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Bishop Henry Funck 









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* » » " • 

With an Introduction by John F. f^UNK of Elkhart, IncL 



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« • • 

^1 rr- 


At the Buiergestion of a friend, a Funk by name, and a 
descendant of Bishop Henry Funck, and who was greatly 
interested in the work, we consented to, and arranged 
with him to compile a history of the Funk family. 

The work was commenced in the spring of 1891. The 
family is an old one, originally either from Holland or 
the Palatinate in Germany, and already traces of some 
of the second generation have been lost sight of, or some 
of them may have left no issue. 

We have made it our earnest endeavor to make the 
work as complete as possible. 

In some instances, however, the records are incom- 
plete, owing to the lack of interest manifested by some 
of the descendants in the work, and who failed to respond 
to communications asking for information. 

We however acknowledge ourselves greatly indebted 
to many of the friends who manifested a lively interest in 
the work, for their kind favors in furnishing information 
for the same. More prominent among those who gave us 
much assistance are the following: Miss Sue Funk, Kenil- 
worth, Pa.; D. K. Cassel, Philadelphia, Pa.; James Y. 
Heckler, Hatfield, Pa.; H. W. Gross, Doylestown, Pa.; 
Eld. John F. Funk, Elkhart, Ind.; Rev. H. R. Punk, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.; H. S. Funk, Springtown, Pa.; Rev. Abel 
Bean, Ironbridge, Pa.; Rev. H. A. Hunsicker, Mont Clare, 
Pa., and others. 

MilUm, N, /., March, 1899, Author. 


The best lessons of our lives are those we learn from 
actual experience. 

History holds up to our view the wisdom as well as 
the follies, the good as well as the bad acts of men who 
have lived before' us. 

From the experiences and the necessities of the men 
of the past we learn how knowledge develops and how 
men make progress in arts, science and general intelli- 

The world's history is a record of events that have 
taken place in the development and progress of nations, 
tribes and peoples that have inhabited the earth since 
time began. 

While arts, science, philosophy, inventions, educa- 
tion, literature, politics, religion, social science, war and 
the works of nature have all contributed to the records 
of history, by far the greater portion of the world's writ- 
ten history has been drawn from the events associated 
with war and politics. 

Writers of history seem to have taken a special in- 
terest in recording and bringing before the minds of the 
people the glory of human strife, and in honoring and ap- 
plauding those who have distinguished themselves in the 
scenes of carnage and the destruction of human life; and 
in this way the common mind has been especially edu- 
cated to delight itself in the study and contemplation of 
scenes of horror and human misery, and by this means 
cultivating and perpetuating the spirit and practice of 
war, malevolence and devastation; and we, no doubt, 
have all, to a greater or less degree, aided in and given 
our influence to the bringing about of such a condition of 

— 6 — 

While this book contains biographical sketches of 
soldiers, and men who have given their lives to this sad 
work, and of others who have no special regard for relig- 
ion and religious principles, and of some of whom it may 
indeed be said that they have lived "without God in the 
world," yet the large majority of them are men who have 
been identified with the peaceful doctrines of the gospel 
of Christ, men of more decided religious views, and who 
were devoted and fully consecrated to the teachings of 
the word of God, men who suffered much for conscience' 
sake and yet remained faithful, men who followed their 
Lord through evil report and through good report, and 
who made it a principle of their lives never to do any- 
thing to the injury of their fellow men. 

We are glad that a history of the "quiet people of 
the land" is to be brought before the public mind, or we 
may say, we are glad that a number of histories of this 
class of people are being brought before the public, for 
this is really a phase in history that has been greatly 
overlooked. The public life of a nation or a people, in 
whif h only the warlike and the political aspects are pre- 
sented, shows only one side of the picture. The quiet, ev- 
ery day life, the earnest, devoted, faithful heroes that 
make up the bone and sinew of a nation, in their daily 
toil, on the farm, in the work shop, in the home and in. 
their religious bearing, form another aspect of life 
which must necessarily be brought out in order to show 
what the people really are, and thief is what a book of this 
kind will do. 

It is one of the marked signs of progress and develop* 
ment in civilized life, one of the signs of progress and 
development in the right direction. These are the 
things the good people that have lived in the world have 
too long neglected. The "quiet people" became too quiet^ 
— so quiet indeed that in too large a degree their light 
was hid under a bushel, and to a very large extent their 
influence for good was lost, and now that we see a wave 
coming up, bearing on its crest the white foam ot peace 
and purity, telling of the life and labors, the faithful- 
ness, devotion and quiet endurance of brave and noble 
men and women who have stood by the noble, though de- 
spised, principles of the gospel of peace, whose names the 
world never heard, whose fame neither bard nor poet ever 

— 7 — 

sung, and which were never written in their country's 
history, and whose deeds of love and charity were never 
blazoned before the admiring multitude, that children 
and children's children might learn from the pure, gen- 
tle, peaceful ways of their ancestors the grand lessons of 
truly great and noble lives, we have cause for rejoicing. 
In this indeed we see the marks of human progress. 

It is a declaration of the divine Word that "he that 
nileth his own spirit is greater than he that taketh a 
city." So is he that standeth by the pure principles of 
the gospel, the life of peace, of righteousness and true 
charity, though his life be an humble one, a greater man 
and more worthy of true honor, than he who through 
mighty deeds of valor by force of arms or the display of 
physical strength and at the expense of others, has won 
the applause of men, enjoyed the honors of the world and 
gone to his grave amidst the pageantry and applause of 
admiring multitudes. 

May the history of that form of life which leads up- 
ward and makes us grow day by day more godlike, more 
divine, engage our thoughts more and more, and ever 
find more acceptance in the minds of our people and na- 

John F. Funk. 


In the preparation of this work it will be observed 
that all descendants are recorded as near as possible in 
the regular order of birth, from the oldest to the young- 
est, each generation being marked consecutively from 
first to last. The Roman numerals placed before each 
name indicates the generation to which they belong, 
as: — 

L Bishop Henry Funck, (First generation.) 

n. John Funk, (Second generation.) 

III. Anna Funk, (Third generation.) 

Beginning with the first (I) ancestor, Bishop Henry 
Funck, all his children are named in the order of birth as 
near as possible. Then follows his oldest son John Funk 
(IL generation), and his children (III. generation) next. 
Anna, being the oldest, is followed down to the last of 
her descendants; then the second in order of birth of 
the III. generation, and so on until the end of the entire 
branch of John Funk of the II. generation is reached. 

Then the second son of Bishop Henry Funck of the I. 
generation, viz.: Henry Funk (II. generation), is carried 
down in like manner to the last of his descendants, and 
so on throughout the entire connection. 

Where marriages occur between members of the con- 
nection, the husband carries the record. In all such cases 
a numbered reference is placed after name and marriage 
of the wife, as, for example: (See Index of References 
No. 1.) In the Index of References will be found No. 1. 

Page — . On the page given, in the body of the book, 
the family records will be found. 

To find family records see Index of Branches, where 
names of all that had issue of the first, second, third and 
fourth generations are given. 

— lo- 
in the General Index will be found the names of all 
the descendants of eig'hteen years and over, also the pa^es 
on which their names and family records are given in the 
body of the book. 

Abbreviations: Mrd. signifies married; bn., horn; 
dec'd, deceased; S., single; Montg. Ck>.) Montgomery Co.; 
Twp., township; ch., church; Menn., Mennoniie; Ev. Ass'n, 
Evangelical Association; Presby., Preshytetnan; Luth., Luth- 
eran; Ger. Bap., German Baptist; Meth. Ep., Methodist 
Episcopal; Ger. Ref., Oerman Beformed; Cong-., Congregor 


I. Bishop Heory Funck, born in Europe, either in 
Holland, or the Palatinate, emigrated to America in 
1719, settled at Indian Creek, in Franconia Twp., Montg. 
Co., Pa., where he died in 1760. He was married to Anne 
Meyer, daughter of the pioneer Christian Meyer, of Sal- 
ford Twp., Montg. Co., who emigrated from Europe to 
America about 1700. Anne, wife of Henry Punck, died 
July 8, 1758. 

Henry Funck purchased three tracts of land, in all 
201 acres, lying along the Indian Creek, in Franconia 
Twp., Montg. Co., Pa., where he settled and built the first 
mill on the Indian Creek. 

* *'A warrant bearing date December 20, 1718, was 
granted to Henry EMnck, then of Germantown, by the 
commissioners of property, Richard Hill, Isaac Norris, 
and James Logan, and by virtue and in pursuance of said 
warrant *there was surveyed to him a certain tract of 
land situated on a branch of the Perkeawming Creek,' 
containing 101 acres and three-quarters, with allowance 
of six per cent, being in all about 108 acres. This tract 
extended from a certain comer south-west 166 perches, 
then north-west 104 perches, then north-east 166 perches, 
and then south-east 104 perches, for which he paid £20, in 
lawful money, and the annual quitrent of one shilling per 
100 acres, on the first day of the first month (March), and 
for this tract he received a patent dated Dec. 20, 1733. 

He afterwards purchased two adjacent tracts from 
James Steel of Philadelphia, one of these tracts situated 
south-east of his first purchase, the whole length thereof 
containing 53 acres, for which he paid £10, and received 
a conveyance Dec. 24, 1719, which is witnessed by Jacob 

• James Y. Heckler's History of Lower Salford Twp. 

— 12 — 

Taylor and Lydia Bolton. The other tract containing 40 
acres, for which he also paid £10, and received a convey- 
ance dated Nov. 14, 1729. The three tracts constituted 
his farm of 201 acres on the Indian Creek. He afterwards 
divided this farm into two unequal parts, granting 137 
acres 146 perches to his son Christian, and 63 acres 19 
perches with the mill and other buildings and improve- 
ments to his son Abraham. 

At the time of the division of this land, there probably 
were two dwellings there, one for the farmer, and one for 
the miller." 

The house opposite the mill is a very old structure, 
and was probably built by Bishop Henry Funck. The mill 
was twice burned down, and rebuilt, and nothing but the 
foundation of the original remains. 

Besides his 201 acres on the Indian Creek, he also 
owned a farm of 166 acres which he purchased **of ye 
Mannor Lands, on ye upper part of a branch of Perck- 
yoming, for £160," probably a part of the Manor of 
Perkasie, in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., and which he 
willed to his son Henry. He also owned another tract 
with buildings and improvements, which he had pur- 
chased from Ebenezer Kinnesly, and where his son-in-law, 
Jacob Bare, lived. 

Christian Funk, in his^'Mirror to all Mankind," says, 
that his father '^came from Europe in 1719, settled at the 
Indian Creek; other of his brethren came over from 
Europe and then Henry Funk was elected as minister to 
serve the church at Franconia," of which he was the first 
minister, and later was ordained bishop in which office he 
served a long time. 

He held his membership at Franconia, and besides 
ministering to that congregation, he also preached at 
Clemen's, now Salford; in Skippack, and the "Plains," 
which included Hatfield and Towamencin, and other 

Henry Funck was the author of two religious works, 
one a small book in German entitled, "Spiegel der 
Taufe"— Mirror of Baptism, and the other a larger work, 
entitled, **Eine Restitution, oder eine Erklaerung einiger 
Hauptpunkte des Gesetzes," which was published after 
his death in 1763, and was reprinted at Biel, Switzerland, 
in 1844, and at Lancaster, Pa., in 1862. 

— 13 — 

He also, in connection with Dielman Kolb, was ap* 
pointed by the Mennonite church to supervise the trans- 
lation of van Bracht's Martyrs Mirror, or **Der Bluti^e 
Schauplatz," from the Dutch to the German, a folio of 
1514 pages printed at Ephrata in 1748. It was one of the 
largest works published in this country during the Colonial 

Bishop Henry Funck was well educated for the times, 
and was a man of extensive influence in his church and 
community. He was a faithful and zealous servant for 
his Master, and did much to advance the interests of his 

His Will which was very lengthy and explicit, he 
wrote with his own hand — June 13, 1759, in the German 

In its provisions and composition it is a somewhat 
singular document, **but to the sincere Christian it has 
lessons of instruction and examples, in the highest degree 
worthy of imitation, while to the large number of the 
descendants of its author, it is full of interest, '' and is 
herewith produced in full. 

The Last WSl and Testament of Henry Funck. 

Franconia Township, the 13th of June, 1759. 
The last Will and Testament of me, Henry Funck. 

Whereas we know that we have no permanent station in 
this world of trouble, but must by death depart there- 
from in hopes of a better Kingdom : it is therefore in 
my mind as if my departure were nigh at hand, though 
ye time is unknown to me. And as God has blessed me 
and my late wife with a numerous family of children, 
as well as my endeavors in obtaining a livelihood, I do, 
therefore, judge it to be my duty to put down in writ- 
ing what I ordain shall be observed after my said de- 
parture. And as it is hard for me to see how I shall 
order all matters right, I shall therefore herein act as 
well as I can according to the best of my understand- 
ing as foUoweth. And do hereby wish unto all herein 
concerned, peace and righteousness, in ye Name of the 

— 14 — 

I. After I am departed this life, I desire to be decently 
buried after our usual and Christian manner. 

II. All my Funeral Expenses and all my just Debts shall be 
previously paid out of my Estate, that no person may 
suffer loss thereby. 

III. As on ye 8th day of July, 1758, my first wife, Anne, 
died, and as there is no second, no regulations on that 
account are necessary, 

IV. For as much as my daughter Esther is lame in all 
her limbs, and to this day, can neither stand nor walk 
alone herself, nor any likelihood appears she ever will, 
therefore, it is necessary this my d9.ughter should be 
provided with her maintenance. T do, therefore, as 
Father, give h«r: First, — a g'ood, complete, new suit of 
apparel, such as is usual among'st us : Secondly ,-^Bed- 
sted and a good bedding- ye same, viz : under and over 
Bed and Pillows, all well cased or covered : Thirdly, — 
£400; I say Four Hundred Pounds, good Current Money 
out of my Lands : Fourthly, — As my late Father-in-law, 
Christian Meyer, bequeathed, unto ye said lanie Esther, 
the sum of £3, which said Three Pounds I have re- 
ceived, and ye same shall also be added for ye use of ye 
said Esther, with ye interest thereof. It is, therefore, 
my will that. ye said Esther shall of ye same what I, by 
ye Divine blessings, have been enabled to bequeath and 
give unto her, be well maintained and attended by my 
Executors, and her Brethren and Sisters, by reason of 
her being in so poor and helpless a condition. 

V. For, and in which case, and the management thereof, 
I do appoint as Directors therein, ye Elders in the Con- 
gregation of Christ, named ye Mennonists, wherein I 
was a Servant Minister a long time, namely Christian 
Meyer and Michael Dirstein, and their successors in ye 
ministry with consent of their fellow ministers ; and if 
contrary to my expectations through or by reason of 
any accidents or alteration befalling my Executors or 
my Heirs, it should happen that their love toward their 
said poor Sister should decrease, and she should be not 
duly regarded or attended, I do then, in such case, fully 
empower ye said Elders and Ministers, of ye aforesaid 
Congregation, to call my Executors, or their heirs and 
executors, to account in regard of all what I have given 
unto ye said Esther, and to take all what is left thereof 

— 16 — 

ioto their custody, and therout, as long as it lasts, 
provide for ye said Esther; put her to a good place, 
and pay for ye same. And after Esther is departed 
this life, and everything relating to her paid off, then, 
the remainder thereof,- if any, shall go unto my heirs : 
and I am in- hopes, my Executors and Heirs, as well as 
ye Elders of ye said Congregation, will accept of this 
of me in good part, and observe their Christian Duty 
herein in regard of ye said poor Esther, which Divine 
favor may grant. Item. — It is also my will that beside 
the said new suit of apparel and bed for ye said Esther, 
all her future new apparel and bedding shall be bought 
and paid out of ye aforesaid money unto her given, 
and whosoever shall best keep and provide the said 
Esther shall have her first and keep her ; that is to say, 
for £12, I say Twelve Pounds yearly of good current 
Money out of her abovesaid Estate ; and if by reason of 
any accidental increase of infirmities, that should not 
be enough yearly, then an addition shall be made 
thereto, at ye discretion and with consent of said. In 
this manner, it is my will, that ye said Esther shall, be 
kept, in health and sickness, in meat and drink, and 
lodging, and be kept clean, in washing and mending of 
clothes and bedding-, and be also kept clean of lice and 
other vermin, as well as of all other uncleanness. 

VI. My eldest Son, John Punck, shall gratis enjoy his hav- 
ing got his trade and have £5, I say Five Pounds in 
Money beside, and over, and above his equal share 
which he is to have with his other brethren and sisters. 

VII. For and touching my lands, whereon I lived, I have 
certain 137 acres, 1 say one hundred and thirty-seven 
acres and 146 perches thereof, heretofore given unto 
ye possession of my son Christian Funck. For 136 acres 
thereof, he shall pay £362, I say Three Hundred and 
Sixty-two Pounds, and in consideration of the remain- 
ing one acre and 146 perches thereof, he shall leave 
unto ye Miller (my son Abraham Funck,) sufficient 
ground and room on ye said land for his Mill-dam and 
head and tail race for ye accommodation of the said 
Mill, in such manner as may best be done and as the 
same is occupied at present, and occasion no hindrance 
in regard of water of the said Mill. On the other hand, 
ye said Miller shall let him who hath the aforesaid 

— 16 — 

plantation (as ye residuary part of ye same Tract of 
Land) have a road by or near ye said Mill House and 
Mill, into his field towards ye Burying-ground : and as 
there is yet besides remaining* certain other 63 acres, I 
say Sixty-three acres and 19 perches of land of ye same 
tract, which with ye said Mill on ye same, and all ye 
utensils to ye said Mill belong'lng, together with all 
other ye Building's thereon, I have heretofore given 
into ye possession of my son, Abraham f\inck, and val- 
ued to him at £338, I say Three Hundred and Thirty- 
eight Pounds, yet so that I reserve to live thereon as 
long as I will, or live. 

VIII. The payments, for ye said plantation and for ye said 
Mill and Land, shall be payable in one and ye same 
manner : First, — After my decease, ye said Christian 
Funck shall pay unto ye said Esther, ye interest of Two 
Hundred Pounds, yet only at four per cent. — In like 
manner, ye said Abraham Funck shall pay ye same of 
Two Hundred Pounds at four per cent. And then ye 
said Christian Funck shall on ye first May Fair or Fall 
ffair, next after my decease which first happens, pay of 
ye principal sum, ye sum of £25, I say Twenty-five 
Pounds. In like manner, Abraham Funck shall pay ye 
same sum : and so they are to continue respectively to 
pay every year until ye whole is paid. And when 
Esther's monies are so paid off, then my Executors may 
put ye same out into trusty hands on interest ; and if 
to my children, then take only four per cent thereon. 
But if my Executors for want of trusty hands can't put 
out ye said monies, then my Executors shall not be 
liable to account for any Interest thereof, and when 
Esther is departed this life, my children are to pay no 
further Interest thereof, but pay ye principal sum as 
is justly due. 

IX. There shall no Vendue be held by reason of uneasi- 
ness, and my moveable goods, my heirs may sell and 
divide amongst themselves as well as they can. And 
as relating my outstanding debts, they shall be col- 
lected in manner as I have done hitherto, so as not to 
sue any person for it. But whatever is or shall be 
deemed as lost, may be lost, and my heirs shall leave 
all such bad debts uncollected, as I hope the Divine 

— 17 — 

Blessing will make it up to them another way, which 
article I would not have neglected. 

X. It is also my earnest will, that immediately after my 
decease and burial, £5, I say Five Pounds Current 
Money shall be paid into ye Alms box of and for ye 
Congregation aforesaid (named ye Mennonists), 
amongst whom I served a long time in ye Ministry. 
And likewise, as in thankfulness to ye Lord : If ye said 
Esther should, by Divine favor, be enabled to walk, 
or in case and when she in her present indigent state 
is called by the Lord, by death, to go out of ye misery 
of this world to Eternal rest ; at ye fulfilling of either 
of which cases, when the said Esther is delivered from 
her present life of misery, the sum of £10, I say Ten 
Pounds shall then immediately, without any evasion, 
be paid out of ye said Estate into ye Alms of ye Con- 
gregation aforesaid. 

XL After due partition is made unto every one of his In- 
heritance and Legacy, as is in this my Will contained 
and is deducted out of my Estate, it is my will that ye 
remainder of what name soever, be it moveable Goods 
or Money, or outstanding Debts ; as also, what my mar- 
ried children have heretofore received and is put down 
in writing, in my book for that purpose, shall be reck- 
oned together. And that shall all be in Equal parts 
divided amongst my Nine Children ; namely : my sons, 
John, Henry, Christian and Abraham Funck ; and my 
daughters, namely: Barbara, Anne, Mary, Fronicka 
and Elizabeth Funck. But such of them as have here- 
tofore received a good deal, shall not receive anything 
until such as have had less are Equal with them. So 
that my said Nine Children's shares shall all be equal ; 
and such as have received too much, shall refund in 
proportion aforesaid. 

XII. As the Land whereon Jacob Bare now lives, I pur- 
chased of Ebenezer Kinnesly, of whom I have a Deed 
for the same, and I gave him bonds for ye money, so 
that I have to this time paid for the said Land inclusive 
of ye Charges and ye Interests gradually accruing 
thereon, a sum of £84, I say Eighty-four Pounds, 3 
Shillings and 5 Pence. Besides for ye same Land, the 
sum of £50, I say Fifty Pounds is due by a Bond unto 
Dirk Johnson. Now if ye said Jacob Bare or his heirs 


— 18 — 

do pay ye said debts for ye said Land ; then my Execu- 
tors shall give him my Deed for ye said Land, with all 
my right therein, to hold to him, his heirs and assigns, 
and also for ye same, make and execute a Deed unto 
him (out of ye said De,ed), which shall be deemed as 
valid as if I, myself, had acted therein : But in case my 
Executors and heirs are obliged to pay ye said debt for 
ye said Land, then they shall have power to sell a part 
of ye said Land, and make a title as aforesaid to ye 
purchaser for ye same, in order to reimburse themi- 
selves of ye said Debt for ye said Land ; and then leave 
all ye remainder of ye said Land to ye said Jacob or 
his heirs, and in such case make him a deed for such 
remainder of the said Land only in manner aforesaid. 

XIII. And as I have also purchased a tract of Land of 166 
acres of ye Mannor Lands, on ye upper part of a branch 
of Perckyoming, for £160, 1 say One Hundred and Sixty 
Pounds, and I have paid for ye said Land, and have a 
Deed for. ye same, which said Land my son Henry 
Funck shall have to him, his heirs and assigns ; but as 
I have been at sundry charges of making ye deed, of 
making improvements on ye said Land, and paying for 
Nails, &c., all which together, whatsoever ye same 
may be, I do totally estimate at £180, I say One Hun- 
dred and Eighty Pounds to be paid for ye same after 
my decease, in certain, terms of payment, to-wit : On 
ye first ensuing Fall Fair, £10, I say Ten Pounds ; the 
second Fall ffair, £15, 1 say ffif teen Pounds ; and so on 
every Fall flfair, £15, until ye whole is paid off : but if 
any of ye said payment remains unpaid at ye time ap- 
pointed, ye same shall, thenceforth, pay Interest for 
ye maintenance of ye said Esther — but after ye decease 
of the said Esther, no Interest shall be paid by my heirs 
for their said payments. 

XIV. It is also my will and order that soon as conveniently 
may be done after my decease, my sons, Henry, Chris- 
tian and Abraham Funck, shall have Deeds for their 
Lands herein given unto them respectively, out of my 
Patent and Deeds for ye same, together with all my 
Right I have therein, to hold to them, their heirs and 
assigns, which Deeds, my four sons shall Execute and 
make unto each other ; which shall be as good and valid 
as if I, myself, were acting therein. But if any of 

— 19 — 

said sons, should happen to die before the 
same is accomplished, and leaves heirs of his body, 
then ye Cxecutors of sach, so deceased, shall join with 
my other sons aforesaid in ye Execution of ye said 
Deeds, which shall then be also as good and valid as if 
such, my deceased son, had done it himself. But if any 
one of them should behave himself disobediently to 
these Presents, then such as are obedient thereto, shall 
Execute ye said Deeds, which shall then stand and be 
as good as if I had done it myself. And none other of 
my heirs shall henceforth have any claim to any of ye 
said tracts of Land whatsoever. And it is also my fur- 
ther will that at ye Execution and delivery of ye afore- 
said Deeds, the owners of ye Lands therein contained as 
aforesaid, shall then respectively give Security in 
obligatory writings unto my Executors, that they re- 
spectively will pay in lawful money the aforesaid con- 
sideration sums for ye same Lands, as is herein before 
ordained by this Will. 
XV. And I do hereby appoint my two sons, John Funck 
and Christian Funck, to be my Executors, and fully Em- 
powered to act agreeable hereto relating to my whole 
estate, and as Co-heirs to superintend ye whole manage- 
ment in manner aforesaid ; and more especially relating 
to my beloved, lame daughter, Esther, and her Estate ; 
in hox)es they will willingly act ye just part towards any 
one as much as is in their power, as is hereinbefore di- 
rected ; and as it is not my will that my Executors shall 
suffer any demand by acting herein, yet it is not my will 
nor mind that my Executors shall take ten per cent, of 
ye whole for their service of their Brethren and Sisters ; 
but that for whatever time my Executors shall spend 
and be at more Charges than my other heirs, an ade- 
quate Satisfaction, according to Christian Equity shall 
be made unto them for all such purposes. It is my 
perfect will and desire that all ye said matters and 
things may be completed and done according to broth- 
erly love and Christian Justice; that none may load 
any guilt upon himself on account of such a trifle of 
worldly goods. And as to such as are disobedient here- 
unto, it will be good to make use of the established 
laws against them. At ye conclusion hereof, it is my 
hearty will and desire to my Executors and heirs, and 

— 20 — 

to ye overseers of ye Congregation aforesaid, to man- 
age all in love and peace ; to love ye said poor Esther, 
and attend her well, hoping it will be serviceable unto 
them in ye way of obtaining a greater inheritance 
hereafter. This, my Testament or will, is by me, 
Henry f\inck, at the time of my being in usual good 
health, and of sound understanding, perfected and writ 
with my own hand. HENRY FUNCK. [seal] 

Jaoob Punck, 
Jacob Obbrholtzer, 


His children were, John, Henry, Christian, Abraham, 
Esther, Barbara, Anne, Mary, Fronicka, Elizabeth. 



U. John Punk, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., ; died in 

Bucks Co., . Mrd. . Blacksmith by trade, and 

fanner, lived in Hilltown Twp., on the farm now occupied 

by . The will of John Funk bears date of Aug, 13, 1807 

and recorded Oct. 17, 1807, at Doylestown, Pa. In his will 
he wills a tract of land, his residence, of about 100 acres 
of land, to his son-in-law John Kolb, for £750 to be paid 
to the heirs, to the eldest first, then down to the young- 
est as the respective amounts became due. The children 
are named in the following order, viz., Anna, John, Abra- 
ham, Isaac, David, Maria, Barbara. 

III. Anna Funk, descendants, if any, not found. 

III. John Funk, descendants, if any, not found. 

III. Abraham Funk, bn. ; died . Mrd. . 

Lived and died in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co. Farmer. 
Memi. Children: Isaac, Mary, David. 

IV. Isaac Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., May 30, 1784; died 

Sept. 23, 1863. Mrd, Mary Bechtel, , She was bom ; 

died May 7, 1864^ aged 89 years, 6 months and 7 days. 
Moved to New Britain Twp., in 1825. Farmer. Children: 
Levina, Hannah, Joseph, Annie. 

V. Levina Funk, bn. in 1808. Mrd. Jacob Swartz of 
Doylestown Twp. He died five years later. Farmer. 
Children: A son, Lizzie, Levina. Mrd. second husband, 
David Rlckert, son of Daniel Rickert, of Hilltown Twp. 
Parmer. Menn. Children: Isaac, Mary. 

VI. A son, bn. ; died in infancy. 

VI. Lizzie Swartz, bn. . Mrd. Simon Gartland. 

VI. Isaac F. Rickert, bn. in Bucks Co. Mrd. Levina 
Prctz (dec'd) of Plumstead Twp. She was bn. July 5, 1850. 

— 22 — 

P. O., Dublin, Pa. Farmer. Live on the old Rickert 
homestead in HiUtown. Cihldren: 

Yll. Clayton David Rickert. 
Yll. William Henry Rickert. 

Yl. Mary A. Rickert, bn. . Mrd. Enos Pretz, son of 

Henry Fretz (dec'd), of Plumstead Twp., Dec. 3, 1873. He 
was bn. Jan. 16, 1845. Mr. Fretz remained at home and 
worked on the farm most of the time until the fall of 
1869. He then taught school for .a few years. After 
marriage he settled on the old homestead and engaged in 
farming until Mar. 1882, when he removed to Milford 
Square, Pa., and entered into partnership with Kelson 
Leatherman, in the mercantile business. Some years* 
later he removed to Philadelphia, where he still resides. 

Y. Hannah Funk, bn. in 1810; died Dec. 25, 1857, aged 
41 years, 11 months and 5 days. Single. 

V. Joseph Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., Feb. 26, 1812. Mrd. 
Rebecca Garges, daughter of Abraham Garges, of Doyles- 
town Twp., Oct. 5, 1846. P. O., Chalfont, Pa. Mr. Funk, 
as a farmer, has been very successful, and succeeded in 
accumulating property so as to present each of his chil- 
dren a farm. He has lived a retired life since 1883. 
Menu. Children: Henry, Isaac, Eve, David, Raetta. 

V . Henry G. Funk, bn. Apr. 27, 1848. Mrd. Lydia A. 
Weisel, daughter of Henry Weisel, Esq., of Warrington, 
Nov. 17, 1874. She died Mar. 11, 1879. P. O., Chalfont, Pa. 
Farmer, remained on his father's farm. Ref. ch. Chil- 
dren: Lauretta, Henry. Henry mrd. second wife Hannah 
Wright, daughter of Wm. Wright of Warrington, Mar. 
24, 1881. Four children. 

Yll. Lauretta May Funk, bn. Nov. 14, 1875. 

VII. Henry Norman Funk, bn. Mar. 4, 1879. 

Yll. William Oscar Funk, bn. Apr. 6, 1884. 

Yll. Elsie May Funk, bn. Apr. 29, 1886. 

VII. Eve Anna F. Funk, bn. Nov. 14, 1888. 

VII. Florence Funk, bn. Feb. 14, 1892. 

Yl. Isaac F. Funk, bn. June 22, 1850. Mrd. Levina 
Swartley, daughter of Henry Swartley, of New Britain 
Twp., Dec. 9, 1875. P. O., Chalfont, Pa. Farmer and pro- 
prietor of Chalfont Park, a summer resort. Menn. Chil- 

— 23 — 

Yll. Violetta Funk, bn. Feb. 1, 1879. 

VII. Sylvester Henry Funk, bn. Dec. 29, 1887. 

Vf. Eve Anna Funk, bn. June 27, 1854. P. O., Chal- 
font. Pa. Bap. 

VI. David R. Funk, bn. Apr. 20, 1856. Mrd. Sallie 
Swartley, daughter of Henry Swartley, of New Britain, 
Jan. -24, 1885. P. O., Cbalfont, Pa. Farmer. Bap. One 

VII. Howard S. Funk, bn. Oct. 26, 1888. 

VI. Raetta Funk, bn. Dc;c. 29, 1858; died Aug. 1861. 

V. Annie Funk, bn. in 1815. Mrd. Samuel Shupe, son 
of John Shupe, of Tinicum, Pa. He died in J 886. 
B*armer. One son. 

VI. Oliver Shupe. 

IV. Mary Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., Feb. 24, 1789; died 
Apr. 3, 1863, aged 74 years, 1 month and 4 days. Mrd. 
Abraham Gehman, of Springfield Twp., Jan. 19, 1809. He 
was bn. July 16, 1783; died Apr 29, 1860, aged 76 years, 2 
months and 30 days. Farmer. Menn. Children: Anna^ 
David., Abraham, Sarah, Maria, Jacob, Samuel. 

V. Anna Gehman, bn. June 19, 1814; died aged 6 

V. David Gehman, bn. June 12, 1821; died aged 7 

V. Abraham F. Gehman, bn. Sept. 9, 1822. Mrd. 
Anna Stover, July 28, 1850. She died Jan. 4, 1898. P. O., 
Springtown, Pa. Retired farmer. Menn. Children: 
David, Stover, Sttsan, Mary. 

VI. David S. Gehman, bn. Aug. 1, 1851. Mrd. Mary, 
daughter of Benj. F. Hess. Ger. Ref. One child. 

VII. Victor Stover Gehman, bn. Dec. 6, 1884. 

VI. Stover S. Gehman, bn. Jan. 1, 1854. S. 

VI. Susan S. Gehman, bn. May 9, 1858. Mrd. Tilgh- 
man F. Meyer, Jan. 9, 1886. He was bn. June 5, 1856. 
Farmer. Menn. No issue. 

V». Mary Gehman, bn. Apr. 4, 1862. Menn. S. 

V. Sarah Gehman, bn. Aug. 5, 1824. Mrd. Samuel 
Stover, of Springfield. He was bn. Dec. 23, 1822; died 
Dec. 10, 1859. Farmer. Menn. One child. 

«- 24 — 

VI. Silas 6. Stover bn. Au^. 19, 1«58; died Mar. 26, 
1876. Mrd. Anclnetta ; she died . One child. 

Yll. Tillie May Stover, bn. Jan. 11, 1877; died Apr. 3, 

V. Maria Gehman, bn. Apr. 6, 1826. Mrd. Ralph Funk. 
(See Index of References No. 1.) 

V. Jacob Gehman, bn. May 5, 1827, in Springfield Twp. 
Mrd. Barbara Angeny, Oct. 2, 1849. P. O., Olathe, 
Kan. Farmer. Menn. Children: Abraham, Jacob, EUiza- 
beth, Menno, Fannie, Rachel, Sarah, Lillie, Emma, Ben- 
jamin, Samuel, Mary. 

VI. Abraham A. Gehman, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
26, 1860. P. O., Beatrice, Neb. Music teacher. S. 

VI. Jacob Gehman, bn. Mar. 24, 1852; died Oct. 26, 1860. 

VI. Elizabeth Gehman, bn. Jan. 19, 1854; died Oct. 20, 

VI. Menno S. Gehman. bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., May 17, 
1856. P. O., Billings, Mont. 

VI. Fannie Gehman, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 19, 
1858. Mrd. Samuel Homing, of Page Co., Iowa, Oct. 31, 
1878. P. O., Paonia, Delta Co., Colo. Farmer. Disciples. 

VII. Benjamin F. Horning, bn. Apr. 19, 1880. 
VII. Jacob Lee Homing, bn. Apr. 12, 1881. 
VII. Edwin G. Horning, bn. Aug. 2, 1882. 

VII. Jennie Agatha Horning, bn. Jan. 5, 1884. 
VH. Alice Homing, bn. Jan. 19, 1888, 

VI. Rachel A. Gehman, bn. in Pleasant Valley, Pa., 
Feb. 17, 1860. Mrd. Henry W. Smith, of Rockport, Mo., Oct. 
21, 1886. P. O., Rockport, Mo. Farmer. Mrs. S., Bap. 
Mr. S., Luth. Children: 

VII. Arthur Raymond Smith, bn. July 23, 1887. 
VII. Grace Abbie Smith, bn. Sept. 14, 1889. 
VII. Edward Henry Smith, bn. Sept. 18, 1891. 

VI. Sarah V. Gehman, bn. in Fayette Co., Iowa, Aug. 
10, 1862. Mrd. William G. Grebe, Dec. 25, 1883. He died 
July 10, 1893. P. O., Rockport, Mo. Farmer. Meth. Chil- 

VII. Elsie Grebe, bn. Sept. 27, 1884. 
VII. Guy Grebe, bn. Mar. 28, 1886. 
Vil. Herbert Grebe, bn. June 12, 1888. 

— 25 — 

VN. Lillie Barbara Grebe, Im. June 14^ 1890. 
Vli. Alva Jacob Grebe, bn. June 23, 1892. 

VI. Samuel Gehman, bn. in Fayette Co., Iowa, July 6, 
1884. Mrd. Myra Pbillipe, of Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 
1,1892. P. O., Olathe, Kan. Carpenter. Presby. Chil- 

VH. Philip Gehman, bn. June 9, 1893. 

Vn. Grertrude Gehman, bn. Jan. 1, 1895. 

VI. Lillie A. Gehman, bn. in Fayette Co., Iowa, Apr. 
15, 1868. Mrd. James W. Plasters. P. O., Beatrice, Neb. 
Deputy county clerk. Presby. 

VI. Emma B. Gehman, bn. in Mahaska Co., Iowa, 
Sept. 27, 1870. Mrd. Rev. H. R Murphy, Sept. 1, 1891. 
P. O., Hillsdale, Mich. Mr. Murphy was born in Clark Co., 
la., Mar. 15, 1870. He was licensed to preach when six- 
teen years of ag'e, and after finishing his education, he 
was ordained to the ministry of the Free Bap. ch. in 
1891, became pastor of the Centreville ch., and later of 
the Kenesaw (Neb.) ch. In January, 1895, he accepted a 
call to become pastor of the First Free Bap. ch. of Lin- 
coln, Neb. He was state president for two years of the 
Free Bap. Young People's Society of Neb. One child: 

VII. Roland Edison Murphy, bn. Dec. 17, 1893. 

VI. Benjamin F. Gehman, bn. Mahaska Co., la., Aug. 
1, 1873. Student. Menu. S. P. O., Olathe, Kan. 

VI. Mary Ann Gehman, bn. in Mahaska Co., la., Aug. 
6, 1876. Mrd. Phineas J. Ernst, Aug. 7, 1898. Farmer. 
Menu. P. O., Olathe, Kan. Mrs. Ernst followed teaching 
during her single days. 

V. Samuel Gehman, bn. in Bucks Co., Jan. 10, 1830; 
died May 26, 1892. Mrd. Amanda Mills, May 23, 1863. P. 
C, Springtown, Pa. Retired farmer and hotel keeper. 
Children: Abbie, Infant, Infant, Catharine, Isabella, 
Leah, Newton, Annie, Emma, Clara. 

VI. Abbie Gehman, bn. Apr. 21, 1864. Mrd. Milton 
Wambold, May 29, 1884. P. O., Leithville, Pa. Farmer. 
Luth. Children: 

VII. James Ervin Wambold. 

VII. Howard Franklin Wambold. 

VI. Twin daughters, bn. and died Apr. 23, 1866. 

— 26 — 

VI. Catharine Gehman, bn. Aug. 1, 1867. Mrd. Asher 
Deaterly, Dec. 25, 1887. P. O., Springtown, Pa. Carriage 
maker. No issue. 

VI. Isabella Gehman, bn. Oct. 6, 1869. Mrd. Frank 
Heacock, Jan. II, 1890. P. O., Riegelsville, N. J. Car- 
riage maker. 

VII. Orville G. Heacock, bn. Dec. 2, 1891. 
VII. Carl M. Heacock, bn. July 22, 1896. 

VI. Leah Gehman, bn. Oct. 29, 1871; died Mar. 16, 1872. 

VI. Newton Gehman, bn. Feb. 22, 1873. P. O., Spring- 
town, Pa. S. 

VI. Annie Mary Gehman, bn. Oct. 21, 1876. 

VI. Emma Gehman, bn. Jan. 14, 1880. 

VI. Clara Gehman, bn. Jan. 20, 1884. 

IV. David Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., in 1801; died in 1868. 
Mrd. Nancy Beidler. Weaver, farmer and huckster. 
Menn. Children: Jacob, Lydia. 

V. Jacob Funk, bn. in Springfield Twp., Nov. 5, 1818; 
died, 1895. Mrd. Elizabeth Grofif about 1847. She died in 
1853. Children: William, Clementine. Jacob mrd. sec- 
ond wife, Catharine Eshbach, Sept. 30, 1855. P. O., Shelly, 
Pa. Farmer. Luth. Children: David, Charles, Franklin, 
Jacob, James, Isaac, Bosetta, Samuel, Katie, Jennie, 

VI. William Funk, bn. . Mrd. Kate Weaver. P. 

O., Shelly, Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch. Children: Emma, Mary, 
Lizzie, Amanda, Addle, Milton, Jacob, Katie, Ida. 

VII. Emma Funk, bn. . Mrd. Samuel Cressman. 

P. O., Coopersburgh, Pa. Farm laborer. Children: 

VIII. Katie Cressman. 

Vll. Mary Ann Funk, bn. . Mrd. Allen Fenster- 

maker. P. O., Bingen, Pa. 

Vll. Lizzie Funk, bn. . 

Vll. Amanda Funk, bn. . 

Vll. Addie Funk, bn. . 

Vll. Milton Punk, bn. . 

Vll. Jacob Funk, bn. . 

Vll. Katie Funk, bn. . 

Vll. Ida Funk, bn. 

— 27 — 

VI. Clementine Amanda Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., May 

3, 1849. Mrd. Cornelius Shafifer. P. O., Richland town, Pa. 
Tinsmith. Luth. Children: 

VII. Oliver Ellas Shaffer, bn. Feb. 19, 1868; died Oct. 

4, 1868. 

VII. Erwin Franklin Shaflfer, bn. June 16, 1870. 
VII. Hiram P. Shaffer, bn. Mar. 28, 1873; died July 
6, 1878. 

VII. Wm. Henry Shaffer, bn. Mar. 26, 1878; died Nov. 

5, 1879. 

VII. Edward H. Shaffer, bn. Nov. 5, 1880. 
VII. Oeorge Leo Shaffer, bn. June 28, 1885. 
VII. Isabella May Shaffer, bn. Aug. 23, 1888. 

VI. David Funk, bn. about 1856: died about 1879. Mrd. 
Bertha Kriecher , Children: 

VII. Tillie Funk, bn. . 

VII. Infant died unnamed. 

VI. Charles Funk, bn. — -; died, aged 5 years. 

VI. Franklin Funk, bn. ; died, aged 1^ years. 

VI. Jacob Funk, bn. ; died, aged 3 years. 

VI. James Funk, bn. ; died, aged about 4 years. 

VI. Isaac Funk, bn. ; died, aged about 6 years. 

VI. Bosetta Funk, bn. ; died, aged about 8 years. 

VI. Samuel Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., June 15, 1863. 
Mrd. Emma Landis. P. O., Passer, Pa. Brickmaker. 
Luth. Children: 

VII. Bertie Aswill Funk, bn. Jan. 9, 1890. 
VII. Jennie May Funk, bn. Aug. 15, 1891. 

VI. Katie F. Funk, bn. Apr. 8, 1872. Luth. S. 

VI. Jennie Funk, bn. ; died, aged 9 years. 

VI. Annie Funk, bn. ; died infant. 

V. Lydia Funk, bn. in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co , 
about 1826. Mrd. Thomas Landis, Aug. 23, 1846. He was 
bom in Quakertown, Pa., June 22, 1823. P. O., Kichland- 
town, Pa. Farmer. Luth. One child. 

VI. Amanda Landis, bn. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Feb. 5, 
1855. Mrd. Thomas S. Hillpot, Feb. 22, 1877. P. O., Rich- 
landtown, Pa. Farmer. Luth. Children: 

VII. Harvey L. Hillpot, bn. Jan. 27, 1878. 
VII. Lydia Ann Hillpot, bn. Apr. 16, 1880. 
VII. Samuel T. Hillpot, bn. Nov. 27, 1885. 

— 28 - 

VII. Barnet L. Hillpot, bn. Apr. 19, 1887. 
VII. Lizzie L. Hlllpot, bn. Feb. 2, 1891. 

III. Isaac Funk, — descendants, if any, not found. 

III. Rev. David Funk, bn. in Bucks Ck>., Pa., Dec. 28, 
1765; died in Westmoreland Ck)., Pa., Oct. 4, 1833. Mrd. 
Catharine Grodshall. She was born at Mount Bethel, Pa., 
Apr. 1, 1766; died in Westmoreland Co., Pa., May 4, 1860. 
In early life Mr. Funk was a farmer and distiller, later 
was converted and became a Mennonite preacher. Chil- 
dren: John, Samuel, Susan, Elizabeth, Barbara, Chris- 
tian, Solomon, Nancy, Abraham. 

IV. Bev. John Funck, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 30, 
1788 or 9); died in Wooster, Ohio, Apr. 2, 1862. Mrd. Maria 
Fox, Jan. 7, 1811. She was bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Nov. 3, 1787; died in Wooster, Ohio, Feb. 22, 1879. Farmer 
and minister. 

Mr. Funk moved to Chester Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio in 
1826, where he built a * 'Mennonite church*' on his land at 
Chester Crossroads and preached for them several years 
when a contention arose among the members saying, he 
preached too much like the ^'Methodists.*' So the minor- 
ity withdrew, but could not get the * 'church," as he had 
built it on his own land. Mr. Funk continued to preach 
for the remaining members until Rev. John Winebrenner, 
founder of the * 'Church of God," and his two missionaries, 
Bev. Jacob Keller and Rev. Thomas Hickemell, came 
through there, and Mr. Funk invited them to hold a 
"protracted meeting" and thereby gained many con- 
verts. They then organized a "Church of God,*' Mr. 
Funk and his members joining the church. Mr. Funk 
was ordained elder, and continued preaching at Chester 
Crossroads and neighboring .churches for several years. 
In 1849, he moved to Wooster, Ohio, where he lived until 
he died. 

He was one of the oldest members of the Ohio elder- 
ship. Children: David, Anna, Catharine, Maria, Henry, 
Samuel, Martin, Barbara, John, Magdalena, Daniel, 
Jacob, Elizabeth. 

V. David Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Nov. 
8, 1811; died Dec. 19, 1896. Mrd. Elizabeth Rosenberger, 
Apr. 10, 1834. She died Jan. 27, 1869, aged 66 years. P. O., 
McComb, Ohio. Mr. Funck came to Wayne Co., Ohio with 

— 29 — 

his parents in 1828. Fanner, carpenter, wheelwrig^ht and 
manufacturer of gunstocks, now retired. Dunkard. Chil- 
dren: Tillman, Mary, Henry, John, Jonas, Margaret. 

David mrd. second wife Mary Ann Young (nee Cook), 
Mar. 7, 1875. She died Oct. 12, 1802. 

VI. Tillman B. Funk, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, Mar. 22, 
1835. Mrd. Lucetta Hoot, Aug. 26, 1855. P. O., Duncan- 
▼iUe, IlL Farmer. 

Mr. Funk enlisted for 3 years in the 05 Inf. Begt., 
Ohio VoL, Company K. and served from 1861 to 1864. He 
participated in the following battles: Stone River, Chick- 
amauga. Buzzard Roost at Dulton, Besaca, Mission 
Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach-tree Creek, and Janes- 
borough, besides numerous skirmishes. He was with his 
regiment all the time except a few days when sick and in 
the hospital, and was never wounded, but was hit several 
times with ball at Stone Biver, a ball passing through his 
canteen. Children: Infant, Henry, David, William, Mary, 

VII. Infant son, still-bom Feb. 7, 1857. 

VII. Henry Benton Funk, bn. in Hancock Co., Ohio, 
Feb. 5, 1858; died Mar. 19, 1884. Mrd. Susan M. Calvin, 
Aug. 26, 1880. She was bom Sept. 10, 1858. P. O., Flat 
Bock, IlL Children: 

VIII. Daughter, still-bom, Feb. 18, 1882. 
Vlil. Esthmer E. Funk, bn. Mar. 5, 1883. 
Vlil. Andrew H. Funk, bn. Dec. 1, 1884. 

Vli. David Abraham Funk, bn. in Hancock Co., Ohio, 
May 10, 1860. Mrd. Annie E. Cawood, Apr. 17, 1883. She 
was bora in Polk Co., Tenn., Oct. 7, 1857. P. O., Flat Bock, 
ni. Farmer. Mrs. F. Presby. Children: 

VIII. Clarence E. Funk, bn. Mar. 24, 1884. 

Vlli. Ruby B. Funk, bn. Apr. 18, 1887; died Nov. 

VIII. Lester Funk, bn. in 1803; died Aug. 12, 1895. 
VIII. Carl Baymon Funk, bn. Oct. 30, 1898. 

VIL William Vemon Funk, bn. Jan. 20, 1866. Mrd. Ida 
McTarggert, Dec. 24, 1805. P. O., Duncanville, 111. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Funk, bn. Oct. 18, 1867; died May 
6, 1886. 

VH. Cyrus Elmer Funk, bn. Jan. 16, 1871. 

— 30 — 

VI. Mary Ann. Funk, bn. Jan. 7, 1838. Mrd. Jesse 

Bryan, May 11, 1859. He died . P.O., Dewyville 

Ohio. Children: 

VII. David Peter Bryan, bn. . 

VII. Mantsinas Bryan, . 

VII. Bryan, . 

VII. Bryan, died infant. 

VI. Henry L. Funk, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Mar. 20, 1840; died a soldier in Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 
25, 1862, and was buried in full uniform with honors of 

VI. John M. Funk, bn. in Richland Co., Ohio, July 24, 
1842. Mrd. Hattie A. Miller. She was bom in Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 28, 1856. P. O., Lexington, Neb. Wheel- 
wright. Mr. Funk enlisted Nov. 13, 1861, as a private sol- 
dier in Co. K., 65th Regt., O. V. L Mustered at Camp 
Buckingham, O., and on arriving at Louisville, Ky., was 
assigned to the Army of the Cumberland. In the spring 
of 1862, was ordered to Pittsburg Landing under Gen. 
Buell, to re-inforce Gen. Grant, from thence to the siege 
of Corinth under Gen. Halleck. After the evacuation of 
Corinth, marched to Ridgeport, Ala., and countermarched 
to Louisville, Ky., at the time of Bragg's raid in the fall 
of 1862. Engaged in the battles of Crabb Orchard and 
Stone River, under Gen. Rosecranz. At. the latter place 
Mr. Funk was wounded. After a march over the Cum.ber- 
land Mountains, to Lookout Mountain, and thence to Lee, 
and Gordon's Mills, where the command lay about a week, 
was next engaged in the battle of Chattanooga where 
Mr. Funk was again wounded. After participating in the 
siege of Chattanooga, and battle of Mission Ridge, the 
command marched to Knoxville, Tenn , in pursuit of 
Longstreet's army, then countermarched back to Little 
Tenn. and went into winter quarters. In the spring (1864) 
went with Sherman in his Atlanta campaign, engaged in 
battle at ^ Rocky Face, where Mr. Funk was again 
wounded. After the Atlanta campaign, and just before 
the battle of Nashville, he received his discharge and 
returned home. Children; 

VII. Ella p. Funk, bn. May 8, 1885. 

VII. David E. Funk, bn. June 19, 1890; died Aug. 
27, 1891. 

-31 — 

VII. Irene M. Funk, bn. Apr. 16, 1893. . . 

VI. Jonas B. Funk, bn. Mar. 2, 1845; died Feb. 14, 1861. 

VI. Margaret C. Punk, bn. Oct. 31, 1853; died Oct. 30, 

V. Anna Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Jan 22, 
1813; died June 2, 1853. Mrd. Joseph Sherrick. One son. 

Yl. John Sherrick, bn. ; was killed in the army dur- 
ing- the Civil war. 

V. Catharine Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Oct. 26, 1814; died in Bangor, Mich., May 12, 1893. 
Mrd. Joseph C. Sherrick, Oct. 29, 1833. P. O., Bangor, 
Mich. Parmer. Church of God. Children: Elizabeth, 
Henry, Mary, Jennie, Eliza. 

Yl. Elizabeth C. Sherrick, bn. Oct. 9, 1835: died Dec. 3, 

VI. Henry Sherrick, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, Mar. 3, 
1840. Mrd. F. N. Kelton, Sept. 14, 1864, at Tullahoma, 
Tenn. P. O., Bangor, Mich. House and sign painter. 
Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Joseph Henry Sherrick, bn. Jan. 6, 1866. 

VII. William Alonzo Sherrick, bn. Apr. 10, 1867; died 
Apr. 27, 1873, 

VII. Nellie M. Sherrick, bn. Aug. 6, 1869. 

VII. Meita D. Sherrick, bn. Jan. 23, 1871; died Nov. 
3, 1871. 

yil. Maud E. Sherrick, bn. Feb. 6, 1873. 

Yll. Clara F, Sherrick. bn Mar. 28, 1875; died Jan. 
3, 1876. 

VII. LeRoy Sherrick, bn. Aug. 19, 1876. 

VII. Peter Q. R. Sherrick, bn. Mar. 12, 1878. 

VII. James K. Sherrick, bn. Aug. 31, 1879; died Feb. 

12, 1883. 

VII. Samuel T. Sherrick, bn. Jan. 23, 1881. 

VII. Mabel N. Sherrick, bn. Nov. 14, i8S2. 

Yll. Fred G. Sherrick, bn. Mar. 13, 1885; died Oct. 

7, 1885. ' - 

VII. Wilson K. Sherrick, bn. Sept. 20, 1886. 

VII. Edna Sherrick, bn. Sept. 2, 1888. 

VI. Mary Ann Sherrick, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, Feb. 

13, 1845. . Mrd. Andrew J. Hull, July 9, 1863. P. O., Ban- 
gor, Mich. Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: Cora, Kate, 

— 32 — 

Charles, James, Chloe, Emma, Andrew, Jemima, George, 

Yll Corintha C. Hull, bn. Mar. 31, 1866, Mrd. Alvin E. 
Krebs, Sept. 18, 1888. P. O., Bangor, Mich. Laborer. 
Ch. of God. Children: 

VIII. Bumice Theresa Krebs, bn. July 31, 1890. 
VIII. Sylvie A. Krebs, bn. June 19, 1892. 

VII. Katie May Hull, bn. July 10, 1868; died Jan. 3, 
1892. Mrd. W. N. White, Nov. 23, 1887. Children: 

VIII. Bruce White, bn. Jan. 17, 1889. 
VIII. Earl Boss White, bn. Jan. 1, 1892. 

VII. Charles August Hull, bn. Aug, 10, 1870; died Aug. 
14, 1870. 

VII. James Wm. Hull, bnl Sept. 29, 1872. P. O., Ban- 
gor, Mich. Farmer. S. 

VII. Chloe Frances Hull, bn. Sept. 9, 1874. P. O., 
Bangor, Mich. School teacher. Ch. of God. S. 

VII. Andrew J. Hull, Jr., bn. Jan. 28, 1878. Ch. of 

VII. Jemima Hull, bn. July 13, 1880. 

VII. George Hull, bn. Oct. 1, 1882; died Dec. 4, 1886. 

VII. Pearl Theresa Hull, bn. Dec. 9, 1884. 

VI. Jemima Sherrick, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, Feb. 4, 
1847. Mrd, Rev. J. H. Besore, Mar. 24, 1867. P. O., Ida 
Grove, Iowa. Minister of the Oh. of Grod, of which both 
are members. Present occupation, dentist. Children: 
Earl, Calvin, Walter, Albert. 

Vil. Earl Clement Besore, bn. at Upper Sandusky, O., 
Feb. 18, 1868. P. O., Ida Grove, Iowa. Book-keeper. 
Ch. of God. S. 

VII. Calvin Furgeson Besore, bn. at Bangor, Mich., 
Dec. 8, 1870. Mrd. Cella Fibbs, Aug. 19, 1891. P. O., Ida 
Grove, la. Graduated from Chicago College of Dental 
Surgery, Mar. 22, 1892. Dentist. Ch. of God. 

VII. Walter McKay Besore, bn. in DesMoines Co., la., 
Jan. 10, 1874. Student. 

VII. Albert Besore, bn. at North Liberty, Iowa, June 
30, 1879. 

VI. Eliza J. Sherrick, bn. Oct. 2, 1861; died Oct. 12, 


— 33 — 

V. Maria Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Dec. 
21. 1816. Mrd. Rev. John Hickernell, Oct. 13, 1842. P. O., 
Tarrs. Pa. Ch. of God. Children: Carrie, Samantha, 
Mary. Anna, Margaret, John. 

VI. Carrie H. Hickernell, bn. in Butler Co. . Pa., Nov. 
30.1843. Mrd. John T. Thorley. Res., 1116 N. Cory St., 
Findlay, Ohio. Traveling- salesman. Ch. of God. Chil- 
dren: Minnie, Fred, Baby, Edna. 

VII. Minnie Maud Thorley, bn. Apr. 4, 1870. Mrd. Ed. 
L. Bobbins, Nov. 5, 1895. P O., Auburn, Ind. Drug-gist. 
One child. 

Vill. Donald Thorley Bobbins, bn. Sept. 1, 189T. 

VII. Fred LeRoy Thorley, bn. July 23, 1876. 

VII. Baby Thorley, bn. Dec. 21, 1883: died Dec. 26, 1883. 

VII. Edna Maria Thorley, bn. Jan. 31, 1887. 

VI. Samantha E. Hickernell, bn. in Columbiana Co., 
Ohio, .July 29, 1845. Mrd. William H. Gross, of Pa., Jan. 1, 
1883. Res., 207 Centre St., Findlay, Ohio. Ch. of God. 

VII. John H. Gross, bn. June 7, 1884. 

VII. Bessie Irene Gross, bn. Apr. 13, 1887. 

VI. Mary Jane Hickernell. bn. Aug. 22, 1848; died Jan. 

26, 1879. Mrd. Robert Morton, . Church of God. 

One child. 

Vil. Charles Morton, . 

VI. Anna Eliza Hickernell, bn. in Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., Oct. 24, 1852. Mrd. Charles C^ McMechen, Sept. 16, 
1874. P. O., McMechen, W. Va. Farmer. Mr. McM., 
Presby. Mrs. McM., Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Vincent Armstead McMechen, bn. Apr. 24, 1876. 
VII. John Reid McMechen, born April 9, 1878: died 

January 26, 1879. 

VII. Carl Carter McMechen, bn. Oct. 19, 1879. 

VII. Nile McMechen, bn. Nov. 16, 1881. 

VII. Reid McMechen, bn. Aug. 10, 1883. 

Yll. Wade Hampton McMechen, bn. Oct. 6. 1885. 

Yll. Grace McMechen. bn. May 29, 1888. 

Yll. Anna McMechen, bn. May 17, 1892. 

VI. Margaret Ann Hickernell, bn. Sept. 4, 1855: died 
Dec- 16, 1862. 

— 34 — 

VI. John Beecher Hickernell, bn. May 17, 18.59. Mrd. 
Mary Shultz. P. O., Tarrs, Pa. Farmer. Ch. of God. 

Yll. Ida Hickernell. 
YM. Ernest Hickernell. 

VII. Cloyd Burdette Hickernell. 

V. Henry Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co. , Pa., Jan. 
10, 1818. Mrd. Anna Sherrick, of Fayette Co., Pa., Mar. 
17, 1842. P. O., Parrish, Iowa. Farmer. Ch. of God. 
Children: Elizabeth, Mary, Barbara. 

VI. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Fayette Co., Pa., Feb. 2T, 
1843. Mrd. S. N. Wagner, Oct. 1, 1862. P. O., Anita, la. 
Farmer. Children: Effie, Sabina, Elmer, William, Cora, 
Lulu, Howard, Maud. 

VII. Effie R. Wagner, bn. in Louisa Co., Iowa, July 19, 
1864. Mrd. M. R. Cline, Nov. 11, 1884. P. C, Anita, la. 
Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Harvey L. Cline, bn. Sept. 21, 1885. 
VIII. Wesley Ward Cline, bn. Dec. 29, 1887. 
VIII. Delia E. C:iine, bn. Aug. 23, 1890. 

VII. Sabina F. Wagner, bn. in Louisa Co., Iowa, Nov. 
13, 1865. Mrd. J. A. Cline, Mar. 5, 1885. P. C, Anita, la. 
Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Warren E. Cline, bn. Jan. 3, 1886. 
VIII. Frank P. Cline, bn. Sept. 3, 1887. / 
VIII. Albert E. Cline, bn. Sept. 20, 1889. 
VIII. OUie F. Cline, bn. Nov. 20, 1892. 

VII. Elmer L. Wagner, bn. in Muscatine Co., la., .Julj- 
3, 1867. Mrd. Clara L. Petit, Mar. 24, 1892. P. O., Anita, 
la. Farmer. 

VII. Wm. H.Wagner, bn. Mar. 10, 1871. P. O., Anita, la. 

VII. Cora E. Wagner, bn. in Cass Co., la , Sept. 30, 1874. 

VII. Lulu D. Wagner, bn. Sept. 2S, 1877. 

VII. M. Howard Wagner, bn. July 10, 1879. 

VII. Maud A. Wagner, bn. Oct. 17, 1880 

VII. Frankie Wagner, born June 2, 1885; died Au- 
gust 24, 1885. 

VII. Lloyd Wagner, bh. Oct. 31, 1887. 

VI. Mary Ann Funck, bn. in Fayette ('o , Pa., Aug. 23, 
1844. Mrd. J. A. McDaniel, Oct. 31,' 1861. P. O., Letts, la. 

— 35 — 

Farmer. Methodist Episcopal. Children: Cora, Fred, 
Delia, Elsie, Walter. 

VII. Cora E. McDaniel, bn. Apr. 24, 1863. Mrd. Isaac 
Houck, Dec. 11, 1883. P. O., Anita, la. Farmer. Meths. 

VII. Fred H. McDaniel, bn. Sept. 6, 1864. Mrd. Hattie 
Small, . P. O., Letts, Iowa. Clerk. Methodist Epis- 
copal. One child, 

VIII. Mary Louisa McDaniel, 

VII. Delia A. McDaniel, bn. Aug. 5, 1866. P. O., Des 
Moines, la. Stenographer. Meth. Ep. S. 

VII. Elsie McDaniel, bn. July J8, 1871. Meth. Ep. S. 
VII. Walter McDaniel, bn. June 22, 1873. Meth. Ep, S. 

VI. Barbara A. Funk, bn. in Ohio, July 26, 1846. Mrd. 
Peter F. Anderson, Aug. 10, 1865. He was bom Aug. 9, 
1844. P. O., Anita, la. Farmer. Children: Richard, 
Fum, Clara, Ila, John, Mary, Anna, Delia. 

VII. Richard R Anderson, bn. Dec. 19, 1866. Farmer. 
VII. Fum L. Anderson, bn. June 16, 1869. Mrd. Julia 

M. Baker, Mar. 10, 1891. P. O., Audubon, la. One child. 
Vlil. Richard F. Anderson, bn, July 14, 1892, 

VII. Clara F. Anderson, born December 18, 1870; died 
December 15, 1881. 

VII. Ila L. Anderson, bn. Apr, 11, 1873. Mrd. Charles 
O. Gipple, Oct. 11, 1892. Farmer. 

VII. John H. Anderson, bn. Jan. 20, 1876. 

VII. Mary V. Anderson, bn. Nov. 11, 1879. 

VII. Anna E. Anderson, bn. Mar. 3, 1883. 

VII. Delia E. Anderson, bn. Apr. 11, 1885, 

V. Samuel Funck. bn, in Westmoreland Co., Pa., June 
28, 1819. P, O,, Fresno, Fresno Co;, Cal. Sheep merchant, 
now retired. S. 

V. Martin Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co. , Pa., Nov. 
13, 1820. Mrd. Margaret Rizer, Mar. 20. 1845. P. O., 
Wooster, Ohio. Blacksmith. Luth. Children: Catharine, 
Mary, Emeline, Elmore. 

VI. Catharine Ann Funck, bn. in Ashland Co., Ohio, 
Jan. 6. iW7. Mrd, Wm. H. Shively, June 16, 1864. He 
died . P. O., Orrville, O. Luth, One child. 

VII. Ada Shively, bn. in Wayne Co., O., June 6, 1865. 
Mrd. D. E, Robinson, Mar, 22, 1883, P. O., Orrville, Ohio, 
Merchant. Luth. One child. 

— 36 — 

\lll. Blanche May Robinson, bn. Sept. 1, 1886. 

VI. Mary Jane Funck, bn. Sept. 12, 1848; died Nov. 28, 

1866. Mrd. Capt. Chas. Hay, of the Reg. Army, . He 

died in Denver, Col. No issue. 

VI. Emeline Funck, bn. at Rowsburg, Ohio, Jan. 15. 
1851. Mrd. George A. Corbus, June 30, 1881. P. O., Morris, 
111. Journalist and printer, now engaged on the Morris 
(111.) Herald, Luth. Children: 

VII. Andrew Martin Corbus, bn. June 26, 1882. 
VII. Grace M. Corbus, bn. Dec. 3, 1883. 

VI. Elmore Funk, bn. Dec. 11, 1854; died Apr. 15, 1855. 

V. Barbara Funck, bn. Oct. 16, 1823. Mrd. Daniel 
Clauser, July 5, 1846. P. O., Pekin, 111. Children: Will- 
iam, Frances, Linda, Boisee, David, Lida, Nellie, Flor- 
ence, John, Daniel. 

VI. William Henry Clauser, bn. Sept. 22, 1847. Mrd. 
Lizzie F. Cully, at Jacksonville, 111. She died Aug. 27, 
1887. P. O., Havana, 111. Photographer; One child. 

VII. Mabel Aileen Clauser. 

VI. Frances Rosanna C'lauser, bn. Feb. 9, 1849. 

VI. Linda Maria CI i user, born December 13, 1850: 
died November 22, 1851. 

VI. Boisee Rio Clauser, bn. July 28, 1852. Mrd. James 
M. ShoU, . P. O., Peoria, 111. Coal merchant. Chil- 

VII. Pearl Aileen Sholl. 

VII. James Rex Sholl. 

VI. David Newton Clauser, bn. Aug. 29, 1854. P. C, 
Havana, 111. Photographer. 

VI. Lida Neweva Clauser, bn. Aug. 3, 1858. Mrd. 

Stephen A. Robinson, . Res., 511 Rovine Ave., Peoria, 

111. Blacksmith. Children. 

VII. Earl Clifton Robinson. 

VII. Leroy Alexander Robinson. 
VII. Myrtle lone Robinson. 
VII. Stephen Daniel Robinson. 
VII. Harry B. Robinson. 
VII. James Robinson. 
VII. Boisee Robinson. 

a i 3. Ij 

— 37 — 

VI. Nellie Huberta Clauser, bn. Oct. 23, 1859. Mrd. 
George B. H. Baker, Dec. 22, 1886. P. O., Pekin. IlL 
One child. 

VII. Nellie Aileen Clauser Baker. 

VI. Florence Effle Clauser, born September 22, 1862; 
died December 14, 1863. 

VI. John Luckey Clauser, bom May 28, 1865; died 
February 25, 1867. 

VI. Daniel Ichay Clauser, bn. Mar. 14, 1868. P. O., 
Washington, 111. Telegraph operator and agent, the A., 
T. & S. F. Ry. Co. S. 

V. John Funck, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Dec. 22, 
1825. Mrd Mary Ann Eberly, of Smithville, Ohio, Oct. 14, 

1849. P. O., Smithville, Ohio. Farmer. Ch. of God. 
Children: Sarah, Mary, Elmer, Clara, John, Ida, Earl. 

VI. Sarah Jane Fund?, bn. in Wayne Co., O., July 21, 

1850. Mrd. Rev. S. P. Kiefer, Sept. 10, 1872. He was bn. 
in Wayne Co., O., Aug. 10, 1847. P. O., North Robinson, O. 
Mr. Kiefer was licensed to preach by the General Synod 
Lutheran Church at Millersburg, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1873, and 
ordained a year later at Leetonia, O. Children: 

VII. Ray Alton Kiefer, bn. May 4, 1874. Clerk at 
Medina, Ohio. 

VII. Honor Solomon Kiefer, bn. June 27, 1876. 

VI. Mary Emma Funck, bn. in Wayne Co., O., Nov. 11, 
1853. Mrd. M. D. Kimmell, Dec. 25, 1878. P. O., Medina, 
O. Music store and bakery. Meth. Ep. Children : 

VII. Isie Luciila Kimmell, bn. Aug. 13, 1885. 
VII. Roy Edwin Kimmell, bn. Nov. 21, 1887. 

VI. Elmer E. Funk, bn. Feb. 6, 1856; died Jan. 13, 1886. 
Mrd. Emma J. Newkirk, of Big Prairie, O. P. O., Shrieve, 
O. Boot and shoe merchant. Methodists. One child. 

VII. Elmer N. Funk. 

VI. Clara Alice Funck, born July 12, 1857; died 
March 21, 1859. 

VI. John Willis Funck, bn. Mar. 19, 1862. Mrd. Emma 
L. Felger, . P. O., Creston, O. Farmer. One child. 

VII. Nona E. Funck. 

VI. Ida T. Punk, bn. Apr. 24, 1864. Mrd. Hiram B. 
Hunsberger, Oct. 26, 1882. P. O., Smithville, O. Mr. H., 

— 38 - 

dry goods merchant. Mrs. H., music teacher. Mr. H., 
Menn. Mrs. H., Luth. Children: 

VII. Galen H. Hunsberger, born February 2, 1885: died 
May 25, 1885. ♦ 

VII. Fern M. Hunsberger, born May 12, 1887; died 
November 8, 1888. 

VI. Earl P. Funck, bn. June 3, 1869. Employed in 
planing mill at Wadsworth, O. S. 

V. Magdalena Funck, born January 2. 1828: died 
May 23, 1853. S. 

V. Daniel Funck, bn. in Wayne Co., O., July 27, 1829. 
Mrd. Matilda Imhoflf, Nov. 8, 1859. She died July 25, 1895, 
aged 62 yrs., 7 mo., 10 ds. P. O., Wooster, O. General 
insurance and real estate agent. Children: Ross, Alice, 
Earl, Daniel, Harriet, Cloe. 

VI. Ross Winter Funck, bn, Jan. 11, 1861. Mrd. Delia 
Coyle, of Gallon, O., Aug. 30, 1893. P.O., Wooster, O. 
Graduate of the University of Wooster, O. Attorney-at- 
Law. Children: 

VII. Daniel Coyle Funck. 
VII. Julia Matilda Funck. 

VI. Alice Maria Funck, bn. Aug. 8, 1864. Mrd. Orin 
C. Baker, Dec. 29, 1887. P. O., Xenia, O. Mrs. B., gradu- 
ate of University of Wooster, O. Mr. Baker is financial 
officer of the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphans* Home at 
Xenia, O., and editor of a newspaper. Presby. Children: 

VII. Horace R. Baker, bn. Jan. 15, 1889. 
VII. Orin C. Baker, Jr., bn. Oct. 27, 1890. 

VI. Earl B. Funck, bn. Aug. 29, 1866; died Aug. 24, 1868. 

VI. Daniel F. Funck, born September 27, 1868: died 
April 19, 1872. 

VI. Harriet Lucretia Funck, bn. Nov. 16, 1870. She 
is a graduate of the public high school, and also of the 
University of Wooster, class of '91, and for some five or 
more years has been teacher of Latin and Greek in the 
Wooster high school. She was married Nov. 18, 1897 to 
Fred J. Miller, son of S. A. Miller, of Doylestown, O. 
The ceremony occurred in the First Presby. ch , Wooster, 
O., at eight o* clock in the evening, and was performed by 
Rev. Dr. O. A. Hills, pastor, assisted by the bride's uncle* 

— 3» — 

Rev. Dr. A. J. Imhoff, of Urbana, O., and withal was a 
very beautiful scene. The beautiful and impressive ring 
ceremony was used. Many elegant and costly wedding 
gifts were presented. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Cor- 
nell University in the class of '94. He is connected with 
his father in the manufacture of agricultural machinery. 
P. O., Doylestown, Ohio. 

VI. Cloe Devona Funck, bn. Sept. 29, 1873. Student at 
University of Wooster, O.. (1895). 

V. Jacob Funck, bn. Nov. 23. 1831, in Wayne Co., O. 
Mrd. Catharine Franks, . P. O., Fairfield, Iowa. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Wayne Co., O., Aug. 29, 1834. 
Mrd. Benj. F. Purdy, Aug. 28, 1853. P. O., Wooster, O. 
Dry goods salesman. Mrs. Purdy, Meth. Ep. Children: 
Clement. Ella. 

Mr. and Mrs. Purdy held their silver wedding, Aug. 
28, 1878, which proved to be a very pleasant party of rela- 
tives and friends, who happily assisted them in celebrat- 
ing the event in their own home in Wooster, O. Among 
the number was the mother of the bride, Mrs. Maria 
Funck. in her 9l8t year, and in good health. Mrs. Purdy 
being her youngest child. A very fine supper was pre- 
pared and the gtiests made en joy ably at home. 

Quite a number of useful and ornamental silver ar- 
ticles were presented in the name of the donors to Mr. 
and Mrs. Purdy, in approving terms by Rev. S. P. Kiefer, 
and the acknowledgements were tendered by Mr. I. T. 
Thorley. The whole, as a wedding anniversary, family 
reunion, and social party, was one of the most pleasant 
of the kind. 

VI. Clement Edwin Purdy, bn. Aug. 23, 18e56; died 
Mar. 23. 1883, aged 26 yrs., 7 mo. At the age of 20 he went 
to Tallahassee, Fla., and wrote for Assembly for a time, 
after which he was appointed mail agent on the Jackson- 
ville, Pensacola, and Mobile Railroad. His principal 
points were Lake City, Tallahassee, and Chattahoochee. 
In 3879 he was promoted to the Postal car, and run from 
S^.'vannah, Ga., to Jacksonville, Fla. He held this posi- 
tion until his health failed, when he resigned, after which 
he traveled in the interest of the Western Business 
Guide, thinking to improve his health, but was obliged to 
quit on account of sickness. He was also correspondent 

— 40 — 

for the Atlanta (Georgia) Gkizette and several other pa- 
pers. The last year of his Uf e was spent at home with his 
parents, when he invented a " Parlor and Ice Scate Com- 
bined,'* which he had patented. Several capitalists vis- 
ited him and endeavored to purchase the right, but he 
did not wish to sell. The scate is simply constructed, 
and experiments have proven it to be an article that 
would command a ready sale, had he lived several years 
longer and placed it on the market. The patent papers 
were received only a short time before his death, for 
which reason it has not been manufactured and placed on 
the market. 

As a writer he assumed the name of **Ed. P. Cleon.'' 
Among his writings are two poems, one dedicated to Gov. 
Drew, of Florida, who was one of his intimate friends, and 
A Satire on Ministers of Church and State, both of which 
we append. 

Written Jan. 16, 1877. 





Oh, Florida! thou queenly paradise unknown, 

Thou great peace-maker, if such there be; 
Deciding a nation's fate, if not, decides thy own, 

Showing the world her people once more free. 
And by so doing, rending loose the very chains 

That barred her golden gates, depriving immigration, 
Mark her with homes, at which she dearly aims. 

And keeping her the last among the nation. 

And now let the bright angel of triumph sound 

The glorious news, both far and wide; 
Let snow-flakes sing it. as they fly to meet the ground. 

And comets tell it in their wondrous pride. 
Yes; let it be echoed o'er the bridge of sighs; 

Let the meteor reflect it to the worlds afar: 
Let it ride on the mist, from the seas to the skies 

That the golden gates of Florida now stand ajar. 

— 41 — 

Here emlgrante may clasp a welcoming hand, 

Be they from North, South, England or Ireland hurl'd, 
We ask — beseech them to come, join our band, 

For Florida, yet, will be the Eden of the world. 
Here are the fields, uncultured and unclaimed, 

Like other fertile lands, awaiting for the plow; 
And in this centennial year the gates have been un- 

Yet few shall know they ever were one hundred years 
from now. 

Composed by Clement Edwin Purdy. 

For the Republican. 


Awake ! Ye Ministers of State and Church — 
Wash from your heart and eyes the smirch; 
Study your duties, be to them confined— 
Too many irons will sear or scorch the mind. 
Let reason rule, and fools alone cry bosh. 
Because the paper of satire won't wash I 

Where are the minds, with reason given, 
Which actuate the soul to love and Heaven V 
Are they alone among the clergy found ? 
And are their minds alone the sound ? 
Fool ! he who thinks their reasoning more true 
Than he who expounds on a drop of dew, — 
Interprets earth, exposing to our view 
Its hidden layers, and their meaning, too. 
Vain, shattered mite, is he who dares to mix 
Sacred religious duties with irreligious tricks : 
They will not blend, the difference is too great — 
Sacred religion rules the soul, not State I 

True, if the Ministers of State be true, 
Our laws will be, — their administration, too. 
But true men, like bad, are bom to die: 
They fill this, that, position with a sigh- 
Then pass away, their place to be soon filled 
By him whose art in cunning is most skilled. 

— 42 — 

Contemptuous politician, what is thy gain 
But honor, reaped from out a world's disdain ? 
Oh, meddling* clergy I this but makes it worse, 
What causes you, grasp such reward, the purse I 

Still stand at bay, don't jest my song to scorn, 
Remember truth oft pierces like a thorn : 
But tell me this : thy duty since ordained? 
Not that I wish to see thee more enchained, 
But that by reason T may fully show 
That thieves of duty won't to Heaven go. 
Should all the farmers in this land of ours, 
Cultivate but roses and such-like flowers, 
'Twould uot be long before we'd cry for bread— 
'Twould not be long before we'd all be dead. 
Or should the rulers of our States turn seamen, 
What barbarism would befall the god Hymen *? 
Alas I should clergy seek to rule the State, 
What creed would most predominate ? 
Pre-eminence in creed cannot be found — 
Each claims its own to be most true, most sound. 
Most Reverend Sir, since you don't wish to rule, 
Why, like a school-boy, in debate at school, 
Expound on things which you have only read 
With no more understanding in your head 
Than he, who says that Heaven's color's blue ? 
Ask how he knows, he's seen and read so, too. 
Perchance he learns that air by distance grows 
As blue as indigo— his former knowledge goes ; 
Thus he is left more wiser than before— 
Atmospheric blue is not fren (1) Heaven's floor. 
Thus, subjects, questions, themes which do arise 
Require most cogent reasoning from the wise — 
Months of hard study, in their field of labor spent. 
Is all that makes their knowledge worth a cent. 
Acknowledge this, for it is Heaven's law 
That knowledge grows, just like the grain in straw. 

Since knowledge grows and you have been ordained, 
Is not your duty here, in life, explained ? 
Mark well my words, for he who studies law 
Can't set the bones or patch a fractured jaw: 

(1) — The word " fren " means foreign. 

— 43 — 

Can he who expounds God'S most Holy Word 
Find time to study politics V Absurd I 
Then why, ye softs, why try to interpose 
Duties, which each the other will transpose. 
Amend your course, let reason guide your sail 
Instead of passion, with its wrecking gale, 
And thus good morals to humanity instill : 
Fill heart and soul with God, and love, good will : 
Let politics and all the minor duties go- 
There' re other men to study them you know, 
f^ch has hie work — ^yours is of most import 
For it all other duties does support. 
Thus steal not from the time which God has given. 
But prepare as many souls as possible for Heaven I 

Yl. Ella May Purdy, bn. May 3. 1861. Taught school 
until she married. Mrd. Manville Farmer, of Salem, O. 
Res., 536 West Lake St., Flat 13, Chicago, 111. Express 
messenger for Adams Express Co. His run being from 
Chicago to Pittsburg. Children: 

Yll. Charles Henry Franklin Farmer, bn. Feb. 25, 1888. 

VII. Flora Maria Farmer, bn. June 8, 1890. 

lY. Samuel Funck, bn. ; died small. 

lY. Susan Funck, bn. : died . Married Abra- 
ham Gross. 

Y. Son Samuel, 155 Cleveland Ave., Canton, O. 

lY. Elizabeth Funck. Mrd. Christly Fox. 
Y. John F. Fox, Findlay Sta. B., O. 

lY. Barbara Funck, bn. in Northumberland Co., Pa., 

Feb. 11, 1801; died . Mrd. Peter Sherrick, Mar. 23, 

1820. He was bn. in Fayette Co., Pa., Dec. 5, 1798; died in 
Hancock Co., O., June 14, 1886. Farmer. Children: 
Catharine, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, David, Lydia, Susan. 

Y. Catharine Sherrick, bn. in Fayette Co., Pa., Sept. 
13, 1821: died Oct. 8, 1867. Mrd. John Gross. P. O., Mont- 
pelier, O. Ch. of God. Children: Mary, Barbara, Mar- 
garet, Peter, George, Joseph. 

Yl. Mary Ann Gross, born March 31, 1842: died 
June 30, 1868. 

VI. Barbara Ann Gross, bn. Aug. 14, 1846; died Oct. 24, 
1876. Mrd. Augustus Gross, . Blacksmith in Wis. 

— -u — 

VII. Three children all died in infancy. 

VI. Margfaret Jane Gross, bn. July 17, 1848: died Mar. 

24, 1877. Mrd. Edward Brookhouse, . He died Sept. 

12. 1873. Harness-maker. Children: 

VII. Brookhouse. died infant. 

VII. Brookhouse, died infant. 

VII. William F. Brookhouse, bn. . 

VI. Peter Sherrick Gross, bn. in Wayne Co., O., Nov. 
29, 1851. Mrd. Mary Michaels, Oct. 14, 1875. P. O., Mont- 
pelier, O. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: 

Vli. Orville Ulysses Gross, bn. Jan. 7, 1877. 

VII. Orpha Eunice Gross, (twin) bn. Jan. 7, 1877: died 
Nov. 24, 1885. 

VI. George Wilson Gross, bn. Aug. 25, 1854. Mrd. 

Rebecca Michaels, . P. O., Montpelier, O. Farmer. 

Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Hoyt Gross. 
Vll. Gladis Gross. 

VI. Joseph Newton Gross, bn. May 7, 1860. Mrd. Anna 
Bates, . P. O., Montpelier, O Farmer. Children: 

VII. Harvey Gross, . 

Vll. Edna May Gross, . 

V. Anna Sherrick, bn. Oct. 29, 1823: died Jan. 18, 1839. 
V. Elizabeth Sherrick, bn. May 9, 1828: died . 

V. Mary Sherrick, bn. in Wayne Co., O.. Mar. 26, 
1829. Mrd^ Jacob Gross, Mar. 16, 1848. Res., 222 Factory 
St., Findlay, O. Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: David, 
Peter, Harriet, Jacob, Laura, William. 

VI. David S. Gross, bn. Feb. 21, 1849. Mrd. Lucy E. 
Watson, Apr. 10, 1872. P. O., Shawtown, O. Farmer 

VII. Effie Del Gross, bn. : died . 

Vll. Watson J. Gross. 

VII. Louis C. Gross. 

Vll. Russel C. Gross. 

Vll. Mary E. Gross. 

Vll. Merle O. Gross 

VI. Peter J. (Jross, bn. July 4, 1852. Mrd. Harriet E. 
Bolton, Mar. 16, 1876. P. O., Deweyville, O. Farmer. 
Ch. of God. Children: 

— 45 — 

VII. Verda May Gross. 
VII. Pearl Estella Gross. 
VIL Merritt Roy Gross. 
VII. Clyde Leclare Gross. 

VI. Harriet £. Gross, bn. in Hancock Co., O., Aug. 11, 
18a5. Mrd. Parlee C. Dukes, Jan. 20, 1876. P. O., Benton 
Ridge, O. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: 

Yll. A. Leclare Dukes, bu, Sept. 24, 1877. 

VII. Edith L. D. Dukes, bn. June 10, 1879. 
VII. Gracie D. Dukes, bn. Apr. 27, 1883. 
VII. Esther D. Dukes, bn. June 28, 1894. 
VII. Ruth D. Dukes, bn. Dec. 19, 1896. 

VI. Jacob I. Gross, bn. Dec. 23, 1858. Mrd. Louisa 
Motot, Nov. 29, 1881. P. O., Findlay, O. Fanner. United 
Brethren. Children: 

VII. Arthur C. Gross. 
VII. Carl C. Gross. 
VII. Elma G. Gross. 

VI. Laura Jane Gross, bn. May 24. 1861. Mrd. Benja- 
min Fry, Aug. 30, 1881. P. O., Findlay, O. Farmer. Ch. 
of God. Children: 

VII. Myrtle Edith Fry, bn. Apr. 26, 1884. 
VII. Ray Carlton Fry, bn. Apr. 24, 1886. 
VII. Glenn G. Fry, bn. Nov. 15, 1890. 

VI. William E. Gross, bn. Jan. 14, 1864. Mrd. Almira 
George, Nov. 13, 1884. P. O., McComb, O. Farmer. Ch. 
of God. Children: 

VII. Lesta F. Gross. 
VII. Clarence E. Gross. 
VII. Parlee C. Gross. 
VII. Charles R. Gross. 

V. David Sherrick, bn. in Wayne Co., C, Nov. 11, 
1831. Mrd, Catharine Heck, Dec. 28, 1854. P. O., Findlay, 
O. Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: 

VI. George Sherrick, bn. Nov. 24. 1855. 
VI. Peter Sherrick, bn. Mar. 10, 1859. 
VI. Barbara Sherrick, bn. June 23, 1861. 
VI. Martha Sherrick, bn. Sept. 4, 1863. 
VI. Irene Sherrick, bn. Oct. 12, 1866. 

VI. Emma Sherrick, bn. Sept. 23, 1869. 

— 46 — 

VI. John Sherrick, bn. Apr. 2, 1872. 
VI. Maud Sherrick, bn. June 14, 1877. 

Y. Lydia Sherrick, bn. . Mrd. John Heck, . 

P. O., Findlay, O. 

V. Susan Sherrick, bn. in Wayne Co., O., July 10, 

1836. Mrd. David Myers, . He died Sept. 12, 1870. 

Children: Laura, Joseph, Emma. Susan mrd. second 
husband, Frederick Barg-er. P. O., Deweyville, Ohio. 
Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: Etta, Lydia. 

VI. Laura Myers, bn. Jan. 28, 1864. Mrd. Ephraim E. 
Trout, Mar. 20, 1884. He died May 19, 1887. Teacher. 
Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Bertha B. Trout, bn. Feb. 2, 1886. 
VII. Ethel E. Trout, bn. Dec. 28, 1887. 

Laura married, second husband, B. B. Frazier, Oct. 
20, 1889. P. O., , O. Farmer. 

VI. Joseph Myers, bn. Sept. 1, 1866. Mrd. Magrgie 

Pickens, . P. O., Deweyville, O. Farmer. Ch. of 

God. One child. 

VII. David C. Myers. 

Yl. Emma Myers, bn. May 5, 1869; died June 4, 1870. 
VI. Etta Barger, bn. Dec. II, 1874. 
VI. Lydia Barker, bn. Aug. 25, 1877. 

IV. Christian Funck, bn. : died . Mrd. Susan 


IV. Solomon Funck, bn. ; died . Mrd. Anna 


V. Solomon Funck, Findlay, O. 

IV. Anna Funk, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Nov. 11, 1803, 
(still living. May, 1898). Mrd. (Christian Landes, Dec. 11, 
1823. He was bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 2, 1797: died in 
Des Moines Co., Iowa, Jan. 17, 1865. Farmer. In 1836 
they united with the ''Church of God," of which Mrs. 
Landes is still a member. Children: David, Catharine, 
Mary, Joseph, Anna. 

V. David Landes. bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa.. Mar. 
24. 1826. Mrd. Nancy Jane Francis. She died Apr. 3, 
1862. Children: Milton, Byron, Maria, Mary, Joseph, 
Elmyra. David mrd. second wife. Anna Stoner, Jan. 1863. 
P. O., Parrish. la. Farmer. Children: M. E., Clara, H. 
S., Tessie. 

— 47 — 

VI. Milton Landes. bn. Oct. 27, 1850; died next day. 

VI. Byron F. Landes (twin), bn. Oct. 27, 1850. Mrd. 
Almeda Hay worth, . P. O., Parrish, la. 

Yl. Maria Landes, bn. July 14, 1854. Mrd. Henry 
Tinsly, . P. O., Ottumwa, la. 

VI. Mary A. Landes, bn. Aug. 4, 1856. Mrd. Z. T. 
Tinsly, . P. O., Ottumwa, la. 

Vt. Joseph L. Landes, bn. near Danville, Des Moines 
Co., la., Sept. 15, 1858. Mrd. lilary Elizabeth Hiatt, Feb. 
16, 1882. P. O., Kenesaw, Neb. Manager for Farmers* 
Grain & Stock Co. Ch. of God. One child. 

VII. Nellie Catharine Landes, bn. Mar. 3, 1884. 

VI. Elmyra Landes, bn. Sept. 19, 1860. Mrd. D. D. 
Kelly, . P. O., Parrish, la. 

VI. M E. Landes, bn. May 24, 1864. P. O., Parrish, 
Iowa, S. 

VI. Clara Landes, born December 4, 1865. P. O., 
Midnapore, India. S. 

Yl. H. S. Landes, bn. Jan. 7, 1868. P. O., Parrish. 
Iowa. S. 

Yl. Tessie Landes, bn. Jan. 31, 1870. P. O., Parrish 
Iowa. S. 

V. Catharine Landes, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
May 6, 1828; died in Des Moines Co., la., June 12, 18H5. 
Mrd. C. F. Stoner, Feb., 1850. He was born in Westmore- 
land Co., Pa., July 8, 1828. Farmer. Mrs. Stoner, Ch. of 
God. Children: Emaline, Elvira, Elsie, Lyman, Miriam, 
Florella, Lizzie, Missouri, Elmer, Lucy. 

VI. Emaline Stoner, bn. in Des Moines Co., la., May 
26, laSl. Mrd. Peter R. Wilson, Mar. 6, 1881. P. O., Par- 
rish, la. Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Bessie Catharine Wilson, bn. Nov. 17, 1886. 
VII. Frank Stoner Wilson, bn. Aug. 18, 1888. 

VI. EUvira Stoner, bn. in Des Moines Co., la., Dec. 28, 
1862. Mrd. Sprigg Cresap, Jan. 1, 1882. P. O , New Lon- 
don, Henry Co., la. Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Ada S. Cresap, bn. Feb. 27, 1883. 
VII. Ora Bell Cresap, bn. Aug. 30, 1885. 
VJI. Florence E. Cresap. bn. Aug. 18, 1888. 

— 48 — 

VI. Elsie A. Stoner, bn. in Des Moines Co., la., Jan. 
28, 1855. JMrd. James M. Sherrick, Dec. 7, 1876. P. O., 
Danville, la. Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Infant daughter dead at birth, Oct. 3, 1877. 
Yll. Jessie Bell Sherrick, bn. Feb. 9, 1879. 

VII. Lizzie May Sherrick, bn. Apr. 30, 1881. 
VII. Margaret Catharine Sherrick, bn. Mar. 6, 1883: 
died Mar. 16, 188^. 

VII. Etta Dell Sherrick, bn. Mar. 3. 1884. 
VII. Harry Stoner Sherrick, bn. Jan. 14, 1891. 
VII. Howard Leighty Sherrick, bn. May 6, 1896. 

VI. Lyman Walker Stoner, bn. 1856; died 1858. 

VI. Miriam Etta Stoner, bn. 1858; died 1860. 

VI. Florella Hall Stoner, born near Mt. Pleasant. 
Westmoreland Co., Pa., Mar. 21, 1861. P. O., Parrish, la. 
Ch. of God. S. 

VI. Lizzie Ann Stoner, bn. 1863; died 1863. 

Yl. Missouri Frances Stoner, bn. near Mt. Pleasant. 
Westmoreland Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 1864. Mrd. Charles A. 
Smith, Oct. 16, 1887. P. O., Parrish, la. Farmer. Ch. of 
Grod. Children: 

VII. Edna R. Smith, bn. Sept. 24, 1888. 

Yll. Ira F. Smith, bn. Mar. 18, 1891: died Apr. 23, 1891. 

VII. Roy A. Smith, bn. Feb. 28, 1892. 

VII. Anna B. Smith, bn. Mar. 19, 1895. 

VII. Frances Smith, bn. Apr. 4, 1898. 

VI. Elmer Stoner, bn. 1865: died 1865. 
VI. Lucy Stoner, bn. 1866; died 1866. 

V. Mary Landes, bn. ; died . Mrd. C. M. 

Dillinger. P. O., Warrensburg, Macon Co.. 111. 

V. Joseph Landes, bn. in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
Sept. 14, 1835. Mrd. Elizabeth Arnold. Dec. 24, 1856, in 
Des Moines Co., la. P. O., Fort Madison, la. Salesman. 
Meth. Episcopal. Children: David, Edson, Emma, Delia, 

VI. David R. Landes, bn. Mar. Z\ 1859. Mrd. Rosa 

Collins, of Kenesaw. Neb., . P. O., Axtel, Neb. 

Salesman. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Altia Landes. 
VII. Helen Landes. 

— 49 — 

VI. Edson E. Landes, bn. Aug. 5, 1862. Mrd. Magg^ie 

Greenameyer, of Lancaster Co., Neb., . P. O., Farm- 

ington, la. Carpenter. Children: 

VII. Edna Landes. 
VII. Ethel Landes. 

VI. Emma Landes, bn. June 1, 1864. Mrd. W. D. 

Moore, of Parrish, la., . P. O., Augusta, la. Farmer. 

Meth. Ep. No issue. 

VI. Delia J. Landes, bn. Sept. 21, 1866. Mrd. C. E, 

Burton, of Denmark, la., . P. O., Atlantic, la. 

Carpenter. Cong. One child. 

VII. Lee Burton. 

VI. William W. Landes, bn. Mar. 13, 1869. P. O.^ 
Fort Madison, la. Carpenter. S. 

V. Anna Landes, bn. . Mrd. H. B. Daily, . 

P. O., Kenesaw, Neb. 

IV. Abraham Fimck, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 23, 
1807; died April 10, 1895. Mrd. Mary Rosenberger, Mar. 
12, 1828. She was bn. July 10, 1810; died Apr. 16, 1894. P. 
O., Findlay, O. In early life Mr. Funck was a distiller. 
At the age of 22 he was converted, after which he tore 
the ^'insides*' out of his distillery and turned it into a 
meeting house. Later he engaged in huckstering, and 
then became a dry goods merchant, now living retired. 
Ch. of God. Children: Margaret, Catharine, Amos, In- 
fant, Dilman, Sarah, Elizabeth Diana, Emanuel. 

V. Margaret Funck, bn. July 31, 1830; died Aug. 14 
1861. Mrd. Henry Shuler, . P. O., Calvin, O. For- 
merly miller, later postmaster. Ch. of God. Children 
Josiah, Mary, Sylvanus, Tillman, Sarah, William. 

VI. Joeiah Shuler, bn. in Fayette Co., Pa., Aug. 6, 1848 
Mrd. Jennie B. Clark, Oct. 26, 1871. P. O., Calvin, O. 
Farmer. Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Wm. Sherwood Shuler, bn. Sept. 17, 1872. 

VII. Ernest Cairo Shuler, bom September 16, 1873; 
died Aug. 5, 1874. 

VII. Lillie May Shuler, bn. Feb. 15, 1875. 
VII. Grace Gertrude Shuler, bn. July 5, 1882. 
VII. Flossie Pearl Shuler, bn. Apr. 24, 1892. 

VI. Mary E. Shuler, bn. . Mrd. Harmon. 

Parmer. Mrs. H., Ch. of God. 

— 50 — 

VI. Sylvanus Webster Shuler, bn. . Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Ferguson, . P. O., Findlay, O. 

Yl. Tillman A. Shuler, bn. in Hancock Co., O., June 
18. 1855. Mrd. Mary Rosella Cordes, Oct. 11, 1882. Rea., 
306 Ave. A. East, Hutchinson, Kan. Mr. Shuler served as 
a miller's apprentice under his father for three years, 
then engfaged in farmings. He was afterwards employed 
by his Uncle Amos Funck until the latter' s death, when 
he started out on his own responsibility and is at present 
a practical miller, being" one of a stock company owning- 
and operating" a 140-barrel-a-day mill in the city of 
Hutchinson, Kan. Christian ch. Children: 

Yll. Herbert Paul Shuler, bn. May 10, 1884. 

Yll. Melville Robert Shuler, bn. Mar. 21, 1886. 

VII. Philip Justice Shuler, bn. Mar. 11, 1895. 

VI. Sarah ^Emeline Shuler, bn. ; died . Mrd. 

Jasper Walters, . Ch. of God. 

VI. William Wood Shuler, bn. in Findlay, O., Jan. 9, 
1861. Mrd. Mary Clif t Marks, Sept. 4, 1883. She was born 
in La Salle Co., 111., Sept. 30, 1863. Mr. Shuler's mother 
died when he was but eig'ht months old, and he was then 
taken by his Grandfather Abraham Funck, with whom he 
lived until he was three years old. His oldest sister Mary 
would often come over to see her little baby brother for 
whom she had formed a warm maternal-like attachment. 
One day, when about to return to her father* s house after 
one of these visits, she managed to get the little fellow 
away from the old people without their noticing that she 
had gone off with him, and gaining strength and courage 
from her success, she actually carried him off to her 
father's home, from whence no amount of persuasion or 
threats could induce her to let him go, and therefore he 
remained with his father. He was by nature studious 
and at the age of nineteen he graduated from the Find- 
lay Schools (Normal Dept.) The next two years he 
spent in teaching school in Findlay, O., at the end of 
which time he became of age, and then, like other young 
men, took Horace Greeley's advice and went west in the 
spring of 1882 to the state some call the "Italy of Amer- 
ica,'* locating at Hutchinson, Kan. Six miles west of 
this promising city he "took up a Homestead," working 
on his "Claim" in the summer, and teaching school in 

— 51 — 

the winter, while his "spare*' time was spent in readings 
law, which profession he had determined to adopt as the 
hope of his future. In 1883 he was married to Mary, the 
accomplished daughter of Enoch C. Marks, a prosperous 
farmer and stockman, of Reno Co., Kan. In Jan., 1889, 
Mr. Shuler proved up on his claim, and on St. Valentine's 
day, 1889, he sold off all his personal effects, and started 
for his boyhood home, Findlay, Ohio, on Washington's 
birthday, Feb. 22, 1889, where he intended to complete his 
law reading and be admitted to the practice of his profes- 
sion under the laws of the state of Ohio. A year and six 
months were spent in further preparation, and in June, 
1890, he was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of 
Ohio, and immediately began the practice of the profes- 
sion, to attain which he had labored/ diligently for eight 
years. He purchased a little home for himself and family 
in Findlay, and no doubt has permanently located there. 
Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Ernestine Shuler, bn. in Kan., June 12, 1885. 

Yll. Henry Marks Shuler, bn. in Ohio, May 26, 1891. 

Y. Catharine Funk, bn. Jan. 6, 1832. Mrd. Frederick 
Shuler, Apr. 13, 1852. P. O., Vanlue, O. Retired farmer, 
now hotel-keeper. Mrs. S., U. Br. ch. Children: Mary, 
Emma, Israel, Abraham, Cora, Freddie. 

VI. Mary A. Shuler, bn. Aug. 30, 1854. Mrd. Wilber 
F. Parker, August 11, 1875. He died February 21, 1882. 
One child. 

VII. Harry J. Parker, bn. in 1877. 

Mary married second husband, Noah Lee, Apr. 15, 1883. 
P. C, Houcktown, Ohio. Farmer. Methodist Episcopal. 
No. issue. 

VI. Ehnma Catharine Shuler, bn. in Pennsylvania, 
Dec. 23, 1855. Mrd. James P. Lee, Feb. 13, 1873. P. O., 
Vanlue, O. Farmer. U. Br. ch. Children: 

Yll. Frederick S. Lee, bn. Feb. 16, 1874. 

Yll. Franklin C. Lee, bn. Apr. 26, 1878. 

Yll. NeUie Lee, bn. Nov. 3, 1883; died Apr. 25, 1886. 

Yll. Fern Lee, bn. May 23, 1887. 

Yll. Infant died unnamed, . 

Yi. Col. Israel Painter Shuler, bn. Oct. 22, 1858. Mrd 
Eliza Brown, Oct., 1882. P. O., Findlay, O. Children: 
Yll. Creta Shuler. 

— 52 ~ 

VII. Hazel Shuler. 

Yl. Abraham Franklin Shuler, bn. July 25, 1860. Mrd. 
Louisa Lehman, Apr., 1881. P. O., Vanlue, O. Children: 
Yll. Cuba Shuler. 
Yll. Forest Shuler. 

Yl. Cora Adalina Shuler, bn. May 19, 1864. Mrd. 

Harvey A. Renshler, June , 1883. P. O., Vanlue, O. 


VII. Merritt Renshler. 

VII. Harry D. Renshler. 

VI. Freddie Shuler, bn. Dec. 18, 1867; died Jan. 11, 1868. 

V. Amos R. Funck, bn. Aug. 21, 1833; died of lock- 
jaw, Jan. 30, 1881. Mrd. Sarah Smith, of Winchester, O., 

. Miller. Children: Mary, Margery, Julia, **Bo8s," 

Frances, Ralph, Blanchard. 

VI. Mary Jane Funck, bn. . 

VI. Margery Findlay Funck, bn. ; died . 

VI. Julia C. Funck, bn. . Mrd. George Berry, 

-. He was drowned in the act of crossing a bridge 

over the Missouri river during a flood. One child. 
Yll. Berry, bn. ; died . 

VI. " Boss '» Funck. 
VI. Frances Funck. 
Yl. Ralph Funck. 
VI. Blanchard Funck. 

V. Infant stillborn, Feb. 6, 1835. 

V. Dilman Funck, bn. June 25, 1837; died, aged 3 yrs. 

Y. Sarah A. Funck, bn. Sept. 27, 1839. Mrd. George 

A. Horn, . P. O., Findlay, O. Laborer. Ch. of God. 

Children: Viola, Catharine, Willie, Ida, Austin, Trecie, 
Hattie, Harry, Bliss, Gracie. 

VI. Viola Jane Horn, bn. . Mrd. Newton Dicker- 
hoof, . P. O., Altoona, Pa. Fireman on Penna. R. R. 

VI. Catharine Elizabeth Horn, bn. Oct. 8, 1862. Mrd. 
Milton K. Smith, July 25, 1883. P. O., Findlay, O. Secre- 
tary of Findlay College, located at Findlay, Ohio. Ch. of 
God. Children: 

VII. Wilfred Ross Smith, bn. July 4, 1884. 
VII. Jetta Smith, bn. Sept. 28, 1886. 

— 53 — 

Yll. Eula Luella Smith, bn. Aug. 26, 1891. 

VI. Willie Horn, bn. ; died . 

VI. Ida Horn, bn. ; died . 

VI. Austin Horn, bn. . P. O., Findlay, O. Type 

setter in BepubKcan office, Findlay, O. 

Vi. Trecie T. Horn, bn. in Findlay, O., May 26, 1869. 
Mrd. Lewis Gassman, Aug, 7, 1889. P. O., Findlay, O. 
Hardware merchant. Mrs. G., Ch. of God; Mr. G., Luth- 
eran. Children: 

Vli. Anna Gail Gassman, bn. Sept. 14. 1890. 

VII. Harry Lewis Gassman, bn. Dec. 22, 1891. 

VI. Hattie Horn, bn. ; died . 

VI. Harry Horn, bn. ; died . 

VI. Bliss Horn, bn. ; died . 

VI. Gracie Horn, bn. . 

V. Elizabeth Funck, bn. Sept. 7, 1841; died Dec. 9, 1864. 

Mrd. Joseph Bryan, . P. O., Shaw town, O. Farmer. 

Ch. of God. Children: 

VI. Mary Idell Bryan, bn. in Hancock Co., O., Sept. 5, 
1862. Mrd. Jeremiah Ferguson, Aug". 1, 1880. He was bn. 
July 29, 1860. P. O., Findlay, O. Carpenter and archi- 
tect. Ch. of God. Children: 

VII. Decatur Roy Ferguson, bn. July 4, 1881. 
VII. Edna Ruth Fergruson, bn. Apr. 30, 1883. 
VII. Hazel Blanche Ferguson, bn. Mar. 9, 1888. 

V. Diana Funck, bn. July 13, 1844; died Dec. 16, 1873, 
Mrd. Martin Van Buren.* 

V. Emanuel Funck, bom July 18, 1850; died, aged 
11 months. 

III. Maria Funk, bn. ; died . Mrd Jacob Det- 

weiler, about 1774, Children: Maria, Joseph, Jacob, 
Barbara, Susanna, Joshua, Sara, Catharine, Elizabeth, 
Anna, John. 

IV. Maria Detweiler, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., May 10, 

* A relative of Martin Van Buren, President of the 
United States. 

— 54 — 

1775; died Sept. 22, 1850. Mrd. George Shoemaker.* He 
was bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Feb. 6, 1778; died Nov. 24, 1864. 
In early life he was a woolen manufacturer by trade, and 
engaged in carding, fulling and dyeincr wool and yarn in 
Pennsylvania. In the spring of 1825 he with his family 
moved to Canada, settling in Waterloo county, and en- 
gaged in farming. Menu. Children: Jacob, John, Mary, 
George, Elizabeth, Joseph, Abraham, Daniel, Joshua, 

V. Jacob D. Shoemaker, bn. in Frederick township, 
Montg. Co., Pa., Nov. 24, 1799. Mrd. Jane Dunbar, Nov* 
18, 1823. His boyhood days were spent in assisting 
his father in the woolen mills, then for a few years 
he engaged in grist and oil mills. He afterwards 
served in the employ of John Funk, Abraham Clemens, 
George Keiff and others. In 1829 he and family emi- 
grated to Canada and engaged in farming. Menn. 
Children: Mary, David, Elizabeth, Martha, George, 
Alexander, Naomi, Jane, Magdalena, Jacob. 

VI. Mary Ann Shoemaker, bn. Nov. 7, 1824; died July 
28, 1876. S. 

VI. David Shoemaker, born January 31, 1827; died 
October 15, 1827. 

Vi. Elizabeth Shoemaker, bn. Oct. 12, 1828; died Apr. 
4, 1854. Mrd. John Schledel, Feb. 27, 1853. One child. 

VII. Mary Ann Schledel, born March 13, 1854; died 
August 5, 1860. 

* Great-grandson of Jacob Shoemaker, who was bom 
in Canton Berne, Switzerland, and when a lad of 12 years 
moved with his parents to Pfaltz, Germany, and from 
there emigrated to America, landing at Philadelphia in 
May, 1737. He settled for a time in Germantown, and in 
1743 moved to Lower Salford Twp., Montg. Co., Pa., where 
he died in 1751. He had four sons, Peter, Jacob, George. 
John. Jacob, the second son, was born in Pfaltz, Ger- 
many, Mar. 31, 1708, came with his parents to America, 
married Susanna Schueler in 1740. Sne was born in Basle, 
Switzerland, Feb. 19, 1719; died in 1789. They lived near 
Skippack; had eight children: Michael, George, Gertrude, 
Catnarine, Anna, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary. Next to the 
youngest was Jacob, who was born July 27, 1754. Mrd. 
Mary Tyson. She was bn. Apr. 7, 1752; died July 12, 1803. 
Lived in Frederick Twp. , Montg. Co. In 1828 he moved to 
Canada, where he died Nov. 19, 1847, aged 93 yrs., 3 mo., 
22 da. Children: John, George, Jacob, Elizabeth, Mary. 

— 00 — 

VI. Martha Shoemaker, bn. June 9, 1832. Mrd. Henry 
McKay, Apr. 9, 1855. P. O., Clachan, Ont. Mason. Menn. 
Children: Jacob, Jane, Hannah, Josiah, Martha, Lavina, 
Mary, Ezra, Henry. 

VII. Jacob McKay, bom Jan. 23, 1856. At home. S 
P. O., Clachan, Ont 

VII. Jane McKay, bn. Feb. 20, 1858. Mrd. George Nash 
May 25, 1885. One child. 

VIII. Catharine Nash. 

VII. Hannah McKay, bn. July 1, 1860. Mrd. John D. 
Hillman, Sept. 2, 1879. P. O., Clachan, Ont. Baptist. 

VIII. Henry Hillman. 
VIII. Arthur Hillman. 
VIII. William Hillman. 
VIII. Martha Ann Hillman. 
VIII. Allie Hillman. 

VIII. Jane Pearl Hillman. 

VII. Josiah McKay, bn. Sept. 29, 1862. Mrd. Libbie 
Pool, Dec. 30, 1885. P. O., Clachan, Ont. Mason. Meth. 

VIII. Edgar McKay. 
VIII. Charles McKay. 
VIII. Henry McKay. 
VIII. Alfred McKay. 
VIII. Mary McKay. 

Vtil. Martha Luella McKay. 

VII. Martha McKay, bn. Sept. 30, 1865. Mrd. Charles 
LcPevre, Mar. 27, 1887. Res., 915 Moulcelio Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. No issue. 

VII. Lavina McKay, bn. Aug. 28, 1867. Mrd. James 
Lindsay, Mar. 17, 1891. P. O,, Clachan, Ont. Farmer 
Presby. One child. 

VIII. George Henry Lindsay. 

VII. Mary Ann McKay, bn. Nov. 15, 1869. Married 
William Brendle, Apr. 21, 1891. Res., St. Paul, Minn. 
One child. 

VIII. Henry Brendle. 

VII. William McKay, bn. Dec. 24, 1871; died same day. 
VII. Henry McKay, bn. Feb. 21, 1873. Mrd. . 

— 56 — 

VI. George D. Shoemaker, bn. February 11, 1834. Mrd. 
Magfdalena Snyder. Farmer. Children: Benjamin, Jacob, 
Joseph, Jane, Noah, Epbraim, Catharine, Rachel. 

VII. Benjamin S. Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 4, 1857. Mrd. 
Lydia Brocks, Nov. 2, 1879. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Jacob Shoemaker, bn. ; died . 

VIII. Mary Jane Shoemaker. 

VIII. Catharine Shoemaker. 
VIII. Melissa Shoemaker. 
VIII. Emma Shoemaker. 
VIII. Lydia Ann Shoemaker. 
VIII. William Shoemaker. 

VII. Jacob S. Shoemaker, bn. June 15, 1859. Mrd. Bar- 
bara Wideman, Mar. 5, 1882. Children: 

VIII. William Shoemaker. 
VIII. Melven Shoemaker. 
VIII. Addison Shoemaker. 
VIII. George Shoemaker. 

VII. Joseph Shoemaker, bn. Feb. 17, 1862. Mrd. Eliza 
Burkhard, Mar. 14, 1886. One child. 

VIII. Israel Shoemaker. 

VII. Jane Shoemaker, bn. June 30, 1865. S. 

VII. Noah Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 27, 1867. Mrd. Sarah 
Burkhard, Feb. 1, 1891, One child. 

VIII. Ervin Shoemaker. 

VII. Ephraim Shoemaker, bn. Apr. 7, 1869. Married 
Veronica Wideman, Nov. 29, 1892. 

VII. Catharine Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 10, 1871. S. 
VII. Rachel Shoemaker, bn. Oct. 20, 1873. S. 

VI. Alexander Shoemaker, bn. Feb. 21, 183^. Mrd. 
Susanna Weber, October 13, 1861. P. O., Berlin, Ont. 
Farmer. Children: Ellen, Josiab, Matilda, Susanna, 
Louisa, Malinda, David, Angeline, Edwin, Lydia, Lavina. 
Irwin, Edith. 

VII. Ellen Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 5, 1862. 
VII. Josiah Shoemaker, bn. Oct. 29, 1863. 
VII. Matilda Shoemaker, bn. Apr. 1, 1865. 
VII. Susanna Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 10, 1866. 
VII. Louisa Shoemaker, bn. July 5, 1868. 

VII. Malinda Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 4, 1870. Married 
Charles E. Lips, Mar. 2, 1892. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Farmer. 

— 57 — 

VII. David Shoemaker, born January 29, 1878; died 
February 19, 1872. 

Vli. Angeline Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 31, 1873. 

VII. Edwin Shoemaker, bom April 1, 1876; died Sep- 
tember 10, 1875. 

VII. Lydia Ann Shoemaker, bn. June 5, 1878. 

VII. Layina Shoemaker, born February 4, 1880; died 
Mar. 5, 1880. 

VII. Irwin Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 20, 1882. 

VII. Edith Shoemaker (twin), bn. Mar. 20, 1882. 

VI. Naomi Shoemaker, bn. June 2, 1838. Mrd. Joseph 
B. Snyder, April 12, 1857. P. O., Winterboume, Ontario. 
Farmer. Children: Nelson, Allan, Jane, Norman, 

VII. Nelson Snyder, bn. Feb. 24, 1858. Mrd. Leah Sny- 
der, Apr. 11, 1882. Children: 

VIII. Emma Snyder. 
VIII. Orval Snyder. 
VIII. Edna Snyder. 

VII. Allan Snyder, bn. May 3, 1860; died Mar. 7, 1891. 
Married Rebecca Brubacher, March 10, 1886. Farmer. 

VIII. Ella Snyder. 
VIII. Emma Snyder. 
VIII. Newton Snyder. 
VIII. Allan Snyder. 

VII. Jane Snyder, bn. Sept. 10, 1863. 
VII. Norman Snyder, bn. Apr. 24, 1872. 
VII. Malinda Snyder, bn. Aug. 7, 1875. 

VI. Jane Shoemaker, bn. December 30, 1840; died 
Aug. 20, 1860. S. 

VI. Magdalena Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 16, 1844. Mrd. 
George Israel, Aug. 13, 1867. P. O., Williamsburg, Ont. 
Children: Urias, Sarah, Jane, Matilda, Lizzie, Alberta, 

VII. Urias Israel, bn. Feb. 18, 1869. Mrd. Catharine 
Hillgardner, Mar. 24, 1894. 

VII. Sarah Israel, bn. July 21, 1870. Married Jacob 
Schaefer, Jan. 28, 1891. Children: 

VIII. Freda Priscilla Schaefer. 
VIII. Beatrice Schaefer. 

— 58 — 

VII. Jane Israel, bn. June 5, 1873. Married Edw^ard 
Llebler. One child. 

VIII. George Henry Llebler. 

VII. Matilda Israel, bn. May 5, 1875; died Nov. 20, 1880. 

VII. Lizzie Israel, bn. Sept. 17, 1876. 

VII. Alberta Israel, bn. Nov. 16, 1880. 

VII. Emma Israel, bn. Apr. 7, 1886. 

VI. Jacob Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 16, 1844; died Jan. 21, 
1844 (twin to Magdalena). 

V. John Shoemaker, bn. in Frederick Twp., Montg. 
Co., Pa., Dec. 26, 1800. Mrd. Catharine, daughter of 
Henry and Mary (Heller) Fried, Oct. 12, 1823. She died 
Dec. 25, 1879. He learned the shoemaking trade with 
Abraham Harley, of Towamencln Twp. On May 10, 1825, 
he, with his family, left for Canada and arrived at Pres- 
ton June 1st following. After living at one or two other 
places, they finally, on Feb. 20, 1829, settled permanently 
on their farm one mile north of Breslau. Children: 
Jacob, Mary, Catharine, John, Abraham, George, Eliza- 
beth, Sarah. 

VI. Jacob F. Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 13, 1824, in Moatg. 
Co., Pa. Mrd. Veronica Schneider. P. O., Breslau, Ont. 

VII. Dilman Shoemaker, died when about 14 years old. 
VII. Menno Shoemaker, bn. Nov. 19, 1853. Mrd. Miss 

M. Brothers. Mason. 

VII. Albert Shoemaker, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Nov. 19, 1853, (twin to Menno). Mrd. Miss Angellne Bow- 
man, Mar. 23, 1884. P. O., Brown City, Mich. Farmer. 
Ch. ofGod. Children: 

VIM. Annie Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 18, 1886. 

VIII. Addison Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 4, 1888. 
VIII. Alvin Shoemaker, bn. Apr. 10, 1891. 

VII. Amos Shoemaker, mrd. Annie Heibein. P. O., 
Breslau, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Matilda Shoemaker, mrd. David Letson. P. O., 
Winterbourne, Ont. 

VII. Catharine Shoemaker, mrd. G. Sieck. P. O., 
Winterbourne, Ont. 

VII. Mary Shoemaker, mrd. Letson. P. O., Win- 
terbourne, Ont. 

— 59 — 

VI. Mary Shoemaker, bn. June 1, 1826; died Septem- 
ber 9, 1828. 

VI. Catharipe Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 15, 1828. Mrd. 
Jacob Gole, Dec 28,1847. He was bom in Stuttgart, Ger- 
many, Oct. 15, 1819. Was the son of Frederick Gole, who 
emigrated from Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, Germany, some 
aeventy or more years ago. Jacob Gole settled on a farm 
one mile north of Breslau, Ont., now owned by his son 
Solomon, where he resided with his family until 1889, then 
moved to near St. Kilian, Nobles Co., Minn. Children: 
Mary, John, Solomon, Leah, Anna, Jacob, Menno, 

Vli. Mary Ann Gole, bn. Oct. 20, 1818. Mrd. Christian 

Wenger. P. O., , Mich. Farmer. Children: 

Vlil. Leah Wenger. 
Vlll. Menno Wenger. 
VIII. George Wenger. 
Vlll. Altana Wenger. 
Vlll. Ellen Wenger. 
Vlll. Martha Wenger. 
Vlll. Mary Ann Wenger. 

VII. John S. Gole, bn. Mar. 6, 1850. Married Nancy 
Gilles. P. O., Breslau, Ontario. Farmer and sawyer. 

VHI. MalindaGole. 

VIII. Caroline Gole. 
Vlll. Catharine Gole. 
Vlll. Joel Gole. 

Vlll. Solomon Gole. 
Vlll. John Gole. 
Vlll. Annie Gole. 
Vlll. Leander Gole. 
Vlll. Leo Gole. 

VII. Solomon S» Gole bn. Mar. 30, 1855. Mrd. Sophia 
Bimstihl. P. O., Breslau, Ont. Farmer on the old home- 
stead of his father. Children: 

VIII. George Gole. 
Vlll. Annie Gole. 
Vlll. Allan Gole. 

VII. Leah Gole, bn. June 20, 1860. Mrd. Gottlieb 
Bimstihl. P. O., St. Kilian, Minn. Farmer. Children: 

— 60 — 

VIII. William Birnstihl. 

Vtll. Lena Birnstihl. 

VIII. Annie Birnstihl. 

VIII. ^mma Birnstihl. 

Vltl. Eline Birnstihl. 

VIII. Allan Birnstihl. 

VIII. Charles Birnstihl. 

VII. Anna Gole, bn. Aug. 17, 1863. Married Ernst 
Welleln. P. O., Worthlngton, Minnesota. Merchant. 

VIII. Albert Welleln. 
VIII. Edward Welleln. 
VIII. Norman Welleln. 
VIII. Clara Welleln. 
VIII. Laura Welleln. 

VII. Jacob S. Gole, bn. Sept. 16, 1865. Mrd. . P. 

C, Adrian, Minnesota. In milling and grain business. 

Vllt. Mildred Gole. 

VIII. Pearl Gole. 

VII. Menno S. Gole, bn. Aug. 26, 1869. P. O., St. 
Kilian, Minn. S. 

VII. Lucinda Gole, born May 26, 1873. P. O., St. 
Kilian, Minn. S. 

VI. John F. Shoemaker, bn. May 24, 1831. Mrd. Ann 

Sherlngton, . P. O., Breslau, Ont. Carpenter and 

builder by trade, now farmer. Children: Angeline, 
Alfred, Rachel, Matthew, Jennie, John, Harriet, Macey, 
Isabella, Reuben. 

VII. Angeline Shoemaker, bn. at Breslau, Ont., Nov. 
16, 1854. Mrd. Enoch D. Shantz, Feb. 11, 1879. P. O., 
Walkerton, Ont. Meth. Children: 

VIII. Maude Annie Jane Shantz, bn. Mar. 29, 1880. 
VIII. Goodwin George Sylvester Shantz, born Octo- 
ber 27, 1889. 

VII. Alfred Shoemaker, bn. ; died , age 2 yrs. 

VII. Rachel Shoemaker, mrd. Moses Sittler. P. O., 
LeetoDla, Ohio. 

VII. Matthew Shoemaker, died Infant. 


— 61 — 

VII. Jennie Shoemaker, mrd. Franklin Wilson. P. O., 
Chatham, Kent Co., Ont. 

VII. John Adam Shoemaker, mrd. Minnie Michel. P. 
O., New York City. Button maker. 

Vli. Harriet Shoemaker, P. O., Conestog^a, Ont. S. 

Vil. Macey Shoemaker, P. O. , Chatham, Ont. 

VII. Isabella Shoemaker, P. O., Breslau, Ont. S. 

VII. Reuben Shoemaker, P. C, Breslau, Ont. S. 

VI. Abraham Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 24, 1834; died July 
5, 1881. Mrd. Nancy Kittel. Blacksmith by trade^ 
farmer. Children: Catharine, Mary, John, Lizzie^ 
Lydia, Simon, Isaac, Nancy, George, Amelia. 

VI. George P. Shoemaker, bn. Nov. 11, 1835. Mrd. 
Alice Goetz, July 17, 1859. She was born Sept. 19, 1841. 
P. O., Breslau, Ont. Farmer, and resides on the old 
homestead of his father. Children: Simon, Nancy, 
Josiah, Catharine, Jeriah, Allen, Melissie, Barbara, 
Abraham, Lizzie, Austin. 

VII. Simon Shoemaker, bn. June 3, 1860. Mrd. Leah 
Dombruck. P. O., San aria, Ontario. Miller by trade. 

VIII. Violet Shoemaker. 
VIII. Minnie Shoemaker. 

VII. Nancy Ellen Shoemaker, bn. Feb. 1, 1862. Mrd. 
BYed Brown, P. O., Berlin, Ont. Of firm Brown & Erb. 
One child. 

VIII. Arthur Brown. 

VII. Josiah Shoemaker, bn. Apr. 15, 1864; died Novem- 
ber 18, 1865. 

VII. Catharine Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 9, 1866; died Oct. 
10, 1890. Mrd. John H. Shantz. One child. 

VIII. Lorah Shantz. 

VII. Jeriah Shoemaker, bn. June 5, 1869. 

VII. Allen Shoemaker, bn. Oct. 7, 1871. 

VII. Melissie Shoepiaker, born Nov. 5, 1872; died 
Dec. 20, 1872. 

VII. Barbara Shoemaker, bn. Nov. 3, 1873. Married 
Aaron Shoemaker. P. O., Berlin, Ont. 

VII. Abraham Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 22, 1876. 
VII. Lizzie Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 15, 1879. 

— 62 — 
Vil. Austin Shoemaker, bn. Feb. 18, 1880. 

VI. Elizabeth Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 15, 183B. Mrd. 
August Wilke, Jan. 19, 1873. He was bn. July 28, 1848. 
P. O., Bloomingdale, Oat. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. John S. Wilke, bn. Nov. 13, 1874. S. 
VII. Simon S. Wilke, bn. Jan. 11, 1877. S. 
VII. Abram S. Wilke, bn. Nov. 3, 1878. S. 
(Occupation of sons sawyers in heading factory.) 
VII. Lizzie S. Wilke, bn. Oct. 19, 1880. S. 

VI. Sarah Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 12, 1840. Mrd. Isaac 
Blngeman. He was born Jan. 16, 1834; died Aug. 21, 1864. 
Farmer. Children: John, Hannah, Lizzie, Catharine. 
Sarah mrd. second husband, Henry B. Wahl. P. C, 
Breslau, Ont. Farmer. Children: Sarah, Marietta, 
Angeline, Henry, Annie, Solomon. 

VII. John S. Bingeman, bn. Sept. 21, 1858, In Breslau, 
Ont. Mrd. Frances Louisa Davidson, of Monroe, Mich., 
Apr. 9, 1891. P. O., Rochester, N. Y. Importer and 
wholesale dealer in buttons. Established Feb. 1, 1894. 
Presby. One child. 

VIII. Earle Russell Blngeman, bn. July 1, 1892. 

VII. Hannah Bingeman, bn. July 22, 1860. Married 
Isidore B. Snyder, Nov. 19, 1884. P. O., Berlin, Ontario. 
Farmer. Children: 

VIII. John Eldon Snyder. 
VIII. Delia May Snyder. 
VIII. Joseph Leo Snyder. 
VIII. Earl Stanley Snyder. 

VII. Lizzie Bingeman, born January 13, 1862; died 
Oct. 31, 1865. 

VII. Catharine Bingeman, born June 9, 1864; died 
Nov. 4, 1865. 

VII. Sarah Ann Wahl, bn. Sept. 18, 1868. Married 
Menno Bechtel. 

VII. Marietta Wahl, bn. Sept. 27, 1870. Mrd. Jesse 
Martin. P. O., Bridgeport, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Angeline Wahl, bn. Sept. 30, 1872. 

VII. Henry Allen Wahl, bn. Oct. 29, 1876. 

VII. Annie Lucinda Wahl, bn. Feb. 9, 1879. 

VII. Solomon Ervine Wahl, bn. Mar. 1, 1884. 

— 63 — 

V. Mary Shoemaker, bn. June 90, 1801; died Sept. 2, 
1885. Mrd. John Landes. He was bn. June 25, 1792; died 
July 27, 1856, aged 64 yrs., 1 mo. and 2 da. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Abraham, John, George, Mary, Anna, 
Henry, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jacob, Lydia. 

Yl. Abraham S. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Catharine Van 

Fossen. P. O., Creamery, Pennsylvania. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Mary, Susan. 

VII. Mary Landes, bn. . S. 

VII. Susan Landes, bn. . Mrd. Abraham Kinsey. 


VIII. Mary Kinsey. 
VIII. Abraham Kinsey. 
VIII. Martha Kinsey. 

VI. John S. Landes, bn. . Married Catharine 

Wanner. She died . P. O., Lancaster, Pennsyl- 
vania. Four children. 

VI. George S. Landes, bn. ; died in 1885. Mrd. 

Elizabeth Leatherman. P. O., Richmond, O. Children: 
John, Mary, Frank, Amanda, George, Allen, Willie, 

VI. Mary Landes, bn. . Mrd. Samuel Jones. P. O., 

Norritonville, Pa. 

VI. Anna S. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Mantillus Seidel. 

P. C, Lawndale, Pa. Children: Amanda, William, 
Mary, Frank, Henry. 

VII. Amanda Seidel, bn. . Mrd. John D. Moyer. 


VIII. Elmer Moyer. 
VIII. Eva Moyer. 

VI. Henry S. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Margaret Rosen- 

berger. P. O., Morwood, Pa. Farmer and blacksmith. 
Menn. Children: Josiah, Mary, Anna. 

VII. Josiah R. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Mary Moyer. P. 

O., Morwood, Pa. Four children. 

VII. Mary R. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Gideon Gehman. 


VIII. Lizzie Gehman. 
VIII. Amanda Gehman. 
VIM. Mary Gehman. 
VIII. Maggie Gehman. 

— 64 — 

VII. Anna R. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Samuel Keller. 


VIII. Lizzie Keller. 
VIII. Katie Keller. 

VI. Elizabeth S. Landes, bn. ; died May 6, 1876, 

aged 39 years, 4 months and 6 days. Mrd. Aaron Mussel- 
man. Lived in Carroll Co., Illinois. Ger. Bap. Eight 
children all dead except Seward, Melvin and Lizzie. 

VI, Margaret S. Landes, bn. . Married John M. 

Cassel. Live at Evansburg, Montg. Co., Pa. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Emma, Jesse. 

VII. Emma Cassel, bn. . Mrd. Albert Godshall. 

No. issue. 

VII. Jesse L. Cassell, bn. . Mrd. Buckwalter. 

No. issue. 

VI. Jacob S. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Elizabeth Grater, 

P. O., Mainland, Pa. Farmer. Menu. Children: Ellen, 
Sallie, Elias, Abraham, Mary. 

VII. Ellen Landes, bn. . Mrd. Cyrus Clemmer. P. 

O., Hatfield, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Allen Clemmer, bn. . 

VIII. Lizzie Clemmer, bn. ; died . 

VIII. Martha Clemmer, bn. ; died . 

VII. Sarah G. Landes, bn. Dec. 13, 1866; died May 15, 
1898. Mrd. Daniel Heebner. P. O., Kulpsville, Pa. Farm- 
er. Menn. Children: Jacob, Abraham, Albert, Hor- 
ace, Mary. The death of Mrs. Heebner by drowning was 
a very sad occurrence, and took place on Sunday, May 15, 
1898. At about 11 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Heebner and their 
five children, and Allen, son of Cyrus Clemmer, of Hat- 
field, in a covered express wagon left the Heebner home 
to visit Mrs. Heebner* s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. 
Landes, a short distance north of Mainland. As they ap- 
proached the crossing of the Skippack creek Mr. Heebner 
saw that the bridge was entirely covered and surrounded 
by water. His horse did not want to follow the roadway 
to the bridge, but Mr. Heebner urged him on. At the 
same time Mrs. Heebner urged her husband to go ahead, 
she being well acquainted with the creek and the cross- 
ing at that point. As the bridge was reached Mr. Heeb- 
ner tried to guide the horse to the left, but could not. 

— 65 — 

There being no railing- on the upper side, there was no 
means of telling how near the edge was, and the next in- 
stant the horse went off the bridge into the rushing 
waters. Mr. and Mrs. Heebner and their daughter Mary 
were thrown headlong into the stream. The horse tore 
out of the shafts and was carried by the current under 
the bridge, as was also Mrs. Heebner and the little child 
which she held, and this was the last seen of them alive. 
Mr. Heebner managed to get hold of a wheel of the 
wagon and saved himself. Horace, one of the boys, made 
an opening in the rear cover of the wagon and got out on 
the bridge, the other boys also managed to get out on the 
bridge and safe to land, and the horse also reached the 
shore, but the wife and child had entirely disappeared. 
By this time a number of people had hurried to the scene 
and search at once began for the bodies of the drowned 
mother and child, which was kept up until night. The 
stream as far as Mainland was thoroughly searched. 
About 7 o'clock Benjamin A. and Sheridan A. Metz found 
the body of the child washed upon some brush along the 
bank below the residence of J. C. Landis. They took 
the body to the home of Mr. Landis. Early on Mon- 
day morning search began for the body of the woman by 
a large number of people. By noon nearly 300 people 
were counted along the creek at Mainland. Several 
boats with men and poles went down stream for two 
miles carefully searching every foot of ground without 
success. They, however, had passed the body, which was 
found by Henry G. Metz at a quarter to one o'clock 
lodged along the bank near the residence of Isaiah 
Oarges, completely covered with brush and rubbish. It 
lay about a hundred yards farther down than where the 
child was found. The body was removed to the yard of 
Mr. Garges. It had lain in the water 25 hours. Benjamin 
A. Metz conveyed the body to the desolate home where 
the sorrowing husband and relatives were in waiting and 
relieved to know that the body had been recovered. The 
child^s age was 2 years, 10 months and 27 days. The 
mother's, 30 years, 6 months and 2 days At the double 
funeral an immense concourse of people were in attend- 
ance, from 1200 to 1500. Interment at the Plain Menno- 
nite meeting house. Revs. Jacob E Moyer, Christian 
AUebach, Jonas Mininger, H. S. Bower, Michael Moyer 
and Josiah Clemmer conducted the services. 

— 66 — 

VII. Elias G. Landes, bn. . Mrd. Lizzie Hagey. 


VIIL Howard Landes. 

VIII. Jonas Landes. 

Vit. Abraham G. Landes. S. 
VII. Mary G. Landes. S. 

VI. Lydia S. Landes, bn. ; died Sept. 18, 1892. Mrd. 

Eliezer Bergey. P. O., Earlington, Pa. Children: 

VII. Elenora Bergey. 
VII. Willie Bergey. 

VII. Mary Bergey, bn. ; died Apr. 6, 1875. 

VII. Maggie Bergey. 

VII. Emma Bergey. 

VII. Alvin Bergey, bn. ; died Feb. 6, 1884. 

VII. Katie Bergey, bn. ; died May 31, 1883. 

VIL Lizzie Bergey. 

VII. Reinie Bergey. 

V. George D. Shoemaker, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 
^ 1803; died Dec. 9, 1897. Married Nancy Shuh, June 8, 
1830. She was bn. in York Co., Pa., Dec. 31, 1808; died 
Aug. 20, 1895. Farmer. Besides in Canada. Menn. 
Children: Catharine, Mary, Daniel, Nancy, Benjamin^ 
Henry, Magdalena, Moses, Sarah, Barbara, Isaac. 

VI. Catharine Shoemaker, bn. and died Mar. 25, 1831. 

VI. Mary Shoemaker, born April 6, 1832. Married 
Elias Weber, Mar. 20, 1855. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Bishop 
of the Mennonite church. Children: Sarah, Simeon, 
Lavina, Leah, Nancy, Lydia, Amos, "Israel, Mary. 

VII. Sarah Weber, bn. Jan. 24, 1856; died Aug. 23, 1860. 
VII. Simeon Weber, born December 25, 1858; died 

July 31, 1860. 

VII. Lavina Weber, bn. Mar. 20, 1861. Mrd. Rev. 
Jacob Woolner. P. O., Kos3uth, Ont. Farmer. Menu. 

VIM. Minerva Woolner, bn. Sept. 15, 1882. 

VIM. Simon Woolner, bn. Apr. 1, 1884. 

VIM. Anson Woolner, bn. May 3, 1886. 

VIII. Elam Woolner, bn. July 12, 1888. 
VIM. Norah Woolner, bn. Aug. 1, 1891. 
Vlll. Ida Woolner, bn. Aug. 12, 1894. 

— 67 — 

VII. Leah Weber, bn. Apr. 21, 1863; died Apr., 1863. 

VII. Nancy Weber, bn. June 30, 1864. Mrd. Aaron 
Schiedel. P. O., Breslau, Ont. I^aborer. Children: 

VIII. Alvin Schiedel, bn. Jan. 9, 1884. 
VIII. Ida Schiedel, bn. Mar. 26, 1886. 
VIII. Eva Schiedel, bn. Jan. 24, 1888. 
VIIL Rosilla Schiedel, bn. Dec. 21, 1889. 

VII. Lydia Weber, bn. Oct. 24, 1866. Mrd. David Relet, 
Mar. 11, 1888. He died Sept. 18, 1889. P. O., Breslau, Ont. 
Farmer. Menn. One child. 

VIII. Nelaon Reist, bn. Mar. 25, 1889. 

VII. Amos Weber, bn. Feb. 26, 1869. Mrd. Rosilla 
Wambold, Mar. 4, 1890. P. O., Breslau, Ont. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VIII. Oliver Weber, bn. May 30, 1892. 
Vlll. Norman Weber, bn. Feb. 15, 18W. 
Vlll. Gordon Weber, bn. Apr. 30, 1897. 

VII. Israel Weber, bn. Oct. 28, 1871. P. O., Hartley, 
Iowa. Baker. S. 

VII. Mary Weber, bn. Dec. 20, 1875. P. O., Breslau, 
Ont. Menn. S. 

VI. Daniel Shoemaker, born April 30, 1834; died Sep- 
tember 2, 1835. 

VI. Nancy Shoemaker, bn. Feb. 6, 1836. S. 

VI. Benjamin Shoemaker, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Jan. 21, 1838. Mrd. Mary Shantz, Feb. 23, 1864. P. O., 
Berlin, Ontario. Farmer. Menn. Children: Susanna, 

Nancy, Aaron, Mag-gie. Mrs. Shoemaker died , 1890. 

Mr. Shoemaker married his second wife, Catharine 
Reitzel, widow of George Clemens, in March, 1898. 

VII. Susanna Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 11, 1866. Mrd. 
Emanuel Shantz. P. O,, Berlin, Ont. Teamster. Meth. 

VII. Nancy Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 11, 1866. Mrd. Henry 
B. Otterbein, Jan. 20, 1892. He died July 8, 1897. P. O., 
Berlin, Ont. Farmer. One child. 

VIII. Luella Otterbein, bn. Mar. 13, 1894. 

Vlt. Aaron Shoemaker, bn. May 31, 1871. Mrd. Bar- 
bara Shoemaker, Dec. 21, 1892. P. O., Berlin, Ontario., 
Farmer. Children: 

Vlll. Gordon Shoemaker, bn. May 6, 1894. 

— 68 - 

VIII. Roy Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 27, 1895. 
Vlli. Lloyd Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 26, 1897. 

VII. Maggie Shoemaker, bn. Nov. 14, 1879. 

VI. Henry Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 21. 1841; died Nov. 24, 
1877. Mrd. Catharine Weber. Carriage maker. Menn. 
Children: Isabella, Lydia, Albert, Ellen, Urias, Isaiah, 
John, George, Henry. 

VII. Isabella Shoemaker, bom May 28, 1865; died 
Dec. 30, 1877. 

VII. Lydia A. Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 19, 1866. Mrd. 
Simon Eby, Feb. 16, 1892. P. O., Gait, Ont. Farmer. 
Menn. One child. 

VIM. Lincoln Eby, bn. Sept. 3, 1893. 

VII. Albert Shoemaker, born January 3, 1868; died 
Sept. 13, 1868. 

VII. Ellen Shoemaker, bn. July 3, 1870. P. O., Berlin, 
Ont. Book-keeper. Christian worker. 

VII. Urias Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 18, 1872. Clerk. 

Vn. Isaiah Shoemaker, bn. July 27, 1873. P. O , 
Paisley, Ont. Jeweller. 

VII. John Shoemaker, bn. May 1, 1876; died in infancy. 

VII. George W. Shoemaker, bn. July 6, 1876. P. C, 
Berlin, Ont. Photographer. Meth. 

VII. Henry Shoemaker, bn. May 25, 1878. P. O., Ber- 
lin, Ont. Druggist. 

VI. Magdalena Shoemaker, bn. Oct. 30, 1844. Mrd. 
Joseph Reist, Feb. 8, 1874. P. O., Olsfeld, Ont. Farmer. 
Menn. One child. 

VII. Allen Reist, bn. Aug. 3, 1876. 

VI. Moses Shoemaker, born February 1, 1847: died 
Mar. 15, 1847. 

VI. Sarah Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 24, 1848. Mrd. Owen 
C. Shantz, Feb. 27, 1870. P. O., Remus, Mich. Laborer. 
Meth. Ep. Children: Addison, Nancy. 

VII. Addison Milo Shantz, bn. May 22, 1871. Mrd. 
Edith Lobdell, of Mecosta Co., Michigan, July 2, 1896. 
One child. 

VIII. Burness Shantz, bn. Nov. 9, 1897. 

VII. Nancy Shantz, bn. Feb. 22. 1873. Mrd. Levi S. 
Aldrich, Apr. 2, 1891. P. O.j Remus, Mich. Clerk in gen- 
eral store. Children: 

— 69 — 

Vill. Basil Keith Aldrich, bn. Mar. 3, 1892. 

Vlli. Sarah Marie Aldrich, bn. Au^. 11, 1894. 

VIII, Lucille Maud Aldrich, bn. Nov. 27, 1895. 

VIII. Doris Muriel Aldrich, bn. Oct. 28, 1897. 

VI. Barbara Shoemaker, bn. July 8, 1850. P. O., Ber- 
lin, Ont. S. 

Vi. Isaac Shoemaker, born October 5, 1852; died 
June 23, 1853. 

V. Elizabeth Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 25, 1805; died Aug. 

5, 1&46. Mrd. Jacob Schatz, . He was bn. Jan. 11, 

1798; died March 7, 1872. Farmer. Menn. Children: 
George, Henry, Jacob, John, Mary, Anna, Michael, Eliza- 
beth, Fannie, Catharine. 

Vi. George Schatz, bn. Aug. -, 1827. Mrd. Matilda 
Zollers. Have issue. 

VI. Henry Schatz, bn. Dec. — , 1828. Mrd. Salome 
Wile, . P. O., Lederachviile, Pa. Children: Cath- 
arine, Frank, Lizzie, Annie, Henry, Daniel. 

VII. Catharine Schatz, bn. ; died . 

Vil. Frank Schatz, born . P. O., Lederachviile, 

Pennsylvania. S. 

VII. Lizzie Schatz, bn. . Mrd. Israel Haldeman. 

P. C, Salfordville, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Horace Haldeman, bn. ; died . 

VIII. Morris Haldeman, bn. ; died . 

VIII. Annie Haldeman. 

VIII. Henry Haldeman. 
VIII. Elmer Haldeman. 
VIII. Melvin Haldeman. 
Vlil. John Haldeman. 

Vli. Annie Schatz. S. 

VII. Henry W. Schatz. S. 

VII. Daniel Schatz. P.O., Lederachviile, Pa. S. 

VI. Jacob Schatz, bn. Aug. 3, 1830; died Feb. 26, 1845. 

VI. John Schatz, bn. Feb. 7, 1832. Mrd. Barbara Cole, 
Dec. 26, 1851. P. O., Evart, Mich. Builder. Children: 
Mary, Isaac, Franklin, Sarah, William, Jacob, Lavi, Han- 
nah, Lavina, Simeon, Amanda, Jesse. 

VII. Mary Schatz, bn. Oct. 22, 1852. Married Albert 
Allison. He was killed by a falling tree. P. O., Port 
Elgin, Ont. Children: 

— 70 — 

VIII. Willie Allison. 
VIII. St. Clair Allison. 

VII. Isaac Schatz, bn. Jan. 26, 1855. Mrd. Mary A. 
Adams. P. O., Evart, Mich. Children: 

VIII. Georgiana Schatz. 
VIII. George Schatz. 
VIII. Lizzie Schatz. 
VIII. Aggie Schatz. 
VIII. Lucy Schatz. 

VII. Franklin C. Schatz, bn. Nov. 16, 1856. Mrd. Sarah 
Zant, June 28, 1881. She died Mar. 8, 1885. Mr^. S , Bap. 
Children: Katie, Sarah, Irwin. Franklin mrd. second 
wife, Barbara F. Webber, Mar. 16, 1887. P. O., Berlin, 
Ont. Carpenter. Mrs. S., Roman Catholic. Children: 
Edwin, Gordon, Willie, Mabel. 

VIII. Katie Schatz, bn. June 9, 1882. 

VIII. Sarah Schatz, bn. Feb. 28, 1885; died June 13, 1885. 

VIII. Irwin Schatz, bn. Nov. 29, 1887; died July 31. 1888. 

VIII. Edwin Schatz, bn. May 2, 1889. 

VIII. Gordon Schatz, bn. Mar. 26, 1891. 

VIII. Willie H. Schatz, bn. May 3, 1892. 

VIII. Mabel Mary Schatz, bn. Mar. 20, 1896. 

VII. Sarah Schatz, bn. Oct. 21, 1858. Mrd. George 
Davison. P. O., Boliver, N. Y. 

VII. William C. Schatz, bn. at Berlin, Ont., May 28, 
1861. Mrd. Delinda M. Davis, July 18, 1886. P. O., Spring 
Creek, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Mabel B. Schatz, bn. Aug. 20, 1887. 

VIII. Maud I. Schatz, born March 10, 1889; died Sep- 
tember 29, 1889. 

VIII. Frances A. Schatz, bn. Oct. 30, 1891. 
VIH. Vergie E. Schatz, bn. Mar. 19, 1894. 
VIII. Booth N. Schatz, bn. Oct. 12, 1897. 

VII. Jacob Schatz, born March 24, 1862. Mrd. Carrie 
Drlftmeier. P. O., Pemberville, Ohio. Oil-well driller. 
One child. 

VIII. Mary Schatz. 

VII. Levi Schatz, bn. Dec. 30, 1863. P. O., Sheffield, 
Ont. Builder. S. 

VII. Hannah Schatz, bn. Sept. 22, 1865. Res., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. S. 

— 71 — 
VII. Lavlna Schatz, bn. Nov. 19, 1867. Mrd. 

Vli. Simeon Schatz, bn. July 6, 1869. P. O., Detroit, 
Mich. Butcher. S. 

VII. Amanda Schatz, bn. Apr. 28, 1871. Mrd. . 

P. O., Port Elgin, Ont. 

VII. Jesse Schatz, bn. Sept. 2, 1873. P. O., Soo City. 
Mich. Clerk. 

VI. Mary Schatz, bom October , 1833. Mrd. Jacob 

Boorse. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Children: Jacob, 
Amanda, Mary, Romanus, Abraham, Charles, John, Fan- 
nie, Henry. 

VII. Jacob Boorse, bn. ; died , aged 9 years. 

VII. Amanda Boorse, bn. ; died , aged 9 years. 

VII. Mary Boorue, bn. . Mrd. William Little. P. 

C, Philadelphia, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Romanus Boorse, bn. . Mrd. Lillie Miller. 

Res., Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Warren J. Boorse. 
VIII. Augustus Boorse. 
VIII. Leroy Boorse. 

VII. Abraham Boorse, bn. . Mrd. Carrie Baker. 

Res., Philadelphia, Pa. No issue. 

VH. Charles Boorse, born . Mrd. Alice Anson. 

Res., Philadelphia, Pa. One child. 

VIII. Earl Boorse. 

VII. John Boorse. S. 
VII. Fannie Boorse. S. 
VII. Henry Boorse. S. 

VI. Anna Schatz, bn. Oct. , 1835. Mrd. John Over- 

dorf. Farmer. Menu. Children: Fannie, Charles. 

VII. Fannie S. Overdorf, bn. Oct. 27, 1851. Married 
Jacob L. Moyer. He was bn. Aug. 28, 1841, P. O., Ber- 
gey. Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: Ella, Emanuel, 
Henry, John, Lizzie, Mahlon^ Anna, Jacob, Fannie, 

VIII. Ella Mdyer, bn. Dec. 20, 1872. Mrd. Isaac L. 
Alderfer, Apr. 9, 1892. No issue. 

VIII. Emanuel Moyer, bn. Apr. 14, 1874. S. 

VIII. Henry O.. Moyer, bn. Jan. 27, 1876. 

VIIL John O. Moyer, bn. Oct. 20, 1877. 

VIII. Lizzie O. Moyer, bn. Nov. 25, 1878. 

— 74 — 

VII. Menno S. Clemens, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., June 
25, 1872. Mrd. Ella F. Delp, Jan. 3, 1805. P. O., Harleys- 
ville, Pa. 

VII. Catharine Schatz, bn. Nov. , 1845: died . 

Mrd. Abraham Zollers. P. O., Lower Providence, Pa. 

V. Joseph D. Shoemaker, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Jan. 
12, 1807. Mrd. Catharine Johnson, Feb. 15, 1831. She died 
in Marshall Co., Iowa, Sept. 25, 1866. Farmer and mer- 
chant. Meth. Children: Sarah, Mary, Albert, Lyman, 
Lavina, Gilbert. 

VI. Sarah Ann Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 9, 1831, in Montg. 
Co., Pa. Mrd. I. J. Reed, Mar. 30, 1851. He died Aug. 17. 
1862. Children: Nixon, Joseph, Minerva. Sarah mrd. 
second husband, D. B. French, Oct. 10, 1867. P. O., Greg- 
ory, Kan. Farmer. One child: D. B. French. 

VII. Nixon H. Reed, bn. Mar. 30, 1852. Mrd. Leora 
Williams, Feb. 20, 1878. P. O., Butte, Neb. Farmer. 

VIII. Arthur Reed, bn. Feb. 12, 1879. 

Mrs. Reed died Dec. 17, 1883. Nixon mrd. second wife, 
Annie Hill, Feb. 27, 1886. Children: 
Vlll. OrraReed. 
Vlll. Carrie Reed. 

VII. Joseph T. Reed, born March 10, 1854; died Novem- 
ber 11, 1855. 

VII. Minerva C.'Reed, bn. Dec. 11, 1858. Mrd. E. D. 
Donahoo, July 29, 1880. P. O., Harrison, Kan. Farmer. 
N. P. ch. Children: 

VIII. Infant, bn. Sept. 28, 1881; died . 

Vlll. Clyde W. Donahoo, bn. Feb. 17. 1884. 
Vlll. E. Clare Donahoo, bn. June 18, 188—. 

VII. D. B. French, bn. Dec. 31, 1870. 

VI. Mary Ann Shoemaker, born May 1, 1834; died 

May 8, 1837. 

VI. Albert Shoemaker, bn. in Holmes Co., Ohio, Sept. 

30, 1836. Mrd. Melvina R. Maulsby. She died . Mrd. 

second wife, Mary E. Maulsby. P. O., Riverton, Iowa. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Willie Clifton Shoemaker. 
VII. Melvina R. Shoemaker, dec'd. 

— 75 — 

VII. Khoda Orilla Shoemaker. 

VII. Minnie Catharine Shoemaker, dec*d. 

VII. Frank Joseph Shoemaker. 

VII. Elmer Benjamin Shoemaker, dec'd. 

VII. Viola May Shoemaker. 

VII. Albert Emmett Shoemaker, dec'd. 

VII. Everett Maulsby Shoemaker. 

VH. Roy EaYl Shoemaker. 

VI. Lyman Joseph Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 19, 1842; died 
Aug. 9, 1845. 

VI. Lavina C. Shoemaker, bn. in Porter Co., Indiana, 
July 30, 1844. Mrd. Jonathan D. Roberts in Marshall Co., 
la. P. O., Little Rock, la. Attend Cong. ch. Children: 

VII. Blanchie L. Roberts, born in Nobles Co., Minn. 
School teacher. 

VII. Daniel D. Roberts. 

VII. Joseph A. Roberts. 

VII. Vera L.. Roberts. 

VII. Benjamin O. Roberts. 

VII. Sarah I. Roberts. 

VI. Gilbert Joseph Shoemaker, bn. in Porter Co., Ind., 
Nov. 8, 1849. Mrd, Clara Ford. P. O., Hawarden, Iowa. 
Parmer and stock raiser. Children: Arthur, Maud, 
Claude, Daisy, May, Hazel, Clara. 

VJI. Arthur H. Shoemaker, bn. at Albion, Marshall 
Co., la., Jan. 30, 1870. He was educated in the public 
schools and in Albion Seminary, a private school of that 
place, from which he graduated in June, 1886. From 1887 
to 1890, he was a school teacher and spent his vacations 
during that time reading law. In September, 1890, he en- 
tered the Iowa College of Law at Des Moines, Iowa, and 
graduated therefrom in June, 1891, at the head of his 
claps, when he was admitted to practice law before the 
supreme court of that state. Ever since then he has 
been practicing law in the city of Eau Claire, Wis. S. 

VM. Maud Armedia Shoemaker, bn. Feb. 17, 1872. Mrd. 
Lewis Flamm. Res., 136 Rivington St., New York City. 

VM. Claude E. Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 30, 1875. Medical 

VII. Daisy M. Shoemaker, born April 1, 1882; died 
June 4, 1894. 

— 76 — 

VII. May Shoemaker, bn. June 29, 1884. 
VII. Hazel Ida Shoemaker, bn. Nov. 3, 1888. 
Vll. Clara Lucilla Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 14, 1891. 

V. Abraham D. Shoemaker, bD. in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Feb. 16, 1809; died in Waterloo Co., Ont., Jan. 13, 1888. 
Mrd. Mary Miller, Apr. 15, 1834. She was bn. in Pa., Nov. 
20, 1814; died at Berlin, Ont., Sept. 11, 1887. He emigrated 
to Canada with his grandfather, Jacob Shoemaker, and 
others in May, 1829. After marriage he engaged in farm- 
ing, and constructed a dam, and erected saw mills, and 
did an extensive business in lumber at these mills for a 
number of years. Recently the Berlin Water Works 
Company purchased the water privilege together with 
several acres of land, causing the removal of the saw 
mills. Swedenborgen. Children: Esther, Mary, David, 
Sarah, Susanna, Menno, Abram, Isaac, Simon. 

VI. Esther Shoemaker, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont,, 
Apr. 17, 1836; died Jan. 20, 1897. Mrd. George Schneller. 
He was bn. Feb. 13, 1833. P. O., Mannheim, Ont. Luth. 
Children: Mary, John, Catharine, David, Abraham. 

VII. Mary Schneller, bn. Jan. 21, 1857. Mrd. Theodore 
Joseph Henry Wilken, Feb. 5, 1880. He was bn. Oct. 31, 
1856. Luth. Children: 

VIII. Seline Catharine Sophia Wilken, bn. Nov. 6, 1882. 
VIII. John William Henry Wilken, bn. Jan. 13, 1884. 
VIII. David Charles John Wilken, bn. Dec. 11, 1885. 
VIII. George Menno Theodore Wilken, bn. June 2, 1883. 
VIII. Mary Ann Esther Wilken, born Feb. 15, 1890; 

died Jan. 14, 1891. 

VIII. Norman Joseph Christopher Wilken, born July 
19, 1892. 

VIII. Abraham Frederick William Wilken, born Sep- 
tember 3, 1894. 

VII. John Schneller, born March 2, 1859. Mrd. Mary 
Damm, Jan. 20, 1886. She was bn. Aug. 31, 1858. Luth. 

VIII. Ida Margaret Schneller, bn. Aug. 14, 1887. 

VIII. Emma Esther Mary Schneller, bn. Feb. 20, 1889. 

VIII. Edwin Henry Schneller, bn. June 7, 1891. 

VIII. Mary Ann Catharine Schneller, bn. June 18, 1893. 

VIII. Elizabeth Schneller, bn. Dec. 2, 1894. 

VIII. John Otto George Schneller, bn. Sept. 21, 1897. 

< < 

VII, Catharine Schneller, bn. Apr. 24, 1862. 
VII. David S. Schneller, bn. Jan. 25, 1866. 
VII. Abraham S. Schneller, bn. Nov. 19, 1872. P. O., 
Mannheim, Ont. Luth. S. 

VI. Mary Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 1, 1838; was accidentally 
burned July 11, 1838, from which she died a few hours 

VI. David M. Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 28, 1839. Mrd. 
Jane Ann Hamacher, Aug-. 7, 1860. P. O., Berlin, Ont. 
Resides on his father^s old homestead. He has held the 
office of councilor for a number of years both in the town- 
ship of Waterloo and also in the town of Berlin. 
Children: Lucinda, Ida, Allan, Simson, Mary, Wesley. 

VII. Lucinda Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 9, 1861. Mrd. Sam- 
uel E. Shantz, Oct. 5, 1880. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Parmer. 
Meth. Children: 

VIII. Sylvia Norva Shantz, bn. Feb. 10, 1885. 
VIII. Belle May Shantz, bn. Aug. 25, 1887. 

VIII. Percival Gordon Shantz, bn. Oct. 25, 1890. 

VII. Ida Minerva Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 1, 1863. Mrd. 
Jacob B. Oberholtzer, Oct. 14, 1883. P. O., Berlin, Ont. 
Farmer. Two children. 

VII. Allen Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 26, 1866. Mrd. Cath- 
arine Oberholtzer, July 16, 1886. She died Apr. 6, 1890. 
Two children. Allen mrd. second wife, Mary Simpson, 
Jan. 3, 1894. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Simson Shoemaker, bn. July 25, 1870. 

VII. Mary Jane Shoemaker, born March 10, 1873; died 
Oct. 28, 1881. 

VII. Wesley Shoemaker, bn. May 30, 1879. P. O., Ber- 
lin, Ont. Farmer. S. 

VI. Sarah Shoemaker, bn. May 9, 1841. Mrd. Benja- 
min Snyder, June 21, 1863. He was bn. Nov. 13, 1840. P. 
C, Bloomingdale, Ont. Farmer. Children: Joannah, 
Wellington, Eliza, Mary, Sarah, Elmina, George, Lean- 
der, Abraham, Benjamin, SamUel. 

VII. Joannah Snyder, bn. Apr. 11, 1861. Sewing and 
dressmaking. S. 

VII. Wellington Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 6, 1865. Mrd. 
Jennie A. Pirie, June 14, 1893. P. O., Bloomingdale, Ont. 

— 78 — 

VII. Eliza Jane Snyder, bo. Mar. 1, 1867. Mrd. Thomas 
Hamilton. P. O , Winterbourne, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Mary Ann Snyder, bn. Feb. 19, 1869. At home. S. 

VII. Sarah Snyder, bn. June 5, 1870. At home. 

VII. Elmina Snyder, bn. July 3, 1872; died Apr. 19, 1873. 

VII. George Walter Snyder, bn Mar. 13, 1874. 

VII. Leander Snyder, bn. June 15, 1876. 

VII. Abraham Urban Snyder, born April 29, 1879. died 
in 1895. 

VII. Benjamin Alexander Snyder, (twin to Abraham) 
bn. Apr. 29, 1878. 

VII. Samuel Addiaon Snyder, bn. June 30, 1882. 

VI. Susanna Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 18, 1843; died Oct. 2, 
1888. Mrd. John Cole, Apr. 2, 1861. P. O., Berlin, Ont. 
Children: Maria, Sarah, James, Mary, Lydia, Menno, 
Nancy, Emma. 

VII. Maria Cole, ba. Feb. 25, 1862; died Augr. 3, 1874. 
VII. Sarah Cole, bn. Jan. 19, 1864. 

VII. James Cole, bn. Oct. 13, 1865; died Oct. 13, 1865. 

VII. Mary Ann Cole, bn. Jan. 24, 1868. 

VII. Lydia Jane Cole, bn. Jan. 1, 1870; died Sept. 9, 1877. 

VII. Menno Cole, bn. Jan. 6, 1873. 

VII. Nancy Cole, bn. Apr. 25, 1875; died May 26, 1875. 

VII. Emma Cole, bn. Aug. 5, 1877; died Feb. 7, 1888. 

VI. Menno Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 8, 1845. Mrd. Esther 
Shantz. P. O., Berlin, Ontario. Carpenter by trade. 
Children: Samuel, Rebecca, Clara, Emma, Harvey. 

VII. Samuel Allen Shoemaker, bn. : died , 1893, 

aged l2 years. 

