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Full text of "A.B. Lee & Co.'s Wooster city and Wayne County business directory, 1900; comprising ... list of all business firms and private citizens ... tax payers .."

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The Wayne County National Bank, 


CAPITAL STOCK PAID IN, - - - $100,000.00 

JACOB FRICK, Prerident- J, S. R. OVERHOLT, Vice President. 

C, S. FROST, Cashier, JOHN M. CRILEY, Ass't Cashier 

H, R, IMGARD, Teller, W. D. TYLER, Director, 

George A. Fisher, 



Monumental Architects and Sculptors In Granite and Marble. 


Prices the Lowest Consistent with Good Work. 

East South Stree opposite Prick's Warehouse, 


WoosTER Planing Mill, 

JAMES CURRY i8s3 to 1866. JAS. CURRY a SONS 1866-1868. D. C. CURRY & CO., 1868-1900. 

D. C. CURRY & CO., 

Dressed and Undressed Lumber, Shingles, Building Timber, 



Hard and Soft Wood Doors, Sash, Blinds, Frames, Mouldings, 
Tamed Coltitnns, Balusters, Raillxtgs, Pickets, Etc. 


liardwood Stairways and Interior Finish, Glass and Glazed Sash. 
White. Yellow and Norway Pine, Hemlock, Poplar, Cherry. 
Black and AYhite Walnnt, Qaartered and Plain White and Red 
Oak. Sycamore. Red Birch. Mahogany, etc., always in stock. 

A. B. LEE. & CO;S "" 




Comprising an Alphabetical List of all Business Firms and Pri- 
vate Citizens: a Classified Business Directory; also a Com- 
plete Directory of the Tax Payers of Wayne 
County and Incorporated Villages. 


Of Churches and Pastors of Same; Secret Societies, and a Great 
Variety of Useful Information. The Advertisements Con- 
tained Herein Represent Worthy and Reliable 
Business Houses of Wooster. 


A. B. LEE, Compiler, Editor and Publisher. 


SCHMUTZ PKLNT. diamond allhv. 


Read this Index all over carefully, then you can find any thing In this Book without asking: any 


Abbreviations 9 

Alphabetical List of Names, Name in parenthesis is always the wife 9 

Faculty and Students 86 

Classified Business City Directory 93 

Post Office 104 

City O fficers 104 

Resident Telephones 106 

Chnrcli Directory 107 

Lodges and Secret Societies lOS 

College Fraternities 110 

Wayne County Officers 110 

Justices of the Peace in Wayne county 110 

Township Clerks Ill 

Attorneys practicing at the Wooster Bar .' Ill 

Notaries Public for Wayne county 112 

Streets and Avenues .... . . . 5 

Names too late to classify 8 

Wards and Boundaries 4 

Wooster City 4 

Title Page 1 

Distance Table 7 and 8 


A. & P. Tea Co., L. C. Rose, manager 67 

Alcock, Forbes Inside of Back Cover 

Archer House 11 

Appleman, R. S 11 

Anderson, M. C Outside Back Cover 

Bashford, A. T 13 

Bi.xler, G lower right hand margin line, also pages 24 and 120 

liryson's Wall Paper Store 18 

Burkholder, F 19 

Curry, D. C, & Co Front Fly Leaf 

Clark's Planing Mill 12 

Clark, Chas. H 2o 

Davis' Steam Launday 23 

Dow, A. & Co Back Fly Leaf 

Dawson, SH top left hand margin line 

Kastern House 26 

Fogelson & McCormick 30 

Fombelle & Magaw 30 

Fulton, C. M 


Fisher. E. D Inside Back Cover 

Fisher, Geo. A Front Fly Leaf 

Ginter, J. M 34 

Harding & Co lower left hand margin line 

Hall, J. C 36 

Hayes, Jesse B 3^ 

Hunsicker. Gust .■, 

Kiester Bros 43 

Kelblv, N. K 44 

Mateer, H. N 52 

McClure Stove and House Furnishing Store .... 54 

McClure, Lewis ... 55 

Ming-lewood Coal Co 58 

Moore, A. W . 59 

Proctor & O'Hail Inside of Front Cover 

Paumier E. «& Co Back Bone 

Schmutz, Geo. S 70 

Spang-ler, G. W top right hand margin line 

Shibley, Mrs. A, 71 

Smith. C. D., & Son •• 73 

Spooner, M. L 75 

Stevens Meat Market 76 

Tieche, J. C 78 

Vivis, Albert 79 

Webster, J. R. Inside Front Cover 

Wayne County National Bank Front Fly Leaf 

Wooster National Bank Inside Front Cover 

Wooster Book Bindery 29 

Wooster Cigar and Stogie Factory • • • 53 

Winkler Horse Co Back Fly Leaf 

Weimer & Gerstenslager 92 

Wilson, W. A 82 

Wooster Electric Co 83 

Wooster Telephone Exchange 84 

Yoder Hotel Inside Front Cover 

Zimmerman & Co . . . Outside Front Cover 


Baughman - 114 

Canaan. 118 

Chester - 120 

Chippewa 124 

Clinton 127 

Congress - _ 129 

East Union 131 

Franklin 134 

Greene - 137 

Milton - 140 

Paint 144 

Plain - 147 

Saltcreek -150 

Sugarcreek 152 

Wayne - - 155 

Wooster 159 


Applecreek 161 

Burbank 161 

Creston 161 

Congress 162 

Dovlestown 162 

Daiton 168 

Fredericksburg- 163 

Marshallville _ - 164 

Orrville 164 

Smithville 166 

Shreve 166 

West Salem _ 167 


Is located on the g-ently rising slopes of the Killbuck and Apple- 
creek. It was laid out in the year 1808. It was incorporated in the 
year 1817, and became a city of the second class September 9th, 
1868. It is noted for the healthfulness of its location, and its larg-e 
trade with the surrounding country. It is divided into five wards, 
and it has five ward schools. Its High School building is located in 
a beautiful park, and is the admiration of visitors. 

The University of Wooster is located on an eminence in thenorth- 
ern part of the city, overlooking the city and miles of fertile plains 
and valleys. 

Its streets are lighted with arc electric lights. It has a local 
telephone exchange. The long distance telephoneconnectsitwith 
the principal cities. Two great trunk railroads- — the Penns3'l- 
vania and B. & O. systems, afford the best of traveling and ship- 
ping facilities. It has completed miles of sewers, vrhich with their 
large outlets and rapid currents, make an admirable system. 

The city owns its water works, which are unexcelled for purity- 
of water, and the abundant supply that may be furnished, when the 
extension, now in progress is completed. The city has all its 
principal streets paved with paving brick. 

It has a magnificient City Hall and Opera House. Its mammoth 
factories are hives of industry for its busy population. Its popu- 
lation is 10,000, not counting the suburbs. 

The Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station is located one mile 
southeast of the Public Square. It comprises a beautiful tract of 
500 acres of land, with its costly buildings and large green houses. 
They are an attraction foe visitors. 


The First Ward comprises that portion of the city bounded as 
follows, to-wit: — Commencing at the center of the Public Square, 
thence south on the center of South Market St., and the center of 
Madison Avenue, to the center of South Bever St.; thence north oiT 
the center of South Bever St., to the east line of the P., Ft. W. & C. 
R. R. appropriation, thence in a northerly direction along the east 
line of said R. R. appropriation, to the section line between sec- 
tions 3 and 10: thence west to the east end of East Liberty St.: 

tlience along; the center of East Liberty St., to the center of the 
Public Square, the place of beginning-. 

The Second Ward comprises that portion of the city bounded as 
follows, to-wit:— Commencing- at the center of the Public Square; 
thence east on the center of East Liberty St., to the end thereof; 
thence east on the section line between sections 3 and 10 to the 
east line of the P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. appropriation; thence in an 
easterly direction along; the east line of said railroad appropria- 
tion, to the east line of the corporation of said Cit}- of Wooster; 
thence north on said east corporation line, to the north line of said 
corporation; thence west on said north corporation line to the cen- 
ter of Quinby Avenue; thence south on the center of Quinby Ave. 
and North Market St., to the center of the Public Square, the 
place of beg-inning-. 

The Third Ward comprises that portion of the city bounded as 
follows, to-wit: — Biginiiingatthecenterof the PublicSquare;thence 
west on the center of West Liberty St., to the road leading from 
the City of Wooster to the City of Manslield; thence along the cen- 
ter of said Mansfield road to the west line of the corporation; 
thence north on the west line of the corporation to the north line 
of the corporation; thence east on the north line of the corpora- 
tion to Quinby Avenue; thence south on the centsr of Quinby Ave. 
and North Market St., to the center of the Public Square, the 
place of beginning. 

The Fourth Ward comprises that portion of the city bounded as 
follows, to-wit: — Beginning at the center of the Public Square; 
thence south along the center of South Market Street and Madi- 
son Avenue, to the south line of the corporation in the center ot 
Applecreek bridge; thence in a westerly direction on the south 
corporation line to the west corporation line; thence north on the 
west corporation line to the Mansfield road; thence east on the cen- 
ter of the Mansfield road and West Liberty Street, to the center 
of the Public Square, the place of beginning. 

The Fifth Vv-'ard comprises that portion of the city bounded as 
follows, to-wit: — Beginning in the center of the bridge across 
Applecreek on Madison Avenue, said point being on the boundry 
line of the city; thence northwesterly on the center of Madison 
Avenue to the center of South Bever St.; thence northerly on the 
center of South Bever St. to the eastern line of the P., Ft. W. & C. 
R. R appropriation; thence northeasterly on the east line of said 
P , Ft. W. & C. R. R. appropriation to the east line of the corpora- 
tion; thence southeasterly following said corporation line to the 
center of Applecreek bridge on Madison Avenue, the place of be- 


Bealle Avenue, three east of Market, from East Liberty north to 

Bever, (North and South,) two east of Market, from north limit to 

Madison avenue. 
Bixler Avenue, three north of "West Liberty, from North Market 

west to Grant. 
Bowman, (East and West, ^ third north of Liberty, from Grant 

east to limits. 


"uckej'e, (North and South,) one east of Market, from Madison 

avenue north to Quinb}'^ avenue. 
Cailowhil!, from Prospect, two squares west. 
Catherine Lanj, first east from Prospect, from Pittsburg avenue 

south to Henry. 
Colieg-e Avenue, third east from North Marl:et, from Bowman 

north to University st, 
(.'•olumbus Avenue, third west of Market, from Saybolt avenue 

south and southwest to city limits. 
Chestnut, nine north of Liberty, from Grant east to Bealle ave. 
Cuslimun, first north of railroad, east from Spink to railroad. 
Diamond alley, first south of Liberty, from Marketwestto Walnut. 
Elm, (North and South,) lirst west of Spruce. 
Kmrich, (North and South,) third west of N Market. 
Gasche, five east of Market, from Nold avenue north to city limits. 
Grant, (North and South,) second west of Market, from Chestnut 

south to Mulberry. 
Hancock, from Prospect west two squares, 
Henry, (East and West,) second south of Liberty, from Columbus 

avenue east to limits. 
Hig-h, second north of Liberty, from Bealle east. 
McKennan, three east of North Market, from North north to Nold 

Larvv'ill, (East and West,) two north of Liberty, from Bealle ave. 

west to limits. 
Lawn, one south of Bowman, from Grant two blocks west. 
Liberty, (East and West,) one of the principal thoroughfares, east 

from the Public Square to Depot street, and west from the 

Square to limits, dividing all streets that cross it into north and 

south streets. 
Lucas, first west of Palmer, from railroad south to Rebecca. 
LeRoy street, second south of Spruce, running east toP., Ft. W. & 

C. R. K. 
Madison Avenue (or Cemetery) from south end of South Market 

south-east to center of Applecreek bridge. 
Maiden Lane, south from East Henry to Callowhill. 
Market. (North and South ), one of the principal thoroughfaresnorth 

and south from Public Square to Quinby and Madison Ave: 

nues, dividing all streets that cross it into east and west streets. 
McDonald Avenue, first east from Saybolt avenue north. 
Miller, (North and South), from Vine to Mulberry. 
Minerva, from Pittsburg avenue south to Henry. 
Mulberry, third south of West Liberty, from Walnut west. 
Northwestern Avenue, from Saybolt avenue north, west, north and 

west to city limits. 
Nold Avenue. three north of East Liberty, from Bever east to Pal- 
North, (East and West), one north of Liberty, from Spink west 

to Liberty. 
Palmer, north from east end of Pittsburg avenue to limits. 
Park, eight north of Liberty, from Quinby avenue to Bever. 
Pearl, fivenorthof Liberty, from Quinby ave, east to Bealle avenue. 
Pino, six north of Libert3% from Quinby avenue east to Bealle ave. 


Pittsburg Avenue, from east end Depot street southeast to limits. 

Prospect, from Pittsburg- avenue south to Callowhill. 

Quinby Avenue, north from North Market to township line, city 

limits, continuation of North Market, 
Rebecca, first north of Pittsburg- avenue, from Palmer west t(» 

Saybolt Avenue, from north end of Columbus avenue, west to West 

South. (East and West), first south of Liberty, from Columbus 

avenue east to Pittsburge avenue. 
Stibbs, five north of Liberty, from Bealle avenue east to Gascbe. 
Spink, four east from Market, from Liberty north. 
Spring-, four north of Liberty, from Grant east to Gasche. 
Spruce, from junction of South Market street and Madison avenue, 

south-west to limits. 
Theodore, first south of P., Ft. W. & C. R. R., east and westalong- 

railroad, from Depot street east to Rebecca. 

From Wooster by wagon road to 


Ashland 22 

Applecreek 6 

Akron _ 32 

Blachleyville 8 

Big Prairie 13 

Burbank 13 

Burton City 15 

Canaan 11 

Cedar Valley 7 

Chippewa Lake 22 

Creston. 13 

Congress 12 

Canton 34 

Dalton _ 14 

Doylestown 18 

East Union 8 

Easton 16 

Fredericksburg 9 

Golden Corners 8 

Haysville 20 

Holmesville 12 

Jefferson 5 

Jackson. 10 

Jeromeville 15 

Lattasburg 12 

LeRoy 16 

Lakeville . 16 

Lodi. 18 

Loudenville 22 


Lucas 33 

Lawrence 20 

Madisonburg . 4 

Mechanicsburg 6 

Moreland 6 

Millbrook 6 

Mt. Eaton IS 

Marshallville- 12 

Mavsville 12 

Millersburg 18 

Medina 24 

Massillon 25 

Mansfield 40 

NewPittsburg 10 

Overton 6 

Orrville 11 

Pleasant Home 15 

Reedsburg 10 

Rittman 16 

Rowsburg - 13 

Smithville 7 

Springvllle 8 

Shveve 10 

Sterling 13 

Seville 16 

Wadsworth 23 

West Salem... 17 

West Lebanon 16 

Wilmot 20 



Baltimore, Md 541 

Buffalo. N. Y 250 

Chicag-o. Ill 333 

Cleveland. 70 

Cincinnati. 222 

Columbus, 120 

Dayton, 166 

Detroit, Mich 231 

Lexing-ton, Ky 301 

New sYork,N. Y - 579 

Pittburg, Pa 123 

Philadelphia, Pa 488 

St. Louis, Mo _ 525 

Toledo, 126 

Washington. D. C 511 

Wheeling, W. Va - 121 


Brvant, Sergeant W. C, Co C. 27th Regt, U. S. Vol. Manilla, home 

136 W North st. 
Boyd, Prof. John C, General Steam Ship Ticket and Tourist agt., 

12 College ave. 
Diehl, John, carpet weaver, E Liberty, st. 

Magav/, J. G. (Mattie) Grain and Produce Dealer, Pittsburg ave. 
Morris, Joseph C. (Emma) Propr. Yoder House, 15 E Liberty st. 
Piatt, Dr. F. W., Eye Spec alist, at Yoder House every Friday, 
Spaulding. W. C, Dry Goods Merchant, 4 E Liberty st. 

Map of Wayne County, page • - 48 

A. B. LEE & CO.'S 

Wooster City and Wayne County 




Ave Avenue opp opposite 

agt agent propr proprietor 

al alley phone telephone 

atty attorney r resides 

bds boards s - south 

blk block s e c south east corner 

cor .corner sq square 

e east s s south side 

e s east side supt superintendent 

labr laborer s w c south west corner 

n north w west 

nee north east corner w s west side 

n s north side wid widow 

n w c. north west corner wks works 

mfr manufacturer 

Alphabetical List of Names. 

Abert, Ninrick, labr, r 71 E Liberty st. 
Ackermau, Frank (Linda) barber, r 88 S Bever st. 
Ackerman, Helen, *' •' " 

Ackerman, John (Mary) labr, r 118 S Bever st. 
Ackerman, John Jr., compositor, r 118 S Bever st. 
Ackerman, Lewis (Ella) labr, r 130 W Larwill st. 
Ackerman, Chas., newsboy, r 68 S Market st. 

Twenty reasons in one— it pays to attend tlie Bixler Business College. 

For First Class Photographs go to Dawson's. 

10 — A— 

Acker, Mary, domestic, r34 Nold Ave. 

Adair, JaneE., r 27 N Walnut st. 

Adair, John S. (Caroline) Atty, r 59 W Larwill st. 

Adair, Addison (Emiline) retired, r 203 N Market st. 

Adair, Robert L., Probate J udg-e, " " " 

Adair, Jenett " " " 

Adams, C. C. (Mag-g-ie) real estate & insurance, r 134 W Larwill st. 

Adams, Will C, student, r 134 W Larwill st. 

Adams, Mrs Mar}^ widow, r 201 Spink st. 

Adams, John '' '* " 

xVdams, Jacob, brickmaker, " " " 

Adams, A (Elizabeth) r 97 S Market st. 

Aitkenhead, John (Annie) labor, r 84 Nold Ave. 

Aitkenhead, Andrew, miller, " " " 

Aitkenhead, William, clerK, " " '' 

Aitkenhead, Jane " '* " 

Albrig-ht, Geo. barber, boards 61 W Liberty st. 

Aibrig-ht, Mrs. Sarah A., r 63 E South st. 

Albrig-ht, Arthur W., clerk, r 63 E South st. 

Albright, Howard R., cabinetmaker, r 63 E South st. 

Alcock, Forbes (Mary) monumental works, r 58 N Buckeye st. 

Alcock, Ben, piano tuner, r 58 N Buckeye st. 

Alcock. Geo., g-ranite cutter, r 58 N Buckeye st. 

Alcock, Bechtel, g-ranite cutter, r 58 N Buckeye st. 

Alcock, Ella " " " 

Aldrich, Joseph (Annie) labr, colored, r back of Grant st. 

Allenbaugh, John (Clara) stock buyer, r 102 E South st. 

Allenbaugh, E. (Mary) cabinet maker, r cor Mulberry & Grant sts 

Allenbaugh, Maud, milliner " " *' 

Allenbaugh, Samuel, student, " " " 

Alinsbaugh, A. S. (Mrs. A. S.) barber, r 15 E Liberty st. 

Allen, James H. (Emma) painter, r 106 E Henry st. 

Allen, Leroy, painter, " " " 

Allen, Ada, works at Clapper's, " " " 

Allen, Myrtle, works at Clapper's, " " " 

Allen, Bessie, student, " " •' 

Allen, PI. L., painter, r 106 E Henry st. 

Allis, Mrs. Laura, r 52 E Bow^man st. 

Allis, Clarence A., " " " " 

Allis, P>lenita A., " " " " 

Amborn, Mrs. Louisa, r 119 E Liberty st. 

Amborn, Mary, tailoress, r 119 E Liberty st. 

Ames, Samuel (Martha) contractor, r 70 Bealle ave. 

Ames, John W., chemist, " " " 

Ammon, Thomas (Maggie C.) jan high school, hi g-h school cottag-e 

Ammon, Maud, r high school cottage. 

Amster, Nick, clothing merchant, bds Yoder house. 

Amster, Morris, clothing- clerk, bds Eastern house. 

Anderson, M. C. (Ella) department store, rms 43 E Liberty st. 

Anderson, Alfred, piano finisher, r 127 S Bever st. 

Mixed Paint for House uss at Harding &. Co. 

G. W. Spangler, Real Estate, Leans &. insurance. 

Stesm Heat. 




Electric Light. 

Antinuccio, Ang-elo (Gentila) r 32 Palmer st. 

jVntlnuccio, Felimena, " " " 

Ankly, Fridolin, pastor St. Mary's Cath. church, r 31 Madison av. 

Ankly, Teresa, r 31 Madison ave. 

Aimat, Will. (Vinnie H.) dry goods merchant, r 90 N Market st. 

Annat, Mary, r 90 N Market st. 

Antles, Katie, domestic, end of Bealle Ave» 

Applebaug-h, J. E. (Ellen) msurance agent & pension atty., r 

34 W Vine st. 
Applebaugh, Daisie M., Margaret W. & Annie M., r 34 W Vine st. 
Appletnan, R. S. (Armilda) piano dealer, old Music Hall, Spring st. 
Archer House, cor E Liberty and Buckeye sts. 
Arm, Valentine, labr, r 93 Spruce st. 
Arm, George, " " " " 

Armor, Madge, r 146 N Buckeye st. 
Armstrong, Mrs Samuel, r 126 N Market st. 
Armstrong, Mrs Alice, r 125 N Market st. 
Armstrong, Richard, James & Dorester, r 125 N Market st. 



Pianos and Organs, 


'PHONE i79. 

Practical education— the oniy rigiit l^ind, taugiit at tiie Bixler Business College. 

Baby Pictures always good at Dawson's. 


Arnold, Willis (Florence) works on wreck train, off Hancock st. 

Ash, Alice, r 137 W North st. 

Athey, W. J. (Mrs M. J.) second-hand store, r 40 Spruce st. 

Atkins, Thomas, r E Vine st. 

Atkins, Emily, domestic, r 158 E North st. 

Atkins, Mrs David, widow, r 101 W Liberty st. 

Atkins, Emily, r 101 W Liberty st. 

Atkins, John (Martha) r 119 S Grant st. 

Atkins, Beula, cigar maker, r 119 S Grant st. 

Atkins, Sarah M., r 119 S Grant st. 

Atkinson, Miss Eliza, r 143 W Liberty st. 

Aug-spurger, Mrs Eliza, r 46 College ave. 

Aumann, Frederick (Anna) shoemaker, r 102 N Bever st. 

Aumann, Bertha & Gertrude, r 102 N Bever st. 

Avery, R. A. (Minnie) restaurant keeper, r 184 N Buckeye st. 

Ayers, Miss Anna, r Madison Hill. 

Aylesworth, Metta, r 146 N Bever st. 

Aylesworth, L H. (Mrs L. J.) retired, r 130 N Bever st. 

Aylesworth, Paul R., r 130 N Bever st. 

— B— 

Badger, Elmer, retired, r 78 Nold ave. 

Bahl, Peter, solicitor, r 112 W Larwill st. 

Bahl, James (Mary) carpet weaver, r 112 W Larwill st. 

Baird, Jane, r 153 W Liberty st. 

Balrd, Mrs., widow, r 91 S Grant st. 

Baird, Thad, clerk, r 14 E Liberty st. 

Baird, Fred (Mary) clerk, r 24^2 E Liberty st. 

Baird, Mary, milliner, " " " 

Baker, Mrs. Catherine, r 111 E North st. 

Baker, Ella, tailoress, " " " 

Baker, Mary M., r 52 N Buckeye st. 

Baker, Lottie, domestic, r 61 W Liberty st. 

Baker, Lee (Mrs. Lee) brakeman on railroad, r Columbus ave. 

Baker, Margaret, r 33 W Liberty st. 

Baldwin, Ida H., widow, r 50 Bealle ave. 

Barnard, A. (Annie) night watchman, r E Vine st. 

Barden, H. H. (Dora) barber, r 184 N Buckeye st. 

Bardon, Otto (Agnes) carriage trimmer, r 40 Palmer st. 

Bardon, Daisy, cigar maker, r 40 Palmer st. 

Bardon, Edith and Clemie, " " " 

Bardon, John, laborer, r 170 W Liberty st. 

Bardon, Hetta and Ella, " " "■ 

Barnard, J. S. (Hannah) carpenter, r 220 Spink st. 

Barnard, Albertie M., " " " 

Barnard, Benjamin C, music teacher, " *' " 

Barnard, Emry (Amanda) shoemaker, r 97 S Bever st. 

Barnard, Harry, postoffice clerk, " " •' 

Barnard, Lola, r 97 S Bever st. 

Barnard, W. E. (Maud) dry goods clerk, r S Bever st. 

Horse Blankets and Robes at Harding &. Co. 

If you have property to sell list it with G. W. SPANGLER, 


Barnhart, Chas. (Anna) painter and paper hanger, r 110 SBever st. 

Barnhart, Marg-aret, r 152 E Liberty st. 

Barnhart, Sebina, r 31 Spink st. 

Barnhart, Frederick (Rachel) insurance agent, r 41 S Walnut st. 

Barrett, J. F. (Hattie) insurance and real estate, r 48 S Buckeye st 

Barrett, Chas. F. (Mrs. Chas. F.) rangr B. Barrett Sons Foundry, 

r 9 Bealle ave. 
Barrett, Randall C, r 9 Bealle ave. 
Barrett, Mrs. Kate, r 142 E Liberty st. 
Barrett, H. H., news dealer, r 142 E Liberty st. 
Barrett, May, r 142 E Liberty st. 
Barrett, Mrs. Violetta, r 98 E Liberty st. 
Barrett, Dr. J. E. (Orilla) r 58 E Liberty st. 
Barrett, Edw. J., in Manila, r 58 E Liberty st. 
Barrett, Alpha, Grace and Lucy, r 58 E Liberty st. 
Bartel, John H. (Christina) retired, r 103 Nold ave. 
Bartel, Geo. B., student, r 103 Nold ave. 
Barton, Mrs. Rachel E., r 108 >^ E Liberty st. 
Bartol, Mrs. Jane, r 109 N Market st. 
Barry, W. M., works at Chute, r 91 S Market st. 
Bashford, Dr. A. T. (Mary) r 44 W Liberty st. 


Diseases of Women and Children *.".". Genito-Urlnary Organs 


9.00 TO lO A. M. 

2.00 TO 3.00 P. M. 

7.00 TO lO P. M. 
Telephone 229. 


44 West Liberty Street, 


Bashford, Stella, r 44 W Liberty st. 
Basted, R. H., r 90 E Liberty st. 
Bates, Mrs. E. P., r 235 N Buckeye st. 

Bauer, Michael (EUa) electric light trimmer, r 29 Palmer st. 
Bauer, Charles, r 29 Palmer st. 
Bauer, Mrs. Eva, widow, r 41 Palmer st. 
Baum, Mrs. Katie, r 23 N Buckeye st. 

Baumgardner, W. H. (Nannie) dry goods clerk, 21 E North st. 
Baumgardner, Nellie, r 21 E North st. 
Beam, Mrs. M., r 106 E Henry st. 

Beard, Robert (Mandilla) liveryman, r 23 N Buckeye st. 
Bechtel, Bert, dry goods clerk, r 202 N Buckeye st'. 
Bechtel, I. J. (Mrs I J.) clerk, r 36 Sprnce st. ' 
Bechtel, D. W. (Mrs. D. W.) wall paper, notion store, etc., r 21 
Bealle ave. 

Your patronage pays; but the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE pays you the best. 

BABY PICTURES always good at DAWSON'S. 

U — B- 

Bechtel, Elizabeth and Julia, r 21 Bealle ave. 
Bechtel, R. T. (Nellie) postoffice clerk, r 95 S Market st. 
Bechtel, Susan, wido^v, r 95 S Market st. 
Bechtel, Caroline, widow, r 96 S Market st. 
Bechtel, J. J. (Eliriabeth) liveryman, r 113 W North st. 
Bechtel, Jane, widow, r 153 W Liberty st. 
Bechler, Chas. (May; engineer on railroad, r 44 Bealle ave. 
Beck, Albert (Charlotte) laborer, r 110 W Larwill st. 
Beck, Geo., bosiler, r 61 W Liberty st. 
Beck, Jacob (Emraa) laborer, r 187 E Kcnry st. 
Beck, Lizzie, domestic, r 24 S Bever st. 

Beebe, Capt. \V. O. (Fanny) dry goods merchant, r 43 Coilege ave, 
Beebe, Julia S., vocal teacher, r 43 College ave. 
Beebe, Elizabeth N., r 43 College ave. 
Beer, Dr. J. D. (Jane) r 68 E Larwill st. 
Beer, Margaret, r 68 E Larwill st. 
Begert, Annie, domestic, r 65 E Bowman st. 
Beoteguy, Prof. H. G. (Clara) 141 Bealle ave. 
Beistle, Rebecca, wid, r 48 N Market st. 
Belknap, Mrs. A. M., r 197 N Buckeye st. 
Bellingham, Rev. T. W., rms on Madison Hill. 
Bell, Susan, wid. r 53 E South st. 

Bell, Frank (Mamie) with Bell Bros., r 62 S Bever st. 
Bell, Wm. (IClla L.) importer of horses, r 111 S Marlcet st. 
Bell, Samuel, (Jennie) importer of horses, r 46 W South st. 
Bell, John (Stella) with Bell Bros., r 2 Mulberry st. 
Bell, Daniel (Nancy) r 25 S Grant st. 
Bennett, Prof. W. Z. (Minnie S.) r 163 Bealle ave. 
Bennett, Ade'.la E., r 163 Bealle ave. 
Bentz, Mrs. Sarah J., r 115 E Larwill St. 
Bentz, Fred, barber, r n5 E Larwill st. 
Berbert, William (Minnie) butcher, r i05 S Walnut st. 
Berbert, Louis, butcher, r 36 W Liberty st. 
Berbert, Morris, laborer, r 55 E South st. 

Beresford, Wm. (Martha) merchant tailor, r 40 E Liberty st. 
Berger, J. D. (Mrs. J. L.) laundry, r 63 W South st. 
Berger, Carrie, r 63 W South st. 

Berkholder, Sallie, r Rebecca St. ; 

Berry, J. A. (Catharine) retired, r i06 W North st. 
Berry, Clyde, compositor, r i06 W North st. 

Berry, Wilson (P^mma) grocery clerk, r West Henry st. .V 

Berry, Jennie, r Northwestern ave. ;'. 

Betson, Samuel (Amanda) teamster, r 93 E South st. I 

Betson, Mary E., school teacher, r 93 E South st. " "' 

Betson, Chas. S., teamster, r 93 E South st. ; 

Bevard, Joseph (Kate) mfr sad.dles. and pads, cor Columbus ave. 
and W Liberty st. ^. '.' 

Bevard, Mrs. Kate, milliner, r cor Columbus ave and-W Liberty st. 
Bevard, Zella, r cor Columbus ave. and W Liberty st. 

LOWE BROS. Paste Paint HARDING & CO.'S. 

SPAMGLER has all kinds of Real Estate for sale. 


Bevard, James (Susan) propr. Archer House, cor E Liberty and 

Buckeye sts. 
Bevard, C. L. (Elizabeth) clerk at Archer House, r E Liberty and 

Buckeye sts. 
Beving-ton, Thos., carpenter, r 226 N Grant st. 
Bevington, B M (Delia) furniture clerk, r 67 E Bowman st. 
Bierla, Ida, clerk, r 32 South Market st. 

Billman, S. H. (Sadie) stove and tin store, r Pittsburg ave. 
Billiar. Mrs. Anna, r 21 Palmer st. 

Billiar, Chas., engineer, Joseph and Frank, labrs, and Clara. 
Billiard, Mrs. Mary, r 238 N Buckeye st. 
Billiard, Alice and Harvey. 

Bissell, Howard (Melissa) dry goods clerk, r i77 N Buckeye st. 
Bissell, Ella and Mila H., r i77 N Buckeye st. 
Bissell, Edgar, plumber, r i77 N Buckeye st. 
Bixler, Prof. G., prop.Bixler Business College, third floor Quinby 

blk, s w' cor sq. 
Bixler, Mrs. Elizabeth, r i35 N Market st. 
Bixler, Ida. r i35 N Market st. 
Bixler, Mrs. David, r n4 Spink st. 
Bixler, Cora, r n4 Spink st. 
Bixler, Chas. (Delia) clerk, r 94 E Larwill st. 
Black, Mattie, r cor Liberty and Gfant sts. 
Black, Mrs. Dr. James, r 58 E Bowman st. 
Black, Elizabeth R., r 58 E Bowman st. 
Blackburn, H. R., deputy sheriff, r i36 E Bever st. 
Blackburn, A. W. (Hannah) county treasurer, r 71 E Bowman st 
Blackburn, AVayne and Elizabeth, r 7i E Bowman st 
Blackwood, D. 6. (Emma) freight agent, r i90 N Buckeye st 
Blake, Arus (Emma) carpenter, r S Market st 
Blake, S J (Elmvra H) carpenter, r i60 S Buckeye st 
Blake, Mary A, Belle and Bertha, r i60 S Buckeye st 
Blake, Geo H, labr, r i60 S Buckeye st 
Blake, Lottie, works at Clapper's 

Blandford, John J (Emma) Engineer and Fireman, r i8i E Henry st 
Blandford, Walter C, Clerk, r i8i E Henry st. 
Blandford, Zella A, no occupation, r i8i E Henry st. 
Blandford, G W, (Ida L) paper hang-er & painter, r 66 S Bever st 
Blasie, Mrs Nettie, r 2i E South st 
Blessing, John H. Carpenter, r i8 Blessing- ave 
Blessing, David M, Carpenter, r i8 Blessing- ave 
Blessing-, James L, Laborer, r i8 Blessing- ave 
Blessing-, Robert W, Painter, i8 Blessing ave 
Blile, Mrs Eva, r Billiard st 
Blile, Joseph and Clara, r Billiard st 
Bliss, W. H. (Lillie) grocer, r i6 E Bowman st 
Bloom, John (Mary) janitor, r 9 Stibbs st 
Bloom, Edward, brushmaker, r 9 Stibbs st 
Bloom, Gertrude, r 9 Stibbs st 
Bloom, Matt (Lizzie) paper hanger and painter, r 5i S Grant st 

A Good School— BIXLER'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Wooster, O. 

For High Grade Photographic Enlargements goto DAWSON'S. 


Blough, John P., (Mary) hardware merchant, r 149 E North st. 

Blough, Mrs. Irene, wid, r 126 W North st. 

Blough, Chas., no occupation, r 126 W North st. 

Bloxham, Geo. (Eliza) r 126 E South st. 

Boctolmyre, Sohn (Annie) r Lucas st. 

Boffenmyer. Aaron (Rebecca E) r 100 E South st. 

Boegner, Peter (Margaret) wks at gas house, r 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, Theodore, wks at gas house, r 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, Philip, carpenter, r 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, Geo, plumber, r 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, Chas, butcher, r 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, Fred, brushmaker, r 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, Mary & Leone, no occupation, 158 E Henry st. 

Boegner, H. L. (Mrs H L) engineer at gas hoase, 13 Spink st. 

Boigegrain, Elizabeth, wid, r 58 S Walnut st. 

Boigegrain, Frank, dry goods clerk, r 58 S Walnut st. 

Boigegrain, H. L. (Amanda) dry goods clerk, r 56 W South st. 

Bolus, Louis L (Mary) Justice of Peace, r McKenna st. 

Bolus, Katherine & Drucilla, r McKenna st. 

Bolus, John (Annie) r 128 N Grant st. 

Bonnett, Solomon (Rebecca) peddler, r Lawn st. 

Bovine, Delia, domestic, r43 S Market st. 

Bovine, Mary, domestic, r 43 S Market st. 

Booker, Will (Mrs Will) r Pittsburg ave. 

Boosz, Mrs Katie, r 26 S Buckeye st. 

Boosz, Geo. (Rachel) mason, r 127 S Bever st. 

Boosz, Henry, woodworker, r 127 S Bever st. 

Jioosz, Mar3% r 127 S Bever st. 

Boosz, Joseph. Baker, r 127 S. Bever st. 

Boosz, Martin J., (Blanche) photographer, r cor Buckeye and 

Henry sts. 
Boone, John (Altha) hay baler, r 192 W Liberty st. 
Boone, Sam, hay baler, r 192 W Liberty st. 
Bot^ne, Geo. (Alice) hay baler, r 185 W North st. 
l^ortolomeo, Domenico (Ernest) r 24 Palmer st. 
Bower, Elizabeth, wid, r 94 S Bever st. 

Bowers, Benj. (Clara) B & O express driver, r 134 S Buckeye st. 
Bowers, John (Francis) cook in restaurant, r 20 Madison ave. 
Bowers, Albert & Ralph, r 20 Madison ave. 
Bowers, H. (Maggie) prop of restaurant, r 26 E Liberty st. 
Bowers, Miss Lucy, r 138 N Market st. 
Bowers, John jr. (Daisy) barber, r 86 S Buckeye st. 
Botsford, Mrs A E, r 19 Nold ave. 
Botsford, Edith & Susan, r 19 Nold ave. 
Bowman, Cyrus (Mary) distiller, r 51 High st. 
Bowman, Cora, r 51 High st. 
Bowman, Lizzie, domestic, r 119 Bealle ave. 
Bowman, Kate, seamstress, r 89 N Bever st. 
Bowman, T. P. (Flora) traveling salesman, r 21 Gasche st. 
Boyd Mrs Mary, r 14 College ave. 

Buy the Page Bros. Buggy, HARDING & CO.'S. 

If you want to borrow money, see SPANGLER. 

-B^ 17 

Boyd, Prof. John C, (Mrs John C.) r 12 Colleg-e ave. 

Boyd, Samuel H., (Mary) druggist, r 104 Nold ave. 

Boyd, Wrn., machinist, r 104 Nold ave. 

Boyd, Robert, student, r 104 Nold ave. 

Boyd, Amanda, wid. r 100 Nold ave. 

Boyd, Mrs. Jane A., r 100 Nold ave. 

Boydston. Alice, wid., r 92 S. Buckeye st. 

Boydston, Elizabeth, r 92 S. Buckeye st. 

Boyer, Mary, domestic, r 111 S. Market st. 

Boyle, Wm., (Mary) r Billiard st. 

Boyls, Miss Mary, 91 r S. Market st. 

Bradshaw, W. H., (Mrs. S. I. ) Jeweler, r 28 N. Market st. 

Bradshaw, Edward, Carroll, Dorothy and Myrtle, r 28 N. Market 

Bradshaw. Wm. (Cora) r 58 N. Walnut st [st. 

Brandt, D. W., (Katie) Book Store, r 129 S. Buckeye st. 

Brandt, Ella, clerk in book store, r 129 S. Buckeye st. 

Brandt, Katie, Orah and Wm. D.. r 129 S. Buckeye st. 

Branstetter, Andrew, Tile Maker and Farmer. West Wooster. 

Brand, Mrs Katharine, r 37 Hancock st. 

Brand, Georg-e, harness maker, r 37 Hancock st. 

Brand, Annie, domestic, r 173 N Market st. 

Brand, Gertie, domestic, r 173 N Market st. 

Brauneck, James (Ola) machinist, r opp piano works, S Buckeye st. 

Brauneck, Mrs. Barbara, wid, r opp piano works, S Buckeye st. 

Bricker, Jacob (Emma) railroader, r 174 W Liberty st. 

Brick, Bridget, domestic, r 149 E Henry st. 

Brinkerhoff, Rose, r 2 McDonald ave. 

BrinkerhofF, W. S. (Alpena) teamster, r Poplar ave. 

Brown, John B., ex-sheriff, r 128 S Market st. 

Brown, T. P., trucking-, r 128 S Market st. 

Brown, Harry, harnessmaker, r 128 S Market st. 

Brown, Irene, r 128 S Market st. 

Brown, Katherine, domestic, r 104 N Market st. 

Brown, Mrs. E. D., r 197 N Buckeye st. 

Brown, W. J. (Mrs. S. K.) blacksmith, r 195 N Buckeye st. 

Brown, Milton (Alta) retired, r W South st. 

Brown, Michael (Catherine) works on railroad, r E Henry st. 

Brown, Josie and Mary, r E Henry st. 

Brown, Mrs. Sarah, r 61 N Market st. 

Brown, Elizabeth and Mattie, r 61 N Market st. 

Brown, Dr. J. H., (Mary) dentist, r 146 N Buckeye st. 

Bruce, Mrs. Margaret, r 168 N Bever st. 

Brumpter, Harry, (Elizabeth) r 32 Spruce st. 

Brumpter, Sarah, wid, r 81 Spruce st. 

Brumpter, Ellen, r 81 Spruce st. 

Brumpter, Maggie, wid. r 81 Spruce st. 

Brumpter, Mrs. Geo., wid, r 113 W North st. 

Brumpter, Louisa, wks at laundry, r 35 W Vine st. 

Brumpter, Mrs. David, wid, r 42 W Vine st. 

Brumpter, Frank, r 42 W Vine st. 

Shorthand a specialty at the Bixler Business College. 

Sepia photographic enlargements made by DAWSON. 

22 — C^^^~ 

Clark, Nellie, domestic, r 138 N Grant st. 

Clark, Mrs. Ranson, r 166 N Bever st. 

Clement, Miss E. G., r 16 College ave, 

Cleveland, J. C. (Mrs G. A.) insurance ag-ent, rms 99 E Liberty st. 

Clinedinst, James (Louisa) carpenter, r 42 Nold ave. 

Clowser, \Vm. (Mrs. Wm.) labr, r 58 S Market st. 

C<x:hnauer, A. B., lieutenant Salvation Army, r 90 E Liberty st. 

Cohn. Nathan (Annie) junk dealer, r 113 N Grant st. 

Collins, Hug-h (Mrs. Hugh) retired, r 105 E North st. 

Collins, Jennie, dry goods clerk, r 105 E North st. 

Collins, Catherine, stenographer and bookkeeper, r 105 E North st. 

Collins. John, electrician, r 105 E North st. 

Compton, Prof. Elias (Otilia A.) r 46 College ave. 

Conrad, Chas. F. (Carrie) stone mason, r 21 S Buckeye st. 

Conrad, Ada, clerk, 21 S Buckeye st. 

Conrd, Emil, (Edith) padmaker, r 43 S Buckeye st. 

Conrad, Mrs Henry, r 58 S Bever st. 

Conrad, Emma, pad shop, r 58 S Bever st. 

Conrad, Alma, bag factory, r 58 S Bever st. 

Conrad, Matilda and Laura, r 58 S Bever st. 

Conrad, Mrs C F, r 117 E Liberty st. 

Conrad, Lula and W A, 117 E Liberty st. 

Conrad, Wra, H, saloon and restaurant, r 126 N Market st. 

Conrad. Rebecca B, r 126 N Market st. 

Conrad, Chas, baker, r 71 E Liberty st. 

Conn, Joseph, laborer, r 117 W Larwill st. 

Conn, J E, (Elizabeth,) carpenter, r 14 Lawn st. 

Conn, Harrv. carpenter, r 14 Lawn st. 

Copley, L. S. (Mrs A) Hardware Merchant, r 166 N Market st. 

Co(>ley. A F.. book keeper, r 166 N Market st. 

Corson, Lott (Anna) wks Preserving Works, r 31 S Bever st. 

Cosper, E. S. (Roxy ) paper hanger and painter, r Mulberry st. 

Conti, Dominico (Loretta) labr, r Lucas st. 

Conti, Mary, r Lucas st. 

Crabbs, Mrs. C. L, r 86 N Buckeye st. 

Crabbs, Anna & Etta, r 86 N Buckeye st. 

Crabbe, Mrs. M. J., r 91 E Bowman st. 

Craft, Rev. Frederick, r 206 N. Market st. 

Craighead, L. D., (Mrs. L. D.) grocery & candy mfg., 152 N 

Craighead, Lee & Robert, 152 N Market st. " [Market st. 

Craig, Mrs. Jane, r 127 N Buckeye st. 

Crane, Mrs. Zenas Z., r 10 College ave. 

Crawford, Emma, school teacher, r 12 Madison ave. 

Criley, John M., (Cora) teller in bank, r Bealle ave. 

Chrismore, W. D., (Hannah E.) traveling salesman, r 16 W Vine st. 

Chrismore, Loretta & Gertrude, r 16 W Vine st. 

Crites, Mrs. Jennie, wid, r 156 W Larwill st. 

Critchfield, L. R., attorney, r 22 S Buckeye st. 

Critchfield, Lyman, Jr., (Rose B.) attorney, r 22 E Larwill st. 

Crosby, Emma, seamstress, r 87 S Market st. 

Pocket Knives and Scissors , HARDING 6c CO*S. 

SPANGLER, Agent for Fire Insurance. 

Crow, H. W., (Susan) brick layer, r 76 S Buckeye st. 

Crow, Myron F., (Clara) labr, r 112 Pittsburg- ave. 

Crowl, H. F., (Jessie) undertaker, r 43 Nold ave. 

Culbertson, Mrs. Anna, r 52 S Buckeye st. 

Culbertson, Hug-e & Wrig-bt, r 52 S Buckeye st. 

Cunning-ham, Theodore, (Martha) r 52 Bealle ave. 

Cunningham, Bertha, r 52 Bealle ave. 

Cunningham, Jennie, 21 K Norts sa. 

Cunningham, Alvinzi, promoter, r 169 W Liberty st. 

Cunningham* Dr. R. J., (Alice) dentist, r 72 S Market st. 

Cunningham, Lura & Roy J., r 72 S Market st. 

Curey, Fred, clerk, r 26 E Liberty st. 

Curie, Ruey, domestic, 23 Spink st. 

Curry, Chas., bookkeeper, bds Yoder House. 

Curry, David C, (Mrs. D. C.)lumbermerchant, r 163 E North st, 

Curry, Will, bookkeeper, r 163 E. North st. 

Curry, Roland, r 163 E. North st. 

Curry, Mrs, James, wid, r 11 Bealle ave. 

Curry, Francis, r 11 Bealle Ave. 

Cusick, Michael, (Anna) carpenter, r 67 High st. 

Cutten, Mrs. G. S., r 17 Bealle ave. 

Cutten, Amy, compositor, r 17 Bealle ave. 

Cutten, Carrie, compositor, r 17 Bealle ave. 

Cutter, Mary Jane, wid, r 44 E Liberty st. 

Cutter, Mrs. A., r 25 E North st. 

— D— 

Dague, John, (Mary) carpenter, r 122 W Larwill st. 

Daily, Levi, (Laura) dairyman, r 70 Spruce st. 

Daily, P. F., (Mary) teamster, r 19 Cushman st. 

Danner, Mrs. Eliza, r 76 S Buckeye st. 

Darr, Joseph, (Ida) clerks in restaurant, r 121 Pittsburg ave. 

Darr, Mrs., r Pittsburg ave. 

Darr, John and Daisy, r Pittsburg ave. 

Darr, D., r Pittsburg ave, 

Darr, Jennie, school teacher, Pittsburg ave. 

Dashem, Archibald, (Emma) shoemaker, r 35 S Buckeye st. 

Davis Steam Laundry, 

East Liberty St. 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SPECIAL AT TENTION 

I All Work i ^, . ^ . ' \, . 

I Guaranteed | GiVGn to Goiiiiiiercial TfadG 

* To Give * 

I Satisfaction t ON SHORT NOTICE. 


•PHONE 38. 

Best of Typewriters at the Bixler Business College. 


For the Best Photographic Work goto DAWSON'S. 

Carson, Mrs. Sarah, r 244 N Market st. 

Carson, Margaret, r 244 N Market st. 

Cassiday, David (Mrs. David) labr, r West Wooster. 

Cassiday, Frank (Mrs, Frank) labr, r W Wooster. 

Caskey, John S. (Josephine) grocer merchant, r 73 W North st. 

Casner, Frederick (Hattie) blacksmith, r 84 S Market st. 

Carrer, Romie (Katie) labr, r 106 S Bever st. 

Chaffee, E. L. (Nellie) railroad postal clerk, r 105 Pittsburg ave. 

Chambers, Prof. J. M. (Mrs. J. M.) r 175 Bealle ave. 

Chance, Sadie, domestic, r 36 W. Liberty st. 

Charlton, Wm. (Ida) carpenter, r 161 N Grant st. 

Charlton, John, r 161 N Grant st, 

Chesney, Rev. E., r 18 W Larwill st. 

Chesney, Emma and Maud, r 18 W Larw^ill st. 

Childs, E. B. (Maria) traveling salesman, 194 N Market st. 

Christine, W. F. (Matilda) painter, r 125 S Buckeye st. 

Christine, Margaret and Louis, r 125 S Buckeye st. [ver st. 

Christine, H. B. (Zemenia) furniture and undertaker, r 133 S Be- 

Christine, James, furniture and undertaker, r 133 S Bever st. 

Christine, James H. (Marie C.) painter, r 117 S Grant st. 

Christy, Mrs. E. J., r 192 N Bucksye st. 

Christy, Chas. and Ethel, r 192 N Buckeve st. 

Christie, Mary E., r 119 E Bowman st. 

Christie, Florence and Edna, r 119 E BowmaJi st. 

Clapper, Sinclair (Carrie) machinist, r 32 Bealle ave. 

Clapper, Pearl, vocal teacher, r 32 Bealle ave. 

Clapper, Alfred, retired, r 25 N Bever st. 

Clapper, Geo. A. (Hulda) job printing and mfr of salt bags, r 52 

Clapper, Vera, r 52 E Larwill st. [E Larwill st. 

Clark, Zimena, milliner, r 19 Public sq. 

Clark, Cornelia, milliner, r 19 Public sq. 

Clark, Newton (Ann^e) mail carrier, r 166 N Grant st. 

Clark, Eunice, Arthur and Ora, r 166 N Grant st. 

Clark, Chas. (Margery) painter, r 230 N Grant st. 

Clark, Allen (Irestena) traveling salesman, r 98 Bealle ave. 

Clark, Geo. W. (Edith) lumber merchant, r 51 N Market st. 

Chas. H. Clark, 

Paititittg, Graining, 
Fresco-painting and Paperhanglng 
^«2^^>a Specialty. 


Seamstress Sewing Machines Ball Bearings HARDING & CO. 'S. 

We Kiln-Dry Your 



Work It to Order 

On Good Machines by 

Skilled Mechanics. 

We Ship by B. & O. 

Pennsylvania R. R. 

Have Side Tracks in 
Our Yards. 


Planing Mill i=4uMBER Yard 





-# OUR BUSINESS Is to keep a Clean, Salable Stock, 


Branch Yard at Barberton, Ohio. 


do Fine Mill Work, and give attention to 
details of the Lumber Business. 

OUR ADVERTISING consists chiefly in satisfactory deal- 
ing, keeping the old and getting* new customers. . . . . . . 


place of extensive use of PRINTER'S INK, we prefer J^ 
to gi ve YOU the benefit we save in our method o f keep- ^ 
economical means of conducting business. A GOOD ^ 
MANY SAY they can do a little better trading here ^ 
V than they can at other places. We shall be pleased to ^ 
-^ have you come and see for yourself. Estimates prompt- ^ 
^ ly given. "^ 

* — — *- 

All classes of Photographic work at DAWSON'S. 

18 — B— 

Wall Paper, Awnings, 

Window Shades, Tents, 

Curtain Poles, Porch Curtains, 

Paints, Hammocks, 




Public Square, ntHtT Wooster, O. 

Bryan, Mrs. C. E., r 132 Spink st. 

Bryant, John W., (Marv B.) auctioneer, r 136 W North st. 

Bryant, Maud, Jessie & Alice, r 136 W North st. 

Bryson, W. B., (Naomi) wallpaper and paints, r 115 E Liberty st. 

Bryson, Mrs. Rose, r 184 N Bever st. 

Buchheit, Adam, (Catherine) dry goods clerk, r 85 E Henrv st. 

Buchheit, Clara D., r 85 E Henry st. 

Buchheit, Fred, (Lena) labr, r 9 Pittsbufg- ave. 

Buchheit, Chas., wks on wreck train, r 9 Pittsburg' ave. 

Buchheit, Albert, plumber, r 9 Pittsburg ave. 

Buchheit, Peter, r 39 Hancock st. 

Buchheit, Caroline & Barbara, r 39 Hancock st. 

Backer, Rufus, (Ella F.) stone cutter, r 77 W North st. 

Bucker, Katie and John M., r 77 W North st. 

Bucker, Harvey, (Susan M.) labr, r 43 W Vine st. 

Buckley, Hannah, r 97 E Henry st. 

Buckley, Timothy, retired, r 161 S Buckeye st. 

Buckley, James, traveling salesman, r 161 S Bever st. 

Buckley, Nora, r 161 S Bever st. 

Buckley, Jeremiah, (Mary) flagman, r 159 S Bever st. 

Buckley, Johanna G., brushmaker, r 159 S Bever st. 

Buckley. Agatha & Caecilia, r 159 S Bever st. 

Burgan, J. R., harness maker, r S Grant st. 

Linoleum and Oil Cloths at Harding &. Co. 

Spangler will rent you a house. 



Engines, Boilers, Saw iiHilis and Tliresiiing Machines. 

Lawn Mowers Reground and Repaired, Plow Points Reground 

and everything in the line of Jobbing and 

Repairing. All work Guaranteed. Prices 

the lowest in Wayne County. 

In part of Old McDonald Shop, S. Walnut St.. WOOSTER, OHIO. 

Burke, Mrs. Margaret, r Billiard st. 

Burke, Richard, compositor, r Billiard st. 

Burke, Mary, teacher at Bixler Business College, r Billiard st. 

Burke, Bridget, r Billiard st. 

Burkholder, Frank, (Arretta) machine shop, r 92 W North st. 

Burris, Chas. (Emma) labor, r 111 S Buckeye st. 

Burtnett, Mrs. Sarah E., wid, r 247 N Grant st. 

Bush, Mollie, dry goods clerk, r 20 N Buckeye st. 

Bush, Eliza, r 20 N Buckeye st. 

Bush, Wm, (Angelina) Retired miller, r 34 N Grant st. 

Bushnell, Miss Olive, r 122 W Larwill st. 

Buss, Maggie, domestic, r 145 W Liberty st. 

Butler, Wiley, (Anna) baker, r 25 S Buckeye st. 

Butler, Sylvia, r 25 S Buckeye st. 

— c— 

Caldone. Seleistine, domestic, r 198 N Market st. 

Caldwell, Wm., hostler, r 123 E Bowman st. 

Calhoun, Mrs. E. J., r 91 E Bowman st. 

Callahan, Dennis (Nora) section foreman, r E Henry st. 

Cameron, Robert (Jennie) contractor, r 44 High »t. 

Cameron, Walter and Christine, r 44 High st. 

Campbell, Rev. J. O. (Grace E.) r 150 E Bowman st. 

Campbell, Ida M., r 150 E Bowman st. 

Corapelll, Loreto (Mary) r 28 Palmer st. 

Carana, Appollonio, r Lucas st. 

Carana, Mary and Polena, r Lucas st. 

Carlin, W. H. (Grace) carpenter, r 111 W North st. 

Carlin, Mary, bookkeeper, r 111 W North st. 

Carlin, Ethel, student, r 111 W North st. 

Carl, Charlotta, r 109 W Liberty st. 

Carnes, Wm., retired, r 124 E Larwill st. 

Carroll, M. J. (Mary E.) retired farmer, r 118 S Market st. 

Carroll, Mary Ellen, r 118 S Market st. 

Carse, Wm. (Rose) barber, r 117 W North st. 

Carse, Iva, r 117 W North st. 

Best of Typewriters used at the Bixler Business College. 

DAWSON makes Enlarged Photos from Amateur Negatives. 

Dausman, Mrs. Margaret, r 106 E. Larwill st. 

Dausman, Amelia, dressmaker, r 106 E Larwill st. 

Dausman, Rose, school teacher, " " " 

Dausman, Louisa, dressmaker, " '' ** 

Davidson, Mrs. Henrietta R., matron, r cor Bealle ave & Bowman »t. 

Davidson, Bessie, cor Bealle ave and Bowman st. 

Davies, H. B., dry goods clerk, r 85 N Bever st. 

Davison, Alice, foreman at Preserving- Works, r 42 E Liberty st. 

Davis, Chas., propr of Davis Steam Laundry, bds 43 S Market st. 

Davis, Dr T. K. (Mary P.) librarian of college, r 126 Bealle ave. 

Davis, Miss Alice S., r 126 Bealle ave. 

Davis, James, hostler, rms rear of 28 N Market st. 

Davis, Rev. John W. (Alice) r 54 E Bowman st. 

Davis, John K. and Alice P., r 54 E Bowman st. 

Dawson, S. H. (Melissa) photographer, r 117 E Bowman st. 

Deakins, Mrs. Ella, dressmaker, r 58 N Buckeye st. 

De Fluent, A. R. (Mrs. A. R ) traveling salesman, r 8 W Liberty st. 

Deemer, Mrs. Susan, r 118 W Larwill st. 

Deer, Jacob (Marietta) carpenter, r 64 E Larwill st. 

Deer, Kate, school teacher, r 64 E Larwill st. 

Deneka. Chas. (Louisa) contractor, r 74 Spink st. 

Deneke, Elizabeth and Esther, r 74 Spink st. 

Derr, Emmet (Jennie) labr, r 72 E North at. 

Derr, Daisy, bookkeeper, r 52 E Larwill st. 

Derr, Alice M., clerks in shoe store, r W Liberty st. 

Derr, Dr. W. F. (Martha) veterinary surgeon, r 2."^ Nold ave. 

Derr, P^rama and Earl, r 23 Nold ave. 

Derr, Chas. (Emma") saloou and restaurant, r E Henrv st. 

Derr, Chas., Jr., r E Henry st. 

Derr, Daniel W, (Sarah A.) mail carrier, r 19 W Vine st. 

Derr, Wm. C, Daisv M. and Frank H., r 19 W. Vine st. 

Derr, Daniel, retired, r 87 S Market st. 

Derr, Ella, r 87 S Market st. 

Deer, Ida M., 113 W North st. 

Detrick, E. S., 76 W Liberty st. 

Detirck, John, blacksmith. 76 W Libertv st. 

Detrick, Caroline R., 76 W Liberty st. " 

Devlin, Wm. (Sadie) labr, 50 S Walnut st. 

Devlin, Maggie, 50 S Walnut st, 

Devlnney, Cttrt (Catharine) sewing machine agt, 178 N Grant st. 

Devinney, Charles, fireman on railroad, 178 Grant st. 

Devinney, John, operator, 178 N Grant st. 

Devine, Elizabeth, 87 W Liberty st. 

DcWitt, B. T., florist. Music Hall, Srping st. 

DcWitt, Frank, florist, Music Hall, Spring st. 

Dice, Jesse (Mrs. Jesse) labr, E Henry st. 

Dice, Joseph (Margaret) 31 Hancock st. 

Dice, Alex., moulder, K Larwill st. 

Dire. Minnie, wid, 63 E South st. 

Dice, P^dwasd, ass't shipping clerk, 63 E South st. 

HABDiNG Si CO. arc now agents for the $15 to $17 Expert Sewing Machine. 

The best legacy 
pa.rents can leave 
their children, is a 
good business education. 


Wooster, Ohio. 

■Si c - 


H -5 

Get an Accident Policy of SPANGLER before you travel. 

Dice, Arch, works at Bush Works, 63 E South st. 

Dice, Ella, trimmer, 63 E South st. 

Dice, Delia, 63 E South st. 

Dice, Sarah, wid, 55 E Henry st. 

Dice, Frederick, 55 E Henry st. 

Dickey, Charles, 18 Madison ave. 

Dickason, Wm., (Lydia) Hostler (colored) 121 N Grant st. 

Diehl, Lena, wid, 105 E South st. 

Diehl, Anna, stenographer, r 105 E South st. 

Diehl, Emma, clerk in county treasurer's office, r 105 E South st. 

Dietz, Irene, domestic, r 15 E Diberty st. 

Dilliard, Marion( (Mary) labr, r 17 Gasche si, 

Dilliard, Olliver, (Mag-g-ie) carpenter, r Nold ave. 

Dilliard, Levi, labr, r Nold ave. 

Dilliard, Sophronia, and Cletus, r Nold ave. 

DiPasqua, Raffaelo, (Carmenia) r Palmer st. 

DiPasqua, Mary and Fenio, r Palmer st. 

Dix, Albert (Mary) mngr Wooster Republican, daily and weekly, 

48 Bealle ave. 
Dix, E. C, editor Wooster Rebupllcan, 48 Bealle ave. 
D'Miller, Elmer (Clara) carriage painter, 98 E Henry st. 
D'Miller, Nellie, 98 E Henry st. 
D'Miller, Mrs. Sarah, 68 Pittsburg ave. 
D'Miller, Beuj. F., inventor, rooms n e side Public sq. 
D'Miller, Abner (Francis) painter, 36 Callowhill st. 
D'Miller, Dora, grocery clerk, 42 Bealle ave. 
D'Miller, Frank, painter, 42 Bealle ave. 
Doam. Mary, 119 E Liberty st. 
Dodd, Mary R., Emerick st. 
Doersam, Martin (Ida) 87 W North st. 
Donley, Laura, domestic, 27 Bealle ave. 
Donely, Geo. (Minnie) labr, 44 Spink st. 
Donely, Delia, 44 Spink st. 

Doty, Wm. (Maud) works at pad shop, 32 S Buckeye st. 
Doty, Mrs. J. E., wid, 32 S. Buckeye st. 
Doty, Marie, dressmaker, 32 S Buckeye st. 
Douglas, Benj. (N. M.) author, 196 N Buckeye st. 
Douglas, Mabel and Anna Dale, 196 N Buckeye st. 
Doughtev, Martha, domestic, 145 N Market st. 
Dowell, Mrs. Ed., 159 E North st. 

Downing, Thompson (Sarah J.) atty, 14 E Bowman st. 
Downing, Thompson, Jr., and Mary, 14 E Bowman st. 
Dow, Alonzo (Sarah E.) traveling salesman, 102 S Bever st. 
Dow, Alonzo R., barber, 102 S Bever st. 
Dravenstott, Elnora, wid, 93 S Buckeye st. 
Drennen, James (Margaret) 114 S Bever st. 
Drennen, Martin, labr. 114 S Bever st. 
Drinkhouse, Frank, labr. West Wooster. 
Drinkhouse, Jacob, retired. West Wooster. 
Droz, Ira (Lizzie) transfer and hack line, 58 W North st. 

No vacations at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 

Droz, Harry and Edward, 58 W North st. 

Duden, Carry, E South st. 

Dull, Daniel (Susan) retired, 122 W North st. 

Dull, Jennie, dressmaker, 122 W North st. 

Dull, Nellie, clerk, 122 W North st. 

Dull, Sadie, domestic, 15 E Liberty st. 

Duncan, Bessie, 137 N Buckeye st. 

Dunham, Elizabeth, Madison Hill. 

Dunkle, Wm. (Amelia) labr, 27 Emerick st. 

Dunkle, Lillie, 27 Emerick st. 

Dunkle, Frank (Bertha) wood worker, Emerick st. 

Dunkle, Ira (Jennie) section hand on railroad, Emerick st. 

Dunkle, Earl, Emerick st. 

Dunlap, Ernest. 52 College ave. 

Dunway, R. H. (Elsie) 143 E Bowman. 

Durstine, Jacob (Mary Ann) 137 Bealle ave. 

Durstine, Clara Bell, teacher in University, 137 Bealle ave. 

Dysart, Carrie N., 150 E Bowman st. 

— E— 

EASTERN HOUSE, 63 E Liberty st. 



I Eastern House I 

Cor. East Liberty and Bever Sts. 
HOWARD C. WILE. Propr.. Wooster, Ohio. 

Karls, Rilda, 119 Spink st. """^ *"" 

Eason, S. B., (Anna) Common Pleas Judge, 117 W Liberty st. 

Kason, Mrs. B. F., wid, Bixler ave. 

Eason, Benj., (Mrs. Benj.) atty, 73 N Walnut st. 

Kberhart, Julius, civil engineer, 43 S Market st. 

