fellow 
of that Society; afterwards studied the 
law, and was called to the bar. 

The Satires of Prrsius translated into English (prose) ' 
4to. 1752. — Ancient Characters deduced from Classi- 
cal Remains, Svo. 1763. — MHuilii Astronomicon, libri 
quinque, Svo. 1783. — Suicide, a Dissertation, 4to. 

BusBY, C. A. Architect. 

A Series of Designs for Villas and Conntry-hooses, 
4to. 1808. — A Collection of Designs for Modern De- 
corations, 4to. 1806. 

BusBY, Thomas, Mus. Doc. LL. D. Can- 
tab, born in Westminster, 1755. At the 
age of fourteen, he was articled to Mr. 
John Battishill, an eminent music-mas- 
ter. After this, he was for some time 
a reporter for the newspapers, till he ob- 
tained the appointment of organist to 
St. Mary's Church, Newin^ton Butts. 
In 1798 he was chosen to iUl the same 
situation at St. Mary, Woolnoth, Lom- 
bard Street, and in 1800 he entered him- 
self a member of Magdalen Hall, CanCi- 
bridge, in order to become a candidal* 



for a doctor's degree in music, which was «*o. 1807.— a tetter to a XobienMi ftii the propped 
conferred on hfm in the following year. JT".'*'^'^ ^^1 ^u'T^"^!- Il^il'? ^T^ 
In 1786 he married the eldest daughter j^^, ^^^ ^^e Rom., catholics, sto. iboi.-a 

of Charles Angier, Esq. of Kensmgton. letter to a Roman Catholic OratleoMin of iTOiaad 

Dr. B. has gained great reputation by his oa Booaparte's projected invasioD. sro. isos — Uant 

musical compositions, ana besides being Jundica- SubBCciv*, bciat; a coiinecte«l smcs af 

a freauent contributor to ueriodical works, ?«'«'' respecting the Principal Cod« of the fhym 

arreqtientcontributorto periodical , ^^^^^ p^^^^, ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 

He lias pubiisned : iSOr.— A connected series of Note* on the cbwT Re. 

fhe A«e of Genius, a Sutirc. 4lo. 1780 .-(In aaso- volutions of the States which composed the Empim 

ciatlon with Dr. Arnold.) The Musical Dietlouarj. of Chariemasne, roy. 8vo. I8O7.— Feanic on Cootas. 

igt numbers, 1786— ITie Divine HarmonUt. 12 Num- ^^^ Remainders and Executory Derises, (kh ediL 

bers, fol. 1788.-Mclo<lia UriUnnica, or the Beau- ^.^^ I,otc^ rov. 8vo. IBOg.-Tlie Life of Feneloa, 

ties of British Song (a few Numbers only) 17 . .— Archbishop of Cambray, sm. 8»o. ieiO.--HiMoiy of 

A New and Complete MuMcal Dictionary, 8vo. ^j,^ Geographical and Political RevoluUons of tbs 

1801, .Id edit. 18l8.-MonUily MumchI Jounial, ^^^^^ ^f Germany, 8vo. 18W.-Life of J. B. Boi. 

No. 1 to 4, 1801.— Tlje Nature of Things from the .^^^^ ^-^^^^^ of Meaux, post 8ro. 1812,— An Addrmi 

Latin of Lucretiu% 2 r. roy. 4to. 1813. ,0 Uic Prt»te»tants of Great Briutn and Ireland. B^ 

BusFiELD, Rev. Johnson Atkinson, 181.1.— Life of tiie Rer. Aidon BuUcr. 
D. D. Lecturer of St. John the Evange- Butler, Charles, Teacher of the Ma- 
list and St. Anne, Westminster, alternate thematics at Cheam School, 
morning Preacher at the Asylum and intixHinction u> Algebra, laoo. 
Chaplain to Lord Mulgrave ; a natire of Butler, C. 

Yorkshire. '^^ ^f^ ^^ CUvalry , aXale abridged from the Knisto 

The Cliriidan's Guide in six Progressive Lessons, 8to. ^^^ *«*■. by Mad. de Oenlis, l«ao. 171». 
1800.—A Sermon prmdied at Berkeley Chapel on BuTLER, Mrs. H. 

the Ftet-day,1611. Vensenshon, or Love's Bfaaes, nov. 3 v. 18mo. I80I 

Bush, Rev. Edward Arthx;r, M. A. Count Eugfliio. nov. 2 v. i«mo. laor. 
Kector of St. Andrew's, Canterbury. Butler, Hon. Henry. 

VisitatioD Sermon preached at Cantert>ury. 1812, 8vo. I^^er to the Electors of England on the Keceaaity of 

BtJSH, William Craddock, Surgeon « Reform m Parliament, I809. 
of Bath Member of the Roy. Coll. of Sur- „, «^^i,f ^^^^^ ^,, ^ ^, i^, ,, ^^ 
geons, London. io„„. 1806. 

Obserx'ations on the Cause and Formation of Cancer, BrjTLrR JamFS 

■n* T> V Justification of tlie Tenets of the Rom. Cath. Rdk 

Butcher, Rev. W-ND gion.svo. 1787. 

Sermons, to which arc subjoined suitable Ilymn^ Rtti fr JniiTC ranterhiirv 
« V. 8vo. I79e-I806.-Moral Tales, 12mo. 180l.-Thc _ J^ V ^^^' i w"^^ .P"H; ... , ^ v 
Sub,unce of the Holy Scriptures methodised. 4to. RcflccUons upon the Liberty ot the Bntxsh Sujjedt 
1801,-An E«ur,ion from Sidmouth to Chester in ^^'^'^'l^ «>£ B^J^f PubhcaUon on tl.e Pi^nck 
IflOS, 2 V. 12mo. 1805.— A Sermon before the Sup- **«^»«"<»' 9ro. 1791. t\ Ffc TX J 

porters of the Unitarian Fund, June 9. 18lS,12mo. tJUTLER, Kev. aAMUKL, LI. U. Head- 

Butcher, Georoe, late clerk of the Master of Shrewsbury School, Prebend- 
dry stores at his Majesty's Victualling- ary of Lichfield and Coventry. Dr. B. 
office, Deptford. ^^^ educated at Rugby School, and St 
Tacts Explanatory of the Instrumental Cante of tiie John*s College, Cambridge, and married 
present high price of provisions, 8vo. 1801. a daughter oi Dr East Aptborpe. 

Butcher, Rev. Wm. M. A. Rector of M. Musuri Carmen in Platoncm, &C.8VO. 1797._llit 

Ropsley. ^^*' "'^^ Abuse of Ketisou in Matters of Faith, a 

Christ the Author of Eternai Salvation, a Sennon Sermon, 12ino. iao5.-^Security in tiie Dhrtne Pro. 

preached at Grantham, 1811. . tection. a Sermon on tlie Thanltsgiving Day. Dec. 5. 

Butler, Charles, Esq. of Lincoln's joos i2mo.-;Esd.yii Tnig«dte 

T x-^ c^ T» • 4^ »«. 1 1 3 V. 4fto. or 6 V. 8vo. I8O9— 1812.— A Letter to C. J. 

Inn New hqiiare, Barrister-at-Iaw, and BJomfieid. contmning Reliarics on u>e Bdinbu,^ 
an eminent Conveyancer. Mr. B. is a Review of the Cambridire JEschyius, eeo. 1S10.--A 

Roman Catholic, but notamiU of weight Letter 10 the Re\'. S. Butler fi7>m the Rev. 1. H. 
among those of his own communion. He ^Ion^»Oreok Professor in the Univ. of Cambridge, 

has been characterized by Dr. Milner, ^^ Mr Buiier's Answer, svo. i8io.--Chri«tian Li. 
a<» « A dpciilpd enemv tn the hierarrhv of ^'^^'' ''^ *"""'*" P'***^*^*^ '^ ^t. Mary's Cambndge. 

as a aepiuea eueni} to ine njerarcny of ^t the instaii«Uon of the Duiie of Gloucester, evo. 

niS church." IllS publications nave been : leil— A SlieUU of Modem and Ancient Oeograp^. 

Essay on the Legality of Impressing Seamtn. 8vo. Ovo. 1813. 

1778 — C^n Association witli Francis llangrave, Esq.) BuTLER, ReV. WreDEN, M. A. RK^'n- 

Coke's Commentary upon Littleton with Koles, Uth jng prcachcr of CliarlottC-Strcet ChspeL 

edit. fol. 1788. — Mr. B. edited and furnished some ir>;^i;«A af.. i> ^* :»i.^j u i.' _ L 7 

new Notes for fte 15th edit, 3 v. n,y. 8vo. 1794.- f »"»»IC0. Mr. B. aSSlSted by hlS SOQ ba» 

Ilorv Bibliee, being a connected series of Notes on ^^^ "^^Uy years kq^t a pnvatC School St 

the Literary History of tlie Bibles, or Sncrad Becks Chclsea, with distingui^cd rcputatioib 

of the Jews and Cbrutians, Svo. 1799, naw edit. 2 v« He has Wlittcn : 







An Aceood of tka Hie and Wridngi of the Rov. 
Dr. G«orfe teabope. Dean of Caaterfouiy, 8vo. . . 
The Tttpetnity of Brotherly Love, recommended, a 
SeffBKMiibr the Royal Coaberland School, 4to. 1791. 
A SermoD addressed to the armed association of the 
Atfiah of St. Luke, Chelsea, 8vo. 179B.>-Mrmoirs of 
Marir HiMestcr, D. D. Lord BisJiop of Sodor and 

Maa,8vo. nge. 

BvTLERy Webdek, juD. M. A. Lecturer 
of BromotoD, son ot the prcccdiii«r, edu- 
cated at Sidney Sussex Coil. Cambridge. 

Prospect of the Political Relaiions which subsist be- 
tween the French Republic and the Helvetic Body, 
from tbe French of Weis9, 8vo. 1794. — Bagatelles, 
tombtiug of ori^n«l Poetry and Translations, 8vo. 
1799* — The Wrongs of Untei-walden translated, 8vo. 
1799. — Zimao, the African, translated, 8\'o. 1800, 
fld'ediL l««o.l807. 

BuTLEBy Willi AMy upwards of forty 
years teacher of writiog, accounts, and 
^^pby in Ladies' Sc£)oIs, and private 
lamJicSy now retired, and living in ho- 
ncH^ible independence in St. Thomas's 
Square, Hackney. 

Iniradacdon to Arithmetic, 8vo. 1785. — ^Arithmetiea- 
Qnevtiona on a Kew Plan, deaigned as a Supplement 
to the precedlag,avo.l79fib Sdedit. 1801.— A Chrono- 
logical Table, comprising articles of an Historical^ 
Biograptaical, aod Miscellaneqaa Nature, 12mo. 1798, 
fd edit. 1799« — Geogra{^ical 'and Biographical Exer- 
I ciscs, ISmo. 1798. — Bxercises on tlie Globes, inter- 
apened with Historical, Biogrsphical, Mythological, 
ttd Miscellaneous InibrmMtion, Igmo. 179B, 4th edit. 
ISQBw— Arithmetical Tables, 98mo. laOS.— Geographi- 
cai Exerdaes In the New Testament, ISmo. 1813. 

BuTsoN, Christofheh, D.D. Bishop of 
Clonfert and Kilmacduagh, to which see 
he was promoted in 18(M. He has pub- 

/A C ewo a f M f e a c J lfe d before Uie Aatprjation lipr Dis- 
epaateMocing Vice, Apr. 9. 1807 • • ABQB. 

Butt, Rev. John Martih, A. M . late 
Studeot of Christ Church, London. 

The Revelatiou of St. John eompared with itself and 
tbe rest of Scripture, A«o. lB0i^^^A Commentary on 
the frtiiAwy of Biwial .ruiaring to the Seventy Weeks, 
ttmo. Mig7.^A CwMneoiary oo the ImI Vjuon of 
tbe ftephet Daiuifil,heij« a BeqneA to «be pr*edii«, 
18mo. laqs^-'Tbe SU»liM^.of the A|wc»lypte itownii 
strated by itS falfilm^t, Iftno. t9Q9< 
I An Arithmetical Dialogue between a Hatter and a 
Pupil, iSoio. 18Od^*C0aunercial Arithmetic, IAro. 

BuTTERwoRTH, Rev. JoHN, Dissenting 
Minister of Coventry. 

A New Concordance and Dictionary of the Holy 
Scriptures, 8vo. 1767.— (Greatly -hnproved in a new 
■ cditi4m, 1785.) 

Butter WORTH, Lavbence. 

The sttper-excelJency of the Chrbtian Religion dia- 
I phyed, 8vo. 178*. — Tbonghts on Moral Government 
[ sod Agency, and tlie origin of Moral Evil, 8vo. 

Button, Johx V. of the Classical and 
iCommercud Academy, Clifife, Lewes, 


The I^wes Library Society, a poem, 4to. 1804.— Eaer* 
cises in Elocution, a poem, 12mo. I8O9. 

Buxton, Isaac, M.D. Physician to the 
London Hospital and to the 3uiTey Dis- 
pensary, and Lecturer on the Practice of 
Medicine, originally a Dissenting Cler- 

Essay on the nse of a regulated Temperature in Win- 
ter Cough and Consumption, 12mo, I809. 

Buy, William, Esq. late agent for 
packets at Coninna. 

Narrative of the Second Siege of Zaragoaa, from tlie 
Spanish, 8vo. I8O9. 

Byerley, John Scott, a native of 
Ripon, Yorkshire. 

Buonaparte, dram. (pub. under the name of John 
Scott Ripon] 8vo. 1803«— The Catastrophe, a tale, 
Irom the French of St. Aubigne, fc. 8vo. 1803. — INa- 
ture, or a Picture of the Passions, nov. 4 v. 12mo. 
1803. — Love's Lyrics, or Cupid's Carnivsl, fc. 8vo. 
1807.— Leopold de Circe, or the Effects of Atheism, 
nov. 2 V. ISmo. 1807.— The Prince, from the Italian 
of Machiavelli,8vo.]810. — The Veil Removed, or an 
Expose of the meam adopted by the Rt. Hon. S, 
Perceval, aod tbe lords Eldon and Liverpool* to ob- 
tain power, 8vo. 181S. 

Byland, William. 

The Mechanic's Guide, or a Treatise on tlie Laws of 
Mechanics, as they relate to wheel machines. 8vo. 

Byron, Mrs. daughter of an attorney, 
and widow of a physician of eminence at 
Hull, where she resides. 

Antt-Delphfaie, nov. $ v. iSiho. 180&— Drelincourt and 
Rpdalvi, 3 v. liemo. IQ07.— Tbe Bordereis, 3 v. iSmo. 

Byron, Miss^ ^vthoress of the follow- 
ing novels : 

Tlie Englishwoman, 5 v. 18p8. j2d ed. — Uours of Af- 
fluence, and Days of Indigence, 4 v. 1809. — ^The Mo- 
dern VUU, and the Ancient Castle, 3 v. 1810.— Tbe 
Englishman, 6 v. 1811. 

Btron (George Gorpon Byron), 
Lord, grandson of Admiral John B. horn 
ahout 1788, succeeded his great uncle in 
17^8. In 1812 his Jordship disposed of 
Newst^ Ahbey, the family mansion 
near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, which 
he has commemorated in one of his early 
compositions, for about 150,0001. Be- 
sides several beautiful pieces in a volume 
of '' Imitations and Translations," pub- 
lished by Mr. Hobhouse, whom he ac- 
companied in his travels in Greece and 
Turkey, his lordship has written : 

ITbars of Idleness, poi>ms «nd translations, 8vo, 1807. 
— Ettgluh Bar«U and Scotch Reviewers, a satirical 
poem, 1809. 4tli ed. I811.-^bilde Harold's Pilgri. 
mage, a poetical romance, 4to. 1819. 6ih ed. 1813. — 
The Giaour, a Fragment of a Turkish tale,8vo. 1815. 
5tli ed.— The Bride of Abydos, a Turkish (ale, 4tb 
ed. 1813. 

Bywatlr, John. 
Bessy on Elf efricity, 6vo. IQIO. 






Cabanel, Daniel, Esq. of Lincoln's 

The Tocsin Sound t«l.-- All Epistle to tUc Hi. linn. 
Spciirrr Pertival, fivo. 181'.;.— Elopi.ic Tiibuif to 
the Memory of llio lati* Rt. Jlon. S. IVrceval, IBIS. 

Caddick, Rev. llicHARD,M.A. of Christ 
Church, Oxford. 

Ilrhrew mrtilc Ka-y, or an Introduction to lUc lie- 
brew I/Jimuajr. avo. 17liy.-f-l*aura F|ii3tlc to Uie 
Romans, in Ilil)rt'\v, ICinu. n)04. 

Caini;*;, Ci.rMrxT, Ksq. 

Lettprs on the Cultivation of tlie Otaheite Cane; 
the Manufarturr of Sui;nr and Rum, &:c. Uvo. ICOl. 

Caird, John. 

The ('unij)lete Confectioner and lamily Cook, ISmo. 


Cai.cott, John Wall, Mus. Doc. Or- 
ganist of St. Paul's Covent(Jar(len. 

A Mn^ictl Gramm-ir, avn. 1 aOt). cine ut of E^rl 
8t,iiiIjope'2> System of Tuning Keyed luitruments, 

CALDrcoTT, Thomas, Esq. of the Inner 
Temple, Fellow of New Collcirr, Oxford, 
and <in eminent counsel on the Oxford 


Iltp iits of CancH rcl.itivc to the Duty and Office of a 
Just re of the Pcarc, from 1776 tn ITIL**, 2 v. ito, 
17lW')-t). (This work forms a Continuation of Sir 
James Burrow's Ucports.) 

Caldir, John, D.D. ori^rnially a Cler- 
gyman oi" the Ciuirch of Scotland. lie 
came to Ivondon under the patronage of 
the Jute D. of Northumhcrland, and 
resided for some years in the nci|i;hbour- 
hood of that nobleman, at Alnwick Castle. 
He has published : 

(fu association with Mr. John Niehols) Tlie Tatter, 
with note:}, 6 v. 8vo. 1786.— (This work was after- 
wards reprinted, tojrether with the Bvo. edition of the 
Spectator and the Guardian, with notes by Bishop 
Percy and Mr. liiicliols) — Pierre Francois le Courayer's 
Jast sentiments on Religion, from the Fi-eucii, ISmo. 

Caldwall, Thomas, formerly Apothe- 
cary to the City Dispensary. 

A Select Collection of Ancient and Modern Epitaphs 
and Insoriptions, ISmo. 1796. 

Callam, James, formerly Surgeon of 
IL M.S. Supply. 

Account of a Voyage from the Cape of Good Hope to 

15ot.«ny Bay, IJvo. 17»y. 

Calx anm)ER, Colonel James. 

Military M:ixim% 12rao. 178'^. 

Callander, John, Esq. of Craigforth. 

Two Ancient Scotl^h pocm«> ; the Gaberlunxie Man, 
and Chnet's Kirk on the Green, with notefi, Bvo. 


Caltuorp, Rev. Joon, M. A. 

A S-rmon on the New Year, preached in the Church 
IGosbcrton, Lincoln, 8vo. IdOQ. 

Cambov, J. J. 

I.*ttrrs and ronver«af.ons, l2mo. 17 •— Clemcatma 
Bnliord, nov. 12mo. 171)6.— Young Orandison, £ r. 

Cambridge, George Owen, M. A. 
F. R. and A. S. Archdeacon of Middlesex, 
and Prebendary of Ely, son of the late 
Richard Owen C. Esq. 

The works of Kichurd Owen Canibridj;r, Esq. with- 
an Account of his Life and Character, 4to. IHOS. — A - 
Cliar(;e delivered to the Clergy of the ArcliUcaconry . 
of Middlesex, at his Primary Visitation in 1805, Svo. 
—A Sermon preached in St. Pdul'a Catliedral, at the 
Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated at the Cha- 
rity Schools of London and Westminster. 4to. laOf. — 
A ( liaige delivered to the Clergy of the Archdcacoory 
at lliu Visiuuon in 1811. 

Cameron, Charles, Architect. 

The Baths of the llouuuu explained and illustrvted, 
imp. fol. 1772. 

Cameron, Charles Richard, A.M. 
Perpetual Curate of Donnington-wood 
Chapel, Salop. 

The Connexion between Uie Work, of Man's Redenp- 
tion, and Uic Divine Agents in it, a sermoD» UOQ. 

Cameron, Ewen. 

The riogal of Ossian, rendered into heroic TCnCyBvet. 

CAMrnoN, John. 

nie Mcjsiali, Bvo. 177O. 

Campbell, Alexander. 

The History of Dovtr Castle, by tlie Rev. W». 
Darrll, Ciiriplain to Queen Elisabeth, translated 
from the oriciuul Latin MS. now in the library of the 
Collcije of Amis, 4to. 1786. 

Campbell, Alexander. 

Ock-s iiud MlNcellaneous Poems, 17 . — An Intro- 
duction to the History of Poetry in 5>cotl and, ffxMa 
tho i;Jtli century to the present time, U v. 4to. I79B. 
— A Journey from Kdinburch through parts of Nort^ 
Britain, 2 v. 4to. 184)2. — ^The Gnunpians Desolate, a 
})oera, Bvo. 1804. — History of the Rebellion in Scot- 
land in 1746-6. 12mo. 1804.— Beaulios of Litenture, 
vol. i. 12mu. 1804. 

Campbell, A. C. A.M. 

Apoloipa Oclcsis: Anslicanie, Auctore Joanne JaeBe 
KpiHcopo, 12mo. 1B12. — Tlie same work translated 
into Gifeck by Smith, ]2mo. IBIS.— An Engfcsk 
translation of the same with notes, 8vo. 1813. 

Campbell, Lady Charlotte. 

Self-Indulgence, a tale, S v. ICmo. 1812. 

Campbell, David, M. I). 

Obsei-vations on the Typhus, Bvo. 1785. 

Campbell, Donald, of Barbreck, Esq. 
This gentleman formerly commanded a 
regiment of cavalry in the service of the 
Nabob of the Caruatic. In his journey, 
which was made over land to India, aiMl 
of which he lias published an account, 
he met with extraordinary difHcuhies 
and hardships bv land, and encountered 
the horrors of shipwreck by sea in his 
passage from Goa to Madras. Having 
escaped these perils, he had new suffer- 
ings to endure from Ifyder Ali, on whose 
coast he was thrown, and by whom he 
was made captive. At length he was 


released by General Matthews ; aAer- An Exumination of the Bp. of cioyne*t Befeaee of 

wards proceeded to Bengal, visited va- *•" Principles, svo. 1788. 

rious places in the East Indies, and 6nally Campbell, WiLLiAM,Esq. Comptroller 

returned from China to England. He has of the Legacy Duty. 

published : The Value of Annuities, from 11. tx) lOOOl. per ann. oa 

A Joarnej over land to India, comprehendinit his *''»»K^« •i^'®*' f»^°»» ^^^ »8e of one to ninety years, 8vo. 

flfaipwreck and impriaonment with Ilyder Ali, and his ^^^^' 

soba^iaent transactions in the East. 4to. 1795.--(An CanNING, Rt. Hon. GEOUpE, M. P. for 

abffidgiBeBt of this -work was published in 12mo. in ~ ' ' 

1796, but apparently vithout the consent of the 

•uthor.)— Letter to the Marquis of Lorn, on the pre> ^ • ■ ^ /* -r « i*" 

It times, 8ro. 1798. Oarvagh, m the county of Londonderry, 

Liverpool, son of George C. Esq. bar- 
rister at law, a branch ofthe Cannings of 

Campbell, Hector, M. D. but who settled at an early period of life 

Oba«TTmtioDs on the Opinions and Practice of Dr. Wn. in London. His SOU, bom about 1770, 

annndcrs in Bilious and Liver Complaints. 8vo. lOOQ. was educated at Eton, and Christ ChUFch 

^^jwation of tiie London Phannacopceia, i4mo. College, Oxford. Whilst a Senior scho- 

1810. — ^Tbe impcndins Ruin of the Rntuh Empire, Its i„.„«.^u„»- -> •_ - 1 

«*ua« and temidy con«dered, 8vo. 1813. ^^ ^^ ^^<^ *«*:'?«^>' scmmary, he was a prin- 

Campbell, James, Esq. "P*^ contributor m association with 

On Modern Falconry, 8vo. 177.S. McSSrS. J. aud U. Smith, aud J. FrerC, tO 

CAMPBELL,JoiiN, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, tbe Microcosm, a well known periodical 

Barrister at Law. paper, written entirely by Etonians. The 

Reports of C^ses argued and tried at Nisi Prius in papers by him are signed B. At the 

the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, from university Mr. C. gained several prizeS 

Midi. Tern. 1807. to U,c sittings before Easter Term fcy J^Jg compositions, and waS, with 

181 1 inclusive, vol 1. & u. 8>ro. 1806. ikjr^^^-^ 1?-- ..— —.j ni: _.•-.•« i 

c m 1 Messrs. Frere and Ellis, a principal con- 

WoHdmfpfa^^^aCo^^ ^uctor of the Ant^acobiu,' OT Weekly 

▼eU, 20 V. 18m*o.- Picture of Human Life.-Alfred and i^xammcr, in 1798. On leaving COllese, 

Galba, or the History of Two Brothers. l«mo. 1805. he Commenced the USUal Studies for 

•— Voyages and Traveb of a Btole, 1 807-— Remarkable the profession of the law, from which hc 

PuticaUrs in the Life of mosm. i«mo. 1808. ^ ^^s soon diverted into the field of pohtics. 

Campbell, Rev. Thomas, LL.D. a na- i„ ^793 ^e obtained a seat in parliament 

*r^f ^C,^^^ • Chancellor of St. Macar- for Newtown, I. of Wight ; in 1796 wa» 

Ud's, Clogher. elected for Wendover, and appointed one 

A Surrey ofthe South of Ireland, 8vo. 1777.— A Ser- qJ-^u^ „nHpr ^Prrptaripc nf «titP anH rP- 

mon preached at St. Andrew's, DubUn, in aid of a ^^ }^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^\ *^.^' ^SSc'®^ 

ftind for the support of a Charity School, 4to. 1780.— ceiver-gcneral of the Alienation Office. 

Strictures on the Ecclesiastical and Literary History In 1801, On the retirement of Mr. Pitt 

«f Ireland, 8TO. 1789. from power, Mf. C. resigned his situa- 

Campbell, Thomas, born at Glasgow tions, and was the following year returo- 

1777, and educated at the grammar- ed for the Irish borough of Thilee. In 

Bchooland university of that city. Hc 1803,whenMr.Pitt returned to the helm, 

then repaired to Edinburgh, visited Ger- Mr. C. became Treasurer of the Navy, 

many in 1800, and, after nis return, mar- which office he resigned on the death of 

Tied in 1803, and settled at Sydenham, his patron in 1806, when he was elected 

Mr. C. enjoys a penwon, secured for him M.P. for Sligo. In 1807, on the forma- 

by Lord Gienville, as it b said, for politi- tion of Mr. Perce\'al*s administration, he 

calparagraphswrittenbyhiminaneven- was returned for Hastings, and became 

ing paper, in support of his lordship's ad- secretary of state for foreign affairs ; 

ministration. He has published: but in 1809 a misunderstanding with his 

Hie Pleasures of Hope, witii other poems, 8vo. 1799- colleague, Lofd Castlereagh, respecting 

td ed. uns. 4to. and several editions since, in fcap. the COUduct of the fatal expedition 

Rvo. with piat«.-Annais of Great Britoin. from the against Walchercu, occasloued his re- 

ascension of Oeoree III. to the peace w Amiens ^ ^ ^' j ^ j i • u* 1 -a;r. r«>» 

(«K,».; s V. 8n,. MOB-Gertrude JfWyoming, and si^nation, and a duel, m which Mr. Can- 

ocfaer poems, 4to. 1809. sd ed. 8vo. 1810. Qing was wouuded. Sincc that time he 

Campbell,William,D.D. a Dissent- ^^^s not filled any public station: he is 

log Minister of Armagh, Ireland. SJ^P^'?*^ J!^ ^f Pp^*^^^"^ attached to the 

Tbfpmence of Christ with hfc. Church in every age Marquis Wellesley, and at the general 

and period of it proved, a Sermon Preached at a election, m 1812, WaS chosen one of the 

General Synod of Protesunt Dissenting Ministers of representatives of Liverpool. Mr. C. is 

the Presbyterian persuasion, 8vo. 177-*.- Vindication married tO a daughter of the late Ge- 

of the Principles and Character of the Presby^^^ „ j g^^ ^^^ j ^j^ DuchcSS of ' 

of Ireland. a«ldresse« to the Bishop of Cloyne (Dr. r» _^i 1 • l 1 l • j » ^ 

Woodward), in answer to hi. book, entitled, " The Portland, With whom he received a con. 

r^tMnt 8Ute of tiie Church of Irelaad/' 8vo. 1786.^ Udenole fortUOe. Most Ql tbe speecbcs 







SMBlKMied Mow were published without 
his sanction : 

fctiwh in t^ H. of Coaaaonf, D«c. 11, 179B» oo Mr. 
Twoey's notion mpecting CoatinenUl alluiaces, 
9vo. 179B.--Speech in the If. of C. on the >f egocU- 
tfen with FHuict, 8vo. 1807.— Two Letters to Earl 
CsmdAOy 8vo. 1800.— A Letter to Earl Camden, con- 
teioing a Warmtive of the Tranaactioas connected 
tflth the lata Ppel, 8r». 1809.->^«hatuire of Two 
Speeches in ttte II. of C. 8th and IMh May, 1811, on 
the fitciMiit of the Ballion Coounittec, 181 1«— Speech 
on Lord Morpeth** Motion respecting the State of 
Ireland, Feb. S, IBIS. 8to.— Speech on bringing for- 
ward hb Motion on the Laws respecting the Koman 
Catholics, 8vo. IBIS.— Speeches and Public Ad> 
dieeata daring the late Election at Liverpool, ISbo. 
1012.— Mr. C. is a regular oontributor to the Qmmr' 
teri^ Review, 

Canton, John, formerly private Secre- 
tary to the Marquis of Rockingham. 

Hie Adventures of Telenadios, tnmslated Into blank 
vene, 4lo. 1788. 

Canton, J. 

A*rar abd Seniphina,'nov. 8 v. 1808.— The English 
Oil BImip m. 3 V. 1807. 

CatPp, Mart Elizabeth. 

Ite African Prineasa, and other Poems, 8vo. 181S. 

Cappe, Mrs. Catberine, widow of the 
bike Aev. Newcome Cappe, who died in 
laoo, Minister of the Dissenting Chapel, 
St. Savionr^^ate, York, in which city she 
resides. Besides many pa|»ers iu the 
Monihbf Magazine this iaay is author or 
editor of the following publications : 

Acoottm of two Charitf SdHwla for Oiris, and of a 
EaaMle Friendly Societj in York, Svo. umo. — Criti- 
cal Barnrks on many important passages of Scripture, 
bj the Jate Rev. Newcome Cappe, with Memoirs of 
his Lii%, S V. Svo. 180S.>-Observiitio«is on Charity 
Schools, Female Friendly Societies, and otiier Sub- 
jacta. lasS.^'DisooBfaas Awm the short-haad papers 
of tlie late Rev. Newoome Cappe, Svo. iaQ5.~A coo- 
nected History of the Life and Divine Mission ef Je- 
Ais Christ as recorded by the Four Evangelists, wiUi 
notes seleMed from the short-hand p^>ers 6S the late 
B«r. NeweomeOappe, Sva, I8O9. 

Capper, Benjamin Pitts, Esq. of the 
Alien Office. 

A Sutistical Aocovot of the Populntion and CuItivB. 
tien, Piwdttce and CoOMiaqptaDn ef Eiiflaml and 
Wales, Svo. 1801.— A Tapographioal Dictionary af the 
Waited Kingdom, 8vo. 1808.— The Imperial Calendar 
fbr 1806. 12mo. (continued annually.) 

Capper, James, Esq. formerly Colonel 
in the East India Company's service, and 
Comptroller-general of the Army and 
Fortincation Accompts, on the Coast of 
Coromandel, now resident on his estate 
in Glamorganshire. 

Observations on the Passage to India, Ihvot^h Egypt 
and across the Great Desert, 4to. 1784.— Obserrations 
fl«i the Winds and Monsoons Svo. iaei.-»4Maerra. 
tlODs on the Cukivafeto& of Waate Lands, taddmoed 
10 tl)e Gentlemen and Fwvners of Glamorgnnriwe, 
Svo. 1805.— Metporolotncal and Miscellaneous Tracts 
applicable to Navigstion, Gardening and 
Svo. I8O9. 

Capper, Lo VISA. 

Abridgment of Locke*s Essay coneeniing th« Hui 
Understanding. 4to. 1811. 

Card, Henrt, A.M. bornatEgham, 
Surrey, 1779, and educated at Westmins- 
ter School, whence he removed in 1797 
to Pembroke Coll. Oxford. In 1799 he 
married Miss Marianna Bulkeley, of 
South lAmbeth. He has writtim : 

The History of the Revotutioos ef Rassia to ibe Ac 
cession of Catherine I. Svo. 1803.— Historical Ont- 
lines of the Papal Power, Svo. 1804^— The Reiipi of 
Charlemagne consiiierf d chiefly with a view to Reli> 
gion, Laws, Literature and Manners, Svo. laOT^-' 
Beaoford, or a Picture of High Life, oov. 2 v. Svo* 
1811.— Literary Recreations, 8vo. 1809- 

Card, W. Schoolmaster and Matbemap 
tical Professor at Hythe. 

11m YouUi's Infallible Instructor, Svo. 179B. 

Cardew, Cornelius. D.D. Vicar of 
Ewny Lalcnt, and Master of the Gram* 
mar School, Truro. 

A Sermon preached at Truro before a Provijscial 
Grand Lodge of Freemasons, 8vo. 1779. — A Sprosnn 
preached at Pensance at the Visitation of the Bp. ef 
Exeter, 4to. 1782. — A Sermon preached at the As- 
siaes held at Bodmin, 4to. 1796< 

Carey, David. In 1803 he was Edi- 
tor of the Foetical Magazine published 
by Vcrnor and Hood, and is author of 

The Pleasures of Nature, and otlier Poems, fc. 8vo. 
1803. — llw Reign of Fancy, a poem, 12nio. ISO*.— 
Secrets of the Castic, nov. 2 v. 1806.— Poems, laao. 
1807. — Picturesque Scenes, or a Guide to the Bean- 
ties of the Highlands, 8vo. 1811. 

Carey, John, LL. D. Private Teacher 
of the Classics, French and Short-hand. 

Latin Prosody made easy, Svo. 1800. Sd ed. 1818.— 
Dry den's Viigil,a new edition, revised and cotrected^ 
3 V. Svo. 1803.— Skeleton of the Latin Accidence, 
180S. — An Alphabetical Key to Propria qn« Maribos, 
1805. — An Abridgment of Latin Prosody amde easy, 

nao. 1809 Practical English Prasody and Ventf- 

talian, i^mo. laog.— Key to the Emtlish Prosody, 
Umo. 1800. — Learainv better than House and Land, 
as exemplified in the Uistory of a Squire and a Cow- 
herd, ISmo. 1809- — SctuiniDg F'xtTciscs for young Prr>> 
BcMiaos, ISma. 1812. — Dr. C. compiled one of the 
Ind«ses«o *e AaMial liegiBCer ptUisbedSy the as- 
setiaiad bapk»eHefs aMd was editor of the eaH j «0m- 
tersW the SehotU MmgrnMnt, fMiblished hyPbiiiips, 
and liaa beeu a frequent coutribator to the Monthly 

Carey, W. 

The Stranger's Guide through London, ISno. 1808. 

Carhy, WiLUAM, D.D. Sub-AliBioner 
to the King^ Head Master of Westmanster 
Schoo], and Prebendary of WcBtminster. 

A Sermon preached before the How^ef CoaaMns en 
the FasUlajr 1809, 4to. 

Carey, William, LL. D. Proleaaor of 
the Sungskrit, Bengalee, aad Mahratla 
Languages in the College of Fort ^'M- 
liam, Bengal. Till his 24th year, he was 
a workin^shoemaker ; received ordina- 
tion among tlie Calviaistic Baptists, and 
went in 1793 as a Missionary Co Bengal. 
The literary labours of this industrious 


man and bis colJeanies have recently a Topognphioil Bictioiury of EnghDd, t r. %to, 

been interrupted by tne destruction of the 1807.— a Topogrmpiiiaii Dictiimiry of Tr«tand, 9 ▼. 

printing-office established in the Mission- V^' Jbot^a ropographicai Dictionary of w.ias. 

bouse, at Serampore, which in March «^;8"-A Topographical Dictioo.rj of scotiaud, 

IV^"^ '^.'^T^^^I ^'^ ^''^'''!l%' ""^l^ CARLiSLE,BisH0P0f,See Goodenouch. 
8,000 reams of Enghsh paper, and founts Samuel ^^yuoa, 

of type in fourteen languages besides r> ' t 

English. Within a few momhs after in- Carmichael, James. 

tel&ence of this dis^ter was received in IZ'-r^^rtT^^':^:^:^;^^ 

£ngland, a sum sufficient to repair the authentic Mss. 4to. 1791. 

loss, estimated at 12,000/. was raised by Carmichael, Richard, Memb. of the 

▼oluntary subscriptions. Dr. C. has Roy. Coll. of Surgeons, Ireland, and Sur- 

y"!*®*^.* . gcon of St. George's Hospital and Di^ 

An niquirj into the Obligations of ChristiaiM to use pensarv Dublin 

«M^ns for tlio C«iye„ion of Uie HcaUn^n, 8jo. 17^. Lsay on ie Effect of Carbonate and other prepanu 

-A GraoHnar of the Sungaknt Language, fol 1806. t^n, of Iron on Cancer. 8ro. 1805. «d ed. 1^ 

^.T^TZIll't"\u^^'^\\^'^ E-yontheNat«reofs;«f«la,avo.l810. 
nttyuna of Valmeekt, from the original Saogskrit, r *»«,*• Pa..«.»» 'T^^U*.. ..* *i- 

with sm». 4to. Vol. I. «, ^ «^?' Patrick, Teacher at the 

Carliolf, Akthont, F.R.S. Professor ?T^ ^^^> ^^^^ Dublin, born in Bai- 

of Anatomy to the Roy. Academy, Sur- "eborow,Co. Cavan, Ireland, 1766. Be- 

ecOD to the Westminster Hospital and sja^s ^some fugitive pieces in Laiin, 

Lecturer on Surgery, Physiology and ^^nch and English, and a close traosia. 

Pathology. This gentleman has pub- ^lon of some of Virgil's Eclogues, confined 

lished nothing in a separate form, but ^^ ^T ^?™® number ot lines as the origl- 

there are papers by him in the Tram, of ?n"® "as wntten : 

♦ h*» \f^A anrt PhiMM^^a ««^ 'm «;^».^..>. -An Essay on the present Sute of Sdioota In Inftlaad, 
mi / I. f ^A7^' • :J ^"""''''* * 1806^Tho«ghts on Prosel,ti.«. 

^it CJ^tf^^ Carpenter, Benjamin, Minister bf 

Linn. Sac, and in the Phi 2 ram ^^^ Dissenting Chapel, Stourbridge. 

Carlisle, (I-REDERIC Howard) Earl Difference of Sentiment no objection to theexercito 
of, K. G. bom 1748, succeeded his father of Mutual Love, a Sennon,8vo. 1780.--fattrSennou» 
1758. He was educated at Eton, and at *>" Conformity to the World, 8VO. 1789— Letter to 

King's College, Cambridee, and at an '^»« R«^- R- Foley, Rector of oid Swinford, « An- 
early age was distinguished for his clas- Z^r?H?!.^«t'"'^J5r'"?Trr°'' ** ^^"^ "^ 

-_ I T?L_ • . Oj ^« 1 •" , '^••**' Sioarbndge,8vo. 1793. — A Liturgy coatalnuur Fonaa 

ftlCal attainments and poetical talents, of Devotion for each Sundi^' in the Mon\i^ 152«o. 

In 1777 he commenced his political ca- i79*. 

recr as Treasurer of his Majesty's House- Carpenter, Daniel, Esq, a Justice of 
hold, and the following year went to the Peace for Hertfordshire. 
Amerioa as one of the Commissioners for ^flections on Mr. whitbread's 'Bill on the Poof 
the purpose of negociating with the Colo- ^^'' 8vo. 1807. 

nies. In 1779 he became first Commis- Carpenter^ Eli as. Minister at the 
sioner of Trade and Plantations, and in " House of God" near Newington Butts, 
1780 was appointed Lord lieutenant of fornierly an adherent of Joanna South- 
Ireland, which situation he held till the c^?t, but now at variance with her. The 
change of ministry in 1782. His lord- principal doctrine which distinguishes 
«hip married in 1770 Lady Caroline this illiterate preacher, is the belief that 
Gower, sister of the present Marc[uis of ^^^ Millenium is at hand ; and in the 
SCBflRvd. Besides many pieces of poetry prosecution of his call to proclaim these 
to be found in the Asylum for Fugitive tidings, he declares that " he has re^ 
PieccMj he has written : noimced every thin^ dear to man, to hi^ 

last guiaea and -his last friend.'^ F 

i,4to. if7s— .The Father's Rerenge, tmg. and last guiBe^ and -his last friend.*' He has 

Po«M,8ro. irss-and in 4»o. in iMo. A Hmit- published a pamphlet entitled : 

9d IteprmtM of thb bcButiAil volume, decorated The Nocturnal Alarm, 

with engraviogs from the pencil of Wcstall, was cir- Cajlov^tvi* T F»rmpr of ChadwirJr 

cutatMfcy the noble author among hi»friend«,-Let ^^^^^^S ' farmer. Of UHaawiCiC 

lerto Earl ntawUiite in reply to his Lordship's tvo ^^^^Or, Worcestershire. 

Letters, 1794.— The Stepmother, trag. 8vo. 1800.— ^ Treatwc on Bwcfeical and Eaj^meoUl Agrienl. 

Tk«C«iies and Poems, Svo. 1801.— Verses on the '"*** 

IJeath of Lord Nelson, I8O6.— TjioughU on the CaRPENTER, La NT, D. D. an Unitarian 

preaent Condition of the Stage, and the Construction Minister, of £x6ter. 

dfa newThi»tre,{^uon.:.8vo, 18oe.-Tn 179B Lord 'fhc Continual Saperintending Agency of God, » 

C. piiiMieh«d a spint^Tract entitied, " Unite or goui-ce of Consolation in Uie Times of Calamity, a 

nu, fsr gmenl dLStWratioii. discourse, 8vo. I8O6.— An Tutroduction to the Geo- 

u^musLB, Ni€ttOLa8,£sq.F. and Sec r^phy of the New Testament, itao. uoe^naiB 

Mm 0» 


Roles «nd ctuiogae of atibrary for Young Persons, tcr School he produced in association 

Iteo. ia0P.—Diiiooiira«« on the Genuioenw* of ^jj^ Sailiuel Ilaves, 

th« New Te.t. ia».-Eirors respectiuR UuiUrlan. js,^^,^;^^ ^ »,.^. ^j^^ 

ism con»iderta, a discourse, I809.— Letters to the ^^ .^ ..^ ..^ 

Rev. Dan. Veysie, occasioned! by lib Prt»ervativc <-ARn, ItCV. W ILLIAM >> INDLE. 

^gmlnst Uoitiui-nisui, leino. I8O9.— Proof from S^rif^ ^o*''"* ©n various Subjects, 8vo. 1791- 

'ture UiatGod the fatiier is tlio only true God, CarRICK, A. M.D. 

iSM. Dissertation on tlic Chemical and Medical PropertiM 

Carpentcr, Samuel, Esq, Barrister at of Uie Bristol iiot-wcii Water, avo. 1797. 

i^^' . Carhinotox, (Ronr.RT Smith) Lord, 

•a statement of the Evidence and Arjrumeut. of bred a banker and rormcrlv at the head 

Counsel before the Committfe of tiie II. of Com. on ^i' 4.U u i-c -.i i> jc • l 

the controverted Eiectiou for, 180B. ?* ^^^ ^"i""^ of Smith, Payne and Smith, 

Carpenter Thomas. Oeorge Strrcl, Mansion-house, raided tu 

issay on the reign'iog Vices and Follies of Mankind, ^^^' pt'f^ragC as Vrxnm C. ot'Bulcot Lodge, 

and the Causes of National Danger and Calamity, Ireland, 1706, aud created an English 

6vo. 1795. Baron in 17J)7. His lordship was parti- 

Carpexter, Thomas, Master of an cularlv intimate with the late Rt. Hon. 

Academy, at llford, Essex. Win. titt, who, when Lord Warden of the 

?u f**";**'"'* speiuns Assistant, i«mo. i798.-The Ciiique Porls, gave film the appoinimene 

Scholars Orthographical and Orthoepical AssisUmt, ^fno«*«;.-. «f l^«..l rv.,.-i« ...i :!.u U *^ii 

12mo. 18M.-Tl,e Youth's Guide to Business, f^paptam of Deal Cdblle whlch he Still 

1810.— An English Vocabulary. dcsip«d m u Sequel "O^os. He was tor some vears President 

to the spelling Auistant, i«mo. 1813.— The School of the Board 'of Agriculture. He married 

Speaker, umo, 1813. Miss Bcmanl, of South Cave, Yorkshire, 

Carpue, Joseph Cokstantike, Sur- by whom he has had twelve daughten 

geon to his Majesty's Forces and Teacher and last of all a son. His fourth daugh- 

of Anatomy and Surgery. ter Catherine lAicy is the wife of Viscount 

A Description of the Muscles of the Human Body as ]Vl;|,|)on 

Aey appear on Dissection. 4lo l8C«.-An Introduc s,,cech delivered at the Board of Agriculture. M«tli 

taon to Electricity and Galvanism, 8vo. 18C>3. ,;. ,»„ .,^ * * 

Carr, Rev. Lascelles, Curate of the C\uson James MD 

Parishes of St. Mary and St. George, nmi.Vks on L pubhcaiion 'entitled « a vindicatio. 

Mamtord, and Chaplam to Lord Mendip. of tlie opinion* delivered in evideuce by the Medicsl 

A Sermon preached before the Corporation of Graft. Witnesses of Uie Crown on a late IVial at LRncaster, 

tbam, Ato. IM*. 8vo. leOQ.— A Letter to Uie Members of the P^- 

CaRR, Sir John, Knt. of the Sicilian Uameut of Uic Unittd Kingdom, I8I2.— Reasoos * 

Order of St. George and Constantine, a ^°^ colonizing the island of Newfoundland. 8vo. 

native of DeVOnsllire, and bred to the ^^^'^ — ^ Letter to the Members of Parliament oa 

Law. Hcreceived the honour of knight- !!;" ilnl^V^ ''rJL°''?J!t"'' ^^^ ^'«^'^"»*'»"'i » 

hood in 1806 from the Didce of Bedford, r !" !''T m n . 

when Lord Lieutenant, in Ireland, and ^Hv^Jf^^ .k^'r"' I'^'a ff^^*^"* 

also from his Sicilian Majestv, and in a v^-^ .Tn'^^^fTT^ 

40^4 •! ij rc ^ "• -w^ A Narrative of the loss of the Grosvcnor Easilndia- 

1811, married a kdy of fortune in Essex, man, compiled from the Examination of John lIi«^ 

It appeared on the trial of an action gins one of Uie Sur\ Ivors, evo. 1791. 

brought in 1809 by this writer against Carter, John. 

Vemor, Hood, and Sharpe, for publishing Alberta, irag. gvo. 1787. 

« My Pocket Book,;' that he received for Carter, John, F.S.A, Architect, Upper 

the copy-right of his Stranger in France Eaton Street, Pimhco, an inienlias 

100/. the Northern Summer 500/. the draughtsman, engraver and anSquair. 

^il! . f^'v SirJohnwasaconsi- contributor to the Gen/Zman^* Jtfc.^««* 

flerable contributor to the Annual Review and has published 

now discontinued, and has published : Specimens of Ancient Sculpture and Paijitmg « 

The Fury of Discord, a poem, 4to. 1803.— Tlie Stran- tngland, 2 v. fol.— Ancient Architecture in £i«- 

ger in Fnmce, or a Tour from Devonshire to Paris land. No. 1 to S7 fol.— Views in England. 7. ▼. 

4io. 1803.— The Sea*side Hero, dram. 8vo. 18M 12mo 

A Korthmi Sumner, or TraveU round the Baltic f^AHTwnTrifT CuAmr^ Pan A^^^r^w^t 

through Denmark. Sweden. Russia, part of Poland V'^'^TWRIGht, CHAnM.S,Esq. AoCOmpt- 

*ad Prwsia in 180*. 4U). i80ft.-Tb« stnmicer in Ire- an^-g^neral to the E. Ind. Company. 1 

land, or Travels in that Country, 4to. 1806.— A Tour Abstract of the Orders and Regulations of Uie Court • 

through Holland along the right and left banks of ^^ Directors relative to Commanders end Officers of , 

the Rhine in iao6, 4to. 1807.— Caledonian Sketches, ^'^^' ^**- *788. J 

or a Tour through Scotland In 1807, 4to. I8O9.— CaRTWRIGHT, EdmUND, D.D. RectOf* j 

Voems, 4to. and 8vo. 1809.— Travels in Spain, Major, of Goadby Merwood, Leicestershire, and 

• and Minorca, 4to. 1811. Prebendary of Lincoln. This gentleman. 

LAft». itOMRT. While at Westmins- the younger brother of the subjects of tlic 

^14. CAH iivnro avtbors. car 57 

two succeeding articles, was born at and SonneU 00 nonl and other iotcnstiacsabjeelar 

Mambam, Nottinghaoishire, 1743. He ''«•'''»• 1807.— a Semou pi»«ciird »t Spriuj.«ardcu» 
was educated under Mr. Clark gf Wake- '*!?'' "" ""* ''"' ""J; »»«• ^ 
field, and Dr. Lan^horae, till he was . *^*^T*««"'J' Giorge. bom at Marn- 
sentin 1760 to University College, Ox- »>*">. >'o"'nghainshire 1739 At the age 
fold. In 1763 he was elected a Uemv ?f\t% "^^ aPP">nted a Cadet in the 
of Magdalen Coll. and in UOlaPellow Cajlet Company at Woolwich, and the 
of that society. In 1779 he was pre- w'towngyear embarked for the East In- 
sented to the rictory which he still holds, • ®*'*'ll'"*„!?fu "^^urned in 1757 as en- 
apd in 1785. went to reside at Doncaster, f'S"*" '''« »?* IS'- ^emg promoted 
where his exttaonlinanr mechanical *".* ''5""*"*"*<=y' •»« «te"de'' ^«. Mar- 
talents first discovered themselves in va- V'ofGwnby to Germany as aid-d»- 
rious inventions, wirticularly of a loom f**"!?- Through the interest of bis pa- 
worked by machinery, and a machine for '">«> he afterwards obtained a coinjiany in 

combing wool, for which as well as for an S?* ^ u^ "^ ^^^ ''^^ m? i*"".^ ** 
improvement in the steam engine he ob- Minorca, but was obfiMd by ill health to 
tained a patent. In 1796 h^ removed "^V™ *? England. The Guerns«y, of 
to the metropolis, and on the death of which his brother John was lieutenant, 

Mr. Moore oftered himself as Secretary "^ ^f" 'y'^S/' *S|*^»"* ""t*' ^'''"S 
to the Soc. of Artt, but voluntarily with- T"^ '".■■ Newfoundland, and he obtain- 
di«w in favor of a competitor, whose f Pfm'ssion to^^a^e a voyage in her 
pracUcal knowledge in the Manufacturing *?' "'« recovery of his health. This gave 
Ine promised to iS highly serviceable to "«« toj"* subsequent voyage to the 
the l>ciety. In 1801 1^ was invited "as of Labrador, which was afterwards 
by the late Duke of Bedford to superin- A»« t"""? repeated, and led tea long re- 
tend bis very extensive farming concerns ?l^*"" '°:,.*^' inhospitable country, 
mt Wobum, and likewise a kiSd of agri- "!'*"P'J"''''*^= .,..,• 

1^ 1 '„ !_• u <i_ ... i> 1.^^^ 1 A Jounuii of Traosactioiis and Events dannir a rtsi- 

cultural college which that enlishtened dence of nearly uxtwn year* on the Coast of Labra. 

nobleman designed to establish ; but this dor, s v. 4to. 1793. 

S>n>ject was suddenly frustrated by the Cabtwright, John, Esq. brother of 
eath of the Duke. In 1807 his inven- the two preceding^ a well-known advo- 
tion for weaving by machinery was be- catc for parliamentary reform. He wae 
rinning to be generally adopted, but as born in 1740, and entering in 1758 into 
his patent right had expired several years the royal navy was present at the taking 
before, it was then too late for him to reap of Cherbourg, and shared in the glorious 
any benefit from the circumstance : how- victory gained in 1759 by Sir £dward 
tver, someoftbe principal merchants and Hawke. He attained the rank of lieu- 
manu^turers of Hancnesterand its vioi- tenant, but quitted the navy abput 1770, 
nity addressed a memorial to the Lords of and then entered the militia of his native 
the Treasury, setting forth the benefits county, of which he became major in 
which Dr. C. had conferred on his coun- 1775. On account of his political prin,- 
tiy, and praying a remuneration of his ciples his right of succession to the var 
eminent services. The result was a pro- cant lieutenant-colonelcy of this regi- 

C^sal from Mr. Perceval, then Chancel- ment was on five successive occasions set 
r of the Exchequer, to parliament to aside by the Duke of Newcastle, then 
grant Dr. C. 10,000/. which was unani- lord lieutenant of the county, and he was 
^oosly agreed to. Dr. C. married first in at length finally dismissed in 1793. It is 
1773, Alice, daughter of Richard Whita- a singular fact that about 40 years after 
ker,£sq. of Doncaster, who died inl785; this gentleman^ retirement from the 
and secondly, in 1790, Susannah, young- navy as sf lieutenant, his promotion 
est daughter of the Rev. Pr. John Kear- to tne r^nk of master and commander 
oey, precentor of Armagh. His publica- was announced in the Gazette. In 1780 
tionsare: • Mr. C. married the eldest dauehter of 

1 *>... M r T.i /!#- Samuel Dashwood, Esq. of Well, in lin-. 

^,r'^«n:,rSS'L;rr.^::: colnshire; and in ^having disposed 
taicp 4CO. 1771.— The Prince of ftace and other of his estate in Nottinghamsliire, he pur- 
>. 4to. 1779.— sonneu to Eminent Men, and an, chased another in the county of Lincoln, 

the E«rl of Effingham. 4to. 1783. — A Memorial ^f ^hich the tOWnship and manor of 

^J1^^^^''^^:^^.'^'^V^''J^''^^ Brothertoft form the principal part. Here 

ftuverfd to th« aaoM Soc. Jan. SQ. 180O 8vo. 1800.— , •. j £ .^ V:- ^^^:a^^..^ 

'~-«ti«D»u.ofth.hwj>Sk..fB«if<wd,i8<K. he soon afterwards fixed bs r«idence, 
(wWmu* wMnwwi to Lad John iummH) and here be divides his tune betwMB 
^^' lM.CaL a 



agricultural improvements, and political -AsecondMtionoftheTr«,sijijonof A^ 

° J 1-. "^1 *• u;« «r^**^;^^no tofcther with the Purfatono and randiao of Daztu. 

and literary speculations. His exertions J>J ^^ ^^^ ^ 

arc still steadily directed towards the ac- ^^^^^ j^^j,^ engraver, map-seller, 
complishment of parliamentary reform, and optician, in the Strand, and Surveyor 
During a visit to Huddersfield in Janu- ^^ ^j^^ Roduls to the General Post-office, 
ary, 1813, for the purpose of Vrocunng ^^ ^ ^^^ merited the public favor by 
signatures to a petition to this ettecl, g^y^^l very useful and well-executed 
MajorCwasapprehended as a suspicious jjji^^^l^jj^ besides a great number of 
person, and carried before a magistrate getj^ched maps: 

to be examined. Ol this treatment he survey of Uic Country 15 Mile» ronnd Loodoo, SB. 

afterwards complained in a petition to svo. i7b6.— Survey of ihciiigh Roads to UiodBtaK* 

the H. Of^ Commons. He has written : of 30 M.les round London, 8vo.— Eoglish Atias» 

i^mcrican Indrpcndrnce the Tnttrcst and Glory of imp. fol. .—A ReducUan of the preceding, bnp. 4lo. 

Great BriUio, 8vo. 177*.— A Letter to Edm. Burko, 1787.— Map of England, Wales, and part of Scotland. 

Esq. controverting the rrinciples of Government laid -with an Index, 4lo. 17^.— luncrary, or accurata 

down in his Speech of Apr. 9, m*. 8vo. mS.— Take Delineation of the great Roads throughout EaglaiMl 

yoar Choice, Rcpresenutiou and Resiect, Imposition and Wales. 8vo. 1798. 6th ed. 181S.— Guide for a*, 

a^d Contempt, Aiyiual ParliamenU,and Liberty, rx)ng certainiuj Hackney Coach Fares and Porterage Hates, 

Pariiament8andSrfcvery,8vo.l776,(reprintedm7,un. 12mo -Tlic British Traveller, bewg anAbndR- 

der the title of, The Legislative RighU of Uie Common- ment of the Itinerary, —The Traveller'* Com- 

•Ity Vindicated.)— A Letter to the Earl of Abingdon paniou, or a Delineation of the Turnpike Roads la 

discusaing a Position lelative to a fundamental Right of England and Wales, sm. 8vo.— Universal Atlas, nap. 

the Constitation, contained in his Lordship's ThoughU fol.— The same, imp. 4to. 181S. 

ou Uie Letter of Edm. Burke, Esq. 8vo. 1777.— The CaRYSFORT, (JoHN JosHU4 ProBTJ 

People's Barrier against undue Influence and Corrup- EaRL of, K. P. M. R. I. A . F. R. S. F. S^4. 

tion,8vo.l780.— Give usour Rights, (a Letter to the y^^^^^ jj^ ^^^j educated at Eton and at 

Electors of Middie^x.) 8vo. "»« --i"^!^' »^^;- Trinity Coll. Cambridge. lie succeeded 

dence : or an Inquiry how far Trutli and the Chris- , . ' J „ ®r t i^ ^ ;» 4«-*a 

kian Religion have been consulted by the author of his father as a Baron of Ireland in 1772, 

«• Thought* on a Parliamentarj Reform," (^oame waS advanced tO the earldom in 1789, 

jenyns,)8vo.i784.— Letter to the Duke of Newcastle, and created an English peer in laOi. 

Lord Lieutenant of the County of Nottingham, re- j£jg lordship haS occupied SCVeral publlC 

•pectinjr hi. Conduct in the DispoMd qf Commisswns gj^^, ^j^^s having been joiut pOSt-Ilflteter 

in the MihUa, 8vo. 1792— Letter to a Fnend at Bos- ^»'^"«""»*-> • «* o ^ vl^^^^ «f *K* 

ton. and to all other Commoners who have associated general in England ; Jomt Keeper ofthC 

ill Support of tiie Constitution, 8vo. 1793.— The Com- Rolls in Ireland, 1789 ; euvoy to Berlin, 

monwcalth in Danger, with an Introduction contain- J300; and ambassador tO RuSSia, 1801. 
ing Remarks on some late Writing* of Arthur Young, ^^ ^j^^ jjg married Elizabeth, OUlv (laugfa- 

8V0. 1795.-A Letter to f^" ";«\shenff of ti,e terof Sir Wm. Osboriie, Bart, of Newton, 

County of Lincoln, rtspecttng the Laws of Lord • \ • j* j • --^o j 

erenville and Mr. Pitt, for altering the Criminal Co. of Tippcrary, who died m 1783; and 
Law ef England respecting Treason and Sedition, SCCOndly Elizabeth, SlStCr tO the late 

8vo. i795-—Th« Constitutional Defence of England Marouis of Buckingham and to Lord 

Internal and Externa!. 8vo. n^.—An Appeal on the Greuville. His eldest SOU, Lord Probj, 
Subject of the English ConsUtution, 8vo. 1797. 2d ,. , Surinam in 1804 while caDtam 
•d. greaUy enlarged. 1799.-A Letter to the Electors "J?^ ^^ !5Urinam, 111 1»U4, wniie captain 

of Nottingham, 8vo. iBos.-Engiand's ^gi^, or the of thc Amelia frigate. He lias pub- 

MiliUry Energies of tlie Empire, £ v. l2mo. 1803-6. lishcd : 

..-The State of the Nstion, in a Scries of Letters to A Letur to the Huntingdonshire Committer, to shew 

the Duke of Bedford, 8vo. 1805.— ^Reasons for Re- the Legality as well as Necessity of extending' tbt 

formation, Svo. I8O9. — ^The Comparison, in which Right of Election to the whole Bo<^ of the People, 

Kock Reform, Half Reform, and Constitutional Re- and of abr.dging ilie Duration of Parliament, 8vo. 

form, are considered, Svo. 1810. Mr. C. is tlie author 1780.— Thoughts on tlie Constitation, with a View ta 

ef several papers in Kouni^'s if7inabo/*^^ricu^{/r'«r. the proposed Reform in the Representation of tbe 

CaRWH HEN, Rev. J. B. S. M. A. People and the Duralion of Parliaments, 8vo. ITSS.- 

A View of the Brahminical RcHgion in its Confirma- Dramatic and Miscellaneous Poems, 9 v. cr. 9f^ 

tion of the Truth ot the Sacred History, in a Series *^*J^ Ttt a 

of Discourses preached at Bampton*& Lecture, I8O9. CaSC, ChaRLES, M. A. 

8vo. 1810. Sermons on Primitive Christianity, 12ino. 1|74. 

Carwithen, Rev. William. Case, W. Jun. Lynn. 

The Seasons of Life, a poem, Svo. 1786. 'Hie Minstrel Youth, with other Poems, «vo. 1801.— 

Gary, Rev. Henry Francis, A.M. a Pictures of British Female Poesy,l««o. 18». 

native of Birmingham, and born in 177«. C ASTLtREAOH, (Robert Stewart,) Vb- 
His first publicatTon, at fifteen, is an ex- count. Secretary of State for the Foreig 

traordinaVy production for that age. P^P^H^'^S ^^^ ,^^ ^/^^ ^" •.•^k'^ 

* * 1 /T. . n 1 TJii .. ^. «*r tions, Official Trustee of the British Mu- 

An Irregular Ode to General Elliott, 4to. 1787. — r^ .^ • - r«^Air: 1 

Sonneu and Odes. 4to. 1788.~Ode to General Ka. f "?>» a Commissioner fOT ^e AffaiFS d 
ciusl^o. 4to. 17gf.— Thc Inferno of Dante, witli an India, GoVCrnor of thC County Of 

XnglUh translation in blsRk vene, 9 v. fc. 8vo. 10O6. donderry, F. R. S. M. R. I. A * M, P. for tbH 


County of Down. His lordship, the eld- master*, Taton, ud Parents, in the Selection of Ele- 

CSt SOD of the Earl of Londonderry, by '»«"^»'y School-books, new edit, revised and enlarg- 

his first Vife, a sister of the Marquis of 11:"^; nf^i'lToV"^" I?,,*" Management and 

TT-rj 1- -^.^^ jV ^j Jiconomy of ScuooIs, Svo. 1813. 

Hertford, was born in 1769, anAeducated Caton, T. Moite, M. D. late Surgeon 

t^li,1^?l5,tf*^;e^nr^^^^^^^ ttSj^'^' "^^^^^^^ ""'''' ^''"^' 

lege, Canibridge. When SCiU-celv of age, treatise on lh"e Venereal Disease. 8vo. ISOT. 5th ed. 

ne ODtainea a seat in the Irish parlia- —TreatUe ou strictures and Diseases of the ProatoU 

ment for the county of Down, after a Gland, ^o. 1007.— Treatise on Asthma, 8vo. 1811.— 

contest which lasted three months, at an ObsonruA>ns on the Debilities of the Generative 

expense to the sitting member of 2.5,000^ ^'^^* ®^*»- ^»"- ^ •**• ^«i'- ^ „ 

When Lord Camden, whose sister was ,, ^^7"^^"',^^''^' ^''^/l^;?^^ ^f *®'" *' 

liis step-mother, became viceroy of Ire- ^?^ Roy. Mihtary Acad. Woolwich. 

land, he-acted as his chief secretary, and ^'TZlrl7l """n^n 'T'Jt'^^'r..Ur.v 

^^»J»..«j *« K«i.i •u^ o„«,« «««« .,«.i«- trAULPiELD, — D. D. Roman Catholic 

continued to hold the same office under. Bishop. of Wexford. 

his successor. After the union, in the Reply to the Misrepresentations of Simichard Mo.. 

accomplishment of which his lordship grave, evo.isoi. 

took a very active part, he was re- Caulfield, James, a Bookseller, of 

turned to the imperial parliament. He London, distinguished for his knowledge 

was nominated a privy counsellor and of prints, and author of: 

President of the Board of Control. This Portraits, Memoirs, and Characteis of remsrVabU 

office he retained during the administrar Persons, from tV>e reign of Edward III. to the Revo. 

tion of Mr. Addington, and when Mr. »«««»» «r;*to. and^w. 2d edit, (foiming. 

Pitt«8umedthe.diWnofaflkirs.Ix,rd rttl!."IS^^ 

C became mmister at war. On the isis.— The iiistorj of the Gunpowder Plot, avo. 

death of Pitt, his lordship with his col- 1796. 

leagues retired from oflice; but on the Cawte, R. of Croydon, Surrey. 

•OCeSsioD of Perceval to power, he re- Acadomic Lessons, parttcularlj adapted to Fenals 

gained his former post. His misunder- ^'""^•'8^*>v?78^' , ^ 

finding and duel with Mr. Canning, -^.^^"^' Arthur, Jun. Eso. nephew 

already adverted to, (see Canning,) occS- of Sir George Cavle^^ Bart, of 6rompton, 

aioned the resignation of the latter, and J^^f Scarborough, formerly of Trinity 

the removal of hia lordship to the de- b^""' Cambridge, where he is reported to 

partment for foreign afeirs. In 1794 have been refused a fellowship on account 

Lord C. married Ameba, youngest sister of the detestation of the iaa)bmical pnn- 

of the present Earl of Buckinghamshire. f'P^^^ «V^« day, .which he had expressed 

Several of his speeches have been pub- Jn two elegant Wish oration^ compos. 

lished, but whether by his authority is ?^ **?j^^"^ ^» ^®"^S« exercises. Mr. C. 

doubtful. IS said to have written some ingemous 

Speech, Feb. 5, 1800, in the Irish House of Commons, epistles from a bathing place in the man- 
on oifermg certain ResoiuUons proposing a comph'te Dcr of the Bath Guide, the second edition 

and entire Union between Great Britain and Ireland, of which in 12mo. appeared in 1798, also 

•to. i80o^««peoch in the H. of c. May c5, 1810, on gn anonymous pamphlet, and to have 

IfcJJnitUn'a Motion reUtii^e to the Rom. Cath. Peti. ^^^^ ^ rontributOT tO the Antijacobifim^ 

turns, 8vo. laiOu — Speech m the H. of C. ontlie Re- •„. j ui- • ^ Z.^ ^ 

port of the Bullion Committee, 8vo. lSll.-Speech W<W ^ ">S avOWed publications atC : 

in the II. of C. on the second reading of Eari Stan- The Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, 4to. 1805. Sd ed, 

hope's BUI 8vo 1811 ^ ^* ®^^* ^^^' — ^^"i<*i" ^^ ^^ Thomas More, witli 

CatuJw, Samuel, a Dissenting Minis- * "^ Translation of his Utopia, s v. 4to. 1807. 

tcr, lately Master of a literary and com- „ ^^^^il, Hebry Montagu. 

mcrcial Seminary at Mansfield, Notting- V;^, My-t^^ious visitor, or Mar, the Rose of Cum. 

, , . J •' „.• 1-11 ** berland, nov. 2 v. 1805. 

^S^*''''^?^'* ?v ^\*"^^^^^,^"- K , . .. . Cewellier, J. French Teacher at Al 

An Address to the Dissenters on the Subject of their ^ j Hoiicp Ararlpm v 

Political and Ciril Liberty. 8vo. 17B8.— A Srrmon.on "^ "OUSe ACauemy. 

the Kill's Recovery, pivaehcd at Mansfield, 8vi. 4 *^«y «" Wanostrochfs Frtnch OfamMr, Um. 

vn^-^A Sermon en Education, preached at Brad- ^^^ .^ 

Sard, Toiiabiiw, 8*0. 1789.- A Protestant Catechism ChaFY, AViLLlAM, M. A, 

far the Use of Youne Persons, tran4ated from Uie A Sermon preached at Gillingham, Kent, OB tiie Fttfti 

French, ISmo. 1789.— Obscn.'ations on a Course of day, 1803, 8vo. 

Instruction for Toung Persons in Uie middle Clasaes Cn ALMERS, AL£XAin>EB, A • M. F. S. A. 

of Life, 8to. 1793.— Oatliiies of a Plan of Instrur. Steevens*s Shakspeve, wi|h Notcy and a Life, t. 

Ikon, with » Tiew of ihe System of Studies adopted 8to. 1803^.— llie British Essayists, with Prefaces his' 

in fte ScBsinary established by tlie author, fol. 1796. torical and biographical, 45 v. roy. 18mo. 1803.— The 

ad edJlfo, laOf^^-CoUins's PrKtical Guidt to Miool- Works of Ul« English Poets, U t, roy. 8iro. 18ft*.— 


History of the University of Oiford, 8 v. 8vo. 1810. the Roy. Coll. of SurgCOnS, and Fdl. aod 
— BeaUie's Minstrel, with * Life of the Author, fc. \^^ Secretary tO ihc Med. SOC. LondOD ; 

fr* V .V;7.^'^**'f .^j''*''^'^'.! "Hl.^'^' ^***: resident in Aylesbury Street, ClerkcnwclL 

LtoXIII.(to be cooapleted in troBi24 «,. /. ^i r »«• A •* - 

published every two months.)- 8VO. wie-u.-Life of Jhc father of Mr. G. was a magistrate 

Alexander Cruden. prefixed to the sixth edition of for the COUnty of Dubhn, and ihateTDal 

his CoQcordance, 4to. 1812. luicle to the Rt. Hon. R. B. Shefidao. 

Chalmers, George, Esq. F. R. and He was born in the Irish capital in 17^, 

A.S. Chie! Clerk of the Committee of placed in v 1764 at Harrow School, and 

Council for Trade and Foreign Slanta- hnished his education at Trinity College, 

tions. This gentleman, a native of Scot- Dublin. His father dying in Jamaica, 

land, resided many years in America, but he turned his views to surgery, and after 

returned to £uro|>e on account of the serving his apprenticeship, went to Ja- 

troubles in that country. He is the au- maica, where he resided nine years. H« 

thorof: then returned to Europe, married the 

Political Ami«ls of the present United Colo«ie>, from eldest daughter of ThomaS Tandj, Esq. 
tlieir Settlement to the Peace of 1763, 4to. 17«0.^ of the COUUty of Mcath, and Settled ID 

EftUmate of the Comparative strengtii of Ore^ Bri- London as a surgeon and apothecary in 
T^:'mXo\r^'''c^tiZ:^^^^ iT8^,.Mr. C.. laudably d^tin^^^^^^^ 

phlet. has been several times reprinted and so much hinisclt m association With Dr. S^uat in 
enlarged as to form a thiclc volume. The last edition the establishment of an institution fof 
bears the tide of. Historical View of the Domestic the fcHcf of the widowS ftnd OrphanS of 

Economy of Great Britain and ireJand. to i8i«, 8vo. medical men dying in indigent circum- 

1813.)— Opinions on loterestiog Snbj*'ct$ of Public ^. •_ x _!i . i i* - • :^-* -j 

LawaJTcommenrial Policy a^i«DR from Americ-n Stances m L(.ndoU and ItS Vicinity, «ld 

Independence, 8to. 1784.— Historical Tiacts by Sir ^or eight years gratuitously officiated as 
John Davies, with a Life of the autiior, 8vo. 1786.— secretary 10 that ^society. He has pub- 

The Life of Daniel De Foe, 8vo. 1790, (slso prefixed Hshed : 

to Mr. C.'s edition of De Foe's " Hiitory «f the Un- Treatise on the Efficacy of Stisolobinra or Cowhafie. 
lo«»" and to Stockdalc's editiou of his Robinson Cru- |n Diseases occftMoned by Worms, 8vo. 1704. lOth cd. 
•oe.)— A CoUecUon of Treaties between Great Bri- laig.—The History of the Medicine Act of 18K. 
taiin and ether Powers, 8 v. 8vo. 1790.— Life of TJio- bvo. 1803.— Tirocinium Medicum, or a Dissertate 
Biaa Ruddiman, 8vo. 179».— Apology for tlie Believ- on the Duties of Yonth apprenticed to the Met- 
ers in the Uhakspeare papers which were exhibited in ^al Profession, 1818 — Life of T. Cooke, Esq. 

Norfolk Street, 8vo. 17y6.— A Supplemenul Apology , Mi^er, late of Peiitonville, ISmo. 1813 In the 

for the Believers in the Shakspc-re Papers, being a Memoirs of the MaL Soc. qf Lcndan aro sev«al 

Reply to Mr. Malooe's Answer, which was early an- paters by Mr C 

«ounc«l but never published^ with •Dedication to CllAMBERtAYNE, S. E. late Captain of 

George Strvens and a Postscnpt to T. J. Matbias, ^i «y w^ \.%'Vt^- ^w^f*i~« 

author of the « Pursuits of Literature," Bvo. 1799.— i^SSC.K Mllltia. 

Appendix to the Supplemental Apology, being the ^'foc^edrngs of a Court-martial held on tiie niKher, 

Documents for the Opinion that Hugh Boyd wrote ^^' 

Junius's LeUers, 8vo. 1800.— I1ie Poems of Allan CuAMBERS, MisS MaRIANKB, daughter 

Ramsay, wiUi a Life of the author. 8 v. 8vo. 1800— of the late Mr. Charles C matc of the 
r7'«f^^'!^.i^ri* *"?'' ?^'** r^?**^'': '"''^ * unfortunate Winterton Eastlndiaman,in 

Life of the Author, 3 V. 8to. 1S07.— Caledonw, or an „.u:«k u-> : u j ou* u '-.^ 

Account historical and topographical of North Britain, ^^>«^*^ ^« pcrUihed. She haS written : 

Tol. L 4to. 1807.-Natuna and Political Observa- "« deceKes himself, nov. 3 v. l799.-'Tbe School fof 

^u# and -ConcluMons on Uie Stal» of England in *^""*»»' ~'"- 8vo. 1805.-Oursclvea. com. Svo. ttll. 
M96^ by Gregory King, with a Life of the Author, CdaMBERS, RiCHARD, Master of an 

Bvo. 1810^-A Chronological Account of Commerce Academy, Cecil Court, St. Martin's Lane. 

and Coinage in Great Britain from the Restoration to Introduction to Arithmetic, 18mo. I809. 

**\^*'^***!^*^';rJ?*°**f *"^?"?^"'"'''^®"i'^^^^^ Chamier, Jouk, Esq. late Secretary to 

•ndCoin.8vo.l811.~AppealtotheGenerosity of the «u **!•• j A rV* 1 t> ™1_ "^ r 

British Nauon, on Behalf of the Family of the un. ^J?® Military and Political Department of 
fbitnnate Beiiingham, 8vo. 1818.— As Mr. c. is known ^"^ Government at Madras. in the habit of writiog for administration, many Meteorological Account of the Weather «t BCadrsSt 

anonymous pamfrfilets on that side of the question ^^^ ^ June, 1787f to 31 May, 1788, .... 

have been attributed to hin, and among others a Life ChamP5EY, T. Esq. Member of the 

of Thorn.. Paine. Corporatipn of Surgoons. 

Chalmers, ^oev. Thomas, Kllmeny, Medical and Chimrgical Raform proposed, fnm • 

N. B. Review of the Healing Art throughout Eorope, par* 

Inquiry into the Extent, At. of the National Re- ^^^^ O^wt Britoin, 8vo. 1797. 

sources, 8vo. 1808 — Speech delivered in the General ChaNDLER, JoHN WbstbROOK. 

Assembly respectinf the Bill for augmenting the Sir Hubert, an heroic ballad, 8vo. 1800. 

SUpends of the Cltiigy of Scotiand, 8vo. I8O9. ChaNTRELL, M ARY AnKE, Ncwington 


Equanimity, a' poeai, 8vo. 1800.— Harvest, a poem, ^0^^*^ on various Subjects, Bvo. 1798. 

8vo. 1800.— Ocean, a poem,8vo. 1801. ChaPMAN| JaMES^ Teachef Of Elodfi 

Chambeblaihe, William, Men^ber of tion. 


TbeOT«tor, or Eloquent Extracts in Pfoae and Poetry, truly philosophical defence of the rival 

limo. 1809. 2d ed, 1811. system of Haiiy. They were originally 

^cSfVI*'"' J^^^'-'t'^'r ""l ^«^^^H published in the 65th volume of the aI 
M.R.I. A. and Memb. of the Society of ^^, ^^ (j^j^Vf, during the author's re- 
CiviJ Engineers, London. ^^ ,^ . sidence at Paris in 1808. The transla- 

Obserrations.on the vanous Systems of Canal Navi. 4.* ^ ^.^- «..^^ •^4.^„,l^j u- ikjr- /^ u* ii» 

latioD, 4to. i798.-r.cts «id Remark, relative to the ^'?" was Superintended by Mr. C. himself, 

WitlMB and the WeUancT-on the means of improv. ' ^1^0 aaded hlS remarks On M. D'Aubms* 
fag the Channel of the Witham and the Port of Bos .SOU nevcr before published. 
ton, S parts, dvo. 1800. — Observations on the Preven- Remarks upon Chemical Nomenclature according f 
fion of a future Scarcity of OraiD, 8vo. 1803.— A the prinCpIes of the French Koologtsts, l2mo. 1802. 
TreatUie on the Progressive Endeavours to improve — Observutioos on Mineralogical Systenu, (origikMlIy 
tiie Maaufactore of Cordage, 1806. written in French), translated by a Member of the 

CuAPPLE, William, of Exeter. Geological Society, with Remarks on D'Aabuisson*e 

Keview of Part of Riadon's Survey of Devon, with R«P»y ^ *• Observatioiis, 8vo. 1811.— The Mantnaa 
iftddtUou, 4Co. 1785. Rivals, com. and Henry VII. hist. trag. 8vo. 1812. 

Chardow, M. Teacher of the French Chester, Bishop of. See Cleaver, 
Language, formerly Avocat to the Parlia- WilliXm] Majendie, Henry William ; 
ment of Dijon. ^^^ Spark e, Bowyer Edward. 

The French Veits regular and irregular conjugated ChevalIER, TuomaS, M. A. Memb. of 

in a short and easy Method. Sw. 1796.— Exercises the Corporation ©fSurgCOnS. 

•poo the French Grammar. 12mo. 1797. Observations in Defence of a Bill lately broftght iota 

ChaRLESWORTU, John, M. A. of Ossing- Parliament for erecting the Corporation of Sui^eons, 

ton, Nottinghamshire; educated at Trin- of London into a College, 8%'o. 1797.— An Introduc' 

ity Colleee, Carabridee, of which he was J'<»" '° • ^""^ ""^ Lectures on the Operation* of 

for SOmeVme a Fellow. ^{^"' *«>^-ATreat»e on Oon-shot Wound,, 

Oa doing 10 all Men as we would they should do to ^^"' o* Fliysicians, Edinburgh; Licen- 

m, a Sermon, 8vo. I79I.— Two short Discourses on tiate of the Klng'S' and Queeh's Coll. of ^ 

the Lord's Sapper and the Example of Christ, 8vo. Phys. in Irelauu; one of the PhysiciaUS 

1T98.— A SermoB on the Duty and Pleasure of doing ^q tJ,e Meath Hospital, and CountV of 

Q«od ta dvr Fellow-creatures, 8vo. 1792.— Two prac- Dublin Infirmarv 

tical SeroMMis on Prhrate Prayer and Public Worship, _ .u t»- mfu - -^ — ^. - 

^ ^ Essays on the Diseases of Children, e v. 8vo. 1801.3. 

- ., . ..Apoplexy and Lethargy, ... 

following novels : Comatose Diseases, 8vo. 181«. 

Andronica, or the Fugitive Bride, S v. 1797.— Pari- Child S. 

sian or Anecdotes of distinguUhed Characters. 2 v. T^e whole Art 'and Mjstery of Blowing Porter, Ale^ 

17SW— Phedora,ortheForestofMinski,4v.l7g8.- and Table4)eer, 1707. 

Ilia Pirate of Naples, S v. I801.-The Wife and Uia Chipuan Nath antft 

Mbtiass, 4v. laW—The Homicide, from Goldoni. «. Jt fi^*? l^'^V . , ^/j?^* , ^ ,^^. 

S V 1809 Sketches of the Principles of Oovemmeot, 8vo. I79S. 

CHAirRES, Samuel, D. D. of Wilton, ^ Chirol, Rev. J. L. Chaplain at the 

|i^ S^ French Chapel Royal, St. James's; a na- 

ie^is, 8V0. 1786. 2d ed. isoT. ^^^c o^ Geneva in Switzerland; resident 

Chater, Thomas. at Whetstone, near Bamet* » 

A Poetical Tribute to the Memory of \niliam Cow- -An Inquiry into the best System of Female Eduek. 
9», 8vo. laoo. tion. Sve. I8O9. 

Chatpield, Robert, LL. B. Vicar of Chisholm, Colin, M.D. formerly sur- 
Chalreris, Cambridgeshire. geon to hb Majesty's Oi>dnance in Gre- 

Hiatoricai View of the Commercial, FoUticai, and nada. Besides Several papers in the 
If oral state of Hindoostan. 4to. 1808. . Medical Repository y Duncan^s Medicai 

. Chaverh AC, T. Surgeon.' Communicalionty and Annals of Medicine, 

Neir Progresa of Surgery in nance, from tlie French ]|^ ^^g written : 

of MoBnes,4to.l801. -, „ o An Eway on the Mallgnaiit Pestlleatial Fever intro- 

ChENEVIX, Richard, Esq. F. R. S. duc«d into the W. India islands in 179s and 4, Svo. 

M. R. I. A. a native of Ireland, and one iTSKt* 2d ed. s v. 8vo. isoi.— a Letter to John Hay. 

of the most dLstinziiished chemists of garth, M. D. exhibiting farther evidence of the natiurt 
the present day. He is the author of jf ""• I«»tilential fever in Gren«ia and the United 
«. ^"^ '^ 4.1 -ni-i m Sutes of America, 8vo. 1809. 

r^S.^K'knfthfpk'^I- Chx^, WhE«,, of *e Middle 
Hb « Observations on Mi„«jJogiil WS^TSS^S'^S^S^^'W 

Systems" contain a vigorous attack on ^ promissory Notes, Bankers' Cash Notes ao4 

that of the celebratea Werner; and a Bank Notes, sro. 1799. m ed. aao^^The pirece* 


4eats of Oenerml laanes, and the nost usuid Sfiecial lately medical SUperintcndant in Cey- 

FIms ; 'Precedents of Replications, RejolDders, Dc- Iqh, 

moiren. &c. ; a Sjnopais of Piactke, or General Vic-w ^n Account of tlie Ravages of SmalLpox in Crjloa 

of the tine when the Proceedings in an Action should previously to the inuoduction of VWcinaiion, 6n. 

be carried on in the Courts of King's Be ifch and ign. 

Common Pleas. On a single sheet each, 1805 — TunniTTP WrrtfAu 

Treatise on Pleading, « v. roy. 8vo. 1806. 2d edit, ^'jiit, ytilliam. ^ . ^ ,. . 

1811.~Tr«U5e on U»e Law relative to Apprentice, ^^ Z.^ tT .^ ^T* "^ '^' 

and Journeymen. 8vo. 1B11.-Treati*e on llie Game ^V ^~***'*'*' D.ssenter) 8vo. IT»1. 

taws, and ou public and private Fisheries, 2 v. Bvo. <^'HEISTISON, JoHN, TeachCT Of thc Ma- 

1811 .—Treatise on Uie Law of Nalions, 8vo. 1812.— thematlCS^ editor ot : 

Beawes' Lex Mercateria, 6th ed. 2 v. 4to. 1812. Simsop's Elements of Euclid, a new edit. 8vo. 

Christian, Edward, Esq. of Graj's Church, John, M.A. Surgeon. 

Ino, Barrister at Law, Chief Justice of ^ Cabinet of QuadrupetU, with descriptions, 4te. 

Ely, Downing Professor of the Laws of *7£>5;-ibo6. 

Englandin the University of Cambridge, „ ^""'*;"/'\\^- , ,^ , v „ »^ ^ 

r»— ^ c r* I n \Z. j*.uT*' Porins and ImiUiUons of the British Poets, 4to. 

Professor of General Polity and the I^WS i78q._Au K„sy on Man written upon principles op. 

of England in the E. Ind. College, llert- posite to those of Lord Bolingbroke, sm.8TO. ISOfti 

ford,' and a Commissioner of Bankrupts. Churchill, James, Ongar, Essex. 

It is said to be owing to the instigation Salvation by Christ alone, a Sermon, Simo. 1806. 

of this gentleman that the University of Churchill, Thomas Furlong, M.D. 

Cambridge has recently stepped forward Professor of Midwifery, London. 

to enforce in the behalf of Its own and ^''* Medical Remenbnncer, or Phamacevtirsl 

Other public libraries, the oppressive de- J?** I"**^""'' l^' i»^-T*^* Z?!^^ J"?!' 

^ _ 1 "^ > 1 '• c 1 Physician, 8vo. 1800.— A Genuine Guide to« Health, 

maEid of eleven copies of every work i^mo. isio. «-«««. 

printed in the Britisn dominions, which Chi'rchill, T. O. 

py the statutes for the security of copy- Outlines of a Philosophy' of Uie History of Msa 

right are directed to be deposited previ- f<roni tlie Gorman of Herder, 4lo. IBOO — Life of Lord 

ously to publication at Stationers' Hall. ^'c»«j>"* «>y- ♦to- 1«»- 
This heavy tax uiion literature, which ^V"^*^^*^^' Kalph, M.A. Archdeacon 

has hitherto been considered as optional, ^^ ^t. David's, Rectx)r of Middleton Che- 

it is the object of Mr. C. aqd his coad- "^y» Northampton slu re, and late Felkm 

jutqrs to render imperative and unavoid- ^! Brazen-nose Coll. Oxford. 

able He has published ' Ki«ht sermons on the Propliccies respecting the d^ 

Kxamiaatioa of pfecedent. and Principles, from ;;''"*^^i'>» of Jeni^lcm 8>'0. 1785.-Thc Will of God 

which it appears that an impeachment is determined '^«™"°^ "^"^ principle of civ.l as well as relip«i» 

byadissoluUonofParlia»ert.8vo. ITgO-Disscrta- p^?""'^" **'% "^.;":;i^°%T ^ * ^^^-^^ 

tion shewing that the Hous; of Lords in case, of L^h" R^''r t^' , ' '^J^l ^wT "^ ^r""? 

judicature is bound by precisely the same rules of ^"y'»'' »P- of Lincoln and Sir H.rh. Sutton, fonad- 

*vidence m are obsei^ed by all otiier couits, Bvo. «" »f B«^»»-«ose CoUege, 8vo. 180O. «d ed. ISW- 

i79e.-Blackstone's Commentaries with notes and ;\ ^"^^^l^^* to an Answer to Francis Byre, occaswa- 

Additions, leth ed. 4 v. Bvo. 1795. l6th ed.-A Syl. f^.*^^ '*" '"^"^ "^'^ '° ^- ^^^urton, 8vo. 1801.-AD. 

labus of Lectures delivered in the University of *»^'>^'»t' o/ ^^^ Man of Sin, a Sermon before the Uw 

C«nbrklge, 8vo. ITW-^hargc to the Grand Jury at "'T^ °/ ^Y**."**- T' ,'?^~'^'*" ^"'^ «•** 

thm AsMMi held at Ely, Mar. ft 18M. 4to.-Accoont ^"°f«^«f" Mot v,„dicaled from some it*cent M«itN 

-If the Origin of the two Hpuse. of«nenl. with £^^1^^**'"^; ! ^^^ a . ^^'' i^"''-,?^^"^'''^ 

« Sutement of the Privilege* of Xh. H. cf Coounons, T'v^'~I^'\tL "i/^T"!^" ^^T'n* ^ "^ 

«v.o. I810.-Origin, Progr«;, «,d present Sute of t^^^^^'^^^'^^^'-'^^^^'^orks^ftheKev^Tho,. 

Xbie Bankrupt Laws in v. I. 8vo. 1812 I^^T-T^ ^' ^' ""''^ "" '^''°""' ""^ '^ ^'''^* *'' 

g-^ -^ ovo. llIUI. 

Christian, Obawah, a member of Clan es, Thomas. 

iJlC bOCiety of FnendS. Answer to Uie Select Vestry of St. 3rary.|e4wne, oa 

A Letter to John Clayton, the elder, occasioned by their canvassing for Signatures against the Reforoi, 

Jiis counter and impartial Statement, 8va 1805. 181C. 

CaniSTiAN, Lieuteiumt T. P. Clannt, William Reid, M. D. of 

ReiaUonef the Battle of Masen, uaoriated, 4to. Sunderland. This gentleman has re- 

A Biaqulsition upon Etmsoin Vases, imp. 4to. le . , ^^^^ ^'^"J^*^' nOtWltllStandmg the ad- 

witli elegant engravings ; only 100 copies of this truly vantages of Ventilation are «till- SO COm- 
classicai volume were printed solely for private distri- nion and destructive that vnthin the laSt 

*"^* ^ . *. ^ *, , ^^^^ y®"® upwards of 200 miners have 

Christie, Tho«ias, M. D. Memb, of suddenly perished by tkem in the neigli- 

!«^ ^l;. S ^'L^i^yi'^**"*' .^«>^^ bourhood of SunderUmd algie. He las 
and of the Roy Med. Soc. Edinburgh, published: 


Au Analysis of Ae Mineral Waters at Bttterley, ClaRK, EmILT, grand-daughter of the 

near Durhan, i«mo. 1807. late Colonel Frederick, son of Theodore, 

Clapham, Ilev. Samuel, M.A. Vicar king o( Corsica. She has written the 
of Christ Church, . Hants, and i?ector of following novels: 

Gussage St. ^lichael, Dorset: born at lanthe, or the Flower of Carnarvon, S v. 1798.— Br- 
Leeds, Yorkshire, 1755, educated by his mina Montrose, or the Cottage of the Vale, 3 V. 1800. 
father in his native town, and at Clare -The Banks of the Douro, or the Maid of Portugal, 

Hali, Cambridge, M. A. 1784. In 1790, '""/Jf**^* «„ „ ^f Qfo^^ ;«*,«♦,.«• r.„« 

u 1 *^ u •u ««., ^e v««« ;« Clark, EwAN, 01 btanclingstone,Cuin- 

he undertook the curacy of Yarm n berland, bom about 1735. ^ 

\0rkshire; and m 1797 was presented Miscellaneous Po«n*. 8vo. mS-Tbe Rustic, a 

by Lord Loughborough, then Lord Cnan- p^„^ f^. bvo. i805. 

cellor, to the living of Great Usburn, Clark, George, Esq. Attorney at Law. 

near Knaresborough. As a remunera- The Penai statutes Abridged, svo. i777*—Aipbabeti. 

lion for his abridgment of the Bishop of cal Epitome of the Common Law of England, 8to. 
Lincoln's Elements of Christian Theo- 1778.-The Game Laws, from Henry in. to the pre. 

loey, that prelate obtained for him the T" ^"^fi^ '.^°' "^3^?* ^^^'^ ^ *^* 

.5J> . \. VniL • i-^i_ i_ L I. Houses of Parliament, contatmng reasons for a tax 

Vicarage of Chnst Church, where he re- ^^^ j^gs, and a plan for suppressing tiie oppressive 
sides, and in 1807 he vAs presented to practice of impressing seam^en, evo. 1791.— Memo- 

the rectory of Gussage. He is an acting randa LegaUa, or an Alphabetical Digest of the Lawa 
magistrate for the county, and is at pre- «^ England, Svo. I800.r-An Address to the People of 
sent diligently employed in COmpiUng an IreUndwho are unfriendly to the British government. 

Index to Burn and Williams's Justice, ^*Clark J 

Addington's, Blackstone's, Bott% Haw- a New Sy.4m of Arithmetic, 8vo. 181«. 

kin8's,&c. Works, so that whatever case ^ , .ajmr-Dc ^^a v^m 

or subject may be wanted, reference may -^^^^'J^ "^n " f^ffilf liiinK SSl 

be had at once to these wveiul authors. ^.^^^X- ^f' ^^^^^'^SU ^SLF^ 

His Dublications arc ■ sicmn m Dominica. Besides several par- 

A Serion preached at Sunderland for the benefit of pers in I)ttncan'« Med. Com. and in Sim- 

the Charity School there, 1792— A Sermon on Sun- montTs Med. FactS and UbserV. he IiaS 

day Schools, 179S.— On tlie Daties of the Clergy, a written : •- 

Visitation Sermon preached at Slupton, 179*. — A Ser- A Treatise on the Yellow Fever, as it appeared fai 

mon preached before the Volunteers at Knaresbo- Dominica in the years 1793-6, Svo. 1797* 

rough, 179*.— How far Methodism conduces to the ClARK, KENNEDY, o£ BSLtiff. 

Interests of Christianity, and the welfare of Society poems ISmo 1801 

'""^"SJS' ''°!^!i^1: Vf"^ ^" k!!i ®*^ Clar^, Thomas, Surgeon. 

roughbrldge, 179%.— A Fast Sermon preached at . . *' . ^. ^ ^ /. r. j 

StodctonTpon Tees, 1795-A Sermon pleached at Observations on the Nature and Cure of Fevers and 

Knai^boinligh on occasion of afonn of prayer being «f diseases of the E. and W. Indies, and of America, 

pmeated for the abundant harvest, 1796.— A Sermon ®^°* ****• . ' 

on the General lliank^giviug for the Naval Victories, ClarK, WillIAV HeaVISIDE. 

Nov. 1798. — A Sermon on Psalmody, preached at Essay on Painting in Water Colours, by the late Wn. 

Wakefield, 1798.— The Sinfulness of witli-holding Oram, Esq. fol. 1807. 

Cora, a Sermon, 1800 — An Abridgment of the Bp. pfAnKP Aham LLD HonorarV Li- 

of Lincoln's Element, of Theology, Svo. 180e.-^r. , ^fARKE, ADAM, ^J^^! "^^^^^ *^ 

moi» selected from minor and sSirce auUiors, 3 v. ^ranan to the Surrey Institution, and one 
8vo. iBOS-i-ii. (a fourth edition of the first vol. lias of the most emmcnt of thc ministers m 

been printed).— On the Necessity of the Clergy en- the Wesleyan connexion : — a native of 

forcing apon their hearers the duty of receiving the Ireland, where his -father WaS a SChool- 

SMrrament, a VisitaUon Sermon preached at South- easier He Was brought OVer tO Eng- 

amptonavo.l80d.-Sermons selected from the works j ^ ' ^ ^ | ^g ^ ^^le ReV. 

of the Rev. Dr. Samuel Clarke, (m opposition to the **"" **'' "*'7***' ^'"y' o. , u:^'':« xr:««„ 

%enets of Methodism and Calvinism), 8vo. 1606— John Weslcy, who placed him m KingS- 

fwrmons by die late Ilev. Philip skciton, Svo. 1809. wood Academy, as an assistant. He first 

— f^ngltsK Grammar t4tight by Examples rather than excrciscd the ministerial office at Pen- 
by Rules of Syntax, iBio—Prayers selected from the j^^^, afterwards resided in Bristol, and 

Wfitini^s of Bishop Taylor, Svo. 1811.— A Sennon . ' „4.«i.:^««J :« J ^wyAr^n TlPciHikK 

poached at Chnst Church, on the Fastday. 1811. »S now Stationed m I^«°?"- .^^^ 

Clarendon, R. V. Esq. new editions of Bunyans Pilgrim sPro- 

hkeuh of the Revenue and Finances of Ireland, and gre»f, and BuUeneorih S LonCTOanCCy \JX. 

of the appropriated Funds, Loan, and Debt of tlie C. haS published : 

Nation from their Commencement, 4to. 1791- , ^ Dissertation on tlie tJse and Abuse of Tobacco, 

Clark, BracY, F. L. S. Veterinary gy^. 1797.— Sturm's Reflections, from thc German, 

Surgeon; author of various articles on 4 v. ismo —a Bibliographical Dictionary, 

the Veterinary Art in Bees's CycUwadia. 6 v. 12mo. ia02.1806.-Ba«ter's Christian Directory 

lExperiments on «h« Foot of the Hor*«, 4to. part i. abridged, 2 v. 8vo. ^804.--Tbc B«»liogr^i«l M^^ 

tMt, li. 18W. ^^^' * ^* ^^"'^* 1«^'— A N»rr»tiy« <rf »« »•■« I»- 


MM sad Death of Richard Ponon, 8vo. 180B. [Not bridge, 8vo. I8O9.— Travels In varioiu parts of Ea- 

printed for sale.)— The Holy Bible, with a coramenUrj rope, Asia, and Atrica, 4to. v. i. 1810. Sd ed. ISU^— 

and notes . . . . — Dr. C. b aJso the author of some Additions to 1st ^'d. 1812. — vol. ii. 181S. ^A heaxr 

papers in the Clasncal Journal, to Herbert Miu-xh, D. D. in reply to Ohaerrations 18 

Clarke, Charles. his pamphlet on the British and Foreign BiUc Soct- 

Treatue on Gypsum, 8vo. 1798. ^^/^ ^^'^' 1311. 

Clarke, Charles, F.S.A. ' „ Clarke, Edward Goodman, M.I>. 

^ Observations 00 the intended Tunnel beneath the *'!?"''"* ^^''*''''' Compendium. l2mo. laoo. 4th ed. 

River l-hancs, 4to. 179»- '^?\?''''^ LouAon Practice of Physic. 8vo. 7th 

r^ !>«.. f T\ TT r^ cd.—lhc Modem Practice of Physic, 12mo. 1800. 

V^LARKE, nev. j!.DWARp UaMEL, LL. D. 2d ed.— Pharmacopotiaruro Collegiorum repdiom Loa- 

ProfeSSOrof Mineralogy in the University d»ni. Minburgi et Eblanar Compectus 18mo ISlOv- 

Of Cambridge. This celebrated traveller <^"n*P«ctus of the New London. Edinbursh, and 

belongs to a literanr family, his grand- ^"biin Phnnnacopcei^. i8n.o.i8io. 
father, father, and brother (Rev. James , V^^'^*^^'. '^^^^^^ ^• 

StanierC^ ha»in<r earh afliini^ rnn«5 ^^^""* *>» ^»«^l""^*q"t^ »"'i Moral Geography, Hw». 
OWnier C;, najring eacn aUainCd COnSI- I8I0 -Life of the Marquis of Wellington, Svo. 1818. 

dcrable reputatiuii by their publications. Clarke, Gi orce, Surrey. 

Jie was educated at Jesus Coll. Cam- vindication of Uic Honour of God, and of the Ri-lib 

bridf^, took the degree of B.A. 17 W); «>fMen,inBLettertoMr.DcCoetlogon,oceMion«dby 

M.A. 1796; and became senior fellow of *^* publication offedwards's sermon on the Eternity 

that society. Previously to the com- ''i "^" Tormeat. 8vo. 1789.-Defcnte of Uie Unity 

mencement of the revolution in France, l^^-J::;^:]^::^^::^^ 

ne made an excursion m that country I806.— On the object of Religious Worship, and 

and Italy. He became acquainted at ^^^ prc-existcnce of the Son of God, ed ed. isno. 

College with Mr. ^. M. Cripps, with *»"; 

whom, in 1799,he set outon an extensive Clarke, Henry, LL.D. Professor of 

tour through Denmark, Norway, Swe- Astronomy and Experimental Philoso* 

den, Lapland, Finland, Russia, Tartary, P'^y *^ ^^c Roy. Milit. Coll. Marlow. 

Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, Eiopt, P'V^*^'"^";* i>«»'<i"«ta, or concise Practical Rnha 

Greece and Turkev and rBtxxrn^iX ^t.r^ for ComputinR the Apparent Time at Sea, 4to. I8OO. 
oreece, ana lUriCey, ana reiurneU from —a New, concise, and correct Operation for Cies.- 

Constantinople, in 1302, through Hun- Ing the Apparent Distance of the Moon from a Stir 

gary, Oermany, and France. In the ^^ ^^^ Su"> of the effects of refraction and pwaius, 

course of his travels he collected a mag- ^""^ «emplificd, 4to. 1300.— Animadversions on Dr. 
tlificent cabinet of minerals, together witll °'*=''»«n*" translation of Camots Reflections on the 

a valuable assortment of manuscripts v^''^;^,°^''i* infinitesimal Caicuius, 8vo. laoi^ 

a»^ ««^;^..«. ^ ui *u 1 ^^ r V- . ^^'^ff*' I^pvindicatcd, being an Examination of Bishop 
and ancient marbles, the latter of which, llorsJeys Tract on die two Seasons of Hooey, 4ii 

including the famous Eleusinian Ceres, loop- 

he deposited in the Public Library at Clarke, Hewson, formerly of Ema- 

Cambridge. He was also an agent in nuelColl. Cambridge, lately editor of TAe 

obtaining for this country the celebrated Scourge, a monthly publication. 

Alexandrian sarcophagus, and the trilin- '^'^ Sauntcrer, a periodical paper, 2 V. Uno. tded. 

guar inscription, known by the name of *®^; „ „ ,j. „ 

*' the Rosetta Stone." Not long after his „. ^^""^^^y ^^^h, Heraldic Engraver, 

return to England, Dr. C. maTried An- Hctwrvlgmolsii"^^ '"* 8.o.-intn>doctio. t. 

j;elica, daughter of Sir William Beau- Cla'rki , James, Land Survevor. 

mans Rush, and being already in holy Plan ofUie Lakes in Cumberl and, West^re]and,Mrf 

orders, was instituted to the rectory of Lancashire, foi. 1787. 4to. 1793. 
Harlton, Cambridgeshire. In 1806 he Clakke, Ja mis. 

commenced lectures on mineralogy in ^t*'''" •» Mr. Whi thread on the late inquiry, the De- 

the University of Cambridge: in 1808 a f'^"*^^**" <>f ^^P^^ant Papers, and Parliamentary Re- 

nForoB(»ii.fiK;n»fl.« <u. -J-JTU 4.U ' form,8vo. ISOg.—The London Female Penitentiary d*. 

proTeSSOrehip was founded for the encOU- fenced, 8vo^809.~4>keiches of sentiment on ^'eral 

ragement ot that science, and he was ap- imporunt theological subjects, i2mo. lau. 
pointed t(Ahe chair. His publications are: Clarke, Rev. James Stanier, B.C.L 
Testimony of different Authors respecting the Coios- F.R.S. Domestic Chaplain and Librarian 

y^brXr'r^^rwisr.rrri':;:- j? ^« p-- ^s^-^ Historiographer « 

removal from Eleusls, Not. £2, iaOL8vo. 1803.-1110 "^® ^*"^» ReCtOr Of Coombs, Vicar of 

Tomb of Alexander, a diatertation on tiie Sarco- Preston, Sussex, and formerly Chaplain 

phiigus.' brought from Alexandria, and now in the in the Royal Navy, eldest SOn of the late 

7l^^i^"™;*J<>-i«»--A Methodical Distribution Rev, Edward C. rector of Buxlcd, Sufi- 

of the Mineral Khigdom, fol. 180T.— A Letter to Uie cpv ThJc cr*>nfrlofiio« «..K/> ,««,• uL ^J^TT 
Gentlemen of the Brit. Museum, 4to. laOT.-De^aip. !??;. J*"\f'i. ^""f"' rV? ^ r , ^^^ 

•ion of the Greek MVrbies brought from the siiores if 8"*cred as the founder of that useful peri- 

theEuxino,ArcUp«l«go,andMeditenancan.anddepo. Odical miscellany the NttVol ChronicUy 
<»ted m tfa« Tcstibvi* of Hit Unirersity Libnuy, Cam. has published : 



Navttl SenaOBS, preached on board H. M. S. the Tm- Letter to the Bt. Hon. Wm. Fitzgerald, Chancellor 

pctoeuz, 8vo. 1798. — ^The progress of Maritime Dis- of the Irish Exchequer, &:c. 8vo. 1813. 

oovery, torn the earliest period to the close of the ClaRKE, Rev. RiCHARD, M.A. formerly 

JEthcentnry.v.i. 4to. 180S.— Falconer's Shipwreck. lecturer ot* Stoke Newin^ton and St. 

«?*Ljli!V!'* T<?K7'®^wf^r,o!:^'J5!S''' James's Aldgate. He is the author of 

lIislBrical Meinom of Shipwrecks, 3 t. ISao. 1805. — .irn .^i-. , ••• 

Cln aasociatioD with John M' Arthur. Eaq.) Lift of the following rehgiousworks, which must 

LordNelaon, £ ▼. inip«4to. I8O9.— An Abridgment be classed witil those of J'dCOb BehmeD, 

of the preceding, 8vo. 1810.— A Sermon preached at Baron Swedenborg, and the numerous 

the ABDivwaarf Meetittg pf the Stewards of the Sons enthusiasts of the present day : 

of tlw Clergy, 1811. ^ Warning to the World, or prophetical numbers of 

Clarke^ Rev. JouK. Daniel and John calculaU'd ... A Second Warning 

IlliutraUons of the Morning Service of the Chnrdi of ... Glad Tidings to the Jews and Gcntilen, 8vo. . . 

Saglaad, Iftno. 180*. The Gospel of tlie Daily Service of the Law, 8vo. . . 

Clarke, John, LL.B. RefuUtion of sternal Misery and Universal Salvar 

A SeraMMi preKlMd on the Fast Day, Oct. 19, 1803. tion, 8vo. . . . Emblematical Ki*pre«enUiioQ of Pa- 

4Cd. radue, ISmo. . . . Prophetic Records of the Chris- 

ClARKE, JoHKy Law Bookseller, PortU- '""» •»'»» aacred, mond, and political, 8vo. 1813. 

gal Street, Lincoln's Inn. Clarke, Ricjiard, M.D. formerly sur- 

BibUaihtca Legum; or Complete Catalogue of geon in the foyai navy, 

the Cmamon and Statute Law Books of the United Plan for Increaaing tlie. II aval force of Great Britain, 

Kingdom, fc. 8vo. 1811 .—Supplement to the Catalogue, by rendering the service a more desirable object, 8vo. 

2818. 1795.— Medical Strictures, an effectual method of 

ClJlRKE, John, D. D. treating most disecises. 8vo. 1799- 

Answer to the queMion, Why are you a ChristlAtt? ClaRKE, StEPHEN, a COal Iperchant. 

.... The office of Reason, in KAligiou, 1808.— The Poison Tree, dram. Bvo. I8O9.— The Torrid Zone, 

Two senaons 00 Impartiality and Candour, 8vo. dram. 8vo. I8O9. — ^The Kiss, com 8ro. 1811. 

i8it. Clarke, TnoMAS Brooke, D.D. Sec. 

Clarkb, John. for the Library to the P. Regent, educated 

Khquiry iote ttie Nature and Value of Leasehold Pro- at the University of Dublin. About 1784 

perty, 8vo. 1808. jj^ ^^jg ^ England, where his political 

Clarke, Mrs. Mary Anne, daughter producdons introduced him to the ac- 

of a Mr. Farqiihar, who was corrector of guaintancf of the celebrated Dean 

the press at Ham'dton's printing ofl&ce in Tucker. He soon afterwards went to 

London, whert, or in its vicinity, she was the continent, and devoted himself for 

bom about 1T75. At fifteen she married some time at the University of Gottin- 

Mr. Joseph Clarke, son of a builder on gen, to statistical and diplomatic studies. 

Snow Hill, by whom she had several Having, while abroad, attentively wit- 

childreo, but has Jong been separated nessedthe commencement and progress 

from him. Her connexion with the of t\)e French revolution, Dr. C. on his 

Ihikc of York, from 1803 to 1806, is return to England, assiduously employed 

xiotorious, firom the parliamentarv inves- his pen in warning hi^ countrymen to 

tigation in 1809, which led to the tern- beware of its principles, and afterwards 

porary retirement of his Royal Highness warmly advocated the necessity of an 

from the chief command of the Army, union with Ireland. With him also ori- 

Aficr this investigation Mrs. C. an- gioatcd the plan of a Naval A.sylum for 

nounced her intention of giving to the the orphans and children of seamen and 

world a narrative of circumstances re- marines, which was injjtituted in 1801, 

lating to that connexion, .which was and to which he is auditor. This office, 

actually printed, but suppressed by the however, has caused him to be deprived 

author, on consideration of her receiving of bcncfice5 worth 12001. per ann. on ac- 

10,0001. in ready money, and an annuity count of non-residence, though he was 

of 6001. The whole edition of IO,QOO expressly exempted from the penalty by 

copies was accordingly committed to the a previous act of parliament, as well as 

f^mes, with the exception of one copy, by a solemn instrument under his Ma- 

^^ich was deposited in Dnimmond's jesty's sign manual. Dr.C. is the au- 

banking'house. A misunderstanding, thor of: 

which afterwards arose between her and Letter to Mr. O^Leary, with a short examination into 

Colonel Wardle, occasioned the publica- the first causes of the present lawless spirit of the 

tion of the first of the following works ; ^^^ Peasantry, under the signature of Junius Alter, 

and on account of the second, which is - ' fi!^' Jl^llI^V^Jif^f r "^"^ T,*I? 

_^ . ^ , _ • . . ' J 8V0. 178|. — Statistical Yiow of Germany, 8vo. 1790. 

most severe, she IS at present under pro- _^jtaasticai view of Europe, 8v«. W-Pubii, 

SeCUtlon for a libel. cistical survey of ail Forms of Gotarament, 8vo. 

Tbe Alval Princes* or a ftithfot narratiTS of faefs 1791.— Proofs of Providence, a sermon preached on 

niattrt to the agqiia fa taace of tbe author with Col. occasion of the Battle of tbe Vile, 179a*— The 

Wmrdlt, Major Dodd, ace. « t. rov* lima. 1810«~A Dootrint of an Appeal t« the People and the R^ht 

Lu.oa. I 


of ResiftUnce, «» uid dbvn by Mr. B^ntia in the patstor of the Weieh-House Independent 
iruhHou»e of Coiiimoitf,coMidered and confuted, Meeting in Eastcheap. He was origi- 

«vo. ni».-A Letter to EmI Cholmondetoy, on the ^j P ^ • apothecary's shop, but 

CivU Policj of the Ancients, 8vo. 1799.— Union or "^ "^ T'^J-^* *" •*» auwwi^** j ^ *! ^c 

silperation's^o. i799.-The' Political. Commercui. afterwards removecf to Trevecca, one of 
imdaviist«teofireiand,8vo. 1799.— Misconception Lady Huntingdon s coUeges in Wala. 
and Mbuftutenents of the Rt. Hon. John Foster, He married u flister of Mr. Benjamin 

Spe^erof the Irbh House of Commons, proved and piower, printer, of Harfow, Essex, with 
corrected. 8vo. 17W.-A Snnrey ofthe Strength «d ^, ^^ ^^^ j^j^ f^jj ^ad a few ycaK 
Opulence of Great Britain, 8vo. laoi.—rbc Case of . ^u^l^„»:^«. „«. IL .-. 
Ireland, 8vo. ia08.-Address to the People of Ire- Since SO SCnOUS an altCrcaUOD, aS tO re- 
land, 8vo. 180«.--Hi$torical and Political View of quirC the dccisiOD Of a COUTt 01 laW. H« 
the Disorganixation of Europe, 8vo. 1S03.— Memoirs of ^^as published : 
Che King's Supremacy. 8vo. I8O9. a Sermon on the Application of the Dtoaevlien fo 

Clarke, William, Ibrmerly Professor a Repeal of the Test Act, . . . 'rhanksgivinc aer- 

of tlie English Language and Belles mon for the Peace of Amiens, llM»S.-ChMf« 

Lettres in the Coll. of Alais, Languedoc. -^ Uje ordination of his so^ J^^» "^^^'"^ 

lrr\"r\^r' ^-o»"'*-^">-^^"^^o^ rufeme!l^?'rjn;su;c;s\^^^ 

0:^nKsol%^^ M. A. Of Bury ^^^ ^ ^-" ^ ^"-^"^^ '^'^'^' "^^ 

St. Edmund's ; born m 1761, educated Clayton, John, iun. eldest son of the 
at St. John's College, Cambridge. His preceding, educated at Hoxton Academy, 
first publication, translated from a La- vas.«iome time Minister at Kensington 
tin dissertation, by which he obtained Meeting, but now of the Independent 
the first prize in the university in church, in Camomile Street. 

