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Full text of "An abstract of all the penal statutes which be general, in force and use : wherein is conteyned the effect of all those statutes which do threaten to the offendors thereof the losse of life, member, lands, goods, or other punishment or forfeiture whatsoeuer : whereunto is also added in their apt titles, the effect of all other statutes, wherein there is any thing materiall and necessarie for eche subject to knowe : moreouer, the aucthoritie and duetie of all iustices, sherifes, coroners, eschetors, maiors, bailiffes, customers, comptrollers of custome, stewards of leetes and liberties, aulnegers and purueyors, and what things by the letter of seuerall statutes in force they may, ought, or are compellable to doe"

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worft^ipful SpVi L L I AM Co K n;i,.. 
Knkht, Mafler of we "R^ules , \m^ 

mndo Pulton w.fteth Ion- contiuu- 

me pfprojperom life ,mthgreM 


Ptfrthc So^-JKMhadbaninied theii Kings rsTin«I.iulu. 
SttoConfuls.and f laced tcnne prmc,.<!.c , K5. 
paUMagittrates called D.««-«««jecte y b^ 
Fn nrto eouerne their Citie , they fent three 
EmbaffXrs.0 Athens.and ofD..ny ,HaU 
GTeece!tolearneana fetch them the LawesofcarM.10. 

«^ t^^NJ^S^ -s^ of thofe Cities : whichbeing brought to Rm«. 

into tenne Tables : Then were they P"bl»*l«°f '^^^^^^ in pUlars of 
x,fthe Cidrens ,eft.blin.edby f ''-:'; T'*Srmen7behold, 

heLrkngRoman Ernpire wasch>efl,e gouerncdb h^fp^^^^^^^^^ 

/Unieagcs,andthey aoeremainethe g'°"°^ "XntSl^"^ 
tothis day in diuerspartsofthe world. Eucn '^'Xd aXS E-ipt EwJ.r.R 

of lacobhad with d.uers miraculous pl'g'f f '"'"?''t* f/red Sea 
m J"^""' ' , , i^ jt,jn, thorowthe rea sea , 

for hiselea people ot Ilraels laKC ,"i>t r,.,.,rnpH the bitter wa- 
dtowned the ein King Pharaoh and his hoft , fweetned 'he bwer w 

they came to mount Smai , he then gaue tnera cuut 


^iid made vnco tlictii msnie Lawes and Stat^. concerning duehonobi 
tobedone vnto him, concerning their ductie to their Princf " 
firates, and Leuites,to their parents, neighbors,and ftraunger, 
ning the dircaion , order,and guiding of their vv iues,children 
lands -oodsjand other things neceflary for the vfe of man . . |^ 

Deut.ii. r- ^ghtly chargedthem,thatthefamecommaundemen( 

•hearts , that they fliouldfhew them vnto their child 

'taike of them when they were at home in their houies,au. 

\ e by the vyaie, when they lie d^wne, and when they rife vp 

th u d bind them for a- fignc vpon xV^eir hands , that ihe5 

Iho icts betwixt their eyes,that they fhould write them vpor 

Deut. 27. the ]. ir houfes ,and vpon their gates. And moreoucr whcr 

they c e land of promife, that they ftould fee vp great ftone 

MoL ^^ai , plafter them with plafter , and write vpon them all the 

3rdes of thofe Lawes. Which commaundements loftiuathe feruartt 

the Lord did after moft faithfully perfourme . With which good ex- 

nples andfuchIike,togetherwith the care of their fubieasby AL 

ightie God to them committee, the vertuous Princes and Gouernours 

this Rcalnie being mooued,haue notonelyprouidedfor the dueob- 

ruation of the Lawes ofG O D within thefe their Kingdomes and Pro- 

nces picked foorth thepurett iuice and pithieft marrow of the Lawej 

.the Romanes and other regions , and from time to time by the aduifc 

Ftheir Nobles, and confent of their commons, decreed , altered , and 

jfourmed the fame according to the inclination of their fubieas, and 

-ifpofition of the inhabitants of their Dominions , but alfo haue bin 

moft careful! that thofe Lawes and Statutes which were iiewly ordei- 

ned,fhouId be in fuch forte publiflied,fpread abroad, & made knowen , 

that each pcrfon bound to obey the fame, might take knowledge of 

that, whereby he was to liuc, to receiue benefite , or fuftaine loffe (zU 

waies intending that thofe Lawes, which the finger of God hath written 

intheheartofman,or nature infufed into him vpon his firft crcation,or 

reafon, the onely cognifance of mankinde , inftilled into his brcaft ,'01 

which theatincient Maximes and Cuflomes of the ReaImc,tH<; veriq 

ground of all our Common Lawes, haue inftruaedhim ,benot toanv 

Englifhman,hauing the cleare vfe of ^»^/7&, wholly vnknowenj) 

And therefore they haue prouidcd that their lufiices of Oier and jD^ 

/^waf;^<?r,theirIuflicesofAfsife,and GaoIcdeliueric,at their generaU 

Afsifes, their luftices of Peace at their Quarter Sefsions, their Shirifes in 

their Turnes , their Stewardes of Leetes and Lit>erties in their Courts, 

(vnto which Afsifes,Sefsions,and Courts.the greater number of people 

^cing abouc the age of xij, yceres.are bound to reforte) fhould not only 

cnly declare what LawesandStatuteshauebin made for thepunifli- 

\ o^ ^euerall great offences, but alfo fhould execute the paincs and 

^les of thef4mc vpon the tranforefTors thereof ; that the chaftife- 



alfo a warning to them to auoid the danger thereof. And further they 
haueforefeenCjthat fome fpccial ftatutes, which be moft dangerous.and 
into the perill whercofthc ignorant people arelikeft to Aide , fhould be 
openly read in the forefaid Courts, that the hearers thereof ihould not 
onely vndcrftandthemfelues, butalfo inftrudtheirneighborsathome, 
of thofe moft Penall Lavves, and of the great daungers thereof And for 
thatcaufc King Ed,l»ordcined by ParIiamentjthattheftatuteofy^^^«4 ij,Ed,i,3,' 
ChartayUnd Charta F(pr<f/?.fhould be openly read in Churches.King R,2. 
decrecdjthat the ftatute of Winchcfter fliould be openly proclaimed by 7,^,1,6, 
cuerySherife of England in his proper pcrfon fouretimesin thcyercin 
cuery Hundred within his Countie, and by his Bailifcs in euery Market. 
King H.6.cnioyned cuery Sherifc vpon a great pain,thathc ftiouid foure \M.^X» 
times euery yere through his Baily vvick,proclaime certaine ftatutes pro- io.H.^.8, 
uided forPurueiors, King H.S.commaunded, that the rtatuteraade for 53«W»^«>' 
the maintenance of Artillerie and debarring ofvnlawfuIlGames,fhould 
be openly proclaimed euery quarter all Maiors,BaiIifes,Sherifcs 
and other head Officers: And thatluftices of Gaole deliuerie, luftices of 
AflTife^and lufticcs of Peace, fhould caufe the fame to be proclaimed in 
the Seffionsholden before them. QueeneM^proiiided that the ftatute i,M.: %„ 
made againft vnlawfull and rebellious Aflemblies, fhould be publifhed 
at cuery Qiiarter fcfltons, and at euery Lectc and Lawday. And our fo- 
ucraigncLadieQueeneEliz.hathbyauthoritie of Parliament eftabli- 5,EUr'; 
fliedjthat the ff atute ordained for the affurance of her Maieflies Royall 
power ouer all flatcs and fiibic(5ls within her Dominions, fhould be o- 
pcnly declared at cuery (garter feflions, and at cuerv Lecte and Law- 
day ,and once in euery Terme intheopenHallofeueryhoufc of Court, 
and Chancery. So that in the place of Praier,in the place of Iuflice,and in 
(the place of fceking our priuatecommoditie, our Princes haue deuifed 
jto found into our carcs,and to imprint into our memory,the efFc6l of the 
'forefaid Lawes,with the fruits that be promifed to the obferucrs.and the 
punifliments which be threatned to the infringers thereof. And fome- 
timcjfinding time,to worke forgetfulneffe, or theirlenitieto encourage 
flacknes in their fubicdts of due obferuance of fomc fpcciall Statutes, 
they doc with a fatherly care by Commi/Iion,Proclamation,or fome o- 
ther meaneSjgently put them in remembrance thereof, requefting,per- 
fwadmg,and asit were vpon their blcfliing charging them, that they 
would do their parts of good childrenjand obediently obferue thofe or- 
dinances which were decreed by their owne, or their ancefters confent, 
Befidesall this, they haue caufed to be Printed the forefaid Statutes wit^ 
their Preambles,declaring the fpccial confi derations of the making c/^ 
new, abrogating, altering, or reforming an olde Law, to the intent*;har 
cuery one which delireth to know, may read, andthcreby perccit^ clie 

A 5 ' / cai'.fe, 


c*ufe,anc! contents ofthe fame. So that our worthy Princes haueplaicd 
the part of Gods good Lieutenants in thefe their Regions, they hauc 
laide a foundation of all their Statutes & dccrees.the word & euerlafting 
Teftament ofthe Almightie,thcy haue v{cd thofe Lawes ofthe Romanes » 
Grecians ^SaxottSt Normans, and other Countrcis, which be moft corrcf- 
pondent to the ordinances ofGod,con(bnanttotcafon,and agreeable to 
the inclination of their Subie6ls , they haue indeuourcd themfelues fur- 
ther to publirh thenijthen ingrauing inbraflc^or writing inrtone/etled 
an one place certdine, can doc. Whereby is plainly declared, not only 
their great forefight to make good Lawes ,but alfo their fpeciall care to 
notifie the famc^that ignorance might not excufe ofFenders,nor want of 
notice,lead awry fuch as are willing toliue inordet.ButbecaufetheCo- 
Uernours of this ftate, from time to time carefuU to prouide fuch Lawes, 
as were molt commodious for the weale publique,haue bin enforced to 
trie many, to continue diuers, to alter & reforme fome, according to the 
difpofltion ofthe wauering minded people,fcrtiIitie ofthe foyle, quiec- 
nede ofthe gouernment/riendfliip of the Regions adioyning,and other 
accidents and circumftances wherunto our humane nature is fubie£t,by 
that neceflarie meanes our ftatute Lawes are growen to be many , fome 
much differing, and fome meere contrary and repugnant to others: For 
iithence the time of King H. 3 .(in the ninth yere of whofe raigne Magna 
Charta the firrt Statute that we haue in print,was made)thcrc haue bin a 
great number of Statutes written, fome in Latin/ome in French , fome, 
ordeined to be in force for one Kings time, fome for an other , fome re- 
pealed in part,& confirmed in part,fome repealed by efpecial,and fome 
by generall words, (as by three branches of three feuerall Statutes,there 
za. be at the leaft 1 2o.other Statutes and branches of Statutes repealed.^ So 
^* that time hath wrought triall , much triall hath procured a number , a 
number prouided at feuerall times, by feuerall perfons , aod to feueralJ 
cndcs, hath brought in fome queftion which be in forcCjind which not, 
and thereby imprinteth feare to many willing mindestorcad,& difcou* 
ragement to vnderftand thofe Lawes, which otherwife they would ira 
their knowledge imbrace,& in their deedes obey. Whereupon confide- 
ring with my felfe,how careful our Princes haue bin in all ages to prouide 
good LaweSjhow mindful] to publifli them^^ how defirous to fee them 
obferued : And againe remembring how ioyfuU euery good Subie6l is 
of good Lawes , now ready to leatne them , and how obedient to exe- 
cute them , and that the Prince and the Subie6ls doing their parts,onely 
lime (the beginner ,incrcafer, and fubucrter of humane policies) hath 
*/rought fome defe6ls, and procured fome difficultie in vnderfhnding 
^ o^our Statute Lawes, euer meant tobcmo^plaine&eafie toconcciues 
ItVi^refore (Right worfhipfuU) haue vndertakento publifh in our Eng- 
lifh t^nguejthe molt efifc<^uai Statutes which be gencrall^and at this day 

' '" " inforcc 



/i force and vfc , together with thofc Statutes ivhkh do limit the authc* 
itic and duetic ofluftices of Peace, Shirifcs.and ceitaine other nee e(Ta-- 
'Ic Magiftrates,and which do teatch them how to rule.and how to obey. 
M.^h:rein my meaning in the beginning of mine iiiterprife , was to fee 
downenoother Statutes, but vihichi)e; tdfill^orattiie Iea(t ^to fomc 
intents in force,& not any,which either be whojic repcalcd.or wherof 
the vfe to all intents is taken away.hauing an earneft defirc,and a fpeciall 
cood will to colle6l all thofe Statutes , and branches of Statates , Vvliich 
be receiucd as Lawand in force atthisday, and ndnebuf which bfc in 
force and allowed for Law. But rithcnce-$aIomd.n hirtirelfepr<^clai- Ecdes.?. 
mesh that mans wifedome is vnperfea,ahd hiskflbwledge in each Sci- 
ence vncertaine : Therefore 1 being vttetly deftitutc of that wifedorac, 
and but of flcndcr knowledge in the^ta^es wherein I dcale , neither 
may doe, nor will prefume to thinke that^by any meanes I am able to 
pcrfourmc my defircd interprifc,6r Co bring to pcrfcdion this fo walgh- 
tie a matter, and fo intricate a caufe: For though I may fay with Same 
Paul Nihil mihi con/cm [urn , I know not what I hauc miftakcn ,or i.^orui.4. 
wherein I haue enxd : vet will I not dare to report , or be mcouraged 
toaffirmc, thatniy worke^isperfe^,prthatIhaue fully perfourmed my 
Title ,andlong withcdattempt : Arid^rthat caufc.ftandmg in doubt 
whether I Were M to Concealemany wucchs, or aduenture to report 
fome errors: The learned PhilofophcfyI/.r»///^ whifpcredin mmc 
care , QmdfalU , decifi , err are, humamm ?/? , and telling me , ( fo farrc 
as his prophanc knowledge extended )x.o what vfc I was borne , and 
to xjvhofe benefite I fliould liue ,he prcffed me to hazard fomc part of 
my crcdite to doe my Countrcy ?nd Countreymen good ,auowing by 
all his sods, that if'thc valiant ^HdraiimCodesh^d not aduenturcd his Lm.dec,t; 
life and the lingring Q^Fabiu6 his honour ,for the bencfite of their lib.*. 
Countrey , i t is like that Rome, and the name of Romanes had bin cleere \'^f^^^* 
extine^ loner time before the Romane Monarch began . But as it hath * * 
pleafcd you (Right worfliipfuli;forthe zeale youbeare vnto luftice, 
the care you haue of your Countrcy ,and the good will you owe vnto 
cuery good Subieft , to be a furthcrer of all honeft and vettuous 
proceedings, and amongft others to encourage me in this my trauell, 
and to afsift me with your fage aduice : fo if in continuing your faid af- 
feaion,youwillvouchfafeto become amongft vs .another TuBman, 
you fhall doubtlefie find Triboman and many of his fcUo wes ready with 
rcuerence to attcmptyour wholefome direaions,and execute yourlaw- 
full deuices,and wilUngnot onely to remoue thofe imperfeaions which 
by my weaknes of iudgcment,or flacknes of confi deration haue hapned 
in this Treatife ,but alfo to polifh and reforme the neceffarie works ot 
feuerall wife and learned men in the Lawes of this Rcalme,whciin time 
hadi wrought fome dcfeas. And as expcriecc,& diucrs writers do tell/. 

A 4 '^^^'^ 

that the name or////7/»w»remaineth famous to this day in moft dull Na: 
lions vnderHeauen/oronelycaufing othermcn tocollcd^ into ordci 
and a fmall number of bookes, the Ciuil Lawes ordeincd by other Prin- 
ces: So you by procuring to be reduced intoforae perfedl Method the 
confufed number ofour Lawes prouided in fcuerall feuerall ma- 


chafe to your felfe pcrp etuall rcnowne of all EnghOimen , whileft thefc 

our Enghfh La wes (hall rule them. And as wc, vvhich now cnioy the be 

nefits of your trauaile in place of lufticc, do worthily efteemc you 

being huing , fo (liall our pofteritie yet vnbornc,tanin« the 

fruits ofyourfaid induttrie, and receiuinginftruaion 
by your diredlion, reuerence your name by 

the fpaceof many generations, af. 

tcryour Soule fhall rclt 

in loy. 

From Lincolnes Inne hy 
jour IVorJhips to yfe. 

Fardinando Pvltok. 


:/^ ' rtfoyj': 


The Table. 
* ^.etto;.. sec ^-^^1:^:^;:^,^^^ 35 

'*''."' app?outts 35 

aSetnonMtif. 1 9pp)0ucmenM »5 

acitottsvopuut I TO ^j,^ ^,j„ , carper, 

to rteaueene 5^ri"!'L ^ Wlf.secMainprifc 

S"T?' » it mt%l Xccomptams to ^«iU in affift. sec Affifc 

accufatton ' ' the Qiieene 6. Wartan- 10. 

atiBitions • 5 '?' ^'""^ TSaplifrs of jFtaundnftS. 

goioutnemcnta ^l a<r,t^' 20 libctteani)€:oii)ne9. 
asmcaruttmentSt. '' rifLfiK,.-. .„a91f.s. See Corporations and 

abmmiacatOJS !^^55°te?' Franchifol.J.andlhe- 


aT""* ,6affociatiO«.s.DifcoMinu- Sherifes 17.19.25.^6. 

2? -,„m rtp aaimfc anceof pieces 1. Wales Wales 50, 

aiUC to mattp tje SattSU- anccu j- lBato2.s. Artificers l.Vi- 

»"*° .>.„..« J7. atSf "'*""" 31 IBasaineanb raUoflani.*. 
aiienationwitbottt licence 9ttamt i J ^^ ,,„ts to the 

j^Prerogauue 7.8. »^^^„,^ S„ ^J, Queene 30. Bankrupte,. 

alien* „ u Uii aJmolements. 

rKac«^X«^. ailo%ni.iaeceto35^arte , ^. 3^ 

t~rs:S-.»t. see Returne^atWsecIuflKCof 

,.Demurret 2.3. F.nes ^^8. ^^.^„^^,^ ^o^. ^P,fl,„ie: 3? 

ametcemeitt 2° ""'" Vg„wc . see | Bi«#s.vrt.olfter. 

The Table. 

Brewers. c^S-Ha.. ''' S^t^''"'' '' 

SalSnrg,. f;;P"«>--'^.-. «. ».ecFucir.Wo.* 

Rome^"'^"'""''"' ''=«^^r""'f ' ««ff«,«C0lte0s4.. Mo«afl«f« 
^^urglatie.SceCIergieiO S.Monafleries. Commott ^o 

SuaStfeSueene ^^^eSjff'f "'''"SL'f'''"''^"''"' ^^ 

47 &C.I t. ^ Congtcffaeion ant. etfjap. 

C;i)UtcI;?aW.»,Eccle(;iifti- Wre. sec Aliens u.Felo. 
caIlperfons34, nie22, 

^ -Mpese.tac.on j6CfttaaMcsof «Di8efe.see 

The Tabic. 

ConSittttion* sec Conuo- Cui!ome0, ^ubfiDicgs 7^ Do^^tas nm tcthtxm* 

catioi%2» Cutpurfe.sXlergiei. s.Linnencloth. 

Coufulcatiom see Prohibi- Cutting Dammes , fjeatis DoUJcr 8 5 

tion8»p*io» ofponB0,CoiH)to^c,sec Djapmc 87 

Contra formam collatio- Fifli 7, Dping aiiD D?tt£l 102 

nis.secCcffauitg* D^aUiiatdj ♦ s. Felonies 

ContributiOHf sec Willes, D* ^$. 

1 8* T^^mageis 80 D?itung of jfo^rc lle0 ano 

CoDtraformarafcofFamen-LyDateginljanft 81 commons* s.Hoifes 7. 

ti.sce Suit ofcourt i ♦ Darraine prefcntment.scc Dures* s. Felonie 1 7. 
Comiocatton^ ^2 Aduowfon 5.7«8» DuttOUtS.Poore people 

Conufance^sceAfTifcp* Dccicstantum. sec Jurors 19. 
Coofee!2i.s. Butchers 7t At- 5. Durljam^ 103 

tificersr, DecDcsJanutD^itinp* sec 

CDoparccnetS5.s»Partition. Inrolements. E. 

Copi^olD»see.Banktupts 3* Denizens* s. Aliens. 

Moiialieries i !♦ 23* Fu- DeoDanD^* sec Coroners T^^m log 

gitiucs 3» Ryots a2»Iu- 10. XL€ccIe0aCfcan perfou? 

jorsi4t DebtcotljeClttecn^sec anDKuings 105 

CoppettsecBraffe. Accomptantes to the ^cdcfialficaniunToiCtton* 

Co^tiionecss^s^Lcathcr, Qucene* s. Queene 3. 

Co^ne ann^^aine 62 Deuife»s. Willes. CcclefiaQicaU latoe^i S. 

Corpus cum caufa 6^'Otmw:ta 83 Periurie 3 . Vfurie 9. 

Co?po?acion0gtc» ^4 Dilapioationg 83 Cggcs^s.Wildfoulc. 

Cojtoncrs 68 Dtfcenc»s.Entrie, Cgppttan^ iia 

Cofinage 7oDifceit 83 CimmmofloarD* S. 

Cotl0*s. Damages. Difconttnwance of rigljt* Wards 2» 

Cottage0i3Imnatei8 7o s. Women i. election* s. Corporations 

Couenauncgi ♦ see Condi- Difcontinuance of pjo* 5^ 29* 

tion. ce3 83 elegit* s. Execution I. 

Coucr!et0 7 3 Difmes* s . Ecclcfiaft . 28. Cmbjacerie ♦ s . lurors $, 

Ccuntecfaiting of letters andTcnthcs. Maintenance 3.4.^. 

pjiiuie tofeengf* 74 Difpenfationsi 84 Cngcotferg ♦ s . Foreftal- 

Coupergs 74 Dilfeifin*s.Afsirc. lets 3. 

€ountieoj(^ire court* 75 Difireire 84 enqueto*s, lurors. 

Courcsf* 7 $ Diuine fetuicef s . Sacra- Cntrie 112 

CroCTcbotoesi.s.Gunncs. meats* CntrtetBitb fojCC* s. For- 

Cto{reg!*s.Romcj, Dogge0» s. Forrcftes6. cible entrie. 

Crotone* sec Queens, tad Hunters i. Purucyours Crro? tis 

Prxrogatiuc, 10* Cfcape 2I4 

Cui in vita.s.Women 5* Dornickes . s . Coucrlets Cfc^ange ♦ s* Mons;" i. 

CuftosRotulowm, 7<5 5. " ' CUl^m =^M 

The Tabic. 

€(c\)C&U s.Prcrogatiue 1 6, jTino^g^S.Gold i ♦ G, 

CCfcbeco? 1 1 5 ifictl ft uitgi^ses Ecclefiaft* /^^ Sile attD (Sailo^s.Scc 

C^fToinciS 116 24»25* VJT Prifons. 

€aa s^arc&^s.Marchcs. if iii) anD if i(^er0 140 6acDcin. s.Wardcs. 
C(Iaucr0,s.Aflilei* ififijtaieg 14s ^auelkinDe^ScePrcroga- 

Cffrepemcn^s^Wafts* iflaice.s»Hcmpef tiuei(5. 

earcaces 117 if lefi),s»Butchers 7. (elaufsmj. s.Fifli 1 2. Wine 

C5pacrion*s»Extortion, iflocke0*s»Drapcrie 60^ 1 6,1 7.Corporarions 1 5, 

iSjccommuuication ii7^olDecourfe» sccShecpp Cowpers. 

erception 119 11. (Stggemilleji^S.Drapciy. 

Cicecutioii ii9ifoolc2!,lunatifee,$9^aii« 6p, 

CpecuCO^S 120 mcn» s,Prsrogatiuc iO*6mlDsf»S.Monaflcricsi4. 

Crcmplification 121 11^ (SoDalming* S. Laborers. 

Cpisent g^ ©utlato?? 121 if ojce, anu jfo^cibte entrie 1 8 

Ex parte talis* s* Accorapt 144 (fiJolO, !§)tlucr, aitll <SolD« 

2» - ifojefleSjCfjafejJ^lparfersf, fmitbrs 154 

C)ccojCion,€icactfon» 125 eaarren^* i44(2>unne»ant»Crol&boti3e$ 

ifojfaicureis 146 155 

F» ifo?faitureof9pama(je»$.6raunti<§)er(eanfp«SJ'rc- 

Wardes 6^ rogatiue 8, 

F^tre2i$Spar!{cC0 125 ifo?ging of Deetusanuto?!* 6?aunC0.S.Patents, 
ifalfeuiDgementi28 tings 146 

if alQfping of IRccouerieg* jf o^cttaUcrg , 3lngro(rer0, H, 

s.Rccoucrics5«8*9. EegratOJS* 147 T TAbeas corpus. S. Re* 

ifatmea i28ifojCi;e(fC!3»S.Caftels. XJ. moucri. 

ifaftingDaie0.s,Fifiidaies* ifounDation0, €mtion0, i^alifajc^S. Wools j. 
^adcotl0» s.Haw kcs. $c»S,Mortmaine 6» ^ti\kx» anD Cable0,S. Ca- 

^eaIt(e»s«Homagc* ifi:aie0.s.Afrauks. blcs. 

^eoffement.s.Force 5* fraternities anu (Suiloes, J^anugunnes anu iE)ar(iue* 

if £ls»see Cuftome I* Mar- S.Monafteries 1 4. bUtS^S^Gunncs. 

chandize 4« ifranc^ifcs ano libcrtie0 ^anojJcraftSfS.Aliens 1 5. 

ifdonie i^S 149 and Laborers* 

i'efants ; 132 if raunulentneefig 1 49 {^arueft^S. Labourers i j . 

if etberbeti0.s*Vpholfter* if reecbappeli* S. Monaftc- i^ats anu Caps 157 
Fieri facias* see Executi- riesi4,i5. J^aukeg 158 

on I* ifreebolD ijill^auensannKtuerg 158 

ififceenes i52ifrea)fuit.S.FeIonie53. i^auerfojtJtoett*S*Wales«. 

if igljting antr quarreling, if rie. S. Fifh ^ . 58 

1 32. ifitel i^i^m'gcm-afim i59 

if tae foj alienation. 5, Wils Jf ullers^S .Draperie* !^cron3 1 59 

8»i5* I'usitiues I52i£)eramgti^e)cam(|)irei59 

^es "^uaians i^^l^i0aim9 159 


The Table. 

^om^$y See Woods ip. 3IttMenco?ie,^ec Probate of JLum'tatioii of p^cfcriptioit, 
25* teftaments. 221 

i&omageanDfealtie k^j 3Iomccnancie 1^1 timmchf^ 222 

Jponie, S.Waxe. . 3IoinC£nanC$* ^c^ Sec Parti- iiHes of cloc^ , S. Draperic 
J^opsijS.Husbandrieij* tion2. 6^ 

%)O}m0tinn\)(i}mts 16^ 3Ioinctti;e,^.Dower4. ltuene,anDouCcrIemamc 
i[)o?feti?caO,S.InhoIders2. 3fron 182 222* ' 

^o)(c0, 9parcjeff 1 ^5 3Ifrue0, ^.Returncs 4. Imenesf mn vetnimts 224 

fpofpitalsi 1 66 luris vtrura. ^. Quod per- JLocfeeram , See Linnen 

i^DfleIer2(,i&Oflne0,SeeIn- mittat. cloth I. 

holders. 3Iuro?0, 3I«ne0, ann en= JLunatique, S^Prerogatiue. 

l^upanDcrie 169 quettsf 18^ 11, 

JpuntersanDOuntittflf* 171 Sluaicejsofairife f88 Ivf. 

i^ufbano jie anD tillage 1 7 1 3Iuflice ann rtg^t 1 89 

3Iu9ice of peace 1 89 \ >! 3ibcm, S. Coroner.?; 

I. 3Iufl!ce0 of tlje f o^reflf* ^ee IVl^ainp^tfe ^ batle 2 2 5 

-Fori efts. 8. Spaintenance , Cljampet* 

IDemptitatenominis.Sec K. tie 229 

Shirifes23. ^^^ , ,, ^ ;, .,. Spaio?s , T^apUffcg , anu 

3Hicocei3, See Prerogatiuc. |Z3i«P cl)ilD?en» S.Abih- jjeao iDfficecg of Cities, 
10. iVtie.i»Quccne.i2»i4» rdp}ini^\)s, ano 'Coiuneis, 

Steofaile 17^ £ S. Corporations. 

3leofcaJtg!)t:,S.Farmes.i. * Sparc&antjS QfC, 231 

3Impo0cion0 , See Extorti- T abouneris ano femantg spardjes 25? 

on. JL^ 2o5 gpatiners ^ «i)0ulDicri8 233 

3InclofUtegl, See Approue-iLai)le£!,^.TriaI1.8. SParljetiS, S.Faircs. 

tnents. ilancallei: ii2 spatMl ano $parC[)al(te* 

31efttice0attiiip^icttje{ i77Lapfe 213 234* 

3lncontinencie 1 79 JLafl of J^errino;* S. Fifh.2 3 ♦ Spafon^, S, Felonie 2 2 

Encumbent i79latten,^.Bra(re. spaftec anD5^eruant, See 

Indicauit. See Aduowfon 9. jLaineS CcclefiaUican , Sec Labourers, 
Prohibition 4 Ecclefiafticall. Spatrimouie 235 

31twiictment2i 179 Leafed 2i3 9paulte 235 

3lnfant0,s.Agc. icete0,i(l)ei;tiej3^c, 2i4Spefne 236 

Slnfojmation, Sec Anions letl)ei:,fc; 217 Spifpjiffoit, 5eeTreafon 8, 

popular. JLettergpatent0»S.Patents. RomeS^ 

3!nl)olDei;0 i8olibe!, ^onaame0 , Coneirge0; 

3nmatC03 .^.Cottages Libertateptobauda.SeeVil- jfreec!jappd0 , C^attit* 

31nquintion0, ^.Offices. lenagei. tne0 237 

3lnroulcment0 180 likrtie0,5.Franchifes. S^onep 245 


i?» Badger. 1.3. Spo^toaunceUec 246=- 

The Table. 

Spo?tniai'ne 24<^ Oicenj See Cattell, ^pd^foninfj ] see Felonle 3 il 

gpo^tuarics 247 Murder 5. 

Spultiplpmcj, S. Felonic 2 u P. PonD0 , s.Fifli 7. Riots 1 7. 

Spuruer anu manflaug^tcr* 2o.Approucments7. 

248 TJ^nnclIjSeelurors. lpoo?epcople 2(?7 

Spuller)S!,SceCaptaincs. X pac'hecof 20oolisi,secl^jeroptme 270 

Wools 8, l^jcacljcrfli ^04 274 

N. l^arKeSiSccForrefts^ lO^emuniccp^oiuKon 275 

l^amoiT 255 p^efcdptiort, see Limka^ 

NAti in partibus tranf- "Parlianiettt 2 5 j tion. 

marinis, S.Abilitiei. partition aitti j^arccncr? » P^teftS, s. Ecclefiaft. 
flmit, S. Shippcs, 258 , l^^imec feifin, see Preroga- 

5l5et0, see Fifli, 4. Haucns 2 . paHajesf, see Boates. tiue 5 

5i^etoes 249 ]^atcen!S ann pattenmafecns;, p^incipall ann accelfarte, 

Nifipruis. 251 258* s.Appeales? 

51^onagr« see Age* patents 258 p^io^itic, s. Wardes 1 4* 

Non omittas , Sec Returne, Peace, s. luflice of peace. P^ifott, y ^tfoners 275 

&c. ?. PeDlers, see Vagabonds r* pjobate Of '^ettament? , 

jl^on refioence, s. Ecclcfiaft* peine IjarD ann Craigfjt, see 2 7 j» 

2i»22»25» Felonic 55, Procheyne amy, s.Agc j» 

Jl^onfuitei see Dammages. Pelt0, see Lcthcr 3 2» Wardes 8, 

1.5, pen(ton,s.Ecclefiaft.t^ Proclamation 277 

51^on tenure 2 j i perempto^ie , s. chalenge procurement, see Repleuin. 

l^ortuicD, see Coucrlets j. 10. ii* 4. 

Woolles, 4» Worfteds S.periurie 2^1 proljiOtcion ano confuto 

Yarnci. Perito? of J)?OfiCe0, s. Fines tion 277 

l^ufance* 251 6, p^opbene^ 279 

O, perfon,i3icar,s.Ecclefia0» Protectionisi 279 

pelttferj'BpCfe, ^c» 252prouillon,s.Premunirc. 

Off Sce»3lnqm'l!tton,'2 5 1 pljpfitions 2 6^ purgation, s.Clcargie 1 8^ 

Dffice? ^ officer$»2 5 2 pilIo?p, s. Weights i j* puruepourgs 2 79 

2Dile 254PipoUiDer0,s.Faiies3> 

©rm'narte 254Piracie 266 q^ 

©jpljanes! , see Vfurie io» piacarDe0,s.PIayes 2» 

Women II. piapegattDgameiS 255QVareimpedit 285 

©tl;e , See Faires 5 . Free- plate, s.Gold and Money. Cluarcntine , sec Dow- 
hold i» lufticcofpeace4» pieOgeS, s. Statutes i. er, i* 
Q»eene4. Purueyors2o, pienartie,SeeAduowfon7, cciueene , Crolone , ^VL* 
Sewers4. plaints, s. Abridgement of p^eame gouernemcilt* 

<2Dtmeale 254 plaints. 28 j 

£) uaer \t maine ♦ sec Liue- pluralities, s.Ecclcfiaft. 1 8. duin^ime, s.Fifteenes. * 
ric* ip»2o, Quod permittat .291 


The Table. 

mecclUOJgl, see Auditors ana . ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^ Statutes 4. and 

Accomptants &c» ^* Wools. 

meDiireian n J °?* ^Zm seeMarchants2.^ucccmon,s.Quceneip, 


3* "^'^ent 1 2 ^Uffcagan^, see Ecclefiaft. 

reco?ue0 ^ meTnJ ^mt of Court 3H 

aRcpUner,s.leofaile. " ^ . .^'^^^^^^^^ s^Ecdefiaf- ^toamtcs 334 

TRcaDcncCS.Ecclehaltical. ticaup. r u 

meUDcncg, ^earcb,See Aydeofthe 

5actumeofeattell.seeRc-|cU.OT f/i Si», »" L«h«. 

• laments 1 4 ^Dirttes . . • ^ ^ ^^vr-^ seeFifceenes, 

3ai5l)t.s.luft.ceandright |bDOtmS.s.Arctene ^ ^_ ,^;Vne«)e5,».N=wes. 

The Table, 

CcSammtgi, .^.Willes. lurors. g 2. ^H^trattC of 3tf urnep , See 

'S'edimoniaU , S. Laborers. OcireIs,sce Coopers. Atturney.i 2.1 j, 

7* Vagabonds and poore Oicars, see Ecclcfiart. SHaflc 381 

people, Oietoe 5^4 teatcbanntoaru 582 

•STb^ummes, S.Yarne. Qtetoe of franKpIeoge , see c^^atermen, see Boates, Ma- 

^iUage,s.Husbandne. Leete. riners, . 

^iles 5 3^ OTlenage f c* 3 54 SBajce annl^onte 58a 

Ctnfeer0,s.Vagabonds, i» aiOtation , see Hofpitalles, c^cigl)tci5 anD gpeafureis!* 

^innejS.Brafle, Pewter. Ordinary. ^ 58^. 

'Citljes^Ct 557^it«il^2i, ano 53itapler0» smemlings. See Butchers* 

^oHe 341 554 ?• 

tonnage anti ponuage, See 33nion of Cfjurclje^^ see Ec- ^aearcsf 385 

Cuftomers. cleriafticall,3 1,3 2,3 3* ZSXtmttiS, see Drapcric 75. 

Cotonegs 342 amuerfitie^ 356 i^qiq'^qg* 

•^I^ranfpojcation 344aauctjer 35^caJljitea(|)es 3 85 
^raucrfe 345 S^P^oltterie; 357 mitiotoe0, sec Women. 

Creafon 34^52fes 357 2'aJilDfouIe 38<S 

Treafure trouc , See Coro- Qfurie 357 C^JtlleS ^C* 387 

ners 5. Ufurpation, see Aduowfon^ Wm%y see Women, 

CriaU 348 i*^* 2Bme0 3Pi 

©ucfeerj?, see Draperie. 74* CltlaU) jie, sec Exigent, CEitnest 3 p 5 

7j. COooOSf 3P4 

'S^urbancseeAflTifei* W. ?^ooHe0 3P7 

^urne of ^(jirfe 350 SHomen 3P8 

W^ge^, see lufticc of smojUeDSf 40 1 

peace. 66. m\i<kZ^X^Z^ 404 
SBagcroflala 35P 

V3C!:abottlis{ ^%\mM% 35P Y, 

Valorc Maritagij. see^atOe$^C» 376 

Wardesy. C^arrantie 381 TT'Slrnc auD ^l;?ttmme!S 

Ctemict , see Forrefters . 7. t^areiS, sec Marchants. 3 , 1 404 


Abilitie & non abilitie. 


N N O 2 5.Ecl,5.31t luas agreeD m l^arliantent, ^in%i t^(njre« 
tijat tljelalBoftbe CroluiieDfCnglanD ,iganD fj°/"j;S?^';,^'ig 
alUiap Ijatlj bin tucfj, tIjat tlje cbUD?en of tbe ins^ugiand. 
iBiinss of €na;IantJ in UJbatfocuer parte0 tbcp be 
bo^ncm €nglanD,c? elis toberc, be able $ cugbt 
tobauetbe iubmtance after tbeoeatb of tb^ic 
auceao?st tbetobicb iala Ijaas conamiec bp tbe 
faiD il\tng €o. 3 . tbe lo^us anti Commons t^ere 
alfemblen to remainefo? euer^Sno intberigbt of otber djilo^en bo^neout 
of tbe legeanceofCnglaD^uubetime of tbe faio EingCD»3'i£ ^as tbere 
agreetijtbat Henrie fonne of John of Beamorid,Elizabeth tbe Daugbter of 
Guy ofBrian, anolohn tbe fonne of RaulfeDaubney,anO otbere lobic^ 
tbe fain Eino; <!5o, 5* toouln name (tbe tobicb toere bo?ne bcpono tbe fea, 
toitbout tbe legeance of €nc!;lanD)n)oulD be from tbenccfo?tb enablen, to 
batieano enioptbetrinberitance after tljeoeati) of tbeiraunceltcrs in all 
parts \iiitl)m tbe legeance of €na;lano,as toeil ajs tljofe UJljicfj QjoulD bee 
iope tottbin tbe fame legeance. 

2 SlnD It toais tben furtber enacteii,tbat all cbiln^en inljeritaWe tobicb Sfette^' 
HjouIu be bo^netoitbouc tbe EingBlegeance, tobicb cbilf?enis fatber anu ti)etrHiotDet« 
ntotberattbetfmeoftbeirbirtb, (balbe^nuer tbefaitb$ legeaticeoftbe gpuVelwS* 
IKingofCnglano, (ban eniop tbe fame benefits, tobaueanb tafee mb^n't^eiriiuniaijKf. 
tancetuitbin tbe fame legeance, as otber tbe fo^efaio tnberico^Sj fo tbat 
tbe motbers of fucb infants 00 paffe oner tit fea , bp tbe licence ann gooD 
toiKesof tb«r bufbanns. ano if it be alleogen againU anp fucb bo^ne be* 
ponD t\)t ^ea,tbatbeisabat!arb,incafeluberetbel3i(bopougbttotafee ^cfai ofm- 
cognifance of tbe battaroiejCbe TBilbop of tbe place tubere tbe lano tieman» J|Jj;^ |j;,f ^" 
fieti iSjfbalbe commamibes to certifie tbe iKino;^ Court tobere tbe plee ue- ^w^ is boxnc 
penoetb, as in auncienctimeit batb binbfeb in cafe tobere 'Baflarbieis *'^^^"° ^^^^^** 
allegcb againfl tbem,lMbicb be bo^ne in Cnglanu. 2 5 ♦Ed.g .Stat 2.dc na- 
ils vltra mare^ 

S O^p tbe flatutemabe. 3 1 Jp,8»6» ail religious perfonspjofeireDjaiei . 
toelmenastoojijcnlobicbtoereD? after a;oulD befet atlibertie, bp fup* SeSo w 
pje(fion,t3iablution,tc,oftbeir Spona(leries,abbeis,p?io?ies,9fc.(o? tobtcb "J'^f 'f '^""^u 
toere tranCiateo fromone corporation to anotber»s 3 ,i)S.294 tbelPjio?, fueo! 
•B^etbren ojConfriersof tbe^ofpitall of SaimlohnsofHierufalem in 
Cnglanb anc 31relanb» 3 2 Jp.8.24 Jfrom ^ after tbe time tbat tbep toere 
fet at libertp,tuere enablcti to purcbafe to tbem anb tbeir beires in fee 0m< 
ple,feetaile,foj tetmcoflife,peres, o?at toill, anp manors, lanbs,tene« 
mentS3rents,annuities,an0 otber bereottaments anb tbings tubatfoeuer. 
anu alfo to (n£, ano to be fuco in all actions, plaints, ano fuites tobatfoe- 
uer,fo? anp matter or caufegrotoen, attertbe timeof tljeir feucrall be« 
raignementi^iO^ beparting out of tbeir religion, in all Courtis ano places 

15 toitbin 

Abridgement of plaints." " A(^ions popnler." 

toitljtnc^eEealm?, ^torccdue, taKe,aniicntopcucrplatofuU tfttiig to 
t\)tm srolueii o} bapp^n^^, after t})eit uepartmg out of tlictr reJt^ion , iti 
as ample \m\m, a0 if cbep ban neuer entreo into religioiu'But hi' t^efaiD 
ftatuteof :? uHp.g^anntljeaatute 5*C6*i g tit toagp^ouiDCDtljat none cf 
tl^efaiDreiig:iott3 petfan0 fljaulu be tal^en gp itiDojetJ as Oeire o? iu!jeritable 
toanpperfon, lip reafonofanpfo^mci-ri^bt, title, interett o? caure,l;ati, 
niaoe,i5irccniieDo^a;i-oUien, before tijeir feueral oeraignemento^oepar^ 

1 That the examination of the abilitic of a Parfon prefcnted to a be- 
nefice doth pertaine coan Ecclefiafticall ludgcSec Ecclefiaftical^^, 

Abridgements of plaints. 

'mn piattttifc 'npi&e platntife in euerp alTife, maj> at bis pleafure fetter anu ab^iuc^e W 

luMcff^'' ^ plaintjOfanj) part o;t parts, tnbereutttoanpbarre is pleaoeo, in fucb 

plaint. ItUe maner as l;e migjbt f o in cafe tbat plees in barrebao biix matie,anUDe» 

uiD^t! to an? certaintp O} number of acres in tbe plaint, ^nn tbe plaint fo j 

tbe rcdDue of tbe part o} parts of t(jelanti0 not ab^!Offeu,(]^albe anD (!an» 

gooD in cl;e li,aUJt 2 1 t^.S. 3» 

Av?tions populir, Informations. 

ISS? Sua Tif an action popular befuetiasaintlanpmanljp conu(i0n,^tl(ieplaim 

xtifein tbe fame Do recouer agamft tbeDefeniiant,o? be barrelr,aitp dtber 

perfon map aftertoarDs fue apind tbe fame nefenoant anotbet action jjo* 

jiular tuitb goon faitb,? fi^all in tbe fame recouer anti baue ejcectttton,if tbe 

recouerp o? barre in tl)z firlf action be founu to be bf couim^nu tbe Dcfen* 

fiant being attatnteo of couin,(ball baue tbjo peres imp?tfanment,bp p?o* 

ces of Capias eVtlagarie,to befueotuitbiutbe pere after iuDgemcnt gi* 

ticn, 0? at anp time after, ijntiU tbe Defendant be baD ^ impjifoneD, ^ tbat 

ztmtW at tije SQueeneB fuit,as at euerp otber perfons tbat toill fue in tbat 

irebalfe* ^nn no releafe of anp common perfon, maoe to anp partp before, 

0} after an action popular o? innictment banging^lball be auailable to let 

D^ furceafe tbe faiD-actionjinoictmcnt, p?occ0,o? erecutiom 

ma com'n m l[9?ouiDeD alUjaies, tbat no pTaintife oi plaintifes be in anp lotfe recei« 

5jtfeccSe ueu to auerre anp couin in anp action popular,\ubere tbe point of tbe fame 

J)3ii) bm trial action,o? els ccKuflonbaiie bin -once trieD, o? latofullp founD, iuitbi o^ a* 

i32 rnmit, g^^^^g ji^^ plaiutife bp trial of,$ not otberUnfe, 4.!^, y.^o* 

mmin toixit 2 sin actionsjfiif tee, bils, innictments, 0? informations lubi'tb Wht 

ttmeacnons baB,b?ou(5bt,fuen,o? etbibite!5,fa? anp fojfaittire^jpon anp ^mne j)ena!, 

mf" ^^^^ maDeti^tobematie, tubcrebptbefo?faitureiS'0^ a)aTlbeelimiiterJtotbe 

Si .teene,ber b^ixt^ oj fuccefibjiB onelp,n)albe ban^bjougbf, fuec 0? e r^ibi* 

teOjtoitbittttuo peres nert after tbe offcncecommitteDo^to be commit* 

ten apina fucb act penall 9 not after t\Mo peres* ^nmW actions, fuites, 

U\?Q} mfo^ma£iou.0iui;icSi ([lalbe 6aij, b^ousbt/ueau^ fommencet" fc? 

Anions popiiT^r. -j 

fuit Ui^erof (0 o? OjalOe bp tbe (aiD {lattitctmn'ieti to t[;i> lucent (jer fjc irsi 
0? fuccetro?0 ^auD to anv ot^cr ualjicb 0;al( p^ofl-cttte (n tbac bi \pAxe , ffjall 
be (jai3,l)?ougil)t,rucD,oj commence o bpaiip perfoii tljat nicp la^fulip Ymt<' 
fue fo? tljefame luitljin one pr re nert aftec tlje offence comuutteo,oj to hz 
committeD, agat'nft tije faiD HatutejaiiQ in tiefaultcf fuclj puifuite, tijeit 
tijentljeiame (IjaUbcfjaD/ueOi c^r^/^to c} bpii^])t foptljt Clueene ^t 
Metres 0? fticce{ro?0 , at anp ttmc pitlm tluo peres after t^at j'eix enoetJ* 
^nD if anp accton/uite/uiUjiuOictmcnt.o? infojmaeton fo^avip ofTence a* 
gamC^anp penall HatutemaDeojto bematie, fi)nlll!e bjo.u^ijt after clje 
time in tfjat beljalfe before limitteo, tljen tlje fame (IjaU be boitJ auD of no 
effect, Snp^cto^ (latutemanc to tlje coKtrarpnoti;s3itbt!an5int5. IBut 
toljereanp action, information, inDictment o? otder fuit, i0 o^ fijall be li* 
micceubp anp (fatutepenalUo befjao/uec, commenceoo? b?oug;(}C bJitfj'^ 
in ll)0?ter time tijen is afo?e reljearfec j in euerp Suc\) cafe, tlje action, in- 
formation, in5ictment,o? otber fuite fijall be bjougbt leitbtn tbe time ii« 
ItlitCeU h^ fuel) eUatutCf ^ i ♦Cli^.^* In w hattime thi olfcndarsftiall bep 
fued vpon iheftatute of Tillage.See Husb^dry 26* r ?f : - < .- 

3 Cuerp 3{ttfo?mer tjpon anp penaU datute , fi}anerfiibif c bis rufte in 3[>tf(,;mfltfoiv 
p?operpcrfan, antrpurfuetbcfame onelp h^ bin^rdfe o? bp Ijis ^ttiir* Jj^S^pcrSir 
nep in Courts Jl^one (baU be aomitteo o} receiticD to putfue a^atnfl anp 
perfonijponanppenaU (f^tute,but bp \yap of 3info}mation , c} ojiginaljl sinfowation, 
action, anonocotbcrtuiffj no?(balbaue ne bfeanp Dep«tp;at all, -^w^ ^f'^ll^ii^g 
upon ecterp fucb Jlnfo? mation , tobicb Iball bee erbibiteo, a fpeciall note 
^allbcmaoe oftbe berpDap,monetb ann pere of tije c%l)ibitin^ tbereof f "'^'^^.Jjju 
into anp office, o? to anp officer , tubicb lalufitUp map receiue tbe fame, alio wi 
bJicbout anp maner of ^nteDate tbereof to bcmaDe.^^nrs tlje fame 31uro?« 

mation (ball be accompteD to be of Eecoj^r, from tbat time faituaro an» 

not before* 0o pjoces (ball be fueii out upon anp fucb 3info^mation,i3ns 

till tbe information be erbibiteoinformeaforefaio.^nDDponeuerp fucb srnjo^irenTeiit 

proces lballbeintio?feDa0 liieltbe patties name tbat purfuetb tbe fame J^f*^ uifo^ma* 

3^ joceSj a0 alfo tbe (fatute tipon lubicb tbe 3Info?mation in tbat bebalfe 

matic, i0 grounDctF* ^nu euerp Clarke making out p?oce0coutrarp. to 

tbe teno? ano pr ouifton of tbis ^ct, (ball fqrfait for euerp fucb offence icl,. 

IbilUngs to tbeCiueene $ tbe partp apinff uibom anp fucb nefectiue pro* 

ce0 Iballbe aUJarDeo , to be recouereo in anp Court of Hecor^ bp action, 

3Informat(on,f c» lubetein no C<Uager,Cffoine,pf oj Uniunction f c* 1 8. 


4 51^0 fucb 3inf6r«ierorplaintifc(ban romp'ountjeorao;reetoitbattp ipo3tnfo?meL* 
jjerfon tbat (ball-offen5c,or (bail be furmiftQ tooffen&e againff anp pe-- SS t^K'oS 
jiallffatute for fucb offence committee, orpretenneo to be committed, ?,^f Jf'5J- ^^* 
butaftcranflueremaDein Court unto (be information, or fuit in tbat be. contt. '^ 
IjalfeejcbibiccD or p^ofecuteo^no^ after anfU)ere,butbp tljcorifer oi ccfent 

V z -Of 

A Sions popular ■ 

of tljc Coitre,in to!)icl) tl^e fame info jmacion o? futt Wi he trepennincf, 

Dyonpaines^ penalties IjereafcecDeclareti* 9ntiif anpfuclj 3Infojmcr o? 

plamttfe fljaliaiUincslpiielap ^i^Cuicoj (ball oifcontinue o? be nonfuitin 

t'^efamCjOj fl^alU;aue tbetdallo J matter pafle apinft (jimtbecein, bp 

bernict o^ iuDgemenc of lato : ^^ben tbe faio 31nfo?mec o} plaintife (bal 

cottg I tjama- pap Unto tbe Dcfennant Us collesi,cbar(se0 ann oamages , to be alftgneD bp 

s«.«t|2{jfo?' t^e Court,inlMbtcb tbe fame fuiclbalbe actempten^fojttberecouerpanji 

DtfSmtmie>6c cicecutf on lubeteof, euerp fucb Defendant (ball immcDiatlp bpon tbe fame 

tJematmS ^^^^^» UamaC5e0,fC»a(ripeO,bauebi0 Capias ad fatisfaciendum. Fieri 

asaintt mm- facias, o^ Elegit, to be atuarDeo bnto bint out of tbe fame Court, inuobicb 

tbe fame (ballbefo aingnen,a!3imotbercafeisof €recution.i8» €li?»5* 

%ffzvwif^* 5 3Ifanpperfono^ perfon£i(ercepttbeder!iesioft^eCourtoneIp,foi 
SImef oS"' »^^^^"S "^"^ of ppces otberioife t^en 10 aboue appomteu;(bal offenu in fu« 
ms* * ' ingotttofp?oce0,ma'htngofcompontion,o?otbermifDemeano?,contrarp 
to tbe trtte meaning of tbi0 Catute,o^ (bal bp colour 0? pretence of p?oce0, 
03t toitbout p?oce0, upon colo? 0? pretence of anp matter of offence againtt 
ahp penall iato, make anp compoRtion,o? take anp monj>,retBaro,o? p?o« 
mife of rettjaro, fo? bimCclfe , 0? to tbe bfe of anp otber, toitfjout o^oer oj 
tonfent of fome of tbe illueene0 Court0 at 2Bett»tben ^eoj tbep fo offen« 
Dingjbeing tl;ereof latofullp conuicteo, (ball (tano on tbe pflo?p in fome 
market totone nert aotopning, tobcre tbe fame offence (balbe committed, 
m tbeopen market time,^ tbere remaine bp tbe fpace of ttoo ^oure0: 9tt5 
Iball after fttcb conuiction fo? euer be DifableD to purCue 0? be pIaintife,oj 
infojmer in anp fuit,o? information Upon anp (Jatute populer o} penall: 
ano (ball alfo fo? euerp fuclj offence, fo?fait ]r. li»to t^je ©♦ ann tbe part? 
greeueo^to be recouereo bp a»31.^c»tnl;erein no m,^t.€,']^,0} 3Imuncti« 
on, 9tcj8»€li5*5»27*€(i5Jo» 

6 I5uttt(ball bela\x5fuUfoKuerp perfon grieuerrbp meanesof anp 
npftatutesp?ou(D^D a5ain(lmaintenance,$f»asb2iiitgljt^atte none be» 
fo^etbe making of tbis act* laeii^* 5* ^7 Cli^jo. 

7 %U^ act (ball not ejcteno to anp fuit nepenoing f before t()e biit. nap 
of jfeb?uarie,i 575.;n0i(ball reftraine anp certaine perfon, bonppolitike 
0} co?po?ate,to tobom,o^ to Uobofebfe anp forfatture,penaltp o? fuit, 10 j 
(ball be fpeciallplimitteo 0? graunten hp anp ttatuteano not gcnerallp to 
anp perfon tbat Mlfue, but euerp fucb perfon fc^map in fucb cafe fue, 
iufojme g^cas be migibt Ijaue none, if tl;i0 act toere neucr mane* 1 8* eii?, 

8 Ji^o peifon otbcr tfjen tbe partp (5retteu,(balbe receiuetf to info^me 0? 
fue Dpou anp penal ftatutc tbat befoje ^ time batb bin fo? anp mirDemea* 
no? bp anp o?tier of anp tbe Siueens Courts o^uereo not to folloto O} pur^ 
fue anp fuit upon anp j^jenaU Uritim^s i Cli?»5« 

p 3ltt 



fnfoiimerEi w 

,tniiJi.,^ V AQionspoputaf^ 3 

p 3|n an)) nectotion o j information to lie ff^D, {j^ortg^t, fuee, ej f ]ct)i'^i:T)c crotmtp 
6itevlJ^offcnhagainflanppcnaHaatute,(!)al4iot1)elaieDtolJe ijonein Egf^^^^^^^^ 
anvotberCountpa but toljeret^e contract o?otl)er matter anrac!:eD to be Dane 
tbe offence ijaas in trutb wne^^nn euerp oefenDant in fitcb action o? tnfo^* 
matt'on W annlatufullp map traaerfe and alleag:e,tba£ tbe offence fuppo' 
feo bp tbe fame fnite to be commttteu, toas not committetj m tbe Count? 
tobcrefucb offence isalleageD: tobicb being trieDfo?t^euefenr!ant,o;tif 
tbe plaintife bee tbereupon nonfuite in bii3 31nfo?mation o? fuite, tben 
tbe plaintife fbalbe barren in tljat action oj information, anp laljo o} bfe to 
tbe contrary notlMitbffanning. 5 1. €1(5.5. 

10 ■EbisactOjallnot erteuD to tbe lapino-ojalleagina; of anp offence ^fjJffJ"ffu^*o"j( 
in anp ueclaration 0? ittformation,for o? concerning; anp cbamper£ie,bup' information 
ittgof tttlesf, 0} erto?tion, 0? anp offence committeD 0? to be committcD a- '^^p^ij^t^"^"^ 
gatnfi tbe ttatute maue Anno i ^€U?4ntituIcD,^n act limiting tbe times 

fo} laping on lant»,marcbaniiife from beponD tbe ^ea^, anu toucbino; cu^ 
flomes of fujeet tuinee* ^mi one otber 3ct mane in tbe faio Anno j,€\i^,- 
fticituleD,^nSlccofa^nbfitiieofConnage^pounuage,oranptbing in • ' ''-'"^ 
anp of tb^n conteineb, o? fo? the concealing 0? Defraubing tbe Siucene 
berbeire0 o?fttcceffor0,of anpcwttome,tonnage,poun6agei fub(iiiie,tm* 
j^offe, t} p^ifage, o^ fo? anp matter of corrupt Ofurp , O} fo? anp offence 
comprifeDinanpllatutemane.o? tobemaue^againtt ingroffing, regra« 
ting, 0? foreffallingtobere tbepenaltieo? forfeiture fball appeare to be to 
tbe balue of ]rp4i*or abouef O^ut euerp fucb offence (b^H 0? twap be lapew in 
aitp Countp at tbe pleafure of anp fuc| 31nformer : ^xi^ tijjing iatbis^ Slct 
5tCfnottoitbtJanbing*3T»Cli?.j* : u :: . . 

11 ailfuiteg tobepurfueubponanp^atutefor bCngahpbnlaUjfull s^mttiowi^ 
game,or for not bOng anp lalofufl game,or fo? "ot bauingbotues ann ar= f^^^^^Hns^ 
rotuesaccorningtotbelabJ, orforbftnganpartormiflerpintbe tobicb aiftrwD^iww, 
tbe partic batb not bin br ongbt bp,accorbing to tbe ttatut e in tbat bebalfe 

mabe, Gjall be fuen anu pr ofecuteb in tbe generall Sduarter ^elTions of 
tbe peace,or Mfess of tbe fame Countp mbere tbe offence fbalbe commit^ 
teti,or otljerb3ifeenquireb offibearcanbuetermineDin tbe^ffifeiSjOr gene* 
rail fHiiarter ^elfion^of tbe peace of tbe fame Couutie^tubere fucb of* 
fencefbalbecommitteMr in tbe leete U)itbinlD()icb it fball bappen, antr 

not in anpluife out of tbe fame €ountp,la)bere fuc^ offence fljal Ijappen to 

12 'CbeforefaiDact0("ofi8.€l 5.27.^1.10.3 i»€l5»fl)alnote]t;fenb t^fl"^^^ jn"^ 
to an? fucb officer ofHecorn,a0baue in refpect of tbeir offices beretofore fo^mattpn?! ' 
Ia\j3fullpbfeb toerbibit3{nformation0, orfuebpon penalliLaiMes* 05 ut 

tbepanir euerp oftbemmapinforme ann purfue in tbat bebalfe as tbep 
wigbt baue0one,9^c»Qlnp tbing in tljefe acts,^c»nottoit()ttanbing»i SM* 

I That the defendant ihalbe admitted to haue a Tales de circumftan- 

t0 5 tibus 

t Accofflptants ahd debtors to the Quccnf ^ 

tibus In A(5libnspopulnr»S$e Ttrrors 2^» 

2 That the luric in fuitcs vpoiipcnall Lawcs, fliall not be compelled 
lo appeare at Wcftminltcr.Scc lurors J r ♦ 

3 That certaine lufticcs hauc authority to heare and determine offen* 
CCS committed by Informcrs^Sec lufticcs ofpcaccjy* 

Accomptants and debtors to the Qijecne^ 

SSitga-- A ^^ ^^M^tmsamipzMtit^WtW^lht mm fo?anpcaufem 

tiom maoeta /Xanp toife conccvninof tijc £i\xttm o} \)tx (jcire0,o? to Ijer, o? tbeir ijfe, 

ilje miieene. conimonitp oj beljoofe, §all be maoe to \)tt mn to Ijer fjeiregf , ^KingeiB o; 

Q-Uccneg in fter o? tbeir namc^bp tljeCe ijjo^nejs.Dominse Rcginse, ann to 

none otber perCon to ber bfe, anu to be papeo to Ijer bp tbcfe too^ueis , Sol* 

uendum cidera domina: Reginae,hcrcdibus vcl cxecucoribus fuis,tuitb 0* 

Smto?heS ^^^^ lMo?us! iJteo itt commoH obliptions. ^nD if anp perfon malte o? take 

iff mt^c nature anpSDblijation to tbe^ueenesufein anpotbermaner, \)t Wl ftiffer 

of a ftattttc fta. (-y^jj imp^ironment,as Qjalbc atiiuogeo hv tbe SClueeneg CounfeHt^ltHj all 


to a!l piirpofesf, ano l^albe in tbe fame nature,anD effect to a!! intents , t& 

tbelMjitincjs obIi5.ito^^ tatien anti knoMeuofeD, acco^Ding to tbe ftattite 

of tbe Haple at Cctlellntindcr, bane at an| time liin taken ano ejcecuteo <u 

gainaanpIapperfoH»3?»iD>8»39» ■ -f; :r- ■ ■■m: 

m\)omiw\t 2 aufucb 2D bliptionsan&efpecialttefil, tbe nebtUJbereof being not: 

{i)e saueen w pi^, j^0| cojitenteit in tbe life of tbe ^m ^} Clueene,(ball remaine ano be 

Uttli to tbe beire0 o} etectito?s of tbe Eing o? Clueene,at tbe free libettie « ap« 

pointmentoftbe f^meiliiingoj Cluecnej ^c. toujljom t(jefamel|[)all be 

mnue.3^S)S,39^ . 

miuSv 5 *^^^ flucene in all fuitesf to be taken bpon anp jfpecialtp maue to 

SSm anDDs. Iier gracC:, o? to anp to bet Dfe, (ball recouer bet iuil cofteis ano oama* 

«wsw. geg 30 ot^ct common petfon;ei bfe to Doe, in Cuites! foj tl&eit uebt?* 35. 

SJcBw trnc to 4 3|n all action£i,an5 fuitsi to be taken 0? purftteu hi anp of t^je Ccuttj^ 
auaSe" foi?.^ of tbe €fcbeq«er,€)ucbp of iancaaeco? mm^ anu liweries fb? tbe re- 
fattiwf ,jjth,9c, cotierp of anp Bebt,tnbicb iball appertainc, acctue, t} be to tbe STlueene, 
bpreafonof anp attaiuDcrjOutlatu^p/o^faiture^gift of tbe partp,o? bpa* 
np otber conaterall meanes: 31t is fufficient to allcage in tbe faio fuit a;e* 
merallp^tbattbepartptotoboin tbe faiu Debt Itiae Due o^5iD belong, fwcb 
yere ano Dap ciD ^m tbe fame Debt to tbe O^weene, cj luaa attainteD, out* 
Iat»eD,o^ otber offence/o?faiture, 0^ tbing ccmtnittc D, bj^jreafin tobereof 
tbe faiD Debt Dio accrue, anDougbt to remaine ano come to tbe ijElueenf# 
tijefame matter fo alleageD in scneraltpluitbouc Ib^^iitcf tbe rircumHace 
tbereof,(baU be of as poD effect in tbe lato to all intentjs, aie if t{^ tobolc 
aauet Ujete alleag^ in cw^tip yointf 35.l^3t3P«. 

5 3lf 

Accomptarits and debtors fb the Quc^ftw^ '4 

■ : 5 31f atjp fuit be commences, 0? anp p^oces be atoamu fo? f befi. fo> -^^c aanrmf 
Ibe itcouci:pofanpbei*uebts,tbcTamea)a!be p^eferven before tbefittt of Jj^/f^^'j^^^^ 
an? otber peffon,ant« tbe Ciueenc, ^cr beires tax^ fuccelTo^s, njal'b<iue Srft 
execution apinll anp ijefentjant fo? bfi^ f^tiJ li^btisi bcfo^ean? otber pcra 
fon,fo all!) aics tbat bet fait be comtwenceD 0? p.?ocelTeat»actieiJ foj tbe 
faiD oebt at tbe fuit of tbe Cltieenc,fc.bef0jc iungcmeut ^imn foj tbe faio 
<itbes:perrotu3 5Jp+8*39. ' 

d au^ano?)3,lani30,?c»an:ibere5itament0 tbetebicbnjaU come 0? {^Jl'Jija^Jfabit 
l)ein,ojtotbe banu^of fciSnof aap perfon totobomtbe fame Wl ^ff= ^f^h^SS 
centi,rcuert 0? remain c in fee fimple 0? in fee taile, genecall g? fpeciallibp J^otp. 
from.o? after tbe oeatb of anp of bis atmceffers as bcire.o? bjj tbe gift of 
CO tbc£lueene,o? to anp otber perfon to ber i3fe,bp31utipwent,l&ecopi- 
fance,obligattou 0? otber fpecialtp, tbe Debt lubereofWl not be eonteu" 
ten ^ paiUjtben in euerp fucb cafe tbe fame ^ano^s^ Ums^ (i^c.^till be ano 
flanD cbargeii,to,^fo? tbepapment of tbe feme iiebt,g^ of euerp part tlo^ve* 
pftSuD our faiD ^oueraigne laDpJjer beires anufucceffo?? , iball not be 
barren 0^ nelapen to nemaunn^baue $ recetue ber laipful x^cht^ ano Duties 
againa anp of ber fubiects a? beire 0? beires to anp perfon inDebten to W ^y^^^J^^^^^^ 
bigbneffeo^ to otber perfon0 to bet i3fe,albeittbistoo?D(l|)eire) be not co= matietot!)e 
p^ifeo in fucb recogmfance,obligfation,o? fpecialf p : 0? cbat anp fucb pciG ^"t^f/SJa" 
(baUalieage tbatbebatbnotanp mano?0,ianD0,o?bereDitamentJS!tobim (!?««.) 
Jefceni3eo,butondpfucba0be intaileno^ giuen to bimbp anp Wmti^ 
f elIo?ig,tD tobom })e'is be ire* ai5ut t\)£ Queene, ber bare?! ano fucceflbitrs JaVmoue?^ ^ 
. map at ber ^c^libertp $ pleafure, oemaunn ^ recouer ber faio ubt againft Dttmbt a. 
anperecuto^ oj e]cecuto?0 , anminiCrato? 0? auminiflrato^SjOfanp fucb gj"<^^*«wc« 
perfon int5cbteD,if be 0? tbep (ball baue aifets in i)i» ojtijeir ^auDjS m rjzm 

•. 7 T5ut (f tbe fain $pano?s!,Iannis ? bereiiitamcntg,o? anp of tbem.lball HSVoS* 
be recouercD from tbe poircOion of anp fucb perfon, bp anp iuQ 0? former tttu. 
title, luitboutfrauo ojcouin, tobicb becbargeablea? i0afo?efaiD, tben 
tbep fijalbe clereip nifcbargenof tlje papment of tbe fain bebt0, auD of euc* 

8 Sf anp perfon of tobom anp fucb ^^^^ o^nuetp Wl bee nemaun* apoit rufftce»tc 
nen,noca)etoinanpof tbe fain €ourt0,fufficient matter inlat»,reafon SfcSS^ 
0? goon confcienccjinoifcbarge of tbe fain nebt,o^lJObP fucb perfon otigbc nmmt m 
not to benifcbargen toitb tbe fame,ann tbe fame matte'r fo (betwen be fufft' f"?^"^^^ ^^^^^^ 
cientip p?ouen in fucb one of tbe fain Court0 a0 be fi)atl be impleanen oj 
froublenfoj tbe fame, tben tbe fain Courts baue full potoerto allotn tbe 

fame p^oofe,aun clerelp to nifcbarge euerp perfon tbat (ball be fo implea* 

9 3If anplann0 ^c. tobtcb Iball beecbargen;to,oi tuitbtbenebcof ^^«^fff 23. 
pur fain ^oueraipe^ [;er ^eires o} fucc etfoj^ , fl)aibe in tlje feiCn of ?ome f n toS. 

^ AcjComptaSs isind debtjofs to- iheQuccne* 

tJiuersperfrnt?, ot^er (Ijen t^e Mi^oh o} obligees, tficn al tfje faiD Imiusf, 
bletoitbtljejjaimencof tljcfaiDHebtantiouetie. 5 ^!!;,8.59» 

S?hfiimS ^ ° ^"^^'^ J^^'^^'^" "^"^^^ °? appoint en to be 'Creafurcr, 0? 3:eneral 0? 
Seic tcue ac pa«(culat; iaeceuto?,Conecco?,o? :i5ailife. 0? spinittcr accompcaiit to tije 
wmpt anopai'dueene, M before I)tsmne,erecutin5,i3anac o^mrciangof Ijts ©f- 
ficc, iDfjereunto Ije l^al be fo nomiuateD 0? appoinceD,togetber toitb furcc 
tie 0^ furetie0, achnotoIeDa;e, anD ma'^e fufficient anti latuful bonDe 0? 
ijon^stotbeimeene, infucb Court of Eeco^n, tnbetctbefamc ©fficec 
iljalbe accompcable anu chargeable, tljat be, his beites,e]t:ecuto?0, aomi. 
nillrato«i:0, afTipes 0? Deputies, ffjaltcuelp accompt, annpap all fuc& 
fummes of monep as ajall come to 10 banos,o? (IjaU, map, oj realbnablp 
migljt be cbargeD loitb, concerning Ijis office to t^e SQueenes Ufe , toit^ 
in tbe circuit of bis receipt ami c ollection,at fucb o} lifte fiaies ano times, 
ano in fucb manner as is bereafter epp^elTcD to bee conteineu in ti)t con^ 
uitions of euerp oftfie faio bonues, uppon paine of fo^faiture of biis 
C»fficcanD of ()is letters patents of t^e fame i3Dffice.7»Cii*5»i. See ly* 

Kccefucfs Pile. '^ ^^^^V JKecetueroftbeClueene8lanus,rents,antireuenues,o?bi^ 

SmStSits^ ^^' ^^^^^V^Wiv^ttlp mafee bis feuerall precepts to all anofinguler tbe 

wmvimip. Collectours,^intaers,anti TBailiffes accompcant toitbtntbr Circuit of 

Ijisoffice, commaunoing tbem on tbe Ciueenesbebalfe bp tbe fame p^e=« 

cept to appearebefo:?ebimperfonallp,o^bptbeir fufficient ceputp o^Dc^ 

puties,fo^ lubom tbep toill aunfujere, toitbin tbeCountp tobf re tbe fame 

SDfftces^ailiiuickSjg? CO? collections tioe lie,at a certaine Dap ano place 

^fjeijaife i"t&^ fame precept to be limit tetr, antj to pap totbeSiueenes bfe fucb 

minSmnt ^""^^"^siofnionepastbep ougbttoDocbpreafon of anptljeirfain ©ffi* 

aj ®aft?r. ces being Due to tbe Clueene, at 0? before tbe feaff of Caffer, MiW) tbep 

i^mz 0} map bi^ attp latoful meanes receiue, luitbin 0? h^ reafon of tbeic 

faiD offices, anD tbe fame precepts (ball be feuerallp DeliuereD to euerp of 

tbe TaiD officers accomptant, 0? to tbeir Deputies, 0? els bee left at tljeir 

Duelling boures,o? at tbe mano? 0} place M)cte tbdr receipt is,o? ougbt 

to be,tbjelue Daies at tbe leaff before tbe Dap of appearance to tbem giuen 

intbefamepjeccpt»3nDifanpoftbefaiD9piniffers,Collecto?s 0? aSap* 

Jiffes accomptants,after anp fucb precepts maDe bp anp fucb Heceiuer, 

anD DeliuereD 0? left in fourme afo?efaiD,Do make Default at tbe fame Dap 

aiiD place altigneDbp tbe fame precept, anD being tbereoflatnfullp con* 

uicteD in tbe Court tobere tbe reuenue fljall be anfujereD, be Iball fo^ tbe 

firtt offencefojfaitto tbe Clueene bis tobole feefo^tbat pere, tobereiti 

bie (ball fo ntafie DefauIt,o? tbe balue tbereof, anTj fo^non papment of tbe 

mit foifafture ^^^^ "^^"^^ ^"^ ^^^ papablc at 0} before tbe faiD fcaff of Caffer bnto tbe 
toDcre tijc ac- S[lueette,Uiitljin 0} bp reafon of bis abouefaiD office , collection j l^apli* 

l'"p«?aiul,' ^^^^^> ^^^^ ^^l'^^^ ^^l ^6^ 6ra off^nc^ of. «onpa^m?nt bitJJ»of tjepounii 

I- ^-' itt 

AccBmptants and debtors to the Qucene. y 

int^enameof apaine, fo? cuerp monetlj after tlje fapu nap of appea* 

ranee, untiil cljefamemoncp (Ijali bee bp fjimo? bisoeputiepaputotbe 

|ianU0 of tbe fain recetuer, to tlje Clueenes bfe* ^nn after tbe firt! Default 

of apparance mane bp anp oftlje faio o{ficer0, ano anotfjer like precept 

bp tlje fain receiuer be mane ann neliueren o? left in fo^me afojefain, tljen 

tbe fain officer ma"htnc5an;ainencfault,annbeinoftbereofla\)ofunpconuic* 

.ten as is afo^cfain, fojtbe feconn Default of non apparance, fijallfo^fait ^econtise' 

to t^e Silueene W office ann fee^i^nn fo? tfje fain feconn offence,in tlje non ""'** 

papmentof tbefain monepnue ann papable h^ reafon of ^is office, at 

0} before tbe fain feaaof^affer,(I)alfo?fait]cii*U» of eueriepounn , in tbe 

nameof apaine, fo? euerp monctb after tlie fain latt nap of apparance, 

annnefaultmaneasisafo^efain, nntilltbe famemonep fljaU hcehi^ \)m 

o^biisneputp, papen to tbe banner of t^c fain Kecciuerto t^ebfeof tbc 


1 2 Cuerp ^unito? of tbe €iueenes,of ber lanneis?, poffeflions' , rents, ^mtm ««• 
ann reuenuegijfo? tbe time being, o^biisfufficientneputie, tball banc full wmptantl.^^*' 
potoer perelp tomafeebis p?eceptes to all Spiniffers, Collectoursann 
O^ailifes accomptants.commaunning tbem in tbe bebalft of our Cain ^o« 
ueraigneiLanie,toappeare ann accompt before bimperfouallp, o^els bp 
tbeir fufficient neputp o} Deputies , at a place certaine ^itbin tbe Coun« 
tietMbere tbe fame lanns ann poifefftonsno lie, attbeSdueenes^uniteta 
be bolnen tbereperelp,bettoeenetbefeaft of ^aint Spicbael tbe Slrcban* 
gel,ann tbe natiuitp of our lo^n 6on, of, ann fo^ all rents,reuenues,anD 
p^ofits.nue ann papable tDitbin,o?bp reafon of tbeir fain officer ^u at 
0} befo?c tbe feaff of ^.^icbael tbe archangel nert before tbe fame ^u* f„ViMfe to S? 
Dite, erp^effing in tbe fame precepts, tbe time ann place toben ann tobere sx\xm\ at ^j. 
tbefame Spiniffers,Collecto?sann ^ailifcsaccomptable,o? tbeir fuffici* tiiacJwasj. 
ent neputies,fo? tuljom tbep laill aunfu)ere tball appcare , tlje fame p?es 
cepts to be neliueren to tbe fame Spiniffersi ^caccomptable , o? tbeir ne« 
puties, 0? left at tbeir ntoelling boufe0, o^ at tbe mano? o? place tobere 
tbeir collectios are oj ougbt to be, ttuelue nates at tbe lead, before tbe nap 
of apparance to tbem p?efiren in tliz famep?ecepts ♦ 3nn if anp gpiniffer 
tc^accomptant nonot appeare before tbe fain ^unito? o^ bis neputp at tbe %)33t\an&i(t 
fain 3luniteacco;ining to tbe fain precept, 0? els if be no appeare ann refufe ^f J^"s- 
to accomptfo? bis fain receipt ^c, before tbe fainSunito? $c* ann being tantmKT 
tbereof latofullp conuicten in tbe Court toljere tbe reuenue (balbe anfijje* fauu. 
rable,belbalfoj bis firK offence fojfaitto tbeSTlueene W ^bole feefoj 
tbat pere, lubereinbe{balfomaknefault,o? tbebaluetbereof* ^nnfoj 
tbe non papment of tbe fain monep nue ann papable toitbin l)i& collection 


Accomptants and debtors to the Queenci 

f ompttjefo?e t\)t fain SttUitoj o} Ins Deputp fo? f)fs faiD coHeccion f c, 5lnBl 
alfopapbntotlje^anD^cftljcfatDEeceiuer eucrpfucd fummeof ntoncp, 
80 Iljalbc iuUlp fotmo Due b^ t^e Caio accomptant before tlje fain 3imitoj 
9?c. to t^e ducencs spaieftie, t jjon tlje foote ano Determination of Ijis ac« 
compt»^nti aftei* tbc fttfl Default of apparauce mane before t!)c fato 9[uoi« 
tour ^fc.bpanp of t^efaio Officers accomptant being; to loarneD m^ a* 
fo^efaiD,anD after another liht precept maoe ^ DeliwereD o? left in fo^me. 
afo?efaiD,tben tliat faiD officer tl)at fo 0;an make againe Default of appa* 
rance,fo^ tlje CaiD feconD offence in making Default of bis apparance as ijs 
afo?efaiD,anDbeingtbereofD«cIpconuicteDintb2 court toberet^e reue« 
nue of ijts faiD office fljalbe anfiaerabMjan fo?fait to tl)e liueene bis of* 
«ewnn Be. fice anD fee.'^nD fo? tlje feconD offence in tbe non pa)?ment of tbe faiD mo* 
«»'^« nep Due $ paiable bp reafon of bis receipt ^cM o? before tljc faiD feali of C 

SpicljaeUljaU fojfait to tbe Clucene xiu i5. of euerp pouuD in t(je name of 
apaine^ fo? euerpmonetl; after tlje faiD laff Dap of apparance anD Defaule 
maDe,as is afojefaiD,bntin Ije o? Ijis fufficientDeputp,(l)al accompt before 
tbe faiD ^tiDitoj oj bisDeputp/o? tfjefaioreceipt,coHectton,o?baiiiUjihe, 
auDalfopap ijnto tlje !;anDes of tbe faiD IReceiuer o?bis Deputpto tlje 
£iueenesufe,anfucbfummesof monep, asibaUbeiufilpfounD Due bp 
tlje faiD accomptantj upon tlje foote anD Determination of Ijijs faiD accSptt 

®mcewac» ' 1 3 ^ee t|je fo?efaiDffatute of 5 3 J^S*S9^ if anp "Bailife, Heeue oj 

"SdmS o^^J^'^offi<^^J^^ccomptantoft^ea[lueenes,tipontlje Declaration ofbisac* 

compt, Dotb tuillinglp concealeanD iuitbo^aU) anp rent, reuenue, fine, 

Ijarriot;0?otl)ercafualtptoljatfoeuerit be.oftljetobicl) Ije oug^ttobaue 

maDe accompt.anD tbat Duelp pjoueD before tlje |)eaD officer of tlje Court 

XDljere o^c.lje fi;al lofe i)is office anD fee, anD tl;^ee timesi fo muclj as Ije t)at& 


%\it mmnti 14 Cuerp Heceiuer, Collector anD C0ailifeof anpof tlie Clueeneis 

Samcfo? l^nDes^rents, o} reuenues,fo^lack of papmentanDleuping of tljeir faio 

ac«M3 w. rents, iffues, aiiD reuenues toitbin tlieir offices, Ijaue potoer to Diffraine 

fo? the fame, anD to o?Der tbe fame Diffreffcs in fuel; fo?t, as anp officer of 

tbe Cfcljequer/o? leuping of t^e Clueenes reuenues, anfiwerable in tbe 

fame courc,beretofo?e banc Done.anD map lauifullp Doe, Deliuering to tbe 

partpDiffraineDtbefurplufageof tbebalueofeue'rpfucEj Diffres(ifanp 

(bnlbe; t(je Clueenes Duties being firff paiD,anD tl;e Diffrainant anftoereDi 

of reafonable coffes»7« €D.6. T » 

S the mcf. ' ^ ^"^'^^ receiucr of tlje .Clueens IanDS,rents,reuenues ^c, (bal make 

Heraffjaumaft? teaDpauD fuUpapmentperelptotlje '§i:reafo?er,o?D;enerallKeceiuer of 

f 8^>i«nt. tbe court, tobere tbe faio reuenues fijalbe anfiuerable, 0? otfjcrtoifc as be 

(balbe appointeD bp fufficient tuarrant,of all fucb fummes of monep as be 

fijall knolu to be Diie to tbe iIlueene,anD can b^ anp latufull meane get oj- 

receiue of tbe rentie! 0^ reuenuegi of out faiD fouej;ai2;neiaDp,Uiitl;in 0? bp 


Acconiptants and debtors to the Qiiecne. 6 

tf afon of ^10 ofUceMinc; r^uc at o? before t&e feal! of €a(fer,t)p tbe icicliap 
cf 3!unc tljcn n^tt f oUoluing at tlje farcljeff* ano alfo Ojall mahc like pap* 
ment pcrf Ip of all ^is lihe receipts of clje rentis ^c»t^at (Ijalbc ouc at o} be* 
fo?c t^e fcaa of «%,Spicljad tlje ^rcljangel bp tl;e tlnenttetlj nap of 3Ianu- 
rp tbennect follo^tuff at tlje furtfjett, upon paine of fojfaiture fo? euerp 
Default atanpoftOcfaiimateiEf, ttoo pence of cuerp pouno fo^ euerp Dap 
C^at tlje faiD monep fo bp fjim HjalOe mmiv, 7,€rj,6,i* 

16 Cuerp of tljc faio IRecciuers, oi tljeir Deputies fo? tobom tlje^ MM mmm xt* 
«iru)ere,fl)all enter into tbetr accompc perelp in tbe terme of ^. ifpifiarp, S? **^ ^^' 
anD fullp Md) tlje fame before tbe rentb oap of 09arcb tben nert foWoto* 

tng,anD mafee full anD reaop papment of tbe monep tb^t Hjall appeare to 
be Duebpon tbe foote of tbe fame accompt, before tbe ctoentp Dap of tbe 
faiD monetb of ^parcb, bponpaine of fo^faiture to tbe (Hucene tbeir ofifi* 
ces anD fee?; , anD foure pence of tbe pounD fo? euerp Dap tbat t^ep lljall 
toitbfjolD tbe faiD monep»7t€D,6.i» 

1 7 M 'Creafo?er0,Cbamberlaine0, anD generaU Eeceiuerg! of anp of '€Wt accSp. 
t})e Clueene0 courts of reuenue fo} tbe time beino;, anD all cuaomers auD !?a"r?S?a\mo. 
collectors of cuttomes, o? certaine anD 0alleD j^ubfiDies toitbin anp po?t, "^? t|E? to« 
bauen,o? crrel^eof tberealmeof CnglanD, m^icbnotja beo? Ijereafcer Qjal pSnt?^ 
be,tuitbin ten Dates nert after notice to bim o} tljem giuen from tbe SQ^oj 

0)ce of ber p^iuie Counfell, in to^iting {jgneD bJitb tbeic banDs,(ball bp 
tbemfelues^o? tbeir fufficient Deputies fo^tubomtbep mill anftoere, De« 
dare in tu^itinD;, tubat fummes of monep tben being Due bnto our faiD fc* 
ueraigne l3Die,be at tbat time in \)i^ o? tbeir banDs , anD Ojall mafee rea« 
Dp anD full papment of all tlje faiD fummes,as tben (ball remaine in biso? 
tbeir banDS (ouerafabouetbeo^Dinarp papments anD fummes of monep 
conteineD in fufficient toarrants remaining in tbeir offices , anD being in 
tbeir full fo?ce, anD not latofullp countermaunDCD, no^rcuofeDtotbeCc 
iknoi»leDa;e)to tbe bfe of tbe Ci»at fucb time anD in fiicb fo?t as t\)t]^ ffjall 
be commanDeD bp fufficient toarrat, bponpain of fojfaiture of l)is o? tljeir 
office 0} offices. 7»€d*6. I* 

1 8 'E\)t fame ^S^reafo^ers, Cbamberlaines > anD generall Heceiiters, ^it^inm&t 

bptbemfeIues,o?tbeirDeputiesfo?lJubomtbeptuillanfti)ere, IballperelpwmUSA^ 
before tbe iCjr» Dap of 31«nemake aperfect accompt of all fucb monep o? ««afte t^eir ac. 

trearure,asbatbcometot^eir&anDStotbeSElueenesbfe, perelp at o?be« "* 
fo?etber;r,Dapof ^arcb, tben nert before tbe faiDjcr* Dap of3iune,anii 
Iball make a perfect Declaration in to jiting of tbe monep remaining in e« 
uerp of tbeir banDs,to tbe SDueene o? to ^er p?iuie Counfell, perelp before 
tbeiafi Dap of 3Iune tfjeu nert foUoUjing, anD mal^e papment of tbe fame 
at fucb time, anD in rucljfo?t» astljepfbaU becommaunDeD bp fufficient 

19 afanp^uDito^o? bisDeputp, tobicf; ougbt totalte tbe accompc 3IftfjeauDitoii 
cf anp l^rcafo^crj Cfiamberlaiue, llcceiuer,oj otijer officer accomptable t"?ifte7R* 

befo|e c^wpt. 

Accomptant^ and debtors to the QiieeneT 

icfo^c I)im, uoe refitfe o? toiUtngJp uelap tlje uUxi^ of c^e fame accompt 

in fttcb luife asi it cannot be finil^en luttlnn tl)e time appointee bp tljis act, 

ttjen be being tfjereof Duelp conmcteu in tlje Court tobece tbc reuenue o? 

cljarge of tbe fame accompt fijalbe aunftuerable to tlje Qtieencfljall loofe 

fucbli!^efo?faituce as tbe Cceafoier.Cbambertaine, Eeceiuer, o? otbet 

officer, abouefaio ougljt to ooe bp tbis! acte, fo^ not accomptingj of ano foj 

tbeic cbarse0 ano office o^ offtcest^nD tberebp tbefame "Ereafo^eriCba* 

berlain,Kcceiuer,anti otber officer tbat Iboulo accompt, anti (ball be refu« 

feo 0? oelaieo,(balbe oifcbargeo of anj> paine,lo(re Q} fojfaiture fo^ not ac» 


Cfjccopfcof 20 ^beDuplicato?copie or euerp accompt tbat (ball be mane bp an? 

mtrtftofic'. '^^^^^^^^^ ^l Eecciuer.ojtbp tbeiroeputie info?me afo?efaio,toitbin con« 

wmptant. ' uenient time after tbe finilbmgj of tbe fame,anu at tbe reafonable requeft 

ano coiijSof fucb accomptant, (balbe oeliuereDbnto tbemfubfcribeo toitb 

tbe banu of tbe auuito? tbat (ball tal^e tbe fame accompt, o} of bis Deputp 

etc* upon paine tbat tbe fame ^uoito j (bal fojfait to tbe Clueene fo} euerp 

fucb Default r»li.7*€DAi^ 

TSii^ops fo? 2 1 "^^ut tbis acte (ball not cbarge anp 9rcbbi(bop0, 0? "Bilbops!, to 

umtS' iitai^e anp bonD0,o? to mafee tbeir accompt anu paiment of tbe tentbejss a- 

riHng tuitbin anp of tbeir Dioceg one to tbe SXueene, m anp otber maner 

tben tbep baue bin cbargeo 0? accomptable ano cbargeable bp tbe latoesf 

ano Hatutes of tbii5Kealme.7.€tr.6.i, 

Sfc?etM ^^ jaeitber(balltbi2tacte]i:£enritoto«cb,o?cbarn:eanp!i)berife,€f'' 

Coiucto/. cbeato?,o? collectoi of anp Difmes,SEluinDirme0,benettolence0, contribu*^ 

tions oj ^iibODiesCfubnoies of tonnage ano ponoagconelp e]i;cept)bwt 

tbateuerp of tbem map ejcercife tbeir fain feuerall offices, ano pap fucb 

fummesofmonep, asanpoftbem (ball be cbarnieo toitb all bp tbeir faitt 

feuerall offices, in lil^e fo?t as euerp of tbem baue Dfuallp Done , o} ougbt 

to 00 if tbis act bao neuer binmatje.7.€D.6jf 

©ouecto?of 25 Cuerp bigb Collector of anp 5fifteene,^ub(iDie,o? otber tare oj 

S"anS«^''^^^'^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^ fucb times as tbefame (balOe 

tms, Ducgtpaiable to tbe Clueene, ber beires o} fuccelfo^s h^ anp Hatutc, o?oi« 

nauce,o? otber meane, ano bp tbe fame Collecto? receiueo, trulp pap tbe 
fame to tbe ClueenesDfe, at fucb place, aiio to fucb perfon as (ball be na* 
meofo? t\iz fame, uponpaine to fo^faitto tbe Clueene, ber beires, anir 
fucce(ro?s,fo? euerp pouuo fo being receiueri,ano after tbat retaineo, feepc 
O3ilaiooutfo?gaine,anonotpapotoitbintb?eemonetbsto tbe dueenes 
Dfe,as is afo?efaio,foure (billings fo J euerp monetb tbat tbe famemonep 
Cballbe retaineo,!iepto?laio out fo? game, anoalfo (ball lofe bis SDtfice 
concerning tbe fame,ano al profits tbereunto belonging.^no tbe Clueene 
(ball at ber pleafure, cbarge tbe faio Collector, upon W accempt, toitb 
ebepenaltp ano fojfaitures abouerebearfco, ojels recouer tbe fame bp 
action,bil,plaint,o^fuitof Jebtagaina tbe fame Collcctour, W beires, 


Accomptants and debtors to the Qucene. 7 

Cjcecuto?0o? atimmiarato?s,li3!;crctit no 2n«f c»€,o? p.f c» 5 4 ^)mX2* 

24 Slfanpoft^efaio Collectors tenner papmencof aUfiicbmonepbp^f)«co!iec. 
l)(m receiueo to tlje Cliicencs Dfe luit^in tlje faio tl)?ee monetljs , in fuclj S?ig fnS?cQ 
placej^tjntofucbperfonasfljaHbe cljarQ:eDia}it!)tl}e receipt oftbe fame^ fi'Siftt^. 
ano DO as muclj as in l)tm tljen {T)alue to? to make true paiment tberof,an5 
cannot be tbereuuto anmitteu bp reafon of importunate buHneo, o} otbec 
latuful impeniment in fjim tljat fljoulo receiue t^je fame, tbe tbe fame Col* 
lecto? ^}alt not be cljargeti tuitl),o? incurre anp Hanger 0? pcnaltie con* 
tainet) in tbisi act* 54 Cp»8»2* 

2 5 IZLbe beire of ante Collector afo^efaio, (o? of anp Heceiuer of tbe Voyn farte tijc 
efcbequer,Ducbie of lancaKer 0? court of mart!0 ano liuertcs ; (ball ^jK^SavgcB^ 
not be cbar geD bp reafon of tbis act,but onelp fo? ano in fucb lanos f c» 0^ 
ljereDitament$, iubicb be (ball ba«c bp Hifcent in fee Cmple, 0? fee taile,o? 
Jj})gift,o?cl0bpanpotberairurancemaDe toanpfuc^ljeireonelp bp co* 
ttin from tbe faio CoUecto?,or Heceiuer, 0? anp of tbeir a(rig;ne0 ♦ 9no in 
cuerp fucb cafe,tl)eClueene Ijer beire? anti fuccelTo??, Ibal baue epecution 
onelp of ano in (uc^i lannis ^c,o} bereoitaments oifcenncD , t(,mm 0? otber* 
toife affureri ag( is afo?efaicr,bntil fucb time as ber SpaieCie ^c» be fullpfa* 
tiffteu of eueri> fucli fummc of monp Due bp anp fuclj collector o} IReceiuec 

26 '^\it ejcecuto^s 0? aDminiCrato^s of euerp fuclj Collecto?,{ban not ^tlli^^iS- 
be ot^ertoife c bw^eD bp tbis act,buc as ejcecuto^s ^ aominidrato^s fi;oulo nmcato?0tijac« 
be cljargeable h^ tbeo?oer of tbe comon action of Debt bfeo againft ^*°' 
t^em as erecuto?0 0? aDminiltrato?0»54«i{p.8.2» 

ay CvKberetbe J)eire of anp of tbe £lueene0 Collectors, Heceiuers 0? mtwtbtini 
debtors Ibalbe cbargeti foj Ijis fathers o? ancel^o^s Debts o? Duties lubofe JaKSi 
lieire be is,U)ijerbp t\)e lano DefcenoeD oj giuen to l)im h^ couin to DefrauD againa mm» 
tbeinueeneserecationtbereof is put inc]t;ecution,tl)enfucb beire C^al anD «"^«'?^'f» 
map baue W action of Debt againl! tbe erecutors o? aDminiCrators of biss 
faiD fatber 0% auncelIo?,anD (ball baue erecution of tbe gooDS ^ cattels of '^ 

t^e faiD fatber or auncellor being in t^t banDs of t^efaiD e;cecutors or aD* 
minidracorsattbetime ofcf;e faiD action brougljc^ in l^bicl; action no 

28 -^biis act of 54* 0*5. 2- fotb not ertenDe to t^e Collectors of t^e t^J?u^^*o''^*e^^^^ 
ClueenesculIome,ncroftbe^ubfiDie of tonnage anD ponoage, ^Wb tfjefubnnteof 
be accomptable perelp in tlje SClueenes Cfcbequer* And this a6l was pro- 5X0""^ 

uided for Recciucrs airo,but the forefaid ftatute of 7»Ed.(5. appointeth a- 
nother order ofaccompt &paiment to them,and alfo other penalties* 

2p aiUattDcs, tenements, 'inputs, commoDities, ano bereoitamentes tfiu/ianSu?' 
toljicb anp 'S^reafarer,orEeceiuer,iu,0r belonging toanpoftljeSIlueens abutotDe paf= 
Courts of tbe erc(;equer,aiarDcs,anDliueries, ^tichicof lancaSer, Sm%t0. 
Creaforer of tbe cbimbcr, Cofferer of tbe IjoulbolD to tbe dueene , het 
fteires auo fucceffb^s, "^tcafo^er foj tOe toarres ; '^rcafoure^: of anie 
. fojt. 