VII. Rebecca Shoemaker. 

VI. Abraham Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 1, 1848. Resides 
with his brother David M. 

VI. Isaac Shoemaker, bn. May 3, 1850: died same day. 

VI. Simon Shoemaker, born September 20, 1852; died 
same day. 

V. Daniel Shoemaker, bn. in Pa., June 15, 1811; died in 
Filion, Mich., Aug. 23, 1892. Mrd. Nancy Miller. She 
was born in Pa., Mar. 11, 1816; died near Berlin, Ont., 
May 20, 1846. Carpenter. Christadelphian. Children: 
Elizabeth, Christian, Isaac, Henry, Samuel. 

— 79 — 

VI. Elizabeth Shoemaker, bn. Nov. II, 1836. Mrd. 
William Tilt. P. O., Filion, Mich. 

VI. Christian M.. Shoemaker, bn. Oct. 28, 1838. Mrd. 
Mary Fortney. P. O., Corinth, Mich. 

Vi. Isaac M. Shoemaker, born August 15, 1840. Mrd. 
Nancy Hilbom. P. O., Preston, Ont. 

Vi. Henry Shoemaker, bn. Sept. 11, 1842; Wis., 
Dec. 28, 1888. Mrd. Rosina Vernon. 

VI. Samuel Shoemaker, born Sept. 30, 1844. Married 
Laura Hill. 

V. Joshua Shoemaker, bn. Apr. 20, 1813. Went to 
Canada in 1829. Mrd. Catharine Sheiricb. Joshua mrd. 
second wife, Catharine Wildfong-. Farmer. After his 
second marriage he left the farm he had purchased from 
his father-in-law, and purchased the farm now owned by 
Peter Reist, on which he constructed a dam and erected 
a saw mill. On the evening of May 15, 1840, while en- 
gaged in fishing at the dam, he fell off the raft and wa& 
drowned. Three children. 

VI. John S. Shoemaker, P. O., Grand Traverse, Mich. 

V. Catharine Shoemaker, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Feb. 
12, 1815; died in Waupaca Co., Wis., July 6, 1864. Mrd. 
Richard Haste, Sept. 22, 1833. He was bn. in England. 
Sept. 15, 1809; died in Waupaca Co., Wis., Sept. 12, 1876. 
Weaver and farmer. Mr. H., Bap. Mrs. H., Menn. 
Children: Mary, Moses, Nancy, Catharine, Aaron, 
George, Caroline, Angeline, Lavina, Angelia, Henry, 

VI. Mary Ann Haste, bn. in Berlin, Ont., Aug. 17, 
1834. Mrd. John Harpin Teeter, of Valparaiso, Ind. P. 
O., Colo, la. Fanner. Unitarian. One child. 

VII. Richard Haste Teeter, bn. at Valparaiso, Ind., 
May 27, 1854. Mrd. Minnetta Carver. P.O., Colo, Iowa. 
Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Inez Vera Teeter, bn. Mar. 1*2, 1891. 

VIII. Norene Teeter, born October 22, 1892; died 
Apr. 21, 1893. 

Vllt. Marie Teeter, bn. June 12, 1894. 

VI. Moses Haste, bn. Nov. 9, 1835: died Aug. 28, 1848. 
VI. Nancy Haste, bn. June 30, 1837, at Preston, Ont. 
Mrd. Christian S. Martin, Sept. 27, 1857. P. O., Guelph,^ 

— 80 — 

Ont Harness maker. Meth. Children: Albert, Nel- 
son, Vinai Bichard, William, Emma, Addle. 

VII. Albert E. Martin, bn. September 14, 1868. P. O., 
Guelph, Ont. Carriage trimmer. 

VII. Nelson A. R. Martin, born Feb. 19, 1860. P.O., 
Cuelph, Ont. Harness maker. 

VII. Vina Martlo, bn. May 23, 1861. 

VII. Richard H. Martin, born April 16, 1863; died 
May 20, 1888. 

VII. William B. Martin, bn. July 30, 1866. Mrd. Mary 
S. Scbryner, of Belleville, Ontario, Apr. 30, 1890. P. O., 
Guelph, Ont. Wood carver. Meth. No children. 

Vil. Emma Martin, bn. June 5, 1869. 

VII. Addie Martin, bn. May 22, 1872: died Sept. 26, 1873. 

VI. Catharine Haste, bn. Nov. 22, 1839, at Preston, 
Ont. Mrd. James M. Buel, Nov. 1, 1860. Res., 3013 Grove- 
land Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Buel, Universalist 
One child. 

VII. Arthur Haste Buel, bn. at Valparaiso, Ind., Sept. 
<J, 1861. Mrd. Minnie L. Jenkins, Dec. 21, 1893. She was 
bn. at Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 20, 1866. Res., 3013 Groveland 
Ave., Chicago, 111. Commission merchant. Mr. Buel, 
Universalist. Mrs. Buel, Cong. 

VI. Aaron Haste, bn. Feb. 19, 1842; died Aug. 21, 186J, 
He enlisted July 10, 1862, in Co. B., 32nd Wis. Vol. Inf., 
and was in the Army of the West uuder Gen. Sherman, 
and was with Gen. Sherman's raid in Mississippi, and 
with that army until the siege of Atlanta when he was 
shot by a sharp shooter, while in his capacity as corporal 
he was relieving the men in the rifle pits in the early 
morning. He was buried at Marietta, Ga. 

VI. Col. George S. Haste, bn. in Preston, Waterloo Co.. 
Ont., Mar. 28, 1844. Mrd. Emeline M. Hawkins, Oct. 27, 
ISiiS. P. O., Valparaiso, Ind. No issue. 

Col. Haste's early childhood was spent at the place of 
his birth, but before he was five years of age his parents 
removed to Waukegan, Illinois. From there they after- 
wards moved into the country and were engaged in farm 
ing at that place until 1856 when they again removed, 
this time to Waupaca Co., Wis. Here they lived hap- 
pily in their rural home for many years. During 
the winter months George, together with his sisters 

— st- 
and brothers, would attend the country public schools, 
while in the summer he would do — well — the work 
of an honest, Industrious farmer boy. At school, not- 
withstanding the meagre facilities for mental discipline 
then to be had, he made a record for improvement and 
progressiveness which even at that early period presaged 
the career that afterwards followed. When on the farm, 
although he aspired to different pursuits, yet he went 
about his work with that degree of energy and with that 
spirit of earnestness which never fails to bring success. 
Such were his early advantages, such the surroundings 
and opportunities that helped strengthen and invigorate 
him for the active work of life. At the early age of 
fifteen he started out to do for himself. Thus early in 
life he started out to meet the world, and the world was 
ready to receive him. The active and the faithful never 
fail of their reward. Going to Valparaiso, Ind., where 
he still resides, in 1860, he took a clerkship in a dry goods 
store, working hard and receiving small compensation for 
his services. For four years he served in this capacity, 
and during that time by his manliness, deportment and 
business tact, he won thefullestconfidence,notonly of his 
employer but of his associates and the general public as 
well. But during these years the great civil conflict was 
raging. Deluged in blood, the giant powers of the North 
and South were arrayed against each other and spending 
their deadly force. It was then, loyal to the institutions 
of his country and true to the promptings of his heart, 
that he gave up his position and went forth in the great 
struggle for right. He enlisted with Co. C, 138th Indiana 
Vol., May 25, 1864, serving in the Army of the Cum- 
berland which campaigned through middle Tennessee and 
Alabama. Wherever duty called, there was he ever 
ready to respond; and for unfaltering courage and stead- 
fastness was he known alike to his comrades and super- 
iors, each of whom found in him a cheering companion 
and friend. He was discharged with the rank of corporal 
Oct, 5, 1864. Returning to Valparaiso in 1866, he again 
engaged in the capacity of a clerk, but this time with a 
hardware establishment. So faithful was he in the ser- 
vice of his employer that after a five years' engagement 
he was admitted to a partnership. The business of the 
partners prospered, and for over two decades by wise 

— 82 — 

management, judicious and honest dealing's with the 
people, their enterprise gradually assumed larger proper 
tions. In 1892, Col. Haste purchased his partner's interest 
in the concern, thereby assuming entire ownership and 
control. Thus he advanced step by step from a clerkship 
to the head of one of the largest business enterprises in 
his city. It is an example of prosperous growth, of activ- 
ity and thrift well worthy of emulation. Col. Haste not 
only stands as sole owner of a large and prosperous es- 
tablishment, but has other interests as well. He has a 
lovely home which is presided over by a devoted wife. In 
short, he is one of the city's substantial and most es^ 
teemed citizens. In 1882 he enlisted in the state militia 
and served three years as Captain of Company C, 3rd 
Regiment Infantry Indiana Legion. From this rank he 
was promoted to that of Battalion Major, serving in this 
capacity for two years. He afterwards served as Regi- 
mental Major two years and was then again promoted to 
the rank of Colonel, which office he held for three years. 
In each of these positions he displayed rare military skill 
and he discharged his official duties with that degree of 
credit that has been so characteristic of the acts of his 
life. His military record, no less than his record as a 
citizen, stamps him as a man of superb courage, of moral 
strength, and as a man who is unwilling to remain idle 
when there is a higher plane to be reached. Early in life 
he united with the Methodist Episcopal church, of which 
he has always been an active member and his influence 
for good has never ceased to be felt. He is a member of 
the Knights of Pythias and served four years as Lieuten- 
ant Colonel of the uniformed rank. His voice is also 
heard in the councils of the Masonic order to which he is 
a conservative and valued adherent. Although he has 
just rounded out his fiftieth year, yet his physical condi- 
tion gives promise of many useful years to come. By per- 
severance, diligence and indomitable energy he has 
pushed himself forward from the unknown unaided boy to 
the full dignity of matured manhood surrounded by afflu- 
ence honorably acquired* and more than all he has won 
for himself a name of spotless and unquestioned 

— 83 — 

VI. Caroline Haste, ^bn. Aug. 26, 1846. Mrd. H. W. 
Porter, Oct. 27, 1868. P. O., Kouts, Ind. Hardware mer- 
chant. Meth. Children: Willie, Edith. 

VII. Willie Haste Porter, born May 3, 1871. Married 
Blanche McDowell, Aug. 19, 1892. P. O., Kouts, Indiana. 
<tee child. 

VWI. Lucille Gladess Porter, bn. Aug. 19, 1893. 

VII. Edith Arabell Porter, bn. Dec. 18, 1879. 

VI. Angeline Haste, bn. Aug. 26, 1846. Res., Chicago, 
111. Metaphysician or mental healer. Member of the 
Temple of the Magi. S. 

VI. Lavina Haste, bn. in Lake Co., 111., Mar. 7, 1849. 
Mrd. Edson Casey. P. O., Blaine, Wis. Farmer. Meth. 
Ep. Children: Frank, Kate, Calvin, Carrie, Belle. 

VII. Frank Casey mrd. Bertha Scott, June 21, 1894. 
No issue. 

VII. Kate Casey married Charles Buck, Nov. 9, 1894. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Lottie Buck, bn. Sept. 21, 1895. 
VIII. Laran Buck, bn. Mar. 12, 1898. 

VII. Calvin Casey. 

VII. Carrie Casey mrd. Walter Turner, Jan. 1, 1895. 
One child. 

VIII. Avril Turner, bn. Dec. 25, 1895. 

VII. Belle Casey, bn. In 1880. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Angelia Haste, bn. in Lake Co., 111., Mar. 16, 1851. 
Mrd. Thomas Favell, Nov. 24, 1867. He was bn. in St. 
Lawrence Co., N. Y., Jan. 25, 1838. P. O., West Superior, 
Wis. Merchant. Children: Ernest, Ray, Mabel, Harry. 

VII. Ernest J. Favell, bn. in Macon Co., Mo., May 17, 
1870. P. O., Weat Superior, Wis. Merchant. S. 

VII. Ray E. Favell, born December 25, 1873; died 
Sept. 12, 1886. 

VII. Mabel Favell, bn. Sept. 18, 1876. S. 

VII. Harry Favell, bn. Apr. 16, 1879: died Jan. 28, 1881. 

VI. Henry Haste, bn. June 13, 1853; died July 18, 1873. 

VI. Richard A. Haste, bn. Dec. 2, 1866, in a log shanty 
situated among the pines of Waupaca Co., Wis. Extreme 
poverty both of purse and opportunities was the lot of all 
the pioneers of the 'oO's. A few months' school in the 

— 84 — 

winter months constituted his opportunity for education 
until he became thirteen years old when he went to Val- 
paraiso, Ind., where by working during vacation and do- 
ing chores for his board, he managed to attend the city 
schools three years. At the age of sixteen years he be- 
gan teaching school. In 1876 he entered the Normal 
School at Valparaiso, graduating in 1878. The years 1879 
and 1880 he spent teaching in Illinois. During the latter 
year he was elected president of the Kansas State Nor- 
mal School at Concordia, Kan., which position he resigned 
to accept the principalship of the Streator High School, 
Streator, 111. Here he remained two years, when he en- 
tered the Law School of the University of Michigan at 
Ann Arbor, completing the law course in 1885. He im- 
mediately located in Wichita, Kan., in the practice of 
law. The great boom of 1886 and 1887 enabled him to 
amass quite a fortune (some $40,000) in real estate specu- 
lations which was duly lost in the following reaction. In 
1887 he was married to Sarah Atherton. During the year 
1887 he was elected professor of law in the Garfield Uni- 
versity, which position he held until his removal to West 
Superior, Wis., in 1891. since which time he has been en- 
gaged in the practice of law at that place. He has never 
held any public office. His only experience in politics 
was in Kansas where he ran for the Legislature on the 
Republican ticket in 1888 and was defeated. Mr. Haste 
has also some local reputation as a writer of fiction and 
poetry. He is the author of a political drama, in three 
parts, entitled '*To the Victor Belong the Spoils," which 
has been published in pamphlet form, and some after din- 
ner poems that have also been published, and which speak 
well of his ability as a writer. He has also' a work of fic- 
tion under way, but which will not be ready for publica- 
tion for about two years yet. One child. 

VII. Gwendolen Margaret Haste, bn. Dec. 4, 1889. 

IV. Joseph Detweiler, bn. Jan. 28, 1777; died Jan. >i, 
1800. Mrd. Susanna Shoemaker. She died June 27, 18r>5, 
aged 8.") years, 6 months and 4 days. Children: Mary, 

V. Mary Detweiler, bn. Feb. 12, 1798; died May Hi. 
1839. Mrd. John H. Hendricks. One child. 

VI. Susan D. Hendricks, bn. Sept. 2, 1829. Mrd. God- 
shall K. Berirey, Jan. 13, 1856. He was bn. Jan. 25, ISCtJ. 

— 8.") — 

P. O., Skippack, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: Nel- 
son, David, Lizz e. Sarah, Marj', Irwin.- 

VII. Nelson Berg-ey, bn. Jan. 3, ISoT. Married Mary 
Moyer. Res.. 2121 Philip St., Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Linwood Arthur Berpey, bn. Dec. 9, 1880. 
VIII. Sallie M. Bergey, bn. Oct. 2«. 1882. 

VIII. Susie M. Bergey. bn. Mar. 18, 18^. 
VIII. Katie M. Bergey, bn. Feb. 16, I8H6. 
VIII. Nelson M. Bergey, bn. Mar. 9, 1891. 

VII. David H. Bergey, M. D., bn. in Montg. Co., Dec. 
27. l^m, Mrd. Anna S. Hallman. Res., 1245 S. 28th St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Bergey, formerly of Skippack, and 
later of North Wales, Pa., was born on the farm belong- 
ing to the lower Mennonlte church in Skippack Twp., 
Montg. Co., was educated in the schools of Lower Salford 
Twp.. and taught in Salford and Skippack townships for 
two winters, beginning when he was eighteen years of 
age. He attended one session of the West Chester State 
Normal School, and one session at Ursinus College, Col- 
legeville. Pa. In May, 1881, he entered the office of Dr. 
Samuel Wolf at Skippack to read medicine, and entered 
the medical department of the Universit}'- of Pennsyl- 
vania in October of the same year, graduating in May, 
1^'84, from the Medical Department with the degree of M. 
D. and in June, 1884, from the auxiliary department of 
medicine, with the degree, B. S. In June, 1884, he en- 
tered upon the practice of medicine at North Wales, Pa., 
and continued In active practice there until November, 
1S93, when he sold his practice there and removed lo 
Philadelphia, to pursue post graduate studies in the De- 
partment of Philosophy and in the Department of 
Hygiene, in order to fit himself more thoroughly for the 
exacting duties of his profession. He was married to 
Annie S., oldest daughter of Joseph P. and Kate Hall- 
man, June 5, 1884. Trinity Ref. church, Skippack, Pa. 
No issue. 

VII. Lizzie H. Bergey, bn. Aug. 9. 18()2: died Apr. 8, 
IS90. Mrd. John C. Keyser, June 11, 1881. German Bap. 

VIII. Harvey Garfield Keyser, bn. Sept. 23. 1882. 
VIII. Lizzie Irene Keyser, bn. Dec. 7, IH<1 

VIII. Susie May Keyser, bn. Mar. 31, 1885. 

— 86 — 

VIII. Ida Myrtle Keyaer, bn. Sept. 14, 1886. 
VIM. Barbara Ella Keyser, bn. Nov. 14, 1888. 
VIII. Bertha Alvilda Keyser, born March 23, 1890; died 
July 28, 1890. 

VII. Sarah H. Bergey, bn. Dec. 4, 1863; died Oct. 8^ 
1883. Mrd. Nari H. Hunsicker. One child. 

VIII. Lavina B. Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 23, 1883. 

VII. Mary H. Bergey, born April 7, 1865; died Janu- 
ary 14, 1866. 

VII. Irwin H. Bergey, bn. Mar. 31, 1869. Mrd. Mary 
Kepler, Feb. 20, 1892. Res., 2405 N. 27th St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. Meth. Ep. No children. 

V. Rev. George Detweiler, bn. May 13, 1799: died June 
13, 1833. Mrd. Catharine Detweiler. She died June 29^ 
1887. Farmer in Skippack Twp. and minister. Menn. 
Children: Samuel, Amos, Abel, Mary, Catharine, George. 

VI. Samuel D. Detweiler, bn. in Montg. Co., in 1830; 
died Dec. 24, 1878. Mrd. Elizabeth G. Stauffer. She wa» 
bn. in 1835. Shoemaker. Menn. Children: Catharine, 
Esther, Henry, Lizzie, Samuel. 

VII. Catharine S. Detweiler, bn. July 13, 1860. Mrd. 
David D. Nyce, Jan. 13, 1883. P. O., Doylestown, Pa. 
Tailor. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Joseph D. Nyce, bn. Oct. 28, 1885. 
VIII. Lizzie D. Nyce, bn. Oct. 12, 1887. 
VIII. Oliver D. Nyce, bn. Mar. 7, 1892. 

VII. Esther Ann Detweiler, bn. May 24, 1862. Mrd. 
Oliver Bergey, Jan. 17, 1880. P. O., Fountainville, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Lizzie Bergey, bn. Feb. 26, 1881. 
VIII. Mamie Bergey, bn. July 5, 1882. 
VIII. Wilson Bergey, bn. Oct. 9, 1883. 
VIII. Priscilla Bergey, bn. Nov. 19, 1885. 
VIII. Anna Bergey, bn. Aug. 19, 1889. 
VIII. Martha Bergey, bn. Jan. 8, 1892. 

VIII. Esther May Bergey, bn. Sept. 29, 1893. 
VIII. Oliver Bergey, bn. July 25, 1896. 

VII. Henry S. Detweiler, bn. July 24, 1865. Mrd. Mary 
Ann Godshall. P. O., Lederachviile, Pa. Children: 
VIM. Willie Detweiler. 

— 87 — 

VIII. Vincent Detweller. 
VIII. Elmer Detweiler. 

VII. Lizzie S. Detweiler, bn. June 27, 1888. Mrd. Jesse 
D. Royer. P. O., Worcester, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Samuel S. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 19, 1871. P. O.. 
Doylestown, Pa. S. 

VI. Amos Detweiler mrd. Eliza Frederick. P. O., 
Mainland, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: Frank, 
Amanda, Annie. 

Vil. Frank F. Detweiler mrd. Amanda Hunsberger. 
She died soon after. Frank mrd. second wife, Katie, 
daughter of Rev. H. H. Johnson. No issue. 

VII. Amanda Detweiler mrd. Benjamin F. Moore. P. 
O., Mainland, Pa. Teacher and Justice of the Peace. 

VII. Annie Detweiler mrd. Irwin Z. Zeigler. P. O., 
Lederachville, Pa. 

VI. Abel Detweiler bn. ; died . Mrd. Mary 

Bergey. Children: George, Abel and three died. 

VI. Mary Detweiler, bn. Jan. 20, 1841. Mrd. David 
Blackburn. (See Index of Beferences No. J.) 

VI. Catharine Detweiler mrd. David Kulp. He died 
in Mar., 1879. Children: Daniel, Lizzie, David, Annie, 

VII. Daniel Kulp, born ; died . Married . 

No issue. 

VII. Lizzie Kulp mrd. Dunlap. P. O., Creamery, 


VII. David Kulp. S. 
VII. Annie Kulp. S. 
VII. Sallie Kulp. S. 

VI. George D. Detweiler, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 
20, 1849. Mrd. Kate G. Bergey. Res., 2920 E. St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Carpenter and engaged in mission work. 

VII. Annie Detweiler, bn. Feb. 14, 1870. Mrd. Harry I. 
Woodward. P. O., Conshohocken, Penna. Carpenter. 

VIII. Harry Irwin Woodward, bn. Sept. 7, 1888. 
VIII. William Woodward, bn. Sept. 5, 1892. 

VII. William Detweiler, born April 30, 1875; died 
Mar. 12, 1876. 

— ss — 

VM. Ella Detweiler, bn. Julj- 20, 1877. 

VII. Lizzie Detweiler, born January 27, 1879: died 
Apr. 24, 1887. 

VII. Kate Detweiler born October 20, 1881; died Au- 
gust 28, 1882. « 

VII. C^eorge Detweiler, bn. Feb. 22. 1883. 

VII. Warren Detweiler, bn. May 1, 1885. 

VII. Mattie Detweiler, born September 17, 1887: died 
Oct. 15, 1887. 

IV. Rev. Jacob Detweiler, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
25, 1778: died Aug. 8, 1858. Mrd. Susanna Rosen berger, 
Dec. 15, 1803. She was bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Jan. 15, 
1781: died Sept. 9, 1846. He at first lived near Line Lex- 
ington, Pa., where he operated a mill which is still stand- 
ing, and where all his children except the youngest were 
born. In 1823 he moved with his family to Canada, where 
he purchased a **bush" farm, which he cleared and 
where he and his wife died and are buried. They were 
members of the Mennonite church, of which he was a 
prominent minister. Children: John, Mary, Jacob, 
Susanna, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Annie, Enoch, Abraham, 

V. John R. Detweiler. bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 1, 
1805: died Oct. 17, 187H. Mrd. Nancy Dodge. Children: 
Moses, Mary, Abraham. Nathaniel, Fannie, P^lizabeth, 
Joseph, Abigail, George, John. 

VI. Moses Detweiler, bn. Dec. 21, 182H: died by drown- 
ing. Mrd. . 

VI. Mary Detweiler, bn. Oct. 8, 1827. Mrd. Daniel 
Rudy, Feb. 5, 1854. P. O., Tavistock, Ont. Farmer. Menn. 

VII. Daniel Rudv, bn. May 23, 1855. Mrd. Marianne 
Woods. P. O., Tavistock, Ont. Farmer and auctioneer. 

VIII. Daniel W. Rudy. 
VIII. JosiahRudy. 
VIM. Isaac Rudy. 
VIII. Susanna Rudv. 

VI. Abraham Detweiler, bn. Jan. 14, 1H2S. Mrd. . 

P. ()., New Orleans, La. 

VI. Nathaniel Detweiler, born March 13, 1830: died 

— 89 — 

VI. Fannie Detweiler, barn June 4, 1833; died 
Apr. 17. 1857. 

VI. Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. Dec. 22, 1836. Married 
Henry Burton. P. O., Port Elgin. Ont. 

VI. Joseph Detweiler, bn. July 4, 183«. P. O., South 
Lyons, Mich. 

VI. Abigail Detweiler, bn. Dec. 22. 1844. Mrd. Benja- 
min Hilker. P. O., Tower, St. Louis Co., Minn. 

VI. George Detweiler, bn. Feb. 15, 184(). P. O., Tower, 

VI. John Detweiler, bn. Dec. 31, WA). P. O., Harris- 
ton, Ont. 

V. Mary Detweiler, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa.. Sept. 20, 
1806: died July 4, 1874, in Canada. Mrd. Samuel Snyder. 
He was bn. in Franklin Co , Pa., Apr. 29, 1801; died May 
15, 1887. When he was five years old he moved with his 
parents to Waterloo Co., Canada. Farmer near Rose- 
ville, Ont. Children: Susanna, Benjamin, Isaac, Nancy. 
Mary, Enoch, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sarab. Samuel, Daniel, 
Magdalen a. 

VI. Susanna Snyder, bn. Feb. 1, 182(): died Oct. 9, 1873. 
Mrd. Jacob S. Cressman, Apr. 27, 1847. He was bn. May 
21, 1823; died June 13, 1877. Farmer near New Dundee, 
Out. Children: Mary, Nancy, Leah, Isaiah, Isaac, Mag- 
dalena, Susanna, Lydia, Emanuel, Emma. Jacob. 

VII. Mary Cressman, bn. Oct. 2, 1848. Mrd. Henry 
Bauer, May 30, 1880. He was bn. in Waterloo Co.. Ont., 
Aug. 28, 1855. P. O., Petersburg, Ontario. Blacksmith. 

VIII. Lillie May Bauer. 
VIII. Osten Bauer. 

VII. Nancy Cressman, born March 9, 18.")0; died Janu- 
ary 30, 1866. 

VII. Leah Cressman, bn. May 23. 1851. Mrd. Menno 
Rellinger, Jan. 13, 1870. He was bn. Mar. 30, 1847. P. O., 
New Dundee. Ont. Children: 

VIII. Oliver Rellinger. 

VIII. Jacob Alvin Rellinger. 

VIII. Herbert Emanuel Rellinger. 

VII. Isaiah Cressman, born February 18, 1853: died 
July 5, 1853. 

— 90 — 

VII. Isaac Cressman, born June 18, 1854; died Septem- 
ber 5, 1866. 

VII. Mag-dalena Cressman, bn. July 23, 1856. Hes., 
Hanover, Ont. S. 

VII. Susanna Cressman, bn. Sept. 20, 1858. Married 
Joseph Miehlhausen, Jan. 7, 1880. He was bn. Mar. 2, 1858. 
P. O., Walkerton, Ont. Wagon and carriag^e builder. 

Vflt. Clarence Miehlhausen. 

VIII. Allan Emanuel Miehlhausen. 

VII. Ljdia Cressman, bn. Jan. 9, 1860. Mrd. Peter 
Studer, Oct. 17, 1883. He was bn. Jan. 22, 1860; died Nov, 
26, 1893. No issue. 

VII. Emanuel Cressman, bn. near New Dundee, Ont., 
Feb. 8, 1864. P. O., Hanover, Ont. Merchant. Presby- 
terian. S. 

VII. Emma Ann Cressman, bn. Feb. 20, 1865. Married 
Alexander Heller, Oct. 26, 1887. He was bn. Mar. 5, 1865, 
P. O., Elm wood, Ont. Miller. On the morning" of May 
10, 1892, the boiler of the mills exploded, killing him in- 
stantly. One child. 

VIII. Leroy Heller. 

VII. Jacob Allen Cressman, bn. Jan. 30, 1867. Mrd. 
Margaret McNally, Mar. 13, 1894. P. O., Hanover, Ont. 
Also in the mercantile business with his brother Emanuei 
Presby. Children: 

VIII. Alexander Emanuel Cressman, bn. June 26, 1895. 
Vlll. Hocksie Merle Cressman, bn. Apr. 13, 1897. 

VI. Benjamin D. Snyder, bn. Aug. 18, 1828, Married 
Catharine Bechtel. She was bn. Sept. 2, 1828. Resided 
in Canada until 1877 when he removed to Peabody, Kan., 
where he is engaged in farming. Children: Mary, Eph- 
raim, Angeline, Elizabeth, Emeline, Isaiah, Jeremiah. 

VII. Mary Ann Snyder^bn. Sept. 15, 1850. Mrd. Samuel 
Haug, Nov. 15, 1871. She died in Oklahoma Territory. 
Aug. 27, 1895. 

VII. Ephraim Snyder, born June 11, 1852; died Au- 
gust 11, 1855. 

VII. Angeline Snyder, bn. Feb. 8, 1855; died May 12, 

1895. Mrd. John W. Meyers, Dec. 26, 1872. In early life 

he engaged in farming, which he followed until 1885, 

' when he leased his farm, and has since been engaged as 

— 91 — 

miller in the Maltland Valley Roller Mills, of Listowel, 
Perth county, Ont., Canada. In 1888 the firm increased 
their business by purchasing the Victoria Roller Mills, of 
Palmertoo. Mr. Meyers was left ia control of the for- 
mer, and his partner assumed control of the latter. The 
water works of the town of Listowel also belong to Mr. 
Meyers, and have been operated by him since' 1891. As 
he and his son Joseph us buy all kinds of grain, they pur- 
chased in 1892 a large elevator in Listowel, and further 
increased ^heir business by leasing in 1894 the Oatmeal 
Mills of Palmerton, with the privilege of buying. Be- 
sides carrying on his own private enterprises. Mr. Meyers 
has always been identified with matters pertaining di- 
rectly to the public. While living on his farm he was for 
some time a member of the township council, and later 
of the Listowel council, until he accepted the contract to 
furnish the town with water. He is a member of the 
High School Board, of the board of directors of the 
Morris-Field-Rogers Piano Company, and president of the 
board of Public Library of the same town. Methodist. 
Children: Caleb, Emeline, Josephus, Alva, Archie, Ben- 
jamin, Angeline, Ida, Arthur, Lillian. 

VIII. Caleb Meyers, bn. Nov. 9, 1873; died Dec. 26, 1873. 

VIII. Emeline Meyers, born February 21, 1875; died 
Sept. 5, 1875. 

VIII. Josephus Snyder Meyers, bn. July 20, 1876. 

VIII. Alva Hervey Meyers, born July 14, 1878: died 
Apr. 7. 1887. 

VIII. Archie John Meyers, bn. July 13, 1880. 

VIII. Benjamin Homer Meyers, bn. July 28, 1882. 

VIII. Angeline Orilla Meyers, bn. June 28, 1881. 

VIII. Ida Alberta Meyers, bn. Sept. 21, 1886. 

VIII. Arthur Oswald Meyers, bn. Oct. 14, 1888. 

VIII. Lillian Olive Snyder Meyers, bn. Nov. 7, 1894. 

VII. Elizabeth Snyder, bn. June 8, 1857. Mrd. Simon 
Re id. P. O., Strasburg, Ont. Principal of public school. 
Children: Ella, Elthea, Herbert, Albert, Hecter, Flor- 
ence, Sarah, Alexander. 

VIII. Ella May Reid, bn. Apr. 14. 1877. 
VIII. Elthea Reid, bn. Oct. 5, 1879. 

Vllf. Herbert Spencer Reid, bn. Apr. 26, 1881: died 
Feb. 21, 1883. 

— 92 — 

VIII. Albert Elmer Reld, bn. Dec. 2, 1885. 
VIII. Hecter Gordon Reid, bn. Feb. 21, 1888. 
VIII. Florence Reid, bn. Nov. 3, 1889. 
VIII. Sarah Olivia Reld, born August 26, 1891: died 
May 24, 1892. 

VIII. Alexander Roy Eeid, bn. July 31, 1893. 

VII. Emeline Snyder, bn. Mar. 8, 1859. Mrd. Jacob 
Dohner, July 4, 1878. P. O., , Kan. Farmer. 

VII. Isaiah B. Snyder, born February 27, 18G1; died 
Feb. 18, 1885. 

VII. Jeremiah B. Snyder, bn. July 27, 1865. Married 
Bessie Donaldson. P. O.. Waterloo, Oklahoma. Farmer. 

VI. Isaac D. Snyder, bn. Oct. 4, 1829. Mrd. Nancy 
Horst. She was bn. July 21, 1831. Reside in Blenheim 
Twp., Oxford Co., Ont. Farmer. Children: Eli, Josiah, 
David, Samuel, Matilda, Uriah. 

VII. Eli H. Snyder, bn. Mar. 18, 1855; died Oct. 25, 1863 
VII. Josiah H. Snyder, born June 19, 1857: died 

June 22, 1881. 

VII. David H. Sn3'der, bn. Oct. 9, 1858. Mrd. Lucinda 
Shantz, Apr. 6, 1887. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Ida Snyder. 

VIII. Mary Ann Snyder. 
VIII. Allen Snyder, dec'd. 

VII. Samuel H. Snyder, bn. Oct. 16, 1864. Mrd. An<re- 
line Shantz. P. O., New Dundee, Ont. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Pearly May Snyder. 

VII. Matilda H. Snyder, bn. June 10, 1870. Still at 
home with her parents. S. 

VII. Uriah H. Snyder, bn. June 24, 1872. At home. S. 

VI. Nanc3'^ Snyder, bn. June 3, 1831. Mrd. Benjamin 
S. Martin. Jan. 25. 1859. He was bn. June 12, 1830. P. O., 
Roseville, Ont. Farmer. Children: Samuel, Isaiah, 
Jesse, Amanda, Oliver, Malinda, Magdalena, Enoch. 

VII. Samuel S. Martin, bn. May 15, 1800. Mrd. Marj- 
Ann, daugrhter of Christian and Barbara (Oberer) Loier. 
She was bn. Oct. 4, 1862. 

VII. Isaiah S. Martin, bn. June 29, 18(>2. 
VII. Jesse S. Martin, bn. June 29, 1H62. 
VII. Amanda S. Martin, bn. Aug^. 19, 1864. Mrd. Elisha 

— 93 — 

VII. Oliver S. Martin, bn. Sept, 2«, 1866. 
VII. Malinda S. Martin, bn. Nov. 4, 1867. 
VII. Mag-dalena S. Martin, born September 10. 1869: 
died Oct. 19, 1869. 

VII. Enoch S. Martin, bn. Oct. 8, 1871. 

VI. Mary Snyder, bn. June 29, 1833. Mrd. Abraham 
Rudy, Oct. 12, ia")8. P. O., Roseville, Ontario. Farmer. 
Children: Barbara, An feline, Sophia. 

VII. Barbara Rudy, bn. Aug. 31, 1859. Mrd. Ezra S. 
Bauman. He was bn. Jan. 10, 1856. Farmer. P. O., 
Waterloo, Ont. Menu, Children: 

VIII. Allen R. Bauman, bn. Nov. 8, 1879. 
VIII. Mary Ann Bauman. bn. Aug. 17. 1882. 
VIII. Sarah Bauman, bn. Feb. 18, 18S6. 
VIII. Elizabeth Bauman, bn. Mar. 17, 1888. 
VIII. Malinda Bauman, bn. Aug. 16, 1893. 

VII. Angeline Rudy, bn. Oct. 18, 1860: died Feb. 18, 
1891. Mrd. John M. Brubacher. He was bn. Mar. 8, 1859. 
P. O., Waterloo, Ont. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Edwin Brubacher. 
VIII. Clara Brubacher. 
VIII. Abraham Brubacher. 
VIII. Phianna Brubacher. 

VII. Sophia Rudy, bn. Feb. 8, 1862. Mrd. Josiah S. 
Shantz. Farmer. Children. 

VIII. Alvin Shantz. 
VIM. Elvina Shantz. 

VI. Enoch D, Snyder, bn. Feb. 28, 1835. Mrd. Sophia 
Schwartz. She was bn. June 12. 1834; died Apr. 12, 1877. 
Children: Lavina, Angeline. Susanna, Isaiah, Emanuel, 
Ezra. Clara, Lydia. Enoch mrd. second wife, Priscilla 
Scheifley, Feb. 16, 1879. She was bn. Mar. 22, 1846. P. O., 
Roseville, Ontario. Farmer. Children: Ira, Sophia, 
Ida, Amasa. 

VII. Lavina Snyder, bn. July 15, 1858: died Oct. 4, 1878. 
VII. Angeline Snyder, born October 6, 1859: died 

Apr. 12, 1875. 

VII. Susanna Snyder, bn. Mar. 6, 1861; died Jan. 4. 1862. 

VII. Isaiah S. Snyder, bn. Apr. 15, 1863. Mrd. Cora 
Cress, Aug. 17. 1896. 

— 94 — 

VII. Emanuel Snyder, bn. June 29, 1867. Farmer in 

VII. Ezra Snyder, bn. Feb. 12, 1870. Street car driver 
in Hamilton, Ont. 

VII. Clara Snyder, bn. Aug. 20, 1872. Mrd. Eli Rosen- 
berger, Feb. 4, 1896. Children: 

Vlli. Mabel Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 2, 1897. 

Vlli. Rosenberger, bn. Apr. 29, 1898. 

VII. Lydia Ann Snyder, bn. Jan. 31, 1874. 

VII. Ira Snyder, bn. Dec. 20, 1879. 

VII. Sophia Snyder, bn. June 4,1881. 

VII. Ida Snyder, bn. Dec. 4, 1882. 

VII. Amasa Snyder, bn. Oct. 2, 1884. 

VI. Elizabeth Snyder, bn. Feb. 4, 1837. Mrd. Jonas 
Good. He was bn. May 1, 1837. P. O., New Hamburg, 
Ont. Farmer. Children: Eli, Daniel, Samuel, Simon, 
Abraham, Jeremiah, Almeda. 

VI. Lydia Snyder, bn. Jan. 20, 1839. Mrd. Henry B. 
Shantz, Oct. 20, 1863. He was bn. Dec. 16, 1841. P. C, 
Berlin, Ont. Fruit grower. Children: Mary, Hannah, 
Daniel, Ananias, Lydia, Alvinia, William, Edwin, Sam- 
uel, Minerva. 

VI. Sarah Snyder, bn. Jan. 6, 1841; died Sept. 30, 1844. 

VI. Samuel D. Snyder, bn. Mar. 17, 1843. Mrd. Mar- 
garet Clemens, June 13, 1865. P. O., Wardsville, Ont. 
Farmer. Children: Malinda, Emeline, Isaac, David, 
Sarah, Phaleria, Maggie, Alta. 

VII. Malinda Snyder, bn. June 27, 1866. 

VII. Emeline Snyder, born May 10, 1868; died March 
27, 1870. 

VII. Isaac Wm. Snyder, bn. Sept. 14, 1871. 

VII. David Snyder, bn. Aug. 26, 1874. 

VII. Sarah Jane Snyder, bn. Sept. 30, 1876. 

VII. Phaleria Snyder, bn. June 30, 1879, 

VII. Maggie Elizabeth Snyder, bn. July 5, 1881. 

VII. Alta Snyder, bn. Mar. 20, 1885. 

VI. Daniel D. Snyder, bn. Feb. 26, 1845. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Bricker, Mar. 31, 1868. She was bn. Apr. 7, 1817. P. 
O., Roseville, Ont. Retired. Children: Lucinda, Eliza- 
beth, Esther, Mary, Elsie, Melvin, Susan. 

— 95 — 

VII. Lucinda Snyder, bn. Oct. 1, 1869. Mrd. Albert 
Stoltz. Farmer. 

VII. Elizabeth Snyder, bn. July 8, 1871. Mrd. Albert 
Becker. Farmer. Children: ' 

VIII. Alice Becker. 
VIII. Myrtle Becker. 

VII. Esther Laomi Snyder, bn. July 16, 1873; died 
May 19, 1874. 

VII. Mary Selina Snyder, bn. May 18, 1875. 

VII. Elsie Mima Snyder, bn. December l5, 1877; died 
Aug. 22, 1888. 

VII. Melvin Snyder, bn. Aug. 19, 1880. 

VII. Susan Snyder, bn. Apr. 17, 1883; died June 19, 1883. 

VI. Magdalena Snyder, born March 8, 1847; died Sep- 
tember 29, 1862. 

V. Jacob Detweller, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 15, 
1807: died July 2, 1885. Mrd. Anna Wismer, daughter of 
Isaac and Anna (High) Wismer. She was bn. in Lincoln 
Co., Ont., in 1808; died Nov. 5, 1871. They resided at Rose- 
ville, Ont., on the farm now possessed by their son Enoch, 
Mrhere they resided until their deaths. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Isaac, Daniel, Benjamin, John, Jacob, Bar- 
bara, Susanna, Christian, Enoch, Anna, Mary. 

VI. Isaac Detweiler, bn. — — ; died infant. 
VI. Daniel Detweiler, bn. ; died infant, 

VL Benjamin Detweiler, bn. ; died infant. 

VL John Detweiler, bn. ; died infant. 

VI. Jacob Detweiler, bn. ; died infant. 

VI. Barbara Detweiler, bn. - — ; died infant. 

VI. Susanna Detweiler, bn. ; died infant, 

VI. Christian Detweiler, bn. July 22, 183»>. Resides 
vith his brother Enoch. S. 

VI. Enoch W. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 8, 1839. Mrd. Vic- 
toria Willits, Nov. 27, 1880. P. O., Roseville, Ontario. 
Farmer- United Brethren. Children: Levina, Rosetta, 
Alice, Barbara, Elsie, George, Effle. 

VII. Levina Detweiler, bn. Sept. 26, 1861. S. P. O. 
Hamilton, Ont. 

— % — 

VII. Rosetta W. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 20, 1865. Mrd. 

Emanuel Hilborn, Apr. , 188(3. P. O., Roseville, Ont. 

Miller. Uni. Bre. Childrea: 

VIII. Ada Hilborn, bn. Feb. 18, 1888. 
VIII. Leslie Hilborn, bn. Nov. 3, 1889. 

VII. Alice Jane Detweiler, bn. June 1, 1867. Mrd 
John W. Battler, Apr. 2, 1890. P. O., New Dundee, Ont. 
Farmer. Uni. Bre. No children. 

VII. Barbara Annie Detweiler, bn. Feb. 18, 1869. Mrd. 
John McGurn. P. O., Salem, Ont. One child. 

VIII. Maggie Victoria McGurn. 

VII. Elsie Eletia Cecelia Detweiler, bn. Aug. 3, 1873. S. 
VII. George William Detweiler, bn. Sept. 16, 1775. 
VII. Effle Detweiler, bn. Feb. 14, 1879. 

VI. Annie W. Detweiler, bn. July 12, 1844. Mrd. Adam 
B. Cassel, May 21, 1861. He died Feb. 12, 1892. P. O., 
New Dundee, Ont. Farmer. Uni. Bre. Children; Mil- 
ton, Oliver, Lavina, John, Jacob. 

VII. Milton D. Cassel, born May 17, 1862; died on the 
same day. 

VII. Oliver D. Cassel, bn. in Blenheim Twp., Ont., 
June 16, 1863. Mrd. Barbara S. Geiger, Aug. 24, 1886. P. 
O., New Dundee, Ont. Woolcarder. Children: 

VIII. James Lloyd G. Cassel, bn. June 15, 1887. 
VIII. Hattie Melissa G. Cassel, bn. Jan. 6, 1890. 
VIII. Lucinda May G. Cassel, bn. Sept. 18, 1892. 
VIII. Laura Merva (J. Cassel, bn. May 3, 1894. 

VII. Lavina D. Cassel, bn. in Blenheim Twp., Ont., 
Nov. 29, 1866. Mrd. Henry Wagner, Nov. 15, 1891. P. O., 
New Dundee, Ont. Farmer. Uni. Bre. One child. 

VIII. Cecil Maurice Wagner, bn. Dec. 22, 1893. 

VII. John 1). Cassel, bn. in Oxford Co., Ont., Sept. 3. 
1H71. Mrd. Minnie Sevflfert. P. O.. New Dundee, Ont. 
Magician wire walker. One child. 

VIII. Delton Cassel, bn. Aug. 17. 1896. 

VII. Jacob D. Casssel, bn. in Oxford Co., Ont., Sept. 3, 
1S71 (twin to John). P. O.', New Dundee, Ont. Magician 
wire walker. S. 

— 97 — 

VI. Mary Ann Detweiler, bn. Sept. 12» 1861. Mrd. 
Albert Willita, Feb. 2, 1872. P. O., Wroxeter, Ontaria 
Fanner. Cong^. ch. Children: 

VII. Jemima Willits, bn. Jan, 26, 1873. S. 
VII. Barbara Ann Willits, bn. May 19, 1879. 
VII. Alberta Willits, bn. Apr. 6, 1881. 

VII. Jacob Willits, bn. Apr. 19, 1883. 

VII. Alfred Willits, bn. Apr. 22, 1886. 

VII. Norman Willits, bn. July 18, 1889. 

VII. Gordon Willits, bn. June 28, 1891. 

VII. Eva Willits, bn. Sept. 13, 1893. 

VII. Cassie May Willits, bn. July 20, 1895. 

V. Susanna Detweiler, bn. Aug. 20, 1809; died July 2, 
1874. Mrd. Jacob Wismer in 1826. He was bn. in Pa., 
June, 1797; died in Huron Co., Ont., Feb., 1875. He be- 
came a cripple and made his living making ox yokes, 
rakes, axe handles and shingles. Children: Catharine, 
Levi, David. 

VI. Catharine Wismer, bn. Jan. 5, 1839. Mrd. Henry 
Treffry, June 11, 1855. P. O., Bumside Station, Manitoba. 
Metb. Children: Susanna, Phebe, Mary, Robert, Jacob, 
William, Margaret, Emma, Jacob, Catharine, Lydia, 

VII. Susanna Treifry, bn. June 29, 1856. Mrd. Solomon 
Beck, May 24, 1879. P. O., Bumside Station, Manitoba. 
Farmer. Ch. of England. Children: 

VIII. James Beck, bn. Apr. 27, 1882. 
Vlil. Emma Beck, bn. Oct. 21, 1887. 
VIII. Eva Beck, bn. Sept. 6, 1889. 
VIII. Phebe Beck, bn. Sept. 5, 1892. 

VII. Phebe Ann Treffry, bn. Jan. 16, 1858. Mrd. Henry 
Vo88, Jan. 17, 1876. P. O., Bumside Station, Manitoba. 
Parmer. Luth. Children: 

VIII. Catharine Voss, bn. Aug. , 1878. 

VIII. Henry Voss, bn. June 29, 1880. 

VIII. Mary Voss, bn. Dec. 1, 1883. 

VIII. Violet Voss, bn. Sept. 6, 1885; died Nov. 6, 1885. 

Viil. Robert Voss, bn. Sept. 21, 1887. 

VIII. Norman Voss, bn. Oct. 24, 1888. 

VII. Mary Ann Treffry, bn. Nov. 2, 1859. Mrd. Thomas 
Beck, Aug. 17, 1882. P. O., Bumside Station, Manitoba. 
Ch. of England. Children: 

— 98 — 

VIII. William Beck, bn. Sept. 20, 1883. 
VIII. Charles Beck, bn. May 6, 1887. 
VIII. Eliza Beck, bn. Jan. 13, 1889. 

VII. Robert John TreflPry, bn. Dec. 25, 1861. Married 
Casiah Elizabeth Lee, Oct. 24, 1888. P. O., Burnside Sta., 
Man. Meth. Children: 

VIII. Jorsa Treffry, bn. Oct. 23, 1889. 

VIII. Robert Leslie TreflPry, born June 6, 1892; died 
Mar. 30, 1893. 

VII. Jacob TreflPry, bn. Mar. 22, 1864; died Mar. 25, 1864. 

VII. William Henry TreflPry, bn. Apr. 12, 1865. Mrd. 
Anna May Kizer, of Michigan, Jan. 27, 1892. P. C, Burn- 
side Sta., Man. Meth. One child. 

VIII, Carrie May TreflPry, bn. Jan. 23, 1893. 

VII. Margaret TreflPry, bn. July 28, 1867. Mrd. Frank 
E. Green, Dec. 25, 1889. Res., 90 Hallot St., Winnipeg. 
Man. Miller. Ch. of England. Children: 

VIII. Mabel Catharine Green, bn. June 23, 1892. 
VIII. Ivy Green, bn. Sept. 25, 1893. 

VII. Emma TreflPry, bn. Jan. 12, 187L Married James 
Acheson, February 9, 1888. P. C, Burnside Sta., Man. 

VIII. Arthur Acheson, bn. Mar. 9, 1889. 

VIII. Martha Mabel Acheson, bn. Mar. 17, 1890. 

VIII. Alislnese Acheson, bn. May 6, 1891. 

VIII. Florence Irena Acheson, bn. Sept. 9, 1893. 

VII. Jacob TreflPry, bn. July 13, 1873. (Twin.) 

VII. Catharine TreflPry, bn. July 13, 1873. Mrd. Fred- 
erick W. Green, July 13, 1892. Res., 90 Hallot St., Winni- 
peg, Man. Miller. Ch. of England. One child. 

VIII. Islay Catharine Green, born August 7, 1893; died 
Sept. 26, 1893. 

VII. Lydia Ann TreflPry, bn. Apr. 30, 1876. Seamstress. 
Methodist. S. 

VII. George TreflPry, bn. Apr. 9, 1879. 

VI. Levi Wismer, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., Aug. 10, 
1840. Mrd. Mary Jane Broderick. P. O., Redman, Mich. 
Joiner and millwright. Has been the owner of six pat- 
ents, five in Canada, and one in the United States, being 

— 99 — 

an improvement on bee hives. Mr. Wismer is not a mem- 
ber of any denomination of Christians, but feeling that 
he is "a chosen vessel of Grod, as one chosen from the 
depth of poverty and ignorance," he has preached at 
times for the last fifteen years. Children: 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Wismer, bn. Apr. 26, 1872. Mrd. 
John James Cornish. P. O., Redman, Mich. Farmer. 

VII. William Jacob Wismer, bn. Jan. 19, 1874. 

VII. Emma Rilla Wismer, bn. Sept. 12, 1875. 

VII. Ella Norah Wismer, bn. Aug. 30, 1877. 

VII. Shadrach Meshach Abednego Wismer, born Au- 
gust 29, 1879. 

VII. Isaiah Wismer, bn. Feb. 9, 1882. 

VII. Infant, stillborn Aug. 29, 1884. 

VII. Catharine Wismer, bn. July 30, 1885. (Twin.) 

VII. Infant son, stillborn July 30, 1885. 

VII. Levi Wismer, bn. May 2, 1892. 

VI. David Wismer, bn. in 1842; died in 1844. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. Oct. 2, 1811; died Sept. 7, 
1840. Mrd. Benjamin Schneider, Feb. 22, 1831. He was 
bn. July 4, 1808; died May 25, 1892. Farmer near Rose- 
ville where he owned one of the finest tracts of land in 
Ontario. Children: Susanna, Lydia, Sarah, Nancy, 
David, Eliza. 

VI. Susanna Schneider, bn. Nov. 28, 1831; died July 28, 
1860. Mrd. John Musselman, Mar. 17, 1857. He was bn. in 
Waterloo Co., Ontario, Nov. 15, 1835. Farmer. Menn. 
One child. 

VII. Benjamin S. Musselman, bn. July 13, 1860. Mrd. 
Leah Koch, Mar. 22, 1882. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Teamster. 
Uni. Bre. in Christ. Children: 

Vlli. Elsie Irene Musselman, born March 5, 1886; died 
Jime^LO, 1889. 

Vill. Gordon BUmer Musselman, bn. July 21, 1887. 

VIII. Eden Reverdy Musselman, bn. July 24, 1889. 
VIII. Walter Floyd Musselman, bn. July 1, 1892. 
VIII. David Herbert Musselman, bn. Mar. 30, 1894. 

VI. Lydia Snyder, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., May 8, 
1833. Mrd. Isaac E. Bricker, July 8, 1856. He was bn. in 
Ont., Sept 24, 1835. P. O., Washington, Ont. Farmer. 

— 100 — 

Menn. Children: Oliver, David, Benjamin, Peter, Sarah, 
Mary, Isaiah, Isaac, Lydia, Malinda, Anson. 

VII. Oliver Bricker, bn. Apr. 12, 1857. 

VII. David Bricker, bn. in Oxford Co., Ont., June 2, 
1859. Mrd. Emeline Bear, Mar. 2, 1887. She was bn. Dec. 
27, 1862. P. O., Preston, Ont. Farmer. United Breth- 
ren. Children: 

VIM. Harold Bricker, bn. Feb. 17, 1894. 

VIII. Hilda Bricker, bn. Feb. 2, 1896. 

VII. Benjamin Bricker, bn. Nov. 27, 1861. 

VII. Peter Bricker, bn. Nov. 27, 1861. (Twin.) Mrd. 
Alice Long, Feb. 22, 1893. She was bn. Mar. 1, 1868. P. 
O., Berlin, Ont. Farmer. Meth. One child. 

VIII. Clara Bricker, bn. Mar. 12, 1896. 

VII. Sarah Bricker, bn. .July 3, 1863. Mrd. Aaron K. 
Bowman, Mar. 23, 1886. He was bn. July 23, 1861. P. O., 
Mannheim, Ont. Farmer. Menu. Children: 

VIII. Almeda Bowman, bn. July 27, 1890. 
VIII. Sylvia Bowman, bn. July 23, 1891. 
VIII. Ida Bowman, bn. July 25, 1897. 

VII. Mary Bricker, bn. Nov. 24, 1864. Mrd. Noah C. 
Bowman, Mar. 9, 1887. He was bn. Feb. 29, 1864. P. O., 
Roland, Man. Farmer. Menu. Children: 

VIII. Ephraim Bowman, bn. June 7, 1889. 

VIII. Herbert Bowman, bn. Nov. 23, 1893. 


Vll. Isaiah Bricker, bn. Sept. 6, 1866. 

Vll. Isaac Bricker, bn. Dec. 29, 1867. 

VII. Lydia Bricker, bn. Oct. 13, 1869. Mrd. Jacob E. 
Bergey, Mar. 1, 1892. P. O., Plum Coulee, Man. Farmer. 

VIII. Cora Bergey, bn. June 14, 1893. 
VIII. Irvine Bergey, bn. Jan. 22, 1895. 
VIII. Clayton Bergey, bn. Aug. 23, 1898. 
VIII. Alice Bergey, bn. May 5, 1898. 

VI. Sarah Snyder, bn. Dec. 4, 1834; died May 1, 1863. 
Mrd. Daniel G. Bowman. He was bn. about 1837. P. O., 
St. Jacobs, Ontario. Carpenter. Mrs. Bowman, Menn 
Children: Sarah, Mariah, Selena, Cynthia, Hannah 


— 101 — 

VII. Sarah Bowman, bn. at St. Jacobs, Ont., June 15, 
1863. Mrd- Israel Cressman, June 16, 1886. P. O., New 
Dundee, Ont. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Ethelbald Bowman Cressman, bn. Jan. 13, 1888. 
VIII. Orkney Island Bowman Cressman, born Decem- 
ber 17, 1889. 

VII. Mariah Bowman, bn. In Waterloo Co., Ont., Sept. 
22, 1865. Mrd. George Hahn, July 15, 1890. P. O., Rose- 
ville, Ont. Farmer. Luth. Children: 

VIII. Vema Hahn, bn. May 10, 1891. 
VIII. Alberta Hahn, bn. Jan. 20, 1894. 

VII. Selena Bowman. S. 

VII. Cynthia Ann Bowman mrd. Geo. Fuller. P. O., 
Lake Port, Mich. 

VII. Hannah Bowman mrd. Chas. Brannagan. P. O., 
Jeddo, Mich. 

VII. Jonathan Bowman. S. 

VI. Nancy Snyder, bn. Nov. 28, 1836. Mrd. John Wis- 
mer. He was bn. in Aug., 1835. P. O., Blair, Ont. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Benjamin, John, David, Henry, Leah, 
Nancy, Isaiah. 

VII. Benjamin Snyder Wis mer, bn, June 10, 1857. Mrd. 
Catharine Kumpf, Feb. 10, 1879. P. O., Blair, Ontario* 
Parmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Nancy Wismer, born January 20, 1880; died 
May 11, 1880. 

VIII. Sarah Wismer, bn. Sept. 12, 1881; died Janu- 
ary 27, 1891. 

VIII. Leah Wismer, bom August 10, 1883; died Jan- 
uary 21, 1891. 

VIII. Mary Wismer, bn. Nov. 22, 1885. 

Vlll. Catharine Wismer, bn. Dec. 28, 1888. 

VII. John Wismer, bn. Apr. , 1869. Mrd. Susanna 

Gehman in May, 1885. Farmer. Menn. 

VII. David Wismer, bn. June 12, 1861. Mrd. Esther 
Shantz, Oct. 1, 1889. P. O., Blair, Ont. Farmer. Menn. 
One child. 

VIII. David Elton Wismer, bn. Aug. 11, 1890. 

* VII. Rev. Henry Wismer, bn. Mar. 23, 1863. Married 
Lucinda Miller, Jan. 3, 1888. P. O., Wyandotte, Ontario. 
Minister. Engaged in farming until 1892, when he was 

— 102 — 

appointed to preach the Gospel in Maryboro Twp., Well- 
ington Co., Ont. Menn. Bre. in Christ. Children: 

VIII. Harold Wismer, bn. May 27, 1891. 

VIII. Bussel Wismer, bn. Aug. 12, 1893. 

VII. Leah Wismer, bn. Jan. 28, 1865. Mrd. John R. 
Naissmith, Apr. 21, 189L P. O., Blair, Ont. Parmer. 
One child. 

VIII, John Wismer Naissmith, bn. Feb. 3, 1893. 

VII. Nancy Wismer, bn. in Nithburg, Perth Co., Ont., 
May 27, 1868. Mrd. John Gehman, Oct. 25, 1887. P. C, 
Freeport, Ont. Farmer. Menn. No issue. 

VII. Isaiah Wismer, bom August , 1870. Farmer. 


VI. David Snyder, bn. Aug. 3, 1838, in Waterloo Co. , 
Ont. P. O., Roseville, Ont. Farmer. Attends Menn. 
church. S. 

VI. Eliza Snyder, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., Mar. 19, 
1840. P. O., Roseville, Ont. Attends Menn. ch. S. 

V. Benjamin Detweiler, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
23, 1813. Mrd. Eliza Kennedy. She was bn. in Inverness 
Co., Scotland, June 7, 1820. P. O., Berlin, Ont. When 
nine years of age Mr. Detweiler came with his parents to 
Canada, where they settled near Roseville, and where 
young Benjamin was brought up. After marriage he en- 
gaged in farming near Roseville and other places. In 1878 
they moved to Berlin where they still reside. Mr. D., Menn. 
Mrs. D., Menn. Bre. in Christ. Children; Noah, Menno, 
Isaac, Daniel, John, Sarah, Phebe, Rebecca, Samuel, 
Benjamin, Magdalena, Lavina. 

VI. Rev. Noah Detweiler, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Mar. 23, 1838. Mrd. Veronica Bush. P. O., Berlin, Ont. 
Early in life he followed agricultural employments. 
After he was converted and when the church now known 
as the Mennonite Brethren in Christ was organized in 
1874, he became one of its earliest ministers, and has up 
to the present time been diligently engaged in spreading 
the Gospel. Children: Eliza, Levina, Jemima, Sarah, 
Priscilla, Hannah, Josephine. 

VII. Eliza Detweiler, bn. May 16, 1861. Mrd. Samuel 
Shirk. Res., 498 Manning Ave., Toronto, Ont. Carpen- 
ter. Menn. Bre. in Christ. Children: 

— 103 — 

VIII. Eda Shirk. 

VIII. Noah Shirk. 

VIII. Ethel Shirk. 

VIII. Oliver Shirk, dec'd. 

VII. Levina Detweiler, bom November 4, 1865; died 
Dec. 22, 1866. 

VII. Jemima Detweiler, bn. Nov. 1, 1868. Mrd. Simeon 
S. Hallman. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Carpenter. Mrs. H., 
Menn. Bre. in Christ. No issue. 

VII. Sarah Detweiler, bn. Mar. 20, 1871. P. O., Berlin, 
Ontario. S. 

VII. Priscilla Detweiler, bom October 17, 1873; died 
Jan. 17, 1882. 

VII. Hannah Detweiler, born April 21, 1876; died Janu- 
ary 10, 1879. 

VII. Josephine Detweiler, bn. Sept. 15, 1879. 

VI. Menno Detweiler, bn. Sept. 6, 1840; died July 6, 
J802. Mrd. Maggie Rupple. P. O., Port Elgin, Ontario. 
Carriage and wagon builder. Children: 

VII. Laura Ann Detweiler. 
VII. Margaret May Detweiler. 
VII. Eliza Detweiler. 

VII. John Henry Detweiler. 

VII. J. George Detweiler. 

VII. Annie Detweiler. ^ 

VI. Isaac Detweiler, bn. Dec. 11, 1841. Mrd. Catharine 
Bush. P. O., Port Elgin, Ontario. Saddler by trade. 
Children: Alexander, Albert, Charles, Edward, Lillian. 

VI. Daniel K. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 26, 1843. Married 
Elizabeth Schneider. P. O., Wallaceville, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. John Henry Detweiler. 
VII. George Detweiler. 

VII. Jacob Detweiler. 
VII. Eliza Detweiler. 

VI. John Detweiler, bn. Feb. 15, 1845. Mrd. Margaret 
Dodge, dec'd. After the decease of his wife he went to 
Petoskey, Mich. From there he left for parts unknown. 

VII. William John Detweiler. 
VII. Phoebe Jane Detweiler. 

— 104 — 

VI. Sarah Ann Detweiler, bn. Feb. 15, 1847. Married 
Frederick Weltz. P. O., Berlin, Ontario. Painter and 
wagon builder. Children: Lydia Ann, Georgfe, William, 
Edwin, Martha. 

VI. Phebe Detweiler, bn. Jan. 23, 1849. Mrd. Michael 
Haug. Agent. P. O., Berlin, Ont. One 8on. 

VII. Solomon Haug. 

VI. Rebecca Detweiler, bn. June 15, 1851. Mrd. Isaac 
Kolb. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Children: 

VII. Benjamin Tobias Kolb. 
VH. Margaret Kolb. 

VI. Samuel Detweiler, bn. May 25, 1853. Mrd. Mary 
A. Williams. P. O., Brantford, Ontario. Teamster. 

VII. Pearley Detweiler. 
VII. Sylvia May Detweiler. 
VII. Maggie Maude Detweiler. 
VII. Annie May Detweiler. 
VII. Clayton Detweiler, dec'd. 
VII. Lavina Detweiler. 

VII. Two daughters. 

VI. Benjamin Detweiler, bn. Apr. 7, 1855; died . S. 

VI. Magdalena Detweiler, bn. June 23, 1857. Mrd. 
Benjamin Eby. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Children: 

VII. Ellas Eby. 
VII. Ida Eby. 
VII. Naomi Eby. 

VI. Lavina Detweiler, bn. Dec. 13, 1859. P. O-, Berlin, 
Ontario. S. 

V. Annie Detweiler, bn. Mar. 3, 1816; died Feb. 17, 
1856. Mrd. John C. Shantz. He was bn. Oct. 23, 1807; died 
Apr. 17, 1875. Children: Benjamin, Mary, Abraham, 
Aaron, John, Enoch, Magdalena, Menno, Susanna, Lydia, 
Anna, Sarah. 

VI. Benjamin D. Shantz, bn. Aug. 20, 1833; died Jan. 
15, 1889. Mrd. Elizabeth Nahrgang, Jan. 30, 1854. She 
was bn. Dec. 12, 1836; died June 4, 1894. Resided In Wads- 
worth, Mich. Farmer. Children: Nancy, Christopher, 
Mary, John (dec'd), Lydia (dec'd), Allan, Isaac, Isabella 
(dec'd), Salome, Caroline, Minerva, Alice. 

— 105 — 

VI Mary Ann Shantz, bn. Aug, 24, 1834. Mrd. Rev. 
Joseph Nahrgang, Dec. 22, 1857. He was bn. July 26, 1834. 
P. O., New Hamburg, Ont. Farmer and minister. Menn. 
Children: Josiah, Barbara, Ephraim, Mary, Menno, Johu, 
Nancy, Henry, Matilda (dec'd). 

VII. Josiah Nahrgrang, bn. June 6, 1859. Mrd. Hettie 
Reist. P. O., Breslau, Ont. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Sarah Malinda Nahrgang. 
VIII. Ida Priscilla Nahrgang. 
VIII. Lanson Edgar Nahrgang. 
VIII. Hilda May Nahrgang. 
VIII. Arthur Vernon Nahrgang. 

VII. Barbara Nahrgang, born April 21, 1861; died Au- 
gust 24, 1865. 

VII. Ephraim Nahrgang, bn. Sept. 5, 1862. P. O., New 
Hamburg, Ont. Miller. 

VII. Mary Ann Nahrgang, bn. Nov. 18, 1864. Mrd. M. 
•C. Cressman, June 28, 1887. P. O., Berlin, Ont. Merchant. 
Menn. Children: 

VIII. Grace Geraldine Cressman, bn. Jan. 30, 1892. 
VIII. Joseph Boyd Cressman, bn. Oct. 17, 1896. 

VII. Menno Nahrgang, bn. Mar. 16, 1867. P. C, New 
Hamburg, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. John S. Nahrgang, bn. Feb. 10, 1869. P. O., New 
Hamburg, Ont. Agent. 

VII. Nancy Nahrgang, bn. May 11, 1871. Mrd. Erwin 
Snyder. P. O., Baden, Ont. Farmer. Menn. One child. 

VIII. Lillian May Snyder, bn. Dec. 10, 1895. 

VII. Henry Nahrgang, bn. Sept. 3, 1874. P, O., New 
Hamburg, Ont. Farmer. 

VII. Melinda Nahrgang, born November 11, 1876; died 
Apr. 13, 1882. 

VI. Abraham D. Shantz, bn. Mar. 6, 1836, in Wilmot 
Twp.. Waterloo Co., Ont. Mrd. Mary Treffry, Oct. 14, 

1856. She died . Children: Nancy, Eliza, Emma, 

£noch. Abraham mrd. second wife, Rosina Bachert, 
Sept. 18, 1866. P. O., Walkerton, Ont. Wood-turner. 
Meth. Children: David, Allen, Charles, Mary, Edith, 
William, Albert, Clara. 

VII. Nancy Shantz, bn. Aug. 18, 1857; died Oct. 31, 1857. 
VII. Eliza Shantz, bn. Sept. 18, 1858; died Nov. 27, 1873. 

— 106 — 

VII. Emma Anna Shantz, bn. Nov. 24, 1860. Married 
David Glebe. P. O., Neustadt, Ont. Farmer. Presby. 

VIII. Emma Nora Glebe, bn. June 13, 1886. 
VIM. Windom Glebe, bn. Aug. 14, 1889. 

VII. David Shantz, bn. July 12, 1867. Mrd. Annie Maria 
Brigrton. Res., 646 Wilson St., Chicago, III, Butcher. 
Meth. One child. 

VIII. Charles Frederick Shantz, bn. June 9, 1891. 

VII. Allen Shantz, bn. Jan. 20, 1869. P. O., Colling- 
wood, Ont. Teacher. Meth. 

VII. Charles Shantz, bn. July 27, 1870. P. O., Walker- 
ton, Ont. Teacher. Meth. 

VII. Mary Rose Shantz, bn. Sept. 30, 1872. Res., Y. W. 
C. A., Hamilton, Ont. Milliner. Meth. 

Vll. Edith Cresdie Shantz, bn. Sept. 18, 1874. P. O., 
Walkerton, Ont. Teacher. Meth. 

Vll. William Henry Shantz, born November 13, 1876; 
died Dec. 14, 1878. 

Vll. Albert Shantz, bn. June 2, 1878: died June 6, 1878. 

Vll. Clara Shantz, bn. Aug. 19, 1880; died Oct. 3, 1880. 

VI. Aaron Shantz, bn. Sept. 17, 1837; died June 21, 1846. 

VI. John D. Shantz, bn. Oct. 4, 1839. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Steiner, Feb. 13, 1866. She was bn. Dec. 12, 1840. P. O., 
Baden, Ont. Farmer. Children: Steiner, Lydia (dec'd), 
Ezra, Anna, Sarah, Tobias, Barbara, John, Mary. 

VI. Enoch D. Shantz, bn. Aug. 6, 1841, In Waterloo 
Co., Ont. Mrd. Catharine Ruthig. She was bn. May 31, 
1844; died Mar. 28, 1875. P. O., Walkerton, Ont. Laborer. 
Methodist. Children: John, William, Abraham, Josiah, 
Enoch, Charles. Enoch mrd. second' wife, Angeline 
Shoemaker, Feb. 11, 1879. She was bn. Nov. 16, 1854. 
Children: Maude, Georgina, Goodwin. 

VII. John Henry R, Shantz, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Dec. 16, 1864. Mrd. Catharine Shoemaker, Dec. 25, 1887. 
She was bn. Sept. 9, 1866; died Oct. 10, 1889. P. O., Berlin, 
Ont. Occupation, putting improvements on steam en- 
gines. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Laura S. Shantz, bn. Oct. 4, 1888. 

VIII. Violet Katie S. Shantz, born August 23, 1889; died 
Jan, 20, 1891. 

— 107 — 

VII. William Albert R. Shantz, bn. in Waterloo Co., 
Ontario, July 8, 1866. Menn. Student at CoUegepoint, 
New York. S. 

VII. Abraham Emanuel R. Shantz, bn. Dec. 20, 1867. 
Mrd. Henrietta Boehmer. She was bn. Sept. 9, 1869. P. 
O., Woodstock, Ont. Agent for sewing machines and 
musical instruments. Meth. Children: 

VIM. Arthur Sylvester B. Shantz, bn. Dec. 12, 1888. 

VIII. Perclval Lloyd B. Shantz, bn. Mar. 9, 1890. 
VIII. Russell Merle B. Shantz, bn. Aug. 9, 1892. 

Vli. Josiah Jeremiah R. Shantz, born June 1, 1869. 
Res., 20 Potomac Ave., Chicago, HI. Butcher. Meth. S. 

VII. Enoch Edward R. Shantz, bom Nov.* 11, 1870; died 
Mar. 16, 1871. 

VII. Charles Herman R. Shantz, bn. July 24, 1872; died 
Ju.y 25, 1872. 

VII. Maude Annie Jane Shantz, bn. Mar. 29, 1880. 

VII. Georgina Sylvania Shantz, bn. Apr. 19, 1882. 

VII. Goodwin George Sylvester Shantz, bn. Oct. 27, 1889. 

VI. Magdalena Shantz, born March 28, 1843. P. O., 
Breslau, Ont. S. 

VI. Menno D. Shantz, bn. Nov. 3, 1844. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Histand, Dec. 30, 1873. She was bn. Oct. 6, 1846. P. O., 
Baden, Ont. Children: Harvey, Amanda, Katie, Mary. 

VI. Susanna Shantz, bn. Mar. 8, 1847; died Oct. 28, 
1886. Mrd. David Devitt. He was bn. Jan. 7, 1838. P. O., 
Port Elgin, Ont. Children: Isaiah and one dec'd. 

VI. Lydia Shantz, bn. Apr. 11, 1849. Mrd. Daniel Hos- 
tetler, Dec. 27, 1870. P. O., Wyandotte, Ont. Farmer. 
Menn. Bre. in Christ. Children: 

VII. Mary Ann Hostetler, bn. and died Apr. 26, 1873. 
VII. Emeline Hostetler, bn. Apr. 20, 1874. 

VII. Minerva Hostetler, born March 15, 1876; died 
Apr. 9, 1883. 

VII. Maranda Hostetler, born October 4, 1878; died 
Apr. 2, 1883. 

VII. Rebecca Hostetler, bn. Dec. 26, 1881. 

VII. Hannah Hostetler, born May 21, 1884; died Janu- 
ary 31, 1887. 

VII. Ella May Hostetler, bn. Mar. 31, 1889. 

— 108 — 

VI. Anna Shantz, bn. Mar. 13, 1851. Married John S. 
Shantz, Jan. 29, 1873. P. O., Berlin, Ontario. Children: 
Alvln, Susanna, Linnie, Anson (dec'd), Annetta, Laurena« 

Yl. Sarah Shantz, bn. in Wilmot Twp., Waterloo Co., 
Ont., June 3, 1853. Mrd. Isaac C. Shantz, Feb. 28, 1875. 
P. O., Breslau, Ont. Farmer. Menu. Children: 

VII. Norman S. Shantz, born January 23, 1876: died 
Apr. 28, 1891. 

Yll. Edwin S. Shatatz, bn. Mar. 28, 1877. Employed in 

Yll. Susanna S. Shantz, bn. Oct. 15, 1879. Menu. 

Yll. Mary Ann S. Shantz, bn. Feb. 9, 1882. 

Yll. Edith S. Shantz, bn. Feb. 10, 1884. 

Yll. Sylvina S. Shantz, bn. July 7, 1887. 

Yll. Sarah Ann S. Shantz, born August 10, 1890; died 
Aug. 13, 1890. 

Yll. Laura May S. Shantz, bn. Sept. 12, 1892. 

Y. Enoch R. Detweiler, bom in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Mar. 7, 1818; died in Waterloo Co., Ont., Sept. 18, 1874. 
Mrd. Abigail Bechtel, Jan. 18, 1842. She was bn. on Rlngr- 
ing Rock farm, near Pottstown, Pa., Oct. 8, 1824. P. 0-, 
Roseville, Ont. Mr. Detweiler lived on his father's farm 
in Waterloo Co., Ont., where he died after suffering 
nearly a year with kidney disease. He was chosen to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church June 5, 1859. Children: 
Mary, Jacob, George, Susanna, Leah, Aaron, Hannah, 
Noah, Daniel, Sarah. 

Yl. Mary Ann Detweiler, bn. June 29, 1843. Married 
Samuel K. High, Jan. 3, 1871. P. O, Blair, Ont. Farmer. 
New Menn. Children: 

Yll. Ezra High, stillborn Jan. 7, 1872. 

VII. Ephraim D. High, bn. Jan. 15, 1873. 

VII. Maggie Abigail High, bn. Apr. 29, 1875. 

VII. Maria High. bn. Dec. 13, 1877. 

VII. Almeda High, bn. Apr. 20, 1880; died June 10, 1880. 

VII. Eliza Ann High, bn. Jan. 20, 1882. 

Yil. Daniel D. High, bn. Nov. 14, 1887. 

VI. Rev. Jacob B. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 6, 1844. Mrd. 
Harriet Shantz, Mar. 18, 1866. P. O., Didsbury, Alberta, 
N. W. T., Canada. They have no issue, but adopted two 
children, the one, Louisa Meiller, at the age of 22 months, 

— 109 — 

and the other, Mary Fester, at the age of 2 years and 9 

The subject of this sketch was received as a minister 
on probation by the Mennonite Brethren in Christ, at the 
Annual Conference held at Dixons Hill, Ont., in June, 1880. 
He took charge of Nottawasaga Mission, where he con- 
tinued his labors until Mar. 1883, when he was appointed 
to the Berlin charge, remaining two years. He was then 
appointed editor of the Qospd Banner and Evangdiurru- 
Panier, by the General Conference, in which capacity he 
served three years; then took charge of Elm wood Mission 
for five months. The following year he took no work on 
account of ill health. In 1890 the Annual Conference 
appointed him to Bethel circuit where he served four 
years. In the spring of 1894 he was assigned to Alberta 
Mission, N. W, T., Canada, his present field of labor. 

Yl. Rev. George Detweiler, bn. Jan. 6, 1847. Mrd. 
Harriet Tyson, Nov. 27, 1870. P. O., Sherkton, Ont. 
Farmer and minister, River Brethren in Christ. Children: 

VII. Emma Detweiler, bn. Oct. 12, 1871. Mrd. Frank 
Cushman. Bes., Chicago, 111. 

VII. Tyson Detweiler, bn. June 6, 1873. 

VII. Etta Detweiler, bn. May 14, 1875. 

VII. Irene Detweiler, bom August 12, 1878; died Octo- 
ber 18, 1882. 

VII. Anna Abby Detweiler, bn. Mar. 17, 1882. 

VII. G. Leslie Detweiler, bn. Apr. 28, 1885. 

Yl. Susannah Detweiler, bn. in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
Mar. 22, 1849. Mrd. Abraham D. Kinsie, Mar. 8, 1868. He 
was bn. in Oxford Co., Ont., Sept. 24, 1841. P. O., Rose- 
ville, Ont. Farmer. Menn. Br. in Christ. Children: 

VII. Oliver D. Kinsie, bn. Mar. 16, 1869. Manager in 
J. Y. Shantz's button factory of Buffalo, N. Y. S. 

VII. Henry Kinsie, bn. Mar. 2, 1871. 

VII. Helen Kinsie, bn. Aug. 14, 1874. 

VII. Clara Kinsie, bn. June 24, 1876. 

VII. Ira Kinsie, bn. June 20, 1879. 

VII. Eden Kinsie, bn. Mar. 16, 1886. 

VI. Leah Detweiler, bom April 28, 1851; died Octo- 
ber 29, 1854. 

VI. Aaroh B. Detweiler, bn. May 24, 1853. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John Z. Detweiler, Dec. 7, 1875. She 

— 110 — 

was bn. May 26, 1853, P. O., Roseville, Ont. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Luida Detweller, bn. Oct. 10, 1876. 

Yll. John Detweiler, bn. July 21, 1878. 

Yll. Naomi Detweiler, bn. Jan. 29, 1880. 

VII. Norman Detweiler, bn. Mar. 12, 1883. 

VII. Orpha Detweiler, bn. July 23, 1885. 

Yll. Elma Detweiler, bn. Sept. 17, 1887. 

Yll. Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. Nov. 22, 1892. 

Yl. Hannah Detweiler, bn. Dec. 17, 1855. Mrd. David 
S. Huber. Res., Queen St., Berlin, Ont. Photographer 
at Waterloo, Ont. Children: Julian, Herbert, Idessa, 

VI. Noah B. Detweiler, born in Waterloo Co., Ont., 
June 3, 1858. Mrd. Mary Brubaker Shantz, daughter of 
Jacob Y. Shantz, of Berlin, Ont., Dec. 14, 1880. Res., 167 
Fargo Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Button manufacturer. At- 
tends the Free Meth. ch. Member of Christian Alliance. 

VII. Eldon Detweiler, bn. May 10, 1885. 
VII. Lenora Detweiler, bn. May 7, 1887. 
VII. Lizzie Detweiler, bn. May 22, 1889. 
Yll. Ethel Detweiler, bn. Sept. 3, 1890. 

Yl. Daniel B. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 10, 1860. Married 
Amanda Albright. She was bn. May 19, 1864; died Sept. 
11, 1893. Res., Ahrens St., Berlin, Ont. Traveling agent 
for the J. Y. Shantz & Son Button Co. Children: 

Yll. Bertha May Detweiler. 

Yll. Milton Detweiler. 

VII. George Franklin Detweiler. 

Yl. Sarah Detweiler, bn. Jan. 17, 1866. P. O., Berlin, 
Ont. Resides with her brother, Daniel. S. 

V. Abraham Detweiler, born July 25, 1820; died in 

V. Lydia Detweiler, bn. in Ontario, Aug. 22, 1824. 
Mrd. Philip Doerr, Mar. 2, 1856. He was bn. Aug. 20, 1833. 
P. O., Peabody, Kan. Children: Jonathan, Maria, Kath- 
arine, Lydia. 

VI. Jonathan D. Doerr, bn. July 13, 1857. 
VI. Maria Ann Doerr, bn. Aug. 5, 1859. 


— Ill — 

VI, Katharine Doerr, bn. Apr. 13, 1861. 
VI. Lydia Doerr, bn. Aug. 16, 1863. 

IV. Barbara Detweiler, bn. ; died . Mrd. . 

IV. Susanna Detweiler, bn. ; died . Mrd. 

Hendricks. No issue. 

IV. Joshua Detweiler, bn. July 3, 1781; died July 21, 
1&41. Mrd. Catharine Allebach, Oct. 5, 1803. She was bn. 
Oct. 15, 1784; died Augf. 25, 1M2. They owned a small farm 
in Franconia Twp., about threfe-fourths of a mile east of 
the old Funk homestead, where they lived for a time, 
and later moved to Philadelphia, and afterwards engaged 
in the sale of medicines, and during one of his trips in 
the country, died at the residence of Judge Joseph 
Royer, at the Trappe. He was a member of the Funkite 
church for some years, but afterwards joined the German 
Baptists. Children: John, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, 
Catharine, Jacob, Abraham, Susanna, Margaret, Anna. 

V. John Detweiler, bn. Jan. 13, 1805; died in infancy. 

V. Mary Detweiler, bn. Nov. 29, 1806; died in 1878. 
Mrd. Frederick Geisenhoffer, a German. One child. 

VI. Jacob Geisenhoffer, bn. ; died . Mrd. Jane 

Ruinn. Children: 

VII. Jacob Geisenhoffer, probably in Philadelphia. S. 
VII. Harry Geisenhoffer. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, born November 17, 1808; died 
in infancy. 

V. Sarah Detweiler, bn. Aug. 27, 1810; died . Mrd. 

Frederick Hartman, dec'd. No issue. 

V. Catharine Detweiler, born Feb. 24, 1812; died Oct. 
14, 1881. Mrd. John Jacob Leitenberger, a German, Feb. 
21, 1837. Children: John, Mary. 

VI. John G. Leitenberger, bn. Feb. 7, 1838. Mrd. Eva 
Mary Krauter. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Children: John 
Jacob, J. Frederick, C. Lewis, Catharine, Emma Mary, 
Emanuel Joshua, Ernest, Eva. 

VII. John Jacob Leitenberger mrd. Lillie Cressman, 
Apr. 24, 1884. P. O., Ridley Park, Pa. One child. 

VIII. Elsie Leitenberger, bn. Apr. 16, 1889. 

VII. J. Frederick Leitenberger. 

— 112 — 

VII. C. Lewis Leltenberger mrd. Anna Brunner, June 
4, 1889. Res., 1332 Jarden St., Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

Ylll. Mary Leitenberger, bn. Apr. 7, 1890. 

VIII. Louis Leitenberger, bn. Mar. 30, 1892. 
VIII. Annie Leitenberger, bn. Mar. 2, 1894. 

VII. Catharine Leitenberger. 

VII. Emma Leitenberger, born . Mrd. Jacob B. 

Shelly, Oct. 3, 189L Children: 

Ylll. Emma Shelly, bn. July 9, 1892. 
Vm. Tillie Shelly, bn. Aug. 26, 1893. 

VII. Emanuel Joshua Leitenberger. 
VII. Ernest Leitenberger. 
VII. Eva Leitenberger. 

VI. Mary C. Leitenberger, bn. in Phila., Pa., June 27, 
1842. Mrd. Fred. J. Rentlinger, Sept. 3, 1863. Res., 412 
Dickerson St., Phila., Pa. Steel stamp engraver. Luth. 
Children: John, Frederick, Anna, Charles, Mary, Emma, 
Bertha, Edward. 

VII. John J. Rentlinger, bn. July 12, 1864. Mrd. Emma 
Koehl, Dec. 2, 1891. Res., 711 Moore St., Phila., Pa. Steel 
stamp engraver. Luth. One child. 

VIII. Frederick John Rentlinger, Jr., bn. Sept. 23, 1894 

VII. Frederick Rentlinger, bn. Dec. 17, 1866. Mrd 
Catharine A. Hunter, Jan. 11, 1891. Res., 816 McKean St. 
Phila., Pa. Steel stamp engraver. Luth. Children. 

VIII. Mary Elizabeth Rentlinger died Dec. 2, 1897 
aged 4 years. 

VIII. Ralph F. Rentlinger died January 17, 1897 
aged 18 months. 

VII. Anne Catharine Rentlinger, bn. Aug. 3, 1869. 
Presby. Unmarried. 

VII. Charles Rentlinger, bn. Dec. 17, 1871. Electrical 
course, John Hopkins University, Baltimore. Presby. S. 

VII. Mary Rentlinger, bn. Dec. 26, 1873. Presby. 
Mrd. Samuel Elwood Griffiths, Apr. 21, 1898. 

VII. Emma C. Rentlinger, bn. June 10, 1877. Presby. 

VII. Bertha Rentlinger, bn. Feb. 7, 188L Presby. 

VII. Edward Rentlinger, bn. May 26, 1883. Presby. 

V. Jacob Detweiler, bn. Mar. 9, 1813; died Dec. 29, 
1888. Run over by cable car. Mrd. Maria Landes, dec'd. 

— U3 — 

Children: Margaret, Isaac. Jacob mrd. second wife, 
Leidy, dec'd. Children: Emanuel, Leidy. 

VI. Margaret Detweiler mrd. William Buck. Chil- 
dren: Brinton, Harry. 

VII. Brinton Buck mrd. Sadie Brubaker. Bes., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

VII. Harry Buck. S. 

VI. Isaac L. Detweiler, bn. in 1842. Married Annie 
Cooke. Res., So. E. Cor. 12th and Norris Sts., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Children: 

VII. Bessie Detweiler. 
VII. Walter Detweiler. 

VI. Emanuel Detweiler married Hannah Mahoney. 

VII. Earl Detweiler. 
VH. Miriam Detweiler. 

VI. Leidy Detweiler, bn. . Mrd. , died soon 

after. No issue. 

V. Abraham A. Detweiler, bn. June 1, 1815; died . 

Mrd. Ann Custer, October 29, 1836. Ger. Bap. Children: 
Isaac, Amanda, John, Mary, Catharine. 
VI. Isaac Detweiler, died in infancy. 

VI. Amanda C. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 21, 1840. Married 
James H. Stevenson, May 13, 1858. He died June 10, 1892. 
Bap. Children: Harry, James, Ida, Walter, Oliver, Hor- 
ace, Abraham, Thomas, Freddie, Willie, David, Miriam. 

VII. Harry W. Stevenson mrd. Emma R. Lippencott. 

VIII. Mary Alma Stevenson, bn. ; died , aged 

11 years. 

VIII. Edith Y. Stevenson. 

VIII. Gertrude A. Stevenson, bn. ; died , aged 

5 years. 

Vlf. James L. Stevenson married Clara E. Pontius. 

VIII. Clara Stevenson. 

VIII. Hazel A. Stevenson. 

VIII. James L. Stevenson. 

VIII. Grace Detweiler Stevenson. 

VII. Ida Stevenson married John Blackhurst, dec'd» 


— lU — 

VIII. Harold J. Blackhurst. 
VIII. Lawrence Blackhurst. 

Yll. Walter N. Stevenson married Elizabeth Glazier. 
One child. 

VIII. Ellen G. Stevenson. 

VII. Oliver K. Stevenson married Blanche Walborn. 

VIII. Infant, stillborn. 
VIII. James H. Stevenson. 
VIII. Amos W. Stevenson. 

VII. Horace B. Stevenson married E. Scott Godwin. 
No issue. 

VII. Abraham C. Stevenson. S. 

VII. Thomas D. Stevenson. S. 

VII. Freddie Stevenson. S. 

VII. Willie Stevenson, died infant. 

VII. David Stevenson, died infant. 

VII. Miriam Stevenson, died infant. 

VI. John Detweiler, died infant. 

VI. Mary Ann Detweiler, bn. Mar. 30, 1844. Married 

Hiram G. Kirk, , 1863. Children: Thomas, Frank, 


VII. Thomas H. G. Kirk. S. 
VII. Frank Kirk, dec' d. 

VII. Richard Kirk. S. 

VI, Catharine Detweiler, dec'd. 

V. Susanna Detweiler, bn. Feb. 26, 1818. Mrd. William 
Fitzcharles. Children: Catharine, Theodore, William. 

VI. Catharine Fitzcharles married William Lawson. 
One child. 

VII. David Lawson mrd. . 

VI. Theodore Fitzcharles, dec'd. Mrd. Annie Major. 
No issue. 

VI. William Fitzcharles mrd. . Is lost sight of. 

V. Margaret Detweiler, bn. Apr. 1, 1820. Mrd. Joseph 
Trymby. One child. 

VI. Enos Trymby mrd. Keller. Trymby, Hunt & 

Co., furniture store, Market St., above 12th, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

— 115 — 

V. Anna Detweiler, bn. Oct 20, 1822. Mrd. Edward 
Jacoby. One child. 

VI. Mary Jacoby mrd. Frank Whitby. Children: 
Vn. Anna Whitby. S. 

VII. Ralph Whitby. S. 

IV. Sarah Detweiler, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Sept. 14, 
1782: died Mar. 22, 1851. Mrd. Peter Heckler. He was 
bn. Dec. 27, 1770; died Jan. 22, 1847. Peter Heckler was a 
farmer and lived on his farm on tbe Skippack, above 
Mainland, where Benjamin Ruth now lives. He was the 
son of George Heckler. His father used to call him 
*' Honest Peter," because he could be trusted for honesty. 
Sarah Detweiler was a young girl when her father died, 
after which she lived with her uncle, John Detweiler, for 
a time. At the time of her marriage with Peter Heck- 
ler, she was living at John Lederach's. She, in all prob- 
ability, was a handsome girl, as it is said she was still 
good looking when she was old. Mr. Heckler held the 
Dunkards in derision and called them "water creepers," 
but after he died, his wife, Sarah, was baptized through 
the ice in the Indian Creek. Children: Jacob, Abraham, 
Henry, Joseph, Christiana, Michael, Sarah. 

V. Jacob Heckler, bn. Dec. 20, 1800; died Jan. 5, 1890. 
Mrd. Barbara Delp, daughter of Abraham Delp, of Fran- 
conia. She died Nov. 16, 1860, aged 66 years, 1 month 
and 257 days. Mr. Heckler purchased a farm adjoining 
that of his father-in-law, where he lived until he was old, 
when he canae with his son to Harleysville where he died. 
One child. 

VI. Abraham Heckler mrd. Magdalena Price, daugh- 
ter of Elder William Price, dec'd. She died July 2, 1891; 
aged 58 years, 6 months and 20 days. Mr. Heckler, while 
out gunning* for squirrels July 1, 1857, accidentally fell, 
discharg'ing the contents of his gun into his elbow, and 
would have bled to death had he not soon received help. 
It was found necessary to amputate the (right) arm, dis- 
abling him from work ever after. One child. 

VII. Amanda Heckler, bn. ; died of scarlet fever, 

Dec. 17, 1877. Mrd. Samuel Bergey. P. O., Harleysville, 
Pa. Children: 

VIII. Catharine Bergey, dec'd. 
VIII. Henry Bergey, dec'd. 

— 116 — 

VIII. Magdalena Bergey, dec*d. 
Ylll. Abraham Bergey. 

Y. Abraham Heckler, bn. Nov. 13, 1801; died Aug. 1, 
1885. Married Sarah Detweiler, daughter of Abraham 
Detweiler, of Worcester, Pennsylvania. She died Octo- 
ber 2, 1882, aged 82 years, 5 months and 29 days. Farmer. 
Lived on their farm of 90 acres, below Kulpsville, on the 
Towamencin Creek, now owned in part by Jacob Rosen- 
berger. In their old age they lived on a corner lot in 
Kulpsville, which they owned, and there died. Menn. 
Children: Eli, Mary, John, Peter, Sarah, Susan, Reuben, 
Israel, Abraham, Jacob. 

VI. Eli Heckler, bn. June 3, 1825; died July 15, 1894. 
Mrd. Annie Drake, daughter of Joseph Drake. She died 
while on a visit to her son, Joseph Heckler, at Sellers- 
ville. Pa., Nov. 10, 1886, aged 57 years, 1 month and 5 
days. Mr. Heckler kept store in Pranconiaville for some 
time, after which he kept a hotel in Philadelphia some 
years. In later years he kept a toll-gate on the Bethle- 
hem turnpike several miles below Sell^rsville. He was 
unfortunate in business and became poor. One child. 

VII. Joseph M. D. Heckler mrd. Mary Martin. P. O., 
Sellers ville. Pa. Children: 

VIII. Charles M. Heckler, bn. Oct. 20, 1882. 

VIII. Irwin M. Heckler, born January 12, 1885; died 
Dec. 26, 1887. 

VIII. Edward Russel Heckler, born Sept. 11, 1886; died 
Aug. 16, 1887. 

VIII. Joseph Wesley Heckler, born July 26, 1888; died 
Dec. 4, 1888. 

Yl. Mary Heckler, bn. Jan. 19, 1827. Mrd. . 

Yl. John Heckler, bn. July 20, 1828; died of hip disease 
about 1851. S. 

VI. Peter Heckler, bn. July 18, 1830; died young. 

VI. Sarah Heckler, bn. May 24, 1832; died Jan. 15, 1879. 
Mrd. Mahlon Erb, Sept. 3, 1854. P. O., Kulpsville, Pa. 
Weaver. Mr. Erb, 'Schwenkf elder. Children: Abraham, 
Susan, George, Catharine, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth. 

VII. Abraham Erb, bn. July 3, 1855. Mrd. Mary Leis- 
ter. Res., 2618 Jessup St., Philadelphia, Pa. Brick- 
layer. Children: 

— 117 — 

VIII. Howard Erb, bn. Apr. 22, 1875. 
VIII. Mary Ann Erb, bn. July 11, 1877. Mrd. Amandu8 
Erb, Jan. 22, 1898. 

VIII. John Erb, bn. Feb. 26, 1879. 

VIII. Eugene Erb, bn. July 9, 1881; died June 9, 1882. 

VIII. Walter Erb, bn. Nov. 10, 1883. 

Ylll. Rebecca Erb, bn. May 17, 1889. 

VIII. Robert Erb, bn. . 

VII. Suaan Erb, bn. in Kulpsville, Pa., Apr. 19, 1858. 
Mrd. John F. Dettra, Mar. 17, 1883. P. O., Mainland, Pa. 
Weaver. Luth. Children: 

VIII. Emma Rebecca Dettra, bn. Dec. 24, 1883. 

VIII. Harvey Linford Dettra, born May 10, 1887; died 
July 26, 1887. 

VIII. John Franklin Dettra, bn. July 23, 1888. 
VIII. Howard Nelson Dettra, bn. Oct. 5, 1893. 

VII. George Erb, bn. June 21, 1861; died May 6, 1869. 

VII. Catharine Erb, bn. Jan. 2, 1864. Married James 
Sterner. P. O., West Point, Penna. Laborer. Luth. 

VIM. Edna Sterner, bn. Sept. 8, 1887. 

VIII. Raymond Sterner, bn. Feb. 24, 1889. 
VIII. Pearl Sterner, bn. June 10, 1894. 
VIII. Percival Sterner, bn. July 25, 1896. 

VII. Sarah Erb, bn. Mar. 13, 1866. S. 

VII. Mary Jane Erb, bn. Oct. 8, 1870. Mrd. Frederick 
Siesholtz. P. O., West Point, Pa. Laborer. Church of 
Saints. Children: 

VIM. Lulu Siesholtz, bn. Apr. 19, 1892. 

VIM. Mamie Siesholtz, bn. Nov. 6, 1893. 

VIII. Viola Siesholtz, bn. Jan. 30, 1895. 
VIII. Blanche Siesholtz, bn. Oct. 11, 1897. 

VII. Elizabeth Erb, bn. Aug. 16, 1873. S. 

VI. Susan Heckler, bn. July 16, 1834. Mrd. Abraham 
Clemens. He died in Lansdale, Pa., Sept. 11, 1896. La- 
borer. Children: Mary, Sarah, Annie, Harry, Emma, 
Susan, Lizzie. 

VII. Mary Ann Clemens, bn. Nov. 5, 1859; died May 27, 
1886. Mrd. Joshua Morris. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Harry, and three died in infancy. 

— 118 - 

Yll. Sarah Jane Clemens, bn. Apr. , 1861. Mrd. 

Benjamin Morris. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Laborer. Meth. 

Ylll. John Morris, bn. Nov. , 1881. 

VIIL Lizzie Morris, bn. Oct. 14, 1887. 

Ylll. Winfield Morris (twin), bn. Oct. 14, 1887; died 
aged 8 months. 

VII. Annie Clemens mrd. Mablon Long. P. O., Kulps- 
ville, Pa. Laborer. Luth. Children: 

Ylll. Lavina Long, dec'd. 

VIM. Irvin Long. 

Ylll. Jacob Long. 

Ylll. Morris Long. 

Yll. Harry Clemens mrd. Lizzie Clime. Laborer. P. 
O., Doylestown, Pa. One child. 
Ylll. Harry Clemens. 

Yll. Emma Clemens, born October 18, 1868: died 
July 8, 1882. 

Yll. Susan Clemens, bn. , 1872. Mrd. Elmer Hause. 

Res., Lansdale, Pa. Moulder. Children: 

Ylll. Walter Hause, bn. Mar., 1888. 

Ylll. Edwin Hause, bn. Apr., 1890. 

Ylll. William Hause, bn. Aug., 1892. 

Ylll. Elmer Hause, bn. Mar., 1895. 

Ylll. Russel Hause, bn. Nov., 1897. 

Yll. Lizzie Clemens, bn. Jan. 22, 1874; died Nov. 16^ 
1892. Mrd. William L. Fryer. P. O., Royersford, Pa. 
Meth. Children: 

Ylll. Clara C. Fryer, bn. Mar. 16, 1890. 

Ylll. William C. Fryer, bn. Apr. 8, 1891. 

Ylll. Lizzie C. Fryer, bn. Nov. 16, 1892. 

Yf. Reuben Heckler, bn. Feb. 16, 1836. Mrd. Margaret 
Wisler. P. O., Fricks, Pa. Children: Amanda, Frank- 
lin, Elemina, Sarah, Catharine, Margaret, Fannie, Henry, 
Mary, Elizabeth, Susan, Samuel, Ellen, Lillie. 

Yll. Amanda Heckler, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., July 4, 
1860. Mrd. Nathaniel Benncr, Sept. 20, 1879. P. O., Sou- 
derton, Pa. Mason. Menn. Children: 

Ylll. Charles Benner, bn. Oct. 3, 1881. 

Ylll. Warren Benner, bn. Oct. 31, 1882. 

VIII. Marietta Benner, bn. June 13, 1886. 

— 119 — 

VIII. Abraham Benner, bn. Apr. 21, 1888. 
VIII. Henry Benner, bn. July 16, 1892. 
VIII. Margraret Benner, bn. July 7, 1894. 
VIII. Lizzie Ann Benner, bn. June 20, 1896. 
VIII. Nathaniel Benner, bn. Jan. 2, 1898. 

VII. Franklin Heckler, bn. July 27, 1861; died aged 
18 years. ^ 

VII. Elemina Heckler, died young. 
VII. Sarah Ann Heckler, died young. 
VII. Catharine Heckler, died young. 
VII. Margaret Heckler, died young. 
VII. Fannie Heckler, died young. 
VII. Henry Heckler, died young. 

VII. Mary W. Heckler mrd. Victor Cope. P. O., Sou- 
derton, Pa. One child. 

VIII. Samuel Cope. 

VII. Elizabeth W. Heckler, bn. May 25, 1869. Mrd. 
Harvey Ott. P. O., Hatfield, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
Children : 

VIII. Titus Ott, bn. Apr. 4, 1890. 
VIII. Elmer Ott, bn. June 15, 1892. 
VIII. Sylvanus Ott, bn. Feb, 3, 1894. 
VIII. Martha Ott, bn. Aug. 28, 1897. 

VII. Susan W. Heckler mrd. William S. Barnes. Res., 
Pittsburg, Pa. Boiler-maker and plumber. Children: 

VIII. Gertrude Catharine Barnes. 
VIII. Leah Agnes Barnes. 

VIII. Robert Barnes, dec'd. 

VIII. Margaret Lillie Barnes and three o.hers. 

VII. Samuel W. Heckler, bn. Jan. 21, 1873; was acci- 
dentally shot June 3, 1897. He was employed on the Arm- 
strong farm on the State road west of Montgomery 
Square, where he was engaged in cultivating corn. He 
was sitting on the cultivator with his gun at his side to 
shoot black birds, when by some mishap the gun was dis- 
charged into his arm, cutting off the artery above the 
wrist, from which he died next morning. He was taken 
to the home of bis parents at Union ville, where the 
funeral was held and largely attended. The young man 
carried a life insurance of $1000 payable to his mother, 
which she received and invested in a house and lot. 

— 120 — 

VII. Ellen Heckler. S. 
VII. LilUe Heckler. S. 

VI. Israel Heckler, bn. Jan. 12, 1838. Mrd. Amanda 
Stone. P. O., Worcester, Pa. Retired farmer. Chil- 
dren: Emma, Sallie, Romanus, Vinie, Abraham, John, 
Elmer, George, Eva, Irwin. 

VII. Emma S. Heckler mrd. Oliver S. Williams. Res., 
2405 Lawrence Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Blacksmith. 
No issue. 

VII. Sallie S. Heckler mrd. Wilson Van Fossen. P. O., 
Worcester, Pa. 

VII. Romanus S. Heckler, bn. Jan. 28, 1871. Married 
Susie A. Heebner, Dec. 24, 1893. P. O., Kulpsville, Pa. 
Steam fitter. Schwenkf elder. One child. 

VIII. Cleta May Heckler. 

VII. Vinie Heckler, bn. Aug. 24, 1873. Mrd. Ambrose 
Fry, Jan. 10, 1891. P. O., Skippack, Pa. Blacksmith. 
One child. 

VIII. Raymond Fry, bn. Jan. 19, 1895; died Sept. 14, 1895. 

VII. Abraham S. Heckler mrd. Alice Yohe. P. O., 
Creamery, Pa. 

VII. John S. Heckler, P. C, Lansdale, Pa. S. 

VII. Elmer S. Heckler, born March 19,- 1880; died 
Mar. 24, 1890. 

VII. George S. Heckler. 

VII. Eva S. Heckler. 

VII. Irwin S. Heckler. 

VI. Abraham D. Heckler, bn. Jan. 5, 1840; died Sept. 
19, 1873, aged about 33 years. Mrd. Sallie Gehman, He 
lived on a small farm upon which his father built a house 
and other buildings for him on the east side of the Tow- 
amencin bridge, below Kulpsville. Children: Abraham, 
Mary, Reinie, William, Katie, Jacob. 

VII. Abraham Heckler, died an infant. 

VH. Mary G. Heckler mrd. Jacob Z. ReiflP. She died 
Aug. 23, 1881, aged 18 years, 5 months and 29 days. 

VIII. Infant, stillborn. 

VII. Reinie Heckler, died in infancy. 

VII. William Heckler, died in infancy. 

VII. Katie Heckler, died in infancy. 

VII. Jacob Heckler, died in infancy. 


— 121 — 
VI. Jacob Heckler, bn. Sept. 15, 1841; died in infancy. 

V. Henry Heckler, bn. Jan. 12, 1804; died Mar. 19, 1865. 
Mrd. Susanna Johnson. She died Sept. 23, 1885, aged 79 
years. They lived in Lower Salford Twp., until about 
1839, when they moved to Dunmore Twp., Lancaster Co., 
where they resided until about 1858, when they moved to 
Whiteside Co., 111., where he died. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Sarah, William, Jacob, Susan, Peter, Henry, 
David, Salomon. 

VI. Sarah Heckler, died in infancy. 

VI. William Heckler mrd. Matilda Weaver (a widow). 

She died Oct. , 1885. They had a farm eig-ht miles 

north of Sterling, 111., where they lived for some years, 
then purchased a farm in Gage Co., Neb., and moved 
thereon. His present residence is Atlanta, Colorado. 
No issue. 

VI. Jacob J. Heckler mrd. Mary Ann Suavely, of 111. 
She died Oct. 26, 1873, aged 29 years and 6 days. Chil- 
dren: Elias, Mary, Jacob, Elmira, John, George, Joseph. 
Jacob mrd. second wife, Ellen Alger. She died Apr. 5, 
1893, aged 45 years. P. C, Atlanta, Colorado. Children: 
Ellen, Sarah, Arthur, Ira. 

VII. Elias Henry Heckler, bn. Dec. 18, 1865. Married 
Nellie Lynn Tucker, Mar. 1, 1892. P. O., Wilson, Wis. 
Telegraph operator. One child. 

Vlil. Isabel Heckler. 

VII. Mary Lizzie Heckler, bn. Sept. 8, 1866. Mrd. Eph- 
raim C. Prowant, Sept. 11, 1884. P. O., Lebanon, Kansas. 
Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Pearl Prowant, bn. Aug. 1, 1885. 
VIII. Ida Bell Prowant, bn. June 3, 1887. 

VIII. Ernest Prowant, born March 28, 1889; died 
July 11, 1889. 

VIII. Leslie Prowant, bn. Nov. 7, 1891. 

VIII. Jennie Prowant, bn. Aug. 12, 1893. 

VIII. Leonard Allen Prowant, bn. Jan. 21, 1897. 

VII. Jacob S. Heckler, bn. in Whiteside Co., 111., in 
1868. Mrd. Mary Oltmans, of Montgomery, 111., Jan. 26, 
1898- P. O., Sterling, 111. Farmer. 

— 122 — 

VII. Elmira Heckler, bn. July 7, 1870. Mrd. William E. 
White, Oct. 5, 1887. P. O., Smith Centre, Kan. Faraaer. 

VIII. Clarence White. 
VIII. Bertha White. 
VIII. Edith White. 

VII. John Heckler, bn. , 1868; died Apr. 15, 1869. 

VII. George S. Heckler, P. O., Atlanta, Colo. Post- 
master. S. 

VII. Joseph Heckler, bn. Oct. 1, 1873; died Oct. 26, 1873. 
VII. Ellen Heckler. 
VII. Sarah Heckler. 
VII. Arthur Heckler. 
VII. Ira Heckler. 

VI. Susan J. Heckler, bn. ; died Mar. 27, 1872, aged 

39 years, 10 months and 10 days. Mrd. Moses Deyo. She 
w^as accidentally shot in the head by her son. Garret, as 
he was going to shoot wild geese in Illinois. The where- 
abouts of the family is unknown. Children: Frank, Gar- 
ret, Susan, Mary, Moses, Jane, Annie. 

VI. Peter J. Heckler, bn. . He owned a farm in 

Illinois. His mother kept house for him many year^. He 
is now in Florida. S. 

VI. Henry J. Heckler mrd. Mary Hershey, Apr. , 

1864. P. O., Monte Vista, Colo. They moved to Hiawatha, 
Kan., and afterwards to Falls City, Neb. In Mar., 1893, 
they moved to Monte Vista, Colo., where he owns a large 
tract of land, but lives retired. Children: Minnie, Clar- 
ence, Edna, Ellen, Charles, Ida, twins. 

VII. Minnie Heckler, bn. ; died May . 1889, 

from consumption, caused by inhaling gas while at 

VI. David Heckler. 
VI. Solomon Heckler. 

V. Joseph D. Heckler, bn. Apr. 15, 1806; died Dec. 26, 
1887, aged 81 years, 8 months and 11 days. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Yocum. She died Apr. 21, 1892, aged 83 years and 3 
months. Farmer. Lived on their farm where Henry 
R. Landis now live^, in Lower Salford Twp., for about 44 
years. Children: James, Charles, Jesse, Sarah, Mary, 

— 123 — 

VI. James Y. Heckler, bn. in Montg. Co., Oct. 21, 1829. 
Mrd. Mary Lukens, Mar. 21, 1854. She died Dec. 8, 1864, 
aged 33 years, 9 months and 15 days. Children: Henry, 
Elizabeth, Annie, Joseph, Mary. James mrd. second 
wife, Lydia Harley. She became insane in May, 1869, 
and died in the insane asylum at Norristown, Pa., Feb. 10, 
1888, aged 53 years, 1 month and 14 days. P. O., Hatfield, 
Pa. Children: Katie, Charles, Jonas. 

Mr. Heckler in early life taught school for 22 years, 
and is a local antiquarian of note. He is author of a his- 
tory of Lower Salford township, published at Harleys- 
ville in 1888. He is also author of a history of the Heck- 
ler family, and of ** Ecclesianthum," or a Song of the 
Brethren. He has also for many years been a newspaper 
correspondent and has contributed to the following papers: 
the yeutralistj a German paper in Skippack, the North 
Wales Becordy Lanadule Beportei% Montgomery Transcript^ 
and HarleysviUe News, and at the present time writes regu- 
larly every week for the Lansdale Reporter and the Har- 
leysviUe News. For some years he also contributed much 
to the German Baptist church papers, viz: Gospel Vis- 
itor, Christian Family Gompaniony Brethren at Worky Primi- 
tive Christian and Oospel Messenger. He also composed a 
number of poems, to one of which we give place, entitled, 


Full three score miles my journey on 

Have I been traveling now, 
From Tropic isles and sunny skies 

To Arctic hills of snow. 
How many miles among these hills 

My journey yet may be, 
Until I can no farther go. 

Is quite unknown to me. 

My pilgrimage in all this land, 

Through dark and thorny vales, 
Has often been on barren sand 

In strong tempestuous gales, 
With cloudy skies and thunderstorms 

Thick gathering overhead. 
And threatening me with false alarms, 

With danger, fear and dread. 

— 124 — 

Like winter on the Arctic hills 

The frosts are on my brow, 
Which seems to bring November chills 

Through all my being now. 
My vision fails me where'er I be 

In this Autumnal haze, 
The winter is awaiting me. 

The winter of my days. 

I have a home beyond these hills 

Which t have never seen, 
A home where neither frosts nor chills 

Disturb the smiling green. 
They say the street is paved with gold, 

The mansion large and fair, 
And that the people, young and old. 

Are very happy there. 

VII. Henry C. Heckler, bn. July 15, 1855. Mrd. Mary 
Hunslcker. P. O., Elroy, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Dilman Heckler. 

VIII. Ephraim Heckler, dec'd. 

VIII. Harry Heckler. 

VIII. Amanda Heckler, dec'd. 

VIII. Estella Heckler. 

VIII. Minerva Heckler. 

VII. Elizabeth Heckler, bn. May 29, 1857. Mrd. Sam- 
uel Weir man. He died Nov. 20, 1878, aged 25 years and 
3 months. Children: Susan, Bertha. Elizabeth married 
second husband, Solomon Krupp. P. O., Souderton, Pa. 
Ger. Ref. Children: Mary, Lizzie, Harvey, Irwin. 

VIII. Susan J. Weirman, bn. Aug. 16, 1874. Mrd. Allen 
Derstein, of Rockhill, Pa. P. O., Sellersville, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

IX. Lizzie Derstein, born November 11, 1892; died 
Apr. 26, 1895. 

IX. Emma Derstein. 
IX. Susan Derstein. 

VIII. Bertha Weirman, bn. Sept. 12, 1876. Ger. Ref. S. 
VIII. Mary Matilda Krupp, bn. Sept. 30, 1883. 
VIII. Lizzie Ann Krupp, bn. June 12, 1886. 
VIII. Harvey H. Krupp, bn. July 5, 1889. 
VIIL Irwin Krupp, bn. July 21, 1894. 

— 125 — 

VII. Anna Matilda Heckler, bn. in Lower Salford 
Twp., Montg. Co., Pa., May 18, 1869. Mrd. Isaac B. Det- 
weiler. He was bn. Aug. 30, 1852. P. O., Souderton, Pa. 
Laborer. Ger. Bap. Children: Mary, EUie, Emma, 
Harrison, Ruth. 

VIII. Mary Lizzie Detweiler, bn. July 9, 1877. Married 
Mahlon Albright, Mar. 12, 1898. 

VIII. Elsie Detweiler, bn. Apr. 17, 1881. 
VIM. Emma Detweiler, bn. Mar. 29, 1884. 
VIII. Harrison Detweiler, bom January 25, 1889; died 
June 3, 1893. 

VIII. Ruth Detweiler, bn. Nov. 1, 1891. 

VII. Joseph A. Heckler, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Oct. 7, 
1860. Mrd- Elizabeth Seitz. P. O., Skippack, Pa. Farm- 
er. Mrs. H., Ger. Ref. Children: 

VIII. Harvey Heckler, dec'd. 
VIII. Warren Heckler. 

VIII. Henry Heckler. 
VIII. Freddie Heckler. 

VII. Mary Alice Heckler, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 
8, 1862. Mrd. Henry T. Home, Sept. 15, 1888. P. O., 
Hatfield, Pa. Laborer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VIII. Hannah Home, bn. Dec. 25, 1891. 
VIII. Mary Home, bn. Nov. 24, 1894. 

VII. Katie Lillian Heckler, bn. in Lower Salford Twp., 
Montg. Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 1866. She was drowned in the 
branch creek in Upper Salford Twp., May 29, 1874. 

VII. Charles Jerome Heckler, bn. in Lower Salford 
Twp., Dec. 21, 1867. Mrd. Sallie N. Detweiler, of Ohio, in 
1888. Res., 1540 West Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bricklayer, contractor and builder. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VIII. Infant, stillborn in 1890. 

VIII. Grace May Heckler, bn. Sept. 16, 1891. 
VIII. Florence Heckler. 

VII. Jonas Heckler, bn. May 8, 1869; died Feb. 17, 1870. 

VI. Charles Y. Heckler, bn. ; died Sept. 2, 1861, 

aged 29 years and 10 months. Mrd. Sarah Reiff. He kept 
a hotel in Philadelphia. Children: Josephine, Lillie, 

VII. Josephine Heckler, died in infancy. 

— 126 — 

VII. Llllie R Heckler, bn. ; died Mar. 17, 1893, 

aged about 84 yeare. Mrd. Benjamin F. Landes, Mar. 20, 
1877. Foreman with M. L. Shoemaker, fertilizer oil. 

VIII. Benjamin Franklin Landes, bn. Feb. 20, 1878. 
VIII. Lillie Mabel Landes, bn. July 18, 1883. 

VIII. Sarah Eva Landes, born April 8, 1887; died Octo- 
ber 21, 1887. 

VII. George Reiff Heckler, died infant, 

VI. Rev. Jesse Y. Heckler, bn. in Lower Salford Twp., 
Montg". Co., Pa., Jan. 6, 1834. Mrd. Barbara K. Moyer. 
P. O., Alvo, Neb. 

Mr. Heckler was reared on a farm and received but a 
limited education. In arithmetic, however, he was 
pretty good, and at the age of 17 was admitted into Cas- 
sers store at Harleysville as clerk. In January, 1854. 
Mr. Heckler was admitted as a partner in said store 
where he remained until 1861, when he withdrew from 
the store and went into the tobacco business, which 
eventually proved a failure. About the year 1871, Mr. 
Heckler removed with his family to Rock Creek, twelve 
miles west of Sterling, 111., and a year or two later to 
Mount Carroll, same state, where he was called to the 
ministry about the year 1874. For several years after 
moving west he engaged in farming, but afterwards 
served as clerk in a store at Mount Carroll, III., for four 
or five years, when he removed his family to Nebraska, 
where they purchased a farm, which after farming for 
several years, they rented out and came east, spending 
about six months visiting friends and relatives, after 
which they returned west to Mount Carroll, 111., and kept 
store for a year or two, and then sold out and returned 
to their farm near Elmwood, Cass Co., Neb. In the 
meantime his boys grew up and went into business for 
themselves, and having many calls to preach, which 
made it impossible for him to run his farm himself, 
others performed that service for him until 1894, when he 
rented his farm out and moved to Alvo, a small place in 
the same county, and devotes all his time to the minis- 
try. Mr. Heckler belongs to the German Baptist church 
and has been appointed or employed by the Missionary 
Board to fill those many calls for preaching and to organ- 

— 127 — 

ize churches where it is advisable all along the northern 
and western frontier of Nebraska. He has been ordained 
to the office of Bishop and has full power to organize 
churches and to do church work of all kinds. Children: 
Irwio, Horace, Jesse, John, William, Mary, 

VII. Irwin Heckler, bn. July 26, 1859. Mrd. Emma 
Stewart. P. O., Lincoln, Neb. Mail agent on a train. 
No issue. 

V»l. Horace Heckler, bn. Mar. 27, 1861. P. O., Alvo, 
Neb. Plumber by trade, employed by the Burlington, 
Mo., R. R. piping cars. S. 

VII. Jesse M. Heckler, born July 28, 1863; died Octo- 
ber 27, 1885. S. 

Vll. John M. Heckler, bn. Aug. 28, 1865. P. O., St. Joe, 
Mo. Banker. Mrd. Hattie P. Phillips, Oct. 14, 1896. 

Vll. William M. Heckler, bn. at Sterling, 111., Sept. 
14, 1872. P. O., St. Joseph, Mo. Real estate and loan 
business. Baptist. S. 

Vll. Mary Elizabeth Heckler, bn. ; died in 1869. 


VI. Sarah Heckler, bn. Nov. 18, 1835. Mrd. William 
R. Tyson. He died Mar. 18, 1875, aged 43 years and 23 
days. He was for some years merchant and postmaster 
at Harleysville, Pa., and later farmer. Ger. Bap. Chil- 
dren: Lizzie, Allen, Andrew, Emma, Mary, Willie. 

VII. Lizzie Ann Tyson, bn. Apr. 10, 1856. Mrd. John 
H. Moyer, Mar. 15, 1873. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Wire 
fence builder. Ger. Bap. Children: 

Vlli. Flora Moyer, bn. Feb. 4, 1874: died , 1875. 

VIII. William Warren Moyer, born Nov. 18, 1875; died 
Mar. 28, 1897. 

VIII. Annie May Moyer, bn. Aug. 29, 1878. Married 
William H. Phander, Sept. 25, 1897. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. 
Moulder. Mrs. Phander, Ger. Bap. Mr. Phander, Luth. 

VIII. Andrew T. Moyer, bn. Jan. 14, 1881. 

VIM. Emma J. Moyer, bn. July 20, 1883. 

VIII. Alice T. Moyer, bn. July 21, 1886; died July 15, 1891. 

VIII. Lillie T. Moyer, bn. Nov. 15, 1890. 

VIII. Ella Blanchie Moyer, bn. May 2, 1895. 

VIII. Ida Moyer, bn. Mar. 21, 1897. 

Vll. Allen H. Tyson married Kate R. Boorse. P. O., 
Lansdale, Pa. Harness Bazaar. One child. 

— 128 — 
VIII. Carroll Tyson. 

VII. Andrew Tyson, traveling salesman. S. 

VII. Emma J. Tyson mrd. Samuel C. Moyer, M. D., 
Nov. 8, 1883. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Practicing physician 
at Lansdale, where he has an ezteasive practice. Dr. M., 
Menn. Mrs. M., Ger. Bap. Children: 

Vm. Winfield T. Moyer, bn. Dec. 15, 1884. 

VIII. Herbert L. Moyer, bn. Feb. T, 1886. 
VIII. Sara T. Moyer, bn. Mar. 8, 1889. 
VIII. Katie T. Moyer, bn. Oct. 19, 1890. 
VIII. Samuel T. Moyer, bn. Apr. 10, 1893. 

VII. Mary Alice Tyson, bn. Nov. 10, 1867. Mrd. Elwood 
Fulmer, Nov. 10, 1887. P. O., Spring Mount, Pa. Mer- 
chant and postmaster. Ger. Bap. One child. 

VIII. Russel T. Fulmer, bn. June 3, 1891. 

VII. Willie Tyson died of lock-jaw in his twelfth year, 
Aug. 14, 1882. 

VI. Mary Heckler, bn. Jan. 8, 1838. Mrd. Godshall 
Delp, Jan. 21, 1858. P. O., Mainland, Pa. Retired farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: Elizabeth, Katie, Martha. 

VII. Elizabeth Delp, bn. Feb. 23, 1864. Mrd. Rev. A. S. 
Rosenberger, M. D., of Covington, Ohio, Aug. 15, 1893. 
(See Index of References^ No. 4i). Mrs. Rosenberger is an 
accomplished lady. She graduated from the Huntingdon 
Normal College, is a fine scholar, and has been a very 
successful teacher. ^ 

VII. Katie Delp, bn. July 6, 1869. Mrdf Daniel M. 
Boaz. P. O., Mainland, Pa. Farmer. German Baptist. 
One child. 

VIM. Leroy Boaz, bn. Sept. 5, 1889. 

VII. Mary Martha Delp, bn. Feb. 11, 1872. Mrd. Jonas 
S. Moyer, Sept. 2, 1892. P. C, Hatfield, Pa. School 
teacher, now printer. Ger. Bap. No issue. 

VI. Joseph Y. Heckler, bn. Aug. 16, 1845. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Stauffer, of Saucon Valley, Jan. 20, 1866. P. O., 
Souderton, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Sarah, 
Abraham, Oscar. 

VII. Sarah Ellen Heckler, bn. Oct. 18, 1873. Mrd. 
Rufus H. Souder, Mar. 18, 1893. He died May 22, 1896. 

(Srt page K 

— 129 — 

Lumber-dealer. Mrs. Souder, dress-maker. Ger. Bap. No 
issue. Res., 1540 Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII. Abraham Heckler, bn. Feb, 13, 1878. 

VII. Oscar Heckler, bn. ; died infant. 

V. Christiana Heckler, bn. May 22, 1810; died Feb. 18, 
1880. Mrd. George Fisher. He was bn. Oct. 14, 1807; died 
Oct 31, 1884. Farmer and miller. Moved to Medina Co., 
Ohio, in 1859. Children: Christiana, Sarah, Jotin, Jonas, 
Christiana, Mary, Hettie, Tobarah. 

VI. Christiana Fisher, bn. ; died young. 

VI. Sarah Fisher, bn. July 22, 1834. Married George 
Welley (a German) Aug. 21, 1856. He died June 26, 1886. 
Tailor. Bap. One child: Christiana. 

VII. Christiana Welley, bn. July 1, 1857. Married John 
Marsh. He died 1887. One chll4. 

VIII. Sherman Marsh, bn. July 30, 1875. 
Christiana married a second husband, James A. Kob. 

P. O., Lodi, Ohio. Farmer. Adventist. 

VI. John Fisher, bn. . Mrd. Nancy Baker. P. O., 

Chatham Centre, O. Children: Mary, Clarinda, Henry, 
Alveretta, Ulysses, Nora. 

VII. Mary Ann Fisher, bn. . Mrd. Todd Aukerman. 

Several children — one living. 

VIII. Kena Aukerman. 

VII. Clarinda Fisher mrd. James Edwards. Children: 

VIII. Fay Edwards. 
VIII. Joseph Edwards. 

VII. Henry Fisher. 

VII. Alveretta Fisher mrd. J. V. Kolp. 

VII. Ulysses Fisher. 

VII. Nora Fisher. 

VI. Jonas Fisher, bom September 29, 1840; died May 
6, 1867. S. 

VI. Christiana Fisher mrd. George Hangey. He died 
inl8S4. P.O., Chatham Centre, O. Children: Melissa, 
^ilhelmina, Allen, Mandy, Mary. 

VII. Melissa Hangey mrd. Ira Kreiger. 
VII. Wilhelmina Hangey. 

VII. Allen Hangey. 

VII. Mandy May Hangey. 


— 130 — 

VII. Mary Nettle Hangey. 

. VI. Mary Fisher, bn. June 1, 1850. Mrd. Samuel G. 
Kulp in 1870. He was bn. May 6, 1844; died July 16, 1880. 
Parmer In Ohio. Children: Alice, Fyetta, Isaac. 

VII. Son, stillborn July 4, 1872. 

VII. Alice Amanda Kulp, bn. Sept. 30, 1873. 

VII. Fyetta Emma Kulp, bn. Dec. 1, 1875. 

VII. Isaac Allen Kulp, bn. Mar. 13, 1879. 

Mary mrd. second husband, William A. Rebman. P. 
O., Friendsville, O. Children: 

VII. Maggie A. Rebman, bn. Aug. 5, 1882. 

VII. Harvey William Rebman, bn. Aug. 9, 1884. 

VII. Charles Joseph Rebman, bn. Aug. 12, 1888. 

VI. Hettie Fisher, died young. 
VI. Tobarah Fisher, died young, 

V. Michael Heckler, bn. Apr. 14, 1813. Mrd. Hannah 
Rittenhouse. She died Nov. 13, 1886, aged 72 years, 2 
months and 21 days. Several years after their marriage 
they moved to Lancaster Co., Pa., where his brother, 
Henry, was already living, and some time later the 
brothers changed residences, Michael and his family 
moved into the house formerly occupied by Henry, the 
latter having built himself a new house. While Michael 
lived in the former home of his brother Henry, one of 
their cats got into the habit of climbing up the fire cor- 
ner into an open place in the wall where she would sit 
and whine; so one day his wife told Michael to get that 
cat down that was always sitting there and whining, and 
Michael in trying to. get the cat, got hold of a bag of 
money, containing one hundred dollars, after which the 
cat came down of her own accord and never went up 
again. Michael went to see Henry about the money. At 
hrst he did not recollect that he had ever put any money 
up there, but thought because he had formerly lived in 
the house he ought to have the half of it. Michael was 
sure it was not his money and the longer Henry consid- 
ered the matter the more did he think it was all his, espec- 
ially when he saw the bag, which he thought he recog- 
nized as having been his and, therefore, he claimed all of 
the money, but gave Michael $5.00 for his honesty. Other 
people thought it belonged to Michael more than to 


— 131 — 

Henry. After a residence of several years in Lancaster 
Co., Michael and his family returned to Lower Salford 
Twp., and several years later they purchased a farm in 
Montgomery Twp., Montgomery Co., where they lived 
many years and succeeded well. Children: Isaac, Sarah, 
Franklin, Mary, Mathias, Aaron. 

VI. Isaac Heckler mrd. Susan Swartley, P. O., Mont- 
gomery Square, Pa. Farmer. Children; Annie, Mah- 
lon, Hannah, Laura, Susan. 

Yll. Annie Heckler mrd. Jesse Cassel. P. O., Mont- 
gomery Square, Pa. Farmer, live on one of her father's, 
farms. Children: 

VIII. Alice Cassel. 

VIII. Isaac Cassel. 

VIII. Annie Cassel. 

VIII. Wilmcr Cassel. 

VIII. J. Owen Cassel. 

VIII. Franklin Cassel. 

VII. Mahlon Heckler mrd. Emma Boehner. P. O., 
Montgomery Square, Pa. Farms the homestead farm. 

VIII. Bertha Heckler. 
VIII. William Heckler. 

VII. Hannah Heckler mrd. Charles W. Buck. P. O., 
North Wales, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Laura Buck. 
VIII. William Buck. 

VII. Laura Heckler mrd. Charles Shepherd. P. O., 
Franklinville, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Le Roy Shepherd. 

VIII. Shepherd, (twin), dec'd. 

VII. Susan Heckler. S. 

VI. Sarah Ann Heckler mrd. Charles Reinboldt. P. 
O.. Vicksburg, Mich. Children: William, Franklin, 
Kate, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Lydia, George, Nellie. 

VII. William Reinboldt mrd. Grace White. P. O., 
Vicksburg, Mich. Children: 

VIII. Cliflford Reinboldt. 
VIII. Florian Reinboldt. 

VII. Franklin Reinboldt. 

— 132 -- 

VII. Kate Beinboldt. 

VII. Mary Reinboldt. 

VII. Sarah Reinboldt. 

VII. Joseph Reinboldt. / 

VII. Lydia Reinboldt. 

VII. George Reinboldt. 

VII. Nellie Reinboldt. 

VI. Franklin Heckler mrd. Mary Ann Dreaher. Brick- 
layer. On Oct. 26, 1878, as he and his father were driving 
along the road about a mile west of Hatfield, he (Frank- 
lin) fell face forward out of the buggy on his head and 
was dead. Children: Joanna, Grant, Jennie. 

VII. Joanna Heckler mrd. Jeremiah Krieble. P. O.. 
North Wales, Pa. 

VII. Grant Heckler, bn. ; died Aug. 22, 1880. 

VII. Jennie Heckler. S. 

VI. Mary Ann Heckler mrd. Joseph Herman. P. O., 
Lansdale, Pa. Printer, does job work for secret orders, 
brotherhoods and unions. Children: Mary, Flora, Clar- 
ion, Joseph. 

VII. Mary Sylvania Herman mrd. George W. Tyson. 
P. O., Lansdale, Pa. One child. 

VIII. Elsie Tyson. 

VII. Flora Herman. She has traveled considerably 
and is single. 

VII. Clarion Herman. 
VII. Joseph Herman. 

VI. Mathias Heckler, died in infancy. 
VI. Aaron Heckler, died in infancy. 

V. Sarah Heckler, bn. Feb. 28, 1816; died Nov. 13, 1842. 
Mrd. Jacob L. Moyer. He was bn. Sept. 26, 1808; died 
Oct. 18, 1877. Farmer. Mrs. Moyer, Ger. Bap. Children: 
Henry, Ellas, Abraham, Aaron, Jacob. 

VI. Henry H. Moyer, bn. July 14, 1834; died June 14, 
1867. Mrd. Kate Shelly. One child. 

VII. Elmira Moyer, P. O., AUentown, Pa. Mrd. Milton 
Moyer. P. O., Coopersburg, Pa. 

VI. Ellas H. Moyer, born August 18, 1836; died Decem- 
ber 26, 1865. S. 

— 133 — 

VI. Abraham H. Moyer, bn. in Montg^* Co., Pa., Sept. 
27, 1838. Mrd. Sarah Moyer, Aug. 20, 1865. P. O., Brea- 
lau, Ont. Miller by trade. Agt. Menn. Br. in Christ. 
Children: Harriet, Simeon, Mary, Noah, Levi, Barbara, 
Melissa, Laura, Lincoln, Wesley, Ada. 

VII. Harriet Moyer, bn. in Ont., July 23, 1866. Mrd. 
Rev. Joseph Pugh, of Philadelphia, May 27, 1891. A 
preacher of the Heavenly Recruits. One child. 

VIII. Stella Pugh, bn. Aug. 29, 1892. 

VII. Simeon M. Moyer, bn. in Ont., Jan. 27, 1868. Mrd. 
Annie Musselman, Feb. 21, 1891. P. O., Breslau, Ontario. 
Tinsmith and grocer. Menn. Br. in Christ. Children: 

VIII. Edna May Moyer, born January 12, 1892; died 
June 5, 1892. 

VIII. Floyd Moyer, bn. Dec. 6, 1893. 

VII. Mary Ann Moyer, bn. in Berlin, Ont., Dec. 15, 
1869; died Feb. 16, 1888. Menn. Br. in Christ. 

VII. Noah M. Moyer, bn. Jan. 16, 1872. Mrd. Anna 
Smith, Jan. 30, 1892. P. O., Richland Centre, Pa. Painter 
and paper hanger. Menn. Br. in Christ. One child. 

VIII. Ralph Moyer, bn. Aug. 30, 1895. 

VII. Levi Moyer, bn. in Ontario, Jan. 18, 1874. P. O., 
Allentown, Pa. 

VII. Barbara Moyer, bn in Ont., Apr. 25, 1876. 

VII. Melissa Moyer, bn. July 12, 1878. 

VII. Laura Moyer, bn. Sept. 25, 1880. 

VII. Lincoln Moyer, bn. Nov. 28, 1882. 

Yll. Wesley Moyer, bn. Mar. 7, 1885. 

VII. Ada Moyer, bn, Apr. 1, 1887. 

VI. Aaron H. Moyer, bn. Sept. 10, 1840. Mrd. Mary 
Shelly (sister to his brother Henry's wife). She died 
Nov. 4, 1874. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Katie, Gideon, Ezra, Christian, Lydia, Jacob. 
Aaron mrd. second wife, Kate Moyer, (nee Shelly, widow 
of his brother Henry). She died Apr. 23, 1880. Children: 
Sarah, Mary, Annie. Aaron mrd. third wife, Hannah 
Rosenberger. Children: Jacob, Eliza. Hannah, Aaron, 
Emma, Ellen. 

VII. Katie Moyer, born April 2, 1866; died April 
22, 1884. S. 

— 134 — 

VII. Gideon S. Mover, born April 3, 1868. S. P. O., 
Hilltown, Pa. 

VII. Ezra S. Moyer, bn. Nov. 16, 1869. Mrd. Lizzie Det- 
weiler. P. O., Morwood, Pa. 

VII. Christian S. Moyer, born September 1, 1871: died 
Aug. 9, 1880. 

VII. Lydia S. Moyer, bom October 24, 1872; died 
May 30, 1880. 

VII. Jacob S. Moyer, bom October 13, 1874; died Au- 
gust 24, 1875. 

VII. Sarah Moyer, (twin). 

VII. Mary Moyer, (twin). 

VII. Annie Moyer. 

VII. Jacob Vincent Moyer, bn. ; died , 1886. 

VII. Eliza Isadore Moyer, bn. ; died , 1886. 

VII. Hannah Ida Moyer. 

Yll. Aaron Wilson Moyer. 

VII. Emma Miriam Moyer. 

VII. Ellen Rosa Moyer. 

VI. Jacob H. Moyer, bn. Oct. 16, 1842. Mrd. Jane D. 
Blackburn. P. O., Elroy, Pa. Agent for books and med- 
icines. Menn. Br. in Christ. Children: 

VII. Lucy B. Moyer, bn. Oct. 1, 1886. 
VII. Menno B. Moyer, bn. Nov. 17, 1887. 
VII. Mary B. Moyer, bn. Nov. 30, 1889. 
VII. William B. Moyer, bn. Jan. 24, 1892. 
VII. Jennie B. Moyer, bn. June 24, 1893. 

IV. Catharine Detweller. 

IV. Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. July 17, 1785; died Oct. 7, 
1825. Mrd. Philip Bauman (dec'd). Children: Peter, 
Philip. Elizabeth mrd. second husband, Henry Gotwals, 
(^See Index of ReferenceSy No. 3. ) 

V. Peter Bowman, bn. June 4, 1807; died Dec. 24, 1869. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Thomas. She was bn. Jan. 6, 1811; died 
July 28, 1884. Children: Catharine, William, Matilda, 

VI. Catharine Bowman mrd. Joseph Hendricks. Chil- 
dren: Isabella, Jerome, Ellsworth, John, Matilda, Ida. 

VII. Isabella Hendricks died March 11, 1856, aged 9 
months and 11 days. 

VII. Jerome B. Hendricks, born March 3, 1856: died 
Dec. 21, 1881. Mrd. . 

— 135 — 

VII, Ellsworth Hendricks mrd. . P. O., Norris- 

town. Pa. 

VII. John Hendricks mrd. . P. O., NorristowD, 


VII. Matilda Hendricks mrd. . 

VII. Ida Hendricks, bn. Oct. 4, 1861; died Sept. 2, 1877. 

Vi. William T. Bowman mrd. Amanda Brunner. P. 
O., Worcester, Pa. Farmer. Children: Lizzie, Irwin, 
Laura, Infant. 

VII. Lizzie Bowman mrd. Frank Heist. 

VII. Irwin Bowman. S. 

VII. Laura Bowman. S. 

VII. Infant, died unnamed. 

VI. Matilda Bowman mrd. Joseph Reed. Res., Norris- 
town, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Hannah Bowman mrd. John Frederick. P. O., 
Norristown, Pa. No issue. 

V. Philip Bowman. 
IV. Anna Detweiler. 
IV. Johannas Detweiler. 

III. Barbara Funk, bn. ; died . Mrd. John 

Kolb. He was bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 6, 1764; died in 
1824. Farmer. Lived at Blooming Glen, Pa. Menn. 
Childreo: Jacob, Annie, Sarah. 

IV. Jacob Culp, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 27, 1786; 
died Nov. 1, 1833. Mrd. Anna Barks, Mar. 13, 1806. She 
was bn. Aug. 19, 1779; died Apr. 14, 1849. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Barbara, John, George, Susan, Gertrude. 

V. Barbara Kulp, bn. Jan. 29, 1807; died June 7, 1874. 
Mrd. Isaac Culp. He was bn. Jan. 20, 1804; died June 14, 
1882. They moved to Ohio in 1831. Children: Jacob, 

VI. Jacob W. Culp, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr.*12, 1831. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Gill, Dec. 28, 1864. She was bn. Dec. 6, 
1844. He cut his knee while out hunting rabbits, when 15 
years old, and caught cold in the wound, and has been a 
cripple ever since. Menn. Children: 

VII. Harriet Culp, bn. Jan. 7, 1866; died Mar. 12, 1866. 
VII. Margaret Culp, bn. Dec. 30, 1867. 

VU. Levi Culp, bn. Oct. 4, 1868. 

— 136 — 

VII. Nancy Gulp, bn. Nov. 7, 1871; died June 30, 1879. 

VII. Cornelius Gulp, bn. Feb. 18, 1875. 

VII. Sarah Jane Gulp, bn. Mar. 30, 1879. 

VII. Noah Gulp, bn. Dec. 29, 1882. 

VI. Gatharine Gulp, bn. in Ohio, Mar. 21, 1833. Mrd. 
Jacob Holderman, June 28, 1863. He was bn. in Holmes 
Go., O., Mar. 23, 1843. Mr. Holderman was drafted in 
1864 and served nine months in the army. While in the 
service he became deaf, for which he receives a pension 
from the government of twenty-two dollars a month. 
They reside near Osceola, Ind. Menu. Children: Isaac, 
Sarah, Andrew, Mary, William. 

VII. Isaac Abraham Holderman, bn. July 11, 1865. S. 

VII. Sarah Maria Holderman, bn. July 15, 1868. Mrd. 
Daniel W. Kryder, July 23, 1888. Teamster, South Bend, 
Ind. One child. 

VIII. Mabel C. Kryder, bn. Aug. 11, 1889. 

VII. Andrew F. Holderman, bn. Jan. 3, 1871. S. 

VII. Mary Holderman, bn. Sept. 12, 1873. Mrd. . 

VII. William Jacob Holderman, bn. Aug. 9, 1876. 

V. John Kulp, bn. Oct. 20, 1810. Mrd. Holdeman. 

V. George Kulp, bn. May 27, 1812. 

V. Susan Kulp, bn. Feb. 20, 1815. Mrd. Henry Kulp, 
June 19, 1832. He was bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 8, 1806; 
died July 22, 1886. Farmer. Settled in Holmes Co., Ohio 
Menn. Children: Jacob, Isaac, Susannah, John, Lewie, 
Aaron, Anna, ftachel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Peter, Tobias, 
Lydia, Infant, Infant. 

VI. Jacob Kulp, bn. in Holmes Co., O., Dec. 15, 1831. 
VI. Isaac Kulp, ba. in Holmes Co., O., Nov. 1, 1835. 
VI. Susannah Kulp, bn. Apr. 15, 1838; died . 

VI. John Kulp, bn in Holmes Co., O., Mar. 5, 1839. 

VI. Lewie Kulp, bn. Feb. 22, 1841; died . 

VI. Aaron Kulp, bn. Jan. 21, 1842; died . 

VI. Anna Kulp, bn. Feb. 28, 1843; died June 25, 188). 

VI. Rachel Kulp, bn. Jan. 26, 1845; died . 

VI. Elizabeth Kulp, bn. Feb. 11, 1846; died . 

VI. Sarah Kulp, bn. in Holmes Co., O., Feb. 29, 1847. 

VI. Peter Kulp, bn. in Holmes Co., O., Oct 15, 1849. 
Mrd. Sarah Egleson, Mar. 14, 1872. She was bn. in 1848. 
Farmer in Holmes Co., O. Menn. Children: 

— 137 — 

VII. Louisa Ellen Kulp, bn. Feb. 2, 1873. 

VII. Susie Etta Kulp, bn. Sept. 4, 1874. 

VIL Fannie Katharine Kulp, bn. Apr. 3, 1876. 

VII. Henry C. Kulp, bn. Aug. 1, 1877. 

VII. Aaron A. Kulp, bn. Oct. 14, 1879. 

VII. Sarah E. Kulp, bn. June 26, 1882; died in 1888. 

VII. Alvin Tobias Kulp, bn. July 1, 1885. 

Vli. Eda Kulp, bn. Mar. 10, 1888. 

VI. Tobias Kulp, bn. in Holmes Co., O., Apr. 17, 1852. 
Mrd. Mary Catharine Silvius in 1889. She was bom Octo- 
ber 12, 1866. 

VI. Gertrude Kulp, bn. in Holmes Co., O., June 20, 1854. 

VI. Lydia Kulp, bn. in Holmes Co., O., Sept. 14, 1856. 
Mrd. Christian Wise, Jan. 1, 1888. One child. 

VII. Henry Wise, bn. Feb. 1, 1889. 

V. Gertrude Kulp, bn. Sept. 23, 1817. Married 


IV. Anna Kulp, dec'd. 

IV. Sarah Kulp, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1793; died in 
1848. Mrd. Samuel Myers in 1815. He was bn. in 1788; 
died in 1847. Farmer. Menu. Children: Henry, Bar- 
bara, Anna. 

V. Henry K. Myers, bn. in 1817; died Aug. 13, 1897- 
Mrd. Barbara Kratz in 1842. P. C, Plumstead villa. Pa. 
Farmer. Menu. Children: Levi, Huldah, Elias. 

VI. Levi K. Myers, bn. in 1843; died in 1887. 

VI. Huldah Myers, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1848. Mrd. 
Amos Myers, Jan. 18, 1868. He was bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., 
September 29, 1842. P. O., Plums teadville, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Clara, Henry, Horace, Edward, An- 
netta, Samuel, Alice, Susanna, Charles, Howard. 

VII. Clara Myers, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 25, 1869. 
Mrd. Chas. S. Kriebel, Dec. 19, 1895. One child. 

VIII. Norman M. Kriebel, bn. Feb. 5, 1897. 

VII. Henry Myers, bn. and died Apr. 5, 1870. 
VII. Horace Watson Myers, bn. Aug. 31, 1871. 
VII. Edward M, Myers, bn. Apr. 6, 1874. 
VII. Annetta Myers, bn. Mar. 17, 1876. 
VII. Samuel Myers, bom Nov. 15, 1878: died Novem- 
ber 15, 1880. 

— 138 — 

VII. Alice Myers, bn. Jan. 26, 1881. 

VII. Susanna Myers, bn. and died Jan. 16, 1885. 

VII. Charles Elmer Myers, bn. May 2, 1886. 

VII. Howard Myers, bn. Feb. 5, 1889. 

VI. Ellas Myers, bn. in 1854: died in 1862. 

V. Barbara Myers, bn. in 1818. Menn. S. 

V. Anna Myers, bn. in 1825; died . Mrd. Isaac 

Fretz. He was bn. in 1828; died in 1885. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Jonas, Ellas, Sarah, Mary. 

VI. Jonas Fretz, bn. in 1854. Mrd. Anna Tyson in 1887. 

VI. Elias Fretz, bn. in 1855. Mrd. Elizabeth Tyson in 
1884. Children: 

VII. Oscar Fretz, bn. in 1885. 
VII. Ervin Fretz, bn. in 1887. 

VI. Sarah Fretz, bn. in 1858. 
VI. Mary Fretz, bn. in 1860. 


II. Henry FuDk, bn. in Montg^. Co., Pa., ; died In 

Rockinifhaai Co., Virginia, . Mrd. Barbara Showaller. 

Henry Funk inherited the farm of 166 acres that his 
father purchased *'of ye Mannor Lands on ye upper part 
of a branch of Perckyomingf." Just where this farm was 
located is not known, but was no doubt some where in 
Bucks county, probably in New Britain township. As 
there is on record at Doylestown that letters of adminis- 
tration in the estate of Henry Funk were granted Sept. 
24, 1783, who probably was the son of Bishop Henry Funck. 
In 1786 he with all his family, except his eldest son Jacob, 
moved to Virginia, where he lived, prospered and died. 
From the following letter of Col. Daniel Hiester, Jr., to 
Dr. Joseph Gardner, member of the Council of Skippack 
Twp., furnished by James Y. Heckler, it is found that 
Henry Funk had also been a minister among the Menno- 
nites for many years, but on account of his having 
taken the ** test of State," was excluded from the Society, 
in like manner and for the same reason as was his brother 
Rev. Christian Funk. After which he seems to have con- 
tinued to preach in connection with his brother, Rev. 
Christian Funk, to the people known as the Funkites, 
until his removal to Virginia. 

Hatfield, Pa., Sept. 2, 1895. 
Rev. J. F. Punk, Editor and Publisher. 

As you are publishing a history of the Funk family, 
I send you the following letter which came under my 
notice quite recently. It ought by all means to find a 
place in your history. As it was written by Col. Hiester 

— 140 — 

at the time of the Revolutionary war, it shows to some 
extent what delicate and perplexing* questions some of 
the officers had to deal with, aod in this case also how 
justly. J. Y. Heckler. 

October 4th, 1781. 

To Dr. Joseph Gardner, Memher of Council, SIcippack 

Sir:— The hearer hereof, Mr. Henry Funck, is going 
to Council with a complaint respecting a Demand of 
Substitute Fines made on him by Frederick Limback, 
Esqr., one of the Sub-Lients of Northampton County. The 
complaint, I confess, appears to me of a new Kind and 
Mr. Funck states it thus, that he (Mr. Funck) is a 
preacher and has been so for many years among the 
people called Meaonists, but having taken the test of 
State and done a great deal of Business for the publick 
in the purchasing and milling way, was read out of that 
society; and as be is not now acknowledged a preacher by 
the Body of the society, Mr. Limback says he cannot con- 
sider himself such, and consequently Fines him, for 
neglect of duty in the militia, altho' he favors many non- 
jurer preachers of the same people. Mr. Funck can in- 
form you more particularly of the circumstances, but I 
know that he and his brother Christian Funck (a remark- 
ably strong whig), are preaching to the few well aflfect^ed 
of tbat society; that he is a man of good character, (so 
think there is no reason of reading him out of the 
society, but his attachment to the cause of this country) 
and that he has done much publick Business. Upon the 
whole, I think it a new Doctrine that a man sho'd be un- 
privileged because he is disowned by a people for his com- 
plying with the Laws of his country, and beg you will be 
Kind enough. If you find his complaint reasonable, to see 
him justice done as far as possible. 

I am, with real Esteem, Sir, 

Your very H'bl. 

Daniel Hiester, Jr. 

Of the personal history of Henry Funk, the following 
sketch has been furnished by a grandson. Rev. Benjamin 
Funk, of Singers Glen, Va. 

~ 141 — 


Men are very prone at the present day to repeat 
what was long agfo said, * If we had lived in the days of 
our fathers, we would not have permitted their bones to 
fall into their graves and buried out of sight, unmarked, 
unnumbered and unsung.' With but few exceptions, 
however, the same may be said to the generation now 
living that was said to the scribes and Pharisees, ^As 
your fathers did, so do ye/ But it is a matter of con- 
gratulation that some are turning attention to family 
genealogy. Whilst we lament the meagre and fragment- 
ary character of the data, which, like the relics of up- 
turned g^ave yards, lie strewn upon the ground or buried 
beneath its surface, and which require great labor and 
time to gather up, still perhaps enough may be found to 
show in whose loins the members of the same great family 
may have reposed one hundred and seventy years ago. 

**The Funk family in America have sprung from an 
ancestry whose lines are well marked as far as they can 
be traced. These lines, however, are mainly found 
within the limits of agricultural industry, genuine mor- 
ality, and sincere earnestness in the performance of the 
duties of the Christian religion, coupled with a firm faith 
in its saving power. No fame of arms-bearing or military 
skill has ever been attached to any bearing the name of 
Funk. The records of American history, at least, are 
silent, and know not the name. But other records are 
also silent. The state prison of Virginia has never in- 
carcerated a convict of the name of Funk belonging to 
the line descended from the pioneer of the Virginia Val- 
ley. But the records of the Christian church, especially of 
that branch of it known as the Mennonite church, are 
alive with the names of pioneers and heroes in the sev- 
eral generations of Funks that have lived since the estab- 
lishment of the church in America. First and foremost 
among these stands the name of Henry Funck, whom 
fancy pictures as a tall man, having a large and well pro- 
portioned frame, very muscular, with dark hair and eyes, 
a face indicating great firmness and resolution, and a 
body capable of enduring great hardships. How nearly 
this fancied representation of him may correspond with 
truth, cannot be said. But of this there is sure proof, 
that he was a man of great mental and moral force. 

— 142 — 

**His German writingfs which his grandson Joseph 
read much, and to which he often alluded in the presence 
of his children as beings the production of their g^reat 
grandfather, were eminently pious and full of love to 
God and man. 

"Of Henry Funck, of Indian Creek notoriety, whose 
memory is embalmed in the heart of Franconia township, 
Montg^omery county, Pennsylvania, nothing* more need be 
said. But stepping downward along the banks of '*the 
river of time,'* we find a stone sacredly eng'raven to the 
memory of his son Henry, the progenitor of the family in 
the Virginia Valley. Of his early days little is known; 
of his later life, when he had become the father of thir- 
teen children whose names are well known, we are better 

"About fifty- two years ago his son Christian Funk 
went to Pennsylvania to hunt up, if possible, some former 
acquaintances and visit the old home. He found what he 
sought. But few, however, of those whom he had known 
in youth, were to be found; but in speaking of his trip 
he mentioned having met some who were still re- 
membered by relatives in Virginia, and he was especially 
interested in telling about the old homestead and the 
mill owned by his grandfather. 

"About the close of the Revolutionary war he dis- 
posed of his property, and in the year 1786, he with all his 
family removed to the Virginia Valley, except his eldeat 
son Jacob, who remained in Pennsylvania. They settled 
in Rockingham county, about eight miles north of the 

city of Harrisonburg." 

Benjamin Funk. 

Children: Jacob, Christian, Abraham, Elizabeth, 
Barbara, Henry, Esther, Susanna, John, Samuel, Joseph, 
Frances, Daniel. 

111. Rev. Jacob Funk, bn. May 30, 1761; died July 22, 
1817. Mrd. Mary Shelly. She died Apr. 27, 1809. Farmer 
in Vincent Twp., Chester Co , Pa., and minister of the 
Mennonite church. While attending a funeral in Montg. 
Co., after having read the hymn for the service, he re- 
ceived a paralytic stroke, and died at his home the next 
day. Children: Elizabeth, Henry, Susan, Fannie, Mary, 

— 143 — 

Barbara, Jacob, John, Catharine. Jacob mrd. second 
wife, name unknown. 

IV. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Apr. 6, 1785; died Dec. 7, 1867: 
Mrd. Rev. Abraham Haldeman. He was bn. Aug. 30, 
1780; died May 30, 1865. In 1830 he was ordained to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church in Chester Co., Pa., and 
served in that calling for about 35 years. In 1842 they 
moved to Juniata Co. Farmer. Children: Gideon, Eliza- 
beth, Isaac, Job. 

V. Gideon Haldeman, bn. Jan. 31, 1819; died March 15, 
1880. Mrd. Elizabeth Sieber, Mar. 24, 1846. She was bn. 
Oct. 13, 1820; died Feb. 11, 1887. ChUdren: Susanna, 
Sarah, Mary, David, Martha. 

VI. Susanna Haldeman, bn. Feb. 19, 1847: died Mar. 13, 
1870. Mrd. Solomon S. Shirk, Dec. 28, 1869. 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Haldeman, bn. May 5, 1849. Mrd. 
G. W. Burchfield, Jan. 26, 1871. Res., Foster St., Harris- 
burg, Pa. Commercial traveler. Children: 

VII. Percy F. Burchfield, bn. June 27, 1872. 

VII. Willie Burchfield, bn. Oct. 16, 1873; died Oct. 18, 
1873. Twin. 

Vii. Millie Burchfield, bn. Oct. 16, 1873; died Nov. 22, 
1873. Twin. 

VII. Mattie May Burchfield, bn. Sept. 12, 1875. 

VII. Maud Elizabeth Burchfield, bn. Mar. 4, 1877. 

VII. May Lenora Burchfield, bn. May 7, 1884. 

VII. Bertram Kurtz Burchfield, bn. Feb. 11, 1888. 

VII. George Herman Burchfield, bn. Jan. 28, 18?K). 

VI. Mary Jane Haldeman, bn. Nov. 25, 1851. Mrd. B. 
F. Burchfield, November 25, 1874. P. O., Mifflintown, Pa. 
Lawyer. Children: 

VII. Edgar W. Burchfield, bn. Oct. 20, 1876. 

VII. William Lewis Burchfield, bn. Sept. 27, 1881. 
VII. Elizabeth Jane Burchfield, bn. Oct. 15, 1883. 

VI. David Haldeman, bn. Jan., 1853; died Dec, 1855. 

VI. Martha E. Haldeman, bn. July 22, 1856. Mrd. F. P. 
Harris, Mar. 24, 1891. P. O., Walnut, Pa. 

Yl. Infant son and daughter, bn. in 1859; died a few 
weeks after birth. 

V. Elizabeth Haldeman, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Sept. 
13, 1820. Mrd. Abraham C. Crater. He was bn. in Montg. 

— 144 — 

Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 1817. In Apr., 1870, they moved to 
Franklin Co , Kan. P. O., Newton, Kan. Bap. Children: 
LouUa, IsraeL Elizabeth, John, Addle. 

VI. Louisa Crater, bn. in Juniata Co., Pa., Mar. 7, 

1843. Mrd. John Lewis Caveny, Jan. 25, 1866. P. C, New- 
ton, Kan. Presby. Children: Lizzie, Milton, Mary, 
Alta, Frank, Laura, Archie. 

VII. Lizzie May Caveny, bn. Dec. 19, 1866. Mrd. E. J. 
M. Hayn, Sept. 24, 1885. Restaurant. Presby. Children: 

VIII. Don Porter Hayn, bn. May 6, 1887. 
VIII. Lloyd Edgar Hayn, bn. May 7, 1889. 

VII. Milton Edgar Caveny, bom Nov. 14, 1868; died 
Sept. 15, 1890. 

VII. Mamie Susan Caveny, bn. Aug. 26, 1871. Married 
Edward Odell, Feb. 28, 1890. P. O., Nickerson, Kan. Con- 
ductor on the A., T. & S. F. Children: 

VIII. Jessie May Odell, bn. Jan. 19, 1891. 
VIII. Laura Edith Odell, bn. Nov. 27, 1892. 

VII. Alta V. Caveny, born June 30, 1874; died Septem- 
ber 11, 1875. 

VII. J. Frank Caveny, bn. Feb. 6, 1876. 
VII. Laura E. Caveny, bn. Feb. 9, 1879. 
VII. J. Archie Caveny, bn. Mar. 20, 1883. 

VI. Israel Crater, bn. in Juniata Co., Pa,, Nov. 14, 

1844. Mrd. Martha J. Clark, Nov. 27, 1873. P. O., Holy- 
Oke, Colo. Bap. Children: 

VII. Addle V. Crater, bn. Nov. 15, 1874. 
Yll. Rebecca R. Crater, bn. June 28, 1878. 
VII. Grace T. Crater, bn. Nov. 17, 1881. 

VI. Elizabeth Crater, bn. Aug. 25, 1847; died Dec. 12, 
1890. Mrd. Rev. Samuel Stephens, Aug. 12, 1873. He 
died several years previous to her death. Bap. 

VI. John Crater, bn. in Juniata Co., Pa., Jan. 9, 1850. 
Mrd. Violet M. Clark, Aug. 20, 1876. P. C, Holyoke, Colo. 
Bap. Children: 

VII. Alvah Clark Crater, born September 8, 1877; died 
Aug. 30, 1880. 

VII. Edwin Lewis Crater, born January 10, 1879; died 
Mar. 10, 1881. 

VII. Lulu May Crater, bn. Aug. 14, 1881. 
VII. Esther Myrtle Crater, bn. Mar. 16, 1886. 

— 145 — 

VI. Addle Crater, bn. in Juniata Co., Pa., Jan. 30, 1853. 
Mrd. Samuel A. Brovm. P. O., Newton, Kansas. Bap. 

VII. Glenna Orin Brown, bn. Feb. 26, 1887. 
VII. Millie Elizabeth Brown, bn. Dec. 21, 1888. 

V. Isaac Haldeman, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Mar. 28, 
1822; died Sept. 6, 1882. Mrd. Anna Graybill, Mar. 21, 
1848. Moved from Juniata Co., Pa., to Winchester, Va., 
in Mar., 1879, where he died. Menu. Children: John, 
Abraham, Jerome, Mary, Amanda, Isaac, Jacob, Cor- 
nelius, Ella, Charles. 

VI. John G. Haldeman, bn. Aug, 8, 1849. Mrd. Cath- 
arine A. Shellenbarger in 1871. P. O., Thompsontown, 
Pa. Produce dealer. Luth. Children: 

VII. Pearl Haldeman. 

VII. John Eldward Haldeman. 

VI. Abram G. Haldeman, bn. June 25, 1857. Mrd. Ada 
R. James. P. O., Thompsontown, Pa. Commercial trav- 
eler. United Presby. Children: 

VII. Merril Haldeman. 

VII. Edith Haldeman, died infant. 

VI. Jerome L. Haldeman, bn. July 14, 1853. Mrd. Ida 
Miller. P. O., Steelton, Pennsylvania. Salesman. Presby. 
One child. 

VII. Haldeman, dec'd. 

VI. Mary E. Haldeman, bn. at Evendale, Juniata Co., 
Pa., Sept. 23, 1858: died Apr. 14, 1895. Mrd. William G. 
Sieber, May 24, 1877. P. O., East Salem, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Annie E. Sieber, bn. Apr. 17, 1878. 
VII. Minnie A. Sieber, bn. Oct. 27, 1879. 
VII. Ira H. Sieber, bn. Mar. 9, 1882. 

VII. Charles E. Sieber, bn. Feb. 25, 1884. 

VII. Boyd and Floyd Sieber, bn. Mar, 30, 1886. 

VII. Infant son, bn. Sept. 7, 1888; died, aged 10 days. 

VII. William S. Sieber, bn. Sept. 12, 1889. 

VIU Daughter, stillborn Aug, 19, 1891. 