1785, may be said to have been the sermon before the Missionary Society, laog-r-On tht 

first step towards the suppression of the choice of Books, isii. 
African Slave Trade, as it led to those Clayton, Sir Richard, Bait, of Ad- 
indefatigable exertions which so mate- lington, Lancashire, so created 1774. In 
rially contributed to that great triumph 1780 he married Anne, daughter of 
of humauhy, and which Mr. C. has so Charies White, Esq. of Manchester. He 
fiilly detailed in his History of its Aboli- has published : 

tion. He has written : ConnubU riorum, a poem In Latin vme from De 

Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of tlie Hunan I* Croix, vlth notes, Svo. 1791«— A Critical t aqiniy 

Species, particuUrly the African, 8vo. 1786.-On the i»to the Life of Alexander the Grant, by the Anont 

Impolicy of the African Slave-trade. 8vo. 1788.-^On Hbtoaiana, from tli^ French of O. K. De SU Ctoit, 

the Comparative Eflkiency of the Regulation or Abo- ^to. 1793—- Memoirs of the Hou^ of Medici, fm 

lition, as applied to the Slav«».Trade, 8vo. 1789.— the French of Tenhove, 8 v. 4to. 175(7.— The Sdeace 

Letters on tlie Slave Trade, and the State of the Na- of Legblation, from the Italian of PUaagicri,e v.Sto. 

tions in those parts of Africa contignoua to Fort St. I8O6. , 

Louis and Goree, 4to. 1791.— Three Letters to tiie ClEAVER, WillIAM, D.D. Bisfaop ttld 

Planters and Slave Merchants, 8vo. 1807.— The Per- ArchdeaCOB of SL Asapll aod VicmT of 

teaitnre of Q«akerUm,3 v.svo. 1807.- i-he Histoij of ^orthon, Flintshire. This prelate is tbe 

Hie Abolitioa of the Slave Trade, « v. Svo. 1806.— ^ ' , ^% .«U^1,«««*«. af 

Memoir* of the Public and Private Life of Willi«n SOB of a clergyman and Schoolma^ »t 

Pcnn, 2 V. Svo. 1813.— Mr. c. is a principal coutri- Buckingham, and waseducsted at israaen 

butor to the PhUanthropisi, a quarterly publication. Nose College, Oxford, of wbich hc became 

Clater, Francis, Farrier, Cattle Doc-, a fellow, and where he took hisxtegree of 
tor, Chemist, and Druggist, at Retford, M.A. 1764; D.D. 1786. He was tuttir 
Nottinghamshire. to the late Varquis of Buckioebamy widi 

Every Man his own Farrier, 8vo. 1783. 21st cd.— whom he* went to Ireland^ uUTing hlS 
Evwy Man Ida own Cattle Doctor, Svo. 1810. viceroyaltV. In that COUUtry hlS bffOtber 

»iri^T' ;^""* K iiw.-;^ ,v i« I>r- Euseby C. was promoted to the 
SrS3?o" il2o: wfo. ^'-^P*^**""' ''™"^"«' bishopric of Ferns, an<f afterwards to the 

Clay J. archicpiscopal see of Dublin. The first 

Eieiry supposed to bo written in the Place de la Re- preferment of any consequeDce obtuncd 
voitttion^after the murder of Louis XV L4to. 1793. by Dr. William C. was a prebend of 

Clayton, Georoe, second son of John Westminster ; he was elevated to the see 
C. seni educated at Hoxton Academy, of Chester in 1789, translated to Banffor 
belongs to what are called the Moderate in 1800, and to St. Asaph in 1806. He 
Calvinists, and is Minister of the Meet- married about 1779 Miss Ashoton, sister 
ing at Lock's Fields, Walworth. of Wm. A. Esq. of Lancashire, by whom 

The Dreadful Sin of SiiicMe, a aermon preached at J^g Jj^S Severalcfifidren. His pubBGatiODS 
the Meeting-Hottse, Vew Court, Carey Street. . 

ClaTTOIC, JoHV, sen. formerly a Me- ^e Rhythmo Or»eoi«m Liber, avo. 17B9.--PWA» 

thodist Preacher, but having quitted that uui sanctification pioved to be the privUegea as- 
sec r, has been for the last twenty years nexed t« tbe di^ uae of tiie Lord*t fiappw, • 


Sermon, 8vo. 1191^-SflmoDs on select Sabjeets, 8vo. CuKTON, Major General, W. Hekry , 

"^ ^iil^ !**?r?*^;***^ to u»e Youttger Quartcr-master General in Ireland, and 

Clenor •«> Students in Dinnity, 8\'0. 3d ed. 1808. M«ir*^ ;« ik^ fi-o* *^..:.v.»»4- ^r 1? ^ 

Clebte, Rev. J. K A. B. officiating fc. T„ in^To ^^J a 1? . '^C ^°*'* 

Minister of St. Lawrence, Exeter, an3 Guanls. In t808 he was Adjutant-gene- 

resident at Oakford Hou^, near that ?' ^ the army under the command of 

city, where he has lately opened a board- ^"^°^'' ^T^u^^ri' '''"'w- 1!°l ^^ 

ing-school. He has pulushed : operaUons of which lie has pubhsheJ: 

- ? . J . ^. V,. .,*..» ilemarks explanatory of the motives which guided 

A Sermon prmcbed in the Church of St. Law«»"' tke orK-rations of the British Anny daring the late 

^^' ^^1^ ^^ «,?' ^""^ """"^ ^""P'*""" . short «mprign in Spain, 8vo. leOQ. 

•'^:^^:^'?^ors, mventor of the .J^"-' '' «' '' NewcasU^under- 

Ice Ufe-boat. J-«yne. 

Th. ii«»i^A*^..irt <» v««;«if«r-. Tir. n.^. Mavor abbreviated, by the application of a new prie* 

11w^^A«ouuC. or Kevigiitors Jife Buoy, dple to his system of Stenography. l««o/ 1811. 

r, », .«-» u..^.^ Clouoh, H. G. M.D. Lecturer on Mid- 

Life of the at. Hon. Wm. Pitt, ismo. 1807. « ,, J^' 5>erners-sireei. 

Clem ENCE M Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Midwifery, 8vo. 

•nm True LoveJ of 'his Country, or a treatise on ^S^^^^^* ^^^^^^ ^"^g^"; . 

Sorereigaty, ISmo. 1801. - Observations on Pregnancy and the Diseases incident 

B^:r^.:r'' ''"''''' '''''''''' '^ctoT^:^'u"u% Minister of PeU^ 

TbeKeyofMtnnilPhfloeophy, or an Introduction Street MeeUng, Ratcllflfe Highway. 

to tiieKMOwlmkge of Nature. Chrisuan SympaUiy. a Fast Sermon, 8vo. I8O6*- 

r'w^vr^v !««« T? Q A 'DAir^ on<1 ^^'ghtcousness t)ie Dignity and Ornament of Old 

ClEHKEI., John, F.S.A. Edia. and Age, a Sermen ou the Anniversary of his Majest/s 

Perth, fomerJy resident at Newcastle- Accession, svo. 1809. 

upoD-Tyn^ now at Hackney, editor of Clowes, James, M.A. Rector of St. 

^c monthly miscellany entitled the join's, Manchester, and late Fellow of 

Trflifcwiaw. There are many papers by Trin. Coll. Cambridge. Mr. C, as will 

JA^'C- in the Ccmrn. and Agr, Mag. and appear from the Ust of his works, is a 

in NichoUores Journal. He has pub- zealous disciple of Baron Swedenborg. 

'^*^^ *• He is the author of: 

Thoaghm on the EKpediaicy of disclosing the Pro^ Swedcnborg's Celestia Areana. tmn^lated into Eng. 

ceaees of lUuufactones, 8vo. I8O7, ,i,h, 12 v. 8vo.-New Jerusalem Sennons, 2 v. 8vo. 

i^LEAK, IHOIIAS. 1796.— Letters to a Member of Parliam«t on the 

The Works of Wni. Hogarth elncUlated, « v. roy. WriUngs of Swedenborg, cootalning a refutoUon of 

8to. mo. .- Barruers calumnies against him, avo. 1799*^Ser- 

CleBKE^ Rev. Sir Wm. Henry, Bart. ""*"* ^ ^ *■** •"<* deliverance of the Children of 

Rector of Bury, Lancashire. He sue- i»r«.| out of Egy^svo. 18OS.-A few plain answers 

c^dedto thettUe on the death of his o^BJI^n'^wtdeniTr'/uS^^^ 

Drotber, Sir Francis, who was killed at of the christian ObseiVer, in reply to Uieir Observe. 

SwatOCa in 1777; and married in 1792, tionson the •« plain Answers," Svo. 180r.— The sole 

Byzantia, eldest daughter of ThoS. Cart- exclusive divinity of Jesus Christ proved from hU ap. 

Wright, Esq. of Aynho, Northampton- ^l!:^Toir:;;!Z-:nrZ:J:irs^^::.^ 

shirc. He has written : Fas\-day, 1809. 

SrSS!* T ^ ^* ? *'"T2"L!!l? ^^^ "^ Clxj*be. Rcv. Wiluam, LL.B. Vicaf , 

J^. iw ** of/.Brti«icai Fevers, ^f B^andeitDn, Suffolk. 

C\m ec#v« ,» r* « f r»' Six Satires of Horace, in e style between free tiiBBsla. 

V^lFFOan, I^HARLES, Jt.sq. ^^^ ^j lij^^j version, 4to. 1795.— The EpisUe of 

^J^w**** ?»?r^' ^^ ^'** Thurlow on the Insol- Horace on Uie Ait of Poetry, transUted into Englisb 

vent Debtors Bill, Svo. 1188.-llie Angler, a didactic ^^rse, 4to. 17»7. -Omnium, containing the Journal 

poem, l,mo. 1804. ^f ^ ^^^^ ^j^^p j^y,. y^^ ^ France, 8vo. 1798.— 

Clifford, Frances. Tliree Lyric Odes on celebrated occasions, 4to. I8O6. 

The Ruins of Tivoli, rom. 4 v. 1810. ClUTTERBUCK, HenRY, M. D. Memb. 

Clifford, M. M. Esq. of the 12th of the Rov. Coll. of Physicians, and Lec- 

light Dragoons. turer on the Theory and Practice of Phy- 

Egypt, a poem descriptive of that country, writt«i gjc, Materia Medica, and Cheoibtrv, at 

during the late eampmgn nvo. iw«.-roems, indud- j^^ y^^^^ Cresccnt, New Bridge-strcet. 

i«f «d ed. of Egypt, fc. 8vo. IMS. ^^^^ ^fl „^ ^ .^coessfal meth^ of trentlng 

Clifford, Hon. Robert, F.R. and A^. theee affections whicb arise from the poiaoa of leMi» 

Vice-presideilt of the Society of Art8« Svo. 17^— Remarks on sope of the opinions of the 

Menoiss of the History of Jaeobtnbro from the French late Mr. John Hunter respecting Uie Venereal Dis- 

of Bnntel^ 4 v. 8vo. 1708.— A Sketch of the Cm»> ease, 8vo. 1799 — ^Inquiry into the Seat and Mature 

pitgQ of the Fteacb in Russia, foi. sheet, in3» ef Fever, part i. 8vo. 1809-*Tber« are some pepers 




COSB, TbOMAS William, Esq. M.P. views of Place$ in the Kingdom of Myaort, with coo. 

for the County of Norfolk. • The pater- *^"* deK^ptioas, 4to. 179s.— a Difcst of HUdu Law 
Dftl Dame of this gentleman, who in re- Z^^T^^ "l?T^"l from the orv-i San^ 

. . 1 J 1 ^ . •' x-^i- cnt, 3 ▼. 8vo. 1801. — RemarU en the Httsbandrr and 

SpCCt to landed property is one of the Cc««e«eof Bengal, Sto. M06.-Dictlon«y of the 

most powernil commoners in the king* Saaacrit Langnag^ by Anen Sinba, with aa R^iih 

dom, was Roberts, but he assumed that intarpretatioa, 4to. ISOB.— Two TrectiMa on the Hia. 

of Coke upon inheriting the extensive **" ^* ^ inheritance, from the Sanscrit, roj. 4to. 

estates of nis maternal uncle, Thomas ^^^' 

Coke, Earl of Leicester, a descendant of Coleman, Charles, Esq. 

the celebrated lawyer, Sir Edward Coke. ^»^''<^ Paerage of England, 4te. itw. 

Mr. C. first obtained a seat in parliament Coleman, Edward, Professor of the 

in 1776^ he was again elected in 1780, Veterinary College, St. PancraSyprinci- 

1790, 1796, 1803 and 1806, but on the pal Veterinary Surgeon to the British 

latter occasion the election was declared Ca>a]ry and to the Board of Ordnance. 

void, and he was chosen for Derby in the I>i»^rCaCion on suspended respiration from drowBing. 

room of his brother Edward. In 1807. ^^^^^ and suHbcatiou. svo. 1791, 2d ed.-ohaerTa. 
8 and 12 he was returned for Norfolk yZlf S^ ^HI^k^STl^ Si^'^Jl!^ 

..■ . .^. T ^— .- i_ • » root Of the Horse, and 00 the pnnciplei and p>*cdca 

without opposition. In 1775 he roamed of shoeing. 9 v/ito. iTf^iTOB^observatSoTwa 

Jane, sister of the present Lord Sher- the Formation and Uses of the Katnralfh>goftha 
borne, by whom he nas twr. daughters, Horse, with a description of a patent Artificial Tng, 

married to Captain Henry Di^by, R.N. ®*°- i»».^Yeunnvy Ivansactions, »o. 1. »<«. 

and Viscount Anson. Mr. C, contri- ***!; 

buted a few papers to Young's Ann. of Colepepper, J. Spencer, Esq. 

Agr. Whether the following pamphlet I»P<;rt«;F»ctS8nbmittedtothecon»ideratioiiof Ae 

wis published with his sanction s^ms ^^I^'' '' *"'*"^' T Z^' • . 
doubtful: Coleridge, S. T. a native of Bnslol 

Addresses to th« Ffeehoidera of Norfolk. 18W. ^^^ formerly a member of Jesus College, 

CoKER, John, Esq. of New College, Cambndge. When the lale Sir Alexander 
Oxford. Ball was appointed governor of Malta, 

Reflections on the late eleetieo of a Chancellor of Mr. C. went with him in quality of Se- 

the University of Oxford. 1810— Answer to a Letter cretary . He has latterly been engaged in 
rfttie Kev. Bdw. Copiertom on the « lusections/' wading lectures on Poetry and the Belles 

CoLBECK, Joseph, jun. ^"I^f nVp 1^^' published : 

P«e»s on Tarfea. occ«ioii WIS. ^„I L Pn^^'^'^i^f ' **'""* ^'^'i!?*-,"^- 

r-ftT f^«« A.* 1,^ * mZL^ ^ "*• ■** ^op«l»™. or Addresses lo the People, 8«o. 

C0LDEH,A|.EXA WIDER. 17d5.-A Protest against certain Bills, or Oie Plot 

Examination of the New Doctrines in Philot oph j and discovered, Ifimo. 1795.-Poenu on variooa sabiects. 

Theology, propagated b. Dr. PnesUey Svo. 179J. 8x0. 1796. «d ed. with the additkm of PoMsby 

L/OLE, John, Purser of H. M. S. Abou- Cbarle* Lamb, and Charles Lloyd, 8vo. IJ^f^TiM 

kir. Watchman, a Weelcly Mi*cellttny, No. 1-10. I796.— 

BfatheoMtieal Tkaets, principally Astrooonical and ^ Prospect of Peace, 1796.— Ode to the departed 

Naotical, coDsisting of Steraofonionatiy: also Lee. ^o*, 4to. 1797-— Fears in Solitude, written in 1796^ 

way and Magnetic sailings, 8vo. 1812. daring the alarm of an invasion, 4to. 179B.— The Pio> 

COLEBBOOKB, HENRIETTA. ThlS ladv ?•*««*»*• or the first part of WaUenslxla. a drun, 

is said to belong to the family of Sir l?^** ^'JT", '^ scwiier svo. iwo.-iiie Death 

n^rm^ r Rarf ^Ua, U o »«*»v «^:l! **' WaHoostain, tng. from the German of Schiller, 

S w5^ a1 ^u.^^^ ^' 1W^~T»« W««i, a series of Essays, roj. Sv. 

Ot KOQSSeau, and has published a Se- ISIS.— Remorse, a tragedy, 8vo. 1813.- Mr. C. abe 

lection from his works tmder the title of: contribnted about fear hundred lines at the beginniog 

Thoughts of J. J. Roosseau, t v. ismo. 17S8. ^^ ^^ f"^*^^ ^- Southey's epic poem Joan <tf Arc. 

COLEBROOKE, Henry Thomas, third Coles, Thomas, A.M. 

son of the late, and brother to the present A<l^ice to students and Ministers, a sermon pnadted 

Sir George C. Bart, bom 1766. He en- **'"" ^^ ^"•'®^ Education Society, wis. 

tered early into the service of the £. Ind. Colet, John Annbslby. 

Company; is Chief Judge of the Court ^^«^«^ ^^ *• i*. writings and Chanet«r oC the 

of Suddar Dewanae and Nizamut Adaw- ^^SHj^llT^rV T' '^ir^"*' to u,* Rev. 

in Bengal ; and holds in conjunction with John Wealay i. oppomtion to Zt mimtted tote 
nia two brothers the patent office 0^ Chi- written by John Whitehead. M.D. Bvo. 1792. 

rographer in the Ojuriof Common Pleas. Coley, James Millman, Member of 

Mr. C. is the airthor of numerous papers the Roy. Coll. of Suigeona, Lowk>n:' 

intl^ JauOK Menarckei and has pub- Meinb.of theMed,and PhilTsoc. ofSt! 

'""^ • Bttrtholciaew's Hospital, and Surgeon at 


BridenOTtfa, son of Mr. Wm. C. of Bridg- Voymges to Portugal, SpMD, SicUy, Mftlta, AsuiMi. 

nortb^ bom 1784. Besides some papers «>'' *»!*» *«• from 1796 to noi, itmo. laos. 

in periodical Journals, he has written : CotLiMS, Joshua, A.M. Rector of New- 

A DttsntBtion on the Ischuria Vesicalis, or Retentum pOrt. 

of Urioe, read before the Med. and Phil. Soc. of St. An Address to Instructors and Parents on the choice 

Bartholomew's IIosp. Svo. 1806.~A Vindication of and use of Bteka in erery branch of Education, 9«u, 

the propriety and utility of administering Mercuiy in 1802. 

Venereal Complaints having no apparent syphilitic COLLINS, ThoICAS. 

symptoms, 8vo. 1812.— ^Treatise on the Remittent The Complete Ready Reckoner, 84mo. 1801. 

Fever oflnfanu, 8vo WW. COLLINSON, RcV. J. M. A. RectOf of 

CoLEY, William, Surgeon, Bridgnorth, Gateshead, Durham, formerly of Queen's 

Shropshire, bom m 175^ Besides some Coll. Oxford. 

papers in the MetL and Fhlfg, Jcum, and The Life of Thoanu^, Svo. laor.— AnalysU of Hook- 

Gerit. Mag. he has published : er's Ecdesiastical Polity, 8vo. 1810.— A Key to the 

An Account of an Epidemic Ague, as It appeared in Writings of the Principal Fathers of the ChruUa& 

Ibe neighbousfaood of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, in 178*, Church during the first three centuries, in eight Ser- 

8vo. 178*. nons preached at Bamptou's Lecture, 18U, Svo. 181S. 

CoLLAND, John. Colls, John Henry, actor in apjro* 

The Essentials of Logic, being a 2d ed. of Dralloc's vincial theatre, author of : 

EpiU»e Improved, 8vo. 1^.— A Praxis of Logic, Theodore, op. 8%'o. no date.- The Poet, a poem, 4to. 

*w>- 'T99- 1785.— The Worid as it Goes, far. 179S.— A PoeUcal 

CoLLES, AbraHAH, Professor of Anar Spbtle addi^ned to Mn. Wollstonecraft. oocasioned 

tomy and Surgery in the Roy. Coll. of i^y her Es^ay on the Rights of Woman, 4to. 1795.— 

Surgeons in Ireland. ^« *• >*•«»» ^« WOl.— The Honest Soldier, COB. 

A Treatise on Surgical Anatomy, Part 1. 8vo. 1811. «vo.l805. 

Colles, Richard, 'Esq. Barrister at ^ Collyer, B. , „ ^ , 

r ' ^ Fugitive Pieces for the Use of Schools, S v. ISno. 

^"^ 1805 

Reports of Cases upon Appeals and Writs of Error in A ^ j 

the High Court of Parliament from l6gr to 1709 be- ^'^P. *^?» ''• . .^,^ « ^ 

ing a Supplementary vol. to Brown's Cases, Svo. VT^^ ?^ 't"**' * sermon, 18U^B«mark» on 

2»^ "^ Education, in reference to the plan adopted by Mr. 

Collett, John, Master of an Aca- ^"^t*'' i^w. 

demy, Evediam, Worcestershire. ^ SSiL'^^J^'at j^ on the 

• ik i^^A^ «■«- rr i»..r».«. iPn,« A Sermon preached at Aylsham, Norfolk, on the 

Sn^ Drnrnas, inttbded for Young Persons, 12mo. Thanksgiving day. Dec. 5, IM, Or'o. 1806< 

Collier, John, Esq. of Stoke New- Collyer, William Bengo, D.D. Pas- 
ington, bom about 1730; formerly an tor of the Dissenters' Meeting at Peck- 
Apothecaiy in Cheapeide, but retired ^^'> ^"^ about 1784 at Deptford or 
n^y years since frombusincss. He is Greenwich, and educated at the Dissen- 
aineinbcrof the Court of Assistants of teiV Academy at Hometton. Thed^ree 
the Society of Apothecaries and has of D.D. was conferred on him in 1808 by 
written : ^^^ University of Edinburgh in token of 

Ptadliar Eaanys on the Jewish History and Old Tes. their approbation of his first publication, 

tement, % v. Svo. 179I.— Essays on the Life of Christ He has written : 

and Ihe New Testament, 2 v. Svo. 1797* — Essays on Lectures on Scripture Facts, 8vo. laOT'— Appeal t» 

Animation and Intellect. 8vo. 1800.— Thoughts on Re- the Legialature and the Public, oocaaiooed by the 

animation from the appearances of nature in Animal •' Hints** of a Barrister on Evangelical Preaching, 

nd Vegetable Life, Svo. 1800. 8vo. 1808.— Appendix to the Appeal, Svo. ISOps^^A 

Pa? Tfvn JoHM Dyer, son of the We- «««» delivered to the Monthly Association ef 

UOLLIEB, JOHN IJYER, SOnoi «ie pre- Congregational Miniaters, iSU^Lectuiea on Scrip- 

^°S* ^ • «. . ^ .„ 1QM TS& «f *«»• Prophecy, 8vo. Wll^Lecturw on Seripture 

Xeeay en the tnw ofP-tent8,8vo. ISOS^I^ of Miracles, 8vo. 181«--Select Remains of the Life of 

AbnihamNewland,E8q.<anon.)lSmo.l808.--Hr.C. ,|,^i,j,£, yf^^^^ of Chester, with hU Life by J. 

iras abo editor of the iforr«*/y Bcguiter, of which p^^^^j^^^^ ^ j^^ ^^^ 181£.-nymu> partly collected 

9 V. were published in 180S, 3. and partly original, post Svo. ISmo. and Mmo. 18U. 

Collier, Joshua, elder brother of the colman, George, junior, (for so this 

preceding. On the conclusion of the ^^^xemz:^ continues to style himself, 

pcaccof Amiens he removed \rith his tar. gj^^ugh hb father died in 1794) the son 

niily to Rouen in Trance, where he has ^^^e j^^^ Gcor<^e C. Esq. distinguished 

ever since resided. Besides some papers ^ ^^ translator^of Terence, a successful 

in the PAiTof. Mag. and NichoUon^s Jour- ^^^^^c, writer and proprietor of the 

naif he has written : Havmarket Theatre. He was bom about 

A Defence of Double Entry, with a new AtTsnge- J- ^ educated at Westminster 

T^UZr^^'^T^^^'^^^^^^^^ &' Whence he removed to Christ 

^^LXCSlate Lieut^ant of Chu-h College, Oxfo^^ 

H. M.S. Dolphin. rtudies at Ring's CoUege, Aberdeen. Um 


bis return to London he was entered of obsenratkmsoo Uic state of die CottooiiMiaiMtaie, 
the Temple, with a view to quahfy him- i783.— iwo pmmijhiet» on the Mme snbjeet, iraa^ 
«cif for the bar, but soon renounced that t^'^.^'^lT "S? f «"JV(,«>>« Mcmipoiisj^^ 1796. 

. ^ . • r r ^1- . 8th rd. I8OO. — State of IndiccDce in the Metropotis 

intention in favor of the muses. In expWned, wiUi S«Bg«tion» for the Relief oftLe 
1789» when his tathers mental derange- casual Poor, Svo. 1799.— observations on the Office ef 

ment rendered him incapable of super- Consubic, svo. 1799-— Oa ihe Commfire end Police 

intending the concerns of his theatre, of t*>e Rhrcr Thames, «vo. ISOO^A Treatbe on the 

the maBagemeftt of it was committed to ^««**»" '"^ D««« «f • ^"i^!? ®^"- ^^-^ 
his son £ whom on the d«jth of his lS:H"4Urr ^^S!^ i^e.^^^^^^^ 
parent his majesty was pleased to trans- avo. laor. 

fer Uie patent The alienation of part of Colquhouv, #ohk, D. D. Minister of 
this property has led to misunderstand- the Gospel, Leith. 

ingS which have become the subject of a Treatise on Spiritual Comfort, ISmo.lSIS. 

investigation in the Court of Chancery, Coltman, N. 

and occasioned the house to be shut up ^^ Traveller's Compenion, exhibitiBe a Surrey of 
during the last season. From these pro- **' ^* pnndpal and cross-roads in England. Wales. 

ceedings it appears that Mr. C. thougt he "^ *~'*'"^' " ^" '^"^'^ "' Edinbungh, 4to. iao«. 
still holds the situation of manager of CoLTOM,Rev.C.M.A. Fellow of King's 

that theatre, has for some time been an College, Cambridge, by which he was 

inmate of the King's Bench. He is the presented in 1801 to the curacy of Tiver- 

author of the following pieces, four of ton, Prior's Quarter, Devonshire, which 

which (marked G) were pubUshed under ^^y be held together with a fellowship, 

the assumed name of Artnur Griffinhoof, "^^ gentleman's name has recently ap- 

of Tumham Green. peared conspicuously in the afikir known 

Two to One, mos. com. (songs oni j printed) 8ro. to the public by the ntme of the Samp- 

1784^Tqrk and no Turk. nus. com. (songs only ford Ghost ; and SO convinced is he that 

printed) 8VO. i785.-inkie and Yarico. op. 8vo iw. the occurrences at Sampfordare the effect 

— ways and Means, com. 8vo. 17B8. — Poor Old Hay- _r _ *_ ^1 ^i_ 1 ^ '^***;*'* 

MTket. prei. Bvo. i79«.-Moont«oe«». play. 8ro. ^^ Supernatural agency, that he has de- 

i795^Mew Hay at the Old Market, (now called posited in the hands of the late Mayor 

Sylvester Diggcrwood.) dram. 8vo. 1795.— Iron Chest, of Tiverton an instrument by which he 

pi. 8vo. 1790-^My Might^wn and Slippers, or is empowered to call uDon Mr. C. for the 

Tales in Verse, 4to. nfT—Blue Beard, dram. rom. navmpnt of IOO/ tn anv .>n» i»h^ ^» 
8T0. 179IW-Feudal Times, dram. 8vo. 1799.-Broad ?^y^^^\^^ ^^^' ^O any one who can 

Orina, comprising, with new additional Tales in vene. J^P****^ ^"^ ^^"^® ®* "*® phaenomena. 
those pubUshed under the title of " My Night-gown ^t appears also from a note tO his Hypo- 
mad Slippers," fc. evo. 180S.— Tiie I'^r Gentleman, crisy, that though a reward of ^50L in 
M«. 8vo. iaos.-^ohn Boll, or Uie Enfiishman's the whole has been advertised for anv 

Vir»eide, com. evo. ^809.— Who wants a Guinea. npr«nn t«hn r.Q« «;«*» .««U :«i* *i "^ 

com.8vo.l805.-Weflyby Night, far.8vo.ia06.-.The P®^^° T 1 ^*° F^® ^^^ information 
Battle of Hexham, mus. dram. (G) 8vo. 18(J8.-The *5 ^^V *^^^ ^® * discovery, yet Upwards 

«orrenderofCaiai«,pi.Bvo. 1808.— The Heir at Law, of two years have elapsed without any 
•om.8To. 1806.— Bine Devils, far. 8vo. 1808.— The claimant comiog forward. Mr. C. has 

Heview. mns. &r. (G) 8vo. 1808.— The Gay Deceiv- written ' 

•r..far.(O)8vo.l808.-The Africans pi. 8vo. 1808. a Plain and Authentic Narrative of the 8empM 

;iS:^ Va^ll^^^ V • ^"^^ T f^'t ^'^^^' «^'»- l«10.-Hypocri,y. a «.tiric.ip^^. 

^^?^^^ 18l2.-.Vaganes Vindicated, i8l2.-Napoleon, 4 poem. 8vo. 1812. 

or HypocritieHypercritics.4to. 1813.— Mr. C. wrote rnrvrV ^a»,tt»t 

the prefiice to a novel by the late John Pahner.come- Tl»^wKL•^fi r f u - .. 

dian. publiahed in 1811 in S v. 12ma. under the tide ^Ite Whigs Supphcation, or the Scots Hadlbrat, a 

of Like Master like Man. and also prefixed to it a ""^ P**""' ^S^""' "^- », ^ „ _ 

MTFBtive of the distress of ihe anttior*s widow. COMBE, Uharj.ES, M. D. F. R. and A, S. 

CoLNEiT, James, Captai^i of the Castle ?/ Bloomsbury Square. This gentleman 

Eden,EastIndiaman. As commander of «.««V"^n^y skUful 'n the practice of 

the ship Rattler he performed the voyage ""^^y^^^f"^* ^^ has long been distin- 

which is the subject of the following S^^^^^^^^Jl^-^^^^ollectoi^^ 

^ork. Thecditionof Horace by Dr. C. was pro- 

A voy'age tq the SouUi Atlantic and round Cape duceduiider the following circumslances. 

Horn into the Pacific Ocean, for the Purpose of ex- "® 1^*" formed a literary association with 
tending the Spermaceti Whale Fisheries. 4to. 1798. the Rev. Dr. Parr and Mr. H. Homer, 

CoLFiTTs, T. for publishing a complete and splen- 

A Letter to the atixens of London and Westminster, did edition of that classic. The vex- 

•ufgesting impnn'ement. in the Pbiice, Svo. ipoj. atjous and disappointmeuU experienced 
.u^^^-°®^^' Patrick, LL. D. one of by'the latter in the prosecution of this 
Ae M^istrates of the Police Office, work are supposed to have hastened his 
Queen Square, Westmms^r, and Rccei v- death. Dr. Parr is said to have declined 
er of the Thames Pohce Office. the fulfibiput of his engagements owin^ 


to prior avocations and Other causes, so f^ao»eaof the Prevalence of that Vice in these Kine- 

tnat the whole undertaking devolved on ****""• »* 'b« prssem Day, by phiiippua phiiaretes, 

I>r. C. When the work appeared, many JT®* *®^^ — ^ Scourge for the Adulterers, Duellbti! 

errors were discovered in the Greek quot- ^']?,"^^' and seif. Murderers, (anonym.) mo. 

ations which occur in the notes, and these jr,^^^^f\ „ ' 

irere exposed in a masterly review in the iZ'^ "^^ ^'"'^ '' "'^'''''^ '"'"*''^^' ^• 

f/?j** S'*^**^' j"'f^y ^^'J^^^ to the pen Comings, Fowler, Rector of Sxvords. 

nhi?/.K«^t[;i. f '* .P'?J^."<^«^^f^.^ P™- and Prebendary of St. Patrick's, Dublin. 

pn Jet, the title of which is subjoined ; it Sermons on varioun Subjects, 8 y. 8vo 1700 

was answered by Dr. P. and here the dis- CoM»f ins, John. 

pute ended. Dr. C. has published : The EnijlUh Scholar's First Book, MOl. 

Imiex Nummorum omnium Imperatorom, Augustor- CoMYN, Samuel, EsO. of the Middle 

vn et Caaanim, ^ Julio Ca»are usque ad Postumuro, Temple, Barrister at Law 

qui tan. in Romi et Coioniis, quam ih Grecil. iEgyp. A Treatise on Uie Uw of Contm'ct. and Affr«»«nt» 

to el alu. locis ex rre magni moduli signabantur. not under Seal. 2 v. roy. Sv^ "w "^^ *^ 

4to. 1773.— Nummorum veterum Populonim et Urbi- P«b^ tut 

nm in Mus«m Gul. Hunter DescripUo, 4lo. 1788.— ^-^« CAN EN, MATTHEW. 

HoratU Opera cum variis lectionibus, notis variorum ^ ► *****^**'*r° ''** A.Morgan) The HUtory end 

«t indice, 8 v. 4lo. 1793.— A Statement of Facts re- t «*'*'"'"1,m ^'" ^•'*®'»^'»' Southwark, 8vo. 1795.— 

Utive to the Behavioiir of Dr. Samuel Parr to the .^^*'' ^ Wi»»«n Garrow, Esq. on tJie Subject of his 

late Mr. H. Homer and Dr. Combe, 8vo. 1793. >'"«»eral Behaviour to the Author at the Trial of a 

Coif BE, Taylor, M. A. F.R. and A.S. .ill^i^'!?/,;.^*'*.^**' *"^ °*'"> "' ^^ ^»' As- 
Keeper of the Antiquities and Coins in riffrf^^t^-Cirt^rW^^^^^^ 

the British Museum, son of the preced- ^^^ Remarks on Uie Lapses by the Failure and Mul 
ing. conduct of Assignees, 8vo. 1800. 

Description of the Ancient Tcrrarcottas in the Brit. CoNDE, Prince of. See HorrRr>PT 
Mmi, roy. 4U>. ISll .-Description of the Ancient Fannt. nuiCROFT, 

Marbles' io the Brit. Muft. Part I. roy. 4to. 1818. r'«i..T«r.» x r t* « 

Comber, Thomas, A. B. Rector of Os- Brother to'tb^^V'^^ii ^-^^u"' ^''^'''' 
waldkirk, Yorkshire, eldest son of the An irr!n^^^^^^^^^^^ that name. 

ItRv Thomaar TT n Knm it/?^ «* ♦k 2" 7"*»«*n'«nt of Provmcxal Coins, Tokens, and 
nev. 1 nomas ^. -U.. D. born 1765 at the Medalets issued m Great Britain, Ireland, and the 

nouse ot bis grandfather at East New- ^'«'on»«». within the lust so Years, svo. 1799. 
ton, in the NT Riding of the county of Conoreve, Lieut. Col. William 
York. He was educated at the Grammar ^-R-S. £querry to the Prince Reeent 
Schools of Coxwold and Wakefield, ^^^ inveator of the rockets for mili- 
whence he removed in 1782 to Jesus ^^y purposes, which are called by his 
Coli. Cambridge, where be remained till name. 

he took his degree. In 1788 he was or- '^^^^^ •«» «>« Moontinf of Naval Ordnance, 4t4). 

dained Deacon on a title to the chapel of ^^^n t 

Dundry, near Bristol, and in 1793 went a Jr^'Jpi'i'Y, Joseph. 

to reside at Creech St. Michael, near fnd C^crs^o 'iS*'"' Communication by Day 

Taunton, the advowson of which living Conolly L A A B 
belonged to himself. Here he continuea The Friars Tali, niv. s v. isoi 
till, in 1813, he was instituted to the rec- Consett, MattheW! . 

tory of Oswaldkirk, which preferment ^our through Sweden, Lapland, Finland, and Den. 

was left to him thirty years before by the ^^* *^- *W' 

will of Mrs. Thompson of tliat parish, C^nst, Francis, of the Middle Tem- 
OD the next avoidance which should hap- P'®» Barrister at Law; editor of the Sd, 
pen after her decease. In 1792 Mr. C. ^^^> ^^^ ^^^ editions of Bott's Poor 
married Elizabeth, daughter of J. Coote ^^^9 the last of which is entitled: 
Esq. a collateral branch of the nobJe !:*''• "*'!?"8 *° *« ^o^-- *•> ^Wch the statuttjs and 
Iri^ family of that name, by whom he ^?ve^Si;^r;liSiTorc„CrI^'^ 
has issue a son and two daughters. He theT^ith ««., 'case. ie4 STfoii: p^^^^^ 
was a constant contributor to the Ortho^ «vo. isor. f «». . 

iax Churchman*t Magazine during the Constable, Charles Stanley, Esq. 

whole time of the publication of that ^ ^^'^^ of U»« Queation of catholic Emancipation, 

miscellany, and is author of: evo. isoe. 

Meaoirt of Uie U<e and Writinga of Thomaa Com- ^ ^^^\ ^^' ^EOROE, M. A. Fellow of 
Iw, D. D. some tame Dean of Durham, 8vo. 1799.^ John's Coll. Cambridge. 

^M^PreservatioB a Justifiable Cause of War, two Sermon oil Uie Death of Lord Nelson, 4to. I8O6. 

Ittam. .-A Sermon preached at Taunton at CoOK, GeOROE, D. D. Minister of Lau- 

N Vi«ution of the Archdeacon, 8vo. ISOT— The rencekirk.N.B. 


Hintory of tlie Refonnalion in Scotland, S ▼. 8vo. CoOKE, JoHV, of Maidenheadi Berks. 

1811. Reason paying Homage to Revelation ta the Conliea' 

Cook, Thomas. sion of a Debt at the Oate» of Death, 8vo. 179^.— 

Industry mxl Idlene^*. fonnioK P*rt of a new edi- Letters occasioned by Uie Death of the Rer. W. B* 

tion of the Works of Hocartli, 1796. Cad.>Rjin, 8vo. 1797- 

CooKr, Edward, Esq. one of the Un- Cooke, Joseph. 

der SecreUrie> cf State in the Foreign De- MeU^odism Condemncdby Methodist Preadiers. or 
4. ^A 1. .. ^i-*u T>. 1- •. a Viodicauon of the Doctnne cottUWied m two Ser- 

partment, and Keeper ot the Parhament- ^„ ^„ justification by Faith and the Witness of th. 
ary Records in Ireland; son of the late spirit, for which tiie autiior waa expelled froa the 

Dr. C. Dean of Ely, and Provost of King's Methodist Connexion. ISmo. 1806.— A Sunday ETen- 
Coil.Cambridge, who died atBathinl797. »"?'» Companion, or the Hist, and Morality of the 

He was educated at Eton, and King's ^^^'l*' *8'"«- i?"- 

College, Cambridge. About 1778 Mr. ^.^^*^' ».. . . ^, .^ ^^^ 

^ ^\j.i •^'^.- c *C! Tlie just Propoition which each Claaa of the People 

C. accepted the situation of private Secre- ^.^.^J.^ ^,^^ ^^^^^ ^^ Prosperity of u.e Sute, or 
tary to the late bir Richard Heron, then jest of Taxauon, 8vo. 1798— Money ; its Value i» 

chief secretary* to the Earl of Buckine- Reference to Bank of England Kotea, 8to. ISIL 

bamshire, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Cook e, W. 

and during the Duke of Rutland's admi- General 8ynopMS of Geography, 4to. 1811. 

nistration he was appointed to the lucra- Cooke, W. Surgeon, Brentford. 

tivc office of chief clerk of the Irish treatise on Tin« Capitis ContHiQ« «d itt Cni^ 

H^use of Commons In 1789 he became ~V^°;,^, w,^^,,^ m.^. formerly of 
secretary for the mihiary department m j^. ,^ ^^^ Cam. and Greek Piifes- 
Ireland, and at the same time obtained a ^^^ g^ ^^^^ Univeisitv from 1780 to 179«, 
seat in parliament. In 179o he was re- ^^ j^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ f^^^ ^^ Cooke. Pro- 
moved from the secretaryship by Earl vgst of King's Coll. and a brother if Ed. 
FitzwiUiam, whose successor. Earl Cam- ^ ^ mentioned above. He resigned 
den, appointed him secreta^ to the civil j^-^ professorship and left the University 
department, and in this office he conti- ^^ ^- presented by his college to the 
nued till the Union between the two ^ \^ Hemstead with Lesfingham, 

countries Mr. C. married a daughter of j^,^^^^^^ He has published : ° 
Colonel Ham Gorges, with whom lie ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^f^, ,he UnN. of CaiMiie. 
obtained a considerable fortune. He is j«q. ao, nsi.^Anstoieies de RepMtwa. can v«9i. 
supposed to be the author of many ano- one ctKotis.svo. naft — p^ieoUo ad actun |«Ui^ 
nyrnous pieces in defence of the Irish nm i>rtbitoc;ant*ibrigias, 410.1787. 
admini^trdiion; but the following, which Cooke, Willum, Esq. of LincoUi'f 
also aj»pearcd without his name, is his l^nn. Barrister at Law, a native of Cork, 
onlv avowed publication : li^st educated at the Grammar School of 

Arguments for and agatusl an Union between Great that city, and afterwards UUdcr a private 

Britain and Ireland, (Dubi.) 8vo. i79»- tutor. Hc was destined for the business 

Cooke, Rev. J. M.A. Head Master of his maternal grandfather, a manufao 

of the Free Grammar School, Birming- turer of woollen yarns, but on the death 

ham, and Rector of Bringisyu, Mon- of his first wife at the age of 2^, he re- 

mouths} lire. puired to London, entcrea himself a stu- 

A Sermon for the Benefit of the Blue Coat Charity dcilt at the Middle Temple, and waS call» 

School, Binnintjhiim, 4to. i8i«. ^d to the bar about 1776. He took feQ 

Cooke, James, M. A. the inventor of a his second wife a sister of the late M W 

drill machine, for which hc obtained a Galwav, who died commander of Tl^' 

patent. Besides some papers in the Tran*. thinopoly. His publications are: 

of the Bath AgricuU. SOC, and in Young'i The RIemenU of Dramatic Criticism, 8v9. 1775— Ttaj 

Ann. of Agr. he has written a pamphlet Art of Living in London, a poem, . . . .— Meuoinel 

entitled : Ilildebrand Freeman, Eaq —A Brief RevitX 

Drill Husbandry perfected, Wmo. 1784. «^ Parliamentary RefonnaUon, -The Ch^ 

V« Y -Mt A ou I -^ er^ °U9 Lady, com. r<utered from Beaunoi^ and iif^ 

Cooke,John,M.A. Chaplain of Green- ^her', Scorro^ Ladu.\ svo. iTes.-iiie Ba. 

Wlch Hospital. Lavrs, 8 v. 8vo. 1788. 5th edit. 2 v. rt>y. 8vo. 

(In asftociatio.. with the Rev. John Maule) Account Supplement to the 5th edit. 8to. laOQ. — Convenat 

of the Koyal Hospital at Greenwich, 4to. Uog.— A a didactic poeto, 4to. 1796, Sd ed. er. 8vo. 180?« 

Voyaqe performed by the late Earl of Sandwich Memoirs of Charie«Macklin,8v« — -M 

round the Mediterranean, written by lumself; witii Sam. Foote, S v. fc. 8vo. 1805. 

Memoirs of his Life, 4to. 1799- CoOKE, WlLtlAM, and SaMUEL 

CooKE, John, Engraver. The Thames, or Graphic Illnstntions of Pi< 

The Circular Atlas and Compendious System of Geo- Scenery on the Banks of that River, ero. 1800. 
paphy. 4to. 1801. COOKSEY, RiCHARD, Esq. 

Cooke, John, Esq. late of Gray's Inn. Essay on the Life and Character of John 

Moaarcby do Crcnture of Ood*s Making, iSmo. 179^ Soiacrs ; alto Sketchti of an Btsny od tlM LUe 






Chancter ot Flulip Earl of Hardwkke, 4to. 1791.— 
UiaceUaneoiu Poems, 8vo. I796. 

CooKsoN, Rev. James, Rector of Cole- 
mere and Prior's Dean, Hants. 

Thoughts OQ Polygsmy, 8to. 1782. 

CooMBE, TuoMAS, D. O. a native of 
America, formerly Chaplain to the Marq. 
of Rockinghani, afVerwardd preacher at 
Curion Street Chapel, May-fair, now Rec- 
tor of St. Michael, Queenhithe, London, 
and Chaplain to the King. 

Scnaon preached at St. Stephen's, Walbrook, for the 
Benefit of the Childreo belonging to the St.Ethel- 
beis Society, 177 1 •—The Peasant of Auburn, a 
poem, fia imitation of Ooldsmith's Deseitea Villaze,] 
«Co. I789d — -The InfloeDce of Christianily on the Con- 
dition of the World, a Sermon preairhed at Trinity 
Chapel, Conduit Street, Dec. IS, I789. 

CooMBE, William, the author of nu- 
merous publications, to none of which 
he has alfixfed his name. The following 
are known to be the productions of his 

The Deril upon Two Sticks in England, 6 v. iSmo. 
. . . — 8d ed. 1810. — ^The Letters of Valerius on the 
State of Parties. Sto. 18(M.— The Tour of Dr. Syntax 
in Sterch of the Picturesque, a poem, [originally in- 
lerted in the Pbeticid Mag. pub. by Ackermann,] 8vo. 
lOU. #lh ed. ISlS.—History of Wtetmlnster Abbey, 
S ▼. 4fio. 18K.— ^s Poena illtistrative of EngraTinss, 
b^ 11. R. H. the Princess Eliaabeth, 4to. 1813.— Mr. 
C. also wrote parr of the Descriptions to A ckermaon's 
Jfficrocoam of London, 3 v. 4to. and is the antlior of 
the papers entitled the Modem Spectator^ in Acker- 
mann's Repository of Arts* 

CooMBES, Rev. W. 

The Oratioo at the Fvaerml of Pope Pins VI. by 
Cesar Brancadoro, with tfie Address to the present 
Pontiff, delirered in a secret Consistory at Veoioe, 
Ifar. S8, 1800, translated, 8vo. 180O. 

CoopsK, Rev. Mr. 

Poetical Blossmn, * Seleetioa of short Pocdis intend- 
•d /or Toaag People to repeat from Memory, ISrao. 

Cooper, Astl£y,P. F. R. S. Lecturer in 
Siugery and Anatomy, and Surgeon to 
Guy's Hosp. Besides some papers in the 
Fkil, Trant. Mr. C. who is of the first 
eminence iii his profession, has written : 

Obserrations on Inguinal and Congenital Hernia, fol. 
JSOft.— The Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of Cru. 
ml end Umbilical Hernia, foU 1807> 

Cooper, Rev. Edward, Rector of Ham- 
stall Ridware, and Yoxall, Staffordshire, 
and late Fellow of All Souls' Coll. Ox- 

SxantinaCkm of the Neeeaelty of Sunday Drills, ledS. 
S cf uio m designed to elncfclate some of the leodiag 
Doetriaes of the Ooepel, 8vo. 1804. 4th ed. I81t.— 
8«rmons for PUochial and Domestic Instruction, tv. 
ISmo. I8O9.— A Semon preached at Uttoxeter, on the 
Death of the Rex'. Jonatlian Sinbbs, Bvo.1811. 

Cooper, Geouge, Architect. 

A Collection of Designs for the Decoration of Kooms, 
fol. I8O7.— Architectural keliques of Great BriUin, 
P4rt 1. 4to. I8O7. 

Cooper, George. 
Tht Modcfn DoiMttic BrlWer, iSno, 1011. 

Cooper, George^ Esq. of Lincoln's 
Inn, Barrister at Law. 

Letters on the Irish Nation, 8vo. 1800. 3d ed. 1801. 
— A Treatise on Pleading on the Equity Side of the 
Court of Chancery, roy. 8\'o. 1809> 

Cooper, Henry Fox. 

Toems, 18mo. 1805. 

Cooper, James, of Norwich, a mem- 
ber of the Soc. of Friends. 

Vaccination Vindicated, 8vo. 1811. 

Cooper, Oliver St. John, M. A. Vicar 
of I'hurleigh and Puddington, Bedford- 

Pour hundred iTexts of Scripture, with th^ Corres* 
ponding Passages explained to the tJndcrstandings of 
the common People, sm. 8vo. 1798. 

Cooper, Samuel, Member of the Roy. 
Coll. of Surgeons, London. 

Reflections on Points relative to tlie Cataract, 8to. 
1805. — First Lines of tlie Practice of Surgery, 8vo. 
180T. 3d ed. 1813. — A Treatise on the Dlwdses of the 
Joints, being the Observations to which the prise for 
1806 was adjudged by the Roy. Coll. of Surgeons, 
8vo. I8O7. — Dictionary of Practical Surgery, 8vo. 
I8O9. 2d ed. — Epitome of Modem Surgery, 8vo. 181C. 

Cooper, Tromas, Esq. a gentleman of 
superior talents and learning, who re- 
siaed in Manchester, but about 1795 re- 
moved with his family and settled in the 
United States of America. Besides some 
papers in the Mem. vf the Lit, and PhU. 
Soc, of Manchester, he has written : 

Letters on the Slave Trade, 8vo. 178?.— Tmcts, 
etliical; theologieal, and polidotl, 8vo. 17^0.— Reply 
to Bnrfce'K inveelive against tlie Autlior and Mr. 
Watt, iu the H. of Com. Apr. 30, 1792. 8vo. 1792.~ 
Some Infomuition Jl expecting /Itncrica, 8vo. 1T94. 

Cooper, Capt. T. H. on the half-pay of 
the ^th Regt. 

Practical Guide for the Light lufantry Officer, 8vo. 
1806.— The Military Cabinet, 3 v. ISmo. 1809. 

Cooper^ W. Dublin. 

Letters on Religious Subjects, 8vo. 1806. 

Cooper, William, B.D. Rector ofWest 
Rasen and Wadingham, Lincolnshire, 
and late Fell, and Tutor of St. John's Coll. 

Examination of the Case of the Penitent on the Cross, 
a Sermon, 1812. 

Coote, Charles, LL.D. Advocate in 
Doctor's Commons, formerly of Pembroke 
Coll. Oxford. 

History of England, to Uie Peace of 1783, 9 v. 8vo. 
1791-8.— Life of Cai. Jul, Canai, l«mo. 1796.— His> 
tory of the Union of Great Britain and Ireland, 8vo. 
1802. — Elements of the Giaraoiar of the English Lan- 
guage, 2il ed. 180C.— Mosheim'a Ecclesiastical History 
by Maclsine, brought down to the I8tti century, 6 v. 

Copeland, Thomas, Fell, of the Roy. 
Coll. of Surgeons, and Assistant Surgeon 
to the Westminster General Dispensary. 

Observations on some of the Principal Diseases of 
the Rectum and Anus, 8vo. 1810. — Ford's Observa- 
tions on the Disease of the ilip-joint, 2d ed. witli ad> 
ditions, 8vo. 1810. 







ArranceBMntof the Lawi relative to the Excite, 4to. periodical work, have been anonymous. 

*^% -, TA rx »»• • . n His name is affixed to the following: 

Copland, Samuel, D.D. Minister of Poems Cpub. in irei.nd), i«mo SMUnSd Virw 

the Gospel at Fintray, N. B. of London, ismo. 1799. (^tii ed y-Uh of Wutnue. 

Easay on Uk< Chi istlMU ChMntcttr, 8vo. 1765. ton, ISmo. 1800.— The Detnctor of Qnackery. or 

CoPLE^TOK, Rev. Edward, M.A. Pre- unaljsts of medical, philoeophical. political, dnuamtic, 

bendary of London, late Fellow of Oriel •"^ uterary impotture, «\'o. laoi.— Taiet for the 

College, Oxford, and Professor of Poetry 
in that University. 

Hints to a Young Reviewer (a sa^cal illustrttiAn of 
the practice of certain northern rnarwers, anonTm.). 
ISmo. . . . — A Letter to John Coker, Esq. occasioned 
by his ** Reflections on the late Election of » Chan- 
cellor of the University," 8vo. 1810.— The Examiner 
Examined (anou.), 181S. — Pnelectiones academicK 
Osonii hdbitae, 8vo. 1813. 

Copley, J. S. 

Case of a Doable Return for the Boroogh of Horsham, 
8to. laoe. 

CoRDiKER, Rev. Charles, Minister at 

Amusement of Young Persons, l€mo. 1803. — Memoir* 
of AKrrd Berkele3', IXmo. 1808.— Life of Wm. Gov 
per, Esq. l£mo. 18ai.— The Mysterious G«ntl«aian 
Farmer, nov. 3 v. 1806. 

CoRRY, Joseph. 

Obsenrations on the Windward Coast of Africa, 4to. 

CossHAM, J. N. Accountant, Bristol. 

Time Tablet to factlitate the Calculation of Intereit, 
lemo. 1813. 

CosTELLO, Mrs. 

Tlie Soldier's Oiphan, nov. St. I8Q9. 

Costigan, Arthur William, Esq. 

Bamff, N.B. a respectable antiquary and formerly Captain in the Insh brigade in 

self-taught genius. Besides some occa- the service of Spam. 

sional sermons, he has published: ^'"•'^'*" «^ **"''y "** *^"'*"» *" Port.ial, t r. 

Antiquities atid Scenerj of the North of Scotland. 
4to. 1780. — Remarkable Ruins and Koinantic Pro*. 
pects in Korth Briuin, 8 v. 4lo. 1786-1709. 

Cordin,er, Rev. James, late Chaplain 
of the Garrison at Colunibo. 

Description of Ceylon, S. v 4to. 1807. 

8vo. 1788. 

CoTES, .... 
Skctrhes of Truth, 3 v. ISmo. 1806. 

Cotes, Rev. Henry A. B. Vicar of 
Bcdlingion, Durham, son of the late Rev. 
Edward C. LL.D. Vicar of Sherborne, 

CoBFE,Jo<iEPu,Chorister of the Chapel Dorset; educated at Sherborne, and at 
Royal, and Organist of Salisbury Cathe- the Charter House, 
dral. ' ' ' 

A Treatise 00 SinRini;, ful. 1709. 

CoRMACK, John, M.A. 

Livoe of the Ancient Philosophers, from the French of 
Fenelon, S v. ISmo. 1803. 

CoRMOULS, Thomas, M. A. Wolver- 

Letti-r from a Country Vicar to the Bp. of SL Asaph, 
invitiui; a Re-ronsid( ration of 1 Peter, iii. 18, 19. fO. 
8vo. 1805. — Lent Sciiiions, or an inqntry into the 
uatiir^ and design of Christ's temptation in the wil> 
derurss, 8vo. 1813. 

Cotes, J. Surveyor, at Wirk&worth, 

Eversion, or a Refutation of the present Principle, of '^heSmveyor's Guide, 8vo. I8O6. 

Mundane Philosophy, 8vo. 1804. CoTMAN, JOHN SeLL, a native of Nor- 

C0RKI8U, Joseph, Minister of the Con- wich, bom about 1780; resident in Yar- 

gregation of Protestant Dissenters at mouih, where he teaches drawing, in 

olyton, Devon. which profession he has long distin- 

life of Mr. Thomas Finnio, bto. 1780— On the im- guished himself both in Norwich and 

porunee of Classical Learning, 8vo. 1783.— Evange- London. He has published, in a VCfV 

IS;!.*!.^ T^ r.f rT' ^*'* ^^^T'^..?'7 " "^ spirited and elegant style, 

^n On L r** : • -A Ihauksg.vmg Miscellaneous Etchrngs. £ .is, '. . .-^k«hit«:t«al 

Sermon, . . . — On the Pre^xi<-tence or Chrut, . . . *-. ■■.• * vr ^ n . u j ^.^ i.- j 

rt »!,« n:..:..^ mr f- ^..- .. ». i.- j AntiquiUes of Norfolk, etched from his own drew- 

—On the Divine Mai ifrstations to Mankind, ... :« r i / i r i. • i i v 

CoRRiE, EDO AR„Esq. "«;;'"^- ^""" P"'^^'*"» ^ 'n, 'T^*^ r 

Letter, on the Duties oi Coffee, evo. 180B. ^ CoTTERILL, Rev. T. A. M. MiniStCT of 

CoRRiE, John, Dissenting Minister. J^°/ ^'J^» ^^'^'"^s[^>ri> ^^^ **^® ™*- ^^ 

An Apology for the Diversity of Religious Senti- St. Johu S CoU. Cambridge. 

ments, and for Tlieoloj^ical Inquiries, 8vo. 1808.— A Speech deli vert^ to the Bible Socie^ of KeircaaU»> 

Reflections on the Exercise of Private Judgment in undtr-Lyne, 8vo. 1813. 

m^txrti of Rpliipon, a sermon, 8vo. ISM. CoTTINOHAM, Rcv. JoRN. 

CoRRY, Jouy, a native of the north of The Duty ofthe/rimes, a8ermon.Bvo. laos.—A Let- 
Ireland, and excepting such instruction twto Sum. Whitbread, Esq. withadeacriptiooofthe 

as he received from a village schoolmas- I'^l^*" **^ '*** **^*** ""^ ^"* ^"* Newtown, avo. 

ter, self-taught. On arriving at man- ^"^ 
hood he went to Dublin, where he was 
employed for some time in writing for a 
newspaper, and about 1792 removed to 


Cottle, A. S. formerly of Magdalen 
Coll. Cambridge. 

Icelandic Poetry, or the Edda of Saemund, translated 
into English verse, 8vo. 1797. 

London, where he has ever since sup- Cottle Joseph manv vears a hook- 
ported himself by the exercise of his seller and pS 

i^S'^A^^^u**'.^''^*''^^^® P"}-^^"^^^"* Poems, 12mo. 1795. £d ed. UJT-Malvem Hills, a 

or Mr.u wnois at present editor of a pom, 410.1798.— Alfred, •& epic poem, 4to.i»oo.fd 

2814. COT LTvniQ authors. cox 77 

L.— xiecaon of rovim lor i oung renons, ismo. ot the State of the Natiou, 8vo. 1811. 

*.-Ib«FallofC«nibria,apoero,£v.fc.8TO.ieOB. CoUETIER, PetER L. SOmC ycarS sinCC 

^™'°NATHAKTEr. M D *" at Rivingtons', Booksellers, 

^OTTaN,r*lATHANIEL, M.JJ. Paf-rnnct«r Pr.«, ' 

ed. 2-v. Vbao, ISM^-^obn the Baptiet, a poem, 8vo. Observations on tJie American treaty, beiof a conti- 

1801.— A New Venion of the Psalms of David. 8vo. nuation of the Letters of Decius, 8vo. 1806.— View 

laoi.— Selection of Poems for Young Persons, 12ino. of the State of the Nation. 8vo. 1811. 
1803i- - - - - 

8d ed. 

CoTTaN,x^AJH*«iti., jjx.xj, PaterDOster Row 

FSeccs in verse and pix»e, by tlie late Nath. Cotton, p * " ,t .Z'k » . .• 

1 V. l2mo. I791.-The AdvanUgo and Disadvantage ^^**^J' T^\ 1795.~Revolm.ons, a poem. 8vo. 

of the Marriage State, by the late Rev. J. IMbc 1796.-The W„nm, Votce, a poem. 4to 1799^Plea. 

fo^an; to which is added Marriage, a vision, 8vo. »»^ of ^^ade, a poem, 8vo, 1800, 2d ed. with otlw 

J3QJ * "^ ' « . » poems, 1808 — Vcrulamjana, l2mo. . . .—The Lyre 

CouLTHCKsr, Rev. H. W. D.D. Vicar l't?.«^;^rfS«J««^^'«r."'?H,?«''^r'''* 

^ T» !•/• 1 ^ 1 -r. II ^ «• » tne Signature of Oncsimus^C v. 8vo. 1810-18. — Memoin 

of Halifax, and furmerly Fell, of Sidney of tlie Ufe of the Rev. W. Huntington (by Oned- 

Sussex Coll. Cambridge. He has pub- mus), avo. ISIS.— Russia, or the Crisu of Rnrope, a 

lisbed : P9<="»» 8^0- 1813. 

A Sermon, preached before the University of Cam- CoURTNEY, Mrs. 

bridge on the anniversary of liis Majesty's accession; Isabinda of Bellefieid, nov. 3 v. 1796. 

1796. This discourse, whid* contains many passages CoURTNEY, Rev. JoUN, A.M. Rector of 

of a most singular cast, became Ui.- subject of much Sandcfstead, aiid Vicar of Warlingham- 
.*'tr.trri''°'rr'';"^H '" ,'*^^,""'^'"'^^• "^ ™ cum-Chelsham, Surrey, and Chapllin to 

•' tnioslated mto Euglish metre," with consideiable , ^^ --? j» «« ^ Y"*»r*"*" •*' 

bamoar. by a wiiier who auumed the signature of ^"^ iJOWager VlSCOUntess of Hawarden. 

H. W. Hoplcins. A. M. ; but who. according to com- ^ Sermon preached at Beddington, Feb. 5. 1812. 4to. 

Boa report, was the late Professor Por&on. —Remarks on the BUI respecting Parisli registers, 8vo. 

CouLTON, Rev. James Trevena. *®^ ■ oi. i o r> j 

The- doctrine of Uie Bible, by qnestion and answer, ^OVBj AUGUSTUS, Chapel Street, Pad- 
edited from an ancient copy in Trin. Coll. Library, dington, a Quaker. 

Cmaabridge, 8vo. 1805. The Tocsin Sounded ; being a case submitted to Sir 

CoiPER, Robert, M.D. F.R.S. Edin. S. Romilly, proving the crimes of swindling, perfidy, 

Hio Toari6cations of Malachi Meldrum, 2 v. 1803.— ^^' ^«- ''•nsacted upon the person and property of 

Poe-try, chiefly iu the Scottbh Language, 2 v. 12mo. ^"8- Cove, by and through the mnins of the Grand 

1804 —Notes aad Observations on the early part J«nctlon Canal Company 8vo. 181S. 
ofthe hUtory of Uie British I sles, 8vo. I8O7. CoVE, MoRGAN, LL.D. PrcbcndarV of 

Courtekay, Charles, Esq. Hereford, and Rector of Eaton Bishop, 

Boston, nov. 2 v. 1809- ' Herefordshire. 

CorRTEN AY, John, Esq. a native of ^" ^^y «>» **» Revenues of the church' of Eng . 

Ireland, descended from ahranch of the l^tf**'^*?^.'"'^? inquiry into ^^^i^» 

ui^r'i e ^\^ 4. A 1. Justice, and Policy of a Commutation of Tithes, 8vo. 

noble family of that name, and nephew leoo. 

by his mother to the late Earl of Bute. Coventry, Andrew, M.D. Professor 

At the general elections in 1780, 1784, of Agriculture in the Univ. of Edin- 

aod 1790, Mr. C. was chosen for Tarn- burgh. 

worth; in 1796, 1802, 1806, and 1812, DtscourMs Explanatory of a Coune of Lecturee OB 

for Appleby, but has since vacated his AgncuUare, svo. laoe. 

scat. He has always been attached to Cowan, Andrew, M.D. 

the old opposition; in 1783 was ap- Anthropsedeia, or a Tireatise on General Education, 2 v. 

pointed surveyor of the ordnance, and **"!?* **"* t a mr ^t- c o %. ^ 

J«:retaryto the master-general ; aid in Cowe James, A.M. Vicar of Sunbury, 

1806, durin- the short administration of j,,^ ^^^ Philanthropic tract., avo. 1797.- 

the party with whom he has Unitormly Twelve sermons on the advsntages which result from 

acted, he held the office of commissioner Chtlstlsaity, 8vo. 1799.— Admonition to Parents and 

of the treasury. He has written : Children, of the lower classes, 8vo. 1802.— A Sermon 

A Poetical Review of the Literary and Moral Cha- preached atSl. Paul's, Cov. Garden, at the primary 

meter of Dr. Samuel Johnson, 4to. 1786.— Philosoplii- Visitttion of the Archdeacon of Middlesex, 8vo. 

cal Reflections on the late revolution in France, in a 1906. 

letter to Dr. Priestley, 8vo. 1790.— A Poetical and CoWIE,GEORGE,Ministcr of theGospel 

Philosophical Essay on the French revolution, ad- ^t HuUtley N.B. 

dressed to Mr. Burke, 8vo. 179«— The Present St^ite xhe Dissenter's Guide in Choosing a Pastor, 1799- 

jrf Manners Arts and Politic* of ^ance and Italy CowPER, HeNRY, Esq. assistant clerk 

In a senea of poetical epistles from Pans, Rome, and ^ ^t_ tt ^ct jt -km^ /^ :. » ..^1... 

ie.»i^ in ^^Tool^A « iL/v i-roj. to tbe House of Lords. Mr. C. is a rcla- 

JiBplos, in 1792 and 3. 8vo. 1794. t 1 r -i r -.l 

>, ,« n 1? - tive of the noble family of the same 

CouRTENAY,THOMAsPEREOiiiNE,Esq. ^ he was bred to the law, entered of 

M.P. for Totnes, Barrister at Law ^^^ j^j^j^ ^^^ 1 ^^^ ^„^j ^^ ^y^ 

younger son of Oie late Dr. a Bish^^ ^^^ He has published : 

Exeter, who died m 1803. He was first ^^^^ ^^ cas„ »;jj^^,j j„ ^^e Court of King's 

returned to parliament m 1810: his Beech, from mi. Term, 1774, to Trin. Term, ma»foL 

eldest brother, William, is one of the re- nas. 2d ed. 2 v. roy. svo. laoo. 

presentatives for Exeter. Mr. C has Cox, Mrs. A.M. 

published : Joseph, » poem, UOfO. 1783. 



Cox, D. of Denhatn, in Middlesex. This he re- 

Ab AcMtm* to the iMttentm fhMn the chnreli of linquished, to superintend the education 

Zagiand, ismo. uoT. of the Marquls of Blandford, with whom 

Cox, Dr. Chemist to his Majesty, he remained two yeai^s; after which he 

Gloucester. was occupied as travelling tutor to the 

Kew uedicsi Compendium, itno. iMs.-Lut «f £^^^l ^f Pembmke, Samuel Whitbread, 

Medkinw Proper for no-podugaiitdicinachew. y^ j^ g Portman, Esq. aud Marqds 

Cox, F. A. A.M. ,^^^ ^ . ^ Cornwailis. In 1787 he was presented 

Au E.«jon the Excellence of Chrittlan Knowledge ^^ j^.^ college to the Vicarage of KingS^ 

Cox/Rev. James, D.D. of Wadham ^"-"J^.T^^^tSf'nn^nhta^^^^ 
Coll. Oxford, Master of Gainsborough ^^^ f^i^'T fi. „^i^.?«^L^^^ 

^tme^i^rJ^frSS^^^ m'.rj."«^80r^^^ 

'^t::^^^or'^:^!t'^A^ . presented him to the rectory of Stourton; 
poem, fc. Bvo. IBIS. ^nd about the same time his diocesan, 

Cox, Joseph Mason,M.D. Keeper of an Bishop Douglas, nominated him one of 
Asylum for Lunatics, at Fishponds, near the canons of Salisbury cathedral, and 
Bristol. archdeacon of Wiltshire, llis publications 

Practical ObeervatlonB on Inniilty, 8va. IflM. are : 

Cox N Esd Sketches of the Vatural, Civil, and Political State •( 

Ihe Fowler.'conulalngUie method, of Uking land Simserl.nd. 8*0. m9.-A«ount «f the R»ma 
1a f I iTfta Discoveries between As« and Aoienca, 4to. 1709.— 

•nowaicr lowi, itw. Account of Uie Prison* und IlospiUls in Rimmi^ Sve- 

Cox, Rev. IWBERT, M.A. j^n^ ^d Denmark, 8vo. 1781.— Travels in Poland, 

History of an old Pocket Bible, as related by itaelf Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, S v. 4to. or 5 v. 8re. 
Ml'* 17&4>^. 5th ed. — Compitrative View of the Roaiiaa 

Cox, SaUTTEL ComPTOH, Esq. of Lin- Discoveries, wiUi those maile by Captains C«ok and 
coin's Inn, editor of Clerkc, 4to. 1787.— Travels in Swisseiland, 3 v, 8vo. 

Peere Williams's Reporu of Case* in Chancery, 4th 1789. 4th ed. 1802— Letter to Dr. Richard Price 
•d. 3 V. roy. 8vo. 1787. 5Ui ed. with edditional re- upon his dbcourse on the Love of our Country, ew>. 
ferences, 179S. The Uu Lord Alvanley. when Mas- 1790.— Bioifraphical Anccaoies of Handel and Saith, 
ter of the Rolls, declared in his offitial capacity, tliat 4lo. . .—Explanation of the Catechism of the Church 
" the bench, the bar, nnd the publk in general, are of England, 8vo. 179^— Explanation of the Service 
much oMlned to Mr. <'4nt for hh very valuable edi- of Confirmation used by the Chorch of Eogluid, 
tkHS of those very valuable reportR." abridged from Seeker, 8vo. 1793^-<'ay*s FaUea, wi& 

CoXE, Edward, Esq. of Hampstead "<»'"• ""^ * "f' °f ^^^^ author, svo. i796.--Lett«r to 

Wpith theC'ountessof Pembroke, on the Secret Tribunals of 

S^ ^1.1^ * » »^ ■#««« m.^ tr t Westphalia, 8vo. 1796.— Memoirs of ihc Life and Ad- 

M«cel!an«^us PoBlry. cr. 8vo. t^^The ValenUne, ^„ J^^jJ^ ^f gj, ^^ert Walpole. Eari of Orfcrt. 

a po«n on SiuVale^ne^s Djr, 1810. 3 ^ ^^ ^^^_^ ^^^^ ^^ Bacellenee of 

COXE, Miss h<LIZA A. British Jurispmdeuce, preadied at the asaises at Sa- 

Xiharallty and Prejudice, nov. S v. MIS. lisbury, Mar. 10, 1799. 8^0 — Uistorical Tow in Mon- 

CoXE, TEhXH. Esq. commissioner of mouthshlre, with views by sir R.C.Hoare. Ran, Sr. 

the revenue or the United States of ***». I8OI.— Memoirs of Horatio Lord Walpole, it- 

America. He is known in England m »«pted from his correspondencr pod ^^ connected 

.t oiiiKm' ftf '*'** ^**' history of the times, from 1678 to l7£r»«o. 

Uie aUinOTOI ISW.— The History of the House of Austria^fttMi 

A View of the United SUtes of Amenca, w a series the foundation of the monarchy to tlie death of Leo- 
of papers written between 1787 and 179* ; first prmtad jj 1 1 . 3 v. 4to. 1807 —The Uterary Life and sieled 

at Philadelphia. 8vo. 179*, and reprinted in London ^^^ ^f p^^j stillincfleet, S v. 8vo. 1811— Kf- 

In 1795^At an earlier period be wrote a pamphlet, ^|„ ^f ^^ ni^gg ^ Spain^of the Hooe of BooriNm, 

entitled. Brief Examination of Lord Sheffield s Obser- f^^^ ^^qq ^^ ^^^ 3 ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 
nations on the Commerce of the United States, ^ , ... 

Philad. 1792. COTTE, JOSEPH W ILLIAM. 

CoXE, Rev. William, M.A. F.R. and A Codmey's^dventures during, ramble in (he <oui 

A.'S. Mem. of the Imp. (Econ. Soc. ot ^Co^^^'j.g Alexander 

Petersburg, and of the Roy. Soc. of principles of Beauty Relativi to the Human Miad. 
Sciences of Copenhl^n, Archdeacon of fol.1778.— a New Method of Assisting the invention 
Wiltshire, Canon of Salisbury, Rector of in Drawing Original Compositions of Landscape, 

Stonrton and Bemerton, and Chapkiii ^7^ 

to the Tower of London; bom in Lon- Cozens, Zachariah. 

don 1747 ,educated a;t Eton and at King's '^l*'"*"^ "^^ rl'^^^T^ ^'^J* i ^^ 

#t_n^. Vtv'j /-L'l^i-t^* po^Wi ^tli a sketch of the hfe of Geo. Bon^ of 

College, Cambridge, of which he be- M;rgat«,one of the p»«engers whd was dmwned. 

came a Fellow. Hts father being a me* iao«. 

dlcal man, had designed him for the Crabb, George, some tiaie since a 

jjame profession; but Mr. C. preferring Bookseller in Germany,. and now Mavtec 

the church, was ordained a priest in of the Commercial and Iit«fary Semi* 

1773, and for some time served tne curacy nary, Walworth. 


Hie Ontar ind Method of lutnietiiig Children, with Eway on tk« Er tropeoo, or ETonUm of tbo Eye-lids 
stnctures oo educatkm, I8190. 1808.— Praktische 8 to. 1305« ' 

^gU*cheGn»nstik fur Deuuchea, isno ^Tiie Cranch, John, Kinesbridge, Devon 

SI iT fV ,t* rr"* T?*"?: ^^' "^^^^^^ consequence, arising from the uHualdi^ 

18W.-Art of GenuM writing. 18mo.-The Elements .jtion of property by wUl, by WUliam LanewoST 

of Gennan and Engl^h ConvemUon. Kmo. 8th ed. evo. ItgC^MZJent. ti pro«note\ie RnJ^ £ 

CbaBB, MaKIA JoSEPHA. Gfoot Britain. 4to. 1811. 

Tioa for Children, wmo. iBQT. Cbake, Thom AS, Miowterof St. Olave'a, 

Crabbe, Rev. George, LL.B. deserv- Chester. 

edly one of the most distinguished I'he conuooa English IVaaelaaoii of |he 109th Psalm 

poets of the present day, and has pub- «>''rected, 4to. 1772.— The common Englbh Tnmsl*. 

fished • ^*^** ^^ ^^ *^* ^***'"* corrected, Svo. 1774.— Thfl 

The Lih^^y, a poem, 4to. I781.-The Village, a !?^K^.'^°''lt "*' William Smith DD late Doa» 

poem. 4to7l78S.l^e Skull, a poem, 4to. nas.- ^^^^^."2^ " Account- of his Life and Writ- 

The Newspaper, a poem, 4to. 1785.— Sermon on the n,. r* t. /• wx 

Death of the Dnkc of Ratland. (to whom the Author , ^RAUPURD, U BO ROE, Esq. Of Rotter- 

was Chaplain), 4to. 1788^— Porans, Svo. 180T. 7th ^"^> formerly a Commissioner from the 

ed. 1819.— The Borough, a poem, fc. Svo. 1810. 4th Court of LonOOn tp that of Versailles, 
•d . 1818^— Tales in Verse, Svo. 181«. On the actual Resoqreee for esUblishisg th« Finaacw 

CraCKNELL, Benjamin, D.D, Mini- °^ ^"^^^t Britain, Svo. 1785.— Enquiry ima the sitiia. 

ster of Weymouth Chapel, Dorsetshire. "**" "^f ^^^^' ^°'*- ^°'"P- *'*»• i789.-second Ea- 

The Cl>rUtian's Views and ncflectioos during bis last J^^^ ";J» the situation of the E. InJ. Comp-. 4to. 

Illness, with two Sermons by the late Rev. Simou i, ' ^^^^J^'^^'J*^ ^* '"? preceding, with Appen- 

lUadcr, l«mo. 1794- 2d edit.-A Discourse od the ' V-VT ?,°*''""« ^^ EqoivaleaU, or an B«. 

importance of right sentimenU in Religion, 8vo. P^".™f»;»» ^^t*"* Nature. Value, aiid Power of Money 

1796.-Oa the.PropagaUonof Christian Knowledge, ^Itn « ^ "*'. S"!:.^''''' ?^ nfw edit iao6.~ 

a circular letter.-tl.e Scripture Testimony examined f*^?.?*,?^ *k .^^'' '"''* .°" '*'* I»«iWUty of 

and confirmed by plain arguments ; in two discourses *J^8tt"hing them without paying the Capital, 8vo. 

by th« Rev. Dr. David Jennings, «d edit.— Tlie r^.» t • *. i-i % ^ 

UtiUty of Academical Institutloos to the Church of ^ T 1 ^ r*"' i-ieut. treneral ChARLES, 

Christ, a Sermon preached before the supporters of Colonel of the fid Drag. Guards (1807), 

the College at Iloxton,(and published for the benefit and Lieut. Gov. of TynemOUth Castle 

of that institution) 8vo. 1806. cldest brother of Sir James C. Bart In 

Cbadock, Joseph, M.A. F.R.S. a the last parliament he represented the 

fentleman qf fortime m Leicestershire, borough of East Retford, and io 1800 

le has written: married the Dowacer Diihess of Ncw- 

liCtter^fromSnowdon, descriptive of a Tour Uirouch ra«»lo Thia ^^Tt^ cii j* ? -VT 

d>e northern counties of wSes. l«mo. I770.-Zo ^^"®- • ^^^^ gentfeman filled the mill- 
bride, trag. (altered from Le* Scythes of Voltaire), ^F^ "»JfS»On tO the Archduke' Charles, 

»vo. 1771.— Village Memoirs, i2mo. 1775.— Account ^"® t'^cn commanded the Austrian 
of some of the romantic parts of North vftiiee, 8vo. army, till he was wounded and obliged 
^ , ^ ur.uwJ? relinquish the post to his brother 

CraicJohk, Esq nephew of the late Robert. With the*^ latter, while they 
Professor Millar, ofGlasgow. were yet subalterns, he commenced tK 

The Origin of the Disthiction oPRanks by the lata mihliratinn nf o« tj? r u • r 

Prof. Millar, with an Account of tiie AuU.or's Life ^^r^^l'^t^iu! ^"^ ^"^llfh verSlOU of a 

and Writings, 8vo. 1806. German military work, for which, hav- 

Cbaio, W. M. Lecturer on Drawing, '"8 ^^^ .*>^?° ,<>" the continent, they 

Painting, and Engraving at the Roy. In- ^®'^, ^^^^^^^^}y ,well qualified, but it 

siitutioQ. "^^ *^" unfinished owing to the want of 

iway on the stady of .nature in dmwing Landscape, encouragement on the part of the public. 

vi(h lUustiatiire prints eDgrKVe<| by the rathqr, 4tf0. It was entitled : 

1793>— A Wreath for the Brow of Youth, Qvd. 1804. Translation of J. G. Tielhe's EvenU ef the War be- 

— The Sports of Love, 4lo. 1807.->The complote ,In- tweeu tlie Prus^huu, AusUhms, and Russians, from 

strucior in Drawing, (in 18 parts), roy. fol. 1807.— 1736 to 176S; and a Treatise on severil Branches of 

l.ands«ape Animals, io a scries of progressive studies, the Militory Art, v. 1 and «. 8to. 17B8. 

1811.— Characteristics of the great Schools of Paint- CraUFURD, QuintiN" 

*,o*'*'S;JI"*~®*''***'*^**^**'*^''"***'^^'**'^"' ^'**'*^**" relating to the history, religion, learning 
If mo. WIS. . ^^ manner* of the Uiadeoa. 8«o. 1790. 2d edit, t 

Cbammoitd, Hercules, M, D. v. svo. itsk. 

OMjUne. of H«««i life, 8ro. 1787. Cbaufurd, Brigadier Gen. Robert, 

*u «^^^? ^?^y^' ^H- Merah.of younger brother of Sir James, and Lieut 

the Roy. Coll. of Surgwns, Ireland, As- Gen. Charles C. commenced his mili- 

awtSRBft Surgeon to the Wesmpreland tary career in the 25th reg. of foot. At 

Lock Hospiud, Dubhn, and one of the an early age he passed several years with 

Surgeons to the county of DubUn Infir- the Prussian, Auatriac, and Saxon armies 

™*^- studying his profession with the utmost 


diligence in all its branches. He after- p»«tar«. *«. 8ro. i800.~HiDts for the prescnratiM 

wards went to the East Indies in com- *»^ *^^'^ «Pj»«i to «i>«;;~t*>f . iMf- ^ 

mand of the 75th regiment on its being Creaser, Thomas, Memb. of the Roy. 

first raided, and commanded it in the Coll. of Surgeons, 

field under Ix,rdComwallis; but quitted fp^L"d^. S^uri^rU^-^-^^^^ 

the army m disgust. He was not easy F^tnon^s exunimition of the r«p<wi of the Vwcuie 
however till he returned to his profes- Pock Committee of the Houm of Commons, coacen- 

sion ; be served in the Austrian armies *"** ^^- J«»Dar'» claim for remuneration, sro. isos. 

under the Archduke Charles and Mar- Crsbch, . 

shai Clairfait, in 1795, 6 and 7, and after ^«»«n^ of u»e Trial of wm. Brodie .nd j.». smith, 
his brother was wounded succeeded him ^Z Tt^^ ** ^'""^ E«be office of scoU«d. 
m the military mission to the Archduke. Creech, William, of Edinburgh. 
He then became deputy ouarter-master- rugiu^e Piec«. svo. 1791. 
general in Ireland, where he distinguish- Creighton, Rev. James. 

f ed himself against Humbert; and being inquiry into the origin of true Religion. ISOS.— Fe- 

afterwards sent by the government to >**^on's Dialogues on Eloquence, translated by Simp- 

Switzorland he served with the Austrians •^'V "•" ****^ '*'** addition*! notes, svo. laos. 
io the campaign of 1799. At Buenos ^ , ^^.^^'i^LTT"' • uu ^ i r ^ 
Ayrcs he bad the command of a division. A'!^^^'^J'':^t'^"T' ^'^^T ^"T'^V^ *! 

-^J u . I J ^1. 1- I- 1. • ** Y 1 ^n." ' Authors Shipwreck, and extraordinary hardships and 

and headed the light brigade under Sir suflFenngson theisiandof AnticosU, andoftheShip- 
John Moore in Spain ; and has since wreck of H. M. S. Active and othen. ISmo. 1797. 

commanded the light brigade of Lord Cresswell, D. A.M. Fell, of Trinity 
Wellington's army with the highest dis- Coll. Cambridge. 

tinction. In the parliament which met "^^ Elements of Linear Perspective, evo. 1812^— 
in 1802, he had a seat for East Retford, ^'"****« <»" ^« Geomerncal and Algebraical Invvsti- 

for which borough he was elected after a "'J^" ^^^^^ "<» Minima svo. lais.- 

severe contest CaiBB, William, Surgeon. Besides 

has written ■ 

^i. TU^f* ^u^^^^^A ^l^\ Master of On the use of injections in the GonorTh«i, Svo. 

»t. Jobns College, Cambndge, elected i773. 

1789, and from 1770 to 1795 Professor Crimmin, Daniel Michael, Esq. a 

of Arabic in that University. student of the Middle Temple, late of 

Sannona on the Evideoce of a future State of Re- Trin. Coll. Dublin. 

'S^^ IH'^!^'"-^- F^: ?<*.'***'• 1799.- A Dissertation upon Rhetoric from the G««k of 
uiscouno on the Jewish and ClmsUan Diapensa- Aristotle, 8vo. 1811. 

r* Ji n -r. /• 1 Cririe, James. 

^J ^RAWPpRD, Charles, Esq. formerly Scottish Scenery, or sketches in vei»e, detcriptiv« of 

/ of ij^ueen s Coll. Cambridge. Since the •€«««» chiefly in the Highlands. 4to. ia». 
death of George, 19th Earl of Crawfurd Crisp, John, F.R.S. 

and Lindsay, without issue in 1808, this ^''*«"'»l*«n» on tlie nature and theory of viaion, Svo. 

gentleman has assumed the title, (hough *^^; * ^ 

It is supposed to be extinct. ^ Ristali , Ann Batten. 

DisseruUon on the Ph«do„ of Plato, avo. 1773.- ^-5'"' Sketches 8vo. 1795. ^ ^ ^ . ^ 
Sophronia and Hilario, an elegy, 4to. 1774— TJie '^ROCKER, ABRAHAM, land and timber 

BevoioUon, a poem, 4to. 1776— Richmond Hill, a Surveyor at Frome, Somersetshire, form- 

poem, 4to. i777^The ChrisUan. a poem, 8vo. 1781. erly a schoolma«ter at Ilminster. He is 

^ 7^v^'sLv^''!1''a ^'J^f'-^'^'^o^ the author of several papers in the Mem. 

J 0° '«^Sro Slavery, (printed at Philad.)— Essay on the nf f h» R^/A J ».. Q^^ .fJjl :« ♦u.. /^ 

; nth Chapter of the ReveU«ion« of Stf^ohn, Philad. S^i p ^T r '^r ^' j u *" ^^^^PfT" ^ 

1800— Essay on the Propagation of the Gospel, '"^ Hoard of Agr. and haS published: 

Fliilad. 1801..-Foems on various Subjects, fc. e%'o! '''^«>«*"«''»on to English Grammar end Rhetoric^ 

1810. ' * 12mo. 1772. — Tnstructions for Young People in the 

Crease J ^"'*''*^ Worship of Ood, Itroo, 1776.— The Catechism 

Prophecies fii'lfilling, or the dawn of the Perfect D.v f ?* ^^""^^ "*[ EngUnd. with notes, 12mo. 1780.- 
-addressed to «^^n«ir^. • F«fect Day Instnictioo to the Children of Sunday Schools and 
whTirS^p^eniJiderf SfeirToit^r; ""** "'5*^"' other charitable seminaries, lemo. 1796-The Art of 

Cii P A Qr T . ..-on lu ^T* • P»»'*««»phical poem, by Baker, with additions 

v^REASE, JAMES, ISath. and notes, Svo. 1808.— The Timber-dealer's Gnideu 

Slegance, amusement, and utility, or the whole pro- >2mo- WIS. 

ceas of vamiahing on paper and wood-gildiug, work- , Croft, Mrs 

iH « bJ«k and gold, mo«,ti.g drawing., Seanlng A«kenr^"'cJS"nov. 4 v. IMO^ 


Croft, Rev. Sir Herbekt, Bart LL.B. Mr. C. many yeun Sunreyor-eeQeral of 
of Dunstoo Park, Berkshire. This gen- Dublin ; born in 1781, and educated at 
Uenian, gimndaou of Sir Archer, the ae- Trin. Col). Dublin. In 1800 he was en- 
cond baronet of this family, was bora tered a student of Lincoln's Inn, and in 
about 1752, and was an intimate friend 1802, called to the Irish Bar. At the 
of Dr, Sam. Johnson, to whose Lives of general election in 1807, he was chosen 
the Poets he contributed the memoirs of Si. P. for Downpatrick ; in 1809 he took 
Dr. Young. He was for some time chap- a prominent part in the parliamentary 
lain to the garrison of Quebec, and sue- investigation of the conduct of the Duke 
ceeded to his title in 1797, on the death of York ; and is supposed by the zeal 
of his cousin Sir John. He married first which he then manifested in the mini^ 
Sophia, daughter of R. Cleeve, Esq. by terial cause to have paved the way to his 
whom he had three daughters ; and se- subseouent promotion ; for before the 
condly, Elizabeth, sister to H. G. Lewis, end ot the same year he officiated as se- 
Esq. of Malvern Hall, Warwickshire, cretary for Ireland, in the absence of Sir 
and to die Counless of Dysart. He has Arthur Wellesley, (now Marquis of Wel- 
published : lington,) and was appointed Secretary to 

A Broch«r'» Advice to hi» Sisten, «mo. in5.-<Lovii the Admiralty. In 1806, Mr. C. married 
Md Madvess, « story too true ; io • Mries of Letters, the eldest daughter of Wm. Peunell, Esq . 

lenw. 1780. rrh«e Letters are gWen a. . corre.- of WatCrford. His puWicatioOS have 2l 
poodenee supposed to have peased betvreen Miss , ••**'•««»«. **»*» m«m«v«.w*vi*«» *m»t^ im« 

Ray. who lived with the Earl of Sandwich, and her ^^^^ anonympus ; they are : 

nnfortunate lover Idr. Ilackmao, by whom she was Familiar Epistles od the Irish Stage, (poetical). ISmo. 

aaaaMinatod. The latter iignres as tlie hbtorian of 180S.— An intercepted Letter from China, 1805.— A 

caiattertoB, of wbott a recy intenstias aeeount is 'ketch of tlia SUte of Ireland past and present, 8vo. 

givei».]'-FaBatkisn and Tieasoo. or a dispoesionata WOT.— The Battle of Talavera. a pocn, Svo. I809. 

histovy of the rebellious iuwrrection in June. 178O, CrOKEK, RicuaRD, £sq. Captsih in t]ie 

•vo. ITflOw— The Literary Fly, 1780.— Some Account late 99th Ttg, of foOt. 

of an intended publication of the Stotutcs on a new xiavela throagh lewral proviacet of Spain and »or^ 

plan, 8vo. 178S«— Leuer from Germany to the Prin< tug^l, 8vo. 1799. 

c*«a Royal of Enghuid, on th«^ English and Oennan ' * ' . t r Tk * 

langvuges. with a table of the northern langnages. t^ ROME IE, lt«V. ALEXANDER, IX. U, a 

[printed at Haaboff]. 4to. 1797 Hints for History schoolmaster of Greenwich, formerly of 

fCupccUag tiie attaaapt on the King's Life, May IS, liighgato. 

laoo.—In 1798, Sir H. issued proposals fo? publish- ^n Ess^y on Philosophical Keeeuity, Sro. 1793.- 

int by subscription « a new edition of John«oa*s phe Etymology und Syntax of the English Languaga 

Dictionary, eorreeted wiUioaC the smallest onisslon, «xpUined, 8vo. 1802. «d edit. 1309.— Gymnasiam. 

considerably imppved, and enlarged with more than give Symbola critlea, C v. 8vo. 181fi. 

iri!2i^~T^ T^ illustrated by "««P»« f">« Crook, John, born at Hammersmith 

the books quoted by Dr. Johnson, nnd from others of ^.^_ '♦» • x » t o*. ^t 

the base authority in our own and former limes." 1768 : resident m Lyon S Inn, bt, Clc- 

The subscription was to be twelve gnioeas, half to be ment Danes, oue of the Stewards of the 

paid on subseiibing. and half on the delivery of tha Charity Schools of that parish, 

third vnlaae ; but ^e desixn was dropped for went An Address to the LegisUtnre of Great Britain (di^ 

af a suftelent number of subseribersi to Indemnify the tributcd gratis^ 1797.— The Reprisal. 1800— The 

author Ibr tha expenses of the proposed puMieatlon. Universal Chursh, an essay on nature, m the unlver> 

CrOPT, JoBH, F.'A.S. sal basis of truth, perfection, and salvation, 1807 — 

On tha Winea of Fartatgal^ Svo. 1787.— Excarpti Religions and Civil Union, 8vo. 1810.— Cursory Ob- 

Antiqnat or a collection of original MSS. 8vOb servations on die Charity Schools of St. Clement 

ngi. Danes, (pnb. by tnbscriptloa for die benefit of those 

Crofts, Rev. Johh, A. M. institutions), svo. ibis. 

Mety and Counu^e, a Sermon prLRched in Porttand CrOSFIELD, GeORGE, Secretary tO the 

Chapel, ismo. 1813. BotanicsJ Society, Warrington. 

' CrORE, AlBXARDER, LL.D. Jtld^e of a Calendar of Flora, Svo. ISIO. 

the Vice-Admiralty Court ai Halifax, Crosfield, R. J. M. D. Besides some 
Nova Scotia. papers in the New Lond. MetU Joum, he 

Keport of tha Case of Hamar ag. Uddlard. an tha \^^^ written * 

<|oaati(»i of what consent i» necessary to the «aiw ^^^.^.s no the Scurvy as It appeared among the 

riage of illegitunaio minors. 8vo. 1800.^Argument i» ^^^^ Prisoners in France in 1795, irith an account 

the High Court of Admiralty. 27th Nov. 1799. m the ^^^ ^^^ ^f „^„„ ,„ j^nt dbaaae. Svo. 1797- 

case of the Ilend rick and Msria, on the question of ^ rx^ n i?„^ ^cri^.^i^t^ 

the validity of a sentence of condemnation whilst a ^ CrOSS, PeTER BraDY, Esq. Of Lmcoln S 

>1 lis lying in a naotral port, Svo. laoO.-IUnarlit Inn. 

on Sehifgers work upon tbe visitation af neutral Viawof tha banafits of tha Laws and Constitutioii of 

vassals under coavoy; 8vo. 1801. England, 8vo. 1797.— Peace or War— Which is thf 

Crokcr, John Wilson, TX.D. F.R.S. best policy ? svo. isoo. 
M.P. for Athlone, and Secretary 10 the Crossb, Rev. John, Vicar of Bradford, 

Admiralty, a native of Ireland, son of Yorlcshire. 

JJU.CmI. I' 


letter to th« AntMor of » RnMrk* on two of the CruiSE, WtLLlAV, £iq. of IMlOfMs 

Mftt tmg ni«r cbtracten of tbe Age/' bto. 1790- Inn, Barrister at Law. 

CboSSE, TaOMAS. Emoj oo (he natora Mul opewttoa of FlaM. Sto^ 

Ttw Power of FrioiutoUip, a poetical qtUde, ««>. iy83..-OBUie nataro and oporaHon of ooiwmB lUco- 
1783. veriot, 8vo. 1763. 3<i edit, of hoth the precedaac 1 

Crotch, Whxiam, Mus. Doc. Profes- v. svo. i794.--Essay on Usc», svo. 179&.— A Digest 

SOr of Music in the Univ. of pxford, son of **» Law* of Englcod respectini* real Property, 7 ▼. 

ofMr. Michael C. of Nurwicb, whodkd ~y- ?^*- w»r~i^cipi«of cjnw,i«diHr. tfr. 

in 1813. This gentleman is the « infant HL>ra;^.'Sia ~ ^ ' "^ 

musician,*' of whom an uccbunt was Crump J. 

drawn np by Dr. Burney at the reque.'jt v\na fot the'bettrr protactiM of British Canmcit*, 

of Sir John Pringle, and inserted in the ww. 

Fhil. Trant.i770. He aftbrded perhaps Cruttwell, Ricbard, LLB. Chaplain 

the most striking instance of early pro* of H. M.** *^"^ ~^ '" *" 

jficieucy upon record; having, as the to Uear-i 

doctor attests, of his own accord and ADiacourM 

without any previous instruction, played !L*^"!if" 

r* J c al v »r./ jjgH moo. 

Ood Save the hing, on an organ con- n,T7«.^ v i> ^^ ti^^x^^ ..»«» 
structed by his faSor. when ?nly two TwS;",;o^-/be:LJS%ZS 
years and three weeks old, and a volun- • ^j^j^ ' wm^i^*-, v^* 

tary about a month afterwards. ;„,, ^'^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^, 

Element* of Mu»ical ComposiUon, 4tn. 1812. — Speci- p Tj t »m Miss 
BB^ns of varioys Stylt 4 of Uusic, 3 v. fol. 1812. „ ^^ L1.EW, iUlSS. 

h^rfiiiit Ss' "iraK ••>^'«"ffe r'r "^*' ^'•"•^ 

5 : ' r vJ ""*"•***•> ^"^ *rc.«jwj, Moner of Bankrupts, 

printer of Deptford, were jmpnwned by pHndpie. of the Bankropt laws. avo. laoo. 

order of the Lord Chancellor for a hbel Cullen, Charles, Esq. son of the 

on the court. ^.^ ^ ^ ^ate celebrated Dr. Wm. C. of Edin- 

Aa ritmordinary Caco m Chancer; fiuHy reUfeed. U|,r^k 

•vo. leod.— Letter to Dr. WUii« on private Med. iJ"^, ' * ,^ ^ -„ . , * . • ^ «r «. 

hoiuea. 8vo. «J11 IVanriatioji of Lajrartfk Ckemktl Aaa^jeu of Wblf- 

Crowe, Rev. William, LL. B. of New ",S "HiaforftTMii^ftlS .Sl IlZS^ Si 
Coll. Oxford, and Public Orator in that ISi;:?!;!^o ,m ^^ 

University. Cullen, Edmund, Fell, of the Coll. of 

Senwm before tJ,e Uaimjity •^ Oxfenl. 4te, 17«.- Physicians, Dublin. 

Lem-fsdon Hit!, a poem, 4to. 1788. 3d edit. 180*.— p«JLv.««»- .vif— i «i -j u,.^.^i « .. 1 _* 

Oratio. 4to. 1788.ia^Uo habiu vlil. Kal. Jul. 1800. JSh^S^ l^l^ -nd che«KaI E«ay tnmalated, 

ia Theatro flheldonlano. Oxoa. 4tD. 1800. ""?, f*'**' * "^'i'*'- *^"- 

Crowley, James, formerly a studwt TT^huut^w' tSl"/'!' tk r^ ., r»^ 

;•« ♦K^ D^^l«. r«^»u^i:- r«-iif r &^ "** Haunted Priory, fc. 8vo.-^The Castle of lodt- 

in the Roman Catbohc College, of May- vMii,, a iai«. «ias • io trne. 3 v. 1796. 
nooth, Ireland. Collvm, Sir Thomas Gerv, Bart, of 

rri!^'''iir,?**^"*^^'^**~''^"**"~*^^ Hawstedand Hai^wick House, Suffolk. 
Crowfoot, William. £: ,^X: ^ij> *°^, ^°- ^-.i^'S^^ ** 

OhaefTatioo. on 'the opinion of Dr. Ia.«dow. that J^J^ ^t. Edmund^, Suflblk. Hc WRS 
cxtravaaatioa to the gen«al eauM of Apopleej, 6v». ^^ Second 8on of Sir John, the Bith OB- 

1801. ronet of this family, bred to the profes- 

Crowthsr, Bryak, of Boswell-court, sion of suzgery, and succeeded to the 

Memb. of the Roy. Coll. of Surseons. title on the death of his elder biother, 

London, and Surgeon to Bridewell ana the Rev. Sir John, in 1^85. He married 

Bethlehem Hospitals. He married Sarah, in 1774» Mary, daughter of Robert Han« 

youngest daughter of Samuel Ricbaid^ son, Esq. of Norsnanton, YorksUre, by 

son, tbe celebrated novel-writer. whom he has two sons, Thomaa Gerr. 

obsenratione on White Swelling, 8vo. i7g7. fd edit. lector of Knoddeshall, Suffolk, and John 

ww.~nic Rabiea Wreti«w ito hutoor, ayajtemi, Pahner, Bath King at Arms. Exception 

and cufe; alao the Furor Hippocraticos or Graco- ^„^ ^^ JL„„ ^^,^^r^ u* 1 -"*«^|"-«"R 
wmie, with it. treatment. ST^-Remaak. on Insn. OnfOJ^.tWO papers On SUl^ecU COnnMteS 
Alty, with a oonuarntary on Dinectlona of Uie Braine ^^*^ "^* OriSinai profeSBlOU, m penodical 

ofManiacs,8vo.iBu. works. Sir T. has appeared before iIm 

Crutckshank, James, A.M. qI Mft- public in a literary chaiacter ononeoc- 
rischa'l College, Aberdeen. casion only, as editor of 

A Letter to the Rt. Iton. 8. Perceval on tbe Biatil- Tte History and Antiquities of Hawsted and Bank 
lenr BiH, 8V0. uni..-Ob«erva«o« ob lfo»ey w Uie wiek, b, tbe Ber. Sir Joim Oitam^ Bart. ^H^ 
Mediun of Conmerre, 8? o» 1811. «kh aeccet 4t*i ffly 


CouYtft, J. of Wicklcwood, Norfolk. Master of the Rolls in Ireland, a native 

Tiw eeattaMa hmI Faraei't Aitisiinit, itno. 1798. of the coiiHty of Cork, born about 1748, 

CuvBERLARi), GzoRGB. This gentle- educated at Trinity Coll. Dublin, which 

man who is a frequent contributor to the he entered as a sisar, and afterwards b«- 

JUanlhfy Mag. has published: came a student of the law in one of the 

AiieedoceiortheiifeofjBUoBonafoiM,aBoiogMM Iqds of Court in Londou. After he had 

artbmivo. 179S.— Le^iua, or the Maid of Snowdon, ^^^^ ^^^ jj^g ^^ ^j^g ^^^^ jj^ obtained a 

.uk •-rfapoen.onthe ^^^^^^.''l^'^l?;!: »eat in the Irish House of Commons, 
SXSTulo^SlSS^^^^^^ where he steadily advocated the popular 

evided the Ancient Artists in oomponaetbckFisares' cause; and m 1807 succecded the late 
iiM± Groops, vitb M dMogns of ciMskei soi^ects on 5i|. Michael S.-nith as Master of the Bolls. 
tiM priiKipiwrecorttaendedintheeiMj.dto. iTflfij— ^^^ q^ jnarried very early in life a lady 
Ao Attempt to d««:ribe Hafod. - •»S?«^r'*^ ofhisown country, by whom he has a 

lonain* to Tiioinas Johnes, Esq. 8vo. 1790*— Ongiael vi »••» v^** x,x,m**v. j, j 1 . _ »» 

Sl-wSTisio. '^ son, at the bar, and two daughters. He 

CuMMiNG, Alexander, a celebrated is not known to have appeared before 

mechanic and formerly a Watchmaker in the public as an author; but a Collection 

New Bond Street, London, Besides some of his Speeches while at the bar was pub- 

papen in the CofMm. to the B. ofAgr. he lished in an 8vo. volume m 1806. 
has written: Curry, James, M.D.T.A.S.oDeof the 

The BcnMnu of dock and Wetch work, 4to. 1T0 ^ Physicians to Ouy's liospital and Lectii- 

A DiaserUtion on tiie iofluence of OraviUtion eon- y^r on the TheOTy and Practice of MofU- 

eiderad m n «echw»c power, 4to. 1B0S.-The D«- ^j^^ 

stnctiTe Effects of Uio conical Bro«I Wheels of Cw- observations on apperaut VmA from Drowuins end 

riagcs controverted, 4to. 1804. Suffocation, with au account of the means to be em- 

CUM MIKO, JaM£S, F.SA. ployed for recovery, 8vo. 1T93. 8d ed, 1797.— Exami- 

Felth^m's Resolves, with an Account of the Amtlior, nation of the Prejudices entertnlned against Meranty* 

©wo. 1806. evo. 1810. «d ed. x- I T 

CuMMTKO, Mrs. Susans AH, bom about Curry, William, Esq. of the Inner 
1780. Temple. 

K4l«Ue, from tiie French of T1oriaa,S v. Iteo. 179S. Blackstone's Commentaries abridged and contlAMd 
— Jweatte Btogmpby, or lives of odebrattd cbU- to the pre w nt time, 8vo. ng6. Sd ed. I8O9. 

4tM, 2 w. litmo. laoi. CuRTEis, T. J. UoRSLEY, autiior of the 

CuMVivoBAif, G. following Novels, 

The Cheerfal Companion In Hours of leisure, con^ Ethelwlua, 3 v, 1T9 .—Ancient Records, 4 v. 1801 .-> 
taintnf upwards of two hundred Songs, Catches, ^^ Scottish I^gend» 4 v. 1809 —The WHtch-Tower, 
Glees, &c. 179T. ft v. 1804.— St. Botolph's Tower, 5 v. IBOft.-'The 

CumiivGBAH, Major James. Monk of udoipho. 4 v. is . . . . , _^ tt^.,^ 

Tht Complete OiadpUne of a Brigade of InliiatrT, CuRTIES, MaRIASNE, ADDOy HOUSC, 

4to. 1804. ^ Reading, Schoolmistress. 

CuVKriTGRAM, JOBN. CJajAical Pastimp, in a set of Poetical Enigmas on the 

Innttiry into the C«^mican System, respecting the plHoets and Zodiacal Signs 8vo. 181.1. 
Motions of the Heavenly Bodies, 8vo. ITSQ. CuRTIS, AnNE, SislCr tO MrS. SldUOnS. 

CUBVISGHAM, J. W. Vicar of Harrow Poems, ISmo. 17«J. 

on the Hill, and late Fellow of St. John's Curtis, Charles, formerly Surgeon ot 
GoJl. Cambitdee. the Medea frigate. 

A World without Smis, 12mo. 180 . 4th ed. 181S.— An Account of the Diseases of Indi... m thry appem- 

i^ft Etsay on the D»ty. Means and Conseqneocen of «d in Uie EngHsh flwt and the K^ival Hospital at 

inlrodocing the ChriuUn Religion among the natives Madras in 178S and 3, 8vo. 1807. 

of the British dominions in Uic East, 8vo. 1808.— Dis- CuBTIS, JaMES, SurgCOn tO the EbI- 

aerution on die Books of Origen against Celsus, 8vo. . . OfOCCO. 

1B15U-Rep1y to Dr. Maltby'3 Observation, on crcu. tW^y t^ ii r .^ ^^^^ ^^ 

UUng the Scriptures among Uic lower orders, 8vo. ''**'?!*****' *"{;^,* ^,„ ' 

ttlW Sermon, preached st Chmf. Church, Hew- CuRTIS, WILLIAM. 

gnte atieet. before the Prayer-Book and Homily So- Ohservailons on tl.e opcrtUon of die new Com Bill, 

dety.M^d. 181S. 8«o. 8vo. 1804. 

CuwiiniGHAME,WixLiAM, Bsq.ofEn- Cubwek, B. Lsq. f^„ Ui« in 

^J^; * M n TlicProcecdiuusacaiustSirF. Burdrtt,fromU»ew. 

fefKine, IN. U. . ,^ », .»^ trodiiction of ilietomplainLtoliisbemg forced to the 

PriDdpios of the Constitution of Oovemmentt, 4to. H^T^f ^^^^^^ '^P' '' 
iaiO.^IUmariui on David Levis Dissertatious on the Tower, 8vo. 1810. , „ r o/, • «««. 

Praphedes relative to the Messiah -A Dis- CoRWEN, JoiIN CllRlSTlANf KSJ. a gOQ- 

sertation on the Seals and Trumpets of the Apoca- jlgnian of great landed property in Cum- 

lypse,8vo. 1813. ^^. «, , , berland, who after having been at tlie 

CuER, Jonw, of SheffieW. expense of four contests for the rcpreaen- 

The,«etkrfC«a.vtew^««iBn«tai^Mor.Com. ^^^^ ^f Carlisle, at length in 179a,pb- 

C^atuiriU. »an. toiK PfiLFOtx, t«a«l » seat in pailiameat foe that aty, 

84 CCi LITEftABT CALCirDAK« DAtr .1914. 

for which he was returned without op HQo»ofSoiHode,f««»,«ir.a»ft.i»i^-^»o«Dy«, 

position in 18W, 6 and 7. He is a dis- « «»« Moor. ro«. lamo. J««— p« Libmioe, — 
tinguished practical agriculturist, and J^-^-^«w. sdad.iao9.~iteFurtD«,««r.4..i 
has received several gold medals from the Dagley Richabd. 

Society for the encouragement of Arts, oems selectrd from lUe Autiqne, with Ulastntdoai, 

Manufactures and Commerce. His name Part i. 4to. 1804. 

was originally Chrigti/tn, but he assumed Daguilar, Miss Rose. 

the addendum of Curwen on marrying an G»'t» of BerUcbiDgen, hUt. dram, from the Gen»a 

heiress so callecl. It seems doubiful of Cotixt, ngg. „, «. ^ 

whether the Speeches mentioned beluw p^iiiNb, Rev. Wiluam W. D. D. 

were published by him or with his sane- *!:SA- AsPibtant Caapiain General 10 

tion. *"^ rortes, late of 1 nn. Coll. Cambridge, 

Speech 00 die ^ JuM i7i)T, at « mectaDR conTened and some years siiicc curate of Higham, 

fit the puivose of pedtioaiaf his Majesty to di»- Suffolk. 

miaa bis Ministers, ISmo. 1797-— Hints on Ut« Kco- A Sermon preached at Ilarpendeu, Herts, Oct. t. 

nuiny nf f<H»iiui; stock and bettering the condition of 190X 8vu. — A Sermon preached on tlie Fast-daj, 

the poor, 8vo. IBlO.-^pfcch in the H. of Com. May I807, h^foie tlie Coldstream regi. of Ouards in West- 

4i 1809i on moving for leave to bring In a ^>ill for bet- mtoater Jrlail. 4tt>. 

ter secoring the iiidepeadeoee and purity of Parlia- DaLBI A t , J a M ES C H ARLES, Major of the 

iMni,BTo. I809. 4jlj jjr Queen's Own Dragoons. 

CuSHIHOy John, foreman to Messrs. a Military CatecMsa for the nae of Yoang Oflicen, 

Lee and Kennedy, gardeners, liammer- isoe 

smith. Dalby, Isaac, Professor of Matbema- 

The Exotic o«rdeBer,8To. isis. tics lu the Royat Military College, Mar- 

CvsTAMCE, Geokge. low. The eminent qualifications of this 

Concise View of the Constitution of England, ismo. gentleman pointed him out as a fit per- 

?^**^*^/S?;~*"'^'^f'*l'**r^fJl"Ti?"".'l!!f sonioco-opeiate in the tri^onometricaJ 

fondamrntal Doctrines of the Chorcfa of England, „,.. ^ ^ , ' , 1 j \ar 1 j ^1 

.^^ ja^ survey of England and Wales undertaken 

CoTHBEBT, Robert, Esq. **?.^^« command of government^ on 

y«w Theory of the Tides. 8vo.iaii. whjch suhiect he oontnbuted several 

CuTHBERTsoN, JoHN. Mathematical W*'* ^« the PhUoufhiaU rrantactumi 

Instrument-maker, Fellow of the Philo- afterwards pubhshea m a separate fonn. 

sophical Societies of Holland and ««side8 other commumcaaons to that 

Utrecht. He formerly resided at Am- '"^^^^ ^« ^^« written : 

Sterdam, and the first of his works was Account of the lale Reuben B«rrow»s »«.auiT^ 
«^:*4^»» :V* *U^ rk.,*^k lo»».»»» °^ * I><gre€ of Longitude and aooUer of Latitude in 

written in the Dutch language. BeugaJ. 4to. ngfi—An Account of Uie Operaiicus 

AUgenecne Elgcnshappen van de ElcctncitcU. 8vo. for accomplishing a trigonometncal Surrey of Bag^ 
178«— Description of an imprm-ed Air-pump, 8vo. laad and Wales, from the Commeucement w 178* t» 
178r. 2d ed. 1795.— PracticHi Electricity and Oal- u.e end of 1796, first published in the PhU. Trmns. 
vaoiam, 8vo, I8O7. |,v I^ac DaUiy and C»pt. Wm. Mudge, Vol. I. 4to. 

]79<) — A Course of Mat^iematics foi the nse of tha 

DOlhct r% and CadeiB of the Roy. Mil, Coll. 9 v. toy. 
8vo laos. 

T^ ^ T> t- », Dales, Major Samuel, F.S.A. 

JLIA Costa rF.nEIRA I*DRTAD0 de MeK- An Es^y on the Study of the Hi»t. of England, 

DOf A, HiPPOLYTO Joseph, Bachelor of 8vo. isio. 

Philosophy and Doctor of Laws in the Dalcliesii, William, Minister of the 

University of t^oimbra, a native of the Gospel at Peebles. 

Brazils, wht» has lately settled in London, "^^ *•*"* ^^ Christianity, 2 t. svo. 1786.— senaoos on 

where he is editor of the CUtrreh Bm- [!'^^«^»»'^'^»«^t™- H«d Duties of ^^ 

jw7i««c, a periodical journal published in '^n'.,r.o^'*c^. /> « « _* rw*^* « 

ti. Portu J:.ese langV ^e has writ- Sta^Cd^lSre^'^^^^^ 

A l^amtive of the Persecution of the Author, a na- ""^ ^^"^ ^^^'^ Robert D: EsO. of KensingtOD, 
tiTe of Colouia da Sucramento on the Rirer La Plata. *"<> y^UUgCr OrOtber of the Chief Justice 

impri5oocd and tried in Lishon. by the Inquisition for of Chester. He R^arned in 1788, the 

the pretended crime of Freemasonry, « y. 8vo. 1811. Hon. Catherine Black WOod, VOUngest 

Dacre, Charlotte, better known by dau<shter of Sir John B. by Baroness 

the assumed name of Rom Matilda affix- Duflferin and Claneboye and Sifter to the 

cd to some of her publications; born present Lord D. He was early io life in 

about 1783. Besides many fugitive the civil service of the East India Com- 

pieces in the Morning Post news-paper, pany in Bengal, aod was for some time 

she has written : one of the representatives of the borouch 

CoiKfnMioBsorthe7rnn«r8t.oaKrs, ofNewpoft. Ue has puUiahed : 





pf!^iaf redreM aguast tutAtt of Pidrln- 
M» 8vo. ITlfir— Thouf^iU on <Hir present sitoacion 
with RaiMrk« on dM Policy of a War with "rnmee, 
8vo. 17!|3>^--Xetter on th« Trade betwenn India and 
'Eunpt, 4(0. 1802. — VindUalion of the Jostke mid 
Policy of the iHle Wars carrird on in If Indostan and 
the DeUan bj Marquis Wf llcsley, 4lo. 1806. 

Dallas, Hon. Robert, appointed 
ia 1813 one of the Puisne Judges of the 
Court of Common Pleas, previously 
King's Counsel and C hief J ustice of Ches- 
ter, elder brother of the preceding. He 
was bred to the law, and was brought 
into considerable notice by bein^ one of 
the counsel employed by Mr. Hastings 
on his impeachment. lie had a seat in 
parliament first for St. JVIichaers, Corn- 
wall, and afterwards for Kirkaldv. He 
married Charlotte, daughter of the late 
Lieutenant Colonel Jardlne of the Artil- 
lery, and afterwards British Consul at 
Corunna in Spain. The following 
speech by him has been published : 

speech in the Court of Kio^N Bench on » motion for a 
nev trial in Uie case of the King v. Pfctoo, 8vo. 1806. 