Accompiants and debtors to theQucene^ 

{o}t,%m\\i, 0? €^MlM)tt£mv prrironi0o? (ball bee ftepe,^rca* 
fp?er oftlje ^DmiraItleo?j^auie, '«£:rcaro?cr,ani>^m*caro?er, o^otbci* 
pcrfon accomptableto ti)eCluccne,l)eL' (jeireso? f«cccfto?3 fo?anp of* 
ficeo? c|)ar$e, of, o? laitljin tlje a^int, ^reafojec ojt IRccciucr of an? 
fumme^ of moitcp iii p^eR , o^ orljer^ife fo? tOe Dfe of tlje Cluccne , \)Zt 
l^eitesio} facceftb?0, o^ foj p^ouilions of Utctuall , o? fo? fo?tiru-ation0, 
bmlDin^cs o? too^Ite^, o? fo? anp otljcc p?otu0oii3 , to be uftD in ante tbe 
offiCC0 of tfje Sliiecness o joiaauce auD arcincrpjarmo?p,toarD?obr,tente55 
aan patiilrons, c^rcud^, Cttitomcr, CoUccco?, ifarmo? ofCuflomcief, 
^ub(iDic0,3[mpo!{e3o?otbci: oueciestoitbm anp po^toft&e Eealnie, 
Collectour ofcbe ^entljt'Sof tbe Clei'Sic, Collector of anp ^ubfioic 
o^jrifteenejEcccuiecnyCncrallDf tljereucnue0 of anp Countp o^Coun» 
tie0 auaftoecable iMitbin tOe receipt of ttje Cfc'^cquer, o? in tbe Court 
of C(ltartic0 ano liuerie0, o? tl;e Ducljic of lancafter, Clarfte of tbc 
ypampci', noUi Ijatf} o^at anp time Ijereafter l|jallfjaue, Uittljintbettme 
tobilft Ijeo? tl;ep, oj anp of tfjmi Hj.iU rcmatne accompcable, (Ijall foj 
tljepapmenc ano fatiffaction bnto tljeSElueeneJjec Metres ano fuccef* 
fo^0, of ^10 0^ t!;eiir arcecage? ( at anp time to be latofuUp acco^Dingta 
tbelaloeg of tlji^ EealmeaDiiii>geD,ano5ctenninct> ispon^io o^tljeic 
accompt, ainjiaotieanDreafonable petition? being alloiueD) be liable 
totbe papmenttbereofj antibeputinei;ecutionfo? tbe papmentof fucj 
arrecap?, o?l5ebte0to bee Co aiifuoa;et! and oetermineQ upon anp fucft 
^reafo^er, Uecciuerj teller, CuSomer, CoUecto?, jrarmer,C»fficer, 
0} llccomptant as 10 afo^e nameo in like anu in a0 large maner to all in« 
tint0, a0if tOefame iS^reafo^cr, HeceiiterjOj Collector , ^cbpon lu^iom 
anp Cucb arreragesoj oebt0 fl;all bee foaoiungeu, baotbeoapljee be* 
came firtt officer 0? accompcant,lIant» boun^ b^ lu^iting ©blignco^p, Ija^ 
uittgtbe effect of a (fatute of t^e Staple, tober ^aieCie,berbcire0 0% 
fitccelTo^s fo^tlje true anfuieringanopapment oftije fame arrerage? oj 
mm ttje 30 31f anp ^reafo?er,Hecciucr, Collector , fc, 0? otljer perfon ac« 
KTacSwp* comptantbefojementioneo, tufjicfi (ballreceiueo^ be cbargeable toitd 
tants lanDji. anp ntonep 0? treafure of tlje dueene, ber beirejs 0? face: flb?0,anD Iball 
S)pontbeDecn-miningofljj0 accompt (allbi0 owe petition0tobimbport 
tbefameaccomi^t htin^ altoeu) 0^ bpreafon of anp ^arme a0 afo?c* 
fairjjbefoimD inarreragc0,o? tootoe bnto our 5§)0ueraigne laDp,bec 
|)etre0o?ruccefro?0 anpfummeofmonep, ano lljaUnotluitljin t^efpace 
of 0jc monetb0 nertafter l)i5 accompt? finifbcD, 0^ oebt hnoloen, (b''.wing 
alloijoanceofbi0Duepetition0)trulp pf^pallfutb arrerage0 a? |irefi;alj 
oliJe upon Determination of bi0 accompt, 0? bpon U^ Debt hnoloen , tljeir 
itfbaUbelaljofulUotbeCiuenie,()erbeire0 anDfuccelTo??, at anp time 
after clje faiD (ice monetbs enoeD, to mak fale b^ b^t o} tbeir letter? pa* 
tent? btiDertlje great fcale ofCnglanD, offo muctjof tl;e lanoe?, tene* 


AccSmptants and debtors to the Queenf .' B 

mmt£i,anuljeretiitament2! offiter^fuc^j ftccomptanc o? Debtor, as map 

fufficc out fats roueraipclauie,^c«fo?tI)efatirfaction of bistifbt o? sr* 

rcra5e0, ijnciU!}cr^a(eliie?fc. Uebpfuclj falefitUp fatiftieD of fuel) at* 

rctage? atiD ocbt ta be foiinD upon accomyt o? farmc ijc. Qnu if anp o* 

ucrpltts ofmoncplI;dUbe rcCerucD o?^aii, upon anpfucfj faic, tfjen tljc '^^^ oiwrpiu^. 

famedJsUbe udiucrfn totbe ^ccomptanto? f^mm,c}W hti^t^, bp 

tbe officer cbat (ball receiue tijc moncp, bpon anv of the fato falf 0, toitl^^ 

out anp otber toarrant in tbac bebalfe to be obtainfn , ^nD all tbe fales '^^ ^{}'^J°°' 

to be mar>e bp tbe SQueene ber bcirf ^ fucceflfoig ^u (ball be goob anu Saie aSn 

auaileable iu LatDC ag;atn(! tbe partie accomptant inDebteD , ant) bis acwmptaut. 

Ijeires claiming as b«r^^>JJnn apinS tbe (Dueene.ber beire0 anu fucceC* 

fo?0, notioaitbdanDing anp former cbarcre 0? tncttmbjiance to ber $l^a* 

izHit fc ♦ bp t^eperfon foj toljofe nebctJje fame (ball bee folo* i s,€> 


3 1 3lf attp perfon accomptant 0? tnnebteb, ag 10 afo?efaiD , (ball at sccomptant* 
jmptnne after be (ball become accomptant n? cbargeable, agis afo?e« fSJtV 
faio, purcbafe anb bttp, Dj caufetobepurcbafen anubougbt,anplantie0,na»w^' 
tenements oj b^reoitamentSjanu caiife tbealTurancetbereof tobemabe 

in tbe name of anp otber perfon o} perfons, toberc tbe fame is in ceeoe 
iiieantto tbebfe, p?oflte, o^beboofe of fticb perfon accomptant o} m 
Uebteu, 0} of anp otber perfon, anotbe famentaner of purcbaltng ann 
fecret tofes ^c, (ball be founu bp office 0? inquiCtion, tben all ann euerp 
Iatt50;tenement0,tc* fo to be boiigbt o? purcbafeD^o? caufeD to be purcba^ 
feD,fballbeta!5enaniibfeDfo?tbe fatiffaction of tbe arrerages annnebt 
of etterpfticb accomptant o^oebto? to all intents, astbougbtb^ perfmi 
inbebte^bponbtso^tbeiraccompto? farme,U3ere tbereof actuallp feifeo 
of fucb eClate as tuas conueien to anp perfon bp anp fucb accomptant oj 
Oebto? , 0} h^ bts meanes as is afo^efaiD^^nu all fales to be tbereof mabe 
ip tbe ditecneberb^ires o^fuccclTo^sfai tbe fatiffaction of fucbbebt 
0? arrerages, as fidallbeefounntobeuue ann otoingto ber, (ball be of 
tbe li fee elfi'ct, anbbebfebin fucb Iil5emanera0isbefo3e('3o)e]cp^e(fe0 

32 Sll lanbes, tenements anb berebitaments Wth anp accomp^ i^antii pnnija. 
tant before nameb batb b^ retofoje fitbcnce tbe beginning of tbe Clueenes g^S ^cf m 
raigne, purcbafeD, 0? caufen to bee purcbafeb, totbe intent tbe fame mmcnctaisns 
(botiloe not bee Ipable ajs is afo^efapD ( tbe couin being firtt founbe 

Ijp office ^u) (ball anD map bee fetfett bp ber ^aieltie, berbeires oj 
fuccelTours , anbretapnen buber 6?c. in ^ce Hmple, to befoloe oj o^ 
tbertoife bfcQ at ber ann tbrir pleafures , tc^arnes tbe fatiffaction of 
all arrerages alreanie fet ojt neterminen , 0} tbat bereafter (ball bee be* 
termineb bpon bis accompt(allreafonableanb mie petitions being al^ 
lolnen ) at fitcb rate ann baltie as tbe fame iuere purcbafen, 0? caufen to 
he ijurcijafeo, bp anp '^rcafo^cr, l^tcdm: Wler ^Ct oj bp anp perfon 

Accomptants and debtors to the Qiieenc^ 

to dm bfe» pjouiucti altoaiejs tljat if tlje fa to be feifeo o? folD h^ {jer $Ipa* 
ieftieljcrljeires o^fiiccclTo^s, as islaftat)ouenmicioneD,tioe furmount 
after t^e rate $ balue afo?efaiD , tlje uebt anti arrerages to be netermineD 
Upon tbe accompt of anp ^reafo^cr, Hecetuer, o} Sccomptant before na* 
meii,t(}en ber WmHtk f c. fijaU feife onelp Co mucb a0 (ball amount after 
tberateanDUalueafojefaiDjto tbeiuapaiment offucbuebts ann arrera* 
ge0,as batb bin o j Qjalbe netermineD o? aoiuogen ^pon \)i}i accompt, a^ ifi 

lanu cWca. 3 3 31^0 15ia)op bamno; tbe collection of anp ^itbfioie oj 'SDentbs, o j 

wc. anpbi0lanti0 gtcuobereof be is feifeD in tbe rigbt of bis 15 i(bop?icke,(baU 

be cbargeD bpuertne of tbis actefo? anp arrerages of tentbs o? fubCoie, 

otbertoife tben be migbt latofnllp bawe bin before tbe malting of tbis act. 


mtmSni ^^ '^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ "^* ejctenue to cbarge an? ^reafo^er, Keceiucr, 0| 

©cc;. lu accomptant afo^efaio, bluing anp perelp receipt,no? anp tbeir lanues ^c. 

tobofe perelp receipt.collectf on ^ cbarge.o? tobofe tobole receipt from tbe 

beginning of bis cbarge,i0 not^o? batb not bin,o^ bereafter (ball not be a» 

botte tbe fumme of cccltan anp otber maner,tben be migbt laUJfullp ^aue 

accomptant* ^^^ cbargeD before tbe mafeing of tbi^acte^i 3* €liM* 

mitiy are not 3 5 "But becaufe tbe "Creafo^er of tbe Cbamber , ann Cofferer of tl&e 

SalS?^^^"^"^ floulbolDoftbedueeneberbeiresf fttccePfo?s,'Creafo^ers oftoarreg oj 

garifonSj'Erearo^ers of tbe nauie^'^reafo^erSjOjIReceiuers ofanpfumcsJ 

of monep fo? p^ouiHon of bictual,oj fo? fo?tifications,e^ fo? builDing,anli 

spader of tbe Ci^arD^obe are bp o?tier of tbeir offices anD cbarges aftec 

tbeir accompts enuerijto oifburfe tbe nebt remaining bpon tbeir accoptst, 

in fucb cbarges as are neceffarilp to be ppuiueti iw tbeir offices ann cbar* 

geSifo astbep are not of fucb fummes of monep tomafeep^efent pap* 

ment as otber accoptantsare,tberefo?etbii8 act (bal not ertenne to giue 

anp auctbo?itip to maKe fale of anp lances $c. fo? anp fucb nebt to be iuD* 

gen in anp of tbeir accompts laC mentioneii,bnles tbe Clueene ber beires 

anb fucceffo?s bpon tbe determining of tbeir accompts ( all tbeir duepe* 

titions to tbem g? c» being allolBen ) commauno p?efent papment tbereof, 

o^otberUiife eftfones require a netu accompt of tbe fameoebtfo remap* 

ning in anp tbe accomptants mentioned in tbis b}ancb,anti tbat tben tbe 

fame Debt o? anp part tbereof,(bal be founD to be oluing anD bnejrpenDeo 

in tbe cbarges pertaining to anp of tbeir faiD offices, anD tbe fame Debt re* 

maine bnpaiD bp tbe fpace of bu monetbs! after fucb requed O} commanDe* 

cftctoriaiiifc 3 6 ^W acte Gjall not ertenD to cbarge anp ^berife, Cfcbeato?, o? 

of liberties. "Bailife Of liberties, o? tbelauDs, tenementes,oj bereDitamentsof anp of 
tbem,no^ of anp tbeir beires o) affignes> fo? anp tljingtoucbing tbeir of* 
fice of fi)eriffa)ihe,efcbeto?(bip o? baililoihejUOj fo? anp monpbp tbem 
receiucD bpreafonofanp tbeir faiD Offices, in anp otber maner tben 


Accibrnptants and debtors to the Qjieene,^ 9 

tjcp mis^t laUjfuUp ^mc Un cW^ttt , before tfte \MUn% of t|)t$ ^cf* 

5 7 '5DDi0 act 30 coucfjitig onip t!je fale of anp lanu^ oj tenements, (Ijal ^J bJJ,'^'*/^*^^*' 
ttotejcCcnDCoanplantJS^c*lobicOanpperron0noteCt3i?*2.3p?il.i3 Cli?^ 
Anno Dom . 1 5 7 1 ♦) Ijaue 0? iitiop , ano baue purcljafco o} obtaineD bona 
fide, ano not being; p^itite 0? confenting to anp (mi) intent , to oefrau^ tl^t 
Siueene asigaboueCato. I g,Cli54f 

38 at (|)aH be iatofuU to eiierp perfisn , to[}ore Ianoe0 5c» .IfjaU bp anp i;^c tiartfe 
office 0^ inquiStion be founo to be frauoulentlp conuepeo a? is sboue-f^jjS^^la* 
fatii,tolbc{ue^i0 latofttUtrauer(eto euerp Cucb office $c» Qluo if it beuecu/ 
founo\Mit|jtbepartietbattenoem()t[)e trauerfe,tben^2 Wlbawe tlie 
faiolanU3outoftbe]^?ince0bani!e0 loit^outanp Petition, Liuerie,oj 
Ou(ier le maine , 0} aup otbet fuit to be maoe 0} bfeo : ^nt t\)c fame be* 
ing founo fo? fucb perfon , fo traueiOng tlje fame laniig $c ♦ Qjall be ao« 
iuog^eD a0 not Ipable , cljarcjeable , no? to be folo bp fo^ce of t^i0 Catute* 

<. : 3 9 31f t^e Ciueene ^t, (ballbp anp fale of laniris bp fo?ce of tbi0 Ca* 3!f t^^^e ©aecne 
iiite, be fuHp CatiffieD of tbe oebt o} arreragc0 of anp fuclj ace omptant o? ms imns, m 
iebto?,o^ anp 'part thereof, tben bi0fttertie0 CjaU be oifcljargeo of foKia/'^ "^^' 
tltttcb of tbe faib oebt , fojfaitui-e , ano arret:age0 , a0 fo CjaU he fatilfieo, 
anofoj tbeveSoue onelp IbaUbe>:atabIp(accoping to tjjeir Mitm) 
cbargeD»x3»CIi?,4» ^«,,-r.u - 

4P -Eljefaio act maoe ^inno 1 3.€!iM» i" euerp.patt tbecoftoucljing Scomjnan^ 
tbe potoer giiten h^ tbat 3ct bnto ber Ijigbneg , bcr beirejs ano fncceOb^ lanod m ^ts 
to mafee fale of anp tbe f anO0, tenementg, o? fjereoitaments, hi^ tbe fame KmmtlJ 
act limitteoto befolo,i0,fl;aU,ano ougbttubeerpomioeo ano inten* 
jeu afiueU in cafe to^ere tbe fale 10 to be maoe after tbe oeatb of fucb 
$lccoraptant Pi Debto? , a0 tobere it i0 to be maoe in W 0? tbeir Ipfe 
tinie^ ani>a|fti aCtoell in cafe toberetbeaccompti0 maoeano tbeoebtaccompttoftp. 
iuiotoen, twptbin eigbt peere0 after tbe oeatb of fucb ^kcomptant o^SSS 
Debto? ,821 tobere tbe fame accompt 10 maoe , 0? oebt Imogen in tbe life «itjptanw 

time of tbe faio accomptant 0? oebto^ 3 9.€li5.7* ^^^' 

.,41 ^0 perfijn Iball be ejcpounoeo a Debto? toptbin tbe meaning czn^o m\ tt 
jRnp intent of tbi0 3ct , but fucb onelp as bane bin , are, 0? (ball be iTajc* ffiSS^*^ 
ittouc ox ifarmours of anp cuaome0 , fubfioie0 , oj impoCesf , p^ifage, m,mnu 
iutlerage , o? otber Diutie0 toptbin anp ipo^t of tbe Healme » ano fucb 
©fficer? ano accomptant0 bereafter in tbii0 9et mentionco ano tj:' 
^?eifeo,a0 bpon tbeir accompt0 finiibeo ano oetermineo (aU bt? ano 
tijeiroue ano reafonable petition0 being alloiueo ) (ball remapne oebtoji 
'^n tbe foote.of ^isi. ano tbeir accompt? : anp ambiguitie oy qntWoa ^ 
%W batb rifen.0? grotoen, 0? maparifiSigrjojiii o^map be con«p«eii 
Dpontbeletter of tbe fame Slct of i^*€^* oj of tbi0 p^efent ^ct,to tbe 
wntrarie bereof in aup 'mik notiuitbilanoing ♦ 5 p»Cli?«7. 

C 42 9lfter 

•3i:i)c Slue eitc 



Accomptants and debtors to the Qijccne. 

' 44 Sifter one peere neict after ti^caccompt bereaftet to be maiie,o^ 
tbe oebt o j oiritie ^ereaftec to hz 'kmWn of anp ^reafojer , Eeceiuo^, 
Cello?, CuUomei: , f armo? of impott^ , o> otber perfon o? oeljto? ,tta= 
wen 0? mentioneo in tlje fatu act of 1 3* €Ii?»ano hereafter mentionea 
ano erp?etreo(aUbts!aitn tbeiroue anoreafouablepctitionis ijppon tbe 
rameaccomptfini(beti,o?oebt fenoujen beeitig aUolaeDO Snofo? ac* . 
compt0beretofo?emaoe,o? ocbtis Imotoen of anp fudj 9lccomptant oj 
Debto? abouefaio , after one peere nejrtfollolwing after tbe eno of tbifif 
j??efent ^etfionof l^arliamettt,i't Ibanano map bela^xifuUtoano foj 
our foueraigne laop tbe Elueene,ber beires ano fuccelTojs, fo? anu 
totoaros tbe fatiffaction of tbe faio oebt ojomtie,o? of fomucb tbereof 
80 CbaUtbett be ^npaieD,bp letters patents Vinoer tbe great ^eale of 
€ng!anti,tofeU,conuep,ano atfurefucb ano fo mucbof tbe mannojsf, 
Ianoe0, tenements, anDberftiitament0jtobtcb an? fucb C)ffi[cer,jrar* 
mo?,Debto?,o? per(bnaccomptable,atanpttme fincetbefaio fecono 
0ap of apjill , in tbe fafo i s . €Ii?. bao , o^bereafter (ball baue , from oj 
uuring fucb time a0 fucb perfon o^parfong luere,are,o? (ball be GicS 
offtcer 0? officers , farmoj , UBbto} , 0? perfon accomptable a$ afojefatlFj 
unto ber ^ai'ettie , 0? \Mbtcb otbertuife are to be fola fo? t^t fame , bp t%z 
true intent ano meanins of tbe faio act, mane in 13* €li?* as (baU 
fafficeour foueratgne Laop cbe3i:iucene,berbeires anofuccenb?s,foj 
tbe fatiffaction of W oj tbeir oebt 0? ouitie ♦ ^uo if anp ouerplus of 
moneplballbe bao upon anp fucb fale, tben tbe fame (ball be oeliueretn 
ano paieo p^efentlp bpon requeU , luitbout otber petition to be maoe f6^ 
tbe fame , to ti)z partie 0? parties , tobofe tano (baU be folo , bis 0? tbeie 
Ijetres , out of tbe receiptof ber S^ateflties Crcbequer, bp warrant of tbe 
iojo Creafojer ^ j amrertreafo^er of tbe Cjrcbequer fo? tl)e time being 
Ijjitbout otber Warrant ftom ber i^paieOie ,ber beires ano fuccelTo^s, anti 
Ujitliout anp fce^o? cbarges tt» bepaieofo? tbe fame ♦ ^m eucrpfale, 
conucpance , ano affurance fo to ht maoe hv ber ^paiedie ,b^r b^f res anti 
f«cce(fo?0, (ball be as gooo and effectuall m tbe lato, as if tbe fametoere 
t} bao bin maoe b^ anp fucb officer ifermo? , bebto? ,0? perfon accompt* 
able fo? monep 0) otber baluable confioeration,bp barpine ano fale, 
5eeoeinrolko,feo6fement,recouerie ,toiEb fmgleo? ooubkijoucberio? 

bp all 0? anp of tb^* ^"^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^"^ ^"^ barre ohelp euerp fucb 
offtcer,farmo? ,oebtb?, ano perfon accomptable , ano bps ano tbeir 
beires , ano all otber clapmingbp , from , 0? unoer tljem, 0? anp of tbem, 
kfter fucb= time 8$ be 0? tbep became , 0? (ball become officer, far* 
liwur , oebto? , 0? jjerfo'n accomptable , as isafojcfatb ; ano all am^euc" 
tiictb^r'^erfon a^«j perfons > tbeir beires ano fitcceifd?^ , U3b?cbanp 
tM^M'^ farm&&«, tJtbto? , o?"i)erfan .accom^aW^, m^bt \mt 
Ijarreo^ ,oVmapbart^^ bpanp to; recouetiej^nuaUfucJ loljofe lanoes 

-«- ^-» «: ■ 



Accbmptiihts and debtors to the Q.«ecne, i o 

are to be folDe,l)p tl;etme intent anu meaning of tlje fain act of i j^ 

Clij* an* ail perfonjs claiming from,bp,jo?unuert!)em,attti (ball alfo 

be gooo anu auapleable agapnl! tbe 0ueene, iict ^cire^ m\i f«ccef= 

fo?0, anu all ptber pei:fon0 riapming from , bp , oj bnrrer ijer , ^r hdm ' 

t} fttcceiro?0 , fo^ 0^ bp reafott ofanp former charge , oj otijer incum* '' ' 

b?ance tober 9paieffie,berbeireg! nm f«cceJro^s,bptbe pcrfono^ pej^ 

fonUjfoj tobofe Debt o? juitie tl;e fame (Ijafl bappen to be foloe^^j^i^ 

4 J piouiueD alUiaies , tbat fucb fale , co«uepa»te , o^ afcrance, |5J^%^'*«"«' 
iD\)ic^ (ball at anp. tpme bereaftec be bao o? ma&e ]^p bertiie pF tbis SaujiDtlnJ ' 
^ct , 0} of tbe faio ^ct of i ^ ♦ Cli^ ♦ flbafl not impeaeb i?? attopoe ^np m^^^ bctieaCf 
*emife,leafe, o^gratint berctcfo^e tnaiii ,o^bereafcer to be maDe bp uml 
tbe 0«eeneiei S^aieffie, ber beire^ o} fuccefiburs of an^ fucb lanoea^i 
tenements , o? beresitaittent^ , tsibtcb l|?aU bee foloe, cont|epyeii> p| ^f 
fureD,asf 10 afajefaim ,o} of anp part tbereof , anp otberiiiife , o^; ti . , , 
anp otbet fo^t , manner: , o? fourmc , tlm the fanie O^ulft Ijaue bitt aV* ' " .'j^U'^i 
Kopueu oj impeacbetJ bp tbe o^iiinarie iourfe of tbe common lalb , ij 
lier ^aieHie, ber btire^ oj fucce(ro?0 ban bin, o? (ball be fullp fati^ 
fien of facb oebt o^ Duitie, fo^ tobpcb anp fttcblanbes , tenement0 , o^ 
iece2ittament0 (ballbefoloe , conuepeD, p^ aOTureti bp bertue of tbis ^ct. 

t} Of tbctaia Slot of i H.Cli^^anp tbing beretn contauieii ,% tbe.con* ;,*, "L^il^^iJ^ 
trarie tbereof notUJitbftanning^ 3 p*€li?»7» V^;^.;^C ^^' ' ""'.mt-^im 

44 aftoell tbi0 act ann euerie claufe tberein contapneb, a0 tbe cinaercoitec- 
fepo act maoe in i^^Cli^anu ewerp daufe tberein coiitapueD,{balUo^sof tentije* 
tptenti to all manner of CInDercollecto^0 of '3rentbe0 ann ^ubCtoieis • 

,«f tbe Clergie , loihiti) baue bin , noip be , o? bereafter (ball be , To? fa* 
^pittg of fucbmonep,a0 anp fncb C3nnercolie.(;to^ batb cbnecteii,oj 
^aU collect of tbe faj?5 •Eentbes anu ^ubCeies ^in as ample toifc, 
a0if euerp fncb dnoercollectojt tnere immeniatlpe accomptant to tbe 
dueene, ber betre0 ano C«cce(fe?0* Slnir euerp fucb ^noercollecto? , ^nnmoiitc' 
ftall tppon p?oce0 to bee alaartieo out of tbe Court of €]tcbequer ofmomptmtln 
miMn j§>oueraigtte laop^ber beire0 anDfucce0bur0,be tbargeablet^f^^c^eqw^ 
CO accompt fo^ W receipt offucb'Centbeis!anii5i)ubliDie0,a0 anp Ee* 
xeiuoj immcDiatlp accomptant to ber spaieftieiis o^ougbtto be» SnD ^tiz-Bimv 
cuerp arcbbplbop ann ^plbopann tbeir beire0, ejcecutour0, ann af== JJJJgseo of 
0gne0, ann Deane ann Cbapter Sedc vacante, to tobofe cbarge tbe nrntmuttto^ 
collection of fucb '^cntbes o? 3§)ubOnie0 nctb oj (ball appertapne,^^^^^'*"^* 
iball benifcbargco of fo mucb of tbe fapn Centbe0 ann J^ub0nie0, 
(80 (ball bee fatiffien to tbe jnueene0 bigbnelfe, Ijer beire0 1} fuccef* 
fo?0 , of, 0? b^ tbe lanne0j tenement0 , berenitament^ , gooneg oj cbat* 
tel0, of fucb ^nnercollectour o? W beire0, luitbout anp otber luar^ 
taunt li^tiatCoeuer , oi cbarge in tbat be^alfe to bee obtapnen o^ 

€ 2 fuSapnen. 

- ' Accomptams and debtors to the Qucenc. 

fttifameu ♦ ^p^'S^j* 

asutance* ": 4^ P^omoeQ altjiatc0 , tW tW ^ct o? anp tbtitg tljerdn contafncd, 

maoe bona fide 0^ t^0 3ct of 1 5 ♦CIi?»o^ an? tbtttg tljerein concainen , l^all not impeacti 

acSptK 0^ auotoe anp fale , leafe ,uemife, graunc, charge, e]ctent,erccutton , o j 

otfUer affurance maoe before tbe begmmng of cljiis parliament bona fide 

iip anp fucb pecfon fo accomptable o^ inlrebceii , as ig afo^efatu ,o} bp ttiS 

jletreiS , o? bp anp pecfon o? pecfonst claiming; bona fide , from, bp,o^ bn^ 

Dei: t^mi , 0} anp of tfjem : 515o? flbaU ejctenn to auoioe anp leafe o? De« 

itatw fa^ttu ^^^^3 "°^ eicceeuing tlje terme of one ano ttoentie j»eere0, o} t^?ee Ipue0, 

mmvymti to^ereitpon fo mtic^peerelp rent()atfj o? l^all berefertteii,ano peerel? 

:'l payable, burfng ^uecp fuc^ leafe anij oemift , aiei at an? time toptljin 

ttuenttepeer^^ heict before tbemaWng of fucboemtfe o^ leafe, bat^ oj 

IJali be peeloeb o^ paieu fo? t^e fame t no? to auoioe anp leafe fo? peered, 

netermitiable upon tl^jee Ipues o? bnder mane o} to be maue , to^ereupon 

©uttomars fttblj pee»?el]^rent i$ o? C^allbe referueo , as igf afojefaio : j!5o j to auoftie 

laate?. gttp cttllomarp elf ate , maue o? to tje maoe , accojoin^ to tbe CuHome of 

ttje ittanno? , toftereoultcli cuUomatplantie.s fo let o? oemtfco are parceli 

3P» €li?»7/- ^^^-■' i' ^ j.onbiu:?*^: • .(:^i-m 

4<5 l^iouioeti atttfa(e0,tbat tbtss^ct'lSall eictentt onelp to fuc^^ajs 

T° ft^^\fo' ^^^1^^^^^^^ beginning of tbe flueenes raigne ijaite bin, notn are,o? (|all 

iSs%tatut be -^reafo^er, Cello?, ojiaeceiuo?,o?bfing ,e]rerciang ,o?ljatiingt&e 

jwtft mm- office of Creafojer , 'Cello? , o? Heceiuo? , in o? belonging to anp^ tte 

(plueene0 Courts of Cjcc^equer , COlaroes ano liueries^o? Buti^ of 

JLancai!er , Creafojer of t^e Cljamber , Cofferer of t^e &oa^ltr, Ctea* 

fo?er fo? tlje toarresi , Creafo?er of anp fo?t , tolnne,o? tattle tuyere anp 

gartfon is , o? ajali be ^ept , Creafo?er of t^e a^miraltie o? 3l2am*e, 

Creafo?er,(ia;ttncrtreafp?er, o? otljer perfon accompt able to tf?e (Dueene, 

Ijerljcires o?fuccefro?s,fo?anp office o?cijarge,of,o? toicbin tbe:S^ine, 

„ f otbers e]cer ctftng o? Ijauing anp office o? offices.of 'Ereafo?er o? WUctt- 

no? of anp fumme of monep fo? p?oui0on of iiietuals , o? fo? fo?tiffcati» 

, oticr ; bupbinges, o? too?fee0, o? fo?' anp ot^r p?om(!ons to be bfeo in anp 

' '""^ ■'''"^■^^*' t^eoffitesbf tbeflueenes O^oinance an^ artilletie,9rmo?ie, 2iaarti«' 

robeVtentes ano paiiinions,o?lReuel0 ,Culiomer, Collecto? ,^n3tui| 

of impoHes, cuii6mes,fub(tDies,butlcrage,p?ifage, o?otber onities 

tuitfjin anp po?t of t^e Healme, Collecto? o? dnoercollecto? of tentfjes 

ano fubHoies of tbe Clercjie , Collecto? of anp fubfioie o? fifteene , 1Se» 

teiuo? generall o? particuler of tlje reuenues of anp countie o? counties 

aunfiucrable in t^e receipt of cbc Crcbcquer , o? in tlje Courtes of 

raiaroes 9 !Ltueries,o? Duc^p of 3LancaI!er,Clarl?e of tbe l^amper, ano 

otbec perfon 0? perfotis bfuallp 0? 6?riinarilp ano Doluntarilp erercifing, 

bSng o?l)auing anp office of receipts ,0? bfiiallp 0? o?oinarilp ano uo^ 

luntarilp, taking bpon Ijirn as an officer of anp receipts, ano to none 

'ot^er* 3p»CU^«7t '* ^ 

47 pjottioeo 

Accomptants and debtors to the Queen e. ii 

47 p^ouiocD ali»aic0 , tlm tbe faiD ^cc of n ♦ €Ii^ o? f Iji's 5lct ^^ n,je of 
0^ anp tiling tf)0reuuoncapneD,(i)aU not ecteuD to tlje falcoftljc lano^, lanDsiuDcre 
tenements, ojljecctjitamcnts of anp SDfficec accomptanto? i?cbto?,o^ tanS?«' 
of bis ojtbcir ^eire oj f;eires,o>of an^ otljet pecfon clapmin^ fcom,4"»«iiscft. 
bp,o? unoet tljem ,o? anp of t(jcm,fo? o? bpreafon of aup accompt, 
6ebt,ojfamie,tol;crcof anp fiicfj debtc? o? accomptant^bis o? tljeic 

^eires , eteciito^s , oj aumtnifiirato^s , Ijaue, o? (IjaU Ijaue a quietus eft, 
0? otljec tifuaU uifcljarge bppoit tbe tjeclaracion of bps ano tbepr ac 
compt,acc0^Ding to tije bfuall ojuer of tbefaio court of €]cc|)eq[uer* 


48 ]ppuitieD alfo, t^at tW act 0? anp tbing tberein contapneD,{ball ^0 raic of t^oft 
not ixunn to giue anp potoer 0? autbo?itte to malte anp rale,conuep^ KSS?ts^ 
ance,o? alTurance, of anp manno?s, lanDcs, tenements, 0? fjercDita* fafenmtjjc 
ments, of anp arcbbifbop, 15i(bop, Deane anD Cljapter , 0? of anp otber Sl;|ur?5."^^ 
cccIe0a(ltcaU pcrfon , tobereof fje 0? tl^^p , oj.anp of cbem , be , 0? bcre- 

after lljall be feifen in tlje rigbc of W 0? tl;eir O^iibop^icke , C(jurc^ , o} 
ot^cr Corporation ecciefiaflicanui!)atroeuer» 3p«€Ii5»7» 

49 IPpuineo altoaies , tljat tbe fame act of 1 5 ♦ €li? ♦ 0? tW act, ^^^^ iR«aUrtj. 
(ball not ejctentj to tbe fale, conitepance , 0? atfurance of anp man- 

no^iEf , lannes, tenement?!, 0^ (jerebitamentss fo? anp Debt being inHaUcD ♦ 

5 o ippuiTjeo altoaies , tbat tfjis act fball not ejctcnn to charge anp ^i,{r{ff, ®f. 
fi>btnfe,^rc^eator,o? o^ailife of liberties, no? anpof tljeic beires 0? \\^^Ti?Mitt 
affignes : no? to tbe fale of ianoes , tenements, 0? berebitaments of anp " 
!&(jirife, Cfcbeato?, 0? 'Bailife of liberties, no? of anp tbepr ijeire£f 
0? aOignes fo? anp tbmg toucljing bps 0? tbepr omce of fijirifetuiclftc 
cCcbeato^fbip , o? bailplDicke , no? fo? anp monep 0? otber tbing, bp 
tbem 0? anp of tbem hv rcafon of anp of tl)t faio offices , otbertuife, 
o?in anp otber maner tben tbep 0? anp of tbem migbtlamfuHp baue 
hin cbargen befo?e tbe malting of tbis 3ct, 0? of tbe faio act of i ?♦ 
CU?» anpcbing herein contapneD to t[je contrarie nottoitljffanoing* 

5 1 3if t^c Clueene ,ber I)eires 0? fucce(ro?s , f^all hv anp fale , con* 3[f m summ 
uepance,o? aflurancc of anp mano?s,Ianbes, tenements ,0? berebita- JfemSuSf 
ments,bpfo?ceoftberaibactof 1 3.Cli?»D?oftbisact,o?bpotbermat* Bifcijarsw. 
ter appearing of reco?D, befwilp fatiCfieD of tbe Debt 0? acrerages of anp 
fucb officer accomptant 0? Debto? , 0? of anp part tbereof : tben tbefuer=' 
ties of fucb officer accomptant 0? Debto?, anD ot^erpcrfon o?perron3 
bounD , 0? to be bounD fo? fucb accomptant 0? Debto? in tbat be()alfe,fball 
•be DifcbargeD of fomucb of tbe faiD Debt,fo?feiture, anD arrerages , as fo 
(ball be fatiffieo , Qno fo? tbe reCoue onlp , (ball be rateablp acco?Ding to 
tfjeir abilities cbargeD : anp tbing in tl^is 3ct , 0? in anp ottjer Statute 
to t6e contrarie nottoitljflanbing ♦ 39* Cli^t 7* 

€ s S^ p?ouiDeD 

Accomptants and debtors to the Qiieene. 

Tntoijat cafe 5 * I9?3uioc0 altaaies, tljat tfje fain Qict of 1 3 ♦ €(15. 0? tfjis <Ict, 
ISmm ^^ ^^?f^J"^?5 tbmi'u concapneti,(^aU not extern cosiucanp polDec 0? 
ibm,uii)ijat autfjo^itie to malte fale, coiiuepaitce^oj atTurance , of aup manno^s, 
«ff« laiiDcs , teiiemencs , o? fjereoicamcnts of tl)c epaffer ana lieutenant of 

tbe ©iOinance , spader of tlje fjo^fe ,99aaei- of tlje ^rmo?te , tb: gene* 
rail Eeceiito^ of cbc Ducbie of tancaffec , anu of tbe ^Ctaroes ana 
iuteries j^reafojecof tbe cbamber ,spaaec of tbe 3!el33el boufe ,Co* 
fecec of tbeboufbalo of our fouei-aiojne lau? tbe SClueene, bee b«te0 
anD fuccefTo^s, 'CreaCo^er^ of toarres 0? prrifoas, "^reafojiec of tbe 
name,'Creafo?er0o? Heceiuo^s of anp fummes of moncp fo? 'oictuaU 
0^ fortification, ojfa^bitylDin5C0,o^5pai!ei; of tbe ullarotobe, fo2 an? 
uebt to be aoiuugen 0? fenotoen as it is afo?eratD , concerning tbeir oj 
0? anp of tbetr offices! mentioneo in tW b?ancb, tjnlefle tbe sdueene, 
lier l^tiu^ anD fuccelTo?? , tjppon 0^ after tbeir nebt hnoluen , 0? acs 
compt oetermineo (all W o} tbeir Due petitions to tbem bppon tbe fame 
accompts beeinj allouaco ) require 0? commaunD bp o} bnoer tbe great 
.^eale o^pjiuie^eale p?efentpapmenttbcreof,o? otbertrnfeeftfooneis 
require a nelu accompt of tbe fame 5ebt fo fet 0? remapninj in anp tbe 
accompts mentioneo in tbis b?ancb r SinD tbat tben tbe fame oebt 0| 
anp part tbereof fljaU bee founu to bee oininj o} ijnejcpenoeD in tbe 
matters 0? cbarges pertapning to anp of tbeir faio offices oj cbargejs 
mentioneo in tbis b?ancbjanotbe fame oebt remapne tjnpaieu bp tbe 
fpace of one tebole peere after fucb requeH o} commaunoement* jp* 

mm not ec 5 5 piomoeo alfo , tW tbis ^ct , j anp tbmo: tberetn contapnec, 

iounS^^^^* (baU not ertenoe to tbe fale, conuepance , 0? affurance of anp mam 

no?s , lanoes, tenements , 0? b? reoitauients j as is afojefaio , bnlefle tbe 

Bebt of fucb officer, accomptattt,o? oebto? Doe tme^c tl)t fumme of 

tb^ee Imvi^m poanoes: anptbing^intbis act to tbe contrarie notiattfj^ 

jBo faic of ti]c Haitoing. 3P ♦ €li5» 7» 

mSi)l?mt. 5 4 P?o"i5^^ alfo , tbat tbis 3ct 0? anp tbino: tberein contapneD, 

nomine. (ball not eicteni) to ma^e anp fale , conuepance , 0? alfurance of anp man* 

no26 JantJes , tenements ,0? bcreoitaments oifcenoeo , o^ tobicb bcre* 

after fijall Difceno to anp bcire o?; b^ii^s \3i^t\)in ti^t age of one antt 

tUaentie pxeres , (b long as fucb ^i^c o} b^ires (ball be luptbin t\fe age 

SveTea after of One anu tteentie peeres * 9ino pet neuertbcles , after fucb time as anp 

tije ma m\ fuel) beire 0? b^'res Qja! accompliQj Iji^ 0? tbeir ful age of one ano ttoent? 

^^^' peeres , ano after tUJo peeres erpp^eo after fucb full age : 3It ilmU anu 

map be latufull to anti fo? our faio foueratgnc la9p;> ber bcires ano fuc* 

tclTo?S,ta ma!^e fale , alTurance , anD conuepatice: of fucb manno^s, 

Ifluos , tenements , ano bereoijjaments fo to bim ano t\)tm oifcenoeo , in 

fucb rojt J 035er,maner, ant? fo^me ,to all inum, conUructions ano pur^* 


AccomptantsanddebtdrstotheQiiecne.' 12 

pofc0 ,as if fiiclj [jeice 0? Octrfs ban bin of fdl age nt tfii* time tftijc ar^ 
compt fininjea ano sctemimcUiOj cebt I^nctoeu of anp fuel? otficcr,iiebtDj 
0? accomptantt 5p* Clt?t 7» 

5 5 l^^ouiDcu araiaies , tbat before fiicfj timCj as anp tlje manno?'?, iD^^o-^fila^^'f* 
lancet, t^"fn^2«t2f,cfj IjercDitamentsioJljfcb ahp fucb oficer,accomp* -Eermcnanr^ 
tanCjO? cebtoj fi)i1U bona fide, an5 fo^ualuablf conSufraaou , feU.ccrrs* ^fg^j^L^f^^ 
ttcp , oj afllire to anp perfoito^ pcrfou.a ffjalbe b? thzTimem, ber !)£ircsi '" * * 

anu fucceiroj0 , folu, coniicpeo , c? alTurcD , as i0 afo^cfaiD , a s^ire facias 
fijatl beatsaatDCD out of bcc Couw of ^n^ctimt unto ttjj? 3%f)trife of 
t\)t Countie,Uib?reanp fttcbmatttto?s,lanD0,teneme!«0 ,0? bercmc«* 
ttient0 fa to be folD fo? tbc CaiD Debt do Ipe, geucraH? tof o;arni{I)>fauimoii| 
ojtoarneanpoftbe 'EztmtMm^ upponmip part of tljc faiD mnntiojsJi 
Janu«;, tenements!, o?bfreDitament0, tonjetocaufetobPjtbc farn mani 
nc)0janD0,tenemettt0,o? becenitaments (boulo not be put to fale foj fa^ 
tiCfacttott of tbe cebt of bcc ^aiel!ie,ber Ijetres oj fur ceffo^? t llWjcu* 
upoirif tfje 'Eectecenant ijponfucO prnit^mento? luarnms tctmti^^ 
(|jall mafe nsfault , 0? OjaU appeare,anii no not luit^in ttuo peered nm af * 
ter fwcb recoutnc futfictentlp p?owe in tbe fain Court of ercbcquer,tbat 
tbe officer0, acccmptants? , 0? Debtors? , (if b^ 0? tbcp be tbt^n Ip umn')baae 
fufficient !anD!3jtenement j5,o j bcredi'tajitents to aunfiwere ^pon fale tber* 
of CO be manebp tbeClueene , ber beircs 0? aiccclTo^s, bp fo>ce of tbis act 
tb^faiUDebtoifarme, 0? fufficieut jooneo 0^ cbattefe, liable ann fubtec^ 
to tbe papmenc of fucb nebt 0? farmer : 0? if b^ o} tbep be neau, tbat 
tbe evccmo}^ 0? atmiiniSrato^s of fttcb off(cer0,accomptant0 ,o?oeb« 
tojs bauefufficient gooncs oj cbattel^ Ipable aim fubiect a^afo^efain, 
0? tbe b^ire of fucb officer, accomptant , 0^ oebto?, Imc fufeicne 
Jannes, tenements, auti bcrenitament0 Ipable co atmCttiere bppon fale 
tbereof to bee mane bp tbe £ltieene,bcrbeire0 annfucceflbjs, bpfo^cc 
of tbi0 3ct , ti)z fame nebt 0? farme, ann iub^rebp t\^z fapn nebt ann 
farme , (ball 0? map bee nuelp ann fullp fatiffpen : €^b^c tben after ttoo 
peeregann tenne monetljcgnert after fucb retourne, fucb, ann fomucb 
of tbe mannojs, Ir^iines, tenements, ann berenitamentg, tobicb anp 
fucb officer, n"cbto?,o? perfonaccomptable ban, 01 at anp time b^reaf^ 
ter (ball banc , after be became , 0} (ball become anp fucb officer,nebco? 
0} perfon accomptabIe,o? tobtcb otbertoifeare to be folneybp tbe true 
intent ann meaning of tbe fain ^ct mane in 1 5»€li?» as (ball fuffice 
fo? tbe fatiffaccion of cur 5S)Ouerap(5ne lanie , bcr bcires 0^ fuccef* 
fours, of i)^3 0} tbeir nebt 0^ mitie , (ball bee fo(nebp bcr ^aiettie, 
ber \)£y}cs 0} fucceirours , ann tbe monep tbereof comminge to nifs 
pofe accojnina; to t\)t true intent ann meaning of tbps! ^cte f 39* 

Cli^»7» lJ3?occsitof)cre 

5 6 i^?ouinen alfo, tbat iw fucb cafes inbere anp accompt batb bin 0? fxlSfn 9 
QjaUbewaoc, oi anp nebtes l)mz bino? 0;allbe fenotoen , i\x tije Courts ^?S,^,Jff "^^^ 

Accomptants and debtors to the Q^iccnc. 

of tDdJatue^ anu Ltuerieg ,atttj Ducljp of lancaffet , o? in eptbcr of 
t^em , tljen before fuel) time , a0 ani? t^e mano?0 , lanns , tenements , o} 
Jjecenitamentis!, ^aW^ anp fucJj officer , accompcant o? tiebto? , 0)ail bona 
fide , fo? Valuable condtieration ,fcU , conuep , oi alTure to anp perfon 
0? petfons , fijall be bp tbe dueene, bee beireg anD fuccelTo^s , foltf, con^ 
uepeD , ana alTuveD , as is afo^efaio , fucb pjoces (ball be atoartieD as is 
hereafter ejcp^elfeo : "Eo Ujit, a fummons o? sarnifbment toitb pjocla«= 
mation , (ball be atoarDen to tlje ^Wi^t of tlje countie, tobere anp fucb 
manners, lanoeSj tenements, o^ljereuitaments ,fo to be foln fo^ tbe faiu 
tiebt bo Ipe, generally to garni(b,fummon,o^toartte,attp of tbe '^errc 
tenants thereof, bp open publication o? proclamation to be maw, eitber 
Ijponfome part of tfje faio mannojs, lanns, tenements, anb bereuita* 
wents, 0} in fome sparfeet totonenert abiopnino: in tlje fato Countie 
ttoentieoapes at tbe leuft before tbe retourne tbereof,to(betocaufetob? 
t^e fame manno js., lanoes , tenements , o? ^erebitaments Iboulo not be 
put, to (ale, for fatiffaction of tbe bebt of \)tt 9paiellie,ber l}eires oj 
fuccelfors J ^tljereupon if tlje "Cerretenants bppon fucb gamiCbment 
or inarning retourneb , (ball mal^e Default , or (ball appeare , anb bo not 
tojptbintiaopeeresnejct after fucb retourne make fucbfufficient proofe 
as aforefaiD,as bp tbeorber anb t>ecree of eitberof t^e fame Courteu 
filjall be allotueb in tbat bebalfe ,'S:bat tben all tbinses (ball be bone ano 
C]cecuteb , for tlje fale of tbe fame mannors,lani3es , tenements , or Ijere* 
Uitaments , anb for tlje full fatiffaction of tbe fame bebt or farme, in 
lifee,anbin as large anb ample manner anD forme to all intents ano 
purpofes , as before in t(jis act is limitteb ano appointeb in cafes tob^re 
uefault is mabe, or apparance,anb no caufe ano proofeas aforefaio 
ttiabe,bpon a Scire facias atnarbcb out tsf tljefaio Court of Cjcc^equer* 
vLht mmtc* 57 lPro"ibeb altnapes, t^at if tfje ^ertenant or -STertenants (ball 
Sntp^titng proue in tbe fa^ue Courts of Crc^equer, mam anb Liueries, ano 
SfcJmSS? Dutcbie as is aforefapb, toitbin ttoo peares nert after fucb returne, anb 
i)cfrei)auefufi= murncs as aforefapb, tbat tbe fapbo(ftcer,bebtororaccomptant batb 
mnttopautbc uijjnnorSjlaubs, tenements, or berebitaments liable anbfubiect to tbe 
fale of our foueraigne labp, ber beires or fucceffors, bp force of tl)is act, 
but not fufificient bponfale tbereof hv bertue of tbis act, to anfuiere anb 
fatiffie tbe bebt anb butie of tbe fapb officer, bebtor, or perfon accomp* 
table: ©r i^J<^^ tbe.e]cecutors or abminiOfrators of tbe fapb officer, ac* 
comptantorbebtor(ifbe tbenbe,beab)baue goons anb Cbattels liable 
anbfubiect to tbe papmentoftbe bebt or farme of tfje officer, bebtor or 
accomptant, butnotfufficientbpon tbe fale tbereof, for tbe full fatiffa* 
ction of tbe faib Debt or farme : ©r tbat tbe be ire of fucb officer, accomp* 
tant orbebtor, bauelaub3,tenements,or bereoitaments bp Difcent, liable 
anb fubiect to tbe fale of tbe SClueene, ber beires anb fucceiTor s, for ano 


Accomptants and debtors to the Qucene.^ 13 

totoartisi tljcpajimmc o^fatiffaccionof t^enebt 0? farme of fucb officer, 
accomptanto? nebto^ bpfo^ceoftbis !^ct, but not fufftcienc bpoufale 
tbereof bp bcrtuc of tbts^ct fo? tl)c full anDDucfatiffactton of tbefapn 
ucbt 0? ferm?, "^^at tbcn tbe ^ueeue ber beircg ann fucceffo^s, QjaH firl! 
mafee fale as afojefaiOjOf all tbe mannojs, ianos, tenements, anD bereni* 
tament0 of tbe faio officer, uebto?, o^perfon accomptable, anti feifeanD 
take into ber anu tbeir banti0 all tbcfatopau^ anocbattels^ ^nuiftbe 
fame be not fufficient bpon fale tbereof bp fo^cc of tbts 3ct, to anftoere 
anei fatiffic tbe fapo bebts 0? farme, tben to ma!?e fale of tbe manno^s, 
ianoiE!, tenements, ann bereottaments fonefcenoeD to tbefaiobetrcfo? 
ano totoaros tbcfatiffacttonof tbe refioue of tbe faiDoebt* i^niiifnei* 
tber tbe TaiD lanos, 50000, ano cbattel0 of tbe fain accoinptant, officer 0? 
5ebto?,o?ofljt0e)t;ecuto?0 0? aomim'aratojs, no;t tbe fapo lanos, tene« 
ments, anD bereDitament0 foDifcenoeototberaiobeirPjbe fufficient to 
anftoere anD fatiffie tbe full anD Hue oebt, "Eim fucb ana fo mucb of tbe 
rttattno?0, lanD0, cenement0, ano bereDitament0,itJbicb anp fucb officer, 
l>ebto?,o^perfonaccomptable bao, 0? at anytime bereafter (ball baue, 
after tie became 0? (ball become anpfucb officer, uebto?, o} perfon ac« 
comptant,(balberolD bp tbeClueene berbeiresanofuccelTo^s a0 afo?e* 
raprp,a0 (ball fuffice to make a full fatiffaction of tbe refioue of bis o| 
tbeirtoboleano entire oebt ano ftutie: ^no tbe ouerplus (if anp be) to be 
bifpofeo a0afo?efaio, accojoing totljctrue intent anu meaning of tJiiJ 

5 8 j^^ouioeo altoape0, tbat euerp fucb 'STertenant, claiming bp pur^Conttfbotrojt 
cbafe from anp fucb officer, accomptant 0? fiebtujt, 0? bis beires, 0? from, moSrtfiT ^ 
hfjn} bntner anp purcbafer,fromfucb officer,accamptant 0? oebto^^tubofe f*wf» 
IanO0 (ball bappento befolo bp bertue of tbis 3ct, iballbaue ratable cou* 
tributiott fo? W ano cbeir cbargeSjOammages anb loffes,of anu agatnft 
cuerpotber perfon o?perfons,tbat (ballpurcbafe, 0? (ball clapme from, 
!)p, 0? bttoer anp purcbafer of anp lanosf, tenements, 0? berebitaments of 
fucb officer, accomptant, 0? oebto? , liable to anp fale to be maoe bp 
tjertue of tbis act* ann if anp fucb perfon oj perfons (ball refufc ta 
make ano peelo a reafonable contribution to tbe partie ano parties 
tubofe lantjs are folo as afojefaio, tbat tben upon complaint tbereof maoe 
totbeOSarons of ti^t ^rcbequer, tbep (ball ano map bp bertue of tbisf 
act, atoaro pjoceffe of feifureano ejctent in ber spaiellies name, upon tbe 
lanos, tenetmttts,anD bereoitaments of eueipfucb perfon 0? perfons a0 
(ball fo refufe to peelo a reafonable contribution : ano tbe fame lanOis 
fofeifeoanDectenoeofballattOmap bp bertue of tbis 3ct, toitbout otber 
toarrant,a(tigne ano commit to tbe faio perfon 0? perfons, tbeir beires, 
erecuto?3,o? aominifirato?0, tbat ougljt to baue contribution hv tl)e true 
meaning: of tbts act, bntill fucb time a0 be 0^ tbep (bad be fatiffieo of fo 
muci) monep fo| concribucion of Ots ano tljeir oammages,loireisi,cl;arses. 

ann rttnmcsf 
t^ev Wtt a* 

aim cerurneji 

nence in t^ofce 
yccfons tDl)orc 

of t!)c lanB to 


tlje Court. 

Accomptarits and debtors to the QiieenS 

anu 0rpetTce0,ns! IJjalbe raten,taic£:tj, ann alTeiTeti bp tlje faio ^aronis of t Je 
Cpcljeciac!: f o? tbc time being* 3 p*€H^, 7* : , : : 

5 9 li^^ouiDctJ aluiaie0j tljac euerp fuclj Scire facias, fo to be ataatuetf, 
anti tbereturnet!)erof,(I)aIbc encrcn of recojuirttbcCctirtof €rcbequer, 
anu cuerp fuc^ pieces of ftimmons, anD garnifljmenc loitb p^oclamationj 
ano tlje retunte cljereof, foto be a^uaitieri out ofeuerp t!;e faio f^ueran 
Court0 of c2lar02i $ liiierie^, auu Ducbte of Iancai!er,an5 tlje feuerall 
recurncsi thereof, (l)alue entren into tlje boofee of Decrees of tbe faio 
Courts, out of li)i)icb Htcb P?oces fijalbc aljjaroeii* ^nn t^jat euerp perfon 
anti pei:fans to lubom t^e tlixtmtW fjeires 0? fuccelTo?s,Q)aU ma!^e fale 
of anp nianno?0, lanas;, tenements, o} Ijereoitaments of anp Cue!} of icer, 
accomutanto?ocbto?, 0;aUo?map IjaueejccmpUftcn t\)Z feuerall pjoces 
afojefaiD^anDtljereturne 0^ returnes tbereupon buuer tbe great 4eaie 
of Cnglann, auD tljat afixieU tlje fain 3Inrolment ano entries afo?efaiD of 
tlje faiD pjoces!, ano tije returnee tbereupon, ag tfje faio e]cemplification0, 
(|^aUbeofa0(soonfo?ceauotjaliiiitie intbela^e, to allintent0 ano put* 
pofeg, ais if tlje faio p?oce0 ano returnee tl;emtj?ort, toere e;;tant, remai- 
ning ano fufficicnt* 3 ptCit?, 7* 

60 ano to tbe intent fucb manno^g^lantig, tenements, antj fjere&ita* 
mentjs ag are liable to fale bp tbe SHueene Ijerbeire^anofucceflb^s, ijp 
fo^ce oftbi0 Set map befoloe accojoing to tbe balue thereof, fo? tbe 
mo^e fpeeoiepapment of tbe oebt0 and Duties oue to ber bisbnes, bee 
fjeiresanofucceffo^g, ano fo? tbe benefit of tbeperfon ojperfono iubofe 
IattO0(baUl)efoIot31fanp perfon o^perfon^, otbec tben tbe officer, treb* 
to?, 0? accomptant afo?efaio, tobofe lanO0, tenement0, 0? beretiitamcnt0, 
are 0? Hjall be liable to be folo bv fo?ce of tbi0 ^ct, 00 0? ITjaU at anp time 
luitbin tbe fait! ttjt3Dpeare0antrtenmonetlj0 after fucbreturne a0afo?e- 
faiD, pjocurcanpotber alile ano fufficient perfon D?perron0, to purcbafe 
D?bup tbe fame at fucbp^ice ano bafite,a0tbe fame IanO0, tenementief, 
0? bereditamcnts at tbat time (ball be reafonablie ioo?tb to be folo, %l}zrt 
Dpon papment ano fatiffaction to be maoe to tbeClueene \izt beire0 anu 
fuccelloi0,oftbei)alue of tbe faio lano0, tenement0, o?bereoitament0, 
fo to be foloe, our faio foueuaigne laop ber bciresauo fuccelTo^s bp let* 
ter0 patents unoer tbe great ^cale ofCnglano, tuillbe pleafeo to fell 
fucb lanD0, tenement0, ano bercoieament0, to fucb perfon 0? perfon0 W 
fo?e anp otber, a© toill purcbafe ano hav tbe fame,bp tbe meane0 ano p?a« 
ctircment of bini o?tbem, iubofe lanO0,tenement0,anDl;ercoicameut0, 
(ball be folo a0afa?efaio, 5 p.kli^^j, 

6 1 ^ii ano euerp perfon ano perfon?, tubofe manno?0, lanO0, tene* 
mfnt0,o?bereoitament0, (Ijallbe liaWe ano fubiect to be folo b"^ fo?ce 
oftbi0 act ijpon pjoct0 to be atoaroeo out oftb^ ^o«tt ofCrcbequer, 
ano ocbcr tbe Court0 afojefapo , 0)all b?ing ano 0;etoe into tbe fapo 
Courts, all fiicl; euioence;0, concerning tbe fapo mauno20, lanO0, te* 


Accomptarits and debtors to the Queene. 14 

mtmnC3,anD!;eretiitamcnt0jiable«nri fubiccttobcfoloc as afo^efai'ii, 
i)£in5 in W 0? thm cu^QHic o) polTcilicn, 0? in t^c cuI!otJie oj poiTelTion 
of anj> otfjcc bp ^is ueliiierp, confcnt, o} appointment, to tl;? intent 
tijc Sate 0? title of anD in tljcHiio man no^sjann^, tenements, anD Ije* 
reDitaments map be Itnotine, to tbeen^stlj^ better antj mo?eauaileabIe 
faletbereofmap be maue, accojiiing to tljetruc intent anD meaning of 
t!;jjs act* .?p.€Ii?»7. 

61 Sint! it is alfo t^e true intent of tljis act, ans of tlje faptj j!a* -^dijc manner 
f ute of 1 3.€Ii?. €:ijat if anp perfon o} pcrfons, inljofc lanDs, crnements, Ste"Ki 
anu Ijerenitaments are, 0? (ball be liable, ann rabiecttobefolDebp ber- not be foiDc, 
tuc of tfjis act, 0? tbe fapbe ^ct of 1 3* eii?.l)awe fufficicnt m?^nno?s, ;5/e?Sl "' 
lanDs, tenements, o} fjerenitaments, oner anrr beHoe bis cbiefe man= ruRicunt. 
0on boufe, ano nemefnes belonging tljereunto, to fatiffle f,lje Debts ana 
fiuties of ber ^aieflie, l^n beiress anD fucce(To?s, ano to procure tbe 
fame to be bougl)t 0? purcfjafeu fo? fo mucb monep, as toill fatiKc 
tlje fapD Debts anu Duties, toitljin t})z fapD feuerall time anD times, 
ijefo?e limiteD anD appointeb, fo? t\)C fapD lanDs, tenements, anD W 
teDitaments, to be folDc as afo^efapD, anD Doe fatif^e tbefapDe DebtgJ 
anD Duties acco^Dinglp, %Ut tben Ijis anD t^jeir fapD cbiefe mandon 
fjoufe, anD Deniefnes tberetmto belonging, (ball not be folDe h^ |jer Spa* 
ieflie, berlieires anD fuccelTo^s, bp fo?ce of t(jis act, 0? of tlje fapD 0a^ 
tute of i5.Cli?t39»€li?t7>tocnDure onlp to tl;eenD oftfjenejtc^ef* 
Con of tbe nert parliament enruing* 

63 3!f anp Difme 0? part of Difme be graunteD bp'tlje Clergie tfoitcmmnti 
t|jep?ouince of Canterburie anD ^o?lte, to tbe (Hueene, oj to fierKSe"S* 
Ijeires after t^e certificate t^jereof into tlje Cfcbequer, anD of tbcottjerfuitcsm 
names of tlje Collectors fo? tbe gatbering of tbe fame, if tfje fame^^^®*^^^'^"^'^* 
Collectors DO come bp p?oces before tlje "Barons of t&e Cfcljequer, 

anD enter into tljeir accompe, tbep fljall not be bounD to anftuere anp 
bill 0? billes tljcre erljibiteD againlt t^em bi^ reafon of tlje fapD entrp 
in tbeir accompt,fo?anpmanerofcaurebut onelp fo? tlje matter tou=» 
tljing tlje fapD accompt* 15ut if tlje fapD accomptant be ffteD in anp 
ctber Court, bp tt)?it, bill, 0? plaint, tben Ijc (ball tafee no p?iuileDge 
of tbefapD Cfc^equer bp reafon of tlje faio accomptfo^ anp fuel; fuitff 

64 31f be tljat is conDemneD anD in execution ac another mans fuite, oronmion 05 
toiIlconfefreb(mrelfeDebto?fotl)eClueene, tobere Ijeis noDebto?of re^SeWa- 
co?D, Ije (ball be remaunDCD to tbe firft p?ifon, anD bis creDito? being fa= »oio anot^jrjs 
tifSeD, Ije njal becommitteD to tljef leete,bntil Ije Ijatlj paieD t|)C Clueene ^^"""°"* 
tljat fumme confcfleD* i .Utaj 2» 

^5 Clje Clueene no? ^cr Bailifes (ball feife anp mans lanDS 0? rent |^^.f ^"«ff«* 
fo? anp Debt, fo long as tlje Debto?s p?efence 0? cattell toill fulRce to pap SargeaViong 
t Je Debt, auD t|)$ Debto^ rcaD^ to fatif^e it^ no j an^ man^j fuerties Wl be JJffj^e&tS 


Accomptants and debtors to the Q^cene. 

Oifl'ratneri/D long as clje cljicfcuebco^ ig; fufficicnt,antj if tlje chidcnehto} 

notij fatlcof yapmcnt,not l)autng:,o? not toiUing to pap, t\)C fiierttes fijaU 

anfijjcr it, anrs if tbcpujill, tl;cp a^all ijaue tbe Debtor lano^ anu rentiei, 

ijmiUtbep be fatiffieo, Magna Charta, 9lnno 9* J[pctu^8. 

-ciie^ljerife 65 '^CoogreataDiftrelTc fijallnotbetatofojtbcClucenesDebf.noj 

RtueS"^ D?f uen too farre, aim if tbc t>ebto? can finu fiifficient anu conuenient ftter- 

snimma ttc Dnto tljc ^berife, buto a certainc uap bJitbin )i)l)ic^ \)t can procure a 

taK aSe of ttm^it to agree fo? tbe tbing: in ncmaunu, tbe utarcfle (ball be Difcbar* 

ti)e parttc be- ggj in tlje meane tinie,anti be tbat tioctb otbertoife (ball be n;rieuounp pu« 

SlfcSatgeitV m(i;eD»28.Cnj»i 2* to all Debts of tbe rummon0 of tbe efcbequer,tbat 

tbe^binfc o?115ailife do confelfe receipt of, fi;albe fojtbtoitb alloiueD, 

Sfn??eS ^^ ^^^^^ tob^tljer be receitieo all tbe Debt 0? part, it (ball neuer come in De« 

tDe iiiiiccnes maunD 0? fummons after tbe ^berife batb confeffeD papment* Stat, dc 

c{argel5c°^^* diftric.Scac.ji.i^emH* SnDif tlje ^birife attbenertaccompt after be 

Bjbtoj. ^atb receiueD fucb Debtisi, do not acquite tbe D ebto?, be (ball pap to ibc 

plaintife tb^ife fomucb as be receiueD, ano make fine at t\)z HClueenesJ 

pleafure^^eU* I ♦ g tCD* r .1 p* 

comininioiij! 6y 31mmeDiatlp after euerp finallaccompf, maDe ancr DeliuereD bf« 

acStanw. fb?etbe15aron3oftbeS[ltteene0€rcbeq«er,bpuup^berifes,efcbeto?sf, 

Cuttomers, Comptrollers, anD otber officers accomptablc, tbe teno? of 

tbe accompt of euerp of tbe fame officers (ball be from time to time fene 

into tbe Counties in tbetobicb tbe fame accomptants be officers, toDje* 

tber tDitb commiffions DirecteD to tbe molt creDiblclatufull anD Difcreete 

perfons, fo? to enquire anD mtikt certificat of tbe p?ofites, tobicb t})t fapa 

accomptants baue receiucD in tbe fo^efaiD Counties, intbeir otune name 

to tbe sdueenes bfe, anD bpon tbeir accompts, baue Deceitfullp concealea 

anD retaincD tbe fame, to tbetr oUjne \jfe ano p^ofite* 3nD in cafe anp fuc^ 

Accomptants be attainteo of anp fucbfrauDes ano Deceits, cbep (ball 

fo?fait to tbe Clueene, treble of tbat, tubereof tbep (balbe conuicceD, ano 

tbeir bodies (balbe imp^ifoncD, bntill tbep b aue maoe fine anD raunfome 

totbe!Elueene,accojDingtotbeDifcretionofl)er3IuDge!3t 6»llpen*4»3» 


flctontptanta Tf ^ailifeslubtcb are bounoto peelD accompt to t()eirlo?Ds> do toit^* 
toitijD^atoms ^D^m tbemfelues, anD baue no lanDS 0? tenements toberebp tbep ma? 
tocinuuiw. ^^ ])i^xmzTi, tben tbeir boDies (ball be attacbeo, fo tbat tbe ^berifes, in 

tobofe'^ailitoilies tbep (balbe founD,(balcaufetl)em to appeare^to peelo 

tbeir accompts* St^arlb^j ij^tn*^,!^. 

2 31f tbe Spaffer do affipe AuDito^s to anp 'Bailtfes, feruantj, 

wir" na? cbamberlatnes,o? otber receiuers,tobicb are bouno to peelD accompt,anii 

tSmStatus *^ cbaunce tbem to be founo in arrerages (all tbings beinc; to tbem al« 

to ifmu lotoeD) tbep (balbe arreficD, anD h^ tbe te(!imonie of tbofe AuDito^s com* 

mitteD to tbe nejct pole twbicb tbe iHueene batb in tbofeparties, anD fijall 

bercceiucDoftt)e^l;erife o} l;|s gaoler, auD in p|ifonfettereD in irons, 


Accompt. Accufation,' i^ 

annremmneintbefamep^ifon liumaj of tbeic otone 500110, bnti'IItlje? 
fjauc fullp fatiffJeu tljcir spaller of all tfje atrerage^. ^ut if an? 'mWy is; 
rocommtcceDCop^tfon, uiincomplaine tljac tlje^um'to?s Ijauebniuaip 
cbargeD Ijim luttb rcceitgi tufiicfj l)c ijatfj not rcceiueu, 0? hv not allotaing 
^imreafcnabiecrpencc^j anDluiUfinDefr(enti0 to!)icbtoiU\jn5mahe to 
b^tng&tmkfo^etbe^aron?! oft!je€fdjcquer,f)efl)ani)e tieltuercDiinto 
tSem,anli tlje ^Ijerift in toljofc cuItoDie Ije 10, (Fjal toarne I;i0 Spader tljat 
1^^ 00 appeai-e before tl)eO^arbn0oft(jeCrcyefiuer, at a certain Dap, toitb 
tl(je 1Rollc0 ann '2^a!p0 to^jerebp Ije pceloeo bi0 accompt, ann in tbe p^e* ex parte taik. 
fence of tf)e T^aron© 0? t^e aunit o?0 toljicb tbep iuiU alttgne^tlje accompt 
C[)all be recitel>,an0 iuftice 0jalbe Done to tbe partie0,fo tbat if be be founo 
inarreraa:e0,bf0;anbecommitteDtotbejfIcete, anD ifbeflee,anDtoin 
not toillinglp pedD Oi0 accompt, be fljaU be DittraineD to come before tbe 
3ufl[ice0 to accompt, if be batie toberebp to be DiHraineD, anD iuben be 
commetb to tbe Court, SluDito^g (ball be appointeD bnto loi^ , before 
toboni if ^2 ^e fo""^ iw arrerage0, anD iuill not fdjtbtoitb pap (be fame, 
^e (ban betfefhmit^eti to itbe ojaole, to be ^cpt in fo^me afo^efatD, ano if be 
flee, anD tbe ^b^nfc Dotb teMe tbat b^ cannot be founD, tlje Cjria:ent 
iballbeatoarDcD againa bim bntill be beomlatoeD, anD be lubicbi0fa 
committeD to p?tfon,i0 not repleuifable* C^efim,2, 9nno 1 5 ^Cdj* i i» 

^ t That an a(ftio« of debt is maintainable againft a Sherifc or Gaoler, 
which lette(h ^ accomptanctcrcapie^ (hat is committed to his gard. Sec 

Efcape .lii J K <i?] Cftin •5C?r Sfxiif ^f! jiT^Mtn-nn it 

3ii i That executors fliall haue an adlion ofAccompt. See Executors 1 1 

5 For the accompt of thofc which fhall recciue any money for the 
siending o£hie Y/^^yt^, ;Sce Hie vvaycs i o« 1 1 , M . . 

4 For the accompt pfCollc<^ors and Syrueiors for the mending of 
Bridges. Sec Bridges 4, 

J For the accompt of the Suroeiors ofthe poore. See Poore i. 
J'-^ That'in debt vpon the arreragcsofacc<xi)pt the defendant may 
Vvage his law,or plead to an inquefl. S.Wager.j . 

J--'— * <--v J Accufation. 

^TD f reemlniba! be talten o} tmp^ifoneDjO? DilTeifeD of bi0 freeboJD, Bo man mn 
1 >l libertie0 0^ free citaome0,no? (ball be outlatoeD,bani(beD,o? hv anp uimtS 
mam bjiouijbt to Deltrttction : neitber 0;all anp pane,o^fitinittDge* fuiurtaii. 
mentbponbim,but bptbelamfuUitiDgement of bi0 equale0,o? bptbe 
im of tbe IRealme t neitber (ball Mkz o} rig(;t be folD,DenieD, 0? Defer* 
te'D tbanpman* ^agnaCharta 9 Jpen»5» 2p.5,€D,3f9» SnDifanpman 
be ta"ken 0? put to anChjere iuitbout a p?efentment before 3Iullicei0, 0? 
tome matter of reco^D, 0^ bp Due p?oce0, 0^ hv tojit o^iginall, tbe fame 
i0i)OiD anD mroneou0. 2 5»eD»3*4» 28,'^D»3,3,42»€D*3*2, See Sug. 


Additions. Adiomement. Admcafurcmcnt &c. 

tDl)ti:e an tti' 




1^ tmt^ o^iginall \i)^t of acctonig perfonalgf, appeal atrtj inufctmentjf, 
Xo^ztc m evmnt fl^all be aujarueu, tlje name? of cOe tjefenoancg Wl 
ht puc,ii3icb auDtcions of cbeii; efface o^ Degree,oj m^ftene,? tlje %iAximfi 
£i?t)amlecs!o?places;> anntl^eCountieg of tbe tobic^, anuin t^e toljicl& 
t^ep mere O} be conuerfant* Stto if bppjocesJ Upon tbe TapD ojiginall 
tQ^tt?, appeals, 0? tnotccments tu to^icb c^efatu aUDittons htomitm, 
anp outlaUijte? be p^onounceD^ ctiep Q^aUbetJotD, anu before tbe 6Ut« 
iato?ie0p?onounceD,tberaiiJ to?iti3 anu mDkcmentg H^Ujbe abater ^ 
exception of t^cpactie, tofjereas intfjefame tbefaiuaDDitioniB; be omit* 
teOf O^uttfjoug^ t^efametD?it0ofaction0pei:fona!0 do not agree tuitld 
tiereeo?ii0 anD DeeD0 in furpUifajeof tbefo^eraiDaiiDition0,pet fo? tbat 
caufe ttiep 13[)allnot abate* Slno tbeClerlke0 oU\)Z Cbauttcerie(bnoec 
tD^oCe name0 fucb Wt^ i^albe tu^ttten) (lialnot omit t^e fain aotiitioni!(» 
t)pon paine to be pumtlie^ ano to make 6ne to ti^e ^ueene at t^e Cbauu« 

celo?0Di(cretiom u^m.^.^. ,i-^n,n-it:-^^z:}^,i\ ir-ntli^f 

?. I ThacanoffendourinawritofExcomrounicatocapieaaQlhidhaue 

afufHcicnt addition. S.Excommunication 8. 


WlE)erea0 bp remouing of t^e common ^enc^, the pleas (;aite 
often ttme0abitjentoicbout nap, tatfje great burt anu periU of 
Diiberifon of Diuer0 1 31t i0 enactea, tijat from bencefo?t^, t^zMttim, 
before t\)Z common :0encb ieremoueo, fbaUbetuarneD bp a time/o t^at 
tbepmapabio^ne ti^e partie? bpfucf) time, tljatefjepWl not lofet^eic 

PJOCe0*2»€D»3»:iI*-=;i^'>^' iisfiabi: -lorfn?, :.; i.U ' 

I That Fines (hall be tffc^^uall, though procratftationsbenotmadc 
by rcafon ofadiotncment ofany Tcraic. S.Fines 1 1 , 





Adracafurctftcnt of dower and pafturCio n ?^ 

Tl^e (Sarriein (ball baueato^itofanmeafurement of iiotoec : ISJut 
pet bptbe6aroein0ruite,(if^eMl fuefaintip anubpcoUuCona? 
gaintttbetooman tubicb i0 tenant (ntiotoer)tbel)etre (ball not before* 
clofeD tobcn IjecommctbtofuUage, to aDmeafuretbetioUJer,a0iti0to 
be afimeafureD bp ebeJatu of tbt0Bealme* ^ncr a0tJJeU in tlje UJ?it of 
aDmeafurement of Botoer, as in aDmeafwrement of pa(!ure, to^en tbe 
fuite 10 come to tbegratmD uiSrclTe, l!ape0 HjaUbegiuen, toitljin tbe 
^W^ tbere map be boloen ttoo Countie0, at tbe to^icb open procla- 
mation (ball be mane, t^at t\)t cefenoant (ball appeare at tbe nap con* 
tepnen in tbe UJjit ce, to. anfuiere clje plaintife, at tobicb cap, if (je M 
appeare, tb2 fuite (ball p^oceeoe bettuirt tbem, an& if ^c no not ap« 
pearc, ano tbe proclamation be in fourme afojefaio tcdiStd h^ tlje ^b^ 
rife, anmeafuremeut (ball be mane bp t!;e nefauit. CiKe(£tnin0er 2. 

.-.. • 2 af 

Admeafuremcnt &c. Adminiiftrators. Admirall&c, i6 

2 3if bp a fuit moueti Upon a ii3?ic of aDmeafuremeiit of paffure , tfje atimtaatrc. \ 
pafluretoaei once aumeafurcu.airtJt^acicdjauncc after fuclj aumeafurc- E^^ ^*' 
ment t^e paUure to be ouercbargeD apine bp bi«t tljat fird DtD otters 
charge, tuitb moe beaffis tben be ougbt to Uecpe, if tbe aDmcafurement 
toere before tbe 3Itit!ice0, tbe plaintj'fe (bail baue a 31ubictaUlJJ?tt, cbat 
t^ei>l)cvifc in t^e p^efenceof tbeparttes being fitmrnoneli (if tbep toill 
appeare) (ball inquire of tbe feconjj furcbarge, tcbicb if it be fowno , 
iball be returned before tbe 3I«(tice3 bnuer tbe fealeis of t^z ^berife 
mn tl)Z UnicQpi mn tbe 31tiUice3 Iball aiMarn tbe pJaintife Damma* 
gest,ano(baUputin tbee0reate$ tbeualue oftbebeaUes^tobicbbet^at 
oucrcbargeo after tbe aomeafurement, put into tbe padtire ino^e tben 
^eoud;t, anDl|)aUDeliuertbeeltreate0 to tbe 'Barons of tbe Cfcbequec 
to anfoere tfje Clueene, 31f tbe atmteafurement teere maoe in tbe Coun^ 
tie, tben at tberequeH of tbe plamttfe, atu^it (balibe atoarbeD out of 
tlbeC^auncerie,tbattbe^berife (ball enquire of fucb ouercbarge, ano 
of tbe cattell put in tlje padure aboue tbe oue number, ann (ball aunftoere 
t^eClueene tl)e balue of tfjem in tlje Cfcfjeqiter, 3no lead tbe ^berife 
fl^oulti neceiue tlje ^ueene in tW cafe, all fucb ^}it& deSecundafu- scamciaruper- 
f eroneiationc,tMbic^ be atoarDeb out of tbe C(jaunceriej{bal be enrollett, °""''"° ^*""** 
tm i\\t\)t enbof tbe peare tlje tranfcript tbereof (ball be Cent into tbe 
Cfcbequerbntier tbe Cbauncelo^s feale, tbat il)t Creafourer ano 15i^ 
xw9i of tbe Cfcbequer ma? fee boui tbe ^berife ^atb anDuereo tbe p?oSt 
(jffucbU)?it0» ano inline fo^t (ball tbe to^its of Redifleifin be enrolled 
anb fent into tl;e ^fc&equer in tbe eno of t|)e peare* meflminaer 2, 

'' Adminiftrators, 

Wi^ere a man Dj>etb tntettate , tbe iSD^oinarie (ball cepute tlje 
nert ann mod laiofufl frienos of (jim lu^icb bpeD intedat, to aD* 
itiinider W soobs, tofjicl} Deputie? (ball baue an action in tbe Hueeneis 
Court touemaunb anb recouecais erecutour^^tbe bebts! Due to bim,b3bic& 
i» beaD, anb (ball anftuer otberg in t^e^ueenes Court,to tobom tbe bean 
pecfon lua0 mbebteb ano bounD, in tbe fame maner a0 ejcecutours (ball, 
ano alfo (ball be accomptable to tbe ©?binarie,a0 eyecutours (ball, in cafe 
jubere atedament isniaDe*^ i»€Uf 3*1 1 ♦ Sec Ordinaric 1 . 
* • 1 To whonra the Ordinarie fhall commit the adminifiration of the 
goods ofhim that dyeth inteftat, and what he (hall take for the fame, 
5ee Probate of Teflamcnt 5 . ^* 

^. • „> Admirall and Admnrahie. 

Tl5)e3rimtrananbbi0beputie(baltmeDDle txiit^ notbintsbonetoitb' mmtsm 
intbe1Rcalme,butonelptoitbtbmg0 Done bpon tbe !i>ea> i3/£icb* J|'f|if|^j,fj''' 
•2, 5. ^nube tbat 13! gdeuco apind tbis Statute (ball baue an action nicnoic. 
Di)on t^z cafe againd i)im iwljicb purCuctl; in t(je Court of tl;e ^smiraltif, 
..en um 

Admirall and Admiralties Age. 

wxa Wl tmntt againtt Ijim touble uamageiE?, anD t!)e jjurfuei: Mng 

attaitttcD fijaU fo^faitto tljcCluecne]cJu 2,^t%^,i !♦ 

Mi^ere t^e 2 %{)t ^omirals court ^atlj no mancc of cognifance, po^tt, o? in* 

ScKion nroictton of an?? contracts, pleeis, quarefe, o? ot^cr tilings; ma^c oj riCng 

m^ m, tott^tn tlje boDp of t^e ^\)miy bj) lano, toater, o? Uj?eclt of ^ea , bnt aU 

(ixci) contracts $c» urn otljer tijings l^aU ht trpen, oetcnmncu, DifcntTeii, 

anu rcmeuteu Op tlje latoes of tf)e ^^ealme, anu not before t^e SumiraU 

no?|)tsiieputic»15uttbe^5m(raUbatb copifancc oftbeneat^ojmap* 

bem of a man committcD in anp great l^ip, fleeting ijpoit tlje bie ifreame 

of great Eiuets : onelp faeneatb tbe OS^iuges of tbe fame T^iutt^ mxt 

t^c;^ea» 9inBi alfo toarrefl Wpes in t^e great Hreamcs fojtbe great 

topages of t!je Clueene anB clje 1Rea!me : fauf ng to tl;e Clueene all foj» 

faitureis anu pjoStes thereof comming* SntJ alfo Ije Ijati^ iurifoiction in 

thz fain ftreames uuring t^e faiti ijopages onclp : fauing to all JLo^oiei, 

a^o^ougljsanti Cities, tbeic liberties anD ifrancfjifesf* i $Mit}),i,^^ 

Confetuato?* 3 "^P ^^^ ^^fwtc 2,i^en»^<5* lifee potjjec as tbe aumirall ^atb, i$ 

9tm twee, giuen tobim tobicb Iball be affigneu bp t^eCtueene in anp ipo^t to be 

cottferuato? of tbe truce, e]ccept fo^ tbc netermination of tbe oeat^ of a 

man tobicbis committeobpon tbemaineS>ea, ano tbeejrecutionof tOe 

rame,tubtcb i0 altuaies teferuen to tbe^omirall t>i W^cmxsW tizii* 

tenant* See Piracie. ^ - ' 

I For the authorities delegatles in marine caufes. See Appeales 8, 

■ Age. ■;' •.^•■: 

Ifamanbopurcbafe anAffifc, an5 tfjc p^incipallfiifleiroutDpetb be- 
fore tbeatrifeDotbpalTe, tbeplaimife (ball baue a to?it of entrie bpon 

mtWmm utOeifon againff tbe beire of tbe bilfeilb? of iubat age foeucr be be* 9nu in 
tbe fame maner tbe beire of tbe DifTcifee Wl baue bis Wt of Cntrie a« 
gainU tbe niffeifo^s o? tbeir beires of tobac age foeucr ti^t^ be, if tbe bif* 
feifee uie before be batb purcbafeb bis bJ?it/o tbat tbe te?it (ball not be a* 
bateD, no? tbe plea belapeu bp tbe nonage of tbe beires of tbe onepartie 
oj of tbe otber, but in tbat a man map iMitboutoffcncing tbelatu, frel]^ 
ruiteibaUbemaiie in bad after tbe bilfeiOn, 9no tbis point (ball be ob* 

mtiAtt0, ferueb m tbe rigbt of prelates ann otbers, to tubom lanbs cannot h^ an? 
meanes come after tbe ueatb of otbers, tnbetber tbep be DiCfeifee^t o? Dif* 
feifo?St^nD if tbeparties in pleaoingDefcenn to an Cnquett, anb tbat bo 
palTeagainC tbe beire toitbin age, anD namelp againC t\)Z beire of tbc 

attaint. DiCfeifee, be Qjall in tbat cafe (jaue an attaint bp tbe Clueenes fpcciall fa« 
ttour \Ditbout giuing anp t^ingtberefo?e» s:^e(imin(ler» i ♦ ?*CD* i ,^6^ 

jBonase Ml 2 31 fan 3lnfant be l^ept frdm bis inberitance, after tbe oeatb of ^is 

^JS" ^^^^^^' granDfatber, o? great graunnfatber, toberebp be is enfo?ceb to 

baue a \ii}iu anD bis aDuerfarie Dotb appeare inContt, auD inpleaDing 

ileDgetl; a feoffcment^o^ ^mtth fonie ctbcr tbing,tu|^erbp tlje 3I«Kiees 


AydetomakctheforiHe&c." AycJcofthcQuieene.^ \f 

uo atuatu an C^nqueS , tficrcbJ^ercagan Cnqueff toasi DtfferreD bnto t^e 
full age of t^e infant ,noUj t\)c Cnquefltn^all pafleajs cfioug^ ^e tocce 
of fuUagc,(DIoucctIer»<5,€5.i»2» 

5 31" euerp cafe toljere fucb as be toptbin age ma^ fue , if tbe^ ht ®?" ^g pc»- 
cloignetr , fo t bat tfjev cannot perfonaUp fue , t^t ncjct friences C^aU be '"* *"^' 
aDmicceu to fue fo? t^em ♦ SBeff m 2 ♦ 1 5 ♦€♦ i ♦ 1 5 » Sec Wardcs. 

1 That a womans fuite which demaundcth lands, that her husband 
did alien of hers , fliall not be difFcrred by the minoritie of her husbands 
hcirc which fhould warrant them. See Women I j, 

2 That each one bound Apprentice within age, fliall fcrue as if he 
were of full age. See Labourers 25. 

Ay de to make the fonn c Knight , and to marrie the daughter, 

Ti^ereC^all be taken of atoljole Entgbt^feefo? reafonable apue te 
mahe tbe fonne Enigbt y 0? to marrie tbe oaugbter, but ]cf* 0, ano of 
jC]r»pounD lano bolDen in Socage ic]c*si,anD of mo?e,mo?e,attO of Ierre,le(re, 
after t!je rate * gnu none (ball leuie fucb apue to malte bts fonne Enigbt, 
tjntiU ^igifonnebejcij.veeresof aa:e,nD^ to marrie bis oauf^btcrUntiUQje 
be of tbe age of W ♦ peered, ano tbere of mention Iball be maoe in tbc ' 
iCiueeneis tn^it framto tbereupon , toben anp man \3)i\l oemauno it ♦ Sntt 
if tbe fatber cbance to oie, ^\)cu be batb Jeuieo fucb a^oe of U^ tenants, 
iefo?ebebatbmarrieobtsDauc5bter,tbefatberge]cecuco?0 are bouno to 
fatifffe tbe oaugbter of fo mucba0 tbe fatber receiuetjfo? tbi0 apDe » ^no 
if tbe fatberjs gooos Ije not Cufficient , l)\^ beiretbaUfatifiie tbe oaugbter* 
WtUm,!, 5*<£d.i»3 ?♦ 2ftO tbefamelatu isin tbeEings cafe to maf^e mtvun^a 
feiieidDeafonneto'gbt30|tomacriebiselDeaijaugbter»25.€o*3»ii» mi&^ 

Aydeofthe Qneene. 