VII. Mary Ella Sieber, bn. June 10, 1893. 

VII. Daughter, stillborn Apr. 12, 1895. 


— 146 — 

VI. Amanda J. HaldemaD, bn. at Evendale, Juniata 
Co., Pa., Mar. 17, 1868. Mrd. John S. Graybill, Nov. 1, 

• 1877. P. O., McAlUsterville, Pa. Merchant. Children: 

VII. Joyce Graybill, bn. Sept. 15, 1878. 
VII. Annie E. Graybill, bn. Dec. 27, 1880. 
VII. Florence Graybill, bn. Mar. 17, 1883. 

VII. Elizabeth Virg-inla Graybill, bn. Sept. 6, 1885. 

VII. John S. Graybill, bn. May 18, 1888. 

VII. Ruth Haldeman Graybill, bn. Oct. 31, 1893. 

VI. Isaac Haldeman, born April 5, 1860; died, aged 
4 years. 

VI. Jacob S. Haldeman, bn. at Evendale, Juniata Co., 
Pa., Sept. 2, 1862. Mrd. Anna Metz, Oct. 10, 1889. P. O., 
Winchester, Va. Creamery proprietor and farmer. 
Presby. Children: 

VII. Irene Virginia Haldeman, bn. Mar. 6, 1891. 
VII. Anna Pearl Haldeman, bn. Dec. 6, 1892. 
VII. Paul Metz Haldeman, bn. June 11, 1896. 

VI. Cornelius B. Haldeman, bn. in Juniata Co., Pa., 
Dec. 6, 1864. Mrd. Fannie A. Shirk, Dec. 4, 1890. P. O., 
Winchester, Va. Creamery man. Menn. Children: 

VII. Grace Sherwood Haldeman, bn. Jan. 13, 1892. 

VI Ella M. Haldeman, bn. May 9, 1867. Mrd. Isaac 
Wenger. P. O., Harrisonburg, Va. Teacher. Children: 
VII. Cornelius Wenger. 
VII. Cornelia Wenger. 

VI. Charles W. Haldeman, bn. at Evendale, Juniata 
Co., Pa., June 1, 1871. Mrd. Addle S. Herr, Sept. 16, 1897. 
Res., 3845 Brown St., Philadelphia, Pa. Produce commis- 
sion merchant. Luth. One child. 

VII. Charles Waldo Haldeman, Jr. 

V. Job F. Haldeman, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., May 9, 
1826. Mrd. Louisa R. Osmun in Dec, 1849. P. O., Thomp- 
sontown. Pa. Children: Mary, Charles, William, Benja- 
min, Isabella, Milton. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Haldeman, bn. Jan. 27, 1851; died 
Apr. 7, 1875. S. . 

VI. Charles Edward Haldeman, bn. Aug. 12, 1852; died 
July 3, 1853. 

— 147 — 

VL William Irwin Haldeman, bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., 
Apr. 7, 1854. Mrd. Annie Thompson in 1883. She was bn. 
Dec. 30, 1863: died May 29, 1884. She taught in the public 
schools. One child. 

VII. Infant, died, aged 3 months. 

William mrd. second wife, Emma Kredell, a music 
teacher of Reading, Pa. She was bn. at Allegheny City, 
Pa. , Nov. 28, 1863; died Feb. 4, 1888. One child. 

VII. Robert IngersoU Kredell Haldeman, born Janu- 
ary 25, J 888. 

William mrd third wife, Anna Porterfield (a teacher), 
Nov. 26, 1891. She was bn. at Newport, Va., Nov. 30, 
1869. Mr. Haldeman came to Pinegrove, Pa., in 18o9 and 
engaged in the jewelry business with A. H. Kline for 
three years. After a year's absence he returned in '73 to 
Pinegrove and bought out Kline's jewelry store, and has 
since been engaged in that business. 


VI. Benjamin Franklin Haldeman, bn. June 28, 1856. 
Mrd. Mary Haldeman. Res., 1830 Hicks St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. Children: 

VII. Jay Haldeman. 

VII. Emma Viola Haldeman. 

VI. Isabella Gertrude Haldeman, bn. Jan. 7, 1862; died 
Dec. 7, 1866. 

Vi. Milton Grant Haldeman, bn. Aug. 12, 1864; died 
June 10, 1873. 

lY. Rev. Henry Funk, bn. Mar. 25, 1787; died Oct. 12, 
1826. Mrd. Mary Hoch, of Hereford, Berks Co., Pa. 
Farmer and minister of the Menu, ch., of Hereford, Pa. 
Children: Anna, Jacob, Philip, David, John, Joseph. 

V. Anna Funk, bn. May 1, 1815. Mrd. William Mack 
in 1833. Children: Mary, Enos, Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah, 
John, Leanna, Caroline. 

Yl. Mary Mack, born in 1834. Mrd. Ezra Moll. One 

Yil. Harry MoU. 

VI. Enos Mack, bn. in 1836. Mrd. . P. O., Doug- 
lass, Pa. One child. 

VII. Amanda Mack. 

Yl. Samuel F. Mack, bn. in Berks Co., Pa., Mar. 15, 
1838. Mrd. Sarah Barr, Nov. 3, 1864. Res., 2301 6th and 

— 148 — 

Dauphin Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. Retail grocer. Ev. 
ABs'n. Children: Harry, Irwin, William, Charles. 

VII. Harry T. Mack, bn. Nov. 3, 1865; died Dec. 10, 1895. 

VII. Irwin H. Mack, bn. Nov. 4, 1870. Mrd. Annie 
Miller. Res., 3243 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Music 
publisher. Meth. Ep. One child. 

VIII. Irene Mack. 

VII. William T. Mack, born July 13, 1867; died Au- 
gust 30, 1867. 

VII. Charles A. Mack, bn. Aug. 3, 1876. Mrd. Florence 
E. Price. Res., 2301 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Book- 
keeper. Meth. Ep, 

VI. Elizabeth Mack< bn. Mar. 8, 1841. Mrd. Rev. Wm. 
B. Fox, June 5, 1863. P. O., Sumneytown, Pa. Ev. Luth. 

VII. Forest Melvin Fox, born December 15, 1864: died 
June 6, 1887. 

VII. Alverda May Fox, bn. May 8, 1867, 
VII. Anna Susan Fox, bn. Dec. 24, 1868. 
VII. Sallie Evelyn Fox, bn. Jan. 6, 1875. 
VII. William Beitaman Fox, bn Oct. 2, 1885. 

VI. Sarah Mack, bn. Oct. 31, 1842. Mrd. Cornelius 
Rickert. He was bn. Dec. 24, 1849. P. O., Williamstown, 
Pa Coal miner. Mrs. R., Ev. Ass'n. Children: Harvey, 
William, Allen, Bertha, Charles, Beulah, Walter, Earl. 

VII. Harvey E. Rickert, born May 30, 1871; died Au- 
gust 30, 1872. 

VII. William E. Rickert, bn. in Williamstown, Dau- 
phin Co., Pa., Mar. 10, 1873. Mrd. Maggie Morgan. P. 
O., Williamstown, Penna. Coal miner. Evangelical. 

VIII. Ethel M. Rickert, born May 1, 1892; died Novem- 
ber 7, 1892. 

VIII. Edna B. Rickert, bn. June 18, 1895. 
VIII. Bertha A. Rickert, bn. Oct. 15, 1897. 

VII. Allen M. Rickert, bn. Mar. 14, 1875. 

VII. Bertha M. Rickert, bn. Mar. 14, 1878. 

VII. Charles F. Rickert, bn. Jan. 1, 1880. 

VII. Beulah B. R ckert, bn. Aug. 7, 1882. 

VII. Walter S. Rickert, bn. July 17, 1883. 

VII. Earl A. Rickert, bn. Feb. 23, 1887. 

— 149 — 

VI. John Mack, bn. Sept. 12, 1846. Mrd. Lydia Greis- 
mer, May 17, 1880. Res., 2203 Franklin St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. Salesman. Rel ch. Children: 

VII. Anna Syvilla Mack, bn. May 20, 1881. Milliner. 
VII. Mary Estella Mack, bn. Jan. 7, 1885. 

VI. Leanna Mack, bn. Sept. 28, 1848. Mrd. Rev. A. A. 
De Long, Nov. 19, 1872. Minister Ev. Ass'n. Children: 

VII. Ella K. De Long, bn. in Lancaster Co., Pa., Octo- 
ber 6, 1873. 

Vll. Laura May De Long, bn. in Lancaster Co., Pa., 
June 29, 1875. 

Vll. C. Alverda De Long, bn. in Lebanon Co., Pa., 
Aug. 24, 1879. 

Vll. Lizzie M. De Long, bn. in Carbon Co., Pa., Febru- 
ary 17, 1883. 

Vll. Forest Allen E. De Long, bn in Northumberland 
Co., Pa., Nov. 16, 1885. 

Vll. Irwin Charles Newton De Long, bn. in Lehigh 
Co., Pa., Nov. 16, 1887. 

VI. Caroline Mack, bn. in 1851. S. 

Y. Jacob Funk, bn. Aug. 8, 1817; died Aug. 27, 1839. S. 

V. PhiUp Funk, bn. Nov. 7, 1819; died Sept. 25, 1845. 
Mrd. Anna Bechtel. Farmer in Berks Co., Pa. Menn. 
Children: Mary, James. 

VI. Mary B. Funk, bn. May 28, 1843. Mrd. Abraham 
G. Clemmer, Oct. 12, 1867. He died Apr. 8, 1877. P. O., 
Clayton, Pa. Menn. Children: 

VII. David Clemmer, bn. Jan. 20, 1869. 
VII. Jacob Clemmer, bn. Mar. 11, 1870. 
Vll. Oswin Clemmer, bn. Aug. 8, 1871. 
Vll. Annie Clemmer, bn. Aug. 30, 1872. 
Vll. Amanda Clemmer, bn. Mar. 4, 1874. 
Vll. Mary Clemmer, bn. Oct. 11, 1876. 

VI. James B. Funk, bn. Jan. 17, 1845. Mrd. Susanna 
B. Clemmer, Nov. 21, 1868. She was bn. Feb. 13, 1845. P. 
O., Clayton, Pa. Parmer and miller. Menn. Children: 

VII. Oswin Funk, bn. Mar. 7, 1870. 
Vll. Ambrose Funk, bn. Jan. 11, 1872. 
Vll, Annie Funk, bn. Apr. 12, 1874. 

Vll. Harvey Funk, bn. Jan. 29, 1877; died Aug. 9, 1880. 
Vll. Mary Funk, bn. Sept. 8, 1879; died Aug. 9, 1880. 

— 150 — 

VII. Horace Funk, bD. Apr. 6, 1882. 

Yll. Warren Funk, bn. Feb. 13, 1885. 

VII. Cora Funk, bn. Aug. 9, 1886. 

VII. Amy Funk, bn. Nov. 9, 1887; died Dec. 29, 1889. 

Y. David Funk, died in infancy. 

V. John H. Funk, bn. June 12, 1824; died Feb. 23, 1884. 
Mrd. Leah Ehst, Jan. 13, 1847. She was bn. Feb. 23, 1827. 
Farmer. In early life Mr. Funk was a member of the 
Hereford Mennonite church of which he was a deacon for 
seventeen years. Always a devotedly religious man with 
strong convictions of the need of a change of heart, he 
was finally broujjht into the full light of the assurance of 
his salvation. After this change in his spiritual nature, 
he connected himself with the Evangelical Association 
church, in which he labored as an exhorter and class 
leader until his death. Before he passed away he had 
the desire of his heart to see every one of his eight chil- 
dren with their mother brought into the saving knowl- 
edge of Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin, and so 
passed away triumphantly into the heavenly, eternal 
home. Children: Joseph, Caroline, Albert, Medora, 
Mary, Ida, Henry, Leah, Flora, Ella. 

Yl. Joseph E. Funk, bn. June 10, 1848. Married Ella 
Slucker, Aug. 2, 1873. P. O., Akron, O. His early life 
was spent on the farm and teaching school. He studied 
for one year in the Mennonite Seminary at Wadsworth, 
Ohio, after which he was steward of the institution for 
several years. He is at present lumber inspector at the 
Diamond Match Co., Akron, Ohio. Meth. Ep. One child. 

Yll. Leah Funk, bu. July 20, 1877. 

Yl. Caroline E. Funk, bn. in Berks Co., Pa., Sept. 14, 
1850. Mrd. Oliver S. Schultz, son of Joel and Leah 
Schultz, Dec. 29, 1871. Mrs. Schultz was converted in 
1874, and the husband in 187(5. In 1879 the dear Lord re- 
vealed himself to her as her Healer and Physician of 
spirit, soul and body, and she was healed of an incurable 
disease of eight years' standing. Through the wonderful 
work of God in her life, she consecrated health, strength, 
time, talent, and all they had and hoped for, for time and 
eternity, to the work of the Lord. 


~ 151 — 

In 1881 they Bold their farm and dedicated the pro- 
ceeds to the Lord's work. In 1882, April 1, they left their 
home in Pennsylvania and went to New York, entering 
upon city mission work in connection with Bethany Insti- 
tute. May 13, 1882, they went to Brooklyn into a definite 
work for God among the unsaved, and also among the 
sick. In the fall of the same year they entered upon the 
mission work of the Mennonite church in Indian Terri- 
tory with their brother, Rev. A. E. Funk, and remained 
nearly a year. May 12, 1883, they came back to New 
York and opened the Home for the students of the N. Y. 
Missionary Training College. In 1886 they opened an 
Orphanage work in connection with the work already 

This is a work of faith like that of George Mueller, in 
England, where God supplies all needs in answer to the 
prayer of faith alone without any solicitation for money 
for the purpose. Already God has given a permanent 
Home for this work at CoUegepoint, L. I., where 46 are 
daily cared for by Him. 

VI. Rev. Albert E. Funk, bn. in Berks Co., Pa., June 
25, 1852. Mrd. Catharine Clemmer, daughter of Rev. 
Samuel G. Clemmer (dec'd), Oct. 14, 1883. Mr. Funk at- 
tended the common schools of his district until the age 
of sixteen. His seventeenth year was spent in the Boy- 
ertown Academy. In 1869 he entered the Mennonite 
Seminary at Wadsworth, Ohio, where he remained until 
1872. Here, at the age of twenty, he was converted and 
at once began to labor for the spiritual welfare of his 
family and several of them were soon converted and be- 
came active Christians. After his return from the Men- 
nonite Seminary, he taught (1872-'73) the district school 
near his home where his early school days were spent. 
He then spent one term in the Franklin and Marshall 
College Academy at Lancaster, Pa. In the beginning of 
1874 he was called to the pastorate of the first Mennonite 
church at Philadelphia, and was ordained at the same 
time and place. Of this church he remained the pastor 
for eight years, where he enjoyed the blessings of a 
successful ministry of the Gospel, and during the last 
year of his pastorate (1882) a new brick church was 
erected at a cost of $9,000. From October, 1882, to June, 

— 152 — 

1883, was spent in the Mennonite missions among the 
Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians in the Indian Territory. 
He then became pastor of the Mennonite church at Ger- 
mantown, Pa., serving" the same for nearly a year, 1883 to 

1884. In 1885 he removed to New York City and entered 
the work of the Gospel Tabernacle, Rev. A. B. Simpson, 
pastor. During- the first year he was the associate pastor 
of this church. The following year (1886), in addition to 
his other duties, he was appointed secretary of the New 
York Missionary Training College in which he is also a 
teacher and having the spiritual oversight of the same, 
in which relation he still continues. 

Yl. Medora E. Funk, bn. Oct. 4, 1853. Mrd. Daniel Y. 
Meschter, Sept. 23, 1875. P. O., East Greenville, Pa. 
Traveling salesman. Mr. M., Schwenkf elder. Children: 

VII. Eugene Meschter, bn. Oct. 12, 1877. 

VII. Albert Meschter, bn. Feb. 22, 1880. 

VII. Florence Meschter, bn. Aug. 8, 1882. 

VII. Webster Meschter, bn. Apr. 15, 1884. 

VII. Elwood Meschter, bn. Aug. 26, 1888. 

VII. Jacob Meschter, bn. Feb. 10, 1891. 

VI. Mary A. Funk, bn. May 30, 1856. She was con- 
verted when eleven years old. At the age of twenty-two 
she consecrated her life to God and entered the work of 
Dr. Cullls, in Boston, as nurse, later on as matron in 
Cancer Home. In 1881 she went to New York, entering 
upon city mission work in connection with Bethany Insti- 
tute. In 1883 she entered Belleview Hospital for two 
years where she graduated as trained nurse. In 1886 she 
entered the Missionary Training College, of N. Y., as 
student and assistant matron. In 1888 she went to China 
where she is now matron of the Christian and Missionary 
Alliance Home in Wuhu, China. 

VI. Ida Funk, bn. Apr. 1, 1861; died Apr. 18, 1862. 

VI. Henry Funk, bn. Jan. 14, 1863; died Jan. 25, 1863. 

VI. Leah E. Funk, bn. May 16, 1864. Mrd. Ambrose 
K. Schultz, Dec. 26, 1885. Mrs. Schultz was converted at 
the age of fourteen years. In 1885 she went to New York 
where she was led to see Christ as a satisfying portion 
and consecrated her life to God. In 1888 they entered 

— 153 — 

the Berachah Orphanage as Matron and Assistant Supt. 
of the Home, which place they still hold. Children: 

VII. Alma Schultz, bn. Nov. 10, 1887. 
VII. Ruth Schultz, bn. Nov. 10, 1889. 

VI. Flora E. Funk, bn. Dec. 19, 1866. Leaving public 
school at the age of seventeen, she taught school one 
term, after which she attended the West Chester S. N. S. 
for two years. In 1887 she went to N. Y., to teach in 
Berachah Orphanage. The following year she took the 
position of Assistant Matron in the Missionary Training 
College. She was converted at the age of fourteen and 
during her stay at the College consecrated her life to 
God to be used in His service. In 1889 she was married to 
Daniel Y. Schultz, son of Rev. Edward Schultz. He grad- 
uated from the Kutztown S. N. S. in 1886, and taught 
school until 1890 when they returned to N. Y., she to re- 
sume her former work, and he to enter the College, be- 
sides doing mission work and for a time had charge o£ a 
church in Brooklyn. The second year he was also em- 
ployed as a teacher in the College. Through a severe ill- 
ness in 1891-'92, the Lord revealed Himself to him as his 
healer and both were led to consecrate their lives more 
fully than ever before to uphold Jesus to a dying world. 

VI. Ella C. Funk, bn. Mar. 25, 1870. She was converted 
at the age of eleven years, and after the death of her 
father she went to N. Y., where she fully consecrated 
her whole life to God. In 1886 she attended the West 
Chester S. N. S., after which she returned to N. Y. where 
she attended public school and a private high school. 
In 1888 she received a call for foreign mission work in 
China. The way was opened the following year and in 
October, 1889, she left for China. In 1891 she was married 
to Rev. Albert F. H. Saw, of England, a missionary in 
China, with whom she labored under the Christian 
Mission Society until his death which occurred May 22, 
1898. No issue. 

V. Joseph Funk, bn. July 30, 1826; died Septem- 
ber 16, 1845. S. 

IV. Susan Funk, (dec'd). Married John Longacre, of 
Montg. Co., Pa. 

— 154 — 

IV. Fannie Funk, bn. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Dec. 28, 1792; 
died in 1885. Mrd.;Benjamin Halteman, son of Christian 
Halteman, in 1811. He was bn. in Montg. Co., Pa , Aug. 
31, 1788: died in 1875. Farmer. Menn. Children: Noah, 
Christian, John, Benjamin, Moses, Joseph, Magdalena, 

V. Noah F. Halteman, bn. Feb. 3, 1814; died July 2, 
1844. Mrd. Susanna Bechtel, Jan. 8, 1837. She died May 
27, 1872. Children: .John, Benjamin, Elizabeth. 

Yl. John Halteman, born November 14, 1837; died 
July 4, 1840. 

Yl. Benjamin B. Halteman, bn. Oct. 15, 1840: died 
Sept. 15, 1887. Mrd. Sophia Latshaw, Nov. 4, 1862. She 
was bn. Mar. 2, 1840. Children: Harriet, John, Milton, 
Lizzie, Sarah, Ammon, Annie. 

Yll. Harriet Halteman, bn. May 31, 1864. Married 
Charles Sypherd, Sept. 26, 1885. He was bn. Dec. 15, 1860, 
P. O., Spring City, Penna. Glass worker. Menn. Br. in 
Christ. Children: 

VIII. Elsie Sypherd, bn. Jan. 15, 1887. 

Ylll. Harvey Leroy Sypherd, bn. Feb. 5, 1892. 

VIM. Annie Mabel Sypherd, bn. July 7, 1897. 

VII. John Halteman, bn. Aug. 22, 1866. Mrd. Sarah 
Boyer, Sept. 29, 1888. She was bn. Oct. 27, 1867. P. O., 
Spring City, Pa. Stone cutter. One child. 

Ylll. Ada Halteman, bn. Dec. 11, 18?K). 

VII. Milton L. Halteman, born in North Coventry, 
Chester Co., Pa., Jan. 3, 1860. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 
Traveling salesman. S. 

Yll. M. Lizzie Halteman, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Apr. 
11, 1872. Mrd. Allen S. Fulmer. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 
Employed at Buckwalter's foundry, Royersford, Pennsyl- 
vania. Children: 

VIII. Clara L. Fulmer, bn. July 17, 1891. 

Ylll. Elmer Clayton Fulmer, bn. Sept. 25, 1893. 
Ylll. George Henry Fulmer, bn. Aug. 11, 1896. 

Yll. Sarah Halteman, born July 17, 1874; died Septem- 
ber 21, 1874. 

Yll. Ammon L. Halteman, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., 
May 19, 1876. Student and teacher. Menn. S. 

— 155 — 

VI. Elizabeth Halteman, bn. Mar. 24, 1842. Married 
Rev. Andrew S. Mack, December 4, 1859. P. O., Bally, Pa. 
Menn. Children: Noah, Emma, Susanna, Jesse, Ell, Lizzie. 

VII. Noah H. Mack, bn. Feb. 1, 1861. Married Lizzie 
Sensenigr, Dec. 23, 1882. P. O., Farmersville, Pa. School 
teacher. No issue. 

VII. Emma H. Mack, bn. Sept. 13, 1863. Mrd. Isaiah 
Rickert. P. O., Fountainville, Pa. Farmer. Menn. 
Have issue. 

VII. Susanna Mack, born September 13, 1863; died 
Nov. 28, 1868. 

VII. Jesse H. Mack, bn. Sept. 25, 1865. Mrd. Mary 
Mensch. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. 

VII. Eli H. Mack, bn. Dec. 13, 1867. Married Elmira 
Schultz, Dec. 27, 1890. 

VII. Lizzie H. Mack, bn. Apr. 27, 1873. 

V. Christian F. Halteman, (dec'd). Mrd. . 

VI. Moses Halteman. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 

V. John Halteman, bn. July 20, 1817. Mrd. Catharine 
H. Kulp, daughter of Samuel Kulp, Nov. 25, 1841. She 
was bn. Dec. 31, 1820: died Jiily 1, 1884. P. O., Pottstown, 
Pa. Retired farmer. Menn. Children: Samuel, Fan- 
nie, Elizabeth, Catharine, Sarah, Harriet. 

VI. Samuel K. Haldeman, bn. Apr. 8, 1843. Married 
Annie E. Knerr, daughter of John Knerr, Nov. 22, 1866. 
She was bn. Apr. 10, 1845. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 
Esther, Eber, John, Oscar. George. 

VII. Esther Rebecca Haldeman, bn. Apr. 29, 1868. 
Mrd. David J. Knaur, son of David Knaur. He was bn. 
Dec. 2, 1866. P. O., St. Peters, Pa. Merchant. Ref. 

VIII. Mabel Ada Knaur, bn. Apr. 16, 1888. 
VIII. Guy Waldo Knaur, bn. Oct. 18, 1889. 

VII. Eber Haldeman, bn. Apr. 8, 1870. 
VII. John Haldeman, bn. Nov. 25, 1872. 
VII. Oscar Haldeman, bn. July 1, 1877. 
VII. George Haldeman, bn. Aug. 17, 1882. 

VI. Fannie Haldeman, bn. June 13, 184". Mrd. John 
B. Bowman, son of John L. Bowman, Nov. 17, 1866. He 
was bn. in 1835. P. O., Niantic, Pa. Parmer. Menn. 

— 156 — 

VII. Samuel Bowmao, bn. Feb. 20, 1868. 

VII. Harrison Bowman, bn. June 24, 1870. 

VII. Katie Bowman, bn. Oct. 4, 1873. 

VII. John Bowman, bn. June 24, 1880. 

VII. Olivia Bowman, bn. Nov. 17, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Haldeman. 

VI. Catharine Haldeman, bn. Nov. 18, 1849. Mrd. J. 
Eber Finkbiner, son of Jacob Finkbiner, Dec. 3, 1867. He 
was bn. Dec. 7, 1841. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

VII. John Finkbiner, bn. Dec. 16, 1870.. 
VII. Mary E. Finkbiner, bn. Sept. 24, 1872. 

VII. Jacob Clayton Finkbiner, bn. June 2, 1875. 
VII. Eber Winfield Finkbiner, bn. Feb. 13, 1877. 
VII. Daniel Rutherford Finkbiner, bn. Mar. 12, 1879. 
VII. Samuel Sylvanus Finkbiner, bn. Mar. 16, 1881. 
VII. Sarah Elizabeth Finkbiner, bn. Dec. 31, 1885. 

VI. Sarah Haldeman, bn. July 15, 1852. Mrd. Milton 
P. Grubb, son of David Grubb, Nov. 18, 1875. He was bn. 
Sept. 22, 1852. P. O., East Coventry, Pa. Machinist. 
Ref. Children: 

VII. Annie Grubb, bn. July 12, 1877. 
VII. Edgar Grubb, bn. July 22, 1878. 

VII. Mary Ada Grubb, bn. Nov. 26, 1880. 

VI. Harriet Haldeman, bn. June 21, 1856. Mrd. Dill- 
man G. Souder, son of Christian Souder, May 5, 1883. He 
was bn. June 21, 1851. P. O., Mainland, Pa. Farmer. 
Mrs. S., Menn. Children: 

VII. Mabel H. Souder, bn. Oct. 8, 1892. 
VII. Ethel Kate Souder, bn. Apr. 29, 1896. 

V. Benjamin Haldeman. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 

V. Catharine Haldeman, bn. Mar. 11, 1821; died in Sept. 
1889. Mrd. Joel Good, son of Jonas Good, Jan. 11, 1844. 
He was bn. Apr. 28, 1822. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Israel, Fannie, Anna, William, Solo- 
mon, Levina, John. 

VI. Israel Good, born Jan. 20, 1845. Married Kate 
Hiestand, daughter of David Hiestand, Oct. 5, 1871. She 
was bn. Sept. 27, 1847; died July 15, 1889. P. O., Kimber- 
ton, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Israel mrd. second wife, 
Lizzie W. Merkey. 

— 157 — 

VI. Fanny Good, bn. Feb. 28, 1846. Mrd. Henry L. 
Bechtel, Oct. 28, 1875. He was bn. Oct. 2, 1&44; died Dec. 
23, 1877. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Francis G. Bechtel, bn. Sept. 4, 1876. 
VII. Henry G. Bechtel, bn. Apr. 24, 1878. 

VI. Anna Good, bn. Oct. 17, 1847. Mrd. Abraham S. 
Gehman, son of John Gehman, Jan. 8, 1874. He was bom 
Sept. 8, 1848. P. O., Bally, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. John G. Gehman, bn. Apr. 14, 1875. Mrd. Mary, 
daughter of Deacon Abraham Landis, in 1897. 

VII. Katie Gehman, bn. June 25, 1876. 

VII. Daniel G. Gehman, bn. Nov. 4, 1877. 

VII. Ella Gehman, bn. Feb. 25, 1880. 

VII. Emma Gehman, bn. June 29, 1831. 

VII. William G. Gehman, bn. Jan. 13, 1883. 

VII. Ada Gehman, bn. Mar. 14, 1886; died Mar. 26, 1887. 

VI. William Good, bn. Sept. 25, 1849. Mrd. Barbara 
Hiestand, daughter of Joshua Hiestand, Sept. 21, 1876. 
She was bn. Aug. 11, 1856. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Daniel Good, bn. Jan. 18, 1878. 
VII. Lizzie Good, bn. Oct. 9, 1879. 
VII. William Good, bn. Oct. 7, 1881. 
VII. Laura Good, bn. Jan. 3, 1884. 
VII. Emma Good, bn. Oct. 7, 1888. 
VII. Allen Good, bn. July 5, 1891. 

VI. Solomon Good, bn. Mar. 3, 1852. Mrd. Kate Bech- 
tel, daughter of Jacob B. Bechtel, Dec. 15, 1881. She was 
bn. Feb. 22, 1857; died Mar. 16, 1895. P. O , Vincent, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Anna B. Good, bn. Sept. 26, 1882. 
VII. Bertha B. Good, bn. Nov. 15, 1887. 
VII. Infant, died Mar. 16, 1895. 

Solomon mrd. second wife, Ellen Whisler, Nov. 15, 
1897, at Hanover, York Co., Pa. 

VI. Levina Good, bn. Apr. 30, 1854. Mrd. David Geh- 
man, Mar. 8, 1877. He was bn. Feb. 1, 1851. P. O., Fruit- 
ville, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Mary Gehman, bn. Dec. 22, 1877. 
VII. Jonas Gehman, bn. Feb. 26, 1879. 
VII. Lizzie Gehman, bn. Apr. 13, 1880. 

— 156 — 

VII. Samuel Bowman, bn. Feb. 20, 1868. 
VII. Harrison Bowman, bn. June 24, 1870. 
VII. Katie Bowman, bn. Oct. 4, 1873. 
VII. John Bowman, bn. June 24, 1880. 
VII. Olivia Bowman, bn. Nov. 17, 1885. 

VI. Elizabeth Haldeman. 

VI. Catharine Haldeman, bn. Nov. 18, 1849. Mrd. J. 
Eber Finkbiner, son of Jacob Finkbiner, Dec. 3, 1867. He 
was bn. Dec. 7, 1841. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

VII. John Finkbiner, bn. Dec. 16, 1870.. 
VII. Mary E. Finkbiner, bn. Sept. 24, 1872. 

VII. Jacob Clayton Finkbiner, bn. June 2, 1875. 
VII. Eber Winfield Finkbiner, bn. Feb. 13, 1877. 
VII. Daniel Rutherford Finkbiner, bn. Mar. 12, 1879. 
VII. Samuel Sylvanus Finkbiner, bn. Mar. 16, 1881. 
Vll. Sarah Elizabeth Finkbiner, bn. Dec. 31, 1885. 

VI. Sarah Haldeman, bn. July 15, 1852. Mrd. Milton 
P. Grubb, son of David Grubb, Nov. 18, 1875. He was bn. 
Sept. 22, 1852. P. O., East Coventry, Pa. Machinist. 
Ref. Children: 

VII. Annie Grubb, bn. July 12, 1877. 
Vll. Edgar Grubb, bn. July 22, 1878. 

Vll. Mary Ada Grubb, bn, Nov. 26, 1880. 

VI. Harriet Haldeman, bn. June 21, 1856. Mrd. Dill- 
man G. Souder, son of Christian Souder, May 5, 1883. He 
was bn. June 21, 1851. P. O., Mainland, Pa. Farmer. 
Mrs. S., Menu. Children: 

VII. Mabel H. Souder, bn. Oct. 8, 1892. 
Vll. Ethel Kate Souder, bn. Apr. 29, 1896. 

V. Benjamin Haldeman. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 

V. Catharine Haldeman, bn. Mar. 11, 1821; died in Sept. 
1889. Mrd. Joel Good, son of Jonas Good, Jan. 11, 1844. 
He was bn. Apr. 28, 1822. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Israel, Fannie, Anna, William, Solo> 
mon, Levina, John. 

VI. Israel Good, born Jan. 20, 1845. Married Kate 
Hiestand, daughter of David Hiestand, Oct. 5, 1871. She 
was bn. Sept. 27, 1847; died July 15, 1889. P. O., Kimber- 
ton, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Israel mrd. second wife, 
Lizzie W. Merkey. 

— 157 — 

VI. Fanny Good, bn. Feb. 28, 1W6. Mrd. Henry L. 
Bechtel, Oct. 28, 1875. He was bn. Oct. 2, 1844; died Dec. 
23, 1877. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Francis G. Bechtel, bn. Sept. 4, 1876. 
VII. Henry G. Bechtel, bn. Apr. 24, 1878. 

VI. Anna Good, bn. Oct. 17, 1847. Mrd. Abraham S. 
Gehman, son of John Gehman, Jan. 8, 1874. He was born 
Sept. 8, 1848. P. O., Bally, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. John G. Gehman, bn. Apr. 14, 1876. Mrd. Mary, 
daughter of Deacon Abraham Landis. in 1897. 

VII. Katie Gehman, bn. June 25, 1876. 

VII. Daniel G. Gehman, bn. Nov. 4, 1877. 

VII. Ella Gehman, bn. Feb. 25, 1880. 

VII. Emma Gehman, bn. June 29, 18S1. 

VII. William G. Gehman, bn. Jan. 13, 1883. 

VII. Ada Gehman, bn. Mar. 14, 1886; died Mar. 26, 1887. 

VI. William Good, bn. Sept. 25, 1849. Mrd. Barbara 
Hiestand, daughter of Joshua Hiestand, Sept. 21, 1876. 
She was bn. Aug. 11, 1856. P. O., Vincent, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Daniel Good, bn. Jan. 18, 1878. 
VII. Lizzie Good, bn. Oct. 9, 1879. 
VII. William Good, bn. Oct. 7, 1881. 
VII. Laura Good, bn. Jan. 3, 1884. 
VII. Emma Good, bn. Oct. 7, 1888. 
VII. Allen Good, bn. July 5, 1891. 

VI. Solomon Good, bn. Mar. 3, 1852. Mrd. Kate Bech- 
tel. daughter of Jacob B. Bechtel, Dec. 15, 1881. She was 
bn. Feb. 22. 1857; died Mar. 16, 1895. P. O , Vincent, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Anna B. Good, bn. Sept. 26, 1882. 
VII. Bertha B. Good, bn. Nov. 15, 1887. 
VII. Infant, died Mar. 16, 1895. 

Solomon mrd. second wife, Ellen Whisler, Nov. 15, 
1897, at Hanover, York Co., Pa. 

VI. Levina Good, bn. Apr. 30, 1854. Mrd. David Geh- 
man, Mar. 8, 1877. He was bn. Feb. 1, 1851. P. O., Fruit- 
ville, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Mary Gehman, bn. Dec. 22, 1877. 
VII. Jonas Gehman, bn. Feb. 26, 1879. 
VII. Lizzie Gehman, bn. Apr. 13, 1880. 

— 1(50 — 

VI. Kate Funk,.bn. Jan. 21, 1852. Mrd. Nathaniel H. 
Buckwalter, Oct. 26, 1876. He was bn. May 30, 1853. P. 
O., Spring City, Pa. Children: 

VII. John F. Buckwaltcr, bn. May 21, 1878. 

VII. David Elmer Buckwalter, bn. Jan. 24, 1880. 

VII. Harry F. Buckwalter, bn. Sept. 29, 1882. (Twin). 

VII. Horace F. Buckwalter, bn. Sept. 29, 1882. (Twin). 

VI. Annie E. Funk, born August 20, 1853; died 
May 16, 1861. 

VI. Mary R. Funk, bn. Aug. 18, 1855; died May 1, 1861. 

VI. Harry D. Funk, bn. May 14, 1858. Mrd. H. Kate 
Latshaw, daughter of Rev. John Latshaw, Dec. 13, 1879. 
P. O., Kimbcrton, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Sallie E. Funk, bn. Oct. 7, 1881. 
VII. Laura Elsie Funk, bn. Jan. 10, 1884. 
VII. Horace L. Funk, bn. Jan. 25, 1886. 
VII. John L. Funk, bn. Aug. 5, 1888. 

VII. Clarence L. Funk, bn. Aug. 7, 1891. 

VI. Susanna Funk, bn. May 10, 1861: died Jan. 2, 1869. 

VI. Jacob D. Funk, bn. Oct. 27, 1868. Mrd. Sallie B. 
Longacre, Feb. 2, 1889. She was bn. July 16, 1866. P. O., 
Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 

VI. David D. Funk, bn. Jan. 10, 1870. 


V. Rev. Jacob Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Nov. 23, 
1825. Mrd. Anna, daughter of John and Sarah Kolb, Dec. 
16, 1852. She was bn. Oct. 9, 1823. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 
Farmer and minister of the Mennonite church. Children: 
John, Jacob, Sarah, Jonathan, Isaac, Annie, Aaron, Mary, 

VI. John K. Funk, bn. Oct. 9, ia53. Mrd. Lizzie Hie- 
stand. daughter of David and Catharine Hiestand, Aug. 
25, 1875. P. O., Kimberton, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. -Katie R. Funk, bn. Nov. 21, 1876. 
VII. Harry W. Funk, bn. Apr. 16, 1879. 
VII. William H. Funk, bn Apr. 8, 1887. 

VI. Jacob H. Funk, bn. Oct. 27, 1855: died Mar. 22, 1861. 
VI. Sarah Funk, bn. Aug. 14, 1857; died Apr. 17, 1861. 
VI. Jonathan Funk, bn. Oct. 9, 1859; died Aug. 4, 1860. 

— 161 — 

Vk Isaac I. Funk, bn. Feb. 28. 1861. Mrd. Alice, 
daughter of Godfrey and Mary Schlipf , Jan. 10, 1884. P. 
O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. Mrs. Fuak, Dunkard. 

Yll. Clarence I. Funk, born November 18, 1884; died 
July 28, 1887. 

VII. Elmira S. Funk, bn. Nov. 7, 1886. 

VI. Annie Funk, bn. Aug*. 14, 1862. Mrd. Leonard 
Cook, Jan. 10, 1887. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Employed in 
paper mill. 

VI. Aaron Funk, bn. Aug. 12, 1864. Mrd. Fannie Long- 
acre, November 8, 1888. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
One child. 

VII. Lydia L. Funk, bn. Mar. 14, 1892. 

VI. Mary Funk, bn. Feb. 22, 1866. P. O., Norristown, 

VI. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Aug. 19, 1868. P. O., Norris- 
town, Pa. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 2, 
1827. Mrd. Jonathan Kolb. (See Index of References^ No, 4>) 

V. A daughter, died unnamed. 

V. Mary Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Feb. 16, 1829. 
Mrd. Christian D. Wismer. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 

V. Henry Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Nov. 5, 1830. 
Mrd. Mary Detweiler, daughter of Henry and Catharine 
Detweiler, Nov. 10, 1857. She was bn. Sept. 15, 1836. P. 
O., Spring City, Pa. Retired farmer. Menn. Children: 
Kate» Annie, Lizzie, Sallie, Mary, Wilmer. 

VI. Kate D. Funk, bn. Dec. 3, 1858. Married Fred L. 
Stauffer, Oct. 13, 1879. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. Children: 

VII. Harry W. Stauffer, bn. Aug. 4, 1880. 
VII. Mary Alice Stauffer, bn. July 25, 18S3. 
VII. Anna F. Stauffer, bn. Dec. 2, 1886. 

Yll. Ida Rebecca Stauffer, bn. Oct. 15, 1891. 
VII. Martha K. Stauffer, bn. July 24, 1894. 

VI. Annie D. Funk, bn. Jan. 1, 1862. Mrd. Erwin L. 
Force, Nov. 13, 1886. P. O., Montclare, Pa. Farmer. 
Oer. Bap. Children: 


— 162 — 

VII. Harry W. Force, born October 31, 1886; died 
July 25, 1887. 

VII. Mary F. Force, bn. Feb. 12, 1891. 

VII. Laura F. Force, born February 20, 1896; died Sep- 
tember 11, 1896. 

VI. Lizzie D. Funk, bn. Aug. 31, 1866. Mrd. William 
A. Francis, Nov. 10, 1886. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref . ch. Children: 

VII. Mary Elsie Francis, bn. Jan. 1, 1888. 
VII. Almorinda Francis, bn. Nov. 26, 1891. 

VII. Wilmer Joseph Francis, born Sept. 3, 1894; died 
Dec. 22, 1894. 

VII. Henry Funk Francis, bn. May 6, 1896. 

VI. Alice D. Funk, bn. Aug. 31, 1866; died May 29, 1879. 
(Twin to Lizzie). 

VI. Mary Jane Funk, born August 3, 1868; died Sep- 
tember 9, 1870. 

VI. Wilmer D. Funk, bom Sept. 23, 1870; died Octo- 
ber 4, 1893. 

V. Isaac Funk died Feb. 21, 1837, aged 3 years, 10 
months and 22 days. 

V. Amos Funk died Feb. 21, 1837, aged 2 years, 1 
month and 4 days. 

V. Christian Funk died Sept. 11, 1838, aged 1 year, 5 
months and 12 days. 

V. Anna Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Aug. 31, 1839. 
Mrd. Franklin B. Mo wry, Jan. 28, 1866. He was bn. Dec. 
14, 1830. P. O., Phoenix ville, Penna. Farmer. Menn. 

VI. Ella Mowry, bn. Jan. 14, 1868; died same day. 

VI. John H. Mowry, ba. Mar. 23, 1869. 

VI. David E. Mowry, bn. Apr. 7, 1873. 

VI. Harmon P. Mowry, bn. Oct. 7, 1875. 

VI. Irwin P. Mowry, bn. Mar. 9, 1878; died July 17, 1878. 

V. Sarah Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., June 2, 1841. 
Mrd. Henry S. Francis, Jan. 13, 1870. P. O., Spring City, 
Penna. Slate and tin roofer and plumbing. Mean. 

VI. A son, (dec'd). 

— 163 — 

VI. Wllmer F. Francis, bn. Feb. 3, 1874. P. O., Spring 
City, Pa. Slater and tinsmith. S. 

IV. John Punk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., July 12, 1800; 
died Oct. 26, 1877. Mrd. Susan Latshaw, daugfhter of 
John and Hannah (Moyer) Latshaw, Mar. 2, 1823. She was 
bn. Mar. 11, 1800; died Aug. 2, 1885. Farmer and shoe- 
maker. Menn. Children: Jacob, Hannah. 

V. Jacob L. Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Apr. 4, 1824. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Gabel, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 
Gabel, May 6, 1847. She was bn. Oct. 29, 1827: died June 1, 
1881. P. O., Kenilworth, Pa. Retired farmer. Menn. 
Children: Lavina, Infant, John, Hannah, Hattie, Sue. 

VI. Lavina Funk, bn. July 20, 1848; died May 19, 1857. 
VI. Infant daughter, bn. Jan. 19, 1850; died unnamed. 

VI. John G. Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., June 9, 1851. 
Mrd. Kate P. , daughter of Michael and Sophia Detweiler, 
Sept. 14, 1876. She. was bn. Oct. 3, 1855. P. O., Kenil- 
worth, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Emma Leah Funk, bn. June 17, 1877. 
VII. Etna Elizabeth Funk, bn. May 6, 1879. 

VI. Hannah E. Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., July 29, 
1858. Mrd. John H. Halderman, son of Isaac and Mar- 
garet Halderman, Sept. 28, 1882. He was bn. June 14, 
1858. P. C, Pottstown, Pa. Dunkard. Children: 

VII. Olive Rebecca Halderman, bn. July 28, 1884. 
VII. Florence May Halderman, bn. Nov. 1, 1886. 

VII. Martha Elizabeth Halderman, bn. Oct. 19, 1887. 

VI. Hattie Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Sept. 12, 
1863. Mrd. William H, Saylor, son of Adam and Hannah 
Saylor, Sept. 11, 1884. He was bn. Oct. 11, 1856. Post- 
master at Kenilworth, Pa. Lumber, coal and feed mer- 
chant Mr. Saylor, Lutheran. Mrs. Saylor, Dunkard. 

VII. Jacob Ralph Saylor, bn. July 1, 1885. 
VII. Laura Naomi Saylor, bn. Feb. 23, 1887. 
VII. Clyde Talmage Saylor, bn. June 18, 1889. 

VI. Sue Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 1865. 
Mrd. John E. Latshaw, son of Rev. John Latshaw, July 19, 
1892. He was bn. Aug. 1, 1856. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 
Carpenter. Children: 

— 164 — 

VII. Blanche Latshaw. 
VII. Elmer Latshaw. 

V. Hannah Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., June 23, 
1831. Mrd. Geo. W. Landis, son of David and Catharine 
Landis, Dec. 22, 1853. He was bn. July 31, 1832. P. O., 
Pottstown, Pa. Feed and stock ag^ent for the P. & R. Ry. 
Menu. Children: John, Sue. 

VI. John D. F. Landis, bn. June 29, 1859. Mrd. Flor- 
ence May Swindells, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W. Swin- 
dells, of Meth. Ep. ch., Oct. 14, 1886. She was bn. July 12, 
1867. Res., Philadelphia, Pa. Chief clerk in Purchasing^ 
Ag-'ts Dept. of the P. & R. Ry. Meth. Ep. One child. 

VII. Harold Landis, bn. July 18, 1887. 

VI. Sue F. Landis, born Dec. 8, 1861. P. O., Potts- 
town, Pa. S. 

IV. Catharine Funk, bn. in 'Berks Co., Pa., Apr. 17, 
1803; died Mar. 20, 1892. Mrd. Francis Y. Shelly, Mar. 31, 
1822. He was bn. May 20, 1799; died August 21, 1871. 
Farmer. Lived at Spinnerstown, Pa, Menn. Children: 
Aaron, Mary, Barbara, Francis, Jeremiah, Catharine, 
Jacob, Eliza, Leanna. 

V. Aaron F. Shelly, M. D., bn. at Milford, Pa., Feb. 10, 
1823; died in Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1883. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Strassburger, daughter of Rev. John A. and Catharine 
(Stout) Strassburger, Mar. 12, 1846. She was bn. in Rock- 
hill Twp., Feb. 25, 1826; died in Philadelphia, Nov. 9, 1880. 
Mr. Shelly received a common school education in Bucks 
Co., and taught school upon reaching manhood. After 
marriage he kept a general store at Sellersville, Pa. for 
several years. He then removed his family to Philadel- 
phia to attend lectures at Jefferson Medical College, and 
graduated from that institution. He practiced his pro- 
fession for several years at Milford Square, Pa. He 
afterwards removed to Philadelphia where he enjoyed a 
large and successful practice in medicine until his death. 
He introduced to the medical profession the remedy 
named Ingluvin^ which is now largely used throughout the 
civilized world. Dr. Shelly was a prominent member of 
the Reformed church, and an elder for many years, and 
a liberal and active worker. Mrs. Shelly was also a mem- 
ber of the Reformed church, and performed a large share 

— 165 — 

of work in the '* Ladies' Aid Society/' and other move- 
ments in her church. Children: Mary, John, Rebecca, 

VI. Mary Catharine Shelly, bn. Feb. 1, 1847. Mrd. 
Alexander S. Hiester, in Philadelphia. May 9, 1867. He 
died in Reading". Pa., in 1884. Mrs. Heister resides in 
Paris, France. One child. 

VII. Albertus Shelly Hiester, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., 
Nov. 11, 1871. Res., Paris, France. Albertus inherited 
marked musical talents from his Shelly ancestry. When 
but ei^ht years of age he began to play in public. In 1883 
he pla5'ed for Adeline Patti, the world's famous 
sing^er, and received from her a testimonial letter and a 
present of a lovers'-knot gold ring". On the 27th of May, 
1891, he was invited by Mrs. President Harrison to the 
White House at Washington, D. C, where was given a 
reception, at which were present the President of the 
United States, several members of the Cabinet and other 
distinguished persons. Mrs. Harrison presented him with 
a diamond scarf pin. The young artist is now in Paris 
pursuing his musical studies. His professional name is 
Bertie Shelly. 

VI. John Andrew Francis Shelly, bn. Apr. 14, 1848; 
died June 7, 1848. 

VI. Rebecca Shelly, bn. at Milford Square, Pa., July 
23, 1854. Mrd. Henry S. Dotterer, June 20, 1876. He was 
bn. in Montg. Co., Pa., Feb. 16, 1841. Son of Philip and 
Prlscilla (Sassaman) Dotterer. Res., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mr. Dotterer received an academic education in Norris- 
town. Pa. Learned the trade of printing and taught 
school in 1861-1862. In 1862 he removed to Philadelphia 
and has since been employed as accountant and business 
manager by mercantile and financial firms and corpora- 
tions. He is now (1891) engaged in a responsible position 
in the office of City Treasurer W. Redwood Wright. Mrs. 
Dotterer is a graduate of the Philadelphia public school. 
She has devoted much time to charitable and religious 
work, notably to the Children's Country Week Associa- 
tion, and the Philadelphia Society for organizing charity, 
of Phila., Pa., and to the Women's Missionary Society 
of the Reformed church. After their marriage Mr. and 
Mrs. Dotterer took a three months' trip to Europe, visit- 

— 166 — 

ing principal points of interest in England, France, Italy, 
Oermany, Switzerland and Belgium. Since then they 
have traveled in the United States and Canada* Mr. 
Dotterer has written a number of works relating to the 
local history of Montgomery Co., Pa., and has made some 
translations from the German, which have been printed 
in the local press. He also prepared a sketch of Rev. 
John Philip Bohm's life and work, the Markley Freund- 
schaft and Falkner Swamp, which have been issued in 
book form. Members of Reformed church. One child. 

VII. Ralph Shelly Dotterer, bn. May 26, 1878; died 
Aug. 17, 1878. 

VI. Oliver S. Shelly, bn. at Mllford Square, Pa., May 
25, 1860. Mrd. Minerva Hartzell, daughter of Jesse D. and 
Mary S. (Strassburger) Hartzell, at Philadelphia, Pa., 
Oct. 24, 1889. She was bn. in Bucks Co., Oct. 3, 1856. Mr. 
Shelly was educated in the public schools of Philadelphia. 
He is now an accountant in the office of the J. B. Lippin> 
£Ott Publishing Co., of Philadelphia. 

V. Mary F. Shelly, bn. Nov. 8, 1824. Mrd. Henry 
Moyer. P. O., Mainland, Pa. Butcher. Menu. Children: 
Amanda, Catharine. 

VI. Amanda S. Moyer, bn. in 1844. Mrd. Charles Z. 
Wampole. P. O., Mainland, Penna. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Enos, Henry, Rom anus, Mary, Catharine, 
Charles, Annie, Horace, Laura, Ambrose, Amanda, Har- 
vey, Oswin, Alice, Ellen, Alvin. 

VII. Enos M. Wampole, bn. Nov. 6, 1861; died Septem- 
ber 15, 1862. 

VII. Henry M. Wampole, bn. Nov. 28, 1862; died Octo- 
ber 28, 1863. 

VII. Romanus Wampole, bn. May 25, 1864. Married 
Elmina Krupp, January 15, 1887. P. O., Mainland, Pa. 
Laborer. No issue. 

VII. Mary Ida Wampole, bn. June 20, 1865; died Sep- 
tember 12, 1880. 

VII. Catharine M. Wampole, bn. Sept. 30, 1866. Mrd. 
Harry J. Stover, Jan. 9, 1886, and died Oct. 11, 1886. 
No issue. 

VII. Charles M. Wampole, bn. Jan. 12, 1868. 

— 167 — 

Vli. Annie M. Wampole, bn. Aug. 7, 1869. Married 
Charles Schiffert, Mar. lO, 1887. P. O., Mainland, Pa. 
Laborer. One child. 

Vili. Jennie W. Schififert, bn. Jan. 24, 1888. 

VII. Horace M. Wampole, bn. Jan. 29, 1871. 

VII. Laura M. Wampole, bn. Augr. 4, 1872. 

VII. Ambrose M. Wampole, bn. Dec. 13, 1873. 

VII. Amanda M. Wampole, bn. Nov. 13, 1875. 

VII. Harvey M. Wampole, bn. Nov. 8, 1877. 

VII. Oswln M. Wampole, bn. Oct. 6, 1879. 

VII. Alice M. Wampole, bom July 29, 1883; died 
Mar. 7, 1886. 

VII. Ellen M. Wampole, bo. Nov. 22, 1884. 

VII. Alvin M. Wampole, bom AuguBt 16, 1886; died 
Dec. 25, 1886. 

VI. Catharine S. Moyer, bn. Sept 26, 1845; died Dec. 
19, 1875. Mrd. Joseph Krout, Mar., 1875. Laborer. Ref. 
ch. No issue. 

V. Barbara F. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 30, 
1826; died May 27, 1895. Mrd. Thomas G. Grove. Tailor. 
He died May 13, 1881. Luth. Children: Clara, Francis, 
Alvin, Jeremiah. 

VI. Clara Grove, bn. Feb. 21, 1849; died Apr. 15, 1864. 

VI. Francis Pierce Grove, bn. November 2, 1852; died 
Mar. 21, 1868. 

VI. Alvin Jairus Grove, bn. Sept. 3, 1855; died Febru- 
ary 21, 1876. 

VI. Jeremiah Grove. Bank clerk. S. 

V. Francis F. Shelly, bn. at Milford Square, Pa., Aug. 
21, 1827. Mrd. Hannah L Stauffer, Mar. 18, 1851. She 
died Sept. 13, 1860. P. O., East Greenville, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Sarah, Uriah, Elizabeth, Francis. 

VI. Sarah S. Shelly, bn. Apr. 5, 1852. Mrd. Milton G. 
Oberholtzer, Dec. 18, 1875. P. O., Geryville, Pa. Menn. 

Vil. Magrgie Melissa Oberholtzer, bn. Mar. 19, 1877; 
died Aug. 24, 1877. 

VII. Howard S. Oberholtzer, bn. Sept. 30, 1878; died 
Oct. 31, 1880. 

VII. Eugene S. Oberholtzer, bn. Sept. 12, 1881. 

~ 161 — 

Yl. Isaac I. Funk, bn. Feb. 28, 1861. Mrd. Alice, 
daughter of Godfrey and Mary Schlipf , Jan. 10, 1884. P. 
C, Spring City, Pa. Farmer. Mrs. Funk, Dunkard. 

Yll. Clarence I. Funk, born November 18, 1884; died 
July 28, 1887. 

Yll. Elmira S. Funk, bn. Nov. 7, 1886. 

Yl. Annie Funk, bn. Aug. 14, 1862. Mrd. Leonard 
Cook, Jan. 10, 1887. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Employed in 
paper mill. 

VI. Aaron Funk, bn. Aug. 12, 1864. Mrd. Fannie Long- 
acre, November 8, 1888. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
One child. 

VII. Lydia L. Funk, bn. Mar. 14, 1892. 

VI. Mary Funk, bn. Feb. 22, 1866. P. O., Norristown, 

VI. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Aug. 19, 1868. P. O., Norris- 
town, Pa. 

v. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 2, 
1827. Mrd. Jonathan Kolb. (See Index of Beferences^ No, 4-) 

v. A daughter, died unnamed. 

v. Mary Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Feb. 16, 1829. 
Mrd. Christian D. Wismer. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 

v. Henry Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Nov. 5, 1830. 
Mrd. Mary Detweiler, daughter of Henry and Catharine 
Detweiler, Nov. 10, 1857. She was bn. Sept. 15, 1836. P. 
C, Spring City, Pa. Retired farmer. Menu. Children: 
Kate, Annie, Lizzie, Sallie, Mary, Wilmer. 

Yl. Kate D. Funk, bn. Dec. 3, 1858. Married Fred L. 
Stauffer, Oct. 13, 1879. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. Children: 

Yll. Harry W. Stauffer, bn. Aug. 4, 1880. 

VII. Mary Alice Stauffer, bn. July 25, 1883. 
VII. Anna F. Stauffer, bn. Dec. 2, 1880. 

Yll. Ida Rebecca Stauffer, bn. Oct. 15, 189L 
VII. Martha K. Stauffer, bn. July 24, 1894. 

VI. Annie D. Funk, bn. Jan. 1, 1862. Mrd. Erwin L. 
Force, Nov. 13, 1885. P. O., Montclare, Pa. Farmer. 
Oer. Bap. Children: 


— 162 — 

Yll. Harry W. Force, born October 31, 1886; died 
July 25, 1887. 

Yll. Mary F. Force, bn. Feb. 12, 1891. 

Yll. Laura F. Force, born February 20, 1896; died Sep- 
tember 11, 1896. 

Yl. Lizzie D. Funk, bn. Aug, 31, 1866. Mrd. William 
A. Francis, Nov. 10, 1886. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref. ch. Children: 

YM. Mary Elsie Francis, bn. Jan. 1, 1888. 

VII. Almorinda Francis, bn. Nov. 26, 1891. 

Yll. Wilmer Joseph Francis, born Sept. 3, 1894; died 
Dec. 22, 1894. 

Yll. Henry Funk Francis, bn. May 6, 1896. 

VI. Alice D. Funk, bn. Aug. 31, 1866; died May 29, 1879. 
(Twin to Lizzie). 

VI. Mary Jane Funk, bom August 3, 1868; died Sep- 
tember 9, 1870. 

VI. Wilmer D. Funk, bom Sept. 23, 1870; died Octo- 
ber 4, 1893. 

Y. Isaac Funk died Feb. 21, 1837, aged 3 years, 10 
months and 22 days. 

Y. Amos Funk died Feb. 21, 1837, aged 2 years, 1 
month and 4 days. 

Y. Christian Funk died Sept 11, 1838, aged 1 year, 5 
months and 12 days. 

V. Anna Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Aug. 31, 1839. 
Mrd. Franklin B. Mowry, Jan. 28, 1866. He was bn. Dec. 
14, 1830. P. O., Phoenix ville, Penna. Farmer. Meno. 

Yl. Ella Mowry, bn. Jan. 14, 1868; died same day. 

VI. John H. Mowry, bo. Mar. 23, 1869. 
Yl. David E. Mowry, bn. Apr. 7, 1873. 
Yl. Harmon P. Mowry, bn. Oct. 7, 1875. 

Yl. Irwin P. Mowry, bn. Mar. 9, 1878; died July 17, 1878. 

Y. Sarah Punk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., June 2, 1841. 
Mrd. Henry S. Francis, Jan. 13, 1870. P. O., Spring City, 
Penna. Slate and tin roofer and plumbing. Menn. 

VI. A son, (dec'd). 

— 163 — 

Yl. Wllmer F. Francis, bn. Feb. 3, 1874. P. O., Spring 
City, Pa. Slater and tinsmith. S. 

lY. John Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., July 12, 1800; 
died Oct. 26, 1877. Mrd. Susan Latshaw, daug'hter of 
John and Hannah (Moyer) Latshaw, Mar. 2, 1823. She was 
bn. Mar. 11, 1800; died Aug. 2. 1885. Farmer and shoe- 
maker. Menn. Children: Jacob, Hannah. 

V. Jacob L. Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Apr. 4, 1824. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Gabel, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 
Gabel, May 6, 1847. She was bn. Oct. 29, 1827: died June 1, 
1881. P. O., Kenilworth, Pa. Retired farmer. Menn. 
Children: Lavina, Infant, John, Hannah, Hattie, Sue. 

Yl. Lavina Punk, bn. July 20, 1848; died May 19, 1857. 

Yl. Infant daughter, bn. Jan. 19, 1850; died unnamed. 

Yl. John G. Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., June 9, 1851. 
Mrd. Kate P., daughter of Michael and Sophia Detweiler, 
Sept. 14, 1876. She .was bn. Oct. 3, 1855. P. O., Kenil- 
worth, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

Yll. Emma Leah Funk, bn. June 17, 1877. 

Yll. Etna Elizabeth Funk, bn. May 6, 1879. 

Yl. Hannah E. Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., July 29, 
1858. Mrd. John H. Halderman, son of Isaac and Mar- 
garet Halderman, Sept. 28, 1882. He was bn. June 14, 
1858. P. O., Pottstown, Pa. Dunkard. Children: 

Yll. Olive Rebecca Halderman, bn. July 28, 1884. 

Yll. Florence May Halderman, bn. Nov. 1, 1886. 

Yll. Martha Elizabeth Halderman, bn. Oct. 19, 1887. 

Yl. Hattie Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Sept. 12, 
1863. Mrd. William H. Saylor, son of Adam and Hannah 
Saylor, Sept. 11, 1884. He was bn. Oct. 11, 1856. Post- 
master at Kenilworth, Pa. Lumber, coal and feed mer- 
chant. Mr. Saylor, Lutheran. Mrs. Saylor, Dunkard. 

Yll. Jacob Ralph Saylor, bn. July 1, 1885. 

VII. Laura Naomi Saylor, bn. Feb. 23, 1887. 

Yll. Clyde Talmage Saylor, bn. June 18, 1889. 

Yl. Sue Funk, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 1865. 
Mrd. John E. Latshaw, son of Rev. John Latshaw, July 19, 
1892. He was bn. Aug. 1, 1856. P. O., Spring City, Pa. 
Carpenter. Children: 

— 170 — 

V. Jacob P. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan, 13, 1834. 
Mrd. Catharine Bleam, Oct. 6, 1856. P. O. Spinnerstown, 
Pa. Parmer. Menn. Children: Mary, Adelaide, Cath- 
arine, Clara, Eliza, Alvin, Lillie. 

Yl. Mary B. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 25, 
1858. Mrd. Daniel George. P. O., Milford Square, Pa. 
Fanner. Menn. Children: 

VII. Howard Hlxon George, bn. Apr. 18, 1880. 

Yll. Addie George, bn. Dec. 4, 1881; died Aug. 30, 1886. 

Yll. Daniel George, bn. Peb. 27, 1886. 

VI. Adelaide B. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., June 22, 
1860. Mrd. Oliver Horner in 1886, son of William and 
Maria (Schwenk) Horner. He was bn. in 1860. Res., 2537 
N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk. Menn. 

Yl. Catharine B. Shelly, bn. Jan. 15, 1864. Mrd. Jonas 
H. Griesraer, Apr., 1889. He was. bn. in 1856. Res., 3011 
N. 10th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Produce dealer. Menn. 
One child. 

Yll. Oswin Grlesmer, born March 24, 1892; died Febru- 
ary 16, 1893. 

Yl. Clara B. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 12, 
1867. Mrd. Clinton M. Hood. He was bn. May 23, 1861. 
Res., 2243 Pairhill St., Philadelphia, Pa. Carpenter and 
builder. Menn. Children: 

VII. Harry S. Hood, bn. Sept. 29, 1884. 
Yll. Warren S. Hood, bn. Sept. 18, 1890. 

Yl. Eliza B. Shelly, bn. Apr. 12, 1870. Mrd. Amandas 
Remaley in 1889. He was bn. in 1857. Res., 2441 N. 10th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Painter. Menn. 

VI: Alvin Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 22, 1873. 
Produce dealer in Philadelphia, Pa. Res., 2441 N. 10th 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Menn. S. He died in Jan. 1896, 
aged 22 years, 8 months and 18 days. 

VI. Lillie B. Shelly, bn. Feb. 24, 1877; died Sept. 30, 
1890, aged 13 years, 7 months and 6 days. 

Y. Eliza Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 8, 1837. 
Mrd. Henry H. Oberholtzer, of Montg. Co., Pa., Feb. 28, 
1856. P. O., Barto, Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch. Children: 

VI. Francis Oberholtzer, born Sept. 18, 1857; died 
Dec. 6, 1864. 

— 171 — 

VI. Mary Oberholtzer, born Dec. 30, 1858; died Decem- 
ber 14, 1864. 

Yl. Ambrose Oberholtzer, bom March 29, 1881; died 
Oct. 16, 1862. 

VI. Cathollna Oberholtzer, born Nov. 2, 1864; died 
Dec. 4, 1864. 

VI. Jacob Oberholtzer, born December 28, 1865; died 
Apr. 9, 1870. 

VI. Clement Oberholtzer, bom October 30, 1867; died 
Apr. 15, 1870. 

. VI. Albert S. Oberholtzer, bn. Aug. 11, 1870. Mrd. 
Eleanora S. Gehman, Apr. 1, 1892. P. O., Bally, Pa. Menn. 

V. Leanna F. Shelly, bn. Feb. 10, 1844: died at Berk- 
ley Springs, W. Va., Sept. 15, 1886. Mrd. Henry L. Weiss, 
May 21, 1864. He was bn. Feb. 23, 1841. P. O., Berkley 
Springs, W. Va. Children: Samuel, Francis, Henry, 
Katie, Emma, Ira, Hannah, William, Ellen. 

VI. Samuel S. Weiss, born May 27, 1865; died Octo- 
ber 17, 1886. 

VI. Francis S. Weiss, bn. Nov. 24, 1866. Mrd. Marlon 
Blackwood. She was bn. Jan. 12, 1867. Children: 

VII. Louisa O. Weiss, bn. June 28, 1888; died Octo- 
ber 7, 1888. 

VII. Charles Peyton Weiss, bn. Dec. 27, 1889. 
VII. Andrew Weiss, bn. Sept. 20, 1891. 

VI. Henry S. Weiss, bn. Jan. 30, 1888. 

VI. Katie S. Weiss, bn. May 23, 1872; died Jan. 7, 1885. 

VI. Emma S. Weiss, bn. Dec. 28, 1876. 

VI. Ira S. Weiss, bn. Oct. 16, 1878. 

VI. Hannah Lizzie S. Weiss, bom April 9, 1880; died 
Jan. 11, 1886. 

VI. William Warren S. Weiss, bn. Nov. 5, 1881; died 
Dec. 11, 1884. 

VI. Ellen Alice S. Weiss, bn. Jan. 13, 1883. 

III. Christian Funk, bn. in Pa., Feb. 9, 1763; died in 
the summer of 1853 in Rockingham Co., Va. — died suddenly 
after singing a hymn. Mrd. Susanna Geil. Farmer and 
sickle maker. Menn. Children: Elizabeth, Henry, 

ChristiaD, Susanna, Catharine, Ba rbara , Abraham, Re- 
becca, Christian, Mary, Franey. 

IV. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Rocking-ham Co., Va., ; 

died . Mrd. Samuel Shank. He died about 1863. 

Farmer. Menn. Children: Samuel, Rebecca, Cath- 
arine, Abraham, Elizabeth. 

Y. Samuel Shank married Catharine Roades. P. O., 
Broadway, Va. 

V. Rebecca Shank, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Mar. 
J9, 1821. Mrd. Rev. Martin Burkholder, Nov. 27, 1838. P. 
O., Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: John, 
Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, Jacob, Rebecca, Tilman, Caleb, 

VI. John Burkholder, born May 11, 1841; died Octo- 
ber 5, 1844. 

VI. Elizabeth Burkholder, born April 15, 1844; died 
Oct. 1, 1858. 

VI. Mary Burkholder, born May 3, 1846; died Octo- 
ber 15, 1849. 

VI. Samuel M. Burkholder, bn. May 16, 1848. Mrd. 
Mary E. Rhodes, Apr. 11, 1872. P. O., Harrisonburg", Va. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Aldine C. Burkholder, bn. Apr. 2, 1873. 
VII. Walter O. Burkholder, bn. Nov. 20, 1875. 
VII. Ada F. Burkholder, bn. Dec. 13, 1877. 
VII. Ellis W. Burkholder, bn. July 3, 1880. 
VII. Lilly A. Burkholder, bn. Apr. 27, 1883. 

VI. Jacob Burkholder, bn. January 23, 1851: died 
July 25, 1860. 

VI. Rebecca C. Burkholder, bn. Feb. 23, 1853. Mrd. 
Abraham Burkholder, Aug, 1, 1880. P. O., Suters, Va. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Laura E. Burkholder, bn. Sept. 8, 1881. 
VII. Alpheus P. Burkholder, bn. July 12, 1883. 
Yll. Neff L. Burkholder, bn. Dec. 7, 1884. 

VII. Sidney W. Burkholder, bn. Aug. 11, 1886. 
VII. Lessie L. Burkholder, bn. Apr. 20, 1889. 
VII. Ida Burkholder, bn. Sept. 22, 1891. 

VI. Tilman Burkholder, born March 11, 1855; died 
July 30, 1860. 

— 173 — 

Yl. Caleb W. Burkholder, bn. Aug, 7, 1857. Mrd. Mary 
E. Heatwole, Nov. 30, 1876. P. O., Harrisonburg, Va. 
Parmer. Menn. Children: 

YII. Minnie M. Burkholder, bn. May 7, 1878. 

VII. Effie A. Burkholder, bn. Aug. 8, 1879. 

YII. Oliver A. Burkholder, bn. June 16, 1884. 

YII. Andrew I. Burkholder, bn. Nov. 30, 1889. 

VI. Sophia A. Burkholder, bn. June 18, 1860. Mrd. 
John Barnhart, Sept. 8, 1896. P. O., Dayton, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. One child. 

VII. Samuel H. Barnhart, bn. July 22, 1897. 

Y. Catharine Shank, bn. Apr. 7, 1823. Mrd. Jacob 
Brenneman, Nov. 20, 1845. P. O., Oronogo, Mo. Miller and 
farmer. Menn. Children: Samuel, Anna, Mary, Bettie, 
Sophia, Sarah. 

Yl. Samuel S. Brenneman, bn. Dec. 2, 1846. Mrd. 
Kate Haycraft, June 29, 1879. P. O., Webb City, Mo. 
Gardening. Meth. Ep. South. No issue. 

Yl. Anna Brenneman, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Aug. 18, 1851. Mrd. Joseph G. Good, Oct. 25, 1874. P. O., 
Carl Junction, Mo. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

YII. Jay Good, bn. Sept. 11, 1875. 

YII. Oliver Good, bn. Jan. 11, 1878. 

VII. Elias Good, bn. Feb. 23, 1880; died Aug. 16, 1881. 

VII. Leroy Good, bn. June 15, 1882. 

VII. Amos Good, bn. Nov. 18, 1884. 

YII. Sarah Catharine Good, bn. Oct. 1, 1887. 

VII. Mary Esther Good, bn. Jan. 29, 1890. 

VII. Mark Good, bn. Nov. 18, 1892. 

Yl. Mary Magdalena Brenneman, bn. Dec. 17, 1853. 
P. O., Oronogo, Mo. S. 

VI, Bettie Brenneman, bn. Nov. 16, 1857. Married 
William Olson, Mar. 19, 1882. P. O., Carl Junction, Mo. 
Farmer. Evangelical. Children: 

YII. Leslie Leland Olson, bn. Oct. 18, 1889. 

VII. Emery Harry Olson, bn. Aug. 24, 1891. 

Yl. Sophia Brenneman, bn. July 17, 1860. Married 
William Jordan, Sept. 21, 1884. P. O., Seibert, Colorado. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Leonard Jordan, bn. Sept. 6, 1886. 

— 174 — 

VII. Florence Jordan, bn. Feb. 22, 1891. 
VII. Clark Jordan, bn. Apr. 19, 1894. 
Yll. Edith Jordan, bn. Feb. 7, 1896. 

VI. Sarah C. Brenneman, bn. Mar. 13, 1865. Married 
William Gunlng, Aug*. 24, 1892. P. O., Oronog-o, Mo. 
Liveryman. One child. 

V. Abraham Shank, bn. in Rocking^ham Co., Va., Oct. 

19, 1829. Mrd. Sallie, daughter of Daniel and Nancy 
Showalter. P. O., Broadway, Va. Farmer, minister and 
bishop of the Menn. ch. Children: Nancy, Isabella. 

VI. Nancy Shank, bn. Oct. 30, 1855. Mrd. Reuben H. 
Rhodes, Oct. 2, 1873. P. O., Cowans Depot, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. One child. 

VII. Miller D. Rhodes, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va. 
Mrd. Hannah R. Neff, Nov. 19, 1885. P. O., Cowans Depot, 
Va. Farmer. One child. 

VIII. Nellie G. Rhodes, bn. Nov. 6, 1896. 

VI. Isabella Margaret Shank, bn. Sept. 9, 1859. Mrd. 
Amos Martin in 1882. P. O., Cearfoss, Md. 

V. Elizabeth Shank, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 

20, 1831. Mrd. Michael Showalter. He was bn. Feb. 15, 
1831. P. O., Suters, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 
Moab, Susanna, George, Nettie, Mary, Franklin, Nancy, 
William, Eurie, Laban, Walter. 

VI. Moab H. Showalter, bn. Dec. 15, 1855. Mrd. Anna 
Shank, of Maryland, Oct. 23, 1879. P. O., Reid, Md. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Amanda C. Showalter, bn. Nov. 27, 1880. Menn. 
VII. Alvah M. Showalter, bn. Dec. 24, 1881. 

VII. Infant son, bn. and died Oct. 30, 1883. 

VII. Amos T. Showalter, bn. May 18, 1885. 

VII. Bertie E. Showalter, bn. Feb. 13, 1887. 

VII. Emma B. Showalter, bn. Sept. 21, 1889. 

VII. Martin W. Showalter, bn. Feb. 4, 1892. 

VII. Minnie G. Showalter, bn. Mar. 6, 1894. 

VI. Susanna V. Showalter, bn. Oct. 15, 1856. Married 
Perry X. Heatwole, May 31, 1877. P. O., Hlnton, Va. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Walter Heatwole. 
VII. Willie Heatwole. 

VII. Lena Heatwole, (dec'd). 

— 175 — 

VI. George B. Showalter, bn. Sept. 18, 1857. Married 
Elizabeth Blosser, Oct. 30, 188 i. P. O., Broadway, Va. 
Fanner. Menn. Children. 

VII. Noah Showalter. 
VII. Timothy Showalter. 
VII. LfOuis Showalter. 
VII. Paul Showalter. 
VII. Maggie Showalter. 

VII. Showalter, died infant. 

VI. Nettie Showalter, bn. Nov. 17, 1859. Menn. S. 

VI. Mary C. Showalter, bn. Apr. 1, 1882. Mrd. Daniel 
A. Blosser, July 11, 1886. P. O., Suters, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. N. Pearly Blosser, bn. July 8, 1888. 
VII. Nannie E. Blosser, bn. Jan. 15, 1890. 
Vli. Orpha V. Blosser, bn. Jan. 18, 1893. 
VII. Mary S. Blosser, bn. Apr. 18, 1897. 

VI. Franklin B. Showalter, bn. July 17, 1864. Mrd. 
Emma N. Bixler, of Ohio, Nov. 15, 1887. P. O., Suters, 
Va. Farmer. Menn. One child. 

VII. Early Showalter. 


VI. Nancy V. Showalter, bn. May 6, 1867. Mrd. Jacob 
S. Martin, Nov. 17, 1887. P. O., Hinton, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Nettie Alice Martin, born April 17, 1889; died 
Jan. 11, 1893. 

VII. A son, stillborn Sept. 4, 1890. 

VII. Mary Mabel Martin, bn. Jan. 4, 1892. 

VII. Fannie Elizabeth Martin, bn. July 29, 1893. 

VII. John Paul Martin, bn. Sept. 6, 1895. 

VII. Carl Martin, bn. May 11, 1898; died May 17, 1898. 

VI. William C. Showalter, bn. Oct. 30, 1869. Mrd. Effie 
Bell, Dec. 28, 1892. P. O., Harrisonburg, Va. Merchant. 
Menn. Children. 

VII. Pauline Showalter. 

VII. Ray Cornelius Showalter, (dec'd). 

VI. Eurie F. Showalter, (twin), bn. Oct. 30, 1869. Mrd. 
Jacob Hartman. Aug. 21, 1891. P. O., Dale Enterprise, 
Va. Farmer. Menn. One child. 

VII. Walter Hartman. 

— 176 — 

VI. Laban M. Showalter, bn. Sept. 2, 1872. P. O., 
Suters, Va. Farmer. Menn. S. 

VI. Walter L. Showalter^ bn. Dec. 17, 1875. P. O., 
Suters, Va. Farmer. S. 

IV. Henry Funk, died an infant. 
IV. Christian Funk, died an infant. 

IV. Susanna Funk, bn. Nov. 3, 1788; died Mar. 3, 1864. 
Mrd. Joseph Frank in 1820. He was bn. Mar. 6, 1777; died 
July 20, 1862. Farmer. Menn. Children: Elizabeth, 
Nancy, Samuel, Susanna, Rebecca, Mary, Barbara, 
Joseph, John, David, Lydia, Jacob, Frances. 

V. Elizabeth Frank, bn. Sept. 12, 1821. Mrd. Harvey 
Vanpelt, Aug. 26, 1842. Children: Nancy, Mary, Susan, 
William, Margaret, Joseph, Sarah, John. 

VI. Nancy C. Vanpelt, bn. Aug^. 25, 1843: died Mar. 15, 
1887. Mrd. Wm. F. Smith, Dec. 31, 1868. P. O., Sangers- 
ville, Va. Menn. Children: 

VII. Sue Ella Smith, bn. Nov. 11, 1869. 

Vll. Wm. O. Smith, bn. Feb. 3, 1872: died Mar. 4, 1872. 
VII. Minnie F. Smith, bn. Mar. 4, 1873. Menn. 

VI. Mary L. Vanpelt, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Aug. 23, 1845. Mrd. John W. Wright, Dec. 26, 1865. P. 
O., Brookville, Ohio. Farmer, Ger. Bap. Children: 
James, Andrew, Betty, Charles, Maggie, Rebecca, John, 
Joseph, Hattie, Robert, Henry, George, Mary. 

VII. James H. Wright, born December 14, 1866; died 
Jan. 7, 1867. 

Vll. Andrew A. Wright, born July 20, 1868; died 
June 8, 1869. 

VII. Betty F. Wright, bn. May 10, 1870. Mrd. John 
F. Trissle, Sept. 5, 1889. P. O., Frankton, Ind. Farmer. 

VIII. Elvie Viola Trissle, bn. Aug. 28, 1890. 
VIII. Pearly May Trissle, bn. Dec. 28, 1893. 
VIII. Hazel Trissle. 

Vll. Charles Luther Wright, bn. Oct. 17, 1872. 

VII. Nancy Margaret Wright, bn. Aug. 21, 1873. Mrd. 
John Craig. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Willie Craig. 
VIII. May Craig. 

— 177 — 

Yll. Rebecca Wright, bn. Auff. 21, 1873; died Aug. 27, 
1873, (twin to Nancy Margaret). 

VII. John Thomas Wright, born April 20, 1876; died 
July 6, 1876. 

VII. Joseph Newton Wright, bn. May, 1877. 

VII. Hattie Catharine Wright, bn. Mar. 7, 1880. Mrd. 
LiCwis Vickray. One child. 

VIII. Willie Vickray. 

VII. Robert Walter Wright, bn. Sept. 29, 1882. 

VII. Henry Clyde Wright, bn. June 5, 1885. 

Yll. George WilUe Wright, bn. Oct. 18, 1886. 

Yll. Mary L. Wright, bn. Feb. 5, 1890. 

Yl. Susan H. Vanpelt, bn. In RockinghamlCo., Va., 
Oct. 8, 1847. Mrd. James R. Baylor, Dec. 28, 1865. P. O., 
Church ville, Va. Parmer. About 23 years ago their 
house burned down, and with it nearly all the contents. 
Mrs. B., Dunkard. Children: John, Bettie, Felicia, 

Vil. John W. Baylor, bn. Jan. 29, 1867. P. O., Staun- 
ton, Va. S. 

VII. Bettie I. Baylor, bn. Aug. 29, 1869. Mrd. John W. 
Kunkle. P. O., Jennings Gap, Virginia. Farmer. Meth. 
One child. 

Ylll. Linwood Hamilton Kunkle, bn. Nov. 17, 1889. 

Yll. Felicia Margaret Baylor, bn. Feb. 7, 1873. S. 
Yll. Martha Viola Baylor, bn. Jan. 19, 1889. 

Yl. William H. Vanpelt, bn. Feb. 9, 1850. Mrd. Jane 
Stemen, Dec. 28, 1876. P. O., Lima, O. Children: 

Yll. Olive Edna Vanpelt, bn. Jan. 27, 1878. 
Yll. Charles F. Vanpelt, bn. Apr. 7, 1880. 
Yll. Samuel H. Vanpelt, bn. Mar. 28, 1882. 
Yll. Jesse J. Vanpelt, bn. Aug. 23, 1883. 
Yll. Elizabeth M. Vanpelt, bn. Apr. 30, 1885. 
VII. Adrain E. Vanpelt, bn. Jan. 19, 1889. 
Yll. Isaac I. Vanpelt, bn. Juae 12, 1890, 

VI. Margaret J. Vanpelt, bn. Nov. 8, 1852. Married 
Daniel Wickall, July 12, 1874. He was bn. Jan. 7, 1841. P. 
O., Sangerville, Va. Farmer. Mrs. W., Menu. Children: 

Yll. Dora A. Wickall, bn. June 5, 1875. 

VII. William C. Wickall, bn. Aug. 5, 1878. 



— 178 — 

Yll. George S. Wickall, bn. July 22, 1881. 
VII. Robert Lee Wickall, bn. Aug. 8, 1889. 
Yll. Minnie E. Wickall, bn. Aug. 1, 1892. 

Yl. Joseph F. Vanpelt, bn. Oct. 1, 1865. P. O., Sanger- 
ville, Va. Mrd. Rebecca Jordan. 

Yl. Sarah C. Van pelt, bn. July 30, 1858. Mrd. John 
CoUons, June 3, 1880. P. O., Stovers Shop, Va. Menu. 

Yll. William Blair Collons, born July 9, 1881: died 
July 16, 1882. 

Yll. Zada Elizabeth Collons, bn. Sept. 21, 1883. 
Yll. Effle May Collons, bn. Feb. 25, 1886. 
Yll. Henry Clyde Collons, bn. Mar. 29, 1889. 
Yll. Beulah Collons, bn. Oct. 17, 1891. 

Yl. John A. Vanpelt, bn. Aug. 26, 1862. Mrd. Miriam 
L. Stover. P. O., Singer Glen. Va. 

Y. Nancy Frank, bn. Dec. 30, 1822. Mrd. John G. 
Heatwole, June 22, 1847; died Aug. 5, 1853. One child. 

Yl. Susanna Heatwole, bn. Apr. 8, 1850; died Jan. 15, 
1886. Mrd. Solomon Rhodes. Farmer. Menu. Children: 
Yll. Amos Rhodes. 
VII. Anna Rhodes. 
Yll. Ada Rhodes. 
Yll. Samuel Rhodes. 
VII. John Rhodes. 
Yll. Ella Rhodes. 

V. Samuel Frank, bn. Mar. 11, 1824. Married Mary 
Miller, Feb. 4, 1847. She was bn. Dec. 25, 1824; died Aug. 
11, 1863. P. O., Burkes Mills, Va. Children: Jacob, 
Joseph, Susanna, Elizabeth, Barbara, John, Mary. 

Samuel mrd, second wife, Caroline V. Ritchie, Mar. 
31, 1864. She was bn. Feb. 23, 1838. One child. Lou. 

VI. Jacob Conrad Frank, born November 17, 1847; died 
Apr. 6, 1870. 

Yl. Joseph David Frank, bn. Apr. 25, 1849; died Dec. 
26, 1883. Mrd. Mattie G. Sherman, Aug. 1876. 

VI. Susanna Frances Frank, bn. Apr. 5, 1851. Married 
Lucius Earman, Dec. 24, 1874. 

VI. Elizabeth M. Frank, bn. July 27, 1852. Mrd. Peter 
Sherman, Oct. 29, 1875: died June 27, 1881. 

— 179 — 

Yl. Barbara Ann Frank, 'bn. Feb. 27, 1855. Married 
Georg-e Long, May 8, 1879. 

VI. John Emmet Frank, bn. Apr. 23, 1858. Mrd. Louisa 
Washington, Jan. 14, 1880. 

VI. Mary Rebecca Frank, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Nov. 7, 1861. Mrd. Edward Burns, Dec. 3, 189L P. O., 
New Hope, Va. Ger. Bap. No issue. 

VI. Lou Ella Virginia Frank, bn. June 4, 1868. Mrd. 
Harvey Craun, Nov. 25, 1886. 

V. Susanna Frank, bn. Oct. 15, 1825. Mrd. Benjamin 
Snell. P. O., Lilly, Va. Children: Rebecca, Joseph, 
Jacob, Samuel. 

VI. Rebecca A. Snell, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Aug. 2, 1847. Mrd. George W. Swartz, Oct. 11, 1866. P. 
C, Lilly, Va. Ger. Bap. Children: William, Joseph, 
Lydia, Gabriel, Jacob, Timothy, Sarah. 

VII. William H. Swartz, born December 11, 1867; died 
Jan. 10, 1838. 

VII. Mary S. Swartz, bn. Feb. 27, 1869. Mrd. George 
H. Baily. P. O., Mt. Clinton, Va. Laborer. Children: 

VIII Joseph F. Baily. 

VIII. Wilmer B. Baily. 

VII. Joseph F. Swartz, bn. Nov. 2, 1871. 
VII. Lydia F. Swartz, bn. Oct. 9, 1873. 
VII. Gabriel B. Swartz, bn. Mar. 10, 1876. 
VII. Jacob S. Swartz, bn. Feb. 8, 1879. 
VII. Timothy D. Swartz, bn. Aug. 15, 1882. 
VII. Sarah C. Swartz, bn. Oct. 14, 1885. 

VI. Joseph F. Snell, bn. Oct. 27, 1849. Mrd. Florence 
Boon. P. O., Harrisonburg, Va. 

VI. Jacob M. Snell, bn. Sept. 20, 1851. Mrd. Sallie C. 
Funkhouser. P. O., Harrisonburg, Va. 

VI. Samuel H. Snell, bn. Mar. 20, 1854. Mrd. Belvia 
Spesard. P. O., Hagerstown, Md. 

^ V. Rebecca Frank, bn. Apr. 24, 1828. Mrd. Jacob S. 
Hcatwole, Mar. 16, 1848. He was bn. Dec. 3, 1822; died 
May 7, 1870. P. O., Rushville, Va. Children: Joseph, 
Frederick, John, Adam, Timothy, Margaret, Jacob. 

VI. Rev. Joseph F. Heatwole, born near Rushville, 
Rockingham Co., Va., Sept. 14, 1849. Mrd. Frances A. 

— 180 — 

Rhodes, Dec. 1, 1870. P. O., Rushville, Va. Farmer and 
minister. Menn. Children: Jacob, John, Annie, Mel- 
vin, Enos, Ina. 

VII. Jacob. A. Heatwole, bn. Sept. 28, 1871. Married 
Bertha O. Showalter. P. O., Hinton, Va. Teacher and 
farmer. Menn. One child. 

VIII. E. Herman Heatwole. 

VII. John E. Heatwole, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Jan. 22, 1874. Mrd. Mary Hartman. P. O., Dale Enter- 
prise, Va. Farmer. Menn. One child. 

Vlil. Ethel Heatwole. 

VII. Annie B. Heatwole, bn. June 12, 1876. Married 
James Gf. Coakley. P. O., Hinton, Va. Blacksmith. 
VII. Melvin J. Heatwole, bn. Dec. 12, 1878. 
VII. Enos E. Heatwole, bn. Sept. 28, 1882. 
VII. Ina R. Heatwole, bn. June 10, 1886. 

VI. Frederick Heatwole, bn. in Rocking'ham Co., Va., 
Mar. 21, 1851. Mrd. Malinda Summers. 

VI. John R. Heatwole, bn. Nov. 17, 1852. Mrd. Mattie 
Stemen. P. O., Van Wert, O. 

VI. Adam S. Heatwole, bn. Sept. 21, 1855. Married 
Amanda Crown. She died Feb. 17, 1887. P. O., Meyer- 
hoeflfers Store, Va. 

V. Mary Frank, bn. Mar. 13, 1832; died Jan. 6, 1885. 
Mrd. Henry A. Rhoades, Apr. 3, 1851. P. O., Hinton, Va. 
Children: Sarah, Timothy, James,' Franklin, Barbara, 
John, Virginia, Joseph, Mary, Isadore. 

VI. Sarah E. Rhoades, born October 20, 1852: died 
Dec. 9, 1853. 

VI. Timothy E. Rhoades, bn. Feb. 17, 1854. Married 
Laura Jones, Dec. 6, 1879. P. O., Harrisonburg", Va. 

VI. James W. Rhoades, bn. Feb. 27, 1856. Mrd. Lucy 
A. Bowers, Oct. 26, 1880. P. O., Hinton, Va, 

VI. Franklin R. Rhoades, bn. Apr. 25, 1858. Married 
Betty F. Long, Feb. 26, 1880. P. O., Chrisman, Virginia, 

VI. Barbara A. Rhoades, bn. Oct. 14, 1860. Mrd, Rob- 
ert L. Deadrick, Feb. 28, 1889. P. O., North River, Va. 
Farmer. Uni. Bre. One child. 

VII. Elsie Florence Deadrick, bn. Jan. 3, 1891. 


tare page srs-i 

- 181 - • 

VI. John H. Rhoades, bn. Dec. 7, 1862. Mrd. Minnie V. 
Weller, May 22, 1889. P. O., Lilly, Va. Clerk. Uni. Bre. 
in Christ. One child. 

Yll. Lester W. Rhoades, bn. Feb. 25, 1890. 

VI. Virgfinia A. Rhoades, bn. Dec. 3, 1865. Mrd. Con- 
rad S. Heatwole, Jan. 17, 1839, P. O., Hinton, Va. Well 
driller. One child. 

VII. Larue Z. Heatwole, bn. Jan. 20, 1890. 

VI. Joseph A. Rhoades, bn. Nov. 4, 1867; died Novem- 
ber 13, 1871. 

VI. Mary M. Rhoades, bn. Dec. 18, 1870. Mrd. . 

P. O., Hinton, Va. 

VI. Isadore Rhoades, bn. Mar. 7, 1873. 

V. Barbara Prank, bn. Nov. 17, 1834; died Sept. 3, 
1891. Mrd. Isaac Niswander, Apr. 17, 1853. Children: 
Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia, Joseph, Barbara, Rebecca, John, 
Jacob, George, Ida, Mattie. 

VI. Mary Susan Niswander, bn. Apr. 9, 1854. Married 
John Robert McGuire, Apr. 12, 1874. P. O., Bridgewater, 
Va. Farmer. Dunkard. Children: 

VII. Charles William McGuire, bn. July 27, 1875. 
VII. Fannie Elizabeth McGuire, bn. Nov. 21, 1877. 
VII. Benjamin Franklin McGuire, bn. Dec. 22, 1879. 
VII. Bessie Alice McGuire, bn. Sept. 1, 1834. 

VII. Luther Roy McGuire, bn. Oct. 16, 1886. 
VII. John Edgar McGuire, bn. Mar. 27, 1889. 
VII. Annie Robert McGuire, bn. Mar. 26, 1891. 

VI. Elizabeth Catharine Niswander, bn. Aug. 29, 1857; 
died Feb. 27, 1860. 

VI. Lydia Frances Niswander, bn. May 27, 1860; died 
Dec. 4, 1863. 

VI. Joseph Samuel Niswander, bn. Apr. 25, 1863. Mrd. 
Ida Deen, Aug. 17, 1891. P. O., Lowler, Tulare Co., Cal. 

VI. Barbara Etta Niswander, bn. Nov. 22, 1864. Mrd. 
Jacob C. Showalter. P. O., Brooklyn, la. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: 

VII. Maude Ethel Showalter, bn. Sept. 20, 1889. 
VII. Dora Alice Showalter, bn. Mar. 1, 1892. 

VI. Rebecca Annis Niswander, bn. in Rockingham 
Co., Va., Sept. 29, 1867. Mrd. Franklin M. Stover, Dec. 13, 

' — 182 — 

1888. P. O., Burkes Mills, Virginia. Farmer. Presby. 
One child. 

VII. Cleffle Belle Stover, bn. Dec. 29, 1890. 

VI. John William Niswander, bn. Mar. 8, 1869. P. O., 
Dinuba, Cal. 

VI. Jacob Franklin Niswander, bn. Nov. 8, 1871. P. O., 
Dinuba, Cal. 

VI. George Henry Niswander, bn. Mar. 8, 1874. P. O., 
Dinuba, Cal. 

VI. Ida Caroline Niswander, bn. Aug. 11, 1877. 

VI. Mattie Alice Niswander, bn. Oct. 9, 1880. 

V. Joseph Frank, bn. June 25, 1835: died June 26, 1862. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Ritchie, Feb. 14, 1^58. Children: Eliza- 
beth, Priscilla. 

VI. Elizabeth Susan Frank, bn. May 27, 1859. Mrd. 
Abraham Kniceley, Jan. 3, 1875. She died Nov. 24, 1880. 

VI. Priscilla Ann Frank, bn. Aug. 12, 1860. Mrd. 
Abraham Kniceley. P. O., Dayton, Va. 

V. John H. Frank, bn. Apr. 15, 1837. Mrd. Mary M. 
Beery, Oct. 7, 1866. P. O., Mt. Clinton, Va. Children: 
Laura, Anna, William, Benjamin, Edy, Alice, Addie, 
Bessie, John, Joseph. 

VI. Laura B. Frank, bn. July 15, 1867. 
VI. Annie S. Frank, bn. May 13, 1869. 

VI. William H. Frank, bn. Nov. 23, 1871. 

Vf. Benjamin F. Frank, bn. Mar. 23, 1874. 

VI. Edy B. Frank, bn. Mar. 17, 1876. 

VI. Alice M. Frank, born September 20, 1878; died 
Aug. 24, 1881. 

VI. Addie T. Frank, bn. July 11, 1881. 

VI. Bessie F. Frank, bn. July 3, 1884. 

VI. John S. Frank, bn. Jan. 30, 1887. 

VI. Joseph C. Frank, bn. Feb. 10, 1890. 

V. David Frank, bn. Apr. 9, 1839; died July 19, 1871. 
Mrd. Anna Rhodes, Jan, 31, 1861. P. O., Hinton, Vir- 
ginia. Children: Lizzie, Emanuel, Henry, Gabriel, John, 

— 183 — 

VI. Lizzie C. Frank, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Dec. 
6, 1861. Mrd. L. J. Guyer, Feb. 3, 1887. He was bn. Dec. 
14, 188L P. O., Ladd, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

Yll. Orbra J. Guyer, bn. Nov. 19, 1887. 

VII. Corda Anna Guyer, bn. Sept. 21, 1889. 

VI. Emanuel J. Frank, bn. Sept. 23, 1864. Mrd. Sallie 
Bailey. P. O., Hinton, Va. 

VI. Henry A. Frank, bn. Sept. 29, 1866. 

VI. Gabriel A. Frank, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Apr. 23, 1869. Mrd. Myrtie A. Waid, Dec. 23, 1891. She 
wasbn. Sept. 12, 1867. P. O., Waynesboro, Va. Farmer. 


VI. John N. Frank, bn. May 23, 1871. 

VI. R2ubeQ D. Frank, (twin), bn. May 23, 1871: died 
Sept. 6, 1873. 

V. Lydia Frank, bn. Oct. 15, 1840. Mrd. Rev. Gabriel 
D. Heatwole, Mar. 13, 1866. P. O., Rushville, Va. Parmer 
and minister. Mr. Heatwole was ordained to the minis- 
try of the Menn. ch. at the Weaver meeting house, Dec. 
5, 1869. Children: Rebecca, David, Jacob, RhodCC^ 
Sophia, Henry, Reuben, Daniel, Samuel, Lydia, Sallie. 

VI. Rebecca Ann Heatwole, bn. July 28, 1857. Mrd. 
Conrad Linhoss, Oct. 14, 1875. P. O., Ladd, Va. 

VI. David Franklin Heatwole, born Sept. 23, 1860; died 
Aug. 19, 1862. 

VI. Jacob Abraham Heatwole, bn. Apr. 28, 1863; died 
Aug. 20, 1864. 

VI. jlhodg. Frances Heatwole, bn. July 7, 1865; died 
Feb. 18, 1870. 

VI. Sophia Margaret Heatwole, bn. Aug. 27, 1867. 
Mrd. Aldine J. Heatwole, Aug. 23, 1886. P. O., Dale En- 
terprise, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Millard O. Heatwole, bn. Nov. 13, 1887. 
VII. Pearl P. Heatwole, bn. Dec. 14, 1889. 
Vil. Mary E. Heatwole, bn. Jan. 4, 1891. 

Yl. Henry Edward Heatwole, bn. Aug. 23, 1870. 

VI. Reuben Joseph Heatwole, bn. July 29, 1872, 

VI. Daniel Rush Heatwole, born Dec. 11, 1874; died 
May ^9, 1887. 

— 184 — 

Yl. Samuel Philip Heatwole, bn. Nov. 9, 1876. 
VI. Lydia Etta Heatwole, bn. Mar. 22, 1879. 
VI. Sallie Ada Heatwole, bn. Nov. 17, 1881. 

V. Jacob J. Prank, bn. June 30, 1841; died Nov. 15, 
1880. Mrd. Sallie Beery, Nov. 28, 1860. Children: Vir- 
ginia, Maggie, Charles, Lulu, Mary, Jacob. 

VI. Virginia A. Frank, bn. Aug. 21, 1862. 

VI. Maggie S. Prank, bn. June 29, 1864. Mrd. William 
F. Whisler, Aug. 21, 1881. P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. 

VII. Bertie A. Whisler, bn. May 22, 1882. 
VII. Minnie P. Whisler, bn. Aug. 22, 1884. 
VII. Verner G. Whisler, bn. Apr. 30, 1885. 
VII. Charles B. Whisler, bn. May 28, 1890. 
VII. Jacob P. Whisler, bn. Apr. 28, 1893. 

VI. Charles M. Frank, bn. Feb. 9, 1866. 

VI. Lulu B. Prank, bn. Apr. 1, 1868. Mrd. John F. 
Swank, Apr. 25, 1886. 

VI. Mary E. Prank, bn. May'l, 1872. 

VI. Jacob B. Frank, bn. Mar. 11, 1880. 

V. Prances Frank, bn. May 23, 1845. Mrd. George 

Tomason. He died . P. C, Cherry Grove, Virginia. 


VI. Charles P. Tomason, bn, Oct. 21, 1867. 

VI. Jasper D. Tomason, bn. Jan. 6, 1869. 

VI. Emma E. Tomason, bn. Sept. 25, 1870. 

VI. Robert L. Tomason. bn. Sept. 29, 1872. 

VI. John H. Tomason, bn. Sept. 6, 1874. 

VI. Cora P. Tomason, bn. Dec. 20, 1876. 

VI. Thomas E. Tomason, born March 9, 1879; died 
Nov. 7, 1888. 

VI. Ella L. Tomason, bn. Dec. 24, 1881. 

VI. George H. Tomason, born August 22a 1884; died 
Sept. 21, 1890. (YT^ 

IV. Catharine Funk, (dec'd). Mrd. T)avldDrlver. P. 
O., Mt. Clinton, Va. Son, Lewis. 

IV. Barbara Funk, bn. May 6, 1798: died Oct. 16, ia58. 
Mrd. Christian Brunk in 1816. He died . Shoemaker 

— 185 — 

and farmer. Menn. Children: Elizabeth, John, Jacob, 
Christian, Daniel, Sarah, Noah, Georg'e, Susanna, Abra- 
ham, Barbara. 

V. Elizabeth Brunk, bn. Dec. 18, 1817; died Nov. 27, 
1871. Mrd. Henry Good, Nov. 25, 1841. He died in Aug., 
1858. Farmer. Menn. Children: Christian, Daniel, 
Magdalena, Barbara, Henry, Sarah, Simon, Mary. 

VI. Rev. Christian Good, bn. Sept. 3, 1842. Mrd. Anna 
Heatwole, Dec. 24, 1863. She died July 2, 1889. Children: 
Joseph, John, Elizabeth, Solomon, Gabriel, Lewis, Samuel, 
Aaron, Daniel. Christian married second wife, Sarah 
Wenger, Feb. 12, 189L She died Feb. 23, 1892. Farmer 
and minister. Was ordained to the ministry of the Men- 
nonite church June 26, 1887, at the Weaver church in 
Rockingham Co., Va. Christian mrd. third wife, Anna 
Brenneman^ of Allen Co., Ohio. P. O., Dale Enterprise, 

VII. Joseph H. Good, bn. Mar. 22, 1865. Mrd. Josie 
Powell. Farmer. Menn. P. O., Dayton, Va. Children: 

VIII. Lillie Ellen Good. 
VIII. Anna Virginia Good. 
VIII. Nora Good. 

VIII. Leonard P. Good. 

VII. John Manasses Good, bn. Mar. 23, 1867. Married 
Fleta Early. Farmer. Dunkard. One child. 

VIII. Esca H. C. Good. 

VII. Elizabeth Frances Good, bn. Jan. 20, 1869. Mrd. 
John D. Wenger. Farmer. Menn. P. O., Lilly, Va. 

VIII. Annie P. Wenger. 
VIII. Amos D. Wenger. 

VII. Solomon Rush Good, bn. Mar. 3, 1871. Married 
Martha E. Burkholder, Jan. 27, 1898. Farmer. Menn. 
P. C, Sterling, 111. 

VII. Gabriel Heatwole Good, bn. May 2, 1873. Married 
Annie Heatwole. Farmer. Menn. P. O., Dayton, Va. 
One child. 

VIII. Lena P. Good. 

VII. Lewis Perry Good, bn. Sept. 16, 1875. Mrd. Fan- 
nie May Jones. Farmer. Menn. P. O., Dale Enterprise, 
Va. One child. 

— 186 — 

VIII. Grace L. Good. 

VII. Samuel Edward Good, bn. Jan. 27, 1878. Farmer. 
Menn. S. P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. 

VII. Aaron Christian Good, bn. June 25, 1881. 

VII. Daniel Webster Good, bn. Apr. 1, 1884. 

VI. Daniel H. Good, bn. Nov. 11, 1843. Mrd. Lydla 
Shank, Sept. 25, 1865. P. O., Dale Enterprise, Virgrinia. 
Parmer. Deacon of Menn. ch. Children: 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Good, bn. Mar. 2, 1867. Menn. 

VII. Jacob Henry Good, bn. Feb. 14, 1869. Mrd. Annie 
Early. Mr. Good, U. B. Mrs. Good, Dunkard. Oae child. 

VIII. A son. 

VII. Hettie Susan Good, bn. Aug". 5, 1871. 
Vn. William David Good, bn. Oct. 10, 1873. 
VII. Charles Martin Good, bn. Apr. 4, 1876. 
Vfl. Annie Magdalena Good, bn. Sept. 11, 1878. 
Vlf. Sarah Catharine Good, bn. Oct. 27, 1880. 
VII. John Daniel Good, bn. Jan. 29, 1885. 

VI. Magdalena Good, bn. in Rocking'ham Co., Va., 
June 8, 1845. Mrd. Samuel Hartman, Mar. 5, 1871 (his 
third wife). P. O., Harrisonburg, Va. Retired cooper 
and farmer. Menn. No issue. 

VI. Barbara E. Good, bn. Mar. 18, 1848. Mrd. William 
P. Estep, Nov. 19, 1868. He died Mar. 15, 1880. Stone 
mason. Children: Elizabeth, Sarab, Joseph, Julia, 
Lydia, Mary. Barbara mrd. second husband, Benjamin 
F. Clatabaugh, Dec, 1881, P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. 
Farmer. Menn. No issue. 

VII. Elizabeth F. Estep, bn. Mar. 2, 1871. 
VII. Sarah M. Estep, bn. Dec. 23, 1872. 
Vfl. Joseph H. Estep, bn. Oct. 8, 1876. 

VII. Julia Ann, Lydia Ann, Mary Ann, (triplets), born 
Aug. 17, 1879; died next day. 

VI. Rev. Henry H. Good, bn. Jan. 19, 1850. Mrd. Susan 
Pressler. P. O., Lovell, Knox Co., Tenn. Have issue. 

VI. Sarah F. Good, bn. Mar. 31, 1852; died June 15, 1891. 
Mrd. Lorenzo D. Good, July, 1875. He was bn. Sept. 25, 
1854; died Sept. 29, 1879. Farmer. Menn. Children: 
Mary, Salome, Barbara. Sarah mrd. second husband» 

— 187 — 

Amos Schmidt, Mar. 11, 1883. P. O., Elida, Ohio. Farmer. 
Menn. Chiktren: Perry, Levi, Emma. 

VH. Mary Magdalena Good, born Sept. 10, 1876; died 
Oct. 16, 1879. 

VII. Salome Lucinda Good, bn. Apr. 8, 1878. 

VII. Barbara Mahala Good, bn. Sept. 30, 1879. 

VII. Perry Schmidt, bn. Mar. 3, 1884. 

VII. Levi Schmidt, bn. Sept. 5, 1885; died Sept. 5, 1888. 

VII. Emma V. Schmidt, bom March 27, 1888; died 
Aug. 24, 1888. 

VI. Simon Good, bn. Feb. 16, 1854; died July, 1870. 

VI. Mary Ann Good, born June 13, 1856: died Octo- 
ber 21, 1872. 

V. John Brunk, bn. Aug. 31, 1819; died Jan. 7, 1896. 
Mrd. Anna Weaver, Jan. 13, 1842. She died Mar. 19, 1889. 
P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. Early in life shoemaker, 
afterwards farmer. Menn. Children: Samuel. Chris- 
tian, Frederick, Martin, Elizabeth, Elias, Jacob, John. 

VI. Samuel Brunk, bn. Jan. 8, 1843. Mrd. Susanna 
Hartman, Apr. 21, 1864. P. O., Harrisonburg, Virginia. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Annie Elizabeth Brunk, bn. July 9, 1866. Menn. 
VII. Sarah F. Brunk, born January 8, 1869; died Au- 
gust 29, 1869. 

VII. John David Brunk, bn. Mar. 13, 1872. Mrd. Mary 
Kate Martin, Sept. 2, 1897. P. O., Mt. Clinton, Virginia. 
Music teacher. Menn. 

VII. Laura Esther Brunk, bn. Oct. 10, 1877. Menn. 
VII. Lessie S. Brunk, bn. June 21, 1886; died June 3, 1889. 

VI. Christian H. Brunk, bn. Nov. 8, 1845. Mrd. Mary 
E. Ralston, Mar. 4, 1872. P. O., Suters, Va. Farmer and 
deputy clerk of the county court. Menn. Children: 

VII. Nora Belle Brunk, bn. Sept. 15, 1874; died Apr. 15, 
1892, aged 17 years and 7 months. Her life on earth was 
a abort one, but it was full of loving deeds and kind 
words. Three years before her death she united with the 
Mennonite church and was a faithful and devoted worker 
for the Lord, adorning her life with Christian humility, 
godly piety and unfaltering zeal in the cause of Christ. 
By her earnestness and zeal and her loving gentle ways 
she endeared herself to every one, and her loss is sadly 

~ 188 — 

felt in the church and Sunday school and by her class- 
mates and teachers at Mt. Clinton where she was attend- 
ing school when she took sick. 

VII. Llllie Anna Brunk, bn. Oct. 20, 1876. Presby. 

VII. Oliver Curry Brunk, bn. Sept. 13, 1878. Presby. 

VII. John Newton Brunk, born July 21, 1881; died 
Apr. 5, 1883. 

VII. Talfourd R Brunk, bn. Oct. 28, 1891. 

VII. Oracle Margie Brunk, bn. Jan. 20, 1895. 

VI. Frederick W. Brunk, bn. in Va., Dec. 31, 1847. 
>lrd. Mary L. Kreider, July 25, 1871. P. O., Elkhart, Ind. 
Watchmaker, jeweler and optician, he being a graduate 
of the Northern 111. College of Optics. Menn. Children: 

VII. Adeline Virginia Brunk, bn. Sept. 10, 1872. Men a. 
VII. Verda Ellen Brunk, bn. July 5, 1875. 

VII. John Kreider Brunk, bn. Dec. 26, 1876. 
VII. Anna Barbara Brunk, bn. Dec. 9, 1878. 
VII. Enos Clayton Brunk, bn. May 27, 1881. 
VII. Harry Tobias Brunk, bn. Oct. 16, 1884. 

VI. Martin W. Brunk, bn. Apr. 14, 1851. Mrd. Mary 
M. Shank, Nov. 26, 1871. P. O., Ladd, Virginia. Farmer. 
Deacon of Menn. ch. Children: 

VII. Reuben Joseph Brunk, bn. Mar. 22, 1873. 
VII. Ida Catharine Brunk, bn. Aug. 28, 1875. 
VII. Charles Clifford Brunk, ba. Jan. 14, 1879. 
VII. Waldo Hershey Brunk, bn. Jan. 30, 1881. 
VII. Willie Martin Brunk, bn. Feb. 1, 1888. 

VI. Elizabeth Brunk, bn. Mar. 22, 1854. Mrd. Martin 
B. Rhodes, Oct. 10, 1878. P. O., Dayton, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Rawley Clifford Rhodes, bn. Mar. 28, 1880. 
VII. Ina Susan Rhodes, bn. Nov. 15, 1885. 

VII. Verna Virginia Rhodes, bn. Jan. 26, 1891. 

VI. Ellas Brunk, bn. July 2, 1858. Mrd. Elizabeth. 
Heatwole, Dec. 25, 1879. P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Rufus Elmer Brunk, bn. Mar. 6, 1881. 
VII. Joseph Aaron Brunk, bn. Sept. 21, 1883. 
VII. John Claude Brunk, bn. Nov. 16, 1885. 

VI. Jacob Brunk, bn. Feb. 20, 1862; died May 21, 1863. 

— 189 — 

VI. John Brunk, bn. Mar. 3, 1864. Mrd. Phebe Hes», 
Oct. 2, 1884. P. O., Linville, Va. Blacksmith. Menn. 

VII. Minnie Frances Brunk, bn. Sept. 24, 1885. 
VII. Annie Josephine Brunk, bn. Aug*. 20, 1887. 

V. Jacob Brunk, bn. Dec. 13, 1821; died May 19, 1884. 
Mrd. Magdalena Weaver in 1843. She died about 1853. 
No issue. Jacob mrd. second wife, Susan Weaver (vridow^ 
nee Heatwole). Shoemaker and farmer. Menn. Chil- 
dren: David, Daniel, Sarah, Mary. Mr. Brunk was 
naturally of a rugged constitution, which was broken by 
over-exertion, so that he did not enjoy good health for 
many years, and was a great sufferer much of his life. In 
1869 he very wonderfully escaped an awful death. While 
engaged in removing an overshoot of a barn, the roof 
tilted, and he with roof, plates, and all came to the 
ground with a dreadful crash. Several men present with 
paled faces hastened to his help, but to their great sur- 
prise found him uninjured. 

VI. David C. Brunk, born March 29, 1855; died Decem- 
ber 22, 1862. 

VI. Rev. Daniel S. Brunk, bn. Feb. 8, 1857. Mrd. Katy, 
daughter of Bishop J. M. Brenneman, of Allen Co., Ohio, 
Dec. 26, 1376. P. O., Elida, Ohio. Farmer and minister. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church 
at the Salem meeting house in Allen Co., Ohio, July 1^ 
1888. Children: 

VII. Jacob Brunk. 
VII. John Brunk. 
VII. Annie Brunk. 
VII. Jesse Brunk. 

VI. Sarah Brunk, bn. Feb. 11, 1859; died June 15, 1851> 

VI. Mary Brunk, bn. July 17, 1860. Mrd. Andrew J 
Kiser. P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. Farmer. Menn 

VII. A son, bn. and died May 8, 1879. 
VII. Jacob D. Kiser, bn. Nov. 22, 1880. 

VII. William H. Kiser, bom January 22, 1885; died 
Feb. 3, 1885. 

VII. Fannie S. Kiser, bn. Apr. 10, 1890. 

— 190 — 

V. Rev. Christian Brunk, bn. Feb. 13, 1823. Mrd. Magr- 
dalenaBreDneman, Oct. 26, 1843. P. O., Winchester, Va. 
Minister of the Mennonite church, ordained July 24, 1859. 
Children: Michael, Anna, Susanna, Joseph, Noah, Fan- 
nie, Joho, Benjamin, Franklin. 

VI. Michael E. Brunk, bn. Oct. 4, 1844. Mrd. Rebecca 
J. Hogan, Mar. 1, 1865. She was bn. Dec. 28, 1846; died 
Sept, 24, 1891. Michael mrd. second wife, Lessie Shank 
(nee Smith), Apr. 20, 1893. She was bn. Apr. 18, 1853, in 
Lafayette, Florida. P. O., Cedarville, Mo. Mr. Brunk, 
Christian Union ch. Mrs. Brunk, Menu. Children: 

VII. Charles C. Brunk, bn. Jan. 17, 1868. S. 
VIL William W. Brunk, bn. Feb. 22, 1870. S. 
VII. Annie E. Brunk, bn. Oct. 30, 1872. (Twin.) 
VII. Maorgie C. Brunk, bn. Oct. 30, 1872. (Twin.) 
VII. Ervine E. Brunk, bn. Sept. 20, 1875. 

VII. Miller M. Brunk, bn. July 19, 1878. 
VII. Ella R. Brunk, bn. June 14, 1884. 

VI. Anna Elizabeth Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., July 16, 1846. Mrd. DeWitt C. Beery, Feb. 21, 1866. 
P. O , Cedarville, Missouri. Farmer. Meth. Children: 
Joseph, Gunning, Maggie, DeWitt, Anna, Viola, John, Ivj-, 
Ethel, Elsie, Jessie. 

VII. Joseph W. Beery, bn. June 9, 1867. Mrd. Sallie 
Sanders. P. O., Lockett, Colo. One child. 

VIII. Bernice Beery. 

VII. Gunning C. Beery, bn. Mar. 1, 1869. P. O., Cedar- 
ville, Mo. Minister of M. E. ch. South. 

VII. Maggie O. Beery, bn. Nov. 1, 1870. Mrd. B. H. 
Anderson. P. O., Morrisville, Mo. School teacher. 
One child. 

VIII. Lola Anderson. 

VII. Rev. DeWitt A. Beery, bn. July 9, 1872. Mrd. 
Ggna Slavens. P. O., Windsor, Henry Co., Mo. Minister 
of M. E. ch. South. One child. 

VIII. Bethel Beery, bn. in June, 1899. 

VII. Anna Belle Beery, born February 4, 1874; died 
Nov. 18, 1874. 

VII. Viola M. Beery, bn. Mar. 25, 1876. Mrd. S. Yokely. 
P. O., Jerico, Mo. Farmer. One child. 

VIII. Delpha Yokely. 


— 191 — 

VII. John K. Beery, bn. Mar. 31, 1878. 
VII. Ivy F. Beery, bn. Apr. 4, 1880. 
VII. Ethel C. Beery, bn. Nov. 24, 1882. 
VII. Elsie S. Beery, bn. Apr. 28, 1885. 
VII. Jessie L. Beery, bn. July 31, 1887. 

VI. Susanna Catharine Brunk, bn. April 30, 1848: died 
Dec. 16, 1862. 

VI. Joseph Henry Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Feb. 23, 1851. Mrd. Katie Virginia Geil, Jan. 12, 1875. P. 
O., Linville, Va. Farmer. Menn. One child. 

VIL Ada May Brunk, bn. Jan. 4, 1877. 

VI. Noah Christian Brunk, bn. Dec. 30, 1852. Mrd. 
Carrie Hite in 1879. P. O., Des Moines, la. 

VI. Fannie Rebecca Brunk, bn. Apr. 29, 1855. Mrd. 
Jacob H. Stauffer in 1878. P. O., Aberdeen, S. Dak. 

VII. Clinton Stauffer. 
VII. Harry Stauffer. 
VII. Bessie Stauffer. 

VI. John Myers Brunk, born May 3, 1858; died Octo- 
ber 13, 1862. 

VI. Benjamin Daniel Brunk, bom August 1, 1860: died 
Oct. 7, 1862. 

VI. Franklin Timothy Brunk, bn. Sept. 18, 1862. Mrd. 
Nellie Foss in 1886. One child. 

VII. Joyce Brunk. 

V. Daniel Brunk, bn. Sept. 20, 1824. Mrd. Frances 
Showalter, daughter of Rev. Daniel Showalter. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: David, Jacob, Solomon, Sjgjej}, Nancy, 
Mary, Barbara. 

VI. David Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Dec. 26. 
18*7. Mrd. Elizabeth A. Hartman, (granddaughter of 
Bishop Peter Burkholder), Aug. 22, 1871. P. O., Mt. 
Clinton, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: Emanuel, 
Frances, Timothy, Elizabeth, Lydia, Rosa, Daniel. 

VII. Emanuel H. Brunk, bn. Jan. 19, 1873. Married 
Martha Martin, of Washington Co., Md., Sept. 15, IHim. 
P. O., Reid, Md. Gardener. Menn. One child. 

VIII. Jason Wishard Brunk. 



— 1»2 — 

VII. Frances Brunk, born .November 24, 1874; died 
Aug. 28, 1879. 

VII. Timothy F. Brunk, bn. July 13, 1876. Farmer. 
Menn. S. 

VII. Bettie M. Brunk, bn. Sept. 14, 1878. Menn. S. 

VII. Lydia S. Brunk, bn. Mar. a, 1881. Menn. 

VII. Rosa V. Brunk, bn. Dec. 18, 1882. Menn. 

VII. Daniel M. Brunk, born March 16, 1888; died 
Aug. 27, 189L 

VI. Jacob Brunk, bn. Dec. 9, 1850; died, ag'ed nearly 
two years. 

VI. Solomon Brunk, bn. March 24, 1853; died, ag'ed 
nearly two years. 

>^ VI. Simon Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Mar. 3, 
1855. Mrd. Amanda Shank, of Washington Co., Md. P. 
O., Rushville, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Perry S. Brunk, bn. Aug. 17, 1883. 
VII. Katie F. Brunk, bn. Oct, 24, 1884. 
VII. Christian D. Brunk, bn. Feb. 4, 1886. 

\ I - VII. Naomi E. Brunk, bn. Aug. 15, 1887. 

\> ^ ^ ^"- Mattie V. Brunk, bn. Jan. 13, 1889. 

"^^ vf -^11. Anna M. Brunk, bn. Nov. 25, 1890. 

f(jr ^i^ Nai&^^runk, bn. Jan. 1, 1857; died Nov. 23, 1889. 
Mrd. Samuel J. Parret, Mar. 27, 1877. P. O., Dale Enter- 
prise, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Martin Luther Parret, bn. May 9, 1878. 
VII. Mary Frances Parret, bn. Oct, 22, 1881. 
VII. Philip Grove Parret, bn. Sept. 30, 1884. 
VII. Enos Daniel Parret, born August 25, 1888; died 
Jan. 31, 1889. 

VI. Mary Brunk, bn. July 16, 1859. Mrd. Henry Shu- 
bert, of Washington Co., Md., Nov. 11, 1886. P. O., Ha- 
gerstown, Md. Wheelwright. Menn. One child. 

VII. Lillie May Shubert, bn. July 27, 1891. 

VI. Barbara Brunk, bn. Jan. 2, 1862; died Mar. 22, 1890. 

V. Sarah Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 6, 
1827. Mrd. Abraham Blosser, editor of WcUchful Pilgrim, 
He died Sept. 9, 1891. P. C, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Noah, Martin, Henry, Fran- 
ces, Isaac, Eli. 


— 193 — 

VI. Noah Blosser, bo. Jan. 1, 1851. Mrd. Barbara 
Trissel, Feb. 6, 1873. P. O., Dale Enterprise, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. No issue. 

VI. Martin Blosser, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 
17, 1852. Mrd. Elizabeth Lahman. Moved to Knox 
Co., Tenn., in 1889. P. O., Richland, Tenn. Carpenter. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Perry Blosser, bn. June 16, 1876. 
VII. Barbara Blosser, bn. Nov. 23, 1877. 
VII. Abraham Blosser, bn. Apr. 28, 1880. 
VII. Solomon Blosser, bn. Feb. 3, 1882. 
VII. Sarah Blosser, bn. July 20, 1884. 
VII. Annie Blosser, bn. Apr. 22, 1886. 

VII. Levi Blosser, bn. Apr. 8, 1888: died July 7, 1890. 
VII. Francis Blosser, bn. Dec. 20, 1890. 

VI. Henry Blosser, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Aug. 
21, 1853. Mrd. Sophia Showalter, daughter of Henry J. 
Showalter, Feb. 3, 1876. She was bn. Jan. 17, 1852. P. O. , 
Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Emanuel Blosser, bn. Oct. 28, 1877. 
VII. Gabriel Blosser, bn. Oct. 23, 1879. 
VII. Peter Blosser, bn. Nov. 16, 1893. 

VI. Frances Blosser, bn. Feb. 16, 1859. Mrd. Jesse 
Barbe, Feb. 8, 1887. P. O., Mt. Clinton, Va. 

VI. Isaac Blosser, bn. Mar. 26, 1865; died Oct. 25, 1865. 

VI. EU Blosser, bn. Nov. 25, 1866; died Mar. 21, 1868. 

V. Noah Brunk, bn. Dec. 14, 1828. Mrd. Amanda E. 
Parr in 1857. She was bn. Aug. 5, 1841. P. O., Ottawa, 
III. Farmer. Mr. Brunk, Menn. Mrs. Brunk, Meth. Chil- 
dren: Thomas, Ida, Cora. 

VI. Thomas L. Brunk, B. S. and M. D., bn. in Isabelle 
Co., 111., July 30, 1859. Mr. Brunk has been a teacher 
since he was nineteen, except the time he spent at col- 
lege. He began teaching in 1878 and continued teaching 
until the spring of 1880, in two schools, the first a country 
school of fifty-nine pupils for three terms in Isabelle Co., 
111., the second a village school at Wedron, LaSalle Co., 
111. He then attended the Northern Indiana Normal 
School at Valparaiso, Ind., from April till November, 1880. 
He then began teaching at Ransom, 111., a village school 
of two departments, where he taught until the spring of 


— 194 — 

1882, when he took a trip East, and in June decided to try 
the entrance examinations of Cornell University, at 
Ithaca, N. Y. These he passed and in the following Sep- 
tember he entered the University and passed up several 
branches. In the spring of 1883, he returned to Ransom, 
111., to teach. He taught a year at Ransom, 111., after 
which he started East to finish his course of study. By 
hard work and passing up by actual examinations some 
branches in the course, he was able in two years more to 
pass creditably on 200 hours of work while only 180 were 
required for graduation. Hence in June, 1886, he gradu- 
ated at Cornell University in the Scientific Course, in 
Agriculture with honors, on his 108 paged Thesis. Upon 
graduation he became principal of the high school and 
graded school, of Tonic, 111., where he taught one year, 
being then (1887) elected Professor of Botany and Horti- 
culture of the State Agriculture and Mechanical College 
of Texas, which he accepted at a salary of $1,200 per 
year. Here he remained three years with an increase of 
salary to $1,500. He was then elected to fill the same 
chair at the Maryland Agricultural College (1890), being 
Horticulturist of the Agricultural Experiment Station 
and Botanist and Horticulturist of the College. While in 
Texas, he was editor, for a year, of the Sovthem Horticul- 
tural Journal, published at Dallas, Texas, and in which he 
held an interest until it was gold to the A^nerican Garden^ 
of New York City, where it was merged into the American 
Garden, of which he has for a time been an Associate Editor. 
Later he graduated in medicine and practiced his profes- 
sion for two years in Chicago, 111. He recently moved to 
Dixon, 111., where he is now an eye, ear, nose and throat 
specialist. Meth. p]p. ch. South. . 

Yl. Ida Brunk, bn. in 1865: died 1870. 

Yl. Cora Brunk, bn. Jan. 18, 1872. S. 

Y. George Brunk, bn. Jan. 29, 1831. Married Mary 
Weaver, Oct. 21, 1852. P. O., Broadway, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Perry, Franklin, 
Frances, John, Annie, Lydia, Christian, Mary. 

VI. Elizabeth E. Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
May;8, 1854. Mrd. Daniel P. Mason, Dec. 28, 1873. P. O. , 
Broadway, Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Mary C. Mason, bn. Dec. 18, 1875. 

— 195 — 

VII. Emma C. Mason, bn. June 11, 1877. 
Vl». Anna F. Mason, bn. Apr. 24, 1879. 
Yll. Sarah M. Mason, born March 7, 1881; died Novem- 
ber 7, 1885. 

vil. Lydia R. Mason, bn. Apr. 28, 1883. 
VII. Cora A. Mason, bn. Feb. 3, 1885. 
VII. George M. Mason, bn. Mar. 6, 1889. 

VI. Samuel C. Brunk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.» 
Feb. 1, J 857. Mrd. Annie Shank, daughter of Samuel and 
Sarah Shank. P. O., Elida, Ohio. Menu. Children: 

Yll. Sarah Alice Brunk, bn. June 18, 1879. 

VII. Timothy Brunk, bn. Jan. 17, 1881. 
Yll. Gabriel Brunk, bn. Mar. 4, 1883. 

VII. Solomon M. Brunk, bn. Sept. 11, 1884. 

Yll, Emma C. Brunk, bn. Nov. 13, 1886. 

VII. Mary Brunk, bn. Mar. 14, 1888. 

Yll. Anthony Brunk, bn. Oct. 10, 1891. 

VI. Perry E. Brunk, bn. Jan. 19, 1858. Mrd. Maria J. 
Powell, Oct. 30, 1881. P. O., Elida, Ohio. Farmer. Menu. 

VII. George L. Brunk, bn. Dec. 2, 1882. 
VII. Andrew S. Brunk, bn. Aug. 13, 1884. 
VII. Mary E. Brunk, bn. Mar. 15, 1886. 
VII. Henry J. Brunk, bn. Jan. 23, 1888. 
VII. Lizzie R, Brunk, bn. Dec. 29, 1889. 
VII. Clifford F. Brunk, bn. Oct. 24, 1891. 

VI. Franklin B. Brunk, bn. Jan. 28, 1860. Mrd. Lizzie 
H. Eshelman, Jan. 4, 1887. P. O., Maugansville, Maryland. 
Farmer. Menu. Children: 

VII. Joseph E. Brunk, bn. Mar. 7, 1888. 

VII. Mary Brunk, bn. Oct. 12, 1889; died Nov. 8, 1889. 
VII. George Brunk, bn. Nov. 17, 1890. 

Vi. Frances W. Brunk, bn. Sept. 3, 1861. Mrd. Otis G. 
Wilkins, Aug. 5, 1886. P. O., Broadway, Va. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Lillian V. Wilkins, bn. Apr. 14, 1889. 

VII. Annie E. Wilkins, bn. Nov. 5, 1891. 

VI. John G. Brunk, bn. Nov. 24, 1862. Mrd. Lillie Car- 
penter. She died . One child, 

VII. A son. 

— 196 — 

John married second wife, Magg'ie Wanger. P. O., 
Broadway, Va. 

VI. Annie Brunk, bn. Feb. 26, 1864; died July 12, 1866. 

VI. Lydia W. Brunk, bn. Sept. 20, 1866. S. 

VI. Christian Brunk, bn. Mar. 29, 1868. Mrd. Rebecca 
S. Landes. P. O., Cowan, Va. Farmer. Menn. No issue. 

VI. Mary C. Brunk, bn. June 1, 1870. Mrd. Noah 
Holler. She died . P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. 

V. Susanna Brunk, bn. Aug. 16, 1832. Mrd. Joseph 
Blosser, Sept. 8, 1853. P. O., Wakarusa, Ind. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Solomon, Barbara, Sarah. 

VI. Solomon Blosser, born July 19, 1854; died Apr. 
25, 1855. 

VI. Barbara Ann Blpsser, bn. May 9, 1856. Married 
Philip D. Kilmer, Feb. 17, 1891. P. O., Wakarusa, Ind. 
Farmer. No issue. 

VI. Sarah E. Blosser, born December 3, 1859; died 
Oct. 15, 1865. 

V. Abraham Brunk married Mary Kibler. Retired 
farmer. Meth, P. O., Breckenridge, Mo. Children: 

VI. Ella Brunk married J. Worth Way land. P. O., 
Quincy, 111. R. R. conductor. Meth. One child. 

VII. Eugene Wayland, studying dentistry in Chicago. 

VI. A daughter. 
VI. A son. 

V. Barbara Brunk, bn. Nov. 6, 1836. Married John 
Brenneman, Apr. 6, 1862. He died Jan. 27, 1864. Teacher. 
Menn. P. O., Broadway, Va. One child. 

VI. Elizabeth Frances Brenneman, bn. May 5, 1863. 
Mrd. Jacob Alger, Dec. 9, 1880. P. O., Broadway, Va. 
Have issue. 

IV. George Funk, died, aged about 24 years. S. 

IV. Abraham Funk, bn. near Broadway, Rockingham 
Co., Va., Oct. 1, 1807; died near Cambridge, Henry Co., 
Ill, Apr. 29, 1875. Mrd. Matilda Armatraut, Jan. 23, 1834. 
She was bn. Dec. 26, 1811; died July 8, 1851. Farmer and 
stone cutter. Menn. Children: David, Malinda, Susan- 
na, Mary, Christian, Catharine, George, John. Abraham 

— 197 — 

mrd. second wife, Rebecca T. Shue, July 24, 1861. She 
waa bn. Aug, 13, 1817. 

V. Rev. David Funk, bn. in Rocking^ham Co., Va., 
Feb. 7, 1835. Mrd. Annie C. Neff, Sept. 16, 1858. P. O., 
Stanberry, Mo. Minister of Meth. Protestant ch. Chil- 
dren: £lenora, Mary, Alice, Casper, Ira. 

VI. Elenora V. Funk, bn. July 3, 1859; died Septem- 
ber 16, 1865. 

Yl. Mary R. Funk, bn. Jan. 16, 1862; died Nov. 14, 1878 

VI. Alice M. Funk, bn. July 5, 1865; died Nov. 23, 1872. 

VI. Casper H. Funk, bn. in Caldwell Co., Mo , Mar. 15, 
1869. Pharmacist. 

VI. Ira Funk, bn. Sept. 9, 1875; died Sept. 26, 1875. 

V. Malinda Funk, bn in Rockingham Co., Va., June 9, 
1836; died Nov. 19, 1883. Mrd. Thomas Walsh, Feb. 12, 
1865. He was bn. in Ireland, June 9, 1840. P. O., Cam- 
bridge, 111. Farmer. Children: Mary, Frank, Matilda, 
Catharine, John, Paul, Annie, Cossette. 

VI. Mary S. Walsh, bn. Oct. 26, 1865; died May 16, 1889. 
VI, Frank D. Walsh, bn. Sept. 18, 1867. 

VI. Matilda Walsh, bn. Aug. 12, 1869. Mrd. John C. 
Fell, Feb. 14, 1889. P. O., Cambridge, Illinois. Farmer. 
One child. 

VII. Battle Isabelle Fell, bn. Jan. 26, 1890. 

VI. Catharine Walsh, bn. Mar. 1, 187i. 

VI. John Walsh, bn. Aug. 22, 1874. 

VI. Paul Walsh, bn. Aug. 21, 1876. 

VI. Annie Walsh, bn. Dec. 24, 1878. 

VI. Cossette Walsh, bn. Dec. 9, 1881. 

V. Susanna Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 17, 

1839. Mrd. John C. Weaver, Mar. 26, 1868. He was bn. in 
Holmes Co., O., Jan. 19, 1846. P. O., Hamilton, Missouri. 
Farmer. Meth. Ep. No issue. 

V. Mary Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Nov. 19, 

1840. Mrd. Henry C. Weaver. He was bn. in Holmes Co., 
O., June 29, 1849. P. O., Breckenridge, Mo. Farmer. 
Meth. No issue. 

V. Christian Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Nov. 
10, 1842. Mrd. Lucy Ellen Jenkins, Nov. 29, 1866. She 

— 198 — 

was bn. Feb. 14, 1844. P. O., Schuyler, Nebraska. Meth. 

VI. Lewis Punk, bn. Apr. 13, 1868. 

VI. Fannie Funk, bn. Nov. 1, 1869. 

VI. George Funk, bn. Sept. 28, 1871. (Twin.) 

VI. Georgia Funk, born Sept. 28, 1871; died August 17, 
1872. (Twin.) 

VI. John C. Funk, bn. Nov. 30, 1873. 

VI. Ira W. Funk, bn. Sept. 1, 1875. 

VI. Oscar Funk, bn. May 14, 1877. 

VI. Mina E. Punk, bn. Feb. 1, 1879. 

VI. Charles A. Funk, bn. Feb. 18, 1881. 

VI. Vera G. Funk, bn. Mar. 17, 1884. 

VI. Grover Funk, bn. Apr. 22, 1885. 

V. Catharine Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., June 
2, 1844. Mrd. George S. Will. P. O., Breckenridge, Mo. 
Farmer. Presby. Children: Henrietta, Luther, Annie, 
John, Matilda, George, Henry, Alice, Bertha, Lena. 

VI. Henrietta Will, bn. Nov. 16, 1862; died Sept. 2, 1865- 

VI. Luther Zwingli Will, bn. in Henry Co., 111., Oct. 7, 
1864. Mrd. L. May Coit, Dec. 31, 1891. P. O., Brecken- 
ridge, Mo. One child. 

VII. Ramona Joy Will, bn. Jan. 10, 1893. 

VI. Annie Amelia Will, born in Henry C*o., Illinois, 
Jan. 1, 1866. 

VI. John Abraham Will, bn. in Geneseo, Henry Co., 
Illinois, Jan. 14, 1868. 

VI. Matilda Miriam Will, born in Henry Co., Illinois* 
Oct. 27, 1870. 

VI. George S. Will, bn. in Henry Co., III., Nov. 23, 1872. 

-VI. Henry Harbaugh Will, bn. in Caldwell Co., Mo., 
May 7, 1875. 

VI. Alice Josephine Will, bom in Caldwell Co., Mo., 
Dec. 7, 1878. 

VI. Bertha May Will, born in Caldwell Co., Missouri, 
Oct. 28, 1879. 

VI. Lena Libertas Will, born in Caldwell Co., Mo., 
July 4, 1883, 

— 199 — 

V. George Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 10, 
1847. Mrd. Rebecca E. Funk, Feb. 12, 1874. P. O., Cam- 
bridge, 111. Farmer. Meth. Children: 

Y». Abraham A. Funk, bn. Nov. 23, 1874. 

VI. Amy A. Funk, bn. Jan. 24, 1876. 

VI. Attie V. Funk, bn. Jan. 28, 1881; died Oct. 1, 1882. 

V. John Punk, bn. Dec. 23, 1850; died Mar. 5, 1851. 

IV. Rebecca Funk, bn. June 9, 1810; died June 12, 1887. 

Mrd. David Shank. He was bn. Mar. 29, 1813; died . 

Farmer. Menn. Children: Christian, Susanna, Gabriel, 
Elizabeth, David, Matilda, Mary, Rebecca, Daniel. 

V. Christian F. Shank, bn. June 23, 1836. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Beery, Aug. 26, 1860. P. O., Singers Glen, Virginia. 
Liuth. Children: Laura, Emma, Ada, Ida, Minnie, Annie. 

VI. Laura A. Shank, bUr July 26, 1866. Mrd. Edwin H. 
Cassel, Jan. 22, 1891. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Children: 

VII. Floyd Cassel. 
VII. Charles Cassel. 
VII. Grace Cassel. 
VII. Cassel. 

VI. Emma K. Shank, bn. Aug. 30, 1868. P. O., Singers 
Glen, Va. S. 

VI. Ada Gertrude Shank, bn. at Edom, Va., Apr. 20, 
1870. Mrd. William Burke Bowers, May 22, 1890. P. C, 
Green Mount, Va. Farmer. Luth. Children: 

VII. Gladys T. Bowers, bn. Mar. 26, 1891. 
VII. Arthur W. Bowers, bn. June 4, 1892. 
VII. Mabel G. Bowers, bn. Feb. 22, 1894. 
VII. Johnnie C. Bowers, bn. Dec. 19, 1896. 
VII. Jesse B. Bowers, bn. Feb. 21, 1893. 

VI. Ida Virginia Shank, bn. Apr. 20, 1870. (Twin.) 
P. O., Singers Glen, Va. S. 

VI. Minnie Eudora Shank, bn. July 1, 1872. Married 
Lewis A. Armentrout, June 5, 1895. P. O., Singers Glen, 
Va. Merchant. Uni. Br. ch. One child. 

YII. Grace Maria Armentrout, bn. July 25, 1896. 

VI. Annie Beatrice Shank, bn. Dec. 13, 1874. P. O., 
Singers Glen, Va. S. 

V. Susanna Shank, bn. Sept. 26, 1837. Mrd. Rev. 
Joseph Weaver, Oct. 4, 1857. P. C, Oronogo, Missouri. 

— 200 — 

Farmer. Menn. Children: John, David, Benjamin, Jer- 
emiah, Mary, William, Charles, Ernest, Jesse, Alice, 
Jonas, Nellie. 

VI. John M. Weaver, hn. July 11, 1858. Mrd. Fannie 
Printz, Mar., 1882. P. O., Oronog^o, Mo. 

VI. David S. Weaver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
July 17, 1860. Mrd. Barbara Diller, of Cherry Wood, 
Ont., Jan. 5, 1892. P. O., Oronogo, Mo. Farmer. Menn. 

VII. Anna Rose Weaver, bn. Nov. 27, 1892. 
Yll. Martin L. Weaver, bn. July 15, 1894. 

VII. Twin son, bn. July 15, 1894; died same day. 
VII. Joseph A. Weaver, born May 10, 1896; died 
Mar. 29, 1897. 

VII. Frances Ella Weaver, bn. June 1, 1898. 

VI. Benjamin F. Weaver, bo. May 29, 1862. Married 
Delilah C. Brenneman, Aug. 16, 1881. Farmer. Menn. 
One child. 

Yll. William Abraham Weaver, bn. Apr. 8, 1886. 

YI. Jeremiah J. Weaver, bn. Aug. 3, 1864. P. O., 
Abbe, Mo. 

VI. Mary V. Weaver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.j 
July 28, 1866. Mrd. Abraham H. Brenneman. He died 
May 12, 1892. P. O., Oronogo, Mo. Menn. Children: 

VII. Bessie Ella Brenneman, bn. Dec. 13, 1889. 
VII. Zadie Alice Brenneman, bn. Jan. 11, 1892. 

VI. William H. Weaver, bn. Aug. 31, 1868. Farmer 
and stock raiser. S. P. O., Tahoe, Idaho 

VL Charles A. Weaver, bn. Dec. 20, 1870. Mrd. Mary 
C. Mishler, Feb. 21, 1893. She died Dec. 23, 1895. Married 
second wife, Sarah E. Horning, of Page Co., la., Mar. 10, 
1898. P. O., Alba, Mo. Blacksmith. Menn. 

VI. Ernest G. Weaver, born March 13, 1873; died Janu- 
ary 7, 1874. 

VI. Jesse E. Weaver, bn. Dec. 4, 1874. P. O., Oronogo, 
Mo. Farmer. Menn. S. 

VI. Alice R. W^eaver, bn. Feb. 10, 1877. 

YI. Jonas Weaver, bn. Mar. 20, 1880. 

YI. Nellie Weaver, born Nov. 21, 1883; died Septem- 
ber 19, 1884. 


(See page WO.) 

— 201 — 

V. Gabriel Shank, bn. in 1839; died March 17, 1865. 
Mrd. Annie A. Kieflfer, Oct. 6, 1862. At the breaking out 
of the war be enlisted in the Southern army, was taken 
prisoner and died at Fort Delaware of small pox. 
Previous to his enlisting- in the army, he was considering 
the matter of preparing for the ministry of the Presby- 
terian church, of which he was a member. Children: 
Alice, Gabriella. 

VI. Alice May Shank, bn. Mar. 8, 1864. Mrd. John 
Creil, Dec. 12, 1882. P. O., Singers Glen, Va. Farmer. 

VII. John Ralph Geil, bn. Jan. 11, 1884. 
VII. Joseph Aldine Geil, bn. Aug. 15, 1886. 
Yll. Louis Kieflfer Geil, bn. Jan. 18, 1889. 
VII. George Gabriel Geil, bn. Jan. 27, 1891. 

VI. Gabriella Lee Shank, bn. May 9, 1865. Mrd. Joseph 
Bryan, June 8, 1884. P. O., Singers Glen, Va. Painter. 

VII. Alfred Bryan, bn. June 3, 1885: died same day. 
VII. Anna Lou Bryan, bn. June 4, 1886. 

VII. John Henry Bryan, bn. July 22, 1888. 
Vil. Alice May Bryan, bn. Apr. 4, 1890. 

V. Elizabeth Shank, bn. Apr. 24, 1&41. Mrd. Mechiah 
Brenneman, Dec. 24, 1863. He died Mar. 27, 1882. Farmer. 
Menn. Ordained deacon in Morgan Co., Mo., Sept. 25, 
1875. Children: Charles, Rebecca, George, John, Mary. 

VI. Charles D. Brenneman, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Apr. 27, 1866. Mrd. Mary C. Brenneman. P. O., 
Lima, O. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Christian B. Brenneman, bn. Jan. 30, 1888. 
VII. Lilly E. Brenneman, bn. Feb. 19, 1889. 

VII. Alvin M. Brenneman, bn. Jan. 3, 1893. 
VII. Ruth A. Brenneman, bn. Jan. 23, 1896. 
VU. George A. Brenneman, bn. Feb. 8, 1898. 

VI. Rebecca Frances Brenneman, bn. February 16, 
1870. Menn. S. 

VI. George Gabriel Brenneman, bn. Sept. 25, 1871. 

VI. John Peter Brenneman, bn. Sept. 7, 1876. 

VI. Mary Magdalena Brenneman, born November 21, 
1878. Menn. S. 

— 202 — 

Elizabeth mrd. second husband, John L. Brenneman 
Jan. 5, 1893. P. O., Elida, O. Farmer. Menn. 

V. David Shank, bn. in Rockingrham Co., Va., Mar. 
23, 1843; died in Howard Co., Ind., Julj- 25, 188^. Married 
Sallie Bowman, Oct., 1869. She died in 1879. Children: 
Ada, Anna, Mary. 

David mrd. second wife, Lessie Smith, June 27, 1882. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: David. Esther. 

VI. Ada Virginia Shank, bn. June 27, 1871. P. O.. 
Elida, O. Menn. S. 

VI. Anna R. Shank, bn. Nov. 9, 1873. Mrd. William 
Diller, of Allen Co., O., June 28, 1891. P. O., Elida, Ohio. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Lessie Elizabeth Diller, bn. July 15, 1892. 
VII. Arthur David Diller. 

VII. Laura Sarah Diller. 

VI. Mary E. Shank, bn. Feb. 12, 187r>. Mrd. Simon G. 
Shenk. Children: 

VII. Estella Rebecca Shenk. 
VII. Ada Esther Shenk. 

VI. David Shank, bn. July 25. 1883; died July 27, 1883. 
VI. Esther Gififord Shank, bn. July 4. 1S84. 

V. Matilda Shank, bn in 1847: died an infant. 

V. Mary Shank, bn. in 1849. Mrd. William H. Lonjr. 
P. C, Convoy, O. 

V. Rebecca F. Shank, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va , 
Mar. 12, 1852. Mrd. Josiah Lehman, Dec. 29, 1872. P. O., 
Fortuna, Mo. Farmer. Dunkard. Children: 

VI. Alice Lillian Lehman, bn. June 20, 1875. 

VI. John David Lehman, bn. July 31, 1877. 

VI. Ada Elizabeth Lehman, bn. Feb. 23. 1880. 

VI. Samuel Mohler Lehman, bn. Mar. 2(5, 1882. 

VI. Arthur Peter Lehman, bn. Apr. 29, 1884. 

VI. Lessie May Lehman, bn. June 30, 1886. 

VI. Josiah Edward Lehman, bn. Nov. 27. 1887. 

VI. Homer Benjamin Lehman, bn. Sept. 30, 18S9. 

VI. Birdie Rebecca Lehman, bn. Aug. 15, 1891. 

V. Daniel Shank, bn, in 1854; died an infant. 

— 203 — 

IV. Christian Funk, bn. Jan. 16, 1812: died . Mrd. 

Franey Brenneman, Sept. 3, 1833. P. O,, Rushville, Va. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Anna, Susan, Samuel, Esther, 
Martin, Abraham, James. 

V. Anna Funk, bn. Sept. 30, 1S38. Mrd. James C. 
Heltzel. P. O., Mt. Clinton, Va. 

V. Susan Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co.. Va., Jan. 11, 
1842. Mrd. Jacob H. Whissen, Mar. 28, 1867. P. O., 
Broadway, Va. Farmer. Children: 

Yl. Lizzie Whissen, bn. June 14, 1868. Uni. Br. S. 

VI. Fannie Whissen, bn. June 20, 1870. 
VI. Anna Whissen, bn. May 28, 1872. 
VI. Ella Whissen, bn. Nov. 25, 1873. 

Yl. John F. Whissen, bn. Nov. 11, 1875. 
VI. Hettie Whissen, bn. Mar. 19, 1878. 
VI. Ida Whissen, bn. Feb. 25, 1880. 
VI. Susie Whissen, bn. Feb. 7, 1882. 

V. Samuel C. Funk, bn. Oct. 20, 1845. Mrd. Elizabeth 
A. Adams, Dec. 19, 1867. P. C, Ottobine, Va. Running 
machinery. Uni. Br. ch. Children: Viola, Katie, Ida, 
Bertha, Effle, Infant, Infant, Gertrude, Edna. 

VI. Viola F. Funk, bn. Mar. 28, 1869. Mrd. John H. 
Brunk, May 17, 1888. P. O., Rushville, Va. Farmer. 
Uni. Br. ch. Children: 

VM. Beulah Brunk, bom June 25, 1890; died Au- 
gust 18, 1890. 

Yll. Welby Leo Brunk, bn. Sept. 8, 1891. 

VI. Katie L. Funk, bn. July 17, 1871. 

VI. Ida R. Funk, bn. Nov. 19, 1873. 

Yl. Bertha J. Funk, bn. July 2, 1876. 

VI. Effle E. Funk, bn. Nov. 4, 1878. 

VI. Infant, bn. and died Oct. 25, 1881. 

VI. Infant, bn. and died Mar. 10, 1883. 

Yl. Gertrude A. Funk, bn. Apr. 24, 1884. 

VI. Edna H. Funk, bn. May 1, 1888; died Jan. 3, 1889. 

V. Esther H. Funk, bn. Jan. 2, 1848. S. 

V. Martin D. Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.. Aug. 
14, 1851. Mrd. Frances M. Jorden, Oct. 28, 1875. P. O., 
Wray, Colo. Brick-maker. Children: 

— 204 — 

VI. Amy Gertrude Funk, born February 1, 1882; died 
Aug, 16, 1883. 

VI. Daniel Christian Funk, bn. Mar. 6, 1884. 

VI. Charles Howard Funk, bn. Oct. 3, 1885. 

VI. Martin Ernest Funk, bn. July 8, 1890. 

V. Abraham B. Funk, bn. Dec. 12, 1853. Mrd. Ella L. 
Ringgold. P. C, Clover Hill, Va. 

V. James N. Funk, bo. May 21, 1856. Mrd. Henrietta 
Morris, June 8, 1890. P. O., Bushville, Va. Farmer, now 
miller. Mrs. F., Meth. No issue. 

IV. Mary Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., June 11 » 
1813; died Oct. 24, 1882. Mrd. Peter Brenneman, Aug. 30, 
1849, (his second wife). He was bn. July 26, 1803: died 
Apr. 7, 1864. Farmer in Rockingham Co., Va. Menn. 
Children: David, Susanna. 

V. David W. Brenneman, bn. near Edom, Rockingham 
Co., Va , Oct. 24, 1850. Mrd. Mary Ellen Andes, Apr. 9, 
1871. P. O., Weyers Cave, Va. Farmer. Uni. Br. in 
Christ. Children: 

VI. William Eli Brenneman, bn. Aug. 18, 1872. 

VI. Sallie Isabella Brenneman, bn. May 16, 1874. Uni. 
Br. in Christ. 

VI. Eugene Walton Brenneman, bn. Mar. 19, 1876. 

VI. Marion David Brenneman, bn. Feb. 3, 1878. 

VI. Paul Douglass Brenneman, bn. Jan. 31, 1880. 

VI. Abraham Otterbein Brenneman, bn. Mar. 21, 1882. 

VI. Jacob Irvin Brenneman, bn. Aug. 9, 1883. 

VI. Stella Queen Brenneman, bn. May 19, 1886. 

VI. Nora King Brenneman, bn. Sept. 25, 1891. 

V. Susanna Brenneman, bn. Jan. 19, 1856. Mrd. Abra- 
ham F. Fulk, Aug. 28, 1878. P. O., Weyers Cave, Va. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VI. Josiah Franklin Fulk, bn. Aug. 6, 1879. 

VI. Charles Homer Fulk, bn. September 16, 1880; died 
June 3, 1893. 

VI. Annie Belle Fulk, bn. Apr. 28, 1883. 

VI. David Ira Fulk, bn. Sept. 3, 1884. 

VI. Hardy Crofford Fulk, born Dec. 25, 1886; died 
Jan. 30, 1890. 

— 205 — 

VI. Effie Frances Fulk, bn. Apr. 4, 1889. 

VI. Mary Catharine Fulk, born May 26, 1891: died 
June 5, 1893. 

VI. Ida Susan Fulk, bn. Sept. 11, 1892. 

IV. Franey Funk married David Blosser. Children: 
Magdalena, Christian, Jacob, Benjamin. 

V. Magdalena F. Blosser married Eyre. P. O , 

Millgap, Va. 

V. Christian Blosser, bn. Aug. 2, 1813; died May, 1862. 

V. Jacob H. Blosser, bn. July 25, 1846; killed in a storm 
in Jasper Co., Mo., May 6, 1872. 

V- Benjamin Blosser, born July 24, 1850; died Octo- 
ber 4, 1851. 

III. Abraham Funk (dec*d). Mrd. . Went to the 

Rocky mountains where he operated a saw mill. De- 
scendants not found. 

III. Elizabeth Funk, (dec'd). Mrd. Jacob Showalter, 
dec'd. Sickle maker. Mrs. S., Menu. Children: An- 
thony, Daniel, Henry, Ulrich, John, Lydia, Hetty, 

IV. Anthony Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
May 13, 1800; died Apr. 5, 1873. Mrd. Elizabeth ShuU. 
She was bn. in Shenandoah Co., Va.; died Apr., 1884. 
Farmer. Bap. Br. ch. Children: Henry, Hetty, Eliza- 
beth, John, Mary, Benjamin, Catharine, Rebecca. 

V. Henry A. Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
July, 1825. Mrd. Hannah Brock. Children: Jacob, 
David, etc. Henry mrd. second wife, Elizabeth Senger. 
P. O., Mt. Meridian, Va. 

V. Hetty Ellen Showalter, bn. in 1828; died in Mar. 1898. 
Mrd. Rev. Benjamin Miller. P. O., Green Mount, Va. 
Dunkard. Children: Bettie, Samuel, William, Rev. J. 
A., Mollie, Rebecca, Maggie. 

V. Elizabeth Ann Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Sept. 20, 1830. Mrd. Jacob Senger, Jan. 29, 1854. 
He was bn. in Pa., Feb. 23, 1831; died at Cherry Grove, 
Va., Mar. 23, 1894. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Mary, 
Benjamin, Daniel, Anthony, Elizabeth, John, Susanna, 
Samuel, Hannah. 

— 206 — 

VI. Mary J. Sender, bn. Oct. 10, 1856. Mrd. Henry 
Shaffer, Oct. 23, 1879. P. O., Hollar, Va. Blacksmith 
and farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Jacob Benjamin Shaffer, born November 12, 1880. 
Ger. Bap. 

VII. Nora Frances Shaffer, born February 17, 1882. 
Ger. Bap. 

VII. John David Shaffer, bn. Dec. 14, 18S3. Ger. Bap. 

VII. Callie Elizabeth Shaffer, born October 2, 1885. 
Ger. Bap. 

VII. Mary Gertrude Shaffer, bn. Mar. 26, 1887. 

VII. Charles Henry Shaffer, bn. Jan. 21, 1895. 

VI. Benjamin F. Sender, bn. Aug^. 11, 1858. Married 
Lydia A. Beery, Feb., 1879. Divorced. Children: 

VII. Harvey P. Sender. 
VII. Mary E. Senger. 
VII. Alvin B. Sender. 
VII. Harry C. Senger. 

Benjamin mrd. second wife, Lucinda A. Householder, 
Jan. 1, 1891. P. C, Cerro Gordo, 111. Formerly engineer- 
ing and oil field work, now jeweler. Children: Mabel, 
Virgie, Celia, Ettie. 

VII. Mabel Florence Senger, bn. Oct. 6, 1891. 

VII. Virginia Ann Senger, bn. Aug. 31, 1893. 

VII. Celia Susanna Senger, bn. Mar. 24, 1895. 

VII. Ettie Zurl Senger, bn. Oct. 6, 1896. 

VI. Daniel P. Senger, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
July 12, 1860. Mrd. Mary S. Showalter, Oct. 11, 1881. P. 
O., Britt, la. Hotel-keeper. Children: 

VII. Hettie E. Senger, bn. Sept. 30, 1882. 

VII. Ira Samuel Senger, born November 14, 1885; died 
Jan. 22, 1886. 

VII. Tennie C. Senger, bn. Oct. 26, 1887. 

VI. Anthony J. Senger, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Sept. 2, 1862. Mrd. Sarah P. Taylor, of Linville, Va., 
Feb. 10, 1892. P. O., Britt, la. Laborer. One child. 

VII. Ray C. Senger, bn. Dec. 2, 1892. 

VI. Elizabeth R. Senger, bn. Dec. 7, 1864. Mrd. John 
E. Pugh. P. O., Garrison, la. Farmer. Mrs. P., Ger. 
Bap. No issue. 

— 207 — 

VI. John H. Senger, bn. Apr. 12, 1867. Mrd. Gava S. 
Fawley, of Fulks Run, Rockingham Co., Va., Dec. 4, 1892. 
P. O., La Place, 111. Taught school in Virginia some 
years, now farmer. Ger. Bap. One child. 

VII. Irvie G. Senger, bn. Sept. 11, 1893. 

VI. Susanna C. Senger, bn. Feb. 19, 1869. P. O., La 
Place, 111. S. 

VI. Samuel J. C. Senger, bn. Jan. 19, 1871. Mrd. Ida 
Bucher, Mar. 23, 1897. P. O. , Astoria, III. Farmer. Ger. 
Bap. No issue. 

VI. Hannah Rebecca Senger, bn. Nov. 16, 1873. Mrd. 
John J. M. Petrie, Nov. 17, 1892. P. C, Goods Mills, Va. 
Carpenter and farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Charles Samuel Petrie, born Sept. 27, 1893; died 
Apr. 12, 1894. 

VII. Flossie Belle Petrie, bn. Jan. 15, 1895. 
VII. Goldie Elizabeth Petrie, bn. Mar. 14, 1897. 

V. John A. Sho waiter, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Dec. 19, 1832. Mrd. Susanna Miller, Dec. 8, 1853. P. O., 
Cherry Grove, Va. Farmer and singing teacher, having 
been for forty years one of the foremost leaders in sacred 
song, especially of standard church music, in the famous 
** Shenandoah Valley of Virginia." Ger. Bap. Children: 
Mary, Anthony, Lydia, Benjamin, Henry, Jacob, Hettie. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Showalter, bn. May 4, 1856. Mrd. 
John F. Manking, Sept. 24, 1885. P. O., Rockingham, Mo. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Infant son, bn. and died in 1888. 