Dallas, Robert C£(arl£s, sou of a 
physician of Kingston, Jamaica, where 
lie was born. He received the rudi- 
ments of education at Musselburgh, N.B. 
and was afterwards placed under the 
tuition of the late Mr. James Elphinston, 
of Kensington. He then entered him- 
self as a student of law in the Inner 
Temple, and about the time of coming 
of age rnade a voyage to Jamaica, to take 
possession of the property whicli hid 
devolved to him b^ his father's death. 
Here he was appointed to a lucrative 
office; but after a residence of three 
years in the island, returned to Eu- 
rope, and married the daughter of Beiij. 
Harding, Esq. of Hacton House, near 
Homchurch. With this lady he ^ain 
repaired to Jamaica; but her health 
bemg« impaired by the climate^ he was 
obliged to relinquish his ofnce, and 

Suitted the West Indies for ever. Mr. 
). passed several years on the continent, 
whence he was driven by the French re- 
volution ; and afterwards visited Ameri- 
ca, with the intention of settling in that 
countrr. Disaupoinicd, however, in the 
idea which be nad formed of it, he once 
more returned to England, and com- 
menced a literary career, highly cre- 
ditable to his industry. His publications 

M Mcellaneoiis Writings^ consiitUng of poems ; Lucre- 
tia, a tragedy, and Moral Kssays, with a vocabulary 
of the Paaiuons, 4to. ngi. — Cltry** JoarnvA of Oc- 
ewreaces at the Temple, daring the eonfiuement of 
Leola XVI. iraai tlw French, 8vo. 179B.— Aaaals of 
Ifac rtcach B«voiatioB,fr9n the Fr«»cb of Btctnad 

de Holerilk, Q ▼. INo. IflOO-iaoS^— lf««>ir« of tbo 
last year of LouU 2LV|. 3 ▼. 8vo. . .—Letter to the 
Iloa. C. I. Fox respectinj; an inaccurate quotation 
of the Anoais of the French Revolution, made by 
bun in the H. of Com. by Berrrand de Moleville, 
with a translation, 8vo. 1800. — Correspondence be- 
tween Brrtrnnd de Motevilie and C. J. Fox, upon his 
qeotiition of the Annals, with a translatioa, 8vo. 
1800.— I'he British Mercury, from the French of 
Mallet du Pan.— The Nitiurai History of Volcanoes^ 
from the French MS. of the Abbe Ordinaire, Uto. 
1801.— Percival, or Mature Vindicated, nov. 4 v. 
1801.— Elements of S«lr-Knovledge, 8vo. 180e.— 
Iliitory of tlie Maroons, from their origin to Uieir 
eatablistunent in Sierra Leone, t v. 8ro. ISOS.^^ 
Description of Uie Costume of the Hereditary States 
of the House of Austria, from the French of Bertrand 
de Moleville, imp. 4to. 1804.— Refutation of the 
libel on tlie late King: of France, pub. by Helen Maria 
Williams, under the title of *' Political and Coufidea- 
tial Correspondence' of Louis XVI." from the French 
of Bertram! de Moleville. 8vo. 180*. — Aubrey, tun. 
4 V. laof.— Memoirs of Maria Antoiuetta, Qaeen of 
Fhince, from the French of Joseph Weber, her fi»ter- 
brother, roy. 8vn. 1805.— The Morfands» talea illus- 
trative of the simple and surprising, 4 v. l£ino. 1805. 
— ^The Latter Years of the Reign and Life of Louis 
XVI. from the French of ilue, Qvo. 1806.— The 
Knights, tales illustiHtave of the marvellouf, S t. 
18mo. ItiOe.— The Siege of Rochclle, hist. nov. from 

the French ut Mad. de Oenlis, 3 v. ISmo. 1808 Not 

at Honje, com. 8vo. 1809. — Miscellaneous works and 
novels, 7 v. roy. 18mo. 181S. 

DallaWat, James, Med. B. F. A. S. 
educated at Trin. Coll. Oxford, formerly 
chapkun and physician of the British 
embassy at the Porte, and now secretary 
to the Duke of Norfolk, as Earl Marshaj, 
under whose palronage Mr. D. is at pre- 
sent engaged on a topographical history 
aud description of the three western 
rapes of the county of Sussex. He has 
published : 

Letters of Uie late Dr. Handle, bishop of Derry, to 
Mrs. Sendys, with introductory memoirs, 2 v. 8vo. 
1789. — Inquiries into the Origin and Progress of 
Heraldry in England, with observaUons on Armorial 
Ensigns, 4Co. 1792. — Constantinople, andent and 
modern, with excursions to the shores and Islands of 
tlie Archipelago and the Troas, 4lo. 1797' — ^Anec* 
dotes of the Arts in England, or compamtive re- 
marks on architecture, sculpture, aud painting, Bvo. 
1800.— Tlie LeUrrs and other works of Lady M. W. 
Montagu fioro her original MSS. with memoirs of her 
life, 5 v. 8vo. isat. — Observations on English Arehi- 
tectnre, 8vo, iao6. 

Dalrymple, Major William. 

Travels through Spain and Portagal in 1774, with an 
account of the. Spanish expedition against Algiers in 
1775, 4to. 1777. 

Dalrymple, William, D.D. Minister 
at Ayr. 

History of Christ, 8vo. 1787 — Family Worship Ek- 
plcined, in four sermons, 8vo. 1787* 

Dalrymple, William. 

On the Culure of Wheat, 8vo. 1800. 

Dalton, J0BK9 Professor of Mathe- 
matics and Natural Philosophy at the 
New College^ Manchester, besides nu- 


nerousMpen in the Mem. of the Ut, vi«w»aftiieArdateotiiw',Antiqttitie.«dL«a«»^ 

son « Journal, and the PAi/. Mug. he has ^^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^y^^ ,.^ iBt«id*i to to 

written : cenpJeecd in 3 voU.)— PicturaM|tta V^Mftt to Iwlla, 

lieceorologicftl OK«mr«kiom and EiMiy*. Ato. 1793.-- by whj of Cblw, Tol. IHIO. 

Jtai-ou of Eng nail G«««^. Hjro. 1801.-A Kcw p.^ j^^ ^ WiLUAM, A.R.A. Oephcw of 

Syttea of Cfa««ucal Philotophj* 2 fMru, 8\-o. 1606- , ,. ' ' ^ 

ri A . «A V \f A ■ r A n rr t X' A Interwting Selection tnm Anlmeted Vaturp, s roH- 

lULTOir , MARIA A«GI N A. ^^ ^^^ ^ j^ ^^^ ^ ^ 

IW V.eT of L«-«woe. nov « v-.H*?; p^^. •„ ^. nciRhLoyrtood of tbe MtropelK M. 

Daly, Dawibl, late Midshipman of jb^.. .view. i« »«k>uo. from tho d«wM.^ a-t. 

H.M.S. Lion. Daris, I'.R^. Pail 1, fol. 1813. 

Sotert Roll*., Esq. Ute Captain of the Lion, do- ^P^?*'^^? ^J' *l^"*^' ^'^i MmiStet 

fradant, 180B. of St. John'8 ChuTch, Liverpool. 

PaLYELL, John GRAnAM. Examioation of Mr.Uama'sScriptorml KcMarcbeaM 

Scodsh poema of the 10th centorj, 8x-«. IWl.-A *»»• I^citiiea. of the SUre Tr^io. 8vo. U88. 

tract chicly relatirc to MonaKtic Autiqiiitics, Bvo. lyAltBLAY, MrS. FRANCES, daughter of 

1809.— Account of «» ancient MS. o( MHruai'a Epi- D^. (Charles Bumcy, sctt.- uoder which 

gfana,8vo. 1618. name her first two publications were 

Dalzel, Archibald, formerly GtH ^^^^^^^ j^^^ ^j^^ ^^^jj- gj^^ ^^^ ^^. 

. Temor of Wh3-dah, and afterwards ot ^j^, j,, j^, ^^^,3 ^^ Alexander D'Ar- 

Cape CoMt CaAt e, in Africa. j,, ^ p^^^^j^ emigrant, with whom she 

The Hlstorr of Daliomr, an inland ktnffdom of "' **'j,*ur*^ 

Afriea, 4t!ft 179S. somc years since repaired to the Conti> 

Dalzell, Andrew, A.M. Greek Pro- neaj, but b recently returned to £05- 

fessor at Edinburgh. l*nJ- As a writer of fictions, this lady is 

AnalectaGrvcA Minora: in mum Tironnm accontmo- allowed tO SUrpaSS all her COntempO- 

data,iuanotuphUotogicis.8vo.— CuiifctaueaGrocA raries. Such was the reputation which 

M&jora : In usum Acad4j&icc Juvrniucis accommo- ^^ obtained by her earliest perfor- 

date, cam not« pbiioiogicia. 8vo. 2 vol. manccs, that for the last she obtajnad a 

JLJancf., Oeorge, K.A. subscription of 3000 guineas. Theyabo 

A Collectioa of Portraits, from life, publishing in \i i. *i_ ^ ..• 1 *i ^ 

B^ben. ^ procured her the particular notioe of 

Dancer, Thomas, M.D. physician in royalty; and, for some time previous l» 

Jamaica, formerly physician m the army, her marriage, she was one of the keepefs 

Besides some papers in the Trans, of the of the robes to her mi^stT---a situation 

Soc. of Arts, he has written : ^hich ill health obliged her to reaigu. 

■tatDTf ef the EkpedHion anaiast Fort Baa Juan, n She has written : 

iur aa it relataa to the Diaeasea of the ttoops, 4io. EvoUua, or a Young Lady*s Entrance into the WorM, 

17BS.— Catalogue of Planta in the Bouaical Gitidcn, S v. 1777.— Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress, 5 t. 

Jamaica, ilo. 17$^.— The Mediciil AsMStant, or Ja- 17B2.— Brief KeHecUons relative to tlie Rmtgraat 

■iaic4 Practicti of Phasic, 4io. ISOl.— Strirtun-s on Frrnrh Clergy, Svo. 179.'^.—<'amll!a, 5 r. I796.— Mrs. 

Dr. Granta Eaiaiy on tUe Yellow Fever. 12tno. ItilM. D^Arblay ha« also produced ;• tragedy, entWod fidwy 

Daniel, George. *^ F.lgi^-a, whi<h was brought out at Dmiy Lia0 !■ 

Xiscellaikeous Poems, cr. Svo. 181«.— The -Time*, or *7P^' but vas never printed. 

«• Prophecy, cr. Svo. 1812 2d od. ISIS. DaRLIUC, PeTLR MidDLETOK. 

Daniel, Sam vei , M. D. Besides some The lUnuinoe of the iiigbiauUs, 2 v. i&io. . 

papets in periodical %vorks on professional Darwall, John. 

subjects, he published, at Edinburgh, his ^«'»'^*^' Lamcnutions, 4to. irtr^ 

inaugural dissertation, eudtled : Darwall. Mr«. Elizabeth, formerly 

Diss, de ictoro,8vo. 1776. Miss Whatelev, under which n^ie the 

Daniel, Ucv. William B. Garden first volume of her poems made its ap- 

Row, West Square, Lambeth. pcarance. She has written: 

Roiml Sports, 2 v. 4to. 1801'IBOS. 8d ed. S v. 8vo. rocms on several occasions, S v. ftfo. 1794.— Tbe 

1810. vol. 4, MU. Storm, and other poem, 12mo. 1811. 

Daniell, Thomas, R.A.F.S.A. This Darwin, Robert Waring, M.D. 
artist, accompanied by his nephew, re- F.R.S. brother to the late Dr. Erasmus 
sided in India from 1783 to 1793, during D. Resides some papers in the PkiL 
which time his pencil was diligently em- Tran$. and periodical works, he has pub- 
ployed in delineating the most interest* lished : 

mg objects which presented themselves. Prlncfpla Botanlca, or an lattoducUon to the Sexnal 

These, engraved by himself and his ne- System of linnsso*. 8vo. sd ed. isio. 

phew,WiiriamDanieil, A.R.A. were j^iven Dashwood, Eev. Jamjks^ brother to the 

to the public under the title of Oriental late, and uncle to the present Sir Henry 

Scenery. Peytoa, Bart, and hite Rector isi Dodding^. 

IS 14. 


LiTiNG Avmons. 



ton, Caml>ridgesbire, of which living he fnons't Med. Facts and Ohsero^ and has 
hms beea deprived, as he abserts in his published : 

stolemeot, through the manceuvrcs of obwnrations <m ih« puimonwy sysusm, svo, 1795. 
his sephew and Lord Rous. On this sub- Da vies, Mrs. AaABEtr.A. 

Ject he has published : Letters from a Parent to her Children, Ifimo. 178B. 

Tbe Case of the Krctor of Doddlngton, Bro. isifi. Dayies, Rev. D. an Unitarian Clergy- 

DAUBENEY,Bev.CHARi.cs,LL.B.Arch- man. 
deacon of Sarum, Minister of Christ's J«'»^«f Nwett.. the son of Joseph. » sennon 
Church, Bath. 

preached at tbe Unitarian Chapel, Helper, Derbj- 

tive of the ffreat doctrine of atoiirmrnt, 8vo. 160C. — 
Vindu'ur Ercleaus AuKlicauie, 8vo. 18()3. — ^Tiie fridl 
of tiM Sptiits, a caulinu agaiust delusion, 
8vo. 180*. — A CliHrqe delivered to the Clercy of the 
Arehdeacoorf of Smfuii, at tlie primary visitition, 8vo. 
UOi^-^A Sennon preached at Bath, Feb. 1809, 
Uro,r^A Chnrce delivereil at the visitation, I8O6. 8vo. 
■^A Charlie deiivared at tbe visitation, 1807» 8vo.— 
A Sermon preached at Bath oa the Kust Day, 1809, 8vo. 
—A Sermon preached at St.raul'ji, at the yearly meet 

^nutvii, "«•*«*• ghire, 8vo. 1810.— Letters on ibe Hiraculoa^ Coocep* 

A GnWe to the Chareh, in sevend dtseoiirses, and ^^^^ ^ Vindication of tbe DocUine contained in tlie 
•ppcoduc. 2 V. 8vo. 1798-1799. «d ed. 18M.— The sermOn, 8vo, 1810. 

rui"^^iii':'t;o'T7r^s?t^**Mrir- ^d-'^. d.v«. e«,. of theMiddi. 

nah More, on lier " Strictures ou Female Education," ^ eiliplC. 

tro. 1799.— Eight DiscouiwM on the Connexion be- The Juryni«»'a Onide, or tbe Eaglisbnan*s Rigiit, 

tween the Old and >»ew Testament, and demonstra- ^^°* ^779* 

DAViESyRev. Davio, Rector offiailc- 
ham, Berks. 

The Case of Labourers in Ilusbandrjr stated and con* 
sidcred, 4to. 1799* 

Davies, Rev. David Peter, Dissent- 
ing Minister at Makeney, Co. Derby. 

Historical and Descriptive View of Derbyshire, 8vo. 

Davies, Rev. D. W. B.A. 

ime of the Children educated at thd charity schools A Sermon preached at CniBbrook^ Kent, on theFast- 
•r lABdon Md Weitminster, 4to. I8O9 — F.xplanaUon ^Y- 1803, 8vo. » ^ 

•r the jadsment delivered against the Rev. J. W. DaVIES, Rev. EdWARD, ReCtOt of 
Wickea. for refasinc to bury an infant clald which Bishopton, Glamorganshire, 
had been btiptized by a Di^enting Minister . . 1811. Vucuaalia, Essays in Yerse on various Subjects, 8vo. 
—Remarks on a bill for the better regulating Parish- 1788.— Twelve Dialogues on diflferent Subjects, 8vo. 
regbters, 8vo. 1811.— Letter to the Ht. Hon. Oeor^e laoi ^-Celtic ReaearcbM on tbe Oiigin, Traditiona 

and Lnnguage of tbe Antieat Britoai, roy. 6*0. 1804. 

— Tlie Rites and Mythology of the British Droida 

ascertained, roy. 8vo. ISO^.^ Chttreh Cniea, a series 

of Discourses, 8vo. 1811. 

Davies, Rev. G. A.M. Master of 

Coinpton Academy, Bedfordshire. 

A New lutroduccion to Reading* ISmo. UMb 

Davies, James Seymoue, Esq. kit 
Assistant Inspector General of Barracks. 

Stubborn Facts, or a brief View of Princely Gratitud* 
and DemeAtic Suffering. 8vo. 181S. 

Davies, Rev. John, A.M. Minister of 

f ir^u«« ;« r^oiir.-.-,, vt u .»««> St. Margaret's Chapel, Westminster, aoA 
Mtive of Kckc^, in G^^ late Fell, of Trin. doll. Cambridge, 

educated at Edinburgh, and for twenty- xhe Chapter and ftn.iPe«.v«Tance of u- 
two years conducted a respectable aca- ous,aFaneniSenMo,8vo.iaM. 
demy at Lymington, Dorsetshire, which Davies, Thomas. 

he resigned in 1805, to l ether with the The Dramatic Works of Oc«ge Litto^with 

curacy of Milton, and retired to Darner- of the Author, i v. roy. vhw. laio. 

ham, Wilts. He is the autlior of: Davies, Rev. Walter, A.M. Ractor of 

TiuMflhts on cbe Seasons, partly in the Srotiah din. Manafon, in Montgomeryshire. 

Iret. aeo. i7a9.^A Sentimental Joomey (in iauUtioii OeoeralView of tho A^attare of M. Wale^ »9, 

mpecdng Parish-regi.4terA, 8vo. 1812 — Rea- 
for aupportiog tiie Society for ProrootiuK Cbria- 
Knowlcdgr, in preference to the New Bible So* 
ciety, partly given in a charge at the vtviUiliuu in 
IBie. 8vow — Charge delivered at tiu! visiUitiun, 1813. 

Daclby, Daniel. 

I>eflcripCJve C^italogue of tbe works of Rembrandt, 
Mid ^» scholars Bol, Livens, and Van Vltei, 4U>. and 

Davam, Kikgsmill, Esq. 

Am Basay oa the Passions, Kmo. 1799* 

Davidson, Rev. Anthony, A.M. a 


•f Stnroe's). • .-^Sermons in blank vevse, . . w— Mr. 
D. haa also wriltrn seven dramatic pieces, but wh^ 
ther they were ever printed lias not been aecer^ 

Davidson, Jame% D.D. 

Two Sensons preached before the Somerset Place 
Veloacarra, 1804. 

Davidsok, Rev. William- 

Tbe Duty and Propriety of fkating to the Lord, es- 
plaiaed, a Fast Sermon, 8vo. 1703. 

Davibsom, William, apothecary. He 


Davies, William, Esq. 

Plays (five, written for a private theatre) Sro. 1786. 

Davis, D. M.D. Physician to the She^ 
field General Infirmary. 

A Treatise on Xnsani^*, from the French of Pinet, 
8vo. 1806. 

Davis, John, an Unitarian Minister. 

The natural PlacaMkty of Ood, a Sennoe, Bro. 


Davis, Jobx. 

it the author of several papers in Sim- poems (pmb. in PhUadeiphia), laoo.^Traveb la iba 


Uniced StatM of ABMTka during 179B-1808,8\o. 1803. Davy, Sir HuMPHRY, LL.D. F. and 

-Life ofThomw cbattrrtoo, itoo 1B06. gee. R.S. M.ll.LA. F. R.S. Edio. Memb. 

Davi8, J. B. M.D. son of Mr. D. Siir- of the National {nsUtute of France, of 

gcon. Tower-hill. This genUeman, who the Roy. Acad, of Stockholm, of the Imp. 

IS a member ot several medical sociciies, ^jed. and Chir. Acad, of St. Petersburg, 

was for some years a prisoner in France of the Aroer. Phil. Soc. and Hon. Memb. 

after the recommencement of hostihties of the PhU. Socieiics ot Dublin and Maa- 

with that country, and during his resi- cheater, of the Phys. Soc. Edin. and the 

dcnce there pubhshed two pamphlets in Med. Soc. of London. He was bom 

the French language. He obtained his about 1775 or 5, at Penance, at wbich 

release about 1807, and has written : pj^ce and at Dr. Cardcw's school at Tro- 

SSr^'-S"!-;:!; '*" /r**"^,^* • ' * ""^^r a«" «>, he received his education. On Icav- 

KicInAMit concenMiDt les DrrH — The An. • ' , • . . j ... 

oratMMi uodcrn History of Nice. 8vo. iiw7.-Thc ^g school he was placed With a surgeoD 

origia ud DeMription of Bognor or iioUuunton. fc. and apothecary, in his native town. 

«To. looT.— More Subicrts tiuui One. princtpftiiy nv Here his genius fof chemistry first di*- 

btire to Fn.ftcc aad the Fr w h p«»pi«, s x. ic»o. played itself, and becoming known to the 

ia07.-A Scientific and »'o,>,.lKr V.ew of die Fever J^ j,^ ficddoes, that gCntlc man obtaitt- 
of WKlchereo Mid it» Cooacqucnrc*, Kvo. ,,. . ^ ^®j-i . i.i- t 

Davis, John Ford, M. D. Memb. of cd his assistance at a medical establish- 

the Coll. of Phys. London and Edin- njent just begun near Bristol. His fiist 

^^gl^ *' publication whilst m that city, and the 

An Inqniry into the SymptOBis, ud Trc» of SUCCeSsful delivery of a COUfBC oflecturCS 

Carditis, i«mo. 1800. introduced litm to the notice of tlie Dt- 

Davis, M. rectors of the Roval Institution, and his 

Thovcbte on Daocins. occMtoned by some lute Tr^ns- appointment to the ProfeSSOrship of Che- 
action* amooi^ the Methodi*u. 8w. 1791. misiry. A Situation so favorable to the 
Dfvis, Mary AKjrt. cultivation of his fiivorite science enabled 
S!if*«,y™'^'"" xsop. La FoDuuio ^d oU,en. j^j^^ ^^ ^^^ ^y^^^ important improve. 
'Davis WiiHAM incnts and discoveries which have ex- 
on the ums of the oiobes. . . 179 —Trrati^e of tejided his fame as a chemist over the 
Landsarveyins, 8to. 1798. 5Ui ed. i8ia.xThc Gen- whole civiliied world, and raised him to 
demanv Mathematical Companion, No. 1 to 16- (an. his present eminence. Early in 18H be 
i79B-i8i$.-FenninK« Algebra, h new edition ; married Mrs. Aprecce, With a handsome 


ith 38 salect problems and solutions. 18mo. 1002— fortune • «iw>n afVerwsirda receivrd ll«a 

iiottes Trawiatioa of Kewions Pnncip»a,r«vi»«i.s »«"""€, soon arierwaros receivcG IOC 

T. 8ro. 180S.— A Key to Bounycastle's Aritlimetir, nonOf of KnigbtllOOd frOm tllC PriDCe 

iftno. 1803.— A Key to BonnycasUe's Algebra, i3mo. Regent, and resigned the ProfessoTship 

1803.— A Key to Bonnycastie's Mensuration, i«mo. at the lloyal Institution. In October 

M09.-sii^MODs Fluxion, raised, with a Life of jg^j j^^ ^^ ^^^ ^j^h his lady for France 

tbeAuUior.8To.l805.-T1ie tirsl Part ftf a Hepub- , , j , . . g^jL..^ ^ ^^ 
Uation of Uie GenUeman's Diaiy, or Mathemaiical *"H '^*!V» ^Jiere nc IS CXpeclCQ lO re- 
Repository, from it» commencement in 1741 to the >"»»" about tlirce >ears. fieSldeS lUime- 

present time. i«mo. 1813. rous papers in the Phii. IVmnt, PkiL 

Davisoh, .... Mag, and Nichol$on*s Jonrmal^ tie has 

A Letter to Jolm Bowies on the subject of his two written : 

pamphlets reapectiag tlie Nottingham Election und p. ^^. , ._^ pKti«-««fc;r«l lt*—*»k«^ **,i»mm 

She Character of the Doke of Bedford. Svo. 1803— ^^^ ^^ ^^ !. .!:***"™*'i "^ 

Ten Letle.^ prIndpaUy ou the lat. conti«ted election ?^''^""'*« "'t'"* f r " r T^"' ^T 

. -M ..• I « ,L»- 18Q0.— A Syllabus of a Course of Lectuxvs on Cbe- 

ai ^ttingliam. 8V0. 1803. _ ^^ _ , mistrv. delivered at the Royal Institution, 8ro. 1808. 

DaTISOV, Alexander, r^Sq. St. James S _^a Discourse introductory to a Coone of Lectart» 

Square, partner in a banking-house Pall on chemistry, Ovo. lao?.— Lectnre on a Ptaa fbr im. 

Mali, and formerly Treasurer of the Ord- p»ovinK the Roy. Instit. and making it permanent, 

nance. Thb ecntleman havins; a con- hto. leio -Elements of chemical Philosophy, Voi. i. 

^^ ^ iU_ -,,-».^ii;;-.„ *i « »w^r^n• in *Um^ i.=I« ^vo. 1812.— Elf'menls of A^ricultuml Chemistry, in • 

tract for supplying tlrtJ troops m the Isle Co„rse 6f Lectures for the Bo.nI of Agrieult«i. 4ttK 

of Wight with coals, was charged in the igu. 

third report of the Commissioners of _ „ ,,r * t> /-. -. ^ 

Military Enquiry with the production of , Davy, Roy. William, A.B. Curatcof 

false stetements in his accounts. This J^^il^jJ^^k^^T^Jj^'!?' formerly of Ba. 

matter afterwarfs became the subject of "?) <^«"- Oxford. This wntlcman is the 

legal investiRation, and terminated in editor,printer and publisher of a compi- 

the confinement of Mr. D. in Newgate, l^t'on, mtitled : ^ A Systeto of Divmity, 

which led to his publication of the fol- »naCoursc of Sermons on the Fu-stlnsti. 

lowing pamphlet : tutions of Religion— on some of the most 

ObMrratioDs on the third Report of the Comm. of "pportant Articles of the Christian Reli. 

tfuit. £aquiry»8To.i807. gion io connexion— and on the seTer*! 


=3131 2il'0mP:HIlT DATX iJAlIl'f 



1 .' 

If 14. OAW Lirnro avthoxs. * j>aw 8$ 

Virtues and Vices of Mankind ; with OC- !««»•» Doctors Trfmtley and Pitoa oa Matter 4oi 

casiODftl discourses. Being a compilation fptnt wd PhUo«>pbkji Mocemty,^^^^ 

from the best scmiments of the polite ^^^ ^ j^^„ Home Tooke. svo. uae^Es^y oa 

wnters and eminent sound Divines, both crimes and Punishments, Svo. 1782— The Katur* 
ancient and modern, oh the same sub- and Extent of Supreme Power, Svo. ITBS.— England** 
jeCtSy properly connected, with improve- Alann, or the Prevailing Doctrine of JUbeh, Swo 

niems; particularly adapted for the use ?I!?---J!'r?^'^^**l?~^!^**^^^;^- 

^f^KiJf.\.e f ..»;i:^o ««J \»*^^A^w%*^t, i^ ^;«; 1785.— VindJcabOB of the Prooeedings of the Lonto 
of chiefs of families and students m dlVl- ^ commonaupon the Regency, 8^ 1789.-C0B1. 
nily, for churches, and lOr the beneht of mentaries on the Laws of Arrests in Civil Cases, Svo. 
mankind in general, 96 v. 8vo. 1795-1807. 1789.— Examination into the particnian of tiM two 
The history of this voluminous^ work *••* Election* for Soutbwnrit, in May awl Nov. 1790^ 

affords an example of perseverance that svo. i7flT. *, ^ « ^ 

can scarcely be paralleled in the annals „.^^^?f' ^5*,t«^"> ^'^' ^^^' ^ 
ofUtcmture, though so ferfile in curiosi- R^'^gsfidd, Stiffs 

ties.. Mr. IX haVcompieted Ms cou s:s^,^,^^^:;:',r .^K^is: 2"^.:! 

lecUon, at first issued proposals for pub- jransl. of the 4th and 5th Cha|Kof Gen. 4to. 1772.— 
Itshing it by subscription ; but as he was The 6ch and eleven following chap, of Oen. traasl. 

poor and, for obvious reasons, his theolo- with Notes, 4tD. 1786. 

gical labours obtained no patronage, he Dawson, Benjamin, LL.D. Rector of 

resoiyed to ^nnt it himself, that is, with Burgh, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Bto^ 

his own hands. With a press, which he sides several smgle sermcms he has pub* 

made for himself, and as many worn and lished : 

cast-off types, purchased from a country ^s*^* sermons on the Logoa,8vo. iTW^Addrf^t^ 

«»;n«.:.^« S.J7 -- <„.a;»<^«I t^ .a«- .,« f«.l •he Writer of theSooond Letter to the Author of ttao 

printing-office, as sufficed to set up two Confe.sional.8vo.l70r.-E«ualnationofanEs.ayoa 

pages, he fell to work in 1795. Perform- EsuWishmcnts in Religion, svo. 1701>-A short and 

mg, with the assistance of his female do- safe Expedient for terminating the preaent Ddwiat 

mestic, every operation, and working off "bout Sttb5criptioo, svo. i76i>.— Free Thooghtt os th« 

f^ ^y f»«C» he struck off forty copies Further lUformation of the Choreh of England, SW^ 
^^k^ V-'^^^— k..„j*^ ,»«.«/. Oft ^f 1771.— Letter in Vindication of tlie Petition for the 
Of the first three hundred paps ; 26 of j^^^^^j ^^ Subscription to Human Formularies of 
Wtlich he distributed among the Univer- Religious FaiUi and Doctrine, 8vo. 177s.— The Nece*. 
Sities, the Bishops, the Royal Society and siurian, or the Question concerning Liberty and Ne« 

the Reviews, hoping no doubt to receive cessity sut^d, svo. 178S.— Proiepsis PhiioiogiaAni^ 
from some of those quarters, that encou- «*°«i «»' ^^^ '^f » Philological and synonhnicai Die. 

»»«««,« which ieUKH.gbt hims«i£ ;:;":f;-s^2;7c:?s::s^'^mre^'jr 

eniitlcd. Disappomted in thisexpecta- gigo,parti.4to.i806. 

tiou,fae resolved to spare himself the ex- Dawson, Rev. &kkett, Lectuner of 

pence of paper in future; and as he had Sunderland, Durham. 

reserved only fourteen copies of the forty Vntty and Friendship in CivU Soeietj racoBHMnded; 

with which he commenced, three of which a sermon, svo. isis. 

he mentions as being imperfect, be con- Dawson, G. P. Memb. of the Roy. 

tinned to print that number, and at the Coll. of Surgeons, London. 

end of twelve vears of unremitting toil, ®!T'?^~i^'\*'T'!??l^^!!^^^ 

fUshedtbewti0le«6V0himeS. Dildain- edthcB.a. Soldiers in the E.ped.tion to U^ 

mg any assistance, he then put them Dawson, John, Hon. Memb. of tha 

m boards with his own hands, and made j^ j^j^j ^nj Phji. Societies of Edmb. 

a journey to London for the express pur- ^^ ^^f ^^ Lij, and Phil. Soc. of Matt- 

pose of dcpositing a copy 111 each of the Chester, born in Garsdale, m the W. Rid- 

most eminent public libraries of the Me- |^g ^^^ Yorkshire, about 1733, of humbte 

tropolis. parentage. He' was bred to the profcs- 

Dawbaks, Mrs, ^^^^ ^f ^ surgeon, and settled at Scdw 

The Kiflhts of Uftmts, n letter on nursing,8v». UM5. . . Kendal a few mileS distant 

-IT.* Youiic Person*. Asdstanl in reading the OM ^^6\"®*/ ^f Si tltiZt^ At^^ 

Tast. Svo. 1806. from the place of hw nativity. At a very 

Da WE G. early age he had manifested an extraor- 

fhe ufe <^ GMig* Merhad, vith lUnuks on hb dinary predilection for mathematical stiH 

Woriis, Svo. 180T. 4ies, wnich, during all his intervals of 

DAWBByJoflN, Surgeon. leisure, he cultivated with such success 

- — — or aa Attempt 10 •yatenuiiae ovwy ^^^^ ^|j^ fj^„,e of his abilities wached the 

ef A dw aM urP— nt, i«mo. ugT. University of Cambridge, long nottd _ 

Dawbs, MArrHEW Esq. of the Inner ^^'^"^^ ^^ ^1^,^^,^ ^^^^^^^ The con- 

»im at iMpUi, ii*,^ merttoofos co»trov«y distinguishing themselves as proficients 

in the omtbeflMtics at iheir adnusskni to Db Acton* Ev^evia. 

Ibe fint degree, resorted to him in the Vmmy% «■ iIm Art •# M&c iwpfiy, e v. wo^^A 

lonir summer vacations, and their mim- T.ta wUb««f « Titi«, mn. s *. mo«^tim Kbm or 

bet «9on incfttwed to such a degree, that ^ ^J^*^^^ »^- « "' »«»-tihi DocnUd i>«.th* 

he reliaqmsbed hU profession, and has Dealtry, Rev. Robert, LL.D. edu- 

formaay yeaw atte u^ sole^ to this cated at Trin. Coll. Cambridge. 

ocmpation. In Dr. Hutton s MkceUanee um^ody <» die Ri. Ho.. w». pitt, Sto. Mop—Wo- 

Mttiktmatica maybe seen a controversy fy on sir Joba Moora, «o. laop. 

itt which Mr. p, was engaged with the DsALTar, William, M.A. F.&.S. 

lUv. Mr. Wiidbore^ a celehmted mathe- Fellow of Trio. Coll. Cambridge, aad 

<l»rtrian, on the £vacuatieB of Vessels late Prol'essor of Mathematics aC the £. 

in Motion; in which under the trans- Ind. Coil. Hertford^ which sitvatioa fa^ 

fosed sfjgnatiire of lf«Acm be completely reaigocd in 18U, on svcceediag tbe Rev* 

foiled his antagonist. He was also engag- Mr. Venn as Hector of ClapiuMB, Surrey, 

ed in a dispute with the late Mr. Emerson He has written: 

on the suDJect of fluxions, in which he Viadan^toB of tho Brit. mmI f^. BiUe 8oncw» »w>^ 

bud the ad^aiita^. Besides hb writings »w.— a Letter to Dr. wonuvoctii, u R»pij to hi* 

*^*'?^ #»«i*U.«iMi'A*/. ^BjwAei- elpl« of Fhi>UK», 9n. imi.-nuuBiiMtkMi of Dr. 

«ifV tOB ioilOWtng pamphlet is beliered Morsli't loqairj rofetlTO to tb« Brit, utf Rr. BM» 

to b^ the only production of his pen ; Sooieigr. avo. laifi^—Two ^omoi^a prtnohod «t Coi- 

Tbe Doctrine of PubUc NeccMity briefly invvMotod^ cbmtfr, Dec. $, 1S18, for the Boaefit of tho ralriwi 

9tn. ITBI. SU. «d. UHw. MM. ^ »»<< E»«« Auxilwry Bible Soc. 8vo. 1819. 

mwsoif, W]LLxiu,£sc|. Deae£|JamesR.LL.D. Vicar of BureSj^ 

A 6»bitita«» for tbo A t ioiie i it BiU» Bvo. IVQB. Suffolk. 

DaT, Harry. The 0«orgie« of VirfU, traul. iDto EafUth BIwk 

M Dcfrnre of Joint Stock ComimDieti Biro. IBOB. Vene, fe. 8vo. 1806. 

Pat, J. Dbarm, T. D. W. Architect. 

Stone* for the Toung, tsno. 1807. IkeldMB o# Afcbka^are, cossbtlnf oT Derigw for 

Day, Joseph. C««anet-«dR«fUDwo»WP.4lo.WW.—lb« Bricks 

Tboughto on Uio Hocevity wd UtSUty of the Esw- ^9^* ^"'**« *• ***• »*»»"««»<» of •" Sorttof Brieb. 

^•tioa directed by several AcU of Pwl. picviois to ^*»'^' •**' IWg.— Design* for I^gn ead Eat 

tbe Admiuioa of Attornios and Solicitors upon the ^ P^rks, 4to. lUl. 

|>roeeediii|* of a Coniaittee of tbo London Lav Debdiv, WALoaoir, 

P«bf X!9R' OMnpondioos Hist, of the Sag. Slage, ISSOl 

JDav, Hon. Robert, £sq. Merrion , Debrett, Johv, ibrmeHy a bookadkr 

Square, Dublin, one of the Judges of the ia Piccadilly. 

CzKift of King's Bench, iTvlandT ^^ Fouadiing Hoaptoi for wit, v. ism. irB4^ 

Report from the Committoe of Secmj appolnladta Mfto* for F^tive necetln PreM and Ver»« • 

|Bb«i«to€gMi4w«tio« tlie treatonaMe Fioroedingi ^- Itoo— P«riia»aolary Papor»» St. 8vo. ITff.-- 

preMntod to the H. of Com. in Ireland, Apr. 9X '^^ Peerage of Great Britain ami Irtland,«T. 
JMrptovkiehlikadiled a Charge to thtGnndJnry ^ «*• WW— New BaroneUga oT EngUnd, 8 r. 

18mo. 1888. 

•r the CouDtj of Dublin, 1797* _. 

.. Day* TaoMAS, Surgeon. ^e Bruno, Ix>ufs. 

^Utfloctkaw on Cadog40*a Dissertation on the Oont *^"e^i «" <*»• Emigrantt, now. B t. Ifono. 1808^ 

and Chronic Diseases, Syow m«.— On the different Db BrOSA8Q17E, ELflABEm AVSA^ 

War* «f reiaiovuig oonfiaed and infoctioos Air, 8^0. BELLA. 

178*. lU«HCra«oM of tba Theory a«d PvwMipiM ff TBitr^ 

' Day, William. fiom tb« Gorman of Sulaer, Mbo. I8O6. 

The Shc>pberd*s Boy; Pestotvl Talaa, Itao. IBM. Db CaRHOIIII^L, Adam, F. A.S. EdlO. 

Day F, Eliza. KnausaMU Scoti«» or a Series of tiie Sootish Coi»< 

«mi, 8vo. 1798. "re from William the Lion to the VaioOp 4M. 1736^ 

DSAOOK, • . • • • — Picturesque Antiquities wf Scotlind, S v. 4to. aad 

MS, 4to. UQB. ^»- iTBs-ngs. 

2)BAo<nr. H. I^fi Cbarmilly, Colonel VBiravLTy 

«» tbo v«ier^ Diftme^Buo. I'm- Knight of the Order of St Louis, former* 

Deacov, Johk. ly a planter in St Domingo, Member of 

Collection of Ilymnt and Psalma from aoro than the First General As^emhW of that CO* 

*»tj Authoia^ Itao. 1801. lony ^^d charged by thcpjantei* to Mr 

«ii£^.H^rL.^''"t^;-. ^ P'^*« an<i *ign the capitHutioa of the 

"^irC^lTJSrfoJSrly of TC^ tjand withOe^enUWdru^^^^ On to 

Coll. Cambridge. ^ subsequent evacuation by the Bnt«li 

TbeCbrbtiapDocMMortaBiieMioBbyiwtbnot t^ps, the Colonel camc to England. 

^oatnciKB or tiM M»^«» at iiMani Tiit««; 418. obtained rank m the Bntish service, and 

fiw* named aa English t^4Jr of tiilc. Xa 

1ft t4« tmc uvnra AVtitoM. dbl 91 

employed in some kind of ir«l,) md her beira male. His kfisM* 

•geocjr in Spain; but fais conduct there posaems great pj^pertv in Cornish bo- 

b eii Mu the sobject of severe anieaadv^^ nrngfas, aira is distinguished by his pi^ 

tion in the British parliament, which tronage of the fine arts. Heis theaotho^ 

occasioned the puUication of bis last of several papers in Fiwii^'«i|jin, o^i^« 

two pamphlets. He has written: and has pubirsiiod : 

Answer to Bryma EdwanU, E«i. eooteiniBf a K«fu^ Speadi M tb« C««ity MftaUag ift Bddmfai, tUf tSi 
atioa •# hte Hist. Survey of St. Doaingo, 4to. 1797. 1809, Sro — Camw*s Swey e# Oonmll, villi 7^» 
<— Nemthre of Tk«nsM:tioDS in Sfwin, Ovo. 1S10^« kin's Notes, 4to. 1811. 

A iMxm to Lieut. Gen. Tsriecon^svo. isio. DfiioHAN, Paul, of Limerick, Ireland. 

Dm COETLOOOHf Rer. CaASLlS Ev- Vnivenat Arithmetic, ISao. 3d edit. 

^AaD,A.M. son of a Frerfoh gentleman, De la Fite, Rev/ H. F. A. M.A* 
the Chevalfer Dennis de C. educated at Preacher at. tlie Dutch Chapel RoyaJ. 
Christ's Hospital and Pembroke Hall, St. James's. 

Cambridge. In 1790 he was Chaplain to ^^ Elementiiry Treatise on Oeology, from tiM Frendi 

the Lord Mayor, Alderman Pickett, be- *«:of JA.DeLue.STO. laog. 

fore whom he delivered ten discourses at ^^elapoks, John» one of the Senior 

St. PmPs, which were published by order ^^^ "* ^ ^y^ Navy. 

of the Court of Aldermen and Common ^'?J'^ ~ ^'^'^ "l^ ^TTl' ^' ^ t . 

Council. He is Rector of Godstone, nf^u^JS^'^ii^^' ^"T»> Cok>*el 

Suntsy, where he has resided for the last !L^;^?L J~S^''. ^1 8««^«»f« 

CbiHc^n years, atid also a Magistrate ^Sl^^^^^^^ 

fcr the county. He has published : S^h-^ . I^/in^f ; *^ *"^^^ 

The Portmuie If the ClmstiMn Penitent, tonnone ^^ "ad » ?^M° P»r!j*«*ent for many 

enthedist Pwim;8T. svo<~TheEseeiieDcyof tiie y«*rs, ano held tlic lucraUve oflSce of 
tfecTvd Writings, e SennAn. . .' .^Yonth^ Monitor, n Barrack-master General, from which he 
Sermon. . . ^-Popery, tiie Man of Sin, sera.— Can- was removed on the discovery of a verf 

l!^'^?^i!!*^!X'^^^-'^^1^- gr^t defalcation in liis «ccoantt. Um 

I7t9---'<<m Vmi or Antfeiiniit. sernk.<---Ten DiseourseK. X«i» i:^ .*««.^. .«♦:,,.« ;-. ^ x.i ^ 

^Ured in th» IbyerHty .f U90. 8to. . . . .^R*: 2"*? '*f«»y. P^ductlon IS » pamphlet 

ieetions en the Murder of LonisXvi. . . ^-Hints *"^8t pruited m America^ and more than 
to Use PM^ of BogiMHi for tibe Teer 179S. . ^ . .— once reprinted in London, under the title 

The Omcc of Christ in Redeeiptiea. sem. . . .—The ofx 

Doctnne of Qncm illnstinted in the Convenion of Consideietion* on the prafvieft ff hn|ieii^ Iteen M 

at. Fkal.tom. . . .—TheTheologicel Miscelleoy, $ t. Ute British Colonies. (Lond.) 17fi6. 

^fo. . . .^aetch of UM uk ^ciu«cter of Mo- D«t aVal, Eew. HoSSBT, Eso. F.R.S. 
;S.on;::T::TCSr^ ?LH^^ qjttmgen, U?er of t^ 

nlJy hnproved. Blessedness in Death, a Fufte. *»^« ">'« DelftVaL He bas bOSto W ed C0l»* 

ml smnon 00 Wm. Jones^ Efeq. . . .—The Life of siderabie attention on various branchei 
Ike Jut, «Ktepiiicd in the dianreMr of the Into of natural philosophy, has detailed man^ 

Jer. W. Rouaine. Fun. Senn. . . -A J^ oT pf hi« experiments in the FhiL IWult. 

Expect tolhe Me»ory of ^ into U^d CM fiM«n ^^ published : 

I hwri i e , Am* mas. . • . — Hints on the Katore of .„ S i^^^^, * . , .. ^ . . . 

R^gnation ^The True Great««i. .nd Real Px- it^SS'^J'^.^'^J^ .^'!!f iL?^ 

•elleVcy of ^he Ministerial Office, a Discourse ou the JJ^^J^.f ^"^^ " °P^* •■* ^""^"^ ««*H 
Death of tlie Hon. and Rev. W. B. CaudogMD, . . . — V\- ▼.-..'» *l ^^ ^ * . 

The national Jubih^e. .. ^A Patriot Ki.1?. .Patriot ^P^^.^^LE, EmMA, aUthoresS of tU 

Atople, . . ^The TUB|ile of Troth, S v. 8ro. . . . tollowmg ttoveis : 

DeBE, James. a Soldier's OAprinj, t r. 1809.— Fits-^ward. ot 

the English BotanisCs Ticket Companion. ISmo. the Canbrians. 3 r. 1811.— Ora dnd Juliet. 4 v. ISIS. 

I809. Dell, John. 

Ehs Dun STANVILLE and Basset, (Fran- P****! ETurtnns of the Heart. Jhro. fTQS. 

CIS Basset,) Lord, son of Francis B. DeLlc, J. R. Es^. F.R.6. a native of 

Esq. 0/ Tehidy, Cornwall; born about Switzerlancl, bom m If e6. Thisveaer- 

1753; succeeded to the extensive esutes able gentleman has been almost inces- 

of his father at his death in 1709; ere- tantly em|»loyed during the whole of hii 

ated a baronet lt70; married in 1780, long life with the, investigation of oneoT 

Fraaoes Susannah, daughter of the hOe the most curious hibjects connected with ' 

John Hippisl^ Coi^e, Esq. of Stone £as- Aatiiral and even sacred history — the ori- 

ton, Somerset. In If 80, 1784» and 1790, «fiai ordfr^ arransement^ and composi^ 

he was retained M. P. for Penryn ; in Bon of the globe of the earth, togetlw 

11796 created Baron He DnnstanviHe. with its subsequent chances and catas- 

#ith remainder to male heirs only, and trophes. In the pursuit of ttiis invest^ 

in 1797, Baron Basset of Stretton, with gation he hae relied on noUnnff short ef 

«9 his oaly daughter, (bom actual ebttrvation, and viidtiea jMtt of 

39 fiv. 

the countries of continental Europe, 
where some of the first naturalists of the 
age, men of science, and even statesmen 
and crowned he^^ds assisted in. hi<> re- 
feaitbes; the results of which tend to 
the complete corroboration of scripture 
evidence. Besides the work already 
mentioned (See Da la Fite.) and numer- 
ous articles in the Transactions of d lifer- 
ent Societies, and ifU periodical journals, 
be has written : 

Ottolof ical Travels in the North of Europe, 8vo. 1810. 
•^0«»l0Kic«l IVavrls in Enfiiind, f v. 8vo. 1811. — 
OoolOfical TravelH in France, S« itzorlnud, and Ger- 

vnj, 8 T. avo. 1813. 

De Lys, J. G. M. M. D. Memb. of the 
Boy. Coil, ofhurg. London. 

Blemena of Physiology, tnn th« JttnA of Ridie- 
nnd, 870k 18U. 

De Mevooea Rios, J. Esq. F.R.S. a 
native of Portugal. 

Table* for tarilita(ing the Calculation of Naotical 
AstroDom/, 4U>. 1808. — A oew and complete CoUee. 
Cida of Tables for Navii^ntion and Maatical Astfono* 
«j, 4to. 1804. 2d edit. ISOQ. 

De Moi.eville, Ant* Fr. Bertkand. 
In 1791 this gentleman was appointed 
Minister of the Marine in France, under 
Louis XVI. after wliose death he came 
to England -where he still resides. 6e> 
•ides the publications translated by R. C. 
Dallas, (which see,) he has written : 

A Chronological AbridKraent of the Hist, of Eofland, 
•to. 181MS1S.— ChroB. Abr. of the Hiat. of O. Bri- 
tain, ISmo. 1813. 

Dempster, Georoe, Esq. of Duni- 
eben, N. B. ; born about 1735, at Dun- 
dee, educated at the grammar-school of 
tiiat town and the university of Edin- 
burgh. He was bred to the law, and call- 
ed to the Scotish bar. This profes^^ion 
he soon rehnquished on being elected, in 
1769 f M. P. tor the district of boroughs 
to which his native town bftiong?, and 
which he continued to represent for 98 
years. I^ince his retirement from public 
life, Mr. D. has been distinguished for 
bis eagerness to embark in every scheme 
likely to promote the prospenty of his 
country, aad for the spirited improve- 
ments which he has made oo his own 
eslRte at Donicben, in the county of Foiw 
fu". Besides some papers in ftie Tram. 
^ the Soc. ofArUig. and of the HtghUmd 
&c. qfScotUnd^ he has published : 

JHwoune contaioiaf ft aaimtry of the praceodinfi 
•f the Directors of the Society for exbeuding the 
Yiaherlea (if Great Biiuin, 1780. 

Den HAM. See Steuart-Deitham, Sir 

Denholm, James. 

Malory of Glasgow, with i fwn to Loch LooMikl 
and tte Fhlla of die Clyde, tiao. ITgg. 

DbmjcaVi Thomas, M. D. «■• of Um 

most distinguished teachers and practi- 



tioners of midwifery of the praailit <ii^. 

He has published: 

A a liiaay ou i^ueqwnil Fewer and CevwMoei* •«•• 
176e. — On ^be Cooatruciioa aud Mettiod of noac 
Vapoar-b«tli8. 8vu. 1769.-*Ob Uterine. Hmaorrhag^o 
depeodiog on Freenanry nnd Pwrturitioo, 8«o. I7S0L' 
— On natunil Laiioup. S^o. 1780- — On pretemacnral 
Labours, 8vu. 1786. — On tlie afiflicatioB aud u*e «f 
the Forcepa in prptmiatural Labours end Libom 
attended with Hamotrhage.aro. 1780 5ch rd. ISm. 
— Liieravingk Ulostiative of the gejieim'imi and pet^ 
turitioD of anuiMli, S partt, fbl. 1786>1791«— iMio- 
ductiou to the pract*cr or Midwifery, • v. Ifto. tTW* 
1709 5Ui edit. 4ti>.— £^srdvtn|r» of t#o Uterine Po- 
lypi, fol. 1801.— Observations uu the Kuptureof vhs 
Uterus on the SnufHfs in In auta, end t'>e Maaia lae> 
teM, 8^0 . 1B10«— ObernrdUoi<» oo the cure of i 
8T0. 1811. 

Dt^NETT, f 

Examination of Hwrri»*a Reseerchea on the 
of Che Slav«.tra(le, 8vo. 178S. 

D£^MSyRev. Thomas, Curate of Hasl»- 
mere, Surrfy. 

A new Version of tbo Psalmt in Uaok van*, Iftna. 

Denki^on, William, fanner, of Saf- 
fron Waldcn. 

A Declaration of certain poioti of Rellgiova DoctiiM^ 
8vo. 1805. 

Denny, John, Veterinary Sufgcon t* 
the 10th reg of dragoons^ 

On the Diaeaawk of Honoa, avo. IflSS. 

Demstom, B. L. 

New Theory of the Ataoaphert, ISmo. ISOS. 

Dj: Hewzy, Capl. S S. 
Tlie Fait^ifui Irishwoman, nov S v.' 1813. 

Derrick, Charles, Esq. Secretaiyta 
the Committee ot Stores, Navy Office, 

Menoirs of the rise and progress of tlie iloyal Navj^ 

Desmond, W. Esq. 

Chemical Phiftoaophy, from thnFiMMatf] 
•vo. 1808. 

Dessiou, JosBPa. 

Moore's I*racticnJ Navig«ior» enlai^iad and 
18th edit. avo. 181S. 

Deverell, Mrs. Makt, of Gloucester* 


Sermons, 8vo. 1774.— Miacellaaies in prose and vann^ 
8 T. ISoo 1782.— Tticodora aud Didymns, or Um 
Exemplification of pure Love and vitnl Region, na 
heroic poem, Svo. 1789.— Mary QttMn of Seota* hist* 
trag. Svo. 179t. 

Deverell, Robert, Esq. At the ge- 
neral election io 1808* this gentleman 
obtained a seat in parliament for iSaiiaah, 
in Cornwall. He nas written : 

A Guide to t)ie Knowledge of the Ancients. 1B01«i ■ 
A Letter to Mr. Whitbreed on two Bills pendi^ im 
Parliament, Bvo. 1807.— Diacoveriea In H kmaljw 
phica and other Antlqaitiea.tfT.ave. IMS. 

Devbheux, J. E. Esq. 

OInenmtiona on the fiwtStas vhkh Imve ndMi Ira* 
land, oo the calnmnkn thrown npon the psopln «f 
that oonntry, nod the necessity of rcatorinft dan 
tbolka to their politiral rig^^ ••<>• leU. 

Detis, Eleev. 

thm Aoiidenc» or gret BwHmwHi nf tw^fHA 


DsWteBy DaVISI, a. M. 17dB— The Mschanee, iat »ro. inS-^-IV LmU^ 

ObMrvadooson the chanctpr, costoiM, aodMiper^ »»'■ 8vo. 1773— Th« Wedding Ring, con. ep. 8to. 

Il0^ ef Che Irish 8vo 181^. ^773. — ^Tbe Deserter, nius. dr. 8vo. 1773. — ^The We- 

I>E"irA», Henry*, M.D. F.ILS. Edin. 5r-!?: **p- rr/"*"'^'*f„?"ri y*^!*^**^ 

^ ^i_' Tfc. - ' _ ^u m^* u * Ten ThOtt««nd, baJ. op. 8vo. 1774.— The Two lluera. 

« of the PhVMClVlS to the Manchester „„,. fi^. avo. mS.-The Metamorph^i., com. op. 

Innmuuryy and late Assistant Surgeon to svo. 1776— The semgiio, com. op. sro. 1776.— The 

the 30th reg. oil foot. Oaakcr, com. op. Sro. 177T<— Poor Vuleea, borl 8*0. 

Obeervations on Diarrhcea end Dysentery, es those 1778.— Tbr, com.'* op. 8vo. 1778. — Roae end 

diama«« appeared iu the Briiiah Anny, during the Colin, coos. op. 8vo. 1778.— The Wives Heeeegad, 

eaapeign in Egypt, 8vo. 1805. — Disaertatio medica com. op. &ro. 1778«— Auuecte end Labia, com, «ip. 

InftogorAtis de Opthalmie iEgyptiaca. 8vo. i804f^-<A 8vo. 1778.— 'Ilie Cheiaea Pensioner, com. op. 8vo. 

]>tter to Dr. Trotter, occmioiied by his Proposal for 1779-— The Mirror, or Harlequin every where, burl* 

destrojime the Fbe and (^loak-damps in Coail-mines, 8vo. 1779.->Tlie Shepherdess of the Alps, eom. op. 

•vo. 1006.— Remarks on the propriety and safety of 8vo. U80.— Ilarleqnin Freemason, pi. 8ro. 17S0.T- 

BCgociating Peace with Firanoe, 8vo. 1808. The Islkiiders, com. op. 8vo.< 1781.— The Marriage 

DswELLyT. M.D. Act,far.8»o. 1781.— the Graces, inu 8vo. 1788^— 

Tha Pteiloaophy of Physic. 8vo. ITS*. , The Cestas, serenate. Svo. 1789.— Uariequin, or the 

DewhIEST. Rev. Charles. PImntom of a Day, 8vo. 178«.-The Laneaihira 

S«V» on the a^ore, order, priTlieges. and duties of TJi^^ ''*"* -!7' i^'''Ti^**1i?r "I* i!!! 

SeChristimi ChunA, Svo. W-A Di«»urse o« ^^^^^"^^ "^^'^^^rT^^^^ 

DIelD. ReveUtion. witl, some account of the fonn.. »^- TL'"^:!!^^ To"™ ^LH't^^ 

tiea of Bible A>»ociatioos, 8n). 1813. Sd edit. ]^'7J^ S^'^ « 178?.-MueK.I Tov. 

T^.^w..-.. r*™ ^^ZZ V^,^ «♦ c.,«k«.M»_ **»• 1787— Hawest Hom<*, com. op. 8ro. 1787.^ 

DlBDIN, Charles, born at Southamp- Hannah Hewitt, or Fem^e Cnttoe. iv. S V. 1794.- 

ton about 1748, and educated at Win- The Younger Brother, nov. 3v 8VO. 17»l.-Htatosr 

Chester with a view to the church ; but a of tiie stage,, a v. svo. 179s.— soms, 4 v. iteo.— 

passion for music brought hin^ at the Profnaional Life bf Charles Dibdio, 4 V. Svo. 18QS. 

early age of fifteen to London, and intro- r?,^^^* fj^* ^'«*™"!J ^*^ ""* 

J..-JLj7r:— 4.^ »k^ -♦. i^»k !.« „.. «-.* Scotland, 4to. 1803.— The Harmonic Preceptor, a 

duoed him to the stage, both as an actor didactic poem. «». i8o*.-Henry HookJX. iv. 

and composer. On quitting it the Circus laoe^^rbe PubUc Undeceived ; a ttatement of ftcli 

was built for him, and he was manager relaUve to the AnthoKs Peaaion, ISOV-— Mr. D. ^ 

of it for two seasons, after which Tie- also ihe author of several musical pnblicatioo»,aattia 

launched a new species of entertainment, "^^ **«*«;;• **"*** Epitomiaed, &c. jkc. 
consisting of songs, music, and recita- Dibdih, Charles, jun. son of the pre. 

tion, of which he was himself the sole «l^»fr 5 PJfP?^*?' and acting-managw 

writer, composer, and performer. Ft>r of Sadler^s Wells, for which he has writ- 

these eEhibmons, which he continued ten numberless songs, as well as the u». 

twenty years, he built a neat little theatre J^f 'l?®^?^?!!? ^l^*^'^'*.--. . ' 

1*1 ¥ ^iJ^t^w. L,^^* T«:«^<.»»-»^.,«^ . k..» Claadhie, burl. 8vo. 1801.— Goody Two Shoes, paal. 

in Leicester-Street, Leicester-square ; biit g^^BaAara Alien, (Songs ooiy printed) Sfo.-lrhe 

Waa at length obliged to relinquish it, Great DevU, spect. Svo. ISOl.— Old Man of tiM 

having involved himself considerably by Mountains, 8vo.— The Songsmith, or Rigmarole Re. 
the speculation. The infinite variety of, po«tory. ismo. ISOS.— Mirth and Metre, poenv, fc. 

patrioticsonss, naval and military, which •vo.1807. \^ », /^u 1 

he produced in the course ot these enter- '^^"?'''» V'Z'^ti' ^''J'lJ^'- ^ISf*** 

taiBinents, were known to have excited ?• wri and brother of the Prec^Wf* 

an extraaidinaiy enthusiasm for the ser- fef" 1^71. He was »F>prenUced t^^ 

Ticc in the lower classes during the war WiUiam I^'«^*j»«'.^/«J«^^^^^^ 

with France, and his merits in this line auctioneer and «Ptiolste«r; but a^^^^ 

were justl/remunerated by government J^g P»»s»^/ ^"^ kI^"^ /,??ffi.^."^«^^ 

with ipension of aoo/. a viaT; which he ^^« »«« o^ ^^^^ to qmt Wess and 

enioyeA)r some time, lill oi a change commence actor "jf «;^^_^\ ^^sume^ 

oTJlminiatmion it was cut off. (fn IT^^^^^^'^^fjL JiailSL^^ 

leaving his theatre he opened a music ^'^''.^'}l^^''Sj^^J^l^^^ 

ihop iS theStiand, but tiSthout success; »?<* « ^{^^ »«J ^^^J'LI^A^^flt^ 

on which a numbed of gentlemen Uking ^^ctj? brought out «J Mwdstone, 1^^^^ 

bto consideration then^kifimousclaims duced [urn to ^^^ '^^'^f ^^^^^^ 

of this old servant of the pubKc, set on J^ *^ f"^ ^TSll^n Thf mt^I 

fcota subscription by whiSi an annual ^7!?;^^ *^ ^r"*^.tlH^;r J^^ 

provision has been nuide for Mr. D. dur- ^^^"^^ piece however mducedihe iftana- 

STw^lifrib^P^^ being reserved P» to ^^^^J^f'^^'^J^^^^ «"* 

fi?hi»wifo and^^daughter alSr his di^ ^* •^^k^^^'^^^'L^? ^«!!^^^ ™ 

cease. Besides seve^ dramatic piecea " ^ ^»^^- ^^A^\t^^^C^ 

HA* n-;^*^ k* k— «r.^*f *n . contmued, on condition that he'should 

^mm mwimk mmu Um HtiNr, w tf rrr, and pnduoe, whea callad upon, any pre- 



ft 9n LiTX&Amr calbvdak. »ib 1114^ 

hiAftt itil^rM%, or spectacle that public DicKiNsoiiy A. oftheUBit^mt^PriBS^ 

events of ibterest or notoriety nifght rcn- E^nburgh. 

der fit subjects fot the theatre. Besides 'VovamTesumentum OriN«; to wMila m 

some pi^ceb not printed, he is the author ^^ '"^ow reiuftugs ^bieb Omabach 

^f. MiiMi m4 nearly aoo eHipUral words MbjiiMd aft 

4Mit.) «v«. 17«5.-MiM.* rf tha Nile. m.». ent. __ I>ICKIKSON, Capt. U. of thc Eastlodlft 

i#o. 1796.— Nav il Pillar, mus. ant. 8ro. 1799 t^^ VolUilteerS. 

'VMcMM^ pMit. (aottfa ooljr), ttvo. 1799 -~ilM Hona luatruciioas for rorming a Ra|{inMiit of laaotry ibr 

aMi tha Wiiftaw, tur. [ahcrad fr«m tba Geimau of KoC P«rad« nr Exerciae. Bn». 179B. 

«Ma]^ »«<•. rm--^ir% Tboaaaad a Yatf, con. DiCKIMSON, liOBBRTy M. A. CuTBte and 

•to. if99^Tfae birthday, com* rn»i Kotaebue. ero. Lecturef o*' St. MarvV, Newington fiutu. 

||f|9^rha Jevand iha l>oGtDr, fiir. ttvo. 1799— ii A Defeora of the EataMUbad ProtMlaat Faith, • 

JT***"^ *^'^«i[!:. *^*r:?*l'^''^'* ^^' »Bn»oiioo occasion of th« Daatfa of Bp. Rontar, 

•.^!?' ""^r!* "•judiea. COB. ttvo. with a Skalch of hit Life, I8OO. 

•^.•f«.ift)f^Hari«qmn*siiab«a»pa» Quecn 8 CoH. Oxford, and oriie of htt 

w»ouii^ or MM owity, coa. ttao. i8M..vaiootiM Majesty's Preftchen at WliitehaU. 

Omoa. rom. aMiod. Svo. lao* Iho Will for Hm >^nnon prtachad bafora the Volonteera, 4to. tsn.— 

9td, tt/n. tvo. IflOJ.— Tbtoty llioaaattd, op. ttvo. Two Seraoni on RelSg^oits K^tabhshaeiiti* preacbat 

in6.-4>f Ag» ro4ftorrow, anus. tet.avo. IMS.— Bar. Before the Uoiv. of Okford, 8vo. 180B. 

liqateQakkMiTar, pi. ttvo. 1M6.— Hm ( «bfeiec» coat. DlCKINSON, WiLLI AM, E!»q. 

«p. •▼«. li05.»Xlw GaRlisli flat in 1348, com. op. Antiquities tn KdttinghitVDshire and Cbt AdjMaot 

•*•. MB5.-^f)va Mllas Off, eom. ttvo. IttOS.— Motlwr Countiea, ito. toI. I. IttOl-S. v. II. Ft. I. UKI6. 

«o«M, p«»t. VMA^Haftoqnin** Mamu p.nt. 1600. DtCKSOK, JAMES, £80. F. L 8. He !• 

^riT^rtrraUT-Ld^^^^^ !!j!.n»y::' 2^.»^A^~! p^!^^^^^ 

«07^Boii»faeio and Brid«e«ua, mock laelod. fnm ^^ ^*- *^- ^'^^^ ^^ pubhshcd: 

*a Frvach of M»rtodnvillo» tt»o. 1M6.— lUriaquin in '•w>t"Cr3rpto««»*«»BrUannlc«, 4to. faae. XA, tm^ 

M EliiiMit, pl.ttra. lt86.~HarHvin Pedlar, paat. >*>l.-CoUectioa of Diied Plants, fel. feae. Mf^ 

ll09^A MaMtal Uiitary af Baglaad, 6 v. tva. n8^l79Q— Botanical Catalogae. alpbabeticallj ar. 

H^ moged Hccording to the linnsan Syittein* 6vo. I79V. 

DiBDi», lUw. Thos. Frogmall, F.AA ^J]\^^^^> ^'^' ^- ^- ®^ Hendon, 

ft eentieman diatineuished for hm know- Middlesex. 

Mge of old and not books, lie has a complete syawtt of Agii«itai«.s t. <». mds^ 

«M«ki;okA«1 "^ Farmers Conpamon^ being a Cooipleti SyaMtt 

pUDllsnca. ^^ ^ A ._^ ^ ^ of Modern Masbaodry, ttvo. 1811. 

af a BibHornptiicai picUonary, WOO— inirodartioa F>^«c ^^cretary to the Ute l!.dw«rd Hay, 

toaknowfedfe of rare and Taluable editions of the l^sq. Goveroor of fiarbadoeS. He hat 

•reek and Roman Classics, ttvo. IttOX. 3d edit. S v. published: 

»r6. NOB.— A TraatiM on the £ducatioa of Daugb- L^tm on Negro Slavarj, ttvo. 1769^— EnAy oa Ck» 

tats, froostha fVaneh of Ftnelon, ttvo. ia06.--Speci- mical Nomenclaluie, ttvo. 1796.— Sermons by J. B. 

men Bibltothocm Britimnicc : Specimen of a digests Massillon, Bishop of Clermont, selected and trao*. 

ad Catalogue Of rtmt, curious, and aseful Books io latM, S ♦. ttvo. 17^ — ReBer cions on the Theory of 

the English LaaguHxe. or appertaining lo Briluh Li. the Infinitesimal Calcnlm, from the rkanch of Caniat» 

. ^ terature and Aniiquitits, 8vo. 1006. Not publUh^d ; with Notes, ttvo. IttOl.—Hiots to tha People of Oi«at 

i 6h1y Ibtty eopif» hdnft pfintM, vh. 38 ia »ro. ami BtitMin.^i the pies4.nt mooiantous Crisis* ttvo. '* W% , 

amdMsa, a p#eae epistle to Kichard lieber, Esq. ttvo. ®* ^^ JOHN 8 Church, UuJI. 

I8O9. 2d edit, very much enlarged, 18W.— Typosnu ^ Sw-jn prascbtd at Leeds on Oocaaion of tiio 

ahicHi Antiquiiies, or the Hbt. of Piiotteg in Eng- ?^V*^ ^** ^''•' Atkinson, ttvo. Itttl-^Tha 

bnd, Scotland, «nd tretand. begw/ by Amea, eonti- *^^' Tendeocy of Uwdness to coirupt th4 Morals 

fcu«>d bv tterbert. and <W*r elllarffed, 4ta. V. i. MM. "!»*«<>. -nd tlup EstHbltshment of a Femal* fttA^tn^ 

ii. ia»..^Bibliothee« SpamMiana: or a Deacrtp. '^Tr rcoammeotted to ttie Inbabklaato of Hall, Itoafcrf 

MM Catalofoe of Ihb Books printed in the Fifteenth ^^^' 

Cantury, and of many valuable First Ediiion^, in tlie Dl tL«)N, (HfeRRY AvOUSTI7%) VisCOUMl'f 

Library of Georjje John Earl Speucer, 3v hop. ttvo. Colone) of tlie lOlSt reg. of foot. M.Pi 

ISM, «o are printed ofttib she "'* " *';.?!LJ^ <w the Coiinty of Mavoy Ireland, beni 

rTeTilS^tttf ty':^^' ' '"^^ "^^ im,marri«i in 1810 to tfteektest da»S 

Dick, JoMir, A. M. Minister of the As- ^J 5^^- 9- Browne, Eaq. aod Sueco^Bd 

tociated Congregation, Glasgow. Be^ his father in. November, leiS. He had 

sides ttererai single sermons, he has ^^J^ ?»^* ^ ^^T^ electioli oT 

^mtteo: ^^^ '^'' ^'^ coun^ ot Mayo, ia whrek 

Aa Easay an tka laspkatioa of the Holy Scriptuies ^ N^ ^^^y large posaeSBlOOS. 06 IS lh» 

of the O. and N. Test. ISmo. 1800. Sd edit. ttvo. author of: 

taoi.— Lecturer on soma paiwgts of Ate Acts of tiM A IietOlk to Ibe NeblaMea aad tinaUiiaaa vtooai^ 

ApoAlta, ev«. XW. Fi«4etoBariiMtloaoritaCHMkftBf Xnlaad^eMi^ 

t»»^^ Cwmoatvy on Ui» MiUttr j EitiMttlvivitt aetUed itt Ameiica. where he hfts isihihA^ 

of the BAtiab «nn.iTC, S v. 8vo. W1H8W. th- «lv^ «;ll^!7'™- J- ™»0J« 

Dillon, John Joseph, Esq. of tin- ^.J^l^'^}^''^ |^ju<iice» ag«nat th« 

epin'* Inn Barrister at llw. ^ S^n^^rl^''^*' .«*''! *"/"! *"''^ ?.*^ *T 

R«parfof«C«,irguea and determined in tlieCoart ?^«/ freqi^B^ «»traiUtOr lO the A/^iilJU 

of EiclMqacr lu EnsterTern, 40 Geo. 111. between *P ^^' >^4 befoK hlS eiuigratioa pi|b^ 

Lord Petre, pladntiir. Lord AuckUnd and Eiirl Oower, lished : 

StatMHton GcMcal, defoidaolB, 4to. 1600.>>-A Fur. An fexpoaitioo of the Pi«9ciple» # f 4ha Si^toh |m«« 

tter Sttppleaenc (occMlAncd by theSd ed. of Reeves's bins, Svo. 1796. 

C iM r i tderart o ai on the Corooetion OMh) U> a prnm- DiROM, AtEXAKOER, Muor-eejQeral ift 

SlS^tt'iSLS^^ZSi^-ttlSr'' ** *'">>• Lieutenant cSonll of thS 

Jtoay on tlie H»coi7 uul EAecU of ibe Coronatioii t*r '^'^^' ^^ Vaf^titxy, formerW Deputy 

QMh.8ro. 1807— A Mcnoir conceraiAR tlie Polibcal AUjUtaUtrgeoeral 10 inaiH, am «iQge D*^ 

State of Malta, 4to. 1807.— Two Memoirs on tiie puty Quarter* oiaftter-gcDeral itt MoiUi 

Catholic Queauon, 4to. 1810.— Considerations on the Britain. He IS the authoF of: 

Mo/«i Mamaie A«K, IMIt-A Lei** on tlie Appre- A Karrailve of the Campaign in India, wklch tenal- 

tM^asion o# tte Earl of Fiofal, »ro. 1818,— LeUen of uated ike War with Tlppoo Sultan in 179«, iio, ifos. 

flibcrao-Aaglus. contiiining Strictures (y» the Cop- —An Inqnirj into tlie Corn Laws and Com Trade o# 

duct of the preMBt Admioiftratioa ia Ireland, «jiro. Qr«at Britain, 4to. 179fi. «d ed. 18«.— Hans for tto 

Wl*--^ **»^ ">**«- Alo»»- Oro. Canning, in Ex- Defence of Great Britain and Ireland, 9v9, Jtjf. 

plauadon of t»o Memoir* on the CathoUc Question. DiHRILL, ChaRLES, Esq. 

4U,. iaw.^Papaj. connected with cerum I'oints Remarks on Sh.kspeare's Tempo.?. 8vo. 1^. 

luetj to engage the Consideration of Tail lament la p^ T*^ T^r\i?A c t» i 

die Uiscussioo of the Catholic Bill, 8vo. 181S. -UlSXEY, JOHN, U. U. t.A, &, aU UOK 

Dillon, Theobald, Esq. **"^* Cifigyman, bora «^t Lincoln, andi 

Tlie MUitary Plans ol Uie late Operations on the resident at the Hyde in Esuex. He WM 

Kfatne, 1796. bred iu the Church of England, and 

DiLL\v^'X, Lewis Weston, F. R. and formerly held the iie«tor^ of PautoQ waA 

L.S. (See Ti-bner, Dawson.) This Vicarage of Sunder by in his native coun^^ 

f^entlciDfui is descended froin a most which he resigned on changing his relU 

respectable fuiniJy connected* with the gious principles. Dr. D. mained Jam;, 

Soc. of Fneudi», and now resides at i^vvan- daughter of the late {lev. Francis Black* 

aea, where he has lately married a Miss burne, Archdeacon of Cleveland. Hf 

Adams, aud is an active magistrate fur has puUisthed : 

the county of Glamorgan. To the Tram, Four Prisons on GhnstansOiay.^^'o. 1771.— Tbonghhtf 

of the Lin. Soc. he has communicated a •» Licensing Alehouses, «vo. l776.-ltea9ous tor 

Ust of Plantt found near Dover, He is ^f^^.f"" ^rv*"^ ^'^^\^r^' '^^iT^'t? 

^\ ^ 7L ..u *^ ? 'J of theLifeaod Writing^^rl^r. Aithur A»lUejrSyJ|B^ 

also the author ot some papers m period- svo. i786.~Diai.«ue bSwecu a comm^ MuiSi^ 

ICiU works, and has published a volume christian ana an Athanasiau. Svo. 178*.-rrheybrkf 

with nearly 100 coloured plates illus- of jobnJebb, M. d. s v. bvo. i787.--DjscoMrses bj 

trative of an obscure tribe of plaatS re- *® ^^ Sam. Dunay, late Vicarof llaUtoaU, £««ei(» 

•pecting which very little was iireviously T'^'^l^Td P*?^^ ^f/««>Uc WoraUip. ij A«wr 

1; ^ f . t.' I A ''to GilbtTt Wakebeld aud Paine, s As^c ot Reason, a 

Known. It IS entitled : S.:rrnoi., 8vo. 1792.— Memoirs of the Life and Writ- 

8jnop»is of the British Coufcrra, 4to. (pub. in parts,) jj^g^ „f jobu jortin, D. D. 8vo. 179«.— Leltes te Drl. 

'fff'^- i* I 1 Knox, occasioned by his HeAi^tioiis on Unitariaa 

DiHOKD, WltLIAUJ son of the late Chrbthm.«,in his Advenlsement prefixed to a «oluia« 

William Wyatt D. Esq. one of the Pa- of Sermons, ero. l798.-4ierttons, 8 V. Svo. 179L-i^ 

tentees of the Theatres Royal, Bath and The Reciprocal Puty of a Cliristiaa Mi>.i»teraA4 t^ 

Bristol, at the former of which cities he tl^^uian Congregation, a .sermon. «;?• .1793.--A 

» • , . , ,. J ^. Caution to Young Persons against luhdehty, a Ser- 

Was born, and received his education ^^n, Svo. 1796.-A Sermon preached at the Unit. 

under Dr. Morgan. He afterwards re- Chapel, Essex street, on the Death of the A«v. Dr. 

moved to London, where he entered him- ■ Pnestky, svo. i8ot.-<Memwrs of Thmaa* hrwi 

self a student of the Inner Temple, and »»»**». Keq. 4to. laoe.— Remarks 00 th« Up. of Li^ 

is the author of: ^ *=•*"'» ^'••^ '** **^* ^^"^ *^ **" ^'^***'' **" ^^ 

Pirtrerchal Sooncis and Miscellaneous Poems, 8yo. 8vo. 1B1«. T.,«*-'r^-^ 

;aOO.-^ea-side Story, op. diam. 8vo. I801.-The , DlSNEY, JoHK, Esq. of the InncrTciH- 

Hero of «f aiortta, hist. pi. Svo. 180S.— The Uuatar pIc, Barrister at X^w. 

pf th» Alp^ dram. 8»o. IBM.— Vouth, Love, and Toe Laws of Gnmini; and Wafers, 8vo. 1800.— Flt« 

Folly, com. op. 1805— Adriau and Orrila, pk8vo. letters to Sir Samuel Komilly on the Feaai Lavi^ 

Mofi^— Xh«s Yoiins Hussar, op. piece. 8vo. 1807-T-l'he. (under the name of Anti4>raca.) .Bvo. 1810.— C2eili«r> 

Fonodliugof rlie Fotcst. pl.Svo. I8O9.— 'llie Doubt- tion of AcU of Fariifment iclaiive to Electioas ly 

fal Sub, pi. 8vo. 1810.— The Peasant Boy, op. Svo. ^£agIand, XrcUad, andScoUaa-l. 2 v. 8vo. 1810-1818. 

lail.— The Royad Oak, hial. pi. 8vo. UUl.— The —Practical Abrid:<raeot of KIcctiuu Law, Svo. 18K. 

iEtMafvnsa p). 8vd. ISU. .— Dodsou's Lii'e of Sir Michael Foster, Svo. 1818. 

DIKM4ME, EicBARO, R Dfttive of Eog- D'IsRAELi, J. Esq. theonlv son of an 

luidy but who has beea for some y«ar» Itaii^A merchant^ iojog resident in thb 


oouDtnr. He was educated at a acliool Dixov, Ovokoe, Esq. a Captain In tfa« 

at Eoneldy and was lor some time at a Royal Navy. He commandea the Queen 

private seminary at Amsterdam. A few Charlotte iu a voyage round the worlds 
years alterwaids be made the tour of performed in company with Capt. Por^ 

nance and Italy, and returned with a lock in USS, of whicn he published aa 

confirmed passion for literature, which account under the title of: 

he be£aa early to indulge, as i^ evident v©y«ftro«iidth«worid.b»tBM»»p«tiaitartyi»tfc« 

fttim the following list of his pubUca- *' ^- ^^l.^'^il ^=t??? '^•^.!^ 

tious, many of whU appeared llrtthout S^IJ^^^^Tn^T^iS^ 

his name. ^ofmm of John Umm, la vfateh wtnnk lap iwt 

A PotCical EpistI* on the Abttta of Satira, trep— A facts. viwaprtMatBd la th* Mi4 ^n^HlH, nUttif m 

IMitne* of Poetry, addreawd to Hoory Jaaet Py«, t>c«ff«|»hy oimI Cm— iwrn, art IbUj 

laq. with a SpodM of a aew Ver»k» of Teleaia- 4tD. 1791. 

chaa, (tho wholo oditMMi. cxcopUaf a few copies that DlXOH, Jowr. 

kad boea cold, vaa baraad by tba aathorj 4Cd. 1790* Thno Leiteit oa a Plaa fcr (ka lapm 

— CM » »aiti o > of Utoiatuxa, Svo. 1701179S. 5ch ad. pbheriatoB tht Wwtam Goaiti of lta« Ualtod Kte* 

ISlt — A DtMarUtioa oa Anacdot«t, Svo. 1703^— don, 4Co. ISOt. 

Sway oo tho MaiiMrt and Oaoliu of Um Utaraiy DiXOK, JoSHUA. M. D. 

rjS^CLS; ^Si'T^^IS^ISJ^ D.XOK Rev. R,CH.« A M. F.R.S. 

«r tha fUl of tha Jesaits nvr. t ▼. m. Svo. 18 ^ Fcllow of Queen's CoU. Oxfotd. 

VliB-f1an», or Liii of my Uacle, S v. leiao. IS .— A New Interpretatioa of the 0Bth Paafaa, a Btmam 

ralM^ittri of Avthon, S-e. poat Svo. ISlS^SiS. {ireachad befbrc tba Univ. of Oxford, 4to. ISlt. 

DIvEiMOis, Sir FaxKcis, Knt a native I^"o^» William, Merchant, of liveP- 

of Switxerland. He has long been rcsi- P^^j- . ^ , ^. , ^ - . _, ^ 

VI •^T „""J~' . ^^ • . ^^;^ £» k- « «-.« laquiry lata ifaa IiMolicy of the GoatiaaaMse of iha 

dent m England, and is said to be a pen- ^l^^^^^ ^f the Dbtuiation fiom Com. svo. laio. 
sioner of the British Government. His £^,^^5^ Fbahcis, Eso. Barrister at Uw, 

publications are all m the French lin- a native of Ireland, and formerly a Mem- 

ffuage, but most of them have been tran- y^^ ^f ^^ Parliament of that countiy. 

•Ulted. The p4triot Kbg, or Irfaih Chief, tng. Svo. YH^^-A, 

RovolatloB da Fkaace at de Oea^o, Svo. 1798<~- Letter to Lord Nordi oa hi* PropoaitMoa ia FlivDaa' 

IWUeaa des Fartea qoe la fUvolatioa at la Goerra of Ireland, Svo. 177S.— Thooghtt oq tba pii— t 

oat caaa^ ao'Pattple Fkaaeob, Svo. 1799-— Tirirfeaa Mode of Tautioa ia Gr«at HAtaim, Svo. 17B3«— 

it la Conduite do Ooawnemeat conauiaire onvera Letter to Lord North aad Mr. Fox. Svo. 1784»— Uai- 

la Araaoe at aatraa Fiiy*, auglMt laSoiiM. Svo. ISOt. veraal History, v. I. iftao. 1787—- A Coadae View of 

-jOftaadea 4 Booapartr. Svo. ISlO^De* caoMs qai the Great PradictioM la tba Sacred Wittlap ttiat 

oat ameaA rUaorpatioB de Booaparta et qui pr^pa- have been fblSlled, that are falAlU«|,a»d rtiat mia 

raat aa Chote, Svo. 1810.— Dea riTeta du Blocus «ur to be acconpluhed, Svo. ISOO. 
la Rldicase, lea Financea. te. de rABBleterre, ISU. DoBBLL, JoSEPH. 

— It^ioleonAdniiaiatratearet Flnaaeier.8vo.18U. ^ ^^^ nalartkiii of aavaa bandied Evtagalk^ 

DiX, ThOM k9f of North Walsham A^- Hymns. lS06.~ReiBaiks oa the AisaaMata of Mr. F. 

demv Norfolk Edwards, for the Baptiia. Churduneaibenhip^ and 

T^ "'Lt.!! V.«j.«.^«rf«. ft». tmtL^T^mmfim^ Salvatiooof Infauts, 1807.— A Flowofttfur Hia Wfoath 
ATreatisaoa Laad^orvaytag , Svo. ITW^T^aatfsa -„„^ ... i««« laie. ^^ 

m Hit Coostniction and Copyiof of Mapa, Svo. of H«»»Mty. Woio. ISIS. », * « , 

ISQS^Tha Joveaile Atlas, «o.lSll. DoOD, PuiLIP StaVBOPE, M. A. Fel» 

Dixon, Fletcheb, A'. M. Vicar of Duf- l^V^ Magdalen Coll Cambndjfc, Rector 

iield» Derbyshire, born 1743 at the Par- of St. Mary at Hill, near BUrmpgate; 

sonase-houae at Brigham, Cumberland, afternoon Lecturer at Cambcrwcll 

of wlich parish his fcther was the pious Church, and lately Evening Prwchcr at 

and revered pastor during the space of Jj^e Asylum. Mr. D. was long Curate of 

40 years. He was educated at the Univ. Camberwell till in 1803 he became 1& 

of Glasgow, and was a pupil of the Ute ^^r of Lambeth Chapel, which he has 

Dr. Adam Smith, then Professor of Moral "^« ^?»«°* .^>*»™« ^^ inayoral|y of 

Philosophy there. In 1773 he purehas- Sir WiUxam Lcij^ton, he offiaated as 

ed the commission of Chaplain to the ^is Chaplam. Of two Sermons then 

Mth lesiment of foot, and in 1780 was pnnted bv order of the Court, Uiat oo 

collated by Bp. Huid to the vicarage of th? Lawfulness of Judicial Sw«nng ob* 

Duffield, through the patronage of J. H, ^med considerable notice and drew forth 

Browne, Esq. M. P. for Bridgnorth. He »n mh^ht trom Mr. Bcvan. a leading 

is the author of: minister of the Soaety of Fnenda. He 

A Pwwal Addwaa to hb Pvidiioam la Oppoaitioa " likewise reputed to be the author of: 

to the Doctrlnaaof Palaa. 17«e.-A Senaoa praaciiad HIata to f reili«aa at the Ualv. of CanUMi^ Miia 

at Stavaley, oa Loyally aad At t a rh^wt t to oar CivU •*?J**'**'I; ^. ^ « . . 

■Bd BiiiiifcHirii QwwaMBt, If OS. DooD, R. Civjl EngtneerC 


Accoont of tbt PlriBripal Canals in the kno^ world, Hutchinson, PrOVOSt of TrinitV ColIe<ye, 

trtth«toctio«.on the g«ne«i utility of Canai5,8vo. Diiblih, and Secretary of State in l?e- 

1795. — Reports, with plans and sections of the pro* i^^j »' r^i : -: -vt- " , tl 

IKX^ D^TuLnei frSm Grave^nd to Tilbury. Sto. '*"^» by Christina NixoH, created Ba^ 

I79&— Letters on the improvement of tlie Port of roness Donoughmore; bom 1756, SUO- 

XottdM, denonstratiDg ita practicability without ceeded to his mother's title at her death 

Wet Docks, 1799.— Observations on Water, 8vo. in 1788 ; Commissioner of the Customs 

^*?; - in Ireland from 1731 to 1802 ; created 

DoDDiE, James. . ,,k k Viscount Suirdale 1797, and Eari of Do- 

A Defence of the Associate Synod against the cherge «^..«u^««^ ;_ - oe\r\ T« h or»^ u 

of Sedition 1800. noughmorc m 1800. In 1806 he was 

DoDSON, JoHW, LL.D. appointed a Member ot the Privy Coun- 

Keportof the Judgment delivered In the CoosUto- ^il in Ireland, for considering all matters 

rial Court, July i<^ i8it, by Sir Wm. Scot^ in the* relative to Trade and Foreign Affairs, 

Cause ef Dalrymple the Wife, against Dalrymplc the and also Joint PoStmastCr-General of th« 

Hiobend, svo. 1811. _ same kingdom, which he resigned oq 

DoMwoRTH, William, Verger of Sa. the accessfon ot Mr. Perceval to power. 

rr i7 ^M^'Sl:, . ^ ,.,• k .. ^^^ Hutchinson and the Hon. Christo- 

A Gnade to the Cathedral of Salnbury, with an a» «.u«- xj^k. ii «— . ^^ u *u^ ru- 

eount of the lateimpro.ement, m«de in it under the P^er Hely H. are younser brothers of hiS 
direction of James Wyait, Esq. 179«. lordshlp. He Has puolislied : 

DoHERTY, Hugh, Esq. formerly in the ^p*®*^'* '" ^® "■ °*^ ^^"^^^ -^""^ ^' ^®*®' <»» **»• 

armv Hp msLrripd thp rtaii<rhfpr of Thn^s Catholic Question, »vo. 1810.— Speech, Apr. «l, 181«, 

mrroy. ne marriea tne aau|nter ot mos. ^^ j,,^ ^^^^^ Catholic Petition, svo. isif. 

Holmes Hunter, Esq. at t^e age of fif- Donovan, E. F.L.S. a writer of consi- 

teen; but Ae lady separated herself fronj dcrable reputation on Natural History, 

him on a charge of cruelty, and returned author of the articles in that department 

to iier parents. She afterwards formed for Rees's Cyclopedia, and the following 

a connexion with P. W. Wvatt, Epq. ^^rks, all of which are illustrated with 

mgainst whom Mr. D. instituted an action elegant engravings: 

lor Crim. Con. and Obtamed 500/. dam- The Natural History of BriUsh Insects, 15 V. roy. 

ages. It is to these domestic disagree- Svo. I79e.l80(^.— Instrnctlons for collecting and pre. 

mentS that he alludes in the following »erving Subject* of Natural History, 8vo. 1794. sd 

publication • edit.— The Nat. Hist, of British Birds, 5 v. roy. 

bo«KTT M«. wife of the preceding, T^-^^T<S;;^'X"'Z''ZM:^;Z^i 

born about 1790. She lias produced two y. roy. 4to. 1799-180a.— Descriptive Excursion. 
novels : through S. Wales and Monisouthshire in 1804, and 

Roneldiha, 3 v. 180B. — Castles of Wolfnorth and four precedins: Summers, 2 v. 6vo. 1805. 

MoBteagie, 4 T. i8i£. DouE, Rev. J AMES, Minister of the 

Doia, David, LL.D. F.S.A. Master Baptist Meeting House in May's Pond, 
of tiie Grammar School, Stirling. Boroui^h. 

Two Letters on the Savage State, addressed to the Letters ?ii Faith, Ifimo. 1736.— Sermon on the African 

hie Lord Kaiaea, 8w. 179s.— Extract from a Poem Slave-trade, 8vo. 17B8.-Sermon on the Death of Mr. 

on the prospect from Stirling CantJe, 4to. 1796. John Flight, 8vo. 1791.— The Principles of AntU 

DoLLOSDt Peter, St. Paul's Church- paedo-baptism, and the Practice of Female Commu- 

yard, one of the most eminent opticians *»<>»> completely consistent, in answer u> the Objec 

Of the present time. He is the author of tion. o^wr. Peter ^^'l^^^^-Jl^l;';^^^^^^ 

1 • *u nti o^ ^-.j on the Resurrection of Christfc in which Proofs of tlie 

several papers in the Phil. Trans, and ^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ 12^. i7gr.~aeligiou. Experi- 

has published : ence essential to a Christian Minister, a Sermon 

Some Account of the Discovery made by the late preached at Bri&tol, 8vo. 1804.— The Holy Spirit the 

Jolui DoUond, 4to. 1789. Spirit of Truth, a Sermon, 8vo. 1805.— Three Sermons 

DOMEIER, WlLLIAMy M. D. Memb. of preached at Cutlers* Hall, 8vo. 1805. 

the Boy. ColL of Phys. London, a native Dornan, Robert, Esq. 

of Sweden, lately resident in Malta^ now Emancipation, a poem, addressed to the Earl of FiQ> 

in Dover-Street. He has written : «•'. svo. isi*. 

OtaervMkmii en the Climate, Manners, and Amuse- DoRSET, » , Esq. aft officer m ttlC 

■cute of Malta, 8vo. 1810. army. 

DoKOGHUE, J. Essay on Defensive War,— The Philosophic Vennt<— 

Jovenile Bsaajs in I'oetry, 8vo. 1797.— An Essay on Condolence, an elegiac poem, 
the Paaaions, with other Poems, 8vo. 1799- DoRSET, Mrs. sister tO the late MrS. 

Do^ouoHMORE^ (Rich. Hely Hutch- Charlotte Smith. 

IVSON,) Earl of, a Major-General in the The Peacock at Home, and other Poems, sm. 8vo. 

army, Governor of the county of Tippe- 1809. 

rary. Son of the late Rt. Hon. J. H. Douce, Feiwcis, Esq. F.A,S. and late 

LU.Cal. N 






Keeper of the MSS. in the British Mu- detwmm«d fai Om h. ©f^Loj[*»» ^»rt«*« *^,^?«? 
seum. He has contributed several papers 

to the Jrchaologiaf and is the auUior of: 

llIaitr^tioDs of Sluikspeare and of aacient maanen, 
• V. 8vo. 180T> 

Doug A L, John, (see Hodson, T.) this 
gentleman has pubhshed : 

Tlie Modrrn Preceptor, or n General Coarse of Po> 
Jiie Edacalion, 8 v. 8vo. 1810. — Espaaa Mariiiana, or 
Ipaoish Coasting Pilot, trantlated (nm Che Spaniab, 
4IO. 1813. 

Douglas, Rev. Mr. 

Xdwio Che banished Prtnce, trag. 8vo. 1784. 

Douglas, Hon. Frederic Sylvester 

•ion of the 5th Pari, of O. Brit, and Ireln&d. Put X. 
roy. 8vo. 181S. 

Dowlino, Edward. 

The filemenu and Tbeoiy of the Hebrev L—g w a Mi 
8vo. 179r- 

Treatise of Modem Oeogniphj, sn. 8vo. 1801. 

DowNEs, Rev. Henry, Sheffield. 

Sermons, S v. 8to. 1784. 

DowMEs Joseph, Printer to his Ma- 
jesty's Police, and Editor and Printer of 
the Hue and Cry Police Gazette. 

Observations on tlie Speech of the Rt. Hod. Jda 

North, M. P. for Banbury ; only son of «'<»«'^' *" *»>e u. of Com. of Ireland. Apr. a. i7W 
Lord Glenbervie by Catherine Ann, sis- *""**• *^*'' 

ter to the Earl of Guildford, born 1791. 
He has published : 

An Essay on certain poinU of rfnemblance between 
the Ancient and Modern Greeks, 8vo. 1813. 

Downey,, Thomas, R. N. 

Naval Poems, 4to. 1813. 

DowNiE, MtRDO, Master in the Rqyal 


Douglas, Rev. James, F. A.S. formerly «"'»• furve, of the e. Coau «f^;j«*>' • • • • • 

ro^ T» - ?*-.!! /-. L 1 />u *^ Observations on the naluie and properties of the At- 

of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, Chap- n^^phere. svo. laoi. 

lain in Ordinary to the P. Regent. 

Essay on Tactics frooi the French oi Guibert, S v. 
Svo. 1781. — ^Travellinfi Anecdotes through various 
parts of Europe, 8 v. 178€. — On the Antiquity of the 
Earth, *4Co. 1785.— Nenia Briianoica; or a Se|)ul 

Downing, J. 

On the Disorders incident to Homed Cattle, Svo. 

Downing, J(;un, late Captain intbe 

, — L;napiain to the Arcnoisnop ot ^^anier- 

w w Tut A n u F ^"ry- ^^ ^^^^ Mr. D. married Mana 

ttev.WM. M.A. Freft. ot Frances, daughter of W. Bnicrc, Esq. of 

r, and Chancellor of the Dk>. chetwy nd, sllop. He has publish^ : 

£arth, 4Co. 1789. — Nenia Bniannica; or a sepui* p a t^n 

chral History of Great BriUin. foL (pub. in oumbtrs) ^.V. Artillery. ^. ^ 

1786-1793.-DiscourBes on ihe Inauence of tlie CUris- ^ C»s« o^ C-P^- Downwf , w. A the proee«lami of 

tiao Religion in Civil Society, 8vo. 179«. » «!?*'** ^''"T. ^'^^?!,' S''^*.^^^*^ j 

Douglas, Niel, Minister of the Gos- Doyle, Lieut. Col. W 6«d r^. 

nel at Ciinar in Fife Instructions tor the guidance of officers Gomina&duii 

SenBons on hnportant Subjects, with some Eaiays in Companies, 1804. 
Poetry, 8vo. 1791-— Journal of a Mission to the High- DOYLEY, ChaRLES, £sq. 

lands of Scotland in 1797, by appointment of the Ro> The European in India, trom a Collection of Diwr* 

lief Synod, 1799. ings by him. with Preface and Descriptions by Capt. 

Douglas, Robert, D.D. Minister of Williamson, and a History of India, by F. W. Blag. 

Galashiels. *«"• ♦*»• "i^- 

Observations on the nature of Oaths, and the danger D*OyLY, Rev. GeORGE, B. D. late Fel- 
ofroultiplyin? them, Svo. 17B3.— A Genersl View of Jq^ Qf CorpuS Christi CoU. Cambridge, 

the Agriculture of Roxburgh and |.ik»rk Svo. 1809. Christian Advocate in tha^ Univ. and 
Douglas, Sylvester, See Glenber- chaplain to the Archbishop of Canter- 
VIE, Lord. - "^ - r . . _. . 


CeSC of Sali;>bury. Letters to the Rt. lion. Sir Wm. Dmaamond. rela- 

A Senaon preached at the Anniversary MeeUnr of jj^, ^^ ^U Observmtions on parte of the O. Test, in 

tlie Sous of the Clergy at St. Paul's, May l6, 18U. j^j, (^dipus Judaicus, 2 parts, Svo. lSl«.lS13.-T«o 

4to^8iS. Discourses preached before the Univ. of Cambridge 

Douglass, George. on the Doctrine of a Particular Providence and Mo. 

The Art ef Drawing in Perspective on Mathematical dcra Unitarianism. Svo. 1812. — Under thr sancftioQ 

Principles, Svo. with a 4to. vol. of plates, 1805. — ^Ta- of tlie Society for Promoting Chrbtian Knowledge^ 

Net of the Logsrithms of Numben, roy. Svo. ISOQ.^ Mr. D. in association witli tlie Rev. R. Meat is pre- 

An Appeal to the Republic of Letters, in behalf of paring for the press an edition of the BiUe, wUh 

injured Science, Svo. 181l.-~-£lemenu of Euclid, Svo. notes and illustrations to be comprised ia tvo 4id. t» 

ISl^' Inme^, and to be publitbed in weekly paru comwaw 

Dousset, C. Teacher of the French ing with Jan. i, isu. 
language. Drakard, John, Proprietor of tht 

Legs d'un P4re k ses RHes, trad, de T Anglais du Dr. Stamford New$, In 181 1 he W»S tried OQ 

Or^ry, ismo. 1810. ^ ^. _ ^ __ aft ex-officio information for libel, (being 

DovASTON, John, F. M, Esq. A. M. a the same article for which the proprietors 

gentleman ot fortune, resident at West ^^^^^ Rvaminer were also triVd,butac. 

Felton in Shropshire. quitted) and sentenced to eighteen 

Jit»<}wanne, a Ballad of the Webh Border, with ^ , '', . * t • i #^i.«*l^ 

other Poems. i2mo. 1812. months' imprisonment in Lincoln C^Ue, 

DowB, P. Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barris- and a fine of 200/. He has published : 

ter at Law. The Life of Colonel Wardle, ISIO. 

Reports of Casit apm Appeals aad Writs of Srror, DbaKE^ NaTBAIT; M. D. 



r \,rki.o,„/:..MA 


IS14. BEA rirnro authoas. dhu 9J 

'*f~i1?* ^"^"'"^ ^•""* •^ *^***^ ^'^**- afterwards conducted that trade for a 

t::l^Z^J^ZZV^r::;^ man who earned on in one shop *« bu- 

nd GmmiM, 3 v. 8vo. iao5 Emijs iUua- "°«8S ot a Sadler and bookbinder, toge- 

tntiw of the Raptbler. AdvinCorar and Idler, £ v. ^ufl* with the manufacture of shoes. In 

8vo. 1809.— The GimBer.aScrieii of periodical EsMja* this Situation, Mr. D. had an Opportunity 

Recced from pepen not iDciaded in the British of indulging a natural desire of know- 

^"^^^^^ ""• ledge, till Se engaged in business for 

tiffed Adveit^; of J«ne. Molesworth Hoba.t, ^Zf!' u\-^' vT' f'^^'T' 'l ^^ 

•lias Henry Griffin, alia* Lord Maaaer, the Newmar- ^^J^d tO Studies chieflv of a Dietaphysi. 

ket Dokeof omiond, 2 v. i8mo. 1794.— An Epitome ^^* kind, and besides three or four pam> 

ofLogic, isaao. 1T95. phlets of a local nature, he has pub- 

Dbapbr, Edward Alured, Lieut Col. lished : 

of the Srd Foot Guards, formerly Milit. An Essaj on the ImmatPriali^ and IramortaUtj of 

Sec. to the late Gen. Grinfield in the W. '*** Humai> Sool, founded aolelj on physical and n- 

Indies ^°°"' principles, Sd ed. 1803.~Ilemarka on the firat 

An Add^m to the PubUc in the C^ of Brig. Gen. ^'fl:T^! f?^ h/ ^T""' ''^^'p** ^' "^^"l 

Picton 8to I8O6 ^^^ Identity and general Resurrection of 

DiAPER, Rev. Henry, D.D. of St. Ed- '""'^l^:;; WillIa-*^' 

mund;s Hall, Oxford, formerly Sunday Tran*Ution of ibntsnleu*. Art of making coloured 

doming and Evening Preacher at St. Crysuis to imiute precious stones, svo. 1788. 

AnthoHu's, Watling Street, and After- Drewitt, Rev. Thomas, of Chedder, 

noon Lecturer of St. George's, South- Somersetshire. 

wark '- "• ••• • • •- - 


^aged ^ J .. «,„ ^„,^^ 

siveand populous parish, and that his lee- Soi!*"' 
turcs were preached by him «' as a means Drinkwater, Lieut Colonel Johw, 
of confinning the members of our nar formerly ofthe72d res^t.oneof theCom- 
tional estabhshment in their attachment missioners of Military Inquiry. This 
to her pure services.". Yet he very soon gentleman in the early part of his pro- 
afterwards deserted that church and fessionai /career served at Gibraltar 
joined the Methodists. He then became during the memorable siege of that for- 
supcrintcndent ot the late Countess of tress, of which he has given an accurate 
Huntingdon s Charcls and President of account in the following publication : 

her College at Chesbunt, but having History of the Istc Siene of GibnUiar; with a de. 

1?een displaced by the Directors of' that scripti9r and account of that Garrison from the eai. 

institution, he now resides at Peckham, '*•*' p«rtod*,4to. 1790. 

and preaches at a chapel there. He has Drought, Rev. Robert. 

published * Select Odes of Anacreon. with TntnslaUons and Irai- 

leetareson the Utnrgy. 8vo. 180& Jj*^'*"' ''^f''^ ^"f^""^ fj^?*'"' ^^ ^ '*^ ^• 

T^« .. i> ■ w T^T r * 111^ 1 Hercules Tounge, l«mo. 1808. 

Draper Rev. W, Lecturer of Allhal- Drouville, J. B. late Captain of Ca- 

tows, I^ndop-wal, and late Curate of the ^alry in the French army, now in th« 

New Church, Wolverhampton. British service, in Spain. . 

A ProtatMiwrT Sermon^gro. 1791 -"Twent, Swinoii^ p„^ fo, ^^ feroatUm of . Coq.. of L«ic«n,4to. 

tn Tanous rabjects, 8»o. 1796.— A New Seriet of ^g^[ "^ 

H^»g !««». for Child«o, Part* 1 «id ». laao. Dg^^Mdlil., 

1^. T Tk n fr^x 1 t (^ assocUtion witii .... Bromley) Obi, or the Uis- 

Dra VTOW, J. B. Esq. of Cheltenham. tory of Three-fiDgcre.l Jack. 1800. 

Baem. w«o. laiS. „ ^ ^^ . , DrumMONJ), Rcv. E. HaT. 

• ^***^*> ^'^"AM, M.U. PhvsiCian a Table of Catechetical OoesUons prior to Coafirma- 

19 Belfast. He has contributed some Uon, ismo. isis. 

papers to Duncan's Ann. of Med, and is Drummomd, Heurt Home, B.C.L. Ad- 

the author of: vocate. 

A Letter to Sari HtswliUani. Lord Lieutensttt of Obsenratiotis suggested by tlie Strictures of the Edin. 

Ireland, 8vo. 1795.— Two Letters to the Ri. lloa. Rev. on Oxford, Svo. 1810. 

Wm. Mtt, 8vo. 1799. , Drummond, T. of Ormesby, near Yar- 

Drew, Rev. Edward, LL.B. mouth Norfolk. 

The Doty of defending our Country, a Sermon ^^ y^^^^ Ladjes* and GenUemen's Chronology, 

pr»ched at the Cathedra^, Exeter, 8vo. 180S u^^. IBOS.-Two Discourses designed to recommend 

IJREW, SaML'EL, born 1765 in the pa- » general ob««cnrance ftf Uie Lord's Supper, 8vo. 1805. 

rish of St. 'Austell, Cornwall, of poor pa- .-Two DisceurMs on the Origin of EtU, 8vo. UO9. 

rents, and at the age of ten years appren- Drummond, Rt. Hon. Sir WilliaiCp 

Hoed to » shoemaker of St. Austell. He K.C. F.R.S. Lend, and Edin. late AaK> 


Ussador to the Court of Sicily. This An Appeni to the Public .gaiiiit the cii 
gentlemaD had a scat in the parliament the Editor of the E.«ii»«r,«vo.i8io. 
which was dissolved in 1802 He has ^^JJ'^T*.^"!^!!?!"'^*- ^ - 

The Merchtfits Assutant, 8vo. IBM. — % 
written : Anthmetle, ISno. 1806.— The Elements of i 

A Revicir of the Goverameots of Spwt« end Atheiu» ^ ^ g^^ jj^^g^ 

8|nx 1794.-The Satire, of r«m«s treu.lated ^. buBOURDIEU, ReV. JoRK, RectOT of 

1796.— <In HMOciHtion with Rob. Walpolp, Lsq.) lior- ... r \ A 

culaiiMiMa : Disftertations concerning a MS. found at Anndnill, IrelanQ. - * ^ «^ 

Hefirnlaneum. 4to. 1 10— E«uiy on a Pualc Inscrip- Sutistical Survey of the Conn^ of Atttrin. 8to, 

tion found in the Uland of MalU, roy.4to. 1811.— ^^^^' 

(Edipu^ Judaictta,(n(9t prioted for talr.) In this last DuCARELi P. J. 

work cirt ulatcd only amnug his friend<i, the auUior Original Poems and Translations, cr. 8vo. UOT- 

attempted to consider certHiu of the histbriM and DVCIIE, IleV* JaCOB* M.A. formerly 

otiier paits of the o. Testament js aUegories— M>me of Chaplain to the Asyluin, and Preacher at 

Aem a. astronomical alleporie,. It drew down .pon ^^ Church, Cheapside. BcsideS SOmC 

him the censure or the Rev. Geo. DOyly, who se^-ms , , t L v.i:.u^^ 

to beheve the Cause of Christianity in danger from Single Scrmons, he has published : 

Uiis extraordinary mode of seeking discoveries in Ca-pipina's Letters ; observatious on *^^* J***- 

Scripture, and who ba» been answered in some anony. «rj. »<»"'. "»<* nhgious. « y. l«mo. 1777.--Di4. 

motts pamphlcis. but whether from the pen of Sir W. courses on various subjecU, 2 v. 8vo. 1779- M ed. 

or some of his friends is not ascertained. DUDLEY , r . 

Amoroso, nov. 2 ▼. 1810. 

S:^»?>i';^:p«a..,*no.,«6.-T.. Herald'„ew,paper. Thi, genUeman the 

lint book of Lucreiius t«uu. into Engibh verse cr. Second of the twelvc children of the late 

«vo. 1809.— The Giants* Causeway, a poem, 8vo. Rev. Mr. Bate of Worcester, was eda- 

181S. cated at Queen's Colleee, Oxford ; and at 

Drcry, R. an early age obtained the living of North 

iiiusirationa of Natural History, 4to. 1770-1782. Farnbiidge, Essex, and the Curacj of 

Drysdalc, William, Teacher of Lan- Leiherhead, Surrey. About 1775 he be- 

guages. came concerned m the Morning Post 

Popery Dissected, or a Speech against the Popish newspaper, which hc afWrwards quitted. 
Toleration Bill, 8vo. 17».-Tha Sacred Scripture ^nd was the original founder of the 

Theory oftheE-rUi,8vo. 1798. Moming Herald, which commenced in 

, Dubois, Edward, Esq. of the Inner 1730. In 1781 he purchased the advow- . 

Temple. son of the living of^BradwelUuxta Mare» 

55!o^^*«'**'"^°!fi''^•*'~'^^ ^ ^^' in which parish he expended nearly 

Theocritus, Bion, and Moschns. with a prose transla- ^^ ^^^, . T ^ "^ , m. • -V 

tion and notes. 8vo. i799.-oid Nick, a satir. story, 30,000l. in improvements, and obtained 
s V. i8mo. 1802. 2d ed. 1803.— The Decameron of the gold medal of the Society of Arts, 
Boccaccio, with retnarks on his life and writings, 2 v. for embanking and gaining! a coDsider- 

8V0, 1804.--FraopiV Horace, with additional notes, able quantity of land from tne SCa. Ott 

4 V. i2mo i8pr.-My Pocket Book, or Hints for a ^^g death of the intumbent, be ap. 

Kyghte Meme and Conceitcde Tour, 12ino. I8O7 |., , ... ^i_«j Aj*.*.ir 

(See Carr, Sir John). Mr. D. was editor of the PJ'cd tO the blshop tO be lUductcd tO thc 

Monthly Mirror, a vork chiefly relating to the stage, living; ; a long controversy ensued ; legal 

lately discontinued. interference was resorted to, and at 

DuBosT, , painter, a native of length the patron waived his right to the 

France. This arti«jt not long since ren- presentation in favor of his brother-m- 

dered himself notorious by a picture law. In 1805 he was preferred to the 

which he publicly exhibited, representing valuable appointment of Chancellor of 

Mrs. Hope, and her husband, Thomas Ferns, with the rectory of Kilcoran an- 

Hope, Esq. (to whose patronage he had nexed, and in 1819 created a baronet. 

been not a little indebted) in the charac- He took the name of Dudley, in com* 

ters of Beauty and the Beast. This pro- pliance with the will of a friend, who 

cedure was resented by the Rev. Mr. left him an estate; and about 1780 mar- 

Beresford, brother of Mrs. H. who cut in ried Miss White. Notwithstanding his 

pieces the obnoxious painting. An action cloth. Sir H. was in early life engaged in 

for damages was, inconsequence, brouji^ht several duels, particularly with Mr. 

by the artist, who was, however, nOn> Bowes, the husband of the Countess of 

suited. A statement of the case was Strathmore, G. R. Fitzgerald, and M. De 

given in the Examiner Sunday News- Morande, a confidential friend of the 

paper, on which Mr. D. published : Chevalier D'Eon. His publications are : 


Henry «id EaiM, i»teri. «vo. m^^Tbe Riwi hare married a lady of the Catholic per- 
c^ndiitatw. com. op. »iro. ms^TTie BU^kimoor guasion, who, after an union of seventeen 

Washed White, 8to. 1770.— The Flitch of Bacon, „^„„^ lift- u:JL « * i^ tt* i_i- 

com. op. 8V0. m9.-thc Dramatic PuflFcrs, pre!. 8vo. ^.^^^S, left him a Wldower. Hl3 pubhca- 

17K.— The Magic Pictore. pi. 8to. 1705- Remarks tions are : 

en Gilbert's last Bill for the Relief of the Poor, Bvo. LachrynM Academiae, or the present depl6rabl« 

1788^— The Woodman, com. op. 8vo. 1791.— The »'*te of Trinity Coll. Dublin, Bvo. 1777 (written on 

Travellan in Switaerland, com. op. 8vo. 1793.— Ob- occasion of the election of the late Ut. Hon. J. H. 

•ervatioos on the Present State tuad the defect, of the Hutclimson to be Provost of Trin. Coll.). . ..^Ad- 

Poor Law*, 8vo. 1802.— Address to the Primate of <*«•* ^^ Theophilus to the Mobility and Gentry of 

Ireland, recomoMnding a modificaclou of the tithes licland. . .-Speech on the Catholic bill in Uie Irish 

of that country, 8vo. 1808.— Letter to the Rev. R. "• of Cora. 8vo. 17y5.— Answer of the Address of the 

Hodgson, 00 his Life of Bishop Vorteus (on the sub- R^- Hon. H. Grattan to his fellow-cttiaens of Dublin, 

JerC of the eoatest relative to tlie presentation to the 179T>— A fair Represenution of the Political State of 

laving of Bradveli). 8vo. 1811. Ireland, in a course of strictures 00 two pamphlets, 

Dudley, Rev. John, M. A. of Ctare *""« entitled, •• The Case of Ireland Reconsidered ;" 

Hall, Cambridge, Vicar of Sileby, Leices- A^^'J^^L^^^^T'Tt "" ^J!^"^ **^/""^ 

. J*. ^ ' •'' Affairs," 8vo. 1799. (I u February, 1800, an ection was 

tersnire. ^ , brought by p. Lattin, Esq. against the publisher of 

Hetanorphosis of Sona, a Hindu ulc, fc. 8vo. ISU. tbb pamphlet, in which Mi . L.'s couduct is censured, 

— Sermon preached before the Univ. of Cambridge, pp. g, 7, g, as being tiie author of " Case of Ireland 

•greeebly to the institution of tlie Rev. C. Buchanan, Keconsidered," and a verdict was given in favour of 

Mo^VKfT' . Mr. L. Damages, 500i.)— Speech on the Subject of 

Duff, Rev. W. a country clergyman in an incorporating Unien between Great Britain and 

the north of Scotland. Ireland, 8vo. laoo — Speech in the Irish H. of Coou 

Ad Essay od Original Genius, and its various modes ^^b, 5, 1800, on the motion for approving his Ma. 

of exertion in philosophy and the fine arts, panicu- jetty's conduct in declining the negociation with tlie. 

larlj iu poetry, 8vo. 17O7.— Critical Observations on French govmment, 8vo. 1800.— The Nature and 

the Writings of the most ceUbmted Original Ge- Sxtent of the Demtrnds of the Irish Roman Catholici 

Blisses in Poetry (a sequel to the preceding), 8vo. fully explained, 8vo., 1810. 

1770 ^The History of Rh«di, the hermit' of Moont Du MiTAND, M. a native of France, 

Ararat, . . .—Letters on the Intetlectual and Moral teacher of the French language. 

Characterof Women, $vo. 1807. Treatise on Languages, 179 •— Frospectos and 

PUFOUR, AlexaNDEK, Architect. Explanation of a Plan to Simplify the Grammatical 

Letter to the Committee for erecting the Naval System of the ten principal European Languages, and 

Millar, in answer to the Letter of John Flaxman, 4to. also the Greek and Latin, Bvo. 1805.— Letter to the 

1799< National Institute of France, explanatory of the - 

DunioG, Bartbolombw, Esq. Bar- ProspectuN svo. i805. 
rister at Law, Assistant Barrister for the Dunbar, Georoe, A.M. F.RJS. Edio. 
County of Wexford, and Librarian to the Professor of Greek in the University of 
Hon. Soc. of the King's Inns. Edinburgh. 

History of the Inns of Court iu Ireland, 8vo. 1807. Exercises on the Syntax, and Observations on tone 

Dt'iGEMAN, Rt. Hon. Patrick, LL.D. P*^"*^**^ "'*»■" "^ ^ Greek Unguage, svo. i8i«.- 

M.P. for the borough of Armagh, Vicar- ^^^1;^ "^^J^* Formation of the Tenseeof tlieGwjek 

General of the Afetropolitan court of "du^'can, Alexander. D.D. Vicar of 
Armagh, of the dioceses of Meath and Bolam, Northumberland, formerly Mi- 
Elphin, of the Consistonal Court of ^^^^^^ ^f Smalholm, N.B. and Chaplain 
Dublin, Judge ot the Prerogative Court, ^^ ^^^ Venerable and Kent, while flag- 
King's Advocate-General of the High ships of his relative the late Admiral 
Court of Admiralty, Professor of Com- j^^^j Duncan. 
mon Law in the University of Dub- Histoiy of the RevoiuUon in 1088, and its happy 

Jin, and a Privy Counsellor in Ireland, effects, particularly to the Kingdom and Churrh of 
This gentleman, a native of Ireland, was Scotland, Svo. 1790.— The Devout Communicant'^ 
educated at Trin. Coll. Dublin, called to Assistant, Wmo. 1798.-MisceHaneous Assays, svo. 