IJT tbe Cluccne make a jTeoffement, ann t\)z oeetie tbereof containetb Co cnfjet-e mt 
mud) , tbat anotber ^erfon bp like oeeoe 0? feoffement IboulD be bouna SS'Jf ^e""' 
to toarrantie^tbe 3Iullices iball p?cceeoeno furtber ,e.rcept tbep baue ©ueencanj 
commaunoement from tbe Ciueene»^utlubere tbe SClueene batb confir-^^'"^*"^^* 
meoo? ratifieoan otbrrmansoeetje of tbat tbino; M)it)) toasan ot^ec 
tnatt8,o? batb n;ratinteD anp tbino; to an otber , afmucb as m bet 10 , oj 
tobereaneeoisfljelDeDfo^tbtbattbe Ciueenebatb gtuenanp tenement, 
in lubicb ueco tbere is no clauCe of iuartantie,anti in Cucb like cafe0,it iTjal 
Slot be furceafeobpoccalton of fttcb couftrmation, ratification, grauntjO? 
renorr, 0^ otberlike:T5ut after tbe fame islbeloeD to tbeClueene , tbep 
(ball p^oceeoe toitbout Delap ♦ Stat, dc Bigamis . 4 » CD* i ♦ i ♦ ^ 2 ♦ Sec 

2 eDoncemtnc^ tbe Dotucrs of tuomen, luberc anp ^arueins of tbe jn Dotuet; m 
inberitance of t\m bufbvinijs baue tbe uoarolbips of tbe gift o} graunt ot^^««5«j^a' 
tl)t £lucenc , tDbetbf r tbe (Saroeins 00 bolD tbe tbingin oemaunoe, 0? 00 tD"cii,Qjau 
call tbe jjeireis of tfte fato tenementis to tuarrantie, if tje^ uo ejccept tbat ""^ va»caHD«' 

AydeoftheQijcene/ Alchoufe. Alicils,Stfangefs&c^ 

t^ep cm tiot anftuere tottbottc t\)t TttittntM W not tljmfo^ he furcca* 

feD,ljitt tlje ftiit 0;aUu cue maner ppcectie* Bigamis.4,(!^. i , ^ » 

5 g man C^aU ^aue but fouiet: to jits of ^earc!) foj t^e SCluecne,to^er* 

of**Srci!; of etterp to|it fijall be neliuerco fouccic oape? before tlje retoucne of tbe 

fame ♦ Sinn tijcn tljep to^tcb fue fo? tbe Siiueene , (ball be put to aunftxiere 

. anu to nefcntj tbe lanuis auD. tenement?: nemaunoeD , agatntt tbe Cliteene 

af tMcll a^ tbej? can,tobetber an? monument o^ remembrance be fountj foj 

tbe^iueeneo? not,tbougbt tbefuitbein tbepacUament, Cbauncerp, 

Wiin 5S bencb,o? Common place^^nu bp commanoemetbuDer tbe great o j 

p^iute^ealejUO point of tbis Katute WbeielaveOf i4*€u»5»i4» 

1 Where vpon a Trauerfc two vvrits of Search fhall be grauntcd. 
Sec Trauerfc 4. 

a Where in Afsife brought againft the Quecncs patentee he fhall 
not haue Ayde. Sec Afsife 5. 
; o >, .; . Alchoufe. 

pea«m a?U 1 cbife, 0? iibertie , o^ ttoo of tbem at tbe leatt ( tobereof one to be of 
^paf ^ **h^'"* ^^^ Quorum) baue potoer tuttbin tbe limito of tbeir commf (Tion to rjir« 
oc ^Moimvt, ^^^^^^ conimou fcUingof aie anbl5eere,in aieboufeg ano 'Cipltng (jott= 

fes, in fttcb placeis \sH)ZtctU^ fball tbi»^ meete* $,€tf,6, 2 5, 
-EficptnaTtfe a 31fanpperfoniio]keepeanp common aieboufe^-Cipltngboufe.o^brc 
Sf^wj'Kut commonfeninsofSlleo?^ 

wSr tbe open ^effiotis of tbe peace,o? el? bp tbjo 31um'ce0 of tbe peace (tobe^ 

0f one tobe of tbe Quorum) auD (ball be boun5 ^^Hjj furetie b^ Hecogni* 

fance,againll tlje bCnc^ of bnlaUifull game? , anu fo? t^e maintenance of 

$000 ojDer,(fo?tbemafeingof tobicbHecognifancebe Qjalpapiutjcii^U*) 

tbe fame (ball be committee bp tbe :Suflte,or ttoo of tbem,(i»bereof one 

to be of tbe Qijprum) to tbe common 6aole, toitbtn tU fame j^bire,Ci* 

"' i tie,'Bo?ougb, $c4bere to remaine toitbout baile 0? mainp^ife tb?ce uaie0» 

v. '■ %\xti befo?e bisnelitterancc (bal be boun& in Hecogturance,toitb tiuo fure« 

tiz^ tbat be (ball not feeepe anp common ^leboufe, 0? ufe felling of Slle j 

:^eere,anD (ball fo? bisfi^^ W ^h ^* ^"^ ^^J^ cettiScat of a Hecogni= 

fance anti tbe offence,at tfje ne;;t Cluarter ^eifions! maoe bp a 31u8ice of 

peace, (balbe a fnfftcient conuiction of tbe offence^ $,€,6, 2 5, 

5 O^utinfucb 'bournes anu place? lMbereanpjraires(ballbel^ept,it 

S^uel. (ball be latefull fo? tbe time onclp of tfie famef au:e?,fo? euerp perfonco 

Dfe common felling of Slle 0? ^eere, in bootbes , 0? otber place?, fo? tbe 

rcliefeoftbe Cliteene? fubiect? tbat (ball repaire to tfje fame, in fuc|j ma* 

nera?tbepbauebfeD,54€0A25*SeeIuflicesof peace 71, 

Aliens, Strangers, and Denizens. 

mini iban K.T'^ P^^°" "°^ ^^^"^ ^"^^'^ ^^^ £iueene? obeifance , 0? maoe Dent* 
^H« wrtotli. x\ ^m,being Artificer 0? l^anupcraft? man,no? none otber fo? bim,oj 
10 5ii? bfe,(ljall maKe an^ clot^, j put an^ XoooU to too jl^e , to mafee an? 

V, ' clot6 

Aliens, StringcrSj and Dcnizehsl IS 

tititWtf)i^ SeaIme,bponpameto fo^faittl&e fame clotl^ : 3!5o? H^all fell gaimm ftir 
an?ujare0 toit!)mtbisEealme,butoneI?me:i:oCrc,anDnot i)? wcaile, fjfg^^^^js' ^"'^ 
anu in t^e po> t, cotone , o? place , tofjcre tlje fame Artificer fijaH 0e aiocl* 
Cm5,a«D mnoneotljec place, topon paincto fo^faittbefame taacre^ ta 
tfje i!litieene,ani! butt tbat tuill fetfe o j fue fo? tlje fattte bp ^.31»^c«^ljet;iti 
tui Cn*^C.C»lP»$C» I ♦!&* 5 .p* Sec Marchants i. 

a jl53 <§)traiigerbo^ite ,not being Denizen, (ball conuep into anp ^canrpo^tfttjr 
pitm out of tbe Sdueeneis obeifance, mptbout ber licence, anp long So^g^f ^"J? 
totoes,atroDoe2io? (baftesi jDpon piiiue of fo?f* of tbe fame o? tbe balue tins. 
tbereof,ano impji&nment^ poj l^atl bfe fi)ooting toicb long boUies tiiitb* 
tntbeClucencsobepfancetaitboutb^c licence, Upon paine of fo^fatture 
of tbe botoe0 anoarrouies ^n^m^itljln (ball befouno (booting^ Qixin 
euer? of clje Queenesi fubiectjs map feife cbc fame, Qtc* 3 3 tl&*8,p ^ Sec 

Archcric 6.7. 

5 Cuerp alien maue Deni^en^Hjal pa^ ta the Clueene ann ber beiresf, 25eiif?at« ti^m 
antitoetterpotberperfon,anDto all ©Sficecgof cities, bopngb^^iano tulSmt 
cotnneiE!, all fucb $i)Ubai)ie0,€utIome0,Colle0, ouetie^,^ otber fummea oio ^^toit. 
of monep foj tbeir toareg, marcbanui?es,ano goooe0,aie! tbcp (boulo bauc 
paieo, before tbep toere Denizens t anp grauitt marse, oj to be maoe , j 
anp flatute ^t, nottuitbHanoing ^ r5\xt all ©fficeris of cities, bo^ougbe0, 
ano totoneg ,tuberein anp fucb ouetiegs $Cf (ball be Demaunoeo , (ball fee 
tp in opeti place of fucb citie,bo?ougb,o;tot}}ne,a table o^^ble^, bp 
tobicb tbe certaintie anoouetie of fucb Cttffome,'Colle,f c* map appeare, 
to cbe intent notbing map be eracteo , otbertuife tben batb bin accutto'* 
men* 'ZW Slct (ball not bep?eiuDiciaHtotbe5parcbant3 oftbe^tili* ^atcijaitwoc 
aroinlonuon ,but tbcp (ball eniop fucb pjiuileogesi ?c» ais tbep ^m be= *^^ ®««afO' 

foje cbe Ittafetng tbereof* 2 2,^),S,S , See Corporation 6» 

4 ail aiiettsi bo^ne being Denizens!, 0? not Deni^eng, bfing anp mmmm 
wanctrof banOpcraft,inbabitingttiitbinlouDan,o? tbe fubucbstbereof, mE"mpa% 
toicbin caeUittiuaer, tbe parilb of *^atnt Smarting in tbe fielD, tbe parilb £j£Wt\?* 
of our latjp of tbe^cronoe, ^aintClement0of Dane0,!^aint6ileis( mavntnsot 
in tbe fielD,^atnt annjetoesi in ^olbo?ne,tbe toluneanobo^ougbof g^»"?^"i« 
g)outbUjatfe,^bo?tiitcb,mbiteCbappellpai:ia;,^aint3|oneigflreetc, *^* 

tbe paciO) of ClethcnU)ell,^aint O^otelpbe^ parilb toptbout aigacei 
^aitttEatberins , 'BariitottOfep firccte , 0^ Uiptljtn ttoo titples compaCfe 
oftbefaio Citie of loniion,o? tbell3ari(besafo3tcfaiD,(ballbeS)ntiertbe 
fearcb atto reformation of tbe 2Baroens atiu WloUJlljip of tbe battop* 
cr aft0 MM tbep uoe occupte luitbtn tbe faio Citie, toitb one fubff antial 
i^trangsr being an boutboloer of tbe fame Craft bp tbe fame (TJHamnis 
to be cbofen ♦ ano tbofe ^tarocus ano Stranger (ball appoint to mcx^ 
alien being a black i^mitb, Cotoper.l^oucbmaker, 0? 3lopner ( taking osm^ mtm 
notbing tbcrefo^e) a marfe, tubicb be fljaU put upon l)i^ too?k, toare ,0? ^Stokm^ 
jtielfsUt ano if anp^tranger t)(ingtbempaerieof !^ittitb.0j 31opner0,oj mw m^. 

D 2 ColoperjS, 

'■: Aliens, Strangers, and Denizens^ 

iCo&jpgrsi, (Tjat malte anp toace? c^ belTeis concerntng: tbc fame mpfferirsf, 

anu DO not put fucb mar^ to zmti^ of tljem, before tfcp be put to fale o| 

»fe,tuitbout taWng: my tbing tberefo?t, b^ tbaU fo?fait f bs Double ijalue 

of tbefame toareis ano Deltels to tbe 3n.ani]i 3I^to be recouerco bp ^^^I^^c* 

toberemno Z^4C^€.Q}'^. ^c*^ut if tbe faio mmem ^c.refufe to 

mark tbe tBareis of anp Stranger requettins t^z fame, tben tbe ftrangec 

map put to fale bis faiD \uare3 ♦ 1 4 JPv8, 2. 

i2Jatnc!i« mi $ 'Sl^be flBamcns of euerp fucb mpflcrie, calling to tbem one j§)tran« 

{(?n5 toJlk^"' 5^^*^ °^ ^^^ ^^"^^ mpllerie, beino; a botilboloer, baue poiuet to fcarcb,i>iet», 

ano refo?me in lonnon , antj oebec places afo^cfaio , all inares of ia3o?k« 

manfljips mane bp bantjpcraft men beino* ai(en0* 3nti if Dpponfucb 

{earcb,tbep (ball finu ano aniunge anp^effels, o? toare , tn tbe poCfeOion 

of tbe tuo^lters o j otottecis falllp anu Dec:itfullp maue to tbe b«rt of tbe 

SClueenes people , tben tbe fame tjjo^lker o? olunei:, in lubcfe polTeUion tbe 

famefalfe anD ueceitfull tuares 0;all befounD,(ball fo^fait tin fame to tbe 

SElueene ano tbe firftfinoer tberof, to be recouerco in aup of tbe Clueenesf 

Courts, bp action of Detinue ,t»lxrein no C<H. €.o? jp.^u i4Jp,8,2* 

a^jtranse; ^no if anp Stranger artificer tbat is an bouQioloer being requireo bp 

SSoS? tbetiKaroens,6ouerno?s, o? tbeir Deputies, do refufe to go luitb tbe faiD 

fcti) to go to c^arDens to make fearcb in fo?me afo^efaiD , anD tbat be ppueD before 

mm ftawl?. f ^g Cbauncelo? of CnglanD , tbe spaio^ of lonoon, o? tbe cbiefe ©fficec 

of tbe citie, bo^ougb , tolune , toljere ^c^ ^e Wl tjfe fucb occupation no 

moje ttjitbin <2SnglanDt 2 1 ♦ i^» 8, 1 5* 

zmvm&Mt' ^ 2aiarDens anD lipaffers of fellotolbtps of all banDpcrafts \33ithm an? 

ftfe«,sou«. CttiCj'Bo^bugb^oj ^otunecojpo^ate tnb^re 22:JarDensbe,anDtbe^ai« 

SK^* lifes 0? (Sauerno?s of totones ^c, tobere no COarDeng be,baueautbo?itie 

tuitb tbe ^ailife o? ^ailifes of t\^t libertie,tubere anp iibertie is, (be« 

i«g content fo to do,) to i)iie)3),fearcb,anD refojme ^trangers,inbabiting 

V'\ -i ano Dfing ijoitbin anp fucb Citie,'Cotone,f c* anp banDpcraft,in as ample 

' ^f manerastbe CS^aroens anDfellotofljip of lonDonmap do bp tbis 9ct« 

!anD all Strangers uGnganp of tbe faiD banDpcrafts,in anp of tbe faiD 

(ities,bopugbes,^c*be bounD to do anD obep in euerp tbing acco^Ding to 

tbe teno? of tbis ^ctjUpon tbe paines anD forfeitures, anD to be rccouereo 

mitni in abj;- as !S aboue rememb?eD» tiButtbis ^et Dotb not ertenDto tbeinbabi* 

iTccSlfafn? tarn Strangers in tbe aniueraties of 2Drfo?D,o? Camb?iDge, o? toitbin 

IPamnjs. tbe ^nctuarie of great ^afnt ^parting iwitbin lonDon*i 4 Jp.8^2> 

wf. 7 31ftbe^arDensofanpfellolu^ip?c3ailifes,(Souerno?s,gfc.tDil! 

mtnsbtSi' t»?ongfullpintreat anp Stranger in erecutinganp tbing contapncD in 

treatco ^mS' tW ^ct,tben tbe Stranger grteueD,map bp bill 0? information complain 

'*" ^* to tbe lop Cbauncclo?,anD 'S^reafojer of englanD,o? to tbe 3!uaices of 

tbe Mfe in tbe Cotmtie,inbtcb ^ thtit eraminations baue autl]0?itre to 

beare anD Determine cbe fame complaint,anD to atnarD to tbe comj^^ainant 

XucbamenD^^aiEf &p tbeml!)aUbe tbougbcreafopablet i^,^tOf2* 

Aliens, Strangers^ and Denizens. 19 

S an ^ttm^m artificers mane Dcni^etiuW Ml i\x})Sibitt toiclj» aifcit* i^aii 6e 
intontJon,c(je^ul)urkso? pari(|)es afa?efaiD,o? toitfjin cteo mples fJSS^eSa^^^' 
compafle of c&e fame , ann ■Keepe (joufes auo occupie f Ijeic Craft, fijall be ta;cw,' " 
contribttto?tc coanntoicbtfje Clueenesfubieccs artificers toitftm Ion* 
ton .papinojantj bearing; tbe charges folIoiDiiio; t (tljat is to rap)euerp 
j§)trattger Coptoapner, being an bott(bolDer, tobic^ U30?feetb olo (fufie 
0^ netu, (ball quarterlp pap to tlje ^atter,caJarDens, ano Comminaltte 
of tbe faf D Craft of CojDtoapners loitbin t\)t fain Citie ui»U ♦ Snu euerp 
feruant Stranger not being Denizen (ball pap quarter!? f ii^lf^ 3nD all 
otber Strangers, Artificers, anD Denizens of euerp banipcraft, inbabi* 
ting toitbin£onDon,o? anp otber Citie O} ^otone toitljin tbis Eealme, 
(ball pap, beare, ano fuCtain all like cbarges,as tbe ^ueenes Tubiects of 
Iifeempfferie,bojneouc of fjerobepfancejinbabiting )3)it\)in tbe fame 
citie,totone,f c» do beare* ann all ^trangers,^rtificers , ano Denizens? 
ejcerciling tbe faio craft of Co?iJt»apners,Dluelling out of lonbon,in anp 
otber Citieo^'^otune,(ball pap, beare, ano fuflain fcot, tares, tallages, 
fubfioies , p?e(ls, ann all otber reafonable ejcacttons , as tlie patters, 
C^aruens, ann companies of t|)e faio Crafts foz tbe time being,beboimii 
to pap,U)ben anp fubfiDie,taice,tallage, 0^ p?e(t , 0? otljer reafonable c^ar* 
ges (ball be alTelTeb bp tbe ^aio? ann aioermen j common Coimfell of 
tbe faio Cities , Coynes, ^c. of, 0? fo? anp charge 0? papment of monep 
to be paico bnto tbe flueene , oj fo? anp caufe concerning tbe common 
toealtb of tbe fai'D CttieSj-Cotones, 0? Artificers $c ♦ Slnu toljofoeuer be* 
nietb to ^h^ as contributojie twitbtbe faio Companies, (ball not anp Ion* 
ger occupie anp banbpcraft,bponpaine to fojfaitr«li*totlje3[lueeneani> 
3l*to be recoueren bp 9l.3J«gtc*loberein no ?ca»Coi 13»$c» 2 1 .^S* 1 6^ 

Quaere whether he fliall forfeit,allhi«goodcs,or the value of Quaere, 
the thing by him fold. 

9 "Stbe Stranger Artificer, Denizen, 0^ not Deni?en,being a Ijoufe* '^b« |>t««' 
fji3lDer,tobicb luillreitwineluit^intbis Eealme,(ballbponlatofull no* s"^*^*^'* 
ttte to Urn giucn bp tbe spader 0? Marbens of bis craft,o? one of t^em, 
pecfonallp p^efent bim in tbe common ifpall, 0? meetingplace of tbe fai& 
Craft,^itl)in tbe Citie o} 'SDotone tobere be botb inbabite,anD tbere (ball 
be faojire bpon tbe bolp Ctiangclifies to be faptbfull ano true to tbe 
SDueenc anu ber l^eires, feings o} Hueenes of CnglanD,anb to be obeDi^ 
ent to ber ano ber £abjes,ano to all Acts,o^binances,anti Decrees maDc 
anD confirmeD bp ber ano ber Counfel,o? hi^ Ijer Counfel ♦ AnD tbat at all 
times \3i\)m be (balbe appointeD bp tbe 223:arDens of tl;e fellotoibip ^c»oj 
tbeir Deputies, jje (ball be reaDpto goeluitbtbefai'D^arDenstomafec 
fearclj, AnD tbat be (ball not giue notice to anp Stranger of tbe fai'Q 
rearcb,bntill be toicb tbe faio esiarDens come togetber to mafee tbe fame. 
AnD tbat be (ball iuell, inDifferentlp , anD truelp be^aue ^imfelfe , fetting 
all affection,fa«o«r,malice, anD D jeaD of anp creature, anD all frauD anD 

D 3 Deceic 

Aliens, Stringers, and Denizens; 

Deceit apart , ^m tlje ©atlj fo mcmcii , tlic fain !§)tranffcc Ojall j?a? foi 
I)t!S aumiCfiott , a$ tl)c iHueenes; fubiccts! ijfc tfl pap.# 2 1 ♦l^p^S* 1 6^ 
23cnf?en Sttt- i o ^d Stranger i^rcincer not bftncj Dexii^zn ,fi;an fetbp 0? fteepe 
kcS?fifc^" anp (joufe, fijop/O? cljamber Uiitbtn lonnon ,0? anp ctljec citic , tolone, 
ji;op tc. ' bojougb. 01 billage tuljerciulje fijall ejcercife anp Ijanupcraft o? mpUerie, 
tpon painetofo^faitaUbisgoouesi* i>H»5»p» 2i»^,8,i5^ 
... II |!^a^tranga-Srtificerg,Dm5cn0,o? otljer bojnc out of tfje 
not aHiQie toeeiiegi obcifaKccfljan aOemble in anp companic , fenotoOjip , conrr re* 
butWeif' gationo? comtenticic, but onclp in t^c common Cpall of tljeir crated 
i?aui5. toitlj tl;e iDttecnr0 fubiects of tbe fame crafts, at fucb time astbep fijalbe 
commaunncu bp tbe a^atter ann Wimtn? of tlje fain craft?, aim at none 
ot^er place, oj time,o? in ot[)ec manei;,bponpaineta fojfaitaU t^cic 
gooDies, I .t^*5 fP* 2 1 Jp» 8, 1 5* 
siif esi« t)f ctua. 1 2 ^11 Aliens being in frienbi^ip iuitid t^e (Queene anu tbe Kealnir^ 
infoSeSm ^nbcomminc!;tMitf;m anp Cities 0^ ^oUunes Uiic^ntfje HeaIme,loitb 
ann uii t\m fiff; 0? otljei bictuaJs, ano tbere tarrping anb returning againe to tbeic 
uicwaiu olBneCountreis,fi)aU bebnbert!je Clueene0p?otcction,anbit IbaU be 
JabjfuU to euerp of tbem to cut tijcir M) ano bictuals in peeces , ano b? 
retaile J 0? in groITe to fell ttjefame* 5»H*2»io» anoif anpmanoilfurbe 
«np Slicn to fell bis fil^ in fo^me afojefaio , ^e lijall fojfait jc. pounn, 1 4* 

Jp,(5»6» See Victuals 2. 

»an5¥CMft^ 1 3 00 perfon firanger beino; a common ^altec'B^tter, <^urgeott,o? 

mn, ^criuener (ball be interp^etcD a banopcrafts man bp reafon of bCng 

anp of tljefaio fciencesofl5al^ing,b?uing;,!i)ur2erie,02l;ojiting# 22* 

14 aiUeafesofanpbtodling|)oufeo?l!)opteitl)inanpt](je©ueettciS 

VetoiiiTi Dominions, maoe to anpffranger Artificer oj^anopcrafts man,bo?ne 

tetng not 2>?' Q^t of tbe Clueenes obepfance not being Denizen, Ibalbeboioe ♦ ^nb no 

'^^ ftranger artificer 0? banopcrafts man , bojne out of tbe Clueenes obep« 

. fance notbeing Denizen , (ball tsike anp leafe of anp blucHins boufe o| 

fi)op, toitljin anp t\)z Sliueenes Dominions, bpon paine to fojfait fo j euerp 

time Doing contrarie b, li. 9nD no perfon 0;all graunt 0? let to fermejanp 

titoelling boufe 0? il)op to anp fuclj Stranger ^u not being Deni?en, to 

• tbe intent to inbabit in tbe fame bpon lihe paine to fo^fatt b* li* to tlje ^ 

* anD 3!* to be recouereo bp ^f% ^u to|jerein no Z^4u C J F. ^d 3 2* 

5iri«n«Bmnm i $ €ucrp ^Iten bo?ne out of tbe Clueenes obeifance not being De* 
«f this^S «i?^" j^btcb no'a3 be, 0^ bereafter ajall come in 0? to tljis Eealme, oj elf* 
^ ' laabcre iBitbin tbe Clueenes Dominions , (ball be bounD bp ano bntp tlje 

laijjes ^ Statutes of tbis ^ealme,anD to all tlje contcius of tbe. f^me* 
Sno all Strangers bo^ne out of bev traces obepfance , tobicb Ijcrettifo^e 
baue Un mm Denizens, 0^ tbat bereafter fbaH be maoe Denizens Iball 
Sje bouno $ obement b^ auo buto all tje fojefaiD ^tatute^ mftOe i *1S* ? ♦ 

.; Aliens, Strangers^ and Denizens.^ 20 

'i-4»!^*'S,^.si*!|)»S4atJD toaUt^ecdttitentsi oftl}efanic,stttitd all otfjcc r^cni^fKet 
i§)tatutcg ^erccofoje mace noto liein^ in tljcit fo?ce : anp lettcris patencjs {l''"ig *" '•^f? 
J o^riinanccg Ijccetofoje maiir,t)? ijcrcafter to lie maDe to tljc cotttr.\r^ gf c. ^' ^*^^"^f ^» 
iiotU3(t^lIant!mfr» anD alfo tii cUcrplectcrs patcnts,of,o?fd? tbt* ma^.fng 
cf anp Deiu^cit, to be maDc to anp Stranger;, not hzin^ bo?nc \3nt1cr tlje ^ 53.»o»iro fn 
SCiueeneg! obeifante, Ojalbe contattiei! a Prouiro,c^at bexo ijaljom fuel) Ice* fo BsSf 
ter5 patent? fijalbe fo ^rmtnteu,a;albe bounD ^ obcnient bp anu bnro all 
tbe Sctg g^ ttatutes of tW EcabncanD to all e^ eucrp tlje contents of tljc 
Cime,c]cceptttfl)albctbeCliitenc0plcarure togratmtto anj» fucb9lieii, 
anp fiJeciall liberties e? piiuileDfre^, mo^e ox ott^eilutre tljen i$ conteinefi^ 
in tbe faiij .Statute;? ♦ 3n5 in tbat cafe all fttcl; nbettic^anupjiuileDjes 
foto be graimtenfoan^fuclj^lien,concranetotbefo?me of anp of tlje 
iaio^tatttte0, (ball be plainlp,tt)bolp anD pacticularlp erp^cfleii bp fpe- 
ciaUij)o?O0,afU3ell intbebiilafTipeb iwitb tbe€iitecnes l;ana to) obtap^^ 
iiin J af anp fttcb grmt^a^ in cbe lette.i*is! ]pmut^ to be maoe out of tl;e 
Cbanceti€fo^,£be fain5>2>li)»8,i (5t 

X 6 3!n tbe fo?efaiD ^tattttes of iX^^i 4.^S* 2x,V)X^^ 2,t),S, ^S^* 
t\)m be feuerall o^uinances fo? tbetaliina: ana keepinn; of Sppjentice;^, - *^ " 
31ournepmen,it rei:uant0 h^ ^\m$ , tm of ^It'eng : but tbe fo?ce of tbnii ^. 
ftemetbtobetatoatoapbptbe Cattitemaue ^€ll^44.U)bicb repealet(>; .. c'jjji .frV 
all ^tatutg befp?e tljat time maue,concecnittg f be bp?ing,feeepmg:,o?Dec' 
^c* of ^ei;a{int9,artificec0,3pp jentice;s $c»ano tlje pcnalticis ccncenting 
tl;efame«Sedqnxre» Qii^re; 

I Whereantnqueftflialbe(5^yT/t'^/>f4iftf//>i^/^«<,anAlicnbeincpar- %xiiXL» 
eie, and where not. See lurors 2 9.5 o. Attaints 21. . • Q} ■, ; i -, 

i That no Alien bornCjifhall wptk yeflell made of Tinneor Pewter.: mmw 

S.Pcwter8,; ;r^ V hi.^ii 

5 That no Alien fliall take a Benefice, nor that any fhalloccupic it to ^cncBce; 
hisvfe without the Q(^cenes licence. S.Premunire 2.4, 

4 That Aliens being in amitie with the Qnecne^may bring in vi6luals Uitailtis* 
andrellthemingroffCjorbyrctailc,S.Vitaiicrs2.Marchants i» 

5 At what ume of the yeerca Marchant Alien may buy woll, S, Ci3p8i(c;jr» 
VVoolIes 5, 

6 That no Alien fliall rorce,clak, or beard wooll, S. Wollcs S. ZisiooU, 

7 That Aliens borne Avhofc parents be vnder the Quccncs obeifance, Jn&cntaOIc* 
be inheritable in England. S.Abilitie 2i .: jr .jy." •; , i, 

8 In what cafe Herring may beboughtof^i Alien , and iijvvhatnot, i^minz, 
S.Fifli 15. 

. 9 That Aliens fhal imp ley their money here receiucd vpon the com- ^"iifg. 
mcdities of this Realrae. S. Marchants 9. 1 o . 
lo Thatgoldor/iIuermaynotbedeliueredtoany,AIicn.S.Money2. ©oiu. 

I I What cuftome Aliens flial pay for falted Fifh or Herrings brought ©uftonie. 
into this Rcalme. S. Fifh 1 8. - ..- o 

D 4 X2^ 

Amerciament, Apparance. ApparcII. 

12 A remedy for Aliens which be robbed on the fca . S. 'Safccon-* 
dudles 3. 

X J That no Alien fhall wc9uc or make any Worftcds, Saycs,or Sta- 
mines in great Yarmouth or Linne . S. Worftcds 7. 


i5ojit f^aii be V T^ Citie,T5o?oug|i, 0} %o)3i\\t , no^ na man Wbz mztctuMt fo? 
"'""ft t^o"^ ill rcafouable caufe, ano accojDins to t!je quantitie of W offence,anl> 
f 55S mntz. a free man fauins W freeboHj,a eparc^ant fauing bis mar cbanui^e^ann 
anpotbermansiDinemCercepttbe flueenes)rauittgf)is Mm tenure, 
if beoffcnutljeClucene*3nunoneof tOefaio amerciaments Ojall be af= 
feffeu , but bp tbe oacb of bonett anu latufuU men of tbe fame ijicinage. 
Magna charta , 9»5)* 3 ♦ 1 4» COellm, I ♦ 3 .CSU* I f^^ 

amtttiawtnt a €arle0 ano 15 aronp (ball not be amer cen but bp tbeir peereg* Sn? 
of -Batons an^ a fpicicuaU pcrfon (ball not be amercer acco^tJtnj to bis ecclefiatticall lp< 
S. ' Mi«5 > bwt iJP l)is If? fee t ann tbofe amerciaments (ball be but acco joing 
to tbe quautitie of tbeit feuerall offences. Magna charta. p»l5>»3 .1 4« 


©ntc^t^attseTf anpWfe?^Cj<J^]ciSfntcr,o?anpotber©fficeroftbeEinefSbencb, 

piainttf t offe. J^o? Common place,Do mafee anp entrie in an? fuite,tbat tbe plaintife in 

55op«n>«fon. tbe fame fuite batb offered bimfelfe in bis olnne proper perfon,e]i;cept tbe 

plaintifeintbe fame (Uite (before fucb entrie be ma^e)Doe appeare in bis 

oUme proper perfon before fome of tbe ^Indices of ibe place tobere tbe 

' plea is nepenDincj, ano tbere be ftoojne upon a booke tbat be is tbe fame 

pftfon, in UJbofe name tbe faio fuite is fueo , 0? tbat fome otber creuible 

perfon of tbe ClueenegCounfel, Uiill tafee fucb oatb fo? bim,tbe faio lPbi« 

io^ergfc^lballfo^fait rU^totbeSEl.euerptimetbatbe fliiall be attainted, 

bp cjcamination of anp of tbe a«ttices of tbe fame place ^tub^re anp fuclj 

entrie ojreco^b is* io*!^»<^,4* tS,^,S,g, 


IptMjflBte erne, V T© perfon 0? perfons (ballbfe 0? toeare in anp tbeir apparel!,oj bpoit 

SSSrtt?*'^^ IN tbeir bo?fe,mule,o? atber beatt, anp ^ilke of tbe colour of purpurfj, 

* ncanpclotbof6ol&of^iirue,butonlptbeEwn:,tbe!£lueene,tbeMngg 

i^otber, tbe Kings CbilD^en, tbe Kings t^^etbjen $ ^iaers,tbefeing0 

51ncles anu ^unts (epcept DuKes anD gparquefles^tabicb map toeare in 

tbeir noubtlets ano Cleeueles coates onelp,clotb of (Solo of 'Et(rue,not et'* 

ceeoing tbep?ice of M.^oum tbeparo.) ^ut tbistoojo purptireootb not 

e]ctenotoanp9pantellof tbeo?oerof tbe^Sarcen 24.$.8,i 5* 

ciot^ of gow. 2 31^0 man Unoer tbe eliate of an Carle , (ball toeare in bis apparel! 

fatten' liSo* ^f ^^^ boop,o? Upon bts bo?fe,mule, 0? otber bca(!,o? barneis of tbe fame 

mt* ' beatt, anp clotb of golo 0? filuer.o j of 'STincelo ^atten;0? anp otber filfee 

0? clotb mireo 0? tmbjooereo toitbgolo 0? filuerij^o^ anp jfurres of j§>a« 

^aoicf. j^j^g (eccept aiconts $ O^arons, tobtcb map lueare in tbeir ooitblets ano 

^ceueles coates, clotb of golo/tluer, o} tincelt} 24 J;» 8» 1 5* 

3 ^® 

ApparcII. 21 

3 51=10 man Ijnm tfie Mt of a DuKe, ^^arque^, earle, f tfjeir cbil' SJ beSJ 
U^en, 0? Duoer tfje Degree of *i "Baron (ercept !jc be a Enisljt of t!je 6ar= m fea. 
ter,) l^al toeare in anp part of ^is apparell, anp iwoHen clatb maoe out of 
Cnglanu, 3irelan0, saale^jCaUeis!, O^artoicke, o? tlje Sparcljeg of tlje 
ramr,(ercepcin tjonetsonelp) nojQjaH toeare in anpmanerofappareH 
ofbi^bonpo^on W 5;o;ire,S^uIe ojot^erbeal!, o^Ijarneis of tljc fame 
l)ea0,anpCrimoSn, Scarlet, o^bleii) Oeluet, no? anpiTurres of falache ccoicmttti j)tr« 
3|eneC0 oj anp maner of emb?otierp« 24,!!p.8j 5» SccJ!'^'*'"* 

4 51^0 man (tonleffe \)c be a Knigl^t) (baU toeare a CoUet of golD, na* coiuc of ss. 
meD a CoUer of SS. 24 J;). 8,1 5, 

5 5!5o man (Dnuer tbe oegree of a Karons fonne, 0? of a Knf gbO ^ F' ^gJJJ'"^* 
cepc i)t map nifpeno in lanDS o} tenement0,renc0,fees,o? annuitie0,to bis 

ottne bfe fo? cerme of life,o? fo? terme of anocfjer man0 Iife,o^ in tljc rigbt 

of bis luife, tluo bunb^eti pounos ouer al! cbacge0) (ball bfe 0? lueare anp c«C.if Jre^ota 

cbaineof(S5olD,T5?acelct,©uc^, o?otbero?namentof golo inl)i0otonc 

appare!!, 0? on bis boife ^Cf (ejrcept fucb Cbaine, 31etoel, ©ucb, 0? o?na« 

ment be in iueigbt one ounce,o j aboue of fine golo^gt ejrcept ring0 of golD, 

to be too?ne on tbeir fingers, tnitb Hones, o^toitJjoutO 315oj (ball tueare ^l^^^!^'' 

anp belnec in tbeir gotDne0,coate0 toit(i fieeues, 0? otber bttermott gar* 

ments, no? anpfurre0 of£ibarri0,no?emb?otierp, p^icMng o?p?intin5f 

toitb golu, filuer, 0? filhe in anp pact of tbeir apparell, oj on tljcir fjojfes, 

mule0,o? otber beaflt0*24»l^»8,i^ 

6 3^0 man bnner tbe fo?efaio eilates anD ne^p^ees, otiier tljen fucb agf 
map nifpenb cleerelp in lantJ0 antt tenement0,rent0,fee0, 0? annuitie0, b? 

fome eHate of freebolD C» t a pere, Q)all tweare anp fatten, uamafke^ (tllie, c.u.frtf^oia, 
CbamletjO? "^affata in ^isgolune, Coatetuitbfleeue0, 0? ot^er bcter* 
mod garment, no? anpbeluet butinUeeueles iaciket0, uoublets, coifes, 
partlets, ojpurfes, no?anp|'urre0 tobercof tbe like Mnb groluetbnot 
toitbin €nglanu, 3!relanb, aijales, Calleis, ^ertoicke, 0? tbe SparcOest ^ 
of tbe fame,(e]ccept 5ropne0,(Srap 3Ienet0,anii ^ubge.) 24.1^*8« 1 3 ♦ 

7 ji^oman bnuer tbefaiD Degrees, otber tben tbe fonne anobeireap* ctiefonwattu 
parant of a JKnigbt, 0? tbe fonne ano beire apparant of a man to^icf) map ^^^^u^t ^f 4 
tifpenD 3 oo^sparks bp t^e peere (ouer all cbsrges) 0? a man to^icb map ma mht mas 
DifpenD in lanos $ tenements,r£nts,fees, annuities, 0? otber peerelp p?o* ^^^^^^ ^^'^^^ 
fites asisafo^efaiD, ]cl,f»apeere (aboue all cl^arges) (ball toeare in bis »i.u.fm5oiQ> 
golune,o? anp otber bis bttermofl apparell, anp Cbamlet 0? filke, no? in 

anp part of bis apparell^anp filke otber tben ^atcen,Damaf ke,'2^affata, 
0? Sarcenet in bis Doublets, ^ Sarcenet, Cbamlet, 0? 'S^affata in lining 
of bis gotnnes, ano tbe fame 0? Oeluet in bis fieeueles coats, iackets, ier>* 
feittS,copfe0,caps,pttrfes 0? partlet0, (tbe colour0 of <t>carlet, Crimfon ^ 
!6letJ3ercepteD0 jil2o? (balltoearc anp iTurre ofifopnes>6rap3Ienets, 
no? anp otber |='urre)3)ljereoftbe like kino groDjetb not iMitbin €nglaD„ 
3lwlanD,2:2:ialei5,Callei0, l^erlwicke, j t!)e sparc(;e0 of tfje fame, (eycepc 


Amerciament.' ApparanceJ Appardl. 

12 A remedy for Aliens which be robbed on the fca . S. Safccon- 

dudles 3. 

1 J That no Alien fhall wc^uc or make any Worftcds, Sayes,or Sta- 

mines in great Yarmouth or Linne . S. Worftcds 7. 

Bwt f^aii be \J^ Cicie,'Bo|ougb, 0? '^otone , no^ na man ^albe amercetJ3buc fo? 
"'""SJ?« ?o"' •'"^ rcafonablc caufe, am acco^Ding to tlje quantitic of W offence^ann 
mi mm. a jfrce man fauins bis freebol0,a sparcbaut faumcj bis marcbantii?e,ann 

attpotbfrmansi)tneitt(e]t;cepttbe €lueenes)rauingbis Mm tenure, 

if beofifcnotbc^uccne»3nunoneof tbe faio amerciaments Qialt be af= 

feffeu , but bp tbc oacb of bonell ano latufuU men of tbe fame bicinage. 

Magna charta,p,|)*3+i4» CajeHm^i* 3.€o»i»6» 
amtrtiawtnt a CarlesanolJaronsfbannotbeamerceu bucbp tbeirpeeres»3in9 
Sl^5?"i Deci ^ ^P^'^^^"^^^ v^tion (ball not be amercer acco^uing to bis eccleHatticaU I?* 
mi, ' wmg , but bp bis lep fee x ^nn tbofe amerciaments (ball be but accoping 

to t5e quanticie of tbeir feuerall offences. Magna charta.p»l^»3.i 4^ 


cntt^ttiRttfteTf a«pW^^t^j^]ciKfnffJ^jO?anpotber©fficerofcbeJRinpb^^^ 
piaintife offc- i^ Common place,i>o make anp entrie in anp fuite,tbat tbe plaintife in 
wopcrpwfon. tbe fame fuite batb offered bimfelfe in bis omne proper perfon,e]ccept tbe 
ylafntifeintbe fame ftiite (before fucb entrie be mane) Doe ^peare in bis 
otone p?oper perfon before fome of tbe 3luflices of tbe place tobece tbe 
plea is tepenninfl;, ano tbere be ftBOjne upon a booke tbat be is tbe fame 
perfon, in lubofe name tbe faio fuite is fueii , 0? tbat fome otber creuible 
perfon of tbe ClucenesCounfel, toill tafee fucb oatb fo? bim,tbe faid ^W 
io?er?c»(baUfo?fait i;!*§»totbe£l*euerj>timetbatbeMlbeattainteD, 
hp £]camination of anp of tbe ^^uQices of tbe fame place ,U)bere anp fucj 
entrie bj recop is* 1 o*i^f6,4f 1 8»I^»8»9» 


IpnttJBte fiifte, VT® perfon 0? perfons ffjaUbfe o} wnve in anp tbeir app?jrelT,oj bpott 

^^mm^^ IN tbeic bo?fe,mttle,o? etber beaa, anp J§)il!te of tbe colour of purpurej, 

* ne anp clotbof6ol&of^iirue,butonlp tbe ton:,tbe!lClue€ne, tbe kings 

^otber, tbe kings eDbilD?en, tbe kings ^?etb?en $ fitters, tbe king0 

51nclesami^unts(e]ccept Dukes anDgparque(fes,tobieb map toeare in 

tbeir noubtlets ano lleeueles coates onelp,clotb of 6olD of Ci(fue,not er* 

ceeoing tbep?ice of u^ijoutto tbeparu.) l^uc tbis toop l^urptire i»otb not 

e]ctenrito anpSpantellof tbeo?Decof tbe barter* 2^,^X1 3*' 

«ioti) of gow, 2 3l*io man bnuec tbe eflate of an Carle jlball toeare in l)is apparcU 

ftS'ffio- ofbisboop,o?bponbtsbo?fe,mule,o?otbcrbcail,o?barneisoftbefamc 

mh ' bealij anp clotb of golD jt aiuer.oj of -EincelD ^atten^o? anp otber filke 

0? clotb miren 0? imbjonereo iuitbgolD 0? niuer;3i5o^ anp iTurres of ;§>a« 

blesCerceptaiconts^lSarons.lMbicb map uieare in tbeir ooiibletsano 

%ueles! coateSjClotb of golo/ilueriOj tinceli} 24 J;»8» 13^ 

3 ^ 

Apparel!. 21 

5 51=10 man nm tU Mt of a Duke, £0wm<s, earle, ^ t\)tit thih S^KSlS 
u^en, 0? DitDer tfje Degree of a "Baron (ercept l)e bealKnigljt of tlje6ar* t^efw. 
ter,) fljal toeare in anp part of ^10 appareW, anptuoHen clatb maoe out of 
€nglant»,3IreIanii,2a^ale0,Canets,O3artDicfee, 0? tbe S^arclje^ oftfje 
rame,(erceptin tJonctsoneIp)nojC[)anii3eare m anpmanerofapparell 
ofbis&ofpojon bi0 8po;tre,^uIe o^ot^erbealf, o^ljarnets of tlje fame 
bead, anp CrimoOn, i§5carlec, o} bleto 53eUtet, no? anp iTurreis of blaclie ccoioura tth 
3}cneC0 0? iuccrneg.noj anp maner of emb?otierp* i^lp.Sas* bm^ll^^'^^' 

4 3i^o man (ijnleffe be be a Enigbt) (ball iJJeare a <Collec of golo, na* ^om k ss. 
meo a Poller of SS. 24.5;. 8 J 5. 

5 3150 man (tinner tbe Degree of a Karons fonne, 0? of a EntgW tv ^gy * 
cepc be map Difpeno in lanDS oj cenement0,rent!S,fees,o? annuitie0,to W 

ote nc ijfe fo? cerme of Iife,o? fo? terme of anocber man0 life,o^ in tlje rigljt 
of bis luife, tluo bimojeti pounD0 otter all cbargeg) ffjallbfe o} toeare anp <zc«r.u.fwtioia 
cbaine of (SJolD, "Bracelet, ©ucb, 0? otber ornament of golD in W otone 
apparen,o?on bisboifegfc* (ejrceptfitcb Cbaine, 3Ietoel,i3Ducb,o?o?na» 
menc be in tueigbt oneounce,oj aboue of fine plo,9t ejrcepc rinff0 of golo, 
tobetoo?neontbeirfinger0, toitbttone0, o}\iiit\)onu) 00} (ball bjeare ^l^l^^!^'' 
anp beluet in tbeir gotone0,coate0 toitb flee«e0, 0? otber Uttermott gat* 
mcnt0, no? anpfurre0 oflibarD0, no? eitib?oDerp,p?icMngo? pointing 
tBitb golD, filuer, 0? fxlkt m anp part of tbeir apparell, oj on tbcir bojCe?, 
mule0, 0? otber beafl0»24»i^*8, 15* 

6 i^D man bncer tbe fo?efaiS ellate0 and Degree0, otber tben fucb asf 
map DifpenD cleerelp in lanb0 antt tenement0,rent0,fee0, 0? annuitie0, hf 

fome eCate of freebolo C t a pcre, (ball toeare anp fatten, tiamafke, fillte, cu.fttt5oim 
Cbamlet,o? "Caffata in bisgolone, Coate toitbfieetie0, o} otber tjtter^ 
moll garment, no? anpbcluet btttin{leeuele0 iacltet0, aoublet0, coife0, 
partlet0, o?purre0, no?anp|'urre0 tobereof tbelifeeWnb groujetbnot 
tottbin€nD;lan5i,3!relanD,2aiale0,Callei0,T3ertoicfee,o?tbe9parcbe!S ^ 
of tbe fame,(e]t;cept ^opne0,(Srap 3Ieitet0,anD Bubge,)«8« 1 5 ♦ 

7 jl^oman bn&er tbe faiBDegree0, otber tben tbe fonncanobeireap* '^wonmmn 
parant of a iKnigbc, 0? tbe fonne anD beire apparant of a man tobicb map Jjj^" A^ Jl ^f ^ 
nifpenD s oo»si^arlt0 h^ tbe peere (otter all cb8rge0) 0? a man M^ith map mnmh mas 
Difpeno in lanD0 ^ tenement0,rent0,fee0, annuitie0, 0? otber peerelp p?o* ^^^^^^ ^^-^^^ 
6te0 80 i0 afo?efaiD, xl f, a peere (abotte all cbarge0) (ball toeare in i)i$ »i.ii.fmi)oiQ* 
goti)ne,o? anp otber bis bttermod apparell, anpCbamlet 0? Clfte, no? in 

anp part of bi0 apparell^anp filfte otber tben ^atten,Damaf ke,'^affata, 
0? Sarcenet in bi0Doublet0,9f Sarcenet, Cbamlet, 0? '^affata in lining 
of bi0 gotone0, anD tbe fame 0? Oeluet in \)is lleeitele0 coat0, iacKet0, ier- 
fein0,copfe0,cap0,pttrfe0 0? partlet0, (tbe cob3ur0 of j^carlet, Crimfon gt 
!6letnercepteD0 ifJo? (balltoeare anp jfitrre of jfopne0>6rap31enet0, 
no? anp otber ^nrre lubereof tbe lilte l^ino groliaetb not toitbin CnglaD, 
31relanD,2Ilalei5;,<2;allei0, ^ertoiclfee, 0? tbe sparcje? of tbe fame, (ejccept 



htfojcmm^v.) 3^0? mmm ^nvmt^,%imns,^^,mhcs of 
goioo?muer,£ilc o?coimtei:faitff«f, o? mm mij aupot&ercntife of 

^y.«,f«cijoii,. map mfiicni. m Umc as fs afo?efaiu jcr.n a peete om all c jarces) S 
toieare anp mancr of fiihc m anp apparcH of (Jis Jro?SS^ 

copfcanDCOamlccmljisiTeeuclcrre ^acto, anTate f^ 
^oncc 0? pomtsjaces, sirDIes, o? garters maoe in €n^lmoTmS 
t} mi Uicare any jTiirres of bhtht Conie o? BuDae. -^1^ ^f^'f^^^^^* 
9 m man unacr t!;e faiD Degrees (otfjer tfjen ftic^ almap m'toD m 
(a.«,frcc5ciD. lanos $c. as is afo?efaiD, D.r. a peere aboue m cfjarges,) HjaU toeare an? 

p?ice of i3u s, uiu U. t [je h}m parD, no? anp Dt[jer tUm mm out of tfate 
realme.ercept cOambletuu1jeirirom)leC0,anMac^cts,24,tb.8.i./ 
f ?frSff' J"^ ^^ ^/rumgman,no?ot!jer |?eomanta!?infrtoaa:es, o? Utchothet 
Mum^. f«^'^pocr.rrpeuD^!ioftof,oIobppeere,fi,aUtoeailan^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Ijofeaboue tJje pjice oUatin paro, no? m ^isgotone, coafe, acK 
fjts spaders Ittterie, no? l|,aU l,aue anpi,oregarDcoo?mijreD toitbanpo^ 
tly,t t\m tm map be reene,on,o? c(j?otia:lj tbe Decerpart of fjis Ijofe, but 
toitb tl;e fame clotb onelp» ji^o? fljalt Uieare anp rurre, ercept blac^e oi 
tDljitelambe, o?grapConie,o:roli3in9:tuitfjm englantj,males,o?3Ire^ 
lano. ji^o? mi iweare anpOjirt, o? dm banu, bnuer o? bpper cap, copfe, 
bonet30? bat,prmQjeti,mi>eD,mai.e.o? iu?ougt)C toitbfilke,ffolo,o? aiuer! 
no?anpt)oitet o?fTjirtbattirto?ougOcoucofen5lanD, o? malesMmht 
map loeare a ClRe nbano f p? bis bonec, tbe eogniTance oi hmz of Ws 
lc?t[ 0? gpaSer, ano a bo?necippeii o? fleioeD Xoitl) (Iluer, g«c o? bngilt. 

?1 ?. ^f ^?"? "''^. ^^^^' ''^ ^^^^'^ ^^"^^^^ ^» C^'«f^ of (iliicr mt 01 
ijnguc iDbicb cbf p tout bv tu?emtng,running,0;ootm(5Jeapmrr,o? caftinff 

i»mmm, II f (l)a«Uieareanpclocbabcuetbep?iceofil0;tbe 
parD m bis mM.wiM)e b?oaii parlr m W coace o? iacket, iiiis. the 
b?oat. paro m bis goiDue, no? anp of ber tlm m ¥s mmk, tbcn is 
^?o«g(jtUJitbmtbtsl^ealme, («iananu eanuasoneIpe;cepteD)im 
Mlloeareanpfurremanpofbisapparell24.iIp.8,i?, *^ ^ ^. 

SS/" ^«Ll«^'if H'"^ ^" i&ufban?)?p, 0? 3!o?nepman in JIpanDicrafcs tahtng 
ISSl Sl^'Z-l'^i^^f ^,^»i^ clotbaboue fbe p?ice ofrbr.lf,tbe pari, in W 
mw m* ijiiud, tbe b?oaD partr m bis gotone.iackt oi coate, no? in his 
doublet anpocbcrcI«tjenf«aian,ean«a^,lct6er,o?«^^^^ 

©amtJi of Ql 


-l^aH bJcate anp f iirre in anp 1)10 apparc U* 244l&,S J ^» 

part of t&m apparel of t (jctr botiics o^ on tljetr [)o?fc0 anj) 0uffe ii)?oua;Ijt 
out of c5ngIa5,3!rc!at»,^aIt%CaHei8,li5erti5icfee o? tOe ^parc^es of the 
fame, cjcccpt tljat it (JjalOe latofull to all ^rcljDcacon0,Deane0,p?ouofe, 
Spaders, antj SBaruens of erat|)CD?an an^ Collcojiat C(jurcl)C0, lj3je* 
Icnoaricis, Doctors, c^ 15aclje(er$ in Diuinitie, Doctors of tljc one lata 
0} tlK otljei'ianDDoctD?0 ofotljer^ricnceSjtobtcb fjauctakntljatDe* 
gr?e,o? be atmtitteD in anp dnujerCtic, to tueare Sarcenet in tljc liim^ 
of tfjeir golunc0, hlackz fatten o? bUtM cfjamlet tn tljeir Doublet0, ana 
flecuelclTe coacc0,$ blac^e Oclueco? blaclke ^arcenet,o? blaclte fatten 
in tljetrtippec0 QtriDingfjooD^jO^gtrDlcs* ^ntralfoclotboftbecolouuss 
of Scarlet, Spurrep o} UioUt, anD ^ixxvts called ©rap, hUtkt Suisse, 
foine0,^ba^s{ o? spmeuer,in t^eir golan0 f ilecuele0 coat0v24,CIp»8,i 3* 

1 4 5f5one of tbe ^Clergie ijnner tlje Dcgree0 afo^cfaiD, (ball toeare aiip ^ije curgie. 
tnaner of furre0, otbcr tljen blaclic Conp.grap Conp,'Bunge,^bahs,Ca« 
laberj^rap, ^itl), ^ojcCjlambe, ©ttcr, ^'j5emu 3^0? anp Sarcenet 0? 
otjjer filhe in tWt 'E(ppet0, cjtcept \)Z he a ^aCer of ^rt, a "Bacbcler of 
t\)z one Hato, 0? ot^jer, aDmttten in anp ^IniuerKtie, o} fucb otljer of tlje 
faioClergie, a0maptiirpeniip^crelp!c]r,ftaboueancbare:e0» 24Jp»8»r 5, 

? 5 3If anp man ufe o} toeare anp apparell , 0? otber tbe p?eunire0 "^^c fo^fastiiw 
contrarp to tbe teno?.gt fo^me afo^cfaio, tben be fljal fo^fait tbe fame fo bp 
I;ini bfcb 0^ tDojine bpo W pecron,bo)re, mule, 0? otber beai!,o? tbe balue 
itbereof, 9t filfo Hi* i. iiii^ri, in tlje name of a fine fo? euerp Dap tbat fje Qjall 
fo toeare tbe fame to tbe Clueene anb 3I» ^c. ^nt eiterp man tbat ijjill, 
map lalufuHp fue fo^tl^efame bp action of Detinue, to be commenccD 
iMitbtn ]cbf baie0 nzn after tbe beginning of tbe 'Eenne nert cufuing fucfj 
caufeof fo^f^toljercin no m^^c^^fO? ^♦^c*24«!^,8,i 5/ 

16 ail fucb ©fficer0 anb feruant0 Waiting 0? attenning bpon ttje Tl, cettafne w 
Bailp,peerelp j quarterip in ^er bou(bolD,o? being tn Ijer Cfcbequer roU, Jntfpfnmttco 
ii0 Hjalbe abmittet», affigneb, ano licenceb b^ ber 6race to ^k 0? lueare ^."jf ^''^^^AP^^J 
■ anp maner apparell ontljeirboDie0,f)Ojfe0,gtc* (otberuiifetben i0befoje fc^iKV* 
erp^elTeD) IbaU laisjfullp bo t^e fame, acco^bing to ttje Itcenfe giuen bnta 
tbem intbat be!)alfe, tbe fame licenfe to be beclareb in to^iting bp tbe ©♦ 
0? tbe lojD ^teljaarb of ber Ijouibolb, 0} tbelo^b Cbamberiainej^knolu^: 
ing tbe 2[lueene0 plcafure in tbe fame, ^no tbe lLo;iti CWtlloh ti)Z lap 
«Crearo^er,tbc]^jefiDencoftbe £lueene0CounfeU, ano tbelo?bp?i»p 
^ealefoj tbe titne being, of lubat efface 0? Degree foeuer tfjep be befiBes 
tfjofe ropme0,map ixiearc in tbcir appareII,Cleluet, fatten, ^ otber fil^ess 
.p/anpcalour0 (except 'Purpure) ^ anp maner of jrurre0 (eiccept blacke 
Slenet0»)^nbtbt0^cce fljallnot crtenb no^bep^eiubicialltoanpoftbe 

of tfj? ^Ccfjequer, tje ^aSier of tje Unlp, ^erieauts^ at latu,tl;e spatters: 

-- . - cf 


of tlje Cfiancerie.Qlpp^entifeg of t^c lalu, t^eSCltteettesil^bpSciott0,9^a* 
10 js,iacco^tier0,aiDermen,!^lKcife0,'Baplifeis elect, $ all ot(jec Ijeau 2)f« 
ficcr$ of Citie0,^otone£{, gt 15ojougb3 co?po?at, ca^acDen0 of iSDccupati* 
on0, tljc l^arong of tlje fiue pontes, tljat is to raj»,co all t^e fapD ©flficer?, 
^ perfons tbat notu be^o? Ijeretofo^e baue bene in like roome,place,office, 
0? a«tljo?itie,o? Ijereaftei; fo? tlje time fljall be.afuiell in tbe time, as after 
tljat tbe? baue bene in anp fucb place,oafice,roome, o? autbo^itie, but tbat 
tbep (ball at all time^toeare all fucb apparell in ^ ^pon tbeir booies, b^?* 
fes ^c» Slnoalfo Citizens anD'^urg;e(re0, iball noto toeare fttcbbooDsof 
clotb anti of fitcb colours, a0 tbep baue beretofo^e bfeo to taeare (epcept it 
Cjallnot belatofulltoan^of tbem to uoeaceQeluet, Damafl^e o? 4)&t* 
ten, of tbecolour0 of Crimfin, Violet, l^urpure, o^lBletue, otbertoiCe 
tben hv tbf content of tbi0 9ct in anp of tlje claufe0 before mentionen, isf 
bp reafon of tbeir lanD0,o? otbertoifepermitten,limitteo o^ a(ri(!:neo*) fit 
(balltbi03icte]ctentito3mbairatro?0 o^ otber perronage0 Cent from out* 
tuarD "Pjinces, o? to jl^oblemen, o^otbercommingjinto tl)e ^Eiueenesi 
IRealmc o^ otber part of ber obepfance, tobidte, fee, o} falute ber ©race, 
0? to fee tbe countrep, 9 not minoeo to mafee long 0? cotinuall Demurre in 
tie fame* ^t to anp i^encbman,CperaulD, 0? Ipurfeuant at Srmes, S^in* 
flrel0,piaier0in ^nterlunes, ;i)igbte0, 1Seuel0,3Iuae0,'S:urnei0,T5ar« 
rier0, folemne (T^atcbes, 0? otber S^artiall feat0 o} oifguiltng;, 0^ to men 
of22larre, being intbeClueene0 toac5e0 oftoarre, ^o} toanpmanfoj 
bearing anp apparell giuen unto bim bp tbe Clueene, no? to anp ^too?0« 
tearer of anp Citiej'Bo^ougb 0? "^otune co^pojat. 5f5o? (bal erceo to anp 
OtterbarreCer of anpof tbe3Inne0ofcourt, fo? iuearina; in anp of bis ap« 
parell fucb ^ilfee ^ jf urre,a0 i0 before limiteo, fo? men tbat map oifpcnti 
in lanir,rent0,gf c* fo^ terme of life jrjc^t ouer all cbarges, 3^0? to anp otbec 
i§)tm!ent oftbe3Inne0 of tbe Court o^Cbaitcerp, nojtoanp6entleman 
being feruat to anp lo^tJ,!Kntd;bt,€rquire 0? (^entlema of tbi0 Healmr, 
lubofe ^fMaimv nifpenti jclXouerallcbarges, fo? tuearing bpfuc^ 
^tuDcnt 0} Gentleman being feruant,of Doublets ^ partlets of J^atten, 
jDamafKe,o? Cbamlet,o? 3iacKets of Cbamlet, tubicb be giue bnto tbcitt, 
bp anp of tbeir parents, mailers 0? hinffolfes, (fo altuaics tbattbep be not 
aftbe colours of CrimfoHjlpurpure, Scarlet, 0^ blelu) 0? fo? bearing of 
anpirurre0, tobftcof tbe lifee groUjetb toitbin tbis1Realme,CClalc0,o? 
31relanti(^artin6 $ blacke Conp ercept*) ji^oj (ball be p?eiuoicial to anp 
^pirituall 0? ^empo^allpcrfcn, fo? tbeiuearmg anp o?nament0 of tlje 
CburcbjbfcD fo? executing niuine ^eruice, 0? fo? bearing tf)m Amices, 
S^antels,l[pabite0 0? garment0 of Heligion, 0? otbf r tbing0j tobicb tbep 
be bfeo 0? bouno ijnto bp tbeir roome0,p?omotion0, 0? Religions* 315e to 
anp (8>raiiuats,O5eaole0, 0? minittcr0 to tbe 6rarjuats m 23niuerntie0 $ 
^cbooles, fo? toearing of tbeir J&abites 0? i^ooO0 t»itbirurre0, linings 
V} ot^jertoife, after fucl)fo3mea0(;eretofoje tl;epl&auebeneaccu(JomeD 


ApparcM. Appcalcs and Prouocations* 25 

to BO. 3l5o? to anp perfon fo? tocanng of anp linne riotib maoe 0? lujoug^t 
outoftbcCiueenesobcpfance* 315c toanppcrfon liemgoftlje Degree of 
a 6entle«tan, fo? iueanngofanpfi)trt,niaoe,to?oug(jt 0? emb^ooereo 
ii3itl)tlj?eaDanU!^ilkeoneIp, fo tbe famelDo?ie o^imb^ooerie bemaue 
itDitbntt^i0 Healme of Cnglanii, malejefj Calleijs;, tJDertoicl^e, 0? tlje 

17 5i5o pcrCon bo?ne toitfjin tijis Hcalme 0? tlje Domim'on0of tfie ^ijefeoneigsj 
fame,fi)aU lucare anp maner of ^ilke in 0? upon bis ilpat, TBonet, l^igbt* S^''^^? 
cap,gic5lc,fcabcri3,bofe,fi)oe0,o? fpiirre leatbers, bpon paine of tl;?ee mo« '^'^^^ "*^^* 
netbs imp?tronmcnt,^fo?faitui:e ofjc. fJo^euerpoaies bearing, ercept 

be be tl)t fonne ^ Wxc of a Enigbt,o? of 0? aboue cbe Degree of a Enigbt0 
fonne oj Daugbter,oj toife to anpoftbem, 0? mapoifpenDrr. f^bptbe 
^eere, in !anD0, officer, fees, 0? otber peerelp reuenues foj tljeterme of 
Iife,o? be too^tb in gooD$ €€.f* 3nD ejccepc t^em toljtcl) bane bene, be, oj 
(bal be Spaio?, ^ailife, Sloerma o} ^eao Officer, in anp Citie, 15o^ougb, 
0? "Comne co?po?at, $ t^eir mines, $ tbe iHueenes feriiants in ojDinarie 
tnages attenoant $ laearing tbe dueenes o^Dinarie liueries, ano mmcn 
mbicb map ixieare in tbeir (Caps, i^ats, (SirDlcs, ^ I^ooDs, as tbep migbt 
bfe $ toeare latofuUp before tbe mafeing of tbis Qitu i*anD 2,l^»anD 9pt2* 

1 8 31f anp perfon fenotoing bi^ ferttane to offenD com rarp to tW ^^' '^Cfte spaces 
tute,Do not put bim foojtb of bis feruice toitbin xiiiu Daies nejct after fucfi ^?,|aS?SS. 
linoiDlcoge baD (except be be Ijis p?entifeo? bireD fernant, tobfcb Ijemap Btng,fo?ti) of 
feeepe to tbe enD of bis terme) 0? els being put foo?tb of bis feruice do re= ^""'^^* 
tainebim againeinitbin one peerenert after tbe offence, be Ibailfojfait 

fo? euerp fucb offenceC^tto tbeSElueen anD 3Im to be recouereo hv ^*% 
9U tcderein no m. ^U €♦ 0? p. ^u i«anD 2tlp,anD ^, 2, Sec Corpora- 
tion 8. Iufticcofpcace42. nraiDcprifc 1 1. 

1 Where the wiues apparel! doth enforce the husband to keepe any 
Horfcor Armour. S. Armour 2.Horfcs 1 1. 

i Who may weare any Veluet Cap, or VeluetHatj and vsho not, 

Appealcs and Prouocations. 

IB fucbcafesto^ereberetofo^e anpof tbeillueenesritbiectso? reCants 
baue ijfeD to purfue, p;iouo!^e, 0? procure anp appcaie to ttje ^ea of IfaJ^o?"?* 
IRome, anD in ali otber cafes of 3ppeales,in 0? fo? anp caufes te^amenta* 0? W a^sniau 
rie, caufes ofspatrimottie,fjDiuo?ces, rigbts of'S^itbes, oblations ana 
obuentions, tbep map ano (ball tal^e, baue anDbfe tbeir appeales toitljin 
tbi0 Eealme ano not elstubere, in maner anD fo?me enfuing, anD not 
otbcrlaife, tbat is to fap, firairom tbe arcbDcacon o? 10 Offtciall, if tbe 
matter 0? caufe be tbere begunne, to tbe 05iff)op Diocefan of t^ faiD 
5^ea,ifincare anp oftbc parties be greeueD*24Jp,8.i2» i*€li?j» 

2 ^nD if It be commenceD before tbe 03i(bop Diocefan 0? ^iti <zrom« appealer frotw 
miOarie, from t!;$ mnp^ Diocefan, n} \)i$ ComuulTarie, UJitljin 6ftcene m Igy^^^ 

Appeales and Pr oiiocations* 

ftaieie^ wept enfutnf cbe iungcment o? fencence tijereof ttjcre giaett, to tl^ 
Slrcbbil^op of tljep^oumce ofCanterbune,if ttbe toitbin bi0?^puince? 
9ni> if it be tDitfjin tljc lp?ouittce of ^o^fee, tben to tlje 3lrcbbi(bop of 
^o?Ke, anD fo likzMe to all ocbec 9rcbbi^op0 inotber t^eiOueenos 
Dominions!, as tbc cafe bp o joec of auCice fijall require, ann tljere to be 
oefinitiuelp anD finally occreeD ano aoiuogeo acco^^ing to 3Iul!ice, toit^ 
out anpotber appellation o^ pjouocationtoanpoc^erperfon o^perfomef. 
Court 0^ Courts* 2^l)Xi2^ u€li^,i^ 
appealer from 5 ^^^ if tbe matter o? contention, fo? anp of tbe caufes afo^efaiti, be 
25Sa?ch o^Qj^^b^commenceo bp anp of tljeClueenesfubiectsojreaants, before 
mm?. tbe arcbneacon ofanparcbbiQjop o? bis Commiflarie, tben tbepartie 
grieueu Ojall o} map take Ijis ^ppeale iuitljin jcb* oaies nejrt after fentencc 
tberegiuen to tbe Court of tbe Grebes o} auoience of tbe fame ^rcbbp* 
(bop, anD from tbe faio Court of t^e arrives oj auiiience Miitljin jrb» oaieu 
tben nejct enfuing, after iuogement o? 5§>entence tlbrre giuen to tUe Slrcb* 
biibop of tbe fame J^jouince, tbere to be oefinitiuelp ano finallp oetermi* 
neo, toitbout anp otberpjocefleo^appeale thereupon to be l^m o^fuej* 

Seen St "^ ^^^^^ matter,cau(e ano contention tfjat (balbe commenccD bp anp 

M^ximm* of tbeClueenesfubiectso? re(tants,fo? anp of tbe caufes afo?efaio,befo?e 

anp of tbe fain Strcftbifbops, (balbe faefo?e tbe fame 9[rcbbiflbop,tobere tbe 

faio matter caufe o? pjoces fl^albe fo commenfeo,oefinitiuelp uetermineir, 

tiecreeD,o^ aoiu)geD,loit()out anpot^er 9ppeale,p?ouocation o? fo^raine 

l^joces out of t^isHealmcto befueD,to tbe let, o? nerogation of tbefaid 

tungement ^u otbertoife tl^en is h^ tbis 3ct limitteo anc appointeBr* 

«u? of tii?^" ^^""^S alluates tbe p^erogatiue of tfje 3rcbbi(bop ano €h\itc\) of Can* 

atcijbti^op of terburp in all tbe fo^efaio cafes of appeales to bim, ano to bis fucceirojisr, 

cantecewric. jg ]j^ f„jj, ^^^i„ (j^jg i£teainte,in fucb toife as t^ep ^aue bene accuttomen 

tobaueberetofoje. 24»i^»8+i 2» i^Cli^fi* 
SeffibP'^'" 5 fo} laclte of 3Iuflice at o? in anp tbe Courts of t^e Sirc!jbt(bops of 
fijopg dLom tbis Healme, o? in anp t^e SEiueenes Dominions, it (balbe lalufull to tfie 
ff«u!^^^^*"' 1?^^^^^^ srieueo, to appeale to tbeSClueenes ^mftit in ber Court of 
Cbauncerte, ano Upon cuerp fucb appeale, a Commiffion (balbe DirecteD 
ijnoer tbe great ^eale to fucb perfons as (balbe nameo hi^ tbe duceneu 
bigbueife, ber beires o? fuccelTo^s (like as in cafe of appeale from tbe ^d< 
mirals court) to bfare ano oefinitiuelp Determine fucb appeales, ano t})e 
caufes concerning tbe fame, tobicb Commi(Roncrs fo to be namco o? ap* 
pointeo (ball baue full poloer to beare, ano ocfinitiuelp oetermmeeuerp 
fucb appeale \3iitl) tbe caufes and all circumiJances concerning tbe fame* 
Sno fucb iuDgement anofentcnce as tbe faio Commiflloncrs (ball mafee 
ano Decree in ano upon anp fucb appeale, fijalbe gooD ano effect uall anD 
alfoDcfinitiue, auD no furtber appeales (balbe baD o? maDe fromtljefaiD 
* CommitTioners foj t^e fame»^n»2 ^J;, 8, ip, i^CIi^Jf 

6 9iUD 

Appedcs and ProuocationsJ 24 

d anti in cafe an? caufe, matter 0? contention, fo? tbe caufciS ibefo?e 3e? tofi? 
rebearfeu, 0? an? of tfjcm fljal come in contention fo? anp of tljefame cau* ti)tnB t^e' 
fe0, in anpof t()e fo^cfaio Court0,iiil)icl) ljatl;,tiotf}, fijall 0? map toucb tbe Si»w"^» 
SEi, ^ec f;eires 0? fuccelfo^Sj IKings d j Clueenegf of tbis Healme, tfjen tl;e 
partie grieueo fljall 0? map appeale from anie of tbe faiu Coutte0 of tbisf " 
IRcaImc,tu()cre t\it faio matter 0;an bapyen to be tjentilat, commenceo oj 
begtm to tbe ^pirituall 13jelate0ottbe Ctppecboufeaftemblen bptbe 
Siueeneiei to^it in t})t Couocation being, 0? nert enfuing Viiit\)ixi tbe]p?o» 
m'nce o?l{9?ouince0,U)bere tbe fame matter ofcotentionlbal be begun, fa 
tbateuerpfucb appeale betalten bptbepartiegrie,ueti,toitbin]i;b»oaies{ 
nert after tbeiuQgemento^fcntcnce tbereupon jinen* anotobatfoeuec 
Iball be none, affirmeo, oetermineo, oecreeri ano aniuogcD bp tbe fo?efaio 
prelates of tbe Upper boufe of tbefaio Conuocation, concernino; oj be= 
longing to tbe Cl» for beireis gffuccelTo?? in anpoftbefo^efaiD caufes of 
appeale0, fljall l!ano ^ be tata fo? a finanfentence,iuugement, '9 Deter* 
ntination, ^ tbe fame matter G oetermineo neuer after fiall come in que* 

7 31f it fijall bappcn anp peifon to purfue o} p^ouofee anp appeale PwnjSmwtPl 
contrarp to tbe effect of tbis acc.o? refufe to obep, cpccute ano obferue aU ^^* ^^^^^^^* 
tbingscomp^ifeotiJitbin tbe fame, concerning tbe faio appealer, pjouos 
cation0,f otber fojreine p?oce0 to be fueo out of tbis Healnte, fo^ anp tbe 

caufegs afojefaiOjtbenbe, W p?ocuro?0,fauto?0,aouocate0, counfcller^ $ 
abbetto?s!, f euerp of tbem Ibal incurre into tbe penalties o^oeineo in tbe 
flatuteof Premunircmaoe i^»H.2,^toitbUHeujoce0 tobemaQeagaittit ®»P?«tnmi- 
Jbefai0offenDo?3a0 iutbefamettatuteappearetb. 24,^,8»i2» 2^,^,2, "•^* 
1 p, i*€li5« T . S.2 ^,^X 1 p^tbat if anp perfon p?otroke 0? fue anp maner gppwie^ to 
of appeale0 of tebat nature 0? conoition foeuer tbep be, to tbe 'BiOjop 0? "^^* 
ii)eaofEome, 0? do pjccure 0? erecute anp p?oce0 from tbe ^ea of 
IRome, 0? h^ ambo^itie tbereof, to tbe Derogation 0? let of tbe Due ejcecu* 
tion of tbe fb?efaiD I!atute,tben be,btis counfello jg gtc,(baU incurre into tbe 
penaltie0 jDeineo in tbe 0atute of Premunire,maDe i d»lR,2+ o^ut bp tbe 
Catute of i^€lt?*2* tbe gettmg of anp 'Bull, inciting 0^ inilrumenc 
tobatfoeuer from Home, conteining anp matter 0? caufe Uibatfoeuer, isi 
btgb ^reafon. See Rome.2. 

8 euerp fucb iuDgement anD fentence DeSnitiue as (balbe gtuen, j J^ypcauji cn «. 
pjonounceDinanpciuifl ano marine caufe, upon appeale latufullp to be SauS*"^^'"^ 
mm tberein, to tbe S^ueene in ber Court of Cbauncerie b^ fucb C6mif« 

fioncr0o J Delegates aslbalbe appointeo bpberSpaieffie, berbeires oj 
fucceiro?0 h^ erommiaion bnoer tbe balfefeale, as it batbbenebfeoin 
fucb cafes, Ibail be Snail, anD no furtber appeale Ibalbe baD 0? maoe from 
tbe faiD iuDgement 0? fentence De6nitiae,o? from tbe faio Commiflionerjs 
0} HDclegate0, fo?, 0? in tbe fame* S,€\i^, j^ 
J That eucjyEcdcfiaftical Judge fhalawM^coftcs to tkcot^^^ 

Appeales of FdonieJ 

Tpon Appeale made in any fuite for fubtra6lion ofTy dies or offerings^ 
SccTythcs. 21, 

Appcalcs of Felony. 

?.!iS?„ffi' A ^^ 3ppeate0ofcl)ing;scommitcctJtoftl)tntlje^eatme,(&ani)ecrie5 


f^mmim, JrVmn Detecmineo bp tlje latoeg of tljc Eealme: ^nn of tfjings com= 
mitten out of tfjcEealme, before tbe Conaable ^^arfliaU ofCnglaiiD* 
annnoappeale fballbeyurfueu in tfje parliament, ui?,^.i^15\xt all 
'2Dreatbng,anu mifp^idon of 'S^reafon committer outof t^is Eealme,Q)al 
be trien in toe Eings IBencf;, o? in fuci^ Countie of cbis Healme as t^e 
Sdueenebp CommilTion Qjal mc^m,26,i)Xi 3.3 $.^A2,$f€u,6a 1^ 
SceTreafon. 10, 

appeaieof 2 3!ft!)e Appellant in Appeale 00 declare t^eiieesc, tfje pere, t^etta?, 

^mtv, tbe ljoure,t!)e time of tlje Eina:,amj t^e totone inljere tfje Deeoe toa? Done, 

anu Ujitljtobatlaeapon ^etea^flaine, t^e appeale (ball fiano in effect: 

9nii tlje Appeale Qjall not be abateu fo? nefault of f refl)fmt> tuyere a man 

cotf) fue iwitljin tlje peere ann tlje nap after tl;e neeue. (Blo*6, Co* i ♦p* 

mlf Sna^' ^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ outlatueo bpo appeale of commanuement, fo^ce, 

ttfte p^ncipau aioe, t} receipt, bntill tlje pjincipall be attaintCD* t0ut tlje appello? (Ijall 

anDacceOam* not let to attach Ijis appeale at tlje neyt Countie, agsUiell againU tlje 

acceflb?iea0apin(ltljel^pcipall'35ttt tljeerigent againft tlje Sccef- 

fo?pfijal(lap,bntilltbep^incipall be attainteo bp 5ltlato?p otljertnife^ 

£a3;eaj»g»CDf i»i4» anoif anp be appealer of an act none ai principal, 

tbf P tljat be appealen a0 acceiro?ie0 fj^albe attacljen, ann furelp ^ept, ton* 

eillt^elP^incipallbeattainteti,Officium Coronatoiis.^^Cna* 

aijptaif of a 4 5I^one fljalbe tafeen 0? impjifonen bp tlje appeale of anp tooman foj 

toomam tljeneatlj of anp otljertljen of IjerljufbanD, Magna Charta.p^fip*;?* 34* 

Wit apptiicr 5 C^ljen anp appealen of felanp notfj acquit Ijimfelfe in tlje Clueenesf 

SffiiS ^°"" ^^ ^"^ maner, at tlje fuit of t^e appellant,o^ tlje 211, tlje iluUices hz* 

a66etto;iB mi fo^etuljom tlje appeale fijalbel^earn ann neterminen, C[jall puntfb tljeap* 

Be puniiijeD, pellant bp a peeres imp?ifonment, ann neuertljeleffe fuc^ Appellant Hjall 

peeln to t|e<apuellee namag;e0 hy t^e3Iul!ice0 nifcreti6,iauina; refpect to 

tlje impjifonment 0? arrell tljat tlje partie ljat(j fuffainen ])y reafon of fucb 

appeale, ann to tlje flaunner in^icb [je Ijatlj receiuen, ann alfo Ije Ojall pap 

agrieuous amercement to tbcSiueene, ^nniftlje appellor be not fuffi- 

cicnt to anfiuere namages^ inquirp lljal be mane bp lubofe abbetment t^e 

appeal luas malicioullp commencc0,if tlje Appellee ne Cre it* ^nn if it be 

founn bp tlje fame inqueft, tbat anp man i0 abbetto? tlj^ougb malice, be 

Ibalbe niftramcD bp aiunicialltri?it at tbe Appellees fuit, to appeare be* 

fo^etlje iu!licc0, annif IjebelalDfullp conmcten of fuclj abbetment h^ 

malice, Ije fijclbe imp^ifonen ^ re(fo?enamaa:e0, as is afo^elain of tlje Sip* 

P;ociim^of pfnant,2Itea»2.i3,Cn*i*i2*annanppeifoninntcteno?appealenoffe« 

fiicefncSoim ^^^^^ °^ treafon in a fo^reinc countie,(ljsll in an action bpon tlje cafe,reco=» 

eie. mt treble namage^ againft euerp procurer of fuel; innictmcnt oj appeale, 


Apprpuefsr Approiiements: if 

after Ijc 10 nwelp acquiteu bp tjettiict,attt) lifte pjoccis Ibal be in tt;e fame as 

inanaction of '2Lrerpa0vi & Armis.8.fip»6jo.See Coroners 7.8. 

J Within what time and before whom an appealc of Murder fliall be 

2 How the defendant in appeale ofMaimc (hall becvfed.Sec Co- 
roners 8. 

5 That appeale of Murder may bee commenced in one County of 
the death of any other perfon ftricken or poy foned in another Countie» 

4 In w hat cafe appeale of Murder may be commenced againft a man 
arraigned at theQueencsfuit.S.Murder.^* 

5 Appeale againft any perfon dwelling in a forrainc County .Sec In* 


W][E)ljofoeucr(|)an be appcalcDbpanp approuers remaining in ttje appcatcsibg 
gaole0,tu()iclj tfje 31uStce0 of pole oeliuerp (bal toljat ^p^?^""«* 
place foeuer of tlje realme tlje perfong; appealed i^all remaine,immeuiatl? 
t^e fl^erife of tbat Countp toljcre fucb perfong appealcD be conucrfant j 
map be founti,(balbe commaunueu bp tbe SQueenes topics bnDer tbe teiti^ 
ttioap of tbe fame 31uGicc2! , tbat be fljall cahe tbofe perfons appealeo, ano 
ccnuep tbem to tbe gaole tobere tbe appjoiiers bp iDbofe appeale tbej» be 
app^ebenoen, be imp?ifonetr,^ tbe fljerife 0? gaolo? of tbat p^ifon (ball re* 
ceiue tbem,f tbere tbep IbaU anfmere before tbe fame 3Iwfftce0.anD if tbe? 
pttbemfeliteabpon tbeCountrep,tbe 3Iufttces(baU feno bpa3Iuli(c(aU 
tjjjittotbe^berifeoftbe conntpiuberctbefelonptoas committcD, tbat 
^e (ball retucne an Cnquett before tbem at tbe place tobere tbe appjouerisf 

Ho remaine* Stat de appellatis. 28»Ed» !♦ 

1 That it is felony for a Gaoler to caufc a prifoner to become an ap- 
prouer.S.Prifoners jtFcIony 1 7» 


TK^e 3Lo jusfof t.t)aa0,\MOOb0 anD pa(Jure0 (tobicfj baue enfeoffeli tbeir K/Sft^* 
frceboloer0offmaUcenement0luitbintbeir great maners) mapap* tiKtrtensnw. 
p}mz of tbe fame toa(le0,toooii0, ano paffure0, nottoitbffanoing; tht com 
traritctionoftbeirtenant0,fo tbat tbe fame tenant0 map bane fufficient 
pallure ijnto tbeir tenement0 mitb freeingrefle anu regreffe to tbe fame. 


2 '5i:befojefaioaatutep?ouitiei3bettoirttbelo?tr antibi0tenant0,M jLo^n^imi^a^ 
tak place bettoirt tbe lo?ti0of tualle0, lDooD0an5pamtre0,anD tbeir fffifsj}"?. 
neigbbour0,fQ tbat tbe lo?D0leautn5 fufficient paaure totbeirmen ann ^^"'^""sijw^ 
neig:bbour0,map app?oue tberenDue.antitbi0n)aUbcobferuebof tbem 

W^b claime pafture pertaining to tbeir free^oIOt l^utifaman claimc 

€ common 

fommDnofpa(!u«li|»afp?ciaI feoffcmenCD?grauntfo?a cettainentmtfl 
Common w ^^^ of catceIl,o? bp an? ot^er mcane0,tljen bp common rigl)t)reeing coue* 
swffc. nant Dotlj abrogate im)^t f^allrecouer W otone acco^ning to t\)z grant, 

anp;io«cmfnt 3 ^nD if fuc& tenants o? ndt^hhtms Boe b^fn^f an affiCc of common of 

S?mio»r^^^"^^'^^^'^^^^^°""^^ befojetbe3Iuaice0 tljat tbepl^aueas mucb pa- 
paffasc ftuceasi0rufficfent fo^ cljeic tencmentief, ann tljac tbey baue fufficicnt 
ingcePfe anu regretfe from c()eir tenements! bnto tljeir faiD padure , tbe? 
njaU &olDe tljemftluejs contenceli, anttt(jeic £0^00 of tofjom ti^ep com* 
plaineo 0jaU be quiet, annmalte tljeic commonitie of tlje reHoue, tBut 
if it bee founn tijat t^eir inpelTe anu regreffe toere ante tbing J)mi3?e9 
ip t^e l>efo?ceout0, o? tfjat tbepljannot fufficienc paffure, tben t^ep 
(ball recoucr t^eirfeifonbp i)ietuoftbe31ttro?0, fot^at bptfjeir oifcre* 
tion, auti otlje, tijep fi;aU batie fufficienc pallure, ingrelfe ann regcelfe, 
ano t^e niCfeifojg OjaU be amercer, anu censer Damages, 20,^t%s,^ 1 5. 


4 15poccafi;onofa?3^intimil,i|)eepe4oufe,Dairie, augmentation of 

a neceirarpCourt,o? Curtilage, no man Qjalbe grieueu h^ alHfe of comoit 

of paflure.2BelI.2»i 5^(JEd,i»46* 

^rcWe Bama* 5 SlIfucbpcrfonanDperfonstubicb (balbjingadirebpoa anpb?ancft 

B^^* oj article of anp of tbefo^efaio Jiatuce^, ann Ijaue iutjcremcnc to rceouetr, 

Ibal Ijauebis 0? t^eir uamage^ treblen h^ tbeiuugmentof tl;e court,\B^ere 

fuel; alTife anu iuugement (balbe baD» 3»€o*5»?» 

iDitcu o;i^etise 6 31f a oitcljo? beoge (mase bp anp perfon t|jat ^at^ aut^o^itie to 

SatKeu ^M^i^^y) bcintbe nigbto? otijerluife p?iuilp tbjotuenbotone, ant» it 

£K3i»n<. ' cannot be tolMeit by tlje beruict of tlje affife o} 3Iurie tobo bio it, no? t\}z 

inbabitante^ cftbe nejcfS^otone^toiUaccufetbem tbat beeguiltie, tbe 

^otonegneyttbereaboutaotopning Wlbe biftraincb toleuptl^e^eoge 

c? bitcbat t\^tit otunecljarge?, anoaifo toxc\\mur\mgt,m(tta*i3t. 

fjoafes toitij 7 -Cbefo^efaib ttooffatutesi mabe 20^J),^.m'ti 1 5.69J»no? anp tbing 

cSSw"°^^ ^" ^"? of tljem containeb, (ball ejctenu to anp boufeg toitb gcounb builBeo 

\jpon commons 0? tuatt grounus ( befo je 4*5I5ouemb. Anno 1 549) tuitb 

grouno bnoer tl;e quantitp of tb?ee acre^ anb not aboue,tiulofcb to ^ toitb 

®arBm^,2Dj. t^e fame* ji5o? to anp garben,ojcbarD,o} pontF inclofeb before t^e faio bap, 

«t)atD?,pon5^. outof,o?infucbtoafi0o?grounb lubicb erceetmottbequantmeof ttoo 

acres, no? lljall caufe anp perfon to lofe anp penaltp fn} tlje fame^l^ut if a« 

ttp fucb boufe tjatl) bin before tlje fais bap builbcD bpon anp fucb toatt 

grounb,anbt!)at t^ere be aboue iii»acrci3 indofeb to tbe fame,tben tl)t faio 

boufe anb tb?ee acres parcel of t^e fame inclofure Hjallfiill continue, anb 

\ tbe oueiplusof tbe faio tb?ce acres Hjall anb map be laib open h^ tlje ota* 

\ «eroftbefamelual!es»5.Crj»(5*?» 

\ I That no perfon ftiallcake in any commons or waft grounds wub- 

Archen>." zS 

hi three miles of London. See Cottages p<. 

Archer! e» 

E Cleric tnan Oeino; tbe SCiueens fubicct tiot(amejiiccreptt,ma[mel»,ttoj ^a^mt \m* 
(jattinganp otberlalofullo^ rcafonablc caufe o? mipcDitnent,bcm5 Ss/hjaulptte, 
mttljin tlje ageof t^?ccfco?c pcre? (e.rccpt fpidtuaU men, 3i«fiicesof tlje 
one ijetic^ anD of t^e otljcr,31uliices of affifr, g^ Sarong of tbe Cfc Ijcquct) 
|][jaU ejccrcife fijooting; (n lont^ i)ot3300,anr! aifo Ijaue a O^otue anu ^rrclaJfS 
f onciauaUp in W l}oufe,to rfc,^ Do bfe l;imfclfe m (I)ootin5,anD euerp fa- 
t\)tx,xvXcx anD goucrno?, CjaU bjingtjp tfjofe tuljiclj be iu Ijis (joufe of ceu« 
joer age tii ^no^Ieogc of lI;oof ing^s 5»if;.ap* 

2 3ifanpmanruffci:anpmancbilDbeina;bisfonnco?man rmtancta^ Sn^?^" 
|?tnn;Uiage0,bctii3i?;c tbe age of bu'.perc0,anti jcnii^to rematne tu ftts botife rscc^ uhd !:^h» 
toit^outa'BD^eanDttoo arrotne^jbptbcfpace ofonemonetb togecber, 
tben tbe maffer o^ fatber (ball fo?fait fo? euerp Default bus^uiiuti* 3If tbc 
faio fcruanc talte li3age0,tbe matter map bup tlje faib 15otoe ano arroUjejS 
anD abate bim of big! luages* 3 3 t^^S-p* 

5 3If anp feruant tafeing toage0,anD able to (boote, being betluirt tbe ^f^ff ^|E, 
^geoffeuenteeneperesfano tbjeefco^eJacl^ea'BoUJeanDfourc^rrolMes ofasc* 
bp tbe rpace of one monetd togetber,l;e (|)aU fojfait foj euerp fuc[; Default 

4 31f anp unDec tbe age of. ]criiii.peres (bal fi^oote at anp ff anDing p^ick, ^^^^^^^^ "^ 
trcept it be at a touer,UJberea0 be (ball cbange bis marfee at euerp Iboote, 

^e Ibal fo?fait fo? euerp fljootc Doing tbe contrarp,iiii«D»3 3*l^»8*9* 

5 31fanp abouetbeageof j:mu peresDolboote at anpmarKe ofjri* maotimm^ 
fco?eparDes o} unDer,U)ttb anp pjiclt0jaft,o^ fiizMz Q)a\ fojfait fo? cue* '^''"'"^ ^^ ^* 
werp (boote bi*0.biii»C.5 z v^)S,9* 

6 3I5o (Iranger bo^ne out of tbe 0ueens obeifance not being Denizen, ^jg ^oiJts^ 
fljal conuep 0? do to be coueieD, giue,rel,o? ejrcbange into anp parts out of S'Satts btgosi 
tbe Clueenes obeirance,anp long 35otues,^rroiues 0? fbafteSjtoitbout tbe ^^^ '^*^* 

tbcp fljalbe talien,o? tbebaluetbereof uiitbin tbedueenespotocra^bpoit 
pain of imp^ifonmenttoitbout bade 02 mainp?ife,bntiirucb time as be (0 
Ijeingin toarD,batb maDe a reafonabicfine to tbe il^fo^ bis offence before 
tbc 3Iu{lices of peace, ejtujoof tbemintbeir^cfftons in tbefameCoun* 
tie lubcre be (balbe committcD to U3arD,oj finD fufficient fuertp fo j t^e ^ni* 
itientof tbefameene»5>-8.p. 