VII. Callie May Manking, bn. June 9, 1892. 

VII. Joseph Raymond Manking, bn. Jan. 5, 1896. 

VI. Anthony J. Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va. , May 1 , 1858. Mrd. Callie Walser, Nov. 13, 1881. P. 
O., Dalton, Ga. Music teacher, author and publisher. He 
studied with Unseld, Root, Palmer, etc., and has also en- 
larged his experience by travel abroad, studying the 
methods of the leading teachers and conductors in the 
musical centres of Europe. He is the author of 50 music 
books of which he has sold more than a million copies. 
Of these many books the most popular have been *' Class, 
Choir and Congregation," "Work and Worship," ** Per- 
ennial Songs," *' Glad Evangel," '* Revival Choir," "Sho- 

— 208 — 

waiter's New Harmony and Composition,'' *^ Song-Land 
Messenger, No. 2," **Lamp and Light," and '* Highway to 
Heaven." These and other very successful books, together 
with The Musicdl Teacher, which he has edited for fifteen 
years, and the many sessions of the Southern Normal 
Musical Institute, of which Mr. Showalter has been 
principal since its first session in 1880, have made the 
name of this branch of the family a household word in 
hundreds of thousands of homes in all sections of the 
country, but especially so in the Southern and South- 
western states. Among the many prominent pupils of 
Mr. Showalter may be mentioned: his brother, J. Henry 
Showalter, of Ohio; J. D. Pattoo, E. B. Fowler and M. G. 
Barringer, of Alabama; J. Mooring York, H. H. Sewell, 
S. J. and F. Clark Perry, S. L. Howard and J. B. Moon, of 
Georgia; J. M. Bowman, Geo. B. Holsinger and J. H. 
Ruebush, of Virginia; Mrs. Emma Pitt, of Baltimore; 
Henry Newton, of Chicago; John J. Matthews, of Indian 
Territory: J. S. Hendricks, R. H. Cornelius, T. J. Kellum, 
Rev. E. F. Stanton, H. P. Clock, A. Eby, H. N. Lincoln, 
S. D. Thomason and R. D. Burleson, of Texas; W. H. 
Morris, of Missouri, and A. B. Little, of Arkansas. These 
and many others of Mr. Showalter's pupils are among the 
leading teachers and composers of sacred music in the 
states where they live, while their teacher is recognized 
as the foremost composer and teacher in the Southern 
states. Among his productions are many popular hymns 
and tunes. Elder in the First Presbyterian church of 
Dalton, Ga. Children: 

VII. Tenney Showalter, bn. Nov. 2, 1882. 

VII. Karl Redan Showalter, bn. Dec. 6, 1883. 

VII. Essie Showalter, bn. Sept. 19, 1885. 

VII. Jennie Louise Showalter, bn. Jan. 12, 1888. 

VII. Mary Lena Showalter, bn. Jan. 7, 1890. 

VII. Maggie May Showalter, bn. Mar. 20, 1893. 

VII. Melba Showalter, bn. Sept. 19, 1895. 

VI. Lydia Rebecca Showalter, bn. in 1860. Mrd. B. F. 
Senger. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. 

VI. Benjamin F. Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Oct. 12, 1862. Mrd. S. May Guerrant, June 27, 1884. 
P. O., Dalton, Ga. Foreman in the bindery department 

— 209 — 

of the A. J. Showalter Publishing Co., at Dalton, Ga. 
Bap. Children: 

VII. LeRoy Showalter, bn. Jan. 23, 1887. 

VII. Lydia Estelle Showalter, bn. Nov. 29, 1888. 

VII. Bessie Louise Showalter, bn. Jan. 5, 1895. 

VI. J. Henry Showalter, bn. at Cherry Grove, Rock- 
ingham Co., Va., Nov. 2, 1864. His distinctive life work, 
to the present, has been that of singer, teacher, com- 
poser and publisher of sacred music. And while he is a 
hard worker all along the line of his profession, his 
greatest delight is in singing sacred songs and he is a 
singer of unusual power and sweetness. While tempor- 
arily residing in East Tennessee, he was popularly known 
as the ** Sweet Singer of East Tennessee.** Born and 
reared on the farm, he early learned the habits of indus- 
try and they have never forsaken him in his professional 
work. His parents being of strong religious sentiments, 
he early sought a religious life, a^d at the age of seven- 
teen united with the German Baptist church of which 
he is still an earnest member. His primary musical edu- 
cation was received from his father, who was for many 
years a prominent teacher of music. His voice closely 
resembles that of his father's, which is a high baritone 
and very full of musical quality. His professional life 
began when he was 19 years of age and has been a busy 
one. In the year 1886 while pursuing his work in the 
state of Ohio, he met and married Miss Emma, daughter 
of J. H. and Margurette Brumbaugh, of Darke Co., Ohio, 
since which time his home has been at West Milton, O., 
where he now has quite a successful publishing house. 
He has been especially fortunate in having associated 
with him in his business efforts, men of strong mind and 
character, of whom we would mention Rev. J. H. Snow, 
of Knoxville, Tenn.; Judge John P. Davis, of Rome, Ga.; 
Kev. and Prof. E. S. Young, of North Manchester, Ind.; 
Prof. Geo. B. Holsinger, of Bridge water, Va., and Prof. 
S. J. Perry, of Dal ton, Ga., etc. 

While he has been very busy teaching and singing, 
as well as looking after his publishing business, he has 
found time to edit a number of books, viz., ** Vocal Music 
Reader^" issued in 1889, "Choice Chorus Collection,'* 
issued in 1890, "Regal Singer," issued in 1891, 


— 210 — 

"Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, No. 1," issued in 
1892, No. 2 of last named collection, in 1895. *'Showal- 
ter's Vocal Studies," in 1896, *' Psalms, Hymns and Spirit- 
ual Song-s, No. 3," along- with P., H. and S. S., Nos. 1, 2 
and 3, combined, in 1897. The last named collection has 
become a great favorite among church and Sunday school 
workers and about 70,000 copies have been sold and ere 
the present year (1898) is gone, will have reached the 
100,000 mark. Such under the blessings of God has been 
and is the life and labor of a young country boy who at 
present is engaged in a very successful season of normal 
work in the state of Alabama. No issue. 

Vl. Jacob M. Showalter, bn. in 1867. Mrd. Mary C. 
Cline. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. Farmer and singing 

VI, Hettie Ellen Showalter, bn. in 1871. Mrd. James 
Newton Smith. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. Farmer. 

V. Mary Showalter, bn. in 1835. Mrd. Adam Turner. 
P. O., Cherry Grove, Virginia. Children: Lizzie, John, 

V. Benjamin A. Showalter, bn. in 18J0. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Hollar. P. O., Hollar, Va. Children: David, John. 

V. Catharine Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
in 1843. >Ird. James W. Fitz water, in 1861. He died Apr. 
4, 1898. P. O., North English, la. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Hannah, Sarah, Mary, Anthony, B. C, Isaac, 
Catharine, George, John, David, Solomon. 

VI. Hannah Rebecca Fitzwater, bn. Oct. 4, 1862. Mrd. 
Hiram Proctor, Oct., 1887. P. O., Shannon, Kan. Farmer. 

VII. Orpha Catharine Proctor, bn. Nov., 1889. 
VII. Clifford L. Proctor, bn. Jan., 1891. 

VII. Edith Rebecca Proctor, bn. June, 1892. 
VII. Ruth Anna Proctor, bn. Jan., 1895. 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Fitzwater, bn. Sept. 1, 1864: died 
Jan. 28, 1880. Ger. Bap. 

VL Mary Ettie Fitzwater, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Aug. 3, 1866. Mrd. B. F. Miller. P. O., North Eng- 
lish, la. Children: 

VII. Ray Leslie Miller. 
VII. Alva James Miller. 


— 211 — 

VII. Noah Virgil Miller. 
VII. Willis Franklin Miller. 
VII. Edey Blanche Miller. 

VI. Anthony James Fitz water, bn. in Knox Co., O., in 
1868. Mrd. Viola Holten. P. O., North English, Iowa. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Fitzwater, (dec'd). 

VII. Pearl Lee Fitzwater, bn. in 1893. 
VII. Fitzwater, bn. in 1895. 

VI. B. C. Fitzwater, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Mar. 
1, 1870. Mrd. Ida Ham, in 1892. She and a son and daugh- 
ter are dec'd. P. O., Laplace, 111. 

VI. Isaac Franklin Fitzwater, bn. in Va. in 18T2. Mrd. 
Maggie May Miller, Feb. 18, 1894. P. O., North English, 
la. Kestaurant. Children: 

VIL Irney LeRoy Fitzwater, bn. Jan., 1895. 

VII. Floyd Franklin Fitzwater, bn. June, 1896. 
VII. Frederick Carl Fitzwater, bn. Dec, 1897. 

VI. Catharine Virginia Fitzwater, bn. in Va., Mar. 28, 

1873. P. O., Braymer, Mo. Meth. S. 

VI. George Washington Fitzwater, bn, in Va., Feb. 22, 

1874. Mrd. Maggie Downs, Sept., 1896. P. O., Victor, la. 

VI. John Samuel Fitzwater, bn. in Va., May 24, 1878. 

VI. David Elmer Fitzwater, bn. in la., Oct. 30, 1882. 

VI. Solomon Luther Fitzwater, born in Nebraska, 
Mar. 28, 1884. 

V. Rebecca Jane Showalter, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Apr. 9, 1848. Mrd. C. C. Shoemaker, Aug., 1866. P. 
O., Cherry Grove, Va. School teacher and surveyor. 
Ger. Bap. Children: Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary, John, 
Sallie, William. 

VI. Elizabeth C. Shoemaker, bn. Jan. 14, 1868; died 
June 10, 1892. Mrd. John E. Smith, Mar. 21, 1889. Uni. 
Br. cb. Children: 

VII. Elmer C. Smith, bom February 1, 1890; died 
Aug. 10, 1893. 

VII. Tracey H. Smith, bn. May 27, 1892. 

— 212 — 

VI. Jacob B. Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 3, 1870. Married 
Maggie Myers, Nov. 7, 1898. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. 
Farmer. Uni. Br. ch. 

VI. Mary S. Shoemaker, bn. June 10, 1872. Mrd. Sam- 
uel I. Bush. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. Cabinet-maker 
and undertaker. Uni. Br. ch. Children: 

VII. Lottie E. Bush, bn. Oct. 17, 1892. 
VII. Jennie Bush, bn. July 5, 1893. 
Vn. Leora R. Bush, bn. Dec. 12, 1896. 

VI. John D. Shoemaker, bn. October 16, 1875. P. O., 
Cherry Grove, Va. Parmer. 

VI. Sallie R. Shoemaker, bn. Mar. 26, 1877. P. O., 
Cherry Grove, Va. Uni. Br. ch. 

VI. William E. Shoemaker, bn. July 16, 1882. 

IV. Daniel Showalter moved to Ohio. Descendants 
not found. 

IV. Henry Showalter moved to Ohio. Descendants 
not found. 

IV. Ulrich Showalter moved to Ohio. Descendants 
not found. 

IV. John Showalter. 

IV. Lydla Showalter. 

IV. Hetty Showalter mrd. William Betz. 

IV. Magdalena Showalter married George Moyer. 
Parmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Mary, Henry, Bettie, 
Levi, Katie, Fannie, Michael. 

V. Mary Ann Moyer, (dec'd). 

V. Henry Moyer. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. 

V. Betty Moyer married Grady. P. O., Cherry 

Grove, Va. 

v. Geo. Grady, Jr. P. O., Cherry Grove, Va. 

V. Levi Moyer. 

V. Katie Moyer, (dec'd). Mrd. Fitzwater. 

V. Fannie Moyer mrd. Halteman. 

V. Michael Moyer. 

VI. George Moyer. P. O., Bakers Mill, Va. 

VI. Daughter mrd. Absalom Ritchie. P. O., Bakers 
Mill, Virginia. 

— 213 — 

III. Barbara Funk, (dec'd). Mrd. Anthony Miller. 

III. Henry Punk, (dec*d). Mrd.' Susanna Fry. In 1820 
they with all their family and others, 23 persons m all, 
moved to Fairfield Co., O. Children: Christian, Abra- 
ham, Rebecca, Barbara, Elizabeth, Henry, Jacob, Su- 

IV. Christian Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Aug. 
3, 1791; died in LaSalle Co., Til., Aug. 29, 1856. Married 
Susanna Rodehafer in 1817. She was bn. in Rockingham 
Co., Va., Sept., 1799; died in LaSalle Co., 111., Jan., 1889. 
They at first moved to near Staunton, Augusta Co., Va., 
where they lived until 1820, when they moved to Fairfield 
Co., O., and in 1850 to LaSalle Co., 111., where they died. 
He was twice drafted during the war of 1812, and he 
and his father paid the fine of $80.00 each time. Black- 
smith and farmer. Menn. Children: Abraham, John, 
William, Catharine, Henry, Lydia, Elizabeth. 

V. Abraham Funk, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Oct. 23, 
1819. Mrd. Margaret fiutchinson, daughter of James and 
Margaret (Logan) Hutchinson, Apr. 29, 1841. P. O., 
Odell, IlL They moved to LaSalle Co., 111., in 1849. Re- 
tired farmer. Cong. Children: James, Nancy, David, 
Christian, Mary, William, Hhoda, Warren, Sarah, 

VI. James H. Funk, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., Feb. 15, 
1842. Mrd. Elizabeth Gibson, Aug. 15, 1862. She died 
July 3, 1865. One child, Lucinda. James mrd. second 
wife, Emily, daughter, of Benjamin and Leah (Brownell) 
Gardner, of Silver Creek, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1866. Children: 
Cynthia, Helen, Edna. 

Mr. Funk was admitted to the bar, Jan. 3, 1871, and 
practiced law until Jan. 1883, when owing to ill health, 
he abandoned the profession and engaged in farming and 
stock raising which he has followed ever since. In Nov., 
1872, he was elected prosecuting attorney for Livingston 
Co., 111., and was corporation attorney from 1873 to 1883. 
In 1882 he received the republican nomination as a candi- 
date forjudge, but as the party at that time was in the mi- 
nority he was defeated by 49 votes in a total of over 10,000. 
In May, 1890, he sold his farm in Livingston Co., and re- 
moved to Iowa Falls, la., and bought a farm adjoining 
the city where he now resides. A republican in politics, 

— 214 — 

he has taken part on the stump in every campaign since 
1860. He is also a Prohibitionist when that js an issue. 
He is strictly temperate in his habits, never having- 
taken a chew of tobacco or smoked a cigar in his life. 
When nineteen years of age he joined the Congrega- 
tional church, and recently connected himself with the 
Universalist church. Mr. Funk is a member of the Exec- 
utive Committee of the stale. He owns a little over 
2,000 acres of land in Iowa, most of which he runs 

VII. Luclnda Idella Funk mrd. J. P. Gammon. P. O., 
Spearfish, S. Dak. Meth. One child. 

VIII. Clarence J. Gammon, bn. Aug. 7, 1891. 

VII. Cynthia A. Funk, bn. near Odell, 111., Oct. 1, 1867. 
Mrd. Charles S. Coates. Res., 485 Whitall St., St. Paul, 
Minn. Engineer on the Northern Pacific R. R. Attend 
Episcopal ch. One child. 

VIII. James A. Coates, born March 12, 1891; died 
May 25, 1891. 

VII. Helen Funk, bn. Feb. 4, 1872; died Nov. 7, 1878. 
VII. Edna E. Funk, bn. Mar. 27, 1878. 

VI. Nancy Funk, bn. Apr. 3, 1843; died in 1852. 

VI. David A. Funk mrd. . P. O., Streator, 111. 

Served in the army four years. 

VI. Christian Funk, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., Dec. 29, 
1848. Mrd. Jennie Brinkworth, Oct. 10, 1877. P. O., Cam- 
pus, 111. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Nina M. Funk, bn. June 8, 1880. 
VII. Eva A. Funk, bn. Oct. 16, 1^81. 

VII. Raymond E. Funk, bn. Apr. 16, 1883. 
VII. Ruby M. Funk, bn. Mar. 9, 1886. 

VI. Mary Funk mrd. George Austin. P. O., Odell, 111. 

VI. William Albert Funk, bn. near Streator, III., Feb. 
25, 1854. Mrd. Maria Ellen Douglass, daughter of A. N. 
and Jeannette (Lathrop) Douglass, of Ransom, III., Oct. 
29, 1879. Mr. Funk left home at the age of fifteen and 
from that time until he became of age, he worked by the 
month in summer and went to school in winter. Later 
on he taught school and studied law alternately. He 

— 215 — 

.was admitted to the bar at Ottawa, 111., by the Supreme 
Court of the state, with a class of twenty, Sept. 25, 1875. 
Practiced law at Pairbury, 111., five months, then formed 
a partnership with his eldest brother, James H. Funk, 
then of Odell, 111., who was at that time States Attorney 
of Livingston Co., and removed to Streator, III., in April, 
1879, opening a law office at that place, and where he 
practiced until March, 1887, when he moved to Lakefield, 
Minn., where he now resides. He was for two years a 
member of the city council of Streator, III., and was 
prominent in local politics, being a leading Republican. 
He was elected county attorney, of Jackson Co., Minn., 
Nov., 1890, having the endorsement of all political parties. 
Was re-nominated by the Republicans in 1892, and elected 
over the combined forces of the Democratic and People's 
parties. He has been for five years a member of the 
school board, and is attorney for the village council of 
Lakefield, of which village he was the first mayor in 1887. 
He is a member of the Odd Fellows' organization, and 
has been Grand Representative both in III. and Minn., 
and is an elder in the Presby. ch. Children: 

VII. William Douglass Funk, bn. Mar. 21, 1881. 

VII. Nettie Margaret Funk, bn. Mar. 21, 1883. 

Vlt. Leslie Albert Funk, bn. June 27, 1886. * 

VI. Rhoda A. Funk mrd. Hugh Gault. P. O., Odell, 
111. Lumber merchant. 

VI. Warren L. Funk married . P. O., Lakefield, 

Minn. Postmaster. 

VI. Sarah Alice Funk married Charles Hoke. P. O., 
Odell, III. Liveryman. 

VI. Arthur A. Funk. Master carpenter and joiner. 

V. John Funk, (dec'd). Mrd. . P. O., Effingham, 


V. William Funk, bn. in Fairfield Co., O.^ in 1823. Mrd. 
Rachel Poling, June 10, 1843. She died Feb. 15, 1847. 
Children: Samuel, Elizabeth. Wm. mrd. second wife, 
Rhoda Haggerty, Sept. 1, 1850. She was of Scotch de- 
scent, and her father's mother was a Stuart, of the royal 
house of which was the ** beautiful Mary, Queen of Scots.'* 
She died Sept. 3, 1869. P. O., Lancaster, O. Children: 
Christian, Sarah, Lydla, Mattie, Mary, William, Frank. 

— 216 — 

VI. Samuel Funk mrd. Mary Sanderson. P. O., Bre- 
men, O. Farmer. Pre8b3\ Children: William, Robert, 
Isabella, Elizabeth, James, Jennie, John, Samuel. 

VII. William Funk, died infant. 
VII. Robert Funk, (twin to Wm.) 

VII. Isabella Funk mrd. Edward Grove. P. O., Bre- 
men, O. Farmer. Presby. Children: 

VIII. Agnes Grove. 
Vm. A son. 

VII. Elizabeth Funk mrd. Charles Taylor. P. O., Bre- 
men, O. Farmer. Presby. Children: 

VIII. Clyde Livingston Taylor. 
VIII. Daughter, died infant. 

VII. James Porter Funk. S. 

VII. Jennie Funk. S. 

VII. John Funk. 

VII. Samuel Funk. 

VI. Elizabeth Funk married John Switzer. Farmer. 
Meth. Children: Tessee, Estella, William, Bertha, 
John, Mary, Velma. 

VII. Switzer, died infant. 

VM. Switzer, died infant. 

VII. Tessee Switzer mrd. Charles Grove. P. O., Bre- 
men, Ohio. Farmer. Presby. Children: 

VIII. Harry Grove. 
VIII. Grove. 

VII. Estella Switzer. S. 

VII. William Arnold Switzer. 

VII. Bertha Switzer. 

VII. John Switzer. 

VII. Mary Switzer. 

VII. Velma Switzer. 

VI. Christian Wright Funk. P. O., Bremen, O. Con- 
tractor in stone, brick and wood. Presby. 

VI. Sarah Funk mrd. Mc Candlish. P. O , Ada, 

Ohio. Stock dealer. 

VI. Lydia Funk mrd. Kintz. P. O., Logan, O. 

Contractor, Children: 

VII. Kintz, died infant. 

VII. Thomas Vincent Kintz. Graduate in law. 

— 217 — 

VII. Clarence A. Kintz. Brick-layer. 
VII. Emadgaline Kintz. 
VII. Viola Kintz. 

VI. Mattie Punk. Presby. S. 

VI. Mary f^ink mrd. Deloss. Conductor on 

traiD. Presby. P. C, Lancaster, Ohio. Two children, 

VI. Infant son, died at birth. 

VI. William Fnnk. Mfg. furniture. Presby. P. O., 
Log-an, Ohio. 

VI. Frank Punk. Mfg. furniture. Presby. P. O., 
Logan, Ohio. 

V. Catharine Punk mrd. John Wisher. P. O., Ot- 
tawa, LaSalle Co., III. 

V. Henry Punk mrd . P. O., Streator, 111. 

V. Lydia Punk mrd. Dennis. P.O.. Chicago, 111. 

V. Elizabeth Punk, (dec'd.) Mrd. Kleiber. Chil- 
dren: Elsie, Lydia. 

VJ. Elsie Kleiber mrd. Irich. P. O., Streator, 111. 

VI. Lydia Kleiber mrd. Patton. P. O., Streator, 


IV. Abraham Punk mrd. Mary Geil; died about 1S22. 
Children: Susan, Rebecca, Jacob, Henry, Abram, Mary. 

V. mrd. Hiram Sarber. P. O., Kalida, O. 

V. Rebecca Punk mrd. Askins. P. O., Kalida, O. 

IV. Rebecca Punk, (decM.) Mrd. John Patley. Moved 
to Henry Co., Ind. Son, David. 

IV. Barbara Punk, (dec'd.) Married Christian Roth. 
One son. 

V. Jacob Roth. 

IV. Elizabeth Punk, (dec*d). Mrd. Jacob Brunk. He 
died. Children: Barbara, Joseph, Henry, Jacob, 

V. Barbara Brunk mrd. David Patley. 

IV. Henry Punk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Nov. 22, 
J807; died Nov. 22, 1882. Mrd. Elizabeth Hampshire in 
1834. She was bn. in Perry Co., Ohio in 1817. Parmer. 

— 218 — 

Christian ch. Children: Samuel, John, David, Abraham, 
Henry, Joseph, Magdalene. 

V. Samuel Funk, bn. Oct. 10, 1836. Mrd. Ann Evens. 

V. John N. Funk, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., Nov. 6, 1840. 
Mrd. Mag^dalena Brenneman, in 1859. P. O., Oneida, 
Kan. Farmer. Christian ch. Children: Henry, Abra- 
ham, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sarah, James, Eva, Fred. 

VI. Henry B. Funk, bn. Oct. 21, 1861; died Novem- 
ber 10, 1861. 

Vl. Abraham L. Funk, bn. in Putnam Co., O., Oct. 22 
1863. P. O., Minneapolis, Minn. Church furniture. S, 

VI. Elizabeth Ann Funk, bn. July 23, 1865. Mrd. Os- 
well L. Schmick, Oct. 24,. 1888. P. O., Seneca, Kan. 
Merchant. Christian ch. One child. 

VM. Laura Belle Schmick, bn. Dec. 25, 1889. 

VI. Lydia M. Funk, bn. Mar. 7, 1868. Mrd. Edmund 
Sohn, Mar. 13, 1889. P. O., Oneida, Kan. Farmer. One 

VII. Norma S. Sohn, bn. Sept. 19, 1893. 

VI. Sarah C. Funk, bn. Jan. 22, 1870. 

VI. James L. Funk, bn. Apr. 28, 1872. 

VI. Eva Adele Funk, bn. Feb. 20, 1874. 

VI. Fred W. Funk, bn. Aug. 22, 1878. 

V. David Funk, bn. in Allen Co., O., Sept. 30, 1844. 
Mrd. Sarah L. Guffy, Aug-. 30, 1863. P. O., Oneida, Kan. 
Farmer and merchant. Children: Henry, Frank, Mary, 
Estella, Ida, Flora, Carl, Ralph, Chester, Charlotte. 

VI. Henry A. Funk, bn. Sept. 21, 1865; died Aug-ust 
20, 1866. 

VI. Frank Wesley Funk, bn. Jan. 8, 1867. Mrd. Sophia 
Lehman, Sept. 28, 1893. Merchant. 

VI. Mary L. Funk, bn. June 19, 1869; died July 8, 1870. 

VI. Estella Funk, bn. Jan. 8, 1871; died Sept. 11, 1872. 

VI. Ida Funk, bn. Jan. 1, 1873: died Dec. 23, 1874. 

VI. Flora Funk, bn. Oct. 3, 1874; died Aug. 14, 1875. 

VI. Carl Funk, bn. July 9, 1876. 

VI. Ralph L. Funk, bn. Feb. 22, 1877. 

VI. Chester A. Funk, bn. June 8, 1881. 

VI. Charlotte Louisa Funk, bn. June 8, 1888. 

V. Abram Funk, bn. Jan. 21, 1847. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Clevenger. P. O., Kelley, Kan. 

— 219 — 

V. Henry Punk, bn. Mar. 21, 1849. Mrd. Mary Nicols. 
P. O., Kalida, O. 

V. Joseph Funk, bn. Mar. 1, 1852; died July 10, 1852. 

V. Magdalena Funk, born June 8, 1853; died June 
22, 1853. 

IV. Jacob Punk, (dec'd). Mrd. Barbara Beery. Lived 
at Bremen, O. Children: Noah, Rebecca, Abraham. 

IV. Susanna Funk mrd. Philip Fast. P. O., South 
Perry, O. 

III. Esther Funk, (dec'd). Mrd. Jacob Erbaugh, . 

He was born in Lower MLlford Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. 
Lived on his father's (Lawrence **Erbach") farm, for a 
time, and then sold the farm and moved to Rockingham 
Co., Va., where he resided on a farm until 1834, when he 
sold his farm and removed to Montgomery Co., Ohio, 
where he purchased the farm now occupied by his grand- 
son. Rev. George W. Erbaugh, and where he died a few 
weeks after his arrival, at the age of about 72 years. 
The journey from Virginia to Ohio was made by Mr. Er- 
baugh nearly all the way, some five hundred miles, on 
horseback. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Abraham, 
Jacob, Esther, Nancy, Polly, Catharine, Rebecca. 

IV. Rev, Abraham Erbaugh, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Aug. 6, 1799; died in Montgomery Co., Ohio, Oct. 28, 
1871. Mrd. Susanna Coffman, Sept. 1820. She was born 
in Rockingham Co , Va., Oct. 26, 1799; died in Montgom- 
ery Co., Ohio, Mar. 3, 1890. Mr. Erbaugh moved with his 
parents to Montgomery Co., Ohio, in J 83 4 and purchased 
the farm now occupied by his son George, containing 205 
acres, and which was heavily timbered and where they 
endured many hardships clearing the farm and support- 
ing the family. Mr. Erbaugh was also a minister, of the 
German Baptist church, did much preaching and trav- 
eled somewhat among the churches, in the interest of the 
faith that he espoused in his early manhood. Children: 
Noah, Anna, Sarah, John, Samuel, Catharine, Abraham, 
Susanna, Hetty, George, Rebecca. 

V. Noah Erbaugh, bn. Sept. 8, 1821; died Aug. 7, 1826. 

V. Anna Erbaugh, bn. Oct. 22, 1823; died June 1891. 
Mrd. Abraham Miller, Sept. 12, 1844. Eight children: 

VI. Aaron Miller, P. O., Peru, Ind. 

— 220 — 

V. Sarah Erbaug-h, bn. in Rocking-ham Co., Va., Oct. 
17, 1825; died Dec. 25, 1892. Mrd. Elias Beechley, Oct. 9, 
1845. Nine children. 

VI. Elias, Georg-e, etc. P. O., Dayton, O. 

V. John Erbaugh, bn. in Kocklng-ham Co., Va., Nov. 
14, 1827; died Feb. 1890. Mrd. Sarah Rodric about 1848. 
Four children living. 

VI. Daniel Erbaugh, etc. P. O., Peru, lod. 

V. Samuel Erbaug-h, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 
3, 1830. Mrd. Hester Hay, in 1851. P. C, New Leba- 
non, Ohio. 

V. Catharine Erbaugh, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va , 
Aug. 13, 1832; died aged 2 years. 

V. Abraham Erbaugh, bn. May 19, 1834. Mrd. Sarah 
Martin. P. C, Dayton, Ohio. Ten children. 

V. Susanna Erbaugh, bn. in Montg. Co., O., Oct. 12, 
1836. Mrd. Daniel Bock, Sept. 16, 1855. P. O., Ridgeway, 
Ind. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Sarah, Samuel, 
Joseph, Angeline, Catharine, Susan, Elizabeth. 

VI. Sarah Bock, bn. in O., Oct. 8, 1856. Mrd. Amos 
Huddleston, September 10, 1876. P. O. Ridgeway, Ind. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Howard L. Huddleston, bn. Dec. 2, 1878. 
Vli. Maud M. Huddleston, bn. Dec. 21, 1880. 
VII. Claude L. Huddleston, bn. Mar. 17, 1883. 
VII. Laura E. Huddleston, bn. Sept. 14, 1885. 

VII. Charles Bruce Huddleston, bn. Sept. 27, 1892. 

VI. Samuel Bock, bn. in Montg. Co., O., Mar. 4, 1858. 
Mrd. Eliza Ann Eikenberry, May 9, 1880. P. O., Ridge- 
way, Ind. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. . Bertha May Bock, bn. June 15, 1881. 

VII. Grace Mable Bock, bn. Feb. 28, 1883. 
VII. Clarence L. Bock, bn. June 7, 1886. 
VII. Daniel L. Bock, bn. Aug. 4, 1888. 

VI. Joseph Bock," bn. in Montg. Co., O., Apr. 3, 1859. 
Mrd. Caroline Lybrook. P. O., Burlington, Ind. Farmer, 

VII. Anna Pearl Bock. 
VII. Franklin R. Bock. 
VII. Everett E. Bock. 
Vl«. Thomas O. Bock. 

— 221 — 

VI. Angeline Bock, bn. in Montgr. Co., O., Oct. 1, 1861. 
Mrd. Warren Eikenberry. P. O., Burling'ton, Indiana. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Roxie B. Eikenberry. 
VII. Edna M. Eikenberry. 
VII. Daniel H. Eikenberry. 
VII. Loren W. Eikenberry. 

VI. Catharine Bock, bn. in Montg. Co., O., Aug. 13, 
1863; died Jan. 13, 1891. 

VI. Susan Bock, bn. in O., Mar. 8, 1866. Mrd. Robert 
M. Ticen, Oct. 11, 1885. P. O., Middle Pork, Ind. Farmer. 
Dunkard. Children: 

VII. Perrin Leslie Ticen, bn. Sept. 12, 1886. 
VII. Arlie Brancbe Ticen, bn. Aug. 4, 1888. 
VII. Mabel Blanche Ticen, bn. Sept. 16, 1891. 
VII. Charley Lester Ticen, bn. Dec. 15, 1895. 

VI. Elizabeth Bock, bn. in O., Nov. 26, 1872. Mrd. 
William Stouse. P. O., Ridge way, Ind. Farmer. Mrs. 
S., Ger. Bap. One child. 

VII. Charles E. Stouse. 

V. Hetty Erbaugh, bn. in Montg. Co., O., Dec. 17, 
1838. Mrd. Joseph Hay about 1856. Four children. 

VI. Daniel, New Lebanon, Montg. Co., O. 

V. Rev. George W. Erbaugh, bn. in Montg. Co., Ohio. 
Mrd. Mary Ann Hay, Sept. 27, 1863. P. O., New Lebanon, 
O. Farmer and minister, was ordained to the ministry of 
the Ger. Bap. ch. at Wolf Creek church in Montg. Co., 
C, Aug. 1862. Children: Laura, Amy, Meda, Infant, 
Thurston, Oman, Twins, George, Ivan, Quintis, Ina. 

VI. Laura Belle Erbaugh, bn. Aug. 30, 1864. Mrd. J. 
P. Neff, Oct. 1885. P. O., New Lebanon, Ohio. Farmer. 

VII. Ruth Edna Neff, bn. Feb. 4, 1887. 
VII. Ralph Edgar Neff, bn. June 18, 1890. 

VI. Amy K. Erbaugh, bn. Oct. 31, 1865: died June 2, 
1889. Mrd. Jacob Brumbaugh, Sept. 4, 1887. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. One child. 

VII. May Ethel Brumbaugh, bn. Nov. 11, 1888. 

VI. Meda A. Erbaugh, bn. in 1867. Mrd. Jesse K. Bow- 
man. One child. 

— 222 — 
VII. Mary Opal Bowman. 

VI. Infant daughter, stillborn Nov. 2, 1869. 

VI. Thurston Boyd Erbaugh, bn. Dec. 17, 1871; died 
Oct. 3, 1872. 

VI. Oman Ellas Erbaugh, bn. Sept. 12, 1873; died Mar. 
15, 1874. 

VI. Twins, bn. and died Apr. 20, 1875. 

VI. George Alger Erbaugh, bn. Nov. 10, 1877. S. 

VI. Ivan Lee Erbaugh, bn. May 21, 1880. 

VI. J. Quintis Erbaugh, bn. Apr. 25, 1884. 

Vl. Ina Maud Erbaugh, bn. Feb. 19, 1887. 

V. Rebecca Erbaugh, bn. Apr. 12, 1843; died Apr. 
12, 1854. 

IV. Jacob Erbaugh, born in Rockingham Co., Va. 
Mrd. . (Dec'd). Children: 

V. Isaac Erbaugh. P. O., New Lebanon, Montgomery 
Co., Ohio. 

V. Philip Erbaugh. P. O., Bunkerhill, Miami Co., 

V. Susanna Erbaugh mrd. Oiber. P. O., Bunker- 
hill, Miami Co., Ind. 

V. Polly Erbaugh mrd. Wise. P. O., Trotwood, 

Montgomery Co., O. 

IV. Esther Erbaugh, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., ; 

died May 8, 1815. Mrd. Miller. No issue.. 

IV. Nancy Erbaugh, (dec'd). Mrd. Garber. 

V. Elder Jacob Garber. P. O., Trotwood, O. 

IV. Mary Erbaugh, bn. and died in Giles Co., Va., Apr. 
1848. Mrd. Michael Billhimer. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Chil- 
dren: Catharine, Nancy, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac. 

V. Nancy Billhimer, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Jan. 30, 
1811; died at Laurel Hill, Va., Oct. 1883. Mrd. William 
Clark in 1830. He was born in Fluvana Co., Va., Jan. 20, 
1804; died at Laurel Hill, Va., Dec. 1882. Carpenter and 
farmer. Mr. Clark, Missionary Bap. Mrs. Clark, Ger. 
Bap. Children: Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, John, Wil- 
liam, Rebecca. 

— 223 — 

VI. Mary A. Clark, bn. Dec. 25, 1832; died . Mrd. 

Samuel C. Myers. He died. Children: Henry, Virginia. 
Mary mrd. second husband, Harvey Hawkin?. He died. 
Children: William, Twins. Mary mrd. third husband, 
Henry Sheets. No issue. 

VII. Henry Clay Myers. P. O., Leroy, McLean Co., 

VII. Virg^inia Myers, died aged 8 years. 
VII. William Samuel Hawkins. P. O., Goodrich, Linn 
Co., Kan. 

VI. Elizabeth Clark, bn. Jan. 31, 1835. Mrd. William 
Henry Alvis. He was killed at the battle of Chancellors- 
ville, Va. Bap. Children: Martha, Elizabeth. 

VII. Martha J. Alvis, bn. Jan. 9, 1860. Mrd. Silas 
Tallcy. P. O., Laurel Hill, Va. Bap. Children: 

VIII. Effie F. Talley, bn. Dec. 8, 1879; died Oct. 29, 1892. 
VHI. Eugene E. Talley, bn. Jan. 11, 1882. 

VIII. Willie T. Talley, bn. June 23, 1884. 
VIII. Burnet L. Talley, bn. Feb. 21, 1887. 
VIII. Earl F. and Ethel M. Talley, bn. Sept. 26, 1889. 
VIII. Alden R. and Blanchie F. Talley, born Novem- 
ber 20, 1893. 

VII. Elizabeth A. Alvis, bn. Sept. 30, 1861. Mrd. John 
W. Shue. He was born July 26, 1858. P. O., Fishersville, 
Va. Laborer. Children: 

Vni. Alice A. Shue, bn. Nov. 26, 1878. 

VIII. Berty M. Shue, bn. May 10, 1880. 
VIII. William E. Shue, bn. June 23, 1884. 
VIII. Viola F. Shue, bn. Apr. 5, 1886. 
VIII. Lloyd F. Shue, bn. Sept. 29, 1888. 
VHI. Arthur A. Shue, bn. May 19, 1891. 
VIII. Infant, bn. Oct. 16, 1894. 

VI. Martha J. Clark, bn. Mar. 11, 1837; died in 1838. 

VI. John Clark, bn. Sept. 29, 1839. Mrd. Cynthia Aus- 
tin, in 1859. P. O., Tinker Knob, Va. Farmer. Ger. 
Bap. No issue. 

VI. William Clark, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Mar. 27, 
1845. Mrd. Sarah N. Bradburn, Oct. 28, 1866, P. O., Stu- 
arts Draft, Va. Farmer. Mrs. Clark, Bap. Children: 
Edward, Charles, Albert, Laura, William, Nealie, Ada, 
Homer, Lottie, Lena, Luther. 

— 224 — 

VII. Edward T. Clark, bn. Sept. 16, 1867. Mrd. Alice 
L. Lee, Jan. 22, 1891. P. O., Bridge water, Va. Farmer. 
Mrs. Clark, Ger. Bap. Children: 

VIII. NoraS. Clark, bn. Dec. 1, 1891; died July, 1892. 
Vlli. Roy L. Clark, bn. Sept. 11, 1893. 

VII. Charles H. Clark, bn. May 3, 1869. Mrd. Maggie 
J. Harris. P. O , Stuarts Draft, Va. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Jessie Leta Clark, bn. May 7, 1894. 

VIII. Myrtle Gertrude Clark, bn. March 24, 1897. 

VII. Albert B. Clark, bn. June 11, 1871. Mrd. Mary E. 
Harris, Jan. 18, 1894. P. O., Stuarts Draft, Va. Farmer. 

VH. Laura B. Clark, ba. Jan. 20, 1874. 

VII. William O. Clark, bn. Mar. 25, 1877. 

Vl«. Nealie A. Clark, bn. Apr. 28, 1879. 

VII. Ada B. Clark, bn. Feb. 13, 1882. 

VII. Homer O. Clark, bn. May 10, 1884. 

VII. Lottie M. Clark, bn. May 11, 1886. 

VII. Lena G. Clark, bn. Aug. 25, 1888; died December 
16, 1892. 

VII. Luther S. Clark, bn. Mar. 10, 1891; died February 
14, 1893. 

VI. Rebecca Clark, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Apr. 1, 
1848. Mrd. G. W. Page. He was born in Augusta Co., 
Va., Jan. 31, 1853. P. O., Laurel Hill, Va. Blacksmith. 
Mr. Page, United Br. in Christ. Mrs. Page, Baptist. No 

V. Abraham Billhymer, bn. Mar. 30, 1817; died in Tip- 
ton Co., Ind., Oct. 28, 1877. Mrd. Catharine Lutz, . 

She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Feb. 17, 1818; died 
in Hamilton Co., Indiana, Aug. 13, 1861. Mr. Billhymer, 
while a young man, went to Dayton, Ohio, and there 
learned the carpenter's trade, after which he returned 
to Virginia and married. He remained in Augusta 
Co., Va., until the fall of 1860 when he removed to Ham- 
ilton Co., Ind. Children: Barbara, Samuel, Mary, 
George, Lucetta, Rachel, Edward, Summers, Nancy, 
Eskridge. Mrd. second wife Nancy Mefford. She died 
in 1875. One child: MelTord. 

VI. Barbara Billhymer, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Mar, 
1, 1840. Mrd. Ellis E. Young of Hamilton Co., Ind., Apr. 
27, 1865. P. O., Arcadia, Ind. Children: 

— 225 — 

VII. Rachel Youn^, bn. Mar. 11, 1866; died, infant. 
Yll. Lucetta Youn^, bn. Sept. 14, 1869. Mrd. William 

Eller, Mar. 2, 1890. P. O., Atlanta, Ind. Children: 

VIII. Elsie C. Eller, bn. Dec. 22, 1891. 
VIII. Ethel C. Eller, bn. July 8, 1892. 
VIII. Clarence R. Eller, bn. Dec. 17, 1893. 

VII. Lewe Harkless Young, bn. Oct. 5, 1872; died Feb- 
ruary 18, 1873. 

VII. Carlton Young, bn. Mar. 29, 1874. 
Vll. Elzor A. Young, bn. Aug. 1, 1876. 
VII. David E. Young, bn. Sept. 9, 1879. 

VI. Samuel M. Billhymer, bn. Aug. 6, 1841; died Jan- 
uary 11, 1858. 

Vi. Mary Elizabeth Billhymer, bn. in Augusta Co., 
Va., Oct. 19, 1843. Mrd. Henry Lutz. P. O., Cicero, Ind. 
Have children. 

VI. George P. Billhymer, bn. in Augusta Co.. Va., 
Jan. 5, 1845. Mrd. . P. O., , la. 

VI. Lucetta Billhymer, bn. Nov. 29, 1846: died July 
22, 1848. 

VI. Rachel Billhymer, bn. Aug. 17, 1848; died March 
5, 1849. 

VI. Edward G. Billhymer, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., 
Feb. 26, 1850. Mrd. . P. O., Floris, Iowa. 

VI. Summers Billhymer, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Nov. 
26, 1851. Mrd. Rachel Lutz, Mar. 8, 1881. She was bn. in 
Clark Co., la., March 1, 1851. P. O., Pishersburgh, Ind. 
Farmer. Two children. 

VII. Mary Catharine Billhymer, bn. Dec. 12, 1883. 
Vll. Edith Allen Billhymer, bn. Aug. 29, 1888. 

VI. Nancy Billymer, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Apr. 26, 
1854. Mrd. Newton Morris, Apr. 1873. P. O., Lapel. Ind. 
Two childrcrn, (dec*d). 

VI. Eikridge D. Billhymer, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., 
Jan. 26, 1857. Mrd. Joanna Clawson of Hamilton Co., Ind. 
P. O., Fisher's Switch, Indiana. Carpenter. Meth. Kp. 

VII. Almeda Billhymer, born Mar. 6, 1877: died April 
8, 1878. 

Vll. Ida Pearl Billhymer, bn. Nov. 6, 1878. 


— 226 — 

VII. Ollie May Billhymer, bn. July 28, 1881. 
Yll. George Edward Billhymer, bn. Nov. 10, 188:i. 
VII. Ernest Raymond and Rosella Florence Billhymer, 
bn. June 15, 1888. 

VII. Thomas Franklin Billhymer, bn. Mar. 3, 1890. 
VII. Isaac Newton Billhymer, bn. Apr. 14, 1893. 

VI. Meflford Billhymer, bn. Dec. 18, 1875. 

V. Jacob Billheimer, (dec'd). Aged 17 years. 

Y. Rev. Isaac Billheimer, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Nov. 25, 1822. Mrd. Mary Bair, Feb. 13, 1845. She died 
Dec. 18, 1862. Children: James, Salome, Charles, Ma- 
randa. Isaac mrd. second wife Salome E. Sherfy, June 
25, 1863. P. O., Heath, Ind. Minister of the Ger. Bap. 
church. Children: Mary, Cora, Cordelia, John, Clark, 

VI. James Billheimer, bn. Apr. 18, 1846: died March 
18, 1864. 

VI. Salome F. Billheimer, bn. Jan. 16, 1848. Mrd. Wil- 
liam O. Butler in 1872. P. O., Mulberry, Ind. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. c:harles T. Butler, bn. Nov. 1874. 
VII. John A. Butler, bn. Mar. 1878. 
VII. Lillie E. Butler, bn. July 1884. 
VM. Albert R. Butler, bn. June 1890. 

VI. Charles D. Billheimer, bn. May 20, 18,'K). Mrd. 
Linda Purcell. P. O., Jonesboro, Ind. Children: 

VII. Florada Billheimer. 
VII. Hattie Billheimer. 
VII. (Jeorge Billheimer. 
VM. Billheimer. 

VI. Maranda Billheimer, bn. Oct. 11, 1860. Mrd. Dan- 
iel Lewis, Feb..l890. P. O., Mulberry, Ind. Children: 

VII. Bessie Lewis. 
VII. Mary E. Lewis. 
VII. Robert B. Lewis. 

VI. Mary E. Billheimer mrd. B. F. Felix. Children: 

VII. Laura Felix. 
VII. Everett Felix. 
VII. Bessie Felix. 

VI. Cora E. Billheimer mrd. Isaac J. Felix. Children: 

— 227 - 

VII. Orpha Felix. 
VII. Elizabeth Felix. 
VII. John Felix. 
VII. Lillie Felix. 

VI Cordelia Billheimer mrd. I. B. Fink. No issue. 

VI. John S. Billheimer, bn. Apr. 10, 1864. Mrd. . 

P. O., Pasadena, Cal. Children: 

VII. Glen Billheimer. 
VII. Billheimer. 

VI. Clark D. Billheimer mrd. . P. O., Pasadena, 

Gal. No issue. 

VI. Frank E. Billheimer enlisted in the U. S. Army 
and is in the expeditioa to Manilla. 

IV. Susan Erbaugh, (dec'd). Mrd. Jacob Billheimer, 
(dec'd). Susan mrd. second husband, John Wogaman. 

IV- Catharine Erbaugh, (dec'd). Mrd. Michael Gar- 
ber in 1803. Wagon-maker and farmer in Washington 
Co., Tenn. Ger. Bap. Children: Mary, Samuel, Jacob, 
Solomon, Elizabeth, Abraham, Nancy, Esther, Catharine. 

V. Mary Garber, bn. in 1804; died aged about 21 or 
22 years. 

V. Rev. Samuel Garber, bn. in 1806. Mrd. Lydia Arnold. 
Nine children, seven died in childhood. Samuel mrd. sec- 
ond wife, Mary Long. He was a minister and bishop of 
the Ger. Bap. ch. 

V. Jacob Garber, bn. 1807. Married Minerva North- 
ington. Children all dec*d. Grandchildren living. 

V. Solomon Garber, bn. 1808. Mrd. Nancy Stover. 
Minister. Ger. Bap. Children: Jacob, David, etc. 

V. Elizabeth Garber, bn, in Augusta Co., Va., in 1809; 
died near Leesburg, Washington Co., Tenn., in 1880. 
Mrd. John Nead. He was born in Hagerstown, Md,, June 
22, 1801: died near Jonesboro, Tenn., January 21, 1868. 
Carpenter, builder and cabinet maker. Minister and 
bishop of the Ger. Bap. ch. Children: Jacob, Matthias, 
Catharine, Michael, Minerva, Peter, Sarah, Mary, John, 
Martha, Samuel, Abraham. 

VI. Jacob Nead, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Mar. 29, 
1829: died Dec. 4, 1862, in Washington Co., Tenn. Mrd. 
Anna Arnold, Feb. 13, 1851. She was born in Hardy Co., 

— 228 — 

Va., June 24, 1828; died in Washinffton Co., Tenn., Nov. 
12, 1880. Farmer, school teacher and minister. Ger. 
Bap. Children: Mary, Rebecca, Margaret, James, Cor- 
nelia, Benjamin, Jacob. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Nead, bn. Dec. 17, 1851: died 
Sept. 2, 1863. 

VII. Rebecca Magdalena Nead, bn. Nov. 3, 1853: died 
May 13, 1887. Mrd. J. M. Hilbert. Dec. 23, 1871. 

VIII. Mrs. Gertrude E. Done. P. O., C^ahool, Texas Co., 

VII. Margaret Jane Nead, bn. Dec. 16, 1854. Mrd. J. 
N. Gwin, Jan. 5, 1881. P. O., Ashland, Oregon. Ger. Bap. 

Vll». Ethel A. Gwin, bn. Jan. 12, 1882. 

VIII. Laura M. Gwin, bn. Jan. 8, 1884. 
VIII. Dora A. Gwin, bn. Sept. 29, 1885. 
VIII. Emma J. Gwin, bn. Dec. 12, 1888. 

' VIM. Edgar J. Gwin, bn. Jan. 5, 1802: died July 5, 1892. 
VIII. Bertha A. Gwin, bn. June 27, 1894. 

VII. James Alexander Nead, bn. Dec. 23, 1856; died 
June 14, 1885. 

VII. Cornelia Catharine Nead, bn. in Washington Co., 
Tenn.. Mar. 30, 1859. Mrd. Ernest Hopkins, June 14, 188o. 
P. O., Dayton, Washington. Farmer. Ger. Bap. No 

VII. Benjamin Mumaw Nead, bn. Dec. 23, 18()0: died 
Jan. 25. 1897. Mrd. . P. O., Waterloo, Tex. 

. VII. Jacob Emanuel Nead, bn. June 14, 1863: died Dec. 
24, 1886. 

VI. Matthias Nead, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Jan. 13. 
1831. P. O., Matuta, Tenn. Carpenter and builder. Ger. 
Bap. S. 

VI. Catharine Nead, bn. Jan. 5, 1834; died May 1887. 

VI. Michael G. Nead, born Mar. 30, 1836: died October 
10, 1864. 

VI. Minerva Nead, bn. Aug. 19, 1838. Mrd. James 
Thompson. P. O., Jonesboro, Tenn. No issue. 

VI. Peter Nead. bn. Nov. 20, 1840: died Mar. 6, ISCiT). 

VI. Sarah Elizabeth Nead, bn. Sept. 17, 1843: died 
Feb. 1888. 

— 229 — 

VI. Mary Magdalena Nead, bn. May 2, 1M6: died Feb- 
ruary, 1864. 

VI. John Franklin Nead, bn. May 9, 1849. P. O., Ma- 
tuta, Tenn. 

VI. Martha Virginia Nead, bn. Sept. 4, 18t*)2. Mrd. J. 
D. Whitiock. P. C, Garber's, Washing^ton Co., Tenn. 

VI. Samuel David Nead, bn. Jan. 11, 1855. Mrd. flat- 
tie Wolford, Sept. 14, 1884. P. O., Lyceum, Sullivan Co., 
Tenn. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Carrie L. B. Nead, bn. June 19, 1885. 

VII. William Chalmers Nead, bn. Aug. 24, 1887. 

VI. Abraham E. Nead, bn. Dec. ZO, 1857. P. O., Ma- 
tuta, Tenn. 

V. Abraham Garber, born 1810. Married Elizabeth 
Stover. Four children. 

V. Nancy Garber, bn. 1811; died . Mrd. David 

Sellar8. Had two children. 

V. Esther Garber, bom 1813. Married Jacob Hilbert. 
Eight or nine children. 

V. Catharine Garber died 1861. Mrd. A. J. Carroll. 
No issue. 

IV. Rebecca Erbaugh, born Dec. 25, 1802; died June 

1875. Mrd. John Coffman . He was bn. Nov. 2, 1801; 

died Feb. 14, 1854. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Abra- 
ham. Susan, Jacob. Elizabeth, Nannie, Christian, Re- 
becca, Mary, Barbara, Hester, Catharine. 

V. Abraham Coffman, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Aug. 
13, 1824. Mrd. E. F. Johnson, Apr. 8, 1847. P. O , Annex, 
Va. Carpenter. Ger. Bap. Children: Maggie, William, 
John, James. Mollie. 

VI. Maggie A. Coflfman, bn. Feb. 3, 1848. P. O., An- 
nex, Va. S. 

VI. William H. Coffman, bn. Apr. 28, 1850. Mrd. Sal- 
lie Spitzer, Aug. 19, 1875. P. O., Annex, Va. Carpenter. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Walter N. Coffman, bn. June 28, 1876. 

VII. Fannie E. Coffman, born Mar. 13, 187i): died 
June ♦>. 1881. 

VII. May B. Coffman, bn. Feb. 24, 1881. 

— 230 — 

VI. John R. Coffman, bn. Aug. 9, 1852. Mrd. Mary 
Miller, Feb. 22, 1880. P. O., Bridgewater, Va. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Ida S. Coffman, bn. Jan. 29, 1881. 
VII. Joseph A. Coflfman, bn. July 22, 1883. 
VII. Barbara E. Coffman, bn. Dec. 20, 1885. 
VII. Henry J. Coffman, bn. Mar. 8, 1887. 
VII. Frank R. Coifman, bn. Apr. 17, 1890. 
VII. John O. Coifman, bn. Aug. 9, 1892. 

VII. Evaline C. Coffman, bn. Nov. 5, 1894. 

VI. James F. Coffman, bn. Jan. 3, 1856. Mrd. Emma 
Borden. Died Oct. 28, 1884. Bap. Children: 

VII. Ernest I. Coffman, bn. Sept. 26, 1881. 
VII. Verna M. Coffman, bn. Dec. 10, 1883. 

VI. MoUie S. Coffman, bn. Jane 7, 1858. Mrd. Risden 
P. Key, Oct. 12, 1879. P. O., Annex, Va. Farmer, Ger. 
Bap. No issue, 

V. Susan Coffman, born in Augusta Co., Va.^ Nor. 13, 
1828. Mrd. Charles M. Batis. P. O., Krum, Tex. Farmer. 
Children: Angeline, John, Thomas, Charles, Noah, Davis. 
Harry, Willie, Mary. 

VI. Angeline H. Batis, bn. in Augusta Co , Va., Dec. 
30, 1851. Mrd. James Reece Lewis, Feb. 13, 1873. P. O., 
Barbreck, La. Planter. Meth. Children: Pearl, Al- 
bertha, Peter, Paul, William, Susan, Ethel, Ernest. 
James, Charles, Foster. 

VII. Pearl E. Lewis, bn. in Saline Co., Mo.. Decem- 
ber 12, 1873. 

VII. Albertha Lewis, bn. in Denton Co., Tex., .Jan. 18. 
1875. Mrd. Allen Potter of Pa., Sept. 30. 1895. P. O., 
Sweetwater, Tex. One child. 

VIII. Howard Potter, bn. Oct. 28, 1897. 

VII. Peter Madison Lewis, bn. May 4, 1878. 

VII. Paul Marqueas Lewis, bn. Nov. 4, 1880: died Apr. 
18, 1882. 

VII. W^illiam Slaughter Lewis, bn. Feb. 12. 1883. 

VII. Susan Virginia Lewis, bn. June 12, lb'85: died Feb- 
ruary 1, 1897. 

VII. Ethel Mary Lewi3, bn. May 5, 1888. 

VII. Ernest Murry Lewis, (twin), bn. May 5, 1888. 

VII. James Reece Lewis, Jr., bn. June 20, . 


— 231 — 

VII. Charles Batis Lewis, bn. Apr. 7, 1894; died Jan- 
uary 23, 18^7. 

VII. Foster Payne Lewis, bn. Jan. 30, 1896. 

VI. John A. Batis, bn. July 18, 1853. Mrd. Kittie 
Vaughn, Sept. 1877. P. O., Krum, Tex. 

VI. Thomas D. Batis, bn. May 22, 1855. P. O., Krum, 
Texas. S. 

VI. Charles A. Batis, bn. Jan. 15, ia)8. Mrd. Delia 
Britton, Nov. 1879. P. O., Port Worth, Tex. 

VI. Noah C. Batis, bn. in Morgan Co., 111., Oct. 4. 1860. 
Mrd. Amanda E. Rhine, Feb. 11, 1883. She died Feb. 11, 
1891. Noah married second wife, Laura Brooks (nee 
E^stwood\ Aug. 1, 1894. She was bom in Hopkins Co., 
Ky., October 27, 1865. P. O., Sanger, Texas. Farmer. 

VII. Bertha Amanda Batis, bn. Jan. 29. 1884. 
VII. Bessie Annie Batis, bn. Mar. 20, 1885. 

VII. Edward Noah Thomas Batis, bn. Dec. 21, 1886. 

VII. Carl Alvin Batis, bn. Oct. 21, 1888. 

VII. Walter Earl Batis, bn. Aug. 11, 1895. 

VII. Guy Ernest Batis, bn. May 4, 1897. 

VI. Davis B. Batis, bn. Mar. 5^ 1863: died Dec. 16, ims. 

VI. Harry W. Batis, bn. in Morgan Co., 111., Aug. 8, 
1865. Mrd. Sadie E. McGaughey of Paris, Texas, Dec. 
16, 1889. P. O., Sanger, Texas. Farmer and stock raiser. 
Bap. Children: 

VII. Abbie Lena Batis, bn. July 17, 1894. 
VII. Infant, (dec'd). 

VII. Alma Lee Batis, bn. Aug. 12, 1897. 

VI. Willie H. Batis, bn. Dec. 8, 1867. P. O., Krum, 

VI. Mary A. Batis, bn. Mar. 6, 1872. Mrd. Kdmund 
Rucker, Dec. 24, 1890. P. O., Krum, Texas. 

V. Jacob Coflfman, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Feb. 1, 
1830. Mrd. Anna J. Thaner, Mar. 7, 1850. She died Man 
30, 1884. Children: Charles, Timothy, Nanny, Milton, 
Samuel, Jobn, Joseph, Elizabeth, George, Aldine, Eddie. 
Jacob married second wife, Catharine Snlteman, Feb. 15, 
1885. P. O , New Hope, Va. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 

— 232 — 

VI. Charles Franklin Coffman, bn. Feb. 13, 1851. Mrd. 
Mary C. Lo^an, Oct. 1, 1874. P. O., Parkersburg, West 

VI. Timothy Coffman, bn. Sept. 21, 1853; died June 
30, 1854. 

VI. Nanny Coffman, bn. June 29, 1855. Mrd. A. D. 
Wallace. May 2, 1877. P. O., Long Dale, Va. 

VI. Milton Cyrus Coffman, bn. Apr. 10, 1857; died May 
27, 1884. Mrd. Alice V. Cocke, May 20, 1880. Operated a 
sawmill, in which he was killed. Bap. Children: 

VII. Benjamin J. Coffman. 
VII. Buel Festus Coffman. 

VI. Samuel Luther Coffman, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., 
May (J, 1859. Mrd. Martha A. Wilson of Annex, Va., Oct- 
10, 1880. P. C, Hagerstown, Md. Flagman on Norfolk & 
Western R. R. Mrd. C, Bap. Children: 

VII. Charles W. CoflPman, bn. Sept. 5, 1881. 
VII. John C. Coffman, bn. Sept. 15, 1883. 

VII. Lillie P. Coffman, born October 25, 1885. 

VII. Edward J. Coffman, born Aug. 23, 1888; died Feb- 
ruary 3, 1892. 

VjI. Frederick L. Coffman, bn. Feb. 10, 1893: died Mar. 
29, 1893. 

VI. John Christian Coffman, bn. Sept. 17, 1861: died 
Aug. 31, 1863. 

VI. Joseph Henry Coffman, bn. Apr. 7, 1863: died Au- 
gust 23, 1803. 

VI. Elizabeth Virginia Coffman, bn. Nov. 1, 1864. P. 
O., Long Dale, Va. S. 

VI. George Wilson Coffman, born in Augusta Co., Va., 
December 9, 1867. P. O., Junction City, Kan. Conductor 
on Union Pacific R. R. Meth. Ep. S. 

VI. Aldine Bell Coffman, born in Augusta Co., Va., 
January 7, 1870. P. O., New Hope, Va. Music teacher. 
Meth. Ep. S. 

VI. Eddie S. Coffman, born in Augusta Co., Va., Janu- 
ary 30. 1871. Married Lillian E. Brubelk, Nov. 28. 1893. 
P. O., Clifton Forge, Va. Baggage master C. & O. R. R. 
Co. Meth. Children: 

VII. Nellie Agatha Coffman, born Jan. 18, 1895. 

— 233 — 

VII. Ellie Shanar CoffmaD, born Mar. 28, 1897. 
V. Elizabeth ( offman, born Nov. IG, 1831 . Mrd. 

Myers. P. O., Buena Vista, Va. 

V. Nannie K. CofTman, born in Augusta Co., Va., July 
4, 1833. Mrd. Jacob W. Zlrkle, Aug. 1, 1854. P. O., Cole- 
man, Tex. Farmer. Meth. Children: Charles, Alice, 
Kunice, Emma, John, Rebecca, Mattle, Nannie, Olive, 
William. Leonard, Willie. 

VI. Charles M. Zirkle, born July 23. 18&5. Mrd. M. 
Lulu Limberlake. Address, 1007 East Main St., Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

VI. Alice Zirkle, born near Springfield, III., Apr. 0. 
1808. Married Robert P. Roadcap, Nov. 29, 1881. P. O., 
Lipscomb. Va. Farmer. Meth. Children: 

VII. Beulah Grey Roadcap, bn. Oct. 22, 1882. 

VII. Charles Wilson Roadcap, bn. Oct. 20, 1884. 

VII. Olive Woodward Roadcap, bn. July 3, 188r); died 
Feb. 24, 1889. 

VII. Floyd Zirkle Roadcap, bn. June 10, 1891. 

VI. Eunice Zirkle, bn. Jan. 11. 1859. Mrd. Thomas S. 
Swindler. P. ().. Bartlett, Tex. 

VI. Emma Stuart Zirkle, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Dec. 11. 1861. Mrd. W. B, La Grange, Aug. 15, 1883. P. 
O., Parkersburg, West Va. Real estate broker. Bap. 

VII. Charles A. La Grange, bn. May 22, 188-1. 

VII. Emery Earl La Grange, bn. Oct. 8. 188(5: died . 

VII. Carrie V. La Grange, bn. Jan. 1. 1889. 

VII. Florence Louisa La Grange, bn. Jan. 9, 1891. 

VII. Julia Coflfman La Grange, bn. Nov. 28, 1892. 

VII. Mary E. La Grange, bn. Aug. 6, 1894. 

VI. John Russel Zirkle, bn. Feb. 9. 1863. S. 

VI. E. Rebecca Zirkle. bn. in Harrisonburg, Va., July 
14, 186t>. Mrd. John R. Bowen of Williamson Co., Texas, in 
18845. P. O., Bartlett, Tex. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Adam Rankin Bowen, bn. Mar. 18?8. 

VII. John Lewis Bowen, bn. March 1890. 

VII. William Henry Russel Bowen, bn. July 1891; died 
Oct. 1892. 

— 234 — 

VI. Mattie M. Zirkle, bn. in Kockiagham Co.^ Va., 
May 16, 1868. Mrd. Lee R. Wilson, Aug. 25, 1885. P. O.. 
Coleman, Tex. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Mary Kate Wilson, bn. October 16. 1886. 
VII. Eunice May Wilson, bn. Oct. 21, 1888. 
VII. John William Wilson, bn. Aug. 29, 1890. 

VI. Nannie Zirkle, bn. Mar. 1, 1870. Mrd. Dallas B. 
Hinkard. P. O., Georgetown, Tex. 

VI. Olive Zirkle, bn. June 29, 1872. Mrd. Robert U. 
Bowen, January 1887. P. O., Coleman, Texas. Farmer. 

VII. Robert Chesley Bowen, bn. Nov. 4, 1887. 
VII. William Russel Bowen, bn. Feb. 4, 1890. 

VI. J. William Zirkle, bn. Sept. 18, 1874: died Decem- 
ber 17, 1874. 

VI. J. Leonard Zirkle, bn. June 12, 1876. 

VI. Willie Zirkle, bn. May 31, 1878. 

V. Christian M. CofPman, bn. Jan. 23, 183'>. Mrd. 
Sarah C. Cole, Dec. 20, 1860. P. O., Parkersburg. West 

V Rebecca Coflfman, born April 22, 1837; died in 1888. 
Mrd. N. W. Batis, Apr. 1, 1855. No issue. 

V. Mary Coflfman, bn. Sept. 24, 1833. Mrd. Wal- 
lace. P. O., Craigsville, Va. 

V. Barbara A. Coflfman, bn. July 4, 1841. Mrd. 

Sorle. P. O., Parkersburg, West Va. 

V. Hester Coflfman, born October 3, 1842; died in 1866. 
Mrd. William H. Tolly. Lived in Memphis, Tenn. Three 

V. Catharine Coflfman married Scott. P. O., New 

Hope, Va. 

III. Susanna Funk, daughter of Henry Funk, was born 
Oct. 30, 1775. Married George Beery. During the latter 
part of her life she took much interest in her grandchil- 
dren and related to them many incidents of her earh- 
life. Among others were the following which were given 
by her grandson, George W. Beery. Her father, Henry 
Funk, was pressed into the service during the War of In- 
dependence, to do transportation service with his team. 

— 235 — 

The farmers in the eastern states at that time did their 
heavy hauling with four horses. He was very reluctant 
to accept this service and assist the army in this war. 
Finally Susanna said she would go with him and rode the 
saddle horse. As they were driving along a cannon ball 
struck the two horses on the lead, killing them both. 
This so shocked the father that he immediately deter- 
mined to leave the service and go home, saying that 
he would refuse further service whatever the result 
might be. 

In the vicinity where they lived, the Indians were 
still numerous and to some extent dangerous. The chief 
of the tribe was a very good friend of the family and told 
her father to watch his wigwam and whenever he should 
see no smoke issuing from it that they might know that 
there was trouble and to get themselves away. One 
morning after they had risen they noticed that there was 
no smoke from the wigwam of the chief. They took their 
horses and gathered together what they could and left 
the place. That same day the Indians started out on 
the warpath and destroyed everything that came in 
their way. 

Children: Barbara, Daniel, Catharine, Susanna, 
George, Henry, Rachel, Christian, Abraham. 

IV. Barbara Beery, born in Rockingham Co., Va., 
August 3, 1797; died in Fairfield Co., Ohio, of small pox, 
Mar. 28, 1838. Mrd. Henry Brenneman, Aug. 8, 1815. He 
was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Nov. 1, 1791; died in 
Fairfield Co., O., Aug. 24, 1866. Farmer and miller. 
Menn. Children: John, Susanna, George, Anna, Catha- 
rine, Abraham, Henry, Daniel. 

V. Rev. John M. Brenneman, born in Fairfield Co., 
Ohio, May 28, 1816: died Oct. 3, 1895. Married Sophia 
Good, June 1837. Minister and bishop of the Mennonite 
church. Children: Joseph, Susanna, Lydia, Anna, 
Henry, Moses, Manasseh, Catharine, Levi, George, Eliza- 
beth, Magdalena. He with his wife united with the 
Mennonite church in Fairfield Co., Ohio, shortly after 
their marriage. In April 1844 he was chosen and or- 
dained to the ministry of the Gospel. In the fall of 1848 
he moved to Franklin County, where he resided a little 
over six years, and then in the spring of 1855 he moved to 

— 236 — 

Allen Co., where he resided to the time of his death. In 
1849 he was ordained to the office of bishop in Franklin 

He was the father of twelve children, six sons and 
six daughters, of whom eight, three sons and five 
daughters survived him. There were also forty-five 
grandchildren of whom thirty-seven survived; and twen- 
ty-seven great-grandchildren of whom twenty-five sur- 

He was an earnest, zealous laborer in the vineyard of 
the Lord, and the great purpose and concern of his life 
was the welfare and prosperity of the church which he 
loved, and the salvation of souls. He always was espe- 
cially concerned for the salvation of his own children 
and grandchildren. So marked was his desire in this di- 
rection that even during the prime of his life he gave 
very little attention to his temporal affairs, but spent 
most of his time in the work to which the Master had 
called him and in the study of the Scriptures. During 
his last illness, he very frequently desired devotional ex- 
ercises, and asked those who came to visit to pray with 
him, and on one occasion he desired that the prayer 
might be especially for the salvation of his children and 
grandchildren; and when his grandchildren came to 
see him, he would take them by the hand and admon- 
ish them to be good, or ask them if they would not be 
good, and often held them by the hand until they prom- 
ised they would. 

His disposition was to look rather on the dark 
than on the bright side of things — rather to the serious 
and solemn than to the enjoyable or glad aspect 
of things; and from this fact he often suffered intense 
grief and sadness of heart. Afflictions seemed to take so 
deep a hold on his mind, that sometimes it seemed as 
though they were too heavy for him to bear. When he 
saw members of the church becoming unfaithful, it 
caused him intense grief, and he would with tears plead 
with them, and try to win them back. When troubles 
and dissensions came up in the church, he was often 
greatly troubled and those who shared with him the fiery 
trials of the past forty-five years in the church well know 
of the tears he shed and the sorrows which he endured 

— 237 -^ 

on account of the church and the part which those he 
dearly loved took in them. 

One of the great afflictions of his life was the sudden 
death of his son Henry, who was instantly killed by light- 
ning, during a thunder-storm, on August 28, 1872. His 
wife Sophia died thirteen years before he was called to 
his eternal rest. This also caused him great sorrow, but 
putting his trust in the Lord, he looked forward in an 
abiding hope — ^yes, as he said on two occasions during his 
last illness in a living hope, **Eine Lebendige Hoffnung." 

About twenty years before he died he became subject 
to an affection of a paralytic nature and which gradually 
g^rew on him until it disabled him altogether for the 
work in which he was so deeply interested. During his 
last years he was very feeble in body, so that he could 
seldom even go to meeting, but his mind was strong and 
vigorous to the end. His last sickness was first malarial 
fever, of which he suffered about four weeks. During 
the last week of his life the disease turned to irritation 
of the bowels. He suffered patiently and without a mur- 
mur until death came to his relief. 

On the morning before his death he requested to have 
sung the hymn, **Abide with me. fast falls the eventide," 
etc. A week before he died he was impressed with the 
thought that his end was near and requested that his 
daughter Annie should be sent for, made arrangements 
for his burial, and who should conduct the services, and 
named some of the hymns to be used, and especially re- 
quested that he should be buried in a quiet way without 
pomp or display, and without eulogy, so as not to give 
anyone the idea that he could be saved by good works, 
but alone through grace as the free gift of God. 

His funeral services were held at the Salem meeting 
house on the 5th of October. His funeral was largely 
attended. The services were conducted by Bish. J. F. 
Funk, of Elkhart, Indiana, from the text, Deut. 5 : 29, 
which he himself had selected for the occasion some 
years ago. He was not only an earnest preacher, but 
also a diligent writer. He wrote a great many able and 
edifying articles in the Herald of Truth. His first 
work was the little book "Christianity and War," pub- 
lished in 1863 which has passed through several editions. 

— 238 -- 

At the commuaion season in the spring of 1895 he 
was unable to attend the public services, but desired that 
the communion be given him at his home. This was 
done and was such a source of comfort to him that he 
shed tears of joy on the occasion. 

"Plain Teachiugs," an excellent collection of his best 
articles, including several hymns, was published in 1876. 

Thus, both by preaching and writing, did he seek to 
do his Master's work and labor for the promotion of the 
cause. For a time he felt that he wanted to stay, that 
he might still be a comforter and an advisor to his chil- 
dren and their descendants. But before he died he could 
leave it all to God and said he was now fully resigned and 
willing to go. 

VI. Joseph Brenneman, bn. Apr. 13, 1838. Mrd. Nancy 
Hilyard. She died. Joseph mrd. second wife, Mrs. Cath- 
arine Krider (nee Musser). P. O., Elida, O. Have issue. 

VI. Susanna Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., Nov. 
5, 1839. Mrd. Rev. Christian B. Brenneman, of Wayne 
Co.,0 , June 2, 1863. P. O., Elida, O. Mr. Brenneman 
was a farmer in his younger days, but on account of poor 
health was compelled to give up farming. He is a minis- 
ter of the Mennonite church, and spends much of his 
time visiting the scattered churches and preaching the 
gospel of Christ to rich and poor. Children: Sophia, 
Lydia, Mary. 

VII. Sophia Emma Brenneman, bn. May 24, 1864. Mrd. 
Isaac S. Shenk, of Rockingham Co., Va. P. C, Elida, O. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Susanna R., Jacob B., Ira 
A., Laura A., Otho B., Ellen I., Erasmus C. 

VII. Lydia Mandilla Brenneman, bn. Dec. 14, 1865; died 
Feb. 3, 1873. 

VII. Mary Catharine Brenneman, bn. Oct. 29, 1867. 
Mrd. Charles D. Brenneman, of Allen Co.. O. P. O., 
Lima, O. Farmer. Menn. Children: Christian B., 
Lillie E,, Alvin M., Ruth I., George A. 

VI. Lj'dia Brenneman, bn. Apr. 21, 18-41. Mrd. Isaac 
B. Stemen. P. O., Elida, O. Have children and grand- 

VI. Anna Brenneman, bn. Apr. 1, 1842, in Fairfield 
Co., O. Mrd. Rev. Christian Good, Nov. 9, 1893. P. O., 

— 239 — 

Dale Enterprise, Va. Minister of Mennonite church. 
No issue. 

VI. Henry Brenneman, bn. Sept. 7, 1844. Was In- 
stantly killed by lightning, Aug. 28, 1872. Mrd. Mary V. 
Rhodes. One child. 

VII. Timothy H. Brenneman. P. O., Broadway, Va. 

VI. Rev. Moses Bremieman, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., 
May 4. 1846. Mrd. Mary A. Stemen, Oct. 1, 1870. P. O., 
Elida, O. Farmer. At the age of 20 years he united 
with the Mennonite church in Allen Co., O., and was or- 
dained to the ministry at the Salem meeting house in 
Allen Co., Sept. 10, 1885, and where he serves as one of 
the pastors. Children: 

VII. Infant, dec'd. 
VII. Infant, dec'd. 

VII. Andrew Brenneman, bn. Feb. 7, 1875. Menu. S. 

VII. John M. Brenneman, bn. Mar. 31, 1877. Menu. S. 

Vil. Simon Brenneman, bn. Mar. 4, 1879. Menu. 

VII. Moses H. Brenneman, bn. Mar. 31, 1881. 

VII. Rhoda Brenneman, bn. Feb. 28, 1883. 

VII. Adam Brenneman, bn. Oct. 3, 1884. 

VII. Martha J. Brenneman, bn. Jan. 19, 1887. 

VII. Alpheus Brenneman, bn. Apr. 22, 1892. 

VII. Mary E. Brenneman, bn. July 23, 1894. 

VI. Manasseh Brenneman, bn. Dec. 12, 1847; died 
Feb. 12, 1848. 

VI. Catharine Brenneman, bn. Dec. 10, 1849. Mrd. 
Rev. D. S. Brunk. P. O., Elida, O. Children: 

VII. Jacob Brunk. 
VII. John Brunk. 
VII. Annie Brunk. 
VII. Jesse Brunk. 

VI. Levi Brenneman, bn. July 27, 1861. Mrd. Emaline 
Coyle, daughter of Rev. James Coyle, of Dekalb Co , Ind. 
P. O., Elida, O. No issue. 

VI. George Brenneman, born March 1, 1853; died 
May 15, 1853. 

VI. Elizabeth Brenneman, bn. May 5. 1854; died No- 
vember 12, 1857. 

— 240 — 

VI. Magdalena Brenneman, bn. June 30, 1857. Mrd. 
Rev. John Blosaer, Dec. 2G. 1876. P. O., New Stark, Ohio. 
Farmer and minister. Menn. Children: 

VII. Katie Blosser, bn. Nov. 9, 1877. Menn. 

VII. Christian B. Blosser, bn. Aug. 9, 1880. Menn. 

VM. Naomi Blosser, bn. Dec. 13, 1882. "Menn. 

VII. Lessie Blosser, bn. Sept. 3, 1885. 

VII. Timothy H. Blosser. bn. July 27. 1888. 

VII. John M. Blosser, bn. June 23, 1891. 

VII. Mary Magdalena Blosser, bn. Jan. 13, 1898. 

V. Susanna Brenneman, bn. Oct. 19. 1818. Mrd. 
Henry Shenk, (dec'd). P. O.. Elida, O. Children: John. 
Andrew, Daniel. Catharine, Lydla, Abraham. 

VI. Bishop John M. Shenk mrd. Fanny Good, Dec. 24. 
1868. P. O.. Elida, O. Menn. Children: 

VII. Henry Shenk. bn. Feb. 15, 1870; died Mar. 16. 1870. 

VII. Abraham J. Shenk, bn. Oct. 23, 1871. Mrd. Ma- 
linda Good, Mar. 8, 1896. Children: 

VIII. Edith Shenk, bn. June 1, 1897. 
VIII. Lilly F. Shenk. bn. June 13, 1899. 

VIII. Lydia S. Shenk, bn. June 13, 1899. (Twin). 

VII. Amos M. Shenk. bn. Sept. 3, 1873. Mrd. Alice M, 
Hilty, March 6, 1898. One child. 

VIII. John David Shenk, bn. Jan. 29, 1899. 

VII. Simon G. Shenk, bn. Oct. 5. 1875. Mrd. Mary M. 
Shank, March 3, 1896. Children: 

VIII. Estella Rebecca Shenk, bn. Apr. 29, 1897. 
VIII. Ada Esther Shenk, bn. July 26, 1898. 

VII. Moses B. Shenk. bn. July 15, 1877. 

VII. Reuben J. Shenk. bn June 29, 1879. 

VII. John L. Shenk, bh. Aug. 21, 1881. 

VII. Levi J. Shenk, bn. July 18, 1883. 

VII. Daniel F. Shenk. bn. Oct. 17, 1886. 

VII. Rebecca Susanna Shenk, bn. Oct. 6, 1889. 

VII. Jacob B. Shenk, bn. Nov. 3, 1892. 

VI. Bishop Andrew Shenk mrd. Susannah Good, Mar. 
24, 1872. P. O.. Oronogo, Mo. Menn. Children: 

VII. Henry G. Shenk, bn. Feb. 8, 1873. Mrd. Kosella 
Golden at Alger, O., May 27. 1899. 

VII. Rev. Noah H. Shenk. bn. June 2. 1874. Menn. 
Ordained in 1899. 

— 241 — 

VII. Perry J. Shenk, bn. Dec. 19, 1876. 
VII. Gabriel D. Shenk, bn. Oct. 9, 1878. 
VII. Rhoda Frances Shenk, bn. Nov. 8, 1880. 
VII. Timothy Christopher Shenk, bn. Sept. 7, 1883; 
died July 9, 1894. 

VII. Mary Magdalena Shenk, bn. Nov. 9, 1887. 

VII. Martha Anna Shenk, bn. Nov. 9, 1887. (Twin.) 

VI. Daniel Shenk mrd. Rachel Stemen, Dec. 9, 1875. 
She died Feb. 19, 1890. P. O., Elida, O. Menn. Children: 

VII. Menno S. Shenk. 
VII. Andrew S. Shenk. 
VII. Emma J. Shenk. 

VII. Jacob Shenk died Aug. 1884, aged about 18 mo. 
Vil. Anna L*. Shenk. 

Daniel mrd. second wife, Matilda Hilty, Nov. 5, 1891. 

VII. Elizabeth Shenk. 
VII. William H. Shenk. 
VII. Daniel D. Shenk. 
VII. Raymond Shenk. 
VII. Susanna Shenk. 

VI. Catharine Shenk mrd. Martin B. Shank. P. O., 
Cypress (Denbigh), Va. Menn. Children: 

VII. Susanna Shank, dec'd. 
VII. John Martin Shank. 
VII. Perry Elmer Shank. 
VII. Clara Rebecca Shank. 
VII. Cora Elizabeth Shank. 
VII. Lydia Elva Shank. 
VII. Lewis Daniel Shank. 

VI. Lydia Shenk mrd. Henry J. Powell. P. O., Lovell, 
Tenn. Menn. Children: 

VII. Lewis Parret Powell. 
VII. Mary Susanna Powell. 
VII. Verdie Virginia Powell. 
VII. Walter Abraham Powell. 

VII. Willie Hertzler Powell, dec'd. 
VII. Andrew Powell, dec'd. 
VII. John Vernon Powell, dec'd. 
VII. Daniel Cloyd Powell, dec'd. 


— 242 — 

VI. Abraham P. Shenk mrd. Fannie Virginia Coffman, 
daughter of Bishop (Menn.) Samuel and Frances (Weaver) 
Coffman, of Rockingham Co., Va., March 6, 1890. P. O., 
Cypress (Denbigh), Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Samuel Coffman Shenk, bn. May 9, 1891. 

VII. John M. Shenk, bn. July 10, 1893; died May 21, 1894. 
VII. Henry Michael Shenk, bn. Aug. 2, 1894. 
VII. Mary Catharine Shenk, bn. Aug. 28, 1896. 

V. Rev^George Brenneman,;bn. in Fairfield Co., O., May 
II, 1821; died in Putnam Co., O., May 13, 1889. Mrd. Anna 
Burkholder, (Dec. :^, 1840. She was bn. in Rockingham 
Co., Va., Mar. 20, 1819; died in Elkhart Co., Ind., Mar. 26, 
1896. Miller, and minister of the Mennonite church, and 
was a bishop for some years. Children: Elizabeth, 
Catharine, Lydia, Nancy,|Henry, Sarah, Samuel, George. 

VI. Elizabeth Brenneman, bn. Dec. 4, 1841; died Feb- 
ruary 4, 1842. 

VI. Catharine Brenneman, bn. Mar. 20, 184i; died 
Oct. 10, 1881. Mrd. Christian Shenk. Children: 

VII. Marion Shenk. 

VII. Mary Shenk. School teacher. Married Clyde 
Ritchie. P. O., Van Wert, O. U. Br. 
VII. Samantha Shenk. 
VII. Katie Shenk. 
VII. George Shenk. 
Vli. Samuel Shenk. 

VI. Lydia Brenneman, bn. Feb. i7, 18-15: died April 23. 
1881. Mrd. Amos Schmidt, Dec. 1, 1870. P. O., Elida, O. 
Farmer, Menn. Children: Sarah, Anna, Henry, Samuel, 
Mary, Lydia. 

Yll. Sarah Schmidt, bn. Oct. 2, 1871. 

VII. Anna Schmidt, bn. July22, 1873. 
VII. Henry Schmidt, bn. Feb. 18, 1875. 
VII. Samuel Schmidt, bn. Dec. 22, 1876. 

VII. Mary Schmidt, bn. May 11, 1878: died Aug. 27, 1879. 
VII. Lydia B. Schmidt, bn. Sept. 20, lh80. 

VI. Nancy Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., Mar. 6, 
1847. Mrd. Adam R. Hartman. P. O., Nappanee, Ind. 
Agriculturist. Menn. Children: Anna, Amanda, George, 
Cora, Frank, Irvin. 

— 243 — 

VII. Anna Hartman, bn. Aug. 26, 1871; died June 1, 
1897. Menn. 

Vil. Amanda Hartman, bn. Sept. 23, 1873. Mrd. Amos 
Weldy, Jan. 6, 1895. P. O., Wakarusa, Ind. Parmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VIII. Cora Weldy, bn. Mar. 6, 1896. 
VIII. Ray Weldy, bn. in 1898. 

VII. George Hart man, bn. Nov. 18, 1876. Menn. 

VII. Cora flartman, bn. Oct. 30, 1878. Mrd. William 
Shaum. Menn. One child. 

VIII. A daughter, bn. Aug. 30, 1899. 

VII. Rev. Frank Hartman, bn. Feb. 1, 1881. Menn. 
Ordained in Jan., 1899. 

VII. Irvln Hartman, bn. June 26, 1888. 

VI. Henry Brenneman, bn. Apr. 7, 1851. Mrd. Lizzie 
Shenk. Children: 

VII. Geneta Brenneman. 

VII. Ida Brenneman, (dec'd). 
VII. Emma Brenneman, (dec'd). 
Vn. Artimeus Brenneman, (dec*d). 
VII. Adam Brenneman. 
VII. Maggie Brenneman. 
VII. Harry Brenneman. 
VII. Delilah Brenneman. 
VII. Roy Aden Brenneman. 

VI. Sarah Brenneman, of Putnam Co., C, bn. Sept, 
25, 1853. Mrd. Jacob D. Brenneman, of Allen Co., C, Feb. 
3, 18:6. He was bn. May 5, 1852. P. C, Elida, O. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Anna Brenneman, bn. Dec. 26, 1876. Mrd. W. P. 
Cotner, Nov. 28, 1897. 

VII. Elizabeth Brenneman, bn. Jan. 7, 1879. 

VII. Ada Brenneman, bn. Oct. 28, 1880. 

VII. Effie Brenneman, bn. May 27, 1883. 

VII. Jacob Asa Brenneman, bn. Sept. 22, 1885. 

VII. Twin daughters, stillborn Sept. 7, 1893. 

VII. Samuel Abraham Brenneman, bn. Feb. 25, 1897. 

VI. Samuel B. Brenneman, bn. July 26, 1857. Mrd. 
Catharine Stemen, Oct. 6, 1881. P. O., Van Wert, O. 
F^urmer. Menn. Children: 

— 244 — 

VII. Irvin Brenneman, bn. Sept. 1."), 1882. 

Vli. Amanda Brenneman, bo. Aug. 9, 1884. 

VII. Vernie May Brenneman, bn. Nov. 12, 1886. 

VII. Myrtle Brenneman, bn. Sept. 15, 1889. 

VII. Franklin Brenneman, bn. June 21, 1893. 

VII. MaryGoldle Brenneman, bn. Sept. 20, 1897. 

VI. George G. Brenneman, bn. Sept. 14. 1862. Mrd. 
Lena Kehr. P. O., Nappanee, Ind. Farmer. Menn. 

VII. Eldward Brenneman. 
VII. Ella Brenneman. 
VII. Clyde Brenneman. 

VII. Florence Brenneman, (dec'd). 

V. Anna Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., May 18, 
1824. Mrd. John Huber, Oct. 3, 1843. P. O., Elida, O. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Jacob, Elizabeth, Henry, 
Barbara, George, Matilda, Daniel, Susanna, Amos, Emma. 

VI. Jacob B. Ruber, bn. Dec. 1, 1844. Mrd. Elizabeth 
C. Good. P. O., Elida, O. Carpenter. Deacon in the 
Mennonite church. Children: Rebecca F., John P., 
Anna E., Mary C. (dec'd), Barbara M. (dec'd), Abraham 
P., Simon G., Joseph E., Lydia C, Jacob T., Henry A, 

VI. Elizabeth Huber, bn. Sept. 10, 1846; died Feb. 25, 
1870. School teacher. Menn. 

VI. Henry Huber, bn. Mar. 10, 1849. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Myers. P. O., Kansas, Tenn. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Chil- 
dren: Isaac (dec'd), John M., Sarah (dec'd), Daniel 
(dec'd). Christian, Urbanus, Emma, Hattie. 

VI. Barbara Huber, bn. June 24, 1851. Mrd. John S. 
Bixler, Nov. 20, 1873. P..O., Wakarusa, Ind. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: John H., Jacob K., Anna J., E. Ma- 
tilda, Frederick E. 

VII. John Henry Bixler, born Dec. 20, 1874; died 
Nov. 21, 1878. 

VII. Jacob K. Bixler, bn. Sept. 5, 1877. Menn. S. 

VII. Anna J. Bixler, bn. Nov. 29, 1879. Menn. S. 

VII. E. Matilda Bixler, bn. Jan. 27, 1882. Menn. S. 

VII. Frederick E. Bixler, bn. May 7, 1885. 

VI. George Huber, bn. Sept. 24, 1853. Mrd. Sarah 
Swickard. P. C, Rawson, O. Miller. 

— 245 — 

VI. Matilda Huber, bn. June 16, 1858. Mrd. Eliphaa 

B. Reedy. P. O., Marenpo, 111. Meth Ep. Children: 
John H., Geo. W., Jacob B., Anna E., Barbara J., Chris- 
tian B., IraF. 

VI. Daniel Huber, bn. Feb. 21, 1861; died Jan. 27, 1865. 
VI. Susanna Huber, bn. July 29, 1864; died Apr. 14, 1880. 
VI. Amos Huber, bn. Feb. 20, 1867; died Nov. 17, 1869. 

VI. Emma Huber (twin to Amos), bn. near Fort Jen- 
nings, Putnam Co., O., Feb. 20, 1867. Mrd. Peter B. 
Yoder, of Elkhart Co., Ind., July 19, 1888. He was bn. in 
Clay Co., Ind., Sept. 17, 1855. P. O., Wakarusa, Ind. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Harry N. Yoder, bn. May 5, 1889. 

VII. Jacob Oscar Yoder, bn. Nov. 22, 1890; died Jan- 
uary 2, 1891. 

VII. Anna Elizabeth Yoder, bn. Nov. 17, 1891; died 
Apr. 26, 1892. 

VII. Forest Anson Yoder, bn. Oct. 3, 1895. 

VII. Clarence Earl Yoder, bn. Nov. 21, 1897. 

V. Catharine Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 4, 1826; died Sept. 6, 1874. Mrd. George Mumaw, 
Nov. 9, 1843. He was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Apr. 
10, 1818. Farmer in Holmes Co., O. Menn. Children: 
Susan, Henry, Amos, Rachel, Fanny, John, Mary, Infant. 

VI. Susan Mumaw, bn. near Wlnesburg, Holmes Co., 

C, Mar. 15, 1847. Mrd. John K. Weldy, Feb. 18, 1869. P. 
C, Wakarusa, Ind. Farmer. Menn. Children: George, 
Jacob, Daniel, Amos, Silas, Martin, Ira, Homer, Walter, 
Elmer, Ruth. 

VII. George Weldy, bn. Nov. 21, 1869. Mrd. Lucretia 
Witmer. P. O., Wakarusa, Ind. Farmer. Menn. 

VIII. Nelson Edgar Weldy. 
Vill. Samuel Roscoe Weldy. 
Vlil. Walter Eli Weldy. 

VII. Jacob I. Weldy, bn. Dec. 31, 1871. Mrd. Rhoda P. 
Landis. P. O., Wakarusa, Ind. Farmer. Menn. One 

VIII. Arthur Willis Weldy. 

V.I. Daniel S. Weldy, bn. Dec. 19, 1873. Mrd. Ada 

— 246 — 

Cecilia Shaum, Dec. 20, 1896. P. O., Elkhart, Ind. 
Shipping clerk, Menn. Pub. Co. Menn. One child. 
VIII. Gladys Ruth Weldy, bn. Nov. 15, 1898. 

VII. Amos B. Weldy, bn. Jan. 1 1, 1876. Mrd. Sarah E. 
Blosser, Jan., 1896. P. O., Nappanee, Ind. Farmer. 

VII. Silas L. Weldy, bn. November 27, 1877. Married 
Elnora Metzler, Oct. 8, 1899. School teacher. Menn. 

VII. Martin D. Weldy, bn. Mar. 2, 1879. Menn. 

VII. Ira Weldy, bn. Mar. 8, 1881. Menn. 

VII. Homer R. Weldy, bn. Sept. 22, 1883. 

VII. Walter Weldy, bn. Dec. 28, 1885. 

VII. Elmer Weldy, bn. Dec. 10, 1887. 

VII. Ruth Annie Weldy, bn. Mar. 29, 1890. 

VI. Henry A. Mumaw, M. D., wasbn. near Wlnesburg-, 
Holmes Co., C, Jan. 27, 1850. Attended the district 
schools until the age of sixteen when he engaged in the 
profession of teaching. Six years later, June 27, 1872, be 
was marrl d to Mallnda Blosser, of Hocking county, same 
state, when he settled in Elkhart, Ind., to engage In the 
printing business, which vocation he pursued for nearly 
fourteen years, when he matriculated for a course of lec- 
tures In Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago, gradu- 
ating with honorable mention In February, 1886. He 
practiced two years In Nappanee, six months in Elkhart, 
and two years in Orrvllle, Ohio, when he returned to Elk- 
hart, Ind. In the fall of 1894 he opened the Elkhart In- 
stitute, which was successfully conducted one year when 
his Interests were merged In a stock company. In Sep- 
tember, 1898, he opened the Elkhart Normal School and 
Buslnes« Institute which enrolled two hundred students 
in less than a year. Menn. Children: 

VII. Phoebe Mumaw, bn. Sept. 4, 1873. Mrd. Aaron 
Clemens Kolb, son of Deacon (Menn.) Jacob Z. and Maria 
(Bowman) Kolb, of Berlin, Ont. General correspondent 
and order clerk at the Mennonite Publishing Co. Res., 
Morton Ave., Elkhart, Ind. Menn. 

VII. Andrew Mumaw, bn. June 15, 1877. Res., Eikhart, 
Ind. Dealer In pianos and organs. S. 

VII. Clara Mumaw, bn. Feb. 12, 1880. Menn. Sten- 
ographer and typewriter. S. 

— 247 — 

VI. Rev. Amos Mum aw, born in Holmes Co., O., 
June 27, 1852. Mrd. Catharine Shaum, Aug. 24, 1876. P. O., 
Wooster, O. Farmer and minister. Menn. Children: 

VII. George S. Mumaw, bn. Sept. 6, 1877. Menn. 
VII. Levi Mumaw. bn. Nov. 16, 1879. Menn. 

VII. Amos B. Mumaw, bn. Aug-. 1, 1882. Menn. 
VII. Harry Mumaw, bn. Aujr. 30, 1884. 
VII. Adam Henry Mumaw, bn. July 11, 1888. 
VII. Mary Catharine Mumaw, bn. Oct. 16, 1890: died 
Jan. 3, 1891. 

VII. Martha Ellen Mumaw, bn. Dec. 23, 1891. 
VII. Anna Naomi Mumaw, bn. Dec. 22, 1894. 

VI. Rachel Mumaw, bn. in Holmes Co., O., May 21, 
1856. Menn. S. 

VI. Fanny Mumaw, bn. Feb. 19, 1859. Menn. S. 

VI. John Mumaw, bn in Holmes Co., O., Jan. 30, 1862. 
Mrd. Lydia Good, Mar. 9, 1893. P. O., Orrville, O. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Enos Mumaw, bn. Nov. 13, 1894. 
VII. Henry Mumaw, bn. June 1, 1898. 

VI. Mary Adaline Mumaw, bn. Jan. 22, 1865: died at 
Lake Side Hospital, Cleveland, O., aged 28 years, 4 
months and 6 days. 

VI. Infant son, died, aged 8 days. 

V. Abraham Brenneman, bn. June 8, 1828; died of 
small pox March 26, 1838. 

V. Henry B. Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., Aug. 
12, 1831; died at Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 28, 1887, aged 56 
years, 1 month and 16 days. He was mrd. to Matilda 
Blosser, Oct. 26, 1854. She was bn. Aug. 15, 1836; died 
Sept. 15, 1895, aged 59 years and 1 month. No issue. Menn. 
He served in the office of deacon twenty-three years. For 
a number of years he wrote for the '* Children's Column " 
in the Herald of Truth, (published at Elkhart, Ind.) 
where he was known as ** Brother Henry." Through his 
writings in the Herald, Words of Cheer, ''Gems of 
Truth/' a valuable little book written by him, and his 
correspondence in private letters, he endeared himself to 
many children and young persons, many of whom had 

— 248 - 

never seen him personally. He was a great friend to the 
children and so great was his interest in them that 
almost every boy and girl he met on the street or in the 
country expected a kind word from him. He labored 
earnestly in the Sunday school, and regularly taught a 
class of boys till within a few weeks of his death. Their 
teacher is gone, but may his instructions in which he so 
often pointed them to Jesus live io their hearts, and 
obeying them may they so live that they may meet their 
teacher in heaven where he so often longed to be. He 
frequently gave earnest and instructive admonitions in 
the church services. About four or five years before hie 
death he composed a beautiful hymn and set it to music. 
While this was being sung at his funeral service almost 
every one present was affected to tears. May we not 
hope that he has now gone to that **Home of the Blest" 
and now realizes the closing words of his hymn. 

*' When we get to that Home of the Blest, 

From all pain to be free, 
And with Jesus forever to rest, 

Oh, how sweet it will be ! 

Cho.— Oh, that beautiful, beautiful land, 

Is for you and for me I 
There to be with the glorified band, 

Oh, how sweet it will be I " 

V. Elder Daniel Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., O., 
June 8, 1834. Mrd. Susanna Keagy, Mar. 22, 1857. P. O., 
Goshen, Ind. Small fruit grower and minister of Menno- 
nite Brethren in Christ. Children: Mary, Timothy^ 
John, Josiah, Rhoda, ^lartha, Naomi, Daniel, Phebe,^ 

VI. Mary Magdalene Brenneman, bn. Apr. 24, 1859. 
Schoolteacher. Mrd. John S. Sherk, Nov. 30, 1893. He 
died May, 1897. Menn. Br. in Christ. Deaconess at Light 
and Hope Orphans* Home, Berne, Ind. 

VI. Timothy Henry Brenneman, bn. Sept. 20. 1860. 
Mrd. Laura Dalryraple, Sept, 23, 1883. P. O., Goshen, 
Ind. Formerly printer, at present railway postal clerk. 
Menn. Br. in Christ. Children: 

VII. Jesse Lamar Brenneman, bn. Aug. 26, 1886. 

— 249 — 

Yll. Ruth Victoria Brenneman, bn. Sept. 10, 1888. 
VII. Naomi Brenneman, bn. Mar. 12, 1891. 
VII. Orpab Brenneman, bn. May 4, 189d. 

VI. John Samuel Brenneman, bn. in Fairfield Co., 0.» 
May 4, 1862. Mrd. Mary Jamison, Oct. 6, 1897. She died 
Mar. 14, 1899. P. O., Red Wing, Minn. Publisher of a 
daily paper. 

VI. Josiah Brenneman, bo. in Elkhart Co., Ind., June 
28, 1864. Mrd. Rebecca Herber, of Ionia Co., Mich., Apr. 
17,1893. P. O., Elkhart, Ind. Rail road painter. Menn, 
Br. in Christ. Children: 

Vr. Orval Henry Brenneman, bo. Apr. 21, 1895. 

Yll. Clair Herber Brenneman, bn. June 16, 1898. 

VI. Rhoda K. Brenneman, bn. July 17, 1866. Mrd. 
Rev. Henry S. Cressman, May 26, 1893. P. C, Dundee, 
Ont Menn, Br. in Christ. Children: 

VII. Virgil Cressman, bn. July 17, 1895. 

VII. Daniel Ward Cressman, bn. June 30, 1899. 

VI. Martha A. Brenneman, bn. July 29, 1868. Mrd. 
Rev. Dwight S. Croft, Nov., 1894. P. O., Goshen, Ind. 
Farmer. Menn. Br. in Christ. One child. 

VII. Esther Marie Croft. 

VI. Naomi S. Brenneman, bn. Sept. 1, 1870. Music 
teacher and retoucher of photographs. P. O., Elkhart, 
Ind. Menn. Br. in Christ. 

VI. Rev. Daniel J. Brenneman, bn. May 19, 1873. 
Menn. Br. in Christ. P. O., Goshen, Ind. 

VI. Phebe Pauline Brenneman, bn. Aug. 31, 1875. En- 
gaged in city mission work. Dayton, O. Menn. Brethren 
in Christ. 

VI. Mahlon Moody Brenneman, bn. Nov. 12, 1877. Stu- 
dent at Spring Arbor, Mich. Menn. Br. in Christ. 

IV. Daniel Beery, (dec»d). S. 

IV. Catharine Beery, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
May 10, 1802; died May 23, 1877. Mrd. Nicholas Stemen in 
1821. He was born May 11, 1802, in Green Co., Pa.; died 
Dec. 22, 1878. He emigrated with his parents to Fairfield 
Co., O , in 1803. He was a successful farmer, having 
accumulated a considerable fortune. He was a financier 

— 250 -- 

and a natural arithmetician, being* able to '^compute men- 
tally the most difficult problems more quickly and more 
accurately than when computed by others with paper 
and pencil. He was of more than ordinary intelligence- 
He was a member of the Mennonite church, being 
a faithful deacon in that denomination for many 
years. During all of his many and important busi- 
ness transactions he never endorsed another's note, 
neither did he ever ask for an endorsement save 
once, and then for the small amount of three dollars. 
Children: Daniel, Henry, Nicholas, Leah, Benoni, David, 
Catharine, George. 

V. Daniel Stemen, bn. in Perry Co., O., March 27, 
1824. Mrd. Elizabeth Beery, Nov. 26, 1846. Children: 

VI. David A. Stemen. bn. Dec. 2, 1848. Mrd. Sarah E. 
Cox, Aug. 1, 1870, the officiating minister being Rev. 
James Shearlock who had united in marriage the parents 
of both the bride and groom years before. They have 
three children. 

VI. Benoni Stemen, bn. March 22, 1849. Mrd. Emma 
B. Babcock, Oct. 3, 1872. Four children, two living and 
two dec'd. 

VI. Joseph Stemen, bn. Aug. 22, 1852. Mrd. Alvina 
Parcher, Sept. 11, 1873. She died Apr. 15, 1877. Children: 

VII. Stemen. 

VII. Stemen. 

Yll. Stemen, (dec'd). 

Joseph mrd. second wife, Cora Harsh ey. May 19, 1878. 
One child. 

VII. Infant, (dec'd). 

VI. Sarah Stemen, bn. Feb. 6, 1853. Mrd. Charles 
Hunt, Oct. 12, 1872. Children: 

VII. Hunt. 

VII. Hunt. 

VII. Hunt. 

VII. Hunt. 

VII. Hunt. 

VII Hunt, (dec'd). 

VI. Jacob Stemen, bn. Oct. 3, 1858. 


— 251 — 

VI. Elizabeth Stemen, bn. Mar. 30, 1860. Mrd. ( harles 
Hyde, Dec. 12, 1878. One child. 

VII. Hyde. 

VI. Daniel Stemen, Jr., bn. Apr. 1, 1863. Mrd. Christi- 
ana Beery. P. O., Kalida, O. 

VL Henry W. Stemen, bn. Oct. 13, 1866. 

Y Henry Stemen, bn. Mar. 8, 1828, Mrd. Mrs. Kindig, 
Apr. 6, 1843. She died Aug. 6, 1857. Children: 

VI. Catharine Stemen, bn. Oct. 25, 1846. Mrd. Jacob 
Strohim, Oct. 13, 1870. Children: 

VII. Strohim. 

VH. Strohim. 

VI. Nancy Stemen, bn. Dec. 8, 1848. Mrd. Henry 
Frank, Apr. 18, 1867. Six children of whom one is dec'd. 

VI. Nicholas Stemen, bn. Nov. 28, 1851. Mrd. Hannah 
Dutton, Apr. 29, 1875. One child. 

Yll. Stemen. 

VI. Hannah Stemen, bn. Aug. 9, 1854. Mrd. John W. 
England. June 1, 1876. Two children. 

VI. Rachel Stemen, bn. May 12, 1857. Mrd. James 
Stoltz, March 18, 1880. One child. 
Vil. Stoltz 

VI. Stemen, (dec'd). 

Henry mrd. second wife, Martha Coffman, Apr. 17, 
1860. Children: 

VI. Gideon Stemen, bn. Nov. 10, 1861. 

VI. Isaiah Stemen, bn. Mar. 18, 1866. 

VI. Jeremiah Stemen, bn. Mar. 18, 1866. Twin. 

VI. Simeon Stemen, bn. Nov. 16, 1867. 

V. Nicholas Stemen, bn. Jan. II, 1829. Mrd. Lydia 
Brenneman, Feb. 24, 1853. He is a very successful farmer, 
has an excellent farm and, like his father whose name he 
bears, is a good financier. Menu. Children: 

VI. John Stemen, bn. Feb. 28, 1854, Mrd. Jane Moyer 
in 1877. One child. 

VII. Stemen. 

VI. Nancy Stemen, bn. June 6, 1855 

— 252 — 

VI. Lewis Stemen, bn. Mar. 21, 1862. 
VI. William Stemen, bn. Oct. 4, 1864. 
VI. Emma Stemen, bn. Jan. 26, 1868. 

V. Leah Stemen, bn. June 29, 1831. Mrd. David Bren- 
neman, Apr. 5, 1849. Mena. Children: 

VI. Lydia Brenneman, bn. Apr. 14, 1850. Mrd. Henry 
Chandler, Jan. 28, 1869. Children: 

VII. Chandler. 

VII. Leah Chandler. 
VII. Leila Chandler. 

VI. Catharine Brenneman, bn. July 2, 1852. 

VI. Elizabeth Brenneman, bn. Dec. 3, 1854. Mrd. 
Perry Heidelbau^h, Aug. 13, 1878. Children: 

VII. Heidelbaugh. 

VII. Heidelbaugh, (deed). 

VI. Samuel S Brenneman, bn. July 5, 1859. Married 
Lizzie Stemen. 

VI. Infant, (dec'd). 

V. Benoni Stemen, bn. March 30, 1833. Mrd. Cath- 
arine S. Lehman, June 10, 1856, in Lithopolis, Fairfield 
Co., O. She was bn. in Franklin Co., Pa., Nov. 3, 1837. 
They were received into the Menn. ch. in 1857. Farmer 
and dealer in fine stock. Children: 

VI. George Stemen, bn. Apr. 8, 1857. 

VI. Leah Stemen, bn. May 8. 1859. 
VI. Martin Stemen, bn. Nov. 16, 1861. 
VI. Andrew Stemen, bn. May 24, 1864. 
VI. Catharine Stemen. bn. Sept. 5, 1868. 
VI. Benoni Stemen, bn. Nov. 17, 1872. 
VI. Rachel Stemen, bn. Sept. 18, 1876. 

V. David Stemen, bn. May 24, 1835. Mrd. Susan Belt, 
Mar. 12, 1867, at Lancastei-, O. Mr. Stemen was for many 
years a very successful teacher prior to his marriage 
and for some time afterwards. Children: 

VI. Lizzie Stemen, bn Mar. 17, 1868. 
VI. Kate Stemen, bn. Feb. 8, 1870. 
VI. Infant, died at birth. 

— 253 — 

V. Catharine Stemen, bn. May 3, 1838. Mrd. Rev. 
Noah Brenneman, Nov. 28, 1857, at Crossensville, Perry 
Co., O. Menn. Children: 

VI. Henry Brenneman, bn. Mar. 7, 1859. 

VI. Malinda Brenneman, bn. June 28, 18()2. 
VI. James Brenneman. bn. June 4, 1867. - 
VI. William Brenneman, bn. June 13, 1874. 

V. George Stemen mrd. Lydia Burkholder, Feb. 26, 
1846. Menn. Children: 

Vi. Elizabeth Stemen mrd. Jacob Fitzpaugh. 

VI. Leah Stemen mrd. James McVeigh. 
VI. Henry Stemen mrd. Lydia Huddle. 

VI. Stemen mrd. Elizabeth Poling. 

VI. Matilda Stemen mrd. Oliver Button. 

VI. Stemen. 

VI. Stemen. 

VI. Stemen, (dec'd). 

There are grandchildren. 

IV. Susanna Beery, (dec'd). Mrd. David Young. 
Children: George, Susanna, Infant, Rachel, Nancy, 
£no8, Mary, Daniel, Lydia, David. 

V. George Young mrd. Barbara . Have children 

and grandchildren. 

V. Susanna Young mrd. Daniel Hoyt. Children: 

VI. EnosHoyt. 

-. VI. Edward Hoyt. 

V. Rachel Young mrd. Ezra Shear bum. Children: 

VI. Mary Shearburu mrd. . No issue. 

VI. Jacob Shearburn mrd. . 

VI. Annie Shearburn mrd. . 

VI. Maggie Shearburn. 

V. Nancy Young, (dec'd). 

V. *Enos Young mrd. Clevenger. 

V. Mary Young married Edward Dunlap. He died. 
Save issue. 

V. Daniel Young mrd. . P. O., Rushmore, Put- 
nam Co., O. Have issue. 

— 264 — 

V. Lydia Young mrd. . Have issue. 

V. David Young mrd. Rachel Sawmiller. Have issue 

IV. George Beery, (dec'd). Mrd. Elizabeth Reedy. 
Children: Daniel, Christian, John, Abraham, Catharine, 
George, Susan, Elizabeth, Lydia, Joseph, Jacob. 

V. Daniel Beery died , aged about 21 years. 

V. Christian Beery mrd. Catharine Stout. He died 
in 1864. One child. 

VI. Christiana Beery mrd. Daniel Stemen. 

V. John Beery died in 1864, aged about 22 years. 

V. Abraham Beery mrd. Elizabeth Hindle. Resides in 
Allegan Co., Mich. Have six children: William, Alice, 
George E., etc. 

VI. William Beery mrd. . Have issue. 

VI. Alice Beery mrd. . 

VI. George Edward Beery mrd. . 

V. Catharine Beery died in 1864, aged about 19 years. 
V. George Beery died in 1864, aged about 18 years. 

V. Susan Beery mrd. Lewis Morris. German Baptist. 

VI. George Morris. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Nora Morris died in 1896, aged 15 years. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Henry Morris. 

VI. William Morris. Ger. Bap. 

Y. Elizabeth Beery died in 1864, aged 14 years. 

V. Lydia Beery mrd. John George. Mrs. George, U. 
B. Children: 

VI. Annie George mrd. Oscar Weaver. Have issue. 

Yl. Effie George. 
VI. James George. 
VI. A son. 

Y. Joseph Beery mrd. Mary Pritchard. Children: 
VI. Reece Beery. Meth. 
Yl. Lucinda Beery. Meth. 

VI. Wolford Beery mrd. . Meth. 

Yl. Beery. 

— 255 — 

VI. Beery. 

VI. Beery. 

VI. Beery. 

V. Jacob Beery mrd. Christiana Coup. She died in 
1891. Children: 

VI. Martin Beery. 

VI. Son killed in a sawmill at Bay City, Mich. 

Yl. Henry Beery mrd. in 1899. 

VI. A daughter. 

IV. Heury Beery, (dec'd). Mrd. Mary Weaver. Menn. 
One child. 

V. Henry Beery, (dec'd). Mrd. . Menn. Children: 

VI. Charles Beery. 

VI. Edward Beery. 

lY. Rachel Beery died May 19, 1881. Mrd. Henry 
Stemen. He was always tenderly devoted to his family. 
He would make any sacrifice for his children and labored 
hard to give them an education. He would rather labor 
half of the night himself than have his children miss a 
day from school. Menn. Children: Anthony, Barbara, 
Christian, Susannah, Daniel, Nicholas, Nancy, Henry. 

V. Anthony M. Stemen, bn. Jan. 14, 1833. Mrd. Mary 
Ann Baker in 1854. He died Mar. 10, 1874. She died in 
1872. He entered the ministry in the U. B. church in 
1859, and the regular itineraucy in 1860 in the Sandusky 
Annual Conference, and continued in the work of the 
ministry up to the time of his death. He was a very suc- 
cessful and able minister, but having a large family and 
a wife much afflicted, and receiving a small salary he did 
not prosper so far as this world is concerned. BVequently 
unable to own a horse, he would travel on foot to his ap- 
pointments to preach. He died very poor, leaving noth- 
ing for his orphan children but the memories of his holy 
life and pious example. About six months before his 
death he united with the M. E. church and was appointed 
to the Leipsic circuit, Putnam Co., Ohio, but his health 
failed so that he never visited the circuit. Children: 

VI. Henry Stemen mrd. Julia Harter in 1877. One 

— £56 — 

VII. Stemen. Res., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

VI. Lizzie Stemen mrd. John Baker. Children: 

VII. Baker. 

VII. Baker. 

VI. Georg-e B. Stemen, M. D., member of the faculty 
of Ft. Wayne College of Medicine. Mrd. Mary Andrews. 
Address, 300 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, Ind. Presby. 

VII. Bravnard Stemen. 
VII. Agnes Stemen. 

VI. Christian A. Stemen mrd. Alice Evans. She died. 
Conductor on Clover Leaf R. R. Res., Ft. Wayne, lad. 
One child. 

VII. A son. 

VI. Franklin Stemen mrd. . 

VI. John Laurence Stemen. 
VI. Rachel Stemen mrd. . 

V. Barbara Stemen, bn. Jan. 27, 1835. Mrd. Joseph 
Baker, Oct. 26, 1854. She died Mar. 11, 1875, aged 40 years, 
1 month and 12 days. He died . U. B. Children: 

VI. Susannah Baker, bn. Oct. 11, 1855. Mrd. Leroy 
Wheeler. Res., Lima, O. Four children. 

VI. Daniel Baker, bn. Aug. 16, 1857. Mrd. Laura Gil- 
more, Apr., 1881. Mr. Baker, U. B. 

VI. Rachel Baker mrd. David Tarflinger. Res., 
Lima, O. One child. 

VII. Tarflinger. 

VI. Lizzie Baker, bn. Mar. 20, 1862. Mrd. . 

VI. Mary Baker. 
VI. Henry Baker. 

V. Christian B. Stemen, A. M., M. D., LL. D., mrd. 
Lydia Enslen, Nov. 7, 1858, in Allen Co., O. He had been 
teaching in the public schools and reading medicine for 
several years before his marriage. In the spring of 1859 
they moved to Elida, O., where he read medicine with. 
Dr. R. Rice until August of the same year, when they 
moved to Ft. Jennings, Putnam Co., O., where he engaged 

— 257 — 

in the practice of medicine, his wife teachings school in 
the same village and he aided her when not profession- 
ally engaged. In June, 1860, they moved to Kalida, the 
then county seat of Putnam Co., O. During the winter 
of 1863-4 he graduated in medicine at Cincinnati, Ohio. 
While living at B^ Jennings he was converted and united 
with the church and in a short time he was licensed to 
preach and was ordained an elder in 1865. He is still a 
local minister in the M. E. church. In 1865 they moved 
from Kalida to Piqua, Ohio, and in 1866 moved to Van 
Wert, Ohio, where he continued the practice of his pro- 
fession until the winter of 1874-5, when he attended the 
Medical College of Ohio and graduated from that institu- 
tion in March, 1875, and in June of the same year he was 
elected Demonstrator of Anatomy in the same college, 
which position he filled until 1876, when he was elected to 
the chair of Theory and Practice of Medicine in the 
Medical College at Ft. Wayne and continued to fill that 
chair until the organization was abandoned and the Fort 
Wayne College of Medicine was organized when he was 
elected Professor of Surgery in that college. He is at 
present (1899) and has been for a number of years Dean 
of that institution. He served two years as President of 
Taylor University and is now its Vice-President. He is a 
surgeon of the Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Ry., and 
has traveled through many foreign countries, including 
Germany and Switzerland, the latter being the country 
from which his ancestors came, (Christian and Joseph 
Stehmann arrived in Philadelphia in the year 1717, both 
being members of the Mennonite church.) 

He was elected and presided as President of the Na« 
tional Association of the Local Preachers of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal church three times and in 1887 was elected 
and went as a delegate from this Association to the 
Methodist Association of England. 

He preaches nearly every Sunday, not only for the 
Methodists, but also for other denominations, Grace Re- 
formed, United Brethren, Presbyterian, Congregational, 
etc. He receives no pay .for preaching, preferring to 
take no money for his services in the cause of his Master. 
He has not officiated at a marriage ceremony for nearly 


— 258 — 

twenty years, rather leaving this solemn and sacred work 
to those who devote their entire time to the work of the 
ministry. Children: Infant, Katie, George, Charles, 
Margaret, William, Harriet, Mary. 

VI. Infant son, (dec'd). 

Yl. Katharine Stemcn, bn. Feb. 9, 1862. Mrd. Dr. P. D. 
Hughes. She is a literary graduate and also a graduate 
in medicine. She is engaged in the regular practice of 
medicine and surgery with her husband and is Professor 
of Histology and Microscopy in the College of Physicians 
and Surgeons in Kansas City, Kan. Address, 334 N. 7th 
St., Kansas City., Kan. Meth. Ep. One child. 

VII. Rhuea Hughes. 

Yl. George Christian Stemen, A. M., M. D., bn. Jan. 
29, 1865. Mrd. Rhuea Nickey. He is a member of the fac- 
ulty of the Fort Wayne College of Medicine. He is a lit- 
erary graduate and a graduate in medicine which he is 
practicing at Fort Wayne, Ind. He is Professor of Ther- 
apeutics and Assistant to the Chair of Surgery. Meth. 
Ep. Children: 

VII. Ruth Stemen. 

VII. David Stemen. 

VI. Charles M. Stemen, M. D., bn. Sept. 11, 1866. He 
is a literary graduate and a graduate in medicine, prac- 
ticing medicine and surgery in Kansas City, Kan., and is 
also Professor in the College of Physicians and Surgeons. 
Meth Ep. Address, 8 N. James St., Kansas City, Kan. 

VI. Margaret E. Stemen, bn. Aug. 31, 1868. She is a 
graduate in elocution and is a stenographer and type- 
writer. She lives at home with her parents. Meth. Ep. 

VI. William Enslen Stemen, M. D., bn. June 15, 1870. 
Mrd. Bertha Sullivan, of Bristol, Ind. She died in 1894. 
He is a graduate in medicine and professor in the College 
of Physicians and Surgeons at Kansas City, Kan., where 
he resides and practices medicine and surgery. He was 
surgeon in the army during the war with Spain. Address, 
548 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kan. Meth. Ep. 

Yl. Harriet Fontanna Stemen, M. D., bn. Feb. 19, 1873. 
She is a literary graduate and also a graduate in medi- 

— 259 — 

cine, which she practices at Ft. Wayne, Ind. She lives at 
home with her parents. Meth. Ep. 

Yl. Mary L. Stemen, bn. Dec. 5, 1875. Mrd. Clarence 
L. Smith. She is a fine vocalist. Res., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
Meth. Ep. One child. 

Vlt. Clarence Milford Smith. 

V. Susannah Stemen, bn. Jan. 14, 1839. Mrd. Josiah 
Kesler, May 4, 1856, and moved to Jackson township, Van 
Wert Co., O., in the woods. They cleared 40 acres, when 
he enlisted in the Union army. He died at Nashville, 
Tenn., Jan. 25, 1865. U. B. Children: 

Yl. Rachel Kesler mrd. Taylor. One child. 

Yll. Taylor. 

VI. Peter Kesler mrd. . 

Yl. Abraham Kesler mrd. 

Ml, Mary Kesler mrd. . 

Vi. Son, died in infancy. 

Susannah mrd. second husband, Simon Holmes, Feb. 
22, 1879. Res., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Five children. 

V. Daniel F. Stemen, bn. Apr. 22, 1841. He enlisted as 
a private soldier during the Civil War and died at Cor- 
inth, Miss., Feb. 15, 1863, aged 21 years, 9 months, 23 days. 

Y. Nancy Stemen, bn. Sept. 13, 1846. Res., Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

V. Henry G. Stemen, M. D., bn. Sept. 9, 1850. Mrd. 
Lizzie Welch, May 1, 1873. He was licensed to preach in 
the U. B. church as a local minister and received into the 
Auglaize Annual conference two years later. In the year 
1876 he moved to Fort Wayne and attended his first 
course of lectures in the Medical College of Fort Wayne, 
and in the winter of 1877-78 he attended the second 
course and in the spring graduated from this institution. 
He then moved to Delphos, Ohio, where he has lived and 
practiced medicine ever since, except a few months when 
he was at Pleasant Mills, Ind. 

lY. Bishop Christian D. Beery was bn. in Rockingham 
Co., Va., on the 20th of June, 1815. He had ten brothers 
and sisters, of whom only one brother and one sister sur- 

— 260 — 

Vive him, 1878. While the subject of our sketch was yet 
quite young", his parents with their family emigrated to 
Fairfield Co., Ohio. Here he grew up to manhood^s years 
and in 1835, when he was about nineteen years of age, he 
was united in matrimony with Nancy Blosser, who 
also resided in Fairfield county, and was then only a little 
past sixteen years of age. She was the daughter of 
Isaac and Elizabeth Blosser, who had a family of four- 
teen children. 

A few years after their marriage he and his wife 
both united with the Mennonite church, of which they 
remained consistent members to the time of their death. 
In 1838 they moved to Hocking Co., Ohio, and in 1852 they 
removed again from Hocking Co., Ohio, to Franklin Co. 
Here, in the same year, he was chosen by the church to 
the office of deacon, in which office he served the church 
until he was called to the ministry. 

In 1855 he removed to Allen Co., and resided there 
until August, 1865, when he removed to Branch Co., Mich., 
where, with the exception of a little less than a year, he 
spent the remainder of his life. 

In a small memorandum book found among his effects 
we find over his own signature the following record, *' In 
Branch Co., Mich., on the 26th of August, 1867, I was 
called to the important work of preaching the word of 
God/' Signed, C. D. Beery. 

He remained in this relation to the church until the 
22d of December, 1869, under which date we find in the 
same book the following record, "I was ordained to the 
bishop's office. May the Lord aid and assist me in this 
great and important work." Signed, C. D. Beery. 

In June, 1873, he removed to Jewell Co., Kan., where 
he remained not quite a year, and then returned agaia 
to his church in Branch Co., Mich., where he died on 
the morning of the 15th of March, 1878, aged 62 years, 8 
months and 25 days. 

He took sick with lung fever some two weeks previous 
and though quite sick, his physicians did not think his 
condition serious. His wife, Nancy, who for some years 
had been in rather feeble health, also took sick with the 
same disease, and though not considered dangerously ill 


— 281 — 

during the earlier period of her sickness, suddenly be- 
came worse and died on Wednesday afternoon, March 13, 
at the age of ^59 years, 2 months and 13 days, and was to 
be buried on Thursday afternoon. The coffin had been or- 
dered immediately after her death on Wednesday, but 
requiring" a very large one, it had to be made to order 
and the undertaker did not succeed in completing it be- 
fore evening. The coffin was then brought, and the 
corpse laid into it and conveyed to the grave at the Men- 
nonite church, about three miles from the residence, 
where it was committed to its last resting place, as the 
evening twilight was deepening into the more sombre 
hues of night, and the hymn which her husband had 
chosen for the occasion was sung by the light of a 

On Saturday night previous the passage, 2 Tim. 4 : 6-8, 
came to his mind and he desired that it should be read to 
him, so that he might be sure of having it in his mind 
correctly. After his wife was dead he seemed fully 
reconciled to the will of God and accepted his bereave- 
ment with entire resignation, and directed that the 
funeral services should be deferred until such a time 
that he too could be present ; and that the words referred 
to above should be used as the text for the occasion, nam- 
ing also the person whom he desired to perform the 

He was most devotedly attached to his wife and spoke 
of her frequently, referring to her faithfulness and con- 
sistent Christian walk and conversation, and admonish- 
ing others to follow her example. At one time he made 
the remark, "She has fought the good fight; she has 
kept the faith ; she has washed her robes and made them 
white in the blood of the Lamb." Many times during 
the former years of his life he expressed his desire, that 
when it should please the Lord to call one of them away 
from earth that they might both be permitted to depart 
together, that the separation might be of short duration, 
and in this his prayer was fully answered. On Thursday 
after they had taken her to her burial, he remarked to 
his nephew, who was with him, that he could not stay 
here any longer ; he must go to where Nancy was. 

— 262 — 

During the night he was restless and uneasy and 
wished that daylight might come that he might be able 
to see out. When the morning came at last, he seemed 
cheerful and possessed sufficient strength almost to raise 
himself up in his bed. He then conversed freely with his 
friends who were with him, and after trying to take a 
little rest and sleep he woke up, inquired for his nephew. 
Dr. Stemeo, who had been with him for several days, and 
reaching out his hand to his nephew, George Beery, who 
was also with him at the time, he said *' Farewell," and 
in a few minutes his spirit winged its way to the spirit 
land, and the voice so often raised in earnest entreaty 
and admonition to sinners, pointing them to Jesus, the 
sinner's friend, was hushed in death. 

He served the church faithfully, and in the discharge 
of duties devolving upon him as bishop, he was a man of 
great usefulness, and will be greatly missed, not only at 
home, in his own church, but also in the surrounding^ 
churches. Even as a neighbor and friend, his loss will be 
deeply felt. 

He preached his last sermon in the church where he 
lived, on Sunday, three weeks before his burial, from the 
text, Luke 7 : 45-49, and it was remarked by many of his 
hearers, that he spoke with more feeling and earnestness 
than usual. He was a man that was firmly grounded in 
his faith, and amidst the religious commotions of the 
day, he never wavered, but stood faithful at his post, and 
until the Lord called him from the watch tower, he 
ceased not to sound the trumpet with boldness. He died 
peacefully and both he and his wife died as they had 
lived with a firm and abiding faith in Christ. Only about 
forty hours intervened between their deaths. They had 
been married forty-three years and lived together very 
happily. He was buried on Sunday, the 17th, followed to 
the grave by a very large concourse of mourners, at 
which time the services were held for both by John F. 
Funk, assisted by J. J. Weaver and Peter Long, the dis- 
course being preached from 2 Tim. 4:6-8, the words which 
the brother had chosen for the services of his wife. May 
we all be enabled to say, ** Let me die the death of the 
righteous, and let my last end be like this." No issue. 

— 263 — 

IV. Abraham G. Beery, bn, in Perry Co., O., Oct. 11, 
1817. Mrd. Sarah Ann Keller, Oct., 1839. She was bn. in 
Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 14, 1823; died in Branch Co., Mich., 
Aug^. 10, 1883. Farmer. Menn. Children: Jacob, Daniel, 
John, Catharine, Georg-e, Christian, Sarah, Elizabeth, 
Susan, Mary, Rachel, Matilda. 

V. Jacob K. Beery, bn. Aug. 10, 1840; died May 25, 1847« 

V. Daniel F. Beery, bn. Apr. 27, 1852. Mrd. Rebecca 
Brenneman, Dec. 22, 1864. She was bn. Jan. 2, 1847. P. 
O., Bronson, Mich. Farmer. Menn. Children: Caro- 
line, Sarah, Abraham, Catharine, William, Barbara 
Jacob, Harvey, Matilda, Elizabeth, Arthur, Irvin. 

VI. Caroline Beery, bn. Mar. 12, 1866. Mrd. Lorren H. 
Root. P. O,, Nevada Mills, Ind. Day laborer. Children: 

VII. Earl Root, bn. June 25, 1890. 
VII. Hazel Root, bn. Aug. 9, 1891. 
VII. Madge Root, bn. Apr. 18, 1893. 
VM. A son. 

VII. Elsie Root. 

VI. Sarah Ann Beery, born November 6, 1867; died 
Sept. 20, 1868. 

VI. Abraham Beery, bn. Apr. 19, 1869. Mrd. Fannie 
French, Sept. 2, 1893. She died July, 1895. P. O., Elkhart, 
Ind. Employed in L. S. & M. S. shops. One child. 

VII. Ruth Beery, (dec'd). 

Abraham mrd. second wife. May Ganger. She died 
July, 1896. Abraham mrd. third wife, Nannie May Ober- 
holser, Apr. 19, 1897. 

VI. Catharine Beery, born August 28, 1870; died 
March 8, 1871. 

VI. William Frank Beery, bn. Jan. 5, 1872. Married 
Laura Moffat, Jan., 1896. P. O., Noble Center, Mich. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Lloyd Beery. 
VII. A daughter. 

VI. Barbara Beery, bn. July 31, 1873; died Mar. 9, 1879. 

VI. Jacob Beery, bn. Nov. 6, 1875. 

VI. Harvey F. Beery, bn. Mar. 5, 1878. 

VI. Matilda Beery, bn. Apr. 13, 1880. 

— 264 — 

Yl. Elizabeth Beery, bn. May 9, 1882. 
VI. Arthur Beery, bn. Apr. 4, 1885. 
VI. Irvin Beery, bn. Feb. 6, 1889. 

V. John R. Beery, bn. Mar., 1844; died in 1848. 

V. Catharine Beery, bn, in Hocking Co., O., Sept. 15, 
1846. Mrd. Rev. Harvey Friesner. P. O., Bristol, Ind. 
Menn. Children: Sarah, Abraham, Nancy, Mary, Su- 
sanna, William, John, Daniel. 

VI. Sarah Ann Friesner, born September 6, 1868; died 
July 27, 1869. 

VI. Abraham S. Friesner, born October 15, 1870; died 
Nov. 8, 1872. 

VI. Nancy J. Friesner, bn. Jan. 27, 1873. Dunkard. S- 

VI. Mary B. Friesner, bn. Oct. 14, 1874. Mrd. Frank 
Blosser. P. O., Bronson, Mich. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Raymond Blosser. 
VII. Noah Biosser. 

VI. Susanna Friesner, bn. Apr. 3, 1876. Menn. S. 

VI. William W. Friesner, bn. Dec. 27, 1878. 

VI. John F. Friesner, bn. August 14, 1880. Married 
Sarah Esh. 

VI. Daniel B. Friesner, bn. Oct. 13, 1883. 

V. George W. Beery, bn. May 1, 1848. Mrd. Sarah 
Ann Krelder, She died June 11, 1875, P. O., Elkhart* 
Ind. Employee of L. S. & M. S. shops. Menn. Children: 

VI. Lillian Grace Beery. 

VI. Martha Beery mrd. Clarence Nusbaum. Children: 

VII. George Wesley Nusbaum. 
VII. Alnetta Grace Nusbaum. 
VII. Son, bn. Sept. 11, 1899. 

George mrd. second wife, Mary Good. Children: 
VI. Priscilla Beery. 

VI. Simon Beery. 

VI. Delbert M. Beery. 

VI. Rhoda Beery. 

VI. Ada Beery. 

VI. Clara Beery. 

— 265 — 

Yl. William Beery. 
VI. Fred Beery. 

V. Christian Beery, born September 11, 1850; died 
May 13, 1865. 

V. Sarah Ann Beery, born April 8, 1852; died 
Mar., 1855. 

V. Elizabeth Beery, born March 1854; died Febru- 
ary 25, 1855. 

V. Susan Beery, bn. Mar. 20, 1856. Mrd. Menno Good. 
P. O., Bronson, Mich. Children: 

VI. Orrin M. Good. 
VI. Bernice Good. 
VI. Laura Good. 

V. Mary Beery, bn. May 20, 1858; died Jan. 2, 1894. 
Mrd. Delbert M. Bower. P. O., Elkhart, Ind. No issue. 

Y. Rachel Beery, bn. Aug. 4, 1860; died Feb., 1861. 

V. Matilda Beery, bn. Mar. 30, 1862. Mrd. William 
Rice, Apr. 20, 1893. P. O., Moline, Mich. Farmer. 

III. John Funk, bn. in. Pa.; died in Henry Co., Ind., in 
1842. Mrd. Mary Rader. Went with his parents to Rock- 
injsrham Co., Va. Carpenter and farmer. Menn. Chil- 
dren: Catharine, Samuel, Martin, Betsy, Nancy, Joseph, 
John, Jacob. 

IV. Catharine Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Sept. 
19, 1796; died in Henry Co., Ind., Dec. 19, 1856. Mrd. 

Joseph Wyatt. He died . Children: Susanna, 

Nancy, Betty. Catharine mrd. second husband, Henry 
Hoover. Farmer. Mr. H., Menn. Mrs. H., Ger. Bap. 
Children: Sarah, Hetty, Simon, Joseph, David. 

V. Susanna Wyatt mrd. Jacob Neflf. 

V. Nancy Wyatt, (dec'd). Mrd. William Funk. (See 
Index of Beferences No. 5.) 

V. Betty Wyatt mrd. Philip Kumon. P. C, Coote's 
Store, Va. 

V. Sarah C. Hoover, bn. Nov. 3, 1830. Mrd. Henry 
Emsweller. P. O., Coote's Store, Va. 

V. Hettie E. Hoover, bn. Mar. 28, 1832. Mrd. John Neflf, 
(dec'd). P. O., Coote»8 Store, Va. 

— 266 — 

V. Simon P. Hoover, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.,. 
Oct. 28, 1833. Mrd. Ruanna Lindamod, Jan. 21, 1867. P. 
O., Sulphur Springs, Ind. Farmer. No issue. 

V. Joseph F. Hoover, bn. June 17, 1835; died Sept. 20, 
1869. Mrd. Lydia Ketry. P. O., Anderson, Ind. 

V. David Hoover, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 17, 
1837. Mrd. Emma Winters, Mar. 1, 1860. P. O., Happy 
Valley, Mo. Farmer. Meth. Ep. So. Children: Martha, 
Joseph, Hettie, William, S. P., John, Margaret, Ida, 
Charles, Sarah. 

VI. Martha J. Hoover, bn. in Wayne Co., Ind., July 
13, 1861; died Feb. 7, 1897. Mrd. Frank J. Bender, Sept. 
10, 1882. Children: 

VII. Amanda Myrtle Bender, bn. Dec. 31, 1884. 
VII. Lillie Mabel Bender, bn. July 24, 1886. 

VI. Joseph P. Hoover, bn. in Madison Co., Ind., Jan. 
22, 1864. Mrd. Libbie Justice, Aug. 21, 1890. P. O.,^ 
Bethany, Mo. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Sarah Emma Hoover, bn. Aug. 20, 1891. 
VII. Lydia May Hoover, bn. Jan. 28, 1893. 

VI. Hettie E. Hoover, bn. in Wayne Co., Ind., Apr. 14,. 
1866. Mrd. James Brannan. P. O., McFall, Gentry Co., 
Mo. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Emma E. Brannan, bn. May 30, 1889. 
VII. Alice H. Brannan, bn. May 10, 1891. 

VI. William Hoover, bn. in Madison Co., Ind.. May 17, 
1868. U. B. ch. P. O., Marsland, Neb. 

VI. S. P. Hoover, bn. in Madison Co., Ind., Decem- 
ber 13, 1870. 

VI. John J. Hoover, bn. in Madison Co., Ind., Apr. 10. 
1873. Meth. Ep. S. 

VI. Margaret R. Hoover, bn. in Madison Co., Ind., 
July 10, 1876. Meth. Ep. S. 

VI. Ida M. Hoover, bn. in Harrison Co., Mo., Aug, 1, 
1879. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Charles E. Hoover, bn. in Harrison Co., Mo., Sept. 
24, 1882; died same day. 

VI. Sarah E. Hoover, born in Harrison Co., Missouri, 
Apr. 17, 1884. 

— 267 — 

IV. Samuel Funk, on. in 1798; died . Mrd. Rosanna 

Mitchell. Farmer. Children: Mary, Silas, Randolph^ 
Caroline, Nancy. 

V. Mary Ann Funk mrd. Philip Mitchell. 

V. Silas Funk. P. O., Lima, Allen Co., O. 

IV. Martin Funk, bn. in Va., Dec. 25, 1800; died in 
Harrison Co., Mo., June 2, 1881. Mrd. Elizabeth Meliza in 
Rockingham Co., Va. Farmer. Menn. Children: Na- 
thaniel, John, Adam, Sarah, Susanna, Jacob, Mary, Mar- 

V. Nathaniel Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Aug. 
29, 1826. Mrd. Eliza J. Cortney, of Henry Co., Ind., Dec. 
16, 1852. She died Nov. 7, 1866. Children: Mary, Joseph, 
Martha, Sarah, Amanda, Martin, Margaret, John, Infant 
son, Intant son. Nathaniel mrd. second wife, Catharine 
HuflFman, Feb. 25, 1868. She died June 30, 1892. Mrs. F., 
Luth. Children: Infant son, Riley, Gillie, Samuel. 

VI. Mary E. Funk, bn. Sept. 17, 1853; died July 25, 18()2. 

VI. Joseph Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., July 30, 1855. 
Mrd. Margaret A. Foster. P. O., New Hampton, Mo^ 

VII. Infant son, (dec'd). 

VII. Mary J. Funk, bn. Feb. 8, 1881. 
VII. Perry Funk, bn. Oct 9, 1884. 
VII. Lucy P. Funk, bn. Feb. 24, 1886. 
VII. Margaret A. Funk, bn. June 6, 1889. 

VI. Martha A. Funk, bn. Mar. 12, 1857; died Aug. 3, 1862. 
VI. Sarah C. Funk, bn. Oct. 24, 1858; died July 21, 1862. 
VI. Amanda J. Funk, bn. Dec. 3, 1859: died July 2, 1862. 

VI. Martin Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Mar. 28, 18<)I. 
Mrd. Mary A. Keys at Albany, Mo., July 1, 1881. P. O., 
New Hampton, Mo. Christian ch. Children: 

VII. Norah E. Funk, bn. July 10, 1882. 
VII. Carrie B. Funk, bn. Dec. 2, 1886. 

VII. Jesse Nathaniel Punk, bn. Aug. 20, 1888. 

VI. Margaret R. Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Sept. 5, 
1862. Mrd. James Savier, Sept. 22, 1883. P. O., New 
Hampton, Mo. Farmer. Christian ch. 

VI. John Funk, bn. May 26, 1864; died Feb. 6, 1865. 

— 268 — 

VI. Infant son, (dec'd). 

VI. Infant son, (dec'd). 

VI. Infant son, bn. Dec. 12, 1838; died 

VI. Riley N. Funk, bn. Dec. 13, 1869. Mrd. Maggie 
Smith. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Farmer. 

VI. Gillie Ann Funk, bn. Aug. 12, 1871. Mrd. Samuel 
Clay tor. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Farmer. 

VI. Samuel T. Funk, bn. Mar. IQ, 1874. Mrd. Nannie 
Clabaugb. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Farmer. 

V. John Funk, bn. in Perry Co., Ohio, June 22, 1828. 
Mrd. Nancy J. Jessee, Sept. 3, 1865, near Denver, Mo. P. 
O., New Hampton, Mo. Farmer. Methodist. Children: 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Adam. 

Vi. Sarah C. Funk, bn. Aug. 17, 1866. 

VI. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Harrison Co., Mo., Jan. 22, 
1868. Mrd. Charles D. Barnes, Feb. 10, 1891. P.O., Bruns- 
wick, Mo. Farmer. Presby. One child. 

VII. Sarah Alice Barnes, bn. Dec. 24. 1892. 

VI. Mary L. Funk, bn. Feb. 12, 1871. 
VI. Adam W. Funk, bn. Dec. 15, 1875. 

v.. Adam Funk, bn. in Perry Co., O., May 21, 1830. 
Mrd. Susannah Eisenberger, of Wayne Co., Ind., Sept. 22, 
1858. P. O., Martinsville, Mo. Farmer. Christian ch. 
Children: Henry, John, Martha, Ida, Will, Robert, 

VI. Henry E. Funk, bn. Nov. 1, 1860. Mrd. Martha 

McCay. She died . Mrd. second wife, Carrie Monroe 

P. O.. Ravenna, Neb. Teacher. Children: 

VII. Fred F. Funk. 
VII. Robert E. Funk. 

VI. John M. Funk, bn. Mar. 16, 1862. Mrd. Harriet 
McGee, Jan. 4, 1885. She died May 15, 1887. One child. 

VII. Willis Lee Funk, born January 12, 1887; died 
Aug. 5, 1887. 

John mrd. second wife, Henton, Oct. 28, 1888. P. 

O., Martinsville, Mo. Farmer. Christian ch. One child. 
VII. Carrie May Funk, bn. Feb. 19, 1890. 

— 269 — 

VI. Martha E. Funk, bn. in Harrison Co., Mo., Dec. 27^ 
1853. Mrd. Frank A. Premer, June 5, 1884. P. O , Martins- 
ville, Mo. Presby. Children: 

VII. Edna Premer, bn. July 12, 1885. 
VII. Mildred Premer, bn. Jan. 21, 18S7. 
VII. Raymond Premer, bn. Sept. 10, 1889. 
VII. Douglass Premer, bn. Aug. 22, 1891. 

VI. Ida Funk, bn. Feb. 16, 1873. Mrd. George Munroe, 
Jan., 1896. P. O., Hansen, Neb. Christian ch. 

VI. Will A. Funk, bn. July 14, 1874. Mrd. Ada Gay, 
of Gentryville, Mo. Christian ch. 

VI. Robert M. Funk, bn. May 28, 1876. Mrd. Pearl 
Bennett, May 27, 1897. P. O., Martinsville, Mo. Chris- 
tian ch. 

Vi. Burton L. Funk, bn. Sept. 2, 1880; drowned in a 
well, Aug. 29, 1886. 

V. Sarah Funk, bn. in Logan Co., O., Oct. 26, 1833. 
Mrd. Dr. Richard Lyon, July 7, 1853. He died July 19, 
1890. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Physician. Children: 
Martin, Charles, Eleanor, Elizabeth. 

VI. Martin V. B. Lyon, born January 13, 1855; died 
Oct. 3, 1877. 

VI. Charles Lyon, bn. May 29, 1858; died Apr. 7, 1861. 

VI. Eleanor Rosetta Lyon, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Jan. 
14, 1860. Mrd. James Wm. Davis, Nov. 1, 1883. P. O., 
New Hampton, Mo. Farmer. Methodists. Children: 

Vii. Merton Spencer Davis, bn. Oct. 21, 1884; died 
Feb. 5. 1889. 

VII. Julietta Isabella Davis, bn. Nov. 20, 1889. 
VII. Nellie Luella Davis, bn. Nov. 26, 1891. 

Vi. Elizabeth Julietta Lyon, bn. Jan. 14, 1860. (Twin.) 
P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Christian ch. 

V. Susanna Funk, bn. in Allen Co. , Ohio, May 5, 1836. 
Mrd. B. F. Cievenger, Feb. 3, 1861. P. O., New Hampton, 
Mo. Formerly lived in Henry Co., Ind., now reside in 
Harrison Co., Mo. Farmer. Methodists. Children: San- 
ford, Emma, Margaret, Jacob, Maurice, Tobias, Samuel, 

— 270 — 

VI. Sanford Clcvenger,'bn. Nov. 30, 1861. Mrd. Clara 
Kidney, May 28, 1884. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Druggist. 

VII. Jerry I. Clevenger, bn. Sept. 27, 1891. 
VII. Neola M. Clevenger, bn. Mar. 10, 18W. 
VII. Iven M. Clevenger, bn. Mar. 19, 1895. 
VII. Clevenger, bn. Mar. 15, 1898. 

VI. Emma Zett Clevenger, bn. Aug. 5, 1^4; died 
Sept. 25, 1865. 

VI. Margaret Elizabeth Clevenger, bn. Feb. 7, 1867. 
Mrd. William Everly, Feb. 25, 1896. Farmer. 

VI. Jacob H. Clevenger, bn. Mar. 4, 1869. Mrd. Rosa 
Bird, Feb. 26, 1896. Farmer. 

VI. Maurice Clevenger, bn. May 4, 1871. Mrd. Eliza 
A. Shively. Farmer. One child: . 

VII. Lloyd fl. Clevenger, bn. Sept. 13, 1897. 

VI. Tobias Clevenger, bn. May 2, 1874. Mrd. Aura 
Zlke. Farmer. One child: 

VII. Lola M. Clevenger, bn. Oct. 23, 1897. 

VI. Samuel Clevenger, bn. May 3, 1876. Farmer. 
VI. Nathaniel Clevenger, bn. July 19, 1878. 

V. Jacob Funk, bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, May 23, 1840. 
Mrd. Louisa Harry, May 22, 1862. P. 6., New Hampton, 
Mo. Farmer. Meth. Children: Mary, Simeon, Martha, 
Julia, Albert, Clara, Joseph, Samuel, John, Newton. 

VI. Mary E. Funk, bn. in Harrison Co., Mo., " Aug. 3, 
18H5. Mrd. Casper Ivy. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. 

VI. Simeon P. Funk. 

VI. Martha E. Funk. 

VI. Julia Funk. 

. yi. Albert Funk. 

VI. Clara Funk. 

VI. Joseph Funk. 

VI.- Samuel Funk. 

Vi. John Funk. 

• Vl. Newton Funk. 

V.' Mary Ann Funk, bn in Henry Co., Ind., Oct. 22, 
1844. Mrd. John Vanhoutan, Sept. 20, 1863. He died Oct. 
13, 1877. Farmer. Children: John, George, Joseph. 

— 271 — 

Mary mrd. second husband, Ley! Swartz, Aug, 15, 1882. 
P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Farmer. Meth. Children: 
-Charles, Franklin. 

VI. John Norman Vanhoutan, bn. July 10, 1865. Mrd. 
Indiana Matthews. P. O., Martinsville, Mo. Fanner. 
Christian ch. Children: 

VII. OUie Beatrice Vanhoutan, bn. Sept. 10, 1890. 
Vli. Lewis Lee Vanhoutan, bn. Sept. 7, 1891. 

VI. George Warren Vanhoutan, bn. June 10, 1867; 
died Jan. 30, 1868. 

VI. Joseph Adam Vanhoutan, bn. Oct. 16, 1868. 
VI. Charles Edward Swartz, bn. Aug. 2, 1883. 
VI. Franklin Levi Swartz, bn. Sept. 17, 1886. 

V. Margaret E. Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., July 26, 
1&47. Mrd. John W. Bender, May 4, 1866. P. O., New 
Hampton, Mo. Farmer. Meth. Children: William, Ja-, 
cob, Robert, Etta, Rosa, John, Viola, Warren, Hat tie, 
Walter, Maggie, Stella. 

VI. William S. Bender, bn. Feb. 7, 1866. P. O., Leslie 
Oklahoma. Farmer. Meth. 

VI. Jacob M. Bender, bn. May 11, 1867. P. O., New 
Hampton, Mo. Carpenter. Christian ch. 

VI. Robert F. Bender, bn. Dec. 10, 1868. Mrd. Mary 
Wilson, Dec. 9, 1896. P. O., Seay, Oklahoma. Has taken 
a claim in Oklahoma. United Bre. 

VI. Etta J. Bender, bn. Feb. 3, 1871. School teacher. 

VI. Rosa Bender, bn. Nov. 1, 1872. Christian ch. 

VI. John W. Bender (twin), bn. Nov. 1, 1872. Meth. 

VI. Viola P. Bender, bn. June 17, 1875. Christian ch. 

VI. Warren S. Bender, bn. June 9, 1877. 

VI. Hattie M. Bender, bn. March 11, 1880. 

VI. Walter A. Bender, bn. March 30, 1882. 

VI. Maggie E. Bender, bn, Aug. 7, 1884. 

VI. Stella B. Bender, bn. Sept. 27, 1891. 

IV. Betsy Funk died in Rockingham Co., Va. Mrd. 
Jacob Oestler. 

IV. Nancy Funk died in Rockingham Co., Va. Mrd. 
Nathaniel Brittain, dec'd. No issue. 

— 272 — 

IV. Joseph Funk, bn. Mar. 17, 1806; died Mar. 25, 1888. 
Mrd. Sarah Rader, in 1829. Farmer and stock raiser. 
Ger. Bap. Children: Permelia, George, John, Nancy ^ 

V. Permelia E. Funk, bn. Mar. 25, 1832. Mrd. Newton 
M. Jones. P. O., Hackerman, Ind. 

V. George W. Funk, bn. Apr. 17, 1834; died in Rock- 
ingham Co., Va., Jan. 1851. 

V. John J. Funk, bn. July 11, 1836. Mrd. Sarah Burns. 
P. O., Linwood, Ind. Children: Joseph, George, Lulu, . 

VI. Joseph F. Funk, bn. 1859. Mrd. Priscilla Riggs, 
1885. P. O., Bethany, Mo. Bap. Children: 

VII. Clara B. Funk. 
VII. Lulu M. Funk. 
VII. Jesse £. Funk. 
VII. Hannah E. Funk. 

VI. George Funk. 
VI. Lulu Funk. 
VI. Funk. 

V. William H. Funk, bn. Nov. 24, 1838. Mrd. Barbara 
A. Bowen, Oct. 23, 1862. P. O., Pickrell, Neb. Farmer 
and stock raiser. Children: Clement, Nora, Lafayette, 
James, Olla, Charles, William, Wade. 

VI. Clement E. Funk, bn. Sept. 10, 1863. Mrd. Mollie 
Dearing, Nov. 28, 1888. P. O., Pickrell, Neb. 

VI. Nora A. Funk, bn. Sept. 10, 1865. Mrd. H. W. 
Dewey, Oct. 18, 1888. 

VI. Lafayette L. Funk, bn. Aug. 6, 1867. P. O., Shen- 
andoah, Iowa. S. 

VI. James W. Funk, bn. June 1, 1869. P. O., Pickrcl'. 

VI. Olla O. Funk, bn, Feb. 3, 1871; died Sept. 10, 1871. 

VI. Charles M. Funk, bn. Aug. 28, 1873. 

VI. William W. Funk, bn. Sept. 22, 1875. 

VI. Wade H. Funk, bn. May 31, 1881. 

V. Nancy J. Funk mrd. Henry Jones. 

V. Joseph N. Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Dec. 26, 
1843. Mrd. Virginia C. Kessler, Mar. 2, 1876. P. O., Lin- 
wood, Ind. Farmer. Children: 

— 273 — 

VI. Robert Funk, bn. Feb. 24, 1877. 

VI. Lee Funk, bn. Nov. 12, 1878. 

VI. Jocie Funk, bn. Nov. 11, 1880. 

VI. Callie Funk, bn. Oct. 14, 1882. 

VI. Everet Funk, bn. Nov. 13, 1884. 

IV. John R. Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Aug, 

.5, 1808; died . Mrd. Elvira Ringo. in Wayne Co,, Ind., 

Dec. 6, 1832. They moved to Harrison Co., Mo., Oct., 1803. 
Farmer. Methodists. Children: Joel, Martha, Margaret, 
Lydia, William, John, Sarah, Peter, Mary, Amanda, Al- 

V. Joel H. Funk, bn. Apr. 22, 1836;. died Jan. 21, 1877. 

Mrd. Catharine Welden, Feb. 4, 1864. She died . Joel 

mrd. second wife, Harriet A. Mowery, Mar. 1, 1H6S. 
Farmer. Meth. Ep. So. 

V. Martha J. Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., June 24, 
1838. Mrd. John M. Rader, Aug. 2, 1855. He was bn. Dec. 
27, 1834. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. Farmer, sawyer and 
miller. Christian ch. Children: James, Virginia, Ida, 
Ova, Margaret, Charles, Oro, Gertrude, Ettie, Joseph. 

VI. James M. Rader, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., July 14, 
1856. Mrd. , Dec. 5, 1880. 

VI. Virginia A. Rader, bn. Jan. 2, 1858; died August 
2H, 1859. 

VI. Ida E. Rader, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Dec. 25, 1859. 
Mrd. , Dec. 4, 1879. 

VI. Ova L. Rader, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Mar. 24, 
1861. Mrd. , Oct. 6, 1881. 

VI. Margaret R. Rader, bn. June 9, 1863: died Sept. 
11. 1865. 

VI. Charles Rader, bn. Nov. 11, 1866; died Mar. 1, IWH, 

VI. Oro M. Rader, bn. August 26, 18<)9; died March 
13, 1874. 

VI. Gertrude Rader, bn. in Henry Co., Indiana, June 
21, 1874. 

VI. Ettie F. Rader, bn. in Harrison Co.. Mo., July 
2, 1878. 

VI. Joseph F. Rader, bn. in Harrison Co., Mo., Dec. 
10. 1881. 

— 274 — 

\. Margaret R. Punk, bn. Apr. 24. 1840. Mrd. Andrew 
Swope, Mar. 27, 185H. P. O., New Castle, Mo. 

V. Lydia E. Funk, bn. May 2, 1842; died Feb. 23, 1871. 
Mrd. S. B. Swartz, Dec. 16, 1858. P. O., St. Joseph, Mo, 
Children: Amanda, Willie, George. 

VI. Amanda J. Swartz, bn. — . Mrd. Dennis Rogers. 
P. O., Bethany, Mo. 

vi. Willie Swartz, dec'd. 
VI. George Swartz, dec'd. 

V. William H. Funk, bn. May 13, 1844; died Jan. 17, 

V. John W. Funk, bn. Aug. 2, 1846, died Aug. 30. 1889. 
Mrd. Catharine Smith, Nov. 8, 1866. Painter. Children: 
Ida, Sarah, Martha, Clara, Oscar, John, William. 

VI. Ida Belle Funk, bn. July 19, 1869. Mrd. Charles 
Ricketls. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. 

VI. Sarah E. Funk, bn. Jan. 26, 1871: died . 

VI. Martha Ellen Funk, bn. Mar. 31, 1873. P. O., Al- 
bany, Mo. 

VI. Clara Adella Eunk, bn. June 12, 1876. 

VI. Oscar N. Funk, bn. Jan. 19, 1880. 

VI. John E. Punk, bn. Feb. 26, 1882. 

VI. William H. Funk, bn. Mar. 11, 1884; died April 
21, 1888. 

V. Sarah C. Funk, bn. Mar. 2,5. 1851; died Sept. 28, 
1875. Mrd. Charles R. Reed. Sept. 19. 1869. Children: 
Malissa. Martha. 

VI. Malissa Ellen Reed. bn. Apr. 5. 1871. Mrd, Alex- 
ander Merideth. P. O., New Hampton, Mo. 

VI. Martha Jane Reed. bn. Aug. 14, 1873. Mrd. 
Charles Baldock. P. O., Albany, Mo. 

V. Peter P. Funk, bn. May 1, 1853: died Aug. 15, 1860. 

V. Mary E. Funk, bn. July 8. 1848: died May 5, 1855. 

V. Albert L. Funk, bn. in Henry Co., Ind., Jan. 8, 1861. 
Mrd. Emma Yocum, Feb. 13, 1879. P. O.. New Hampton, 
Mo. Miller. Presby. Children: 

VI. Essie May Funk, bn. Sept. 10. 1882. 
VI. Ova Ellen Funk, bn. July 23, 1884. 

— 275 -- 

VI. Beatrice Elvira Funk. bn. Jan. 5. 1888. 
VI. Ruth Funk. bn. July 29, 1895. 

IV. Jacob Funk. bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., where 
he died while a young- man. 

III. Samuel B^unk, died December, 1827. Mrd. Sarah 
Carrier. She died Mar. 25, 1879, aged 95 years. Farmer. 
Methodists. Children: Polly, Jonathan. Elizabeth, Jesse, 
BYances. William, Nannie, James, Malinda. Susan, Martha, 
Sallie, Hannah. 

IV. Polly Funk, bn. Dec. 29, 1803; died Mar. 15, 1873. 
Mrd. Jacob Driver, M. D., about 1822 or 1823, He was bn. 
May 12. 1800; died Dec. 25, 1868. Physician. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Peter, Sarah, Nancy, Malinda, Daniel. Jacob, 
Elizabeth. Corothy, Barbara, William. John, Susanna. 

V. Peter Driver, bn. Apr. 12, 1824. Mrd. Margaret 
Snell. Dec. 10, 1846, in Rockingham Co., Va. P. O., Lima, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Joseph, Jacob, 
Mary, John, Sarah. 

VI. Joseph T. Driver, bn. Jan. 14, 1848. Mrd. Henri- 
etta R. Leedy, Jan. 11, 1872. P. O., Lima, Ohio. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. John S. Driver. 
VII. Peter E. Driver. 
VII. Mary E. Driver. 
VII. Daniel H. Driver. 

VI. Jacob H. Driver, bn. Jan. 13, 1851: died Sept. 16, 
187<>. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Mary E. Driver, bn. Oct. 23, 1855. Mrd. Samuel 
Petrick, Feb. 4, 1874. P. O.. West Cairo, Ohio. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

Vlf. Dora Catharine Detrlck, bn. Jan. 30, 1879. 

VII. Perry Jacob Detrick, bn. July 20. 1881; died May 
27, 1882. 

VII. John Edward Detrick, bn. July 27, 1883. 
VII. Clara Margaret Detrick, bn. Aug. 16. 1889. 
VII. Jeese Franklin Detrick, bn. July 21, 1891. 

VI. John B. Driver, bn. Nov. 9. 1837. Mrd. Anna M. 
Weber. Sept. 21. 1879. P. O.. Lima. Ohio. Machinist. 

VII. Vernie Driver. 

— 276 — 

VII. Blanche M. Driver. 
VII. Jacob H. Driver. 
VII. Lelah Driver. 

VI. Sarah J. Driver, bn. June 3, 1862; died May 31, 1863. 

V. Sarah Driver, bn. June 25, 1826. Mrd. Abraham 

Hougrh. He died . Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

Mary, Christopher, Malinda, Jacob. 

Sarah mrd. second husband, Ulrich Thomas, Aug. 7. 
1857. Children: Daniel, Isaac, Lydia. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Hough, bn. in Rockingham Co., 
Va., Jan. 10, 1844. Mrd. John Worst, Dec. 24, 1864. P. O., 
Lee ton. Mo. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Joseph C. Worst, bn. Oct. 13, 1865. Farmer. 
VII. Charles J. Worst, bn. June 8, 1867. Farmer. 
VII. Lilly M. Worst, bn. Apr. 25, 1872. Teacher. 

VI. Christopher Hough, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Apr. 28, 1845. Mrd. Sarah R. Miller, Nov. 15, 1866. P. (>.. 
Findlay, Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Charles. 

VII. Charles Henry Hough, bn. Sept. 15, 1873. Mrd. 
Maggie C. Baker. P. C, Findlay, Ohio. Glass- worker. 

VIII. Clarence C. Hough, bn. July 11, 1892. 
VIII. Gladie A. Hough, bn. Dec. 19, 1897. 

VII. James A. Hough, bn. Feb. 18, 1882. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Malinda Jane Hough mrd. John A. Woods. P. O.. 
Williamstown, Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Fred Woods. 
VII. Dayton Woods. 

VII. Nancy Etrulia Woods. 

VII. Clyde Woods, died in infancy. 

VII. Willie Woods, 

VII. Daisy Caroline Woods. 

VII. Cynthia Matilda Woods. 

VII. Harry Woods. 

VI. Jacob Hough, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Apr. 
22. 1851. Mrd. Mary C. Miller, Oct. 12, 1871. P. C War- 
rensburgh. Mo. At the age of two years he removed 
with his parents from Virginia to Allen Co.. Ohio, and in 

— 277 — 

1885 he moved to Johnson Co., Mo. Parmer. Ger. Bap. 

Vli. Benjamin S. Hough, bn. Dec. 9. 1873. 

VII. John P. Hough, bn. Jan. 21, 1877. 

VII. Isaac A. Hough, bn. Sept. 27. 1878. 

VII. Etta S. Hough, bn. Dec. 29, 1879. 

VII. Emma C. Hough, bn. Sept. 27, 1881. 

VII. Jesse D. Hough, bn. Sept. 7, 1890. 

VI. Rev. Daniel Driver Thomas, bn. Jan. 2, 1859. Mrd. 
Caroline Steinman, Jan. 1. 1885. Farmer and minister. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Lois Lucinda Thomas, bn. Apr. 5, 188<). 

VII. Ethel Violet Thomas, bn. Mar. 21, 1889: died Jan. 
17, 1890. 

VII. Roy Webster Steinman Thomas, bn. Mar. 28, 1891. 

VI. Isaac Peter Thomas, bn. May 11, 1861. Mrd. Ma- 
linda A. Sterner, Dec. 25, 188.3. P. C, Williams town, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. C'hildren: 

VII. Grace Madella Thomas, bn. Oct. 5, 1886. 
VII. Vermelia Thomas, bn. May 23. 1890. 

VII. Gladys Elouise Thomas, bn. Oct. 1, 1893. 

VI. Lydia Margaret Thomas, died infant. 

V. Nancy Driver, bn. Jan. 25, 1828. Mrd. John Lin- 
coln. June 8, 1848. He died Nov. 9, 1889. P. O., Linville. 
Va. Ger. Bap. One child, died infant. 