"^^t^ k^U^nunl;! ''^nl^'t m^ '' DuKCAK, ANDREW, Sen. M.D. F.R. and 

f^.;K^.il^t fn^hfLah «^ A.S. Edin. Professo^ of the Theory of 

l^ S^ J^th/fir.tT,^^^^^ Medicine in the University, Pres. and 

^i^n iithTri%'S?n"^^^^^^ o'f^"a^rh^^'*'^ lloy.&>U.ofPhys. 

the •ccomplishment of that measure, he Dis..d.aivip*ir;.nti.m nature et«sa, svo. 1770.- 

baS sat in the imperial parliament lor the Eianents of Therapeutics, svo. mO^Obierratiew 
^ borough of Armaeh, and has distin- on the use of Mercury la the Venereal Disease, Ovo. 
* gqished himself by llis violent opposition 177«.--Medlcal Cases, svo. 1778.-^ratio de Leudi- 

to the claims of the Catholics. It is not *>«» O"";. "•^e«. 8;^o- i778.-Account of AeLife 
a little singular however, ^at, notwith- S^irSSm^furi!:^^^-*!^^^ T^JJT^ 

standing the vehemence of the doctor S i795^Heeda of Lactnrea on the Theory and Prae. 

dedamatioii ag^unst Popeiy^ t^a should ticeofM«iiciM,8Te.i7 . .6tiie<i.iaQii^-i«ttarte 


s«k. loMi M At CM« flf Mr. J. B. J tm n tn, 9««. theD Quarter-Masttr General. In 1756 

i9«k-.Le«is'>Tra»ktii» of HoAmho's tjfteM of hc obtained a Lieatenanfery in the Engi- 

▼. 8vo. nas.— Accoant of the late Dr. John PWsoos, ^ '• ^v • a. c Ji^ ^ 

8»o. iw(l-A.»u of M«Uei.» (woolly). 9 ». 8«. ?wp ID the regiment of (fnwoons raised 

fiyt-Mo*.— Hhmb «oMiU <i« Ra oMdieo DiMrti- by CoL Elliott, afterwaros Lord Ueatb- 

ttonm qootaor, am. MMb— A LotHr w Dr. Ortforj field, to whoiD he acted as wl-de-canip 

•f Ediaborth, i« eoBtomwoeo of ««ni>a prinud jn GermaiiT, in the West Indies at 

tfmt dbtrtbottd by Urn, «». Mu. j,,^ reduction of the Havannah, and till 

DtkcaB, Akdeew, jtm. M.D. Regius ^jj^ ^^ ,,^ ^^ advanced to the Ma^ 

Professor of Med. Junsorudence m the j.,^,; of the 15th dra«oons. He was 

HT?'of*'"'**"?»'^*2!r"/.w^'- succissively appointed Quarter-Master 

CoH otPbvs. and Roy. boc. of that city, q^^^^^ ^^ ASjutant General in Ire- 

F.L.8.Lond. son of the preceding. ,^„j Colonel, 1781; Myor-Geneial, 

IW.-11* Kdioimiih New DUpm^oVy. 8vo. 7ih "90. In 1793 he commanded a body of 

«i. troops at TouloD, served m Flanders with' 

DuKCAH, JoBir> inventor of the patent great distinction in the campaigns of 

tambouring machinery. 1794 and 5, was appointed Quarter- 

Xuays oD Um Art of Weaviog. 8vo. iBoft. Master General of the British army in 

DuNCAV, Rer. John, LL.D.F.A.S. 1797, and accompanied the expedition to 

A Declamation against the Pope's SupreMcj, by Holland in 1799. In 1808 he reiin- 

iQiif Edward VI. re-pabUshed* 8vo. 1810. quisbed the QuartcF-Master Generalship, 

DuKcoMBE, Mrs. and in 1809| on the resignation of the 

The VUlage Gentleman, and the Attortcj at Law, Duke of York, succeeded tO the chicf 

nov. s V. 1808. Command of the British army, which hc 

DuNcuMB, John, A.M. of Trin. Coll. held till the reinstatement of his royal 

Cambridge, F.A.8. and Rector of Abbey, highness. Sir David occupies a place 

Dore, Herefordshire. lie is descended here as author of 

from the anci'ent family of that name. The principles of Milttarj MoTemonts, dnellj ap. 

long settled at Weston, Tangier, and p'»«d ^o inh»f y. 4to. nee. His Majesty, to whom 

Shere, in the county of Surrey, of whom "-^^^ work w« dedicated, hajrinB beeu^«»ed to ap. 

Fnmcis D of Twilev was created a P«^»^ <»f ". ^^'^^'^d '* ^ »»* ""«»8«» •■* •**!«'* 

xrancis u, oi i augiey, was creaiea a ^^ ^^ ^^ ^f ^,,^ .^^y i„ ^^^^ n ,^ wxordin^y 

baronet in 1662. Mr. U. t)elongS to the pHoi«| under the title of •• Rules and B«siilatitaa 

branch situated in the parish of Shere, for the Formatioos. Beld-Exercise, and MoveoBcnti of 

and which has for several generations ^w Maje-itj's Forces," with an injunction that thb 

held the advowson of that valuable be- ^y*^™ •*'»«'^ ^ *^'<**'y followed and adhered to, 

nefice, bring the second son of the 1.^, ^'J^'^^ ffcTrr^r™ Z ^t.X 

and brother to the present rector. His General D. so that in this r«»pect the army ha» bora 

publications are : more indebted to him than to any otlier oAcer sinoo 

A SeimoD on the General Fast, 179^. 8vo. — A Ser- the days of General BlanJ, who published the 

moa preached in the Cathedral of Hereford, for the first regular system of tacttc^ in our language, 

benefit of the Infirmary of that city, 8vo. 1T9T.--A •^ , ^ v 

IlrteeBaaay, on the best means of applying pasCuru DuNDONALD (ARCHIBALD CocoraNB), 

laa^ &c. to the tue d uctiu u of grate, ami of re- Earl of, a nobleman eminently distin- 

cimverting them to grass, as reoommcnded by a com- guished by a lovc of scientific pursuits, 

mitteeoftheH.ofLor«fa,.ndbytbeBoardofAgric ^^^ speculations which havc impaired 

8TO. 1801.— A Survey of the Agricnlturul and Rural . . ^J„^^^ e^^,^^^ »k;t. ♦!,.— U—1 —.« 

Economy of Herefordshire, drawn up for the use of nw pnvatC fortune, while they have COD- 

the Board of Agric. 8vo. 1805.— CoiiecUous towards tnbutcd to eiinch Others, and to in€Tea.^e 

the History and Antiquities of the County of Here- the reSOUrCeS of the country. He Was 

ford. ▼. 1, 4to. 1806. t. «, part 1, 18W. bom about 1744, and entered into the 

DuBOAS, General Sir David, K. B. naval service, which he relinuepiifthed 

Colonel of the 1st regt. of dragoons, and vrith the rank of lieutenant, and in 1778 

of the 95th foot, and Governor of Chel- succeeded to the himily honors, by the 

sea Hospital. This eminent military demise of his father. His lordship has 

character, descended from the family of obtained several patents : 1. fbr ektrad- 

I>undas, of Dnndaa, which claims the ing tar from coal, orighially designed to 

rank of chief of that name, was horn pay ships' bottoms, to secure them from 

about 1737 at Edmburgh. His father worms; but, since the general adopckm 

was a merchant of that city; and by bis of copper sheathing, this tar has been 

mother he was cousin to the late Viscount used only as a cheap but efficadout o^ 

Melville. At the age of eighteen he vering for out^houses, sheds, fences, &g. 

commenced his professional career un- 9. for a method of preparii^ asubetitute 

derhis rnclc, General- David W^uea, for gam-tanegal and other goals; Srfar 


methods of prtparine hemp aad flax, so ^ i^ttw to tb« BUbop of LondoB» tocsMtiag a 
as materially to aid the operation of the *^»* cooriiioratton of • |imm«« in at. n^ttbov. 

backles in die division of the fibre. ^^Z:^^Sr^J;;ii^'^^^ 2" »'• '^ 
These, and the subjoined list of h\s pub. t^S^li TZSrt^:Tl^ti^^ 

lications, shew the subjects to which his qo»poi vm tbo fim wnttMi,8«o. i8o6..-coiuiciM. 

attentiou has been principally devoted, ationft oo tbe hypothasia that St. Luke's Gotpel WM 

In 1774 his lordship , married Anne, *»»«»» ^»ritiM. aw. iao8.~Pomt« at i^ue betwog* 

daughter of Captain Gilchrist, of the ^^^ ''^^I''^V!T^*""*^.^^^'''^ 

^ t^ '^t % • -1 A of Duconory CoBsideratums on St. Lako*s Ooaml. 

foyal navy, by whom he had five sons, e^. ,8ii. jhe iMt four were .QODjmoue. 
two of whom^ are post captams m the Duppa RicHAao. ' 

navy, and two are in the army. In 1784 Joumtl of the mmt re^rkeUe Oeeurmeee thet 

he lost his first wife, and in 1788 mar- took place at Rome, upon< the Suhvenioa of the 

ried Mrs. Mayne, a widow lady, by Ecclesiastical poverni»e»t ill 1T9B, Sto. 1799- efter. 

whom he has no issue. He is the au- ^"^ "**•** «nlarfed, aod printed in 4lto.--Hfada 

thnr nf' ^^ Michael Angelo aad Kafiiello in the Vaticas, 

iu «!_i' . .^ . » *u w A.-* * o .* - »™P- fo'- 180S.— The Life and Literarv Works of 

The Vresent StMto of the ManulactttM of Salt Ex- mj!^k.*»i a»»i» -r..^..»v^s *-. JT f ««ii 1 V j 

1 • J -. .««« rx ..L /^ I'..' J Vt ^ Michael Angelo Buonarotti, imp. 4to. UDO. Sd ed. 

plained, Sro. 1785^<On the QuaUUca and Uses of jgjj , f ^^ »«vw. *» ^,^ 

CoaUar and Coal-Tarnish, Bvo. 1785.— A Treatise, ta,^..„ ¥^«.-. -Sir a i^ i n ii j> 

shewing the intimate connexion between agriculture fc ?, '., ^^' M. A. formerly Fell, of 

4nd chemistry, 4to. i795.~Thc Principles of Che- ^xeter CoU. Oxford, and afterwards Mas* 

misery applied to the Improvement of tfie Practice of ter of an Academy at Tring, Herts. 

Agricolture. 4co. 1799. Sermon preached at the Pariah Charch of TVing, Oft 

DuNLAPyWiLLIAM; an ingenious Ame- ^^ f"*t day, nsi. .. . ae ia> one en rariotts i^ 

rican artist, originally brea to the law, J**^' * ^- iTsa-nsi. 

some time proprietor of the New York „^^,**"=*/»; ^enry, Esq. formerly a 

theatre, author of several dramatic Member of the Insh Parliament 

pieces, printed in America, and of the JjT*'^ T. ^\ni ^'^f^' Vf ' '^"J*'' ^^' 

4- . % . ... ^ ^ . n . . . ^ . dress to the Kug, on propostng an amendment to 

Memoirs of ih. eelebrated Oeorge' Frederick Cooke, .^^^.^ ^s Majesty not ETSf-se entering intoTn^ 

S«i. late of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, S y. ««i«ion with fWmce, 8»o, 1705. 
8vo. pabltsbed in London in 1813. ^ *. jr a n 

IXuNN Lady. Durham, Bishop of, See Babrikctoit, 

The Benevolent Red use, qoy. < ▼. roj. ISmo. ^^^ ^^* 

DuMM, Edward. Durham, James Georoe, of Beae't 

atnctnres on Peace, 8vo. I7fl6.— The Investigator, or Coll. Cambridge. He obtained Sir Wm. 

Voiversiii Criterion of Knowledge, 8vo.i7gr.-The Brownc's medal for Greek and Latin 

^':r^:^7^.^^: dS ''I^'^^L Epigrams in 1799 and 1800 and Ihj Nor- 

Motions of the World phUosophicaiiy aocounted for, "sian pnze for 1804. He has pubhshed : 

28mo. 1700. CliristiRatty the Friend of Man, 8vo. 1808.— The Pfo> 

DcsN£, Charlrs, Mem. of the Roy. ^~*=" *>f ^^> • ^of™*"* w» Eesay, svo. lao*. 
CoJJ. of Surg. Siugeon in Chief of the Durnford. W. 
Medical Staff on the Gold Coast of *"•• ^^^•^'^^^^^''''P^^^'^^^- 
Africa, formerly ^rgeon of the AuxiU- ^,J^T?5* "[.^J^^J^^H*, 
ary Cavalry " . - - - -«..— — . ^_ _ 

Staff ia the 

royal navy. Duttoh. Hely . 

The Chirargical Candidate, or reflectfoos on the eda- observations on Lient. Jamee Areher's Stalktiaa 

catio. indispensable to complete navj, military, and ^^^ ^f ^ Coualy of Dnblin, 8vo. D«h. 1808. 
other surgeons, 8vo, 1808. ' u w 

Dunning, Richard, Surgeon and Se- Dutton, H. F. 

cretary to the Jennerian liistitution at ^^T^^V'J'f.^'l''^:?^^^^^''^!^ 

PlumXiith Tlo/'lr ■"** ^°° Fletcher) ihe Study of Qistoiy rendereA 

Observations on V.acctoatioo, or the Inoculated -rv. rri . a «# <.c ^ # 

Cow.Pbs. BVO. laoo^Miootee of Bsperiments to as- , DUTTON, ThoMAS, A.M. a native Of 

CM^taan the FermaneDtSecurity of Vaocieation, ISmo. I^Ondon born about 1767, educated at the 

18M. seminaries of the United Brethren at 

DuNsroRv, Martin, Merchant. Fulneck, in Yorkshire, and Niesky and 

Historical sfemoin of the Town and Parish of Tivor. Barby in Germany. On his return to 

ten^evon, 4to. 1790. ^ „ „ England he forsook that community, 

DuKSTER, Rev. Charles, A.M. Rector ^ncFsome years since proved a renegadf 

?Li^ 'f"^?K% v«rA-. K .. to his country, which he deserted fof 

The Frofrs. com. from the Greek of Arutophanea,4to. t> u tl .. i. .. • ..i_ ^ • 

i785.-Xaip.' Cider, a po«a. with no^svo. ngi. I^*"^^' ''^f f.® ^? took a part m that lO- 

—Milton's Wradnc Ke^ain d, with notes, 4to. 17^. ramoUS pubUcRUon i*e ArgU». He 1» 

•^-CoBsideratious on Miltoo'» early reading, ^nd the the author of : 

prima stamina of his Paradise Lost, together with A VindicatioQ of Paine*s A|e of R«a80n. in anaver t* 

«tlracti from • po«t of the l6th ctntvry, 8ve. ^80O.-« the Scrictaraa «f OUbert W«k«8eld and Dr. MaeltoJ^ 

eriy surgeon oi tne Auxiu- *^wio»,^vnxi, ^^* 

in Portugal of the Mpd Observations on the praaent high price of Provisions^ 

W ia^^Iax I rM 8VO. iSOO—TTie d»liw«it effecu of Peaeeand War, 

W. Indies, and Ute of the onthePrieeef BfeedK»ro,cona|d,ar«i.eeo. laoi. 






Svo. 1795. — Ariel, or • Fictve of the Human Heart, the Theory and Practire of B«nefol«&ce, 8vo. 179ft« — 
l£aw. 1796v— The Ufa and Opisions of Sahaldiu No- liemoirs of the Life »ad Writinffi^of Robert Robin. 

thaaker from the Geraan of Micolai, i v. L8ax>. 
1706-1798* — ^^he literary CeuMs, a uitirical povm, 
8vo. 1798<— I'i^ano in Pera from tiie German of Ko&- 
Mb«a, with note». 8vo. 1799.— The Wise Man of 'tlie 
JSaat, or the Apparitton of i£oroaster the Son of Oro- 
Maa«i to the Theatrical Midwife of Leii-r^ter Fields, 
a latir. poem, 6vo. IHOO — Sketch of the Chunicter of 
Oaorffe 111. 8vo. laoe. 


CompariaOD between the Idioms, &c. of the French 
and EuKlUh Languages, 12aM>. 18}2. 

Juvenile Essays, in verse. Itmo. 1B05. 

DwiOHT, Timothy, D. D. President of 

son, Diiuisierof a dissenting congregfition, tfambridgCy 
8vn. 17y6.-'Tiic Poei'» Fau, a poetical dialogue, 8vo. 
1797-— An £ni;Ii«h Prolague aiid EpUogoe to the 
LatiD comtdy of iKUoramus, written b> Geo. F. Rih^ 
gle, Fellow of ciare Mall, Cambridge, during the 
reign of K. James I. with notes relating to modem 
time», 8vo. 1797— Addreu to tlic People of G. Bri- 
tain, on the doctrine of Libels, and the office of 
Jurors, 8vo. 1799< — Poems and Critical Essays on 
various bmnchrs of poetiy, 9 v. 8^'o. 180S.— Poetics^ 
01 a series of poems and Jisquisiaons on poetry, £ v. 
cr. 8vo. 181S. — Four Letters on the English Coastit»> 
tion, 8vo. 181S. — Mr. D. has b' en for some jears 
making collections for a History of the Uni^'ersity 
and dilTprrnt Colle;;e$ of Cambridge, the speed/ pob- 

Yale Coll. America, born in the town of i,catio« of which has bee., announced. 
Nonhaniplon, State of Massachusetts, Dyke, T. Webb, Esq. Barrister at 
in 1752. He is the author of several Law, of Lincoln*s Inn. 
Sermons and Poetical Pieces, of which Verses and impromptus, tc. 8vo. isii. 

the following have been reprinted in 
London : 

The Conquest of Canaan, a poem. 8vo. (Hartford, 
Amer. 1785.) Load. 1786.— Giveiifield Hill, a poem, 
8vo. (New York, 17^) Lond. 1797. 

DWyer, p. VV. 

The Shield of Uie United Kingdom of G. Britain and 
Ireland, a poem. 4to. 1803. — The Soldi«ir of Fortuae, 
com. 8vo. no date. 

Dyde, W. Printer at Tewkesbury. 

Hilt, and Antiq. of Tewkesburj, 8vo. 1790. 8d ed. 
with considerable additions. 179&. 

Dyde, Rowland, Tewkesbury. 

Dymock, John. 

Ceesaiis Opera omnia, in usum SchoUe Glasgacniia, 
12ino. 1812. — Some time before, Mr. D. printed Ovid'a 
Met^iQiorphoses on d similar plan. 

Dyson. R. R. see Oldfield^H. G. 


Eadon, John, Teacher of Matbematica 
in the Free Writing and Grammar 
Schools, Sheffield. 

The Arithmetician's Guide, 17 . . .—The Arithnscti* 
Hie Unequal Balance tried by the Standard of Truth, cal and Mathematical Repository, being an improved 
IBM. System of Arithmetic, 8vo. 179S' 

Dyer, George, Bookseller, of Exeter^ Earle, Sir James, Knt F.R.S. Sup- 
a native of Devonshire. geon Extraordinary to his Majesty's per- 

A Restoration of the ancient modes of bestowing son aiid household, and Senior Surgeon 

names on Uie Rivers, Hills, Vallies, Plains and Set- t^ gj. Bartholomew's Ilospital, Sir J. if 
t^ts of Bntaln. not recorded by any author, 8vo. ^ ^^. ^^^ ^^. j^j^j^ p^fessional distinction; 

Dyer, George, A.B. of Clifford's Inn. ??<* ,t*J« ^/^^^s which he ha« .«idedto 

This gentleman, a popular writer of con- T®" » ^^?^}^\» as well as thconginal Tp»- 

sidcrable genius, and a pleasing poet, ^*e? which he has given to the worid, 

was educated at Christ's HospitaCand at »r^ Justly valued as the result of accurate 

Emanuel College, Cambridge. Mr. D. observation, and extensive practice, 

was intended for the church,^but having l^l, ^'tZr"' m' M*J'J'±i ^fi J2JLL^ 

/. . ' ,. • 1 '^ ot the A utlior, a Method ot curing the tfyarooBlc bj 

from conscientious motives relinquished injecUoi.. and occasional Kote., s v. 8vo. irgo. Wew 
all hopes of ecclesiastical prefennent, he ed. isos— a ireatise on the Hjdrooei/, svo. 1791. 

connected himself with the Baptists and Appendix to tlie preceding, Svo. 179s.— Practical 

for some years appeared as a preacher in ^"'9«rv«t:ons on Uie Operauon for Uie stooe, svo. 
the meeting-houses of various classes of i' ^':-?'T' h X* 7 !^^f ^T«CL IJLS^ 

• • . ^ TT 1. • I i_ Seine, in which the eflfcctof mechanical assistance ia 

dissenters. He then repaired to the me- considered; also an Essay on the means of leswuag 

tropolis, where he was at first, for a short tiie Effects or Fire on the Human Body, Svo. 1799.— 

time, engaged as a reporter of the De- -An Account of a New Mode of Operation for the 
bates or the H. of Commons, and has Removal of the Opacity of the Eye, called CAtaiac^ 

.ince employed himself In the businessof ?i:,CJ-"r^-;J:S'^^^^^^^^ 

pnvatC instruction, and in writing tor Excrescences. 8VO. fid cd. 

Reviews and other periodical works. Earle, Rev. Johk. 

He is the author of: Remarks on the Prefaces to the First and SaoM< 

An Enquiry into the nature of Subscription to the Volumes of Dr. Geddvs* Bible, ISmo. 1799- 
Thirty-nine Aritcles, 8vo. 1790, «d ed. greatly en- EaRLE, VVillIAM, jun. - In ieb. X814* 

l;?!i"2L'^^«'TJl^"'^*^T^l''"*'*'^ lie was sentenced to six months' iropri- 
'itno::X'Ltf^lSr';%';T^^^^ sonment in Newgate, and a fine of igl. 

of Thomas I>scbe Palmer, fi.D. lau Senior Fellow ror a most SCUmlouS and maUgnant libel 
of Qaeea'a Coll. Canh. Svo. 1794.— Di»ertati<n 00 OQ a respectable tradesman. 

J 8 14, EAR LIVniG AUTnonS. EDW 103 

The 'WcbhwM. rom. 4 ▼. M01.-Wtlrfi Let^enda, Letter, for Lltenuy tadie*. sm.aro Tk- i> 

l«mo. MOl-IWIte in Verse, 12mo. I803.-Obi. or «mf,A«i.t«nf,17i«tno. . . "p^n^i'^I^V 

Kaknbst, Robert, House Surgeon to «>"»' i® P»''t8, isoi.-CaitJe Psckreni, cr. 8>'o. isw 
the Sheffield General Infirmary. —Moral ThIcs for Young Pcopie, 3 v. icmo. isos — ' 

Reports of the Sute of Vaccinwion, 8vo. ITflT. B„ii?'r'l'''*°,l!i!* ^t! ^""^"^'^ ^" ^'"^ «» Irish 

m Wreth. or Mi«n«eo„, Foetid OleaoiBg., nor«, 2 .. cr. 8ro. IBtS^Lftles' of wI^^o^iT^; 
•~- **''• „ ^- '■»• «»o- *««. M ed. with V. 4^!l812.-P.^;: 

Earkshaw, Thomas. "gci. v.igmo.isu. 

Xxpluwiiom of Time Keeper*, conttrneted by him EdgewoRTH, Richard Lovell Vm 

•ad tbekte John Arnold, pub.Uhed by orterof the F.R.S. M.R.I. A. Civil Engineer' a ^n 

CooimMionenof Longitude. 4to. 1806.-An Appeal tieman of Con«»idprahl-. Iu«£5 ' ^ 

to ti.e Pnblic, .taUng the A^itbor's Claims to *the at prf^L^K T t .^ Property, 

ofigjnal Improvements in his TimcKeeper, 8V0. I8O9. .^^gCWOTth lown, Ireland, whcFC he 

EAST,Sir Edward Hvde, lately of the Taper^'in thi PA^/'l^ *"'^^^^ of several 
Inner Temple, Barrister at Law,ippoint. uTrovIH^I AcJd ^Ij 'a "^ 7^''?'"*?^ 
cd. in 1813, to succeed Sir HenryRus- cLS J^i^^^^ 

Court at Fort William, Bengal, on which a letter on the TeJcW. Id ;n the Defence of 
occasion he was knighted. ne>S long rreiand.8vo. 179& --Poitry explained; for Siea^ f^ 

been distineuished as an able reporter of J.*""*« P**op'«» 8*o- laoa.— Essays on Professional * 

Ca,seS in the King's Bench, at first in ^S*^^!°°' *?»• **«—An Essay on the Construction 

association with the late Chas. Durnford. xr ' Ca"^. a^o. 1013. 
Esq. and afterwards alone. vi^'/'''^''^' Robert. 

Reports of Case, ai^ned and determined I. the Court pll^I JoTSl'ISc; ^S^^^^ /S? «? 

of King-s Bench fmm Mich. Tenn. 26 Geo. III. to Lf Tl.efks '^X.^X^^ZT^'J^'' 

Tnn. Term, 40. Geo. IIL (in assoc with Mr. Burn- . Edkins Jn^fHii a 

fofdX 8 V. roy. ©vo. 179«.M(»— Reports of Cases in a Coll«rril« «f ?. . . , 

the Court of King's'Bencb,froB M^ Tem. 4X Geo. tJ^tT^^[ ^*^' "~*^' ^"^' ^ ''^^ 

III. 4 ▼. roy. 8ro.— A Treatise on the Pleas of the p * , ' a o tt '1 .1 

Crown, « V. 8vo. 1804.-A Report of tbe Cases of Sir - ^T °^'^' -^ ^urgeon, Uxbtldge. 

Ihuicis Burdeti, t. the Rt Hon. Oiarles Abbott, (ea- . ^**i" Malignant Sore Throat —An Ac- 

tracted from the Term-Reports). 8vo. 1811. ~"" ?' ^** ^"^ o^ <>«»t wlilch terminated in 

Eastcott, Rev. Richard, of Exeter. tT6::/w^^.!lA''^::;::r:l ^ i. '^ 

Sketche.oftheOrivn.Progf«s,.ndEffect.ofMa. Bread-Maktng. S^ro. isos '*'* "^ 

^i^JSto^fjT'''"'*''^'**"'*'^'^ "*" .v^'**'^^^'' ^- ^^°i»^f Of the Gospel, ' 
r> \^ T , Upton-upon-Sevcm. 

,, ^^'^ir-^'^ «"il «AAC, late a Book- a Scriptural Repre^ntatlon of the AboUtlon of the 
seller in Mlgll Holbom, now of Ave-Ma- '®"'^* Commandment, so far at it related to the Ob. ' 

ria Lane, sentenced in 1813 to two years ■J*^'*"^" "f • particular Day, and a ^^ndication of 
imprisonment in Newgate, for publish- L,VI ^,?**"®' J?* "^'^ ^« ^"^ ^*y « '^e sah. 
2/ the Third Part 1 Pane's V of ru^ro/SJliS^/^^Xr^^^^ Z 

;2^«^- B'^-"rks of Mfs. Ann AlK,p .kdhfr frieSZ I^ 

The Thie SenM and Meaning of tbe S^tcm of Na. MOl. 

ture,byHelveUu.,8T0.1811.^£stortions and Abuses EdmONSTONE, ARTHUR. M D FR Q 
in Newgat*. eahibited in a Memorial presented to the Edin « »^ », ^^. i^. T . It. ^. 

Lord Mayor, Feb. 15, 1813, 8vo. 181S.— Continuation An A^m»n» ^r.n o.»i..i-.(. w u 

of the Age of Reason. 1813. ^ Account of an OpthalmU whtch appewed in th« 

^tge Of Aowm, wi J. Argyleshire /endbles in 1808, with Observations on 

J!.ATOK, OaviD. the Egyptian Opthnlmia. 8vo. WW—A TVpatise ou 

Scnptore tite only Guide to Religious Truth ; a Nar- the Varieties. Conaequetxces. and Treatment of Onth. 

rmtlire of the Proceedings of Uie Sodety of Baptists tni^ »vo. 1808.-A View of the Ancient and Tr^t 

te Tork, 8TO. 1800, 8d od. I8O9.— Lrtter. to John 8t»t« of the ;Setlaud Islands, «t. 8vo. 1810 
Gi»bmn, in nswer to hU Defence of Scripture Doc- EdmoNSTONE, W ILL? AM, Sureeon 

mne%a.,mder.too4bythcChu«Aof Engiand. and On the Prevention of an Evil ilghly^^^^ 

•f the Baptists m York, 8to. 1801. y.Ise Criticiun Analysed, 8vo. 1783. 

Ede, James, Goldsmith. Edmunds-, Ricbai^d, Esq. one of the 

1T» Gold and SiWeisfnith's Calcnlator, sq. l2mo. Attomies of the Office of Plcas in the 

laofiw-Aiuials of Europe from the Dtamemberment Court of Exchequer. 

of the Roman Empire, S t. l«mo. I8O9. The Solicitor's Guide to the Practice of the 00m of 

Edgeworth, Maria, daughter of Rich- ^^T *** ^^ ^**"JJ ^^ Exchequer, svo. 179*. 
ard Lov^U E. Esq. and one of the most rr^.^^^'^/il^^^^^' 
mgemous feniale writers of the present '\';Zl':I:^isir'^'''^' 

Lii. CmL ******* '"** *''*^ **"' ***** **^' ^'^' 


106 »DW LIT£»A»Y CALEVDAlt. BLD 1814. 

Edwards, Rev. Edwarb, A.M. View recently written, no niks of English pro- 
of Llanarman in Yall, and Curate of sody were needed^^ ,^,^ _^,,,,,„^ ,* 

Wrexham in the Di-se ^^f ^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^L^:':^\rtU:f 'ti^^ 

BrowDe W.llui> Survey of f '' A«P^' *"*"«^f 'T pron«nciatio» o«ly b i»»tt»d. aod the len«li, 

bn»ug»il dowu lo theprceat um.. with • Ufo of the ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ i,\,notic«<l. laW-^pecimens of 

Author, «v. 8vo. 1808. CnflUlL. Englbh Don-«cceutuat«d Verwj, or Verse mmsured; 

Edwards, GeORSE, A1.U. OI aunoiK- ^^th. regard hadsoWy to the length of time reqaiwd 

Street, Charing-Cross. This .^^ ^^^ pronunciation of syllables, the accent and em- 
advertises himself as ** the Author Ot the phasisi Uemg entirely unnoticed, 1813. 

Income or Properly Tax," which very Edwards, Sydenham, Esq. F.L.S. 

few would consider as an enviable dis- Sixty-one Plate* repreaentiog about 150 Rare Plut^, 

tinction. His publications savor more 4io. iw9. t t t\ ««« ^.f *>,« 

stron<^lv of visionary theory than sound , Edwards, Thomas, LL.D. son of the 
strongly OI ^^'j^'J; ^ i^^ Dr^ Thomas E. who was an excellent 

ittA;Siet?.n5K;^^^^^ classical scholar, and editor of Theocri- 

Britain, 2 v. «o. 1787.— The Royal and Conatitutional tUS. lie was educated at TnU. Hall, Cam- 

Hefeoeration of Great Britain. « v. 4to. 1790— The bridge, of which he became a Tcllow, 

practical Means of effectually cAoneraUng the public ^^^ ^^^y. j^^^j orders, but forsook thc 

B«rthcns.ofp.yijgthe National Debt aa^^^^^ church fof the Study of the civil laW. He 

thc Supplies of War wiihout new Taxes, 4to. 1790.— ^» " ur i j 

Thc great and imiK>runt Discovery of the 18lh ceo- has publislicd : 

turT and thc means of setting ripht the National PluUichi de educaUone Uberorum hber <5r. «t I**- 

Afliir» 8vo 1791 —The Descriptions and Characters cuw notisetanhnadversionibua.Svo. 1791 -— *>»<»»"• 

of Uie diffe^nt Diseaw^s of the Unman Body; being on the limito and importance of free »»<l«'|7 « "^ 

the first volume of the Fruoklii.ian Improvement of teraof Religion ; with a postscript on Groek Aroenta^ 

Medicine 4to. 17Q1.-Effectual Means of providing 8vo. 179«.-Rt^n^»«>i» on ^5- KipUngs Freface lo 

aninsl tie Distre« apprehended from the scarcity Beaa. 8vo. 1793 -Reports of Case, m U>e Court rf 

•nd hiib price of different artieles of food, 8vo. 1800. Admiralty, commencmg with the JudgmenU of the 

!!!p«5icil means of cou.UWting the present muu-- Rt. Hou. S,r Wm. Scolt. Easrer Term. IWB. ▼. I. pt. 

dtrand preventing famine in future, 8vo. 1801.- 1 & «. 1810-11. -Reports of the leading Deajtens ui 

T^'polkiSlIatereJu of Or«t Britain. Bvo. 1801- tl« Court of Admiralty in cases of veuels ..aing « 

Peace on EarUi and good-will towards men. or the der BriUsh licences, roy. Sro. IBIS. 

civil, political, and religious means of establuhing the EdY, J. M. D. 

Kingdom ot God upon earth, 8vo, 1805.— Meaauret Tnsfructions for the relief and cure of Ruptum; 

ns well as Men; or the present and future interests with engravings of instruments invented, made, and 

of Great BriUin. 8vo. 1806.— A plain Speech to the improved by the author, for the varioiu infirmities and 

Imperial Pari, of G. Britain, 8vo. I8O7.— Means ade- deformities of the human body, 8fO. 1801. 

qoate to tlie present Crisis, 8vo. I8O7.— The Disco- ^^y, JohN WilLIAM. 

very of the true and natural Ei* of mankind, 8vo. pieturesque Views and Scenery la Norway, pt I. (to 

1807— 'Die Kationnl Improvement of the Brit. Em- ^ completed in eight parts), fol. 1818. 

pire, or an Attempt to rectify Public Affairs, 2 v. 8»o. EOERTON, Honblc. and RcV. FraVCIS 

"^ re,.»« KnTi fu» Noel Henrt, M.A. F.R.S. and F.S.A. P»- 

Edwards, Gerard Noel, see Noel, ^cndar^of Durham, and Rector of W bit- 

y^^^^^^^ Esj of Old Court, K^a;^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Si^^iJ^L^f J?:^^^^^^ • Sophia,'daughter If Henjy Grey Dije 

iHLTfTm an m^deJTirish tradition. 4to. 1808.- of Kent ; and brother and heir-app«ent 

Abradatea and Panthea, timg. 8vo. 1808. tO the Earl of BndMwatef. In VOJ. ^ Vlll. 

Edwards, John, son of a shoe-maker, of the IVcn*. of the Soc^ of Arts, is a de- 
born about 1772, at Fulneck, near Leeds, scription from his pen c f the underground 
Yorkshire; bred a shalloon-weaver, now inclined plane, executed at Walkden- 
in the spirit-trade at Derby. Moor, in Lancashire, by the la^ Duke 

All Saints Church, Derby, a poem, 4to. I8O6. of Bridgewater ; bcsides whlCD, he Otf 

Edwards, P. U. E«q. published : 

The Imperial Conspirator Overthrowu, a serio^bor- Euripidis llippolytus, Or. cum schoKia venioue !*• 
Icique performance, 8vo. 1808. ttna, variis lectionibus Valckanari aeCia integris •• 

Edwards, Richard, B.A. of Great seiectis aiiorum quibus suae adjedt, 4to. 179&— I'f^ 

Russell-Street Bloomsbury ; the author of Lord chancellor Efertoo, (printed for private 4m 

of ^me tract, wUich cr^te ve^r strong '^^tZr. John. Esq. . 

collected from the opening sentence of ^^^^^.^ ^ >^ \r»maated interiineariy. mw. 

the first of them, where he says ;— •This igj,^ 

subject must be naturally brief, for, as Elder, . 

there were no poems in verse in the Eng- Analysis of the Oliaracter and Coadvct of Wtm^ 
lish lan^'Uage before those which I have parte, from the Fr. of Daaoarici,»t«. IWT. 

ElBT, Rev. E. S* Mr. Way't tnuritUoii of Le GnniTt F«Mi«ix, pub* 

Tbits of Mercy, ISsuo, 1813. lUbed in 2 v. 8vo. 1800. 

Elgak, T. . Ellis, Henry, F.R.S. one of the Se- 

Tl» hsien Farm-HoaM, . . ngj^ CKtaries of the Society of Antiquaries, 

Eliot, Francis Perceval, formerly and Keeper of the MSS. in the British 

Mjyor in the Staffordshire Volunteer Ca-' Museum, formerly Fell, of St. John's 

▼alr^, now one of the Commissioners for Coll. Oxford. 

auditing Public Accounts. '^he Hi^itory and AnUquities of tlie Parish of St. Lao- 

JLctten on the subject of the ann«d Yeomanry, Bvo. "*"^^» Shoreditch, and Liberty of* Norton Falgate, 

179*« --1^«»w»siration, or Financial Remarks, 8vo. *to. 1798.— Fabyan's Chronicles, with a biographical 

1800. — Observations on the fallacy of the tupposed preface, roy. 4to. 1811.— Hardy ng's Chronicle, with 

J>epndai6aa of the Paper Curreaey, 8to. 1811. * biographical and literary prefiMe, roy. 4to. 1819.-* 

Eliot, William Granville, Captain ^"*»d'» Pop^iw Antiquities, revised, with addiUoiu, 

in the ROV Artillery- "^ 2 v. 4to. .ISIS.— Mr. E. has likewise contributed V*. 

A l^tise o; the DirfBmi'of Portngrf, avo! 1810, 3d ^ut^T^^^^'*' ^ n'T a '^'^ ^'«*^*««'' ^^- 

^ -g- J ' * ' relative to Ibe co. of Oxford. 

Elizabeth, H.R.H. the Princess, third t,. .^i^"*' ^^'!:V''f ' ^'^^''^?'- ..^ 

^AtwhtP^r nf thpir Mni^vtipc \u^rr^ tr-rn ^^ CampaSM of London, or views m the different 

aaUgUt£r 01 incir Majesties, Dorn 1770, parishes within the circumference of 25 miles from 

fSCC BURGES, Sir J. B. CoOMBE, Wm. and that metropolis, with some account of thehisteryand 

I^AliK, T.) Besides the works mentioned topography of each parish, and Mogiiiphical anee- 

under those names which orij^inated with ****'** **^ persons who have ^^ided in them, 4to. 

^ - l79l-«. 

Lewes, before 
h«r friends. -^ . . . ,' Elliston, Robert William, son of a 

Th' Power and Progress of Genius, m a series of 21 «,o*.«i,^„l,^» «« j !,«-... ; -••-...• /^ 

Etchings, Ibi. 1806. watchmaker, and born in 1774 in Orange 

Elliot Miss. Street, Bloomsbury. He was educated 

Fancy's Wreath, a collection of original ftbles and al- ** St. Paul's School, at thc expense of 

i^forieai uies, to proae and vene, fc 8vo. 1813. ^Hs uncle. Dr. £. late Master of Sidney 

Elliot, £. of Rotherbam. Sussex College, Cambridge, who intend- 

A Paraphrase on the Book of Job, agreeable to Uie ed him for the church; but he left that 

.e^ of uie«M»>d Teat, i2mo. 1T92. seminary in 1790, without the consent 

Elliot, Thomas. of his friends, and betook himself to the 

Klemfntary Lectures on Chemistry and Nat. Hbl. o»oo.« T« i^/wi ko «.„«-;«.i tit: ^ i> 

fromUieFrenchofPoun:ro,,witiiaddiaon.,2v.^vo. f^^^' Jn 1T96 he mamed Miss Run- 
1788. dail, who belonged to the Bath com- 

Elliott, R. A.B. formerly of Bennet P*"y> and by whom he has a large fe^ 
Coll. Cambridge. ^^h- Since 1804 Mr. E. has been en- 

Adviee to Chrisdan Parents, relative to the training gaged at Drury Lane theatre ; and, On 

and governing of their Children, 8vo. 1813. the recent destruction of that house, he 

Ellis, Chaales Thomas, of the Inner took the Royal Circus, which he has 
Temple, Solicitor, and Parliament Agent, named « The Surrey Theatre." Besides 
Hm fioiieitor'a Instructor m Parliament, with an ap. these engagements, he has also upon bis 
!!;2::t^"*irjk;rd";^^^^ hands, according to the public prints, 

in PwUament, comprising The standing orders of both ^^tley s Pavilion, the Birmingham the- 

HooMS. relative to applying for and passing bills in atre, and a bookseller S shop at Bris- 

general, 8vo. 1802. 2d ed. with additions to 1810, tol. lie IS introduced here as having 
i«o- published : 

Ellis, Daniel. •m/et Venetian Outlaw, a drama, adapted to the £ng. 

An luqniry into the Changes induced on atmosphene lish stage, 8vo. 180A. 

.tab, tb. ten.iB.tion of Mod,, tb. regebtion of EiMOBE, H. M. formerly Commander 
jtou. »d the mpinoon of .m«.i.. i p«u. 8v.. ^f ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ Indiaman. 

1?T r TB P ~ "^^^ British Mariner's Directory and Ooide to the 

JiLLIS, Kjt. , ^^ ^ ^ , V j^ Trade and Navigation of the IndUn and Chlaiaeai, 

MasBOir of a Bfcp of the Countrins comprehended .. .^.^ 
be t wet u the Black Sc« and the Casfrfaa, with an ' ' t n 

aeeoaat of the Caucaaiaa nations, and a voeabnlery ILLRINGTON, JOHN BaTERSBY. 

of their langnagea, 4to. 1T88. ConfessioDs in Elysium, from che German or Wieland; 

ELi.j,GEOKOvEsqco,«in to Charles ^ '^r-^-S ■H^^^^e'^T'S^': 
Rose ElUs, Esq. M.P. for Seaford. sediey Em} 

terb.'laS'.o^ir..rJLr.«rp;rdr« , E^ino™n T„oma, DD. M.R.LA. 
historical sketch of the rise and proeress cf Uie Eng- late Seuior Fellow and Professor of Ma^ 

lish poetry and Language, 3d ed. 1804.— Mr. E. also thematics in Trinity Coll. Dublin. 
fnr^alM^the ptvface, notes, and appendix to the late Svraona praavhed ia the Chapel of Trinity CoU«fr« 






DuUio, 8to. 1796. — UHlMtions on die Bj^pomtiDcnt 
or' Dr. .^JJlue^ as Uie pKliticai bsont of the Romiii 
Cathulic Ciergy of IieUiul, 8vo. iaO().— Thf> Cl^f^y 
of tiie Chuidi of England uatj ordained, livo. ItiOtf. 

£lsam, Richard, Architect. 

An tUwiy uu RuritI Ardiitcccuie, beinjian attemptto 
refurc Uie piiuripic^ of MaltoM'» Lmay^on Collage 
Architectuie. 4to. IfiOI. 

Elsdali:, Rev. .Samuel, A.M. lute 
FeliuOir of Lincuin College, Oxford. He 
published, for the benetit of the Lunatic 
Asylum at Lincoln, to which he has paid 
80 guineas on account of the first two 
editions : 

Dettlh, Juilt;incnt, Heaven, and lletl, a poooi, 8vo. 
1812. Sd ed. WIS. 

Else, MisA Avne. 

Tlie Lays of Caruth, and other poems. 

£l.s£, E. clerk to the Bath comons- 
sioneis ol the income tax. 

Tbe Incone Act Explained, 180*. 

Elsokt, Jane. 

Homaace of the Castle, « v. ISmo. 1799-— Tlie yilhse 
Eoaance, nor. t v. 1808. 

Elstob, — — . 
Trip 1o Kilkenny from Dariiam, by way of Wbitr- 
Iiaven and Dublin in 1776. 8ro. 177B* 

£ls70b, William, rector of 
SheitoOy and a magistrate ior Bedtord- 

A Sermon Preached in the Pamii Chuirh of Ouudle, 
on the aonnciMry of the chmCios founded by the 
Rev. Nicliolas Latham, 4 to. 1811. 

Elton, Rev. Sir Abraham, Bart. A.M. 
succeeded to the title on tlie death of his 
father in 1790. He married in 1776 
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir John 
Durbin, merchant and ahlerman of Bris- 
tol, and resides at Cleveland Court, So- 

Letter to Thomas Bore. Rector of Butoombe, oeca. 
•ioned by hit unwarrantable attack on Mn. Hannah 
More, with an nppendiz, oontaininf documants 
relative CD the proceedings at Blngdoa, Bvo. luOO. 

Elton, Charles Abraham, Esq. Cap- 
tain in the48tli foot, only son of the pre- 
ceding, bom 1778. 

Poems, fc. 8vn. 1804.— The Remains of He»iod, 
translated into English verse, fc. 8to . I8O9.— Tales of 
Romance, with otlier poems, fc. Bro. 1810. 

EMER.SON, John Swift, Esq. 

The Proceodings of the Court of Exchequer in Ire> 
laiMi, in Che case of tho Hon. Mr. Justice Johnson, 

Emltv; Henry. 

Propoaition for a }few Order of Archltectare, with 
rules for drawing the several parts, fol. 1782. 

Emmett, Thomas Addis, born in Ire- 
land, bred to the law. Having deeply 
involved himself in the treasonable de- 
signs of the United Irishmen, he was 
one of those who were permitted by 
the lenity of government, to transport 
themselves from their native coun- 
try, on which he established hiro« 
self in the United States of America, 

where he now practises as a counsellor 
at law. His younger brother, Robert, 
was executed In 1803, as the instigator 
of the insurrection at Dublin, in which 
the lives of Lord Kilwaidcn and several 
other persons were sacrificeQ. In asso- 
ciation with Dr. William James Mac-k 
Nevin, a worthy colleague in his con- 
. spiracy and expatriation, he has published 
in America : 

Pieces of Irish History, illostrative of the eonditioa 
of the CaUiolics of Ireland, 180? • 

Emmons, Nathaniel. 

Sermons ou some of Uie lint principles and docCiiiiaa 
of true religion, 8vo. 1800. 

Ekpicld, William, A.M. 

A New Pionouncing Dictionary, 18mo. 1807. — ^Kcv 
EncyrlopBidta, 10 v. ISmo. 1809-lBlI. 

Engllbacu, Re in hard, clerk in the 
Commissary in Chiefs office ; son of L. 
Engelbach, Esq. of the Audit office, boru. 
about 1796. 

How to Die ior Lore, a farce, adapted from the Ger- 
man ot KotiSehue, 8vo. 1812. 

ExGLEFiELD,Sir Henry Charles, Bart 
F.R. and A.S. eldest son of Sir Henry E. 
by his second wife, Catherine, daughter 
of Sir Charles Bucke, Bart, succeeded 
his father in 1780. This gentleman is 
distinguished for his attachment to phi- 
losophical pursuits, and resides at White 
Knights, near Reading. Besides varioos 
papers in the PML Trans. Archaolo^^ 
frans. of the Linn, Soc» and periodical 
journals, he has written : 

Tables of the apparent places of the comet of VB6l, 
^ whose return is expected in 1789; with a new mc- 
Uiod of usius Uic reticule rlioiuboid, 4to. 1788. — Let- 
ter to liie auUjnr of the Review of the Case of the 
ProtesUut Dissenters, 8vo. 1790. — Ou the deiemiua. 
tion of tlie orbits of comets, accordiog to the metliods 
of Fatliar Boscovkh, and Do la Place, 4to. 179S^-A 
walk ihroug^i Southampton, with plates of its anti- 
quities. 8vo. 1801. 

English, John, Esq. of Blackwood 


The Gray Friar, and the Black Spirit of the Wye, ron. 
t V. 12mo. 1810. 

English, John George, formerly 
teacher of the mathematics in the royal 

The First Principles of Arithmetic, with a eoB^cfr> 
dium of book-keeping, ISmo. 1795. 

Ensor, George, Esq. 

TIm Principles of Uorality, 8vo. 1801.— The Indo- 
pendent Man, or an essay on the formation and de- 
velopement of those principles and faculties of the 
human mind, which constitute moral and iniellectoal 
excellence, S v. 8ro. 18U8. — On nalioual govern- 
ment, 8 ▼. 8to. 1810. — On national education. 8«o. 
1811.— Defects of the English hiws and ulbaoala, 
8vo. 181£. 

Erskine, Charles, Surgeon. 

Hie Institutes of the Medicinal Pathology of Gan- 
bins translated, 8re^ 177S«~Th« Syphilitic Physi. 
ciaa, ISmo. 1808. 


£RSKiN£(TuoMAs£RSKTNE)Jiord,third a few months after its publication. It is 
and YouDgest son of the late, and brother emitled : 

of the present Earl of Bnchan. He was a Viow of the Causes and Conseqae&ces of the Pre- 

bom about 1750, and educated partly at »«»t War with Fiance, Bvo.ngr. 

the High School, Edinburgh, and partly „ Espinasse, Isaac, E^q. of Gray's Inn, 

at the University of St. AndrcVs. He ?*J"^*,®7f. ^j^^- ,,^ ,^, ^,^ 

• . _ii . _^ 1 "^ J ^L ^ «„,., 1 mU'./.'U Ua a Digest of the Law of Actions and Trials at Hisi 

orijginally embraced the naval, which he „„% ^ g,„ ^ ,j 1T9B.-R.p0rt. of cJ. 
quitted for the mihtary protessioii, but .^^ „ vm priot io the eeum of King-. Bach 
left that also young; and, after re)>iaiiig ud cunnnon pims, from euter trnn, 3s Cm. iii. 
for a short tiijie at Cambridge, went to «» Trinity t»rm, « ueo. 111. ». i-6. nj. sro. 179*. 
IJncoln's Inn, and qualified hiraselt for is"— » rreau« on «.» l»w of Action, on Peuj 
the bar, to which he was called in 1778. ^v^'""\?Z''r-.„i. „„„ „<• .u 
Here he immediately became disrin- ji^t ^^}£,ffhJ (ZSL^? 
gui»hed for hi8 oratiry at the Uial of Reading Chaplauis at .he Chapel Royal, 

Sdmiral Keppel, and rose to that com- J^!'"*^ * % ,^'«* ^^^^^l V^T !5 
manding steUon which he ever after- ,\5f "^"'"l"^* "^ *«= Morning Post and 
wards retained during his continuance at ^^"'^'^ ."rH'^'P-T' T^ '"'* P"?™^."^ = k 

^1 ^ T --,«®i_ • .. 1 My Own Life, 8vo. 1787.— A Jouraej »n 1793 through 

the bar. In 17»3 he was appointed Flanders, Brabant, and Germany, to Switzerland, Svo. 

King's Counsel, and Atioruey-Gene- 17^. 

ral to the Prince of Wales, from Este, M. L. Esq. late Lecturer on 
which last situation however, be was Animated Nature and the Philosophy of 
removed for refusing to give up a pro- Animal Economy at the Royal Institu- 
fcssional retainer on the trial of Thomas tion. Member of the Royal College of 
Paine. To this office he was restored in Surgeons, Loudon, and of several other 
1809, and invested with that of Chan- learned societies, foreign as well as Bri- 
cellor to his Royal Highness, and Keeper tish. 

of the Seals for lilC Duchy of Cornwall. Letter coDeemioK the Rojal and othei Seientifie 
In 1804 he accepted the command of "»»t»tutionSp «vo. ISIO.— Cursory Remarks oa conu. 

the corps of volunteers formed under the ^"^ ''^ !•*»«" ^^""'f PV?*^**' JJVn; . 
name of the Law Association, and in .^k'^"?' -^"f-^ ^;i^"' H^^' ^Z'^^' 
1806 elevated to the peerage, and in- of the Dissentmg Chapel, Lewm's Mead, 

▼ested with the important fonctions of ?Ji!,vIill ^, b.....u^ w.i;^^- ^a .— ;. 1 -1 

w J WW i_ r^i. fi J o^^ 1 ^r Evidences of Revealed Reliffion, and particnlarlj 

Lor4 High ChanccUor, and Speaker of Christianity, stated, with reference to i pamphlet 
the House of Lords, which he resigned called •< The Age of Reason." in a discoune. 8VO. 
on the change of administration in the 1796^The nature and the causes of Atheism. 8to. 
following year. In 1T70 he married 17gr.—8«pmons by David Jardine. of Bath, poWishwl 

who died in 1805, aud by whom he had Discourses on tnaversal Rotation, Svo. 181S. 

issue, lour sons, and fouf dirtighters. The Ethplstom, Rev. Chablbs Wicksted, 

eldest of the former was UteW Envoy A.M. Rector of Worthenbury. 

Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten- a Pindanc ode to the Genius of Bnuin, 4to. laos^ 

tiary to the United States of America, — The soidde, with other poems, 8vo.i8o».—Addresa 

and M.P. for Portsmouth, which Lord E. <J««vered in U»e Ex<^se room, Manchester, to a 

himself n.p«sented from. 1783 to 1806 ^^-Z^^XZ':r^n1^^:^:r^ 
It IS said that many fugitive pieces of pUnoftheRrv.Dr. Ben.4to.i8«. 
poetry, the production of Ix)rd E/s pen, Etherinoton, Rev. Thomas, A.M. 
are in circulation among his friends; Lecturer of St. Michael's, Cornhill. 

and that while in the army, he wrote a Semoa on occasion of the General Fast. 8v«w 

on the subject of an increase of its pay. laoe. 

Five volumes of his speeches, when at Eton, William, Esq. formerW British 
the bar, have lately been collected and Consul at Bassora, and aflerwards Super- 
published by Ridgway ; but, though un- intendant of the Quarantine Department 
fuestionably authentic, they can scarcely at Malta. Besides a few papers in the 
e considered as a work of which his PhiL Mag. he has written : 

lordship may be termed the ««*A<jr, as survey of the Turkish Empl«,8vo.l79B.-Anthen. 
aE.^« «r.^ .^i* «..*;«-te«« k« liim kii» #l«- tic Matarials for a History of the People of Malta, 
theywere not wntten by him, but d^ 9^. woe-I^A Letter on the PoUtical ReUtions of 

hvered without having l>een previously ^^^^ ^^^^ isor.-To his pen is also sM^rihed: "A 

composed. His only avowed publication Condse Account of the Conunerc« and Navigation of 

is a pamphlet, which had an unprece- the Black Sea.8vo.iao6. 

dented sale, no fewer than forty-eight £TTaicK,Rev. W: A.M. late Fellow of 

editions of it b»viiig been printed within Unlvenity Coll. O&ford. 


The 8«oon4 ExodM, or reflectioni on the prophedct Worthing, ISiao. 1805.— The Poetic Garland, Itmo. 

•f the last tioMa, falfillod by lata eirents, and now 1806.— The Paruaasian Garland, or beauties or moderm 

AilfilUttg, S T. 8to. 181 1-18. po«trj, Mmo. 1807.— Flowers of Poetry, Mmo. 

Eustace, Rev. John CokTWODE, a Ca- —The Proaaic Oarlaod, t4Bao^-A aennon at the 

thoUc clerKymaO, who travelled as lU- ^^"^^9 of anew ploeeof wortUp,Cranbrook,eni. 

«^. - :t.k »» »^:»klA i.^imr. »An*lA>nan ^^ 1806.— SotaBon oo bf^wlf of the Lancastertan ayateaa 

tor with an amiable >oung geut eman of of odocatingthe poor,8To. i80B.-An add»». on the 

the name of Roche, since deceased, baptism of Isaac LitUeUr, a converted Jew, 8to. 
Havine, in 1801, fallen in company IBOB.— a letter to Robert Hawker, D.D. suggested bj 
with iiOrd BruWnlow and Mr. Rush- ^*" defence of the London Female Penitentiary, 8vo. 

brooke at Vicuna, they all resolved to 1809,-A New Geogra|>hicai Grammar, a v. 8«o. 
undertake together the tour of luly, ^;Z2lJt''^l^Z^n^!!^a t^^""!.*!!^** 

... , o !■ 1. J *.!_ r 11 • iniprovement, a sermon, 8vo. I8O9. — An addresa oa 

which they accomplished the tollOWing the interment of Stephen LowdcU. Esq. ew. laog.— 

J ear, and which forms the subject of a Seimoo on the deaUi of the Princess AmeJia, 8vo. 

Ir. £.'S last elegant publication. He ISlC-^BcUsious liberty the offspring of Christiamtj, 

has written : * sermon on the rejection of Lord Sidmoath's UUp 

An Elegy to the Memory of the Rt. Hon. E<lmond *^*»- Wll.-The ChrisUan Minister's ReuospecS, n 

Bnrke, 4to. ITW—Answer to the Charge of ihe *™*»" preached at Worsliip Street, on Uie SOth 

Btobop of Lincoln, at the visitation in 18W, iio. *wi«ven«ry of his ministiy, Nov. S, 1811. 8vo.-The 

lBlS.-AClasaicai Tour through Italy,«v.4to. 1813. Superior Glory of the Second Temple, a Sermon 

PvAvrr MiaaA preached at the opening of Salem Chapel, King*a 

»^ t a Von- ^y^^' '■"• *• *»>«. 8vo.— Protesuntbm and Popery 

roems, tc. Bvo. WOS. iUostiatcd in two letters from a Catholic Priest, with 

£VAKS,Rev. David, Assistant Minis- reniarks,8vo.l81fi. ad ed.-A sermon on the decease of 

ter of Oxford Chapel, Cavendish Square. John Brrnt, E^q. Bvo. ISIS.— a Sermon on the decease 

A Sermon preached on. the Thanksgiving Day. Dec. 5, of the Rev. Hugh Worthington, 8vu. 1813. — Complete 

1086, avo. 1805. reKfnous liberty vindicated, in a letter respecting the 

£VANS, JOHK, M.D. Fell, of the Med. petition for the abolition of all penal stetutea in mac 

Soc. EdinUireh, son of the tate John '^" '^ religion, svo. isis. sd ed.— »fr. £. is aiao 
E. Esq. of Llewenygroes. «.thor of the ^^^^f^, Tl^'IZtiTJ! l'^" i^^': 

first accurate survey Ol North Wales. Brooke's Dialogae between a Lady and her Pupils, 

The Bees, a poem, Book 1-3, 4to. 1806-1819. describing n journey thrwi«h England and Wales, 

£VAKS, Rev. John, A.M. bom at 3d ed. enlarged, ISmo.; and Crosby's Chcteiam 

Usk, Monmouthshire, 1767, educated at Lady's PockeUBook, whidi appears aanaally. 

the Dissenting Academy, Bristol, whence Evans, Rev. John, B.A. late of Jeaua 

lie removed in 1787 to King*s College, College, Oxfonl, Master of the Academy, 

Aberdeen. In November, 1791, he set- i^wer Park Row, Bristol, 

tied in London, and has ever since ot- ^ '^*""" ^«"f'«»«h part of North waies, svo. laoo.— 

ficiated as Morning Preacher at the Bap- Jl^"*" *,""*» ^"""k * .^"^ »" ^"^J ,^»[" ^ 

*i^ ItM^.^,^ Wrx^k;. &»•««* o«-l uIc ^*»3,8vo.l8(H.- War not inconsistent with Christie 

tist Meeting, Worship Street, and has «,ity, a discourse, bvo. lafl*.-! he Doctrine of Phi- 

also for many years conducted a semi- loeephlcal Keeesstty considered, in reference to it* 
nary for the education of youth in Pul- tendency. laoo^-The Pondcier, a swes of esceysy 

lin's Rowy Islington. His publications ^'^' ^^^* 

are : ^^ A^^ Robert, M. A . 

AaiddriiM, tireigmid t9 pranote a iwival among Ihe ^® Dream, or Noble Cambrians, 2 v. l2nio. 1801. 
Oeaerml Btftials, Umo. 1703.— Juvenile pieoes, de. KvANS, R.H. Bookseller, Pall Mall, 

•igned for jooth of both sejtes, ISmo. 1793.5th ed.~- Old Ballads, collected by Tlinmas Evans, and revised i 

A hdef sketch of the denominations into ^hidi the ^ ^ wo, 4 v. cr. 8vo. 1810. 
Christian worid is divided, ISmo. 1794. IStb ed . 1811. £v A N S, Thom AS, A ttoiney at Law. 

~A sequel to the sketch, l&mo. 179^> 4th ed. 1806 — Refutation ef Lioguet's Memoin of the BwriUe, Bvo. 

A Sennon on the death of Dis. Kippis, Stennett, and 1783.— Letter on the Actual State of die inferior Oft. 

Harris, Bvo. 1799 — Sermon on the decnase of Charles cers and Seamen of his Majesty's Navy, 8vo. 1791. 
Bulkley, ©vo. 17OT.— An apology for hnman nature, EvANS,THOMAS,of RhvadrCUV. ioRad- 

bythelnteCharlesBultley, with a prefatory address, nopshire 

l<mo.l797'— An attempt to account fo^ the infidelity r-.^uJt t'-i *•• i* ^ • . . 

•f the kite Mr. Gibbon, founded on his own memoirs^ ^^^J" ^2*™^'. ""^^^^^ii* *" ^J'^"2? "1 ^ 

».».1797.-M»fei reflection, suggested by a view of K^JT^Sw' ,^'^'7, .^'^^^'^^^ 

fcoadon from lb. Monon^t, iSTo. wi^-On the il^ w! V* JL "Sli^f J"?-^^^ l"*S 

%iucatlon of j^outh, l£mo. 1798. 5th ed.-Tn epitome !!?tJ^S:;,^^"*"' »7«^ l«"«>-«*-K«8«* 

of geography. Kmo. 1801. «d ed. 1808.-Aa address ^J^^ Di^onary, Itoo. 18Wk 
to young people on the necessity and importance of . *'^ANa, vvilliam UAVCDy 1.SQ. tSai- 

feiigion, i2mo. 1801 Sermon on the Peace of nster at l^aw, recently appointed Stipen* 

Amiens,8vo. 1809. Sd ed Sennon on tiie threatened diary Magistrate o( Manchester. 

invasion, 8vo. 1803.— The Juveuile Tourist, or ex- Selkeld's Reports of Cases adjudged in the KJng'n 

tiunions throngh wioos parts of Great Britsin,8vo. Bench, 6th ed. with large additions, 3 v. roy. 8vo. 

1803. Sd ed.— Tlie unhappy eflfects of pnthoriasm and 1795.— £ssays on the action for money lent and ra» 

iuperstitioQ, a scripon, 8vo. ia04.—The destraction of ceived ; on the law of assurances, and on the lawn of 

the combined fleets of France and Spain, a sennon on bUla of escliange and pRMntsaoryi notes, 8«o. 1808.—* 

*t vittory ef Trafalgvc^ ivo. ia06.-Pt«tnni of A Grmwl Yiwref U^ ga^m rf to* MlMtiM 






in Civil Cmmb, < ▼. 4to. 180S.-*A IVealiM «n th« 
La>f of OUifi^ns unci Contracts, from the French 
•f Potbin-, & V. roy. 8to. 1806.— A Letter to Sir S. 
RoniiJy on the revisioa of the Banknipt Uws« 8vo. 
1810. — Lettera cm the Diiabtlities of tiie Romau Ca- 
tholics and lh« DiMentCTi. 8vo. 181S. 

rom. 8vo. 1809 — ^High Xife io tlie City, eon. 8vo. 
1810 — ^Tiie Lady of the Lake, 8to. 1811.— Look at 

Uome, pi. 8vo. 1812. 

Eyre, Edward^ late Captain in the 
40 ih regt. and Lieutenant-Colonel in tha 
EvELtiGH, Rev. John, p. D. Provost of c^r«: 't«.*«,-»;««- k !?«.;»-* u «■• ^ t.^_ . 

r\-- 1 /^ 11 #^ J in u J !• S«cret Instnictxons, bj Fredenc II. King of Prtusie, 

Oriel College, (ixiurd, and Prebendary ot iraasiated from the French of the Prince de u^ 

Rochester. i«mo. 1798. 

The Doctrine of the Trinity stated from the Scrip- E\RE, JoHN, A. M« 

tores oif tlie Old and New Testinient, two wmons, 
Bvo. 1791' — Sermons preached before the University 
of Oxford, at Bainpton's Lecture, 8vo. 179^. — A Ser- 
noo prcacbetl before the lJni\'ersity of Oxford, in 

which is proposed a upw interpretxtion of the 87U) \'16^^"_' [?P*, 
Psalm, 8to. 1800. — Sermons on various subjects, 
preached before the University of O&ford, 8vo, 

Everett, . 

Darancel, or Persian Patriot, . . 1800. 

Rules for the Composition of • Sermon, chiefly ex- 

tx acted from Claude, 8vo. 1797. 

Eyton, Rev. JoHir, A. M. vicar of WcU 

A Sermon on tiie Victory of Trafalgar, 8vo. 1805.-* 
Christ*.H Sermon on the Mount; wiUi a course of 
questions and answers, explaining that portion of 
Scripture, ISmo. 160ft — ^Two Sermons at Birminglam, 
for the beiiellt of the Blue Coat School, 8vo. 1807 .~- 

« w u I • * /^ivor 1 A Sermon preached at St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, forth* 

Eves, Mrs. »chooliniStreSS, Clifford beaefitof the boys' Sunday «Aool in that parish, »ve. 

Place, Herefordshire, formerly of Bir* isio. 

The Graamaacal Pleythiag, 8ve^ 1800.— Scriptvre • 

aade easy, er. 8vo. I8O9. v 

' Emting, Alexander, Teacher of Ma* 

thematics, Edinburgh. Faber,GeoroeStanley,B.D. formerly 

J^T^J'lr^'^ol'^T*^^' J?*-'"*^ Fell, of Lincoln Coll. Oxford, afterwaids 

ttttesofAnthqieucyl2mo.l77S.-^PracticalAstronony, „• «« «P c«.««i,*«« ..^-.^ t ?"•**'•""•"• 

evo. 1797 ^ * '» Vicar ot Stockton upon fees, and novr 

EwiKo, Grekville, Minister of the rector of Pvedmarshall, Durham. 

T.jKj>i^o^1« PloB«nw Hone Moeaicn, or a View of the lloaeicel Reooi^ 

lapernacie, ^lasgow. ^.^^^ ^ ^ ^j^^ coincidence with pratee mA^ 

Reiharks on Dick's Sermon coneemlag the cell end j ^^^^ .^^^^^ credibility, end thei^emertl 

^lification of Miieionarie., 8vo.l801.-ElemenU of ^.^ Christiemt,;« v. 8vo. lS)l.-A DisserUteoft 

Oie Greek Umgnage and a compendious Lexicon for ^^ ^^ ^e. of the Cabiri, £ v.8vo. WOflT-S^ghto 

the ose of tliose who wish to make themselves ac- ^^ ,.; . •-.;.... -..j r. 1 1 • .,• '^•^*"'^e"'* 

qoainted with the Kew Test, in the original, 8vo. ?^'***,?™r.«":iS Z"^ ^^T^ ^ 

T9 . ^ n «. -D -D 1 nff- • 8*^^ Period of 126o years, 8 v. 8ro. I8O6. 4tk ed. 

EwiNO, Capt. Peter, Royal Marines. i8io._Supplement to the Dissertation on the Pimte 

Tbe Soldier's Opera. 8vo. 1798. cies, 8vo. 1806.-Ai»swer to the Reply and Strietm 

Exeter, Bishop of, see Fisher, John, in Bicheno's Supplement to the signs of UieTines^ 

DJ}, 8vo. I8O7.— A general and connected View of the Pv» 

Exley,Th01I AS, see JoH]ISON,WlLl.IAlf phecicsreUUve to the Conversion, ito, of Jadah and 

^^^]^£ Israel. 2 v. 8vo. 1808.— A I>iacertntto»on thoSeiwnly 

•■3 ' -n T r ^u 1 X ^e«ks of Daniel, 8vo. 1811.— A pmctieal Treattoe on 

Eyre, Edmund John, son of the late theordina,,opiat»onsof«heHSr8pirit,8vo.i8i* 

Rev, Mr. E. rector of Levenngton m the ^ William, Geographer to his 

Isle of Ely, aiidOutwell, Norfolk, by a Majesty, Charing-Gross, son of the latd 

8ister of the Rev. Mr. Underwood, rector jvfr Wm F printer "^ «*«» 

of East Barnet. He received a classical oeoiraphkii Rxi*i«», foi 

education, and was entered of Pembroke p^^ Georoe. 

Hall, Cambridge; but quitted the Uni- Tables of Veights end* Mea 

versity for the stage. After acting for Fairman, William, Teacher of Mar 

many years in provmcial companies, he thematics. 

made his first appearance in 1806 at a new method for obtaining the Longitude at Se%4tob 
Dnu-y-Lane, and to that company he 178S.— On Geography, the Use of the Globes, Mid 

has ever since belonged. Uis productions Astronomy, svo. 1788. 

Fairman, William, Stock-Broker. 

The stocks examined and cQnipared,'or • Guide In 
Purchasers in the Public FUnde, 8vo. 1795. 3d edk 
179B*'*Kxamination of certnin Roles need in valoing 
Life Assurances, 8ve. mi. 

Fairman, Captain, formerly in the 
■• VS' ^l?^"'7^'\^^'^ *****"* **"""• """■ ®''**- Northampton Militia, and since Aido- 
Z;^T:;;^»"a:.rat^^^^ decamp W Military Secreuiy t« the 

laos.— The Tears of Britain, or fouerat of Lord Nei- l*'e uovemor aod Commander m Chief 
«H, dcwB. skeieti, 8vn. 1886.— The Vintagers, meet ofCura^oa. This gentleman has attracteil 




The Dreamer awake, far. 8vo. 179I.— The Maid of 
Iformandy, or the Death of the Queen of France, 
trag. 8vo. 179S. — A friend to Old England, a poem, 
4to. 1793* — Cons<Kiueaces, or the School for Preju- 
dice, com. 8vo. 1794'— The Two Bills, a political 


some notice by hit pedestrian peHbrm- ^^^ BMh waten, evo. iroo^-nictediaa^ous Tncts 
aoccs, and was recentiy editor of a short- '^ Coiiactknu reutiof u* vbi, Hiit. ■atectad frt» 
lived j^riodical work, under the title of :S:.';;K>t:^1^«rA 

.{. \r\,.. Vy .-» -„ V 77 :T 4CO. 17V5.— ^»w«nr«ooo» mpecnac tbe False, 9m 

the Mtittary Magaane. He is the author i796.~Ad EttBiutkn of Dr. Hisbenieii't ObMr>^ 

of: . tiooA on the increase and derreMe of different Die* 

A l«ettcron the Ezpedieney of alloving e Drew-beek eeses, and particularlj the Plague, 8vo. 180S. — An 

e« the I>iidee on Wines for tiie Consunption of the Account of the Epidrauca] Catarrhal Fever, eom- 

Atmy, 8vo. laOft^^Leinrs en the exbcing Differences monly called the Influenza, as it appeared at Bath in 

between Easleiid i»nd Ameriea, 8vo. 1813. the wintfr and spring of 1803, 8vo. — A DiasertatioiK 

FaLCOKAR, Harriet, born 1774, <>■ IscWa*, or the disease of the Hip-joint, commonly 

Falcon AR, Maria, born 1772. These ""^ « Hip-c^je, 8vo. laos -Arrian's voyage round 
kdi«^«t p,x»bably sister, who com- t:::;^^^,:^^;:^^^.''^^^'*'^' "^ 
nenced authors at a very early age, have Falkland W. 

pubfished in association : Iberia, a poem. lew.-Variety. a coUecUoD of poms, 

I*oeois, l«mo. 1788.— Poems on Slavery, 8vo. 1788. — Svo. 1818. 

Foetlc Laurels, for Characten of distingubhed merit, FaRDELY WilliaM. 

***x?^^** -.A -hr V * r ^**n<*« •^ Josepha, a tale, from the Geraaa of 

Falconbrioge, Anna Maih a, relict of Huber, svo, iBoe. 
Alexander F. a surgeon in the African Farey, John, sen. Mineral Surveyor, 
trade, who died in 179«, at Sierra Leona, of Upper Crown-street, Westminster. 

Vhither she had accompanied him. On General View of the Agriculture «Dd Minerals of 

l?er return to England she published ; Derbyshire, vol. i and £. svo. isiMsis. 

^wo Voyages to Sterra-Leona, during the years 1791-3, FaRISH, ChaRLES, B. D« FcUoW of 

in aseriesof tettan; to which is added, a Letter to Queen's Coll. Cambridge, and late Lec* 

H. Tlmtoo, Esq. chainnan of the conrt of directors turer of St. Cuthbert's, Carlisle. 
cftbe 8i«in.Leona Company. l£ao. 179*. 3d edit. Toleration of Mairiage in Uie TTniversities rerom. 
V . « i» . »r A \M r> 11 c »«nded,8vo. 1807.— The Minstrels of Winandmnett, 

Falconer, Rev. Thomas, A. M. Fell, of ft 8vo. isii. 
Christ Church Coll. Oxford. Farish, John, Dumfries. 

The Voyage of Ilanno, transl. and accompanied with A Treatise on florin Grass, 1810. 

Ihe Greek Text, eaplained from the accounts of mo- FaRISH, Rev. W. B. Jacksonian Profea • 

dem travellers, and defended against the objections -^« ^rr'k*..^. :«*«-. /^-.— .u -j 

nfDodwell «.d other writnrs.Bi^. 17g7.-The Tocsin. ^^ ^*^ Chemistry, Cambridge. 

or an Appeal to Good Sense, from Uie French of Dol JT"! ""{ ^^ fonnation of the Cambndge AnxUlary 

^ ! -_— . » . .^ . _ Bible Society, 8vo. 1811. 

tens, evo. l798^Remark8 on some passages in Bry. **^i* ^^^'^^^ ^' ""• _ 

ant's puUicalions respecting the War of Troy, 8vo. PARLEY, i:«DWARD, £sq. 

1799.— A Letter to the Rev. R. Warner, 8vo. 1804.— ImprisoDmeDt for Debt unconstitotiona] and oppres. 

atrabonts Rerum Geographiearnm Libri XVII. 8 v. ^^'^' ^'<>* ^^9. 

fcl. 1807.— A Discourse pieached before the Univ. of FarmeR, R. 

Osford, Nov, 5, 1808, 4«o.— Two Letters on the The Soldiers, an hist. poedC Sro. 1808. 

Articles In the Edinburgh Review relating to the 0«- Farmer , R. 

fsrd Strabo, Svo. 1811.— Certain Principles in Evan- Analysis of the Carbonated Chalybeate Utely disco- 

Mik's Diswnanee of the four Evangelists examined, in vered near Stow, 8vo. I809 

£S''iSn!!5!J*'^irTirSr^^^^ Farqcoab, Robert Towksend, Esq. 

totoF«tority,a«»r«in,8vo.i8it--ono.thTAeTr T"^ years resident at Amboyna, and 

aature.obligation.andinauence.anasiisesermoo,8vo. ^'terwards Lieutenant Govemor of Pulo 

1813. Penang. 

Falconer, William, M.D. F.R.S. S"W«»tion8 for counteracting any injurious effects 

Physician to &e General Hospital at TV^"'' ^"t^l ""^ r^l^c.*** "^^ ^"^ ^^ 

-oJfU f*«M «»•. niesfromthe Abolition of the Slave-trade, 8¥o. 1807. 

7^ I •• J V ij.-j * «j. .. ^- - Farquharson, G. 

Dwsertatio de Neplifiude verL Edinb. 1766.— Emav u^.,^ . • .1^ « 7- ^ ^ 

•n the Bath Wal^^. 8vo. 1770.%d-ed. 8 v! 8vo. 177* ?X! V^J^^wl? f% ^"^ "^T^ 

-ObservaUons 00 Dr. C-dogs,/s Dissertation on the ST/ ^^L ?^' foMl*'**"* defr«»"t, tried at 

Go«t.8vo. m8.-Observati?ns and Experiments on of STvI^^ gS^ oi ^'n"^:; "^"T'^ ^^ 

the Poison of Copp^, Svo. 1774.-Ess^y on the Wa. ?^' ?« ^»^"*S^"* '^? ' *'*"*"^ *"'^*™^ 

ter commonly »sM at Bath. 8vo. 1775 Jkxperi^enu S^Vf^'^L i^ ST*',^^' ^ "^"^T ?* ^'^^ 

and ObservaUons. 3 p«t. . Svo. 1777.-ObirmtoM !JJ^'"'Jt !2 ,; T' *«?-»^'* "^ the Cmim 

•n some of the artlcirof Diet ani^^^usu^y W«rH!fl"5 ^^^7'. ^-•?; P'»'"^' "«* ^- ^• 

rwrommended to Valetudinarians. a^^-R^ ^yatt. defcdant. for 0;.m. Con.Svo. 1811. 

marltsonthe Influence ofClimate.Situation. Country, ^^^^}i^^^^}^ * ^' 

Population, Food. andWayofIife,4to.l781.-Account ™^ *° Pursuit of C-ol. Wardle, 8vo. 1810. 

of the Lpidemie Catarrhal Fever, called the Influensa, £ A RR E, J . R. M.D. 

avo. 1788.— Dobaon on fixed Air, with an Appendix on ^h* Morbid Awttohiy of the Liver, pt. i. imp. 4to. 

the Use of the solution of fixed Alkaline Salts in the UlS.— Saunders on Diseases of the Eyes, with a life 

Stone and Gravel, 8vo. 1783. 4tli ed. 1792.— On the ^ ^® Author, roy. Svo. 1818. 

Influence of the Passions upon the Disorders of the FaRRELL, MrS. daughter of the late 

Body, 8v*. 1788.^Eesay on the preserration of Admiral Fielding. 

SiSSJlSLS^J^n'-'? S.tSr*'","^!!;: **•'»<>««• •' • 8«,uerto (h« aoirow. of Welter, «>d 
TTS^r-nacticai DissertatioB on the medianal effects other ro«M, 4to. 179s. 


Faresll, John, A. M« Fawcett, Jahes, B. D. Fellow of St 

Tnmiudomof^iYmutM vtew and ConMitatioB of John's Coll. Cambridge, Lftdv Margaret's 

tiieR«nriirtkM^Ck»rr«,airo.i784. Preachcr, and Norrisian P^feslor of 

•T Jlf *"i''^' .. — ,*«. Divinity in that University. 

Uiifeo or Seporatwa. 8jo^7g8. Sermons, poached befon tho Univ. of GmbrMgo , 

Fareell, R. M.D. formerly Surgeon evo, 17^4. 

to the Forces in Eg^pt in 1807, and dur- Fawcett, John, jun. 

ing the three following years in Sicily. Thoughts on ChrUUnn Commuiuon, i«mo. inge. 

B«q«ij7i^theU^rfCi.«micaiAffi»ii,ftt«itho Fawcett, Johk, ' of Covcnt Gardoi 

M^ DkK-s^s Of ibe Bones arranged into a systema. Theatre, SOH of a respectable peHbrOMf 

tie tffatfa*; from the French of Rieherand, 2 v. 8vo, ^"O OeiOn^eO Upwards Of SO years tO the 

teo^i-^OfcArrTations on opbtiiaimia and its Consew Drury Lane cofnpany, WES Dorn in Lon- 

quence*p sco. iMo. don 17C9, educated at St. Paul's School, 

Faeeea, E. of Oundle, Northampton^ and apprenticed to a linen-draper. Con- 

shire. ceiving a predilection for the ati^ he ratt 

Ti..^TrW of Abraham. ^. poem^djo. i79». away ffom his master and joined a strol- 

* ar»e«, JowN, Citizen of Limcnck. lin^ company under the assumed name 

Th« History of Ltmenek, fMm the aarliett reoaid to ^f^^'^^^J^ aA«« ^^^e^^^i^^ ^*, — . -^f 

iTW, e.a. W-A View of aoeient a»i lodem <>^^?ote. After performing at Several 

Piiklfa, svo. 179& provincial theatres, he made his first ap- 

Faoohe-Borkl, Louis, Frith-street, pearance at Covent Garden in 1791, and 

Soho; a native of Neufchatef, Switzer- ^as for several years acting manager 

land; before the French Revolution a also at the Haymarket. Mr. F. first mEr- 

booksdter there, and Mnce that time an "ed Mrs. Mills, who died in 1797 ; and 

active partizan of the Bourbons. In secondly Miss. Gawdiy, by whom he has 

1802 he was apprehended at Paris and * y^"Pg fainily. He has produced the 

sent to the Temple, where he was confin- following pieces: 

cd near three years, but at length released JJJJ: ^^ **"*: ^^ IT T^I~!!!' J^ *• •** 

^ ^1 1. 'J^^' A- ... o • ^ o u' ia)l.*-n»e Enchanted Island, dr. bal. 18M. 

9X me sohcitation ot the Prussian Cabi- ,. t r i ^^* 

^^^ TAwcETT, JosEpR, formerly E Dissent* 

Ko«toeae« i«s Bwumu Pkhegru et Moi««i, Bvo. >"S Clcrg^'man at Walthamstow, and for 

1807. many years a popular Lecturer at the 

Fauirrbr, A. B. M.D. Fell, of the Old Jewry Meeting. He has however 

Lond. CoU. of Physicians, Pbys. ior Ord»- relinquished the ministerial professiea 

tiEty tatheD. ofSassex, andPhys. tothe End turned fermer. .His publicEtions 

Forces. Ere: 

Conakierations oo the expediency ct establishing au Soriaon oa the pfopriety and iiBportatfee %( "HMm 

llo^pltli far Officers in Foreign Service, 8vo. 1810. Worslup, 8vo. 1790.— Letters to tiis FrwiMis, by Joh« 

FaU|.KV£E, TrOMAS, a native of Ful- P»rltcr, (a Dissenting Minister,) with a Sketch of hto 

ham, formerly Bookbinder, and now !;?u;"i?r*''^'i."?*'' ^?^''^"iT.' ^1i^^7l 

-B ,1-^ If *V^u^i fct the Old Jewry Meeting, « V. 8vo. 1795.— The Art 

Bo<.k5el!er, at Chelsea. ^ War, a poem; 4t». W>_The Art of Ito^. m. 

Hist, and Pescriptivc Account of the Roy. Hospital coftling lo Uie latest ittproremeats, a poen; by Sir 

and Rot. M'lHtary Asylora, at Chebea, Ittio. 1800.— aimon S%vau, B»rt. 4to. lT97«~Poeiiii, (tncludiiif the 

HiMoiitaU ropofniphical. and Statistical Deecription j^^ preceding, with additions), 8vo. 1798— Wi^ 

•f Cbeleaa «n(l its Enfirom. iiiier»fer»4d witii biofm- Blegie«, 8vo. ISOC. 

placal autcdotes of iiiustriooA and e«iio«at penoua, FkaEV Jorv 

•ud en,beiIia|HHl with a-ap and 80. €ugravi«j», roy. ^ g^ J„ „^ ConseiouWesi. #o; iail.-A 

ST: ^ ■iI^L*.1.7*'Pr°?;Z***^^il!u of Pu ham, ^^.^^ ir »« ftm Principles of Bp. Mtetoy, Dr. 

i;:::riiur«:;^ ^^t "^ •^-s^-'^if ^"' 

wKh a aapand fS eofrwrinns, roy . »ro. 181S. * BARON, JAMES FbTER. 

FaULKMEE, Kev. W. A,M. liectorof Xlmaiocal CnUctom, * Critivie o«, th* School of B«. 

St Andrew's, Worcester. r.!?; ^f^'h^rr. m i^o< 

Fauleheb, Wilmam Humphkey, ^^^"^ ^^^^^'-^ '^»?- '^''- 

Ei^ht? of Man invaded ; bdng an expoutiou of iIk rELL, IVALPIf. 

tyranny of oar Indian Government, Svo. 1794. A Tour Uirough the BeUvian Republic !n 1800, coar 

FACSiteTT, Rev.GoDfEtY, M.A. late ^'^^^f .*", ^.T"***!' J^ ^2^?^" mI^ !ffif 

^'"^o^5±r^^^L^^^^^ Fj5LL.WALTEEW,LtlAM, of the Ml* 

Mbm ^ 0»it. of Osfori, Dm. 1, utti, Em. die 1 enple, Barnstes at Xjew. 

Tm^WXX^ Mr. TnvtiMoatlie Law of MmmikU* auamnttai, <evo. 

-,,B»f t of t^ nxMiliBgj «f the TahaMliiEiof ^^^' 

floBtbwarh at dieir Town4iall. Apr. IS. 1800, on Ihp^ F&|.L» WiLUAM. 

«•!• «r lEHlw to Mr. Wardlt, Svoti 1809. Eket«h of the principal fiM&ts la ta^iaik Htit. Vb^ 

Ik.CmU . P 


114 ThL hllMMAMY CAJUMOAB. VBA 1614k 


1811.— RemarlM on Laocastrr't Sjtiem of Bdocfttion, FcNWlCK, JoBV. 

IVIS* Xliaioin of Om. Doaoariea, writteo by hi—iHC 

FeLLOWK, IlrNftY. InaslatiNl (mm the ^uch, 8 v. tvo. 17g*. Obuu ■>» 

Laws rcspoctlog Copyboldk and Coait-kc«plng, 8vo. t&oiM on the Trial of Jamos Coiglj for llifli Trrasoa, 

1799. U>|eth«r with an Account of his Death, 8w. 1796— 

FeLLOWES, Rev. RobIRT, A.M. of St. The Indian, a farce. 8vo. 1«0.— Kew Bleflaentniy 

Mary Hall, Oxtoiti, late editor o»* the 2"T^- *'^_?* ^/''"'* T^nguagc. lano. wii^ 

(lhS^";:i;:f^^^^^ Fekwice^Mh. wijeof the p«cedin,. 

nctBrof JoHia^evo. iTgB. sd edit. n9>.-A Snppie- S^c was lately, if sjic bc not StlU, g€^ 

ment to the prwedinf, 8vo. laos^An AddreM to verness in a private fiunily ; and is sup- 

tke Propic on the reUtivc uuiations of England and poscd tO be aUthor of several anon}*inOtlS 

rraoci, »lth relWtioni on Democracy and parlia. pirt)lication9 besides the followinff : 

jnentary Hrform, Kmo. HW-Morahry nnit^ with J,,,^^^,^ ^ ^^„ ^ ^^ ,^^ .-U«i« for 

'^i^SJZ^^'^^^ <» *<' ^ "«« -^ 0«^"^ Children, Ittaio. I009. 

r;r.iri5:;jr^ FE.w,c.,JoHNa.LPn,M.D Beside, 

I800.-R€llgion withont Omt, or a Preservative MHie papers Ul YiMtflg t A*nai$ of Agrt- 

agaiust Lukcwamweu ind Intolerance, Fanaticiaoi, CttA«rC, Oe lia» WfitteU : . 

&c. 8vo. 1801. — Iho Guide to Iniinortalitj, or Me- BMecCioM on calcareous Manure, anA on the m> 

moirs of the Lift; and Doctrine of Christ by the Four portance of nlastic Fluids In Vegetation* 1798^— 

Evangelists, 3 v. 8vo. 1804^— A brief Treatise on Sketch of tb« Piolitssiouil lM^ nnd Chanetcv of 

Poatit, fc. 8vo. 18U5.— Poems chiefly descriptive of John Clark, M.D. 8vc. I8O6. 

the softer emotions of tlte heart, original and trans- FenWICK, R. O. £sO. 

lated, fc. 8V0. I8O6.— A Body of riicttlogj', 2 v. «vo. xiie Goblin Groom, a Taioof Duoie, ito. 1300. 

18C1J.-A Manual of Piety, 8vo. 1807. FeKWICK, ThOMAS, OilUery^ VieWCT 

Fellows, John, a Merbodist. ^nd Surveyor of Mines, residing at Dip- 

. t::::^"::^^^ ^n, county ofNorthumberl-^.^ 

•m. 1771 llimns on Believers' Bsnti&m • t«mo. '**"*" "*•!» ®" P«clical Mechanics, 8vo. Nevcastlc- 

m.1.-Etednc Poem on Uic Death of Anenstus M. «P«»-Ty»e 18M.-A llieoretieal and Practinl W 

Toplady. 8V0. 1778.-11»€ Holy i5ibie in vcfsc. 4v. tue on Subterranjbus Surveying nnd Ibn IfagMtk 

J«oio. mS—TJie ProtesU.nt ALi^; or Popish Cru. Variation of the Needle, 8vo. 180J. 

city fntiy di»phtyed, itimo. 1780. Feraud, S« G. Teacher of Langua^. 

FeLTOK, William, Coachmaker. Spanish Grammar, Svo. I8O9.— Rxerctsca 00 tlie dif- 

A Treatise on Carriage* and Harness, 2 v. 8\'o. 1795. 'ercnt Par^s of S(*e«.'ch of tlie Sp an i sh Langonte, 

^SnppleaMnt, 8vo. 179O. l«no- 1811.~Ca(ta^ Mercautiles, Iftno. ISlftv— Vo- 

FeKKELL, JaMLS, a native of Wales, «*H»lary and Dialoimes in English^ Spwish, and 

designed for the bar, from which he was rortugnese, i5mo. ibis. 

aeduced by an tinoonnucrible prcdilcc- . *^f^f , " '., 1:^^- t^ ^ 

Ai^^ i*^. «u^ ^.^ ^ T '^..n* u ^ * Accountof the LawsundInstituuon§ofMoe«s, 8to. 

tion for the stage. In 1787 he went to ^^^^ 

Edinburgh, where his success under the rV.RctssoN, Adam, LL.D. F.R.S.E. 

assumed name of CamLray, was such as youngest bon of the Rev. Adam F. Minis- 

lo induce him to repair to London; but ter' of Logierait, in the Presbyterv of 

as his talents did not excite in the metro- Duukeld, where he was born in 1784. 

Solts that admiration -which he expected, He %vas educated at the school of Perth, 

e returned to Edinburgh. From that and the University of St. Andrew'5, 

ftage, however, he was soon driven by a whence he proceeded to Edinburgh. In 

party m the roost arbitrary niamier, as 1745, he took holy orders for the purpose 

jelated 10 the hrst of his publications, of accepting the situation of chaplain to 

He had an engagement at Covent Gar^ the 42d regiment, which he held till 

den in 1789, but lieing unable to renew 1757. He then became private tutor in 

!t the following year, he commenced a thefiunily of I^rd Bute; but in 1759ac. 

periodical publication entitled the Thea- ^epted the profc>8orship of Natural Phi- 

tricalGuardwn, professedly with a view losophy in the University of Edinburgh, 

to redress all theatrical grievances ; but in if 64 he was appointed ta the chair of 

It was soon dropped, and the author is Mordl Philosophv, which he resigned in 

supposed to have since emigrated to 1784, and retired on the salary of the 

America. He has written: mathematical, in addition to which h» 

•nd Clart, com. Svo. 1790^A llevlew of the Pro- ^^^^» ^^- ^ " »"arnea ^I*SS Burnet, nicce 

ccodings at Paris duiOK the last Summer, 8vo. ITpg. tO thc celebrated Dt, Black, by whom bt 

Fekton, Kicraro, Esq. F.A.S. of Gly- ha^ several children. He resides at 

namel, Fishguard. Manor, near Pieebles. His publication 

UlstoriMl Tour Ihroogh Pembrokeahire, 4to, 1810. 8194 


1^14. ra» inrxir<i AirraoRS. fnf 115 

Obsernl^ on Civu luki luiigiousUbert,, 1716.- 2?°*^-^^ ^^ 5\°<^« resident in JU)ndon. 

Biitory of the Progrws and TcrminftHou of the Ko- ^"® ^''^^ ^^ ^"e Subjoined publications 

.—Principle of was directed a^inst the quackery of a 
jforai Md Fbiitku Scieoce, beiog chieflj a Retro- countryman ot his own, one Perkins 

Repnfalic. 3 t. 4to. 1784. 2d edii. 

CS.**«i*iteT7M """"^ ^ "^ ^''"''^' ""^^^^ *^'' contrived to guJl the public with his 
Fergussox, ALEX.NDEK, M. D. Suhl^Z'^nf "" 1^^ fhat even the 

Medical Researches «id OI«ervation,, being a series eslabiishmcnt of a Perkmutn Institution 
mi £sstty9 on tiM Prwtice of Physic.. Eanj 1, On the ^** JUSt at that time SerioUsIy proposed. 
Katiire, Cause, and Cure of Fever, 8vo. 1801. Terrible TrMctoration, a poem, by Chri»top}icr Can- 

Fj^jic vssoif, Jamtes^ Esq. Advocate. "*'• ^^' *«»— original Poems, ismo. lao*. 

£ectan on the EstaUislmeot of Oie Volunteer Corps, FlELD, Baron^ Student of the Inner 

8«o. lW0.-4NManratSoiw on the Proposed Reform in Temple. 

the Adodtdstoation of CKil Jnstiee in SeoUand. 8vo. Analysis of Blackatone's CommentariM-ilvo iftii 
• laor—A new Biogniphieal D^:tiooary, 18nio. 1810. FlELD, G. «™»,<»vo. W". 

^^^?J^^l Robert. Pmspe^tus «d C*taley«e of the British School insti. 

Foma, ISmo. 1774. tuted for the perpetual exhibitien and sale of tbe ori; 

JP ERGVSSOV, HOAERT. ginal vorks of modern Artists, 8vo. laos. 
Tiae Plroposed Reform of tbe Representation of the FlTlD WinrAw Vttn nF lu^ T»»^ 

Co«mies of Scotland eoosideredVevo. UOt-Pro. Temnip ' ^'^^'^^' ^^^' «^ *e Inner 

eeediags «gainttfao Eari of Thanet, Robert Fergus. 1 t"U ' .u r u u. ,^ 

SOD. Esq. and oUien. up.m an information plea, ea ^*^"7;^« ^^^ 'n»»«bit«nt« of Warwick, iiraniwerte 
•fieio. for a riot; to which are added Observatloas I? i^h^rpes advanced against the Dissenters as- 

«ii bU own Case, 8vo. 1799. wsmbhng at the Chapel in the High Street. 8vo. 179I. 

Fermor, William, Esq. Zt ^J^'f^'^y^^ '? ^r^^' **" '^ ^»"''' 

Bisections on\he Cow-pox/ i"ustlted witi, cies to S^ch^n^iliiiiriLl^:; ^p ^ ^7^ "' "^""'^^ 

prore It an;ibftolute security against tbe SauOl-pox, FlELD Rcv. W. 

8vo. 1800. • I ™ ■ ^ 

Ferkel Jnnv Portrait and Miniatiirp ^ "'" ^^* '*'' «°*«™»« *e Answers to Quea. 

I>-;«fJl ' ' portrait ana JUimatUre tlons giren as examples for p««cUce in the Introduce 

l-amrer. Uon to Uie Use of the Globes, ISno. 1811, 

'^^1^.^^''^' " "^"^"^ '"^'^ "■ „ ''"J^^r^ <>«>««^. Member of the 

Feron, JOHN, Vcterinaiy- Surgeon to ^hii?!!'^ Surgeons in Edinburgh, 

the 13th hght dragoons. ?"? of the Surgeons to the Infirmary, flie 

A new sr^tem of Fkrriwy. 4to. 1809. l.ying-m Charity, and the Female Peni- 

FfiRRiAR, John, M.D. Senior Physici- <«ntiary, at Hull 

aa to the Infirmary, Dispensary, Lunatic ^^^J^*^ "^'^ P»cti«d oba^nrations, part l 
Hospital and Aj>ylum, Manchester. Be- %tjj,^ t«»« «« a«.^ • *J 

Bides many valikblc ppe" in the Me- of. ' ' American, author 

nW$^ftb^LU.andPlULS0C,4fM»n. W DUcovery, Settlement, and p,«c«t State of 

ehestery ma some on professional sub- Kentucky, Svo. 1784.— (in association wlUi George 

jectS in Simmons' and Duncan's Collec- Imlay), Topogrepiacal Description of Ute Western. 

tionS, he has written : Territory of North America. 8vo. 1793. 

Madioil Histories and Reflections, v. 1. 8vo. nge. t. Finch, Mr. B. 

S. 17§5. «d. edit. 9 r. 8vo. 1810. t. 4. 1813 — Illns- SonneUand other Poems, 8vo. I8QS. 

tralion^ of Sterne, with other £&s:iys, 8to. 170!*.— The FlKCH, Rcv. R. A.M. of Baliol Coll. 

BJbUoBMiua, an Efdstle to Richaid Ueber, Ksq. 8vo. Oxford. 

1809.— An Essay toward a Theory of Apparitions, Tbe Crown of para Oold. and Protestimtlsm oar 

8vo. iai3. surest Bulwark, two Sennmis preached at BlaidstOM, 

Ferrier, W. 1809. 

Vll^T^r^K^'^i^ ^'^aZ'^'^a^^ ^'^'c«' Rcv. Thomas, formerly of St. 

Deatbot the Retr. Mr. Alice, and the second before ti*„^, tt 'n r% j Vil , . v .**» Y 

the Frtendsof tb« Sabbatii Erening SchooU in ftiis. ™^/i?"' "^°°^ *"^ Chaplam m the 

ley, 8vo. 1801. Royal Navy. 

Ferris, James. ^'*y wisdom, designed to improve yoang people ia 

Strictures on tiie Union witii Ireland.— A Standard ^"i**®" •«»<* V»r«««. « ^' l««o. 179*.— A Disooune 

•f tbe English Constitution. Wmo. 1807. *** ^^®™ **** J*'**^ ■■** allowaace for Ofiences, 8vo. 

Ferris, Samuel, M. D. F. R. S. Edin. ^^' «^ rp _ r.. *• w- . . 

Disserutio de Sanguinis per corpus v-ivum clrculanfl. f^*"*^"' T'*^?'.t*» * DlSSentlDg MuUStef 

l^vtredine^ Rdinb. 1784.— Dis&crUtion on Milk, 8to. ^t Lynn, I^Orrolk. 

1785.— A View of the Establishment of Physic as a Essays on Man, 18mo. 1811.— Essays on the Prinei. 

Science in England, by Uie Incorporation of the Col- ples of Political Philosophy, dro. tB13^*«orial Vir- 

lege of Physicians, 8vo. 1794. tue the Basis of National Prosperity, a Seira»ii, 8vo. 

* FeRRI9, Sarah. I8I2.— Scnptnral Cliristiaaity recoouMnded, an Ad- 

Itartal PeceeptioDS, UloitMtad by tiio titeory of Sea- **"" delivered at Lynn, 8ve. 161£. 

letaoM. umo. iBOf. FzvDLATEB, BcT. Charles. Minister 

FESWVMHy TttOMAS GsE£«, A.M. a of Newlands, in the County or Peebles. 






G«Maa Sw^jr of tlM JlcrimLbBrt^f iho Coba^ ef 
* Pveblas, aro. 1808. 

FiNDLAY, Robert, D.D. Professor of 
Divinity in the University of Glasgow. 

▼Indication of the Sacred Books and of I(>»ephas, 
fiwt vaiiMis ttisrefretentnUnos aud cavib of Vol- 
iun, Svo. in^.— Tb0 Divine Iuif)iiMk>9 «f rti« J*^ 
ith Scripturn of tlie Old Te^uneiit aMrrtcd %y fit. 
Panl, S Tiaiothy, liL v. iff, and GeddeV reaaoop 
itgunst the tenor of his word^ cxamineti, 8vo. 1803. 

FiNXLASs, Miss Esther. 

1%« Recluse, or History of I«dy Gertrude L«»ly, 
nor. 2 V. 1788. 

FrviGAKy J. T. 

An attempt to illnstrate • few ptaiafee in Shtks- 
peure't wocte, 9m. ISOt. 

FiNjiKRTY, Peter. 

"lUpprtAf lhe8|Mi^.h« of Sir F. Rard«!tt at ttie late 
«l«c(Mitt, 6w< ia04.-41ieCMe, Includiug tbv law pro> 
ceedings againet hte, and hH irvwtmenC in Lincefn 
fM|,»o. leil. 

FiOTT, John, Merchant in Loudon. 

An Addrrw to the Proprietors of East Iniii* stock 
nod Uie Public, contaioing a sanative of theraetv of 
tbe sliipe Tartar and ilartwell, late in the Company's 
JUsrrlce, 8vo. 1791.— Second Addreu, 8vo. U9> — A 
i<etter to the Propnctors of hmt India Stock, 8vo. 
1793. Tbe«e were afterwards coilectAd and pvbliaked 
in one vol. 4to. I7ga. 

FiETH, WiLLiAai, Esq. of Lincoln's 
Inn, Barrister at Law, lat« Attorney- 
General of Upper Canada. 

XAd Thnnat'a oaM co&<videfiod, an to Ito ^oaalion, 
Whether the judgment be speeific or ai1>itnry ? 6vo. 
ITW'-A Letter to the Right Rev. Dr. Batbont, A|>. 
e€ ITorwtch, on the tendency of modic of bis public 
<HA«tonf, avo. 181S. 

FisGRAVE, Anthoky, LL.D. 
KUm, or a serfoiM Inqniry concerning taste and 
Crnlua, 8vo. IBQB. 

fnHER, , 

The School for Ingniitnde; eon. 8vo. 1798. 

Dvioord, an epic poem, oceuioned by observing tlie 
troaUes in France, 4to. 1794. 

Fisher, James. 

John Buira Answer to Bonaparte's Declaration, that 
England was not equal to France, a new ^ou!;, 1803. 

FfSHER, John, D.D. Brshop of .Salis- 
bury, Chancellor of the Order of the 
Garter, Preceptor to the Princess Char- 
lotte of Wales, ami a Trustee of the Brit- 
ish Museum. This prelate was born 
about 1749, and educated at St. Peter's 
Coll: Cambridj^e, heiame a fellow of St. 
John's, and was tutor to the Duke of 
Kent. Having obtained a pi«hend of 
Windsor, whd the afchdeaconry of Exeter, 
he was in 1803 promoted lo that^ee,and 
in laoe translated to Salisbury. While 
bishop of Exeter he published: 

A ChtiKa to the clergy of his diocese at his primary 
▼itktalion in 1604 and 1905, 4to. iaQ5.~A Sermon 
praacb^ at St. PdulN at the yearly meeting of the 
obildren ediieeted in the charity schools of London 
and Westminster, 4lo. 1806.— 6ennon preached before 
fif iordt •^iritval nad temporal «t WeMuiaator Abbey, 

OB th0 f\ut ii«j« laor, #0. 

FisscR, J««ir,A.B. 

The VkUey of Llaaheme(Coi«iw»n),a«d other pirc«9 
in venr, Iftno. 1801. 

FiSHiR, Jonathan, an ingenious artist, 
and author of: 

A Ficiurc-<(que Tour of KUIamey, describing in 20 
views Uie most p|pii.siii>; scenes of tiut ceJcbratecl 
lake, with M»«rvations, fol. 1791., Josrpu, M.D. Memb. of tbe 
Fhys. Soc. of Edinburgh, fbraierly resid*- 
ing at Drax« Yorkfihiie. 

Remarks u^a Ibo Ramarkcr on liudaay's Senpfaire 
Coufutation. 8ve. 1776.— Ucview oi Dr. Prfestfej's 
Doctrine of ThiloMspliioHl Ni'cesMty.^ro. 1719.— Use 
Pmcliie of Metiiciun nwdeeusya (^-n. 1716.^— 4a val. • 
V. of Liu: Tram, or Itw IruJk Jc^d. is a faper by 
Dr. F. respeciing the coaUworks at Whitdanea. 

^Fjshkr, J. B« 

The Utmitace, a poeaw tttiO.— BiAeitic talles, 
po£'{B£, ^c. ISuu). 1808. 

Fisher, J. T. sturgeon. This msde- 
oian asserts that he was himseJi cuped 
of asthma by the applicHtion tctiom- 
mendcd in xfic under-mentioned pam- 
phlet : 

A Familiar and Prartinil Treatise on Asthoia, Sscm 
eontnining dirertinns for using the preparacjou of 
fltmmonium, 8vo. 1810. 6th ed. 

Fisher, Richard Barkaro, Esq. Pay- 
master of th^ 1st Battalion of the (iOtb 
Regt. fonnerly Steward of St.MaJ7Mag« 
dalen Coll. Oxford. 

A Praetkal Treatife an Copyhold Tca«a% avo. 
179^. 8d ed. 180».— A Sketch of the City of lisbea, 
with observHtions on the Mannen, d(c> of tba Porn^' 
guese, 12uo. 1811. 

Fisher, Thomas, Hoxtoo. 

CoUectfous, historicnl, genealogical, and topographi. 
eal, for Bedfordshire, drawn, etched, aad pobli^ed by 
hianelf, largo 4to. Vo. t, 8, S, IRITIS. 

FiSKE, Mrs. Milliaer aad Dtm^ 

The Records of Fa«hion (publisbad in aambars) 4to. 
Fissenmeyer, J. p. 

Tlic Wrfrnine,developi'ig Uie rutnoat coiiscqnoaceaof 
the prrscnt sy«^t<m oi war, a» well as of a sepaivte 
p«ac»", 8vo. 1806. 

Fitileb,Jahrs, Engraver to his Ma^ 

ScoiiH Depicta. or the antiquities, catties, public 
buildings, gentlemen's seats, towns, aad pictorea^ue 
scenery of Scotland, from drawinffs ky - Katlea, ae- 
compMiiied with deacriptioaa, imp. \om 4to. ttOk. 

Fitzgerald, Edwarh, Editor of the 
Pilot Newspaper. 

The Regent's Fete, a poem, 4to. 1811. 

Fitzgerald, James. 

Poetical PttUimes, 8vo. lail . 

IIk! Spaniard and Siorlamh, a traditional tale of Ire- 
land, with otlier poems, fc. 8vo, 1810.— ^Spaio D^ 
livered, a poem, 8vo. 1813. 

Fitzgerald, William Thom^Ai Esq, 
a native of, England, educated at GcMm- 
wich School and aft«nf»i4ft scat to Um 
Royal College of Navarre, in tbeUDNWw 
aity of f aiia. to bu tvtum inm Awce, 

IS14. ttfK »mv» AvtmoBM. Fu» tir 

teved of tk« iBWir TenC^e. but hM ifr- OpP<>si<>o"»8vo.l79T.-- Aspe«cb«otlMiiitilk9r«f«te * 

cUnadoD M hun to prJkT the.^h of *«»?'** t«w»«H^ tiro. MW. 

Se wlja^t f K«uite» of the JUtoary ^ ^^^wj""; ^"^f J*-^ ^'?- k . k ^ 

I7^.«^ ...^ ;. V»;^ *^ U^IJ -. 1 -T 1 A amntiino stsle coMiderml is to the health ttf maf 

f amd, and ts sa^ to hold. ]^ place uoder „en. svo. nee.- i-h« cook,pu, « poe«, 4m». iw-- 

^vemmeHt. His puUlicattons are : xhf Naysi ooaidian. « v. svo. isoo. 

I'rDiaguM «n4 Epilosiws, U^^Thn tiuird/ R«. FleTCUKH, UcV. JohN- M. A. Be€ 

fWr, • J-«»--i-h« tribute of au huu.hle mu.<H» COLLYER, W. B. 

^JS^ki^'^T^' ^Vr^' the -ido^ of a ^ ^, ^ ,^ VW|» pf Ch^t;*. 

nror^ered kinc, «o. 179S.P— Lraea oa the. murder of .^ , -.. ,.- ,«.« „., ^ " ~^ 

laiKOM pot... 8^ um^-Tht uJn^ Hib^rwi* P~teatantch»rche.,«T 8ro.l8l2 

dialed b7 the UiMon,«o.aaQfi.-K«:l«»'aXoi»b,a ^LETCHER, K«V. JOSEPH, A1.A. 

|]0Qii^ 4Ko. 1806. Spiritttal Blcwiaga, « serttioD preached afc tbe •Biwvl 

FlTZ-JoaK, Matilda. ^""* •* Darwen cliapel. Ma, «7. WW. 

f on. aoT. 4 T. 1796. FLETCixsA, SAMVELy Bury-fiL filootaa- 

FiTwrri.iiAii"(WiLf.uicWi:irrwottTH5t ^^U' 

Earl, Lord Lieutcnawt and Custoe Ro- ^ *^^^ **" *• ■"* ®^ enamei-paiotiag 00 jport*. 

tulonmi of the West Riding" of York- »•«». »«t^"». «»"».*«• 8vo.J8os. 

•hiw, High Steward of Hull, Custom F^-'n^all, Johk Monais, dealer m 

Kotnloiruni of the soke of Peterborough, ff"*? »«^ r^^' ^ . • 

tX>m 174o, succeeded niS tatber m 1756. nn and corioiM book*, 1|U3«— The r^f^fff Aniiy 

|1« was educated at Eton and Kin^^s Aaaiatast. iai3. 

College, Cambridge, and in 1770 mamed Flori ak, Jolly B. M.A, 

ladv Charlotte FoatOOby, daughter of Sasajou an aaalyUmlcourM of studies oostamU^gs 
the kte^ and skter of the fresent earl of ««pl«te system of llamaa Knowledge. 8vo. 1796.— 

Besborough, who, after an union of six- t^^^^^^L^J'Jll'tli^:^^ 
tmm years, tnoo^ht him a non, Viscount ^^^t^iST^ «ii.M«-ea«d w. 

pointecrLord Lieutenant of Ireland, bit ^""5*^ '"f /"^ IT^u^^ "^^iJr 
ioon recalled through the influence of !?I^\* P"°^!l^''^ff' ^^"^ ^ 
the Bedford party; and during the ^y^h? ^,°^yf^^ l^^yP^P^fff 
short-lived admlnistrktion of Mr. Fox, «nder the Utle of the Camkrulge InU^ 
1806-7, he held the situation of Lord Prd f »T' '^•"'i.^*^"'*"?^ 8H<-<^«»; J^^ 
sident^^^^^^^ Hislordshipisthe ^^^tul^Ic'^^^^^^^ 

K« Uttera'to tl^ Earl of Carlisle, eapldning th« i™P«|?ninerit J his paper declill«i and 

c»«a« of his iTcal from irci-nd,avo. 1795. ^^» discontmucd. He now nndet at 

Flaxman, John, R. A. Sculptor to the Harlow, Essex, where he is still engaged 

King, and Professor in Sculpture to tlie >» the printing business, and is the con- 

Royal Academy. ductorof a monthly work entitled the 

A series of eDgraTiugs from Iim compositiom to illns- Political Rtuiew. He haS published : 
trufca the Iliad and Odyitsey of Ilompr,4to. 1793. nev The Fyench Constitiitioii, with renaita on seine of 
•d. with additional plaies, laoa.—Compoaitiom from its principid aittdes, in which Che necessity of a R«> 
the tragedies of £s(hyli».— Letter to the committee formntton in Chnreh and State in Great Britain is en- 
far esvetinf tlie d«t»I pillar, 4io. 1799.—- A Keries of fsrcad, Svo. 179C.-~Katiooar Sins considered in two 
•afmrings to illustrate t>aiite, from compositions in Lcuers to the Kev. Thomas RoMnson, Svo. 1790>-~ 
til* poaeeenon of Thomas Hope, Esq. fbl. tSOT. ReAexioos on the PreHoineries of Paeoe ^e m a wn 
Fleck IE, Andrew. Great 9ri||iD and t^e French RopnlHie, 12mo. MOO* 
Awwer to the arpimeat of Sir F. Burdett in relation — DWne Judfrnenttou Oullly Nations, a Senaon by 
totfM^eiweroftheH.ofCom.tocommitpcnonsnot Robert Asplnnd. with preface end notes, iao«.^ 
^i^bei»,a«o. 1810. UiaceUaoeoos Worlis ef Robert Robinson, with bU 

Fleet, Charles, 1VJ.A. Rector of Dnr- ^ * Ii*^; ife-«;«>«wdini»/« the Trial of a» 

- .Lj »|^^ ««1^« rk^^m^^m^-^^ Action brought by the Anchor against (bis brotfaap>iA> 

mcon and ^ryanstoa, Doraetahm. ^ ^ ,^^ j^ aeyten, fordefiynati«L 9n, 

liMnr«ei«mn«a'paWiceccnsieiis,e«o. liQd. JJoe vivw-, lur aeiamawu^ vnn, 

^Ki^^S^^^*^ ^'^' '^^%^*^^ Flower, RicHARP, of Hertford, Brewar. 