Kberhart, Sue, 48 S Market st. 

Kberhart, John, marble cutter, 49 Spruce st. 

Eberhart, Clara & George, 49 Spruce st. 

Kbert, W. F., (Ella M.) 116 E Larwill st. 

Ebert, Ella, dressmaker, 116 E Larwill st. 

Kbert, Clarance F., 116 E Larwill st. 

Ebright, Mrs. R. H., 132 Spink st. 

Kbright, Mary, teacher, 132 Spink st. 

Kbinger, Mrs. F., 183 N Buckeye st. 

Eby, H. B., (Lucy) mail carrier, 12 W Vine st. 

Mixed Paint for house use, HARDING & CO.'S 

G. W. SPANGLER, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 

~ -E- 27 

Eby, Harry, dentist, 12 W Vine st. 
Eckard, Jacob, carpenter, Madison hill. 
Lckard, Charles, (Martha) labr, 100 W North st. 
Eckert, Samuel, (Martha) stone mason, Northwestern ave. 
Eckenroth, Benj., (Martha) carpenter, Bixler ave. 
Eckenroth, Laura, Ella and Tilla, dressmaker, Bixler ave. 
Edvi^ards, John, (Sarah,) 95 E South st. 
Edwards, Stella, wks in laundry. 95 E South st. 
Edwards, Charles, blacksmith, 95 E South st. 
Edwards, Thomas, labr, 95 E South st. 
Edwards, James and Ella, 95 E South st. 
Eddy, Mrs. Sarah, 159 E North st. 

Eddy, R. E., (Ella A) real estate dealer, 147 E North st. 
Lddy, Ralph R. W., 147 E North st. 
Fga.n, Mary, Saybolt ave., first house. 
Egan, Ellen, wid, i88 E Henrv st. 
Eg-an, Mary, 188 E Henry St.' 

Eg-g-er, Fre'derick, (Elizabeth) labr, 97 S Market st. 
Eitnier, Sarah, wid, Emerick st. 
Eitnier, Harry, Emerick st. 
Elexander, Mrs. Elnore, 100 S Market st. 
Elexander, Mary L., 100 S Market st. 

Ellenberg-er, D. W. (Annie) mail messenger, 132 W North st. 
Ellenberg-er, B. H., eng-ineer, 132 W North st. 
Elliott, Mrs. Jennie, 23 Maiden Lane. 
Elliott, Harry, wks in laundry, 23 Maiden Lane. 
Elliott, Florence and Clyde, 23 Maiden Lane. 
Elliott, James (Emelia) teamster, 98 E South st. 
Elliott, Clara, 98 E South st. 
Ellsperman, Frank, (Anna) labr, 140 S Bever. 
Ellsperman, Emma and Mary, 140 S Bever st. 
Ellsperman, Katie, notion store, 118 E South st. 
Ellsperman, Lena, 118 E South st. 
Ellsperman, Philip, (Louisa) 88 E South st. 
Ellsperman, Bertha, librarian at reading room, 88 E South st. 
Ellsperman, Stella, clerk. 88 E South st. 
Ellsperman, Maud, telephone exchange, 88 E South. 
Ellsperman, Robert, Fred & Jean, 88 E South st. 
Elson, Dr. Frank A., dentist, 125 W Liberty st. 
Elson, Dr. Richard, (Clara F.) dentist, 125 W Liberty st. 
Elson, Paul R., shoe merchant, rms 197 N Market st." 
Elser, T. H., (Maria) coal weigher, 17 Spink st. 
Elser, Myrtle M., 17 Spink st. 
Emerson, Julia, 68 S Buckeye st. 
Emerick, Edward, 160 E Henry st. 
Emrick, John, butcher, 160 E Henry st. 
Emrick, G. P., (Catharine) real estate, 198 N Market st. 
Emrick, Dr. E. L., physician, 198 N Market st. 
Emrick, C. F., traveling salesman, 198 N Market st. 
Englander, Joe (Mrs. Joe) 38 W Vine st. 

Graduates of the Bixler Business College quickly employed. 

For First Class Photographs go to DAWSON'S. 

28 — E— ^ 

English, G. (Katie) labr, 132 Pittsburg ave. 

Ernst, Mrs. August, wid, Columbus ave. 

Ernst, Henry (Rosanna) sec. foreman on railroad, 4 Columbus ave. 

Eshelman, E. B., ed. Wayne County Democrat, bds at Archer 

Esselburu, Samuel, clerk of court, rms 38 W Liberty st. 
Etter, Frank, labr, 85 E Liberty st. 
Evans, J. D. (Mrs. I. O.) bookkeeper, 39 Bealle ave. 
Evans, Howard G., 39 Bealle ave. 
Everett, Grace, 9 College ave. 
Everhart, Mrs. Sarah, 92 Bealle ave. 
Everhart, Birdie and Margaret, 92 Bealle ave. 
Everhard, Louis (Nancy) propr 10c feed barn, 35 N Marekt st. 
Everhard, Lottie, student, 35 N Market st. 
Ewing, John (Hannah) labr, 41 S Grant st. 
Ewing, Harry, labr, 41 S Grant st. 
Ewing, Geo., labr, 41 S Grant st. 
Ewing, Luretta, 41 S Grant st. 
Ewing, Frank (Mary) labr. 15 E Larwill st. 
Ewing, Daisy, dressmaker, 130 N Market st. 
Excell, Rev. J. J. (Jane) E Larwill st. 
Eyman, Adam (Ruth) machine agt, 61 High st. 

— F— 

Faber, Fred E., restaurant and saloon, 14 E Liberty st. 

Faber, Mrs. Lizzie, wid, 26 W Liberty st. 

Faber, George B., 26 W Liberty st. 

Faber, Mrs. Lena, 14 E Liberty st. 

Faber, Catherine, 14 E Liberty st. 

Faud, Adam (Margaret,) 142 Nold ave. 

Faud, Kitty, 142 Nold ave. 

Faust, J, W. (Sadie) piano maker, 21 Spring- »t. 

Faust, Cloy. 21 Spring st. 

Faux, Mrs. S. M., 122 E South st. 

Faux, J. B. (Pearl) labr, 122 E South st. 

Feeman, Mrs. Catherine, 25 Pittsburg ave. 

Feeman. Sarah, dressmaker, 25 Pittsburg ave. 

Feightner, John W. (Minnie) plumber, 9 Columbus ave. 

Feightner, Edward (Amanda) labr, 33 Hancock st. 

Feightner, Wallace H., labr. 33 Hancock st. 

Feightner, James (Ida) wks Pad Shop, off of Hancock. 

Feightner, George (Mary) blacksmith, 172 E Henry st. 

Feightner, George W., Jr. (Anna) 51 Pittsburg ave. 

F^eller, Mrs. Mary J., 108 W Larwill st. 

Feller, Gertrude and Mildred, 108 W Larwill st. 

Fetrow, Augustus (Rosella) wks on wreck train, 32 Hancock st. 

Fetzer, Blanche and Ella, domestics, 103 N Market st. 

Fetzer, Mrs. Mary, 36 N Bever st. 

P'etzer, Huldah, domestic, 163 E North st. 

Figert, Fred C. (Clara) jewelery merchant, 31 E Liberty st. 

Figert, Mrs. Fred, 117 E North st. 

Horse Blankets and Robes, HARDING &. CO. 

Have you a house to rent, list it with SPANGLER. 



:^A specialty; 


Fig-ert, Harvey, labr, 117 E North st. 

Fig-ert, Mar)s cashier, 117 E North st. 

Figert, Ida, 117 E North st. 

Findley, Ag-nes, 184 N Bever st. 

Firestone, Dr. W. W. (Mrs. W. W.) 34 N Market st. 

Firestone, Miss Alice M., 34 N Market st. 

Firestone, W. L. (Mrs. H. B.) mng-r Western Union teleg^ragh 

Firestone, Elmira, 46 Bealle ave. [office, 28 N Market st. 

Firestone, David, farmer, Madison Hill. 

Firestone, Frank, farmer, Madison Hill. 

Fischer, Jacob (Mary) city book bindery, 110 Nold ave. 

Fischer, Bertha, 59 E Liberty st. 

Fischer, Joseph (Sidney) bookbinder, 97 N Grant st. 

Fishburn, Ed., clerk, 26 E Liberty st. 

Fishburn, Edna, domestic, 53 N Market st. 

Fishburn, Edward (Amelia) restaurant clerk, 100 N Grant tt. 

Fisher, Hiram (Elvira) court balifif, 49 E South st. 

Fisher, Hiram, Jr., bakery, 49 E South st. 

Fisher, Edson, insurance, 49 E South st. 

Fisher, Fleming (Nannie) bakery, 49 E South st. 

Fisher, W. S. (Mary A.) wks in Pad shop, 110 S Buckeye st. 

Fisher, P. W., traveling- salesman, 110 S Buckeye st. 

Fisher, Mrs. Susanna, cor E Liberty and Buckeye sts. 

Fisher, H. H., 99 Bealle ave. 

Fisher, Carrie, Ella and Jennie, 99 Bealle ave. 

Fisher, Geo. A. (Mrs. Geo. A.) monumental works, 138 N Grant st. 

Fisher, James (Martha) marble cutter, 140 N Grant st. 

Fisher, E. D. (Laura) harness mnfr, 28 Spruce st. 

Fisher, Laura, 28 Spruce st. 

Fisher, Franklin (Sarah) 152 W Larv^^ell st. 

Fisher, Wm. (Lydie) saloon and restaurant, 73 and 75 E Liberty st. 

Fisher, Frank, hostler. 62 S Beaver st. 

Fisher, Isaiah (Etta) restaurant and saloon, 10 E South st. 

Fisher, Charles A. (Agnes B.) machinist, W Spring st. 

Fisher, Daisy, W Spring st. 

Fissell, Mrs. Mary,' 107 S Bever st. 

Bixler Business College catalogue. 100 pp. free. 

Baby pictures always good at DAWSON'S. 



'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦»»»-«-»"f^ ♦»♦♦♦» ♦>-M'4 ♦♦»♦♦»»♦♦♦ 



^♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦»♦♦♦♦♦•»>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 



Fissell, Walter, labr, 107 S Bever st. 

Fitzg-erald, John, (Margaret) wks'nfrieg-ht ofl&ce, 149 E Henry st. 

Fitzg-erald, Thomas and John, jr, 149 E Henry st. 

Flattery, Thomas L., (Mrs. Thomas Lucas) postmaster, 136 N 

Flattery, Mrs. M. P., 8 College ave. [Bever st. 

Flattery, Irene P., 8 College ave 

Fletcher, D. W., (Mary B.) cutter at pad shop, 96 W Larwill st. 

Fletcher, Paul M., bill clerk Penn. frieght office, 96 W Larwill st. 

Fletcher, Charles, (Catherine) grocery clerk, 130 N Grant st. 

Fletcher, Frank, (Bertha) gig-saddle maker, 16 Madison ave. 

Flickinger, Louis, hostler at Archer House. 

Flickinger, Jonas, (Mary) teamster, 25 N Bever st. 

Foce, Frank J., student, 89 W Libertv st. 

FOGLESON & Mccormick, merchant tailors. 

FoglesoM, Geo. W., (Lula) merchant tailor. 49 S Grant st. 

Fogleson. Byron, tvhitewasher. 34 S Market st. 

Fogleson, Prof. Car, 34 S Market st. 

Fogleson, Mrs. E., 51 S Grant st. 

Follis, Cora, colored, 39 Bealle ave. 

Follis, James, (Catherine) labr, colored, 115 Spink st. 

Follis, Charles, Alice & Curtis, colored. 115 Spink st. 

FOM BELLE & MAG AW, near Penn depot, grain, hay & produce. 

Fombelle, A. W., (Mamie I.) grain hay «& produce, 129 E Libertv st 

Foote, Fred, (Alice) labr, K Larwill st. 

Fombelle Si Magaw, 


Grain, Hay, Straw, Potatoes, Poultry. 

Melons and Fruit in Season. 

Indian Clubs and Dumb Bells^, HARDING*s7 

If you have money to loan call on SPANGLE R. 

Foote, E. D., (Matilda) wood turner, 105 S Buckeye st. 

Foote, Ida, dressmaker, 105 S Buckeye st. 

Foote, Ella, clerk, 105 S Buckeye st. ' 

Force, Maud, domestic, 152 N Market st. 

Foreman, J. L. (Mrs. L. J.) retired, 225 N Bever st. 

Foreman, Nellie and Clara, 225 N Bever st. 

Forney, Milton, (Susan) sexton at cemetery, Madison ave. 

Fornshell, Gi'ant, (Millie) drives delivery wagon, 85 W North st. 

Fosaceca, Giovanno, Rebecca st. 

Foster, Ella, wid, 180 E Bowman st. 

Foss, Walter D., (Mary) propr of Wooster Brush Works, 122 N 

Foss, Oscar H. and Donald J., 122 N Market st. [Market st. 

Foss, Oliver, (Mrs. E.) brushmaker, 98 W North st. 

Foss, Mrs. E., dressmaker, 98 W North st. 

Foss, Goldie & Flossie, 98 W North st. 

Foss, Adam, (Louisa) retired, 92 S Market st. 

Foss, Jeremiah, (Mary A.) retired, 94 E South st. 

Foss, Harietta, 60 E Henry st. 

Fouch, Marshall S., (Marie) engineer, Madison ave. 

Foust, Peter, retired, 44 College ave. 

Fox, Miss Emma, 68 E Larwill st. 

Fox, George, (Minnie) teamster, 17 Maiden Lane. 

Fox, Anna A., 17 Maiden Lane. 

Frame, Mrs. Nellie, 153 Sprink st. 

Frame, John, Murray & Margarett, 153 Spink st. 

France, John J. (Catherine) 128 S Bever st. 

France, Harry, George & Alice, 128 S Bever st. 

France, W. R., whitewasher, 202 W Liberty st. 

France, Mrs. Wm. wid, 58 N Walnut, 

France, J. B., (Sarah) retired, 62 S Walnut. 

France, Harry G., Cabinet maker, 62 S Walnut st. 

France, James, A., (Maggie) tinner, 101 S Market st. 

France, Grace, shipping clerk, 101 S Market st. 

France, Wni., wks in laundry, 101 S Market st. 

Frailey, E. S., (Mrs. E. S.) compositor, 224 N Buckeye st. 

Frailey, Charles E., electrician, 224 N Buckeye st. 

Franks, Robert, (Laura) teamster, 170 W Liberty st. 

Franks, Angeline, widow, 133 W North st. 

Franks, S. N. (Mrs. S. N.) labr, 41 E Liberty st. 

Franks, Mrs. S. N., milliner, 41 E. Liberty st. 

Franks, G. W. (Sadie E.) 56 W Liberty st. 

Franks, Sadie E., milliner, 56 W Liberty st, 

Franks, Minnie M., 56 W Liberty st. 

Franks, O. C. (Juliet) barber, 89 E North st. 

Franks, Wm. (Annie) labr, 137 S Bever st. 

Franks, Zella, domestic, 133 N Bever st. 

Franks, Ella, domestic, 108 N Bever st. 

Frederick, A. J. (Mrs. A. J.) dry goods merchant, 49 Bealle ave. 

Frederick, Cora and Lillian, 49 Bealle ave. 

Frederick, Jacob (Libbie) dry goods merchant, 195 N Market st. 

Graduates of the Bixler Business College in all large cities. 

High Grade Photographic Enlargements go to DAWSON'S. 

Frederick, Allie L., 195 N Market st. 

Freedlander, Herman, clothing- merchant, bds at Archer House. 

Frick, Jacob (Mrs. Jacob) banker, 105 N Market st. 

Frick, Lula, 105 N Market st. 

Frick, Mrs. Elizabeth, 145 W Liberty st. 

frink, F. P. (Mrs. F. P.) milliners, 141 S Market st. 

Fritz, Joseph (^Clementine) atty, 84 S Market st. 

Frost, Charles, cashier in bank, 169 N Mrrket st. 

Frost, Harry, harness mnfr, 169 N Market st. 

Frost, Florence, compositor, 55 W North st. 

Fry, Rilla, dressmaker, 30 3 2 S Market st. 

Fry, John (Catherine) brickmaker, 44 Palmer st. 

Fry, Catherine, Wm., Lula and John, 44 Palmer st. 

Fuhrman, David (Mary) teamster, W South st. 

Fuhrman, Vernon, Laura and Clarence, W South st. 

Fullerton, A. W., insurance agt, permanent home Lodi, O., bds 

Fullmer, Emma, domestic, 190 N Buckeye st. [Yoder House. 

Fulton, Edith. 3 Colleg-e ave. 

Fulton, Theodore, 52 Colleg-e ave. 

Fulton, C M. (Mary) paper hanger, 10 Spring st. 

C. M. FULTON p^p^^^^o 

No. 10 Spring Street, ^"^ Wallpaper Cleaning 
woosTER, o. j^ SPECIALTY.... 

Fultz, George W. (Anna) plasterer, 12 Leroy st. 
Funck, Daniel, insurance agt, 58 W South st. 
Funck, Miss Cloe D., 28 W South st. 
Fnnck, Ross W. (Delia) atty, 148 N Market st. 
Funck, Martin (Margaret) retired, 42 E Liberty. 
Funk, Anna, dressmaker, rear of 106 W North st. 
Funk, Elmer (Rachel) poultry dealer, 119 Nold ave. 
Funk, Georg-ia, Virginia and Ray, 119 Nold ave. 
Fye, Minnie, domestic, 71 S Market st. 

— G— 

tiann, Dr. J. A. (Anna) 53 N Market st. 

Gann, Mrs. Eliza, wid, 53 N Market st. 

Garn, H. W. (Alice E.) works on wreck train, 57 Pittsburg st. 

Crarrett, J. A. (Laura M.) traveling salesman, 125 S Market st. 

See our $15.00 Sawing Machine HARDING & CO. 

SPANGLER has the largest list of properties for sale. 

— G— 33 

Garrett, E. Faye, 125 S Market st. 
Garing-, D. A., tailor, 39 N Bever st. 
Garing, Jeannette, 39 N Bever st. 
Garing-, Calvert, painter, 39 N Bever st. 

Garver, Arther, deputy sheriff, cor W North and Walnut sts. 
Garver, S. C. (Mag-g-ie, railroad postal clerk, 99 S Buckeye st. 
Gasche, Charles C. (Mary F.) carpenter, 107 W North st. 
Gasche, Mary, 107 W North st. 
Gasche, Bertha, nurse. 167 N Buckeys st. 
Gasche, Mrs. Charles, wid, 102 N Bever at. 
Gasche, Mrs. Mary, wid, 169 N Buckeye st. 
Gault, Florence, dressmaker, 73 Spink st. 
Gaueler, J. Jr. (Daisy) Gasche st. 

Gaueler, John (Margaret) carpet weaver, 119 S Bever st. 
Gaueler, Willie, labr, 119 S Bever st. 
Gaueler. George, labr, 119 S Bever st. 
Gaueler, Gusta and Nellie, 119 S Bever st. 

Geiselman, E. K. ( Harriet ) traveling salesman, 63 S Market st. 
Geiselman, H. (Anna) traveling- salesman, 17 Bealle ave. 
Geiselman, Willie and Jennie, 17 Bealle ave. 

Geiselman, Leander (May) supt. water words, 239 N Market st. 
Geiselman, Jacob (Malinda) farmer, 63 E Bowman st. 
Geiselman, Alice and Flora, 63 E Bowman st. 
Geitgey, J. J. (Mrs. J. J.) furniture dealer, 117 S Market st. 
Geitg-ay, Maud and Lucy, 117 SMarket st. 
Geitgey, A, A., oil driller, rms 5S Market st. 
Geitg-ay, Samuel (Frances) 139 N Market st. 
Geitgey, C. (Dessie) painter, 43 Hig-h st. 
Georg-e, William E. (Lydia) cabinet maker, 6 Bealle ave. 
Georg-e, Frank (Mary) works at pad shop, 24 Bealle ave. 
Gerlach, Wm. (Laura) night ticket ag-t, Penn. R. R., 37 Nold ave. 
Gerlach, Jonanna, wid, 70 S Bever st. 
Gerlach, Albert, meat market, 70 S Bever st. 
Gerlach, Frank, prescription clerk, 70 S Bever st. 
Gerlach, Julius, butcher, 70 S Bever st. 
Gerrall, Melvin, labr, 44 W Liberty st. 
Gillam, Mrs. Louisa, 175 Bealle ave. 

Gillam, Elizabeth, Sylvanus M.. Arthur C. and Walter L., 175 
Gillespie, John, painter, cor South and Bever sts. [Bealle ave. 

Gillespie, Anna, works at pad shop, cor South and Bever sts. 
Gill, Mary, dry g-oods clerk, 59 E Liberty st. 
Gill, S. G. (Clara) school teacher, 98 E Liberty st. 
Gill, Boyd and Ray, 98 E Liberty st. 
Gill, Herschel (Maud) hardware clerk, 31 N Walnut st. 
Gimbell, Chas. (Mrs. Charles) operator, 59 E Liberty st. 
Ginter, J. M. (Addie) b'cycles and repairing, 38 Columbus ave. 
Ginter, Clara, bookkeeper, 164 W Liberty st. 

Given, P. C. (Maud V.) agt N. Y. Life Insurance, 205 N Market st 
Given, Miss Nina, 205 N Market st. 
Glasgow, Frank (Emma) cooper, 21 E South st. 

Individual instruction attheBIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

All Classes of Photographic work at DAWSON'S. 
34" -G- 


%% Repairing & Enameling, 
^^ Bicycles a Specialty. 

%t J. M. GINTER 


Glasgow, M. W. (Mary Ann) stock buyer, 132 E South st. 

Glasgow, Vonia, 132 E South st. 

Glass, Fulton (Rachael) retired, 141 Spink st. 

Glass, John, plumber, 141 Spink st. 

Glass, James (Mary) plumber, 15 Pittsburg- ave. 

Glass, Elizabeth, assistant Westminster Home. 

Goetz, Adam (Margaret) tailor, 57 E Henry st. 

Goetz, David (Mary) tailor, 103 N Grant st. 

Goetz, Zella, 103 N Grant st. 

Goetz, Albert, wks at pad shop, 103 N Grant st. 

Goklner, Thomas, (Stella) engineer, back of Grant st. 

Goldsmith, A. F.. (Carrie) wks at piano works, 106 E Liberty st. 

Goldsmith, JCdgar and Minnie, 106 E Liberty st. 

Good, Mrs. A. C, 161 E Bowman st. 

Good, Albert J., 161 E Bowman st. 

Good, H. J., (Ada) undertaker, 39 Nold Ave. 

Goodman, M. S., (Hattie) grocer, 97 S Market st. 

Goodman, E. P., -(Ola) substitute mail carrier, 80 S Market st. 

Gorden, Miss Mary, 18 Spring st. 

Gorh, Mrs. Ella, 83 E Bowman st. 

Gorh, Christina and Nold, 83 E Bowman st. 

Goshorn, Mrs. E. E., 133 N Buckeye st. 

Goshorn, Geo. and Wm., 133 N Buckeye st. 

Gorsuch, John E., (Tillie) 24 Woodland ave. 

Goudy, Laura, 101 E South st. 

Goudy, Dayton, engineer, 101 E South st. 

Graber, Alex., restaurant & saloon, 100 S. Walnut st. 

Graber, Lola and Arthur, 100 South Walnut st. 

Graber, Samuel, (Anne) restaurant & saloon, 100 S Walnut st. 

Graber, John, (Mrs. John) prop of brewery, Pittsburg ave. 

Graber, Alvin, drives brewery wagon, Pittsburg ave. 

(xraber, Sam, brewer, Pittsburg ave. 

Graber, Alice and Celina, Pittsburg ave. 

Graber, Peter, (Anna) retired, 35 Pittsburg ave. 

Gracer, Ben, hostler, rear of post office. 

Buggies and Surreys at HARDING & CO/S. 

Do you want to buy a farm? if so, call on SPANGLER. 

°^ 151799 9 — 

Gracer, Fred, (Anna) Rebecca st. 

Gracer, Martha, Ben and Henry, Rebecca st. 

Grady, Mrs. Sophinia, 172 E Bowman st. 

Graham, Rev. J. P., (Mary) 229 N Bever st. 

Graham, Isabelle, Roscoe and Ralph, 229 N Bever st. 

Grant, C. C, (Irene) wood worker, 18 Madison ave. 

Grant, Margaret E., nurse, 129 E Liberty st. 

Gravatt, H. P., (Nancy C.) propr Wayne Co. Democrat, 107 Nold 

Gravatt, Quintin M., and Rachel, 107 Nold ave. [ave. 

Gravatt, Joseph A. and Otto, 107 Nold ave. 

Gray, Mrs. Eunice, 14 S Bever st. 

Gray, Will, bookkeeper, 24 S Bever st. 

Gray, C M., (Nella) coal dealer & miller, 98 S Buckeye st. 

Gray, Clara, wid, 98 S Buckeye st. 

Grader,. Lousia and Anna, 128 N. Market st. 

Green, Wm., (Emma) painter, 143 W North st. 

Green, Dr. C.B., (Ella M.) 68 S Market st. 

Greenwald, Mrs. Ellen, 42 Bealle ave. 

Greenlee, R. B., (Jennie) grocer, 72 Bealle ave. 

Greenlee, Hessepauline, 72 Bealle ave. 

Greg-ory, Mrs. M. J., 206 N Market st. 

Greg-ory, J. L., clerk, 206 N Market st. 

Griest, Isiah, (Saloma) hay baler, W Henry st. 

Griest, John, hay baler, W Henry st. 

Griest, May, W Henry st. 

Griest, David, (Lizzie) policeman, cor Lawn & Blessing ave. 

Griest, Mary, wid, 13 Blessing ave. 

Griest, Fanny, 13 Blessing ave. 

Griffin, H. R., dry goods merchant, rms at 197 N Market. 

GrifBn, Harry, (Laura) wks at Preservingworks, 87 S Buckeye st. 

Griffin, Mrs. Emma, wid, 105 W North st. 

Groehser, Chas., barber, 10 E South st. 

Grosjean, Julios. hardware clerk, 56 S Walnut st. 

Grosjean, Laura, 72 S Buckeye st. 

Grossenbach, Mrs. Ida, wid, 150 N Grant st. 

Grossenbach, Flora, compositor, 150 N Grant st. 

Grossenbach, Cary, polisher, 150 N Grant st. 

Grossenbach, Minnie and Louis, 150 N Grant st. 

Grossman, Geo., sr, (Elizabeth) carpenter, Madison Hill. 

Grossman, Alf and lea, Madison Hill. 

Grossman, Samuel, (Anna) painter, Madison ave. 

GruflF, E. E., (Mrs. E. E.) labr. Northwestern ave. 

— H— 

Hageman, Oliver, hostler, 43 W Lib^erty st. 
Hafmann, J. A., student, 3 Madison ave. 
Haley, Patrick (Julia) labr, 24 Hancock st. 
Haller, Fred (Kate) agt, 180 N Buckeye st. 
Haller, H. A, (Clara) horse dealer, 116 W Liberty. 
Hall. S. M., missionary, 222 Spink st. 

Time of Entrance atBIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE, any time. 

For the best photographic! work goto DAWSON'S. 
36 — H— 

J. C. HALL. West utrty^'^treet. Phone 179. 


ing and Hauling Done Promptly. 

. . . Near the Fair Grounds . . . 

Hall, Wm. (Ella) foreman at coal chute, 91 S Market st. 

Hall, Cloyd, 91 S Market st. 

Hall, J. C. (Susie) coal merchant, 200 W Liberty st. 

Hall, Elsie and Dale, 200 W Liberty st. 

Hall, G. W. (Etna) runs oil wag-on, 200 W Liberty st. 

Hall, J. H., g-rocery, 74 Bealle ave. 

Hall, Sadie, 74 Bealle ave. 

Hamlin, Isaiah (Elizabeth) labr, Madison ave. 

Hammer, Mrs. Mary, 182 E Bowman st. 

DHOTOTOGRAPHIC JEWELRY stands without a peer 
as an article of personal adornment. This is especial- 
ly so, since to the jewelry is added that human interest 
which is always found in connection with the pictures of 
persons who are loved or admired 


1 (J^ ai_^^^;^^^_^Ci >ji./>rj »<jk(»^iyt>^3> #^>.ljHj^^:jK :^^'^J 


We make Photo Buttons and Jewelry from any godd picture, and return 
the original photograph uninjured. 

We mount Brooches in SOLID GOLD and STERLING SILVER RIMS. 


Matin's Green Bone Cutters at HARDING & CO.'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER'S Office in Prick's Block, W. Liberty St. 

___ ^^ 

Hand, Nellie, dressmaker. 137 W Liberty st. 

Hatina, Chas. (Minnie) mfr lamp shades, 31 N Grant st. 

Hanna, Edna, 31 N Grant st. 

Hanson, Sarab, wid, 48 N Market st. 

Happy Jack, umbrella repairer, 122 E Liberty st. 

Hard," E. C. (Mary) prop Dr. Hard's patent medicine, 117 N«>U1 ave. 

Hard, Clifford J. and Ralph E., 117 Nold ave. 

Hard, Ruth M. and Arthur L., 117 Nold ave. 

Hard, Miss Ida, 15 E Larwill st. 

Hard, Col. C. V. (Addie) 147 Bealle ave. 

Hard, Emily, Agatha and Miriam, 147 Bealle ave. 

Harding, F. H. (Mame) hardware merchant, bds 15 E Liberty st. 

Harry, Mrs. E., 167 N Buckeye st. 

Harry, Mrs. W. H., 67 Spink st. 

Harry, Jessie, 67 Spink st. 

Harry, S. C. (Margaret) paper hanger, 223 N Buckeye st. 

Harry, Annie May and Scott G., 223 N Bucket st. 

Harry, Mrs. A. J.. 89 E North st. 

Harry, Millie, milliner, 89 E North st. 

Harry, Bert, 89 E North st. 

Hark, Musa, domestic, 57 North Market st. 

Harrington. Artie, 57 S Bever st. 

Harrison, Delia, domestic, 108 W Liberty st. 

Harrison, Mrs. Annie E., 68 S Buckeye st. 

Harrison, Nettie, domestic, 63 East Liberty st. 

Harrison, Emma, domestic, 151 N Market st. 

Harsh, Esther, 95 W North it. 

Harsh, Carrie, school teacher, 95 W North st. 

Harsh, Sarah, grocery clerk, 95 W North st. 

Hart, Dr. H. A. (Catharine) 75 Bealle ave. 

Hart, Wayne, 75 Bealle ave. 

Hart, Mary, 38 Bealle ave. 

Hartman, B. J. (Elizabeth) harness maker, 233 N Market st. 

Hartman, Grace L., school teacher, 233 N Market st. 

Hartman, Ben, 233 N Market st. 

Hartman, Mrs. Mary F., 38 W Liberty st. 

Hartman, Warren (Mrs. Warren) 136 N Buckeye st. 

Harvey, A. J. (Mary) plasterer, 18 Bealle ave. 

Harvey, Geo., painter, 18 Bealle ave. 

Harvey, Gustus, 18 Bealle ave. 

Harvey, Thomas and Joseph, 150 W Liberty st. 

Hase, Jesse and Hunter, 52 N Buckeye st. 

Hatfield. G. D., retired farmer, 142 E Bowman st. 

Hatfield, Alice, 142 E Bowman st. 

Haupert, Chas. (Anna) supt. of public schools, 9 College ave. 

Haupert, Mary, 9 College ave. 

Hawkins, S. S. (Rose) laundryman, 11 E Spring st. 

Haymaker, Abbie P., wid, 55 W Larwill st. 

Hawman, Edward (Ella) labr, 32 Woodland ave. 

Hawk, Daisy, domestic, 60 N Market st. 

BIXLER Graduates always in dematid. 

Sepia Photograahlc Enlargements made by DAWSON. 

Hawk, Gertie, Hoover Cottage. 

Hay, BentOG G., atty, rooms 40 W Liberty st. 

Hayes, Mrs. Jennie, wid, 57 W North st. [adv. p. 36 

Hayes, Jesse B. (Minnie K.) photog-rapher, 57 W North st. See 

Hayes, Mrs. Minnie K., Stenographer and Bookkeeper, 57 W 

Hayes, Mary E., Bookkeeper, 57 W North st. [North st. 

Hayes, Minnie M., Bookkeeper, 57 W North st. 

Hayes, Jennie, Cashier, 57 W North st. 

Hayes, J. N. (Mrs. M. B.) Missionary, 136 Spink st. 

Hayes, L. N., 136 Spink st. 

Heater, Edward. (Dora) Carpenter, W South st. 

Heater, Bertha, W South st. 

Heaten, Georgia, dressmaker. 122 W Larwill st. 

Hefflefinger, Jennie, wid, 29 W Vine st. 

Hefflefinger, Maggie, 124 W North st. 

Hageman, Emma, domestic. Archer House. 

Hageman, Lee, clerk, 197 North Market st. 

Helfrich, Mrs. Elizabeth, 180 West Liberty st. 

Helfrick, Frank, labr, 180 W Liberty st. 

Henniger, Eliza, 16 Bealle ave. 

Henniger, Maria, wks at pad shop, 16 Bealle ave. 

Hendricks, W. H. (Emma) wks in salt bag factory, 3 Hancock «t. 

Hermann, W. W., photographer, 240 N Grant st. 

Hermann, Ira, compositor, 240 N Grant st. 

Hershberger, John, (Bertha) labr, 55 E Henry st. 

Hershberger, Daniel, (Clara) hardware clerk, 54 S Walnut st. 

Hessler, Chas. (Ella) clothing clerk, 109 S Bever st 

Hessler, Dr. Chas. H. (Flora) dentist. 101 S Walnut st. 

Hessler, Flora and Lotta, 101 S Walnut st. 

Hess, Pillip, ( Alice, C.) carriage painter, 35 Spruce st. 

Hess, Albert, tinner, 35 W Vine st. 

Hess, Chas., tinner, 35 W Vine st. 

Hess, Frank, (Haley) Painter, 58 E South st. 

Hess, Wm. J., musician, 58 E South st. 

Hickman, J. F. (Bertha E.) Madison Hill. 

Hickman, Belle A., Madison Hill. 

Hickock, Rev. F. M. (Minnie) 174 N Buckeye st. 

Hickock, Paul R., Ralph K. and Mary F., 174 N Buckeye st. 

Hien, Phillip, butcher, 97 Spruce st. 

Hien, Emma, 97 Spruce st. 

Hiets, Nellie, domestic, 66 E Bowman st. 

Higgs, Pleasant J., mgr Boston Piano Works, 108 >^ E Liberty st. 

High, Florence, wid, 124 W North st. 

High, Dick, barber, 124 W North st. 

High, Jennie, 124 W North st. 

Hilderbrant, Mrs. Anna M., 35 N Walnut st. 

Hilderbrant, Mabel, 35 N Walnut st. 

Hill, James (Nannie) retired soldier, 26 Callahan st. 

Hills, Rev. O. A. (Ida F.) 44 College ave. 

Hills, Miriam, Oscar F. and Thomas 44 College ave. 

Dr. Hess' Stock Powder, HARDING & GO'S. 

SPANGLER writes the best Insurance Policy. 

Himmelrich, Martin (Melvina) carpenter, Northwestern ave. 

Himmelrich, Sarah E., Bowman st. 

Hindman, Sandford (Julia) machinist, Emrich st. 

Hinman, P. A. (Anna) treas of experiment station, 94 S Buckeye 

Hine, Linda and Kate, 44 E Liberty st. 

Hinton, J. H. (Mrs. E. J.) machinist, 41 S Walnut st. 

Hinton, W. H. (Louisa E.) bookkeeper, 56 W South st. 

Hoelzel, Mrs. Jeanette, 38 Nold ave. 

Hoelzel, Cora and John, 38 Nold ave. 

Hoffacre, George (Sophia) labr, 155 S Bever st. 

Hoffacre, G. M. (Mrs. G, M.) carpenter, 108 E Henry st. 

Hoflfacre, Harry and Charles, 108 E Henry st. 

Hoffacre, Will, Michael and Dulla, 108 E Henry st. 

Hoffacre, John (Lizzie) labr, 108 E Henry st. 

Hoffacre, Gust (Rhea) labr, 123 Spink st. 

Hoffman, Bert (Ida) clerk, 70 Hig-h st. 

Hoffman, C. E. (Anna) compositor, 123 Spink st. 

Hoffmati, C. L. (Mrs C. M.) sewing- machine agt, 148 E North st. 

Hoffman, J. C, compositor, 148 E North st. 

Hoffman, Anna R., teacher, 148 E North st. 

Hoffman, Emma B., dressmaker, 148 E North st. 

Hoffman, Earl and Zella, 148 E North st. 

Hoffman, Sarah L., wid, 103 Spink st. 

Hoffstott, H. A., hardware merchant, 179 N Market st. 

Hoffstott, Ella, school teacher, 179 N Market st. 

Hoffstott, Mame, 179 N Market st, 

Hoit, Edward (Mary J.) retired, 49 S Buckeye st. 

Hoke, Miss M. E., dressmaker, 62 W North st. 

Hoke, Kate, dressmaker, 62 W North st. 

Hoke, M. F., works at Archer House, 62 W North st. 

Holden, Louis E. (Mrs. L. E.) pres. of U., 133 Bealle ave. 

Holland, Harry (Madia) colored, cook at Yoder, 15 E Liberty st. 

Hollinger, John J., retired, 164 E Henry st. 

Holloran, Patrick (Bridgett) labr, 13 Maiden Lane. 

Holloran, Julia, 13 Maiden Lane. 

Holloran, James, labr, 13 Maiden Lane. 

Holloran. David, telegraph operator, 13 Maiden Lane. 

Holm, Milinda, domestic, 56 W Liberty st. 

Hook, Mrs. W. L., 115 Spink st. 

Hookway, F. E., (Mrs. F. E.) merchant tailor, 40 E Larwill st. 

Hoover, J. Z., (Catherine) engineer, rearofBethelchurch,E South. 

Hoover, C. W., (Melindaj railroad mail clerk, 176 N Bever st. 

Hoover, Henry, (Harriett) retired, 176 N Bever st. 

Horn, Wtti., (Jessie) news dealer, 20 E North st. 

Horn, Mrs. Alice, 140 Pittsburg ave. 

Horn, Webster D., brushmaker, 230 N Bever st. 

Horn, Franklin B., brushmaker, 230 N Bever st. 

Horn, P. L., (Emma) baker, 25 S Bever st. 

Horn, Jennie, 25 S Bever st. 

Horn, John B., (Odelia) bakery, 51 N Bever st. 

Positions practically sure after graduating at the B. B. C 

Dawson makes enlarged photos fronn amateur negatives, see ' em 

40" -H- 

Horn, Alice M. and Lillian, 51 N Bever st. 

Horn, Henry, (Emma) baker, Xenia, O., 47 S Buckeye st. 

Horn, Maud, 47 S Buckeye st. 

Horn, Lotta, dry goods clerk, 47 S Buckeye st. 

Horn, Ethei, telephone exchange, 47 S Buckeye st. 

Harned, Ohio, section boss on railroad, 174 W Liberty st. 

Horner, Samuel, (Caroline) labr, 80 S Buckeye st, 

Horner, Mrs. G. W., E Vine st. 

Horner, May, E. Vine st. 

Hosier, John, (Effa) deals in fertilizers, 115 E Larwill st. 

Hostetler, J. A., (Jennie) stock buyer, 52 Spruce st. 

Hostetler, Mary, 52 Spruce st. 

Hough, Isaac, (Allie) deputy auditor, 35 Mulberry st. 

Hough, Jane, 35 Mulberry st. 

Houser, John I. (Etta) clerk at Yoder House, 29 W Liberty st. 

Housekeeper, Joseph, (Minnie) carriage trimmer, 83 E South st. 

Housekeeper, Melvin, 83 E South st. 

Houston, Mrs. E. I., 84 Beall ave. 

Howard, Mrs. Wm.. 151 N Market st. 

Howard, Harry, (Annie) restaurant & salooon. 111 E Liberty st. 

Howard, Thomas, city express. 111 E Liberty st. 

Howard, Harvey, labr, 111 E Liberty st. 

Howard, Jesse, Dick and Tom, jr., Ill E Liberty st. 

Howard, Mrs., wid, cor South & Bever sts. 

Howard, L. B. (Elizabeth) retired, 60 E Liberty st. 

Howard, NedT., (Martha E.) insurance agent, phone 180, 56 High 

Hower, Prank P. (Alma) hardware clerk, 133 W North st. 

Hover, Mrs. Cordelia, 47 E South st. 

llowman, Harvey, (EfFa) labr, 22 WcK)dland ave. 

Hoyer, Hiram, (Alma) teamster, 36 Henry st. 

Hoyer, Estella, 36 Henry st. 

Hover, Frank, carpenter, 36 Henry s,. 

Hubbell, S. C. (Mrs. M. L.) trucking, 193 Spink st. 

Hubbell, Addie E., 193 Spink st. 

Hubbell, H. H., atty, 193 Spink st. 

Hubbell, Myrtle A., grocer, 193 Spink st. 

Hughs, Alfr?d, (Mrs. Alfred) stock buyer, 51 Spink st. 

Hughs, Isa v., school teacher, 51 Spink st. 

Hughes, Mrs. C. D., 53 S Buckeye st. 

Hughes. Iva, cashier in dry goods store, 53 S Buckeye st. 

Hughes, Elizabeth, domestic, 133 Bealle ave. 

Humphrey, Claud, (Clara) labr, 125 W North st. 

Humphrey, Abner, (Carrie K.) blacksmith, 125 W North ^t. 

Humphrey, Lottie and Newell. 125 W North st. 

Humphrey, Dr. Albert, (Jeanette) cor Spink & High sts. 

Humphrey, Lemuel, retired, 45 W Vine st. 

Humphrey, Rachael & Stella, 45 W Vine st. 

Hummer, Wm. (Lovina) brick mason, 59 E Henry st. 

Hummer, Minnie V., 59 E Henry st. 

Hummer, John, (Salinda) brick mason, 221 Spink st. 


SPANGLER will sell you a home if you see him. 

.iBflgi FOR THE BEST |Hii, 

Bread, Pies and Confectionery 


Gust. Hunsicker's Bakery! 

No. 71 E. Liberty St. - WOOSTER. OHIO. 

Goods delivered to all parts of the city f res of charge. Phone 137 

Hunt, Dr. A. H. (Abig-ail) 142 N Buckeye st. 

Hunt, Ethel B. and Anna E., 142 N Buckeye st. 

Hunter, Henry, fireman at Archer House. 

Huusicker, G. A., (Linda) bakery, 71 E Liberty st. 

Hurst, W. S., retired, 168 Pittsburg- ave. 

Hurst, Annie, Eliza and Alice, 168 Pittsburg- ave. 

Hurst, Wm. C., milk dealer, 168 Pittsburg- ave. 

Hurst, Harry, milk dealer, 168 Pittsburg ave. 

Hurst, Chas. (Julia A.) carpenter on railroad, 166 E Bowman st. 

Hurst, James F., carpenter, 166 E Bowman st. 

Hurst, Chas. S., carpenter, 166 E Bowman st. 

Hurst, Emma J. and Lola M., 166 E Bowman st. 

— I— 

Ihrig-, Mrs. E. N., 107 E Liberty st. 

Ihrig-, Grace, 107 E Libeoty st. ' 

Imgard, Harry R. (Alice) teller in bank, Bloomington. 

Imgard, August (Jeanette) merchant tailor, 75 Bealle ave. 

Imhof, John (Lizzie) labr, 236 Spink st. 

Ivers, Marg-aret, 23 Hancock st. 

Ivers, Margaret, nurse, 43 Bealle ave. 

—J — 

Jackson, Mrs. Hannah, 6 Madison ave. 

Jacobs, David (Finney) expressman, 66 W Henry st. 

Jacobs, David, jr., blacksmith, 66 W Henry st. 

Jacobs, Goldie, 66 W Henry st. 

Jacobs, John, tinner, 61 W Liberty st. 

Jacobs, Wilhelmina, 64 N Buckeye st. 

Jacobs, Ada, 64 N Buckeye st. 

Jacobs, Henry, (Kate) labr, 122 S Buckeye st. 

Jacobs, Frank, wks at pad shop, 122 S Buckeye st. 

Jacobs, Chas, (Rosie) plumber, 93 E Henry st. 

Jacot, Geo., teacher, 74 Spink st. 

Jeffries, Jane, wid, 43 Pittsburg- ave. 

Jeffries, Viola, recorder at Mayor's office, 43 Pittsburg ave. 

Call and see the Bixler Business College and the metheds used. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 


Jeffries, Lemuel, (Harriet) city ed. Democrat, 46 E Bowman st. 

Jeffries, Emily H., 46 E Bowman st. 

Johnson, Isaac, atty, (Catharine E.) 66 E Bowman st. 

Johnson, Elizabeth, 66 E Bowman st. 

Johnson, Low R., clerk, 117 E Bowman st. 

Johnson, Neil (Sarah) labr, 24^^ E Liberty st. 

Johnson, Peter, (Elmira) nig-ht watchman, 241 N Grant st. 

Johnson, Merton, labr, 241 N Grant st. 

Johnson, Geo. C, compositor, 241 N Grant st. 

Johnson, Pansy M., wks in salt ba^ factory 241 N Grant st. 

Johnson, Wm. (Marg-aret) hack driver, Emrick st. 

Johnson, John, bill poster, Emerick st. 

Johnstoti, John, (Minnie) g-roceryman, 66 High st. 

Johnson, Gabriel, (Martha) janitor at Hoover cottage. Leroy st. 

Johnson, Virginia, Leroy st. 

Johnson, Samuel, (Catharioe) labr, (colored) Leroy st. 

Johnson, James F. (Esther) barber, (colored) 43 E South st. 

Johnson, Cora, hair dresser, 43 E South st. 

Johnson, Irvin, (Myrtle) labr, 184 E Bowman st. 

Johnson, Frank P. (Margaret) painter, 46 W Vine st. 

Johnson, Bertha, Sallie and Fannie, 46 W Vine st. 

Johnson, Prof. G. M. (Grace) 53 Spink st. 

Johnson, Rev. Edgar F. (Adelaide S.) 69 E Bowman st. 

Jolley, Mrs. Elza, 122 N Market st. 

Joliff, David, clerk, 36 W Liberty st. 

Jones, Lake F. (Jennie) real estate ag-ent, 104 W Liberty st. 

Jones, Chas., deputy probate clerk, 104 W Liberty st. 

Jones, John, farmer, W Wooster. 

Jones, Quinby, farmer, W Wooster. 

Jones, Susan, housekeeper, 22 W Liberty st. 

Jones, Dr. B.J. (Mrs. H. I.) dentist, 36 Pittsburg ave. 

Jontz, Frank (Sadie) labr, 101 W Liberty st. 

— K— 

Kalttibach, J. M. (Catharine) grocery clerk, 210 E South st. 

Kaltwasser, Frederick (Katie) tailor, 110 E South st. 

Kaltwasser, Lillian, dry goods clerk, 110 E South st. 

Kaltwasser, Julius, shoe clerk, 110 E South st. 

Kaltwasser, Nettie and Frank, 110 E North st. 

Kane, Mildred, 72 W Liberty st. 

Kane, Iva, 72 West Liberty st. 

Kane, Lee, labr, 72 W Liberty st. 

Kantzcr, Salon, dressmaker, 48 N Market st. 

Kaufman, Chas. (Maud) drives laundry wagon, Bixler ave. 

Kaufman, Am, 59 S Walnut st. 

Kaufman, Catherine, 59 South Walnut st. 

Kaufman, H. J. (Anna) retired, 130 N Market st. 

Kaufman, Libbie and Ralph, 130 N Market st. 

Kaufman, Mrs. Mary, 202 N Buckeye st. 

Kaufman, Orrie E., Sadie V. and Emanuel G., 202 N Buckeye st. 

Don't you want a few pounds of nails? HARDING & CO. 

G. W. SPANGLER Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 

Kaufman, Thos. (Pearl N.) cabinet maker, Bixler ave. 

Kauke, Capt. J. H. pres Wooster Gas Co., E Bowman st, 2d door 

e of Bealle ave. 
Kauke, C. W. (Miriam E.) sec Wooster Gas Co., E Bowman st. 
Kauke, Frances E., E Bowman st. 
Kean, W. F. (Alice) atty, 120 Spink st. 
Kean, Dr. O. L. (Tressa) dentist, 64 E Bowman st. 
Kean, D. C. (Mary) farmer, 153 N Buckeye st. 
Kean, Gertrude, Lura and Estella, 153 N Buckeye st. 
Keck, Fern, labr, 38 S Market st. 
Keefe, Mrs. Meg-g-ie, wid, 41 Callowhill st. 
Keefe, Henry, 41 Callowhill st. 
Keefer, John S. (Marie) retired, 44 E Liberty st. 
Keefer, Samuel, 44 E Liberty st. 
Keiffer, Mrs. C, 39 Nold ave. 
Kieffer, Rose, boarding- house, 93 E Bowman st. 
Keehn, Wm., carpenter, 56 E South st. 
Keehn, Ada, compositor, 56 E South st. 
Keehn, Carrie and Perry, 56 E South st. 

Keim, Chas. M. (Lulu) clerk in notion store, 29 W Liberty st. 
Keim, John (Jeanette) labr, Madison ave. 
Keim, Wm., ice dealer, Madison ave. 
Keim, Harry, Madison ave. 
Keim, Ella, wid, Madison ave. 
Keister, J. J. (Irene) g-rocer, 146 S Market st. 

^♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦>! OUR SPECL^LTIES ARE: 

i l/CICTCD DnAC i ^'■^^^ Butter and Eggs, Fine 

t IVnlo I CR DKU5. t CofTees, Teas, and our SILVER 

X X SPRAY FLOUR is unexcelled. All 

^^♦♦♦^-^^♦^♦♦^-♦-M'^^-f^^-f'M-f^ Goods guaranteed satisfactory or 
30 West Liberty Street, J money refunded. Enough said! 
WOOSTER, OHIO. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-M ♦♦♦♦♦»■♦♦♦♦♦♦ » »■»♦ 

THE BEST PLACE to buy 1 jLj^ GmrPrC ^ 

Staple and Fancy Groceries. 1 I IIC Vll UCl^l O* J 

♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦-^♦♦♦♦♦■M^ ♦♦♦<?•♦♦♦ 

Keister, J. T. (Ella) grocer, 56 W North st. 

Keister, Warren, grocery clerk, 56 W North st, 

Keister, Arthur, grocery clerk, 56 W North st. 

Keister, Mrs. Liddie, wid, 56 W North st. 

Keister, Adam W., propr Ft. Wayne Hotel, 150 E Liberty st, 

Keister, Elsie and Grace, 150 E Liberty st. 

Keister, Fred and Ray, 150 E Liberty st. 

Kelbly, N. R. (Maggie) jeweler and optician, 54 N Grant st. 

Kelbly, Bermeniu, 54 N Grant st. 

Kelbly, Rhoda E., milliner, 56 W Liberty st. 

5,000 sq. ft. floorage at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

For First Class Photographs go to DAWSON'S. 


In Fitting You with a Pair of our 



Eye Glasses, Chains, Etc. 


t44-»f ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Your Eyes tested at your home by request, 

or at 


54 N. Grant Street, WOOSTER, OHIO, 

Keller, W. F. (Liddle J.) clerk, 56 N Walnut st. 

Keller, Liddie J., dressmaksr, 56 N Walnut st. 

Keller, Geo. W. (Maud) traveling- salesman, 69 S Bever st, 

Keller, L. H. (Harriett) retired, 54 W. Liberty st. 

Kelley, Patrick (Mary) 116 Pittsburg ave. 

Kelley, Alice and Jennie, 116 Pittsburg ave. 

Kelley, Mrs. Margaret, wid, 182 E Henry st. 

Keliey, John J. and Rose, 182 E Henry st. 

Keramer, David, 141 E Liberty st. 

Kemp, Edna, 43 Nold ave. 

Kemp, Mary, domestic, 71 Pittsburg ave. . 

Kennedy, Patrick, labr, 43 S Market st. 

Kent, T. P. (Mary) 124 S Market st. 

Kensingcr, Julia, dressmaker, E Larwill st. 

Keppel, Geo H. (Selesia) grocer, 27 S Bever st. 

Kessler, Feo. (Mrs. George) labr. Blessing ave. 

Kester, Frank (Lutie) brush maker, 24 Spruce st. 

Kester, Chas. and William, 24 Spruce st. 

Kester, Peter (Ann Marie) retired, 34 N Walnut st. 

Kester, Joseph, prescription clerk, 34 N Walnnt st. 

Kettler, Geo. W. (Rebecca) reporter for Wooster Republican, 88 

Kettler, Emma L., dressmake r, 88 W Larwill st. [W Larwill st. 

Don't you want a sa^/v? HARDING & Co7 












If you have property to sell, list it with G. W. SPANGLEI^. 

___ ^^ 

Kettler, Gotlieb, shoemaker, 92 W Larwill st. 

Kettler, Henry (Rickie) shoemaker, 92 W Larwill st. 

Keyser, Edward (Lucy Ann) expressman, 15 Palmer st, 

Keyser, Ernest, 15 Palmer st. 

Keyser, Harry (Alta) 26 Palmer st. 

Keys, Mattie,"dry goods clerk, 94 S Market st. 

Kiraber, Mrs., domestic at Archer House. 

Kimber, James, ice dealer, 31 Spruce st. 

Kimber, Nettie and AUie, 31 Spruce st. 

King-, Edward (Louisa) garedner, McKenna st. 

King, Agnes and Samuel, McKenna st. 

King, F. C. (Jessie) hotel keeper, 52 N Buckeye st. 

King, Mrs. Margaret, 60 High st. 

King, Elizabeth C, dressmaker, 60 High st. 

King, William, stone cutter, 60 High st. 

King, Margaret C, school teacher 60 High st. 

Kingsley, G. F. (Myrta) florist, 123 Bealle ave. 

Kingsley, Chas., paper hanger, 123 Bealle ave. 

Kingsley, James, 123 Bealle ave. 

Kingsley, Mary, music teacher, 123 Bealle ave. 

Kinkier, Johanna, wid, 114 E South st. 

Kinkier, Ella, 114 E South st. 

Kinkier, Harry, blacksmith, 114 E South st. 

Kinnion, Marion (Elizabeth) labr, 78 Nold ave. 

Kinnion, Rus (Mrs. R.) labr, W Wooster. 

Kinney, I. N. (Margaret) hardware merchant, 145 N Market st. 

Kinney, Wm. S., 145 N Market st. 

Kinney, Dr. J. J. (Anna) 80 West Liberty st. 


80 West Liberty Street, 


ri^^^^^^t^^i^^*^^ CATARRHAL DISEASES 

* 7:00 TO 8:00 A.M.: | ^^^ Diseases of Chi dren 

1:00 TO 2:00, AND * 

* 7:00 TO 9:00 P. M. J ....A SPECIALTY.... 

i^^3^^3^^^^*39*9^^3^ 'Phone 139. 

Kinney, Dr. W. M., veterinary surgeon, 25 S Grant st. 
KW.itner, Harietta, domestic, 137 E North st. 
Kipfer, Frank, insurance agt, 201 Spink st. 
Kipfer, John (Annice) painter, 61 W South at. 
Kipfer, Harry, 61 W South st. 
Kipfer, Rachael, dressmaker, 89 W Liberty st. 
Kirkwood, Dr. S. J. (Mrs. J. M.) 53 College ave. 
Kirkwood, Samuel, student, 53 College ave. 

BIXLER'S Business College in session 14 years without vacation. 

Baby Pictures always good at DAWSON'S. 

46 — K— 

Kislittg, C. W., (Margaret) B. & O. Ticket Ag-ent, 30 Spruce st. 

Kistler, James, labr, \Vest Wooster. 

Kistler, Will, (Mrs. Will ) West Wooster. 

Kistler, Jacob A., (Bebecca) retired, 78 S Market st. 

Klepper, Wm., (Sarah) machinist, 102 S Bever st. 

Klinger, Samuel, (Margaret) traveling salesman. 60 W Liberty st. 

Klinger, Ida, clerk, 60 W Liberty st. 

Klinger, Laura, clerk, 60 W Liberty st. 

Klinger, George, clerk, 50 W Liberty st. 

Klinger, Alfred, 60 W Liberty st. 

Kline, George E., (Sue S.) 65 S Market. 

Kline, Edward, (Mary) labr, 71 Spruce st. 

Kline, Mrs. Phillip, wid, 63 Spruce st. 

Knapp, Rev. Albert D., (Mrs. A. D.) 59 E Bowman st. 

Knapp, Mabel A., M. Winifred and Esther M., 59 E Bowman st. 

Knox, J. C, broom maker, 167 N Bever st. 

Knox, Nettie, 167 N Bever st. 

Knox, Mary, wid, 28 N Walnut st. 

Knox, Jane G., 79 W North st. 

Koble, John (Hattie) wagon maker, 55 E South st. 

Koble, Mabel, dressmaker, 55 E South st. 

Koble, Emma, 55 E South st. 

Koble, Chas. (Mary) compositor, 55 E South st. 

Koch, Chas. (Nellie) clerk in restaurant, 62 High st. 

Koch, Curtis, 62 High st. 

Koehler, J. F. (Altie) student, 225 Spink st. 

Kostenbader, Anna, teacher, 141 E North st. 

Kostenbader, Frederick (Catherine) labr, 46 Palmer st. 

Kostenbader, Fred L, labr. 46 Palmer st. 

Kostenbader, Wm. (Lena) labr, 23 Cushman st. 

Kramer, L. R. (Martha) assistant cashier in bank, '23 W Liberty 

Kramer, Will, student, 123 W Liberty st. ' [st. 

Kramer, Harry E. (Emma) cutter atpad shop, S Grant st. 

Kramer, Francis, (Sarah A.) barber, 116 W North st. 

Kramer, Frank, miller, 53 E. Liberty st. 

Kramer, Wilhclmina, wid, 233 Spink st. 

Kramer, Clarence, labr, 233 Spink st. 

Kramer. Lewis, 233 Spink st. 

Kratz, Jacob (Eliza M.) nurse, 132 N Market st. 

Krause, Nancy, domestic at Archer House. 

Krause, Chas. (Ollie) pad maker, W South st. 

Krause, F. W. (Mary) cigar mfr, 74 High st. 

Krause, Chas. and Edward, 74 High st. 

Krause, Emil, Albert and Annie, 74 High st. 

Kready, Mrs. Rachael, 260 N Market st. 

Kready, Frazee. 260 N Market st. 

Kready, Samuel (Agnes) carpenter, N Market st. 

Kreiger, Geo., sr. (Henrietta) 79 E North st. 

Kreiger, Edward, 79 E North st. 

Kreiger, Geo. J., Jr. (Nettie) druggist, 104 W Larwill st. 

Don't you want a hatnmer? HARDING&^ca 

G. W. SPANG LER has all kinds of Real Estate for sale. 

— K— 

Kulp, Josie, wid, 99 W Larwill st. 
Kuitz, Elmer (Isa) labr, 95 E South st. 
Kurtz, H. E., railroad postal clerk, 54 Hig-h st. 
Kunert, Mrs. Mary. 38 Bealle ave. 

— L— 

Landaw, Charles, (Sarah) farmer, Northwestern ave. 

Landaw, Barnett, Northwestern ave. 

Landaw, Elizabeth, 63 W North st. 

Langell, Henry, (Anna) carpenter and builder, 55 N Bever st. 

Langell, Charles, carpenter and builder, 55 N Bever st. 

Langell, Icy May, 55 N Bever st. 

Lang-ell, Gertrude, bookkeeper, 55 N Bever st. 

Langell, Annie, compositor, 55 N Bever st. 

Langell, Delila, wid, 253 N Buckeye st. 

Langell, Laura, 253 N Buckeye st. 

Landers, Michael, (Catherine) contractor, 54 Pittsburg ave. 

Landers, Dennis, (Mary) Catherine Lane. 

Landers, Mrs. Elizabeth, 102 Pittsburg ave. 

Landers, John and Richard, 102 Pittsburg ave. 

Landers, Charley, stenographer, 102 Pittsburg ave. 

Landers, Joseph, works at pad shop, 102 Pittsburg ave. 

Landis, Mrs. G. A., 167 E Bowman st. 

Landis, Ray C, Philip S. & Pauline N., 167 E Bowman st. 

Landis, Mrs. Ellen, 151 E Henry st. 

Landis, Miss Ellen, stenographer, 151 E Henry st. 

Laudis, W. Y., (Talitha) furniture dealer, 49 & 51 E Liberty st. 

Landis, Mrs. D. Y., furniture dealer, 97 N. Bever st. 

Landis, Miss Daisy, 97 N Bever st. 

Laper, G., (Mrs. G.) milk dealer, 75 Spruce st. 

Laper, C. G. , Adams Express agt, 75 Spruce st. 

Laper, Wm., driver of Adams Express wagon, 75 Spruce st. 

Laper, Minnie, Fred and Bertha, 75 Spruce st. 

Larwill, Miss E. N., 3 Madison ave. 

Larwill, Martha and Eliza, 3 Madison ave. 

Larwill, J. F., watch maker, 45 W Larwill st. 

E STABL IS H EP 1878. 



All kinds of PAINTING and DECORATING, House, Sign, Fresco, 

Hard Wood Finishing and Graining and Paper Hanging 

and Buggy Painting. All first class work guaranteed. 

Estimates Cheerfully Furnished. Always the lowest. 


East Liberty Street, North of Barrett's Shop, 

PFcparaticn at BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE means beginning of success. 

For High Grade Enlargements go to DAWSON. 

Larwell, Naacy Q., 45 W Larwill st. 

Larwell, Amanda J., 45 W Larwell st. 

Larwell, Laura B., 45 W Larwell st. 

Latimer, Mrs. Robert, wid, 25 Nold ave. 

Latimer, James (Elizabeth) city marshal, 25 Nold ave. 

Latimer, J, C, clerk at iOc bara, 25 Nold ave. 

Latimer, Edward G.. furniture clerk and undertaking, 25 Nold ave. 

Laubach, James (Mrs. James) painter, 92 Nold ave. 

Laubach, Lilly and Harry, 92 Nold ave. 

Laubach, Mrs. Catherine, 51 N Sever st. 

Laubach, George R. (Lucy) drug-gist, 95 N Buckeye st. 

Laubach, Ida M. and Martha H., 25 N Buckeye st. 

Lautenschlager, Charles (Linda) school teacher, 105 S Market st. 

Lautenschl.iger, Julia, wid, 105 S Market st. 

Laughbaum, Joseph (Emilent) mason, 49 Pittsburg ave. 

Laughbaum, Lydia, 83 E South st. 

Laughlin, A. (Ella) plow man, 85 Nold ave. 

Lautzenheiser, Mrs. J. B., 47 Gasche st. 

Lautzenheiser, Lucien, tailor, 47 Gasche st. 

Lautzenheiser, Alice, domestic, 150 W Liberty st. 

Lautzenheiser. George (Sevilla) grocery clerk, 49 Gasche st. 

Lawhead. Charles, horse dealer, 64 N Buckeye st. 

Lawrence, Lyle, blacksmith, 82 W Liberty st. 

Lawrence, W. E. (Kate) Emerich st. 

Lawrence, Joseph, labr, Emerich st. 

Lawrence, James (Mary J.) blacksmith, 117 W Larwill st. 

Lawrence, Bertha K. and Ella, 117 W Larwill st. 

Jvavvrence, Charles (Anna) labr, Northwestern ave. 

Lawrence, Lennie, 156 W Larwill st. 

Lawrence Ella, dressmaker, 156 W Larwill st, 

Lawrence, Edward, assistant mngr Wooster Telephone C<>., 72 S 

Lawrence, Sarah, colored, cook at Archer House. [Market st. 