V. Mary Driver, bn. Aug. 24. 1829; died Jan. 16, 1868. 

V. Malinda Driver, bn. Sept. 1. 1831. Mrd. George 
W. Bailey, Sept. 15, 1852. P. O., Beaver Dam, Ohio. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: John, Peter. Nancy, Mary, 
Jacob, Daniel, Louisa, Alice. Charles, Sadie, Melvin, 

VI. John P. Bailey, bn, Sept. 12, 1853. Mrd. Laura L. 
Edgecomb, Sept. 2, 1875. P. O., Ottawa, Ohio. Attorney 
at Law. Children: 

VII. Arthur C. Bailey, bn. Aug. 17, 1876: died Nov. 
9, 1879. 

VII. Maggie M. Bailey, bn. May 2, 1879: died Oct. 
5, 1880. 

VII. Lena B. Bailey, bn. July 21, 1881. 

— 278 — 

VII. Bessie I. Bailey, bn. July 5, 1884. 
VII. George E. Bailey, bn. Aug. 16, 1886. 
VII. Thayer E. Bailey, bn. July 8, 1890. 

VI. Peter R. Bailey, bn. Aug. 12, 1855; died Sept. 10, 
1889. Mrd. Elizabeth Edgecomb, Dec. 28, 1876. She died 
May 31, 1877. Peter mrd. second wife, Clara B. Wineland, 
Nov. 29, 1884. Children: 

VII. Clarence G. Bailey, bn. Dec. 1, 1885. 
VII. Halcie D. Bailey, tan. Feb. 17, 1887. 

VI. Nancy E. Bailey, bn. July 29, 1857; died Nov. 
21, 1896. 

VI. Mary J. Bailey, bn. Jan. 8, 1859. Mrd. John J. 
Luke, Nov. 24, 1881. P.O., Beaver Dam, Ohio. Meth. Ep. 
One child: 

VII. Caddie M. Luke, bn. Oct. 10, 1882. 

VI. Jacob W. Bailey, bn. Aug. 5, 1860. Mrd. Idella 
Edgecomb, June 9, 1881. P. O., Westfield, N. Y. R. R. 
ticket agent. One child: 

VII. Grace E. Bailey. 

VI. Daniel M. Bailey, bn. Mar. 4, 1862. Mrd. Laura 
Hadsell, Sept. 17, 1884. P. O., Ottawa, Ohio. Attorney at 
Law. No children. 

VI. Virginia L. Bailey, bn. Aug. 25, 1864. Mrd. A. G. 
Kenney, Jan. 19, 1881. P.O., Beaver Dam, Ohio. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. George W. Kenney, bn. Oct. 30, 1883; died Dec. 
1, 1883. 

VII. Marie Bernice Kenney, bn. Dec. 20, 1884. 

VI. Alice M. Bailey, bn. Apr. 9, 1866. Mrd. W. P. 
Sawyer, Oct. 2, 1H88. P. O., Beaver Dam, Ohio. Farmer. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Abbie M. Sawyer, bn. Aug. 23, 1889. 
VII. Ruby C. Sawyer, bn. Sept. 23, 1891. 

VI. Charles C. Bailey, bn. July 2, 1868. Mrd. Delia 

Cribley, Aug. 9, 1890. She died . No issue. Charles 

mrd. becond wife. Rachel Marr, May 19, 1896. P. O., 
Beaver Dam, Ohio. Rail-roader. 

VI. Sadie B. Bailey, bn. Sept. 25, 1871. Mrd. Frank 
Huttinger, Apr. 12. 1894. 

— 279 — 

VI. Melvin G. Bailey, bn. May 4, 1873. Mrd. Stella 
Cromer. June 30, 1897. 

VI. Edward H. Bailey, bn. June 21, 1S75. 

V. Daniel Driver, bn. Jan. 3, 18:U. Mrd. Mary Ann 
Miller, Jan. 13, 1859. She died Jan. 9, 1891. P. O., Lima, 
Ohio. Ger. Bap. Children: Nancy, Lydia, Rosella, Sarah, 
Solomon, Jacob. 

VI. Nancy J. Driver, bn. July 13, 1860. Mrd. Allen B. 
Joseph, Dec. 13, 1884. P. O., Lima, Ohio. Farmer. Mrs. 
Joseph, Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Carrie Joseph, bn. Sept. 19, 1885. 
VII. Grace Joseph, bn. Feb. 10, 1888. 
VII. Hattie Joseph, bn. July 20, 1889. 
VII. Anna Joseph, bn. Mar. 25, 1891. 
VII. Malinda Joseph, bn. Mar. 27, 1893. 
VII. Jesse A. Joseph, bn. Sept. 20, 1894. 
VII. Emily Joseph, bn. Aug. 11, 189<). 
VII. Joseph, bn. June 3, 18J)8. 

VI. Lydia E. Driver, bn. Sept. 23, 1801. Mrd. John H. 
Leedy. P. O., Lima, Ohio. Farmer. Mrs. Leedy, Ger. 
Bap. Children: 

VII. George Leedy. 
VII. Nellie Leedy. 
VII. Frank Leedy. 

VI. Rosella Driver, bn. Oct. 13, 1864. Mrd. Wm. H. 
Koogler, Dec. II, 1886. P. O., Lima, Ohio. Farmer. Ger. 
Bap. Children: 

VII. Koscoe J. Koogler. 
VII. Mary E. Koogler. 

VI. Sarah A. Driver, bn. Mar. 4, 1866. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Solomon I. Driver, bo. Jan. 14, 1870. 

VI. Jacob W. Driver (twin), bn. Jan. 14, 1870. 

V. Rev. Jacob Driver, bn. Feb. 26, 1837. Mrd. Lydia 
C. Solomon, Sept. 16, 1859. P. O., Lima, Ohio. Farmer 
and minister. Ger. Bap. Children: Margaretta, John, 
Sarah, Samuel, Idella, Alice, Peter, Hattie, Nettie. 

VI. Margaretta E. Driver, bn. Apr. 5, 1861: died Oct. 
15, 1861. 

— 280 — 

VI. John B. Driver, bn. Mar. 23, 1862. Mrd. Mary E. 
Weaver, Nov. 20, 1889. P.O., Lima, Ohio. Ger. Bap. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Harry J. Driver, bn. June 29, 1891. 

VII. Archie B. Driver, bn. Apr. 2, 1893; died May 
23, 1893. 

VII. Emmett Weaver Driver, bn. Aug. 5, 1895. 
VII. Clifford Earl Driver, bn. Apr. 24, 1898. 

VI. Sarah C. Driver, bn. July 15, 1863. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Samuel L. Driver, bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, Apr. 20, 
1865. Mrd. Laura Byerly, Dec. 31, 1891. P. O., Lima, Ohio. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. May Edith Driver, bn. Dec. 22, 1893; died Sept. 
16, 1894. 

VII. Maud Ethel Driver (twin), bn. Dec. 22, 1893; died 
Sept. 4, 1894. 

Vii. Gracie Pearl Driver, bn. Nov. 26, 1895. 
VII. Clara Fay Driver, bn. Feb. 12, 1897. 

Vi. Idella M. Driver, bn. Nov. 26, J869. Ger. Bap. 

Vi. Alice N. Driver, bn. Aug. 13, 187 J. 

VI. Peter D. Driver, bn. June 28, 1873. 

VI. Hattie E. Driver, bn. July 20, 1875. 

VI. Nettie C. Driver, bn. July 12, 1880. 

V. Elizabeth Driver, bn. July 13, 1839. Mrd. John 
Patterson, Apr. 5, 1860. He died Mar. 31, 1885. Children: 
Mary, Emma, Samuel, John, Hattie, Franklin. 

Elizabeth mrd. second husband, Henry Rydman, June 
16, 1887. P. C, Lima, Ohio. 

VI. Mary Jane Patterson, bn. May 27, 1861; died Dec. 
19, 1871. 

VI. Emma C. Patterson, bn. July 26, 1867; died Dec, 
28. 1871. 

VI. Samuel P. D. Patterson, bn. June 5, 1870; died 
Jan. 14, 1872. 

VI. John E. Patterson, bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, Mar. 13. 
1873. Mrd. Amina L. Cribley, Mar. 11, 1893. P. O., 
Beaver Dam, Ohio. Clerk. Children: 

VII. Delia Helen and Nellie Hortence Patterson 
(twins), bn. Apr. 24, 1894. 

fJ, E. FUNK. 

— 281 — 

VI. Hattle Patterson, bn. Oct. 22, 1876. 

VI. Franklin B. Patterson, bn. Sept. 11, 1879: died 
Jan. 10, 1881. 

V. Dorothy Driver (twin to Elizabeth), bn. July 13, 
18:^9: died Oct. 16, 1841. 

V. Barbara Driver, bn. Feb. 18, 1842; died Feb. 10, 1846. 

V. William B. Driver, bn. Feb. 4, 1844; died March 
4, 1852. 

V. John Driver, bn. Sept, 25, 1846; died Jan. 11, 1859. 

V. Susanna Driver, bn. Aug". 8, 1849. Mrd. John Gar- 
rett, Nov. 14. 1869. P. O., Bluff ton, Ohio. Teamster. 
Mrs. Garrett, Ger. Bap. Children: William, Mary, 

VI. William F. Garrett, bn. Sept. 6, 1871. 

Vi. Mary A. Garrett, bn. Apr. 19, 1873. Mrd. John A. 
Steinhauer, Jan. 7, 1892. 

Vi. Estella J^ Garrett, bn. Sept. 3, 1875. 

IV. Jonathan Funk, bn. Apr. 22, 1806; died May 30, 

1888. Mrd. Mary Driver, . She was born Apr. 28, 1806: 

died Feb. 4. 1888. Farmer. Mrs. Funk, Dunkard. Children: 
Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, Jacob, Mary, John, Barbara. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Oct. 24, 1832. Mrd. Jonathan 
Wampler, Feb. 14, 1866. P.O.. Singers Glen,Va. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: Mary, John, Martha. 

VI. Mary S. Wampler, bn. Dec. 3, 1867. Mrd. I. Will- 
iam Miller, Nov. 4, 1891, Farmer. Ger. Bap. 

VI. John F. Wampler, bn. Nov. 15, 1869. S. 
VI. Martha A. Wampler, bn. June 26, 1873. S. 

V. Martha Funk, bn. Mar. 11, 1836. Mrd. George W. 
Adams, Nov. 20, 1856. P. O., Linville, Va. B'armer and 
cattle dealer. Ger. Bap. Children: Mary, Sarah, John, 
Nannie, William, George. 

VI. Mary E. Adams, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Oct. 

1«, 1857. Mrd. G. W. Baldwin, . P. O., Linville, Va. 

Carpenter and Guilder. Mrs. Baldwin, U. B. Children: 

VII. Mamie J. Baldwin. 
VII. Lenna J. Baldwin. 

— 282 — 

VI. Sarah J. Adams, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.. 
June 22, 1859. Mrd. J. B. Harpine, Oct. 12, 1886. P. O., 
Nokesville, Va. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Una May Harpine, bn. Mar. 26, 1888. 
VII. John William Harpine, bn. July 11, 189 J. 
VH. Edna Martha Harpine, bn. Jan. 6, 1897. 

VI. John Q. Adams, bn. May 9, 1866: died infant. 

VI. Nannie B. Adams, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.. 

July 22, 1868. Mrd. H. S. Lam, . P. O., Linville, Va. 

Parmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. John J. Lam. 
VII. Beulah A. Lam. 

VI. William F. Adams, bn. Nov. 17, 1870, S. 
VI. George W. Adams, bn, Apr. 20, 1874. 

V. Sarah Funk, bn. Mar. 15, 1838: died a young lady. 

V. Jacob Funk, bn. Nov. 1, 1840; died small. 

V. Mary Dorothy Funk, bn. June 26, 1843. Mrd. Dab- 
ney Adams, June 25, 186,'). P. O., Hintoo, Va. Farmer. 
Mrs. A., (ier. Bap. Children: 

VI. Mary M. Adams, bn. June 13, 1866. P. O.. Singers 
Glen, Va. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Eliza J. Adams, bn. Aug. 8, 1868. (Jsr. Bap. 
VI. Sarah E. Adams, bn. Mar. 18, 1871. (rer. Bap. 
VI. Preston S. Adams, bn. Dec. 21, 1873. 
VI. Jonathan L. Adams, bn. May 10, 1876; died Feb. 
6, 1886. 

VI. Agnes O. Adams, bn. Nov. 12, 1879. 

V. John S. Funk, bn. Apr. 18. 1847. Mrd. Isadora, 
daughter of Rev. Solomon Funk, June 5, 1876. P. O., 
Singers Glen, Va. Farmer. Bap. Children: 

VI. Daisy P. Fuok, bn. May 17, 1877. Graduate of 
Kee Mar College, Hagerstown, Md. Also attended school 
one year at Staunton, Va. School teacher. Baptist. 

VI. Minnie M. Funk, bn. Oct. 20, 1878. Attended 
school two years at Kee Mar College. Bap. 

VI. Edna I. Funk, bn. Jan. .5, 1882. At present (1899), 
attending school at Mt. Clinton, Va. Bap. 

VI. Vada Elizabeth Funk, bn, July 26, 1886, Bap. 

— 283 — 

VI. Norma B. Funk, bn. Jan. 7, 1889. Bap. 
VI. John Sheldon Funk, bn. Aug. 4, 1891. 

V. Barbara S Funk, bn. May 25, 1851. Mrd. Boyte H. 
Funk, son of Rev. Benjamin Funk. [See Index of References 
y umber 6,) 

IV. Elizabeth Funk, died small. 

IV. Jesse Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co.. Va., July 31, 

1809; died . Mrd. Betty Leary in 1834. P. O., Moores 

Store, Va. Blacksmith. Mr. Funk, Presby.; Mrs. Funk, 
Meth. Children: Jane. Hettie, Samuel, Hopkins, Milton, 

V. Jane Funk, bn. in 1835; died Feb. 4, 1892. Mrd. 
Joseph Riddle, in 1854. P. O., Broadway, Va. Children: 
Frank, Alice, Ashby, Newton, Mollie, Cora, Lulu. 

VI. Frank Riddle, dec'd. 
VI. Alice Riddle, dec'd. 

VI. Ashby Riddle, bn. Sept. 7, 1861. 

VI. Newton Riddle, bn. Oct. 31, 1864. 

VI. Mollie Riddle, bn. Aug. 6, 1867. 

VI. Cora E. Riddle, bn. Jan. 22, 1870. 

VI. Lulu Riddle, bn. Sept. 18, 1873; died Oct. 7, 1891. 

V. Hettie E, Funk, bn. in 1837. P. O., Moores Store, 
Va. Baptist. S. 

V. Samuel J. Funk, bn. Dec. 1839; died Sept. 18()5. S. 

V. Hopkins R. Funk, bn. May 1, 1840. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Armentrout, Oct. 21, 1869. P. O., Moores Store, Va. 
Blacksmith. Reformed ch. Children: 

VI. Alice Funk, bn. Dec. 6, 1871. S. 
Vl. Cora L. Funk, bn. July 20, 1873. S. 
VI. Emma C. Funk, bn. May 18, 1878. 

VI. Mark A. Funk, bn. June 24, 1880: died Oct. 9, 1«80. 

VI. Ada E. Funk, bn. June 28, 1882. 

VI Rose M. Funk, bn. Aug. 23, 1886. 

VI. Vernon A. Funk, bn. Apr. 1, 1890. 

V. Milton Funk, bn. in 1843; died in 1862. 

V. A. Brown Funk, bn. in 1846. S. 

IV. Frances Funk, bn. Nov. 4, 1811; died young. 

— 284 — 

IV. William Funk, bn. Dec. 1813: died July 3, 1884. 
Mrd. Nannie Scott Wyatt. Carpenter. Bap. P. O., 
Coote's Store, Va. Children: Fannie, Sallie, T. W., Liz- 
zie. P^mma, Susan, S. M., Ida. 

V. Fannie J. Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Juh- 
15, 1839. Mrd. Ferren D. Kildow, Nov. 13, 1865. P. o'. 
Iowa Park, Texas. Farmer. Bap. Children: Brltton, 
Kmma, Nannie, Jessie, Elsie, Pickett. 

VI. Britton Lee Kildow, bn. Oct. 18, 1866; was ace i- 
dently killed on the B. & O. R. R., Aug. 6, 1893. 

VI. Emma Kildow, bn. Jan. 5, 1868. Mrd. T. M. Brown. 
Aug. 1, 1886. 

VI. Nannie Kildow, bn. Oct. 8, 1869. Mrd. Boon 
Smith, Apr. 23, 1896. P. O., Iowa Park, Texas. 

VI. Jessie Kildow, bn. May 6, 1871. Mrd. A. W. Reid, 
Aug. 24, 1893. P. O., Iowa Park, Texas. 

VI. Elsie Kildow, bn. Feb. 27, 1873. 

VI. Pickett Gregg Kildow, bn. July 11, 1878. 

V. Sallie C. Funk, Cherry (Jrove, Va. 

V. T. W. Funk, Bridgewater, Va. 

V. Lizzie A. Funk, Cherry Grove, Va. 

V. Emma L. Funk mrd. Mason, Mason vllle, 

W. Virginia. 

V. Susan E. Punk mrd. Penny packer, Franklin, 

W. Virginia. 

V. S. M. Funk, 228 E. Adam St., Springfield, 111. 

V. Ida B. Funk, bn. at Turleytown, Va.. in 1861. Mrd. 
.1. H. Fultz, in 1887. P. C, Singers Glen, Va. School- 
teacher. Bap. Children: 

VI. Bessie M. Fultz. 
VI. Mamie S. Fultz. 
VI. F. Uarda Fullz. 
VI. Guy L. Fultz. 

IV Nannie Funk, bn. July 26, 1816. P. O., Mt. Clin- 
ton, Va. S. 

IV. James Funk, bn. Aug. 11. 1818. Mrd. Lydia M. 
Moore, Mar. 16, 1848. She was bn. Mar. 21, 1829: died 

— 285 - 

Sept. 6, 1871. P. O., Iowa Park, Texas. Children: John, 
Perry, Sallie, Annie, Mary, Charles. 

V. John F. Funk, bn. June 14, 1850; died Jan. 21, 1852. 

V. Perry S. Funk, bn. Nov. 19, 1853. 

V. Sallie E. Funk, bn. Aug, 14, 1856. 

V. Annie M. Funk, bo. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 
«, 1857. Mrd. Frederick W. Longbine, July 28, 1889. P. C, 
Estelline, Texas. Farmer and stock raiser. Bap. 

VI. Edith Pauline and Edna Pearl Longbine, bn. 
Sept. 6, 1890. 

VI. Verdie May Longbine, bn. June 14, 1892. 

VI. Lillie Viola Longbine, bn. Jan. 20, 1894. 

VI. Beulah Virginia Longbine, bn. July 24, 1895. 

VI. Zadie Belle Longbine, bn. Jan. 2«, iSm. 

V. Mary C. Funk bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 7. 
1859. Mrd. John G. Bardin, Jan. 20, 1887. P. C, Gilbert, 
Tex. Farmer. Baptist. One child: 

VI. Infant, stillborn. 

IV. Susan Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 22, 
1822. Mrd. Rev. Martin B. Keister, Dec. 17, 1846. P. 0.\ 
Spirit Lake, Iowa. In early life Mr. Keister was a farmer, 
which he followed until 1873, except two years, 18Uto 
1866, when he was in the gold mines of Montana. In 18f>0 
he was converted and joined the Methodist Epitcopal 
church, and was licensed to preach in 1809. In 1873 he 
was sent to Cherokee circuit, was ordained in 1876, and 
served the following charges in order: first as above, 
then Castance, Correction ville, Sloan, Lemars circuit, 
Plymouth, Ashton, Milford, Spirit Lake circuit, Lake 
Park, Everly, Maurice, and again Spirit Lake circuit. 
He was a good revivalist, and won hundreds of souls to 
the Lord. Children: Virginia, Simon, Martha, Frank, 
Harriet, Charles. 

V. Virginia Keister, bn. on the Mississippi river, Oct. 
18, 1847. Mrd. Francis A. Dawes, July 8, 18<59. P. O., 
Plover, Iowa. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children:. Albert, 
Clara, Alma, Grace, Vinnie, Bertha, Lewis, LeRoy. 

VI. Albert E. Dawes, bn. Dec. 25, 1870: died Mar. 
5, 1871. 

— 280 — 

VI. Clara E. Dawes, bn. Feb. IT. 1872. Mrd. Henry 
Eernisse, May 15, 1895. P. O., Rolfe. Iowa. Farmer. 
Meth. P2p. One child: 

VII. Rollie L. Eernisse, bn. Aug. (i, 1896. 

VI. Alma A. Dawe^, bn. Nov. 24, 1873. Mrd. R. B. 
Campbell, Mar. 4, 1894. P. O., West Bend, Iowa. Farmer. 
Meth. Ep. No issue. 

VI. Grace M. Dawes, bn. Oct. 10, 1875. 

VI. Vinnie L. Dawes, bn. Apr. 7, 1877. 

VI. Beriha E. Dawes, bn. Jan. 5, 1880, 

VI. Lewis M. Dawes, bn. July 24, 18^3. 

VI. LeRoy K. Dawes, bn. Apr. 24, 1890. 

V. Rev. Simon A. Keister, bn. in Jackson Co., Iowa. 
Jan. 21, 1849. Mrd. Teressa Fuller, P. O., Spirit Lake, 
Iowa. Sexton of Lake View cemetery, and local preacher. 
Served several years as pastor in S. Dakota. Mrs. Keister 
has also labored with good success as an evangelist. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VI. Maud Adell and Myrtle Keister (twins), bn. Dec. 
2, 1876. Teachers. 

VI. Martha Edith Keister, bn. Sept. 9, 1878; died July 
22, 1879. 

VI. Susan Inez Keister, bn. Apr. 1, 1880. 

VI. Carrie Emma Keister, bn. May 7, 1882; died July 
21, 1884. 

VI. Lewis Gilbert Keister, bn. November 26, 1888. 

VI. Ida Anna Keister, bn. Apr. 3, 1892. 

VI. Clifford R. Keister, bn. July 25, 1896. 

V. Martha Keister, bn. Nov. 15, 1850, in Jackson Co. , 
Iowa. Mrd. Rev. Hiram T. Snyder, Apr. 3, 1870. P. C, 
Holly Springs, Iowa. Farmer and local preacher. Meth. 
Ep. No issue. 

V. Frank P. Keister, bn. Nov. 2, 1852. Mrd. Ella 
Schotield. P, O., Cherokee, Iowa. Lumber merchant. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VI. Grace Keister. 

VI. Martin Keister, enlisted in the army against 

VI. Twins, died infants. 

— 287 — 

VI. Marj- Keister. 

VI. Alma Keister, (twin to Mary,) died infant. 

Vl. A son, died infant. 

V. Harriet S. Keister, bn. Oct. 21, 1859. Mrd. Henry 
W. Reeves. P. O., Spirit Lake, Iowa. Money lender. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VI. Mabel Reeves. 
VI. Frank Reeves. 

VI. Twin daughters, dec'd. 

VI. Orville Reeves. 

VI. Arthur Reeves. 

VI. Jesse Reeves. 

VI. William and Vernon Reeves (twins). 

V. Charles Funk Keister, bn. Nov. 29, 1861; died Dec. 
6, 1882. 

IV. Malinda Funk, bn. June 18, 1820: died Aug. 4, 1885. 
Mrd. Hiram Paulsel, Mar. 14, 1844. He was bn. in Rock- 
ingham Co., Va., Mar. 8, 1817; died July 6, 1892. Farmer. 
Campbellites. Children: Z. -W., Hamilton, David, Re- 
becca, Curtis, Ida. 

V. Z. W. Paulsel, bn. Jan. 26, 1845. Mrd. Larenda 
Steflfey, Feb. 9, 1873. P. O., Noblesville, Ind. Children: 

VI. Floyd Paulsel, bn. Dec, 2, 1874. S. 
VI. Two other children, dec'd. 

V. Hamilton Paulsel, bn. Sept. 2, 1846; died April 
6, ia49. 

V. David F. Paulsel, bn. Jan. 31, 1850. Mrd. Helena 
Teacher. P. O., Noblesville, Ind. Children: 

VI. Maud Paulsel. 
VI. Grace Paulsel. 
VI. Fred Paulsel. 

V. Rebecca J. Paulsel, bn. Dec. 15, 1851: died . 

Mrd. V. J. Boon. 

V. Curtis E. Paulsel, bn. Mar. 20, 1858: died October 
10, 1895. 

V. Ida E. Paulsel, bn. near Noblesville, Ind., July 12, 
1860. Mrd. Andrew V. Sharpe, Dec. 23, 1888. P. O,, 

— 288 - 

Fruita, Colo. Horticultural inspector and nurseryman. 
Mrs. Sharpe, mem. Christian ch. One child: 
VI. Vesta Sharpe. 

IV. Martha Funk, bn. in Rockiugham Co , Va.. Oct. 
22, 1824. Mrd. Mathias H. Pennypacker, July 28, 1845. 
P. O., Lima, Ohio. Farmer. Meth. Children: 

V. Samuel J. Pennypacker, bn. May 4, 1846; died Feb. 
7, 1863. 

V. John W. Pennypacker, bn. Aug. 13, 1847; died Feb. 

9, 1863. 

V. Daniel T. Pennypacker, bn. Apr. 19, 1849: died 
Feb. 16, 1863. 

V. Sarah A. Pennypacker, bn. Jan. 23, 1851; died Jan. 
27, 1863. 

V. Jacob S. Pennypacker, bn. Oct. 1, 1852: died Feb. 
4, 1863. 

V. Hannah J. Pennypacker, bn. July 7, 1854; died Dec. 
31, 1859. 

V. Eliza F. Pennypacker died Feb, 3, 1863. 

V. Anna V. Pennypacker, bn. Mar. 10, 1864: died Dec. 
24, 1885. 

V. George J. Pennypacker, (twin to Anna,) bn. Mar. 

10, 1864. Mrd. Maggie Fisk, . P. O., Lima, Ohio. 

Carpenter and contractor. Children: 

VI. Viola Maria Pennypacker. 

VI. Mathias Wilbur Pennypacker. 

IV. Sarah Funk, bn. Oct. 22, 1824 (twin to Martha). 
Mrd. John Beery, Jr., May 10, 1855. P. O., Singers Glen, 
Va. Shoemaker. Ev. Luth. Children: William, Luther, 
Laura, Lydia, Perry. 

V. William Beery, bn. Aug. 19, 1856; died Jan. 7, 1863. 

V. Luther Beery, bn. Oct. 14, 1857; died Feb. 10, 1860. 

V. Laura Beery, bn. Aug. 1, 1859; died Jan. 19, 1863. 

V. Lydia Beery, bn. Apr. 15, 1861: died Jan. 21, 1863. 

V. S. Perry Beery, bn. Nov. 28, 1864. Mrd. Celia M. 
Curry, July 6, 1890. School teacher, P. O., Singers Glen. Va. 

IV. Hannah Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Oct. 
8, 1827. Mrd, D. H. Landes, Oct. 11, 1888. P. O., Mount 
Clinton, Va. Merchant. Luth. No issue. 

— 289 — 

III. Joseph Punk, on. in Berks Co., Pa., Apr. 6, 1778 
died Dec. 24, 1862. Mrd. Elizabeth Rhodes, Dec. 26, 1804. 
She died Feb. 7, 1814. Children: Jonathan, Henry, Eliza- 
beth, Susan, Barbara. 

Joseph mrd. second wife, Rachel Britton, Sept. 6, 1814. 
She died Dec. 9, 1833. Children: Mary, Joseph, David, 
Samuel, Hannah, John, Timothy, Solomon, Benjamin. 

At a very early age Mr. Funk removed with his 
parents to Rockingham Co,, Virginia, where he lived 
until his death. His life and labors were various and 
useful. His favorite pursuit was that of sacred music, to 
which he gave much attention, both as instructor and as 
editor of several popular music books. Hundreds of the 
old fathers and mothers in the Valley of Virginia in 
which he lived remember him as their instructor, not 
only in the sacred art of praise, but as their literary 

Thousands unknown to him, personally, will cherish 
his memory as the instrument through whom their lives 
have been cheered, and their devotional hours brightened 
by the songs of praise which were brought to them 
through his labors. 

He was a man of prayer, and had proven Its power In 
sustaining the soul in alMhe varied trials of life. Rigid 
in an observance of the decencies of life, and scrupulous 
and unswerving in Christian morality, the profane or 
disorderly were awed in his presence, or fearlessly 

Firm and confident in the supp/)rt of his religious 
views, he was nevertheless liberal in his Christian inter- 
course and fellowship with those differing from him in 
doctrine and external forms. 

The Bible was his daily companion. He studied it, 
not as a theorist, but to understand its teachings and 
practice Its precepts. Yet his hope of a blessed immor- 
tality was not based upon his own works, but his faith in 
the merit of Jesus Christ alone was the surety In which 
the hope of his soul was anchored. In the hour of death 
he was not forsaken by that faith In which he lived for 
nearly seventy years. His last words were, *'It Is all well." 
Few men have ever lived In the common walks of life 
who enjoyed a more extensive personal acquaintance, 


— 290 — 

and more pure and disinterested friendship. He was a 
member of the Mennonite church, in which his memory 
wili lon^ be cherished as a faithful and useful member, 
zealous of her welfare and the cause of truth. 

Aside from his work as a teacher of vocal music and 
a compiler, he also translated from the German language 
into English the **Mennonite Confession of Faith," with 
nine reflections written by Peter Burkholder. This work, 
a 12mo Vol. of 460 pages, he published in 1837, with an 
extended introduction, written by himself, giving a brief 
sketch of the history of the Mennonite church, and other 
interesting matter, from which it is manifest that Joseph 
Funk was well read, not only in the Bible, but in religious 
literature in general. He established a printing office at 
Singers Glen, in 1847, (which was the first Mennonite 
printing office in America,) -where his popular book of 
sacred melodies, "The Harmonia Sacra," known far and 
wide, and which passed through many editions, was 
printed for many years. 

He no doubt also compiled and arranged the first 
English Mennonite Hymn Book which he published, and 
which also passed through many editions. This book was 
arranged to be used in connection with the **Harmonia 
Sacra," in which appropriate tunes were found for all the 
hymns. This book, which is still used in some of the Men- 
nonite congregations, was also printed on Joseph Funk's 
hand press at Singers Glen, for many years. After the 
father's death the business was continued by Joseph 
Funk's Sons. The right to publish the Hymn Book after- 
wards passed into the hands of John F. Funk & Bro., Elk- 
hart, Ind., and is now owned by the Mennonite Publishing 
Company. Children: 

IV. Jonathan Funk, bn. Apr. 15, 1806; died June 8, 
1874. Mrd. Sophia Speek, Apr. 18, 1839. She was bn. Mar. 
15, 1818. Farmer. Mr. Funk, Menu.; Mrs. Funk, Ger. Bap. 
Children: Mary, Sarah, Joseph, John, Erasmus, Lycurgus. 

V. Mary E. Funk, bn. Nov. 4, 1840. Mrd. John B. 
Gangwer, Oct. 9, 1856. P. O., Delavan, Kan. Farmer. 
Mr. G., Ger. Bap.; Mrs. G., Missionary Bap. Children: 
Minnie, Lulu, Edwin, Sadie, Haddon, AUie, Judson, Hoy. 

VI. Minnie Gangwer, bn. Apr. 25, 1858; died Aug. 7, 
1879. Mrd. Charles Davis, Oct. 8, 1878. 


— 291 — 

VI. Lulu S. Gangwer, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Apr. 3, 1860. Mrd. Rev. William P. Blake, July 26, 1881. 
P. O., Lasakwa, Ind. Ter. 

After marriage they served the church at Weldon, 
North Carolina, Mr. Blake being pastor of the Baptist 
church at that place. Later served as general missionary 
to the Indians for two and one-half years — ^located at 
P^uf aula, I. T. He then became pastor of the Baptist 
church of Herington, Kan., which he served for two years, 
and during the following six years, as missionaries to the 
Indians, they have been with the Seminole Academy at 
Lasak wa, Ind. Ter. , of which he is the superintendent. This 
school, which is for Indian girls, has a capacity of 40. In 
their new building which will soon be occupied, the ca- 
pacity will be increased to about 100. Children: 

VII. Tillie Irene Blake, bn. Aug. 28, 1882; died Jan. 
8, 1885. 

VII. Uarda Blake, bn. June 27, 1885: died May 8, 1888. 

VII. Elsie Blake, bn. Oct. 4, 1887. 

VII. James Garfield Blake, bn. Feb. 5, 1890. 

VI. Edwin K. Gangwer, bn. July 13, 1863. S. 

VI. Sadie V. Gangwer, bn. Mar. 6, 186(5. Mrd. Frank 
Grass, June 5, 1890. P. O., Herington, Kans. One child: 

VII. Lucetta Grass. 

VI. Haddon Spurgeon Gangwer, bn. May 29, 1872. 

VI. Alice M. Gangwer, bn. Sept. 9, 1873: died Oct. 
29, 1873. 

VI. Judson Earl Gangwer, bn. Nov. 19, 1875. 

VI. Roy C. Gangwer, bn. July 18, 1883. 

V. Sarah F. Funk, bn. Dec. 2, 1841. Mrd. James M. 

Keith, June 30, 1859. He died . Children: Charles, 

James, Alice. 

Sarah mrd. second husband, William F. Cooper, Aug. 
25,1870. P. O., Granville, Ohio. Merchant. Cong. One 
child: William. 

VI. Charles Edward Keith, bn. May 22, i860: died in 
Seattle, Washington, Apr. 21, 1890. Mrd. Ada Reynolds, 
Nov. 12, 1883. She died in St. Louis, Mo., July 2, 1886. 

VI. James M. Keith, bn. : died in Kansas, Feb. 

27, 1864. 

— 292 — 

VI. Alice Keith, bn. Feb. 22, 1862. Mrd. Clarence 
Luther Herrick, June 21, 1883. P. O., Albuquerque, N. M. 
Formerly Professor of Biology in Denison University, 
Granville, Ohio; now President of University of New- 
Mexico. Bap. Children: 

VII. Henry Nathan Herrick, bn. Feb. 16, 1885. 
VII. Laura Herrick, bn. Oct. 4, 1886. 

VII. Mabel Herrick, bn. June 25, 1894. 

VI. William Funk Cooper, bn. June 29, 1871. Is pri- 
vate assistant of Prof. James Hall, State Geoiog'ist at 
Albany, New York. Bap. 

V. Joseph A. Funk, bn. Mar. 30, 1844. Mrd. Philoma 
J. Kite, Apr. 1, 1866. P. O., Blanchard, Iowa. Grain 
dealer. Children: Addie, Mary, Robert, Earl. 

VI. Addie A. Funk, ba. Jan. 5, 1867. Mrd. D. H. 
Mudge, Nov. 1893. P. O., Council Bluflfs, Iowa. Children: 

VII. Harold Mudge. 
VII. Clifton Mudge. 

VI. Mary O. Funk, bn. May 12, 1871; died Feb. 19, 1872. 

VI. Robert W. Funk, bn. July 6, 1873. Mrd. Gussie 
Bull, Dec. 1895. P. O., Blanchard, la. 

VI. Earl Funk, bn. Jan. 10, 1882. 

V. Rev. John B. Funk, bn. at Sing^ers Glen, Va., Dec. 
30, 1845. Mrd. Sarah Willhide, of Pine Creek, Carroll Co., 
Md., Jan. 21, 1873. P.O., Lancaster City, Pa. Minister 
of the United Brethren in Christ church, having* served 
in the regular pastorate for over 20 years. Children: 

VI. Clifford Altemont Funk, bn. at Deer Park, Md., 
Nov. 10, 1873. 

VI. Beulah Virginia Funk, bn. at Phoenix ville, Pa., 
Oct. 13, 1877. 

VI. Ira Willhide Funk, bn. at Reading, Pa., December 
6, 1879. 

V. Rev. Erasmus P. Funk, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., 
Mar. 28, 1848; died in Baltimore, Nov. 13, 1883. Mrd. Mar- 
garet A. Jordan, of Church ville, Augusta Co., Va., Feb. 3. 
1869. Mr. Funk was largely a self-made man, applying 
himself very diligently to his books. Most of his educa- 
tion was acquired through private instruction and his 
own efforts. He received Annual Conference license at 

— 293 — 

Eldinburg-, Va., Feb. 15, 1872, and was ordained to the office 
of Elder, in the United Brethren in Christ church, at 
Kudysville, Md,, by Bishop Edwards, Feb. 5, 1875, and was 
at his own request transferred from the Virginia to the 
East Pennsylvania Conference in 1879, During his minis- 
try he served the following" respective charges, viz.: 
Rockbridge circuit, Va., Highland circuit, Va , Potomac 
Mission, Md., Shamokin, Pa., Halifax, Pa., and Baltimore 
North church where he died. His end was triumphant, 
precious promises proceeded from his mouth during his 
last illness, which was of heart disease and dropsy. Such 
words as, *'I am only sitting here waiting for the Lord to 
take me." "I never had such a rich experience in my 
soul in all my life." When his heart-burdened companion 
would manifest her grief he would say, **Come, Maggie, 
my dear, don't cry, I want all sunshine in my room.' His 
remains were interred in the Stover's Memorial cemetery, 
near Hummelstown, Dauphin Co., Pa. One child: 

VI. Loula Funk, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., Nov. 16, 

1869. In 1884 she entered the Lebanon Valley College at 
Annville; Pa., from which she graduated in both the 
musical and scientific courses, in the class of 1890; of 
which class her husband was also a member. Since grad- 
uation she has devoted some time to public speaking and 
has entered the lecture field. She was married to Rev. 
Edward S. Bowman, Oct. 30, 1890. They are members of 
the United Brethren in Christ church, of which Mr. Bow- 
man is an itinerent minister in the regular work. 

V. Lycurgus H. Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Apr. 15, 1850. Mrd. Virginia A. Lutz, of Shenandoah Co., 
Va., Aug. 1, 1872. P. O., Aspen, Colorado. Mining super- 
intendent and manager of silver and gold mines. 

VI. Otto M. Funk, bn. July 21, 1873. 
VI. Warren A. Funk, bn. Dec. 1, 1875. 

IV. Henry Funk, bn. Sept. 13, 1807; died in his 6th 

IV. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Dec. 8, 1808; died Apr. 16, 

1870. Mrd. William Fairburn, May 31, 1827. Farmer. 
Mr. F., Meth.; Mrs. F., Menu. Children: Five died un- 

— 294 — 

named, Susanna, Mary, Sophia, Andrew, Elizabeth, Bar- 
bara, Simon. 

V. Susanna Fairburn, bn. Sept. 30, 1831; died Oct. 
10, 1839. ^ 

V. Mary Fairburn, bn. Aug". 15, 1833; died June 
17, 1850. 

V. Sophia Fairburn, bn. ; died Apr. 21, 1849. 

V. Andrew J. Fairburn, bn. Nov. 29, 18 ^8. Mrd. Mary 
V. Beaver, Sept. 21, 1865. P. O., Parnassus, Va. Farmer. 
Meth. Children: 

Yl. Annie E. Fairburn, bn. Aug. 10, 1866. 

Yl. Mary M. Fairburn, bn. Aug. 9, 1871. 

VI. John W. Fairburn, bn. Nov. 20, 1873. 

V. Elizabeth H. Fairburn, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Sept. 21, 1841. Mrd. John H. Simmers. Machine thresh- 
ing, etc. Mrs. S., Meth.; Mr. S., U. B. Children: Mollie, 
Anna, Minnie, John. 

Yl. Mollie E. Simmers, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., July 

16, 1865. Mrd. John H. Smith. P. O., Rushville, Va. Mrs. 
S., U. B. One child: 

YH. Charles DeWitt Smith, bn. Aug. 29, 1889. 

Yl. Anna L. Simmers, bn. May 15, 1876. U. B. S. 
Yl. Minnie C. Simmers, bn. July 28, 1878. Meth. 

VI. John W. Simmers, bn. Jan. 27, 1881. 

Y. Barbara E. Fairburn, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Aug. 5, 1844. Mrd. Francis Broaddus Doran, of Clark Co., 
Va., Apr. 18, 1866. P. O., Clarkson, Va. Formerly miller, 
now farmer. Mr. D., Bap.; Mrs. D. Meth. Children: 
Charles, James, Jcseph, Mary, Robbie. 

VI. Charles William Doran, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., 
May 26, 1877. Mrd. Delia Jane Hawes, July 13, 1893. Res. 
Washington, D. C. He was for some time Treator of oil 
in Waters and Pierce Oil Co., Mexico City, Mex., and 
pressman for the Asphalt Block and Pavement Co. He is 
now an attendant at St. Elizabeth's Asylum, Gov. Hospital 
for Insane, Washington, D. C. Bap. One child: 

YH. William Broaddus Doran, bn. May 31, 1895. 

VI. James Kemp Doran, bn. May 29, 1869; died Feb. 

17, 1870. 

— 295 — 

VI. Joseph Edwin Punk Doran, bn. in Clark Co., Va., 
Dec. 10, 1870. P. O., Uppersville, Va. Merchant and 
farmer. Bap. S. 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Doran, bn. at Cliflf Mills, Fauquier 
Co., Va., Apr. 6, 1874. School teacher. Bap. S. 

VI. Robbie Doran, bn. July 7, 1876; died Aug^. 6, 1876. 

V. Simon Fairburn, bn. May 16, 1850. Mrd. Bettie M. 
Williams, Sept. 3, 1873, of Bath Co., Va., daughter of Dr. 
Robert P. and Magdalena (McNeal) Williams, of Poca- 
hontas Co., W. Va. She was bn. Nov. 30, 1853. Mr. Fair- 
burn lived at home with his father until he was 17 years 
old, when he went to work with Mr. John Schatterle, to 
learn the miller's trade. After serving nearly 6 years, 
he left and went to Parkersburg, W. Va., and there en- 
gaged in the business of refining petroleum oil. This was 
in the year 1875, and he has been employed by the same 
company since that time. 

Dec. 15, 1886, he arranged to go to the City of Mexico 
to locate, construct and operate an oil refinery. He has 
traveled over 18 states of the Mexican Republic during 
his residence in the Republic, going by rail roads, horse 
and mule back, has been carried on the backs of Peons, 
also by canoe, and by almost every means of transporta- 
tion known to that country. Having severed his connec- 
tion with the Standard Oil Co., on July 1, 1896, he removed 
to Burbank, Cal., where he is engaged in fruit raising. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VI. Leonidas Edgar Fairburn, bn. Oct. 24, 1874; died 
Jan. 11, 1878. 

VI. Frederick Wm. Fairburn, bn. Oct. 5, 1876; died 
May 21, 1877. 

VI. Charles Warner Fairburn, bn. Aug. 18, 1878. 

VI. Eva Eleanor Fairburn, bn. Nov. 16, 1880. 

VI. Flora Eda Fairburn, bn. Aug. 24, 1883. 

VI. Ollie Magnolia Fairburn, bn. Sept. 9, 1886. 

VI. Ruth Augusta Fairburn, bn. in Cal., Aug. 3, 1897. 

IV. Susan Funk, bn. Oct. 7, 1810; died in her fifth year. 

IV. Barbara Funk, bn. Oct. 8, 1812; died Jan. 6, 1850. 
Mrd. John Howver, of Greenbrier Co., Va., Sept. 5, 1833. 
Farmer. Presby. Children: Joanna, Abraham, Joseph, 
George, Benjamin. 

— 296 -^ 

V. Joanna Howver, bn. May 8, 1836. Mrd, George W. 
Skelton, Aug. 29, 1858. He died Feb. 14, lb9L P. O., Ot- 
terbine, Va. Blacksmith. Meth. Children: Silas, As- 
bury, Bertha, Rose, Lulu, John. 

Yl. Rev. Silas D. Skelton, bn. Oct. 21, i860. Mrd. 
Maggie C. Heatwole, May 28, 1882. P. O., Rockingham 
Va. Mr. Skelton attended the Shenandoah Seminary 
at Dayton, Va., and after suitable preparation began 
teaching in the public schools of his native county which 
he followed for seven years. In July . 1883 he received 
local preacher's license, and in 1885 he was received into 
the Virginia Conference of the United Brethren in Christ. 
After passing the required studies he was ordained Elder 
at which time he entered the active work of the ministry, 
in which relation he has since continued. Children: 

VII. Pearl E. Skelton, bn. Aug. 14, 1883. 

VII. Lulu E. Skelton, bn. Feb. 14, 1885; died Mar. 
14. 1885. 

VII. Ebert A., and Elsie A. Skelton, bn. Oct. 8, 1886. 

VII. George W. Skelton, bn. Sept. 30, 1889. 

VII. Annie M. Skelton, bn. Mar. 24, 1892. 

VI. Asbury Skelton, bn. Oct. 25, 1862. Mrd. Mary C. 
Evers, Dec. 18, 1891. P. O., Stover's Shop, Va. Farmer. 
U. B. Children: 

VII. Flora Belle Skelton, bn. Apr. 19, 1893. 
VII. Hattie Edna Skelton, bn. June 19, 1895. 

VI. Bertha Skelton, bn. Oct. 8, 1864: died Mar. 3, 18(55. 

VI. Rose E. Skelton, bn. Jan. 31, 1866. Mrd. James 
W. Rhodes, Oct. 18, 1888. P. O., Waynesboro, Va. U. B. 

VII. Ward Rhodes. 

VII. George R. Rhodes. 

VI. Lulu A. Skelton, bn. Aug. 19, 1870. 
VI. John n. Skelton, bn. Nov. 18, 1872. 

V. Abraham Howver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Jan. 5, 1835; died May 29, 1886. Mrd. Sarah E. Ruebush, 
Nov. 25, 1861. She was bn. in Augusta Co., Va., .fan. 25, 
1837. P. O., Fort Hoover, Va. Carpenter, wagon-maker 
and miller. Christian ch. Children: Mary, Lucilla, 
Emma, Nelia. 

— 297 — 

Yl. Mary J. Howver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
Sept. 23, 1862. P. O., Fort Hoover, Va. U. B. S. 

VI. Lucilla V. Howver, bn. at Wheeling, W. Va., 
Aug. 30, 1864. Mrd. David H. Grim, Oct. 26, 1887. He was 
bn. in Augusta Co., Va., May 4, 1861. P.O., Bruce, Va. 
Farmer. Mr. G., Luth.: Mrs. G., U. B. Children: 

VII. Virgie B. Grim, bn. Nov. 23. 1889. 
VII. Euna D. Grim, bn. Aug. 3, 1896. 

VI. Emma C. Howver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va. 
July 4, 1870. P. O., Ft. Hoover, Va. U. B. S. 

VI. Nelia A. Howver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., 
July 17, 1873. P. O., Ft. Hoover, Va. U. B. S. 

V. Joseph Howver. bn. Dec. 21, 1841. Mrd. Lucretia 
J. Ralston, July 5, 1863. P. O.. Ft. Hoover, Va. Farmer. 
U. B. Children: John, Leanna, Sallie, William, Siddle. 

Vi. John Perry Howver, bn. May 6, 1864. Mrd. Minnie 
Ann Rinker, June 6, 1895. U. B. One child: 

Vii. Joseph Otterbein Howver, bn. Jan. 23, 1899. 

VI. Leanna E. Howver, bn. Sept. 17, 1866; died Jan. 7, 
1891. Mrd. Simon P. Kagey, Oct. 22. 1885. Children: 

VII. Evada A. Kagey, bn. Aug. 23. 188(5. 
VII. Bertha A. Kagey, bn. Jan. 10, 1888. 
VII. Manola H. Kagey, bn. Apr. 6, 1889. 

VI. Sallie Kate Howver, bn. Dec. 15, 1869: died Jan. 
9, 1893. 

VI. William Zirkle Howver, bn. Feb. 19, 1872. Mrd. 
Fannie K. Neff, Feb. 14, 1891. Children: 

VII. Glen Neflf Howver. 

VII. Joseph William Howver. 

VI. Slddie Alice Howver, bn. Oct. 7, 1879. 

V. George Howver, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Aug. 
13, 1845. Mrd. Sarah E. Paulsel, Nov. 26, 1866. P. O., 
Mansfield, 111. Carpenter- Presby. Children: Laura, 
James, Lula, Marshall, Ella, Harry. 

VI. Laura E. Howver, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., Aug. 
28, 1867. Mrd. Dr. W. A. Hoover, of Gibson City, III., 
Aug. 29, 1888. Dentist. Presby. One child: 

VII. Sibyl M. Hoover, bn. Aug. 14, 1889. 

VI. James P. Howver. S. 

— 298 — 

VL Lula J. Howver. Presby. S. 

VI. Marshall L. Howver. Meth. 

VI. Ella L. Howver. Meth. 

VI. Harry L. Howver. 

V. Benjamin Howver, bn. May 2, 1848; died August 
25, 1852. 

IV. Mary Funk, bn. July 4, 1815, at Mountain Valley, 
(now Singers Glen) Va ; died Apr. 19, 18S8. Mrd. John Kieffer, 
of Rockingham Co., Va., May 30, 1837. After marriage 
they moved to the wilds of Missouri, and settled in Saline 
Co., near Miami. Here the struggle of life to make a 
home began, in which effort they were happily rewarded. 
The years were all happiness, and although two pairs of 
hands toiled hard, there were two hearts full of love. 
On June 22, 1847, John Kieffer died, and Mary removed to 
Mountain Valley, the home of her birth. Here began the 
real struggle of her life, to train her children and provide 
for them. In this she was successful, despite misfortune 
and deprivation. 

Mary Kieffer was naturally possessed of more than 
ordinary intelligence, a vigorous organism, and large 
faith in God's providence: and, like Whittier, she could 
exclaim: — 

"I know not where His islands lift 

Their f ronded palms in air; 
I only know I cannot drift 

Beyond His love and care." 

Her heart was full of sympathy for everyone in 
distress, and that sympathy was expressed by deeds of 
charity, and not words alone. During the war no soldier 
ever called at her gate without being the recipient of 
some expression of kindness, and her prayers followed 
them to the battle-field. She lived a widow for over forty 
years, and up to the fatal morning of her last illness, she 
was engaged in caring for her grandchildren. 

In early childhood she connected herself with the 
Presbyterian church. Her last hours were full of the 
joyful anticipation of rejoining her husband and the two 
daughters who had preceded her, and were before the 
throne of God and the Lamb, praising Him for the new 

— 299 — 

home in which she now resides. Children: Rachel, Aldine, 
Hannah, Lucilla, Ann, Rollin. 

V. Rachel Kieflfer, hn. Apr. 13, 1838; died Nov. 24, 1838. 

V. Aldine S. Kieflfer, bn. Aug. 1, 1840. Mrd. Silli- 

man. Children: 

VI. Cambicis H. Kieffer, died infant. 
VI. William H. Z. Kieflfer. 

VI. Shelly K. Keiflfer. 

VI. Lineas L. Kieflfer. 

VI. Luther A. Kieflfer. 

VI. Alonzo S. Kieflfer. 

V. Hannah Catharine Kieflfer, bn. Feb. 1, 1842; died 
Apr. 17, 1870. S. 

V. Lucilla Virginia Kieflfer, bn. July 23, 1843. Mrd. 

E. Ruebush, Mar. 28, 1861. P. O., Dayton, Va. President 
of the Ruebush-Kieflfer Co. U. B. Children: Edgar, 
James, Mary, William, Annie, Joseph. 

VI. L. Edgar Ruebush, bn. Jan. 11, 1862. Mrd. Dora 
A. McFarland, daughter of G. W. McFarland, M. D., of 
Rushville, Va., Aug. 8, 1886. P. O., Dayton, Va. Book- 
binder. Mrs. R., Prcsby. Children: 

VII. Infant, died unnamed. 
Vlt. Infant, died unnamed. 

VII. Mary Virginia Ruebush, bn. Sept. 26, 1891. 

VI. James H. Ruebush, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., Oct. 
19,1865. Mrd. Ella V. Fun khouser, of Mt. Jackson, Va., 
Aug. 7, 1889. P. O., Dayton, Va. Mr. Ruebush was reared 
on a farm until 14 years of age, when his father moved 
to Dayton, Va., where he entered Shenandoah Institute, 
which he attended for five years. 

In the fall of 1884, he entered Otterbine University at 
Westerville, Ohio, to continue his musical studies. In 
1885, '86 and '87, he was in the Grand Conservatory of 
Music of New York, after which he taught vocal and 
instrumental music in the Shenandoah Institute several 
years, and during vacation attended such summer schools 
as Silver Lake, N. Y., and Chautauqua Lake assemblies, 
being a pupil of H.N. Barttelb, H.R. Palmer, Geo. F. Root, 

F. W. Root, W. S. B. Matthews, and others. 

Mr. Ruebush is the author of several song books. 
The first was "Gems of Gladness," a small Sunday school 

— 300 — 

book of 64 pages, of which 20,000 copies have been sold. 
This was followed by the "Star of Bethlehem," (assisted 
by Prof. J. H. Hall, who also assisted him in the prepara- 
tion of his other books,) of this over 30,000 copies were 
sold. Then others followed, viz:— * 'Pearls of Truth," 
"Practical Voice Culture," "Harmony and Composition," 
"Fountain of Praise," and "Messenger of Song." The 
combined sales of these books have reached 200,000 
copies. Mr. Ruebush is at present engaged as director of 
Kee Mar College Conservatory of Hagerstown, Md. U. B. 
One child: 

VII. Jennie Lind Ruebush, bn. June 4, 1890. 

VI. Mary J. Ruebush, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., Oct. 
31, 1869. Mrd. Wm. Luther Andrews, Apr. 22, 1890. P. O., 
Roanoke, Va. Insurance Agt. U. B. Children: 

VII. Tennie Lucilla Andrews, bn. July 29, 1893. 
VII. Orie Summerfield Andrews, bn. May 6, 1896. 
VII. Horton Kieffer Andrews, bn. Jan. 8, 1898. 

VI. William H. Ruebush, bn. June 4, 1873. Teacher 
of music at Shenandoah Institute, Dayton, Va. 

VI. Annie K. Ruebush, bn. June 22, 1876. Mrd. I. M. 
Andrews, of Roanoke City, Va., Mar. 30, 1898. 

VI. Joseph K. Ruebush, bn. Oct. 26, 1878. 

V. Annie Amelia Kieffer, bn. Dec. 5, 1844. Mrd. 
Gabriel Shank. (See Index of References. No, 7.) 

Annie mrd. second husband B. F. Kirkpatrick, Dec. 
24, 1876. He was bn. Feb. 4, 1847. P. O., Dayton, Va. 
Vocal teacher. Mr. K., U. B.; Mrs. K., Presby. Children: 

VI. Kittie Price Kirkpatrick, bn. Sept. 6, 1878. 
VI. Brucie Aldinia Kirkpatrick, bn. Apr. 20, 1881. 
VI. Thomas Blair Kirkpatrick, bn. Jan. 31, 1884. 
VI. Hannah Moore Kirkpatrick, bn. Oct. 28, 1886. 

V. L. Rollin Kieffer, bn. in Saline Co., Mo., Oct. 16, 
1846. Mrd. Jennie Stinespring, Mar. 3, 1870. P. O., West 
Lafayette, Ind. Dairyman. Missionary Bap. Children: 

VI. Dalphina Kate Kieffer, bn. Jan. 19, 1871. 

VI. John Elmer Kieffer, bn. Sept. 2, 1872. 
VI. Effie Mabel Kieffer, bn. Jan. 23, 1879. 
VI. Hardy Prime Kieffer, bn. July 23, 1880. 


— 301 — 

VI. Ernest T. Kieffer, bn. Nov. 10, 1884, 
Yl. Mary Kieffer, bn. July 4, 1887. 

IV. Joseph Funk, bn. Oct. 9, 1816. Mrd. Elizabeth S. 
Shue, Au?. 5, 1840. P. O., Peculiar, Mo. Farmer. Meth. 
Children: Rebecca, Joseph, Susan, Solomon, Abraham, 
John, Newton, Mary, William, Louisa, Edward, Emma. 

V. Rebecca E. Punk, bn. Apr. 12, 1842. Mrd. George 
Funk. (See Index of Btferences, No. 8,) ■ 

V. Joseph H. Funk, bn. July 4, 1843. Mrd. Mary F. 
Swank, Jan. 27, 1875. P. O., Peculiar, Mo. Farmer. Meth. 

VI. Linneas A: Funk, bn. Oct. 29, 1875. 
VI. Lulu A. Funk, bn. May 9, 1878. 

V. Susan R. Funk, bn. Aug. 28, 18^5. Mrd. Robert P. 
Edwards. P. O., Utica, Van Buren Co., Iowa. 

V. Solomon J. Funk, bn. October 19, 1847; died July 

8, 1848. 

V. Abram A. Funk, bn. May 12, 1849; died November 
10, 1872. 

V. John R. Funk, bn. May 6, 1851. 

V. Newton H. Funk, bn. Oct. 15, 1853. Mrd. Lulu M. 
Goodman. P. O., Peculiar, Mo. 

V. Mary E. Funk, bn. Sept. 30, 1855. 

V. William H. Funk, bn. Nov. 2, 1857. 

V. Louisa L. Funk, bn. Jan. 9, 1860. Mrd. James H. 
Talbot. P. O., Adrian, Mo. 

V. Edward B. Funk, bn. Oct. 2, 1862. Mrd. Anna Tal- 
bot. P. O., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

V. Emma F. Funk, bn. Feb. 2, 1866. 

IV. David Funk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Mar. 8, 
1818; died in Pickaway Co., Ohio, Oct. 29, 1870. Mrd. 
Maria L. McLaughlin. She was bn. about 1829: died Mar. 

9, 1860. Plasterer. Children: Lizzie, R. H. 

V. Lizzie Funk, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., July 9, 1845. 
Mrd. Darias S. Crawford, at Columbus, Ohio. Res. 200 
W. South St., Indianapolis, Ind. Roman Cath. Children: 

VI. Chauncy Crawford, bn. May 8, 1870; died Oct. 
25, 1870. 

— 302 — 

Yl. Edgar Crawford, bn. Dec. 16, 1871; died Oct. 19, 
1891. Seal clerk. Roman Cath- 

VI. Jessie Crawford, bn, Apr. 13, 1875. Roman Cath. 
VI. Cora Crawford, bn. Sept. 1, 1878. Roman Catb. 

V, R. H. Funk, bn. at Bridgewater, Va., Apr. 15, 1853. 
Mrd. Emma Williams, in 1880. P. O., Singers Glen, Va. 
Plasterer. Bap. No issue. 

IV. Samuel Funk, bn. in Rockingbam Co., Va., Nov. 
11, 1819. Mrd. Elizabeth Pennyweight, Nov. 2, 1843. P. O., 
Shelly, Tenn. Farmer. Meth. Children: John, Susan, 
Rebecca, Joseph, Mary, Benjamin, Addie, Bettie, Maggie, 
and infants. 

V. Rev. John P. Funk, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., Dec. 
2, 1846. In 1852 he removed to Tennessee, being an ardent 
southerner, and a strong believer in the doctrine of 
State Rights. He enlisted, when only 16 years old, as a 
private in the 43d Tenn. Regt., C. S. Army, and served 
until the close of the war. He was converted and joined 
the M. E. Church South, in Sept. 1866. Was licensed to 
preach in Sept. 1867. Joined the Tennessee conference 
of the M. E. Church South in Oct. 1872, and for 25 years 
has been a field hand, filling responsible stations in the 

On the 8th of December, 1868, he was married to 
Medora A. Woodward, of Lincoln Co., Tenn. P. O., Lee- 
ville, Tenn. Children: Viola, Thomas, Stella, Fred, Sam- 
uel, Kate, Lizzie, Mary. 

VI. Viola Virginia Funk, bn. in Lincoln Co., Tenn., 
Nov. 5, 1869. Mrd. John W. Hunter, Sept. 9, 1885. P. O., 
Sherman, Texas. Delivery man for wholesale grocery 
house. M. E. ch. So. Children: 

VII. Vinny Leal Hunter, bn. Oct. 13, 1886. 
VII. Mary F. Hunter, bn. Mar. 21, 1890. 
VII. Jean Hunter, bn. May 4, 1893. 

VII. Nora Frances Hunter. 

VI. Thomas O. Funk, bn. in Lincoln Co., Tenn., Aug. 
5, 1872. Is now (1893), a private in Co. A. Tenth Infantry 
at Santiago de Cuba, with Gen. Shafter. M. E. ch. So. 

VI. Stella Mai Funk, bn. Oct. 9, 1874. Mrd. Samuel 
Davidson Neeley, Oct. 9, 1895. P. O., Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 
M. E. ch. So. Children: 

— 303 — 

VII. Thelma Neeley, bn. Sept. 1, 1896. 
VII. Andrew Green Neeley, bn. Feb. 1898. 

VI. Fred H. Funk, bn. Sept. 20, 1878. Enlisted as a 
private in Co. A., 2d Tenn. Regt., U. S. V. Army, Camp 
Al^er, Va. Meth. E. So. 

Vl. Samuel McAlister Funk, ba. Dec. 22, 1884. Meth. 
Ep. ch. South. 

VI. Nannie Kate Funk, bn. Dec. 16, 1889. 

VI. Lizzie Lucilla Funk, bn. Jan. 28, 1892. 

VI. Mary Louisa Funk, bn. Sept. 28, 1896. 

V. Susan R. Funk, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Apr. 3, 
1849. Mrd. William J. Dallas, Jan. 28, 1879. P. C, Ar- 
lington, Tenn. Farmer. Meth. Children: 

VI. Freddie Dallas, bn. Feb. 15, 1880; died Feb. 25, 1880- 
VI. Lulah Dallas, bn. Feb. 3, 1881. 

VI. Eddie Dallas, bn. July 3, 1883. 

VI. Grover Dallas, bn. May 21, 1885. 

VI. Laura E. Dallas, bn. July 8, 1886. 

VI. John Lee Dallas, bn. Dec. 3, 1891. 

V. Rebecca Funk, bn. Mar. 9, 1851; died Apr. 14, 1880. 

V. Joseph H. Funk, bn. Jan. 17, 1853. Mrd. Mattie E. 
Shelton, Dec. 14, 1875. She died June 30, 1897. Joseph 
mrd. second wife, Drusie M. Bond, Aug. 29, 1899. P. O., 
Arlington, Tenn. Farmer. Meth. Children: 

VI. Luther M. Funk, bn. Sept. 29, 1877. 
VI. Virgie A. Funk, bn. Jan. 31, 1880. 
VI. Harvey R. Funk, bn. July 6, 1882. 
VI. John D. Funk, bn. Aug. 31, 1884. 

VI. Effle Lee Funk, bn. Nov. 28, 1887; died Oct. 26, 1889. 
VI. Manna D. Funk, bn. Feb. 2, 1890. 
VI. Samuel F. Funk, bn. Nov. 21, 1892. 

V. Mary F. Funk, bn in Jefferson Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 
1856. Mrd. Harvey N. Gragg, Dec. 18, 1875; he died May 
28, 1878. Farmer. 

Mary mrd. second husband, Thomas T. Fleming, Oct. 
14, 1880. P. O., Brunswick, Tenn. Mechanic. Meth. 

VI. Infant, still-born, Aug. 2, 1881. 
VI. Roy Fleming, bn. Jan. 4, 1883. 

VI. Dolph Fleming, bn. Sept. 28, 1884. 

— 304 — 

VI. Oliver DeWitt Fleming, bn. Apr. 10, 1887. 

VI. Samuel C. Fleming-, bn. June 6, 1889. 

VI, Thaddeus Alston Fleming, bn. Oct. 9, 1891. 

V. Rev. Benjamin David Funk, bn. in Jefferson Co., 
Tenn., Nov. 14, 1858. Mrd. Laura G. Postan, in 1890. P. O., 
Brunswick, Tenn. 

Mr. Funk was born in East Tennessee, where he lived 
with his parents until the close of the late rebellion, after 
which they moved to Middle Tennessee, remaining until 
1872, when they again moved, making their home in West 

His father having met with serious losses during the 
war he had but little opportunity to secure an education, 
but was brought up to do hard work on the farm. Thirst, 
ing for an education, however, when he became of age 
he went to work to secure the necessary means with 
which to fulfill his desires, and at the age of 26 he entered 
an educational institution, from which he graciuated in 
1888, with the degree of B. S. 

After graduation he was licensed as a local preacher 
in the Meth. Ep. ch. So., and has since served as local 
preacher, and also as a teacher, having at present charge 
of the High School at Brunswick, Tenn. One child: 

VI. Darsie Ville Funk. 

V. Addie E. Funk, bn. July 23, 1861; died Nov. 8, 1869. 

V. Bettie S. Funk, bn. July 10, 1864; died June 6, 1889. 

V. Maggie H. Funk, bn. Apr. 18, . S. P. O., Ar- 
lington, Tenn. 

V. Two infants, died unnamed. 

IV. Hannah Funk, bn. Jan. 22, 1821. Mrd. Jacob Baer. 
He died in 1871. P.O., Singers Glen, Va. Children: David, 
William, Joseph, Frederick. Jerome, Nella, Louie, Annie, 
and four children deceased. 

V. David Baer mrd. Bettie Groves. P. O., Purcell, 
I. T. Brick-mason. Presby. 

V. William Baer mrd. Mary Mustard. P. O., Lafay- 
ette, Ind. Brick-mason. Meth. Children: 

VI. Lena Baer. 

Vf. Lizzie Baer. 

— 305 — 

VI. Edwin Baer. 
VI. Susan Baer. 

V. Joseph Baer, mrd. Ella Ault. P. O., Buck Creek, 
Ind. Brick-mason. Meth. Children: 

VI. Beatrice Baer. 
VI. Louie Baer. 
Vi. Minnie Baer. 
VI. Oliver Baer. 

VI. Nina Baer, died Dec. 7, 18d9. 

Vi. La Vema Baer. 

VI. Charley Baer. 

VI. Paul Baer. 

V. Frederick Baer, mrd. Dorcas Shoemaker. P. O., 
Singers Glen, Va. Brick-mason. Bap. Children: 

VI. Beulah Baer. 
VI. Charley Baer. 

V. Rev. Jerome R. Baer, Singers Glen, Va. S. Bap. 

V. Nelia Baer mrd. James Pattee. P. O., Singers 
Glen, Va. Children: 

VI. Edith Pattee. 
VI. Boyd Pattee. 

V. Louie Baer, mrd. Joseph R. Funk. P. O., Singers 
Glen, Va. Farmer and stock dealer. Bap. Children: 

VI. Edith Gertrude Funk, attended school at HoUin's 
Institute. Her marriage to Dr. James L. Bowman was 
solemnized in the Baptist church at Singers Glen, on 
Monday evening, Dec. 13, 1809. The ceremony was per- 
formed by Rev. Jerome R. Baer, uncle of the bride. 

VI. Beatrice Funk. 
VI. Nellie Funk. 
VI. Mary Funk. 
VI. Josie Funk. 

V. Annie Baer, mrd. William C. Funk. P. C, Singers 
Glen, Va. Merchant. Bap. One child: 

VI. Pauline Funk, attended school at Hollin's In- 

IV. John Funk, bn. at Singers Glen, Va., Oct. 28, 1822. 
Mrd. Mary E. Swank, daughter of John Swank, Oct. 18, 
1855. P. O., Singers Glen, Va. Farmer. Missionary Bap. 
Children: Emma, Eudocla, Mary, Edwin, Minnie, Homer, 
Bessie, Joseph. 


— 306 — 

Mr. Funk's earlier days were spent on his father's 
farm. He then learned the trade of house joiner, which 
he followed for ten years, then bought the farm owned 
by, and where died, his grandfather, Henry Funk, near 
Singers Glen, Va., since which time he has engaged in 
farming and doing some mechanical work. 

V. Emma Jenetta Funk, bn. Sept. 15, 1856. 

V. Eudocia Gertrude Funk, bn. Feb. 15, 1859. 
V. Mary Alberta Funk, bn. Aug. 5, 1861, 

V. Edwin Wellons Funk, bn. Jan. 17, 1864. Mrd. 
Susie E. Glass, Dec. 23, 1890. P. O., Singers Glen, Va. 
Carpenter. Mr. F., U. B.; Mrs. F., Meth. One child: 

VI. Klngsley Willard Funk, bn. Feb. 7, 1898. 

V. Minnie Loula Antonetta Funk, bn. Dec. 16, 1867; 
died Mar. 27, 1869. 

V. Homer Funk, bn. May 16, 1871; died July 4, 1874. 

V. Bessie Ketura Funk, bn. Mar. 15, 1876. 

V. Joseph Earle Funk, bn. July 29, 1882. 

IV. Rev. Timothy Funk, bn. Jan. 29, 1824. Mrd. Susan 
Ruebush, July 28, 1850. She died at her home in Singers 
Glen, Va., May 26, 1895. Children: Mary J., Joseph R., 
William C. 

Timothy mrd. second wife, Agnes Mason, of Singers 
Glen, Va., Apr. 20, 1898. P. O., Singers Glen, Va. Bap. 
He was baptized in 1852, by Rev. John E. Massey, and was 
ordained to preach at Adid church. Nelson Co., Va., in 
1862. He and his brother Solomon Funk were known 
throughout the Valley of Virginia as teachers of vocal 
music. Timothy began teaching music in 1844, and taui^ht 
four years in succession, through the summer in SpotsyU 
vania and Caroline counties, Va., and during the winter 
in Rockingham and adjoining counties. He has engaged 
in this work more or less ever since, up to the present 
time (1899), though mostly by receiving pupils at his home. 

V. Mary J, Funk, mrd. Hon. John Acker. P. O., Edom, 
Va. Farmer and stock raiser. Bap. Children: 

VI. Claude Acker, graduate of the Dunsmore Busi- 
ness College, Staunton, Va. 

VI. Kate Acker, attended school at Burkeville, Va. 

— 307 — 

VI. Louie Acker. 

VI. Eva Acker. Louie and Eva are at present (1899) 
attending school at Rawling's Institute, Charlottesville, 

VI. John Acker. 

VI. Harry Acker. 

VI. Preston Acker. 

VI. Joseph Acker. 

VI. James Acker. 

V. Joseph R. Funk, mrd. Louie Baer. (See page 305.) 
V. "William C. Funk, mrd. Annie Baer. (See page 305.) 

IV. Rev. Solomon Funk, bn. Nov. 13, 1825; died June 
12, 1880. Mrd. Elizabeth Koiner, of Augusta Co., Va., 
May 13, 1856. She died Aug. 10, 1892. Mr. Funk, Bap.; 
Mrs. Funk, Lutheran. 

At an early age, Solomon, at the instance of his 
father, was apprenticed to learn the art of printing, and 
for several years followed this trade in Harrisonburg, 
Staunton, and New Market, Va. In 1847 his father 
founded the printing office at Singers Glen, which Solo- 
mon conducted for many years. He was well known 
throughout the Valley of Virginia as a teacher of vocal 

Early in life he became a member of the Methodist 
church, but afterwards united with the Baptist church, 
and was ordained a minister in that denomination in 
1869, and remained in the active service until the day of 
his death. He was a man of strong likes and dislikes, 
impulsive: a man of more than ordinary culture, abroad? 
grasping mind, generous to friend and fearless to foe; 
hence it is not strange that life to him was a success. 
Children: Minnie, Isadora. 

V. Minnie K. Funk, bn. Mar. 18, 1857; died Feb. 1864- 

V. Isadora Funk, bn. Dec. 8, 1858. Mrd. John S. Funk. 
{See Index of References^ yumher 9,) 

IV. Rev. Benjamin Funk, bn. Dec. 29, 1829. Mrd. 
Louisa Burkholder. She died . One child: 

V. Boyt H. Funk, mrd. Barbara S. Funk. P. O.. 
Singers Glen, Va. Teacher and farmer. Ger. Bap. Chil- 

— 308 — 

VI. Jessamine Louisa Funk. 

VI. James Quinter Funk. 

VI. Mary Funk. 

VI. William Funk. 

VI. Grace Wilhelmina Funk. 

Benjamin mrd. second wife, Mary Cowger. P. O., 
Singers Glen, Va. One child: 
V. A daughter, died young. 

Ml. Frances Funk, bn. ; died in Fairfield Co., Ohio, 

in 1845. Mrd. Henry Gulp, . He died in 1838. Buried 

on Daniel Funk's farm in Logan Go., Ohio. In the spring 
of 1830 Mr. Gulp set out on horseback to find a location 
for a home in the West. He came to Union township. 
Logan Co., Ohio, and entered 40 acres in the **f alien 
timber" district in the west side of the township, whither 
in 1831 he brought his family of about fifteen persons, in- 
cluding his son-in-law, Samuel Claytor, a widowed daugh- 
ter and her three children. They set out from Virginia 
with a three horse team, arrived in the fall, and put up 
in the cabin which had been prepared for them. 

Two sons, Joseph and Jacob, followed next year. They 
improved the 40 acres of government land which they 
had entered, and succeeded well in the new country. His 
occupation in Virginia was that of miller. Mcnn. Chil- 
dren: Joseph, Barbara, Jacob, Henry, Samuel, David, 
Christian, Frances, Nancy, Susan, Elizabeth. 

IV. Joseph Gulp, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 28, 
1800; died June 25, 1875. Mrd. Hannah Lincoln, Aug. 13, 
1829. She was bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 26, 1811: 
died Jan. 30, 1845. Moved to Logan Co., Ohio, in 1832. 
Miller while in Virginia, farmer in Ohio. Grer. Bap. 
Children: Infant, Infant, Reuben, Margaret, John, Jo- 
seph, Simon. 

Joseph mrd. second wife, Mary Ohmert, Oct. 21, 1845'. 
Children: Adam, Anna, Henry, Charlotte. 

V. Infant son, died June 23, 1830. 

V Infant, died Mar 16, 1831. 

V. Reuben Gulp, bo. in Rockingham Co., Va., Jan. 28, 

1832. Mrd. M. B. Schnaupers, . P. O., Eureka, 111- 

Farmer and stock raiser. Children: Ira, John, Ruth, Asa. 

— 309 — 

VI. Ira H. Gulp, bn. in Woodford Co., III., Jan. 9, 1862. 
Mrd. Kate Bradfield, July 6, 1888. P. O., 6743 Armour Ave., 
Engle wood, 111. Agt. for illuminating' oils. Campbellite. 

VII. Carl B. Gulp, bn. Oct. 28, 1889. 
VII. John D. Culp, bn. Nov. 16, 1891. 
VII. Susan M. Culp, bn. Dec. 12, 1893. 

VI. John R. Culp, bn. in Woodford Co., 111., Nov. 19, 
1863. S. Res., 5753 Armour Ave., Englewood, III. 

VI. Ruth M. Culp, bn. in Woodford Co., 111. Nov. 1, 
1868. Mrd. T. D. Hoyt. P. C, Eureka, 111. 

VI. Asa B. Culp, bn. Aug. 31, 1877. Mrd. Nellie V. 
Wilson, June 15, 1898. 

V. Margaret Catharine Culp, bn. Aug. 4, 1834; died in 
Logan Co., Ohio, Feb. 12, 1882. Mrd. Samuel Mohr, Jan. 
27, 1856. P. O., Redfield, Iowa. Parmer. Children: Han- 
nah, Charlotte, Flora, Victoria, Leroy, Carrie, Emma. 

Vi. Hannah H. Mohr, bn. Mar. 17, 1857. Mrd. Christian 

Miller. P. O., Herndon, Iowa. Well-digger. Children: 

VII. Elmore Miller. 
VII. Pearl Miller. 
VII. Guy Miller. 

VI. Charlotte A. Mohr, bn. Jan. 16, 1859. Mr*. F. M. 
Harper, Feb. 19, 1878. P. O., Twin Lakes, Iowa. Farmer. 
Meth. Children: 

VII. Olive Harper. 
VII. Ida Harper. 
VII. Bertha Harper. 
VII. Jennie Harper. 
VII. Harrison Harper. 
VII. Cora Harper. 

VI. Flora O. Mohr, bn. in Dallas Co., Iowa, Aug. 4, 1861. 
Mrd. William Erwin Lower, Dec. 24, 1885. P. O., Stuart, 
Iowa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Monroe Laveme Lower, bn. May 26, 1887. 
VII. Milo Samuel Lower, bn. Jan. 23, 1889. 
VII. Vera May Lower, bn. July 19, 1892. 

VII. Orval Ernest Lower, bn. Mar. 22, 1896. 

VI. Victoria E. Mohr, bn. Jan. 23, 1864. Mrd, George 
M. Lower. P. O., Redfield, Iowa. Farmer. Christian ch. 

— 310 — 

VII. Earl Lower. 

VII. Doyce Lower. 

VII. Blanche Lower. 

VII. Maud Lower. 

Vll. Dean Lower. 

VI. Leroy W. Mohr, bn. June 8, 1868; died Aug. 25, 1870. 

VI. Carrie M. Mohr, bn. Dec. 5, 1871. Mrd. William 
Lamb. P. O., Redfleld, Iowa. Farmer. One child: 

VII. Virgil Lamb. 

VI. Emma I. Mohr, bn. Sept. 26, 1874; died Mar. 1891. 

V. John Hiram Gulp, bn. in Logan Co , Ohio, Nov. 17, 
1836. Mrd. Sarah Hubble, Nov. 3, 1864. P. O., Eureka, 111. 

V. Joseph Culp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Oct. 6, 1840. 
Mrd. Jane Miller. P.O., Bellefontalne, Ohio. 

V. Simon Peter Culp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Jan. 10, 
1843. Enlisted in the 45th Regt., O, V. L, Co. E., and died 
at Lexington, Ky., Jan. 29, 1863. 

V. Adam Culp, bn. Apr. 25, 1847; died May 21, 1847. 

V. Anna Culp, bn. Oct. 11, 1848; died Sept. 12, 1860. 

V. Henry Culp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Feb. 27, 1850. 
Mrd. Nora A. Wood, Dec. 24, 1876. P. O., Quincy, Ohio. 
Farmer. Children: 

VI. Loren O. Culp, bn. June 19, 1878. 
VI. LeRoy D. Culp, bn. Feb. 28, 1880. 
VI. Winona M. Culp, bn. Aug. 13, 1884. 
VI. Leland G. Culp, bn. Oct. 7, 1891. 

V. Charlotte Culp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Aug. 23. 
1853. Mrd. David Miller, P.O.. Eureka, 111. Farmer! 
Christian ch. Children: 

VI. Lawrence O. Miller, bn. June 8, 1878. 
VI. Harvey A. Miller, bn. Nov. 8, 1879. 
VI. Homer D. Miller, bn. Feb. 18, 1882. 
VI. Arthur F. Miller, bn. Apr. 14, 1884. 
VI. Addie L. Miller, bn. Nov. 12, 1887. 
VI. Lester G. Miller, bn. Mar. 25, 1890. 
VI. Willie R. Miller, bn. Aug. 5, 1893. 

VI. Harold G. Miller, bn. Aug. 15, 1895. 

a 2 

— 311 — 

IV. Barbara Gulp, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., May 

25, 1802; died . Mrd. Daniel Garber, . BIack8mith. 

Ger. Bap. Children: Joseph, Susanna, Anna, Michael, 
Fanny, Daniel, Henry. 

V. Joseph Garber, bn. in Va., Nov. 3, 1821; died Oct. 
26, 1887. Mrd. Mahala Sheets, Feb. 12, 1843. She was bn. 
in North Carolina, Nov. 20, 1822. Blacksmith. Deacon, 
Ger. Bap. ch. Children: Mary, Susan, Sarah, Henry 
John, Joseph, Emma. 

VI. Mary M. Garber, bn. in Washing'ton Co., Tenn., 
Apr. 20, 1844. Mrd. Talton Woodie, Mar. 2, 1862. P.O., 
Transon, Ashe Co., N. C. Ger. Bap. Children: John, 
Theophilus, Henry, Joseph, George, Margaret, Mahala, 
Sarah, Freddie, Franklin, Charles. 

VII. Rev. John C. Woodie, bn. July 27, 1863. Mrd. Sa- 
rah J. Bare, Feb. 12, 1886. P. O., Scottsville, N. C. Min- 
ister of Ger. Bap. cb. Children: 

VIM. Freddie E. Woodie, bn. Dec, 1886. 

VIII. Felix M. Woodie, bn. Sept., 1888. 
Vlli. Lulu M. Woodie, bn. Sept., 1890. 

VII. Theophilus A. Woodie, bn. Jan. 17, 1866. Mrd. 
Laura A. Blevins, Dec. 12, 1890. P. O., Transon, N. C. 
One child: 

VIII. Benjamin F. Woodie, bn. Jan. 2, 1892. 

VII. Henry J. Woodie, bn. Feb. 9, 1868. Mrd. Manda 
M. Sheets, Dec. 30, 1888. P. O., Transon, N. C. Farmer. 

VIII. Lannie E. Woodie, bn. July 29, 1890. 
Vlll. Freddie E. Woodie, bn. Sept. 23, 1891. 

VII. Joseph L. Woodie, bn. Nov. 13, 1870; died July 
6, 1874. 

VII. George A. Woodie, bn. Feb. 5, 1873; died July 

22, 1874. 

VII. Margaret E. J. Woodie, bn. May 2, 1875. 

VII. Mahala F. Woodie, bn. Nov. 7, 1877. 
VII. Sarah N. Woodie, bn. Feb. 12, 1880; died Nov. 
10, 1887. 

VII. Freddie A. Woodie, bn. Oct. 6, 1882; died Apr. 

23, 1884. 

VII. Franklin M. Woodie, bn. Feb. 17, 1886; died Sept. 
17, 1886. 

— 312 — 

VII. Charles E. Woodic, bn. Oct. 3, 1878. 

VI. Susan L. Garber, bn. in Tennessee, June 4, 1846. 
Mrd. Perry Templeton, dec'd, Mar. 1, 1871. One son, John. 
Susan mrd. second husband, W. P. Thomasson, in 1873. 
P. O., Parsons, Kan. Farmer. Christian ch. Children: 
Fred, Corda, Herbert, Joseph, Lulu, Herman. 

VII. John L. Templeton, mrd. Anna Radcliffe. P. O., 
Parsons, Kan. Farmer. Christian ch. Children: 

VIII. Austin Templeton. 
VI 11. Perry Templeton. 

VIII, Ruth Mabel Templeton. 

VII. Fred A. Thomasson, bn. Aug. 29, 1874. 

VII. Corda Alice Thomasson, bn. Feb. 9, 1878. Mrd. 
O. B. Dakeen. P. O., Parsons, Kan. Railroader. Chris- 
tian church. 

VII. Herbert E. Thomasson, bn. Apr. 2, 1880; died 
Apr. 22, 1881. 

VII. Joseph Franklin Thomasson, bn. Feb. 12, 1883. 

VII. Willie E. Thomasson, bn. Dec. 24, 1884. 

VII. Lulu E. Thomasson, bn. Jan. 15, 1887. 

VII. Herman Ray Thomasson, bn. Nov. 23, 1888; died 
July 9, 1897, from injuries inflicted by a horse. 

VI. Sarah F. Garber, bn. in Ashe Co., N. C, Mar. 1, 
1851. Mrd. James Makemson, Oct. 5, 1871. P. O., Parsons, 
Kan. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Cora, Anna, Eflfa, 
Austa, Lula. 

VII. Cora Makemson, bn. in Neosho Co., Kan.', July 
27, 1872. Mrd. C. L. Cornelius, Nov. 1, 1888. Children: 

VIII. Hazel Cornelius, bn. Aug. 7, 1892. 
VIII. Ruth F. Cornelius, bn. Oct. 20, 1895. 

VII. Anna M. Makemson, bn. July 8, 1874; died Oct. 
3, 1876. 

VII. Effa M. Makemson, bn. May 21, 1879; died Nov. 
25, 1880. 

VII. Austa M. Makemson, bn. Mar. 17, 1881; died Nov. 
22, 1892. 

VII. Lula M. Makemson, bn. Nov. 10, 1884. 

VI. Henry M. Garber, bn. in North Carolina, Feb. 13, 
1853. Mrd. Hattie Gumming^, in 1872. P. O., Parsons, 
Kan. Railroader. Children: 

— 313 — 

VII. Harry Garber. 
VII. Myrtle Garber. 

VI. John M. Garber, bn. June 30, 1855; died July 5, 1859. 

VI. Joseph A. Garber, bn. in North Carolina, Oct. 27, 
1857; died Dec, 1890. Mrd. Mary C. Hoover, in 1878. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Fred Garber. 
VII. Willie Garber. 
VII. Eva Garber. 
VII. Charley Garber. 
VII. Garber, dec*d. 

VI. Emma J. Garber, bn. in North Carolina, Aug, 13, 
1864. Mrd. William Field, July 30, 1883. P. O , Parsons, 
Kan. Railroader. Christian ch. Children: 

VII. Bertha M. Field, bn. May 6, 1884. 
VII. Oscar C. Field, bn. Jan. 225, 1889. 

VII. Rushton Holmes Field, bn. May 22, 1893. 

V. Susanna Garber, bn. Jan. 31, 1823: died in 1882. 
Mrd. Jacob Detrlck, about 1840. He was bn. in Va., in 
1815; died in 1893. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Martin, 
Philip, Jonas, Joseph, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth, An- 
drew, Alice. 

VI. Martin Detrick, bn. in 1842. Mrd. Fannie Coover. 
P. O., Hagerman, Darke Co., Ohio. Two children. 

VI. Philip J. Detrick, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Sept. 2, 
1844. Mrd. Alice Milner. P. O., Gretna, Ohio. Farmer. 
Progressive Brethren ch. Children: 

VII. J. W. Detrick, bn. in 1868. P. O., Gretna, Ohio. 
Farmer and carpenter. Meth. S. 

VII. Addle B. Detrick, bn. in 1876. Progressive 
Breth. ch. S. 

VI. Jonas M. Detrick, bn. in 1847. Mrd. Allie Steven- 
son. P. O., Cabool, Texas Co., Mo., Children: 

VII. Harry Detrick. 
VII. Bessie Detrick. 
VII. Detrick. 

VI. Joseph Detrick, bn. In Logan Co., Ohio, June 1850; 
died Jan. 7, 1891. Mrd. Ella E. Rice, Sept. 1881. Farmer. 

— 314 — 

VII. Erwin Orion Detrick, bn. Aug. 27, 1882. 
VII. Frankie Fern Detrick, bn. Aug. 9, 1888. 

VI. Mary F. Detrick, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Aug. 26, 
1852. Mrd. John C. Ohmart, Dec. 17, 1874. P. O., Parsons, 
Kan. Christian ch. Children: 

VII. Delta May Ohmart, bn. Jan. 26, 1876. Christian 

VII. Carrie Alice Ohmart, bn. Aug. 24, 1882. Chris- 
tian church. 

VII. Iva Belle Ohmart, bn. Sept. 27, 1884. Christian ch. 

VI. Margaret Detrick, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Mar. 
5, 1856. Mrd. Palmer E. Hoover, Dec. 24, 1878. P. O., 
Bellefontaine, Ohio. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Iva Myrtle Hoover, bn. Oct. 30, 1884. 

VII. Clarence Detrick Hoover, bn. Mar. 15, 1886. 
VII. Hazel Belle Hoover, bn. June 20, 1887. 
VII. Alpheus May Hoover, bn. Jan. 1, 1890. 

VI. Elizabeth Detrick, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Jan. 
20, 1858. Mrd. Charles W. Harvey, Oct. 1, 1891. P. C, 
Gretna, Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. One child: 

VII. Zelma Florence Harvey, bn. Nov. 2, 1893. 

VI. Andrew J. Detrick, bn. in 1860. Mrd. Jennie 
Mohr. P. O., Gretna, Ohio. Two children. 

VI. Alice Detrick. bn. in 1866. Mrd. Kief er Jay. P. O., 
Converse, Ind. Three children, one dec'd. 

V. AnnaGarber, bn. Sept. 11, 1824; died . Mrd. 

. Had one daughter, died in Indiana. 

V. Michael Garber, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Apr. 30, 
1826; died near Somerset, Wabash Co., Ind., July 12, 1884. 
Mrd. Sarah Detrick, Oct. 15, 1848. She was bn. in Logan 
Co., Ohio; died near Somerset, Ind., July 8, 1897. Wheel- 
wright. Ger. Bap. Children: Malinda, Elizabeth, Philip, 
Francis, Lucinda, Henry, Samuel. 

VI. Malinda E. Garber, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Jan. 
26, 1851 Mrd. John W. Kaylor, Mar. 9, 1873. P. O., Belle- 
fontaine, Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Rolla W. Kaylor, bn. Apr. 28, 1877. 
VII. Harry F. Kaylor, bn. Feb. 3, 1880. 
VII. Clyde C. Kaylor, bn. Nov. 20, 188L 
VII. Bessie M. Kaylor, bn. Oct. 26, 1883. 

— 315 - 

Vfl. Joseph Michael H. Kaylor, bn. Aug. 4, 1890. 

VI. Elizabeth E. Garber, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Mar. 
13, 1853. Mrd. John E. Rood, May 7, 1885. P. O., Urbana, 
Wabash Co., Ind. Farmer- Friends. Children: 

VII. Nellie B. Rood, bn. Mar. 18, 1886. 
VII. Franklin E. Rood, bn. Oct. 23, 1887. 
VII. Sarah E. Rood, bn. Aug. 13, 1889. 

VI. Philip Garber, mrd. . Said he was going to 

Alaska, but as he has never been heard from since, is 
supposed to have been killed in a snow slide, 1898. 

VI. Francis Garber, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Sept. 16, 
1861. Mrd. Marguerite Callahan, July 27, 1887. P. O., 
Clinton, Iowa. Car repairer. Roman Cath. Children: 

VII. Mary Alice Garber, bn. Dec. 20, 1888; died Nov. 
7, 1889. 

VII. Loretta Garber, bn. Jan. 23, 1891; died August 
25, 1891. 

VII. Christopher Joseph Garber, bn. Dec. 25, 1891. 

VI. Lucinda R. Garber, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, June 
16, 1865. Mrd. Alonzo Crumrine, July 18, 1885. P. O., Som- 
erset, Ind. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Lulu May Crumrine, bn. Oct. 18, 1890. 

VII. Noah Franklin Crumrine, bn. Dec. 12, 1891. 
VII. Philip Lee and Carrie Maree Crumrine (twins), 
bn. Feb. 17, 1897. 

VI. Henry M. Garber, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio. Mrd* 
Cora Morral. P. O., Peru, Ind. Cabinet maker. Children: 

VII. Pratt Garber, bn. July, 1896. 
VII. Alice Garber, bn. Aug., 1898. 

VI. Samuel Garber, bn. in Delaware Co., Ind , Apr. 13, 
1870. Mrd. Maggie McDonnell, Nov. 28, 1891. P. O., Clin- 
ton, Iowa. Night watchman and engineer. Roman Cath. 

VII. John Edward Garber, bn. Dec. 19, 1892. 

VII. Marguerite Thressie Garber, bn. Feb. 6, 1895. 
VII. Mary Isabella Garber, bn. May 15, 1897. 

V. Fannie Garber, bn. Dec. 15, 1827. Mrd. Zachariah 
Kurtz, Mar. 6, 1865. He died Apr. 28, 1858. Farmer. One 
child: Sarah. 

— 316 — 

Fannie tnrd. second husband, Henry J. Van Meter, 
Dec. 31, 1863. He died June 15, 1886. Farmer. Mrs. Van 
Meter, Ger. Bap. Children: Susanna, Elizabeth, Calvin, 

VI. Sarah J. Kurtz, bn. Sept. 21, 1857. Mrd. William 
A. Brunson, July 23, 1885. P. C, West Liberty, Ohio. 
Farmer. Children: 

VII. Harley T. Brunson, bn. June 5, 1886; died Sept. 
21, 1886. 

VII. Harry M. Brunson, bn. Sept. 23, 1887. 
VII. Roy E. Brunson, bn. Apr. 26, 1889. 

VI. Susanna R. Van Meter, bn. July 8, 1865. Mrd. 
Cyrus Rogers, Aug. 23, 1883. P.O., West Liberty, Ohio. 
Farmer. Christian ch. Children: 

VII. Carrie B. Rogers, bn. Sept. 21, 1884. 
VII. Ora Rogers, bn. Mar. 31, 1886. 

VII. Ettie M. Rogers, bn. Nov. 24, 1887. 
VII. Maggie M. Rogers, bn. Jan. 31, 1890; died August 
24, 1890. 

VI. Elizabeth F. Van Meter, bn. July 18, 1867. Mrd. 
Harley D. Strayer, Mar. 3, 1888. P. O., Bellefontaine 
Ohio. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Claude Strayer, bn. Sept. 25, 1889. 
VII. Ray Strayer, bn. Jan. 31, 1891. 

VI. Calvin H. Van Meter, bn. Dec. 31, 1868; died Aug 
11, 1889. 

VI. Jonas M. Van Meter, bn. Mar. 6, 1871. P. O , 
Bellefontaine, Ohio. Farm laborer. 

V. Daniel Garber, bn. Feb. 14, 1829. Volunteered 
under Captain John O brent, as a private soldier in the 
U. S. army, during the war with Mexico, and died in Mex- 
ico in 1848, or about the close of the war. 

V. Rev. Henry Garber, bn. Feb. 12, 1831. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Short, in Washington Co., Tenn., Jan. 6, 1861. West 
Liberty, Ohio. Carpenter and minister of the Ger. Bap. 
ch. Children: Mary, Mahala, Sarah, Susanna, Joseph, 
Melvina, Rebecca, Martha. 

VI. Mary M. Garber, bn. in East Tenn., Oct. 26, 1851. 
Mrd. R. H. Forsythe, in Springfield, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1873. 
P. O., West Liberty, Ohio. Meth. No issue. 

— 317 — 

VI. Mahala Frances Garber, bn. in East Tenn., July 1, 
1853. Mrd. Georg^e W. Kelley, in West Liberty, Ohio, May 
26, 1872. P.O., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Carpenter. 
Meth. Children: 

Yll. Eunice Florence Kelley, bn. in West Liberty, 
Ohio, Aug. 8, 1873. Mrd. Will Murray. P. O., Goshen, Ind. 

VII. Inez Kelley, bn. Dec. 18, 1874; died Dec. 31, 1874. 
VII. Victor H. Kelley, bn. May 22, 1876. 

VII. Bay S. Kelley, bn. Sept. 3, 1879; died Jan. 28, 1885. 
VII. Charles Kelley, bn. Apr. 25, 1882. 
VII. Virgio May Kelley, bn. Sept. 11, 1889; died Sept. 
21, 1891. 

VI. Sarah Margaret Garber, bn. Jan. 22, 1855, in Tenn. 
Mrd. H. L. Ketchen, Nov. 25, 1880. P. O., West Liberty, 
Ohio. Groceryman. Meth. No issue. 

VI. S usanna Garber, bn. June 6, 1856; died Feb. 27, 1874 

VI. Joseph B. Garber, bn. in Ashe Co., N. C, May 20, 
1858. Mrd. Ella Brooks, in Kansas, May 16, 1888. P. O., 
Genesea, Kan. Parmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Garber, bn. June 2, 1889. 
VII. Edna May Garber, bn. July 14, 1890. 

VII. Chester Garber, bn. Nov. 23, 1891. 

VI. Malvina America Garber, bn. July 13, I860: died 
Oct. 1, 1868. 

VI. Bebecca Jane Garber, bn. in Ashe Co., N. C, May 
6, 1862. 

VI. Martha Garber, bn. Aug. 7, 1865; died Feb. 27, 1874. 

IV. Jacob Culp, mrd. . Son: 

V. Wm. P. Culp. P. O., Sulphur Springs, Henry 
Co., Ind. 

IV. Henry Culp, bn. in Virginia, Sept. 20, 1809; died in 
Illinois, July 11, 1881. Mrd. Mary Powell. She was born 
in Delaware in 1813, died in Illinois in 1875. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. Children: Sarah, David, Mary, William, James, 
Martha, Margaret, Nancy, Isaac, Henry, Marshall, Willis, 
Bosella, Joseph. 

V. Sarah F. Culp, bn. in 1832; died in 1834. 

V. Bev. David Culp, bn. Apr. 3, 1834; died Feb. 25, 
1884. Mrd. Martha Johnson. Son: 

— 318 — 

Yl. Dr. T. W. Gulp. P. O., Pomona, 111. 

Y. Mary A. Gulp, bn. Aug. 30, 1835. Mrd. Alfred 

Peak, . He died . Mary mrd. second husband, 

Nusbaum. P. O., Jonesborough, 111. 

V. William H. Gulp, bn. in 1837; died in 1838. 

Y. James R. Gulp, bn. Feb. 21, 1839; was killed at the 
battle of Bellemont, Sept. 7, 1861. Mrd. Jane Brooks. Son: 

Yl. F. J. Gulp. P. O., Western Saratoga, III. 

V. Martha J. Gulp, bn. in 1840; died in 1853. 

Y. Margaret Gulp, bn. Sept. 14. 1842; died in 1875. Mrd. 
Geo. Casper. 

Y. Nancy G. Gulp, bn. in 1844; died in 1845. 

Y. Isaac S. Gulp, bn. in 1845; died in 1854. 

Y. Henry G. Gulp, bn. in 1847; died in 1852. 

Y. Marshall Gulp, bn. Jan. 13, 1850. Mrd. Sarah J. 
Brooks, Apr. 25, 1872. P. O., Anna, 111. 

Y. Willis W. Gulp, bn. in 1851; died in 1852. 

Y. Rosella Gulp, bn. Nov. 10, 1854. Mrd. A. J. Ranch, 
June 17,1875. P. O., Anna, III. Missionary Bap. Ghildren: 

Yl. William E. Ranch, bn. Apr. 25, 1877. 

Yl. Glinton E. Ranch, bn. July 3, 1879: died January 
7, 1881. 

VI. Mary L. Ranch, bn. Jan. 29, 1882. 
VI. James L. Ranch, bn. Oct. 6, 1883. 
VI. Charles M. Ranch, bn. July 28, 1887. 
VI. Van R. Ranch, bn. Aug. 11, 1889. 

V. Joseph Gulp, bn. Oct. 10, 1850. Mrd. Mary J. Eaves, 
P. O., Anna, 111. Farmer. Bap, Children: 

VI. Clifton U. Gulp, bn. in 1883. 

VI. Edith Gulp, bn. in 1885: died in 1895. 
Yl. P]ddie, Freddie, and Fannie Gulp (triplets), bn. 
Mar. 26, 1887; died July, 1887. 

VI. Watson W. Gulp, bn. in 1890. 

IV. Samuel Culp, dec'd. Mrd. Mary Hufford. Children: 

V. Margaret Gulp, mrd. Blosser. P. O., Logan 

or Stratsville, Hocking Co., Ohio. 

V. A daughter. 

— 319 — 

lY. David Gulp, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Sept. 30, 
1813; died Mar. 31, 1886, aged 72 years, 6 months and 1 day. 
Mrd. Catharine Mohr, Aug. 12, 1841. Farmer. Mr. Culp 
came with his parents to Liogan Co., Ohio, in 1831. He 
worked by the month for some time in the vicinity of his 
early home. After marriage he purchased 50 acres of 
land, which he improved and lived upon for 16 years, and 
which he sold in 1857, and then bought a farm of 160 acres 
on which he built a good brick residence. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Frederick, George, John, Christopher, Aaron, 
Joseph, Mary, Martha, Franklin, Andrew. 

Y. Rev. Frederick Culp, bn. July 29, 1842. Mrd. Caro- 
lioe J. Roof, of Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 4, 1866. P. O., 
Lee ton, Mo. Farmer and minister, German Baptist, or- 
dained to the ministry in Oct. 1870. Children: David, 
Mary, Ida. 

Yl. David S. Culp, bn. Apr. 19. 1867. Mrd. Mattie A. 
Stone, of Leeton, Mo., Feb. 16, 1888. P. O., Leeton, Mo. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. One child: 

VII. Clarence S. Culp, bn. Jan. 4, 1889. 

Yl. Mary Ann Culp, bn. Dec. 22, 1871. Mrd. C. M. 
Mohler, Nov. 27, 1889. P. O., Clinton, Mo. Machinist. 
Ger. Bap. Children: 

YII. Eva C. Mohler, bn. Sept. 22, 1890; died Aug. 3, 1891. 

Yll. Delmar Mohler, bn. Apr. 17, 1892. 

YII. Lawson Mohler, bn. and died Sept. 3, 1894. 

Yll. Lawrence Mohler, bn. Apr. 15, 1896. 

Yl. Ida M. Culp, bn. Dec. 7, 1873. Mrd. John L. Stone, 
Sept. 22, 1892. P. O., Leeton, Mo. Children: 
VII. Viona Stone, bn. Feb. 13, 1894. 
VII. Florence W. Stone, bn. Dec. 12, 1895. 
Yll. Glen Stone, bn. Nov. 23, 1897. 

v. George Culp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Oct. 16, 1844; 
died May 12, 1892. Mrd. Mary Kerr, of Logan Co., Ohio, 
Oct. 13, 1867. P. O., Bellefontaine, Ohio. Ger. Bap. Chil- 
dren: Laura, Addle, David. 

Yl. Laura Culp, bn. Jan. 14, 1871. Mrd. Frank I. Gray? 
of Logan Co., Ohio, June 26, 1890. Farmer. Luth. One 

VII. Gertrude Addie Gray, bn. Feb. 4, 1892. 

Yl. Addie Culp, bn. Dec. 23, 1872. 

— 320 -^ 

VI. David Gulp, bn. Mar. 30, 1877. 

V. John Gulp, bn. in Logan Go., Ohio, Oct, 6, 1846. 
Mrd. Mary A. Miller, daughter of Abram and Anna Miller, 
of Allen Co., Ohio, Nov. 29. 1871. She was bn. Mar. 28, 1852. 
Mr. Gulp emigrated to Missouri in 1870, and Mrs, Gulp 
came thither with her parents In 1871. Mr. Gulp is the 
author of two pamphlets entitled, "The Personal Ministry 
of the Gospel," and "Downfall of the Political System of 
the World.'* He was formerly occupied in agricultural 
pursuits, but is at present proprietor of Elevator Roller 
Mills at Warrensburg, Mo. Ger. Bap. Ghildren: Lizzie, 
Jesse, Abram, David, Lottie, Hattie. 

VI. Lizzie C. Gulp, bn. at Warrensburg, Mo., Oct. 29, 
1872. Mrd. Milton Rlggle, Aug. 27, 1889. P. O., Warrens- 
burg, Mo. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Ethel May Higgle, bn. Aug. 11, 1892; died June 
21, 1893. 

VII. Earl Jesse Higgle, bn. April 6, 1894; died Sept. 
1, 1894. 

VII. John Leslie Higgle, bn. Nov. 11, 1895. 

VII. Floyd and Forest Higgle, (twins), bn. June 5, 1898. 

VI. Jesse J. Culp, bn. July 14, 1875. 

VI. Abram B. Gulp, bn. May 4, 1877. 

VI. David D. Gulp, bn. June 24, 1879. 

VI. Lottie N. Culp, bn. Aug. 2, 1881. 

VI. Hattie Adelia Culp, bn. July 13, 1889. 

V. Christopher Culp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, July 4, 
1849. Mrd. Mary A. Roof. She was bn. in Rockingham 
Co., Va., Sept. IB, 1852, and went to Ohio during the civil 
war. P. O., Belief on taine, Ohio. Farmer. Ghildren: 

VI. Ettie Culp, bn. Oct. 28, 1872; died Sept 14, 1882. 
VI. William D. Culp, bn. April 10, 1874; died August 

1, 1875. 

VI. Annie Gulp, bn. Oct. 26, 1875. 

VI. Catharine Culp, bn. Sept. 8, 1877; died August 
31, 1882. 

VI. John Culp, bn. Feb. 11, 1880. 

VI. Marion Culp, bn. Dec. 8, 1881; died Feb. 14, 1882. 

VI. George Culp, bn. Apr. 5, 1883. 

VI. Silas Culp, bn. Nov. 17, 1885. 

— 321 — 

VI. Harry Gulp, bn. Dec. 31, 1887; died July 27, 1888. 
VI. Daniel Gulp, bn. May 5, 1889. 

V. Aaron Gulp, bn. in Log'an Go. , Ohio, Oct. 30, . 

Mrd. Elizabeth Miller, Mar. 9, 1873. P. O., Leeton, Mo. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Ghildren: 

VI. Gharles F. Gulp, bn. Apr. 5, 1874. Ger. Bap. 
VI. Minnie I. Gulp, bn. Feb. 6, 1876. 

VI. Martha A. Gulp, bn. Mar. 12, 1878. 
VI. Ezra J. Gulp, bn. Aug. 27, 1881. 
VI. Lizzie O. Gulp, bn. Oct. 29, 1890. 

V. Joseph Gulp, bn. Mar. 6, 1852; died Feb. 24, 1874. S. 

V. Mary Gulp, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, May 22, 1854. 
Mrd. John D. Kaylor, Oct. 16, 1873. P. O., Bellefontaine, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ghildren: 

VI. Ida May Kaylor, bn. Aug. 19, 1875. 
VI. Glarence D. Kaylor, bn. Sept. 6, 1879. 

V. Martha A. Gulp, bn. in Logan Go., Ohio, Apr. 13, 
1856. Mrd. J. E. Bosserman, Feb. 7, 1878. P. O., Leeton, 
Mo. Farmer. Ghildren: 

VI. Daniel G. Bosserman, bn. Aug. 18, 1879. 
VI. ZiLpah A. Bosserman, bn. Apr. 28, 1881. 

V. Franklin Gulp, bn. in Logan Go., Ohio, Oct. 1858. 
Mrd. Mary E. March, Nov. 83, 1882. P. O., Bellefontaine, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Ghildren: 

VI. Garrie E. Gulp, bn. June 11, 1884. 

VI. lola G. Gulp, bn. Apr. 11, 1886; died Nov. 25, 1886. 
VI. Earl Gulp, bn. Nov. 8, 1887. 

V. Andrew Gulp, mrd. Sophia Berner, . P. O., 

Bellefontaine, Ohio. Farmer. Ghildren: 

VI. Emery Gulp. 
VI. Edna Gulp. 

IV. Rev. Ghristian Gulp, bn. in Rockingham Go., Va., 
Mar. 20, 1825; died Jan. 5, 1883. Mrd. Elizabeth Good, 
Nov. 30, 1837. She died Jan. 7, 1892, aged 78 years, 7 
months and 6 days. At the age of 17 years, Mr. Gulp 
came with his parents to Logan Go., Ohio. Several years 
later he went to Fairfield Go., where he married. In 1846 
he was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church, 
which calling he filled for about 36 years. In 1852 he 
removed with his family to Allen Go., Ohio, where he 


— 322 — 

resided until his death. Children: David, Noah, Magda- 
iena, Fannie, Nancy, Anna, Susanna, Sophia, Elizabeth, 

V. David Culp, bn. Oct. 10, 1838. Mrd. Nancy Bren- 

neman, . P. O., Elida, Ohio. Menu. Children: John, 

Elizabeth, Emma, Nancy, Malinda, Christian, Ellen, Cora, 
Martha, Sarah, Lena. 

VI. John B. Culp, bn. June 11, 1862. Mrd. Anna Se- 
man, . P. O., Elida, Ohio. Blacksmith. Children: 

VII. Lester Culp. 

VII. Odessa Fay Culp. 

VI. Elizabeth A. Culp, bn. June 30, 1864; died Oct. 
10, 1880. 

VI. Emma J. Culp, bn. Oct. 8, 1866. Mrd. Samuel 
Moore, . P. O., Elida, Ohio. Truckman. Menu. No 


VI. Nancy C. Culp, bn. Feb. 10, 1869. Mrd. Moses D. 
Evers, . P. O., Elida, Ohio. Farmer. Menn. Chil- 

VII. John David Evers, dec'd. 
VII. Dorothy Evers. 

VI. Malinda A. Culp, bn. Aug. 26, 1871. Menn. 

VI. Christian Culp, bn. Nov. 14, 1873. 

VI. Ellen M. Culp, bn. Dec. U, 1875: died Sept. 26, 1884. 

VI. Cora M. Culp, bn. May 22, 1878. 

VI. Martha M. Culp, bn. Mar. 13, 1881. 

VI. Sarah E. Culp, bn. Sept. 9, 1883. 

VI. Lena F. Culp, bn. Oct. 22, 1886. 

V. Noah Culp, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Jan. 27, 1840. 
Mrd. Elizabeth L. Ashbaugh, of Hocking Co., Ohio, Oct. 
19, 1862. P. O., Woodbridge, Cal. Blacksmith. U. B. 
Children: James, Clara. 

VI. James Elmer Culp, bn. June 1, 1865. 

VI. Clara Alice Culp, bn. Sept. 18, 1867. Mrd. Edward 

Drieshman, . Res. 15, 13th St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Blacksmith. U. B. Children: 

VII. Earl Cleveland Drieshman. 
VII. Lena May Drieshman. 

VII. Ola Bessie Drieshman. 

— 323 - 

Vil. Clara Pearl Drieshman. 
Yll. Ruby Papoence Drieshman. 

Y. Ma^dalena Gulp, bn. in Hocking Co., Ohio, July 
20, 1841. Mrd. John Hawthorne, Feb. 25, 1868. He was 
bn. in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 9, 1841. Removed with 
his parents to Clark Co., Ohio, in 1854. Mrs. Hawthorne 
removed to Allen Co., Ohio, with her parents when ten 
years old, and went to Clark Co., in 1866. P. O., Osborn, 
Ohio. Menn. No issue. 

V. Fannie Gulp, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Feb. 10, 
1843. Mrd. Anthony Miller, Oct, 27, 1863. P. O., Lima, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Elizabeth, Emanuel, 
Margaret, Noah, Christian, Mary, Lucetta, Ephraim, 
Lievi, Martha. 

Yl. Elizabeth Miller, bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, Mar. 8, 

1865. Mrd. John F. Miller, Dec. 20, 1882. P. O., Lima, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

Yll. Fannie May Miller, bn. Nov. 20, 1883. 

VII. Mary Etta Miller, bn. May 5, 1885. 

Yll. Laura Catharine Miller, bn. Oct. 1, 1886; died 

Apr. 2, 1888. 

VII. Aaron A. Miller, bn. Oct. 2, 1888. 

VII. Frederick Anthony Miller, bn. May 26, 1891. 

VII. Marion Henry Miller, bn. Mar. 13, 1893. 

VI. Emanuel Miller, bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, Mar. 9, 

1866. Mrd. Mary A. Cook, Sept. 10, 1887. P. O., Lima, 
Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

Yll. Isaac Anthony Miller, bn. July 14, 1888. 

VII. Huldah Barbara Miller, bn. Apr. 9, 1890. 

VI. Margaret Miller, bn. June 25, 1867; died August 
14, 1867. 

VI. Noah Miller, bn. Sept. 29, 1868. 

VI. Christian Miller, bn. Oct. 28, 1869. 

VI. Mary Miller, bn. Apr. 7, 1871. 

VI. Lucetta Miller, bn. Nov. 7, 1872. 

VI. Ephraim Miller, bn. Sept. 4, 1874. 

Yl. Levi Miller, bn. Dec. 28, 1879. 

VI. Martha Miller, bn. Sept. 20. 1883. 

V. Nancy Gulp, bn. July 14, 1845. Mrd. John Shank, 
I>ec. 19 1867. P. O., Columbus Grove, Ohio. Farmer, 

— 324 — 

Menn. Children : David, Elizabeth, Sophia, Christian, 
Emma, Mary, Nancy. 

VI. David C. Shank, bn. Dec. 8, 1869. Mrd. Fannie A. 
Basinger, Apr. 19, 1892. P. O., Pandora, Ohio. Sawyer 
and thresher. 

Yl. Elizabeth A. Shank, bn. July 20, 1871. Mrd. Amos 
Aug-sburger, Dec. 19, 1893. Farmer. One child: 

VII. Raymond Augsburger, bn. Oct. 15, 1895. 

VI. Sophia F. Shank, bn. Oct. 15, 1873. Mrd. Rufus 
Basin ger, Dec. 24, 1895. Mechanic. One child: 

VII. Lester Basinger, bn. May 17, 1897. 

VI. Christian Shank, bn. May 14, 1875. 

VI. Emma J. Shank, bn. Aug. 24, 1877. 

VI. Mary E. Shank, bn. June 30, 1879. 

VI. Nancy A. Shank, bn. Oct. 2, 1885; died May 8, 1893. 

V. Anna Culp, bn. Sept. 7, 1846. Mrd. Ephraim How- 
ard. He died Aug. 4, 1887. P. O., Scotts Crossing, Ohio. 
Breth. in Christ. Children: Christian, Edwin, Samuel, 
Ida, Elias, Fannie, Benjamin, Judith, Ephraim, Anna, 

VI. Christian E. Howard, bn. July 31, 1868. Mrd. Etta 
Roberts, Oct. 30, 1890. P. O., Fort Wayne, Ind. Carpen- 
ter. Meth. One child: 

VII. Earl E. Howard, bn. Dec. 24, 1892. 

VI. Edwiii S. Howard, bn. Oct. 15, 1869. Mrd. Maggie 
C. Drum, Aug. 6, 1892. P. O., Curryville, Ind. Farmer. 

VII. Chester Iven Howard, bn. Nov. 16, 1894. 
VII. Merrit Wayne Howard, bn. Sept. 9, 1896. 

VI. Samuel W. Howard, bn. Jan. 2, 1871. Mrd. Allie 
Shady, Sept. 4, 1892. P. O., Decatur, Ind. Sawyer. 

VI. Ida S. Howard, bn. Mar. 25, 1872. Mrd. James M- 
Ernst, Oct. 30, 1890. P. O., Peterson, Ind. Carpenter. 
Brethren in Christ ch. One child: 

VII. Murlen L. Ernst, bn. Sept. 21, 1891. 

VI. Elias M. Howard, bn. Mar. 7, 1874. P. O., Scotts 
Crossing, Ohio. Farmer. 

VI. Fannie B. Howard, bn. May 2, 1875. P. O., Scotts 
Crossing, Ohio. Christian ch. S. 

— 32ft — 

VI. Benjamin P. Howard, bn. Mar. 30, 1877. 

VI. Judith J. Howard, bn. Jan. 25, 1879. 

VI. Ephraim D. Howard, bn. Jan. 26, 1882. 

VI. Anna E. Howard, bn. Aug. 23, 1885. 

VI. James E. Howard, bn. Apr. 14, 1886. 

V. Susanna Gulp, bn. Jan. 23, 1848; died in infancy. 

V. Sophia Gulp, bn. in Ohio, Feb. 24, 1849. Mrd. 
Jacob Amstutz, Apr. 7, 1877. P.O., Harlan, Ind. Menn. 

VI. Elizabeth Amstutz, bn. Dec. 1, 1878. 
VI. Barbara Amstutz, bn. June 18, 1880. 
VI. Lydia Amstutz, bn. June 28, 1881. 
VI. Noah Amstutz, bn. Dec. 2, 1882. 

VI. Matilda Amstutz, bn. Apr. 2, 1884. 

VI. Normanda Amstutz, bn. Apr. 19, 1886. 

VI. Mary Amstutz, bn. Dec. 15, 1889. 

VI. Jacob Amstutz, bn. Apr. 29, 1891. 

V. Elizabeth Gulp, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Aug. 22, 
1851. Mrd. Henry Good, Apr. 22, 1873. P. O., Delphos, 
Ohio. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VI. Christian Good, bn. Nov. 25, 1874. Farmer. S. 
VI. Rebecca Good, bn. Feb. 13, 1876; died Feb. 10, 1877. 
VI. Frances Good, bn. Sept. 2, 1877. Menn. 

VI. Isaac Good, bn. Dec. 1, 1878; died June 29, 1880. 

VI. Abraham Good, bn. Mar. 30, 1880. 

VI. Elizabeth Good, bn. Nov. 15, 1881. 

VI. Lome Good, bn. Feb. 24, 1883. 

VI. Aaron Good, bn. Oct. 19, 1884. 

VI. John Good, bn. July 15, 1886. 

VI. Lichty Good, bn. Oct. 31, 1888; died Jan. 16, 1889. 

VI. Noah Good, bn. July 10, 1890; died July 3, 1892. 

VI. Ezra Good, bn. July 7, 1892. 

V. Christian C. Gulp, bn. July 21, 1853. Mrd. Chris- 
tena Good, Apr. 10, 1875. P. O., Elida, Ohio. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VI. Simeon Gulp, bn. June 25, 1876. 
VI. John Gulp, bn. May 9, 1879. 

VI. Rebecca Gulp, bn. July 23, 1881. 

VI. Elizabeth Gulp, bn. Jan. 12, 1885. 

VI. Bessie Gulp, bn. Sept. 14, 1887; died Oct. 28, 1890. 

— 326 — 

VI. Ada Gulp, bn. Aug. 12, 1890. 

IV. Frances Gulp, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., Mar. 20, 
1817. Mrd. Noah Good, Dec. 16, 1841. P. O., Oronogo, Mo. 
Farmer. Menn. Ghildren: Sophia, Magdalena, Elizabeth, 
Joseph, Susan, Anna, Nancy, Fanny, Christopher, Lydia. 

V. Sophia Good, bn. Oct. 27, 1842; died Nov. 3, 1861. 

V. Magdalena Good, bn. May 14, 1844. Mrd. Benjamin 
Bare, of Elkhart Co., Ind., Feb. 2, 1868. P. O., Marion, 
Kan. Farmer. Menn. Children: Alice, Lydia, Fannie, 
Mahlon, Nancy, Joseph, Katie, Martha. 

VI. Alice J. Bare, bn. Dec. 17, 1868. Mrd. John Bickle. 

VII. Maggie M. Bickle. 
Vll. Rufus Bickle, dec»d. 
VII. Mary E. Bickle. 

VI. Lydia R. Bare, bn. May 29, 1870. 

VI. Fannie Esther Bare, bn. Dec. 10, 187L Mrd. Eli 
Burkhart. Children: 

VII. Clayton Burkhart, dec'd. 
Vll. Ada Burkhart. 

Vll. Allen Burkhart. 

VI. Mahlon G. Bare, bn. Mar. 27, 1873. 

VI. Nancy A. Bare, bn. Oct. 25, 1876. 

VI. Joseph H. Bare, bn. June 19, 1878. 

VI. Katie S. Bare, bn/ Mar. 2, 1882. 

VI. Martha E. Bare, bn. Sept. 18, 1885. 

V. Elizabeth Good, bn. May 26, 1846. Mrd. William 
Cunning. P. O., New Market, Iowa. Farmer. Christian, 
ch. Ghildren: 

VI. Frances Cunning, mrd. George McKinnon. Two 

VI. Ira Cunning, mrd. . Have issue. 

VI. Harry Cunning, mrd. Mertie Clouser. 

VI. Harvey Cunning, dec'd (twin to Harry). 

VI. Retta Cunning, mrd. Frank Miller. One child. 

VI. Maggie Cunning. 

VI. Willie Cunning. 

VI. Grace Cunning. 

VI. Myrtle Cunning. 

~ 327 — 

Y. Joseph Good, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, May 18, 
1847. Mrd. Anna PoUitt, Oct. 11, 1872. P. O., Marion, 
Kan. Wagon-maker. Children: 

Yl. Mary Edna Good, bn. Sept. 10, 1873; died Oct. 
22, 1879. 

Yl. William O. Good, bn. Oct. 27, 1875. 
Yl. Parker Neal Good, bn. Aug. 14, 1878. 
Yl. I. F. Ross Good, bn. Apr. 2, 1880. 
Yl. Nana Esther Good, bn. Oct. 30, 1886. 

Y. Susanna Good, bn. July 7, 1850. Mrd. Bishop An- 
drew Shenk. (See page 240.) 

Y. Anna Good, bn. Mar. 21, 1852. Mrd. Emanuel 
Blanchard Shupe, in Page Co., Iowa, July 9, 1871. P. O., 
Marion, Kan. Farmer. Menn. Children: Laura. Ber- 
tram, Nancy, Martha, Cynthia, Sarah, Cora, Crissie, 
Anna, Orvilla. 

Yl. Laura F. Shupe, bn. May 3, 1872. Mrd. William 
H. Snyder. Menn. Children: 
Yll. Charles C. Snyder. 
Yll. Bertram D. Snyder. 
Yll. Minnie E. Snyder. 
Yll. Harvey Snyder. 

Yl. Bertram A. Shupe, bn. Aug. 18, 1873. Menn. 

Yl. Nancy Elizabeth Shupe, bn. Sept. 6, 1874. Mrd. 
Christian Snyder. Menn. Children: 
Yll. Anna M. Snyder. 
Yll. Lydia T. Snyder. 

Yl. Martha O. Shupe, bn. Mar. 29, 1876, died August 
30, 1877. 

Yl. Cynthia A. Shupe, bn. April 15, 1878: died April 
26, 1880. 

Yl. Sarah E. Shupe, bn. Oct. 25, 1880. 

Yl. Cora A. Shupe, bn. May 5, 1884. 

Yl. Crissie J. Shupe, bn. April 6, 1886; died November 
19, 1886. 

Yl. Anna L Shupe, bn. July 16, 1888. 

Yl. Orvilla H. Shupe, bn. Aug. 18, 1891; died Sept. 
11, 1891. 

Y. Nancy Good, bn. Dec. 4, 1854; died Aug. 25, 1888. 

— 328 - 

V. Fanny Good, bn. Dec. 4, 1854 (twin). Mrd. Daniel 
W. Kilmer. P. O., Stamford, Colo. Carpenter. Menn. 

VI. Anna S. Kilmer. 

Yl. Noah Kilmer, dec'd. 

VI. Thomas R. Kilmer. 

VI. AmoB Kilmer. 

VI. Levi C. Kilmer. 

VI. Samuel O'Dessa Kilmer. 

V. Christopher G. Good, bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, May 
8, 1857. Mrd. Rebecca Lahman, Feb. 23, 188:}. She was 
bn. in Allen Co., Ohio, Sept. 3, 1860. P. O., Lima, Ohio. 
Mason. Menn. Children: 

VI. Ida May Good, bn. July 28, 1884, in Kan. 
VI. Irvin Good, bn. June 10, 1887, in Iowa. 

V. Lydia Good, bn. Mar. 16, 1859; died Jan. 1882. Mrd. 
Thomas Pletcher. P. O., Giliard, Neb. Well-driller. 
Menn. One child: 

VI. Henry Pletcher. 

IV. Nancy Culp, mrd. Jacob Swank. Farmer. Chil- 
dren: John, Henry, two daughters. 

V. John Swank, died May 1877. Mrd. Catharine Mohr. 
Farmer. Children: 

VI. Jacob Swank. 
VI. Nancy Swank. 

VI. William Swank, dec'd. 

VI. Hiram Swank, dec^d. 

VI. Georg-e Swank, dec'd. 

VI. Ezra Swank, dec'd. 

VI. Samuel J. Swank. 

VI. Palmer Swank. 

VI. Ella Swank. 

V. Henry Swank, died Feb. 1898. Mrd. Susan Hudson. 
Farmer. Children: 

VI. Uriah Swank, dec'd. 
VI. Belle Swank. 

VI. Amelius Swank. 

Yl. Nelson Swank. 

VI. Jesse Swank. 

Yl. MoUie Swank. 

— 329 — 

Y. Two daughters, died in infancy. 

lY. Susan Gulp, died at Elida, Ohio, 1855. Mrd. 
Samuel Claytor. He died in 1876, in Iowa. Carpenter* 
Dunkards. Children: Francis, Jacob, Elizabeth, Nancy, 
Joseph, Susan, Christopher, Samuel, David. 

Y. Francis Claytor, dec*d. 

V. Jacob Claytor, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Mar. 23, 
1832. Mrd. Phebe Kichen, Mar. 4, 1857. P. O., Lacona, 
Iowa. Carpenter. Children: Rebecca, Susan. 

Yl. Rebecca J. Claytor, bn. Jan. 5, 1858. Mrd. George 
O'Dell, Mar. 1, 1876. P. O., Lacona, Iowa. Miner. Meth. 
£p. No issue. 

Yl. Susan E. Claytor, bn. July 10, 1859. Mrd. C. W. 
Jenkins, Mar. 12, 1878. P. O., Lacona, la. Shoemaker 
and merchant. Meth. Ep. Children: 

Yl. Musa S. Jenkins, bn. Sept. 25, 1880. 

VI. Imogene Claytor Jenkins, bn. Feb. 28, 1884. 
VI. Anna Mary Jenkins, bn. Nov. 30, 1887. 

Y. Elizabeth C. Claytor. 

Y. Nancy C. Claytor. 

V. Joseph R, Claytor, died in 1885. 

V. Susannah R. Claytor, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Mar. 
12,1841. Mrd. J. H. Warnock, Aug. U, 1866. P.O., La- 
cona, Iowa. Mechanic. Christian ch. One child: 

Yl. Warnock, dec*d. 

V. Christopher C. Claytor, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, 
July 3, 1843. Mrd. Malissa C. Cunning, Dec. 11, 1870. P. O., 
Clarinda, Iowa. Carpenter. Christian ch. 

Mr. Claytor enlisted in the 81st Regt. Ohio Vol., in 
1861, and served as a private soldier for three years, and 
later was promoted sergeant. During his term of service 
in the army he was engaged in fourteen battles, and 
received two slight wounds, one in finger, and one in foot. 

Yl. Pearl Sylvester Claytor, bn. Oct. 7, 1871. 

Yl. Amos W. Claytor, bn. Oct. 10, 1873; died Oct. 
11, 1874. 

Yl. Ora Emma Claytor, bn. Apr. 9, 1876. 

VI. Mattie Elizabeth Claytor, bn. May 31, 1878. 
VI. Eva Grace Claytor, bn. Oct. 20, 1883. 

— 330 -^ 

V. Samuel C. Claytor, died in 1871. 

V. David L. Claytor, bn. in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Aug. 
31, 1848. Mrd. Prudence J. Baker, Jan. 24, 1877. She died 
. Children: Ross, Dudley. 

David mrd. second wife, Flora Porter, June 30, 1885. 
P. O., Shambaugh, Iowa. Merchant. Meth. Ep. Children: 
Helen, Maurice, Iva, Ina, Jacob. 

VI. C. Ross Claytor, bn. May 24, 1878. 
VI. Dudley Claytor, bn. May 30, 1883. 

VI. Helen M. Claytor, bn. Aug. 5, 1887; died July 
31, 1888. 

VI. Maurice L. Claytor, bn. Jan. 27, 1889. 

VI. Iva J. and Ina P. Claytor (twins), bn. Apr. 26, 1890- 

VI. Jacob Paul Claytor, bn. Feb. 25, 1892. 

IV. Elizabeth Culp, mrd. Jacob Beery. 

III. Bishop Daniel Funk, bn. in Pennsylvania, Feb. 24, 
1781; died in Owen Co., Ind., Sept. 21, 1859. Mrd. Chris- 

tena Safley, . She was bn. in Rockingham Co., Va.> 

Nov. 17, 1781; died in Owen Co., Ind., Jan. 23, 1860. Car" 
penter, cabinet-maker and minister. Moved to Logan 
Co., Ohio, Jan. 1, 1832, and to Owen Co., Ind., in 1853. He 
was ordained a minister of the Mennonite church about 
1840, and some years later as bishop. He served as pastor 
and bishop in the churches in Logan Co., Ohio, and Owen 
and Clay counties, Ind. Children: Catharine, Joseph, 
George, Susanna, Elizabeth, Daniel, Sophia, Abraham, 

IV. Catharine Funk, bn. Oct. 12, 1802; died . Mrd. 

John Royer. Children: Daniel, William, John, Samuel, 
Barbara, Elizabeth, Eliza. 

V. Rev. Daniel Royer, died Apr. 2, 1873, near Clay 
City, Ind., aged 63 years, 5 months and 10 days. Mrd. 
Elizabeth Bowman. Children: Mary, Elizabeth, Barbara, 
Samuel, Sarah, William, Ira, 

Daniel mrd. second wife, Mrs. Mary Markley (nee 
Overholt). He was in the ministry about twenty years, 
and served in the office of bishop about ten or twelve 

VI. Mary C. Royer, resides at Terre Haute, Ind. S. 

VI. Elizabeth Royer, dec'd. Mrd. Samuel Hamilton. 
P. O., , Kansas. Five or six children. 


— 331 — 

VI. Barbara Royer, mrd. £no8 Akers. Res., Terre 
Haute, Ind. Children: 

VII. Ocelia Akers. S. 
VII. Three infants, dec'd. 

VI. Samuel Royer, mrd. . She died. Res., Terre 

Haute, Ind. Carpenter. Three children. 

VI. Sarah Royer, resides at Terre Haute, Ind. S. 

VI. William Royer, mrd. Martha DoUison. P. O., 
Saline City, Ind. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Harry Royer. 
VII. James Royer. 
VII. Herschel Royer. 
VII. A son. 

VI. Ira Royer, mrd. Daisy Siner. Res., Terre Haute, 
Ind. Three children. 

V. William Royer, died 1890. Mrd. Elizabeth Silvius. 
William mrd. second wife, Elizabeth Miller. Merchant. 
P. O., Patricksburg^, Ind. Children: Samuel, Lewis, Will- 
iam, Emery, Dennis, Elizabeth, Emma, Florence. 

VI. Samuel M. Royer, mrd. Elizabeth Klingler. P. O., 
Patricksburg, Ind. Merchant. Children: 

VII. Ralph Royer. 
VII. Ernest Royer. 
VII. Pearl Royer. 
VII. Austin Royer. 
Vil. Kathryn Royer. 
VII. Irene Royer. 

VI. Lewis M. Royer, mrd. Sarah Brown. P. O., Bowl- 
ing Green, Ind. Merchant. Children: 

VII. Arthur Royer. 
VII. Enid Royer. 
VII. May Royer. 
VII. Bernice Royer. 

VI. J. William Royer, mrd. Laura Hunt. P. O., Casey » 
111. Formerly merchant. Children: 

VII. Bertha Royer. 
VII. Ray Royer. 
VII. Emmet Royer. 
VII. Lowell Royer. 

Vi. Emery Royer, mrd. Mattie Dalgarn. P. O., Bowl- 
ing Green, Ind. Merchant. One child: 

— 332 — 

VII. Audrey Royer. 

VI. Dennis Royer. P. O., Patrlcksburg-, Ind. Sales- 
man for S. M. Royer. S. 

VI. Elizabeth Royer, mrd. John Coates. P. O., Staun- 
ton, Ind. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Moyne Coates. 
VII. Beulah Coates. 
VII. Gail Coates. 
VII. Roy Coates. 
VII. GuyCoates. 
VII. Anna Coates. 
VII. Olga Coates. 

VI. Emma Royer, mrd. Mathias Weber. Res., 37 Key- 
stone Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Buggy and wagon manu- 
facturer. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Don Royer Weber. 
VII. William Lyle Weber. 
VII. Helen Elizabeth Weber. 

VI. Florence E. Royer, mrd. E. C. Lloyd. P. O., Pat- 
rlcksburg, Ind. Sawyer. 

V. Rev. John Royer, mrd. Rebecca Jane McAlister. 
P. O., Bowling Green, Ind. M. E. Children: 

VI. Edgar W. Royer. 
VI. Laura Royer. 

VI. Cora Royer. 

VI. Orville Royer. 

John mrd. second wife, Laura Alice Raper. Children: 

VI. Estella Grace Royer. 

VI. Leila Royer. 

VI. Frank Royer. 

VI. Ora Royer. 

VI. Jessie Royer. 

John mrd. third wife, Ella Tompkins. 

V. Rev. Samuel Royer, mrd. . P. O. Bowling' 

Green, Ind. M. E. 

V. Barbara Royer, dec*d, mrd. John Klingerman. P. 
O., Bowling Green, Ind. Have issue. 

V. Elizabeth Royer, bn. Feb. 28, 1836. Mrd. Daniel 
Stwalley. He died Dec. 1, 1899, aged 65 years, 9 months 
and 4 days. P. O., Englevale, Kan. Parmer. Children: 

— 333 — 

VI. Aane M. Stwalley, mrd. W. H. Konkel. 

VI. Lydia C. Stwalley, mrd. Robert Harrison. 

Vl. John C. Stwalley,. mrd. Adiene Ray. Parmer. 

VI. William H. Stwalley. Farmer. S. 

VI. Eliza Belle Stwalley, mrd. Joseph Addison Cun- 

VI. Edward V. Stwalley, mrd. Dale Coy. Parmer. 

VI. Alvin Curtis Stwalley, mrd. Ida Karens. Parmer. 

VI. Samuel Otis Stwalley, mrd. Rebecca Porrester. 

VI. Howard Purl Stwalley. Parmer. S. 

V. Eliza Royer, mrd. Henry Stephens. He was a 
soldier and died years ago. Children: 

VI. Samuel. Stephens, mrd. . 

VI. Nancy Stephens, mrd. . 

VI. Jack Stephens, mrd. . 

IV. Joseph Punk, bn. Sept. 22, 1804; died Apr. 27, 1836. 
Never married. 

IV. George Punk, bn. in Rockingham Co., Va., Apr. 

15, 1812. Mrd. Catharine Bowman, . She died . 

No issue. 

George mrd. second wife, Barbara Grove, in fall of 
1867. P. O., Patricksburg, lad. Retired farmer. Menu. 
Ordained deacon in 1870 in Owen Co. No issue. 

IV. Susanna Punk, bn. Apr. 17, 1814; died Sept. 20, 
1851. Mrd. Joseph Craft. Children: 

V. Emaline Craft, mrd. Geo. Gouchenour. P. O., 
Pittsburg, Ind. 

V. Elizabeth Craft, mrd. Peter Bond. Six children: 
all dead. 

V. Sarah Jane Craft, mrd. Abr. Kauble. 

V. Noah Craft. 

V. Philander Craft. 

V. Joseph Craft 

IV. Elizabeth Punk, bn. in Mar., 1816; died May 2, 
1855. Mrd. Peter Craft, Children: Susanna, Margaret, 
Christena, Daniel, Jacob, Abraham. 

V. Susanna Craft, mrd. Michael Gouchenour. He 
died in the service Peb. 4, 1863. P. O., Patricksburg, Ind. 
Carpenter. Children: 

VI. Margaret Jane Gouchenour, mrd. John D. Lloyd. 

— 334 — 

VI. Anna Elizabeth Gouchenour, mrd. George W. 

V. Margaret Craft, mrd. I. K. P. Stevens. 

V. Christena Craft, died young. 

V. Dahiel Craft. P. O., Reelsville, Putnam Co., Ind. 

V. Jacob Craft, died single. 

V. Abraham Craft, mrd. Eliza Watts. P. O., Bentley, 
Sedgwick Co., Kan. Children: 

VI. Theodore Craft. 
VI. Cecil Craft. 

VI. Daniel Craft. 

IV. Daniel Punk, bn. in Augusta Co., Va., in Apr., 1818. 
Mrd. Sarah J. Ellis, Aug. 6, 1846. P. O., Bowling Green, 
Ind. Formerly carpenter, now farmer. Menn. Chil- 
dren: Casslus, William, Anna. 

V. Cassius M. Funk, bn. in Champaign Co., Ohio, 
July 4, 1847. Mrd. Mary M. Cain, Apr. 26, 1866. P. O., 
Bowling Green, Ind. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: 
Alice, John, Clarissa, Cora, Allen, Eunice, Daniel, Ida, 

VI. Alice Belle Funk, bn. Feb. 4, 1867; died Sept. 1870. 
VI. John H. Funk, bn. May 7, 1871. Mrd. Anna Grif. 

fith, Nov. 1892. P. O., Advance, 111. Farmer. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Clarissa E. Funk, bn. Aug. 9, 1873; died Sept. 1873. 

VI. Cora Funk, bn. Nov. 22, 1875. 

VI. Allen Funk, bn. Mar. 9, 1879. 

VI. Eunice Funk, bn. July 7, 1881. 

VI. Daniel V. Funk, bn. Jan. 4, 1884. 

VI. Ida J. Funk, bn. May 4, 1886. 

VI. Louis R. Funk, bn. May 5, 1888. 

V. William H. Funk, bn. in Champaign Co., Ohio, 
May 2, 1849. Mrd. Margaret Addy, May 19, 1870. P. O., 
Bowling Green, Ind. Dealer in the Hofmann brake for 
hay and grain wagons. Meth. Ep. One child: 

VI. Stella J. Funk, bn. Apr. 5, 1871. Mrd. Adam W. 
Arney, Aug. 28, 1889. P. O., Bowling Green, Ind. Farmer. 

VII. Ethel J. Arney, bn. Aug. 16, 1890. 
VII. Anna F. Arney, bn. Nov. 11, 1892. 

V. Anna E. Funk, bn. May 5, 1853; died Sept. 19, 1872. 

— 335 — 

IV. Sophia Funk, bn. in Rocking^ham Co., Va., Oct. 2, 
1820; died in Cowley Co., Kan., June 13, 1887. Mrd. Jacob 

Royer, . He was bn. in Va. in 1815; died in Owen Co., 

Ind., Jan. 1867. Farmer, carpenter and shoemaker. 
Menn. Children: Michael, Christena, Israel, Catharine, 
Peter, Joseph, Barbara, Elizabeth, Jacob, George, 
William, Sarah. 

V. Michael Royer, died small. 

V. Christena Royer, died small. 

V. Israel Royer, bn. in 1840; died Sept. 8, 1897. Mrd. 
Nancy Fox. Children: Martin, Charles, Lewis, and one 

V. Catharine Royer, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Nov. 29» 
1845; died June 30, 1897. Mrd. John H. Mounts, Apr. 6, 
1868. P. O., Winfield, Kan. Farmer. U. Br. in Christ- 
Children: Barbara, Charles, Amos, Alice. 

VI. Barbara E. Mounts, bn. Jan. 14, 1869. Mrd. Alpha 
Griffith, July 1, 1891. P. O., Winfield, Kan. Farmer. U. 
Brethren ch. Children 

VII. Bonnie Vee Griffith, bn. Apr. 27, 1892. 

VII. Lamar Griffith, bn. Mar. 8, 1895; died Aug. 27, 

VI. Charles M. Mounts, bn. Feb. 11, 1873. 

VI. Amos M. Mounts, bn. Nov. 7, 1875; died Dec. 4, 1881 

VL Alice Mounts, bn. Feb. 27, 1879. 

V. Peter Royer, died in the army. 

V. Joseph Royer, bn. in Logan Co., Ohio, Apr. 26, 
1847. Mrd. Rosana Schauber, Oct. 2, 1873. She was born 
in Germany, June 23, 1851. P. O., Patricksburg, Ind. 
Shoemaker, coal miner, wheelwright and carpenter. 
Menu. Mrs. R., Evangelical. Children. Mary, Sophia, 
Sarah, Nancy, Oliver, Cornelius. 

VI. Mary E. Royer, bn. Aug. 18, 1874; died Aug. 31, 

VI. Sophia C. Royer, bn. Dec. 19, 1875. Mrd. Elmer E 
Herr, Dec. 24, 1893. He was bn. Feb. 27, 1876. P. O., 
Martz, Ind. Farmer and sawyer. One child: 

VII. Frederick E. Herr, bn. Jan. 29, 1895. 

VI. Sarah Ann Royer, bn. Aug. 2, 1877. Mrd. Warren 
W. Oberholtzer, Aug. 30, 1896. He was bn. in Owen Co., 

— 336 — 

Ind., May 27, 1874. P. O., Patricksburg, Ind. Farmer. 
Meth. One child: 

VII. Rosa Catharine Oberholtzer, bn. Aug. 24, 1897. 

VI. Nancy Ellen Royer, bn. Feb. 9, 1881. 

VI. Oliver Abraham Royer, bn. Feb. 3, 1883. 

VI. C3orneliu8 Curtis Royer, bn. June 23, 1885. 

V. Barbara J. Royer, bn. Apr. 3, 1850. Mrd. Cornelius 
W. Roan, Mar. 21, 1871. He died Jan. 26, 1879. Children: 
Richard, Cornelia. 

Barbara mrd. second husband, Noah S. Mounts, June 
9, 1892. P. O., Spring Hill, Kan. Editor and publisher of 
the New Era^ of Spring Hill, Kan., Mrs. Mounts assisting 
as compositor. One child, John. 

VI. Richard Grant Roan, bn. Jan. 16, 1872; died Sept. 
8, 1873. 

VI. Cornelia E. Roan, bn. near Indlanola, lovra, Feb. 
11, 1873. Mrd. James A. Julien, June 9, 1889. P. C, 
Olathe, Kan. Presby. Children: 

VII. Eugene Leonard Julien, bn. May 13, 1890. 
VII. Laura Effie Julien, bn. Nov. 21, 1895. 

VI. John Israel Clinton Mounts, bn. Aug. 28, 1893. 

V. Elizabeth Royer, mrd. Samuel Hamilton. Chll. 

VI. Joseph Hamilton, dec'd. 
VI. Sophia Hamilton. 

V. Jacob J. Royer, bn. in Owen Co., Ind., May 11, 1854. 
Mrd. Anna Chapman, Oct. 8, 1875. P. O., Patricksburg, 
Ind. Blacksmith. United Br. Children: 

VI. Bettie C. Royer, bn. Nov. 27, 1817. 
VI. Ida May Royer, bn. Oct. 7, 1879. 
VI. Albert Royer, bn. Oct. 10, 1882. 

VI. Robert R. Royer, bn. Nov. 4, 1884. 

VI. Rochester Royer, bn. July 11, 1886. 

VI. Anna Royer, bn. Feb. 5, 1889. 

VI. Grace Royer, bn. Feb. 16, 1892. 

V. George Royer, died aged 7 years. 

V. William Royer, died young. 

V. Sarah A. Royer, bn. in Owen Co., Ind., Aug. 29, 
1865. Mrd. James W. Patterson, June 28, 1890. P. Q., 
Cedarvale, Kan. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: 

— 337 — 

VI. George Clifford Patterson, bn. July 30, 1891. 
VI. Andrew Glen Patterson, bn. Sept. 13, 1893; died 
Sept. 6, 1894. 

VI. Beulah May Patterson, bn. Nov. 20, 1895. 
Vl. Nina Marie Patterson, bn. Nov. 9, 1897. 

IV. Abraham Punk, bn. Feb. 4, 1823. Mrd. Mary Jane 
Pitman. P. O., Housertown, Ind. One child: 

V, Chrietena Funk, bn. Oct. 30, 1850; died in 1870. 
Mrd. Daniel Pillers. 

IV. Frances Funk, bn. Dec. 11, 1823. Unmarried. 



II. Rev. Christian Funk, bn. in FranconiaTwp., Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. in 1731; died May 31, 1811, aged 80 years. 
Mrd. Barbara Cassel, daughter of Yelles Cassel.* She 

wa8 bn. ; died Dec. 29, 1792. Lived on the Indian 

Creek, where he inherited from his father 137 acres and 
146 perches of the old homestead. He afterwards pur- 
chased the remaining portion of the old homestead of 63 
acres, 19 perches and the mill from his brother, Abraham 
Funk, who owned it only about 3 years. Christian Funk 
was a large land holder, and in addition to the home- 
stead he purchased on Aug. 2, 1790, 40 acres from the 
heirs of Dirk Johnson, Samuel Morris and wife Rebecca, 
and Catharine Greenleaf , making a total of 241 acres, 
and 51 perches, which vast plantation, with the grist 
mill, water rights, buildings and improvements he con- 
veyed to his son-in-law, John Detweiler, on July 29, 1794, 
for the sum of £3,300 in gold and silver. 

Christian Funk was chosen to the ministry at Fran- 
conia in 1757 and remained a faithful worker until the 
breaking out of the war in 1774, " when his troubles com- 
menced," an account of which is contained in the His- 
tory of Lower Salford Township by James Y. Heckler, 
from which we take extracts as follows: 

** It was during these years which are known as * the 
time that tried men's souls,' that society in this vicinity 
was considerably shaken by the surges of the Revolution. 

**The Mennonites, though non-resistant, were looked 
upon, by the Revolutionary element, as tories, but as 

* He came from Kriesheim, Germany, in 1727, in the ship FHefuUMp; 
landed Oct. 16. 1727. 

— 339 — 

they did not show any signs of hostility to the govern- 
ment nor to the army, there was no trouble in that re- 
spect; though they suffered the loss of some of their best 
horses, some cattle and some grain, which the army was 
greatly in need of. 

** But the different views entertained by the officials 
of the said church in regard to the 'attest,' or oath of 
allegiance, and the payment of revenues demanded by 
the government, brought matters into collision among 
themselves. It wsts principally on this account that 
Christian Funk, a Mennonite preacher, with a party of 
adherents were expelled from their communion. He 
himself says, ' How easily we might have gone through 
this war. But no — the Congress and American govern- 
ment was rejected as rebellious, and the king acknowl- 
edged by my fellow ministers, under the idea that Con- 
gress would soon be overpowered. The war, however, 
constantly increased and mutual abuse between those 
who were favorable with Congress and those inclined to- 
wards the king manifested itself, and discontent was al- 
most universal.' 

'* Christian Funk was not an ignorant man, for he 
was well read and well acquainted with the affairs of the 
country, and espoused the cause of the American. Con- 
gress as the most reasonable side of the question; for he 
knew the causes which brought matters into collision be- 
tween the British government and the American colo- 
nists, and for taking sides with Congress he was excom- 

**By reading Mr. Funk's own statement we are led to 
the conclusion that he acted too indifferently in those 
matters preferred against him, and that if he had been a 
little more shrewd and persevering he might have driven 
his accusers against the wall. 

"But it appears that he still had hopes of reconcilia- 
tion, of being restored to the church of his choice even 
in his old age yet; but the ban of excommunication had 
been laid upon him and those in office in the Mennonite 
church, after many of the former officers were dead, and 
when Mr. Funk was an old man, still refused to remove it 
and restore him. 

"He and his followers organized themselves into a 
church some time after their excommunication, which 

— 340 — 

was known as the " Punkites." His influence ex- 
tended over a considerable district. They built a meet- 
ing house in Evansburg, Lower Providence township; one 
on the Skippack, in Towamencin, in 1814, and one about a 
mile north of Harleysville in 1814 or 1815. Before build- 
ing these houses they held meetings in their homes. 

"They had other places of worship, among them 
Frick's school house, near Line Lexington, which they 
probably built, as well as the one near Harleysville. 

**We will yet add that in 1807 Christian Funk made 
his last effort to be restored to his mother church, but on 
account of his own church the ban was not removed. 
The Mennonites came near yielding so far as to receive 
him and his members, but they would not receive bis 
ministers. He afterwards made a statement of his 
troubles, which he left to posterity. This statement is 
endorsed by Henry Rosenberger, John Funk, John Reiff, 
Henry GrOttwals, John Whisler, Christian Gottwals, Jacob 
Whisler, John Gottwals, and George Shoemaker." 

After the death of Christian Funk the care of the 
church devolved upon his son, John Funk, and about ten 
years later began to decline until about the year 1860, 
when it became extinct. One of the chief causes of the 
decline of the church, was allowing one John Herr, a 
heretic from Lancaster county, to preach among them, 
and divide them, some taking sides with John Herr, in his 
peculiar doctrines, and others opposing, which caused a 
division among themselves, a part adhering to the Herr- 
ites, and part opposing. 

Christian Funk and wife are buried at Delps grave- 
yard. Their children are: Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, Cath- 
arine, Barbara, Sarah, John, Abraham, Susanna. 

Ill* Anna Funk, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., ; 

4ied, . Mrd. David Rosenberger* (his first wife). He 

^ied in 1829, aged about 80 years. 

In 1771 he received his patrimony from his father. 
The two hundred acres bequeathed to him was bounded 
on the north-west by the cross-road, now a turnpike, run- 
ning from the county line to Hatfield station. It com- 
prised the Landis farm, those of Henry and Samuel 

* See Rosenberger Family History. 


— 341 - 

RoscDberg-er, the lot of David Rosenberger, and the 
tavern property. At the premises of Henry Rosenberger, 
his great-grandson, he continued to live during his life. 

At about the east corner of his land a branch of the 
Neshaminy (anciently called Beaver Creek) comes flowing 
down from Hilltown. He also acquired a farm of 78 acres 
in Hilltown, which he willed to his daughter, Fronica. 
Farmer. Menu. The children of David Rosenberger by 
his first wife, Ann Funk, were viz.: Christian, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Ann, Philip, David, Abraham, Daniel. 

IV. Christian Rosenberger, bn. about 1773; died in 
1821. Mrd. Elizabeth Kraut. In 1796 he bought the Kin- 
sey estate in Upper Gwynedd, consisting of 123 acres, for 
£408, and sold it two years later. In 1797 he bought 129 
acres in Lower Providence, where he remained until his 
death. He was a wealthy man, and an extensive land- 
holder. His heirs in 1826 sold a farm of 64 acres, also six 
houses and 300 aTcres in Worcester and Providence. 
Farmer. Menu. Children: David, Jacob, John, Ann, 
Barbara, Esther, Maria, Christian. 

V. Rev. David Rosenberger* bn. May 29, 1795; died 

. Mrd. Nancy Corner. Farmer in Columbiana Co.,Ohio, 

and minister of Ev. Ass'n ch. Children: John, Eliza, 
Christian, Josiah, David, Mary, George. 

V. Jacob Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 19, 1797; died Apr. 11, 
1831. Mrd. Mary Detweiler, Dec. 12, 1820. She was bn. 
June 19, 1799; died about 1848. Farmer in Montgomery 
Co., Pa. Menu. Children: John, Catharine, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Jesse, Jacob, Benjamin, Susan. 

VI. John Rosenberger, bn. and died Dec. 28, 1822. 

VI. Catharine Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 16, 1823. Mrd. 
Henry Delp. P. O., Kulpsville, Pa. Children: Emaline, 
Lizzie, Hannah. 

VII. Emeline Delp, mrd. Isaac Kulp. Res. 2148Darien 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII. Lizzie Delp, mrd. Hiram Steltz. 
VII. Hannah Delp, mrd. Henry Kratz. P. O., Kulps- 
ville, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberry, bn. Dec. 15, 1824. Mrd. 
Geo. F. Shuler, Feb. 16, 1856. P. O., Sterling, 111. Retired 
farmer. Children: Ann, John, Emma, Mary. 

* The names are recorded in the old family Bible— Rosenberry. 

— 342 — 

VII. Ann Eliza Shuler, bn. Nov. 30, 1856. Mrd. Ferris 
Landis, P. O., Sterling, 111. Farmer. 

VII. John Franklin Shuler, bn. Apr. 16, 1858; died Jan. 
30, 1861. 

VII. Emma R. Shuler, bn. Apr. 26, 1865. Mrd. Chris- 
tian F. Miller, Mar. 5, 1895. P. O., Sterling, 111. Farmer. 
One child: 

VIII. Elizabeth Ruth Miller, bn. Feb. 5, 1896. 

VII. Mary Shuler, bn. Apr. 26, 1867. P.O., Sterling, 
Illinois. S. 

VI. Mary Rosenberry, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., in 
1825. Mrd. Ephraim D. Hendricks, in 1848. He was bn. in 
Montgomery Co., Pa., in 1824. P. O., Cawker City, Kan. 
Tailor. Menu. Children: Allen, Benjamin, John, Charles. 

VII. Allen R. Hendricks, bn. in Lancaster, Pa., Aug. 
29, 1849. Mrd. Susan Moyer, Sept. 23, 1873. She was born 
Apr. 11, 1853. P. O., Sterling, 111. Druggist. Children: 

VIII. Olive Logan Hendricks, bn. May 10, 1876. 

VIII. Leon Sumner Hendricks, bn. Mar. 21, 1880; died 
Jan. 25, 1883. 

VIII. Lester Blaine Hendricks, bn. Feb. 8, 1886. 
VIII. Leroy Russel Hendricks, bn. May 8, 1890. 

VII. Benjamin Franklin Hendricks, bn. in Lancaster 
Co., Pa., Mar. 16, 1851. Mrd. Lillian Emma Peck, Aug. 29, 
1876. P. O., Savannah, III. Superintendent of city schools, 
Savannah, 111. Children: 

VIII. Earl Leslie Hendricks, bn. Mar. 7, 1880. 
VIII. Clyde Peck Hendricks, bn. Apr. 6, 1884. 
VIII. Hazel Dell Hendricks, bn. May 14, 1888. 

VIII. Paul Merton Hendricks, bn. May 14, 1888 (twin); 
died June 14, 1890. 

VII. John R. Hendricks, bn. at Sterling, 111., Mar. 9* 
1855. Mrd. MoUie A. Swartley, June 17, 1875. P. O., Smith- 
ville, Ark. Formerly teacher, present occupation medi- 
cine. Children: 

VIII. Elden Beethoven Hendricks, bn. July 18, 1877. 
VIII. Melicent Mozart Hendricks, bn. May 19, 1880. 
VIII. Gertrude Haydn Hendricks, bn. Feb. 29, 1884; 

died Nov. 29, 1886. 

VIII. Myrtle Weber Hendricks, bn. Apr. 19, 1889. 

— a*3 — 

VII. Charles R. Hendricks, bn. Aug. 29, 1859. Mrd. 
Emma Marzolf, Mar. 27, 1883. P. O., Cawker City, Kan. 
Farmer. Ref. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Claude Hendricks, bn. 1884. 
VIII. Pearl Hendricks, bn. 1886. 
VIII. Mabel Hendricks, bn. 1888. 
VIII. Amy Hendricks, bn. 1891. 
VIII. Gertrude Hendricks, bn. 1893. 
VIII. Ruth Hendricks, bn. 1896. 

VI. Jesse Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
May 1, 1827. Mrd. Esther Heim, June 2, 1850. She died 
Dec. 12, 1871 in Wis. Children: Amos, Jesse, and several 
died infants. 

Jesse mrd. second wife, H. Jane Holcomb. P. O., Tola, 
Kan. Shoemaker, farmer, nurseryman. One child: 

VII. Amos Rosenberger, bn. May 29, 1852. Mrd, Ella 
Thurber. P. O., Red Wing, Minn. 

VII. Jesse L Rosenberger, bn. at Lake City, Minn., 
Jan. 6, 1860. He graduated from the University of Roch- 
ester (N. Y.), in 1888, receiving the degree of A. B., and 
afterwards that of A. M. In 1889, he graduated from the 
Chicago College of Law, and in 1891 received the degree 
of LL. B., from Lake Forest University. On October 7, 
1889, he was admitted to the bar of the State of Illinois. 
Since the latter date, he has been, and still is, prac- 
ticing law, in Chicago. He is also now publishing what is 
called, Bosenherger^s Law Monthly^ primarily, a busi- 
ness man's law journal. Office, 1019 Opera House Bld'g, 
Chicago, 111. Baptist. S. 

VII. Franklin H. Rosenberger, bn. July 7, 1876. P. O., 
lola, Kan. 

VI. Jacob D. Rosenberry, bn. Aug. 30, 1828. Mrd. 
Mary Schlichter. She died without issue. Jacob mrd. 
second wife, Emma Schlichter, dec'd. Children: Prank, 
Mary, Jacob, Harry, Isaac. 

Jacob mrd third wife, Mary Barclay. P. O., Fagleys- 
ville, Pa. Farmer. Children: William, Frederick, John, 
Robert, Maggie, Joseph. 

VII. Frank Rosenberry, bn. Nov. 1, 1858. Mrd. Mary 
Madden. Res., 2507 Tulip St., Philadelphia, Pa. Salesman 
and book-keeper. Mrs. R., Cath. One child: 

— 344 — 

VIII. Francis Rosenberry. 

Vli. Mary Rosenberry, bn. about 1860; died young. 

VII. Jacob Rosenberry, bn. in 1862. Mrd. Lizzie 
Mowry. P. O., Neiflfer, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Ref. Children: 

VIII. Emily Rosenberry. 
VIII. Sadie Rosenberry. 
VIII. Alonzo Rosenberry. 

VII. Harry Rosenberry, bn. in 1866. Res., 2507 Tulip 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Motorman. S. 

VII. Isaac Rosenberry, bn. in 1868. Mrd. Kehl. 

P. O., Pennsburg", Pa. Huckster. Luth. Children: 

VIII. Stella Rosenberry. 
VIII. Frances Rosenberry. 
VIII. Cassie Rosenberry. 
VIII. Henry Rosenberry. 

VII. William Rosenberry, bn. June 30, 1871. P. O. 
Fagleyaville, Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch. 

VII. Frederick Rosenberry, bo. May 7, 1873. 

VII. John Rosenberry, bn. June 1875. Ref. ch. 

VM. Maggie Rosenberry, bn. Oct. 20, 1877; died 1894. 

VII. Robert Rosenberry. 

VII. Joseph Rosenberry, bn. June 1883. 

VI. Benjamin F. Rosenberry, bn. in Lower Providence 
Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 5, 1830. Mrd. Angelina 
Wean, at Canton, Ohio. She died Mar. 4, 1897, and was 
buried at Alliance, Ohio. Mr. Rosenberry was engaged 
in the butter and egg business at Alliance, Ohio; was 
also a miner, and a manufacturer of terra cotta ware and 
crockery, on his extensive farm one and one-half miles 
west of Alliance, Ohio. Moved to Bourbon, Tnd., in 1877, 
where he again engaged in the butter and egg business. 
Moved to Argos, Ind., in 1891, where he continued in the 
same business until 1896, when, owing to advancing years, 
he permanently retired from business, having laid by an 
ample competence. He was always an indefatigable 
worker, and a prudent and sagacious business man. P. O., 
Argos, Ind. Children: Mary, Emma, Amanda, John, James. 