7 51^0 perfon not being bc?nc toitfjin tbt (IClueenejs obeifance net maDe Bo aucn m\\ 
Deni^en^ibal Dfe UJitbiu tbe faueens obeifance fijooting ii3itb long bolueis ^^^ «J''«'""S. 
toitbout tbe dueens licence,bpon paine of fojfaiture of fucb ^olues, Qr« 

rotoes f fijaftcs, as tbep fljalbe founD fo fijooting niitb* ^nD amy of tlje 
dueensCubiectsmapbaue autboiitptotak^feifetje famefo^faituregf 
to (?i|S0toneV>fet3 3 ♦C^,8tPiSee Aliens 2^ 

e 2 8 m 


nsowtvi atiii S 3!f anp 'Botaper, f letcVr, Stringer, o? 3rro\u![)fatjmaler , tepaf* 

HlmnMm ^"^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^uburbe0 of Icn^on, anu t^cre making Ijis oircl* 

comanijca fijau ling; auD abining, being not a free man of t^c faiu iZLitpc, neitbec bearinj 

Dujei «ift»i)e«. fcotno^ lot toitbintbc fame €(tie, (ban refufe to Depavt front tbc faioCt* 

tie,"^ubucbes!,Grecte?,lane;s!,anb places necre tbefame,to go ann inbabit 

Cucb otber Cttf e,bo?ougb o? totone ot tbe IKcalme of Cnglantj,a0 isf nefli* 

tute of fuclj artiSceriEi, ann tbece to ejcercifebis craft ann facultie &? tbe 

wamtenanceof ^irtillerp , tobenfoeuec toarntng (balbe to bint gtuen bp 

tbe SQiicens bono?able Counref,tbe lLo?ii Cbancclo^ of (Snglanu,tbe loj8 

'Creafo^erXo^D p?ittp ^eale,o? one of tbem, tben be fo refufing Iball fo j« 

fait fo? euerp nap tbat ^e fl;all malte W abobe contrarp, x\*^,s 3 *^S,9* S. 


I Who fhall haue the forfaitures giuen by this flatute , and within 
what time the fuit mutt be commenced, and before whora» S.Plaics»7# 


annumc«,Fccj{ A ^mtitiHfcesojcopibotus ofcffateofinl;eritanceo?fo?!ife,bnuet 

f a? cKejJr^ jTXjrirrtlitlball not be cbargeD,anli being aboue ]ricr»UfQ)al be cbargeu ac« 

■ coining to tbe rate of gooO0,^ut no man Ojalbe cbargeo botb fo? W la^JS 

anD alfo fo? bis goob0,annmtie!E!.$c»4*f 5. "p,^ Sp.2» 

aw 6? wa. a Citerp perfon tempojall ( beingof full age, ann not in toarDi, to^iore 

appav/u ^^"^^ lanosf amount to tbe perelpijalueof»; fljallfeeepeageloing meete 

fojaligbtbo?reman, toitJ^fufficientbarnelTeanir toeapon foj tbe fame, 

tubofe UJife ( being not oiuo^ced, no^ tuillinglp abfenting Ijer ftlfe from 

i^im) botb toeare anp gotune 0? pettcote of filfee, 0? anp beluet in Ijer ^n* 

tleo? in t?)e lining 0? otber part of bw gotone, (otber tben in tfje cuffeis 0? 

yurliejs) 0? anp frencb boob, 0? bonet of beluet, ttiitb an abilement, pa^e, 

0? eoge of golDe, pearle,o? lIone,o? anp cljaine of golD about bee neclte, j 

in berpartlet, 0? anp otber berapparell, Cejrcept ljebeec()at:geDbp anp 

ot(ier b?ancb of tbi0 (f atute to feec pe anp bo?re,o? gelbing in fucb tnanec 

a0 euerp temporal perfonbauing laog ^c^of tbe perelpbalue of C*marli03 

is bp tbis actc^argeb to maintainet ) 55t ^&t 8» 5 .4. anb 5tl^t an& sp, 

See horfes.! I, h^ 




4[ Horfes or ] Light 














of Ar- 










orh 1- 








Armour for 




ture of 

dins or 

of the one 




(S. wea- 





Horfes with 









ntarHS* 4« 
400. U, 2. 
loo.U. I. 







1 00.11. 































3I1S or 


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10. jS, 






















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I 1 






f).it!) cfiatc 
of tut)eci« 
tace 0? fcec» 




5 '^he inhabitants! of euerp cittc,bo?oug{j,tolune, jjariOj, 9 \)mkt toftbin tfjig 
realme,(otl)cr tljcn fuclj 30 are fpectaH? cfjac^cD before m tbis act ; Ojal (jaucfinD, 
fteepcruaame f maintain at tbeir common cljara:e0 $ ejc^cnces fucfj Ijarnc0 ? iyea= 
pott,$ as maclj tlj^reof,a0 fijalbe appointcD bp tbe C6!inO[i'onec0 of our fotie raipe 
Itaop tljc Snucene, l;cr Ijcirc0 ami fucceab?0 , fo? tlje muftcris 0^ bieto of Armour, 

umg tafffjfif 

couerco tj? 

^^m mat 



tJttbin fuel; Cttic,bo?ouo;^ $ c.t^ere to be 'kt^t in fucb place, as (jp t^c faio 
Comimffioncr0 Qjalbe appoiutcu* Sinn tlje numbers ano feinDes tbereof 
fljaU be to^itten in a paire of 3Inbentures , to be maue betujeene tbe ra?5 
ConimifTionerj!, o? ttoo of tbcm at tbe Ieaa,ge ttoclue.etgbt, o? foure of tbe 
tbiefeUofeuerp fucb citie,bo?ougbjfjc*toberof one part fljalremametoitb 
tbe cbiefed officer of tbe fame Citie,'Bo^ougb ^c, anb tbe otber toitb tbe 
Clerlk of tbe peace of tbe ibm o} coimtp,U)bere fucb citie,bo?ougb,^c»(bal 
ftano d} be* Sno if tbe inbabitants of euerp fucb citie, bo^ougb, ^c otbec 
tbeti fucb 33 arefpeciallp (as is afa?erairi)cbargeb,(baniac'ke o? toant fucft 
barneffco? \i)capons,o^ anp part tbereof, a$ ffjalbebnto tbem appointeu 
bp t^e fail) CcmmilTionersfo? tbe mutters, o^bietu of armo^ ( as is afo^e* 
faiD)bp tbe fpace of anp g* montl;0 togetber,nert after anp fucb appoint* 
tttcnt matie,tben tlje fame inbabitants (baU foifait fo^ euerp tbe fain tb?ee 
moneibs fo? euerp fucb 5parnefle o? Weapons fo lacKing , after tlje rate a* 
boue Itmiteo to tbe 0iueene anu 3Info?mer , to be recouereb in anp of tl)e 
JILlueenes Courts of reco?ii,bp 'BJip.^,0'^ % tobereinno QU.€* o^p* gfc«. 
Sub tbe l.Cbancelo? of CnglauD fo? tbe time beinoj, 0)aU baue autbo?itp 
bp bertue of tbis act, from time to time to graunt out Commiffiong! bnnec 
tb?o;reacieale,totbe31ufficesof peace toitbin euerp (bireo^Countp of 
tbisl^ealme, o^to fomanpoftbemas bpbiiEfbifcretionCbaU bctbougbc 
conuenient,fo J tbe appointing anD limiting of tbe fain l^arnelte ano toea* 
pons,to be faunb,hept,anD maintaineo in euerp fucb citie,bo?ougb, ^t, ac 
tbe common cbarges of tbe inbabitants tbereof^as is afo?efaiD»*3nb tbe V 
Cbancelojof €nglanb, o? 'Keeper of tbe great ^ealefoj tbe time being, 
(ball $ map from time to time h^ bertue of tbe dueens commidion^name, 
alfigne anb appoint CommilTioners in euerp Citie^'Bo^ougb anb ^olwne 
co?po?at,l»berein tbere be 3Ittftices of t\jc #eace , as toell in Cnglanb ass 
in caales,fo manp of tbe fame 3Iuttices of peace luitb fucb anb as man?, 
otber perfons to be ioineb toitb tbem,bbJelling out of tbe faib Cities, l^o* 
rougbs ^c*as be o? tbep (ball tbtnke meete to uU bielM of armour in eue« 
rp of tbefame Citie0,'Bo?ougb£f ^c^accojtbing to tbi0p?efent 3cc, anb a!« 
fotoaflignetobatHparneireanb Armour Qjalbe p^ouibeoanb feept bptbe 
inbabitants of euerp fucb citp,bo?ougb>anb totanc cojpo^ate (ag i$ afo^e* 
faiD)acco:ibing to tbispjefent act.4*anb 5*p.^ 9^.2» 
3ft?,etitf tjoe 4 31fanpperfonafo?efaib,beingimpeacbeDfo?anpfojfaiture, fo?nae 
pieati mt tDe (,am'ng 0? l^eeping fucb furniture of Co^flets , l^pfees , i^arquebuts , o j 
IJS souw"' 99urriansi as is aboue limitteb, botb pleab tbat tbe fame furniture coulDe 
notbc ppuioeb fo? boant of tbe fame tuitbin tbis IRealme , tbe fame mat* 
teroftDant$lac^ea;albealIob3eb apoD grfufficientanfujere^ barreiti 
tbe lLabie,if it be true; but if it bebeniebo? traucrfeu , tbereupon anilfuc 
(balbe ioineb ano tries onelp bp tbe certificate of tbe JLo?os Cbauucelour, 
meafourer,p?efti!entof tbe CounfcHj^tetuaroof tbe i£lueenes bottfe* 
faolD,unwiefeale,^omiraU,aubtbeiopCljamberlaine of tbe Stlueenesf 

Armour. 2S 

^ou(T;olD,oj t\}}tc of tftcm in to^ictng J^nuci: tljetr j^eale^f ?c» .j.^uu j^i^lji- 
ano ^ar.2* 

5 3If it a)al fortune tbe furntciire of armour afo^efaiD,o? anp part tlj?rc* ci&lfm 
of to beloa 0? rpent in anp feruice of Defence of tljis Healme , o? elfe tlje in acuicc. 
|po?reiB!o? 6clDtnge2i afo^etaio to i)eMleDojDettroieo,o?l)pfcmeot^cr 
occaCon to be oeao , tljen no perfon Qjalbe charged laoitlj anp fo^fatture a* 
fo?efaiD,fo? not bauing fiicb quanticp o? number of 3rmour,ljo?fcs o? gel* 
tiings as is afo^cfaiOjfo tbat be toitbin one j?cre nejcc after fucb loffe^oo fup- -EUe tuant of 
yip tbc fame againe in al points acco^oing to tbe true meaning of tbis act. ^ saimtiec 
C^ut tbe iuant of anp gatmtlet o? gauntlets,fljal not be accompteo fo} anp 
jack of furniture fo? a Coflet 4,^ 5»P4 ^*2 ♦ 

(5 '^I^bi^ Set (ball not cbarge anp perfon abioing tuitbin tbe counties of ^^f|j^|5;j*/» 
po?t^toales,'i)OutbtDales,tbe Countie palantine of laneaUer.o? Cbe= ftcajue,aje'. 
fier,toitb tlje finoing of anp l^arquebut: I5ut euerp of t|jrm map keepe in ^>^'^^- 
0eao tbereof one long ^otoe and one (beafe of SrrolDS, befioes fucb otber 
Armour anospunition as is bp t^eiatuesoftbislRealme appointee. 4. 

7 31f anp perfon Ibalbe conuicteo hv bcrtue of t^is Set fo? anp Default S^f/Zfofimen 
nientioneD intbis act, ^z (bal not eftfoones be troubleo fo? tbc fame* Sao fo/cncWeuce. 
no perfon fljalbe impeacbeo fo? anp offence Done contrarp to tbis act,i3nles 
p^efentment 0? fuit tbereof be maoe toitbin one pere nejcc after t!;e offence ES JR.- 
lione4.^5«'l^.*9p.2. *""^' '^'^''' 

8 %W act (ball not Dtfcfiarge anp tenant 0? fermer of Ijis feruice n co* ?if£hS?Sfhec 
uenant totoaro bis lo?D,fo? tbe finoing of i[po^fe,armour, 0? CJncapon,o? mm fe^utcc. 
fo? Doing of feruice bp bimfelfe, 0? anp otber, lobicb h^ tbe tenure of bis 

lanD 0^ farme be is bouno to Doe,at tljctime of tlje making of tljis ace 4,f 

5.p»gt9p*2.SJufticcsofpeace 25. 

9 ^0 man (Ijall come before tbe SClueenes 3lufl;ices 0? otljer officers in Bemm m\ 
tJoingtbeiroffices,Uiit|)fo?ceanD acmes, no? (ball b?inganpfo?ce in af^Sc^S. 
frap of t^e peace, no? (ball goe 0? riDe armeo bp Dap 0? h^ loeare iitces,no? m 
rallet/culofp?on,o? otljer armour, bpon paine to fo?fait to tbe Clueene''*"''^^'^"'*^* 
^is armour, auD bis boDic tobeimpjifoneo at tbe Queenespleafure, e]c^ 

ccpt tbe Clueenes feruants in ber p?efence, ano Ijer officers in Doing ber 
f ?ecepts 0? tlieir offices,o? fuc^ as be in tbeir companie alfiSing tbem, j 
Upon a criemaoe of armes to keepct^e peace in fucb Peaces tobere fucb 
tbing bappen^Sno tbe Clueenes iuttices in tbeir p?ecincts,^^erifcs ano 
otber Officers of tbe Clueene toitbin tljeir bailitoifees, lo?Ds of jf rancbi* 
fcs anD tbeir bailifes tbereof,^^ Spaiojs ano l^ailifes of cities ^ bopugbs 
toitl;in tbe fame cities ano bo?ougbs,anDbo?ougbbolDers,^onaables anD 
6arDeins of tbe peace loitbin tbeir Faroes, l)mt potoer to put tbis ffa* 
tute of 2»eD. 5 AW erecution^anD tbe 3I«ftices alTigneo, at tljeir comming 
into tbe countrep,bauepotoer to enquire ^oto fucb Officers anDlo?Dcs 
l^aue bfcD tljeir offices in t(jis cafe, ano to punif^ tljofe toljiclj t^ep ftnoc 

€ 4 ^aue 

}jnm not tnsne t!)ac lu|)icb ljelana;et|j to tljcir officcsiti <^5♦^^ )l5o^7*H. 

fP'iS?/ani» i^ -Ji^'^ feruanc in burisanu^p , o? !aOeurcr, m fcruant of ^irtificer oj 
&o, Ortss«» ^itailer, Ojall beare aup O^ucWer, Dagger, o? i^Ujo^d, upon y aine of foj« 
tfi' faiting tl)Z fame ( cccept it be fo? tbe Defence of tbe Healme m tbe time 

oflaarrMnutbenbptbefuruepof^rmojs fo^tbe time being, o? intra^ 
ueiltng lajitl) tljcir ^aiacrs.o? on their maiftcrg buHne^O^n^ ^b^rifefi, 
Spaio?s,'BaiUfe0, ann ConSaWegi fl;aU baue po^er to arreff , ano (ball 
arreS all offenders againatbisflatute,anu feifetbe faiij bucMer^jftuo^ogs 
ann nagger^jSuD kepe tb^m til tbe ^eflions of tbe 31itftice3 of tbe peace, 
anDtbe fame (ball ujefent before tbe fame 3Iuaicesintbrir ^cffions to* 
getber luitb tbenames of tbem tbat Dio beare tbe fame^TBut tbis (ball not 
U pjeiutiicial to tbe francbifes of JlojDS mit\)iti% fojfaiturcs Due to tbem 

IISSqi^ ^ ^ ^^^"P tJ^rfo" 0? perfons bauing at an? timt bcteafter tbe cbarge 

nance,atmouvi 0^ cu^oDie of anp ^rmour, ojDinance, munition, (bot, po\j3Der, J babili* 

eictuaigc. ment^ of Voarre of tbe Clueenes5paie(!ies, bcrbeircso^faccelTo^s ,o? of 

anp bitaileg p^otiiDeD fo? tbe bictualing of anp ^oulDiersi, gutmcr$, ma^ 

rincrgjO? pioners,(bal fij^ anp lucre 0? gaine , 0? tBittiuglp,aDuifeDlPjanli 

of purpofe to binDer oj impcacb ber spateSiesi feruice , imbeaGl, purloine 

0? conuepatuap anp tbe fame armo?,o^Denattce,munition,(bDt,ojpotaDer, 

Ijabiliments of tuac o} Uitaile0,totbebalue of]cr»c»at oneo^feueraltimesf, 

t\mm£t^(\xt\) offence (ball be iuDgeDfelon?,attD tbe ofFenDeranD offen* 

Der0 tbercin to be ttieD, p?oceeDeD on, anD fufFer a? in cafe of felonp* ^uc 

mmn m none (b^lbeimpeacbeo fo? an? offence agatnfi tbis aatute,bnleire tbe fame 

mi impeacDcti impeacbment be p^ofecuteo oj begun toitbin tbe pere neict after tbe offece 

Done»9lttDtbisact,no?anpatcainDer o^attainDerg ofanp perfon 0? per^^ 

fon0,fo? anp offence maDe felonp h^f this act (ball in anp toife crtenD 0? bt. 

interp^eteD to mal^e tbe offenDer o? offeuDer0,to fo?f»anp lanD0,teitementi8 

0? bereDitaments , anp longer tben onclp During W o? tbeir life o? liueisf, 

isoioffeof 0? to mal?e anp corruption ofblooD, CO anp tbebeireojbcires ofanp fucb 

'tu"monr^* OffenDer o} offenoer^ , o^ to mafee tbe toife ofanp fucb offenoer to loofe o j 

SI005, fojfait bet Dotuer o? title of Doloer, of, o? in anp lanDCiS , tenementesf, 

o?bereDitaments,o?ber action oMntereU to tbe fame, anptbingin tbis^ 

act f c.nottoitbdanDing.^nD fucb perfon o? perfon0 as (ball be impeacben 

fo? anp offence maoe felonp b^ tW ttatute, (ball bp uercue of tbisi 3ct , be 

receiueD anD aDmitteD to mafec anp latufull p?oofe tbat b^ can, bp latofuK 

ijjitnes 0} otbcr toife,fo? W Difcbarge anD Defence in tbat bebatf e:anp lata 

^c«not\uitb(tanDing. ? i^CliM* 

1 The remedy for the owner where a Souldicr doth make away his 

Horfc or Aimour^See Captaincs 1 .2. 

2 That none in Wales rfiall comc armed to any rcfTions^ChurchjFairCa 

MarketAcSce Wales 1 03* 

" Arrow- 

Arrowheads. Arrcfts. Artificers. 29 

ESUerp Srrotuljcau atiD quarrel, fbalbcmarfeeti tuttl) tljt mar^c of Ijtm ^troto!)cati« 
tijat maoe t(jc fantc^Slno if anp tijat no malke tljcm, noc iiDt toril bople fjf JJJifg** 
0? b?afc ano \)tmntl)m\ at tlje point tattl; Uttle, ¥ Wl fo^fait r^e fame * 
to tl)e3Eiucene,^fi)aU bcimp^ifoncr>, ansmaike fine at tljcilueeuegplca* 
fui:e.7t^«4»7*S.Corporations i o.Iuliices of peace 55* 


Iif anj) oftbe (Huccnc^^fftceriS 0? otber perfon coe arret! anp ip?iet?, amnfng m* 
Gierke, 0? otber tobicb is troinganp Diuine feruice in tlje Cburclj, Slmn/feSI. 
C^urc^parti,o?otbcr place totljatijfe appointcD,be fljallbe tm^jifoncti^ 
annpum(l)ei>attbe Cluecncsplcafurc, nnofttrtber Ojanreccmpincetbe* 
jjartie arrcff co* 15iic no people of tlje Cbitrcb fijall kepe tljemluitljin t^c 
Preacher I ► 

2 31f anpmen of great potoero^ tbeir^aiKifesi, 0? anpotljer (ejrcept ^mmn 
thz £Elueenes©fftcer0,tntolM^omrpecialatttbo^itpt8 tberhmtogiuen) S\o?reS*cV 
cit^erupon tlje plaint ofot!jer0,D^bpont()eir ott)neaut^ojtt?,»o attaclje tjoionptof tuc. 
ctber palling U)it^t!)eirgocustb?ou5l)tbe place tuyere tljep Ijaueautfjo* 
ritp,to anfttjer before tbem of contract0, couenanc0,o? crefpaffes commit* 
tentoitljoutt^eicpotner $iurifDiction,to!)ereagt(3Ci) ijolD notbingoftbe, 
no^ loitbin t^e iTrancbifetobcre t beir autbo?it j» i0,be tubicb offennetb (b^l 
anftuete to tbepartp grietien bis rouble oamage^ianofl^al pap a grieuou? 
amercemcntto tbeClueenemcfla.3,€D»i.34» 

1 where the plaintife fhall pay coftes and damages for vnlawfuU ar- 
refts^S, Damages 1. 2» 

2 Where and by whom Nightwalkcrsfl»aIbcarrened»S» Watch I. 

5 That all fhalbc rcadic to arreft Felons and other great offendors. S. 


I IT anp 15tttc^er0, O^alter0,*B^uer0, leulter^j Cool^esi, CoHJermongers ^jtmm con* 
0? f caterers fljafl conrpire,cottenant, p?omife,o^tahe anj> ot^es, tljat fffis of tVir 
tljep 0;aUno£ fentbeic\3ittailes but at certaine prices; SD^ifanp^rtifi* JJttaiics. 
cersOTo?!tcmen, 0? labourers do confpire, coucnant, pjomifc togetber, i^aDourers 
o?mafeeanp otbestbattOep Wlnot no ti^ac too^hes but at a ccrcaine Seo^^n" of 
p}itc 0} rate,o? OjaU not take Dpon tbem to finifi; tbat iJDbiclj another batb ^^^^^ ^^^^^» 
begim.o? (bail bo bttt certame Uio?k in a Dap,o? (ball not too j!te but at cer* 
taine boures ano times: ^Ijen euerp of tbem Co offenuing being lalufullp 
conuicceD thereof bp toitneflfe, confeffion, 0^ otbertnife, (i)all fo?fait fo? tljC 
fita offence ten pounus to tbeaEluc?ne,anti if be 00 not pap t!;e fame \3iitii 
in Ctenaies after conuictton,^e(balH)e imp?ifoneDcuiemie bates, ann 
Iwueonelpbjeauantiiaater fo^ljis fuSenance^^nd fo? tbefeconn offence, 
fl;all fo^fait r,r.pounti,o? ^cXuffer tbe punil^ment of tbe pillo^p. ^nD fo j 
t(?ecl)trD olfence^c, ajaUfo^faiCjcl, jjouno,o^ jc. to ^|ont&e pillo^ie, 



lofe one of hi^ eHxe^.mtj to be talten infamo«s<,attti nmtt (o be cre^iceo fit 

matcei: of 3IuDgemm»2.€5.6j 5» 
mffiv a *^ 2 ^«t! if anp fucb conr|3iracie,couenanc, o? p^omife be maoe bp anp co* 
compaiii? of panp of an J) mi(f crp of tbe uicailei;0 afo^efaiQ UJitb tbe conCent of tbe mo?e 
uiwiuw. part ofcbcmjtbenbefiDeiStbe particular punitbmentappotntco fojtbe of* 

fenoer^tbe corporation fijall beotflblucD to aU intznt^,2,€n,6*i5SAM- 

ces of peace 5 <5^ Corporations 7., 

1 For theretaining,dcparting,workIng,wagcs, and order of Artificers 
StLabourers in ali^and luftices ofpcace 66.67.68, 

2 Wiiat Artificers fhall not be interpreted handicraftes men. See A- 
Iiens 15, 


i?e?ft2lo?^^' A ^*''"^^^'^'^^:'^"^^" affifc Of eifotter;S, of tD00U,anD Of profit to beta* 
co^roD.c» ' XxUn m C^ooo, |5utte0,3corne]S, ano otljer fruit to be gatbereo of a 

Coronie, of oeliucrino: Co^ne ano otber Ditailes ana neceffarie^ , to be 
S? bSc ^^^^^"^^ Vttd^ in a place certatne, of ^oUe, Connage, l^alTage, l^om 
pontage, ' tage,patonage, ano fuclj Ithe tbinp to be talienin places certaine . ^no 
aT^f^ a«^(rireDotbIpeoftbe!^eeping:of mooD0,5rorrelIe0, parked, Cbafes, 
aflifcof ©cfi. CiLtarren0,(S5ate0,ano otber 05 aiiiluihes, ano offtceginfee, ano in ail tbe 

forefaio cafe^ tbe COJritte ff;aU be De liberotcnemento* ^m as tbe ^f- 

atiffeof com. fifeootb Ipe of Common of patture, fo ootb it of common of 'Cutbarp, 

SacjjFillns. fiibi«S>anti fucb li!te,\j)bicb a man batb belonging to \M freebolo^or Mnitb' 

' out bis fceebfllti bprpeciaHDcciJ,attbeIea3 fortermeoflife^^uoalfoitlp* 

etbagainabnw ijibicbpa^uretb an otber mans feueralU Z^zM, 2,1$^ 

amrcapcntt 2 3If tenant fa? termc of vere0,o? gawein of anp tenement tiotb alien 

unmt%%t%s^^^^^^^^ in fee, luberebptbefreebolo istranfferreountotbe feofifee, tlje 

angtijei/siu- remeopis bj» SiTife, ano tbe alienor Iball beeaoiuogeo a DiCreiCor , ano 

new. fo fljall tbe feoffee, fo tbat ouring tbe life of eitber of tbem,tbe fame torit 

toilllie. ^noifbptbe oeatb oftbeforefaioperfons, tbe fain remeopoot^ 

faile, tben tbere fl;all be reojelTe bp a torit of Cntrp, ZBeHtm, 2, i ^* 

Coto* 1.25, ^no tbe l)mc tball ba«e }^i$ recouerp immeoiatlp h^ Mi(c 

againli tbe garnein ana tenant^, ^no tbegarocin fljall loofe ouring W 

life tbe cuHooic of tbe fame tbing ref ouereo, ant» of all tbereltoue of tlje 

inberitancetobicbbe boloetb oftbe Tame f^zim, ZSXtHm, i, 3*C0*i»'f7» 


atTtfe bv tcnat 3 31 f tenant bp Elegit be put out oftbe tenement,tobicb be batb in ere* 

?iS«S' c«tion,beIballbaueanaaifei5,eD.r.i8, ano fofijall tenant bp llatute 

fancc. Sparcbant,if be be put out,i 5*€o j ♦Mercat.^nu in lihe fort (ball tenant 

bp (tatute^taple,if be be put out, 2 7.eD. ^9♦ ^no alfo tenant bp rccog* 

nifancc in tbe nature of a llatute s^taple , bis ejcecutors, aDminiUrators, 

^ airtgnes (ball baue an aifife^if betbep,or anp of tbem beDilTeifeOjOr put 

out Oftbe lancg incrccution, 23, f!^,^, 6, ^no ^(Tife map be mamainen 

' bp 

Afslfe. 30 

bp anp pcrfon trefo?cetj,toljtcti h^tlj t(tm of ml^crff ancc,fiTetjoIn,gtf*tn, c? airtfe of a par. 
tber&«^cle(taOEicalp?ofit,maoeo^tobemaiic^enipo?a!lfc?tlKrccouei'p ' " 
oftljefame,52*^»8*7. 3nD tbe]^arronofa€l)urcl;maprecoucrcom^ amreb^a 
monoflJalfurCbp9lirirc,i3»ii£f9J.24»S.Exccution i. &c.Statutesi.i2. I^'ifion. 
Tithes 25 ♦ 

4 3lf anp €fcc!jcto^ 5^!jcrife, 0? otijec of tfje Citteenes :5ailiffcs, afftfcagafnd 
fl^all bp colffiicof^is ©iTicCji'UJitljOUt fpeciall ^warrant , commaimrje' ^^^"fj^w 
menc, 0? cectaine autljo^itp U)f)tcl) beIonget!jta \)is ©ffice) Diitetfe anp 
mawof fjisfcee^oln, 0^ of anp djittj to!)ictj bclongctlj to i;is frccfjoloe, 
f^tber tbcuiCTeifee at bis cljoife (ball batte an 31fi(e ?c ♦ ano rccoucr Dou* 
bJet^amajes, ano tb^ Defendant (ball be amcrcen: o} dfe tbe Cluccne 
tjpon tbe Dil&ifccp complaint (ball reti?c(re tbe matter, Cfiledm. i* 3^ 

CD* !♦ 24. 

J caibere lanw be graunten bp tbe Clueencs! patent, toitbout anp tU fjj^'gEuiecSs 
tic founD bp inquett, 0^ clfe tobere tbe Clueene^ €ntt^ 10 not c^iuen bp tbe patentee. 
Jato,tbeptMbicbbepiit out, o^oiireifea of tbeir freebolD , (ball baue an ef- 
pecial^ffifeof tbe lo?o€bauncelo?0Q;rant,iaitbout fuittotbeiElueeitcj 
anu if tbe parties to tobom tbe l^atents be 5caunteD,t>o p?ap in apD of tbe 
Clueene, tbe Cbauncclo? (ball graunt atu^itof Procedendo,tnitbo«t fur* 
tberfuittotbc3[lueene»9nDtftbeptDbicbbeputout, o^tbeDiCfeifeesDo 
recouer agatuft fucb l^atentee?, tbep (ball recouer tbcir treble uamagcsf, 

6 31f anpmaninbisiotone rigbt to bis olsjnebfe, o?m anotber mans afpecfaiamfe 
rigbc to bis tife, ootb malfee anp forcible Cntrp into an otber man0 lanoes fofiuVfw 
IbpUjap of maintenance , o?Dotb tafee, 0? carrpaluapanpsoooesoftbe 
^oircCTo^s of t!;e frecljolD after anp fucb forcible Cntrp, tben if tbe partp 
grieue5,o^ otber latofullmantoillaffirme, tbat tbe CntrptoaamaDe in 

{?icb forcible maner, tbe Cbauncelourmapgrauntto tbepartpgrieueua 
fpeciall^ifife, ann iftbeui(reifo?beattainteDof fucb forcible DilTcifrin, be 
Iball be one pere imp?ifotteo,anti pap to tbe partp grieuen \iiB uouble nam* 
mages , ano alfo Damages foj bis gooDs ♦ Sno one of tbe 3lufftces of tbe 
one15encb, 0? tbe otber, 0? tbe cbiefe O^aronoftbeCfcbequcr, (it^^thz 
learneD ixi tbelato) (ball be uameD ixi eucrp fucb fpcctall ^(rire:^nD no S-u- 
perfedeas (balbe graumeD to tbe contrary of fucb al]rtfe4»l&4;8tS» Forcc^ 

7 aiTife of rent iflUing foo?tb of tenements in fciterall Ccjtmties,(ban ^fltft f «nt 
be boloen in tbe bojDer of tbefame €ountie0,anD tbe ^(Tife (bal be triea bp fanSsin Sai 
people Df tbe fame 2Dountie?,in fucb maner ssjatb bin tjfeDbf common of %m\i\t$* 
paCturebeinginone Countie, antj appcnDantto tenements in an otber . 

Countp7*?aicb.2jo, ^": . :';'v :""-'' 

8 '^bepand0 of fpeciallMfes Hjall be arapeD/aini a copJe iuDen* J^^f l^^^^.^^^f^j, 
teD tbercof oeltuereo bp tlje s§^berife to tl;cplaintife;3f , tenants o?Defen* mceo to \^ 


ttm%h^tWpmof CmTitiksatthzlmat before tOe ^efttott ofcI)e 3[u* 

flicc0,tf tfjep totll uemaunu tc» auD tl)e ^ailifes of iTrancbifea Ojall mahe 

tl)girrccuniestDtIjeia)()erife;sofaUf«cbrpecian a{rifcsfij:e oaie^ before. 

Upon pain of fo^faicure iclluto tbeClaeene b? t^e fain ^berife,o? ^ailife, 

fo? ettcrp DcfauU,(5*{^»d»2. 42»Cd.5.i i» 

-Efjc -syDtHfe ^ 31^ ^" ^^^^ b?oac^1jt bcfo^e 31u2ices aOtgncrr, tbe t^ljcrife be na« 

Kami? "'^^' ^^^ ^ ^i^^i^o? , to tbe intent tljat be Oiail not feme tbe ^}it, but to baue 

iOA m auuc. jjj ^ {-j^j^^^ DtrcctcD to tbe Co^onei:0, tbe tenant map pleao, tbat tbe <^be* 

rife netcbec is, noj euer tj^as Diffeifo? no? tenant of tbe tenements in ue* 

maiiuD, but luas namcu bv> coUuHon, Uibtcb beiuo; founn bp tbe aifife, tbe 

- f 31uatces ajaU abate tbe tu?it,anD tbe plaintifcfljalbeamerceD, 1 1*]^.<5»2. 

Mt acwiefne , ^«^ if ^fTifejO? otber lB?it of plea of lanu be b^ougbt againa tbe t o?D of 

SSelfci?' 3unctentDemeane,o?asainatbe9paio?, OBailifejJ, anoComminaltie of 

*^* jrrancbifes,or Janir0tBitbintberameiFrancbire0,tobicbbeneitbet:Diaei* 

ro?0 no? tenants, but tberein nameli to ta!ie atuap tl)ziic francbife, fitft tbe 

3Iu(fice0a)an enquire bptbe Sffifeiubetber tbelo^D, 9paio?,^ailife0, 

^c» be Di(rciro?0 o? tenaut0 ('if tbep require it) o} be nameo bp ConuRon. 

9in5ifitbefounti tbattbepbeneitberDtifeiro?sno?tenant0, but nameu 

bpMUifion^tbcn tbetojittbalbe abatcD, ansjtbe plaintifeamerceo ,not« 

toitbHanoino; tbe otber tenants o? oiOcifo^s be nameo o? founD in fucb af« 

^mmm. ^^^^ °? b)?it0,9 Jp,4, ^, ano if alTife o? anp pcrfouail action be fueo of anp 

io^sffc.froin lauDsluitbinanpfrancbireo? auncientoemefne,tMbereof cbe turifoictioit 

belona;ctbtotbelo?D0, Spaio^Sj'BaiUfesfc. iftbeuefenDant maltene* 

fault to put tbefaiDlo?O0,9paio?0,gfC* from tbeirfrancbire,tbetbe3Iufli* 

C20 at tlyc requea of p 1 o?r!0,spato?0,'Bailifs gfc^lbal mal^e cnquirp bp tl)t 

affifc ^c.o} bp inqucif ^cMm if it be founo tbat fucb Defaults be maoe b? 

CoIluCon to erclunc tl)t lo?i>3,9pato?0 f c* of tbcir francbife0,copirance 

0? iitrifoiction, tbe to?it0 (ball be abateo, anD tbe plaintifcs amerceD j^na 

tljC; plaintifes, iojD0,^aio?0, O^ailifes 9U fball daue tljeir cballenges, 

lo 31f be tobicb is namen a DilTeifour Dotb perfonaflp aHeage anp falCe 
exception, toberebptbe talking of tbe SUfife map be DeferreD, bi^, tbat 
atauotbertimealfifeoftbe faiu tenements palTeo betiairttbc fain par* 
ties,o?tbdtalu?itofbigber nature^epeniretb bettoirt tbemoftbe fame 
teuemeutiano ootb boucb anp Koii£S|onfee,co?D to luarrantp,anD at tbe 
Dapgi'ueii beMeofbistuarrant,'{je fljatlbeaniuDgeDa uilTeifo? toitlj* 
mitrecopifanceof tbe^lfife, anD (ball reSojie Double Damages of tbat 
lubicb is 0} after Iball be founD, artD a,ifo fo? W falfeboop Ibal be one pere 
imp^ifaucD, 'But if tbe faiDcrception.beallca^cD. bp a 15ailife, tbe ta- 
kiuo; of tbe atTilTe (ball not tbcrefo^e b^ Deferreb, no? tuDc^tment bpon tbe 
rellituticiioftbe lauDano Damma^esi paiftbe!Lo?Dof tbe fame l^ai* 
lifelubicbioasabrcntjDo after tomebefo^c tbe 3Iullice tubicbtoofe^ tbe 
^fTife, atiD Dotl; dlFer top^oue bj? recop ano roules , tljat ^(Tife an otber 





Afsire. Attaint, 51 

timepatrci5l)ettoirttf)e fame parties of tTje Came Umsfi}t^ntt\)t plain* 
tife \uu{)D?eUJ [jimfdfe in a liKe fuit, 0? tbat aplec uepcnoctlj hcmi}:t 
tbcm Op atu^it of bi^Oer nature , tljcre fijaU Ije tout aiaiarDeD to l)?ttig 
tbereco?o before t^e3Iuftice0, anDtoi^entl)e3Iuffices uoCee tljattlje re* 
co?n iDOulDbanep^euailen befo?e iungement, ano t!;at tijerebp tlje plains 
tife djoulD fjaue bin epcluueu of ^10 action , tbep fi)all immeuiatlp iuarne 
tljepartp, toljic^ firH recouereu to appeare at a uap, at \siW\i Dap tlje uc- 
fenDaittfi)an(jatie apineljisfciSn anDDamag:e0, tobicljfje firtt papeo, 
luicbtfje Damage0 after tbe firS iuogement giuen uoiibleD , anD Ije luljicb 
fir(! recoueren (ball be impjifonco at tlje 31«Rice0 nifcretion* %f)e likz xt^ 
ntenp WtbeciefenDanc \)me apiniltubom inbi0 abfenceanSflifepafa 
fe0,lBbicl) (beluetb anp oee50 0^ releafe0, bpon tljenia!?ina; Ujfjereof tbe 
3|urieUJa0not,no?coulD beeramineDbecaufe tberetua0 no mention of 
t^em in pleading, fo?tbe3I«Sice0bpon tlje dg^tof tbofe to?iting0 ff)ail 
alJJarua Scire facias againfttlje parcp toijicb recotieren to appeare at« 
Dap, anu alfo (ball canfe tbe 3Iuro?0 of tt;e fame aflife to come^^nn if tbcp 
fino tbofe lujitings true, bp bernict 0? inrclment, ^e (bal be puniGjeo in 
fo?me afo jefaiD,to|)ic[i purcfjafeo s^ifife contrarp to l;i0 olune beeb,caiett* 

■ 1 1 %\jz ^berife fl^all not talte an ©re of bim M)ith is uiffeifeb^but of attachment in 
tbe nitTeifo? onelp: Sno it tbere be iiiuer0 Diffeifojs nameo in one to?it,pet |J['^'.., ^e^g 
te (bal talie but one ©re, ano be (ball take an ©jce but of t^jepjice of b» 0* mi* 
o^el0tbep?ice,C^te(f»2» js.c^aa^^ 

1 WheretheplaintifeinAflifemayabridgehisplaint.S^Abridg.T. 

2 The remedy where the diflfeifor or diflfeifee dy eth immediatly after 
the difTcifon, or depending the fuit.S. Age i. 

3 Wherethe tenant in Aflife may make Atturney. S. Atturney ?♦ 

4 That the lurors in AfTife are not compellable to fay precifely that it 
is a difreifon.S.Iurors 3 2# 

5 For the pleading of lointenancy in Aflife.S.Iointenancy I* 

6 Where anAffifeof commonismaintenable.S. Approuements J* 
Common I. 


Vpon eucrpbntrueberbict giuen bettoijct partp anu partp in anp futt, attaint mm 
plaint,o?DemaunD, before anp 31uaice0O?3!uDge0ofreco?D toljere JffiJfoTi W 
t^e tbing in tiemaunir(' and bemict tbercupon giuen) ejctenuetb to tlje ba* 
iueofrUi.anticoncemetb nottl;e ieoparop of man0 life, tbe partp grie« 
ueDbp tbe fame berbict (ball baue atu^it of attaint agaimleuerpperfon 
fogiuing an bntrueberiiict,anDeuerpof tdem, anbagainft tlje partie m"uStb5tJ)e 
Xo\)ic\) (^all baue iungement bpon tbe fame berbict.^nti hi^ tbe oeatb of tbe ^,f\°anvlt 
partie,o?anpof tbe petit 3Iurie tbe fails attaint (l^all not abate, no? be mmt 3lwr?. 
Differreb againd tlje remnant a0longa0tlDooftbe faio petit 3Iurie be ^i^j^nam 
aliuetanbeuerjonetl/ati^allPafreintb^rame Attaint, (hall liauelanog uifiinm 




bv Default of 
tljc Defendant 
«•; petit 3I»r2. 

£3if)at pleatf 
t^e petit 3Rm;^ 

Befennant tit 
attaint (^aU 

went of liit 


attu tcnemcntc! to tl)t tatue otn, ^arfec? bp ^m of frceTjoIo ottt of aun* 
cicnt Dcniefne, 234^.8,^» 

2 ^IntljeCfimc attaint t!)ere 0)3lljc aijjarDcti at^aina tfje pctfc 3iune, 
tibe partie^anDtfje graimu 3Iune,fommou0,rcfi)mmons, ano DiarelTe tnfi* 
mte,lMljicbgrauiiD3I«nen)aU be cfliUe number as tUcgraunD 3iurie is 
noli) f c^ann upon tbe DiftreCfe , toljiclj (ijaH be oriiucreo ofreco^b bpon t(je 
fame, open proclamation (fjall be maoe in t^e (Court luljere tlje Diftretfc 
fijalbe a\j)arDcD,mo?e tijen rb>rsaic0 before tijc retume of tlje fame DiHres, 
ano euerpfucboifirene Wt be maoe bpontljelanoof cuerp of t^efaia 
graunti :Surie, asm otber oiaretfes is ijfeo. ^noin alU^cfo^efaiopjOi 
ces, fucUoap (Ijailbe giucn, as ina U)^itofco\uer, UJljercinnoe^ia* 

S 3!f tljeoefmoant c?t^e petit 3Iuro?s, o^anpoftfjem appearc not 
upontf)eDiare{re,tf;etttt)e5rauaiJ Sluriefljalbe tato apintt tl;em ana 
gucrp of tljem , tfjat Ojall fo mafee DcfauIt»anD if anp of tbe fato petit 3lu* 
rp appeare.tfjcn tjjepartp complainant (^aUalTicjnetlje falfe^er^^ment of 
tljefirff beroict bntrudp g;iuen , tofjereunto tljep of tlje petit 3Iurp fijail 
Ijaue no aunfuiere if t[)ep be tl)e fame perfons,anD tl;c to?it,p?oces,rcturn2 
ano affipement gcoo ano latufuli/ercept t^at t(je ocmaunoant o? plain* 
tife in tbe fame attaint Ijattj before bin nonfuito? oifcontinueD fjisfuit of 
attainttalten fo? tl)efame,o? fjatljfo? tftefamebemict inatojitof attaittt 
Ijao iudcfemcnt aa^ainll t^e faio petit 3!urp) but onelp tljat t^jep maoe true 
i«)erement, Mi^itl) iffue Qjalbe trieo b^ jcitiiii^of t^e faio grauno 3Iurie(foj 
ijtlariein apecfonaU action, o? cairie, ojepcommengement pleaoeo in 
t\)Z plaintife o} oemaunoant, is a boio plea, taijereunto Ije (liallnot be puc 
toauntere,) anotljcpartiefijall plcao tljattljep gaue true beroict,oj 
anp otijer matter,luJ)ie(j a;aU be a fufftcient l^arre of tlje faio attaint: ^ua 
tfjat plea notlxiitl;Ilanoing; tlje grauno 3Iurp Qjalbe takn loityout oelap ta 
enquire to^et^ert^re firU 3Itirppuecr«e beroirtoj no. 2^*1^. 8.3* Stac 


4 Snoif tljep finbetl^at tlje faio petit 3Iurie gaue an bntrue beroict, 
tbeneuerpof tlje faio petit 3Iurie fijall fojfait vxAu toljereof onc^alfc 
flj.^ll be to tlje ^ueene, anotljeotiberbalfetotlje partie tbatfuetlj,to be 
ieuieo bp Capias ad fatisfacicndum , Fieri facias,oj Elegit, oj bp action of 
uebtagaina euerpperfonoftl;epetit 3Iuriefofo?faiting,anoagainli U0 
£recuto?sanoaominiacaco?s, Waning t&enfufficientgooos of tJjeir faiu 
tcaato^notaominiarcD* ^noeuerpoftljefaio petit 3iurp (fjaUfeuerallp 
nta^e fine hv tbe oifcretion of tdc Slwltices before tol}om tOe fapo falfe 
Cerement fijall be founo after t|jeir feuerall offences, Defaults, anofuf* 
ficiencp of euerp of tfeeni*. ^iiD tljofe of tbe petit 3lurie fo attainteo, 
0>in neuer beaftetin anpcreii.ence,no?djeirotl)es(acceyteD iuanppavt 
2iM),S,^, ■ ■■ ; 

5 31fnictiplea.SjaS'tliegartppleaoet{),toljtc5i?.aiwwoftSe^ttaint, 

Attaint, 92 

iutjgcment to bercCo^cD to tljat Ije lolt, )3iiti) ^i^ reafonable co(l3 aiiD ua* 

6 3If a falfc ijcrm'ct be gfiicn m aitp action,fuic, o^tjematmn before anp t^Spcr'ibn^iT 
3Iuff ice f c* of reco^itJ, of anp tbing perfonall, as uebt, trcf^alTe, ano ot^er unoscxui. 
Iihe,lobtcO fbalbc unoer tlje i^alue of ]ri.lutben tfje partp t^tmeh fbal baue 
lattaint \3iiti} fitcl; p?oce£i,anrj toitljout tielaies v t fupra^^ntj if cbe 
petit 3Iurp beattainteMjeneuerp of tbcmfbal fo?faitbai,totbc2Llucene 
anopartie gfc^anu alCo mahe 5ne b? tbenifcretion of tbc 3!u(lfce0 , aim e« 
nerp perfon tbat map oifpcno !)♦ niarfebp pere of frecbolo mt of aimciene 
tjemefne, o? is toojti; C^ttiarlte? in gocogi ,t!3 abJcto paOeintlje fame at* 

. 7 3!ft^erebetiocpcrron0ofrucljfnfFic{encptoit(jintfje^!)treo?place, '^aitumm 
M)ttc anp of tbe faio Attaint? (l)albe tafeen.a? map paffe in tbe fame^tbeu ot^« ^i)t«. 
Bue '2^a!e0 Ojalbe atoarneo, bnco tbe ^^ire mvt atiiopning h^ tbe uiftit* 
£ionoft[;e3Iuflice0ffc.tu{)icb fi)aU betoarneo to appcarebponlihepaines 
Cfc^antj enableD to pafle in tbe faiD3ttaint0, asiftlxp loerebluenftig in 
tfie s§)^iretB()cre t^itt fame ^albe tahen*2 3,l)S,s^ 

8 31f t^e partp in Attaint giiten bp tbis 9ct, be nonfuit, o? bifcontinite Slunscmetit Foj 
t^e rame,be (ball mafee 5ne ann ranfome h^ tbe Difcretion of tlje 3iul!ice0 SJ^e^r tS pTam. 
Ijcfo^e tobom tbe faiu ^attaint (balbe tafeen auD Depenaf n^* ^nu tbe itiucje- ^ 'f^ ts neufutt, 
mem of reaitutionto tijepartp grieueo, futno: tijig ^ct anu eicecuticn of tmll °"""' 
tljefanie,fi)anbebaa,aati lil^e3!uogement fo^tlje nefcuDanto? tenant 

to be oifcbargec of ceffitutian^ais in cafe of a g^raunb 9ittaint Ijatlj bin ^feo 

9 ^ll^tfaintiBn)anbetal^enbefo?etl)cClueenetnljer T5enc^ , ojbe* stttafntstaRen 
fo?e tlje 3Iuaicei3 of tlje Common place, ^ in none otbcr Courts* ^nb Nifi ^Jjeif i%moti 
prius fijalbe srauntcD bp bifcretion of tbe 3!«Sices bpon tbe Di(f refie. ^m piaccVano bs 
etterp of tbe faio petit 3Im:p, map appeare anb anfiuere b^ Stturnep m tlje Stmm? in 
faib^ttaint*25»l|)»8»5*i3.Cli5»25* attaint. 

10 Siftberebebiuersplaintifeso^bemanbantsinan attainc,tbcnon*^on,^ti„j{3„g 
fuitojreleasofanpof tbem, fball not be pjeiubtciallto tberentiuc,'but feueranccta 
tbep anu euerp of tbem in fucb cafes map be fummoneb ann fencrcD , lilte ^"^^^^^» 
asitisbfetijtQ^cutfjerebebiuer? uemanDantgin actions reallt23«5p»8» 

5, 15. €1(^.2 5. 

1 1 '^tefamelaii3es,actionSsanbremcbp, o?beincb bp tijts ^ct, (ball attajMts of 
he Kept,fo? anu to all tbem tbat be grieuebbp fucb bntrue berbicts of anp »"5erttanct. 
inbentance in bifcent^reuetfion, remainber,D^ of anp freeljolb in reuerli* 

on o^rematnber* z^.^znXs* i3*€U^.25f i$J(!;k6.^ ♦ 31f tenant fo? i?tfnt!)tre- 
terme of life , in mwv, 0? bp t^e curtelie , 0? in taile after poflibiltf p of gS'' JttSnt of 
ilTueejctinftjbe impleabeb,pleabto€nq[uc(!,antilofe bPberDict,befnult, a Dcmtctsmm 
0? in otber maner,be to tobom tbe reucrfion of tbe fame fans be at tlje time ?Sar wXt!' 
of tfje iubgementj l;is |;eirejD oj fucceilb^s, i^^ll !;aue a iejit of Attaint, to 


--, ■♦ 

atfafttt rtiftj 


upon attaint 
in Lonson. 

: Attaint^ 

attaint t!)c3Iur?,tnjctotna(ripetlje Mk^mwxmy aiStocUint^ielife 
of tlK CaiD tenants as! after tbeic tieatl)»9»H.2* ^ ♦S»Error i* 

1 2 a \B Jit of attaint (Ijalbe graunteD,aftj3d inplea of lanu of frceljolo, 
0} an^ tljino; toucbing frceljolD, as in pica pcrfonall. 5*€d» i ♦ ^ 7» 5 4*<Sn* 
5 ♦7»ano afiocll Upon tlje p?incipaU, as Upon tlje oamacjes in m action of 
trefpaCfe* anointfjisanotn allot^er cafcjSjtlje 3Iu(lices(I)an not let ta 
tafec tlje attaint fo? tlje Damages not paieD» i .Co* g ♦d* Sno attaint (ball 
begcaunteoinpleasof 'Slrefpafrepurfueoa^toell bp bill asbp to?itbe« 
fo?e 31uaices of Hecoji3»5.€D.3*7»28»eD.^,aNiri priusOjallbegraun- 
teo in attaint, but ncitbcc Cffoigne of tbe ^iueenesfermce, nojpptccti* 
on fljall be allouieo tberem , ano fine oaies in tbe j»ere ft)all be t^iutn be* 
fojetbe 3(iiltices of tbe common 15encl)in tbe faio 3!ttnes at tbe lead* 
5»€D.3. 7* '€\)t partie grieueo bp an^ falfe beroict gitten in anp action, 
fuit,auo\Mjp,p?efcnption, title ojclaime, mane accojoing; to tbe ^ta« 
tuteppuioeofo? t^e limitation of p jefcription , ma? Ijaite an attaint* 
3 2,ilpen*8,2. 

1 3 "S^be partie a;rieueti bp anp falfe beruict giiten in an? of tlje Courtis 
of tbeCitie of lonnon, a;all ano map fue attaint bp bill in tbe Spuftings 
of JLontion, IjolDen fojconnnon pleas before tbe Spaioj ano aioermai 
of tbe fame CitiCy ano tbcreupon a precept (ball be alnaroeo bp tbe fam^ 
Spaio,i to euerp aiDcrman of tbe faio Citie, oj W oeputie in bis abfence, 
toceitifie tljename^ of foiuerinoifferent ano oifcrceteperfons of g;ocD 
fame,anii euerp of tljem of fubftance of a €. It. 0} mojejCiti^cnsof tbe 
fame Citp, oiuellingin bis t([tarD , to tbe 9paio? ano aioermen of tbe 
faioCitieattbeJIputtinsstbenneptenfuina:, oftobicb perfons focertifi* 
eo, tbcfaio spaiojanolijce aioctmcn oj mo, bolnina: tbe fame Court of 
JipaiIino;s,fi)allimpanelliclbiii. perfons, ano tbe spaio^fijall caufeto bee 
fummoneo tbcfaio rlbiii.ano alfotbe3Iuro?s of tbe petit 31urie , ano tlje 
tenants J Dcfenoants in tbe faio bill of attaint , to appeare before tbe 
spaio? ano aioermen in tbe fame Citie, at tbeCpuflings of common please 
tben nert to be boloen in tbe fame Citie* ano if tbe fame attaint bappen 
to remaine bntalten bp oefault of 3iuro?s bp cballenge 0} otberlMire,bpoii 
cuerp 'Cale^ graunteo, tbe faio 9paio? ano aioermen fball impanclltbe 
faio perfons tnljicb toerecertifteobp tbe faio aioermen, ojtbeir oepu* 
tic0,ano omittcooutof tbefaio panell,o?put therein otber perfons be* 
ing Citi^en^ of tbe faio Citie, ano of tbe fubHanceof €M. o?mo?e. 1 1» 

• 14 Boneoftbepetit3Ittrie,neotberpartie$nameo inanpfucbbillof 
attaint (ball baueanp cballenge to tbe arrap, ojtoanppcrfon being 
tmpandlcofojlacheoffuficimgoooso? lanos* iifil)«7.2i. anoeuerp 
pcrfon being a Citizen of tlje citie of lonoon , ^ toojtb in gooos €€<€€. 
£^arKes,map beimpancllto bp tbe^bctii*^^ of lonoon in euerp attaint 
bpugbt bp )jD jit, bp oertue of tlje afo^efato Statute of 2 3 ,§.8t^pon anp 


!Attaint. ^3 

ttfbkt 5ittm 6? tlje Citi^etis Uiitljout an^ cfianettrt;e foj lurutficiatctc of 
frecbolD of an? of tfjem* 3 7*?^»8. j^ 

t J an tl)C pleeg plcanen fo? t!;e tenant 0? uefcnuant , o} by an^ of t(ie pjcas of -at- 
31uro?0of tl;e pr tit 3iurie in tljc fame Attaint, ano triable bp anp 31un>, (ti\nSSi 
(balbetrieo tiiitljin tbc fame €itiey anu bp tljc d^nqtieUg of tbe fame, anb^p^/j^Jfj^^^i^o i« 
in none ot^er place ne countie ♦ 1 1 .lfp»7» 2 1 ♦ Slnb tbe 31ullice0 bpon At- 
taint fueo his ^?it accojibing to tlje fo?efaib ffatute of 5 2.!£>*8* bpon anp 
jierDict gtuen fap tbe Citizens of JLonbon, (ball fit onelp at tbe 6uilD ball 
t( tbe fame Cttie,o? at Come otber place toitbt'n tbe fame Citie, ^ tbere 
ftneare tbe graimb 3litrie , anb taKc tbe berbtct?;* Shd tbe Citi^en^ (ball 
not be compellcD to appeare in anp fucb s^ttaint talten bpon anp bntrue 
Uerbict giueninlLonbon,bttConelplDptbin tbelimicis of tbefaio Citie* 

1 6 31f tbe graunb 3lurie ftuo^ne in t\)Z fame Attaint , finb tbat tbe ,f ^^J JK' 
petit Sluriebaue giuenan bntrue berbict,tben tbe iubgement (ball be gi» t^c petit juvt 
uenapinl! tbebefenbant as is bfeb in Attaint fueo bp to^it at tbe coni' a"t^SJ" '* 
mon latu ♦ ^nb tbe iiiogicment (ball be againd tbe petit 31tirp, tbat eticrp 
of tbem (ball lofe jcr^li* j mo?e, bp tbe bifctction of tbe (^aio? anb ^loer* 
men of tbe faib Citie^feecping tbe iIpuaings,to fucb bfe as ocbet ilTues anb S^TKtlf 
penalties bin fo^fapteb in anp action 0^ plaint commenceb before tbetjertucti^affu* 
spaiojanb aiBcrmen fc^annbisbobietobeimpufonebjtberetoremain'"^''' 
tnitboutbaile 0? mainp?ife fijce monetbes,o? leffe, hv tbebifcretion of tbe 
Spaio?anbaioecmen$c»anbtobeDifableb fo? cuet tobefbjo^ne in anp 
3Iutie befo?e anp tenipo?all luoge ♦ O^ut tbe tuDgement in fucb Attaint 
Iballnotertenb to anplanbs 0? tenements, nc to otber punilbment of 
tbe petit 31urie» 1 1 ♦llp.y, 2 1 ♦ 
17 31fit be founbbp tbe graunb31urie,tbat tbe petit 3Iuriebauegiuen 3inquf«of m 
a trueberDtct,tbentbegi:aunb3Iurie (ballbaueautbo^itieto enquire if g'^tjsof «• 
anp of tbe petit 3lurie ttcemJi anp fumme of monep , 0? otber retoarb oj 
pjomife of monepj 0? otber retoarb, of tbe nameb befenbants o} tenants 
in tbe fame Attaint, 0? of anp otber perfon,bp tbe commanbement,couitt, .^ 

ejatfent of anp of tbem jfoj tbe intent of tbeir berbict giuing ,tobere- 
ttpott tbe fame Attaint is grounoeb , anb after anp fucb corruption h^ tbe 
faib grauntj 31urie founb,tbentbe 3Iuro^ tbat is fo founb befectiue in ta« 
!ting$c*(baUpap to tbe plaintife nameb iw tbe fame Attaint ten times tbe 
balue of tbefumme,oi otber relnaro fo talten,orp?omifeb,an0 (ball fuffet 
imp?ifonment toitbout bade 0? mainp^ife liremonctbes , 0? lelfe > h^ tbe 
bifcretion of tbe faib spaio? anb ^luermcn, anb (ball be bifableb fo^ euer, 
to be fujo^ne in anp 31urie, before anp tempo^all 3Iubf!:e . ^nb fucb befen* 
bant 0} tenant in tlje fame attaint,fi;aU piip to fucb bfe as otber penalt ics 
bin fo^faiteo toptbin tbe fame Citte, ten tunes tbe balue of tbe fumme 
of monep , 0? otber retuarD, bp bim to gj tien to anp of tbe faib petit 3Iurie, 
anb (balbe imp^ifonebbJitboutbailt o^mainpjifejburingnjcemonetbeSa 

jr DjlelTe, 

d} Me ,t)p tlje uifcretionof tjjefart spaio^ ano ^cermctu i i»|)t7» 2i» 

Sec lurors 5. 

Ee meufe fo» i ^ / 31 f anp Debts! anD tiammao;e0 0? co(!e0 be recoueren in anp action 
t^e uebM ana tjljereupon fuel) attaint is gcounueD^anu bp tbe fame Attaint it be founo 
coSn in tjc tbat t\)t pf tit 3urie batl; gitten a falfe Cerement , tben fo? tbc recouer? 
fittt action. anDteflitutionof tbefame DebtjUammageis^anD cofie0,tbeplatntifein 
cuetp Attaint (ball ano map fue an action of Debt againCtbe fame De« 
fenDant o} tenant , bp toa^it , bill , o? plaint ftc ♦ luberein no dt Qtc» 1 1 ♦ 

3if tije piaftt. 1 9 31f anp plaintife in anp fucb attaint be nonfuit.o? if tbe SrH ^erc- 
tife 6e nonfuit, jj^ent tbeccin be affirmeo,tben be (ball banc imp?irbnment,ano malte fine 
SutaSeD?' bp tbeDifcretioaoftbe9paio?anoaiDermen$c»anotbatfine(balibe to 

t\)t 9paio? ano Comminaltic of tbe faio Citie* 1 1 ♦l^.y*! i» 
W)t attafnt 2 o 31f tbere be ttoo o| mo plaintifes in anp fucb attaint , ant» anp of 
Ssi) o5S?e ' tbem Die, 0? be nonfuit,tbe otber Hjal be enableD to fue fo? tbe pjoceeDinjj 
ti)cpianuife< jjitbc fame attaint : anonotlMitbttanDingtbeDeatb of tbeDefenoant o} 
?wu * """*' tenant, 0^ anp of tbe petit 31urie nameo in tbe fame attaint , fo tbat tbere 

bettDO of tbe fame petit3}urie online^ tbe attaint Qjallnot abate« xi« 

attaint per me- 2 1 dpon all attaints commenceo toitbin tbe Citte of tonDon bpoti 

i«wianiingu«. ^^^ reco?D jtoberein tbe ttiallano enqiieitira!! bp balfe tongue, tbe 

Spaio? auD aioermen (ball impanell tbe cjraunD 31«rie , tbe one balfe of 

j§>ti;anpr0,of gjooD name, of gooDs to tbe ualueof a di* anD mo?e,inba« 

biting luitbin tbe fame Citie at large, anD ((;e reCDue of Citijenis of t(je 


22 3it is at tbe libertie of all perfons , bpon an bntrue berDict giueti 

SKc ml in anp Courts of tbe Citie of lonoon, to fue tbeir attaint Upon t\)Z ^ta« 

ffiKS!,^^ tutemaDe2^iI;»8,o?els\)pontbej§>tatutemaDeii*iE)»7»attbeirotone 

pleafure*2 3*ip.8»3» 

1 what challenge is allowable in Attaint fued by bill or writ in Lon- 
don , See Challengf i .2.3.4. 

a What iiTues cuery luror (hall forfait, which appcareih not in At- 
taint. See lurors 27, 

3 Attaint by an hcirc within age vpon a vcrdid paft againft him. Sec 
Age I. 


«)Mit cf cotttt Tp ci^rp ifreeman tobicb otoetb fuit to t^e Cottntp,€ptbing,!^unD?cD, 

XlanD iaiapemal^e, 0^ to bis Lo?Ds Court,map freely mafee W ^ttur- 

neptoDoetbofefuitsfo?bim,Mcrton. 2o.!t>.54io* 

a r^cncraii 2 €uerp man )ii\)icl) fcaretb to be intplcaDcD bcfa?e tbe 31u(!ices of 

iatiutnce. tbeEings^Bencb , Common place, 3I«(lices in €ire,o?of affifes,o?i« 

anpCountie before tbe ^birife,o^ in anp Court "Baron, map make a 

ficncrauattunt?^ to purfuefo^^im in t^e fojcfaiD caufestobc fucD bp 

* b w 

Attiirney. 34 

5 '^^e tcitants in ^{TtCc of Noucldi(Tci(in,mapma!te Sttwrncps if affift* 
tijep UJill , cnn alfo tljep map plean bp 'Bailifes, Stat. Eborum. ^nt» aftcc 
tlje tenant Ijatlj appearen in OTfe, Attaint , 0? luris vtrum, (je cannot be 
cilbincDjbutmapmal^e^ttumcpfojbim, ^iUettm i» ^♦€Da«4i» 

4 Cucrp of tbc petit 3|urie in 2ttmt map appeare an;j aimfijjcre b? attaint, 
attumep in t\)c fame Sttaijtt* 2 :? Mp.S,^, i ^,C!i5» 2 j* 

5 %\^ appcHani in anp appeal of muroer,oj Deatb of man,tobcre bat* appeau 
eel! bp tlje courfc of tbe common latu Ipctb not,map malie bis 9itturncp, 

txo appeare bp tbe fame in tbe faio appeal after it ijs commenced , to tie 
cnuanu crecution of t(jefame, ^ll)*7«u 

6 ^\)t Defenuants map ma'he ^ttuvnep^ in fuel) fuiteis toljere appeal <Si\\itm^min 
Ipetbtwt/otbatif tbepbe attainteri, in tbeic abfence tbe^birife fb.aH ^vmum\) 
be commaunoeu to take tbem, ano tben tbep (ball receiue tbe punilbrttcnt * ' 
tbattbep (boiilo (jatte bnft ,if tbep ban bin pjefent toljen tfjeiuusement 

lua0 giuen, (SlouceHcn 6,<2Jo. i ,8, 

7 ji5o 3nuecniirife, ^bicifes clar!te,^binfes receiuer, 0? "Baplife, *§>?>{« fe* offi- 
iball be ^ttutnep inanp of tbe S^ueenegCouctis fo? tbe time^e ijs in of* "eaSS* 
fice toitb anp fucb ^birife. i ♦l^* 5 44* 

8 5i5o '§)te\MartJ,':^ailife, 0? officer of anp ILo^b of a irrancbife,tobiclj J^^«ff o*^f«f* 
Ijatbretourne oftnjitg.lball be ^tturnep in anp plea l»itl;in tfje fame mamm! 

P 3If anp :0aron of tbe €rcl)equer,o? 3Iu5ice,o? anp of tbeir Chtkts ^««;« t^^" «' 
0? C)ff(cer0,(ball receiue anp atturneps but onelp in tbe pleas ano fuiteg bi!"ttffu"t«^De. 
UepenDing; before tbem atiD tbeir fellolMe0,ann in tbe Courts lubcre tbej> Sf^^'"^ ^*^''' 
areaCTigneDjtbefameanmilfionis boio,Carloile* i54€ij*2. 

10 €^uerp31u^iceoftbeoneT5encbanD tbeotbecano alfo tbecbiefe ^/tpJJ*^''^^^ 
!15aronof tbe<ircbequer,baueautbo?itietoe]raminc cutlatocDperfons cowVwrd.* 
\jii\)icl) be (iclke of anp btfeafe openlp fenoioen, anu to recojb ^Itturneps foj 

tljem : ^ut in a to^it of Capias ad fatisfacienduni tbe common JLala 

1 1 31f anp ^cturnep be openlp fouuo in uefault hi^ reco^b oj otljertoife, StRtmr. 
befbalfojfiMeartbeCourt^^neuerafterbeallolneb top?ofecuteanpfuit nm founolit* 
in anp of tbe Il»court0*9[inj euerp ^tturnep Ibalbe ftuo^ne truelp to feme ^*^^"^^« 

in tbeir office0,^fpeciallp to malte no fuit in anp fo?ein cotmtp,4 Jp*4»i 8» atturnew otb. 

12 %n allfuits tobercin p^ocesof Capias ano Exigent ipetb ,if tbe euacrantof 
atturnt p baue not bis toarrant of reco?ti , tbe fame terme tbat tbe €]ci= atmrnc? ett. 
gem is atoarbcUjljefball lofe ^ls»to tbe aueene,if Ije be attainted ""<'^'^"''^^» 
tbcreof bperaminationof 3!uaices>i8,l^,6^p» 

1 3 Cuerp fucb perfon tobicb fijall be ^tturnep foj anp otljec perfon turnc? njaif si 
ti^perfonsb.ciusbemaunoant oj plaintife, tenant 0^ nefenbant, in anp '"^j'^^^'^' 

jf 2 action 



map appcare 


action oj fuit commcttceu in anp of tlje duccncsi tmtmf^etop ae 
^eUnu anD pleat! to an i(fue in tOe faniCjflball Ddiuer,o? caufcto beDeli* 
ucrcDljislaMuU Uiarrant of Stcurnep to beentrenof recojU fo^ euerp 
of ttjcfaiDactiongo^fuitsitoIjcrcm betsnamen^ltturnepjto tijc officer 
t} I;i!3Deputp o^neinen fo? cljc receipt o? entringtberof intbefameterme, 
itubentlje fain iflUeigicntreii of reco^tjint^c faiu Court, o? before, ijpou 
paine of fo?faiting v*lu fo? euerp Default fo? not uelitiering of ttje fain 
Ujarrant t %\)Z one moitie to tlje !li,gtc»tbe otber to fucb officer to toboui, 
0? in tobofe office tbe fame Warrant (boulD beDeliuereii^c»to berecou^* 
rcn bp a3.31»f c» tob^tein no m*^u Co j ]'p.^c ♦ SlntJ alfo furtbcr (ball 
fuffer fucb impjifonmcnt,a0 bp tbe tiifcretion of tbe Sluflices of tbe court 
(tobere anp fucb Oiffault (balbe maoe) 0;aU be tbougbt conuenieiu ♦ 3 2* 

1 4 -^bere (ball be but Cre common ^tturnepg in the Coimtp of ^o^f* 
folkCj antj fi]ce in tbe (Countie of j^uffolhe , ann ttoo in tbe Citie of ^o}* 
Vfticb-jto be itturneps in (Courts! of l^ecop, ano all tbe fain }:iiiu 9ittur« 
neps (ball be electee 9 aomittcD bp tbe ttuo Cbiefe 31ullices fo? tbe time 
ieing, of tbe mofl fufficient anu beff mffructen bp tbeir uifcretion^ ♦ ^nn 
tbe election ann aomiffion of all 9itturneps bp tbe faio 3Iuflices aboue tbe 
fain number in tbe fain (2Dountie0, (ball be ijoin* ^nn if anp perfon \)furpe, 
o^p^efumeto be ^tturnepin Courts of Uleco^n in tbe fain Counties 0^ 
Citie, otberiuife tben before is fpecifien , ann tbat founn bp 3Inquifition, 
tafeen before tbe 3Iuaiccs of peace in tlje fain Citieo? Counties, (tobicb 
baue potoer to inquire tbereof in tbeir ^effions)o?in anp otber manec 
lalJDfullp p^ouen, tben be tbat fo p?efumetb (if be be tbereof latufullp con-- 
uicten) (ball fo?n jc]r4i40 tbe lOueenc ann %(fc. as often as be is fo con* 
uicten,to be recoueren bp anp tbat toillfue bp action of Debt*? ?5p»^»7» 

In the fame Statute it is prouided, that the faid ordinance (hould be- 
gin, and firft take effea at the feaft of Eafter then next comming,and not 
before, if the fame ordinance feeme rcafonableto thelufticcs. Quaere 
whether the whole force and eflence of this Statute did depend vpon 
the luliices determination or onely the time of the beginning thereof. 

1 5 ^f anp perfon 0} perfons (ball be fuen o^.info^men apinft , tjpon 
anp penall laui in anp of tbe Courts of tbe JKings O^encb, Common 
pleas,o?Cfcbeciuer ,tt)bcrefucb perfon 0^ perfons are baplablcbp lain, 
o?tuberebp tbe leaueojfo?meoftbe Court fucb perfono? perfons map 
appeare bp atturnep, in all ann euerp fucb c^^uCe tbe perfon 0? perfons fa 
to be impleanen (ball ann map at tbe nap ann time contcpnen in tbe firS 
p?oces feruenfo? bis apparance appeare bp atturncp of tbe fameCourt 
TQjbere tbe pjoces is retoucnable,to anfuiere ann nefenn tbefame,ann not 
be V)?gen to perfonall apparance , o} to put in baile fo^ tbe anfujcrino; of 
fucbfuite : anp former lain ^u notluitblJanning:. 29* Cli?. $ . Cbe fame 
biancb of tbefain act (ball e);£cnn,aun n;albe interpjecco to^ptenn onelp 


Auditour and Receiucr. ^5* 

to tbe natural! fubteccsbo^nejO? to bebo^ne tuttfjtntf)^ uomfntons of 
tbeClueenes 6pateffic Ijec Ijcires anu fucceffo^s, anD to pcrron0 maoe free 
Denizens , ann to no otl)m : anj) tljing therein contatncD $c ♦ iwtUJit^^ 

Auditourand Recciuer. 

Eacrp of tfje Clueenes Sutiitour^ of tbe Crcbequf r , Ducbie of Can* '^^^ ^auft aai 
catter , ano Court of eoaroeg ano Ltucrics ,fl)an pcerelp p^oclaime ^ ^"^^^""^^^ 
ano Declare in euerpCountietuitbin tbcir feueraU limits ,in tb?ee oj 
foWt ^ar^et izrotone0 , o? otber place? , bp tbe fpace of ttuentie Da pes 
befojetbeirauDit, tobcn anD tubere tbeptoillf^eepe tbeirauDit0 in tbe 
fame j^bire,o? tbepfi;aU fo^faic fiuepouuDcs! fo? eucrp offence to tbe 
dueene auD 31* to be rccouertD bp ^,%^c. luberein no CiK, ^c, C^oj ]^* 

^C»33»i^«8,3P*SeeAccompt cotheQueene 12. 

2 Slfanp^uDitourof tbe€]rcbequer,Ducbp of lancaffero? Court ^utuont-gfce* 
of 2narDe0anDliuerie0,o?anpof W Ciar!^e0,o? otber totbeiro? anp "^*"'^''"'^"^» 
of tbeir bfe, (baU tafee fo^ tbe inrolment of anp 1 etter0 patent? , Decrees 
of tbe fame Court0,5raunt0, o} inDenture0 of leafes, O} io} tbe alloluance 
of tbe fame, aboue iii»0.iiii»U» be fo offenoing (ball fo?fait i)i»0,biii*ij» fo} 
cuerp penp tob»cb b^ ta^etb aboue tbe fo?efaiD fumme, to tbe iSClueenc 
anD tbe 31nfo?mer ^c» to be recotiereD h^ ^,% grc^luberein no M,^c, C» 
0? 1^» ?c» ^nd if anp perfon Do offer to anp fiicb ^^uuitour anp fucb letters 
^atent0,Decree0, leafe? ^c, to be inrolleD , be fljall inroll tbe fame, c^ aC* 
ttiucb tbereof as (ball appertaine to bi0 office. 5 ?»l^.8. 3 p* 

5 CuerpEecemeroftbeCjccb-^quer,Ducbieof lancaffer f Court mtjatfce^cw 
of C2larDe0 anD Liucne?, \3il}ich fball pap to anp perfon an aunuitie.pcn* §'au tS""^ 
cion, 0} ctber rent , fljall (if tbe fame perfon bpon tbe receipt tbereof Uiill 
Dtliuer Unto bim a fufficient acquittance/ealeo anD G jneD, tettifpincj tbe 
fame receipt )rcceiue tbe fame, taitbout talking anpretoarD tbercfoje, 
ijponpaineto fo^faitfo? euerppenpo^penp ujojtb recepueD Ui»s*biii*tf» 
^uDiftbepartieDa notoeliuer fucb a fufficient acquittance, buttbattbe 
Eeceiuer, 0? bi0 Clarhe Dotb mafee tbe fame, be (ball baue tberefo^e iiii^tf, 
anD if be take aboue iiit'H, be (ball fojfait fo? euerp penp 0? penp too^tlj 
fo ta'kenDi*0tbiii»li» SnD if anp '^reafo?er,lIleceiuer,o?mintffer accomp- 
tant,o?tbeirDeputie0U3bicb (ball pap to anp perfon anpfee,annuitie, 
to iubombe (ball pap tbe fame , in loap of retuaro , oj otbcrtoife, aboue 
iiil»d. fo? euerp pouno tbat be (bal pap,be (ball fo?fait bi»0»biii, il»fo? euerp 
penp 0} penp too?tb tobicb be (ball receiue ouer, to tbe partie grieueo , to 
be recouercD bv a.'B^o? ip.tuberein no m^t* C»o? p» ^c* 3 3,^)^39^ 

7.CD.5» I ♦ S. Accomptants &c. to the Queenc . 

1 That the Qnecncs Receiuers fhall enter into bond with furetics to 
accompt and pay fuch money as they may lawfully be charged with. Sec 
Accomptants to the Queene 10, 

f 5 2 For 


1 For the Queenes Auditors and Recciuers precepts to Bailifcs ac^ 
comptaius. S. Accompt &c, 11,12. 

5 At what time the Queenes Receiuersfhall accompt, and vyhen 
they (hall make payment. S. Accompt &c. i <5.l 7.1 8. 

4 When Auditors may commit accomptants to prifon,S.Accompt 2# 


^xm^>? \3m \ 7i /^P^J^^focuec anp mano?£S, U\m -, tenemcntg, anu ot^cr bcwDita* 

tt)e lauQ toitj). \ \ meuts be bolocn bp anp perfon 0? perfons bp rent$,cufiome0,oj 

wli ptlfoi"? feruice?, if tbc JLo?d of toljom aiip fuc^ manojgf, lanust, tenements!, 0? be* 

reuitanient0 be fobolueti,uifframe Dpon tbe fame Iann0,fo^ anpfucfi 

rent)3,cuftomes ,o?fcrutcc0,anti rcpleuin tfjercof ber«e5,tbeLo?t> of 

to^om tbe fame lanog , ^c, be (0 bolncn map auoto ,0? bis bailife 0? fee* 

want mafee conufancc , 0^ iuttifie fo? taking tbe faiD DtarelTc bpon tbe 

fame Iann2!,tenement0,o^ berenicamentg fo bolnen, ag in Uim gpCtDoitbin 

1)10 fee 0} feipio^p ,ancan;ing in tbe faio auotM?ie,conufance, ano iuffifii* 

cation,tbe famelanD0 $c4o be boloen of bim iricbout naming of anp pec* 

fon certaine to be tenant of tbe fame , auD toitbout maMng anp auoto^ie, 

9 lotoiv tjoon iw^ift"^^^ ^^" ' ^? conufance upon anp pcrfon certaine ♦ Sno likctoife tbe 

tbe lanB in lojii,baiUfe,o? fetuant (ball mafee auoto?ie, iuttification, 0? conufance iti 

,f 5ff"J5fi^" li^e mannei* ano fo^me,i3pon mu^ mit fueo of Second deliuerance. 

lauotoant (ijaii ^ ^"^'^i' ^ttoluant, anD otber pecfon , tijat malte anp fuc^ auoto?te, 

fccouei; coac« iuftification , 0^ conufance as bailife 0^ feruant to anp perfon in anp Re- 

flgafftfr plegiare 0} Second deliuerance fo^ untS, CUlIome0,fcruice0, 0^ (O} tJam* 

piaiHiife. mage fcfant, oj otl)cr rcnt0 bpcn anp tJiHreffe tal^en in anp lanos, 0? tcne* 

ment0, if tbe fame auotD^iCj iuttification, o} conufance be founb fo? tbem, 

0} tbe plaintife in tbe fame be nonfuit , 0} otbertotfe barren , tben tbep 

fballrecouer tbeictiammageg anD coftes aptnH tbe faio pIaintife0,aiEf 

tbe fame plaimifeslbculDbaucDOiieiftbepbao recouereotljerinagaintt 

t je faiO riefenoant0* 2 1 .!^,8. i p. See Dammages 8* 

•^ttci) pim $ ? '^^^ ^^^^ plaintife0 ano tiefenDant0 in tbe faio la^it^ of Replcgiare 

a?ije piastr, antj Second deliuerance, antJ in euerp Of tbem , (ball baue lifee pleas, ano 

KiSfwn^m ii^^ ^P^^ Vh'^vc): in all fucb auoto?ie0, conurance0 ,anri iullific{?tion0, 

( plea0 of Difclaimcr onelp ercept ) a0 tbep migbt baue bao before tift 

malttnccof tbi0 ^ct,a0 tbougb tbe faio auoto?te,comiGmce, oj Mih^ 

tation ban bin maoe after tbe Due o^uec of t{;e common tm^ ai* 

!ip,8«Tp* , 

Sioptns in 4 ^U f«c^) petfong as hv the Qptx of tlje cojnmon 5Latu map lalofullp 

im, iopne to tbe plaiutifes 0? i)efentiant0 in t^e faio to jits of Replegiare oj 

Second deliuerance, afUJdl tcitbout p?oce0,lt0 bpp?OCe0,flj'aU iopnc 

Unto tbe faio plaintife0o?tiefcn^ant0afUJelU)itboutp?oces,a0bpp?oce0, 

ai«J baue lihe plcas,anD liKe aouantage in all tbinges (Difdatmer onel? 

^jccejjt) a0 tfcep mia;l;t \)ms none bp tljc ajDec of tlje contmoa jlato before 

Aduowfon.' i6 '^ 

tfje maVInCf of ttji^ ^Ct* 2 1 ♦^♦S* i P* See Repleuin. 

Auowric for Rents after the elates in the fame rents be determined. 
Sec Rents 1.2.3. 


Wtpmni fo? saouotofon^ ofCburcljefi! tijctcU but cfj^ceojiffinnl Ss^parti. 
lo?iC0:tIjacistofap,oneti)?itofEtgfjt, anottuo ofpotfclTion, cuicffftates* 
luW beDarreine prefcntment,anti Q2?rc impedit , atlD fjitljetrto tt 
i^atb bin ^jfeu in tlje Healme , tbat luljen anp bauiitg no rigfjc to p^efcnt, 
liati p^cfenceD to any Cljurclj tobof'^ Cleric toa^ aumitcco , Ij^c^ac luas 
beric patron coulDnot tecoim bi0 SottoiMfon , but onelp bp a lu^it of 
Higljt jtobicb flJotiJo be tricu bp ^atcaile, 0? bp great aOifejtDberebp 
l)eire0 UJit^in age ^ eitber bp fratm ^ j ci0 bp negligence of tbeir iuar- 
tiein0,anoljeire0botiiof great anDmeaneftate,eit|)erbp ncgligence,oj 
cl0bp frauD of tenants bptljecurteCe, tenants mbotoer,o?otberlMifefo? 
terme of Ufe, 0? fo^ peere0,o? in fee ta(le,lDere manp times tulberiteo of 
t^eir 3iiuotofon0 ,o?at tbeleal!(U)bicblua0tbe better fo?tbem)toere 
u^iuen to tbeir Mt of Higbt, in ^Wh cafe bitberto t(jep toere toptbout 
renteop : 31t is p?outDeu , tbat fucb p^efentmencs fijall not be p^eiuDiciall 
totberigbtbeire0,o?to tbembntoiubomfucb^iiuoiofonsougbt to re* 
ttcrt after tbebeatb of otberpetfon0 : fo? 30 often as anp bauingnorigbt 
notb p^efent i)nto a ecbiircb tiuring tbe tnamfbip of anp (jcire luptbitt 
age , 0? During tbe interest of tenant bp t\)Z curtefie, in uotoer, tenant foj; 
terme life, 0^ peeres, 0? tenant in tnUch^ t^e fraun 0? negligence of 
tbetoarDcin of tbe fame beire,o?of anp of tbe afo?efaiD tenants , tljc 
fame p?efentation fljall not be fo p?eiubictan to tbe fame beire, 0? to \)im 
to tobomtberetierOon (ball come after tbe neat!; of anp of tbeafo^efain 
tenants , but tbat after tbe beire (ball comeio bis full age , o} tbe €i)im\) 
tecome tjoibe after tbe beatb of anp of tbe afo?efaib tenants , ^e to lubom 
t^e fame belongetb ibal b^ue tbe fame action anD recouerie b^ poffelTaric 
iD^it to recouer tbe ^ouoUjfon , as tbe lall aunceffer of fad; beire being: 
of full age intfje laHauopnance falling before fjisueat^j 0? before tbe 
tiemife mas mane fo? a terme, 0? in taple,lboulD baue bao* Snu t^e 
lifee remcbp is is to be (jao of p^efentations maue to C^urcbes of tbe iu« 
Ijeritanceof tuiueSjburing t^eir couerture* Slfo t0pfl)ops,Srcbnea* 
cons, l^arfons of Cfjurcbes, antj otljer €cclefiafticall perfons fijaU 
baue remebicbptbis ^tatutcif anpman bauingno rigbt uo p?efent 
Unto Cburcbes belonging to tbeir ^pirituall Dignities o^l^arfonages: 
During tbe bacationoffucl; Dignities, parfonages ^CfsL^zMinHcxif 


2 ':i5nt tbis Statute (ball not be bnDerHanD fo largelp , tbat tljc 3i«BscmenM 
fojefaiD perfons fo^ tobofe remcop it luas o^DaineD , (ball Ijaue tbcir reco' aiSpDcK ? ^ 
ucrie bp fumtifing tljat tljefaiD tojarbeins 0} tenants DiD faincDlp De= latofiiinieanjf, 
fenD t\)t fttit moueD bp , oj aa;ainU tjjan : fo^ iuDgement^ giuen in tbe fS? 

jr4 ' SDueenc35 


Siueeneg Court ffjall not be aDnuIleDbntill tbeptif trcfeatetr !jj) Crrour, 
attaint, 0? certificat,toI;tc()iTjaU be frcelpgraunteD,meammCcc 2, 

3 31f it bappen ate tbe neatb of tbe mnctUet Wc^ p?erenteD,tbac 
SS?c k t^^e fame anuolufonbealTigneiimDouierjO^bolDenbptbe curteae^aim 
tecavjarticuiac tbofe tcnaiug p^cfcnt^^anD after tbeitueatb tbe rigbtbcirebe niaurbeo 
<{tate mm, ^^ p^efent , it is in biis election, tuyere be toill batte a Quare impedit, 

0} Aflife of Darreinc prefentment t ^nXt ill iikz fo^t it iS of SHUOlOs 

fott uemifeD foj cerme of life , peered , 0^ in taile, CSJeOininaec 2» 1 3 , 

4 3If a man no fuffer a recouetieof a spano? toberettnto an auuotofon 
^aii Sa"*^ isi appenuantjbetbatDocb rccouertbc fame,fban(jatte a Quare impc- 
S^'/' 'Z»L ^^^ ^P''" ^ nillurbance , aj3 be , againft tobom tbe recouene iwas , migbt 
fonf ^^"'^*bauebao.7>^»8.4, 

5 aftbere be agreement mane bettnijctfeueran perfon^ \iii)ic^ on 
F/comSS!" ^^^^^^ ^^2 aDttotufon of a Cbur cb , ann inroHen before tbe Slutticeg , j 
tion. bp a fine , in tW waner , tbat tbe one (ball firif p?efent , anti at tbe nert 

auopoance an otber, ann at tbe tbiro, a tbiro , ann fo furtber,anD tuben one 
b^tb p^efenteo fo? W turne ^ acco^uing to tbe agreentent, antj at tbeneicC 
auopoance be to lubom tbe fcconn pjcfentation belongetb, i^ uifturbcD 
!jp anp tbat toas partie ijnto tbe agreement , 0? fome otber in W tteaoe, 
b^ tbat is niffurbeD (ball not neeDe to fuc a Qnarc impedit,but (ball baue 
recoucfe to tbe EoU o} fine, ano if tbe agreement be tbere fomiu, be (ball 
baue a Scire facias to toarne tbe Didurber to appeare iDitbin ic^* oapesf, 
0^ tb?ee li3ee!te0, accoituing to tbeoittance of tbe place, to (belu if be 
baue anp tbing to fap tabp tbe partie oiaurben (boulo not recouer W P?^* 
fentation* ^no if be appeare ftot,o? do appeare ann can fap notbing tob? 
tbe partie oifiurbeu fi)OulD not recouer bis p^efentation hi^ reafon of 
anp neete after tU agreement maue 0? enrollcD ,0? tbe fine, be (ball 
recouer bpsJpjefentationUiptb bpj^ iiammages!, 2:ille(lminaer 2» 13* 

6 cab^n an ^ouotofonDercentictbbttto parceners, tbougb one p?e« 
law?S ^^ ^^"t f ^^^^> ^"^ bfurpetb bpon bi0 cobeire, pet be tbat toas negligent ibal 

not be cleerelp barreo , but an otber time (ball baue W turne to p^efenc 

tob^nit falletbjCOeem 2. i ^€D»it5» 
]9lcnavtfcof 7 31f tbe Defenoaut no except in afltfe of Darrein prefentment, O? 
ibe Befenoanttf Q^are impedit.tbat tbe Cburcb is full of f;is otonep?efentation,tbe fuite 
p^sun im\ . ^^^jj ^^^ rcmaine bp reafon of tbat plenartie , fo tbat tbe to?it be purcba* 

feumitbin fijce monetbes, tbougb be can not recouer biis p?etentation 

toitbin fire monetbes , ZWLzMx i, i >€o»i . '^^ 
§JSmp^o "tt 8 Damages (ball be atuartieri fo? ttuo peeres balue of tb? Cburcb,in a 

amreot Darrein Quarc impedit, f Darrein prefentiht.if fir monetbSDO palTe b^ anp ma£S 

prcfenunent. j,iaiij;5fince,fo tbat tje i^iibop DO couferre, aiiD tbe berp patron Dotb lofe 

Aduowron.' Badger, Lader, Carlcr, Drouer. p 

U^ p?cfemation fa? tljat time, anu if tlje DiQurber fjauc not toljcrcUitt!; to 
rcfione Damaa:c0,fte fijalbe ttuo pecres imp^ifoncu.Sif tbc nj:0monctl)s be 
not paa, bttt tlje ^Duoluron is recoueren tuitbin tljat time, tljen Damages 
fijalbe atoatDeo to balU a peeres ijaltte of tfje Cljurcb, 9 tbe Diff tirbec i^nh 

p aaitjentbel^acronofanp CljurcbisnitebeDtoDemaumitit^esin 
tbe nercparifi) bp a to?it of Indicauit, tfjc l^atron of p iparfon fo DiUurbcn 
(!)an fjauc a tti jit to tiemauti tbe ^tjuolufon of tlje ticbes in quefiion* 9inri 
toben it i^Difppuen, tfje fuit (ball fo farrefo?tbp?oceeD in tlje ^picituaU 
f ourt,as it toas DiCpjoucD in tbe Cluecnes Court, cHeUm* 2* 1 5 ♦Co*! ♦ j» 
S. tbere tbat to?its Uiill lie of Cbappels, ]p?ebeD0, ClicarajjejSj^ofpital?, 
Slbbep$,lp jiojie!2(,anD otljer fjoufe^, tubic^ ^t of otfjer mcniB ^ouoiDronsi*. 