Law, George (Margaret) carriage builder, 194 N Grant st. 

Lazro, Charles ^Catherine) mason, 123 S Bever st. 

Lazro, Alice, cigar maker, 123 S Bever st. 

Lazro, Nora, dressmaker, 123 S Bever st. 

Leman, Lucy, 3 College ave. 

Levers, John (Minnie) stone mason, 98 E Henry st. 

Levers, Ada, 98 E Henry st. 

Levers, Andrew (Minnie) mason, 16 Spruce st. 

Levers, Elizabeth, wid, 16 Spruce st. 

Levers, W. H. (Lovenia) stone cutter, 134 Pittsburg ave. 

Levers, Tacy, 102 E Henry st. 

Levers, Frank, 102 E Henry st. 

Levers, Lovenia, wid, 129 W Larwill st. 

Levers, Dora, 129 W Larwill st, 

Lee, A. B. (Arnetta R.) traveling salesman, 75 W North st. 

Lee, Mila M., 75 W North st. 

Lee, George W. (Lucy M.) traveling salesman, 40 Bealle ave. 

Lee, Rilla, 40 Bealle ave. 

Poultry and Stock Food, HARDING & CO. 

For Hlgt 

Lnrwell, Naacy Q 
bar well, Amanda 
Larwell, Laura B 
Latimer, Mrs. R( 
Latimsr, James 
Latimer, J. C, cl 
Latimer, Edward 
Laubach, James 
Laubach, Lilly ai 
Laubach, Mrs. C 
Laubach, George 
Laubach, Ida M. 
LautenschLiger, . 
Laughbaum, Jos€ 
Laughbaum, Lvc 
Laughlin, A. (Ell 
Lautzenheiser, y. 
Lautzenheiser, L 
Lautzenheiser, A 
Lautzenheiser. G 
Lawhead. Charle 
Lawrence, Lyle, 
Lawrence, W. E. 
Lawrence, Josep 
Lawrence, Jamef 
T^awronce, Berth 
Lawrence, Charl 
l^awrence, Lena 
l/awrenc?.. Ella, ( 
Lawrence, Edwa 
Lawrence, Sarab 
Law, George (M 
Lazro, Charles (^\ 
Lazro, Alice, cij? 
La/ro, Nora, dre 
Leman, Lucy, 3 
Levers, John (M 
Levers, Ada, 98 
Levers, Andrew 
Levers, Elizabet 
Levers, W. H. (i 
Levers, Tacy, K 
Levers, Frank, : 
Levers, Lovenia 
Levers, Dora, 12 
Lee, A. B. (Arm 
Lee. Mila M., 75 
Lee, Geortre W. 
Lee, Rilla, 40 B( 


G. W, SPANGLER will rent you a house. 

Lee, James (Helen) grocery and feed store, 119 S Market st. 

Lee, Mary M., 119 S Marke't st. 

Lee, W. E. (Clara L.) grocery clerk, 121 S Market st. 

Lee, Wing-, Chinese laundry, 38 E Liberty st. 

Lehr, Mary, wid, 247 N Grant st. 

Lehr, Charles L., works at Brush Works, 247 N Grant st. 

Leisy, R. A. (Mary) teacher, 133 Pittsburgh ave. 

Leahman, H. J., labr. Northwestern ave. 

Lehman, A. S., furniture dealer, 67 E Bowman st. 

Lehman, Emma, works at Hoover Cottage. 

Lehr, Dr J.W, 32 Woodland ave. 

Leig-hicap, Mrs. Susan, 127 E Liberty st. 

Leightcap, Sue, dresmaker, 127 E Liberty st. 

Leig-htcap, Mrs Emma, wid, 121 W Larwill st 

Leig-htcap, Sue, dry goods clerk, 121 W Larwill st. 

Leichty, Frank L., (Mary) baker, 58 Pittsburg ave. 

Leies, Anthony, (Amanda) retired, 43 E Liberty street. 

Leies, Henry J. bartender bds at Moug-ey House. 

Leies, Etsy, compositor, bds at Moug-ey House. 

Leiner, Catharine, wid, 136 S Buckeye st. 

Leiner, Mrs Mary, wid, 19 E North st. 

Leiner, Henry, c'ity policeman, 108 E North st. 

Leiner, Emma, 109'E North st. 

Leitner, Elizabeth, wid, 3 Hancock st. 

Leitner, Wm., 3 Hancock st. 

Leopold, Wm. (Sarah) tinner, 89 W Larwill st. 

Leopold, Fred. J., teleg-raph operator, 89 W. Larwell st. 

Lerch, Dr. C. A. (Jenny) 203 N. Grant. 

Lerch, Ethel, clerk in music store, 202 N Grant st. 

Lester, Georg-e, butcher, 21 N Buckeye st. 

Lewis, Mrs. A., wid, cor Bowman and Grant sts. [N Bever st. 

Leyda, George W. (Mrs. G. W.) Penn. ticket and freight ag-t, 107 

Leyda, Tracy C, clerk in railroad office, 107 N Bever st. 

Leyda, Earl E., 107 N Bever st. 

Leyenberger, Mrs. S. F., matron at the Westminster Home, 52 

Lichtenwalter, Annie, 117 Nold ave. [College ave. 

Lichtenwalter, C. B., hostler, rooms rear of Faber's. 

Ligg-ett, Mrs. Elizabeth, 34 Bealle ave. 

Liggett, Mrs. M. J., 67 N Market st. 

Liggett, Louella M., 67 N Market st. 

Liggett, Eanny, teacher, 226 N Bever st. 

Lightner, W. R. (Lillian) shoe clerk, 28 S Buckeye st. 

Limb, Mrs. Margaret, 149 E Liberty st. 

Limb, George, works at piano works, 149 E Liberty st. 

Limb, Harry, telegraph operator, 149 E Liberty st. 

Limb, Carl, engineer, 149 E Liberty st. 

Limb, Florence and Hartie, 149 E Liberty st. 

Lind, Henry (Elizabeth) 48 High st. 

Link, Miss Fredrica, nurse, 71 S Market st. 

Twenty reasons in one-it PAYS to attend t!ie BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

All Classes of Photographic Work at DAWSON'S. 


Linn, Wm., Jr. (Anna) machinist, 31 Nold ave. 

Linn, Wm. (.Margaret) implement dealer, 122 E Larwill st. 

Linn, Ella, bookkeeper, 122 E Larwill st. 

Linn, Ed., clothing- clerk, 122 E Larwill st. [Buckeye st. 

List. C. D. (Myrtle E.) propr Archer House, cor E Liberty and 

Livingston, John (Lewella) bricKmaker, 83 W North st. 

Livini^ston, George W., clerk, 83 W North st. 

Locapetty, L. (Esther) iron dealer, 170 N Grant st. 

Logan, R. A. (Alinda) grocer, 99 E Liberty st. 

Logue, Mrs. Mary, 54 Bealle ave. 

Logue, Alice M., teacher, 54 Bealle ave. 

Lombardi, Carmino (Carrotile) 17 Palmer st. 

Long, Wm. (Elizabeth) brick layer, 143 E Henry st. 

Long, Conrad (Lydia) engineer, 147 E Henry. 

Long, Jacob (Sarah) stone mason, 2 Hancock st. 

Long, Goldie, works at salt bag factory, 2 Hancock st. 

Long, Earl, mason, 2 Hancock st. 

Long, David, blacksmith, 2 Hancock st. 

Long, Ethel and Jennie, 2 Hancock st. 

Long, Henry (Emma) jeweler and coal dealer, W Henry st. 

Long, Harvey, driver, W Henry st. 

Long, Wilbert, clerk, W Henry st. 

Long, Charles, driver, W Henry st. 

Long, Adam (Margaret J.) whitewasher, Mulberry st. 

Long, Webb, works at Yoder House. 

Long, John, retired, 49 Spruce st. 

Lonsberry, Rachael, wid. 173 N Grant st. 

Lonsberrv, Cora, 173 N Grant st. 

Lott, W. A. (Sally O.) 145 W Liberty st. 

Loup. Marv, 43 N Market st. 

Lovett, C. M. (Vera) supt. Shale Brick Works, 75 W Liberty st. 

Lowry, Rev. H. W. (Blanche) 49 W North st. 

Lowry, Ralph M., Bernard F. and Jessie M., 49 W North st. 

Lowery, Frank (Carrie) painter, 4 Hancock st. 

Lubasici, Frank (Mrs. Frank) Madison Hill. 

Lucas, Mrs. Margaret, 57 E Bowman st. 

Lucas, Rhea and Grace M., 57 E Bowman st. 

Lucas, Albert L. (Mrs. S. E.) carpenter, 30 W Vine st. 

Lucas, Joaiah (Elizabeth) shoemaker, 99 W Larwill st. 

Lucas, Nettie, dry goods clerk, 99 W Larwill st. 

Lucas, Alice, dry goods clerk, 99 W Larwill st. 

Lucas, Tillie, dressmaker, 99 W Larwill st. 

Luce, A. E. (Mary) 'bus and cab line, 28 E Larwill st. 

Luce, Mrs. Ella, Pearl st. 

Luce, Tookha, Pearl st. 

Luce, Mrs. M. A., 90 E Liberty st. 

Luke, Wm, (Philomena) works on railroad, E Vine st. 

Lusk, Prof. Alf, musician, 81 S Buckeye st. 

Lusk, Elizabeth, teacher, 81 S Buckeye st. 

Guaranteed Sewing Machines $!5.00, HARDING & CO. 


_L- 51 

Luy, Wilhelm (Mina) foreman at pad shop. 62 W Henry st. 

Lyon, Mrs. D. N., Willow st. 

Lyon, Lois B. and John N., V/illow st. 

Lyon, Walter S. and Sophia B., Willow st. 

Lyon, Dr. Charles H., Willow st. 

Lyon, Cornelius, 222 Spink st. 

Lyttle, John H. (Susan) stock buyer, 58 W Henry st. 

Lyttle, Clyde, works at pad shop, 58 W Henry st. 

Lyttle, Ada, works at telephone exchange, 58 W Henry st. 

Lyttle, Ervin and Mabel, 58 W Henry st. 

Lvttle, C. (Martha) dairyman, 78 E High st. 

Lyttle, Alta, 78 E High st. 

Lyttle, Mrs. Roxie, 18 E Spring st. 

Lyttle, Olive, 18 E. Spring st. 

— M— 

Macgregor, Mrs. M. J., 33 E Bowman st. 

Mackey, A. B., (Clara) teamster, 43 W Liberty st. 

Mack, Emma, employed at Westminster home. 

Mader, Mrs., wid, nurse, 31 N Grant st. 

Magner, Mrs. Mary, <.34 Nold ave. 

Nagner, Mary, grocery clerk, 134 Nold ave. 

Mahaney, Kate and Emma, 46 S Bever st. 

Mahaney, Edward, compositor, 46 S Bever st. 

Manshion, Louise, employed at Westminster home. 

Manges, Joseph, (Mrs. Joseph) sells patent wagon box, 109 W Lar- 

Manges, Elmer and Maggie, 109 W Larwill st. [will st. 

Manges, Mary, 51 S Grant st. 

Manges, Chas. (Myrtle) painter, Madison Hill. 

Manges, E. A. (Sophia) farmer, Madison Hill. 

Manges, Emmet, Rufinia & Lucetta, Madison Hill. 

Manley, Tim, (Bridget) retired, 28 Callahan st. 

Manley, John, works on railroad, 28 Callahan st. 

Manley, Wm., harness maker, 28 Callahan st. 

Mann,' Chas., 123 W Liberty st. 

Mann, David, (Mary) blacksmith, 80 S Walnut st. 

Mann, Claude & Harry, 80 S Walnut st. 

Mann, Earl & Walter, 80 S- Walnut st. 

Mann, Robert, (Jennie) labr, 77 E Liberty st. 

Mann, James, (Jennie) machinist, 26 S Bever st. 

Mann, Maude, dressmaker, 26 S Bever st. 

Mann, Roy, 26 S Bever st. 

Mann, Mrs. Jane, 6 Madison ave. 

Manson, Samuel, (Anna) baker, 100 S Market st. 

Marchand, J. F., (Emma) ed. of Jacksonian & Evening Journal, 97 

Marchand, Ada aud Bruce, 97 N Buckeye st. [N Buckeye st. 

Marchand, Jacob, (Ada) foreman at Jacksonian office, 72 S Buck- 

Marchand, Mrs. M. J., 85 S Buckeye st. [eye «t. 

Marchand, Grace, 85 S Buckeye st. 

Mark, Clara, 77 W North st. 

Practical Educatlon-the only right kind, taught at the BIXLErIusIKESS COLLEGE. 

For the best Photographic Work go to DAWSON. 

52 -M- 

Mark, Ed. (Delia) shoemaker, 154 N Grant st. 

Marks, Samuel V. (Laura) labr, 102 W North st. 

Marks, Levi, (Hannah) retired, KH W North st. 

Marks, James W. , painter & paperhang-er, 124 3 Bever st. 

Marker, Mrs. Anna, 59 W South st. 

Markel, John, (Catherine) cooi^er, 21 N Buckeye st. 

Markel, Mrs. John, boarding house, 21 N Buckeye st. 

Markle, Constant, (Pleasant A.) retired, 86 S Walnut st. 

Markel, Louis, (Myrtle) wks on wreck train, 28 Hancock st. 

Markey, Susie, wid, 20 Woodland ave. 

Markey, Minnie, 20 Woodland ave. 

Marklev, Phillip, (Matilda) civil engineer, 95 Nold ave. 

Marshall, J. B., plumber, 180 N Bever st. 

Marshall, Henry, (Mary C.) ex-co. auditor, 61 N Walnut st. 

Marshall, Helen C, teacher, 61 N Walnut st. 

Marshall, Emma C, stenographer, 61 N Walnut st. 

Marshall, Frank, telegraph operator, 61 N Walnut st. 

Marshall, George, 61 N Walnut st. 

Marshall, Lyman, cook, 26 E Liberty st. 

Martin, Mrs. Susan, 42 E Bowman st. 

Martin, Grace and Claude, 42 E Bowman st. 

Martin, A. H., carpenter, rms n e side sq. 

Masoni, Henry, (Mary) Lucas st. 

Masoni, Peter, Lueas st. 

Masoni, Joseph, (Rose) wks on wreck train, 139 E South st. 

Masoni, Ugene, (Margaret) wks on railroad, 149 ESonth st. 

Masoni, Chas. & Wm., 149 E South st. 

Massie, A. S. (Bertha) tim er, 126 N Grant st. 

Massie, Cora, 126 N. Grant st. 

Massie, J. C. (Esther) tie maker, Columbus ave. 

Massie. Chas. and Fred, Columbus ave. 

Masoro, Sabatino, (Giovannina) Lncas st. 

Masoro, Gionarrao, (Antonia) Lucas st. 

Masaro, Andrew, (Enunziata) g-rocer, cor Palmer & Rebecca st. 

Mateer, Dr. H. N., (Elizabeth) 60 E Bowman st. 

Mathews, Gertrude, domestic. 145 Bealle ave. 

Dr. H. N. Mateer, 



a;30to 4:30 and 6:30 to 8 P. M. <» Southwest Corner North and Buckeye Streets. 

Special Attetitioti Given to Cliemical and lUicroscopic Analyses 
as an aid in Diagnosis and Treatment. 

Bird Cages at HAl^DING & CO'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER Agent fcr Fire Insurance. 

M— S3 

Mathis, John H. (Annie) shoemaher & clerk, 76 S Market st. 

Mathis, John L., 76 S Market st. 

Matz, May, 75 Nold ave. [Democrat, 19 Gasche at. 

Matz, WellingtOMj (Martha K.) takes subscription for Vfayne Co. 

Maurer, Mrs. Julia, grocer, 87 E Liberty st. 

Maurer, Bernard, grocery clerk, 87 E Liberty st. 

Maurer, Walter and Mary, 87 E Liberty st. 

Maurer, Maud, 56 W North st. 

Maurer, John, (Mrs. John) tinner, 42 Spink st. 

Maurer, Harry, 24Sping- st. 

Maxwell, E. T., travelling salesman, 60 E Larwill st. 

Maxwell, Harry and Grace, 60 E Larwill st. 

Maxwell, Creatha, housekeeper, 52 S Market st. 

Maxwell, Emma, Leroy st. 

McAfee, Bertha, wks a"t Preservii\g Works, 85 S Market st. 

McAfee, J. D. (Mary E.) dry goods salesman, 56 E Larwill st. 

McAfee, Carey E., music teacher, 56 E Larwill st. 

McAnanay, C. E., cabinet maker. Northwestern ave. 

McAnanay, Edward H. (Catherine) wood worker, 35 McDonald st. 

McAnanay, Clement A. & Catherine A., 35 McDonald st. 

McAnanay, James, (Mary) labr, 108 N Grant st. 

McAnanay, John, (Sarah) molder, 84 W Larwill st. 

McAnanay, Kate, compositor, 84 W Larwill st. 

McAnanay, Alice, wks at pad shop, 84 V/ Larwill st. 

McAnanay, Eva, student, 84 W Lerwill st. 

McAnanay, John M. (Mary) blacksmith, Mulberry st. 

McAnanay, James, blacksmith. Mulberry st. 

McAnsnay, Chas. (Belle) carpenter, 250 N Buckeye st. 

McAnanay, Harry, 250 N Buckeye st. 

McArthur, Amelia, domestic, 102 N Buckeye st. 

McArthur, Margaret, 143 E North st. 

McArthur, Maud, 62 S Buckeye st. 

McCarthey, Mary, domestic, 31 Bealle ave. 

McCarthey, Howard E., 243 N Bever st. 

McCarthey, James, (Bertha) telegraph operator, 12 Pittsburg ave. 

McCarthey, Mrs. Mary, wid, 5 Pittsburg ave. 

McCarthey, Catherine, 5 Pittsburg ave. 

McCarthy, T. F. (Mrs. K. F.) 122 E Nerth st. 

McCarthy, Corinne & Idene, 122 E North st. 

McCaron, Frank, (Sadie) cigar mfg, 53 S Walnut st. 

The Wooster Cigar t Stogie Factory, 





Your patronage pays, but the Bixler Business Col. pays best. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 


— M— 

McCaron, Emmit, cig"ar maker, 58 S Walnut st. 

McCaron, Bernard, 53 S Walnut st. 

McCaug-hy, Mettle and Ma}^ dressmakers, 72 Bealle ave. 

McClain, Michael, (Nellie) flagman on railroad, 26 Pittsburg- ave. 

McClain. Daniel i^Rosc) conductor on railroad, 26 Pittsburg" ave. 

McClarran, Speers, music store and grocery clerk, 45E Liberty st. 

McClarran, Wm. (Mrs. Wm.) 45 E Liberty st. 

McClarran, John C, (Jessie) attorney & ex-probate judge, 108 

McClarran, Wade and Walter, 108 W Liberty st. [W Liberty st. 

McClarran, Jeanette, 106 W. Liberty st. 

McClarran, David, 109 W Liberty st. 

McClarran, Robert, 109 W Liberty st. 

McClarran, Jennie, 109 W Liberty st. 

McClarran, Mrs. Harry, grocer, 121 E North st. 

McClarran, Florence M., bookkeeper, 121 E North st. 

McClarran, Plarry L., grocery clerk, 121 E North st. 

McClarran' Samuel J., grocery clerk, 121 E Forth st. 

McClarran, Stella & Mary E., 121 E North st. 

McClarran, Ellen, 222 N Buckeye st. 

McClarran, Mina, 222 N Buckeye st. 

McClarran, Clementine, wid, 136 W Liberty st. 

McClarran, Arthur R., 136 W Liberty st. 

McClellan, Jesse, (Miranda) treas. of university, 19'W North st. 

McClellan, Blanche S., 19 W North st. 

McClellan, Geo. W., bookkeeper, 19 W North st. 

McClellan, Louis, (Zada) dry goods clerk, 72 E Bowman st. 

McClellan, John, (Mariah) retired, 60 N Market st. 

McClellan, Martha E., 60 N Market st. 

McClellan, James, (Elizabeth) retired, 35 Hancock st. 

McClellan, S. C, traveling salesman, .35 Hancock st. 

McClellan, J. C. (Aimes) retired, 58 Spink st. 

McClellan, Cora L. and Wm. G., 58 Spink st. 

McClellan, Sarah M., Madison Hill. 

McClure, C. W., (Rebecca) house furnishing store, 155 W Liberty 

McClure, John S., house furnishing store, 155 W Liberty st. [st. 




South West Comer 

Public Square, 



Buggy Whips at HARDING & CO*S. 

Get an Accident Policy of G« W. Spangler, before you travel 

— M— 55 


Don't have that awful coal ap- 
petite; they cost less and do more 
with the same amount of coal than 
any other stove on the market . . , 


SPOUTING ,,.^^..,,^^ 

I do for you is the kind I put on \>I*^'^^^S''^SS^^^^ 
my own house. I use the best MSTSTOVEPIMITHMR^ 
heavy coated tin and paint it with the best of paint. I do 
the kind of work for you that I would like to have you do 
for me. Let me put a job of spouting on your house; if 
you do not say it is the best all around job of spouting 
you ever had, and you are not satisfied you can have your 
money back 


West Liberty Street. - - - WOOSTER, OHIO. 

McClure, Florence E. and Glen E., 155 W Liberty st. 

McClure, Geo. M. (Laura) tinner, 119 W Larwill st. 

McClure, Lewis, Y. (Lottie) tinware & stoves, Northwestern ave. 

McClure, W. D., (Sarah) plumbing-, tin «& slate roofing, I8O4N 

McClure, Mrs. Martha, 66 E Bowman st. [Bever'st. 

McClure, Frank U., (Clara T.) p. o. clerk, W Spring st. 

McClure, A. S., (Mary) atty, 53 Bealle ave. 

McClure, Walter, 53 Bealle ave. 

McCommon, Mrs. S. I., 84 Bealle ave. 

McCoy, J. S., (Nellie) sheriff of Wayne cc, cor W. North & Wal- 

McCoy, G. G., cor W North & Walnut sts. [nut sts. 

McCoy, W. A. (Cora) agent, 28 N Buckeye st. 

McCord, J. E., (Margaret L) lineman, 7 Spink st. 

McCounell, D. M., (Laura) traveling salesman, 99 E North st. 

McConnell, Roy V., stenographer at Pittsburg-, 99 E North st. 

McConnell, Cloy H., stenographer at Pittsburg, 99 E North st. 

McConnell, Cleve, student, 99 E North st. 

McCormick, Ed. P., (Zadia E.) merchant tailor, 15 W Vine. 

McCormick, Geo. S., telegraph operator, 122 W Liberty st. 

McCrahen, Richard, 74 W Liberty st. 

McCrahen, Annie, 74 W Liberty st. 

McCreary, John, (Jaroline) carpenter, 121 N Buckeye st. 


Dawson makes enlarged photos from amatuer negatives, see 'em 

56 '^^- 

McCrearv, Chas. 121 N Buckeve st. 

McCurdy, Ella E., % W Liberty st. 

McCurdy, Catherine, 96 W Liberty st. 

McCurdy, Mary E., wid. 59 N Walnut st. 

McCurdy, Flora, 59 N Walnut si. 

McUarvitt, Mary, wid, 126 W North st. 

McDarvitt. Perry, (Elizabeth) wks on saw mill, 126 W North st. 

McDonald, C A., (Minnie C.) with Minglewood Coal Co., 67 Bealle 

McDonald, Walter M., 67 Bealle ave. [ave. 

McDonald, A. P., (Mary A.) retired, 300 N Bever st. 

McDonald, Laura, domestic, 44 College ave. 

McDonald, Jacob, (Mary) labr, 138 S Bever st. 

McDonald, Mrs. Mary, 29 Say bolt ave. 

McDonald, Josephine, 29 Saybolt ave. 

McDonald, Kachael, wid. Northwestern ave. 

McDonald, Mag-gie, Northwestern ave. 

McDonald, Mrs. Angus, 12 E Spring st. 

McDonald, Mary, 12 E Spring st. 

McDonald, Harper, carpenter, 12 E Spring st. 

McFadden, Pearl, dressmaker, 164 W Liberty st. 

McFarland, May F., teacher, 121 S Market st. 

McGowrant, Mary, domestic, 43 Bealle ave. 

McKinney, Lelia, domestic, 67 Bealle ave. 

McKinney, John R. (Mrs. A. E.) atty, 6 College ave. 

McKinney, Laura, 6 College ave. 

McKinney, Will (Hannah) with U. S. Telephone Co., 36 Bealle ave. 

McKeal, Mrs. France, dressmaker, 82 S Market st. 

McKec, J. D. (Mila B.) ketchup maker. 164 E North st. 

McKenna, James (Margaret) section foreman. 119 Pittsburg ave. 

McKenna, Jane, il9 Pittsburg ave. 

McKinley, Bessie and Maud, 139 N Market st. 

McMillen, Mina, domestic, 158 S Bever st. 

McMillen, Margaret, wid, 75 W North st. 

McMillen, Miss Kate L., 155 E North st. 

McMillen, Mrs. R. B., 155 E North st. 

McMannis, ICmraa, domestic, 44 College ave. 

McMonigal, Bertha, piano teacher, Conservatory of Music. 

McMonigal, Sarah E., wid, 243 N Bever st. 

McMonigal, Frances, 243 N Bever st. 

McMonigal, Ida, school teacher, 243 N Bever st. 

McMary, Sarah, wid, 167 N Bever st. 

McMary, Laura and Mary, 167 N Bever st. 

McSweeiiey, .lohti (Ada) atty, 173 N Market st. 

McSweeney, Mrs. Hattie, 107 Bealle ave. 

McSweeney. Emeline, 107 Bealle ave. 

McOuigg, Martha, 42 Spruce st. 

McQuigg, Marv and Alice, 42 Spruce st. 

Meeker, Mrs. L. L., 128 Spink st. 

Meeker, Susan, Phoebe and Catherine. 128 Spink st. 

Meeks, W. W. (Amanda) restaurant and saloon, 89 Pittsburg ave. 

Roger's Silver Plate Knives and Forks. Harding & Co. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 

__- 57 

Meeks, Earl, clerk, 89 Pittsburg- ave. 

Meeks, Sabina and Paul, 89 Pittsburg- ave. 

Meffan, Georg-e (Mrs. Geo.) brushmaker, 28 W Vine st. 

Meffan, Minnie and Georg-e, 28 W Vine st. 

Meg-rew, Mrs. I. L., 38 W Liberty st. 

Meahl, Mrs. Sarah, 66 Spink st. 

Meahl, Ida, dressmaker, 66 Spink st. 

Meahl, Jeanette, teacher, 66 Spink st. 

Mellinger, M. C, wood worker, rooms at 75 W North st. 

Merillat, Cecelia, 89 W North st. 

Merillat, Nora, 89 W North st. 

Messmore, Harvey, retired, 53 E Liberty st. 

Messmore, Ag-nes and Ellen, 53 E Liberty st. 

Messmore, Frank, Harvey and Durbin, 53 E Liberty st. 

Metz, Mrs. Susan A.. 57 N Market st. 

Metz, A. D., atty, 57 N Market st. 

Metzler, Samuel (Henrietta) painter and decorator, Madison Hill. 

Metzler, David W., Madison Hill. 

Miller, B. F. (Effa M.) shoe merchant, 30 W Liberty st. 

Miller, J. W. (Elizabeth) farm hand, cor Prospect and Hancock st. 

Miller, Perry (Hannah) hardware clerk, 62 W Liberty st. 

Miller, Edith, school teacher, 62 W Liberty st. 

Miller, Lucy, school teacher, 62 W Liberty st. 

Miller, Carroll P., deputy probate clerk, 62 West Liberty st. 

Miller, Martha, 62 W Liberty st. 

Miller, Harrison, (Mary E ) carpenter, 105 W Larwill st. 

Miller, Thomas, tinner, 105 W Larwill st. 

Miller, Nora and Harrold, 105 W Larwill st. 

Miller, Otto, tinner, 61 W Liberty st. 

Miller, Henry H., (Catharine) carpet weaver, 66 W Henry st. 

Miller, Mrs. M. A., wid, 20 N Walnut st. 

Miller, Jessie, 20 N Walnut st. 

Miller, Eli, (Sue) carpenter, 153 W North st. 

Miller Jacob B., farmer. 153 W North st. 

Miller, Andrew, (Mary) plumber, cor W Bowman and Grant sts. 

Miller, Mrs. Michael, wid, 133 W Larwill st. [st. 

Miller, Nellie & Stella, tailoresses «& dressmakers, 133 W Larwill 

Miller, Lulu & Daisy, tailoresses & dressmakers, 133 W Larwill 

Miller, James, (Ella) carpenter, 147 S Market st. [st. 

Miller, Horace W., carpenter, 147 S Market st. 

Miller, Florence, Imog-ene and Harvey, 147 S Market st. 

Miller, Capt. B. F., retired, 83 S Market st. 

Miller, Ora, 83 S Market st. 

Miller, F. W., (Alice) proprof Nye Mfg. Co., Canton, O., 151 N 

Miller, Wm. H. and D. D., 151 N Market st. [Market st. 

Miller, H. H. (Lizzie) school teacher, 103 E Larwill st. 

Miller, May, wid, 85 Nold ave. 

Miller, Harry, (Ida) hotel porter, 77 E South st. 

Miller, U. M. (Jeanette) labr, 101 E South st. 

Miller, Flora, 226 N Bever st. 

Short Hand a specialty at the Bixler Business College. 

Satisfactory photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 
58 — M— 

Miller, Rebecca and Mary L., 226 N Bever st. 

Miller, Althea, dining room g"irl, Archer House. 

Miller, Johannah, 122 S Buckeye st. 

Miller, Georg-e, (Jane) policeman, 100 S Buckeye st. 

Miller, Georg-e, Jr., 100 S Buckeye st. 

Miller, Edward, (Anna) labr, 26'S Buckeye st. 

Miller, Robert, (Mary) 53 W Liberty st. 

Miller, Alice, domestic, 34 N Market st. 

Miller, Magdaline, 115 Spink st. 

Miller, George, (Cora) barber, Gasche st. 

Miller, Rev. H. B. (Martha) 215 Spink st. 

Miller, Grace B., 215 Spink st. 

Miller, H. A. (Nancy) painter, 89 S Buckeye st. 

Miller, Mrs. Emma, 93 S Buckeye st. 

Miles, Mrs. C. A., nurse, 52 E Henry st. 

Miles, Frederick R., student, 52 E Henry st. 

Millerhouse, Herman, (Mary) labr, 124 S Bever st. 

Millerhouse, James, labr, 124 S Bever st. 

Millerhouse, Elizabeth, 124 S Bever st. 

Millham, Matilda, wid, 164 W North st. 

Millham, Chas, cooper, 164 W North st. 

Millham, Arthur, cooper, 164 W North st. 

Millham, Edward, cooper, 164 W North st. 

Millham, Frank, (Mary) cooper, 171 W Liberty st. 

Millham, Frank, jr, in Chicago, 171 W Liberty st. 

Milligan. Ella, teachtr, 243 N Bever st. 

Mingo, Fred, (Mrs. Fred) labr, S Bever st. 

Mitiier, James B., (Mrs. J. B.) editor, 12 Spruce st. 

Minion, Fred W. (Emma) engineer, 6 Columbus ave. 

Minglewood Coal Co., E Liberty st & E South st. 

Moderwell, Mabel C, 6o N Market st. 

Moore, Wm. (Jane) miller, 27 S Bnckeye st. 

Moore, Mildred and Lucretia, dressmakers, 27 S Buckeye st. 

Moore, Alice, 27 S Buckeye st. 

Moore, Sadie, domestic, 122 N Market st. 

Moor, John C, (Emma E.) atty, 154 S Buckeye St. 

Minglewood Coal Co. 

Dealers in the Best Grades of 


And all Builder's Supplies, Sewer Pipe, Paving Brick, and 
Building Blocks. Offices and Yards: East Liberty Street, 
opposite Archer House, and South St., crossing P. Ft. W. & 
C. Railroad. 'Phone 32 & 33. 

Humane Bridle Bits. HARDING &. CO- 

Have you a house to rent? iist it with G. W. SPANGLER. 


A. W. MOORE, •••;^^;T;- 


, „-^ Cleaning, Pressing 

API LI f^ • « /• 

Repairing of 

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Clothing. 


mm ii.i II ili M M— M— Mcmti^^ ^^^^1^— i^J^^i^^^^— ^»^p^^^«^m»» ■ ||||||||||M|^M«»J- II II m ill 

Moore, A, W., merchant tailor, 27 S Buckeye st. 

Morr, Clement V. (Mary) labr, 154 S Buckeye st. 

Morr, Iva, clerk, 154 S Buckeye st. 

Morr, John (Mrs. John) hardware clerk, 98 S Bever st. 

Morgan, Mrs. M. H., 234 N Bever st. 

Morg-an, Dora, 234 N Bever st. 

Morg-an, Alice, domestic, 120 N Market st. 

Morgan, Elmer (Jeanette) works on wreck train, 5 W South st. 

Morrett, Adelia, 135 E Liberty st. 

Morrison, Richard (Sallie) barber, coiored, Leroy st. 

Moses, V. P. (Laura) shoemaker, 54 E Henry st. 

Moses, Harvey F., baker, 54 E Henry st. 

Moses, Elvera, Lizzie and Zella, 54 E Henry st. 

Moses, Pearl and Ida, 54 E Henry st. 

Moses, Carey (Margaret) labr, 28 S Bever st. 

Moses, Lizzie, domestic, 99 E Liberty st. 

Moses, Samuel, wagon maker, 91 S Grant st. 

Moses, John M. (P:ilen) labr, 113 W Larwill st. 

Moses, Chas., labr, 113 W Larwill st. 

Mosley, Miss Alice, 124 Spink st. 

Mott, Geo. (Barbara) works on railroad, 22 Hancock st. 

Mott, Edward, bicycle repairer, 22 Hancock st. 

Mott, Vege, harness maker, 22 Hancock st. 

Mougey, Jacob (Fannie) ex-sheriff, Pittsburg ave. 

Mougey. Estie, Mary and Walter. Pittsburg ave. 

Motigey, W. A. (Edith) propr Hotel Mougey, 43 S Market st. 

Mouer, John (Mrs. J. E.) works at piano works, 27 Saybolt ave, 

Mowery, H. U. (Jessie) county surveyor, 252 N Buckeye st. 

Mowery, John, sells medicine, 123 S Grant st. 

Mowery, Amanda, cor Spink and High sts. 

Mowery, Nathaniel (Eliza J.) farmer, Madison Hill. 

Mower, Dr. C. B. (Mary E. H.) 35 N Market st. 

Mower, Ethel F., Nina M. and Mildred H., 35 N Market st. 

Mower, Wm. (Artie) carpenter, 19 Lawn st. 

Mowrer, Mrs. J. H., wid, 55 High st. 

Mowrer, Isaac (Mary A.) retired, 40 W Liberty st. 

Mowrer, Al., mngr of saloon and restaurant, 40 W Liberty st. 

Best of type writers used at the Bixler Business College. 

For First Class Photographs go to DAWSON. 

00 — M— ^ 

Mowerson, Amy, 3 CoUeg-e ave. 

Moyer, L. L. (Anna) insurance agt, 91 Nold ave. 

Mumaw, H. H. (Judith) piano tuner, 31 Spink st. 

Mumaw, Estie, 31 Spink st. 

Mullins, James (Elizabeth) coal operator, 56 Bealle ave. 

Mullins, Walter J. i, Amy) coal operator, 43 Bealle ave. 

Murphy, Mrs. Mary J., 164 N Buckeye st. 

Murphy. Allene, 164 N Buckeye st. 

Murphy, Irene, 146 S Market st. 

Murphy, Jeremiah (Mary) E Henry st. 

Murphy, Mary, Jr., E Henry st. 

Muschenich, Wm. M. (Mary) shoe merchant, 44 E South st. 

Muschenich, Theodore, 44 E South st. 

Musselitian, D. W. (Mattie) ex. clerk of court, 115 E South st. 

Myers, W. C. (Mary H.) insurance ag-t, 55 W Larvi^ill st. 

Myers, I. H., insurance ag-t, 89 N Bever st. 

Myers, Lura, 89 N Bever st. 

Myers, Mrs. Wm., 74 S Market st. 

Myers, Mrs. Minnie, Columbus ave. 

Myers, Frederick (Augusta) labr, 74 S Market st. 

Myers, David (Elizabeth) contractor, 56 Bealle ave. 

Myers, John, bookkeeper, 56 Bealle ave. 

Myers, Blanche and Claude, 56 Bealle ave. 

Myers, J. B. (Mary) machine agt, 141 S Market st. 

Myers, Henry (Elizabeth) cor Spruce and Vine sts. 

.Myers, John, liveryman, cor Spruce and Vine sts. 

Myers, Dallas and Harriet, cor Spruce and Vine sts. 

Myers, Milo (Temard) labr, 75 S Walnut st. 

Myers, Addison, mason, Emerick st. 

Myers, Lauren, labr, Emerick st. 

Myers, Mrs. Mary J., wid, 25 Say bolt ave. 

Myers, Grant (Effie) bookkeeper, 25 Saybolt ave. 

Myers, Mary A., wid, 67 W Liberty st. 

Myers, O. A., 67 W Liberty st. 

Myers, J. F., clerk in tea store, 150 N Buckeye st. 

Myers, J. W. (Elizabeth) travelings salesman, 150 N Buckeye st. 

Myers, Clara E. and John F., 150 N Buckeye st. 

— N— 

Nachtrieb, M. S. (Mary R.) artist, 60 Bealle ave. 

Nachtrieb, Rebecca M., 60 Bealle ave. 

Naftzger, A. W. (Samantha) miller, 140 Pittsburg ave. 

Naftzger, Lloyd and Elmer, 140 Pittsburg ave. 

Naftzger, J. R. (Annie) miller, 172 Pittsburg ave. 

Naftzger, Adella, 172 Pittsburg ave. 

Naftzger, F. A., (Alice) ice dealer, 150 Pittsburg- ave. 

Nalr, Dr. Charles, (Mrs. Dr. Charles) dentist, 45 E Liberty st. 

Neeley, Margaret J., wid, 131 Spink st. 

Neikirk, Rev. S. Ezra, (Lillian) 24 E North st. 

Newell, Ed. (Cora) labr, 28 Woodland ave. 

The Famous Crescent Bicycles, HARDING & CO. 

If you have money to loan call on G. W. SP ANGLER. 

-N- _6i 

Newell, Miss Mary, 32 Woodland ave. 

Newell, Rev. D. A. (Elizabeth) 147 E Bowman st. 

Newell, Emma, 147 E Bowman st. 

Newell, W., wks at Experiment Station, 59 E Liberty st, 

Newkirk, Anna B., widow, 90 W North st. 

Newkirk, Dale, compositor, 90 W North st. 

Newkirk, Linn, compositor, 90 W North st. 

Newkirk, E. W., atty, 50 Bealle ave. 

Newkirk, Mrs. O., wid, 50 Bealle ave. 

Newkirk, Flora, 146 N Bever st. 

Newkirk, George, 146 N Bever st. 

Nice, David, (Alice E.) g-eneral store, 22 E North st. 

Nice, Mabel, cashier, 22 E North st. 

Nice, Walter, 22 E North st. 

Nogg-le, J. W., (Delia) 21 W North st. 

Nog-gle, Hazel and Don C, 21 W North st. 

Nold, Wm., (Fredrica) retired, 83 E Bowman st. 

Nolle, John, (Anna) grocery man, (01 W North st. 

Nolle, Wm., (Amelia) grocer, 41 E North st. 

Nolin, J. B., coal dealer, 28 N Grant st. 

Nolin, C. W., (Grace) bookkeeper, 28 N Grant st. 

Nolin, E. J., drug clerk, 28 N Grant st. 

Nolin, W. M., clerk in restaurant, 28 N Grant st. 

Norton, Catherine, wid, 137 W Liberty st. 

Numbers, Mrs. Sabina, 77 Pittsburg ave. 

Numbers, Kate, 77 Pittsburg ave. 


Oberdusky, John (Elizabeth) teamster, 17 Madison ave. 

Oberdusky, Katie, clerk in grocery, 17 Madison ave. 

Oberdusky, Lillian and Mabel, 17 Madison ave. 

Oberdusky, Charles (Tilla) grocer, E Vine st. 

O'Brien, Andrew, labr, first house on Saybolt ave. 

Odenkirk, H. B., (Lizzie) pianos & organs, developer of petroleum, 

Odenkirk, Howe (Huldah) farmer, 172 E Bowman st. [31 S Bever st. 

Odenkirk, Earl, 172 E Bowman st. 

Ogden, S. W., dairyman, 70 Spruce st. 

Ohliger, L. P. (Emma) banker, 104 N Market st. 

Ohliger, Willard, at college, 105 N Market st. 

Ohliger, Charles (Minnie) teller in bank 184 N Bever st. 

0*Hail. I. E. druggist, boards at Archer House. 

Oldroyd, Mrs. R. T., S3 Spink st. 

Oldroyd, Fanny, 53 Spink st. 

Oliver, Prof. J. B., conservatory of music. 

Oiler, Lowe, domestic, 212 N Market st. 

Oiler, Zetta, 212 N Market st. 

Onest, Jno. (Philomenia) saloon and restaurant, 42 and 44 S Mar- 

Orr, C. G. (May) works in meat market. [ket st. 

Orr, Jane, 96 E Henry st. 

Orr, Mrs. Martha, 10 College ave. 

Teachers are all specialists at the Bixler Business College. 

Baby pictures always good at DAWSON'S. 

62 — O— 

Orr, Gertrude, 10 Colleg-e ave. 

Osborne, Mrs. A. E., 102 S Walnut st. 

Osborne, E. P., photographer, 102 S Walnut st. 

Osborne, Anna D., 102 S Walnut st. 

Ostrander, James, 'bus driver, 15 E Liberty st. 

Oswald, H. M. (Effie) traveling- salesman, 46 Noid ave. 

Oswald, Grace, 46 Nold ave. 

Overholt. J. S. R. (Mariah) retired, 23 Spink st. 

Overs, Roy, 130 N Market st. 

Oyler, Charles (Catherine) drives delivery wagon, 171 E Henry st. 

Oyler, Minnie, domestic, cor Prospect and Hancock sts. 

Qyler, Rebecca, wid, 152 E Henry st. 

Oyler, Hattie, domestic, 14 E Liberty st. 

Pagnanna, Donato, (Libora) 8 Billiard st. 

Palmer, Geo. (Mrs. Geo.) traveling- salesman, cor Bever & Henry 

Palmer, Harry, (Iva) wks at pad shop, 63 S Bever st. 

Palmer, Jacob, (Martha) farmer, 48 Pittsburg ave. 

Palmer, Mrs. E. A., 28 E Larwill st. 

Palmer, Vivian, 28 E Larwill st. 

Palm, Wm., blacksmith, 81 S Walnut st. 

Pardee, Mrs. C. A., 78 Pittsburg ave. 

Parker, Harvey, 46 Bealle ave. [Buckeye st. 

Parkinson, T. H. (Maggie) foreman at Republican office, 106 N 

Parrish, A. M. (Mrs. A. M.) in Cleveland, 158 N Market st. 

Parrish, Miss Maude, 158 N Market st. 

Patton, C. A. (Ida) wks at Experiment Farm, Madison Hill. 

Patton, Wm. (Mrs. Wm.) woodworker, 18 E Bowman st. 

Patton, vSadie, clerk, 18 E Bowman st. 

Paul, Ida, dressmaker, 43 W Liberty st. 

Paulos, Catherine, wid, 145 E Henry st. 

Paulos, Lizzie, wks at brush works",14S E Henry st. 

Paulos, Chas., 145 E Henry st. 

Paulus, Clara, 44 E South st. 

Paulus, Margaret, 44 E South st. 

Pauttiier, E. E., shoe merchant, rms 97 E Liberty st. 

Payne, Luther, (Josephine) blacksmith, colored. Madison ave. 

Pearce, Thomas, (Anna) engineer, 73 Spink st. 

Peckinpaugh, 'Squire P. W.. 154 N Bever st. 

Peckinpaugh, Alice, 154 N Bever st. 

Peckinpaugh, A. B. (Ella W) county auditor, 93 N Buckeye st. 

Peckmpaugh. W. T. (Jessie) cashier in bank. 36 Nold ave. 

Peckinpaugh, Laura, 36 Nold ave. 

Peckinpaugh, Omer (Addie) 37 N Market st. 

Pecht, James W. (Clara) plasterer, Emerich st. 

PeflFer, Ida, 51 S Market st. 

Peffer, Allie, dressmaker, 31 S Buckeye st. 

Peffers, Albert (Mrs. Albert) cab driver, 224 N Grant st. 

Penick, James W. (Edna) compositor, 22 Maiden Lane. 

Clothes Wringers HARDING &. CO. 

SPANGLE!^ has the largest list of properties for sale. 


Penick, John (Fredericka) grocery clerk, 12 Maiden Lane. 
Penick, William and Svlva M., 12 Maiden Lane. 
Peppard, Garrett, labr, 98 W North st. 
Peters, M. J. (Mary T.) granite cutter, 82 Nold ave. 
Peters, H. W. (Mary Ann) works in hospital, Cleveland, 91 S Buck- 
Peters, Zela, 91 S Buckeye st. [eye st. 
Peters, Laura, stenographer, 91 S Buckeye st. 
Pfaff, Mary and Emma, 179 Spink st. 

Pefefferkoin, Theodore (Hermena) piano maker, 12 E South st. 
Pfeiffer, Mrs. Augusta, 102 E Larwill st. 
Pfeiffer, Albert (Viola) labr, 102 E Larwill st. 
Pfeister, Mary, domestic, 104 Nold ave. 
Phelps, James, teamster, 61 W Liberty st. 
Phelps, Harrv R., insurance agt, 43 S Market st. 
Phelps, Frank, 43 S Market st. 
Philps, Lena, 25 S Bever st. 
Philips, Maggie, domestic, 15 E Liberty st. 
Philips, John M. (Susan) miller, Madison Hill. 
Philips, Jessie and Carrie, Madison Hill. 
Pearson, Enos (Ella) wood worker, 12 Madison ave. 
Pillsbury, Mary E., artist, 107 E Liberty sr. 
Pinkerton, E. D. (Elizabeth) drayman, 99 Spink st. 
Pinkerton, James T. (Rachael R.) 136 E Bowman st. 
Pinkerton, Maud M., 136 E Bowman st. 
Pinkerton, Pindle, photographer, 136 E Bowman st. 
Pinkerton, M. Ray (Lula) propr Wooster steam laundry, 124 E 
Pinick, Calvin (Eva J.) barber, 100 N Grant st. [Larwill st. 

Plank, Abram (Laura A.) miller, 67 W Liberty st. 
Plank, Ethel M., music teacher, 67 W Liberty st. 
Plank, L. H. (Anna B.) miller, 197 N Market st. 
Plank, Gertrude B., teacher, 197 N Market st. 
Plank, Bert E., drug- clerk, 197 N Market st. 
Plank, Earl B., clerk, 197 N Market st. 
Plank, Clyde H., 197 N Market st. 
Platter, Mrs. N. J., 84 Bealle ave. 
Platter, Margaret, 84 Bealle ave. 

Plaster, H. H. (Abbie) g-rocery clerk, corW North and Liberty sis. 
Plaster, Earl, wks at brush works, cor W North and Liberty st». 
Plaster, Verna, cor W North and Liberty sts. 
Plumer, Geo., sr., retired, 102 N Buckeye st. 
Plumer, Ralph, 102 N Buckeye st. 

Plumer, Geo. E., jr, dry goods clerk, 102 N Bnckeye st. 
Plumer, Harriet, 102 N Buckeye st. 
Pocock, R. E. (Anna) clerk, 28 N Walnut st. 
Pocock, Nellie, Old Music Hall, Spring- st. 
Pocock, Edna, 77 Nold ave. 

Podlich, Emil (Mary E.) retired, 151 E Liberty st. 
Pollock, Mrs. Jane, 53 E Larwill st. 
Pollock, Mary, 53 E Larwill st. 
Ponler, Mrs. Philemena, 75 Nold ave. 

Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Etc., taught at BIXLER BUSTnESS COLLEGE. 

For High Grade Photographic Enlargetneiits go to DAWSON'S. 


Pope, Mrs. E. M., 87 N Market st. 

Pope, Anna M., music teacher, 87 N Market st. 

Porter, Frank, (^Rolla) harness maker, 18 Blessing ave. 

Porter, Chas. (Lucy) lacer at pad shop, 126 S Buckeye st. 

Pottle, Mrs. Lydia, nurse, 120 Spink st. 

Pottle, Elva, 120 Spink st. 

Poulas, Mrs. Marie, wid, 113 S Bever st. 

Power, Rena, 206 N Walnut st. 

Power, Riley, (Tillie) Wooster street commissioner, 80 E South st 

Power, Chloe and Fern, 80 E South st. 

Power, Sarah, 56 Spruce st. 

Power, James B., dry goods clerk, 12 Spruce st. 

Power, Gertrude, 12 Spruce st. 

Powers, E. O. (Anna) hardware clerk, 135 S Market st. 

Powers, Stanley A. and Sylvia L., 135 S Market st. 

Powers, Miss E. J., 235 N Buckeye st. 

Price, J. D. (Sarah J.) bookkeeper, 22 E Bowman st. 

Price, Clara I., 22 E Bowman st. 

PROCTOR & O'HAIL, druggists, 8 E Liberty st. 

Proctor, Elliott J., (Luella) druggist, 8 E Larwill st. 

Proctor, Rev. J. O. (Elizabeth R.) 65 E Bowman st 

Proctor, John, 65 E Bowman st. 

Proeger, Louisa, 152 E Liberty st 

Proeger, Edward, painter. 152 E Liberty st. 

Proeger, Frank, stenographer, 152 E Liberty st. 

Pryse, Mrs. J., 234 N Bever st. 

Purdy, B. S. (Elizabeth) dry goods clerk, 106 E South st. 

Putnam J. B. (Minnie) distributor of adv matter, 72 W Liberty st. 

Putnam. Wayne, 72 W Liberty st. 

Pyle, Mrs. Rachael, 129 Nold ave. 

Pyle, Allen, 129 Nold ave. 


Qumby, Edward, (Amelia) real estate, 75 L Market st. 

Quinby, J. M. (Elizabeth) 27 Bealle ave. 

Quinby, Geo. W., student, 27 Bealle ave. 

Quinby, Geo. (Regina) 65 S Market st. 

Queer, Mrs. Elizabeth, 85 S Market st. 

Queer, Amanda, 85 S Market st. 

— R— 

Rahl, A. S. (Anna) painter, E Vine st. 

Rahl, James B., E Vine st. 

Rahm, John A. (Gemima L.) retired, 106 S Market st. 

Ralston, Mrs. Isabelle, canvasses, 118 W Larwill st. 

Ramsey, Wm., 63 E Bowman st. 

Ranci, May, domestic, 51 N Bever st. 

Rankin, Chas., carpenter, 150 E Liberty st. 

Rankin. Martin, grocery clerk, 150 E Liberty st. 

Rankin, Elwood, carpenter, 150 E Liberty st. 

Ratigon, Peter (May) lives off of E Henry st. 

Hoes and Garden Rakes, HARDING & CO. 

If you have money to loan, call on SPANGLER. 


Ray, Alice, domestic, 196 N Buckeye st. 

Read, James W. ^EmmaE.) propr Read Hotel, 34 W Liberty st. 

Read, Berton C, stenographer, 34 W Liberty st. 

Read, Edwin (Sarah A ) 43 Pittsburg- ave. 

Read, Alma, 43 Pittsburg- ave. 

Read, Mrs. P. L., vvid, 93 W Larwill st. 

Read, Harry, paper cleaner, 93 W Larwill st. 

Reames, F. L. (Mrs. F. L.) jeweler, 15 E Liberty st. 

Reamer, Mrs. Louisa, wid, 93 S Buckeye st. 

Roardon. Jerry (Helen) fireman, cor Hancock st and Maiden Lane. 

Reaser, Margaret, 137 N Buckeye st. 

Reed, James xVl. (Comfort A.) tinner, 20 Spruce st. 

Reed, Clayton, teacher, 20 Spruce st. 

Reed, Howard A., teacher, 20 Spruce st. 

Reed, Wm. (Sarah) plasterer, 160 N Grant st. 

Reed, Clara, 160 N Grant st. 

Reed, Clem D., 60 E Liberty st. 

Reed, A. D. (Emma) retired, 111 E North st. 

Reed, Andrew, janitor at City Hall, 105 E North st. 

Reed, Miss Maud, 105 E North st. 

Reed, Mrs Ellen, nurse, 71 S Market st. 

Reed, J. W. (Emma J.) labr, 176 W Liberty st. 

Reib, Emma, dressmaker, 48 N Market st. 

Reid, Flora v., wid, milliner, 20 E North st. 

Reid, Nellie V., milliner, 20 E North st. 

Reid, Mabel, mxilliner, 20 E North st. 

Reid. Wm. (Katie) clothing- clerk, 53 E South st. 

Reid, Fred, (Nellie) photog-rapher, 237 N Grant st. 

Reid, Frank E. (Minnie B.) telegraph operator, 89 W Liberty st. 

Reid, Walter, 89 W Liberty st. 

Reid, Geo. W. (Lottie) bookkeeper, 57 N Walnut st. 

Reiman, John K. (Bertha O.) compositor, cor Walnut & South sts. 

Reiman, Andrew, (Orpha I.) eng-ineer court house, 229 N Grant st. 

Reiman, Wm. H., plumber, 229 N Grant st. 

Reimer, Christian, (Cathrine) 171 N Grant st. 

Reimer, Pearl, 171 N Grant st. 

Reimer, Rose, school teacher, 171 N Grant st. ' 

Reits, Mrs. Eva, 61 Bealle ave. 

Reits, Simon, labr, 61 Bealle ave. 

Rhein, Mrs. Linda, 79 E South st. 

Rhein, Leona and Wana, 79 E South st. 

Rhoades, Mrs. Samuel, 159 N Bever st. 

Rhoades, Huston, 159 N Bever st. 

Rhoades, Sherman, labr, 89 Spruce st. 

Rhoades, B. G. (Amanda) mason, 167 N Grant st. 

Rhoades, Samuel, mason, 167 N Grant st. 

Rhoades, Amanda A., 167 N Grant st. 

Rhoades, Louis W., wks at brush works, 92 S Market st. 

Rhoades, Minnie M., wks at brush works, 92 S Market st. 

Rhoades, Rilla A., 92 S Market st. 

No vacations at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

All classes of Photographic Work at DAWSON'S. 

Rhoades, Mary E., dressmaKer. 102 W North st. 

Rhone, Martha, wid, McKenna st. 

Rice, Phillip U. (Edith) gardner, 140 E Bowman st 

Rice, Carrie, 140 E Bowman st. 

Rice, Mrs. Mary, wid, 140 E Bowman st. 

Rice, Rev. C. Manley, (Belle M.) 52 E Henry st. 

Rice, Floyd G., stud'ent, 52 E Henry st. 

Rice, W. E., (Catherine) stationer, 135 E Liberty st. 

Rice, Sadie B., Clerk, 135 E Liberty st. 

Rice, Carrie F., 135 E Liberty st. 

Rice, C. L., cab and bus driver, rms Diamond al. 

Rich, A. J. (Amy) hardware merchant, 52 Bealle ave. 

Rich, James, (Lucy) labr, 71 E South st. 

Richardson, Nora, domestic. 34 N Market st. 

Richards, Mrs. Lizzie, wid, 36 Bealle ave. 

Rickabaugh, Sadie, domestic, 142 N Buckeye st. 

Riffle, Norbert, 20 Palmer st. 

Riffle, Wm. (Catherine) labr, 13 Palmer st. 

Riffle,, meat market, 13 Palmer st. 

Riffle, Ross, (Mollie) stenog-rapher, 83 E North st. 

Roberts, T. Nick, hostler, 71 S Market st. 

Roberts, Ethel D., 78 Pittsburg- ave. 

Roberts, Martin, (Mary) 25 Palmer st. 

Roberts, James, compositor, 25 Palmer st. 

Roberts, Tereca, 25 Palmer st. 

Roberts, Mrs. Margaret, wid, Billiard st. 

Roberts, Thomas, compositor, Billiard st. 

Roberts, Nicholas, dry goods clerk. Billiard st. 

Roberts, Patrick, wks at pad shop, Billiard st. 

Roberts, Margaret, Elizabeth and Martin, Billiard st. 

Roberts, Lizzie E., domestic, 172 N Market st. 

Robertson, John J. (Sarah J.) painter, 108 >^ E Liberty st. 

Robertson, Mary E., 108 >4 E Libertv st. 

Robertson, Chas. (Anna) labr, 30 Hancock st. 

Robertson, James H. (Mary M.) 38 Callahan st. 

Robertson, J. A. (Catherine) painter, 44 Callahan st. 

Robison, Mrs. C. A., 87 W North st. 

Robison, Mrs. J. D., wid, 25 E North st. 

Robison, C E. (Ada) United States Express agt and Amateur 

Photographic Supplies, 22 N Buckeye st. 
Robison, Blanche, 22 N Buckeye st. 

Robison, Walter, traveling salesman, rooms 94 S Market st. 
Robison, W. M., retired soldier, S Market st. 
Robinson, Mrs. M. K., 174 N Buckeye st. 
Rockey, Mrs. Mary, wid, 61 N Market st, 
Rockey, John B. (Mary) farmer, 61 Spruce st. 
Rockey, Mary and Lucile, 61 Spruce st. 
Roesley, J. G. (Mary) labr, 25 Hancock st. 
Roesley, Joseph, 25 Hancock st. 
Rogers, Catherine, 206 N Market st. 

The Famous Wheeler & Wilson. HARDING & CO. 

SPANGLER has the largest list of properties for sale. 

R— 67 

Rog-ers, Catherine, 23 Hancock st. 

Roland, J. H. (Mabel) railroad postal clerk, 11 Bealle ave. 

Rope, Wm. (Anna) labr, Madison Hill. 

Rope, John, Low and Elizabeth, Madison Hill. 

Rose, Frank (Rosa) labr, 32 Callahan st. 

Rose, Amelia, wid, 117 N Grant st. 

Rose. Celia, 117 N Grant st. 

L. C. ROSE, 


A. & P. TEA CO- 


Ivory Soap and Sugar at Refiners' Prices. 
Telephone 268. - - Free Delivery. 

Rose, L. C. (Florence M.) mngr A. & P. Tea Co.'s store, 150 N 

Ross, Samuel (Minnie) fireman, 26 Hancock st. [Buckeye st. 

Ross, Wm. (Rosa) works at coal chute, 51 W Liberty st. 

Roth, Chas (Marae) cabinet maker, 62 N Walnut st. 

Roth, Frank, retired, 96 E Larwill st. 

Roth, Katie, caterer, 96 E Larwill st. 

Rottman, Albert (Nettie) hostler at feed barn, 21 N Buckeye st. 

Rotthaus, Emil (Kate) bakery and g-rocery, 21 W Liberty st. 

Rotthaus, Amelia A., Herman E. and Julius E., 21 W Liberty st. 

Rouch, Mahlou (Marg-aret) atty, 94 Bealle ave. 

Rouch, C. A. (Delia) labr, 115 Spink ave. 

Rouch, A. S. (Hattie L.) nurse, cor Spink and Stibbs sts. 

Rouch, Dallas, cor Spink and Stibbs sts. 

Rouch, Peter (Louisa) restaurant and saloon, 27 E Liberty st. 

Routson, W. A. (Abigail) 27 Spink st. 

Routson, Eliza Z., 27 Spink st. 

Rowland, Cora, domestic, 110 Pittsburg- ave. 

Rowe, Henry A. (Abigail) traveling salesman, 71 Pittsburg ave. 

Rowe, Erma J., 71 Pittsburg ave. 

Rowe, Mrs. Mary, 39 N Bever st. 

Royce, Joseph E., 52 Spruce st. 

Rumbrecht, Fred, (Mary) labr, 30 Callahan st. 

Rumbrecht, Chas. and Glenn, 30 Callahan st. 

Rudy, Albert, woodworker, 35 S Buckeye st. 

Rumbaugh, Lydia M., 23 W Vine. 

Rumbaugh, Minnie E., 23 W Vine st. 

Runkle, J. Frank, (Laura E.) traveling salesman, & propr Noah's 

Ark, 132 N Murket st. 
Runkle, Lester. (Mary) shoemaker, 29 S Buckeye st. 
Runkle, Wm., (Julia Anne) shoemaker, 128 S Buckeye st. 

Graduates of the Bixler Business College quickly employed. 

Sepia Photographic enlargements nnade by DAWSON. 

68 — S— 

Runkle, Sherwood, 128 S Buckeye st. 

Runkle, O. A. (Nettie) brushniaker, W Henry st. 

Russell, J. E. (Mary) shipping clerk, 94 W North st. 

Russell, Frank, wks in rubber worics, ^^kron, 94 W North st. 

Russell, Dorothy Mae, 94 W. North st. 

Russell, John M. (Julia) warehouse clerk, 90 S. Walnut st. 

Russell, E. J., mg-r. B. A. Y., 44 Yv' Liberty st. 

Russell, W. A. (Sarah) retired, 22 Bealle ave. 

Russell, Martha, wks at pad shop, 22Bealle ave. 

Russell, Kittie, preserving- works, 22 Bealle ave. 

Russell, Doll, dressmaker, 22 Beaiie ave. 

Russ, Anthony, (Anna) labr, Madis<»n Hill. 

Rutter, Carey, barber, 29 W Libertv st. 

Ryall, Dr. G. W. (Mrs. G. W.) 62 S Buckeye st. 

Ryland, Laura J., tailoress, W Henry st. 

— S— 

Saal, John, (Mary) meat market, 158 W Liberty st. 

Saal, Geo., clerk in meat market, 158 W Liberty st. 

Saal, Clara and Eva, 158 W Libertv st. 

Saal, Coi-a and Walter, 158 W Liberty st. 

Saal, Jacob L., (Mary A.) clerk in meat market, Northwestern ave. 

Saal, B'rank W., drug clerk. Northwestern ave. 

Saal, Leonard, (Annie) meat market, 160 E Henry st. 

Saal, Emma, dressmaker, 160 E Henry st. 

Saal. Katie, clerk in grocerv, 160 E Henry st. 

Saal, Malinda, 160 E Henry st. 

Sanborn, J. G. (Kate) real estate dealer, 170 N Market st. 

Sanborn, Mary and Martha, 170 N Market st. 

Sandengelo, Antonio (Felimena) Lucas st. 

Sang, Geo. (Lidia) blacksmith. Pearl st. 

Sang, Chas., operator. Pearl st. 

Sang, Hattie and Bertha, Pearl st. 

Soliday, Catharine and Lunettie, 94 E South st. 

Satright, Catharine, 119 S Market st. 

Sauers, H. W. (Mary) clothing merchant, 142 N Market st. 

Saurers, Harry, student, 142 N Market st. 

Saurer, Albert, (Susanna) hardware clerk, 146 W North st. 

Saunders, Wm. , (Mary) hostler, (colored) 121 N Grant st. 

Saundefs, Lottie, 126 W Liberty st. 

Sauvain, Prof. Nelson, 137 Spink st. 

Sauvain, Mrs. Julia, wid, 137 Spink st. 

Saybolt, A., Jr. (Alice M.) traveling salesman, 48 E Larwill st. 

Saybolt. Rebecca, wid, 39 W Larwill st. 

Saybolt, Sue L., 39 W Larwill st. 

Saybolt, Lucy H., school teacher, 39 W Larwill st. 

Schad, John, (Elizabeth) tinner, 70 E Henry st. 

Schad, Mrs. Christena, 127 Nold ave. 

Schad, Harry, wks at pad shop, 127 Nold ave. 