U Mr^fletty, OaCter known as the XOtOlg Obscrvatlou on Beer and Brewers, U which the Im- 
policy aid lojtiftice Of Che 

lU 9I.O LITB&AmT CAIil]n>AR. FOR 1814^ 


tod.«n>.ia8t^Xh«AMMM«#TitiiM i^ tbovA 1741^ Having obtmined an ap- 

cMomeiided, »ro. 1009. Dointinent as a writer to Bombay, be Im 

Flqwlrdew, a. Sdibol-mbtress, Buiy Entfland befqre he had completed his 

St. Edmund's. 16th vear, and travelled in difierent parts 

Poems on Moral vxA HdigioQs Sokjwrts, itao. 3d of Asia, Africa and America for near 20 

•* p®**' j^ p years, during which period he resided for 

An E!;^WorTtii:o;dm in Cnnrir, with Ab- » coosidembjc time among ihe Biahmins 
•tfwta or tiie Free Port end Wtfebo«i«ng Lews, ^l a great distance from tbc kmt^>ean 
MOT- settlements in the East Indies. The 

FooG, A. Surgeon. drawings and descriptions which he made 

ObserraHons on the Opinions of ancient end modem of the principal placea, and pictUie&que 
Fhytktans rej-per.ting thf Uterine Discharge and SCOnery of tile COimtHeS Visiled by hhn, 

Green sickocs% 8vo. 1803. ^{ the manners and customs of thctr in- 

FooG, Petee Walkden. habitants, and various ohjectsin natural 

»a»enu Angiicna or u.c Pnucipics of English history fill 150 folio volumcs. Containing 
Or«un.rdi.pU,ed.£v.8ro 17W. upwa/ds of 52,000 pages, all the work cl 

.Foley, Ricn^an, Esq. Secondar)- of his own hands. About iVtt* be returned 

SleSjfthc Court of Great Seasions for the '""f^^^: *°4 I" /f«' ^ith his wife 

Countir.ofCai«uiheu.PembrokeandCardigan,8vo. aud daughter, visited France, where he 

sigg« was defamed on the recommencement of 

FoKBLANQUE, John, Esq. Barrister at hostilities, but releabed tlie following 

Law. year through the interference of Camot 

A 'IVeatise of Eqnity, « v, 8vo. 1T9»-*. 4lh rd. 1811. He has puMishcd ; 

— Doabts on the expediency of ado|-ting tlie reconi- Letters from France written in laaVA, incltidtng a 

■endation of die Bullion Coounittee, 8vo. 1810. particular Account of Verdun, and the siruaiioo of 

Foot, Jesse, Surgeon, of Greek Street, ***• ^"^''» Captives, t v. roy. 8vo. ifio6 —RdifsioDi 
Soho, London, born at Charlton, Wilt- !?^ ^•'~!:' **^J*' *?",^* "** *^.j!^^ 

, . ' • I ^i r> •« converting then to Chriatianiif,8%o. laiOir-Onia- 

shire,1746, and educated ai die Grammar ui Memoiw, % v.Toy. 4to. leis. 

School, Shaltsbury. He was early in p^aBES, McKRAr, Member of tbc Siuw 

life house-surgeon to the Middlesex Hos- gg^^s* Company 

pital^^d atterwards for some time in the % xreatiae on OiTJlnd Oont. 8tb. 179a. 

Kttssian service. He lias written : Foucett, Charles Miciibll, Esq. 

On the Diseaaes of the Urethra. 8vo. 177*. Sd ed. The Prluciplcs of Legislation. 8vo. 1796. 
1785.— Ohservalious on the new opiuious of John ,, ^ -r t -w^ xr- r^ri. 

Hunter, in hU Tremise on the Vcncmil Disease, 3 FoRD,TuOMA8, LUD. VlcaX of Mclton 

parts, 8V0. i7R7.~ATmtT^eon the Biteofa Mad Mowbray, and formerly of Christ 

I>og, 8vo. 1788. — A new discovered fact of a relative Church, Oxford. 

Bttfire in the Venereal Po&on, 8to. 1790.— TPeatise The Dignity and Duty of Magistrates, a Senaon 

OA th« Origin, Theory end Cure of die Lues Veuerem 'preached at Leicester Assizes, Aug. 8, 1811, 8fO. 

and Obstructions in the Urethra, 4to. 1792.^4 De» -c. 1,. t»: ^'.^ 1 

fence of the Planters in the We^t Indie,. 8xx). 179«- ^^^^* RiCHARD, Birmingham. 

A Plan for preveotina the fatal eftV^rls from the bite Treatise on ttie Inoculation of lloi^es for the Stran- 

Vn Mad Do?.8vo. 1793.-nie.Life of John lluuter, «^*''' ^''- nOO.-Ou InocoJHtJon. wid. RcmarU oua 

•to. 179».-UialDROos betireea * pupil of ti^e late »"'^c«'-'»' »»'»'w<» ^^^ i" Hungary in the cure ot ih« 

John Hunter and Jtssc koot, 8vo. 1793.— Case of Uie ■*'""*' **"■" "*' ^^' ^^^^' 

aucccssful practice of tlin Vesicae Lolura in the cure FoRREST, liOBCRT, Esq. of tlie Middle 

of diseased Bladders, 8vo. 179a «d cd. i803.~ob. Temple, Barrister at Law. 

•ervations on the Speech of Mr. Wllbcrforee In Par- Report of Ca«» detcnnhied in the Court of £xche^ 

liaaent. May 1804. fcr the AboHUon of Uie 8la%-e .r, 41 Geo. 111. roy. 8vo. 1802. 

Trade,a«'o. ia05.— Mahons Kesearehes on the Exis- •» _ a ir r^i. («r « ne: j^i 

tenee of Venereal Infection in pregnant Women. In- ,,^??^"'^' ^ ^' ^'^^^^ ^^* Middlesex 

fants, and Marses, witili Observations, 8vo. 1806 — Mllltia. 

'the Lives of A. R. Bowes. Em). and the Couoteas Faul Ambition, rnre. 3 v. 1811. 

f>([' Strathmore, his wife, 8vo. 1810.— Life of Arthur FoRSTER, llev. EdwaRD, M. A. F.R. & 

Jdarphy, £Aq.4u». 1811 — Review of IIome*s Obses. A. S. 

vntionftoatbcdiaeaMS of the FnuUte Gland, 8vo. xbe Arabian Wights* EntertainnenU, tnmtaled ; 

^^* 1 i^ I r cnnbellislied with engravinga frona pictures by SaHVe, 

FooTE, .... married to a daughter of Sv.avo. ISOS^-^naereontift Odaria, Bvo. 18(tt^-1te 

Admiral Patton. Britlali Gallery of Engravings with DeacriptiDoa, Vtt. 

Vindication of Ms Condnct, when Captain of his Ma. 1-lS. (to be completed in about S5 numbers) soptt 

jesty*s ship Seahorse, hi the Mediterranean In 1799. ^y.fbl. 18QB-1S13. 

(against the mhrepresentations of Messrs. M'Arth«r FORSTEH, GeoROS, io thc Civil ScTvioS 

«d^ci.rke ,n the.r L.fe of Lord Kei^n>. »vo. 1810. ^^ ^j^e Hon. the East India Co»p«iy^on 

Forbes, Jam es, Esq, F.R.S. }• ..VS. and the Madiaa eBtabiisbment 

^Alcniber ot the Arcadian Society at a Jonre<^y from Bcngnl to iM§Un4, thib^ tte 

^Romci of Stanjoore, Middlesejc, born Northern pwtefiBdu,Ka4»u»,Ai(gh«ntti«.«id 

1814* won LTVmB AVTHOR9.' VOB Hj^ 

PciM», *iui iuto Rauu kj the CvpitB 8m, s ▼. 4t)o. the Duke of CumWknd. He has writ- 

Sd ed. 8 ▼.8to. 180B. jgjj. *'*^ 

FORSTEK, TaOMASy F.L.S. son of T. F. Fact* explaattory of his conduct. 8to. ]810.>.Tii« 

Fonter, ao eminent Russia Merchant of» KighuofthQ Armj vtndic«it:d. 8vo. uio.—Sttppi^ 

St. Helen's Plate, BishopiigaLey and of "^m t* ti« i»r««diiis, avo. law. 
Upper Clapton. ' Fossat, George. 

Phjiiological ReSectioDs on th« dpstructirv operation '^* ^****7 "' H*lijpo« f^umled oo the Doetriae of 

of Spirituous »nd Frmented Liquoi-!» on the Auimal **** ever- blessed Tiiuitj, or Sabclliiiaisu i«fut«d, Svo. 

S>.Htei», 8vo. 1812 — Roearches conMruiog Aonoao ^^; 

phcric FhaenomeDfi. Sro. 1813.— Ohserrations on tlie FoSTER, JoilN^ B. A. Fellow Commoner 

Urumal RetrcAt of the Swallow, 8vo. Sd ed. 1813. of I'rin. CoiJ. Cambrid<%. 

FoRSTER, Thomas, of Bromley, Mid- ^^ 'JM»»«thoa of uiutiratiujT scripture frm the »: 

dlesex, iaieJy a Member of the Society »«'er «f Modern iraveUer,. sv*. mm. 
of Quakers, from which he was excluded *^Te«»J/>«K; 

fur having defended the essential unuy "^-^.TjouJ^SU^"::^^^^ 

of the divmc nature ami become a sub- inoham « oi ui tt micr 

^ibei to the Loocjon Unitarian Book toSn., ehieHy o» reitgiou. Subject., ie«^. irgs. 
Suciety He has published : Foster, lit. Hon. Johk, M. P. for the 

A \iDdic«noD of Scnptnrjil Uoitarianisni, 8vo. 1810. -»^.,„.„ «A ^..•u i j x« tu ••**""«' 

-A Portraiture of primitiTe bv wini«„ !»""^y of Loiith, u Lord of the TreasOry 

Peun, with « modern Sketch of repute4 OrUiodoxy '° Ireland, CustOS itotulorum and Go- 

ud reMi latolcnmce, 8vo. 181« — Narrative of Uie vemor of tlie COUntV of Louth, ofBcial 

pntceedtae* of the Quakers MRniiut uie Author for Visitor of the College of Maynooth, and 

•peaj, pref««nf the pn«^^^^ » Trustce of the Lflicn Manufacture. 

the Uuuy of God^avo. 1813. ^^^^ j. ^^^ ^jj^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ 

R ^""f *I^!I' i?*"!'"' ^H- . , , . Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer, was 

Remitfkn (Ml AutlqaKira, Afts and Letters dttriaff an v^_« •. ^^^rx j . i ^r,^- 'T^/V Vi 

Eacuxsion iu luiy io iBK-3, 8vo. 1813. Jl?^ >" ^^^O' educated at! Finity Colleges, 

FottSYTU, Robert, Esq. Dublin, and called to the bar in 176©. 

Thr Prioeipies«ndrncticeofA)!ri«iitareexpiaio«>d. '^^ ^^P afterwards obtained a Beat itf 

2 V. 8vo. 1801.— Tiie B^auiio of Scotieud, A v. 8vo. the Irisli Parliament for the county 

"■^' which he has ever since represented, and 

Forsyth, Robert, Esq. Advocate. distinguished himself by a new system of 

The Prioctpiea of Moral Scieuce,Toi.i.8vo. 1805. com laws which he introduced, and by 

Forsttu, WiiLiAM, son of the late his attention to tlie iinprovoment of tlie 

Wni. F. Esq. gardener to his Majesty, at Hnen manufacture. In 1785 he was ap- 

Kensin^ton. ' pointed Chancellor of the Irish Ezche- 

A Botaniad Nomeoclalor, containiaf a systematic quer, but resigned that office in the fol- 

«t«aice|neat of Pkuts. a^ descnbcd in Gmeiins edi- lowing year to. fill the Chair Rs Speaker 

tiooof Linnft;ussSY>te(na Natur{F,8ro. 1701. ««.*.U^if .„^ ^rr' -^ • l'l t^ 

Po.^v. w Tw^. ^^ *"^ House of Commons, in which he 

Til* AdI.«tJ^ofv;etorAiu« »nv e ,an^ coutinued till the Uuion. That mcosurt 

*■« Aoviatiires or victor Allen, dov. 2 v. 1005. — i.^ .. i i -r ^ » 

Cordelia, o, . Ro«a«ce of Real £ife. -2 v. ^^ Strenuously opposed. In ia04 he wa^ 

v^n^tr^o T? T? T c^^^Li.-^i-., again mvcstcd With the office of Chai^ 

An^^;LLo;LUv; L^PhT^ '. « caioroftheExcKeqnerfor Ireland, which 

Alt r^totne of the Stocks Hnd Public (uiicM, 18mo. luii '^u i^^«. m* 

i796.-HUtory of ti.e Rank of England, u.tii the ?f "^J" "^'^^^ ? »^?rt mtermission dnrmg 

Quirter, 3d wIit.--^alional Life Annuities. 8vo: Mr. I'OX S administration till 1812. In 

1809. ' 1764 he married Margarctta Emilia 

Fosbrookl, Thomas Dudley, M. A. daughter of Thomas Burgh, Esq. of Birt, 

F.A.S. formerly of Pembroke College, Co. of Kildare, who was created Baroness 

Oxford, Curate ofjlorsley, Gloucester- of Oriel in 1?90, and Viscouutesb Fcrrars 

shire. in 1797. By her he has issue the Rt. 

The rconotny of a Monastic Life, as it existed in Hou. Thomas Hcury Foster, hite Mem<> 

S^/!^;r;i.!^r^T!!\i;^il''°Sl^'''i' Z^ archa:uiogi. fcer for Drogbcda, and a daimbter married 

Mannen and Aistoma of Ujo Monks and Nuns of ;" '^^^ UUBefin. 

Kij^Iand, 2 V. 8vo. ISOC— Abstrart^ of Record* and ^^^^^ "" ^« Kill for allowing Roman Catholics of 

MSS. le^pectiug Uic County of Glo.icesU?r. 2 v. 4tO. !'*'»»<* ^ rotent Uie Klcttion of Mnnber* of ParlU. 

leoT.-Lfttpr to Mr. Canning on hi» uacaadid Abuse "**"^' P«»^"» *''»« '^'' ''»" •"** » <*"^"' tendency to 

of tlie D. of fork, 8vo. I8O9. subvert the Protestant cntabfishment, and to st-parnte 

«. „ r> ^ M. c ' r-> "** ktogdom for ever from Great Britain, 8vo. 1703. 

l«08Kr.TT, tlENRY,Ksq. latC Seuior Cap- —speech on the proposed troion between Graat BrU 

tam in the 15th Ueht Dragoons, which tain and Ireland, Apr. 11. 1799. svo. 

regiment he was obliged to leave, accord- Fosti*r, Joun Leslie, Esq. of Lincolu'4 

ing to his own account, in consequence Inn, a Commissioner- for improvise 

of tlie tyrannical treatment of its Colonel Bogs, late M.P. for the University of 


DoUitt. and N«b«w l©th« Rt. Hon. tionrfiii^WiKt^ewu isjo^AWt*** AmimI, 

- . p' * 8vo. 181U. 

lS!«r i tut H- of C««. Apr. M, 18IC. Ml »»* JJ'*^^ of HUtaiulu* from W«t lnd« sugur «>d ni^ 

^lulL«a4^ Wl«- ^^ *"'"*^'* ^"'' ®''**- 1793.-TbougfcU on the death of 

f OflTEly I • _., , * ^ .. . -^ P*Im«» vrhiofs, 8fx>. I793.— A ditcuime oa zuitioaal 

ChrattouaChin. or • Collection of Monlitj «ndlca. ^^j, p^fculwfy in nference to tliat of TJ9S, 8vo. 

•xtraciM *WM ^u^uuQm, Ittio. IT93. f7f9.~Tli« la*t Indw chmrter con»idered, 810. ITJS. 

Foster, William, If arrier. ^Defence ot the whi- astinft Fhince, 8to. 1794.-0^ 

no O ill fi— * a espcrionteil Fairtor^avo. 1?^. Mace, 8to. 1794^IUnK^ •■ vwtoot ogaleiiicanl 

F0THEIIOILI.9 Cfl ARLE8, Esq. rrporu, trwtniittod to tko Bfrd of A^rkolHiff^te 

Tbe VftMitmr, a Collection of Talcs and EiMyt, £ ▼. 17<H, 4to. 179C. 

lMt^^AaEsMyoothaPhtlo80plij,SCadja»d FoX, WillIAM, jun. 
VtA of Vat. Ilttt. fc. 8vo. 1913. X^i Hiis^aceUR. or DulintMtions of Home Sceoery, a de 

F0THERG1LL> SaMUEL, M.D. of LciCCS- ifri|>tivc pocin, «vo. 1801. 

ter SqMare» one of the conductors of lite Fox, W. J. of Chichester. Mr. ¥. vnts 
M^^nd Fkjft.Jgurfial. educated atnon^ the Dis!^nters,and was 

An Acomiatof a painful affection of tho norvos of once a ^llpil Ot Dr. Smith, tO whom blS 

iHe fiice, oonuBonijr caiied Tic douiooreox, «to. 180*. publicaijon IS addfcssed ; but has, accord* 
FotjDRAS, C. uig to his own siatement, made costly 

rf'f^iJ^ «^c«npaign of Italy, fro- the French sa^fijiees at thc shfioe of conscience, left 
Fotitis,' Sir James, of CoHnton. Bart, the party with whom hw ejrtiest yean 

fteskUM s^s^eral papers in the Trans, of TJIT^CVp !11h^SH'"^"S^ 

-.^ « ^^ A A' -A* c jf f w u Letters to the Hev. J. P. Smith, 17.D. ob die Socn* 
9^^Jf0e. €f Anttq, of Scotland, He has ^^ ^f Chrial, oecaaioned by his senioa, preadied 

Wfltten : March 11, 1819^ before the Patrons and Stadeots of 

A tiMlef ou IriA Affkin, ftro. 1805.^Bft»ay on €■- Uic Dissenting Academy, Honertoa, 8«b. I81S. 

*olloB«aacip«tiott,8ro.l813. FOXCROFT, AleXAKDEB, AttOTOey at 

Fowle, William, MJ). F.R.8. Edin. Law, Nottingham. 

Jr. Ar« Wooiwol's EaperiBOBia vitli Mfrcary i« Letter to Robert Davison, worsted^piuMr, Arnold, 

fhe Sttall-pox, from the Pranch. 8vo. 179-').— l>ea- jvo. 1803. 

tie «o the diiTercnt fevers of the West Indios, 8vo. FraMPTON G. 

'^owtER,DAVi.BrRTOK,Esq.form^ly S;;c7,lt^i;r8vo^^^ ^ ^ c^ ^ 
one of thc six clerks of die Court of Ex- Francis, Charles, M. A. Rector of 
cj»<l««r. MildcnhiiJl, Suffolk. 

7M pMtCM ci the Coort of Exchequer on proceed- perfect Union witli llie Church ot Eaglaad nooM- 
lmvliiX4aity,t.v.aTO.l79$. meudrd. a sermon. 4lo. 180?. 

FowLRB, Lieut Joseph, formerly Quar- Frakcis, Sir Puilip, K.B. son of the 

1«r«ifftfter o* the East Northampton- Rev. air. F. the celet^mted transUlor of 

shire locai militia, but lately appointed to Horace and Demosthenes, was born in 

r* .^^'TSiTS^ ^ . Dublin 1740, and educated al St. PaaVs 

t?!^Jr^,!rr^'^"*^''''''*"' School. In use he n^ appointed to 

« lS ± 'Jr 2^^ , ^ .... »n inferior situation in the Secretary ef 

ZaperloMatt and obscrvatioui relatKe to die iiifluMMS «^. , ._ r\ai^^ : » 4 * .r« ZT^ V_r . 

tafalraiM»veffedbyOalvani,and called AnimalUeo- ??*^^ ' .*??'. *" ^^^ ^"^ «CCretary tO 

Iridty, Svo. irgs. Oeiieral Bhgh, who commanded the 

Fox, Jusxps,8urgeon, of Arjg}'le Street, expedition amiinst Cherbui^g; and 
gentleman has distin- 1760 attended the Earl of Kinn 

London. This gentleman has distin- 1760 attended the Earl of KiniKnil, 

guisfaed himself as one of the most stre- bassador to the court of Lisbon, in the 
inoiis supporters of Joseph I^Ancaster ^^^^ capacity. In 1763 he obtained aft 
and his system of education. His wife, appointment in the War Office, whicii lit 
4aughfer of Mr. Gibbs, an eminent soti- resigned in 1773, and tht following yen 
citor, died in Jan. 1813. lie has pub- ^<^t to India, as one of the members i& 
lished: einiocii for the government of Bengal. 

t«. 1808. Sd «d. iaiU-«oript«rt Ed»»lto. Om i?2* t ^^^ ^^^^. P?fb J^ >?^^ "^ 

Oloiy of EiKland. being a doAiice of the Laaeaa. ^^ "« ^RS eletted M.F. for Yarmouth| 

*Mial<l«b,8tti>. 1810.- An App«si to tbe ttoDkben i^ the Isle of Wight; in 1790 for lUe* 

-*-^ loMto KAionary Sodoty, ^gaimt a r«ot0. chingkjT ; and for Appleby in 1809 and 

1814. fKA LIVIKG AVTBOES. PR A 12 1 

1806, in which last year also he was in- sented, and is married to Catharine 
vested with the order of the Bath. It daughter of Lord Col ville. 

seems doubtful whether the whole of the Sp««:h >n the Hoase of Commpns on the bills f^r 
following publications appeared with his ""|^n« alter»tion» ih the Cnmima Laws, evo. 1811. 

sanction: ; * Franklin, Andrew, a native of Ire- 

Origtoai ifiDutes on the Settlement and Coiivtion **"^» ^"^ editor of thc Morning Herald 

of tiae Bengal Revenues, 17ft«.— Speech in the H. of newspaper. He IS the author O? Several 
Com. 8to. 17M.— Two Speeches in the H. of Com. dramatic pieces, of whlch the foUowino. 

OD the EMt India bill, svo. i784.-apfech in the H. have been Printed • loiiowing 

of Com. 8vo. 1186 — Answer to the Charges exhi- The MtiwmmiA fc, «.,* * ^i»/w. * ... • 

Wtod agaimt tlie «.tbor. Gen. CUrering. and Col. ^, ^rB^o.-^'^'^'^^^^^J^ ^** ^'»^*' 

MoDSon, by Sir Elijah Impey, on his Defence of the ^o' il^'JR^iJ^.'Z ^*»^^"« J«^» ~n>- 

N«mlco«ar Charge. Svo' 1788. -Remarks on the SiVtlS;;;?^^^ ^^^^ 

jefence of Mr. H«tin,s. as far as it concerned the S^^Ktl itT* '' '"* ''^'''^' ^''"■ 

RohiHa war, .-Letter to Lord North, late Earl Fh a w«i tt« T 1?c« 

of GaiUferd. 8vo. IT^S.-Heads of Ms Speech in -^ i^?'^^ , ' ''• *^^- 

reply to Mr. Dandas, April 8S. 1793, in a Committee t^ **»^ry of Ancient and Modem Egypt, l«mo. 

of the whole House, to consider of the government ^-i* 

and trade of India, 8vo. 1793.— Resolution and *«AWKLIN, WILLIAM, Captain in the 

plan drawn ap in 1793. and laid before the Society 1^"1 Regt. of Native Infantry in -the 

of the fWends of the People, i794.-Proceedings iu ' Service of the East India Comnanv 

the H. of Com. on the Slave-trade, and slate of the Mpmhpr nf fKo Ao:o*:« cl • v^viiijijiujr, 

Neg^ in the West India «h.nd., 8vo. ligsH S^sidcn^inlndi,^^ ^''^^' ^"^ ^^ 
Spe«sh in Answer, to Mr. Sylvester Douglas. 1796.- J.^^^ resment m India. 
Spccdi oa the Affirirs of India, July 19, 1803, 8vo.- • „'^1?°2' "'*** "*" * ^**"' ^" ^^^°^ **» *•«"**» 
Speeches hi the H. of Com. on the war against the 1? ' , ^' ?^**' ^790.-The Ix>ves of Camarupa and 
Mdwitta., 8vo. iaoS.->-Speech against the e«emptkm !??w-"*'. r^ot ^^'^' ^*'- 1793.-Tlie History 
•f foreign property in the fond* fram the doty on in. L^J^". ""^ *•"** '*"*""'' ^^^- I79e.-Remstks 
««e, 8vo. laefi^Letters to h»d Bewick on the 0«>Mry»tions on the Plain of Troy, made doring 

State of the East India Company. 8vow MOf^Re. !JJ**;S !SJI^' *^- l«»—*«a*t*nr Memoirs 

flections on the Abnodaeee of Pftper in Cirarietkitt, °*r'\_f^ Thtmu, w<ho, by extraordinary talents 
Jttd the ScMtitf of Specie, 8vo. 18M. « enterprise, rose from an bbscure iitnation to the 

V. »« G ¥ **" *" ■ r«»al, la the senrke of the native powers 

rmANCISy 50PHIA U in the north-west of India, 4to. Calcatta, and re- 

An Elegy on the late Col. Robert Montgomery, 8vo. pnnted at London in 8*o. IM5.— TnM;to, political, 
MOS.— Vivonio, or the Hoar of Retribution, nov. geographical, end commercial, on the dominions of 
* ▼•— TbeKunof Misericordia, nov. 4 v, 1807«~ '^^»»o^*** "orth-weetem parts of Hindoostaa e^-o 

Conataace de Lindendorf, nov. 4 v. 1807 Angelo ^l*- ' 

Guicciardioi, or the Alpine Bandit, ron. 4 v. I8O9. FraNES, JaMES, A.M. Curate of Ha- 

FftAKCis, W. lifex. 

Vm Geatleuan Fanner and Hn*eedman*8 Aesfotant, Jj™**" ^ **» Atonement of Christ, 8vo. 1790^^The 
In eooipatlng the value of any (pieBtity of land, Umo.' ^**" Mother, or Cvtdences for Heaven, written la 
MOB. 1650k hy Mrs. T. Hfrad^ end pebHshed from the origi- 

JW«LTH, Gn..«T, Esq. .".•'rtSTr 22!^;^^'"'' " '^'^ 

2rnS:.'?r«':J.SL£r8:fXi°A.:!S^ F5-KS,JoH«,8urg«,n. formerly of tl^ 

to Clariison's Rasay on the Slavery and Commerce of ^^ "^^^ ' 

the Human Species, 8vo. 1789--Inquiry into the "•^«^^*»<>»» «• w*!*^ life end appa«nt d^th fttan 

Katare of Government <^ind the Right of Represeo. '**»*•■*'* •••pension of the feootions of the longs. 

tation,8vo. 1798.-Club Law, or the Consequences •^f-17fiO.--Obs«VkUons tending to evince the Mi. 

of a Reform in the Representation of the Commons ^^"^ *>f «JPh«» contagion, 8vo. 1799- 

of Greet Britain exemplified, 8vo. 1793.— Remarks on ' ^ ASER, A, 

a pamphlet, entided, Bengal Sagar; and on the '^™°««n»««»<» »» "t* policy necesaary for the ftrther 

tettimr in which the trade of the East India Company *"pn*vement of husbandry, ninm.-isheriefc, aad mei. 

h carried on ia the East Indies by foreign shipping, n»f«»«ture$,8vo. 1786. 

•^- *W. Fraser, Alexander, of Thavies Ihb, 

Frakr, Joseph, nephew and executor S^5rt-hand writer, a native of Scotland, 
of the late Joseph Ritson, Esq. editor of *"*■ reporter for the newspapers. 

The Office of a Bailiff of a Liberty, from the original '^l^^?^ *^ ^'"'^ Brougham, Esq. before the ft. 

is. of Joseph Ritson, Esq. 8vo. 1811. * ® ^**"- *" -•"??<« ^f *• Petitions against the Or- 

V»««.«*.»^ «r t:. n ■ <»««*« <^o««>cil,«vo. 1808.— Acconot of the p«)eeed. 

nAK KLAVD, W ILLIAM, Esq. Bamster lags at the FesUval of the Freemasoas. given to their 

•t Law, M.P. for Thirsk, Yorkshire, and ^""»<* Master, the Earl of Moira, on his taldag leave 

lieuteQRnt Colonel of the North York "^'^ f«t«nMty previous to his depertuK fcr ladia, 
Jlilitia, fourth son of the late Admiral %f "• ^ „ ^^ 

hr Thomas F. Bart He was bred at hk *^5"' w '"^'.^•■R*. 

rcllow of All Souls. He first obtained a FraserJaiTm. n n MinUt.. ^r t%« 
•eat in parliament in 1801, for the bo- ^J^^^Jj;;J^^^^ 

rough which he has evef since repre- Lect™ on tht P«tena Oharecjer, by the late Dr. 





I SI 4. 

Oro. Campbell, Prhidpal of MarUchal Coll. Aberdeea, 
8vo. 1811. 

Fraser, Robert, Esq. 

OlcHtiinKi in Ireland rr!>p<:ctinK its agriculture, 

mine». Mid ft^lirr.M.Hvo. laoi View of the ARricul- 

ture, dr.. ot the County of Wicklow, 8vo. IfWl.— A 
Letter on ibe nio^t rftVctua! means for th<' itnprovo- 
Bient of ihe ('oh>i> and Western klands of Scotland, 
and the £rteu»ion of the Ftslienes, 8vo. 1803. 


ReporU of lUe rrorcediotjs before Sel«>ct Coram t- 
tecs of the H. oi Com. on coutrovenfd elcitioas, 
determiiied iu the liijt ami »ciond »c.i^umi of Uie 
Vnit?d Pailicimcnl of Lr.tain. 2 v. 8vo. 
1791-3.— Burn's Kcclrsi L»w, Gtli e«J. with 
notes and references, 4 v. 8vo. 17()7. 7th e I. ia)9. 

Fraseb, Mrs. Susan, wife of aa of- 
ficer. » 

Camilla dc Florian, and other poenu, cr. 8vo. I8O9. 
Fra^hr, W. 

Travels in 1806 from Italy to EnclanJ. containing 
the phrticulari of the liberation o£^ Mrs. Spencer 
Smitii from the French police, from the ItaKan of the 
Marquid dc Salvo, 12mo. 1807 . 

Fraser, W. W. Surgeon-Major to the 
garrison of Gibraltar. 

An Essay on the Stioulder-joint Operation, 8vo. 

Freake, A. Apothecary. 

Observations on the Humulus Lupttlus of Lmnartis, 
with an account of iU use. In gout,8\'o. 1807 .—Addi- 
tional cases, with directions relative to the use of hop 
in gout, 8vo. 1811. 

Free, Bfckwith Dodwell, M.A. 

Tyrocinium iu Ilospiiiis Curiae, or exereise<« for the 
first yc«r in the Inna of Court, « v. 8vo. 178i.~ 
Eaempia F.ra^miania, or Enptiah examples for the use 
of bo^inr.ers, 12mo. 1805. —A New Spelling Diction- 
ary, 1808. 

Freeman, Harriot Augusta. 

A.^tra:a's Return, or the halcyoa days of France in 
the year C-UO, from the French of Mi-rcier, ISmo. 

Fri.v MAN, John. 

A Method of X'^aching Adult Persons to Read, 

Select Speciuu'us of Britiali Plants, fol. 1797. 

Freeman, Strickland, Esq. Fawlcy 
Court, Berks. 

Obsen'ationR on the Mechanism of the Horse's Foot, 
4te. 1796. 


A General Epistle of Brotherly Admonition to the 
Quakers, issued at the Yearly Meeting in London, 

Freeman, W. 

Fancy, or the Effusions of the Heart, poems, fc. 8vo. 

Freeport, Andrew, Esq. 

A Letter <o Mr. Wilherforce dn tlie proposed 
establishment of a Marine Insurance Company, 
8vo. 1810. 

Freer, Giorgf, Surgeon to the Gene- 
ral Hospital, Birmingham. 

Observations on Aneurirm and some diseases of the 
Artertal Systpm, 4to. I8O7. 


A Serious Inquiry irito the Natare and Effects of Mo- 
dem Seciniani&io, 18 IS. ^d ed. 

Freetii, John. 

Tito Political Songstrr, or a Touch at the Times, 
l«nio. 1790. 

French, Daniel, Esq. 

Voluirc\ Hcnriade, translated into Fnglish verse, 
8vu. ltKr7. 

Vrench, Rev.R. N. of Foremark, Der- 

Verses inscribed to the King of Swcdcu, 8vo. 1808. 

Frend, William, M.A. Actuary of 
the Rock Life Insurance Office. This 
f^ciiilemati passed through his academic 
education at Cambridge with coosider- 
abie distinction, and became tutor and 
fellow of Jesus College, but was ex- 
pelled the University in May, 1793, on 
account of a pamphlet which he had just 
then published. Against this sentence 
Mr. F. appealed to a court of delegates, 
by whom, however, it was confirmed. 
He is the author of: 

An Address to the Members of the Chorck of Eng* 
land, aud to ProtcAtaut Trinitariana in getaeral, ex- 
hortiitq them to turn from the worship of Three 
Persons to that of the One True God, 8vo. ITSB- — 
Thoushts on Subset iptjon to Religions Tests, 8n>. 
1788. — Ap))eiHlix to the preceding, 8vo. 1789- — Peace 
and union recomtnended to the associated bodies of 
Republicans and Auti-republicans 8vo. 1798- — Ac- 
count of Uie Trocerdiugs in the UnivcTsity of Cam^ 
bridge against the author of a pamphlet, entitied, 
" Peace aud Union, ice'* 8vo. 1793.— A Seqnel to the 
preceding, containing the application to the Court of 
Kind's Iicnch. a review of similar cases- in the Uni> 
veitily, and rftlcxions ou Uie impolicy of relieious 
pcr^pcution, 8vo. 1795. — ^The Principles of Algebra, 
for the use of schools, 2 parts, 8vo. 1796-1799. — A 
T^ttor to the Vice-Chaocellor of the Untvenity of 
Cambridge, 8vo. 1798.-^Priiiciples of Taxation, 9eo. 
1799- — Animadversions on the Elements of Christie 
Tlieology by the Bp. of Lincoln, in a series of 
letters. 8vo. 1000. — ^The effrct of paper-monej on the 
price of prn\isions, or the point in dispute between 
Mr. boyii and Sir Francis Baring exammed, 8vt>. 
1801. — Evroini; Amusements, or the Beauty of the 
HcHveiis l)i«spliiycd, l£roo. 18Q4 (since continued 
anniMliy).— Patriotism, or the love of our couatrj 
illustrated by cxamplFs from ancient and modem 
history, nvo. 1 80 ».— Tangible Arithmetic, or the art 
of nuu)l>iTiD,';iutuie ea^y, fc« 8vo. 1805, Sd ed. 1806. 

Frfke, B. 
The M.iii of I'urtitude, or ScUedoni in England, dot. 
3 v. IBOl. 

Frkston, A. M. A. Rector of Edgworth, 
Gloucestershire, formerly curate of Faiv 
ley, Hants. 

Ah Klr.jy, 4to. 1*07. — Poems on several Subject^Svo. 
1787- — A Discourse on Laws, intended to shew that 
lei^l institutions are oece<iSAry,not only to the happl- 
nm^. but to the veiy exi>tence of man, 4b). ITSS*-* 
A Coili-ction of Evidences for the Dinnity of Chrii% 
8vo. 1807 — Sermons on the most impoctant points if 
Christianity, and occasioaal Subjects, 8vo. ia09< 

Frey, Rev. Joseph Samtiee C. F. i^ 
native of Germany, converted from 
Jewish faith to Christianity. He was fb 
some time in the Missionary Seminary; 
Berlin, came to England about 1803, ai 


was received into the serainaiyof the so- pose, within the pale of the Church of 

ciety at Gosport, in the expectation that England. To this sociijty Mr. F. has 

he would devote his future labors to the hitherto acted as gratuitous secretary. 

Heathen in Africa. Mr. F. however, pre- He ranks high among the Hebrew scho^ 

ferred preaching to the Jews at home, larsof the day; and besides a tract on 

and having quitted the Missionary So- the Obligation of Christians to promote 

ciety, he, in 1809, joined the London So- the Conversion of the Jews, has pub- 

ciecy for promoting Christiaaity among lished: 

the Jews, who have taken the French The Guardian of PubUc Credit, a new system of Fi. 

Church, in Spital-Ficlds, and opened it nwi*^**. 8^'o. 1797. 
as " the Jews' Chapel," where Mr. F. ofw Fulhame, Mrs. 

ficiates. He has published : 5"*^ ^^ Combustion, with a View to a new Ait of 

A nwntivo of the circumstances which led to Im se- I^^^S a«d P«nting; wherein Uic phlogistic and 

panuion from the Missionarj Soc. and his union with »"^P*'>*»8»tic Hypotheses are proved erroneous, 8vo, 

th« London Soc. fgr promoting Chrisliauity among j} j 

the Jews 8vo. 1809—Vanderhooght's Hebrew Bible, rULLAGEB, JOHN. 

part 1. 8vo. 1811.— A Hebrew Grammar. 8vo. 1813. ^**"y ^'^ Religion, 8vo. 1R01.—Observatiou on 

FaiTH.Rev. W. Cockayne, LL. B. FelK ^'^™^"' ^^octrine and Duty, i2mo. 1812. 
of St. John's Coll. Oxford, and curate of , Duller, Miss, authoress of the fol- 
St. Pancras. lowing novels ; 

Inquiry into Uie mertts of Uie Bill for betterVegulat- ^•'** *^»»^»*>o"e. « v. 178r.-The Sou of Ethelwolf, 
iDg Parijb-R^gbters, 8vo. 1811. * ^- 1789— The Convent, or Hut. of Sophia NeUon, 

Fbizell Rev. W 2 v. 17 . 

Expoailor, and Sundly F^ily Instructor, being an „ FuLLER, ANDREW, Baptist Minister of 

inustnition of the Utur^y of the United Churches K^cttenug, Northamptonshire, and Secre- 
of England and Ireland, 8vo. i8i«. tary to the Baptist Missionary Society. 

FroME, John Sibree. The Calvinistlc and Socmian Systems examintrd and 

The Judgment-seat of Christ, a sermon preached at compared as to their Moral Tendency, 8vo. 1793. 4Ui 

Sorrey Chapel, occasioned by the drowning of a Snn- ^^^- ISOet— Socinianism indefrnsible ou 'the ground 

daj water party, Aug. 15, 181S. of it* moral tendency, conuining a reply to t'vo Ute 

FaoVE, Samuel Blake. publications by Dr. Toulmin and Mr, Kentish, 8vo. 

The Songa in the Open of Sketches from Life, 8vo. 17?7 —Expository Remarks on the Discipline of the 

I8O9.— Poems, 12mo. 1813. primitive Churches, 12mo. 1799.— Tlie Gospel its own 

Fry AnK£ witness, or the holy nature and divine harmony of 

The Voi« of Traih, o, VrcO, ,f the Diviae Origm ?' ^^i"?"'.*.''Tn "I"™'"* **"> •J" '""»^ 

of Scripture. l»«o. W. " L'f "" """'"'''^ "' ""™: T" ."99-»"="">'" »f 
y (^ '"* ^^^^ ^^^' Sam, Fenn, ot birmmijham, 8vo. 1800. 
«-_ !t^* l^AROLINE. _The Backslider, or an Enquiry into tlie nature aud 
The Hut. of England, inm3e,12mo. 1802. effects of Religious Declwobion, 8vo. 1801.— The 
FeT, EoirOND, LL. D. Letter -Founder, Oospel worthy of all Acceptafion, or the duty of 
SpeciBMBS of PrlDting-Types, 8vo. 1798.— Prospectus ^nners to believe in Christ, l?mo. IBOl.— A View of 
of a New Work iniitled Pantographia, 1798.— Paw- Religions, by Hannah Adums, with Additions, 8vo. 
tographia; containing accurate copies of all the 1805.— Expository Discourses on the Book of Gene- 
known alphabets in the world, 8vo. 1799. »i*> 2 v. 8vo. ISOd.—Thomton Abbey, a series of T^t- 
FrY, John. *®" ®° ReliRious subjects, by Mr. John SatcheU, S' 
A Selection from the Poetjpal Works of Thomas Ca- ^- 12«o.l806.- Dialogues, Letu-rs, and Essays on 
rtw. with a life and notes, 8vo. I810.-The Legend ^^^ .^"^^J'^A'.' *^'"**- 1«>6.-An Apology for the 
of Maty Queon of ScoU, and other ancient Poems *»^! Chnstian Missions to India, s parts, 8vo. 1808. 
htmk USS. of the l6th eentnry , 4to. and 8vo. 1810. "A. ^ ■T"*^''** °l ^^'*, T'^J'^^*^^ *° ■ **^ occurrence 
1? T> T A T» T» /• T^ *" ^''® County of Cambndge; in answer to a SUte- 
r RY, Kev. John, A. B. KectOr of DeS- mcnt in the Monthly Repository, lano. 1810. 

ford, Leicestershire, and Chaplain to Vis. Fuller, J. Surgeon-dentist, Hatton 
count iUnelagh. Garden ® *, u*s 

C*ntid«s,orSoug of Solomon, a new translation, 8vo. ^^^ ^^ '^^ stroctnre, fonnation. and management 
u' „ -D^, rr XT A r 1 of the Teeth, roy. 12mo. 1810. «d edit. 1813. 

TRY, Rev. Thomas, M. A. forraerly t?.„,».« i^.,„ tut r% r>^ • i • 

*..«-^^ Af i:»^^i» r>^u f\ r I xi^ puller, John, M.D. Berwick. 

tutor of Lincoln Co 1. Oxford. He en- Hints relativfe to the 'recovery of persons dn,wned 
tercd opon the clerical function at and apparently dca.l, Svo. 17«4.-The Hist, of Bei^ 

Abingdon; afterwards became curate of wick upon Twce««, svo. 1799. 

Han well, whence he removed to the Fulton, G. Teacher of English, aii- 

Lock Chapel, in 1803. Having relin- thor of an ingenious system of pronunci- 

quished the chaplaincy, he now retains ation avowedly formed on Sheridan's 

only the living of Emberton, Bucks; plan, by which a very small number of 

but he is reported to be designed to fill marks are made to denote both the quan- 

the office of Minister of Christianity to titjr and quality of the vowel sounds, 

the Jews, in the chapel which the London This system of notation is so extremely 

Society is proceeding to erect for this pur- simple that a child four years of age m 


capable of imdcwtamling it and caMinj? it a ^^ Ai>nd^.Dt ^Tl^lJ^to^i ';I^ 
La to his aid in his reaSing. It is deve- ^^^H.^^^ " ^"*'"^' "' '"'*"' *" '^'- * "' 
lopMl in the following tract : G abell, Rev. Hekry. 

Th« Orthoepy of the Eugluh Uuxuase aim|»Ilfied, ^^ ^^ expediency of altering and anesd'me tbe Re^ 

1811— Bcwd«s which Mr. F. his publbhed, in anoci- ,,ti„„, tecommended ^y Parlianient for rrdnooff 

ation wiih O. Knight: A Pronouncing Dictionary of ^^ ^.. p^^ ^^ ^^^^ qvo. 1T96- 

the English L«n«? Wmo. 180S.-A Pronouncing GaBBIELLI, (fictitioUS). UndcT tbis 

''''fZ'^s: Tw. Of the Office of the name have appeared the following n^ 
Accountant to the Board of Revenue, ^j^^^i^^^^^. ^^^ ^,. ,7^_The M,si«i«» 

Bengal. , ^ ,, Huabtnd. 4 v.— Harcoart, 4 v. 1799 — lP<iepca<»— >» » ■ 

British Indian Bookkceping.a new system of Double ^^ law —Something Odd, S v, 1804.— Sonrthms 

Entry, 8vo. WOO. . Strange, 4 ▼. I806.-Laughton Priorf. 4 v, I8O9.— 

Fulton, R. Civil Engineer. Siratageins Defeated, 4 V. 1811. 

A Treatise on the rmprovemeut of Canal Navigation, GaGE M. * 

♦to. 179*. Answer to the Challenge given by W. Blair, E*q. ro- 

FURLEY, Lieutenant. apecting a Cypher of his own invention, 8vo. 1809- 

Maxims and Morals for our Conduct through Life, GaISFOBD, StEPHEM, Esq. 

Umo. 1791- Easay on iha good effects which may be derived in 

FURNESS, Rev. John, Ponteland, ^he British We^t indies from Clie Abolition of th* 

Northumberland. slave-trade. Svo. I8II. #► r.w • 

The Practical Surveyor. 8vo. I8O9. GaISFORD, ThOMAS, A. M. of ChnSt 

FusELi, Henry, R.A. Professor of Church, Oxford, and Professor of the 
Painting to the Royal Academy, a native Greek Langua«;e in that University. 

of Zurich, in Switzerland, educated at Ueph^stionU Alcxandrlni Enclundion, 8vo. 1810. 

that place and at Berlin, under Professor Galindo, Mrs. wife of a fencing-mas- 

Sulzer. At an early age he accompani- ter, and herself an actress. 

ed Sir Andrew MitchelT, the British Am- Letter to Mrs. siddow. »»•. I809. 

bassailor at the Prussian court, to Eng- Gallacuer, Matthew, Printer ana 

land, and by the encouragement of Sir Proprietor ot the Trmidad Courant. 

Joshua Reynolds, devoted himself to the betters and Do<mm«ts reh^ *".^lj;r 

P '' c • *• Tj ^1 .-^u^A ■"<* Discharge of tbe Auclior, (iTUiiaa<> 

profession of paintmg. He tlien visited ^^^^ 

Italy, and returned to Londt.n in 1780. Galloway, George, author of two 

One of his greate&t efforts was the pro- dramatic pieces : 

duCtlOn of the Milton Gallery, which The Admirable Crichton, trag. Gvo. 1802.— The BsV 

was publicly exhibited in 1799. We be- tie of Luncarty, hist. pi. lemo. laoS. 
lievc Mr. F.'s first publication was: Galpinb, John, F.L.S. 

Keflectiona on the PaiatiBg and Sculpture of tlie A Synoptical Coak^ouud of Britiah Botany, fnm the 

Greeks; with Instructions for the Connoisseur, and Claaa Moaaudrin to Folygianua inclusive, lta». 

an Essay ok Grace in Work* of Art» translated from 1806. 

Um Oermaa of the Abb4 WinkelmnBn, 8vo. 17d5. GaLT, JohN. 

~^fter which appeared. Lectures o« Painting, de- Voyages and Travels in UO^ll, eoutaial^ sMirtieal, 

linreredet the Roy. Academy of London, 4to. 1801.— commercial, and miscellaneous •baenratioQa •« Oib. 

Pilktngton't Dictionary of Painters, with Altemtiona, raltar, Sardinia, Sicily, Mnlt»» CerifOk a*d Twhey. 

Additions, and an Appendix, 4io. 180k 4to. 1812 Reflectiona oir polJMwi and nniwrinl 

Fyfe, An brew, Professor of Anatomy, Topica. 8vo. i8is«— Fo«r Tratadiea, 4to. and «t». 

Edinburgh, formerly assistant to Dr. i8i«.-Life end Ad«inirt»tijn of CaniiiiU Woisey. 

Monro *^' 18*2.— Letters from the Levant, 8vo. 181S. 

System of Anatomy and Physiology, S v." 8vo. 1786. , i?^^''^?' ^' '^^^^^^^ ^^ ^- 

Sd edit. 3 V. Svi. lTer.-AnatomU Britannica. a ^ Chart V^*"?"^ ^^ '•'r*'^".'*'';::^. 1??"!^ 

System of the Anatomy of the Humao Body. » v. ^J^ oi^JJ*-"^ ''^"aT.^'SS S^W^ 

i»f.4i^l79B. ftldttit—A CompeDdfnmoftthe Ann. F^^^P* Exchanges, te^ and the Pfto of w neat, 

lomy ofthe Humb Bodf , 4 v. •vo. 18M<S. 5Ch edit. 8vo. 1813. ^ w Tk * 

i8i3.-OutUMa of c«»pankiv« JtaMumj, ovo. Gambier, Rev. James, A.M. Kector 
1813. ofLangley, Kent, (See Leslie, Rev.C.) 

An Introduction U> tbe Study of Moial Bvidances, 
ISmo. U»6. 

0, Gamble, J. Esq. of Strabaae, Irdaad. 

This gentleman appears from his publir 

Gabb, Rev. Thomas, Rctfoid, Notts. ^.^^'^f ^, *?^\^'^\*?.'^ *l5>;^ 

Biiia Pyrmnidia, oc diMiuisitilms coocenOng the anti- ^J^^^t^ ^ ^''^ ^^"^ WdltfWe U, 
quity and scieatific end of tbe great Pyramid of Giat, Edmbursh, tO have SerVM SOBae tme in 

8vo. 1806. a mcdicu capaci^ in the army,, and to 

Gabbett, Joseph* Esq. Barrister at have lately revisited his native coiiatiy 
I^w. aftfiraaabiepce of aoADy years. 



LIVING AimroAs. 



8k«iclips nf History* Fotitic^, fee. t»k«n in DaMn, A 6enMD prmehed oa liie Fas^day, 1793, 4t(x<>-A 

mwi th« nwth of Irvbod ia 1819^ (aBon.) 8v«. 1811. S«naoA 00 tlie Dudes of a Soldier, praarhed at tiM 

—A View of Sod9ty and llLaaQan in the north of oonaecratioa of the colouxs of a feguaeut of .Yeo» 

Ireland in 18IS, 8vo. 1813. manry Cavalry — Brief Reflecciona on tiie Eloquence 

GaNOOLPUY, Rev. Peter, a Roman of the PulpIt, occasioned by a pamphlet, entitled, 

Ctktholic Clergyman. RcnBarks on a Sermon preached on the Fast-day, 

A Defence of the Ancient Faith, or Five Sermons in J9^» ^^ ^- ««•««««'■» «^o- 179«.— ««raon» on variow 

preofofthe Christian Religion. 8vo. 18U.— Liturgy, *»»9«««s, preached at the Octagon Chapel, Bath, 

or a full Developement of the Faith, &c. of the Ca- ^V^2 ^**- ^ ^^^ 1«)6.-C*iiac» pn the Inefflcaey 

tboHc Church, 8vo. 181S.— -Coogratulalory Letter to 
tlM Rev. Herbert Marsh, D.D. 8vo. linS.>-A second 
letter tD the Rev. II. Uarsb, D.D. 8vo. I81S.— A 
full Expoaitioa of tlie Christian Religion in a series 
of Sermons, ▼. 1. 8vo. 1813. — A Sermon on the Text: 
Bender to Caraar the things Uiat are C«sar's ; preach 

of Fasts, a Sermon, 8vo. 1803.— The Faitli and Hope 
of the Righteous, a Sermon on occasion of the: Death 
of the Rev. Dr. Maclaine, 8vo. 1806.— A Tribute to 
the Memory of Lord Nelson, a Sermon, 8vo. 1800. 
—A Sermon on the Duties of Public Worship, 8vo. 
1806. — Reflections on the shortness of Time, a Ser* 

ed at the Bavarian and Spanish Catholic Chapels, "orf, suggested by tlie Mourning for the Princess 

Mj 8 and 9, 1813, 4to. 

Gandy, Joseph, Architect. 

Designs for Cottagei, Farms, and other Rural Build- 
ings, roy. 4to. 1806.— The Rural Architect, or De- 
aigus for Country Buildingn, 4to. I8OO. 

Amelia, 8vo. 1810.— Tltoughts on our abuse of tiie 
Sabbath, extracted from a Sermon defnered at the 
re-opeaing of Laura Chapel, Bath, 8vo. 1811. 

Gardinp.r, Richard. 

Answer to a Narrative by James Poole exposing lir» 

Garden, Charles, D, D. Minister of «■*»» transaeUons in one of the departments of 

HurwelJ, Berks, and late a Tutor of Eton ^°'*»8» ^^^'p*' 8^'»- ^^' 
CoII(.-ge. Gardiner, William. 

An improved Version attempted of the Book of Job, ^^ Sultana, or the Jealous Queen, trag. ISmo. 


Gardner, Edward. 

Reflections upon the f vil effects of an Increasing Po 
pulation on the present high price of provisions, par- 
ticularly Corn, 8vo. 1800, — Observations on the 
ntility of inoculating for the Cow-pox, 8vo. 1801. 

Gardner, Laurence Panting, M. A.. 

with a Dissertation and Notes, 8vo. 1796. 

Garden, James. 

The Hist, of Henry III. King of Firance, 8vo. 1783. 

Gardiner, J. 

An Excursion from London to Dover, 2 v. lemo. 

Gardiner, John, M. D. Fell, of the 

Roy. Coll. of Physicians, and F.R. S. This gentleman, whose name was origi- 
Edm. nally Panting, is of St John^s College, 

Diaaertatio de Vino— Observations on the Animal Cambivlge, of which Ks Wa* fot 80me 

f^ «L ^t^ ** ^'***f"n ^iS" ""L^j'^"^'' time a Fellow, till he married. He was 

•vo. 1784. — Fharmaeopcna Coll. Reg. Mcdicorom ^t r . ■ •' /•*.!. u 1 o ^l 

Edinburgenais. 8vo. 17S8.-Tnq«iry into the nature, \^^ ^^5^ ^^^^f^^^ ^^ ^« chapel, SoUth 
cmae, nod cnre of the Gout, and of some Diseases Lambeth, and at the same time Evening 

with which it is connected, 8vo. iTOflv—Bsaay^ lite* Preacher at the Asylum, and afternoon 
»ry, peiMed^ aU ecMOMcai, 8 v. »*•. laoc Lecturer of St. Magnus. London Bridge. 

Oarbiner, John, D.D. son of a ge&. in 1303^ he chfinged his name to Gard- 
tiemanr of Somersetshire, eminent for ner, agreeably to a will by which he holds 
bis knowledge pf agriculture, born near an estate, and became Rector of the se- 
Wellinfl;too, 1757, and educated at Tiver- cond portion of Westbury, Shropshire, 
ton,, whence he went to the Univ. of He divides his time between the duties 
GIbhuow, where he studied the civil law. of this living and those of the metropo- 
He then entered himflelf of the Middle i^, where he holds the appointments of 
Temple, with a view to qualify for tb© Mornii^ Preacher at Fitaroy Chapdl, 
bar. An irresistible impulse induced and Clerk in Orders at St. George's^ 
him to exchange the law for the church, Hanover-square. He has published : ■ 

and for this purpose he repaired to Wad- r^rewelt Sennon to the Coiigreg«tioii of 9. Lambeth 
ham College, Oxford. In 1781 he took Chapel, 18(».— Some AHodem Princtpfes of BdiK«- 
POSSessiOB of the vkan^ of Shirley, and tion considered, ia nSemon pre«:faed at the MjUtm, 

rectory of Brailsford, in the county of «»^i»'«- 
Derby, the presentation M> which had ^ 
been Durcbased by his father, wkh whom 
he afterwards resided for some years at 

Wellington, performing gratuitously the S^nwrn pwahed before the Roy. Honune Soc. on 
duty oSr CUI^ of thatp^isk In 1789, ^^ Anniv«ar,. 181^ at St. Andrew's, Holbo™, 

be undertook the same office at TauQtoo, * ^ ^_^ ^ rp.- t j^ '*^ ^,v 
w4itre he continued till his father, in ,. p^*^""**' ^- ^^ ^^ ^ P"^ 
1796 purch;«ed for him the Octagoa Zl!^.n LH^it -»d shade, 00 Coio« ^C^ 

Ct\a»el at B^tb, where he hW ever since j^itjon in ^aeral, 410. I8O4— Omamntal (koap* 
regularity officiated. Ws pnbHcations descnetive of Flowers, Blrda^ Shelb, and Insects. 
are : imp. ft)I. 1009. 

Garrar^, EiLrzABETH, of Bath. 

Hlacelfainies in Prose and Terae, 8«o. letO* 

Garbow, Rev. J. 

Sermon prascbed before the Roy 


GASKiiTy George, D.D. Rector of St ment of* his Majest}''s Navy^ at Yar« 

Benedict) Gnicechurch, and St. Leonard, moutb, where he at present resides. Ue 

Eastcheap ; Lecturer of Ishngton, and is the author of several pieces which ap« 

Secretary to the Society for promotiiig peared some years sinre in the new>pa- 

Christian Knowledge. • Beiiides a Ser- pers and Magazines under die* signature 

mon preached in 1787, and whith is said of*' 2*haddeus,** and *' G. Barnar<fs Inn,^ 

to have given general oft'ence on account and has published : 

of some severe reflections upon the Dis- i*ociic sketci»:*, tc 8\-o. laor. 3d edit. isii. 
scnters, he has published : Oeoghegan, Edward, Memb. of the 

ScnnoDS preached to parochul Congregations by the Coll. of SufgCOns, and Hon. Memb. of 

late Rev. Richard Southgate, with a biograpliical the Ilov. Med. Soc. of Edinburgh^ and 

Preface, 8 v. 8vo. i79e.-The English Liiurujr, a Surgeoii to the Gfucral Dispensarv. Ehib- 

form of sound words, a Sermon, 8vo. 1800. — Aposto- i:., 

Ucal Injunctions, a Sermon on tbf> A>th Anuivcrstarj « ' • ^x. 

•f hU A««.ioiiJ evo. aaop. Pr.cuc.l Obwrvauon. on the nsturc ami IrctOKoC 

G^ss, PATK.CK, a nativeof the United lrZ::r»::'".^':T\^^:^J^^7^ 

States Ot America, who accompanied in nding, Svo. ISOS.— a Commentary on Uie Treatment 

an inferior station the expedition, of ot Kuptures, svo. isio. 

whose proceedings he gives an account Gkurge, John, of the Middle Temple, 

io the following work, originally printed Special Pleader. 

in America : A Treatise on Libel, iritfi a disqubition on the rii*ht« 

Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of »>«o«-f>t, and proper boandarie» or political discuaMon. 

Discovery under Uie command of Captains Lewis and ^J' ^^<>* ^12. 
Clarke thfx>a|h the Interior of America in 18M-5, GeraRD, GilBERT, D. D. ProfeSSOr of 

•vo. 1806. Divinity in the University of Aberdeen, 

Gassiot, M. and one of his Majesty's Chapluns in 

Onunroar of u>« SpanUh Lar.Knaee, i«mo. 1809. Ordinary for Scotland. 

GaUKTLETT, Rev. HemiY. Ou Indifrorcnce with respect to Religious Trnths. a 

Interceasioti and I1uuik»giving for Kiugs, a Sermon, strmon, 8vo. 17g7.~lnstttutes of Biblical Criticbm, 

delivered in the Churches of Netilcbcd and Fishill, svo. iBOti. 
Oaon. on the Jubilee, I8O9, 8vo.-The Proverbs of GeraRD, WjlLIAM, Master of the 

""or^cs*"""' ""■ fr^" ^"H' ^'''''"' ''''^"^'' ''™*"«'- 

Tbe Beaaties of Henry, a selection of U»e most suik- i?^"^^» CnelbCa. 

ing paasages of that celebrated Commenutor, wiUi a ^^^ 6»c^»an s Treceptor, consisting of scholastic rule* 

brief acconnt of his Life, 12umi. 1797. '"^ examples for the iludtnt's progress in navigaUoo, 

Geiswetler, Maria, wife of Mr. C. ®'°- ^"^'- r. • ^ 

G. formerly German Bookseller, in Par- Lat^n^bl"' "' *^' ^^'"^^ *^ 

liament-street, Westminster. Besides ^.,/;^;;^ sJJJ; ^, ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ ,^ 

numerous pieces in the German Museum, preserving her to the Empire. consiJ««i L • letter 

a penodlCal miscellany, which was pub-, to Marquis Cornwallis,8vo. 1799.— The CoB»eqaeiice»' 

lijfhed by her husband and extended to of the proposed union considrred, in a second tetter 

three octavo volumes, she has translated '® M»rquis ComwaiiL*, svo. 1799- 

the following dramks from the German „ ^eRRard, John, Ecclesiae Anglicanae 

of Kotzebue : Presbyter Londinensis. 

Crime from Ambition, pi. 8vo. 1799— Joanna of S^g**""™ ^omMum.sive ExpUcatio Kotaremac Lit*- 

Montfaueon. dr. rom. Svo. 1799.-Thc Koble Ue. dr. "'"" ^^ hactcnus re|>eriri potuerunt in Maraoribiis, 

•vo, l799.-4*overty and Nobleness of Mind, pi. 8vo. **P»dibu», Nuinmts, &c. ito. 179«. 
1799. GiBBES, George Smith, M. D. FelL 

Gell, John, of Lewes. of the Roy. Coll. of Phys. F.L.S. for- 

Koqutry into the causes of Insolvencies in Retail nierly FcUow of Magdalen CoU. Oxforily 

Businesses, with the Plan of a Fund for Uip Relief and now OUC of the PhvsicianS tO UlC 

•^^/^ff wtrr^'^'r'^if A 17T, 1 ^a^^ City Dispensary. Besides sevend 

A Q m;!!k ^f^K' ^'"^ f n^r*.^^^^^ P*P^^« in the 'iW of the B^al and 

^% ^^' ? 1^^ ^^.''l ^-^^r^P V;^ ^'«»'«« Societies and Nicholsan^Jouma/, 

Th* Topography of Th)y and ito Vicimty. fol. 1804. l r _,-.;j.__ . ' 

—The Geography and AnUquities of Ithaca, 4to. "Cnas WHUen. 

1808.— The Itinerary of Greece, with a Commentary O»«rv*t»ons on the component parts of animal mac 

on Paosanias and Strabo.^and m Account of the '^"' ***** **" ^**' «>o^«rs»on into a substance rescm- 

Monnaents of Antiquity at present existing in thai ^""5 Spermaceti, 8vo. 1796— A Treatise on the BaUi 

Country, roy. 4to. I8ia Wstcrs, Svo. 1800.— A Second TreatiM, 8vo. 1805. 2d 

The Meteor, a farce, 8vo. I8O9. „ G IBBOKS, ThOMAS, M. D. Physidan at 

Gent, Thomas, born 1780 in London, ^2,7*^/|*'' ^""l^' ^ . . . 

whence he removed in 1«M and wan for ^^. Caaesand Remarks on the good effecU of 

wncncc nc rcmovea in I8O3, ana was lOr S^Uv^iion in Jaundice, arising from Calcall; andoa 

8«verai years m the Victualhng Depart- the fret use of Vm in Hmorrhagy, svo. 1799. 

1814. GtB , LIVING AUTHORS. GIF 127 

GiBBS, Sir ViCARr, Knight, Chief Giffird, Ha&dtnge, Esq. 
Justice of the court of Common Ple^is, Ode for October 25, laog, wmo. laog, 
son of a medical practitioner of Exeter, . Gifford, John, Esq. one of the M»- 
where he was born. lie waseducaiedat gistrates at the Police-Office, Worship- 
Eton, and King's Coll. Cambridge, after street, Shoreditph. 

which he became a member of one of the •'^**** History of Fn»nce, from the earliest times to thtt 

Inns of Court, was called to the bar, and I??' of Louis xvi. 6v 4to. l7a^.l794.-A pi«iD 

.• 1 -.1 . • *u f f Address to the Common Sense of the People of En«- 

practised with great success in the King's ,a„d, containing an abstract of Pabc's Life and Wril 

Bench. He particularly distinguished ing»,8vo. 1792— Narrative of th^ Transactions relat- 
hilUSelf during the trials of Thomas ing to Louis XVl. from Jnne 21, 1791, to his de«tb. 

Hardy and the other members of the **" ^»« *^*^ <>^ January. 1793. 4to. 179».-The r«ign 
Corresponding Society, at the Old Bailey, «fLo"wxvi. and complete Hist, or the fx. Revo- 

..«r r^ L- uu i>» • J lution,4to. 1794.— Lettpr to tlie Ear! of Lauderdale 

in ir94; soon after which he obtained a eontainin, strictures on his lordship-s letters to the 

.Silk gown. By niS next promotion he Peers of Scotland, 8vo. 1793. new edit, with addf. 

became Chief Justice of Chester; in tions, laoo.— a Residence in Fiance durinir the f«ara 

1805 he was knighted and nominated 1T98-1793, described in a series of letters from « lady, 

SoliciUT General, and in 1807, Attorney !/* ^'*' J796.-The Banditti unmasked, or Hist. 

Oeneral which office he held tilfhis pIp- J?*"***"*"^ '*"« P'««nt Tunes, firom the Freneh of 
Uenerai, wnicn omcc Iie neiO Ull lilS ele- General Danican. avo. 1797.-LeUer to the Hon. 

vation to the Bench, in 1813. During Thomas Erskiuc, conuining strictures on his View 

the Idbt Parhamcnt, Sir V. represented of ibe Causes and Consequences of tlie War, 8vo. 

the University of Cambridge. I'he fol- 1T97.— a Defence of Uie French Emigrants, from 

lowing speeches by him have been pub- J^® ,*'""?*' ?^ Laiiy-Toiiendai, bvo. i79r.-Addi«s 

|- L 1- ^ , '' ^ to the Members of the Loy% I Associations oq the 

lisneu: liresent Sutc of Public Affairs, 8vo. 1797. 5ti) ed. 

SpcHcli in defence of Thomas Hardy, 8vo. 1795.-^ 179e.-Addrrss of Camillc Joiirdan to his Consti- 

»p*.^l. in defence of John Home Took e, 8vo. 1795.. tueitfs. from the French, 8^9. l7ge.-History of the 

OinNEY, John, M.D. Resident Physi- PoUUcal Life of the Right Hon. Wm. Pitt, 3 ▼. roy. 

cian at Brighton. 4to. and 6 v. 8vo. IBO9.— Mr. J. G. furnisiiod a long 

Practical Observations on Sea-batliing, 8vo. 1813. «nd interesting preface to the London edition of W. 

the UU and Phil. SOC of Manchester, Review, from its commencement, in 1806. 

and Surgeon to the Manchester Infir- Gifford, William, from a truly in- 
niary. teresting biograpliical account of tliis 

Observation, on the Formaiiou of an ArUficiarPupii gentleman, prefixed to his translation of 

so several deranged states of the Eye, 8vo. 1811. 9„«^^„l \1 «L« ..u * 1 *• 

Gibson, Lancis, Eso. F.A.S. Col- -^"Y^k' it appears, that he is a naUve 
lector of Ihe Customs atVhiiby. ?^ Asliburton, DeTonshire, and was bom 

Sftre^shall Abbey, or U,e Danish Inv^^ion, iplay, "* 1757. At the age of thirteen hc be- 
8vo. 1800.— Memoirs of the Bastille, from the French, came an orphan, by the lOSS of both hiS 

8to. i8oe. parents; was then placed on board a 

Gibson, John, M. D. Surgeon in the coaster at Brixton, by his god-father. 

Royal Navy. who afterwards bound him appreutice 

On continual, intermitting, inflammatory, and cnip- tO a shoemaker, with whom he worked 

live Fevers. 8vo. i769.-The piincipies. elements, ^\\ |^g twentieth year. About this timc 

j«i pr^r, particles of Bodies, 8V0. 1772.-^^^^ some poetical trifles which he had pro- 

.»»». ud BMion in tho« duordra, 8vo. 1799- <l"ced, attracted the notice of a gentle- 

G1B8OK, W.LLtAM, A.M. man who 'nter^ited himself so warmly 

did... ud KU, . c«»briln toi«, . . 1805. «». h|s behalf, that a subscription was 

Giddy, Da vies, Esq. M.P. for Bod- «'*e^ expressly for the puroose of 

xmn, M.A. F.R.amrL.S. one of the purchasing the remainder of Ins ap- 

WHteirs to the Barony of Sands of the prenticeship, and maintaining hirn for 

Vine, as descended from the sonof Attor- ? "hort tune, while he improved himself 

nev General Nov. He was educated at '« wiling and English grammar. Such, 

Pembroke ColL Oxford, wliere he took a bo«'ever, was his assiduity under the 

degree in 1789, first obtained a seat in jnas^r provided /or hnn, that his pa- 

PiJliament for Helston, in 1804. and Irons extended their views, and deter- 

since 1800 has repreinted Bodmin. ™"«*«5° ^"^i^^i *? *'j%"T*^"?- 
He married Miss Gifbert, of Sussex, by The office of Bib Lect. at Exeter Col- 

whom he has a family, and has writ- fe^/Olf"^**' "'" P,''^"';^'* t^ ^'^' ^^ 
TV, *'' thither he removed. About this time he 

A pUia sutoDMiit of Uie Bullion Qoesiioa. 8vo, commenced his translation of Juvenal, 
jgii, which he proposed to publish by sub- 


8criptioD: but afterwards relinquished «»« ro«. foi. w»^Tb# BritSA indUn Mwutor. 
that plan, and returned the money which V t^' 'f^~®^'J'*^T'l;f T**"? !t! 

■.uot. |f , ^mmm* • • . J^ MerchMits' Company of Edinburgh, rtspecCing the 

he had received. Acadent introduced p^,jp^ ^^ ^^ {^\ * r- -• 

hin to the acanainunce of the late Eari Gilchrist, Octavius, F. R. S. bom at 
Grobvenor, whose son, the present Earl, Twickenham, 1779; educated at Magda- 
he accompanied in two successive tours to )en Col!. Oxford. He left the university 

chastftbement of the poetasters of the ^ niarried the daughter of Mr. James 
Dr/ln Cr«»f« school He is understood No wlan, of London. 

to have been the editor of the Anti-Ja- fixnmaatMm of the ckvi^ of Ben Jooso*^ mmity 

cohiriy or Weekly Examiner ^ as he is at towards ShAkipeare, svo. isoe.— The Poens of Rkb- 

present of the Qumrierly Review ; and •^ Corbet, Bp. of Norwich, with notea^ Md • life of 

haa pubhsiied * *^® ■utlior, Svo. laoe.— Letter to W. Gifford, Esq. on 

n« BTvi^l. fc. Bvo^ 179*.-The M^vied. fc. 8ro. » ^^^ •*«"°» «| ^°'^^'» '^'S*' T' *^\-" .K IT 

1700*— ThoM two works hsve noce been ie.primed. trlLES, JAMES, Master Ol tnc T FCC 

toftether with an epi&tle to Peter Finder, end other School, Gravcsend. 

additioiu,nui had reached the inmth edilicm in 1813.— Enflith ParMng, 12mo. 180.1. Sd ed. 1811. 

The Setires of Juvenel, translated into English verse, GlLL, JerEMTAU. 

with neles, 4I». 180C.— Examination of the Strictures Thoufri>t<) on a Rciorm m the British reproenutioa, 

•f the Critical Reviewers on the tmnslatien of Jo- qvo. 171ld. 

veMi, 4to. 1803.~A Siipp. to the procedhi|r, 4to. GiLL, TvOMAS, SoHcllOT, NoW lou. 

1804.— The Pfaijs of Measiniser. with notes, 4 v. 8vo. j^j^i „f George Manners, for Libels in Uie SetSriet o« 

M06.^Mr. G. is at this Ume engaged in an editien of ^^ character of Wm. Halhstt, Esq. 8vo. 1812. 

the work, of Btn Jou«« GiLI.ESPlE, ALEXANDER, firSt lieute- 

;«^r"T';^' ^^ ^r ^^'' flf * r*''' ^ant of Marines. 

m the Dissenters College, Rotlierliam, n.^t. Riview of the Roy. M.rine Corps from it. i». 

Yorkshire. &titution io I6e4 to I8O3, 4to. Birm. 1803. 

Reply to the Keir. W. Bennett's Remarks on Uie Rev. GlLLCSPIE, LEONARD, M.D. formerly 

™« ,'^i"'T2' "'?:!i"*'pr*f'^""T* "^^«*%^ Siirgconin the Navy and lo the Naval 

moral EvU, 8vo. 1806.— Elishas Lcjnenution for ,- «> . , ^ o. t • i »* .- • 

Elijah, a sermon preached atSheflield on tlie death of '10i»P»tals at St. LuCia and MarlimquC, 

the Rer. Dr. Williams. 8vo. 1813.- Chi istian Bcnevo- ^° '''« preservaUon of the HealA of Seamen. 8vo. 

lence. a sermon preached before the trachera of the *799 —Observation* on the Diseases which prevailed 

Sunday School Union. Sheffield, 8vo. 1813. <>» '^"''d part of the bqaadron on the I^ewwd 

Gilbert,Tho« AS, formerly commander ^'^ o"* '^'''*"' ***'r'" 'w *""* ^'^' ^' ***' 
of the ship Charlotte. .„ ^1^'"''^'^*^^ ' /"""-'i"* . 

Voyage frem New South Wales to Canton, in 1788. f^" I^"** ^^ Rcfinemwit, an • 
4fio 1780 

GijLBERT W. GiLLESPY, E. formerly Curate of BJis* 

Opinion on th^ power of Coorts-maitiai to punish for ^^ith, Northamptonshire. 

Contempts, occasioned by tho c«se of Major John ^"<l««>tion upon the Criminal Laws, 8w>. iTge. 
Browne of the 76th regt. 8vo. 1788. GlLLlES, JoHK, LL. D. F.R. & A.S. 

Gilbert, William. Historiographer to his Majestv for Scot- 

The Hnrricane, a theosophical and western eclogue, larwl, bom about 1750, at Brechin in the 

»»o iTW. gj^jj^g of Angus, in ScoUand, and educaled 

GiLCBRisT, James. at the Lnivcrsitv of Glasgow. He was 

The PhtLern of Socwi Prayer, given by Jesos to hi« ^..f^^ *« .l^ u'^ T«U»* /«.««, rL««-^«.l\ 
Disciples, a seimon before the annuel m»embly of Ji'^^f ^ the HoD. John (UOW General) 

General Baptists. 1812. Hope, oue of the younger SODS oT the 

Gilchrist, John fioRTHwicK, Esq. '*'® ^^^^ ^f Hopetoun, with wfaom he 

LL.D. late of the Bengal Medical estab- passed some years on the Continent; 

lishment, and Hindustanee professor in ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ return has resided m Loa* 

the College of Fort William, now a ban* ^^^' ^me of bis juvenile essays, in 

ker in ^inburgh. Most of the sub- P&rticular a I>«^enc6^'fAe5£iM(y^C^ 

joined works were printed at Calcutta. *\^^^ Literature found their wa^ iiilope* 

Ormnmsr of the Hindustanee language. 4to. . . ._ riodical WOrks ; but his avowed pttUtOI* 

Oriental llngnisC, 4to. . . .^English and Ilhidu- tions at« : 

l?!? *^ ^*°**' "*** ""*'• Wcttonary, 8 v. 4to Orations of Lyste end Taocntes, fhnn the Of«ek,4to. 

fld ed. with improvemcBta, v. l. ISIO^TIm Anti-jar- 1778 —History of Ancient Greece. Ull the division of 

goaist, or an introducaon to the Ulndostanee laa. the Macedonian Empire, 2 v. 4to. 1786.— View of the 

C*^ vli: 'Z'l^ '"*"**^ "'* Prospectus of the Reign of Fi-edcrie II. of Prussia, with a parallel be- 

rBr^anVecbs. with Uieir Synonyms in Engluh and tween that prince and Philip II. of Meoedon, avo. 

iUodustaaee,4to. MOl^-Kwri Benuxeer, a ffindu. lT8S).-Ari9tDUe*s Ethics and Polities, froa the 






^T^T'.iS^ZTlVl'^^^^ have gained him the highest ^.putatioT 
w^V"** .tt ""^T*'*** •^ Aristoue'.spacouave V*"- ^'.^as contributed Jargely under va^ 

r ^'^"'^'^ ^ ^- ^^ * --''""g «an of occalnsT^^^^ "J^ 

fortune, nephew of the tirecedin^ literafi.r^ tk. ? ii - ^"^ ^"^ ^ ^'^^^ ^^ 

JbeDnuMUc Mirror, < ^ X2«o. IB07. Anacreon. Uiutatwi in^'..5l.K ^^«>— *^ •^ 

GiLUKGWATER, Edmund, a native of wo3- sd id ^"«*"*^ **"^ «'• 8^- 

Lowestoft, Suffolk. GiRLE Rev S nf TSJ 

on^ Work^«^,e.o. ,r86^Hi.t. Accoont Tvie ' ^^ ''^ Newcastle upon 

of Lowestoft, with K«awks oa ttie adioinin. p^ tiT .T , 

ing^d, 4fo. I790.-Account of St. EdmuacT. B^ry on nrl^Jir^?'** * r""**"' 8^<»- l«M.-Sennon. 
Itoo. 180*. «d ed. fc. 8vo. 1811. ^' on practical .ubject,, for tlie u«e of f^iuJ7v7 

OiLLMAN, James, F.L.S. Memb. of the 
Koy. Coll. of Surgeons, London. 

©J^tion CD the Bite of a R«bid Animal, 8vo. 

Gi LLV A V, Webster. 

TJe Poll for Knight* of the Shire for Kent. July 
laoe, with an abstract of the Poll in 1796, 8vo. 1808. 


Hpv'i^r^* '!?'"'' ^^- •'""her to the 
Rev IhDmas G. married totheyounK- 
est daughter of the late Colonef Polf 
whose wido* became the wife of the ol' 
lebrated Dr. Darwin. "•««<»- 

T^ V.l« ,f W«,r. . I«..d««iptf.. p.... ^; 

^"-i-oN, Joseph, Esg. Editor of en- ^^^• 
Jarged and improved editions of: Gisborne. Rev. Thovas M A P-^m^ 

SS'^U"'^?.^ ^ ^^ ^' «-^-^' fo»- ^* Curate of Bartrund;^Ne;dwn^ 
»«.-E«.,aes Princpie. of the w of Scotland, Staffordshire; a gentleman Salt foj 

C.L,x>w, Thomas. ^IJ^^^'^'^^lS^^^^^teTonmonA 

^^ Principie. of AlltgUn- .indicated, 8^ SJL p'^^'^^^^^^^ ""^'J^^^'' 

* *•?; ^ Tb«Prin«plw of Moral Philosophy Utrestiiated and 

GlLLUM, ft. M.D. -Pfi**** to the Constitution Ti^T^St^ ^o 

Letter to Dr. Mm. of B«h. 8.0. 180S. ll^.r^^ * «^ (comprehending the succeeding ertil 

n«9, died 1785.) wKb .om. «coaut of the atitbor, reiii.1. 8n. an. ITjfl. ath idit 8™ .nj ^J!f ** 
*».»«. 1791.-Mo»«m«t of P„,„ul Aff«*«7u; P*-"". -««d ««i S^^'' .^S: M ^7 

GiMWR, J. S. Esq. a Uagistmte of ?* •i"i»«s-<>i««™HMtt oa th, pL i^^l 
the county of MiddWi. ^ ?« *• ^« f th. c» of Am,, ith „f.^ « 

°",f" "r»^» «o»«,a«>c of Fo«,tdlteg, R» i^fS ^^J^- i*?-«'«»'»» "toil"- «« »U 
pnceefPreTi<iol»,8^■o.l800. ^'^ '™ '*'*—A *«™» Iw*Mlied« th. Cgo. 

J3;i.rxESTpNE Rev. J. L. A.M. Master C^:1S^*:',SS:i,''ir'^'»-«^^ 
gjie Classical School at Beccles, Suf- d^, 5^. mo,'^!';;12rr .STSSI :? 

AU the Ode. of Pindw, from th. Greek. 4to. 1810.- 2^« ">• Vound.ti.D of Cbriitta, B^oJmH . 
Uior of J«id»,8vo. 1»U. imurjr, lUI_Sub<tn^ of a SoL-h H-i™ j 

GiKBtESTOKE, Thomas,' MJ). bom in *'*^' *!»"•.>««..». m»ai^^^£ 
i7Sa « Holt Norfolk.' For the last i:^^ tf*^* ^'TH' *"«^^ 

s?jt«'oitfri„^irs^i;rco^u''z5- ^^^^•^-^'«^??"*-^ 



Reflections on the pr»ent Suto of the Chrotim OOUDt of the Tokfty, ud OtWf Wlllt* of 

World, 1798. Hungary, in the J»Ai/. 'Frans. for 177S, 

Glasse, Capt. Ist battal. 95th rcg. his lordship is the author of: 

Iliut* for th^ ^onsidt•ration of Officers i« command of HUtory of the Omcs of Controverted Elections detcr- 

Detachment* and Rqueto on service, 8vo. 1812. mined daring the first session of the 14th Pari, of O. 

r» -^ r.^^u V^n Brittin. 4 V. Bto. im. «d edit, laoa,— Reports of 

GlaSSFORD, J AMES, tLSQ. ^^^^ detennlned In the Court ef Kins*. Bench in 

Remarks on the Constitution and Proceduie of the ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^j^ ^^^ ^^ Q^ai%^ lU. Col. 

Scottish Courts of Uw, 8ro. 181«. ^^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ „gO. 

Gleig, Rt. Rev. Geo^qe, LL.D. F.R. Glehcaien, (Isabelia,) Countess 
S- Edin. Bishop of the Episcopal Church D^jv^agcr of, sister to the Earl of Buchaa 
of Scotland of Slirliiig. This prelate was ^^^ fj^d Erskine. She married in 1770 


the editor of a supplementary volume to William Leslie Hamilton, Esq. 
Dr. Johnson's works, containing Ix)bo s j^j^ ^^ ^^ \y^^ ^j^q ia 1777 went out 
Voyage to Abyssinia; of the six last vo- ^^ ^j^^ vVggt Indies as 8oliti»)r-Gene»l, 
lumcs of the third edition of the Ency- ^^ afterwaids became Attomey-G«ii«rtl 
clopsdia Britannica, and also the Sup- of the Leeward Islands. In these situs- 
element to that work in two volumes, ^j^^^ j,g expended on account of pve^n- 
Ile has written : ment various sums, estimated, u^ the 

sermons, 8ve. ^^'-A p'^^'^^jji;!'** f^^l^ whole at 15000/. After hi^ death wious 
*lTe CnK^he'iThot'^^^^^^^^^ circumstances prevented hia widow fhnn 

clesiasticiil History, continued by Coote, is likewise immediately prefemag hc« CiaUttS; aod 

fron Us pen. her second husband the late Earl of 

GiEN, William. Glencairn who looked fiurwasd to the in- 

Trcatise on the Lew of Bilh of Eschange, Promis- hefitance of a kirge fortttOe WOuld not 
Mvy No«H, and LeUers of Credit in Scotland, 8«o. gy^f his Coun'teSS tO hecome a SuitOT tO 

1807. Tx \ eovemment for the sacrifices of hcj 

GwMBERViB, (SvLVBSTiB Douglas,) f^^^^^ husband. His lordshifi, however, 
^*.'^, 8on of the bie John D. Esq. ot , . ^^ ^^^^^^g ^ ^hich he waa h«r 
rcchil, Aberdeenshire. After^ finishing ^^^ ^^ another branch of the &wUy> 
lus education at a wiehbouring univer- ^^^ ^^^ relict being thrpwa back iaWlier 
sity, he removed to London, entered former ciBCuraalaiicea was obliged loi^ 
himself of one of the Inns of Court, was ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^i^ ^^ ^ herlrlaima ; but 
called to the Bar and appointed a King s ^^. ^^^^^j^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^ j^^e Mr. 
Counsel. He soon arrwed at consider- p^rdval the recommendation of them to 
able eminence in his profession, obtain- parliament, she made an appeal to the 
ed a seat in parliament, was nommated . jj^ through the medium of a pam- 
tp a variety of offices m succession, and ^ j^^ entitled- 

became a member of the Privy Council ^ ReprescntnUon of ihn.Oseaf Um g«mteii.oi 
both in Great Britain and Ireland. In Gienca&ro, i8i«. 

thp htter cpuntry he resided for somo Glenik, James, Esq. M,A. F.B.S, 
time in tlie character of Chief Secretary, formerly an officer in "the Royal Al- 
and also enjoyed the situation of-a Com- tillery and Engineers. This gentle- 
missioner of the Treasury. In 1801, he man, a native of Scotland, born about 
was elevated to the peerage, and M)point- 1747^ jg (,qQ of thq abkist mathe- 
ed to the government of the Ca^e of magicians of thfi present i9^, and is 
Good Hope, which he relinquished g^id to have put to rest, in a paper read 
for the Joint P&ymastership of the before the Royal Society in 1811, ihc 
Focces. He is now Surveyor Gene- j^^pg celebrated problem resfM^ctang the 
Tal of the King's Woods and Forests, to quadrature of the circle, the inpossibi- 
which office he was first appointed 1803, |\ty of which he there demonstrated. He 
resigned 18©a, and re-appointed lfl07 ; [^ the author of ^qme papers in tbft Phil. 
also a^ Commissioner for the Afiairs of frans. and of the. following works; • 

India, and in the. absence of the Earl of History of Gunnery. 8vo. 1776.— The Doctrine ef 
Liverpool, President of the Committer Umvei^ Comparison and Genena ^pqption, 41(0. 
of the Privy Council for tlie AffailiS of ITS^.— The Antccedenul Calculus, or feeomeiricaj 

Trade and Plantaxioqs, Mis lordship "•^'^i •' Rf«oninR without anyconsidention of 

ma^rripd in 1780. th*» Hnn. Cfttharina ■*'^®" **'' velocity. apphcaWe to every purpqa^ ti 

marjriea, in I7tt»,. tiie tton. ^^ainanne ^^^.^ ^^.^ ^^^ ^^^.^ or can be applied, 4to. 179*. 

Ann, eldwit da*i«hter of Frederick, se- --o^^efviitioaa on cousirneuin. aw: W-4)h.ei^ 

cond Earl of Guildford, by whom he has, vatiew 09 the De^r^ce. of Oam 9rit«la wd Us pr» 

issue an only son, the Hon. F. S. N. cipaJ Doc^-jjads. Sva. lefl^. 

Douglas; (which see), l^estdes an ac-s - Gi.fiifiqi', '^9^^^^lQ9, SiVgilpil. 

1114. ooA 11T1V0 Aurnoiis. 000 131 

AddrMs to the Fioiiij and the iMWie, on the Expe- find a publisher for his first performance 

t!SrL:rSIS:Si 1^^^ --^^^^ P^^^ ^ -^^^ ^Is serviced to Bo-' 

NorthuBberiAiid, 8vo. 1798. napartc, and was employed for some 

GoADBY, J. Esq. . . *»™« as ca»V'*' ^»^ the Areus, an English 

oiMPrr»tions on some of the most important parts of paper established in the French metroi)o- 

the Aft of War, I8Q9. lis, for the purpose of vilifying every 

GoDDARD, William Stanley, D. D. Hhing British. Some disagreement hav- 

Rector of Treyford, Sussex. ing ensued between him and his cili- 

A Seraon preached in the Cathedral Chardi of Chi- ployers he was displaced, and afterwards 

l^imT^ir^ ^^'^ ^ "*"• ^^^"^^ ?^^^«^^« law-agent and /oreigd translator 

GooFUY C B. M.D. ^^ ^^^ French courts of justice till his re- 

Treatiie on the Venerei DiseaM, iivo. iigf. turn to England about 1809; since which 

Godfrey, Samuel, Attorney at Law. timehe has established a newspaper under 

The great qaestioo of Bills of Ezcbange called Ficti- ^^^ title of the AfdigoUican, In tllis aS 

tioas, discussed, 8vo. 1791. well as his Other publications he has re- 

OoDwiv, William, son of Mr. J. G. viled his late masters as bitterly as he 

Minister of a congregation of Dissenters formerly c|id the government of his nar- 

at Guestwkk, Norfolk. He was educat- tive country. 

ed at the Dissenters' College, at Hoxton, 1^ Crimes of Cabinets, being a translation of the 

ami kl 1778 began to officiate as minister ^*»^' »^ **»« French Repobiie at Ute end of the year 

at Stowmarket^ Suffolk, where he conti- ? ^J Hanteri^e a^. isoL-ExpesiUon of the Con- 

niied till 178? when-he laid aside the t^rZ7::t.:::::Sl.tT^^^^^^ 

clerical character, removed to London, 6th edit, laii.— Rccoeii de Manifetes. Discours, 

and determined t>r> pursue literature as a Pratlamatiocis, De^ets, &e. de Bonapane conme 

profession. Ih 1797 he was united to ^"*^*' ®^- *•"• • ^ 

the celebrated Mary Wollstonecraft, who Goldsmith, Mart. To the pen of 

died the same year. His second mar- this lady are ascribed two dramatic pieces 

riage took place in 1801. Some years ^^^ printed, and she is the author of the 

since Mr. O. opened a bookseller's shop following novel : 

in »kinner-8treet, wh^re he has usher- casualties, £ v. ism. »^ ^ > 

cd into the world many very useful works Goldsok, William, Esq. Memb. of 

tending to fiwdUlate the instruction of we Corporation of Surgeons. 

..^..»K mtm r^ ;. «-»:j *.. u-. ..i .*u An eKtracwdmarycaseof LacerttedVagmtatthefull 

youth. Mr. G. is said to be the author p^^ ^ OeauSm, •«>. 17W..-Ob.ervatia« OD the 

of VanOUS publications to which he has Passage between Uie AUantie and Pacific Opesis, 

not affixed his name; his avowed pro- with an Htst. Abridgment of Discoveries in Uie N. 

ductions are : ^^ America, 4to. 1793.-*Cases of bmall-pox sabse- 

aftetchesof HIalorj, in six Semons, ISmo. 1788— <»"*5J ^ Vaccination, 8vo. 18M. 
Baqalrf oaoeenaag Political JasUce and its Influ. GoLLEDGB, JouN. 

am gaMral Virtne and Happiness, #to. 1703. Thoughts on the Deatli threatened tgaiost Adam ia 

3d edit, t ▼. 8to^ 1797.~Thiiifs as they Are, or the case of disobedience, 18mo. 1789. — Suictares on 

AdyeaCSTM of Caleb WiMiann* nov. 3 v. 1794.— .Cnr- " An Essay on Philoaophical Necessity, by Alex. 

■cry SCrletilres on the Charge delitered by Lord Crombie,*' with an Appendix shewing in varioas pi^. 

Chkf Juilke Eyre to the Grand Jury, Oct. 8, 179** ticniars the affiotty between Necessity and Prcdesti- 

8«o. — ^ne Eaqvirer ; Reflections on £daration, nation, 12mo. 1799- 

Maaoen, and litaratare, hi a series of Essays, 8vo. GoVEHSALL, Mrs. A. of LeedSy has 

iT9>^*- M fcmolrs of (Mary Wollstonecraft,) the Author prtfduced the following novels: 

of a Vindtcatioo of the Rights of Woman, fc. 8vo. Eleonora, 8 t. 1789.-The CitUen, 2 v. 1790.-The 

lT9S.->8t. leon, a tale of the l6th century, 4 ▼. Disappomted Hefa-, or Memoirs of the Ormond Pa- 

lT99<^-*ABteiiio, traf. 8vOb UOl.-— llioaghts occasion' g^yy ^ ^ |^gg 

niJ.^^C!^ ^'vI'^'Jr't^TtriJ^! ^"M, ^AiiEs, Esq. late Lieutenant' 

a iMdy to the actaeks of Dr. P. Mr. Mackuitosh, and j /-^ ^ ^ j \e ^\} m* 1 1 ^ 

oth«i 8ve. isoi^Tbe Hist, of u.c Life and Age of a^^ Commander of the Tickler gun-vcv 

GooflTfj CtaaiK:e#, £ t.. ito. 1803. 8d edit. 4 t. Bvo. Sel. 

U04.^Fleetwood, or New Man of Feeling, nov. 3 v. Narrative of fiventi in tlie Island of St. Marcoa, 8to. 

1805. — Fanlltner, trag. 8vo. 180T.— Essay on Scpul- 1801. 

chres, er. 8vo. HBOH. ' GoMll, JORN. 

GoLDy F. An Hist. Inquiry respecting the petformanee on die 

Trails fas A« Pyteneej, from the Frenth of Ra- Harp in (he HIghiands of Scotland, 4to. 1807« 

mood. 8to. 181^ - GoocHy Eliz. Sarao Villa Real, R 

Gotii>EN, WiLLiAU. native of Nottinghamshire, and widow 

"^^iS^^^^^: iLi^^£^' *"**• *^*' of William G. Esq. 

— TJ* DtoWwod Y»U^, a P^ «0«- An Appeal to the Public on the Cwdoct of Mn. 

Goldsmith, Lewis, Notary Public, oooch. 4to. i7aB.-Her own Life, 3 1 . ismo. i7«.- 

TIU8 ftnto, so Tenement an apologist tor The contrast, nov. S v. ngS.— The Wanderinss of 

F^nch principles that he cmtlcl scarcely the Imsgi&aUoo, nov. S v. 1796<— Xrnth and FlrUoa, 






noT. 4r. laoi^The Bcgi«r B«^, ky tbe late Mr. the sistcr of that Doblcman. His lord- 

Thomms BcUainy. wttli particulars of hU Life, 3 v. g^jip is the authOF of SOme papen in the 

i80i.-aiierwoo<i Forest, nov. 3 v. ifloi^Can wc jy^,,,^ of the Lin. Soc, and has publish- 

A Sermon proached befoio Um Lords in Vej^^miastR 
Abbey on the FasUlny, 1800, 4to.— A Sonnon before 
the Soc. for the Propagation of the Oospel in Foreign 

dMibt it * from the French, nov. S v. 1804. 

G6bcu, Rev. W. 

Oeneral view of the Agric. of CambridBekhire, 8«o, 

Good, John Mason, F.R.S. Fell, and p^,, jsit. 

Sec. of the Med. Society, Surgeon, Guild 

DiMertatioo on the Diseases of Prisons and Poor- 
hooscs, Bvo. 17^.— The Hist, of Medicine, so far as 
it relates to the profession of the Apotliecary, l€mo. 

Goodman, Tobias, a Jewish Rabbi. 

Rabbi Judaia's Investigation of Causes arising fnmi tbe 
Organiaatioq of the World, transl. Into English, 
ISmo. 1808. * 

G(iODRiDOE, JoHN,fonnerly commaoder 

1T95— On s«« best means of mainuining and em- ^f ^^^ ^f ^^^ palmouth Packets. There 
pl<7faig the Poor tu Parish Workhouses. 8to. 1798. ^ y^y him b the PkiL 
Sd edit. 18p».-Sccotid Address to the Members of »\^ il/Z^ia tul ^iiMinr of • 
the Co«or«ion of Surgeons, Siro. 1800,-5ong of Irans. and he IS the author Ot. 

Corporation of Surgeons, 
8ong», or &icred Idyls, from the Hebrew, with notes, 
8vo. 18D8.-^Triampb of Britain, an ode. 1808.— Me- 
moirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Alex. 
Gfddes, LL.D. 8vo. 1803.— Tlie Nature of Things, 
from the Latin of Lucretios, 8 v. 4to. 1805.— Oration 

The Phmntx, or Reasons for believing that the Cesneit 
is tlic real Pbornii of the Andcata, 8vo. 17B1. 

Goodwin, George. 

Rising Castle, with otlter Poems, 8<ro. lTDd. 

Goodwin, T. 

on the Structure and Physiology of Plants, dehvered The Loyal Stie|}herd. or Rostic Heroine^ « dram* 
at the Anniv. of the Med. Soc. 8vo. 1808.— £aaay on ^^^^ poem, 8to. 1779> 

Medical Technology, (to which the Fothecgilllan Me- GoODWIN, ThOM AS, Memb. Of the Eoy. 
dal was voted by the Council of the Med. Soc.) 8vo. ^^ ii c c,,,„prtn« T^nrlon 

On the Waters of Hempstead, 8vo. 1805. 

1810.— The Book of Job, fram the Hebrew, 8vo 181S. 
--Self-Knowledge, a new edit, with a Lifis of the 
Author and Note*, ISmo. 1812.— Sketch of the Re- 
voitttion in lfl88, £d edit.— Mr. G. was one of the 
principal writers in tlic PantfUogia, and is uader- 
stood to be the editor of the New Annual Register, 
abd the Gallery qf Nature and ilit. 

Good, Rev. JosEPn. 
. Poems, 8vo. 1792- 

Good, Thomas, Esq. 

Speech in the Irtshll. of Com. Vdb. 14, 1800, on the 
Union with O. Biitain, 8vo. 1800. 

Goodwyn, £dmund, M.D., 

Diss, de Morte Submersorum, Edinb. 1786. — ^The 
Connexion of Lif<- with Respiration, or Inquiry into 
the EffvcU of Submersion, Strangulation, and noii- 
ous Airs on living Animals, 8vo. 1788. 

Gordon, Lieutenant-Colonel. 

Address to Volunteer Corps going on PerauMBt 
Duty. 8vo. 1005. 

Gordon, Rev. Sir Adam, Bart Rector 
of. West 'i;ilbur}', Essex, and Prebendary 

GooDACRE, Robert, Master of Stand- of Bristol. 

ard Hill Academy, near Nottingham. n^e Contra.Ht; or an Antidote against the pemkioui 

Arithmnk for the Use of Schools, Itom. 180S. 4th Principles dissemuiated iu the Letters ofthc Ijite bri 

edit. WU.— Abridgment of die Arithmetic, Iftmo. of Chesterfield. 2 v. Umo. 179l.--A^onate Ad- 

1805.- Key to the Aritlimetic, l«mo. 3d edit—Essay ▼»«• fnwn a Minister of the ^taWialied Oiarch to ha 

on the Education of Youth, Sve. 1808.— freatise on Parishioners, l2mo. 1791.-1^ plain Duties of Wise 

Book-keeping. ISmo. 1811.— Review of the New Sys- »»<* Christian Subjects, two Sermons, Bvo. ITPS.- 

Plam Sermons on Practical Sobjects, fl v. 8vo.— 
Sermons on several Subjects, particularly on the 
Festivals and Fasts of the Church of England, 
8vo. 1796.— llomihes of the Church modemiaed, 
8 V. 8T0.— AssisUttt for the Visitation of tlm Sack, 
ISmo.- The Fear of God a sure grooid of Con- 

tem of Education, ISmo. 1818.— Outlines of an econo- 
mical plan for conduciini; the Education of the Poor, 

GoooE, Rev. William, Rector of St. 
Andrew Wsu^robe and St. Ann's, Black- 

friars, and Lecturer of St. John's, Wap- Cdence and Hope, two Sennoos oa the Bast^lay, 
ping. Ue was educated at Masdalen ISOS, Svo.— ASermonon occaslouof theTbanksgiv- 
HaU, Oxford, and commenced his labors "« f«r *e victory over the combined neeo of 

. in the church as curate to the Rev. xMr. r^wce and Spain. 8vo. iao6.-The R^jjc^uwe^^^^^ 
Romaine, whom be succeeded in the rec- • '^"'« *• "•^*^""' "^ • ^~''*' • "^^ ^" ***' 
tory of St. Ann's. 

A New Version of the Psalms, 8 v. Sro. IBll — Ser. 
mbn before the Soc. for Missions to Africa and tiie 
ttost, Svo. 1818. 

50th Anniversary of his Majesty's Aoceiskm, 8«o. 

Gordon, Alexander, M.D. Physician 
to the Dispensary of Aberdeen. Besides 

GooDENorcH, Samuel, LL.D. F. R. ^^^ P^pers m iHncan, Med. Cam. he 
and L.S. Bishop of Carlisle. This pre- 5"7"tten: 
late was educated at Christ Church, Ox- ^^^^^^^^T **" '""^ 
ford, where he took the degree of A.M. Gordon, Alexander.— See Milne, 
1T67, and LL.D. 1772. He obtained the Colih 

Deanery of Rochester in 180«, and m Gordon, Anthony, A. M. formerly a 
1808 was oromoted to the See of Carlisle, Captain of Invalids. 

throilgh the interest of Viscount Sid- a Treatise on the science of Defence with the Sweid. 

mouth; his late brother having marr\od Bayonet , and Pike 4to. isock 



Gordon, Duvcak, M.D, Gouoh, Rev. J. Rector of Kirk Ireton. 

. Xcttn- to John Himtiir, 4u». 1786. Derbyshire. 

GORDOW, George, B.D. Precentor of Discourse concerning the Rosurrectioix of the Body 
£xeter. Rector of Sed^brook, Liocoln- 8vo. 1789.— PUin and rational Account of Man's si 

shire, and Gumley, Leicestershire. ^•***»" *»y J^*"' Christ, svo. 1791. 

A Smnoo pmrbed at Granthim, at the VisitatioBof GoULBOURNE, EdwaRD, Esq. formerly 

the ArcbdeMon of Unc«iiB, 4to. 1805. RU officer of the Roval Horse Guards 

Gordon, Rev. James, Rector of Kil- On the publication of his first work, he 

tegny, in the Diocese of Ferns, and of was prosecuted for aUbcl on some of the 

Cannawajr, in the Diocese of Cork. officers of his regiment, which he was in 

TerraqucA, or e new system of Geography and His- cOnsequeoce oblieed to leave 

^l' * ''• fi: lT9l-a.-Hi-t. of the RebeUion in Ire- The BlSmad, a tatiri^l poen.. 8vo. 1805 -The IHir- 

T^. »««». laoT. M Hit. I«t. Ihe Art of W.r, u .pplirrtl. to tb« ^Hmt MM S 

GoftDOM, Rev. LouooDir Habcoitrt, a '''•*'**• " E««>i>e, 8vo. laog^ 
der^tnan who some yean since render- Got'iHAV, Robert, author of some 
«d himself notorious by carrying off the P^P®" •» Yourtg'i Ann. qfAgr. and of 
lady mentioned in the foUowioe pam- *''^ following pamphlet : 
1 phtet, with the assistance of his brother ^ "^ orgmWiig ui. PMpie. ud obtaiMOf R.fiiin 
Ktom her house in Half-Moon-street, Pic- f?!!f "' "'>••*£"•»«»«• «»«'■ »««• „ „ 
cadilly. Respecting this aflSiir, for which th^S^v r«'.i ^r'-pK "' J^- ^- ^f^."^ 
hewi, afterTTrds capitally indicted at fil^^.u^n •^^.f^^^^•°•r'£?'/^y- 
the assizes at Oxford, U i^quittedTand ^^'h^ k«*k* ^^fJ'^Z''^ ^^^ 

Kh" ^f ^ % "*'•' '^r^^i *!!* ot^^'^'^^i^nix^^!:^r>-^ 

death of his wife soon afterwards, he of Mndeira. aro. isii. ^^ 

published : GowER, Richard Hall, late an officer 

t^^^A^^"' '^ ^^^Correspondence. Con. in the naval service of the E. Ind. Ck)mp, 

veraauon^and Elopeurntof Mrs. Loe, Svo. 1804. an A ;nv<>»«-^. ^<' «.u* ^r •* r '»-^"*F« 

Gordoh, TioMAs, Esq. VltT ^^a ^^? ^"""^'^ four-masted 

Principle, of Kay.1 Awhiictnr?, 8vo. 17W. ""^f- Besides a few papers in periodic 

n^,.^^ w,. , rk T^ T^« ^^* journals he has written : 

ini^£S^.L William, D.D. a Dissent- A T.4tise on the theory and pr«^ce of 8.«»«..hlp 

mg Minister formerly esUbhshcd at Ips- together with a system of Na^ signals and losing. 

Wlch. On the commencement of the war ^^*^* '> '^ '^ description of a Naval Telegraph, and a 

with America he went over to that COUn- P^P^^^tion for substitutiox shapes in liea of Flags, 

try and settled there as minister at Rox- «n?*.";*^iT ^'^"^^ *** f^''^^ significations, svo. 
^butontheconclus^nof p^c^rl ^^^J^,;;^-^:.^:^^^:^, 

WTDea to England, and became the pas- with an account^ the four masted vessel IVMsit, 

tor of a Dissenting Congregation at St. ®^- wo^. 2d edit. idio.—Remarks reiaUve to the 

Neot^S, Huntingdonshire. dangers attendant on Convoys; with a proposlUon 

Hilt, of the Establishment of the Independence of **'** **«"«^ Pro'^^^ondf Coouneree fjrom sea risk 

«» United States of America, 4 v. 8vo. ITSB^Jona. ™ «•?'«**» ?^-Wll.--Karrative of a mode parsu. 

fl>M EdwaniV IV«atise on Religions Affeetkms f«5^ «• Brit- Government to effect improvements 

bridged, iteio. •'iwi" u, jjaval Architecture, 8vo. 1811. 

GoRiHo, C. Esq. late of Bengal. ^ Graepfer, John. 

TlHwghts on thit pan If the Revelations which com- S***^*"^? if "P'^^ **^ "~ •«^~ "«* ^••^« o^ 
prebends the Hist, of the Western Empire of Europe, ^^"^ PUaU. 8vo. ITJO. 

••0.18BT. Graham, Rev. John, Rector of St. 

. GosDBM, , bookbinder, St. Mar- ^^V^J^ ^4 ^^' ^^^^ Bishophill, York, 

tin's-laoe. ^^ Chaplam to Earl Bathurst. 

tengsofthe Chace, Racing, Sfc, 8vo. 8d edit. lAlS. ^ **!!?°^ ^^ Scripture Doctrines as ondentood by 

GoSUVO Mrs. Jane theChnrchof England, 8vo. 1800.— Female Benefit 

. Voral Eaaava lad Rji«rri/.n« ' »»^ ifoA A.kj.i^ Societiee recommended; a Sermon before the York 

vSlfl2r«T^i?M ' 1789.-Ad.dale Female Benefit qiub, 4to. 180e.-The Duty of pr«M*. 

rT 'n^ *°« ^* ^®"* i • Sennon delivei ed at the Visitation of 

vOSNRLL, Thomas EnoLLES, Accompt- ^« Archdeacon of York, 8vo. 1810. 

&nt, London. Graham, J. A. 

Klacidation of the Itnl. lfcthod«f Book-keepings 4to. Descri|>tive Sketch of the present State of Vennont 
W5»- evo. 1797. 

Gosset, Rev. J. M. teacher of the Graham, Miss Maria. This lady ar- 

latin and French Languages m London. "^^^ >» India early in 1809, and spent 

If^e Synonyms hj OnaeMiU, traul. into Englasb, the first months of her residence there 

•ith AdditioM, evo. iw. in Bombay. She afWrwaida Yisited Cey« 


]0lfe> MftdMS) and Calcutta, and returned The Progrev and Fnetice of • iftOdeiB AOoner, 

to England in the sunimer often. She p*rt i. sro. j^s. 

has since published her obsemtions on ^»*?t, CtAaLBS, Vixpunt de Vaux, 

those countries in a- liveW and interest- ^ ein«rant French Nohlcman, son of 

ing volume, entitled : ?aron Grant, formerly Gotrernor of Mao- 

jMriud of a RMidaocc in India, 4to. 1813. HtiuS. 

Graham, Patrick, D.D. Minister of ^^ll^^T^'''''Jr^:^1LI^^^^ 

ADenoyie, in . if . ^^ memoirt of Baron Grant, ♦ia. l»l.— The Meain 

Emay on th« Anthanticity of the Poems of Owian in of finding the Longitude at Sea damomtrated. 4t0. 

which ^e Objections of Malcolm Laing, Bsq. are |gQ| 

^^T^ ^^"^^ ^' ^^j-^^^'^'^l^P- Grant, Cbarles,M. A. While FeUow 

tire of the pictareaqae acenery of the sonthem con- rm j i ^ n «'* t. • i i_ l^ • 

to. of Ptttfaabira, icmo. 1810. M edH. en>. i8i«. ^ Magdalen Coll. Cambndgc, he obtain. 

Graham, Robert, Esq. ^^ * P"«? «*^^^ ^X ^^ Rev. Dr. Btt- 

Letter to the Rt. Hon. Wm. Pitt on the rcfonn of Chanan, tor 

the Hiternal gortnunent of tke lUyai Borongha of ^ Po«»» »» **»« Rcstoralten of Lewrniug lb tiM Edst, 

Scotlaad, ftvo. 17tt. 4^* i^OS. 

Graham, Rev. William, Rector of Graht, David, M.D. Jamaica. 

Stapleton Va»f on the Yellow Fever of Jamaica, aro. 1801.— 

rnie Eclogtt^ of Vbgll. tranal. into Engl. ver«,, Bro. »«l««««n ^^ the Conduct and Cliaracter of Thoa«i 

j-gg • -• » Dancer, M.D. 1805. 

Gaakam, Rct. William, of New- _?"^''p^-^^''?' ^^' formeriy Serish- 

cgi^li^ tcdhar of Bengal. 

Review'of BectenaaUcnl Entabltshmenu in Earope, 1*^"^ If*^ ** '^T ^^'^•'"i"*"^ Tenoro io tW 

Of. I79a^«aaay tending to remove cmain »cnipl« ^*' Property of Bengal, «o. IT91. 

reapecting (he comtitntian and direction of Miuion- i'RAHT, J AMES, iSM\, Of Commony, RB 

ary Soctetaaa, Bvo. i70r. Advocare at the Scottish Bar. 

GaANBb William, an unsuccessful I>i»«rtation on the origin of Society, Ungnage. te. 

cindidate in 1798 for the Lucasian Pio- Z'clf~J^''l,;:„!^^^^'^ni^' "^ 

e !_• r m# *u ••• •*!-¥?• the Gael; with an account of the Pictk, CaledoniaBS, 

msorsnip of Mathematics m the Univ. .nd Scots, and observations relative to the aathenti- 

of Cambridge, on which occasion he cityofOssians Poems, 8vo. ISIS. 

publishetl : Grant, James, Lieutenant in the Roy. 

A Letter to the Vtee-Cliaacellor of the Univ. of Navy. 

Camb. 1798. - NarrMU\-o of a Voyage of Discovery to New Soaih 

URAMT, —— ., Minister of the Gospel, Wales in leoew, with an accoantof tfae origb of 

Newcastle. sliding keels, 4to. 180S. 

Sermonciiaoctrinftl and pr^tical, 12no. i786. GranT, J A MRS M. Esq. of Lincoln's 

Grant, Mrs. of Laggan, N. B. The Inn. 

daughter of an officer in the British ^<»toa's FaUaey, dram. skefecfaySvo. 18O6. 

Army, of the name of Campbell, was Grant, John^ Esq. late MemU. of the 

bom about 1756, at Glasgow. W bile an Council at Sierra Leone. 

infant she was carried to America by her ^ccaunt of recent ThnuactiMU in Siem Leone, eva. 

father, who was stationed for a consider- "**2; , k ^ p n ' v. ^ 1 

able time at a fort in the back setUe- m ui*^"^' ' * 

ments luaonfr the Mohawks. Having ?^!S™?®5' . „ 

fltiittwl th> %rm\nP^ K* iJ.»^A riJ«!; '"W^** of Latin Grammar, 8*0. 180a.-.8MMd 

??lo rul- r "f^'**«"»^<* *Wn»t Hours, chiefly designed to illustrate UmOficea and 

1768, with his wife and daughter to Scot- Doctrines of the church of Ea«lmid. leme. laiL^ 

land, and in 1773 obtainaa a kind of Grammar of the EngUsb Language, Iteo. MIS. 

half military appointment at Fort Au- Grant, John {"eter, Esq. 

gUStUS, where MlSS C. chiefly resicled till Obaarvations on the Constitution and Focm of Pro- 

1779, when she marriea the Rev. Mr. «•*<**««« of «he court of se#iion in scotittd, sto. 

Grant, minister of lAgean. By this '^^r}^^ ^^"* uiustrating some eiemtntaiT 

gentleman, who died m 1801, she be- 2^** "**^"' * ''""' ""* '^^' •~' 

came Uie mother of a numerous family, Grant, Rev. Johnson, M. A. a native 

and It was to procure tiie means fii phMs of Edinburgh, son of a physician of that 

ing ont her orphan children that she be- city; was entered a member of St. Joba's 

gan to give to the publicthe productions Coll. Oxford, 1795, and took the decree 

?he mi\?n^^ ^i"^".?' ^^^ of A. B. in 1799; A. M. 1805. HeTias 

The Highlanden, and other Poems. 8vo. 1803. 3d V^^rs ^iirrMaSuolJ #.i,Mf« ;» rw».<,L:*lr 

edit—Memoin of an American Lady, f v. iteo. Ef®5 .^"^^^^"Vely Cerate in OrmsklA, 

1808. 8d edit. i809._Letiers from the Mountains, 3 "odsham, Warrington, HoTOSey, aod St. 

▼.ismo. iSDo. 4th «dit.~EaMy8en theSnpentKio&s Pancras* In 1804 fae cAme to LondoD, 

or tin ni«hian4ara,c V. Una. i«,. and has cver since resided ie the Bdft- 

Q%hXff A. ware-Road. His publioiltiott are : 

1814. 6RA LITIITG AUTnO&&. ^El 13S 

A Mm&iuI of JUIviMu K9aw^l«dg«^ <i9r tbo «im of GeaVES^ Rev. JoUN. 

Soudaj Schools. I8010. 180Q. 3d eU. I»10.->iii8tory ol HiH- aad Antiq. of CUvelMa» hi tho K. RuKm of 

the Eof lish Church, aod of the SocIb vhioh have d»> Yorkshire 4to. 180B. 

pwtod fton her Comuwioioa. r. 1. 8vo. IWJ^. (a m. GaAVEa. Hav' Rtcbaud H H M R T A 

cood vol. is preparing for pre8»).-aertnoi,s, Qvo. c^ • ^ ?? ^ >^'?''^*5^' T, ' ^^L^A- 

MM^Mr. o. faTuo the author of a pa>er in the SemorFcllowof Trinity College. DttbUn. 

3ianchetter Tranaactwn^, of Arahia, a poen. Sind ChapUin tO the Duke of Aichmood 

printed in Leoda, and of Several detachod wwatotm during hlS vice^foy alty. 

and oasa^s. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral of St. Palneh, 

GkAST, RoStSaTy Esq. aoa of (be late Dublin, at the coa»ecraUon of the Rev. Dr. Warbur- 

. chaLrroan of the Coiirt of Directors of **°' ^"*>*»P o^ Limerick, Svo. I8O0.— Lectures on the 

the E. India Company. ^"-^^ ^^\ *»^ f**? ^*- 'f !f "^^.i"*«?t '" ^^ 

f The bpe^iaocj .ainUined of conlinuiug the Sys. S!!'*!'''*,'^;^^*'^?*/?*^„***1I^^*^^^ 

' ten by wSch it Trade and Govenun«nt of Indi* ^* *^*"*P'^ **1 ^""' .^*'": ^J* •^•- M*«^— ^ 8«»»* 

, l^noi!2^^.8vn»i*l!JLetS^ preached at St Aodrews, Dublin, in aid of th^ 

the E. India <'.o«pany, from its fiot foundation t» J^w, IBU ^ P^^"*^'^''^ Chrxstiauity among. M^ 
I (lie paMiMC of the Kegolatiri Act of Vti, Sua. <-•' ' n ._■_ -n n. ui 

1313.^^ Graves, Captain RtcHARD, R. I^. 