Badger, Lader, Carier, Drouer, 

IiT anplicenfe (Ijalbematieto anp ^arja;er,latJer,^iDner,oj Carter of ^^'^^om ana 
t} cfjeefe, otberUiife tben in tbe general! 9 open Cluarter ^effiong of tbe ^^^^^ ^^^' 
peace bolDen in tbe Ǥ)bire toberetbepartieaumitteDjalTiijneD o?aUoto= 
ci»,uoti ^ bp tbefpaceof tb?ee peeres before tljeTefte of Oislicenfe, batb 
utoeKeD, 0? otber tbentofucb perfon ass is, 0? b^tb bene maries, i?f a 
ioufbofcer, no boufboln feruant 0^ Hetaino?, anti pjcr^peeres of ap at tbe 
Ieaft,o?to bawe continuance fo?mo?etben onepeere, o^toljicb bearetb 
not Date tbeuap$ place t»bere tije ^eCTtonsbe bolDen, 0? isnocOgneb^ 
fealeD toitb tbe banos anb fealesof tb?ee 3!uCices of tlje peace, being pje* 
fent at tbe fame ^efltons at tbe leaU, tubereof one to be of tbe Quorum, 
t\)t fame licenfe Ibalbe boib, ann clje partie tobicb tafeetb tbe fame fbaU 
fojfait fine pounDs to tfjeSElueene ^ 3I»to be recouereb bp ^% ^Ct UJljerc* 
in no 2It» ^c» €♦ 0? IP* $c» j.Cli^a 2» 1 5*€li?»2 5^ 

2 Jl^o perfbn (ball bpon paine of b* X. to be fojfaiten anu recouereb as ¥^^^^^° ^^^ 
is afo?efaib,bp autbojitie of fuclj licenfe,bup anp co?ne out of open f aire ai^atSu 
fi? 2^ac!tet,tofeU tbe fame againe,e]rcept be be thereunto (peciallplicett* 
febbpe]cp?e(retoo?iis in bts licenfe. j.Cli^^i 2»i 5.Cli^.2 j, 

5 3li licenfes mabe to tbe faib I15abg;ers, laberis,D?ouers,f c. anb i^fccnccs ann 
all recopifances ta^cn of tbem bp tbe 3Iuftices f peace in tbeic ^eCfios cjaib "S"* 
(tbat tbcp (ball not do anp tbing cotrarp to tbe aatute*5»€D»6j4, pjoui-- ^^^^ 
DeD againl! fo?effallers)W be mabe $ U)?itten hv tbeCler!ic of tbe peace 
of tbe fameCountieoj bisbeputie $ none otber perfon, $ tbe faib ClerKc 
ftall baue ^ tlje licenfe,^ biii*lf,fo? tljerecopifance, $ fo? tbe regi* 
firing of tbem bctb iiit,U. at tbe mo(t, fo? tobtcb fee tbe Clerlte 0? bts be* 
putie (ball heepe a IRegiaer bool^e, anb tberein (ball \}i}itt tbe names,fur- 
names anD btodling places ofCucb as be licenfeD, luitbab^iefeentrieof 
t})t licenfe, anD of tbe nn^, time anb place tobere it toas graunteD, lobicb 
boohe be (ball bzing to euerp 5§>eiricns tbat it map appeare J»bat numbec 
of licenfeis be graunteo* 5»Cli?.i 2,1 sMv^^if, . 

4 Z^W 


ptintetoji fof 4 '^W ^ct fljalt not ttum to p}timice tftc liberties of an^ Citie oj 
§otoncs cw» '^o^"^ co?po^at, but cuerp of tbem map latufullp affignc gf licenfe pur* 
&at.' wcpo^0 fo? tbc pjouiOott of tbe fame Citie o? 'Coiunc cojpo?at, as tbc? 

migbt baue uone before f c. tieitber OjaU tbis act be pjciuoictal to tbe in* 
babitantjj \xiit\)m tbe Counties of 22^eamerlanu, Cumberland, lanca* 
aer, Cbelter , p o}^z, o? anp of tbem, but tbep ma? no as tbep baue bfeu ta 
UOt 5»Cli5»i 2t 1 3*Clip5» S.Foreftallcrs.Iufticesofpcacc. 3 2.3 3, 


m!)offl(a Tf anv ^arcbiint ojotbcrpcrfon bnncfo?ererciCna:tbetraticof^er^ 
Tsanttrupt. Xdjaoi^e bp uaap of bargaining;, e,rcbana;e,recban5e,barterp,cbeuirance, 
0} otbertoife in grolfe 0} bp retaile,o^ feefeing; Us 0} ber traue of lining b? 
buping anu fellingjann Mnc^ a fubiectbo^ne of tbis Healme,o? of anp tbc 
Slueenes Dominions, J Denizen, (ballnepart tbe Eealme, o^begin ta 
feeepebis o} \)tt boufe, o} otbecluife to abfent bim 0^ b^r felf, to talte ^ac« 
tuarie, ojfucfeibimo^becfelfe biillinglp to be arreileD foj anpuebt oj 
otbertbingnotgroioeno^iiue, fo^monepDeliueren, tonresfolD, 0^ an? 
otbcriu!Io?latofuUcaure, 0^ mill fuafep bim oj bee felfe to be outlaw ett, 
0) peclD bim 0? bcr felfe to p?ifon,o j depart from \)i2 o} ber Otoellingboufc 
to tbe intent to uefrautje o^binocr anp of bis o} b^f treoito^sbeino; alfe 
afubiect bo^ne, oftbeiuKoebt o?nueticoffucbcret)ito^ o|creDitojs,b8 
(ball be ueemeti ano tafeen fo^ a "Banltrupt^i 3»CU^.7» 
CBmimonctiJ 2 Cbe %op CbaimceHoj, o} heeper of tbe great ^eate, bpon com* 
g^^Ja^J^JiJJJg" plaint to bim maue in inciting, againff anp fucbperfon being 05 anltrupt 
t»oDtes(,ianD^, as is afojefaitt, batb autbo^itie h^ Comiflion bnoer tbe great ^eale,to af* 
ana sooosf . ^^^^ f^^^ I^oi^ejf a^jj oifc^cete perrons,a6 (ball feeme to bim goon, tobo 0? 
tbe moa part of tbem fljal ^mt autbo^itie to taKe fucb ojuer toitb tbe boo? 
of fucb perfon tab^f cfeeuer (be 0? \)e map be batr,eitber in boufe^^anctua* 
rie, 0^ els lobcre, afmell h^ impjifonmcnt of bis bonie, as toitb bis lanus, 
tenements,^ bercDitaments,anMen copie 0? cuttomarie boln as JTreebolu, 
tobicb be fljall ^mt in W o^ne rigbt before be became 15 ankrupt, ajs 
alfo mitb an fucb lanus, tenements, ^ bereuitamcnts, as be batb purcba* 
feu 0? obtcineo fo? moncp oj otber recopence, tointlp tottb W uiife, cbiHi 
0} cbilD?en,to tbe onclp bfe of fttcb offenoo?, 0^ of,o^Vo? fucb bfe, intere(f, 
rigbt t} title, as fucb offentio? tben fl^all baue in tbe fame, \}i\)ic\) Ije ma? 
Jatufullp Depart mitball, o} luitb anp perfon o^perfonsoftruUtoanpfe* 
icret \)feof fucb offenoo?* 3nD alfo mitb W ntoncp, goons, cattels,toares, 
marcbannifes, ann Debts toberefoeuer t^ty map be founD oj"knomen, anii 
Cfiufe tbe faiDlauDS, tenements, fees, amtuities, offices, gooDS, cattels, 
lDnres,marcbanDi5es,anD Debts to be fearcbeD, bietoen, rentcD, t app^ifea 
totbebeabalue tbepinap,anD hv Deene inDenten, inroKeo in one of tbe 
Sdueencs Courts of Keco^ti,to mafec fale of tbe faio lanDs,tenements,an5 
bereDitaments, ann of all DeeDS,euiDenccs ^ meltings, toucbing onelp tbe 
fame, belonginn; to anp fuclj offenooj 0^ Dcbtoj, ami alfo of all feeis, annui* 


Bankrupts: 3S 

t{e«,officciSf,6Jooti;sf, tm cattelis, o? otberuaife to a^rjtt tht fame fo^ tfjc trite 
fatiffaction anD paiment oftbefame crci>ico?0,tbacisit0fap, toeucrpof 
tl)eraiDcreDito?0 a portion, rate antj rate UKe, accoj^inj to tjjequantitie 
cf 1)15 Debt0» 3no euerp uirectf on, ojuer, bargaine, fale ano otijer t^ingss 
Done Ijp tlje fain perfon^ fo autljojifeo, as is afo^efato in fo?me afojefaio, 
(Ijall be gooD in Latoe to all intents apinlJ t^ie faiOiSDffenDo? o?oebto?, 
ijistoifejljeiresano cbtlojcn, anofucbperfons asbpfttcbtopntpurcljafe 
Xuitlj tbeoffenoo^,fl)allljaueanpettateo^tntereG intlje p^emiftcs, ana 
againfl all otljer perfons claimtno; bp, from o} mxntt fucb offenDo? o j oeb^ 
to)j bi? anp ^ct, bao» mane o} Done after be (ball become ISanferupt, as ig 
afo?efaiD,ano alfo apinff tbe JLo^os of tbe spano?s,tobereof tbe fapo €o* 
pibolD 0} Cullomarie lanos be ^olocn, t^eir I;eires, fucceflb js, ^ alfignej?, 
«no euerp of tbem* 1 3»€li?»7» 

3 911 perfons to tnbom anp fuclj faleof Copi'bolo O} Cuffomarie Tanlis ©enoee* of «» 
l!)allbemaDe,a;all (before tljep (ball enter o^tal^c anp profit oft^e fame) Somi& 
copounB tuitb tbe lo^os of tbe 9pano?s, of tubom t\)e fame (balbe bolocn, «je ima of tijc 
fo^fucb fines o^incombe asberetofo^e batbbin accudomeo to bepapeo '"^"^^*^* 
ttjerefo?e» Slno bpo euerp fucb cSpofition tb^ faio lo^us at ti}c nejrt Court 

to be jjolBen, at o? fo? tlje faio S^ano^s, (bal not onelp graunt bnto t!je faiD 
Uenoeeo^benuees bponrequeff,tbe fameCopp o?C«(tomarplaniis, bp 
Copp of Court roll oftlje fameS^attojs, fo? fucb edate o? intercll asta 
tbem Ojalbe fo folo, ano referuing tbe auncicnt rents,cu(fomes $ ferin'ceis, 
litit alfo in tbe fame Court aomit tbent tenats of tbe fame Copp o? cullo* 
marie lanoesf c» as otber CopibolDcrs of tbe fame spanois baue bene 
looont to be aomitteo^antr to receiue tljeir fealtie acco^Dinglp* 1 3 ♦Cli^^j*. 

4 ^uc^ oftbefapoCommiCfioners as (ball put tbe faioCommilUon C5m(iTtonertf 
inc]cccutton, (ballbpfenlatofullrequea totbemmaoe h^ tfjefaioO^anfe^ M?i"^\"iic 
rupts^notonelp make a true Declaration to tljefame^anltrupts of tbe fieaoiDeutDe 
implopino; anb beKoluing; oftbeir faio lanus, tenements, offices, fecs^ S^^f * 
5;ooi)S,cattels,anbDebsfopaiototbeirfaiDcrcDtto?*i, but alfo mal^epap 

mettc of tbe 0ucrplusoftbefame(if anp fucb (balbe) to tl^e faio'l^anU^ 
luptSjtbeirerecuto^SjaomimilratojiS 0? al^es* i ^Clif 7* 

5 3!f after anp fucb act 0? offence committer! ^ complaint tljerof ma&e eMmfnaffon 
lot^c faio Commi(rioner£r,D? tbemo?e part oftban bpanppartiegric^ Sknwti^"* 
ueu, as is afo?efaio concerning; t\)c p^emides, feitolDincj, fuppodng; 0? fu* gooos, o%t fn. 
fpecting anp of tbe gooos^cattcls, tuares, marcbanoi^es, 0? oebts of fuc^ B«&t{»to t^em, 
offenno? o^oebto?,tobein cuaoDie,bfeo? polfefriouof anpperfon,o?anp 

perfon to be inuebteu to anp fucb offcuDo?,Do make relation tbereof to tbe 
faio Commidioners 0? tbe mo?e part of tbem : "Eben tbe faio CommilTtos 
Iters 0? tbe mo?e part of tbem, baue full potoer to feno fo?, ano call before 
tbem bpfucbpioces,meattes,c?tDaies,as t^^ (balltbinke conuenient, 
euerp fucb perfon fo hnoluen, fufpecteo, 0? fuppofeb to baue anie gcoDs, 
»ebts ?c*in (ji.3 cuaooie ^ccj fuppofeo to be inbebten to fucft offeniio?,attU 



ijpon 1)121 apparance to cr amine him aftoeUbptn^otfje agiotfjerlutTe,!>^ 

fucli mcawes as tbe faitj Comnuffioncrs o^ ^c*fi)al t\)ii\kz imet fo}^ tjpoit 

tl)£ fpecialtte, certaintie, true ueclaratiou ^ hno^rleticre of all antj Ongulat 

fuel; poos ^uebts of anp fuel; offentio? as be fufpccteo to be in Ijts cuSo* 

Die,t)fe,occupation o? poffeffion^gf all fuclj oebts as bp Ijitt^ff Ifc Ibalbe fup* 

pofeu to be min^ to anp fuel) offenooj* ^nu if anp fuclj perfon bpon fucb 

lamination ooe not oifclofe plainelp anD oeclare t|je tobole truti of fucb 

tbings as \)C (ball be ejcamineu of, concerning tbe p^emilTes to bis knoto* 

IcDge,o?tiotienietofU)earet "Ebeneuerpfucb perfon Dcnpingtofii^earf, 

0} being eramineo no not declare t^je tuljole trutb concerning t|ie p^emif* 

re0,t3pon Hue pjoofe tberof to be maoe,befo?e t\)i faio ComitTioners.o^ f c» 

hv luitnes, eramination o? otbertoife, as to t\)t fame Comiffioners^o? ^c» 

(ijall feeme fufficient, (ball fo^f^tbe nouble balue of all fucb goons, cattels, 

loareg!,marcbarji^e)S,gf oebts bp tbem fo concealen^g? not plainelp ^ijjljo'i? 

ueclarerj, tubic^ fojfaiture lljall be leuieu hv t^e faio Ccmmiffioner^ o j 

e^Ct of tbe lanos! f c* goons ffc. of fuel) perfon fo Denping to ftoeare, cj not 

Difclcfittg tbe Vubole trutb bp fucb meaner, ano in fucb maner ^ fo?me,ajaf 

^ is before limiteOfo?tljep?incipall offenDer,tljefamcfo2faiture tobeim* 

) plopeo to anu fo? tljefatiffaction of tlje oebcs oft^efaio Cretsito^s, ttt 

fuel) li^e maner, rate ano fo^me, as is aboue oeclareu, concerning tbe oj« 


offenoer 0? iiebter,as iss afo^efain* i s .CU^^j, 

SFmmitnt <5 31f at anp time before oi after tbat anp fucfj perfon uepartetl) tfie 

giTemns of rcalme,o? fijal Iteepe bis Ijoufe.oi otbertoife abfent bimfclf,o? take ^anc* 

um ultng. timiCyO} fuffer Ijimfelfe to be arrettcD, outlalueo o? peelD W bonp to p?i« 

fon, anie perfon no frauDulentlp bp couin claime,tiemaunDjrect)Ucr, pof* 

felTe 0? oetaine anp debts, Duties, gooDS, cartels, lands o? tenements, b? 

laj?iting,truft o} otbertuife lobicb toere o? (Ijal be due o? appertatne to anp 

fuel) offender, otber tben fuel) as f)e can and do pjooue to be due, h^ rigbt 

and confcience in fojme afo?efaid, fo? monep paied,tnares de liuered, o? q- 

tber iuff conGderacion to tbe iuff ijaluetbereof, before tbefaidCommif* 

Coners o? f cand tbe fame to p?oceed(bona fidc)U3itbout fratide o? couin, 

tbcneuerp fucb perfon fo craftilpdemaundmg, claiming, bauing o? pof* 

feffing anp fucb 5cbt, (ball fojfait double afntucb as be (ball fo claime, de* 

maund, detaine o? po(fe(re,tobicbraidfojfaiture(balbeleuied,rccouered, 

and imploied in maner and fojme before rebearfed* 1 3*€li^»7f 

if)oU)t5concr. 7 3lfitfi)allfo?tunetbe creditors of anp fucl)'35anferupttobefatif6[« 

aui8 of t^c fo?. tu $ paied of tbeir debts $ duties, of o? ioitb tl)e proper lands, goods, ano 

cmpSe? 'after febts of tl)e faid l^anlxrupts, o? of, o? luitb tbe fame, and fome part of t^e 

m muma fo^faitures of tbe faid double balues,to be fo^faited as is afcjefaid, ge tbat 

^^^^^' tbere (bal remaine an ouerplus of tbe faid forfeitures of p faid double iia* 

lues, tben tbe one moptie of tbe faid ouerplus (balbe hi^ t\)t faid Commif« 

(toners; fo ejcecuting t^e faid Comiificn tuit^iu conuenient time after t^ 


Bankrupts.* ^9 

leucines thereof, pm'eu bnto tlje ducene $c. mm tfie otljct mo^tic fifmn be 
DiflrtbuteD amongll tlje poo?e toitljin tl)t ifpofjjttate in euetp Citie^tolDue, 
0^ Countie, tufjcre aup fucb "Banl^rupt 0)3(1 Ijappen to be^ 1 5*€li5. 7* 

8 3(f aitpfucbpccfortmDebteDjDoof piirpofetDitbtjjaUo (jimftlfe from ^jJfSJ^ff. ^J. 
fjis bruallmanCouboufe, tljm bpon complaint tljcreof mane tot^efajJD partetb from' 
Commiinoners^tbcrameCommitrioncrsi o} tbemo?cpartoftbem bauc '^^^ ^''"^^* 

f uUpoiuer to atoatD fine l^^oclamatiog, to be maoe in tbe Clwcen0 name 
DponftuefunD?? marikctDaiesin fticb places neere tbe place lDberefuc(> 
O^anltcupt batb moffcommonlp otuelleo, 0? mane bisabone, commaun- 
Dingbtm bp tbe fame proclamations in tbeClucencs name, to retume 
toitlj all conitenient fpeeOj anD to peelo bis boDj» before tbe fain Commif* 
fionersojoneoftbem, at fticljtimeg^placejasbptbefaiD proclamation 
fballbeappointeu^^nniftbefaiDpecfon 00 not accoroinj to fucb p?a* 
rtantation repaire ann peelo-bis iJoop as is afo?efaio, tfjen tbe bonp of 
euerpfucb offender, fi)allbeaDiuoc!;eo to all intents out oftl^^Slueenes i 
protection ^nu alfo'^uerp perfon tbat (ball millinglp ann toittinglp belp conuet^fng oj 
tobio^ or conuep, or njalHuillinjlp ano toittinjlp receine, oetaine, or S§tcf fsSc. 
fteepe fecretlp anp perfon fo oematmoeD bpProf'''i^^*^tion>lI)<^ll fuffermaunDco6? 
fucbpaines bp imprifonment of bis bocp, or pap fucb fine to tbeClueene, wociamation. 
ber bcires ano fucceOrors,as to tbe lortJ Cbauncellor, or lorn Eeeper $c> 
(beings fnformeti tljereof bp tbeCommi(r!oncrs,or tbcmorepart of tjjem) 
Iballfeeme conuenient for bis faio offence* 1 3* €li^»7» 

9 3If tbe eCreoitors of anp fucb offenDor or Debtor f c. be not fuHp fatif= Se SSK? 
fieoorotberlnifecontcnteD for tljelr Debts anD Duties bptljemeanes be- tofttcDoe not 
forefpcci6eD,tben tbefaio (JCreoitors anD euerp of t^em, Hjall anomap aS?t!i?to°' 
baue tbcirremeDp for tbe recouecie anD leuping of tbe reKDue oftljefapD ttit^aatute. 
Debts or Duties, lubereof tljep (ball not be fullp fatiffieo in forme afore* 
faiD,againl! tbe faiD 2DffenDor,in lihe maner anD forme,as tbep (IjoulD ano 

migbt (jaue Ijao before t^je malting of tljis ^cu ^no tbe faiD CreDitors anD 
cuerpoft^em, (balbe onelpbarreoanDeiccluDeD bp bertue oftbis9ict,of 
attD for euerp fuel) part of tbe faiD Debts anD Dueties, as (balbe paiD or oe- 
iiuercD bntotljem, bporber oftbefaiDperfons as is aforefaiD, anD of no 
more portion or parcellt(jereof> 1 3,€\i^.7, 

10 31fanpverfonDcclareDtobea'Banl^rupt h^t^s^ctj (ball at anp <EttcnutRgof 
time after purcbafe anp lanDS.tenemetsJjereoitamcnts, free or Copp, of^ J,^S|eKuo 
fices/eeSjCjooDs or cattels^or tbat anp fuc[> (ball DifcenD,reucrt, or b^ anp 0? purcfjafen 
meanes come to bim, before bis Debts Due to bis CreDitors fljalbe fulip Spl^^"^' 
paieD.or otbcrluife agreeD fortEben tlje famelaDs,gooDs,cattels,^c. flial 

bp tbe faiD Commilfioners or tbe more part of tijem, be barpineD, folD, 
ertenncD, DeliuereD $ ufeD for,anD totuarDs tbe paimcnt of tbe faiD CreDi- 
tor?, in fucb lil^e mancr as otbcr tbe lanDS, cattels ^c. of tbe faiD 15m^' 
tupts,tof)icb t(jcp baD, luljen tbcp lucre DeclarcD Srft to be 15anhrupts, 
n;oulo or migljt Ijaue bene b^ bertuc of tl;is ^ct* 1 3 tCli^^j. 

Btoiv faefo;ie 
^e became 





I^acRt'ng of 

Jwmcti of 
peace (Ijal take 
o^ncc fo^T^a* 

Bankrupts.' Barke. Baflardfc. 

1 1 %W act (ball net crtenb to anp lanft^!, tcneiJicnC0, o? b^ ret>ita< 
t|i£nt0 free 0) Coyp^olD, ts3l)tcl) fijalbe aflureo bp an? O^anhriipt, before 
I)C become 15anhriipt,fo aliuaies tbat facb alTurancebc maoe (Bona fide), 
and not to tbei)reoftbe15ankttptbimfelfeone!?,o?ofbts! I;eirc0» ^no 
tbat tbe parties to tobofe bfe fiicb alTurance (fjalbe maoe, be not, at,o? bt- 
fo?e tljemalkinsoffucb afiiirance.p^imee? confenting totl;e frai«JiiUnt 
jjurpofc of anp fuclj ^anferupt to ueceiue bis Creoito^s, i sMi}, 7* 


If anp perfottfcll, 0? caiifc to be felleti anp C)4cn trees, meete to be 
barl^eo, tobere tbe barifte is toojtb iu 5» a Cart loao, aboue tbe cbarged 
of bathing $ pilling (timber to be beSoloeD in 0? about buiioing 0? repa* 
rations of boufes, Ibips, 0? mils, o} anp of tbem onelp ejrcepteo) but be* 
ttoirt tbe 0rff Dap of ^pjil, ano tbelaH of 31ime, be Iball fo^fait euerp 
JOken tree fo fencD,o? tbe Double balue tberexif,to tbe Clueene anD 3Info^« 
wer,to be recouereo bp '^f%^cM)emn no C2J«pfc»€fO? p^gtc* $Mi^S^ 
1 fio "^aker 0? puruepo j of timber, 0? W Depufv^, (ball fell 0? caufe 
to be felleD fo? tbe £lueenes bfe, bet beires 0? ^wttz^o}^ , anp ©feen tim* 
bertreemeetetobe'BarheDjbutin'Barlting timeCSl^reesto be felleD fo| 
builDingo? repairing of anp berSpaiefties boufes 0? (bips onelp ercep* 
teo,) 0? (ball in anp ys^ik talte 0? receiue anp pjofite bp anp lops, tops, j 
Ijarhe of anp tree tafeen up biitt, 0? (ball tafte, carie abjap, 0? Difpofc from 
tbe otuner anp mo?e of anp tree to be tafeen as is afo^efoiD, tben onelp t\iz 
timber of tbe fame tree 0? trees, to bebfeD ^ bettotoeo 0? implopeD onelp 
in, bpon, 0? about tbe dueenes builoings, 0? (bips, bpon paine to fo^faic 
to tbe partie grieueo fo? euerp tree, $ fo j tbe lops, tops, 0^ barfee of cuerp 
treerUf ^no it fljalbe latufull to tbe partie grieueo, of iubomfucbtree^ 
(ball be taken, 0? to anp otber fo? bint, to luitbfjolD, retaine anD keepe to 
bimfelfe, all tbe lop, top, anD barke of fucb tree 0? trees, anp CommilTiou 
0? otbermatterlubatfoeuer notluitbCanDing.5»€li?*8. 

3 mbofoeuer (ballmaliclou(lp,tMillinglp, 0? bnlatufullp barke an? 
apple trees, l^eare trees, 0? otber fruit trees, of anp otber perfons, (ball 
fo?fatt to tbe partie grieueo treble Dammages, to be recouereo bp Action 
of trefpalTe to be taken at tbe common lata , ano to t\)Z Clueene ten 

pounDs fo? a fitte»3 1*^^^* 


TC2I0 3!u(tices of tbe peace, tebereof one to be of tbe Quorum, in 0? 
nejct bnto tbe limits, ixibere tbe parilb cburcb is, Initbin tobicb pa- 
ri(b anp "BattarD begotten anD boine out oflatufull^pacrimonie (balbe 
bo?ne (bpon eraminationof tbe caufe anD circumflance) (ball anD map 
bp tbeir Difcretion, take o?Der, aftuell fo? tbepunilbment of tbe motber, 
anD reputeD fatberoffucbBaCarD cbilD, as alfo fo?tbe better reliefe of 
£ucrp fucb ll^ariib in part 0? in all, anD (ball anD map Uketoife take o?Dec 
foi tbe keeping of euerp fucb baffaro cl;ilD, bp cbarging fucb »"<»tber oj 


Baftardic' 40 

reputeu fat|)er,totctj tl;c paimcnc of monep WtMv, 0? otl^cr fuOf entacion 
{Q} tiz rcliefe of fuel) cfjiln, in fiic^ toife as t^cp fi)aU cljinfee conucntcnt* 
9no if after cbe fanieojDer faptbem fubfcribcD bnmtfjeir f)anD$, anp 
tbe faio perfonsi, t(jat is to fap motljci; 0? reputen fatber , Upon notice 
tljercof, (ball not fo? tbc ir part perfo^mc tljc faio o^Qer : %\)m encrp fucti 
partie (0 making Default, in not performing tbe faiD o^oer, (ball be com* 
mitteD to toarD to tbe common cSaole, tbere to remaine toitbout baile 0^ 
mainprife,e]ccept be,(be,o? tbep (ball put in fufficient fuerties to perfojtme 
tbe faiD opetj 0? elsperfonallp to appeare at tbe nert general! s^eflions 
of tb^ l^eace to be bolDen in tbat Countie tobere fucb o^oer (ball be taken, 
anti alfo to abioe fucb o?Der, as tbe fain 3!uftices of tbe peace, 01 tbe moje 
part oftbem,tbenano tbere (ball take in tbatbebalfe (if tbep tben anD 
tbere (ball take anpj anii if at t^z faiu J^edions tbe fatD3Iu({icesfl)an 
take no o^uer, tben toabioeana perfo?me tbeo^oec before maoe, as is 
abouefaio, 1 SMi^.^, i S.Cli^, 11,5 5»€li?»7» to continue to ttjeeno of 
tbe nejct parliament noto nejct enfuing* 

2 3It is an auncient ann app^oueo iLato in tbis Healme, tljat l;e tufjictj }9e (J a "^J* 
is bojne befojte mariage is not legitimate to eniop anp inljeritance, as lie tem &?& 
tbacii5l>o?neaftermariage,Meiton»2o»l^»3*9» mactage. 

J 31naU^!nourts loJbere anp fuite (ball be commenced, toberein 'Ba«jpwiam8tt5tf 
(larbielbalbepleaDeD againfl anpperfon, partie to tbe fame fuit, $ tbere* {JJ^j^^J^^p^^jj^ 
upon an ilTue ioineD,lobicb bp tbe lato ougbt to be certifieb bp tbe D^bi^'Btf^op to cec 
narie,tbe3Iufficeso?oneoftbem oftbe fame Courts before anpto^itof"^^^^"*'^'*^* 
Ccrtificat (ball palTe to tbe 2)rDinarie to certifie tbe i^\xz fo iopneo, (ball 
make rememb?aucebnoertbeirfealeso?feale,at tbe Demaunriant,tenant, 
plaintife,or oefenoants fuite, reciting tbe ilTue, ^ (Ijall certifie tbe fame to 
tbe Cbauncelo^ of ^nglaOjto tbe intent tbat proclamation map be maoe 
m tbe Cbauncerie once euerp monetb h^ tbe fpacc of tb?ee monctb3,tbat 
allperfons toljicb baue anp interelftoobiectagaindbintiubicb pjeten* 
uetb to be multer, (ball be before tbe^^oinacie totobomtbeCertificac 
ibalbe 0irecteD,to alleoge, auD obitct againli tbe partte p^etenbing to be 
mulier, as tbe latoes of tbe Cburcb DO require* and tbe Cbauncclo? W 
uing notice of tbe fame remembrance anD iCTueiopncD, anDbemgrequi* 
res bp one of tbe fo?efaiD parties, (ball caufe tbe faio pjcclamations to he 
miDein fourmeafojefaiD,anD (ball certifie tbe fame into tbe Court tobere 
tbe Mtc (balDepenD* a.nn t^e 3Iuaices of tbe Court UJbere tbe fuit ibaibe 
commenceD, (ball make one Proela»«^^tio» openlp in tbe fame Court 
before anp proclamation maoe in the Cbauncerie, anD anotber after tbe 
Cijauncclorbatb ccrttficD, anD tben tbe 3luDge IballattjarD tbefaiDtorit 
of Certificat to tbeorDiuane,to certifie of tbe ((fue ioineD^^nD if anp torit 
ofCertificatbegraunteD before all tbe Proc''a»"^ti>3"iS in fourmeafo?e' 
faiD be mabe $ certifieo, tbe faiD certificat, ^ tbe Certificat of tlje orDtna* 
ne tijereupon maDe;(?;tiUbeuoioinia)»tP.$p»^tii» 

Barwicke. Byfhops,^ 

1 By what mcanes Baftardic rhall be tried when it is pleaded againft 
one borne beyond the fca. S.Abilitie 2< 

. { I'iil". 

rr..;; Barwicke. 

conueveo into 
lane, l^all Be 

(Electfon of 


Am marc^anui^esi tfjat QjaU Ije b?ougbc out of ^cotlann, o^ tfjc 3Hes 
of tljeCame^ittto ti}i0realmc,3Icelau0,o? males!,n)aIl)efirab?o«g!jt 
to T^arluicke* SuD none won t\)t duecneis obepfance (^albiij> fuc^ mar* 
cljanni^e0, before t^ac it be bought, folD, ^ cuftomeD tljcre (ercepc at Cat's 
lid, ^ tfje pontes anu ei:reefee0 pectaming to t^e 20eC SparcbO ^^^ a^ira 
none bnnet clje Clueenes obcpfance (ball carrp anp marcbantii^e beinn; I'lt 
Cnglano,31relanii o? taJales,tnto !§)Cotlanu, o? into tlje iles of t^e faine^ 
Slno none linnet tlje Clueen^ allcgeance Cjal fell marcfjani^e of Cnglanu, 
C:a3:ale0 o? 3Irelanii3ta anp mljabiting in ^cotlann^erccpt at15arluicfee$ 
Carleile* l^o marcljanDi^e (ball be (bippeu bettoeenc Cinmoutb, gt tBar^ 
iBicIke, but onelp in t^e 'j^to^ of O^artoicfee* 5]5o man (Ijall caufe to be fol3 
j^almon tafeen in %\}iteii but tlje 'Burgefles, $ tljep t^at be enfrancbf feo 
in ^artDicKe* ^nb fje tfjat o(feniietb,o^bot() toitb anp matcljaDi^e c6tca« 
rp to tbis o?ninance, 0;all fo?fait tlje fame to tbe ©♦ ^ \)im tbat toiH feife, 
t} fue fo^ tbe (ame bj> 3* of Debt, )3i\)Cttin no 2B^€*p.^c* 22»Cb,4»8, 

I For payment of Mortuaries in Barwicke and the Marches thereof! 
See Mortuaries, y. 


If tbe Deane $ Cbapter of anp Catbeojall Cbur cb tobete tbe fea of anp 
^rcbbilbop o^ l5i(bop 10, Mtl)in anp of tbe (Hueenes Dominions, 
iMbere tbe Clueeneg licenfebnber t])z gteat ^eale is gtaunten bnto tberti 
top^oceen fo? tbe election ofanp3ltcbbi(bopDj^i(bop of tbe 5^ea be* 
ing boiD, tuitb a letter miffiue containino; tbe name of tbe perfon tobfcd 
t\)t^ 0)al cbufe,after fucb Itcatfe tieliuereb bnto tbem, ppceeD not to elec* 
tion tMitbinm*Daie0,ann fipifie tbe fame bnber tbeir common j^ealc 
Dnto tl)e Ti.\)ct \)tiv$ o} fuccelTo^s Uiitbin rr* uaies nert after fucb licenfe 
fijallcome totbeirbanD0,o? ifanp arcbbiffjopo^^tOjop toitbinanptbc 
flueenes Dominion?, after anp fucb election, nomination, 0? p?efenta« 
tion, Ibalbe CgnifieD bnto tbem bp tbe Clueenes letter? patents, (ball re* 
fufe anb bo not confirme,inuelI,anri confecrate toitb all Due circumftance, 
etierp fucb perfon foelectcD,nomtnateDo?p?efenteD, ^"bto tbem (!pifi« 
eb,toitbitt j:xMics nejct after tbe iUetter? patent0,o? fucb fipification, 
D^p^efentation (ball come to tbeirbanD0,o?els ifanpoftbem,o?anp 0* 
tber perfon, abmit, mamtaine, alloio, obep, Doe, 6} ejcecute anp cenfure?, 
f jrcommunication, interbiction?, inbibitions, 0? anp otber p?oce0 o?9cte 
to tbe contrarte 0^ let tbereof, tben euerp Deane aiiD particular pcrfonof 
tbe €;bapter,anb euerie ^rcbbilbop ano 15i(bop anb otber perfon fo offen* 
Dincj anb Doing; contrary to anppart bcreof, tbeir aibcrs, counfeller? ano 
abbetter0, (ball run in tbe Dances anDpenaltie0oftbe(tatute of ppui? 
fionauDl^jemumremabe 2 5^€d*3. ^ i<5,i^t2^2 5^1^,8, 20^ i,€li5.i* 

2 ^11 

Bifhops.^ 4! 

2 311 anif eucrp ucp^i'uation , antJ uep^iuations , arm an anu cuerp DciutuatioM of 
fentcnce $ fencenccg of Dep^iuatton U)batrocuer,!jaD,p^onounceD,o? giuen g*g%'P« a»o 
at anp time faettcecne tbe begimtinn; of tlje raiojnc of tbe Clucencs (?pa(c« 

Oie tbat noU) is.ano tljetentlj Dap of j^ouembec in tbe foitrtlj peere of t!je 
fame, apinfl aniP pcrfoii 0? pcrfong, icljicb tuasfjO? tooKe bpon bim to be 
arcbbilljopoj^ifbopofanpj^jjao^l^i^bap^icKe^o^Dcatteofaa? Dc« 
anrp tuitbtntbia Kealme, 0^ anp tbe Domimott0 tbcreof ,in tbe raipc; 
of tbe late dueene S^arie,from fucb !^ea 0? 3ia;op?icfee, fl^aU be abiuD- 
ffe9,DeemeD, anu ta^en goob auufufficient in latu to all intent0 $ purpa- 
Ce0,anD fo fball remaine am? continue : anp appcale, ejcception ,0? otbet 
matter 0^ tbing mbatibiter to tbe contrarie tbereof in an^ toifc notluitb * 

3 ail fucb arcbbiffjops;, aitb l^iOjops!, anb Dcaneg as tpere ojbaineb Iffjop JS 
0} mabebp tb^ autboiitp 0? licence of tbe Clueenes sJpaiettte tbac nolu (0, Dcanmnane 
at anp time betbjeene tbe beginning of ber raigne, ann tbe faiD tentb bap "^ ^^^ suu??w. 
Of ii^ouember intbefouctbpeew: of becGpaieffiesratgtte,(baU be tate, 
anoaDiuugcb to belatufull accbbifijop jOjO^iOjop of tbe 3§>ea 0? T^iibo* 

piitU , anb Deane of tbe Deanrie bnto tbe Wd) be toas fo pjcferreb; 
alfignen ,oj appointee t ano tbefame^ea of arrbbilbopn'cheo? 15i(ba« 
y?tche,f Deanrie ^nto labicb betoas fo p?eferreu,a(rigttc0,o? appointeb, 
Iball be neetiteti $ abiuugcD to be meerclp boine to all refpectjs t pucpsfeiS 
before fucb p?efecremenc,appointment, 0? alTigncment fo uianei as afc^er 
feib : aiip ambtgiu'tp 0? quettion in tbat bebalfe b^^etafo^emat^e, (ijberc* 
after to be mane to tbe contrarp in anp toife notHJitbUoaiag* 5p.€lij»8^ 

1 For a wnt^tothc Bifhop to certific Baftardy.S.Baftardy ^.Ability 2, 

2 What afTurances made by Bifhops&c.ofthcir lands Ihall be good/ 
andwhatnotaS. Ecclefiaft. 6. 

,5 Thata^ifhop may vifitc cucry Hoi*pit4liyithin his dioccflc. See- 
pofpitalsx.,-::: ■ - "'■0'^'^:n-:*r!:.?r:-''''r'';V^'iV':''!}:,. • , ,. 
=4 That BiiBops may piinifliPricftcs,Clcrkcs,^c. for incontincncic. 

5 For a confirmation ofcertMne graunts made by Bifhops to king 
H,8.;andK.Ed.6.ofccrrairtelandes.Sce MonalUrics a^« 

Bookes. ' »: . '.. . 

IiTanpperronreKant o?mbabitanciMitbintbi0Kealme,(balbup tofell f^^^^*^^^^^ 
againe,anp pjiuten 13ooks,b3iougbt fronianp parts out f tbe Clueens (eVtSjuno. 
oi)cpfance,reaup bounu inboarbs, leatb^r,o?parcbment,be Iball fojfait 
fn euerp baol^e bounn out of tbe€lu;enes obepfa«ce,^bjougbt into tbisf 
iaealme,fj botigbtbpanp perfon toiibin tbe fame to fell again,bi»0*biiittf# 

innom»tc,eo?l^.^* Tsotiksniomht 

2 3!f anp perfon inbabitant 0? reOant toitbitt tbiss Hcalme, (ball hw ftom btml 
toitbin tbi? rcalme of anp i^Jtranger bo^ntout of tbe ^\xtm^ obeifance ^%|"'s^^"^ 

^ookesi in* 


tcfuQns tDstt; 

ttrmert , ann 

Bookcs." BoatmeajWatermcn^Bafgcs^Boates, See. 

(ot^er tijen of Denizens) anp p^intcu '^ockts bpuctljt from anp parts 
iicponD tl)e rea,(e]ccept onip bp ingroffe) ^ not bp retailcb^ (Ijal fo?fa(t fo^ 
eucrp boo^c Co boua;6t bp tctatle bus^tiiuU* to tbe JH^aiiD tfje pactic t^at 
iMilfcifeoj Cue fo? clje fame bp 9i»31»g?c>tD|)erein no m.^t* 2 $JS^)Sa y* 

3 31f anp Ipjintcris , oj fellers of p^inteo ^J^oofec^jinbabtting toitbi'ti 
tljiis at anp time in fucb toife inbaunce ann increafe tlje p?tc£g{ 
of anp fucb p^inteo 15oolteg! in falc 0? binning at too l)i^lj ann iinreafona* 
ble p?ice2i, in fucb tuife as complaint tbereof be mane to tbe Siueene , j. 
iinto tbe LCfjauncelo?, JL^reafo?er,o? anp of tbe cbiefe Sluilices of t^e 
tme ^tnt^o} of tbe otber, tben tbe fame Lo^ns ^u 0? ttoo of anp of tbem 
fbatt bane autbo^ttie to inquire tbereof,afU3ell bp tbe oatbes of tluelue bo^ 
ned $ nifcreetperfon0,as otberlwife h^ nue eicaminations bp tbeir nifcre* 
tionis ♦ ann after tbe fame inbauncing , ann increafing of tbe fain p^icesJ 
of tbe fain iBookts $ binnino5,{baIbe fo founn bp tbe fain nUmtxiytn otber* 
toife bp eramination of tbe fain l.C^aimcelo?,l»'2rreafojer,^ 3!uCice0, 
0? tUJO of tbem: 'Eben tbe fame lo^ns g^CtO^ mo of tbem at tbe leal!,(ball 
i^aue potoer to refc^me ? reb^elTefucb inbauncingof tbe p?tcesi of p^intcn 
iBoofees from time to timebp tbeirnifcretions.^to limit tbepjices aftoel 
of tbe C0oafee0,as fo? tbe binning of tbem ♦ ^nn ouer tbat tbe oScnner j 
offenners tberof being conuicten bp eramination of tbe fame lo^ng f r,o? 
ttoo of tbem,o? otbertoife,fl;al fb?f»fo^euerp boolibp tbefoln,tDbereof tbe 
p}itc (ball be inbauncen fo^ t\)C hotkt 0? binning tbereof iii»5.iiii*jf.ta tbe 
^Mn partie grietten t^at twill comjJlaine bpon tbe fame, in. maner anni. 
fo^m^itfojcfatn* 2 j*![)*H»i 5'» 

.1 vj.IicJA.i Boatrticn', Watermen, Barges,Boates,5^c» f / i 
'^^i&e■5^k'o? ahrr cbfiirt of ainmtienof t^e citie of J,onnon,art^ieiV0r^ 

X Court of aioermcn bolnen toitbin t})e fain Citie ncpt after tbe tx(t 
m^of^mM^U'Vmd^mmt auttcbufe biit4perron$,oft{je mo^ 
ti}ifc,nifcrecte,ann befifo?t of 2:a:tatermen,bcingbou(bolners,(fcccuppin^ 
as caiatermenuponil^e ritt^rof Cbamife, betiui;rt (Srauefenn $ C(Kmn*» 
foj i sann tbe fame eigbt ^erfons fo electen.Cjalbe callentbe ©uerif ers ana ' 
3gtxim^ of all tbe CiQIIirpmen ann aiaiatermen,tbat after tbe fain firfl nap 
of sparcb^fbaltire 8? tjcercift anp roiuing bpon tbe lainriaer of ^bamife,' 
bettoeene 6raucfenn $ mmnfo? , tobfcbfain SDuerleers iball heepe goon 
oiner ann obenience amorigefr tlj? fain watermeit,accoping to tbe true' 
nieam'ttgoftbis OatutCt'^ttnifanppcrfon 
negligcntlp erercife his rottmt^, 0} toil obUinatlp refufe to tafee bpon bim 
tbe fame, tben be Iball & jfait 10 tbe Clatin 31* b» li» to be recoucren b? ^ • 
3f,$c»\tfbereinno Z^. ^c;ep»3!t ^; 2S ^l^.ann sp.i^, 

^ 4 3!tisiatofullto.tJKfeiJ»eigbtiautofo?t^etimebeing,anntberr- 
fucce(!b;£i,from time to time to call before tbem at fome conueuient place 
bp tbem to be appointen.all ana eaerp fucb pcrfon ann perfous lubicb ibali 
i)Of t^faio trane of rowing bctto^i%a«efeun ann 2^injjfoj,anD (ball 

B oatrtictii Watermen , B arges , Boates , 8cc^ 42 

ttix^^tt t^c names! of euerp of tbcm tbat djalfic b? t(jem aHoittcu 0? mmit^ 

tcD fo? itiatecmen to rotue bettoiire ©rauefcntj anc 2^{ntiro? , in a ijojshe 

maoe fo^ t^efame intent, ana to tafee fuel) further ojnci: tljetin witlJZW^x^ 

of tbe faio parties;, as it SjaU feememeetc bptbe uifcretion of tbc faiu 

Duerfeerje!* ant? alfot^e fainSDuerfcei'slibaUaaDi map ou.erfee,tjieljj,an5 ©j«trecfg «iat 

furuepat all time0, all T^oate^an^itiXtOinegf tbat W be ma&e, before scfSeXp^bc^ 

cbefamebeiaunt^eDOutof tbeparfi D?#ottno,tob2nncbep (b^lbc maoe, iaua(!jcom»« 

into tjje fain riuee of ©bamifc , to tbe intent tbat tbep anti euer^ cf tbem 

nta^ bemniie antJpjepareif,infttcbmanei:anufo?me,ant; acco^tJtngto tbe 

.goomietTe^ p^ojjo? ctou,anD qttancitie in tbis ^rt limitteti. 9lnD cbc ^aio J 

ano aieecmen of tottDon, ano tU 3lu(ttce0 of ijacace luicbin tbe j^bire? 

mat auiopning to tbe riuci: of ^bamife, euecp of tbcitt tuitbin tbeir feue'' 

tall iurifuictiong bane autbo?ttie iipon complaint maoe to tbem, 0? anp of 

tbem bp tbe faio ©ucrfeew , 0^ ttoo of tbem , 0? tbe cpatter of anp fer« 

ttant,notonelptoej;amine,beare,anD Determine all complaints $ offen* ajj^amtm'ns 

ce$commtttetibpanpfucbperfon tbat IballoffenD contrarie totljetrue ^'''"i?^^"^^' 

itteamnci: of tbis act , tm to fet at large euerp iixc}) perfon as (ball be im« 

^?ifoneD bp tbe faio i)nerfeer0, accc)|iittta:to tbis act, if iitH caufe (bal ap« 

j^eare tinto tbem fo to uoe : "But aUo bp tbeir oifcretion to puni(b,co?rect, ^,S«?* 

anDrefojme tbe fain ©uerfeers ano euerp of tbem, tbat (ball Dnmlllppu* . ' 

ni^ anp perfon bp colour of tbi? act fu %, ^ i, p^anu 9p, 1 6^ See lulti- 

fccsof peace toy, 

3 ^0 perfomsMjere ttoo 2Batetmm anu not aboue ttoo (ball rota SSjTiS 
tojetlicrin one boate,o^li3birie,in anp place bettMirt6rauefenD ano rotDbuttjjijete 
cainQfo?, (ball receiue anp perfon into tbeir boate 0^ \i3birie,to i\)t intent XS Wi 
tocarie bimtberein,tinleffeone oftbe fame tujotoatermcnbaue bin foj SDwcfwrif. 
ibemoSparterercifcDin roluingbpontbefaiirriuer of '^bamife bp tbe 

fpace of tiuo iMbole peeres befo je tbat time* Im alfo tbat one of tbe fame 
ttoo Watermen at tbe lead be Duelp aDmitten $ allotueb \yg tbefame ti^\it 
SDuerfeerSj 0? tbe mod part of tbem bp la?itittg,bntjer tbeir hnotoen feal, 
tobeafufflcient ano able toaterman,t3pon paine tbateuerpfucb perfon 
p^efuminj 0? offenoinj contrarie to tbe true meaning of tbis! act,(ball bp 
tbe faiti eigbt ©uerfeeris be committcD to p?ifon in one of tbeCounteiris 
Df tbe citie of Jlon5on,tbere to remaine one ^onetl;,o^ le(fe,agi t^e of ence 
(ball require^ 1,^ 3 ♦p.anD 9^* 1 6, 

4 3^0 perfon being a 0ngleman,ttot feepingboufbolOj ann not re* £%^|5jjS" 
t aineu, (ball bfe to rotoe bettoirt (SrauefenD anD minnfo? , bnleOe be be matt. 

p jentice , 0? in feruice retaincD loitb a spa0er hv tbe tubole peere at tlje 
leaCf, bpon paine of lifee imp^ifonment, 2.^ 3 ♦ip.ano sp» 1 5, 
J 31f anp perfon fbal malfteanp UJbirie,o? boat,to tbe intent commonlp C5cicngt», 
to bfe roiiiing ano camn^ of people bpon tbe faio rtuer of '<a:bamife, Snete^ 
jMbicb (ball not be jcri/ooteann abalfe in lengtb,and iiii» foote $ a balfe T^oms* 
h^i in t^mifi%ifii to^ic^ ({lad not be fubdanciall^ auD Sellable ana 

62 ' • fufficicnt 


in t^et(me 
of P^eatns* 

SUfjnt fare 


BoatmcnjWatcrmcn^BargesjBoatcs 5 8tc. 

fuffici'ent to carte ttoopcrfons on oneCoe,rigbt acco^uing to t^e oine 
quantitie, f'ttantliu^jtbickncffe of tjoo^n, gootinfg ,ano gooo p^opo^cion 
Ijeretofo^e baDanubCeo :Cfjent(je famclBoat banjntauecontcaric to 
tljc p?opo?cion anu fojt before crp^elTcu , (ball be taheit a? fo^fait,^ fijalbe 
fojfait to tbe Clauo 3I» to be tecoueteo bp ^♦a^f c»tol;€«m no CIK. tCt*^* 
lP»o^31vfc»2.^5vp,annS^a(i ^rr^L? ;< ;: 

d :jf anj> perfon tbat fi;anijfe tbe occupation of roldinjbettuijct (Sra« 
uefeuot SOiuoro^jtobicbintljetimeoftbe erecutiotiof anpcommilVion 
of p?eaing,t!jat lljaU be bati foj tbe feruing; of tbe Ciueette,bei; beirea ann 
fucceffo^s, in tbetc affairei-, (ball taiUinglp ano obftinatelp bi^e,o? conue? 
bimfelfe in tbe fame time of p?el!tng,into fecret place? ano out cojnecst, 
ano after toben fucb time of p^eUing is ouerpaffeo , (ball returne againe 
to tbefaioriuecof '^{;amire,tocotMebetU)i]ctcl5i:auefenoanD CSLIinbfo?, 
anotbat Duelppjoueobp tiMoinnifferenttoitnelTeiei before tbe Spaio? of 
lonDon f Court of aioermen , o^ 3Iuttices of tbe peace, ano ttoo of tbe 
faio rulers, tben be fo offeni3ino:,(balJfuffec imp^ifonment bp tbefpace of 
tlM3 lueel^es.anii be banKbeo aup mo^eto rotue from tbencefojtbupan tbe 
faio rpuer of ^bamifcbp tbe fpace of one 'O)i)0k^cmm'0 a Dap tben nejct 
follomino:* 2»^ H^ip^ano 9p»i ^f 

7 €uerp perfon autbo^ifco to rolue bettoeene ©rauefenu ano r^tntt* 
foji tbat (ball tahe fo j W fare ano labour aboue tbe prices aCfeffco hv tbc 
Spaio?gt courtof^loermenof lonnon, $bielBeri,(l5neD,anofubfcrtbeo 
toitb tlDo at tbe lead of tbe Clueenes pjiuie Counfels bands, ano tu?itteti 
ano fet \3p in tables in tbe 6uilo ball ^ caeOminlter ball fjc* (ball fuffec 
imp^ifanmcnt one balfe peere, ano alfo (ball fo?fait fo? eucrp fucb offence 
to tbe Clucene f %4c, xU* to be recouereo bp ^*%<fc, toberin no Zt^,€^ 
"^,0} 3l*9tc,foi tbe ^aio? $ court of aioermen of lonoon,(bal from time 
to time afTeife tbe fumme0 of monep tbat euerp perfon autbo?i?eD to rotoe 
betUJeeneOrauefcno^ C^inofo?, (ball ta!tefo? bis labour o? fare from 
place to place patticulerlpbettoijrt (Srauefentiano ca^mofo? 2. ^ 3,1^* 
and 9p* I ^♦15ptbe{Iatutemaoe(?*l&»8»7»tberetijasellablt(beDacertain 
tate g? toage? tbat luatermen (boulD talie fb? tbeir fare bettoijct one place 
ano auotbec neere unto t\)z citie of iLontJOHf ^ut it feemetb tbat tbe fojce 
of tbat !t)tatute is cahen alMap hv tbe fo?efaio biancb^Sed Qiprrc. 

8 31*10 perfon occupping: anp S^^ellerne :i5arg;e, (ball retaine, ta'ke j 
receitte into W feruice.anp (injle perfon not lieepinfr boufco? bou(bolDa 
but onelp fucb as (balbe retained luitb bim bp tbe lobole peere,^no boufe* 
boloer, but onelp fucb as be UJil,o? (ball aunfuiere fo? bis! 5000 bebauiour, 
tjpon pain 9 fo?f,to tbe £l.^ % .rlsi,to be recouered b? %%^c. tobereiti 
tio^,€4lp»3!»f c» ^.p.audf)*! <^» 

/. It fecmeth that this branch is repealed by the generall words of the 
Statute of 5. Eliz. 4. which repealeth all Statutes and cucry branch of 
them which tout h or concerne the hy fingjkeef ing,iJeparting,working, 

-^ '. wages. 

Boatmen, Watermen, Barges, Boatesj&c. 45 

wac-es , or order of fcruants/workmcn , artificers, prentices, and labou- 
rers, &c.Sed QiKcre. 

9 00 perfon l!)aU utterrupt b? anp oIjttacIe,let,o? ot!)Cctoife,aitj> per* 
fono?perrons,pa{rinso?rcpairmgf,ouant)i3ponanpof tlje pat^es being ©ntWaW 
of a foote$abalfeb?oao,Iptngoneuerp fiDeoftljeriuer of@;euenie,anD of ®e«me» 
time out of mino accuff omeo^no j (bal afhe,ta^e,o? ucmano anp toll calico 
a D?attgbt, 0? a bottel of toine,oj anp otbcc cajce 0? impoCtion of anp of tbe 
^Jttbicct$tljere going in tbc fain patl)e$accuttomcD,tbcre fjapling oj 
D?aU)mg tbeic boat0,trouo;be0,o?bc(rel0,bpon pain to fo?f»fo? citerp time 
tbat be Ojal interrupt anp of tbe|itfubicct0,o? af lte,o? tafee anp fucb im« 
pofition,bptobat nameroeueritbecallcDjtlJ^totbeSQ* f partp gcicucD, 
CO be recouercD bp ^.%^cM)tm no m,C*'^.^c,9'^), 5* 5, 2 3 Jp, 8 4 2. 
i I o labofoeuer ootb tafee anp impoHtion of anp of tbe Cluecncj; liege |S?lwn 
people,fo? anp 'Crougb,'Boat, 0? otberbelTelfo^ anp gooH0 0? marcban-- ^wtrnc. 
Di^es caricD m ano bpon t^e riucc of i^euerne , o} ootb bepeo? interrupt 
anp T5oate2!,'2nrougbe0, 0? beffels fo palltng hi^ tbe faio riucr,fo? anp fucb 
impoficion,oj otbertuife againff tbeClXatoejB!,(c]t:cept fucb tobicb h^ oe« 
cree maoc bettuirt rr*31anua,9inno uni 1 50 3 ♦ ano tbe ^fcention nap , Qln 
tini 1 50^ bp tbe Kings Couardl in tbe ^tarre Cbamber obtepneo tbe 
fame) (ball fojfaitfo? euerp fucb offence rr»li*tobercof tbe JHueenelball 
^auettoo part0,anti tbe partietbat luillfuebp popular Action of oebt 
tbe tbiro part, tobereof no C2I» $c* €»p*f c» 1 9*^,7,1 8» 

1 1 ^But anpperfonbauinglanD0o? mear»otoe0atiiopning to tbe fain TRewmpeme 
toater of ^euerne,map talte of eucrp perfon going bpon \)i^ lanD0 ^ mea* tiSztmm 
tioU)C0, ^ D^aming anp 'Boat,'2!:rougb, 0? beffell, reafonable rpcompcnce 
fojfucbbwrts as be (bal futtaine bp reafon of anp fucb going,o? b^atoing, 

1 9*^*7* I ^* ^jrcept of fucb a0 fijal paffe 0? repalfe bpon anp of tbe patbe^ 
ofeuerp Ooeoftbe faio riuer,beingof a foote ann abalfeb?oaD, 0? tjjere 
about? , $ time out of minn accu(lomeb,a0 10 afb^efaio* 2 3 ,i^X 1 2* 

1 2 31fanp perfon taMngbponbim to baue $ heepc anplpaffagebpon '^mmnnt 
tberiuer of!^euerne,iio carie tuitb anp 15arge,05oat,o|otberbeffeU,anp SffmSbiT^ 
perfono? perfon0U3itbbo?re0,marc0,feinejOren,o?otbercactell,o? anp mnittann' 
otber perfon,befo?e tbe^unne riling in tbe mo?ning,o? after tbe ^unnc ^^^^"^^ ^""^** 
being fct at nigbt ,oueranp of tbe faiu paflages out of CnglanD into 

aaiale0, oj tbe fojreft of Deane,o? out of male0,o? tbe fo^reU of Deane 
into <!^nglanir,\)nle0 tbe faio patfenger batb gooo knotnlebge of fucb per* 
fon $ perron0,antj eucrp of tbeir otoelling placeSjanobpon requefi to bint 
mane bp anp perfon Oil pcrfon0, no oifclofe tbe name ^otoelling place of 
cuerp fucb perfon ann pcrfon0,fo bp bim conuepeo oucr tbe faio toater to 
anp fucb perfon 0? perfons fo requiring tbe fame, if fuit be maoe fo? ano 
after tbem bpon anp outcrie, bup,o? freO; fuit, of, 0? fo? anp felonp, rob* 
berp,murDer, ano manfliaugbter committeo,be Ojall be impjifoneo , anb 
ajfo pap a fine* 3 6,1^,8,5, S. lufticcs of peace 8 1 ♦ 

G 3 I The 

tn foil tiUKV tun 

bouBljt in fo;t a 

"^oWS of 

Bowes 5 Bowftaiiesr 

t The forfait of Boatmen for carrying any Corne Bic. to a Ship td 
bctranfportcd. S.Cornc 2. 


IjTanp Sp.^rcl)antl!rattgcr,o? iinprcruant,atfurncp,o? facto? of mip of 
tljem, Ualjf cb toi!l b^inc^/enD.o? conucp into tfjis Healme anp marc^an* 
tJi^etnCaraCke^^allcp o^ ^Ijip ,fromtbccmeo?coimtrcj)of aenic0,oj 
an? cotnurei) from tlje €aa parts, from tljelrruj;)aimce "Eoiuncs^oj 
from UJljen anp bDli3aatie0 !;auc bin bf recofb?e b^ougljt , Do not b^ing in 
tbefamefinp lubercin rl;c marcl)amji^e0be,fo^ nierp ttmne lucigibt of 
marcfjanni^c fotoer hmdme^M n)aU fo^faic to t!)eCl»anu 31*bi.s»Diii.U» 
fo} tmx^ Default of b^insinn; euerp botuttaffe,to be recouereu bp ^♦31.?c» 
l3jl;erein no ZZt $c» C^p^f c» i 2*€d»4» % 1 3 .€It?» 1 4* 

2 3If anp sparcbant of acmcc,o? otber,0)aUb?ina: 0? comiep into tU& 
realme anp Spalmfep 0? ^p?e,anti do not b?ing; toitb cucrp'Btttt of citbcc 
of t^emten15otuftaue0,n:ooD anDableftuffe,be IbaU fo)faitnii,g» iiii.U* 
to tbe Cl»anD 3I»$c, fo? eticrp "Butt fo b?oucsbt,attD not of tfje faiD numbec 
of botoflattes i33ttb tbe CaiD "Butt , ^nD tbe faiD ^otiattaues Hjall not be 
folD bngarbleD, but to fuel; perfon^ a$ be bo jne bnDer tjje ^imm$ obei* 

5 31f anp pcrCon bntier tbe ac^e of jcbiwpeetes , Do (boote inm\> O^oln 
of €\XiC bougijt fo? bint , be (ball fo^fait bT.5»Diit»ti. (erccpt bis fatbcr 0^ 
motberbauelanDsoj tenements to tljepeerelpbalue often pounD^o^ be 
too jtbin moueableg tbe fumme of )rt» marfeeg.) s 3 ri)S*9* 

4 31f anp 'BolMiecDtoeUino; iwitbin tbe Citie 0? i^ubttrbsof lonDoti 
0? r^cif min(!er,o? tbe bo?oiigb of ^outbtuarlte, toantetb bp tbe fpace of 
tlnentie Dapesf,fiftic gooD anb aWe 'Botues of €!me,C2^itcb bafcI,o? i^Oie 
reaDie maDe, ano mcete to be folo $ bfeD,be (ball fo? euerp l^otu Co luan* 
ting of t\)t fojcfaiD number fojf ♦r^s^to tbe SH.^ 3I«^c.being an ^rmo?er, 
jfletcber, 0? 'BolsJttringmafeer, to be recouereD bp a*3l4c*iuberin no 1^* 
t^.^u S,€\i^, I o, Stno euerp OSotoier Dtueliing elfetobere , tubicb botb 
not fo? cim^Vm tubicb be ma"ketb of €w, mafee iiii otbec 15oiBes of 
fome otljer ujood apt foi fi)ooting,fi)an fo?f,fo? cuetp ti^otn fo toantino; ta 
t|)e€l.anD31>f c* iii.saiii.U» 3s*^?*^*9* 8,€li?»i o» 

5 3If anpT^otuiecDo feU anp 15otJ3 meete fo? mensibootiiis being of 
DUtlanDifb Cme,^ of tbe beS fo?t,aboue tl)e p?ice of i3itSi.inii.^*of tbe fe* 
conDfo?t aboaeiii.04ui*tJ»oftbecourrero?t calleDUuertetBo^ueg aboue 
i?. 0, of €ttgU'fi> €^t aboue ii,s» a i5eece,be (ball fojfait fo? euerp l^oto fo 
folD aboue tbe ^jice afc^efaio rlv0*ts tljc fQ^anD %fc, being an §rmo?er, 
jTietcber.o? 'BotDliringer^, toberecouitcD bp^3l»gfc»tDberetnno 2:0» 
C.F.?c» S^Cli^, i o» 5p»(ii(^.i8,tocominue inforce vntiUtheend of 
ihenextPailiament. S.Archcrie 

I That Bowftaues broii^^ht into this RcalAie. fliall be fearched and 

marked. S. Corporations- 27. 

>.^ *li 


Bra(r<?3 Lattcn, Copper, and Bell mettall. 44 

N© uerfons (Ijan cme o} conuep,o? n)sp,to tfjc iwteu to carte 0^ con* .m i5!?m , 

iticttaU,o? 4b?ofe mcttaU, Mm^n it he time 0? mm ( ^i« ?• lean 
onelp erceptct) into anp part lic^.onD iljc j^e a , o|into anp otJtlearti uo^ 
jninfon, 6pon pa we to fo^fait tlje Double Dalue tijprepf, annxM* fo? euei*? 
tijottfant ioetgbt of tlje fame mcttal fo cai:ie5,o? fljippeu to t^e inicnt to 
ie carieUjto tbe Cl^anD be rccouereo bp 3l» i^.p,3!t ?c, tol;crein xta 

2 Cbe atriuaU,Difcl)arge ^ oeliuerie of tljc fai'D mettalg in anp fojreit! tjnMi of n foji. 
Domimon,n)albctrieu$ifeternuncD toicl)intIjisrea!meinfuclj countieo? tSSIcaUn?" 
place iuljcie tljc faio mettali toerc OjippcM? fitfl carneD,luitl) lihe p?oce0 
anc Determination a0 all otljer informations o} actions be tricD aiiD aD^^ 
mDgeDU;it|jintbisrealme,ojas tlje fame fact IjaD bin Done iuit^intbisf 
Kealme.3^^Pf8.7» 2^ei3,6,^7*. 

3 00 perfou C;all <|jip o^ carrie an^ of tbe faio ^cttals pjobibitcD ii?c (^aiDeBofto 
bp tbts^tatute, to carrie 0^ Difr^arge t^e fame in anj> part of tbis SetraiMomri 
Eeafme,t3nle(le before tbe iliippingtbereofbeDo Declare to tlje CuCo* t\)svsitH 
merof fuclj 119o?t O} Creefee, tuyere ttje fame mettali IbaK be (bippeD, iJSSinie* 
tbetruetocia;l)t of all fucb mettali as IballbefijippeD ,anD CjaH alfobe= 
fbjtetljeO/ippuwj tbereof,ma!ie a fuificient C>bliption in tbe lain, in 
tobicb Ije (ball bounti to tbe faiD Cu0omer to tbe dueenes bfe , in fuclj 
fummc ?.s fl;aU amount to tbe Double balue, anD ten pounD fo^ euerp 
tboufnnD tasiobt fo DeclareD , toitb conoition tbat tbe fame mettals iljall 
■be DifcbargeD at fome po?t qi Cree^^e toitbin t^ts realme,anD in no otljer 
place, b^jon paine to fo?fait tlje lame, ^no euerp fucb perfon tbat (bal (bi? 
fuel; mectals, anD (ballbebounoas is afo?efaiD, (ball toitbin £ig})t mo- 
necb :s nejtt after tbe (bipping; tbereof ^ b?ing a true certificac from tbe 
CDiUJomcr of tbe po?t,creck,o? place tobcre \)t (ball Difcbarge tbe fame, 
tettifpinj!; tbat § fame mettal fo 0;ippeD $ the true toeigbt tberof is tbere 
DifcbargeD , Uibicb certiftcat tbe Cuttomcr of fucb p(ac^ tobere tbe fain 
mettali (ball be Difcbaro:eD,(ball bpon Difcbargetbereof make anD Deli^* 
uer to tbe partie fo Difcbarging , o} to bis facto? toitbout anp Delap* Slno cuiFdmet; 
if tbe CuHomer 0? bis Deputie Doe make afalfe certificate concerning oftu«P'?t« 
tbe Difcljarsing of fucb mettali , tben be Wllo^e bis office , anD tbe ba- 
lue of tbe gooDs concealeD out of tbe GiiD certificate ^no if anpCudo* 
mcr,Comptroller,o? bis Deputie, bp anp bnDue meaneluillfuiferanp 
peribn, after tbe mettali is (bippcD o^ carrieD contrarie to tbe meanino; 
pftbis 9ct,tomafeean g)blig;ationluitboutDate fojtbeDifcljargc ano 
certificatof bis mettali, tbcu fucb Cuffomerfo fuffering 0? recepuing 
fucb obligation , (baUlofe \)i5 office , anD tbe balue of tbemettal fo (bip* 
peDo? carrieD, ^nD if anj> spader, oinner,purfer,o? boatfiuaineof anp stance of t^e 
a)ip,Doto3iniua;lp permit anp of tbe mcttalsaboucfaiu to be fijippcDccn* m\^m& 
trarieto tbe teno? of tbis ^tt jOjeife perceiuiua; anp fucb mettali ta 
bc(|)ippeD,DonotDifclofetl;e fameloitbin tb^eebaj^es after tomieoge 

Brafle, Lattcn, Copper, and Bdl mmall. 

f)aB,to tljc Cudomer o? Comptroller of tbc fame mW W ^^t^ isaljere 
t^efamcis a)ippeD,t!jcn^e QjaUfo^faictbe tiouWeijalueoftljefamemet- 
tall to tl)cCl>anD 31* to be recouereu bv ^."B* 19*3I»?c, to^eremno C2^» 

•jifthcmcttau .4 Siftbefaiomettall bptempcaof toeatl;erljj^D?oluneD,o^bp e«e» 

be woiMnciJ,o? mie0 0? pp jate0 robben anu fpoileD,atni tliat fuffi'cientlp p?ooueD tuitbout 

robbeo . ftauo before tbe Cuttomer ano Comptroller, o? tbeir fufficient ueputie^, 

in tbcpo?t tMljere cbe partie folbippeutbe mettalsafo?efaiD,o? anp of 

tbem,bp tbe fain partte o? bis erecuto^s, tben be bjmging fucb fufficient 

p^oofe (bal baue W Obligation to bim Deliuereu^o? el? be ^ bwejcecuto^ss 

t^ereoflballbecleerelpbifcbargen* 3^l^t8»7» 2,€*6,^j^ 

f5onmtai ftai j i^o perfon (ball la5e,(bippe,o? Carrie into anp part beponu tbe fea, 

toVm t?ere?3 attp of tbe mettals afojefaio, but onelp out of fucb po?t o? crceKlubere tbe 

s mmmtv, cullomer o^biisfeputp is refiDct $nii3elling,bponpain of fo?f,of tbefaiu 

mettal,^ hlufo} euerp tboufanri toeigbt fo (bippcn o? carien to tbe ©# 31. 

toberecouereD bp3.'B»l^»3!»ffc»tnberinno ZB4t*C.'JlP*^u 1^,6,^-7^ 

1 where vcffcU of Braffe (hall be fold , of what goodncs it (hall be, 
and what waight (liall be thereof vfcd , S. Pewter i . 2.4. 


T 7T Tl^ere it cannot be Imotoen ^ p^ouefi lobat bumi?eti,rpbinff,toa« 

Si)fre!tts^ot V V pentaKe,citie,bo?ougb,toton,o?pari(b,nojtobatperfon certain, 

knoioen to!)o o? bonp politifee, ougbt of rigbt to mafee ^i^z^% uecapeD , in cuerp fucb 

paf«i° Sttf cafe tbe faiD b^inges (if tbep be toitbout citie 0? tolune co?po?ate ) (ball be 

ojcaKEO. niaue bp tbeinbabitants of tlje (birc 0? rpnincf toitbin tbe tobicb i¥ faio 

bjiugeoecaieb (ball be,anu if it be toitbin anp citie oj totone co?po?ate, 

/ tben bp tbe inbabitants of euerp fucb citie 0? totone co^po^ate.^no if part 

of anp fucb b^iDojes be in one (bire , rpriins,citie,o? totone co?po?ate, anD 

tbe otber part tberof in an otber (bire,rp5ing,citie, 0? totene co?po?ate, j 

if part be toitbin tbe limits of anp citie, 0? totone co?pojate, ^ part toitd' 

out , 0? part ruitbm one rpDin5,anli part toitbin an otber, tben tlje inbabi^* 

tants of tbe (bires, rptiinp,cittes,o? totones co?po?ate,(ball be cbara;e9 

to mahe anu repaire fucb part of fucb b^iojes fo uecapec, as (ball lie anu 

be tuitbtn tbe limits of tbe (bire,rpt«ingj,citie,o^ toume cojpojate.toljercin 

t()ep be inljabiteD at tbe time of tbe fame Decapes, 2 2*i^f 8. 5» 

2 Jlneuerpfucbcafetubereitcannotbefenotuengt p^oueotobat per* 

mrVof ti)c' fons lantis,tenemcnts,an0 boDies politique,ou(rbt to maKe ^ repaire fucb 

tile aS/mtt^?*^?^'^' ^^^ 3!ullices of peace toitbin tbelbires 0? rpuin jstoberein fucb 

Dt Dttasw DecaieD b^ioges be,out of citics,anb totoncs co?po?ate,anD if it be looitbin 

^/iDgt^. fijifg 0^ to tones co?po^ate,tben tbe 3Iuffices of peace iritbin euerp fucb 

citie o^toiune co^po^ate, o^fotoerof tbe faiD Siudices at tbe IcaCjlubetof 

one to Oe of tbe Quorum, baue potoertottbin tbe limits of tbeir fcuerall 

commi(rion3,to call before tbem tbe Conftables of eiterp totune ^ parilb 

JMttbin t(je n;ire,rpiiinft,citie,o^ to^nc cojpc^ate,afi»ellU)itl)in liberties 


Bridges^ 47 

as iDitbout, tob^rctn rucTj h^in^ts o? ani> parcel thereof (Tjal ()appcn to be, 
0? cl$ tUJO of tbemofi I;oncfl inljabitantg toitljtn eucrpfuclj totone o^ pa* 
rifi),?c»l)p t^e Difcretion of tfje fain 31ttlf ices gf c» ann bpon t()e apparance of 
fuel) Conttablcs o? m^abitants,tbe faiu 3Ittflices,o? foure ofthmM^te- 
of one to be of tlje Quorum, toitbtljealTent oftbe CaioConCables oj in* 
^abitantjs, b^ue pomei; to tajce, ^ fee euerp inbabitant in euer j» fuel; citie, 
toiene o? parilb toitljin t^e limits oftbeic commifltons, tofuc^reafo* 
naWeaioe anu fumme of monep, as tfjep (ball tbinke fufficient fo^ tl;e re* 
eoifpino; anu amenuing; of fucb b?ioges,an5 after fiicb taration mane, tbe 
raiti31ulIiceslbaHcattfetbe names ano fitmmes of euerp particular per* 
fon fo bp tbem tareu^to be to?itten in a roule inuenteb, 2 2,!Ip.8, j» 

3 9inti t^e 3lttttices of peace \)me potoer to malte ttoo collectors of (Boiuctcn of 
cuerp l)«n5;ieii, fo? col(.eccion of all fucb fummes of monep bp tljem tairetr, «"*'^2 mm^ 
tnWh Collectors receiuinj tbe one pare of tbe faio rolle innenteD bnoet: 
tlje fealesof tbefaiD3Iuttices, iball baue potoer to collect all tbe particu* 
lar fummes of monep tberein contefncu, ano to oiOtraftte euerp fucb inba« 
bitanc, (as (ball be tared ano refufe paiment tbereof) in bis lanos, gooDS 
ano cattels,anlj to fell fucfj oidrelTe, ano of tbe fale tbereof retaine ano re* 
ctm all tbe monep tajreo, ano tlje reltouc (if tlje biHrelTe be better) to be* 
liuer to tbe otoner tbereof, 22 Jp»8« j* 

4 Sinn tbe fame 3Iu0ices o? foure of tbem, uaitbin tbe limits of tbeir «g>nnieiour« 
commiifions, baue potuer to appoint ttuo ^urueiors,tubicb fbal fee euerp [Je'S^Sgi ^^* 
fucb oecaieo l^jiDge repaireo from time to time as often as neeo (ball re* «pairefl. 
quire, to tobofe banos tlje faio Collectors (ball pap tbe faio fummes of 
monep tareo anD h^ tljcm receiucD, ano euerp of tbe Collectors ano ^ur- €o\\mo^i anu 
ueiors, tl)eir ejrecutors ano aominiftrators^c* from time to time (ball ^S^^^^^^' 
mafee a true oeclaration anu accompt to t^e Suffices of peace of t\}t 
j§>bire,1R(oina:, Citie, or totune corporat,lBbcreingfCtOrtofoure of tbe 
fame 31uffices,tDfjcreof one to he of tbe Quorum^of tbe receipts^paiments 
ano erpenccs of tbe faio fummes of monep* 3nb if tljep or anp of tbem re» 
fufe tbat to 00, tben tbe fame 3iuflices of peace or foure of tbem, \)mt 
poluer to mahe Proces againft tbe faio Collectors, <§>urueiors^c»anu 
euerp of tbem, hy attacbments bnocr tbeir feales, returnable at tbe gene* 
rallfeffions oftbe peace janD if tbep appeare, t^en to compell tbem to 
accompt asisaforefaio, orelfe if anp of tbem refufe tbat to 00, tben to 
commit bim to toaro.tbere to remaine uiitbout baile or mainprife, till t\)t 
faio declaration ano accompt betrudpmaoe* 3no tbe 3Iu(lices of peace, 
or foure of tbem,baue potijer to allolu fucb reafonable coUee ano cbarc^es 
to tbe faio Jt)urueiors,^ Collectors, as bp tbcir oifcretion (balbe tbougbt 

5 ^no tDbere anp •Brioo:eor "Briofses lie in one !^birear Hioino;, anb Hp^^cf^ a^am 
fucb perfons inbabitants,boDtes politique, lanoes or tenements tobtcb [mhll^Sm 
oug|)t to be cljargeo to i\}t mal^inj ano ameniDing tfjereof, lie ano abioe in SpSe*^§e^^ 

anp Ts^tDscs. 


B\\^ct\)tt^\m 0? IRiDmjf, t} tufjere fuel) ^utrcff^ htm \iiit\)ixi attp 
Ctttc 0? ^otone cojpojac, anu tfjc perfons in^aliitant0, botiice politique, 
IanD0 0} tenements tbat oiuen to ma"ke o? repaire aup fuc^ 15?toge0, 
lie ann be out of tlje faiD Cities o^ ^clones coipo^at 1 3!n euerp Cucfj cafe 
t\)t 31u9ice0 of peaceof tlje ^bire,Citie,o? 'STolune co?po?at,tuit^in tOe 
iDljiclj fuclj DecaicD O^jinges o? anp part tljereof (Ijall be, tjcuie poloer ta 
cnquire,fjeare,anti determine all fucb anopantes beinsUiit^in tlje limited 
oftljetr CommilTions* ^m ift\)c anopance be p^efenteu, tben to malte 
pjoces into euerp^lnre tuitljin tbiSlSealme, apinafucb asotoento 
ma^e, o^ ametio anp fucb T^jiuges, fo p^Kfenten before t^em to be Decaiea 
to the anopance ana let of tljepalTage of tlje Siueenes fubiects : 3n5 ta 
DO furtljer in euerp beljalfe in euetp fuel) cafe as tljep migbtDo bp autljo* 
ritie of tl;i0 act, in cafe tl;at tlje perfons lanns ^c* tDl;icb oiuen to be cl;ar^ 
geQ to tlje amending o? mailing of fucb ^?iDges o? anp part tl)ereof,tnere 
in tlje famei§)f)ire,1RiDing,Citie,oj^olune cojpojat, Uiljere fuclj anop- 
ance Wl()appen to be* 22 Jp»8.^* 

jfiwcponw* ^ 'E'l)isact lljallnot be p?eiuoiciaU to tfje libertieoftbefiueT^o^t?; 
Dj members oft^efamc, fo? reformation of anopacesofT^jtiDgesluitljiti 
tlje faio pontes ^ members, but tlje ^arDens,2(9aio?s, ^^ailifes elec* 
teb,anii 3iurates of tlje fame pontes, ano euerp of tljem Ijaue poluer to en* 
quire, tjeare , ano netcnrttne all maner of common anopauces of '3S?i5ges8 
toitbin t^e fame i^o?tes ano members, anu to ma!$e fucb pjoces, pained, 
tarations,anb all otljer tljings ixiitbin tbe fame pontes anD members, as 
tlje 3|ullices of peace map 90 in otljer^bireso? places out of tlje fame 
pontes, bp bertue of tljis ^ct in euerp beljalfe, 2 2 Jp»8»5« 

7 3lu(ticesofpeace,ojfoureoftbcmattljelea(i,uiljereofonctobeof 
tbe Qnorum, Ijauc poluer to enquire, beare anu Determine in ibeir gene* 
rail !t)e(rions, of an anopances of '33?iDges bjofeen in tbe bigb loaies, anu 
ofallanopanccsofbigb^aies lubicbliencrtauiopning to tbeenues of 
:i5?iuges,anu CCCfoote from t\)z fame uiSant,anD to mafee Pjoces anu 
paines againli fuel) as ougbt to be cbargeu ^c, ^nu to uoe in euerp tbing, 
concerning tb<J maMng, repairing, gj amenuing of euerp fucb bigb ^^P* 
in as large maner as tbep map uoe, foj tbe making, repairing, anu amen* 

®m?{nsof ^m cf15?iugesbptbisact, 2 2jp,8.5:^ 

vmip, 8 M ^btrifes anu "l^aiUfes of liberties anu jfrancbifes 0;all trulp 

rente anu erecute fucb p?oces, as (ball come to tbeir banus from tbe 3lufli* 
ccsofpeace before tubom anppjefentmentlbalbebau fo? anp anopance 
ofl5?,ii3ges, acro^Ding to tbe teno? ana effect oftljefaiu pjoces to tbeiii 
uirectcD i^Jitbout fauour,alfection,o? corruption, bpon paine to malte fucb 
fine as tl;a!be fet upon tljeo? anp of tbem bp tbe faiu 31u0iceSf 2 2 Jp^S.j^ 

SJiiHices ofpeace 70. 

I That no village or freeman fhalbe diftraincd to make any Bridges 
but fuch as are wont CO doe it. S, Weaies I , 

. .' ~~'~ ' J3rucr. 

tas?o ano tljC 

tfjercunto aD* 

Brucr^ Burning. Butchers, 46 


If anj) ^?tter, M)ic\) h^mth IBeere 0? Sle to fell, (Tjall bj> bimfclfe, 0? ji5o ismtv m\ 
otl)cr toil's ijfc, occtipie clje mplfcn'e ofiZTotuper^, 0? mal^e ci^arels/^^*^"^^^^' 
IXilDcrfete jfirlvinSjO^ ot^erbelTelsofluooD, b? Ijimfelfe, o} anj> of Ijia 
otone feruant0,lMljercm to put W 'Bmc c} ^U to fale, be iljall fo^fait fo^ 
euerp^eMmaoe contrarp to tlje tenotic oftljis ^ccui.i5.iuutj» to tlje£i» 
anu % to be recouereD bp ^^31.f c» tolj^rf in no ZSXM.]^4c* 'But a '35cere 
h}uct,(i} an ^le b?uer,map fecepe in Ijfs fcruicc a CoUjper,to biniie,ljoope, 
pinne,auDamenD bisUclfcISj 2^,^),S,^ 

2 31 fan ^le j :i3eere h}uet to fell 0? tal^e fo? anp ^arrellj Eilocrkiit, ^^e pitc c^ of 
o^jTirfein of ^leo?05eereaboite fud; prices ano rates as fijallbe aCfelfco ^'^ a»»oTpEWf. 
bptbe3Iu!Jice0ofpeaceintl)e^birfjO^ bp tl)e^m}, <i)!jerife, o?beaii 
Officer of tbeCftie, "Bo^ougbjO? 'Colune cojpo?at, toljere tbe fato 3le 0? 
tBcere b?uerDotb 5iuen,tje iSal fo?fJo? euerp barrel fo folD Di^s/o? euerp 
IKiloerfein iiu 5» iiii* li» fo? euerp ifirkin its. fo? euerp leOfe DelTell nu U* 
and fo? a greater tben a barrell r»i to tlje £iueene aiiD % to be recoueren 
i)p^.3I»?Cf tuberein no SB* vJ£*lP>»gfc» 23»Cpt8,4,S.Iufticeofpeace.78. 
Corporations 1 2. Cowpers i ,2.4. &c. 


Wl^ofoeueraotb malictouflp,tuillinglp,antiijnlatiifuHp bttrne,o? ■Burnfnffof 
caufe to be bttrneu, anp 2:a:iaine, 0? Cart laben tottb anottjcr goo"s oV"^"* 
wans gooos.o? anp Ijcapeof vuooD of anp otljerperfonspjeparen ano fe^tuoeDs. 
Jeo fo? matins ofCoales, 15illets,o? IZDall Ujood, fijall fo?f,t0 tbe partic 
f5rieuc0,treblc Danmtagesi,to be recoucren h^ action of trefpais^anD to tbe 
tHireene jrt5> fo? a 6ne, 3 7S)S,6, 


I if anp perfon Uin^ a l^utcber, ano Vjfing tbe inpHcrie of Oputcbcrte, a iBmitn 
(bal bup anp fat ©ren,^teers,Eonts,Eine,!^eifo?s,€alues,o? fljre pe . g?" ii°4o Tcu 
anD felljO? caufe to be folD tbe fame agatne online, Ije njall fo?faite to tbe ti)eiuaiuie.. 
£Ci» ano 31. tbe fame ©ren, ^teeres ?c» bargatneD 0? folo to be recoucrcJj 
bp ^»3I* ^c. \Dberein no m.€*]p4t.'Bnt euerp perfon being a 1i5utcl)cr, 
mti bGng tbe mpfterie of ^utcberpjlballann map at bispleafure bup anp 
fat ©ren,^teere0,Eont0,5Kine,3l)eifo?s,CaUte0, ano ^l)ce^Zy 0? anp of 
tbem out of anp open jf aire 0? sparket, fo tbat be fell not, no? caufe tbe 
fame to be folo againe on liue,3»€ti»6.i p, 3 p^Cli?^ 1 8. to continue to ii)Z 
xno of tbe nett parliament nobo nert enfuing* 

2 3f anp ^utcber 0? otber perfon inbabiting bJitbin tUs Eealme, I^^^^lZi^f^ 
t^lalcg. 0? tbe q^arcbes of tbe fame, uoc Ixill, 0? caufe to be Mien anp Sip. ^' 
Caeanclirtg, 'BuUocl^e, ^teere, 01 !^£!fo?o, being Unr^er tbe age of tma 
peered, to tbe intent to fell tbe fmitc tobale 0? hv retaile, be (ball fo?fiiit to 
clje Q.anD , euerp fucb Cdieancling kiUeti,^ put to fale bi^ibiii^lJ.ta 
be recDutTCS bp a.3!.iJwU;n/:rdn no m,€.]^,^c,2^X)X9.^9.Clv^,i 8* 
to cuoure co cl;? cn5 mtl)i nejct i[i)avliajncm nm nert cnruina't 

■ 3 3i;e 

Butchers. Butler of the Quccnc' 
<s:&\m brnjtt ^ 3|f anp "Butcher o^ otfje c p^cfon (ball Ml anp Calfe to fen, hdn(^ 

ffiES. 4 Slfanpperfonoccuppinjtljecrafcofa'Bticcteuoebfc bp^imfelfc 
t?w. ' 0? anp ocbf r, c!je occupation of a -fanner, be Ojall fojfait to} euer^ Dap 

t^atljefljaUbfe t[)efeateofa'CannccUu5»bm.U» j.Cli^^S, 

T3utt^tt<s (i)au; J ji^o "Butcher o? fjis feruant QiaU feiU anp bcaS toitljin ti^e fcaUiing 

toffl^anr" ljoufelnlonoon,o^toitbm t&etoanoflLoniion, fo| 

toaiUB totone. cuerp ©re jciutf, anD fo^ euerp Co toe anD otljer bead btiutf. to tl^e Clf ann 

^im tbat toill fite bp a,of Dcbt,to]&ere no €,i^.^u 3nD tbis 3ct cjctenoet^ 

anD (ball be obferueo in euerp CitiCj'Bojougb, ano 'Cotone toalleo toit^=' 

in englanD, $ in t^e '^otone of CambjiDge, (t^e ^otoncis of 15£ctoicfte 

anD Carlile ejcceptcD) 4»!^»7«5* 

ft ^??f u ^ ^ "J^utcljec tbat fellctb ^toine0 fleCfj me0eD, o? flelb DeaD of tbe mo* 

mmt^i my rien, (after be (balbe coiiicteD tbereof) fo? p firll time be Ibal be gcieuou0p 

tcmflji!). amerceDjCbefeconDtimebelbaUbe lUDgeD tot^epillo^ie, tbetbirotime 

be Qjalbe imp?ifoneD anD mafee fine, anD tbe fourtb time be Ibal fo?ftoeare 

tbe 'S^otone. anD in tbis maner (ball it be Done of all tljat offenD in lifte 

€pofew» cafe, as of Coolkes tbat feetb fle(b o? fi(b anp toaies tbac is not bolfome fo? 

mens boDp,o? after tbat tbep bane feept it fo long,tbat it looCetb tlje natu- 

rail bolfomne0,tben feetbitagaine anDfeUic,ji.l^.?.5i»Ci^ 

1 That Butchers (Iiall not gafli any hides, S. Leather i . 

2 That Butchers fhall not confpirc to fell their vi6luals at ccrtainc pri- 
ces, S. Artificers I. 

Butler ofthc Queene. 

mn sixmrna T^^e ^tetoarD of tbe Clueenes boufe anD €reafo?er of tfte CaJarD^op, 

•Butuc ifjaii 1 (ball fcnD to all tbe pontes of €nglanD to^jere f JKines be to be taken 

toSs'tftS ^^ to tbe anueenes! bfe, tbe certaine number to^icb tbe Butler (ball cahe in 

mi bt ap. 0iterp part, fo tbat notbing be taken ouer tbat number : ^nD tbe spaio?, 

^'"""^* anD •Bailife0 of tbe CaiD po?te0 (ball certifie tbe faiD j^tetoarD anD 'Crea* 

fo^er, of tbe ntunber of all t^t %\xmts fo taken hi^ tbe Butler o? W 

lieutenant bnoer tlje feale of tbe faiD ^aio? anD Bailifes, bp 3InDett<= 

ture^maDebettoeenetljem anD tl;e takers of tbe fatDtoines* ^nD in cafe 

fbatitbefounD tbat tlje Butler o?bi0 lieutenant takemo^e o? take re* 

toatD of anp,o? Dclap anp bp colour of W office o? hv arrelf, be (ball make 

gree to tbe partie of Double, anD (ball be put out of bis office, anD (ball be 

imp?ifoneDanDpuni(beD attbeClueenespleafure, anD tbe Clueene (ball 

appoint ber 3luCices tobom it (ball pleafe ber to inquire of tbefe matters^ 

anD tbe Butler (ball anftoere afujcll fo? i)is Deputies as fo? bimfelfc 

inbere tbep be not fufficient, 2 5 ♦CD* 5 ♦i !♦ 

2 ^be Clueenes Butler, no? none of biis lieutenants, (ball hix^, i\n* 
b?ace, p? take, bp colour of tbeir office, no? in otber maner to tbeir p?opeu 
t)fc no? of otbecs, mo?e C2^ine.s fo? tlje Clueenes boufe anD cjcpenfes tben 


Butter and Cheefe. Buttcs, Cables, Hal fersjRopcs. 47 

tbepfjauc mcommattnuatient, bponpaine of impjiTonment of tbei'r W 
Uie0,ann to be pimi(!)eti at tl)C SQueenrs plcaf«rc» ^no afmuclj as tbep W 
Wkt bp fo?ce of t\)Z faiu toarrant, njall be tal^cit tuitbin r> tiaicsf, ano tljat 
tdng Donr, t^e Sparcljants of tbe faiu Z^ints map, anti it fijalbe latofuH 
fo? tbntt, of tfje xcUmt of tbe faio da^uies to mahe tbeir p?ofite,notU3itb* 
ftanmncf anp arreamaue Upon fucb 2^inei5 bp tfjeT^utlero? anp of bi? 
lieutenants afo^efaio, 4 5 fCu* 3 ♦ g ♦ 

• I Thatthe Lieutenant ofthe QiJeenes Butler fliall make no Deputie, 

Butter and Chcefe. 