Schad, Annie and Mary, 127 Nold ave. 

Wheeler and Wilson Rotary Motion at HARDING 5c GO'S. 

Do yott want to buy a farm? If so, call on G. W. SPANGLER. 

""" — S— 69 

Schaan, Daniel, (Minnie) butcher, 97 S Walnut st. 

Schaffer, Conrad, labr, 88 W North st. 

Schaffer, Dena, Joseph and Katie, 88 W North st. 

Schaffter, F. (Lena) county recorder, 56 S Walnut st. 

Schaflfter, Lenora, deputy recorder, 56 S Walnut st. 

Schaffter, Wm., shipping clerk, 56 S Walnut st. 

Schieb, Andy (Festira) cooper. Willow st. 

Schttiutz, Geo. S. (Mary C.) job printer, 31 S Walnut st. 

Schmutz, Elmer L., compositor, 31 S Walnut st. 

Schmuck, J. S., furniture dealer, 99 N Bever st. 

Schmuck, Wallace, clerk, 99 N Bever st. 

Schmuck, Nellie, 99 N Bever st. 

Schopb, Mrs. Catherine, 232 Spink st. 

Schopb, Harry, shoemaker, 232 Spink st. 

Schopb. Clara and Walter, 232 Spink st. 

Schopb, Charlie, Will and Mary, 232 Spink st. 

Schrader. Jacob, (Catherine) retired farmer, 114 W Larwill st. 

Schuch, Louisa, 136 N Bever st. 

Schuch, Joe, (Anna) barber. 111 E Larwill st. 

Schuch, Fred, clerk. 111 E Larwill st. 

Schuch, Eveline, dry goods clerk, I'.l E Larwill st. 

Schuch, C. F., (Mary) restaurant and saloon, 136 S Buckeye st. 

Schuch, Henrv. (Clara) bartender, 82 S Buckeye st. 

Schuch, Mrs. Fred, 109 E South st. 

Schuch, Philip, (Ella) labr, 123 Nold ave. 

Schuch, Mrs. Celia, 30 S Bever st. 

Schuch, Odella, stenographer, 30 S Bever st. 

Schultz, J. C. (Sarah) hardware merchant, 32 N Walnut st. 

Schwartz, Geo. J. (Mrs. Geo. J.) propr Wooster brush works, 120 

Schwartz, Geo. F. & Julius F., 120 N Market st. [N Market st. 

Schwoebel, Nicholas, (Mary) restaurant clerk, 22 Prospect st. 

Schwoabel, Ottili and Fred, 22 Prospect st. 

Schwoebel, John, (Louisa) saloon & restaurant, 81 E Eiberty st. 

Schwoebel, Harry and Geo. R., 81 E Liberty st. 

Sclossnagle, Cyrus, (Lydia) clothing clerk, 93 E North st. ^ 

Scobey, A. B. (Minnie) baggage master Ft. Wayne depot, 154 E 

Scobey, Louis, dry goods clerk, 154 E North st. [North st. 

Scobey, Ed., wks in brush works, 154 E North st. 

Scobey, J. C. (Ella) clerk, W Henry st. 

Scott, Robert, carpenter, 47 Gasche st. 

Scott, Charles, plumber, 47 Gasche st. 

Scott, Celia, Leonia and Adelia, 47 Gasche st. 

Scotland, Wm., labr, 84 S Market st. 

Scotland, Ed., 84 S Market st. 

Scovel, Dr. S. F., north end of Bealle ave. 

Scovcl, Elsie, north end of Bealle ave. 

Seacrest, Jacob, (Matilda) painter and paperhanger, 28 N Walnut 

Seby, A. D. (Mrs. A. D.) botanist and chemist, 121 Bealle ave. [st. 

Seeley, Prof. W. J. (Alice) 145 Bealle ave. 

Segner, Robert, (Anna) retired, 137 W North st. 

individual SriStructicns at the Bixier Business College. 

Dawson makes enlarged photos from amateur negatives, see 'em. 


The Kind That Suits. 


Fine Commercial Printing, and 
Job Work of all Kinds. 






% 4, 


\it X 
Hi X 
\fc 1 


\k X 

a/ 1 



BnsiNESs Cards. Ijetter 
Meads, NoxB Hbaus. Bill 
Heai>s. Stcatements. En- 
velopes. Bank Work, In 
viTATiONS. Programmes. 
BLlAnk Receipts,' Cata 
r.o<iUES AND Book Work. 


Note the class of work done 
on this DIRECTORY. 

Some say that SCHMUTZ 
can't do good work. Well, let 
'en say. This worktalks loud- 
than my competitors. 

▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼^▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼^ 








Give me a call and let /i|i 
me estimate on any ffi 
work you may have to (P 
do. W 



PRICES LOW, consider- 
ing the recent ad- 
vance in the cost of 
stock and the quali- 
ty of work. 

Diamond Alley, 

- - - OHIO, 

>^«^WOOSTER, - 

Rotary motion and ball bearing sewing machines Harding & Co. 

G. W. SPANGLER, office in Frick Block, W. Liberty st. 

Segner, Robert, jr, wks at shale works, 137 W North st. 

Seiler, Clara, 3 College ave. 

Seip, Hiram, (Lizzie) labr, 11 Palmer st. 

Sellers, Lambert, (Kate) plasterer, 103 S Market st. 

Sellers, Michael, grocery clerk, 103 S Market st. 

Sellers, Laura, stenographer, 103 S Market st. 

Sellers, Martha, dressmaker, 103 S Market st. 

Semple, E. P. (Cynthia) teacher, 77 Nold ave. 

Semple, Alfred A., 77 Nold ave. 

Senff, P. D. (Clara) drug clerk, 60 W North st. 

Shaffer, Catherine, 85 W North st. 

Shaffer, Mrs. Dora, 138 N Market st. 

Shaffer, Louis, Rebecca st 

Shaffer, James (Louisa) horse trainer, 40 E Bowman st. 

Shaffer, Geo. (Kate) 95 S Bever st. 

Shaffer, Maggie, dressmaker, 95 S Bever st. 

Shaffer, Cora, 10 E South st. 

Shaitip, James A. (Amanda) deputy postmaster, 115 W Liberty 

Shamp, Charles A. (May) polisher, 55 W Liberty st. [st. 

Shamp, Mary C, wid. Northwestern ave. 

Shamp, Maud, school teacher. Northwestern ave. 

Shamp, Mabel, dry goods clerk, Northwestern ave. 

Shamp, Mrs. Margaret, 61 N Bever st. 

Shamp, Silvia and Jennie, 61 N Bever st. 

Shank, Louisa, wid, 28 N Walnut st. 

Shankland, Mollie, 60 E Bowman st. 

Shay, Patrick (Christine) section foreman, 3 Pittsburg ave. 

Shay, Julia, 3 Pittsbui*g ave. 

Shay, Lizzie, domestic, 90 N Market st. 

Shearer, A. W. (Mary) auctioneer, 153 E North st. 

Shehan, Tim (Mary) ditcher, 20 Palmer st. 

Sheehan, Dennis, clerk, 82 W Liberty st. 

Shelhart, Mrs. B. L., 26 E Bowman s'^t. 

Shelhart, J. Virgil, 16 E Bowman st. 

Sherrick, Mrs. Kate, 27 y2 Spink st. 

Shibley, Mrs. A., jewelry merchant, 156 N Buckeye st. 




Optical Work a Specialty. Eyes Tested Free by Graduate Optician. 

Repair Work Promptly Attended to and Guaranteed. 

East Side Public Square, - - WOOSTER, OHIO. 
Time of Enteraiice at BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE, any time. 

Satisfactory Photographs of Yourself made by DAWSON. 


Sherrick, Cora, 37 j/^ Spink st. 

Shepherd, Mrs. Anna P., 1^3 E North st. 

Shibley, .Minnie, 24 W Vine st. 

Shibley, W;n. (Rosa) je'A'elry merchant, 23 E Liberty st. 

Suible\, Gertrude and Editli, 156 N Buckeye st. 

Shibley, Elma and Fred, 15«') N Buckeye st. 

Shibley, Mrs. Mary, 61 Bealle ave. 

Shively, Mrs. C. A., 22 N Buckeye st. 

Slilves. Frank J. (Adah) foreman at Democrat office, 26 E Henry 

Shives, Walter E., 26 E Henry st. 

Shives, Dorothy, 1.70 N Market st. 

Shives, Wm. (Elizabeth) tailor, 28 E Henry st. 

Shives, Robert and Ella, 28 E Henry st. 

Shilling-, S. S. (Allatha) retired, 133 N Market st. 

Shields, Ora M., nurse, 156 E North st. 

Shcilds, Mrs. Sarah L., 156 E North st. 

Sheilds, Mrs. Catherine, -vidow, 34 S Buckeye st. 

Shcilds, Glen, 156 E North st. 

Sheilds, Ella J., teacher, 156 E North st. 

Sheilds, Harriet M., bookkeeper, 156 E North st. 

Shires, John, (Martha) blacksmith, cor S Grant & Mulberry sts. 

Shires, Ola E., cor S Grant & Mulberry sts. 

Shires, David, carpenter, cor S Grant and Mulberry sts. 

Shisler, Martin, hostler, 23 Nold ave. 

Shipley, Mrs. Emma, wid, 173 N Grant st. 

Shipley, Curtis, 173 N Grant st. 

Shipley, Geo. (Caroline) carpenter, Poplar ave. 

Shipley, Nellie, Poplar ave. 

Shipley, Martha, stenographer, Poplar ave. 

Shover, T. N. (Laura) teamster, 89 S Bever st. 

Schrader, Loisa, domestic, Bealle ave. 

Schulf, Mrs, Mary, 27 Hancock st. 

Schuff, Chas. Brakeman, 27 Hancock st. 

Schumaker, S. F. (Elizabeth) retired, 111 E Liberty st. 

Schumaker, Samantha, dry goods clerk. 111 E Liberty st. 

Schumaker, Melissa, 111 E Liberty st. 

Schumaker, Minnie, clerking-. 111 E Liberty st. 

Shupe, Albert (Emma) banker, 108 N Bever st. 

Shupe, Ed. P. and Thos. P., 108 N Bever st. 

Shupf, Walter, labr, cor W North and Walnut sts. 

Shoup, F. M. (Mary) carpenter, 94 Nold ave. 

Shoup, Glen and Flora, 94 Nold ave. 

Sichley, W. H. H. (Mrs. E. A.) propr Bending Works,22 N Grant 

Sichley, O. D., clothing- clerk, 22 N Grant st. [st. 

Sichley, Delpha. 22 N Grant st. 

Sidle, Edward (Estella) shipping clerk at pad works, 121 S Market 

Sidle, Curtis (Aurelia) stock buyer, 71 W Larwill st. [st. 

Sidle, Zella, music teacher, 71 W Larwill st. 

Sidle, Lula, 71 W Larwill st. 

Seigenthaler, Mrs. A. J., 16 E Bowman st. 

High Grade SewingMachines $15.00 at HARDING & CO.'S. 

G. W. Spangler writes the best life iusurauce policy. 


Sigler, Elmer (Bessie) plasterer, Gasche st. 

Sigler, Georg-e (Barbara) labr, E Henry st. 

Sig-ler, A. J. (Anna) plasterer, Bixler ave. 

Sigler, Laura E., Bixler ave. 

Sigler, Jessie, (Jennie) plasterer, 129 N Grant st. 

Sigler, Frank, (Lizzie) plasterer, 159 N Grant st. 

Sigler, James, labr, 159 N Grant st. 

Sigler, Mary, 159 N Grant st. 

Sigler, Nettie, 13 Blessing ave. 

Sigler, Will (Maggie) teamster, 211 Spink st. 

Silver, Mrs. Gertie, dressmaker, 11 E North st. 

Silver, Roy, newsboy, 11 E North st. 

Silver, Mrs. Fanny, wid, 141 E Lib.^rty st. 

Silver, Margarite, millinery, 141 Liberty st. 

Simon, Mrs. Carrie, 230 N Bever st. 

Simon, Alice L., 230 N Bever st. 

Slatzer, Anna, domestic, 53 Bealle ave. 

Sloan, Sarah, wid, 107 E South st. 

Sloan, Walter, (Zula) harnessmaker, 107 E South st. 

Smith, C. D. (Emma) coal dealer, 66 N Market st. 

G. 0. Smith & Son, 

■SSilBest Quality Massillon Coal. 

Hard Coal, Catitiel Coal, Coke, Drain Tile, Lime, Cement. Fire 
Brick, Fire Clay, Sewer Pipe, Chimney Tops, Flue Lining, 
Moving and Transferring. 



Smith, Will M., bookkeeper, 66 N Market st. 
Smith, Charles C, grocery clerk, 66 N Market st. 
Smith, Maud A., 66 F Market st. 
Smith, Edith P., dry goods clerk, 66 N Market st. 
Smith, A. H. (Alice) salesman, Columbus ave. 
Smith, Clara B. and Alonzo C, Columbus ave. 
Smith, Henry, (Catherine) labr, (colored) 17 Stibbs st. 
Smith, Rev. J. Frank, (Mrs. J. F.) 150 N Buckeye st. 
Smith, J. Allen, (Mary) Supt. Electric Works, 183 N Bever st. 
Smith, Steven, (Kate) well driller & pump dealer, E South st. 
Smith, R. J. (Elizabeth) mayor of city and coal dealer, 158 S Buck- 
Smith, Robert H., mail carrier, 158 S Buckeye st. [eye st. 
Smith, Walter, 158 S Buckeye st. 

Smith, Haud, (Emma) paper hanger, 32 S Buckeye st. 
Smith, Rev. G. C, (Retta) 34 Nold ave. 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, 233 N Bever st. 
Smith, Albert and Helen, 233 N Bever st. 

Bixler graduates greatly in demand. 

For first class Photographs, go to DAWSON. 


Smith, Mrs. Andeline, Madison Hill. 

Smith, Elva and Alma, Madison Hill. 

Smith, Boyd, wool buyer, 46 Spruce st. 

Smith, Ora B. and Pearl, 46 Spruce st. 

Smith, Grant and Grace, 46 Spruce st 

Smith, J. W. (Martha) livery and coal dealer, 57 W South st. 

Smith, Wallace H-, fruits, confectionary & ice cream, 57 W South 

Smith, Bessie, 57 W South st. [st. 

Smith, Jno. E. (Mary J.) liveryman, W South st. 

Smi;h, Andrew, wks in livery barn, W South st. 

Smith, Margaret & Nellie, W South st. 

Smith, Cora M., dry goods clerk, W South st. 

Smith, Margaret, wid, W South st. 

Smith, Flossie, W South st. 

Smith, N. J. (Marie) carpenter, 56 N Grant st. 

Smith, Vernon, earpenter, 56 N Grant st. 

Smith, Cornelius, (Elizabeth) retired, 35 N Walnut st. 

Smith, J. V. (Laura) blacksmith, 81 S Walnut st. 

Smith, Charles, 81 S Walnut st. 

Smith, D. C. (Ellen) 121 S Grant st. 

Smith, Mrs. John A., wid, 195 W Liberty st. 

Smith, Mrs. Angeline R., 82 E South st. 

Smith, J. W. (Marv E.) paver, 159 N Market st. 

Smith, Charles E., 'paver, 159 N Market st. 

Smith, Odessa, 159 N Market st, 

Smith, Mrs. Anna, boarding house, 212 N Market st. 

Smith, Ella and Edna, 20 N Buckeye st. 

Smith, Mrs. Josephine, 10 College ave. 

Smith, Alice, teacher, 10 College ave. 

Smith, Richard H., retired millwright, 2 McDonald st. [st. 

Smith, Harry R. (Ella B.) atty & G. M. W. & A. R. R., 2 McDonald 

Smetzer, H. L. (Mary) engineer electric light works, 48 High st. 

Smyser, M. L. (Alicea) atty, 122 W Liberty st. 

Smyser, Mary A., 122 W Liberty st. 

Suavely, Fred, tailor, cor S Bever and Henry sts. 

Snavely, Ed. (Elizabeth) barber, 32 Nold ave. 

Snell, H. S. (Laura) traveling salesman, 45 S Walnut st. 

Snook, W. H. (Emma T.) blacksmith, 82 W Liberty st. 

Snook, Winnie L., 82 W. Liberty st. 

Snyder, W. P. (Anna) horse dealer, 137 E North st. 

Snyder, Miles, 137 E North st. 

Snyder, J. E. (Maud E.) atty, 99 N Buckeye st. 

Snyder, Margaret, 79 S Buckeye st. 

Snyder, Frank, 79 S Buckeye st. 

Snyder, Elizabeth, 92 S Buckeye st. 

Snyder, Jacob, (Ella) retired, Madison Hill. 

Snyder, Stella and Mabel, Madison Hill. 

Snyder, D. J. (Mary R.) retired, Madison Hill. 

Snyder, M. L. (Carrie) grocer, Madison Hill. 

Snyder, Edgar W., student, Madison Hill. 

Ball Bearing Sewing Machines at HARDING & GO'S. 

Spangler will sell you a home, if you see him. 

_____ _ 

Snyder, Mrs. Joseph, Madison Hill. 

Snyder, Wilmot, (Alice) engineer, 100 W Larwill st. 

Snyder, A. E., (Cora A.) painter and decorater, 240 N Grant st. 

Snyder, Elizabeth, 75 W Larwill st. 

Snyder, Andrew, (Minnie) machinist, Northwestern ave. 

Snyder, R. B. (Lucy) wks at grain elevator, 5 Bealle ave. 

Snyder, Henry (Rebecca) horse buyer, 156 E Bowman st. 

Snyder, Sarah L., 156 E Bowman st. 

Soramers, Elizabeth, wid, 30 Walnut st. 

Sparr, Mrs. Kate, 54 S Market st. 

Sparr, Bert. (Anna) labr, 54 S Market st. 

Spangler, Geo. W. (M CeVilla) real estate & loans. 109 N Market 

Spaid, A. (Wilma) machinist, 136 Nold ave. [st. 

Spear, Elmer, (Minnie) labr, 63 Pittsburg ave. 

Spear, W. W. (Anna M.) retired, 86 W Liberty st. 

Spells, Terasa, wks at Hoover Cottage. 

Spiker, B. B., (Mrs. L J.) painter, 19 Stibbs st. 

Spink, Emma, dressmaker, 119 Spink st. 

Spooner, M. L. (Ella) atty and abstractor, 110 E Larwill st. 

M. L. Spooner, 


S. E. Square, = = Wooster, Ohio. 

spooner, Geo. with 2nd U. S. Cavalry, Santa Clara, Cuba, 110 E 

Larwill st. 
Sprague, Miss Anna J., dry goods clerk, 33 W Liberty st. 
Sprague, Miss Martha 33 W Liberty st. 
Sreeves, Daniel, (Alice) teamster, 180 E Bowman st. 
Sreeves, Sadie, 180 E Bowmaa st. 
Stark, Geo. (Barbara) labr, 132 Nold ave. 
Stark, Emma, wks at pad shop, 132 Nold ave. 
Stark, Celia, 132 Nold ave. 
Stark, Mrs. Mary, 36 N Bever st. 
Stair, John H. (Bilinda) labr, 99 E. Henry st. 
Stair, Wm., 99 E Henry st. 
Stanley, Anna, old music hall end of Spring et. 
Stanford, Mrs. I., 23 Cushmanst. 
Staver, Calvin, 119 W Larwill st. 
Stevic, Ed. (Jennie) carpenter, 40 Callowhill st. 
Stevic, Lea, wid, 9 Columbus ave. 
Stevens, Catherine, housekeeper, 169 N Market st. 
Stevens, Jno. (Arminta) retired, 68 W Liberty st. 
Stevens, Ulysses, meat market, 68 W Liberty st. 

Positions practically sure, after graduating at the B. B. C. 

Baby pictures always good at DAWSON'S. 

76 — S— 


38 East Liberty Street. \i/ 28 West Liberty Street. 


•PHONE 109. /JV 

•PHONE 235. 


The Old Reliable Butchers. Choice Meats of all 
Kinds. Clean Neat and up-to-date. 

Stevens, Thomas, meat market, 68 W Liberty st 

Stevens, Lillie and Daisy, 68 W Liberty st. 

Stevens, Mrs. Anna E., 66 W Liberty st. 

Stevens, Ida A., 66 W Liberty st. 

Stevens, W. A. (Alice) harness mfr, 145 W North st. 

Stevens, Nettie, 145 W North st. 

Stevens, Jno., jr, (Marg-aret) retired, N Grant st. 

Stevens, Flora, dressmaker, N Grant st. 

Stevens, David, (Lucinda) butcher, 10 Colnmbus ave. 

Steinmetz, C. W. (Lillie) railroading-, 106 S Walnut st. 

Steinmetz, C. O. and Cloyd V., 106 S Walnut st. 

Steinraetz, Cyrus, (Anna A.) labr, 47 Palmer st. 

Stender, Johanna, domestic, 13 Bealle ave. 

Stewart, Jane, domestic, 64 W South st, 

Stillson, H. J. (Elsie) mgr Postal Teleg-raph office, 47E South st. 

Stahl, Dr. J. V. (Jennie) dentist, 106 W Liberty st. 

Stoll, Dr. J. H. (Mrs. I. H.) 119 Bealle ave. 

StoU, Elmer E. and Harry J., 119 Bealle ave. 

Stoner, David, (Jeanetta) propr china store, 43 S Grant st. 

Stoner, Blanche, 43 S Grant st. 

Strauss, James, (Mary) 127 N Grant st. 

Strauss, James, jr, (Emma) labr, 116 N Grant st. 

Straub, Maria A., 36 S Market st. 

Straub, Louisa, deputy clerk of court, 36 S Market st. 

Straub, Theodore, (Lydia) wks on wreck train, 163 E Heurv st. 

Straub, Charles, 163 E Henry st. 

Strain, Mary, domestic, colored, 58 N Market st. 

Strayer, Levi, (Rose) Cebecca st. 

Strayer, John and Gertie, Rebecca st. 

Strow, Perry, (Mrs. E. M.) carpenter, 94 N Buckeye st. 

Streby, Edward, (Leona) teamster, 84 E South st. 

Strong-, H. L. (Lottie B.) piano tuner, 239 N Bever st. 

Stuller, Daniel, liveryman, bds at Yoder House. 

Stuller, Mathew, (^ary) fish dealer, 80 W Liberty st. 

Stull, James, labr, 53 S Grant st. 

Stull, Geo. W. (Martha) labr, 53 S Grant st. 

Stull, Lulu and Lloyd, 53 S Grant st. 

Sewing Machines, $15.00 and $17.00 at HARDING & GO'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Real Estate, Loans & Insurance. 


Suit, Frank, reporter on Evening- Journal, 63 E Liberty st. 
Sullivan, Joseph, (Etta) barber, 18 Pittsburg ave. 
Sullivan, Daniel, retired, 18 Pittsburg ave. 
Sunday, John, (Elizabeth) Madison ave. 
Sundav, Laura and Anna, Madison ave. 
Swartz, H. E., (Lizzie) painter, 99 W North st. 
Sw^artz, Lizzie, dressmaker, 99 W North st. 
Swartz, Jacob P. (Mary M.) eng-ineer, 166 W North st. 
Swartz, John and Daisy, 166 W North st. 

Swartz, Bert, (Daisy) drives furniture wagon, 39 N Bever st. 
Swartz, Cyrus, (Sarah) retired, 127 W Larwill st. 
Swartz, Edward, dry goods clerk, 127 W Larwill st. 
Swartz, Mary, 127 W Larwill st. 
Swartz, H. B. (Martha) atty, 104 N Bever st. 
Swartz, Mary, teacher, 104 N Bever st. 
Swartz, Wayne and Paul, 104 N Bever st. 

Swartz, Samuel, (Sallie D.) collector, for the Wooster Daily Re- 
publican, 16 E Spring St. 
Swartz, Samuel D., clerks at news depot, 16 E. Spring st. 
Swank, John, (Susan) wks on wreck train, 10 Billman st. 
Swank, Harry and Rudy, 10 Billman st. 

Swasson, Mrs. Emma, wid, Columbus ave. [Larwill st. 

Sweeny, Johnson R., (Edith) mgr of Coach & Pad works, 24 K 
Sweeny, Squire R. C, (Hannah B.) 172 N Market st. 
Sweeny, J. W., clothing clerk, 172 N Market st. 
Sweeny, Frank, (Clementine) wks at pad shop, 117 S Buckeye st, 
Swier, Daniel, (Ellen) blachsmith, 19 McDonald st. 
Swier, Mary and Thomas, 19 McDonald st. 
Swier, Mary, domestic, 60 Bealle ave. 
Swinehart, 1. F. (Daisy) milk dealer, 84 S Buckeye st. 
Switzer, Maggie, domestic, 57 Bealle ave. 
Syphert, Edwin, (Emily) dry goods clerk, 99 S Bever st. 

— T— 

Taggart, Grant, (Mrs. Grant) flour and feed store, 108 E South st. 

Taggart, Blanche 23 S Buckeye st. 

Taggart, W. A., hardware clerk, 23 E Buckeye st. 

Taggart, W. W., E Bowman st. 

Taggart, Clementine, E Bowman st. 

Taggart. Frank (Lizzie) attorney, 160 E Bowman st. 

Taggart, Margaret, 160 E Bowman st. 

Taggart, R. C. (Jennie M.) labr, Northwestern ave. 

Taggart, Edo, labr. Northwestern ave. 

Talbot, Mrs. Catharine, 85 N Bever st. 

Talbot, John C. (Clara B.) agent for E. Quinby, Jr., 85 N Bever st. 

Talvatie, Luci (Mary) labr, 11 Palmer st. 

Tanner, Mary, wks at Clapper's, 59 W South st. 

Tanner, Thomas W. (Ella) wks on wreck train, 20 Prospect st. 

Tawney, C. M. (Isadore) clerks in Book Store, 137 W Liperty st. 

Tawney, Mary E. and Florence A., 137 W Liberty st. 

Preparation at B. B. C means beginning at success. 

For High Grade Photographic Enlargemen^SOtoDAWSON. 

^ " ^— 

Thompson. Eli (Maria) retired, 75 High st. 
Thompson; John (Martha) 37 bpink-t 

Thorn" , Bert, mngr green house. Madison HiU. 
Thorne, Bessie, M^-^'**"" ™;.. ,,4 Pittsburg ave. 

"^^^C. TIECHE, 

His Plumbing, steam, Water 
Ui m, and Hot Air Heating. 

wHJBJ^ Slate. Steel and Tin Rooting, 

^^^^y ipHONE 124^ WOOSTER, OHIO. 

Have you a house to rent? List it with SPANGLER. 


Tieche, Emanuel, plumber, 210 Spink st. 

Tieche, Emmet and Ralph, 210 Spink st. 

Tieffenthaler, B. F. (Catherine) contractor. 181 N Bever st. 

Tobias, Mrs. N. E. C, 164 E North st. 

Tobias, O. A., machinist, 164 E North st. 

Tobias, E. C, tinner, 164 E North st. 

Todd, Dr. J. H. (Ophelia) 150 W Liberty st. 

Todd, Jamee, student, 150 W Liberty st. 

Totten, Nancy, 63 E Bowman st. 

Trapes, John (Clara) clothing- clerk, 157 S Bever st. 

Trapes, Lloyd, works at Akron, 157 S Bever st. 

Treece, Job (Anna) carpenter, 6 McDonald st. 

Treece, Mabel, 6 McDonald st. 

Treece, Albert (Clara) works at pad shop. Northwestern ave. 

Trenholm, Mrs. G. B., matron at Westminster Home. 

Troutman, Theodore, wks on railroad, 121 Pittsburg- ave. 

Trunk, A. M. (Charlotte) carpenter, 79 Nold ave. 

Trunk, Cora B. and Ada L , 79 Nold ave. 

Turner, Ephraim, rooms s e cor pub sq. 

Tuttle, Jessie, 62 S Walnut st. 

Tuttle, Lola. 119 S Market st. 

Tyler, W. D. (Melissa F.) g-rain merchant, 58 N Market st. 

Tyler, Walter W. and Frick J., 68 N Market st. 

Tyler, L. C. (Odessa) traveling salesman, 164 W Liberty st. 

— u— 

Udell, Earnest, surveyor, 61 W Liberty st. 
linger,, William, (Christina) brush maker, 115 E North st. 
Unger, Gust, wks at brush works, 115 E North st. 
Unger, Charles, wks at brush works, 115 E North at. 
Unger, Emma and Anna, 115 E North st. 

— V— 

Van Nest, J. P. (Mary E.) insurance agent, 124 W Liberty st. 
Van Nest, Maud M., Charles W., and Mable H., 124 W Liberty st. 
Van Nest, M. M., (Amanda) saddler, 5 Columbus ave. 
Van Meter, W. C, mail carrier, 129 S Buckeye st. 
Van Meter, Archie and Curtis, 129 S Buckes'e st. 



^|[ CARPET LAYER .... 


Couches, Parlor Suits, Chairs and Matresses 
Made to Order. 

Carpet Laying a Specialty. Old Furniture Repaired. 

5,000 sq. ft. flooring at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE 

AM Classes of Photographic Work at DAWSON'S. 

80 — V— 

Van Meter, Elizabeth, wid, 129 S Buckeye st. 

Van Meter, Hanna, 57 S Market st. 

Vaug-hn. Charles J., student, 89 W Liberty st. 

Vitaro, Larenzo, labr, il Palmer st. 

Vitaro, Gii-nuz, labr, 11 Palmer ave. 

Vitaro, Domenico, labr, 11 Palmer st. 

Vivis, Albert, upholstering- and repairing, 52 S Market st. 

Vollrath, Mrs. L. M., 55 Bealle ave. 

Vollrath, Gertrude, 55 Bealle ave. 

— w— 

Wacker, .1. H. (Emma) coal dealer, 189 E Henry st. 

Wacker, Clarance, 189 E Henry st. 

Wacker, Wm. (Ida) coal dealer, 85 E Liberty st. 

Warfel, John A. (Callie) paper hanger & painter, 3 McConald st. 

Warfel, James, (Sadie) white\^»asher, 212 N Grant st. 

Warfel, Chas, Alice and Florence, 212 N Grant st. 

Warfel, John C, (Mary Ellen) labr, 17 McDonald st. 

Warfel, Daniel, (Sarah) labr, Northwestern ave. 

Warfel. V/ill, labr. Northwestern ave. 

Wagner, Solomon, (Sadie) wks at Creston, 20 Vine st. 

Walcer, Huldrick, 61 W Liberty st. 

Walling, Bessie, 15 E Larwill st. 

Walling, Effie, 15 E Larwill st. 

Walter, A. H. (Lazetta) stock dealer, 63 W Larwill st. 

Walter, Lilly, domestic, 55 W North st. 

Walter, Geo., soap peddler, Emrich st. 

Walter, Amos, (Sarah A.) retired, 110 Pittsburg ave. 

Walter. John W., stock dealer, 110 Pittsburg ave. 

Walter, W. H. (Adeline) labr, 77 E South st. 

Walter, Orpha, 77 E South st. 

Walter, Kittie, domestic, 56 W North st. 

Walter, Mary, 60 E Larwill st. 

Walter, Lizzie, 61 Spruce st. 

Ward, Mrs. L. B., 109 Spink st. 

Warner, Dr. C. J. (Mary N.) 61 W North st. 

Warner, Blanche, cook at Yoder House. 

Warner, Ray, 53 N Market st. 

Warner, John A. (Alice M.) works on railroad, 142 S Bever at. 

Warner, Lillian G., 142 S Bevlr st. 

Warner, Jennie, teacher, 55 W North st. 

Warner, Daisy, teacher, 55 W North st. 

Warner, Jesse R., grocery clerk, 55 W North st. 

Warner, Mary A., 206 N Grant st. 

Warner, Delia and Iva, 206 N Grant st. 

Warren, Dr. R. N. (Maria) 19 and 21 E North st. 

Warren, Arietta, teacher, 19 and 21 E North st. 

Warren, Walter, Lucy and Bertha, 19 and 21 E North st. 

Weatherspoon, Albert, 'bus driver, cor Buckeye and E North sts. 

Watt, Miss C. H ., 222 Spink st. 

Linoleum for floors at HARDING & GO'S. 

If you have money to loan call on G. W. SPANGLER. 

Wetherbee, Orang-e, harness maker, 15 E Liberty st. 
Weaver, David, wks on wreck train, 111 E South st. 
Weaver, Earl and Maud, 111 E South st. 
Weaver, Wm. C. (Mary) machinist, 140 S Buckeye st. 
Weaver, Francis, chief operator of telephone exchange, 140 S 
Weaver, Wesley, Harry and Wm., 140 S Buckeye st. [Buckeye st. 
Webb, Mary, Leroy st. 
Webb, Belle, Madison ave. 
V/ebb, Geo. (Delia) carpenter, 13 Stibbs st. 
Webb, Pearl and Wellington, 13 Stibbs st. 
Webb, Geo. Mason, 13 Stibbs st 
Weber, Chas. (Clara) bookkeeper, 30 N AValnut st. 
Weber, Albert, 30 N Walnut st. 
Weber, Wilson, labr, 18 S Market st. 
Webster, Mrs. M. C, 172 N Market st. 

Webster, Martha A., music teacher of public schools, 172 N Mar- 
Webster, J. R. (Hattie) architect, 183 N Buckeye st. [ket st. 
Webster, Prof. F. M. (Mrs. A.) entomologist, cor E Bowman and 
Webster, Carrie, cor E Bowman and Buckeye sts. (Buckeye sts. 
Weimer & Gerstetislager, mfr high grade buggies, Marshallville, 
V/eimer, Lena, domestic, 49 W North st. (Ohio. 
Weimer, Maggie, 59 E Liberty st. 
Weimer, Lena, domestic, 90 N Market st. 
Weiser, C. A. (Melinda) atty, 75 Pittsburg ave. 
Weiser, John and Forest, 75 Pittsburg ave. 
Welker, Martin (Flora U.) retired U. S. judge, 31 Bealle ave. 

Wells, Nelson, retired, W Spring st. 

Welsh, Mrs. S. B., 233 N Buckeye st. 

Welsh, E. Bergett, 233 N Buckeye st. 

Welty, Cary (Marv A.) mechanic ex. sta., 109 Spink st. 

Welty, Estella and John D., 109 Spink st. 

Wepler, Chas. (Emma) bartender, E South st. 

Wepler, Jacob (Christina) retired, 45 N Beeer st. 

Wepler, Mary and Alice, 45 N Bever st. 

Wertz, Harry (Anna) works at coal chute, 39 Spruce st. 

Welting, Mrs. Catherine, 157 E Henry st. 

Weygandt, W. E. (Cora) prosecuting atty, 67 W Larwill st. 

White, Carlos E. (Eudora) retired fireman, 34 N Grant st. 

White, Rebecca H., 59 W North st. 

Whitford, Mrs. H. M., 16 College ave. 

Whilcob, Lucile, domestic, 109 N Market st. 

Whittier, F. C. (Harriet) compositor, 143 Spink st. 

Whittier, Grace and May, 143 Spink st. 

Whitaker, Walter (Catherine) traveling salesman, 150 E North st. 

Whitcom, Albert, hotel clerk, 43 S Market st. 

Whitmore, Mrs. E. M., 55 S Walnut st. 

Whitmore, Anna, Sue and Etta, 55 S Walnut st. 

Whitmore, Sara, teacher, 55 S Walnut st. 

Wickert, Bessie, 72 Bealle ave. 

Wiggins, F. S. (Emma) carpenter, 95 N Grant st. 

Bixler Business College in session 14 years without vacation. 

For the best photographic work goto DAWSON. 

82 — W— 

Winkler, W. J., horse buyer and seller, Orrville, O. 

Wild, C. L. (Izetta) student. 329 Spink st. 

Wilderson, Elmer, (Bertha) g-ranite cutter, 134 E South st. 

Wile, H. C. (Sarah) propr Eastern House, 63 E Liberty st. 

Wile, Delia and Marie, 63 E Liberty st. 

Wile, M. W. (Ida) horse dealer, 33 Nold ave. 

Wile, B. F., retired, 33 Nold ave. 

Wiles, Dora, wks at Hoover Cottage. 

Wiler, P. H., wid, 129 S Market st. 

Wiler, W. H. (Mary) shoe merchant, 94 S Market st. 

Wiler, Zella and Chas., 94 S Market st. 

Wiley, Col. A. (Emma) 56 Spruce st. 

Wiley, Ada, 56 Spruce st. 

Wilhelm, J. H. (Celia) painter, 237 Spink st. 

Wilhelm, Irvin K., 237 Spink st. 

Wilhelm, Chas. (Donald) 149 Spink st. 

Wilhelm, Jessie, (Jennie) city fireman, 95 E Liberty st. 

Wilhelm, John, (Rachel A.) agent, 29 Bealle ave. 

Wilhelm, Birdie, 29 Bealle ave. 

Wilhelm, T. D., real estate, 28 Bealle ave. 

Wilhelm, Rev. M. L. (Mrs. M. L.) 125 Bealle ave. 

Wilhelm, Lottie, music teacher, 125 Bealle ave. 

Wilhelm, Belle and Victor, 125 Bealle ave. 

Williams, Lewis, 19 Stibbs st, 

Willaman, Lee, rms 19 W Liberty st. 

Willaman, E. P. grain merchant, bds at Yoder House. 

Williams, Chas., labr, 32 Woodland ave. 

Wilson, J. W. (Mrs. C. J.) retired fireman, 114 E Larwill st. 

Wilson, Mabel A., 114 E Larwill st. 

Wilson, W. A., druggist, 96 W. Liberty st. 

~ W. A. WILSON, 

No. 6 West Liberty St. WOOSTER, OHIO. 

Pure Drugs, Mecicines, 

Stationery, Toilet and Fancy Goods, and all Druggists' Sundries. 
Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. 

Wilson, John (Libbie) suptof Shale brickworks, 182 E Bowman st. 

Wilson, Solon (Kate) city fireman, 12 Bealle ave. 

Wilson, Chas. A. and Albert, 12 Bealle ave. 

Wilson, Helen, wid, 116 S Buckeye st. 

Wilson, Orrin (Martha) barber, 116 S Buckeye st. 

Wilson, S. E. (Jennie) works on railroad, 111 Nold ave. 

Table Oil Cloth at HARDING & GO'S. 

SPANG LER has the largest list of properties for sale. 

-W— 83 

Wilson, Mrs. Anna, 1 Callahan st. 

Wilson, Wm., labr, 1 Callahan st. 

Weeimer, O. P„ student, 40 W Liberty st. 

Winey, Henry (Eliza) shipping- clerk, 87 E North st. 

Winger, John (Eliza) painter, 119 S Market st. 

Wintersteiti, Viola, dressmaker, 75 W North st. 

Wise, Mrs. Mary A., wid, 15 Pittsburg ave. 

Wisner, Will (Mrs. Will) farmer, Pittsburg- ave. 

Wisner, J. T. (Eliza) dentist, 27 N Walnut st. 

Witwer, Chas. (Gertrude) telegraph operator, 44 E South st. 

Wolflfe, Geo. (Martha) bricklayer, ,134 W North st. 

Wolffe. Henry 134 W North st. 

Woodland, Wm. (Mary A.) mason, Woodland ave. 

Woodland, Willis E., Woodland ave. 

Woolman, W. (Helen) whitewasher, 93 S Walnut st. 

Woolman, Harry and Bessie, 93 S Walnut st. 

Woods, Mrs. Anna, 59 E Liberty st. 

Woodsworth, Mrs. J. R., 149 N Buckeye st. 

Wooster Electric Co., E Liberty st. 

JAS. MULLINS. Pres TUq U/nncfflr Clflntrln Pn C. a. McOONALD.Sec. 

J- B. TAYLOR, V. Pres. I |!C TlUUdlCl LIGilUIll UUll C. V. HARD, Treas, 

W. J. MULLINS, Mer. 

Manufacturers of Electric Current for ALL purposes. Arc or incandescent 
lig-hting on the flat rate or meter basis, 

No Dirt, No Care, No Leaks, 

No Danger, No Smoke, No Odor. 


Residence lighting solicited, distance from plant does not impair service. 
Estimates on expense promptly furnished. Best, cheapest and most conven- 
ient means of illumination in the world. Best plant in Ohio. Best of service. 

Wooster Telephone Exchange, E Liberty st. 
Wright, W. B. (Bertha) traveling- salesman, 20 Bealle ave. 
Wright, John D. (Mary) supervisor on railroad, 106 Spink st. 
Wyre, C. S. (Lula) railroad postal clerk, 54 High st. 

— Y— 

Yarnell, Perry, (Cevilla) hay baler, 75 W Larwill st. 

Yarnell, May, 79 W Larwill st. 

Yarman, Jno, F. (Esther M.) labr, 148 Pittsburg ave. 

Yarman, Noble S., clerk, 148 Pittsburg ave. 

Yates, Delia, domestic, 27 S Bever st. 

Yeager, Lovinius, (Addie) 202 Spink st. 

Yeager, Howard, Hope and Herschell, 202 Spink st. 

Yingling, Mrs. Hannah, 111 E Larwill st. 

Yinkey, Charles, (Mrs. Chas.) traveling salesman, 33 Nold ave. 

Yinkey, Mamie, 33 Nold ave. 

Yocum, Louis E. (Mary) 153 N Bever st. 

Yocum, Edith and James, 153 N Bever st. 

Call and see the Bixler Business College and the methods used. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 

84 -Y- 


^ti OFFICKRS: «»> 

til f^ 

JJ GEO. ADAMS, President. if^ 

<* FRANK L. BEAM, Vice President JJJ 
\ii B. C. SILL, Secretary. ?f> 

^ J. E. KOCH, Jr., Treasurer. % 

^ DwiGHT E. SAPP, Counsel. * Oui" Telephone Service is made 

^ M. M. HERRON, Gen. Manager. fj\ ^s useful and Valuable as 

*^^:5^a:^:-3^5:^T8*^:^^a^:r5^5;#' possible. 

Exchange Office, D. Nice Block, 

3rd Floor. 

Yocum, Lewella, wid, 34 Bealle ave. 

Yocum, C. M. (Mrs. C. M.) atty, cor Vine and Spruce sts. 

Yoctim, Dr. L. A. (Mrs. L. A.) 126 W Liberty st. 

Yoder, Mrs. Mary M., late of Yoder Hotel, 18 E North st. 

Yoder, W. W. (Delia) late of Yoder Hotel, 18 E North st. 

Yost, W. C. (Jessie) atty & Supt. of Preserving- works, 62 W 

South St. 
Young-, Josephine, cook at Archer House, colored. 
Young, Wm. (Olive) janitor of Court House, 136 W Larwill st. 
Young, Mar}', dressmaker, 35 N Walnut st. 
Young. Miss Elma, 8 W Liberty st. 
Young, Mrs. Margaret, 20 Prospect st. 
Young, Geo., saloon & restaurant, 28 Bealle ave. 
Young-, Harry, shoe clerk, 28 Bealle ave. 
Young, Pearl, wks at pad shop, 28 Bealle ave. 
Young, Nellie and John, 28 Bealle ave. 
Young-, Ella S., wid, 10 Columbus ave. 
Young, Mrs. Louis, wid, 136 N Bever st. 
Voting, Edward, propr of bottling works, 77 N Bever st. 
Young, Amelia, dry goods clerk, 77 N Bever st. 
Young, Katie & Annie, 77 N Bever st. 
Young, Fred, bartender, 142 S Buckeye st. 

Crescent Bicycles at HARDING & CO. 

Do you want buy a farm? If so, call on G. W. SPANGLER. 


Young-, Will, labr, 142 S Buckeye st. 

Young-, Winnie, 142 S Buckeye st. 

Young, Fred J., clerk, 142 S Buckeye st. 

Young, Charles, clerk, 76 S Buckeye st. 

Young-, Mrs. Dora, wid, 124 Spink st. 

Yonng-, Mrs. Wm., 105 E South st. 

Young-, Philip, (Ella) labr, 146 Pittsburg ave. 

Young-, Daisy, wks at pad shop, 146 Pittsburg- ave. 

Young-, Bessie, 146 Pittsburg ave. 

Young-, C. S. (Carrie) flagman, 146 Pittsburg ave. 

— z— 

Zariug, Chas. (Mrs. Chas.) propr Nation Hotel, 61 W Liberty st. 

Zaring, Mrs. Mary, wid, Saybolt ave. 

Zaring, Cora, Saybolt ave. 

Zaring, Dora, school teacher, Saybolt ave. 

Zarle, Daniel, compositor, Saybolt ave. 

Zarle, Fred, tailor, 106 S Bever st. 

Zarle, Mary, 71 E Liberty st. 

Zarlingo, Serfino (Lucy) fruit stand, Lucas st. 

Zarlingo, Emidio (Louisa) Lucas st. 

Zarlingo, Celia, Lucas st. 

Zarlingo, Tony (Mary) fruit stand, Rebecca st. 

Zarlingo, Ben (Amelia) fruit store, Rebecca st. 

Zerbuchen, Mrs. Anna, wid, 239 N Market st. 

Zeigler, Lizzie, domestic, cor W North and Walnut sts. 

Zeigler, Art (Mrs. Art) Pittsburg ave. 

Zeigler, Wash. (Mrs. Wash.) Pittsburg ave. 

Zigler, H. H. (Ella) traveling salesman, 169 N Buckeye st. 

Zimmerman, Mrs. John, wid, 13 Bealle ave. 

Zimmerman, F. H., stenographer, 13 Bealle avenue. 

Zimmermati, J. R. (Mary E. C.) wholesale and detail drugs and 

groceries, 56 S Buckeye st. 
Zimmerman, John C, bookkeeper, 56 S Buckeye st. 

20 reasons in one — it pays to attend the Bixler Business Col. 

For the best Photographic work goto DAWSON'S. 



University of Wooster 



Holden, Louis Edward, President, 133 Bealle ave. 
Scovel, Sylvester F., ex-President, 133 Bealle ave. 
Kirkwood, S. J., prof, 53 College ave. 
Notestein, J. O., prof, Bloomington. 
Bennett, W. Z., prof, 163 Bealle ave. 
Compton, Elias, prof, 46 Colleg-e ave. 
Black, John G. prof, Blooming^ton. 
Mateer, Horace N., prof, 66 E Bowman. 
Boyd, John C, prof, 12 Colleg-e ave. 
Seelye, William J, prof, 145 Bealle ave. 
Pendleton, Miss E. M., prof, 96 Bealle ave. 
Behoteguy, H. G., prof, 141 Bealle ave. 
MacDonald, Mrs. C. A., prof, 73 Bealle ave. 
Gingrich, Miss Gertrude, prof, 193 E Bowman st. 
Dickason, J. H., prof, Bloomington. 
Oliver, J. Byron, prof, 66 Bealle ave. 
Durstine, Miss Claribel, prof. 137 Bealle ave. 
Patterson, J. Bruce, prof, N Bever st. 
Sauvain, Nelson, prof, 137 Spink st. 
Glenn, Mary T., prof, Bloomington. 
Schwartz, George F., prof, N Market st. 
Krans, Horatio S., prof, E Bowman st. 
Johnston, G. M., prof, E Bowman st. 
MacManigal, Jessie, prof. Conservatory. 
Chambers, J. G., prof, N Bealle ave. 


G. W. SPANGLER, Office in Prick's Iron Block. 



Eberly, W. Aug-., Observatory. 
Hammer, Emmet, University. 
Drabenstott, Henry, Blooming-ton. 


— A- 

Aten, Myrtle, 175 Bealle ave. 
Abbey, Robt. P., 52 College ave. 
Atkinson, F. P., 206 N Market. 
Atkinson, J. B., 206 N Market. 
Axtell, Clementine, Hoover Ctg-. 
Axtell, Winifred, Hoover Ctg. 
AUis, Elenita, 52 E Bowman. 

— B 
Barnard, Ben C, 220 Spink. 
Beatty, F. E., 300 N Bever. 
Bogardus, Ruth E. Hoover Ctg. 
Brewer, George A., 131 Spink. 
Beebout,Mary E., 16Colleg-eave. 
Black, Charlotte, Bloomington. 
Brown, Horatio A., Bloomington. 
Belles, Ed. V., 63 E Bowman. 
Blair, Jane, 67 Bealle ave. 
Blayney, Faye, Hoover Ctg. 
Branson, J. H. 167 N Bever. 

Allis, Clarence, 52 Bowman, 
Armor, Margret, 129 N Buckeye 
Anderson, Belle, Hoover Ctg. 
Anderson, C. T., 71 E Bowman. 
Anderson, Grace, Hoover Ctg. 
Anderson, Mary A., Hoover Ctg". 

Bebee, Elizabeth F., 43 College 

Beeler, C. H., 125 Spink. 
Bloser, Arthur F., 136 Bowman. 
Boyd, Daniel, 206 N Bever, 
Barrett, H. J., 143 E Bowman. 
Baker, Cora B., Hoover Ctg. 
Banning, Daisy, Hoover Ctg. 
Bechtel, Julia, 21 Bealle ave. 
Briker, Augusta. 
Brown, Alice, Bloomington, 

Curry, Fanny U., 11 Bealle ave. 
Crowl, Carrie B., Hoover Ctg. 
Craig, Paul S., 6 College ave. 
Chaddock, Robt E., 123 Spink. 
Cover, Grace, Hoover Ctg. 
Cover, Elsie F., Hoover Ctg. 
Cass, Lucy B., Hoover Ctg. 
Cooper, Martha G., Hoover Ctg. 
Crowl, Frank D., 12 College ave. 
Coe, Ethel, Hoover Ctg. 
Custer, G. A., 212 N Market. 
Corbett, Chas., 52 College ave. 
Corbett, Crace, 3 College ave. 

Corbett, Mary N., 3 College ave. 
Childester, Deborah M., 222 

Spink St. 
Cummins, Wilford T., N Bever. 
Calland, Wertie Blanche, Hoover 

Counts, Nellie, 54 Bealle ave. 
Condit, Lola M., Hoover Ctg. 
Carr, Ralph C, Bloomington. 
Crabbs, Etta P., 86 N Buckeye. 
Clark, Ida May, 156 E North. 
Cox, Belle, Hoover Ctg. 

Dickey, Margaretha, Blooming- 

Davidson, Bessie M., Conserva- 
tory of Music. 

Duncan, Bessie, 147 N Buckeye 

Dunaway, R. H., 143 E Bowman 

Davis, Edith M., 126 Bealle ave. 
Duncan, Jno. H., 142 N Buckeye. 
Davis, John K., 54 Bowman. 
Dean, Henry L., 133 Bealle ave. 
Dalton, John S., 137 Spink. 
Dysert, Caroline, 58 Bowman, 

Practical education, the only right kind, taught at the B. B. C. 

Sepia Phozographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 

Evans, Howard G., 39 Bealle ave. 
Espey, Clara E., Hoover Ctg. 
Espey, J. Morton, 14 College ave. 
ii^g-g-ermann. D. G., 6 College ave. 
Evans, Edwin B., 107 Bealle ave. 
Esselburn, Alice G., Hoover Ctg. 
Earls, U. S., hO E Bcwman. 

Ewing, Eleanor C, 3 College ave. 
Ewing, John S., 3 College ave. 
Ewing, Anna K., 3 College ave. 
Evans, Wm. W., 212 N Market. 
Elliott, Rutli, Hoover Ctg. 
Ellis, I. Ellis, 202 N Buckeye. 
Everett, Grace, 9 College ave. 

Flattery, Irene, 8 College ave. 
Ferris, Ralph H., 52 College ave. 
Fisher, Earl B., N Buckeye. 
Forman, F'rancis. 149 Bealle ave. 
Fouche, Mabel, Hoover Ctg. 
Fackler, J. D.. 91 E Bowman. 
Frame, Murray S., 153 Spink. 
Frame, John D., 153 Spink. 
Findley, Agnes, 184 N Bever. 
Finney, Harry, 33 E Bowman. 

Fisher, Geo. C, 181 N Bever. 
Fike, Mabel D., 23 N Buckeye. 
Fox, Carl, 178 Spink. 
Feller, Gertrude, 108 W Lar 

Foss, Oscar H., 122 N Market. 
Floyd, Altai A., Hoover Ctg. 
Eraser, Myrtle, 16 College ave. 
Fitch, Edith, Hoover Ctg. 
Foreman, Nettie, 225 N Bever. 

Groh, Chritsine E., S3 E Bow- 
(ioshorn,\V. v.. 133 N Buckeye. 
Gerber, A. J., 91 E Bowman st. 
Gait, Lida, Hoover Ctg. 
Glenn, S. M. jr, Bloom ington. 
Glenn, Jane I., Bloomington. 
Garrett, Zillah, Bloomington. 
Grill, Harry, 131 Spink st. 
Gerig, D, S., 136 E Bowman. 
Grosjean, C. L.. Bloomington. 
Geitgey, H. H., 212 N Market. 
Good, Henrv Lee, 61 Bealle ave. 

Graham. Ralph H., 229 N Bever. 
Graham, S. Roscoe, 229 N Bever. 
Goheen, John L., Bloomington. 
Goheen, Robt. H., Bloomington. 
Gage, Harry M., 72 E Bowman. 
Gravatt, Ouintin, Nold ave. 
Griffith , May me. Hoover Ctg. 
Greenlee, Pauline, 72Bealle ave. 
Griffith, Zadie, 25 Nold ave. 
Gill, Ray R., 98 E Liberty st. 
Gill, Ellis B., 98 E Libarty st. 
Grosjean, Laura. 


Harrington, Harry F., 169 N 

Hinchman, Robert F., 99 N 

Hanna, Mabel, Hoover Ctg. 
Hayes, J. E., 181 N Bever. 
Howell, Cleves H., 6 College ave. 
Hankinson, Alice, Hoover Ctg. 
Hoffman, John A., 3 Madison ave. 
Hills, Oscar F., 44 College ave. 
Hills, Thos. McD., 44 College av. 
Huston, George E., 167 N Bever. 
Hagerman, Ruth E., Hoover Ctg. 
Hibbard, Alb. K., Hoover Ctg. 
Hurst, Alice, Bloomington. 
Hemphill, Wayne, 14 College ave. 

Humbert, T. A. 145 Bealle ave. 
Hass, C. M., 79 Nold ave. 
Harrison, Bert B., 12 College 

Hull, Arthur G., Bloomington. 
Hayes, Luther H., 136 Spink. 
Houston, Edna D., Bloomington. 
Houston, L. R., Bloomington. 
Helm, C. A., 103 Spink. 
Helm, Otto, 103 Spink. 
Hunt, Mary E., Hoover Ctg. 
Hart, Wayne, 75 Bealle ave. 
Hickok, Mary F., 174 Buckeye. 
Henry, James M., 52 College ave. 
Haupert, Mary M., 9 College av. 
Huston, Anna, Hoover Ctg. 

Wheeler & Wilson SeMdns; Machines at HARDING & CO'S. 

SPANGLER writes the best Life Insurance. 



Ihrig, Roscoe M., 229 Spink. 
Irwin, Orlando W., 181 N Bever. 

Img-ard, Cora, Bloomington. 

— J— 

Johnston, H. W., 181 N Bever. 
Jacobs, E. E., 212 N Market. 
Johnston, W. S., 212 N Market. 
Jameson, John F., 166 N Bever. 

Kinney, Inez, Hoover Ctg-. 
Kurtz, Elizabeth I., Blooming-ton. 
Kerr, Lissis L., Hoover Ctg. 
Keck, Edith, 201 N Buckeye. 
Kline, Fred, 169 N Buckeye. 
Kithcart, Elizabeth J., Hoover 

Jones, Jessie Irene, Hoover Ctg. 
Johnson, Bessie, 3 College ave. 
Johnson, Karl C, 97 N Buckeye. 


Kirker, Geo. G., 197 N Buckeye. 

Koehler, J F., 225 Spink, 
Keeney, Robert, Bloomington. 
Knapp, Ethel, E Bowman st. 
Kinney, Lucy, 155 N Market. 
Kauke, Frances, E Bowman. 
Koehler, Mrs. J. F., 225 Spink. 

Lind, H. A., 48 High. 

Lloyd, Hattie E., Hoover Ctg. 

LaDieux, MaymeB., Hoover Ctg. 

Leisy, Reuben A., 133 Pittsburg 

Laughlin, Thomas W. 

Laughlin, Gertrude. 

Lyon, Lois D., Willow st. 

Lyon, John N., Willow st. 

Laiblin, Elizabeth, Hoover Ctg. 

Leistensnider, Edna, Hoover 

Lyons, John F., 124 Spink. 

Lane, L. C, 71 E Bowman. 

Landes, Pauline P., 167 E Bow- 

Landes, Phillip, 167 E Bowman. 

Lehmann, O. K., 107 Bealle ave. 

Lee, Jessie A., Hoover Ctg. 

Lilly, Edna May, 175 Bealle ave. 

Mock, Frank C, 67 W Larwill. 
Meese, E W., 212 N Market. 
Merrick, F. H., 212 N Market. 
Murrry, Wm. C., Bealle ave. 
Miller, Wm. H., 151 N Market. 
Mackintosh, J. J., 143 Bowman. 
Miller, Grace B., 215 Spink. 
Murray, James, Bloomington. 
Morgan, J.W., 61 Bealle ave. 
Morrison, Gertrude, 3 College. 
March, A. W., 52 College ave. 

Liggett, Woodford M., Bloom- 

Lehmann, Mary A., Hoover Ctg. 
Lehmann, J. R.', 14 College ave. 
Lucas, W. P., 52 College ave. 
Lucas, E. D., 52 College ave. 
Lloyd, Nellie, Hoover Ctg. 
Langfelt, Frances, Hoover Ctg. 
Loreaux, Ella, 142 E Bowman. 
Lytle, Irvine F., 58 W Henry. 
Lowry, Ralph M., 49 W North. 
Lowry, Bernard F., 49 W North 
Lovett, Grace V., 153 E North. 
Landes, R, C, 167 E Bowman. 
Lehman, Mabel, Bloomington. 
Lehman, Stella, Bloomington. 
Liggett, Winifred, Bloor;Vngton. 
Lowry, Jessie, 49 W North. 
Lee, Rilla, Bealle ave. 
Lewis, Nyda, E Bowman. 


Miller, Martha, 62 W Liberty. 
Martin, Earl, 212 N Market. 
Miller, H. V., 233 N Market. 
Myers, Maude, Hoover Ctg. 
Matz, May, 75 Nold ave. 
MacCarthy, Minnie Hoover Ctg. 
McMannis, Roy E., N Buckeye. 
McCreary, Fred M., 124 Spink. 
McWilliams, Jean, Hoover Ctg. 
McCulloch, W., 133 N Buckeye. 
McFarland, Jennie, Hoover Ctg. 

Your patronage pays, M tiie BiXLER BOSIHESS COLLEGE pays you best. 

Dawson makes enlarged photographs from amateur negatives. 


Metzler, D. W., Madison Hill. 
Mackay, C, 212 N Market. 
Moore, J. Allen, 12 College ave. 
Meeker, Susan. 128 Spink. 
Michael, J. M„ 6 College ave. 
Mateer. Mary E , 107 B^alle ave. 
Moser, N. D., 212 N Market st. 
Miller, J. H., 153 Spink st. 
Moore, Maude A., Hoover Ctg-. 
Martin, John Q., 230 N Bever. 
May, Alfred A., 77 Nold ave. 
Mohler, Lee, 212 N Market. 
Mitchell, Ida B., Hoover Ctg-. 

Noyes, Wm D., 52 College ave. 
Noyes, Rich. V., 52 College ave. 
Notestein, Mary B., Blooming- 
Kotestein, Wallace, Bloomington 


McConnell, Elizabeth, Hoover C. 
McConnell, E. S., 84 Bealle ave. 
McDonald, W. N., 67 Bealle ave. 
McGregor, J. W., 72 E Bowman. 
McCloskey.C. S.,197NBuckeye. 
McClure, W. C, 55 Bealle ave. 
McCarnmon, J. S. 212 N Market. 
McCulloch. L. P., 133 N Buckeye. 
McNary, Laura, 167 N Bever. 
McArthur, Maude, S Buckeye. 
McCoy, Grover, 25 W North. 
McCurdv, Catherine, N Walnut. 
McKinley, Bess, 139 N Market. 

Notestein, Frank B., Bloom'gt'n. 
Nowels, G. P., 136 E Bowman. 
Neptune, H, H., 34 N Buckeye. 
Nail, Fred A., 14 College ave. 
Newton, Mary F., 3 College ave. 

— O 

Oldroyd, Mabel, N Bever. 
Oldroyd, Fanny Fern, 53 Spinl 
Overholt, John D., 23 Spink. 

O'Neil, Frank S., 14 College ave. 
Oiler, Lulu, 93 E Bowman. 
Oswald, Leary, 230 N Bever. 

Perry, Linton, 33 E Bowman. 
Paullin, Oliver P., 166 N Bever. 
Pocock, Edna W., 77 Nold ave. 
Pollock, J. K., 215 N Market. 
Patterson, Eda G., Hoover Ctg. 
Packer, Grace, Hoover Ctg. 

Pitkin, Harry W., 169 N Buck- 
Price, Clada I., 22 E Bowman. 
Pomeroy, Efifie W., Hoover Ctg. 
Pugh, Joseph, 212 N Market. 
Pfouts, Nannie, 235 N Buckeye. 

Ritchie, Wm. M., 14 College ave. 
Renick, Fern M.. 57 E Bowman. 
Rochester, Alexander S., 206 N 

Robinson, Alfred J., 146 N Buck- 
Rickett, Edwin L., 131 Spink. 
Rose, Christina H., 33 Bowman. 

Summers, Margaret, 54 Bealle av 
Slemmons, H. A. 109 Spink . 
Stockton, W. N. 197 N Buckeye. 
Starr, Elsie Mabel, Bloomington. 
Smith, Hugh R. 229 Spink. 
Shives, Dorothy, N Market. 
Shriber, Carrie, 201 N Buckeye. 
Schwenk Clarence, 14 Coll. ave. 
Shields, Nellie B. Hoover Ctg. 
Simons, Harry B. 91 E Bowman. 
Smead, L. F. 212 N Market. 

Smith, Alfred N N. Bever. 
Smith, Edna, 20 N Buckeye. 
Scott L. O. 61 Bealle ave. 
Shupe Edwart, Bever. 
Snyder, E. W. Madison Hill 
Shives, Robert, S Buckeye. 
Smith, Harry W. 
Shupe, Thomas. N Bever. 
Smith, Elva, Madison Hill. 
Speer, Algeron, 133 Bealle ave. 
Snyder, Wayne K. Bloomington. 

Paint for Floors at HAI^DIKG & CO.'S. 

SPANGLER will sell you a home if you see him. 

Shaw, R. K. 175 Bealle ave. 
Stockton, J. R. 197 N Buckeye. 
Smith, Carl C. 14 Colleg-e ave. 
Shomo, C. E. 14 College ave. 
Swartz Wayne, 104 N Bever. 
Streeter, E. E. 300 N Bever. 
Smith, Hope A. N Bever. 

Stahl Hattie, Bloomington. 
Seiler, Clara, 3 College ave. 
Seller, Julia, 3 College ave. 
Seelye Katharine, Bealle. 
Stewart, Jean, Hoover Ctg. 
Scovel Elsie, Bealle ave, 

Trumbo, Eunice, Hoover Ctg. 
Thorne, Bessie, Madison Hill. 
Taylor, Sallie, Hoover Ctg. 
Turner, C. J., 169 N Buckeye. 
Thompson, Mary, Hoover Ctg. 
Thompson, J. G., 107 Bealle ave. 
Tedford, A. C.,52 College ave. 

Usher, Joseph T., 99 Bealle ave. 

Thomas, Edwin, Bloomington. 
Thomas, Jessie, Bloomington. 
Thachwell, Daisy, 3 College ave. 
Thompson, Harry C, 37 Spink. 
Tyler, Frick, 58 N Market. 
Taylor, Josephine, 125N Market. 
Turner, Grace, Bloomington. 