1731; educated at Trinity College, and sician, at Sherborne, Dowetshire.aad Ex- 

in 17r« caHed to the lir. ift soon tm-Licentiatc of the Coll of Wijrs. Lon- 

dttained a seat in the Irish Parliament, "°"- ?« » '?« ""P"/ <!' «""« P»fie» 

through the influence of the late Earl of ?° Profewon^^ »"*'J^,^ J*, "^ ™"'«=*^ 

Charllmont, where he acquired such pen f™*^^ f^'iJ'^ T^ .H !^.' h 

, .^ 1 7. . '^ L 1^ i/> /> 5i. Inquiry into the Pnnaples of the Sulphurtoos Waftv 

pillarity by his exertions in behalf of the .tiottlngton. near Weymouth, and observations^ 

independence of Ireland, that the stun of UtiTe to its application in the Cure of Disease*. 8vo. 

^ 50,000/. was voted to him for his ser* ITOe.— CoMpectne of the new London and. Bdin. 

vices. He afterwards became the stre- bncgh FhanwoopflilM, >««;• V^. ^ •<*• mm. 

mious advocate of the claims of his Ca- ^^^^^ Ahubew, Mill\«^right. 

tboUc counirymeu to an equality of ^he Experi«c«d ^iaiwri^Nt, or a xr^ on At 

: 1-* '*V\d ' T^ * X *. r*ii u ConstrtJction of some of the most useful Machines. 

rigJUS With Kheir Protertant fellow sub- ^^ the latest Improyements; dedicated to the 

jectS ; but in 1797 retired in disgust from Highland Society of Scotland, large oblong 4to. Edin. 

tlM senate ; in which, however, he again I8O6.— The Ploughwright's Awistant, or a practical 

procured a seat for the express purpose XreaHae on Tarinw UsplanenCs employad in Agricnl. 

of opposiag the Unioa with. Great Bri- ^^^ ®^'*- ***• x . , «* r .1. 

tain. inl805 Itt was chosen to repre- ^ ^ VS Chables, Lieutraant of tiie 

MQt tba borough of Malton in the Impe- ^^^I^'^IT' 
rial Parliament, and since 1806 has been q^^^*"' h"gh 

IWlWlyretumttlfbfAeci^ ^.^ ^ Canad., writt«> dnring a reridence 

Mr. G. married, a ilbSS Fllagerald, by tliere in the years ISOe-r-S, sbe^ng the pfMiRit stato 

vhomliAlias had several children. Many of that coaotry, 8«o. lasOi 
•f hia speeches have been published, Gbay, Robert, D.D. Rector of Bishop- 

but whether with his sanction seems wearmouth, Prebendary of Durham and 

dottbtAil : of Chichester ; formerly of St. Btfary Ilall, 

Speech cm Tithe. Bro. iTSB— 5«peecb on the Address Oxford, and Vicar of FarringdoD, Berks. 

to his Miyesty at the opening oif the Irish Parliament, Key to die O. Test, and Apocrypha : account of their 

villi an appendix, contRiidng the pnbli^ papers and several books, their contents and authors^ and of the 

reaol^rttoaaof the United Iiish, 8vo. 1793.— Bill for times in which they were written, 8vo. 1790. 6ih ed. 

tko Baaandpetioa of the Roman Catholics of Ireland, lail. — Discourses illustrative of the Evidence, In- 

preseatad to the II. of Com. April 24| 1795, Svo. — fluence, and Doctrine of Christianity, 8vo. 179S- — 

Addreas to bis Constituents, the citiaens of Dublin, I,etters daring a Tour in Germany, Switserland, and 

on hia determination to oaftiie fi-om tho Bud. of Irp. Italy, in 1791-2, Svo. 179i.— Sennons on the. Princi- 

\a^, 990, 27ffy— S|W«;h in tte Irisli H. of Com. plea upon which the Refisiasation of tba Chnrch of 

againat the Uninn ^ith 6» firttiin* Svo. laOCL^^Ao- Bnglaod waa e#tahibhe< pieachtd al.Banplon'a Iim> 
swer to a pamphlet intiUed.tUe Speech of the £a«l of tore in I796, Svo. 1796.^A Dialogue bofewgan • 

Clas«, on the sobjept of a Legislative Union between Churdima^ and a Methodi9t» in wliidi the gronnda 

O. Briuii^ and- Ireland, Svo. ISOO.-^peeches on ttie of ihe Comnnunioa andSeiianUtoaareeMuaiu^, 1800 

Cildli^ic Bttitlan, in thO H. of Com. May la and — A Sermon of the Jubilee, I8O9, Svor^A Diacourso 

JniM 1, 1810, 8vo — Speech on his Motion rtapccCi&g «( Buhopwevmonth, with refer^oco to thn asMMina- 

the Petition of the CatholiQi>«^ IntMd» ato. liUL tion of the Rt. Hon. S.'Peiceval, 18i«. 

OaAVEs, Gcoftfii. Gray, Walteh, Esq. 

l^otuOl QmitMti^, v4. l.Jfc c^^ *«u (ml owatiay P«>c«wling» on a Motion of Inqtiiry. into the late Ek- 

QM9^b(oi ISM-S, pjeditiontatlioSdMMtyiaia. 

Graves, George Ann. GaaAMBAO, HsMty, of 9»i^>Shiald«y 

Mimaft-q^ JowLa^4flh»» i^a born at Richmond^ Yorkatam» 1757. 

^^fi G" LITERART CALENDAR. fiR£ 1814. 

His father, who was comptroller of the f'ox Oculb Smkferia: a DUserUtion en the Art ef 

salt duties at South Shields, apprenticed ^p*^bs 8r««cii to the natuniiy DmT and Daab. 

him to a boat-builder at that place.- He *'^** *" •ccoontof Um Aeadeny of Ifeaan. Braid. 

afterwards embraced a seafaring life, '''''^^'^• 

was for six years in the royal navy, dur- Gkeeh, James, formerly a Ueuteoaot 

in^ the American war, and in 1788 was ^^ Marines. 

shipwrecked on the French coast. In ^" **** P»tacipi» of tha BrkUh ConrtitBtieii. . . ^ 

1789 a committee of the ship-owners of ^^ ^*"' """ different Ooi^nmcnu. svo. 1793. 

S. Shieldji offered premiums lor plans of Gazis^a, Mrs. S. a native of Ireland, 

a boat best calculated to save shipwreck- ^^^ author of the following novels, most 

ed persons, and the preference was given ^^ "^hich were anonymous: 

to one proposed by Mr. G. whose inven- "*'*' ^ ** Tmkerviiie FamUy, s r. isoS.-^Prir^tt 

tion, under the name of the Life BoaL S i/M*^.^'',«^ ^^^^' *^- i80B.-t.i« 

Koe Ka«*« ;n*»«v^..».^ : t .c»ww»f Of the Munor^Sv. I8O9.— Romance Rcaden and Ro- 

has been introduced in many places on »«nce writer, s v. isio-The Fe«wni of si. jaao. 

tnc Untisn coasts, and in 1802 procured « ''• ISIO— The Refomist, S v. UUO^Tbe Royal 

him from Parliament the sum of 1800/. ^'^^^t ^ ▼• isii.— Good Men of Modwn Date* s ▼. 
In 1786 he married the daughter of Mr. ""^--'R*!*"*. « P«M»ftti Life, from the Gema^ 

Wood, collector of excise at Norwich. * V"*' t r. j » . . 

He h^ published : ^"rwicn. Green, T. Esq. resident near Ipswich, 

Report of tb« E^dence and other Proceedings In 5*7^ * *w T^. * , 

Parliament respecting the invention of the Life Boat. *'**'~^ "«■ »« ^'•l « ■ I^ver of Literstor^ 4to. 
leOft. *®*^ 

Greatheed, Bertie, Esq. son of the ^ GBREK.THoif as, jun. Liverpool, 
late Samuel G. Esq. of Guy's Cliff, near *'*^*""*»^^'» ^^""y* ^^' 1809. 
Warwick, by Mary, daughter of the se- Green, William. 

COnd Duke of Ancasler. This gentle- f '"<*»« '">■» N*tar«, contalmng 78 outline cngrar. 

man, when in Italy, in 1785, was one of i"5!. .'^''"•'L*"i ^«»^'<««^. ^••«»o«««nd. •»< 

the ^ntributors to the Fhfince M^eL ^"«»»"-' -«; --"Pt'-y-^ ««9^ 

lany, which exposed its authors to the ^.^^^.^^^^^'lliam, clerk of Silvcr-street 

castieation of Mr. Gifford in his Baoiad V rJE! «..».,. 

andM<mW. Mr. G. is likewise the au- H-^^/n" a**" Coante.. of Huntingdon, 

thor of a tragedy intiUed, "" *" fd^t'i:! to^SfciritS!"'^'"^"' "" "^ '^^ ^"^ 
The Reg«nt, Bvo. 1788. Greene, George. This centJenum 

wSrster™""'' '^'""^"'^ * ^^*''"''"S being driVen by the loss of h^fo^ 

JilB^d whichweowetotheConcen^ofOthers, ^ T^nlJ^fn^W^'^'V^^.^'^^ 
a sermon addressed to U»c memben of the Di^voi J** 5™°^®' «ng«gcd hmisclf Itt 1789 RS 

Union, Svo. 1806. land-stcward to the Prmce of Monaco^ 

Greaves, Rev. Thomas Berkeley. ?^ **** ^^^^ near Torigny. After saficr- 

The Wilderness, or Prolusions, in verse, iSno. 1811. *°? * 'o^g confinement during the Sevo- 

Green, . luUon in the citarfel of St. Lo, he was 

Examination of the leading Principle of the new liberated on the accession of BuonanartA 
a^tem of Monis, as stated and appM In Godwin's to power, and returned to England where 

Inquirj concernuig pohticai JosUoe. Svo. 1798- he has D^iblifthMl . '^^S*™* wner« 

Greer, Audrew. LL.B. of Trinity a rhLSI^ nf r ^ 

rr»llp»*. ^ «. wi xriiiiijr a Relation of Circumstances which ocmrred in 

v^uiicf^c. lower Normandy durinc the RevoIutiiM wkA m. n- 

Rjasy on the State of the Jews since the Dea^, of Uii of the Sufierings of the author, ^'^ntj^ 

Clirist, affording an argument for the Trut>» of Chris- of Uie Manners and Customs of the InhahttantaTnyr 

ttan.ty 1800.-Essay tending to show the Impolicy 1802.-»Ir. G. ha, also, we believe, resided aoI^S^ 

of the Lsws of Usury, Svo. 18X2. in Russia, which caused U»e publicstion ^^U^ 

UREEN, a. ing very useful boolc .-.Jouraal from London to St 

Examples for the use of the Drawing School, Christ's ^•'«"hurgh, by way of Sweden, iSmo. 1813 

Hospital, 1796. Greewe William M A 

Green, Edwa rd, Corresponding Meip- Annai, of oe^rge in. ft«»'hisilec;«»ion »> the r«. 
ber of the Lit. and Phil. Society of Man- ^vf of Trafalgar,* v. icmo. laor. 

^^l' . ,rv_- Greensted, Frances. Whilst a scr- 

Obserr«tions on the Drama, with a View to :to more vant at Maidstone ^h*. «»KlioK--l V v 
beneficial Effecta on the Morals and Manner, of So- ^i^i^^^^ If ^'^^^ ^^ ^^. 

ciety, 8vo. 1803. Bcnwion, for ttic suppoft of her aced 

Green, Francis, Esq. This gentle- Tlz^'i. ^ 

man having a son deaf and dumb placed ^T* "~^*^- »W. 

him under the care of Messrs. Braidwood, Greenwood, Abrahav. 

then of Edinburgh, but since of Hacknav *J?*^*^ Address to yonng People onsnbj«ca 

which led to the publication of the fol! Jvo 1^' '^•'' """^ ^""* ^^ '«"'• ^^^ 

Jowipg pamphlet: 6recc, Johk, Practitioner in Mid- 

1614. ' Q%% IIVXKG AVTVOftS. ORB 137 

Wtfery, tXld ftinncrijF Surgieoil to the Fan.- ^th ed. IfilS^PhUMopUcsl and LItamy EaMjs, s 

per Charity Id Bath. ^* ^^o* 179S'— Memorial presented to the Managers 

Advific cotiM FeoMla flu ii» ganenl, particularly U •^ '*** ^*y*^ Infirmary of Edinburgh. 4to'. 1800 — 

|hp«e in a state of Preguancy,8vo. 1793L Cullen's First Lines of the Practice of Physic, with 

GiW4i, Rev. John Anthony. notes. « v. sto. nh ed.-Dr. o. is ai»> theater of 

The SoUla/y Fi^nchman on the Banks of the Tb«»ef l^ **" ^* ^'•'ii' *^i?T*L!' ^"*" " *^* 

to a W«d in Swittcriand. a poem. tmnsJated; 8to! '^'^ ^*** ^' ^' of Edinburgh. 
179* ~-if ierogamy. or an Apology for the Marriage of GrEGORT, JosBPH^ M< A. 

ILsmMA CallMlic Pricata vithoot a Dispaiuatioh, 8vo. Hist. Discoarses, 179S. 

Geew, Thomas, Eeq. of Coles, Hcrt- Mathematical Master at the Roy. Milit, 

^SfrTlie Board of Agriculta,*, on ploughing ^^^^^^^T'*'*''.^! ^^ *^ ^^f^' 
heavy and wet land, IW-Teport ^n his SyBlei Huntmgdonshirc, 1774. Hc rCCClVed the 

of fVnntiiy,8vo. 1811. Dest education which his native place 

Grecor, Francis, Esq. of Trewarthe- could afford, and conceiving a strong pre- 

Hkk,. Coriwal). This gentleman, who dilection for mathematics, became at an 

fMBsesaes considerable property in mines, ^^ly ag« a contributor to the Lady's and 

served the office of High Sheriff forCom- Gentleman's Diaries. About 1796 he 

wall in 1788; was returned one of the went to Cambridge,opcned a bookseller's 

Knights of the Shire in 1790, and re- shop, and at the same time began to 

elected in 1802. He commands the teach mnthematics both in the town and 

Boeeland Volunteers, and has published : university, in 1809 he was invited to the 

Two Letters containing Remarks on tbemeeting held Royal Military Academy ; tOOk the de- 
Mo». 6, laof^ to celebrate the Acquiiul of Hardy, gree of A.M. 1804 or 5 : and in 1808 re^ 
Ttooke and Thelwaii 8yo. ifli9.~Re«ari.. on the ceived a diploma as LL.D. Since 1802 

SS&o^ ^.!Z:::^Zi:\TS::''Z:^: ^^\- O. has £een editor of the G.«/ W, 

tiow passed by certain friends of P.riiamcnlary Re- I^wry / he tOOk an extensive part m the 

form, at Bodain, July 8, 1811. 8to. 1812. early volumes of the RetroBpect efPhUo" 

Gbegob, Rev. Wii.i.iam, M.A. Rector sophkal^ S^c, Discoveries^ and has been a 

of Creed. frequent contributor to many of the Re- 

aermeaprwcbedat Truro.atthe priwvyviaitauon views and Magazines. His publications 

of tlie Bp. tof Exeter (Dr. Fisher) 1805.^A Sermaa g^^ . 

pir«Kbed at Tr«o rt the priaary Visitation of (Pr. j^^ Astnmbmkal and Phllo«>pbicia. Wmo. 179S. 

PeOwn) the Bp. of Exeter, WOJ. . 4th ed. IBU^TreatiM on Astrenooiy. 8vo. 180?.— 

OREOORY, JamF^ M. D. Professor or Treatise on Mechanics, S v. 8to. 1800. «d ed. 180T. 

the Practice of physic in the Univ. of xElementaiy Treatise of Natural Philosophy, from 

Edinburgb,FelLpf the Roy. Coll. of PhyS. *« Brradi of Haiiy. S ▼. 8w>. 1807.— Lettefs on the 

F.R.S.and Hon- Member of the Roy. 51??^ '^****^,rlf!S*„fo*^n*^^***'* 

-Mm^ on.l DK«» Qr^ «f V,i:»K...»k »eagion,f V.8VQ. 1811. «d ed. 181S.— Dr. O. wa» 

Med. and Phys. Soc. of Edinburgh. ST^^al editor and fumUhed nearly three^ouriha 

IniBjjpeaUeiaan, descenaed trom anceS- of tlie articles lu the new Dictionary of Arts and 

tors dlStioguiabe4 (^T bcientific talents, is Sciences IntlUed Pkntologia, IS V. rey. 8vo. com- 

the eldest son of the late Dr. John G. pi«t«<d in i8is. 

Professor of Medicine iii the Univ. of Gregory, William, one of the Me* 

Edinburgh* He was born at Aberdeen, tl^odistMis&ionarie&seut out to the South 

1753; received the rudiments of educBr Seas, in the second voyage of tlie ship 

tion at the Grammar School of that city. Duff, Capt. Thomas Robaon, which was 

^d prosecuted his studies at the Univer- taken by Le Grand Bonaparte, French 

sities of Aberdeen, Oxford and Edia- privateer, off Cape Frio. The object of 

burgh. After taking his degree of M.D. his mission being frustraled, he returned 

io 1774 he visited Holland, France and to England and published: 

Italy, returned to Britain ia 1775, the fol- a visible Dtoplay of Divine Providence, or the Jo«r. 

lowing year was appointed Professor of -rf of acaptur^iittsrtonajy. including every r«^ 

•k>» 'fLm^^ «r t>U^ai^ 'in tk^ TT«;w ftf ebl* occurreoco ou bourd the Duff, the Grand Bopa' 
SfJP^ P^ of Physic m the UniJ. W ^^, U, U,e piovlnce of Paraguay. Spanirti Soutl^ 
Edinburgh, and on thereUrementOTDr. America and Portugal, on the return home io 179S 

CtiHen, was appointed to the chair which ttd 9, ^o. laoo. 

b^ «t present fills. In ysi Dr. 6. mar- Greoson, Joseph, Charles Street, Gros- 
ried the daughter of James Ross, Esq. of venor Square. This gentleman, who 
^tranner, who died in 1784 without styles himself Inferior Stifreyor, has pu|i>- 
issue; and in 1790 was united to Miss Ushed: 

, e t. era. ISW. tet PvlkVeaof InHWM»,#Vo. J*W. 

JUt.CoL S 


I ' 


GnEic, George, Minister of the Scots 1801. The coalition formed in 1806 be- 

Church, Crown Court, RusseU Street, tween Mr. Fox's party and the friends of 

Covent Garden. his lordship produced ^»J.e^appointoicnt rf 

Sennoo on ttM 50th Anniv. of his Majesty's A«»s- the latter to the Office ot First Lord OT UW 

•ioci.svo. i809.-«evvion on the Death of Dr. Garth. Treasury, from which he retired the fol- 

•hore, 8vo. 1818. lowing year. He was elected chancel- 

GaEiG, JonK, bom 1759, near Peter- lor of Oxford in 1810. His lordship was 

head, Aberdeenshire, N. B. Uis parents ennobled in 1790, and in 1792 married the 

were respectablethough not wealtliy^ and Hon. Anne Pitt, only daughter of the 

as they had a numerous family, the son first Lord Camelford, and who eventual7 

was obli";ed for some time to support jy became sole heir to his large nossesr 

himself by manual labor. He removed ^ions on the death of her brother the late 

at an early age to Lcndon, and the in- lord in 1004. 

Struction which he had received from his speech on the Regency BIH, Stro nap. (Thb Speecb 

father, enabled him to undertake the task wa» reprintedin isii.^-Simch «» the Motion of tb« 
of usher in several reputable schools, ^,^^!X^%T^^,,t^^ 

In 1795 he commenced pi?vate teacher of A^Sess approving of the Contention with Rum. 

writing, arithmetic, geoeraphv, astrono- f^^^ moe.— Letter* wrfttwi by u»e ute Em^i of chat. 

my and the practical branches of the ham to jm$ nephew Tbomas Pitt (aftwrwards iMd 

mathematics in schools and families re- .cameiford) then at Cambridge, sm. avo. lao^.—New 

•iding chiefly inChel««HarKl in 1811, oa JjJJ^'f ^"'tSXiSr'u.^SrriSS 

account of health and at the solicitation J^^**' '^- *«'*'^"' ""^ 

of an aged mother, returned to his native Greswell, Rev. W. Parr, Curate of 

country and built a small cottage m a plea^ Denton, Lancashire. 

Sant situation on the north shore of the Menoiis of Angelas l^oUUanos, Joannes Picns of 
Bay of Peterhead for his residence. Be* Minindala, Actios Sineeras Jannatarius, F. Benbtis, 
sides several small treatises to which bis if. T^acastorius, M. a. Flamlnins, and Uie AaalCbcs. 

The Young Lady s Guide to Arithmetic, l«mo. 1798. ^y^ ^^ 

7thed. 1812.— Introduction to the Use of the Globes, M edit. 1800. ^ ^ ^ y\ T\ TlMn ^f 

ICmo. I805.-Astrography, or The Heavens Dis- GrETTON, GeOROE, D.D, UCdlL Ot 

played, ISmo. 1810.— The World Displayed, ISmo. Hereford. 

and 8vo. 1810. A Chaise delivered to the Clergy of the Peculiar of 

GreNFELL, John, Esq. ^^ deanery of Bedford, July SO, 181«. 

Defence of Bank-notes, 8vo. 1810. GrsvilLE, f Esq. 

GreNVILLE, (William WyNDHAM British India analy^d. S t. »j«k 175S. 

Grenville) Lord, Chancellor of the ^ P^^^^^^^' * ?"' *''Lr« ^ a^ ifo«tWv 

TT • r\\ r 1 A j-*.-^ ^r 4.u« T7-«u^ Reflection, a poem, 4to. 1790.--Letter to the Mootiily 

Univ. of Oxford, Axiditor of the Exche- R,^iewe«; aSo. 1790. 

€uer,LL.D.& F.S.A. second brother of ^^^^ Henry Francis, Esq, a 

li^sn^'^ei^i'tzA sr^-^siin'=^^^^^^^^ 

OKfbrd, where ho was distinguished for ft^^X^T^^^^^^^ 

his classical attainments. F/omtbeuni- ^ J^«^^ ^^^ He has publishfa': 

▼ersity be removed to London to study Z^IyZ thi political rei.tion.*^b«twe«» &«.«. 

the law, but soon rclinquisned it tor the ^^ France, from the French of Ttnseaik, with m> 

more brilliant cureer of politics, which his marks, svo. iao4.>-i>tter to tiie suhscriben to the 

powerful connexions opened to his ambi- opera, evo. laii.— statement respectii^g Mr. Xaidi, 

tion. In 1782 be accompanied the Mar- svo. 1811, 

quis of Buckinmam as his secretary to . Grew, J. M.D. , ^ ^ ^^, ^ . _, . 

?reland,and !■„ after the eievation' of *^^^^^^^^ 

his cousm, William Pitt, to the helm, he q^, ^eos. 

wa* appointed Pay master-ecneral of the Grey . 

Forces. In 1789, being then Knight of The easentUl Prindples of the Wealth of Xstioas H. 
the Shire for the county of Bucks, he lustratMl, in oppostition to some false doctrines of 

was elected Speaker of the H. of Com- Dr. Adam smith and others, 8va. 1797. 

jnons, but reuined that high office only Grey, (Charles Grey,) Earl, eldest 

1^ few months, being nominated Secre tar v surviving son of the late Earl, by £liia>T 

of Slate for the home department, which beth, daughter of George Grey, Esq. of 

he exchanged for the foreign department Sk>uthwick, Durham, Dom 1764, in 

in 1791. The latter he held in conjunc- Northumberland ; and educated at Eton, 

tion with^he Auditorship of the Exche- On leaving the University he visited the 

quer, till the resignation of Mr. Pitt, in Ccotinent, and no soonor had he return- 

IJ14. QBX V tiyiNO AUTHOIUI* QVl ' }39 

ed from his travels than he was elected An Apology for believing in the MetaUlc Traeton, 
knijghtof the shire for his native county, ^'** •**"• account of the Pcrklnean institution 

which he continued to represent till 1806. i«™;- 1«>4. 2d edit laos. 

In the senate he distinguished himself as t ^^'?,"^^^' |^- ^- ^-A- Minister of 

one of the principal leaders of the Oppo- ^"Jf. 9^P«^V *' ^ .- ^ 

oltirtn or»;noi- "M, o;»«. ^j u -'^t* *"* Cnsw of RcUgion, a Sermon containing atilo. 
Sltton against Mr. Put; and when his tores on Lancaster's Sytem of Education, Svo. 181«. 
I«rtV came into power on the death of ^The Force of Contrast, or the Principles, of the 

the latter, Lord G. became First Lord of ^"t- and For. Bible Soc. compared with those of th« 

the Admiralty, but on the decease of ^**^' ^^^ promoting christian Knowledge, 8vo. isie. 
Mr. Fox succeeded him as Secretary of -Address to Protestant on the necessity of securing 

S^ for the Foreign Department/ In ^«;f--^^^^^ 
1807, he' wicceeded his father in the Grisenthwaite, William. 

^arldom. He married in 1794, Mary sj«»p. with other Poems, i«mo. isi2. 
Elizabeth, daughter of the late Lord Geoom, Rev. John Himdes, A.M. late 

Ponsonby, by whom he has several chil- Fell, of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. 

oren. a Sennoe, preached at F^ramliogliam, SufibUc, on oc- 

TIm RcBODStranc^ moved in the H. of Com. Feb. «»on of the Jubilee, 1809. 

«!• IT9S, against a War with IVanoe, 8vo. 1793.-^ GroOHBRIDOE, WillIAM. 

Speech in the H. of Com. stating the eirrumstanees Sonnets, Svo. ITBJ. 

which '-JU) the Ch«ge of Administration, Sro. 1807. Gros, C. See La VOISNE, C V. 

-j^eech « the H. of Lords on the State of the Na- Elemenis of Conversation, French and English, Itao. 

tioo, June 14, 1810, (reported by D. Power,) Svo. isn 

"ol^ U,^'7^u„rj'*T"''' """ '"•• <J"o«» J""". A.M. F.A.S. Curate of 
^^'^'J:'^^.^t:LV,Tok^^^ the unit,^ parishes of St Margaret Pat- 

Ann, and Navy to the Tax on Property, 8vo. 1810. ^^^^^ ^^' C^abnel, Fenchm-ch, formerly 

—The Crisis, or. Can the Country be saved ? Svo. Chaplam to the Tower. 

into. Ethics rational and theoiofical, vith remarks on the 

ObetSON, T. general principles of Deism, Svo. 178«. — ^Twelve Sei* 

Obeervatiou on the Venereal Disease, Svo. 1796. «»«m,.8vo. 1801 .-Sermons on various subjeets, £ v, 

Gribe, Rev. IlicHAjiD, A.M. Master »^*»- ^«*«- 
of MiddletoD School. s Grose, Sir Nash, Knt. F.L.S. a native 

Answer to Ward's Errata of the Protestant Bible, P^ LondoD, SOnof Edward G. Esq. BOt 

4to. i8i«. V ing designed for the Bar, he was ad- 

Gbierson, James. mitted of Lincoln's Inn, in 1756, and 

Mmeations of St. Andrews, being an account of the after about eight vears' practice as a bar^ 

S^tTof^S^^w""'"''^'''"''"' rister was ap^inted King's Serjeant la 
GftiFFiEs, Thomas. ^^^^ ^^ ^^ raised to a seat in the Court 

The Joamey to Brighton, u heroi<omic poem, 4Co. ^^ King's Bench, which he held with 

1788. great credit to hhnself till 1813, when 

Griffin, Elizabeth. the infirmities of age induced him to re- 

The Selector, a Coiiectipn of Tales, i2mo.—Morai tire. One charge by him has been pub- 

Amosements. — Tlie Friend*, or Contrast between lished: 

Virtue and Vice a tale, ISmo. 1799- A Chan(e to the Grand Jury of the County of Hera- 

I^BiFFiN, John. ford, 1795. 

Hie enconrafing Aspect of the Times, a Sermon GbundY, John, Unitarian Minister. 
preMhed m Orange street ChapeJ. Portsea, Svo. ISOfi. Religions Intolerance reprobated in a Sermon, deli* 
OBTFFIK, W. gardener to J. M. Sutton, vered at Lincoln, 8vo. 1808.— Modern Orthodoxy 
Esq. at Kelham, Notts. identified with Anti-chnst, a discourse delivered at 

Tntaiae on the Culture ot the Pine-epple, 8vo. 1810. ' Boston, ISmo. I8O9. 

Orifpiths, J. M.D. Memb. of theRoy. Guildford, (Francis Noj^th,) Earl 

Med. Soc. Edin. and several Foreign Li- of, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, 

terary Societies. High Steward of Banbury, Captain of 

Mmina of ivench Monnments. Svo. i803.-Thiveis Deal Castle, Patent Comptroller and 

cT^'uT^rT' '"'* '^r^'\^''' ^- . ,, Searcher of the Customs, aod LL. D. 

^fZlZjn^'f^''^ Lieutenant of the 3^^^^^ ^„ ^^ Frederick? second Earl, 

^^^^J^h^^F^B^.!'!' f Tn.Kr«n. . H ^^ttcr known by the title of Lord North 

isemoir containing a Description of Instrmnents de- , i«ti: •jjj*-. j. 

•igned to ascertain the heights of inaccessible objects """^r whlch he presided dUTing tiie 

without a reference to Logarithmic Tables, 4to. 1807. American war at the helm of the Bntish 
Grimstone, Henry, Esq. of Kensing- empire; born 1761. He received a pub- 
ton; a ffentleman whose benevolence he education . and was destuied fortb« 
rendered nim the dupe of an artflil Ame- military profession, but succeeded to the 
rican empiric, in whose behalf he pub- family honors on ^e death of his elder 
lished : . brother in 1803. His lord»hipii who i^ 


146 'g«I imfeAET CAtSKOAR. tftlT It 14* 

Strongly sttachfA to theitHcal perfbmi- <w» »^ wb^tW of « ^«^>f^ »f** 

AnrM 18 author of- Bormf dim .oa Sir Arthur F^^ for Crti.. C«i. •^k 

anCCS, 18 anmor or . 180B.-TH«1 of u Aeti« between E. L. LovMM, 

The Kenttth ^rons, a play. 9^ 1791. ^^ ^^ ,, ^ ^^^ p^ ft,, Crim. Coo. ftv»» 

Guise, Samuel. , ^. . laog— The fiocwding* of » Court Mmi«i for tM 

A Caulogoe and detailed Account of a ^a1u«ble md j^^ ^ j^^^ (HbH^, II»o. lao^.-^adcncnt of B» 

enriout Collection of SISS. coUected in Hindostan, |^^ n^ g^,^ j^g NicUolI, in the CMSe K^b^ 

•to. laoo. againit Wicke», Clerk, far rrfusinf to beiqr an JafinA 

GuLLtFEBy JoSEPa WiLLIAM; ^^' child baptiaMi by a Iht^entinf Mtnistier, 8vo. 1810.— 

Ceoeral Obscrratioiu oa the Piiiloaophy pf Medidae, <xiie judgment pronounced bj Sir W. dcOtt, 3d Jfalj, 

ftvo. 1809. 1810, in a »uit iostitutvd by £. L. Lo^^det, fiaq. fo# 

GuNN, Mrs. AkNE, late Miss Young, a Divorce, 8vo. lail— Report of the ProcAMtegi «t 

The first of her works was published the Geoenl Chuirter Se^ioM fcr the County c^ 

under the latter appellation. V^l' ~ the Appe-i of w». K«t. ^^ • owrfe. 

The MoUier and Daughi^ a tale,fi v. Itao. IBM.^ f " ^^ J^*"^'!?* T^^lf^'J^' "VZl^L^ 

A« biroductioo to M«lc. fhro. 1803. eon» to defraud ihe Oeditors of J^ Forkard. 

^^^^'rr',' Teacher oi the German ^ ^ankn,^ sro. wrw-Report of the 1St>c«editici 

Flute and V lOlOnceUo. on the XriaU of the Rioters at York, from the ftd to 

Trea^iae on the origin and lmpro«ene*t of Stringed ^|^, ign^ j^y, it^j^ ^yo. 18L^.— The IVial for a 

Inttraaaents^-The theory asA practice of Ftngeriug before the Lord Chief Baron, at the anit of the R«v. 
the Violoncello, fol. 1793-~1h« *^ of PUying the joha Kobiaaon, Clerk, at Bury Su SdMradi» HA 
Gersian Flute, fol. 1793. An^. 1813, 8vo. 

Gum viMG, Miss. See Plu veett» Mrs. Gurnet, Richard, juo. Esq. 

GUKIIING, Richard, Surj^eon. FUbleson Men and Manmrft, ISoko. 1889. 

Mioutasof Eaparimenuto aacerutn the perovDieat GuRNEY, Rev. Will. M. A. fOTlAeriy 

•ecnrity of VacctMtion, isno. 1894. of Clare Hall, Cambridge. After haviBg 

GuppT, Mrs. served a curary in Buckingbamshire, he 

innJogue. for Children, «v.iw^ removed to LondoD, and wRs an RSsistMit 

^ ^ItT'^^'"''^'': L;^ln 177^' li a»Ta%'istockChapei, whence he went Ki 
for ^^^^rf.;V^^^ 'thiJh ianf t»>« Free Chapel in West-street, St. 
Norwich wh«c his f«n>»y;^h4ch is of ^j,^. ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ tenAieSn of 

veiyhi^h antiqmtywd opulen^^^ A Free School, which contoios nttf 50O 

widedTor ^yrf^:^^^""^^^ children. Through the interest of the 
^''L^L^'^L^^'^ ^ki^& Exeter family he ^ in laorprtsented to 
^i^i^tS^inwrM^ss^^^^ the Rectorj- of St. Clement Diies; isalso 

^r.^r^ Z^' nl^^h^ih^ "^ St ttiWred's, 

Ury, Nortfi Britain. He has pubUshed p j^ j aencrally preaches every 

abeautiful translaHon, or rather imita. JuXy EvTnihf ^n WeL?^^ He l^ 

T^^O^lden A« of Apuleiua. in Engfuh Te«e, enti- » l«f ge ^mUy and rosidos in Co^-Sttoet, 
tnled, "Cnpid and Payche: a mythological tale, from otfand. Mr. U. OOmOMinicatOd SOflie 
the Golden Asa of Apuleius,**— in 4to. and in roy. papers tO the first volumo of Tkt Wotchr 

8vo. 1799' 3d edit. 1801. This apirited and through- f/um^ and has been an anonymous don- 

6«.trictlycla«icalperfora«nce.lanowaca^;itl. tfibutor lO Othcr wdtks. He haS puh- 

Mnbellished with two engravings, the one from "^* i{ ij i 

eeMMted Marlborough Gem, the othcr from one of "Snea: *u * *j ,«^ u^^^ 

HapUel'a design, for the same subject. A Sermon preached e. the F»tday ISW. Moitlte 

V, « J /^ XKT. Bloomsbury Volantrer Acsociation, vith an accouat 

GuRNEY, Joseph, and GURWEY,W1L- ^^ ^^ ConsecraUon of the Colour*, ISoi-^Sennoa 

LI AM BrODIE, Shorthand-WntCrS. These preached at W«at.6treet, for U)e benefit of die Afiv 

l^tlemen have been for znan^ years en- 6an and Asiatic Soc. isos. 
gaged, generally in association, in re- Gotch, Rev. Johk, M.A. Regisfrar of 

porting the most remarkable causes, the University of Oxford, ibrmeny Chap- 

poth civil and criminal that have become lain of All Souls and Corpus Christi Col- 

the subject of judicial discussion. leges. 

The Trial of William Codling and others, for wilfully Archbishop Sancioft'a Colleetaoea CuiIom; or Mn- 

dest»>ying the Brig Adventure, 8vo. 1803.— Trial of cellaaeoua Tracta relating to the Hiat. wd AatH^. of 

llMtmas'Priee and Mattbew Civeae in the King'a EagUadand Ireland, the Univ. of Oxford nd Cam. 

Beach for Poooiy, in vodngforSir F. Burdett, 8vo. bridge, and other subject?, 2 ▼. 8vo. ifn— aist. 

ISM.— Trial of Oolooel Despard for High Treason, .nj Antiq. of Uie Univ. of Oxford, by Aat. I^ood, 

•vo. 180«^~Trial of Richard Paldi for the Murder of ^^, ^ contiQUatioa to the pntoat tiiM, 3 v. #5. 

Isaac Blight, 8vo. 1806.— Trud of jLord Vi^ount X78ti-1798: 

Melville before the H. of Peers, fol. 1800.— Proceed. GutCH Rev RoBBAf A B 

Ihgs on thefaecutioo «j[^* Writ of I-^l?^'*^* l*e S^^rd if the Lonl and of Oide^. a IHseottae 

Thoma. Sheridan, Eaq. for Cnm. Con. with the wjfo ^„,^ ^^ g^ ^ i^OS. 

of P. CampbeU, Eaq. Ovo. 1807.— Prticeediags «»der F^n««»^ «P~"» w^- *»«»• 

• Writ of i»|niry in an Action between tire Barl of If J *- «m* 

h»a and R. Ferguaeon, Esq. for Crim. Coo. 8vo. »^ Catcher te. Z79i. 

fiS^waofGttittai whitdoete byaCMxtMar. GuT, JOSEPH, latc Frofessor Of eeo. 

I8t4»^ <fOt LIVIKO AUTHOkft. it At 141 

Safti^ in the Roy. Hilit CoU. Great liAicn, Thomas, A. M. Master of the 
arlow. ' , Gram. Schoal, Tottenham. 

pocket Bac^cloiMedia, Vtmo, 1806. (kh edit. UlS. — Coajageta lattna, or a Collecdon of the purest aod 

StofdUnf Book, ISmo. I8O9. 4th edit — Primer, 2d most usual Latin words, diaiiujiulahed into Claiues, 

edit.<^Oeo^iip1)y. ISmo. 1810. 2d Mlt.— Cyphering lemo. 1802. 
Bode. 4to. I811.-Key to the precediuf—Chart of HailS, William AhthONT; Tcachet 

Oeuerai HUtory ^ Chronoiog,, ««• f «f ^ »"- of Writing and Mathematics. 

fcritmh R«d*r, being • wquel to the SpcUing Book. ^^^ ^^^^ ^ ,.rio<«m5c poem on the pannitt 
12mo. 1811. ixr^ifri^^ ».«•«.«. oi- of mankind, 8vo. I8O6.— Inquiry concerning the in- . 

Gut, Joseph, juq. Writing-master at ^^^ ^^ ^^ uftBoat, 8vo. ieoff. 
the Roy. Milit. Coll. Great Marlow. Hails W H 

EnjUah Srhool Orwimar. ISttio, 1811. Socinianiai unai^ptuwl ; being an Examination of 

OwiLLIAV, J' the Socinian Notionn respecting tlie Depravity of 

The Campaign, a poem. 1813. Man. and the Atonement and Person pf the Messiah, 

GwiLLix, Sir Hekry, Knt. formerly lais. 

one of the Judges of the Supreme Court Hailstone, John, A. M. F.R. and 

of Madras. L.S. Senior Fellow ot Trinity College^ 

Baeon*B Abridgment of the Lnw, sth edit, with large Cambridge, by whlch he was presented 

addition.. T r^*;o. iTQB. 6u. *f nwfr^ «?^* io 1783 to the vicarage of Shudy Camps 

delivered tt» the Grand Jury at the Amuesheldat ^ ... , . ^ In •- ^.^^ XmrW 

Ely. «!S^r 1799. 4to.-coriecUon of Acu and Cambridgeshire, anfsmce 1788, Wopd- 

kecordt of Parliament, with Reports of Cases deter, ward tan PrOfeSSOr of Mineralogy Itt thtt 

Mined In the Courts vf Lav and Equity reepectlng University. 

Tithes, 4 V, 8vo. 1801. Plan of a coarse of Lectures on Hinendogy, 8vo. 

G^riLT, JoftEPH, architeet. 1791* 

Treatise on the Equilibrinm of Arches^ 8to. 1811. HaKEWILL, JaMES, Architect. • 

OWTIIVE, lieut. LAwaENCe, R. N. Ceelebs suited, or the Stanley Letters, nor. am. 8«o. 

itobtrteon*S EtoBents of N avigdtion, 7th edit, revised 1818.— Hist, of Windsor and its Veighbouiboodi imp. 

mmA cnntctet^ roy. 8ro. 1805. 4to. 1813. 

Gypford, 3E. architect. Haldane, Hevrt, Capt. of the Bof. 

Dtaigns for elegant Cottages and small Villas, roy. Invalid VolupteeTS, atld Lieut. CoL in 

4to. 1809- ^ the Army. His name appears to sevend 

&YLES, J. F. Esq. A.M. iMipers in NichoUdn*8 I&umaL and he i8 

SMay on the auihenticity of the K. Test. avo. 1812. Jj^^ autlwf of * 

^A Hew ^rew Grammar, 8vo. 1814. ^^^j^, j^^^^^ ^ ^ j^^ ^^ Chathmn, «fo. 1804. 

— ArgttssettU showing the Uiegality of the pi^tendei 
«» power of suspending articles of irtt, 8vo. 1810. ' 

Haldane, J. A. 

View of the social Worehip and Ordinanc«f df lSti» 

ACKETT, — . yj„t Christians, 12mo. I805.-Ob»etvatioos on For- 

Toiems. elegiac and miscellaneous, cr. 8vo. 1804. bearance 1811. 

Hack^tt, ^^w-if >*» C*P^J?,.f.''^^ ^?- Haldane, Robeet, Esq. 

IMtUnt of the 4th E. York Mllltia, late AiMnsa to the public concerning political opittiont 
Quarter-Master of the 21st Light Dra- andplansUtely adopted to promote religion in Sco«* 

goons. *"<*• ®^- "^• 

Explenation of the Review Manmnvres of a Regi. UaLE, MrS. 

■ent of Cavalry. 8vo. Iftll. Poetical Attempts, 8vo. 1800. 

Haooitt, Francis, D.D. one of hb Hale, William, Overseer of the Poor 

Ml^esty's Chaplains in Ordinary, Pre- of the parish of Spital-fields, wlien the 

bendary of Durham, and Rector of Nun&- first of the Ibllowiag pamphlets was pub* 

ham Harcourty Oxfordshire. lished: 

Seimoa preached at the Cbaprl Royal. WhiUhall. Letter lo 8. Whitbread. Esq. on the IMstr^ssM of 

ika. 21. 1810, at the consecration of Dr. Sptrke. xjtM Poor of Spital^fieids, 8vo. 180^— Address to 

BIdhoip of Chester, 4to. I8l0.~'i1>e Conduct and th^ public on the dangenms teudeney of the Loudon 

pretensions of tiie Roman Catiaolics considered, in female Peniteiitlary, Svo. 1810.— Reply to the pam; 

n Letter to the Freebolden of Oxfordshire. &vo. phiets lately published in defence of the Femal4 

1B13. Penitentiary. 8vo. 1810. — Considerations en th4 

HacCITT, Rev, John. causes and prevaleuoe of Temale Prostitvtiaii, evo. 

iVo LeCten on Gothic Architecture, 8vo. 1813. 1818. 

UjkotE, Thomas. Hales, ChaHles, Esq. 

Uftbkr to the D. of York, en the appolntineBt of Sir The Bank Mirror, of A Guide to the Funds, 8r6. I796. 

Bew Dalrymple to the command in PdrtMgal. 8n>. ~A Correct Detail of die Finances of this Connfay, 

1808«— The Prerogative of the Bar considered. 8vo. 8vo. 1797. . 4, , 

1888^Tbe Royal Urinead. 8vo. ISOB^Letter on HaL£^ WiLLf Alt, D.D. RectOf 61 Rilr 

hieent Events, svo, isoQ^Lettar to ijr. Perceval, lesahdr*, Irclahd» fotmerly Fellow aod 
t^ijjajtttemcjt of t*e coi^urt ^^ Frofewor of Ofieiital Laoguages in Triii. 

to ptt asther. 8ve. I88g.— Appeal to ha Majesty on t>iiKlif% 

the SMe of tiie Hation, Svo. 1810. ^""* I^UDIUL 



Sooornm Doctriaa ratioualis et esperimenUlis, 4to. tber with a 8p6e<^ dalhenBd in the H. of Cmb. 31 

17TB. — Dr. ModbiiS Planeunim, evo. 1786. — Analyivn March; mi original letter written by Brotken, m 

^qujitionum, 4to. 1786.— ObsffraClons on the poliii- 17go to P. Stppbens, Etq. arid also a paper potnciQc 

cal infla«nce of the Doctrine of the ro(>e*8 Suprc out those parts of his Prophecies that hare already 

■Mcy, 8vo. 1787. — barrej of the modem st^te of the been fulfilled, 8vo. 1705. — Answer to Dr. Home's 

Church of Rome, with additional observations on the secondpamplilet Intitled " Occasional Remarks," 8yo. 

Poctriiii* of the Pope's Supremacy, 8to. 1789.— Ob- 1795. — Second Speech in the H. of Com. Apr. SX, 

•ervati>a<» on Tithes, ahewini; the ioconvonience^ of 1795, respecting the detention of Mr. Brothers, the 

ail the schemes that have been proposed for alleriog Prophet, 8vo. 1795. 

the ancient manner of providing for tUr clergy IIalL A. W. 

of IrclaiMl. 8vo. 1791.— The Inspector, or select Female Confessions, noT. 2 v. I8O9. 

Literary Intelligence for the Vulvar, 8V0.1799-— Ana. Hall ChaRLES M D 

Jy*« Fluxionum 4to. 1800.-]tfethod:5m inspected, ^Ue Family Medical Ins' rucior. with aa Appendix on 

« parts 8V0 1803-5.-Prospectos of an Analy»» of canine Madneas, 8vo. 178S.-The Effects of CIHIi— 

Ane*ot Chronolo^-, 8vo. l8a7.--DB.erUt.ons on ^^ ^„ j,,^ ,^ ^^^^ Eun^pean Btitfe,. 8to. im». 

the principal Prophecies representing the divine and f. ^ "^ xj J r\ i^ r<.*w»» 

human CuTracter of our Loid Jesus Christ, (originally }}!^^'h ^^J'^^l^ ^l^ V' 

|yaUished in the Orthodox Churchman't Mag,J Of ChHFt Church, Oxtord. 

9ro. 1808 >-A new Analysis of Chronology. S v. 4to. Sennons,8TO. 1799 —Sermon before the H. of Cob. 

ia09-14.— Letters on Uie TeiicU of the Romish Uter- <» *he Fast day, 1805, 8vo. 

arcby, 8vo. 18IC. ?d cd. 1813. HaT.L, Sir J AMES, Baft, of DuDglaS, 

Hali ord, Sir HEKar, Bart. M.D. F.R. N, B. F. R. and A. S. Edin. There are 

and A. S. Ph} sician to tlie King and to several papers by this gentleman in the 

the P. Ilcgent. This ^entlcxnaq^ whose Tratu. of the Roif. Soc. Edin. and be haa 

oamc was originally Vaughan, was ere- published : 

ated a Barunct in 1B09; and has pub> EsMyon the origin, PriociplM and Hist, of Oolhie 

liahed: Archifcectare,4to. ISIS. 

OmtioHarvejanahsbita. 18 Oct. 1800^ 4to.— An Ac HaLL, RcV. J AMES, A.M. a nativC of 

count of wiiat appeared on opening the Coffin of the County of Clackmannan, Scot- 

King Charles I. in Jjt. George's Chapel at Windsor, land, educated at the Uuiv. of St. An- 

(in the presence of the P. Regent,) 4io. 1813. drew's; some timc an Assistant at Simp- 

Halhfd, N ATHAJUEL Brassey, a gen- ^^.^^ Academy. Chelsea, 
tlcman distinguished for his attainments practical Discouris on imporunt «ibje«». i2mo.— 

in Oriental Literature, formerly in the Discoveries and Experiments on Ice, Heat and Cold, 
civil service of the £. Ind. Comu. in Ben- 8vo. I8O5.— Travels in Scotland, 2 V. roy. 8vo. 1801. 

gal. On his return to England, he oIh '^**"'' tiirough Ireland, 2 v. 8\o. 1813. 
tained a seat in Parliament; and afford- Hall, P. W. 

S^.Kowitt .n, ''V"^ , ,. Y'*""*'. ". "* sician at Jedburgh 

Kicnard Brothers, and pub he I V professinff •.„ t..«,t^« t>« : i«o <,«-«« .^-^ 

his belief in tl.4 pretended mission ol ','J„„^2-. 5' Tm l ^^Ln^lfr'^J" 

that wretched cnthuMast. His valuable l^J^'Tli^tt^tto^t^^'^^^ 

II . r/-v • 1 Tuor. I 1 tx penman ts on Ujc v.ircuiaiion or the Blood, by Spa*, 

collection OfOnentalAlSb.WiiS purchased Unzani. with notes and a Life of tlie AaUiorT^ 

of him by the trustees uf the British lourdcs, transl. into English willi addiUooal Dotos, 

Museum. Mr. H.'S publications are at 8ro.l801.—Jn'ati*f on the mean* of purlfytog infected 

once a monument of first-rate literary *j' "'* preventing contagion, from Uie iv. of 

a^l^nt^ M.v^ ^«'»u^;. J^...i^.^ui — -.- • Cuyton Monreuu, 8to. 1802. — Clares Tnatise oa 

tolentS, and Oflheir deplorable perversion the Motion of Fluids, revised and enUn^, 8^ 

by fanaticism. 1804. 

A Code of Geutoo Laws, or Ordinations of the Pun- Halt RobeRT 

dite, from a Persian translation 4to. 1776. 2d ad.Bvo. xi.e Old Quizzes, m us.' far. ICmo. 1779- 
1777-—Ciraainiar of the Bengal language, Cpnoted at tt t> ».. . /• ^u ri 

Uoogly, BcngHl), 4{o. 1778.— NarraUve of Uie evenU ^^ALL, KOBERT, iVl.A. SOU Ot tJie Kev. 

which have happened in Bombay and Bcnetal, relative Robert II. a minister of the Particular 

to the Mahratu Empue since July, 1777. Bvo. 1779.— Baptists at Arnsby, Leicestershire. He 

Imitations of the Epignns of Martial, 4 pts. 4to. was first placed under the care of the late 

179^K—Tlie whole or Uie Testimonies to the Authen- !>«« Tir Pwlon*! ^f -Kf^^U^,^^*^^ •^^ 

Uclty of the Prophecies of Rich. Brothers, and of hi. X . ? • u ^ Northampton, and 

Mission to recal the Jews, 8vo. 17»5.— A Word of ^"?° f ^"* ^^ ^"« Baptist Academy at 

Admonition to the Ru Hon. Wm. Piit* in an epbUe Bnstol whence he proceeded in 1781 tO 

occasioned by the propheciei of Broth»i», svo. 1795. King*s CoU. A berdeen. After four year^ 

r^l^"*" ^° '*** ^^' '^°- ^^^ Loughborough, residence there he returned to Bristol 

8VO. 1795.-^peech in the H. of Com. Mar. 31. 1793, ^^ere hc was chosen A^^i^tant to th^ 

respecting the confinement of Mr. Brother*, Uie u"57v ">, , u ^2 ^^ Assistant to the 

Prophet, Svo. 1795.-A Calculation of the Millenium, '^tC Df. Caleb EvanS, With wbom he 

With ohaervations on the pamphlets intitled ** Second Continued till 179 ly wheu he Succeeded 

Ai|iuieBt», Ac." ami the « Age of Crtduiity," toge. thc late Mr. Robcrtson of Cambridge ; 

1814. HAL LIVIirO AtJTHOES. HAM 143 

and he is now Pastor of the Baptist so- ordered his removal to an outpost called 

ciety meetiDe in Harvey Lane, I^eicester. Simon's Town. The Doctor not chusine 

Mr. H. is said to be one of the conductors to quit an establishment which he had 

of the Eclectic Review and is author of : formed at the Cape, resigned his office of 

Chriidftnitjr con«uc«nt with a Love of Freedom, be- Chaplain and. gave vent to his anger in ' 

ing an Aiiiw'er to « Sennon by Rev. John Clayton, j^^ acrimoniouS poems, for whlch a Suit 

rHi^'^i^'^r^^ rIT^oX- "- """ commenced against him and he ^ 

ley'e Sennon piMcbed 13 Jen. 179S. 8vo.-lfodern Sentenced to be bamsned trom the coJo- 

InSdelity con»lderad with respect to its Inflaenee on ny and tO pay COStS. 

Society » Sennon, 8to. 1800. — The Sentiments, pn^ Odes, Poems and Translations, 8vo. 1790. — Poems on 

per to tfie present Ciisb, a Sennon preached at Bris- various subjects, 4to. 1791 . — Ode on the proposed 

tol on the Fast-day, Oct. 19, 1803. 8vo. 2d. ed. 1804. visit of their Majesties to the City of Exeter, 4to. 

The Advantage of Knowledge to the Lower Classes, 1791> — Lacryma* inbernicc, or the Genius of Erin's 

« SanBOa preaebed at Le|cester for the benefit of Complaint, a ballad, 4to. 1801. — ^The Female Volun- 

a Sunday School, 8%'0. 1810.— Tlie Discouragements teer, dram, (under the name of Philo.'Nautictts,)8vo. 

and Supports of the Christian Minister, an Ordina- 1801. — A Sermon on occasion of the Victory off Tr»> 

tion Sennon, 8vo. 1812.— Tlie Character of the late fiilRar, delivered on board II. M.S. Britannia at Sea, 

Bev. Thomas Robinson, Vicar of St. Mary's Lcices- Nov. 3, 1805, 4ta— The Battle of Trafalgar, a poem, 

ter,8vo. 1813. 4to. I8O6.— Capabillttts, or South African Cbarao- 

HaLL. Thomas tehsttcs, a satire, 1811. — Proceedings including Ori« 

Achmet to Sclim, or 'the Dying Negro, a poem, 4to. J"*' Correspondence,, dec. at the Cape of Good 

..^ Uope, in a crunmal process for a Libel mstitnted 

' »r Q %M T% (Against the author) at tlie suit of Lieut. Gen. the 

HaLLABAV, WILLIAM ^ArXDERS, M.U. Hgn, jj^ q. Q^cy, by order of the E. of Caledon, 

Senior Phys. to the South Infirmary and Gov. of theCol. Svo. ISll.— Stanaas of affectionate 

PhyS. to the H. of Industry and the Lu- regard to the Memory of Capt. Dawson of the Pied- 

natic Asy him, Cork. montaisr,4to.i8i2. 

Xnqoiry into the C.auses of the extraordinsry Addi- HaLPI^, N. J. of Trin. Coll. DuhUn. 

tioo to the number of the Insane, 8vo. 1810. An University Prize Poem on his Majesty King 

Halliday, Alexander, M.D. former- 0^o^« lii. having completed the doth year of his 

ly a clergyman, late A^i.lant Inspector "l^tyTAilMER, Captain of the King's 
ofilospitals with the Portuguese forces, " Wanf«7 mt-xviu^n 

whom te joined in 1809, and returned ir^ Z'rStions, 8vo. 1801. 
for a short time to England in 1811. Hamel F. L. 

He has written : Melanges HUtoriques et Litteraires, 8va. 1808. 

OtoervalkMU on BmpbyseiM, or the Dhease which HaMEL N 

•rises fro-i the effusion of Air into Uie Cavity of p^^^ Gnui'mar^ 12mo.-Exercis« in the Yt. Lao- 

tl« rboi«x,8vo. Ifl07.-Rem*rk. on the pr^t sUte i<too.-The World in Miniature, Iftno. .eve- 

•f the LunaDC Asylums in IreUnd 8n-o. I808.-Ob. ^ ^^.^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^bixii^ of each of th«tt 

aervatiOf.s on the fuxh Report ot the Conuiuitoioners ^^-1., 

of Milit. Inquiry, 8ro. I8O9.— Observations on tlie ' r i_ ^ 1 

frmeut state of the Portuguese Army, 4to. 1811. 2d. HAMILTON, MlSS A. author of the fol- 

edit, with additions, 8vo. 1812. lowing novels : 

IIalLORAN, Lawrence HyneS, D. D. Forest of St. Bwnardo, 4 v. I8O6.— Adventures of a 

This gentleman who appears to be a na- J^ven shilling piece 2 v, isu.-Montaiva, or An. 

^- , 1 i***^ 1 . c nals of Guilt, 2 V. 1811. 

Uvc Of Ireland, was formerly master of Hamilton, Alexander, eldest son of 

Alphinlon Academy near txeter He the late Dr. Hugh H. Bp. of Ossory ; edi- 

was afterwards a Chaplain m the Navy, ^^ ^f ^ '^ '^ 

and was in that capacity on board Lord xhe worka of the Rt. R«v. h. HamUton. d.d. 1m> 

Nelson's flag-ship the Britannia at the Bp.ofOa0<tfy,2T. roy.svo. 1809. 
cvcr-roemorable battle off Trafalgar, and Hamilton, Lord Archibald, M. P. 

has since held the appointments of Rec- for the County of Lanerk, which he has 

tor ofthc Public Grammar School at the represented since 180«. He is the second 

Cape of Good Hope, and Chaplain to the son of the D. of Brandon and Hamilton, 

Forces in South Africa. The last but by Harriet sister of the late E. ofGallo- 

one in the list of Dr. H/s publications ^ay ; was bom 1760, educated at Eton, 

states the circumstances which obliged and has written : 

him to leave the Cape. It appears that Thoughts on the late and prasebt Admiaistntioo, 

he interfered very warmly on occasion of svo. 1804. 

a duel which took place between two Hamilton, Eliza, sister of Lieiit. 

officers about the beginning of 1810, and Charles H. who died in 1792, in the ser- 

when the affair was brought before a vice of the E. Ind. Comp. in Ben^. Sli« ' 

court-martial, wrote tlie defence of the was entrusted with the education of the 

accused parties. His conduct was highly daughters of a Scottish nobleman, to tl^ 

ditapp^ed by the Hon. Gen. Grey, who eldest of whom her Letters on the forma? 

lion of tli9 RolkMNu and Moral Princi- <wir7 into tiM <ii« ««Apt9ptt%4r«i?d«ttpiMfti«4 

pie were addressed : P^"r»^ ''•^J^ ««naie,pcpt of die Kutkwi Pi«<f of 

£mI»« .f • HiBdoo IU|«h, S V. M. 1790. Ath «1. **' ij"^"' ^''*- *»"• 

ISll^McBKiin of Modmn FhUoMphcit, 9 v. 8w. MaMILTOS, dMITH. 

1800.— Letten oi» Um Elfanentwy. Frinciplw of Edu- S^«» o^ Eogravinf* of tho Aneiettt C«CmM «r B^ 

ttttoa, « V. 8vo. 1002— Life of Agrippira wife of l«nd from the pth to the 1 6th century, iai«. 

GcnBMie««, 9 v. cr gro. 1804.— Letters on th« For* UaMILTOV, WjLLtAM, £s(|. F.A-S. prj- 

■niiott of tiM Keiigioiu and Mormi priodpie, 8 v. v^lc Secretary to the EsltI of Elgin woilf 

cfw era. Mo6.-^The Cottiers of Girnbanue. 8»o. Ambassador at Conbtantiuoplc. 

tSoe. ♦th ed. I810.-Rule. of tho AoDuity Fuud for r,,^,^ ^ ^^^^ of ToAf,; Fu I. ny. 4Ca. 

tl)c btuofit of Goveni«*9ct, (unon.) 4to. 1808. — Exer- i^iq, , 

cbes lo Bcligious Knowledge, Wwo. lOOg.—FopuUr H*i*.r.r FnwA»D fomfiriv ¥«il aT 

£ssay> lllMlnitiua Priuciplw. essentUIIy coDoecled ,.. "^^ li J^ fZ * ron»«"y '«"• •! 

vitti flie ioipimemeut of the oadrntanding. th« ^«^ ^^*^' ^Jwoni- 

iiuciutioniuid Uie heart, Sv.8vo.181S. Foems of y«rloa« kladi. 8ro. ITJ*. 

Hamiltoii, Emma, author of the fol- ^ Hammer, Joseph, fomierty Secretaty 

lowing novels : ^^ ',^« Imperial Legation at Consuuiu- 

F.d«cattoQ, or a Journal of Erron, Ifimo. 1810.— A OOpie* 

-WiBler at 8t. Janie»», or Modern Mnaaers, 4 v. Ancient AtFbahrti asd Hienwiyphk Charaeters «■. 

ICmo. I811.--The Miiden Wlfr. 4 ▼. 181S.— 1 Can't plained from the Arabic of Bin Wa»htb. 4ta. UOS. 

afford it, 2 ▼. 1815. Hampson, Jorn, A.M. RectoT of Sim* 

Hamilton, Georgi:, formerly Surgeon deriand. 

of the Pandora. ^ Blow at Uie Root of pretended Calvinisa or rari 

Voyage round Uie World in liis Maj. fiigate Pandora Aotinoiniaimm,8»'o. 1788.— Memoirs of the late Bev. 

In 179D-S. with Uie Discoverica made in the South John Wcaley.Sv. ISmo. 1791;— The Poetics of Vidar 

Sen, and the dinrressea e&| erienced hy the rrew from *?• of Alba, with tranalatious from the Latin of Dr. 

Shipwreck and famine in a royage of 1,100 milca in Lowth, Mr. Gniy. and othei% 8vo.l79S — Sermons on 

open boats between Endeavour Strain and the I. of •«v*ral subjecu from the Old Te«. Sro- 18QS». 

Timor, 8vo. 179S. . Uampson, William, authorof a paper 

Hamtltov, George, Dra^ving-master. in the Trans, of the Soc. of Arts on the 

Elements of Drawinf[, 8>-o. i8i«. ' nieaus of preventing caterpiilars on 

Hamiltoji, Rev. Ueobgk, Rector of fruit- trees, and also ot the following : 

Killernoch, Ireland. DuUafield Im^^, a poem, 4t». 1791.— EsMy on tht 

Introdnctkm to the Study of the Hebrew 5)criptttre% Management of Cows, 8vo. 1796. 
Vith a Crit. UiKt. of the Greek and Latin Versions of HaMSTEAD, Capt* J. of the AO]^ 

the Pentateuch, and of all the Chaldee paraphrases, X^avv. 

8to. 1819. »c T% ^7 11 r .L TreatUc on Naval I^Mllea, «ln. 18Q8^lMay ttt en- 

Hamilton, James, M. D. Fell, of the puu. the o«u9e of the principal Phanameaain Ka. 

Roy. Coll. uf Phys. Edinburgh, Senfor turcsvo. isn. 

Phvs. of the Roy. Infirmary ot that city, Hakcock, John, of Lisburne, Ireland. 

aod Correspond. Memb. of the Med. Ly* Reasons for witlidrawlng from the 8or. of the Qua- 

ceuni cif Philadelphia. ^^^ "''**• IWK—Thoughts on the ataw of ftgaratlve 

Obaerrations on the SeaU and Causes of diseases, *•»«»««« •» •??««> » 1t«li«teus Snhjeds, 8to. VOX 

Ulimtcated by the Dissections of the late Prof. Mor. IlAlt'DSt MrS. ElIZABETB, wi(e of a 

gagni, of Fadon, 8vo. lT95.~Select Cases in Mid- blacksmith. 

wifely. 8to. 1795 —Engravings designed to laciliute ji,^ ^^,5^ of Ammon, a poem. 179(K 

the i^y of Midwiivy explained, 4to. 1797.-Obser. ti . „,^e w . . , . . w C^i;«;«««. :•% •k. 

vsUonToatheulUityandiidminlsua'ionofPurgaave "ANDS, ^ilLIAM, SollCltOP in the 

Medidaes, 8vo. 1805, 4th ed. 1811.— Hints for the C/OUrt uf Chancery. 

treatment of the principal diseases of Infancy and Hales ocrurrinx In the (A-oarcnliOA and defrnce of 

CUldhoMl, evo. 1810. Sd ed.— Treatise on the Ma^ personal actions in the Coujt of Kiqg's Bsadi, Owe. 

nagcment of Penmla Complaints, and of Child«en hs 1709-— The modem practice of levying fines and mA 

flwly Infitncy,by Dr. Al. HamUtoD.fth ed. laif. *»*"« ^wjoveries in Ihe Coart of Com. Ftea^ avo. 

HAMtLioii, Jams Edwaud, Esq. S!L*ii2I' ^r^J^^^llTl^J^ 

9WD tettm* to U« Peogle of England ^^ pi«. ^,??* ^ p* If*^ r »!L?S?'t ^ 

iUtCriii.,8vp. I7i|0.-3rtumpt iTmiplain the t^m T^J^^ '^/Sf ^^' ^T^ ^^^T^ 

D««ocra^,, AtinJcracy. Oligarchy. M«~rchy and ^J^cl^JL.^^ ^^ 

I>«potiim.8vo.l790.-HeaectionaontheRevointion Co"rt of Chanc^y. 8vo^l809. 
la PIsBce, by Fxlm. Bnrke. considered. 8vo. 17^1. HaNOER, Hon. GEORGE, late ft Capt W 

•"^bictnres npon Knowies' primiiive christhmity ; the Corps of Artillery Drivers and lioiit; 

also opoB ttie thnoiogirai and polemical writings of Colonei in the Army. This gentiemft 

^ ?± t' ^ David's. Dr. PriesUey. Mr gibbon and ^hose eccentricities aw matter of pob^ 

the lata R«T- Mr. Badcock, 8 v. Svo. i79?«— letters „-.|.«-:^^„ :« -.l^ -^ i'^^'^^a, , 

m Christianity, 8vo. i79«. notoriety IS the vounger son of the first 

Hamilton, Rubeut, LL. D. P. R. 8. »".^ ^^^^^^ ^ the present Lord Colee 

tdin. Prof, of Nat. I»hiIos. in the Maris- «'?«• ^« entered young into the amy, 

ch^ Coll. and Univ. of Aberdeen. and served m America during the whole 

latrodoctioQ to Merchandize. €y.8vo. 1777.— System Of the War With that cou&try, but no^ 

•TAifehmttk and BooicKeepiag, ismo. 1788.— In- Withstanding his repeated tolioti^iwtt 


J(81^' * If Air . . urnro AVTHOEs. hab 14$ 

has not been since engaged in active ser* HAXORAVEy Fbavcts^ £«q. King's 

vice. His retirement on the full pay of Connsei and Recorder of liverpooh This 

bis rank from the" Artillery Drivers drew gentleman who holds a distin {fished 1 

some observations from the* Commis- rank among the law-writers ofthepre*> 

sinners of Military Inquiry in their 17th sent day, presented a petition to the H. 

Report, to which Col. H. published an of Com. during the last session stating 

Answer in the Times. He is the author that from ill health and other circum* 

of: stances he was anxious to disposei bj 

Address to the'Armj on Tarieton't HisL of th« Cam- the Sid of Parliament, of his Collection of 

Miens of 1780 and 1781. 9vo. 1789— Anticipation of Law-books eunched with valosble notes * 

flections on the attack and defence of the city of Lon- V^Ji OUnOrea M5>4j. 1 tie SUm Of 

aoo,8ro. 1795— His Life, Adventures and Opinions, ofiOQL waS iinanimOUSly YOted lOT thm 
t V. Svo. 1801.— Reflections on tlie in«'naced Invasion pUTChaSC of this Collection, tO be depostt* 

aad tiie means of protecting the Oapitai, 8vo. 1801. ed in the library of linocdn's Inn for th4- 
HAWKiVy Rev. Edwabd, M.A. M.D. public use. Mr. H. is author or editor 

Paacgjric tm G. Britain, Svo. 17a6.^Reflections on* of the following Works : 

the inivay«f Sma^gling. 8vo. 1790.— The Causes and Tbe Ca»« of Janes Somerset, a nesro, aeterained hf 

Goose<|tteiic«s of the HegJect of the Clergy, 8vo. the Court of King's Bendi, 8vo. 1772. 3d ed. 4U>, 

1803.— Leccr t» Sir F. Burdett on his pobUo eon- 1783.— Argument in defence of Literary Property, 

4act, Sfo. IS0«.— Perpetilal War Uie only ground of gvo. 1774.— Collection of Sute-Trials, 11 v. fol. 1781. 

penalttAl Safety and Prosperity, 8vo. 1804— Letter —Collection of Tracts relstive to the Laws of Eng- 

to fiie Ardibp. of Canterbury on the number of the j.nd, from MSS. 4to. 1787— The Jurisdiction of the 

Clers7> Md tiie neus of pioviding more cffecluaUy Lords' House of Pari, eonsidered by Loni Chief 

for Uie repair kc. of Churches, SVo. 1806. Justice Hale, with a Preface IncKidiog a H arratlre of 

Hannah, T. ^* **'^^ Jurisdictio&'from tlie Accession ot James t. 

the Aoalytieal Compeodinn, or Outlines of Sermons, 4to. 1796. new ed. 1810 —Juridical Arguments and 

•xtncted fn» various authors. « ▼. ISmo. 1801-1805. Collections, 9 ▼. 4to. 1797-0.— Address to tiie Grand 

— Onie Palpit AstistMit containing 250 Outlines or Ju^T *t tbe Liverpool Sensions, Oct. It, on tbe pre- 

Skeletons of Sermoui, 4 ▼. ISmo. 1810. "c^t Crisis of public affairs, 8vo. 1804b— JoriscoosoU 

fiAHSAKD, HrOH JOSI AH. Sl'SSS^hiii!" "^^ («» «°™ »*««« »i« T*-) ♦ 

Lcttrrs and Thoncbts wliich may mmiote Christian „ ' _' x lur'^i t^ r a1>^ 

knowledge and Justice, sto. vm. Hakcbeaves, Jambs, Minister of the 

Hanson, Mabtha. Gospel at Ogden near Rochdale, Lanca- 

Sonnets and other poems, f ▼. fc. Svo. 1810. Sbire. 

HaNWAT, Mary Anne. This lady Address to the heads of FamUl^ on the eegltct of 

::^"h^&U^^^^^^^ HAHo1;rvX Ely, bom at Halifiix, 

. ?S«^inl ^"^1^^ ^^ publication of the Yorkshire 1741. In ITM he settled 

^S,Kv??7SI!^^ at Knaresborpugh as a Bookseller and 

coDbridfe Abbey, 5 v. 1806. Pnntcr, and m 17rO commenced Libra- 

' Hardie, David. ^^ ^^ Harrogate in which situation he 

Taaetioo of Coals considervd in an Address to the StiU remains. His Manuscript collec- 

lnbebitsnt% of London and Westmih»ter, 8vo. 179^. tions chiefly relative to antiquities and 

UAKDtNG,J. W. county history fill 13 quarto volumes. 

skeudies in Nortii Wales, consisting of six plates, jje is at present engaged in preparing 

with dceertptkiM,M. 1810. ^. . t .• for the press " A Guide to Several Water- 

HabwncejOeoboe, Esq. First Justice i^^^^^J^ in England," and is the an- 

of tbe Counties of Brecon, Glamorgan j^jJ/Qf. 

and Radnor. ^I^^ ^ ^ Castl«, Tmrn and Ftnet nf Ifitishn 

Speech deliirered at the Bar of the H. of Lords ^^^^ ^jth Harrogate and iu medkiaal wutn, 

■geuist Mr. Fwi's E. Ind. Bill. Dec Id, l78S.~Let. „^^ ^gj. „,^ editfaos^lTie TorksUn CNMt- 

ters to Edm. Bnrke, in which are contained Inqairies ^^cr, ISmo. 1808. 2d ed.-^necdoCea of*. 

Into the constitational existence of an |jnpeadinMu4 fining „, Account ot Robeft Hts Ooth, tomaonly 

«CTinst Mr. Hastings, Svo. 1791- Sd ed.— The Essence ^^^ ^^j^ H^^ 

, «f Malone or the Beauties of that fascinating writer, „ nt^ • - : -. -ajr^^1« «vr*1«^ 

^ctmcted fro. hU innnoital work entiaedT" Son.e „ HAROW)VB,GEORGE,Jun. Memb.of the 

I Jlceoont of die Life and Writinp of John Dryden," B^y • CoU, of Surg. Loodon, AsSlSt. HUTf^ 

99n. isoa to the Boy. Horse Artillery. 

HaudT, HeneY. Aecoimt of |he Istaads of VelshM'tn end S. Bet*. 

'A Vision from Uie Lord God Almighty, that nest Iand,.4to. ISit. 

^riag aboot the great and glorious day of peace when HaRINOTON, HenJIT, Mw DU bom at 4 

^tlenahaU no more lift mp sword against nation.8fO. RelstOn, Somersetshbre 1787, educated 

. ^ „ ^ r*- in his iather*s house under the tuitkm of 

^elnce 17fl0. bythe late Charles Hardy« leviiedaiid Q^^n's Coll. Oxfoid, of whlch be waS 

continoedb«hb«oa.tfaQ.i8U. entered 1746. In 1753 lis commsncMl 

^ * \CmL T 


Somersctsliire, whence he removed m a ^i^^ „85^LettertoPrie«tiry.Ca»«disb.Lmv«. 

Hew years to Bath where he has ever ^^^ ^^ Kirwan, eodeavounng lo prore that tbcir 
since resided. He has long been & Ma« nrwly adopts opmloiii of infl«imnable and drpbto- 
iriatnUe. and about twenty years si OCe giitlcatedairslbrmingwat^r, and the add* being cm». 

Lrred the office of Mayor of tliat city . iH,unded of ti,e diffrrrntvud. rf .ir«eWi«^ 
Dr. H. 18 much attached to the kindrea ^^ r^^jj^^ ^^ ^^^ „ir,8yo. ngs—Se^ Eaperu 

pursuits of poetry ana music; many ,nents with observation* on Heet, showing the ewtt. 
beautiful fugitive productions have issued nous principles of the French theory . 8vo. liOB'— 
IfOm his peiK some of which have found A New System on Fin? and Planetary life, showm* 

their wavinto print, and he has the ho- that the Sun and Planet* *« inhabited, svo.iaoo.- 

w*J «"^" F"" > »«,--,». Experiments and Observations on Volta's BJectncal 

nor of being the ftmnder of the liiirwo. ^.^^^^ laoi.-xiie Dcath.w«TaDt of the French 

mic Society Ot Batn. On quittrog tn« theory of Chemistry, with a -n^eory rationally acco«nt. 

tJiuirersity he OMirried a Miss Musgrave, in^ ^r aii the Phenomeoa. svo. isiH. 

ittd had the misfortune, a few years Harriott, John, Esq. resident Ma^s- 

aince, to lose his eldest son Sir Edward, trate at the Thames Police Office, This 

who was kniriited on presenting an ad- gentleman, formerly a lieutenant in the 

dress to the King, in his official capacity Royal Navy, besides a few papers in the 

of chief magistrate of his native city. Trans, of the Soc, ofArts^ has written an 

Vusa Antiqnse, being a MiacelUuxeous Collection of gcCOUnt of his OWn ad Ventures under the 
Original Papers in proae and verse, written, (by his ^j^j^ ^^. 

•MMtors and l''«^,,««'^P*»;f «»"^ iV™*!^ ^^ Suuggles'throufh Ufe, « v. 18«o. 1MB- 
Hen. Yin. Bdw. VI. Mary, Elw. and J»me« I. Svo. tT^,^. P ^xtirnivr 
SfiO. «4 ed. 2 V. 1775.-The Oeometrical Analogy of "ARRIS, CATHERINE. 

IhrDoctrioe of Iha Trinity consonant to human rm. Edwardina. nov « v. 1800. 

ion 4to 1806. Harris, Henrietta. 

HARVioTOir,JofiK Herbert. Po^ on ^rio^subjecu, lemo. iso^ 

llBda*a Works in Penian, with an Eng. Prefccn, « ▼. HARRIS, ILCV. J. ^ u • «- j 

foMolle^) nW-Anriyri. of a,e Law. nod Ra- Remsrks on the Natura aiKi D«s«n of the Suffe-rinis 

fulations enacted by the Gov. Oen. at Ft. WiUlam, of Chrltt, IW. 

Bengal, for tha Brit, ttnitoriea nader that l»resl- HaRRIS, R. . 

dmcy. fcl. ia05. Scriptunl Researcbet on the licltaeu of the Slawe- 

Harmer, James, Attorney at Law, ^ t»dc, svo. i78b. 
Ucitor foe the priaoners mentioned h*- Harris, William, formerly for many 
^^ ^ years Assistant to Egerton, the Booksel- 

BwaiLents and obwmtio«it»ding to show a pio> ler, now Keeper of the Library of the 
wuiity of lb* inaacence of FioUoway and Haggerty Roy. Institution, Alhcmarle Street. ^ 

ti»fi«tf^ as the morderers of Mr. Sieele, 8vo. 1807* Catalogue of the Libmry of Die Roy. InstituUoo, Svo. 

Harfbr, Andrew, formerly Surgeon iwg. ..*./- 

to the Garrison of the Bahama Islands. Harrison, Anthony, a naUve of Cum- 

The Economy of Health or Instructions for tho^At^ herlaud, bred tO the Law. 

tainment of Health and Longevity. Bvo. 1789.— On The Infiint Vision of Shakapeare, with other Pocnii 

the real cause and core of Insanity, 8vo. ITBQ, 4to. 1794.— Poetical Recreations, ^ v. fc. 8vo. UO6. 

Harper, Rev. T. Harrisov, Edward, M. D. F. R.S. F. 

The Christun itecher, a religious spriiing-book, 8vo. ^ g ^m. Physician at Horacastle^ lio* 

-" «d. iM«. . , T * colnshire, and Prcs. of the Benevolent 

Harper, R«v. Walter, formerly Joint j^|^^ g^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ 

lecturer of St. Andrew's, Holbom. '^ j^^'^j^^ j^^^ Mtd^Jayrml aud tht 

Tte CMste nm^i^^^nn^. • fi«wel semon, 4to. r^V^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^ 

**%! - T T T\ -«f TJi^ n^n Hetter to Dr. Wn. Stewnaan oeetOoft^d by a Bwt- 

HaRPUR, JoSCPB, LL.U. ot inn. V^OII. ^^^ pttbllsked in the 2d ed. olhte Medical Cases, 

Oxford. Bvo. ITBS.— Inquiry into tlie Rot in 8he»sp and othe* 

Xssay on the Principles of PhiloMplucal Criticism Animals, 180«.^Remar1ts 00 die IncffiNrlire ttaxt of 

applied to Poetry, 4to. 1810. the Practice of Ph>slc in Or. Britain, 8^0. iSOff.— Ad- 

IJaRPLEY, T. dress to the Llocolnahire Benevolent Med. Soc. coo- 

<In association irlth W. Sanefoft) Pocmi on varlott talning an Expo«ltloB of the intended Actforregur 

ttthjetu, 8vo. ITSS.'-Tbe Qanlas «f LWerpool, dram, latiug Med. Education and Practice, Svo. 1810. 

tvo. ]fg^.-^iiM MUUben, bmL 8w. ijga^The Harrison, George, of West Hill,^ 

fViumph of Fidelity, dram, in ibyne, ato. IW©. Wandsworth. 

UaRRaL, TrOMAS. An Address to the Right Rerarend the PrelatiM of 

2»rinil« MoQ«iCs.-~A Moisvdy on tiie d«itk of Mr. Ebgland and Wales ott the subject of the Slata 

John PalaMr,. Comedian, 8vd. iTOB^-^Aoeount of Uie Trade, [anon.] 179^.— A Second Addrass to the puna. 

Infant Roecias, Svo. 1801^-^enes of Life, aov. 3 v. [anon.] nSjS -'Aome Remarks relativt X6 tbe pnae«t 

1905. Mftte 0/ Bdueation in tbe Society vTllie ^^eoplecnlka 

HaRRTRCTOR, BobERT, M.n, %»hin,MW>-E*hieatteii iwertfolly proposed •&€ 

j8Wpili7tat»tht«»taB4|««»Il«to<*pl«i«f Ai* B i c om mtn dadag tii»<tu«»t »<■» witfihitiiojioiis^ 


180S.~Noticr8 oa 

th« Prcieatiitite of the 

Born e B—artoon > hatHr lately pablwhed ^...^ - ^«.^^ i_ * • ^ j x j 

dMMcd to th« Aivhbitbopa and Bithops of iImi •'une 1812, when he was appcHnted I/>rd 

Ch vch of fogtimd, [Anon.] 1806.— Socno Romarkf oft President of the CoaDcil in consequenoe 

a communicatiou from William RoKcoe to the Duke of the arrangements made on the death 

of Gloucester. iBio.-Additiomii Remariis on tiie of Mr. Perceval. He married in 1795 

same^ .ulyect appeared In the PhiLinthropist. j^^ SusaD-Levison Gower, daughter of 

^HAmRisow, Geoboe, Esq. formerly the first Marq^iiis of Stafford, by w^^ 

Principal Registrar of the Lwid Tax r/ ^ ^ ««^f !^ ^'^'^^Iv- ^"'^^ u^P?^^ 
gi«ter Officer but now Law Clerk and by thw nobleman has be<in published, 
iasistant Secretary of the Treasury. *>"* ^^'^^^ "^^^^^ ^" ^<^on does not 

Abatract of the Act lately paw«d for eonsoUdatiog &PPCar. 

the fbmer act» for the Redenptioo of the Land-tax, op«eeh on moving for the Recommitment of a BiU for 

and for removing the donbts respecting the right of *»»• *»««« »upport of Slipendiury Cnratetp June IfW 

persons to vote fi»r Heub. of Pari. 8vo. 18M. 3d ed. ^^^^' ^^^* 

Harrison, John, Surgeon, formerly of Harsnet, Abam* 

Mount Street, Berkeley-square. CKmI^s Summons unto a genenl Repentance, 990, 

IhB Effects of fixed ah* in Mortificatioas of the Ex- ^79^ 

«reauties»«ro. 17B5^-On the Cue of the Dry Belly- HaRT, WiLLlAM. Printer of th^ lud^ 

•cbe, 8vo. 1786.^Hist. of some remarkable mm pendent Wblg'Newspaper. 

4n'<vorm caMae by milii and eekndoos Medicine^ Alexis the Tyiant of the East, a Fenian tale, Utto.. 

•vo. 1786. iai2. 

Uarrisok»Johv,M.D. Hart, William Neville, formerly 

DitsertataodePertusM.Gotting».4to.t793. a Captain in the 79th FoOt. 

Harrison, SuSAKVAR. The Goodness of God, a Poem, cr. 8vo. Ifl06. 

Song in the Night, iftno. 1788. 6th ed. 1800. HARTLEY, Ralph, Teacher of the Mft* 

Harrod, W. thematics, Berkhamsted. 

HUt. and Aotk}. of Stamford and St. Martin's 8v. Philosophical Qaestions selected for the use of th* 
im. 8vo. 1780.— Hist, of Mansfield and its environs, upper Classes in Berkhamsted School, 8vo. 17S0> 
•to. 1801.— Hist, ef Market HBrt>oroagh,8vo. 1800. HARTLEY, Rcv. ThOMAS, ReCtOF of 

Harrop, Edward Atkiks. n Winwick, Northamptonsh. 

Biiseellaneeus Poome. •»©. 1796. ^ On the Inicrcoorse between the Soul and theBo^y, 

Harrowry, (Dudley Ryder,) Earl from the L«tinor8wedenborf,8vo.i8is. 
OF, Lord President of the Coimcil, High Hartsiovge, Matthew Weld, Esq. 

Steward of Tiverton, LL.D. and FAA. The Minstrelsy of Erin, or Peeme Lyrical, PartonI, 

This nobleman was born 1762, educated *»4 Descriftire, fc. tfo. itis. 
mt St. John's ColL Cambridge and com- Hartt, William, M.D. 

Dienced his political career as * Under- observations on the shnple Dysentery and Its Cob 

Secretaiy of Stale to the D. of Leeds, *inj«ons,8vo.i805. 

when only eighteen years of a^. He Harvey, Jane, author of the foUowinj 
gjon afterwarSs obUmed a seat in pari, ^.^^"j 3 ^ i8a2.-c..ueofT>ne-o^. 

lorliverton; and became successively g ^. i8^_.xhe Governor of Beiieviiie. 4 v. isor^ 
Comptroller of the Household ; one of Etheiia, a v. laio— Memoirs of an Aathw, s v.i8io» 
the Joint Paymasters General of the Harvey, William. 

Forces ; TreHSUrer of the Navy, (1801) a Hoars of Loyalty, or Allegorical Pofitieal Delinr^ 

if emb. of the Boaid of Contioul, and for ^^ ^ ^J^^ 8vo. isis. 

a few moDths in 1804, until obli^ to Ha rwood, Charlotte, daughter of tk« 

resign throug;h ilkiess, Secietary ot State late Rev. Dr. Edward H. Castle Hcding- 

jTor the Foreign Department. In 1805 ham, Esbex. 

be was nominated Chancellor of the Lucubrations by a l*dy,icmo. 1786. * 

Duchy of Lancaster, and appointed Am- ^H^*^?^^, bir Busick, Knt. M.D, 

basjwuior Extraordinary and Minister Pie- F.R. and L.S. educated at Christ ColL 

nipotcntiary to the Court of Berlin, for Cambridge, and Professor of Anatomy 

the express purpose of forming a twaty »V ^^^ r ***^- *^ ^*^^^^ situaUon he was 

with Prussia, but the object of his mis- elected in 1785. 

sion was frustrated by the fatal batUe 5K;2S*a^*,S^ 

tf . ^ f^ «T- T J L- 1. Physiology, 8vo. 1780. — A System of Compaiattve 

of Austwlite. His Lordship, who sue- Aito«7«d Phystoiogy, Cmc 1. 4to. 1796. 

oeeded his father m the Barony of ^r- Harwood, Caroline. 

rowbyin 1803, was invested with the The Castie of vivaidi. nov. 4 v. mo. 

Earldom in 1809. Upon the dissolution Harwood John. 

of the WhiK Administratko m 1807, he Advice to Memb. of ParL in a leUar to the ••w<jr 

became a Member of the Cabinet witb- elected Memben for Tewhesbttiy, are. isu^ 

141 aAft LrmtA&Y calknsAr. ^At Ifti4. 


Habwood, Rev. Thohas, B.D. F.8.A. vided for, be wss sent to Westminstef 

educated at Eton, afterwards of Univ. School by bis uncle, whose executor, Mr. 

Coll. Oxford, and now Master of Lich- Creswick, an E. India Director, procured 

field School. for him a wriidrship in India, whitbcf 

ABBoutkms oo OenaMs, avo. i790.--««nBMM». c ▼. he proceeded in 1749. In 1756 he was 

»ro.i79s.--AiaBmEti»eiMr«:oraCauiofueortb« ^ne of the English prisoners carried off 

Pravotu of Eton Coll, and King ■ Coll. Camb. from ^^ TU^wv—l,-.^,. 1,^*1 k., ^wl^* «.r tk. nok^k. 

the fbuDdation 1443 to im ; with an Account of ^ Moorshedabad, by ordcr of the nabob 

their Uvat aud Prefeiinents. collected from original <>» Bengal, burejah Dowla, on wbOSe de* 

MBS. and auibeotic Mofraphicai works, 4to. 1797.— position he was appointed minister at 

Stoaacrad hittqryof the life of J«to« Chriai, illoa- the COUrt of his bUCCeSSOr. In t76i 1)6 

traUva of the hvmmoy of the Fo«r KTangeiisu, ismo. became a member of the government of 

';S.7fJ^.a^"iS^^ Bengal and.about 1765 returned to Eng. 

Boai of Geography. Kmo. 1804— Hirt. and Antiq. «nd : and it IS a Singular lact, that ga 

pf theCborch and City of tichfieid, 4to. i8o6. the failure of. the remittances of part of 

Hakwood, Rev. Uriel, late of Trin. his acquisitions, he bad not interest to 

Coll. Cambridge, curate of Hardwick obtain at first his re-appoibtment to an 

Priors, Warwickshire. official situation in Ben^. His exam^ 

Disconnet ^om the work* of eminent Dl vines of tha nation at the bar ofthe ll. of Com. d^T* 

Cburdi of England, and othm never before pab- j^g an inquiry into the aflRwTs of the 
His^'irWJ.te of Pembroke HdlCo«l«ny.kdwW^^^ 

Camb. Memb. of the Roy. CoU. of Sur- •* ? j"*"'^ ?{ *^\'^J^j{ "jf^ 

S±Si^.'^I^S^.l^,tt ea. a«»^ f^ "» his tei«?n t'o EngU«d in ir^. 

lUustratioDs of Madnesa, 8vo. 1811. An impeachment was msututcd agamst 

Haslau, William Saunders, M.D. li»ni m the ensuing session of Parlia- 

Inquiry into the causes of the extraonliniiry addition ment, for mal-admmistration ; hls trial 

to Uie number of tiie insaDe, Rvo. iRii. commenced in 1788, and seven years 

HASLEwooByJosEPH, editor of new edi- afterwards he was acquitted of all tbe 

tions of xhe followiiig old works : charges preferred against him. His law 

SS^^^*^'''®JJ*lu*'4 K^i^'"'**^-'^'^* expenses on this occasion exceeded 

Italian Taylor and hto Boy, by Robert Armin. 4to. x^^ ^An/ . ;« ^r.<.:^>»*.«4^>« ^f «»k;^k .^^ 

leio-Northem Garlands, 8V0. 1810 -Puttenham's ^lOOOL', in consideration ofwhich, and 

Art of Englbh Poesia, with a mem. of the author, blS public serviCCS, the £. Ind. CoffipaOV 

MB. 410. i8ii.~The treaiiaei of iiavkiog, Hunthig, voted him an annual pension of iOOOZi 

and Biasing of Anns, as printed by Wynkin de Wrirde, for twenty-eight ycars and a half. Since 

withaninuod«ctioa,foi. i8w.-Ti,e Paiac^ of Pie- that period Mr. H. has lived in mire- 

aure, by William Painter, with an account of the au- _,^«4,' r u* i- u ^ ^i ii^j 

ttor, 8 V. 410. isis.-wiu. Sir Egerton Brydges, a ™«n.t» from which he was recently called 

|ieriodical work intituled, the British Bibliographer, *^ &^^ evidence at the bar of the H. of 

1810-14. 4 V. 8vo. including reprints of Tusser*s Hun- Com. on the application of the^. lodlR 

dred good pointes of Husbandry. 1557 — Paradise of Comp. for a renewal of the Charter. 

Painty Pcviccs iGoo-Enjiand-. Helicon. i6i4.- The term of his pension haviilg expiied 

MirroAr for Magt»tnite», ISBT, part I. :«4o«0 4.u ui^*"^^ 

Hassell j ' ' *^ m 1813, the same sum has by a recent 

Tour of U.eI.'of wight, tv.8vo.l790.-Lifc of tlie J^^® ^^^ ^^^^"."^^ ^^ J^J^ . f^^ ^^«'— 

Iste Geo. Moriand. roy. 4to. 1806.— The Beauties of Some elegant pieCOS of fugitive poetiy 

Antiquity, pub. in numbers, 1806.— The Speculum, ffOm his pen have Occasionally fcUACl 

im fiasay on the Art of Drawing in Water<olors, their way before the public, attd he U 

a«mo. un0.— The Young Artist's Assbtant. or Inlro- the author of* 

ducUon to the Art of Drawing, 1810.— Chalcogra- __ •*"*•*"* *" ' 

pfaia, or tbe Art of imiuting chalk, black-lead pencil, '••'Tal*^ of tbe Insurrrction at B«aares. 4to. 178».-« 

uul pen and ink Drawings, 4lo. 1811. ^^t**'' *» ^« Directors of tbe E. Ind. Coosp. 8vo» 

Hastinos, T. Esq, Associate of the I'ss—Uiur to tiie DiJeetors with n»ari» «d 

LivenKX-lRoyal A^e^, late Ca,tjdn '^^,£;^:^,'Z^T^^:^:Z.1et 

and Assistant-Quartei^Master-General m residence, svo. nse^Meooirs reutive to the suto 

the Army. of India, 8vo. 1786.— Answer to the Articles exbi- 

V<atifes of Antiquity, or a Series of Etchings and ^ted by tlie Knights, Citiaens and Borgcsscs tai 

fengravings of AMqvitiea in Canterbury, (l£ plates) ParUament assembled, Svo. 178&— Speech in ibm 

fei' 1S19. High Couft of Justice in WestnuaBter-UaU, Svo 

Hastihos, Warrew, Esq. of Dayles- *7W- 
ford-House, near Chipping Norton, Ox- Haswortb,H. H. 

fordshire, son of the Rev. Mr. H. rector ^^ ^^7 of the Cave, nm. s ▼. isoi. 
of Churchill, near Daylesford, bom about HATCHBLt, JoHir, P. Esq. Banister at 

173$. Ifts father having left him unpro« Law, 


5!KL*^ ^ '^ "^ ^''' ffl»eridj«, M. a oa m .ute of Evmng«tie«l Bdifioa tbnnshont dw World. 

tediotmeaC of a mudemeuonr at thb bar of the Court 8vo. 18X«t '^ ww* 

of King's B«Dcb, Doblin, Nov. 1811, Qro. 1812. H * w p. Q . >,« »* 

Hatfield, Miss, of Manchester. ^^.^X^^^! 

Jbo IWm in Hope*, nov. 2 V. 1801^ Letter on the „ «««•, «iuu. i 

laperunre of tJie Female Sex, 1803. llAWKE, HOD. AnkABELLa ElIZA Cas-i 

Hatfield, J. F. sakdra, youngest child of the late, and 

OuUinesof EationalPtttri0ti«n,orapieaforio3r«lty, sister to the present. Lord liawke born 

Hathaway, W. S. Babylon and other poem% fc. 8vo. 1811. 

?n!^ iltl?' ^'' '*^' ^' "^"^ *° *' "• ""' '''^' "^^'^'^' H°°- M^«"N Bla DKif, bro. 

ir * * T T? rii t r » „ ^'^^'* °^ '^'^ preceding, born 1777. This 

Hatsell, John, Esq. Clerk of the H gentleman commenc^^ his literary careeJ 

of Commons. at an early age ; for while under the tui, 

Coflectionaof CasesofPnvilegeof Farl9ment,froni ft«n nf *h*. 0^« M. a*^ *** imij mm-* 

the e.rli«t recools to l6«8. 4ta. in8,--ftecedent, ^"° ""^^r ^ ^^TJ^T^P^' «' ^^^ 

of PhMseedings in the House of Commons, with ob^ mersmJin, he published in aSSOciatioU 

fervaUons,4 ▼. 4to. 179*^.— Rules and Standini; Or- ^^^" n*S fellow-pupiJ, the late Sir F. Vin-^ 

dera of the 11. of Com. relative to Bills for inclosing Cent, a SCricS of periodical essavs UUder 

and draining lands, maicingtanipike-roads,naarigations, the title of : • 

^Vr^JTwrro . ,« '^^ ^"*"' ^''' *7^ ^^ "?**■ - ^- ^^' 1795.~ni 

^ JiATT, AICHARD. has since written, Trafalgar, or Helson's last TriomDli. 

Poens, ISmo. 1810. 4to. 1806. *^ * 

Haverfield, Rev. Thomas Tunstal, Hawker, Captain 14th Liaht Dra, 

A. M. Fell, of Corpus Christi Coll. Ox- goons. ^' ^^ 

ford. ^ Journal of a Regimental Officer dnring tho nceat 

SenaoB occasioned by the Death of Mrs* Trimmer, campaign in Fortugal and Spain, 8vo. 1810. < .' 

jmchod at Mew fiientford* Jan. 6, 1811, 8vo. Ha WKER, Rev. RoBERT, D,D, vidu of 

Haweis, Rev. Thomas, LL.D. and M.D. the parish of Charles, Plymouth, and 

rector of Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire, formerly of Magdalen-Hall, Oxford. Be* 

m native of Truro, Cornwall, educated at sides some suigle sermons, he has pubr 

the grammar-school of th^t town, and at lished: 

Magdalen-H^il, Oxford. Not long after Sermons on tho Divinity of CJiriat, 8vo. I708.-.Evii 

he took holy orders, he distinguished «*•"<*■ <>' • piwwT inspu^tion; a Letter to Hr; 

don, and chaplain to the Countess of to the Sorrows of tlie Heart, ISmo'. 179».-Tho 

Huntingdon ; at whose death he be- Christian's Pocket Companion, ITST.—Sermons, « r, 

came one of the principal trustees of her ^- nw.— Youth's Catechism, wmo. i798.-Spo.. 

numerous rhaDels ifis nrp«;pnffttinn tn «*»•"» ^^ P'«»«*>«I»8^o- IWi -Life <>fW.Coombe?, 

numerous cnapelS. tllS presentation to ^f BockfasUeigh, Devon. Svo. I808.-Work., com! 

the rectory or Aldwinkle was attended pieie, 6 v. svo. and lemo. laos— Life and writings of 

with circumstances which made a great the Ute Uev. Ilenry Tanner, of Exeter, 8vo. 180r«— 

noise at the time, and involved the Rev. ^^^ ^ * Barrister in answer to •• Uints on'£va% 

Mr. Madan in a paper war. Dr. H. has f5"^r* ^!***';£ ^•.."°?^f °.^ ^?^J^ • 

V ^ ^« V ^u iZ- c 4. r*u Bamster, 8ve. 1808.~-Letter to W. Hale, bx defence 

been one of the chief promoters of the ^^ ^^ jj^^^^ Female PenitenUarj, svo! mo^ 

Missionary Soaety, and has published : ' H. is at present engaged in publishing an edition of 

flanaons on Evangelical Principles and Practice, 8vo. the Holy Scriptures, in penny Bombers for tho ase of 

tT6s«— Kvangelical bcpoaitor, 8 v. fol.^— The Com- the poor. 

■Miucant's Spiritoal Companion; 18mo«— Improvi^ H.iiTirTQWrti.«rw Misa 

Ineiit of the Church Catechism, ISmo. 1776.— Scrip- « „ TT '^'^rT • . ' vlf 

tonl Refutation of the Arguments for Poiygam>. ^he Rrlics of Anuquity, 18U. 

8VO. ITBlw—Hhia respecting the poor, 8vo. 1788.— Hawkins, Sir CHRISTOPHER, Bart* 

Easnya on the Evidence, Dortrines, and Influence of F.A.S. Recorder of GnUUpound and St. 

Oiriattenity, Kmo. 1791— Translation of the New lygg second SOU of the late ThomaS H* 

I2L^"I 't^'!^:^' '^'""^ '^^'-l^ln*'*""' Bsq. of Trewithen, Cornwall, who repre! 

■Migned to encourage the Missionary Soc. to perse- *^t , ^ ', i «• j • •*'r"*^ 

Tcnmce 8vo. i7»5.-A plea for Peie and Union sented Grampound, and died in uea, 

•iriing the raemben of the Chorch of Christ. 8vo. Possessing Considerable parliamentary 

iTdS'— Hisaioaary inatrpctions, 8vo. 179^.— Memofar influence in his native county, he was 

napodiag an African miasion, iivo. 1799<-A Sermon, created a baronet in 1791 ; was rcturoed 

lS^ZS^''TB:^t.:^.£:^^ M.P for St, Michaejs in ires and 1790; 

•r ttioCho«b of Christ, from the Uftfi of oorsa. and for Grampound in 1706, 1802, an^ 

vkmr, S V. 8vo. ISOO^Reply to the AnimadveiaiaM 1806. He haS written : 

«f the Dcao of Cariisle, (Dr. Milner), on the Aiat. of Obaervationa on the tin trade of the ai^lMrti la Con* 

tbo Charch of Christ, 8vo, 1801.^View of the presMt wall, roy. Bvo. 1811. 






HAWKfiffy GftlVFITR. 

Ob»erv«tioiis on antii&g mtrdiant veiseU, 1812. 

Hawkins, H. 

Heform of P^rl. the Ruin of Purl; 8vo. 1613. 

lUwKiNS, Jonai Sidney, Esq. r.A.S. 

A TreatiM on PiualinR, by Lvunardo da Vioci, truns. 
from the UuIiad. by Rig*ud. to which w »d<lfd a 
life of thf. •uthor, 8vo. IBoe — A correct staiemont 
•&d ivindicatiou of the conduct of J. S. Hawkins 
towards Ur. J. T. S»lth. agaiiMt tlie misrepmentap 
eontaiaod in the adv«rtisciacni prefixed to 3Ir. 

John Keogh. Esq. et a meetiog of the Caiholic»«r 
Dublin. Svo. 1807.— Debates in both H. of Part, m 
Apr. IfilS* on the Rofen. Cuth. Quesdon, 8vo. 1813. 

Hay, Mrs. M. H. 

The Knral Eatliusiaat, and •tfaer poeus, er. 9mm 

IBOH, • 

Hayhs, Joun, of Uiiickley, Leicester- 

The Pupil's AssiitUnt in Aritheictic, Lteo. 9d cd. 

Hayes, Samuel, M.IU.A. and of tbe 

Switb'e Antiquities of Weftimiosttr, and in sucli of f)ubliil A£;ric. Soc. 

Che ootM, alterations, insertions, additions, and other Trcatjicou riautiixg and the MaDtgeaieiit of Woodi, 

.parts of that work, w have been introduced by Afr. g^.^ ^-yj 

SaUtli, without Mr, H.*s knowledge, since the lettu- HAYCAIlTn, JoHN, M.D. fJLS: Lond. 

pie-was written by Mr^H. and ^proved hy Mrs. ^ j^j g j,j. rcll.oftbe Anieiic. 

and since Uk proof sheets were corrected by Mr. H. * *", zi V j t>i «. c> ..u 

iBcrr,8vt.-Hi6t. of tiie origiu and esubiishmint of Acud. of Arts, and Physician at bath. 

Gothic Architecture, roy. 8vo. 1813. lie IS the aUlhor Ot SCVerul papCfS ID thc 

Hawrims, Miss Ljetitia Matilda, PAi/. 2Vans. apd other scieatinc and pro- 
daughter of the late Sir John II. Bart. fesbionai works, and has published: 

Sicgwart. a mohaitic tale, firoin the German of Miiller, Inquiry how to prevent the Small Pom, 8»o. 1784.— 

%v. iCmo. 1806.— Tlic Countess and .Gertrude, nov. Slietch of a plan to exterminate the casual Sasali Poic 

4 V. 1811. 2d ed. 1813. and to introduce general iDocwIaUon, S v. 8vo, 1793. 

Hawkins, Wi LLIAM. — On the Imauitiation as a Cause and a Cuie of Dia- 

Foems, chiefly ^toral. 8vo. 178T- orders of the Body ; exemplified by fictitious trsctara 

HaVkiNS, William, M. A. ■"'« epidemical convulsions, 8vo. I800.-Letterio J^. 

Dbcourse. on Scriptaro Mysiries, 8vo. 1787. '*^«^*»: «« .^'^ J':r''Ti; "^^"^ JTf* ^ 

viKoiir^n u c . »^ J 1801.— A Clinical Hist, of Diseases, part I. (of ac«n 

HAWKSLEY, JOHN. ^ ^ ^ . rheutnatism and of the nodosity ot cbe joints;. 8roL 

AfiraoB praadwd at AlAennanbury PoatM-n, on rhe imj5,_Lettcr to tl»e late Dp, of London on the Eda. 
Sm^ of tho Rev. Edw. WUU«»s. D. D. 8vo. 1813. ^ '^^ ^^ ^,^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ P. 


ti^ Emomoiog. ^. ™ « u,e aiunur ^^^ b^,,^ J745. Re commenced his edu- 

of jpme pauew m the T^^^^^ So- ^^ ^^^^^^ of Kingston, Surrey; 

^ cieties to which ^e belongs, and of the ^,^^^^^ j^^ ^.^^ ^^^^^^,^^ \^ £^ ^^ 

gjllowmg publications : finished his studies at Trin. Coil. Cam- 

Observations on the genus Heaembryaotitemam, 8\'o. ""/j"^" ** JlT.^ l ^ -J ti: u ►u 

i79*.-L«pidopterm Britannica. 8vo. i8i)4.-^ynopsis bridge. In 1T69 he in^med Elizabeth, 

^lanUruns suoculentarum. dim Descriptionibus, Sy- daughter of the Kev. ThoUiaS Ball, Dcan 

gBajais, Lods, observaiaonibus Aagiic^ais, Cuiurar of Chichester, aud after spending a few 

^nc, sm. Svo. 1818 

Hawtayne, Rev. William, rector of 
Filstree, Herts. 

8ennons on vajious occasions. Svo. 1799- td ed. S v. 
I^no. 1813. , 

H.\WTREY,Rev. Charles Sleec!!, A.B. 

years in London, fixeil his residence in 
1774, at Earthani, in Sussex. Mr. H. 
who iiecame a widower in ITUT, has jmb- 
libiied : 

A poi'lical Epistle to an eminent Painter, (tke late 
Mr. Roniney). 4to. 1778. — Epistle to Adni. Kcppcl, 

Ticar of Wldston, Monmouthshire, and ^^^ 1779— Elegy on Um ancient Greek model. 410. 

curate of Holyrood Parish, Southam|)- 

A Guide to Heaven, addressed to all wha beHe%-e 
the Gospel, sm. 8vo. If>u5. — Scimon on the Duly of 
Humanity to the irrational part of the Creation. 8vo. 

1779.— Epistle to a friend, on the drMh of Jolm 
Thornton, Esq. 4to. 17eO.-<-Esasy on History, ia 8 
episUrs to Edw. Gibbon. Esq- 4to. 178Q^-0«ie ia^ 
scritMd to John Howard, 4to. ITBL—Tiie Triumphs 
of Tiroper.apnein. 4to. 1781.--IlMay ou E^c Pocttj, 
4io. 17S2 Plays^ 4to. 178*. The preceding 

Hay, FdwARD, Esq. M.U.I.A. SecrC- rolUctcU nud publislied togetlier under die title of 

♦— „ »^ •Kx. r'.^*Ur.i;« r'y>«,«,;*»/»« r.4T..z. l'oem»aud IMay^dv. cr.avo. 1785.~Vha. U»t.«Ml 

tary to the Catholic Committee of Ire- „^ ^^.^^ J^^^ „^.^,^ ^^ ^ ..^^ to the sist«. 

land. In 1798 Mr. H. was imprisoned hood.av, Bvo. l785.-OceasionalSUna«a,wriltnii« 

many months at Wexford, for being im* tlie request of tlie Uevolutlon society, and redieiioQ 

plicated in the rebellion. He petitioned *«' anniversary. 4(o. 178a— Di»losuea, oonUiaAQg 

-The Ufe of If ilUMi,originaUy prefixed to BoydeVa 
ptlbllBhed : . MigBifioeBt edition of his poetieai works, 4Ci». lTg& 

Hist, of the TneutrectioB in the ooonty of Wexford —A poetical Essay oa Scalptura, in a seriea vf JEpi» 
Ift 170^ BVB- lAB3.^R«poit of a Speodi daiiTcnd by ties to JohA VUunMB, 4to. 1800^— Li£t and mbw fMfe* 



itvma AVtn^Mf^ 



baaoas works of WUIUni Cowper, S ▼. «x>. 1803-ft. omit VIsifMhm of l|i« Bp. of CfliMier, M^at lUdl^ 

Cd ed. 4v. evo^^XlM Tiioaiph of Maate, 4tD. 1805.— uond, TorksMro, 4t0w 1804. 

Ball^ founded on original and curious aaenlpte. ^EADBICK, Rev. JaMBS. Besides 80m« 

relating to the insunct and aagHclty of Animals, sm. -„«««„;„ «.u^T ««^r*i. u* ui Jc 

•vo. iSoS, fmtended to .ccompan, i series of <r«i«n» P^P^I? *» ^« TraM. of the Highland So«. 

by the ingeoloos bat eccentric William Blakr.>-^up- ^^Y ^^°^* ^ ^"® BOWd Of Agnc BO MS 

pIciMbt to the Ule» ftc. of Cowper, 4fo. 3806.— Life written : 

of Gearga Booiaey, Iwi. 4t». lB09.^LelSn and lti> View of the Mineralogy, Agricultnre, Fisfawiw, to^ 

VMS Potui Af Bfiltott transl. into Engl, -vtnm, ead a of the island of Arran, 8«o. 1807.— View of the Agn> 

fracBMnt of a i i i ii i —taiy 6n Paradise Lost, by^Co«<. culture, of the county of Angoe and Forfarshire, 9V9» 

far, 4to. laoe. Sd ed. 4 ▼. 8vo. 1810.— Aeleot Ponns, 1B13. 

by the late John Dawes Worgan, of Brktol, or. 8fo. HeaLD, W. M. A. M. ViCET of fiif* 

VlOw— Three Plays, wltlt a prefocc Including drama- ^^ Yorkshire 

lie observations on ihe late Lieut. General Burgoyno, ^ jj^^ ^i^^^ ^ ^^j,^ expottulatWy tX> tfaa 8te«» 

8vo. mi. . _. _ _ ards and Memben of the Mathodiet Soc. at Bimtit 

Haykes, D.F.Esq. I813. 

Picrra and Adc^ne, nov. £ v. X813. HeARN, ThOMAS, M.D. formerly PhtU 

Hayses, Thomas, OundJe, Northamp- jjcian to the Brit. Factory at Cadiz. 

ton shire. view of the ftea and progress of Pkaadon in tnodam 

Improved system of "Kurscry Gardening, roy. 8vo. Europe, Bvo. 1795. 

18ll.-Treatise on propasiating hardy American HEaRW, ThOMAS, NeWDOrt! Isle of 

Oreco-hoasa Ptenw, Fruit-trees, &c. roy. 8vo. 1811.— \yriirkt r. j 

Treati»»on the fanprovrd culture of tiie Strawberry, .° \ ., ^ , , ^ ,,„. , 

Kaapbrny. and Giorc4^ry. 8vo. 18M. ^^?^ , ° ^''' Commissioners of Mil.t la^lry. 

iSTv. M ice M A •> V sliowing t»ie impropriety of a Contract made for i^^^ 

riAYS, miss IVJ ARY. plying ^,gj ^ ^^^ Garrison of Portsmouth, ISOf. 
L«tten nnd Essays, moral snd miscellaneous, dvo. ._ , 

J793.— Memoirs of Emma Courtney, nov. «v. 1796. llEARTWELL, UEKRY, Esq. a CeHtle* 

—The Victim of Prejudice, nov. « v. 1799.— Female man of fortune, who has published, frOBI 

Btof;r.iphy, or memoirs of illnstrioos and celebrated the French, tWO dramatic pieceSy tho-iat* 

-Women, 6 v. ISoio. 1803— Hist. Dialogues for young ter of which is Only an alk^^tioo of the 

Penoos, 3 V. ismo. 1808. />i,«„i„;„ former (tHqifgh a very materiai one), %i 

Hayteb, Rev John, A.M. Chaplam ^^ ^^^^^^ fepresenlation at the Hay- 

in Ordinary to the P. Rp^cnt, and Super- n^^rket Theatre • 

intendant of tl»e Ilerculaneum Manu- 'jm. Prisoner, com. op. 8T0.179g.-The Castle of Sor- 

scripts. Ihis gentleman was sent, in rento, com. op. svo. 1790. 
1800, by the Pnnce, with the consent of Heath, Charles, Printer, at Mon- 

the Neapolitan Government, uf^superin* mouth. 

tend* the unrolling of the ancient MSS. Descriptive Accounts of Persfield and Chepittotr, to. 

cliscovered at Herculaneum, and for that eluding caerwrnt and the Passages, svd. i7ds.— hi** 

purpose resided several vcars at Naples t*>i;y of Monmouth and its neighboamood, 410. 

i_.i i*..!^ o: v,;« »*....« K* K«.. — Uistoncil andDescnptiye AccouiiUof thoa 

Descriptive Accounts of the anciant 
and present sute of Xintem Abbey, 8vo. 1806.-^Ae« 
count of the ancient and present sUac of llaglaad 
Castle, and Its neiglibourhood, 8vo. idoG. 

Heath, Johk, formerly Surgeon in tbm 
Royal Navy. 

A System of Midwifery, fron the French of Baad»> 
locque, 3 v. 8vo. 1790. 

IIeatucoat, Robert, of Hinckley, Lei- 

and Palermo. Since his return, he has 
published -. 

Otoservatloiis on a Review of the llerculanensb, 4to. 
mo.— Report Qfpon the Ilerculaneum MSS. roy. 4to. 

HAZLitT, William, A.M. 

Stsay oa the Principles of Human Action, sm. 8vo. 
—Tlia Eloquence of Uie Brit. Senate, H v. &fo. 1808. 
—A new and improved Engl. Gnunmar, ISmo. 1810. . 

Head, James Roper, E»q. of the Ilcr- c«sterslnre. 
mitagc, Keut. Po.«^ ift... wis. 

'Kssay- on the Causes, l*rtnclp!cs, and Consequences 
of tlw two Bills for " the S.ifely of his Majci»u," and 
fbr '* preventing sodltious meetings/'^ 8vo. 1796- — 
'aketdi of an Act to permit, in wet harvests, tiie ap- 
propriation of two Sundays for the purpose of sacur- 
tlif com, 8vo. 1797. y 

Head, Rev. Sir John, Bart. M.A. of the Red Sca. a fragment, 4to. 

Hermitage, near Rochester; succeeded "^^f '*'''«"»'«»• 8^,V"'' n* r^ «u • 
bis father Sir Edmund, in 1796, and in . Heberden, William, M.D. Phygi;. 
1801 married Miss Walker of Russell- «an Extraordinary to the Ksur and 
j^lace London. Queen, son of Dr. Wn* H. wbodtecl ik 

-mtm^t' |to«aehed at Booghton Monchaisea, on oe- . 1801. His name af)peajra to some p» 
«Md« af tfia Am mmmt of the Voiaatecrs, Bvo. pers in the PkiL Trans, and he ha^ pn» 
Jaw. fished: 

HRAnLAir, Rev. JoHII, A. M. B«etOV of OhscrvatloBi'M iba lacraasa and dKMM# df difn» 
.Wycli^e« ^^ Piscaaes, particularly of the ^g«c, #••> M0l. 

lustlAntioB bv faith, a strnw^ praathf ^ at Iha pri- •^-aBUBaDtarQ da Morborav Historii at Cnw t ioa f , 

Heathcotb, Charles. 