If anp perfon tioe bttp to fell a jaine, anp I5utter 01 Cfjcefe , tnlePfe be y ttct* anu 
fell t!)e fame againe in open Ojop, faire,oj marltet, ano not in grolte, but S Kff 
ip retatle, (tbac is to fap, a toep of Cbeefe, 0? a barrell of Puttee 0? lelfe sftinc. 
quantitie,anD not aboue, folo at one time) 0? ejtcept f;e be an 3Inboloer, oj 
Oitailer, tubtcb btteretb t^e fame Puttee o} Cbeefe hv retaile in W 
!}oufe, be M fo?fait to tbe SClueene ano % ooitble t^eijalue of tbe "l^iut* 
ter ano Cbeefe fo foloe^tobetecouereD fc»tobere(n mM*^,]^,^^ 5. $ 
4» €n,6,2 r » 39»€li?*i 8* to enoure to tbe enn of tbe ne]tt iparliament 

1 That no Butter or Chcefe /lialbetranfported to any forrainc region 
without the Queenes licence, S.Cornc i. 

a For the weight ofa wey of Checfc, S,Weights,5, 


TIf)e inbabitant0 tneuerpCitie,Cotone anu place, are compellable 
to make ano continue 'Buttes,uponpaine to forfeit fo? euerptb^ee 
wonetbs fo lacfetng %t, &, ^nn tbe faio inbabitants Wl ejcerctfe tbem- 
felues iuitb long '515otues, in Ojooting at tbe fame, ano tlk'oi^txt, on bolp 
uaiejsi ann otbec times conuenient* 3 3*^, 8»p, 

Cabels, Halfers, Ropes. 

NC> petfon 0? perfons Dtoellinj 0? inbabitingtoitbintbeuil!ance of &pm^J^- 
Sue miles from tbe 'S^oUine 0? "Bojousb of Burpo^t in tlje Countie mfus of vni> 
tfDo^cet, (ball fell 0? caufetobefoloout of tbe S^arfect boloen anD to gliifKf 
ie botoen toitbin tbe fame ColMne $ "Bo^ougb of T3urpo jt, to anp pec* 
fon 0^ perfons, anp {^cmpetubicb Iball bappen to grolie toitbin tbe faio 
fiite miles inoiftancefrcm tbe faio 'Cotnne o^'Bo^ougb, bponpaineof 
fo^faiture of tbe faio i^empe fofolo 0^ to be folo in anp place 0? places 
mithin tbe oiflance of tbe faio fine miles out of tbe faiu '5]:ottJne,'Bopugl> 
6?spar!^ct, contrarie to tbefo?me anD effect of tbisi (fatute, 'S^be cue 
balfe of tobtcb fo?faiture (ball be to tbe Slueene, tbe otber to tbe % to be 
recouereo h^ action of oebt^billoj info^mationjiuberein no Z^,€f^. f c» 
2i4!f),8,i2,5p.€li^,i8» ^ 

2 |5o perfon 0? perfons otber tben fucb ^W\) (ball Dtuell ano be tnba- (j^awc^ $ ^a. 
iitantslJJttbiu t\)z{m %mi\c of 15urpojt, (jjall mafee out of tbe faio '{J,^af4^J^S^ 


CabfcsjHalfcrs, Ropes. Captaines, See 

totutte anp Cables, ^alfer^, Hope3,€i:ace0,^alcei:£;, o? anp otber %&cie 
mace of Upcnipe in anp otijcr place o?p!aceg icttbintljcfaiD uiffancc of 
U* imks fro tljefaio ^o\Mive,uponpvtiueof fo?f»of tOe fameCableg, ilpal* 
fec0 (f c» mace ^ to be maue contrary to t&e fo^me $ effect of t Jjtiei Oatute ta 
tbeSELgt 31*to be cecoueren bp 3,:t5»3!» toy crcin no m«e»p.$c.]i3^ouiDeii 
cbat euerp yerfon DlueHing toit^in tbe faio Di0aucc map mafee Cables, 
!^alfet:0, Hopest^ -Eraces ^ otfjer 'Eacle fo? tbeic otone tife ^ occupation, 
'Sf^t ^"^ ^""^ tiJife againa t^iis Sec, l^^ouioeo altoaieis t(?at ttMentiepouno 
lycmpcaftone. lueigbt Ml be accomiteo to tbe Hone 2i,lt>f8»i 2* 59fCli|,i 8, to con* 

tinue to tbe eno of tbe nejct ]3arliamentnoto nejct enfuin^* 

c:8bics of oib: g 3if anp perfou o? perfons Gjall make oi caufe to be maee aitp Cables 

i)U, inciei? ^^^^^ °^^ ^^^^ ouerloD^ne (f iiffe, tubi'cb Ojall contetne abo«c Ceuen incbcis 

in compaffe: ^ben eucrp perfonfo offenDing (ball fo^faite fouretimess 

t(;ebalueofeuerp fucb Cable fobpl;imoj tier maoe o^caufeo to be maw 

^mtsomti 4 3If attpperfono^pecfon!?, (Ijalltarre, 0? caufe to be tarreu anp 5>al« 

SnSS*'^ f^t0 0? otbec Cojoage maoe toitbiu tbi0 IRealme, of fucb olo ano ouec* 

WM«C9?9. jjjQ^^^^ jj^jg^^ ^g jg afo^efaiD, being: of lefler alTife, anD not conteining in co* 

paffe \iiuiiK\)£^, anii fbalUftecbptoapofrecaple^fell^o? put tofale, 0^ 

caufe to be folo o} put to falc tbe fame beincj fo tarrcD t Cuerp perfon (o 

offenninjj, fijall fojfait tbe treble balue of euerp Cable, Ijpalfer, auo otbec 

Co?Daa:e, being of lelfec alTife, and maBe of fucb olo anB ouertoo^ne fiuffe, 

a0 i0 afo^cfaiu, tobicb fljalbe fo folo 0? put to fale, being tarrcD, a0 afo?e« 

fain, to tbe (H* anb 31* to be recouereo bp 9i»'B»p» 0? 31* toberein no €♦ p, 

t}m.^c, ano furtbermo^e, euerp perfon tobicb WlinanpUJifeoffena 

3Imy?ianmf t. againC tbe teno? anu meaning of tbi0 3ct, C[)albe imp|ifoneD fo^ tlje fame 

During berSpaiettie0plcafure. 3 j.Cli^^S^ 

Captaincs, Souidiers, Mufters. 

§n''?S? ^\% T-^ ^"? ^ttloier feruing tbeiSIi. in bet toarre0, in anp fier Dominfon0 0? 


f)o?rc 0; uac* Aon tbe fea^beponu tbe fea,o? in ^cotlanu, 00 fell,giue atuap, 0? toilfull? 

«i«. purloine, 0? otbertoife ercbange, alter, 0^ put atoap anp !&o?fe, (Deloing, 

oj Spare, 0? anp barnei0 tob^tflwitb be Ibalbe fetfoo^tbi tbenlje (bpou 
tJucpjoofe^o J tellimonie to be talten before tbe lieutenant, W SomiraU, 
tbe 2iiueene0 Deputie, bice ^Dmirall, t2Jariien,o? €aptaine,attO in tbeic 
abfecne before anp of tbeir Deputies) (ball be imp^ifoneD bp t\)t fame 
lieutenant, 0? anpotberbefo^enameD, tbere to remaine toitbout bade 
0? mainp^ife, bntill i)Ci)nt\) fatiffieD to tbeotoner of tbe l^o^fe, cSeloing, 
Spare, o?barnei0,fobpbitttfolD,purloineD,e]ccbangeDfc* (3nD alfo t^z 
fapD fale made bp fucb ^oulDier to anp perfon fenotoing Um to be a 
^oulDicr, Ibalbe boiD againff bint tbatfetfoo?tb tbe faiDbo?fe,barnei0i 
ano toeapom4,$ $,%^ ^,2,) ^nD if fucb foulDier fo offenningjfo^tune ta 
efcape from tbe lieutenant, ^ otbcc tl)t fo^cfaio pcrfong toitbout tbe pu« 
iiifi;ment $ reHimvion afojefaio, tjjeu tl;e fame ;^ouloie{: upon complaint 


Captalnes, Souldiers, Miiffers. 48 

mmWt\)t^miet^imc\),o}Wmc\xtopy o^mmniHtHtop, bpon Hue 
p^oofe tt)ereof CO be maoe, to anp 3Iii(f ice 0^ 31uStces of peace in t(je par* 
tieisto^erefuct) ^oult!ici:fbalbefout>,(I)albel)pruc^31tttticef c^commit* 
teo to luarOj tljcre to remaine toitljout baile 0^ mainp^ife, ijntiH Ije ^atlj 
fatiffieo tbeparttegricueo,l)i0ejcecuto?soj aomintHrato^s, of,o? fo^fucb 
i)0^rejef,ffelnincss,mares,anri \)m\m fo bp IjimluiifuUp loif^eiccljangeOjgf c^ 

2*d»»<^f 2* S.Iuftice ofpeace 84. 

2 05ttt if tlje fain ^ouloier b^ing anp fuffictent toarrant o? teftjmom'e 3!f tije i)o?rc 0? 
ijefo^e tbe raiD3I«fftce, from tlje raio lieutenant, 0? anpoftbeperronsf„'fScor* 
aboue namco^tn to^itino; unoer tbe fealc of anp of tbem^tetlifping tbat cbe appointta to 
fame Cpo jfe o} Cparneia uierc loll in tlje £immes feruice, againa tbe Ml ^" "^^"^^ 
of tbe faiD ^oulDier, o} t^at tlje fame bo?fe 0? Ijameis tocre tal^en bp tbe 
fame lieutenant, 0? anp of tbe otber0 before nameo from tbe fame ^oul- 
uier fo? anp reafonable refpect, anr» appointeo tofomeotber toferue in 
tbe place of t^e fain ^oulDier, t^en euerpfucb^ouloier not bringing to 
tbcolnner t\)t famljojfe ^ (iameis,(balbeoifcl;arseDtbereofagainftt(je ^etotoijcm 
faiDotoner r ^no tbeneuerp fucb ^ouloier, to Uibom cljefaio ba?feo? bar* SSs amgr 
neisibalbe appointeo a0i0afo?efatti, (not bringing bome to tbe o^ne r gMolLiJl?^' 
ti)efaiDljo?regt()arnei0 after ()e(^aibeoifc{;ar2eti)f|jallfuffer Jihepaine ^ 
«? i0 afo^efaio, 2.Cd»^»2* 

B 3Ifanp^oul5ier,manofarme0,o^irc(jcr,tiJbiclj(jatI;faftenparceIfj2^'^^^^^^^^^ 
ofbi0U)a5e0 ofbisCaptaine,lbatbni«aereD,an8 i<s entreo ofreco^u cljeunsjfromtji/ 
Siueene0!^oulDier,(o?an|» mariner o^pnner taMng:p?elIo?^age0, to SifuuncT^'^'' 
ftrue p laueene, Ijer beireg.o? fucceffb^s on p fea,5.€li?»5» 5 p»eii?.i 8,) 
»otb not paffe t^e fca,o? go toitb (jis Captaine (ejccept notorious Ccifeneire, 
d? impeoiment bp (I5oo0 uidtation ootb ilap l^im, li3(jicb be fl;allimmcDt' 
atlp certifie to W Capcaine, ^ repap W monep) o} zUe being in tbe ene* 
mieg countrep in garifon,o?elfelD!jere intljeClueenesferuice iobere^ic 
Kf appointee to ferue, oot^ oepart tuit^jout Uczikc of tbe lEluecneg JLicu^ 
tenant,Dq3tttie,fjig() ^Dmirail,^icc ^omirall, caiaroen, Captatne, 0? in 
tljeir abfence of t^jeir oeptttieisi, t\}cn ^e 0jalbe tata, iuDgeo, antj ejrccuteo 
a^afclon, i8,|^,5j9. 2,^,6,2,^4 $*'^4^*h 

4. 3If anp Captaine appointen to Ijaue tlje o^uer of anp number of f^^^J^^^^^^fJit 
i^ouloiers, tinder anp otljer bigger Officer, noe fo? anp caufe licence anp ntcr « mmu 
^oulDier in bis depart fro tbe ficlo,o? fo^trelle tobere tbcp (bal 
be appointed to fente iuitljout tlje fpecial afient gt licence in io^iting of tbe 
licutenancDeputiej bigb ^dmirall,bice aomiran,CCIarDcn,Captaine, 
0? in tbeir abfence of tbcir deputies, tje Qjal fo?fait to tbe S^^fo? euerp fuel) 
^oulDier fo licenced to depart rr*f ♦ to be kuieD of Ijis goods and cattels, 
9nd if anp Captaine do giue to anp of bis Souldiers, appointed toferue 
Under Irim, in anp 'Slolune 0? iTo^treire feept tuitb garifon of foulDier, anp 
licence o^pafpojt to depart from bisferuice, butonelp tlje lieutenant 0? 
ot!;er0 before named, tlje Captaine and fouldier fo offending, fi;aU be im* 




CflUfej} to te« 

ftlenDs 0? te» 
Umici in Xa^v, 

Captaines, Souldicrs, Muflers." 

g^iConcti at t^etiifcmionoftfjefaiB lieutenant o^otf)er£!fCt2.€D»<?»2. 

5: 31f anp CommitTtoncc oj Captatne, to tpfjom tlje SEltieene (&al Direct 
Ijec commaunDement bp commiffton, oj letters, fo? tlje leaping oj fettingj 
fo^tlj of anp men to fctue m i>er U3arrc0, fijall foj anp retoam 0? lucre ni?» 
cbacgeanpperfon bp bim appotnteo to feme tbe Ciueeue agCaptaine, 
^oulDier, 0? ipfoner of bis feniice fo appointee, ann no afTigne anp otI;ec 
perfon in WHttm, fo? anp lucre o?gaine, t^enbeCooff^nDing (ballfo^* 
fait to tbe itlueene fo? ruerp fucb oefault,of euerp man fo 5ircl;argeD jcjci^ 
to be leuieo of l)i0g;ooiis ano cattels,2»^£tj,(?»2» 

6 3If anp iieutenant,Deputie,3lomtran,2Har5en,Captaine $c* W 
uing tbe o^rjer of anp numberof ^ouloiec;s ferHinj bpon tbe fea, 0? lanu, 
DO uemaunD, receiuej 0? take of tbe Slueene 0? anp of ber ^reafo^ers^ anp 
tuages to} anp mo>e fouloiers^t^en ferueo m fucb maner $ fo?we, as t^e 
toages toas paieDfo2,o?fo?anpmo?eBaies t^en fuclj^otiliiiersferueu, 
etDonotnotetbenapofeuerp fouloiersentrp intoloageSj anUDapof^iss 
5eatb ^ Departure, ^ oeltucr tljc fame to fuclj '^realb^ers m (ball pap tbe 
faiD toages euerp monetl; in to?iting, fo as tbe trut^ of tOe number of tbe 
j§)OulDiersinap appeare to tbe S[lueenes'<2^reafo?er, anD maCer of t^e 
CpuSerSjfo^tlje time being :'2Dben euerp fucb lieutenant, Deputie,3n« 
mirall^c* fo offenbing,ib?'llfo?faittotbeClueene fo? euerp fucb Default, 
U.C»anDbeimp?ifoneDbpt!jefpaceofamonetb, anD lofe \)i9 office ana 
roumtb. ^ut no lieutenant,o? otljer perfon afo?efaiD (ball be cljargcD oj 
p?ciuDiceD fo?lache of Ijis number retaineD,fo?,o? concerning; anp j^oul* 
uif r tubicb (ball (;appen toDpe During l;i0 feruice, 0? to be Ccke bp tbe Dili* 
tation of (SoD,o? tbac (ball Depart againtt tljetuill of (jis lieutenant 0? ^d, 
Dnlelfett (ball be in Default of anp of tljem, 2*€u,6, 2^ 

7 'Ebis llatute is not p?eiuDiciall to tbe lieutenant 0? anp otfjer ti)e 
faiD perfons, 0? anp tfjer, no? anp of tljem, Ijauing bnoer tbem retinue of 
j^DulDiers, fo? notpapingtbeClueenes toagesto tljeirljouiboloferuats, 
^otberstolobom tljcp (balloailpfinD ^giuemeate^D?infee, Durinrrtfjj 
faiD feruice of toarre, 0? fo? Detaining anppartofanpoftbe^oulDicrjs 
toages,tolcarD,o? fo? tbepaiment of bitailes, barneis, tueapons,o? fo? a* 
tip p?eamonep p?ouiDcD and Deliuereo to anp fucb foulDier, 2,<Sjj,6,2^ 

8 3|t is laujfull to euerp lieutenant,2:)eputie,^Dmirall $ retaine 
in 1)10 oljjne bauDSto tiis olonebfe,oftbeitjage0 ofbis^oulDter0 tbefe 
fummes follolwing, tbat is to fap, bi,0*» fo? tl)e liuerie, 0? coate of e- 
uerp peoman FoulDier, riiii» iiiut* fo? tbe liuerie 0? coate of euerp dSen*. 
tleman FoulDier fo? a tuljole peere, z,€ts* 6,2, ' ''< ' 

P '2Lbis datute Dotb not cbarge anp perfon fo?t(je receiuingofanp 
riifto?retoarDof anpof bistenatso? frienos,toioarDStbeaiD,belp 0? rc« 
iiefe of tbe fame perfon, being commaunDcD bp tbe Cl*to ferue in tuarres, 
0? otbertoife tofinDemen on bo?febac^eo? onfoDte,afa3ellluitbintbis 
Kealme astoitf^ouc, no? foj ti)egift,retoarD^aiD, o?ljelpe referucD, oj 


Gaptaitles,Solildiers,Mufters4 49 

f owenantcu to be pm^ 0? g iite-co anp pctfon ap^oiticetJ to fmte in bjarre?; 
0^ to fino l)o?fe 0? men to feme, bp reafon of anp graunt,couenant referua^^ 
tion,cu0omeoj tenure,2.Co*6»2.T5ut no perfon lljaU bp cotoui^fj^reof e]ir« 
acc,oemano,o? Itwic anp fumme of monep,!jo]tfe,armoitr 0? ot^er tljincj, 0= 
tber t^en fl[)^lljeimpIote5 fo^tbtDitljin tl)e p?efentferuiceof t^ofe toarteg; 
of ttje iuceng,fo? toljiclj it toas leuieOjtlje toljicfj fumme of monep, Ijojfe, 
amiottr,o? ot^r t{)ing,o? as mucb thereof as fljal not be fpenc, loft o;t con^^ 
fumeo in tbe faiD feruice, (batbe reSojeo to fuclj pcrfonass paieo ano oeli^s 
«ere0 tbe fame,t)pon tJje penalties ano fojfaitures afojefaio, 44 ^.p^ana 
Sp,^»QiKEretobattbefefo?faituresIje. . Qii«c. 

10 3lfaLiuctenatofanarmiet!OtJ;nottneuerp5eIot)nt!etbisc!jar5e, p;iotiamatco» 
j^^oclaime tbetuljole effect anu contents of tbis ^cteuerpmonetl;, anoe* oftsw^fit- 
uerp^oftbeClueenes Deputies auo Captaines of anp iTo^trelTe, p^oclaime 

tt toitbin bts cbarge once euerp^quattcc of a pere,f;e fo offenbins,Q)all fo j* 

11 euerppecfott 5imno;to tfie lieutenant, oj tbe otfierg aboue na^ '^^|''|*^*J°^ 
i«e0,true information of anp offence aboue rememb?eo, (ball baue foj biiS ^^^ ^"^''^"^"' 
labour one monetbs toages of bim tbat (balbe founo faultp, to be paieo bp 

t\it Ijano of tbe 'Ereafo?er,\3pon laarrant of t^e lieutenant 0} $c» 2»€o.6f 

2,4.antl5.P»anDSp»5- am^H^trrrn 

12 sifanppecfontobicblbalbecommaniieo.eseneraUpo^fpecianp, to t^S^iSo? 
mutter before anp fucb as (ball baue autljojitp o^commanoement fo? tbe {?!'* J^'H^"^- 
fame bp 0? from tbeCl«ber bcirs 0? rucce(fo?s,o? h^ anp lieutenant, toat* tu«. ' 
ten 0^ otber perfdn,autbo?ifeo fo? tbe fame,ootb luillinglp abfent l)imfelf 

f com tbe fame ^uftecbauinj no true ^ rafonable ejccufe of (tcfencis 0? o« 
tberlatofullimpeoiment, 0? atbi0 apparanceatfucb puttees Dot^ noc 
lj?ing tuttb bim fucb bis bett fui:ttiture,arap $ armoucas be (bal tben baue 
fo? bis olune perfon in a reautnes, \)Z (bal fo? euerp fucb offence fuffec ten 
uaies imp?ifonmenttoitboutbaileo?mainp?ife, bptbe commanbement 
of fucb as (ball baue autbo?itp to tafee tbe fame sputterSjbnles i)t 00 agree 
toitb tbe faiD commilTioners, 0? ttoo of tbem to pap to tbe bfe of tbe SCI. ^c^ 
fo? euerp fucb offence ]cls»fo? afine, ^Wh fine after t\)Z agrement fo? tbe 
papmem of tbe fame,(balbe certifieo ano ettreateo into tbe Cfcbequer, bp 
fucbasbauepoluer to tafeetbefnio Sputters ,0? ttooof tljem bnoer tbeit 
feales.toitbinttoo monetbs nejct after fucb agreement,ano tben (balbe le* 
wieo astines alfeOeo bp 3Iutticcsof 9ittifeo? 6aoloeliuerpintl}eir circuitis 
arebfeo tobe,4.attn 5»F»gtsp,5» 

15 Ji5o perfon inbabitingtoitbin anp citp,bo?ougb,0?totoneco?po?at, i^iotiutsm 
beingacountieofitfelfe,o?itttubfcbanp31uttices ofp» bee o?bereafter Steffi? 
fijalbe bp cbartcr,(balbe compellable bpbertue of tbts act,to mafee \)is ap* toitiiin tijefsms 
parance toitb fucb furniture as is afo?efaiD, at anp sputter to be Ijao 0? ta= 
ta out of tbe fuburbs,p?ecinct 0? liberties of tbe fame citie , bo?ougb 0? 
totDne,no? befo?eanp perfon 0? perfoni^ autfjo^ifeo bp comilfion o} otber^ 

p, toife 

Captaines, SouMicfs,Muftef S 

tjjtfe ajs I0afojefaiii,unle0 t\)t 9paw^,o? otfjcr ficau ©fficer of fuc^ titpM^ 

tott^\),ti} tolDne, $ one otbcr Dtfcreece m!;al)ttant of t(je fame at t^e Iea(!« 

iietopncD tntbefame Cdmiflton o; otbec auc()0^tcp ^it^t^ttrntpstian 

o^perfonsroautbojifcD, 4^$ 5»113«t Sp»^ 

c^ttdetma. 14 3If anp perfon toiiclj Qjall be commaunue» bp tfje Cl» b^r bei'reisf 09 

to?rtt?Dt?."' f«cceiro?0,bp commtrfion,letter2! 0? otljcrtoife autljo^ifeB to Uu'p Snuffer, 

cftacgc oi9«c«f. o?mafeeanpmentofcme w^ertoarreis, oj otberluife fo? tlje defence of 

tW IRealme, doe bp anp meane e]cact,leute,rece<ue 0? take, 0^ caufe to be 

taken anpmonepjOptfier retoacoo^tbingujbatfoeuerofanp perfon foj 

feruicetntbetj)ar0j o^tljacObalbe appointed, nameo>o^mu(tet:eotorcnte 

in anp fuc^j rerutce,o? fo? § fparm2j,o^ uifcljarffincf of fucb perfon from t^e 

faio feruice,t]()en be (bal fo?faic ten timest fo mucb as be Ibal rece we,ci:acc, 

t} take,co tbe(n>$3!.toberecouereobp3.31*gfc«tol)eremnoCa^d^»^r« 

:^ut tbt0 act tiotb not take atoap oj oifc^arge anp tenant 0? farmer of U^ 

feruice 0^ cottenant totjuaros W ^0^0, fo^ tbe finning of bo^fe, armo^, o| 

toeapon,o? fo? Doing of feruice bp bimfelfe, 0? bp anp ot^er ( )ii\)ic\) bp t^e 

tenure of bw lano otbertoiCe be 10 bouno to iio)but ^e W Doe^peto am> pap 

tlje fame gfc. a0 before be lboulo,4# 5*lp»^ 9p»^ 

a'Captafne' ' ^ 3!f anp Captaine^petit Captainc , 0? ot^er fiauing charge of meir, 

DotD licence i)ift fo? feruice in tuarre, (ball fo^anpauuantagc o^gaine bpbimto bereceis 

5?rt,o/Botr'' "^5 Difclbarge 0? licence anp of tbe men 0? foulDier0 (appointco to feme in 

not pag mt t^e ioarre t)noer bi0 rule,oj o?iier)to Depart from tbe fame feruice, 0? (ball 

**^''* not pap bnto bi0 foulDier0 ^ to euetp of tbcm tbeir full and toboie loage^, 

conouit,anD coate monep,tt)itbin ten Daie0 nert after be (bal baue receiue5 

tbe fame, tben tbe partpoffenoing tngiuing fucb licence ojDifcbarge, 

(bal fo^fait fo? euerp fucb offence ten tirnt^ tbe ijalue of tbe tbtng fo recei* 

ueD to tbe Clueene ano 3!* to be recouereo hv 3* % toberein no Wi,Co% 

p.^c^anD Qjal alfo pap to eucrp fucb foulDier from Usbom be Ibal toitbbolo 

anp fucb toage0,conDuit o} coat monep, treble tbe fumme (b uiitbbolDen, 

-B^nm of. 1 6 31f anp offence toucbmg€apta(ne0, petit Captaine?, oj otber ba^ 

|!"^^ W8 uing cbargeof men,(balbe committeD During tbe time tbat anp armie o| 

* number ofmen, being bnoer a lieutenant, IballbealTemblcDanD conti* 

nue togetber, 0? h^ anpCaptaine,Ofc«tbat (ball feme anp lo?D, taJaroen, 

o?otberCbtefetaitte,tbeni3pon complaint tbereof, tbeJlo^b Lieutenant, 

CiUaroenjO J otber Cbiefetaine^juring tbe time of bt0 commi(fion,(bal and 

map beare,o?Der and Determine tbe fame offenceg h^ W o} tbefr Df fcreti* 

anoffenceBut on0.^nlr if anp Captaine, petit Captaine^c,0jaU be once conuicteD oj 

mt puiut^cD. Q^^^^^jj ^^ ^^jjjjg Qf jIj^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ jj^j^^g afo?efaiD, bee (ball not be eft» 

fone0De]i:eD,troubleD,fueD 0? conuicteD foj tbe fame o^ence, ^.^ 5*'P*anii 

<ZEiier^par[{6 ^♦^♦S.Iufticcs of peace 25» 

tjatgeu toUDa j 7 euerppariO) luitbin tbi0HeaTmeof England, t t3:iale0, Ml be 
tSffii mtt, t\mm to papto^eHlp fucb a fwnme of moneg toluacDe^ tbe reliefe of 

Captames,Son1diers,Muftcfj7 fo 

Cc!ie,fjui:t,attli maimer ^outoierxj mn ^mxtm, t^at bauc Cnce tlje 2 1«. 

of $0atcb Anno Domini I jSS.aDucnturcD t\)cit Iiue0, $ loflt tljeir lims, 

oj uifabieD tdeir ionics in nefence ann fctuicc of (jer S|^atcftp,g& tfje S tatf , 

cj (l^all lofe tbcir limmes, 0? nifable cljcir bouies, Raiting bin p^effeo ann 

in pap fo? ^cc Spaiefltcs Ceruice, as bj) tljc 31u(licei3 of peace, oj tlje mo?e 

^arc of tljem in tOeir general! quartet: ^cffiongi to be fjoloen in tbe feue* 

ral counties nejct after t^je cno of ttoo nionet^st , from t^e latt nap of 

p^efent j^cITion of parliament, ano fo from time to time at t^e lihe quar* 

cer ^clTion? to be bolucn about tbr featt of ^* Sloljn^aptili perelp fijall 

bt appoimcu/o a^ no pati(b be raten ^hom tbe fumme of Cjce pence , no? ^^£*5JJ%. 

J)nDer t^e fumme of one penp WtMi^ f be papD, ano fo 30 tlje totall fiime mmm. 

cf fucb tar ation of tfje pari(bc0 in anp countp , tobere tjjere fball be aboue 

fiftp pariil)Csf,amount not aljoue tfje rate of mo pence fo? euerp pariflj in 

tl)efatnecottntie,tn1)fcbfumme0fotareir, (balbeperelpalfefleij bptbe a« 

greement of tlje parifl^ioners toit^in tfjemfeluegi, 0? in Default tljereof, b? 

tbe Cburcbtoaruene anD tbe ConCableisoftije famepariflb , 0? tbe mo?e 

partof tbemyo? inoefault of tbeir agreement bp tlje o^ner of fucb 3Iu(fi« 

ces of peace, asi ffjal Utoel in tbe fame parifl),o?(if none be tfiereotoeCing; 

in tbe parts! nejctauiopning»3lfanpperfott (ball refufeo? neglect to pap a* scfufinstopay 

up fucb portion of monp fo tarcD, it (batbe latuful fo? tbe faio Cl)urcl)toar» wonw t&m* 

Dens $ Condables, 0? in tbeir Defaults , fo? tbe faio 3IutticeS of peace to 

leuie fuc^i fumme bp Difires , ano fale of gooDS 0? cbatcels of tbe partie fa 

refudng 0? neglecting,reno?ing to t|)epartp tlje ouerplus raifeobpon fuc^ 


1 8 'Ebe Cburcbtoaroens of euerp parifl^ l^all truelp collect euerp fuc^ ^^"X^?^^'«+ 
fumme,ano tbefamefljallpapouerto tlje bigb Conttable intol;ofe niiii'- In^vslnolu 
fion fucbparifij tbalberttuat,toitbin]c* Daiesbefo?etljefaiD quarter i^ef* W^^^nU' 
(ions,to be boloennejct after ttoo monetbserpireofromtbis hellion of 
iparliament,in tbe Countp toljere t(je faio pariilj fl^albe fituat,anij fo from 

time to time quarterlp, toitbin ten oaies befo?e euerp quarter ^eCions. 

anocucrpfuc^ bigO Conflfable, at euerp fucb quarter 5^e(rionsin fuel) 

countp (ball pap ouer tbe fame to ttoo fucb 3fuffice0 of peace, 0? to one of 'ctno Timctt 

tbem,as (balbe bp tbe mo?e part of tbe Sluttices of peace of tfte fame coun* 's;«a{b?fw. 

tp electeD,to be 'Creafo?ers of t^e fain collection,tol)tclj treafo?ers in mc 

rp countp fo cbofen, (I)al continue but fo? tbe fpace of one tobole pere, ano ^i^t iwif tew 

t^en giue bp tbeir cljarge,toitl) a oue accompt of t^eir receipts $ oif burfe» a«onipt. 

ments, at tbeir meeting in quarter •^elTions to fucb otbers,as (ball from 

jere to pcre in tbefo?me afo?efaio fuccelTiuelp be elected* 3 5*^1.4* 

1 9 31f anp Cburcljtoaroen 0? bigb Conif able , 0? bis e^ecuto?s 0? ac^ (s:^mwmt 
ittinillrato?s,(ballfailetomaKe papment in fo?mc aboue fpecificD, tben «? tjigi) confta. 
f uerp €burcbtoaroen,bts erecuto?s 0? aominitlrato?? fo offenoing , fljall inmm^ '** 
fo?fait tbe fumme often ffjillings, ano euerp btgl; Conttable, l;is erecu* 

tojs ojaDminiarato^stlje fumme of ;(♦ s. tobeleuieo b^tt^ 'S:reafo?ers 

C' \ Captaines, Soutdicfs,Mufters7 

afojcto, 6})ii{i!i*e0#faleittmanetl)efo?e^PK^cD,f to tjetatetptfje 

Softts a?!' ^^^^ 'S^reafo^cris in mt^mmmm of tijeic I!oc!^ to t^c Vifes afo^cfaiD, Snu 

compt,o?iicg. ifanp'^i;earo?er,Ot0£iccfucoj3o?atimimfiratoi0,QjaIfaileto giueijp l)(s 

llaSl^'^ accomptjO? l!)al be otl^erluife neglio^ent in tlje timttion of bis cl)ara;e,tl;£n 

it fljalljelatuful fo? t^e mo?e part of t^c 3IuI!icc0 of p» of tbe fame countp, 

in tf)eir ^effions to affefle fuclj fine bpon fiicb tre afo^er, W ejcecuto^s o j 

aDmini(lrato?0,a0intljeiriiifcrecionl})aUfteme conuenient g 5,€\i^,^^ 

%o ftjijat t«a. ^° '^"^'^? ^oulDiec 0? spanner , Ijmm ban l)i0 o? tijeir limme0 lolf, 

mtv m foniDi" 0^ nifableo in t^jeir boDie0 bp feruice.ljeing in Ijer ^patcftieg pap, a0 aboue 

mn ?Sat"r ^^ tt^^ncionen, o? fiiclj as fijaU fjereafcer returne into tbi0 IRealme Ijurt o j 

ft? «iuff . maimeu, o? grieuouflp (tc!?e, Ojall repaire if Ije be able to trauel , $ ma^c 

W coplaint to tbe '?i:rearo?er0 of tlje Coimtiegout of tuijicb be toa0 p?ef« 

feOjO? if be toere no p^ t\)e ^reafo^erg of tbe count? tuljere bee 

toasi abiDing bp tlje mo?e part of tb?ee pere0,befo?e bf uepar tare to feme, 

t} of tbe cotintp U)bere be luag bo^ne at bi0 tl^ction* ^m if be be not able 

to traueljtotbe 'SLreafo^ergof tbe Coimtp ,ti3b^rebe (balllanu o^ arriuej 

tSiuntecor ^"^ ^^^^ ^^^"^ ^ certificatjbnto anp or tbe '^reafojerg afo?efaiD,i3nt!er tbe 

marines ccrtt* ba«ti ano feale of tbe generall of tbeCampe , o? 6oucrno? of tbe 'Cotune 

ewt. toberein be ferueD, ano of tbe Captaine of tbe l^ann ijnner tubom be rer» 

ueD,o^ \)is lieutenant, o? in tbe abfencc of tbe faio (General o? 6ouerno?, 

from tbe i^arlljal o} oeputp of tbe cSouerno?, o?from anp aomiral of bee 

spaieflies fleete^o? in bi0 abfence from anp otber general of ber ^aieffiess 

lbip0 at tbe rea0j o} in abfence of Curb General, from tbe Captaine of tbe 

fbip tobcrein tbe faiD S©ariner o? fouloier Dio feme tbe iH^^aieflp contei* 

ning tbe particulerg of bis burts ann remice0,tabicb certificat fbalbe alfa 

mcScat ^Wo)23enbPtbe generall ^uttermaaerfo? tbe time being, refiDino; bere 

luitbin tbis 1Rcalme,o? rectiuer general of tbe mutter rol0, '^be '^^reafo- 

rer $ Comptroller of ber ypaieJJies nauie,^nDer bt0 bann,fo? tbe auoiDing 

S afffsnm. ^^ ^^ f^'^"^ ^ counterfatcing,t3pon tobtcb certificat fucb l^reafojers as are 

hth to tuc jbefo^e e]cp?efreii,(bal acco^Ding to tbe nature of bis burt ^ comenuation of 

Jbuio w. ^^g reruice,aingne unto bim fucb a portion of reliefe, as in tbeir Difcretion 

C[)al feeme conuenient fo^ Us pjefentnecefTitp, until tbe nert quarter fef* 

irnfffccsofB toiS^attbelDbtcbitlbalbelaUifull fouljemo^epart of tbe 31ulIicesof 

fijai grant re= * •p^Unoer tbeir bauDS, to mal^e aninarument of graimt of tbe fame o? lil^e 

uefc bg inRrn. j^ji^fg (q ^^-^^^^ ^s long as tbis act (bal ttanD in fo^ce^tubicb Ibalbe a fuffi:^ 

mm loarrant to al €:reafo?er0 of tbe (ame Countp to ma^e papment of 

fucb pention unto fucb perfon0quarterlp, ercept tbe fame (ball be afters 

taarus bp tbe faiD 3Iu(lices reuo^keo/o tbat fucb tcliefe as (balbe atfignco, 

bp fucb <a:rearo?ers c^ ^luSices of p«to anp fucb touloier o? S^arincr , ba» 

uing not bo?ne office in tl)t faio U3ars,ctceeu not tbe fumme in grofH* no? 

perelp pentiou of r.luno? to anp tbat batb bo?ne office unoer t\)t negre ? of 

a lieutenant, tbefamme of ruJi, noj to anp tbat batb fccueQ in tbe office 

of a lieuten anc-tbe fumme of ;c;i;tlit 3 5t €\i^^ 

Captames,Soiildiefs,Maflerr^ 5't 

-1 1 5ittt» \3ihettm it m«S tim^ fall out, tfjat manj> of fucFj ^art (jfniap- @ouiti(er!?af' 
^CD iQwili to ann 4nar incrjSjDo ariue in po?t0 anu^laccs far teutot^ from f{,","\^^^jj£j'^ 
t!jecounto,tuljenc£t]^ej>arebp^rt«eoftbi!3;acttorfcetue tlicirpcrelp twax^lra 
annuitiw ^ pf ntiott0,asi alfo tbcp are p^£fcrib£5 bv tljtis ace,to obtaine tbe ^^"^ '^^^"^^^^» 
allotoance of t^eir certtficat0/rom tbemufter 9|^aft0r>o? r^cetucr general 
oft^e muficc rolSjtoio conwonip is Ufee to abioe about t^e court,o^Xonf 
oon/oas t^eg ^«y(n(;eDat tie firip^ouiCon fo? tbe bearing of tbeir cljar* 
geig! to fuel) placeiCterefo?e it wap be latufuil fo? tbe 'Ereafo^er? of tbe > 

€Ountie,to|)cretI;epJl)an ariue, in tbnroifcretion, bpon tbeir certificate, 
t^ougbnotailotoelijtogiuetbem anp conuenient relief fo? tljeiriournep, 
to carrp tberti tat^eneiitcountiejlpitb ateftimonial of t^eir allotuance tq 
j?a(re on toiuarDsfucba jilace, to in jiiiKe maner IbaU itht tatofuU foj t^^ 
> ^realb^er softfee'nert count^to no t^eliJ^e,f fpfrom countie to counties 
til tfjep come to tbeplace^tobcre tbeparern'rectento 6nfi ttjeir maintenace 

acco?Dingtotbeteno?Dftbis'Satute»55*<JSliM» V) ': l.h!:.: 

. 2 a Cuerp fucb 'S^reafpzers in tl^efr fcuerall cotmtieiEf,W feccpc attue c^e^rtaft. 

Iwofte of comiJutation,of ^ifeb fmrane? as tbep leuie , ^ alfo a Eegiaer ""^^ °^''^^* 

of tbe name$ of euerp fucb pf^fon bntoiobom cbep ftall bauc iiif burfeu a= 

np reliefe,gtfl;al alio pjeferue o;t enter euerj) certificat, bp Warrant tob^ rof 

fucb rfiif fc batb bin bp tbem oifburfeDj^t alfo tbe sputter matter , o? recef* 

wee general of tbe Sputter ro«e$ (bal l^cepe a boofee,tDb?rein Ibalbe entreti 

tbcnamejsof allfucb lubofe certificate lljal be bP bwaUoiPeD,teitl^an abi 

CractoftbeircertiScats?*3 5,€li5.4» " '., „ ■ • 

. 2 3 31f anp ^reafo?er Qjal luilfuUp refufe to Jittnbitce anu gCue anp r^^ tKbe ^te«ro. 

riefe,acco juing to tbe fo^me of tbi^ act, it (ball be laUoful fo? tbe 31uttices ^^^ffiigj^ '« 

of peace in tbeir quarter J§)ettion0, to fine fucb 'Creafo^er bp tbeir oifcre* ^ 

tionsijtbefame fine to beleuieb hv bittreg, ^ fale tberof to be p^ofecuteo b^ 

anp ttoo of cbem,lDbom tbep (ball autbo?ife. ^ 5*€liH> 

24 €uerie^oulDier o?'9pariner tbat (ball be taKen begging in anp ^bcpanf^* 
'place toitbintbi0Eealme,o? anp tbat (ball counterfait anp certificate in S°ma!lnee 
tbisi act eirp?e(reti,(baU fo) cucr lofe W annuitp 0? penfion,anb (ball be ta^ mti) i« tai^w 
!ien,iieemcb g^ auiubgco as a common rogue j bagabono perfon, anb (ball "^cs^na* 
baue anb futteine tbe rame,anD tbelifee paineg;^mp?irpnment> anb puni(b« 
ment , ag i0 appointeb anb p jouibeb fo? common rogues ami ijagabouDe *' 

2 5 ai tbe furplufage of monep, tobicb (balbe remaining in tbe ttoe&of t?oto tije rut?, 
anp countie, (ball bpoifcrecion of tbe mo^epartof tbe31uttice0 of peace, |^,"jSJi"? 
in tbeir quarter ^effiongjbe o?bereb,bittributeD anQbcttotoeb bponfucb t»?nQto?o, 
goob, anb cbaritable bfeg, ano in fucb fo?me , a? are Itmitteo anb appoin* 
teb in tbe ttatuces mabe in tbe i4.anb i a peree of ber Spaietties raigne, 
31ntituleb,an act fo> tbe puni(bment of bagabonbe, anb fo^ tbe reliefe of 
tbe poo?e anb impotent, ann an act f j tbe fetting of tbe poo^e on toojl^e, 
anb foj auoibing of iblene? 3 5* Cli?»4» 

Ci aptaines, Souldicf SiMliftcrs.' 

*rr)ctt){cfeofri' ^'S'tU iufficesof IPf ^ithirt anj) count? of t^is?rea!me o^' t^Jalejf, 
%oS%T^ HjaUnot intromit o? enter into an^ citte, bo^ougfr^place o? *?i:blpneto?po« 
tmm tm act rate,tJDf)ere i£! anp 3(u(tice of Ijajo? an^ fuel) citiejbojougipiace o?totone 
co?po?at,fo? tlje epeciition of anp article of ftiis ^ct , but :t fi)albeIatufuU 
tbtfje3iua(ce anO3IuUice0of#,^aio^3,']5ailiffcSjanooti)er Ijeaooffi- 
tersof tfjofc cttics^ybo?ougl)S,p{ace0 ano totones co?po?at, latere tl;ere fe 
anp 3Iuaice of pjocccti to tbecrecutidn of tbi^ act tuttbin tbe p?^ 
cinct ^ compaflbof tbeir liberties, in fucb maner as tbe 3!uGice0 of peat'e 
in anp countp map oojbp bettue of tbis 3ct,anB euerp3iuliice of tbc peace 
toitbin eu crp fuc^ citie, bojougb. place, o^ totone co?po?ate, fo^ euerp o5 
fence b? Dim comnritteOj contrary to tbe meaninof of cbis statute , (ball be 
fineable asotber 3Iu!!ice0ofpeace at large intbeCountiesarebp tbis act 
appointee to be,ano tbe '^m} antj 3?u(tice$ of peace in euerp fucb Citit, 
b0?ou5b,place ano totone co?po^at,fl;al ^aue autbo^itp bp iW ^ct, to ap- 
point anp perfon fo? receiuing of cbc faio monep , ano paping of tbe fame, 
toitbin fucb citte, bo?ditg;b,place 0^ totone co^po^ate, tobicbperfon fo ap« 
pointeiTjlbal baue'autbo jitp to uo all fucb tbings, anu be fubiect to al fuc^ 
penalties a0 ^bConitablesf, bpbertueof tbis^ct, (boulobaueo? be^ 
3 ^♦€li5.4.5^»Clij. i8» "Co continue to tbe enoof tbe ne]ct]^ariiament« 
27 Itlballanomapbelatofull, to^anofo^ tbe auflicesof peace, at 
a fiirtijet tajja- tticic quarter ^eflionff, 0^ tbe mo?e parcof tbem tbere being, in all Cou«« 
aKfcSw ties ano places luitbin tbisHealme, toftbintbeirfeuerall limits artobi* 
uiSons, tobere tb.ep (IjaU tbin!ie, tbattbe faio Cajmcr act (jatb not p^oui* 
ueo fuJficientlp, fe? tb? reliefe of tbe §)OulDiers antr spariners appoin* 
tdJtoljerelieueirbptbefaiD former act, ano not otbertoife, to rate ant> 
Hm f«cb furtbf r fummes of monep bpon euerp pariib , tott^in tljeir fe* 
tterall limits , fo? tbe better reliefeof tbofe j^ouloiers ano Spariners , as 
tbcp (balUbinfo: dtanoconuenient, foasno parilbebe rateo aboue tbe 
famrire of t)iii*tl»np? bntrer tbe fummeof ttoo pence, tueefeelp to be paieb, 
ano fo as tbe Ujeelulp taxation of tbe parilbes in anp Countp, toljere t^ere 
ffjalbeaboue fiftiepariibes, amount not aboue t\)Z rate of fotire pence, foj 
«uerp parifetuitbin tbe fame Countp,^ttb tbe famefummes fo to be ratem 
>nb euerp^cf tbem,fball be a(reirco,collecteb, ieuieti,paieB ano oiOributem, 
bp tbe perfons ano in maner ano fo^me as ts pjottineo ano fct foojtb bp 
tbe faiB former act,b«Der fucb ? tbe likepains ^ penalties as ar appointed 
0? fet fo^tb bp p fan^e fojmcr act.9lnb alfo?f to be fo^faiteo bp anp 'Erea* 

forer. Collector, Conaable,Ct)Urcbtoar0eno? otber perfon,fo? anp caufc 
mentipneo in tbe faio former act, o} in tW act, Iballbe implopeo toget^ec 
TDitbtbeaocfeetobercmapning, in anp of t^e faib '^ceafojers banbes, 
f to tbe cbaritablebfes ejcp^elTeo ano appointeb in anb bp tbe former ^ta* 

tute, anp to none otber: ^no tbe faib reliefe Hjiall bcgiuen to fucb ^oul* 
tiers ano cpariners out of tbe Coimtp oj place bJbere tbep tocre e;:* 
j^iefieo, fofarrefojtbastbetajcation limitteobp tfjis ^ctMlejctentre* 

' C^|xakcs,Sonldiers,Mufters4 ^2 

SittU if t^e to^ole cajcatioit tbere, Ijc aIreatip,implopc9 accojBfnof to tijc 
weaning of t!;i0 2lcc,o? tl;at t^ep be, o? fldall not bee pjett men,tbeu in tl)C 
j)lace to^ere tbep iuere boine.o^ latt inljabifcj bp tbe fpace of t^^ee pere0, 
at|)i2fo?c|jeicetmion»5p,Cli^2i, . . .... 

28 ]p?ou(bct> altuate^, tljatif tbefaiD rate ff;anbetboug;bc, not to be, a p?onffion ff 
fufficient fo?t|e reliefe of fuc^ ^oulDiec^ fj spanners a&fl;atb0iA]be r^ 
lieueotoitbin tbeCitfe of Icnuon^cbcnitfbalbelatiifiill fcixhc^^m^ fouiaictBioiti). 
meco?oer,ano Mermen of lontion,o? t!jemo?e parcoftbcm,to ratc"^^''"^''"' 
ano cajce Cucb rea&nablcta]ce,fumme 0^ fummeis of monep fo? tbe faiD re* 
liefe,a0(&aU be to tbemtbougbtSt anDconuenient,^oas fucb fumme 
anu fummes! of monep fo to be rateo Doe not ejcceeo its* ;toeelielpflut of a* . 
nppariii), ano fo awtbc fame totattjtlje fame fl^aUnot ercceu Uiii^pence; 
VueeWp out of euerp pariO? one 4uit(^ an ot(ja: toit jjin t^e faio citie ano tfte 
liberties tbereof;s9«^ipi»" ■ .rt- 'n-^i^^i 

itg '€\)C 3luliices of peace of eucrp Countf e toitfitn tbi2rHeatme,tDit9 %umtt(s ay 
In tbeirfeueralIimit0,attljeir quarter ^effionSjO^tljemojepartoftljewMjJJ^^ 
tljereaHemblcD, (ball from bencefo^tb biJuepotoer ano autbo^itp, perefe ' 

to elect, nominate ano appoint , oi; tbemfelues 0} otber fufficient men of 
tt)efamecountie,balueDbppereintbe j^ubCbie bool^eat tenpounos in 
!anb2(,o^.fo?tiepounU3 in gooos at tbe lead, ^^reafurers of tbe faio €ol' 
iection, tabicb '^reafurers fo in euerp countp 1 be cbofen.lball continue, 
5oe,yerfo?me,ano t^m^ tbeir cbarge,ano account,infucb fo^t,manner, 
^p fournte,^ fo^fucb time as is fet fo?tb bp tbe faio former act^ijnoer fucb 
anotbelifeepaines ano penalties, as are ip t^e faio former act appoiuteo 
tn tbat bebalfe,59.€Ii?, 2 1» 

30 -s^be 31uftices of peace in euerp Countie of tbis IJtealme of Cng- c^e mmtt 
lanOjluitbintbeirfeueralllimits at tbeir quarter s^etfions, o^tbe mo;e fjfj^eff'o^^j^. 
partcf tbem, tben tberea(remblei),map bpon anp mH caufe, reuo]ke,bimi'- mew. 
nifljejO^ alter anp portion 0^ portions of reliefe, alHsneo 0? grauntco to a» 

np fucb ^ouloier 0? spariner, from time to time, accojoing to tljeir bif« 
cretion. 3C).€li5«2i* 

3 1 %h Cburcbtuaroens ano Conflables of euerp parilfje , i^^ll iopne ^{jc ccmnff 
in tbe collection ano papment ouer to tbe bigb ConCables , as is fet fo?tb g^^SuSai 
in tbe faio former ^ct^oftlje faio fummes to betareointbeirpariib*3nO iotn?tn election 
tbe faio Cburcbtoamens ano ConCablesiointlp ano feuerallp fljall baue « payment. 
liheautbo?ttpanomeanes,toleup, collect, anogatber tbefummesto be 

tareo bp tbis act,astbepoj eitberof tbem bab to leup t\)t fummes ap* 
pointcobptlje faio former ^ct: Snoif anp petp Conffable o^ Cburclj* 
\s)acoen,biscrecuto?s 0? aominiarato^s, (ball failc to malic papment in Stl^fff^, 
fo^measisfetfo^tbbptbefaio former ^ct, tljen euerp petie €on{t&bU 9 amconwni 
Cburcbluaroen.bis erecuto^s 0? aominittrato^s fo offenoing:, n;al fo?f tbe SK wS^ 
ftnnme of ]cjr, be leuieo <$ imploieo,in fo?me as tbe penalties,in $ bp tbe mm, 
faio former act ejcp?c(feo,are appoinceo to be leuieo ^ imploief.5 p.€l 2 r ♦ 

i& 4 Cartels, 


tjbe sauecn(j9 

'/ Caftels/orireffcs; Cafdcs for Wolf. 

?r?f *J!ff ^an T^ ^ ]?erfon DO MtW t^is Healmt, o? elfetoficre, bnlatofuHp $ of (jft 
-- ~ ^ lcit«ntautIjO?ftj>,imflg(tt,confpire,p?actifeo?Deuife,bp anp p?actifeoj 
t«eang,lMitb fo?ce,o? bp craft, ncuicc oj flcigbt, maltciouflp $ rcbelUoua? 
to ta!te 0? fteepe from tljeCl* anp of bcr Came0,'CoUiec0, jTojcrefTeief, o| 
i^olos: 0^ malitioaUp $ rebelUouap to race,bttrne, o? oeOroi anp Came, 
O^ttltoojfec 0} iTojt.oj anp part of tbem, ^auing anp munition o j o^oinace 
oftbe2[l> therein, 0^ appointee to be garoeotoitbanpi^ouloierg foj tbe 
Defence tbereof,tMitbi« anp of tfje'Slueenes Dominionie(,o? tjje Sparcbeisiof 
tbc famet^no tbefame compafre0',p?actife0,o^oeuire0,o? anpof tbem,^al 
ano ooe aouifeolp,bp anp erp^elTe toopsi, fpeecb,acte,Deeoe o^ iDjiting,e]c« 
p}2^tMtcVyti} Declare, fo; anp of t^e maltctouei ano rebellious intents a» 
fo?efaio:'E{;en be thereof being; conuicteo,Ojan be aDiuogeo a feIon,amj fgi 
Wi W aioer0, counfailottr$,camfo3tew,confentO20, ? abbetto^s toto« 
ing thereof* i^Mi-^.u 

2 3If anp perfott oo toitb fojce,maliciouf(p $ rebelliouflp beteineikepe 
0? toitbbolb from tbeiO^anp of Ijer (Caaie0,Cotoer0,^O2tre(refi; o? ^o!d$ 
toitbin anp beroominionjsf,o? Sparcbes of tberame,o? anp of beclbip?, o^ 
ftinance,artinerp,o? otbcr munitionjs of fortifications of toarjs^aho oo not 
renocr anu t^iitz tjp tbe fame to ber S^aieftie, o} to fucb perfon as ^e (ball 
appoint to tecmc tbe fame to ber bfe,toitbin Cjce oaies neyt after be (b of* 
fenoinsfljaUOecommaunocobptbedXi open^joclamations bnoec tbc 
great feale of Cnglano, to be maoe in anp place o? market totone toitbirt 
tbe conntp tobere anp fucb offence (ban becommicteo: ©? (ball toilfttUp, 
ntalicioulTpantj rebelliouflp burneojuellrop , o? caufe to beburneb o} nt* 
UroieOjanp of tbe Cl»0)ip0,D? maliciouflp gt rebelliouflp bar, o? caufe to be 
barren, anp ilpauen toitbin ber 6?a*ce0 bominions, %im be being tbereof 
latofullp conuicceD,acco?iiittg to tbe latoes of tbi0 Healme,(balbe luogeo 
a ^raito?,anofo iball bis aiber0,cottnfailo?0,fabbetto?0, ano tbeir effen* 
ce0 in anp of tl)z p?emifle0 (balbe abiubgeo bigb treafon, x ^,<^l i* to en» 
trure During tbe !lliieene0 life* 

3 Ji^o Confl able (ball oiflraine anp man to giue anp monp fo^ tbe Iftee* 
ping of a Callel,if be toill do it bimtelfe, oj procure anp fufficient man fo| 
bim»3nDif tbe ©♦ Docariebimteitb ber, o^fenobimbntobertoars, be 
0jalbe free from Caflle tnarD curing tbe time tbat be i0 in tbe £lJ;oafl^,foj 
tbat fee fo? tbe tobicb \)t bio Enigbc;^ feruice in tbe ^rmiCtMagna Char- 

I what puruciance , and In ^vhat maner fhalbc made to vitaiie a Ca- 
fteI.S.Purueiours.5t 4 

Cardcs for wooll. 

N2D perfon o? perfons tubatfoeuer (ball b?ittg,fenD o? conuep,o? caufe 
tobeb^ougbt, fent, 0? conueiet, intotbis KealmeofCnf^lanoe o} 
2Balc0,from tb^ parts bepono ibei^ea?, anp €arl)e0 fo? iDcll to befolD, 
bartereooje^^fban^eo tuitbiutl^eiaealuteofCuslanD o^ CJltaUs, ijpon 



Jf5ocart!j? fo;i 
enool 0)311 be 
Sir U5t)t tnto 

Cattetl^ ^i 

pfdm to fojfaft an fiiclj urns fo? loooH, fo to b^ou^bt , fent o? conuepeir, 
contrary to tbetrue meaning of cbis 3ct,in tuborcfjanosfoeuer tfjcp o? a* 
«? of tbcm(baIbefounD,o^ tl)ei3a!uetl)cceof,to tljeSlueeneano bim o} 
tbcm tljac toil feife t\)t fame o^ fue tbmfoje in anp of tlje iHucencji courts 
of Hcco?n bp ^^.^♦SI. 0? otbcrtoife, \iii)ttm no f aj*€.l^.f c» 5p,C!u 
i4» ^0 cnDttre Ijnto tbe enu of tlje firll ^ctfion of t|je nept parliament* 

.»i-- CattelU 

If anp perfon no bup anp oiccn,ronts,(!ecre0jWne,beifo?sf,caIue0,(bccp, "J^uiJftts of cat* 
lamb$>goats(,o? IKios liuins,^^ fel tbc fame againe aliuc (ercept be fteepe totm?© 
e? feen tbe fame bp tbe fpace of u^toeekes in W otone boufe,g:rounii,farme, toc«uw, 
0^ in fucb srounu tob«e be batb tbe bcrbage o? comon of pallure bp grat 
t} p^efcription^bf ^aU fo?fait tbe Double ualue of tbe CatteI,o? tbingsf fo 
iougbt ano folo againe,to tbe ©.ano 3i*to be recouereo bp ^,%^c* tuber* 
in no C2:t»«c»CP»^c»5.Cu.^J4*it z*€li'^*2^* 

2 3if anp perfon Doe hni^, o} commune ano concIuDe to Wv anp oren. Bo cattti mi 
0eere0,ronte0,liine,beifo^0 o? ca!ue0,but onlp in tbe open jf aire o? spar* J^ f^l'f a(»"« 
ibec,tobere tbe fameiball bappen to be bjougbt,^ put to fale, ( ercept it be ^atfef t, 
fo} tbe pjouiCon of bis boufbolD, teeme,o? oairie, o} e]ccept it be a butcber 
laobtcb (ball not fen tbe fame againe aliue ) o? (ball fel tbe fame againe a-, 
liue, at o| in tbe Sparlket oj ifaire lubere be bougbt tbe fame During tbe 
time of tbe faiD faire o? marfeet, be fball fo^fait tbe Doiible Dalue of tbe cat* 
id $ bougbt oj folD,to p ^»? 3!»co be recouereo b^ 9.3I*^c»t5Jberein no 
2at»f c»Cl^.$c.5 >eD.6*i9»5P.€l»i8» to continue to tbe eno oftbc ne]ct 
^parliament notunertenfuing, 

5 31fanp perfon tubicb fljall Iseepe o^feeDe about tbe number of bu a coionwi tt 
fcojeQjarefljeepe, fo? tbe moll part oftbepere^pon bis paflures, lanDe^, SJ^^^^-^ 
feeDingg o? farmes MiWh be continuallp feuerall ^ meete fo? milcb feine, &mk a 120, 
(^\ijberin no otberperfon 2i.©ctob*An.Do»i 555.baD common fo? cat* 
tel anp time of tbe pere)Da not fecepe fo? euerp Ir* (bare fbeepe, one milcb 
coto,^fo?euerpi3i»fco?e(barelbeepercarebpperelponecalfe,folong as 
be (ball l^ecpe 0? fceoe tbe faio number of i3i»fco?e (bare lbeepe:,be (ball fo?« 
fait fo? euerp coljoe not feept fo? euerp monetb rr»s»anD fo? euerp calfe not 
reareD rr^s^to tbe (£t,^ 31*to be recouereo toitbin one pere after tbe offence 
ffttbT^ Sl.3I«^c*toberein no m,^c,€*'^m*'i*^ 5*P*f sp*? j ?,<£li?. 2 5. 

4 31f anp perfon lubicb Dotb feeepeo? feeDebpon bis feuerall paitures a toto fo; ten 
«bouetbe number of rr,O]cen,ront6,aeere0/crubs,beifo?s,o?]ktne, Dotb fffttoSc'l 
tiot fo? euerp r»beafts fteepe one milcb cotuc^t fo? euerp ttoo feine, toeane caUi / 
ft reare bp pcrelp one calfe(ercept it cbance to Die)be (ball fo?fait vt fupra* 
p^ouiDeD tbat no perfon (ball be compelleD to kepe anp feine , 0? reare 
anp calues fo? fuclj (beepc 0? otljer beatts tobicb be feeepctb ? fecDctb cnlp 
tobefpetuinbisbo«re»2,$ ^^.^.i ^eii?»25» 

I That no butchet (lialbuy any cattell and fell themagaine aliucScc 
Butchers i, ~ " 7^ 

a Within 

Ccrtificat o£CQnui6ls.' 

2 Within what time cattel may be put into coppics woods.S.woods 12 


SruSsfteJ? TiT anpCIerlNeofcbeCrotane.Clerhe of tbe peace, o? Clerfeeof atTife 

of diet? out. liBljere anp attainocr.coniuction O} outlattj^p of felonp,0;albe before t(je 

o« t^'oTume'n. 3IufltCC0 of peace,6aole UeUuerp,OJ Oier and determiner, DO not cectifie 

a t)?iefetranrcnpt,conteimn(5tljetenour aim effect of cuerp 3l"wctment, 

outlatu^p, coniiiction, Cltt'ke attaint, t^at 10 to fap, tlje name , furname, 

ano atJDition of cttcrp perfon fo inoictcD anu thereupon outlatoe^ , conuic* 

teUjO^Clethe attaint, ano tl)e certaintp of ^is; fdottp,o? ot^tt offence,ano 

cbe uap aiiD place to^en anu tubere it toa0 Done, t^e Dap ano place of Ijwt 

ptitlat»^p,conuiction anD attainoer, into cfje Mugs 'Bencfj, :t»itbm fo^tie; 

Daie£5 uett after fucb attatnDer,c0nuiction 0} otitlatjj^p, (if tbe terme tbeti 

be open) anD if not,toicl;in rjc.Daies nett after tbe tjeginning of tijc terme 

nejct following t^e faiD ]cpaie0:^be faiD<!Dler]k before Uibom fucfj attain* 

Der:otttlato?po? conmction,^ c*fi)albemaDe,(ljanfo?fait fo^ enerp fucbDe* 

fault of not certifipngof euerp fucb reco^ tbe©. anD 31, to be re« 

%\it(Sittu of coueceD h^ ^.%9cMi\)tm no ?atgtc»€.p,^c.3nD tlje Clerfe Df p Crotoit 

(ball recSue ti)c i« ^ (j^ ^^i^S^i tl5encb (ball receiue tbe fame CertiBcateis anD traiifccipte^^ 

cctuficatw. toljenfoeuer tbep Ibalbe tenD^eo bnto ^tm bp anp fif tlje afo^efaiD clerfeg of 

tlje Crotune,of tbe peace,02 of ^irife,o? tbeir Deputies, ijpon paine of fo j* certificatbp bimrefufcD»34*l^.8*i4* 

-BTijenamcjjof 2 l^ut iftbcrebe mo?e perfons nameD iw anp fucb 3InDictment otbcc 

SSSc at. ^^^" ^"'^O P^^^^^ attainteD, conuicteD 0? outlatueD , tben t})e faiD Clerfees 

taintcD,comjfC' Qjall certifietbctranfcript of fucb 3luDictment, outlato^p, 0? conuiction, 

c« J&d!^'''^ onlp concerning fucb pcrfon 0? perron3,fo inDictcD 9 attainteD,outlaiMeD, 

oi conuicteD into thz Eing ^encb,tD|iicb tranfcript fo certifieD, (^all bee 

tal^en as effectuallin latjj,to all intents againftfucb perfon againtt tolja 

it IbalbeobiecteD o?pleaDeD,as if tbe ijerie recope tljereofCtoljereuponbe^ 

toas inDicteD)luere p?efenc»54»l&,8* 14, 

cittke of ti)e 3 Iit\)C tkthe of tbe Croiune iw tlje iKings T^enc^ fo? tlje time beincf 

mtSniT^ Doe not incontinentlp, anD tuitbout Dclap certifie to tbe 3luCices of gaole 

name of con. Deliuerp,anD 3luffices of p.of eucrp countp of tbtsHealme (MM) (ball 

miU^^ m^iteunto bim fo? tlje fame) tbe names $ furnames of fucb perfons Web ■ 

be fo attainteD bp outlalu?p, derives attainteD,o? conuicteD, 9 certifleD in* 

to tbefeings "BencbjanD tbe caufes lubp,^ tobcrefo?etbep Wxc attainteD 

o?conuicteD,lje(ballfo?faitfo?euerpnamefoto?ittenfoj, ^notcertifieD 

bp bim to tbe faiD 3!u8ices rls» 54*t).S« i ^* 

no certtScat 4 cftis act Ojall not ertenD to tbe Clerlte of tlje Crotone , Clerfees of 

SSe^Jito tbepeace,Clerh$oftbe6aoleDclmerp,neitbertoanpoftljel^?enotarie!i 

ftjr, 2:)uti;am. tjitbin tbe counties of aBales,^ Cbeaer,D?toitbin tbe Counties palan» 

tines of lancader,^ Durbam, 0? anp of tbem, to ma'ke anp tranfcript of 

anp fucbattainDcr,conuiction, o?outlato?ieofanp perfon conuicteD, at* 

tainteD,oi outlalucDbcfoietJeSEl, 3Iuaiccsof (jcrcDumiep of Scales noj 


Ceflauir. Challenged SA 

i|D^f(!er,o? countie of lancarer, Ditrbam, o j aup of t^cm ,t)Ut tijt fame 
$lccd?tJ!S Q)afl 9 Jttap remaine in tl)e cuRoup of tUe faio clerfecis ano p^cno* 
tamjBinfucIjmanecajgtycp are.H*^*8.i4» 


f atttan m let Ijis lanus to farme, o? to finn Cffoucrsi tn bitaifc o? do* ctirauft a 


t()in(5,iDf)(c^ amotmtetljto tbc fourtl;]^art of tlje berp Muz of tljc lanti, Jpf^ fatSe. 
anu l)C tliat ^oloetlj t^c lattD fo cljargeti lettetlj t|)e fame lie frefi) , fo tfjat a 
man can ftntie no niffrctfe hv tlje fpace of ttoo o? t!}?ee peres^to compel tfjc 
^armo^ to ooe o? peelD tljat tol)ic^ 10 containeo in t^e U)?iting, after t^e 
ittjo pere0 paflJ t jje lelTo? l^all fjaue an action out of tlje Cljauncerp to oe- 
ttiauno t rje Unn in oemefne* ^no if ^c againit U3()om tlje lano i0 oemaim* 
ire:);Comc before 3!tJ0ffement,fj renocr t^e arrerag;e0 ano Damage?, $ ftuo 
fuc^ fucctie as tlje eCourt fl^aU tljinKe fufficient , to pap from t[jencefo^tb 
t^at Uibicb 10 container! in tl;e to^itinj of leafe, ^e fijall retalne tbe lanoet 
anDif^etarpunttnitberecottcrcD ijp31u02ement,l)efi)aUbe barren foj 
cuer after.6louc.6.€D» i .4» 

' • 2 3In liKe fo^t, if 3 man no Detaine from !)ts lo?n &i0 tiue anD accutf 0- (jreflauft b? tije 
men feruicebp tbe fpace of ttoo pere0,tbelo?ti (bal fjaue an action to oe* JtJunant"'* 
hiann t^e lann in oemefne»3nti in botb tljefe cafe0,tbe Jjeire of tbe oeman* 
5ant (^allljaucato^it of Entrieaojainft tbe (jeireof t^e tenant^ano againff 
tbemto tQfjomt^elano ft albe alienee. C2^eflf. 2* JSi€^,iau There fee 
the fourmc ofthc writ of Ceflauit* 

3 31f lam>0 gitien fo^ tbe feeoinj of poo?e people 0^ otlier 3lme0 to be pilfer e"** 
maintaineDo?oone, bealieneobpt^ofe tobJljomtbep are giuen, iftbep gtScnVaimej?, 
toere giwen by tbe SElueene oj anp of ^er ip^ogenito^s, tbc lano? Ib'^H hzz 
tafeen into tbeClueene? banos ano retaineo atberpleafure^ano tbe bupec 
(balUofe^i0recouerp aftuell of tbelanO0 a? of tlje moncp Uiljicb Oe paien^ 
ann if tfjep toere giuen hy an Carle^TSaron, 0? otber perron,be bp loOom 
0? bp tobofe aunceUoi t^e lann fo alteneo toa0 giuen, (ball baue a tu^it of 
Contra formam collationis,to recouer tbe lano in 5emefne»'3^ut if tljC lao SSSS""^'" 
fo giuen fo? fnllenance of poo?e people 0^ ot(?er ^lme0 to be maintained 
nj Done, be notalieneo, butfucb Slimes 10 toitbf ?ateen bp tbe fpace of ^fttaimfj* 
ttBopere0, an Action 0;alllpefo?tljerrono? o?bi0beire,to uemauno tlje ^'f^^^a^«"* 
lanofogiuen inuemefne, a0iti0ojDcineo intbeCatuteofc3loticeff, foj 
lano0 leafeo,to renser tOe fourth) partof t^c tjalue o} moje* C23leam» 2» 


N©ne of t^e petit 3Iurie, no? otber partie0 nameu in anp bill of Qiu'^munfit m 
tamt ftteo in tbe !J?ui!ing0 of lonnon (b oloen fo? common plea? be= fucnlJ^iLoK 
fo?e tbc S^ato? anu tl[je SlDermenjbpon anp bntrue Deroict giuen in anp 
oftbeCourtsoftbefaiDCitie,fi)?.no? map baue anp (JDbaUerge tc tbear=' 
rap,o? to anp pcrfon 0? poll tbrrein being impanelleo, fo? lacl^ of fufficiet 
gOOOg 0? lano?, 1 1 ♦ip.y^S I^See Attaint 1 4* 

a Cuerp 


cijaiitiigeina 2 Cuetgperfott liein^aCiti^cnof ttjcCitieof loH5o«janombaltieof 
SJd in iSu ^^^^^ ^ <^«"f '^^ f ^^^ te"i^ of €€CCmai:lte£(> m^av be impaneUco m 
returned bp tlje ^Ijerifes of tlje faiD Citie , m cucrp wtaint i)?oug(jc bp 
tu^ic bp Uertueof tbc ffatute of z^.Cp^S* bpon berutct giuen bp tbc<Citi« 
^ettgof tbe fafDCicp,toitbouc anpCbaUengefo^ tijeinftjfftciencp offree* 
^olD of anp of tbem, to be maeebp.anj? oftj^epartujs infuc^ attaint* 3 /♦ 

J^.8,5*S* Attaint 14, 'V- ,.; 

SfS ttc 5 31t 10 a pjmcipaU C^aHenge in anp of tbe Courts toitl;m tlie Cici'e 

tf)ctijmgtnDc. ofionooititianpfttittoberetl[jeIamj0O| tenements, 0? action perfonaU, 

Srhe?."'^^ iMljerein tOe Debts 0? oamages amountetb to ylmarl^es 0? aboue, tljat tbe 

partp impanelleD in tbc Cnquctt batb not laniis,tencmcnts, sooos,o? cat* 

telSjto tbe DaUie of one buno^co mackes,if it he alieaojeo bp anp of tbe par* 

ties ano fo founo^ano no pcrfon fljalbe impaneHeri, fummoneo, o^ftoojne 

in anp 31urp 0^ 6nquett,in Courts loitbin tbe fame Citic , ercept be be of 

Janos,tenements,o? gooo ano rattels to t^e balueof ]cl marKes* i u^fj* 

2 1 ^S Jurors 1 6» 
Refnsdeint ic 4 %\)Z €Wm^t commonJp calleD (Reins dcmsk gardj toitfjitl t^e 
g^d. CitieoflonDon,fi)albenoCbanenge,butbtterlpboi&.7»iE)«74. 

S^ffi^T/"* 5 31famanCbanengea31urie,o?a3iuro;ifo^tbeflueene,befl[>aI(&cti 
tjjc mmaz. ^ ^yj-g ^^^^^ CbaUenge fo?tbuiitb,iabicb caufe fijal immeoiatlp be tritt by 

t(je 3Iu(lices Difcrftion,tMb2tbcr ic be true o^ not*^ 3,Co»i. 
CE^aiunsc of (^ jl^o inoicto? (ball be put intbeCnqueff upon tbe oeliuerancc of t|ie 
tljcInDirto^ partieinoicteo of-CrefpaOeo^felonp, ifbeto^jicbis inbictettoot^ €H* 

lenge bim fo? tbat caufe^a 5^C3»5t Sjurors 3. 

<c:i)anenBe 7 31t is a gooo eCbaUcge fo? tbe partie,tob^J^^ an €nquel! is talfeenbp* 

InDetnaunD S^ ou tbe Deatb Of amau.o? bettoirtpartp ann partp in anp pleareallo? per* 

tooiit^ jei. fonaU.uibere tbcoebt 0? Damage Dotb amount to rlmarl^es, to fap tbat a* 

matKw. ^p impaneneD,batb not lanDS 0? tenements to tbe perelp balue of ]cl. s. as 


Quefles to be bao bettoirt Denizen ano Denizen, anD not to^jere triall itf 

tobemaDe Per medietatem linguae tobere an Allien is one partte, accoj* 

t%^cSpp?at ^^"S to tbe aatute of 28»eD.3a 3 ,2,^,6.29* Sno euerp perfon being t^t 

Clueenes natural fubiectbo?ne,tobicbbp anp name Dotb eniop tbe liber* 

ciesofanp(£itie,'Bo?ougb3 0?^otuneco?po?at, l^bere^e DUjeltetb ann 

mafeetb bis abooe^being tuo?tb in moueable gooDs to tbe clere baluje of rU 

pounDSj(balI be aDmitteD in triall of muroers anD felonies in euerp j^efK* 

tms auD (Saole Deliuerp boloen fo? tbe liberties of euerp fucb Cicie, 15o* 

' rougb 0? -Sbotune co?po?ate, albeit ^e l;atlj no free|)olD» 2 3 J^S* 1 3 ♦ Sec 

lurors 1 5» 

SS^n ^^ 8 3if a Commfllion of Oyer and determiner bee&irecteD into an^ 

bvfpS Mm* <2:ounttefo? tbe triall of anp perfon l»bicb Dotb confefle anp treafon, mif* 

tai^m, p?iQon of tJLreafon^to murDer, to tb?ee of tbe Slueenes CounfelljO? is ue* 

Jement fufpecteo tljcrcof, no CljaUenge foj tje ^(jire oj Hpuno^cb fbaU 

Cheftcr, GhefhircJ ss 

hz atlolMeti Wo ]()tm3itc tlje Cfjallcnge of any Sluro? fo^ htk (ittm\)oUi 

of tbe pctelp Ulitc of icl,s.fl)aH)c aliotueo 3 5 »i^*8, 23.5!*icit|)er fl)al (je Ijaue 

anp Cballenp to tlje buojctijla^icb is arraipeo fo? anp offence commit* ^wimt Dp. 

teri ijpon tfje ^ca.o^ in an p ocljcu place, luljcrc tlje ^omiral bat!) iurifoic- ment of '|!lf «. 

tton,i)efo?eCommi(fioner0tbei:£m«oaut|jojifeD t)pt!jeClueene$ Com* f^* 

milfion tjnuer tlje great ^eale»2 SJi^.S, 1 5* 

9 !^e t^at 10 artaignec of ^reafonj9purDer,o? manflaugbter commit^ dLWimm 
m UPtt^in tlje Derge, W\ Imz no maner of CJiaUenge to any of t^e M- f "/oSc??om. 
tie (malicconelpercepteo) 334p,8j2. j^eitljcclje iMfjicb being tjje CI. mtttcDiuit^m 
feruant fuJO?ne, ano \Dljofe name is in tlje Chequer rolle of t!je Cliiecnes ^^^ ^"^e. 
|)Oufl;olD,mtoertl)C oegreeofalo^tjjtoljicbis arraigneofo^confptring ecijaucnsefi? 
Doitbanpotljerto oeftropanp io^ooftljislR^alme^oj anpotljer fiuojne JJtVSiS 
to tl)e duecncsCounfell, 0^ t()e ^teluacu, 'Creafo^er 0} ComptroUer of ^eattj. 

t^e JHueenes Ijoufe* 5 ♦l^. 7* 1 4* 

10 iperempto^p Cl;allenge l^jaHnot beanotMenin anp cafeg! of ^tgd /goperemp. 
©reafon.o? mifp^iRon of Ijtgb ^reafon* 5 5 ♦It^-^^^^, S mearor^ 

I i 5i5o perfon arraigncDfo? anp]^etit treafon,murDer,o? felonp, (ball m pctcmpta- 
be aumitteo to anp 'perempto?? cljaUenge aboue ttie number of tiuentie. f^Se" ^"^^ '" 

12 'Efjepartp innicteD anu arraignen of anp of tbe offences ppljibi* Wiengf. 
tenbptlje act ('p^ouiueoanna z^Mi^* againa^eDitious toojoesano ujoWsr"' 
rumours uttereo againf; tbe (Hueenej (ball baue aouantage of all man* 

ner of Cballenges to tlje 3lurie, as in triall of felonp is bfeo* 2Sf€ii^,2^ 

13 3!f ^e iMbic!; is impleaneo fo? lann bp anj» eccIeCaCtcal perfon^Dotb (nifMm dpo« 
ittal^eoefauUjia^crebpiuDgemcntougbttobe giucnagainftbiiti, if tbe a» tncimritton 
Court noe inquire bp 31urp of tbe Countrep, inbetber tbe 5cnianDant baD " ^'*^"'"''"* 
tigbt in tbe lannes Demaunoeu o?not, euerplo^ne of tobomtbe fame 
lanosbeboloen fijaUbeanamentocbanenge tbe31iiro?3of tbe fame m 
quifition.anDfol^aUanpman fo? t{;e2:iueenet()at Ml CiKe(fm2» i^* 

1 That vpon the triall of any iflue in a pcrfonalla6lion no Challenge 
for the hundred flialbc allowed , if two fufficient Hundredors do appeare 


TOelLa^anijatimtniarationof31ue{ce, antjallotber t!)ingesintbe ^^JiX^lPj^. 
CountpofCbeaer in times pal! Dfeotobebau at tbe i^bire naies, JLeg mtijc 
iball be boloen Jjau,mr:Dc,rione,ann erccuteo bp tbe 3Iuaicer of tbe fapD ^"«« 
Countpfo?tbe time being, at t\i3o times tu tbe perconelp, tbatistofap, 
at tbe^elTicns uert after tbe feaH of ^aint ^picbaelsnn at tbe s^efTions 
nert after €i»iler,*!uring fo manp oaies at euerpof tlje faio times as necn 
fi).iU require, in like m.ujeranti fo?me, as it is ufeo annejcecuteu in tlyz 
CountpPi(li?.mincci'iaucaaert3 2,1!;, 8,45, ^no tfje faiotUJO^efTions 


(Iiall anft maptjc (lotocn at fuclj time aittj timesf, ae bp tbefai'D 3fuftice o? 

Ills Deputte lljal be WW bdo}z tbe CatO fea{t£! of Cadet ann 

^ic^aeImasi,a!eianpoc(jertime, acco^Dingais isicommonlptjfeDin otljec 

myites oftt)i0Healme,(baHuaie2!opettp^ocIamattoube tbewofmaue, 

bptl)efpace ofpij* nates at t^z leatt before tljefirftua? of t&e keeping of 

tf;e fame j^e(nDn0»3 3 .llp»8a 5 ♦ 

•EiDo mnfstitsf 2 '^beCounticpalantine of Cbetter Ojan fiauectoo lknigfjt£i fo? t()e 

«n-e?foMiJe' ^^i^ Countie>anD tU)o (IDiti5en0 to be ^J^utgefles fo? tbe Cttie of Cljefter, 

PST ^^ to be electeo foj euerp patliament bp p?oces atoacoeo bp tbe C[jamtcelo j 

^ • of (SngUnbjto tlje (JDtjaitiberlai.i of CfjeHer, \)is JLieutenant, o} Deputic* 

^nn like pjoces to be maoe bp t\)t faio Cbamberlam,o? ^c* to tlje J§)&erife 

of t\)t Countie of C(jeften 3ud tlje election Qjalbe mai>e,in liKe maner 9 

fopeto allmtentsiagtdbfcDm otber^f)ii^^isaniiiCitte0,antieuerpof t^e 

faib JKnigl)ts anD ^^urgelfes fo electeu,fl)albereturneo into tbe Cbauncc* 

rie of Cnglano bp tlje j|)ljerife f n uue fo?me, bpon like paine a0 otljer 0)c« 

nfe0ofotf)ecg>l)ire0fc* ^noeuerp oftfje Cain iSmgf)t$ anu a^urgeCfej* 

(IjaU ^aue like boice,attcbo?itpjlibtrtie0, p?i«ileDQ;e0,tea5e0, fee?, ^ com* 

niooitte0a0otl)et JKnig^t? anoi5urge(re0of tljefaine Com:tofH3arlia* 

ment eniop,\)fe,anD ^atie^s 4.l&.8» 1 3 ♦ 

anfn^awtflitt S 31f anp petfon of t()e Countp of COeffer, reliant itt t\)t fame Coim* 

of cftS'Tb^ ^^^ ^° contmit anp murtljec 0? felonp in anp place out of tbe fame Coun* 

commttn^ fe. tie> pioce0 fl^all be atpatDco againa bimbpt{;e<2:ommon laU3 bnto t^ 

ISanStff ^" Cjtigent, in tbeCountie tofjere tbe offence toas commicteor^no if be flpe 

$^i( J from tf)cnu into tbe countp of Cbeif er, ano be outlaDoeo fo^ tbe faio muc< 

tber,o? felonp, tbe fame outlatn^p j ejcigent Ibalbe certifieo bnto tbe © f* 

ficersof tbeCountpofCbeffer, ann tbe felon ffjalbe taken bp tbe fame 

C>fficer3,aniibis lanbe0,tcnemcnte0, goon? ano cattel0, toitbin tbe fame 

€ountpofCbeffer,(balbefeifetia0 fojfait to tbe Clueene, 0}^im tobiclj 

^nll be lo?oof tbe faiD Countp of Cbetter fo? tbe time, ann tbeClueene 

iball baue tbe pere.uap anu toaa,anu tbe otber lanD0,sooU0, gfc*of fucb fes 

Ion, being out of tbe fai0 Countp, lbalbefo?faicto tljeSClueeneannotbec 

!Lo?D0 tubicb baue f rancbife0» Sinn in tbe fame maner it i$ of anp perfoii 

of tbefaiD Countp, reftancoj otoellingintbefameCountie,tobicl) wnt* 

mittetb 15aterie, 0^ otber '^Dretpatfe in anotljer Councie , ano tben dpet^ 

into tbe Countp of CbeUer,bis gooti0 Iball be fo?fait,^c»anb if be be out* 

latocb, tbe outlato?p fijalbe certifieo to tine fame ©fficer0 of Cbefter, ann 

bi0 perfon (balbe takeujanti W Sfi^'^^ ftno cattel0 (ball be fo^fait ^u n (um 


protection. I That no protc^Hion flialbc granted to any perfon within the Coun- 

lIcofChc(tcr,withoutthc Quecncslpecial warrant. S.Protcdion j. 
g)?ocIamat(5|. 2 For Proclamation vpon Exigents to be awarded againll any perfon 
dwelling in the Countiepalantinc of Chettcr,or the Citic of Chcfter, S. 

3 That 

Chcirdgraphcf ,ahd Guftos BrcuiumI $6 

5 That cueiy Shcrifc of thcCounty of Chcftcr , and of the Cltie of^^^^^^ff 
Chcftcr, (hall hauc a deputy in the Kings Bench, and Commonplaces. 

Exigents 7. 

4 That fines maybe leuied before the high luflicc of Chefter, his de- JTfnW. 
putie or Licutcnant,oflands being within the County palantinc of Che- 

5 That a Tales de circumflamibpts is graiintabic in the County of Che- ^aleif. 
fter,whereafiill Jury doth not appeare.S.Iurors 1^,2%* 

6 Inwhatfort,andbyvvhomtheCommiffionof Scwersfhallbe di- ^emjc;^, 
rcAed within the fees of the Couty palantine of Chef ter.S.Se wers 18,19, 

7 Forftatutestobc acknowledged before the Maior of Chefter* See Statute*. 
Statutes I . 

8 How Offices found in the Countie of Chefier, fhalbe receiucd and ©Wcw. 
certified in the Court of Wards.S.Of!iccs 7* 

9 That two Coroners fhalbe for Chefhire ,and for their authoritie.S* €o?onftj*< 
Coroners 2 o# 

10 Forlnrolmentsofbargaincsandfalesof landes in the Countie of ^[ntP'wfntf, 
Chefien SJnrolments4» 5* 

1 1 Where the Sherifes Countie Court of Chefhire fhall be kcpt»See 
County 2# 

12 ForinroUingofFincsandrecoueries in the County of Chefter.S. 
Fines 2p*&c. 

CheJrographcr,and Cuf!os Brcuium. 