Volrath, Gertrude, 55 Bealle ave. 

— W 
Whitcomb, E. P., 212 N Market. 
Watt, Vivien, Hoover Ctg. 
Warren, Lucy, 19 E North. 
Wilson, A. Lee, 300 N Bever. 
Wells, Edna Lucille, Hoover Ctg 
Wilhelm, Charlotte, 125 Bealle av 
Welsh, Edw. B., 233 N Buckeye. 
Warren, Walter L., 19 E North. 
Woodland, Wm. C, Woodland 

Wiles, M. B., 99 Bealle ave. 

Wiles, Ellis L., 143 E Bowman. 
Wild, Clement L., 229 Spink. 
White, Mary S., Bloomington. 
White, David P., Bloomington. 
Wood, Paul J., 6 College ave. 
Williams, Pearl C, Hoover Ctg. 
Wherry, Annie, 3 College ave. 
Wallace, Mac, Bloomington. 
Weiser, John, Pittsburg ave. 
Whitworth, Lois, 55 E Henry. 
Williams, Olive, 107 N Bever. 

Yoder, Grace J., Bloomington. 
Yeager, H. P., 202 Spink. 
Yule, David, 181 Bever. 

Young, Robt. C, 206 N Market. 
Yoseph, Yoel, 229 Spink. 
Yocum, Edith, 153 N Bever. 

Zimmerman, Dora, 201 Buckeye. 
Zook, E. J., 136 E Bowman. 

Zimmerman, S. D. 181 N Bever. 

A 6ood School-BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE, Wooster, Ohio. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 


Weimer & Gerstenslager, 




Fine Ambulance, Undertakers* and 
Embalming Wagons. 

Marshallville, - - Ohio. 

E ARE Manufacturers of First Class 
Business and Pleasure Vehicles and 

Leaders of Fashion. 

Fashion is just as distinctly evidenced in Carriag- 
es as in any article. 

Our superb collection of Vehicles places us in the front rank. Our Re- 
pository exhibits the finest types of Carriage Building in the state. We have 
all the ultra-fashionable models. Elegant new designs in medium priced 
carriages rival the more costly kinds in attractiveness. It is for you to choose. 
The swell turnouts are all here. We are building new one* every day. 
Nothing in Ohio to surpass our display. We are an old, reliable and experi- 
enced house, established in 1860. Remember that our work is strictly HIGH 
GRADE and HAND MADE. All the material is carefully selected and in- 
spected. We employ none but competent and up-to-date mechanics in every 
department. We are systematically and thoroughly equipped for business, 
and the only concern in Wayne County that build ALL of our own vehicle*. 
If you have never had the pleasure of using one of our Carriages, a trial will 
convince you. We refer with pride to our past success. We are slowly but 
surely gaining the patronage of the best trade, who appreciate the quality of 
our productions. 

If you expect to be in the swim with the best of them, come and see us. 
We guarantee every vehicle we sell; you can rely on that. You know where 
to find us. If you compare our vehicles with the cheap John vehicles that are 
hawked around on the street corners, no use to try to buy from us. 

However, we build a medium grade buggy — good style, good quality, and 
the price is within the reach of every body. 

You can have one of our fine illustrated catalogues for the asking. 


Marshallville, Ohio. 

Wood Stairs at HARDING & CO.'S. 

For the best photographic work goto DAWSON. 


A. B. LEE & CO.'S 

BUSINESS Directory 




Spooner, M. L., S E Side Pub. Sq. 

Webster, J. R., S E cor Pub. Sq., 'Phone 167. 

Adair & Adair, 8 E Liberty st. 
Critchfield & Critchfield, 5>4 Public Square. 
Eason, Benj., 12 W Liberty st. 
Funck, Ross W.. 1 W Liberty st, 258. 
Hay, Benton G., S E cor Public Square. 
Hubbell, H., N E cor Public Square. 'Phone 238. 
Johnson & Taylor, 11 E Liberty st. 'Phone 5. 
Kean, W. F., 5 W Liberty st. 'Phone 258. 
McKinney, J. R., 2 W Liberty st. 'Phone 70. 
Morr, J. C, S E cor. Public Square. 
Metz, A. D., 4 W Liberty st. 'Phone 70. 
McClure & Smyser, 12 E Liberty st 'Phone 244. 
McSweeney, John, 3 W Liberty st. 'Phone 84. 
Newkirk, E. W., F E side Public Square. 'Phone 241. 
Rouch & Yocum, N W cor Public Square. 'Phone 141. 
Rieder, C. A., S E side Public Square. 
Swartz, H. B., 10 E Liberty st. 

Enamel Paint for Chairs at HARDING & CO.'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 

Snyder, J. E., S W cor Public Square. 'Phone 141. 

Spooner, M. L., S E cor Public Square. 

Tag-g-art. Frank, 16 Public Square. 'Phone 106. 

Thomas, A. J., N Market st. 

Weyg-andt & Weiser, Downing- Block, Public Square. 

Yost, W. C, N E side Public Square. 'Phone 241. 

Elson, Paul R., 3 W Liberty st. 
Muschenicb, Wm., 2 W Liberty st. Phone 70. 
Nice, David, 9 and 11 E Liberty st. 
Paumier, E. E., 31 S Market st. 

Terpney, C. H., 39 S Market st. B. F. Miller, mgr. 
Wiler, W. H., 8 W Liberty st. 

Barnard, E., 62 S Market st. 
Fure, E. A., 67 S Market st. 
Kettler & Son, Diamond Alley. 
Lucas, I., 20>^ W Liberty st., up stairs. 
Runkle, Wm., 90 E Liberty st. 
Schopf, C. F., 2 doors west Ft. Wayne depot, E Liberty st. 

Fischer, H., 55 S Market st. 

Hunsicker, G. A., 71 E Liberty st. 'Phone 137. 
Horn, J. B., 16 E Liberty st. 'Phone 160. 
Rotthaus, E., 21 W Liberty st. 


Shupe, Albert & Co., s e side public sq. 'Phone 117. 
Wooster National Bank, 10 W Liberty st. 'Phone 2. 
Wayne County National Bank, w side public sv. 'Phone 4. 

Anderson, M. C, 4 W Liberty st. 
Anderson, M. C, Downing Block. 
Bechtel, D. W., n e side public sq. 
Ellsperman, Kate, 30 S Market st. 
Noah's Ark, 33 S Market st. 


Ginter, J. M., 31 W Liberty st. 


Ackerman, Frank, 16 W Liberty st. 
Barden, H. H., 60 S Market st. 
Bowers, John, Jr., 61 E Liberty »t. 
Carse, Wm., 29 E Liberty st. 
Dow, Alonzo, n e cor public sq. 
Groesher, Chas.. E South st. 
Kramer, Francis, 48 S Market st. 

Shorthand aSpecialty at BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargemeiits made by DAWSON. 


Morrison, R. L,, E Liberty st. 
Sullivan, Joe, 16 E Liberty st. 
Snavely, Ed. F., 17 W Liberty st. 


Fischer, Jacob, Frick blk, W Liberty st. 


Bixler Business College, s w cor public sq. 


Brandt, D. W., 12 Public Sq. 'Phone 243. 

Rice, W. E., 20 E Liberty st. 

Zimmerman & Co., 12 W Liberty st. 'Phone 25. 


Brown, W. J., 27 N Bever st. 
Dietrick, John, S Bever st. 
Jacobs, D., W South st. 
Lawrence, J. L., 15 N Bever st. 
Smith, J. v., N Buckeye st. 
McAnaney, John, E South st. 
Snook, W. H., 33 N Bever st. 
Swier, David, end of W Liberty st. 


Harding^ & Co., 1 W Liberty st. 'Phone 29. 
Wooster Hardware Co., 14 W Liberty st. 'Phone 54. 


Barden, Otto, rear of postoffice. 
Housekeeper, Joseph, N Bever st. 


Bahl, James L., cor Larwill and Grant sts. 
Diehl, John, E Liberty st. 
Miller, H., S Buckeye st. 


McCaron, Frank, 56 S Market st. 
Krause, F. W., 74 High st. 


Amster, Nick, 7 W Liberty st. 
Freelander, Herman, 9 W Liberty st. 
Nice, David, 9 and 11 E Liberty st. 
Saurers, S. W., 10 E Liberty st. 


Gray & Son, 68 E Liberty st. 'Phone 50. 

Bath Tub Enamel at HARDING & CO.'S. 

If you have property to sell list it with SPANGLER. 


Hall, J. C, end of W Liberty st. 'Phone 178. 

Kauke, J. H., at gas office, W Liberty st. 'PhonelOS. 

Long, H. B., 81>4 S Market st. 

Minglewood Coal Co., 36 W Liberty st. 'Phone 32. 

Minglewood Coal Co., E South st. 'Phone 33. 

Smith, R. J., 28 N Bever st. 'Phone 27. 

Smith, C. D. & Son, 19 N Walnut st. 'Phone 19. 

Smith, C. D. & Son, opp. Penna. depot. 'Phone 18. 

Smith, Wylie, E North st. 'Phone 95. 

Nolin, J. B.. N Walnut st. 'Phone 116. 

Wacker Bros., 85 E Liberty st. 'Phone 44. 


Krieger, Geo. J., 13 N Market st. 

Laubach & Boyd, s e side public sq. 'Phone 6. 

Proctor & O'Hail, 8 E Liberty st. 'Phone 66. 

Wilson, W. A., 6 W Liberty st. 

Zimmerman & Co., 12 W Liberty st. 'Phone 25. 


Annat, Wm., w side public sq. 'Phone 192. 
Fredrick, A. J. & Co., 7 E Liberty st. 'Phone 247. 
Griffin, H. R., 11 W Liberty st. 'Phone 187. 
Spaulding, W. C, 4 E Liberty st. 


B. & O. Depot, foot of Columbus ave. 'Phone 45. 
Pennaylvania Depot, end of E Liberty st. 'Phone 51. 


Brown, J. H., s w cor public sq. 'Phone 228. 

Cunningham, R. J., 72 S Market st. 

Elson, R., Downing blk, public sq. 'Phone 189. 

Hesler, C. H., s e side public sq. 

Mower & Eby, Downing blk, public sq. 'Phone 238. 

Nair, Charles, 5 E Libervy st. 

Stahl, J. v., 34 E Liberty st. 'Phone 138. 

Wisner, J. T., 21 N Walnut st. 


Adams Express Co., 5 Public Sq. 'Phone 24. 
U. S. Express Co., 27 W Liberty st. 'Phone 43. 


Christine Bros., s w cor public sq. 'Phone 227. 

Geitgey, J. J., 117 S Market st. 

Landis & Schmuck, 22 W Liberty st. 'Phone 76. 

Landis, W. Y., 49 E Liberty st. 

Lehman, A. S., 19 and 21 E Liberty st. 'Phone 48. 

Best of Typewriters used at the BIXLEK BUSINESS COLLEGE 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 


D'Bartolomeo, 28 E Liberty st. 
Smith, Wallace, 22 E Liberty st. 
Zarleng-o, A., 18 E Liberty st. 


Naftzg-er, J. R., end of Pittsburg ave. 
Plank & Gray, 17 E Liberty st. 'Phone 50. 


B. & O., foot of Columbus ave. 'Phone 45. 
Pennsylvania Co., end of E Liberty st. 'Phone 51. 


Everhard, E., S Walnut st. 

Eastern House, E Liberty st. 'Phone 88. 

Everhard, E. N., Buckeye st. 

Mougey House, S Market st. 'Phone 150. 

Smith, Wylie, E North st. 'Phone 95. 

Zaring, Chas., W Liberty st. 'Phone 194. 


Caskey, John S., 23 W Liberty st. 'Phone 93. 

Lee, James, 54 S Market st. 

Taggart, Grant, 46 W Libei'ty st. 'Phone 154. 

Tyler, W. D., rear of Frick's Memorial blk. 'Phone 55. 

Willaman, E. P., rear of county offices. 'Phone 130. 


Ashland & Wooster R. R., 18 W Liberty st. 'Phone 129. 


Fombelle & Magaw, near Penn. Depot. 

Tyler, W. D., rear of Frick's Memorial blk. 'Phone 55. 

Willaman, E. P., rear of county offices. 'Phone 150. 


Bliss, W. H., 16 E Bowman st. 'Phone 197. 

Caskey, John S., 23 W Liberty st. 'Phone 93. 

Craighead & Co., 1 E Liberty st. 'Phone 8. 

Greenlee, R. B., 72 Berlle ave. 

Goodman, M. S., 32 S Market st. 'Phone 82. 

Harmon, Frank, 46 S Market st. 'Phone 65. 

Hall, J. H.,74Bealleave. 

Hubbell, Myrtle A., Bealle ave. 'Phone 47. 

Johnston, John, cor E Liberty and Bever sts. 'Phone 85. 

Keppel, Geo. H. Co., 24 E Liberty st. 

Keister, J. T. & Bro., 30 W Liberty st. 'Phone 83. 

Logan, R. A., 37 S Market st. 

Lee, James, 54 S Market st. 

HARDING & CO. are agents for the $!5.00 to $!7.00 Expert Sewing Machines. 

SPANGLER has all kinds of Real Estate for sale. 

98 " 

Masoro, Andrew, cor Palmer and Rebecca sts. 
Maurer, Mrs. W. H.. 87 E Liberty st. 
McClarran, Mrs. H., 5 W Liberty st. 'Phone 28. 
Nolle Bros., 30 E Liberty st. 'Phone 71. 
Oberduskv, C. M., 88 E Liberty st. 
Rankin, C" F., 121 E Liberty st. 'Phone 170. 
Rotthaus, E., 21 W Liberty st. 
Taylor, Sohn H., 20 W Liberty st. 


Harding- & Co., 1 W Liberty st. 'Phone 29. 
Rich & Blough, 2 E Liberty st. 'Phone 122. 
Wooster Hardware Co., 14 W Liberty. 'Phone 54. 

Frost, Harry, S Walnut st. 
BMsher, E. D., 34 S Market st. 
Stevens, W. H., 31 W Liberty st. 


Archer House, Bevard & List, props, cor E Liberty and Buckeye 

sts. 'Phone 9. 
Eastern House, H. C. Wile, propr, 65 E Liberty st. 'Phone 88. 
Ft. Wayne Hotel, A. W. Keister, propr, 120 E Liberty. 
Moug-ey House, W. A. Mougey, propr, 43 S Market st. 'Phone 150. 
Nation House, Chas. Zaring, propr, 61 W Liberty st. 'Phone 194. 
Read House, J. W. Read, propr, 33 W Liberty st. 
Yoder House, Morris, J. S., propr, 35 W Liberty st. 'Phone 11. 


Craig-head & Co., 1 E Liberty st. 'Phone 8. 
Horn, J. B., 16 E Liberty st. 'Phone 160. 
Smith, Wallace, 22 E Liberty st. 


Bell Bros., W South st. 


Applebaugh, J. E., 16 Public Sq. *Phone 106. 
Barrett. J. F., 2 W Liberty st. 'Phone 70. 
Fullerton, A. W., s w cor public sq. 
Fttnck Daniel, i W Liberty st. 'Phone 258. 
Howard, Ned T., office at house. 'Phone 180. 
Myers, W. C. & Co., 12 W Liberty st. 'Phone 14. 
McClellan & Sanborn, 15 N Market st. 'Phone 30. 
Spang-ler, G. W., 5 W Liberty st. 'Phone 258. 
Van Nest, J. P., 30 W Liberty st. 

Bradshaw, W. H., 27 W Liberty st. 
Fig-ert, F. C, 31 E Liberty st. 

Teachers are all Specialists at the Bixler Business College. 

Dawson makes enlarged photographs from amateur negatives. 

Kelbly, N. R., 54 N Grant st. 
Long-, H. B., 815^ S Market st. 
Shibley, Wm., 23 E Liberty st. 
Shibley, Mrs. A., 10 Public Square. 


Berger, S. B., 63 W South st. 

Davis, Chas., 84 E Liberty st. 'Phone 38. 

Hawkins, Solon, E Spring- st. 'Phone 131. 

Lee Wing-, 36 E Liberty st. 

Pinkerton, Ray, 24 N Bever st. 'Phone 52. 

Ponsiler, Philemian, 75 Nold ave. 


Baird, Robert, rear of Faber's restaurant. 'Phone 121. 

Bechtel, J. J.. N Buckeye st. 'Phone 56. 

Stuller, Daniel, in alley rear of 43 W Liberty st. 'Phone 13. 

Smith, Wylie, E North st. 'Phone 95. 

Smith, John, W South st. 'Phone 152. 

Myers, John, rear of postoffice. 'Phone 59. 


Curry, D. C, & Co., E North st. 'Phone 26. 
Clark, Geo. H., near B. & O. depot. 'Phone 67. 


Burkholder, Frank, S Walnut st. 

General Foundry & Machinists, B. Barrett Sons, 74 E Liberty st. 
'Phone 23. 


Lamp Shade Mfg-. Co., foot of Walnut st. 

Boston Piano Co., cor S Buckeye and South sts. 'Phone 68. 

Brewery, end of Pittsburg ave. 'Phone 89. 

Bending- Works, S Walnut st. 

Candy Mfg-. Co., 1 E Liberty st. 'Phone 8. 

Electric Belt Factory, n e cor public sq. 

George & Roth, furniture rafrs, 48 & 50 W Liberty st. 'Phone 262. 

Gas Lig-ht Co., E Henry s1„ 'Phones — works 45, office 105. 

Gig- & Saddle Mfg-. Co., n e cor public sq. 

Standard Coach Pad Co., cor Grant and Henry sts. 'Phone 98. 

Salt Bag Factory, Diamond Alley. 'Phone 87. 

Shale and Brick Works, W Wooster. 'Phone 127. 

Wooster Telephone Ex., D. Nice blk, E Liberty st. All phones. 

Wooster Preserving Works, foot of Spruce st. 'Phone 96. 

Wooster Brush Works, S Market st. 'Phone 78. 

Wooster Electric Light Works, E Liberty st. 'Phone 265. 


Gerlach, Albert, 70 S Bever st. 

Saal, John, 17 N Market st. 'Phone 110. 

HiKh Grade Sewing Machine, $15.00, at HARDING & CO.'S. 

If you want to borrow money see G. W. SPANGLER. 

Saal, L., 79 E Liberty st. 'Phone 100. 

Stevens, West End Market, 28 W Liborty st. 'Phone 235. 

Saal & Riffle, 53 S Market st. 'Phone 94. 

Stevens & Berbert, 38 E Liberty st. 'Phone 109. 


Beresford, Wm., 40 E. Liberty st. 
Fogleson & McCormick, s e cor public sq. 
Imgard, A., Dowing Blk, public sq. 
Kaltwasser, S., n e side public sq. 
Hookway, Fred, 5 E Liberty st. 
Moore, A. C, 14 E Liberty st. 


Alcock, Forbes, 112 E Liberty st. 
Fisher, George A., E South st. 


Baird. Mrs. F. L., 24^^ E Liberty st. 
Bevard, Mrs. K., 7 E Libertv st. 
Clark, S. Z. & Z., 19 N Market st. 
Franks, Mrs. S. H., 41 E Liberty st. 
B^-anks, Mrs. G. W., 8 W Liberty st. 
Frink, Mrs. E. P., 20^ W Liberty st. 
Reid, Mrs. F. V., Frick Block, W Liberty st. 
Silver, Margaret, s e side Pub. Square. 


Barrett & Grant, s e cor Pub. Square. 

Horn, Wm., 12 E Liberty st. Long distance 'phone, 


Applebaugh, J. E., 16 Pub, Square, 


Clark, Charles H., N Grant st. 

Laubach, J. W., 84 E Liberty st. 'Phone 111. 

Metzler, Samuel, E South st. 


Boosz, M. J., s w cor Pub Square. Phone 234. 

Dawson, S. H., cor Buckeye and E Liberty sts. Phone 134. 

Hayes, J. B., 57 W North st. 

Osborne, E. P., s e cor Pub. Square. 

Teeple, Theodore, n e cor Pub. Square. 


Appleman, R. S.. Old Music Hall, Spring st. Phone' 172. 
Cummings, W. H., S Market st. 
Odenkirk, H. B. 45 E Liberty st. Phone 152. 
Robinson, D. E., 27 W Liberty st. 

Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Etc., taiiglit at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

For the best Photographic work go to DAWSON'S. 



Bashford, A. P., 44 W Liberty st. 'Phone 229. 
Beer, J. D., 68 E Larwill st. 
Emerich, E. D., Sanitarium, N Market si. 
Firestone, W. W.. 32 N Marhet st. 'Phone 37. 
Gann, John A., 53 N Market st. 'Phone 199. 
Green, C. B., 68 S Market st. 'Phone 226, 
Hart, H. A., Downing- blk, public sq. 'Phone 238. 
Hunt, A. H., 142 N Buckeye st. 'Phone 57. 
Kinney, J. J., 80 W Liberty st. 'Phone 139. 
Lerch, C. A., 6 W Liberty st. 'Phone 183. 
Lehr, J. W., 18 W Liberty st. 'Phone 123. 
Mateer, H. N., 28 N Buckeye st. 'Phone 16. 
Stoll & Ryall, 26 N Market st. 'Phone 58. 
Todd, J. H., 150 W Liberty st. 
Warner, C. J., 43 W Liberty st. 'Phone 177. 
Warren, R. N., 19 E North st. Phone 153. 
Yocum, L. A., W Liberty st. Phone 103. 


McClure & Co., 21 N Buckeye st. Phone 101. 
Tieche, J. C, 108 E Liberty. Phone 124. 


Clapper, Geo. A., Diamond Alley. Phone 87. 

Herald Printing Co., n e cor public sq. 

Jacksonian, Weekly and Evening- Journal, Daily, E Liberty st. 

opp. City Hall. Phone 120. 
Schmutz, G. S., Diamond Alley. 

Wooster Republican, Daily and Wkly, 12 E Liberty st. Phone 118. 
Wayne Co. Democrat, Zimmerman blk, W Liberty st. Phone 145. 


McClarran, Mrs. H., 5 W Liberty st. Phone 28. 

McClure Stove and House Furnishing- Store, s w cor public sq. 

Phone 151. 
Stoner, David, 18 Public Square. 


Blue Front, Bowers, Hug-h, propr., 26 E Liberty st. 
Delicatessen, Robert Avery propr., cor Buckeye ank Liberty sts. 


Archer House Bar, cor Buckeye and Liberty sts. Phone 9. 

Conrad & Derr, 19 W Liberty st. 

Fisher, Wm., 75 E Liberty st. 

Faber, F. E., 14 E Liberty st. Phone 74. 

Fisher, Zack, 40 S Market st. 

Flesico & Rich, 44 S Market st. 

Faber, Mrs. E., 26 W Liberty st. 

Seamstress Sewitig Machine, Ball Bearing. HARDING & CO. 

G. W. SPANGLER wiU rent you a house. 


Graber, Sam, 162 E Liberty st. 

Graber & Howard, 18 West Liberty st. Phone 219. 

Moug^ey, Jacob, 41 S Market st. Phone 150. 

Meeks, W. W., opp Pa. Depot, E Liberty st. 

Rouch, Peter, 27 E Liberty st. 

Schwoebel, John, 81 E Liberty st. 

Schuch, C. F., 25 E Liberty st. 

Schuch, Mrs. G. W, 13 W Liberty st. 

Young, Georg-e, 38 S Market st. ' 


Barrett, J. F, 2 W Liberty st. 'Phone 70. 
Spangler, G. W, 5 W Liberty st. 'Phone 258, 
Sanborn, J. G, 15 N Market st, Phone 30. 
Talbot, John C, agent, s w cor Pub Square. 
Quinby, E. Estate, s w cor Pub Spuare. 

Gumming-, W. H, S Market st. 
Devinney, Curt, 178 N Grant st. 
Huffman, C. L, 32 W Liberty st. 
Harding- & Co, 1 W Liberty st. Phone 29. 

Athey, W. J, Downing Block. 

Billman, S. H., N Buckeye st. 
McClure, Lewis Y., 55 W Liberty st. 

McClure Stove and House Furnishing Co., s w cor public sq. 
Phone 151. 

A. & P. Tea Co., 37 E Liberty st. Phone 268. 
Craighead & Co., 1 e Liberty st. Phone 8. 

Postal, 17 E Liberty st. Phone 86. 
Western Union, 20 E Liberty st. Phone 92. 

Droz, Ira, cor Buckeye and North sts. Phone 81. 
Luce, A. E.. Diamond Alley. Phone 73. 

George & Roth, W Liberty st. Phone 262. 
Vivis, Albert, S Market st. 

Christine Bros., s w cor public sq. Phone 227. 
Crowl, H. F., 19 and 21 E Liberty st. Phone 48. 

No vacations at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 


Landis, W. Y., 49 E Liberty st. 

Landis & Schmuck, 22 W Liberty st. Phone 76. 


Derr, W. F., 23 Nold ave. Phone 21. 
Kinney, W. M., 23 S Grant st. Phone 91. 


Koble, J. C, E South st. 

Moses, Samuel, 31 N Buckeye st. 


Smith, Steve E., S Market st. 

no ^ 

^Vs ^XP J^ 


Pocket Knives and Scissors at HARDING & CO.'S. 

For Life Insurance, call on G. W. SPANGLER. 

A. B. LEE & CO.'S 




Post Office. 

Pust Office, 13 E Liberty st. Office hours, 7:30 a. m. to 7:15 p. m. 
except Sunday. Office hour, Sunday, 2 to 3 p. m. Mails close 
30 minutes before schedule leaving- time of trains. Money 
order department open from 7:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. T. L. 
Flattery, postmaster. Jas, A. Shamp, asst. post master. R. 
T. Bechtel, H. E. Barnard, F. W. McClure, clerks. Wm. C. 
Van Meter, carrier No. 1. H. B. Eaby, carrier No. 2. D. W. 
Derr, carrier No. 3. N. J. Clark, carrier No 4. E. P. Good- 
man, Geo. Lautzenheiser, sub. carriers. Robt. H. Smith, W. 
W. Bucher, rural carriers. 

City Officers. 


Mayor, - . . _ Robert J. Smith. 

City Solicitor. . - . Lyman Critchfield, Jr. 

Clerk, - - - - W. T. Peckinpaug-h. 

Marshal - _ _ _ James Latimer. 

City Civil Engineer, - - J. L Eberhardt. 

City Street Commissioner, - - G. Rily Power. 

Chief of Fire Department, - - Elmer Funk. 

Health Officer, - - - Dr. J. E. Barrett. 

Janitor, - - - . Andrew Reed. 

Water Works Trustees. 

President, . _ . Dr. Wm. F. Derr. 

Vice President, - . - Forbes Alcock. 

Secretary, . _ _ Dr. James D. Beer. 

Superintendent, - - Leander S. Geiselman. 

Graduates of BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE quickly employed. 

For First Class Photog-raphs go to DAV/SON. 


Board of Education. 

President, J. C.Schultz; A.Wiley; Clerk, Philip Markley. 
Supt. Public Schools, - - Prof. C. Haupert 

Members of City Council. 

President, - - - j. R. Zimmerman. 

President Pro Tem., - - W. A. Moug-ey. 

First Ward, - John Trapes, J. R. Zimmerman! 

Second Ward, - J. S. R. Overholt, I. N. Kinney. 

Third Ward, - - John Nolle, Georg-e A. Fisher. 

Fourth Ward, - W. A. Mougev, M. M. Van Nest. 

Fifth Ward, - Peter BoegneV, Dennis Callahan. 

Standing Committees for the Year 1900. 

FiTiance— Zimmerman, Kinney, Nolle, Overholt, Mougey. 
Stree/s and Alleys— Kinney, Boegner, Moug-ey, Fisher, Callahan. 
Pavements, Gutters and Crossings— Y an Nest, Overholt, Trapes, 
Fisher, Nolle. ' i ' 

Police— Moxxgey , Callahan, Van Nest, Nolle, Trapes. 
Fire — Nolle, Trapes, Mougey, Kinney, Zimmerman. 
Sewer— ^oWe, Kinney, Overholt, Trapes, Van Nest. 
Printing— Tra^ei^, Van Nest, Boeg-ner, Fisher, Zimmerman. 
Light — Fisher, Callahan, Boegner, Kinney, Van Nest. 
/Ta/^/-— Qverholt, Callahan, Kinney, Boegner, Mougey. 
ParJc-'Boegnev, Overholt, Trapes, Fisher, Callahan. 
City ffall— Mougey, Fisher, Van Nest, Nolle, Zimmerman. 
Railroad — Callahan, Nolle, Overholt, Boeg-ner, Mougey. 

Location of Fire Alarm Stations. 
14— Foot of South Market Street. 
15 — Corner Henry and Walnut Streets. 
26 — Corner Bever and Henry Streets. 
23 — Corner Bever and Nold Avenue. 
24 — Corner Spink andLiberty Streets. 
25— Public Square. 

26 — Corner Liberty and Columbus Avenue. 
31 — Corner Larwill and Grant Streets. 
32 — Corner Larwill and Bealle Avenue. 
34— High School. 

35 — Corner Prospect and Henry Streets. 
36 — Corner Palmer and Pittsburg Avenue. 
41— Corner Nold and Gasche Street. 
42 — Corner Bowman and Bealle Avenue. 
52 — Corner Saybolt and McDonald Avenues. 

1 stroke and intermission, then 4 strokes indicates Station 14. 

1 Tap — Fire out or line broken, 

2 Taps— Chief 's Call. 

3 Taps— Central Station. 

4 Taps — Chief's Residence. 

Linoleum and Oil Cloth at HARDING & CO.*S. 

G. W. SPANGLER Agent for Fire Insurance. 

Resident Telephones. 





156, Ames, S. 

179, Appleman, R. S. 
192, Annat, Wm. 

269, Bennett, Prof. 
188, Beebe, W. O. 
197, Bliss, W. H. 

164, Bogner, Peter, 

195, Botsford, Mrs. 
79, Bauer, Michael. 
62, Branstetter, A. 

172, Christine Bros. 

270, Clark, Geo. 

7, Clapper, Geo. A. 
119, Crowel, H. F. 
264, Compton, Prof. 
213, Curry, D. C. 

165, Cunning-ham, A, 

196, Dix, Albert. 

184, Elliott, James. 
231, Elson, Dr. R. 

72, Frick, Jacob. 

90, Foss, Walter. 

17, Gray, Chas. M. 
267, Haller, Henry. 

3, Hard, C. V. 
176, Haupert, Prof. 
125, Hill, Dr. O. A. 
178, Hall, J. C. 
255, Holden, Prof. L. E. 

133, Horn, John. 

169, Hoffstott, Harry. 

180, Howard, Ned. 
77, Hoover Cottage. 

185, Johnston, John. 
20, Johnson, Judge J. 
75, Joliff, W. H. 

41, Kauke, C. W. 
261, Kean, W. F. 

134, Kettler, Geo. 
242, Kiester,J. J. 

61, Kislinp, Chas. 
139, Kinney, Dr. J. J. 
231, Kramer, L. R. 
230, Kreiger, G. J. 
149, Leyda, Geo. 

253, Lerch, Dr. 
263, Luce, Al. 

69, Mateer, Dr. 
159, Marchand, John. 
153, McAfee, C. E. 

239, McClure, Capt. 
182, McClure, W. D. 
126, McDonald, C. A. 

114, McClarran, Judge J. C. 
46, McClellan, Jesse. 

155, McClure, C. W. 
97, McSweeney, John. 

115, McKinney, J. R. 
186, Mougey, Jacob. 

34, Mullins, W. J. 

35, Mullins, James. 
257, Muschnich, Wm. 
163, Myers, J. P. 

240, Naftzger, S. 
142, Nolle, John. 
152, Odenkirk, H. B. 
148, Oligher, L. P. 
182, Oligher, Chas. 

99, Oswald, Harvey. 
112, Plank, L. H. 
250, Quinby, Ed. 
215, Quinby, James. 
236, Rice, Rev. 
236, Ryall, Dr. Geo. 
233, Saal, John. 
198, Saal, Leonard, 

31, Scovel, Dr. S. F. 
266, Schuch, Mrs. Geo. 
132, Schmuck, Jacob. 
269, Seeley, Prof. 
271, Spangler, Geo. 

254, Smith, Rev. J. F. 
254, Snyder, J. E. 

42, Stoll, Dr. 
147, Swarts, Geo T. 

60, Taylor, J. B. 
166, Thomas, A. J. 
249, Tieche, J. C. 
146, Tyler, W. D. 
259, Volrath, Mrs. L. M. 

BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE Catalogue, 100 pages, free. 

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237, Wacker, John. country 'phones. 

171, Walter, J. W. 212, Heller, Daniel. 

153, Warren, Dr. 212, Hinman, Harry. 

168, Welker, Judge. 217, Coe, James T. 

174, Weygandt, W. E. 217, Gressor, Newton. 

240, Weaver, Francis. 220, Thorn, Berton A. 

157, Zimmerman, J. R. 218, McClarran, D. Q. 

214, Zimmerman, Fred. 218, McClarran, Julius. 

City Church Directory. 

FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH— West North and North Walnut streets, 
H. W. Lowry, pastor, residence 49 West North street. Public worship, 
10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m. ; Sabbath School, 9 a. m.; Endeavor Society, 5:45; 
Praj-er Meeting-, Wednesday at 7 p. m. In winter time the Sabbath eve- 
ning^ meetings are thirty minutes earlier. 

BETHANY BAPTIST CHURCH— Southwest corner Market and Larwill 
streets, Dr. E. Chesney, pastor, residence 18 West Larwill street. Sun- 
day School, 9:00 a. m. ; morning- sermon 10:30 a. m. ; Baptist Young Peo- 
ple's Union, 5:15 from October 1st to April 1st; and 5:45 from April 1st to 
October 1st. Evening sermon 6:30 p. m. from October 1st to April 1st. and 
7 p. m. from April 1st to October 1st. Teachers' meeting, Monday, 7 p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7 p. m. 

pastor. Public worship, Sabbath morning at 10:30 o'clock. Sabbath 
School at 9:15 a. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 6:30 o'clock. 
Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor Sabbath evening at 5:30. 

CHURCH OF CHRIST— North Buckeye st. C. Manley Rice, pastor. Morn- 
ing services, 10:30 a. m. The Lord's Supper forming part of the wor- 
ship at every morning service. Evening service, Apr. to Sept. inclusive, 
7 p. m; October to March inclusive, 6:30. Bible school, 9 a. m. Young 
People's Society for Christian Endeavor one hour before evening service. 
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. Women's missionary auxiliary 
first Thursday in every month at 2 p. m. 

REFORM ED CHURCH— Corner North and Buckeye streets, S. EzraNeikirk, 
pastor, parsonage next door to the church. Public worship every Sunday at 
10:30 a. m. and 6:30 p. m, (from April to October 7 p. m.) Sunday School 
9 a. m., Phil D. Senff, superintendent. Y. P. S. C.E. 5:15 p. m. (5:45 in 
summer.) Prayer meeting every Wednesday at 7 p. m. The Zwinglian 
missionary circle monthly, second Tuesday at 7 p. m. Ladies aid soci- 
ety meets last Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. Schedule on standard 
time; pews all free; an especial welcome to strangers and traveling men. 

EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN— Corner of Market and Larwill streets; Rev. 
G. C. Smith, pastor, residence 34 Nold ave. ; services, 10:30; and 6:30; 
Sunday school, 9 a. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday evening of each 
week. Endeavor meeting, Sunday evening one hour and a quarter be- 
fore preaching service. Council meeting, the second Monday of each 

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CHURCH OF GOD— East South st. Rev. T. W. Bellinghan, pas- 
tor. Services every Sabbath at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sab- 
bath school, 9 a. m., John Sunday, superintendent. Prayer 
meeting, Wednesday, 7 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E., 5:30 p. m. 
Pastor's residence, Madison Hill. 

Frederick H. Kraflft, pastor. Sunday school, 9:15 a. m. Ger- 
man service, 10:30 a. m. Melanchton Society, 5:45 p. m. 
English service, 6:30 p. m. The ladies society meets the last 
Thursday of the month. Meeting of the church council on 
the first Monday of every month. Choir rehearsal every Fri- 
day evening. 

M. E. CHURCH— Southeast cor of Larwill and North Market sts. 
Sabbath services are held at 10:30 a. m., 6:30 and 7 p. m. Sun- 
day school 9 a. m. Senior League at 5:15 p. m. Prayer meet- 
ing on Wednesday evening. Strangers always welcome. 
The present pastorate of J. Frank Smith will expire in Sep- 

U. P. CHURCH— North Bever st. Rev. J. O. Campbell, D. D., 
pastor. Weekly services, preaching 10:30 a. m., winter, 6:30 
p. m.; summer, 7 p. m. Sabbath school, 9:30 a. m. O. Y. P. 
C. U. prayer meeting, winter, 5:30 p. m., summer, 6 p. m. 
Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednesday 7 p. m. 

east cor N Market and North sts. Established 1840. Morn- 
ing service, 10:30 o'clock. Evening service, Oct. 1st to May 
1st, 6:30 o'clock; May 1st to Oct. 1st, 7:00o'clock. Seats free. 
Surpliced boy choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p.m. Church or- 
ganizations — Ladies' Auxiliary, Tucker Society. Vestry — A. 
S. Lehman, Senior Warden; M. S. Nachtrieb, Junior Warden; 
H. R. Griffin, Clerk; Chas. E. Ohliger, Treasurer; Col. C. V. 
Hard, P. C. Given, John McSweeney, W. J. Mullins. Carl 
White, John Light. 

Lodges and Secret Societies. 

Given Post, No. 133, G. A. R. — Meets every Thursday evening, 
third floor Frick's blk, W Liberty st. Commander, John 
Yarman; adjutant, H, R. Parker. 

Given Relief Corps, No. 19, G. A. R. — Meets in Iron blk, W Lib- 
erty St., on Thursday nights, every other week. Mrs. Jennie 
Lerch, president; Mrs. Louisa Ellsperman, secretary. 

Ebenezer Lodge, No. 33, F. & A. M. — Meets second and fourth 
Wednesday of each month. Masonic Temple, W Liberty st. 
James M. Reid, W. W.; W. L. Firestone, secretary. 

WoosTER Chapter, No. 27, R. A. M. — Meets first Thursday after 
full moon in Masonic Temple, W Liberty st, S. H. Boyd, 
H. P.; W. L. Firestone, secretary. 

Graduates of the Bixler Business College in all large cities. 

For High Grade Photographic Enlargements go to DAWSON'S. 


WoosTER Council, No. 13, R. & S. M. — Meets first Tuesday of 
each month in Masonic Temple, W Liberty st. V/. W. Fire- 
stone, T. I. M.; W. L. B'irestone, recorder. 

WoosTER CoMiiANDERY, No. 48, K. T. — Meets second Tuesday of 
each month, in Masonic Temple, W Liberty st. Walter D. 
Foss, C. C; Jesse McClellan, recorder. 

WoosTER Lodge, No. 42, L O. O. F. — Meets every Friday night. 
Noble Grand, Adam Eyman; secretary, Frank Boigegrain. 

KiLLBUCK Enca^ipment, No. 17, I. O. O. F. — Meets second and 
fourth Monday nights of each month. Chief, John C. Schultz; 
secretary, E. O. Power. 

Canton Wright, No. 77. — Meets second and fourth Tuesday 
nights of every month in I. O. O. F. hall, S Market st. Cap- 
tain, Forbes Alcock; lieutenant, Frank Boigegrain ; ensign, 
Harry Kramer; clerk, R. T. Bechtel. 

Wayne Rebecca Degree Lodge, No. 323, I. O. O. F. — Meets sec- 
ond and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Noble Grand, Mrs. 
Geo. Blandford; secretary, Mi-s. M. K. Hildebrant. 

Unccas Tribe, No. 57, L O. R. M. — Meets every Wednesday night, 
third floor. Exchange blk, W Liberty st. Sachem, James 
Latimer; chief of records, Enos Pierson. 

Rising Star Lodge, No. 22, K. of P. — Meets every Tuesday even- 
ing at Castle Hall, Geitgey blk. South Market st. C. W. Kis- 
ling, C. C; Daniel Funck, K. of R. S. 

WoosTER Tent, No. 38, Knights of the Maccabees. — Regular 
meeting nights, second and fourth Tuesday evenings in the 
month, in G. A. R. hall, W Liberty st. Harry C. Sweeny, 
commander; I. N. Kinney, record keeper. 

Modern Woodmen of America, No. 4092. — Meets every Thurs- 
day night in Downing blk. V. C, James Fisher; clerk, E. W. 

Wayne Council, No. 13, Royal Arcanum. — Meets third floor 
Exchange blk. Red Men's hall, W Liberty st., every Monday 
evening. Regent, E. S. Frailey; secretary, J. B. Minier; col- 
lector, W. H. Wiler; treasurer. L. P. Ohliger. 

Order of Chosen Friends. — Meets second and fourth Monday 
nights in K. of P. ball, S Market st. Enos Pierson, secretary; 
John S. Caskey, treasurer. 

Irene Lodge, No. 44, K. of H. — Meets second and fourth Thurs- 
day of each month. Odd Fellows hall, S Market st. George 
Foltz, dictator; H. J. Kauffman, secretary. 

Wayne Council, No. 42, Jr., O. U. A. M.— Meets every Wednes- 
day evening, at L O. O. F. hall. S Market st. Counselor, J. 
W. Penick; R. S., C. H. Clark. 

Protected Home Circle, Wooster Lodge, No. 47. — Has no meet- 
ings. Home office, Sharon, Pa. Geo. S. Schmutz, acct.; A. B. 
Lee, secretary. 

National Union, No. 101, Wooster Council. — Meets annually. 
President, J. Allen Smith; secretary, Geo. J. Schwartz. 

Lowe Bros. Paste Paint. HARDING & CO. 

If you want to borrow money see G. W. SP ANGLER. 

Woodmen of the World, No. 61. — Meets every Monday night in 
winter and every other Monday night in summer, in G. A. R. 
hall, W Liberty st. Commander, J. W. Foust; clerk, J. J. 

Brotherhood of American Yeomen, No. 253. — Meets first and 
third Thursdays of each month, in L O. O. F. hall, S. Market 
St. Foreman, W. H.Jolliff; correspondent, Geo. Plummer, jr. 

College Fraternities. 

Kappa Alpha Theta— Bealle ave. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma — Bealle ave. 

Beta Theta Pi— West Side Public Square. 

Phi Gamma Delta— West Side Public Square. 

Alpha Tau Omega— East Side Public Square. 

Sigma Chi— East Side Public Square. 

Wayne County Officers. 

Judg-e of the Court of Common Pleas, S- B. Eason. 

Probate Judge, R. L. Adair. 

Board of Commissioners, Michael Miller, John Ramsey, John 

Auditor, A.. B. Peckinpaugh. 
Treasurer, A. W. Blackburn. 
Clerk of the Court, Samuel Esselburn. 
Sheriff, J. S. McCoy. 
Recorder, Florian Schaffter. 
Prosecuting Attorney, W. E. Weygandt. 
Coroner, Wm. Faber, 

Infirmary Directors, John N. Boor, Ira-Hindman, Aaron Smedley. 
County Surveyor, H. U. Mowery. 
Supt. County Infirmary, E. D. Mclntire. 

School Examiners, James L. Zaring, R. A. Leisy, E. E. Adair. 
Supt. of Public Schools, Chas. Haupert. 
Supt. Childrens Home, W. E. Jarvis. 
Trustees of Children's Home, A. D. Metz, Wooater; Allen Brown, 

Applecreek; Jacob Miller, Smithville; D. V. Hoffman, Doyles- 

Soldiers' Relief Committee, Benjamin Eason, president; John S. 

Caskey, sec. and treas.; Violetta Barrett. 

List of Justices of the Peace in Wayne County. 

name. township. p. o. address. time. 

Samuel Snyder, Paint, West Lebanon, May 10, 1900 

John J. Schlafly, " Mt. Eaton, Oct. 25, 1902 

C. J. Harrold, Sugar Creek, Dalton, May 13, 1901 

I.B.Douglas, " *' '♦ May 10, 1902 

Levi Neiswanger, Baughman, Orrville, April 20, 1900 

Henry Wenger, Baughman, Marshallville, April 20, 1901 

R. T. Douglass, Baughman, Burton City, April 10, 1902 

Individval Instruction at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

For the best 


; v/ork go to DAWSON. 


C. N. MarshaU, 



April 20, 1901 

G. W. Barkhamer, 



April " 

J. J. Frase, 



July 30. 1902 

A. J. Howenstine, 

Salt Creek, 


-, April 27, 1900 

M. L. Stophlet, 

Salt Creek, 

Fredericksburg-, May 6, 1902 

David C. Cook, 

East Union, 


April 20, 1901 

A. B. Mackey, 

East Union, 


April 10, 1902 

Thomas J. Teeple, 



April 20, 1901 

Miner R. Godard, 



«. »« 

E. H. Earl, 



May 2, *' 

H. S. Elliott, 



June 9, " 

Stephen N. Henry, 



April 20, 1900 

Samuel Morr, 



April 10, 1902 

Louis Bolus, 



April 10, 1902 

R. C. Sweeny, 



Nov. 29, " 

G. W, Gaul, 



April 17, " 

J. G. Elliott, 



April 10, " 

D. E. Bowers, 



Mav 10. 1900 

Charles A. Tenney, 

, Canaan, 


May 10, 1901 

John M. Lehr, 


Big- Prairie, 

April 25, 1900 

Michael Booth, 



May 16, 1902 

Geo. W. Plasterer 



Nov. 11, 1900 

W. M. Mellinger, 



April 20, 1901 

Lewis Ropp, 



April 20, 1900 

D. W. McGuire, 



April 20, 1900 

S. L. Naftzg-er, 


West Salem, 

April 22. 1900 

Joseph Gindlesperg 

er, Congress, 


April 10, 1902 

List of Township Clerks in Wayne County. 

Paint, J. M. Westcott, Mt, Eaton. 
Sugarcreek, L. C. Davidson, Dalton. 
Baughman, J. W. Keiffer, Marshallville. 
Chippewa, Joseph Merket, Doylestown. 
Milton, L. L. Lance, Rittman. 
Greene, B. F. Zell, Orrville. 
East Union, John W. Crummel, Applecreek. 
Saltcreek, Jos. H. Owings, Fredericksburg. 
Franklin, E. F. Wirt, Moreland. 
Wooster, Jacob Fischer, Wooster. 
Wayne, W. W. Groop, Madisonburg. 
Canaan, A. S. Tuttle, Creston. 
Congress, N. A. Hubler, West Salem. 
Chester, Jesse W. Ebert, Lattasburg. 
Plain, O. G. Ocker, Wooster. 
Clinton, John Williams, Shreve. 

List of Attorneys Practicing at Wooster Bar. 

Adair, J. S., Wooster. Taggart, Frank, Wooster. 

Adair, R. L,, Wooster. Weygandt, W. E, Wooster. 

Critchfield, L. R., sr, Wooster. Yocum, C. M, " 

Critchfield, L. R., jr, '* Yost, W. C, 

Horse Blankets and Robes. HAIRDING & CO. 

For Life Insurance, caU on G. W. SP ANGLER. 


Downing-, D. T., Wooster. 
Eason, B., Wooster. 
Eason, S. B., Wooster. 
Funck. Ross W., Wooster. 
Hubbell, H. H., Wooster. 
Hay, Benton G., " 

Johnson & Taylor, Wooster. 
Kean, W. F., Wooster. 
Metz, A. D., 
Moor, J. C, 

McClure & Smyser. Wooster. 
McSweeney, John, " 

McCiarran, John C, Wooster. 
Newkirk, E. W., 
Peckinpaug-h, T. W., " 
Roiich, Mahlon C, " 

Rieder, C. A, 
Smith, H. R, 
Swartz, H. B, 
Snyder, J. E, " 

Spooner, M. L, " 

Thomas, Alfred J, " 

Coe & Orr, Orrville. 

Orr, Thomas, Orrville. 

Ramsey, Warren, Orrville. 

Starn, Geo. W, 

Carlin, Eugene, West Salem. 

Keeler, Thos B, " 

Cornell, L. D, Shreve. 

Gallagher, Joseph, Smithville. 

Meech, James B., Doylestown. 

Miller, Geo. W, Easton. 

Russel, Price, Creston. 

Stone, Edgar E, Sterling. 

Weng-er, David, Burton City. 

Carey, J. R, Salem. 

Mullins, F. J, Salem. 

Elliott, Lee, Seville. 

Johnson & Graves, Seville. 

Huston, John W, Millersburg 

Maxwell & Sharp, " 

Stilwell, N, 

Pauley, M. G. Massillon. 

Stilwell, Byron, Ashland. 

List of Notaries Public for Wayne County, 

J. M. Wilkison, 


W. H. Winkler, 


D. Wenger, 

Burton City, 

John Double, 


John B. Odell, 

Big Prairie, 

Price Russell, 


Warden Wheeler, 


C. J. Harrold, 


W. C. Scott. 


Geo. C. Freet, 


J. B. Meech, 


Allison Hilbert. 


Samuel H. Miller, 


Fred J. Miller, 


Geo. W. Miller, 


Frank Dile, 


Ohio J. Searight, 


Geo. D. Dunham, 


N. C. McDowell, 


Wm. H. Beeler, 


Wesley H. Zaugg", 


Byron M. Baker, 


Jeptha D. Zook, 


Henry Wenger, 


Christian R. Musser, 


Edward Maag, 

Ml. Eaton, 

June 20, 1900. 
May 10, 1902. 
Feb 7, 1900. 
April 12, 1902. 
Aug 27, 1900. 
Feb 10, 1900. 
Mar 27, 1900. 
May 2, 1902. 
Feb 22, 1901. 
Sept 6, 1902. 
Mar 25, 1901. 
Dec 19, 1901. 
Nov 26, 1902. 
July 29, 1901. 
Mar 23, 1901. 
April 26, 1902. 
May 14, 1901. 
June 30, '* 
Feb 11, 1902. 
Mar 10, 1901. 
July 16, '* 
May 14, 1900. 
April 13, 1902. 
Oct 24, 1901. 
Nov 5, " 
Nov 22, 1900. 

Time of entrance at the Bixler Business College, any time. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 

L F. Schott, 
Thomas W Orr, 
Silas N. Coe, 
Adam Royer, 
N. L. Royer, 
J. Marsh McDowell. 
Geo. A. Starn, 
D. B. Good, 
G. W. Plasterer, 
L. D. Cornell, 
John Williams, 
Michael Booth, 
Elmer G. Oldroyd, 
Otto Troutman, 
O. D. Bruce, 
Harvey S. Baker, 
Franklin A. Houg-hton, 
A. K. Schaaf, 
Horace Blattenberger, 
Joseph Gallagher, 
T. W Peckinpaugh, 
Hiram B. Swartz, 
C. M. Yocum, 
Benj. Eason, 
Harvey H. Hubbell, 
W. J. Athey, 
L. R. Critchfield, jr., 
Theo. D. Wilhelm, 
Benton C. Reed, 
Wm. C. Yost, 
Jesse McClellan, 
Robert C. Sweeny, 
W. E. Weygandt', 
Isaac Johnson, 
John R. McKinnev, 
John F. Barrett, 
W. F. Kean, 
Ross W. Funck, 
Julius L. Eberhardt, 
Robert L. Adair, 
M. L. Spooner, 
Mahlon Rouch, 
Chas. A. Weiser, 
Joseph O. Fritz, 
Frank Taggart, 
G. W. Spangler, 
John C. Talbot, 
James E. Snyder, 
W. C. Myers, 
A. D. Metz, 

New Pittsburg, 

Pleasant Home, 





Mar 9, 1902. 
Sept 1, 1900. 
April 15, 1901. 
Mar 20, " 
Oct 30, 1902. 
Nov 25, " 
Jan 8, " 
Dec 19, 1900. 
Mar 7, " 
May 1, 1901. 
Mar 12, 1900, 
Mar 30, " 
April 21, " 
Dec 16, 1902. 
April 8, " 
Feb 28, " 
Sept 13, 1902. 
Mar 1, 1900. 
Mar 7, " 
July 25, 1901. 
Dec 5, 1900. 
Dec 17, " 
Dec 13, " 
April 7, " 
Oct 17, " 
Oct 18, " 
Dec 14, " 
April 18, 1901. 
Mar 18, 1900. 
Mar 24, 
April 17, 
April 10, " 
May 1, '* 
May 8, 
May 15, 
July 6, 
July 5, 1901. 
Oct 24, " 
Nov 20, " 
Nov 19, " 
Dec 22, •' 
Jan 23, 1902. 
Feb 6, " 
Mar 14, 1903. 
April 25, 1902. 
May 1, 1902. 
April 24, 1902. 
Sept 6, 1902. 
Sept 3, " 
Oct 17, •' 


BIXLER Graduates greatly in demand. 

If you have money to loan call on SPANGLER. 

Wm. W. Groop, 
Geo. A. Selders, 
F. A. Maurer, 
T. B. Keeler, 
John V. Keeler, 
J. M. McKee, 
Geo. L. LaSchell, 

West Lebanon, 

West Salem, 

Oct 17, 1902. 
Dec 17, 1901. 
Jan 29, 1902. 
Aug 30, 1900. 
Oct 9, 1901. 
Jan 24, 1902. 
Oct 16, " 

A. B. LEE & CO.'S 


Giving a List of the Tax Payers and their Post Office 
Address, for the Year 1900. 

Townships come Alphabetically. After Townships come all In- 
corporated Villages of Wayne County. If you do not 
find the name you want among" the Farmers, turn 
to the Village Directory. 


Ault, Jacob, Marshallville. 
Ault, Emanuel, Burton City. 
Ault, Mary A., Burton City 
Anthong, Fred, N Lawrence. 
Arnold, Smith, Burton City. 
Aumstutz, Jos., Marshallville. 
Ault, Catherine. Marshallville. 
Ault, Michael; Marshallville. 
Anderson, Isaiah, Marshallville. 
Ault, D. W., Orrville. 
Aumstutz, Barbara, Orrville. 
Amstutz, John G., Orrville. 
Amstutz, Solomon, Orrville. 
Ault, M. C; Marshallville. 
Anderson, Wm., Marshallville. 
Buchwalter, A. M., Dalton. 
Buch waiter, J. H., Dalton. 
Buchwalter, F. A. M., Dalton. 

Buchwalter, Daniel, Daltt>n. 

Buchwalter, John, Dalton. 

Base, Jacob H., Dalton. 

Becker, Christian, Dalton. 

Baer, Lovina, Marshallville. 

Burkholder. Mrs. Abram, Mar- 

Bowers, Isaac, Marshallville. 

Books, Wallace, N Lawrence. 

Brubaker, Jonas, N Lawrence. 

Burchart, D. E., N Lawrence. 

Brenneman. B. M,, Burton Citv. 

Byler, A. J., Burton City. 

Bowman, Jno. & Son, Marshall- 

Bumgardner, Jacob, Orrville. 

Bosley, Wm., N Lawrence. 

Baer, Elmer, Marshallville. 

Mixed Paint for House use. Harding & Co. 

Have you a house to rent? List it with SPANGLER. 


Baer, Rebecca, Marshallville. 
Broadbeck, Gotlieb, Marshallv. 
Brenneman, H. W., Orrville. 
Brechbulher, Harrietta, Orrville 
Burckhart, Henry, Orrville. 
Butzer, Gotlieb, Orrville. 
Bumg-ardner, Lena, Orrville. 
Bumg-ardner, Jacob, Orrviile. 
Bigler, Fred, Orrville. 
Brenneman, Christ. E., Orrville. 
Bair, Jacob, jr., Orrville. 
Brenneman, Enos, Orrville. 
Beck, Emil, Orrville. 
Brenneman, Nate M., Orrville. 
Big-ler, Joseph, Orrville. 
Chapper, John, Canal Fulton. 
Caper, Jacob, Canal Fulton. 
Cook, A. B. Marshallville. 
Conrad, Lydia, Marshallville. 
Carbaug-h, Mary A., Canal Ful- 
Campbell, J. L., Orrville. 
Campbell, Jessie, Orrville. 
Clapper, B. F., P. O. Dalton. 
Cocklin, Joseph, Burt*)n City. 
Cocklin, Harvey, Burton City. 
Cocklin, Albert, Burton City. 
Cocklin, J. W., Burton City. 
Correll, Samuel, Burton City. 
Culp & Garver, Burton City. 
Cunning^ham, T. J., N Lawrence 
Camp, W. H., Burton City. 
Camp, Charles, Burton City. 
Camp, W. S., Dalton. 
Clapper, A. E., Canal Fulton. 
Clapper, T. S., Canal Fulton. 
Dauseijin, Aug-., Marshallville. 
Ditzler, Joseph, Marshallville. 
Ditaler, Hattie, Marshallville. 
Douglas, R. T., Burton City. 
Doug'las, Lucy, Burton City. 
Douglas, J. S., Burton City. 
Douglas, Jno., Burton City. 
Douglas, W. S., Burton City. 
Douglas, Howard, N Lawrence. 
Dye, James E., Burton City. 
Driscal, Timothy, N Lawi-ence. 
Eberly, Daniel, Burton City. 
Eberly, J. H., Burton City. 
Eberly, Nancy, Burton City. 

Eberly, D. H., Burton City. 
Eberly, Jonas, Burton City. 
Eberly, John, Burton City. 
Eberly, Martha, Dalton. ' 
Eberly. Aaron, Dalton. 
Eberly, D. K., N Lawrence. 
Eberly, Edmon, N Lawre.nce. 
Eicher, D. S.. Canal Fulton. 
Eicher, Daniel, Canal Fulton. 
Erwin, J. C, Canal Fulton. 
Erwin, Pardee, N Lawrence. 
Eichenberger, J. R., Burton Cy. 
Eby, Jacob O., Marshallville. 
Eshelman & Brenneman, Orr- 
Eshelman, J. S., Orrville. 
Eiker, Gotlieb, Orrville. 
First, Henry, N Lawrence. 
Fletcher, G. W., N Lawrence. 
Fornight, John, N Lawrence. 
Featherstone, Jno., N Lawrence 
Frame, Emanuel, Marshallville. 
Forrer, Heni-y H., Orrville. 
Frey, Henry, Marshallville. 
Frey, Mary, Marshallville. 
Frey, John, Orrville. 
Field, W. H., Orrville. 
Forrer, Geo. F. Orrville. 
Erase, J. G, Marshallville. 
First, Silas, Orrville. 
Fordenwelt, David, Marshallv. 
Frey, John, jr, Orrville. 
Gallatin, G. B, Dalton. 
Good, Noah, Dalton. 
Good, Benj, Dalton. 
Good, Emma, Dalton. 
Good, Anna, Dalton. 
Geiselman, G. M, Orrville. 
Geiser, Daniel, Burton City. 
Goddheart, Henry, N Lawrence 
Glindlesperger, J, Canal Fulton. 
Gregory. Josph, Dalton. 
Getz, Adam, N Lawrence. 
Good, E. H., Dalton. 
Glich. Samuel H, Marshallville. 
Graber, Mary A, Marshallville. 
Graber, David C, Marshallville. 
Graber, Christian S, Marshallv. 
Graber, Peter, Marshallville. 
Graber, Christian C, Marshallv. 

Indian Cltibsattd Dumb Bells, HARDING & CO. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 


Graber, Rebecca and Sarah, Mar- 

Griser, Catherine, Orrville. 
Good, Jessie, Orrville. 
Goshmaner, John, Orrville. 
Gardner, O. D, Orrville. 
Gerber, Elizabeth, Orrville. 
Gardner, Valentine, Orrville. 
Gardner, Fanny, Orrville. 
Hans, D. W, Burton City. 
Hans, John, Burton City. 
Hershey, Jacob, Burton City. 
Hershev, H. F, N Lawrence. 
Hershey, E. M, Dalton. 
Hess, Isaac, Marshallville. 
Heck, D. B, Marshallville. 
Horst, Samuel S., Orrville. 
Horst, W. A, Orrville. 
Horst, Enos, Orrville. 
Huntzberger, G, Orrville. 
Hackman, John, Burton City. 
Hackman. Henry, Canal Fulton. 
Hursh, Aaron, Burton City. 
Hursh, Henry, Burton City. 
Hoover, Frank, Burton City. 
Hess, Henry H, Burton City. 
Homan, Oliver, Dalton. 
Herr, Philip, N Lawrence. 
Hofstetter, P. J, Dalton. 
Hoy, John F, Canal Fulton. 
Huntsberger, Sarah J, Burton 

Hurst, "Michael W, Burton City. 
Halter, J. B. & J. F, Marshallv. 
Harsh, Samuel. Marshallville. 
Hohn, Perry, Marshallville. 
Hohn, Peter, Marshallville. 
Harbaugh, Albert, Clinton. 
Harbaugh, Wm, Clinton. 
Johnson, Levi, Dalton. 
Kauffman, Frank, Dalton. 
Kauffman, F. H, Dalton. 
Kauffman, Geo. P, Burton City. 
Krug, Samuel, Dalton. 
Krug, Jerry, N I^awrence. 
Keller, John, Marshallville. 
Knuttle, Samuel, Burton Citv. 
Kilmer, J. W, Burton City. 
Kisner, Ellen, Burton City. 
Koons, E. E, Burton City. 

Kuntz, Nelson, Burton City. 
Kurzem, Peter, Dalton. 
Kiener, John, Orr\ille. 
Kornhaus, John, Orrville. 
Lehman, S. M. Burton City. 
Lehman, Daniei, Burton City. 
Lehman, Josiah, Burton City. 
Lehman, Kate, Burton City. 
Lehman, Fanny F, Burton City. 
Lehman, Joseph F, Burton City. 
Lehman, Isaiah K, Burton City. 
Leisy, Henry, Burton City. 
Leisy, Jonathan, Burton City. 
Leisy, Mary A, Burton City. 
Lorson, Peter, Burton City. 
Loi-son, Michael, Burton City. 
Locker, Thomas, Burton City. 
Leisey, David, Marshallville. 
Lover, Alfred, Marshallville. 
Lower, J. H, Marshallville. 
Lower, John, Marshallville. 
Lower, Mrs. S, Marshallville. 
Lower, Wm, Marshallville. 

Martin, David W. Dalton. 
Martin, John S, N Lawn-ence. 
Martin Samuel H, Dalton. 
Martin D. H, Burton City. 
Martin E. S, Burton City. 
Martin Adam, Orrville. 
Martin Emanuel, Burtin City. 
Martin David, Dalton. 
Martin Jonathan. Dalton. 
Martin Annie, Dalton. 
Martin Barbara. Daltf)!]. 
Miser Jacob, Burton City. 
Miser Frank, Burton City. 
Miser Mathias, sr, Burton City. 
Musser Mary C, Orrville. 
Musser Levi, Orrville. 
Miller John, Canal Fulton. 
Meifart Henry, Marshallville. 
Musser John W, Marshallville. 
Musser Henry C Marshallville. 
Musser Christ. J Marshallville. 
Musser Joseph H Marshallville. 
Mang Mrs. Mary Marshallville. 
Miser, Mathias, jr, Burton City. 
Manning. Jerry, Burton City. 
Mackey, H. C, Burton City^ 
Michner, W. A.. Burton City. 

Positions practically sure, after graduating at the B. B. C. 