VII. Mary Rosenberry, bn. in Stark Co., Ohio, Nov. 2, 
1851. Mrd. James H. Watson. He was born at Wellsville, 
Ohio, Nov. 15, 1848. His parents moved to New Lisbon, 
Ohio, where, at the age of fifteen, he entered a printing 

— 345 — 

office to learn the printer's trade. For a year and a half 
he continued in this position, uatil the last call for troops 
was issued hy President Lincoln, in 1864. At this time he 
was a little over sixteen years of age. He enlisted in the 
regular army, becoming a member of Co. H, 195th O. V. I. 
Owing to a severe illness he returned home after serving 
ten months of the yearns enlistment. He again entered 
the printing office at New Lisbon, and it was at this place, 
at the age of eighteen years, he was converted to Chris- 
tianity at a Methodist revival meeting. He later took a 
position in a printing office at Alliance, Ohio, where, on 
Feb. 14, 1871, he was united in marriage to Mary Rosen- 
berry. In the same year he moved to Stubenville, Ohio, 
where for ten years he was engaged as foreman of the 
Oazette. Here a home was established, and here were 
born John H., Janette, and Homer. In 1880 the family 
removed by steamer on the Ohio river to Lawrenceburg, 
Ind., where Mr. Watson took a position on The Press. 
Being washed out by floods, and desiring a larger field for 
labor, he moved to Argos, Ind., in 1882, and purchased the 
Argos Rector. For seventeen years he wielded the pen 
as editor, and managed his affairs ably and well. In 1899, 
having disposed of the l^flector, he moved to Chicago, III., 
where he resides at the present time. During his resi- 
dence in Lawrenceburg, Ind., B. F. Watson was born. 
Howard, Mildred Emma, and Paul were born at Ar^os, 
Ind. Since his conversion at the age of eighteen, Mr. 
Watson has been actively identified with the M. E. church 
in various official capacities, and has always been a zeal- 
ous worker for the Master. He never \^illfully injured 
any one, and all honor him as an upright, conscien- 
tious man. Address, 1299 W. Adams St., Chicago, III. 
Meth. Ep. Children: John, Janette, Homer, B. F., How- 
ard, Mildred, Paul. 

VIII. John Hunter Watson, bn. Nov. 4, 1871. Mrd. 
Amy Chapman. Managing editor RepoHer, a trade jour- 
nal for marble workers and stone cutters. Address, 20 S. 
Kedzie Ave., Chicago, III. Meth. Ep. Children: 

IX. J. Howard Watson, bn. Aug. 18, 1893. 
IX. Paul C. Watson, bn. Feb. 15, 1896. 

IX. Nina Winona Watson, bn. Aug. 25, 1898. 

VIII. Janette Watson, bn. July 3, 1874; died Mar. 6, 1875 . 

— 346 — 

VIII. Homer Watson, bn. Nov. 27, 1877. Mrd. Clara 
Bucher, Nov. 29, 1895. Res., 514 Marion St., EHchart, Ind. 
Foreman Daily Beview. 

VIII. B. P. Watson, bn. June 1, 1881. P. O., Chicago, 
111. Clerk. Meth. Ep. 

VIII. Howard Watson, bn. Dec. 27, 1886; died January 
II, 1886. 

VIII. Mildred Emma Watson, bn. April 24, 1888. 
Meth. Ep. 

VIII. Paul Watson, bn. Aug. 8, 1893; died next day. 

VII. Emma Rosenberi^r, bn. Mar. 18, 1854; died . 

VII. Amanda Rosenberry, bn. in Stark Co., Ohio, 
June 13, 1856. Mrd. L. N. Shedd. P. O., Argos, Ind. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Louise Gertrude Shedd, bn. Mar. 14, 1880. 
VIII. Eva Angeline Shedd, bn. June 16, 1882. 
Amanda mrd. second husband, J. C. Gordon, in 1892. 

Grain merchant. 

VII. John Franklin Rosenberry, bn. March 5, 1858; 
died . 

VII. James Harvey Rosenberry, bn. May 4, 1872; 
died . 

VI. Susan Rosenberger, died aged 13 years. 

V. Rev. John Rosenberger*, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., May 21, 1801; died in North Georgetown, Ohio, Mar. 
17, 1853. Mrd. Elizabeth Z. Hunsicker, Dec. 26, 1824. She 
was bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., May 26, 1798; died in 
Osage City, Kan., Dec. 24, 1887. Farmer and minister. 
Menu., and in after life a minister of the Ev. Associ- 
ation ch. Children: Jacob, Annie, Elizabeth, Sarah, 
Isaac, John, Barbara, David, Maria. 

VI. Jacob H. Rosenberg, M. D., bn. in Lower Provi- 
dence Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 1826. Mrd. 
Mary Ann Caudel, Oct. 31, 1847. Res., 1559 N. 19th St., 
Omaha, Neb. Physician. Meth. Ep. Children: Sarah, 
Frank, Mary, Emeline. 

VJI. Sarah Ann Rosenberg, bn. Nov. 9, 1848; died 
Oct. 8, 1849. 

* In 1838 he changed the name from Rosenberry to Rosenberger. In 
1860 his children changed the name to Rosenberg. 

— 347 — 

VII. Frank J. Rosenberg, M. D., bn. at Columbiana, 
Ohio, Aug. 16, 1850. Mrd. Anna M. Oase, of Wyandotte 
Co., Ohio, Mar. 1, 1873. P. O., Lexington, Neb. Mr. Rosen- 
berg was educated in Upper Sandusky High School, and 
Northwestern Normal, Adrian, Ohio. He studied medi- 
cine and graduated at the E. M. I., Cincinnati, Ohio, in 
1873, and took Post Clinical Course at Bellevue Hospital 
College, New York, in 1881, and a post gfraduate course in 
the Post Graduate School of Medicine, London, England, 
in 1891, and has since been engaged in the practice of his 
profession. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Claude C. Rosenberg, bn. Apr. 14, 1874. Meth. 
Ep. Single. 

VIII. Roy Paul Rosenberg, bn. Jan. 14, 1878; died 
July, 1891, Meth. Ep. 

VIII. Ralph E. Rosenberg, bn. May 24, 1881. 

VIII. Earl H. Rosenberg, bn. Sept. 24, 1884. Meth. Ep. 

VIII. Beulah Vere Rosenberg, bn. Jan. 29, 1890. 

VII. Mary E. Rosenberg, M. D., bn. Aug. 20, 1855. Res., 
1559 N. 19th St., Omaha, Neb. Physician. Meth. Ep. 

VII. Emeline Rosenberg, bn. June 9, 1860; died Aug. 
13, 1861. 

VI. Annie Rosenberg, bn. Dec. 26, 1826; died Jan. 1887. 
Mrd. John Vanhorn, Dec. 1847. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberg, bn. Dec. 26, 1826 (twin); died 
Sept. 26, 1827. 

VI. Sarah Ann Rosenberg, bn. Mar. 28, 1829. Mrd. 
Isaac Packer, July 2, 1852. He died Jan. 1884. Millwright. 
Meth. Ep. Children: Rosetta, Webster, Frank, Mary, 
Jane, Laura, John. 

VII. Rosetta A. Packer, bn. Dec. 16, 1854. Mrd. Kim- 
ble Thomas. P. O., Turney, Mo. Children: 

VIII. Daniel Thomas, dec'd. 
VIII. Laura Thomas. 

VIII. Nellie Thomas. 

VIII. Pearley Thomas. 

VIII. Maudie Thomas, dec'd. 

VIII. Earl Thomas. 

VII. D. Webster Packer, bn. at Salem, Ohio, Sept. 18» 
1855. P. O., Platte City, Mo. Farmer and stock-raiser. 
Christian cb. S. 

— 348 - 

Vll. B. Prank Packer, bn. at La Salle, 111., Apr. 24, 
1859. P. O., Platte City, Mo. Farmer and stock-raiser. 
Christian ch. S. 

Vll. Mary Ann Packer, dec'd. 

Vll. Jane Packer, dec'd. 

Vll. Laura Packer, bn. in Leavenworth, Kan., Feb. 
29, 1864. Mrd. Levi S. Deever, Oct. 23, 1895. Res., 1301 
Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan. Merchant. U. B. 

Vll. John H. Packer, bn. Sept. 12, 1870. Res., 1559 N. 
19th St.. Omaha, Neb. Electric engineer. Meth. Ep. S. 

VI. Isaac H. Rosenberg, bn. Oct. 31, 1831; died March 
17, 1853. 

VI. John H. Rosenberg, M. D., bn. Apr. 5, 1833; died 
Feb. 1889. Mrd. Elizabeth Dundore, July 27, 1858. No issue. 

VI. Barbara Rosenberg, bn. Mar. 24, 1835, in Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa.; died in Osage City, Kan., Nov. 30, 1874. 
Mrd. Benjamin Packer, Feb. 24, 1853. He was bn. Oct. 26, 
1831; died Nov. 30, 1855. Carpenter and millwright. Mr. 
P., Quaker; Mrs. P., U. B. One child: 

VII. Edwin B. Packer, M. D., bn. near Mt. Union, 
Ohio, May 27, 1855. Mrd. Mary E. Ferris, of Lecompton, 
Kan., June 16, 1878. Res., Osage City, Kan. Physician. 
Presby. Children: 

VIII. Ada Packer, bn. June 4, 1879; died June 27, 1880. 
VIII. Pearl Packer, bn. Nov. 18, 1880. 

VI. David H. Rosenberg, M. D., bn. at Skippackville, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., May 19, 1837. Mrd. Catharine Dun- 
dore, May 19, 1859. P. O., Mascotte, Fla. Physician and 
surgeon. Meth. Ep. Children: John, Sara, Joseph. 

VII. John B. Rosenberg, M. D., bn. at Napoleon, Henry 
Co , Ohio, Mar. 25, 1863. Mrd. Clara Eckert, Nov. 18, 1896. 
P. O., Clearmont, Fla. Physician. Unitarian. 

Vll Sara Lou Ella Rosenberg, bn. in Crawford Co., 
Ohio, July 26, 1865. Mrd. Rev. John H. Martin, Sept. 7, 1890. 
P. O., Winter Park, Fla. He was bn. at Tiffin, Ohio, Mar. 
13, 1867. Attended Heidelberg University at Tiffin, Ohio. 
He taught school one year in Florida, and in August 1892 
entered the ministry of the Meth. Ep. ch. One child: 

VIII. Rosella Ethel Martin, bn. Sept. 1, 1891. 

Vll. Joseph Rosenberg,. Address, 2056 Market St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

— 349 — 

VI. Maria Rosenberg, bn. Oct. 11, 1840; died October 
18, 1841. 

V. Anna Roeenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
June 20, 1805; died in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co , Pa., E)ec. 
7. 1893. Mrd. Samuel D. Heckler. He was bn. in Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., Oct. 1, 1803; died in Hilltown Twp., Pa , 
May 1, 1884. Farmer. Ev. Ass'n. Children: Eliza, George, 
Elias, Hetty, David, Jacob, Aaron, John, Samuel, Frank, 

VI. Ann Eliza Heckler, bn. 1825; died 1848. S. 
VI. George Heckler, bn. 1827; died 18&7. S. 

VI. Elias Heckler, bn. 1828. Mrd. Angeline Garber. 
She died Dec. 3, 1856. No issue. Elias mrd. second wife, 
Margaret R. Gerhart. P. O., Pricks, Pa. Farmer. Evan- 
gelical. One child: 

VII. Emma Heckler, mrd. J. Van Ommeron. P. O., 
Quakertown, Pa. Attorney-at-Law. 

VI. Hester Ann R Heckler, bn. Feb. 20, 1830; died at 
Ashbourne, Pa., July 1, 1886. Mrd. George W. McGargal, 
about 1861. He was bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa. Res. 
Bethlehem, Pa. Builder. Mr. M., Bap.; Mrs. M., Meth. 
Children: Samuel, Annie, Harvey, Emma, Hester. 

VII. Samuel H. McGargal, bn. Jan. 4, 1863. Mrd. 
Liaura L. Garner, Sept. 13, 1883. P. O., Ashbourne, Pa. 
Lumber business. Bap. One child: 

VIII. Shelden McGargal. 

VII. Annie L. McGargal, bn. Sept., 1865. Mrd. W. A. 
Crouthamel. P. O., Soudertoo, Pa. Tailor. Children: 

VIII. George Crouthamel. 
VIII. Herbert Crouthamel. 
VIII. Raymond Crouthamel. 

VII. Harvey G. McGargal, bn. Apr. 1867. Mrd. Lizzie 
Myers. Res., 1304 Butler St., Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

'VIII. Russel McGargal. 

VIII. Earl McGargal, dec'd. 
VIII. Harvey McGargal. 

VII. Emma R. McGargal, bn. 1871. Mrd. Frank Evans, 
in 1892. P. O., Bridgeport, Conn. 

VII. Hester J. McGargal, bn. 1872. Mrd. John Huns- 
berger in 1891. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Harold Hunsberger. 

— 350 — 

VIII. Lola Hunsberger, dec'd. 
VIII. Hunsberger. 

VI. David R. Heckler, bn. in 1831. Mrd. Amanda Kim- 
ble. P. O., Hagersville, Pa. Farmer. Children: Anna, 

VII. Anna Mary Heckler, mrd. John Harrison. P. O., 
BedmiDster, Pa. 

VII. Sarah Jane Heckler. 

VI. Jacob R. Heckler bn. 1833. Mrd. Lydia Baringer. 
P. O., Perkasie, Pa. Retired farmer. Evang". Children: 
Ellen, PiersoD, Amelia, Leidy, Henry, Levi, Sinniah, Ida, 
Franklin, Alice, Emma. 

VII. Ellen Heckler, died 1890. Mrd. John B. Neff. 
No issue. 

VII. Pieison Heckler (twin to Ellen), died in infancy. 

VII. Amelia Heckler, mrd. Joseph Hunsberger. P. O., 
Fricks, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Irwin Hunsberger, dec'd. 
VIII. Ida Hunsberger, dec'd. 
VIII. Leidy Hunsberger. 

VIII. Lauretta Hunsberger. 

VIII. Harvey Hunsberger. 

VIII. Ella Hunsberger. 

VII Howard Hunsberger. 

VII. Leidy Heckler. P. O., Ambler, Pa. Carpenter. 

VII. Henry B. Heckler, mrd. Eliza Ann Fiester, of 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII. Levi Heckler, died in infancy. 

VII. Sinniah Heckler, mrd. Max Fuchsel. 

VII. Ida Heckler, mrd. Benjamin Hedrick. 

VII. Franklin B. Heckler, mrd. Sabina Proctor. P.O., 
Perkasie, Pa. 

VII. Alice Heckler, mrd. Roscoe Beisel. P. O., Hat- 
field, Pa. 

VII. Emma Heckler, dec'd. 

VI. Aaron R. Heckler, bn. in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Oct. 28, 1835. Mrd. Sophia R. Rosenberger, Dec. 
4, 1858. P. O., So. Hatfield, Pa. Retired farmer. Evarfg. 
Children: Annie, Emma, Sophia, Lizzie, Mary. 

VII. Annie Amanda Heckler, bn. Aug. 25, 1860. Mrd. 

— 351 — 

Abraham K. Fretz, Oct. 15, 1881. P. O., Hatfield, Pa. 
Farmer. Evang. Children: 

VIII. Mary Alice Fretz, bn. Sept. 3, 1882. 

VIII. Aaron Melrose Fretz, bn. Feb. 16, 1887. 

VIII. William Fretz. 

VIII. Sophia Fretz. 

VII. Emma R. Heckler, bn. Oct. 2, 1863. Mrd. Rev. 
S. K. Heebner, Feb. 15, 1888. He died at Lincoln City, 
Del., Oct. 16, 1893. Mcth. Ep. ch. Children: 

VIII. Mabel Beatrice Heebner, bn. May 5, 1890. 
VIII. John Wesley Heebner. 

VII. Sophia Ida R. Heckler, bn. Nov. 16, 1868. Mrd. 
Joseph W. Koffel. P. O., Hatfield, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Sophia Koffel. 
VIII. Samuel Koffel. 
VIM. Joseph Koffel. 
Vm. Walter Koffel. 

VII. Lizzie May Dora Heckler, bn. Jan. 11, 1870. Ev. 
Ass'n. Single. 

VII. Mary Ellen R. Heckler, bn. Jan. 11, 1873. Mrd. 
Harry B. Godshall. P. O., Souderton, Pa. 

VI. Samuel Heckler, bn. 1838; died 1841. 

VI. John R. Heckler, bn. in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa,, 
Nov. 3, 1840. Mrd. Victoria S. Pluck, Oct. 12, 186L P. O., 
Perkasie, Pa. In early life taught school, later farmer, 
and agent for agricultural implements and fertilizers. 
Kef. ch. Children: William, Calvin, Allen, Nari. 

VII. William Franklin Heckler, died infant. 

VII. Calvin F. Heckler, bn. June 12, 1864. Mrd. Anna 
Durner. P. O., Quakertown, Pa. Member of the Phila- 
delphia Bar. Ref. ch. 

VII. Allen Henry Heckler, bn. Aug. 6, 1866. Mrd. Liz- 
zie Hunsberger. Carpenter in the employ of the Phila. 
&. Reading R. R. Go. Ref. ch. One child: 

VIII. Heckler. 

VII. Nari Franklin Heckler, bn. Feb. 4, 1873. Mrd. 
Lorene Fretz, of Philadelphia, Pa. Stenographer. Ref. 
ch. One child: 

VIII. Heckler. 

VI. Samuel R. Heckler, bn. 1842. Mrd. Rebecca Kim- 

— 352 — 

bel. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Farmer. United Ev. ch. 
Children: Sophia, Abel, Howard. 

VII. Sophia Heckler, mrd. Frank W. Krupp. P. O., 
Lansdale, Pa. U. Ev. Children: 

VIII. Elvie Krupp. 
VIII. Infant, dec'd. 
VIII. Rebie Krupp. 

VII. Abel Heckler, bn. Mar. 9, 1869. Mrd. Amanda 
Kulp. P. O., Hatfield, Pa. Carpenter. U. Ev. One child, 

VII. Howard Heckler. S. 

VI. Mary Amanda Heckler, bn. in Hilltown, Bucks 
Co., Pa., July 13, 1844. Mrd. Charles Masslnger, July 11, 
1867. He was bn. In Kaiserslautern, Bavaria, Aug. 17, 
1832. P O., Chalfont, Pa. Farmer, owns several fine 
farms in Bucks Co. Meth. Children: Charles, Eber, 
Wesley, Omray, William, Katie. 

VII. Charles Jerome Masslnger, M. D., bn. in Bucks 
Co., Pa , Aug. 81, 1868. Mrd. Alfaretta, daughter of Capt. 
James and Mary Chester, of Goshen, Cape May Co., N. J., 
June 4, 1891. P. O., CoUingswood, N. J. Physician. 
Presby. Children: 

VIII. James Chester Massinger, bn. Oct. 27, 1892. 
VIII. Charles Massinger, bn. Aug. 30, 1895. 

VII. Dr. Eber Massinger, bn. Jan. 20, 1870. Mrd. Mary 
Arnold Snyder, Apr. 4, 1894. P. O., Phoenixville, Pa. 
Veterinary surgeon. Attends Meth. ch. 

VII. Dr. Wesley Massinger, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 
16, 1871. Attended college in New York City. P. C, 
Chalfont, Pa. Veterinary surgeon. S. 

VII. Dr. Omray Lester Massinger, bn. Nov. 30, 1873. 
P. O., Bridgeport, Connecticut. Physician and surgeon. 
Meth. Sinsrle. 

VII. William Massinger, bn. Oct. 18, 1877. P.O., 
Chalfont, Pa. Student (1898). 

VII. Katie Mabel Massinger, bn. Sept. 11, 1880. Mrd. 
William Phillips. P. O., Olney, Pa. 

VI. Frank R. Heckler, bn. in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 1848. Mrd. Maggie H. Moyer, Mar. 4, 
1S71. P. O., Fricks, Pa. Farmer. U. Ev. ch. Children: 
Melvin, Ward, Mary. 

— 353 — 

VII. Melvin M. Heckler, bn. Mar. 27, 1873. School 
teacher. U. Ev. ch. S. 

VII. Ward M. Heckler, bn. May 26, 1875. Mrd. Kate 
R. Hedrick. P. O., Fricks, Pa. Farmer. One child: 

VIII. Stanley H. Heckler. 

VII. Mary Ellen Heckler, bn. Sept. 17, 1881. 

V. Barbara Rosenberger, bn. July 15, 1807. Mrd. 
James Owen. Children: 

Vi. Owen, dec'd. 

VI. Maria Owen, dec'd. 
VI. Aaron Owen 

VI. Charles Owen. 
VI. David Owen. 

V. Esther Rosenberger, bn. May 10, 1810; died Sept. 
18, 1877. Mrd. Jacob Wismer. He was bn. February 23, 

. 1799; died in Philadelphia, Apr. 19, 1871. Produce dealer. 
Mr. W., Meth. Ep.; Mrs. W., Ref. Children: Mary, Jo- 
seph, Ann, Barbara, Emma, Henry, Charles, Allen, Jacob, 
Esther, Franklin. 

VI. Mary Ann Wismer, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 
8, 1830. Mrd. Frederick Theilacker, Feb. 6, 1848. He was 
bn. in Wurtemburg, Germany, came to the United States 
when BIX years of age; died Feb. 27, 1864. Meth. Children: 
Charlotte, William, Christian, Anna, Esther, Mary, 

VIK Charlotte Theilacker, mrd. Antone F. Miller, 

. Res., 2715 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Cigar 

maker. Children : 

VIII. Alice E. Miller. 
VIII. Lottie Miller. 

VIII. Frank Antone Miller. 

VII. William J. Theilacker, bn. Feb. 14, 1850. Mrd. 
-. Fire insurance agent. Children: 

Vill. Mary Emma Theilacker. 
VIII. William Theilacker. 

VII. Christian F. Theilacker, bn. Mar. 1851; died Mar. 
23, 1861. 

VII. Anna Eliza Theilacker, bn. Feb. 13, 1853; died 
Mar. 13, 1854. 

VII. Esther Ann Theilacker, bn. May 12, 1854; died 
Jan. 14, 1856. 


— 354 — 

VII. Mary Ellen Theilackcr, bn. Nov. 28, 1858. Mrd. 
Mahlon E. Foust. Tin-roofer. One child: 

VIII. Mattie Foust. 

VII. Samuel Scattergood Theilacker, bn. May 27, 1860. 

VI. Joseph Wismer, bn. ; died in 1832. 

VI. Ann Eliza Wismer, bn. Sept. 4, 1833; died Sep- 
tember, 1848. 

VI. Barbara A. Wismer, bn. Oct. 5, 1835: died in 1838. 

VI. Emma Matilda Wismer, bn. Jan. 14, 1837. Mrd. 
Henry Fetters, Jan. 14, 1856. He was bn. .Tan. 15, 1830; 
died Aug. 12, 1886. Res., Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 
James, Esther, Charles, Wilhelmina, Milton, Jacob, Clif- 
ford, Walter, Mary, Ella. 

VII. James Fetters, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 16, 
1857. Res., 1326 Palmer St., Philadelphia, Pa. Driver, a 

VII. Esther Ann Fetters, bn. Aug. 8, 1858; died Aug^. 
17, 1858. 

VII. Charles H. Fetters, bn. Sept. 13, 1869. Res., 
Philadelphia, Pa. S. 

VII. Wilhelmina Fetters, bn. Sept. 25, 1862. Mrd. 
Charles H. Royer, Apr. 30, 1889. Children: 

VIII. Wilhelmina Edna Royer, bn. Apr. 20, 1890. 
VIII. Mabel Irene Royer, bn. Sept. 8, 1892. 

VII. Milton Augustus Fetters, bn. Feb. 6, 1865. Mrd. 
Clara Spencer, Oct. 17, 1890. Res., 2127 Uber St., .Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Carpenter. Bap. 

VII. Jacob Wismer Fetters, bn. Sept. 27, 1868. Res. 
1326. Palmer St., Philadelphia, Pa. Salesman. Meth. 
Ep. Single. 

VII. Clifford Fetters, bn. Oct. 19, 1870. Res., 1326 
Palmer St., Philadelphia, Pa. Carpenter. Meth. Ep. S. 

VII. Walter Fetters, bn. Oct. 19, 1870 (twin); died Nov. 
16, i870. 

VII. Mary Emma Fetters, bn. Sept. 20, 1872. Meth. 
Ep. Single. 

VII. Ella May Fetters, bn. May 29, 1876. 

VI. Henry Wismer, bn. Aug. 21, 1839: died Apr. 1874. 
Mrd. Kate Sweaney. Children 

VII. Hester Wismer. 
VII. Drucilla W^ismer. 

— 355 — 

VI. Charles R. Wismer, bo. ia Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 
7, 1841. Mrd. Eliza Shuman, Dec. 1, 1867. Res., 2122 Mar- 
shall St., Philadelphia, Pa. Clerk. Ref. Children: 

VII. Infant died unnamed. 

VII. Laura Virginia Wismer, bn. Nov. 17, 1869; died 
July 10, 1888. 

VII. Charles Eugene Wismer, bn. July 12, 1872. 

VI. Allen Wismer, bn. Nov. 2, 1844; died Aug. 20, 1846 

VI. Jacob Wismer, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 7, 
1847. Mrd. Mary Catharine Sill, July 28, 1870. Res., 1422 
Savery St., Philadelphia, Pa. Dealer in delicacies. 

VII. Lillian Wismer, bn. June 3, 1871. S. 
VII. Aimee Wismer, bn. Mar. 18, 1874. S. 

VI. Esther Wismer (twin), bn. Jan. 7, 1817; died Mar. 
10, 1»48. 

VI. Franklin Wismer, bn. Jan. 23, 1851; died Feb. 
6, 1856. 

V. Maria Rosenberjrer, .bn. Aug. 17, 1812; died Nov 
17, 1879. Mrd. Jacob Munk, Aug. 1842. He was bn. in 
Stuttgart, Germany; died at Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio. 
It is stated that he worked in a printing office in early 
life, but later was a farmer. Ev. Ass'n. Children: Eliza- 
beth, Mary, Annie. Joseph, Ephraim, Edward, William. 

VI. Elizabeth Munk, died an Infant. 

VI. Mary A. Munk, bn. in Columbiana Co , Ohio, Nov. 
25, 1844. Mrd. Valentine Lorentz, Sept. 19, 1878. P. O., 
Alliance, Ohio. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: Evan- 
geline, Charles, Mary, Edward. 

VII. Evangeline Lorentz. bn. Aug. 22, 1879. 

VII. Charles Valentine Lorentz, bn. Oct. 12, 1880; died 
Dec. 19, 1882. 

VII, Mary Estella Lorentz, bn. June 2, 1882. 
VII. Edward Perclval Lorentz, bn. July 22, 1884. 

VI. Annie Munk, dec'd. Mrd. Samuel C. Greenwalt. 
One child: 

VII. Elizabeth Greenwalt, mrd. Harry McKean. P. C, 
Yuma, Arizona. 

VI. Joseph A. Munk, M. D., bn. in Mahoning Co., Ohio, 
Nov. 19, 1847. The family subsequently removed to Salem, 

— 366 — 

Ohio, where they lived several years and then moved to 
Mt. Union, Ohio. 

Dr. Munk enlisted as a private soldier in Co. I, 178th 
Regt. Ohio Vol. Inf., in August 1864, and remained in 
the army until the close of the war. After his return he 
attended school at Mt. Union College and later studied 
medicine with Dr. D. H. Rosenberg, at Bettsville, Ohio, 
and graduated in medicine in 1869 from the Ek:lectic Med- 
ical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

He began the practice of medicine at Lindsey, Ohio, 
and has practiced his profession successively at Chilli- 
cothe. Mo., Topeka, Kan., and Los Angeles, Cal., at which 
latter place he now resides. He is a frequent contributor 
to medical journals. His deep interest in the Territory 
of Arizona led him to collect an extensive library on that 
subject. For several years past he has been collecting 
every book, pamphlet, and historical scrap obtainable, 
and is to-day possessed of more published and written 
information on the Territory than any other living person. 
It is expected that some day he will publish a book on 
Arizona, which will be the most complete of anything ever 
issued from the press. He is also the author of a pam- 
phlet on the climate of Southern California. 

He was married to Emma Beazell of Webster, Pa., in 
1873. Meth. Ep. One child: 

Vll. A daughter, died an infant. 

VI. E. Henry Munk, M. D., bn. near Georgetown, Ohio, 
Apr. 12, 1849. Mrd. Lillian Hoag in 1874. P. O., Nevada, 
Iowa. Dr. Munk was educated at Mt. Union College, and 
graduated, taking his degree of M. D. at the American 
Medical College in St. Louis, after which he settled in 
Story Co., Iowa, in the practice of medicine. Soon after 
he reached the legal age for admission to the rites of 
Masonry he entered Columbia Lodge 292. Changing his 
residence to the county seat his membership was trans- 
ferred to Nevada Lodge No. 99, where he entered into full 
fellowship as a Master Mason, June 7, 1873. He has, been 
an active member of that lodge for more than 20 years, 
and has perhaps vouched for as many petitioners as has 
any other member. He has filled numerous offices, and 
ably performed his full share of work on committees and 
on the floor. He holds membership and office in three 

— 357 -~ 

times three chapters, where he fills his chair promptly 
when not professionally absent. 

He has held the office of Health Officer for the past 
ten years. Mrs. Munk is a {graduate of Carthage College, 
111., and Is city Librarian. She is also a lineal descendant 
of Eider William Brewster, the spiritual leader of the 
Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, that came to America 
on the MayjUmer, in 1620; also of Rev. John Robinson, 
pastor of the Pilgrims at Leyden, Holland. 

She is a charter member of Abigail Chapter of the 
'•Daughters of the American Revolution," and eligible to 
membership in **Society of Colonial Dame?." Meth. Ep. 

VII. Grace Munk, bn. Dec. 23, 1875. P. O., Nevada, la 
School teacher. 

VII. Edward Brewster Munk, bo. Dec. 26, 1887. 

VI. Judge Edward R. Munk, A. M., who is one of the 
prominent lawyers of Arizona, and a pioneer among the 
cattlemen in the Territory, has for some years been a 
resident of Tucson. Arizona, and is recognized as a man 
of superior ability, force of character, determination and 
integrity. He is a native of Stark Co., Ohio, and was bn. 
Jan. 31, 1855, and inherits all the thrift, enterprise and 
perseverance of his Teutonic ancestors, but contrary to 
their custom remains a bachelor. Judge Munk had ex- 
cellent educational advantages in his youth, of which he 
early availed himself, and graduated when he was 21 
years old. After a thorough course in Mt. Union College, 
he entered the Michigan University, and was duly gradu- 
ated with the post graduate degree of A. M., and shortly 
after admitted to the practice of law before the Supreme 
Court of the State of Michigan. 

For a number of years after this, he practiced his 
profession in Des Moines, Iowa, and St. Louis, Mo., but 
failing health caused him to give up his practice in the 
city, and to seek health and wealth in the far South west. 
Early in the spring of 1883, he, in connection with his 
brother. Dr. J. A. Munk, went into the cattle business 
near Wilcox, Arizona, and as his brother did not reside 
there, he has had the entire management of the same, 
until the ranch has become a verj' good property, giving 
very satisfactory incomes to each of the partners. 

— 358 - 

Aside from the cattle business the Judge has become 
interested in mines and is part owner in a very fair 

In 1886 he was elected County Judge of Cochise Co., 
and re-elected in 1888, serving until the end of his term. 
In 1893 he was appointed by President Cleveland as re- 
ceiver of the United States Land Office, at Tucson, Ari- 
zona, and during his term of office he finished the duties 
of his official position in the most satisfactory manner. 
Under the administration of Gov. Hughes he was 
appointed a member of the Board of Regents, and 
during his term of office many changes were made in 
the policy and management of the University, resulting 
in marked success, and never before has the University 
enjoyed such prosperity and success as now. The Judge 
also became a member of the Civil Service Examining 
Board for Arizona, for the Postal and Indian Service, 
resulting in credit to the office. In connection with all 
these duties he continues to practice his chosen profes- 
sion, the law, and with success, thus making his life a 
very busy one. He has been connected with the Masonic 
order for many years, and is now a Knight Templar in 
good standing. 

Recently Judge Munk made Los Angeles, Cal., his 
permanent home. 

VI. William C. Munk, where-abouts unknown. 

V. Christian Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 21, 1818. Mrd. 
Amanda, daughter of Henry Leidy. Children: 

VI. Henrietta Rosenberger. 
VI. Mary Rosenberger. 

VI. Josephine Rosenberger. 

VI. Napoleon Rosenberger, dec'd. 

VI. Theodore Rosenberger, dec'd. 

IV. Elizabeth Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 17, 1775; died in 
1821. Mrd. David Shutt. Children: Jacob, David, Mary, 
Nancy, Deborah. Elizabeth mrd. second husband, Fred- 
erick Alderfer, Nov. 5, 1807. Children: Barbara, Frederick, 

V. Jacob Shutt, mrd. . Lived in Doylestown Twp. 


VI. Samuel Shutt. 

VI. Other children, names unknown. 

— 359 — 
V. David Shutt, mrd. ; died 

V. Mary Shutt, mrd. Keyser, and moved to West- 
ern Pennsylvania. 

V. Nancy Shutt.- died . Mrd. John Rosenberger. 

He was bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Nov. 28, 1796; died 
Nov. 26, 1855. Children: Abraham, Elizabeth, John. 

VI. Abraham S. Rosenberger, bn. Oct. 16, 1819; died 

. Mrd. Lizzie Cassel. School teacher and farmer. 

Menn. Children: Noah, Mary, Joseph, Catharine, Eliza- 
beth, Barbara. Abraham. 

VII. Noah C. Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Aug. 1, 1841. Mrd. Sarah Ann Kinsey, July 18, 1869. 
P. O., Souderton, Pa. Tailor. Luth. Children: Samuel, 
Elizabeth, Leidy, Ida, William, John, Amanda, Sallie, 
Anna, Horace, Albanus, Bertha. 

VIII. Samuel Rosenberger, bn. Aug. II, 1870. Mrd. 
Mary Benner, of Souderton, Pa. 

VIII. Elizabeth Rosenberger, bn. 1872. Mrd. Leidy 
Frankenfield. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Children: 

IX. Preston Frankenfield. 
IX. Irenia Frankenfield. 

VIII. Leidy Rosenberger, mrd. Maggie Christman. 
One child: 

IX. Mary Rosenberger. 

VIII. Ida Rosenberger, died small. 

VIII. William H. Rosenberger, bn. .fan. 16, 1877; died 
aged 17 years. 

Vill. John Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 16, 1879. 

VIII. Amanda Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 25, 1881. 

VIII. Sallie Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 1, 1883; died infant. 

VIII. Anna Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 8, 1885; died infant. 

VIII. Horace Rosenberger, bn. Jan. 8, 1887. 

VIII. Albanus Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 8, 1889. 

Vill. Bertha Rosenberger, bn. May 11, 1893. 

VII. Mary Rosenberger, ' mrd. Joseph Wisler, dec'd.' 
P. C, Souderton, Pa. One child: 

VIII. Flora Wisler. 

VII. Joseph C. Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 18, 1852. Mrd. 
Kate Cassel, Nov. 2S1, 1874. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Sales- 
man. Children: 

VIII. David Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 20, 1875. 

— 360 — 

VIII. Lillian Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 25, 1877. 
VIII. Emma Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 29, 1878. 

VII. Catharine Rosenberger, died Mar. 27, 1898. Mrd. 
Henry Goshow, in 1876. Hewasbn. Dec. 16, 1850. Plasterer. 
Menn. Children: Lizzie, Leander, Mary. 

VIII. Lizzie Goshow, bn. at Creamery, Pa,, Jan. 24, 
1879. Mrd. William B. Scheldt. P. O., Souderton, Pa. 
Tobacconist. Luth. One child: 

IX. R. Jordan Scheldt, bn. Apr. 5, 1897. 

VIII. Leander Goshow, bn. Feb. 27, 1881: died Aug. 
16. 1898. X^ ,^ ^ 

VIII. Mary Goshow^ bn. June 15, 1886. ^ ' ' . 

VII. Elizabeth Rosenberger, mrd. Jacob H. Tyson. 
P. O., Creamery, Pa. Two daughters. 

VII. Barbara Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 23, 1860. Mrd. 
William H. Nice. P. O., Steinesburg, Pa. Miller. Ger. 
Bap. Children: 

VIII. Sallie Nice, bn. Aug. 14, 1879. 

VIII. Elizabeth Nice, bn. Apr. 18, 1882; died March 
9, 1883. 

VIII. Elmer Nice, bn. Jan. 6, 1885. 

VIII. Melvin Nice, bn. May 20, 1886. 

VIII, Harrison Nice, bn. June 13, 1888. 

VIII. Vincent Nice, bn. Dec. 23, 1891. 

VIII. Ella Nice, bn. Oct. 19, 1892. 

VIII. John Nice, bn. Apr. 4, 1896. 

VII. Abraham Rosenberger, died aged 17 years. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberger, mrd. Zephaniah Gross, 
dec'd. Children: 

VII. Mary Gross, dec'd. 

VII. Kate Gross, mrd. . 

VII. William Gross. 

Elizabeth mrd. second husband, Omer Reese. P.O., 
Montgomeryville, Pa. One child: 
VM. Clara Reese, mrd. Evans, 

VI. John Shutt Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., May 2, 1828; died Jan. 27, 1891. Mrd. Hannah Ade- 
line Williams, Aug. 25, 1863. She was born near Mauch 
Chunk, Pa., Jan. 7, 1839. Cabinet-maker. He enlisted 
Sept. 1, 1864, in the 203d Regt., Co. D., Pa. Vols. Served 

Birth-place of Salome (Kratz) Funk, wife of John F. Funk. 

— 361 — 

about one year until the close of the war. He was on 
detached service at Corps headquarters, to build, and to 
level the ground about the officers* tenttj, having in his 
employ in this work as many as 300 negroes. 

At the battle of Chapmans farm a piece of shell flew 
past him, but with such force that his head was turned half 
way around, and so suddenly that it cracked, and he had 
to take both hands to put his head into the right position 
again. It is related that when Mr. Rosenberger was but 
a creeping baby, his sister took him up into the third 
story of the mill in which they lived, and while she 
was sweeping the floor he crept to the door and fell 
down three stories, fortunately falling into a pile of 
shavings, and bounced like a rubber ball, but on examina- 
tion he was found unhurt. Mr. Rosenberger was superin- 
tendent of planing mill at Hazleton, Pa., for about 20 

In 1877 he took charge of a sawing and planing fac- 
tory in Philadelphia, and the following year removed to 
Bloomsbury, N. J., where he served with the same firm, 
Bowlby & Larish. 

In 18S0 he moved to Washington, N. J., and worked in 
Daniel P. Beatty's large Organ works. He died at Blooms- 
bury, Jan. 27, 1891. He was a member of John F. Reynolds 
Post, No. 66, Dept. of N. J.. G. A. R., of Washington, N. J. 
He was also in his younger days a singing school teacher. 
He was a member of the Meth . Ep. ch., of which he was 
for many years a class-leader at Hazleton, Pa. Children: 
William, Rozalia, John, Samson, Anna, Mary, Jennie. 
Cassie, Lillian, Elizabeth. 

VII. William A. Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 25, 1854; died 
Feb. 25, 1855. 

VII. Rozalia Rosenberger, bn. at Hazleton, Pa., Mar. 
25, 1857. Mrd. Edward Caugle, Oct. 23, 1880. P. O., Blooms- 
bury, N. J. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Harry B. Caugle, bn. Apr. 16, 1882. 
VIII. James C. Caugle, bn. Oct. 16, 1886. 
VIII. Lizzie W. Caugle, bn. Sept. 30, 1890. 
VIII. Lillian E. Caugle, bn. May 3, 1893. 

VII. John B. Rosenberger, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., 
Sept. 25, 1860. Mrd. Jennie Louisa Young, of Orange, 
N. J., ^eb. 16, 1882. P. O., Bloomsbury, N. J. He is a 

— 362 - 

barber, and has followed that craft at different places. 
Owing to religious scruples he could not continue in the 
business with open shop on Sunday, and being fully per- 
suaded that it was his duty to close his shop on Sunday he 
resolved to do so, removed to Easton, Pa., but did not 
succeed. He then on a Saturday night took the matter 
to the Lord in prayer. He told the Lord that he could 
not make a living in Easton with his shop closed on the 
Sabbath day, and that he must have a position g^ven him 
on the Monday following, and prayed the Lord to direct 
his feet for he knew not where to go. The Lord graciously 
heard his prayer, and on Monday morning his wife came 
to his barber shop with a telegram from his sister, say- 
ing, ^^Jobn, come down at once, important business, Rose." 
He took the first train to Bloomsbury, N. J., and in the 
afternoon returned to Easton with the key of the Blooms- 
bury barber shop in his pocket, to which place he re- 
moved, and where he now conducts a successful business. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Hannah Aldine Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 14, 1883. 

VIII. George N. Young Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 9, 1888, 

VII. Samson S. Rosenberger, bn. at Hazleton, Pa., 
Feb. 26, 1863. Mrd. Lillie V. Abel, Oct. 3, 1889. P. O., 
Bloomsbury, N. J. Barber. Oae child: 

VIII. Bertha A. Rosenberger, bn. May 27, 1891; died 
Aug. 13, 1891. 

VII. Anna M. Rosenberger, bn. at Hazleton, Pa., Apr. 
10, 1866. Mrd. John Morrison, of Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 
29, 1882. P. O., Washington, N. J. Organ and piano fin- 
isher. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Daniel W. Morrison, bn. Sept. 4, 1883. 
VIII. Joseph S. Morrison, bn. Oct. 19, 1885. 
VIII. John W. Morrison, bn. Jan. 25, 1888. 
VIII. Anna A. Morrison, bn. July 24, 1897. 

VII. Mary L. Rosenberger, bn. at Hazleton, Pa., Feb. 
1, 1868. Mrd. S. A. D. Vliet, Feb. 11, 1890. P. O., Blooms- 
bury, N. J. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Frank Vliet, bn. May 15, 1891. 
VIII. Hannah A. Vliet, bn. Apr. 9, 1893. 

VII. Jennie Rosenberger, bn. at Hazleton, Pa., Dec. 
26, 1870. Mrd. Chester P. Huff, Aug. 4, 1894. P. O.. 
Bloomsbury, N. J. Meth. Ep. No issue. 

— 363 — 

VII. Cassie L. Rosenberger, bn. June 8, 1873; died July 
6, 1873. 

VII. Lillian Rosenberger, bn. July 12, 1874; died Apr. 
13, 1878. 

VII. Elizabeth Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 28, 1879; died 
Mar. 17, 1880. 

V. Deborah Shutt, mrd. Abraham Groff. 

V. Barbara Alderfer, mrd. William Isenberry. Lived 
in Indiana. 

V. Rev. Frederick Alderfer, mrd. . Moved to 

Seneca Co., Ohio. Was a German Baptist minister. 

VI. Fannie Alderfer. 
VI. Lizzie Alderfer. 
VI. Mary Alderfer. 

V. Henry Alderfer. 

IV. Mary Rosenberger, bn. about 1777; died . Mrd. 

Christian Wismer. He was born in Bucks Co., Pa., 
Dec. 17, 1867; died Oct. 11, 1852. Lived in Skippack Twp. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Jacob, Abraham, Barbara, 
Henry, David, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Hannah, Christian. 

V. Jacob Wismer, bn. June 10, 1795; died about 1852. 
Mrd. Mary Detweiler. Farmer. Mr. W., Bap.; Mrs. W., 
Menn. Children: Jacob, Christian, Isaac, Henry. 

VI. Jacob D. Wismer, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Sept. 28, 1820. Mrd. Catharine Hunsberger, of Chester 
Co., Pa., Apr. 8, 1846. P. C, Parkers Ford, Pa. Farmer. 
Mr. W., Meth.; Mrs. W., Menn. Children: Benjamin, 
Mary, Elizabeth, Winfield, Kate, Jacob, Joseph. 

VII. Benjamin F. Wismer, bn. Feb. 15, 1846. Mrd. 
Kate R. Urner, of Chester Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 1876. P. C, 
Battle Creek, Mich. Dairyman. Seventh Day Advent- 
ists. Children: 

VIII. Maggie May Wismer, bn. July 3, 1877. 
VIII. Irvin W. S. Wismer, bn. Aug. 18, 1879. 

VIII. Ella Bertha Wismer, bn. Feb. 12, 1883; died June 
26, 1888. 

VIII. Bertha Wismer, died in infancy. 

VII. Mary M. Wismer, bn. Feb. 3, 1848. Mrd. John 
Wagoner. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 
One child: 

• sv 

— 364 — 

VIII. Harry Levi Wagoner. 

VII. Elizabeth H. Wismer, bn. Apr. 19, 1851. Mrd. 
William F. Latshaw. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VIII. Harry J. Latshaw. 
VIII. Willis W. Latshaw. 
VIII. J. Irvin Latshaw. 
VIII. Mary Kate Latshaw. 

VII. Winfield S. Wismer, bn. July 1, 1852. Mrd. Flora 
High, of Chester Co., Pa. P. O., Parkers Ford, Pa. Ger. 
Bap. Children: 

VIII. Edgar H. Wismer. 
VIII. Charles J. Wismer. 

VII. Kate R. Wismer, bn. Oct. 14, 1854. P. O., Par- 
kers Ford, Pa. Ger. Bap. S. 

VII. Jacob C. Wismer, bn. Dec. 8, 1857. Farmer. S. 

VII. Joseph M. Wismer, bn. May 2, 1861. P. O., Par- 
kers Ford, Pa. Farmer. Bap. S. 

VI. Christian D. Wismer, mrd. . 

VI. Isaac Wismer, died . S. 

VI. Henry Wismer, mrd. . 

V. Rev. Abraham Wismer, bn. in Skippack, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., Mar. 15, 1797; died Oct. 15, 1877. Mrd. 
Susanna Kolb. She was born June 23, 1804; died Feb. 
23. 1855. Farmer and minister. He was ordained to the 
ministry of the Mennonite church, which he served for 
38 years; 24 of the 38 years as bishop. Children: Henry, 
Susanna, David, Abraham. 

VI. Re«r. Henry K. Wismer, bn. Feb. 11, 1823. Mrd. 
Mary Cole, Oct. 13, 1850. She was bn. May 6, 1826; died 
Jan. 1, 1895. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Farmer and minister. 
He was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite church, 
June 5, 1883. Children: Abraham, Susan, Catharine, 
Benjamin, Henry, Elizabeth. 

VII. Abraham Wismer, bn. Jan. 20, 1852: died Feb. 
28, 1853. 

VII. Susan C. Wismer, bn, in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Mar. 28, 1853. Mrd. Joseph C. Gander, son of deacon Jo- 
seph Gander, Sept. 2, 1875. He died Oct. 24, 1880. Farmer. 
Menn. One child: 

VIII. Harry W. Gander, bn. Oct. 5, 1878. 

— 365 — 

Susan mrd. second husband, Milton H. Walters, Nov. 
11, 1882. P. O., Rudy, Pa. Miller, Justice of the Peace, 
dealer in real estate, fanner, and has served as member 
of the Legislature of Pa. Mr. W., Luth.; Mrs. W., Menu. 

VIII. Laura W. Walters, bn. Aug. 21, 1883. 

VIII. Howard W. Walters, bn. Feb. 2, 1885. 

VIIL Emma Norman W. Walters, bn. Oct, 17, 1889. 

VII. Catharine Wismer, bn. Sept. 29, 1854; died Dec. 
29, 1878. 

VII. Benjamin Wismer, bn. Jan. 27, 1866. Mrd. Hettie 
Garges, Dec. 11, 1880. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Farmer. 
M enn . Children : 

VIM. Mary G. Wismer, bn. Jan. 15, 1886; died next day. 

VIII. Amanda G. Wismer, bn. May 18, 1889. 
Vlll. Anna G. Wismer, bn. Sept. 14, 1897. 

VII. Henry Wismer, bn. Sept. 3, 1860; died Apr. 
6, 1875. 

VII. Elizabeth Wismer, bn. July 4, 1866; died Oct- 
21, 1887. 

VI. Susanna Wismer, mrd. John Bergey. No issue. 

VI. David K. Wismer, bn. Oct. 1, 1830. Mrd. Sarah 
H. Bergey, Mar. 23, 1856. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Farmer. 
Menu. Children: Elizabeth, Susanna, Abraham, Joseph, 
Mary, Sallie, Henry, David, Jonas, Lydia, Annie, Louisa, 

VII. Elizabeth B. Wismer, bn. Mar. 1, 1857. Mrd. 
Peter Conver. P. O., Elroy, Pa. 

VII. Susan B. Wismer, bn. Sept. 15, 1858. Mrd. Samuel 
Alderfer. P. O., Iron Bridge, Pa. 

VII. Abraham B. Wismer, bn. Apr. 10, I860; died Oct. 
14, 1866. 

VII. Joseph B. Wismer, bn. Feb. 9, 1863. Mrd. Anna 
Diffenderfer. P. O., Franconia Square, Pa. 

VII. Mary Wismer, bn. May 6, 1865; died Apr. 29, 1875. 

VII. Sallie B. Wismer, bn. Aug. 18, 1867. Mrd. Nelus 
K. Godshall, Dec. 27, 1884. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Lizzie W. Godshall, bn. Dec. 4, 1885. 
Vlll. Henry W. Godshall, bn. Aug. 15, 1887. 
Vlll. Lovlna W. Godshall, bn. Sept. 18, 1889. 

Vlll. Joseph W. Godshall, bn. Feb. 20, 1891; died Aug. 
18, 1891. 

— 366 — 

VIII. David W. Godshall, bn. Apr. 18, 1892, 

VII. Henry B. Wismer, bn. Nov. 9, 1869. Mrd. Lizzie 

Shatz. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 

VII. David B. Wismer, bn. Feb. 11, 1872. 

VII. Jonas B. Wismer, bn. Nov. 4, 1873; died Aug. 
2*, 1874. 

VII. Lydia B. Wismer, bn. June 29, 1875. 

VII. Annie B. Wismer, bn. Mar. 15, 1877. 

VII. Louisa B. Wismer, bn. Feb. 4, 1881, 

VII. Amanda B. Wismer, bn. June 17, 1883. 

VI. Abraham K. Wismer, bn. Jan. 4, 1834. MrJ. Sophia 
Allebaclf, in 1850. She died in 1863. P. O., Graters Ford, 
Pa. Children: Christian, Susan, Abraham, John. Abra- 
ham mrd. second wife, Franey R. Landis, in 1866. Farmer. 
Ch. of God. Children: Mary, Franey, Sophia. 

VII. Christian A. Wismer, bn, Nov. 6, 1856. Mrd. 
Emma E. Fry, daughter of Eli Fry, Dec. 20, 1879. P. O., 
Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch. Children: 

VIII. Eli F. Wismer, bn. July 6, 1885. 

VIII. Charles E. Wismer, bn. Dec. 10, 1887 

VII. Susan A. Wismer, bn. Nov. 19, 1858, in East Pcr- 
kiomen Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. Mrd. Abraham K. 
Landis, Jan. 1, 1881. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer. 
Br. in Christ ch. Children: 

VIII. Frances W. Landis, bn. Jan. 7, 1883. Menn. 
VIII. Mary W. Landis, bn. Mar. 13, 1885. Menn. 
VIII. Henry W. Landis, bn. Oct. 16, 1887. 

VIII. Sylvanus W. Landis, bn. Dec, 13, 1889. 
VIII. Sophia W. Landis, bn. Dec. 27, 1891. 
VIII. Abraham W. Landis, bn. Feb, 19, 1898. 

VII. Abraham A. Wismer, bn. May 14, 1861. Mrd. 
Annie W. Kauflfman, Jan. 1, 1885. P. 0„ Graters Ford, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Christian K. Wismer, bn. Oct. 13, 1886. 
VIII. Ezra K. Wismer, bn. Mar. 1, 1889. 

VII. John A. Wismer. bn. Aug. 16, 1863; died in 1864. 

VII. Mary L. Wismer, bn. Sept. 17, 1867; died in 1868. 

VII. Franey L. Wismer, bn. in East Perkiomen Twp.. 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 24, 1868. Gospel worker. 
Menn. Br. in Christ. S. 

~ 367 — 

VII. Sophia L. Wlsmer, bn. July 30, 1879. 

V. Barbara Wismer, bn. Aug. 12, 1798; died . Mrd. 

John Conner. Moved to Ohio, he died soon after moving; 
there. No issue. Barbara mrd. second husband, Abra- 
ham Bean. No issue. 

V. Henry Wismer, bn. Aug. 13, 1800; died May 26, 
1884. Mrd. Hannah Bean. She died Dec. 9, 1824. Children: 
John, Kate. Henry mrd. second wife, Catharine Detwei- 
ler, Oct. 18, 1825. Children: Samuel, Christian, Mary, 
Anna, Eliza, Barbara, Lydia. 

VI. John Wismer, bn. Mar. 24, 1822; died May 1, 1889. 
Mrd. Mary G. Bean. She died Nov. 14, 1888. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Henry, John, Catharine, Lewis, 

VII. Henry B. Wismer, bn. May 20, 1846. Mrd. Mary 

A. Wireman, Nov. 21, 1867. She was bn. Sept. 8, la^O. 
P- O., Schwenksville, Pa. Parmer. Mrs. W., Ref. ch. 

VIII. John W. Wismer, bn. Oct. 27, 1870. 

VIII. Katie W. Wismer, bn. Apr. 21, 1872; died Aug. 
4, 187a 

VIII. Lizzie W. Wismer, bn. Dec. 13, 1873. 

VIII. Mary W. Wismer, bn. Sept. 3, 1875. 

VIII. Harry W. Wismer, bn. Mar. 4, 1877. 

VIII. Annie W. Wismer, bn. Aug. 4, 1878. 

VIII. Alvin W. Wismer, bn. Jan. 4, 1880; died July 
1, 1887. 

VIII. Alma W. Wismer, bn. Nov. 19. 1881. 

VIII. Jennie W. Wismer, bn. Mar. 19, 1883. 

VIII. Flora W. Wismer, bn. Oct. 10, 1884. 

VIII. Willie W. Wismer, bn. Jan. 30, 1885. 

VIII. Alice W. Wismer, bn. Mar. 18, 1886; died Oct. 
20, 1887. 

VIII. Ella W. Wismer, bn. Sept. 1, 1889. 

VII. John B. Wismer, bn. Feb. 1, 1849. Mrd. Amanda 

B. Kratz, Mar. 2, 1876. She died Aug. 10, 1886. P. C, 
Lilnfield, Pa. Merchant miller. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Irvin K. Wismer, bn. Oct. 19, 1877. 
VIII. Warren K. Wismer, bn. June 12, 1879. 
VIM. Hannah K. Wismer, bn. Jan 6, I §82. 

VII. Catharine B. Wismer, bn. Sept. 24, 1851. Mrd. 
James T. Grater, Jan. 11, 1873. He was bn. Nov. 1, 1849: 

— 368 — 

died June 30, l«8a P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer 
Menn. Children: Mary, Sarah, Sy Wester, Katharine 

VIII. Mary W. Grater, bn. May 28, 1874. Mrd. Henry 
M. Johnson. He was bn. June 12, 1874. P. O., Creamery, 
Pa. School teacher. One child: 

IX. Ralph Walton G. Johnson. 

VIII. Sarah W. Grater, bn. Apr. 3, 1876: died Mar. 
14, 1878. 

VIII. Sylvester W. Grater, bn. Aug. 3, 1878. P. O., 
Salfordville, Pa. Shoemaker. S. 

VIII. Katharine W. Grater, bn, Aug. 8, 1880. 

VIII. James W. Grater, bn. Mar. 12, 1883; died Sept, 
21, 1883. 

VII. Lewis B. Wismer, bn. Nov. 9, 1853. Mrd. Alice 
K. Fry, Jan. 29, 1881. She was bn. May 18, 1859. P. O., 
CoUeg^eville, Pa. Practical slater. Ref. ch. Children: 

VIII. Ralph F. and Anna F. Wismer (twins), bn. Nov. 
2*>. 1S81. 

VIII. Mary F. Wismer, bn. Aug. 11, 1884. 

VIII. Herbert F. Wismer, bn. Nov. 20, 1888; died Aug. 
1«, 1889. 

VIII. Lillian F. Wismer (twin), bn. Nov. 20, 1888; died 
AufT. 3, 1889. 

VI. Catharine Wismer, bn. Mar. 24, 1822; died Oct. 4, 
1867. Mrd. John Gashow, Nov. 24, 1846. Children: Mary, 
Henry. Catharine. Sarah, John, Frances, Elizabeth, Sam- 
uel, Willie, Hannah. 

VII. Mary Ann W. Gashow, bn. June 17, 1848; died 
Feb. 22. 1890. Mrd. Horace U. Rosenberger, July 24, 1869. 
He died Feb. 18, 18iK). Children: 

VIII. Harry G. Rosenberger, bn. July 24, 1870; died 
Sept. 29, 1870. 

VIII. John G. Rosenberger, bn. Mar. 15, 1873. 
VIII. Horace G. Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 18, 1876. 
VIII. Franklin G. Rosenberger, bn. Apr. 15, 1882; died 
July 18, 1884. 

VIII. William G. Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 11, 1886. 

VII. Henry W. Gashow, bn. Dec. 16, 1850. Mrd. Cath- 
arine C. Rosenberger, Sept. 30, 1876. She was bn. June 10, 
1854. Children: 

— 369 — 

VIII. Elizabeth K. Gashow, bn. Jan. 24, 1879. 
VIII. Landes B. Gashow, bn. Feb. 27, 1881. 
VIII. Mamie K. Gaehow, bn. June 15, 1886. 

VII. Catharine W. Gashow, bn. Feb. 12, 1852. Mrd. 
Robert Groodman. Children: 

VIII. John G. Goodman, bn. Dec. 27, 1875. 
VIII. Martha G. Goodman, bn. Jan. 14, 1877. 
VIII. Annie G. Goodman, bn. Oct. 20, 1878. 
VIII. Daniel G. Goodman, bn. Dec. 10, 1879. 

VIII. Mary G. Goodman, bn. July 29, 1881; died Aug. 
5, 1881. 

VIII. Sallie G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 21, 1882. 

VIII. Robert G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 2, 1884. 

VIII. Susanna G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 1, 1886. 

VIII. Harrison G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 4, 1888. 

VIII. Clementine G. Goodman, bn. Aug. 30, 1890. 

VII, Sarah W. Gashow, bn. Sept. 24, 1854. Mrd. Henry 
C. Moyer, Feb. 12, 1876. Children: 

VIII. John G. Moyer, bn. Oct. 3, 1877. 
VIII. Henry G. Moyer, bn. July 7, 1879. 
VIII. Ellen Norah Moyer, bn. July 29, 1881. 
VIII. Leidy G. Moyer, bn. Nov. 16, 1883. 
VIII. Anna Mary Moyer, bn. Oct. 30, 1885. 

VIII. Franklin G. Moyer, bn. Sept. 28, 1890; died Apr. 
3, 1892. 

VIII. Edwin G. Moyer, bn. Mar. 25, 1893; died Sept. 
12, 1893. 

VII. John W. Gashow, bn. June 6, 1856. Mrd. Kate F. 
Nice, Nov. 12, 1881. Children: 

VIII. Abraham N. Gashow, bn. Oct. 24, 1882. 
VIII. Henry N. Gashow, bn. Dec. 2, 1885. 

VII. Frances W. Gashow, bn. Dec. 16, 1857; died Jan. 
15, 18^. 

VII. Elizabeth W. Gashow, bn. Sept. 3, 1859. Mrd. 
Henry C. Godshall, Nov. 30, 1878. Children: 

VIII. Mary G. Godshall, bn. July 16, 1880. 
VIII. Harry G. Godshall, bn. July 7, 1882. 
VIII. Abraham G. Godshall, bn. July 14, 1887. 
VIII. John G. Godshall, bn. May 25, 1889. 

VII. Samuel W. Gashow, bn. May 8, 1861. Mrd. Carrie 


— 370 — 

Shearer, Feb. 13, 1886. P. O., Perkasie, Pa. Mr. G., Ref. 
Mrs. G., Luth. One child: 

VIII. William Henry Gashow, bn. Sept. 22, 1890. 

VII. Willie W. Gashow, bn. Feb. 14, 1863. 

VII. Hannah W. Gashow, bn. Dec. 2, 1864. Mrd. Al- 
fred S. Moyer, Sept. 15, 1887. He died Nov. 6, 1889. One 

VIII. Irvin Enos G. Moyer, bn. Feb. 20, 1889. 
Hannah mrd. second husband, Irving H. Swink, Aug. 

19, 1891. 

VI. Samuel Wismer, bn. July 16, 1826. Mrd. Sarah 
Allebach. Children: Sarah, Kate. 

VII. Sarah A. Wismer, mrd. Jacob Kistner. P. O., 
Hatfield, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Elizabeth W. Kistner, bn. Apr. 27, 18r2; died 
Nov. 6, 1873. 

VIII. Henry W. Kistner, bn. Feb. 8, 1874; died Nov. 
2, 1875. 

VIII. Catharine W. Kistner, bn. Sept. 11, 1876. 

VIII. Isaac W. Kistner, Apr. 10, 1878. 

VIII. Lydia W. Kistner, bn. Oct. 10, 1880. 

VIII. Samuel W. Kistner, bn. Oct. 16, 1887. 

VII. Kate A. Wismer, died single. 

VI. Christian Wismer, bn. Jan. 6, 1829. Mrd. Sarah 
Cole, Dec. 25, 1852. She was bn. Apr. 11, 1832; died Mar. 9, 
1881. P. O., Trappe, Pa. Farmer. Lives on the home- 
stead. Menu. Children: Benjamin, Henry, Abraham, 
Catharine, Mary, Christian. 

VII. Benjamin Wismer, bn. May 21, 1854; died Mar. 
2, 1865. 

VII. Henry Wismer, bn. Oct. 5, 1856. Mrd. Ella Grim- 
ley. P. O., Trappe, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Gideon Wismer, bn. Feb. 5, 1880. 
VIII. Bertha Wismer, bn. Mar. 1, 1881. 
VIII. Harry Wismer, bn. Mar. 3, 1882. 
VIII. Christian Wismer, bn. Sept. 4, 1889. 

VII. Abraham C. Wismer, bn. Nov. 25, 1868. Mrd. 
Harriet Kepler. P. O., Senatoga, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 
No issue. 


— 371 — 

VII. Catharine C. Wismer, bn. May 3, 1861. Mrd. Ja- 
cob Custer. P. O., Trappe, Pa. Farmer. Menn. One 

VIII. Royal Custer. 

VII. Mary Ann Wismer, bn. Sept. 16, 1865. Mrd. 
Wayne S. Heebener. P. O., Norritonville, Pa. Fanner. 
Schwenkfelder. One child: 

VIII. Grace Heebener. 

VII. Christian C. Wismer, bn. Jan. 3, 1872. 

VI. Mary Wismer, bn. Sept. 22, 1830; died Mar. 13, 
1882. Mrd. Henry B. Cassel, Nov. 25, 1849. Children: 

Vli. Elizabeth Cassel, bn. Feb. 24, 1852. P. O., Cream- 
ery, Pa. S. 

VII. Catharine Cassel, bn. Mar. 4, 1857; died Aug, 
9, 1857. 

Vi. Anna Wismer, bn. Oct. 26, 1831. Mrd. Joseph R. 
Fry, Oct. 8, 1853. He died June 11, 1890. Moved to 111., 
Apr. 1857. P. O., Sterling, 111. Ch. of Christ. Children: 
John, Matilda, Emily, Martha, Josephine, Henry. 

VII. John W. Fry, bn. Oct. 14, 1855. Mrd. Laura 0»Hara, 
Aug, 11, 1886. Ch. of Christ. One child. 

VII. Matilda W. Fry, bn. Nov. 24, 1856. Mrd. Orlando 
S. Bare, Nov. 2!6, 1874. Ch. of Christ. Children: 

VIII. ' John Abram Bare, bn. Dec. 6, 1875. 

VIII. Aana Mary Bare, bn. Apr. 29, 1877. 
VIII. Verna Luella Bare, bn. Nov. 15, 1878. 

VIII. Joseph O. Bare, bn. Mar. 12, 1880; died Apr. 
17, 1880. 

VIII. Agnes Evaline Bare, bn. Apr. 8, 1887. 

VIII. Orlando Smith Bare, bn. Dec. 15, 1890. 

VII. Emily W. Fry, bn. Dec. 7, 1858. Mrd. Elon G. 
Babcock, Sept. 1884. Ch. of Christ. Children: 

VIII. Clarence Lewis Babcock, bn. May 22, 1886. 
VIII. Mattie Celesta Babcock, bn. Aug. 9, 1887. 

VII. Martha W. Fry, bn. Apr. 16, 1861. P. O., Sterling, 
111. Ch. of Christ. S. 

VII. Josephine W. Fry, bn* Oct. 10, 1863; died May 
22, 1864. 

VII. Henry W. Fry, bn. June 22, 1866. Ch. of Christ. 

— 372 — 

VI. Elizabeth Wismer, bn. Dec. 22, 1832; died . 

Mrd. Jacob Detweiler. He died . No issue. 

VI. Barbara Wismer, bn. Apr. 30, 1834. Mrd. Joseph 
B. Kreamer, Dec. 14, 1861. Children: Jacob, Catharine, 
Franklin, Mary, Ella, Anna, William, Elmer, Emma, Liz^ 
zie, Ag'nes. 

VII. Jacob W. Kreamer, bn. Feb. 28, 186a Mrd. Ellen 
F. Royer, Dec. 20, 1384. Children: 

VIII. Harry R. Kreamer, bn. Dec. 5, 1885. 
VIII. Elamina R. Kreamer, bn. Aug. 7, 1887. 
VIII. Jeremiah R. Kreamer, bn. June 27, 1889. 
VIII. Laura R. Kreamer, bn. May 23, 1891. 

VII. Catharine W. Kreamer, bn. Dec. 26, 1864. Mrd. 
John N. Frey. Ref. ch. One child: 

VIM. Frank Herman Frey, bn. Feb. 9, 1891. 

VII. Franklin W. Kreamer, bn. Mar. 29, 1866; died 
Mar. 30, 1868. 

VII. Ella Kreamer, bn. Oct. 16, 1867. 

VII. Mary Kreamer, bn. Oct. 16, 1867 (twin); died 
next day. 

VII. Anna W. Kreamer, bn. Apr. 14, 1869. Mrd. Adam 
S. Keonig. Children: 

VIII. Martha May K. Keonig, bn. May 1, 1887. 
VIII. John K. Keonig, bn. Apr. 3, 1889. 

VII. William Henry Kreamer, bn. Apr. 30, 1870. 

.VII. Elmer W. Kreamer, bn. Sept. 3, 1871. 

VII. Emma W. Kreamer, bn. May 11, 1873. 

VII. Lizzie W. Kreamer, bn. Feb. 16, 1875. 

VII. Agnes W. Kreamer, bn. Mar. 16, 1876. 

VI. Lydia D. Wismer, bn. Oct. 17, 1835. Mrd. Isaac 
A. Landis, Oct. 17, 1863. He was bn. Dec. 20, 1838. P. O., 
Providence Square, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Kate W. Landis, bn. Sept. 5, 1864; died June 
2, 1884. Mrd. John H. Zetty, Nov. 3, 1883. 

VII. Mary W. Landis, bn. Aug. 22, 1866. Mrd. Wilson 
M. Underkoffler, Jan. 12, 1889. Machinist. 

VII. Daniel W. Landis, bn. Mar. 5, 1869. Mrd. Maggie 
Heck, July 25, 1891. 

VII. Lizzie W. Landis, bn. Feb. 20, 1876. 

VI. Henry Wismer, bn. Feb. 17, 1838; died August 
29, 1838. 

— 373 — 

V. David Wismer, bn. Apr. 5, 1802; died Sept. 1876. 
Mrd. Hannah Shutt. Farmer. Klver Brethren. Children: 
Joseph, Maria, Sarah, Hannah, Daniel, Hester. 

VI. Joseph S. Wismer, mrd. Mary Tyson. P. O., 
Creamery, Pa. Farmer. Children: Salome, David, Jo- 
seph, Barbara, Amos. 

VII. Silome Wismer. S. 

VII. David Wismer, mrd. Mary Gulp. P. O., Norris- 
town, Pa. One child: 

VIII. Bussel Wismer. 

VII. Joseph T. Wismer, mrd. Mary F. Kratz. 
VII. Barbara Wismer. S. 
VII. Amos Wismer. S. 

VI. Maria Wismer, died . Mrd. Jacob Ruth* 


VII. MalindaRuth. 
VII. Ambrose Ruth. 
VII. Michael Ruth. 

VI. Sarah Wismer. S. 

VI. Hannah Wismer, mrd. David Lenhart. Farmer. 
River Brethren. P. O., Silver Spring, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

VII. Lizzie Lenhart. S. 
VII. Abraham Lenhart. S. 

VI. Daniel Wismer, mrd. Augrustine Hunsberger. 
Shoemaker and grocery man. Children: 

VII. Louisa Wismer. 
VII. Alice Wismer. 
VII. Willie Wismer. 
VII. Mary Wismer. 

VI. Hester Wismer, died . Mrd. Henry Fitz- 

Gerald. Six children, died young. 

V. Elizabeth Wismer, bn. Apr. 14, 1804; died, single, 
ag'ed 80 years. 

V. Ann Wismer, bn. June 14, 1808; died . Mrd. 

Michael Bean. Farmer. Menu. One child: Henry. 

VI. Henry Bean, mrd. Sarah Schantz. P. C, Center 
Square, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Annie Bean. 
Vil. George Bean. 


— 374 — 

V. Mary Wiemer, bn. Apr. 21, 1810: died single. 
V. Hannah Wismer, bn. June 13, 1814; died small. 

V. Christian Wismer, bn. Apr. 13, 1817. Mrd. Mary 
Cassel, Dec. 3, 1837. She was bn. Apr. 24, 1814. Retired 
farmer. Mr. Wismer is a man of venerable appearance. 
He and his wife have been -faithful members of the River 
Brethren church at Lawndale, Pa., for many years. About 
30 years ago he was ordained deacon, and in the faithful 
discharge of his religious duties it has been his chief joy 
to see his beloved Zion prosper in the Lord, while bis 
patriarchal appearance, and presence in ZIon is a source 
of inspiration to his fellow laborers in the Master's cause. 
In old age he is still abundant in labors for his Redeemer, 
and a crown awaits him beyond. ^^Let me die the death 
of the righteous, and let my last end be like his.'' Chil- 
dren: Susanna, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary, Joel, David. 

VI. Susanna Wismer, bn. July 24, 1839. Mrd. David 
Ruth, Nov. 1864. P. O., Silverdale, Pa. Mason. Ev. Ass'n. 
Children: Christian, Mary, Sallie, Lizzie. 

VII. Rev. Christian W. Ruth, bn. Sept. 1, 1865. Mrd. 
Emma J. Springer, of Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 19, 1885. 
Res., 305 S. Penna. St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Mr. Ruth lived with his grandfather. Christian Wis- 
mer, on the farm for several years; he then went to live 
with his uncle Jacob Wismer, who was a merchant and 
tailor, remaining until 1882, when he went to learn the 
printing trade in the ofiBce of John G. Stauffer, of Quaker- 
town, Pa. After serving his apprenticeship, he was rec- 
ommended as being competent of taking charge of an 
office, and accordingly was employed as foreman of a 
printing office, in Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 1, 1884. 

In July 1884, at the age of 18 years, he received local 
preacher's license, and began preaching. In the fall of 
this year, he resigned his position as foreman of the 
printing office, and began to travel as an evangelist or 
revivalist on the interdenominational line, laboring in 
any church where called. He is a member of the **Heav- 
enly Recruit Association" church, for which denomina- 
tion he has established some churches in Indiana. He 
was ordained, and received Elder's license in July, 1889, 
but by request continued as an evangelist. Up to date 
he has conducted revival services in thirteen states, 

— 375 — 

and all through the Province of Ontario. SlQce 1884 he 
has traveled about 8,000 miles annually. In revival work 
he has been eminently successful. He has not attempted 
a revival at any place where he has continued a week or 
more, without some converts, and he has frequently 
conducted revivals where more than a hundred were 
converted in a few weeks. Children: 

VIII. Emma Naomi Ruth, bn. Nov. 26, 1886. 

VIII. George Christian Ruth, bn. Nov. 28, 1888. 

VIII. Raymond Reber Ruth, bn. Jan. 1, 1891. 

VII. Mary Ruth, bn. July 19, 1868. Mrd. Nathan Ivan 
Hunsberger. He was bn. May 15, 1868. P. O., Silverdale, 
Pa. Parmer. Ev. Ass'n. One child: 

VIII. Walter R. Hunsberger, bn. June 7, 1890. 

VII. Sallie Ruth, bn. May, 1871. Mrd. Harvey K. 
Bishop, July, 1890. P. O., Benjamin, Pa. Ev. Ass'n. 
VII. Lizzie Ruth, bn. Jan. 12, 1879. Ev. Ass'n. S. 

VI. Sarah Wismer, bn. June 25, 1841. River Brethren 
ch. Single. 

VI. Elizabeth Wismer, bn. June 11, 1843. Mrd. Henry 
Allabough, Oct. 11, 1866. P. O., Silverdale, Pa. Laborer. 

Vli. David W. Allabough, bn. May 13, 1869. S. 

VII. William W. Allabough, bn. Feb. 25, 1871. S. 
VII. Mary W. Allabough, bn. July 14, 1873. S. 

VI. Jacob C. Wismer, bn. Aug. 11, 1848. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Stout, Oct. 30, 1873. P. O., Silverdale, Pa. Mr. Wis- 
mer was educated principally in the common schools, and 
attended Ursinus College two terms. He resides at 
Silverdale, where he has an establishment manufacturing 
clothing, doing a business of about $50,000 annually. 

VII. Joel Wismer, bn. May 23, 1875; died Mar. 7, 1877. 
VII. Charles Wismer, bn. Jan. 6, 1878. 

VII. William Wismer, bn. May 28, 1879. 
VII. Catharine S. Wismer, bn. Sept. 9, 1892. 

VI. Mary Wismer, bn. Oct. 17, 1850; died September 
14, 1866. 

VI. Joel Wismer, bn. Jan. 7, 1853. Mrd. B. Shelly, 
Jan. 29, 1876. P. O., Silverdale, Pa. Farmer. River 
Brethren. Children: 

— 368 — 

died June 20, 1883. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer 
Menn. Children: Mary, Sarah, Sylvester, Katharine 

VIII. Mary W. Grater, bn. May 28, 1874. Mrd. Henry 
, M. Johnson. He was bn. June 12, 1874. P. O., Creamery, 

Pa. School teacher. One child: 

IX. Ralph Walton G. Johnson. 

VIII. Sarah W. Grater, bn. Apr. 3, 1876; died Mar. 
14, 1878. 

VIII. Sylvester W. Grater, bn. Aug. 3, 1878. P. O., 
Salfordvllle, Pa. Shoemaker. S. 

VIII. Katharine W. Grater, bn. Aug. 8, 1880. 

VIII. James W. Grater, bn. Mar. 12, 1883; died Sept, 
21, 1883. 

VII. Lewis B. Wismer, bn. Nov. 9, 1853. Mrd. Alice 
E. Fry, Jan. 29, 1881. She was bn. May 18, 1859. P.O., 
College ville, Pa. Practical slater. Ref. ch. Children: 

VIII. Ralph F. and Anna F. Wismer (twins), bn. Nov. 
29, 1881. 

VIM. Mary F. Wismer, bn. Aug. 11, 1884. 

VIII. Herbert F. Wismer, bn. Nov. 20, 1888; died Aug. 
16, 1889. 

VIII. Lillian F. Wismer (twin), bn. Nov. 20, 1888; died 
Aug. 3, 1889. 

VI. Catharine Wismer, bn. Mar. 24, 1822; died Oct. 4, 
1867. Mrd. John Gashow, Nov. 24, 1846. Children: Mary, 
Henry, Catharine, Sarah, John, Frances, Elizabeth, Sam- 
uel, Willie, Hannah. 

VII. Mary Ann W. Gashow, bn. June 17, 1848; died 
Peb. 22, 1890. Mrd. Horace U. Rosenberger, July 24, 1869. 
He died Feb. 18, 1890. Children: 

VIII. Harry G. Rosenberger, bn. July 24, 1870; died 
Sept. 29, 1870. 

VIII. John G. Rosenberger, bn. Mar. 15, 1873. 
VIII. Horace G. Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 18, 1875. 
VIII. Franklin G. Rosenberger, bn. Apr. 15, 1882; died 
July 18, 1884. 

VIII. William G. Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 11, 1886. 

VII. Henry W. Gashow, bn. Dec. 16, 1850. Mrd. Cath- 
arine C. Rosenberger, Sept. 30, 1876. She was bn. June 10, 
1854. Children: 

— 369 -^ 

VIII. Elizabeth K. Gashow, bn. Jan. 24, 1879. 
VIII. Landes R. Gashow, bn. Feb. 27, 1881. 
VIII. Mamie B. Gashow, bn. June 15, 1886. 

VII. Catharine W. Gashow, bn. Feb. 12, 1852. Mrd. 
Robert Goodman. Children: 

VIII. John G. Goodman, bn. Dec. 27, 1875. 
VIII. Martha G. Goodman, bn. Jan. 14, 1877. 
VIII. Annie G. Goodman, bn. Oct. 20, 1878. 
VIII. Daniel G. Goodman, bn. Dec. 10, 1879. 

VIII. Mary G. Goodman, bn. July 29, 1881; died Aug. 
5, 1881. 

VIII. Sallie G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 21, 1882. 

VIII. Robert G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 2, 1884. 

VIII. Susanna G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 1, 1886. 

VIII. Harrison G. Goodman, bn. Nov. 4, 1888. 

VIII. Clementine G. Goodman, bn. Aug. 30, 1890. 

VII. Sarah W. Gashow, bn. Sept. 24, 1854. Mrd. Henry 
C. Moyer, Feb. 12, 1876. Children: 

VIII. John G. Moyer, bn. Oct. 3, 1877. 
VIII. Henry G. Moyer, bn. July 7, 1879. 
VIII. Ellen Norah Moyer, bn. July 29, 1881. 
VIII. Leidy G. Moyer, bn. Nov. 16, 1883. 
VIII. Anna Mary Moyer, bn. Oct. 30, 1885. 

VIII. Franklin G. Moyer, bn. Sept. 28, 1890; died Apr. 
3, 1892. 

VIII. Edwin G. Moyer, bn. Mar. 26, 1893; died Sept. 
12, 1893. 

VII. John W. Gashow, bn. June 6, 1856. Mrd. Kate F. 
Nice, Nov. 12, 1881. Children: 

VIII. Abraham N. Gashow, bn. Oct. 24, 1882. 
VIII. Henry N. Gashow, bn. Dec. 2, 1885. 

VII. Frances W. Gashow, bn. Dec. 16, 1857; died Jan. 
15, 1858. 

VII. Elizabeth W. Gashow, bn. Sept. 3, 1859. Mrd. 
Henry C. Godshall, Nov. 30, 1878. Children: 

VIII. Mary G. Godshall, bn. July 16, 1880. 
VIII. Harry G. Godshall, bn. July 7, 1882. 
VIII. Abraham G. Godshall, bn. July 14, 1887. 
VIII. John G. Godshall, bn. May 25, 1889. 

Vll. Samuel W. Gashow, bn. May 8, 1861. Mrd. Carrie 


— 378 — 

VII. Alice Emeline Rosenberry, bn. June 29, 1870. 
P. O., Pulton, Mich. Ref. ch. 

VII. Bertha H. Rosenberry, bn. Sept. 1, 1872. Mrd. 
Jason Harrison. P. O., Vicksburg, Mich. Tinner. Mrs. 
H., Ref. ch. 

VII. Erva Rosenberry, bom Apr. 3, 1875. School 
teacher. Mrd. Fred Hitchcox. P. O., Union, Cass Co., 
Mich. Mrs. H., Ref. ch. 

VII. Ada Estella Rosenberry, bn. Aug. 19, 1877. Mrd. 
John H. Stoffiet. P. O., Vicksburg, Mich. Mrs. S., Ref. 
ch. One child: 

VIII. Mary Katharine Stoffiet. 

VII. Harry Lloyd Rosenberry, bn. Jan. 31, 1880. 
VII. Walter Samuel Rosenberry, bn. Aug". 3, 1882. 
VII. David Dudley Rosenberry, bn. Nov. 7, 1884. 

VI. Alvan J. Rosenberger, M. D., bn. at River Styx, 
Medina Co., Ohio, Oct. 2, 1851. Mrd. Martha Petty, Sept. 
26, 1878. P. O., Wausau, Wis. Physician. Presby. 

VII. Edith E. Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 12, 1879. 
VII. Bertolet P. Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 26, 1881. 
VII. Alvin A. Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 25, 1883. 

VI. Dr. Abraham B. Rosenbersrer, bn. Sept. 12, 1854. 

Mrd. Kate Walton, Aug. 5, 1880. She died . No issue. 

Abraham mrd. second wife, Kate Bachman, Mar. 20, 1890. 
P. O., Harrison, Wis. 

VI. Dr. Harvey Lyman Rosenberry, bn. at River Styx, 
Ohio, Sept. 14, 1857. Mrd. Lillie B. Fowler, Aug. 5, 1884, 
at Malaga, Monroe Co., Ohio. P. O., Wausau, Wis. Phy- 
sician and surgeon. Presby. Children: 

VII. Amy Fowler Rosenberry, bn. at Miltonsburg, 
Ohio, Dec. 19, 1885. 

VII. Sarah Maria Rosenberry, bn. at Miltonsburg, 
Ohio, July 26, 1888. 

VII. Ella May Rosenberry, bn. at Menominee, Mich. 
Aug. 2, 1892. 

V. Christian Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 29, 1811: died 
aged 17 years. 

V. Elizabeth Rosenberger, bn. Oct. 30, 1814; died Apr. 
25, 1879. Mrd. Henry Weikel, Feb. 12, 1843. He died Mar. 

— 379 - 

12, 1895. P. O., Falrview, Pa. Retired. Ger. Bap. Chil- 
dren: John, Harriet, Emma, Harry. 

VI. John R. Weikel. bn. Feb. 12, 1846. Mrd. Mary 
Jennings. P. O., Fairview Village, Pa. Farmer and Jus- 
tice of the Peace. Children: 

VII. Bessie J. Weikel, bn. 1872. 
VII. Harry Weikel, dec'd, bn. 1876. 
VII. flattie J. Weikel, bn. 1877. 
VII. Edith J. Weikel, bn. 1882. 

VIL J. Randel Weikel, bn. 1886. 

VII. DeWitt Clarence Weikel, bn. 1894. 

VI. Harriet Weikel, bn. Nov. 22, 1851. Mrd. Peter B. 
Frank. P. O., Fairview Villagrc, Pa. Children: 

VII. Harry Prank. 
VII. Ida Frank. 
VII. Bertha Frank. 

VI. Emma Weikel, bn. Mar. 22, 1854: died Nov. 17, 1873. 
VI. Harry Weikel, bn. Apr. 4, 1856; died Aug. 30, 1876. 

V. Maria Rosenberger, bn. June 17, 1818. Mrd. John 
Yocum. Res., 733 Astor St., Norristown, Pa. 

V. Philip L. Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., June 20, 1820. Mrd. Mary Snell. She died in 1892. 
P. O., Lower Providence, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Chil- 
dren: Sarah, Mary, Melissa, Alice, Ida. 

At the age of twelve, Mr. Rosenberger's father died, 
after which he lived part of the time with his mother 
until he was seventeen, then learned the plastering 
trade, after which he went west with his cousin Daniel 
Rosenberger, to Ohio, which was then considered the far 
West. After a few years' stay, he came east and married, 
and with his wife returned to Ohio, where they remained 
a number of years, when they again came east, and soon 
after purchased the property where he now resides— con- 
tinuing at his trade for a few years, after which he pur- 
chased more land, and settled down to farming. 

VI. Sarah A. Rosenberger, bn. at Tiffin, Ohio, in 1845. 
Mrd. Theodore S. Dome. He died July 3, 1879. Children: 

VII. William Dome, dec'd. 
VII. Mary Dome. 

VII. Jennie Dome. 
VII. Walter Dome. 

— 380 — 

Sarah mrd. second husband, H. Wilson Selbert. Res., 
536 George St., Norristown, Pa. Miller. Ger. Bap. 
No issue. 

VI. Mary Eliza Rosenberger, bn. at Tiffin, Ohio, in 
1847. Mrd. Philip Markley. P. O., Lower Providence, 
Pa. Miller. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Iva Rosenberg-er Markley. 
VII. Philip Rosenberger Markley. 

VI. Melissa J. Rosenberger, bn. in Ohio in 1850. Mrd. 
Rev. A. R. Thompson, dec'd. P.O., Norristown, Pa. Ref. 
ch. Children: 

VII. Arthur C. Thompson. 
VII. L. Royer Thompson. 
VII. Warren R. Thompson. 
VII. Ida M. Thompson. 

VII. Lawrence R. Thompson. 

VII. Eva M. Thompson. 

VII. Ada K. Thompson. 

VII. Albert R. Thompson. 

VI. Alice C. Rosenberger, bn. in Ohio in 18o2. Mrd. 
Abraham D. Cassel, dec'd, Res., 212 E. Main St., Norris- 
town, Pa. Menu. (Herrite). Children: 

VII. Pamelia Cassel. 
VII. Stuart R. Cassel. 

VI. Ida E. Rosenberger, born in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., in 1862. Resides at home. 

IV. David Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 

about 1784; died . Mrd. Catharine Delp. They lived 

in Lower Providence Twp., where his father built a house 
for him on land adjoining Philip Rosenberger's farm. 
David, however, was unfortunate, and was sold out. He 
used to say that ''they sold me out so clean, they took 
all but my Bible." He afterwards moved up along the 
Perkiomen Creek, where he died. Children: Abraham, 
Adam, Elizabeth, Barbara, Daniel, Ann, Mary, Cath- 
arine, Philip. 

V. Abraham Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Nov. 23, 1805; died in Hancock Co., Ohio, Apr. 20, 
1889. Mrd. Sarah Gehman. She was born in Bucks Co., 
Pa., in 1807; died in Medina Co., Ohio, Mar. 16, 1867. 
Farmer. Menu. Children: Catharine, Samuel, Mary, 


— 381 — 

VI. Catherine Hosenberger, bn. 1832; died 1848. 
VI. Samuel Roaenberger, bn. Aug. 26, 1835. P. O., 
Findlay, Ohio. 

VI. Mary Roaenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Aug. 23, 1838. Mrd. Ebenezer Coe, Sept. 24, 1857. P. O., 
Arcadia, Ohio. Parmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Sarah, 
William, Mabel, John. 

VII. Sarah Ellen Coe, bn. Nov. 27, 1858; died Oct. 10, 
1891. Mrd. George Wise, Nov. 26, 1877. Children: 

VIII. Robert A. Wise. 
VIII. Mary E. Wise. 
VIII. Arthur J. Wise. 
VIII. Phoebe Ellen Wise. 
VIII. Alma Belle Wise. 

VII. William Coe, bn. Oct. 20, 1862. Mrd. Eleanor 
Ring, Nov. 5, 1884. One child: 

VIII. Mary Eva Coe, bn. 1886; died 1886. 

VII. Mabel Coe, bn. Feb. 21, 18r2. Mrd. John C. Fisher. 
One child: 

VIII. Ralph D. Fisher. 

VII. John Coe. 

VI. Sarah Rosenberger, bn. 1845; died Mar. 16, 1869. 
Mrd. Adam Martin, Nov. 9, 1865. One child: 

VII. Ida Martin, bn. Sept. 3, 1868; died June 29, 1873. 

V. Adam Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
1807; died at Salem Centre, Ind., Feb. 14, 1876. Mrd. Mary 
Oberholtzer. Ger. Bap., later Menn. Children: Re- 
becca, Abraham, Daniel, Jacob, Sarah, Isaac, John. 

VI. Rebecca Rosenberger, bn. May 21, 1836; died Dec. 
22, 1897. S. 

VI. Abraham Rosenberger, bn. in Seneca Co., Ohio, 
July 3, 1837; died Dec. 12, 1865. Mrd. Catherine Eckard. 
She died at Fort Pierre, S. Dak. , Sept. 29, 1883. Carpenter. 
Meth. Ep. Children: Mary, Samuel. 

VII. Mary E. Rosenberger, bn. at Fremont, Ind., Nov. 
8, 1859. Mrd. George E. Brooks, Feb. 14, 1878. P. O., 
Pleasant Lake, Ind. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Earl A. Brooks, bn. Nov. 20, 1880. 

VIII. Lloyd E. Brooks, bn. Dec. 23, 1882; died July 5, 1885. 
VIII. Clarence S, Brooks, bn. Jan. 23, 1887. 
VIII. Hugh E. Brooks, bn. Oct. 13, 1891. 

— 382 — 

VIII. Esther I. Brooks, bn. Feb. 8, 1897. 

VII. Samuel E. Rosenberger, bn. atOrland, Ind., Mar. 
12, 1863. Mrd. Alice Easthaw, Mar. 13, 1889. She was bn. 
in Lincoln Co., Ky. P. O., Butterfly, Neb. Farmer. 

VIII. Meredith Aimer Rosenberger, bn. in Leadville, 
Colo., Apr. 5, 1890. 

VIII. Stella E. Rosenberger, bn. in Ashley, Ind., Jan. 
21, 1896. 

VI. Daniel Rosenberger, bn. in Seneca Co., Ohio, Feb. 
27, 1839; died in Kent Co., Mich., Dec. 26, 1889. Mrd. Julia 
Anway, May 6, 1866. P. O., Kent City, Mich. Mr. Rosen- 
berger enlisted in Co. G, 30th Indiana Inf., Sept. 24, 1861, 
for three years, was discharged Sept. 29, 1864, and re- 
enlisted in Co. K, 152nd Ind. Vol. Inf., was appointed Ser- 
geant in Co. K, May 23, 1866, served until close of the war, 
and was discharged at Charleston, W. Va., Aug. 30, 1865. 
He was Justice of the Peace for eight successive years in 
Tyrone Twp., Kent Co.", Mich. Children: Adam, Ira. 

VII. Adam J. Rosenberger, bn. May 21, 1867. Mrd. 
Myrtie Stark, Oct. 20, 1895. Wesleyan Meth. One child: 

VIII. Charles Allen Rosenberger, bn. Apr. 27, 1897. 

VII. Ira V. Rosenberger, bn. May 4, 1877. Graduated 
in the common schools at the age of 16, receiving teach- 
er's certificate. Farmer. Wesleyan Meth. 

VI. Jacob C. Rosenberger, bn. at Arcadia, Ohio, Sept. 
11, 1841. Mrd. Elizabeth Eckard, Oct. 22, 1865. She died 
in Neb., Sept. 21, 1872. P. O., Pleasant Lake, Ind. Con- 
tractor and builder. Children: Ella, Robert. 

VII. Ella I. Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 18, 1866. Mrd. 
Charles Preece. P. O., Woodstock, 111. 

VII. Robert E. Rosenberger, bn. at Flint, Ind., June 
18, 1869. Mrd. Alice Campbell, June 16, 1897. P. O., Lac 
du Flambau, Wis. Poultry fancier. 

VI. Sarah Rosenberger, bn. 1843; died infant. 

VI. Isaac Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 28, 1845. P. O., Hart, 
Mich. S. 

VI. John Rosenberger, bn. in Williams Co., Ohio, 
June 26, 1849. Mrd. Martha M. Warburton, of Quincy, 
Mich., Nov. 21, 1869. P. O., West Olive, Mich. Children: 
Charles, Nellie, Mary, Jacob, Glen, Carl. 

— 383 — 

VII. Charles Lester Rosenberger, bn. May 13, 1871. 

VII. Nellie Virginia Rosenberger, bn. June 5, 1873. 
Mrd. Charles Anys. P.O., Port Sheldon, Mich. Machinist. 

VIII. Virma E. Anys, bn. Sept. 18, 1891. 

VIII. Harry J. Anys, born Aug. 21, 1893; died Oct. 
14, 1894. 

VIII. Leroy Anys, bn. Feb. 24, 1895. 

VIII. Clyde Anys, bn. Dec. 26, 1896; died Apr. 26, 1897. 

VII. Mary Ethlyn Rosenberger, bn. July 17, 1875. 
Mrd. George Peabody, of Oceana Co., Mich. Farmer. 

VIII. Laura Edith Peabody, bn. Dec. 8, 1894. 

VIII. Charles Warburton Peabody, bn. Sept. 11, 1897. 

VII. Jacob Clyde Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 2, 1879. 
VII. Glen Leroy Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 26, 1881; died 
Apr. 3, 1883. 

VII. Carl Hendricks Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 28, 1884. 

VI. Mary Rosenberger, bn. Jan. 23, 1853. Mrd. Charles 
Young. Mary mrd. second husband, Isaiah Row. P. O., 
Hart, Mich. 

V. Elizabeth Rosenberger, married Peter Roth. 

VI. Ellas Roth. 
VI. David Roth. 

VI. Abraham Roth. 

VI. Daniel Roth. 

VI. Peter Roth. 

VI. Nancy Roth. Mrd. Abraham Kline. 

VI. Catherine Roth. Mrd. Isaac Bilger. 

Ellas, David and Abraham Roth went to Ohio. 

V. Barbara Rosenberger, bn. In Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Feb. 20, 1808; died at Telford, Pa., Jan. 27, 1896. Mrd. 
Christian B. Shelly. He was born In 1805; died at Milford 
Square, Pa., Mar. 31, 188,3. Farmer and weaver. Menn. 
Children: Reuben, Jonas, Lewis, Joha, Philip, Tobias, 
Moses, Kate. 

VI. Reuben Shelly, died May 31, 1896. Mrd. Fannie 

— 384 — 

VI. Jonas Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., June 3, 1839. 
Mrd. Susan Pretz, Mar. 30, 1861. P. O., Harblne, Neb. 
Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: Charles, John, Elmer, 
Amanda, Henry, Milton, Anna. 

VII. Charles D, Shelly, bn. Mar. 24, 1862: died Feb. 
1, 1864. 

VII. John Shelly, bn. Dec. 24, 1863; died Feb. 18, 1864. 

VII. Elmer E. Shelly, bn. Feb. 9, 1865; • died July 
18, 1866. 

VII Amanda E. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 10, 
1868. Mrd. Herman Zlegenhaln, in Jefferson Co., Neb., 
in 1885. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. William Henry Zlegenhain, bn. Jan. 6, 1887. 
VIII. Albert Ziegenhain, bn. Apr. 8, 1889. 

VIII. Chester A. Ziegenhain, bn. Aug. 12, 1890. 
VIII. Harry Earl Ziegenhain, bn. Sept. 17, 1892. 
VIII. Leslie Ziegenhain, bn. Aug. 14, 1894; died Oct. 
25. 1894. 

VIII. Zella Ziegenhain, bn. Jan. 11, 1896. 

VII. Henry F. Shelly, bn. Apr. 26, 1874. 

VII. Milton Shelly, bn. Jan. 20, 1876. 

VII. Anna Shelly, bn. Apr. 13, 1879; died Aug. 18, 1880. 

VI. Lewis R. Shelly, bn. Oct. 20, 1840; died Dec. 5, 
1892. Mrd. Catharine Musselman, dau. of Samuel Mussel- 
man, Apr. 8, 1805. She died Mar. 23, 1897. Farmer. 
Menu. Children: James, Ida, Lizzie, Harvey, Mamie. 

VII. Rev. James M. Shelly, bn. Mar. 3, 1866. Mrd. 
Laura L. Hoover, of Holland, Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 18, 
1888. P. O., Steelton, Pa. Minister of the United Breth- 
ren church, and has served at the following places, viz.: 
Hummelstown, 18^9-91; Florin, Pa., 1891-94; Pottstown, 
Pa., 1894-96; Steelton, Pa., 1896, of which last named 
place he is the present (1898) pastor. Children: 

VIII. Ivan Shelly, bn. June 30, 1889. 
VIII. Russel Shelly, bn. Aug. 31, 1890. 
VIII. Ethel Shelly, bn. Sept. 8, 1893. 

VII. Ida M. Shelly, bn. June 13, 1868. Mrd. G. Frank 
Dieterly. P. O., Milford Square, Pa. Farmer. 

VII. Lizzie M. Shelly, bn. June 9, 1871. Mrd. John D. 
Hunsberger. P. O., Milford Square, Pa. Miller and 
farmer. Children: 

— 385 — 

VIII. Russel' HuDsberger. . 
VIII. Flossie HuQsberger. 
Vlli. Frank Hunsberger. 

VII. Harvey M. Shelly, bn. Feb. 4, 1877. Res., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

VII. Mamie Shelly, bn. July 22, 1882. P. O., Tel- 
ford, Pa. 

VI. John R. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Mar. 15, 
1842. Mrd. Susanna, dau. of Henry M. Diehl, of Berks 
Co., Pa., Oct. 6, 1866. Res., 4312 Terrace St., Manyunk, 
Philadelphia, Pa, In early life blacksmith, later "ped- 
dling," then farming. He is now in the produce business. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Henry D. Shelly, bn. Mar. 17, 1868; died Nov. 
26, 1874. 

VII. Katharine D. Shelly, bn. June 17, 1871. Menn. S. 

VII. Anna D. Shelly, bn. June 11, 1874; died Jan. 
20, 1880. 

VII. Elizabeth D. Shelly, bn. Oct. 3, 1875. Menn. S. 

VII. George D. Shelly, bn. Oct. 23, 1877. Menn. 8. 

VII. Susanna D. Shelly, bn. Oct. 21, 1879; died Feb. 
4, 1882. 

VII. Moses D. Shelly, bn. Oct. 10, 1881; died Feb. 
12, 1882. 

VII. Angellne D. Shelly, bn. Aug. 2, 1883. 

VII. Two died infants. 

VI. Philip R. Shelly, mrd. Lavina Schutt, dau. of 
Jacob Schutt, of Salford, Pa. P. O., Preston, Neb. 

VI. Tobias R. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa. Mrd. 
Annie M. Berlin. P. O., Lansing, Kan. Went west in 
Apr., 1878, started in mercantile business at E. Achison, 
Mo., where he lived until Mar., 1896, when he moved to 
Lansing, Kan. Mercantile business. Meth. Ep. No. issue. 

VI. Moses R. Shelly, bn. at Milf ord Square, Pa., Sept. 
10, 1849. Mrd. Angeline Shellenberger, Sept. 6, 1873. P. 
O., Telford, Pa. Merchant. Ref. ch. No issue. 

VI. Kate R. Shelly, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 21, 
1861. Mrd. Charles Z. Moyer, July 6, 1872. P. O., Hille- 
gas. Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: Elmer, Lizzie, 
Henry, Martha, Moses, Tobias. 

VII. Elmer S. Moyer, bn. July 5, 1873; died Feb. 17, 1875. 

— 386 - 

VII. Lizzie S. Moyer, bn. Oct. 25, 1874; died Dec. 8, 1876. 
VII. Henry S. Moyer, bn. Mar. 25, 1877. P. O., Hilie- 
gas, Pa. Farmer. Menn. S. 

VII. Martha S. Moyer, bn. Dec. 24, 1880. Mrd. Oliver 
Stoudt, Nov. 6, 1897. P. O., Pleasant Run, Pa. One child: 

VIII. Minnie Stoudt. 

VII. Moses Moyer, bn. Apr. 14, 1887. 
VII. Tobias Moyer, bn. Feb. 26, 1890. 

V. Rev. Daniel Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 25, 1815; died 
Nov. 1, 1876. Mrd. Elizabeth Sidel Hartsough, Sept. 1, 
1839. She was born Dec. 22, 1818; died in Hancock Co., 
Ohio, July 27, 1852. Children: David, Isaac, Israel, Je- 
mima, Abram, Edward, Elhanon. Daniel mrd. second 
wife, Hannah Boastater, May 29, 1853. Farmer in Han- 
cock Co., Ohio, and minister of the German Baptist 
church. Children: Jacob, Alice. 

VI. David Sidel Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 10, 1840. En- 
listed in the army and was killed in the battle of Chicka- 
mauga, Sept. 20, 1863. 

VI. Rev. Isaac J. Rosenberger, bn. near TifiBn, Ohio, 
Apr. 20, 1842. Mrd. Mary Ann Workman, Mar. 14, 1867. 
P. O., Covington, Ohio. Traveling evangelist of the Ger- 
man Baptist Brethren church. 

VI. Israel Hartsough Rosenberger, bn. in Seneca Co., 
Ohio, Apr. 8, 1844. Mrd. Margaret Susan Ebersole, Oct. 
10, 1867. P. O., Townwood, Ohio. In early life taught 
school, now farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Frank, Eliza- 
beth, Ella. 

VII. Frank D. Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 6, 1869. P. C, 
Leipsic, O. Employed in bank. 

VII. Elizabeth Rosenberger, bn. Apr. 18, 1876. Grad- 
uated in Normal English course, class *97, at Juniata Col- 
lege, Huntingdon, Pa. 

VII. Ella Rosenberger, bn. Jan. 13, 1878. 

VI. Jemima Rosenberger, ba. in Hancock Co., Ohio, 
Apr. 25, 1846. Mrd. Rev. Joshua J. Workman. He died 
in 1889. P. O, Loudonville, Ohio. Minister Ger. Bap. 
Brethren church. Children: Edward, Ellis, William 
Edith, Etta, Jesse, Grace, Eva, Morgan. 

VII. Edward C. Workman, bn. 1866; died 1871. 

— 387 — 

VII. Ellis Workman, bn. 1868. Mrd. Sophia Coble. P. 
O., Loudonville, O. Parmer. Mr. W., Ger. Bap.; Mrs. W., 
Luth. ChildreD: 

VIII. Seth Workman. 

VIII. Morton W. Workman. 
VIII. Thre83e Workman. 

VII. William T. Workman, bn. 1871. Mrd. Rosa Boner. 
P. O., Loudonville, O. Parmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VIII. Helen May Workman. 

VIII. Pearl Marie Workman, decM. 

VII. Edith May Workman, bn. 1873. Mrd. Rev. H. M. 
Barwick. P. O., West Alexandria, O. Minister Ger. 
Bap. ch. 

VII. Etta Workman, bn. 1876. 

VII. Jesse C. Workman, bn. 1879. 

VII. Grace M. Workman, bn. 1880. 

VII. Eva M. Workman, bn. 1883. 

VII. Morgan J. Workman, bn. 1886. 

VI. Rev. Abram S. Rosenberger, M. D., bn. in Han- 
cock Co., O., May 8, 1848. Mrd. Sabrina Workman, Apr. 
3, 1871. She died Apr. 4, 1891. Children: Charles, Bertha, 

Abram mrd. second wife, Catharine H. Delp, daugh- 
ter of Godshall Delp, of Montgomery Co., Pa., Aug. 15, 
1893. P. O., Covington, O. 

Dr. Rosenberger assisted his father on the farm, 
helping to clear a portion of it, and attended the district 
school in the winter. When 18 years of age he entered 
Oberlin (Ohio) College, and in 1868 commenced the study 
of medicine at Pindlay, Ohio. He graduated from the 
Cleveland (Ohio) Homeopathic Hospital College in 1870, 
commenced the practice of medicine inCary. Wyandotte 
county, O., in April of the same year, and remained there 
until the fall of 1872, when he moved to Leipsic, Putnam 
Co., O. Here he engaged in an extensive practice, hav- 
ing to do most of his traveling on horseback, the country 
being new, and roads bad. In the fall of 1877 his health 
failed, and being unable to endure the hardships of the 
practice in that new country, in the spring of 1878 he de- 
cided to move to Covington, O., where he has since main- 
tained a good practice. In 1865 he connected himself 

— 388 — 

with the German Baptist church, and was elected to the 
ministry in the spring of 1880. Since that time he has 
been serving the church in that capacity as well as his 
professional work would allow. Children: 

VII. Charles Lee Roaenberger, bn. Sept. 11, 1873, has 
made teaching his profession. 

VII. Bertha Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 1, 1875. 

VII. Clarence Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 11, 1885; died 
June 12, 1885. 

VI. Rev. Edward H. Rosenberger, bn. in Hancock Co., 
O., Oct. 19, 1849. Mrd. Jennie Wickham, Feb. 25, 1875. 
P. O., McComb, O. Farmer and minister. Ger. Bap. 

VII. Everett Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 21, 1875; died 
Aug. 21, 1876. 

VII. Jesse Rosenberger, bn. Jan. 24, 1879. 
VII. Harvey Rosenberger, bn. May 19, 1882. 
VII. Hetty Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 7, 1896. 

VI. Elbanon Rosenberger, bn. Oct. 21, 1851; died 
Aug. 17, 1861. 

VI. Jacob Boastater Rosenberger, bn. July 27, 1859. 
Mrd. Anna Weaver. Jacob mrd. second wife, Florence 
Shellhouse. P. C, Ada, Ohio. 

VI. Alice Mary Rosenberger, bn. in Hancock Co., O., 
Dec. 30, 1863. Mrd. Nathan Cole Butler, June 1, 1884. 

Res., 628 St., Hannablk., Cleveland, O. Taught school 

from 1881 to 1894. In 1897 finished classical course in 
Normal University at Ada, Ohio. In 1897 began the study 
of medicine at the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical Col- 
lege, Cleveland, O. Will graduate in 1900 (D. V.). Ch, 
of Christ. No issue. 

V. Ann Rosenberger, mrd. Christian Hunsberger. 
Lived in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa. Children: Elizabeth, 
Sarah, David, Mary, Kate, Ephraim. 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsberger. 

VI. Sarah Hunsberger, mrd. Abraham Zlegler. One 

VII. Ellen Zlegler, mrd. Irvin Moll. P. O., Lansdale, 
Pa. Photographer. 

VI. David R. Hunsberger. P. O., Hatfield, Pa. 

— 389 — 

VI. Mary Hunsberger, mrd. Samuel Detweiler, dec'd. 
No issue. Mary mrd. second husband, Isaac Oberholtzer. 
No issue. 

VI. Kate Hunsberger. 

VI. Ephraim Huusberger. 

V. Mary Rosenberg-er, bn. Apr. 14, 1820. Mrd. Peter 
O. Stover, June 3, 1838. He was bn. Nov. 12, 1815; died 
Feb. 1, 1892. They moved to Ohio, where Mrs. Stover died. 
He, with some of his children, returned to Pennsylvania, 
and later died in Philadelphia. Butcher. Menn. Chil- 
dren: Catharine, John, Margaret, Adam, Barbara, Jo- 
seph, Mary, Peter, David, Charles, Lydla, William, Philip. 

VI. Catharine Stover, bn. Mar. 10, 1839; died May 
4, 1842. 

VI. John Stover, bn. Oct. 12, 1840; died May 26, 1842. 

VI. Margaret Stover, bn. May 27, 1842. Mrd, Joseph 
Benner. Res., 2910 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. China- 
ware merchant. Menu. Children: Isaac, Peter, Jo- 
seph, Maggie. 

VII. Isaac S. Benner, bn. in Souderton, Pa., Nov. 29, 
1863. Mrd. Susan Smith, Sept. 7, 1887. Res., Paschal- 
ville, Philadelphia, Pa. Druggist. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Eleanor Frances Benner. 
VIII. Herman Roland Benner. 

VII. Peter Benner, bn. Nov. 28, 1865. Mrd. Emma Ir- 
win. Res., 2910 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. China ware 
decorator. Menn. No. issue. 

VII. Joseph Benner, bn. Aug. 24, 1868. Mrd. Sallie 
Stafford. Res., 2910 N. 5lh St., Philadelphia, Pa. Pro- 
duce dealer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Laura Benner. 
VIII. Ethel Benner. 
Vill. Grace Benner. 

VII. .Maggie Benner, bn. Oct. 8, 1873. Mrd. William 
N. Cassel. Res., 2904 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Pro- 
duce dealer. Ger. Bap. One child: 

VIII. William Russel Cassel. 

. Adam R. Stover, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Nov. 10, 1844; died June 3, 1872. Mrd. Sarah Hemsing. 
She was bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 3, 1847. Car- 

— 390 — 

penter, and veteran of the late Civil War. Mrs. S., Ref . 
ch. Children: Amelia, Uriah, Ellwood, Sallie. 

VII. Amelia Stover, bn. Oct. 19, 1867. Mrd. John Q. 
Hunsberger. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Ref. ch. Children: 

VIM. Clarence L. Hunsberger, bn. Nov. 26, 1889: died 
July 12, 1890. 

VIII. Earl Quincy Hunsberger, bn. Dec. 10, 1890. 
VIII. Herbert LeRoy Hunsberger, bn. Oct. 4, 1892. 

VII. Uriah H. Stover, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa. 
June 21, 1869. Mrd. Mary H. Hartzell, Feb. 4, 1893. When 
four years old his father died, leaving a wido^r with four 
children to support. At the age of 14 Uriah was com- 
pelled to leave school to assist his mother in supporting 
the family, and secured a position in a sash and door fac- 
tory, where he spent five years of his life. Mr. Stover 
had a great desire to secure an education, and in the 
meantime applied himself to studying in the evenings 
and taking courses in various correspondence schools. 
Having secured a position in Philadelphia, he attended 
various night schools. In 1893 he returned to Souderton, 
and in the spring of 1894 began the study of law, which 
he is now pursuing with the expectation of being ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1899. 

In 1895 he was urged to accept the nomination for 
Justice of the Peace of the borough of Souderton against 
a prominent citizen of that place, and was elected by a 
good majority. His ofticial conduct and success as Justice 
of the Peace insures a prosperous future for the young 
man. He is a member of the P. O. S. of A., and was 
elected president of Montgomery District No. 3, which 
constitutes a membership of 2,600. Mr. Stover performed 
the duties of the office so satisfactorily that he was re- 
elected and holds the position at the present time (1898). 
He is also a representative of the National Camp, a mem- 
ber of the I. O. O. F., Sons of Veterans, K. G. E. and Jr. 
O. U. A. M. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Ref. ch. No issue. 

VII. Ellwood H. Stover, bn. Nov. 15, 1870. Mrd. Alice 
Gross, Mar. 13, 1895. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Carpenter. 
Ref. ch. 

VII. Sallie Josephine Stover, bn. Aug. 17, 1872. Mrd. 
PiersonWorman. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Ref. ch. Children: 

VIII. Omar Guy Worman, bn. Sept. 8, 1892. 


— 391 — 

VIII. Leidy Claude Worman, bn. Apr. 12, 1896. 

VI. Barbara Stover, bn. Feb. 14, 1846. Mrd. Enos 
Frederick, dec'd. One child: 

VII. Eno3 Frederick. 

Barbara mrd. second husband, John Graff. Hes., 3551 
Marshall St., Philadelphia, Pa. One child: 
Yll. Joseph Graff. 

VI. Joseph Stover, bn. Apr. 10, 1877. Mrd. Susan 
Matz, May 5, 1867. She died Nov. 30, 1884. P. O., Mc- 
Comb, Ohio. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Mamie, 
Susan, David. 

VII. Mae Stover, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 11, 
1868. Mrd. Herbert Eugene Haskins, Feb. 6, 1890. P. O., 
Lake Geneva, Wis. Mfr. Episcopal, ch. Children: 

VIII. Herbert LeRoy Haskins, bn. Dec. 13, 1890; died 
Sept. 7, 1891. 

VIII. John Earl Haskins, bn. Oct. 6, 1892. 
VIII. Olina Norma Haskins, bn. Dec. 13, 1894. 

VII. Susan Stover, bn. June 13, 1871. S. 
VII. David Stover, bn. May 10, 1873. S. 

VI. Mary Stover, bn. July 3, 1819. Mrd. Albert Peter- 
man. Constable. Bap. Children: 

VII. Joseph Peterman. 
VII. Harry Peterman. 
VII. Alice Peterman. 

VI. Peter Stover, bn. Nov. 1, 1851. Mrd. Sallie A. 
Allebach. Res., 8456 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. Night 
watchman. River Brethren ch. Children: Henry, Mari- 
etta, William, Peter, Lizzie, Charles. 

VII. Henry A. Stover, bn. Jan. 6, 1872. Mrd. Katie 
Yoder, Nov. 16, 1892. Res., 3512 Philip St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. Carpenter. Luth. Children: 

VIII. Earl Wellington Stover, bn. Apr. 6, 1894; died 
June 5, 1895. 

VIII. Henry Allen Stover, bn. June 21, 1896. 

VII. Marietta Stover, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Apr. 17, 1873. Mrd. Lawrence Patterson, Aug. 16, 1891. He 
died Nov. 1, 1891. Res., 3456 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII. William A. Stover, bn. Oct. 18, 1874. S. 

— 392 — 

VII. Peter Jason Stover, bn. in Hancock Co., Ohio, 
Dec. 8, 1876. Mrd. Lizzie Vansant, Sept. 14, 1895. Res., 
202 Glen wood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Inlaid printer. 

Yll. Lizzie Stover, bn. June 10, 1879; died Aug. 21, 1879. 

VII. Charles Stover, bn. July 15, 1881. 

VI. David Stover, bn. Apr. 15, 1854, Mrd. Mary Ann 
Schnaidt. She was born Apr. 21, 1861. Res , 3311 Fair- 
hill St., Philadelphia, Pa. Yardmaster. Ger. Bap. 

VII. Mary Stover, bn. May 9, 1880. 

VII. John Howard Stover, bn. Feb. 8, 1882; died May 
5, 1882. 

VII. Florence Stover, bn. Mar. 6, 1883; died Nov. 
20, 1893. 

VII. Maggie Stover, bn. Oct. 17, 1884. 

VII. Rebecca Stover, bn. May 2, 1887; died Nov. 
17, 1893. 

VII. Charles Philip Stover, bn. May 6, 1888. 

VII. Emma Stover, bn. Jan. 15, 1890. 

VII. David Stover, bn. Jan. 30, 1893. 

VII. Sarah Stover, bn. Oct. 15, 1894; died Sept. 23, 1895. 

VII. Ellen Stover, bn. Sept. 23, 1896. 

VI. Charles Stover, bn. Mar. 23, 1856. Mrd. Carrie 
. Res., Philadelphia, Pa. Barber. One child: 

VII. Bessie Stover. 

VI. Lydia Stover, bn. and died Mar. 13, 1858. 
VI. William Stover, bn. and died Aug. 16, 1859. 

VI. Philip R. Stover, bn. at Souderton, Pa., Mar. 3, 
1861. Mrd. Sarah J. Shilling, Mar. 4, 1882. P. O., Prairie 
Depot, Ohio. Oil pumper. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Albert Stover, bn. June 15, 1883; died Sept. 1, 1883. 
VII. Mary Ellen Stover, bn. Nov. 3, 1884. 

VII. Charles Stover, bn. Aug. 21, 1887; died Oct. 3, 1887. 
VII. John Allen Stover, bn. Feb. 10, 1891; died Aug. 
14, 1891. 

VII. Chester Monroe Stover, bn. Feb. 20, 1894. 

V. Catharine Rosen berger, mrd. Isaac Bilger. 

V. Philip Rosenberger, was thrown from a colt, broke 
a leg, from the effects of which he died at the age of 
15 years. 

— 393 - 

lY. Abraham Bosenber^^er, died aged about 80 years. 
Mrd. Margaret Detweiler (sister to his father's second 
wife). Lived in Upper Providence. The Mennonite 
church was built on one corner of his land. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: David, Margaret, Ann, Hannah, Joseph, 
Abraham, Frances, Samuel. 

V. David Rosen berger, dec'd., mrd. Catharine Long- 
acre, dec*d. Farmer. Children: 

VI. Warren Rosenberger. 
VI. Davis Rosenberger. 
Yl. Hannah Rosenberger. 

Y. Margaret Rosenberger, mrd. Hunsicker. No 


V. Ann Rosenberger, mrd. Joseph Kulp. No. is3ue. 

Y. Hannah Rosenberger, mrd. Jacob Kulp, dec'd. 
United Ev. ch. ChlJdren: Abraham, Margaret. 

Yl. Abraham Kulp, died young. 

VI. Margaret Kulp, mrd. Samuel Longenecker. Res., 
Wisslhickon, Pa. 

Y. Joseph Rosenberger, died 1897. Mrd. Sarah Adams. 
Stone mason. United Ev. ch. Children: Sarah, Jose- 
phine, Benjamin, Joanna, Amanda, Albert, Lizzie. 

Vi. Sarah Jane Rosenberger, died, aged 25 years. S. 

VI. Josephine Rosenberger, died infant. 

Yl. Benjamin Franklin Rosenberger, bn. Apr., 1853. 
Mrd. Annie Ashenfelter. Res., 1208 Atlantic St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Carpenter. United Ev. ch. Children: 
Sarah, Abraham, Bertha, Annie, Henry, Ida, William, 
Clara, Minerva, Charles, Joseph. 

Vil. Sarah Stella Rosenberger, bn. 1875. Mrd. Thomas 
Richard, Aug., 1893. Res., 3171 Germantown Ave., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Huckster. Mr. R., Catholic; Mrs. R., United 
Ev. One child: 

VIII. Stella May Richard. 

Yll. Abraham Rosenberger, bn. Oct. 14, 1877. 

Yil. Bertha Rosenberger, dec'd. 

Yll. Annie Jane Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 4, 1882. 

VII. Henry Franklin Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 15, 1884. 
VII. Ida May Rosenberger, bn. Sept. 18, 1886. 

Yll. William Albert Rosenberger, bn. Dec, 1888. 

— 394 — 

Yll. Clara Roseaberger, born Jan. 17, 1890; died 
Dec, 1895. 

Yll. Minerva Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 1, 1892; died 
May 1, 1893. 

Yll. Charles Fred Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 28, 1893; died 
Mar. 21, 1897. 

Yll. Joseph Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 31, 1895. 

VI. Joanna Rosenberger, mrd. Henry R. Evans, dec'd. 
Carpenter. Children: 

Yll. Maude Evans. 

Yll. Edna Evans. 

Joanna mrd. second husband. Samuel Baw. P. O., 
Phoeaixville, Pa. Waiter in restaurant. No. issue. 

VI. Amanda Rosenberger, mrd. Abraham Barlow. 
P. O., Phoenix ville, Pa. Carpenter. Children: 

Yll. Joseph Barlow, died infant. 

VII. Sarah Barlow, mrd. William Sweeney. P. O., 
Phcenixville, Pa. 

Yll. Anna Barlow. S. 
VII. Lydia Barlow. S. 
Yll. Barlow. 

VI. Albert Rosenberger, bn. Jan. 5, 1862. Mrd. Ella 
A. Gerhart. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Blacksmith. Children: 

VII. Jennie G. Rosenberger, bn. Mar. 6, 1886. 
VII. Verna G. Rosenberger, bn. Oct. 26, 1894. 

Yl. Lizzie Rosenberger, died infant. 

v. Abraham Rosenberger, died Feb. 20, 1894, aged 7fi 
years. Mrd. Mary Yerkes, dec'd. No issue. Mrd. second 
wife, Susan Peters. Ger. Bap. No issue. 

V. Frances Rosenberger, bn. about 1816 or 17; died — . 
Mrd. Christian S. Moyer. He was bn. in Montgomery 
Co., Pa., in 1809; died Feb. 21, 1883. Farmer in Hilltown, 
Pa. Menn. Children: David, Abraham. 

Yl. David R. Moyer, bn. Jan. 28, 1837; died in Ohio, 
Feb. 7, 1876. Mrd. Anna Clevenstine. She was bn. Apr. 
17, 1845. Wheelwright. Mrs. Moyer, Meth. Ep. Children: 
Wilhelmina, Eliza, Samuel. 

Yll. Wilhelmina Moyer, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
June 12, 1862 Res., Toronto, Ont. S. 

VII. Eliza C. Moyer, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., July 20, 
1866 Mrd. H. Irvin Moyer, Sept. 29, 1887. He was bn. 

— 395 — 

Aug. 26, 1865. P. O., Perkasie, Pa. Clerk. Ger. Ref. 

Ylll. Marion Virginia Moyer, bn. June 23, 1889. 

Ylll. Joseph Nevin Moyer, bn. May 11, 1892. 

VIII. H. Irvin Moyer, Jr., bn. 1894. 

VII. Samuel A. Moyer, bn. In Chester Co., Pa., Mar. 
20. 1869. Mrd. Flora Van Hatten. P. O., West Troy, N. 
Y. Parmer. One child: 

VIII. Flora May Moyer, bn. 1898. 

VI. Abraham R. Moyer, bn. in 1840; died in Nebraska 
in 1886. Mrd. Wilhelmina Snyder. No issue. 

V. Samuel D. Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., June 15, 1819; died Feb. ^2, 1871. Mrd. Lydia Bick- 
hart. She was bn. in Montgomery Co. in 1833. Farmer. 
Meth. Children: Mary, Henry, Abraham, Hannah, How- 
ard, Annie, Samuel. 

VI. Mary B. Rosenberger, bn. Mar. 20, 1855. Mrd. 
James B. Hause, Jan. 1, 1879. He died Feb. 12, 1897. Res., 
413 Riley St., Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. Luth. No 

VI. Henry B. Rosenberger, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Dec. 25, 1856. Mrd. Hattie Kenworthy, Oct. 9, 1887. 
Res., 366 Riley St., Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. Gar- 
dener. Prot. Ep. Children: 

VII. Samuel Lewis Rosenberger, bn. July 18, 1888. 
VII. Laura Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 9, 1890 

VII. Walter Rosenberger, bn. May 4, 1893. 

VI. Abraham B. Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 17, 1857; died 
Sept. 8, 1858. 

VI. Hannah B. Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 23, 1859; died 
June 20, 1875. 

VI. Howard B. Rosenberger, bn. Oct. 18, 1863. Res., 
3113 Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Annie B. Rosenberger, bn. Mar. 9, 1865. Mrd. 
Walter Silverwood. Res., Conarroe St., Roxborough, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Samuel B. Rosenberger, bn. Nov. 8, 1870. Res., 451 
Krams Ave., Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. Weaver, S. 

IV. Daniel Rosenberger, died young, or without issue 
before his father made his will. 

— 396 — 
III. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Montgomery CJo., 

died . Mrd. Henry Gotwals. Menn. Children: John, 

Henry, Joseph, Abraham, Adam, Christian, Jacob, Bar- 
bara, Mary, Elizabeth. 

IV. John Gotwals, bn. in Skippack, ; died . 

Mrd. Susanna Shoemaker. Lived in Upper Provi- 
dence, Montgomery Co., near Quaker meeting-house, 
where he died. Susanna, his wife, died near same place, 
aged 84 years. Menn. Children: John, Jacob, Joseph, 

V. Rev. John Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
May 6, 1808; died Aug. 12, 1890. Mrd. Elizabeth Cassel, 
Farmer, and minister of River Brethren ch. Children: 
Sarah, Hannah, Isaac, Samuel, Jacob, Elizabeth. 

VI. Sarah Gotwals, dec'd. 
VI. Hannah Gotwals, dec'd. 
Yl. Isaac Gotwals, dec'd. 
Yl. Samuel Gotwals, dec'd. 

VI. Jacob C. Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Aug. 14, 1838: died Mar. 9, 1897. Mrd. Sarah Ann Place, 
Dec. 19, 1863. P. O., Phoenix ville, Pa. Farmer and car- 
penter. Children: Laura, John, Samuel, Warren, Al- 
bert, Edwin, Lizzie, Charles, Sadie. 

Yll. Laura Gotwals, mrd. . 

VII. John Gotwals, mrd. . 

VII. Samuel Gotwals. S. 
VII. Warren Gotwals. S. 
VII. Albert Gotwals. S. 

VII. Edwin Gotwalrj. S. 
VII. Lizzie Gotwals. S. 
VII. Charles Gotwals. S. 
VII. Sadie Gotwals. S. 

VI. Elizabeth Gotwals, mrd. Lewis Bean. P. O., 
Graters Ford, Pa. 

V. Jacob S. Gotwals, bn. Jan. 16, 1814; died Jan. 10, 
1848. Mrd. Magdalena B. Cassel, Nov. 29, 1835. She was 
born Dec. 2, 1811. Mason and farmer. Menn. Children: 
Susan, Lizzie, Mary, Barbara, Jacob. 

VI. Susan C. Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Aug. 4, 1837. S. 

VI. Lizzie C. Gotwals, bn. Jan. 1, 1844; died Apr. 9, 
1886. Mrd. Wilson G. Christman. Eight children. 

— 397 — 

Yl. Mary C. Gotwals, bn. June 5, 1842. Mrd. Charles 
KjErb. P. O., Creamery, Pa. 

Yl. Barbara C. Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Sept. 29, 1844. Mrd. Henry K. Gottshall, Aug. 14, 1875. 
He was born Nov. 18, 1841. P. O., Lederachsville, Pa. 
Fanner. Menn. Children: 

Yll. Henry G. Gottshall, bn. May 16, 1877. Mrd. Annie 
M. Tyson, June 4, 1898. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Parmer. 

VII. Harvey G. Gottshall, bn. Sept. 2, 1880. 

Yll. Jacob G. Gottshall, bn. Dec. 26, 1883. 

Yl. Jacob C. Gotwals, bn. Jan. 26, 1848. Mrd. Matilda 
Fountain. P. O., Bristoe Sta., Prince William Co., Va. 

V. Joseph S. Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Feb. 11, 1810; died Nov. 8, 1889. Mrd. Mary Grater, Dec. 
7, 1834. She was born at Graters Ford, Feb. 22, 1814. 
Shoemaker and farmer. Menn. Children: Susan, Kate, 
John, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, Abraham, Amos. 

Yl. Susan Gotwals, bn. Oct. 1, 1835. P. O., Yerkes, 
Pa. S. 

VI. Kate G. Gotwals, died . Mrd. John D. Bech- 

tel. {See Index of Beferences^ No, 10,) 

Yl. John G. Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
June 27, 1840. Mrd. Lydia H. Detweiler, Jan. 18, 1866. P. 
O., Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: Daniel, 
Joseph, Isaiah, Mary, Katharine, David, Abram, Esther, 
Elmer, Raymond, Vernon. 

Yll. Daniel D. Gotwals, bom Dec. 8, 1866; died 
Apr. 3, 1892. 

Yll. Joseph D. Gotwals, born Aug. 8, 1868; died 
Apr. 24, 187a 

Yll. Isaiah D. Gotwals, born Feb. 11, 1870; died 
Nov. 11, 1871. 

Yll. Mary J. Gotwals, bn. Feb. 22, 1872. Mrd. David 
L. Trucksees, June 18, 1896. One child: 

Ylll. Robert G. Trucksees. 

Yll. Katharine D. Gotwals, bn. Sept. 18, 1873. S. 

VII. David C. Gotwals, bn. Dec. 10, 1875. Employed 
with Adj. Gen. Thomas Stewart at cor. 5th and Chestnut 
Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VII. Abram D. Gotwals, bn. Dec. 9, 1877. 
Yll. Esther F. Gotwals, bn. Apr. 26, 1880. 
VII. J. Elmer Gotwals, bn. Oct. 17, 1882. 

— 398 — 

VII. Raymond D. Gotvrals, bn. Sept. 14, 1884; died 
Sept. 23, 1895. 

VII. Vernon D. Gotwal*, bo. Sept. 16, 1886. 

VI. Mary GotwraU, bn. in Upper Providence Twp., 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Feb. 7, 1843. Mrd. James G. Det- 
weiler, Dec. 21, 1865. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. Menn. 
Children. Frances, John, Mary, Lydia, Joseph, Ellas, 
Susie, Lizzie, Annie, James, Sadie. 

VII. Frances Detweiler, died young. 

VII, John Detweiler. P. 0.,Tempe, Arizona. 

Vll. Mary Detweiler, mrd. D. W. Favlnger. P. O., 
Yerkes, Pa. 

Vll. Lydia Detweiler, mrd. Charles C. Williams. P. 
O. , Graters Ford, Pa. 

Vll. Joseph Detweiler, mrd. Grace W. Beyers. P. O., 
Yerkes, Pa. 

Vll. Elias L. Detweiler. 

Vll. Susie May Detweiler. 

Vll. Lizzie Detweiler. 

Vll. Annie B. Detweiler. 

Vll. James G. Detweiler. 

Vll. Sadie Detweiler. 

VI. Elizabeth Gotwals, bn. July 30, 1845. Mrd. Peter 
H. Colehower, Feb. 22, 1872. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. Car- 
penter. Ref. ch. No issue. 

VI. Joseph G. Gotwals, bn. in Upper Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 12, 1848. Mrd. Sarah Det- 
weiler, Jan. 9, 1873. P. O., Providence Square, Pa. Mer- 
chant. Meth. Ep. Children. 

VII. Elias D. Gotwals. 
Vll. John Alvin Gotwals. 
VII. Mary Frances Gotwals. 
Vll. Charles H. Gotwals. 

Vll. Joseph S. Gotwals, dec'd. 
Vll. Lizzie Annie Gotwals, dec'd. 

VI. Abraham G. Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
July 30, 1850. Mrd. Mary C. Logan, Jan. 23, 1876. Res., 
226 West Main St., Norristown, Pa. Carpenter. Children: 

VII. William L. Gotwals, bn. Dec. 25, 1877. 
Vll. Bessie C. Gotwals, bn. May 14, 1879. 
Vll. Cora K. Gotwals, bn. Oct. 11, 1880. 
Vll. John Carl Gotwals, bn. Nov. 4, 1884. 





— 399 — 

VII. Eunice Gotwals, bn. Oct. 15, 1888. 

Yl. Amos Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
May 11, 1854. Mrd. Ida M. Radcliffe, Jan. 29, 1881. P. O., 
Phoenixville, Pa. Lumber and coai merchant. Dunkard. 

Yll. Sarah R. Gotwals, bn. Oct. 9, 1882. 

Yll. Mary G. Gotwals, bn. Feb. 28, 1884. 

Yll. Claude Gotwals, bn. Mar. 8, 1886. 

VII. Leo A. Gotwals, bn. Nov. 8, 1888. 

VII. Ruth P. Gotwals, bn. Aug. 19, 1889. 

Y. Barbara Gotwals, mrd. Henry B. Tyson, dec'd. 
Barbara mrd. second husband, Joseph Tyson. P. O., 
Creamery, Pa, Children: 

Yl. George Tyson. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. 

VI. Jacob Tyson. P. O., Skippack, Pa. 

Yl. John G. Tyson. P. O , Norristown, Pa. 

Yl. Mrs. Abr. Haldeman. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. 

lY. Henry Gotwals, bn. Oct. 17, 1786; died Mar. 12, 
1861. Mrd. Elizabeth Detweiler (widow Bowman), Nov. 
28, 1811. She was born July, 1785 ; died Oct. 7, 1825. Miller. 
Menn. Children: John, Mary, Joseph, Adam, Susanna, 
Elizabeth, Clement, Anna, Henry. 

Henry mrd. second wife, Hannah Walters (widow of 
his brother, Abraham Gotwals), Jan. 15, 1826. One child: 

Y. Rev. John Detweiler Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery 
Co., Pa., Feb. 28, 1813; died Apr. 25, 1893, aged 8^ yrs., 1 
mo., 25 days. Mrd. Elizabeth Kerper, Dec. 13, 1835, She 

died . Children: Eli, William. John mrd. second 

wife, Mary Kerper, Dec. 10, I83S. P. O., Royers Ford, 
Pa. Wheelwright. Ger Bap. Ordained to the ministry 
in the fall of 1869, at Mingo church in Skippack Twp., 
where he served as minister. One child: Sarah. 

VI. Eli Gotwals, bn. Oct. 3, 1836; died Jan. 20, 1837. 

VI. William Gotwals, bn. Oct, 12, 1837. Mrd. Cath- 
arine Rittenhouse. P. O., Fairview Village, Pa. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. No children. 

VI. Sarah Gotwals, bn. Mar. 7, 1840. Mrd. Jesse Price 
Nyce, Feb. 14, 1865. He died Nov. 15, 1871. Teacher. 
Ger. Bap. One child: 

VII. WHIG. Nyce, bn. Oct. 12, 1869. P. O., Royers 
Ford, Pa. Clerk. Ger. Bap. S. 

— 400 — 

V. Mary Gotwals, bn. May 21, 1814; died 1882. Single. 

V. Joseph D. Gotwals, bn. May 8, 1815; died Jan. 28, 
1876. Mrd. Mary Kratz, daug^hter of Valentine Kratz, 
Mar. 3, 1839. She was born Oct. 13, 1811; died Dec. 20, 
1890. P. O., Port Providence, Pa. Children: Matilda, 
Abraham, Hannah, Benjamin, Mary, Anna, Sarah. 

VI. Matilda Gotwals, bn. Jan. 2, IWO. Mrd. Israel H. 
Heiss, July 1, 1869. Special officer in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Elmer Franklin Heiss, bn. Feb. 10, 1872. 
VII. Ida Matilda Heiss, bn. Dec. 24, 1875. 

VI. Abraham K. Gotwals, bn. June 4, 1841. P. O., 
Hyattville, Wyoming. Farmer and stock raiser. S. 

VI. Hannah Gotwals. bn. Oct. 26, 1843. Mrd. John 
Grigg Johnson, Sept., 1869. No issue. 

VI. Benjamin Franklin Gotwals, bn. Oct. 30, 1846. 
Mrd. C. Emma Oberholtzer, July 6, 1879. P. O., Rockford, 
III. Employed in stocking factory. Bap. Children: 

VII. Harriet N. Gotwals, bn. Apr. 17, 1880. 
VII. Jacob Walter Gotwals, bn. Mar. 27, 1883. 

VI. Mary Jane Gotwals, bn. Oct. 3, 1851; died June, 
1878. Mrd. James E. Carlisle, Dec, 1874. One child: 

VII. Olive May Carlisle, dec'd. 

VI. Annie C. Gotwals, bn. Sept. 23, 1853. Mrd. Rev. 
Henry R. Hunsicker (his second wife), May 11, 1876. P. 
O., Coopersburg, Pa. Mr. Hunsicker was born near 
Trappe, Montgomery Co., Pa., Nov. 10, 1825. Spent hia 
boyhood days on his father's farm, and had only the lim- 
ited advantages of the country schools of that time. In 
1835 Henry Prizer opened a boarding school in the village 
of Trappe. He died in 1838, and was succeeded in the 
school by Rev. Henry Rodenbougb. This was Mr. Hun- 
sicker's Alma Mater. 

In 1848 he and his father. Bishop Abraham Hunsicker, 
founded ** Freeland Seminary,'' an educational institution 
designed for young men and boys. He at once became 
the principal of the school, and three years later the 
proprietor. He continued as principal of this school 
until 1865, when he leased the school and property to A. 
N. Fetterolf , one of his assistants, for five years. Dur- 
ing the time of his lease to Prof F., he sold the school 
property to Rev. J. H. A. Bomberger, D. D., of Phlladel- 


— 401 — 

plila, who, in connection with other enterprising persons, 
obtained a charter and founded Ursinus College. In 18&0 
Mr. Hunsicker was ordained to the ministry of the New 
COberholtzer) Mennonite church. On account of the lib- 
eral and progressive ideas in church work, a schism took 
place in 1851, which resulted in establishing an independ- 
ent church, known as Trinity Christians, of which Mr. 
Sunslcker was one of the founders, and for which he con- 
t.inued to preach until 1875. Children: 

Yll. Mary Anna Hunsicker, bn. Sept. 25, 1879. 

Yll. Edna E. Hunsicker, bn. July 6, 1882. 

Yl. Sarah Emma Gotwals, bn. June 19, 1856. Mrd. 
James Carlisle, Nov. 18, 1880. He died Feb. 9, 1883. No 

Y. Adam Gotwals, bn. July 28» 1816. Mrd. Catharine 
'Wingert. P. O., Leesport, Pa. 

Y. Susanna Gotwals, bn. Nov. 9, 1817; died Mar. 15, 
1889. Mrd. Thomas Frees. 

Yl. Emma Frees. S. Res., 1640 Gratz St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Y. Elizabeth Gotwals, bn. June 9, 1819: died 1823. 

Y. Clement Gotwals, bn. June 2, 1820; died 1823. 

Y. Anna Gotwals, bn. Aug. 27, 1821; died 1821. 

Y. Henry Gotwals, bn. Mar. 13, 1823; died Mar. 5, 1826. 

Y. Isaac Gotwals, bn. Mar. 11, 1827; died Mar. 15, 1827. 

lY. Joseph Gotwals, bn. in Upper Providence, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., in Apr., 1789; died Apr. 14, 1871. Mrd. 
Ann Kulp, Feb., 1816. She was born in Lower Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., May 10, 1797; died May, 1879. Far- 
mer. Menu. Children: Henry, Martin, Margaret, Hes- 
ter, Anna, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Isaac, Charlotte, 
Roger, Jane. 

Y. Henry Gotwals, bn. Dec. 15, 1816; died In Infancy. 

Y. Martin Gotwals, bn. Nov. 12, 1818. Mrd. Mary De- 
Haven. P. O., Shelly, Mich. Farmer. Children: 
Yl. Francis Gotwals. 
Yl. Anna Gotwals. 
Yl. Elizabeth Gotwals. 



— 402 — 

V. Margaret Gotwals, bn. 1821; died 1881. Mrd. Lewis 
Rhoeds. He died. One child: 

VI. Henry Rhoeds, mrd. . P. O., Kimberton, Pa, 

V. Hester Gotwals, bn. Aug. 1823; died Jan, 4, 1894. 
P. O., Eagle ville, Pa. Tailoress. Presby. S. 

V. Anna Gotwals, bn. in Lower Providence, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., Dec. 17, 1827. P. O., Eagleville, Pa. 
Tailoress. Presby. S. 

V. Sarah Gotwals, bn. Oct. 22, 1825; died Dec. 2, 1893. 
Mrd. Jonah S. Fudge. P. O., Hartranft, Pa. Children: 

VI. Hannah Fudge, dec'd. 
VI. Edmund Fudge. 

V. Elizabeth Gotwals, bn. 1830; died 1879. Mrd. John 
Horn. No issue. - 

V. Joseph K. Gotwals, bn. in Lower Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 15, 1832. Mrd. Jane A. Gal- 
braith, Dec. 26, 1860. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Mr. Got- 
wals began teaching school in 1851. He became principal 
of the High School of Norristown, Pa., in 1865, which 
position he held for seven years. Since then (1872) up to 
the present time, he has been superintendent of the 
public schools of Norristown, Pa. Presby. One child: 

VI. Anna Gotwals, bn. June 7, 1863. Mrd. Rev. Robert 
H. Taylor. P. O., Westtown, N. Y. Mr. Taylor was. born 
in Franklin Co., Pa., Oct. 31, 1859. Graduated at the 
Shippenburg Normal School in 1877. Taught school two 
years in Pennsylvania, and three years in Olive Branch 
High School, Ohio. Graduated from Lafayette College 
in the class of '86, and at the Union Theological Seminary 
in 1889; and was the same year installed pastor of the 
Presbyterian church of Westtown, N. Y. Children: 

VII. Robert Gotwals Taylor, bn. Jan. 28, 1890. 
VII. Jennie Galbralth Taylor, bn. in 1893. 
VII. Helen Sentman Taylor, bn. in 1897. 

V. Isaac Gotwals, bn. Jan. 4, 1836. Mrd. Kate Shearer. 
P. O., Bridgeport, Pa. Children: 

VI. Maggie Gotwals. 
VI. Hetty Gotwals. 
VI. Kate Gotwals. 
VI. Joseph Gotwals. 

— 403 — 

Y. Charlotte Gotwals, bn. Mar. 21, 1839; died Sept. 
20, 1881. Mrd. John G. Shearer. P. O., Eagleville, Pa. 
One child: 

Yl. Hannah Shearer. 

V. Roger D. Gotwals, bn. Mar. 9, 1841. Mrd. Anna 
Shearer. P. O., Eagleville, Pa. 

Y. Jane Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 23, 
1843. Mrd. Isaac Z. Reiner, Dec. 1869. P. O., Eagleville, 
Pa. Parmer. Presby. Children: 

VI. Lizzie Reiner, bn. Sept. 16, 1871. School teacher. 
Yl. Joseph G. Reiner, bn. Dec. 1873; died in 1882. 

Yl. Anna May Reiner, bn. Jan. 1880. 
Yl. Clara Naomi Reiner, bn. Oct. 1885. 

lY. Abraham Gotwals, died . Mrd. Hannah Wal- 
ters. Children: 

Y. Henry Gotwals. 

V. John Gotwals. 

V. Jacob Gotwals. 

Y. Abraham Gotwals. 

Y. Ann Gotwals, mrd. Wm. Roberts. 

V. Catharine Gotwals, mrd. Samuel Hendricks. 

lY. Adam Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., in 
1794; died in Bucks Co., Pa., in 1873. Mrd. Esther Ather- 
holt. She was bn. July 6, 1796; died Nov. 25, 1885. Farmer 
and shoemaker. Menn. Children: Mary, Daniel, Catha- 
rine, Sarah, Esther. 

Y. Mary Gotwals, bn. in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., 
Fa., Feb. 25, 1819. Mrd. Henry H. Rosenberger, Jan. 12, 

1843. P. O., Gardenville, Pa. Menn. No issue. 

V. Daniel Gotwals, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 19, 
1821. Mrd. Sarah Fretz, daughter of John Fretz, Feb. 29, 

1844. He engaged in the mercantile business, at Garden- 
ville, with his brother-in-law, Jonas Fretz, in the spring 
of 1846. In 1850 he removed to Dublin, where he 
carried on the business for three years, then returned 
to Gardenville, where he continued in the business until 
the winter of 1884, when his son Jonas became proprietor. 
Christian ch. at Carversville. Children: Franklin, John^ 
Jonas, Emeline, Esther, Susanna, Mary, Edwin, William . 

— 404 — 

VI. Franklin F. Gotwals, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 
11, 1845. Mrd. Emma Jane Shive, Jan. 22, 1870. She died 
Nov. 11, 1887. One child: 

VII. John Gotwals. 

VI. John Gotwals, bn. Jan. 16, 1848; died Feb. 27, 1848- 

VI. Jonas Gotwals, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., July 25, 1850. 
Mrd. Martha Ann Louder, Oct. 11, 1871. P. O., Garden- 
ville. Pa. Merchant. Children: 

VII. Sarah Florence Gotwals, bn. Nov. 2, 1872. 
VII. Daniel Gotwals, bn. Oct. 11, 1874. 

VII. Samuel Gotwals, bn. July 16, 1877. 

VI. Emeline Gotwals, bn. Nov. 2, 1851; died Sept. 

20, 1860. 

VI. Esther Gotwals, bn. Aug. 22, 1854: died Sept. 

21, 1860. 

VI. Susanna Gotwals, bn. July 25, 1857; died Sept. 
16, 1860. 

VI. Mary Ellen Gotwals, bn. Jan. 9, 1861; died May 
18, 1883. 

VI. Edwin S. Gotwals, bn. Jan. 20, 1865; died at Starkey 
Seminary, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1882. 

VI. William Gotwals, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 
27, 1868. 

V. Catharine Gotwals, bn. Sept. 14, 1824; died Apr. 
18, 1845. Mrd. Elias Fretz, in 1843. No issue. 

V. Sarah Gotwals, bn. Sept. 12, 1827; died May 20, 
1868. Mrd. Eli Leatherman. P. O, Danboro, Pa. Children: 

VI. Mary Elizabeth Leatherman, mrd. John Rickert, 
dec'd. Have issue. 

VI. Katie Leatherman, mrd. Isaac G. Moy er. Children : 

VII. Edward Moyer. 
VII. Emma Moyer. 
VII. Sadie Moyer. 
VII. Bertha Moyer. 

VI. Harry Leatherman, mrd. Herhart, 

VI. Emma Leatherman, mrd . Preston Haggerty. P. O. , 
Chalfont, Pa. One child: 

VII. Luella Haggerty. 

V. Esther Gotwals, bn. in Bucks Co., June 30, 1831; 
died . Mrd. John L. Gross, Jan. 30, 1851. P. O., 

— 405 — 

Fountain ville, Pa. Retired merchant. Deacon in Menn. 
ch. Children: Daniel, Mary, John, Emma. 

VI. Daniel G. Gross, bn. Dec. 26, 1851. Mrd. Mary H. 
Myers. P. O., Fountainyille, Pa. Merchant. Prcsby. 

VII. Clara Gross, bn. June 22, 1879; died Oct. 26, 1879. 
VII. Martha Gross, bn. Aug. 9, 1880. 

VII. Charles W. Gross, bn. Dec. 3, 1882. 
VII. J. Howard Gross, bn. Apr. 6, 1885. 
VII. D. Arthur Gross, bn. Apr. 20, 1888. 

VI. Mary A. Gross, bn. Feb. 15, 1855. Mrd. Henry S. 
Johnson, Mar. 28, 1885. P. O., Ely, Pa. Parmer. Menn. 

VII. Emma Johnson, bn. Sept. 17, 1887. 
VII. Edwin Johnson, bn. June 12, 1889. 

VI. John A. Gross, bn. Oct. 28, 1865. Mrd. Anna E. 
Leatherman, Dec. 6, 1888. P. O., Fountain ville, Pa. 
One child: 

VII. Clarence L. Gross, bn. Nov. 5, 1890. 

VI. Emma Gross, bn. July 29, 1870. Mrd. John F. 
Mood. P. O., Perkasle, Pa. Cigar manufacturer. 
One child: 

VII. Clarence G. Mood. 

IV. Rev. Christian Gotwals, died . Mrd. Catha- 
rine Funk, daughter of Rev. John Funk, . Children: 

John, Christian, Elizabeth, Mary, Nancy, Magdalena, 
Kitty, Rebecca, Susan, Barbara, Hettie, Fannie, Sarah. 

V. John Gotwals, mrd. Nancy Rosenberry. 

V. Christian Gotwals, mrd. Catharine Penny packer. 

V. Elizabeth Gotwals, bn. July 14, 1800; died in 1856. 
Mrd. John H. Rosenberry. He was bn. Apr. 1, 1799; died 
Sept. 10, 1872. Children: Charles, Catharine, Mary, 
Christian, Christian G., Abraham, Elizabeth, John, An- 
nie, Jesse, Elizabeth, Henry. 

VI. Charles Rosenberry, bn. May 20, 1825. Mrd. Anna 

Hummel, , who died leaving two children. He then 

went to Illinois, married again, had several children, and 
was lost trace of since 1874. 

VI. Catharine Rosenberry, bn. Aug. 4, 1826; died Jan. 

4, 1890. Mrd. John C. Hagey. He died . Watchmaker. 

Menn. Children: Elizabeth, Anna. 

— 406 — 

Catharine mrd. second husband, Joseph Kindig. 
Children: John, Annie. 

VII. Elizabeth flagey, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., in 
1853. Mrd. Prank W. Dorn, Sept. 23, 1871. P. O., Telford, 
Pa. Farmer. Ref. ch., Indian Creek. Children: 

VIII. Allen Dorn, bn. June 8, 1873. Mrd. Clara Metz- 
ger, May 27, 1893. 

VIII. Katie Dorn, bn. Dec. 24, 1875. 

VIII. Frank Dorn, bn. Apr. 23, 1878. 

Vtll. Milton Dorn, bn. Aug. 21, 1880; died aged 5 davs. 

VIII. Ervln Dorn, bn. Feb. 2, 1882; died Aug. 22, 1882. 

Vm. Reinhart Dorn, bn. Mar. 5, 1883. 

VIII. Charles Dorn, bn. Mar. 3, 1885. 

VIII. Lizzie Dorn, bn. Nov. 30, 1887. 

VIII. Vernon Dorn, bn. June 29, 1892. 

VII. Anna Hagey, bn. and died Apr. 1, 1857. 
VII. John R. Kindig, mrd. Fannie Rosenberger. P. O., 
Hatfield, Pa. 

VII. Annie R. Kindig, bn. Dec. 3, 1864. Mrd. Charles 
B. Kratz, May 23, 1883. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Wallace K. Kratz, bn. Sept. 10, 1884. 
VIII. C. Quinton Kratz, bn. June 14, 1894. 

VI. Mary Rosenberry, bn. Feb. 19, 1827; died in 1896. 
Mrd. Sylvester Lewis, dec'd. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 
Children: Sallie, Mary, Ella. 

VII. Sallie R. Lewis, died 1897. 

VII. Mary Jane Lewis. P. O., Norristown, Pa. S. 
VII. Ella R. Lewis, mrd. William Carnathan. P. O., 
727 As tor St., Norristown, Pa. 

VI. Christian Rosenberry, died in infancy. 

VI. Christian G. Rosenberry, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Feb. 6, 1832. Mrd. Susanna Hendricks, daughter of 
Peter B. Hendricks, Dec. 15, 1860. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. 
He has been in the stock business for 35 years, dealing in 
horses, cattle and sheep. In 1880 he bought the Broad- 
way House and stock yards at Lansdale, Pa., where he 
continued as proprietor for ten years, when in 1890 he 
sold it for $16,000, being the principal hotel in Lansdale. 
He now lives retired. Children: Mary, Elmer, Welling- 
ton, Lizzie, Anna, Sara, Minerva, Clayton. 

— 407 — 

VII. Mary Alice Rosenberry, bn. Apr. 18, 1862. Mrd. 
Charles P. Wolfinger, Oct. 21, 1884. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. 
Conductor on Reading R. R. One child: 

VIII. Wellington Wolfinger, bn. July 30, 1886. 

VII. Elmer Ellsworth Rosenberry, bn. Sept. 27, 1863; 
died May 29, 1880. 

VII. Hon. Wellington Rosenberry, bn. Jan. 8, 1866. 
P. O., Lansdale, Pa. He is one of the largest and heavi- 
est carriage dealers in the State. At the age of 24, he 
was elected Burgess of Lansdale, Pa., is widely known as 
a business man, and rising youug politician. S. 

VII. Lizzie Rosenberry, bn. Mar. 1, 1868. Mrd. R. A. 
Shepherd. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Formerly proprietor of 
the Lansdale Bepublican. Children: 

VIII. Donald Shepherd. 
VIII. Harold Shepherd. 
VIII. Richard Shepherd. 
VIII. Ralph Shepherd. 

VII. Anna Rosenberry, bn. May 18, 1870. Mrd. C. H. 
Alderfer. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Sec. and Treas. of the 
Montgomery Trust Co., of Norristown. 

VII. Sara V. Rosenberry, bn. Aug. 7, 1878. Mrd. Prof. 
H. H. Beidler. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Principal of Lansdale 
public schools. St. Johns Ref. ch. 

VII. Minerva Rosenberry, bn. Mar. 18, 1876. S. 

VII. Clayton Rosenberry, bn. July 25, 1879; died Aug. 
21, 1879. 

VI. Abraham Rosenberry, died aged 10 years. 
VI. Elizabeth Rosenberry, died in infancy. 

VI. John G. Rosenberry, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
June 30, 1836. Mrd. Elizabeth Flores, of Lehigh Co., Pa. 
P. O., Skippack, Pa. Veterinary surgeon. Ger. Ref. 
Children: Mary, Anna, Peter, John, Emma, Katie. 

VII. Mary Elizabeth Rosenberry, bn. Dec. 21, 1859; 
died Mar. 31, 1873. 

VII. Anna Marie Rosenberry, bn. Dec. 4, 1861. Mrd. 
Samuel D. Kinsey. P. O., Fairview Village, Pa. Ger. Ref. 

VIII. Paul Nevin Kinsey. 
VIII. Bertha Viola Kinsey. 

VII. Peter Flores Rosenberry, bn. Apr. 15, 1865; died 
Apr. 15, 1883. 

— 408 — 

VII. John Henry Rosenberry, bn. Feb. 10, 1867. P. O., 
Coeur D' Alene City, Idaho. Ger. Ref . S. 

VII. Emma Jane Roaenberry, bn. Nov. 19, 1869. Mr<L 
John B. Godshall. Ger. Ref. One child: 

VIII. Annie Godshall, dec'd. 

VII. Katie Martha Rosenberry, bn. Aug. 2, 1879. 

VI. Annie Rosenberry, mrd. Joseph Rossiter, dec'd. 
No issue. 

VI. Jesse Roaenberry, mrd Elizabeth Kauffman. P. O., 
Skippack, Pa. Children: 

VII. William Rosenberry. 
VII. Anna Rosenberry. 

VI. Elizabeth Rosenberry, mrd. William Teany. One 

VII. Howard R. Teany. P. O., Norrlstown, Pa. 

VI , Henry Rosenberry, bn. in 1842, was a soldier in 
the Union army, and died in the service. 

V. Mary Gotwals, mrd. Christian Custer. 

V. Nancy Gotwals, mrd. Henry Cole. 

V. Magdalen a Gotwals, mrd. Simon Hood. 

V. Kitty Gotwals, mrd. John Razor. 

V. Sarah Gotwals, mrd. Stephen Dewcese. P. O., 
Phoenixville, Pa. 

V Rebecca Gotwals, died . Mrd. Thomas Deiner. 

Res., Philadelphia, Pa. 

V. Susan Gotwals, died . S. 

V. Barbara Gotwals, died . S. 

V. Hettie Gotwals, died . S. 

V. Fannie Gotwals, died . S. 

IV. Jacob Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 
15, 1798; died June 29, 1851. Mrd. Esther Vanderslice, Dec. 
1829. She was born Dec. 6, 1810; died 1898. Farmer. 
Mr. G., Menu.; Mrs. G., Ger. Ref. Children: Daniel, 
Franklin, Lizzie, Jacob. 

V. Daniel V. Gotwals, bn. Mar. 20, 1831; died Aug. 
21, 1887. 

V. Franklin V. Gotwals, bn. Aug. 13, 1834; died May 
26, 1839. 

— 409 — 

V. Lizzie Gotwals, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 
10, 1837. Mrd. Frank M. Hobson, Oct. 8, 1866. Ref. ch. 

Mr. HobBon is of English ancestry on his paternal 
side, the emigrant ancestor being Francis Hobson, who 
came from England in 1720, and located in New Garden 
township, Chester Co., Pa., with his wife and family. 
They were of the Society of Friends, and were among the 
earliest settlers of that county. Mr. Hobson was a 
farmer. His son, Francis Hobson, came to Limerick 
township, Montgomery Co., in 1743, and bought a farm of 
260 acres near Boyers Ford, which is still known as the 
Hobson farm. This ancestor had a family, one of whom, 
Francis Hobson, inherited the Limerick farm in 1748, and 
resided there all his life. He was a country Justice of 
the Peace, and a surveyor, and many of the old surveys 
of the county were made by him. One of his sons, John 
Hobson, was the grandfather of our subject. He in his 
turn inherited and worked the Limerick farm, making 
three generations on this property. John Hobson was the 
father of four children: Moses, Mary, Charlotte and 
Francis, father of our subject, who was born Oct. 10, 1803; 
died Aug. 4, 1874. He inherited the farm in Limerick 
township, and lived there many years, subsequently re- 
moving to Beading. He was a soldier in the war of the 
Rebellion. He married Matilda Bringhurst, and had two 
children, Frank M., our subject, and Sarah, wife of Bev. 
Henry W. Super, D. D,, ex-president of Ursinus College. 
William Bringhurst, father of our subject's mother, mar- 
ried Mary Morris, on June 4, 1769, and had two children, 
Blizabetb, wife of Adam Harkness; and Israel, who was 
born Feb. 28, 1770, and died Feb. 1807. Israel Bringhurst 
had a family of eight children, among whom was Wright 
A. Bringhurst, who was a member of the State Legisla- 
ture, and became a man of considerable note. At his 
death he bequeathed $200,000 for the support of the desti- 
tute poor of Norristown. Pottstownand Upper Providence 
township. Through the wife of William Bringhurst, our 
subject is a descendant of Jenkin Jenkins, who was born 
in Wales, in 1669, and came to this country in 1729, and 
located in Gwynedd. Bef . ch. Children: Freeland, Mary. 

VI. Freeland G. Hobson, bn. at CoUegeville, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., Oct. 13, 1857. Mrd. Ella M. Hendricksi 
Sept. 15, 1881. Bes., CoUegeville, Pa. Mr. Hobson, the 

— 410 — 

subject of this sketch, was educated in the public schools 
of Upper Providence Twp., subsequently took a full course 
in and graduated from Ursinus College in 1876. He then 
entered the law office of Jacob V. Grotwals, at that time 
district attorney of Montgomery county, and was ad- 
mitted to the bar on Oct. 1, 1880. He immediately opened 
an office in Norristown, where he soon began to build up 
a lucrative practice, and where he has remained ever 
since. He is an eloquent pleader, and has been uniformly 
successful in the trial of cases. He defended Antonio 
Fredricko, an Italian, who was tried in 1890 for the 
murder of a fellow countryman. The murder occurred at 
Conshohocken, and Fredricko was captured at San fYan- 
Cisco. The trial was a most thrilling one, and resulted in 
the absolute acquittal of the accused. Mr. Hobson re- 
ceived the congratulations of his colleagues for the man- 
ner in which he had conducted the defense. 

In September, 1888, Mr. Hobson put on foot the move- 
ment to organize The Norristown Title, Trust and Safe 
Deposit Company, and solicited most of the stock. He 
was made its secretary, treasurer, and trust officer. 
These positions he has held since that time. This insti- 
tution has rapidly grown in popular favor, and now ranks 
as one of the most flourishing financial institutions of the 
county. He is also founder and publisher of the Mont- 
gomery County Law Reporter, which is now in its four- 
teenth volume. He is a member of the Montgomery 
County Historical Society, and is the author of the 
History of Providence Township, and one of the contribu- 
tors to Col. Bean's History of Montgomery County, writ- 
ing much of the township work. He has always taken 
great interest in public movements, and in 1884, when the 
Centennial celebration of Montgomery county was cele- 
brated, he was chairman of the executive committee. It 
was in no small degree owing to his energy that this 
celebration was such a success. He was editor-in-chief 
of a beautiful memorial volume commemorating this 

Mr. Hobson is a leader in the Patriotic Order Sons of 
America and is a member of Camp 267, at Ironbridge. In 
August, 1893, he was elected State President at the State 
convention held at Chester, Pa. At the conclusion of his 
term, at Erie, Pa., he was made the happy recipient of a 


ifrr p<ier Shi.) 