Observations an the Corpoiatioa aid Test A«tl, tvo. 

Heber, Reoinald, a.m. 

Europe ; lines on Uie present war, Bvo. 18Q0«-*'Fa» 
lestioe, a poem, to which b added, t|)e Passage «f 

1800.— Poems a^^ 


07«iMlM»I>r.H.>a«gr. )80t.^Th»s«MiaBBcti>h« Hxynrc, T. , 

8vo. 180S.— Morborum Puorilittin EpitMM. Bvp. UO*. Tboncs of AdminlioB, a pom, an. aro. latf. 

~-The Mae ia English, ISmo. 1807* — Orstio Har- tt ^ i^«.^^^i. 

idaoa in hoQonin Medlcin* habiea in Coll. Reg. , HENDERSON, Capt 44th rCgt. 

Ifodic. Lond.Thefttro, Oct. 18, 1809. 4to. Account of th« Brit. SetOeaeot of HoBdoras, M«^ 

. HsBEkT, P. A. M. Professor of Lan- »««;W«iwii. 

guages and Geography, Randagh Place, . HEHDEasoN, Alexander, M.D. Pbysi- 

liiSico o r J7 a -f ciaa to the Wcstmmstcr Disptfisarv. 

Th«of«tiral «nd Practid Table of the fVeiich Vat.. ^^"^ •^ ?L'5f?!'?**" "^ ■!!?^ 

ntO^-Contes k ma FlUe, par Boallly, noovdle edl- ^ *>«»<* of Cabania. 8vo. Ut&^Eaanl 

tbn^remaet corrig^ k Tusage da> Ecolea, Utmo. J^flnportnie of Aau Mooter the Ftotiag Woiwi of 

«»|o^ XylDory, 8vo. 181 S. 

Hecrford, William, Esq. Henderson, Ebekezer, Memb. of the 

CImracten or Hist. Aneedotea of all the Kings Jnd Roy. Soc. of Sciences of Gottenbuig. 

Auaeaa of England, Kmo. lt89.>^Acct>ttat of all the Eiposition of the Propheaes of Daaiei, frwn Ss Ge*w 

Religiona and Religious Seru that have prevailed ia nan, of Roas, 8vo. 1811. 
tbe worid, 179C. ^ ^ r 1 HeNDEBSON, GeORGE, EsO. 

Hedoeland, Mrs. Isabella, formerly View of the Ad^iJistraUoos ii STU. of A«««:m 

Mn. Kelly, un<ler which name many of uuder Wasliington, Adams and Jefferson. 8vo. law, 

her productions were published. Hen derson, J. " 

Knina of A vondale Priory, jmv. Sv. 1796— Jo^-^Hna, General View of the Agricultare of Cakhoeas, Sra^ 

DO*. 2 V. 1797. — Madeline, nov. 4 v.~Abbey of St. 1812. 

Aaapii, noT..s t. i7»5,-Eva. nov. 3 v. 1799— Ruth. Henderson, John, Esq. Surgeon on the 

tnglenn^aov.Sv. iaoi.--Mode^ iacidenls,nov.2 Renffal FstabliuhmMit ^ * 

T.-Po«ns.-Tbe Baron's Daughter, nov. 4 v. 180!!. ^^^^l A" u^^" ._. . . 

-The Secret, nov. 4 v. l805.-nie Child's F.ench H"!? """ ^" J*** B«tnoben or ^MhI salt of Ihe 

Gtammar, ISmo. 1805.— Literary Infomwition ; con- **"nau»,8\o.,i8ai. 

Mating of Anecdotes, Rrplanatlons and Derivations. HENDERSON, ROBERT, fanner at DtOOIH- 

^ Ifltoo. 1811.-^ane da Dunitanville, nov. 4 v. 1819. hill near Annan, N. B. 

HedleY, William. Treatise on the breeding of Swine and codng of Ba- 

fvactkai Arithmctie and Book-katping, 8iro. 1779. con, 1811. 

Heely, Joseph, Esq* Henderson, Stewart, M.D. District 

Letters on tha Beeuiiet of iiagiey, Envii and the Staff Surgpon, formerly for many years a 

JX^^-'im.*""* i777.-DescripUo. ofHagiey SuTgeon^n the Hoy: Navy and after- 

Hkllins, John, B.D. F.R.S. Vicar of wards to the 40th tegt. of foot 

Potter's Pury, Northamptonshire. This t^r/htrTe ll'l^iTwl:^^^^^^^^^ 

gjnUeman, forinerly Curate of the parish means of prcserviag health and preventing tlie Vellow 

of Constantme in Cornwall, has distin- Fever, Svo. 1795.-'«uggestiona on the prevaatioa of 

ffuished himselfasanable mathematician '^ Yellow Fever, svo. iao9. 

by numerous papers in the Phil. Irant. Hendy, James, M. D. Barbadoes. 

and has pbblisned ; On GlHodular Secretion, 8vo. 1775. -Treatiae on tbo 

Bfathematical Essays, 44o. 1788.— Analytical Instito. f»l»»i<lul»r Disease of Hwbadoea, 8vo. 1784.^VtAdi. 

tloiis. originally written in Italian by Donns Slaria <'»l>on of the facts ai^d opinions contained in Xhm 

OMtate Agnaai, transl. into Engl, by FrofesHOr Col- TrcatJsp, «vo. 1789. 

""HlMTwrLLi^Ai"' "^* . Henley Rev. Samuel, D.D. FAA. 

HaJJy StKi^v"'I!n^^ r ^"fl^^rL"^ '^'S ^' ^"^'; Coll Hailey. 

Hely, jAMfs, A.B. c"^''.?^' *°f Rector of Rendlesham, 

Ogygk or a Chronological Account of Irish Events, ^"°?*K> lormcriy Ohe of the maStCrS of 

from the Latin of Kodcric OTlalierty (Dubl.') t v. Harrow School. 

ISmo. 1793. Disbertatioo on the controverted passages in St. Peter 

Hemet, John, a native of France, *°** St.Jude, concerning the AngcU that sinned, avo. 

formerly in partnership with Earle the T^rZ^J^'^: **" ';^«*th Eclogue, the AUe8«>ry fm 

bookseller, fiut sent out of the country 'i:^lToV,Z^'\"^'''^:''"'J''''''^''^^^^^'^ 

•i«i/1a»«^l.A AKik*. A«* wuiury gil, Bvo. 1788— E^8ay toward a new edition of cii» 

jmder the Alien Act Elegies of nbullus, with a imnsIaUon andnotcSvis. 

Stttrai's Reflections d)ridgcd. ISnlo. 1796.— Contra. 1796. 

^Ictiona, nov. from the French. 2 v. 1799.—Augusta. lT,^%.,.r,.^» /r t» ,» v' 

nov. from the French. 3 V. 1799.-Odd Euough to be t ^^^^'*L=MJohN HeNNIKEB MaJOB,) 

•»p.,nov. from the vvench. LORD, an Irish Peer, a Baronet, F.R. and 

Hehdbrick, Rev. George, Curate of -^•^- M.P. for Stamford : bom 1752^ sue- 

fiarlaxton near Grantham, and Chaplain needed his father the first Lord H. 1803 ; 

to the Countess Dowager of Mexbo- "?*r"ea Enail^, daughter of Robert Jone% 

ffoogh. ^* of Duttrm, Glamoq^shire. On the 

Addreaa to tha Arehbp. of Canterbunr on the pro- ^^ath of Loid Carbery, his lordshlD waft 

Priety »4 mMBm of Suday i^oi., Lett«f„, retOToed B knigfat of the shireibr Rut- 

•^ *■*• land, and reelected in 1806 and 7. Bt- 


sides an Account of Bkknacre Priory in- XM^y on the CMie« and Pheoomea* of Aauaai 

serted in the Arehaoiogia v. U. tbis no- ^**^ ®^* 1799— Dissertations on V/hlte Swelliue of 

bleman has written : S^^"**™ J^l'l^" ^"^a ^'.''^fS^'***"' «^ 

A LetwriD George Earl of Leicester. Bvo. I7tt^ ?!J!:.':^^«^" mJUT^^"^'"^"^ 

Two Lrtten ooXoriglo, Anllquit, and History of If^:^''^ "^^^^J^ Z rZ''*'^^ 

Koimn Ittee stained with anirial beeriugs. 8vo. jii"^,^*"* l!" Tp . f .^ Di»«»cs.8vq^ 

___. • laOT.— Letter proposing a P|an for the inaprovemeot 

jaENKY, John, an actor ;«ho made his t^Z^""^ iw'"' ""*• '~*'^' •' "*" '"" 
appearance at Dniry Lane in 1779, but Hereford, Rev. Charles, formerly of 
MM. afterwards went to Amenta and the Univ. of Oxford. AIJ his publicattona 
uras aome time aw manager o< the Thea- have been anonymous. 
tre, m Philadelphia. He is author of a Histoiy of F^ee. 5 v. evo—Hist. of Rone, to th« 
play printed at Kingston, Jamaica, under Death of Marc. Aotonhiiu. 3 v. svo.— Abridgmnit of 

the title of: Gibbon's Hist of the Declhie and Fall of the Rom. 

A School for Soldiers. Svo. 178S. Fjnpire. 8 r. 8vo«— Abridgment of Hume's Hist, of 

Henry, Thomas, F.R.S. Apothecary at England, « t. svo. 
!Manchester, author of numerous papers in He riot, George, bom at Haddington, 
the Mem, of the Manchetter Soc, . and N. B. 1759. He has been for several 
other scientific works, besides which he ^ears Deputy Postmaster General of Bri- 
has written : tish America, and Clerk of the Cheque, 

Xjcpeviments and obaarv. on the preparation, Are. of in the Office of Ordnance, Quebec, where 

3f Agrnesia alba. Svo. 1773. — Letter to Dr. Glass, being ^e resides. 

a. reply tohis examination of the strictures on Dr. a DescripUv^ Poem, irritten in the West Indies. 4to. 

O.'a Magnesia. »r». 1774^Bs8ays Physiol and Che- i78i.-Ilbt. of Canada from its first Discovery, Sro. 

micnl from the Pr. of Uvoisier. 8vo. m6.-Account laoi.— Traveb through the Canadas [with SO platea 

of a meUiod of preserving Water at Sea from Putre- f,^„ ^^ ^,^ drawinp.] 4to. 1807. 

faction, Svo. 17S1. — Essays on effects prodnced by^ _ uu^'u 

vnrioiu processes on Atmospheric Air, from the FV. of . WSBIOT, JOHN, brotber Of the preced- 

liBvoiaier, Svo. 1783.^Hemoin of Baron Haller, Svo. ing, bom at Haddineton 1760, SOme years 

1789. since conductor of the Sun Evening 

Henry, William, of Manchester, son Newspaper, now Deputy Paymaster Ge- 

of thepreceding. Besides papers in the neral to the Forces in the WmdWard and 

Pl^iLTrafu.,Mem.qf the Manchester Soc.f Leeward Islands, and chiefly resident in 

Ntchoison's Journal and the Fhilos. Mag. Barbadoes. 

he has written : ^ The Somws of the Heart, nor. S ▼. Sro. 1787.— The 

Tlew of tha Nature and Objeets of Chemistry and its Half-pay Oflieer. nov. 3 v. Svo. 1788.>-Hist. Sketch 

Application to Arts and Hanufacrures, Svo. f^OQ.— of Oihndtar, witli an Account of the Siege of that 

Epitome of^Cheniistry, Sro. 1801. 6tb ed. t ▼. Svo. Fortress by tlie combined foraesof France and Spain, 

1810. [designed chiefly as an accompaniment to the print 

Heraud, J. A. Law-Stationer and Ac- ^y Poggiil 8vo« iTds. 
oountant Herman, Thomas. 

atamp-table of all the Stamp-dntiea payable in O. Critical Catalogue of the ^ctom of WBiIi. ImH- 
Britaln, 4to. 179S.--^ Digest of the Stamp Laws. Svo. tntion. Pall MaU, Svo. ISOT. * 

aaoi. sd ed. 180S.— A Companion or Soppiement to Heron, M« Newcastle* 

I the D%eat. 8*o. ISO*. Dm Conflict, nov. £ v. 1793. 

n-.^**??^'?^'' . Hbrries, John Charles, Esq. Com- , 

Hie SpMiiih OuUnr, nov. 4. v. iBOf. missary in Chief. ' 

^HMBERT,SAMinBL, D.D. g,^^^ ^ Ilnandai and Gommereiat AflWIn hi 1797, 

UeoMionnl Sermons. Svo. ISO*. ^^ 179r^-On the State of Barope before and since 

HERBEaT, William, (See BRATLEY, Uie F^. Revolntion, from the OeraMtt of Oent«, Svo. 

£nw. Wedlaks.) ISOS.— Instructiens for the nse of Teomavy ittd ▼«- 

Antiqoitiae of the Inns of Govt and Chancery, 4to. luuteer Cayplry. € v. Svo. 1804-d. 

'SM- Heesee, William. 

Herbert, Hon. William, third son of Poems, fe. svo. isu. 

the late and brother to the present Earl Herscbell, William, LL.D. FJI.S. 

of Carnarvon, bom 1778; married m xhis gentleman was bom at Hanover in 

1806 to Letitia Dorothea, second daugh- 1733, and was brought up to his father's 

ter of Viscount AUen. profession which was that of a musician, 

J(««|e Btonenaet (a selection of Greek and Latin t^ -^cq u^ -^^^ t- Enffland-«and was 

I'oetryl^ Etonian..) Sv. svo. 1795.-Poetical Trans. *° 17d» ne Came 10 Mgiano^^anu waS 

ktioii f^m the Gennan, Danish, iceUndic, &c. 8 v. «>on afterwards cn^ged. as a performer 
iteo. 1804.— Miscellaneous Poetry, Svo. i8o6. ou the hautboy in the band of the Dur- 

Herdman, John, M.D. Memb. of the ham Militia. He next became organist 
Boy. CoH. of Phys. London, and of the at Halifax m Yorkshire, and in 1766 
Med.SocEdin.andoneof the Physicians obtained a similar appointment at tha 
to the Citv Dispensaiy . Octagon Chapel, Bath. His leisure hours 

Mvvv« %^v6is ^^ 

154 HKR LITERAEY CALE»I>Att. ^BW 1814. 

.hne i. A«e -tuations were devoted ^^^-.^^^^^r^^'"'^'^''^ 
With extraordinary assiduity to the studv Hervey, Mrs. of Acton, a Lady weU 
of the Janguages and the mathematical i^^own in the fashionable world; autbor 
sciences. Astronomy also engaeed his ^^^^^ following popular novels: 
attention and at length absorbed all tne ^^^ Mourtmy Famfly; 4 v. isio. sd ed. lais—AiM. 

time that he could spare from his pro- belorMem. of aWomanof FBshion,4v. isis. 

fession. His observations were made HtRv by, Rev. Thomas. ^^ 

with instrumentsofhis own making, and ElemenU Chrutiau* ; the 99 ArticlasoflfcB ClwtrA 

his discoveries entitle him to the ioremust of England provmi to be agwenWe id ti« wom •€ 

rank among the astronomers of the pre- oodin their uter«i«nae. w«o. 1791 
sent day. In 1781 ^e discovered a new ,,^Y^^^:J^± ^ji^_ 
planet m our system to which he gave it^t^saii8forWindiniii».8vo.i8or, 
; of Georgiqm Sidus, and the Heslop,Luke, D.D. 

Sketch of the Properties and Advmntagea of Sntcon's 
'T ^^ «.- j-fcu gravitated Sails for Windmills, 8vo.l80r» ^_ , , 

the name of Georgiqm Sidus, and the Heslop,Luke, D.D. Rector ofBothal 

skme year communicated an account of jijorthumberhmd and Archdeacon of 

it to the Roval Society which unani- g^j^ks. 

mously elected him a member and con- observations on the statute of si George ni. chap, 
ferred on him the gold medal. The year £9, concerning the Assize Qf Bcead, svo. 1798.— Corn- 
following his Majesty appointed him his parativc statement of the Food produced from A^e 
-cfwxr,^,^^,. «;f h « Vion/^cnm*^ «tfllarv and "d Grass Land, and the returns from e«ch. 4lo. 1801. 

astronomer With a handsome sa^ry, a _q^^^^^„, ;„ ^ p., „„ property. &e. 9^ 
a house at Slough near Windsor where he jg^ ^tuto sermons and a charge, sto. iw. 
has ever since resided. Here he was Hett, William, A. M. Pr^endacry of 
enabled to accomplish various plans for yncoln, Kector of Mavis Endeiby and 
the improvement of his favonte science ; xhorpe on the Hill, and Chapladn to the 
liis grand forty feet reflecting telescope Marquis of Stafford. 

ifk particular is a noble monument, ot ^j^^ genuine Tree of Liberty, o» the RojalOakof 
philosophical zeal and princely mUnifi- Great Britain, 1793.— Occasional Poema, 12mo. 1794- 

cence. It was completed in 1789, and -Miscellanies. 12mo.--Antinomianismunma.ked; 
«. ample account of Jt laay be ««n i» the ^^J^.^^X^^^r^^'^^^ 

Fhil. Tratli. for 1795. To that work Dr. ^^^ ^^^ conviction and Conversion. 1795— 1>* 

H. has ever since his first communication courses on Death, Judj^ment, Heaven «&d HrU» Svo. 

been a regular contributor. Ip bis SCieO- 1006.— The Lunatie Reatored or Omrfortod, e 9m- 

tific tmrsuito he was assisted by his late mom published for the Benefit of the Fund for wect. 

si8ter,CaroUna,t^hodistingui8hed herself, lug vLunatic Av»u« nt LmcoU. ^^^^wj^r^"^ 

bv he; applica^to the Iblime science ~ 'tb^^^^ '^^^-^ 

of astronomy, and by seveifal ingenious ^^^ jg-^. 

reports of her observations to the Royal * Hewatt, ALEXAKDEKt D.D. 

Society. Jointly with this lady the Doc- sermons, s v. svo. isos^. 

tor has published in a distinct* form: HeweVson, William B^ formerly a 

Catalogue of Stars taken from Flamsteed't Observa^ Captain in the Army. _ 

tioBS aad not inse»ted in the British Catalogue, by The Blind Boy, melodnon. «v#. 1805.— Waii*»1«. 

W. HcvKhell J to which is added a Collection of from the Fr. of Florian, 12mo. Ii09^-^n» *^»*' 

Errata th«t should be noticed in the same volume by nister and other tales, from the Genunftof^**. S 

Carolina Herschell, fol. 1798. v.Kmo. I8O9. 

H^TFOKn,(FEAKCI8lHGRAMSEYlIOUR . ^^"^"^^^^^J^i^ ^Mft 

CoKWAY,) Marquis of, K,G. F.S.A. 'S ^'^^^'^'''Vu ^^. ^kiX:,^^ 
•born 1748, educated at Eton and Oxford. I'^^^^f'^^ ^^^^''^^ufT^vJ^ 
succeeded his father the late Marquis S*"^^ ^^ ^*>^ ""^^^^^^l^^^^t,^^ 
1794; married, firstly in 1768 Alicia Fostjr-lane ttid ^^i^ teQtfe^ 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the last London. „Mr.H. wM formerly of M^ 
Viscount Windier; anl 2dly in 1776, dalen Coll. Cambridg^^^^^^^ aften«^ 
Isabella Anne Ingram, daughter of the kept a school at Shaclilewell, near ^ 
last Viscount Ir^vin. This nobleman don. His publications are : 

jttai. viouuMui. *i * «„♦„>« :« ♦u^ Sennoos, « V. 8vn. 1786-1791. new edft 3 v. 8w 

possesses a considerable estate m the ig^^^troduction to Reading «d 8pdlli^i»o 

county of Antrim in Ireland, and whilst i7a9.__chart of English Hist. f*r «*drt«.-^viBdki 

he was known by the title of Viscount tion of the Authenticity of the' t'ar«anCh#o*lcte,Sw 

Bcaucbamp, he accepted the command 1789— Answer to some Critical Stricttero 'g^ ^ ' 

of the Lisburn Cavalry on the formation tte Controversy on *J« ^uth^jticl^^of^ IJJ^ 

/•^t_ «T 1 ^ r*i :^ 4.u«4- ^<x.m4-*<.r Clirooicle, in a letterto Mr. Robertsoa, Bvo. liW' 

of the Volunteer Corps m that country ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ Bet,«i*n 

' On this occasion also he published the trlotism enforced, a Sermon, 4to. ISOS.— The Dntjo 
following pamphlet which entitles him to National Repentance, a Sermon on the Fa9tp<U] 
a place here : ISOC, Svo.— The Jabilee, » SeriBOD, ^a. SS, 1S09 - 






The Bibl«, vith notes, 3 v« 4to* 10OB.— Hist, of the Firet Fnxts, containing pieces in vene, 4to. 1707. 
JewtfroM their re^stablishment by £cn and Kehe- HtYniCK, ReT. SaMUEL, M.A. RcKCtOr 

misli to the destniction of Jeniaaleia by the Romans, Qf Frampton. 

Utto. ms. , . V . A Sennon preached at the VbiUtion of the Arehdca. 

mWLINGSy A. lomeriy in business as con of Northampton in 1805. 8vo. 

a kMXhep-deaAer in. Duke-street, Picca- Heysham, John, M.D. formerly Phy- 

iiiUy, now a reporter to the Morning He- sician at Carlisle. Besides some paper* 

raid aewsp^per. in Dunean^t Med, Com, he has written : 

I^ettvr to the K)«ctori of Waitminrtw-, refetiat the Diss, de Rabie canina, Edin. 17n.—A< count of the 

Cmlnmnies of John Uorne Tooke, 8¥o. 180T. Jail Fever as it appeared at Carlisle. 8vo. 1782. 

U£Y,Bev.Jo]i9,D.D. Rector of Cal- Heywood, Samuel, Esq. Serjeant al 

TeitODy Bucks, formerly of Sidney Susseic Law and First Justice of Cardigan, Pem- 

CoU^, Cambridge, elected in 1780, broke, and Carmarthen. 

Norrraian Professor of Divinity in that a Digest of the Law respecting Covnty Elections^ 

Univ. which situation he resigned in e^o. 1790.— a Digwt of the Law respecting Borough 

1795- He is the author of several single 
sennons, and of the following publicar 

£esej on Rrdemptioo, a Seatonian Friae Poem, 176S. 
Tlioaghtson the Atbaaastan Creed, a Sennon prrach- 
ed at Stoney Stratford, at the Tisitation pf the Arch* 
d«acon of Buclis, April IS, ITQO- 8vo.— Lectures in 

FJectioDs, 8vo. 1797. — Vindication of Mr. Fox*s Hist, 
of the early part of the Reign of James 11. 4to. 

HiBBERT, George, Esq. a Director of 
the West India Dock Comp., and an emi- 
nent West India Merchant, whose family 
has long been considered as the head of 

Divinity, delivered in the Univ. of Cambridge, 4 v. the principal commercial hoUSe in Ja- 

Bvo. i795«. . *,. . ^ maica. In 1800 he was elected an alder- 
Hey, John, Dissenting Mmister, for- man of the city of London, but after- 
inerly settled at Castle Green, Bristol, wards resigned his gown, and in 1806 
but who was invited in 1805 to be pastor and isOT was chosen one of the repro- 
of an Independent Church in Philadel- sentatives in parliament for Seaford. 

pfaia. Substance of three Speeches on the Abolition of ^e 

The important qaeation at isane between the Editors Slave-Trade, 8vo. IsqfT. 

of a pecioitiad pnUication entitled, " Zion's Trans- lire KEY, TroMAS. 

poit," ami a Non-eonformist, 8vo. 1801.— The impor- storia della Pittura e la Scultuia— Hist, of Paintii^ 

tant viestion stUl under consideraUon, or an address ^^ Sculpture from the earliest accounts, v. 1. 4to. 

to 111. T. Biddulph, 8vo. 1801. lygg^ (Calcotto.) 

Hey, Richabd, LL.D. Barrister at Hicks, Henry. 

LS|W, of the Middle Temple. This gen- observations on Dr. Pearson's " Examination of the 

tleman, brother to the Rev. Dr. John H. Report of the Committee of the 11. of Com. on the 

was fonperly Fellow of Sidney Sussex, «'**« *^^ remuneration for the Vaccme Pock Inocula- 

«fcs''l^,'?f.^£?,lf^"h?^Jrf *hZ«, W.Lt.AM. M.R.I.A. Profc 

1/83, 4^ and 5, ne uistinguisned nimseli .^. ^c #-u™;.*..„ „,„i TtT;«««.i^.« ««• *k« 

by obtoining prizes of 50T. each for three ^"^ ^^^^^"'V ,Z. n KUn q«?.^r^i5v 

^i^n^^i. r\^.v.««^«»:^*«. ^^«f:^.^^,i k^i^,» Repository of the Dublin Soc. ; formerly 

excellent DiMertotions mentioned be^^^^ of Pembroke College, Oxford Beside^ 

j«idout^whichhegave40l.toAdden^ some papers in the^r^an.. of the Dublin 

brooke's Hospital. He is the author of : o^ he Km written- 

OUerr. on avirtibeity and the Principles of Go- ^' "® . „. ^ ': j « ,..,,. ..^ *-« «fci^ 

^ernment, Svo. l776.-Dis.ertation on the pernicious Co«I«"«^! ^*tl1^^"l ^^ l^^S 

effect, of Gaming! Svo. 1783. -Dissertation on Duel- £»^*.^»»7l? ^il^^^ ^^ 

Hn^, Svo. l78#.-Di5sertation on Suicide, 8vo. 1786. ^»5j»*^« ^^ Bleaching, &v.. 1T». 

(These tliree lA'wertations were reprinted together in UlCGINS, W ILLIAIC, JiSq. 

1812).— Happiness and nights, an answer to paina's The American, no v. 2 v. !«)♦. r a* tv 

Bights of Man. Svo. 179S.— Tlie Captive Monarch, HiGHLEY, MlSS, daughter Of Mr. H. 

txag. 8vo. 1794.— Edingtoo, uov. 8 v. 1796. bookseller, Fleet-Street. 

Galatea, from the French of Florian, fc« Svo. 1804. 

liionvoRE, Anthony, Esq. Solicitor, 
Sec. to th£ Lond. Lying-in Hosp. Ely- 

Hey, W. 

Sabsunce of a Bill rmpectiog Parish BegisUrs, 


H^Y, Willi AM>F.£.S. Senior Surgeon .^^ 

to tbe Geaefal Infirmary, Leeds, author \y^^ ^^ ^ Doctrine of Eaii in civii and crindnai 

•f various papers in the PAt7. Trans. ; ^^^^^^ g^. 1733^ Review of the Ilist. of Mortmain, 

Mem, of the manchetter $oc. ; FriestUyU svo. nffT. 2d edit. i809.-Keflcctions on the distinc- 

txptrmentt on Air; Med. Ohurv. &C. tlons usually adopted in, Criminal Prosecutions for 

Muf of the followMiff ' ^»»>«^' 8^*»' 1T91.- Addenda to the Law of Charitabl* 

a^a or tne lOIlOWtng . comprising the cases adjudged since the pub- 

Ob«nr. on the Blood, Bto. 1779-^Frattical Ob«^. ,V^^;^ J^^^^ ^j,^ „f Mortmidn, 8vo, 179S.-Pr!icti- 

on Surgary. 8vo. 1803. ^^ Arrangement of the Laws relative to the Excise, 

liKYEICK. JOHV, jun. Wtulst a LieU- g^. 8vovlT96.-^Hist of the ArtUhry company, svo. 

tenant in the 15th Dght Dragoons, he ism.— TrcmUse on tfie Lmr of Utocy wd Lmacy, 

published : 8vo. 1807.— Statemtat of some Objectioos to the BlU 

156 mo LlTKRAllY CAL£HDAB. HIL 181^ 

to prevent the «prt»dmg of the smtii-pox.svo. 1808.— drew's, onc of the Ministers of that ci^, 

ObMTT. on the Bill for repMering chuitebie Dona- j^^ one of his Majesty's Chaplains in 

tioitf, 8VO. iiin.-uturtoMr. wuberfi>rceretativ« Ordinary for Scotlillid ; born at St. An- 

toth«»«»id Bill ^\«;^;!f »Bi^»^*f '• ^-^^ drew's about 1748, educated at the Unir, 

HiGHMORE, Nathaniel, M.D. Doctor the Greek profes«owhip in theColie^ of 

and Profes^sor of Civil Law, Member of St. Salvador, 0r. H. married a lowiisr 

Jesus College, Cambridge, and Commis- woman of hid own, by whom he has a 

sioned Advocate in his Majesty's Courts large family. He has pubhshed : 

of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. This gen- s«r«ons. 8^ i7g6.-;^rmojs »>y Jj«»«J^2S 

, • J 1 ■ I • I J ^4.1 JL «♦ D.D. from the author'* MS. 8vo. 1790— ThaolosMal 

deman received his classical education at ^^^^^^^^ ^^ laos-Lactore. t.po« porti««^ofAt 

Gbttingen, under Michaelis, Heyne, ana q ^m. iiiiuirative of Jewish Hfatsro. laig. 
other celebrated German professors, and Hill, John, merchant of Hull, 

studied medicine in London, Leyden, and laquirj into tiir present high prices of Gold BuUioo 

Edinburgh. He was orduned a deacon in in England, svo. isio. 
1787, but never went into priest's orders; Hill, John, Memb. of the Roy. ColL 

took the degree of D.CX. at Cambridge, of Surgeons, London. 

in 1796, in order to qualify himself to T^* "»*•«» «f reforming the Morals of the Ptw. by 

practise as an advocat? in the Ecclenias- the pr^^ention of Poverty, svo. laoi. 

tical Court, for which purpose he obUin- j^^J^^-J^^Siectio-. on various Subject.. ««. 

ed the fiat of the Archbishop of Canter- ^yp,. 

buiy : but was peremptorily refused ad- ^^^^ j^^^ Rowland, A.M. sixth son 

mission as a civilian on account of his ^f sj^ Rowland H. the first baronet of 

ordmauon. This circumstance drew this family, educated at Eton, whence be 

forth the following publications : removed to St. Edmund Hall, Oxfoid. 

^^r.S:^^':!:iTJlt:^^ ^rom that university, however, Mr. H. 

to Lord EUenborottgh with the Report of a Motion who at an early age enibiaced tJie teoeU 

nade in the Court of K. B. Svo. 1807 .-^«« EceUsi- of the Calvinistic MethodtStS, WSS expel- 
atHcum 4ngUcanumj or the Gov. of the Chnrch of Jed in 1768 With five Other Students fof 

En^nd exemplified and uiustrated, 4io. 1810. assembling to pray and preach at prohi- 

HiLDTTCH, Ann. ^jjjgj jjjj^gg j^n^J jn unauthorized pla^s— 

jU»sa de MoDtmorien, nov. S V. 1787* * u* u :«. j > 

HiLDRETB W ' * circumstance which excited no incon- 

The Niliad, a. ^ie poem in honour of the Victory siderable sharC of public attention. Hc 
obtained 1^ the Britkh fleet under Lord Nelson over aUerwards finished hlS SUldieS St SL 

the Freneh off the mouth of the Nile, 4to. 1790. John's Coll. Cambridge. Mr. H. married 
Hill, Rev. Brian, A. M. youngest the sister of Clement Tudway, Esq. the 
brother of the Rev. Rowland, and the present M. P. for Wells, and in 1789 
late Sir Richard Hill, with the latter of commenced the erection of the chapel in 
whom he resided during his life at Hawk- Blackfriars-road, at which he regular^ 
stone Hall, Salop. He was educated at officiates. His publications are : 

Queen's Coll. Oxford, but though he en- imposture detected and the Dead vindicated. Svou 
tered into holy orders, has been so far 1777— Answer to J. Wesley*s Kemarks upon the De- 

from seeking church preferment, that he ("f ""[^^ chtracter of whit6Hd and oihe«. 8^. 
is said to hive resigned a benefice, be- int^;;^L'^:;:enn~the^^ ^^^ 

cause be could not conveniently reside Aphoristic observations proposed to the coiMider». 
on the spot and perform the duties of tlon of the public respecting the propriety of ndlni^ 
family chaplain at Hawkstonc. Besides *"*« theatrical amusements into couatry manufaetur- 

several single sermons he has published : 5? JJ^"*' ^^P'J^?^— ?E~5*»*f*7 ^*^*» ^^ ^' 

Henry and A^sto, a moral poetical UU. 8vo. 1785. °l3if^' ti^' *" ^*»"^ ^, *** ^^^ *i *• 

td edit. 1798.-Ob.erv. and Remarks in n Jouinev •*»*•'«» "^ •*»«• wnuiements Is aenovsly c<Misider. 

thmugh Sicily and Calabria in 1791. Svo. I79e-Fi ^'^^' l795.-Joumnl •*• Tour through ^eKe«A 

neral Semon, on the DeaU, of U« Rev. Ri^d De ^J'!^: "ti**?,! ^?^' TSI^S^ 

Conrcy, of Shrewsbury. 8vo. 1801. X^T? 'T **^ "^ ^^T^ "^ ^^°^ fZi 

„' _ **vx 15 1I /• 1. «« j> 1799-— Extract from a Journal of a aeoo8>dTb«rfrwn 

illLL, Daniel, M.D. rtll. of the Med. London ti^irough the Highlands of ScoClaad, and the 

SOC. London. l^* western parts of England, Svo. 180O.-~A Plea fi>r 

Practical Observ. on the use of Oxygen or Vital Air Vnien and a free Propegatldn of thfe Goepel, bcmg aa 

in the cure of Diseases, with a few Experiments on Answer to Dr. Jamieaon's Bemarloi on the AnthorN 

the Vegetation of Plants, part I. 4to. 1800. Twu, Svo. iaoo.-.Village Dialogues, 2 v. iSnso. and 

HiLL, George, D.D. F.R.S. Edjn. S!!' J*^*' ^ ^'^ 1809.- Apology for snnd-, 
Principal of St. Mary's ColL and Prima- SST^S'l^S^^iSS^^ 

■gi^ ^ ^ _, • ^, " *T • ^ «« xanio. iouD.-*«uiveaugaDon 01 uw nacutu wid enecis 

nus Processor m the Unrv. of St. An- of Ftroohial AHmaeots beiag duiged OB |ilac«f M 

1814. XIt£ tlVIVO AUTHORS. HIR 157 

reUgiou* worship, i8ii.->Lctter on Ronun CathoUc ple^ and a Manager of 'the Roval Insti- 

Suutncipatioo, 1813. tutionj SOD of Wm. H. Esq. by Anne. 

Hill, Samuel, surgeon, Portsca. ^jjest daughter of Rob. W^b, Esq. of 

Expedient, proving ^^J^^ }^''^^i;^ ^ CiomhalJ, in thc county of Gloucester. 

HTtT T^uTT I^"°g ^^ North's adiiinistiution, this 

ADomc in» Po«ns. 8vo.'i7ii*. gentleman, being then in Italy, was en- 

HiMCHLiFFE, Hekbt John, Esq. Judge abled to make important communica.- 

of the Vice-Admiralty Court of Ja- ^^o^s to government, and in consequence 

g^gi^^^ of these services was strongly recom- 

-RvAm ot Praetice for tbe Vice-Adniralty Court of mended by the minister to the E. India 

jwDMca, 8vo. 1813. Company, under whom he held offices of 

UiNCKESyT. . great trust in the kingdom of Tanjore, 

Letters in answer to Paine's Age of Reason, 8vo. J^^,^ ^731 ^ 1737, whe^ he resigned hiS 

^^ T T?— T? c A employments. In 1790 he was first elect- 

rJ^S:^rJ:S'^^Z-^'t..^.^. «» V^- ^r Sudbu... whkh he ha. 

nw—HUit. of Rinaido Rinaidini, from Che Oenaaa ©ver smce represented : m 1792 be re- 

of Voipioa, 9 ▼. 1800.— Travels in Portugal, from the turned to Italy, and was again employed 

Geman of Link. 8vo. 1801.— Travels in Spain, from there in vftrious important Commissions; 

tbe Oennan of Fisch*r, 8vo. 1808.— Account of the and ill 1795 negociated the marriage of 

SlL-i^Sl^tion ''l^i^ie^ '''""' '^"' *^« ^""c^«» R^y*^ ^^ ^"s^*"d ^''^^ ^^^ 

TM -. ., * tC * .«* Tj.^^ ^fQ^, present King of Wurtembera;. As a re- 

HiNDERWELL, Thomas, Esq. of Scaf- *;ardforhis%ervice8,hewas\dvancedto 

HS?lSfd;nUq.rfScart^.th»oditsyicinity.4to. V^t ^^^"""^ ^^ «* ^^'^^fll!' V.^" ^'' 

175B. id ed. 8vo. im7 John married first m 1780, Margaret, 

HiNDLEY, George, Minister of the second daughter of Sir John Stuart, 

Gospel. Bart, of Allanbank, in the county of Ber- 

Memorial for CliUdren, being an account of the Con. wlck, who died 1799, and by whom he 

veraioB, Experience, and happy Deaths of Eighteen has One SOU and three daughters ; and 

Children. 8vo. 1805. 3d ed. 1813. Secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of the late 

HiHDLiY, John Haddon, M. A. Thomas Homer, Esq. ofMells Park, and 

Fecsian Lyrioi. or Scattered Poems, from Hafi*. with .• . f HenrV HiDDlsIev Coxe Em of 

paraphrases in wrse and prose, a catalogae of the ^Tj^^ \i neury Xlippisiey ^OXe, i^Sq. Ot 

GaMis.aaaTTaagBd in a MS. of the worics of Hafia, Stone Easton House, Somerset. In his 

in the cheUion librarj, Manchester. 4to. 1800.— Senatorial capacitv. Sir John has b&- 

.Tbe Counsels of Attar, from a FersUn MS. fc. 8vo. stowed consideraole attention on the 

^^^2' - , state of Ireland, and the Catholic Ques- 

HiNDMARSH, James, a preacher among tion, respecting which he ha« publish- 

the folbwers of Swedenborg. ed • 

l)lcJlonaryofCofr»jK«dend«.B*pre«aUtlons,&c. obeir^tions on the Rom. Catl,. of Ireland. 8«o. 

in tbeapintnal significatMns of words, sentences, to. i8o6.-Substance of additional Obwrv. intended to 

as used in the sacred Scnptorea compiled from the |.^^^ ^een delivered in the debate in the H. of Com. 

works of Swedenborg. l8mo. 179*. on Uje Petitton of the Rom. Cath. of Ireland. 8vo. 

HlNDMARSfl, Robert, printer, probably I8O6.— substance of hU Speech in the H. of Com. 

a brother of the preceding, and like him, ^1*7 18> i8i<>» <>& ^^ cathoUc Question, svo. isio. 

a zealous champion of the New Jerusalem ^^J^^,^' ^^ ^":.*'" ^ ~**°? f *• ^^ 

. . '^ Hon. H. Orattan, respecting the Penal Laws against 

opinions. *.,^_.; the Catholics of Ireland, Apr. «♦. WW, 8vo.-Lettefi 

Lettm ti> Dr. Pn«tl^. » ■"« %o his AcMMa to ^ the Earl of Plngal on the Catiiolic Claims, 8vO. 

the Members of the New Jerusalem Church.— The ^„^ * 

Magasine of Knowledge, concerning Heaven and * ^ n 'j- n « i.- 

B«U.~The Kew Jerosalem Joamal.-Jrhe liturgy of UlRSCHBL, SOLOMOS, Presiding Rabbi 

the How choicfa.— A Catechism for tho Use of die of the German Jews in London, where. 

New Chw^ and Reasons for separating from tbe he was bom In 1762, at which time his 

Old Oue.«R««ectiona « the Unitarian and Trinits- fojher resided here in the same capacity. 

riaa DocWnes, 1813. itr;«;«f., B«ng called, in 1764, to officiate at Hal- 

mKTOK, James, a Dissenting Minister y^^f^^ ^^ afterwards at Berlin, he 

vL^SL of Ihe Dlasenten in Oxford, In reply to tOOk his family with him- The SOU, after 

Dr. IGuiams Sermon, 8V0.1W. completing his Btudies m the ftrussian 

HioAN, G. R. capital, was appointed to the ministry at 

Thoughts on Prophecy, as coanected with tbe present PrentdaU, and invited in 1802 tO preside 

times, 8vo. 1808. . in London. He has pubhshed : 

HiPPlSLEY, Sir John Cox, Bart of a sermon preached at the Oreat Synagogue, Dnke*a 

Stone Easton House, Somersetshire,LL D. Place, on the ThanksgivUig-Day, Dec 5, 18Qf» 4t«> 

F. R. and A. S. Recorder and M. P. for laoO. 

Stidbmy, a Bencher of the InneiwTfln- Hirst, Augusta Ajtv. 


H«lea, nov. t v* 180^- 1810.— The Epochs of the Fine ArU» cr. 8vo. lau. 

HiTCHCOCKy J. To Mr. II.*s pea has been aUo ascribed :—'£hf Captivg 

icnH, Uao. 1818. of Spilsbiirg, mus. ent 8vo. 1)99. 

UiTCHKKEa, W. H. HoARE, Sir Richard Colt, Ba.t of 

The Hamoroiu Convocatioa, alias the Barber's Shop, StOUrbead, Wi]tS. F.IU aud A.S. spo of 

u ode, 4to. UM.— Ivor, trag. 8vo. 1808. Sir Richaitl H. of Bain Elms, Surrey, by 

HiTCHivfl, FoRTEscLE, soii of the late Anne, daughter of Uenry Hoare, £sq. of 

Rev. Malachi H. of Hilaria, Cornwall. Stourhead, After finishing hit education 

The SoMhore, with oOer poems, 8vo. 1810. he Spent several years in foreign travel^ 

Hoare,Charle8Jaices, A.M. Vicar of and returned home in 1791. Being 

Blandford Forum, Dorset, and lately a strongly attached to Antiquarian fnir- 

Fellow of St. John's Coll. Cambridge. suits and prevented by the political 

Tho Shipwreck of 8C. Panl, a Seatonian Pri^e Poev, State of the continent from following 

****«**' r% T% them abroad, he turned his attention 

Ho4RB,GxoRCEEiCHARD,pnvmt^ tutor, towards the anUquities of hia own 

2JS«!**SI«« « ]fmi.a». .iy» «tt -n.. country. He first passed two or three 

^:^T^:X::Al::^of7L^l^ ^'^^l^ ^^ Wales, with a view to iUua. 

of ilis Father, 18010. 1812. ^^** *"* ^^^ scarce and cunous itroe- 

HoARE, Rev. Nicholas, Miijister of ^^ ,T^^ J?"^??^ ^^^^ principality by 

Dornock, Dumfriesshire. Oiraldus de Barri, m 1188, when Baldwin, 

Tlie Leading Features of the Ooepd Delioeotrd, 8to. Archbishop of Canterbury, made his piO- 

I806. gress through the country to promote the 

HoARE, PcTER RicBARD, fourth SOU of cause of the Crusades. The work wbick 

the late, and half-brother of the present he produced on this subject contains 60 

Sir Richard H. married to Arabella daugh- views of antiquities, portraits, sepulchral 

ter of James Green, Esq. effigies, fic. engraved from Sir Richard's 

Examination of Sir John Sinciaii^s Obserr. on the drawings by Messrs. Byrnc and Basire 

RtponoftbeBaiiioorx«mittoe,8n>.mi^]ua^ At the same time he published a small 

tioas on the poatible existeooe and snppotad expo* ;m»i.^oo:>»«. ^f *u^ : * * 1 1 • t ^ 

dienc, of WtioD7Banlm.ptc,, »vo. WlT-««k "?PT?*\°^^ ^^^ ^"S"^ V^^ ^^ ^^?* 

OQ the Increase of Population and High Price of ^'^ICil haO Oecome extremely ^Carce. He 

Grain, 8to. i8i«.— FarUier observ. 00 the incr. of has siuce directed his attention to the 
Pop. and High Price of Grain, 8vo. 181S. antiquities of Ireland, and U^y to those 
UoARE, PiiiKCE, Esq. Sec. to the Roy. of' the county in which he resides. By 
Academy, son of Mr. William H. painter, a persevering, expensive, and minute in- 
of Bath. In that city he was born and vestigation of the spacious downs with 
cducated,and at seventeen sent to London, which Wiltshire abounds, undertaken 
where he became a student of the Roy. with a view to the elucidation ' of the 
Academy. In 1776 he commenced his earliest period of British history, he ha5 
travels ; and, after an absence of four ascertained numerous and undoubted re- 
years, returned to England, settled in sidences of the Britons; and by opening 
London, and devoted himself to the jprac- barrows has been enabled to throWcoi^ 
tice of his profession. Being obfiged, siderable light on the ancient customs of 
however, by iU-health to suspend this our British ancestors. Tlie whole work 
pursuit, he attempted dramatic composi- is richly decorated witfi views, maps, and 
tion, for his amusement, and with such plans, and at the conclusion Sir R. has 
success as induced him entirely to relin- announced his intention of publishing 
quish the pencil for the pen. He has the Ancient History of NortJi Wiltshir^ 
produced about twenty dramatic pieces, on the same scale and plan. Sir R. mar- 
many of which are not printed, and lias ried in 1783 the Hon. Hester, daughter 
published : of the late Lord Lyttdton, by whom he 
Dido, Queen of Carthage, op. sto. iT^.-TTie Three has One son. His publications are : 

and U,e Deuce, mus. com dnm. 8yo. 1796^Ix)ck iT,e Itinerary of AnrhbJ.. Baldwin through Wales, 

and Key, mus. ent^8vo.l796.- Julia, trag. (taUe a^- a. D. IW. by Giraldu/de Barri, transl. Sto En^ 

S^^ Z «i iT ' ^^V^^""*"'. ^^^' •"* "»'"'«^ ^»*»» Views, A«»ot«ions. and*. 

KS^'^^:::f!$*A^^^^ **,.2!^ ^' JUI. of the Author. C v. 4^ iao6.-Joomri of a 

Kotxebue,8vo.lT».-4i»di8oretioi». cow. »ro. 1780.- Tour through Ireland. Svo. ISOT -Ancient Historv 

T^n.:L^ "'"^Ik?!; ^"- "«*-^r^ ^. o' South W§t.hire.T;ai?s»^^/?c^lL^ 

» Correspondence with the Acaden^es of Vienna and «« ^ *« D^^-J-. t a i> ¥ ~'^*' « 

8t.Petmburg.onthecultivation of Painting, Sculp, c. t \ ^u "I i' ^^ I^tUrer of 

tore, and Architecture. 4to. 180e.— The P«irsgraph, ^^ JamCS S Church, Leeds. 

nus. eat. 8vo. 1804^-Academk'Annabi. 4to. 1805.— '*^«^**»'" Prolection Britain's Securil^, • nstSeinon. 

Inquiry into Iho Culti^atioa and present State of the ^^' 

Art of Design in England. 8vo. 1806.— The Artbt, e HoB«OV8B, Sir BeV/AMIV, Baxt. F.R* 

^^Aca4a«i6AaMis,iao5fa»]M0,4to. 4Ajd A.S. H.F, for Hiodon, C<Hiuiii»' 

1814. HOt LlVina AUTHORS. • HOD 159 

sioner between the E. Ind. Company^ T^rois a»ed {n Oeog. kii4 Aitrdhon^, 410. isis.-- 
and the cieditors of the late Nabob of Spedfaeas of orMk Pwdianddp, 4u>. lei^—Sketch 
the CaraaCfc ; son of a Bristol merchant, ^V?:!:?.^ t^*^' 5:!: i^«-'^« y*»»« 

school of Bristol, and Brazen-nose Coll. nan's Ekerdse^iook. 

Oxford, where he took his degree of A.B: Hodokik, Lieut. Troh4S, R. N. 

1778, and M.A. 1781 ; in which latter Eamj on n»v%i Dbdpiine, isis. 

year he was called to the bar by the Soc. Hodgkiits, £. 

of the Middle Temple. He first obtained Mercantile Letters for the use of ;ouns people and 

a seat in Parliament, for Blechinjgly in *^^^^* i-««- i8oe. 

1797, was returned for Grampound in _ Hodgson, Rev. Christopheb, LL. B. 

1802, and has represented Hindon since pctor of Marholro, Northamptonshire, 

1806. In 1804 lie was appointed Secre- fonnerly of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, 

tary to the India Board ; in 1806, chair- t"™""? «>f oorroboratins testoonie. concerning the 

_z..-.i_ 'a1 c 1 J birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus 

man to the committee of supply; and Christ, nw-The .wfui iudgmems of God agZJ 

created a baronet in 1813. Sir Benjamin isnei and Judah. a fait semon. svo. leoi— Address 

ia said to be a partner in a banking-house on the Dudes which Britobs oira to themseivef, thMr 

at Bath and also in the extensive brewery ^^^ »~* *•**' Country, svo. i8o»^Th» iireaent cww 

of Whitbiead and Co. He has pub- ?'??L!2!^'!l!Zr?*^.2t*i! ^^V^ *■* 

I : - L - J . '^ !«<»» • sermon on the fint day, laOT. »r6.— A DiscovrM 

Jisnen. „ ^ , , ,, » ^ ^. on the E«ist«nce of Ood, svo. laos. 

Reply to the Rev. F. Randolph's Letter tour. Pnest* tt^^«^ n^ a %m j? w • 

ley. or an Esamination of Randolph's Scriptural Re- HODGSON, FftAJTCIS, A. M, of King's 

vUioto of Soclnlan Arguments, 8vo. 179S.— A Treatfae COU. Cambridge. 

on Heresy a.% cosnizable by the Spiritual Cburts and "^^^ Satirea of Juvenal, transl. and illustrated, roy. 

■a Ctoasioatton of tlie Butbte of WUUatt III. fiar ^o- ISOe.— Lady Jane Orey, with miscellaneous 

supprossing blMpheoky and profiuienass (anon.) 8to. P<>^°^ ^ ^^S^* »»<! Latin, avo. I809 — Sir Edgar, k 

1798 Enquiry into what constitutes the crime of tale in two cantos, Bvo. 1810. 

Compassing and Imi«ining the King's Death, 8to.l795. HODGSON, Rev. UenRT, M. D. born at 

—A Collection of Tracts, 8vo. 1797. Toft, near Market Rasen, 1753, educated 

HoBRoiJSE, J. C. B. A. of Trin. Coll. at Peter House, Cambridge, where he 
Cambridge. This gentleman, son of the took his first degree 1775. Having aoott 
preceding, was the companion of Ix)rd after taken o^ers, he officiated for some 
Byron inhfc Travels in Greece and Tur- time as curate at MUfket Rasen. En- 
key. "He has published: couraged by the ISite Dr. Jebb, he was 

I«u«io«, and Translations from the«sucient and Joduced tO apply himself to the StudV of 
modem Classics, together with original poems, Bvo. .^^j::_ rL'i_ i_ "l.^^ 

I809.-Some A^unt of a Journey into Aibani; and medicine, for whlch purpOSC he went to 

other Provinces of TuAey in i80fr9, 4to. i8i£. 2d iJ^mburgh, and was admitted to the de- 
ed. 18IS. gree of M. D. While prosecuting his 
HoBHOuse, TiroHAs. medical studies he had the misfortune to 
BMgy to tiie Memory of Sam. johnMD,4to. iTM.^ lose his friend Dr. Jebb; upon whicb, 

ICinirswood Wo'rcftst*»r«ihire pastoral office of either of two of the 

ters^^i^ra]^^^^^^^^^^ "l^l Tr^f ^^'S Congregations in the 

Ctoft's Sermon, the TesMaws defended, 8vo. 1790. "o™ <>» England, yet he chose to rctum 

Hoc KIN J. p. M. A. ^^ "^^ native home, and now resides at 

keate's Account of the Pelew Islands, 5th edit, with Market RaseU, Serving his Own church Of 

a Supplement compiled from the Journals of the Tcalby himself. Besldes the learned 

Father and fcidcavour, 4to. 1804. languages Dr. H. is wfeU vcrscd in Ff ench, 

HoDOE, A. *« .. . . Italian, Spanish, and German. He is the 

A^.^ iS^"' ^"^ ' Book-keeping and ^^^^^^ of Several pamphlets writtea on 

HoDOEs Phineas. ^* ^***6 *^® ®^ ^ question during the 

Suictuieson'»rown'sEiem«ntaMedichi8e,8vo. 1Y95. wars of. the American and Flinch revok 

HoDOES, W. Attorney^t-Law. lutions, of which nn account has been 

Hut Account of Ludlow Castle, from 6rigimd Mss. obtained, and of the following puDUca- 

8vo. 1T94. tions : 

HODOKIN, John, formerly a writing Letters to Mrs.Kindonley on the Spirit of Fbperjr 

master at Islington, and one of the So- ^'*- im -Sermow on Uniyer*al Benevolence, evo. ' 

ciety of Friends. He is the author of iIi'p7o^8trm9 ^ ''''** 

i^^^SlnTSLtr^^^^ HooosoK, Rev. J. Master of the Gnun- 

Oeof. of England.- c-iii?fipiua Greca et p.ciio- mar-school, and Lecturer of Holyboum 

f rapbia Orsca, foi. i794.-> definitions of soiae of the in the diocese of Winchester. 






English GnuuMT, Uno. 1790.-^A» ExbortetiMi to 
tbe Brit. Isl«i, A tenaon oo tiM faM dfty, UOS, 4to. 

HoDOSoHy Rev. John. 

Foea* writtca at Luich«ster(DiiriuaB) cr. 8vo. It07> 
-^Funerml SermoD preached at the intennent of the 
Tietina, with aa i&ti^ductory account of the dreadAd 
accident which ha{>pen^ at Felling CoUierj, near 
Sonderland, Maj 85, IftlS. — Fran the Account it i^ 
|ieari that nine^-two persons out of one hundred and 
twenty-one perished ; that it was the 19th September 
hefore all the dead bodies were dug oat, and Uiat all 
these, cxoept four, were boritd in Hewortii Ch^>el 

HoDosoVy Rev. Robebt, A. M. F. R. S. 
Rector of St George's Hanover Square, 
and one of the chaplains in ordina^ to 
the King, nephew of the late Dr. Por- 
teusy* Bp. of London. Besides some other 
single sermons he has published : 

tenaon on the hat Bay, tSOSk frro^ Sennon praaeb* 
•d on the Anniv. of the Sons of the Cimrgj, at St. 
FMal*a, May, ia(M» 4te.> Sennoa at St. Geocfe'a 

Chordi, on its beinf reopened for divine service, 
Kov. tt, 1807 •-'Ufo of the late Bp. Porieua, Svo. 
1811.— Works of the late Bp. Portens, with his Life, 
V. Svo. 18U. 

HoDGsoMy Thomas. 

Obaervations on Stern's advice to the Consumptive 
and Astlkmatic, 8vo. 1784. 

HoDGSOir, Thomas. 

Rep. of the Trial of J. Bellingham for the murder 
of t!ie Rt. Hon. S. Perceval, Svo. 181$. — ^Rcp. of the 
Trial of Sfanmoods and otheri for stealing on the 
River ThaOMa, 8vo. 181S. 

Hodgson, William, M.D. 

The Commonwealth of Reason, evo. 1790.— The Sys- 
tem of Nature, from the n^och of Hirabaud, Svo. 
1795.— The Temple of Apollo, a selection of the beat 
poems fran the most admired writers, 8vo. 1796. 

HoosKiNSON, Joseph. 

Instructions to Farmers, or an improved method of 
■lanagcaMnt of arable land, 8vo. 1794. 

HoosoN, Rev. Frodsham, D.D. Prin- 
cipal of Brasen Nose Coll. Oxford. . 

The etanial Filiation of the Son of Qod, asserted oa 
the evidence of the Scriptures, the eonaent of the 
Fathers of the three first centuries, and the authority 
of the Nicene Coondl, 8vo. 1796. 

The Remonstrant, being a letter to Mr. W. Hale in 
vindicetioa of die London Female Penitentiary, svo. 

HoosoK, James, M.D. 

Jesus ChrlAt the only True Ood, i v. l£mo. 1787.— 
like Toung Christian's Tntroduction to the Knowleidge 
of his God and Saviour Jesus Christ, ISme. 1788.— 
The Wonliip of Jesus Christ as the true God of 
Heaven and Earth vindicated, Svo. 1789^ — Letter to 
the Rev. J. Edwards, containing Strictures on that 
part of the Unitarian Creed explained in his address 
to the congregation of the Rev. Mr. Medley, of Li- 
verpool, Svo. 1791.— T1>e Evangelical Clergyman, or 
a Vindication of the Religious Principles and Coo- 
dnct of a Minister of the Gospel, Svo. 1801. 

HonsoN, Rev. Septimus, M.D. for- 
merly of Caius Coll. Cambridge. Having 
married a relation of AdroiralAffleck, he 
obtuned, through the interest of the late 
Lord Sandwich, the rectoiy oflhrapstone, 

Northamptonshire, and became Gbanlain 
and secretary to die Asylum, and chap- 
lain in ordinary to the Prin>:e of Wales. 
These appointments he was obliged to 
relinquish, in consequence of a discovery 
particularly disgraceful to his character 
as a minister o? the gospel, a husband, 
and a father; and is said to have since 
sought refuge from his infamy in America. 
He IS the author of several single sennona 
besides the following: 

Sermons on the present »tate of Rdigioo in this 
country, Svo. VJ^i. — Addiem ou the high price of 
Proviaiona, Svo. 1795.— Two Discourses, Svo. 1790. 

HoDsoN, Thomas. 

The AccoippUshed Tutor, or complete System of Eda> 
cation, 8 v. 6vo.^In association with J. Dongalli) 
The Cabinet of the Arts, or a complete sy«t«n oC 
drawing, etching, e«gf aving, painting, perspective, and 
snn'ejing, 4to. 1803.6. 

H0D8ON, W. 
The Fabttlator, a selection of fables in proae and verse, 
ISmo. 1801. 

HoFLAND, Mrs. B. wife of Mr. H. an 
artist, and relict of a Mr. Hoole, under 
which name her first publications made 
their appearance. She has written : 

Little Dramas for young people, on subjects from 
Engl. Hist. iSmo. I8O9.— La F6te de la Roae, or Dm* 
matic Flowers, £4mo. I8O9. — ^A Season at HarrogatB^ 
in a seriea of poetical epistles, Svo. 18M.— Clergy, 
man's Widow, 1 v. ISIS.— Officer's Widow, 1 v.— teya 
Slie to her Neighbour, What, « v. 181&— Siatcrs, 1 ▼. 
-rNorthem Travellers, 1812.— Patience and Pera». 
verance, 4 v. 1813. — Panorama of Europe, 1BIS«— 
Merchant's Widow, 1 v. 1814. 

HoGG, James, a self-taught poet, bom 
about 1773, who received no instruction 
after his eighth year, and was first a cow- 
herd, and afterwards a shepherd at Ett* 
rick, N.B. . Mr. Walter Scott is said to 
have interested himself so warmlv in his 
behalf as to have obtained for him by 
the sale of his works a decent compe- 
tence, consisting in a little &rm in tbt 
Highlands. He is the author of: 

The Mountain Bard. — Ballads and Songs, founded en 
Au;t8 and Legendary tales, 8vo. 1807< — ^11>e Shep- 
herd's Guide, a practical Treatise on the Diseaaes of 
Sheep, Svo. I8O7.— The Forest Minstrel, a selection of 
Sonp adapted to Scotch Airs, fc. Svo. 1810.— The 
Queen's Wake, a legendary poem, Svo. 1813. 

Hogg, Thomas, Master of the Free 
Gram. School, Truro, Cornwall. 

St. Hicliael's Mount, a poem, 4to. 1811. 

HoLCROFT, Miss Fanwt, daughter of 
the late Thomas H. 

Memoirs of the Life of the Great Cond^, from the 
French of the Prince de Cond«, Svo. 1807.— The Wife 
and Uie Lover, nov. 3 v. 1813. 

HoLDEN, Rev. J. 

Sennon preached at Northiatt, Sussex, 1818. 

Holder, Rev. Mr. 

The Secluded Man, nov. fi v. 1798. 

Hole, Johv, Musician. 

Dictionary of MutiC; 8vo. 1791* 

16144 BOL- r&XTIHO AVTHOBS. ^^^^L 1^1 

Hot PORD, Ciojao£, Esq. M. P. barris- of the reign of James II. he edked with 

J?^f "^j^i '^^'^ "^? ""li^ ^""^ ^^*^' a» elabomte eulogy by way of weSce 
Ilolford, Esfl. Master m Chancery. He Besides that worrheis jJownCuie" 
was educated at Harrow school, and on author of, 
leaving that seminary became a student An acconnt of the life and Wiiting« of Lope Felix 

of Lincoln's Inn, by which honorable **« ^ega Crpio, Svo. I8O6.— Throe Comedies from 

society he was called to the bar, but never **** Sp»nwh» 8^. laor. 

practised. He has distinguished himself /^pi-i'ANi;, Rev. Johw,^ a dissenting 

as a member of the House of Commons, ™'"*ster. 

particularly in the committees for en- t ^y*^" »f Geosrephy, svo. isob. 5tb ed. ms^ 

qukingintotheabuses.ofpn^^^^^ Seve- ^r^^^Tk^X-ToJ^:^:^^^^^^ 

ralchantable institutions m the metro- Natural PhUo«,pbj. .nd Oeogr-phn^mo" iST- 

polls are also indebted to him for his as- ^^ SennoDs of the late Rev. lUlph H^mson, with 
Sistance and active exertions. The Phi- * *»*»im»phkal memoir of the euthor. «nd aDiacoarse 

Iknthropic Asylum, in St. George's Fields. **" S* "*"****" '*^***• *****' ®^°' ""' 

has derived the greatest benefit from his u **®^J;f?^^» -^ohn, a naval surgeon who 

support, and it was chiefly owing to his Tf. Published, 

perseverance that a chaoef was added tn *^°'i?"«"»*, «f the origin, symptoms, and most 

JV: ! • ^* f"^^ '-"*%* *'"»i^* ^ as aaaea 10 approved method of creating the Putrid Briioijs Fe\'er 

that instituuon. His hterary productions <^iw the Black Voiiit, 4fch append to ^e^ty 

Wrc> «f Havaanah in 1794^ 8vo. 1795, 

Asniail votorofi of Poems, printed by Beesley, and HoLLIUGSWORTH, Rev. NathaNIEL of 

acts; Rerthief's Dream at Rome in 1798. Of tbb , '™ *'V nauwnisue, m JNortbumber- 
CDUection only a few copies ve»e printed for the gra. ^^^09 ^nd proprietor of TavistOck Chapel, 
tification of the author's friends.— The Destraction of Covent Garden. 

Jemsml^fls an aiiaoJute and irresistible proof of the A few plain practical Sermons on important subjects, 
divine origin of Christianity, Svo. 1805; anonymous. 12mo. 1801— The King an example to Briton.% a serl 

--Observations on the necessity of introducing a suf- mon on the Jubilee in I8O9 England's Causes for. 

ficifDt number of respectable Clergymen into our co- ITiankfulncss, a sermon on the same occasion. IglO. 
loBies in the West Indies, and of esUblishins • coU —Address to the public in recommendation of the 
lege in this countiy ftir the edueatioir of persons dee- Madras system 01 Education, Svo. J8ie<— Brief View 
tined to that porpose, Svo. 1808.— Substance of a of the respective claims of Dr. Bell and Mr. Laacas. 
Speech on the motion made by him Juno 14, 1814, tcr, 12mo. 1812. 
for leave to brin« in a bill for the belter management HoLUNCSWORTH, S. 

of the Prions of Loudon^Bvo. Account of Nova Scotia, 8vo. 17B6.-On the Man- 

llOLrORD, JUrs. M. a lady of Chester, ners. Governments, and Spirit of Africa. 4to. 1788. 

who IS known by the following pieces : Hollinoworth, Rev. J. B. Fell, of St. ' 

Keitber's tlte Man^ com. performed at the ^theatre Peter's Coll. Cambridge, one of his Ma- 
of the above city and printed in 1799. Svo.— Fanny i-ctv's Dre^hpisi at Whifphftll anf) Uf. 

and seiima. a tele; with G^e^ford Vale, and other ^t -^ ® Pjeacners at vv nite hall, and late 
poems, Wtoo.ngB.-rirstTmpressioas.or'iTjo Portrait, ass*^^*"* in the chapel of Lmcoln's Inn. 

■ev. 4 V. lemo. 1801.— Way to Win Her, com. 1814. 5«™®n» preached at Lincoln's Inn in iSOGand 7,8vo. 

HoLFORD, Miss, daughter of the last ^^. , , , . 

mentioned, has distinguished herself by Mollis, John, a gentleman who quit- 

the publication of, ted the ministrjr on passing from neces- 

Vftiiace, or the Fight of Falkirk, a poem, 4to. 1809.— Mtarianism to deism, IB support of which 

UiiccllaBeoua Poems, 8vo. 1811 She has also been be has published tWO Strange pamphlets, 

a contributor to the Poetical Regbter. entituled, 

Holland, UenrY, Ksq. Sober and serious Reasons for Scepticism as it con* 

A Geoenl View of the Agriculture of Cheshire, Svo. oerns revealed ilcligion, in a letter to a friend, Svo. 

M?. 1796. — An Apology for the Disbelief of revealed Re- 

- Holland, (HbNRY Richard Fox,) ^^^*^> ^>QS *■ sequel to sober and serionn Reasons 

LokI, F. R. and A.S. This nobleman is ^^' Scepticism, Svo. 1799. Notwithstanding the ap^ 

the ooJy son of Stephen Lord Holland, P^^^^^^^-^^^^^^r ^e titles, th«e tracts are so 

^ .11 • -*- V T V Tk* **"^*'««*«> strongly tinged with extravagance and virulence, that 

woo died in 1774, by A-aily Mary ifltzpa- the late worUiy Mr. Johnson, the bookseller, refused 

fTOk, and was born Nov. IS, 1773. He to give them admittance into' his shop, at which ' 

^Kceived his education first at Eton add place they were advertised to be sold. Twoansvren 

lext at Christ Church, Oxford, where he ^^e pobUs^ against the objections of this writer, 
was created M A^ in 1792 His lordship ZJ^st.^'' ^'*"'' "' ** """^ '' ^^• 
has distinguished himself as a leadmg Holloway, John. 

member of the opposmorr, havmg imblb- Letter* to Dr. Price on hi« Sermon, entituled, « Thm 

ed the politics of his uncle the late Mr. Love of oar Country," Svo. 1790. 
tpif wiiose llibtory uf the early portion Holloway, IIosuit, a practitioner ia. 

Lit. Cal. X 

in wvml qui tam actions, and by ihe ^!l^t^. ^^^^ 
followins tracts : Holmes, Oeorob, Esq. 

Letter to the Citbens of Londim, om » vnj iBtoh^- 'sketches of lome of th« loatfaem Coanlafci tnimd^ 
!■« m^JKt, Bm. i7Tl^L««ttr to Johm Wilk«. Em|. ^^nected daring t, tour lo 1797. «»o. MSI- 

o. the •»»*«•' J»*"«'» ,i!?**«;r!VirR^ Holmes, Rev. James. 

Letter to Sir John Fielding, »o. ITTt^Tho R«t ^ V^ g^^ !-,« 

nVn»w •«•. ms.-Lettw to Jurytefa, Svo. 1781.^ Mojtow, « poan. cr. 8to. "i*^ «*:^ ^f 

25?u!!2o?^eli^andlSnd«ctofAtto^ .^^^^^^^ ?^'''?^ /"tt;^^, 

evo. laos^The Biinor of iniqnity, hwing the uaui tfae 11th regiment of Light Dftgoons^^ . 

•bjeetM the preceding, whUh is that of e^KMiog the Jomml dnrtftf Ms nitmdMice as one of die goMMl m 
cOrrnpUoos of hh brethren, «vo. ISOS. Lort Ibcnrtnt/* BH»MV» Chln»«d Itetmy, %m. 

HiuiLOWAY. William. i^SJ. 

•» oo wuiiom oocisio», cbieSy DeaoipUH. Eto. HoLStfilKi EaTHBR. 

gtec, Dl4tactfe, end PathMie, Itao. ndS^Ttae B^ Eraertiaa, mrr. S t. Wrao. WOT. 
nm of taudcrbrookc, • tale, ISmo. laW^Ttae Pea- HoLSTEIK, AnXHOKY tEEpEWC. 1 He 

eaAt*8 Fate, a rural poea, wkh niscelUnleii, Miio. fictitious name of a VOluOUnOUS WTlter, 

1802.— Scenes of Youth, or Ruml Recollectioos, &c. ^y^^ y^g^ published, 

Igmo. WOS^The Minor Minstrel, Itoio. ISOS^Tbe ^^ ^^ dlendowcr, and other Ules. S ▼. ISmo: 

Country Ptttor, a poem, ISmo. 181S. ia09.— The Assassirf of St CHearoj. 4 v. 18mo. 1810. 

HOLMAV, J. G. a comedian and dramas .Love, Mystery, «mI maerj, S v. Mne. W».— nia 

tic writer, was bom in London in 17«4, and Miseries of an Hei.e«, ♦j;i«»o- ^^^^^^^ education at^^^^ ^.ri^l^J^l'^orrBSrU*;;^^ 
academy m Soho-squarc, he removed to ^^^ i«ii.-Ba»m», or tb* Pepii <a tiie w««. 
Queen's College, Oxford. But m 1784, s^^fg^m. lait.— uintrigmBte, «v. mod. isif.— 
his love of the drama prevailed over the Lady Dnrneror, s ▼. lem*. lau^The ac — eh iF». 
desire of aeademical honors, and he ap- man«ST. «•». lei* a*i ttoMire ae«eis wtt* 
peared at Covent Garden Theatre in the ^ «-• ^^ ^ ^!^ ^ttv^ mr«WU 
SSinteter of Romeo. At the ctid of th<5 ^ Holt, Pbajcis Ludlow, ^^^^^ 

third season he quitted that stage, owing ^.^i^StT^^^^^^^ aoThSlo^ 
to some dispute about an inr rease of s»- o» » respectame "*^?™*"'^f Y, ^^,1* 
lary. He tUn went to Dublin, and afl been connected wiUiJotoBeU, thepub- 
t«r»ards to Edinburgh, whet« he acquir- J'»her, whoj. nieco hj» "^j*«^«» »[ 
ed great iK>pnlarity Ihich contributed to vrlwso Weekly Mcswrnger be ta« ge"^ 
restore him to Civent Garden; but in «Hy wntl«B the leadmg wtidet. H. 
1800 another difference broke out still Jl" ■'«? P",";'"?'"'^ .^ ,«» -lie Uw «d 
more violently than the former, and Mr. 5::^/;SJi^\"'urc«rrf w JSTir^i:! 
Holman agam quitted the staff e that bad ^.^^^ ^^^ »to^The Lair of yih€i, 8«o. imt. 
given birth to hw talents. After playing ji^^. jo„„ of Walton, nearLirrf- 
a short time at the Haymarket, he visit- p^^i 

ed Dublin, *of which theatre he purchas- G«n«ral view of the Agricoltwe of the coaaty of 
ed a share, which he soon relinquished Lencaeter, with Obeervatloae on the meau of to 

inconsequence of the distracted state of improvement, svo. 179s. 

the country. In 1798, he married the Home, Chaeles. , „. ^ 

youngest dauriiter of the Hon. and Rev. a new chronological ^Wdpient of^ ttjw ^ 

i?S?rick HaSlton, which lady died in Kn^^Hll^o::^^^^^." ^^^^^-^ 
1810. As a dr«™tiownter Mr. Holman ^ ^^ EvERAan, Bart. T.KS. Ser- 
has distmguished himself by these .^^^ g^J ^ ^ ^ g.|jj^ p^, ^f,^j^. 

5S^ «H ^ w««^ ^ ^ -« i«mft RM and 8uig.atthe Roy. CoO. of Surgeons, 

Aoroaa sad at HOime, Mtti. op. S^o. ITQO'— Rod , -, ^^ j- c*^ r> ». xiy»««;«.».l Tli* 

eross Knights, a pi. vio, i799.--Totary of Wealth, and Sure, of St. Gcoree's Hospital. TN 
«ott. 8^. 1799^'What a Blunder, com. op. svo. 1800. father Of Sir Everard wiB also a pn<^ 
— Love giv«9 the Atenn, com. 1804. This last has tioner of eminence, and the son was the 

sot been prlnt«l.— The Oaaette Ertraordlnary, com. ^^^\i ^nJl brotheiwin-laW of Joha HttBttf* 

•^«*""' a ^ r. J T. ti i. As amedieal writer he ranks higii, h«r- 

Holmes, Abiel, p. D. and Fell, of ino communicated many valnabteaptidrt 
^e Amenan Academy of Arts and ^j^the FhU. Trans, and other sdentils 
Sciences, Memb. of the MaMachusetts' aiaccUanies. Besides which ha haa pub* 
Hist. Soe. and Mimster of the first, or ]is|^^ , 
Presbyterian Church m Cambridge, NetV^ a Diawrtation eo iIm Pnyotiee of pm. 4id. iTtt- 

England. -Jolia Httntei^s Treatise on Ihe Blood. I ii ifci— ■ 

^e tA^ df Etta Stiles, D.D. prestdont of Tfclo tion, and Gon-shot Wounds, with a short Acoonal 

Collie, Svo. 1799 — American Annals, or Clirouolo- of the Author's Life, 4to. 179^— Practical Obsert» 

. #eal Hilt tf Amerioa^ ft«M to SMantrg is Ugg to tloat on the tnttaeot of Ukm on tb« Log«« cc** 

Mii« mm xaviir^ avtbou. hw i6$ 

im ^kHmk^UiiHtrj^twmtJf two. IffBT.^ Uonsofthe b««tfr«itB enldTstad io Bridih Ofrdfnt, 
OliMnr. «B Cmmct, Svo. I BOi S . li < i n i r>T* » XnnttiM on with ^escriptiQiu, 4to. 1B13. ThU work b to be com- 

f^ V«iMiBaI Diwuae, MUafgod 1^ materials Uft bgr pleted in about 18 nuinben. 
|li0Aatfcflr,^.ieO9.-^PracticalOl»ervatioiaon the HOOCER, WiLLlAM JaCKSON, F.L.S. 

!'^'2L"^^J2!:?^.."'*^"''k'^*I1®T??^ and Mcmb. of the Wernerian Soc. of 

1809.— Cracticai Obtorvations on the treatAent of tha n/ri^^ i ^.i. <nj' t u ^ v • i l 

DiM..e. of Prostata Gland, 8vo. i8ii.-Lecture. Mineralogy 8t Edinburgh, of which he 

mi Cpmparative Anatomy. 9 ▼. 4to. 1814. '1^*5 * foimdor. 

Home, Hesirt, B.C.L. Advocate in ''••*™^ irf a Tour in iqeland i]ii8oo.8«o. mi, 

the p>urt of Session, Scotland^ and for- SSii.!!!;;;!^ ^^ *^ 

merly of Baliol College, Oxford, h!^!vS\T am -.^j w •-. 

Obm;. on the Stricture. oPtha Ediabaish Ratiew ."?®':^» ^4?^?2u^- **' ^^- ^^^?^^ 

vpon Oxfen!, svo. 1810. ^ Poplar. His ntherwas the ingenious 

Hooi>,CATSE&nce. ^r- John Hoole, translator of Tassoand 

Bawawrrinor, vdib attar Boawi, ^cno. 4801. Ariosto. The son received his education 

Hood, Naxhavusl, lieutenant in the at Cambridge, and for some time served 

Army. St. Alban, Wood-street; but for the most 

of War, or Ridaft nd Bafaiationt af tiw jiart b^ resided at Aiing, -in Surrey, as 

Amy ianiaiatiua.iaiowiii8UiadH^of ar^ curate. Jfle attended Dr. Jphoson in hia 

SS^^^So* """^ **^ i»»«s«^ »«d was kindly remembered by 

Hood, Thomas Sottoit, Esq. ^^^ *° ^^ will. Mr. Hoole i$ the author 

A treatise oa Gypeoa* Us nies and appaataaea as a ^h 

Mfnun, 8«o. 1805. .Kodara Msnners, a sariesjof apUdes in iaitatiou joT 

Hook, James, LL.D. F.S.A. Preben- Vi!.^"i 5*"!i'' ^?' «8i.-Aureiia, • poem, ito. 
aa,y of Winchester, «id Chaplainmor. g^^^r.^^^^ l^^Z^^y^^^^ 
dmary to the Prince Recent. He is the .^n. i790.-.4alcct Wodts of Lauwaabodi, tiamstataA 

eldest Spn of Jmnas Hook, Esq. the «aa Um Latla, S ▼. 4to. tSl&^-^armonpraaehadat 

ipusicaj composer, and was educated at ti»opeaiwafthaChapaiatfopiar,«»o. lao*. 
St. Maxy-flall, Oxford. In 1T97 he mar- Hooper, John, M.A. 

ried the second daughter of Sir Walter ^* sdTanUges of early piety dhpUyed ia a Hc^moir 

Farquharj Bart. ai3 to his pen have ^f Vsw *" ^^"^"^ '"'^' '"* **^ Weymouth. 

^of^^,^T?i^i!^B&c:^^^^ ,>0P,R, — late lieutenant in the 
imd.mas.eiit. im Hsitbar^ftbasaJiowaTarhas 78d regiment After having been sevo- 
; bot^tba 4bUo«ia( haaa appeaiMi with nu years in the Service of the East India 

Jna n w ian An g ah ia HaiAa; a skaich at the tma Company, he purchased an ensigncy in 
ciiaaater «f itoCbaich of Enciaodaad har-oany. 1800, and in 180^ obtained a lieutenancy; 


Gmr •*! the Aathor on tfaemiiSect of it. 8»o. 1818. ™Ttial, Sent home Under arrest in 1806, 

31m Bobia lord look objcctioo to aona positions ad- «nd sentenced to be cashiered. The fol- 

•ancid^ djsooaoa Tt^poetiag the Gathaliequas. lowing year he published a narrative of 

tioa, aad Jie soimsdvartcd with sonie severity on the his oase, in octavo, ascribine his misfor- 

faThb^roenli^*^'**^*'^*^ " * ""'*"*' ^'^^ ^"°®* ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^*^ superiors. 

HoOjK, Sarah Axne. Hooper, Robert^ M.D. Licentiate of 

The Widowcfi Bride, or Celine, nor. Sv. ismo. i8oe. the College, and Physician to the Infir- 

—Secret Machinatiotts, 4 v. i2mo. 180*. maiy of St. Mary-le-boue. 

Hook, TheQOOAE EdwaAD, brother of Observ. on tlio structure and economy of Plants, to 

Dr. JaoiM'Hook. ^He was appointed in ^^^^ *' *****^^ ^^ valogy between the Animal and 

t^tt to the lucrative offices of Aer!omnt. '^^•^l* Kintdom, 8vo. i7flT— ITi* Hygrology, or 

imto tne lueratrve omces or Accomp^ chemico-physioiogiaU Poctrioa of the Fluids of tba 

ant^eneral and Treasurer of the island Human Body, from thaL»tin of j-j.Pienck.avo.iT<yr. 

of 'Mauritius; after having distinguished — Hie Au»tomi»t*s vade Mccum, ismo.iros. sdedit.* 

himself as the author of, enlai^ed, ISOO.— a Compendious Medical DicUonary, 

Tlia6oMief'aIUinni,com.op.8TO. 1806.--Catciihiia 8'o. 1T9B — Aaatomical Plates of the Bones and 

•vto caa, jBUSb hr. 8«o. 1806.— The laviaihla Giri, a Hoscles, reduced Irom Albiaos, for the use of tta- 

piece jm«aa^at,aro. 180&— IakeU,ma)od. 8«o. 1800. «««n«» ««* Artists, ISmo. ia08^-^bsarr. oa the ep|. 

— Bm Fortress, a oMlod. 8vo. 1807.-^usic &bd»a 4emlcal Distasas aoar pravaiiias ^ l^aOou, ftvo. 

dram. sk. 8vo. IHQB.— Siegaof St. Quintin, dram. 8vo. V)03. 

i80B.-4iiiiiqc-Bo Marder, (ar. 8vo. i8q0.-^8afe and HoPE, Tbos. Esq. a gentleman of taste 

***!!S: •P-^;^.!*^"''^'*^ ^^ •'"''• ^•*~' ^^' *nd fortune, who has applied the fine arts 

-.DjJ«a.sVj.jWe,«ir.8ao.i8u. with judgment to the internal decoration 

««MiRB, Wi WAM,-Dra»ghUman and ^f hoGsesTin which be has published, 

MjTJ^yer to the Agnc, Society of Here- Houiahold Pomlture and interior Decorations fol. 

"'(^B^U'e. laor—- The Costame of the Aadeoti, roy. 8to. 180^ 

Vonona Lo ndinwit ii, wtibiin ^otoaTBd Wftwli — pcii|BS of Mod«B CostUM^ fol. 1818. 

f * 



LITXR A AT '^C AL£19 0A&. 



HoPKiys David, of the Bengal Medi- 1*6 d€«criptk>a *»d we 6f ti» ii€w Ui^te* i>«teat 

^ vidTerMl Sovtog Mmcbine for broadcastiDf , or drill- 

ing erery kind of Gnin, Pulse, and Seed, 8vo. 1786. 

HoRKE, Rev. John, a Calvinistic Cler- 
gyinan, and the author of, 

A Sennoo, prcKched at the parish church of St. Afr 
drew by the Wardrobe, Jan. S2, 181C, 8vo. 

HoRNE, Melvil, originally a Lay* 

cal Establishment, and for some time 
resident as agent to the Company at 
Bhagiilpoore. He is tlie author of, 

The Dangers of Brit ^h India from French Invasion 
and Missionary Rstablishmeots, Bvo. I8O9.— A Voca^ 
bulary Penian. Arabic, and EugUsh, abriilged from 
Dr. "Wilkina'a edition of Richardsan'R Dictionaiy, 1 , • 1 • - r iir , - 

w, roy. «To. 1810. In the finii of the«e works he an- preacher in the conncxiou of n eslcyao 

nouuccd his intention of pitbii!»hiug a general UiMory JSlethodists, and afterwards ofdained as 

of India, in 4 vols. 8yo. " 1^ missionary, in which capacity be ofEct- 

, Hopkins, Joseph, Surgeon to th^ Duke ated at Sierra Leone. On his return he 

of Kent, and teacher ot Midwifery. ^^s presented to the vieamge of OIney, 

Uhe Accoucbcur-s Vade Mecam, isoio. iBw. j^ Bucks, from whence he remo\-ed to 

Hopkins, Thomas. Macclesfield, after the death of the Rev. 

Bank-notes, the cauic of the dtsappeantnce of Guineas, _^ • 1 o- 

8vo 1811 David Simpson. 

Hopkins, William, B. A. Vicar of f'J^f'^' sermon on Mr. Weaiey, 8«». mL-iyjcn 

•» 1 J i»« r ^i_ r> relative to the Siena Li one Company, 8vo. — LeCttn 

Bolnev, and Master of the Grammar ^^ M«sions. evo. i79*.-^er»on to Yt ang Person^ 

8ch0O], at Cuckfield, in Sussex. Bvo.— A Sonuun, before the London Missioii«ry Soci* 

Exodus; a ncyr translation v,ith notr^, 4to. 1784.' ny, gvo. 1797.— A Sermon, prekched to the lAyal 

HoPKIXSON, Samuel, B. D. and late MacciesBeld Korreetws, bvo. l«» — ^Au investigaiioo 

Fell, of Clare Hall, Cambridge, Rector of ^J '^c dtfi.i.tion of ju^utying Faith icmo. 1809-A 

~r»\^ t MT- r XM P XI Sermon, preached before tlie Society for promocms 

Ilton, and Vicar of Morton-cum-Hac Mission, to Africa and the East, evo. wn. -A Ser! 

COnby. n»ou ou the grcJt duly of britigiug Children to Christ, 

Bennon preached at the Asylum for Female Orphans, gy,,, \t\\. 

MA Standing Candidate for Ui« Chaplaiartiip ot that HoRWE, ThoMAS, Master of ChlSwick 

^'^'^^^?'~^^'^T^f^''^*^f'^'''t' School, and Vicar of Wilkinson, Here- 

Iftno* 1793, and agam tn l£13.->Prayers and Thanks- ^ , , ' ,, ^ ^r i' :.»:*.. r* u^ ^♦ 

^ings foi- Children, i2mo. UQS^Cause. of the fordshire: He was of Trinity College) 

Bcaicity inveitigatedj al»o an Account of the most Oxford, M.A 1762; B. and D.U. 1788. 
striking variution* in the Weather, Ace. 8vo. 1801. Reflections on the Sabbadi, 8vo. I796. — Sermon 

HoPKiRK, Thomas, F.L.S. nnd member "^»P'ed ^ »»»« circumstances of tlie present ctisis, 
of the Wernerian Society, Edinburgh. «'^- ^*' 

JElora Glotti^na; being a Catalogue of the indigenous 
P dints on the banks of the Clyde, 8vo. 181^ 

HopsoN, Edmund, Esq. of Norwich. 

"Rational conduct of the Human Mind, Moral and 
Belii;ious, ISmo. 1777. 

HoppKER, Richard Belgrave, Esq. 

A translation of Krusenstern's Voyage roaud the 
IrVorld, from die German, 4to. 1813. 

HoRNE, Thomas. 

History of the rise and progresa of the Betgian R«> 
public, from the Gemun of Schiller, ISno. 1806r— 
MemorialA of Mature and Art, collected. In a jenney 
through Great Britain, from the Oermnn of Gocifac^ 
3 T. 8\'0. leos.-— Essays and Tales, moral, literary, 
and philosophicnl, from the German of Eyel, Uao. 

^ , . • HoRNE, TeoitAS Hartwell, formerlr 

Horde, Thos. Esq. a dramaUc writer clerk to a barrister in Lincoln's Inn, and 
of no credit. n^^y librarian at the Surrey Institution. 

Xeander and Hero, trag. 8vo. 1709.— Zelida, trag. g^j^f ^^^ ^^ ^,,^j necessity and troth of Uie Chrirtiaa 

evo. 1772.— Damon and Fha:be^ op. 1774.-I>rsmatic gevelaUon, 12mo. 1800.-An Ess^y^ on Privateeiv 

Love, com. 8vo. 1773.— Disappointed Villainv. far. Captures, and Recaptures, translated from the French 

Bvo. J775.— The F^nplric, play.— As the World goes, ^^ Martens, 8vo. 1301 A view of the Commerce of 

com.-iAnd some other trifles. Greece, by Beaujoiir, a transladon, 8vo. 1800.-^ 

HoRE, Charles, Esq. 

Divine Meditations, vitli a Daily Directory, Igmo. 

Horn, Henry. 

3B8$ays concerning Iron and Steel, ISmo. 1773. 

compendiom of tlie Statute Lavs and Regulations cf 
the Court of Admiralty, &vo. iBOS.'-^n Intndne- 
tion to Bibliography, 2 v. 8vo. 1814. 

HoENE, W. W. formerly a dissenting 
teacher at Great Yarmouth, aud other 

Horn BY, Rev. Geoffry^M.A. Rector places in Norfolk; but now minister of 

C>f Ailmerton-cum-RuDton, and Felbrigg- Hephzibah Chapel, of the Antinomian 

cum*Melton, in Norfolk. persuasion, Wood-street, Cheapside. 

A Thnnksfiving aemon, pi«ached Doe. 5. 1805, 8to. jj^w Songs of Zion ; or short Hymns collected fiom 

^*lj* r V 1 the Old Testament, Bvo. 1794.— The Faith of thft 

Hornby, Thomas, Esq. of York. Gospel vindicated, in tvo Sermons, 8vo. 1800.— Coa« 

A DisseruiioQ ou Lime,, and its use and 4bu«e in tention fur die FU'th, or Refbutjon of the Prindpfes 

Agricolturo. of Mr. Cooper, 8vo. 1806.— Lif^ of the Rev. John 

HoR N B, A N D R EW. . Bradford, Svol— friendship, n poem, and HwipHrad 

The seat of vision determined by the discovery of ft Heath, a poem, ISmo. 181£. 
new function in the organ, 8vo. 1B13. HoRNER, T. Land-SUTVeyOF^ Chuicb- 

"IIoRWB, /oHw. «ourt, Iimer Temple* 

f614« BOR tlVtKG AUTHOIUI. HOW' " 1 65 

DMeripdon of aa imfrotrbd metfiod of deKoeftling Kev Mercantile TViblos for mscertajniiig tho Amouot 
B&tates, Bvo. 1813. of Goods, 8vo. 1811. 

HoRNSEY, John, an industrious and Houghton, Mart. 
injrenious Schoolmaster, at Scarborough, ^« Mysteiie* of the Forest, rom. s ▼, icmo. isia* 

W^O has published the following very -iTV« B^der CWoftnin., nov. S v. l2.,.o i«13. . 

Bseful books • Houghton, Pendlebury, a dissenting 

A*ort Gmminlrof the English L«iiffti««re. lemo. mimsterof the Unitarian persuasion, offi- 
nge— Hie Chiicfa Monitor. i2mo. 1806— Fbe Book ciating to a congregation in Prince's- 

*f MononylUblev, or Introduction to the preceding. Street, Westminster. 

iSmo. 1007. — The Pronouncing Expositor, a new Sermons, 8vo. Sd edit, to which are addfd a Sermon 

Spelling-book, ISmo. I8O9.— The New Young Man's for the benefit of the Norfolk Hospital, and Five 

Companion, 12mo. 1811. Essays on the fatnre existence of Man, 8vo. I8O9. — 

HORSBU ROD, James, F.R.S.and Hydro- F^^^T^L""* *'^**'^ HumiUation, a FastSenaoni 

gmphcr to the East India Company, in Houghtoic, William, a Lieutenant in 
ivhose naval service he was a commander ^^^ j „^; ^ ^j^ J ^ ^ 
above twenty years. His papers m the ijcentfous pieces. 

Philosophical rransactions are very va- ^Ue Alarm sounded, or an Address to Protestants; 

luanie, besides which he has published, .nd the Dreams of an idiot, poems, l2rao. 1812.— 

Directions for sailing to and from the tast Tndie*, The Grin of a Momeut, a poem, 4to. 1813. Some 

China, New Holland, and tfie Cape of Good Hope, anonymous articles of a still worse cast are ascribed 

4to. 1811. to his I en, and he Is said to be engaged In a popular 

HORSLEY, HeNEAGEi A.M. son of the newspaper. 

late Bishop of St. Asaph, and christened Houlstok, William, Surgeon, F.A-S^ 
Heneage, in compliment to the Earl of and F. of the Medical Society of London. 

tAylesford, the friend and pupil of his sketches of facts and opinions respectiag the Venai 

^her. Mr. Horsley was educated at '^^ l""^""' ®7- ^'^^''^ ^ «**3''*'^ ^I^V"'* 

•«, ^ •_ <,^ c< u 1 ^ J I ^ J r amendments, and an additional section 00 the former 

Westminster School, and elected from tion and cure of strictures ,n the UretUra. 

thence to Christ Church, Oxford, where Uoulton, Robert, M. B. a native of 
he obtained a studentship, and took the England, who studied physic at Edin^ 
degree of Master of Arts in 180«. On },urgh, after which he practised in Ire- 
entering into orders, his father, who was land with some success. He next turn- 
then Bishop of Rochester, gave him the ed his attention to dramatic writing, and 
living of Woolwich, which he resigned brought out some musical pieces on the 
on obtaining the rectory of Gresford, in Dubfin stage. On coining to London he 
Denbighshire, with a prebend m the ca- assisted a morning paper with poems, 
thedral of St. Asaph. He married Miss and wrote songs for Vauxhall. By the 
Frances Emma Bourke; but from some good offices of Mr. Hook he was enabled 
embarrassments was under the necessity ^ bring out, at Drury-lane,.his opera 
of retiring to Scotland, where he offici- called Wilmore Castle, in 1800, but 
ates as minister of the episcopal chapel without success. Conceiving himself iU 
at Dundee. Mr. Horsley has published ^ged he published a pamphlet, entitled, 

three volumes of his father's sermons, a Review of the Musical Drama of the Theatro 
the Bishop's Tracts in controversy with Royal Drury-lane, tending to develope a system of 

Dr, Priestley, accompanied by a defence P^Xt^* influence injurious to the public, svo. laoi. 
oflhcm against Mr Belshara, the pre-, John an Agriculttinst of 
late's episcopal char<;es and speeches in Corby, near Carhsle. ,^ ^ , 

««.i;».X>»4- «^ ;« ala« n»<»>o..;n» <V»^ A descnpUve Tour and Guide to the Lakes, Cavef, 

parhanlent. He is also preparinc for jjountaiis, ani) other natural curiosities in CumT 

press his Jordsbip S translation Ot the berland, Westmoreland. Lancashire, and a part of 

Book of Psalms, with a Commentary^ in tlie west Riding of Yorkshire, 8vo. laOO^-A top» 

^ vols. 4t0. His own publications are, graphical Description of Cumberland, Wealnoreland, 

A Scmon on the power of Absolnlioo, preaehed Lancashire, &c. 8vo. 1800. 

•i ao ordination at St. Aiaph, in 1804, 4CO.— The HOUSUAN^ R. A. B. 

unity of design in tlic Law and Go«)pel, a Serqion at Sermons upon select Namrs and Titles ascribed la 

the consecration of Dr. Glcig, as Bishop of the Epis- (he word of God to Jesus Christ, 8vo. 1703.-— The 

copal Church of Scotland in 1806. principles and extent of Chri&tiaD Benevolence coo. 

HORT William JilLARD. sldered in a Scrmoo. preached ne fore the Govcruon 

The New Pantheon, 12mo. 1808.— Introduction to the ©^ f/ Leicester Infirmary, 4to. 17^. 

•tody of Chronology and Universal History, ISmo. HOUSTON, T. a gentleman *0f New- 

1810— Miscclianeooa English Exercises for Schools, castle, and the author of a dramatic 

2Smo. 1812. trifle, called, 

HORWOOD, CaROLINB. Tenn^daj, comedj, 1803. 

The caaUc of Vivaldi, nov. ^ v. ;2bo. jfijs>* HowARD, Damiel, a Solicitor at Post* 

liovGttTONy J. fle9| in Uampst^e, 

IM BOW tlTEB^HT C4Lliir»A«« SttT |it4» 

TtmUmmtmmmfp^ mM amm^^^MMmiit CoU. Camb. wlwK fat gMMd the M«n» 

bciM ud Ca»U», 8vo. 1818. ber*8 PtIM ID ItDQ. 

HoWA RDy Lieut. Col. H. ICiHBllwMow polfaBl trwnl^ktou, &««. latS^-Tlie 

A PnUaf Ugiit Infcarrj and UUI«aMB at anaafed 8»druof Fcniiu, trantUted, witb sotes,8ra. laop. 

ftu- the CamhflriaiMi Baogcn, 8VO. ](■(». UowisoN^ Jau£8, M.D. and formerly 

HowAKs, J. B. Surjgeon on the Beneal e&tabiishmea^ 

Wnjs aad linaaa, «r mvj Mm bis ova ffiaaacitr* axufa mtmbff of the Asiatic Socioty. Hc 

•^^ ^i** is the author of 

Howard, John Walter, Esq. ^ Dietioaary of the ll>lay Tonsat, 4to. lBQft,---a«a 

The Alana aoiyidad, ar aa AddMW M> tha ProMitMli Kvetal coamaaicatiom iatbe raiumm af AmUc Ba. 

•r Groat 3riU». 8vo. 18U. •e«fah«. aad otlMir paUkatioM. 

UowAAD,JoH»,Siimoa. Howison, Wiixf am, Esq. 

teihriaadical ppagiartus of Mweaiy, ava. HV&r^ j^^ Inv«t«aiAon af tha juiaciplM awl oadit «£ Cba 

Ob the method of coriag the Hydrocele, 8vo. nss.^ circnlalioo of Paper Moow, or Beafc^noUn ia Giotf 

Oa tha hMlaiy aad cum of «ha Veaanal Dnrnm, 2 Brkwn, 8vo. 1803. 

"'^n^nf.*«n T«„w oq„«,-.^n HoWLZY, WlXUAM, D JD. Loitl Blshop 

Ovid. MetaaM,rplM»«.. traaelated Into E..gU«h btmk ^^^ / P^y^ Counsellor. He was odu- 

«ti»e. 2 V. 8vo. 1807. c^tcd ftt Winchester school, and reniovev 

tioavAJiD, LuK£, F.LJ5. a gentleman of ftoa thence to New Coll. Oxibvd, whara 

ibrtuDe at West Ham in Essex. he obtained a Fellowship, and on tha 

An Essay on the ModifieaUon of cioydn, 9vo, 280*. preferment of Dr. Raadojphf succeaded 

«-4Ia is also the aathor of eeveral veiaoiolQcical v. bim aS RegiuS PlofessOT of Divioitgr* 

tk]k»inikePhu.ifsgj tUTiaM.irfthej4nii.«Qc. Having been appointed Tutor to thm 

a«i Gregory . Cyciopodu. p^^^^ ^ OraaJTbe was fixed upon t» 

•liS^ii^^t. a. Ba* aiae.. aa. 6 . ^" ^ ^ oftondon on the suddea 

itaMUfr, ar FMii. a. Baa, aide., aar. 5 T. dcalih of Bishop Baadolph. HeisMitbor 

BMcMgh Vela, aad other poems, «9o. ttOS^-The * T*2L/^ r k^k ^ *??^ tLS^ 

Jalern^of Daalr . tnn«l«tad iato BaRlish U<.iik ver^, «"?*»»»**««» »•> V"*>^ <*»l^« Jaaa «, ia<H, 4MV 

lCmo.l8Q7-^ Vocebubry, Eiifflifth and Greek, for XlO WORTH, MrS. 

the use af youog persons, iSmo. 1808. Tbe Poem^ of Baron Heller tnasl«ted ban Hhe Gi^ 

Howard, Philip, Esq. and « Eomaa "^'"'° «»«"f*'«~- "9»-. „ , _ . _ „ 

Catholic of the Korfolk* family. HeVi ^ HovtE, Cua«les, A.M. of Tnn.CoH. 

sided n,«,y v««s abroad and. published ^JJ.«^e% To^„o. .«.. 

.*''^"".'i'* fli *"», <*»e"'a"»°s «> geology Hotte, HtHay, Surveyor and valuer* 

under the title of: had» ■ > j 

Benptaral History of th* Earth ud of Uaokiad, uith h-bTIIj .ji^i_ •« iw. h_— i:^ .« .i^.,, -.j _i. 

«f^C Unitarian persuasion at Bridport Tl>e city Iribuic, or Effusions of Love and LDydtr, 

m Dorsetshire. 4to. laio. • 

.BpUcopucy, a lettw to Mr. Forster, 8^'0. I7«5.— Five HuCKELL, Kcv, JoDN. 

Bermnns, 8vo. 1771 •—The MillenDtum, or cheerful Avon, a poeu, t«no 1811. 

prospects of UiereiBn of truth, peace aad righleou*- HuCKS, J. A.M. and late FelloW «f 

Mmm, wUhaerious reAcctioas oo tha eama»anc*meat of pnf K*i.;«-» U«11 r'<>«^K..;^«.« 

Ae new eaotary. Two Sermons, »to. WOl^An Y^^IT ^^\^^^l^'^ . ^ 

•bridcement of Dr. John Taylor's Kay to the Apos. ^ P<«i«^r*« Toar through Korth ffales, te 

4BlscWritiats.ltaia.ieOS. ^ ' r^ of letters, ftvo. 13tf5.>4>oei»s,18BQ.I}|8. 

fiowELL, Mrs. .UuDDART, JosKPB, An-emineot navi^ 

Oeorgini. or thesdtantagrs of great conoesions. nov. '^^ ^^ hydfOgrupher. (ie waS bom m 

tv.iemo. 1796.— Aaaoietta Zadoskia, nov. sv. itmo. "1741 at Allenby in Cumberland, and in 

s7ff6.~Tha Spoiled Child, nov. 8 v. ismo. 1T97. the carfy part of his life was employed in 

Howell, T. B. Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. and the herring fishery in the Frith ofFort!^, 

IJarnstcr at Law» also in the Irish and West Xpdia trade, 

^^""^^u ?'" »«'««•'• P«pw«t on the nan. jQj 1773 hc enticred into the scrocc of the' 

Kftidanae of the clej-gy. 8vo. iao£. and again in Mios. £^. j j^ comoanv where he attained 
He was also the editor of the State TriaU originally St A 1 ^ P*^^* *°**r "f '"T^^ 

po b iishe d by Cobbett. * "^ the rank of commander m If 78 ; but 

Howell, Thomas, M.D. quitted that employ in 1788, and retired 

Joamal of a passage from .ladta over land ta Eag. tO enjOy the frUktS <^hi|S industry. Can* 

iMid. sva. 1780. • tain Uuddatt distiogoished himself as % 

Howes, Rev. Fbavcis, A«M. of Xm. nautical surveyor both i^tbeBaatlsdiaa 

1814. «n> ' livtir# AXfvnoMi mm ffff 

teas, and on our own coasts. Re fau rish of St. Ixke, Mlddlewx, hi 1749» 
also obtained a patent for the manufac- Her fkmily name was Raymond, and ^0 
ture of corda^ for Which purpose he are sorry to relate that the latter years 
erected machmery at Maryport. The of her life have been clouded with mis- 
proprietors of £a$t India stock were so fortune, the consequence of widowhoud 
sensible of tile value of his services, and and the loss of property by a chancSfT 
•f his integrity, that (hey elected him suit. A collection of her poems, which 
one of their directors. He has likewise had long lain 'th manuscript, falling into 
been for maav years an elder brother of the hands of the late Mr. Cambcrlandy 
theTrinit;^ House, and a fellow of the met with his approbation, and a pubtica^ 
Koyal Society, to whose transactions he tion ensued with this title : 

h^S been a valuable contributor. He Friendly visits from the Muse, or the CoOMtotfofli 

married in 176^, and had five sons by ofSoHtude.8vo.i8io. 

that union, of whom only one survives. . Huokes, T. B. Barnster at Law. 

Hp Km niihl'i&hed besides hi<i Charts ^*^^ of the Cow of Ui« Bm agaltiK BoM mA 

"-Ji^ ^V^t !?! rf ~®* ^^ ^./nartS, ^^^ asslgoeet of Costell and Powell, ba 

A Sboteh of the Stmite of Gwpar, a pasMije Utwoea ^^ 3^ ^^^ 

•be islaocb of iUac and BilHtoo, 8.0. 1788. HuOHES, Rev. W, 

HUBLBSTOV, John, Esq. ATottrChrotfghMtanlef tbeaaatedi 

Speech ie tfae Homm of Cnmma, oa the Ifotieo of dcputmenu of Fnmce, io 1808. wiih engraviap,8vc* 

Jf r. aev Sir Pbilip Fnocu, lesfiecttag liutia, 8vo. 1803.— Elegy 00 the Death of Uw Ee. Heoi tpincec 

1805. Perceval, 9wo, 1818. 

Hudson, Richard. Huohes, William, M.A. 

She Lend Valuer's AnUtant, iSmo. 1781. Sermoo on the AbolMoe of the Sieve Tiade,4lBh 

Hoe, FraHCIS, a French royalist wbo ITBS.— Answer to Mr. Harris's Scriptaral reseanhee 

published in English, <»• **>♦ lidtjie» of the SUve £rade,8wo. 1788. 
The last yearsef the Ilelfii of Loais XYI., 8^. ISOT. HuiSH, RoBERT, £sq. received the TVk- 

HuoELL, Mrs. diments of education under Mrs. Bar- 

liadore of Galliria, nor. 8 ▼. l«mo. 179r. ' bauU, at Palsgiave IB Suffolk, and COB»* 

Hughes, H. pleted it at the unit etstty of Fiaakfon o» 

-BeMbatkm aed other poeae, Sre. 1708. xhe Maine. 

Ht70ltSS, J. T. Esq. of Lincoln's Inn. Sotonoe. a saered draeiet from the OeraMi of Klep- 

HcBeetloM on the polities of Pranee and Beglaedet Stoek, iSaio. I8O9.— Mysteries of Ferney Cattl^ 

tlie deee of the year 179T- 8vo. nov. 4 ▼. 12mo. ISO^.-^The Sorcerer, a rottaftee, 8V«. 

HuORES, Rev. John. ISII.— Tbe Peraviao^, & poem, 8vo. 1818. 
A DissoaKtre frotn SoDday drilWhg, Svo. 180#. Hu LL, JoBN, M. D. Memb. of the CoP- 

Hughes, Rev. JosEPd, A.M. a Dissent- poration of Surgeons, Physician to tbir 
ing Minister at Battersea, and one of the Lyin^'-io Hospital at Manchester and He- 
Secretaries to the British and Foreign crctary to the Literary and Philosophicid 
Bible Society. Society of that place. 

A SeroiOD preached before the Society for propa- ^h^ British Flora, 8to. 17W. «d ed. to 8 r. I60e.«« 

«atiag kuovledge in the lllghlaDds of Scotland, 8vo. Uette&ts of Botany, f v. 8vo. UM.-^9mtf eft 

U08.— Britaio's Defence, a Sermon, 8vo. 1803.— PhleRtaaHa Dolens, eve. 1880.--4>efeBee ef Ctav 

Eisay on the Christiau Sabbath, 12rao. 1801. Oaaaieao Operatlei^ with etweruaUeni e» Emhryali 

HUOUES, Lewis, B.D. cia nad the lection of the SympbUU pubis, Svo. 17g0b 

Hietocieal view of the rise, progre«t, and tendency of -^Obsarvatloos om Mr. Sinuaons's detection, Su. or e 

l2ke priadplee of JacoHnism, 8vo. 1708. defence of the Casareae Operation, 8vo. 1799' ^ •^ 

Hughes, Mrs. of this lady nothing in 8 paita» laog.— Two Memoirs on the CiEtartaa 

more is known than as the author of the pperatiol^ trao«Uied from the French of Bande- 

ibllowiin? works • '•*^"^ ^^ " eppendut, 8vo. laoi.-Dr. nullliae 

SOJlOwmg WOrKS . , , . .,^ •!«> written several articies in the Medical and Phy. 

*^' connsting of ecl^-rt. j«torato Jnscriptlons, ^^ j^ ^ ^^^^ periodical poblioitlons, 

sfv^jr^Fo^u^ri^'-T"^^^ ^«5"^"' -^^"^^ ^^'^ "^ ^^'^ 

Mewy end Iiebellap eev. 4 v. 13aM>. 1788.— Morai Gray's Inn. 

iriwiiii.Oii 17«». The Law of Costs, »re. lf98.^TlM tetr ^ Coatli» 

HmBBS, Rf€B, A.M. chaplain to Earl d^il i«tlonf and crtadael preeeeduigs^aira.iTtf. aa 

J^Srf ^a««. «. v-i... ».bi««.e.o^ 8?r «»<■*• 4'' «»<• Scotkod i. the Univ.*. 

Sndal Union and Benevolence, a Scfnwe, 4«». 1790. »tty of Edinbur<;n. ^ _^^ _ _ 

•«»IjettCTto tlie Society maetlDC «t tlje Crown and Commentsrles on the Vt» el Ot Mlnd» tttftmimi 

Anchor Tarem. 8vo. 1791.~Defeace ef the Lord the description asd pnnittMM ef eitaai, t W.4«^ 

Vhhop of Bangor, (Dr. Warren) on occasion of the 1797* 

resMHirfMe preeecution instituted by Orindley, 8vo. HuM£, J08BVR, M.P* 

t79&— Katiooal danger the test of virtoe, a Seraion, Dante*s Inferno, translated into Etnlbh Mnt «MHk 

#vo. 1809L 8vo. 1818.~Copy of a Letter to the ClMwcellar ef 

HuGBBSi Mrs. S. was bom in the pa- tfie Escheqaer, aad Mh i H iiil ef 1 

l^tl fcr pMTeutiag tnniM anddtaies to tho/ruie- a?o. 1809.— Treatise oq ^« fourth Ch«pter of Uuud^^ 

vork knitting manufactory, 8vo. 1812. — Substance of with rt-marks on tlie person of Chfisc, 6vo. 18l£. 
a Speech at the East India house. May 9, against the HUKT, Rcv. J. P. 

grant of <ft pension to Lord Melville, Bvo. 1814.— Sub. ^,g jy^^ Miiik, a romance, S v. l«mo. 1809. 

.tance ofa Sp<*ch at the ^"f^* ^^"^ "f,*?"*^^^^ HuNT, IsAAC, A.M. a native of Amc- 

^^for .acrea«.g tbu .alarie. of d..ector». 8vo. ^.^^^ ^^J ^^^^^^^ ^^.^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^^ 

liuMFREY, Nathamel, A. B. of Lin- atNew York, which place he was obliged 

coin College, Oxford. to quit on the breaking out of the war. 

A Poetical Sketch, with other poems, ismo. 1808. As a Compensation he was appointed 

Hi;mpace,Bekjamiii, a Surgeon. chaplain to the Savoy, of which he was 

Physiological researches into tlie most important deprived, and then Ikt associated with 

pu-u of the animal economy, 8vo. 1795. some of the scctarics. He IS the father 

Humphreys, John Doddridge, of Mr. James Leigh Hunt, and brother- 

Prince Malcolm and othtr poems, 8vo. 1814. in-law to Mr. West the paiQter. 

HuMPURfiYS, JoH£i, a Disseutiug Mi- Semons on various subject*, 8vo.— The Ricbts of 
IlifttCr. Englishmen, against Paine, 8vo. 
'Jlie Regard due to the Divine Judgment^ considered HuNT, WiLLI AM, Esfl. A. M. and Bar- 
in a Sermon pnached at Uie Lord'. Day Kvening lee- ^jg^j ^^ £^^ ^f Lincoln's Inn. 
t«re at Hare Court. Alderagaie Street. Kov.lT, 1798. jy^ ,^^ ^^ practice of DUtrwses and Replevin, by 
^O' r\ T A JUT Chief Baron Gilbert, the Sd ed. with additions, Bvo. 
' Humphreys, Rev. 1 HOMAF, A.M. 1793.— Collections of Cases on the Annuity Act, with 
The Prebendary and Curate, being an impaitial ex. ^^ epitome of the practice relative to the enrolnent 
position of the state of parochial affaii* in Sawlcy ©f memorials, 8 vo. ITjM; 2d ed. 1796. 
Wne lind Long Eaton, ^yshire,«vo. 1811. HuKTER, MisS A. S. a daughter of the 

* HuKT, Charles Henry, Esq. ^^^^ j^^ jj Hunter, of the ScoU 

T^atUe on the Merino and Anglo-Menno breeds of Q^^^^i, London Wail. 

«ieep,8vo.lC10. T r»r« «nn nf A Selection from the moral writings of Cuiro, ISao. 

Hunt, JaMeS Henry Leigh, son of i809.-MiaceUanie. designed for female waders, Itoo, 

the Rev. Isaac Hunt, an Amencan re- ^^ 

figec, by a sister of Mr. West the pain- Hunter, Mrs. of Norwich. 

ter. He was born in 1784, and educated 'Leutia, or Uie castie without a spwtre, 4 ▼. lemo. 

at Chrirfl'S Hospital, on leaving which he I8OI.— History of the Grubthorpc Family. St. Igmo. 
was for some time in the office of an at- leoi^teuen from Mrs. Paimerstoue to her Dattgl^ 
.* vti^ __^i. ^V»tQ;n*»r1 Q cWnotirkn tcr, 3 v. l«mo. 1803.— The Unexpected Lcgacy, S ▼• 

torncy. He next obtained a situation ^^^^ i804.-Poem.s svo. i8oa.-lii.e Sporu of the 
wnder government, which he was obhged ccnii, 4to. i805.-Lady Maciairn. the vicUm of viu 

to quit on estabUshing the paper called loiuy, 4 v. ISmo. I8O6.— Family Annals, or WorldJJ 
the Examiner, in 1809, before which he Wi»dom,3 v. ICmo. I8O7.— The Schoolmistress, a — 

trag. 8vo. 17^. 

up'^^'htm Tpro^'^u^^^^^^ "^^"^^«» '^^*'^*' * Veterinary Sur- 

the Prince ^f^g^"^ ^"^^^ Vh™" '''''" ^'-Vc Biction«r, of F.mcry .ndHor««.h. 

finement in the New Goal, Horsemonger ,hip,8vo. 1796. This is nothing more than a compu 

Lane. His works are : lation from different authors. 

JuvenUia, or poems written bctwisen the ages of HuNTER, JoHX, LL.D. F.R.S. Ed aud 

twelve and sixteen, icmo. 180^0° ^^^^^^^^ ^f profcssor of humanity in the university 

danger of Meihodism, 8V0. I8O9.— The Reiormist's r.-^ a „,!..« .„«. 

Beply to the ArUcle on the State of Parties, in the Of bt. AmlrCWS. 

Edinburgh Review, 8ro. I810.-The Reflector, a An ediuon of the works of Virgil, « v. Wmo. 1799. . 

qoarlcrly Magazine, No. I. 1810.— Report on an in- lIuNTER, JoUN, Admiral in the Uoyal 

formation filed cx-oflicio by the Attorney General, ^avv, and foniierlv gOVCmor of tlie COio- 

Dec.9,itt«.wivhobservatious 181^^^^^ nyofNew South Wales. 

■avs on the perfoimers of the London JLbCHtrescr. ,•; . . _ , , , ..« _^c _«„ 

Sini»i»U«l P>mu,, 5 ». Kno^F««t of U» Poet,. ^"•'J" "^f""" '""i" '* *' ""t^Z^Tt:.^ ^^ 

wHvtuguw f. , Soutli Wales and tiie Souther^ ocean, 4to. 179S« 
amd other pieces, ISmo. 1814. ,_ . -, ^ 

• «T -1 c Hunter, John, Esq. 