G. W. SPANGLEI^, Office in Frick's Iron Block. 


Miller, Josiah, Bui-ton City. 
Martin, John H., Orrviller 

Nolt, S. A,, North Lawrence. 
Nitterrauer, D., Burton City. 
Nitterrauer, J. P., Burton Citv. 
Nolt, Catherine, Marshallville'. 
Newroth, Christ., Marshallville. 
Newroth, Joseph, Marshallville. 
Neisweng-er, John, Orrville. 
Nolt, Joseph, Canal Fulton. 
Patten^on, Hugh, Burton City. 
Platek. Charles, Burton City. 
Peti, F. B., Burton City. 
Price, J. F., North Lawrence. 
Patton, Daniel, Canal Fulton, 
Pontius, A. J., Marshallville. 
Patton, Joseph, Canal Fulton, 
Patton, James, Canal Fulton. 
Patton, F. & C. Canal Fulton. 
Porter, Judd, Canal Fulton. 
Porter. Robert, Canal Fulton. 
Ramseyer, Fred, Marshallville. 
Ripple, Henrietta, Orrville. 
Rohrer, Benj.. Burton City. 
Rohrer, Gabriel, Burton City. 
Rehm, Daniel, Orrville. 
Rehm, Charles, Orrville. 
Rehm, Wm.. Burton City. 
Rehm, G. W., Burton City. 
Rehm, Jacob, jr. Burton City. 
Rehm, A. J., Burton City. 
Rehm, Ira C, Burton Citv. 
Rehm, J. F.. Burton Cit^. 
Rehm, John, Burton Citv. 
Rehm, J. W.. Burton City. 
Rehm, Rickie, Burton City. 
Rudy, Jacob B., Dalton. 
Rife, Jonathan, Burton City. 
Rang-e, Charles, Orrville. 
Rickenbach, Fred, Orrville. 
Rich, Martin, Sraithville. 
Shank, J. W., Clinton. 
Shaffer, H. J., Marshallville. 
Shaffer, Sam. F., Marshallville. 
Stoll, Christian, Marshallville. 
StoU, Peter J., Marshallville. 
Steiner, John S., Orrville. 
Schmidt, John, Marshallville. 
Suttle, Wm., Burton City. 

Suttle, C. B., Burton City. 
Shetler, W. H., N Lawrence. 
Staffer. Israel H., Canal Fulton. 
Staffer, Henry H, N Lawrence. 
Staffer, Nancy, Canal Fulton. 
Spindler, Marg-aret, Burton C'y. 
Spindler, S. H, Burton City. 
Spindler, J. W, Burton City. 
Shearer, Mary E, Burton Citv. 
Shisler, Daniel, Burton CHy. ' 
Shelt, J. W, N Lawrence. 
Shelt, Henry, N Lawrence, 
Shenk, J. J, Burton City. 
Shenk, C. W, Burton City. 
Shenk, J. M, Burton City. 
Sickman. W. K. Burton City. 
Stinson&Sickman, Burton City. 
Shilling-, Daniel, N Lawrence. 
Stender, John, Burton City. 
Stender, F. C, Burton City. 
Snyder, Henry, Millersburg-, 
Snow, Edgar, Bostor, Mass. 
Sweng-er; Jacob, Orrville. 
Strohm, Christian, Orrville. 
Steiner, C. C. Orrville. 
Shisler, Mary, Orrville. 
Sauwer. Wm, Orrville. 
Stoner, Amos, Burton City. 
Stoner, Harry M. Burton City. 
Smith. Peter. Burton City. 
Smith, Henry. Burton City. 
Smith, Andrew, Burton City. 
Singer, Cyrus, Orrville. 
Shaub, Martin. Dalton. 
Sbriber, G. W, Burton City. 
Schaller, Joseph, Burton City. 
Tittlar, James. Marshallville. 
Ulman, Samuel, Homer. 
Weaver. S. L, North Lawrence. 
Winkler, J. W, Orrville. 
Wevg^ndt, E. C. Burton City. 
Weygandt, J. K, Burton City. 
Waiter, Cyrus, North Lawrence. 
Walter, Simon, N Lawrence. 
White, Amos, Burton City. 
White, Israel, Burton City. 

Welty Tilda. Dalton. 
Weng-er, J. E, Burton Citv, 
Wcnger, S. H, Burton City. 

Clothes Wringers at HARDING & GO'S. 

Dawson makes enfarged photographs from amateur negatives. 

Weng-er, B. H, Burton City. 
Weng-er, Mary B, Burton City. 
Wenger, Mary A, Burton City. 
Weng-er, E. H, Burton City. 
Wenger. W. M, Burton City. 
Weaver, D. J, Orrville. 
Weaver, W. D, Orrville. 
Weygandt, David, Canal Fulton. 



Wagner, Fred, Canal Fulton, 
Weygandt, Benj, Marshall ville. 
Weygandt A M Marshallville. 
Weiser E J Marshallville. 
Yost Johnathan Orrville. 
Yost Daniel Burton City, 
Yeagley Christian Orrville, 
Ziegler Benj Burton City. 

Curtis, Marshallville. 


Armstrong T A Wooster, Cochrel Finley Burbank. 

Armstrong Thomas Wooster. Cochrell Mason Burbank 
Armstrong David Wooster. Cover Abram Burbank. 

Armstrong Wm Golden Corners. Culliers W H Burbank. 
Allehouse Isaac Golden Corners. Darrah T S Canaan. 
Betz Cyntha Golden Corners. Dulin Samuel Creston. 
Burkhard Christian Creston, Davidson Wm Creston. 
BoM^erson Harvey Madisonburg. Ebie Harvey Creston 

Blouher Joseph Creston. 
Baumann Henry Creston. 
Baumann Frederick Creston. 
Beril Christian Creston. 
Bell Amil Sterling. 
Baker Charles Creston, 
Bowman Hiram A Burbank. 
Bahl Archie A Creston. 
Bowman V O Burbank, 
Bowman John Burbank. 
Baker James M Burbank. 
Beard Morgan Burbank. 
Burns Wm Burbank. 
Burns Mattle A Burbank. 
Buchel Adolph Golden Corners. 
Brenizer George Canaan. 
Bowers T F Caanan. 
Bowman David Canaan. 
Bowers James Canaan. 
Barnes Wm P. Canaan. 
Bixler Ed Canaan. 
Bactley Wm Canaan. 
Brinkerhoff Jas Golden Corners. 
Brinkerhoff Amos " 

Bowers Levi Golden Corners. 
Caskey E F Creston. 
Correll John Creston. 
Crawford Albert Creston. 
Crane Cyrus D Creston. 
Crawford Marion Creston. 
Cochrell R C & W E Creston. 

Egbert Austin Creston. 
Eby Samuel Creston. 
Edwards L C Canaan. 
Ervin Cyrus Canaan. 
Eby Elizabeth Creston. 
Ferman Lander Creston. 
Faud John Creston. 
Ferman Elmer Creston. 
Fouch Josiah Creston. 
Fetzer Wm Creston, 
Fetzer S. E Creston. 
Frary O A Creston. 
Frary Emily Creston. 
Fox E E Creston, 
Fike J B Creston. 
Fike Mr & Mrs John Canaan. 
Fike Fred Canaan. 
Fetzer Perry Canaan. 
Fetzer Valentine Canaan. 
Fetzer A M Canaan. 
Fetzer A O Canaan. 
Feeman Wm Canaan. 
Frary Orange Canaan. 
Frary A P Canaan. 
Farmer Jacob Canaan. 

Gault Matthew Golden Corners. 
Gaul Henry W Madisonburg. 
Garver Charles Canaan. 

Hollaway Jno jr Burbank. 
Herman E L Burbank. 

Preparation at B. B. C. means beginning of success. 

Do you want to buy a farm? If so, call ou G. W, SPANGLER. 

Hass Michael Burbank. 
Hawk Isaac Burbank. 
Haskins D E Canaan, 
llaskins F N Canaan. 
Hoising-ton Frank Canaan, 
Hemming- D W Golden Corners. 
Hanenstein Geo Creston. 
Hochster John Creston. 
Harley Charles Creston. 
Hewitt Nick Creston. 
Hoff David B Creston. 
Irvin John Creston. 
Irvin G W Golden Corners. 
Irwin Jos M Creston. 
Jorden Bros & Co, Creston. 
Jorden Frank Creston. 
Johnson Monroe Creston. 
Johnson John E Creston. 
Kinney W S Canaan. 
Kline S L Creston. 
Kissing-er Jacob Canaan. 
Kollhart Robt Golden Corners. 
Ko-k Mildred Canaan. 
Knowlton Albert W Creston. 
Keck E W Creston. 
Keck Henry Creston. 
Kauffman David Smithville. 
Knestrick Isaiah Creston. 
Kline, Jonathan, Creston. 
Long Sherman F Canaan. 
Long- David Canaan. 
Lee, Louis Sr Canaan. 
Louis, Reuben, Canaan. 
Leichty B F Canaan. 
Lehman J F Wooster. 
Mathews Jno Canaan. 
Metz Sam Canaan. 
Mulhullam Geo Canaan. 
Miller Joseph Creston. 
Moore Aaron Creston. 
Maftzger W M Creston. 
Mclllvaine David W Creston. 
Miller John K Creston 
McQuate Isaac Creston. 
Mcillveine Geo A Creston. 
Mclllvaine, Ellsworth Creston. 
Morrow^ Thomas Creston. 
Mansching John Creston. 
Miller John Creston. 
Miller, Emmett Creston. 

McFadden W J Creston. 

Moyer Benj Creston. 

Muttersbaugh James Creston. 

Miller Zeno Creston. 

Mohler Henry Canaan. 

Myers Frank Golden Corners. 

Matthews Geo Canaan. 

Myers Elmer Gk>lden Corners. 

Miller Edward Canaan. 

Notesteine Wm Creston. 

Nultstine Benson Canaan. 

Nultstine Wra Canaan. 

Nultstine Mrs E Canaan. 

Nultstine T B Canaan. 

Oiler Geo Golden Corners. 

Orr Clinton N Canaan. 

Oswald I N Burbank, 

Over John Burbank. 

Peak, Henry A Creston. 

Pearamanter J W Creston. 

Packard James Burbank. 

Reed Melvin Creston. 

Rock Henry Creston, 

Romich Andrew Creston, 
Russell Thomas Canaan. 

Russell U A Canaan. 
Richards Jos Canaan. 

Rhodes Samuel Canaan. 
Reese, Rush Canaan. 

Reese Zeno Canaan 
Reese Albert Canaan 
Snell Ira Creston 
Shaff Edw^asd C Creston 
Smith Jacob L Wooster 
Shindler Samuel Smiteville 
Shoemaker Wm W Creston 
Shumaker Wm Creston 
Stettsman Joseph Creston 
Slatum Morroe Creston 
Smith Wm Creston 
Snyder George Creston 
Summers Elizabeth Canaan 
Stratton Frank Burbank 
Sell Frank Canaan 
Sell Chas Canaan 
Sell Jacob Canaan 
Sell Clara T Canaan 
Slutz C E Canaan 
Slutz Mrs Rebecca Canaaan 
Scott A H Canaan 

Tlie Famous Crescent Bicycle at HARDING & CO.'S. 

Sepia Photographic Enlar^eraents made by DAWSON. 


Swarts Alice Creston 
Scott Mrs Mary Canaan 
Smith DeForest Canaan 
Smith Clyde Canaan 
Smith W H, Canaan. 
Smith A C, Canaan. 
Smith Mrs Lizzie, Canaan. 
Sinclair Harry, Canaan. 
Snell Henry, Canaan. 
Snell Georg'e, Canaan. 
Snell John. Canaan. 
Snell Lela, Canaan. 
Shilling Adam, Bur bank. 
Smith Ezra, Burbank. 
Smith J F, Burbank. 
Showalter H W, Burbank. 
Swartz S E, Burbank. 
Sapp Laurinda J, Burbank. 
Stettsman Joseph, Burbank. 
Slaterm Morroe, Creston. 
Smith Wm, Creston. 
Snyder Geo, Creston. 
Swarts Alice, Creston. 
Tally Christopher. Creston. 
Taubert George, Creston. 
Tuttle Dr G G, Creston. 
Taylor H W, Canaan. 
Taylor G H, Canaan. 
Voit Mrs Emeline, Canaan. 
Winger George, Creston. 
Witherow Abram, Burbank. 

Whitmore Chas, Burbank. 
Whitworth Jos. Golden Corners. 
Wasson Rachael, Golden Corners 
Wiles J M, Canaan. 
Wiles Mrs L E, Burbank. 
Wiles A C, Canaan. 
Wiles David, Canaan. 
Whonsettler S L, Canaan. 
Whonsettler Mrs E M, Canaan. 
Whonsettler S T, Canaan. 
Whonsettler K T, Canaan. 
Whonsettler Samuel, Canaan. 
Whonsettler George, Creston. 
Whonsettler John, Creston. 
Weidrick John, Creston, 
Woodward Wm, Creston. 
Whitworth Samuel, Creston. 
Walmer Henry, Creston. 
Whonsettler Charles, Creston. 
Whonsettler Jacob. Creston. 
Weidrick Wm, Canaan. 
Whitmore S H, Burbank. 
Walters Martin, Burbank. 
Weidrick Mary, Canaan. 
Walters W J, Burbank. 
Yonker, Martin, Creston. 
Yonker, John, Creston. 
Young Cyrus, Bubank. 
Zimmerman Jos, Canaan. 
Zuver, Sophia, Canaan. 


Alspaugh Sydney, Lattasburg. 
Arnold Clara, N Pittsburg. 
Anderson Samuel, Overton. 
Brownson W O, Cedar Valley. 
Bixler E D, N Pittsburg. 
Berkey Jonas, N Pittsburg. 
Basons W T, A^rmstrong. 
Bridensteine J W, Lattasburg. 
Bowman Alice C, Lattasburg. 
Bowman Elizabeth, Lattasburg. 
Baker Byron M, Lattasburg. 
Bagley Mary, Lattasburg. 
Bagley Joshua, Lattasburg. 
Buchanan Samuel, N Pittsburg. 
Bower Chas W. Plain. 
Boorman John N, Wooster. 
Bechtel Andrew M. Lattasburg. 

Becker Jacob, Lattasburg. 
Barnhart Mary J, Lattasburg. 
Bridenstine Melvins, Plain. 
Boorman Alex M, Wooster. 
Batdorff Wm, New Pittsburg. 
Buchanan Geo K, N Pittsburg. 
Buchanan Chas W, Wooster. 
Brenn Henry, Wooster. 
Billheimer Abraham, Congress. 
Billheimer Chas, Congress. 
Buchholz Chas P, Wooster. 
Bowman J F, N Pittsburg. 
Bates J W, N Pittsburg. 
Bierly Susan H, Overton. 
Bower J L, N Pittsburg. 
Bowersock Q, Reedsburg. 
Bower Sherman, Lattasburg-. 

5,000 sq. ft. of floorage at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 



We can give you a few ideas only. If you want to know more, get our 
100 pp. catalogue. 

The school, this winter, is more successful than it has been at any 
previous time. The reason of this is because; 

1. The school is progressive and has the latest and very best of facili- 
ties for imparting a practical education. 

2. Because of the unusual success of our graduates in the past year, 
In securing remunerative positions. 

If you have money to loan call on G. W. SPANGLER. 


Christy J W, Wooster. 
Caskey Emmett, Overton. 
Camp Warren R, Red Haw. 
Christy James W, Wooster. 
Clason Delphos W, Armstrong-. 
Craven W O, Cedar Valley. 
Coblih John C, Red Haw. 
Campbell John B, Overton. 
Christy Samuel W, Cedar Valley. 
Carrol, Wm F, Overton. 
Christy David O, Overton. 
Dintaman Daniel, Wooster. 
Dirck Leonard, Cedar Valley. 
Dorcas Wm, N Pittsburg-. 
Ebert Harvev E, Lattasburg-. 
Ebert Henry H, Cedar Valley. 
Ewing- John, Overton. 
Ecker John, Wooster. 
Easterday Elmer E, N Pittsbu'gr 
Eyman Henry B, Wooster, 
Emery David, N Pittsburg-. 
Easterday Mary E. Overton. 
Easterday John, Overton. 
France A" W, N Pittsburg-. 
Finley E S, New Pittsburg-. 
Fortney W A, New Pittsburg-. 
Fort.ney T W, New Pitsburg. 
Flora Marion W, Overton. 
Funk Joseph A, Lattasburg-. 
Firestone P C, New Pittsburg. 
Firestone Solomon, N Pittsburg. 
Fuhnalman Jacob, Lattasburg. 
Funk Harry E, Lattasbui-g-. 
Flager Sarah W, New Pittsburg 
Flager Samuel, New Pittsburg. 
Frank Jacob, Lattasburg-. 
F'inn Charies F, Overton. 
Franks Basil, Wooster. 
Fike Jacob, Lattasburg". 
Flag-er, Fannie A, Cedar Valley. 
Fetters John, Cedar Valley, 
Fair Andrew, New Pittsburg-. 
Flag-er Peter, Cedar Valley. 
Flag-er Jacob, Cedar Valley, 
Fair W H, New Pittsburg. 
Fair B F, New Pittsburg. 
Fair Wm, New Pittsburg, 
Firestone Adrian, N Pittsburg. 
Firestone John, New Pittsburg. 
Fisher G W, New Pittsburg. 

Fetzer Jonathan, Overton. 
Good Ephriem, Lattasburg. 
Glasgow David E, N Pittsburg. 
Grose Amos, Lattasburg. 
Gable Henry P, Lattasburg. 
Gill Jacob, Lattasburg. 
Gill David, Lattasburg. 
Gill Kate, Lattasburg. 
Gray Frank, Cedar Valley. 
Garver Wm W, Lattasburg. 
Gill Wm, Reedsburg. 
Gill D C, Reedsburg. 
Gill Christian, Reedsburg. 
Hagerman Joseph, N Pittsburg. 
Hosier Maggie, Lattasburg. 
Hohenshell Albert, Lattasburg. 
Hagerman Wm, New Pittsburg. 
Hagerman Sarah J, N Pittsburg. 
Hileman Wallace M, Lattasburg. 
Hohenshell David, Lattasburg, 
Horst Noah G, Lattasburg. 
Haas Henry, Lattasburg. 
HawkWm, Overton. 
Hefflefinger Phoebe, Wooster. 
Hefflefinger Chas, Wooster. 
Howman Mary, Cedar Valley. 
Herman Noah, Congress. 
Herman Henry, Congress. 
Hartman F P, Cedar Valley. 
Hardy Harry, Wooster. 
Haverstock Geo C, N Pittsburg. 
Hawk Daniel, Overton. 
Hartman E D, Cedar Valley. 
Hawk W. E, Wooster. 
Haverstock H W, N Pittsburg. 
Holmes John, N Pittsburg. 
Howser Addison, N Pittsburg. 
Heiner L Z, N Pittsburg. 
Howser G Albert, N Pittsburg. 
Holmes O N, N Pittsburg. 
Heiner Mary, N Pittsburg. 
Hileman Harvey E, Lattasburg. 
Hough John, Plain. 
Holmes Milton J, Lattasburg. 
Hartzel Geo, Lattasburg. 
Hartzel Henry Lattasburg. 
Hill James M, Wooster. 
Hefflefinger Geo W, Wooster. 
Hardy Aina, Wooster. 
Howser Ann Luella, Wooster. 

Bixler Business College in session 14 years without vacation. 

Dawson makes enlarged photographs from amateur negatives. 


Ickes Lewis E, Lattasburg. 
Ickes, John, Lattasburg-. 
Imhoff Peter, Lattasburg-. 
Imhoff Christian, Lattasburg. 
Imhoff John E, Lattasburg. 
Ickes James H, New Pittsburg. 
Imhoff John F, Lattasburg. 
Imhoff Henry P, Lattasbnrg. 
Jacobs Jacob, Lattasburg. 
Johnson Geo E, Cedar Valley, 
Jacobs Rachael, Golden Corners. 
Jacobs Henry, Lattasburg. 
Johnson Chas E, Cedar Valley. 
Johnson Stanford, Cedar Valley. 
Jackson S W, New Pittsburg. 
Kinney Job, Wooster. 
Kerstetter Lucetta, Overton. 
Kelly Elizabeth, Overton. 
Kamp Wilford, New Pittsburg. 
Kamp Henry C, New Pittsburg. 
Kobb Marshall R, New Pittsb'g. 
Lehman Henry H, Lattasburg. 
Landaw David C, Wooster. 
Landis Mastin, Lattasburg. 
Lawrence Geo W, Plain. 
Leaman James P, Lattisburg. 
Lehr John, New Pittsburg, 
Lawrence Martin, Reedsburg. 
Linglie Jacob, , Reedsburg. 
Landia W H, Lattasburg. 
Landaw David E, Overton. 
Lantz Ralph W. Plain, 
McGuire Daniel W. Wooster. 
Myers Elizabeth M, Lattasburg, 
Myers Chas, Lattasburg. 
Martin Sarah J, Lattasburg. 
Miller Daniel J, Lattasburg. 
Myers Clinton J, Lattasburg. 
Myers Abraham, Lattasburg. 
Myers John, Lattasburg. 
Miller John H, New Pittsburg. 
Myers Irvin Lattasburg. 
Myers Isaac C, Lattasburg. 
Miller Frank, Lattasburg. 
Mowery David, Wooster. 
Martin Daniel, Lattasburg. 
Martin John, Reedsburg. 
Mason Leonard F, N Pittsburg. 
McCoy Augusta, N Pittsburg. 
Myers Gideon P, Overton. 

Martin Mary, Reedsburg. 
McFadden Henry W, Wooster. 
Martin Daniel, N Pittsburg. 
Muir John L, Lattasburg. 
Miller Phillip, Lattasburg. 
Miller Isaiah, N Pittsburg. 
Major Robert, Plain. 
McFadden Alice A, Lattasburg. 
McFadden Henry, Lattasburg. 
Myers Jacob C, Lattasburg. 
Mower James N, Cedar Valley. 
Miller Henry, ' ' 

Mowery Ella, Wooster. 
Major John, Wooster. 
Myers Laura B, Wooster. 
Mauery Adam, Wooster. 
Mowerer Elmer, Cedar Valley, 
Miller Eddie A, Overton. 
Miller JohnH, Overton. 
Matty Samuel H, Cedar Valley, 
McAffee. Catherine, Wooster. 
Mower Wm H, Cedar Valley. 
Mowery Irvin Q, Overton. 
Miller Ellsworth, Overton. 
Mowery Benj F, Overton. 
Mowerer Harvey L, Overton, 
McAffee Frank, Overton. 
McConahay James, Overton. 
McCoy J S, Overton, 
Norton Margery, N Pittsburg, 
Nollin Margaret A, Lattasburg. 
Ogden James A, Lattasburg. 
Ogden John F, Lattasburg. 
Ocker John D, N Pittsburg. 
Pittinger Daniel, Lattasburg. 
Pittinger W H, Lattasburg. 
Painter, Emiline, Lattasburg. 
Painter John, Lattasburg. 
Piper Harve}^ L, N Pittsburg. 
Piper John W, Plain. 
Piper A B, N Pittsburg. 
Piper Elizabeth, N Pittsburg. 
Piper Wm, N Pittsburg. 
Piper Harrison, N Pittsburg. 
Peterman John, Cedar Valley. 
Pfeiffer Phillip, Cedar Valley. 
Pfeiffer Caroline, Cedar Valley, 
Pfeiffer Martha, Cedar Valley. 
Reichard Samuel, Lattasburg. 
Rice Fred H, N Pittsburg. 

Clothes WriJtgers. HARDING & CO. 

SPANGLER will sell you a home if you see him. 


Rice Dianna, N Pittsburg-, 
Rice F P, N Pittsburg. 
Rennie A G, N Pittsburg-. 
Radabaugh Lincoln E, Overton. 
Radabaugh Solomon E, Overton 
Rutt W H, Cedar Valley. 

Rutt C, 

Rutt Henry G, 
Rutt Harvey S, 
Ropp Bertha, ' , 

Radabaugh Chas G, Lattasburg. 
Rumbaugh Miller I, Lattasburg-. 
Rutt John, Lattasburg. 
Rathburn W A, Plain. 
Radabaugh John A. Overton. 
Radabaugh Jacob. Cedar Valley 
Richards Frank O, ' ' 

Sheppard John T, Lattasburg. 
Steltzer Samuel, Lattasburg. 
Showalter Simon, Lattasburg. 
Swinehart E, N Pittsburg. 
Showalter Joseph, Lattasburg. 
Spacht Josiah H, N Pittsburg. 
Swinehart John I, Lattasburg. 
Snyder Elizabeth, Lattasburg. 
Schaum Samuel F, Wooster. 
Schaum Elizabeth, Lattasburg. 
Sterratt John D, Cedar Valley. 
Sheppard Paoli, Lattasburg. 
Shank David H, Lattasburg. 
Shank W F, Congress. 
Smalley W A, Lattasburg. 
Smalley Matthew, Lattasburg. 
Showalter John, Lattasburg. 
Shoup W H. Wooster. 
Smith James P, Overton. 
Swinehart Benj, Lattasburg. 
Speck S F, N Pittsburg. 
Schaum Henry, Lattasburg. 
Swaisgood, D M, N Pittsburg. 
Showalter Samuel, Reedsburg. 
Smyser I O, Reedsburg. 
Stair Peter, New Pittsburg. 
Spotts John J, New Pittsburg. 
Smith W J, Overton. 
Smyser Ashley W, Overton. 
Schaum Michael, Wooster. 
Smith Quinby, Overton. 
Smyser Albert, Wooster. 
Swinehart Harry F, Overton. 

Call and see the Bixler Business College and methods used. 

Smith Elsie, Overton. 
Smith David, Overton. 
Short John W, Overton. 
Stacher Lewis, Cedar Valley. 
Smith Henry M, ' ' 

Swarts Jennie, Plain. 
Snyder Frank, Wooster. 
Shoup Isaiah, Wooster. 
Schaad John C, Wooster. 
Shamp John H, Wooster. 
Shiiferly David, Plain. 
Stone Oliver, Wooster. 
Shoup Lewis, Wooster. 
Swarts Dora, Wooster. 
Swarts Elizabeth, Wooster. 
Spitler Wm, Overton. 
Snell Eli, Overton. 
Smith Wilbur A, Cedar valley. 
Smith Brady U, 
Smith Lizzie M, * * 

Snyder Edward, ' ' 

Spangler Viola, Congress. 
Spangler Melinda, Congress. 
Shoup Adam, Wooster. 
Shoup Catherine, Wooster. 
Schmidt Rudolph, Wooster. 
Snell Jacob, Lattasburg. 
Snell Anna M, Lattasburg. 
Spangler Anna Belle, Congress. 
Traster Maria, Overton. 
Tenny Ruth. Cedar Valley. 
Troxel Jacob C, Wooster. 
Thompson Wm, Cedar Valley. 
Troxel Joseph W, Lattasburg. 
Troxel Jacob, Lattisburg. 
Troxel Samuel, Lattisburg. 
Troxel Amanda, Lattasburg. 
Taylor Milton D, Lattasburg. 
Thorley Samuel W, Lattasburg. 
Uhler Samuel C, Cedar Valley. 
Uhler John F, Reedsburg. 
Uher John C, Cedar Valley. 
Wilcox Elizabeth, N Pittsburg^ 
Weltmore Anna and Edward K, 

Worst John W, Lattasburg. 
Worst Viola, Lattasburg. 
Wood Wm, Lattasburg. 
Welsh Joseph, Lattasburg. 
Weaver Daniel, New Pittsburg. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 

Woodward W, Plain. 
Warner Caroline, Overton. 
Wagoner Charley, Cedar Valley. 
Walton James A, Overton. 
Winkler John, Overton. 
Williams Elizabeth J, Overton. 
Williams W H, Overton. 
Witmer Benj, Wooster. 
Willis Ellen, Cedar valley. 
Willis Alvin and Sarah E, Cedar 

Williams Marg-aret, Cedar val'y. 
Wile J, Reedsburg. 

Wile C C, Reedsburg. 
Wile Lucy A, New Pittsburg". 
Walton Chas M, Overton. 
Yoder Zachariah, Overton. 
Young H Harry, Overton. 
Young John, Cedar valley. 
Young Geo W, Congress. 
Zimmerman Martin, Lattasbu'g- 
Zimmerman Hiram F, " 
Zimmerman S T, Reedsburg. 
Zimmerman A A, N Pittsburg. 
Zigler H F, Reedsburg. 


Adams J J, Doylestown. 
Adams J J. Easton. 
Adams N E, Easton. 
Andre Carmen R. Easton. 
Ahl Charles, Easton. 
Augfang Peter, Doylestown. 

Burger Joseph, Easton. 
Bauman Fred, Easton. 
Basler Chas, Hametown. 
Butzes Jacob, Hametown. 
Burgner Jackson, Clinton. 
Bidinger Peter, Clinton. 

Baysinger Margaret, Doylest'wnBuehl Louis, Clinton. 
Burger John F Jr, Doylestown. Bardorf John, Canal Fulton. 
Billman Benrose, Doylestown. Cassenheiser Jos, Doylestown. 
Bow^rsoch Andrew, Doylestown.Collier A J, Doylestown. 
Book James S, Doylestown. Cackler Philip, Doylestown. 

Bowman Mrs Anna, Doylestown. Calbtzor A, Doylestown. 

Beall Wm, Doylestown. 
Baysinger H W, Doylestown. 
Bidiger Nicholas, Doylestown. 
Burg Michael, Doylestown. 
Busson Joseph Doylestown. 
Busson Fred, Doylestown, 

Cameron Mrs W J, Marshallville 
Collier Samuel, Doylestown. 
Collier Wm, Doylestown. 
Collier James, Doylestown. 
Collier Ellis, Doylestown. 
Chidster A B, Doylestown. 

Browse Thomaz F, Doylestown. Collins Newell, Doylestown. 
Baysinger Andrew. Doylestown. Cleckner Harvey, Doylestown. 

Beery C E, Easton. 
Burger Samuel, Easton. 
Bratto Lloyd, Easton. 
Brattow James, Easton. 
Brattow Miss Kate, Easton. 
Baker Joseph, Easton. 
Brichler Goo, Marshallville. 
Beall Mrs Mary A, Doylestow^n. 
Brunner Christian, Marhallville. 
Boss Arnold, Marshallville. 
Berry Samuel, Marshallville. 
Baysinger Chas F, Doylestown. 
Baysinger Abram. Doylestown, 
Baysinger L D, Easton. 
Baker Susan, Easton. 

Carl Matthias, Doylestown. 
Cook Geo, Barberton. 
Caffman M W, Easton. 
Cassenheiser Wm Clinton. 
Cox John, Rittman. 
Chippewa Salt Co, Rittman. 
Dohner Wm, Easton, Easton. 
Dohner Harvey, Easton. 
Dohner Jacob, Easton. 
Dolyestown Elgin Butter Co, 

Dohner C J, Easton. 
Davidson Melinda, Easton. 
Deible Frank, Doylestown. 
Deible Christian, Doylestown. 

Hoes and Garden Rakes. HARDING & CO. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 


Deible John E, Doylestown. 

Dieble John, Doylestown. 

Dannamiller H P, Doylestown, 

Dannamiller Michael, Clinton. 

Dannamilier Stephen, Clinton. 

Erwin Jas, Doylestown. 

Echard Jacob, Eaaton. 

Eshelman David, Easton. 

Edwards David, Clinton. 

Edwards Geo H, Clinton. 

Eller Wm, Marshallville. 

Eich Henry sr, Marshallville. 

Eich Henry jr, Marshallville. 

Eich Mrs Eva, Marshallville. 

Eich Mrs Geo E, Marshallville. 

Etling Abraham, Marshallville. 

Etling- John, Marshallville. 

Etling^ John E, Marshallville. 

Fleck M S, Doylestown. 

Fendelheim Ed and Hart, 

Fritzing-er Geo, Doylestown. 

Frazier Michael, Doylestown, 

Frederick Eli, Doylestown. 

Frank Mrs Rachael, Doylestown 

Frase Elias, Doylestown. 

Erase Orrin, Doylestown. 

Frase J W, Doylestown. 

Frase Thos B, Doylestown. 

Frase J P, Clinton. 

Frase E B, Clinton. 

Frase, Washing-ton, Marshallville 

Filler R B, Canal Fulton. 

Forrer Wm H, Marshallville. 

Frase B A. Clinton. 

Frase J J, Clinton. 

Frauzen Nicholas, Doylestown, 

Flath Peter and Albert, Doyles- 

Graber, Peter, Easton. 

G'll Andrew, Doylestown. 

Garmand Geo, Doylestown. 

Gleising-er Leo, Doylestown. 

Geltz Adam, Doylestown. 

Gardener, Anthony, Doylestown. 

Gallehouse F W, Doylestown. 

Gallehouse H H, Doylestown. 

Gerstenschlag-er Fred, Doyles- 

Grens Jacob, Doylestown. 

Hershey G W, Easton. 
Hnblinger Harvey, Doylestown. 
HoJBfman D H, Doylestown. 
Hornberger W H, Doylestown. 
Hackenberg Adam, Doylestown. 
Heffelman Ira M, Doylestown. 
Hammer A D, Doylestown. 
Hammer Mary E, Doylestown. 
Hammer C L, Doylestown. 
Hildbrant J J, Clinton. 
Hatfield Jacob J, Easton. 
Hannag-an Michael, Easton. 
Haller John H, Easton. 
Hieffer Isaac N, Marshallville. 
Horst Chas D, Marshallville. 
Howley Wm, Marshallville. 
Handwerk Wm, Marshallville. 
Horn John, Marshallville. 
Horn Mrs Christian, Marshall- 
Horn Joseph, Marshallville. 
Hoff Ira, Doylestown. 
Hamsicker, Anandus, Do34est'n. 
Hall L H, Doylestown. 
Imhoff Urias, Easton. 
Immel John H, Marshallville. 
Immel Wm, Marshallville, 
Immel George, Marshallville, 
Isch John, Marshallville. 
Johnson Rodney, Marshallville. 
Kallenborn Peter, Doylestown. 
Kepler B F, Doylestown. 
Kindig M F, Rittman. 
Kline C M, Clinton. 
Keefer Wm, Easton. 
Kissinger F H, Easton. 
Krabill Christian. 
KaufEman, J W, Easton. 
Koiser W D, Easton. 
Kreiling Wm, Marshallville. 
Kelbley Mrs S, Marshallville. 
Kelbley John, Marshallville. 
Lutz John P, Marshallville. 
Lutz Sebastian, Marshallville. 
Lindeman Oscar, Doylestown. 
Lehr Conrad, Doylestown. 
Lindman August, Doylestown. 
Lance Henry, Hametown. 
Lance Jesse, Hametown. 
Laman Joseph J, Clinton. 

20 reasons in 1— It PAYS to attend the B. B. C. 

For First Class Photographs g-o to DAWSON. 


Landwick Aaron, Clinton. 
Lutz, John, Easton. 
Lutz Henry, Easton. 
Long- G W, Rittman. 
Lee Edward W, Wadsworth. 
Lee Wm, Wadsworth. 
Lee Kenry & Worth, W'ds'w'th 
Musser W. & Catherine Easton. 
Musser David, Easton. 
Musser John D, Easton. 
Musser Peter, Easton. 
Musser Jacob, Marshallville. 
Moine Frank, Doylestown. 
Myers James L, Doylestown. 
Matson John, Doylestown. 
McCloud Wm, Doylestown. 
Myers J Frank, Doylestown. 
Myers Chas A, Doylestown, 
Myers Sophary, Doylestown. 
Miner Fred, sr, Hametown. 
Marshall W G, Johnson. 
Myers Geo W, Canal Fulton. 
Miller B J, Easton. 
Mann F N, Easton. 
Musser Daniel, Easton. 
Mower H W. Easton. 
Martin E F, Easton. 
Miller Geo W, Easton. 
Miller Oliver L, Easton. 
Overholt Samuel, Doylestown, 
Ott Geo, Doylestown. 
Ottlinger Oliver, Easton, 
Petit Peter, Doylestown. 
Pifer Aaron, Rittman. 
Pier Miss Eva, Easton. 
Pierce Wm, Easton. 
Patlow David, Canal Fulton. 
Peters Joseph, Clinton. 
Porter John W, Clinton. 
Paul Andrew, Doylestown. 
Philbon Peter, Doylestown. 
Rupp Andon, Doylestown. 
Richey Matthias, Doylestown. 
Richey Edwin, Doylestown. 
Rogers Eugene, Marshallville. 
Rogers Wm, Marshallville. 
Rogers Sarah A, Marshallville. 
RedingerLevi, sr, Marshallville. 
Redinger Willis, Marshallville. 
Reynolds Reason, Doylestown. 

Redinger, Levi & Erwin, 

Rupp Michael, Doylestown, 
Rech, Elizabeth, Doylestown, 
Kupp Christian, Easton. 
Ray Joseph, Clinton. 
Rogers Joe, Clinton. 
Rissin W N, Clinton. 
Schmitd John, Doylestown. 
Smith Christian, Marshallville. 
ShertzAnna, Marshallville, 
Schafter Eugene, Marshallville. 
Siders C A, River Styx. 
Saal Frederick, Marshallville. 
Schneider John, Marshallville. 
Schneider Geo, Marshallville. 
Sheafer John N, Doylestown. 
Steuder Christian, Marshallville. 
StoU Jacob, Marshallville. 
Schneider Jacob, Marshallville. 
Shaf er J W, Marshaliville. 
Smith Hilasius, Doylestown. 
Snyder Thomas, Doylestown. 
Steiner Ulysses, Doylestown. 
Shank W W, Doylestown. 
Shank Geo, Doylessown. 
Shank A N, Doylestown. 
Stoolmiller Lewis, Doylestown, 
Schlup John, Doylestown. 
Sulzbach Jacob, Doylestown. 
Simmons Nicholas, Doylestown. 
Schmidt Peter, Doylestown. 
Stroble John, Doylestown. 
Santrock Jacob, Doylestown. 
Steiner Mrs Lena, Easton. 
Stauffer C E, Easton. 
Stauffer Aaron, Easton, 
Schneider Fred, Easton. 
Steiner David T, Easton. 
Schlagel John Easton. 
Stoolmiller Anthony, Clinton, 
Sheets Sarah, Rittman. 
Sheets A B, Rittman. 
Tawney Philip, Doylestown. 
Tawney Abram, Doylestown. 
Tauner Abram, Easton. 
Tinsler Geo, Marshallville. 
Whitman Benj, Doylestown. 
Whitman W A, Doylestown. 
Whitman Geo. Doylestown. 

The Faitious Wheeler & Wilson. HARDING & CO. 

SPANGLER writes the best Life Insurance. 


Wilson Frank, Doylestown. Whotman Mary, Doylestown. 

Williams Mrs Mary, DoylestownWortz Nathan, Easton. 

Wag-oner John D, Marshallville. Welker J C, Rittman. 

Welsh T B, Doylestown. 

Wilson Rev M L, Doylestown. 

Weimshenner John,Do3iestown. 

Wholf David, Doylestown. 

Whitman Joseph, Easton. 

Whitman Frances, Doylestown. 

Whitman James, Doylestown. 

Whitman Clara, Doylestown. 

Whitman Fillie, Doylestown. 

Whitman J Augustus, Doylest'n. 

Weiand Henry, Clinton. 
Wilson Wm, Clinton, 
Warner Frank, Clinton. 
Weyg-andt Jacob, Clinton. 
Warner John T, Clinton. 
Wayne Coal Co, Wadsworth. 
Waltz Maria, Doylestown, 
Yarnell Joseph, Doylestown. 
Yost Amos, Clinton. 


Aber Joseph, Lakefork. 
Aylesworth G F, Shreve, 
Ayleswosth E C, Shrevo, 
Aylesworth F. N, Big Prairie. 
Aylesworth L N, Big- Prairie. 
Aylesworth Clyde, Big Prairie. 
Aylesworth F G, Big Prairie. 
Aylesworth W J, Big Prairie. 
Alleman Grant, Shreve, 
Alleman W D, Shreve. 
Alleman David, Shreve. 
Anderson James, Big Prairie. 
Anderson Samuel, Millbrook. 
Arnold Geo, Springville. 
Aylesworth J F, W^wster. 
Brown Steven, Shreve. 
Brown Steven; jr, Shreve. 
Brown, Elmer, Shreve. 
Brown Thomas A, Shreve. 
Brown G E, Shreve. 
Brown H E, Shreve. 
Brov/n David, Shreve. 
Bardon Mary, Shreve. 
Bunting Frank, Shreve. 
Burnett Mary E, Shreve. 
Bivens M L, "Shreve. 
Bucher Maud, Shreve. 
Breitenbacher G H, Big- Prairie. 
Bounham B L, Big Prairie. 
Batdorff Benj, Shreve. 
Buchmau Hulda, MZeena. 
Breneman P L, Shreve. 
Chesrown John, Shreve. 
Chambers Mrs H M, Shreve. 
Craig W A, Shreve. 

Cutnaw Hattie, Shreve. 
Collier Henry, Shreve. 
Cayhoe Henry, Shreve. 
Cornelius Jas K, Shreve. 
Carl Geo, Shreve. 
Carl Brady, Shreve. 
Carl Alex, Shreve. 
Dilgard Elias, Big Prairie, 
Dilgard Milton, Big Prairie. 
Drucher Delbert, Shreve. 
Druchel G W, Shreve. 
Dirck Harvey, Shreve. 
Easterday Moses, Shreve. 
Easterday Eli, Shreve. 
Easterday Jacob, McZena. 
Eberhart Emmet, Shreve. 
Eberhart D S, Shreve. 
Ebright E D, Shreve. 
Emery Geo, McZena. 
Esselburn C F, Shreve. 
Fitzgerald E J, Shreve. 
Folt Samuel, Shreve. 
Fulk Harvey W, Shreve. 
Franks Eli, "Shreve. ^ 
Fryer S J, Big Prairie. 
Farmer's Bank, Shreve. 
Grant Cole, vShreve. 
Giitgey F C, Shreve. 
Griffith V A, Shreve. 
Griffith W E, Shreve. 
Gray G V, Shreve. 
Gallagher Martin, Shreve. 
Graham Samuel B, Shreve. 
Hoover Jacob, Shreve. 
Hutchison D M, Shreve. 

Practical Education— the only right kind, taught at B. B. C. 

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Homer P S, Big Prairie. 
Hile Geo, Big- Prairie. 
Harrison S K, Shreve. 
Hikk John, McZena. 
Jervel Gilas, Shreve. 
Kieser James, Shreve. 
Kieser Theodore, Shreve. 
Keiser J A, Millbrook. 
Keiser A A, Millbrook. 
Kerr C J, Big Prairie. 
Kerr W B, Big Prairie. 
Kapp John, Big Prairie. 
Kean A C, Shreve. 
Keys J B, Shreve. 
Lehr John M, Shreve. 
Lehr Moses, McZena. 
Long Geo, McZena, 
Lee Charles W, Big Prairie. 
Leyda E C, Big Prairie. 
Leyda H C, Big Prairie. 
Liggett David R, Shreve. 
LeMaster Louis W, Shreve. 
Lake E A, Shreve. 

Lake D A, Big Prairie. 

Lake J E, Big Prairie. 

Lozier Gib, Plimpton. 

Lake Catherine, McZena. 

Lehman G W, Shreve. 

Merkel J L, Shreve. 

Miller Cornelius, Shreve. 

McFarland Juriah, McZena. 

Metcalf A W, Shreve. 

Moreland J W, Shreve. 

McFaddenSF, Shreve. 

McFadden Miller, Shreve. 

McFadden Lundu, Shreve. 

McDowell Louise, Shreve. 

Metcalf J H, Big Prairie. 

Myers Chas, Big Prairie. 

McDowell J L, Big Prairie. 

Manly W A, Shreve. 

Morrison A B, Shreve. 

Molter P M, McZena. 

Miller Adam, Big Prairie. 

Newkirk J R, Big Prairie. 

Nave, Carson, Shreve. 

Newkirk N W, Shreve. 

Newell D C, Shreve. 

Newkirk S O, Big Prairie. 

Nailer S L, Big Prairie. 

Oldroyd Jno, Shreve. 
Oldroyd A B, Shreve. 
Odell J B, Big Prairie. 
Pepples & Lovett, Shreve. 
Pepples J K, Shreve. 
Puster Jacob, McZena. 
Quick R C, Big Prairie. 
Raubenolt W S, McZena. 
Raubenolt S P, McZena. 
Rose Joseph, Big Prairie. 
Rickabaugh Ray, Big Prairie. 
Reaser David, Shreve, 
Ross Joseph, Shreve. 
Rainey L C, Big Prairie. 
Russell Robert, Shreve. 
Reed C S, Shreve. 
Reynolds J K, Shreve. 
Rush David, Big Prairie. 
Shisier Arthur, Big Prairie. 
Swartz J R, Big Prairie. 
Schmuck John, Big Prairie. 
Schmuck Wm, Big Prairie. 
Schmuck Annie, Big Prairie. 

Shaffer W A, Big Prairie. 

Shaffer Wesley, Big Prairie. 
Shaffer Orrville, Shreve. 

Swier Michael, McZena. 

Smetzer A D, Shreve. 

Shreve Henry. Shreve. 

Shreve F A. Shreve. 

Shisier Frank, Shreve. 

Shriver Harry, Shreve. 

Smith F G, Shreve. 

Smith W A. Shreve. 

Sidle E H, Shreve. 

Speck A T, Shreve. 

Shreve W H. Shreve. 

Shearer J W, Big Prainie. 

Shaffer John, Big Prairie. 

Shaffer C A, Shreve. 

Shruby Bennet, Big Prairie. 

Smetzer Samson, Shreve. 

Snyder Louis H, Shreve. 

Swinehart G S. Shreve. 

Swinehart Tobias, Shreve. 

Schwartzwalder Chris, McZena. 

Sewler Jacob, McZena. 

Spreng Fred, Big Prairie. 

Shearer Harmon, McZena. 

Troutman Park, Shreve. 

Wheeler & Wilson Rotary Motion at HARDING & CO. 

If you have property to sell list it with SPANGLER. 


Troutman Moses, Shreve. 
Taylor Louiiia, Shreve, 
Tait James E, Shreve. 
Tresse Harring-ton, Shreve, 
Umstead Noah, Shreve, 
Weiker Wm, Shreve, 
Weiker James, Shreve, 
Wells Aaron, Shreve. 
Wells R D, Shreve. 

White Greer, Shreve. 
White Robert, Shreve. 
WireSS, Millbrook. 
Wiler Wm, Shreve. 
Welty J W, Shreve. 
Williams M L, Shreve. 
Way, C D, Shreve. 
Yocum C M, Shreve. 
Young- Daniel, Shreve. 


Addleman Wm, Burbank. 
Aukerman J C, Burbank. 
Aukerman L E, Burbank. 
Auckerman M C, Burbank. 
Baker John, Burbank. 
Byers Frank. Burbank. 
Byers Elizabeth, Burbank. 
Byers Naomi, Burbank. 
Byers David, Burbank. 
Barth M J, Burbank, 
Barnard G D, Congress. 
Brinkerhoff David, Armstrong. 
Brinkerhoff Elizabeth, Golden 

Brinkerhoff Wm, Burbank. 
Bricker John T, Armstrong". 
Brlcker Wesley, Pleasant Home. 
Brown H G, Pleasant Home, 
Billheimer Henry, Congress. 
Barnard Thos W, West Salem, 
Blue Nelson, Lattasburg-. 
Briggs Frank, Burbank. 
Briner James, Armstrong-. 
Boyd Geo, Golden Corners. 
Bush J P, West Salem. 
Burton J F, West Salem. 
Camp Wesley, Pleasant Home. 
Chaney J R, Pleasant Home. 
Culler J W, Pleasant Home. 
Cline Chas, Pleasant Home. 
Criss Theo W, Cong-ress. 
Criss Hart F, West Salem. 
Campbell John R, Armstrong-. 
Campbell Frank O, Congress. 
Campbell Anna, Armstrong-. 
Campbell A P, Armstrong. 
Crater Sarah, Armstrong. 
Crater Chas, Armstrong-. 
Crater Geo, Armstrong-. 

Clouse Jesse, Congress, 
Clouse Mary, Congress. 
Clawson John S, Armstrong. 
Cook S R, Cong-ress. 
Collins Samuel, Burbank. 
Clinker Susan, Burbank. 
Crawtord T P, Burbank. 
Clouse Mary, W Salem. 
Dorland T I), Congress. 
Dennis J Y, Burbank. 
Dull Henry, Burbank. 
Durr Geo, West Salem. 
Dravenstott W, Pleasant Home. 
Dreibelbis Ben, W Salen. 
Dreibelbis Chas D, W Salem. 
Esselburn Henry, Burbank. 
Ewing- Chas, Golden Corners. 
Ewing- Susan, Golden Corners. 
Ewing- Daisy, Golden Corners. 
Ewing Edwin, Cong-ress. 
Esselburn Louis, Burbank. 
Esselburn John, W Salem. 
Eicher W A, W Salem. 
Ferg-erson Ida J, Congress. 
Fair E L, Congress. 
Fetzer Chas, Armstrong. 
Fresh Chas, Congress. 
Fetters A D, Congress. 
Felger Elizabeth, W Salem. 
Ford Mercy, W Salem. 
Fulton L H, W Salem, 
Fergunson O T, W Salem. 
Earner D W, W Salem. 
Earner Harmon, W Salem. 
Earner Henry, W Salem. 
Franks O E, Pleasant Home. 
Fuhrman I D, W Salem. 
Fuhrman M, Pleasant Home. 
Earner John, W Salem. 

Your patronage pays, but the B. B. C. pays you best. 

For Hig-li Grade Photog-raphic Enlarg-ements g-o to DAWSON'S. 


Gault Henry, Pleasant Home. 
Gault Aravilla, West Salem. 
Ginter Barton, Pleasant Home. 
Games A D, W Salem. 
Good G B, Pleasant Home. 
Good J I. Congress. 
Good Joel, Cong-ress. 
Gallatin, A C, Cong-ress. 
Gearhart Frank, Golden Cor's. 
Gindlesperger J B, Congress. 
Gindlesperger Joseph, Burbank. 
Garver G W, Armstrong. 
George W H, Burbank. 
George A N, Burbank. 
George F W, Burbank. 
Garver Polly, Burbank. 
Garver Harriett A, Burbank, 
Gerberich N B, Burbank. 
Greeley & Co, Burbank. 
Howey Thomas, W Salem. 
Howey Bros, Congress. 
Howman Henry, Congress. 
Howman Lewis, Lattasburg. 
Hinsel Jacoc. Armstrong-. 
Herschy Rebecca, Congress. 
Herschy Chas, Congress. 
Hartsel Jonas, Congress. 
Helman Eliza, Congress. 
Harsh Jessie M, Burbank. 
Helley W H, Burbank. 
Hantz Sophia, W Salem. 
Hoff S E. W Salem. 
Hines Jacob, W Salem. 
Hines Frederick, W Salem. 
Holmes Jacob, W Salem, 
Houser A J, W Salem. 
Homes Jacob, Pleasant Home. 
Harbaugh M E, W Salem. 
Hoeg-ner Wm, W Salem. 
Hagerman Henry, W Salem. 
Heckman C, W Salem. 
Heckman Jacob, W Salem. 
Holmes H B, Pleasant Home. 
Immel W A, W Salem. 
Immel Michael, W Salem. 
Ickes Nathaniel. W Salem. . 
Jacobs C F, W Salem. 
Jacobs Hollis, W Salem. 
Jacobs Franklin, Armstrong. 
Jacobs Ereia, W Salem. 

Kiefer Sadie, Pleasant Home. 
Kiefer W M, Pleasant Home. 
Kinney W G, W Salem. 
Keen, Lorenzo, W Salem. 
Kime Frank, W Salem. 
Kime Salome, W Salem. 
Kime John, W Salem. 
Kime Samuel, Burbank. 
Kesler Joseph, Pleasant Home. 
Kline Geo, Congress. 
Kline J C, W Salem. 
Kline Geo E, Pleasant Home. 
Keener Curt, Pleasant Home. 
Knight Simon, Congrass. 
Lucas Jacob, Burbank. 
Lee Charles L, Burbank. 
Lindsey Harvey. Pleasant Home 
Lowery C W, W Salem. 
Myers S D, Armstrong. 
Myers Margaret, Armstrong. 
Myers Frank S, Congress. 
McFadden Taylor, P Home. 
Martin J A, Lattasburg. 
McCoy T C, Golden Corners. 
Messmore J B, Armstrong. 
Miller W M, Armstrong. 
Miller R S, Armstrong-. 
Naftzger John M, Burbank. 
Martin David, Burbank. 
Myers W H, Burbank. 
Marshall Joe K, Burbank. 
McDaniel Wm, W Salem. 
Myers John, W Salem. 
Messmore Plenry, W Salem. 
Martin Frank, W Salem. 
McVicker Wm, W Salem. 
McVicker Jasper, Pleas't Home 
Mann Lafayette, W Salem. 
Mann Isaac, W Salem. 
McFee J F, Burbank. 
Mann G G, W Salem. 
McDaniel J E, W Salem. 
McCoy Thomas, W Salem. 
Mosier W J, Pleasant Home. 
Martin S C, Pleasant Home. 
Mathews J E, Pleasant Home. 
Neisy, Margaret. W Salem. 
Naftzger D C, Burbank. 
Neiss Geo F, Burbank. 
Neal A P, W Salem. 

Rotary Motion and Ball Bearing- Sewing Machines at Hardingf's. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Office in Prick's Iron Block. 


Palmer W F. Armstrong-. 
Palmer Nancy, Congress. 
Park Auston, W Salem. 
Paterson Wm, Congress. 
Pocock E J, Congress. 
Plank Wm, Congress. 
Pinkley G, Congress. 
Parm enter L, W Salem. 
Redman Bro. W Salem. 
Ruse A J, W Salem. 
Roach W P, Congress. 
Repp Minerva, Congress. 
Recem Wm, Congress. 
Reed Rosetta, Congress. 
Ritter Solomon. Burbank. 
Rockenfelder Wm, Burbank. 
Reichard W E, Burbank. 
Rumbaugh O P. West Salem, 
Rickel Mrs Michael, W Salem. 
Rebman J R, Burbank. 
Read John, W Salem, 
Rickel W A, W Salem. 
Rickel Dan, W Salem. 
Rickel L B, W Salem. 
Rumbaugh Eugene, P Plome. 
Shaffer A J, W Salem. 
Smith Stanley, Congress. 
Smith Sarah, Congress. 
Swanson S A, Congress. 
Secrist Christian, Congress. 
Stanley Newton Congress. 
Snyder D N. Pleasant Home. 
Stoner Josiah, Congress. 
Sheppard John Congress. 
Seferton Erusmus, Burbank. 
Stair David. Armstrong. 
Shank W. F, Congress. 
Shultz Margaret, P Home, 
Stewart R E & H H, Burbank. 
Snyder J, Burbank. 
Summers Jonas, Burbank. 
Sanders Isaiah. Burbank. 
Stratton B F, W Salem. 

Sechrist Henry, Pleasant Home, 
Shank John, Pleasant Home. 
Schnabley Jacob, West Salem. 
Stanley N M. W Salem. 
Swartz W R, W^ Salem. 
Swartz H S, W Salem. 
Summerton R, P Home. 
Saltsman J K, W Salem. 
Thorley Wm, Congress. 
Taylor Jane, W Salem. 
Thorley Silas, W Salem. 
Underwood G W, W Salem, 
Van Nover David, Armstrong. 
Van Nover Jacob, Burbank. 
Van Nover Lizzie, Congress. 
Van Nover A S, Burbank. 
Wolgamuth Jacob, P Home. 
Wolgamuth Geo, P Home. 
Weltmer J C, Pleasant Home. 
Wagoner A M. Congress. 
Wagoner John, Armstrong. 
Ward James, Congress. 
Weaver Leander, Pleasant Home. 
Wortenberger Geo, P Home, 
Whitmore M J, Congress. 
Weaver Amos. W Salem. 
Wagner Eliza, W Salem. 
Weaver John, West Salem. 
Weaver Perry, West Salem. 
Wendland John, West Salem. 
Wood Sam, Pleasant Home. 
Worst W H, Pleasant Home. 
Wiley J H, West Salem. 
Wergan Jos, West Salem. 
Yost Samuel, Burbank. 
Yocum Harvey, Congress. 
Yost John A, Burbank. 
Yost Geo, Burbank. 
Yost David and Kate, Burbank. 
Yost Cyrus, Burbank. 
Yiergan Chas E, Burbank. 
Zimmerman C A, West Salem. 
Zimmerman C T, West Salem. 


Amstutz Jno S, Applecreek. 
Amstutz David D, Applecreek. 
Armstrong David, Applecreek. 
Altland J C, Wooster. 
Anderson Jane, Weilersville. 

Anderson Christian, Applecreek 
Blosser Philip S, Applecreek. 
Blosser Sam, Applecreek. 
Blosser Jno W, Applecreek. 
Beam Amos, Applecreek. 

A Good School— BiXLER'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Wooster, O. 

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Brown C S, Applecreek. 
Brown Reason, Applecreek. 
Brown Louis, Kochs. 
Bidle John, Applecreek. 
Bidle Geo, Applecreek. 
Buss Christian, Applecreek. 
Buss Bros, Applecreek. 
Badger Cornelius, Applecreek. 
Badger Cornelius N, Wooster. 
Beall Jno H, Applecreek. 
Bott Jno K, Applecreek. 
Bott Wm K, Applecreek. 
Bott Martha and Catharine, Ap- 
Badertscher Rudolph. Applecrk. 
Beeler Wiley A, Applecreek. 
Beartshy J E, Applecreek. 
Barnes JnoB, Applecreek. 
Brown Milton, Applecreek. 
Beazell Frank R, Applecreek. 
Byall Burnon, East Union. 
Bartschey Christ, Orrville. 
Biddle James H, East Union. 
Byall Emma, 
Buck Simon, ' ' 

Boydston Chas, * ' 

Biedle Jacob, Orrville, 
Boyer David, McQuaid. 
Bartschey Frank, Orrville. 
Beiner Paul, Orrville. 
Buss Alfred, Orrville. 
Ryall Bros, East Union. 
Burkholder Martin, Orrville. 
Badger A E, Applecreek. 
Byall Isaiah, East Union. 
Bowman L R, ' ' 
Bowman J S, ' * 
Bowman J J, ' ' 
Brenneman Carrow, Wooster. 
Beazell Mathew, Applecreek. 
Bardon Sam, Applecreek. 
Bonowitz, Jos A, Applecreek. 
Beines Louis, Applecreek. 
Brenneman J W, Wooster, 
Beahl W H, Wooster. 
Cunninghrn Dr R I, Wooster. 
Carr L. C, Wooster. 
Cotterman P D, Wooster. 
Cotterman Wm, estate, Wooster 
Cook D H, Orrville. 

Cook S G, Orrville. 
Carver C A, East Union. 
Close Sam, ' ' 

Cunningham Marion, E Union. 
Carson J B, Applecreek. 
Carson Jerome, Applecreek. 
Chaffin D A, East Union. 
Coller David, ' 
Cunnighara, Jno, Applecreek. 
Clay Harriett M, Applecreek. 
Clark Jno, Applecreek. 
Clark Louie, Applecreek. 
Clouse Henry, Applecreek. 
Calhoun Sam, Applecreek. 
Donley Jno, East Uuion. 
Douglas Mrs M, ' ' 
Daniels Isaiah, ' ' 
Douglas Thos, Applecreek. 
Eshelman Dan, Applecreek. 
Eyman Chas B, Applecreek. 
Eyman Ed, Applecreek, 
Edgall Bros, Applecreek. 
Eyman Aloah, Applecreek. 
Eyman Sarah, Applecreek. 
Eyman Simon B, Applecreek. 
Emerson, Jno P, Applecreek. 
Fetters Henry S, East Union. 
Freeze Valentine, * ' 

Faud Chas. Wooster. 
Forrer D D, Orrville. 
Forrier Catherine, McQuaid. 
Franks Elizabeth, Applecreek. 
Fry Jacob, Applecreek. 
Flory Wm, Applecreek. 
Flory Wm, sr, Wooster, 
Franks Silas, Applecreek. 
Franks Jesse L, Wooster. 
Franks A E, Applecreek. 
Franks Lilly, Applecreek. 
Finly Thos H, Applecreek. 
Flack Robert, Applecreek. 
Garver S R, Orrville. 
Geiger John, Applecreek. 
Gift Nathan, Orrville. 
Geitgey Ezra, Orrville. 
Griffith Jno, McQuaid. 
Gunten Christ, East Union. 
Gaddis Mrs Sarah, Orrville. 
Gift Mrs Louis, Orrville. 
Gerber Carl, Orrville. 

High^rade Sewing Machines, $15 at HARDING & CO'S. 

SPANGLER has the largest list of properties for sale. 

Grody J M, East Union. 
Geiser Fred, Applecreek. 
Geiselman Jno W, Applecreek. 
Geiselman Ed, Applecreek. 
Gift Sam, Applecreek. 
Graber Rudolph, Applecreek. 
Graber Chas A, Applecreed, 
Grant Edward, Applecreek. 
Grant Parmelia, Applecreek. 
Hodgen John, Applecreek. 
Himmelbach Joseph, Orrville. 
Huntsberger W A, Orrville. 
Harper Frank B, Wooster. 
Haupert Jno, Wooster. 
Harrington Cornelius, East U'n. 
Hankey Louis, Weilersville. 
Hartel David, Applecreek. 
Hartel John, ' 

Hackett Marv J, ' 

Hackett Isaiah, * 

Hackett Margaret, ' 
Hursh Martin, ' 

Huguelet Emanuel, ' 
Hunter Jno, ' 

Hoover Sam, ' 

Hoover Edwin C, ' 
Hoover Wm E, ' 

Hunter Jas, ' 

Irvin D M, Orrville. 
Jameson S S, McQuaid. 
Jacot Jno L, Applecreek. 
Xohler Peter J, ' 

Knox Wra V, 
Keslar Johnson, * 

Kailor John, ' 

Krick Jacob, East Union. 
Kahn Chas, 

Kornhaus Melvin, Orrville. 
Keister E G, Wooster. 
Kentz Harry, Wooster. 
Kornhaus Anna, Orrville. 
[>eathers Laura, Applecreek. 
Lautenschlager PI G, 
Lautenschlager Martin, 
Lehman Christian A, 
Lehman John A, 
Lowe Gilbert L, 
Landis Angeline, 
Leiner George, Wooster. 

Lilly Josiah, East Union. 
Leichty Henry, ' * 

Leiner Chas, ' ' 

Lilly Albert, McQuaid. 
Long H H, Orrville. 
Lautenschlager Isaac, Orrville, 
Lehr J W, Wooster. 
Leicht}'^ Wm, Orrville. 
Leichty Sarah, Orrville. 
Leichty Susan, Orrville. 
Musselman Zack, Wooster. 
McFann Nathaniel, Orrville. 
McConnell George, East Union. 
McKfee Elmer. 
McKfee Ella, 
Martin George, Orrville. 
Mussellman Sam, Applecreek. 
Maurer Aleule, Orrville. 
McKlee John, Orrville. 
McCullough Wm, Orrville. 
Musselman W H, East Union. 
Miller Andrew C, ' ' 
Milburn Andrew, ' ' 
Moore John R, Applecreek. 
Moore John J, Applecreek. 
Martin Reuben. Applecreek, 
Martin Emiline, Applecreek. 
Miller Catharine, Applecreek. 
McClellan Abe. Applecreek. 
Messner Cyrus, Applecreek. 
Merriman T B, Applecreek. 
Martin Levina, xVpplecreek. 
Myers I A, Applecreek. 
McKay & Bishop, Wooster. 
McCoy Stewart, Wooster. 
Numbers Zetus, Applecreek. 
Orr Willis H, Applecreek. 
Odenkirk Wm, East Union. 
Orr Dudley, Applecreek. 
Orr Elenor, Applecreek. 
Orr Wm J, Wooster. 
Orr Wm C, Applecreek. 
Orr Smith, 
Ober George, ' 
Ogi Charles, ' 
Oberly John, 

Pfouts Rebecca, Applecreek. 
Parker Ed. 

Reichenbach Chas, ' 

Reichenbach Louis S, * 

Shorthand a Specialty at BIXLER'S BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 

134 ~ 

Ramsey J W, Applecreek. 