— 411 — 

handsome cane, made from a piece of the hull of the old 
flagship, Lawrence. The presentation was made hy Hon. 
J. F. Dowling. 

He is a prominent member of the Valley Forge Mem- 
orial Association, and is treasurer and chairman of its 
executive committee. He is filling the post of secretary 
of Riverside cemetery, recently organized. He is one of 
the directors of Ursinus College, CoUegeville, Pa., in 
which he has taken a very active interest. He is now 
President of College ville school board. Mr. Hobson is a 
Republican, but has never sought political office. He is a 
member of Trinity Reformed church of CoUegeville, and 
has been an elder for eight years. He takes an active 
part in church work, having served as secretary and 
treasurer of the Montgomery Couaty Sunday School As- 
sociation, and as president of the Schuylkill Valley Union 
of Christian Endeavor. He has been upon the program 
at two international Christian Endeavor conventions; 
one at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1894, and again at Boston, in 
1895. He has been a delegate to the classes, synods and 
general synod of the Reformed church in the United 
States. In all these bodies he has taken a very active 
part. He has on several occasions argued some most 
important appeals in these ecclesiastical judicatories. 

VII. Harold Hobson, bn. and died July 30, 1882. 

VII. Frank H. Hobson, bn. Aug. 19, 1883. 

VII. Anna Mabel Hobson, bn. July 27, 1885. 

VII. Katharine Hobson, bn. Apr. 29, 1889, 

VI. Mary Matilda Hobson, bn. at CoUegeville, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., Feb. 26, 1861. Mrd. Rev. Oliver P. Smith, 
D. D., Oct. 21, 1886. He was born at Tripoli, Lehigh Co., 
Pa., Sept. 4, 1848. Graduated from Muhlenburg College, 
Allentown, Pa. , in 1874. Pastor of Trappe charge from 
1874 to 1889, from which date to the present time he has 
served the Lutheran Church of the Transfiguration at 
Pottstown, Pa. Res., 80 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. 
Luth. Children: 

VII. Francis Hobson Smith, bn. Oct. 20, 1887. 
VII. Oliver Hobson Smith, bn. Mar. 16, 1890. 

V. Jacob V. Gotwals, bn. in Lower Providence, Mont- 

— 412 — 

gomery Co., Pa., May 13, 1840. Mrd. HcDrietta Royer, 
daughter of Hon. Lewis Royer, Dec. 3, 1873. 

Mr. Gotwals is a prominent lawyer of Norristown, Pa,, 
where he has been practicing for several years. He has 
served as district attorney of the county, during which 
he showed marked ability as a lawyer. Meth. No issue. 

IV, Barbara Gotwals, died . Mrd. Jacob Wisler. 


V. Joseph Wisler, dec'd. 
V. Jacob Wisler, dec'd. 

IV. Mary Gotwals, died . Mrd. Peter Ashenf el- 
der*. Children: Henry, Lewis, Adam. 

V. Henry Ashenf el ter, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa , 
July 24, 1814; died at Deming, New Mexico, Nov. 19, 1891. 
Mrd. Catharine Knerr. He was superintendent in iron 
mills nearly all his life. Mr. Ashenf elt'er, Universalist; 
wife, Meth. Ep. Children: Emma, George, Hannah, 
Singleton, Emilie. 

VI. Emma Ashenfelter, bn. in 1838; dec'd. 

VI. George W. Ashenfelter, bn. in 1840; dec'd. 

VI. Hannah M. Ashenfelter, bn. in Reading, Pa , 
Apr. 1842. Mrd. Isaac Laning, Feb. 28, 1865. P. O., 
Bridgeton, N. J. Presby. Children: Emilie, Louisa, 
George, Katharine. 

VII. Emilie Virginia Laning, bn. Feb. 25, 1868. Mrd. 
George Edward Smith, of New Brunswick, N. J., May 24, 
1893. Book-keeper in rubber factory. Presby. One child: 

VIII. Ralph Charles Smith, bn. Apr. 17, 1894. 

VII. Louisa Earl Laning, bn. Oct. 28, 1870; died July 
14, 1871. 

VII. George Henry Laning, bn. Aug. 21, 1872. P. O., 
Bridgeton, N. J. Jeweler. Presby. 

VII. Kathryn Matilda Laning, bn. Jan. 29, 1876. P. O., 
Bridgeton, N. J. Presby. 

VI. Hon. Singleton Mercer Ashenfelter, bn. in Read- 
ing, Berks Co., Pa., May 9, 1844. Mrd. Nettie A. Bennett, 
Nov. 21. 1872. 

* Son of the Pioneer Ludwig Eschenf elder. 

— 413 — 

Mr. Ashenfelter is a descendant in direct line of 
Lttdovic Escbenfelder, whose name appears on the Revo- 
lutionary militia rolls of Philadelphia county, and who 
by deed executed in eastern Montgomery county in 1775, 
is described as **Ludwig Eschenf elder, yeoman." This 
ancestor settled on Indian Creek, in Montgomery county, 
about 1740, and hi:) son Ludwig*, great-grandfather of the 
subject of this sketch, served in the war of 1812. Mr. 
Ashenfelter' s mother was Catharine Knerr, whose grand- 
father came to America in the ship Richard and Jtfdry, 
John Moore, Master, landing Sept. 26, 1752. 

Mr. Ashenfelter graduated at Dickinson College, 
Carlisle, Pa., in the class of 1865, being president of his 
class. In the summer of 1866 he assumed editorial charge 
of the National Standard published at Salem, N. J., he 
being at the time engaged in reading law in the office of 
Peter McCall, Esq., of Philadelphia. Late in the fall of 
that year, however, he went out upon a long sea voyage 
around Cape Horn, accompanying a sea-going friend, Capt. 
John Shourds, of Camden. He landed in Valparaiso, 
Chili, in March, 1867, and spent nearly two yeara on the 
west coast of South America. In the fall of that year he 
became consular clerk at Guayaquil, in Ecuador. 

He returned home in 1868, completed his legal studies, 
and was admitted to the bar. He practiced at Rock Is- 
land, 111., in 1869, and part of 1870, and during that time 
was night editor of the Bock Island Daily Union, He went 
to New Mexico, in the latter part of June, 1870, and in 
September of that year, was made United States Attor- 
ney for the Territory, a position which he held until the 
early part of 1872. He has been practicing law in the 
Territory since that time, and from 1877 until 1884 he 
also published a newspaper at Silver City, N. M. In 1885 
he was made prosecuting attorney for the Third Judicial 
District of the Territory, and held the position nearly 
four years, when he resigned it. In 1895 he removed with 
his family to Colorado Springs, Colo., where he continued 
the practice of his profession. In 1898 he again removed 
to Silver City, N. M., where he now resides. Mrs. Ashen- 
felter, Episcopal. Children: Leoline, Violetta, Harry, 

VII. Leoline Ashenfelter, bn. Feb. 28, 1874. Mrd. 
William B. Walton, Jan. 5, 1893. P. O., Deming, N. M- 

— 414 — 

Mrs, Walton graduated at South Jersey Institute, Bridge- 
ton, N. J., after which she spent a year at Vassar College. 
Mr. Walton is the present (1894) editor and manager of 
the Deming Headlight. Mrs. Walton, Episcopal. One child: 
VIII. Eda Lou Walton, bn. Jan. 19, 1894. 

VII. Harry Ashenfelter, bn. Mar. 3, 1876; died in 

VII. Violetta B. Ashenfelter, bn. Nov. 21, 1878. Mrd. 
Alfred Carruthers, at Colorado Shrings, Colo., Dec. 16, 
1896. One child: 

VIII. Ava Maria Carruthers. 

Vlt. Anna B. Ashenfelter, bn. Dec. 28, 1881. 

VI. Emilie M. Ashenfelter, bn. June, 1846. Mrd. Hon. 
Daniel F. Moore, Nov. 30, 1877. P. O., Phoenixville, Pa. 
Dealer in house furnishing goods, and member of the 
Pennsylvania Legislature (1893). Mr. Moore is ''birth- 
right member of Friends.'' One child: 

VII. Martha Washington Moore, bn. Feb. 22, 1880. 

V. Lewis Ashenfelter, dec*d. Mrd. Annie Orwig. 
Carpenter. Children: 

VI. Rose Ashenfelter. 

VI. Rev. Oliver Ashenfelter. Presbyterian, later 
Universal ist. 

VI. Harry Ashenfelter. 
VI. Lewis Ashenfelter. 
VI. William Ashenfelter. 

V. Adam Ashenfelter, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
June 22, 1818; died Dec. 18, 1879. Mrd. Caroline Prutzman, 
Sept. 19, 1844. She was born Apr. 3, 1824. P. O., Norris- 
town, Pa. Mr. A., Presby.; wife, Luth. Children: Annie, 
Rebecca, Washington, Pierce, Theodore. 

VI. Annie J. Ashenfelter, bn. Oct. 4, 1845. Mrd. Wm. 
W. Seeler. Address, 83 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton, N.J. 
Photographer. No issue. 

VI. Rebecca P. Ashenfelter, bn. Oct. 8, 1847. Mrd. 
Thomas J. Stewart, Oct. 24, 1869. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 
No issue. 

VI. Washington Ashenfelter, bn. July 11, 1849; died 
Feb. 18, 1879. Mrd. Elmira Young. Carpenter. Children: 

VII. Mrs. Ray Knezel. 

VIL A daughter, married. 

— 415 — 

VI. Pierce Ashenfelter, bn. July 3, 1852. Mrd. Lizzie 
Pike, Sept. 20, 1883. P. O., Llnwood Station, Delaware 
Co., Pa. No issue. 

VI. Theodore Ashenfelter, bn. May 5, 1855; died Aug. 
17, 1862. 

IV. Elizabeth Gotwals, died . Mrd. Walters. 

III. Mary Funk, died . Mrd. Rynard. De- 
scendants, if any, not found. 

III. Catharine Funk, bn. Jan. 12, 1759; died May 12, 
1808. Mrd. John Detweiler. He was born Jan. 8, 1847; 
died July 1, 1826. Miller and farmer. Menn. Children: 
Susanna, Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Sara, John, Christian, 
Catharine, Abraham, Daniel. 

IV. Susanna Detweiler, died . Mrd. Jacob Landis. 

He died . Farmer. Menn. Children: Eli, Joseph, 

Catharine, John, Jacob, Daniel, Polly, Susan, Abraham, 
Elizabeth, Christian, Isaac, Sarah. 

V. Rev. Eli Landis, died . Mrd. . Farmer 

and Mennonite minister. No issue. 

V. Joseph Landis, died . Mrd. Rachel Harley, 

about 1819. She died about 1875. Children: Jacob, Joseph, 
Ellas, Rachel. 

Vi. Jacob H. Landis, bn. July 24, 1825; died Jan. 1, 
1894. Mrd. Hannah Cassel. Miller. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Abraham Landis. 
VII. Joseph Landis. 
VII. Isaiah Landis. 
VII. Milton Landis. 

VI. Joseph Landis. P. O., CoUegeville, Pa. 
VI. Ellas Landis. P. O., Worcester, Pa. 
VI. Rachel Landis. P. O., West Point, Pa. 

V. Catharine Landis, died . Mrd. Joseph Det- 
weiler. Son: 

VI. Ell Detweiler, mrd. . Son: 

VII. James Detweiler. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. 

V. John D. Landis, bn. In Montg-omery Co., Pa., Mar. 
31, 1801; died Mar., 1861. Mrd. Elizabeth Grater, .in 1825. 
She was born Apr. 23, 1806. Farmer and miller. Menn. 
Children: Lewis, Jacob, Daniel, Katie, Susan, Elizabeth, 

— 41(5 - 

VI. Lewis G. LaDdis, bn. Nov., 1826; died . Mrd. 

Maria Reiff, dec'd. Children: John, Katie, Eiizabeth, 
George, Henry, Emma, Minerva. 

VII. Harry R. Landis. P. O., Roxborough, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

VI. Jacob G. Landed, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 
1828. Mrd. Mary Windell. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 

VI. Daniel G. Landes, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Apr. 1, 1831. Mrd. Mary Ann Berge, Jan. 13, 1872. P. C, 
Graters Ford, Pa. Parmer and machinist. U. Ev. 

In June, 1877, Mr. Landes was shot in the breast by a 
burglar. The bullet entered about a half inch below the 
left nipple. He did not fall, but helped to capture the 
thief, and then walked home, a distance of 100 yards. He 
was confined to his bed about a week. The bullet was 
never taken out. One child: 

VII. Albert B. Landes, bn. Mar. 18, 1873. Mrd. Lillian 
Clara Richards, Aug. 6, 1898. 

VI. Katie Landes, bn. Oct. 6, 1832. Mrd. Harry J. 
Ashenfelter, July 4, 1860. P. O, Graters Ford, Pa. Ger. 
Bap. Children: Ambrose, Lizzie, Jane, Emma, ELarry, 

VII. Ambrose Ashenfelter, bn. Mar. 16, 1862. Mrd. 
Annie Devore. P. O., Royers Ford, Pa. Carpenter. 

VIII. Howard Ashenfelter, 
VIII. John Ashenfelter. 
VIII. Mary Ashenfelter. 
VIII. William Ashenfelter. 

VII. Lizzie Ashenfelter, bn. Feb. 4, 1866. Mrd. Dr. 
C. W. Everhart, Nov. 7, 1889. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa 
Physician. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VIII. Harry Everhart, bn. Dec. 4, 1890. 

VIII. C. Edith Everhart, still-born Oct. 8, 1895. 

VII. Jane Ashenfelter, bn. Nov. 23, 1867. Mrd. W. H. 
Koons, June 14, 1884. P. O., Allen town. Pa. Conductor. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Lizzie A. Koons, bn. Sept. 7, 1886. 
VIII. Jennie A. Koons, bn. Feb. 1, 1891. 

VIII. Martha A. Koons, bn. July 12, 1892; died 1892. 
VIII. Dorothy A. Koons, bn. Dec, 7, 1895. 

— 417 — 

VII. Emma Ashenfelter, bo. June 11, 1869; died Mar. 
14, 1873. 

VII. Harry Ashenfelter, bn. Nov. 15, 1870; died Mar. 
4, 1872. 

VIL Katie Ashenfelter (twin), bn. Nov. 15, 1870; died 
Sept. 11,1871. 

VI. Susan Landes, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., in 
1835. Mrd. Rev. Isaac Kulp, in 1856. He was born in 1830. 
P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. He was engaged in mercantile 
business and merchant tailoring for many years. He was 
elected to the ministry of the German Baptist church in 
1872, which he faithfully served until 1890, since then he 
has been confined to the house the greater part of the 
time, being unable to walk alone. Children: Emma, 
Sallie, Horace, John. 

VII. Emma Kulp, bn. May 18, 1858. Mrd. Rev. Isaac 
Frantz. Minister Ger. Bap. ch. P. O., Pleasant Hill, 
Miami Co., Ohio. 

VII. Sallie Kulp, bn. Jan. 18, 1867. Mrd. Charles A. 
Wagner. P. O.. Graters Ford, Pa. 

VII. Horace Kulp, bn. Mar. 2, 1872. P. O., Graters 
Ford, Pa. 

VII. JohD Kulp, bn. Dec. 6, 1875. P. O., Graters 
Ford, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Landes, bn. in 1836. Mrd. John Harley. 
P. O., Port Providence, Pa. 

VI. John G. Landes, bn. in 1839. Mrd. Eliza Apoll. 
Res., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Abraham G. Landes, bn. in 1844; died young. 

V. Jacob Landis, dec'd. S. 

V. Daniel Landis, died . Mrd. Mary Ruth, Son: 

VI. Daniel R. Landis. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. 

V. Mary Landis, dec'd. S. 

V. Susan Landis, died. Mrd. Jesse Conner. Son: 

VI. Rev. Jacob Conner. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. 

V. Abraham Landis, mrd. Elizabeth Reiff. 

V. Elizabeth Landis, dec'd. Mrd. Henry Grater, 
dec'd. Children: 

VI. Rev, Abraham Grater. P. O., Malvern, III, 


— 418 — 

VI. Maggie Grater, mrd. Abraham Sellers. P. O., 
Providence, Pa. 

V; Christian Landis, mrd. Betsy Ruth. P. O., Kulps- 
ville, Pa. Son: 

VI. Jacob Landis. P. O., Creamery, Pa. 

V. Isaac Landis, mrd. Fronica Ruth. She died. P. O., 
Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer. Menu. Children: Susan, 
Jonas. Isaac mrd. second wife, Sarah Sheffy. Children: 
39.1ome, Jacob, Mary, Isaac, Abraham. 

VI. Susan R. Landis, mrd. Henry Derstein. P. O.. 
Mainland, Pa. 

VI. Jonas R. Landes, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Feb. 15, 1848. Mrd. Mary B. Freed, Oct. 28, 1875. P. O., 
Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: Sarah, Henry, 
Sybilla, Martha, Catharine. 

VII. Sarah Landes, bn. Apr. 7, 1877. Mrd. John W. 
Troutman. He was born in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa., Sept. 6, 1869. One child: 

VIII. Harry L. Troutman, bn. Nov. 28. 1897. 

VII. Henry Landes, bn. Nov. 7, 1878; died June 12, 1883. 

VII. Sybilla Landes, bn. Aug. 23, 1881. 

VII. Martha Landes, bn. Aug. 19, 1884. 

VII. Catharine Landes, bn. Oct. 2, 1889. 

VI. Salome S. Landes. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. S. 

VI. Jacob S. Landes, bn. Oct. 16, 1856. Mrd. Susan H. 
Kratz, Mar. 4, 1882. She was born May 31, 1867. P. C, 
Silverdale, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Eva K. Landes, bn. July 10, 1883. 
VII. Isaac K. Landes, bn. June 1, 1886. 

VII. Arthur K. Landes, bn. Jan. 2, 1890; died Jan. 
14, 1891. 

VI. Mary S. Landes, decM. 

VI. Isaac S. Landes, mrd. Susan Bean. P. O., Graters 
Ford, Pa. 

VI. Abraham S. Landes, mrd. Susan Wasser. P. O., 
Skippack, Pa. 

V. Sarah Landes, dec'd. Mrd. Abraham Reiff. Son: 

VI. George Reiff, mrd. Sarah Allebach. P. O., Nor- 
riton, Pa. 

— 419 — 

IV. Elizabeth Detweller, died about 1842. Mrd. Rev. 
John HuQsicker/ May 9, 1797. He was bom ia Slcippack 
Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., ia 1772; died 1847. Parmer^ 
lived on the farm now owned by his grandson, John S. 
Hunsicker, in Perkiomen Twp. He was an ordained 
Mennonite minister for nearly forty years, and succeeded 
his father as Bishop, who had been in the ministry fifty- 
four years. 

The means of obtaining an education were poor when 
he was young, but natural talent and a strong mind 
enabled him to acquire knowledge far beyond many of 
his time. 

He was not of an aggressive spirit, but rather of a 
mild nature and kludly disposition, yet he broke away 
from some of the rigid and exacting customs peculiar to 
the sect to which he belonged. He was progressive, and 
availed himself of means for information. He was a 
contributing member of the Trappe Literary Society 
which flourished about 1840, and read many of the books 
of its library. 

His mental characteristics are plainly traceable 
through his children, giving evidence in the production 
of professional talent, as well as character, in his grand- 
children, three of whom are distinguished lawyers, three 
are ministers of the gospel, though of different denomi- 
nations, and one occupies the distinguished position of 
President of Girard College in Philadelphia. Children: 
Joseph, Henry, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Garret. 

Y. Joseph Hunsicker, died Dec. 1, 1870. Mrd. Eliza* 
beth Meyer. t Parmer, and lumber and coal merchant. 
Served as Associate Judge of Montgomery Co., for ten 
years. Menn. Children: John, Harrison, Samuel, Joseph, 
Davis, Annie, Adelaide, Charles. 

Yl. John M. Hunsicker, dec'd. Mrd, Fannie Henry. 
She died. Lumber and coal merchant. He was sheriff 
three years, deputy sheriff eight years, and Justice of the 
Peace ten years. Wife, Presby. Children: Joseph, Bes- 
sie, Nellie, 

* Grandson of Valentine Hunsicker, who came from Svi itzerland in 1717» 
and son of Bishop Henry Hunsicker, and Esther Detweiler. his wife. 

t Daughter of Samuel Meyer, and great'great-grand daughter of the 
Pioneer Christian Meyer. 

— 420 — 

VII. Joseph L. Hunsicker, mrd. Fannie Ruxnrel. Res., 
Buffalo, N. Y. Graduate of U. S. Naval School at Anapo- 
lis, Md. Now a Lieutenant in U. S. Navy. One child: 

VIII. Leslie Hunsicker. 

VII. Bessie Hunsicker. Res. Norristown, Pa. 
VII. Nellie Hunsicker. Res., Norristown, Pa. 

VI. Harrison Hunsicker, died infant. 

VI. Samuel Hunsicker, dec'd. Lumber and coal mer- 
chant. Taus^ht in the public schools for many years, and 
was Justice of the Peace fit teen years. S. 

VI. Joseph W. Hunsicker, bn. Feb. 24, 1829. Mrd. 
Mary Taggart. Address, 137 S. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Attorney and Counsellor- at- Law. Prot. Ep. Children: 
Esther, Elizabeth, Hannah, William, Annie, Joseph, 
Georg'e, Helen, Mary, Charles, Grace, John, Jessie. 

VII. Esther Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 18, 1862. Mrd. Will- 
iam Allison Cochrun, dec'd, Nov. 5, 1884. P. O., Wyncoie, 
Pa. Prot. p:p. Children: 

VIM. Thomas Cochran. 

VIII. Joseph H. Cochran. 
Vlll. Katharine Cochran. 

VII. Elizabeth Hunsicker, bn. June 15, 1863. P. O , 
Olney, Philadelphia, Pa. Prot. Ep. 

VII. Hannah Marion Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 23, 1865. 
P. O., Olney, Philadelphia, Pa. Prot. Ep. 

VII. William Taggart Hunsicker, bn. July 21, 186«: 
died July 15, 1867. 

VII. Annie Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 11, 1868; died May 
11, 1868. 

VII. Joseph Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 21, 1869; died Dec. 
22. 1885. 

VII. George Thorne Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 23, 1870. Res. , 
Norristown, Pa. Attorney-at-Law. Prot. Ep. S. 

VII. Helen Hunsicker, bn. Nov. 12, 1871. Res., Paris. 
France. Artist. Prot. Ep. 

VII. Mary Emily Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 1, 1873. Res., 
Olney, Philadelphia, Pa. Prot. Ep. 

VII. Charles Hunsicker, bn. Aug. 27, 1875. Res., Ol- 
ney, Philadelphia, Pa. Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law. 
Prot. Ep. 

VII. Grace Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 3, 1877. Prot. Ep. 


— 421 — 

VII. John Moyer Hunsicker, bn. May 25, 1879. Prot. 

VII. Jessie Kellogg Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 6, 1881. Prot. 

VI. Davis Hunsicker. He enlisted in the three 
months service as a private soldier, Apr. 17, 1861, in Capt. 
Taylor's Co. B., 4th Pa. Regt., Inf. After expiration of 
enlistment he recruited a certain number of men, and 
became First Lieut., in Capt. Allebach's Co., 51st Regt. 
Pa. Vols., Col. Hartranft^s command, for three years, 
and was killed in a charge at Antietam, Md., September 
17, 1862, 

VI. Annie K. Hunsicker, mrd. John A. Henkels. Res., 
1913 Columbia Ave., Philadelpeia, Pa. 

VI. Adelaide Hunsicker, died infant. 

VI. Charles Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 26, 1835. Mrd. Mag- 
gie Schall, daughter of Gen. William Schall, of Norris- 
towri, Pa., June 13, 1865. 

Mr. Hunsicker prepared himself for college at Free- 
land Seminary, and graduated from Union College, June 
27, 1855, and was admitted to the bar at Norristown, Pa., 
where he still continues the practice of his profession. 
During the Civil War he was Adjutant of the 4th Pa. Vols., 
three months. At the end of service came home; then 
became Lieut, in an emergency Co., in Col. Guilkeson's 
command for three weeks, after which he was again 
called out with Pa. emergency troops, and became part 
of Col. Mayer's command, serving five weeks. In Oct. 
1865 he was elected District Attorney for three years. 
He was aUo a member of the Constitutional Convention 
to revise the constitution of the State in 1872-73. Ref. ch. 
Children: Edwin, James. 

VII. Edwin S. Hunsicker, bn. June 24, 1866. Graduate 
of Union College. Student at law, at 132 Nassau St., New 
York City. 

VII. James R. Hunsicker, bn. June 22, 1868. Mrd. 
Mary H. Ohl, Mar. 1889. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Coal 
merchant. Ref. ch. One child: 

VIII. Marguerite Hunsicker. 

V. Henry D. Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 14, 1804; died May 2, 
1864. Mrd. Catharine S. Shoemaker, in 1825. She died in 
1863. Mr. Hunsicker received a good common school ed- 

— 422 — 

ucation. He was a farmer by occupation and did con- 
siderable conveyancing. He was a man of domestic 
habits, modest and retiring, jet of great personal weight 
of character. 

He was for many years Secretary and Treasurer of 
the Perkiomen & Reading Turnpike Co., and also Justice 
of the Peace. 

He was from his young manhood a member of the 
Mennonite church, and a member df the board of trustees 
many years. Children: Elizabeth, Enos, Francis, Barbara, 
Mary, John, Sarah, Isaac, Kate. 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsicker, bn. in 1827; died aged about 
15 years. 

VI. Enos Hunsicker, bn. in 1820. Mrd. Annie Mark- 
ley. Res., 5248 cor. Main and Duval Sts., Germantown, Pa. 

VI. Rev. Francis R. S. Hunsicker, D. D., bn. Mar. 27, 
1832. Mrd. Elizabeth A. Hunsicker, daughter of Bishop 
Abraham Hunsicker. Dr. Hunslcker's boyhood was spent 
on his father's farm until he was sixteen years old, when 
he taught public school for two seasons, after which he 
was appointed assistant teacher in Common English in 
the Freeland Seminary — now Ursinus College, then under 
the principalship of Rev. Henry A. Hunsicker. Here he 
spent about seven years, a close student and an enthusi- 
astic teacher. He held the position of Professor of 
Mathematics and History, and Vice- Principal for several 
years; when he was called to Carversville, Pa., to organ- 
ize the Excelsior Normal Institute. Here he was engaged 
in educational work from '59-62 and *67-'84. Received 
the honorary degree of A. M. from Lafayette College in 
1869, and D. D. from Ursinus in 1883. Dr. Hunsicker was 
ordained to the gospel ministry in the Trinity Christian 
(now Trinity Reformed) church, at CoUegeville, Pa., in 
1857. Was pastor of the Reformed Mennonite church of 
Germantown, Pa., '62-'66. In 1867 he united with the 
Presbytery of Philadelphia, North. He was pastor of the 
Carversville and Plumsteadville Presbyterian churches, 
'70-'84. Pastor at Junction, N. J., '84-'87, and Lafayette, 
N. J., '87-'94; after which he retired from the active work 
of the ministry, and located at Carversville, Pa., where 
he now resides. Children: Emma, Katie, Lizzie and Han- 
nah (twins), Ettie, Claudie, Frank. 

Vil. Emma J. Hunsicker, bn. in 1854; died in 1858. 

— 423 — 

VII. Katie Hunsicker, bn. in 1856; died in 1850. 

VII. Lizzie Hunsicker, bn. in 1859. Mrd. Isaiah W» 
CloBSon, of Carversville, Pa., in 1881. P. O., Carveraville^ 
Pa. Farmer. Mrs. C, Presby. One child: 

VIII. Newton CloMon, bn. in 1885; died in 1892. 

VII. Hannah Hunsicker, bn. in 1859. Mrd. Winfield S. 
Black, in 1881. P. O., Clinton, N. J. Merchant. Mrs. B., 
Presby. No children. 

VII. Ettie Hunsicker, bn. in 1862. Mrd. Willett D. 
Evans, in 1884. P. O., Hamburg, N. J. Principal of the 
public schools of Hamburg, N. J. Presby. Children: 

VIII. Ava Gould Evans, bn. in 1886. 
VIII. Francis H. Evans, bn. in 1888. 

VII. Claudie Hunsicker, bn. in 1865. Mrd. William A. 
Reeves, in 1888. P. O., Clinton, N. J. Banker. Presby. 

VIII. Austin Beeves, bn. in 1889. 
VIII. Mabel Reeves, bn. in 1890. 

VII. Frank Hunsicker, bn. in 1875; died in infancy. 

VI. Barbara Hunsicker, bn. in 1834; died in infancy. 

VI. Mary S. Hunsicker, bn. Aug". 15, 1835. Mrd. Ben- 
jamin M. Markley, Nov. 18, 1856. P. C, College ville, Pa. 
Farmer, at present toll-gate keeper, at Collegeville, Pa. 

Mr. Markley enlisted as a private soldier, Oct. 16, 
1862, In Co. C, 179th Regt., Pa. Vols., and was discharged 
July 27, 1863. Trinity (Christian) Reformed. Children: 
Infant, Henry, Benjamin, Kate, Annie, Mary, Wilmer. 

VII. Infant son, dec'd. 

VII. Henry H. Markley, bn. Sept. 16, 1859. Mrd. Tillie 
McClure, Oct. 1, 1881. P. O., East Falls, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Carpenter. Mrs. M., Bap. Children: 

VIII. Betsy Markley, bn. Sept. 1, 1882. 
VIII. Tillie Markley, bn. Sept. 19, 1886. 

VII. Benjamin Markley, bn. Mar. 15, 1863. Mrd. Lil- 
lian Russel, Oct. 15,1888. P. O., Montclare, Pa. Carpenter. 
Bap. One child: 

VIII. Robert Lincoln Markley, bn. Feb. 17, 1891; died 
aged 4 months. 

VII. Kate Markley, bn. September 25, 1865; died June 
1, 1882. 

— 424 — 

VII. Annie Markley, bn. Sept. 4, 1867; died September 
16, 1867. 

VII. Mary Markley, bn. September 21, 1869; died June 
12, 1882. 

VII. Wilmer Markley, bn. October 29, 1871; died Dec. 
6, 1871. 

VI. John S. Hunsicker, bn. Nov. 19, 1887. Mrd. Louisa 
F. Cole, Feb. 2, 1862. P. O,, Ironbridge, Pa. Farmer, and 
Justice of the Peace. Trinity (Christian) Ref. Children: 
Emma, Irene, Elmer, Wilmer, Harry, 

VII. Emma C. Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 18, 1862. Mrd. 
Henry T. Hunsicker. P. O., Iron bridge. Pa. Dealer in 
lumber, coal and feed. Trinity (Christian) Ref. Children: 

VIII. LeRoy Stanley Hunsicker. 
VIII. Sadie Hunsicker. 

VII. M. Irene Hunsicker, bn. July 30, 1864. Mrd. 
Frank F. Saylor. P. O., Ironbridgr-, Pa. Employed with 
H. T. Hunsicker, in lumber, coal and feed business. Trin- 
ity (Christian) Ref. Children: 

VIII. Percival Saylor, dec'd. 
VIII. Bertha Saylor. 

VII. Elmer E. Hunsicker, bn. May 2, 1866; died Dec. 
4, 1867. 

VII. Wilmer C. Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 15, 1868. P, O., 
Ironbridge, Pa. Farmer. Trinity (Christian) Ref. 

VII. Harry Cole Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 3, 1871. P.O., 
Royers Ford, Pa. Employed in general store. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. 

VI. Sarah Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 30, 1840; died Mar. 28, 
1885. Mrd. David D. Haldeman. P. O., Hamlin, Brown 
Co., Kan. Farmer. Children: Alice, Hattie, Lizzie. 

VII. Alice Haldeman, mrd. Fisher. P. O., Ham- 
lin, Kan. Butcher. Mrs. F., school teacher. No Issue. 

VII. Hattie Haldeman. P. O., Hamlin, Kan. School 
teacher. S. 

VII. Lizzie Haldeman. P. O., Hamlin, Kan. School 
teacher. S. 

VII. Frank Haldeman. P. O., Hamlin, Kan. S. 

VI. Isaac Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 18, 1842; died February 
29, 1848. 

— 425 — 

VI. Catharine HuDsicker, bn. Jan. 31, 1846; died May 
1892. Mrd. John Omstead. P. O., Carversville, Pa. 
Butcher. Presby. No issue. 

V. Garret Hunsicker, married Elizabeth Morgfan. 

VI. John Qulncy Hunslcker. 
VI. Robert Hunslcker. 

VI. Ella Hunslcker. 

V. Mary Hunslcker, bn. Aug. 1, 1804; died Oct. 3, 1865, 
aged 51 years, 2 months and 3 days. Mrd. Abraham H. 
Hendricks. Farmer. Menn. Children: John, Elizabeth, 
Roger, Joseph, Mary, Sarah. 

VI. John Hendricks, bn. Oct. 19, 1826. Mrd. Hannah 
Highly. P. O., Danville, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Hendricks, bn. in Upper Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 13, 1827; died 1894. Mrd. 
David Reimer, Jan. II, 1849. P. O., CoUegeville, Pa. 
Farmer. Trinity (Christian) Ref. Children: Mary, Sallie, 
Abraham, Emeline, Joseph, Lizzie. 

VII. Mary H. Reimer, bn. Apr. 30, 1852. Mrd. Isaiah 
Z. Boorse. P. O., Jefferson ville. Pa. Farmer. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. Children: 

VIII. Ella M. Boorse. 
VIII. Joseph H. Boorse. 
VIII. Christian C. Boorse. 
VIII. Harry Boorse, dec'd, 
VIII. Leon Boorse, dec'd. 

VII. Sallie E. Reimer, bn. Dec. 4, 1854. Mrd. Frank 
P. Farlnger. P. O., CoUegeville, Pa. Traveling salesman 
for flour and grain. Trinity (Christian) Ref. Children: 

VIII. Howard R. Faringer. 
VIII. Stella Farlnger. 
VIII. D, Reimer Farlnger. 

VII. Abraham H. Reimer, bn. Aug. 18, 1857; died Aug. 
18, 1858. 

VII. Emeline H. Reimer, bn. Nov. 10, 1860. Mrd. Levi 
C. Yerkes; he died. P. C, Lower Providence, Pa. Trin- 
ity (Christian) Ref. One child: 

VIII. Lizzie R. Yerkes. 

VII. Joseph H. Reimer, bn. Jan. 13, 1862; died Feb. 
28, 1862. 

— 426 — 

VII. Lizzie A. Reimer, bn. Sept. 28, 1865. Mrd. Joseph 
C. Landes. P. O., Collegeville, Pa. Wholesale dealer in 
grain and feed. Trinity (Christian) Ref . One child: 

VIII. Winifred Landes. 

VI. Roger Hendricks, bn. Feb. 14, 1831. Mrd. Ellen 
W. Albright, Jan. 26, 1854. P. O., Danville, Pa. Farmer- 
Ref. ch. Children: Mary, Horace, Abraham. 

VII. Mary Jane Hendricks, bn. Mar. 3, 1856. Mrd. 
Franklin P. Appleman. P. O., Danville, Pa. Parmer. 
Ref. ch. Children: 

VIII. Bertha H. Appleman. 

VIII. Alice Gertrude Appleman. 

VIII. Charles R. Appleman. 

VIII. Frank A. Appleman. 

VIII. Horace H. Appleman. 

VII. Horace Hendricks, bn. Sept. 8, 1857. Mrd. Sarah 
Ann Madden. P. O., Mausdale, Pa, Farmer. Ref. ch. 

VMI. William R. Hendricks. 

VIM. Abraham H. Hendricks. 

VIII. Nellie May Hendricks. 
VIII. Letetia Jane Hendricks. 
VIII. Mary E. Hendricks. 

VIII. Marcelia Hendricks. 
VIII. Harry F. Hendricks. 
VIM. Annie V. Hendricks. 

VII. Abraham A. Hendricks, bn. Sept. 30, 1858; died 
Feb. 28, 1863. 

VI. Rev. Joseph H. Hendricks, bn. in Upper Provi- 
dence Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., Sept. 21, 1834. Mrd. 
Kate Hunsicker, daughter of Bishop Abraham Hunsicker, 
Dec. 21, 1858. P. O., Collegeville, Pa. 

Mr. Hendricks was reared on his father's farm, and 
in the spring of 1851, entered Freeland Seminary (now 
Ursinus College), and in the fall of 1852, took charge of a 
public school in Milford Square, Bucks county. During 
the four consecutive winters that he was a teacher in the 
public schools, he attended Freeland Seminary during 
the summer months. In Feb., 1856, he was appointed to 
the position of assistant teacher in Freeland Seminary, 
and in two years he was promoted to teach the higher 

— 427 — 

mathematics and was made vice-principal of the in- 

It was while engaged in these duties that at a meet- 
ing of the Christian society at Freeland (now College- 
▼llle), held in A. D. 1860, he was, according to the usages 
of the church, of which he was a member, elected on trial 
to the office of the ministry. He at once began to attend 
to the duties of his new position in connection with his 
school work. On June 25, 1661, he was ordained to the 
office of minister of the gospel. 

The Christian society materialized and was incorpo- 
rated in the spring of 1865. The society built for itself 
in 1854, what was styled the "Christian Meeting House," 
and the same was opened in the spring of 1855 for public 
worship. In February, 1862, Mr. Hendricks was elected 
pastor of the Christian society, and was installed in 
April, 1862* At this time the duties of his new office 
occupied so much of his time that he was compelled to 
resign his position as teacher and vice-principal of Free- 
land Seminary. To give a sketch of Mr. Hendricks' life- 
work, is to give a history of what is now Trinity Reformed 
church, College ville, Pa., the two being closely and indis- 
soluably inter-related. He is now in the thirty-seventh 
year of his pastorate. He has been actively connected 
with and engaged in the Sunday school during all its past 
history, commencing in the spring of 1856. For twenty- 
eight consecutive years he was superintendent. During 
the forty-two years of its existence he has been teaching 
and leading the singing. During the pastorate the 
church has been continually enlarged. The church build- 
ing has been very materially enlarged, improved and 
beautified, and at present a new cut stoue front is being 
erected. The church yard and cemetery grounds also 
extend to twice their original size. A very creditable 
church has also, during the pastorate, been founded, well 
organized and built up at Skippackville. Collegeville 
church owns and controls a fine chapel at Ironbridge, 
used for Sunday school and church purposes. 

The original Christian society, subsequently Trinity 
church, was organized and continued as an independent 
church, until 1888, when it was received into formal fel- 
lowship with the Reformed church in the United States- 
In 1892, the Skippackville church was also formally made 

— 428 - 

part of the same deaomlnatlon. Collegeville church, as 
it is, is made up of Trinity church, Collegeville; Trinity 
church, Skippackville; and Ironbridge chapel, Rahn Sta- 
tion. With its three Christian Endeavor societies, its 
three Sunday schools, and its other auxiliary church 
services, it is a very influential church, and has grown to 
its present proportions and prominence from a very small 
beginning, under the pastorate of Dr. Hendricks. 

Mr. Hendricks enjoys the distinction of having served 
the same charge longer than any other living pastor in 
Montgomery county, and out of nine hundred funerals at 
which he has been asked to officiate, he has never missed 
any on account of sickness, and has only missed, in a third 
of a century, three church services on account of any 
bodily sickness; and in all these years he has had but one 
brief pastor's vacation. The late Moses Auge wrote for 
the general public, of Mr. Hendricks, eight years ago, 
that he is "greatly beloved by his own congregation, and 
is in much demand outside of his own churches, especially 
to officiate at funerals. He is a fluent and forcible 
preacher, speaking entirely extempore^ in a rapid, earnest 
and convincing manner, impressing every one with the 
absolute conviction of the truth of what he is saying." 
Mr. Hendricks has delivered numerous addresses at Sun- 
day school picnics, public school commencements, national 
Thanksgivings, and Decoration day exercises, and to the 
G. A. R. Posts, for which he has received words and testi- 
monials of high appreciation. In June, 1881, the Board 
of Directors of Ursinus College, upon the recommenda- 
tion of its faculty, conferred on Mr. Hendricks the honor- 
ary degree of Master of Arts; and in June, 1897, the same 
college conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Di- 
vinity. Children: Lizzie, Ella, Bertha, Abraham, Sallie. 

VII. Lizzie Hendricks, bn. Feb. 9, 1860; died Feb. 
29, 1860. 

VII. Ella M. Hendricks, bn. Sept. 4, 1861. Mrd. Free- 
land G. Hobson. {See Index of References^ No. 11.) 

VII. Bertha Hendricks, bn. June 24, 1864. Mrd. Rev. 
Charles E. Wehler, Dec. 18, 1889. P. O., Bluebell, Pa. 
Both are graduates of Ursinus College, Collegiate De- 
partment, and he of the Theological Department also. 
Pastor of Boehms Reformed church of Bluebell, Pa. 
One child: 

— 429 — 

VIII. Catharine H. Wehler, bn. Aug. 12, 1892. 

VII. Abraham H. HendrlckB, bn. Dec. 21, 1866. Mrd. 
Ella T. Miller, Oct. 21, 1890. P. O., Collegeville, Pa. 
Graduated from Ursinus College, subsequently studied 
law, and is now practicing at Pottstown, Pa. Is also 
Borough Solicitor of Pottstown, and a prominent candi- 
date for District Attorney of the county. He is also a 
Notary Public. Trinity (Christian) Ref. One child: 

Vlil. Miriam Elizabeth Hendricks, bo. Jan. 3, 1892. 

VII. Sallie C. Hendricks, bn. July 17, 1873. Graduate 
of Ursinus College. She is a cultured singer, tbe leading 
soprano singer in the Sunday school, church, etc., of her 
native village) and has been elected teacher of voice cul- 
ture at Ursinus College. Trinity (Christian) Ref. 

VI. Mary H. Hendricks, bn. In Upper Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 16, 1838. Mrd. Richard J. Cas- 
selberry, Jan. 15, 1867. P, O., Oaks, Pa. Farmer. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. Deacon. Children: 

VII. Ella Casselberry, bn. Nov. 4, 1867; died September 
4, 1880. 

VII. Willie Casselberry, bn. Feb. 20, 1869; died Aug. 
26, 1870. 

VII. Joseph H. Casselberry, bn. Apr. 1, 1871. 

VII. Sallie H. Casselberry, bn. Sept. 4, 1872. 

VII. Abraham H. Casselberry, bn. Jan. 1, 1876. 

VII. R. Howard Casselberry, bn. Oct. 7, 1878. 

VII. Bertha Casselberry, bn. Feb. 8, 1880. 

VI. Sarah Hendricks, bn. June 28, 1842. Mrd. Joseph 
Casselberry, Feb. 3, 1863. P. C, Oaks, Pa. Farmer. 
Trinity (Christian) Ref. Children: 

VII. Alfred Casselberry, bn. Feb. 16, 1871; died in in- 

VII. Sophia H. Casselberry, bn. Dec. 11, 1873. Graduate 
of Musical Department of Calatinate College, Myerstown, 
Pa. Trinity (Christian) Ref. 

VII. Stanley Casselberry, bn. Aug. 8, 1878. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. 

V. Sarah Hunsicker, bn. in Skippack, in 1808; died at 
Allentown, in 1887. Mrd. John High. He was born in 
Chester Co., Pa.; died in 1851, aged 42 years. Carpenter 

— 430 — 

and farmer. Menn, Children: Henry, Lizzie, Catharine, 
Joseph, Garret, John, Bertha, Sarah. 

VI. Henry H. High, bn. near Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 
23, 1836; died at Collegeville, Pa., Aug. 25, 1880. Mrd. 
Lizzie Brown. She was born Nov. 15, 1843; died July 5, 
1881. Wheelwright. Trinity (Christian) Ref. Children: 
Eugene, Sallle, Ella, Laura. 

VII. Eugene L. R. High, bn. near Carversville, Pa., 
Sept. 22, 1864. Mrd. Mary B. Shelly, Sept. 24, 1^85. P. O., 
Dillinger, Pa. Telegraph operator on the P. & R. R, R. 
Mra. H., U. B. ch. One child: 

VIII. Ellwood S. High, bn. May 81, 1887. 

VII. Sallie E. High, died July SJ6, 1870. 

VII. Ella B. High, died in 1876. 

VII. Laura B. High, bn. Jan. 31, 1877. 

VI. Lizzie High, died young. 

VI. Catharine High, mrd. Henry B. Kratz, Jan. 4 
1868. Res., 1142 Hamilton St., AUentown, Pa. Railway 
postal clerk. Children: 

VII. Sallie Kratz, bn. Jan. 28, 1869. 
VII. Lizzie Kratz, bn. Aug. 7, 1874. 

VI. Joseph H. High, bn. in 1841. Mrd. Mary Stephens, 
in 1871. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Letter carrier. Ref. ch. 
One child: 

VII. Charles H. High. S. 

VI. Garret High, died Jan. 13, 1883. Mrd. Mary Ellen 
McClean. She died. Printer. Meth. Ep. Children: 
Walter, Anna, Lizzie. 

VII. Walter D. High, mrd. M. E. Stoltz. She died Oct 
1892. Res., 1620 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa. Machinist. 
One child: 

VIM. Anna E. High, died Sept. 1892. 

VII. Anna High, mrd. U. Grant Fosnocht. Res., 1009 
West St., Wilmington, Del. Train dispatcher. Children: 

VIII. Charles Garret Fosnocht, dec'd. 
yill. Allison Claude Fosnocht, dec'd. 
VIII. HeJen Grace Fosnocht. 

VII. Lizzie High. S. 

VI. John H. High, bn. in Philadelphia, June 1, 1840. 
Mrd. Anna Knoll, Jan. 1, 1865. Res., 628 W. Cumberland 

— 431 — 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. Meth. Ep. Children: Willie, 
Bertha, Walter, Irene, Viola, Clifford, Lawson. 

VII. Willie F. High, bn. Oct. 9, 1865; died Nov. 19, 1866. 

VII. Bertha V. High, bn. in Philadelphia, July 1, 18t)8. 
Mrd. William E. Wagner, May 16, 1888. Broker. Meth. 
Ep. No Isaue* 

VII. Walter N. High, bn. Jan, 25, 1873. 

VII. Irene S. High, bn. Feb. 21, 1875. 

VII. Viola May High, bn. May 16, 1878. 

VII. J. Clifford and J. Lawson High, bn. Sept. 10, 1887. 

VI. Sarah High, bn. at Roxborough, Pa., July 2, 1848. 
Mrd. Albert A. Leaman, Sept. 17, 1873. Res., 26 N. 3rd St., 
Reading, Pa. Luth. Children: 

VII. Lillian Leaman, bn. Feb. 15, 1875. 

VII. Florence A. Leaman, bn. Dec. 28, 1877. 
VII. Sallle E. Leaman, bn. Oct. 27, 1880; died Aug. 
16, 1881. 

VII. Howard G. Leaman, bn. July 12, 1882. 

V. Elizabeth Hunslcker, died In 1847. Mrd. Gideon 
Fetterolf. Shoemaker and farmer. Trinity (Christian) 
Ref. Children: Susan, Sarah, John, Henry, Adam, 

VI. Susan Fetterolf, mrd. Abraham R. Tyson. P. O., 
Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer. Ev. Ass'n. Children: An- 
drew, Irwin, Emma, Elizabeth, Lincoln, Andora, Horace. 

VII. Andrew F. Tyson, bn. In 1852. Mrd. Luclnda 
Bradford. P. O., Spring City, Pa. Merchant. Meth. 

VIII. Granville Tyson, mrd. Miss Shaffer. P. O., Roy- 
ers Ford, Pa. Merchant. Meth. One child. 

VIII. Grace Tyson. 
VIII. Cella Tyson. 

VII. Irwin F. Tyson, bn. In 1854. Mrd. Fannie Cole. 
P. O., Spring City, Pa. Ev. ch. Six children. 

VII. Emma P.Tyson, bn. in 1859; died Sept. 6, 1881. 
Mrd. Milton S. Moyer. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. School 
teacher. One child: 

VMI. Bertha Moyer, bn. Apr. 5, 1881: died September 
10, 1881. 

VII. Elizabeth F. Tyson, bn. In 1861. Mrd. Samuel L. 
Grater. P. O., Royers Ford, Pa. 

— 432 — 

Yll. Lincoln Tyson, bn. In 18W. Mrd. Llllie ^ 
P. O , Spring City, Pa. Part owner of a foundry. 

VII. Andora F. Tyson, bn. in 1866. Mrd. El 

VII. Horace F. Tyson, bn. in 1870. Address, &a 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. S. 

VI. Sarah Fetterolf, mrd. Abraham K. Grimlc 
Kohn St., Norrlstown, Pa. Carpenter. Mrs. G., 
Children: Oliver, Ellen, Gideon. 

Yll. Oliver Grlmley, mrd. Mary E. Kratz. 

VII. Ellen Grimley, mrd. Henry U. Wismer. ( 
dex of References^ No, 1£,) 

Vll. Gideon Grimley. Res., Kohn St., Norr- 
Pa. Single. 

VI. John Fetterolf, died aged 2 years. 

VI. Henry H. Fetterolf, bn. Jan. 24, 1839. Mrd. 
beth Garber, Jan. 1, 1865. P. O., CollegeviUe, Pc 
Fetterolf enlisted in Co. I, I29th Regt., Pa. Vols., a 
Sergeant of his company, was promoted to 1st Lieut 
5, 1862; participated in the first battles of Fred 
burgh and Chancellorsville, discharged May 18, 18( 

He again enlisted and went out as Captain oi 
34th Regt., Pa., 90 days militia, July 2, 1863. ' 
school three winters in Skippack Twp., previous 
war, and one winter in Upper Providence Twp,, aj 
turning from the war. Farmer. Trinity (Christia 
Children: Adele, Harriet, Roscoe. 

VII. Adele Fetterolf, bn. Oct. 6, 1865. Mrd. : 
T. Miller, June 7, 1888. He died Mar. 9, 1892. F 
Luth. Children: 

VIII. Ernest Miller. 
VIII. Helen Miller. 

Vll. Harriet Fetterolf, bn. Apr. 25, 1867. P. C 
legeville, Pa. Trinity (Christian) Ref. 

Vll. Roscoe Conklin Fetterolf, bn. Sept. 8, 1868. P. O., 
Collegeville, Pa. Trinity (Christian) Ref. S 

VI. Adam H. Fetterolf, Ph. D., LL. D., President of 
Girard College, was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., in 1842. 
He is in the prime of a life, the adult years of which have 
been given to educational pursuits. His career has been 
mainly that of a student and teacher. 

,pif ^^3^ 

— 449 — 

, |l rA^ 2.rent8 until 16 years of age He at- 

fy 1(1^^ •on schools of the vicinity, and at an 

r'^ t to Freeland Seminary, at CoUegeville, 

^ as Ursinus College, which he attended 

r *8 following he taught public schools, 

tisf action. When 19 years of age he 
udy of medicine with his uncle, Dr. Jo- 
:ces8ful practitioner residing at Kulps- 

s entered Pennsylvania Medical Uni- 
h he graduated March 5, 1859, and on 
I same month located at Plumsteadville, 
ere he engaged in a lucrative practice 
. the spring of 1868, he sold his practice 
iderably during that year. On Apr. 6, 
practicing medicine, and located at 
having purchased the practice of Drs. 
d Richard J. Linderman. Here he re- 
e and enjoyed a larger practice than at 
When quite young he manifested a 
e study of which he ever after followed 
profit. He thoroughly investigated the 
anty, and in 1876 published a catalogue 
mnty, which was added to Gen. W. W. 
of Bucks County. This was the first 
:he county. 

idled natural history generally, and was 

itomology and ornithology. He was a 

ligh Valley Medical Association, of the 

of the Medico-Chirurgical College of 

Quaker town Lodge No. 512, P. & A. M., 

1875, and in 1880 was a member of the 

*^.* _. v,ji of Pennsylvania, on the Republican 

*^. i^g^^ In 18b. received from Muhlenberg College, at 

Ailcntown, Pa., the degree of A. M. The Doctor prac- 

• d medicine for over thirty-five years, during which 

• g lie met with great success and won the confidence 
^A irood will of the people with whom he came in con- 
^""ft Children: 

VII. Eugene Moyer, bn. July 4, 1860; died Aug. 8, 1860. 
yjl* Lillian Moyer, bn. Nov. 26, 1863. P. O., Quaker- 


— 450 — 

VII. Florence Barbara Moyer, bn. Aug. 27, 1870. P. O., 
Quakertown, Pa. Luth. S. 

VI. Isabella P. Moyer, bn. Jan. 10, 1842; died Feb. 7, 
1880. Mrd. Abraham F. Gotwals. Res., 1820 E. Ontario 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Produce dealer. Mr*. G., Ger. 
Bap.; Mr. G., Meth. Ep. Children: Harry, William, Isaac, 
Laura, Jacob, Margaret, Abraham, Allen. 

VII. Harry Gilmore Gotwals, bn. Aug. 28, 1863. Mrd. 
Mary F^mma Hartman. Res., cor. 8th and Cambria Sts., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Harry Raymond Gotwals, bn. Sept. 27, 1890. 
VIII. Mary Isabella Gotwals, bn. Oct. 1, 1892. 

VII. William E. Gotwals, bn. Nov. 29, 1864. Mrd. 
Katie Krupp. Res., 2029 N. I3th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Painter. One child: 

VIII. William Clayton Gotwals, bn. Nov. 15, 1888. 

VII. Isaac M. Gotwals, bn. May 14, 1867; died Feb. 

12, 1884. 

VII. Laura M. Gotwals, bn. Sept. 25, 1868; died Dec, 
10, 1890. 

VII. Jacob E. Gotwals, bn. May 5, 1872. 

VII. Maggie J. Gotwals, bn. Dec. 9, 1873; died Apr. 

13, 189L 

VII. Abraham M. Gotwals bn. Jan. 7, 1876. 
VII. Allen M. Gotwals, bn. May 16, 1878. 

Yl. Mary Catharine Moyer, bn. Aug. 5, 1843. Mrd. 
Abraham F. K. Krout, Oct. 1, 1868. 

At the age of 19, Mr. Krout entered the North Wales 
Institute, to obtain a more thorough education than the 
common schools afforded. In the fall of 1862 he com- 
menced teaching, and until 1868 taught successively in 
the Deep Run, Rocky Ridge, Algards, Sellersville, and 
Piumstead schools. In 1868 he took charge of the West 
Bethlehem schools, Lehigh Co., and in 1869 accepted the 
principalship of Coplay schools, in the same county. Here 
he remained from Sept. 1869, to June 1883, when he asked 
to be relieved to become accountant and cashier for 
Coplay Iron Co. This position he held from July 1883 to 
Oct., 1888. In the fall of 1889 he took charge of the 
Borough schools of Emlenton, Venango Co., Pa., where, 
as principal, he re-organized the school system, and in- 

— 451 — 

troduced a number of improYementB in the public schools 
of that municipality. Having been offered still better 
inducements by the Board of Education of the Lehighton 
Borough schools, he became principal and superyisor of 
the schools of that growini^ town on the Lehigh, and later 
principal of the public school of Wyoming, Luzerne Co., 
Pa. He is at present engaged in teaching in the city of 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Through all these years of teaching there is one idea 
that has never been lost sight of, namely, that of self- 
improvement. The schooling at the academy was only 
tae beginning of a life of study. In 1876 he appeared 
before the State Board of Examiners, passed the exami- 
nations, and was granted a Normal Certificate as teacher 
of Didactics. He found much pleasure in pursuing a 
course of general studies in science and language, and in 
1877 Franklin and Marshall College recognized his indus- 
try as a student, and conferred upon him the honorary 
degree of A. M. 

He has been a member of the Pennsylvania State 
Teachers^ Association since 1877, and an active member 
of the Touvey Botanical Club of Columbia College, New 
York City, since Oct., 1881. Having the confidence of the 
people at his permanent home in Coplay, he was fre- 
quently called upon to fill positions of honor and responsi- 
bility. He was the first commissioned Justice of the 
Peace of the borough, and continuously held the office 
from 1869 to 1890. He was secretary of the town council 
for thirteen years, and a school director while serving the 
Coplay Iron Co. The Judges of the Courts frequently 
appointed him to serve on road juries and commissions, 
and there are few townships in Lehigh Co. in which he 
has not been called to execute these appointments. 

Being a member of the Ref. ch., he took active inter- 
est in the founding of Trinity congregation at Coplay, in 
1872. He served as deacon and was for many years secre- 
tary of the consistory. He was the superintendent of the 
Sunday school of this congregation for eighteen years. 

VII. Mabel Olivia Krout, bn. Dec. 25, 1871. 

VII. Jacob Henry Krout, bn. May 16, 1874. 

VII. Clarence A. Krout, bn. May 3, 1883: died Sep- 
tember l:>, 1883. 

— 452 — 

Vll. Helen Rachel Krout, bn. Nov. 5, 1885. 

VI. Sarah Moyer, bn. Apr. 13, 1845. Mrd. Jacob M. 
Markley, Dec. 22, 1866. Res., 2329 N. 13th St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Produce dealer. Belongs to the Brethren ch. 
of Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

VII. Warren M. Markley, bn. Dec. 26, 1867; died Feb- 
ruary 1, 1883. 

Vll. Minnie M. Markley, bn. June 18, 1869. 

Vll. Lydia M. Markley, bn. Sept. 20, 1874. Music 

Vll. Samuel M. Markley, bn. October 12, 1877; died 
Aug. 21, 1878. 

VI. Daniel P. Moyer, M. D., bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Mar. 4, 1847; died May 11, 1890. P. O., Doyleetown, 
Pa. Dr. Moyer attended the common schools at home, 
and afterward took an Academic course at the Fr eel and 
Seminary, now Ursinus College, at CoUegeville, Pa. He 
commenced the study of medicine with his brother, Dr. I S. 
Moyer, A. M. , at Quaker town, Pa., and followed a course of 
medicine at the University of Pennsylvania from which 
institution he graduated in 1872. Soon after he located 
in Dublin, Pa., and had a large practice which he sold in 
the spring of 1890. On Dec. 5, 1872, he was married to 
Ella E. Bush, daughter of William H. Bush, who was at 
that time proprietor of the Bush House, at Quakertown, 
Pa. Dr. Moyer was a born physician; he seemed to under- 
stand his cases almost by instinct, and was very success- 
ful in treating them. He had a large practice to the end 
of his life. He will long be remembered as one of the 
most successful physicians ever living in that community. 
He died after a short but severe attack of typhoid fever, 
on May 11, 1890, at Doylestown, Pa. He was a member of 
the Improved Order of Red Men, and of Doylestown 
Lodge, F. & A. M. Mrs. Moyer, Luth. Children: 

VII. Isabella B. Moyer, bn. Mar. 12, 1874. Episcopal. 
Vll. Christiana B. Moyer, bn. July 5, 1876. 

Vll. Edith May Moyer, bn. Oct. 26, 1878. 
Vll. Frederick M. Moyer, bn. July 31, 1880; died Mar. 
6, 1892. 

VI. Allen Benjamin Moyer, bn. Jan. 27, 1849. Mrd. 
Kate I. Kulriley, May 19, 1870. Res., 309 Vine St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Merchant. Melh. Ep. Children: 

— 453 — 

VII. Harvey K. Mover, bn. June 4, 1871. 

VII. Nelson R Moyer, bn. Mar. 9, 1873. 

VII. Walter R. Moyer, bn. Feb. 5, 1875. 

VII. Allen B. Moyer, bn. Mar. 1, 1877. 

VII. Jacob K. Moyer, bn. Dec. 28, 1879. 

VII. Grace V. Moyer, bn. Dec. 9, 1882. 

VII. Lottie May Moyer, bn. May 12, 1886. 

VI. Christiana Moyer, bn. Feb. 17, 1851; died Dec, 
1871. Mrd. Isaac Cassel. P. O., Kulpsvllle, Pa. One child: 

VII. Cassel. 

VI. Emma Moyer, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., July 
28,1853. Mrd. James M. Markley, May 28, 1878. P.O., 
Mainland, Pa. Farmer. Dunkards. Children: 

VII. Harvey M. Markley, bn. Feb. 25, 1875. 
VII. Christiana M. Markley, bn. Nov. 27, 1877. 
VII. Artemus M. Markley, bn. Oct. 2, 1879. 
VII. Jacob M. Markley, bn. Nov. 15, 1881. 

VII. Raymond M. Markley, bn. Jan. 6, 1884. 
VII. Gertrude M. Markley, bn. Apr. 2, 1886. 
VII. Robert M. Markley, bn. June 3, 1892; died Janu- 
ary 12, 1893. 

VI. Jacob P. Moyer, bn. Sept. 5, 1855. Mrd. Sarah 
AUabach, daughter of Henry V. AUabach, of Kulpsville, 
Pa., Feb. 15, 1877. Res., 2137 Camac St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Wholesale commission merchant. Luth. Children: VII. 
Linford Moyer. VII. Albert Moyer. VII. Jay Brice Moyer. 
VII. Vera Oleta Moyer. VII. Russel Moyer. VII. Cora 
Blanche Moyer, dec'd. 

VI. Lydia Moyer, bn. Nov. 7, 1857. Mrd. Daniel Krupp, 
in 1878. He died In 1886. Res., 2029 N. 13th St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Bap. Ooe child: 

VII. Iva Krupp, bn. Nov. 5, 1879. Bap. 

VI. Lizzie Moyer, bn. Nov. 7, 1857; died in her 5th year. 

VI. Harvey P. Moyer, bn. near Kulpsville, Pa., Oct. 
17, 1859. His early education was received in the common 
schools of the neighborhood, including a short term at 
the well-known boarding school at Trappe, Pa., under the 
management of Prof. Rambo, the county superintendent 
of schools of Montgomery Co. At the age of 16 years he 
began teaching public school near Mainland, Pa., con- 
tinuing for two years. 

— 454 — 

In the spring of 1879, he entered the Normal school 
at Huntingdon, Pa., where he graduated in 1880. The 
next two years were spent in teaching school at Stewarts- 
ville, an(} at Alexandria, Pa., and in taking advanced 
studies in Huntingdon Normal College. In the fall of 
1882 he entered the Senior Preparatory class at Oberlin 
College, Oberlin, Ohio, finishing this course in 1883. In 
the latter part of this year he was called to fill a position 
in the prej^aratory department of Mt. Morris College, 
Mt. Morris, 111., teaching Latin, Greek and English 
literature. This position he held for three years, finish- 
ing in the meantime the regular studies of the Freshman 
year in college. During this period, June 19, 1884, he 
married Elizabeth Leslie, of Nappanee, ind., who had 
been a former student of Huntingdon Normal School, of 
Huntingdon, Pa. In the fall of 1886 he moved with his 
family to Oberlin, Ohio, to enter the Sophomore class of 
that college. 

By means of teaching, leading choir, and the most 
rigid economy he managed to support his family, con- 
tinue his studies, and complete his college course free of 
debt, graduating with honors in the classical course of 
1889. It had been his intention to continue his studies in 
the Theological Seminary, but, unable to do this satis- 
factorily to himself, owing to lack of funds, it was 
thought best at this time to seek some employment to 
replenish the depleted treasury. Just then an opening 
was found in the West, and in November, 1889, he joined 
his former class-mate, H. L. Hall, at Des Moines, Iowa, 
and engaged in selling school supplies. Success during 
the first year at this enterprise resulted in being ad- 
mitted as an equal partner into the firm known as the 
Western School Supply House, Des Moines, Iowa, with 
which he is still connected. This company now incorpor- 
ated with H. L. Hall, president, and H. P. Moyer, vice- 
president and treasurer, controls some valuable patents, 
and has been doing a flourishing business. 

Mr. Moyer's college work was characterized by con- 
siderable special work involving original investigations. 
Several of his writings on religious subjects have received 
favorable comment from able critics. He has since kept 
up his literary interests, and is devoting considerable 
attention to reform movements, especially along the line 

— 455 — 

of the growing mov^ement of Christian Socialism. In the 
midst of a busy business life he finds time to be the 
active leader of his church choir, teacher of a large and 
enthusiastic Bible class, and secretary of the Federation 
of Evangelical churches in his city. His activity in 
literary, musical, religious, and reform work promises 
substantial results in the future. Cong. ch. Children: 
VII. Vera Lenore Moyer, bn. June 7, 1886. 

VII. Benton Leslie Moyer, bn. Sept. 9, 1889. 

VI. Abel P. Moyer, bn. June, 1867; died Aug., 1867. 

V. Elizabeth Moyer, bn. on the old Moyer homestead, 
in Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 28, 1816; died Nov. 20, 1874. 
Mrd. Abraham H. Price, Feb. 24, 1839. He was born in 
Lower Salford, Feb. 23, 1816. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Mathias, Joseph, Jacob, 
Oliver, Mary. 

VI. Mathias M. Price, bn. Jan. 20, 1840. Mrd. Sarah 
Hagey. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Frank, Warren, Elizabeth, Abraham. 

yil. Frank H. Price, bn. Apr. 15, 1866. Mrd. Malinda 
Fry, Jan. 12, 1889. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. 
One child: 

VIII. Sallie F. Price, bn. Oct. 21, 1890. 

Vil. Warren Price, bn. Nov. 27, 1873. Mrd. Lydia M- 
Booz. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 

VII. Elizabeth Price, bn. Feb. 27, 1876. Mrd. Abraham 
M. Landis. P. C, Salford vi lie, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 
Children: VIII. Sallie Landis. VIII. Mathias Landis. VIM. 
Lillie Landis. 

VII. Abraham H. Price, bn. 1877; died 1882. 

VI. Joseph M. Price, bn. Dec. 7, 1842. Mrd. Ida Frone- 
fleld, daughter of Dr. Fronefield. Res., 1317 Marshall St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Shipper in R. R. office. Ger. Bap. 
No isaue. 

VI. Rev. Jacob M. Price, bn. Nov. 4, 1844. Mrd. Katie 
Overholtzer. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Merchant. Was 
ordained minister of the German Baptist church in 1891. 
Serves as pastor of the Indian Creek, Franconia, Towa- 
mencln, and Kilned Station churches. One child: 

VII. Abel Price, student at high school. 

— 456 — 

VI. Oliver M. Price, bn. November 21, 1848; died Aug. 
21, 1847. 

VI. Mary Price, bn. Mar. 26, 1855. Mrd. Sylvanus Koch. 
P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Parmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Lizzie Koch. VII. John Koch. 

V. Joseph D. Moyer, M. D., died in Hilltown, Pa., in 
1862. Mrd. Rachel Mitman, dec'd. Dr. Moyer was a very 
intelligent man, and enjoyed a large practice. He also 
printed the Olive Branchy in Norristown, Pa. Children: 
Susan, Sarah. 

VI. Susan Moyer, mrd. Abel Matthias, M.D. Children: 

VII. Joseph Matthias. VII. Howard Matthias. 

VI. Sarah Moyer, bn. Jan. 19, 1851. Mrd. Joel Rosen- 
berger, Apr. 30, 1872. He was born May 24, 1848. Res., 
851 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Boarding house. Presby. 

VII. Joseph M. Rosenberger, bn. Aug. 17, 1873. 

VII. Howard Norman Rosenberger, bn. May 5, 1877: 
died Aug. 5, 1877. 

VII. Rae Elizabeth Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 22, 1878. 

V. Daniel D. Moyer, dec'd. Mrd. . Lived and 

died in Lancaster Co., Pa. One child: 

VI. Luretta Moyer, mrd. John Becker. P. O., Roth- 

ville. Pa. 

V. Benjamin D. Moyer, dec'd. Mrd. . Lived in 

Lancaster Co., Pa. Children: 

VI. Albert Moyer. P. O., Strasburg, Pa. 

VI. Alice Moyer, mrd. Herr. P. O., Strasburg, 


VI. Lincoln Moyer. Res., Lancaster, Pa. 

V. John Moyer, died single. Clock-maker. 

IV. John F. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 29, 1786; died Aug. 10, 
1864. Mrd. Anna, daughter of Jacob and Anna (Hunsicker) 
Detweiler. She was born Aug. 5, 1790; died July 22, 
1868. Farmer. Deacon in Mennonite church. Children: 
Elizabeth, Jacob, Anna, John, Daniel, Joseph, William, 
Jacob, Samuel, Catharine, Abraham, Mary, Susannah, 
Samuel, Sarah, Margaret. 

V. Elizabeth D. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 18, 1810; died . 

Mrd. Joseph Reiiff, Oct. 3, 1827. He was born in 1863; died 

— 457 - 

Mar. 13, 1883. Farmer. Menn. Children: Anna, George, 
JohD, Infant, Joseph, Infant, John, Catharine, William, 
Elizabeth, Jacob, 

VI. Anna D. Relflf, bn. Dec. 2, 1828. Mrd. Tobias Ober- 
holtzer, Nov. 1, 1846. P. O., Orvilla, Pa. Farmer. Menn. 
Br. in Christ. Children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Oliver, Ann, 
Henry, El wood, Mary, Edwin. 

VII. Elizabeth R. Oberholtzer, bn. Sept. 20, 1847. Mrd. 
Edmund H. Souder. He was born Aug. 27, 1888. He is a 
son of Henry Souder, founder of SoudertOD. In 1861, he 
opened a hardware store, and since has added hay press- 
ing, and coal and lime business. He is at present head of 
the firm of Souder and Crouthamel, hardware merchants 
at Souderton, Pa. Children: Alonzo, Martha, Ira, Anna, 
Morris, Hannah, Ida, Oscar, Sylvia. 

VIII. Alonzo O. Souder, bn. Aug. 12, 1868: died Decem- 
ber 12, 1890. 

VIII. Martha Souder, bn. Feb. 24, 1870. Mrd. Adam A. 
Crouthamel, June 16, 1888. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Junior 
member of the firm of Souder & Crouthamel. Children: 

' IX. Floyd Crouthamel, bn. Dec. 3, 1889. 

IX. Edmund Merton Crouthamel, bn. Dec. 13, 1891. 

Vm. Ira Souder, bn. Jan. 26, 1872; died Sept. 29, 1884. 

VIII. Anna Souder, bn. Mar. 10, 1874. 

VIII. Morris Souder, bn. June 26, 1876. 

VIII. Hannah Souder, bn. Oct. 15, 1878. 

VIII. Ida E. Souder, bn. Dec. 21, 1885; died Nov. 7, 1888. 

VIII. Oscar Tobias Souder, bn. Jan. 9. 1889. 

VIII. Sylvia Souder, bn. Nov. 14, 1891. 

VII. Joseph Franklin Oberholtzer, bn. Nov. 24, 1848. 
Mrd. Mary C. Kin tzel, of Center Co., Pa., June 28, 1876. 
Farmer and cigar- maker, at Springfield, Mo. Children: 

VIII. Stella Anna Oberholtzer, bn. May 20, 1885. 
VIII. Laura Josephia Oberholtzer, bn. Sept. 9, 1886. 
VIII. Mabel Agnes Oberholtzer, bn. Apr. 29, 1889. 

VII. Oliver Perry Oberholtzer, bn. June 30, 1851; died 
Dec. 25, 1854. 

VII. Ann Oberholtzer, bn. Jan. 16, 1854. Mrd. Abra- 
ham H. Kratz, June, 1870. He was born Apr. 28, 1859; died 
Aug. 18, 1885. Cigar- maker. Children: 

VIII. Dora Elizabeth Kratz, bn. Nov. 21, 1871. 

— 458 — 

VIII. John Tobias Kratz, bn. Sept. 21, 1874. 
VHI. Owen O. Kratz, bn. Apr. 4. 1878. 
Ann mrd. second hu:>band, Adam Mood, of Philadel- 
phia. No issue. 

VII. Henry Milton Oberholtzer, bn. Jan. 34, 1856. Mrd. 
Hannah E. Wismer, Dec. 14, 1882. P. O., Orvilla, Pa. 
Contracting plasterer. Children: 

Vm. Maxwell W. Oberholtzer, bn. Apr. 13, 1884. 

VIII. Anna Elizabeth Oberholtzer, ba. Oct. 18, 1888. 

VII. Elwood Comly Oberholtzer, bn. Nov. 23, 1857. 
Mrd. Sylvia Williams. Foreman in cigar factory. 

VIII. Gertrude May Oberholtzer, bn. Jan. 7, 1886. 
VIII. Minnie Alberta Oberholtzer, bn. May 16, 1887. 
VIII. Louis Tobias Oberholtzer, bn. Aug. 30, 1888. 
VIII. Eva Emma Oberholtzer, bn. Aug. 5, 1891. 

VII. Mary Ann Oberholtzer, bn. Aug. 16, 1861. Mrd- 
Rev. William B. Musselman, Apr. 22, 1880. He was born 
Oct. 3, 1860. In the year 1883 he began to preach the 
gospel in the church of the United Menn. Br. in Christ, 
and was stationed at Reading, Pa., where he remained 
three years. His next field of labor for three years was 
Bethlehem and Coopersburg, after which he was sent to 
Allen town and Catasauqua. In February, 1892, he was 
elected PrcBiding Elder by his conference. P. O., Zions- 
ville, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Lillian May Musselman, bn. May 12, 1881. 

VIII. Minnie Lucy Musselman, bn. Sept. 1, 1882; died 

Jan. 24, 1888. 

VIII. Sallie Emma Musselman, bn. Nov. 3, 1883. 

VIII. Paul JoDes Musselman, bn. Aug. 9, 1885. 

VIII. Janet Nancy Musselman, bn. Jan. 27, 1887. 

VIII. Timothy Tobias Musselman, bn. Sept. 10, 1888. 

VIII. J. Wesley Musselman, bn. Oct. 24, 1890. 

VII. Edwin Tobias Oberholtzer, bn. in Hatfield Twp., 
Montgomery Co., Pa., June 18, 1870. Educated at the 
North Wales (Pa.) Academy, and School of Business, from 
which he graduated June 21, 1888. He then entered 
Temple College, of Philadelphia, where he also held a 
tutorship in Latin and Greek during the spring term of 
1889. At present he is title examiner in one of the Real 

— 459 — 

Estate Title Insurance companies of Philadelphia, Pa. 
Res., 229 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Bap. S. 

VI. George D. Reiflf, bn. May 12, 1830, dec'd. 
VI. John D. Reiflf, bn. Oct. 19, 1831, dec'd. 
VI. Infant daughter, bn. Oct. 17, 1832. 

VI. Joseph D. Reiff, bn. Dec. 7, 1833. Mrd. Mary 
Fretz, Jan. JJ9, 1865. She died July 20, 1868. Children: 
Louisa, Sallie. 

Joseph mrd. second wife Maria Wildonger, Apr. 24, 
1869. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Farmer. Menu. Childrea: 
Anna, Milton, Samuel. 

VII. Louisa F. Reiflf, bn. Feb. 7, 1866; died Aug. 3, 1866. 
VII. Sallie F. Reiflf, bn. Aug. 14, 1867. Mrd. Jonathan 

G. Ziegler, Apr. 13, 1889. P. C, Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer. 
Menu. No issue. 

VII. Anna W. Reiflf. bn. Mar. 5, 1870; died Feb. 9, 1876. 

VII. Milton W. Reiflf, bn. Sept. 23, 1872; died March 
3, 1874. 

VII. Samuel W. Reiflf, bn. Dec. 25, 1875. 

VI. Infant daughter, bn. Sept. 24, 1836. 

VI. John D. Reiflf, bn. Dec. 31, 1837. Mrd. Mary S. 
Gottshall, Jan. 8, 1865. She was born Sept. 4, 1845. P. O., 
Salfordville, Pa. Farmer. Menu. Children: Joseph, 
Elizabeth, Erwin, Mary, Minerva, Sarah, Alice, Emma, 

VII. Joseph Horace Reiflf, bn. Nov. 17, 1865. Mrd. 
Sallie H. Bean, Dec. 15, 1889. P. O., Rudy, Pa. Farmer. 
.Menn. One child: 

VIII. Lillie B. Reiflf, bn. Aug. 28, 1895. 

VII. Elizabeth Reiff, bn. June 12, 1868; died Aug. 

13, 1869. 

VII. Erwin G. Reiflf, bn. Dec. 20, 1869; died September 
25, 1870. 

VII. Mary Ann Reiflf, bn. Apr. 24, 1872. Mrd. Edwin 

Ziegler, Feb. 13, 1892. 

VII. Minerva G. Reiflf, bn. June 8, 1874. 

VII. Sarah Jane Reiflf, bn. July 19, 1876. 

Yll. Alice G. Reiflf, bn. Sept. 4, 1880. 

VII. Emma G. Reiflf, bn. June 28, 1882. 

VII. Olivia G. Reiflf, bn. Nov. 16, 1885. 

— 4tiO — 

VI. Catharine D. Rciff, bo. Dec. 7, 1839. Mrd. Leonard 
Hendricks, Dec. 25, 1860. He was born Apr. 21, 1839. 
P. O., Worcester, Pa. Farmer. One child: 

VII. Mary Alice Hendricks, bn. Dec. 4, 1865. School 
teacher. Schwenkfelder. 

VI. William Reiff, bn. Feb. 2, 1844. Mrd. . She 

died . Had issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Reiff, bn. Jan. 7, 1847; died Apr. 10, 
1870. Mrd. Samuel L. Gottshall, Dec. 15, 1867. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Joseph Gotshall, bn. Oct. 27, 1868. Set sail from 
New York, Dec. 15, 1892, for Liverpool, England, and from 
there for the dark land of India as a missionary. 

VII. A twin to Joseph, bn. Oct. 27, 1868; died . 

VII. Mary R. Godshall, bn. Mar. 29, 1870; died August 
30, 1888. School teacher. 

VI. Jacob D. R?iff, bn. May 13, 1849. Mrd. Minnie 
Seelhoff, May 13, 1879 (which was the birthday of both). 
P. O., Henderson, Mich. Farmer. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Ervy J. Reiff, bn. July 2, 1880. 
VII. Fred E. Reiff, bn. Apr. 21, 1886. 
VII. Leo S. Reiff, bn. Dec. 8, 1888. 

V. Jacob D. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 14, 1811; died Sep- 
tember 11, 1811. 

V. Anna D. Detweiler, bn. May 12, 1813; died Nov. 29, 
1850. Mrd. John F. Detweiler. He was born Sept. 16, 1807; 
died Jan. 3, 1880. Farmer. Menn. Deacon for a number 
of years. Children: Catharine, Enos, Anna, Samuel, 
Elizabeth, Mary. 

VI. Catharine D. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 19, 1834. Mrd. 
Joseph S. Garis, Mar. 6, 1859. He died Dec. 31, 1891. Chil- 
dren: Anna, Infant, John, Amanda, Noah, Frank, Leidy, 

VII. Anna D. Garis, bn. Mar. 29, 1860. Mrd. Daniel S. 
Godshall, May 22, 1880. Children: 

VIII. Kate G. Godshall, bn. Apr. 18, 1881. 

VIII. Rufus Roscoe G. Godshall, bn. May 22, 1883. 

VIII. William Henry G. Godshall, bn. June 26, 1885. 

VIII. Irwin G. Godshall, bn. July 30, 1887. 

VIII. Mamie G. Godshall, bn. Nov. 14, 1889. 

VIII. Lillie May G. Godshall, bn. Apr. 20, 1892. 


— 461 — 

VII. Infant daughter, born June 4, 1861; died June 
5, 1861. 

VII. John D. Garis, bn. July 15, 186.e. P. O., Souder- 
ton, Pa. Farmer. Menn. 

VII. Amanda D. Garis, bn. Aug. 16, 1864. 

VII. Noah D. Garis, bn. Oct. 16, 1865. Mrd. Martha S. 
Bean, Jan. 17, 1891. P. O , Souderton, Pa. Butcher. 

VII. Frank D. Garis, bn. Nov. 4, 1867. Mrd. Ida S. Det- 
weiler, Feb. 1, 1890. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Farmer. 
One child: 

VIII. Irwin D. Garis, bn. Jan. 9, 1891. 

VII. Leidy D. Garis, bn. Oct. 4, 1870. 
VII. Joseph D. Garis, bn. Jan. 3, 1875. Res., 803 Hunt- 
ington St., Philadelphia, Pa. Butcher. 

VI. Enos D. Detweiler, bn. March 6, 1836; died Febru- 
ary 15, 1838. 

VI. Anna Detweiler, bn. November 24, 1838; died May 
12, 1841. 

VI. Rev. Samuel D. Detweiler, bn Apr. 8, 1841. Mrd. 
Anna H. Freed, Oct. 27, 1866. P. O., Souderton, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Ordained to the ministry in 1876. Chil- 
dren: John, Mahlon, Salome, Isaac. 

VII. John F. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 19, 1867. Mrd. Clara 
Rlckert, Dec. 28, 1889. Farmer. One child: 

VIII. Anna R. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 18, 1891. 

VII. Mahlon F. Detweiler, bn. July 16, 1870. 
VII. Salome F. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 5, 1872. 
VII. Isaac F. Detweiler, bn. July 21, 1876. 

VI. Elizabeth D. Detweiler, bn. January 20, 1844; died 
July 2, 1864. 

VI. Mary D. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 30, 1847. Mrd. Isaac 
M. Hunsicker, Apr. 13, 1872. P. O., Blooming Glen, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Sallie D. Hunsicker, bn. July 17, 1876; died Aug. 
11, 1877. 

VII. Leidy D. Hunsicker, bn. Aug. 5, 1878. Menn. 
VII. Emma Jane Hunsicker, bn. June 5, 1883. 

V. John D. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 19, 1815. Mrd. Catha- 
rine Kolb, Nov. 3, 1840. She was born Dec. 19, 1822. P. O., 
Beans, Pa. Farmer. Menn. No issue. 

— 462 — 

V. Daniel D. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 9, 1816; died Jan. 17, 
1883. Mrd. Catharine Benner, Feb. 8, 1846. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Sarah, William, Reuben, Anna, Catharine, 
David, John, Daniel. 

VI. Sarah Ann Detweiler, bn. Jan. 17, 1848. Mrd. 
Henry S. Alderfer, Nov. 20, 1869. P. O., Souderton, Pa. 
Hay merchant. Menn. No issue. 

VI. William F. Detweiler, bn. June 30, 1850. Mrd. 
Mary Moyer, dec'd. Farmer. Menn. Children: VII. 
Samuel Detweiler. VII. Kate Detweiler. 

VI. Reuben F. Detweiler, bn. May 19, 1852. Mrd. Liz- 
zie Hendricks, dec'd. One child: VII. Abraham H. Det- 
weiler. Reuben mrd. second wife, Martha Rickert. P. C, 
Fountainville, Pa. Hay presser. • Children: VII. I. Det- 
weiler. VII David Detweiler. VII. Valentine Detweiler. 
VII. Lizzie Detweiler. VII. Detweiler. 

VI. Anna Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. Mar. 23, 1864, dec'd. 
Mrd. John Derstlne. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. One child: VII. Enos Derstlne, dec'd. 

VI. Catharine Detweiler, bn. Feb. I, 1860. Mrd. John 
Derstine. Children: VII. Kate Derstine. VII. Daniel 
De ratine, dec'd. 

VI. David F. Detweiler, bn. in Hilltown Twp., Bucks 
Co., Pa., Jan. 13, 1862. Mrd. Marietta Hunsberger. P. O , 
Souderton, Pa. Farmer, and dealer in poultry and eggs. 
Mean. Children: 

VII. Katie H. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 24, 1883. 
VII. John H. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 1, 1884. 

VII. Frank H. Detweiler, bn. May 7, 1886; died Octo- 
ber 19, 1887. 

VII. Charles H. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 3, 1887; died Jan. 
12, 1888. 

VII. Bertha H. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 29, 1888. 

VII. Sadie H. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 13, 1890. 

VII. W^illiam H. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 1, 1893. 

VII. Marietta H. Detweiler, bn. July 2, 1895. 

VII. Mattie H. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 15, 1897. 

VI. John H. Detweiler, bn. June 8, 1864: died April 
2, 1866. 

VI. Daniel F. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 13, 1868. S. 

V. Joseph D. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 15, 1818; died June 
24, 1889. Mrd. Leah Anglemoyer, Feb. 29, 1840. She was 

— 463 — 

born Nov. 20, 1819. Parmer. Menn. Children: Mary, 
Anna, John, Henry, Garret, Lizzie, Sallie. 

VI. Mary Ann Detweiler, bn. Feb. 11, 1843. Mrd. Rev. 
Amos K. Bean, Jan. 10, 1864. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. 
Farmer, and minister of the Mennonite ch. In 1873 he 
was ordained to the ministry in Skippack Twp., Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., where he has ever since been engaged 
as a minister of the gospel. Children: John, Joseph, Leah, 
Henry, Irwin, Amos, Garret, Lizzie, Isaac, Clement, Mary, 
William, Alvin, Sallie. 

VII. John D. Bean, bn. Nov. 23, 1864. Mrd. Emma D. 
Cassel, Dec. 7, 1889. She was born Mar. 29, 1869. P. O., 
Ironbridge, Pa. Children: 

VIII. Newton C. Bean, bn. Apr. 4, 1891. 
Vlll. Lillie May Bean, bn. May 21, 1892. 

VII. Joseph D. Bean, bn. July 6, 1866. Mrd. Sallie R. 
Hunsicker, Feb. 21, 1891. She was bom June 5, 1866. P. O., 
Ironbridge, Pa. One child: 

VIII. Mary Bean, bn. Apr. 23, 1894. 

VII. Leah D. Bean, bn. Dec. 21, 1838. Mrd. Jacob H. 
Keiff, Nov. 18, 189a P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. 

VII. Henry D. Bean, bn. Dec. 20, 1870. 

VII. Irwin D. Bean, bn. September 25, 1872; died June 
12, 1873. 

VII. Amos D. Bean, bn. Dec. 19, 1873. 

VII. Garret D. Bean, bn. July 10, 1875; died Aug. 9, 1875. 

VII. Lizzie D. Bean, bn. Aug. 7, 1876; died Aug. 20, 1877. 

VII. Isaac D. Bean, bn. Sept. 23, 1877. 

VII. Clement D. Bean, bn. Aug. 11, 1879. 

VII. Mary D. Bean, bn. July 25, 1881. 

VII. William D. Bean, bn. 21, 1883; died Sept. 
19, 1883. 

VH. Alvin D. Bean, bn. Oct. 25, 1884; died Apr. 30, 1885. 

VII. Sallie D. Bean, bn. Sept. 6, 1886. 

VI. Anna A. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 24, 1845. Mrd. 
George R. Detweiler, Nov. 25, 1865. P. O., Lucon, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Leanna, Garret, Joseph, 
Fannie, Harry, Abraham, Jacob, Annie, Mary, Katie. 

VII. Leanna D. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 3, 1866. Mrd. 
John B. Bergey, Oct. 9, 1886. P. O., Lucon, Pa. Farmer. 
Trinity Christian ch. Children: 

~ 464 — 

VIII. Annie D. Bergey, bn. Mar. 18, 1889. 
VIII. Jacob Wilmer Bergey, bn. Apr. 28, 1892. 

VII. Garret D. Detweller, bn. August 21, 1838; died 
Sept. 1, 1868. 

VII. Joseph D. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 5, 1869. Mrd. Liz- 
zie B. Bergey, Dec. 12, 1891. P. O., Skippack, Pa. 

VII. Fannie D. Detweiler, bn. June 22, 1872; died Feb- 
ruary 25, 1886. 

VII. Harry D. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 5, 1874. 

Yll. Abraham D. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 9, 1877. 

VII. Jacob D. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 20, 1879. 

VII. Annie D. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 6, 1881. 

V . Mary D. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 24, 1884. 

VII. Katie Lizzie Detweiler, bn. Nov. 17, 1886. 

VI. John A. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 9, 1846. Mrd. Eliza 
Yoder. Farmer. Menu. Children: 

VII. Elemina Y. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 7, 1870: died 
Apr. 18, 1871. 

VII. Irvin Y. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 16, 1873. 

VII. Horace Y. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 16, 1877; died 
Apr. 11, 1878. 

VII. Maurice Y. Detweiler, bn. May 23, 1880; died 
Jan. 7, 1881. 

VII. Elmer Y. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 24, 1882. 

VI. Henry A. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 10, 1849. Mrd. Ellen 
A. Moycr, Dec. 10, 1872. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Farmer. 
Presby. Children: 

VII. Martha M. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 5, 1874. 
Vil. Ephraim M. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 28, 1877. 
VII. Warren M. Detweiler, bn. Dec, 18S9. 

VI. Garret A. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 3, 1853; died Feb. 6, 
1887. Mrd. Sallie B. Benner, Oct. 16, 1875. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Lizzie B. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 2, 1676; died May 
11, 1879. 

VII. Ellen B. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 25, 1877. 
VII. Anna Mary B. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 10, 1880. 
VII. Ira B. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 10, 1882. 
Vn. Leah B. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 29, 1884; died Janu- 
ary 29, 1887. 

— 433 — 

His academic training was acquired at the Preeland 
Seminary, then under the management of Rev. Henry A. 
Hunslcker. After completing his course, and teaching 
for a time in the public schools, Dr. Fetterolf connected 
himself with the institution as professor of mathematics, 
and subsequently purchased Mr. Hunsicker's interest and 
became proprietor and principal. 

He conducted the institution very successfully for 
five years, when the buildings and grounds were pur- 
chased for Ursinus College. 

Professor Fetterolf then associated himself with Rev. 
Dr. Wells in the ownership and management of Anda- 
lusia Academy, in Bucks county. 

After the death of Dr. Wells, in 1871, he assumed the 
entire charge, and continued at the head of the Academy 
for the next five years. In 1880 he was elected by the 
Board of City Trusts to iBll the chair of Vice-President of 
Girard College. At the death of President Allen, two 
years later, Professor Fetterolf was chosen to succeed 
him. He has held the position and discharged the mani- 
fold duties ever since, with the confidence of the Board, 
and the approbation of the public. 

The college of which Dr. Fetterolf is now President 
was founded by Stephen Girard, a native of France, who 
had amassed an immense fortune as a shipping merchant 
and banker in Philadelphia, where he had arrived a poor 
boy, and begun business in a very humble way, and who 
bequeathed $2,000,000 and the residue of his estate, after 
paying certain legacies, for the erection and support of a 
college for orphans. As many poor, white, male orphans 
who are residents of Pennsylvania, are admitted between 
the ages of six and ten years, as the endowment can sup- 
• port. They are fed, clothed, and educated, and between 
the ages of fourteen and eighteen may leave the college 
to pursue mechanical, commercial, and agricultural oc- 
cupations. They are given manual as well as mental 
training, and are in great demand in the shops, and in 
the manufactories of Philadelphia, as skilled workmen, 
after they have graduated. 

The government of Girard College demands high and 
rather peculiar qualifications. The position of the Presi- 
dent is one of great responsibility, standing as be does in 


— 434 — 

loco parentis to over fifteen hundred orphan boys— the rep- 
resentative head of the gfreatest individual charity on 
the continent. 

President Fetterolf has the charm of a genial, quiet, 
well-balanced character, a pleasing* address, an impres- 
sive presence, and that subtle faculty which wins the 
confidence of boys. He is the fourth president of the 
college. The first presided over but two hundred boys; 
the second saw five hundred assembled at chapel; the 
third witnessed the roll lengthen to eleven hundred; 
while Dr. Fetterolf has over fifteen hundred under his 
charge. It requires executive ability of the highest 
order to successfully direct the destinies and control the 
actions of so many undeveloped mental and physical 
organisms, and that President Fetterolf is able to accom- 
plish this without harsh discipline, demonstrates in the 
strongest possible way his eminent fitness for the re- 
sponsible position he occupies. His abilities have had 
numerous recognitions from the faculties of other col- 
leges, the most recent of which was the conferring upon 
him of the degrees of A. M. and Ph. D., by Lafayette 
College, and by Delaware College of the title of LL. D. 

In May, 1887, the Legrislature of Pennsylvania passed 
an act authorizing and requesting the Governor to ap- 
point a commission of five citizens of the commonwealth 
to "make inquiry and report, by bill or otherwise, respect- 
ing the subject of Industrial Education." Gov. Beaver 
placed President Fetterolf on this commission, his already 
extensive knowledge of the subject making the selection 
especially valuable and appropriate. 

Dr. Fetterolf has been twice married, and has two 
sons. His first wife was Miss Annie Hergesheimer, 
daughter of George Hergesheimer, Esq., of Germantown. 
Children: George, Edwin. 

In 1883 he married Miss Laura M. Mangam, daughter 
of William D. Mangam, Esq., of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

VII. George Fetterolf, M. D., bn. at Collegeville, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 31, 1869; was educated at his 
father's school at Andalusia, Bucks Co., Pa., until he was 
twelve years of age. In 1881 he entered the fourth form 
of the Protestant Episcopal Academy, Philadelphia, 
graduating there in 1883. 

— 435 — 

He then entered the Freshman class of the University 
of Pennsylvania, taking his Bachelor of Arts deg^ree in 
1887. From 1887-88 he was Demonstrator of Embryology 
and Botany in the University of Pennsylvania Biological 
School. In 1888 he entered the University Medical School 
and graduated there May 1, 1891. On May 2, 1891, he 
entered on a two years' service as House Surgeon at St. 
Luke's Hospital, So. Bethlehem, Pa., which he completed 
on May 1, 1893. He then returned to Philadelphia, and in 
August, ]893, he began the practice of medicine at his 
present address, 1317 GIrard Ave. The positions he is 
now filling are: Physician to the Actors' Fund; Prosector 
to the chair of Appliry Anatomy; clinical assistant on 
Otology, Philadelphia Polyclinic; Qurz. Master on Gen- 
eral Anatomy, Medical Institute of Philadelphia. Prot. 
Ep. Single. 

VII. Edwin Henry Fetterolf, A. B., born at Andalusia, 
Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 3, 1873. He prepared for college at 
the Episcopal Academy of Philadelphia, graduating in 
1890, at the head of his class, one of the largest in the 
history of the school. In September of the same year he 
entered the Freshman class of the Department of Arts In 
the University of Pennsylvania. At the end of his Soph- 
omore year he choose the Wharton School of Finance 
and Economy, and graduated with his class In June, 1894. 
Immediately after graduation he entered the employ 
of Architect John H. Wlndrim. For three months he was 
stationed at Harrisburg, assisting In the erection of the 
new capitol building, built by Mr. Wlndrim. 

VI. Joseph Fetterolf, dec'd. 

IV. Joseph Detweller, dec'd. Mrd. Mary Johnson 
Funkites, later Menn. Children: Susan, Catharine, Maria, 
John, Elizabeth. 

V. Susan Detweller, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Sept., 1815. Mrd. John D. Kulp, In 1836. P. O., Lucon, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Infant, Henry. 

VI. iDfant, still-born. 

VI. Henry D. Kulp, bn. In Montgomery Co., Pa., In 
1839: died Feb. 24, 1888. Mrd. Matilda Johnson, Jan. 1, 
1860. She was born In 1838. School teacher. Ref. ch. 
Children: Ella, Mary. 

— 436 — 

Yll. Ella J. Kulp, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa,, Jan. 3, 
1861. Mrd. Percival K. Gable, Apr. 23, 1885. P. O., Quaker- 
town, Pa. Hotel-keeper. Ref. ch. Children: 

VIII. Rosa Linda Gable, bn. Mar. 5, 1887. 

VIII. Rene Gable, bn. May 1, 1888. 

VIII. Mary Gable, bn. Sept. 19, 1889. 

VII. Mary J. Kulp, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 
7, 1863. Mrd^ John C. Cole, Nor. 10, 1883. P. O., Skippack, 
Pa. Children: 

VIII. Ella K. Cole, bn. Oct. 12, 1883. 
VIII. Susie K. Cole, bn. Feb. 19, 1887. 
VIII. Katie K. Cole, bn. Aug. 2, 1889. 
VIII. J. Harry Cole, bn. Dec. 24, 1S91. 

V. Catharine Detweiler, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Sept. 10, 1814. Mrd. Henry H. Bechtel, Jan. 5, 1835. He 
was born Aug. 14, 1814; died Feb. 5, 1875. In early life, 
farmer, later, grain and feed merchant. Trinity (Chris- 
tian) Ref. Children: Emanuel, Daniel, John, Henry, 
Abraham, Mary, William. 

VL Emanuel D. Bechtel, bn. Jan. 16, 1886: died Dec. 
27, 1845. 

VI. Daniel D. Bechtel, bn. Aug. 3, 1837. Mrd. Eliza- 
beth Landis. P. O., College ville, Pa. Children: Vll. 
Harry Bechtel. Vll. John Bechtel. 

VI. John D. Bechtel, bn. Oct. 6, 1839; died Oct. II, 
1866. Mrd. Kate G. Gotwals. One child: 

VII. Mary Ella Bechtel, mrd. F. A. Ward. P. C, 
Royers Ford, Pa. 

VI. Henry D. Bechtel, bn. May 25, 1842. Mrd. Mary 
Detweiler. P. O., Royers Ford, Pa. Children: Vll. 
Katie Bechtel. Vll. Mamie Bechtel. Vll. Emma Bechtel. 
Vll. Elizabeth Bechtel. Vll. Oliver Bechtel. Vll. Harry 
Bechtel. Vll. Irwin Bechtel. Vll. Frank Bechtel, 

VI. Abraham D. Bechtel, bn. in Upper Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 5, 1845. Mrd, Emma H , 
daughter of David Seazholtz, Dec. 3, 1867. P. O., Royers 
Ford, Pa. Flour, grain and feed merchant. Ref. ch. 
Children: Sallie, Irene, Anna, Walter, Stella, Emma. 

VII. Sallie S. Bechtel, bn. Jan. 5, 1870. Mrd. Jesse M. 
Riley. P. O., Phoenixville, Pa. 

Vll. Irene S. Bechtel, bn. Sept. 14, 1872- 

— 437 — 

VII. Anna S. Bechtel, bn. Aug. 3, 1874. 

VII. Walter S. Bechtel, bn. Sept. 27, 1877. 

VII. Stella S. Bechtel, bn. Oct. 25, 1879. 

VII. Emma S. Bechtel, bn. Feb. 1, 1885. 

VI. Mary Ann Bechtel, bn. Nov. 30, 1850. Mrd. 
Charles H. Tyson, Jan. 7, 1871. He was born June 25, 1845. 
P. O., Trappe, Pa. Farmer. Trinity (Christian) Ref. 

Yll. Joseph B. Tyson, bn. Sept. 9, 1873; died January 
10, 1876. 

VII. Kate B. Tyson, bn. Feb. 28, 1875. 
VII. Harvey B. Tyson, bn. Dec. 24, 1877. 

VI. Wm. Harrison Bechtel, bn. Mar. 29, 1860; died 
Feb. 10, 1862. 

V. Maria Detweiler, mrd. Abel Kehr. P. O., Sklp- 
packville, Pa. Children: Yl. Abel Kehr. VI. James Kehr. 
VI. Mary Kehr. VI. Caroline Kehr. 

V. John Detweiler, dec'd. Mrd. Magdalena Connor. 
Lived in Columbiana Co., Ohio. Children: VI. William 
Detweiler. VI. Edward Detweiler. VI. Oliver Detweiler. 
VI, Detweiler, dec'd. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, mrd. Benjamin Alderfer. He 
was killed by lightning*. One son: Reuben. Elizabeth 
mrd. second husband, . 

VI. Reuben D. Alderfer, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa.j 
Sept. 4, 1836: died in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 7, 
1897. Mrd. Susanna Rosenberger, Mar. 13, 1859. She was 
bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 4, 1839. P. O., Hilltown, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Laura, Stanley. 

VII. Laura A. Alderfer, mrd. Samuel L. Rosenberger, 
Feb. 11, 1883. P. O., Hilltown, Pa. Merchant. Menn. 

VIII. Mabel A. Rosenberger, bn. Feb. 11, 1884. 
VIII. Susie A. Rosenberger, bn. Dec. 20, 1885. 

VIII. Florence A. Rosenberger, bn. July 8, 1892; died 
Nov. 15, 1896. 

VIII. Anna Belle Rosenberger, bn. May 2, 1896. 

VII. Stanley Alderfer, bn. Mar. 29, 1877; died May 
26, 1877. 

— 438 — 

IV. Mary Detweiler, dec'd. Mrd. Henry Hunsicker, 
dec*d. Farmer. Menn. Children: Catharine, John, 
Henry, Daniel, Mary, Hettie, WJIliam, Elizabeth, Susan. 

V. Catharine Hunsicker, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa.. 
Feb. 15, 1806; died Sept. 25, 1859. Mrd. Garret C. Reiff, 
Feb. 8, 1824. He was born June 8, 1798; died May 2, 1875. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Infant, Infant, Daniel, Gar- 
ret, Mary, Sarah, Catharine. 

VI. Infant, dec'd. 
VI. Infant, dec'd. 

VI. Daniel H. Reiff, bn. May 2, 1830. Mrd. Anjefeline 
Shelly, June 7, 1861. She died Sept. 15, 1854. One child: 
Tillie. Daniel mrd. second wife, Hannah Day, Nov. 18, 
1858. No issue. Res., 2003 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Inspector of Highways, 5th District Highway Depart- 
ment, Philadelphia, Pa. Deacon of Baptist ch.- 

VII. Tillie S. Reiff, bn. Nov. 15, 1853. Mrd. Henry G- 
Bleam. P. O., Spinnerstown, Pa. 

VI. Garret H. Reiff, bn. Aug. 5, 1832; died Apr. 13, 
1894. Mrd. Elizabeth Pennypacker. Res., 1902 Judson 
Place, Philadelphia, Pa. Retired from express business 
since Mar., 1891. Menn. One child: 

VII. Katie E. Reiff, bn. Apr. 20. 1859. Mrd. John 
Henry Schneider. Children: 

VIII. Florence Schneider, bn. Apr. 10, 1878; died aged 
3 weeks. 

VIII. William R. Schneider, bn. Apr. 6, 1879. 
VIII. Garret Henry Schneider, bn. May 30, 1881. 
VIII. Albert Wallace Schneider, bn. July 21, 1885: died 
aged 3 weeks. 

VI. Infant, died in 1835. 

VL Mary H. Reiff, bn. Apr. 4, 1838. Mrd. Wilson 
Stearly. Res., 4638 Penn St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 
Real estate Agt. Presby. Children: Bessie, Gertrude. 
Mary, Wilson, Ralph. 

VII. Bessie R. Stearly, bn. July 22, 1861. Mrd. Wm. H. 
Peace. Address, — Leiper and Allen Sts., Frankford, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Attorney-at-Law. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Mary R Peace. 

VIII. William Stearly Peace. 

— 439 — 

VII. Gertrude Stearly, bn. Dec. 7, 1863. Mrd. Harry 
B. Yerger, Res., 1920 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. At- 
torney-at-Law. Ref. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Edith Catharine Yergrer. 
VIII. Wilson Stearly Yerger. 
VIII. Harry Raymond Yerger. 

VII. Mary Adele Stearly, bn. Aug. 16, 1866. Mrd- 
Mortimer Skinner. Res., 2035 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, 
Pa, Fire Insurance Agt. Ref. ch. One child: 

VIII. James Mortimer Skinner. 

VII. Rev. Wilson R. Stearly, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., 
May 8, 1869. Mrd. Helen B. Neuhauser, Feb. 12, 1895. 
He was educated in the public schools of Philadelphia, 
and Union Theological Seminary of New York City. In 
December, 1889, he became pastor of the Hough Ave. 
Reformed church, of Cleveland, Ohio, where he is still 
serving-. One child: 

VIII. Wilson Watters Stearly, bn. at Paris, France, 
Aug. 6, 1897. 

VII. Ralph Raymond Stearly, bn. Aug. 27, 1875. Oc- 
cupation, Journalism. Presby. S. 

VI. Sarah H. Reiff, bo. June 26, 1840. Mrd. Jonathan 
H. Wood, Feb. 26, 1863. Res., 2231 N. 19th St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Presby. Children: 

VII. Garrett Reiff Wood, bn. Nov. 16, 1864; died Sept. 
9, 1865. 

VII. Malinda S. Wood, bn. July 5, 1866; died May 
7, 1867. 

VII. Chas. S. Wood, bn. Mar. 23, 1868. 

VI. Catharine H. Reiff, bn. Oct. 23, 1842. Mrd. G. 
^Welman Gerhard. Res., 2005 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, 

V. John D. Hunsicker, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Oct. 30, 1807; died Oct. 26, 1879. Mrd. Ann Reiff, Mar. 5, 
1829. She was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., July 8, 1809. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Henry, Jacob, Mary, Catha- 
rine, John, Sarah, Abram, Joseph. 

VI. Henry R. Hunsicker, mrd. Anna M. Bechtel. Res., 
312 Stock Exchange, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— 440 — 

VI. Jacob R. Hunsicker, mrd. Dora Schwenk. She 
died in 1862. Jacob mrd. second wife, Susan Schwenk. 
P. O., Norristown, Pa. 

VI. Mary Hunsicker, mrd. William Bartman. P. O., 
Collegeville, Pa. 

VI. (*atharine R. Hunsicker^ bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Mar. 5p 1841. Mrd. Abraham S. Hal Iman, Sept. 13, 
1860. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Luth. Children: Abraham, 
Annie, Harry, John, Norman, Lillian, Blanche. 

VII. Abraham H. Hal Iman. P. O., Pottstown, Pa. 
VII. Annie P. Hallman, died Mar., 1865. 

VII. Henry H. Hallman. P. O , Norristown, Pa. 

VII. John H. Hallman. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 

VII. Norman £. Hallman, died infant. 

VII. Lillian E. Hallman. P. O,, Norristown, Pa. 

VII. Blanche E. Hallman. P. O., Norristown, Pa. 

VI. John R. Hunsicker, mrd. Louisa Lewis. P. O., 
Norristown, Pa. 

VI. Sarah Ann Hunsicker, died in infancy. 
VI. Abram D. Hunsicker, died aged 9 years. 

VI. Joseph R. Hunsicker, bn. in Upper Providence, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., July 18, 1848. Mrd. Wilhelmina L. 
Tyson, July 1, 1868. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Baggage Agt. 
Ref. ch. Children: 

VII. Jacob Tyson Hunsicker, bn. Aug. 1, 1869; died 
Sept. 12, 1871. 

VII. Horace T. Hunsicker, bn. May 21, 1871; died July 
6, 1871. 

VII. Harry T. Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 27, 1876. Clerk in 
book store. Ref. ch. S. 

V. Henry C. Hunsicker, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Mar. 15, 1810; died Oct. 27, 1874. Mrd. Lydia K. Markley, 
Oct. 22, 1833. She was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 
20, 1814; died June 27, 1851. Farmer and miller. Menu. 
Children: Mary, Philip, Charles, Daniel, Anna, Deborah^ 
Lydia, Kate. 

VI. Mary M. Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 28, 1834. Mrd. Henry 
D. Yellis, dec'd. Two children. Mary mrd. second hus- 
band, William Koder. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. Five 

VI. Philip M. Hunsicker, bn. in Montgomery Co.. Pa., 
Nov. 18, 1836. Mrd. Tyson. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. 


— 441 — 

VI. Charles M. Hunsicker, mrd. Hannah M. Landis' 
Dec. 15, 1864. She died Dec. 1, 1893. P. O., Ironbrldge, 
F*a. Farmer. Trinity Ref. ch. 

VI. Daniel Hunsicker. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. 

VI. Anna Hunsicker, mrd. Koons. P. O., Col- 

legeville, Pa. 

VI. Deborah Hunsicker, mrd. Johnson. Res., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Lydia M. Hunsicker, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Oct. 3, 1850. Mrd. Benjamin Say lor, Nov. 9, 1867. P. O., 
Schwenkville, Pa. Tinsmith. Luth. Children: Clara, 
Trvin, Annie, Flora. 

VII. Clara Saylor, bn. Jan. 23, 1869. Mrd. Horace L. 
Saylor, Mar. 27, 1889. P. O., Collegeville, Pa. Marble 
cutter. Luth. One child: 

VIII. Grace Saylor, bn. Apr. 28, 1892. 

VII. Irvin Wilson Saylor, bn. Nov. 18, 1871; died July 
10, 1872. 

VII. Annie Saylor, bn. Aug. .30, 1876. Luth. S. 

VII. Flora Saylor, bn. Dec. 9, 1879; died Mar. 28, 1882. 

VI. Kate Hunsicker. S. 

V. Daniel Hunsicker, mrd. Elizabeth Hunsberger 
Children: Joslah, William, Henry, Isaac, Mary, Daniel. 

VI. Josiah Hunsicker, mrd. . P. O., Schwenkville, 


VI. William H. Hunsicker, bn. Nov. 26, 18:19; died 
.Jan. 17, 1865. Enlisted in the 3d Regt., Pa. Vols., first de- 
fenders, and re-enlisted in Co. L, 17th Pa. Cavalry, Sept. 
14, 1862. 

VI. Henry H. Hunsicker, bn. Jan. 31, 1843. Mrd. Char- 
lotte K. Pennypacker, of Limerick, Pa. P.O., Schwenk- 
ville, Pa. Parmer. Ref. ch. Ealisted Sept. 14, 1861, in 
Co.-H, 96th Regt., Pa. Vols., for three years. Served in 
the following battles: West Point, Va., Gaines Hill, Va., 
Charles City Cross-roads, Va., Malvern Hill, Va., South 
Mountain, Md., Antietam, Md., Second Bull Run, and Fred- 
ricksburg, Va., and was discharged for disability, Feb. 26, 
1863, at Chestnut Hill Hospital, Philadelphia. During 
Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania, he enlisted as 1st Serg. 
in the 34th Regt., Pa. Vols. Children: Lizzie, Bertha, 
Abner, Howard, Harry, Albert, Lottie, Abram, Mary. 

— 442 — 

VII. Lizzie Hunsicker, bn. Feb. 29, 1864. Mrd. Na- 
thaniel Kraft. Mr. K., Menn.; Mrs. K., Ref. ch. 

VII. Bertha Hunsicker, bn. Jan. 25, 1867. Mrd. Milton 
Longacre. Mr. L., Luth.; Mrs. L., Ref. ch. 

VII. Rev. J. Abaer Hunsicker, bn. Jan. 10, 1868. Theo- 
logical student at Union Seminary, New York City. 

VII. Howard A Ivin Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 7, 1870; died 
Oct. 7, 1872. 

VII. Harry M. Hunsicker, bn. Sept. 4, 1874. Stove 

VII. Albert S. Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 3, 1876. Ref. ch. 

Vll. Lottie Hunsicker, bn. Aug". 12, 1878; died Aug. 
17, 1878. 

Vll. Abram Hunsicker, bn. Aug. 9, 1880. 

Vll. Mary Martha Hunsicker, bn. Oct. 18, 1884. 

VI. Isaac E. Hunsicker, mrd. . P. O., Schwenk- 

ville. Pa. 

VI. Daniel H. Hunsicker, mrd. . Address, 1612 

Page St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Mary Hunsicker, mrd. Garret Grater. (See Index 
of References^ No. 13,) 

V. Mary Hunsicker, mrd. Benjamin Markley. Chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, Kate, Jacob, Henry. 

VI. Elizabeth Markley, dec'd. Mrd. John T. Johnson. 
Vl. Mary Markley, died single. 

VI. Susan Markley, dec'd. Mrd. Philip Davis. 
VI. Kate Markley, mrd. Philip Davis. Res., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

VI. Jacob Markley, mrd. . Res., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Henry Clay Markley, died single. 

V. Hettle Hunsicker, mrd. Jacob Relff. Res., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. No issue. 

V. William D. Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 8, 1820; died May 
30, 1887. Mrd. Ann Kolb, Feb. 22, 1844. She was born 
Sept. 17, 1825. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Farmer. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. Children: Mary, Abraham, William, 
Daniel, Joseph, Milton, Irwin, Annie, Lizzie, Emma. 

VI. Mary Jane Hunsicker, bn. Feb. 4, 1847. Mrd, John 
S. Boyer. P. O., Norristown, Pa Farmer. Ger. Ref. 

VII. Howard T. Boyer, bn. May 19, 1868. 

— 443 — 
VII. Ida May Boyer, bn. Apr. 20, 1876. 

VI. Abraham K. Hunsicker, bn, Aug. 22, 1849. Mrd. 
Susan TyBon. P. O., College viDe, Pa. 

VI. William Henry Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 8, 1851; died 
Jan. 22, 1859. 

VI. Daniel K. Hunsicker, bn. August 27, 1853; died 
Aug. 24, 1855. 

VI. Joseph C. Hunsicker, bn. Jan. 23, 1856. Mrd. M. 
Alice Rhoades. P. O., Iron bridge. Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Norman R. Hunsicker, bn. July 23, 1879. 

VII. Quintin LeRoy Hunsicker, bn. Jan. 29, 1881. 
VII. Bertha Isaphine Hunsicker, bn. May 29, 1883. 
VII. Mary Idella Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 23, 1886. 
VII. H. Earl Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 18, 1889, 
VII. J. Vernon Hunsicker, bn. Nov. 19, 1890; died 
July 14, 1892. 

VI. Milton K. Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 1, 1868. Mrd. Rosa 
Smith. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. 

VI. Irwin K. Hunsicker, bn. Feb. 8, 1860. Mrd. Anna 
Stearly. P. O., Limerick, Pa. 

VI. Annie K. Hunsicker, bn. Sept. 12, 1862. Mrd. Ad- 
dison Forker. P. O., Trappe, Pa. 

VI. Lizzie Ella Hunsicker, bn. Aug. 25, 1864. Mrd. 
Willis E. Hosier. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Engineer. Ref. 
ch. Children: 

VII. Willis Hosier, bn. in 1891. 
VII. Clarence Hosier, bn. in 1893. 

VI. Emma K. Hunsicker, bn. Apr. 19, 1867. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsicker, died Apr. 17, 1893. Mrd. 
Daniel Reifif. Children: William, Jacob, Anuie, Clem- 

VI. William H. Reiff. Res., 2732 Ridge Ave., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. S. 

VI. Jacob Reiff. 

VI. Annie Reiff. Res., 2732 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, 
Pa. Single. 

VI. Clementine Reiff, mrd. William Drummond. Res., 
2500 Marshall St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

V. Susan Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 10, 1826; died Jan. 7, 
1893. Mrd. David Horning, Oct. 27, 1844. He was bn. in 

— 444 — 

Montg-omery Co., Pa., Jan. 3, 1819. P. O., Penfield, Pa. 
Farmer. Free Meth. Children: Mary, William, David, 
Lewis, John, Sarah, Emma. 

VI. Mary Ann Horning, bn. Nov. 22, 1845; died Jan. 
24, 1852. 

VI. William Henry Horuing, bn. Aug. 8, 1847; died 
Jan. 12, 1873. 

VI. David Horning, bn. Aug. 27, 1849; died Jan. 12, 1873. 

VI. Lewis Horning, bn. May 14, 1851. Mrd. Elsie 
Estella Bundy. P. O., Penfield, Pa. Farmer. Free Meth. 

VII. Ruby Gertrude Horning. 
VII. Goldie Glen Horning. 
VM. David Jefferson Horning. 

VI. John Horning, bn. Sept. 22, 1853. Mrd. Samantha 
Hevener. P. O., Penfield, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Junle Belle Horning. 
VII. David Kline Horning. 

VI. Sarah Ella Horning, bn. November 17, 1857; died 
Feb. 6, 1864. 

VI. Emma Horning, bn. Mar. 3, 1863; died Aug. 5, 1864. 

IV. Sarah Detweller, dec'd. Mrd. Jacob Moyer. He 
was bn. In Lower Salford, Montgomery Co., Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. (Herrlte). Children: Mary, Sarah, Abraham, 
Jacob, Elizabeth, Joseph, Daniel, Benjamin, John. 

V. Mary Moyer, bn. In Montgomery Co., Pa., In 1806: 
died Aug. 9, 1884. Mrd. Rev. John Kolb. He was born in 
Montgomery Co., July, 1804; died In Lancaster Co., in 1879. 
Farmer. Menn. (Herrlte) minister. Children: Isaac, 
Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Daniel, Hannah, Mary, Catharine. 

VI. Isaac Kulp, bn. Dec. 18, 1828; died Nov., 1892. Mrd. 
Anna Hershey. Children: John, Emma, Menno, Harry. 

VII. John Kulp, bn. In Dauphin Co., Pa., Sept. 26, 1855. 
Mrd. Fannie Wolf, of Palmyra, Pa., Nov. 1, 1879. P. O.. 
Bachmansville, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VIII. Anna Kulp, bn. Oct., 1883. 
VIII. Daniel Kulp, bn. May 27, 1888. 
VIII. Harry Kulp, bn. Nov. 1, 1889. 
VIM. Myra Kulp, bn. Nov. 22, 189L 

VII. Emma Kulp, bn. in Dauphin Co., Pa., June 18, 

— 445 — 

1857. Mrd. Daniel Dorsheimer. P. O., Gap, Lancaster 
county, Pa. 

VII. Meuno Kulp, bn. Aug. 12, 1861. P. O., Palmyra, 

VII. Harry Kulp, bn. Nov. 18, 1869; died Dec. 12, 1887. 

VI. Abraham Kulp, bn. Dec. 30, 1830; died Aug., 1833. 

VI. Sarah Kulp, bn. July 28, 1833. Mrd. Philip Fen- 
Btermaker. P. O., Neffsville, Pa. No issue. 

VI. Jacob Kulp, bn. Nov. 18, 1835. Mrd. Priscilla 
Hershey, Nov. 11, 1866. P. O., Palmyra, Pa. Farmer. 
Menu. No issue. 

VI. Daniel Kulp, bn. Oct. 6, 1837. Mrd. Mary Ann 
Kegerreis, May 29, 1873. P. O., Manheim, Pa. Farmer, 
Menu. Children: 

VII. Katie K. Kulp, bn. Aug. 24, 1874. 
VII. Christie K. Kulp, bn. Aug. 23, 1878. 
VII. Anna K. Kulp, bn. Aug. 29, 1880. 
VII. John K. Kulp, bn. Apr. 28, 1888. 

VI. Hannah Kulp, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 
7,1841. Mrd. Andrew Kreider, Dec. 6, 1866. P.O., Man- 
heim, Pa. Farmer. Ref. Menu. Children: Mary, Alice, 
Cornelius, John. 

VII. Mary Kreider, bn. Nov. 29, 1868. Mrd. Hiram 
Bucher, P. O., Clay, Lancaster Co., Pa. Farmer. 

Vm. EdnaBucher. 

VIII. Sarah Bucher. 

VII. Alice Kreider, bn. Mar. 27, 1871. Mrd. Abraham 

Kurtz. P. O., Manheim, Pa. Farmer. No issue. 

VII, Cornelius Kreider, bn. Jan. 9, 1875. 

VII. John Kreider, bn. Dec. 2, 1878. 

VI. Mary Kulp, bn. Mar. 4, 1843. P.O., Manheim, 
Pa. Single. 

VI. Catharine Kulp, bn. May 10, 1845; died December 
15, 1880. 

V. Sarah Moyer, dec'd. Mrd. George Hagey. He 
died in 111.' Children: 

VI. Dr. Wm. Hagey. Res. in Neb. Mrd. . 

VI. Abraham Hagey. Mrd. . 

VI. Dr. Jacob Hagey. Mrd. . 

VI. Joseph Hagey. Mrd. . 

— -146 

VI. Lizzie Hagey. Mrd. 
VI. Mary Hagey. Mrd. 

V. Abraham D. Moyer, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Oct. 4, 1811; died Sept. 17, iSBl. Mrd. Nancy Hagey. She 
was bom Sept. 24, 1816. Farmer. Lived on the old Pioneer 
Christian Moyer homestead; was the last Moyer owner. 
Menn. Children: Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Franklin, 
Jacob, Abraham, Henry, John, Mary, Anna, Mahlon, 

VI. Ezekiel H. Moyer, bn. July 15, 1839; died Sept. 17, 
1885. Mrd. Margaret Detweiler. She was born Nov. 29, 
1838: died Dec. 1, 1891. Farmer. Menn. Children: Anna, 
Catharine, Sarah, Abraham, Menno, Franklin. 

VII. Anna D. Moyer, bn. Dec. 4, 1863. Mrd. Isaac M. 
Clemmer, Sept. 26, 1885. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: 

VIII. Howard M. Clemmer, bn. Oct. 13, 1886. 
VIII. Katie M. Clemmer, bn. Dec. 14, 1890. 

VII. Catharine D. Moyer, bn. May 21, 1865. S. 

VII. Sarah D. Moyer, bn. Feb. 29, 1868. Mrd. Jacob B. 
Delp, Mar. 2, 1889. P. C, Harleysville, Pa. Carpenter. 
Menn. One child: 

Vni. William M. Delp, born December 26, 1890: died 
Nov. 21, 1891. 

VII. Abraham D. Moyer, bn. June 5, 1869. Mrd. Ella 
D. Nace, Jan. 9, 1892. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Saddler. 
VII. Menno D. Moyer, bn. Apr. 3, 1872. 
VII. Franklin D. Moyer, bn. May 29, 1876. 

VI. Elizabeth Moyer, bn. Nov. 5, 1840. Mrd. Michael 
R. Bergey, Jan. 5, 1861. He died. Farmer. Menn. One 
child: Ellen. Elizabeth mrd. second husband, Jacob L. 
Kulp. {S*e Indexof Beferences, No, 14') 

VII. Ellen M. Bergey, bn. Jan. 9, 1862. Mrd. Jacob C. 
Landis. P. O., Mainland, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Lizzie B. Landis, bn. June 17, 1882. 

VIII. Alice B. and Ellen B. Landis, bn. Aug. 23, 1884. 

VI. Sarah H. Moyer, bn. Oct. 5, 1842. Mrd. Samuel 
Musselman, Mar. 1, 1862. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Caildren: Annie, Henry, Isaiah, Abraham, Katie, 
Sallie. Mary, Jacob, Harvey. 

— 447 — 

VII. AoDie Musselman, bo. Mar. 13, 1863; died Aug. 4, 
1887. Mrd. Frank M. Freed, Oct., 1885. One child: 
Vill. Sallie Freed, bn. and died, 1887. 

VII. Henry M. Musselman, bn. Jan. 23, 1864. Mrd. 
Lizzie Ann Godahall, Dec. 25, 1886. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 
Miller. Menn. Children: 

VIII. Sallie G. MuBselman, bn. Mar. 11, 1888. 
VIII. Emma G. Musselman, bn. Aug. 13, 1889, 
VIII. Henry G. Musselman, bn. Sept. 12, ;L891. 
VIII. Martha G. Musselman, bn. Oct. 29, 1893. 

VII. Isaiah M. Musselman, bn. Sept. 28, 1866. Mrd. 
Kosa H. Alderfer, Sept. 28, 1889. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. One child: 

VIIL Alice A. Musselman bn. Apr. 30, 1891. 

VII. Abraham M. Musselman, bn. Nov. 4, 1868; died 
Feb. 18, 1869. 

VII. Katie M. Musselman, bn. June 6, 1870. Mrd. 
Oliver H. Bleme, Oct. 14, 1893. P. O , Souderton, Pa. 

VII. Sallie M. Musselmam, bn. July 6, 1872; died Oct. 
18, 1873. 

VII. Mary M. Musselman, bn. July 18, 1875. 

VII. Jacob M. Musselman, bn. Aug. 18, 1877. 

VII. Harvey M. Musselman, bn. Aug. 29, 1882. 

VI. Franklin H. Moyer, bn. Jan. 13, 1844; died May, 
1880. Mrd. Sarah Moyer. No issue. 

VI. Jacob H. Moyer, bn. Nov. 5, 1845; died July 16, 1846. 

VI. Abraham H. Moyer, bn. June 12, 1849. Mrd. 
Catharine Moyer, Oct. 21, 1871. P. O., Morwood, Pa. 
One child: 

VII. Ida Moyer. S. 

VI. Henry Moyer, bn. June 8, 1849; died Oct. 22, 1849. 

VI. John H. Moyer, bn. June 12, 1851. Mrd. Lizzie A, 
Tyson, Mar, 15, 1873. P. O . Lansdale, Pa. Wire fence 
builder. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Sallie Florence Moyer, bn. Feb. 4, 1874: died 
May 15, 1875. 

VII. William Warren Moyer, bn. Nov. 8, 1875. 

VII. Annie May Moyer, bn. Aug, 29, 1878. 

VII. Andrew T. Moyer, bn. Jan. 14, 1881. 

VII. Emma Jane Moyer, bn. July 20. 1883, 

— 448 — 

VII. Allci T. Moyer, bora July 21, 1886; 
15, 1891. 

VII. Lillie T. Moyer, bn. Nov. 15, 1890. 

VI. Mary H. Moyer, bn. March 29, 1852; di 

29, 1852. 

VI. Anna H. Moyer, bn. Dec. 22, 1854. Mr 
D. Godshall, Oct. 24, 1874. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. 

VII. Elmer G. Godsball, bn. Sept. 24, 1875. 
VII. Jonas M. Godshall, bn. Mar. 6, 1879. 
VII. Viola G. Godshall, bn. Mar. 4, 1881. 
VII. Charles M. Godshall, bn. Feb. 5, 1883, 
VII. Walter M. Godshall, bn. June 11, 1890; 

30, 1892. 

VI. Mahlon H. Moyer, bn. Apr. 2, 1857. > 
Fretz. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 

VI. Theodore H. Moyer, bn. May 22, 1859. M 
Heckler, Dec. 27, 1879. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 

VII. Alice H. Moyer, born October 11, 1 
Jan. 7, 1881. 

VII. Annie H. Moyer, bn. Dec. 20, 1881. 

VII. Sallie H. Moyer, bn. Jan. 6, 1886. 

VII. Idella H. Moytr, bn. Aug. 18, 1889. 

VII. Llnford H. Moyer, bn. Apr. 27, 1891 : 

V. Jacob D. Moyer, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
20, 1813; died Nov. 15, 1882. Mrd. Barbara Ann Sh- 
Feb. 19, 1837. She was born in Montgomery Co., 
1817; died Mar. 10, 1838. Clock-maker, afterward 
Mr. M., Dunkard; Mrs, M., Menu. One child: 1 

Jacob mrd. second wife, Christiana Price, A| 
She died in 1892. Children: Isabella, Mary, SaraCl 
Allen, Christiana, Emma, Jacob, Lydia, Lizzie, 

VI. Isaac S. Moyer, A. M., M. D., bn. in Lower 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Feb. 27, 1838; died Sept., U ird. 
Laura Kratz, daughter of Jacob Kratz, of Plumst nlle. 
Pa. She died Mar. 16, 1866. Children: Eugene, I iian. 

Isaac mrd. second wife, Caroline Fackenthall daugh- 
ter of the late B. F. Fackeathill, a prominent lawyer of 
Easton, Pa. P. O., Quakertown, Pa. One child: Florence. 
When the subject of this sketch was less than two weeks 
old his mother died, and he was then cared for by his 

— 465 — 

-A. Detweiler, bn. Auff. 14, 1856. Mrd. 
Feb. 5, 1876. Shoemaker. Menn. Children: 
U. Gehman, bn. Nov. 13, 1877. 
D. Gehman, bn. Jan. 16, 1882. 

V. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 18, 1860. Mrd. Abra- 
Mar. 3, 1877. P. O., Line Lexingrton, Pa, 
1. Children: 

). Swartley, bn. Nov. 19, 1878. 
a D. Swartley, bn. Jan. 12, 1882, 
). Swartley, bn. Jan. 25, 1885. 
I D. Swartley, bn. March, 1891; died Sep- 

i D. Detweiler, bn. June 18, 1819, in Hill- 
»., Pa. Mrd. Elizabeth Wellhouse, Dec, 
>orn at Chippewa, Wayne Co., Ohio. P. O., 
ch. Children: Caroline, Mary, Acelia, 
n, John, William. 

e Cynthia Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., 
i48. Mrd. G. orge D. Palmer, Dec. 25, 1805. 

! D. Palmer, Jr., bn. Oct. 17, 1867. 
Jizabeth Palmer, bn. Oct. 10, 1869. 
n Wellhouse Palmer, bn. June 19, 1872. 
Palmer, bn. Nov. 2, 1874. 
aimer, bn. July 5, 1876; died Sept. 5, 1878. 
May Palmer, bn. July 5, 1880; died May 

lien Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, 
ied May 16, 1874. Mrd. Hugo C. Preyer, 

Wilmot Preyer, bn. Nov. 18, 1871. 
J Hugo Preyer, bn. Dec. 27, 1873; died Feb. 
, 1816. 

y|. Ace l*eota Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio 
y 18, 1853. Mrd. J. C. Bare, M. D., Dec. 27, 1875! 

^ VII. Myrtle C. Bare, bn. Jan. 24, 1877. 

yd. Eddie J. Bare, bn. Jan. 14, 1881; died Mar. 26, 1882. 

yil. Imah E. Bare, bn. June 24, 1883; died Dec. 1 1, 18S9. 

^^l Daisy D. Bare, bn. Aug-. 1, 1888. 


— 448 — 

Vll. Alici T, Moyer, bora July 21, 1886; died July 
15, 1891. 

Vll. Lillie T. Moyer, bn. Nov. 15, 1890. 

VI. Mary H. Moyer, bn. March 29, 1852; died Au^st 

29, 1852. 

VI. Anna H. Moyer, bn. Dec. 22, 1854. Mrd. Charles 
D. Godshall, Oct. 24, 1874. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Children: 

VII. Elmer G. Godshall, bn. Sept. 24, 1875. 
Vll. Jonas M. Godshall, bn. Mar. 6, 1879. 
Vll. Viola G. Godshall, bn. Mar. 4, 1881. 
Vll. Charles M. Godshall, bn. Feb. 5, 1883. 

Vll. Walter M. Godshall, bn. June 11, 1890; died Mar. 

30, 1892. 

VI. Mahlon H. Moyer, bn. Apr. 2, 1857. Mrd. Eliza 
Fretz. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 

VI. Theodore H. Moyer, bn. May 22, 1859. Mrd. Lydia 
Heckler, Dec. 27, 1879. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Children: 

VII. Alice H. Moyer, born October 11, 1880; died 
Jan. 7, 1881. 

Vll. Annie H. Moyer, bn. Dec. 20, 1881. 

Vll. Sallie H. Moyer, bn. Jan, 6, 1886. 

Vll. Idella H. Moytr, bn. Aug. 18, 1889. 

Vll. Linford H. Moyer, bn. Apr. 27, 1891.' 

V. Jacob D. Moyer, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 
20, 1813; died Nov. 15, 1882. Mrd. Barbara Ann Shoemaker, 
Feb. 19, 1837. She was born in Montgomery Co., Mar. 30, 
1817; died Mar. 10, 1838. Clock-maker, afterwards farmer. 
Mr. M., Dunkard; Mrs, M., Menn. One child: Isaac. 

Jacob mrd. second wife, Christiana Price, Apr. 3, 18ll. 
She died in 1892. Children: Isabella, Mary, SaraCh, Daniel, 
Allen, Christiana, Emma, Jacob, Lydia, Lizzie, Harvey, 

VI. Isaac S. Moyer, A. M., M. D., bn. in Lower Salford, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Feb. 27, 1838; died Sept., 1898. Mrd. 
Laura Kratz, daughter of Jacob Kratz, of Plumsteadville, 
Pa. She died Mar. 16, 1866. Children: Eugene, Lillian. 

Isaac mrd. second wife, Caroline Fackenthall, daugh- 
ter of the late B. F. Fackeathill, a prominent lawyer of 
Easton, Pa. P. O., Quakertown, Pa. One child: Florence. 
When the subject of this sketch was less than two weeks 
old his mother died, and he was then cared for by his 

f. 14, 185C. Mrd. 
•, Menu. (Jhlldren: 

, 1860. Mrd. Abra- 
ne Lexington, Pa, 

h, IBtll; died Sep- 

! 18, 181B, In Hill- 
Wellhouse, Dec, 
eCo., Ohio. P. O., 

e, Mary, Acelia, 

. 17, 18B7. 
t. 10, I8fi9. 
. June 18, 1872. 

died Sept. 5, 1878. 
5, 1880; died May 

Wayne Co., Ohio, 
. HugoC. Preyer, 

,, 1876. 

VI. Acelia Leota Uet 
May 18, 1853. Mrd. J. ( 

VJl. .Myrtle C. Bare, t 

VII. Eddie J. Bare, bn 
VII. Imah E. Bare, bn 
VII. Daisy D. Bare, bi 

VII. Allc T. 
15, 1891. 

VII. LilUe T. S 

VI. Mary H. it 

29, 1852. 

VI. Anna H. ^ 
D. Godahall, Oct. S 

VII. Elmer G. ' 
VII. JonaeM.' 
VII. Viola G. C 
VII. Charles K 
VII. Walter M 


Mahlon H 
P. O., Har 
Theodore ] 
r, Dec. 27, 1 
Alice H. 

VII. Annie H. 

VII. Sallie H. 1 

VII. Idella H. 

VII. Linford H 

V. Jacob D. M 
20, 18i:t; died Nov. 
Feb. 19, 1637. She 
1817; died Mar. 10, 
Mr. M,, Dunkard; 

Jacob mrd. aec 
She died in 1892. C 
Allen, Christ 

VI. Isaac 
L>aura Kratz, 
Pa. She diet 

Isaac mrc 
ter of the lat 
Easton, Pa. 1 
When the aut 
old hie moth' 

Lower Saii. 
L'pt., 18»8. Mrd. 
gene, Lillian, 
enthall, daugli- 
nent Lawyer of 
ihild: Florence, 
ban two weeks 
ired for by hia 

— 465 — 

Vr. Lizzie A. Detweiler, bn. Aug. U, 1856. Mrd. 
David Gehman, Feb. 5, 1876. Shoemaker. Menn. Children: 
Yll. Sallie D. Gehman, bn. Nov. 13, 1877. 
VII. Laura D. Gehman, bn. Jan. 16, 1882. 

Y«. Sallie A. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 18, 1860. Mrd. Abra- 
ham Swartley, Mar. 3, 1877. P. O., Line Lexing^ton, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: 

Vll. Mary D. Swartley, bn. Nov. 19, 1878. 

Vl». Martha D. Swartley, bn. Jan. 12, 1882. 

VM. Leah D. Swartley, bn. Jan. 25, 1885. 

Vll. Horace D. Swartley, bn. March, 1891; died Sep- 
tember, 1891. 

V. William D. Detweiler, bn. June 18, 1819, in Hill- 
town, Buck«Co., Pa. Mrd. Elizabeth Wellhouse, Dec, 
1846. She was born at Chippewa, Wayne Co., Ohio. P. O., 
Henderson, Mich. Children: Caroline, Mary, Acelia, 
George, William, John, William. 

VI. Caroline Cynthia Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., 
Ohio, Feb. 20, 1848. Mrd. G.orge D. Palmer, Dec. 25, 1865. 

VII. George D. Palmer, Jr., bn. Oct. 17, 1867. 
Vll. Nina Elizabeth Palmer, bn. Oct. 10, 1869. 

Vll. William Wellhouse Palmer, bn. June 19, 1872. 

Vll. Ella C. Palmer, bn. Nov. 2, 1874. 

Vll. John Palmer, bn. July 5, 1876; died Sept. 5, 1878. 

Vll. Carrie May Palmer, bn. July 6, 1880; died May 
8, 1881. 

VI. Mary Ellen Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, 
July 19, 1850; died May 16, 1874. Mrd. Hugo C. Preyer, 
Jan. 18, 1871. Children: 

VII. Arthur Wilmot Preyer, bn. Nov. 18, 1871. 

Vll. Charles Hugo Preyer, bn. Dec. 27, 1873; died Feb. 
14, 1876. 

VI. Acelia Leota Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio 
May 18, 1853. Mrd. J. C. Bare, M. D., Dec. 27, 1875.* 

VII. Myrtle C. Bare, bn. Jan. 24, 1877. 

Vll. Eddie J. Bare, bn. Jan. 14, 1881; died Mar. 26, 1882. 
Vll. Imah E. Bare, bn. June 24, 1883; died Dec. 1 1, 18S9. 
Vll. Daisy D. Bare, bn. Aug. 1, 1888. 


VI. George Wellhouse Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., 
>Ohio, Sept. 14, 1855. Mrd. Maria E. Arnold. Children: 

VII. Ward Arnold Detweiler, bn. Sept. 10, 1880. 
VII. RoUo William Detweiler, bn. Nov. 11, 1882. 
VII. Walter John Detweiler, bn. Jan. 10, 1885. 
VII. Hattie Detweiler, bn. Apr. 10, 1887. 

VI. William Walter Detweiler, bn. May 21, 1859; died 
June 29, 1862. 

VI. John Edward Detweiler, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio 
Dec. 7, 1861: died Feb. 9, 1884. 

VI. Wm. Harvey Detweiler, bn. Nov. 8, 1864; died 
Dec. 4, 1865. 

V. Jacob D. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 25, 1821: died Apr. 1, 
1892. Mrd. Elizabeth Derstine, Mar. 8, 1846. She died 
Dec. 23, 1871. Children: Anna, Catharine, William, Henry, 
John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Margaret. 

Jacob mrd. second wife, Eliza Wismer, Dec. 7, 1872. 
She died Feb. 10, 1881. Farmer. Menn. 

VI. Anna D. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 15, 1848. Mrd. Joseph 
P. Moyer, Oct. 29, 1870. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Cigar- 
maker. Menn. Children: 

VII. Ellen D. Moyer, bn. Aug. 3, 1873. 
VII. Lizzie D. Moyer, bn. Oct. 14, 1877. 

VII. Mamie D. and Kate D. Moyer, bn. Apr. 29, 1884. 

VI. Catharine D. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 9, 1850: died 
Aug. 29, 1853. 

VI. William D. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 16, 1852. Mrd. 
Mary P. Moyer, Dec. 12, 1874. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Ci- 
gar-maker. Menn. Children: 

VII. Stella M. Detweiler, bn. June 11, 1881. 
VII. Elizabeth M. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 22, 1883. 

VII. Wilson M. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 6, 1886; died Mar. 
30 1888.. 

VII. Flora May Detweiler, bn. Jan. 15, 1890: died July 

VI. Henry D. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 25, 1854. Mrd. Mary 
K. Moyer. She was born Sept. 19, 1856; died June 23, 1892. 

VII.* Katie M. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 17, 1877. 

VII. Wallace M. Detweiler, bn. July 2, 1883. 
VII. Harry M. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 11, 1887. 

— 467 - 

VII. Miriam M. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 5, 1889; died July 
14, 1889. 

Henry mrd. second wife, Emeline Fretz, in 1893. P. O., 
Souderton, Pa. Carpenter. Menn. 

Yl. John D. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 3, 1860. Mrd. Mary 

Smith, Jan. 7, 1882. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Carpenter. 

VII. Norman S. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 22, 1883. 

VII. Lillie S. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 16, 1885. 

VII. Laura S. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 26, 1886. 

VII. Lettie S. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 21, 1888. 

VII. Mamie S. Detweiler, bn. Apr. 4, 1892. 

VI. Jacob D. Detweiler, bn. October 8, 1861: died Feb. 
18, 1863. 

VI. Elizabeth D. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 3, 1863. 

VI. Margaret D. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 10, 1867; died 
Dec. 5, 1871. 

V. Samuel D. Detweiler, bn. December 28, 1822; died 
Aug. 9, 1825. 

V. Catharine D. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 10, 1824; died 
Apr. 8, 1892. S. 

V. Abraham D. Detweiler, bn. in Hilltown Twp., May 
10, 1827. Mrd. Mary Bergey, Nov. 2, 1851. She was born 
in Lower Salford, Montgomery Co., Pa., Mar. 9, 1829. 
p. O., Souderton, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: David, 

VI. David B. Detweiler, bn. in Hilltown Twp., Buck^ 
Co., Pa., Sept. 20, 1855. Mrd. Rosa M. Farrow, June 8, 1882. 
P. O., box 1088, Philadelphia, Pa. Life underwriting. 
Menn. Children: 

VII. Paul George Detweiler, bn. May 26, 1883. 

VII. Walter Abraham Detweiler, bn. June 17, 1884. 
VII. Hazel Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. Jan. 23, 1886. 

VI. Anna B. Detweiler, bn. May 4, 1859. Mrd. Abra- 
ham S. Herr. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. George D. Herr, bn. Apr. 18, 1880. 
VII. Stella D. Herr, bn. Apr. 17, 1882. 
VII. Mary Lizzie Herr, bn. Aug. 1, 1884. 

V. Mary D. Detweiler, bn. Jan. 1, 1830, dec'd. Mrd. 
John Price, dec'd. Son: 

— 468 - 

VI. Elias W. Price. P. O., Morrison, 111. 

V. Susan D. Detweiler, bn. Feb. 24, 1832. Mrd. Rev. 
George G. Tyson, Jan. 28, 1855. He was bom Sept. 16, 
1831. P. O., Schwenkville, Pa. Retired minister of the 
River Brethrea ch. Children: Garret, Anna, Henry, 
Amanda, Mary, Sarah, Lydia, John, Grace. 

VI. Garret D. Tyson, bn. Mar. 13, 1856. Mrd. Sue M. 
StaufTer, Sept. 19, 1885. She was born Dec. 14, 1862. P. O., 
Worcester, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Infant daughter, bn. July 24, 1886. 
VII. Viola S. Tyson, bn. Aug. 1, 1887. 
VII. Marcella S. Tyson, bn. Oct. 14, 1888. 

VI. Anna D. Tyson, bn. May 15, 1859. Mrd. Daniel 
Landis. P. O., Graters Ford, Pa. Farmer. Menu. 

VI. Henry D. Tyson, bn. Mar. 26, 1862. Mrd. Lizzie B. 
Stauflfer. She was born Dec. 15, 1868. P. O., Schwenkville, 
Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Olive S. Tyson, bn. July 15, 1886. 

VII. Abraham S. Tyson, bn. Nov. 13, 1888. 
VII. George S. Tyson, bn. Sept. 6, 1890. 
VH. Carrie S. Tyson, bn. Dec. 4, 1891: died August 
28, 1892. 

VI. Malinda D. Tyson, bn. Mar. 26, 1862 (twin). Mrd. 
Abraham G. Bean. P. O., Sklppack, Pa. Butcher. Menn. 

VI. Mary D. Tyson, bn. Oct. 6, 1864. Mrd. Irwin 
Landis. P. O., Schwenkville, Pa. Farmer. Menn 

VI. Sarah D. Tyson, bn. Mar. 25, 1867. Mrd. William 
K. Anders. P. O., Zieglerville, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Ref. 

VII. Kate T. Anders, bn. Nov. 30, 1888. 
VII. Sallie T Ander«?, bn. Jan. 25, 1890. 

VII. EmmaT. Anders, bn. July 11, 1892; died Decem- 
ber 5, 1892. 

VI. Lydia D. Tyson, bn. July 11, 1869. Mrd. Elmer W. 
Keyser, Oct. 18, 1890. He was born Nov. 28, 1868. P. O., 
Lederachsville, Pa. Merchant. Children: 

VII. Maggie F. Keyser, bn. Aug. 1, 1891. 
VII. Twin son, born and died same day. " 
VII. Wilson T, Keyser, bn. July 11, 1892. 

VI. John D. Detweiler, bn. Aug. 6, 1871. 
VI. Isaac D. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 24, 1874. 

~ 469 — 

V. Samuel D. Detweiler, bn. Dec. 4, 1834. P. O., West 
Richfield, Ohio. 

V. Sarah D. Detweiler, born August 19, 1836; died 
June 9, 1844. 

V. Margaret D. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 29, 1838; died 
Dec. 1, 1891. Mrd. Hezekiah Moyer, Jan. 31, 1863. (See 
page 446'.) 

IV. Christian Detweiler, dec'd. Mrd. Hannah Der- 
stine. Children: John, Catharine, Mary, Isaac, Hannah, 
Abraham, Elizabeth. 

V. John Detweiler, dec'd. S. 

V. Catharine Detweiler, dec'd. Mrd. Nathan Davis. 

VI. Jefferson Davis. P. O., Shannonville, Pa. 
VI. Milton Davis. P. O., Oaks, Pa. 

V. Mary Detweiler, dec'd. Mrd. Theodore Morgan, 
dec'd. No issue. 

V. Isaac Detweiler, mrd. Jane Stinson. 

V. Hannah Detweiler, mrd. Benjamin A. Hunsicker. 

VI. Elizabeth Hunsicker, mrd. Henry H.Grubb, dec'd. 
Elizabeth mrd. second husband, Luke Bechtel. 

V. Abraham Detweiler, dec'd. Mrd. Hettie Hun- 
sicker. Children: 

VI. Christian Detweiler, dec'd. S. 
VI. Elizabeth Detweiler, dec'd. S. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, dec'd. S. 

IV. Catharine Detweiler, born at the Indian Creek, 
Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., Nov. 15, 1788: died 
Oct. 2, 1850; aged 61 years, 10 months and IT days. Mrd. 
Garret Hunsicker, Nov. 19, 180^). He was born Nov. 26, 
1776; died Mar. 1, 1861. Farmer. In early life they were 
members of the Mennonite church, later became *'Funk- 
itcs", but afterwards returned to the Old Mennonites, and 
finally connected themselves with the New Mennonites, 
Children: Elizabeth, Henry, Esther, Christian, Catharine, 
Garret, Mary, Abraham, and one dec'd. 

V. Elizabeth Hunsicker, bn. Sept. 10, 1810; died Feb. 
14, 1879. Mrd. Abraham Ziegler. Farmer. Menu. 
One child: 

— 470 — 

VI. Sarah ziegler, died Feb. I, 1883. Mrd. Isaac H. 
.Johnson, son of Rev. Henry Johnson. P. O., Creamery , Pa. 

V. Henry G. FJunsicker, bn. Feb. 12, 1812; died Apr. 
14, 1885. Mrd. Hannah Stauflfer. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. 
Farmer. Menn. Children: Mary, Kate, Garret, Hannah, 
Esther, Lizzie. 

VI. Mary Hunsicker, dec'd. S. 
VI. Kate Hunsicker, dec'd. S. 
VI. Garret Hunsicker, dec'd. S. 

VI. Hannah Hunsicker, mrd. John Penny packer. 
P. O., Trappe, Pa. 

VI. Esther Hunsicker, dec'd. S. 

VI. Lizzie Hunsicker, mrd. Horace Ashenfelter. 
P. O., Yerkes,. Pa. 

V. Esther Hunsicker, bn. June 29, 1814; died June 4, 
1890. Mrd. Henry Allebach. Farmer. Menn. Children: 
David, Lena, Elizabeth, Catharine, Garret, Mary, Sarah, 
Henry, Christian, Esther. 

VI. David H. Allebach, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Sept. 15, 1837. Mrd. Lizzie Tyson, Feb. 22, 1863. P. O., 
Colle^eville, Pa. Farmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Mary Ida Allebach, bn. June 27, 1864. S. 
VII. Esther T. Allebach, bn. Jan. 9, 1867. S. 

VII. Joseph T. Allebach, bn. Dec. 11, 1871; died Feb- 
ruary 3, 1872. 

VII. Henry T. Allebach, bn. Oct 6, 1873. S. 
VII. Abraham T. Allebach, bn. May 14, 1876. 
VII. David T. Allebach, bn. July 29, 1885. 

VI. Lena Allebach, bn. in 1839. Mrd. David W. Long- 
acre, Dec. £8, 18(35. P. O., Jeffersonville, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Isaac, Henry, David, Esther, .John. 

VM. Isaac Longacre, bn. in 1867. Mrd. Sarah J. ReiflF. 
P. O., Eagleville, Pa. Farmer. One child: VIII. Mary 

VII. Henry A. Longacre, bn. in 1869. Stenographer 
and typewriter. 

VII. David Longacre, bn. in 1871. Teacher. 
VII. Esther A. Longacre, bn. in 1875. 
VII. John Longacre, bn. in 1878. 

VI. Elizabeth H. Allebach, bn. Dec. 31, 1840. Mrd. 
William Hildebidle, Feb. 11, ISfiO. He died May 18, 1892. 


- 471 — 

P. O., CoUegeville, Pa. Parmer. Menn. Children: Sallie, 
Elsther, Mary, Henry, Laura, William, John, Katie, Ida, 
Lizzie, Charles. 

VII. Sallie A. Hildebidle, bn. May 3, 1863: died May 6, 
1885. Mrd. Edwin Cramer, Apr. 8, 1884. One child: 

VIII. Lizzie Cramer, bn. Apr. 20, 1885; died Oct. 31, 1885. 

VII. Esther A. Hildebidle, bn. Aug. 21, 1864. Mrd. 
Franklin G. Fuhrman, Feb. 11, 1886. P. O., Creamery, Pa. 
Farmer. Luth. One child: 

VIII. John Leroy Fuhrman, bn. July 17, 1889. 

VII. Mary A. Hildebidle, bn. Sept. 6, 1868. Mrd. John 
G. Fuhrman, Dec. 12, 1891. P. O., CoUegeville, Pa. 
Farmer. Luth. 

VII. Henry A. Hildebidle, bn. May 3, 1871. 

VII. Laura A. Hildebidle, bn. Dec. 2, 1872. 

VII. William A. Hildebidle, bn. July 17, 1874. 

VII. John Irwin Hildebidle, bn. Feb. 14, 1877. 

VII. Katie A. Hildebidle, bn. Feb. 23, 1879. 

VII. Ida A. Hildebidle, bn. Augr. 3, 1884. 

VII. Lizzie A. Hildebidle (twin), bn. Aug. 3, 1884; died 
Feb. 20, 1885. 

VII. Charles F. Hildebidle, bn. Mar. 4, 1886. 

VI. Catharine A llebach, mrd. Jonas Johnson. P.O., 
Lower Providence, Pa. 

VI. Garret H. Allebach. P. O. , Creamery, Pa. 

VI. Esther Allebach, bn. in Lower Providence Twp., 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Aug. 7, 1851. Mrd. John W. Mark- 
ley, of Skippack Twp., son of Philip K. Markley, Jan. 13, 
1872. P. O., Jeffersonville, Pa. Farmer. New Meim. 

"^ VII. Lydia Ann Markley, bn. Dec. 14, 1872. 

VII. Henry A. Markley, bn. Nov. 15, 1874. 
VII. Hettie A. Markley, bn. June 23, 1877. 
Vll. Jennie A. Markley, bn. Apr. 20, 1880. 
Vll. Mary A. Markley, bn. July 6, 1882. 
Vll. Irwin A. Markley, bn. Oct. 4, 1888. 
Vll. Laura A. Markley, bn. Oct. 27, 1891. 

VI. Mary Allebach, mrd. Abraham Cassel. P.O., 
Creamery, Pa. 

VI. Sarah Allebach, mrd. Geo. Re iff. (See In&x of 
Beferences No. 16.) 

— 472 — 

VI. Henry Allebacta, mrd. Mary Detweiler. P. O., 
KorriBtown, Pa. 

VI, Christian Allebach, mrd. Mary Grater. P. 0.» 
E-igleville, Pa. 

V. Christian Hunsicker, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa.» 
Dec. 26, 1816; died Mar. 10, 1883. Mrd. Sarah Tyson, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin Tyson, Feb. 12, 1843. She was born Feb. 
16, 1822; died July 1, 1896. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Farmer. 
Menn. Children: Garret, Catharine. 

VI. Garret T. Hunslcker, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Aug. 10, 1844; died Feb. 14, 1895. Mrd. Maria Reiff, Dec. 
20, 1868. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Farmer, and Justice of 
the Peace. Children: Christian, Henry, Sarah, Maria, 

VII. Christian R. Hunslcker, bn. Oct. 13, 1869. Mrd. 
Laura H. Bean, Dec. 25, 1890. P. O., Creamery, Pa. 
Merchant. Menn. Children: 

VIII. John Russ'el Hunsicker, bn. May 25, 1894. 
VIII. Perry H. Hunsicker, bn. Dec. 12, 1895. 
VIII. Maria H. Hunsicker, bn. June 13, 1897. 

VII. Henry R. Hunsicker, bn. June 1, 1873. 

VJI. Sarah R. Hunsicker, bn. Feb. 27, 1878. 

VII. Maria Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 24, 1889. 

VII. Annie Hunsicker. 

VI. Catharine T. Hunsicker, dec'd. Mrd. Henry F. 
Bean. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Children: VII. Sallie Bean. 
VII. Garret Bean. VII. Christian Bean. VII. Catharine 
Bean. VII. Harry Bean. VII. Susanna Bean. Vli. Magda- 
lena Bean. VII. John Bean. VII. Alice Bean. 

V. Catharine Hunsicker, bn. Jan. 14, 1820; died Feb. 
18, IKw. Mrd. Rev. Abraham Grater, Mar. 8, 1840. He 
was born Nov. 20, 1814. P. O., CoUegeville, Pa, Farmer^ 
formerly minister of the Mennonite ch. Children: Gar- 
ret, Louis, L'zzle, Catharine, Michael, Mary. 

VI. Garret Grater, bn. June 16, 1841. Mrd. Mary Hun- 
sicker. P. O., Schwenkville, Pa. Farmer. Children: VII. 
Lizzie Grater. VII. Leo Grater. VII. Ella Grater. 

VI. Louis Grater, died infant. 
VI. Lizzie Grater, died Infant. 
VI. Catharine Grater, bn. Feb. 21, 1846: died . 

— 473 — 

Mrd. Abner Johnson. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Clerk. 

VII. Laura Johnson, mrd. James Huston. 

VII. Alice Johnson, mrd. Milton Moyer. P.O., Bel- 
f rey, Pa. 

VI. Michael Grater, bn. May 23, 1848. Mrd. Sarah 
Reimer. P. O., Fairview, Pa. Farmer. Presby. Chil- 
dren: VII. Bessie Grater. VII. Bertha Grater. 

VI. Mary Grater, bn. Mar. 22, 1852. Mrd. Isaac Tyson. 
P. O., Skippack, Pa. Tinker. One child: 

Vlf. Fannie Tyson, married David Reimer. P. C, 
Yerkes, Pa. 

V. Garret Hunsicker, bn. December 22, 1822: died 
Oct. 23, 1830. 

V. Mary D. Hunsicker, mrd. Jacob H. Grater. P. O., 
Center Point, Pa. Farmer. Children: Catharine, Ana- 
nias, Mary, Maggie, Linwood. 

VI. Catharine Grater, bn. July 31, 1845. Mrd. Isaac 
Heebner. P. C, Lansdale, Pa. Machinist. Children: 

VII. Mary Jane Heebner, mrd. Frederick Pressgrave. 
VII. Charles Heebner. 

VII. Wilmer Heebner, dec'd. 
VII. David Heebner. 

VI. Ananias Grater, bn. July 31, 1847; dec^d. 

VI. Mary Jane Grater, bn. Sept. 20, 1849. Mrd. Isaac 
K. Moyer. P. C, Eagleville, Pa. Merchant and farmer. 
Presby. Children: 

VII. Jacob Ambrose Moyer, bn. Sept. 13, 1874. 
VII. John Clarence Moyer, bn. Apr. 27, 1878. 

VI. Maggie Grater, bn. June 28, 1854. Mrd. Chester 
K. Schultz, Mar. 29, 1872. P. C, Belfrey, Pa. Farmer. 
Schwenkfelders. Children: 

VII. Isaac Linwood Schultz. 
VII. Mary Alice Schultz. 

Va Sophia Grater Schultz, mrd. William A. Wisler. 
P. C, NoritonvlUe, Pa. Farmer. 
VII. Katharine Irene Schultz. 
VII. Laura Jane Schultz. 
VII. Margie Grater Schultz. 
VII. Corrinne Grater Schultz. 

— 474 — 

VII. Florence Edna Schultz. 
VII. Alma Grater Schultz. 

VI. J. Llnwood Grater, bn. Aug. 16, 1867; died Sept. 
23, 1893. S. 

V. Abraham D. Hunaicker, bn. in Montgomery Co., 
Pa., Jan. 14, 1830. Mrd. Mary Detweiler, Feb. 21, 1850. 
P. O., Iron bridge, Pa. Farmer. Trinity (Christian) Ref. 
('hildren: Garret, Christian, Ella, Mary. 

VI. Garret Fillmore Hunsicker, bn. Feb. 1, 1851. Mrd. 
Ida J. Kelly, Oct. 15, 1877. Res., 3706 Brown St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Salesman. Luth. One child: 

VII. Stella K. Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 4, 1877. 

VI. Christian D. Hunsicker, bn. Mar. 22, 1853. Mrd. 
Anna Walker. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. Children: VII. Oscar Hunsicker. VII. 
Abraham W. Hunsicker. 

VI. Ella D. Hunsicker, bn. May 22, 1862. Mrd. Mel- 
ville T. Hunsicker. P. C, Ironbridge, Pa. Trinity (Chris- 
tian) Ref. Children: VII. Carl Hunsicker. VII. May Hun- 
sicker. VII. Florence Hunsicker. 