T OeCfjeiroofrap&eroft^e Commonplace, ^isfarmo?,lieputj»,ojJtett* ^Ijj^ljefra, 
tenanc,Q)all not take anpmo?eti;cn iiiu^, fo? anj)fineleui'eDin t^e scap^ew fee. 
Tame Courc*3no if tlje farmo?,oeputie,o? lieutenant, do take anp mo?e, %t ^ff. ^^^^ 
W\ fo^faic (|i0 oifice,be epcluoeo tbe fame Court, fuffer one pereis imp?i« 
ronment,anD pap to t^e partp grieueo W treble oamageis, ano tlje partie 
$3:ieued fljall ljaueljt0ruit before tbe3Itt(licej30ft^e fame Court* 2t "^4, 

a ail ttt?it0 of Couenanc, and all \&}xt^ to^eteupon finesi ITiatbe leuieu, SfitroauitK oe 
arnj notes of tbe fame, before tbac tbep bee o^atuen out of tbe Common toj^creupon 
placebptljeCbeirograpber, Qjallbeinroulen inaroule to beofEecoju »»«^»««»w'» 
fo?etter,toremaineintbe fafecuGooie oftbccbiefe Clerkeoftlje Com* 
mon place, anoofbis! fucce(fo?0, fo? cbeoloe feeofttii^U^accuflomeota 
bepaieototbe cbiefeClerke,fo? tbeentrinjoftlieEecojo of euerpfine, 
toitboutpapinganpmo?e, to tbe intent tbatiftbenoteg in tbe cufloup of 
t\)t Clieirograpber, j tbe fine? be imbeaOlco,a man map baue recourfe to 
tbe faio roiile^to ^aue e]cecution,ao^e Ciioulo ljatte,if t^e fine? \sitxt not im* 

I That the Cheirographer fhall make a Table containing the con- 
tent of cuery fine^and what he ihall hauc for the fame, S,Fines 2 5» 


l5o pecfott ffial 
peare out of 
tlje Dfoccs 


map cite fojt t)C' 

mm, - 


If anp per fon tje ci'ceu ,fttnimotteu,o^ otljertoife caUcti td appcare^bp ^Im 
felfe,o^ l}t£!pjocurato?, before anp ©?tJinarp,^rcbtJcacon,<£ommiflarp,^ 
Officialdom otljer 3IungefptntuaI,bp^ectuc of Ins ©Ificc, o^ attlje fuit of 
anp pecfoit , out of tbeDioceso? peculiar 3IunrDictiDn,ti3b£Tetljc^awp 
citeD,fummonerj,o? calleD^Dtuellcu at tlje tinteof t^e fame Citation atuar* 
Den, tlje fain ©jniuarp , ^rcljueacon, ^c, (ball fo^fait to tlje partp fo citeu 
Double uamageis anD coSes foi be recouereu bp action of nebt, 
0^ action tjpon t^e cafe,bp 9i.'B.p.f c, ?m alfo (ball* to tljeCli. 
anD 3info?mer,tobe recouereD b? ^,3!.$c.tBbereinno ^♦f c«€«l^.?c*(ej:« 
cept it be fo? anp Spiritual o(fcnce, o? caufe committe5,Done, fo^llotoeD, 
neglecteDjO^committeDbpanp T^idjop, 3ircbDeacon,oj otber perfonlja* 
uing: Spiritual iun(biciion,oj being a Spiritual 3luDQ;e, o? bp anp otbec 
perfontoitbin tbeDiocegi, o?3IurifDtction, tnbereunto (je (balbe citcD, 
o?otberU)irelaU3funpcalleDtaappeareattDanfu3ere: ©?etceptitbe bp 
o^^pon matter 0? caufe of appealjO? fo^otberlatofull caufe, toljerein anp 
partie (ball fino bimrdfe gtitmn o} iB^ongeD hj^ tbe ©^oinarie, 3IuDC5e o j 
aiuDgesoftbe Dioce0o?3lurifDiction,o?bpanpofbi0 ^ubflitute^, oj 
SpiniCer^, after tbe matter 0? caufe tbere firHcommenceDanD begun,to 
be (betoeD to tbe ^rcbbilbop o} 15ifl)op, o? anp otber ijatung; peculiar iw^ 
rifoictioujiuitbin tobofeip^ouince tbeDioccs o; place peculiar iis : ©?iii 
cafe tbat tbe 3Iu05e Dare not, o? toillnot conuent tbe partie to be fuc5 
befo?ebim:2Dmtbattbel5i(bopoftb2Dioce2i o?tbe3!uDge of tlje place, 
Ji3itbinlBbofe3IurifDiction, oj before tnbom tbe fuit b^ tbis actlboulu 
ht commenceD anD p^ofecuteD be partp, Directlp o? inDirectlpto tbcmlf^? 
ter 0? caufe of tbe fame fuit : 2D? tbat anp "l^ilbop, o? anp inferiour 3iuDge 
ibauing bnoer bim 3IurifDiction in bis olune rigb t anD title,o? bp Commif" 
(ion. Doe mal^e requeft o? inftance to tbe 3rcbbi(bop , o} otber fupertottc 
0?Dinarp o? 3IuDge, to ta1te,treat, eramine, o? Determine tbe matter be* 
fo?e bim 0? bis j^ubHitute, anD tbat to be Done in cafes onelptnbere tbe 
Ciuillo? Canon JLatoDotb affirmeerecutionof fucb reriue(to?in0ance 
of 31urifDiction, to belatofull ojtollerable: 2D?e]tcept it be foi^zQa^ 
mentis to be pjoueD before tbe^tcbbilbop of Canterburp, bp reafon of 
bis p^ero^atiue, o? fo? ^ellaments to be p?oueD before tbe Slrcbbilbop of 
^o?fee \siit\)in bis 31urifoiction, b^ reafon of anp pjerogatiue.zs .lE)*a^^f 
I*Cli^«r. ■■ ^ . » ' ■ . -^ " 

2 it is lalufullfo? anp ^rcbbilbop of tbi0 Healme to cite, call,anD 
fummon anp perfon DlDclUng: in anp tBiibops Dioces taitbinljis p?o* 
uince , fo? caufesof CpereHe, if tbe:^t(bop o? otber C)?Dmarie immcDi* 
aterbereunto confent, o? Doe not bis Dutie in tbe punilbment of tbe fame*^»8»t;^i*Cli5.i» 

3 3if anp ^rcbbiffjop, "Biibop, 2D?Dinar(e, ©fficiall, Commiitarie, oj 
otber perfon bautng spiritual 3IurifDiction,b? anp^ubUitute o? g^^ini* 
fter of l;is Doe anie,DemaunD,ta^e,ox receiue mo?e tben iiitUtfo^ tbe j^eale 


CIapboord,Caskc,&c. Clergic. 5-7 

cf anp Citation , ^e (Jjall pap to tlje partie of toljom ^c ♦ tJC uMe Dam* 
mages anD coffeiS , and flball fo^fait fo? euei;^ offence r» Ii»to tlje Ciueene 
an0 31nfo?mec f c. to be recouereo bp ^♦3I»?c» to^erem no C23l,^c» CP* 
^C,23,|>f8,p^ ueii?»i» , ..-j;,,,.- ,,y^,- 
Clapbodrd ,Caske,&c, 
Al anD euerp perfon ano perfons , tuljicb (ball tbip,carte, j tiranfpo jt ^JJ M« 
anp15eere into tlje partes beponn tbc i§>ea3, to be folo o^ercbaun- ^imoomp 
geD fo? otbec marcljanot^e , (ball ( if be be a !§>ti:angei: ; tben before tbe f^oug^um^^ 
(mt tranfpo^ting, (if be be a j§)ubiect bo^ne) tben eitber before tbe fame 
tranfpo^tingjO? tuptbin foioei: monetbeiS after /b?ing,oj caufe to be 
b^ougbt into tbis Eealme,from tbe j^artesof beponn tbe i^eas^fo? euerp 
djre %umt^ of ^ecre, ttoo bunnjeo of ClapboojQ, fit fo^ to mafee caf ke 
of, to containeinlengtbtbK<^f<30te ano ttoo pncbes at tbe leatt : ©} els 
tbe fame caffte againe,o j fo mucb otber gooo $ ftueete caf ke in qnantitie, 
ano tbefametobeentreoat tbeCudomeboufe toitbout aup colouring: 
2D? if tbe fame tranrpojting (ball be into tbe Eealme of 3|relano,tbento 
bmin maner ano fo^meas afo;tefaiD, fo mucb of ^baffolD boop in 
quamitie as tbe Clapboo^o amountetb bnto* 3 $,€li^*i 1 ♦ 

2 31^0 Stranger bo?ne (ball (bip,carie,o? tranfpo?t beponrr tbe ^eas Sm&x'^ 
anpPilcberSjOj otber fi(b in cafkc ,bnlc(re tbe fame perfon ^aue before fo? m trauf- 
fucb (bipping b?ougbt,o? caufeo to be b?ougbt into tbis Eealme from tbe ^^^^^^' 
partes bepono tbe j|)cas, fo? euerp (Ipe tunnes of ipilcbers , 0? otber fi(b, 
acco?oingto tbe rate ano maner afojefaio, ofClapboojofit fo? caf fee, oj 

els of caf he as afc^efaio, bpon paine of f o?faiturc of tbe faio 'Beere,'l^il« 
cbers, ano Cafkc , tbat (ball be (bippen 0? laoen to be tranfpo?teb into tljc 
partes of bepono t\)e ^eas* 3 5»€lif ♦ 1 1 ♦ 

3 3It (ball not be latofull fo? anp perfon 0? perfons , to tranfpo?t , 0? SSS? 
carie anp tuinc caf he out of t bis Healme, toitb anp I5eere 0? 'Beereager, 

no? anp wine caf ke (baken, anD fell tbe fame beere 0? beereager, 0? cafke, 
Crcept fo? tbe bictualling of anp <i)bip c? po?table belfell , 0? of anp of 
Ijer Spaicfliesgarrifonsano fo?ces in tbe partes bepono tbe «i)eas,bpon 
paine of fo?faiture of tbe fumme of xl s* fo? euerp tunne of Cafke fo ca^ 
rieo 0? tranfpo?teo, l^?ouiDeo altuaies tbat tbis ^ct,o? anp tbing tberein 
concaineo , (ball not ejrteno to tbetrattfpo?tation of anp Uperrings U)bat« 
foeuerin Cafkes»g5»€li?,i i» 3P*Cli5»i8»'2tl)is ^ct to continue to tljc 
enoof t^ieneuiparliamcnt. 

© ptcron(ballbauetbep?iuileDgeof bisClergie Web Wlht in-- cutpwrft, 
DictcD,o? appealco fo? felonious taking of anp monep,gooOS,o? cat^ 
tcls from tl)c perfon of anp otber ,p?iuilp toitbout bis knotoleoge in anp 
place tubatfocuer , ano tbereupon founo guiltp bp ueroict of rii^men , 0? 
(ball confeCfe tbe fame bpou bis arraignement , 0? toill not aunfuiere oi-- 
recflp to tfje fame, accojoing to tl;e JlaUies of tl;i^ l^calme, 0? (ball flano 

31 tuilfullp 


to(lfutl|> , 0? of mati'ce , t} obUinatc!? mute , o^ c^ato^e peircmjitojie 
abouc t\)t mmhtt of ttoctttie , o? 13)aU be bpon fuel; 3In5iccmcn£ o} 9lp- 

33ctewi»tgti)c a 1^0? !)c inbicb bnUtufuUj) courpi'cetb , compaffet^ , ima(5inetfr, 
gueencfl ©a- p^actifetlj , 0? Deuifet^ b)? anp meanegi toitib fo?ce , fleigi^c , o? miict , to 
ta^e , 0} fecepe fcom tbe Cliteene anp of Ijcc €aaic0,'S:olMer0, jTo^treDTe^, 
0? IjolDes , oj maliciouflp aim rebeniouflp to rafe , bticne , o? tieCrop an? 
CaiteUj'BultuarfejO? jroV>o? aup part of tbnti, Ijauiitg; munf tion o^ o^oi - 
nance of tljcCiueenes tI)ereiit,o^ appointeoto be proeo toitb^ouloi* 
ergifoj tljeoefence thereof, tottbiti anp of tljeSElttecne0bomtnion0,o^ tlje 
^accfjeg of tlje fame,ano t^e fame confpiracies f c. abuifeulp bv ejcp^effe 
act , toojbs, 0^ to ^ttittg Dotlj oeclsce, fo? anp of tlje malicious ano rebels 
Iiou0 intent afojefaio . 51^0 j toljic^ 10 an apoec ,counfatIei: , comforter, 
confenter, 0? abetter, Itnotoino; anp fuc (j offentio?,anii 10 of anp 
of tbe faiDoffence0laU)funpcDmticteb» i4,€li5.i»to enoiireouringtlje 

SClweene0 life, S»Caftels i . Felonie 4, 

KcfuQngtoaB' g ^0} lit iM^icb bp t!je Statute p^ouioeo (^n.^ j^Cfij. i »to retaine 
w murnutff"^' tbe (Elueene0 fubiect0 in oue obeoience) 0? bp tlje ^utmt mane (^n*^ 5* 
' Clfy 2» fo? tbe reffraint of l^opiib iaecufant0 to fome certaine place0 of 
abooe) 10 to be abiureo,tu]|)icb k^ll refufe to ma!te fucb abiuratton,a0 bg 
tbe faio ^tatute0 i0 appointeo : O? after fittb abiuration, li^an not ^o ta 
fuel; ]^auen,ano toitljin fuc^ time a0 10 appointee ,^ from thence Depart 
fo?tb of tbe IRealmc accoping to tfje faio ttatute: O? after f)i$ Departure, 
(ball returne ano come againe into anp t^e £lueene0 Kealmc0 0? Domi* 
nion0lDit][)Ottt {jer fpeciall licence in tfjat bej^alfe ftrtt ^ao ano obtapneo* 

©ottfuratfon, 4 Jl^ojb^ uibicbootbp?actifeinuecation,o?coniuratiott oftoicto 

saiftcticrafc. tpirit0 fo? anp intent, 0? C2:iitcbcraft,€ncl)auntment, Cljarme, 0? ^oy 
eerie, tol^erebp anpperfonQiall beltilleD,o?oifl:ropeo* 5i^o^ toljicbirat^ 

mitmntt, tbe fecono time pjktife JQIttcbcraft, Cncljauntment, C^mm, 0? 5§)0j« 
eerie, toberbp anp perfon (ball be confmneD,o? lameD in f)i0 boop 0? mem* 
3ber, 0? toberbp anp gooO0 of anp pcrfon Q)al be toa0eo.o? impaireo,being 
once comticteo of tlje faio offrnce before ♦ ^o} to&iclj 10 an apcer 0? cotm* 
failer to anp of tlje faio ofifenDer0, ano i0 of anp of tbe faio offence? latn* 
ftlllp conuicteo* j«<£li5»i 6, S.Coniuration 1.2. 5. Felonie d.7.8. 

-BattttetiM 5 ai5o?l)etBbtcboot!)commit:i^ttggerietoitl)manfeimio?bealf,and 
^ i0tbereofconuicteDbpuerDict,confetnon,oj omlaUi^ief 2^,fy2,6, ^,€U 

17»S. Felonie^. 

commaimiw:* 6 5^0? be tol)icb botb maliciouflp commaattD , l^ixt , 0? eounfell anp 

went of if «io. pp^fo„ (Q tjjii^^it petit -S^reaCon, oj tuilftill spurter^o? to 00 anp Eobbe* 

tie in anp otueHing bottfe,o? in,o^ neere anp bisb tuap^o? tuitbtu tlje Spar* 

cbe0 of <2?nglano,apina^cotlano,a?tBilfullpto bttrne anpotoellinoj 

fjoufe^oj anp part tljereof, oj anp bame t(jen ^auing Ca^nc tljcrein, anu 1$ 


Clergic. 5-8 , 

tficreof otttlatucti , 0? otbectuife actaintcD, t} canuictetr , 0? htint^ arvato;* 
netJ no atiWO mute of malice , 0? 00 challenge peremptojie al>oitc twntie, 
t} iwiUnot aunftucreuircctlp to fucb offence»4»^ j.p.anu 9p.4» 

7 ji5o? l;e toljiclj 10 inDicte5,aitaicjnrti, ano attainceD,oj rcfufet!) lato< gJ^^^/J'^^Jj 
full triall in a eTountie iwljere Ije Uias ca^feen tt)itb clje mane r, auo to^ere* ffoons ujcrp 
onto t^e gootJ0 Mien in a fojrein eCountie loere conuepeu , if Co be tljat ^^^^^* 

^ miffbt not Ijaue (jau ^is Clergie in cbc ot^ec Countie V^^ttt t\)t goo5s 
t»ere ftoMtn ♦ 2 j^ j)* ^^ ?♦ 5» '^^♦*^» * o* 

8 31^0? ^e to^ic^ being once conuicteu, oj conncmpnec of anp of cfjc Fo«er of 
offences p^oijibiteo bptbe llatute p?ouioeD 5* tfje fo^gingof '"°^** , 
6uiDettce$ $ ijj jitings, bp anp of tbe iuaie£i in tbe fame Itatuce iimittee, 

CbaH aftec anp bts fi^cfJ condemnation, eftfoones commit anp of tfje faia 
offences in fo^meintbe raioaatutee.i:p?e(reD.5»€Uf i4.S.Fofger &c.4» 

9 3^o?anp!§)Ouloierferuingtbeiiueeneinberiuarres,tnanpofl)ei; ®ouit>(«;, 
DominionSjO? on tbe ^ea, 0^ beponn t^e ^a, 0? ii\ ^cotlami.o? in anp 
c^acrifon, to|)tcb oepartetb toitbout licence of t^e lieutenant, Hpigb 3o* 
tniran,<IIiceammraU,marDein,o? Captmne,ano in t^eir abfence,of 

t^eir lieutenants. 2»<£o»6,2»S.Captaine 3. 

10 5ttlo? be ti3bicl) is attainteo bp confeCfion, \)ettiict, 0? outto^fe, fo? Kape. 
anp felonious Kape,Haui(bment,o? :i5urglane,o? fo^bnlatiifull auD ^"'^ff^^tie. 
carnaUfenotoleDge,anoabufeof anp tooman cl}ilDbnmtljeage of ten 
peereSf 1 8^€li|»^» 

1 1 fio} anp perfon of t|je age of fourteene peeres o} aboue , calling (i^gvptfan. 
j^imfelfe an Cgpptian , 0? being in companp toitb tljcm , o? counterfei== 

ting, 0? DifguiCng bimfelfe bp l)is apparell, fpeacb , oj otbcr bcbautouc 
like Un:o tbe bagabonos calling tbem felues Cgppt ians^ano foootb con« 
tinue , at one, 0? fetrerall times hv tbe fpace of a monetbt i *^ 2* lP»anD 
$|^,4» 5,Cli5»2o» S.Egyptians 2. 

1 2 ji^o^ anp perfon lubicb is atcainteb of anp of t^e offences maoe fe* ^^'Jj"*"^ 
lonp bp tbe llatute p^ouiDeo 2 3 ♦€l2*againtt Seditious tajo^os 9 rumojs 
ftttereoagainC tbe Queenes Spaieftie* 2 34CU2»SceNcwes 5.6.7. 

1 3 3^0? be lubicb ootb commit anp toilfull Opurtber, 0? toilful pop* ^p"^" ^^ 
foning of malice p?epenceo: fioi U)bicbDotbrobbeanpperfon,ino^neere Boftonm, 
bnto tbebigbttjap 1 51^0? tob.cb ootb Keal anp bo?fes,gelotngs,o^ ntares, ||gfi"a^pS!^^* 
(0? anp bo^fejgeloingo? mare 5 ♦Cd*^* 3 3 ») .^0? be tojjicb is acceffarp to <§)t£auns pf 
fucb felottie before fucb felonie oone 0? after 3 1 »^l 1 2* 3^0? tobicb ootb ^°^^^^* 
feloniotifiptakgoobsout ofanpCburcb o^CbappclLjI^o^tobicbuoti RosbfttKoc 
b?eafeanpbotifebPDapo^ bp nigbt,anp perfon being in tbe famc,amj <itl)w«fte«. 
tberebp put in feare,oj uotb robbe anp perfon in anp part of bis Otoel- RoBiiingoE 
ling boufe,o?rJtoeningplace,tbeoli3nero?ritocllerin tbe fame boufe,bis ^""^^^^ 
toife,bis cbilD?en,o^ ferUiints,bemg tbentoitbin tbe fame boufco^ place 

Ijobere tberobberietoasoone, oj inanpotber place )33itl)in ttepiecincc 
of tlje fame l;oufe^oj Duelling place, ano tben being toal^in^ j Ueepin g; 

3! a S^oi 


soTJbf ns of ^0? ^^M) ootb tohU any perCoit hmc^ in a tent o j bootfi ,tn a faire o? 
6ooti)C)j. marhetj tfje otoner, Ijis toife, cljilo^en, o? anp reruoiu t^jcn being toitbin 
t!)e famebaotbo? tcutjiMljctbcctbcp tljen.aun tljcre being.fljalbeflcepirtg 
0? tuafetno;, antj is of anp of tbe fain offences in mt fo?mc of lata attain* 
m 0? conuictetJjOj being intsicteb o? appealed of anp of tbe fame offences?, 
anti tbereupon founn guiltp bj> ijeroict, O} (ball confeCTe tbe fame bpon ijis; 
arraignementjO^lxiillnotauHftuereiiirectlpacco^iiing to tbe laiuefS of 
tbisil£leaIme,o^()[)al (Janntoilfullp^o^ of malice mute* 23*1^, 8* i, ^2,p^ 
Kobbfnsofa 8>^» i»€d»<5»i2» 5»Cd»^*9» S. Fakes &c.8, 3If anppetfono;iperfon0 
tuS?, iS^ w^fi^ fball be founti gutUp , anb conuicteb bp berbict , confeffion, 0? otbertoife, 
tintiisim^iV' accojuingtotbelabjesof t|)tsEealme,fo?tbe felonious tafeingatoap 
^"' intbe bap time,ofanpmonep,5oons,o?cattel,bein5of tbebalueof fiue 

(billings,o? anp b'ajelling boufe,o? ^oufeSjO^ anp part tljerof, 
0} anp outboufe,o? outboufes belonging, ana bfeo to ano initb anp nwu 
ling boufe 0? boufes, altboug^ no perfon (ball be in tbe faio boufe o} out* 
boufes at tbe time of fucb felonp committeb t tben fucb perfon ^ perfonsf 
iball not be aomitteb to tbe benefit of biis t} t^eir Clergie , but (ball be 
l3tterlp ejccluDeo tbereof* 3P»€li^*i 5* 
Scctfuins o> 1 4 ^0} be mbicbbotb tuittinglp'anb toillinglp receiue,* 
"""^"'s J"H fo?t, apbe, 0? maintaine anp 31efuite, ^eminarie IP^ieft, 0? otber Wtdt, 
fecii. Deacon, 0? Heligious,o? CccleHaaicall perfon tobatfoeuer, being borne 

luitbin tbiis Healme,o? anp cftber tlje Xlueenes bigbncs Dominions,ano 
Ijeretofo^e (dncetlje feall of ^♦Slobn tbe^aptitt Anno primoCli^.) 
o^neineb, mabe,o j p jofelfeb , 0? Ijereafter to be maoe, ojueineb , 0? p?ofef« 
feD bpanp autbo?ttie,o?iurifDiccion,beriueb,cballengeti,o? p^etenbeb 
from tbe^ea of lIlome,beingatlibertie,o?outofbolD,fenolDingbim to 
be a 3Iefuite, ^eminarie l^jied, 0? fucb otber p?ieG,Deacott,o^ ^^iiffi^ 
ousoj CccleOadicall perfon, as is afojefaio » 27,€li^,2, S.lefuites 3. ^ 
Sffiaf Sr ' ^ ^" ^^^ °^^^^ ^^^^^ Of f elonie, otber tljen fucb as be before men* 
Mft0, cioneb , euerp perfon tobicb (ball be arraigneb, 0^ founb guiltp upon Ijiis 

arraigncment, 0? (ball conf eCTe tbe fame , 0? (ball ilanb tDilfullp,o^ of ma« 
lice mute,o? bJill not aunfiuere Directlp,fbal baue ano ininp tbe pjiuilebge 
ofbisClergieanu <§>anctuarie, in li!iemaner,aiSbe(l)OUlD baue Done bc» 
fo?etber]i;iiiit^p?illSlni»!^«8. i,Cb*^*T2, 
dList^t auoiB. 1 6 Cuerp perfon fnot being toitbin ©jbers) tubtcb once batb Un an- 
atiUfiutoncc. j^^ftteoto tbe benefit of bis Clergp,beingcftfoonesarra<gncDofanpfucb 
offence ,OjallnotbeaDmittebtobauetbepjiuilebge of bis Clergie* anb 
a tonnict pec. euerp perfon conuict (ball be marfeeb bp tbe ©ailo^ openlp in tbe Court 
foji majftta. ^^f^^^ ^^g 3!u!ige* 4.i^»7;i ?♦ ^utb as betoitbin bolp ©joers (bal be anb 
€);iBer«of t\>? ftano bnocr tbe fame paines anb bamages fo? tbeir offences gfc, ann be 
(tt^urc^* ijfeti ano o^bereo to all intents , as otber pcrfons not being toitbin bolp 
2Djtter0(biillb?»2 8Jp,8.i» ^i,}^,2,^, Attamenvidci,€b.5ti2»ano 
Qnxre. !♦$ 2tlip,anb^,8»etQua:re. 

17 Cuerp 

CIcrgic. 5-9 

1 7 €ucrp pcrfon tljat bp anp Statutes 0? Hmts of tbis Healme ri^^.m,,. aiioto* 
ougi)ttol)atte>o? beamtiitccDto tlje benefit of Ijis CIergie,fI)al beao* tfi^ietinersic, 
mittcu to 1)10 Clergte, aUijottsb be batb bin funo^te time0 marricD to anp 

(tngle luoman, 0^ futglc ioomen, 0^ to anp \uiDoto,o^ toiooijoesi, 0^ to tluo 
totuc0 , 0? ntoe, i ♦€o*<?« 1 2» 

1 8 Cuerp pcrfon tobicb fljall bpon W arraignemcnt fo? anp felonie p « "^^ [ /«< ai« 
be aumttteu to W Clergic bp tbe latoes of tbiis Kealme,attn (ball before ©lerffte njaii 
tbe fame aumiCRonbauecommitteDanpotbec offence, lubereupon dec* .^SrSJS^' 
gie bi^ tbe laloe^ ano !^tat«te0 is not al loluable , ano not being tbereof * 
before inuictcD^ann acquiteD,contticteo 0^ attainceo.o? parDoneo,n;al ano 

map be inoicteD , 0? appealeo fo? tbe fame^anti tbereupon o^oereo $ Dfe d 
in all tbings acco?Dtng to tbe lauje? , in fucb maner as tbougb no fiicb 
aumilTion of Clecgiebab bin* S.Cli^,^, ^no mtt^ perfon lubicb Iball be 

[ aomitteo to Ijmt tbe benefite of Usi Clergie , fijall notluitbttanoing l)i0 
aomitfiott to tbe fame, be put to aunfiuerc to all otber jTelonies tobereof 
befball beinoictetJjO^ appealeo,anDnot being tbereof before acqtu'teo, 

' conuicteo , attainteri,o? parooneo, ano (ball in fucb maner ano fo^me be 
arraigneD, trieo,aDiutja:eo, ano fuffer fucb ejcecutionfo? tbe fame , as be 
iboulo baue oone if (as Clerfte conuict) be bao hin oeliuereo to t^e laD^oi* 

- jiarieano tbete bao maoe bis purgation* 1 8»€Ii^»<5» 

19 31n euetpcafetob^re anp of tlje dueenes fubiects map bpon ^is aio^uof tue 
p^aperbaue tbe p^iuilenge of Clei:gie,as « Clerfee conuict, tbat map J^ariianwnt. 
make putgation,in all tbofe cafes, ano alfo in euerp cafe of jfelonie 

toberin tbe p?iuileoge of Clergie is taken atoap bp tbe j^tatute of i ♦Co* 
6, toilfull muroer , ano popfoning of malice p?epenfco onelp ercept ( vi- 
delicer/o? breaking of anp boufe ?c»robbinganpperfon ino^neerebnto 
tljebigbtoap,ai'aling of ilpo?fes,o^ robbing anp Cburcbo?Cbappell)a 
ILo?o of tbe lparliament,anopeereof tbe Eealme,bauing place anu 
uoice in parliament, (ball of common grace bpon \)i$ requeft , alleaging 
tbatbcisa io?o,oj peere of tbe Healme,anD clapmingtbe benefitcof 
tbis ^tatute,tbougb b^caunotreao,toitbout anp burning in tbe bano, 
Mz of inberitance ,0^ corruption of bloob, be taken, ano bfeo fo? tbe 
firft time , onelp as a C:ierke conuict , tobicb map make purgation, toitlj* 
out anp f ortber , 0? otber pjiuileoge of Clergie, to anp fucb BLo^o , oj 
3peere,from tbencefojtljatanptime after, fo^ anp caufe tobeallolueo* 

2 o euerp perfon tobicb (ball be aomittetr to fjaue tbe benefite of bi£f (iLitm airota. 
£Iergie,(ball nottbereuponbeoeltuereo to tbe ©^oinarie asbatb bin f?,e??w"th?^' 
accuaomco , but after fucb Clergie allolceo , ano burning in tbe b^no, SD^ainarte. 
(ball fo?tbluitb bcenlargeo,ano oeliuereo outofp?ifon h^ tbe ittdi^ 
ces before lubom fucb "Clergie (ball be graunteo , tBut tbe faio 3^Mttite^ 
(ball ano map foj t\)t furtber correction of fucb perfons to bJbom Clergie 
(ball be allotoeo j octeine tjjem in p^ifon fo? fuel; conuenicnt time as tbe 

• 31 3 fame 

Clerke of the Market. Gierke of Afsifc, 

fame %wttict& CbaH tUvik conueaicnt , fo asi tije fame no not ejicmt one 
j)£ere0 imp^ifonmcnt* i S,€ii^,6^ 

1 That none fhallhaue the bcncFtof his Clergie which doth take 
away any maide, w idow, or wife againrt her will . S. Women 1 2. 

2 In what cafesthe benefit of Clcrgie ftiall be taken from wandering 
fouldiers or mariners .S. Mariners 4.5.(5. 

Clerke of the Market. 

He «r MX TT^^ ClerKe of tfje Spacket of ttje Ciuecneis (joufc, fliaHtakc no com« 

Mkc^no coin. 1 mon fine , but euetp pecfon to^tclj 10 foitno in ucfauU couching tfje 

won fine, fgi^g office ^ (|,an ^e ptmifljeo acco^ntng to lj{s oefcrtig ♦ 'Ebe faio Clerke 

fball rioe but toitlj Cjce ^o^fcg at t\)z mott,aniJ njall not tarric in anp totone 

0^ otber place, lon^n t^cn tlje neccffitie of W hix^^iU^ Dotb require^anu 

if be 00 anp tbino; contrarie to tbie ffatute, ano ts tbercof tiuelp conuicteiF, 

w,H (s:\tm ^^^ Qj^^^Hpap totbeCluecneattbeficttcimeO.actljefeconotimcjcJuanD 

fi)aii imxtw at tbetbiro time jcjc^li, 1 s^KSi^i^^M^t Clerke of tfje 9^arket (ball (jaue 

ton6i)ts iDitii gn {^ig tucigbts $ meafures Cgnen accojoing to tbe «§)tanoart of tbe Cf« 

cbequer luitb btm, loben ^e goetbto aflap toeigbts ano meafure?* ^0 |;e 

ctcr!tt?c. of no^ none otber (ball \)fe anp otber toieigbt o} meafure* 1 6»ia*2» j» 

tat pwcenes 2 3nx all plateis toberefoeuer tbe iDueene in ber oiune ropall perfott 

moml m\y (ball come to re0,tarrie, abioe, o} make ber repofe ta)itbin anp ber Domt* 

in ti}t yursct tiions, twitbinlibcrtieis!, 0^ tjjitbout , tbere ano toitbin tbe \jcrge Umitteo 

uon«ot9«r^ oj accuComcD to ber Court ,iiuring tbe time of ber abooe ,ber ©races 

Clerke of tbe sparket,anii none otber ouring tbe fame time,anBel toitbiti 

liberties as tottbout, (ball erercife tbe office of a Clerke of tbe sparket: 

anp p?iutleDge, graunt, allotoance , 0? otber tbing to tbe contrarie tberof 

nottjjitbftanoing : O^ut tbis (ball not be p?eiuoiciall to t|>e Citie of Ion* 

ton : l^ttt tlje faio Citit ma? Dfe fucfj libertieiJ d& t()ep migljc before $e* 

27Jp,8»24» 32*if>»8»2o» 

Cletkeof Afsife* 
'© Clerke of ^(fife During tbe onelp time of tlje ^ettion , of 0? fo j 
anpaififcso^Nifi prius.iballbe ofcounfelHoit^ anpperfantoitbin 
anp circuit, tobereof Ije (ball be Clerke of aifife, otbertoife tben to tbat 
office onelp appertainetb , bpon paine to fo?fait fo? euerp time offenoin^ 
to tbe contrarie jcJi^to ttjeClueene ano 1^* be rccouereo bp ^ 
31,ff Cttoberin no m*!S.'^4c* 3 3 *^* 8. 24. 

1 That the Clerke of Afsife may execute his office in thcCouiitie 
whcrchewasbornc or doth dwell. S.Iuflices of Afsife 2. 

Clerkeof the Signet, or Priuie fealc. 

%\ii dicr^cs "C <^lerp Clerke of tbe Signet ano Wnit feale, (ball cake fo? bis to^i* 

JS?^''^'^'^' Ctingofamarrambponabill of T&lesofretoarDriuU,fb?tbe W* 

ting of a luarrant of a gift fo? euerp ©fficer pr^d , fo? tbe inciting of a 

warrant fo? a pencion,annuitie, oj iwagq? ]c]Ct Ji, ^} cl)e )aj?ttin0 of a toar* 



Clerks of the Peace! CoIIe^lor." 60 

rant fo? a fpmaH liuerie,o? otber p^rpetmtic l)us»i)ui.tJ, fo? lJ3?f ting 
s Warrant tjponeucrp bin fo? a Conge dcflicr,1XopaU alTent.reflittttwtt 
defiallicaU matter lius, iiiuti, fo^ tlje to^iting of cucr^'ajarraiu bpon a 
pacarD , licence , parOfltt , 0? ^lyixiks tmm iu , fo? tfje to^tttns of 
euerp luarrant ^pon a Denizen iit sMiuit fo? tlje iuiitinj of a tuarrant 
fo? keeping of an 3!otot icr,U,fo? tbeto^itinsof a toarrant fo? forepingof 
a mmu iiiMitii* 3nu no Cletfee of tlje Signet 0^ ]piim !%eale fljaH 
takefo? tbe tojiting of a«p C^arrant abouefpecificD mo?e large feess, 
tljcn before i$ appointeo, bpon paine to fojfait u lu to tlje ©ueenc f 31n* 
former , to be recouereti bp 3ct(on,31nfo}mation ?Ct iuljcrein no tat» (jc* 

Clerlie of the Peace. 

E53;erp Cuftos Rotulorum, fo? tlje time being,flbal at all times in euerp ci.ftos romio- 
^bireof t&is Kealme, raXales^anti other tbeSElueenes Dominions, JiSiJSerk 
Sparcljes^anD territories of tbe fame ,a(ri5neeuerp perfon iDbicb (ball ott^epcatc. 
bz Clerke of tbe lpcace,b3itbin anp of tbc faio ^ljires,Domimon0,9par« 
c\3t$ , ant! 'S^erritojies of tlje fame , antj graunt tOe fame office of tfje • 
Clerfelbip of tfje peace to fucb able perfon inftructeb in tbe JLatoes of tbiss 
Kealme ,as Q}aU be able to erercife tlje fame , to eniop tbe fame micinoc 
tbe time tbat tbe faio Curtos Rotulorum (ball erercife tbe faio office of 
Cuftos Rotulorum , fo tbat tbe faio Wiethe nemeane bim in tbe faio office 
iu^lp anb boneftlp ♦ 9ino it (ball belief all to euerp fucb grauntees of tlje creci^eDf t^e 
fain C!2cka)tp,to occupic tlje fame office bp btmfelfe,o? bis fufficient KanSttw 
Deputieiuafucteo in tbe lab)26oftbisiaealme,fotbat tl^efame De^ ^^^^^'^ * ^^* 
ptitie be atimitteo bp tbe Cu(tos Rotulorum , to be fufficient ano able to 
erercife ano em'op tbe fame office* 37»llp,8»i* 

1 The fees of the Gierke of the pcaceforeuery recogniiance and li- 
cence grannted to cucry Badger, Lader,Drouer, &c. Sec Badger, 

2 For the Gierke of the peace his fee, and ductie,forthc Inrolment 
of any decde. S. Inrolmcnts 2 • 


EQerpgrauttt, patent, o;t)u?itingt(iat (ballbemabeto anp perfon bp 
anp arcbbplbop , o^'Bpfljop alone, o^bp anp of tbem,anb conftrmeo 
bpCbapterfealeoftbe office ofCollecto?.oftbe'5tentbes peerelpoue to 
tbeSCiueenes epaiettie toitbin tbe Dioces $ 15i(bop?icfe of tbe graimto?, 
h^ reafon of tbe Catutc of ^irff fruits ano "S^entbes , (ball abiue in bpsf 
for ce no longer time tben tbe grauntoj (ball remaine Srcbbplbop o} T5p» 
ftop of tbe fame !^ea , tobereof be toas poffeffeQ at tbe time of biis faitt 
gcaunt t anp confirmation of tbc faiu gratmt,cuaome,la\u, oj ffatutcgfc* 
notUJit^ffanUing* 7^<Brj^6, 4^ T»(Sli5«4» Sec for Collc<aors, Accomp- 
tants and debterj tothe Queene. 
X How Collc(5tors of difmcs accompting in the Efchequcr may be 

1 4 charged 

ners not cecei* 

Common" Commifsions^CommifsioncrsJ 

charged in the fame , or other Courts^to aunfwcrc to other. S, Accomp^ 
tants to the Queene 4^, 

3 That the lands , goods , S^c . of VndercoIlci>ors of Tcnthes and 
Subfidies be chargeable to the QJbrthcfatisfying of their receipt. S, 
Accomptants to the Queene 40. 41 . 

3 ColIe6^ors for the repairing of Bridges , their receipt, charge, and 
accompt.S. Bridges 3.4. 

4 The duetie, receipt, chargc,and accompt of the Collcflors for the 
poore. S.Poorc 2. 5,5,21,2^,26, 

I 5 Fortheduetie, receipt, chargc,andaccomptofCollc6lorsforthe 
making of prifons . S, Prifons 1 , 2. 


W^tte one bauingj no rigfjt to common, bfurpec^ common , tobat 
time an (jeire 10 tuic^in age.o? to^at time a tooman i0 cnuert,o^ 
tol)ilel!t!)e pattucefs in tbe^anos of tenant0intiotoer,l)pt(^e cuttefie, 
oi otbertoife fo? cerme of life ,0? peered, 0? in fee taile, ano tlje pallure be 
long ufeD,manj)IjoHi opinion, t^acfucb pafluresousljcto befaio ^pp«r« 
tenant to freebolo , $ tbat tfje pofftlRoner ougbt to baue action bp a to?ic 
tbis muft be bolnen fo? tm , tbat fucb a? baue entreu tBit^in the time 
tbat an AfHfe of Mottdaimcclter batb l?cn , if tbep bao no common be» 
fo^e , (ball baue no rccouerie bv a \d jit of Nouel difleifin, if tjjep be oefo^< 

ceo , COKettui 2* i5*C5,i.45»S.Approuements. 
Commifsions jCommifsioners. 

W5)cre a Commiffion is oirecteo to anp perfon to fjeare anu 5eter« 
mine,o? to inquire ^ certtfie, tubiclj CommilTtonecs newer ftnelu 
of tbefaio Commi(r!on,ncitberpet tbe fame etter cameto tbeir banw ,if 
tbefameCommifltoner0be oittraineobp p?oce0 fojtbof tbeCfcbequec 
fo? i(rue0 loll bp reafon of t\)2 faio commiirton,tbep map tal^e tbeir oatbe0 
before tbe ^aron0 of tbe <£fcbequer,oftbeice]ccufeanii oifcbarge of tbe 
receipt 01 occupping of tbe faio CommiCOton. antj alfo tbe '35aron0 of tbe 
€fcbequer»ano tbe 31uGice0 of tbe oneT5encb,ano tbe ot^er,baue potoec 
\)^ to^tt of Dedimus poteftatem, to receiue fucb oatbe0 in tbe Countrep, 
anbtbfrof to certifie tbeO5aron0into tbeefcbequer,D3berupontbeT5a* 
ron0 (ball oifcbarge tbe faio Comminioner0 : 3nri in lil^e fo?t it (baU be 
uonefo? tbe beire0,erecuto?0,oilanDtenant0of tbe faio Commitrio=« 
ner0 ♦ "But fucb oatbe0 (ball not be taKen but in cafc0 of Commiffioitg to 
lieare ann Determine, anu to inquire anu certifie. 7,1[),4» 1 1 ♦ 

1 FcrtheauihoritieofCommifsioners which are to inquire of Bank- 
rupts, and what they rhali doe in eueryrefpei5l,S, Bankrupts. S.2.&C. 

2 For aU the authoriticof the CommilTioners of Sewers ,and what in 
each refpeil: is to be done by force of the faid CommilTion. S. Se- 
wers I . &c, 

3 In 

Commifsion &c Condition, Coucnant. 6i 

5 In what cafes Commiflions fhall be dircdcd to enquire of Puiuei- puriicfo^** 
orsbehauiour.S.PurueiorsiS, «^ «•- 

4 Where one CommifT^cn of the Peace (hall not be fuperfedias to ^pja^.'*'" 
another. S.Iufticc of peace 1 1 o. 

c For Commiffions to enquire of offences done vpon thcfca, and for Piraclf . 
the Gommiflionersauthoritic.S.Piracic 1.2.4. 

6 That Purueiors fliall fiiew their Commiflions toihem,ofwhome J9ume(o;3. 
they take any thing. S.Purueiors 3. 

7 For the fubftance, forme, and continuance of Commiffions graun- j^ucneiojiJ. 
ted to Purueiors. S.Purueiors 25.2^.27.3 1. 

8 Where Commiffions fhallbc graunted to enquire of luf^iccs of Kfottf. 
peace and Sherifes defaults for not enquiring of Riots. S.Riots 6, 

g In what cafes Treafons may be tried in any Countie^ by the ^«8fen. 
Queenes fpeciall Commiffion.S.Treafbn 9» 

lb In whatcafc aCommiffion (hall be graunted to enquire of the jatllalnoi. 
mifdemeanor of Villaines. S.Villaines i. 

1 1 In what cafe a Commiffion fliallbe graunted vpon an Appeal appeaUtf. 
out of an Archbyfhops Court. S.Appeales 5* 

IS That no luit before ccrtainc luflices and Commiflioncrs (halbe 
difcontinued by a new Commiffion, S.Difcontinuance of proces 6, 

1 1 For Commifsions vpon Appeales vpon ciuill or marine caufes. 
S.Appeales 8, 

14 FortheCommifsion for executing fpirituall iurifdidion and the 
Commifsioners authoritie. S.Queene 3 ♦ 

1 5 For Commifsions to enquire of concealments made by officers 
accomptablcin the Efchequer. S.Accompt to the Qu. j 3 . 

1 6 Commifsions graunted to enquire for money gathered for hou- 
fcs ofcorredliion or Stocks for the poore. S.Vagabonds 13. 

1 7 Commifsions graunted to enquire ofthe mifimployment oflands 
or goods geuen to Hofpitals or other godly vfes. S.HofpitaIs I o. 

Condition, Couenant, 

A^tDenananneuccpperfonauDperfottSjmin bouicieipoUtilfee, tt)eir ©rannteetfof 
We0, fucceCfo^0, atw airtpe0, toljiclj jjaue anp gift 0? grattnt of teueroonfli mi 
Kingil^enrp tlje cigljCjtjp W letters pateittg, of anp lojolljips, Spa* tSgcSTonw. 
no^SjlanUji, tenemenc0, rcnt0, parronaa:e0j tii\)t$, portions, j anp ot^er JSim mS^' 
i)erftiitament$,ojofanprcuetlIon o^reuerffoniS of tfie fame,a0 alfo aU t^ciwfew. 
otber perfons being graimtees! 0? aiTigneegjto 0? h^ i\yz faiD ^\n^, 0^ to 0? 
bj» anv otixr perfon oi perfongf, tijcn tijc faiD J^ing i^cnrp tfje eigi)t, $ t|ie 
^eirefitjC]i;ecuto?0, fuccelTo^^, aim aflignes of euerp of tfjcm, Ojall ano map 
^aiie,ano miop Ii!ie aouantage^ again!! tfjc leffijes, tljcir mzmtip, aumi* 
niffrato^s, gt a}Ti5ttC0, t v entrie fo? noncpapmcnt of tb? rent, 0? fo? Doing 
of tuaft, 0^ otbcr fo?fatturc,anD alfo all ano cucr? fucfj hhe, ann tl)e fame 
auuantage, bsnefitc, ano remeoie^ b^ action onel?, fc j not petfo jniing of 


t)aue t^e rame 

g taunt ces in 
tt)ep migl)t 
l^atie ban a> 
sainft t^e 


toDticb? ani> 
petfon t$ kilUD 

lBl)ereb? an? 
uccfon ^albe 
lamEU, D^ ^ts 

Condition. Conditer Coniuration, &c; 

otljcrcottUttionSjCouenantsijO? agreements conceincDf erp^effetj intbe 
3!nDenturesoftl)eirfaiD leafes,uemires,o? graunts,agamftaUanD euerp 
tbe leiree0, fermcjs, anu gjrauntees, tljeic cicecuto?0, aunnniCrato^s, ano 
altigrtcs, a0 tljefaiD klTo^so? graunto^s tbemfelues, o? tfjeic bcireso? 
fucceCTo^s ottg^jt, (IjoulOj o^ mtgljt l;aue !;iiD ano cnicpcD at anp time* 

2 SlU feimo?2!, leCTee^, anD grauntee^, of lo^tiGjfps, manors!, lanusf, 
tenements, rents, parfonages, titfjes, portions, o} anp otber fjereotta* 
ments fo^terme of peeres, Iife,o^ \im$, tbeir ejcecuco^s, aommiftratojjS 
ano aCUgnes, fl;an ann mapbaue lifee action, anuantage, ano remeup a« 
gainti all anu euerp perfon anD perfons anD boDies politique, tbetr beiresf, 
Tucceffo^S antj afTignes, tubicb baue o? (ball baue anp gift o} graunt of 
anp perfon oj perfons oftbe reuerfion of cb^ tame manors, lanos, tcne* 
ments, anu otber berenitaments fo letten, oj anp parcelltbereof, fo? an? 
conoition, couenant, o^ agreement conteineo, o} erp^elfeD in tbeSInoen* 
tures of tbeir leafe o? leafes, as tbe fame leffeeSjO? anp of tbem migljt ano 
tboiilD bane bao againff tbe faiu lettb^s ano graunto^s , tbeir h^ixea oj 
fucceffo^s (all benefits ano aouantages ofrecoueriesinijalue, bpreafoa 
of anp luarrantie in oeeoe, o j in lal» bp boucber o^ etbertoife onelp e]ccep- 

1 Conueiance of land, leafe or rent with condition of rcuocation or 
alteration. S.Fraudulent deeds 7, 


If anp perfon 00 toilfuHp,maliciouflp, ano bnlatnfuUp cut, 0? cattCc ta 
be cut out tbe beao 0? pipe of anp conoiceof anp otber perfons, be (ball 
lofe to tbe partie gneueo treble oamages, to be recouereo bp action of 
trcfpas, ano lljall fo^fait to tbe Ci» v. lu fc j a fine*? 7 J>8,^, 
Coniuration, Enchantment, Witchcraft. 

TIi^ebfe,p?actife,o?erercifeofanp 31nuocation0, e> coniurations of 
cuill ano toicfeco fpirits, to, 0? fo? anp intent oj purpofe, t3 felonie, 
ano tbe offenoers,tbeir apDers,ano counfellers be felons, 5.€li?» 1 6, 

2 ^bc bfe, p^actife, oj erercife of anp 2Bitcbcraft,€ncbantment, 
Cbatme, 0? :^o?cerie, toberebp anp perfon fijall be feilleo, 0? octtc opeo, 
is if elonie, ano tbe offenoers, tbeir apoers ano counfellers be felons, 

3 31f anp perfon (ball bfe, p?actife, 0? eitercife raitcbcraft, Cncbant* 
ment, cbarme, 0? fo?cerie, iDb^t^bp tbe booie 0^ member of an otber (ball 
be toafleo, confumeo, o^lameo, o} W gooos 0? cartels oeSropeo, toaSeo, 
0^ (mpaireo, ojt (balbe counfellingo? apoing to t^e fame, be (ball fo? tbe 
firlt offence be imp^ifoneo a tobole peere loitbout baile oj mainp?ife, anu 
once euerp quarter of tbe faio peere (Jano Opontbelpillo?ie, bpon fome 
Market 0? jfaireoapbp tbe fpace of fire boures, ano (ball openlp confeCTe 

bis errouc auootoce* Sno foi tbefecono offenc? being a^ is afo^efaio 


Coniufation5Hnchantment,Witchcrart. Conrpiracie. 62 

laljjfuU? conwtcccD 0^ attaintcD, !je fljall fufFcr Deatlj as a felon, ^min^ ^!,e fnfjert- 
to tbe i»ift of anp offenoo? in feloute bp tljig astute ()er title of ootQer,attti oogj^f'^ffa'** 
to t\}t beire ano fuccelfo^s yis title in inheritance, fuccelTion, ano otljer 
ngfjts, as cljoug^ no fuclj attainUo? I)ao bene, ^,€li^,i6^ 

4 31f anj) perfon 0;aH tal^e byonljjm bp toatcbcraft, encbancment, DtciarfngBg 
cbarme 0? fo^cerie, to occlare in tobat place anp trcafure of golD 0^ filucr SK an?' 
wigbJ be founo in tbe eai'tb,o? otbec fcueral placc,oj tobere tbtngs loll 0? trtarure, oj 
fioUen Q)OulD be fout),o? become, o} (balp^actife bp rncbatmettt0,cbarme, be°"5"t5^pJiS 
t} (b?cene,to tbe intct to ppuofee anp perfon to bnlatufuU loue,oi to burt ^m to iouc» 
0} Detttop anppetfon in bi0 boop, member,o? pooiei, $ being tbereoflain» 
f ullp conuicteo, be Iball fo? tbe 6ra offence be rmpjifoneti h'p tbe fpace of a 
peere Ui'tboutbaile o?mainp^ife,anD (ball once euerp quarter of tbe faio 
peere ftano upon tbel^illo^ie upon tbe sparhet 0? faireoap fire boureg, 
9 confeffe W offence openlp $c» anu fo beiuj once conuict, be (ball fo? W - 
reconu offence being tbereof comiicteD,fo?fait to tl)t SDueene alllji^ gooDS 
ano cattefe, anu be imp^ifoneo ouring bis life, $.€li^, 1 6^ 

1 That Clcrgie is taken away from him which is attainted of Conlu- 
ration, Witchcraftj&c. S.Clergie 4. 

2 The pcnaltie for feeking to know by witchcraft, coniuration,caIcu- 
lation &c, how long the Quccnc fliall liuc or reignc. S.Ncwes 7, 


C©nfpirato?s be tbcp tobicb bino tbemfelues h^ otlj, couenant, 0? 0- cababecsott* 
tbcraliance, tbateuerpone (ballbelpe ^ maintaine otbers purpofe,^^"*"**** 
fal{lp,anti malicioudp to inDice, 0? to moue 0^ maintaine fuites : and alfo 
tbat caufe31nfants coappealeotber offeIonp,tuberebptbepareimp?ifo« 
iteD am mucb grieueo : anu fucb as retaine men m tbe Countrep Xaith 
iiueries, oj fees, to maintaine tbeir letooe euterp^ifes, ano to fubuert tbe 
trutb,aftt)ell tbe carters as tbe giuerstano l^ailifes $ ^tcUjaros of great 
3Lo?tis, tobicb bp tbeir feignie^ie^ office>o? poluer, Do bnoertaKe to main* 
taineo?bpbolDot!)erquarelsoj fuites, t^cn fucj) U)l)ic() concernetbcir 
l.o^os,o?t^emfelues,g 3»<£oj» 

2 a man fijall Ijaue atojit out oftde Cljauncen*eagain(!Confpira'''3^'>«PJ^'^' 
to^s, falfe 31nfo?mcrs, 9 31mb?aeeours of amfes, ettquefts,anD ^Juries : SS^, '^ 
^ alfo 3Iufiices of eitber 'Bencb,^ of a(rife,tobcn tbcp come into tbe Coit* 
trep to tahe aiTifes, Iball mal^e enquirie tbere of upon anp mans plaint 
iBitbout to?it, gt (bal toitbout oelap do rigbt to ^plaintifesl 2 8»<£d, i ♦ i o, 

5^ appeles ano 3InD(temcnt0 of treafon an&felonp/uppofcD to be Done confpfracfe 
in places Habere tbere ht no fucb places in tbe fame ComxtieM boiD,$ al= ijpon appeic ^^ 
fo t\)t p?ocf s thereupon atoaroeo : ^nD tbcp tobicb be inoicteo 0? appear ?Dmm?r?D?n a 
lcD,map baue a to?it ofConfpiracte againC tbeir 31nDito?s,l[3?ocuro?s, ^ g^" n»PPofca 
Confpiratojs, ano (ball recouer tbeir Dammages, anD tijc 3InDito?s, p?o= S) fwU^*" ^* 
ruro^s, ^ Confpirato js, (ball be imp^ifoneD^malte fine anD ranCcme to t^ 
Sliucmbp tl)e31uaicc? Difcmfon,^t5;*5: jti 8,l^,6j2» 

X For 

Conuocation. Corne and Gralne. 

I For Confpiracies or agreements made by Artificers, touching fel- 
ling their vitailes or doing their vvorkes, S. Artificers i . 2 .Corporation 7. 


%\)t a^imit \ HI tlje Clergic toljiclj be caUeti to tlje Conuocation bj» t^e JOtteene? 

cntjon^a"""' xA.tM?tt, ano all tbeic fcruantss ann familtarg, Qjall fuUp tjfe, ano eniop 

imt f"c») ij' fuel) libertic,o? uefence in comintnc!:,tarr^mg,anD rctuming-jas tlje great 

toi)Swmew men,an0common0oftbeEealmebaue, o^areujoont o^ougbt toeniop, 

tDe5^acua. ^ja^jcl) are callcoto tlje parliament, 8,it)»6»i* 

mt<s\ztm ^ '^^^ Clergie, m anieoftljem fljaU p^efume to attempt, aUeage, 

fijMi not put in clatme,o? put in U?e, anp con(litution0, 0? o^otnances p^uinciafl o} fpno* 

mtiSs^DSwu nan, 0^ anie otber Catton0, no? fijall enact, p^omulge, 0? eicecute anp fucb 

tht sxmws Canons, con{litution0, 0} jutnanceg ppumctall bp toljatfoeuet name oj 

* • names tbep map be caUeo in tbeir conuocation^ (loljtcb altoates tball be 

affejnbleD bp autbo^itieof tljeClueencs to^itte) bniclte tbefame Clergie 

map \)mt tbe Queenes! ropall alTent, ano licence to ma^e, p^omulge, anB 

execute fucb Canons, con{!itution0, auDo^oinances ppuinciall o?fpno« 

tiall, bponpatneofeuerpoftbefaitj Clergie ooing contrary totbis ^ct, 

ano being tbereofconuict tofufferimpjifonment, ann mafee fine at tbe 

Sdueenes ti3ill*2 5.CE)»8,i 9j*€li?,i* 

arrembif ei{ fo> 3 51^0 perfon reliant in anv of tbe Slueenejs uomtnions, (bait Depart 

oncSthin'^ out of tbe faiD Oominions to o} foj: anp dictation, cogregation, oj affem* 

«en4iani». blies fo j religion, but all fucb bifitations, congregations, ano aflembliejJ 

(ball be tuitbin tlje lUueenes Dominions,2 $,l),2,2 i.iMi^fU 

Come and Graine. 

150 <a:o?ne, "V Tf) perfon (ball cranfpo^t out of tbts IRealme, bp anp ^bip, Craper, 

l?c"e!i9c" XN o?otber\jeirell,into anp place beponotbe^ea0,o? into Scotland, 

«n5,£iiiooD, jjj^p es^beatcHiej^Barlep, 0} otberCo^ne 0? ©raine, groining ^itbin 

pStraSS' tbts Eealme, 0? anp Spault maoe toitljin tbe fame,o? anp O^eere, Q5utter, 

out licence. cbeefe,iIperring,o J 2BooD, (ejccept onelp, to $ fo? tbe bictualing $ furm« 

ture of "^^criuicftejgt tbe S^arcljes of tbe fame) toitfjout lalufull autljojitie 

fo to ncbpo paine tbat tbe otunec of tbe faio Co?ne,'3^utter,Cbeefe,iIpec« 

ring, $ QUoou, to fojfait tbe noublebaiue of tbe fame fo caried to tbed* 

^ 31. to be recouereo bp a.31«^c» toberein no m4c»<J^»F*^c* ^"i* ^^^ ^«" 

Iter anD e^ariner0 of euerp of tbe faio ^bips! 9^* fo? euerp fucb offence to 

fo?fait all tbeir gooD0,anii to be imp?ifoneti one tobole peerc toitbout bailc 

o?mainp?ife, ^no tbeotutteroftbefaiD^bip2^?t»tofo?f»to tbeSElueene 

ano 31nfo?mer gfCt tbefaio ^W^, Crapers, and otber befrel0, toitb all 

tbeir apparell to tbem belonging, tob^rein tbe faid Co?ne ^c» Ojall be fo 

tranfpojted, i^gt 2,p.$ ^. ^» "But no fo?faiture of <§)btp,Craper, 0? otbec 

aeOell, 0} of anie appareU of tbe fame, no? anie otljer penaltie, fijaUbe 

ertended againfi anie oUinerofanie!§>bip,Craier,o? otljer Qelfell, fo? 

tbe tranfpo?ting of anie Coineo? otbef tljings afo?efafd, bnlclfe tlje fame 

o^ncr fl^all be fitting, iknoluing, aiding, 0? confenting to tbe p?obibited 


CorneandGraine. 65 

tranrpo^tmc!:, ^^^5.^ 27,e(i5Ji»55*€U'?7* "But tt is imMl to <g)cafia)tranf. 
mkoft\)cilimntis rubtect0tocranfpo?tout ofcl)is1IlealmeintljeCtef= v^^^'^^* 
fel0 ofaniefuWect!giDit[) ci'o(refaple0 euerpl^tnne ofl|)errm5 anb^ea 
61!), to 1)0 taften upon tl;e^ea3 bp ante of tljc Tattie {ixUcmj 5;<SIiH* 

2 3lf anteperfon Doe carte ann conuep atoap bp ^oate,Craier,o? otijer 00 co^nc 9c. 
befreI,o? otfjerlutfe, anp m!)eate,iaie,'BarIep,9palc,o? otbercopeo? {om^JSuitS 
®rame,o? anie ^eere, "Butter, Cljeefe, ^errincf, 0^ ca^oo6> to anie fljip 6? tranfpo^tto* 
0? uelTel beingj on t|je ^eas, 0? Uiitljm anie 5pauen,Creefee,o? otljer place 
oft^ebopec oftbisHealme, tobecranfpo?teobeponDtOe^eagi,o?inta 
j§)COtlanO, tottbout fufficient autljo^itie fo to do, tben euerp otoner of tbe 
faio victuals, cojne ano otljer tbinpabouefaio fotranfpo^teo, and tbe 
otoner ofeuerpfucbBoate, 0? ijelTen, anotbe Boatmen ann ^partners 
of tbe rame,(baUfo?fait anofuffer all fucb paines 9 penalties as are aboitc 
i?ebearreD,to tbe ^.^ 3l4c»to be recouereo bp 9»3If ^c^toljerein no f O.^Ct 

5 3If anie perfon (ball obttint of tbe fD» \)n beires 0? fuccelTo^s, anie i^e tm Wh 
licence to tranfpo^c anp co)ne,bictuall,o? luoon bepono tbe ^eas,if be 0? it«ce to tranc. 
anp otber to tobom be Iball gtue, grant, 0? fell bisfaio licence, (ball carte lufmStim 
0? caufe to be carieo anp mo?e co?ne,bictuan, 0? tooot», tben (balbe contei' \\ ^?J1"^"/^ ^^ 
HCD iix bis faiD licence, be (ball fo?f. tbe treble lvalue of tbe faid co?ne, bic* 

tuall 0} toooD,ro tranfpo?teo toitbout fufficient autbo?itie,aniJ Ojall fulfec 
imp jifonment fo? one tobole peeretoitbout baile o?mainp?ife in tbe com* 
mon pole, tobere be (balbe app?ebenueir» i,$ 2,p,gt Sp, 5» 

4 |5operfon tbat (ball baue anie fucb licence fo? tranfpojtinganie m mmttt 
co?ne,bictuall,o J U)oon,beponD tbe ^eas, (ball (bip tbe fame, 0? anp part !;jft",,^,S"^' 
tbereof at funo^p places Miitm tbis Healme, but at oneplace certeine, liaii iSu at 
upon paine of fo^faiture of tbe fame, ano all bis gooDs ano cattels, to tbe ^"^ ^^^^^* 
€iueene anD3!»f c*to berecouereb hi^ ^♦3I.$c.lDbcreinno m,9c,€,]p,^t. 

< 5 Cbis act (ball not ertenn to anie perfons fo? tbe neceCTarp bictual* efctuaiiing or 
ling of anie (bips,o? otber be(rels,eitber (ball it be p^eiuniciall to tbe lo?ii ^fPP««« 
atimirall of englantr,fo? tbe time being, 0? to t})e Ciueenes 3furifoiction 
of tbe aumiraltie, but tbe faio abmirall 0? bis Deputies (ball ufe anD ejce^- 
cute all KinD of iurifoiction belonging; totbe^ea, accojbing tobijst o} 
tbeir commilfions* 1 ♦anD 2. p.ano sp. ^ 

6 Z.tLX\)cn tbe p?ice of €o?nes 0? (Sraines ejcceebetb not tbe Hates ^o?ne of "t-' 
bereafter following, at tbe times ano i^auens ano l^laces tobere anD snSJS 
toben tbe fame Co?neo? ©raine (balbe (bippeo o?loaDen:bi?»tbetiuar' 

ter of mbeate at rri* of Hie,i^eafe,anD Beanes at riii*saiii.iJ.tbe quar* 
ter of Barlie c? spault at riii. of currant e^nglilb monep> "Eben it (bal* 
be laUifuU fo? all anD euerp pecfon and perfons beingTubiects of ber spa* 
ime, |)er Ijeires o} fuccetTojs, to loaDe, carie, o} tranfpo3t anie of tb^ faiD 


Corne and Grains 

Co^tie0 0? (Srainesf (onelp out of fucb ipo^tesf o? Creekig ais bp t^e 
dueenes proclamation fl^albe appointee ann not dfetoljere) into am'r 
partes beponD tbe s^eas to fell as a S^arcbanui^e in !%)bipsf, Craiers oj 
otberueOels, tobereofame engltajbo?ne ^ubiecttben Cjalbe tbe onrt? 
otuners* jtCli^. ^ ?^?oultle^^ altoaies, tbat tbedueene, ber bn'rcs ann 
ruccefTo^s, map at all times bpber ano tbeirU)?itte ofppclamation to 
be publiOjeo generallp in tbe tobole mealme, o} in ante of tbe Counties 
of tbe laealme, tobere anp pojt totones are, commaunu, tbat no perfon 
(ball bpijcrtue oftbisSctjtranfpo^t o? carieanie manner of graine out 
of bet M^^ntz Dominions gencrallp, o? out of anie fpectall ^po^tes to be 
in tbe fame li9?oclamation particularly nameHj fo?fucb time as Qjalbe 
cbereittltmitteii ano appointeo^ anoit (ball not be lalufullfo? anie pec=» 
(on to carie out anp fucb graine, contrarie to t^t €^eno? of tbe fame lp?o^ 
clamation.bpon fucb paines ano forfeitures, as bp tbe latoes gpiitatutejs 
pf tbis Healme are anD baue bene p?ouioeli anu o?iieineo m tbat bebalfe t 
'Cbis act f cnottottbftanoing. 5 j^eii^, 7* S.Cuftomers 4. . 
iEom ma^ be 7 31 1 fl^all be latnfull to all perfons, being fubiects of tbe flueene^ 
Simmti l)^f ^)cirf^anofuccerrar0,anti inbabiting luitbinber Dominions, (onclp 
fie aiiotoeD tea- out of fucb po^tes ano eCreefees, Uibere are.o? Ibalbe refioent a Cuftomei: 
SsMtn- 0? Collector of j^ubCoie of tonnage, ano ponuage, o? one of tbcir 5e* 
ft^ccB* f aff f P"^^'^^' ^"^ ""^^ ^^^ tobere) to loao, carrie, 0? tranfpojt anp SUbeate, Hi?, 
p/pw«7 ^ a5arlep,2^alt,peafe,o? :i5eanes,into anp partes bepono tbe J§)eas, hzin^ 
tn amitie tuitb tbis Eealme, ano not p^obibiteo bp anie refiraint, o; 
proclamation, onelp to fell as a marcbanoi^e in ^bips, Crapers, 0? 
otber UeCfels bearing crolfefailes, UJljereof anp Cnglilbbornefubiectsf 
iubabitingtoitbin ber Jpigbneffe Dominions tbenfljalbe tbe onelp oto* 
ners,atallfucb times as tbe feuerall prices tljereofibal be foreafonable 
in tbe feuerall Counties,U)bere anp fucb tranfpo?tation (ball be intenoeo, 
as tbat no p?obibition (ball be maoe eitber h^ tbe Clueene, ber beires j 
fucceflbrs, bp proclamation to bemaDeintbe!i)bire,^obJne,orinan^ 
porfCotonesoftbeCoutie, orelsbpfomeo?oer oftbeloropieCoent, 
9 Counfell in t\)t Jl^o^tb, j tbe JLo^o prcCoent ano Counfell in CiHales, 
lijicbintbeir feuerall iurifoicttons, 0? of tbe Suffices ofMfes, at tbeic 
i^elfious in otber ^btres out of tbe iurifoictio of tbe faio tino preCoents 
ano ^jTouncels, o} bp tbe mo?e parte of tbe 31uttices of tbe peace of tbe 
CTountie at t\)zit quarter <§)e(fions in tbis maner folloUiing* ^h&t i^y tbe 
fatti lo^Ds Pren^ents ano Counfels fo? Hye ^bires toitbin tbeir iurif* 
oictiotts,tbc SluHices of aCfife at tbeir feuerall ^clTions (in otber ^bire^ 
out of tbe faio iurifoictionSjbelonging to tbe faio Counfels in tbe ^o^tb, 
ano in (lOales) peerclp (ball ijpon conference bao tuitb tbe 3inbabitants 
of tbe Countrep of cbeapenefie anooeartb ofam'e oftljcfaio feinoes of 
<S>r aine toitbin tbeCorities,toit!;in tbe iurifoictions of tbe faio Counrds, 
0} in t(je otbei: Cotitries, UJitbin tb^ limittes of tl;e fain ^luCtke? of a(rtfe. 

Come and Graine.' '64 

hp tbeic^ifcr^tiottuetermme tob^tfjei* itfijan)emccceatanj>timetpper» 

mit anp graine to be carieo out of tfje Healme, bp anp l|9o;[t toitbin p faia 

fcueraU ittrtfDictiott0 0^ Itmitg, gj fo (bal in to^iting Unner tljcic banu^ ana 

fealeis mafee a netermtnati'on, eitber fo? y crnulTion 0? ppbtbicton,antJ cbc 

fame caute to be bp tbe ^berife of tbe Countiegi publifljcu ^ affireo in as 

nianp accnftomeo market -^oUine^ ano l^o^teis toitbin tbe fain ^bire.ags 

tbep tball tbinl^e conuenient^ge in fucb maner, as tbeSDueenea l^?oclama=» 

tiSs are i^fuallp publitbeu gt affijceo, tobicb rieterminatio of tbe faio l^?efi= 

uents $ Counfel^ in tbeir lurifDicctongi, $ of tbe :^\xitict!i of aCTtfe in tbeic 

limittes (bal continue m fo?ce fo? tbe time, place, $ manei: cbercin ejtrp^ef^ 

fetj,ijntin tbe faio Ii3?enoent0 gt Coftfris fbal otbemife o?oer,o? bntill tbe 

31uttice0 of ^{rife,at tbeir being in tbeit Caio circuitry, in euecp of tbefaio 

Counties (ball alter, 0? otbertoifc o?oer tbe fame, ejccept tbe fame (ball be 

otbertoife fn tbe meane time altereo o} countermauuDeo bp tbe 2D»bcc 

Ijeircs 0} fucceiro?s,o? bp Come o^uer of tbe 3lul!ices of peace in tbeCoun* 

ties fcituateo out of tbe iurifoictias of tbe CaiD tttio Coufels, in ti^eir quar* 

ter!§)eirionstobeboloen in tbemeane time, d? tbe greater part of tbem, 

tobicblbalSno tbe fame oeterminattooftbe31«tlicfs ofaffifetobeburt* 

full f tbe Countie bp meanes of rieartb,o? to be a great binoerancc to til* 

lage bp tbe meanes of too mucb cbeapenelTe, fif fijalbp tbeir tu^itings Mn- 

uer tbeir banns $ feales, mahe anp Determination to tbe contrarp, eitbcc 

fo? permidion 0? p^obibition of cariagc of ante &inD of (Sraine out of tbe 

3Realme, ann tbe fame Determinatio (ball caufetn like maner to bepubli=' 

IbeD gt affireD as aboue is faiD,lubicb5etermmation (ballalfo continue in 

fo?ce,ercf pt the fame (ball be alterer» h^ tbe SEl.bec beires 0? fucce(fo?s,o? 

untill tbe 3!u(iices of ^(nCe at tl^eir being in tbeir faid Circuites in cuerp 

tf tbe faiu Counties afo?e totbem limitteD, iljall alter^o? otbertoife o^ner 

tbe fame, tobo (ball $map bpon neiu conference bao, from time to time, 

alter tbe faio Determinations in tbe tnbole,o? in tbe part,as to tbeir oifcre* 

tiotts (ball feeme meete, ana tbe fame (baU alfo caufe to be publi(|)eD as ijs 

befo^ep^efcribeD :'But neitber anp of tbe fain p?eftQcnts 9 Counfels, no? bo metminu* 

tbefaiD3Iuliice06f a(rtfe,no?tbe faiD3lumces of peace, (ballpubli(b anp StZut't^c* 

tbeir Determinations aboue mencioneD , mttill tbe fame (ball be ficff bp ^"«"c of. t)eu 

ti3?iting notificD to tbe Clueene, 0? to ber p^iuie Counfell, ^ bp l)er spaic '^ ^^^' 

0ieo?berp?iuieCounfeil(balbelifeeD anoallotueD, 1 ^Cli^^i ^ 

8 -Ebe^aiber beires anD fucce(Ib?s, map at all times bp bertojit of ^^e^wecne 
IP^oclamationtobepublilbeD generallp intbetuboieiaealme, 0? in tbe IranfiSts 
Counties of tbe realme,iJJbere anp ]^o?t -SCotunes are^ommaunD tbat no 5i!jSjlL„ 
j?erfon(ball bp'oertUe oftbis^ct tranfpo^t anp(Sraine to anp parts out ^^''"*^^*^» 
of ber Dominions, eitber generallp out of anp pc?t in tbe realme,c? parti* 
cularlp out of anp fpeciall poits to be in t\)z &me ^acclamation namcD, 
anD it (ball not be latofull fc? anp pcrfon to carp out anp fucb ^aine, con* 
trarie to tlje tm} of tlie Cam? p^oclamsci«n, ijpon fuc^ jjaines as hv tbe 


: V Corpus cum caufa. Corporations, Maiors, &c. 

UWa of tl;e Kealme are ant) Ijaue bene p^oujoeu, 1 3 ♦€Ii?» 1 3 ♦ 
a rtffcaint of 9 daibofoeucr (b&n b?tng into anp lpo?t, 0? place of tbf0 realme, an? 
SiS tfis^"^"* ^aifjeate, Hte, 0? 15atlep, ta|)ic^ i0not groluing luit^in tljeiEiueeneg Do* 
Keaimc. minion0, at anp time teljen tfje quarter of ta^beate Dotl; not ejtceeDe tbe 
p?tceofUiJ»t)uuU,tOe quarter of Hie iiiis. tbe quarter of 15arlcj> iiu s* 
toitOm t^c po^t 0? place, tubere fuclj (Srame fijall be b^ougljt, Cjall forfeit 
tbefaiDgrame totfjed^antj Ijim tbatlJOiUfeiretbefame, tl^uttbisSlcc 
ertenn not to anieCBljeate, Hie 0? 'Barlep, tate bp anp of tbe£lueenei3 
liege people bpon tbe ^ea^toitbout fraun 0? couin.3 .^o»4»2. 
intmtbnm 10 3lJf anp perfon bauing fufficient cojne fo^tbe p^ouiiton of ^(0 
Sf^Sf/ ftcD?^^ ^-^^"^^ * f^^^«S of \)i^ grottO fo? one peere, uotb h\x^ anp co^e in anp faire 
mud bnns in 0^ marl^et, fo? tbe cbange of bis feeo, ano Dotb not b?ingto tbcfnme faire 
famSt&gc. 0? marliet^tbe fame oap,fo mucb co^ne as be (ball h\x^ fo? bis feeu, ano fell 
it (if be can) a^ tbe p?ice of co^ne tben goetb iti tbe faio faire o? marfeet, 
'S^ben euerp fucb perfon fo buping co^ne fo? feeoc, (ball forfeit Double tbe 
Ualttc of tbe co^ne fo bougbt,to tlje CI*? %^-c. to U recouereo b^ ^.% gtc. 
iwbffeinno mm.€.W4t*$*€i3,6.i^aSftli^*2j, For thecuftomepf 
cqrne tranfported. Sec Cuftome 4. 
•■. : /.i Corpus cum caufa. .;., v ... ,j 

if a Corpus cum caufa, oj Certiorari, be atoarDeii to renipouetfje boup 
of anp perfon tobicb isconuemneo inanpoftbeJCI«cGne0<JC;ourt0, ano 
tbe caufe into tbe Cbancerie, tbe pjifoner iball be remantieD continualtp 
to remaine in p?ifon tuitbout being let to baile o? maitip?ife,bntill l;e (jatS 
agreed toitb tbe plaintife foj tlje fumme auiuogeD. s.l^.j,^. 

2 ^z tbat fuetb to Defeat anerecution upon a ffatute ilaple,g^tbcre« 
upon commetb into tbe Cbancerie hi^ Corpus cum caufa, anntberebatb 
a Scire facia? againll tbe partie, upon tbat oefeifance 0^ fucb liKe, be (ball 
finu fuertie afujelt to tbe dueene, a? to tbe partie feucr allp, to peelo bts 
bo6ie,o? pap tbemoncp, if tbe matters compjifeb in t))t Scire facias be not 
fouubo? aDiuDgeb fo^bim. i i«i^*^»io. 

Corporations, Maiors, and head officers of the fame. 

I5oiietooim- XT ® ^^fltfJ^^j^atbens, ^felloiulbips of Craftgo? 9ppaeriejE(,tto? a* 

flmices tuiti)' i\( np of tbem,(ball tal^e bpon tbem to mafee anp acts o? o^oinances, ne 

t?f SS«iL ^0 m^vitz anp bp tbe beretofoje maije, in oiaxritingoj oiminution of tbe 

o?3luftic(;5. pjerogatiue of tbeClfno?ofotber,no? againlt tbe common p^ofite of tbe 

people, but if tbe fame acts O} o^oinances be eramineo $ apppueo hv tlje 

Cbancello;t, 'Creafurer ofCnglano, 0? cbiefe31uaice ofeitberbencbes?, 

0? tb?ee of tbem, o? before botb tbe 3Iuaices of ^(rife in tbeir circuits o? 

p^ogreffe, in tbe^ire tobere fucb acts o} o^uinances be maoe, bpon painc 

tjf foif^of rl t, fo^euerp timetbat tbepDo tbecontrarp.ip»C^»7-7* 

550 cwinance 2 3i^one of tbe fame boDies cojpojat, (ball mafee ante acces o} dpi- 

m^^m nances to rearainc anp perfon to fue to tbe Cl^o? to anp of ber courts fo? 

mmm wHrtJDue remcuie to be l;aD^ in t'peir caufe^^ neput ne ejceciite anp pcnaltie a? 

vj:.' pum(|?ment 

Corporations, Maiors, and head Officers, 8ic. 6 f 

putttfl)mencuponanpof t^em,fo? anpfucbCmtemaoe^bponpatne of fo^* 
UitviU of ]cUu fo? euerp time tfjat t!)ep uoe t^e contcaric* i p Jp»7«7» 

5 00 3patters,S^aruetts, o? fcUotofi;ips of Crafts, no? anp of tljcm, ^^one t^ai fie 
OjaH compe!(j o? caufe anp p^entifc o? 31ournepman bp oatb o? bano , o? Reepe SoJ.'^ 
otijerirife, tljat be after bis appjcnticcfijip , t} terme ejcpireu, (ball not fet 
ijp, no J feeepe anp fljop,boure,o? feller, no? occttpte as a freeman , tuitbouc 
licence of tbe Staffer, C23[art»ens,o? felloiufbip of bisoccupation,fo? anu 
concerning tbe fame,t)pon paine to forfeit fo^jeuerp time tbat tbep o? anp 
of tbem fball offend contrarie to tbis act , xUu to tbe iD»anD % $c» to bz 
recouereu bp a*31»gfc. toberein no €.'\p.f^c. 28»J^,8» ^, 

4 5150 Smaller, 2:SDCariJen8,o?fenotofbipsofCrafts,no? anp of tbem, Cf)efeeafo^ 
tballta!teof anp Sppjenticeo? ottjer perfon,fo?tbeentrie of anp p^en* J?Sf«an8 
tice into tbeir faio fellotufbips , aboue tbe fitmme of ii»,il , no? fo? bis ff «»nen. 
entrie luben bis peeres ano terme is erpireD,aboue iii.S»iiii»U,bpon paine 
to forfeit fo? euerp time tbat tbep o? anp of tbem (ball offeno contrarie to 
tbis act , pUu to tbe Ti.mti %,^c,to be recouereu h^ %% ^u toljerein no 

J au anu euerp peculiar Set, o?ner,ruIe, ?t cCat ute f)eretofo?e mane, In c^?Pg«J[ * 
0? bereafter to bematie b^ anp founuer, o? ifounoers of anp ijpofpitaU, SS5?a"nes4. 
ColleDge,Deantp,ojotb?rCo?po3[ation,ato?bpontbefountjationoftbe tiM«»>w«» 
fame,\)3berebp tbe C5raunt,leafe,gift, o? election of tbe gouerno? o? rulec 
of tbe mo?e part of fucb of tl)e lame lIpofpital,^c»as }^mt o? (bal baue boice 
of afent to tbe rame,at tbe time of fucb sraimtjleafe^siftaOi election to be 
tnaDe, 0)oulD be in anp toife bmo^cD yt} let, hi^ anp one o? moe being tbe 
lelTer number offucb Corporation, contrarie to tb? courfe of tbe common 
iato of tbis realme,(balbe cleerelpboio* ^nu att oatbes beretofo?e tafeen 
(Di^^befoje tbe taio Statute mane) bp anp perfon of fucb ifpofpitall ,Col* 
letjg;e,Deanrie, f otb^r Corporation, (ball be fo? $ concerning tbe obfer* 
uanceofanp fucb oroer,eftatute,or rule neemcuboin* ^nu no perfon of an? 
fucb ^orpitall,Conelige,Deanrie, o? otber Corpor ation,(ball be in anp 
toife compelleD to tal^e anp oatb for tbe obferuing of anp fucb oroer,etta« 
tute or rule,bpon p pain of euerp perfon giuing fucb oatb to f euerp 
time fo offentjingM^to tbeQ»$3!4Cttoberecouereobp9»31^ijc.lMberiK 
no ^♦^c*€.'p,$c,o? otber nilator ie plea (bal be aUobieii* ^^.^.S.i-/^ 

6 m ano rmgirier officers fo? euerp Citie,05oroucj;biOr '<2!:ob3ne toberc ©fffccw ffiaii ' 

anp cuaome ,tc|lle ,buities ,0? fummesof monep (baUbe nemaunbeD of ojauVctiel. 
anp Slien borne mane neui^en , (ball fet bp ,or caufe to be fet bp in open 
place $ places of euerp fucb citie,boiougb,or totone, a table or tables bp 
tobicb tbe certaintie t berfe outtie of euecp fucb cuflome %u of to ares to 
benemaimii?t!,mappIainIpappeare,to tbe intent tbat notbingbeeracten 
otberteifctbenin olcitimebatbbiubfeo,bpon paine tbat euerp Citie not 
tiding t!;e fame, (l)all loofe bJi, ano euerp tobJue co^pojat ]cl» jj* for euerp 

JS monetft 

!LonlJon tou> 
ctjitxg «S>ca' 

Compact t( 

ce«toftcer£( of 
"^olonf coj. 
vomt ma? 
Iieacr anO D(<> 




Corporations jMaiors, and head OfScers, 8(c 

monetlj tfje Came table fl^all faiU to k ftt bp, to tlje ©♦? 3I» to be recoue* 
mbp 3L31*^»tobemn no2aj.<S»l^* ppmoeDtbat tbe table fetbp in 
JLonoon.toucbtng ^cauag;eii3ttbmtbefame,(balbe firSbietueD^eramineu 
atiD appzoueu bp tbe Cbaunceloj ^t '^reafo?er of €nglanti,tbe p^eCoenc 
of tbe iiucenesi <Counfen,tbc !♦ p^iuie j§)eale, tbe lo^o ^teujarO of tbe 
sdueme0bo«^olD,f tbe ttoocbtcfe3luttices^ tbe time being:, o^bp 
fotoetof tbem at tbe leaCf, $ bp tbemfubfmbeo»22»l^*8,8» s. Aliens 5. 

7 3If anp confpiracie, cottehant , o} pjomife be maoe bp anp focietie, 
b?otberbooo,o| companp of anp craft 0? mpllerie of tbe 15utcber0, 15 ju« 
erSi'Bal^erSjlpulterSjCoofeeg, CoCermonger0, 0? iTruterer^, tbat tbep 
(ball not fell tbeicbitailes but at certaine p?ice0,tDitbtbe p^efence oj 
confent of tbe mo^ part of tbem , tben intmeoiatlp bpon fucb confpiracie 
^c» beHoe tbe particular pttnifijment appointeo to tbe offenrio?,tbeirCo^« 
potation (ballbeoiirolueotoall intents* 2* ^d*<5»i5»S. Artificers 2. 

8 gpato?0, ^birifes, ano tl^ailifes of CitiegjlSojoug^eg,^ -^otoness 
eo?po?at, in tbeir Courts fball ano map inq[Uire,beare, ano oetermine all 
offence? committed loitbin tbe limits of tbeir iurifoiction , contrarie to 
tbe datute pjouioeo i ♦$ 2.]|a»f ^,foi tbe reformation of ercelTe in 3ppa« 
rell. Stnotobereanpfo^ftlballbefouno t»itbintbep?ecinctofanp citie, 
bo?o«g:b,o? toione co?po?at, tbe S^aio^j^birife^anoaSailifes of tbe fame 
ibal baue tbe one balfe, 9 be tbat toill fue in anp eCourt of recojo tbe otber* 
9nii euerp ^aioj,':^ailife0,f c»(>atb autbojitp bpon tbe conuiction of eite* 
rie fucb offenooj , to atoaro p^oces to tbe !§>birifeof anp (lire fo^ tbe ap« 
pjebendon of bim , MM being- app^ebenoeo , (ball be committed bp t^ 
faio^birife totbe(g>aole,t[)eretoremaine,bntiUbe batb paieotbc fo^f* 
Jobereinbeis conuicteo* i >gt 2,]p.^^»2* S. Apparell 1 7.1 8. 

9 "^lye Slloermen in tbeir toaroes map inciuire of all offences ^ fo^* 
faitures committeo contrarie to tbe datute p^ouioeo 2^JU;>,2, fo^ tbe re« 
formation of crcefle in Slpparell , ano adeffe fines bpon tbe offenoo^s ac* 
wooing to tbe raid Catute , 24,i^,8 j 5* S. Apparell i . &c. 

2 o £^aio?0, j^btrifes , and ^ailife0 of cities , ano bo^oiigbes, baue 
potoer to inquire Mljin tbe fame, of all falfc makers of ^rrotobeads, 
and £luarrels,and to punifb tbem accopinsto tbe i^atute in tbat cafe 

p^OUided , y,^,^j. Sec Arrowheads 1 . 

1 1 ^aiojs ano 15ailifes at tbeir Courts (laue autbo?itie to inquirej, 
jjeare , and determine all and (inguler offences committed b^ ^ttailers, 
9rtiScers,Mojlxmen, ^ Labourers againlt t\)t datute fo^ t\)m p^omoeti 
2,€,<5*andto pmulb tbe offendo^saccoping totbetenourof t^eCame 

Catttte, 2 «Cd« 6, 1 j* S. Artificers r . 

1 2 3!tt euerp Citie , 'Bo?oug:b , f.nd 'Emm tobere tbere be 9paio?0^ 
i^btrifeSjO? bead ©fficers, tbep baue autbojitie to name ^ fefife tbe p?icest 
of euerp^arreII,iKtlDerlitn ,and jfirkinof aieano^ere t ^nD tbe ^e 
and 0^e?re b|u^r^ fi;aUnot fell t^eir ^le and ^eere at ^i^ber pjices^be» 


Corporations^Maiors^aml head Officers, 5jc. 66 

t^tiMht aCfefTcobnco tl)em» 2^,^,2,^, S.Erucrs 2. 

1 5 S^aw^0, 15atlife0, f oc^er IjeaD officerg of t^e pojt oj pf ace iufjere Ǥ>cuunct?. 
anp ^oulDier QjaH arrtue Cai\)ic\) (laettng mu0ereti ano recetueo t^e ^*. 
toage0, »od[> uepart from l)is Captaine tottljin W tecme luttbottc licence) 
Ijatte aut&o?ide to amtt ano keepe tbe fame ^oulDiec , tjncill furtbet in=« 
<iurrie(acco^wngtoc|)eo|0ecof tljetato) bemaoeof^i^otoce* iS^i^^ 

6ti9* SXapcaincs ;;♦ 

14 '2tbepjtce3of al barrel0,!til0et&tn0, ficfe{nsi,«nuot^er bcCTelsto 6e ^samtrfattii 
(bio fo?ale,beece,c?fope, to be tjtterett therein, QjaU faetaiceo bp ^ato?0, s^uoctfun*. 
^aiftfes!,^ o^ct beat>afftcer0pfetter^ citie,$tottmeco?po?at, Wbecean^ 
fud^ijeffelC^albe mane 0? offeree to tefolo.S^CUp^S* Coopers r , 

1 5 ^be 3paio?0,(|iertfc0jbatlife0, conttable0, f otber beao officers in o^atftfltg ef 
fttcb citie0,bo?ott5b0f t0tone0,t»berem no Uiaroen0of€ooper0 be, bane ^«^«'^» 
atttbo^icp tofearcb,biel» 9^ gauge al barrel0,feiltierkin0, firfein0,ano otbec 
Ij£(rel0,tbat tbep be maoe gt marlKeo fufficietttlp,anu conteine tbe true ano 
Iatofunrace0antimeafure0,an8 to marine euerp ijelTel bearing tbe true 
wntenc»anuco cafeefo? fearcbingano gagmg of euer? fitcb belTel, q* Sna 

tbep map recaine tbebeffell^ntill tbep be fatiffieu tbereotSlno if tbep fino 
anp beffel oefectiue,not bearing tbe true contente0, tbep map retaine tbe 
fame,anD caufe it to be marfeeo ann amenueo,o? el0 to be bttrneo ♦ Sno tbe 
fameautbojitie baue tbe uaarDcns of tbeCooper0 tottbin Lonoon , taking 
HJitb tbem an officer of tbe 9paio?0 , to fearcb « marhe all beirel0 toitbin 
lonoon, tbe fuburb0, ano tiuo mile0 compalfe of tl;e ruburb?^ is*^,8^ 

Sec Coopers 2. 5f 

1 6 an S^aio?0,O^ailife0, anD gouemo?0 of citie0,bo?ougbe0, 9 war* mmg of 
Sec totone0, ano all otber places of tbt0 IRcalme^tobere tbere be ^aio?0, ^^S»- 
OSailifes, 0? gouernoj0 , baue autboji'tie to name antj c\)nk uifcreeteane (Qtita, * 
crpertperfon 0? perfons^oatlp to fearcb ano gauge all belTefeof j§)almou, 
i^erring,ani> Cele0, tbat tbep be faitbfullp pac&eo.ann fieepe tljeii: mea* 
fure,anoainfe*22,Ct4»2*. ii*l^t7,23*S.Fi{h,ii. 

1 7 ^be 3|ttffice0 of peace, tuitbin anp Countieof tbi0 ^KcalmctbaH m mmns 
not itttromitjO? enter into anp Citie , l^o?ottgb, 0? '^otone co?po?at,fo j «f ^^"^ 
crecution of anp Article in tbe act (mane to rettraine tbe ejcceffiuc making 

of S^aultjercept be be a 3Iu(lice of peace alfoin tbefaio eDitie,15o?ougb, 
0? '^Doinn co?po?at3ut it fbalbelaujful to tbe 3Ittilice0 of peace:,$paio?0, 
O5ailif0,f otber beat> officers of tbofe citie0,bo|ougb0,^ totons co?po?at, 
tobere tbep feeepe <^e(riott0, to p^oceeoe to tbe erecution of tbefaiD 5lct, ^ 
cuerp article tberof tuitbin tbe precincts of tbeir liberties, at fucb time $ 
time0,ano as often as to tbcm feall feeme meete,in as large $ ample ma* 
ner,astbe31u(t*of p^inanpcountiemapoOf ^9,€Ui6^ S.MauItd.&c 

18 3it is latofull to tbe Rafter ano ^Xaruens of tbeCompanp of i|)a* €np9M* 
beroaibcrstiJitbin lonoon,caUingtotbem oneof tbecompanp of Cap* ''^^"*'^^* 
|jer0,anD an otj^er of tlje ma^rjes of Jpacts^as often a^ ncene (Jail require, 

3K a toitljiu 


Corporations , Maiors, and head Officers, 8cc 

Mt\)m tije faiD Cicie , o} tb^ee miles compare of t&c fame , to Tearclj all 
all Cappers ano makers of Oatts, ano tlje offentiers, ^ Defaults bp tljem 
founn , to correct ^punif[j hv fines anft otbertoiCe , as in like cafes tljep no 
otljer offenders anD Defaults luitbiu t^e fain Companie* ^uu it is latoful 
toaU0paio?s,'Bailifes,anD otber beau officers, in all ot^jer cities ann 
totoncs co?po?ate, to no tbe like* 8» Cli^* 1 1 ♦ S. Hattes 4. 
1 9 ifo? tbe autbo?itie ano ouetie of euerp 9^aio?,TSailife,o? otber beao 
officer of anpcitie,bo?ougb,o? totune co^pojiat, concerning tbe toiages, 
o^i>er,Direction,anD reformation of labourers, artificers/eruants,^ ap* 
prentices , toitbiu tbe limits of tbeir iurifoiction, bp fojccof tbe ftatutc 

tberefoje p^OUiOeD, 5*€li^»4» S, Laborers &c. and lufticesof P. 66.67. 

68. ^no all amerciaments,fines,iirues,ano fo^faitures Uibicb Iball sroto 
bp reafon of anp offences meucioneo in tbe faioffatute,o? anp b^ancb 
tbereof,tBitbiit anp citie, 0? to^une corporate, (ball be leuieo it receiueo bp 
fucb perfons of tbe fame citie 0? totone,as (bal be appointeo hv tbe ^aio j 
0} otber beau officer tbereof,to tbe Ufe 0? maintenance of tbe fame citie j 
to\Bne,in fucb cafe as otber amerciaments,iffues, 9c* batte bin bfeD to be 
leuieo anD imploieo tuitbiit tbe fame h^ reafon of anp graunt 0? Cbarter 
from tbe CltO? of anp ber l^jogenito^s graunteo to tbe fame citie oj 
toUinef 5*Clt?» 4f 

20 %[)z ^aio? of lonuonluitbtn tbe fain €itie,^toitbintb?eemileiE{ 
compaffe tbereof, anu all otber ^aiojs,'Bailifes,anD otber beao officers 
ofcities,bo?oug;bes,anD totonestoitbintljeir feuerall iurifoictions,(baU 
inqutre,beare,anu Determine all offences committeD contrarie to tbe ffa- 
tute pjouiDeD 5.€lt?.toucbing^anners,Curriers,^bomakers ,$ otbec 
artificers occuppingtbe cutting? of Icatber ♦ ^nD alfo (ball bp tbeir Dif* 
cretions, eramine al perfons fufpccteD to offeno tbe faio ^ct, 0? anp parcel 
tberof,anD tbe tbirD part of all penalties of fummes of monep fo?f*ljp tbe 
faio act,in anp citie,bo?ou5b,o? totone ,(ball go to tbe faio citie,bo?ougb> 
t} touine )i\\)tvz tbeoffence Ibalbe committeD. 5»€li?.8* S.Leathcr. 