Rife John, ' 

Reed Dayton B, 

Reichenbach Louis C, ' 

Rollar Georg-e, 

Ridle Elizabeth, East Union. 

Ryan Wm, ' , 

Royer Linda, ' ' 

Rayl Chas, Wooster. 

Richwine Isaiah, Wooster. 

Richwine Irvin, Wooster. 

Richwine Martha, Applecreek. 

Robison John, 

Rouch Philip. 

Rider Ephraim, 

Rider Margaret, 

Ryan John, 

Saurer Otto C, 

Saurer Jno U, 

Saurer Jacob, 

Saurer G J, 

Spring-er Chris R, 

Smedley Lehman J, 

Smedley Samantha, 

Sharp Alice H, 

Sharp Chas H, 

Snyder Louis, 

Snyder Calvin P, 

Smith Harry, 

Switzer Geo, 

Schultz Nicholas, 

Sturg-es Wm, 

Sturges Knig-ht, 

Straits Harry, 

StaufFer Harvey, 

Scott Lucinda. 

Stauffer Perry L, 

Shanklin Ed, ' 

Shafter A G, 

Scotland David, 

Stauffer Cyrus, East Union 

Swinehart Chas, 
Stauffer John, 
Steel Ephraim, 
Snyder O E, 
Sollenberger, John, 
Stein Wm, 
Santeschi Chris, 
Swinehart Sam, 
Sigler Mrs Anna, Wooster, 
Stoll Joe G, Orrville. 
Sautsthi Dudolph, Orrville. 
Sharty Andrew, Orrville. 
Sell Sarah, Orrville. 
Stambaugh Mrs J M, Orrville. 
Stauffer Isaiah, Weilersville. 
Stauffer John, Weilersville. 
Vankirk Elizabeth, Orrville. 
Tschantz Jno, East Union. 
Thompson A L, Wooster. 
Tracy Matilda, Applecreek. 
Taskes A L, 
Watters Jno W, 
Watters Cletus R, 
Wise John, ' 

Worth Peter, ' 

Wirth Adam, East Union. 
Walter AH, 
Walter Leo, ' * 

Wood Geo, Orrville. 
Weeman Jno, Orrville. 
Wagner John, Orrville. 
Wachero Louis, Orrville. 
Williams Geo, Wooster. 
Welty Adrew, Applecreek. 

Wisner O F, 

Zeurcher Abraham, ' 

Zeurcher Christian I, 
Zeurcher Anna H, ' 

Zeurcher Christian A, ' 


Armstrong John H, Wooster. 
Albright B F, Wooster. 
Albright Wm, Wooster. 
Armstrong Jos, Fredericksburg, 
Biggs Isaiah, Shreve. 
Biggs Mrs Henry, Shreve. 
Barnes A G, Fredericksburg. 
Beatty Jane, ' 

Burlar Chas, Hard. 
Biler Mattie, Wooster. 
Bucher Wm, Wooster. 
Barnes B H, Wooster. 
Bonewitz Mary, Wooster. 
Badorf Margaret, Shreve. 
Boles Louis, Moreland. 
Burnett Isaiah, Moreland. 

Ball Bearing Sewing Machines at HARDING Sc GO'S. 

SPANGLER has all kinds of Real Estate for sale. 

Bonem Wm, Hard, 
Brandon Mattie, Moreland. 
Berger Albert, Wooster. 
Bowman John, Wooster. 
Big-ham C B, Wooster. 
Beving-ton Alice E, Wooster. 
Bowers R V, Shreve. 
Boner John, Moreland. 
Burg-an Oscar, Moreland. 
Buchanan J W, Smithville. 
Butler Andrew, Moreland. 
Cutter John W, Moreland. 
Cutter Joseph, Shreve. 
Cutter Wm. Moreland. 
Cutter H M, Fredericksburg-. 
Crow Wm, ' 

Cisna J M, Hard. 
Cusack Michael, Wooster. 
Cusack Ed, Wooster. 
Carper J L, Shreve. 
Chaney Caroline, Wooster. 
Correll Joseph Sr, Moreland. 
Correll B F, Moreland. 
Correll George, Moreland. 
Crosby James, Moreland. 
Dilgard Albert, Fredericksbu 
Dunham Albert B, ' 

Deitrick Harvey, Wooster. 
Derr T H, Wooster. 
Ellenberg-er E W, Moreland. 
Flory Wm, Wooster, 
FollerM M, Wooster. 
Fetters Isaiah, Wooster. 
Fritz G C, Moreland. 
Fritz Wm, Moreland. 
Force John, Shreve. 
Force Jane, Shreve. 
Force Thos. Fredericksburg-. 
Franks M C, Moreland. 
Franks, Finley, Shreve. 
Franks James, Wooster, 
Franks D M, Wooster. 
Franks Jacob B, Wooster. 
Franks Cyrus, Wooster. 
Franks W R, Wooster. 
Franks A M, Moreland. 
Franks Lyman, Wooster. 
Franks J N, Wooster. 
Franks O G, Wooster. 
Gordon Wm, Frederikcsburg. 

Georg-e Wm, Fredericksburg. 
George W T, Fredericksburg-. 
Gilmore Thos, Moreland. 
Grady Emil, Wooster. 
Geitg-ey Adam, Wooster. 
Geitg-ey Levy, Wooster. 
Geitg-ey Irvin J, Wooster. 
Greenewald F, Fredericksburg-. 
Greenewald Roy, Fredericksb'g-. 
Greenewald Fred, Wooster. 
Greenewald Wm, Moreland. 
Greenewald Benj, Wooster. 
Geising-er Sam, Fredericksburg 
Gray L H. Moreland. 
Golden Reuben, Moreland. 
Green L A, Moreland. 
Garrett Jas T, Shreve. 
Genslor Hugh, Fredericksburg. 
Graber Samuel, " 

George J B, 
Griffith D A, Shreve. 
Hindman Perry, Wooster. 
Hindman Ira C, Wooster. 
Hindman David, Wooster, 
Henry S M, Moreland. 
rg.Hess Jno, Wooster. 

Heminger Jno W, Moreland. 
Hall Catherine, Moreland. 
Harrison Hannah, Fred'sburg. 
Harrison Jno F, ' 

Harrison O J, ' 

Harrison J M, ' 

Harrison Margaret ' 

Harrison Celestia J, ' 

Hoffman Jacob, ' 

Hoy Martha, Moreland. 
Hoy Welker, Moreland. 
Hoy John, Moreland. 
James Jesse, Moreland. 
James Wm, Moreland. 
James Albert, Moreland. 
James Mag E, Moreland. 
James David, Moreland. 
Jacot Wm, Wooster. 
Jennings James, Hard. 
Kraus Geo H, Fredericksburg. 
Kline Philip, jr, Moreland. 
Kauffman C A. Moreland. 
Kauffman Geo L, Wooster. 
Kaufman E A, Moreland. 

Best of Typewriters wsed at the EIXLER BUSINERS COLLEGE 

Dawson makes enlarged photographs from amateur negatives. 


Kaufman Michael, Wooster. 
Kaufman C W, Wooster. 
Kaufman Jno K, Wooster. 
Kaufman Henry, Wooster. 
Kaufman W H, Shreve. 
Kester Jacob S, Wooster. 
Kimber Jos L, Moreland. 
Kimber Chas G, Moreland. 
Lang-ell F E, Moreland. 
Leiner Augusta, Moreland. 
Laing- Anna L, Fredericksburg. 
Lyttle Mrs E W, Wooster. 
Lisle J B, Wooster. 
Litslenger Thos H, Shreve. 
Lilley I J, Wooster. 
Lowe John, Moreland. 
Lawrence David, Wooster. 
Lawrence W H, Wooster. 
Lawrence Dan A, Wooster. 
Lawrence Clinton, ' 

Lawrence Albert, ' 

Lydick Welker. 
Levers Solomon W, ' 
Mellinger M D, Wooster. 
McKansne Hiram, Fred'sburg. 
Mclntire W H, Wooster. 
McCoy Neal, Wooster. 
Meier James, Wooster. 
Moore A J, Moreland. 
Moore G D, Moreland. 
Moore Sam, jr, Moreland. 
Moore John. Moreland. 
Moore Josiah, Moreland. 
Moore Michael, Moreland. 
Moore Geo, Moreland. 
Metzler John C, Moreland. 
Metzler Wm, Wooster. 
Metzler Thomas J, Wooster. 
Metzler S D, Wooster. 
Metzler Bros, Wooster. 
Miller Jos, Moreland. 
Miller W J, Moreland. 
Miller Henry, Wooster. 
McAfee R E, Moreland. 
McLaughlin T E, Wooster. 
McMater Wesley, Wooster. 
Munson Chas, Moreland. 
Newstetter W B, Wooster. 
Newstetter W L, Wooster. 
Orr John, Moreland. 

Parker Virgil, Wooster. 
Patterson Jno C, Moreland. 
Patrick C A, Moreland. 
Richards Melissa, Fred'sburg-. 
Reed Lyman, Moreland. 
Reed Zeno, Wooster. 
Rumbaugh C F, Fred'sburg. 
Rumbaugh Elizabeth, ' 
Rayl John, Wooster. 
Reed Robert, Wooster. 
Snyder J R, Moreland. 
Snyder Reason, Wooster. 
Snyder S G, Moreland. 
Snyder Jas, Moreland. 
Snyder Josiah J, Wooster. 
Saunders Moses, Shreve. 
Saunders Jno, Hard. 
Saunders Jno C, Fredericksburg- 
Snure H V, Wooster, 
Snure J, Wooster. 
Snure Wm, Wooster. 
Snure Henry, Fredericksburg. 
Smith Thos L, 
Smith Geo V/, Moreland. 
Smith Seth, Moreland. 
Smith Jas, Wooster. 
Smith Lucy and Marg-aret, 

Scott Robert, Fredericksburg. 
Scott W C, 
Scott Chas, 

Schaflf, Geo, Moreland. 
Schaff Ed, Moreland. 
Schaff Jno, Moreland. 
Schaff Wm, Moreland. 
Schaff F A, Moreland. 
Sidle W H, Shreve. 
Spitler C A, Applecreek. 
Schmuck Mary, Wooster. 
Schmuck Edwin, Wooster. 
Sheply Jos, Wooster. 
Shreck Jos, Moreland. 
Shaffer Frank, Wooster. 
Searight Carter, Fredericksb'g. 
Shearers Jesse, Wooster. 
Sanderson Ed D, Wooster. 
Sanderson Coroline, Wooster. 
Troxel Silas, Wooster. 
Taggart Sam R, Wooster. 
Taggart J W, Wooster. 

Sewing Machines, $15.00 & $17.00. HARDING & CO'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER wiU rent you a house. 


Taylor Josiah, Wooster. 
Tate Jno W, Wooster. 
Tate Josiah, Moreland. 
Tate Solomon, Moreland. 
Uhlrich Aaron, Worcester. 
Wilson Galen, Moreland. 
Weiker Silas D, Moreland. 

Weiker Elmira, Moreland, 
Wattson Louetta, Moreland. 
Wattson Adeline, Wooster. 
Witherow Wm, Wooster. 
Whittaker A L, Wooster. 
Wirt E E, Moreland. 
Young- A R, Moreland. 


Adams Margaret Smithville. 

Amstutz John, Smithville. 

Amstutz Jacob, Smithville. 

Andalweesia Daisy, Weillersville, 

Amstutz John, Orrville. 

Biddle Philip, 

Benner John. 

Bixler Joseph, 

Benner Samuel, 

Beals John, 

Brennaman W. 

Brown Isaac, 

Benner Levi, 

Brennaman S M, 

Buchv^^alter Reuben, 

Benner Lydia, 

Burkholder Anna. 

Brown Wm, 

Bowman E C, 

Bechtel John, 

Bikey Christian, 

Benglesdorf Fred, 

Brumberg-er Isaac, 

Bengerdsdorf Chas, 

Burkholder N U. 

Berkey Sarah, Smithville. 

Brenner Adam, ' 

Buchanan J W. * 

Brubaker David, ' 

Brennaman D W, * 

Brennaman C B. ' 

Berkey Christian, ' 

Burkholder S D, 

Burkholder Noah S ' 

Burkholder J S 

Burkholder A J • 

Byler Samuel, Weilersville. 

Bowers Elizabeth * 

Caskey James, Orrville. 

Conrad J C, 

Curie Catharine, 

Curie J F, Orrvilie. 

Caskey Andrew, Orrville. 

Conrad Peter, Smithville. 

Conrad Peter R ' 

Conrad S E * 

Curie H D 

Curie John ' 

Crites Daniel E ' 

Crites Emanuel ' 

Crites Mrs Wm * 

Coffman D H 

Crites S T * 

Conrad Barbara * 

Culler David J, Weilersville. 

Conrad L E ' 

Dunbrock Chas, Orrville. 

Drye Jos, Orrville. 

Deneke & Stutzman, Smithville. 

Deneke, A J, Smithville. 

Eby C S, 

Eberly J B, 

Eberly Mary K, Orrville. 

Eshleman Joe M, * 

Flickinger D V, 

Fike H W, 

Fike W A, 

Fry Jane, ' 

Ferer Frank, ' 

Ferer David, ' 

Felger Jacob, Smithville. 

Fetter Harvey D, Weilersville. 

Fetters Henry, Weilersville. 

Fike Jacob M, Smithville. 

Fike J B, 

Fike G A, 

Funk John, * 

Gerard J P, Orrville. 

Grove Christian, * 

Griner S Z, Smithville. 

Gerig Ben, 

Gerig Jacob S, ' 

Teacliers are all specialists at the Bixler Business College. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 


Greaser Amos,Smithville. 

Gerard S B, 

Greaser John, Weilersville. 

Gerber Henry, Weilersville. 

Huber Fred, Orrville. 

HolserJohn, ' 

Hartzler Albert 

Hartzler Isaac ' 

Hartman A S, 

Holser J B 

Hudson Davis ' 

Hoover S C 

Hilty David 

Huntsberg-er Henry * 

Hartzler P J, Weilersville. 

Hartzler Levi ' 

Hartzler B F 

Hover Israel ' 

Hoover Cyrus ' 

Hartzler S P 

Hartzler J R * 

Holl Enos 

Hooley Amandus ' 

tlostter David * 

Hosteler J B • 

Hosteler L F ♦ 

Heestand Georg-e ' 

Hartzler Jacob, Smith ville. 

Hartzler Sarah ' 

Hartzler H J 

Hoover Benj ♦ 

Hoffman Jacob ' 

Holmes Eli • 

Harter D H 

House Ohio ' 

Hooley David R * 

Holley Georg-e A * 

Herks J G 

Hunter W "♦ 

Heestand A I '• 

Hutchison John ' 

Hutchison WH 

Horst E R 

Hosteler J A, Woostet. 

Hartzler Amos, Marshall ville. 

'Kurtz $ Y, Orrville. 

Kraus S C 

King S R 

Kin^ S Y 

King Elizabeth « 


King J D, 
King J C 
King D L 
Kraus Solomon 
Kirtendall G H 
Kornhaus Jacob 
Kling W H 

Kurtz John W, Weilersville- 
Kurtz Jacob W, ' 

Kurtz David, Smithville. 
Kurtz John B, ' 
Kraus Joseph, ' 
Kraus Jacob, Orrville. 
Kreg-er J F, Smithville. 
Kauffman Solomon, * 
Kauffman Mary, ' 
Kauffmau'Lyda, ' 
Kloppenstein John, ' 
Kroff Mrs Katharine. * 
Kohler, Jacob, • 

Longenecker S B, ' 
Longeneeker E Fj • 
'Longenecker JB, ' 
Lichtenwalter M C, ' 
Limbacber Mary, Smithville, 
Longenecker & Buchwalter, ' 
Leagherman J E, Weilersville. 
Lytle J D, Orrville. 

Lylle John, ' 

Leachty John H, * 
Leachty Christ, ' 
Leachty Emma, ' 
Lupoid R S, 
Long J H, ' 

Leikheim D J, 
Lehman H J, ' 

LeFever M J, ' 

Martin Jacob, ' 

Miller A J, 
Musser T R, 
Markley Joel, ^ 

Menching Chas, ' 
Markley Josiah. * 
Martin Jacob, Smithvillev 
Martin Daniel, 
Martin Samuel, 
Myers John W, 
Myers L H, 
Mast John, 
Mowery Stephen A, 

Ball Bearing Sewing Macliities, $19.50 to $21. HARDINCPS. 

G. W. SPANGLER Agent for Fire Insurance. 


Miller W F, Smithville. 

Miller Jacob A, ' 

McEwen H A. Weilersville. 

Miller John W, 

Miller EE, 

Miller J B, 

Moosa Jacob, ' 

Newroth Chas, Orrville. 

Null Abe, 

Orr Abraham, • 

Oiler J W, Smithville. 

Pontius D B, • 

Pontius Jacob, * 

Pontius Mrs W L, • 

Plank L F, 

Pontius Isaac, Orrville. 

Pontius Georg-e, ' 

Plank S K, 

Ramseyer David, Smithville. 

Ramseyer Joseph, ' 

Rich M L, ♦ 

Roth Joseph, * 

Reich Levi, ' 

Runkle Cyrus Smithville. 

Royer J F, Orrville, 

Royer Amanda, 

Royer J W, 

Royer U C, 

Reeh John, 

Ramseyer Jos, 

Rienhewbaug-h Parity, 

Rienhewbaug-h Frank, 

Rarriek John, 

Smoker Addie, Smithville. 

Smoker Peter, 

Smucker S J, 

Smucker Mile J, 

Stutzman S D, 

Shisler John W, 

Switzer Jacob, 

Steele Mary A, 

Siegley Jacob, 

Stuckey C G, 

Schantz H P, 

Straron G W, 

Starn Mrs W W 

Starn H A 

Starn W F 

Smoker Jonas, 

Speicher John H, Weilersville. 

Spear N W, Weilersville. 

Steele Isaac, Wooster. 

Schluneg-ger John, Orrville. 

Schwartz Christian, 

Stinner J C 

Stinner D W 

Stinner Daniel 

Stinner David 

Stinner P R 

Stinner Noah 

Stinner Ulrich 

Stinner Mary C 

Stinner Sarah 

Stinner C D 

Slater Joseph 

Steel J A 

Steel Millie 

Schrock Joseph 

Schrock L M 

Schrock David 

Schrock Moses 

Schrock Jonathan 

Stuckey E F. Orrville, 

Snavely Amos, 

Schmucker M C, 

Schmucker Gideon, 

Schmucker E B, 

Schmucker JB, 

Schmucker Amos, 

Saurer Uhlrieh, 

Sig-ley J B. 

Sigley J M, 

Swinehart A L, 

Siegenthaler B, 

Troyer J H, 

Troyer L B, 

Troyer Lydia. 

Tritton John, Smiteville. 

Ulli John, Orrville. 

Wirth Jacob, 

West J H, 

WiUimer Fred 

Wahley John, * 

Wagner Frederick, ' 

Wagner Elias, * 

Wahley Nicholas, ' 

Weber John, ' 

Weffler David, ' 

Watters Hannah, ' 

Weidman H J, 

Bookkeeping, Penmanship, &c, taught at B. B. C. 

For First Class Photographs g-o to DAWSON. 

Winger Anna. Orrville. 

Winger Maria, , 

Winkler W F, 

Winkler W M, 

Weimer Adam, Smithville, 

Weimer D G, 

Weimer Albert K, ' 

Wirth Harriet, 

Weimer E M, ' 

Weimer W S. 

Winger F D, Weilersville. 

Winger Mrs D, ' 

Wirth J G. 

Wenger Elias, Orrville. 

Yeater A P, Weilersville. 

Yoder Mrs J S 

Yoder J N 

Yoder C Z 

Yoder John S 

Yoder R M 

Yoder Jos S, Smithville. 

Yoder J C 

Yoder J M 

Yoder Yeronica, Smithville. 

Yoder Henry B ' 

Younker B M * 

Yoder John K, Orrville. 

Yoder F 

Yoder Mariah A ' 

Yoder Susan M ' 

Yoder J C 

Yoder D H 

Yoder C J 

Yoder Magdaline ' 

Yoder J B 

Yeakley David * 

Yeakley Joe ' 

Yeakley Conrad ' 

Zook Barbara, Smithville. 

Zook E J 

Zigler Samuel * 

Zimmerman Lee ' 

Zell Peter 

Zimmerly John and Joe, Orrville. 

Zook D S, Weilersville. 


Amstutz Aaron, Sterling, 
Amstutz Barbara, Sterling. 
Amstutz Chris, Sterling. 
Amstutz Leaman, Sterling. 
Amstutz Noah, Sterling. 
Amstutz Ulrich, Sterling. 
Amstutz J H, Rittman. 
Amstutz Frank C, Rittman. 
Amstutz D S, Orrville. 
Amstutz T C, Rittman. 
Aebie Jos, Sterling. 
Ault Clement, Sterling. 
Beckivith Geo, Sterling. 
Bingham Mrs Chas, Sterlng. 
Bercheler Jacob. Sterling. 
Boone E T, Sterling. 
Baker Dan G, Sterling. 
Baird Gertrude A. 
Blatti Emanuel, Sterling. 
Baghley Jacob, Sterling. 
Bates John Smithville. 
Barr David M, Sterling. 
Bollor Catharine, Sterling. 
Baker Samuel T, Sterling. 
Blough Aaron, Smithville. 

Blough Emanuel, Sterling. 
Brenizer Jno, Creston. 
Berkey John, Sterling. 
Berkey Jacob, Sterling. 
Billhimer S B, Sterling. 
Barnhart J C. Sterling. 
Bair J M, Sterling. 
Bieri John, Easton. 
Berry Enos, Rittman. 
Berry Catharine, Rittman. 
Berry E R, Rittman. 
Berry Reuben, Rittman. 
Bodager Albert, Rittman. 
Bauman Emil Sterling. 
Brenner Louis, Rittman, 
Bauman Godfrey, Rittman. 
Brattin C W, Rittman. 
Blough, Jos J, Sterling. 
Blough Catherine. Smithville. 
Blough Jos, Smithville. 
Blough Amos J, Smithville. 
Blough M, Marshallville. 
Blough D A, Marshallville. 
Blough David, Sterling. 
Blough Neri B, Sterling. 

Liuoleum for Floors at HARDING & CO»S. 

If you want to borrow money see G. W. SP ANGLER. 


Bloug-h Christian, Marshallville. 
Caillep Justin, Sterling". 
Cordelier Austin, Sterling. 
Calame Henry, Sterling. 
Conrad Jacob H, Sterling-. 
Cox O L, Rittman. 
Crits James H. Rittman. 
Carlet Frank, Rittman. 
Chaffin Norman, Smithville. 
Clippinger J H & Co, Rittman. 
Correll Dan, Marshallville. 
Conrad Jacob, Marshallville. 
Conrad Jno W, Marshallville. 
Condry Dan B, Creston. 
Curnin Peter S, Sterling. 
Caranahan Ida B, Sterling. 
Caranahan Edvwn, Sterling. 
Conrad Jonas E, Sterling. 
Chass Jno W H, Sterling. 
Dennis Chas W, Rittman. 
Derthic Jno W, Rittman. 
Daniels M W, Rittman. 
Dietel Chas, Rittman. 
Dawson Dr N B, Sterling. 
Deatry L G P, Sterling. 
Ely Wesley H, Sterling. 
Ebier Peter W. Sterling. 
EshelmanAnn, Smithville. 
Elliott & Wright, Rittman. 
Eshelman Abram, Sterling. 
Eyden Jno, Rittman. 
KUiot II S, Rittman. 
Eouche & Young, Rittman. 
Faber Wm, Rittman. 
Faust Solomon, Rittman. 
Fritz Elmer, Rittman. 
Fritz T H, Rittman. 
Fisher Fanny, Rittman. 
Erase D W, Marshallville. 
Frederick D L, Marshallville. 
Fouch W G. Rittman. 
Fouch S S, Sterling. 
Forrer Geo M, Sterling. 
Flickinger Geo, Sterling. 
Flickinger Sam, Sterling. 
Fetzer Sam, Sterling. 
Funk J W, Creston. 
Flickinger Eli, Sterling. 
Flickinger Andrew, Sterling, 
Gish J B, Rittman 

Gish Jno J, Rittman. 
Gish Abram, Rittman. 
Guillod Julius, Sterling. 
Grady J J, Rittman. 
Goffinet August, Rittman. 
Griner I N, Sterling. 
Greisinger W H, Sterling. 
Graber Eli, Sterling. 
Glessner A C, Sterling. 
Glessner Wm, Sterling. 
Glessner Elmer, Sterling. 
Goffinet Frank A, Sterling. 
Gish Martha, Sterling. 
Gigandt S J, Sterling. 
Gore Louisa, Sterling. 
Graber Dan, Sterling. 
Gies, Julius, Sterling. 
Griswold Chas, Creston. 
Goffinger Frank C, Sterling. 
Graber John, Sterling. 
Graber Jacob P, Sterling. 
Goodyear Jacob I, Sterling. 
Gish M S, Sterling. 
Habis E F, Rittman. 
Hummel Ed E, Rittman. 
Hicklin Chas H, Rittman. 
Hoover George W, Rittman. 
Hartzler Elias, Rittman. 
Hartzler Noah, Rittman. 
Hohn J W, Easton 
Hartel John H, Rittman. 
Hartel George, Easton. 
Haller Emanuel Sterling. 
Hilty Philip, Marshallville. 
Harris Margaret, Creston. 
Hostettler Anna, Creston. 
Hoover David. Sterling. 
Hoover Elvin C, Sterling. 
Hoff Nelson H, Sterling. 
Hoff Jacob H, Sterling. 
Hoff Sherman M, Sterling. 
Hart Delle, Sterling. 
Hoff N M, Sterling. 
Hilty Joseph Smithville. 
Harpster Ezra Sterling. 
Harris Chas, Sterling. 
Hartzei* David, Smithville. 
Hutchison Wm H, Smithville. 
Hutchison Wm L, Smithville. 
Hoff Ida M, Sterling. 


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Hoff Daniel, Smithville. 
Hilty Peter, Rittmam. 
Haris Bishop, Sterling-. 
Hoover M B, Sterling-. 
Harman L M, Sterling. 
Hoover Alice, Sterling. 
Hoffman Elizabeth, St'rlg 
Haras Geo H, Sterling. 
Hoff Mary x\nn. Sterling. 
Hoff Aaron, Sterling. 
Ihrig Peter, Wooster. 
Johnson Henry L, Sterling. 
Johnson Datis, Sterling. 
Johnson J T, Sterling. 
Johnson D C, Rittman. 
Johnson Sol H, Sterling. 
Johnson C R, Sterling. 
Johnson S M, Sterling. 
Kauffman H W, MarshallviDe. 
Kauffman Fred, Orrville. 
Kabel C H, Sterling. 
Kindig A, Rittman, 
Krabill J R, Sterling. 
King R B, Sterling. 
Krabill John, Sterling. 
Kicfer Catharine, Marsballville. 
Kiefer John J, Marshallviile. 
Kiefer Wm, Marshallviile. 
Krans Catharine Sterling. 
Kratz Catharine, Sterling. 
Kauffman John, Sterling. 
Kissinger Peter, Sterling. 
Kauffman Jos, Sterling, 
Krabill Ed Sterling. 
Krabill Peter, Sterling. Samuel, Rittman. 
Lower Jacob, Rittman, 
Liechty Peter, Rittman. 
Leichty Jos P, Sterling. 
Lance Anna, Rittman, 
Lance M E. Rittman. 
Lance E R, Rittman, 
Lechty Elizabeth, Sterling, 
Lance L L. Rittman. 
Long Daniel, Sterling. 
Long Philip H. Sterling 
Landes Ann, Rittman. 
Lambert Jacob Rittman. 
Lance Howard, Sterling. 
Lookabaugh John J, Sterling. 

Loreaux D H Sterling. 
Lookabaugh SA, Sterling 
Lance Abram C, Sterling. 
Lee John jr, Sterling. 
Lance & Nedwin, Sterl'g. 
Lance Edwin, Sterling. 
Lance Henry J, Sterling. 
Lance James A, Sterling. 
Lance Jonas H, Sterling. 
Lance Irvin R, Sterling. 
Leichty John, Sterling. 
Maibach Nen sr Sterling. 
Maibach Nen jr. Sterling. 
M3'^ers Peter, Sterling. 
Moine Arnold Sterling. 
Moine Julius, Sterling. 
Moine Chas E, Sterling. 
McConnell John, Sterling. 
Mellinger Barbara, Sterling 
McCoy D, Sterling. 
McCoy Thos A, Seville 
Mitter Jas, Sterling. 
Mctzker J E, Rittman. 
Moyer G D, Rittman. 
Mills M B Rittman. 
Metsker Daniel Marshallviile 
Metsker James, Marshallviile. 
Metsker Emanuel, Marshallviile, 
Moine Ferdinand, Rittman 
Moine Theodore, Rittman. 
Musser Dan B, Rittman. 
Musser John B, Rittman. 
Mellinger C L, Sterling. 
Musser Jos, Sterling. 
Miller Mary Sterling. 
Maurer Alfred, Sterlings 
Miller Elmer H, Sterling. 
Murray Jas, Sterling. 
Miller Jacob M, Sterling. 
McGushin Pat, Sterling. 
MillerSM, Sterling. 
Miller C V, Creston. 
Musser Jacob, Easton. 
Musser Sam, Sterling. 
Myers Jacob C, Sterling. 
McConell D W, Rittman. 
McConell Earnest, Rittman. 
Mougey Peter, Sterling. 
Mougey Webster, Sterling. 
Mougey Forrest, Sterling. 

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Moine Ed, Sterling-. 
Martin John, Rittman. 
Nye M L, Sterling. 
Ohio Salt Co, Wadsworth. 
Orr Harvey E, Rittman. 
Orr W S, Rittman. 
Petit Aug-ustus P, Sterling-. 
Petit John, Sterling-. 
Petit Joseph, Sterling-. 
Perrenond Paul, Sterling-. 
Prior Solon N, Sterling-. 
Penrod E F, Sterling-. 
Prior Eunice, Sterling-. 
Rodenberger Jos, Sterling-. 
Rich Catherine, Sterling-. 
Rich J P, Sterling-. 
Randolph E H, Sterling-. 
Rich John, Sterling. 
Rheyne Joseph, Sterling. 
Rich Lizzie, Sterling-. 
Rich Peter, Sterling. 
Richards Michael, Sterling. 
Schaller Justin, Marshallville, 
Schaffter C E, Rittman. 
Schaffter A D, Rittman. 
Spade, G E, Rittman. 
Spade Isreal, Rittman. 
Saurer P S, Rittman. 
Saurer Henry, Marshallville. 
Sigler J C, Rittman. 
Sigler H P. Rittman. 
Sigler "Wm, Dovlestown, 
Stuckey J C, Smithville. 
Stuckey H F, Smithville. 
Swagler Jacob, Rittman, 
Schondel G R, Rittman. 
Schorle Jacob, Sterling. 
Stome Jno E, Creston. 
Steele Edgar L, Sterling. 
Stretter W S, Sterling. 
Seah Stevener, Sterling. 
Steiner Allen, Sterling. 
Spigelmier Henry, Sterling. 
Steiner Jno W, Sterling. 
Steeley Arthur, Sterling. 
Steeley Williard, Sterling. 
Steele Andrew, Sterling. 
Smith Grant U, Sterling. 
Sinley Jos, Sterling. 
Slemmons Margaret, Sterling. 

Graduates of Bixler's Biisiiiess College quickly employed. 

Steele Enoch, Sterling. 
Steviner David C, Sterling. 
Stone Edgar E, Sterling. 
Shaffer Dan, Creston. 
Shaffer Jacob, Creston. 
Slemmons Sam M, Creston. 
Smith Heris, Sterling. 
Smith Peter, Sterling. 
Striner Maria, Sterling. 
Striner Edward L, Sterling. 
Striner R K, Sterling. 
Striner H W, Sterling. 
Striner Jno & Co, Sterling. 
Striner D H, Sterling. 
Sample J C, Sterling. 
Striner Peter C, Sterling. 
Sterling Shoe Co, Sterling. 
Sauner Frank, Sterling. 
Shrock Jno, Smithville. 
Slemmons D I, Sterling. 
Shank J F, Sterling. 
Slemmons S A, Sterling. 
Shook Wm A, Rittman. 
Shook C F, Rittman. 
Shook Walter R, Rittman. 
Shook Dan, Rittman. 
Shoock J C, Rittman. 
Snyder Elizabeth, Rittman. 
Sheet W G, Rittman. 
Schantz H P, Smithville. 
Steiner T E, Sterling. 
vSteiner Dan, Sterling. 
Steiner Dan M, Rittman. 
Steiner Magdelina, Rittman. 
Steiner Catharine, Rittman. 
Steiner David P, Rittman. 
Steiner Levi P, Rittman. 
Talley George I, Sterling. 
Talley Reason, Smithville. 
Tobias R D, Sterling. 
Tobias Henry H, Sterling. 
Talley Sarah, Sterling. 
Talley John, Smithville. 
Toland L L, Smithville. 
Tidbits Jno, Sterling. 
Taylor C M, Sterling. 
Trester T E, Sterling. 
Vanostran J E, Sterling. 
Veney Eugene, Sterling. 
Wissler & Fisher, Sterling 

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Whitman Jno. Dovlestown 
Whitman W J, Rittman. 
Whitman J M, Rittman. 
Witmer Jos S Rittman. 
Willems Henry, Rittman. 
Willems John, Easton. 
Wright W H, Rittman 
Wright W E. Rittman. 
Wright Chas, Rittman, 
Withrow Samuel Smithville 
Wirth Philip, Marshallville. 
Walker J C, Rittman 
Weighley P J Sterling. 
Wyatt Joseph. Sterling 
Weighley N N,Sterng. 
Weimer F B, SterHng. 
Wagoner J W,Smithvl 
Weimer F W, Sterling 
Wald Canille, Sterling. 
Walters W H, Sterling. 
Walker Charles, Sterling. 
Winter I B, Sterling. 
Wright E F, Sterling. 
Wissler Wm, Sterling. 

Wald Victor Sterling. 
Whitside Elizabeth, Sterling 
Winkler Magdeline, Sterling. 
Wald Jos, Sterling. 
Walker Jos, Sterling. 
V/eimer Wm C, Sterling. 
Yoder Andrew, Smithville. 
Yoder D M, Marshallville. 
Yoder Frank, Marshallville. 
Yoder H S, Marshallville. 
Yoder Maria, Marshallville. 
Young Jos, Marshallville. 
Yoder Amos, Sterling. 
Ziegler Mary Ann, Sterling. 
Ziegler S M, Sterling. 
Zellers Harry, Sterling. 
Zook David, Sterling. 
Zook Simon Peter, Sterling. 
Zimmerman Philina, Sterling. 
Zimmerman Joseph, Smithville. 
Zimmerly Christian, Orrville. 
Zuercher David, Rittman. 
Zegafuss Michael, Rittman. 


Avery Anna, Mt Eaton. 
Amstutz Gattsfird, Applecreek. 
Akin C W, Mt Eaton. 
Akey Dellbert, Mt Eaton. 
Akcy Peter R, Mt Eaton. 
Amstutz Joel, Mt Eaton. 
Amstutz Dan D, Mt Eaton. 
Amstutz Sam, Mt Eaton. 
Amstutz Simon, Mt Eaton. 
Baldinger Lucy, Mt Eaton. 
Bassin Lucien, Mt Eaton. 
Breckleur Pauline, Mt Eaton. 
Bueche Emanuel, Mt Eaton. 
Birchler Barbara, Mt Eaton. 
Beck J H, Mt Eaton. 
Blanchard Louis, Mt Eaton. 
Brinker Cyrus W, W Lebanon. 
Beals Horace G, W Lebanon. 
Budd John, W Lebanon. 
Bixler Wm, W Lebanon. 
Beals Elizabeth, W Lebanon. 
Byrons Jacob C, W Lebanon. 
Beals Martin, Mt Eaton. 
Bixler Noah, Mt Eaton. 

Budd Andrew, W Lebanon. 
Breninger Oliver, W Lebanon. 
Big Wm, W Lebanon. 
Budd Alva, ^V Lebanon. 
Blosser C C, W Lebanon. 
Blosser John, W Lebanon. 
Blosser Wm, W Lebanon. 
Brasson Joseph, W Lebanon. 
Baumgartner David D, Mt Eaton. 
Baumgartner C B, Mt Eaton. 
Bomeli Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Brom Geo, Mt Eaton. 
Baumgartner Peter, Mt Eaton. 
Betterker Ed, Mt Eaton. 
Blosser Allen, Koch. 
Betterker Wm, Mt Eaton. 
Blanchard, David A, Mt Eaton. 
Blosser Jno, jr, Mt Eaton. 
Berger Jaeob, Mt Eaton. 
Beyfus Andrew, Mt Eaton. 
Banven Marion, Mt Eaton. 
Brauni Jonathan, Mt Eaton. 
Chenevy Herbert F, Mt Eaton. 
Chenevy Jos, Mt Eaton. 

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Cabut Paul, Mt Eaton. 
Cabut Frank L, Mt Eaton. 
Cramer John, W Lebanon. 
Chatelain Levi, W Lebanon. 
Card N S, W Lebanon. 
Chenevy, Pauline, Mt Eaton. 
Devery Cyrus, Vest Lebanon, 
Davis W S, West Lebanon, 
Durstine Cyrus Mt Eaton, 
Dedie Justin, Mt Eaton. 
Dodey Allie D, Mt Eaton. 
Dodey Louis A, Mt Eaton. 
Desvoiegnes Dora, Mt Eaton. 
Desvoiegnes Julius, Mt Eaton, 
Dill Thos, Wilmot. 
Dodey Louis A jr., Mt Eaton. 
Dodey Angus, Mt Eaton. 
Deets D J, Mt Eaton. 
Ettling- Barnhart, Mt Eaton. 
Emerson Belle, Mt Eaton. 
Emig- Dolphia, Mt Eaton. 
Frey John E, Mt Eaton. 
Frase George, Mt Eaton. 
Erase Walter, Mt Eaton, 
Franks R C, Mt Eaton. 
Finger Fred H, Mt Eaton. 
Feury Frank, Mt Eaton. 
Foster Frank, Mt Eaton. 
Flickingar Christ, Wilmot. 
Finger Fred, Mt Eaton. 
Graber Samuel, Mt Eaton. 
Graber Ed F, Mt Eaton. 
Graber C L, Mt Eaton. 
Grosgean Ellen, Mt Eaton. 
Gailey Lucy A, Applecreek. 
Gurnn Adele, Mt Eaton. 
Galle Frank, Mt Eaton. 
Graber Philip, Mt Eaton. 
Graber David, Mt Eaton. 
Groff Jacob A, West Lebanon. 
Gilbert George, West Lebanon . 
Graber Alex, Mt Eaton. 
Graber Fred, Mt Eaton. 
Graber C U, Kidron. 
Graber Peter, Koch. 
Gibbard Louis Koch. 
Grosgean George W, Mt Eaton. 
Grossenbach B, Mt Eaton. 
Hauenstein Wm, Koch, 
Haag Barbara, Mt Eaton. 

Haverstack Frank, Mt Eaton. 
Herald Wm, Mt Eaton. 
Herald Worth, Mt Eaton. 
Herald Henry Mt Eaton. 
Harrold Clinton, Wilmot. 
Harrold Lee, Wilmot. 
Heibner John, W Lebanon. 
Hansberger Fred, Mt Eaton. 
Howmard Daniel Mt Eaton. 
Hoak John, W Lebanon. 
Hoffman Henry, Mt Eaton. 
Haag Jno, Mt Eaton. 
Harrold C C, Mt Eaton. 
Hemsinger Alf , Mt Eaton. 
Haag Louis, Mt Eaton. 
Imhoff Wm, Mt Eaton, 
Imhoff Jno, Mt Eaton. 
Jeandervin Mary, Mt Eaton. 
Jeandervin Louis, Mt Eaton. 
King Thos, Mt Eaton. 
Kettner Chas C, Mt Eaton. 
Knoble Anthony F, Mt Eaton. 
Lautenschlager Eliza, Mt Eaton. 
Lautenschlager John, Mt Eaton. 
Lautenschlager Wm,Applecr'k. 
Lautenheiser Jno A, Mt Eaton. 
Lehman Peter A., Mt Eaton. 
Lehman Verona, Mt Eaton. 
Lehman Peter J, Mt Eaton. 
Lucas S J, Mt Eaton. 
Lisher Sam, Mt Eaton. 
Lehman Addison, Mt Eaton. 
Lanoos Henry, Mt Eaton. 
Lehman John, Mt Eaton. 
Lehman Jno P, Mt Eaton, 
Matter Ed, Mt Eaton. 
Maag Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Marchand Elsie, Mt Eaton. 
Morrell David, Koch. 
Mumaw Andrew, Mt Eaton. 
Messnes Edwin, Mt Eaton. 
Messnes John, Mt Eaton. 
Matter Emanuel, Mt Eaton. 
Miser Henry, West Lebanon. 
Miser Jacob', Mt Eaton. 
Minsers David, Mt Eaton. 
Mathiot August, Mt Eaton. 
Maurer Alex, Mt Eaton. 
Maillard Susan, Mt Eaton. 
Oberlin John, West Lebanon. 


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146 ~~~~^ 

Parrot Henrietta, Mt Eaton. 
Parrot Louis, Mt Eaton. 
Plister Abraham, Mt Eaton. 
Penberthy J P, Mt Eaton. 
Reed Knowles, Mt Eaton. 
Rufner Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Reed Lucinda, Mt Eaton. 
Ruch Oliver, Mt Eaton. 
Reed Christian, Mt Eaton. 
Rosenberry Randolph, Mt Eaton 
Reese Elizabeth, Mt Eaton. 
Reed Robert, West Lebanon, 
Rudolph Peter A, W Lebanon. 
Reed Elsworth, Mt Eaton. 
Roan John, West Lebanon. 
Rueg-segg-er Catharine, Mt Eaton 
Rueg-segg-er Albert, Mt Eaton, 
Ruegsegger Nicholas, Mt Eaton 
Ruegsegger Chas, Mt Eaton. 
Robert Samuel, Mt Eaton. 
Rouhier Ed, Mt Eaton. 
Rouhier Ed sr, Mt Eaton. 
Roth A M, Mt Eaton. 
Roth Magdelina, Mt Eaton. 
Reeler Rachel, Mt Eaton. 
Ruch Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Ruch Louise, Mt Eaton. 
Ruch Matilda, Mt Eaton. 
Saurer Benj, Mt Eaton. 
Saurer Solomon, Mt Eaton. 
Saurer Sam, Koch. 
Saunier Henry, Wilmot. 
Schaffter Louis, Mt Eaton. 
Schneider Fred, Mt Eaton. 
Scott Jno, Mt Eaton. 
Sigrist Frank H, Wilmot. 
Segrist Henry G, Mt Eaton. 
Steiner John M, Mt Eaton. 
Shilling Wm, West Lebanon. 
Snyder Edward, West Lebanon. 
Stahl Wm., West Lebanon. 
Stiner Lydia, Mt Eaton. 
Sprunger Noah, West Lebanon. 
Snively J H, West Lebanon. 
Sniff Frekerick, West Lebanon. 
Snyder Jane, West Lebanon. 
Snyder Fances, West Lebanon. 
Stauffer Mary, Mt Eaton. 
Stair Adam, Mt Eaton. 
Schlafley Simon A, Mt Eaton. 

Schlafley Jno J, Mt Eaton. 
Schaffter Gustave, Mt Eaton. 
Stauffer Elizabeth, Mt Eaton. 
vStauffer Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Shamp Martin M, Mt Eaton. 
Senff Harvey, Mt Eaton. 
Senff Philip, Mt Eaton. 
Schaffter Albert, Mt Eaton. 
Schaffter Eugene, Mt Eaton. 
Scheneman Malindia, Mt Eaton. 
Scott Berron, Mt Eaton. 
Seller Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Stauffer Ed, Mt Eaton. 
Shoup W H, Mt Eaton. 
Smedley Aaron, Mt Eaton. 
Smedley Cyrus S, Applecreek. 
Smith Cyrus, Applecreek. 
Speck Albert, Wilmot. 
Spiker Isaiah, Mt Eaton. 
Stauffer Simon, Mt Eaton. 
Stauffer Christian, Mt Eaton. 
Stahr Gotleib, Mt Eaton. 
Steffen Jno, Kidron. 
Stutz Eugene, Mt Eaton. 
Stutz Frank, Mt Eaton. 
Tschantz Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Tasker Isaiah, Mt Eaton. 
Tittal Mathias, Mt Eaton. 
Tschantz Anna, Kidron. 
Tschantz John, Mt Eaton. 
Tschantz Sarah A, Kidron. 
Tschantz W P, Kidron. 
Villiard Fred, Mt Eaton. 
Villiard Wm. Mt Eaton. 
Villiard J H. Mt Eaton. 
Villiard Solomon, Mt Eaton. 
Woods Martin, W Lebanon. 
Wertz H J, Mt Eaton. 
Woods Wm, Mt Eaton. 
Westcott Amanda, Mt Eaton. 
Wiseberger Jno, Mt Eaton. 
Wise Dan B, Mt Eaton. 
Westcott Jas, Mt Eaton. 
Welty Benj P, Mt Eaton. 
Welty Peter, Kidron. 
Westcott Douglas Mt Eaton. 
White Wm, Mt Eaton. 
Winkelpleck Allen M, Wilmot. 
Woods Jacob, Mt Eaton. 
Wyler Fred, Mt Eaton. 

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Yoder Levi, Mt Eaton. 
Yohn John A, Mt Eaton. 

Yost Richard, Mt Eaton. 


Armstrong W B, Springville. 
Alexander A S, Woooten. 
Alexander Leach, Wooster. 
Alexander Margaret, Wooster. 
Alexander Eliza W, Reedsburg. 
Alexander Jas H, Wooster. 
Acker Austin, Springville. 
Acker O G, Wooster. 
Anderson Peter, Milbrook, 
Arnholt John, Blachleysville. 
Austen Alman, Funck. 
Austen Thos.. Funck. 
Austen Sarah J, Big Prairie. 
Arnold John, Blachleysville. 
Allaman Michael, Springville. 
Aher John Lake Fork. 
Bruce J H, Wooster, 
Bechtel Catharine, Wooster. 
Bechtel T O, Reedsburg. 
Bahl Chas W, Wooster. 
Blachley W H, Reedsburg. 
Bardon W A, Funck. 
Bardon Wm, Funck. 
Bardon J C, Blachleysville. 
Bardon J W, Plain. 
Babb W B, Shreve. 
Berry W H, Millbrook. 
Batdorf Hugilene, Funck. 
Batdorf Thomas, Funck. 
Batdorf Isaiah, Funck. 
Baker Peter L, Funck. 
Baker H S, Funck. 
Beard Floyd, Funck. 
Beard Aaron, Funck. 
Beard, Wm, Funck. 
Beard Lyman, Reedsburg. 
Beard Nev^^ton, Wooster. 
Bower Fred, Reedsburg, 
Bower Adam B, Reedsburg. 
Bower John, Reedsburg. 
Brown Adaline, Reedsburg. 
Bates Wm, Reedsburg. 
Brandt W H. Reedsburg. 
Bittner Geo, Blachleysville. 
Bitner David, Plain. 
Binkley Margaret, Wooster. 

Graduates of the Bixler Business College in all large cities. 

Binkley D F, Wooster. 
Brinkerhoff Geo M, Wooster. 
Barton J L, Springville. 
Buffem3a-e Jos, Blachleysville. 
Case R B, Springville. 
Cobler Wm, Blachleysville. 
Crumlick Adam, McZena. 
Cornelius John W, Funk. 
Canancant Emma, Wooster. 
Camp Co. H B, Aultman. 
Dilgard J F, Wooster. 
Dike Andrew, Blachleysville. 
Eyman S F, Plain. 
Enfield D F, Plain. 
Eley Elmer, Funk. 
Eberhart M F, Wooster, 
Eberhart J R, Wooster. 
Eason Robert, Springville. 
Ebright T J, Springville. 
Ebright Ellie O, Springville. 
Fox S W, Plain. 
Fishburn Jas, Plain. 
Fishburn Wm, Reedsburg. 
Fickes Oliver, Lake Fork. 
Fickes PVank, Spr-ngville. 
Fickes S L, Wooster. 
Funk Zena, Funk. 
Funk W D, Funk. 
Fike J B, Reedsburg. 
Fahr Chas, Reedsburg. 
Felger Rebecca, Springville. 
Fair Christian, Blachleysville. 
Fockler Levi, Plain. 
Gesserling C F, Plain. 
Gesserling Elizabeth, Plain. 
Gesserling W L, Plain. 
Gill Wm M, Reedsburg. 
Gill Annie, Reedsburg. 
Gietgey Louis, Blachleysville. 
Grass Jno, Funk. . 
Garn R M, Reedsburg. 
Garn H J, Reedsburg. 
Hamilton B K, Plain. 
Hileman Chas, Wooster. 
Hiner Dan, Plain. 
Harmon Jacob, Wooster. 

Sepia Photographic Ealargemeots made by DAWSON. 


Horn A D, Reedsburg-. 
Horn Caroline, Reedsburg. 
Hess Jacob, Reedsburg-. 
Hines Absalom, Reedsburg-. 
Hand R B, Reedsburg-. 
Hamlin Simon, Blachleysville. 
Hamlin W H, Blachleysville. 
Harpster J W, Spring-ville. 
Heckman H D, Funck. 
Heckman Frank, Funck. 
Hare Elizabeth, Blachleysville. 
Hare Joseph. Blachleysville. 
Houck Wm, Reedsburg-. 
Holmes Oliver, Plain. 
Heyle Henry, Blachleysville. 
Houser Mary, Blachleysville. 
Hosteller S B, Plain. 
Hershberger S C, Wooster. 
Hines S D, Wooster. 
Ickes, M J, Blachleysville. 
Jontz Joseph, Reedsburg. 
Johnson B F, Plain. 
Jolliff B F, Wooster. 
JollifF S M, Plain. 
Kahl Jacob, Blachleysville. 
Kittinger Catharine Reedsburg. 
Kreiling Sam, Reeedsburg. 
Kreiling S W, Reedsburg. 
Kuhn Wm, Funck. 
Karchler John, Lake Fork. 
Kauffman Thoman, Funck. 
Knox Thomas, Reedsburg. 
Kean O J, Springville. 
Kean G E, Springville. 
Keister Chas W, Wooster. 
Long Samuel, Blachleysville. 
Long Anna, Blachleysville. 
Ludwig Eliza J, Reedsburg. 
Lehr W A, Plain. 
Landis Amos, Springville. 
Lawrence Dan, Springville. 
Mov^^rey & Brandt, Reedsburg. 
Mowrey H R, Reedsburg. 
Mowrey A F, Reedsburg. 
Mellinger Eliza, Wooster. 
Mellinger Hannah, Reedsburg. 
Mellinger Elizabeth, Reedsburg. 
Mellinger Belinda, Plain. 
Mellinger P:ilizabeth, Plain. 
Mellinger Wm, Plain. 

Mellinger Frank, Plain. 
Mellinger C B, Plain. 
McClure Frank R, Blachleysville 
McClure J H. Funk. 
McClure Chas, Wooster. 
Musser H M, Blachleysville. 
Morrison W H, Funk. 
Moores Joshua, Funk. 
Moon Cornelius, Reedsburg. 
Moon Sarah J, Reedsburg. 
Miller John, Reedsburg. 
Miller Matthias S, Reedsburg. 
Miller Margaret, Plain. 
Miller Jas. Millbrook. 
McElroy W K, Wooster. 
Mykrantz B F, Plain. 
McMannis Elmer, Plain. 
McMannis Harry, Plain. 
Massor Mary E, Wooster. 
Martin Jno L, Reedsburg. 
Martin S K, Plain. 
Martin S C, Plain. 
Martin W K, Plain. 
Myers Milton, Wooster. 
Myers W H, Wooster. 
Myers Jno C, Plain. 
McKee, G W, Springville. 
McKee J W, Springvdle. 
McKee T B, Springville. 
McKee C V, Springville. 
Mairs Hugh J, Wooster. 
Messner, Franda, Wooster. 
McQuigg Wm, Wooster. 
McOuigg John, Wooster. 
Merkel Chas, Springville. 
McAfee David, Springville. 
Miller S F, Millbrook. 
Nirode W F, Funk. 
Nirode Sarah J, Blachleyville. 
Nirode Geo, Blachleyville. 
Neff Mary, Blachleyville. 
Newell Geo, Plain. 
Nichols W A, Millbrook. 
Naffsinger W H, Reedsburg. 
Overholtzer Louis, Blachleyville. 
Oberholtzer B F, Reedsburg. 
Otto, M D, Reedsburg. 
Plasterer C F, Reedsburg. 
Plasterer John J, Reedsburg. 
Plasterer G W, Reedsburg. 

Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines. HARDING & CO. 

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Halmer C H, Keedsburg-. 
Pearce R A, Lake Fork. 
Priest H A, Plain. 
Ports Chas, Millbrook. 
Ports H E, Millbrook. 
Robison J A, Plain. 
Rittenhouse Mary, Plain. 
Rittenhouse, J H, Plain. 
Rittenhouse James, Wooster. 
Rittenhouse C W, Spring-ville. 
Rudy Sophia, Reedsburg-. 
Rouch W T, Reedsburg-. 
Rouch T S, Reedsburg. 
Rouch Wm, Reedsburg. 
Rickenbaugh S, Blachleyville. 
Rickenbaugh H W, Blachleyville 
Rickenbaugh Mary, Plain. 
Rickenbaugh Jno, Blachleyville. 
Rickenbaugh Geo, Blachleyville. 
Ryland Al, Reedsburg. 
Raubanolt A R, Funk. 
Rastewter W H, Plain. 
Strock J F, Millbrook. 
Stauffer J E, Springville. 
Stauffer J S, Springville. 
Stauffer J A, Springville. 
Statler J E, Reedsburg. 
Stair Fred, Reedsburg. 
Stair Casper C, Reedsburg. 
Stair Sam, Blachleysville. 
Stair Jno sr, Blachlevsville, 
Stair L T, Plain. 
Stair I O, Plain. 
Stair Matt, Blachleysville. 
Soliday S G, Plain. 
Soliday Susan, Plain. 
Solidav L L, Reedsburg. 
Shelley C C, Wooster. 
Shelley Jacob, Wooster. 
Shelley Peter J, Wooster. 
Shelley Christian, Wooster. 
Strauss H H, Wooster. 
Strauss J A, Reedsburg. 
Staman Susan A, Plain. 
Sellers W S, Millbrook. 
Sichley Elmer, Blachleysville. 
SincoxHarveyN, Blachleysville. 
Sidle John C, Blachleysville. 
Sidle Jas C, Blachleysville. 
Smith Sarah J, Reedsburg. 

Smith M W, Plain. 
Smith R B, Plain. 
Showalter Sam, Reedsburg. 
Smyser Anna, Reedsburg. 
Smyser I O, Reedsburg, 
Smyser Sarah, Reedsburg. 
Seib Chas, Funk. 
Seib Michael sr, Funk. 
Svv»art A C, Blachleysville. 
Slaybaugh D M, Millbrook. 
Swartz Jacob, Plain. 
Sparr Jno, Blachleysville. 
Stevick Elizabeth, Plain. 
Sparr David, Springville. 
Spangler S G, Plain. 
Silver J R, Plain. 
Silver G T, Wooster. 
Snyder Harvey, Plain. 
Swinehart H F, Plain. 
Taylor C E. Funk. 
Tyler Asa, Funk. 
Tyler W C, Funk. 
Tyler Irvin M, Blachlevsville. 
Uhler W S, Blachleysville. 
Urban John, Funk. 
Urban Amos, Funk. 
Webster D J, Blachleysville. 
Whorton Robert, Springville. 
Winterstein H C. Reedsburg. 
Whisford Susan, Reedsburg. 
Wertz F G, Funk. 
Wilson Andrew, Millbrook. 
White Silas, Burbenk. 
Warner Wesley Wooster. 
Warner C A, Wooster. 
Wile Philip sr. Plain. 
Wile Philip jr, Plain. 
Wile E N. Plain, 
Wallace John M, Wooster. 
Wallace Wm & Hugh, Plain. 
Wallace B F, Plain. 
Wallace Robert, Plain, 
Wallace W W, Plain. 
Wagner DeCoursey, Plain. 
Weltmer Jas A, Springville. 
Welty D A, Springville. 
Weltv B F, Springville. 
Welty D L, Springville. 
Wise W F, Springville. 
Wilhour Thomas, Wooster. 

Individual Instruction at the BIXLER BUSINESS COLLEGE. 

Dawson makes enlarged photographs from amateur negatives. 


Wolhaug-h Lawren, Wooster. 
Wilhour Wm, Wooster. 
Yocum Chas, Blachleysville. 
Yocum Lucien Milibrook. 
Yngfer John, Milibrook. 

Yocum J G, Milibrook. 
Yund W H, Blachleysville, 
Yoder C M, Wooster. 
Zimmerman Fred, Plain. 
Zercher B F. Plain. 


Armstrong J D, Fred'sburg-. 

Amstutz Gilert, Fred'sburg. 

August L A, Koch. 

Arinet Ed, Kock. 

Arinet Jno L, Koch. 

Arnold Philip, Koch. 

Akin Morrison, Fred'sburg. 

Barnes DeWit, Fred'sburg. 

Barnes Mrs R, Fred'sbnrg. 

Barnes Eli, Fredericksburg. 

Barnes P E, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Geo S, Fredericksburg. 

Brownfield J G & G, 

Brownfield Nancy, ' 

Brosser W H, Fredericksburg. 

Beiner Amelia, Fredericksburg. 

Bucher Levi, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Caleb, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Lyman J, Fred'sburg. 

Brown E S, Fredericksbvrg. 

Bupp W" G, Fredericksburg. 

Bupp Chas, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Susan, Fredericksburg. 

Brown A G, Fredericksburg. 

Badger P E, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Allen, Applecreek. 

Boss Jno, Applecreek. 

Boss Jacob, Applecreek. 

Boss J C, Koch. 

Beall A A, Koch. 

Brown Margaret, Fred'sburg. 

Beehler Wm, Koch. 

Brown Eli, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Susan, Koch. 

Brown Chas H, Koch. 

Barth Henry, Koch. 

Bardin John, Fredericksburg. 

Bardin Jos L, Fredericksburg. 

Brown Thos J, Koch. 

Brown Jos M, Koch. 

Brown Armstrong, Applecreek. 

Bricker Wm L, Fredericksburg 

Carson Samuel, Fred'sburg. 

Criswell Mrs J F, Fred'sburg. 
Crisswell E, Fredericksburg. 
Crisswell E & M, Fred'sburg. 
Cramer W A, Fredericksburg. 
Cramer W M, jr, Fred'sburg. 
Cook S C, Fredericksburg. 
Cunningham J J, Kock. 
Champlois August, Koch. 
Chenevey August, Koch. 
Chenevey Paul, Fred'sburg. 
Crisswell M S, Fred'sburg. 
Cunningham Jesse, Koch. 
Crosby Howard, Applecreek. 
Crosby Jno B, Applecreek. 
Daniels A, Fredericksburg. 
Derr Boyd, Fredericksburg. 
Daniels Album, Fred'sburg. 
Dretz Philip, Fredericksburg. 
Dilgard Jacob, Koch. 
Davidson Jacob D, Koch. 
Dunham Jno W, Koch. 
Dunham Chas, Koch. 
Derr A B, Koch. 
Dunham Mary, Applecreek. 
Erwin Thos, Frederic ksburg. 
Frease G W, Fredericksburg. 
Flory Samuel, Fredericksburg. 
Fluhart Mrs M, 
Fluhart Edwin, " 

Fluhart Mrs A R, 
First John sr, *' 

Fluhart Esther, 
Fisher James, Koch. 
Flory John. Koch. 
First Jno & W E, Fredericksb'g. 
Freed Julia, Fredericksburg. 
Grosgean Eugene, '* 

Grosgean Louis, " 

Grosgean Ellen, Kock. 
Gasser Elizabeth, Koch. 
Grow Wm, Koch. 
Girard H P, Koch. 
Gabriel Adolph, Fredericksburg. 

Paint for Floors. HARDING & CO. 

If you have money to loan call on G. W. SPANGLER. 


Herman Dorcas. Koch. 
Hackett Sarah E Applecreek. 
Ilartel Jacob, Koch. 
Hachstetler Eli J, Koch. 
Ho;^cre John, Koch. 
Henderson Silas, Fredericksb'g". 
Hopacre Alonzo, Koch. 
Hauenstine John, Koch. 
Hauenstine J Fredericksburg. 
Haley Joseph S, Koch. 
Immel Noah, Fredericksburg-. 
Immel Levi, Fredericksburg. 
Her Jeremiah, Koch. 
Johnson J W, Fredericksburg-. 
Jennings Henry, Fredericksb'g. 
Jennings J R, Fredericksburg. 
Johnson Mahaleth. Koch. 
Johnson Enos, Applecreek. 
Johnson Mary B, Koch. 
Johnson Sinclair. Koch. 
Johnson James A, Koch. 
Kirkendall Hiram, Kock. 
Kessler Joseph, Fredericksburg, 
Lytle M E, Fredericksburg. 
Lytle Joseph, Fredericksburg". 
Lachat Lina. Koch. 
Meizer Rosa, Koch. 
Musser Sarah S. Applecraek. 
Meiser Mary, Koch. 
Malcuit Chas, Koch. 
Malcuit Frank, Koch. 
Meyer Wm, Koch. 
Meyer Fred, Koch. 
Marthey Paul F, Fredericksb'g. 
Malcuit Louis, Koch. 
Musser Wm, Applecreek. 
Mouparth Goldey, Koch. 
Mettetal Fred. Koch. 
Morer Fred, Koch. 
Marthey Jos, Koch. 
Meiser Jno, Fredericksburg. 
Mougin Victor G, Koch. 
Malcuit Jos. Koch. 
Maysville Drain Tile Co, Koch. 
Meier Bros, Koch. 
Merillat August, Koch. 
Marthey August, Fredericks- 
Moore Jno, Fredericksburg. 
Moore Susan, ' 

Martin D P, Fredericksburg. 
Martin S E, 
Montandon Fred, 
Mackey Jno, 
Martin Jno, 
Martin Chas, 
Nussbaum Ulysses, Koch. 
Nussbaum Simon, Applecreek. 
Nussbaum Caroline, Applecreek 
Nussbaum Dan, Koch. 
Nussbaum Fred, Koch. 
Nixon J K, Fredericksburg. 
Nixon Wm, Fredicksburg. 
Otzenberger Jno, Applecreek. 
Otzenberger Fred, Applecreed. 
Ober Mrs C R, Fredericksbu'g. 
O wilier Anna B, Koch. 
Orr John, Koch. 
Pailliotet Louis, Koch. 
Pernot Peter, Koch. 
Peterman Thos J, Koch. 
Pennicks Alma, Fredericksbu'g 
Rieder Jas, Koch. 
Rieder Dan, Koch. 
Rouhier Chas, Koch. 
Richenbaugh E, Fredericksbu'g 
Roland F, Fredericksburg. 
Simmerman Geo, Applecreek. 
Simmerman Alex, Applecreek. 
Sawer Simon, Applecreek. 
Smedley Wm, Applecreek. 
SaurerBenj, Applecreek. 
Sauvain Adela, Koch. 
Saurers Solomon, Koch. 
Senff Arthur, Applecreek. 
SenfF Eathen, Koch. 
SenfF Eugene, Koch. 
StaufFer T J, Koch. 
Stauflfer Catharine, Koch. 
Stutz Albin, Koch. 
Scott M J, Applecreek. 
Simon Jos E, Koch. 
Scott Jas, Fredericksburg. 