VI. Mary E. Hunsicker, bn. Aug. 18, 1871. Trinity 
(Christian) Ref. S. 

IV. Abraham Detweiler, bn. in Franconia Twp., Mont- 
gomery Co., June 13, 1790; died Dec. 10, 1832. Mrd. Mary 
Horning, Dec. 11, 1810. She was born Dec, 31, 1790; died 
Mar. 23, 1879. Farmer and miller. Menn. Children: 
Elizabeth, Catharine, John, William, Isaac, Hannah, 
Mary, Abraham, Daniel, Benjamin. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, bn. Oct. 27, 1811; died Mar. 2, 
1885. Mrd. George C. Reiff, Aug. 29, 1829. He was born 
June 13, 1804; died Nov. 16, 1886. Mr. Reifif became the 
owner of his father's large farm, now in part the prop- 
erty of Rev. S. M. K. Huber, in Skippackville: but in 
later years he built a residence on the opposite side of 
the road, then divided his farm and lived in the new 
residence. He was at one time county treasurer, and in 
1860 he took the census of his native township, Skippack. 
Menn. Children: Sarah, Mary, Jacob, Abraham, Charles, 

VI. Sarah ReifT, bn. Aug. 23, 1831; died June 17, 1889, 
aged 57 years, 9 months and 24 days. Mrd. Charles Y. 

— 475 — 

Heckler. He died Sept. 2, 1861, aged 29 years, 10 months. 
Children: Josephine, Lillie, George. 

Sarah married second husband, Abraham H. Price. 
No issue. 

VII. Josephine Heckler, died young. 

VII. Lillie Heckler, bn. in Philadelphia, Jan. I, 1859; 
died Mar. 17, 1893. Mrd. Benjamin F. Landis, Mar. 20, 
1877. Address, 3166 Thompson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VIII. Frankie F. Landis, bn. Feb. 20, 1878. 
VIII. Mabel M. Landis, bn. July 8, 1883. 

VIII. Eva H, Landis, bn. Apr. 8, 1887; died Oct. 13, 1887- 

VII. George Reiff Heckler, died young. 

VI. Mary A. Reiff, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 
6, 1833. Mrd. Michael L. Shoemaker, ^far. 19, 1853. He 
was born in Montgomery Co., Aug. 5, 1830; died June 16, 
1885, in Philadelphia. He was very successful in estab- 
lishing a large fertilizer manufactory at Bridesburg, on 
the Delaware. Meth. Ep. Children: Mary, Emma, 
Charles, Daniel. 

VII. Mary Lizzie Shoemaker, bn. July 21, 1854; died 
Sept. 20, 1860. 

VII. Emma R. Shoemaker, bn. June 29, 1856. Mrd. 
Capt. Winfield S. Allen. Re's , 1527 Diamond St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

VII. Charles R. Shoemaker, bn. in Philadelphia, Pa., 
Feb. 1, 1858, Mrd. Annie W. Corkill, Feb. 19, 1884. Res., 
3031 Franklin Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Meth. Ep. Children; 

VIII. Helen Reiff Shoemaker, bn. and died May 4, 1885. 
VIII. Michael L. Shoemaker, bn. Aug. 7, 18S6. 

VIII. Charles R. Shoemaker, bn. May 12, 1891. 

VII. Daniel Webster Shoemaker, M. D., bn. Sept. 25, 
1859. Mrd. Annie J. Bailey, Mar. 9, 1886. Res., 1738 Green 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. Physician. Meth. Ep. One child: 

VIII. Esther Bailey Shoemaker, bn. Dec. 30, 1886. 

VI. Jacob D. Reiff, bn. Dec. 18, 1835. P. O., Skippack, 
Pa. Farmer. Trinity (Christian) Ref. S. 

VI. Abraham D. Reiff, bn. Apr. 15, 1838. Mrd, Joanna 
Wanner, Feb. 19, 1863. Res., 2027 N. 13th St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Ref. One child: 

— 476 — 

VII. George W. Rciff, bn. June 23, 18T2. Res., 2027 
N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Employed in North West- 
em Bank, Philadelphia, Pa. Ger. Ref. 

VI. Charles D. Reiff, mrd. Josephine Rittenhouse, 
deed. Childreo: 

VII. George and Herbert Reiff, both died young. 
Charles mrd. second wife, Harriet Richardson. Res.. 

Philadelphia, Pa, One child: 

VII. Reiff, died aged about 7 years. 

VI. Hannah D. Reiff, mrd. Jesse Cassel. Children: 
Charles, Mary. 

VII. Charles Cassel, died young. 

VII. Mary Lizzie Cassel, mrd. Richard Rlddington. 
P. O., Lansdale, Pa. 

V. Catharine Detwciler, bn. in Franconia Twp., 
Montgomery Co. , Pa., Nov. 28, 1813. Mrd. Rev. John R. 
Price, of Chester Co., Pa., Mar. 2, 1834. He died Mar. 1, 
1879. P. O., State College, Pa. Farmer. Minister Ger. 
Bap. cb. Children: Abraham, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, 
Henry, Sarah, Benjamin. 

VI. Abraham D. Price, bn. Mar. 14, 1835. Mrd. Maria 
W. Jones. Res., 14 Ada St., Chicago, 111. Member Board 
of Trade. Children: VII. Gwynn Price. VII. Ethel Price. 
VII. Herbert Price. 

VI. Mary D. Price, bn. in Chester Co., Pa., Oct. 15, 
183(). Mrd. Josiah Jackson, Dec. 25, 1860. P. O., State 
College, Pa. Ger. Bap. Children: Helen, Dugald, John, 

VII. Helen Jackson, bn. May, 1862. Mrd. Louis E. 
Keber, July, 188S. P. O., State College, Pa. Professor of 
mechanical engineering in State College, Pa. Presby. 

Vni. Louis E. Keber, bn. May, 1889. 

VIII. Hugh J. Keber, bn. Jan., 1892. 

VII. Dugald Caleb Jackson, bn. Feb. 18, 1865. Mrd. 
Mabel A. Foss, Sept. 24, 1889. Professor of electrical en- 
gineering at the University of Madison, Wis. Cong. 

VIH. Catharine Emma Jackson, bn. Nov., 1890. 

VIII. Dugald C. Jackson, bn. Aug. 3, 1895. 

— 47 7 — 

VII. John Price Jackson, bn. Sept., 1869. Mrd. Mar- 
garet B. Jones, Dec. 28, 1890. Assistant Professor of 
electrical engineering at State College, Pa. One child: 

VIII. Mary Catharine Jackson, bn. Jan. 28, 1892. 

VII. William B. Jackson, bn. June, 1871. P. O., Colo- 
rado Springs, Col- Banker. S. 

VI. Joseph D. Price, bn. Oct. 16, 1838; died in Doni- 
pharie Co., Kan., July 29, 1872. Mrd. Hannah Jackson. 
Children: VII. Catharine Price. VII. Mary Price. VII. 
John Price. VII. Joseph Price. 

VI. Elizabeth D. Price, bn. Sept. 23, 1840. Dunkard. 

VI. Henry D. Price, bn. Aug. 17, 1843. At the age of 
16 years he enlisted in the 116th Pa. Vols., was 1st Lieut. 
of his company, and was killed by a cannon ball near 
Petersburg, Va., Oct. 27, 1864. He was acting Asst. Adj. 
General, and had one hundred picked men against a fort 
on Cemetery Hill. He surprised the fort, drove the 
rebels back, and held it for a short time. Col. Mulholland 
had promised him reinforcements if he succeeded in 
taking the fort, but the rebels rallied and rushed back 
with such force, and in such numbers, that the Colonel 
seeing the futility of trying to keep possession of the 
fort, concluded to save the lives of his men, and withheld 
the reinforcements. The men already sent in were lost. 
Henry'd body was afterwards recovered, and lies buried 
in the Ger. Bap. burying ground in North Coventry, 
Chester Co., Pa. 

VI. Sarah D. Price (twin), bn. in Chester Co., Pa., 
Aug. 17, 1843. Mrd. Joseph Ball, Sept. 17, 1863. Res., 
Prankford, Philadelphia, Pa. Lawyer. Presby. Children: 
VII. Joseph Ball. VII. Henry Ball. VII. Edward Ball. VII. 
Arthur Ball. VII. Rebecca Ball. 

VI. Benjamin D. Price, bn. Sept. 4, 1845. Mrd. Mary 
W. Dingee, Oct. 23, 1872. Architect. Bap. One child: 

VII. Max C. Price. 

V. John H. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 12, 1815; died Apr. 26, 
1877. Mrd. Elizabeth Longabough. She was bn. Apr. 4, 
1820: died Feb. 26, 1858. Children; Barton, Samuel, George, 
Clara, Emma, John, Frank. 

VI. Barton Detweiler, bn. August 13, 1842; died Janu- 
ary 11, 1843. 

— 478 — 

VI. Samuel Detweiler, bn. July 2, 1844. P. O., Glen 
Elder, Kan. 

VI. George Detweiler, bn. May 13, 1846; died Septem- 
ber 6, 1855. 

VI. Clara Detweiler, bn. Nov. 10, 1847. 

VI. Emma Detweiler, bn. June 15, 1850. 

VI. John Detweiler, bn. May 28, 1852. 

VI. Prank Detweiler, bn. Feb. 1, 1858. 

V. William H. Detweiler, bn. Nov. 3, 1817; died at 
Omaha, Neb., in 1891. Mrd. Mary rx>ngbaugh, in 1843. 
She was born in 1817; died Apr. 1, 1874. Children: VI. 
William Detweiler. VI. J. Barton Detweiler. VI. Mary 
Detweiler. VI. Laura Detweiler. VI. Josephine Detweiler. 

V. Isaac H. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 15, 1820; died Nov. 26, 
1890, at Toledo, Ohio. Mrd. Hannah Knabb, Feb. 14, 1843. 
Children: VI. John Detweiler. VI. Yoder Detvpeiler. VI. 
Abraham Detweiler. VI. Daniel Detweiler. VI. George 

V. Hannah Detweiler, bn. Oct. 8, 1822. Mrd. William 
H. Price, Feb. 8, 1844. He was born Sept. 26, 1819. P. O., 
Swarthmore, Pa. Children: . 

VI. Warren Price, bn. Mar. 15, 1846. 
VI. Abel Price, bn. Dec. 18, 1847. 

VI. William Price, bn. July -^0, 1850. 

VI. Mary Price, bn. Sept. 25, 1852. 

VI. Daniel Price, bn. Oct. 3, 1854. 

VI. Allen Price, bn. Nov. 18, 1856. 

VI. Ella Price, bn. Oct. 22, 1858. 

VI. Elizabeth Price, bn. Dec. 9, 1861. 

V. Mary Ann Detweiler, dec'd. S. 

V. Abraham Detweiler, bn. Jan. 21, 1827. Mrd. 

Amelia Wambach, Apr. 6, 1852. She died . Abraham 

mrd. second wife, Elizabeth Christman, May 26, 1857. 
Children: VI. Jacob Detweiler. VI. Luther Detweiler. 

Vl. Amelia Detweiler. VI. Mary Detweiler. VI. 

Detweiler. VI. Ella Detweiler. VI. Martha Detweiler. 
VI. Catharine Detweiler. 

V. Daniel Davis Detweiler, M. D., bn. in Montgomery 
Co., Pa., Aug. 4, 1829: died June 18, 1863. Mrd. Sarah A. 
Hobson, June 11, 1861. Mr. Detweiler moved to the Trappe 
early in life, and was educated at "Washington Hall,'* of 

— 479 — 

that place: received his medical education at the Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania, from which he graduated, and sub- 
sequently spent two years in Europe improving himself 
in his profession. Ref . ch. One child: 

VI. Stanley Hobson Detweiler, bn. Mar. 20, 1862; died 
Sept. 2, 1862. 

V. Benjamin H. Detweiler, M. D., bn. in Franconia, 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 6, 1831. Mrd. Louisa Grafins, 
Oct. 6, 1857. She died Nov. 6, 1885. Children: Thomas, 
Elizabeth, Harry, Mary. 

Benjamin mrd. second wife, Mrs. Mary Stowe Stewart 
(widow of Jas. H. Stewart), Oct. 1, 1887. P. O., Williams- 
port, Pa. Physician and surgeon. Presby. 

VI. Thomas Craig Detweiler, bn. Aug. 26, 1859. 
VI. Elizabeth G. Detweiler, bn. Mar. 31, 1862. 

VI. Harry C. Detweiler, bn. Oct. 27, 1865; died Mar. 
18, 1872. 

VI. Mary Detweiler, bn. Apr. 15, 1870. 

IV. Daniel Detweiler, bn. May 10, 1792; died Nov. 1, 
1832. Mrd. Catharine Reiff. She died Jan. 14, 1855, aged 
60 years, 10 months and 6 days. Children: George, John, 
Garret, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Henry. 

V. George R. Detweiler, born about 1811; died Oct. 
81, 1887, in his 76th year. Mrd. Annie Beyer, 

V. John R. Detweiler, bn. Sept. 12, 1816; died Sept. 
26, 1880. Mrd. Anna Pannepacker. Parmer. Children: 
Kate, Susan, Mary, Sarah. 

VI. Kate Detweiler, mrd. Josiah Hunsicker. P. O., 
Schwenkville, Pa. Children: VII. Daniel Hunsicker. VII. 
John Hunsicker. VII. William Hunsicker. VII. Katie 
Hunsicker. VII. Bessie Hunsicker. VII. Annie Hunsicker. 
Vli. Flora Hunsicker. VII. Sallle Hunsicker. VII. Laura 

VI. Susan Detweiler, mrd. Henry Cressman, dec'd. 
P. O., Schwenkville, Pa. Children: VII. Annie Cressman. 
Vil. Mary Cressman. VII. John Cressman. VII. Jesse Cress- 
man. VII. Sallie Cressman. VII. Willie Cressman. VII. 
Frank Cressman. VII. Lizzie Cressman. VII. Emma Cress- 
man. VII. E^na Cressman. 

VI. Mary Detweiler. S. 
VI. Sarah Detweiler. S. 

~ 480 — 

V. Garret Detweiler, mrd. Catharine Nyce, dec'd. 
One child, died infant. 

Garret mrd. second wife, Fannie Reiflf. She died Oct. 
21, 1875. Children: Catharine, George, Mary, Garret. 
Daniel, Abraham, Samuel, Elizabeth, Fannie, Annie. 

Garret mrd. third wife, Mrs. Catharine Neidig. 

VI. Catharine Detweiler, mrd. Joseph Benner. P. O. . 
Lederachsville, Pa. Children: 

VII. Lizzie Benner, mrd. James Landes. 
VII. Garret Benner, mrd. Barbara Mench. 
VII. Fannie Benner. 

VII. Emma Benner. 

VII. John Benner. 

VII. Kate Benner. 

VII. Susan Benner. 

VII. Joseph Benner. 

VI. Georg-e Detweiler, married Nancy Detweiler. 

VII. Leanna Detweiler, married John B. Bergey. 
School teacher. 

VII. Detweiler, dec'd. 

VII. Joseph Detweiler, mrd. Bergey. 

VII. Fannie Detweiler, died Feb. 26, 1886. 

VII. Harry Detweiler. 

VII. Abraham Detweiler. 

VII. Jacob Detweiler. 

VII. Annie Detweiler. 

VII. Mary Detweiler. 

VI. Mary Detweiler, bn. Dec. o, 1847. Mrd. Reuben 
K. Fretz, Nov. 21, 1868. He was born Dec. 2, 1846. P. O., 
Lucon, Pa. Parmer. Menn. Children: 

VII. Garret D. Fretz, bn. Sept. 28, 1869. 
VII. Fannie D. Fretz, bn. Dec. 8, 1871. 
VII. Annie D. Fretz, bn. Feb. 25, 1875. 

VII. William D. Fretz, bn. Mar. 13, 1877; died Octo- 
ber 11, 1879. 

VII. Henry D. Fretz, bn. July 21, 1879. 
VII. Wilson D. Fretz, bn. May 8, 1882. 
VII. Reuben D. Fretz, bn. Sept. 3, 1884. 
Vil. Abraham D. Fretz, bn. Apr. 27, 1887. 

VI. Garret Detweiler, bn. in 1849; died Feb. 16, 1887. 
ag^ed 37 years, 10 months and 5 days. Mrd. Mary Clemmer. 

(See pout Its.) 

— 481 - 

VI. Daniel Detweiler, died young. 

VI. Abraham Detweiler, mrd. Kate Drissel. P. O., 
Harleysville, Pa. Children: VII. Mamie Detweiler. VII. 
Harvey Detweiler. Names of other children not known. 

VI. Samuel Detweiler, died young. 
VI. Elizabeth Detweiler, died young. 

VI. Fannie R. Detweiler, bn. July 23, 1868. Mrd. John 
B. Delp, Jan. 29, 1876. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Farmer. 
Ger. Bap. One child: 

VII. Alice D. Delp, bn. July 19, 1882. 

VI. Annie Detweiler, mrd. Charles Pool. P. O., Skip- 
pack, Pa. No issue. 

V. Joseph Detweiler, mrd. Rachel Schultz. P. O. 
Creamery, Pa. Children: VI. Jacob Detweiler. VI. Kate 
Detweiler. VI. Mary Detweiler. 

V. Elizabeth Detweiler, dec'^d. 

V. Mary Detweiler, bn. Dec. 15, 1824. Mrd. Philip 
Markley, Jan. 28, 1844. He was born July 24, 1824; died 
May 26, 1881. Children: Catharine, Sarah, Mary, Deborah, 
Garret, and six died young. 

Mary mrd. second husband, Elias Grater. He died 
soon after. 

VI. Catharine Ann Markley, bn. Dec. 24, 1844. Mrd. 
Rev. Henry H. Johnson, Feb. 21, 1863. P. O., Creamery, 
Pa. Farmer and minister. Menu. Children: Mary, 
Sallie, Isaac, Katie, Henry, Lulu, Ellen, Markley. 

VII. Mary M. Johnson, bn. Feb. 6, 1864. Mrd. Henry 
Hetrick. Farmer. Menu. Children: 

VIII. Isaac Newton Hetrick, bn. Jan. 24, 1888. 
VIII, Clarence Hetrick, bn. Aug. 16, 1889. 
VIII. Sallie Hetrick, bn. Dec. 27, 1891. 

VIII. Clement Hetrick, bn. May 1, 1892. 

VII. Sallie M. Johnson, bn. Dec. 4, 1865. Mrd. Frank 
L. Dengler, Dec. 28, 1890. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Employed 
in creamery. Menu. One child, still-born. 

VII. Isaac M. Johnson, bn. Mar. 24, 1868. P. O., 
Creamery, Pa. Supt. of the creamery. 

VII. Katie M. Johnson, bn. Feb. 17, 1871. Mrd. Frank 
P. Detweiler, December 3, 1892. P. C, Creamery, Pa. 


— 482 — 

VII. Henry M. Johnson, bn. June 12, 1874. 

VII. Lulu M. Johnson, bn. Feb. 18, 1879. 

VII. Ellen M. Johnson, bn. Jan. 26, 1882. 

VII. Markley Johnson, bn. Sept. 12, 1886. 

VI. Sarah Markley, bn. Apr. 13, 1848. Mrd. Henry F. 
Kulp, Jan. 1, 1874. P. O., Ironbridge, Pa. Carpenter. 

VII. Mary M. Kulp, bn. Nov. 9, 1874. S. 
VII. Emma M. Kulp, bn. Sept. 20, 1877. 

VII. Sallle Jane M. Kulp, bn. May 24, 1879. 
VII. Idella M. Kulp, bn. Jan. 20, 1882. 
VII. Susie May Kulp, bn. May 10, 1890. 

VI. Mary Markley, bn. Jan. 25, 1854. Mrd. Henry M. 
Kratz, December 15, 1877. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Menn. 

VII. Irene M. Kratz, bn. Oct. 26, 1878. 
VII. Jennie M. Kratz, bn. Dec. 11, 1888. 

VI. Deborah Markley, bn. July 25, 1859. Mrd. Prank 
Z. Bean. Children: VII. Minnie Bertha Bean. VII. Flora 
Bean. VII. Jennie Bean. 

VI. Garret Markley. 

V. Catharine Detweiler, mrd. Abeltus Keely. P. O.. 
Phoenixvllle, Pa. Children: Henry, Hannah, Horace. 
Lewis, Laura. 

VI. Henry W. Keely, married Lydia Barlow. P. O., 
Phoenixvllle, Pa. Teleg^raph operator. 

VI. Hannah Keely. 

VI. Horace Keely. P. O., Phoenixvllle, Pa. 
VI. Lewis Keely. P. O., Phoenixvllle, Pa. 
VI. Laura Keely, mrd. S. P. Davis. P. O., Phoenix- 
vllle, Pa. 

V. Henry Detweiler. 

III. Barbara Funk, bn. Jan. 22, 1760; died July 27, 1798. 
Mrd. Rev. John Reiff. Miller. Lived at what Is known as 
Reiff's Mill, in Montgromery Co. He was a minister of the 
*'Funkite" ch., and built a meeting" house* for that sect 

* This meetingr house with one-half acre of land was inherited by his 
son, lohn F. Rciff. who, by his will, Aug. U, 18S0. bequeathed it to the Ger. 
Bap. church. 

— 483 — 

on the "Forty foot" road in Towamencin, in 1814, on land 
he had purchased from executors of Jacoh Fry. Children: 
John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary. 

IV. John F. Reiff, bn. Apr. (5, 1785; died Sept. 5, 1833. 
Mrd. Catharine Price, daughter of Henry Price, May 30, 
1808. She died Nov. 1, 1820, aged 31 years, 1 month and 18 
days. Miller. Lived on the homestead. Dunkard. Chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, Henry, Mary, Lydia, Elizabeth. 

John mrd. second wife Margaret, widow of John Stem, 
and daughter of Gabriel Swartzlander, of Bucks Co., Pa., 
June 10, 1821. She died Dec. 12, 1858, aged 77 years, 8 
months and 4 days. One child: Catharine. 

V. Elizabeth Reiff, bn. Nov. 9, 1809; died Feb. 12, 1810. 

V. Henry P. Reiff, bn. Sept. 26, 1811. Mrd. Maria 
Benner, Mar. 2, 1834. P. O., Creamery, Pa. Miller. 
Children: Sarah, Emeline, Deborah, Charles, Cornelius, 
Maria, Lucinda. 

VI. Sarah Ann Reiff, bn. Apr. 3, 1835. Mrd. John C. 
Hunsicker. P. C, Lederachsville, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

VII. Henry R. Hunsicker, married Lizzie Geisinger. 
P. O., Lederachsville, Pa. VII. Emma Hunsicker, married 
Henry F. Alderfer. P. O., Lederachsville, Pa. VII. Mary 
Hunsicker, dec'd. VII. Charles R. Hunsicker. VII. Sallie 
Hunsicker. VII. A bram R. Hunsicker. VII. Lucinda Hun. 
sicker. VII. John R. Hunsicker. VII. Ida Hunsicker. VII* 
Alvin R. Hunsicker. 

VI. Emeline Reiff, bn. Sept. 25, 1836. Mrd. Henry 
Sergey. P. O., Perkiomenville, Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. John C- Bergey. VII. Emma R. Bergey, mrd. 
Frank Rosenberger. VII. William R. Bergey. VII. Henry 
R. Bergey, married Lizzie Penny packer. P. O., Bergey, 
Pa. VII. Edwin R. Bergey. VII. Lincoln R. Bergey. VII. 
Cornelius U. Bergey. VII. Hannah R. Bergey. VII. Gar- 
ret H. Bergey. VII. Maria L. Bergey. VII. Lena R. Ber- 
gey. VII. Sarah R. Bergey. 

Vi. Deborah Reiff, bn. Sept. 28, la^S. P. O., Schwenk- 
ville, Pa. Menn. S. 

VI. Charles Reiff, bn. Sept. 7, 1840; died July 12, 18U. 
VI. Cornelius Reiff, bn. Jan. 29, 184.3: died Feb. 6, 1843! 

— 484 — 

VI. Maria Relif, bn. Aug. 30, 1847. Mrd. Garret T. 
HunBicker. {See Index of References^ No. 16,) 

Yl. Lucinda B. ReiflP, bn. May 7, 1854. Mrd. Wm. H. 
Bechtel, Dec. 13, 1883. P. O., Schwenkville, Pa. Farmer. 
Ref . ch. One child: 

VII. William R. Bechtel, bn. May 15, 1889. 

V. Mary P. Reiif, bn. Sept. 23, 1814. Mrd. John C. 
Tyson. He died Apr. 9, 1864, aged 59 years, 5 months and 
22 days. Farmer. Children: Amos, Henry, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Sarah. 

VI. Amos R. Tyson, bn. Nov. 6, 1833; died Oct. 24, 1852. 
VI. Henry R. Tyson, mrd. Lydia Helser. P. O., Iron- 
bridge, Pa. 

VI. Elizabeth Tyson, bn. July 6, 1837: died May 4, 1881. 
Mrd. Philip M. Hunsicker. {See Index of References^ No. 17.) 

VI. Mary Tyson, bn. Dec. 2, 1841; died Oct. 30, 1868. 
Mrd. .Jonas M. Hallman. 

VI. Sarah Tyson, bn. Aug. 19, 1850; died Oct. 6, 1865. 

V. Lydia Reiflf, bn. Oct. 21, 1816. Mrd. William 
Bishop, dec'd. P. O., Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Children: Sarah, William, Mary. 

VI. Sarah Bishop, mrd. Joseph Knight. P. O., Mt. 
Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. Children: VII. Maggie Knight. 
VII. William Knight. 

VI. William Bishop, mrd. . 

VI. Mary Bishop, mrd. . One daughter. 

V. Elizabeth P. Reiff, bn. Feb. 23, 1819; died Apr. 16, 
1880. Mrd. Isaac Ritter, Dec. 24, 1840. He died Feb. 22, 1856, 
aged 44 years. Farmer. Children: Andora, Mary, Andrew. 

VI. Andora Ritter, mrd. Lewis StauflFer, dec'd. P. 0.» 
Bethlehem, Pa. Children: 

VII. Esther Elizabeth Stauflfer, married William H. 
Thomas. Conductor on R. R. 

VII. Annie Stauffer. 

VII. Mary Stauffer, died Feb. 7, 1872, aged 2 years and 
4 months. 

VII. Maggie Stauffer, died May 4, 1875, aged 3 years, 
3 months and 23 days. 

VI. Mary Ritter, mrd. Joseph Stover. P. O., Lans- 
dale. Pa. 

— 485 — 

VI. Andrew Jackson Ritter, died Aug. 25, 1885, aged 
33 years, 2 months and 23 days. 

V. Catharine Relff, bn. Mar. 15, 1822. Mrd. George 
Miller. Lived and died in Philadelphia, Pa. Dunkards. 
No issue* 

IV. Jacob Reiff, bn. at Reiff's Mill, in Lower Salford 
Twp., Oct. 14, 1787; died Jan. 29, 1826, aged 38 years, 3 
months and 15 days. Mrd. Elizabeth Kolb. She was born 
in Skippack Twp., in 1797; died Apr. 5, 1890, aged 91 years, 
9 months and 22 days. Farmer. Menn. Baptized in the 
Little Branch, by Rev. Henry Hunsicker. Children: 
William, Henry, John, Mary, Mary. 

V. William K. Reiff, bn. Jan. 22, 1819, d^c'd. Mrd. 
Amelia Miller, daughter of Peter Miller. Address, 1616 
Brown St., Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

VI. Savillion M. Reiff, mrd. Matilda Opperman. Res., 
Philadelphia, Pa. VI. Emanuel Reiff. Res., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. S. VI. Jacob P. Reiff, married Ella Reese. 
Res, Philadelphia, Pa. VI. Lizzie Reiff, died infant. VI. 
Urbane Reiff. VI. Charles Wesley Reiff. VI. Mary Reiff, 
dec'd. VI. Mary Reiff. 

V. Henry K. Reiff, bn. Feb. 6, 1821; died Sept. 11, 1857 
Mrd. Mary Steiner. Farmer. Menn. Children: Lizzie, 
Mary, Isaac, Elijah, Annie, Nathan, Jane, Susanna, Cath- 
arine, Emma. 

VI. Lizzie S. Reiff, mrd. Robert E. Lynch. Res., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. Children: VII. Robert Lynch, dec'd. VII. 
Edith Lynch, dec*d. VII. Clarence Lynch. VII. Robert 
Emanuel Lynch. 

VI. Mary S. Reiff, mrd. Isaac Gregg. He died in 1872 
aged 55 years. Inventor of fire-brick making machine. 
He went to Paris, Prance, where he remained one year 
during the Exposition at that place. Children: 

VII. Marsie Eugene Gregg, bn. in the Hotel De Louvre, 
Paris, France. 

VII. Florence Gregg. 

VII. Oliver Armsby Gregg, died young. 

VI. Isaac Reiff, mrd. Margaret Crowell. Res., 853 
N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Plasterer, also a skilled 

— 486 — 

taxidermist, and kept store of stuffed birds of various 
kinds. VI. Elijah Reiff. VJ. Annie Relff. VI. Nathan Reiff, 
died young. VI. Jane Reiff, died youn^. VI. Susanna 
Reiff, died young. VI. Susanna Reiff, died young. VI. 
Emma Reiff, died young. 

V. John K. Reiff, bn. at Reiff' s Mill in Lower Salford 
Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., Sept. 14, 1822. Mrd. Sarah 
Cassel, Sept. 18, 1852. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. Farmer. Ger. 
Bap. Children: Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Hannah, 
Isaiah, Sarah, John, Lavina, Annie. 

VI. Mary Reiff, bn. Oct. 10, 1853. Mrd. Samuel Wei- 
kel. He died Sept. 27, 1875. One child: VII. Joanna 

Mary mrd. second husband, George W. Zimmerman. 
P. O , College ville. Pa. One child: VII. Freeman Zim- 

VI. Elizabeth Reiff, bn. May 7, 1856; died Sept. 3, 
1877. Ger. Bap. 

VI. Martha Reiff, bn, in Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 
10, 1858. Mrd. John I. Bechtel, Feb. 5, 1881. P. O., Yerkes, 
Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Albert R. Bechtel, bn. Mar. 21, 1882. 
VII. Abram H. Bechtel, bn. July 25, 1884. 
VII. John R Bechtel, bn. Dec. 28, 1886. 
VII. Sara E Bechtel, bn. Oct. 31, 1890. 
VM. Anna Mae Bechtel, bn. Oct. 8, 1893. 
VII. Mary Ruth Bechtel, bn. Apr. 11, 1898. 

VI. Hannah Reiff, bn. Dec. 3, 1860; died Dec. 19, 1867. 

VI. Isaiah Reiff, bn. Aug. 5, 1863. Mrd. Annie Got- 
wals, daughter of John Gotwals. P. O., Yerkes, Pa. 

VI. Sarah Reiff, bn. Aug. 7, 1865. Ger. Bap. 

VI. John C. Reiff, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 
28, 1866. Lived on his father's farm near Yerkes, Pa., 
until he was 19. Attended Ursinus College in 1885. Later 
he entered the drugstore of LeviOberholtzer, at Phoenix- 
ville, Pa., but oq account of ill health was compelled to 
give it up in less than two years. He then traveled for a 
wholesale grain, flour and feed firm until 1890, when, on 
Mar. 24th of that year, he entered the Brethren's Normal 
College at Huntingdon, Pa., from which institution he 

— 487 — 

g^raduated June 23, 1892, and is now teaching and studying* 
in that institution. Ger. Bap. S. 

VI. Lavina ReiflP, bn. Feb. 24, 1868; died Aug. 12, 1868. 

VI. Annie Reiff, bn. Oct. 10, 1869. S. 

V. Mary Reiff, died infant. 

V. Mary Reiff, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 6, 
1826. Mrd. Daniel Cassel, Nov. 7, 1844. He was born Aug. 
9, 1816: died Sept. 25, 1892. P. O., Cedars, Pa. Merchant. 
Menn. Children: Lizzie, Isaac, Sylvanus, John, Annie, 

VI. Lizzie Cassel, bn. Nov. 27, 1845; died July 15, 1848. 

VI. Isaac R. Cassel, bn. July 6, 1849; died in 1894. 
Mrd. Minnie Cresson, daughter of John Cresson. P. 0.» 
North Wales, Pa. Children: VII. Daniel Cassel. • VII. 
Cresson Cassel. VII. Eveline Cassel, died infant. 

VI, Sylvanus Cassel, bn. Aug. 23, 1853; died November 
26, 1856. 

VI. John R. Cassel, A. M., LL. B., bn. in Montgomery 
Co., Pa., Nov. 24, 1856. Was educated at F. and M. Col- 
lege, Lancaster, Pa., Princeton University, and Univer- 
sity of Pennsylvania. Practices law in Philadelphia, 
and Lectures on commercial law at Pierce School of 
Business. S. 

VI. Annie R. Cassel, bn. Feb. 27, 1860. P. C, Cedars, 
Pa. Single. 

VI. Emanuel R. Cassel, bn. Nov. 11, 1862. P. 6., Potts- 
town, Pa. S. 

IV. Elizabeth Reiff, bn. about 1790; died in 1862. Mrd. 
Abraham Ruth. He died in 1850. Farmer and miller, in 
Lower Towamencin. Menn. Children: Catharine, Annie, 
John, Henry, Abraham, Daniel, Franie, Elizabeth, Mary, 

V. Catharine Ruth, died May 11, 1890. Mrd. Samuel 
Kindig. He died Apr. 12, 1869, aged 63 years, 1 month 
and 20 days. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Abraham, 

VI. Abraham R. Kindig, mrd. Annie Shuler. P. O., 
Harleysville, Pa. Mason. Luth. Children: Isaiah, 
Mary, Emma. 

— 488 — 

Vil. Isaiah H. S. Kindig, mrd. Mary Claypole. Res.. 
Philadelphia, Pa. Druggrigt. One child: VIII. Harold 

VII. Mary Kindig, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct« 
27, 1855. Mrd. C. Owen Emery. He was born in Berks 
Co., Pa., June 26, 1850. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Button- 
hole maker. Children: 

VIII. Isaiah Henry Emery, bn. Dec. 10, 1873. Coat 
presser. Luth. S. 

VIII. Mary Adda Emery, bn. May 29, 1874; died Aug. 
10, 1874. 

VIII. Lizzie Minerva Emery, bn. May 10, 1875. Com- 
positor on the Harleysville News. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. 
Luth. Single. 

VIM. Carrie Emery, bn. Nov. 7, 1882. 

VII. Emma Catharine Kindig, mrd. George W. Egolf. 
P. O., Harleysville, Pa. Clothing manufacturer. Lutb. 

VI. Abner L. Kindig, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Mar. 18, 1831. Mrd. Catharine Gerhart, Dec. 4, 1869. She 
was born Oct. 1, 1837. P. O., Souderton, Pa. Wheelwright 
and farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Hannah, William, 
John, Catharine, Mary, Jonas. 

VII. Hannah G. Kindig, bn. Apr. 6, 1862. Mrd. Oliver 
S. Hunsberger, Sept. 24, 1885. He was born Aug. 28, 1863. 

VII. William Henry Kindig, bn. Sept. 1, 1866. 
VII. John Landis Kindig, bn. Aug. 12, 1869. 

VII. Catharine G. Kindig, bn. Feb. 4, 1872. Mrd. 
James S. Miller, Apr. 30, 1892. He was born Feb. 9, 1869. 
One child: 

VIII. Florence Miller, bn. Sept. 18. 1893. 

VII. Mary G. Kindig, bn. Sept. 22, 1874. 
VII. Jonas G. Kindig, bn. May 19, 1878. 

V. Annie Ruth, died single, aged 20 years. 
V. John Ruth, died young. 
V. Henry Ruth, died young. 

V. Abraham R. Ruth, bn. at Indian Creek, in 1813. 
Mrd. Annie Weirman. P. O., Kulpsville, Pa. Retired 
farmer. Menn. Children: Abraham, Henry, Elizabeth, 
Benjamin, Catharine, Daniel, Annie. 

VI. Abraham W. Ruth, died in infancy. 

— 489 — 

VI. Henry W. Ruth, died young. 
VI. Elizabeth W. Ruth, died infant. 

VI. Benjamin W. Ruth, hn. Nov. 16, 1841; died Nov. 

11, 1887. Mrd. Elizabeth Rosenberger, in 1868. Farmer. 
Menu. Children: VII. Clayton Ruth. VII. Esther Ruth. 

VI. Catharine W. Ruth, bn. in 1843. Mrd. Isaac K. 
Young. P. O., Orvilla, Pa. Ger. Bap. Children: Abra- 
ham, Isaac, Elizabeth, Fannie, Annie, Amelia, Martha, 
Sallie, Mary, Catharine, Milton. 

VII. Abraham W. Young, mrd. Amanda Posbenner. 
P. O., Hatfield, Pa. One child: VIII. Young. 

VII. Isaac R. Young, mrd. Amanda Simons. P. O., 
Schwenkville, Pa. Printer. One child: VIII. Young. 

VII. Elizabeth R. Young, married Abraham Snyder. 
P. C, Souderton, Pa. 

VII. Fannie R. Young, married Samuel Souder. One 
child: VIII. Souder. 

VII. Annie R. Young. 

VII. Amelia R. Young. 

VII. Martha R. Young. 

VII, Sallie and Mary Young (twins). 

VII. Catharine Young. 

VII. Milton Young, died infant. 

VI. Daniel W. Ruth, bn. in 1845. P. O., Kulpsville, Pa. 

VI. Annie W. Ruth, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Apr. 

12, 1856. Mrd. Rev. Benjamin C. Krupp, Jan. 29, 1876. 
P. O., Bangor, Pa. Minister of Ev. Ass'n. ch. Children: 

VII. Lillie May Krupp, bn. July 21, 1877; died Febru- 
ary 17, 1884. 

VII. Jennie Minerva Krupp, bn. Apr. 4, 1880: died 
Feb. 3, 1884. 

VII. Aimee Estella Krupp, bn. Apr. 1885. 
VII. Ruth Naomi Krupp, bn. May 18, 1892. 

V. Daniel Ruth, committed suicide in Ohio. S. 

V. Fannie Ruth, dec'd. Mrd. Lorenzo Nuss, dec'd. 
Children: Abraham, Lorenzo, and two died young. 

— 490 — 

VI. Abraham News,* mrd. Mary Gilbert. One child: 
VH. New8, died young". 

VI. Lorenzo News, mrd. . 

V. Elizabeth Ruth, dec'd. Mrd. Lewis Wasserf. He 
died in Illinois. Children: 

VI. Abraham Wattcrd, died single. 
VI. Mary Watters, died single. 

VI. Hannah Watters, mrd. . 

VI. Lizzie Watters, mrd. . He died . 

VI. Susan Watters. S. 

VI. Kate Watters, mrd. . 

VI. Henry Watters. 

VI. Amanda Watters, mrd. 
VI. Annie Watters, mrd. — 

V. Mary Ruth, died young. 
V. Sarah Ruth, died young. 

IV. Catharine Reitf, married Rev. Abraham Harley. 
Ger. Bap. Lived in Ohio. Children: V. Abraham Har- 
ley. Names of other children not known. 

IV. Mary Reiflf, bn. July 25, 1794: died in Harleysville, 
Pa., Oct. 16, 1873. Mrd. Rev. William Price. He died 
Aug. 7, 1849, aged 59 years, 11 months and 9 days. He was 
a very popular elder and preacher of the German Baptist 
church. Parmer. Children: Nathan, Lydia, Catharine* 
Mary, Elizabeth, Timothy, William, Sophia, Magdalena, 

V. Nathan Price, dec'd. Mrd. Magdalena Shroyer. 
Moved to Ohio. Had issue. 

V. Lydia Price, died Oct. 4, 1853, aged 36 years, 6 
months and 6 days. Mrd. Elias Kurtz. One child: 

VI. William Kurtz, mrd. . P. O., Royers Ford, Pa. 

No issue. 

V. Catharine Price. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. S. 

V. Mary Price, mrd. John Fisher. P.O., Pottstown, 
Pa, No issue. 

V. Elizabeth R. Price, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa. 
Mrd. Samuel H. Cassel, Jan. 18, 1846. He was born Oct. 

* Name chang^ed from Nuss to News. 

t Name changed from Wasser to Watters. 


— 491 — 

28, 1809; died Feb., 1894. P. O., Harleysville, Pa. He was 
for many years engaged in general store business, later 
dealer in carriages and hardware. Ger. Bap. Children: 
Rosalinda, Franklin, Mary. 

VI. Rosalinda P. Cassel, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., 
Feb. 22, 1847. Mrd. Samuel S. Kalebaugh. P. O., Prairie 
Center, Kan. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Mary C. Kalebaugh, bn. Oct. 8, 1872. Ger. Bap. 
VII. William C. Kalebaugh, bn. Jan. 22, 1874. Ger. Bap. 
VII. Samuel C. Kalebaugh, l)n. Jan. 22, 1875; died 

Mar. 30, 1875. 

VII. Jesse C. Kalebaugh, bn. May 11, 1876. Ger. Bap- 

Vli. Harvey C. Kalebaugh, bn. Mar. 16, 1877; died 
Aug. 31, 1877. 

VII. Lemuel Hilary C. Kalebaugh, bn. Nov. 3, 1878; 
died Jan. 5, 1879. 

VII. Samuel Paul Kalebaugh, bn. Dec. 28, 1879; died 
Oct. 29, 1883. 

VII. Lizzie C. Kalebaugh, bn. Mar. 24, 1881; died Aug. 
30, 1881. 

VII. Debbie Annie C. Kalebaugh, bn. Mar. 18, 1884. 

VII. Trostle Daniel C. Kalebaugh, bn. Nov. 17, 1888. 

VII. Katie May C. Kalebaugh, bn. Feb. 5, 1891; died 
Feb. 22, 1891. 

VI. Rev. Franklin P. Cassel, bn. in Montg. Co , Pa., 
Dec. 16, 1849. Mrd. Catharine Hoag, Dec. 22, 1870. P. O., 
Lansdale, Pa. Dealer in field and garden seeds, manu- 
facturer of the P. P. C. Preparation for poultry. Elder of 
the German Baptist church, to which much of his time 
is devoted. Children: 

VII. Lizzie H. Cassel, bn. Sept. 4, 1872. Ger. Bap. S. 
VII. Mary H. Cassel, bn. Jan. 3, 1875. Ger. Bap. S. 
VII. Miriam H. Cassel, bn. Feb. 22, 1877. Ger. Bap. 
VII. Lydia H. Cassel, bn. Feb. 4, 1880. " 

VII. Sarah H. Cassel, bn. Feb. 12, 1883. 
VII. Samuel H. Cassel, bn. June 7, 1886. 
VII. Naomi H. Cassel, bn. October 28, 1889; died Mar. 
14, 1890. 

VI. Mary P. Cassel, bn. Jan. 20, 1858. Mrd. Peter M. 
Frederick. P. O., Lansdale, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. 

— 492 — 

VII. Minnie May C. BYederick, bn. Dec. 11, 1878. 

VII. William C. Frederick, bn. Oct. 1, 1880. 

VII. Lydia C. Frederick, bn. Dec. 5, 1881. 

VII. Nelson C. Frederick, bn. Oct. 5, 1885. 

VII. Emma Laura C. Frederick, bn. July 31, 1889. 

V. Timothy Price, mrd. Fannie Gotwals. She died 
-. One child: VI. Price, dec'd. 

V. William Price, died Mar., 1834, aged 7 years. 

V. Sophia Price, bn. Mar. 12, 1830, in Montgomery 
Co., Pa. Mrd. Ignatiou^ Kern, Jan. 9, 1852. P. O., Royers 
Ford, Pa. Retired farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: Will- 
iam, Mary, Jeremiah, Franklin, Samuel, Lizzie, Edwin, 
Benjamin, Reuben. 

VI. William P. Kern, bn. Dec. 9, 1852. Mrd. Hannah 
Harley, about 1875. P. O., Hamlin, Kan. Farmer. River 
Brethren ch. Children: VII. Avery Kern. VII. Jeremiah 
Kern. VII. Milton Kern. VII. Anna Kern, dec'd. VII. Samuel 
Kern, dec'd. VII. Amanda Kern, dec'd. VII. Isaiah Kern? 
dec'd. VII. Daniel Kern, dec'd. 

VI. Mary P. Kern, bn. Feb. 6, 1855: died Jan. 20, 1873. 

VI. Jeremiah P. Kern, bn. Nov. 26, 1856. Mrd. Lizzie 
Cassel. P. O., Hope, Kan. Farmer. River Brethren ch. 
Children: VII. Sarah Kern. VII. John Kern, dec d. VII. 
Alice Kern. VII. p:dwin Kern. VII. Ella Kern. 

VI. Franklin P. Kern, bn. July 25, 1859. Mrd. Clara 
Swade. P. C, Hamlin, Kan. River Brethren ch. Chil- 
dren: VII. Abraham Kern. VII. John Kern. VII. Archi- 
bald Kern. 

VI. Samuel P. Kern, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., May 
6, 1862., Mrd. Mary Halderman. P. O., Wichita, Kan. 
Dealer in cattle. River Brethren ch. Children: VII. Ma- 
bel Kern. VIII. Bertie Kern. VII. Sophia Kern. 

VI. Lizzie P. Kern, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 
17. 1864. Mrd. William F. Gotshall, Dec. 15, 1888. P. O., 
Royers Ford, Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Children: 

VII. Reinhart K. Gotshall, bn. Mar. 28, 1890. 

VII. Edwin and Albert K. Gotshall (twins), bn. Jan. 
16, 1892. 

VII. Hiram K. Gotshall, bn. Aug. 15, 1893. 
VII. Elizabeth K. Gotshall, bn. Sept. 27, 1896. 

— 493 — 

VI. Edwin P. Kern, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., July 
10, 1867. Mrd. Lizzie Poley. P. O., Royers Ford, Pa. 
Farmer. Children: VII. Alice Kern. VII. Rubena Kern. 

VI. Benjamin P. Kern, bn. Dec. 2, 1869. S. 
VI. Reuben P. Kern, bn. Aug. 12, 1872. S. 

V. Magdalena Price, died July 2, 1891, aged 58 years, 
6 months and 20 days. Mrd. Abraham Heckler. P. O., 
Harlej'sville, Pa. One child: 

VI. Amanda Heckler, died Dec. 17, 1877, aged 25 years, 
3 months and 26 days. Mrd. Samuel Bergey. P. O., Har- 
leysville. Pa. Farmer. Children: 

VII. Catharine Bergey, died Nov. 23, 1880, aged 9 
years, 1 month and 13 days. 

VII. Henry Bergey, died Oct. 26, 1880, aged 7 years, 
3 months and 5 days. 

VII. Magdalena Bergey, died Oct. 29, 1880, aged 5 
years, 8 months and 19 days. 

VII. Abraham Bergey. 

V. Benjamin Price, mrd. Mary Boaz. P. O., Passer, 
Pa. Farmer. Ger. Bap. Daughter: 

VI. Amanda Price, mrd. Hartman. P. O., Center 

Valley, Pa. 

III. Sarah Funk, dec'd. Mrd. Brodt. Descend- 
ants if any not found. 

III. Rev. John Funk, dec'd. Mrd. Ann . She died 

May 5, 1797, aged 34 yrs., 3 mos. Farmer. After the death 
of his father, the care of the church known as the *'Funk- 
ites'* was in a great measure committed to his manage- 
ment, but it is said that he did not excel in his calling, 
(though he was a good man), and in consequence the 
church declined. His fine large farm, located east of the 
lower end of Evansburg, on the Skippack Creek, he in- 
herited from his father. During the war of 1812 he took 
to speculating, and when the crisis came after the war, 
his property was swept away, and he became dependent. 
Tradition hands down a saying of his, to his boys, (one a 
merchant, and the other running the farm,) "Buy land, 
boys, buy land, plenty of money, they make money at 
Norristown." He finally moved to Berks Co., and died 
there. Children: Abraham, Magdalena, John, Catharine, 
and by a second wife, four daughters. 

— 494 — 
IV. Abraham Funk, dec'd. Mrd. 

IV. Magdalena Funk, decM. Married John Custer. 

V. Christian Custer. V. John Custer. V. Israel Cus- 
ter. V. Garret Custer. V. Joshua Custer. V. William 
Custer. V. George Custer. V Ann Custer, mrd. Abra. 
ham A. Detweiler. {See Index of References^ No, IS.) 
V. Susanna Custer, dec'd. Mrd. Alexander Black- 
burn, dec'd. He was born in England, and came to Amer- 
ica when but two years old. Farmer. Children: David. 
Catharine, William. 

VI. David C. Blackburn, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa- 
Dec. 30, 1837; died Sept. 30, 1879. Mrd. Mary D. Detweiler, 
daughter of Rev. George Detweiler, in 1858. Farmer and 
miller. Ger. Bap. Children: George, Dilman, Jane, Al- 
exander, liobert, Samuel, Eunice, John, William. 

VII. George D. Blackburn, bn. Nov. 23, 1860. Mrd. 

Emily Morris. She died . No issue. George married 

second wife, Carrie Wilson, of St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 15, 
1889. P. O., Royers Ford, Pa. Carpenter and miller. 
Mrs. Blackburn, Presby. Children: VIII. Dilman W. 
Blackburn. VIII. Eunice W. Blackburn. 

VII. Dilman D. Blackburn, bn. Nov. 14, 1862. Mrd. 
Ella Peters, in 1888. P. O., Eagleville, Pa. No issue. 

VII. Jane D. Blackburn, bn. Feb. 17, 1865. Mrd. Jacob 
H. Moyer, Dec. 5, 1885. P. O., Elroy, Pa. Agent for 
books and medicines. Menu. Br. in Christ. Children: 

VIII. Lucy B. Moyer, bn. Oct. 1, 1886. 
VIII. Menno B. Moyer, bn. Nov. 17, 1887. 
VIII. Mary B. Moyer, bn. Nov. 30, 1889. 
VIII. William B. Moyer, bn. Jan. 24, 1892. 
VIII. Jennie B. Moyer, bn. June 24, 1894. 

VII. Alexander D. Blackburn, bn. July 28, 1867. S. 

VII. Robert D. Blackburn, bn. Nov. 5, 1869; died Nov. 
26, 1869. 

VII. Samuel D. Blackburn, bn. May 24, 1871. S. 

VII. Eunice D. Blackburn, bn. Aug. 31, 1873. S. 

VII. John D. Blackbiirn, bn. Dec. 26, 1875. 

VII. William D. Blackburn, bn. July 15, 1878. 

VI. Catharine Blackburn, bn. in Lower Salford Twp., 
Montgomery Co., Pa., Dec. 10, 1838. Mrd. John G. Tyson, 

— 495 — 

Jan. 18, 1859. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Mr. Tyson owns and 
has managed the Veranda House in Norristown, for 22 
, years. Attend the Presbyterian church. Children: Ab- 
ner, Frank, Josie, John» Catharine, Harry, Perry, Susie, 
Katie, Edna, Irene, Robert. 

VII. Abner B. Tyson, bn. Dec. 10, 1859; died July 26, 
1896. Mrd. Carrie Fageley, Dec. 6, 1880. Shirt manufac- 
turer. Attends Ref. ch. One child: 

VIII. Charles Tyson, bn. Sept. 5, 1883. 

VII. Frank B. Tyson, bn. Mar. 28, 1861. P. O., Norris- 
town, Pa. Clothing cutter. S. 

VII. Josie B. Tyson, bn. Nov. 9, 1862; died Jan. 22, 1866. 

VII. John B. Tyson, bn. May 20, 1865; died Jan. 8, 1866. 

VII. Catharine B. Tyson, bn. May 18, 1867; died June 
21, 1867. 

VII. Harry B. Tyson, bn. Apr. 20, 1868. Mrd. Mary 
Da vies, Apr. 26, 1891. P. O., Norristown, Pa. Member of 
firm of Tyson Bros., shirt manufacturers. Luth. One child: 

VIII. Catharine Tyson, bn. Oct. 10, 1895. 

VII. Perry B. Tyson, bn. June 9, 1871. Mrd. Mary Mc- 
Clocken, Jan. 1897. P. C, Norristown, Pa. Clerk in bank. 

VII. Susan B. Tyson, bn. June 1, 1873. Mrd. Franklin 
H. Watts, June, 1894. Res., Philadelphia, Pa. Collector. 
Presby. One child: 

VIII. Tyson J. Watts, bn. Sept. 22, 1896. 

VII. Katie B. Tyson, bn. Nov. 9, 1875. Mrd. Reuben 
D. Weaver, Jan., 1898. P. O., Seeley, N. J. Manager of 
flour mill. Presby. 

VII. Edna May Tyson, bn. Aug. 19, 1877; died May 
11, 1881. 

VII. Irene B. Tyson, bn. September 23, 1880; died May 
20, 1881. 

VII. Robert D. B. Tyson, bn. Aug. 13, 1885. 

VI. William C. Blackburn, mrd. Kate Hunsberger, 
P. O., Ambler, Pa. One child: VII. Irwin Blackburn. 

IV. John Funk, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa., about 1793 
or 1794; died at Perkiomen Bridge, about 1829. Mrd. 

Christiana Baughman. She was born in 1797; died . 

Farmer. Menu. (Funkite). Children: David, Elizabeth, 
George, Henry, Jeremiah. 

— 496 — 

V. David W. Funk, died Mar., 1891. Mrd. Elizabeth 
Hiley. Children: Martha, John. 

VI. Martha Funk, mrd. Peter Houck. P. O., Shan- 
nonville. Pa. No issue. 

VI. John Funk, mrd. Valeria Stout. Children: 

VII. Walton Funk. P. O., Boyertown, Pa. 
VII. A daughter. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Montgomery Co., Pa.: died 
. Mrd. Richard Rayser. P. O., Bridgeport, Pa. 


VI. Christiana Rayser, mrd. Kenzie. P. O., West 

Conshohocken, Pa. VI. Hannah Rayser. VI. Emma Ray- 
ser. VI. Annie Rayser. VI. Enoch Rayser. 

V. George Funk, dec'd. Baptist. S. 

V. Rev. Henry R. Funk, bn. in Lower Providence 
Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., June 15, 1822. Mrd. Charlotte 
Radcliffe, Jan. 9, 1846. She died Mar. 10, 1851. Children: 
Christiana, Mary. 

Henry mrd. second wife, Martha A. Hiles, Mar. 4, 
1852. She died June 1, 1898. Res., M. E. Home, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Meth. Ep. Children: Anna, Charles, Martha, 
George, Edwin, Eugene, Horace. 

During the early part of his life he was engaged in 
the tobacco and cigar business, in which business he con- 
tinued until the Lord enlightened his mind, when he gave 
it up, together with the habit of smoking and chewing, 
the Lord taking away the appetite in answer to prayer. 

He was Post master at Collegeville for about nine 
years, after which he moved to Philadelphia. He was 
converted in B^b., 1850. In 1858 his health failed, and 
in the winter of 1S(>0 he expected to die of an incurable 
disease: but while on his knees he opened the Bible on 
the following passage, "The Lord has afflicted thee sore, 
but hast not given thee over unto death. Thou shalt not 
die, but live and declare the works of the Lord." The next 
day, without any effort, he again opened the Bible and his 
eyes lighted on the same passage. That was his call to 
preach, when he thought he was to die. His physician 
told him he might live two or three years if he would 
move to the country, which he did in May, 1861, and he is 
yet living, but the doctor has been dead some years. 

— 497 — 

In 1864 he received license to preach at Evansburg 
Quarterly Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, 
by Rev. Wm. Grey, P. E., and was ordained deacon in 
1875, at the Philadelphia conference, held at Norristowni 
Pa., by Bish. Matthew Simpson. He has served as a sup- 
ply at St. Luke's Reformed church, Trappe, and had a 
call to a church of that denomination, but owingf to the 
fact that he had been broken down in health for more 
than fifteen years, he thought it unwise to take pastor- 
ate of any church. 

The greatest work of his life occurred since 1861. 
The Lord who called him through the most physical 
weakness, has done wonders in three separate revivals in 
the county. 

In 1879, just before the greatest work, all things con- 
sidered, of his life of which the Lord made him iostru- 
mental, the Lord opened his eyes on the doctrine of 
entire sanctification, and a desire for it. He sought it 
without delay, and obtained the blessing which he enjoys 
to this day, only more matured. He is now leader of a 
Holiness meeting of the Meth. £p. church, at 20th and 
Jefferson Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

VI. Cliristiana Patience Funk, bn. May 25, 1847. Mrd. 
Jacob R. Garber. Res., 1602 Sydenham St., Philadelphia, 
Pa. Master builder. One child: VII. Eva Garber. 

VI. Mary Matilda Funk, bn. Jan. 7, 1850; died . 

Mrd. Joel Stover. One child: 

VII. Charles Heary Stover, died infant. 

VI. Anna Emily Funk, bn. Apr. 18, 1853. Mrd. A. E. 
Reed, dec'd. Type-writer. Anna mrd. second husband, 

DeSusine. Res., 412 E. 11th St., New York City. 

No issue. 

VI. Charles H. B. Funk, bn. May 26, 1855; died infant. 

VI. Martha Ella Funk, bn. May 25, 1857. Mrd. Edwin 
F. Blaziere. One child: Edena. Martha mrd. second 
husband, Frank Rupertus. 

VII. Edena G. Blaziere, bn. July 8, 1878. P. O , Irving, 
Kan. Cb. of Christ. Music teacher. 

VI. George A. Funk, bn. May 23, 1859; died young. 
VI. Edwin S. H. Funk, bn. Mar. 13, 1862. Mrd. Ida 
Thome. Rea., 5668 Morton St., Germantown, Philadel- 


— 498 — 

phia, Pa. Cbildren: VII. Elva Anna Funk, died infant. 
VII. Harold Funk, died infant. VII. Funk. 

VI. Eugene Y. Funk, bn. in Upper Providence Twp., 
Montgomery Ck>., Pa., Apr. 30, 1854. Mrd. Emma Sandy. 
Res., 2240 Woodstock St., Philadelphia, Pa. Carpenter. 
Meth. £p. One child: VII. Edith E. Funk. 

Vi. Horace R. Funk, bn. June 27, 1866; died youug. 

V. Jeremiah Funk, died in infancy. 

IV. Catharine Funk, dec'd. Mrd. Rev. Chrifltian Got- 
wals. (See Index of Beferences, No, 19. ^ 

III. Abraham Funk, dec'd. Mrd. . Children: 

Abraham, names of other children not known. 

IV. Abraham Funk, dec'd. Mrd. Anna Cassel. She 

was bom Oct. 7, 1788; died . Lived at Harleysville, Pa. 

Children: Anna, Elizabeth, Daniel^ Magdalena, Abraham, 
Enos, John, and others. 

V. Anna Funk, mrd. John Sentman. Children: VI. 
Samuel Sentman. VI. John Sentman. VI. Emma Sentman. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, mrd. Graves, of Philadelphia, 

Pa. A Methodist class-leader. 

V. Daniel Funk, last known of him he was living in 

V. Magdalena Funk, went to the far West. Residence 

V. Abraham Funk, last known of him he was living 

in New Albany, Ind. 

V. Enos Funk, died aged 13 years. 
V. John Funk, died aged 4 years. 

III. Susanna Funk, dec'd. Mrd. Detweiler. De- 
scendants, if any, not found. 


II. Abraham Funk, bn. in Montg-omery Co., Pa., Nov. 
21, 1734; died in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 16, 
1788, from the effects of a stroke of palsy, received on his 
way home from church. Mrd. Mary Land is, Jan. 19, 1758. 
She died Feb., 1826. After the death of his father, he be- 
came owner of the old homestead of 53 acres, and the mill 
at Indian Creek, Montgomery Co., which he sold in 1763 
to his brother. Christian Funk, having owned it only 
three years. 

We insert here the following interesting sketch of 
the life of (I.) Henry Funck, father of (II.) Abraham Funk, 
and founder of this mill, with a history of the same, 
which was written by W. H. Richardson, of Philadelphia, 
Pa., and published in the Miller^s Bevieio. W. H. Rich- 
ardson is also a descendant of the founder of the mill. 

Among the multitudes of Europeans attracted to 
America some two centuries ago were thousands of 
Palatines who swelled the population of the new 
world then, and enriched the stock which peopled 
it in all generations since. A great many of these 
early German settlers were Mennonites, or followers 
of the teachings of Menno Simons, a native of Fries- 
land. Early in life he was a priest in the Roman church, 
but in 1536 he severed his connection with it, and became 
recognized as one of the leaders of the sect which was so 
bitterly and so relentlessly persecuted — indeed one writer 
has said that even the sufferings of the primitive Chris- 
tians did not compare with the nameless horrors to which 
these Mennonite martyrs submitted. Among the methods 
by which so many of them met death calmly and unflinch- 

~ 500 — 

ing-ly it is recorded that some were buried alive, others 
were burned, some were torn on the rack, others were 
hun^^ while the most fearful tortures were applied to 
those from whom confession of error might be wrung, or 
recantation, or information about their fellows might be 
extorted. So many of these atrocities were perpetrated 
while the Netherlands were under Spanish domination, 
that one of the results of the intolerance was to widely 
disperse the Dutch Mennonites into countries in which 
there was a greater liberality of thought in relig^^ous 

For a century and a half, however, those of the refu- 
gees and their descendants who had expected to find an 
asylum in the Rhenish provinces, had been persecuted 
with varying degrees of bitterness — burning and pillag- 
ing their property being the mildest expressions of their 
enemies* feeling for them — and so when Penn, who needed 
settlers for his **elysium," presented them with an invi- 
tation to go to the new land, holding out to them the 
glittering prospect of religious freedom, they went, and 
the tide of emigration from the Fatherland swept on for 
many years. To-day if you should hear of millers with 
names sounding anything like Kuster, Hendricks, Nor- 
dyke, Yokum, Bean, Rhoads, Gotwals, Jacobs, Royer, 
Zimmerman, Shoemaker, Rittenhouse, Landis, Brubaker, 
Kulp, Weaver, Snyder, Bowman, Acker, Zug, Miller, 
Cassel, Wagner, Wentz— and there are many more— it is 
likely that those millers can trace their origin back to 
martyr ancestors, who cbose to be of that great throng 
which entered the Kingdom through much tribulation. 

Among the Mennonite immigrants to Pennsylvania 
was Henry Funck. He settled along the Indian Creek, in 
what is now the upper part of Montgomery county, a 
couple of miles from the present village of Harleysville- 
He came to that wilderness (he tells us that his nearest 
neighbor was five miles away) in the year 1719 and he 
gave up the wonderfully busy life he led in it in 1760, 
when his neighbors carried his body out of his old home, 
and buried it in a quiet spot beneath the trees, some- 
where on the broad acres he had owned and tended and 
loved. A reference to what was accomplished by this 
great man (for so he will be considered when people 
commence to read and weigh history aright) will be of 

{See page MB.) 

— 501 — 

interest to all our miller readers for the reason that 
Henry Funck was a miller. He was a deep scholar; he was 
a preacher in the Mennonite church and for some years a 
bishop; he looked after a large farm; he was the author 
of two books, one of which was published in 1774 and rah 
through at least five additions, while the other one, pub- 
lished three years after his death, was meritorious enough 
to run through three editions, being reprinted in Switz- 
erland in 1844, and again in Lancaster in 1862. He was 
prominent in another literary enterprise, which will be 
referred to later; and he was the father of a large family 
of children— there were ten in the flock he reared. Any 
one of his occupations would probably be considered a 
fairly good sized job for a man of this generation. To say 
that the world was better for Henry Funck's having lived 
in it is a plain way of stating a plain truth for all people, 
and it will not be without profit for millers to know that 
it was one of their craft whom history will some day 
delight to honor. 

Time will pay the greatest tribute to Henry Funck for 
the work he did in connection with a publication, which 
has been appropriately termed the noblest specimen of 
American colonial bibliography, the so-called "Martyr 
Book," printed at the Ephrata cloister in 1748. It was a 
translation of Tieleman Jans van Bragbt's great histori- 
cal book of Mennonites, published in Dordrecht, Holland, 
in 1660. It was compiled from many smaller publications 
that appeared during the previous century, the owners 
and authors of which were, in many instances, burned 
with their books by the executioner. In the van Braght 
book the story of the Mennonites is told, and it tells 
especially of their sufferings for the sake of their relig- 
ion, and describes, in all the horrible details, the death of 
many of their martyrs. Next to their Bible the book was 
most widely read, as the knowledge of it gave them 
courage and calmness under the terrible conditions in 
which they lived for so many generations. 

Prior to 1748 the difficulty here was that there was no 
complete German translation, for German was the tongue 
almost universally used among these American Menno- 
nites; the original Martyr Book was in Dutch. England, 
which through Penn's pledge had granted them religious 
freedom, had gotten into trouble with France, and in 1744 

— 502 — 

war was declared. And then fearful of the result which 
might again confront them with the alternative of an- 
other creed or persecution, these peace-loving and non- 
resisting people declared, ''it becomes us to strengthen 
ourselves for such circumstances with patience and en- 
durance, and to make every preparation for steadfast 
constancy in our faith.'' So, in 1745, six of them — of whom 
Henry Funck was one — wrote to their brethren in Holland 
for information and assistance that would give them a 
German translation in which their own people and their 
posterity could **see the traces of those faithful witnesses 
who have walked in the way of truth and given up their 
lives for it." 

It took the proverbially slow Dutchmen three years 
to make up their minds in the matter, and then they 
wrote back to America that it would be impracticable to 
undertake the work on account of the great expense in- 
volved, and also because a translator who could do justice 
to the subject could not be found. They sent along the 
rather quaint suggestion that it would be very wholesome 
for the rising generation to be required to copy in pen 
and ink the principal parts of the book which could be 
translated by the older people who were skilled in the 
two languages, but Henry Funck and his associates had 
not waited for this advice. In 1745 they concluded a very 
advantageous arrangement with the mystical Dunkers at 
Ephrata, to have the book translated and printed, and so 
the work which, according to the judgment of that dis- 
tinguished scholar, Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, marked an 
epoch in the literary history of America, was undertaken. 

Two men — Henry Funck was one, Dlelman Kolb the 
other — were appointed to supervise the translation, and 
so devoted were they that they gave three years of their 
time and labor to it, inspecting each leaf as it came from 
the press, going over each in order to compare it with 
the original and see that nothing was lost. They gave 
their certificate that they had read every one of the 1512 
folio pages carefully, that the translation (which was 
nearly all done by the learned Prior of the Ephrata com- 
munity) was in all respects, so far as they could judge', a 
faithful rendering of the original. Twelve hundred copies 
were printed and most of them sold. Some of the sheets 
were still at Ephrata at the opening of the Revolution. 

— 503 — 

The Government having need of **all war material and 
also paper," and the members of tbe community having 
refused to give up what they had, two wagons and six 
soldiers were sent and they carried oft the rest of the 
martyr books, and so in spite of the peaceful intentions 
of the Mennonites their books were put to a most san- 
guinary use, for it is not unlikely that many a British 
trooper stopped the bullets which were sped on their 
blood-thirsty mission by wads of paper containing latter- 
day versions of the gospel of **Peace on earth." 

Hehry Funck's mill still stands; it is owned and oper- 
ated to-day by H. M. Musselman. It is, of course, some- 
what changed in external appearance since the days of 
its distinguished founder; some years ago fire destroyed 
much of its old woodwork and a later owner built an 
additional story of frame above the substantial walls. A 
steam engine is a modern installation, too, to help along 
in times when Indian Creek is low and the forebay is 
simply a puddle for the frogs to bathe in. There is a pair 
of ancient buhr stones in the mill, and as one listens to 
their droning song, with its click-a- clack, click-a-clack 
accompaniment, his fancy easily wanders back to the 
days of tbe miller who made so good a name for himself, 
and who left us of this generation so goodly a heritage. 
One of the curiosities Mr. Musselman will show you, if 
you ask him, is a bundle of old deeds running back to the 
earliest ownership in the place, and on one of them, 
dated 1773, is fastened the great seal of the province. It 
ifl an unusually good impression, and the signature of 
Thomas Penn, one of the proprietors and the second son 
of the Quaker founder, is apparently as fresh as the day 
it was written, one hundred and sixty-five years ago. — 
WHUenbyW, H.E. 

After the sale of the mill (II.) Abraham Funk moved 
to Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., at what is now 
Springtown, where he purchased on the 27th day of May, 
1763, a * 'plantation of land with a water grist mill, houses 
and out-houses, mill and mill-houses, and other buildings, 
races, dams and water rights," '^containing by estimation 
300 acres with an allowance of six per cent for roads, 
from Stephen Twining, of Wrightstown, Bucks Co., Prov- 
ince of Pennsylvania, for the sum of .£1570 lawful money 

— 504 — 

of Pennsylvania. This tract being a part of 6ol acres 
which by a propretary patent of the 10th day of May^ 
1738, was granted unto Caspar Wlstar, of the city of 
Philadelphia, who, the 28th day of May of the same year 
(1738), sold 500 acres of this tract to Stephen Twining, who 
built for himself a dwelling and other buildings. The old 
homestead in which Abraham Funk lived and died was a 
large log mansion, built either by Twining or Funk, 
probably the latter, one story and a half high, with three 
rooms on the first floor, and several on the second floor* 
and stood across the road, directly opposite the present 
dwelling, the site of which la now covered by the mill 

The mill was the first in Springfield Twp., and was 
built by Stephen Twining in 1738. This mill was torn 
down and rebuilt on the same site by Abraham Funk, in 
1782, being a substantial stone structure, three stories 
high, with three run of stone, and which stood and did 
service for 81 years, when it was torn down and rebuilt in 
1863, by Henry S. Funk, the present owner. In addition 
to the grist mill, Abraham Funk also built a saw mill. He 
also purchased another tract of land from Catharine 
Greenleaf (widow), containing 96 acres, on which Spring- 
town now stands, which, after reserving all rights, springs 
and tributaries, he sold (the 96 acres) to his brother, Henry 
Funk, Sr., late of Upper Milford Twp., Northampton (now 
Lehigh) Co., on the 29th day of May, 1784, for £650, and 
who in turn sold it to his nephew, Henry Funk, son of 
Abraham Funk, on the 11th day of November, 1795, for 
the sum of £1002 of gold and silver money. Abraham 
Funk also owned a property in Upper Milford Twp., 
Northampton Co., of 56 acres, on which were a saw mill 
and hemp mill erected. He also owned several other 
properties of smaller dimensions in Springfield T^^p. 

Abraham Funk, in locating his home, made a wise 
selection and settled in a beautiful and fertile valley, 
with a good and never failing supply of water from nu- 
merous springs scattered through the valley, and which 
latter feature was the prime motive In his locating here, 
there being a scarcity of water at the old mill he inherited 
from bis father in Franconia. 

From the Penn manuscripts purchased by the Histor- 
ical Society of Pennsylvania, we are enabled to state that 

— 605 — 

the event known in history as the famous Indian walk, 
which took place the 19th and 20th of September, 1737, 
crossed this place, and the participants in that walk took 
their dinner on the first day^s walk by a spring probably 
where the mill now stands, and near the abode of one 
Geo. Wilson, an Indian trader and squatter. Owing to 
the fact that Wilson the Indian trader had his abode 
here, and numerous arrow heads and Indian implements, 
pipes, battle axes, etc., having been found, attest the 
fact that this valley was at one time the abode also of 
the red man, and an Indian burying ground is known to 
exist on the Funk tract. 

A mineral spring exists on this place which was dis- 
covered about 1844, which has been analyzed several times 
and found to contain great beneficial qualities. 

About 200 feet back of the present dwelling a cave 
was discovered in the summer of 1893 by one of the work- 
men while plowing, one of the horses breaking through 
the thin crust of earth, revealing a cave of immense 

Henry H. Funk, son of Hon. Henry S. Funk, and 
great-great-great-grandson of Bishop Henry Funck, was 
let into the cave by means of a rope around his body, and 
was the first one to enter and explore the cave. He was 
let down about 40 feet to the bottom of the first opening 
where he found a small aperture through which he crept 
a distance of about 5 feet into a large cavern into which 
no light of day penetrates. He sent for lights which 
were let down to him, and after wandering about for 
several hours, he was joined by his father; they set out to 
examine the cavern more thoroughly, and discovered a 
lake of pure crystal water, the size and depth of which 
has not yet been ascertained. It is supposed that the 
spring underneath the water-wheel of the mill, which 
throws up a stream of water about six inches in diameter 
has its source from this lake. 

As to any ofilcial position occupied by Abraham Funk 
nothing is known. It is said, however, that during the 
Revolution he was impressed as teamster in which capac- 
ity he served three months during which time he was an 
eye witness of the battle of Brandywine, but we would 
rather believe that he sent his eldest son Henry, then a 
lad of 17, with the team. 

— 506 — 

Of the personal characteristics of Abraham Funk, 
but little is known. However, judging from his numerous 
real estate transactions from records and documents in 
the possession of Henry S. Funk, it is eirident that he was 
a Tery shrewd business man. He was successful in accu- 
mulating a large amount of wealth. The Inventory of his 
personal property at his death amounted to $10,320 be- 
sides owning over 500 acres of improved real estate unin- 

He was a man of upright character and strict integ- 
rity, and was a prominent member of the Mennonite 
church of Springfield, where he and wife are buried. 
Children: Henry, Anna, Jacob, John, Catharine, Eliza- 
beth. Susanna, Abraham, . 

III. Henry Funk, bn. at the old homestead in Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa., Mar. 13, 1760; died in Springfield Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 13, 1812. Mrd. Mollie Moyer, Oct. 18, 
1787. She died Jan. 16, 1789. One child: Abraham. 

Henry mrd. second wife, Fronica Detweiler, Oct. 1, 
1789. She died Oct. 5. 1790, in child-birth. No living 


Henry mrd. third wife, Barbara Kaufman, May 28, 
1793. She was born July 13, 1772: died July 9, 1862. Farmer 
and miller. Menn. Children: Ralph, Christian, William, 
Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, Sarah, Kaufman. 

On the death of his father, Henry Funk came into 
possession of the old homestead tract with grist and saw 
mill, also the tract on which Sprlngtown now stands, and 
a tract of land with saw mill and hemp mill in Upper 
Milford Twp., and several other tracts, aggregating over 
500 acres. Of the old homestead tract he sold to his 
brothers, Jacob and John, over 200 acres in 1792, and three 
years later re-purchased a greater portion of it. He first 
lived in the old log mansion, but in 1796 erected a large, 
substantial stone dwelling on the opposite side of the 
road, directly in front of the old log house, which was 
completed about Christmas, and moved into it between 
Christmas and New Year of the same year. 

The new dwelling was the largest, most commodious^ 
and finest in the entire region of the country round about. 
It is built of limestone upon solid rock, with foundation 

-- 507 — 

walls 3 feet thick, with open fireplaces in every room of 
the house, 20 panes of glass in every window. 

The exterior and interior of the house remains un- 
changed to this day, and is in an excellent state of pres- 
ervation, and is the present home of' the Hon. Henry S. 

The old log mansion in which Abraham Funk lived 
and died, and from which his son Henry moved into the 
new dwelling, was afterwards used for a blacksmith shop 
and wash house, until it was torn down and removed 
about 1830. 

Henry Funk remained on the old homestead until his 
death, managing the farm, running the grist and saw 
mills, and also engaged in the coopering business. 

He was a man of more than ordinary intelligence, and 
his high sense of honor and integrity gained for him the 
entire confidence of the people, as is evidenced by the 
fact that his advice was constantly sought for, and his 
services required in writing wills, deeds, and in the trans- 
action of other business. 

In politics he was a Whig, and was elected to the 
Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1808 and 1809. 
In religion a Mennonlte, and one of the leading members 
of the Springfield church. 

IV. Abraham Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 1, 1790; 
died Apr. 12, 1869. Mrd. Elizabeth Kaufman. She was 
l>om May 31, 1781; died Sept. 3, 1857. Miller aud farmer. 
Menu. Children: Elias, Jacob, Christian,. Ralph, Mary, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph. 

Y. Elias Funk, bn. Sept. 6, 1809; died June 22, 1892. 
Mrd. Lizzie Deemer. Miller at the old homestead. Menn. 
No issue. 

Y. Jacob Funk, bn. Dec. 15, 1812; died Feb. 18, 1856. 
Mrd. Eliza Cawley. Miller at the old homestead. Chil- 
dren: Emma, Abraham, Amanda. 

Yl. Emma Malinda Funk, dec'd. Mrd.- Isaac Deiterly. 

Yl. Abraham Funk, mrd. Elizabeth Hoover. P. O., 
Weaversville; Pa. Children: VII. Mary Punk. VII. Ja- 
cob Punk. 

Yl. Amanda Funk, mrd. Oliver Nicholas. P. O., 
Xiaurey Station, Pa. Children: VII. Victor Nicholas. VII. 

— 508 — 

Eliza Nicholas. Yli. Cora Nicholas. Vii. Nicholas. 

VII. Nicholas. 

V. Christian Funk, bn. May 14, 1814; died Dec, 28, 
1890. Mrd. Anna M. Wottring, Jan. 27, 1850. She was 
born Mar. 17, 1829. Miller, later clerk. Ref. ch. Children: 
Ellen, Isabella, Cora. 

VI. Ellen E. Funk, bn. at Hellerton, Pa., Dec. 19, 1850. 
Mrd. S. A. Rhodes, May 1868. Res , South Bethlehem, Pa. 
Blacksmith, later grocer. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Robert Rhode8,.bn. May, 1869; died Ju-e, 1869. 
VII. Laura E. Rhodes, bn. Apr. 26, 1870. Mrd. John 

M. Fackenthall, Apr., 1890. Druggist in Philadelphia, Pa. 
One child: VIII. Grace Ethel Fackenthall. 

VII. Wilmer G. Rhodes, bn. Jan. 5, 1875. 
VII. Estella May Rhodes, bn. Sept. 1, 187J*; died Nov. 
21, 1879. 

VII. Mabel Gertrude Rhodes, bn. Mar. 4, 1885. 

VI. Isabella Funk, bn. Jan. 1, 1853; died May 2, 1880. 
Mrd. Frank H. Huth, Sept., 1875. Res., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Grocer. Meth. Ep. No. issue. 

VI. Cora Funk, bn. Nov. 10, 1860. Res., Bethlehem, 
Pa. Ger. Ref. 

V. Ralph Funk, bn. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Apr. 1, 1818; 
died, 1895. Mrd. Maria Gehman, in 1855. Farmer. Menu. 
Children: Titus, Emma, Milton, Eli. 

VI. Titus G. Funk, bo. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Mar. 31, 
1857. Mrd. Amanda Deaterly, Nov. 10, 1883. P. O., Rich- 
land Centre, Pa. Saddler. Luth. Children: 

VII. Erwin D. Funk, bn. Aug. 19, 1884. 

VII. Llewellyn D. Funk, bn. Feb. 4, 1889; died Novem- 
ber 9, 1894. 

VI. Emma Funk, bn. Mar. 22, 1859. Mrd. Reuben Yost, 
of Tinicum Twp. P. O., Ottsville, Pa. Farmer. Menn. 
Children: Ella, Alice, Sadie, Levi, Emma, Agnes, Flor- 
ence, Theressa, Arthur, Violet, Bessie. 

VII. Ella Yost, bn. Feb. 14, 1878. Mrd. Michael W. 
Wismer, Apr. 26, 1898. P. C, Plumstead, Pa. Painter. 

VII. Alice Yost, bn. Feb. 15, 1879. 

VII. Sadie Yost, bn. May 11, 1880. Mrd. Harry W. 

— 609 — 

Kelley, Mar. 4, 1897. P. O., Doylestown, Pa. Laundry- 
man. Ref. ch. 

Yll. Levi Yost, bn. Jan. 6, 1882. 

VII. Emma Yost, bn. Apr. 5, 1884. 

VII. Agnes Yost, bn. Jan. 21, 1886. 

VII. Florence Yost, bn. Jan. 12, 1889. 

VII. Theressa Yost, bn. Apr. 19, 1891. 

VM. Arthur Yost, bn. Mar. 11, 1893; died same day. 

VII. Violet Yost, bn. July 8, 1894. 

VII. Bessie Yost, bn. July 25, 1897. 

VI. Milton G. Funk, bn. at Center Valley, Pa., Feb. 
16, 1860. Mrd. S. Louisa Florey, Dec. 15, 1888. P. O., 
Gilberts, Pa. Dairyman. Luth. One child: 

VII. Ralph S. Funk, bn. Nov. 1, 1889. 

VI. Eli G. Punk, bn. in Lehigh Co., Pa., July 14, 1862. 
Mrd. Amanda Nace. P. O., Perkasie, Pa. Farmer. Ger. 
Ref. One child: 

VII. Medora Punk, bn. Dec. 13, 1886. 

V. Mary Ann Funk, bn. Dec. 16, 1819. Mrd. Jacob 
Geisinger. He was born Aug. 16, 1816; died Dec. 14, 1892. 
Miller. Moravians. Children: Nevrton, Clayton, James, 
Lycurges, Edwin, Jacob, Emeline, Aline. 

VI. Newton A. Geisinger, mrd. Emma Ritter. She 
died . One child: VII. Oscar R. Geisinger. 

Newton mrd. second wife, Sallie Wood. She died . 

Newton mrd. third wife, Lydia Gregory. P. O., 
Broadheadsville, Pa. 

VI. Clayton Geisinger, bn. July 28, 1845. Mrd. Emma 
B. Koons, Jan. 18, 1870. P. O., Coopersburg, Pa. Miller. 
Moravians. Children: VII. Irwin T. Geisinger, dec'd. VII. 
Lilly J. Geisinger. VII. Anna K. Geisinger. VII. Mary E. 
Geisinger. VII. Francis K. Geisinger. VII. Helen V. 

VI. James J. Geisinger, mrd. Sallie Stephens. P. O., 
Center Valley, Pa. Children: VII. Charles Geisinger. 
VII. Mark Geisinger. 

VI. Lycurges Geisinger, mrd. Josephine Hiller. Res., 
22 N. 13th St., Allentown, Pa. One child: VII. Pearline 

- 510 — 

Yl. Edwin J. Geisinger, mrd. Lizzie EiseDhart. Re?*, 
24 N. 13th St., Allentown, Pa. Children: Yll. Joseph Gei- 
singer. Yll. Warren Gelsinger. 

Vi. Jacob J. Gelsinger, mrd. Nora Weiss. P. O., 
Center Valley, Pa. One child: YH. Lottie Geisinger. 

Yl. Emeline Mary Geisinger, bn. Sept. 6, 1861. P. O., 
Center Valley, Pa. Mrd. Rev. J. H. Rittcr, July 1, 1886. 
P. O., Shannondale, Pa. Pastor of Ev. Luth. ch. Children: 

Yll. Infant, still-born. 

VII. Theodore J. Ritter, bn. Jan. 18, 1890. 

VII. Ada Rebecca Ritter, bn. Aug. 29, 1893. 

VI. Aline Josephine Geisinger, died young. 

V. Sarah Punk, bn. Jan. 19, 1822; died In 1834. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Nov. 19, 1826. S. 

Y. Joseph K. Funk, bn. Dec. 6, 1828. P. O., Allen- 
town, Pa. S. 

IV. Ralph Funk, son of Henry Funk, was bom A. D.« 
1794, in SpringtowD, Bucks Co.', Pa. While at home, with 
his father he was occupied in the milling business. He 
was united in marriage with Nancy Kaufman Dec. 9? 1817. 
They lived on their farm near Bethlehem, in Northamp- 
ton Co., Pa. Here were born to them the following nine 
children: Samuel, Elizabeth, William, Cyrus, Mary Ann, 
Barbara, Cecilia, Henry, Sarahs In the year 1834 Ralph 
took a trip through the central and southern part of In- 
diana, and the south- western, southern and central parts 
of Ohio, in view of a location for a future home. He 
started in company with Messrs. Bechtel and Barto. They 
traveled by stage coach, and it required twelve days' con- 
tinuous journey going from Bethlehem to Indianapolis. 
Here the stage route ended. They then walked forty 
miles. Now Ralph purchased a fine riding horse, and a 
few days after, separating from his companions, he made 
the remainder of his journey alone. 

Returning home after an, absence of several weeks, 
he fold their farm, and in the autumn of 1835 again 
went to Wayne Co., Ohio, purchased a cultivated farm 
situated three miles south of Wooster, the county seat, 
consisting of 260 acres (on which was a flouring mill), at 
a cost of $7,500, after which he returned home again. 

— 511 — 

He preparations to move with his family on the 
first day of April, but a deep snow having fallen, he was 
detained until the 18th day of April, 1836. Their young- 
est child was now eleven weeks old. He started with one 
large covered wagon (commonly called a dry land 
schooner), drawn by four large horses, and another 
wagon drawn by two horses. He with his wife and smaller 
children rode in a comfortable two horse carriage. They 
carried provisions, and putting up at the taverns on the 
way, cooked their own food. This being the custom, most 
taverns had the conveniences for this purpose. 

His brother, Kaufman Funk, went with him, but soon 
after returned to Pa. The expense of moving was $100. 
George Bechtel also moved his family in company with 
Ralph, and bought an adjoining farm, where he spent the 
remainder of his life. It took them 21 days to make the 

Ralph then followed milling, and with the help of his 
sons, the farming business. There being no market in 
Wooster, they drew their produce to Fulton and Massillon, 
the trip taking two or three days. Their four youngest 
children were born here: Matilda, Sophia Malinda, Kauf- 
man, Maria Isabella. 

Ralph and his wife were members of the Mennonite 
church. While he lived in Ohio the nearest church of 
their persuasion was ten miles distant, where they occa- 
sionally attended services. They both had strong consti- 
tutions, good health, and led temperate, moral, honest, 
Christian lives, and imparted these same good qualities 
to their children and grandchildren; for which give God 
the glory. 

Ralph Funk died in March, 1846, and was buried in the 
graveyard adjoining his farm. This farm and mill were 
then sold, and Nancy Funk bought a smaller farm in the 
same county, ten miles west of Wooster, and near the 
church they formerly attended. Here she, with her 
younger children, lived: her son William farming the 
place until she died, Dec. 23, 1850, and was buried in the 
graveyard by the church. 

The farm was then sold, and the estate divided among 
the children. The younger children found homes with 
the older married ones. 

— 612 ~ 

Y. Samuel Funk, bn. In Northampton Co., Pa., Feb. 
11, 1819. Miller, and worked with bi8 father. Mrd. Nancy, 
daughter of Philip and Ruth Yarnell, Apr. 20, 1842. She 
was then twenty years old. Children: Elmer, Ruth, 
Sarah Jane. In 1845 they moved to Napoleon, Henry Co., 
Ohio. In 1849 they returned to Wayne county, and 
bought a flouring mill ten miles west of Wooster. In 
September, 1852, the mill burned. In August, 18d6, they 
moved into Wooster, and he was occupied as a grain 
merchant the remainder of his life. Samuel and his wife 
united with the Baptist church during the winter of 1858. 
He died Nov. 28, 1870, and was buried in the Wooeter 
cemetery. Nancy died in Oct., 1898, and was buried be- 
side her husband. 

VI. Elmer Funk, bn. Mar. 27, 1843, in Wayne Co., Ohio. 
He had a common school education. Oct. 5, 1861, he en- 
listed in the army, and served his country faithfully 
through all the Vicksburg campaign, enduring many 
hardships and privations until the close of the war, when 
he was honorably discharged Oct. 80, 1864, and returned 
to Wooster, Ohio, where he is engaged as a prbduce dealer, 
and owns a comfortable home. Mrd. Rachel A. Remley. 
Children: Harriet, Samuel, Stewart, Sterling, Bessie, 
William, Georgia, Sarah, Rachel. 

VII. Harriet O. Funk, bn. Aug. 14, 1870. Trained 
nurse, Indianapolis, Ind. 

VII. Samuel K. Funk, bn. Aug. 19, 1872. Was killed 
by the R. R. cars, Jan. 7, 1889, near Ft. Wayne, Ind., and 
was burled in the cemetery at Wooster, Ohio. 

VII. Stewart V. Funk, bn. Mar. 6, 1874. 

VII. Sterling Fank, bn. Mar. 16, 1876. Served in the 
late war with Spain. 

VII. Bessie M. Funk, bn. Sept. 8, 1878. 

VII. William R. Funk, bn. July 1, 1880: died January 
20, 1881. 

VII. Georgia M. Funk, bn. Feb. 22, 1882. 

VII. Sarah V. Funk, bn. Jan. 81, 1886. 

VII. Rachel A. Funk, bn. Nov. 26,* 1889. 

VI. Ruth Funk, died, aged about 5 years. 

VI. Sarah Jane Funk, bn. in Napo'.eon, Henry Co., 
Ohio, Oct. 9, 1846. Lived with her parents until Aug. 13, 
1868, when she mrd. Harrison McCiarren, son of James 

— 513 — 

and Jane McClarren, in WooBter, Ohio. Mr. McClarren 
died in Nov., 1899. Grocer. Mra. McClarren, Bap. Their 
children are all graduates of Wooster higfh school 

VII. Gertrude Funk McClarren, bn. June 8, 1869. Mrd. 
Archie Sbriner, Jan. 17, 1891. Res., Cleveland, Ohio. Bap. 
One child: 

VIII. Marie Lucille Shriner, bn. June 8, 1892. 

VII. Stella J. McClarren, bn. Dec. 8, 1870. Luth. 

VII. Florence May McClarren, bn. Nov. 25, 1872. 

VII. Harry Loomia McClarren, bn. Oct. 29, 1874. 

VII. Nannie J. McClarren, bn. June 17, 1876. Mrd. 
Fleming Fisher. P. O., Wooster, Ohio. One child. 

VII. Samuel J. McClarren, bn. Aug*. 15, 1877. 

VII. A daughter, bn. June 6, 1881; died Aug. 4, 1881. 

VII. Mary Ellen McClarren, bn. Apr. 23, 1883. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. May 13, 1822. She was short 
of stature and light complexion. She lived with her 
parents until she was united in marriage with Matthew 
McClure, Nov. 10, 1843. They lived on a farm three miles 
south of Wooster, Ohio. In 1850 Mr. McClure was taken 
with the gold fever and went across the mountains with 
a team, to California, being on the way about three 
months. Not being successful in procuring gold, he took 
as a substitute a body full of rheumatism, and returned 
home by the ocean. Isthmus of Panama, and the Gulf. In 
1855 they bought and moved onto a farm in Union Co., 
Ohio. In 1858 they sold their farm, and bought the old 
farm where they lived when first married. This they 
afterward sold, and bought a cottage home in Wooster, 
where they lived until Elizabeth died, Apr. 15, 1894. She 
was buried in the cemetery at Wooster. They celebrated 
their golden wedding Nov. 10, 1892. Elizabeth united with 
the Presbyterian church soon after marriage, and lived a 
quiet, consistent, Christian life, and hers was a peaceful 
and happy death. Matthew died in Mar., 1899. Children: 
James, Louisa, Margaret, Cyrus, Matthew, Francis,. 
Frank, Burr, William, Wesley, Charles, Perry. 

Vi. James A. McClure, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, Oct. 
28, 1844. Farmer. Lived at home until 1870, then went 
to Elk Co., Kan., and procured a farm from settlers and 
government, situated two miles from Longton. Mrd. 


— 514 — 

Fannie, daughter of Frank and Phoebe Flory, Apr. 30, 
1872. James, with his family, returned to Wayne Co., O., 
in March, 1890, and is now living near Wooster. Cong. ch. 
Children: Hattie, Elizabeth, James, Harry, George. 

VII. Hattie Louisa McClure, bn. near Longton, Kan., 
Feb. 18, 1873; died in infancy. 

VII. Elizabeth McClure, bn. near Longton, Kan., Nov. 
5, 1874. She graduated in the public schools in Wooster, 
Ohio, and is teaching. Baptist. 

VII. James Fred McClure, bn. May 12, 1876; died 1897. 

VII. Harry Matthew McClure, bn. Feb. 15, 1881; died 
Sept. 10, 1882. 

VII. George Ross McClure, bn. Dec. 27, 1886. 

VI. Louisa McClure, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, July 8, 
1846. She had a common school education. Mrd. Horace 
A. Maize, Dec. 23, 1869. The grandfather of Horace 
owned the farm and mill that Ralph Funk purchased when 
he came to Wayne Co., Ohio, and on this farm Horace 
and Louisa lived. Horace died Oct. 6, 1893, at the age of 
48, and his parents being deceased, the farm remains in 
Louisa's possession during her life. Louisa is a member 
of the Baptist ch. Children: 

VII. Harvey McClure Maize, bn. Feb. 14, 1871. Lives 
with his mother on the farm. 

VII. Matthew Percy Maize, bn. July 5, 1877. Lives 
with his mother on the farm. He served in the Spanish- 
American war. 

VII. Florence Maize, bn. Dec. 26, 1882. Lives with 
her mother. Baptist. 

VI. Margaret Jane McClure, bn. Sept. 8, 1848; died 
June 7, 1854. 

VI. Cyrus H. McClure, bn. Nov. 22, 1850. In 1870 he 
went with bis brother, James A., to Kansas, and procured 
some land near Longton. Mrd. Malinda Shuler, Sept. 21. 
1882. They now live in Longton. Children: 

VII. Mabel Maud McClure, bn. July, 1883. 
VII. Daniel Matthew McClure, bn. Dec. 1885. 
VII. Kathelene McClure, bn. in 1891. 

VII. Florence McClure, bn. in 1893. 

VI. Matthew Brandon McClure, bn. Feb. 27, 1853. Is 
well built, good constitution and light complexion. Took 

— 515 — 

a course in law school, followed the practice awhile, and 
then turned his attention to other business. Mrd. Emma 
Smith, July 8, 1891. They moved to New Middleton, Ohio. 
In the spring of 1894 they returned to Wooster, where 
they are now living. Mrs. McC, Presby. Children: 

VII. Howard Smith McClure, bn. May 20, 1892. 

VII. A daughter, bn. May 23, 1893. 

VI. Francis Marion McClure, bn. Dec. 8, 1854; died 
Oct. 3, 1865. 

VI. Frank U. McClure, bn. in Union Co., Ohio, Jan. 
23, 1857. Is medium height, and has a light complexion. 
Mrd. Clara E. Troutman, June 30, 1887. P. O., Wooster, 
Ohio. Merchant. Presby. They are people of good prin- 
ciple, and highly respected. Children: 

VII. George Matthew McClure, bn. Dec. 4, 1888. 
VII. Helen Elizabeth McClure, bn. Aug. 21, 1890. 
VII. Paul McClure, bn. Oct. 5, 1892. 

VII. John T. McClure, bn. June 3, 1894. 
VII. Robert F. McClure, bn. July 10, 1897; died Dec. 
26, 1899. 

. VI. Burr McClure, bn. June 23, 1859; died May 1, 1864. 
VI. William S. McClure, bn. Aug. 23, 1861; died Oct. 
6, 1868. 

VI. Wesley McClure; bn. Sept. 23, 1862; died October 

21, 1862. 

VI. Charles McClure, bn. October 22, 1863; died May 
16, 1864. 

VI. Perry H. McClure, bn. Apr. 13, 1866; died Sept. 

22, 186S. 

V. William Funk, bn. in Northampton Co., Pa. Sept. 
18, 1824. Lived with his parents, and worked on the farm 
until both died. Mrd. Catharine, daughter of Henry B. and 
Mary (Wisler) Myers, in Wayne Co.,0., May 4, 1850. She was 
bn. in Columbiana Co., O., May 4, 1831. In 1854 they moved 
to Elkhart Co., Ind., and bought a farm situated six miles 
west of Goshen, the county seat, and built a steam saw 
mill on it. He attended to the management of both farm 
and mill. About 1862 he sold this farm and mill and bought 
a farm four miles farther west, and gave all his atten- 
tion to farming. He built a barn and large house here. 
He still owns this farm. Meth. Ep. Catharine died Sept. 

— 516 — 

22, 1882, and was buried in the graveyard at the Olive 
(formerly Shaum's) church, one mile north of their home. 
She died trusting]: in her Redeemer. A few years later 
William rented the farm and moved to Elkhart, where he 
is living at present with his daughter, Mrs. Hauenstein. 
William leads an honest, moral, strictly temperate, and 
exemplary Christian life. His family are all very much 
respected. Children: Emma, Mary, Cyrus, Walter, Alice» 
Kaufman, Nelson, Efifie, Chloe. 

VI. Emma Funic, bn. Apr. 20, 1851, in Wayne Co., Ohio. 
She is below medium height, full habit, strong constitu- 
tion. Mrd. Reuben Stair, Feb. 24, 1880. They first lived 
on a farm in Elkhart Co., then bought a farm in Marshall 
Co., where they live at present. P. O., Plymouth, Ind. 
Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. Clarence Stair, bn. June 7, 1881. 
VII. Harry Stair, bn. Dec. 2, 1882. 

VI, Mary Funk, bn. Aug. 16, 1853; died Mar. 10, 1886, 
and was buried in the graveyard beside her mother. She 
wap an earnest and devoted Christian. Meth. Ep. 

VI. Cyrus H. Funk, bn. in Elkhart Co., Ind., May 17, 
1855. Is below medium height, heavy set. Attended the 
country school, and the Normal a short time, then taught 
in the country schools, and by his own efforts took a 
course in dentistry. He is now following his profession 
in Cassopolis, Mich. Mrd. Ellen Ritter, Apr. 24, 1890. 

VII. William Leland Funk, bn. June 12, 1892. 
VII. Cyrus Ritter Funk, bn. Aug. 29, 1898. 

VI. Walter A. Funk, bn. in Elkhart Co., Ind, Dec. 18, 
1857. Mrd. Mary E., daughter of Frederick Allen and 
Mary Anderson Harris, of South Bend, Ind., Apr. 21, 
1892. He was an industrious student while yet very 
young, has an unusually good memory, but his progress 
in his studies were very much delayed by an accident: he 
was kicked by a horse, injuring the frontal bone of the 
skull, which, 'after some years of suffering, was trephined, 
and then required more than a year to recover. Mr. Funk 
attended the district schools of his county, and taught 
school in Bristol and Benton, Ind. He attended the 
Northern Indiana Normal School, at Valparaiso, taking 
a scientific course, and graduated from the law depart- 

— 517 — 

ment of the Michigan Uniyersity at Ann Arbor, In 1885. 
The same year he was admitted to the bar of St. Joseph 
Co., Ind., and also of the State Supreme court. Mr. Funk 
located in South Bend, Ind., in 1884, and while not in the 
University he was a student in the ofiBce of Hon. A. An- 
derson, until 1886, when he launched out on his own hook. 
From 1887 to 1889 he was deputy prosecuting attorney of 
his district, and in 1890 ran for the office of prosecutor on 
the Republican ticket, but was defeated. He was also, 
later, the Republican candidate for State senator, for the 
district comprising St. Joseph and Starke counties, but 
was defeated. Mr. Funk has been eminently successful, 
and occupies a high position as a lawyer and citizen. 
One child: 

VII. William Harris Funk, bn. May 14, 1893. 

VI. Alice L. Funk, bn. June 22, 1860. Is frail in form, 
and delicate in constitution. Mrd. George £. Moon, Mar. 
31, 1887. P. O., Odceola, Ind. They are living on a farm 
in St. Joseph Co., Ind. Meth. Ep. Children: 

VII. William Moon, bn. Jan. 20, 1888. 
VII. Grace Moon, bn. June 15, 1891. 
VII. Lloyd Moon, bn. Feb. 15, 1893. 
VII. Walter Moon, bn. Feb. 17, 1896. 
VII. Carl K. Moon, bn. Mar. 4, 1898. 

VI. Kaufman E. Funk, bn. May 14, 1863. Mrd. Edith 
De Lotter, of Goshen, Ind., Sept. 10, 1895. He is medium 
height, light complexion, not a strong constitution, tem- 
perate in all his habits. He taught school. Took a 
course in a Commercial College in Indianapolis, Ind. 
Meth. Ep. He is also a member of the Y. M. C. A., 
and is an honest. Christian man. Book-keeper for 
Western Book & Paper Co. Res., St. Joseph, Mich. One 

VII. Harold William Funk, bn. Apr. 17, 1899. 

VI. Nelson E. Funk, bn. Mar. 19, 1866. Mrd. Susan 
Wilson, of Appleton, Wis., May 22, 1895. Is medium 
height, light complexion, constitution delicate. Was 
from childhood very fond of solid reading. Farm work be- 
ing distasteful to him, his mind turned to inventing ma- 
chinery. He left home at the age of fifteen and traveled 
in the interest of, first, the Mennonite Publishing Co., 
Elkhart, Ind , then of the Miles Medical Co. Afterwards 

— 518 — 

took an interest Id, and became general manager of the 
Garden City Stationery Co. During this time he traveled 
considerably through the different states in the interest 
o! this establishment. Being a close observer, and with 
a good memory, he made this a great source of improve- 
ment in general knowledge. In the winter of 1892 he took 
a trip through the interior of the Republic of Mexico^ 
going through Texas to El Paso, then by R. R. through 
Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Aguas Calientes, Guanajuato,. 
Guadalajara, to the City of Mexico: then toPuebla,Oaxaca, 
and in the interest of Archaeology visited the ancient 
ruined city of MLtla. The R. R. terminated one hundred 
and fifty miles north of Mitla, this journey he made on 
horseback with one Indian guide. His route lay over the 
mountains and was infested with highway robbers, or 
bandits, this making it very dangerous to travel alone. 
He carried his camera and photographed a number of the 
ruins, as well as manv other places of interest. He vis- 
ited and went down into the silver mines to see the men at 
work. He traveled a few 4^ys with a missionary; this 
gave him an opportunity to get acquainted with the 
converted native Indians. After his return home he 
wrote some letters for publicatiou, and delivered a few 
lectures on the subject. He invented a machine for 
automatically feeding printing presses and ruling ma- 
chines. Meth. Ep. Member of the Y. M. C. A. Is an in- 
dustrious, temperate man. President of Western Book 
& Paper Co. Res., St. Joseph, Mich. 

VI. Eflfie M. Funk, bn. Sept. 15, 1869. Is medium 
height, fair complexion, dark hair; has not a healthy 
constitution. She kept house for her father until about 

1891, when her health failed, and she has not yet fully 
recovered. Mrd. George W. Hauenstein, M. D., Apr. 14, 

1892. Dr. Hauenstein is a graduate of Physicians and 
Surgeons College, of Chicago, and is practicing his pro- 
fession in Elkhart, Ind. Both are members of the Meth. 
Ep. ch., and are leading Christian lives. One child; 

VII. Russell Funk Hauenstein, bn. June 18, 1896. 

Yl. Chloe Grace Funk, bn. Apr. 10, 1876. Mrd. George 
W. Winters, of Goshen, Ind., Nov. 18, 1896. Res., 65 Mt. 
Vernon St., Grand Rapids, Mich. She is a blonde, full 
habit, and has an active, energetic disposition. Was 

— 519 — 

educated in the public schools of Elkhart, Ind. Member 
of Meth. Ep. ch. and Ep worth League. Children: 

VM. Nadine Winters, bn. Sept. 10, 1897. 

VII. Catharine Winters, bn. May 20, 1899. 

V. Cyrus Funk, bn. Aug. 31, 1826; died Apr. 11, 1895. 
Mrd. Susan D. Downey, in Clinton, Dewitt Co , 111, Aug., 
1852. She died Feb. 20, 1887. They were both buried in 
the cemetery at Clinton, 111. Mrs. F., Meth. Ep. Children: 
William, Mary, Darby. 

Cyrus left home at the age of 17, went to Wooster, 
Ohio, to learn the cabinet trade. This consisted in mak- 
ing furniture by hand. After working there three years 
he went to Millersburg, Ohio, and two years after to 
Pittsburg, Pa. At about the age of 23 he went to Louis- 
ville, Ky., and from there to Springfield, 111 , and in 1850 
to Clinton, Dewitt Co., 111., where he resided the re- 
mainder of his life. Here he owned and worked a plan- 
ing mill. 

In 1881 he met with a serious accident, being caught 
in the gearing of the mill and carried around the shaft, 
until his assistant could stop the machinery from run- 
ning. It was thought he was killed, but he survived. 
The upper part of the spine was injured, and life hung in 
the balance for some time. Although the pain was con- 
tinuous and very severe, he returned to his work, and 
carried on his business until about 1891, when he was 
obliged to cease laboring and sell the mill. His muscles 
gfradually became paralyzed, until he was almost helpless. 
During the 14 years of suffering he was very patient, 
never complaining. He was a member of the Masonic 

VI. William Funk, bn. June 14, 1854. Mrd. Ella R. 
Sackett, of Clinton, 111., Feb. 28, 1883. P. C, Blooming- 
ton, 111. Salesman. William is a Christian. Meth. Ep. 
One child: 

VII. Lloyd Sackett Funk, bn. Nov. 13, 1889; died May 
1, 1897, aged 7 years, 5 months and 18 days. He in com- 
pany with two companions went out to gather flowers. 
He with one of his companions sat down by a sand bank; 
the bank cave^ in and buried them; both died before 
they could be released. 

— 520 — 

VI. Mary Funk, bn. Feb. 13, 1857. She was educated 
in the public schools in Clinton, 111., and engaged in 
teaching In the same town several years. Mrd. John R. 
Jones, Jan. 7, 1880. They resided in Clinton a few years, 
then went to Texas, and about 1891 went to California, 
but later returned to Texas, where they are at present, 
Mr. Jones is a jeweler. They have two daughters. 

VI. Darby Ralph Funk, bn. Jan. 5, 1860. Is a large 
man, and an expert mechanic. Has traveled somewhat 
in the West. S. 

V. Mary Ann Funk, bn. Jan. 27, 18^8. Mrd. Enos, son 
of Henry B. and Mary (Wisler) Myers, in Wayne Co., Ohio, 
Mar. 1, 1847. Enos was born in Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 23. 
1821. They lived in Wayne Co., Ohio, until the year 1854, 
when they moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., and bought a farm 
about seven miles south-west of the city of Elkhart. 
Here they built a house and barn. 

Enos was in ill health the last 30 years of his life. He 
died Sept. 6, 1890, and was buried in the Olive graveyard, 
one-half mile east of his home. By decision of the chil- 
dren, Mary Ann was appointed administratrix, managed 
all the unsettled business, and received all the property. 
She died June 1, 1895. She had been in failing health 
about 9 months, yet passed away suddenly. Ger. Bap. 
Children: Oliver, Sylvester, Cornelius, Austin, Allen, 
Irvin, Tillie, Kaufman, Ella, Cora. 

VI. Oliver P. Myers, bn. in Wayne Co., Ohio, Nov. 19, 
1849. Mrd. Jeanette D. Messick, Sept. 4, 1879. They then 
moved to South Bend, Ind., and a few years later to 
Coihen, Ind., where they are now living. Commission 
salesman. Presby. Children: 

VII. Vida J. Myers, bn. July 29, 1880. Presby. Grad- 
uated from the Goshen High School in 1899. 

Yll. Clyde Jewell Myers, bn. Nov. 6, 1882. In school. 
VII. Walter J. Myers, bn. May 2, 1884. In school. 

VI. Sylvester Myers, bn. Dec. 8, 1850, in Wayne Co., 
Ohio; died in Elkhart Co., Ind., Dec. 3, 1854. 

VI. Cornelius H. Myers, M. D., bn. in Wayne Co., 
Ohio, Oct. 29, 1852. Mrd. Gertrude, daughter of Frederick 
Allen and Mary Anderson Harris, in South Bend, Mar. 19, 
1879. She was born Feb. 11, 1852.' Res., 719 W. Washing- 


— 521 — 

ton St., South Bend, Ind. He is a little above medium 
height, black hair. Had a common school education, and 
taught a few terms in the schools in Indiana. Then 
studied medicine, and graduated from the Hahnemann 
Medical College, in Chicago, III., and is now a successful 
practitioner in South Bend, Ind. Presby. Children: 

Yll. Frederick Cornelius Myers, bn. Jan. 17, 1880. 

VII. f^gar Harris Myers, bn. June 5, 1881. 

VII. George Biggins Myers, bn. Apr. 12, 1883. 

VII. Jeanette Myers, bn. Aug. 6, 1884. 

VII. Gertrude Louise Myers, bn. Sept. 23, 1886. 

VII. Mary Margaret Myers, bn. Oct. 27, 1889. 

VII. Cornelius Nelson Myers, bn. Mar. 5, 1897: died 
Sept. 6, 1897. 

VI. Austin Myers, bn. in Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 22, 
1854. He is an energetic, industrious man, strong con- 
stitution. Was educated in the country schools. Had 
charge of his father's farm several years, and then went 
to live in South Bend, Ind. Mrd. Lottie Taylor, May 27, 
1888. Lived in Minneapolis, Minn., for a time, now live at 
Ft. Wayne, Ind. Traveling salesman. Mrs. M., Presby. 
Ko issue. 

VI. Allen F. Myers, bn. Feb. 12, 1857, in Elkhart Co., 
Ind. P. O., Elkhart, Ind. He is medium height, light 
complexion, kind and sympathetic in disposition. He 
taught in the public schools. Now occupied on the farm 
at home. Bap. His example is that of a consistent 
Christian man. 

VI. Irvin Myers, bn. Feb. 15, 1859. Mrd. Ella May 
Teel, Mar. 27, 1890. Res., 125 N. Hamilton St., Saginaw, 
Mich. He is of pleasant address, good form, and healthy 
constitution. He worked on the farm until grown up? 
then took a course in dentistry, and is now following his 
profession in Saginaw, Michigan. Irvin and Ella are both 
honest, industrious, and well respected people. Presby. 

VII. Marie Myers, bn. Jan. 7, 1891. 

VII. Charles I. Myers, bn. Oct. 23, 1894. 
VII. Harvey L. Myers, bn. Feb. 12, 1896. 

VI. Tillic Myers, bn. Oct. 7, 1860, in Elkhart Co., Ind., 
P. C, Elkhart, Ind. She is of good habits and good prin- 

— 522 — 

ciple. Was educated in the country schools. Has spent 
all her life on the farm with her parents. Baptist, and is 
a quiet unassuming' Christian woman. 

VI. Kaufman L. Myers, bn. Aug-. 25, 1862. Light com- 
plexion, healthy constitution. He was educated in the 
country schools, then took a course and graduated in Den- 
tistry, in Chicago, 111., and is now having a successful 
practice at Kentland, Ind. 

VI. Ella Mina Myers, bn. Mar. 9, 1865. Light com- 
plexion, medium height, and an active, energetic dispo- 
sition. She taught in the public schools, but did not enjoy 
this occupation. Took a course in a training school for 
nurses, and graduated from the Lincoln Park Sanitarium 
of Chicago, 111. She is now special assistant to Dr. Pratt, 
a noted special surgeon of Chicago. Baptist. 

VI. Cora Myers, bn. May 30, 1867. Light complexion, 
slender form, and a quiet, even and happy disposition. Ob- 
tained her education in the country schools, then spent a 
few years in her brother's ofiBce, in South Bend, Ind., 
afterwards went into the Lincoln Park Sanitarium, took 
a course and graduated as nurse, and is now following her 
vocation. Cora is a conscientious. Christian woman. 
Baptist. Res., Madison, Wis. 

V. Barbara Funk, bn. Sept. 11, 1830, in Northampton 
Co., Pa. Mrd. Daniel, son of Philip and Ruth Yarnell, 
Nov. 28, 1848, in Wayne Co., Ohio. They immediately 
went to Napoleon, Henry Co., Ohio. They bought a farm 
of 200 acres in the same county, and in 1863 moved onto it. 
Barbara was stricken with typhoid fever, and died Sept.20, 
1872. By an accident in 1841 Daniel lost his left hand. 
Daniel died Sept. 20, 1888, in Wauseon, Ohio. His farm 
was then divided among his children. Children: Byron, 
Charles, Sarah, Philip, William, Matilda, Cecilia, Harry, 
Daniel, Leora. 

VI. Byron Yarnell, bn. Nov. 28, 1849. Is occupied in 
the lumber business, and runs a saw mill in Delta, Ohio. 
Mrd. Aurelia Ellen Brown, Nov. 25, 1875. No issue. 

VI. Charles Yarnell, bn. Mar. 13, 1852. Is now living- 
on his farm near Napoleon, Ohio. Mrd. Rosa Williams, 
Apr. 12, 1874. She was born May 12, 1854. Children: 

V.I. Cora Yarnell, bn. Jan. 20, 1875. 

Yll. Daniel Yarnell, bn. Dec. 11, 1876. 

— 523 — 

VII. Carrie Yarnell, bn. Nov. 2, 1879. 

VII. Ray Yarnell, bn. Dec. 18, 1880. 

VII. Jerry Yarnell, bn. Sept. 28, 1883. 

VII. George Yarnell (twin), bn. Sept. 28, 1883; died 
Aug. 26, 1891. 

VII. Barbara Belle Yarnell, bn. Dec. 10, 1885. 

VII. Robert L. Yarnell, bn. Sept. 10, 1887; died Sept. 
2, 1891. 

. VII. Ethel Malinda Yarnell, bn. Oct. 30, 1893. 

VI. Sarah Jane Yarnell, bn. Mar. 26, 1854, in Henry 
Co., Ohio. Mrd. Philo P. Rockwell. He was born June 8, 
1852. They are living on a farm near Napoleon, Ohio. 

VII. Ezra Rockwell, bn. Jan. 31, 1875. 
Yll. Lewis Rockwell, bn. Dec. 7, 1876. 
VII. Julia Rockwell, bn. Nov. 24, 1881. 

VI. Philip Yarnell, bn. Jan. 31, 1856, in Henry Co., 
Ohio. Mrd. Elma S. Warden, May 16, 1880. She was born 
Dec. 17, 1860. They live on their farm near Napoleon, 
Ohio. Children: 

VII. Bertha Yarnell, bn. Mar. 2, 1881. 
VII. Lela Yarnell, bn. Mar. 30, 1886. 
VII. Muriel Yarnell, bn. Jan. 22, 1890. 

VI. William Yarnell, bn. Apr., 1858; died Apr. 29, 1862. 
VI. Matilda Yarnell, bn. 1861; died Mar. 1. 1863. 

VI. Cecilia Yarnell, bn. May 17, 1862 Mrd. Christo- 
pher Meyer. He was bn. Oct. 24, 1855. They are living 
on their farm near Napoleon, Ohio. Children: 

VII. Elmer Meyer, bn. June 12, 1880. 
VII. Walter Meyer, bn. Sept. 9, 1882. 

Vn. Carl Meyer, bn. Aug. 12, 1889; died May 20, 1891- 
* VII- Gertie Meyer, bn. Jan. 25, 1893. 

VI. Harry Yarnell, bn. Nov. 17, 1864, in Henry Co., 
Ohio. He lives on a farm near Napoleon, Ohio. Mrd. 
Mary Etta Walcutt, Dec. 15, 1885, in Napoleon, Ohio. 
One child: 

VII. Claire W. Yarnell, bn. July 15, 1889. 

VI. Daniel Yarnell, Jr.,bn.Sept.22,1867. Mrd. Grace M. 
Kline. Farmer, living near Napoleon, Ohio. Daniel was 
five years old the day his mother was buried, and twenty- 
one the day his father was buried. One child: 

. — 524 — 

VII. Letta Opal Yarnell, bn. Mar. 31, 1891. 

VI. Leora Yarnell, bn. Oct. 28, 1870. Mrd. William 
Grant Stough, Aug. 12, 1888. They live on their farm 
near Glensburg, Ohio. One child: 

VII. J. D. Stough, bn. June 18, 1893. 

Y. Cecilia Funk, bn. Feb. 27, 1832, in Northampton 
Co., Pa. She was below medium height; her black hair 
lay about her head in waves. She was, as we call it, '*good 
natured." She was not quite nineteen years old when her 
mother died, and the home being broken up, she made 
her home with her married sisters, part of the time with 
one, then again with another, until Nov. 4, 1852, when she 
was united in marriage with Isaac H., son of John O. and 
Elizabeth Haldeman Myers, of Bucks Co., Pa. They first 
lived in Chester, Wayne Co., Ohio. About 1869 they 
moved to Seville, Medina Co. Here Mr. Myers was occu- 
pied in the grocery business, and built a pleasant home. 
In 1864 they sold out all their Interest here, and moved to 
Wooster, Ohio, where he kept a grocery and drug store. 
He disposed of this business, and took an insurance 
agency in which he is now engaged. He owns a comfort- 
able home in which they live. Cecilia had a slight 
stroke of paralysis in 1887, and never fully recovered 
from the shock. She united with the Baptist church 
about 1864. She died very suddenly of heart disease, 
Apr. 4, 1895, and was buried in the Wooster cemetery. 
Cecilia died Apr. 4, 1895; her brother Cyrus died Apr. 11, 
1895; her nephew, Fred Funk, died Apr. 12, 1895, and her 
sister, Mary Ann Myers, died June 4, 1895, this making 
tour deaths from April 4 to June 4. Children: Isadora, 
William, Lura. 

VI. Isadora Myers, bn. Aug. 1, 1857, in Wayne Co., 
Ohio. She had a very delicate constitution, light com- 
plexion, and a super-abundance of slightly curling hair. 
Hers was a kind and affectionate nature, winning the love 
of all who knew her. She was a member of the Baptist 
church and having a musical voice led the church choir 
in service. She took an active part in all the services of 
the church and Sunday school. She was finally stricken 
with organic heart disease, and in her 25th year, Jan. 25, 
1882, her soul took its flight to Him who gave it. Her re- 
mains were laid away in Wooster cemetery. 

•- 525 — 

VI. William Clyde Myers, bn. Jan. 28, 1861. He is 
medium height, light complexion, has a quiet, even tem- 
perament, and is something^ of a musician. Local insur- 
ance agent in Wooster, Ohio. Mrd. Mary Haymaker, of 
Warren, Ohio, Dec, 1889. No issue. 

VI. Lura F. Myers, bn. Mar. 8, 1867, in Wooster, Ohio. 
She is slight in form, a brunette, has a great deal of hair, 
quiet and pleasant in her address, a graduate of the public 
schools in Wooster, and gives some attention to both vo- 
cal and instrumental music. Lura lives with her father, 
is a member of the Baptist church, sings in the choir, and 
is a great worker in the Sunday school. Her character is 
that of a true Christian. 

V. Henry Funk, bn. in Northampton Co., Pa., Apr. 
14, 1834, and at the age of two years, moved with his 
parents to Wayne Co., Ohio. In the spring of 1854, at the 
age of 20, he went to Clinton, Dewitt Co., 111., and worked 
at the cabinet trade, until October, 1855, when he moved 
to Farmer City, (then Mt. Pleasant,) in the same county. 
He enlisted in Co. I, 107th Regt., 111. Vol. Infantry, on the 
2d day of August, 1862, and served with his regiment 
through Kentucky, and on the raid after Gen. Morgan, 
through Ohio, until the autumn of 1863, when he crossed 
the mountains into East Tennessee, under command of 
Maj. Gen. Burnside, participating in that campaign and 
in the seige of Knoxville. In the spring of 1864 he joined 
the army of Gen. Sherman, at Chattanooga, and went 
with that army to Atlanta, Ga. After the capture of 
Atlanta, he for the first time succeeded in visiting his 
brother, Kaufman, whom he had not seen for more than 
ten years, although they had been in the same army 
more than six months. He visited with his brother two 
days, and was again called to duty, following Gen. Hood 
back to Franklin and Nashville, Tenn. After the battle 
of Nashville he went, under command of Maj. Gen. Scho- 
field, via Washington, D. C, to Fort Fisher, North Caro- 
lina; from there to Fort Anderson and Wilmington, again 
joining the army of Gen. Sherman at Raleigh, N. C. He 
was honorably discharged from the army at Salisbury, 
N. C, on the 26th day of June, 1865, by reason of the close 
of the war. He then returned to his home at Farmer 
City, 111., and has followed the occupation of machinist 

— 526 — 

to the present time. Mrd. Harriet Melissa, daug'hter of 
Francis S. and Harriet M. Robbios, Jan. 8, 1857. She was 
born Feb. 13, 1837. Meth. Ep. Children: Roana, Francis, 
ArdiUaf Fred, Florence, Charles, Eddie. 

VI. Roana Dorinda Funk, bn. Oct. 13, 1857. She has 
a dark complexion, high forehead, is a woman of industry 
and good principles. Graduated in the public school at 
Farmer City, and is now engaged in teaching in the public 
schools in Dewitt Co., 111. 

VI. Francis William Elmer Funk, bn. Aug. 31, 1859: 
died Apr. 18, 1861. 

VI. Ardilla May Funk, bn. Oct. 13, 1861; died Aug. 
26, 1880. 

VI. Henry Fred Funk, bn. May 4, 1863; died at his 
home in Farmer City, 111., Apr. 12, 1895. Mrd. Mary Want- 
liog, Apr. 1, 1885. One child: 

VII. Freddie A. Funk, bn. Apr. 1, 1887, 

Mary deserted her husband, and Fred procured a 
divorce, giving her the custody of the child. He married 
second wife, Aldora J. Harold. Children: 

VII. Carter Harold Funk, bn. Jan. 15, 1890. 

VII. Claude Arthur Funk, bn. Dec. 27, 1890. 

VII. Freddie Nelson Fiink, bn. Feb. 22, 1893; died Aug. 
1, 1893. 

VI. Florence Funk, bn. Jan. 18, 1867; died Apr. 18, 1867. 

VI. Charles Elliot Funk, bn. Aug. 26, 1868. Lives in 
Farmer City, 111. 

VI. Eddie Bunn Funk, bn. Jan. 9, 1875. He was frail, 
and of delicate health in childhood, but gained in strength 
as he grew older. He graduated in the i^blic school in 
Farmer City, took a course in pharmacy at Chicago and 
is now employed in a drug store in Farmer City, 111. 

V. Sarah Funk, bn. Jan. 31, 1836, in Northampton Co., 
Pa. She was of medium height, had black hair, dark 
eyes, and dark complexion. Was educated in the rural 
schools. After her mother died she supported herself by 
sewing. She went to Napoleon, Henry Co., Ohio, and was 
there united in marriage with Charles C. Hartman. 
To them was born one child: Lee. The following 
is a copy of their obituaries. 

— 527 — 

**DiED.— On the morning of the Hth of April, 1859, of 
typhoid fever, Mrs. Sarah Hartman. consort of Mr. C. C. 
Hartman, in the 24th year of her age. 

Seldom has the pen been required to memorize a 
character around which clusters a brighter collection of 
the virtues sometimes permitted to adorn humanity. 
Seldom has an individual united in herself so many of 
those graces of the spirit, which are peculiarly the gift 
of Deity. We feel, when recurring to her who is thus 
stricken low in our midst, that language is powerless to 
do justice to our conception of the good, the beautiful, 
and the true, as they were personated in the various 
exhibitions of her life. The wife affectionate, devoted, 
and tender, the lady always alive to the amenities of 
social life; the companion, social, instructive; the friend, 
kind and sympathizing. When the eye which has beamed 
-with the light of intelligence and love no longer emits its 
kindly rays; when the voice is hushed in the silence of 
death, and the grave hides the inanimate form from our 
view, the lineaments of character stand forth in their 
mental daguerreotype, clear in the sunlight of memory, 
and the moral beauty which encircled lilce a halo of glory 
the spirit of our friend, becomes brighter in our realiza- 
tion of eternity. The death of Mrs. Hartman has caused 
a chasm in our midst which cannot easily be filled; it is 
felt in our whole community, and the deepest and kindest 
sympathies have been called forth and tendered to the 
bereaved husband and child. Communicated." 

Died.— On the evening of May 11, 1859, at the resi- 
dence of Daniel Yarnell, in Napoleon, Ohio, of typhoid 
fever, Mr. Charles C. Hartman, in the 26th year of his 
age. In the North West of April 20, was a notice of the 
death of Mrs. Sarah Hartman, of typhoid fever, and by 
the above announcement it will be seen that her husband 
has fallen a victim to the same disease, and followed his 
beloved wife to the tomb. An infant child, too young to 
realize its loss, has been left without a 

**Father's nurturing hand, a mother's tender care. 
To ope the young lips, and teach the infant prayer." 

VI. Ernest Legrand Hartman, bn. in Napoleon, Ohio. 
He is of medium height, has black hair and dark com- 
plexion. After the death of his parents he lived with 

— 528 — 

his grandfather Hartman. He was educated in the public 
school in Napoleon, Ohio, and taught school a few years 
in Ohio and Indiana. He is a lawyer by profession, but 
finding indoor work too confining he has for some years 
been engaged in timber business. Mrd. Mary A. Sheffield. 
P.O., Ohio City, Ohio. Children: VII. Eugene Beauhar- 
nais Hartman. VII. Edward Sheffield Hartman. 

V. Matilda A. Funk, bn. Feb. 23, 1838, in Wayne Co., 
Ohio. Was of medium height, light complexion, had an 
abundance of light hair which lay in waves around her 
head. She was active and possessed a great deal of 
energy, but was not fond of study. She had good 
health. After her mother's death she found a home 
with her brother Samuel, until she engaged in the millin- 
ery business at Loudonville, which occupation she fol- 
lowed until her marriage with George W. Clouse, Apr. 22, 
1862. They moved to his farm near Loudonville, Ohio, 
where she lived the remainder of her life. Matilda 
united with the Baptist church in Wooster, Ohio, in 1858. 
After her marriage she and her husband united with the 
English Lutheran church. Matilda died of typhoid fever. 
Mar. 29, 1884, and was buried in the cemetery at Loudon- 
ville. Children: Clara. Mary, Emma, Maria, Jeanette, 
Charles, Jacob, Olln. 

Mr. Clouse married second wife, Martha Reinhard. 
Children: Harry Peter, William Albert. 

VI. Clara Fidelia Clouse, bn. Feb. 26, 1863. She is 
below medium height, a brunette, full habit. Mrd. Will- 
iam Henry Riblet, June 2, 1887. They Immediately went 
to Perry, Kansas, where Mr. Riblet was occupied in 
teaching in the public school. In 1893 they left Kansas 
and went to Elkhart, Indiana, where they are now living. 
Presby. Children: 

VII. George Earl Riblet, bn. Aug. 2, 1888. 
VII. William Roy Riblet, bn. June 23, 1890. 
VII. Guy Harold Riblet, bn. Apr. 8, 1893. 

VI. Mary Magdalena Clouse, bn. Dec. 6, 1864. She 
has a fair complexion, light hair, resembling her mother. 
Mrd. Albert B. Schauweker, Oct. 7, 1886, in Loudonville, 
Ohio. Id 1888 they went to Oskaloosa, Kansas, and the 
year following returned to Ohio; they then lived in Find- 
lay, Ohio, until 1894, when they moved to Cleveland, Ohio^ 

— 529 — 

from which place they went to Newark, Ohio. Here they 
are engaged In the millinery business. English Luth. 
One child: 

VH. Arthur A. Schauweker, bn. Feb. 20, 1889, in 
Odkaloosa, Kan. 

VI. Emma Clouse, bn. Jan. 5, 1868, is above medium 
height, complexion light. She is a graduate of the High 
school in Loudonville, Ohio. She taught two years in the 
school at Perry, Kan. She returned to her father's home 
in Ohio, and remained there until 1893, when she took a 
course in book-keeping and stenography, at Lima, Ohio, 
and is now employed in this vocation in The Elkhart Daily 
Heview printing office, at Elkhart, Ind. Presby. She is a 
woman of good principle, and is highly respected by 
every one. Emma possesses an unusually rich contralto 
Toice, and takes a prominent place in musical circles. S. 

VI. Maria Clouse, bn. Nov. 23, 1870. She is short in 
stature, eyes and hair are dark. She has a common 
school education, was engaged as book-keeper in Cleve- 
land and Findlay, Ohio, but is now living with her sister, 
Mary M. Schauweker, in Newark, Ohio, and is also en- 
g^aged in the millinery business. English Luth. S. 

VI. Jeanette Clouse, bn. Mar. 15, 1873. She is slender 
in form, complexion light, has a common school educa- 
tion. Lives with her father on the farm. English Luth. 

VI. Charles Edward Clouse, bn. July 9, 1875. Is clerk 
ing for H. B. Sykes & Co., dry goods store, at Elkhart, 
Ind. Single. 

VI. Jacob Ralph Clouse, bn. Feb. 26, 1878. Graduate 
of the Loudonville High school. Clerk in a dry goods 
store at Newark, Ohio. 

VI. Olin Eugene Clouse, bn. May 8, 1881. Graduate 
of the Loudonville High school. Clerking for H. B. Sykes 
& Co., Elkhart, Ind. 

V, Sophia Malinda Funk, bn. Sept. 9, 1839, in Wayne 
Co., Ohio. She is medium height, dark complexion, black 
hair, heavy eyebrows. When a child was fond of study 
and books, but did not like house-work. After her 
mother's death she found a home with her sister, Eliza- 
beth McClure, until she was 18 years old. She then at- 


— 630 — 

tended the public school in Wooster, Ohio, and afterwards 
the Ladies^ Seminary in the same place. She tauj^ht in 
public schools 19 years, in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. 
In 1870 and '71 she attended the State Normal School of 
Michlfi^ao. In the autumn of 1876 she took up the study 
of medicine, and in March, 1880, graduated from the 
Hahnemann College in Chicago, 111. She then practiced 
her profession successfully in Elkhart, Ind. Mrd. Joseph 
D. Devor, Oct. 7, 1887, in Elkhart, Ind. Sophia united 
with the Baptist church in her 19th year; after her 
marriage she went with her husband into the Pres- 
byterian church. Joseph D. Devor was born Aug,[5, 1828, 
in Piqua, Ohio. He is 5 feet 10 inches, light complexion, 
grey eyes. In 1836, at the age of eight years, he went 
with his parents to Elkhart Co., Ind. In those early days 
there were but few public schools taught in Indiana, 
therefore he pursued most of his studies at home, under 
the instructions of his father. This habit of study he has 
continued all through his life; he gave much time to the 
study of vocal music, and for some years past has made 
astronomy his special study, and on clear evenings may 
now be seen, either tracing the constellations, or viewing 
the heavenly bodies with his telescope. He is occupied as 
book-keeper in the First National Bank of Elkhart, Ind. 
Owns a home here. He is an exemplary Christian man, 
acknowedging God's dealings in all things. Joseph's grand, 
father was a soldier on the side of the Republic in the 
war of the Revolution. 

V. Kaufman Punk, bn. Nov. 16, 1843, in Wayne Co., 
Ohio. Was medium height, light complexion. Attended 
the common schools when a child. After his mother died 
he had a home with his sister, Cecilia Myers, and then 
with his brother William, until the Rebellion broke out; 
he then enlisted in the 30th Ind. Infantry, in Oct., 1861, 
under Gen. Wood, of Ky. He with a few of his comrades 
organized a Bible class. Of this he writes his sister: *'We 
read a chapter of scripture every evening before going 
to bed, and each one passes his opinion on it, and then we 
bring things to a point as near as we can; tbis is a very 
good practice, I think. The rest of the boys are begin- 
ning to find it out and come in to hear us; last evening 
our tent was crowded full, they all seemed to like it." 

{See page Sua.) 

— 531 — 

He was then an orderly in rank. They moved south into 
Kentucky and Tennessee, and were in the battle near 
Murfreesboro, Tenn., whence he writes the following: 

**Head Quarters, 2d Brig^ade, 2d Div. 

In the field, Jan. 1, 1862: 

My Dear Sister: — Now that we are settled, an<f 
the excitement is over, I will try to inform you of 
a few affairs which I think will be of interest to you. In 
the first place I must say that I am thankful to God for Ilia 
mercies. You have undoubtedly heard of the battle, and you 
are perhaps uneasy about my welfare. In reply to this I 
can say that I am in good health, and by this time in pretty 
good spirits. I was in the thickest of the battle and did! 
not get a touch by a ball; how I ever got out in this way I 
cannot say, for I did not think the bullets flew far enough 
apart to miss a man. I am very sorry to say we had to 
fall back immediately after the attack was made. We 
were overpowered by ten times our number; one whole 
•corps was thrown on our two brigades; but after giving 
back some distance, and taking a new position, we 
checked the enemy's column, and afterwards repulsed 
them. Z will now try and give you an account of our 
proceedings since leaving Nashville, and if you will let 
the rest of the relatives read it, you will do me a favor,,, 
as I have not time at present to write many letters. 

We left Nashville on the day after Christmas; 
marched south on the turnpike through a drenching rain, 
and having to fight the enemy all the way, made very 
alow progress. We reached a village about 7 P. M., and 
went into camp. In the night we received another very 
heavy shower of rain, which made the ground (with the 
exception of the pike) almost impassable. We started at 
7 A. M. that morning in advance. We had moved but a 
little way when we came in sight of the enemy. Our 
cavalry opened fire, and had quite a skirmish. Fire was 
also opened from artillery, which soon dislodged the 
rebels who were posted on bluffs on each side of the road. 
Our cavalry lost two men killed and three wounded. In a 
short time the rain commenced coming down in torrents, 
but we still moved on slowly, feeling our way as we went, 
and every now and then having a brush with the rebels. 
After the rain was over there arose a dense fog so that 

— 532 — 

we had to stop and wait for it to clear. Our brigade was 
during this time deployed in order of battle, as there were 
signs of the enemy's presence in force. The fog cleared 
in about an hour, and we received orders to advance, 
which we did, carefully guarding against any dodge the 
enemy might choose to play. We soon came in sight of 
them again, when they opened on us with two pieces of 
artillery, posted on the right of the road, on a high bluff. 
Our battery was brought into position on the left of the 
road, also on a bluff, and opened fire. This was too much 
for them, so they soon pulled stakes and left. We imme- 
diately moved forward and occupied their ground. Here 
we came in sight of a small village — Tryune — which the 
rebels still held. Our battery was placed in position and 
commenced shelling the town, which soon made the rebels 
seek other quarters. We were now in good po-»ition, 
as the hill upon which we were stationed comman ed the 
country for a considerable distance. We waited here a 
few moments and receiving no reply, moved forward, 
calculating to occupy the village. Our movement was as 
rapid as possible, and but slow at that, for the ground 
was so soft that it was impossible to move ia>ter than a 
slow walk. When we reached the edge of the village, the 
enemy opened on us again, with artillery. Orders were 
sent immediately to advance and charge the battery, but 
it could not be done, as the men were entirely fagged out. 
The rebels gave us a heavy fire of grape and canister, 
but it had no effect at all, although we were within easy 
range. We rested under fire and then advanced, r»ut the 
enemy, seeing the game, again fled. We pursued them 
for about' a mile and went into camp. Here we lay the 
next day; were then in a westerly direction from Mur- 
freesboro. On the 29th we started for Murfreesboro, 
coming across from Tryune on a dirt road, we arrived on 
the Nashville and Murfreesboro turnpike about 7 P. M., 
and went into camp. We were too close to the enemy to 
have camp-fires, therefore we did as best we coutd with- 
out cooking. Next morning we moved forward again and 
took a position on the right of our line in a southerly 
direction from Murfreesboro. Our movement was slowly 
made as the advance guard were all the while c tntesting 
the enemy. We reached our position about du»k, our 
pickets being in sight of the others. Gen. Davis' division. 

— 533 — 

which was on our left, was eng^ag^ed by the enemy. 
There had been a rebel battery shelling^ his line all day 
long, and when we came up Gen. Kirk ordered our battery 
into position and to commence firing. The movement 
was executed with great promptness, and at the second 
fire the rebels picked up and left. They were then tak- 
ing another position, when our battery gave them another 
round and disabled them entirely. Our line being by this 
time posted we retired, but little rest did we get, for the 
pickets were constantly firing on one another. In the 
morning the whole command was under arms before day- 
light,' and remained so until after daylight, when part of 
the battery horses were taken to water. No sooner was 
this done than the enemy appeared in great numbers. 
They moved up with a front equal to a battalion in line, 
and seven regiments deep. Our battery opened fire with 
grape and canister and the infantry poured a volley of 
musketry, seldom excelled, but produced no visible effect 
on their heavy column, as they advanced on a double 
quick. They then poured a volley into us which made 
everything ring. Our men were compelled to fall back 
as we bad but a single line; the battery could not be 
removed on account of *the horses being killed. The 
rebels were now within twenty-five yards of us, the men 
of the battery stood until some of them were bayoneted. 
We fell back in the best order possible, losing many men 
and officers. The next position was taken in an open 
field, which place we again held until we could almost see 
the whites of their eyes. Here I heard that Gen. Kirk 
was wounded and his horse killed, so I went back again, 
and found two men carrying him. I asked whether he 
wanted my horse, he said he did. I dismounted and 
helped him to mount. By this time we were between two 
fires, our own and the enemy's which was not more than 
ten rods from us. The General got out safely, but how I 
got out without a wound, I cannot say, for the balls came 
just like hail. The General is now in Nashville, doing 
well. What was left of our brigade fell back again 
across the open field into the edge of a wood and formed 
again. Here we checked the enemy for the first time, 
but they soon overpowered us again and drove us. By 
this time they had turned our battery upon us, and just 
made the shells ring. We fell back through the wood in 

— 534 — 

very good order, the enemy still follow^iag us. When we 
reached the reserve of our forces we repulsel and drove 
the enemy back again, but not near to our old point. 
The brigade was again formed under Col. J. B. Dodge and 
took position which we held that night and the next day. 
Here you can see how we spent our New Year's day. 
There was heavy skirmishing all day on New Year, and 
in the evening one of the heaviest battles of the war 
was fought on the left of our lines. The killed in our 
brigade will amount to about 125. The wounded and miss- 
in(r will amount to about 900. 

We lay on the field until the 7th of January,'then 
moved where we now are, five miles south of Murfrees- 
boro, on the Selbyville turnpike. It has rained most of 
the time since the battle, and we have had but little to 
eat, nevertheless, we are thankful it is no worse. 

Jan. 9. — I am in good spirits this morning, owing to 
the brightness of the weather. I hope you are well. I 
know not how I can send this letter, as there is but little 
mail at present. Not having time to write more, I will 
close. I remain your brother, 


In the year 1862 they marched through a great part 
of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi, having 
frequent battles with the enemy. His brother Henry, 
though in the same army, did not meet him until Sept. 28, 
1864, when they spent two nights together, their first 
meeting in eleven years, and the last time they saw each 
other until Kaufman was on his death bed and could not 
speak. Henry says, **We may well be proud of Kaufman, 
for his whole regiment is proud of him." Kaufman re- 
ceived a commission as captain, in April, 1865, and then 
was granted a furlough of fourteen days before taking 
the command. His official signature now was: K. Funk, 
Captain and Topographical Engineer, 2d Brigade, 1st 
Division, 4 A. C. 

. During our war the Catholics under the French Invaded 
the Republic of Mexico, committing great depredations 
there, and cruelly murdered many of the army of the 
Republic. They anticipated conquering the inhabitants 
of Mexico, and then progressing into the United States 
with their forces, (they thought by this time our forces 

— 635 — 

would have been exhausted, and would be an easy prey 
for them). This was an insult to our government as a 

Our difficulties at home being brought to a close in 
the fall of 1885, our Secretary of War (Stanton), issued 
orders to the French government to withdraw their 
troops from Mexico, or he would send his forces there to 
drive them out, and to affirm this statement he sent an 
army into Texas, along the border line, there to remain 
in reserve until ordered to proceed farther. (Capt. K. 
Funk was one in the army detailed to go there.) But the 
French seeing this, speedily withdrew their troops, and 
the difficulty was then brought to a termination. In the 
latter part of December, 1866, Kaufman was given the 
commission of Colonel, and honorably discharged from 
the service. He returned home to spend Christmas with 
his friends in Wooster, Ohio. 

Like many of our young soldiers who served the gov- 
ernment, he now had no business education, therefore 
most of the remainder of his life he was occupied as a 
traveling salesman. 

He united with the Baptist church Aug. 6, 1868. Mrd. 
Emma J. Kaufman, Feb. 24, 1870, in Wooster, Ohio. They 
went to Mansfield, Ohio, then again to Wooster, and 
finally to Toledo, Ohio. 

Col. K. Funk was stricken with paralysis in a hotel at 
Chicago, 111., and after a week's illness died there, Oct. 
21, 1878, and was buried in the Wooster (Ohio) cemetery. 

Emma J. Kaufman Funk is now living in California. 
Children: Ralph, Arthur. 

VI. Ralph B. Funk, bn. Oct. 14, 1871, in Mansfield, 
Ohio, is short in stature, has black hair, and large black 
eyes. After his father died he went to the State of 
Washington, and then to Los Angeles, Califoraia, where 
he is now engaged as clerk for a lumber firm. S. 

VI. Arthur K. Punk, bn. Sept. 18, 1873, in Mansfield, 
Ohio, has black hair, and large black eyes. After his 
father's death he went with his mother to California, 
and is now in San Francisco, employed as stenographer 
and type- writer for a lumber firm. S. 

V. Maria Isabella Funk, bn. Aug. 8, 1846, in Wayne 
Co., Ohio. She is medium height, light complexion. 

- 536 — 

After her mother's death she lived with her sister, Mary 
Ann Myers. She attended school in the country and a 
short time in Napoleon, Ohio, then taught school a short 
time. Mrd. Samuel Moyer, Mar. 1, 1866. They had a farm 
in Elkhart Co., Ind.; this they sold and bought one in 
Cass Co., Mich., two miles from the State line between 
Indiana and Michigan. About the year 1881 they sold 
this farm and invested in real estate in Elkhart, Ind., 
and are now living there. Samuel Moyer's father was a 
minister in the Mennonlte ch. Meth. £p. Children: 
Alvin, Mason. 

VI. Alvin Howard Moyer, bn. Dec. 24, 1866, in Elkhart 
Co., Ind.; died Oct. 23, 1870, in Cass Co., Mich. 

VI. Mason Moyer, bn. Mar. 2, 1870, in Cass Co., Mich. 
He is medium height, light complexion. Graduated from 
the High school in Elkhart, Ind., then took a course In 
dentistry in the college at Ann Arbor, Mich., and is now 
making a success in his profession in Three Rivers, Mich. 
Mrd. Elizabeth Catharine Crater, Sept. 6, 1893. Meth. Ep. 
One child: 

VII. Ruth Moyer, bn. May 5, 1895; died July 4, 1896. 

In reading this very short biographical sketch of 
Ralph and Nancy Kaufman Funk and their descendants, 
we find the number of their offspring to be as follows: 


Malei hmtUn ToUl MiIm Feaalei Total IiIm Fomlts T«ta] 

Childno 5813 36 9 224 

Gnodchildreo 43 27 70 12 6 18 31 21 52 

flreat-griDdchildrra 50 38 88 8 2 10 42 36 78 

6r«at-gr»t-graiidchildreD 2 2 2 2 

Total 98 75 173 28 14 37 75 61 136 

Ralph Funk's family descendants are a noble minded, 
worthy class of people. Their educational advantages 
were perhaps somewhat limited, but by their industry 
and good management, they applied their acquirements 
to good purpose. They are all temperate, law-abiding 
citizens, free from vicious habits, drunkenness, and im- 
moral tendencies. While none of them may be considered 
wealthy, yet they all have a competency, and have a 
disposition to take care of themselves. 

In conclusion, I will say that the writing of this 
family history has been to me a source of great pleasure. 

— 537 — 

I have been conscientiouB in my statements, and believe 

them to be true and reliable, so far as my own knowledge 

extends, together with the information kindly furnished 

me by the family connections and subjects of this memoir. 

May Ood^s blessing rest upon aW of them forever, is the prayer 

of the writer, 

Sophia Malinda Funk Dbvor. 

IV. Christian Funk, died infant. 

IV. William Funk, bn. Apr. 20, 1800; died 1802. 

IV. Elizabeth Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 3, 1797: 
died Jan. 27, 1885. Mrd. Benjamin Riegle. He was born 
in Northampton Co., Pa., Nov. 28, 1792; died May 30, 1861. 
Ref. ch. One child: 

V. Henry Riegle, bn. Nov. 13, 1819. Mrd. Elvina 
Shimer, Apr. 27, 1847. She was born June 22, 1828. P. O., 
Emaus, Pa. Ref. ch. Children: Edwin, Sybilla, Lucinda, 

VI. Edwin Riegle, bn. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Feb. 16, 1848. 
P. O., Emaus, Pa. Ref. ch. 

VI. Sybilla Rlegle. bn. in Lehigh Co., Pa., Apr. 21, 

1850. Ref. ch. P. O., Emaus, Pa. 

VI. Lucinda Riegel, bn. August 22, 1853; died March 
17, 1860. 

VI. Almeda Riegel, bn. Nov. 12, 1854; died Apr. 1, 1860. 

IV. Mary Funk, mrd. Abraham Dilgart. Farmer and 
miller. Children: Elizabeth, Lavina, William, Barbara, 
Edward, Lucinda. 

V. Elizabeth Dilgart, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 31, 
1825; died Apr. 5, 1870. Mrd. Charles Wolttnger, Oct. 12, 

1851. He was born in Bucks Co., Pa , Aug. 23, 1827. 
Farmer. Ref. ch. Children: Mary, William, Titus, 
Abraham, Isabella. 

VI. Mary Wolfinger, bn. Mar. 26, 1853. Mrd. Samuel 
Hager. P. O. , Coopersburg, Pa, 

Y». William H. Wolfinger, bn. May 12, 1855. Mrd. 
Anna Lear. No issue. 

VI. Titus Wolfinger, bn. July 31, 1859; died Mar. 9, 1882. 

VI. Rev. Abraham D. Wolfinger, bn. in Nockamixon, 
Bucks Co., Mar. 14, 1864. Mrd. Lizzie Sheleigh, Oct. 18, 
1888. P. O., Thornville, Ohio. Mr. Wolfinger was baptized 

— 538 — 

In infancy, and united with the Reformed church of his 
native place in December, 1880. He received his prelimi- 
nary education in the schools of his native place, the 
Hi^h school of Sellers ville, and the State Normal school 
at West Chester, Pa. His ambition from a boy was to 
become a minister. And thus desiring a more thorough 
preparation for the study of theology, he entered upon a 
course of study in Urslnus College, which he completed in 
the spmmer of 1886. A call from Brown bach's charge, 
Chester Co., Pa., was waiting for him. He accepted the 
call and was ordained to the gospel ministry and installed 
pastor of the charge June 3, 1888. £[is labors were greatly 
blessed to the ingathering of many souls. He was called 
to Thornville, Ohio, to accept the pastorate of the Thorn- 
ville charge, July 20, 1890. Here he still labors among a 
people by whom he is much beloved and esteemed. 
One child: 

VII. Marion May Wolfinger, bn. Aug. 6, 1889. 

VI. Isabella Wolfinger, bn. Sept. 24, 1867. P. O., Gal- 
lows, Pa. S. 

V. Lavlna Dilgart, dec'd. Mrd. Charles Younkins. 

V. William Dilgart. 

V. Barbara Dilgart, mrd. 2^igenfus8. 

V. Edward Dilgart. P. O., So. Bethlehem, Pa. 

V. Lucinda Dilgart, mrd. Chas. Younkins. P. C, 
Gallows, Pa. 

IV. Henry Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., July 11, 1804; 
died Nov. 21, 1845. Mrd. Susanna Schleififer, daughter of 
Henry Schleiflfer* Jan. 3, 1826. She was bom Feb. 26, 1804, 
is still living (1899). Mr. Funk Inherited from his father 

* Son of Jacob Schleiffer. who cariie (roin Earope when a child with his 
father, Abraham Schleiffer, whose wife died on the voya^ across the oce^n* 
They settled in Virginia, from whence the son Jacob came north, and mrd. 
Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Meyer, of Upper Milford. He purchased and 
settled upon a tract of land at what is known as Schleiffer^s Valley, one mile 
south of Springtown. His children were: Abraham Schleiffer, mrd. Susanna 
Keesor, Jacob Schleiffer, mrd. Catharine Kaufman, Elizabeth Schleiffer, mrd. 
Samuel Kaufman, and Henry Schleiffer, mrd. Mary Treichler. The last 
named Henry Schleiffer's children were: Elizabeth Schleiffer, mrd. Jacob 
Baum, Susanna Schleiffer, mrd. Henry Funk, and Joseph Schleiffer. mrd. 
Susanna Stover. 

— 539 — 

the grist and saw mills, together with 50 acres of land 
and the two dwellings south and east of the mills. Soon 
after marriage he purchased from his mother the re- 
maining portion of the homestead proper. He was born 
and always lived in the house erected by his father, and 
there he died. About 1830 he tore down the old log man- 
sion that had sheltered his ancestors so many years. Still 
later he tore down the old buildings near the mill, and 
erected in close proximity, a commodious stone dwelling. 
In 1844 he tore down the large log barn probably built by 
Twining and erected on the site thereof the present 
large structure. 

He was successful in business, and succeeded in 
amassing considerable wealth. His chief occupation was 
farming and operating his mills. 

Mr. Funk was an exemplary man, an honored citizen, 
and was held in the highest esteem by all who linew him. 
He was a faithful member of the church of his fathers in 
Springfield Twp., where he lies buried. His widow still 
survives him, and Is living with her son, Hon. Henry S. 
Funk, at the old homestead. She is now past 91 years, 
and is a remarkable woman for one of her age. Her mind 
and memory are yet clear, and she possesses a great fund 
of information relative to the ancestors and relationships 
much of which she received from the widow of (III.) Henry 
Funk with whom she lived many years. The author is 
Indebted to her for much valuable Information. Children: 
Mary, Enos, Elizabeth, Henry. 

V. Mary Funk, bn. Nov. 19, 1826; died Sept. 6, 1892. 
Mrd. Jacob K. Trauger, Nov. 17, 1850. Farmer. Luth. 
Children: Emma, Clara, Elizabeth, Matilda, Jacob. 

VI. Emma Trauger, bn, Nov. 16, 1851. Mrd. Jonas 
Bean, Nov. 5, 1870. P. O., Ferndale, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

VII. Howard A. Bean, bn. Aug. 16, 1871. Mrd. Irene 
Trauger, Mar. 30, 1893. P. O., Kintnersville, Pa. Butch- 
er. Luth. 

VII. Edwin O. Bean, bn. Feb. 13, 1874. S. 
VII. Charles C. Bean, bn. Jan. 1, 1876; died Septem- 
ber 20, 1889. 

VII. Mary Bean, bn. Nov. 27, 1877. 

Vli. Quintus H. Bean, bn. June 26, 1881. 

— 540 — 

VII. Robert J. Beao, bn. June 8, 1883. 
VII. Jonas W. Bean, bn. Mar. 31, 18S5; died December 
28, 1885. 

VII. Annie E. Bean, bn. May 21, 1887. 
VII. Clara £. Bean, bn. Mar. 11, 1889. 
VII. Earle T. Bean, bn. Apr. 1, 1891. 

VI. Clara Trauger, bn. Sept. 27, 1853; died Mar. 29, 
1891. Mrd. Quintus Hess, Sept. 27, 1871. No issue. 

VI. Elizabeth Trauger, bn. Oct. 21, 1857; died Feb. 
17, 1869. 

VI. Matilda Trauger, bn. Feb. 7, 1864. Mrd. George 
D. Fox, Sept. 13, 1883. P. O., Bucksville, Pa. Farmer 
and Justice of the Peace. Children : 

VII. Elsie M. Fox, bn. May 24, 1885. 

VII. Jacob Fox, bn. Feb. 26, 1889; died Feb. 8, 1890. 
VII. Allen C. Fox, bn. Mar. 7, 1892. 

VI. Jacob H. Trauger, bn. Dec. 28, 1867. Mrd. Annie 
M. Sumstone. P. O., Ferndale, Pa. Farmer. Luth. 

VII. Clarence C. Trauger, bn. Dec. 24, 1886. 
VII. J. Raymond Trauger, bn. July 19, 1891. 
VII. Mary B. Trauger, bn. Oct. 20, 1892. 

V. Enos Funk, bn. Apr. 11, 1829; died Dec. 5, 1847. 

V. Elizabeth Funk, bn. Dec. 30, 1831; died July 23, 
1851. Single. 

V. Hon. Henry S. Funk, bn. in Springfield Twp., 
Bucks Co., Pa., on the old homestead, Dec. 23, 1844. Mrd. 
Ellen M. Horlocher, Thanksgiving day, Nov. 26, 1868. She 
was born Sept. 15, 1844; died Mar. 2, 1884. Children: 
Henry, Susie. 

Henry mrd. second ivife, Sallie C. Laubach, Dec. 24, 
1887. She was born June 17, 1864. 

Mr. Funk was eleven months old when his father died- 
He remained on the homestead with his mother, and 
attended public and private schools until 18 years of age. 
He then left school and took charge of the property 
bequeathed to him by his father. He tore down the mill 
built by his great-grandfather in 1782, and erected upon 
its site one of the most complete flouring mills in the 
state, together with handle works and saw mill. These 
works were destroyed by fire iu 1869, but he immediately 


(flee page Sse.\ 

— 641 -- 

rebuilt tbem, and they are, with the homestead farms, 
still under his personal supervision. Mr. Funk has been 
Justice of the Peace in his township, and Post Master in 
Springtown, during Garfield's administration, and again 
re-appointed during Harrison's administration, serving 
up to Jan. 1, 1894. In 1885 he established the Springtown 
Time8f3. weekly newspaper of forty-eight columns, and has 
since been its editor. In 1887 the Globe Mutual Live 
Stock Insurance Company, with headquarters in the 
Times Building, was incorporated, of which he has since 
been secretary. He is president of a local Building and 
Loan Association, and is interested in various other en- 
terprises. Mr. Funk has been universally successful in 
business, and has always resided in the homestead built 
by his grandfather a century ago. He is the owner 
of valuable real estate and water powers, and is recog- 
nized as one of the leading men in this part of the county, 
and much credit is due him for the public spirit mani- 
fested by him in furthering public enterprises. He has a 
decided literary taste, and has in his possession a library 
of over 10,000 volumes. 

In politics he is a staunch and active Republican, and 
in the campaign of 1894 he was elected to represent his 
district in the Legislature of Pennsylvania, by an over- 
whelming majority, receiving the highest vote on the 
Legislative ticket in the county that has been ia variably 
Democratic. He took his seat in the House of Represent- 
atives Jan. 1, 1895, was appointed on various important 
committees, and served bis constituents with great 
credit. He is a prominent member of the P. O. S. of A., 
has served as National vice-president at Cincinnati, O., 
in 1864. Member of Washington Camp No. 563, of Spring- 
town. Also member of Quakertown Lodge 512 P. & A. M. 
He is also prominently identified with different other 
organizations, attended National and State conventions, 
and held many offices of trust and honor. 

VI. Henry H. Funk, bn. on the old homestead at 
Springtown, Aug. 25, 1869. Mrd. Minnie E. Hess, June 12, 
18 »4. He received his early education by private tutor. 
He entered the Springtown Academy in June, 1885, from 
which he graduated June 17, 1887. He then entered the 
Times office, established by his father, served as appren- 
tice and foreman until he arrived at the age of 21 (Aug. 

— 542 — 

25, 1890), when he was presented by his father, Henry S. 
Funk, with one-half interest of the entire printing plant 
of the Spriiigtovon Times. He was installed business man- 
ager and associate editor, with his father as editor-in- 
chief. The Times is an influential 8 page paper, and 
together with its extensive job printing and book-binding 
departments, is one of the largest business enterprises 
of the town. It has had a very successful career, much 
of which is due to the business tact, energy, and untiring' 
perseverance of the associate editor, Henry H. Funk. He 
is also owner of real estate, a part of which is a large 
farm bequeathed to him by his great- uncle, Kaufman 
Funk, which originally belonged to the old Funk home- 
stead. He is a member of Quakertown Lodge No. 512 
F. & A. M.; Zlnzendorf chapter No. 216 of Bethlehem 
R. A. M.; Past Officer of Washington Camp No. 553, 
P. O. S. of A. of Springtown. One child: 

VII. Henry D. Funk, bn. Apr. 29, 1895. 

VI. Susie E. Funk, bn. on the old homestead Nov. 6^ 
1876. She received her education by private tutor, and 
attended the Springtown Academy. Miss Funk is now 
established in her father's office in the Times building. 
She is also an accomplished violinist. 

IV. Sarah Funk, bn. July 1, 1807; died Feb. 6, 1885. 
Mrd. David R. Hess. He was born Jan. 21, 1799; died Mar. 
29, 1876. Children: Barbara, Ralph, Henry, Reuben, 
Elizabeth, Mary, David. 

V. Barbara Hess, mrd. Jacob Harwii. 

V. Ralph Hess, mrd. Elviaa Fabian. P. O., Passer, 
Pa. Farmer and miller. Ref. ch. Children. 

V. Henry Hess, died aged 18 years. 

V. Reuben Hess, died aged about 5 years. 

V. Elizabeth Hess, died aged about 7 years. 

V. Mary Hess, died aged 2 years. 

V. David F. Hess, mrd. . 

IV. Kaufman Funk, bn. Jan. 3, 1810; died . Mrd. 

Mrs. Hannah Fretz (nee Seiple), June 11, 1846. She was 
born Dec. 26, 1803; died Apr. 25, 1866. Farmer. Menn. 
No issue. 

— 543 — 

III. Anna Funk, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Apr. 12, 1762; 
died June 2, 1818. Mrd. Andreas Overpeck. He was bom 
Apr. 27, 1756; died Nov. 5, 1814, Farmer, lived in Schleif- 
f er's Valley, one mile south of Springtown, on the farm 
now owned by Jacob Mease. Children: Jacob, Andrew, 
Mary, Sallie. 

IV. Jacob Overpeck, dec'd. Mrd. Overpeck, dcc'd. 

No issue. 

Jacob mrd. second wife, . One child: V. Edward 


IV. Andrew Overpeck, bn. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 29, 
1801; died Nov. 1, 1887. Mrd. Elizabeth Bittz, Apr. 2