Hunt, John, surgeon. ^I^ Tribute to the Manes of unfortunate Poet^ Ac 

ntstorieal Surgery, or the Progress of the Science of g^^, 179B.— Cecco's Complaint, from the luhan of 

medicine on Inflammation, Mortification, and Gunshot pj^^isco fialdovini, 8vo. IBOO. 
Wonnda,4to.l80l.-?»lutafy Cautions respecting the Htiktpr TnsEPn a Dissenting Minis- 
Q»at.6vo. laoS-^Anatomical reflections on the foim "^V*^?? ^.^^^T^^ * msscnung MmiS- 

of Animals, 8vo. I8O6.— ABricultural Memoirs, or tCr Ot the U nitanan perSUaSIOD. 

history of the Displey Syaten in answer to Sir John A Tribute to the Memory of the Rev. John 

Sebright, 8vo. 1812. ^ " Sermon preached at Bath, Aug. fiQ, 1813- 

HuNT, Rev. John. Hunter, Maria. 

TiMltowffofQcklf a l^«rBMMi preached at Lymingtoo, Fitsroy, or the Impulse of tbo Monent, nov. 2 ▼< 

1814. Htm tlVINO AUTHORS. HU» 169 

Mmo. 179e — ^Ella, or He is alwan in tho W«t £ » tinn »« .l -r.- . 

iSDio. iTjs. ' •'' * '• J'on. to. the Bishopric of Gloucester. 

HcKixR, William, Member of the iXd *Hi, T A'*-'"'^ "* ^^ *«'«- 

Asiatic Society at Calcutta, Foreign 1,1. „ ."•» Lordship is unmarried, and 

Member of th^ Medical Sodet v in SI' to hU hTnor"' 'J'"«°"'g «"§'« « highly 

doD, Honorary Member of the SocietjTof of th^ f?Z ^" *'''"' u''™,*"'' '^"^^^ 

Sciences at faris, and Surgeon to the st/r !t m f*"?"?"' '*''"^.' « Warmin- 

Hon. East Indii Company's Alar „e wfrh t " ^''V^ ^P "7«' ^*''* » **«'<"' 

Establishment in Ben<.al anVsecr^rv ''«*'* y°i«g/aniily, the entire care of 

to the Asiatic socieTy> ' ^'^ which our author took upon himself, and 

CoDcise iM^unt of the KtogJom of Pegu 8vo 1785 Y '® ^^^f ^"*^^ "''«** "n<^«r ^is 

-Account of some erdBckl cavern* n«*r Bombay r^ '\^®". Provided for at his expense. 

l««o. 1788.— EaMj od the diseftses iiiddeat to S«mI AX)rdship'8 worka are : 

men and Lucan in long Voyage*, folio. 1T84. He ^'"^^ 0<*«' ^81. of which oolr SO cooies wm 

l»» also aeverul valuable papers in the Asiatic re- P'^^^d- Metrica Monostrophica, 8vo. 1782 -pZ* 

'^;^^- ^»^« ^^|»t of an Introduction ^Tti^e WriUaVffGreS^ 

HuNTEK, William, Esq. Barrister of 1, , ^°^^®^r^"^ '*'' ^^*'"*' <»f *«"«»«» being 

the Inner TcmpJe. ^ barrister Ol select sentences fr.m Xenophon. The two parts a,; 

key, and lluiinrv «vo iTtrf? <.i -^ o . ,-L»- -^"tcnces, oy wntini; of whicli boys may be* 

Sh'o'rt View oTSi'por/cari^ua't^o. of U AS;;; -"^"1"^ l:fo" ^^^r' ^"^-f "'•^^ '^»- 
Power,. 8VO. 1801.-A few Reflections on "^c^t IT^X^^TD.s^^^Jt i^^^^^^^ 

Uon wtUi Denmark, 8vo. mu.- Vindication of the ter of discoureei 8vo ITW a ni »ikc num- 

pTrj',.'';n .^"'^"•. ^^°- ^^'^^ -^^e'^'> of Z before ^TcoTpl' of H^m^lT™* S^er^lllSl^ 

Tot m^^kln^ P^"T «" ^««^«--R--nsfor 8vo. I7gr.-A Call for U^ion wM ^^iSS 

•ot »^«n«/e«» with Buonaparte, 8vo. 1806. 8d Church. 8vo. 1800, reprinted iu IBwl^ Se™^ 

?^;. f^TJ**?"^ o° • piece of Criticism in the preached at the Annlve^yof thi^o^f H^^ 

^oborgh Review 8vo^ iear.-VindicHtion of the Society, at St. James'" Churii^^'Sis"^ 

Reign of George III. 8vo. IBll.-Thoughts on the Thoughts on the Trinity 8vo iiSi a iu!!Z 

Pr^t 8UU of PoHUca, Aifairs. 8vo. 1811. pr^acLd befo^'he'^^i^'d's SlSntranl'^Te^irr 

^«^^«?°^^*^» George Isaac, D. D. ^*^ ^* '«>♦. *to.-A Sennon preached at th« 

r.R.S. Warden of Winchester ColieKe "*"'^*^*»®i St. MaitinS in the Fields, before the gp. 

and Bishop of Gloucester. His Lord^fiin ^*™"" . *** Benevolent institution for delivering 
was born at Winchester in irf« .S^f PJ?«- »«Tied women. March 9. 1806. 4to.-A Cha,^ 

caica at Wykeham's school in that city, >« I8O7. 8vo.-Prepa«tioB for the holy order of Den. 
and thence removed to New College, *^**™' i"** charge deUvered previously to an ordiua- 
Oxford, where he proceeded M. A in ^' ^"^ ^^OT.— Preparation for the holy order of 

1776. He afterwards became an assis- ,"^'"* ' ^"^^^Ke delivered previously to an ordi- 
tantatthe sch^l where Te^Td beTn ^^Z^'^Z::^:^?^^^ 

brought up under Dr. Josenh Warton. Trien.i.l visitation in June mT£o!I^A^t^t 
In 1782, being then Fellow Ot New Col- ■"' ^^^ addressed to the Rt. Hon. £ord Somen. 

lege, he published his first collection of ®^°- ^®^^ 

Monostrophics, or Greek Odes, of which Hurd, Philip, member of the Inner » 

he says in a letter written at the time, Temple, and the author of a pamphlet 

" The persuasion of Mr. Warton, Mr. t?»<iing to show that an attorney or soti- 

Bui^ess, Dr. Laurence and other emi- ^'^'' c*nnot be made a bankrupt as s 

ncnt men, induced me to the publication ; scrivener, 8vo. 1814. 

I hope that my offering to the literati Hurlstone, Thomas, one of the per- 

will be candidly received l)y them." The sons concerned in the Morning HerSd. 

work was critically examined by Dr. and author of the following pieces : 

CharJes Barney, m the Monthly Review, J"** *» Time. com. op. svo. i7<».--To Ama, mot. 

but though the author defended his per- *"*'* ®^'*' i79*— Ciotehet Lo4g«. a farce, avo. 179^. 

formance, this little controversy was so T^?"??*^^"/***"' '^- ' ^- *«»~- iW— Myste. 

ftr ^rom occasionmg any ill-will on either ''" 1" "^^'^^^ ' ^' ^'"" ""• 

aide, that it produced a lasting friendship "urn, William. 

between these two eminent scholars. ^^^ ^^^'^ Pf^T' *""• ^"^-^ »»•»»««» o' 

In 1789 Mr. Huntingford was appointed tT ^""^* ""' , 

Warden of Winchester College, and in J]^^^^' ^"- ^^"' ^^^ Miss Mit- 

179S he accumulated the degrees of B. l,K ^ , 

aiidD.D. In 1808 Lord Sidmouth who i'""* J*^ ^^ y""»« P^P'«. i«»>. iw^ArtieM 

h-dbeen educaT^ 7nder hTat ^^^^^ Tai.,, v. i^.i808..Contra.tofVinu..i..vie., 

•*^^^^nced him, without solicita- Hurtubt, Thomas, 

170 Ht^lt LlTERAttT CALBNDAH. HUT " 1814. 

Accourtofioo»Curio»iti««inUi«ncighbottrliood of HuTTON, ChaRLES, LL.D. F^^. ot 

M«UiaawOmT^,Y«rickhire,i«oi».n86. London and Edinb. and of the Phil. 

Hurwitz,Hym AN, Master of the Jew- Societies ofHaerlem and America, and 

ish Academy at Uighgate. )ate Professor of Mathematics in the 

ficraeats of tha Hebrew Laoguaffe> ^o, 180T. Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. 

HusRissoKi the Rt. Hon. William, jje was born at Newcastle up<m Tync in 
M.P. forChichester.andoncoftheCom- ^^^^ ^^ ^^ an early ace he opened a 
missioners of His Majesty's woods, forests mathematical school m liis native town, 
and land revenues. He is a distmgujsh- ^jj^j.^^ j^ 1764, he published his Practi- 
ed financier, and the autlior of ^^j jjeatise on Arithmetic and Book- 
ing Question coDceming tl.e depreeiation of oar j^ • ^ ^^^^ ^^8 afterwards added 

"TJi^rwrLL^rL » ^ey L the use of Tutors. His Trea. 

i^tUJi^I'Iaew" "'.younger brother, «v. tise on MeusunitioD, printed in quarto 
^jiB^. iittj. in 1768, having established his reputa- 

HussEY, Garret, Physician to the tion as a mathematician, occasioned his 
Merchant's Quay Hospital, Dublin. election into the Royal Society, and his 

Xaquiiy iuto the Cause end Cure of Fevers, 8vo. 1784. appointment aS master of the Royal Mi- 

Hltcheson, Gilbert, Esq. Advocate, jij^rv Academy at Woolwich. When 

A Tieatiao oa the Offices of JusUce of the Peace, j^j^ John Pringic waS president of the 
ConstaUf, Commiaaioaer of Supply, •«* Conmib. . Society, OUr author, who had ob- 

S^SSoTi'Se^rX- tZ'l^:^;t;^ tJ.d his dejrce of doctor of laws from 
dktioiu, s V. roy. 8vo, 1806. Bd ed. with supple. Aberdeen, was chosen foreign secretary 
muA, 4 ▼. i8og. of that learned body ; of which office he 

HuTCHEfiON, IloBERT Kyrle, Esq. Bar- ^as deprived by Sir Joseph Banks on the 
risteratLaw. most frivolous pretences. This proceed- 

Ob ExdM had Qui ftm Tnfortnalions as they relate to ■^„ alaruied thc scientific members, with 

•MiMry proc«rfm«. bejbre Justices of the^eece, « Horsley at their head, and somc 

Ae. gvo. 1707— For Maltsters, Brewers, and Hop- ^•- ^^^* J . , '. , _„- _ 

plaatera. ell the E>cbe Laws and adjudged cases, warm debates tOok plac<^ With thC seces- 

Sio. irge. sion, for a period, of those cenilcmcn 

Ht7TCHivsoN,Ttfiss A. A. This lady, who resented the arbitrary conduct of the 
who is now the wife of General Sarrazin, President. In 1807 Dr. H. resigned his 
published under her maiden name : situation at the Military Acatlemy on ao- 

ExhibitioDs of the Heart, ft nov. 4 w. i«mo. 1799--- count of his ill health, and besides a very 
Vriends Unmnaked, • nov. 3 v. i«mov 1812. flattering but just tribute of praise for his 

HuTCHivsoir, Alexander Copeland, labors, from the board of ordinance, 
M.D. Surgeon to the lioyal Naval Hos- a liberal pension was conferred upon him 
pital at Deal. • by government In a recent paper 

Letter to the Commissionen of Tbinsports, &e. od printed at Newcastle, is the following na- 
the Operation for Popiitai AneurwB, 8VO, 1811. ragraph, which merits insertion in this 

HuTCHiKSOK, Behjamiw, Member of article -." Our learned townsman, Charles 
thc Med. Soc. of Guy's Hospital, and of Hunon, LL.D. F.R.S. emeritus pro- 
the London Coll. of Surgeons, and prac- fessor' of mathematics in the Royal Aca- 
titioner at Southwell in Nottingham- ^^^y .^^ Woolwich, has subscnhed five 
Mn. pounds annually to the new institution 

S^'**^IJ!?'*;?w?f!!r"i^^i!i'!!,/"^ ^r permanent lectures in natural philo- 

Writ on of Medicel CharMteri, frem the earliest en- •" f • ^^..^^^^-^ />f tKn IJti^ 

nai-touie pre^sDt period, < ^.«v*. i7gj>. He baJ» sophy, Under the patronage of the lite^ 

tlie author of several articles in the Medical Journal, rary and phllosephtcal SOClCty : ana alSO 

HvTCBiNSov, J. an equal sum to the royal jubilee school 

Katanl History of the ?rog>>flsli of Surlnani, 4to. jn this town.^ His works, besides wbat 

nST. have been already mentioned, are : 

HUTCHIIISON, Itev. JtJLIDS. ^^ Principles of Bridget. 8vo. ma.-TTie Diarte 

Memoirs of the Lite «r Colonel Hotchinion, one of uraceHanyrconsisting of all the usefol and entertain- 

the Jodf es of Charles I. vrritten bj bis irife, 4to. . ^s both mathematical and poetical, of the La- 

1«06. Sd ed. a V. 8VO. 1810. ^ j^. ^^^^ ^ ^ ^^j^ ^ ^, 1^^,^ ^^ ioctW wa« 

HuTCBIlfSON, William, Dockmaster editor minyyears-r—Elemetito of tfa«CoaieSectiflM» 

o( Liverpool. Svo. ITar.—TaWea of the psodocts aad paiver of 

Treatise on Practical Seamanship. 4to. 1777- numbers, folio 1784.— Mathematical Tablet, ooatma- 

HcTTON, CAjHEaiKE, thc daughter of i°« T-*'*'::!;^^' «?^ *^ uf.«ril^f2^ 

«jr nr'w^ Ti ».. ^ -. *i r 5L ry- Bro. 1785. 5th ed. 1811. It Is a canous met, tioc ge- 

Mr. Wilham Hutton, author of the Hih- „^„„; ^^^^^ that . great p«t of a«e taW- w 

tOiy of Birmingham, &C. She has pub- cak»lated by Mn. Hvttxm>-1M«s of Intorest &0M 
liahed ; one ponnd to 500 asUUoAS for oim d^. 8v«* ]T>S> 

Tb« Miwr MfnWd, mv. S ▼. Umo. 1813. ^Xhwti, Mathenatkal aad FhilMopiucal, 4I»« if«f- 

^X^^^^^fe^„^i@^ ^i<ft. ,^;. 


J I 






^Compendious Meunrer, ismo. i786«*A Matiie- and daughter, both livinff. SooD after 
'!:^^t:::^'rinl^^ iiiT.T.\^^^^?;'^t' 'i^-^ stationary bu. 

UMof the Cdeu in tlie Roj.i UiliUiry Academy. ""^^^ ^^ *»*^ Of booksellmg, and With SO 

2 V. «vo. 1796.— A Uwd Voiom« of the swne iu 1811 . njuch saccess as to induce him in time 

—Select Amiuemeots in Philosophy end Aletlien»< tO relinquish the lattCr altogether. At 

^fis, from the French of Xl. Despien. ISmo. 1801.— the JlgC of fifty-six he commenced EU* 

SeoreaJtions in Mathematics 4Dd Katufei Philosophy, thor, and the fruilS of hlS application ap- 

began by Osaoam, continued by Montucla, and now ««„ 'j ♦ ..i tj: «. ^ r-n-'*^- % *Z. 

tnnsUted into English wiU. improvements, 4 v. Svo. P^^®** *? the History of Birmingham, of 

1803. and again in 1B14*— An Abridgment of the Which a tourth edition IS now prepared fOF 

FhilosopUcal Trannctione in conjunction vith Dr. the presS. In the riotsof 1791, Mr. Hut- 
Shew and Dr. Pearson, 18 v. 4to. ISOQ.— Robins's ton, notwithstanding his pacific habltS, 

Principles of Guonejy corrected. 8vo. i805.--T™ct. suffered Severely, his house in the town 

on If athematjcal and Fhiiosopbical subjects, 3 V.8V0. k«;«^ J««*-« .^^ :*u «.i. ^ i_ • ^ j 

1818. Dr. Hution ha. also enridied the Phitosophu ^^"PS destroyed. With the stock in trade 

cal Tranaactions with many valuable papers, particu- ^"" lurniturc, after whlch the infuriated 
larly on projectiles, the velocity of cannon bails, and mob demolished hlS residence in the 

the attraction of mounuins. Country. At the age of sixty-nine, he 

HuTTON, George. retired from business with a hand- 

AmantusandEimirtj or ingraUtude exemplified, a some fortune, and residcs on Bennett's 

nov. 8vo. 179*- 

HutVon, Geoboe, D.D. Vicar of Su- S^"^'itf ™?ii!l'^!.*':-!?l'l?8.!!L^?t 
Fordyke, f\p?r Boston, and sometime 

therton. and Rector of Algarkirk cum ^["i^tJ^^ir T'"""'^°1 ^'S^' J^^^l^ 
VnrA.\cl 4.00. nncfnn «nH .nmpfim. cousiderabW advauccd beyond the ordi- 
nary period of human existence* An in* 
teresting memoir of his own life has 
been drawn up by himself, and is intend* 
ed to be published after his decease. 
His works are. 

The History of Birmingham, 8vo. 1779'— ^onmey 
from Birmingham to London. l£mo. 1785. — Courts of 

Fellow of St. Mary Magdalen College, 

Two ScrmSa^ preacheil in the parish Church of Sub. 
cnton in the county of Lincoln, upon institution to that 
vicarage in 1801. 8vo.— A Dialogue between a Mi- 
nister of tlie Ciiurch of England and liis Parishioner, 
on the subject of In/ant Baptism, ISmo. I8O9. 

HuTTON, James, M.D. and F.R.S. of Requests, their Nature, Utility and Powers described, 

Edinburgh. He has distinguished liim- fl^ i786.^Hi0tofy of the Hundred Court, svo. 
self as aS able Geologist, thSu^h some of JJ^Zr Sttif of^SS::^^ 

bis DOSltlons have exposed him to am- Dissertation on Juries. 8vo. 1789.-History of Dec- 
maJversion. by, Svo. 1790.— The Barbers, or Koad to Richvs. a 
Considerations on the nature of Coal and Culm, poem. Svo. 1793. — E^gar and ElfriJa. a poem, 8vo. 
evo. 1777.— TnvestigatioD of the Principles of Know- 179^- — Remarks on Korth Wales, Svo. 1800.— His- 
ledge, S T. 4to. 1794. — Dissertations on different sub- tory of the Roman Wall, Svo. 1801. 8d ed. with ad- 
jects in Katoral Philosophy, 4to. 1792.— Dis:erUlion ditions by J. Nichols, 1813.— A Tour to Scarborough, 
upon Che Pbildsophy of Light, Heat, and Eire. 8vo. Svo. 1803.— Poems, chiefly Tales, Svo. UOi.'-Trtp 
1794. — Theory of the Earth, with prooft and illus- to Coatham, a watering place in Yorksliire. 8vo« 
trations. € v. Svo. 1795 : and several papers in the 1810. 
Transactions of the Edinburgh Society. Hyett, WlLLIAM. 

HuTTON, James HaRRIMAN, A«B. and DoKriptlon of the watering Places on the Southeast 

a Clergyman of the Established Church. c««t of Devon, ismo. laos. 

Hor» £celcsiastirae, or Practical Essays on Doco- 

meats of the United Church, Vol. I.*18mo. 1808. J, 

Hutton, William, F.A.S. Edin. was 
bom at Derby in 1728. His father was Ibbertson, Julius. 

a master WOOlcomber ; bdt two J'ears af- An Acctdence or Gamut of OU Peiating for begin- 

ter tbe birth of William, he failed and ■er»,8vo.i8o*. 

became a journeyman. ThQ education Iliff, Edward Henry, the son of a 

which the son received was, of course, clergyman who was for many year* cu- 

vcry scanty, for at the age of seven years >^tc *Kid lecturer of St Mary le Strand, 

he was bound apprentice to the silk mill The son took to the stage and for some 

at Derby ; and at fourteen he entered on time plaved in an inferior capacity ^t the 

a second apprenticeship to a stocking Haymarket theatre. He has written : 

maker at Nottingham. From the age of f "«**%• »^^- ^""^ *^'* ^^'"'^^^ ^^ « ^- 

Uoned period he%egan the book«Jling JL^r^frioi^Jij^^^^ 
business on a small scale Ut Birmingham. Illingworth, CATLEy,.A. M. and 
At thirty-two he mamed the daughter of pA-S. Archdeacon of Stow, and Rector of 
a>espectable farmer of Aston m Derby- Scampton and Epworth in Lincolnshire. 

shire, with whom he lived upwards. of ATopographieal Ace9lUltortlMrMlbof8caMplei^ 

fortj years, and by whom he had a son ««». isis. 

174 mfifr' LITERART CALZNBAR. J AC ^ 18l4« 

JutUtOneilLf PbEDSRIC, M. A. F.L.S. St. ThouMs't Mount, t poem, 4to. mi— Bedukalv 

and Minor Canon of Winchester Cathe- " ^^i*" P«'«^"»» *^ -.l!?^;"!^^'" ^'?f2^*^ 

dral.. He was of Merton Coll. Oxford, Zi^i^Ar^^i:^.;',^^.^^^^^^ 

<lia » one of the Secretaries of the don to the Ouiph of pmi«, 4to. i783.--od« oo the 

Hampshire Society for the Education of DmUi of Ayder auj, 4to. i784.— ivianiph of roBo. 

the Poor. ceoce, au Ode oa tka deliTervnco of Mafia Tliema 

M tvmoB. prMched at th« AimiverMry of the Cha. Charlotie, Princeas Royal of Franco, 4to. 1796.~rn. 

rinbto 3oetoty of AlioAa for apprentkiag Poor Child- ^^*^J *nto tlie feaaibiUty of the supposed Espadition 

r«&, avo. 180r.^8usg«tiMi9 to the Pramoten of Dr. ©^ Buonaparte to the East, 8vo. 1796^Biioiiapart« 

J^U's Syatem of Tuition, «w. 18iS. *" Egyp^ 8vo. 1796 — NIlua, an Elegy oo the View 

I&viHE Alexander Minister of Ra- *<»'y «>' Admiral Nclaon,' 4to. 179e.-The Failure of 

lETIVE, ALEXANDER, iUiniSier^OT ItA- ^,^^ j.^^^^ Crusade; or the advanUgea to be denied 

110CK, in SOOtlana. He is the author Ot, from tlie restoration of Egypt to the Turks, 8ro. 

An inquiry into Che causea and effects of emigra- 1799.— 'fhe Bedouins, com. op. l«nio. ISOC— Ode to 

tion from the Highlands and Western Utands of Iberia, 4to. ia06 lite Fall of Saragossa, an Ele^'. 

Btotland, 8vo. 1808. 4to. 1808. — Napoleon ; or the Vaaltj of UunMn 

Irvine, William, M.D. son of the wishes, £ parts, ♦to. lau. 
late Dr. Irvine, Professor at Glasgow, „ Isaac, John, a native. of Moretoo 
has puhlished his father's Hampstcad, m Devon, and formerly 

Essays on Chemical Sobjecu, with Additions of his founder and secretary of the Apiarian 
•im. IT. 8vo.si8Q5. Society at Exeter, which is, however, 

Irvino, David, LLD. of the Univer- now extinct 

Sity of Edinburgh, of which city he is a '^*^ Gospel Doct^ne of Free Grace maintained, 

native, and where he resides as a teacher l«"0'1788.-The general ApiarUn; wherein a shn- 

«f th^ Hfillptt f *tfr*c P**' "«">■»*» •nd adT«(.tagfou8 mode of ohtauung 

01 tne neiies J^ttrCS. t,,^ produce of fieea, without destroying them, is 

n» Life of Robert Ferguson, with a critique on his pointed out, 8vo. 1700. 

Weeks, ISmo. 1800.— The Elements of EnglitJi Com- Tcaacc Mrs 

poaition. Iteo. 1801; and again in 8vo. 1809.— The tk» w^i v k" « ,— -. vn e* » 

Sre. of th« Scottish Poet.r« ▼. 8vo. 18M.-lle. ^"^^.K^^f,**' "^T' J/ JfT'";^ ^'li'^ 

«..»».- ^r *w. T :<u. J ur •..( f n ^ » v rence; or the Village of Selwood, 4 r. ISno. 1800. — 

»oirs of the Life and Writing, of Goorge Buchan«i, ^^^ wandering ofF.ncy, 8vo. 1B1«. 

iRviKo, Ralph, M.D. of Edinburgh. , ^^"^^^^i Miss Sarah, a native of Ire- 

l^aperiments on the r«d and quilt Peruvian Bark, '*"^» ^*° tO be a near rclaUon Of Dr. 

8vo. 1785.— The Edinburgh Mew Dispensatory, 8vo. Goldsmith. , 

1786. The. Trfth Recluse, nov. 3 v. ISmo. I8O9.— The Vale 

IrWIH, EyLES, Esq. a member of the of Louwi;"— The Poor Gentlewoman, a com. 8w. 

Royallrish Academy, was born at Cal- 1«1-^ Tim play was performed with considoaWe sue- 

cutte, in 1751. His father was a native iv^g Edward Otto, late resident at 
of Ireland, and died m the service of the Nawaub Vizier's Court 

the East India Company, leaving several Remarks on a pamphlet enUaed Letten. political, 
children. Young Mr. Irwin was educat- mtlitury, and commercial, on the present StaU and 
ed under Dr. Rose, at Chiswick, and in Government of Oude, and its dependcAcies, 4CO. 

1767 he was taken into the civil service ^^^- ^ «.*... 

at Madras. On account of his attach- J^''"^' Joseph, a Baptist Minister, 
ment to Lord Pig6t he was suspended in 7"^^. officiates to the con|regation mecl- 
1775, on which he took a passage by the iPg/^ Eagje-strect, Red Lion-square, 
way of the Red Sea to Alan3, to'lay Vr^':')l':tl.l^T^-^^^^ 

his case before the Board. UlS applica- BapUsts, Svo. lail. -Grace Triumphant; or account- 
tlOn was successful, and in 1778 he mar- of the Life of Caleb Veroon, Sro. 1811.— Neutrality 
lied Miss Brooke, a relation of the cele- ^*^ proper grinuid for Protestant Dissenters reapectr 

brated poet and author of the Fool of "*«/*** *<'*^' CathoUc claims, bvo. lais. 

Qualit}'. In 1780, he made a journey nnil'!?^J J^?^^^""' 

overland to India,, where he rendered The Retired Penitent, a poem, evo. nge. 

important services to the Company dur- 
ing a very difficult period, when the \ 
coast was threatened by a French fleet, J- 
and Ayder Ally overran the Carnatic. i.^^^^„ n-^*«- ♦u^ .. ,*u^- ^c - 
In 1785, Mr. Imln returned to Europe, nii-t .ntf/l.? ' ^^^ *"^' "^ * 
^Z^^f^w c-.'^tim.ed to reside in the E fA'itl^'V the victories ^ 
bosom of his family, and enjoyine a Wellington, bvo. 1812. 

competence honorably obtained. He has Jackson, James Grey, Esq. This 

made one or two attempts to gain a place gentleman was resident in Western Afri- 

at the Board of Directors, but without ca sixteen years, and the resuH of his 

sutcess. His works are : observations appealed in. 


Travels ia Mwocco. Sooth Bvbvy, »nd ■crow the ]ate pliYsician to the foroes aod head of 

Atus Moaauans 4to. i^. the hospitals at the army depot in the'n'irki? ' • ^*'^' ''^ Isle of VVight. This gentleman w^t to 

AsEJ^of p'r«I:b^^^^^^ Jamaica in 1774, and there he practised 

of the Archdeacon of Canlerbury. 4to. 1796^A 9^*? afluSlOIi m fevcr, With SUCOeSS, loog 

ScmoD. preached at siuingboiirne, Jane 11. 1800, at before that method was adopted by Dr. 

the viaiution of tlie Archbishop of Canteibnry, 4to. Currie. In 1778, we find Dr. JackflOO 

—A Discotine doiivireu at wbbeach, in commemo- serving in tbe British armv in America* 

ration of tiie Charity of Mr. John Craue. 4to. 1810. ^8 regimental surgeoD, and on the tef! 

Jackson, JoHK, ot Harrop-wood, near minaiion of that war he settled at Stock- 

MacclesfieJd, a weaver, who has pub- ton-upon-Tees ; but when the contest 

lished^ subscription a smaU volume, with France broke out in 1793, he was 

a" Ad" r^' to Time, with other poems; and Letter, ^PP^'"^ ',*" '^' 'l"'^ '"Silent of foo^ 

of the AuUior to his Friends, izmo. 1808. ^ . ^"® ^nly road by which he could 

Jackson, John, Esq. F.S.A. arrive at the office of army physician, 

Joumej from India to England,, in the year 1797, by Durmg the late war he served m BeU 

a route comiuonlj called Over-land, through couu- glum, St. DomlngO, and VariouS Othep 

tries not much frequrnted. and many of tl»em hither- places, in thc COUrse of which exteusive 

to unknown to Europ^ins 8vo. 1799.--K ejection, practice he added largely to the stock of 

•u thc Commerce of the Mediterranean, 8vo. 1801. ' r i • i^.iT • *» vv«. w* 

Jackson, John, jun. T.u*?l ^^'^l^% ^^^ the improvement 

Ulrtory of Uie City and County of Litchfield, 8vo. J' 'l^^t branch Of the OrofeSSlon tO whlch 

1799. <d rdit. 1800. nc was attached, as the following list of 

Jackson, Rev. J. F. assistant minister his works will evince : 

of Curzon Chapel, May Fair. * 0° ^*' f «▼«" of Jamaica, with observstions on th« 

A ViodicBiioii of the Moral Government of NaUons, wtermittents of America, and an appendix contain, 

a Sermon on Uie General Fkst, 8vo. 1808. '"S hint* on the means of preserving the health oi 

Jackson, John Mii.ts. ^f'**!^" ^ ^^ dimate., svo. i795^An»e of 

•w e^ n !•.,• 1 e-* .1 r tt rt j «. thc history and cure ot fever endemic and ooutagl- 
\aewofthePohticaISitualionofUpperC.nad.,8vo. ^^„^. „or^ particularly the contagious feverof gjo^; 

*^"Y ships, and hospitak ; with an explanation of the 

J ACKSON, JOSEPH. principles of military discipline and economy, and e 

The Reign of Liberty, a poetical sketch, 4to. 1797. scheme of medical arrangement for emues, «vo. 17^; 

Jackson, Mrs. —Remarks on the Constitutioii of the Medical I>e. 

Dialogaes on the Doctrines and Duties of Chrlsti- partmeut of the British Army, 8vo. 180S..— A syste» 

enity, < v. 8vo. 1806. matic view of -the discipline, formatioo, and econooiy 

Jackson, PotteA, formerly steward of of Armies, 410. ia04.-->A Letter to the Editor of tbe 

the Echo sloop of war, and author of a Ed'>iburgh Review, avo. 1804.— a system of emnge. 

pamphlet, entituled, "^'^^ ""i ^^^Pji"* ^ ^ ^^, Depertaent of 

Hia Case, /iviog m> accost of bis cruel treatment f^.T* n ^^"^^/T!! . ^"^ "^ 

by Cept. iSvenlley, of the Lord Stanley. slav«hip. tT?^ Ij .^''^.^^^:^^. IZ^ 

'^L. a ^' \ ■ Ju r> _ ^* »r- . n u « 8^®. 1808. — A Letter to the Commiasioners of Mill- 
with Uic trial u> the Court of^Cmg's Bench. 8vo. explaining tte true eomitHotion of a 

1806. Tliejurygave a verdict m favor qf th|s poor Medical ShS", Jo. ladL-A second Letter to tbe 

■M^ who had been mo;t mhumanly tortured, with commissioner, of MUitary Inquiry, cooteining a re- 

— of five hundred pounds. fuuUon of some StatcmenU miMle by Mr. Keate, 

' Jackson, RaNDLE, Esq. Barrister-at- 8vo. ISOe.— A Letter to Mr. Keate, anrseon-general 

law, and formerly of Exeter College, Ox- to the Forces, svo. laoe.— A Letter to Sir David 

ford, where he obtained the degree of !>«»<*«». commander in chief of Um Forces, •f0. 

M.A. in 1793. He has distinguished **^- ^ xj •. m t\ v n a 

himself on many occasions at tlfe East „/^"?^?,V^^??'^ ^^^^'t^^^*-^; 
India House, and the Bank, and so ira- |^- *°^ Physician to the Infirmary rf 
portant have his orations been held that ^' ^^^''gj h ^^^T^.^^T ^ London. 

ILvi^ral ofihpmhavenassedthetJreMhv ^^'^' ^^ ^^^y^o'- « I»*tholog. derttimn emptiori«v 

several oi tnem nave passea me press oy £^4^^. 1778. This was a thesis on taking his degree. 

request- These are, _0n Sympathy, Svo. I78I.— Practical Observations 

The substance of a Speech respecting the Shipping on the pathology and proximate ctvses of tbe dis- 

Oooeems of the Eaist India Compsny, 8vo. 1795.— A nses of the true Skin and its emanations tiM i4t9 

apee ch delivered at the Special Court of Proprietors mocosum and cntldc, 8vo. ijgs.— Caatloiv t» Wo- 

•r Beet India Stock, Mny 81. iM, 8vo.— Speech ad- men rexpcctiug the state of Pregnancy, &c. 8vo. 

dwesed to tbe Committee of the Bouse of Commons vtg^. — Observations on die late epidemic Diieafe at 

appointed to consider the stste of tlie Woollen Manu- Gibraltar, 8vo. I8O6. 
teture, avo. 1806.-Sp€ech delivered at the General JacKSON, WlLLIABi, D.D. Lord BlshOB 

^^^^^ ^^ ^'^t'^l ^^u'.T^L^^^"'^ of Oxford. He is thc brother ot Dr. 

spectiof the rtfort of the Balhon Committee, avo<-- r«.,-;i t..»l..^« !«♦« t\^^ ^C r>u^a¥ 
fceech deliv.^ at a Oenerml Court of the ftoprie- Cyril Jackson, late D^tt of ChnSt 

ton of East India Stock. May 5, i«w. Church, on which foundation he waa, 

Jackson, Robert, M.D. of Ediabuigb, educated, after going through Wtttmin^ 


Her School. He took the degree of M. A. of »ever»l communictUons to Palmer's Konconfer- 

m 1775, that of B. D. in 1783, and "^''^ M«toon.i. 

finally went out D.D. as Grand Com- James, John, Surgeon. 

«^^..»Jl.>. Iw^ iTftn «.. »A. »x^;,tat^<> ♦.ifr^f Aualomico-chirurgicBl vifwa of the nose, mouthy 

pounder in 1799. He was nnyate tutor ^^^ ^^^ J ^^,. 

to the Pnnce oi Wales, and after bein|^ James Samuel ^ur^^eon 

preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and Canon oT ob^^rvuiois on the hlr^ of" parlscuUr specie, of 

Cbnst Church, was elevated to the eplS- wiUow, and it* efficacy iaagues, intcrmitteut fcvcx«. 

copal bench on the death of Bishop Moss &c. svo. 1792. 

in 1813. His publications are : James, William. 

A TnatiM on the Constitution of America. Svo. The Denford Quntiou, togetlter with the lav upon 

ii&1 — Sennon before the Society of Lincoln's Inn, it, and the decision ot' Uie Court of King's fienth, 

•n WedncMlay, Feb. eiS, 1795, 4to. — Sennoo, preach* with remuiks 8vo. 1313. 

•d before the House of Comuoas. on the Fasl^ay. JamLSON, UODIIIT, F.R.S. Re^iuS PrO- 

May £5, 180*, 4to. . , , fessor of Natural History and Keeper of 

Jackson, William, practical chemist, the Museum at Edinburgh; F.L.S. Lec- 

is the author of, . _, . turer in Mineralogy, President of the 

t^^Z^^r:!'::::^^'^^'''" ^^"^ "^ ''" Wemenan Society,^c. &c 

Jacob, Henkv, a Jew editor of, tyfZt^T::::XV^^%^ 

Lyons'. Hebniw Grammar with Pomu. revised and Mineralogy, 3 t. Sro. 1804-180e.-A Mineralogical 

•oirected, 8vo. 1810. Description of the county of Dumfries, Svo. 1805.— 

Jacob, William, Esq. a merchant and Treatise on the external chanctera of Minerals, Svo. 

alderman of London, who has published I8O6.— Mincralogicat Travels through the Hebrides, 

an interesting and well written work, en- ^^^^^^y m<i Shetland, and main land of scoUand. 9 

tituled. ^' ^^' l^l-~'^in^ral^c<^ Notes to Cuvier's EaMy 

m^_17r* 4i^o> *k etf • • -««/; J -«««, A^ on the Theory of the Eaith, Svo. 181*. 

Travttia in tlie Sonth of Spain, in I8O9 and 1810, 4to. . rr. it«r^i.ri ^ 

leii. Jameson, Thomas, M.D. Member of 

James, Charles, Esq. and lately Cap- ^^^ Colleges of Physicians at Ix)ndon 

tain in the West regiment of Middlesex ^^ Edmhurgh, and resident Physician 

Militia; distinguished by several works at Cheltenham. 

in the line of Eis profession, and also in ilP^^^J'^V.^^T °f ^?T* '"''^V^L^^.k^ ^l 

other w&lka of literature a<i "'*"** ""^- P****^**^ ****• °^ ^"^' ^'^^ *^* *"***^ 

OCner w&lKS 01 lli;eraiure, as, importsnt facts of rjich country in a comparative 

Bvtrarch to Laura, a poetical cpUUe, 4to. 1787.- view, fol. 179«.-Treatise on the Cheltenham Waton, 

Taiwe. an opera from the French of Beaumarchais, ^^ jjjjiou. Diseases, Svo. ISOI^Eawirs on the 

•ro. 1787.— Poems, £ ▼. Bvm 178^.— Hints, founded changes of tlie Human Body, Svo. 1811. 

on ftflto ; or a curtory view of our Military Estab- ^ _ VvTkT.r»o j 

lishmentN Sro. 1791.— Suicide Rejected, a poem, to JaMIESON, JoHN, JJ.U. F. R.S. and 

vhich is added Time vanquished by Eternity, 4to. F.A.S. of Edinburgh. This gentleman 

1791— Another volume of Poems, Svo. 1792 ; • was formerly minister to a congregation 

Vi.^ "^ ''"** r^^'™** «o ieo8.-Audi alteram of Sccedcrs from the church of Scotland, 

Parttm; or an eatennauon of the conduct of the „* r», .r,- u i ..-j j 

R«diR«vointioni.u, Svo. 1T98; this went throu,;h ^^ Forfar, where he resided many 

threeeditions.— The extenuation and desultory sicetci) y^ars; but latterly he has officiated IQ a 

of abuses, with a plan for the better regulating of the meeting of the samc persuasion at Ediu- 

MiUtia of Great Britain, Svo. ng*/— Comprehensive burgh. He is the author of SOme very 

view of >»>>>» «»ting cases of probaMe misappiica- valuable publications both in antiquities, 

Hon ID the distnbntion of contingent Allowances, ,.,.^4.--, 'a ,«u;ui^ .. «o -. ii ^ j-^^ 

particnlarly in the Militia, Svo. f79r.-Tl,e Regi! P?etry, and philology, as well as dlVl- 

Jnental Companion, ISmo. 1799— Supplement to ditto, '^^O** ^ "^J ^^G, 

1807; new edition of botli in 3 v. ISmo. 1811.— A ^^*® Sorrows of Slavery, a poem, Svo. 1790. — An 

»ew and enlaiged MUitaiy Dictionary, 4Co. 1803, Sd -^'■r'" ^ Britain ; or au inquiry into the cauites of 

«ttt.£ V. Svo. 1811. the rapid progrejis of infidelity, l£nio. 1795— Vindi- 

James, David, a Baptist Minister, at "ti<>««f^»»*i>«>^""««f scripture, and of the pn^ 

K^whiirv ' r > •* Uve faith concerning the Divinity of Christ, in rtply 

^cwuury. , ,^ ^,_, . ^ . to Dr. Priestley, « v. 8vo. 1795.— Eternity, a poem, 

A coapandiona vtew of the ChrisUan Doctrines, a svo. 170e.-Ilemarks on Rowland HiU's Journa^^. 

^raon, pteaciMd at Newbury, in Berkshire, svo. npg.—Tlic use of Sacred History, S v. Svo. 1808.-T 

"*^' Important Trial in the Court of Consdcoce, Iftno. 

James, Elizabeth Mart. 1«* — An Etymological Dicuonary of Uie Scottish 

A selection ftvm the Annals of Virtue of Madame de L^guage, S v. 4U>. 1808.— Historical account of the 

«Uery, Svo. 179I. ancient Culclees of lona, 4to. leil.—Uermes Scythi- 

James, Isaac, a bookseller, at Bristol, ?"' **' ^"^ radical affinities of the Greek «>d Latin 

of the Bkptist persuasion, who lias pub 1 "^f**" "^ "^^ ^"""^^ «^'°- ^«^*' 

lished, Jamieson, Robert, A.M. and F.A.S. 

providence Displayed; or the Adventures of Alex- This gentleman at the lime wheu he 

ander Selkirk, Iftno. 1800.- An Essay on Uie Sign of waS aboUt tO publish the following WOrk, 

tte i'ropiwt J«Bah, 8VO. 1808. He is alio the wsthor received some eocouragement to go tp 

^•**" JAN LIVING AUTnOIl8« JEF 177 

Russia, and in his prefkce he speaks ra- Jebb, John, A.M. of Trinity College, 
Iher feelingjy on the neglect which he Dublin. ® 

had experienced in his own country, add- Sermon before the Lord Lieutenaot and the Mem. 

lug that " ihe voice of the Scottish muse ***'" ^^ ''»* ^'^^ AMociaUon for di<icounteiuaciiig 

will never be heard on the banks of the ^''*^ ^'"'' *Jf '' 

Dwina.-' His performance is entituled, * i^^^^ Richard, Esq. 

TopulMT Ballads and Songs from Tradition, Manu- .^^ ^° * Pamphlet entiiled, Ai^uments for aod 

acripi.. and scarre Editions, wiUi Translations of simi. ■**?** * ^"*''** ^"^'^^ Ireland,] 8vo. 1799. 

lar piece* from the Ancient Danish Language, and a JEFFERSON, JoHN. 

Ifew Originals by the Editor, £ v. 8vo. 1806. '^^ Battle of Salamanca, a poem, «o. 1613. 

Janson, Baldwin, Professor and Jefferson, Josepd, A.AI. F.A.S. and 
Translator of the Dutch and French Archdeacon of Colchester. 

languages in London. ^ sermon on presenting Uie Colors to a Regiment 

A Pocket Dictionary of the Dutch and English Lan- ^, ^'•'»'i»«*"' ^^^ leoS.-Charge delivered to the 
foages in two parts, Sro. 1793. Olergy of the archdeaconry of Colchester, 8vo. 1813. 

Janson CuAinFft F«n Thu »r,^^}^ Jefferson, Joseph, a Dissenting Mi- 

havinir little or no n™«-ti,.» i„ B^„L..,i ** »g»on "n Cumberland, at the Grammar 

hrSfJ^'fit a^f ^o^o? on theft; fS*""" "^ "^'i'l T", "" '"'^ *=''"• ^' 
«iH« Affh« Ai.|«„ri"" ui!" * I' 'I education, and before he was twenty he 


motley volume intituled: P"''"'''"'' * inthesame county. This situation, how- 

The Stiinger i„ America,or TrIveUinthat Country. !yf ' 'V^^^""^!^' *°^ went tO the Acade- 

with vmrious Historical Docnrocnis, 4u>. i8oy. ^^ at lioinerton, after which he was or- 

Jaques, William, private teacher of a»*»'^e«l as pastor of an Independent con- 

polite and useful literature. gregation at Basingstoke in 1791, where 

A Guide to Uiereading and study ofthe Holy Scrip. "® "*^ Continued to reside ever since. 

tares from (he Latin of Professor Francb, with Notes, ^^ ^^^ published : 

8vo. 1812. A Fnneral Sermon on the death of Miss Sarah Olo- 

JarrolD, Thomas, M. D. Member of '''^* 8vo.-.Memotrs of the Life of Uie Rot. John 

the Literary and Philosophical Society Jr*^** <>^ ^«™ Surrey 8yo.-The Ruins of • 

at- Mon«.kA^«. ««-! r^ 1 r *u TT '^ Temple, a poem, with a sketch of Uie History of Holy 

tl«J^^? 4?' U°*^ formerly Ot the Uni- Ghost Chanel at Baringstoke. 8vo. 2d ed 180e.i 

u i?. . *^'"^"rgh, IS the author of Hor* Potticsp, or poems Sacred. Moral and De*crip. 

the followmg works : tive, l8mo. 1804.-.Lyra Evangclica, an Essay on the 

Dtssertatioat on Man, Phllosopbieal, Physiological, Use of Insirumenial Music in ClirtstUn Worship, 8vo. 

aad PtoUtlcai, in answer to Mr. Malthus' " £s5ay on 1805.— A Sermon preached before the Missionary So. 

the Principles of Populatiott,'* 8vo. 1806.— A Letter ^^^y ><> London, 8vo. 1811.— A Sermon occasioned 

to Samud Whitbread, Esq. on the subject of the ^7 ^^>^ appearance of the Comet, 8vo. 1811.^ 

Poor Laws, 1807.— AnUiropologU, or DisswuUous on JeffersO*, T. B. A.B. Tunbridec. a 

the Fonn and Color of Man. 8V0. 1808. Clergyman of the Established ChQrch, 

Jay, William, an Independent who, having a large family of eight 
Teaclier at Bath, is a native of Fisbury children to support without any adequau 
in Gloucestershire, and originally a means of giving them a proper education, 
shepherd's boy, hut on discovering a se- published a work by subscription to ena- 
nous turiK he was taken under the pa- ble him to accomplish that object, and 
tronageofLadj' Huntingdon, and brought was very liberally assisted in his lauda- 
up to the ministry. As a preacher he is ble endeavours. His publication is eo« 
highly popular both in Batli and at Lon- tituled : 

don. His writings are these : Two sermons on the reasonahlaness and salntajy ef* 

Ilia Motual DaUea of Husbands and Wives, a Ser^ f*'cta of fearing Ood as Governor and Judge of the 

noa, 8vo. 1801. — Sermons, 8 v. 8vo. 180S. — Sermon World, aho an Essay intended as a vindication of 

before tfa« London Missionary Society in 1796, 8vo. — Divine Justice, and a moral Administration, 8vo. 

Essay on Slarriaga, 8vo.— Reflections on Victory, a 180& 

thanksfiving sermon, Dec. 6, 1805. 8vo.—Sljort bis- Jefferys, JOHN. 

eoaraes for Faaubes, S v. 8vo. 1806.— Address at the Tlir Pleasures of Retiranent, with other Poems, 8vo, 

Borialoftfae Rev. W. Homphreys. 8vo. 1808.— Me. laoo. 

m4f» of his Tutor the Rev. Cornelius Winter of JefPERYS, NaTHANIEL, JewelleP in tht 

^^ i::^-:'So^;L:z^i::.t s'--"'. ^^^ *» *«?«" \^j^' ^^^ wm. 

8»o. IMS. • ^" conspicuous by an indecent attack 

Jeaks, Thomas, MJ>. "P^" ^"^ illustrious personage to whom 

ivaatiarim the Goat, with a new idea of iu proai- Jj? was under the greatest obligations. 

loato csase, aa4 mesas of its relief, 8vo. ngs. He The pUDhcatlon wbich he obtruded OQ 

also occurs as a oonvspMOm ia Arthv Young's the world was entituled : 

AwnJ* of Agricaltora. A Bavlsw of fh« Ceaduct of tha Prince of Wales^ ia 


his various tr«nsaction$ with Mr. JefTerys during a the yOUOeeSt 8011 of tht R«V. Stephen 

period of more than twenty years, 9vo. This pam- Jenner, Vlcar of Bcrklcy in GloUCCSteiV 

phlet occasioned a number of others, M of which, ^y^- ^j ^^ jj^^^ ^ ^^^g HaVlDg 

with the orieina). arc now sunk into obhvion. — An ' , , |__ ^' l;_ Jz 

Ei^ descriptive Account of DubUn. and the gone thwugh a regulw apprenticeship to 

Boad from Bangor Ferry to Hoiyheiid. 8vo. 1810. ao eminent practitioDer» He comovencea 

Jeffray, James, M. D. Professor of husiness for himself as a Surgeon, in his 

Anatomy and Surgery in the College at native town, where also he cultivated ge- 

Glasgow. neral science with considerable success. 

Cases of the Excision of Carious Joints, by Park and and particularly natural history^of which 

Uorean, witl» Observations, l£mo. 1806. ^e gavC a prOOf in SOme CUriOUS observa- 

Jekyll, Josiru, Esq. F.R. and A.S. jjyng ^^ ^^g Cuckow, inserted in tho 
King's Counsel, Solicitor General to ihe philosophical Transactions for 1788. 
Prmce Regent, and one of his council for g^t tj,e discovery which has stamped 
the Duchy of Cornwall, and M.P. for immortality upon the name of Jeoner, 
Calne in Wiltshife. He is a descendant jg that permanent security against the 
of Sir Joseph Jekyll, Master of the Rolls ^^^i\ pox, obtained from the inoculation 
in the reign of George I. and was edu- \^y tj^g vaccine matter, commonly deno- 
cated at Westminster school, from n^jn^ted the cow pock. Living in a great 
whence he removed to Christ Church, ^^^iry county, our author had frequent 
Oxford, where he took the degree of opportunities of witnessing the sineular 
M.A. in 1777. He published the Letters resistance to variolous infection, whkh 
of Ignatius Sancho, the African, who marked those persons who were in the 
was the friend and correspondent of constant habit of milking and handling 
Sterne and Garnck. To these Letters tj,e cows. This induced him to try some 
Mr. Jekyll prefixed a hfe of the author, experiments, the success of which en- 
He has also printed : couraged him to push his inquiries fiir- 

PacU and Observations relating to the Temple ther, and at length the moSt laudable and 

Cbord), 4to. 1811. it IS deserving of observation ,. . ' . . ^•4.1^1 u:-. *« .».L^ «..u 

that when this gentleman was cho-en member for disinterested spirit led him to make nub- 

Calne in 1787 on the popular interest, he gave so llC the important Secret, WhlCh, nad hC 

much oflTrnce to t)ie Whig!} at thst time, as to be made choSCU tO keep COncCalcd 01 COnfiued tO 

the objett of a virulent attack in a pot»m bearing this ^Jg own practice and emolument, WOuld 

tide. •• Jekyll. a political Eclogue," in the composi- y^ procured him au immense fortune. 

tion of which several persons of eminence are said __ . * . ^z-.. -j •!_ 

to have clubbed their wiu». Vaccination was at first received with 

Jekmns, Alexander, is the author great caution, but the success of it soon 

of, dispelled the doubts of men of science^ 

The History and Description of the City of Exeter aUU they who OppOSCd it at the OUtSet, 

and its environs, 8vo. 1606. honorably came forward to attest their 

Jen KIMS, Joseph, D.D. a Dissenting conviction of its efficacy; though a few 

Minister of the Particular Baptist persua- empirics and bigots still continued to im- 

sion at Walworth. He has published : pede its progress, and to alarm the igno- 

A Calm Reply to Uie first part of De Courcy's rejoin- ^ant by tales of danger which werc the 

der 8VO. IJls-ry^^'^^r^^^on^^^^^^ mere Coinage of the Crafty to deceive the 

Scripture History, i v. l«rao. 1779* — Ihc inconsis- 1 ■n*, ° t i- • j 

toncy of Infant sprinkling with Christian Baptism, weak. Dr. Jeuuer, bowcver, received 

8vo. 1784.— The Beauty of a Believer's Baptism, the mOSt honorable testimonies tO the 

ifimo. 1778 — A Defence of the Baptists, against value of his discovery in two parliamen- 

Pcter Edwards, i2mo. 1795— The Love of the Bre- j^ry grants, amounting in the whole to 

^:r^:'::Z:S':T:rJ^. ^r.f *irty thousand pounds, «. U-c «^^n 

8tennett,D.D.8vo. 1795.— The Personality and Deity <>* all the learned Societies throughout 

of the Holy Ghost, a Sermon, 8vo. 1805. Europo, and the extension of the practice 

Jenkins, Thomas, Short-hand writer over all the world. In the present year, 

of Gray's Inn. the University of Oxford dio itself honor 

Beport of the IVial of the King v. Benjamin Tanner in conferring UOOn him the degree of 

andCapt. Tomlinsoo, for Forgery, 8vo. 1810.— Report DoctOr of Medurine, bv diploma. Df. 

of thn Trial of Mr. Justice Johnson, for a Libel, in jgnncr is the author of • 

tlie King's Bench, 8vo. iao6.~The Trial between Sir Jen^er IS tUe autnor OI . 

John Ca^, and Vernor and Hood, for a Libel. 8vo. ^n Inqajry into the Causes and EffecU of th* Jw*^ 

jg-g ' IsD Vaccinae, a disease discovered in so«m of ia« 

JENKS, JACQUETTA AGNETA lUAaiAftA, .hire, and known by tiie name of the Cow Por, 4to. 

of Bellegrove Priory in Wales. 179B.-Further observations on the Variol» Vacdn« 

Asomia. a descriptive and sentimenul Novel, with or Cow Pox, 4to. ITpQ.— A Continuation of I^Kt» and 

pieces of poetry. 2 v.l«mo.lT97. Ofaeervatiotts r«latiTe to tba VariolK yaccinx or 

JbNNEA, EdwaBD^ M. D. F.R.S. &C. is Co* Pox, 4to. 1BOO.^^A& Appendix to Uie TccatiKS 


to the Cow Pox, being a oontinmUoa of Facta themembersof the church purchased the 

and obsenrations relating to that Disease, 4to. 1800. chapel in Oxendon Street, Havmarket, 

wAo loqulry "^Jhe Oiose. «id Effects of the ^j^j^j^ ori^mally built by tl^e celc 

Xviolm VtcdxMt, 3d ed. 4to. 1801.— A Comparaave , «, i o- u 5 -o * -K/t t 

StetanHst or Facts and Observation, relative to the bmted Richard Baxter. Mr. Jerment 

Cow Fox, «to. 1800.— Od the Origin of the Vaccine has published : 

lBOca]atioo»4to. 1801. Pareotal Duty.or tlie Heligions Eduration of ChiU 

JeNNER. HeUBY, of Berkeley, Surgeon, <*»*«» Ulostrated and arsed in several Dincoutses, 

and Nephew of the preceding, is the au- "™?' mi-Early Piety ii« Pirated and recommend. 

, ^* * °' ed in several Discourses, ISmo. 179S. — Religion a 

tnor OI : Monitor to the Middle Aged, and the Glory of Old 

An Address to the PubUc on the Advantages of Vac- m^q^ '^^ j^..^^! Discourses, ICmo. 1796— An Edition 

cine laocvUtion, with the ObjecUons to it refuted, ^f Gibbons's Memoirs of Pious Women, 2 v. 8vo. 

*•*>• MW- 1804.— The Works of Archbishop Leighton, with the 

JeNHIHGS, James, was bom at Hunts- Ufe and some original Remain^ of tiiat great roan, 

pill in Somersetshire in 1772, and after ISIS. Mr. Jerment was also the Editor of the Theo- 

a common education, placed in a che- ^^^^ Magazine tin it ceased for want of encourage. 

mist*s shop at Bristol, where he applied "*"/ • ^ tv/t a ^ n* j i 

with assiduity to the studies necesskl-y to ^ -^f *«7,' Charles, MA. of Maedalen 

hia profeasion, and also to the languages. College, Cambridge, and formerly Slmis- 

Heri also he formed an intimacy with ter of I^ngSut on in Lincolnshire, is tht 

Mr. Southey, by whose conversation he ^"^^^^^ ^^ '*?<^ following pieces : 

•'', y 1^- ^ '^4. An Essay tending to shew " the Grounds contained 

was prompted to cultivate an acquaint- i„ scripture for expecting a future Restoration of the 

ancc with the Muses. While m Bristol Jews," published in pureuance of the will of the late 

he published a series of CsSayS under the Mr. Norris as having gained the annual prize insti. 

title of the " Speculator," in a weekly <^»ted by him iu Uie University of Cambridge, 8vo. 

newspaper, and several of his poetical n96.-The christian Minhtry. exemplified the 

. •'r"'r*'*> • 1* "^ I t character of St. Paul ; a Sermon preached at a visi- 

pieces appeared in other periodical pub- j^^i^^ ^f ^^^ Archdeacon of Lincoln, held at Boston, 

IlCattOnS. He is now settled in business Svo.— Letters toanUniversali^t,conUininga Review 

in his native town. of the controversy between Mr. Vidler and Mr. Fttl- 

The Times, a satirical rhapsody, 4to. 179*.— Poems, ler, on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation, 8vo.— 

consistinrof the Mysteries of Mendip, the Magic Ball, To your Tents, Oh Britons! a Strmon preached at 

Sonnets, &c. l«mo. 1810.— The Prospects of Africa, Sutton St Mary, July 31, 1803, 8vo.— Letters on thft 

with other pqems. 12mo. 1814. Atonement, 8vo. 1804.— The Last Adieu of David t6 

Jekkisgs William. ^^* ^°^ Solomon, and of St. Paul to the Ephesiaas, 

A Genena Sy*t«n of Attack and Defence, with one twoSermons, 8vo. ^805. u ^ c x. 

General Rale for erecting Fortifications witliout the JERVIS, Sir JoHN WHITE, Dart. Ot the 

circnitons aid of Trigonometry, 8vo. 1804. kingdom of Ireland, but a resident at 

Jenmyns, Joseph Clayton, Esq. Bar- Bristol, where, at the last election, he 

rister at Ijiw of IJncoln*s Inn. He is offered himself a candidate without sue- 

the author of a very elaborate treatise cess. He has published : 

entitled, a Letter addressed to the Gentlemen of England and 

Obserrationa on tlte Fourth Report relative to the Ireland, on the inexpejiiency of a Union between die 

conduct of the Dutch Commissioners, 8vo. 1810. two Kingdoms, 8vo. 1798.— A Refutation of Mont- 

JeNOUR, Matthew, a Captain in the gailUrds Display of the situation of Great Britain, 

^cx«w», ^ A«^n , f 8vo. IBIC— A Brief Statement of the Rise, Progrcse 

Army. ^^^ Decline of tlie Ancient Christian Church, 8vo. 

The Route to India, through France, Germany, llun- ^^^ 

pry. Turkey, Natalia. Syria, and the Desert of Ara- j^^^^^^ ThOMAS, a pissenting Minis- 

" JordTn; William, Esq. ter of the Unitariaii persuasion He was 

A Voyage to the Isle of Elba, from the French of employed by the Marquis of Lansdowne 

Thiebaut de Bemeaud, 8vo. 1814. as preccptoT to his children, and on the 

Jkrhmy, Henry, A.B. of Trinity Coll. death of Dr. Kippis, he succeeded him in 

Cambridge. ^ the charge of the congregation meeting 

The Connexion of Religion and Learning, a Korrisian Jn Princes' Street, Westminster; sincc 

Pri«eE«ay,8vo. 1810. which he has removed to Mill Hill Cha- 
Jerment, George, a Minister ot the j ^^ j^^^^ j^ Yorkshire. His works 

congregation of Seceders from the ^^.^^ 

Church of Scotland. He was educated The Social .Worship of one Ood agreeable to Reason 

&t the University of Edinburgh, from and scripture, a sermon preached in the Chapel in 

whence he was invited to England, where Princes' street, Westminster, March «7. 1796, 8vo.— 

he became assistant to the Rev. Mr. Reflections on the S^ate of Religion and Knowledge, 

Mc u«?wauic «oiai-»" r>^,« l«„o at the close of the Eighteenth Century, a discourse, 

Wilson, at the mcettng in Bow-lane, 3,,^. jgoi^nie christian Name, a discourse deliver- 

Cheapside. On the death of that gen- ^^ ^^ j^j^ ^im Chapel on accepting the pastoral 

tleman he WSIS chosen to succeed Jlim, office there, 8vo. 1809.--llje virtuous claims of H«. 

and the meeting J^roving inconvenient, »anity, a Serw)n for the BM^eflt.of tbt Leeds 14- 


irawy. 8vo. 1809— The pmidiaf Providnce of God. have issued 8^6ral wbrks of oonuder&bW 

a Sermon on the Fast Day, 8vo. 1810.— Sermons on iniDOrtance as * 

Vnriou5 Suhjerti, 8vo. 181I.--A Speech intended to ^^.^ ^^^^ Life of Froittart. ftim the Freach of 

havebeon .p<.kfn at a general meeting of the inl«bi. ^ p^, . ^^ ^„^ .„ •„ ^ iMo.--ni* 

«■;? A^ '.**L!^ ;"".K »*''^'u'^^r'®'** Chronid^ of England, Fr^ Spain. «id otto 

j * MT A %• rf-f 1 • • • Proiasart, 4t. 4to. Sd edit. 10 ▼. 8vo. 1805. — Mo- 

Jesse, William, A.M. a CalvmiStIC moir. of John Lord de Joinville. translated from tbo 

Clei^man, minister and lecturer at Frtrnch, S t. 4to. ISO?'— The TnreU of Bertraadoo 

West Bromwich in Staffordshire. He is <>« i* Brocquvre to Paiastine, am. laor.— Th« cbro- 

the author of: nicies of Bfonstreiet with notes, 5 v. 4to. or ISt. 

Parorhialia, or Obeenrattons on the Discharge of 8vo« 181<^ 

ParocbUI Dutiesi, 8vo. ITST-^Defeuce of the Esta- JOHNS, Rev. WILLI AM. 

blishid Churcii. wcatnst Dr. Priestlvy. ICmo. 1T8B.— Etymological Ex«rc&M3 oo the Latin Oninmar, IStto. 

The Happiness of Tdan, a Sermon, Bvo. 1793^ — A Dia- 1^* 

serUtion on tlie I^--irning and Inspiration of the JoiINSON, MfS. A. M. 

Apostles, 8vn. 1798— On tlie Scrij;tures, aud of the Monmouth, a Ule, 1T90. 

Unity of Design aud Harmony of Doctrine in the JoHNSON, RCV. BeNJAMIK. 

Old snd New Testament, 8vo. 1799.— Sermons on the Original Poems. 8vo. 1799. 

Person a.d Office of the Kedeem.r, and on Uie F«th JohnrON, C. H. of BmzenOSC CoUcge, 

and Prart'ce of the Redrcmed, 8vo. 1810. r\ /• 1 • 11 -.1 r ^^ 

Tnnnr,, P*.., »K« c^., rxf «,, «^:..»»«. OxfoFd, IS the authof of, 

JUDRELL, rAUL, inc son 01 an eminent . w •!. •> ^- ^ •» j • ^l «*. .^ 

■ _ • . '. ' .. I o !• • 4~, John the Baptist, a prize poem, recited m the Hxeatra 

barribter, who was formerlv Solicitor Ge- .t Oxon, in 1809, umo. 

neral to the Prince of Wales. The pre-- Johnson, CHRiSTOPHEBy Surgeon at 

sent <;enlleman is M.A. of St. John's Lancaster. 

College, Cambridge, and author of two An Essay on the signs of munler in nev-bom dOl^ 

dramatic pieces, viz. reo, trauslated from the French, 8to. 181S. 

A Widow and Vo Widow, 8«o. 1780.^-Sering is Be- JoHNSON, Mrs. D. 

lievinv. 8vo. 1760. The Brothers in High Life, nov. 3 t. ISmo. 181S. 

JoDREi.L, Richard Paul, jun. of Lrwk- Johnson, Jaues, Surgeon in the Royal 

ncr in Oxfordshire, and a son of the late Navy. 

Richard Paul Jcdrell, member of parlia- The OnenUl Voyager, being the narrative of avoyng* 

ment, and author of poems and other ^ ^"*^*» *" '*** Caroline Frigate, svo. 1807.— An 

works. The son has written : ^""^ **" ^^ influence of Tropical Climates, 8vo. 
Carmina Selecta, tum Grxra turn LaUna, Bro. 1810. t t r av • i n ii i-v 

JoHANStN, Andrew. ^ Johnson, John, of Oriel College, Ox- 

Geographical and Historical Account of the Island of f®*""' ^here he tOOk the degree Ot M. A. 

Buiam, 8vo. ]79». m 1782, IS known only as the author of, 

John, Christ. Sam., senior member of '''"'*«* *" ^•"«» ®'^'>- ^796. 
the Danish mission at Tranquebar, cor- Johnson, J. Esq. 

respondinjT member of the imperial aca- ^"''' **^ ** Jurispmdeuce of the uie of Man, Sro. 

&nLrni"'«M> *^^ TT^l^' '' JOHNSON, RcV. JoHN, LLlD. ItiCtOr of 

IJ^L .r^^^fv ^t^r^^^ G^<^»t Parndcn, in Essex, and vicar of 

t^f^fLTlf L^u^^ and of the North Mims, in Hertfordshire. 

societies of Natural History at Berhn, a Fast Sermon, U-fiS, 179», 4to.; and «.oti«»r fcr 

Jena and Ratisbon. Besides some mte- the Fast-Jay. Veh.ia. 1795. to which b «inex«d an 

resting papers in the volumes of Ancient Address to Uie Dissenters, 4to. 

Researches, Dr. John has published se- JoH^!^oN, J. LL.B. and chaplain to the 

paratcly a treatise on £arl of Peterborough ; was the nephew 

Indian Civilization, or a Report of the successful ex- of Mr. Cowper the pOet. He is the cdi- 

periment maje during two years, in fifteen Engiisli, tOr of 

and five NaUve Free Scliools,8vo. 1813. jhe l\kd and Ody««.y of Homer, translated into 

JOHNES, 1 HOMAS, Esq. F.L.S. Steward blank veise. by W. Cowprr, Esq. 4 vols.ttvo. ISOC. 

of the Crown Manors, and Auditor of the Juhnson, John. 

Iduded revenues for Wales, Lord Lieute- Short Essay on Agricoltnral Improremcnta, 9m. 

uant and M.P. for I he county of Cardigan, i***- 

lie is a native of Wales, and was edit- Johnson, M%jor, of the third C«yk» 

tatcd at Jesus College, Oxford, where he regiment, has published : 

took the degree of M.A. in 1783. His ^ nvrstiveof the operations of a detachment in «n 

beautiful residence at Hafod in Cardi- **P«*>tw» *« Candy in the island of Ceylon, in the 

ganshire, was burnt down some vears ^^^?^'' "^^ •*»":• o«»«^*tt<»» «> u>e prevjoos 

««/v. V..J;.,«^ u u-^i. .ycArs campaign, and on the nature of Caadian wmfwe. 

apo ; but IS now rebuilt in the same style svo. isio. 

f/.^r^n^^'^u^!L"T'^?^ K^ "^i"^^'' Johnson, Mary F. of Wroxall Farm. 

ful srcneiy. Here also the liberal pro- in t^e Isle of Wight. 

.u. o. .uc.j. **^ic »i5u me iioerai pro- m t^je Isle of Wight, 
prietor has a printing press, from which o.isiaai sonneu and odnr 

Poena, tvo. IM*. 

1814. JOS £iyiMO AUTHORS. JOlf ISl 

Johnson, Robert, Esq. us remarks oa hi» Letter to Mr. Wilberforee, a««. 

The Trial of Colonel Robert Pas^gham and John ^^or*. 

Edwards, for e conspiracy against O. F. Forester, JoHNSTONE, JoHN, Land-SUrvevor. 

£sq. 8vo. ia05. Account of the most approved mode of draininf 

Johnson, Robert Wallace, M. D. l^id, according to the syatem proposed by Joseph 

and Physician at Brentford. Eikingtoo. 4to. 1797. «d edit. laoo. 

Friendly cautions to the heads of families and others, JOHMSTONE, WiLLIAM, who is QOW ill 
necessary to be obeerved in order to preserve health a lunatic asylum, waS for Some VearS 

and long life, i«mo. ngs.— Some remarks on reiigi- much employed as a translator from the 
ous opinions and th«r effec^ submitted to the con- northern languages. He had a concern 

eaderaUoaof the most learned and impurtial persons :„ »k^ r* «-*i 1? l. ""J ** V-""***™ 

•f every denomination, 8vo. 1796. 'f*. ,'^« <>«neral Biography, edited by Dr. 

Johnson, T.B. Aikin, and published the following 

An impartial History of Europe from the death of ^OTKS : 

Jjoms XVI. to the present time, 8vo. 1814. Lessing's Disbanded Officer. 8vo. 1786 — J. Beeek- 

Johnson, William, Esq. Barrister-at- T"!; "»*<»^y »f inventions and Di!»coveries, fnmi 

1^ ' ^ the German, 3 v. 8vo. 1797.— Voyage to the East In- 

y ^.' ^ T 1 ft _ « -.u 1 *^'*'' by F. da San Bartolomeo, with the notes of J. 

Letter to Joshua Spencer, Esq. on a union with Ire- p i?««r «»« i«v> m- t .^^ ,. ' 

,__ . ft,_ --^ '^ ^ *• 'orster, 8\o. 1800.~Mew IntrdducUon to En. 

Jm^v Jk W R M R field's Speaker 12mo. ISOO.-Astenology, or the art 

•lOUlfSOV, TT , D. 1*1. o. of presciving feeble life, from tlie German of C A 

HUtory of the progress and present sUte of Animal Struve, 8vo. 1801.— A new edition of Wanley's Wo»^ 

Electricity, 3 v. 8vo. 1805. ders, 2 v. 8vo. 1807. 

JoHNSOS, William Moore, andTHos. Jollie, F. a bookseller and printer at 

ExLEY, of Bristol. Carlisle, who has republished several v»- 

The impfTiai Enc>ciop«di», 4 v. 4to 1809. luable works, and compiled the follow- 

JoHNSON, Kev. W. R. A. M. jna- , 

The History of Greece, in easy verse. 12«o. 1807- sketch of Cumberland Manners and Customs, »vd. 

t.r:^^L'^rs:^o,ls':^:^i.^^^ zi-^'^ ""'-'*^'^"^ ""^'^-^ directory:;:: 

'^'''joHrroN;HErv, FeUowof theRoy. >-«' ^-^^^ "^'^ Supervisor of Ex- 

Coll. of Surgeons of Edinburgh. ^ n*; abridgment of the Laws of Excise to the p,^ 

Practical Observations on Unnajr Gravel and Stone ; ^^^ ^^^ g^^, 1802.-The genuine Art of GaaSg 

«m diseases of the Bladder and Prostate Glands, and ^^^ ^ „d familiar, «vo. 1806.~A completed 

•n strictures lu Uie Urethra, 8vo. 1806. of Ily drometrical Tables, 8vo. laOT. ^ 

Johnston, John, Minister of Cross Jones, Abraham, author of an inflam- 
Micliael, N. B. naatory pamphlet in imitation of Junius, 

Memoirs of the lafe of Dr. Bryce Johnston, prefixed entituleu 

to his Sermons, 8vo. 1808. „., «* . * i ^ . ^l .i. * -^t 

■r TT a ^ '^"^ S^t^ °f tlie Country in the month of ITovember. 

Johnstone, Hon. Andrew Cochrane, 1794 bvo. 
brother to Lord Dundonald, and late Jones, Rev. D. 

M. P. for Grampouud, in Cornwall, but Reasons for Pe^ce, stated in a discourse delivered ia 

expelled the House of Commons in July, ^^ Union Chapei. Birmingham, Feb. «3, 1795, evo. 
1814, for having been convicted in the Jones, Edward, Esq. barrister of the 
Court of King's Bench of a fraud on the ^°"^^ Temple. 
Stock Exchange. Before the judgment ^"^^ ''^ ^uT^^'.^iS!!* ^" ^npi-ii* •«» Memo^. 

^„_ _ °iu •*..j..i_i'°j randa, on the Lord JTreasorer's Remembrancers lide 

was pronounced, he qmtted the kingdom of the Hxdiequer, « v. foi. 1795. 
with one of his associates in that nefari- Jones, Edward, Esq. 

OUS transaction. He has pubHshed, The prevention of PoveJiy, by beneficial clubs, with 

Proceedings tff the general Court-Martial on Major preliminary observations upon Houses of Industry, 

John Oofdon of the 8ih West India Regiment, 8vo. and tlie Poor Laws, 8vo. 1796.— A defence of the 

1804*— .Defence of the Hon. Andrew Cochrane John- Convention in Portugal, 8vo. 1808. 

•tone. 8vo. 1805. Jok es, Edward, Bard to the Prince of 

JoHNSToiiE,JoHN, M. D. Phvslcian at Wale^», is a native of Hen bias Llander- 

Birmiiigham. He is the son of Dr. Jas. vel, in Merionethshire; He is a musi- 

Johnstone, of Worcester, and formerly cian by profession, and perhaps the most 

of Merton College, Oxford, where he distinguished performer on the harp of 

took the degrccof M. A. 1798; that of the present day. He holds a situation 

M.B. 1793; aad Doctor of Physic in in the office of robes in the Lord Stew- 

tBOO. ard's Court, at St. James's, and may be 

Me jicai Jurisprudence; on Madness, with strictures considered as the last of the race of 

rJ::;:f.rM.r::'i™r'irr„',rnS;j^ ^eUh Bards Mr. Jon« has favored 
PotKws. e»o. i795.~On tlie dUcovr ry of tlie power J"® .^^^^^ .^*^n ™*°y musical works, and 

of Mineral Acid Vapours to destroy contagion> 8ve. he IS tntttled tO a place here by SOmtt 

iw>3,^A reply to Dr. J. Carmicbad 8djUi, contain- publications of lingular curiosity^ vii. 

]Sf loir literaut calendar. jok 1814. 

MMIal tad Poetieal Relies «f the Wetah Bwtl*, JoNES, JoHK, M^A, Vkar Of UaBsViieD, 

preeerred by tnditioD and authentic manuscripU unci Curate of Wrexham. 

from v«rj remote autiqiilty. never before published ; germon preached in the catliedral eborch of St 

vith a geacral history of the Bards and Druids, and Asaph, at a general ordmaUon held tiicre July ig^ 

• eo^us diMertation on the musical instnunenta of j^gjs, 4to. 

the Aboriginal Britons, folio, 3d edit. 1818.— The JqneS, JohN, M. B. 

Bardic Museum of primitive British Literatnre. and ^^j^,^ philosophical, and ttalgar error* •( 

other admirable varicUes, folio, 180C.— Lyric Airs, j^.^^ considered and refuted, 8vo. 179T. 
consisting of specimens of Greek. Albanian, Walla- i^--^ lo„„ IT n_ 

.hU., IVrkbh. Ar^ P«i«, Chin««. «d ^^^,'^'^"1^ j^^^, ^ D,. B.«..t«-. 

Mowteh MtioMl Songs, fel. l8J0.-Ten«irtor«. i^^ ,,„„ the D.«»h. Wmo. 180l.-De likdlH ta— 

*1fo" Es. EowAED. teacher of the classic, Jon". •'fl' %"htw|ll"fefi 
and geography. .t'Bn,mley. in Kent ^SsteJ ^'^'•"•"8«c«» Socety at 

The Young Geographer and Astronomer's best Com- iviaiiciicbier. .«••«. ,«»« 

Mnion. Itao. ms: 2d edit. 179«. The Reason of Man, in answer to Paioe, Uvo. 1T9». 

^on, i«ao.i7#^. *" """- '*^ . . _A defence of the Mosaic account of tiie CreaUoa, 

Jones, Edward, an accomptant in 3^. j^^^^ vindication of the Bishop of Lmidair'. 
Bnstol, who contrived some years ago Apology for tiieBibie,8vo.i7OT-'n»i. Epistle of P»i 

to procure a great number of subscribers ^ ^^^ RomMns analysed, Svo. ISOS.— Orammar of the 

to a pretended improvement in book- Greek Tongue, ismo. 1805. ed ed. laio. 3d ed. 1814. 
keepine, on which he published a pomp- -illustrations of the Four Gospels, 8VO. »a»-A 

^.•S^TL^ «ntit!o/1 OrammaroftheLatinTongue. l«mo. 1810.— ALattn 
OUS DOCK, enuiiea, • ,. «, and English Vocabulary, Itoo. 1818.— Ecclesiastical 
The English System o Book-keeping, by single or ^^^J ^^ p^^^ ,/^ j^ bus proved to be Chris- 
double entry, in whicl» .1 uilmpossible for any error ^^ ',812.-Seq«el to tl.e Researches on the 
of the most ttifting amount to be pas«.d unnouccd ' ^^^ ^^^ 3^^ I813.-And 
ealculated effectually to pr^"t the 'vi^s attt^dant P ^^.^^^ .^ ^^^ ^^^^^ j^^^^ 
en the methods so long established ; and adapted to -. r» -- «*» A n^«-K»/.«<^tr nf 
•very species of trade Secured to the inventor by ^ JoNES, JoUN GaLE, an Apothecaf) of 
the king's royal letters patent, that make it illegal London, who has distmgllisiied tlimsell 
IW any person to use the metliod without the paten- by his zeal in the cause of political re- 
tee^ licence or authority, which is given with the form, or rather as the advocate of liberty, 
wock.4to. No soonw did tills piece of quackery ap. equality, and universal suffrage. He has 

pear, but It was attacked by several able accountants, Jt. « '^'i.-^jl u-* .^««inA*;<vn ^.WU 
ind die Wlary so completely exposed, that the author chiefly SubsiSted by hlS COnnCXlOD With 

and tiie work fell into contempt. debatinjr societies, particularly that call- 

JoNKs, Edwin Godden, M.D. Memb. ed the Westminster Forum; .but having 

of the Roy. Coll. of Physicians, and Phy- published a scurrilous hand-bill on the 

sician extraordinary to the Duke of York. House of Commons, he was committed 

Aecoiint of the effects of the Eau Modicinaie in to Newgate, from whence he was libe- 

Gout, 8vo. 1810. i^ted on the same day that Sir Francis 

Jones, Frederic, a Captain in the Burdett was released from the Tower, 

•rmy, in the service of the East India He has published the following tracts: 

Company, is the author of, Sketrh of a Speech at the Westminster Forum in 1T9*, 

A brief account of the Tullagaum Expedition from 8vo.— A political Tour through Kent for the parpow 

Bombay, 4to. 1794.— Letters merely intended for and of prDraodng the cause of Parliamentary Kefono, 

hy the desire of intimate fneuds. 410. 1795. The 8vo. 1796-— An Oration on the diaracUr of Washing. 

last publication consists of letters from France and ton, 8vo. 1797.— Observations on the Tussis Convul- 

China. siva, or Hooping Cough, 8vo. 1798.— Invocation te 

Jones, Frederic ConiNGESBY, an At- Edward Quio, Esq. Svo. 1804.-Rvc Letten to the 

tomev of Grav's Inn '^'K*»' "<>«• ^- ^''•™«-y» 8vo. 1806.-Ia mo was 

^' vicUon of John Gale Jones, the manager of the B^ 

Jones, Harriet. tish Forum, 9vo. 

The Family of Sautraile, or the Heir of Montault, JoNES, J. T. BrCVet Lieut. Coloncl in 

«cv.4v.i«mo.i809. the British Army. 

Jones, JekKIN, a Capt. in the army, journals of the sieges underUkenby the Allies in 
and the author of various miscellaneous Spain, in ISll and 12, with notes and places, 8vo. 1814. 

pieces in the monthlv publications, be- Jones, J. F. D. M.D. 

sides Which he has printed, ^ Treatise on the pn^ess employed b, nature in^ 

Hobby-horses, a poetical illegory in five parts. 12mo. f^^i ^ hemorrhage from divided and poncton^ 

1797.— The Philanthropist, dram, piece, 8vo. 1801.— «rt«n«»» Bvo. 1805. 

Pros and Cons for Cupid and Hymen, in a series of JONES, KiCHARD. 

netrical satiric dialogues, exhibiting the horrors and Every Builder his own Surveyor, Oro. 1])09* 

delights of bring overhead and ears in love; with JoNES, SaMVEL. 

the supreme felicity and wretchedness of matrimony. Review of Mr. Haldane's late publication, entatoM, 

12mo. lOOT*— 'Unfortunate Amours, nov. 4 v. ISno. ** Obacnratioiu ou Forbeanac*/* ISmo. 1811. 

1814« JOK hlVlSQ AUTHORS. JOS 183 

JoNES) Stephen, son of Giles Jones, ISOft* There b aaother dna«tic writer of the iUM 

Secretary to the York Buildings Water »*««who »»«• puWWied a tragedy, ewitied, Th« 

Company, was born in London in 1763. ®*^"J' ®''*** ^* x- a c i *u 

AA.-J^««r«« »v.*»..»k c* T»o.,i»o c«k^«i u« Jones, William, F.A.S. and a mathe^ 

Alter comg tnrougn bt. raiil s School, he ^^4.: 1 ;„ * ^ ^Z 1 u- u 1. • 

»«o «L.«^rT ..r,.i<>* o» ^^:«,^*.«^ c«„i„L, matical instrument maker, which busi- 

was placed under an emment ocuiptor; ^„u : a j*u iv-.j 

but on account of some difference he rT !'J'AVT''i''^^''L)^'' f'^u'^^ 
was takeu from that situation and ap- G«.rge Adams, of Heetstreet. He has 

prenticed to a printer in Fetter-lane. On E" ^f-^?' j n u- -1 i? . ^- • ^ 

I, r L • • L . Gcometnciil and Graphical Essays, rontatmng a Ge- 

the expiration of his time he was engag- neral D.$crlption of MaUiLmatical Instrument* used 

ed as corrector of the press in the office in Gpometry, Surveying, &c. 8 V. 8vo. 1798. 4th ed. 

of Mr. Strahan, but at the end of four laiS.— Lecture* on Natural and Experimental Philo- 

years he removed to that of Mr. Thos. *°P''i'' ^^ ^^ **^ G.Adam*, enlarged, 5 v.ero. 1790. 
Wright, in Peterborough-court, where 'ZYr'Zrl\^^T^^r T'^'^'lt*^^'^ 

• ° '. 1 ^Mi ^i_ 1 *^L £• i • and Geographical Essays, by the late O. Adams, uik 

he remained till the death of his princi- proved, 6th ed.8vo.i8w. ^^ 

pal in March, 1797, an event which ter- Jomes, William. 

minated Mr. Jones's immediate COnnexi- Essay on the Life and Writings of Mr. Abraham 
on with the profession of a printer; Booth, the Baptist Minister. Svo. laoe.— History of 

and he l«ecame the editor of the White- the Waidenses, svo. isii. ^ 

hall Evening Post ; but on the decline of J^n^s, William, of Liverpool. 

that paper lie undertook the manage- '^^J''^^ fJ^^'^^^ ^""Z"' u"^' ^L^'^^.o^l"*^ 

.'^/'.u r> t T» • i> ^ T T Murder of Mtss Margaret Borus. 8vo. 180a.-*Ttt« 

ment of the General Evening Post. He Proceedings on the Trial of ui indictment againac 

was also for some time the conductor of John Uanaon. Esq. for a Conspiracy to aid the 

a monthly publication called the '* Free Weavers of Manchester. 8vo. I8O9. 

Mason's Magazine,'' and on the death of Jones, William Todd, Esq. 

Isaac Reed, ne became the editor of the Letter upon the subject of certain appreheosiona 

European Magazine. Kis separate works "^^^^ ^^* ■•■"•" f"*"* * proposed restoration of 

^j.g. ' o ^ Catholic Rights, &c. 8vo. 1798. 

Abridgment of Burke's Beflectioos on the French JoPP, J AMES, Esq. 

Revolotion, 18mo. 1791.— Monthly Beauties, 8vo. Reflections on the Constitution and RepreaeBtath« 

179s.— An abridgment of Ward** Natural History, 3 System of England, 8vo. 1811. 

▼. lemo. 179S^A History of Poland, 8vo. 1795— JORDAN, G. W. Esq. F.R.S. and Colo- 

A biographical Dictionary in miniatnrc, 18mo. 1796— nial A^^ent for Barbadoes. 

Doddjs Beantie, of History enlarged, 18mo. 1796— rh^ ciaS»s of the British West India Colonists to 

^V^!^ ..1L T .^.^",f ^,°^"f J ^ the Right of obtaining Supplies from America, .UteU 

Indm, 18mo. 1796.~Maaon»c Miscellanies, 18«o. «nd vindicated. 8vo. 1804. 

1797.^— A pronocmcmg and explanatory Dictionary of 

the Englbh Language, 8vo. 1798.— Gray's Pootical JORDAN, WiLLIAM, £sq. 

Works with Illustratioos, 8vo. I79B.— The Spirit of ^^ Jubilee, a poem, 8vo. I8O9. 

the Public Journals, from 1799 to the present time, JoRGENSEN, M. a native of DoDmark, 

iftno — Dr. John Blair'* Chronology, continued to and while mate of a vessel engaged in 
f°*^^^.'^i^^"^'^i^^?.^^'*?*''''"K^^" the Southem Whale-eshery visited Ota- 

Uon with addiUons, 8 V. 8vo. laoe.— Biographia Dra- u^li. * * ^o/^^ t ^nV^n 1. 

matic., or a Com)»ni(»i to tiie Playho«Ie. with the ?«*Je twlCC m 1806. In 1809 he went tj) 

additionsofMr. Isaac Reed, 4 V.8V0. 1818.— Hyper- Iceland m an English merchant vess^, 

criticism Exposed ; In a letter to the readers of the and havine contrived to seize the Danish 

Qoafteriy Review, 8vo. 1818. governor, ne caused himself to be pro- 

Jones, Theophilus, Deputy Registrar claimed Protector of the Island, but on 

of the Archdeaconry of Brecon. He is the arrival of a British siiip of war, he 

the industrious compiler of a topographi- was stripped of his authority and sent 

cal work ofsome merit, the back a prisoner to England. He hat 

HIatory of Brecknockshire, 3 v. 4to. 1809^ published : 

JowEs, Thomas, Curate of Creaton, is The sute of Christianity in otaheice, svo. isii.— 

the author of. The Copenhagen Expedition traced to otlier causes 

Tlie Scripture Directory, of the Old and New Testa- than the Treaty of Tilsit, 8vo. 1811. 

neat, 8vo. wii. 4th edit. 1813. JosEPH, Nahum, a converted Jew, and 

JoNSs, Rev. Thomas, A.M. lately Cu- Teacher of the Hebrew Language, has 
rate to the Rev. Mr. Martyn, Rector of edited, under the respectable sanction of 
St. George the Martyr, Queen-square, the Bishop of St. David's, a valuable work 
on being dismissed from that station, which was become very scarce, entitled : 

A Letter on Ecclesiastical Liberality, addressed to Robertson's Compendious Hebrew Dictionary, with 

the Rev. J. L. Martyn, 8vo. 1818. ^ corrections and improvements; a Vocabnlary of H«fe 

Jones, T. the author of some trifling brew Primitives in English and Hebrew ; Tables of 

performances, entitled, chronology and Antiquities, and an easy Method of 

Ptiantoms, or the Irishman in England, far. 8vo. reading Hebrew with or without Points, 8vo. 1814. 
18O0.-«CoQfiiied in Vain, or a Double^to^o, far. 8vo. JOSSE, AvOUSTINE LoUIS, a French ec« 


clesiastic of the University of Paris, who 

heing obhged to quit his native country 

during the reign of terror, went to Spain, K. 

from whence he came to England in 

1798, and obtained a livelihood by teach- Kanmacheb, Fbederick, F.L.S. and 

ing the French and Spanish languages. Beadle of the Apothecaries Company. 

He has published : He has published : 

A Gmiamwr, French and Spnnish.STo. 1799«— ^ Te- .^1^ Essajs on the MicroMsope by the late Georg* 
■oro Espagnole» on the plan of die Elegant Extracts, Adama, with considerable additions and improve. 
S V. 8vo. 180B.— JuYenile Biography, 2 ▼. Wmo. ment*, 410. ITfiB. 

180S. Kalffmaw, C. H. 

Joyce, Jeremiah, a UlSSenting The Dictionary of Mcrehandise,8vo.l805. 

Teacher of the Unitarian persuasion, was Keate, Thomas, Esq. F.R.S. Surgeon 

originally a journey man glazier, but hav- to the Royal Family, and Sureeon Gene- 

ine a turn for mathematics he applied as- rai to the Forces. This gentleman who 

sinuously to that study, and also to the ranks very high in his profession, has, 

Latin language, in which he was assisted however, been brought into some disputes 

by Mr. Taylor, the noted Platonist with the medical officers in the army 

After this,Mr. Joyce was taken under the which have produced several controver- 

^tronage of that eccentric nobleman the sial publications. His works are*: 

Earl of Stanhope, who entrusted him cases of the Hydrocele, with observations on a peev- 
with the education of his son Lord Ma- l»ar method of treating that disease, 8VO, 1788.— Ob. 
hon. But our author having embroiled »ervation8 on the Fifth Report of the ComnissioDen 
V- ir -1 Yu^ *<.«r.l.,ti/tna.-v n^litii^* nf of MillUry Inquiry, 4to. 1808.- Obserrations on the 
lumself m the revoluUonary politics of p„,ee«dings and the Report of the Medical Board. 
the day, was taken up, and committed to appointed to examine the sute of the •rmj depot in 

the Tower, where he remained twenty- the i»ie of Wight, 8vo. 1809. 
three weeks. At the trial of Hardy, Keatinge, Maurice, Esq. 

Tooke, andThelwall, he was discharged, The History of Uie conquest of Bfczieo,transbted 

when the principals were acquitted. His ^o" *»»« Spanish, 4to. isos—Eidometna, i^k»i. 

1 _ r 1: J^^m »«« . Viatorial and Military, 1B1£. 

r;ZlF*»T^.'^i-.i-.»Acc«.ntof , KEAT.NOK, Thomas, Esq. Barrister « 

the author's arrest for treasonable practices, 8vo. LAW. 

1794. Of this, a second edition appeared the year Treatise on Family Settlements and Devisee, 8vo. 

IbUowing. An Analysis of Adam Smitli*s Inquiry 1810. 

into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of K EEC AN, WiLLJAM, M.A. Master of 

Nations, 8to. iTor.— Analysis of Dr. Paiey's Eie- tjjg Manor House Academy, Kennington 

ments of Natural Theology, ISmo. I80i.-~ScientJfic j^anc * 

Dialogues, with a supplement. \l;J^-2^SZ Le NeiorUnt Unlrersel. or Commerdal Phn«eolo«y. 

Dialogues in ChejmsUy £ v. l^o. IW-Tbe i^mo. Isoe.^LUnstnietrur Fran^ais. l£»o. 1806.- 

Anthmetic of real Ufe, wi^ a Key. JJ"»° J^OJ'-^f *■ Dialogues, trench and English. ISmo. 1811.-Goide 

ter. of Natural and E»P«ri»«tri Phdoso^y l«mo. ^^ useful Knowledge. 18mo. 18a7.-New Di.l<«ue. 

J810.-Di.logu«. on the M,cro.cope £ v. IJ^; 181£. -^ R^nch and En«U.h, l£mo. 1811. 

—A Familiar Introduction to the Arts and Sciences, ^ \xr %m r\ t^;-^-*-.. -«,*1 

ismo. iBio-Martin^fs c*techi«n of N.tnr, im- ^ Keighly, Walkfjj, M.D. Director and 
pro««d, i£iiio. Mr. Joyce is also the author of Me- Lecturer in Midwifery of the British 

teorological Reports in the Monthly Magaziue, and Ladies' Institution for the encourage- 
hesuperintended the Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, ment and instruction of Female Mld- 
to which the name of Dr. Geoiie Gregory was pre- ^jycs, and the delivery of pregnant WO- 

** JuiONE, R. M.A. of the University of !?«V'/*'Tp''T llff !f'; * ,«a 

_ "r I ^ J. I ri New System of FamiU Mrdidne, Wo. 1806. 

Pans, and at present a teacher of Ian- j^^\ Archibald, Esq. 
guages in London, where also he has set Noughts on Uie AfiFairs of Bengal. ««». mt. 
up a printing press for foreign publica- ^^^^^ j^^^^^ ^ p. r S. and FA.S. 

tions. He IS the author Ot : Translation of Macquer*s Chemistry, £ v. 4to. ITTl- 

A Concise Treatise ou the French Tongue ; or a _Treali»e on the various kinds of Peimanendj Bias- 

Short Exposition of the General Principles of that ^^ Fluids or Gases. 8vo. 1777.— Dictioaary of Cbe- 

Language. l£mo. 180*.— A Genealogical Tsble of the ^gt^y, 4to. 1789.— Account of the Life and WritxAga 

diiferent parU of Speech, adapted to the French Lan- ^f ihomas Day, Esq. 8vo. He has, besides, several 

goage, folio, 18(Mk— Table of Uie Freoch Verts. 1804. p»j«„ }„ the Philosophical Transactions. 

Jukes, George Moss. Keith, George Skene, M.A. of Keith 

Letter to the Inhabitants of Gosport oil a Suit in the jj^n Aberdeenshire, and Minister of 

Szchequer, between the Crown and the Proprietors mt- il-ii • »i,„» ^^..„/„ u^ t^ «> 1>MeK«f 

of the Mudiandsand Buildings on the Gospon shore Kmkell in that county. He IS a Presby- 
of poctsaoouth harbour, 8vo. 1800. terian cJergyiqan of distinction, in that 

part, and has published as follows : 

Sermons and DSsooarsef on several occasions, Bra. 


]fB5. — ^Tracts on Wd^hts and Mm^qtm, 8vo. 1791. —Idea oft (k>Dstitatlon for Italy, 1814: and U also 
— Tracts on the Com Law^, 8vo. 179?. — An Irnpar* anthoi of 9fv«ral articles in the Clasfical Journal. 
ttal View of the present Stote of Great Britain, 8vo. KemBLE, ChaRLES, IS the ^'OllUgest SOn 

1797— Dr. Campoeirs Leciore^ on Kccieaiastkai ttia- of thc late Mr. Roger Kemble, and was 
tory. with the Life otti.e Au^ho^ 1800^ bom Nov. 25, 1775, at Brecknock in 

£xainiDation of tlie French Constitution, 8to. 1801.— ^ ^, --. , i ■ t / i i • i • 

View of the Agricuiuuf of Abtrde. n.hire, 8»o. 1811. South Wales, which town also gave birth 

Keith, James, of the 'Loyal North *". "jlf; ^'^i"' h*?"" ^"^- At the age 
Britons o» thirteen he wa& sent to Ooiiay m 

The Soldier's Assistant in the Manual and Platoon Flandcrs, whcrc he remained three years, 

Exercise. 8vo. 1803.~rhe Volunteer's Guide, 8%'o. and besides perfecting himself in thc 

lao*. French language he made a good profi- 

Keita, Trohas, private Teacher of ciency in the classics. On his return he i 

the Mathematics, &c. obtained a situation in the post office ; I 

The Complete Practical Arithnetician, ismo. n99'— ■ but remained there only a year, havin^' " ^ 

The New Schoolaa.ier'. Assistant. l«mo. 1796.-la. ^j^^j propensity tO the St^C which is thi 

troduction to the 1 heory and Practice of Plane and ^l„ ' -.^l* «.: \.c u:- fJ^i.. it i 

SphTicarrrii,onom.try.8yo. 1801. -Treatise on the characteristic of hlS Januly. He COm- 

Use of the Globe*, ismo. 1804.— iiawney's Complete noenced his career at Shetneld in 1792 m i 

M eaaorer, oorrected, ismo. the charactef of Orlando in As You Like 

Kekewich, George, Barrister at Law It, and acquitted himself with credit. 

and a native of Devonshire, is the com- After performing; about a twelvemonth 

piierof: ^^ ^ variety of characters at that to^vn, 

A digested Index to the earlier Chancery Reports, at Newcastle, and Edinburgh, he ven- 

avo. 1804. tured to try a London audience. His * 

Kelk, T. of Truro, and a Methodisti* first appearance at Drury Lane was in 
cal Preacher of the Wesleyao sect. the character of Mklcolm in Macbeth, 

Remarks on the Necessity of Divine Inspiration, 8to. April 21, 1794, and hc was SO well re- 

**?; Y -n T» • * .. T ceived that Mr. Colman gave him an 

Kell, John, Esq, Barrister atl^w in engagement for the Haymlirket, where 

A Ge*n^ Index to the Modem Reports, relative to ^^ P^^^^^J]:'**^ great applaUSC till the 

the Law occurring at triau by Nisi Prius. from the Summer, of 10)2, when the State of his 

period of the Revolntion to the present times. S v. health obliged him tO VlSlt the continent, 

avo. 1797* and on his return to England he joined 

K£;:lie, Alexander, a Lieutenant in bis brother at Covent Gs^en. In 1806 

the Royal Navy. he married Miss De Camp, of whom 

A Compeirative View, shewing the present flourishing particular mention will be made in a 

state of uie Revenue, Public Credit, Commerqe, &c. subsequent article. Mr. Charles Kem- 

ef^ Britain. 1811. ^iie is the author of these dramatic 

Kelly, Isabella, see Hedgeland. nieces • 

Kelly, Patrick, LLD. of the Uni- il^„ .\ -„ , . „ ,,»^ -- -, 

r r^i «j n* #.«- «r •u-> The Point of Honor, a play, 8ro. 1800.— Tlie Wa»* 

versity of Glasgow and Master of the ^erer. hist. dram. svo. lewf-Piot and counterplot. 

Mathematical and Commercial Academv farce, sve. 18O8. 

in Finsbury Square. He is the author of : Kemble, John Philip, brother of the 

A Practical Introdoction to Spherical and Nautical ^^^^^^-^ ' „ i^^,_ ^-. n^^^^t^ ;„ t-»« 

AsuoDomy, 8vo. 1796. 4th ed. i8i.wThe Eie- preceding, was born at Prcscot in Lan- 

jMnte of Book Keeping both by sinxie and Double cashire in 1757. He received the rudi- 

Katry.svo. 1801. 4tked. 1813.— The Universal Cam. ments of his education at the Roman 

biet and Commercial Instructor. « v. 4to. i8ii^>As- Catholic Seminary of Scdgcley Park in 

» tto^micai compu&tions for 1812. 8V0. Staffordshire, from whcuce lie was remov- 

K elly, Thomas, a Mechanic who has. ^j ^^ ^^^ University of Douay in Flanders 

■ published a sensible tract entituled: ^-^^ ^ ^j^^ ^^ •'t,,^ priesthood: but 

nhiouchts on the Msrriaees of tlie Labouring Poor, .i t_ i j '^i 1.1^ 

ittooriaor. In his introduction the author describes l^ough he made R very honorable pro- 

fkimeeJfas "poor, friendless. snd unknown, deciioing gress in the necessary Studies, and ac- 

I hito the vale of years, and having a family to sup- quired a reputation at college by his elo- 

jfort by his daily labor.** quence, he felt little inclination for the 

Kelson^ T. M. an Apotliccary who is clerical profession. On his return to . 

le author of a painphlet recommending England he preferred the stage to every 

lis own practice. It is entitled : other pursuit, and performed with ap~ 

, Few Reowrks on the Nature and Cure of Colds, planse at Liverpool, Edinburgh and 

r^'^^- York. While at the first of these places ' 

Kelsall, CHARLES, Lsq. he produced a play on the story of Beli- 

liBtter from Athena to a Friend in England, 4to. '**^.r 1 ^ \/ 1 i_ u l"! - *u^ 

iis^THe two huitPie^Ung. of Cicero against ver. sanus, and at York he brought on the 
I.8VO. i8is.-PhMUinofMUniv«iit7,fol.iw, Stage an alteration of Massmgers New 



Way to Pay Old Debts, and an alteration pwt the second, ato. uKM^Henry viu. am. lao*. 
of the Comedy of Errors. About the zV'lJ^^'^r^ v "T^.^Z' *I!!Sr**'^* 

u ui; t-^ ^ >^«ll .^ll«« III. 8vo. 1810. — At Ton Uke It, avo. 1810. 

same time he published a small collec- ^ *,**-« 

tion of poems, under the title of « Fugi- , Kbmble Mrs. MxaiE-TnEaBSB, was 

tive Piece*:" but being dissatisfied with ^^rn at Vienna, Jan. 17, 1774. Her 

what he had done, he, the very day after father, Georee Lewis Dc Camp, was a 

publication, destroyed every copy he musician and brother to Madame Simo- 

oould procure, and we have been told net, who was one of the pnncipal dancers 

thai one of those which escaped the at the Ooera House. Miss Dc Camp 

flames, was sold not long since for the dedicated herself to the stage at the early 

sum of three pounds five shillings, age o^ »« y«a" when she was retained 

While at York, Mr. Kemble tried a new a' the Opera House as the Cupidon m 

species of entertainment, consisting of a Noverre's ballets. From tbcacc she rc- 

lepetition of the odes of Mason, Gray, ^oyed to the theatre of Monsieur Le 

and Collins, with a recitation of the pa- Tcxier, where she performed, when only 

thetic tales of Sterne, and other pieces in e»glit years old, the character of Zelie, in 

prose and verse. This novel amuse- the comedy of La Colomb^ written by 

ment met with approbation, and the au- Madame de Genhs. Her elegance as a 

thor was encouraged to repeat it in va- ^^^^ occasioned her removal to the 

rious places. AtEdinburgh he delivered Circus, where she was engaged with 

a lecture on oratory which added consi- Monsieur Labune and the Miss Simo- 

derably to his reputation. From that ««»> to adorn the exhibitiona of that 

city he went to Dublin where he remain- theatre. She did not however remain 

ed two years, and in September 1783 he l?ng >» that situaoon, beinc engaged by 

made his first appearance on a London the elder Colman, for his house in the 

stage in the character of Hamlet, at Drury Haymarket, at the particular recommen- 

Lane. His reception in the metropolis dationof the Pnncc of Wales. At the 

was highly flattering, and here he had «?<! <>/ the s^son she accepted an mvita- 

an ample range for his variegated talents, tion from the manner of Drury-lane, 

which he displayed to his own advan- where she made her first appearance as 

tage and the delight of the public. On Ju*»e» in Richard Coeur de Li«n, to the 

the secession of Mr. King, he became the success o( which opera her performance 

managcer of Drury Lane theatre, which essentially contributed. At Drviv-lane, 

office he held with credit eight years. In *» ^799. Miss De Camp produced aco- 

1809 he visited the continent for the ™«<'y ^w *»er own benefit, called Fim 

purpose of studying the French and ^ouUt, which displayed no ordinary ta- 

Spanish theatricals and of importing *«°t in dramatic composition. One Earlc, 

whatever might be serviceable tor the however, endeavoured to impose a play 

improvement of our stage. Afler passing on the public, entitled, Natural Fau&t^ 

about a year at Paris and Madrid, he re- ^^ich he had the temerity to say had 

turned home, and having purchased a ^een copied by Miss De Camp. This 

sixth part of the Covent Garden concern, pretension, gross as it was, occasioned 

he became the manager of that theatre ; ^^^ discussion in the public prints; 

which he highly benefited by his judg- ^"t the lady sufficiently disproved the 

ment and his pertbrraances. Mr. Kem- charge, and exposed the cheat in a letter 

ble in his profession has written or addressed to the^ editor of the Morning 

altered a great number of pieces the Chronicle. At the termination of the 

titles of which are as follows : season in 1806, she quitted Dniry-fame 

Th« Paanei. farce, 8vo. 1788.— iTieFanii House, eon. for Coveut-garden, and the Same yesT 

8to. 1789^-LoTe in Manj Masks, com. 8vo. iTQOv— was United at the altar to Mr. Chsrles 

Lodoisu, mus. dram. 8vo. i784.^The Piignm. com. Kemble. She has published one piece, 

9wo. 1787— The Tempe&t, com. 8to. 1789- and again entiflnH r -^ 

with farth«r alteimtions in 1806.— Corlolanos, 8vo. -T i '-^ ^ -,_, j. . , 

1789. and again in 1806.-Henry V. hist. play. 8to. TheDaj after the Weddug. inter. Sro. 1808. 

1789. 1801. 1806.— All's Well that Ends Well. 8vo. KbmP, JaMES, a UaUVe of £ieter, 
179s,— Merchant of Venice, 8vo. 1795^Merry Wires whcrC he haS written and pubUshed 8 

of Windsor. 8vo. 1797.— Much Ado about Nothing, dcscriptiw pocm, entitled. 

Sro. 1799, H..d ieiO.-W«y of the World, eom.8vo. « NorthVnhay," the promenado far Uni iMitets 

Jf^TolT l^ **"• ^"~' •"** »«>♦-«*»« J*>»>». «~- of that city, 4to. 1808. 

1800, 180*.— Krag Lear, 8vo. 1800 and 1808.— Gym. v t t^ ^ I'-m.M-t 

beliue, 8\'o. J801 and 1810.- H-nry IV. part «»e first; , ^^MP, JOSEPH, DOCtOr Of MltSlC, 01 

8vo. 180S.— M-cbeth, 8vo. 1803.— Measure for Mea. Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He 
sure, 8w, i8os.-oihtiio, 8T9. iao«..Henry IV. is the brother of the preceding and was 

1«14. KSM LlVIVa AUTHORS. ^ KEK 187 

tom« time since drgaoist at the ci^ednd Kentish, Edward, M.D. and Physi- 
of Bristol; but at present resides m Lod- cian to the Bristol Dispensary, is the 
doo, where he has delivered lectures on author of, r ^^ « 

music, at some of the literary institU- An Es»aj oa Bums, especUlly those which happea 

tions. He has also published, « ^ vorkmea in mines from the explosion of inHam. 

The JnUIec, oat. 8vo. ia09»— The Siese of Isca, u e. "***'• ■*'• ®'°- 1797-- A Second Essay on Burns, 

tJiBUi, nel. dram. 8vo. 1610. ^^<*' 1800.-— Cases of Cancer, with observations on 

KemPTHORNE, John, JB. D. and late *"** "*• **' carbonate of lime in that disease, 8vo. 

FcU.of St. John's College, Cambridge. ^^^-^^ ^-«y<« Vapour Baths, avo. wog. 
has published, /^^^'^P^y J^hn, a Dissenting Minister 

Select portioDs of Fftaims from various translations, y ^"® Sociniaii Sect at Birmingham, and 

isao. 1810. formerly of Exeter. He has published, 

Kendal, Mrs. letter to Jamea White, Esq. on the late correspond 

JBasajs addressed to young women intended as a ®°^? between him and Dr. Toulmln, relative to the 

guide to their entering into tho marriage state, ISmo. ^°*'®*y ^^ Unitarian Christians in the west of Eng- 

1804.~Moreland Manor, or Who b the Heir, nov. S '*"**• ®^®* '79*'— The moral tendency of the genuine 

▼. l«nio. 1806. Christian Doctrines, 8vo. 1796.-^A Vindieation of 

Kendall, A. '**• priJiciples upon which several Unitarian Christi* 

Derwent Priory .—Tkles of the Abbey, founded on *"* ***J' '°™^ themselves into societies for the paiw 

hJatoricaJ ISMrts, S v. ISmo. 1800.— Tales and Poems. P**.".** "^^'^S *"«* recommending tlieir views of 

Ifiao. 1604. ' religious doctnne by the dtstribut^n of books, 8vo. 

Kendall, Edward Augustus. This J^^-J^*'^"'"^^ ««d dudes of the Chnstw 
IjsntJeman, 'who waslatelv employed in a ^Ji^^nti::^.^^^^-^: ^^ 

civil capacity m Canada, has published r lao*.— The influence of a love of religious truth, • 

The Created Wren, a little book for children, l^mo. Sermon on the Death of the Rev. T. Kenrick, 8vo. 

1799'— Keeper's travels in search of hb Mtister, 1804.— The object and conclusion of the Christiaii 

lemo.— The Indian CotUge, tranxlated from the Minbter's Mortal Life, a Sennon on occasion of the 

^ French of St. Pierre, 12mo. 1799— The Storips of death of the Rev. John Edwards, 8vo. 1808.— The 

Senex, or little hixtories for little people, iSmo. 1800. Simplicity of the Cbrbtian Doctrine, a Sermoft 

—The Pocket Encyclopaedia, 6 v. ifimo. 180S.— The preached at Dudley, 8vo, I8O9.— The connexion be- 

Tkavek of Deson in Egypt, translated from the tween the SimpUcity of tlie Gospel and the leading 

French, « v. 8vo. 180e.— Parental Education, or do- Principles of the Protestant Cause, a Sermon, 8vo. 

mestlc Lessons for Youth, ISmo. 1803. 1811.— A Thanksgiviiig Sermon, preached August 1 

Kendall, John. ISlS, on occasion of the act exempting the impugners 

An abstract from the Old and New Testament, con- ^^ ^^ Trinity from certain disabilities and penalties, 

taining what b most especially instructive iu the lib* ^^' ^^^S. 
torieei parts, and the many edifying examples of Ke*nTISH, klCHARD, M.D. and F.A.S. 

^ writings, 8 V. umo. 1800. Edin. is the author of, 

iiEHDALL, WILLIAM, an Attorney of Experimenb und Observations on a new species of 
Exeter, where- bis father earned on an Bark, Svo. 1785 — Essay on Sea Bathing, and the in- 

extensive business as a surveyor and ar- ^®'^*' *"<^ ^^ ^* Water, evo. 1786.— Oxation on 

Chikect. He has Wlitten, Wudying Natural History, 8vo. 1787.— Advice td- 

The Science of Legislation, transited from the Tta- ^^"^ ''•~"»» ®'?- 1789- 

lian of Fllangieri, 8vo. 1798^Poems, 6vo. 1793. K EN YON, Ri^ht Hon. GeOROE LoRD, 

Kendrick«— See Morris. . Baron of Gredington, in the county of 

Kennedy, J. Flint. His lordship is the sgn of the late 

Okoochei, a descriptive poem, « v. 8vo. 1811. Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and 

Kenney, James, a native of Ireland, was born July 2«, 1776. Hewaseducat* 

and for some time clerk in an eminent ed by that learned and exemplary divine 

banking-house. His works are,. Mr. William Jones, who inscribed to him 

Society, a poem, in two parts, with other poems, a tract On the importance of the Hebrew 

^r^^T::^tr^'lL'^^^^ ^^^^-'^ 1808 his lordship mar. 

M05^EUa Rosenberg, meio dra.8vo. i807.-Faise "cd Miss Hanmer, daughter of the Ba- 

Ainms, com. op. 8vo. I807.— The World, com. 8vo. i^net of that name, in the county, of 

1806.— Turn Out, mas. far. 8vo. 1818. As a drama. Flint. Lord Kenyon is an officer in the 

tic writer be has been very successful and almost all Guards, and in 1808, he exhibited great 

^^J!^ obuined great ceiebriijr. . alacrity in a foot race : he is also iOazer 

«o^ u »^I; /''" t- ^^'r/' 1 ^a'\^7^ »°d <^»«rk of the outlawries in the King's 

^SUiit^H^ * "''^''^ ""^ ^'''^''^' ^""^ ^" ^^'^c^ ^ veil as one of the two cust^es 

tSt i^!rLii' . -w^; I -.„-.*i. .K- ^ p brevium. He has distinguished himself 

The Bommd, a poetical epbtle, u the manner of ;„ «„.iu«»^«« ^^ ^^ ^ mT i.v ' *^** 

Bnms, fc. 8vo. 1806. *° parliament on one or two public occa- 

Kenny, Rev. Robert, of Kilsyth, «o*^5» P"^*^**!!*^^? *° ^e discussion of 
K^. B. tn® Catholic Claims, on which subject 

Xasaya on the natarai history and origin of Peat ^^ h*S *'so given tO the WOrld a very 

ifow, 8vo. 1806. able pamphlet, entitled, 


Observations on the lioman Cathotic QoeUon, 8vo. ley*s ScllOOl at KillgSWOOd, near Bri»- 

"*J: ^ -, ^ , ,. tol. 'He has been long employed in 

Keogh. CoKNELirs, a Roman Catholic Lo,,^^,^ j„ ^ subordinate capacity by tbe 
gentleman, of Mount Jerome, in Ireland, booksellers, and among other things was 
who has published a very violent tract engaged to correct and eolarge, 

with this Ulle : Waikpr'B Oawttecr, 8*0. He lia» alw contributed 

The Vclo, a CoouaenUry on the Orenvilla Mani. ,^ome arUclcs to the Moathly Ifacaciw, and othtf 

fetto, Svo. 1810. la this ptunphlet Mr. Keogb atUcks pe,iofiJc«l publications. 
wiUi unooinmon uar«Ui even tiH»e noblemeo aiici j^^^ Uenrv, B. D. Fcllow and TutOf 

oUiers who bad been Uie advocates of the Catholic* c rr -'-t. /> ii /\ r i u i_ 

Preteosion.. merely b..c-u«, they whhcd to have ®^ J^'J'.'^y College, Oxiord, whcrC he 

•ome securities for the Protestant Ksiablbhmtot, tOOK hlS masters decree in 1783, and 

Keogu, John, Esq. another zealous that of bachelor of divinity in 1793. He 

Catholic of Ireland, who has distin- is also one of his Majesty's preachers at 

guished himself at several public meet- Whitehall, and has published a number 

ings of that body, and to whose opini- of works, some of which have been very 

ons considerable detierence was paid by well received. The list of his pubUca- 

his brethren, as appear^ from the fcf- tions, which is creditable to his judg- 

lowiiig : raent and industry, is as follows : 

Sketch of a Speech delivered by him at a meetiiif of Sermons at the Bampton Lecture, 8vo. 1791^— Jv^ 

the Catliolics of Dublin, held at the Star and Garter, Dil« Pof:ms, 8vo. 1793.— History the Interpreter of