Shaffer Sam, 
Sharp Wm, 
Shaw W E, 
Sterling M V, 
Snyder Fred, 
Strine Jos D, 
Sommers S G. ' 

Ticne of Entrance at BixlerN Bitsitte^s Collage -any time. 


Satisfactory Photog^-aphs of yourself made by DAWSON. 

Sanderson Hiram, Fred 'sbursf. 

Sanderson John, 


Scott M L, 

Smith Boyd, 

Thompson E, 

Thompson Moses, 

Thompson A H. 

Thompson Sarah, 

Thompson W W, 

Tissot Jas, 

Tracy Jacob, Fredericksburg. 

Tiecat Eugene, Koch. 

Tracy Perry, Koch. 

Tracy Albert, Koch. 

Valot Melinda, Fredericksburg-. 

Valot Peter J, 

Valot Louise, 

Wigle Josiah, 

Waugg- Sam, 

Walter Julius, 

Winters Jos, 


Amstutz Benj, Dalton. 
Amstutz John J, Dalton. 
Arnold Albert R, Dalton. 
Arnold A L, Dalton. 
Arnold J H, McQuaid. 
Arnold Mrs Anthony, ' 
Arnold J M, McQuaid. 
Amstutz Nicholas, Kidron. 
Amstutz Abraham, Orrville. 
Amstutz Henry H, Orrville. 
Amstutz Jacob A Orrville. 
Amstutz D W, Kidron. 
Amstutz Joel, Kidron. 
Amstutz Daniel H, Kidron. 
Amstutz Catharine, Kidron. 
Amstutz Peter C, Kidron. 
Amstutz Cleopas vVnn, Kidron. 
Amstutz Peter J, Dalton. 
Amstutz J L, Kidron. 
Arick Alice. Dalton. 
Bagley Ella H, Orrville. 
Bagley Sarah, Orrville. 
Berg Henry, Kidron. 
Berg John, Dalton. 
Berg- Lewis, Dalton. 
Berg Lewis S, Dalton. 
Bixler David, Dalton. 
Bixler Daniel, Dalton. 
Bixler John B, Dalton. 
Bixler Peter, Dalton. 
Bixler Daniel jr, Dalton. 
Bixler Jacob, Dalton. 
Baumgardner Caroline, Dalton. 
Baumgardner Jacob, Dalton. 
Bixler John C, Kidron. 
Bixler John J, Kidron, 
Badetcher Frederick. Kidron. 

Bahler Christian, W Lebanon. 
Bashford Robert, W Lebanon, 
Budd John F, W Lebanon. 
Bainer Chas, W Lebanon. 
Berg Geo, W Lebanon, 
Budd Wm, W Lebanon. 
Buchanan Catharine, Dalton. 
Buchanan W M, Dalton. 
Bailey C A, Dalton. 
Bailey I D, Dalton. 
Brenneman J N, McQnaid. 
Brutschy Haver. McQuaid. 
Bowers Oliver, Dalton. 
Budd John, McQuaid. 
Baird J W, Orrville. 
Buchwalter I D, Dalton. 
Burghman W H. Dalton. 
Barkman Daniel, Dalton. 
Bardscher Christ. Dalton. 
Blacksten Howard, Stanwood. 
Burkholter Jacob, McQuaid. 
Beal Oliver, Dalton. 
Barkman John. Dalton. 
Bashford Ruth, Massillon. 
Cully Geo, Dalton. 
Cully Thomas, Dalton. 
Cully Samuel, Dalton. 
Cully Warren, Dalton. 
Cook W H, Dalton. 
Cook, Mrs A C, McQuaid. 
Chapman Collins, Dalton. 
Correll Samuel, Dalton. 
Cheney A J, McQuaid. 
Cheney J C, Orrville. 
Cady Gardeher, Dalton. 
Danner Lavina, McQuaid. 
Denbrook Chas, McQuaid. 

Bixler graduates greatly in demand. 

SPANGLER writes the best Life Insurance. 


Derthic, Catharint, McQuaid. 
Donley John, McQuaid. 
Doug-lass I B, Dalton. 
Dag-ue E A, Dalton. 
Doug-lass H A, Dalton. 
Doug-lass Ira, Dalton. 
Eby Elizabeth, W Lebanon. 
Eby David W, W Lebanon. 
Eckard John, Dalton. 
Eckard Harvey S, Dalton. 
Eckard Peter, Dalton. 
Erwin J N, Dalton. 
Erwin J C. Dalton. 
Erwin E B, Dalton. 
Erwin J W, Dalton. 
Eberly Levi, Dalton. 
Eyman Anna, Dalton. 
Emrick Adam. McQuaid. 
Frantz Franklin, W Lebanon. 
Falb John, W Lebanon. 
Fluri Edward, Dalton. 
Frantz David F, W Lebanon. 
Farrel James, Stanwood. 
Forley Calvin, Dalton. 
Forrer H, McQuaid. 
Feit, Catherine, Dalton. 
Gerber Peter, W Lebanon. 
Gerber Methias, Mt Eaton. 
Gerber Melinda, Mt Eaton. 
Gerber Valentine M, Dalton. 
Gerber Solomon, Dalton. 
Gerber John P, Dalton. 
Gerber Abram L, Dalton. 
Gerber Peter J, Kidron. 
Gerber Daniel M, Dalton. 
Gerber Peter N, Dalton. 
Gerber Peter P, Dalton. 
Gerber Jacob, Kidron. 
Gerber Wm I, Dalton. 
Goudy W H, W Lebanon. 
Gerber David P, Dalton. 
Gerber G E, Dalton. 
Gerber Levi, Dalton. 
Gerber C M, Dalton 
Gerber Jacob P, Kidron 
Geiger Sam, Dalton 
Gis Phillip, Stanwood 
Gochenener J F, Dalton 
Goudy Pearl, Dalton 
Harshey J H, Dalton 

Hastettler Albert, McQuaid 
Hastettler Tanny, Dalton 
Hastettler Wm, Dalton 
Hastettler John A, Dalton 
Hastettler J J, Dalton 
Hastettler Fanny J, Dalton. 
Hastettler Judith, Dalton. 
Hastettler Elizabeth H, Dalton. 
Hastettler Katie, Dalton. 
Hastettler Christina, Dalton. 
Hastettler Jacob C, Dalton. 
Hastettler D C, Orrville. 
Hastettler Peter C, Dalton. 
Hastettler Daniel P, Kidron. 
Hastettler Peter, Kidron. 
Hoffman Constant, Kidron. 
Hoffman Adam, McQuaid. 
Hauenstein Lewis, Dalton. 
Hauenstein Henry, Dalton. 
Horst Joseph, Dalton. 
Huntsperger Benj, Dalton. 
Hackman Lydia, Dalton. 
Holderbaum Geo, Dalton. 
Hunter Anna, Dalton. 
Heckathorn Luther, Dalton. 
Horst Levi, Dalton. 
Hetrick O E, McQuaid. 
Harbaugh Mary, McQuaid. 
Howell Mining Co, Massillon. 
Hounard John, W Lebanon. 
Hofstetter Jacob, Dalton. 
Hofstetter Anna, Dalton. 
Harper Benj, W Lebanon. 
Howenstein John, W Lebanon. 
Hofacre Andrew, W Lebanon. 
Hofacre Elmer, W Lebanon. 
Imboden John, Dalton. 
Ikiner Frederick, Dalton. 
Jones James, McQuaid. 
Jackson Orne, Dalton. 
Koler Jacob, McQuaid. 
Kratzerm John, Orrville. 
Kampf Christian, Orrville. 
Kirchofer E, McQuaid. 
Kraus Frederick, Dalton. 
Krett Joseph, W Lebanon. 
Kaley Henry, W Lebanon. 
Kirchofer Daniel, Dalton. 
Keefer W J, Massillon. 
Kisner John J, Dalton. 

Bixler graduates greatly in demand. 

For First Class Photog-raphs g-o to DAWSON. 

Kampf Frederick, Dalton. 
Lehman Joe, Kidron. 
Lautenschlag^er D P, Dalton. 
Locke Warren, Dalton. 
Lilly Z H, Dalton. 
Lehman Katie & Anna, Dalton. 
Lehman Elizabeth, Dalton. 
Lehman Simon, Dalton. 
Lehman Magdalina, MQuaid. 
Lehman Daniel P, McQuaid. 
Lehman Vv'^ II, Kidron. 
Lehman Jacob J, Kidron, 
Lehman Christian C, Kidron. 
Lehman Daniel L, Orrville. 
Miller E J, Kidron. 
Myers Joseph W, W Lebanon, 
Myers John, W Lebanon. 
Martin David. W Lebanon. 
Moser John D, Dalton. 
Moser John P, Dalton. 
Moser A P, Dalton. 
Moser John, Orville. 
Moser Abraham, McQuaid. 
Moser Mary A, " 

Moser Amos, " 

Moser Jacob, Orrville. 
Moser Leah, Dalton. 
Moser Caroline, Dalton. 
Moser David, Dalton. 
Moser W A, Dalton. 
Moser Jacob A, Dalton. 
Moser John A, Dalton. 
Moser Peter P, Dalton. 
Moser Peter, Dalton. 
Moser Simon D, Kidron, 
Moser Daniel, Dalton. 
Moser David J, Dalton. 
Moser Jacob J, Dalton. 
Morrow David, Dalton. 
McClellan J R, Dalton. 
Masters Michael, Stanwood. 
Masters Ira, Stanwood. 
McQuaid A S, McQuaid. 
Marty John, ' 

Myers John, Dalton. 
Morrow Emma J, Dalton. 
McClellan James, Dalton. 
McDowell Luther, Dalton. 
McDowell M D, McQuaid. 
McDowell Edward, * 

Nussbaum Jacob, Kidron. 
Owens A H, Dalton. 
Poorman P L, Dalton. 
Pratt Miss Lizzie, Stanwood. 
Rudv Wm., Dalton. 
Rudy C A, Dalton. 
Rudy Elizabeth. Dalton. 
Resler Geo, Dalton. 
Ross D W, Kidron. 
Rose Levi A, W Lebanon. 
Rose Mark A, W Lebanon. 
Roan Robert, Dalton. 
Resse Annie, W Lebanon. 
Romey Emil, McQuaid. 
Ruff John, 

Ruff Verner, Dalton. 
Roebuck D Y, Dalton. 
Reed Thomas, Dalton. 
Rudy David, Dalton. 
Rudy H M, Dalton. 
Rudy Daniel L, Dalton. 
Rudy D C, Dalton. 
Rudy C E, Dalton. 
Rudy L S, Dalton. 
Sommer & Bixler, Kidron. 
Sword Geo, Dalton. 
Stinson Elizabeth, Dalton. 
Swarts Peter and Jacob, Dalton. 
Swartz Barbara, Dalton. 
Swartz Sarah, Dalton. 
Swartz Mag-dalina, Dalton. 
Swartz Elizabeth, McQuaid. 
Swartz Daniel, Orrville. 
Swartz Abraham, Dalton. 
Selder John, W Lebanon. 
SelderGeo A, W Lebanon. 
Saurer Jacob, Dalton. 
Sommers Daniel P, Dalton. 
Steiner John J, Dalton. 
Sommers Peter, Kidron. 
Sprung-er Philoman, Dalton. 
Sprung-er John, Dalton. 
Shauffer J G, Dalton. 
Shoub Emanuel, Dalton. 
Shammo Henry, Dalton. 
Shammo Anna, Dalton. 
Swisher John, Dalton. 
Swisher M H, Dalton. 
Sommer Isaiah, Dalton. 
Sommer D A, McQuaid. 

Enamel Paint for Chairs. HARDING & CO. 

SPANGLER will sell you a home if you see him. 


Sommer Jacob P, Kidron. 
Starn Elmer, Mcouaid. 
Starn Jacob M, McQuaid. 
Snaveley Anna, Dalton. 
Seaver A K, Dalton. 
Shoup Amos, McQnaid, 
Shoup Sarah, Orrville. 
Saurer Abraham, Dalton. 
Sommers C C, Kidron. 
Snyder Eli, W Lebanon. 
Snyder Wm, W Lebanon. 
Shanklin A L, W Lebanon. 
Simon Peter, W Lebanon. 
Shififerly Wm jr, W Lebanon. 
Shoeb John, W Lebanon. 
Shamma Joseph, W Lebanon. 
Spang-ler Wesley, W Lebanon. 
Shifferly Wm sr, W Lebanon. 
Shamma Margaret, W Lebanon. 
Snavely Daniel W, W Lebanon. 
Stahl Harvey A, W Lebanon. 
Saurer D H, Dalton. 
Sauner Samuel, McQuaid. 
Sa:urer Mrs Mary Ann ' 
Snyder John, ' 

Saltman J A, ' 

Saurer Peter, Kidron. 
Saurer Peter S. Kidron. 
Seinhaus C S, Dalton. 
Staver A K, Dalton. 
Shanklin R H, Dalton. 
Studer Rudolph, Kidron. 
Somer Christian A, Dalton. 
Stinson James, Dalton. 
Swoed Irvin, Dalton. 
Steiner D J, Dalton. 
SteinerS J, Dalton. 
Steiner C W, Kidron, 
Steiner M C, Kidron, 
Schneck David, Dalton. 
Schneck Peter, Dalton. 

Schneck Anna, Dalton. 
Schneck Abraham, Dalton 
Schneck Daniel, Dalton. 
Schneck John, Dalton. 
Steffen Daniel, Kidron. 
Schumacher A. Orrville. 
Schaffter A L, Mcouaid. 
Teeple Allan, W Lebanon, 
Tschantz J H, Dalton. 
Tschantz W H, Orrville. 
Tschantz Daniel H, McQuaid. 
Tschantz C C, 

Tschantz Elizabeth, Kidron. 
Tschantz Christian, ' 

Tschantz A A, Orrville. 
Vongunten Jacob, Stanwood. 
Vong-unten Jacob, jr, Stanwood. 
Welty C C, Orrville. 
Welty Caroline, Orrville. 
Weltry Fanny, Orrville. 
Wenger Joseph G. Dalton. 
Wertz R B, Dalton. 
Werick Wesley, W Lebanon. 
Welty John, Kidron. 
Welty Peter, Kidron. 
Wilson Peter, Dalton. 
Woods John, Dalton. 
Woods Samuel W, Dalton. 
Weaver Henry, Dalton. 
Wing-ert Adam, Dalton. 
Wyss John, McQuaid. 
Zeurcher Christ, Dalton. 
Zeurcher John, Dalton. 
Zeurcher Peter, Dalton. 
Zig-ler Geo, Dalton. 
Zaugg-, Wesley H, Kidron. 
Zlmmerly Peter, Mt. Eaton. 
Zaugg John F, W Lebanon. 
Zaugg Levi, W Lebanon. 
Zaugg Frederick, W Lebanon. 


Antles Joseph, Madisonburg. 
Anlang Christopher. Overton. 
Aukerman Christ, Wooster. 
Armstrong Harrison, Wooster. 
Armstrong Mary, Wooster. 
Armstrong Calvin, Wooster. 
Alexander C O, Wooster. 

Armstrong Frank, Golden Cor- 
Awellshouse C S, Wooster. 
Alliman Levi, Madisonburg. 
Alliman Emory, Wooster. 
Boor John N, Madisonburg. 
Blocher John W, Wooster. 

Positions practically sure after graduating at the B. B. C. 

Baby Pictures always good at DAWSON'S. 

Blocher & Suure, Wooster. 
Br u baker Ira, Wooster. 
Brown Horatio, Wooster. 
Billman Joseph, Smithville. 
Bersch Geo. v\^ooster. 
Bishop Frank, Wooster. 
Bishop John, \\^ooster. 
Batdorff Frank, Golden Corners. 
Bucholtz Geo, Wooster. 
Bowersock John, Wooster. 
Bucholtz Wm, Wooster. 
Bucher Andrew, Wooster. 
Buchanan J W & H B, Wooster. 
Bucher Andrew W, Overton. 
Bucher S D, Overton. 
Buther Samuel D, Overton. 
Bowman John, Wooster. 
Bittner Henry, Wooster. 
Bishop Willis, Wooster, 
Brenner Adam, Smithville. 
Baker Joseph, Wooster. 
Brown J C, Wooster. 
Billman John, Wooster. 
Black J C, Wooster. 
Baker Frank, Wooster. 
Berg-er Albert, Smithville. 
Bowersock H, Madisonburgf. 
Brenner John W, Smithville. 
Bashore Mary, Madisonburg. 
Broonbaugh Elizabeth, Wooster. 
BrinkerhofF John, Wooster. 
Byler J W, Weilersville. 
Beachy Jacob, Madisonburg. 
Brenner Ella, Madisonburg. 
Brenner E C, Madisonburg. 
Brenner Benj, Madisonburg. 
Brenner Sarah S, Smithville. 
Barkey Andrew, Smithville. 
Bruce W A, Wooster. 
Brubaker James. Wooster. 
Bixler DarlJ, Wooster. 
Campbell Henry B, Wooster. 
Culbertson Frank M, Wooster. 
Copps Henry, Madisonburg. 
Carr Lucien, Wooster. 
Cherry Thomas, Wooster. 
Carmen}^ Brady, Wooster. 
Carmony Anna, Madisonburg. 
Caskey Martin, Wooster. 
Collins Henry, Golden Corners. 

Caskey Geo, Wooster. 
Campbell James, Wooster. 
Campbell Alexander, Wooster. 
Cumberland Joseph, Wooster. 
Conn Geo, Wooster. 
Campbell Sarah, Wooster. 
Campbell Frank, Wooster. 
Cummings W C, Wooster. 
Correll John E, Madisonburg. 
Corbett Fred L, Wooster. 
Cayhoe John, Madisonburg. 
Carmony Levi, Madisonburg. 
Carmony Allen, Madisonburg. 
Caskey Elmer, Madisonburg. 
Crites John J, Smithville. 
Crites Lorenzo, Madisonburg. 
Cherry Moses, Wooster. 
Collins Mrs L C, 
Collins D W, 
Collier W A, 
BerthicK Wm, ' 

Dorr H H, 

Davidson Jacob, ' 
Durstine Lyman, Madisonburg. 
Davidson Lucinda M, * 
Davidson N H, Wooster. 
Downing Stella & Samuel, 

Dauge E D, Wooster. 
Dague H M, 

Davidson Dav d, Smithville. 
Davidson Hannah J, Madisonb'g. 
Davidson Sam, Wooster. 
Deneke Jno, * 

DeflFenbaugh G G, Madisonburg 
Eicher Jos, Wooster. 
Elliott J G, Madisonburg. 
Eberly Maggie, Smithville. 
Fortney Jno, Wooster. 
Fordyce J L, Madisonburg. 
Fretz Anthony, Wooster. 
Fike Luther, ' 

Fath David, 
France L N, * 

Ferdig Sarah, * 

Flickinger H, 
BVick J Edgar, 
Fightner Levi, Madisonburg. 
Fightner Sam, Madisonburg. 
Findley A B. Madisonburg. 

Bath Tub Enatnel at HARDING & CO'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Real Estate. Loans and Insurance. 

Fetzer A J, Smithville. 
Flickinger J W, Madisonburg-. 
Fetzer G E, Madisonburg^. 
Fetzer C E, Madisonburg-. 
Fetters Jno, Smithville. 
Frazier Jane, Golden Corners. 
Gerberich Solomon, Wooster. 
Gerber Jos H, 
Graham Mary E, 
Grube Jane, 
Grube David H, 
Grill J B, 
Grill Lydia, 
Grill D J, 
Grill Flora, 
Gresser Mary, 
Gaut Martha, 
Glenn Sam, 
Gaff Isabelle, Madisonburg". 
Glascow J S, Madisonburg-. 
Ge3^er Frank B, Madisonburg, 
Saul Jacob A, Wooster. 
Gearhart Isaiah, Golden Corners. 
George Dan, Overton. 
Georg-e Levi, Overton. 
Gearhart Frank, Golden Corners 
Geyer Henry E, Madisonburg-. 
Guttshick Fred, Madisonville. 
Gilgin Ed, Smithville. 
Greaser Simon, Weilersville. 
Greaser Lydia, Weilersville. 
Greaser Christian, Smithville. 
Hatfield Robert, Wooster. 
Hoover G H, 
Houston J T, ' 

Hastesler Jno, Smithville. 
Hider John H, Madisonburg. 
Hoffman Dan, Wooster. 
Heder Russel, ' 

Hein Fred, ' 

Hunter Mrs J H, ' 
Hazel Frank, ' 

Hemphill E J, 

Hurst George, Madisonburg. 
Hemperly Henry, Wooster. 
Hutton George, Wooster. 
Herple Joseph A, Wooster. 
Hostetler Jeptha, Wooster. 
Hostetler J D, Wooster. 
Hostetler E S, Wooster. 

Hostetler J R, Wooster. 
Hutchison John Smithville. 
Halm David, Smithville. 
Hoffman Dan T, Madisonburg. 
Hostetler J G, Wooster. 
Hoff H M, Madisonburg. 
Hoffman Fred, Smithville. 
Hewitt John. Smithville. 
Hestasler T B, Smithville. 
Herple J, Wooster. 
Imgard Harry, Wooster. 
Ihrig P S, Wooster. 
Jones G D, Madisonburg. 
Jarvis W, Wooster. 
Johnson P R, Golden Corners. 
Jolliff W H, Wooster. 
Jeffries Harriet, Wooster. 
Koonts John, Smithville. 
Kindig Madisonburg. 
Keister S J, Wooster. 
Keener & Good, Wooster. 
Kyle Jno, ' 

Kline Jno, ' 

Kintner Jacob, Madisonburg. 
KintnerJB, Madisonburg. 
Keim, W H, Smithville. 
Kiefer H M, Smithville. 
Kurtz Susan, Wooster. 
Kinney Thos A, Wooster. 
Kiefer Mrs I N, Wooster. 
Kiefer Eudora, ' 

Landes Elmer, Madisonburg. 
Landes Martha, Madisonburg. 
Landes T A, Madisonburg. 
Landes Frank, Smithville. 
Landes O R, Madisonburg. 
Landes David, Wooster. 
Leichty Jacob, ' 

Leach J W, 
Lehr Melvin, Overton. 
Lehman Ephraim, Madisonburg. 
Lehman David L, Madisonburg. 
Lehman S W, Wooster. 
Lehman F B, Madisonburg. 
Longsdorf Jas, Smithville. 
Lehman Simon, Madisonburg. 
Langhlin Josiah, Wooster. 
Lehman C V, Madisonburg. 
Lehman Dan, Madisonburg. 
Liggett Frank, Madisonburg. 

Preparation at B. B. C. means beginning of success. 

For Hig-h Grade Photog-raphic Enlarg-ements go to DAWSON'S. 


Lantz Adam S, Smithville. 
Miller Adam, Wooster. 
McClure M B, ' 
McCoy Harriet, ' 
McCaughey Nancy, Wooster. 
Mackey W H, 
Mackey Sarah P, 
McGinnis Alice, 
McAfee Sam, 
McCov Neal, 
McCoy Ira S, 
McCoy Elizabeth, 
McCracken Fred, 
Mary James, 
McDonald Joseph B, 
Mutersbaugh David, 
Markle Ed, 
McAfee William, 
Markle Lovina, 
McFadden Emma H, 
McCulloug-h T P, 
Mumaw Amos, 
Mowery John, 
Mowery D W, Overton. 
Moomaw R M, Smithville. 
Miller F L, Madisonburg-. 
Miller Albert, Madisonburg. 
McCoy Sallie E, Gold en Corners. 
Moomaw Martha W, Smithville. 
Moomaw C C, Smithville. 
Meskee Chas, Madisonburg. 
Miller F O, Madisonburg-. 
Mackey Geo E, Smithville. 
Moomaw Elizabeth, Smithville. 
Miller Tobias L, Smithville. 
McFadden Wm J, Smithville. 
McCullough David A, Smithville, 
McConnehey Hugh, Wooster. 
McFadden Albert, Wooster. 
Nelson Henry, Wooster. 
Notestine, Jacob L, Wooster. 
Nag-gle W M, Madisonburg-. 
Naftzger David, Wooster. 
Notestine J O, Wooster. 
Narcross Melissa Smithville. 
Orr Clara, Madisonburg. 
Oberholt C S R, Wooster. 
Oswalt J E, Smithville. 
Oxenrider J B, Madisonburg. 
O'Haid Daniel Wooster. 

Pressler Barbara, Wooster. 
Parker Sarah Madisonburg. 
Pecht David, Madisonburg. 
Pennicks John, Wooster. 
Rayl Romeo, ' 

Reed Milton S, 
Punkle Mary, 
Rice Steven A, ' 

Palph Joseph, ' 

Reese John, Golden Corners. 
Rosenblick Geo, Golden Corners. 
Rath Lurette, Wooster. 
Reddick John ' 

Rice Simon, ' 

Rawgebaug-h Charles, Wooster. 
Rawgebaugh Henry, Overton. 
Rawgebaugh F J, Madisonburg. 
Rohr Michael, Wooster. 
Ruukle Frank. Wooster. 
Runkle Ezra, Smithville. 
Snyder Sarah, Madisonburg. 
Snyder Hattie, Madisonburg. 
Snyder Jno, Madisonburg. 
Spicher Levi, Madisonbnrg. 
Stauffer H C, Madisonburg. 
Shomaker Reuben, Wooster. 
Shelley Jno. W, Wooster. 
Sonedeckcr Andrew, Madisoub'^ 
Stringer Clarance, Wooster. 
Steiner Andrew, Madisonburg. 
Snoddy Jas D, Golden Corners. 
Spangler Chas W, Overton. 
Schmid Rudolph, Wooster. 
Stout Simon, 
Spangler Geo W, 
Showalter B J, 
Smith Isaiah J, 
Smith Jacob L, 
Stout Dan S, 
Smyser Harmon, 
Stringer Perry, 
Shear Omer, 

Schlomer Chris, Madisonburg-. 
Switzger J D, Smithville. 
Sonnedecker Sarah, Smithville. 
Sonnedecker Geo, Smithville. 
Switzger Simon, Smithville. 
Schaaf M N, Smithville. 
Snyder Mary, Madisonburg. 
Stahl Eli, Madisonburg. 

Wood Stains at HARDING & CO'S. 

SPANGLER has the largest list of properties for sale. 


vSonnedecker B F, Madisonburg", 
Sonnedecker Isophena, ' 

Stair Theo, Madisonburg. 
Snyder John, Madisonburg-. 
Scherrard Mancie, Wooster. 
Tyron John, 
Troutman Geoi-ge, 
Thomas A Z, 
Taylor Wm A, 
Tinstman David, 
Tinstman Sherrick, 
Thompson Jacab, Madisonburg. 
Troutman David A, Wooster. 
Wasson Jno, Overton. 
Weary Chas, Madisonburg-. 
Winkler John, Smithville. 
Whitmyer S D, Madisonburg-. 
Wieand T C, Madisonburg. 
Wooster Ice & Coal Co, Wooster. 
Welsh William, 
Winkler Joseph, 

Warner H and M W, Wooster. 

Warner I M, 

White W P, 

Winter John F, 

Wiley A O, 

Wilson James, 

Walmer John, 

Wallace R A, 

Young Wilbert H, 

Yates Chas, 

Yoder Anna, Madisonbnrg. 

Yoder Josiah, Madisonburg. 

Yoder J A, Madisonburg. 

Yoder M P, Madisonburg. 

Yoder D P, Smithville. 

Zook J D, Madisonburg. 

Zook Jno R, Smithville. 

Zinn J F, Madisonburg. 

Zimmerman Mary, Madisonb'g. 

Zimmerman David L, ' 

Zerring Jacob. Wooster. 



Adair. Anderson. 
Arnal. C S. 
Alderman, Jacob. 
Alexander, Clarence. 
Bowman, C K. 
Branstetter, Andrew. 
Bruce, James H. 
Brecker, Elliott. 
Bricker, Harriet. 
Bruntner Sam. 
Bricker, Joseph D. 
Bachman, Lottie. 
Bristo, Perry. 
Bruce, James A. 
Beck, David. 
Correll, James M. 
Callahan, Elizabeth. 
Cooper, Peter. 
Childs Mrs E B. 
Culler, James. 
Culler, Michael. 
Craven, John. 
Carnes, James. 
Coe, James. 
Caskey, Mary. 
Cummings, Eliza. 

Culler, E. C. 
Cooper, Louis. 
Carson. Louis. 
Cusack, Patrick. 
Cotterman, Daniel. 
Donald, James. 
Denny, S. W. 
Dunham, Richard. 
Dietrich, D. W. 
Dych, W. W. 
Enfield, Walter. 
Eickes, Elmer. 
Eicher, Ellen. 
Echard, Jacob. 
Fraim, J. H. 
Fisher, Margaret. 
Fisher, Celia. 
Fisher, Sam A. 
Forney, Milton. 
Franks, Jacob. 
Felger, G. R. 
Franks, Cyrus. 
Fouch, T. W. 
Fye, Wm. 
Fritz, Adolph. 
Firestone, Frank. 

Firestone, D. R. 
Franks, E. 
Franks, W. A. 
Fisher, Wm. 
Foust, Hannah. 
Gaut, George W. 
Greenwalt, Louis. 
Gilespie, Lizzie. 
Geitgey, James. 
Geiselman, Jacob. 
Grosman, Sam. 
Grosman, Albert. 
Graber, John. 
Greene, W. J. 
Gorgas, George E. 
Gault, James. 
Harrington, A. 
Heinz, H. J. 
Houch, John W, 
Hoffman Dan. 
Hasseler, Jesse. 
Hickman, J. 
Hassler, Ada. 
Hickman, Belle. 
Hunt, J. W. 
Hushour, Ephriam. 

5,000 square ft. of floorage at the Bixler Business CoHege. 

For the best Photographic work goto DAWSON'S. 

Heller, Dan. 
Jones, Jno. 
Jones, Quinby. 
Kesler, Jacob. 
Keef, Jno. 
Kain, Jno. 
Kuntz, Ross. 
Kisler, Jacob. 
Kope, Jno. 
Keim, John M. 
Kistler, Clinton. 
Livengood, Sam. 
Lieb, Alonzo. 
Livengood, David. 
Lawrence, S. E. 
Landers, Moses. 
Langel, Eli. 
Lieb, Mary. 
Lieb, Sam. 
Lovser, Sarah. 
Lebold, Chas. 
Liner, George. 
Liner, Dan. 
Liner, Dan. 
Mangus, Chas. 
Mclntire, E D. 
Miller, M C. 
Mock, Oliver. 
Mohr, Henry E. 
McTutere, E. D. 
Martin, A. G. 
Martes, B. F. 
McKee, Clement. 
McCory, R. C. 
McClarran, Irvin. 
Mcsmore Newton. 
McDonald Archibald. 
Mock, Wilson. 
Maize, Catharine. 
Martin, John. 
Moore, James R. 

McQuigg, Sam. 
Miller, Elizabeth. 
Manges, Edward. 
Maize, Harvey. 
Munson, Charles. 
Nussbaum, Louis. 
Nauman, Louis. 
Odenkirk, C. M. 
Odenkirk, James. 
Patton, C. A. 
Porch, Harvey. 
Purdy, Elilab. 
Rickenbauch, Henry. 
Riffle, J. W. 
Rope, Louise. 
Roth, George W. 
Rockey, B. Jno. 
Roke, Louis. 
Rhodes, John. 
Ray, Benj, Millbrook. 
Robison, Catharine, ' 
Roth. Thomas. 
Ray, Elmer. 
Ray, Andrew. 
Shelley, Wiley. 
Sands, John. 
Snyder, M. L, 
Stair, Reuben, 
Swinehart, J. K. 
Shaffer, John. 
Short, Albert, 
Sigler, Art. 
Sigler, Frank. 
Shilling, W. J. 
Stones, John. 
Steinmetz, EUie. 
Stair, Adam. 
Sherrick, Kate. 
Schmuck, Ed. 
Schmuck. Cora. 

Schmuck, Saliua. 
Snyder, Emma. 
Snyder, Mary B. 
Spicher, Sidney. 
Sligh, Lillie M, 
Snyder, Dan J. 
Smith, Alba. 
Snyder, Jonathan. 
Snyder, Jacob. 
Snyder, Jas Q. 
Swartz, George W. 
Sherrick, Jno. 
Smith, Kansas. 
Sherrick, Jos F. 
Shay Johanna. 
Shamp, Jesse. 
Thorne, Chas. 
Taggart, Elmer. 
Tanner, Jos. 
Thomas, Mary F. 
Thompson, Curtis. 
Tate, Chas. 
Thompson, Robert. 
Tanner, Thos. 
Taggart, Sam. B. 
Taggart, James. 
White, John. 
Warner, Frank. 
Wilson, Benj. 
Walter, A. P. 
Wisner, Wm. 
Wepler, Martin. 
Wise, Warren. 
Wallace, J. S. 
Winkler, David. 
Willaman, Elizabeth. 
Wilson, B'lorence B. 
Yoder, Jno. M. 
Yarnel, Sam. 
Yarnel, Perry. 
Yarnel, Nancy. 

High Grand Sewing Machines, $15.00, at HARDING » CD'S. 

SPANGLEJ^ lias all kinds of Real Estate for sale. 


In East Union Towns 

Bradeu Anna. 
Bering-ton Jonas. 
Cotterman Michael. 
Core Amaziah. 
Clark H E. 
Crumley Ed. 
Desser Eugene. 
Franks Louis C. 
B'irestone S B. 
Finly William. 
Fox Peter. 
Fox William. 
Fonts John, 
Gross Melvin. 
Hoover W G. 
Hoover George. 
Hackett George S. 
Hursh Sarah. 
Hunter Eleneor. 

hip, 6 miles south-east of Wooster, on the C. 
A. & C. R. R. 

Jameson A H. 
Jameson J R. 
Keslar Wm. 
Klein & Villard. 
King J K. 
Langell Watson. 
Lachat Geo H. 
Lachat Amanda. 
Mackey A B. 
Meier Hugh. 
Meier, John. 
Messner, Lee E. 
Miller, Ed C. 
Munson. Harvey. 
Nussbaum, Fred. 
Orrville Milling Co. 
Pears, W F. 
Patterson, ^ames. 
Pfaust Albert. 


Rieder. C. E. & Co. 
Reinhart J F. 
Scott James M. 
Scott & Munson. 
Smith Minnie B. 
Shaffer Theodore M. 
Sowers Wm. 
Sowers H D, 
Slutz Alfred. 
Schurch John F. 
Simons R S. 
Walgamat Elezeor. 
West T B. 
Wagner Louis. 
Wagner Chas. sr. 
Wetherspoon Harvey 
Winkler W H. 

In Canaan Township, 
Addleman William. 
Addleman J E. 
Aukerman N R. 
Barnard J E. 
Baker Jno S. 
Brinkerhoff J W. 
Baker Henry. 
Bricker S R. 
Cowic Chas. 
Campbell J H. 
Ditch John. 
Double John. 
Ecker David. 
Fouch & Young. 
Fuhnalman Leander. 

14 miles north of Wooster, on the Erie R. R. 

Frary Wm. 
Garman Francis. 
Hagerman Wm. 
Holloway J B. 
Hoffman A F. 
Hower Bros. 
Hatfield J S. 
Hoffman A W. 
Houghland Mary M. 
Ish Ammon. 
Kindle John. 
Kerr L A. 
Kline Sarah A. 
Lewis C N. 
Miller Jos. 

Mung Arthur. 
Martindale H C. 
Newmeyer F W. 
Overs & Fuhnalman 
Orr L F. 
Ogden J H. 
Reed Hannah L. 
Ryall W W. 
Shreffler Levi. 
Smith Geo A. 
Spangler Susan. 
Strenick James. 
Smith A E. 
White & Wilson. 
Weiser C W. 


In Canaan Township, 13 miles north-east of Wooster, on the B. & 
O., Erie and W. & L. E. Railroads. 

Ault Alfred. 
Ault Andrew. 
Bechtel Matilda. 
Boley Chas. 
Boor & Son. 

Baum Philip. 
Baum Geo. 
Boenwell Albert. 
Boon all Wm. 
Bricker John. 

Bady Christopher H. 
Bittinger James. 
Baird Dr R J. 
Coats Stephen C. 
Conrad Elias. 

B. B. C. in session 14 years without vacation. 

Sepia Photographic Enlargements made by DAWSON. 


Corns Wm. 
Coulter Frank, 
Coulter Samuel. 
Cole John W. 
Coulter L A. 
Coulter Mary 
Chamberlain & Co. 
Creston Pickling- & 

Preserving- Co. 
Cotton Matilda. 
Canahan Madison. 
Conrad Christian. 
Darr Martin. 
Esselburn Peter. 
Eberlv Thomas A. 
Fike John D. 
Firestone Jacob. 
Farnwalt Adam. 
Flick Lee, 
Fetzer Geo. 
Garver Lee. 
Gensemer W R. 
Harter Rev Otis. 
Hay DwightG. 
Hig-h Mrs John. 
Hamilton Harry G. 
Hay Geo H & Son. 
Harris Ellen W. 
Haffey John. 

In Cong-ress To 
Bergan Nancy. 
Brown Philip J. 
Criss Frank. 
Campbell W H. 
Campbell Mellnda. 
Eicher F H. 
Ebert I O. 

Heckmau John P. 
Howman Mell. 
Hollingsworth T B. 
Hall John. 
Kidd Thompson. 
Knestrick Dr A C. 
Keeney John. 
Kretzer DeWitt. 
Keck Herbert. 
Kerr R E. 
Lewis Mrs Leah. 
Littel G W. 
Lance Andrew J. 
Mclllvaine Marcus. 
Miller Michael M. 
Miller Bros. 
McGlenen WJ. 
Mattson & Co. 
McGlenen Wesley. 
Obers A L. 
Peppard Chas. 
Pitts Shannon. 
Peppard James. 
Paul Frank. 
Romich John. 
Richardson Hannah. 
Russell Price. 
Stebbins Wm P. 
Shoup Samuel K. 


wnship, 12 miles north- 
Essick George C, 
Fresh George. 
Garver John. 
Garver Edward. 
Musser Gideon. 
Mosier David. 
Mowery A W. 

C5chlagel Wash. 
Steele Frank. 
Steele John. 
Stone Flora. 
Stone John E. 
Smith Mary F. 
Stewart Orville B. 
Stuckey Lee. 
Smith Oresta J. 
Sigler Lee. 
Sigler Robert. 
Showalter Henry. 
Smith J H. 
Stebbins C A. 
Schaffer & Gray. 
Sonnedecker A E. 
Sutz, Schran & Co. 
Turner John W. 
Tanner Alfred. 
Troxel & Law. 
Williams Josiah. 
White Louis C. 
Weimer George. 
Wideman Jacob. 
Wells Anthony W. 
Whonsetler Phillip. 
Wean. Tenny & Co. 
Yocum Joel. 
Zaring James L. 

west of Wooster. 
Michael Geo M. 
Michael, Brown & C( 
Stoll Henrietta. 
Sullivan Hugh J. 
Stinebring Wm T. 
Wiler C A. 


In Chippewa Township, 18 miles north-east of Wooster. 

Adair E E. 
Adams John H. 
Adams Elizabeth. 
Herger John, sr. 
Harth C. 
liarnett Robert. 
Karnes Noah. 
Bechtel Wm. 

Barkheimer D W. 
Camson Mary. 
Cleckner Chas. 
Cline W E. 
Collier Joseph. 
Clark John. 
Dunbar F F. 
Devlin Mary. 

Dague Bros. 
Dague J M. 
Dague H M. 
Deible Joseph. 
Deible Phillip. 
Deible Jacob. 
Deisem & Franks. 
Dannamiller &Blakly 

Seamstress Sewing Machine Ball Bearing, Harding & Co. 

If you have property to sell list it with SPANGLER. 

Eaton Rodilla. 
Eng-el Ellen. 
Fredenck Henry. 
Fredenck Susan. 
Franks Riley. 
Franks Byron. 
Franks L K. 
Franks Lyman. 
Flath Leonard. 
Fisher A. 
B^lickerg-er Joseph. 
Fretz Eli. 
Frendenhein W M. 
Gertenschlag-er Mrs 

Galehouse H C. 
Gates Howard. 
Gates John jr. 
Gates Anthony. 
Gardener G E. 
Gardener Henry. 
Gates Joseph. 
Hile Wm. 
Harkins J H. 
Hochstettler S J. 
Hochstettler J C. 
Hardg-rove Martin. 
Hoffman W A. 
Hoflfman W A & Co. 
Hartel Adam. 
Hilbert A. 
Hummel F C. 
Hershey Clara E. 
Hower M H. 
Hout Benf . 
Hout Jacob. 
Harvey E O. 

Huffman Bros, 
Huffman E V. 
Huffman F J & Co. 
Huffman S J, 
Huffman C W, 
Heffelman W H. 
Harter J V, 
Jenior W H, 
Jenior George, 
Jonnson Swen, 
Johns Jocob, 
Krause Harry, 
Koons Tillman, 
Kist Joseph, 
Lindersmith E W, 
Landers Frank, 
Lanton Eugene, 
McCormick Viola, 
Myers John H, 
Moine Peter. 
Meech J B. 
Miller Fred J. 
Miller S H. 
Merkt Joseph. 
Miller Maria. 
Manim W M. 
Oser Joseph. 
Porter W B. 
Pinkerton J B. 
Putt B F. 
Raff K M. 
Rasor B F. 
Riche Emma. 
Roth John. 
Smyser Anna. 
Smith Chas J. 

Seiberling Elizabeth. 
Serfass Rudolph. 
Serf ass Andrew. 
Stauffer A J. 
Slacker Sarah. 
Steinmetz Fannie. 
Schultz Anton. 
Stoller J F. 
Stefierd A E. 
Shondel Chas. 
Snyder Margaret, 
Smith W H. 
Seiberling & Miller. 
Shoemyer Joseph. 
Shondel John, 
Stotler Henry. 
Sigler C D. 
Spencer E R. 
Spencer Mary E, 
Tagg Wm. 
Turner Eidr. 
Turner Mary A. 
Thomas Annie E. 
Tagg Jennie. 
Wilson C M. 
Whitman John. 
Walty & Franks. 
Whitman Peter. 
Wein Joseph. 
Weinshimer Henry. 
Weinshimer John H. 
Whitman Mary. 
Waltz Frank, 
Youngher Cornelius. 
Zimmerman N R. 


In Saltcreek Township, 9 miles south of Wooster, on the C. A. & C. R y 

Aylsworth Emil Z. 
Berger Wm. 
Brothers Phoeba. 
Benson C J. 
Cunningham Elisha. 
Crow Mrs H. 
Dunham Geo C. 
Freed P N. 
Fluhart H C. 
Firestone E. 

Franks D H. 
Gregor J H. 
Hutchison James. 
Knox Mrs Jane. 
Kirtz Mrs E. 
Lytle J B. 
Lytle J T. 
Lewis Mrs A. 
Martin Jamet. 
McCay Mrs E. 

Minnez Amos. 
Miller Mrs, A. 
McCormick J B. 
Peterson A J. 
Redett J H. 
Redett & Son. 
Richards F F. 
Barnard D. 
Smith B C. 
Slutz Birt. 

Call and see the Bixler Business College and methods used. 

Dawson makes enlarged p'notog a phs from amateur negatives. 


Spencer R W. 
Shie D T. 

Shuy Jack. 
Sanderson Boxie. 

Stophlet M L. 
Waters W O. 


In Baug-hman Township, 14 miles iiorth-east of Wooster on the C. 
A. & C. R. R. 

Alexander B F 
Ault Peter 
Ammon E D 
Ault J H 
Ault Charles 
ApplecreekMili'g- Co 
Buchlev Mabel, 
Buckley Mrs W M 
Berg-er J M 
Berg-er Mrs Grace F 
Becker Barbara. 
Davis Andrew. 
Ertel Lewis. 
Fosselman John. 
Gerstenschlag-er B. 
Geg-res C L. 
Ging-erich Susanna. 
Genesmer D F. 
Genesmer Elizabeth. 
Hatter Ambrose. 
Houser J H. 
Houser Elizabeth. 
Houser Perry. 
Hinderis Louis. 
Hinderis John. 
Kreffer Mary. 
Klickner Jacob. 
Kaufman D W. 

In Greene Township, 
on the P. Ft. W 

Arch, Dav'd. 
Arnold, J W. 
Anderson, Eliza. 
Albrig-ht, H C. 
Andalusia Dairy Co. 
Auman Bros. 
Brillhart & Son. 
Beving-ton, Benj S, 
Burckhart, Jacob. 
Bickley C R. 
Blackwood, Joseph. 
Baugh, Wm. 

Kratzer John. 
Leisy R A. 
Mower Mary E. 
McKen Lucinda. 
Merrill Charles S. 
Marty Betta. 
Musser Emma O. 
Neiswang-er Jacob. 
Pfunder Jno. 
Reidabaug-h Mary E. 
Reinoehl Geo. 
Reinoehl Lydia. 
Rienoehl W H. 
Rity Marg-aratha. 
Surbeck Georg-e. 
Schlott Mrs Eliza. 
Schlott Wm. 
ShoUenberg-er Mrs L. 
Stinson Dora. 
Stinson David. 
Schondel Geo. 
Schlutt Chas. 
Schondel Michael. 
Schaffter Paul. 
Stoner Harry. 
Smith S P. 
Stauffer Abraham. 
Tinsler Albert. 


2,000 inhabitants, 12 
. &C., C. A&C. and 

Blackwood, D G. 
Brooks. A A. 
Brenneman, A N. 
Blackstone, J A. 
Bucher, C J. 
Bauhoff, Christ. 
Blankenhorn, H G. 
Brenneman, S M. 
Boker Harry. 
Brenneman, Bebecca. 
Brenneman, Samuel. 
Brenneman, Amos. 

Tlman. Sylvester. 
Weimer Bros. 
Weimer & Gersten- 

Williams Frederick. 
Wolfe W Georg-e. 
Wilford H B. 
Wyer David. 
Wagner Frederick. 
Wolfe Aaron. 
Wickard Chas A. 
Wentsch Delilah. 
Wilford John W. 
Wagoner Henry. 
Weckesser John M. 
Weckesser Henry. 
Weckesser Chris. 
Wurtz Wilford S. 
Walsh J, Doylestown. 
Wernts Daniel, ' 
Williams Jacob. 
Young John A. 
Young Cyrus. 
Yohey Emma & Ida. 
Yananyon Fred. 
Zeigler Daniel. 
Zimmerman E B. 
Zimmerman John W. 

miles east of -Wooster, 
W. & L. E. R. R, 

Brenneman, A N. 
Bauman, Chas. 
Bowman, E C. 
Blackwood Bros. 
Boyd, B C. 
Bard, J M. 
Baird, Miss Clara E. 
Bair, Mrs Clara. 
Baird, Jacob. 
Brad en, E A. 
Braden O D. 
Brooks, Richard A. 

Pocket Ktiives and Scissors at HARDING & CO'S. 

G. W. SPANGLER, Office in Frick^s Iroc Block, 


Bauman, Adam. 
Bloomberg, H A, 
Bowman, Harrison. 
Clark, E E. 
Coe. S N. 
Cornelius, David. 
Cole, Samuel. 
Cook, E G. 
Christy, R F. 
Cooper, Grant. 
Deitrick, Mary. 
Deible, Ernest. 
Desvignes, Augustus. 
Desvignes, W L. 
Dennison, Hattie. 
Donfas, W H. 
Dible, John C. 
Everly, Jennie. 
Eshelman J S' 
Eshelman, Amos. 
Everhart, Ed. 
Eyman, Elizabeth. 
Everly, Peter. 
Evans. D G. 
Ecki, George. 
Eshelman, &Bechtei. 
Fogle, A. 
Fisher, Adam. 
Fike, Levi. 
Fike, Adam. 
Fornbaugh, J. 
Fickes, Mrs J M, 
Feller, Sarah. 
Fitter, Margaret. 
Forrer, Charlotte, 
Freeman, Ellsworth. 
Gillan, J J. 
Goddard, M R. 
Greenemyer, P S. 
Graber, Peter. 
Griffith, Mary. 
Griffith, Grace. 
Gilbert, C V. 
Gouter, Albert. 
Good, Jessie. 
Grill, Emma. 
Gardner, Sarah E. 
Griffith, DF. 
Herr Elmer. 
Harbaugh B F. 

Huntsberger Wm. 
Hamilton J A. 
Howey Riley. 
Houser Mrs A B. 
Horst Michael. 
Harbaugh B F. 
Huntsberger Martha, 
Hall Bros. 
Hall J D. 

Partzell & Pearlstein. 
KricK & Yeagley. 
Kraff J W. 
Kapp & Brenneman. 
Koke A B. 
Kockel J R. 
Krick Philip. 
Kraft J E. 
Lefever J S. 
Linberger S P. 
Ludwig Wm. 
Leickheim D J. 
Leininger J W. 
Lightfoot Ella. 
Leies Bros. 
Leickman M J. 
Moses John D. 
MeBane W A. 
McCormick James. 
Mclntire G D. 
Miller Melissa. 
Myers & Blackwood. 
Myers L B. 
Mumaw Samuel. 
Mumaw Rachel. 
Mumaw John. 
Mohler J B. 
Myers Mrs Lena. 
Miller Mary. 
McDonald J M. 
McGill Lily. 
Miller &McGil]. 
McMiUen D H. 
Mower P B. 
Neichter J A. 
Norris D M. 
Naftzger and Co. 
Orrville Milling Co. 
Orr Smith. 
Orrville Machine Co. 
Orr C B. 

Orrville Light & 

Power Co. 
Orrrville Planning 

Mill Co. 
Pontius Jefferson. 
Pontius Isaac. 
Plum Marth C. 
Postalwaite Mary C 
Postalwaite A H. 
Pan u els WA. 
Rusterholz E J. 
Royer N L. 
Reed T B. 
Roosel Edward, 
Swan C D. 
Staitz Geo. 
Shunk J A. 
Seas J F. 
Seas J F & Co. 
Sponhour W A. 
South Elizabeth. 
Steel I W. 
Staugh Miss Ida^ 
Shriller Isaiah. 
Strauss H H. ^ 
Sheppherd J E, & Co. 
Sansberry Jumes W. 
Shaunon H B. 
Stansberry H J. 
Shaffer H E. 
Sawrer Frank. 
Shaffer Mrs E K. 
Seas P E. 
Smith V E. 
Slutz J H. 
Stambaugh L M. 
Stauffer Mrs B. 
Smucker J M. 
Shepherd James, sr. 
Shepherd J E. 
Stansberry & Winter- 

Sherman P E. 
Swartz Noah. 
Thomas H S. 
Taggart Sadie. 
Taggart Samuel. 
Taylor Harry. 
Taggart Hester K. 
Tanner E W. 

Twenty reasons in One— It pays to attend the B. B. C. 

Satisfactory Photographs of yourself made by DAWSON. 

Tag-g-art John, sr. 
Tanner S D. 
Tschantz A J. 
Tag-gart S, & Son. 
Tagg-art S M. 
Vankirk Reuben, 
Vendervvort H O. 
Weaver, StauflFer, 

Ecki & Co. 
Wheller Benj. 

Wilson A W. 
Weaver J R. 
Willaman E P. 
Winkler W J. 
Wilhelm Albert. 
Worth Adam. 
Wean, Tanner & Co. 
White Samuel. 
Wagner S L. 
Wintersteen W F. 

Wertz Harvey M. 
Yeakley A. 
Yeakley G F. 
Yost Melvin. 
Yeger E B. 
Zimmerman Wm. 
Zimmerman Frank. 
Zook A K. 


In Greene Township? miles east of Wooster,on the W.& L.E.R.R. 

Amstutz, Peter, 
Amstutz, J W, 
Blongh, C V. 
Bricker, F U. 
Brenneman, A. 
Blattenberg, H M. 
Blattenberg, Annie. 
Brant, John. 
Brant, Adam. 
Bodine, Lovina. 
Baker, Y S. 
Bollinger, Maggie 

Baum, Anna. 
Baum Henry. 
Brenneman, S D. 
Curie, M J. 
Cochel, G G. 
Coulter, Mrs E M. 
Derr. David. 
Deahuff, Isaiah. 
Elson. I A. 
Eberly, J B. 
Funk, John. 
Gallagher, Edward. 
Gallagher, Mary. 

Gallagher, Mary E. 
Gilbert, E E. 
Hauenstein, B L. 
Herter, G W. 
Hertel, Lewis. 
Hartzler, Gideon. 
Huntsberger, H B, 
Kiefer, George. 
Kurtz, A K. 
Kurtz, Kate. 
Lutz, Jacob. 
Ik Lytle, S C. 
Miller, Simon. 
Mertz John. 
Mishler, John. 
Metsker, M K. 
McKee. C D. 
Myers, Rachael. 
Morris, S B. 
Pontius, T A C. 
Rohrer, Rebecca. 
Redding, E W. 
Raum, Jane. 
Stevens, W G 
Shellenberger Fanny 
Smoker, Noah 

Smith, W L 
Smith, W W 
Switzer, W H 
Stein John 
Shoemaker Esther 
Schaaff Marion 
Sander and Shrock 
Sander and Winter 
Shuey, Benjamin. 
Shuey. Daniel. 
Shrock and Buckwaltr 
Sheller, J B. 
TheJ Weller Co. 
Teeple, T J. 
West, Lydia 
Waggoner Kate 
Weaver J S 
Yoder Jos S 
Yoder, Abigal 
Yoder, Elmer 
Yoder, Jessie 
Zimmerman, J E 
Zimmerman, Z H 
Zimmermah, Samuel 
Zimmerman, M S 


In Clinton Township, 10 miles south-west of Wooster, on the 
P., Ft. W&C.R. R. 

Aylesworth Cora. 
Aylesworth Effie. 
Aylesworth Mrs P 
Airhart Lyman. 
Aue W M M. 
Bertlotte Harrv B. 

Beeler Joseph. 
Beeler R S. 
B. Booth Michael. 
Bonnett I D. 
Barkhurst L M. 
Bruce O D. 

Barcus J D. 
Brenneman D P. 
Brown R B. 
Bertlotte C H. 
Berlotte Ella. 
Carl Bros & Co. 

Linolentti and Oil Cloth at HARDING & GO'S. 

If you want to borrow money see G. W. SPANGLER. 


Collier H J 
Collier Win 
Crites Mary A 
Cunning-ham & Bert- 

Carbaug-h & Deyar- 

Campbell Z B 
Cornell Rachael 
Cornell A L D 
Cornelius David 
Craig- W A 
D'Miller Elmer 
Daily John 
Ding-y John 
Davidson G G W 
Eddy N A 
Emmons Bros 
Foltz David E 
Foltz & Brenneman 
Fridoline F M 
Foust Edward 
Flag-er Geo 
Franks Jacob 
Garrett Nettie 
Gardner E K 
Geiselman J H 
Geisenger Wm 
Gillman E & E L 
Grosjean & Rog-ers 

Hirshberger A H 
Hoover G L 
Hoover Margaret 
Hag-ue I H 
Harrington J A 
Isenberg H 
Irvin M H 
Keister J A H 
Keys Irvin 
Keys Bros 
Keys J B 
Lebo & Son 
Lee Mary 
LeeE J 
Lake & Co. 
Lilley C H 
Metcalf D W 
Myers Jas D 
Moorehead Chas 
Munson Harry A 
Manson W H 
Moreland Susan 
Morehead Mary 
Moore J M 
Newhouse G W 
Orrville Milling Co 
Oldroyd Henry 
Pocock Mrs E H 
Porter W S 

Pomerov Joe & Co 
Pennel E E 
Parson O D 
Reed F E 
Rogers Mrs C E 
Robinson JW 
Richardson Mary B 
Reed Andrew 
Smith Mrs O N 
Spencer B and D 
Strock Mrs Maria 
Tribby Rachel 
Troutman Otto 
Tidball A 
Tice and Craif 
Ulman Hattie 
Uncle J H 
VanNiman H E 
VanNiman C B 
VanNiman Mrs R A 
Williams J S 
Williams John Q 
Wells Elizabeth 
Wilent L 
Warner E L 
Wood Wm 
Wise Mrs Mary 
Yarnell Rachel 


In Congress Township, 17 miles north-west of Wooster, on theP>rit 

R. R. 
Guderjahn, J A 
Guderjahn, A J 
Greely, Allen 
Garver, D W 
Galespie, Frank 
Hov, Henrietta 
Hoff. A K 
Hoeg-ner, A 
Howey, Rilla 
Howey, Thomas 
Howman, W C 
Hoyt, G W 
Hart, W A 
Henney. Rachael 
Henney, C L 
Hartsel. J E 

Klotz E G 
Kime, Amos 
Kerr and Swaisg-ood 
Keeler, T B 
Lashell, S 
Lee, Robert 
Leatherman, J 
McBride, O P) 
Myers, B 
Miller, W H 
McVicker, J W 
Morr, O F 
Miller, Philip 
McFadden, E M 
Morr,H W 
Naftzg-er, S L 

Practicarediiicatiott— the only right kind, taught at B. B. C. 

Atkins, C F 
Arbogast, Sarah 
Bishop, Mell 
Berry, F L 
Bush, J P 
Carlin, G A 
Case, E A 
Clark, J C 
Dunlap, A F 
Dunlap, A J 
Eldridg:e, I H 
Foster, A F 
Furg-uson, J W 
Fuhnalman, Racha. 
Felg-er, Joseph 
Garrett, A T 

Sepia Photographic Efllargemenfs made by DAWSON, 


Porter, L R Scbnabley Marg-aret 

Patterson and Bitzer. Swaisg-ood Henry 

Patterson, C E 
Rice, Mary L 
Riechard, D S 
Rhodes, John 
Rex, William 
Smith J L 
Skinner E R 

Strouse Mary A 
Stephens E A 
Shillinjr Mary E 
Salen W M 
Sboup T B 
Sanders D W 
Smith T J 


Shank J J 
Swartz O C 
She r rod D V 
Simons J Vf 
Vf S Shoe Co 
Wanamaker & Saler 
Zehner W S 
Zimmerman Newton 

In Sug-arcreek Township, 13miles east of Wooster, on the W. & 

E. R. R. 

Arick A H 
Baily I D 
Baily C L 
Bevard Wm 
Brown Peter 
Brillhart Frank 
Buchanan James 
Bruckner James 
Caldwell Susan 
Caldwell G E 
Caldwell John 
Collier Phinntas 
Chaffin R R and Son 
Conoid J W 
Cully Thomas 
Davdison L C 
Dalton Rolling- Mill 

Edwards Howell 
Eckard John 
Fiscus Clara E 
Foust T J 

Feasel W M and Son 
Freet E A 
Freet G C 
Franks J E 
Goudy S J 
Gibson Frank K 
Gibson J S 

Gochenawer Bros 
Gardener David 
Heibner Levi 
Hawk David 
Houghton E and Co 
Herback Frank E 
Harrold C J 
Hoover Susan 
Harsley J A 
Haney J C 
Hubbell W H 
Hostettler W H 
Jamison H B 
Kidd Eliza F 
Kosier Frank. 
Koberg- Fred 
Landes & Co. 
Lewis B W 
Lawrence Amanda 
Locke Wm 
McDowell J C 
McDowell M T 
Monbarran Fred 
Moser B A 
Mossop C M 
Martin S B 
McFarren Joseph 
Mechlin Ernest K 
McElheney Mrs D S 

Owens John 
Palmer J M 
Pope F H H 
Roebuck D Y 
Root John 
Sundles Eliza A 
Sauder A E 
Santmyre Harvey 
Snodgrass L B 
Snodg-rass & Bibner 
Stinson R J 
Scott W C 
Schultz Wagon Co 
Schultz Martin 
Sanderson Amos 
Torbet James 
Wyre H D 
Wecht Michael 
Wertz David 
Wertz W H H. 
Wertz R C 
Welty Abraham 
Wertz C W 
Weiss Adam 
Wertz John 
Wecht Chas 
Young John 

Boy the Page Bros'. Buggy. HARDING & CO. 

A. DOW & CO., 

Manuf-acxurkks Of 

Electro-Galvanic Body Belts 



fatented Juiie i6, 1895. 

Carrying tlie GurreBt of Electriciiy to aoi] tbroogli All the Body. 

Office: Room !!. Downing Block, WOOSTER, O. 

J. C McKek, M. D. the eflFects of the belt, that I am a> 

25 East St., Xew Castle, Pzu, * erect as any man. I am sixty-oo« 
A. Dow & Co. : Feb. 10, 1898. \ years old. The belt in my case seem* 

Gentlemem:— I can cheerfully recoan- to bring relief and a cure by increas- 
mend the Dow Ellectro-Galvanic Belt »«ff **»e circulation of the blood, thOTt- 
and leg attachment, in Sciatica rhem- by warming the limbs. Beheving^ thr 
matism, after what benefit I have re- fact that recoaimendations can be pnr- 
ceived from it. I had been confined to chased, or possibly manafactured, will 
Ihe bed for four months, had tried elec- say that I can be seen or correspondci 
tricity in battery form, applied by a with at the abo^e address, 
physician, had been to the Hyde Town Truly yours. 

Sanitarium and used a great variety R N Chapen, Oil Prodtscer. 

of remedies, but failed to get relief. In 

one week after commencing to wear Loyal Oak, Ohio, t 

your belt, with the limb attachment, I A. Dow & Co. Oct. 6, 1898. i? 

was able to sit up four hours, in two Gentlemen: — It gives me much pleasure 

weeks was able to walk down stairs to ^^ speak a few words in commendation 

my office. In five weeks I was able to ^f your Electro Galvanic Belt and at- 

walk out through the city, have tachment, I have worn them the past 

been out every day since, I could sleep j^^, months and am pleased to know 

during the night when I first com- t^^t the effects of the stroke of Paraly- 

menced wearing the belt and limb at- gi^^ ^^s entirely disappeared. I had' 

tachment, the muscles of the hip and chronic dyspepsia and diarrhea for 3i> 

leg were very badly shrunken away,and years, which I think caused my paral- 

are developing rapidly back to their ysis, I was paralyzed on one side. My 

tiatural condition, and I am regaining Vocal Organs were also paralyred and 

my strength. Respectfully Yours, could not talk; your belt and attach- 

J. C McKee, M. D, ments entirely cured me, as hundred>i 

cx»uld testify that knew me. My appc- 

Six Points, Pa \ tite is good, feel warm, and can sleep 

Oct. 22, 1899, ( good. Hoping this may benefit soni* 

A. Do-w & Co, sufferer. I am truly yours. 

Gentleman:— In justice to you as a Chas. Kkcj.ib- 

toenefactor,, and to my fellow men as 

«ufferittgbrother« with Sciatic rhuema- Wooster, O., * 

tisra. I wish to say that after trying a March 25, W99. i 

iseries of remedies without relief or j ^^^ recommend Dow's Galwanki: 
benefit, that in the fall of 1897 I pur- g^j^ highly for Sciatic rheumatism. 1 
chased one of your belts with the limb ^^^ j^ j^ ^^^^^ years. Got one of th*- 
attachments. Wore them in the day- ^^^j^^ ^^^^ September, 1898, and it ha* 
time for about six months. My right ^^,3^^!^ ^ permanent cure and developeil 
limb was shrunken away. My back ^^^^ ^^^ sweened condition of mj leR 
was said to have curvature, m fact I ^^-^^^ natural siee. ,>i- .v.,.;,;!j»« 

liad the regular Sciatica crook, and Verv trulv .\outs,, = „..-, 

■nay neighbors said that I would never - ' jobjs' Ammo?9 

walk amy anore. I caao say thai fpom . ■ - - 

J. W WINKLER. Manager. J. S. ESHLEMAN, Secretary. 

The Winkler Horse Co., 

Dealers in and 

Cottimission Salesttien of 


High-Glass Feeding Horses Our Specialty. 

Auction Sales 

Orrville, 4th Saturday of each month 
Wooster. 2d Saturday.