21 'CbeS^aio?,^bitifc,'Bailife,o> otber cbiefe officer of euerp citie, 
iKj?oiigb.totone,^po?tSt)icbintbisEealme,baiungpotner to beare anD 
Determin perfonal pleas in tbe Court boloen before tbem,o? anp of tbem, 
iQjitbin anp fucb citie,toU3ne,f c. imt autbo^itie to receiue information of 
anp perfons, U)bicb (ball giue anp liuerieorbaDa*e,or retaine anp otber, 
tbenbismeniall feruant, officer, ojt learneD man in tbe one laua o? otber, 
l)P toritittff^o^^tJ^o? p?0mife,anD of anp perfon "oiUt^ (ball be fo reteineo, 
9 to beare 9 Determine afuiell bi? cicamination,as b^ triall,an tbings Done 
concerning tbe fame,bp,o? to tbe inbabitants taitbintbe iurifotction of 
tbe fame Court ^no to ^ut tbe ffatute fo? tbofe offences p^ouiDk^D in ere* 
cution, Snotbe Clueene (bal baue tbeonemoitieof all penalties fo^faiteD 
bp tbe faio ffatute» ano tbe ^nfo^mer $ cbi^f e officer of fucb citie,bo?ougb 
9U ^rtU bane tbe otber,eqwaUp to beDeuiDeD betnoirt tbem* i^nD tbe faio 

CofporaiionSjMalorSj and head Officers, 6(cj 67 
dncfe officerg pare, Qjalt be implopeu to t!;e^fe of t^c fain citicbo^ou^l;, 

22 aw anD Cngwler 9pato?0,'Bartif0,f 3Iu(!ice0 of p^tDttljm anp citic, 
bojoug^.o? totune co?po?ate,m anj> parts toitljin t^ts realme,tMtt^t*t!)e ^^^^''^y^^'** 
limits of tbeircommtfliott ,!jatteaut(}ojitieco inquire of allotoms a- 

gainff ip^cacljers $ ot^cr Spinidergi of tlje €fyMtlh(f to Ijeare $ octcrmiii 
tbe rame,anD to fet fine^ anD amerciaments of tljefaiti offenoerSjas in t^e 

HatUtCtljercfo^CpjOUiDeD islimitteo^ i»9P»^* S. Preachers i,2» 

23 aU9paio^s,'BaiUfes,^bJrifes,antJOtberl;eaDofftcer3!,njan caufe j^ » ,j,f ,. 
tbe Statute p^ouiocD againtttinlatofulKSames,^^ fo?t^e maintenance gaJn?? 
of artiUerie , to he openip pjociaimeo once enerp quarter of a peere in 

euerp ^ar'feet^fjoloen tuitbm cljeir feueraU ittrifDictionSt^ ? Jp»8.p^ . 

24 ^aiojSj^birifeSj'BailifSjgf otljcr ^eao officers in cities,^ totunes mmttmnu 
cojpo^at, in tbeir courts loitljin t^e limits of t^eir autljo?ities,ftauepG* WmBm^» 
toer to iRquire,!jeare,ij oetermine all $ Onguler offences Done in tfje lanD, 

0? toitljinanpbaucn ojpeere,contrarteto t^e ffatutemaDe j^CIi^, (tou= 
t\)in^ certaine politique conSitutions fo? tlje maintenance of c^ei^auie) 
anD if anp perfon fijall be p?efenteD before tl)em,ti3itbin tlje limits of tbeic 
aut^o*?itp,o? anp information giuentotbem of anp offcoerof tbe faiD ictt 
tben t^ep baue autbojitie tberupon to nia]^ep?oces againlf tlje offenDer, 
as is commonly bCeo upon inntctmets of trefpas* ^nD if anp be pjcfenteD, 
^ af tcrtuatD conuicteD bp confefTion 0^ otl;ertJ3ife,tben be (Ij all fuffer no 
lelTe fo?ft 0? punifbment^tben in tbe faio act ib limitteD:fo? tbeleupino; of 
tobteb fo?f»tbe faiD spaio^s.ot otber beao officer0,'U)itbin v limits of tbeir 
autbo?icies,baucpou}ertoma!tefucbp?oces,as tljeplbalitbinl? cjood bp 
tbeir Difcretions ♦ a5ut tbe information at tbe parties fuit (ball be toitbitt 
fjalfe a pere,^ tbe information j p? efcntmct at tbe £l.fuit,il)albe M}itl)in 
one pere after t^e offence commttteDjO? els tbe fame fijal not be of effect to 

2 5 Spaiors,^birifes,^ 'Bailtfes of cities baue autbo?itie to inquire, arwde* 
l^eate,anD Determine of all anD Hnpler offences committeD contrarie to 
tbe Katute prouiDeD 3 y^Cp^S^agatnl! Clfurie* 1 5«€li?»8. S.Vfurie. 

2 6 ail SpaiorSj^birifes, 'Bailifes, anD otber beaD officers of cities, ^^"^*^' 
borougbes,anD totones co?porat,\uitl)in tbe limits of tbeir commiflions, 
aftocll UJitbin francbife as toitbout , baue autbojitie to eramine , beare, 
inquire, anD Determine tbe Defaults offucb as (ball attempt to fell an^ 
toi'nes in a:rone ,or bp retaile, contrarie to the Itatute prouioeD 28,5p»8^ 
anD to punifb tbe offenDers bp imprifonmentjO^ otbertoifebp ti^m Difcre- 
cretionSf28Jp,8»i4,s.Wmes 1.2. 

27 spaiors,^birifes,'Bailifes,orcbiefe£ouerno2S of fucfj cities 0? ^tmms 
toteneSjlDbere anp carracl^e, oiallcp , o? (bip (ball come to fafe port of anp ^*-'KJ'"^. 
tiiar cbant ttrangers ,tbeir factors, atturneps^or feruants, fijall fearcb.o j ^"^ ^''»'^^"^^' 
iiiruep t&e O^oiuaaue?, bjoug^t, fent^ o} conuepcD into tl;ts 1Re?ilme bp 

^3 tlje 



CorpofaiionsjMaiors, and head Officers^ kc2 

i{)t faiu ^arcbant0 f c. Strn OjaU affipe ttoo crperc men to fearcb t!)C taio 
ftauc^ jto^icljttoo men (^allbeflDo^ne bp tbe fain fpaio? ^c* tljat tlje? 
iljali tcucl^ $ inuiffcrcntip marfee t^e ftauea tljac be not goon ^ fufficient, 
tbat all tlje iluecneis jieople map Ijaue KnoluleDgeof ttjem^ 1 2tCD,4»2* 
i5»f!SIi^»i4»S. Bowes i. 
^ . j^jjj, a 8 spaio? ann 15ailtfes of cities ^ bo?otta;fjes luitbin tfje fame cities 
antJbo^oua;b^s ,bauepo\»ectomalte erecution of tbeflacuceof 515o?tb* 
iampton p^ouioeD 2,€* ^acjainatI;ofetol;icb(baUgoe O} tioz arme^ 
2»<l£n»3«4f 2o»lR»2»i» S.xVmour lo. 

2 5 ji^D great man, oj anp otber bp tirengt!;, o? tfijeat jf, (baft niUurbe 
o^bittDcr free election to bemaoe,r23:efi» i* g^Cn^i^j^'Buttoben an^ 
Dignitie is i)ottic,tbep tnbicb bane tbe election,(bal freelp laitbout tb?eat$ 
of anp fecular potuer^intceatie, ojopp^e(rion,p^ocecDeto t|)eir election, 

Artie. Cleri,9,CD»2»i4f 

1 That the Maior and chiefe Officers of cities and corporat townes^ 
which may kcepeSefsions as lufticcsofpeacejmay commit toprifon 
any perfon vehemently rufpc<5^ed of any of the offences, of fpeaking, 
&c.falfe Newes againll the Qucene, inquire of the oflfcnces , and indite 
the offenders . Sec Newes 1 1 . 

2 What Maiors and other head officers fhallor may doe for the pla- 
cing,prouifion,reIiefe,reforming,or punifliment of poorc perfons with- 
in the limits of their authoritie , See Poore people &c. And what for the 

©agabottwtiW* punifhmentof vagabounds and fturdie beggars. S.Vagaboundes &c. 

3 For the authoritie of Maiors, and other head Officers, concerning 
the reftraining of vnlawfull Games within their iurifdi(5lion,and the 
punifhment of the offenders ,S,Plaies&c. j.c?, 

4 Where any Corporation or Companie , or the head Officers of the 
fame, fliall make forfait, or be pnniflied for any particular perfons of- 
fence, S.Leather 26.30. Draperie 3 1 6. Gold 1 2.Coopcrs 7. 

5 Tliat it is Mortmaine for the chiefe Officer of a corporat towne, to 
purchafe any land to the vfe ofthe Corporation. S. Mortmaine 4. 

6 That the Maiors and other head officers (hall appoint expert men 
to fearchandfeale Leather. S.Leather 22.25. 25. 

7 That Maiors and head officers of corporate townes , fhall appoint 
certaine to fcarch and fcale cloth. S.Drapcrie S5.5 7. 

8 How the chiefe Officer of any citic or tovvne^, fliall vfe fauitic clotb 
prefeiited vnto him. S. Draperie 3 4, 

9 ThataMaior or head officer (ball receiiie the names of thofc which 
fhoote in Gunnes, and caufe them to be recorded. S. Gunnes 1 1 . 

■ ] o Ky what names the Phifitions in London be incorporate,vN hat prv 
uiledges they haue, and what they may doe, and that all Maiors & othet 
Officers (hall afbift them. S.Phifitions,10. 
X I That the Maior and Wardens of the Shcremcn of London may 

"' ^" ' ' ' fcarch 




Df leather. 

JpauU(c tlot^. 




Corporations^ &c 6^ 

fcarch the workmanfhip of Fuftians and Clothes. S. Fufilsns t . 

1 1 What the Wardens of Goldfmithcs fhall forfait, if any workc by ^o\t\xnlt^0, ■ 
them touched and allowed for good, be after found dccciptfuU", Sec 

Gold 12. 

1 ^ That the Maior or chiefc Officer of any citic & town,may fearch (Dviz^ 
all Oylcs brought into the fame to be fold , and deftroy that which is 
fauldc,and punifluhc offenders. S.Oyle 1.2. 

1 4 That the Wardens and fearchers of Coucrlcts within Yorke may Q£omUt0, 
fcarch in all Faires,&om Trent Northward,for all Coucrlcts made within 

the Countic of Yorke.S. Coucrlcts 5 . 

15 That the Maior,Recorder, &c* of Norwich, fliall admit thoCe^^i^* 
which (hall make Hatts,CouerIcts, and Dornikcs within the conntieofSolmS! 
Norf. and take nothing therefore. S. Coucrlcts 5. Hattcs j , 

. 1 6 That the head Officers of corporat towncs , may appoint expert Petjtcr. 
men to fcarch vcffell of Pewter and Brafle. S.Pevvtercrs 5 .^.7, T^^^f^f, 

1 7 What apparel! Magiftrates in corporat towncs may were, S. Ap- japgafen^ 
parell 15.17. 

I18 That a common ofHcer in a corporat towne , fliall be no Cufto- an officer tta 
njcr.S.CultGmc 20. 

ip That the head Officers of cities and to wneSjfhallarrcft the Caters ©attpsf. 
of Noble raen,and others, which take any thing firom any man,without 
the owners good will. S. Purueiors i . 

ao That head Officers of cities and corporat towncs may inquire of dnffo^tnftfcol 
the offences prohibited by the ftatute madcfor the vniformitie of Cora- ^^'"O" waicr* 
men praier . S. Sacraments 7, 

2 1 How Riots, Routs ,and Affemblies made in cities and corporate lKot)*,Konw, 
towneSjwhich hauc lufticcs of pcacc,{hall be inquired of, and reprefTcd. ^^' 
S. Riots 13, 

2 2 For all the ducties of Maiors^ and other head officers of cities and CKnlaMull 
towncs corporat, concerning the executing of the rtatutc prouided a- **^^*'^^^*'» 
gainft vnlawfuU and Rebellious affemblies , Sec Riots 1 6. 1 7. 20 .2 1 . 

2 g That Maiors, Bailifcs , &c. /hall be attendant vpon the Coroner, ^fiinrattonis; 
at the executing of an abiured perfon. S.Sand^uarie 4. 

24 That Maiors,Bailifes,&c.of cities and boroughes,inay order, re- SJltatUwr*; 
forme,and punifli Vitailers.S.Vitailers i .4.7. 

1 5 How the prices of vitailes fhall be aifeffcd when any Vitailer is sijtaiUi^, 
chofen to bcarc office in any corporat towne. S, Vitailcrs 9, 

26 Fortheajthcritieof the head officers of corporat to wncsjnkce- rS^^P^^' 
ping, marking, viewing, and examining of Weights and Meafures. Sec 
Weights 7. 8.! 0.1 1, 

27 That the head officers of corporate towncs, /hall hauethe moitic tsxintm^, 
of the forfaitures ofthofe which fell wine in groffc,contraric to the prices 

■~ ~" K 4 ~ ' . affeflcd 










Corporations, 6(c CoroncrsJ 

afTeflVd &c . S. Wines 2, 

2 8 That head officers of corporate towncs , may enter into a Mar- 
chants houfe which deniech to fell Wine at the price a{Iefled,&c. and 
felland dehueriherame,S,Wincs4, 

2p That none fhall fell wines in Townes corporat,but by the afsign- 
nient ofthe head oflFiccrs thereof, S. Wines 9, 

30 That head officers ofcorporat townes hauc authoritie to aflfay 
vvines, and powreoutthe corrupt. S. Wines 1 5, 

5 1 Where and before w horn inhabitants in corporat townes fhal be 
charged to appcare atMufters,S.Captaincs 1 5, 

3 2 That there fliall be no vnion of any Church ina corporat towne, 
without the afl'ent of the Maior and Comminaltie &c. S.Ecclefiaft* 3 2. 

3 3 That no head officer of a corporat towne fhall take S cauagc , or 
Shewagcofa Marchantfor marchandizes cuftomed &c.S.Marchants 2, 

34 For the duetieof head officers ofcorporat to wnes,about the elec- 
ting and returning of Burgcffes of the Parliament.S.Parliaraent 5.6. 

3 5 That the head officers ofa corporat towne,may take out of Sanc- 
tuaric an abiurcd perfon committing fclonie. S.Sanduaric 9. 

3 6 For the force of recoueries, decdcs inrolled,or rcleafcs in certain 
corporat to wnes.S. Women 5. 

3 7 That ordinancesof corporations madeforthcreftraintofany per- 
fon to take,buy, or fell fifh , fhall be void. S. Fifh 2 2. 

3 8 That corporat townes in Wales may hold pleas , and determine 
anions as in England . S. Whales $$' 

3 9 That the officers of ccrtaine corporat townes may within their 
liberties execute the Statute prouided for the reliefe of Souldicrs and 
Mariners. SceCaptaines 26. 

40 That head officers ofcorporat towncs being Tuftices of peace fliai 
haue the fame authoritie by vertuc of the Act prouided for the reliefe of 
the poorc within the limits of their Corporations as luftices of peace of 
the coantie. S.Poore people 9. 

4 1 And that they fhall haue the like authoritie to execute the A6k 
*prouidedforpuni{hmentofvagaboundes.S.Vagaboundes 8. 


Al Co?oncr0 of fijires fijall be cbofen in t\)t fuH CDimtieg,!)? tf)e cem^ 

dLomtts, mm /Amongbf tbefamc counti£S,of t()emol!mcetc f iuojtbp j)copIe,Uil)ic[j 
toiSTfegS niap lie founn in tbe fame caunties! to ejcecute t!;e faio office0 , anii of tbe 
i>ct!)i)r?n. moft fa^eani^totfehmgljtsibJljicliDobcft hnoto,ca«,$l33tnattenDi3nto 
tfje fame off Jce,anniubicl)tJ3iIl!al\3funpattac(),an!j p^efeitftfje pleas iof 
tl)eCo?one, 3.€o,i» i o, ailoaies fattrng to i^tQ..^ otijer lojus p\M) 
0UQ;i)tto cippomtfucb Coroners tl)eirfraiicI)tre0,2 8;(SDt].6, i^ut no 
Coroner fijall be cbofen ^if Ije Ijauenot fufficienc Ism in fee in tl;e fame 
coimtie.tjoljereof (;e ma^auufiuci-e all people, i4,€5«3t8« 

2 :|f 

Coroners. 69 

!)oneft men of tlje countrep, to come to cfjofe c&ac be flaine, fuo^enlp Dean Smx ' 
0| \j3DuoeOj 0? to }joureb?ea!ier0, 0? to anp place Uabere treafiire is founn, i"vurE. 
t!)ep fl)annnmeDiatlp come, ano fo^tljlMttlj commanu foureiftuejOji Oreof 
tbe nert totune^, tbat t^ep appeare before tljem in fuel) a place, anu luljen 
tl)ep come, tlje Coroners upon tljeir otfje fi)an inquire if tijep ciD fenolu of 
tljeman tl^at toas!^iiIeD,U)ljereljeitia0 firll flaine, to!)et!icrin tbefielo, ^"t^er. 
ojint^eljoufc, ben, tauerne, 0^ in anpcompanp, ann toljotoere tljere* 

5 Li^etoife cbep (ball inquire tobo toere culpable, c itber of tbe ^ct 0? ^\mx\t of 
fo?ce, anD \x^)t^ uaere p^efent, eitber men 0? tuomen, ann of Uibat aje tbep ^*^^ ow^^d^^s!, 
be, fo tbep can fpeake ano baue Difcretion : ano tbep Uibicb be founo guil* 
fie bp inquiCtion in t^c fo^efain maner, (balbe tal^en, neliueren to tbe 
^b^^cife, ^ committeu to tbe gaoie, ano as manp of tbe m as be not founa 
guiltp (balbe attacjeb, bntill tl^e comming of t()e 31«(ttces, $ tl;eir names! 

4 31f anp man be fobainlp flaine, anD founn in tbe fielas 0? tooofts, it is a man fouun 
to be condDereu Inbetbec \)Z toere (laine tbcre 0^ not, if Ije lucre b^ougbt "^^"^* 
tbitber, tljeir Heps tbat b^ougbtbimO'fit map be) njalbefolloiueu, anu 

fo (ball tbe traclke of bo?fe ano cart, Sno alfo it (balbe inquireo, if be tbat 
loereflaine, mere fenoiuen,o? unltnotoen, ano ^xA^ztz be lonjeo tbe nigbt 
!jefo?e* 3nu if anie be fotmo guiltie of tbe ueatb of fucb, immeoiatlp tbe 
Coroners (bal come co \)i% boufe, anD inquire iubac cattell be batb^ ^ tobat 
co?ne in bis grange,^ iubat on tbe grounD,^ if be be a free man,UJbat free 
lanD be batb, ano tobat it is too?tb bp tbe peve, befiDe tbe lLo?D of tbe fees 
feruice, but tbe lanD (ball remaine in tbe Clueenes banDs, Dntdl tbe 1o?d 
of tbe fee bacb maDe a fine fo? iu 3nD iuben tht"^ 1()^\xz inquireD of all 
tbings, tben tbep (ball caufe tbem to be p^iceD, as itt^z^^ (boulD flraigbt- 
toap be folD, anD tben tbe boDp of bim tbat is DeaD (balbe burteD, ^ €d* i ♦ 

5 S^o?eouer, tbe Coroners (ball inquire of tbem lubicbbeD^oluneD, «§»ut>ettig 
fuDDenlp (laine, ojdranglcD, bptbe fipeoffomeljurt founo bpon tbeir ^^^^* 
boDies, 0? fome otber manifett tofeen, anD (ball attacfj tfje fiuDers $ all 0- 

tber in tbeir companie, g^CD.i* 

6 a Coroner ougbt to inquire of treafure tbat is founo, tobo '^zxz t^c -^ttcafurc 
finDers, anD ijuljoare fufpectcD tbereof, loobicbwapbegatbereD bpfome ^"^^"^' 
mansDclicatliuing, anD frequenting oftauernSjitibicb (uponfufpition) 
(balbe attacbeD bpfoure, 0^ fire, 0? mopleDges, 3»€dj» 

7 31f anie beappealeD of Eape, be (ball be attacbeD bpfoure 0^ (ijce ^^^^^ 
pleDgcs, if tbe appeale be f refl), anD tbe figne of truetb apparant, 0? an 
open cutcrie leuteo : 3i5ut if it be tuit^out anp manifedto^en 0^ outcrie, 
tUio pkDf^es (ball fuffice, 5 ,€d» u 

8 apou appeale of maibem, if tbe tnounDS be mortal, tbtp Mit\i be gpaihem 0;^ 
appcalcD^ (|)allfcjtI;\xiitpeappjci()enDeD, anDHept uniiUivbel^notoeu, \»ounmng, 


VaWnt Tje tW IS btttt tb^U tecmn o^ not t tf ^e liic,t(jf^ Cjalde mattterr; 

if be liue, tbep (b^lhz attacben bp foure o^ Hjce pleuges, acco?uing to tlje 

bipcffeoftlje lijomtti : tfitbe fo? amaibem, t^cn t^cre (Ijalbe no letfe 

tljgn fourcpleoges.if a fmafl HJOunti,tluo tuiU Cerue, 5 ♦CD* u 
-cijeitnst^j ^ ^l)Clmgt!j,b?eaDtb,aniiDr?pcnesofaHtoounD0OU5!)ttobeijtoi 
b^eajjti), ana CD, auo toitb tuljat .iueapon0, antJ in tubat part of tlje boup tbe partp toasf 
Snwf ""^ ^^"'^^> ^^ ^^^° ^^^ manptnounuis tbere ht, boto manie be culpable, ano 

tobo gaue cbe toounti, all toljieb tbings Ibalbc cncolleo in tbe Copneris 

roll, ^€Dtx^ J» 
DeodanJes. I o 3^o^fes,'Boat2(, €atts, comittottip calleD Deodandcs,lDberebp an? 

perfon (ball perifl;, fiialbe iialuetj ann DeliuercD to tbc tobole ^oionclbip* 

tobicljlbalbeanftrjcrabletbercfo^e, ?*Co»i» 
mnt^t of ^ ^ CBbofocner lapetb b^nD^ iJpon tht to^ecfe of cbe !^ea, 0)albe atta* 
^ea. cbeo bp fufficient pleriges, tbep?ice of tbe tu^ecKe Ibalbe ijalticu auD oe* 

Jinereo to tbe tolwne to attfiocre,gtCf Officium Coronatoris. 5 .Cotoj* Sec 


Goiionerg ml 1 2 3lf an? Co^oncr be temiffe in bietjaing of a wan bobie muru^eD 0? 

Sttftt*saoip fl«ne,anDtsonot inquire oftbein tbatbauetjonetbemuroer o?iieatb,of 

mmm, tbeir 3bbetto?0 ^ coHfento?s!,iBbo toere p^efent cbereat,ant! tbeir namegf, 

0} fo founD 00 not inroH, certifie, ano oeliuer W inquifition to tbe 3Iuffi* 

ce0ofcbene!rt gaoleoeliuerie in tbelbire,toberetbeinqttilitionistafeen, 

tbat tbe fame 31«if ices map p^oceeoe againtt fucb muroerers, if tbep be in 

tbe c^aole, 0? els certifle t\\t inquiCtion into tbe Eingsi^encb, tbe faia 

Conner (bal forfeit to tbe ii, fo? euerie offence*» s*^*7*^* 

QtnmMt of e« 15 Cbe Cojonec bpon tbe bieto of tbe oeao bobie, map enquire of tbe 

mSew.^ efcape of tbe murberer, fo? if be bo tbe murber m tbe oa? anb cfcape, tbe 

totnne (balbe amerceb* 3 ♦l^^y* i *. 

Heco^ufns ml' 1 4 Cucrp Co^oner bpon anp inquiHtion befo?e bim founb, tobereb? 

uStfestoS^ anp perfott (balbe inoicteofo? nmrbero?manflaugbter,o? asacceCfarpto 

it at tije gaou tbc fame before tbe muroer o? manflaugbter committeb, (ball put in U3?i* 

ttimvu* j|„f^ (jjtj gff£f t of t^f cuibence giuen to tbe 3Iurie before bim, being mate* 

rial* ^m be b^tb autbo^itieto binb all fucb h^ rccognifance o? obligation, 

a0 bo beclare anp tbing materiall to p?oue p faib murber o} maufiaugbter, 

01 to be acf eifarie to tbe fame, to appeare at tlje ncvt generall gaole beli* 

uerie to be boloen )Xiit})in tbe countie, citie, o? toiuue co?po?at, tobere tbe 

triall tbereof (balbe, tben anb tbere to ^m euioence againa tbe partie fa 

inoicceb at tbe time of bt0 trial,^ (bal certifie as Wll tbe fame euiiience,a2; 

fucb bonb0 in to?iting bobicb be (bal tafee,togctber toitb t^^z inquidtion o? 

inbictment before im tafeen ^ f0unD,at o? befoje tbe time of bi? faib triall 

to be maDt* ^nb if anp Coroner (bal offenD in anp tbing to tbe contrarie, 

tben p %\x(ticcs of (Saole oeliuecie of tbe n)ire,citie,toUine, o? place tobere 

fttcb offence fljalbe rommitteb,bpon buepjoofe tbereof bp eratnination be* 

fo^etbem, f^all fojeuerp O.'.cl; offence, fet fucb fine on fuel; Coroner, ais 


Coroners* 70 

tt;r?0)antl)mftcm«tej*anti 2»]^.anii9pj g» S.Tuf^lce of peace 107. 

1 5 31f tije iojonec of tfje (Tjiire 0? place, lujjcre anic ^ct(m fijall ta?tc a ccjonf i- tijai 
an? refuge 02 ^anctuanc ht anp Cljurcbes, 0? Cijurcbparns, CatbeDjaU SsSoli!'^ 
Cljurcljjfporpicala!, Cburdjeg coilegtatjCOapels Deoicat, eommoiilp nfeo 
a? parifl; Cburc^es, 0? anp cemitcries to anp of tljcm belonging, ijpon 
teafonable requed mane^ tjo rcfufe to come in conucnicnt time, bnto fucb 
ccrfon being in j§)anccuarie, t^ere to tafeeljis confe (Ron ano abiutation, 
accoping totl^e latoe^ oftljisiaealme.tben tlje faio Cojonecfo^euerp 
fuc()De fault fljal forfeit Cs»totljeiri«eene« 3 2jl)Xi 2»s.Sanauarie 3.4. 

16^ Coroner, lob^'cfj Upon requel! to bim mai«e, to coitte ano inquire bo ret ^i)m 
DpotttljebieiM ofaniepecfon flaine,o?oli3netJ, o^ot^eriDifeoeaD lJP«^if=H/^pmi| 
aDuenture, ootl) not [jis office oiligentlp bpo tlje ijieto of fuel) boop, loitl)= aDuenmce. 
cut anptljiug tfjerefoje tafeing, (fealt forfeit jcl.g. 3,^^,1,10, i.i^Xj* 
!l^uta^o?onec Wlljauefo? bis; fee bponeuerp 3Inqtti(ttiontato tjpan %u€omtt^ 
tbe Diein of a bouie flainei;iii.i5aiii,lf» of tlje gooDS ano cattels of tbe mur« p" S^ t",S 
nerer, if be baue anp : ano if be baue no gooD0, tbe Coroner Iball baue bis aercD. 
fee of fucb amercement, a.s anp toUjneibip Ibalbe amerceD foj efcape of 

17 '^be ^berife Iball baue counter roule^ toitb tbeCo^oner, afujctl 'Pilfl^^% 
of appealer ofCnqueCs;, as ofattacbments, anu otbcc tbings iubicb 00 tS-S ^ftS 
jbelongtotbisomce, mea»r»?«eo»i.i o» T5ut no ^berife, Conaable, ^^^ ^otmu 
crcbetour,Co?oner,o? anp otljer 15ailife of tbe £luecne}3,(bflll boio plea$ 

of tbe CroUjne, Magna Charta.p,i^,3 , 1 7^ 

1 8 0pon tbe 3!nqui0cion to be maoc bp tbe Cojoner of tbe ireatb of a c<ht>o m%^t to 
Kian,euerp one of tbe age ofrii,peeres,ougbt to appearc, except tbep \)mt l^f^Snln 
a reafonablec]ccure of tbeir abfence, Marleb.5 2^|), ?, 24, cf amis ncattj. 

ip 31f tbe oeatbofaman(U)beretbcCopnerso{fice istomaliebietD <c„(,„irettjit&. 
ani>ettquell)0otb cljaunce in anpCoKntie toberetbeClueene;sboufei0,tntiie<iJsrBe, 
^ ttJitbin tbe uerge, tlje Coroner of tbe fame Countic tball be commanoeti 
tottb tbe Coroner of tbe SClueenes boufe^to erecute W to inron it* 
ano tbat tbing tbat cmtnot be oetermineo befo?e tbe i^tetoarD, fijalbe re« 
witteD to tbe Common latu, fo tbat erigents,outlaU)?ies, ^ pjefentmcnts 
(balbe tbereupon matJe to tie M^icts in tbeir dtmitsi, bp tbe Co?oncr of 
tbe Coutie, aftoc 11 as of otber felonies oone out of tbe Uerge, 2 8,€d, i ♦ 5 * 
%m all31nquiaticn0 ijpontbe bieliae ofperfonsHaineioitbinanp of tbe q^nmMttMt^ 
CEiueenes palaces 0? boufes^ 0? anp otberboufe, at fucb time as bcr s^paie^ fn kz s^mnt^ 
flie fijall be abioing in ber rcpall perfon, fbal be tafeen h^ t\)t €opm of ^ ^^''f^- 
ijoulbolo of tbe Cl» 0? ber beires, )Jiitl)Out aoiopntng of anp otber Coroner 
of anp "^U^z, h^ tbe otbes of ;cii» 0? mo?e of tbe peomcn IDfficers of tbe 
CClueencsgjc* boufboli^j retiirneo h^ti^z ttooClerkes Comptrollers, tbe 
Cleckes of tbe CbecKej Clerks ^atlball.o? one of tbem fo? tbetimebe* 
ing;,oftbefoj£faiD bouOjolo, to inborn tbefaioCoioner (ball Direct bis 
j?2ecept,tPbic() Coroner ^c,(];albe alTisneo b^ t{)e J^t^tetaarD foj tbe time 

" . jbein£:> 

/Coroners. Cofinagc. Cottages, Inmates.^ 
htitip 9lnp t\)t faiD Coroner W from time to time fo? euer tiiit^out uelap 
certtfiei3nDerlji0 5^eaIe, gtrbcCealeis ofrucl)perfon0 asOjalbefoftBo^ne 
before bim.all fuel) 3Inquifitions,31ttuictment0,$ ©ffic es tpon t^ie Mimt 
of alt Dean faoDie^ luljicj) f^al be flaine tottfjin anp of tl^e ^ucene^ palaces 
0} botife^, oj otber botife afo^cfaio before tbe tatu lo?u ^tetoaru, $ in bi« 
abfence,befo?e tbe €:veafourer,Comptroner $ ^teluani of tbe^arfijal* 
fep.o^ before tlBo of tbemM^rof tbefaioi^tetoarti oftbe9parfi)airep to 
be one, $ fucb 3Ineiuilttions $ ofifices fo certifieti,ajall be tato as crooo to 
aiUntents, a0 anp SInqutOtion taltenbpS tljetjiebJ of t^e boDp of anp per* 
fon being ueaD, h^ anp Coroner of anp Countie of tbis Eealme batb bin, 
o^MbeatiiuugjeD. 5 ^,l)Xi2,i7,^)X2^,^2,^,S,2o,S.¥ightmg, i. 
20 %m beau Coioncrs fo? tbe boop oftbelbire ofCbeSire fijalbe 
co?onec« of electeu h^ ijertuc of tbeCiueenes tojic dc Coronatore diiretido, to be a* 
(2^&ff(&i«. i»arDeDoutoftbe€rcbcqtterofCbeCer,UibicbCo?oners(balbefounuta 
0t luitb tbe ^berife at tbe ^bire court0, to ^m iutia;met0 Upon outlato* 
rie0,ano tono all otber tbings tbat appertainetl> 5 5*1^. 8» 1 5, 

1 What euery Coroner which (halbe abfent from the aflcffing ofche 
wages ofthe Knights of the Shire, fhallforf.S.Parliament 1 2. 

2 What Coroners fliall forfaitc if they do conccalcj or will not arreft 
Felons when they may. See Felonie 3 S. 

5 WherethcCoroners{halIimpannellanyTurie,ofwhatfufficiencie 
thelurors fhalbe, whatliTues they fliallrcturne vpon them, and vpon 

4 That there fhallbe two Coroners in euery of the 1 2, Shires in 
Wales, how they (hall be chofen : their office and ductie. S.Wales 5 2 . 

~^ Cofinagc. 

T ^ b)?tt0 of Cofinage Aid f Befail.cbe ^Uci) be of tbe fame nature tbat 
an aOTife of Mortdaunceftor ts,^ fame anfiioerelbalbe alotoen fo? tbe te* 
nat, tijat tbe 3Iuttice0 oio alloUa bim at tbe C^mon lata in ^ITife of Mort- 
danceftor,ui5, tbat tbe plaintife 10 not nerc betre of p 3ancelIo?,bp tobofe 
fieatb tbe lann is oemaunneti, $ tbat (balbe inqtiireD of bp tbe ^iffife, ^ ac« 
cojDins to t ^e 3|nquifition iuugemet fi)albe o;iuen,ca^eftt 2» 1 3 ♦Co* i ^^ o* 

Cottages, Inmates. 

N2D pcrfon (ball iuitbin tbis Healme of Cnglau,mal^e,bttilD, 0? erect, 
...^v w........ 0? caufe to be maoe, builoeo, 0? erected, anp manner of cottage fo? 

fofreTtVwof babitatiottoiDtueHino;, no? conuert 0? ojueine anpbuiloing 0? bouling 
maoe 0? b^reafter to be mane, tobeijfeo as a cottage foz babitation oj 
titoeUtna;, tinlcQfe tbe fame perfon no alTigne Qtlap to tbe fame cottage oj 
bittlGing, fcure acres of groiuiD at tbe lead to be accompten accojning to 
tbe fiatute 0? ojQinance de terris menfurandis.being bis 0? b^ r otnne free=« 
bolD f inberitance, Iping neere to tbe fato cottage to be continuallp occu* 
pien ano manuren tbereluitb^folong as tbe fame cottage (I;albe inljabi* 
te9,bpon painettjateuerpfucl; offender (ballfo?fait to tlj? flueene ber 



Cottages, Inraatcs, 71 

fjcireig anu (mct([m r* 5* fo? werp fucb offence* 5 1 .Cli?*7» 

2 Cucri>pcrfottiMl)ic!)(baJltiiiningipupbolD,mamtaine,attDcontmue apijoitjctisoE 
anp fucb cottage bereaftcr to bcercctcD, couuerteD;o? o?l>cmeii fo? bafai* "^"' ""ases. 
nation 0^ ntoelling , tubmunto foure acres of ground' as is afo^raiD, 
Q)aH not be aflisneo antj iapu, to be bfeo anD oceupieD Uiitb tte fame, (ball 
fojfaittotbeClueene, b^rbetres aim fucccffo^s xls* fo? euerpmonctb 
tbat anp fucb CDttaa;c (balbe bp Ijim 0} tljem Dpi^oloen, mamtaineo auD 


5 'S^bcr^ fi)aU not be anp 31nmate c} moje famito 0^ Jjoufbolos 3BRmatc^, 
tben one, utoellino; 0? inbabttinaj in anp one cottage, maoe o} to be mace 
D?erecteD,bponpaine tbateuerpotoner 0? occupier ofanp fucb cottage, 
placing oj toillinglp fuffering anp fucb 31nmate 0? otber familie tben 
one, (ban fo?fait to tbe JLo^o of tbe Leece toitbin lobicb fucb cottage fball 
be X* §» fo? euerp monettj tbat anp fucb 3lnuiate,ojt otber familie tben one, 
(baUoireUo? inbabitetnahpone cottage ais afo^efaio* 3 i«Cli^7» S.Iufti- 
CCS ofPcacc. 1 o I .Lectes 1 9. 

4 l^puioeiiafti]aie0,tbattl)isffatttte o^anptfjingtfjereinconcaineti, ^J^f5?w?po, 
(baU not be ertenten to anp cottage iubicb feafbeojoeineo 0^ erecteii,to,tat^o^tniw» 
0? fo? babitation oi otoeUing, in anp Citie, 'Cotone co?po?at, 0? auncicnt 
O^ojougb 0? eparkt totane toitbin tbis Hcalme, noj toanie cottages 

0? buiiuings, tobicblbaUbeerecteu, o?Deineu,o^ conuerteu to ano fo? tbc 
ttcceffarie anp conuenient habitation o} utoeUing of anp too^l^emen, 0? 
labourers in anp mfnerall too^Kes, cole mines, Cluarries o} nelfeiai of 
l!one,o? flate.o^ in o} about tbe mafeing of ^^icfee, "Eile, Hime, 0? Coles 
Mthin tbisf Eealme: ^oas tbe fame Cottage, ojbuiloing be not aboue 
one mile oiUant from tbe place of tijefamempneraloj otber lno^ltes, ana 
iba!lbei)feoonelp fo? tjje babitation anoutnelling oftbefaiDlDO?femen, 
no?fl)allinanp fojitp?eiutJice,cljarge 0^ impeacb anpperfono?perfons, 
fo? tbeerecting,maintaining,oj continuing of anp fuel) Cottagegi, as are 
before in tbi0p?ouiromentioneD anu fpecifleo* 3 i»€li?»7* 

5 'Z.\)Vi act 0}all not ejcteno to anp cottage to be marie toitfjtn a mile j^J/pff^f 
0f tbe ^ea, 0? bpon tbe fioe of fucb part of anp li^auigable Eiuer Vubere 

tbe aumiral ougbt to baue iurifoiction, fo long as no perfon (ball tbercin 
inbabit but a Jailer oji man of manuall occupation, to 0? fo? mafeing,fur* 
ttilbingjOj bictualing.of anp ^bip,o? ueOell bfeo to feme on tbe ^ea, no? 
to anp Cottage to be maoe in anp jro?re(l,Cbafe,caarren, 0? lparbe,fo 
Jog as no otber perfon (bal tberein ixiUhiti but an anoerKeeper 0? (raiac* 
rener, fo? tbe Keeping of tbeDeere, 0? otber game of iia^arren, no? to anp 
Cottage beretofo?e matte, folong as no otber perfon (ball tberein inba» 
btte,but a comon bearbman 0? (bepbcarD,fo? I^ceping t\)t catteli 0? (bcepc 
of tbe ^otDite, o? a poo?e»lame,ficfee,agen, 0? impotent pafon, no? to anv 
Cottage to be maoe, )3iWh fo? anp iutt refpect ijpon complaint to tbe 3iu« 
fiiceisof aifife attlje ^IfCifeisf, 0^ tp t^e 31u(lite?ofpace att^eSluartet 


HonDon ojt 

'3ID^c pcnaltfe 
b.U.a quarter. 

txito mo}f. 

'Ct)e penalty 

in a \)oi\iz 

150 Inmatti* 



Cottages, Inmates. 

J^eIKottS!,l]^aU b? ckiropcr cntreu fn open ^Mt^^O} Cluflrter J^jHRosf, 
b^ occrceD toconttnttefoMjabitacion fo^anu Durmg fo long time onel?, 
03 bp fucb uecree a)albe collerateo anti JimittetJ»3 1 ♦€U?7» 

6 U^operfono? perCons of lutjat efface. Degree, o? conuition raettct, 
Wl from Ijeitcefbjtb nialte ano erect anp nct» builDing o? builonigg, 
Ijoufe o?bo«rc6, fo^babitatiott ojotoenmgtoitbmeitberoftbeCitie0of 
toman o? mettmmller, oj uittbin t() jee railest of anp of tbe gace0 of tlje 
faiDCicieofJlon0on,e]t:cept it be to enlarge bt0o?tbeirbottfe o^boufeis 
cbat Co (ball builn tbe fame, o^ to aotie Tome otbec builoings to W o^ tbeie 
boiiCes, Q} m tbetc garuenss fo? tbemo?e eafeoj pleafure of tbe builoer, oj 
tbac tucii netu boitfe o? tenement Ibalbefit fo? tbe babitatton o? Dtoelling 
of fucb aperCon as beretofo^e Ijatb beene aflefleb to oj fojt tbe ^abfioie to 
ber spaieff ie at gooD0, cj iiiX, in laim, at tbe laU aOfeirement nejct 
befo je tbe fain neto builoingg, o^ Mbe itttigcD bp tbe ttuo neict 3!ui!iccsf 
of peace, bptojitingt)nDectbeirbanD]3ant(eale0 to be pjefenteD at tbe 
nejct quarter j^eirioniB, to be fitte ana able to be affeffeti in tbe ^ttbCoie, 
«cco?Ding to tbat rate, if before tbat time be batb not beene Co aflefleo, o? 
erceptanp fucbneto builDing (balbemaDefo^anpl^ofpitallfo^reltefeof 
tbe poo?e, upon paine to forfeit fo^ euerp fwc^ offence quarterly t^ 
fummeofu»I?.3 5*eii^><?* 

7 1^0 perfon o? perron0 oftotjat el!ate, negrec, so^ cbnnfttonfoeuer, 
^all at anp time bereafter,cbnttert o} rjmitjt anp ateJelling boafe, o? otbet- 
builoings notu erected anb builoeir, o? bereafter to be erecteD anb builbett 
DQitbin tbe €itk$ ano place0 afo^efaib, o^ anp of tbem into ttuer^ anb fe^ 
iierallbabitacion0 o?blMelling0 fo^feuerallanb Dtuer0familie0,<!^pcepc 
euerp feuerall Ijoufe fo tmuit Ojalbefit fo^babitation o? otoelling of 
fucb a perfon, a0 berecofo^e batb bin aflefleb to o} fo? tbe j^ubCbie to bet 
S^aieflie at btt in gooD0, o) iii«f. in lanD0, at tbe ^ubfioienert before 
fucb biuifion, o? bp ttoo 3Iuffice0 of peace nejct aoiopning bp U)?iting bn« . 
oer tbeirbanD0 anbfeale0 tobep?e(enteD at tbe ncjct quarter ^efnon0, 
Ibalbetbougbt Scant! able tobeaiTeireiiin tbefub0m'e acco^ning to tbat 
rate,bpon paine to fo^f. fo? euerp fucb offence, (if an? ocber perfon bnoec 
tbat balue (ball inbabit fucb boufe) tbe fumme of b.Rfo? euerp monetb to 
be pain bp tbat perfon tbat (ball permit tbe boufe neuiocD to be inbabiten* 
^nn euerp perfon being not of fucb balue tobicb Hjall bereafter btoell o| 
inbabice in anp fucb boufe, fo to be nctn builoen, conuerceo o? nminen a0 
afojefaib, (ballfojfait fo? euerp monetb tbat be o? (be (ball foDUJcU oj 
inbabit in tlje fame b.5» 3 5*Cli?f<^» 

8 51^0 perfon 0? perron0 inbabicing anb btoelling Mhin tbeCitiejs 
anb placc0 afo?efaiD (ball receiue o? tafee into bw o? tbeir boufe o? boufc^ 
anp3!nmate o? bnnerlttter, o? 3|nmate0 o^ijntierCccers, bpon paine to 
fo?f. fo? euerp monetb tbat be, (be, o? tbep (ball baue ano hcepe , o? "mih 
linglpfuffer iniM^er,oj tlieitftottfeo^toufe? anp fuel; 31mnateo?bH« 


Cottages, Inmatesr 72 

uerHtter contwrj> to tide true meaning of tlji's 3cttbefummc of Jj^pcuna 

«0 is afo^cfaif ♦ p^ouioeD t^ac t Jjis b?ancb of cljis ^ct, 0? anp tijing tljerc* 

in contetneo,fi)an not CiCtenn to anp perfon 0? perfon0 fo? talking 0? mev {^^ f J"tS 

«ingintoljis:,ber 0? tfjeic (joufe 0? ^oufe^ anp perfon 0^ perfon^, toUiclj fo?an ^nHiatc. 

iiS 0? (Jjalbe alfelTen in t^^c fubCoie at fine pounD in gooDs, 0? tljiec pouna 

in lanD0 o? feej?, 0? fi;&ibe tljoug^t aWe anu fit to pap fuc^ a rate in j§)u1j- 

Coie 30 i0 afo^efaio* 5 5»€Ii5*<^» 

P 3Jt (IjaU not be latofull to ante perfon 0? perfon^ to inclofe o} tafee QLommomtm-^ 
in, ante part of tf)ecommon0 o?i»a(tegrounDs,fituate,Iping 0? being gf^f^srounos 
XMi'tljin tbjee imle0 of ante of tfje gate0 of tlje Citieof loniion,no? to feuer t\)m mtieg of 
0? nemrft bp anie betJge,tiitcfj, pale 0? ot^ertoife anpoftfjefaiD fielD0 Ir- lotbimSk 
ing toicfjin tb?ee miles of anp of tlje gate0 of t(je faio Citie of lonoon as 
afo?efaiD, to tbe let 0? Ijinoerance of t^e trapning 0? Sputtering of ^oiil* 
tiers, 0? of mailing fo? recreation, comfort ano^^altb ofijerspaielhes 
people, 0? of tbe latuuable epercife of Qjooting, iub^retljere batb bene 
jjfuaUejrercifeofO;ooting, anu marhs bauebenetfjerefet,bponpaineto 
{o}t fo? euerpmonetb tbat be 0? tbep a? anieof tbem fijallheepe anp part -etjc pettawfe 
oftbefaio commons o^luaff grounds inclofen 0^ ta!ienin fo^euerpfucb^*''**"^""^* 
inclofure fiuepouno* ^no fo^euerpmonetb tbatbeo? tbep IbaJl Iteepc 
anie part of anp of tbe fame fielD0 feuercD oj umun fo? citerpfucb of« 
fence fine pounp.3 5»€li5»^» - 

10 '§i:be one moitie of all tobicb paines, penalties, ano fummeg of mo* SSu^"^ 
neptobefo?feiten bpbertueoftbisSct (balbetotbeCburcbtuarDens of sjaiae impiog, 
all ano euerp pariib anD pariOjes, tubere tbe feuerall ofifences (ball be JKno'^ 
wmmitteft, to be emploieo hy tbem, loiitl) confent of tbe mo^ part of tb« 
^arilbioners being boufbolms to tbeufe of tbepcoje of tbe fame paring 

a} parilbes, mn tlje otber moitp to bim oi tbem tbat toill fue fo^ tbe fame 
bpa,^»'p.o?3I»l»berein no<S.'p,p.o? m*%u35-€li^*6, 

1 1 %U Cburcbtaaroens of euerp feuerall parifb (if tbep (ball not be mmmu of 
berein offenoo^s,) lubcre anp of tbe offence0 afo^efaio fbalbe committeu L^*lJa"^*^"^ 
(ano if tbep be offenuo^s,) cben tbe Curate of tbe parilb toitb mo otber "'^*^* 
ioneUmen of tbe fame par (^ bma^ bouQjol^ers ^alj baue full potocr anD 
autbo?itie bp ijertue of tjjis ^ct, to enter into all ana euerp boufe tim 
bo«fe0,anu otber place ano places lubfreanp offence fljalbe committer 

againU tbe true meaning of tljis ^ct, snD tbere to oiflreinefo? tlje moitp 
of all ano euerp tucb fumme ano fummes, as l|)albe fo^feiten bp bertue of 
tbis 3ct, ano tbe oitfres, ano iiiiirefies to oet w i^ntill fucb moitp of tbe 
fumme ano fumme0 of monep fo to be fo?faite5: (bs^ViZ trulp fatifgeo ano 
paio,acco?Dtng to tbe true intent ano meaning^b^reof, $ $,^i^,6, 

12 p^uioco altuaies, tbat tbis 9ct,o?anptbingtbereinconteineB,?^J^f.^"* 
fi)al not erteo to tafee atr)ap,p?eitttiice, 0^ impeacb anp gooo bfages 0? cn' pSStVcfeV 
Homes bcrctofo^e bfeb in tbe Cities of lonDon ^ 2Beftmin0er, 0? eitber ^ ^"* «f?^"«J»» 
of tbem, fo^ tb^ reforming o} j^uuilj^incj anp of tl/e o^wm afo^c^io^no j 

Cottages, Inmates.^ 

toanp iD^B o^lo^tjg bautnglitjertte tofeeepe aleete fo^j^imifijin^ of 

anp tije offences afo^ementioneu toitljin tbe 3!urifDicc(on of\)i$ ieete, 

as tbe? migljt \)mtmxie bcfc^e t^is ;§>tatute» ? <^.€li^.6, 

mmmion foi: i ? ppuioeD alfo tf)at nottoitbftanoing an? ei^tng in t(ji0 3ct con* 

^alSrSfjtP' t^in^^itfijall anir map bcIatofuU fb? eueriefucfiSpariner, jailer, o? 

to?tgt)w! ^Ijipiu^t jfjt as fl)aH)c allotoeo bp t^e JL^DmiraH ann tfje ^aacrs ano 

companie of '^mitk boufc fo? tfee time being in ^ju^iting UiiDer t^eir 

: V ftanDS anu fealcs to continue fjis ijabttation in anp t^oufe tbat Ijatlj beene 

built fitbence tbe l^?oclamatio^ (oatfO at S^onefuc^ 7,3|ulit 9ln^2 2» 

Eegine Cli^abetbe ) neere to tlje •^Dbames (i^e, feruing onelp fo? tbe t)a« 

bitation of fucfj Sparinec, J^ailer, o^ ^Ijipto^igbt, ano not to be bfeo foj 

anp utctualittg \)0\xk, no? fo? anp tto jeboufe fo? anp S^erc^anoi^e, fauing 

fucbas(!;allappertainc to tbe arming o} apparelling of ^Ijippes* ^na 

lifeeujife tbat anp Spariner, Jailer, o^ <if)ipto?igbt map ^ereafcer builB 

anpboufefo^fucbpurpofe, ano foj noneotber, on o^ neere tbe^bamejs 

fioejoas it bebtftant from tbeberptajl;arfeo?banclte]C]C]c*foote, Co ajs 

people map pafle bettoijct tbe faioboufes, ano tlje faiu bancfee, ano tlje 

•a^ljames* inn Co as in tlje neto builoing tljereof, euerp Ijoufe (jereaftec to 

bebuilbeo,mapbet!i(Iantfromanpotber bouft aboue ]r]c*foote,toaaoitt 

cafualtte of fire, anu Co as alfo tbat tbcre benonem lanbing place oj 

Caires maneto tafecbp anolaptolauD^o^tolap ftomlaniy,inanp boateo^ 

Cbtpanp taareso? e^cTcljantii^es, n.Cli?,^* 

3iutifcwofp. 14 '^^^ 31ullices of peace inbabtting mj:t to anp of t!je Ijoufes 0? 

n>ai Determine tenements afojefain, (Ijallbatie fullpotoer bp bertue of tbis 3lct, to tie» 

mim^i* cioe, ann betcrmine, UJljetljer euerp particuler J^oufe oj^cnement be* 

fiou men. fo^e mentioneb be fufficienc anu conuenient fo? babitation of a man af« 

fefleb 0} fit to be arreireo to tbe ^ubfiDie fo? bet Spaieftte at fine t in 

goobs, 0? tlj^ee f, in lanos, anb tub^ tfjer tbe inbabitant in anp fuc^ fjouCe 

c} tenement be of balue 0? fubfiance to bealfeCfeb in t^c j^ubCbie, acco?« 

bing to tlje rates afojefaib, 5 5*€li?A 

c^e meafiirc if ^ mile (balbe recfeeneb anb tsl^en in tljis maner anb no otbertoife : 

0^ I ecRoning tfjat is £0 Cap, a mile to conieaine etgbt furlongs, anb aterp furlong to 

Of a mile. containe xl lugs oj polesr, ano euerp lugge o?|ible to containe %\)U foote 

anbanbalfe,5 5»€li5»t5,s.Wcights4. -^v 

jnmatcg mi ^ <^ ^^^ auoibtng of colourable contnutih^ bf 3lnmates agatnff tbe in* 

ftetn tjefc lea- tention of tbis 3ct bp pretence of anp leatTes o? Hates maoe to tbem, tbe 

Court; faib 3!nmates p?etenbing anp learcs,at tbe nejct t eete o? Court to be belli 

in tbe raanno? o? place" tbberetlje bowfes inbabiteb bp3fnniates arefi- 

tuate, iljall pjobuce W t»? b^r leare.anb tbereof mafee goob p?oofe before 

tbe !§>tetoarb of tbe Ieete o? Court, anb tlje 31urie, isihith if be (ball not 

boe, tben tbe faib 3Inmate to be fo^tbbsitb rejiioueb as aboue is mentio* 

neb^^bis^cttoenbure fo?bit»peeres,anrjafterluarbs bntilltbeenb of 

tfj^ ^eftion of ]!9arliament t^ennejct enfuing, 3 5»CU5»<^»- 
, ' Coiicrlets* 

CouerlersT 7^; 

N© perfon oiMclTitt^f toi'tfim t!je Coimtt'rof ^o^ltc, o?tt{$l)tttto'tbe <©aTc of mee. 
fame, fljall make imj>(!Douetlet0O? couerittsjito ptttcofale, bnleOe n/iJe;^^"''^' 
fucb perfon be inhabiting toicljin tlje Citie of ^o?ke, o^ tuitl;in tlje ^ub« 
urbe0oftfjefame,\)pon paineoffo^faitureoftljcfame,ojt(jei)aluetljerc* 

2 jf^operfon of tfjcaccupationof tfjeibanufccaftesmenof Couerlct ao^rcucdet 
tnahersDttjfllincstoitbtntbcfaiDciticof^o^fee, o} t^e^uburbess of t^e 'lirefiVaiisoa.' 
faitie,o^ elfeto^cre toitljin tbe fain Countic , fi;aUufe tbe ctaft of baufeinj b^oao* 
ab?oaD in tbe coimtrep to C^illagfe^ $ mens fjoufe0 , o? gde as ftau'kers , o j 
puttofale anp couerto inattPotljei:place,otttoft^efaiDcitieattmiber* 
ties tbereof, but onlpin t^e open mar!(ets ann f^ires^bpon paine of fojfai* 
mtt of tbe fame coucrlct0,o? t^e balue tOereof. 3^»(E)*8, ro» 

5 'Ebe SHaroens ant> ^carcbers of tfje occupation of Couerlec ma* S?riS laci 
feers toitbin J?o?l^e, anD tbcir fucceffojs, baue potoer to make fearcb in all tu^ousiji, o? 
jfairesanos^arl^ets from t:rent jao^tbtMaro toitbtntbisEealm?, foj dancing amft. 
all fucb Couerlets as (balbeput to falettot being full tojous^f, anD mane 
offufficientlluffe,dj>n6tcomeinin!jtl)e^(rifeaccuComeD(bi?» Ctje htUt 
fo?t oug^t to conteine m Icngcf) iii.vart«es3anu in b^eabtl) it parties anb a 
quarter at tljelealf: 'Sl^b^ feconufojttfioulDcentcine in length iii-parbs, f^iSJ.**^ 
anu in bjeaDtb ii.parost ^un tbeloineff o? tijiro fo^t fijoulo conteine ttoo 
paws ano abalfe in lengtb, ano :n h}mt^ one^parb and tlj^ee quarters*) 
an5 to feife 9 tal^e tbe fame as fo? fatten 'Efjeonemoitpof toljicb fo?fai^ 
tares if it be in aitp eDitie,'J5o?ougb,o? ^oluneco?po?ate,tobet0flje spa^ 
io? anu ComminaItie,'Bailife,6ouerno?, 0? orber IS tiler anbComminal* 
tie of euerp fucb citie f c,aut!]0?iferi to baue tbe fame bp grant 0? piefcrip* 
tion,o? otbcrtoife laiufullp: anb tbe otber balfe to fucb Pf tfon o} perfons, 
as fi>:ill feife 0} fue fo? tbe fame bp 15. ip.a 31* 0} otbr rtolfc in anp Court 
fif Heco?b,tobcrnnno m^p.o^uilato^^jpfeafbalbeaUoljDcD* anDif tU 
faib fo^f.bappen to be founD^o? tahen out of anp of tbe fato cities, Cotons - 
0^ 15o?ougbs bauing no fucb autbo^itp: ^ben tbe one moitp of tbe fo?fai^ 
ture fi;albe to tbe !Saueene,anD tbe otber to fucb perfon ano petfans as toil 
fue fo^ tbe fame in anp of tbe SElueenes Courts in fo^me afb>eftiB . ^nii 
•iDhcn, anu as often as tbe fain ^earcbers,o? S^arbens of tbe occupation 
of Couettet matos oftbe faitt Citie of ^o?he, (ball mal^e fearcb in an? 
iLibertieso^jfrancbifes tuitljin tbefaiDCountiefo?anpof tbe caufes in 
tbisact mencioneo. -Cbenaubfo often tljet? (ball reqtiiee tbe bean 2Dffi* 
cer of tbe faio liberties 0? rrancbifes 0? bis oeputie, tc be atoing ano af* 
fitting, anD alfo to goe toitb tbem to ma^e tbe Uujj fearcb , ano if tbe fain 
flDfficer 0^ \)i$ Deputie,bpon requeH fo mane, refufe 0? toil not fo no, tbeti 
upon fucbneniallannrefufall, tbe fame ^earcbers 0? marnens, (ball 
make fearcb tbemfelues^anptbirtg in tljis act^c^nottoitbUanning^p^o- 
uinen tbat tbe lo?ns of tbe fain liberties ann ifrancbifes.tobere anp fuc^ 
fearcbes (ball be mane bv autbo?icie of tbis act, (ball ^mz fucb fines ««» 

i. fojfat^ 

yf Coucrlctsi; 

fo^fMtum] as ofrisfit tfjep ougljc to Ijaue 1)? waCon of attj) ftic^ fearcbe^, 
tn as large maner, ag! tjj^p ougf t to (jaue ^an , before tije mafetiiD; of tW 

•I'OMtticw Jo^ 4 ^ut it (^albe latoful to cuer)) petfon otoclling tBtt^tn tlje Cotrntp of 

tSptea. * Po?!ie,to ma!ce coucrlctgs of to^at ^(fifc o^ fluffe tijep Ml fo^ tljeir otone 

S)fe,o? (lo?e of tbeic ()ouQ)olo0,o? fo? t^eir lo^os, to to!;om tl)cp be tenatiJ. 

^0 tfjat tbefamc fbaHnot be put to Calebs 4»tp. 8* i o* 

$©ait{tiff tuttt)' 5 51^0 pctfoti bp binifclfe, o? bp bi;3 feruant o j ^pp^entice , (l^aK mafee 

S^SS^io/ ^? ^''^^^ ^"? 4reItg,oj tb^ommeo ^myO} toeaue,o^ make anp Couerletis 

mim $c, D^ Dojnec'kSj o? oceupp, bfe, o? eicercife tbe miseries o? occupatiottis of 

maluugjof jf eU0,o^ tb?ommeo i^atsi, o^ toeauing of Do^necKs $ Couer* 

ietiso?anpoftbemU)itbintIjeCuteof3(5o?t9icb,o? toitbintbe Countie 

of l^o^ffoteunles be o} tbep.tbat (bal fo ma!?e o^ tco^t^e, anp fucb Wtis 

J^aw, iFeiw. 0? itpats, 0? fo oceupp tbe occupationo? miffcrp of ma'ams of feltsf^o^ bati* 

ag afo?cfaia,,tuitbm tbe faio ^Citie oj Countie,be licenceo ano aomttteo fa 

to Doe bp tbe S^aio?, Eecojoer, ^teiDam ano tloo 31ufficess of tbe peace 

9f tbe faip citie.o? b'^ iiiu of tbeni, o^ tbat ba«e bin apprentice to t^e fame 

occupation an'u miffetp ofiTelt^anoSpatgi.maUuTgbptbe fpaceoffeuen 

; : 1 i r ■ peces,anD in lihe cafe,bnle0 fucb ^ttton o? petfons tbat (ball fo mafee o} 

£iS* ^^^'^^^ Dojnecks » o? fooccupp tbe occupation o? mtttetp of Dojnecfess 

' tueauin^.'feoitbiu tbe faio •titit o} Countie,be licences o? aismftteb fo to 00 

bp tbe ';^aio?,H?wp^>'^celoart», auD ttoo ^iuUicejai of tbe ISeace of tbe 

fai9 Citie,ai bp iai.of tbe;n,o? tbat l)mc hin apprentice to tbe faio miiietgt 

ano occupation cf Dorncefeaf toeauing bp tbe ternre of bii^perest anii i)m 

les be or tbcp tbat fi;aUo mahe 0? taeaue(a:ouerlet0,or fo oceupp tbe actea 

^eaufttg do* ^^ xnikx^ of Couerlets loeautng 0? malting , be licences ano aomitteo fo 

to 5oe bp t{)t0MiMic^'3k,'^u)^ntrj, ^ tino 31ullice0 of tbe peace of 

tbe fai9'€itie,o? h^ iiii^of t|)eii,i, 0? tbat baue bin apprentice to tbe occupa» 


bii.pere£f,5«f ^♦^n* (?♦ 24* 

momittm ^ jl5opetfonorperron0(|)a!rmakeanpjfeltg!or1^a£te0, 0? tueaue 0? 

flja!ije yjjnuth mafee anp Dornecl^^aOii Couecto,a0 aforefaio, or oceupp, ejcercife or bfe 

l"^?u?r' ^be occupation^actgjOr mifleries of maling of i^at0 or jrelt0,or toeauino^ 

%omf, or making or Dor^necks 0^ Cpuerlet0,or anp of tbem, a0 aforefain, in anp 

j^laceout of t^e faio Citie of jl^orlBicf; Mhin tbe faio coump of jI5flrff>but 

onelp in a corporate or market totone,l3pon paine of forfaiting, afujeH t^z 

tbeirelt0,fipat0,t)orneck0anoC9uerIet0 9 euerp of tbem,\ubicb fbail be. 

maoe,torougbtjOr u^oouen,contrarpto tijetenor of tbi0 act,or of aitp part 

or claufe tberepD ^3 aifo r»0,for ^uerp balfeuoufin of tbe faio, irelt0 0^ 

$;>at0,anttoeiili>S4iiutiJor euerpCouerlet,an9 of utSfbiii J, for euerp ^i^' 

pacoei^of 0o>neck0,fo,a0 is aforefaio,to bemauejtBOuentir lurougbt^co* 

trariexo t^i^^aM\)t one balfe of tubicb forfaiture0,to be to tbe iHueene 

|)ecl;cicei5 aiin rifcc?^oj0;^no ti^otijeri^alfet^ereottot'^eperfon or per* 

' ■ jt fonisf. 

Counterfait letters and fokcn^, Coopers. 'j/^ 

toufijtljat %t\\m ^i'^f f^f^^ t^eTamc, tj? t^at iMiH o? i|)a!l fue fo^ t fic tame, : :^ 

ojfo?anppactt{jereof,mtljeCl.Court ofc!5uiltrljan,U)ul)m tl)ieraiDCit? 

almeof Citslanii,bj) 3»of Dctmue,Dcijt,'P*115*31*o? ot{jertotfe,to^crfinito 
Cv tiLtlp. 01 fo^ciue j)lec,to t^e iuo^jiaiau of tl;e Court,I|)aU be allotocu 

7 |p?ottiDeB dtMap,tbat ali anu eycrv fuc^ perfoit o^ |jn:fottE!,a6 uc nolu 
l!tuen,o^ fjereafter Qjall Dtocll a*iD eiccrcife tbe miHerie of Do?ttccfee0 aniK 
Cotteriet0 malitng tuitl;m elje totone o? pariflj of ipultjam in tbe faiucous 
ttc of Jl^a^ff.(l)^^l att^ i^a? occupy fereccife cl;e making of oa^uec'^s , anti 
to Uocr^np ci}ing$c.nottMttljtooinDf,5»^ 6.^0*6,24. 

8 3if tl)eS®aio?,Keco?rier,^tel»arD,o^31ua(ce!Sofpeace,oft^efaiD ci* p^'C"^,^*'.. . 
tte,foj tbe tuitebems^o? anp of cdem^OjaH u\z anp fumme of inonep/oj SScf» 
rexuarQ/o^ anmitting of anp perfon to occupp oj bfe anp of tbe actiefjO? mU 

Ccries afo?erai»,f 0? euerp fucb time,antJ cuerp fucb cafe,tbc perfon fo of- 
fcnDing,lTjaI lofe ann fojf*\) tje Cl>anff3ItCl)at tuillCtt? fq tfjtf^ntea^ 

Countcrfaitlettersand toolccns* 

W]lt)ofocitct (ball falfclp anb ueceitfullp, get into fjw \mM 0? poC^ ; 
fclfion anp monepjgoon^.cattd^, ietncl0,o? otb^^r things of an^: 
ot^er perfong!, bp colour anb meaneg of a p^iuie toften, o? coimtcrfait let« - 
ter,mabcm anp otber manjs name, anb tljat bep?oueb h^ confetTion^o? e]c* 
jammatton of tof tne^^tafeen befo?e tbe ltC|^ancelD?,o? before t^ 2Clueeni9 
Cotrnfcl in t^e ^tacre Cbamber, tlje 31u(lices of aiTife in tbeir titmttsSt 
tbe 31uiliceis of peace in tljeir g;enerall ^elTions^tbe 3iufticej3 of anp titit 
t\ toujne co?po^ate,o^ bp action f n anp of tljc lIEiueeneg courts of Eeco?ot 
IbalOauefucb correction bpimp?ifonment of fjisbobp, fettin^^bpon t^e 
pillo?ie,or ot^ertuife bp anp co^po jal painc (except oeatljjas! Iball bebntu 
tbepartiegrieueblballljaue fuclj renieopbp action oyotOerbJife fo? tljc 
3 3.Cp.8*i+S.Iufticcsofpcace54/ 


Ijr anpCooperbof£lanp'Barel0,!lvilDerfein?,irirfein^,o?ot^er beflclgf, jmtti ana 
fo? 3le,15cere,oj^ope tobebttereo tljerein, aboue fucb prices b)fjic^ KefpS 
(balbe affeOeb h^ tbe aiulfice^ of tl^e peace of tbe (bire in tbeir ^effiong, pf ^m», 
J bp t^e $5^aio?,bailife,o? otber l^ean officer of tbe citie,bo?ouo;b 0? totone 
cD?pojat,b3bere tbe faio beflel^ibalbe mabeo? offeren to be folo after p?o= 
clamation tbereof niabe , Ije Qjall fojfait fo? euerp beirell folo at a greater 
j)?iceiii*s»iiii,d. to tljeSD^anb %M be recouereb bp 9ictionof bet, luljercc 
in no|git^CtC.p.9^Ct§.Cl.PtS,liii:iiccsofpcacc7Pt 

of UMfi. 

fro bcponn t^e 

See Corpora- 

taken fo;t tlje 

i Citerj) Cooper (^jaH ntalie Ijisbeflels fo? T^ccre ann^le, of 500U antt 
feafonaole toooD^fjOjall ma&e aOSeerebarrcIto containcrjcrbu gaUons,a 
MocrKin fo? bcere, ruiiu a firlttn fa? 'BmtAx^n battel fo? aie.twiua U* 
Dcrkin fo? ^le,r\3U fitfein fo? aie,bttu pllons of tbe 2Li.4taniiatD,o? el3 
fje fljall fo?fatt foj euerp ijcffd fo not maDe,rit.rf.ta tbe Clueene ^3|. to be 
recouereo bp 3»31 $c»tQbmnno,l»,f c^C^'p^c* ^nu no Cooper (balmalke 
anpberrelfo?^eetco3iaie,to befoto, of anj'cteatet 0? lePfernumbet of 
gaUonieitbeni0afo?eraiD,i)nle0be (baUcaufeto bemathen bpon mttiz 
fuel; belTeU tbe cettain number of as man? gallons as it Iball contam,tbat 
enetppetfon map toujtbe content, anoifbematfee not W beCTelltoit^ 
bis otone marhe,be (bal fo^fait iii.S4ui.if. 2?»l^.8.4* 

S iQ^bofoeuettiotboimimfb anp barrel, hilDerWn,o?firWn,tot^eDe^ 
ceit of anp otber, bp tailing out tbe beau, 0? anp daffe from fucb betfell, 
fbal fo jfait iii»s.iiii» puntOjeo at tbe Difcretton of tbe beao ©fficer, be* 
fo?e tobom t^e Default a;all be p^efenteo , anu tfie belfell Iball be bumeo* 

4 ji^o'B^eUJer (ball fell, btter,o?puttofaleanp15eereo? aie in an? 
from bepono tbe feas toitbin tbe Citie of lonoon o} fuburbs of tbe fame, 
oj inanpotljcr place 0? places tuitbin tloo miles compalfetoitbout tbe 
fame fuburbes before tbe fame (ball be lalufullp gaugeo,ano tbe true con* 
tent of cuerp fucb bcltel fet ootuneijpon tbefame,bp tbe gallon appointeti 
anb allotoeo fo?^J5eere anD aie acco j5ing to tbe jitanoaro, bp tbe SpaSec 
anD 22laroensoft^cmi(lerieofirreemen of tbe Cotupers of tbe Citie of 
JLonoon o;i tbsirtieputie 0? oeputiestl^o? (ballfell,btter,o? put to fale anp 
tl^eere 0? ^le in anp fucb belfel 0} belfels in anp otber place o} places toitb^ 
in t\)Z realtne of Cnglanu tt CKales, before tbe fame (balbelatofullp gau= 
ge!r,ano tbe true content of euerp fiicb bclTcll fet Dotone ijpon tbe fame bp 
tbe gallon afo^efatD, accojDing to tlje !^tanoaro,bp fucb as bp tbe Hatutc 
in tbatbebalfemaDe('An.234$*84,) are tobaue tbe gauging of barrels, 
liilDeiiMns,'? Mm ma&e fo j 1i5eere 0? 3le to be put in,in fucb otber place 
oj placesioitbin tbetealme of Cnglano $ Iicaalcs, Upon paine to fo^f* all 
ano euerp fucb belTel ^ uellels tubejein anp 'Beere 0? 9lle 0)all be bttereu, 
folD 0? put to fale, contrarp to tbe true meaning bereof . ^nD alfo all tbe 
t^eere o} ^le Wtl) ibalbe at tbe time of fucb tittering, felling 0? putting -j 
to fale tberein cotttaiheo,to bim 0? tbcm tbat toil feife tbe fame, ano upon " 
pain alfo to fo?f fo? euerp fucb tielfel UJb^riu 'Beere j ^Ic (balbe fo btte» 
reo,folD,02puttofale]r.s,to tbeQ.f berect^reu bp 9»'25»F.3!.o? 0* 
t^ervmfc,\ubettn no €.lp.r2l/Mef5 i»Ci8.3 p»€li?« iS* 

■ $ %l)tvc (balbe tafecn fo? tbe ajauging of euerp fucb belTell tBttbin tijt 
citie of lonoon $ fuburbs of tbe fame, 9 in euerp place toitbm tuio milest 
compadetuitbout tljcfame fuburbs,bp tbe Spatter ? CBaroens of tbe mi« ^ 
Uecie of freemen of tlje Coopers of tb^ cic»e of JLonbonfo? euerp o^ut uiK 

^ J. foj 

Coopers^ 7f 

fa? cuct^ l^ipe^fo? rtter? l^uncbeon oK fo^ cMcry !^ogf^eaii ob*Ifo? e*: - ' ' 
«ci^ "Cime ob»f fo? cuerp otljec iJcfTel liiljiclj li)aU at an)> time be b^diigl^ 
into tW Hcalme from anp p partg bej^onD tbe feas!,\uberem "Beece o} Sic 
ftjalbe DtcercDjfolD.o? put to fale toitbin t^e fain Citie o? ^ttburb0,D^ anp 
ctber place ox places tjoitbm ttuo miles compafTe toitbout tbe fame ^ub- 
urbes after U>.e rates $ no rno^e* 9inD tbete fijalbe tato fo? tbe gauging 
ofeuerpfttcbbelTeio^beirelsiti euerpot^er place toitljin t^e Bealmeof 
CnglantJ ano caiales^bp fucbperfon ^perfons as bj> tbe faiti (fattite mar>c 
('An.2 3 ,^»8.403re appointeD fo? gauging tbereof, after fucb lifee rates 
asarebcrein bcfoie appointeD to be ta'ken fo} gauging toitbin tbe citie of 
ionuon^fuburbspftbcfame,? in otljer places toitljintlDO miles compas . 
toitbouttbefamefuburbs.3i.€li?*8*59.€li?»i8. - 

6 'EljisactQjallejctenb toeuerpperfonlobicb Wlbfeo? pccupp tje of^acc ttti' 
tniaerp of a^Ktoing^as toel Cngli(bbo?ne as ^tangers. ^ms it fijallbf e Jf/rsSn'^gSfi 
iat»iuUoeuerpperfonlubicf)(ballbaueaut|)0?itpbptoertue oftfjisact to ^strangers. 
gauge anp uelfcl o} ueCfels bp tl;is act meant o? f ntentieu to be gattgeb , to ^^fSt In- 
reteineetierp betrel'U3bicb Ibalbe gaugen accojbing to tljetneahitig of tbis tti t^c smsm 
act,until t^e monep \uljicb 9)albe Due fo? tbe gauging tl;ereof,t9aJbe txtit- '"'"^^ ^^ ^*^^' 
Ip fatifacD anD paiD.3 1 .€li?»8* 59.eii^.i 8* 

7 -Ebe Spafier $ CSIarDens of Coopers afo?efaiD o? t^eir fufficient De* ^fjctuamnof 
putie 0? Deputies ts)itbin tbe fpace of jclbiii, boures new after anp reafona* muSw 
Ut requcC to tbe c? anp of ti^em mabe, (bal come tD anp T5}z^ct o? h]tW ismiv» tioufe 
crs boufe,o? otb^r place intbe faiD citie of JLonDon oj Tttburbs tbcreofj io? 

2»miles ti^ance of tbe fametebereas tbeir cafkes (balbe, $ tljere toitlj all 
reafonalle erpeoition^Ojall gauge $ marfee tbe fame caffees f euerp of tbe, 
ijpo pain fo? euerp Default,to fo?f,to tbepartp bv oj foj to^om fucb requeft 
as afo^efaiD fijalbe maDe, tbe fiunme of rjir.s, to be ^^j recouercD bp tbe 
faiDpartp againff tlje corporation of Coopers afo?efaib1jp actfoh' ofDebt 
in anp of bet Spa^cdurts of HecojD at eaXeaio? elftobere, in tnbtcd actioti 
no e.p,or^.?c(balbeaDmitteboraliot»eD.?^Cl:8. 39^(^ii5.i^» '{; 

8 3If anp i^cottifl) man, o? anp (f ranger Wl brfngfrojti i^cotlaiiD t) mmmu^ 
from beponD tbe feas to t^e faiD T^retoers or anp of tlje, anpnianer of foi/ ^"^^^^^^^ 
nine cafks^^lbalreciuire to 0aueai5eere,put into tljefanie^anDtoiltr^t.^ ' 
pore tbe famebeere from tjenccettljer iw^ ^cotlaD, 6? otter tf)e feas t(jere 

to be Diunlte.tben in eiierp fucb cafe it lljall ans map be.latoful tci anD fo^ 
tbe faiD "l^r^toers, or anp of tbem,to fil all fucb.caf fo toitl; Terete at fuefj 
a rate $ rechoning,as be atiD bis marcijant cH trgree toitbput ^auihg tt)^ 
faiD Caf kes or anp of tl)em gaugeb or imvUh as'ts aforeraiDjanti tnit&dttii 
incurrinr^ anppenaUp tberefo?et ibis act it! notM(l;ffajitfing4^^ 
8> ? P«eii?.i »♦ %f}\$ act to continue to t^rehbe of' tlJe^iMiiiiYt ne^ 

«n(u(ng. -^'^ ''' ^'y ^- '■'"'' ^^^^'^:!:|^!5:_:"d:5 ' 

- 1 That no Ale orBwrcbrewcr flrali occvpietiw ttlfterji WCijoiw^^^ 
-"•'^^ i 5 • Countic 

Coiintlc or Shire Court. 

Count? cmts VJ© Count? court (l^albe longer oeferr£tJ,but from one'itiottettjtoan« 
anwietmH ^^ i -N oc|jer,ano tfje faio court fi)aibe fecpc euerp monetb ^ nong otbertoife* 
2.€5»(5.25»anDinli!tefo?tfi;aUtbe Countie Courts in tbcriu fijircgm 
3rntoijnt a 'Sl^be J^b^rifeof t})c countieof ji^o^tbumberlanu (baUfeeepettje cou« 

SSoJi-M tte court ofcbacfi)ire in tbetotoneano Came of ainetoikeanoin noneo» 
m^Tw^T^^ tberplace^i.CD.^.sy^-Cbefbire court fo^tbe-^b^re of puffer, (ball bee 
mm Kept, j^^p J Qj^g jj',^^^ gf Cbicbefter,^ anotbcr time at leUieg^alcernis vicibus foj 

£uer» to if anp ^bire Court be boloeu to tbe contrary aU tbinp tberein 
nonelljaH hcM^ea 9^^)^7*24* 'Ebeji)benfe oftbe Countieof €i)eiiet 
is bouuD tofeeepe i)i$^\)itc Court in tbe ^bireballof tbefaioCountp, 
CKaUtf. 5 5;5).8 J 5.^no tbe ^berifes ^bire Courts in 2a3;ale0of tbe Countpof 
!^?ecknocik,ll)albe l>oloen at 15^ecfenocltjOf Kaono^j at neU) Eaono?, ano 
5^?eflon:, DfS^ountgomerp,at9pount(5omerp gt^pagbcnlctf), £>f Den« 
ibtgb,ano 2^i:ijt;bam,©f ^onmout(j,at l^onmoutl; gt j^etjjpojt, altcmis 

vicibus. Anno 27.!^*8»26. 

I Within what t^mcShetifes in Wales fhalkeepe their Couty Courts 
\and HuiiHrcds,an<d what fees they fliall cake therein* See Wales 4 1 . 


mxitti fu; m A ^^ ^"^ ^"^*^^- f^^^ ^"^ fuiceSjtobicb bere after (ball be ^au, maoe oj 

fl^uft"*^^?! g-^ jTX taken, of, fojj 0^ tjpon anp Debt 0? oueties tobicb berccofo^c batJj 

CaurrVWere ^roloeno? bin Dueo^tbat bereafter (ball groU) 0? be Hue totljeilueene 

tm fljaib80u6 |tntbefcuerall offices anoCourtes of berCfcbequer, Ducbieof lanca* 

tej Spatter of tbe CiUacDesanD liueries, 0? in anptjf tbem^o? bp reafon 

t} autbo^itp of anp of tbcm, (ball be Ceuerailp fueo in fucb one of tbe faio 

Courts^ ahp, i2Dffices, in tbe tobieb Court anu ©ffice, o} bp anp occaCon 

cftbe ialjicb Court a^iD 2Dffice,tbe fame Debt 0? out? mo firtt groto 0? be^ 

tome oue , o j bereafter lljair groio 0? become Due, cyy in tbe tobicb ©ifice 

o|j Court tlb^ Eecda;nifaiice,oblio;ation,o? fpecialties,ts, 0? Wl be 0? re* 

Vnainetann eucrp fucb feuerall fuite ano fuites,(balbe maDe in euerp of tbe 

^ faio feuerall Offices ano Courts unDer tlje feuerall j^eales of tbe faio fe* 

«erallCourtS,b'p Capias,Extehdi facias, Sub pena, Attachment, anO p?a* 

- clamatidn of aUageance ifiteeo'lbal require^o? anp of tb^m,o? otbertBife, 
iHs bnto tbe faitj feuefrall Courts (balbe tbougbt,bp tbeir oiCcretionSjejcpe* 
ljientfo?.tbe fjieetrpiecoufrp of tbedueenes 0ebts«3no tbe faiD court of 
crcb<e«3u(Jr,aho ananu euerp of tbe faio courts, fijal baue tobole $ fuUau* 
tbo?iti(?,'aniii potuer to beare ano Determine all ano t uerp fucb fuit 9 fuits,, 
«s(^albetafeen,commenceD,anopurfweDfq?tbett|tentabouefpecifieD, f 
t^ereUpojUcJ atoacDiiuafe^no Doe erectttion,bp ano sjpoiube bo5P;h 
$^Dg6^s,bfjc()f partpo? parties tljat fon>albe conS^mjeD, acco^oinglp: 

-^tjt autijo^itT? SlrtDaKoffjtiirtaurfuIl poUier ano nutljo^itp to beare ano Determine all 

ty&m? aitDallmanerj>fDe»jf?,mjnues;ti^paffe3 

toarnes ana UiCceipf)^, ite^liijenceMcf«itilt.Sj contejnj?ts,complaiut;ei, not;5j quarrels. 

Courts.' Ciiftos Rotulbrum. 7^ 

lttitg,fififc$!,controticrne^/o?faitiirc0,offencesf,anD otijcr things iMljatfo^^ 
cucr tI)epftanbe,to()tct)Ijcrcaftei;(l)aU grotoejbemoacDjUirrcti, p?ocu- 
reUjO? ariff ,in/D?,o? bpon nnj> ntattcr, caufe 0^ otljf r t^iiio:, adigncB com^ 
mitteo 0? appoiutcD, 0^ fjercaftcu to be aCfigneu, committ£ii,o^ appointeo 
to t\)t fcucraU Directions, c^iiers atiD gouernances ofcbc fame Coutts 0? 
anp oft(jemjO^,fo?,o^t3pon an? manetof tfjing 0? things , to^tcb map o} 
(Ijall toticb, 0^ in anp tuife concerne tfje fame, toj^eretn tlje ©ueene fljal be 
onelp partie:9inu alfo aU maner of flates fo^ termc of peres bettoeene par* 
tie ano partie , concerning t^e p^emi(re0 : anu to correct antj puniQje bp 
eijeiruifcrecione.aU ann euerpperfon anD perfougi,tubiclj before tbemfljal 
Xjce conuictetJ of anp of t[je pjcmtfTcg , accGjuing to tbe nature, qualitie, 
anD quanticie of feis O} t^eit offence 0^ olfence2f,caufe 0? caufe^, matter t>i 
matters (all ano all maner of treafon£i,murDers,felonie£i,eflates,rigl;te0, 
titleisantjintereffes^agioofllof in^ierit^nce as of free^oloe ( otijertljcn 
3lointurej3i fo? terme of life) onelp ercepceu anu alinaies referttej; tS* 

2 Cuerp of tlje faio Courts l^all ^auefitHpotoer aniiaut^o^Ctte.,to g,„e!-cins of 
fet fucl)6nes,pcnaUies,attD amerciatnencs bpon partte0,^ljerif0,officers om\m»* 
ano ot^er perfon0,fo? W ano tl;eir Defaults, contempts , negWgcnccs oj 
mifoemeano^s, astontot^e faio Courts 0? \)nto anp of tljem, (balbe reafo* 

nablp conliDeteD an^ tbougljt erpeDicnt* ^na all anD euerp trial ana trials ^riai^ 
of all ano all maner of fuits, biIs,plaints,info?mations,Declarations, co* 
plaints,anfnjeres,replications,aIlegations, caufes.matters ano iffueSjO? 
anp of tljem, to bepurftteD, maoeo? trieo in tlje faio f,u?rall Courts, oj 
anp of tfjem,(I;albe maoe ^ tried b^ nut eramination of luitnf s , to^itings, 
{i?oofes,o^ bp fuel) otljer toaies 0? meanes,as bp tlje faio feuerallCourts, 
0} bp anp of tl)em,fljall be tljoug^t ejcpeoienttanu all anrj euerp fucb inH' 
went autj iubgementSjDecree, 0? Decrees, eramination ano eraminations, 

fi)albe goDD,perfect,ano in full flrengtt),fo?ce ano effect in t\)t lato to all 
intents anD purpofes^s 3 ♦i^.S* 5 9» 

3 ^ht fame feuerall (j^ao officers,fo? tbecime being, in euerp of tljeir sjtftbaf gmsot 
faiD feucral courts,fi)all Ijaue full potoergt autl^o^itie, toDlfci)argr,cancel, "wamfancw, 
anDmal^eboiD, bp bis ojt^eirDifcretion, all anD lingular recognifances 

maDe in tIjefaiD coutt,fo? anp apparance,o? otljer contempct^nD tlje fame 
^eaD officer oj officers,anD t^e parties fo bounDen anD to be bounDen tobei - - 
Difc^argcD againa tbe Clueene,^er IjeirSierecuto^s^anD fuccelTo^Sifo} tfie 
cancellation of ti^e fame recognifance»33,i|)«8t59« 



T][&eCljauncelo?of CnglanD,o? IL.iSeeper of clje great ^ealefo^tlje ^.^ ^^.^ 
time being, OjaU from time totimeiuitfjontanp billtu be affigneD <iLl)&\Ktlo^ml 
toitljtlje (Dueenes[)anD,namef appointfucbperfon'tobe Cul^os Rot^ K"to"" 
lorum,toitJineucr^fl?ir«oftiH?^«5[nteof enjjlan?, malef?,an&otljsi: 

i 4 ^1/5 

>)r .rCuftbme$,Subridics,Cuftomers,8(e.^ 

tfte Sliteenes^uommjons!, ^mWj^ €errito?ic0 of tlje fante; agtip tfje 
Diftretion of tbe faiD Io^d f c^fbalbe tlj ougbt meet to fjauc anu txtuiit t!je 
famet^no t^efaio perron fo appomten fijaU ano map mxcik ^ fnio? tbe 
fame office of Cuftos Rotulorum bp Ijimfclf e, o^ bp (ji? fufficient oeputie 
SufJoS 2 ,ai5uttl)ea5i(i)opgof ^o^^e,ofDurl}am,ofetp, antJtuerp of t^eir 
Rotulorum. fuccelTo?£?, t^c C()anc£lD? of clje Ducfjte of laucaffer fo? tlje time Mn^, 
anti euecp perfon,co?po?ation,fifaotip co?po?at, ya\)it^ ^aue aut^o^itie, b? 
latufuU meanest, to o^Daine an? of tfje fain ©fficeg of Cufios Rotulorum 
toicbm anpplace^ffjal $ map eniop tfje fame autf)o?itie, acco^oing a? tljep 
^aue dap ti)e fame,t&i0 act ^r.notCattiiingt ?»€o»5 j» 

and Searchers^ 
^nbmiic oE A ^"° ^Mi"^.^ fubCoie of Connate toas granteo to ber SpaieOp uu- 
«s:onna5e anD x\rittg|jer Iife^^tat is to fap, of euerp tun of luine comming into t^jist 
ponoasc Healmebp toap of marcfjanDi^eiti^^.^nD of euerp tunne offtueete twine 
comming i\\ bp anp marcfjant ^lien, His, mo?e aboue tbe firft iiu 2(* of e^ 
uerp 9l\Mneof Eeitifl) tnine bpug;btin bp anp marcbant jt-ii. U» anu alfo 
anotber s^ubfioieof ponoageluas granceD>tbat igf to rap,of al pobs of e= 
uerp marcbant Denizen $ Mtxi , to be carieo foojtb o} b^ougbt into tbiss 
realme bp toap of marcbaoifCjOf tbcualue of euecic pr.SiOf tbe fame gooDiSf 
xiiJ^^ttO of euerp jrr»StDalae of ^irnie $petoter beifel carien fo?tbbp a* 
np marcbant aiiettrii*U;mo?ebeat>etbefirttjtii.U» (eirceptinff out of t^e 
faio ^ubfioie ail molltn clotb mane toitbin Cnglanti, ^ bp euerp o? anp 
marcbant Denizen ann not bo^ue aiien,to be caries fojtb, ann all tooolgf, 
tj3oolfelg!,biii«0#6acfee0 of leatber,to be carieo fo^tb of tbis IRealme.auti 
a «>aij'it)(eoE «iltlojine0;frea) ftlb ano T^eOial comming; into tbi0 realmeO ^Ifo anotbec 
ujaoi^, wool. j^ttbUoie tua0 granten to Ijer 6?ace, bi^^of eiterp marcbant Denizen of $ 
u\0M^i^iv. f'pj euericfac:kofli3o6l,3 5.0,]t;ltooolfcl0,tb?eeano tbirtp 
fbillings ano 4M01 euerp laa of bii'e0 ano bacl^e0,»bi» ©f e* 
^-?r' . r:i .; uerpmarc^ant^tranger,aftBeJ Denizen a0otbcr/o? euerp faclft of luool 
•^'^''^^'"■i''^-' ui*««bt/0. biiittJ^xif euerp c^^^^^ 

^ :5J0 anu bac'k0itii*li.]t;ii!,0.iiii.ti.attti fo of airtBool0,tooolfel0, ^ioeg anu 

bacl?c0 after tb(?tate,3!f anp marcl)annifeafo?efaiD;ii3!jereoftbefub(tDie 

tSffiol* i0O«etotbeCl»90aieaie, Ibalbelbippeo to tbe intent to be carteDbeponu 

m mbm^ tbe feas,o? elfe be b?ougbt from tbence into anp place of tbi0 Healme, an^ 

3>npai?9. j^j,j.g |gj^ jjj^ jgj^^ jjp ^^p of marcbanoife (^ tbe ^ubfioie bue fo? tbe fame 

not paiiijOjtljeCoHecto? of tbefameo^l)i0rreputie, tuttb tbe agreement 
of tbe Comptroller ann ^i^^ueio?, if? one of tbem not agrees iuitbin tbe 
cuiIomeboure)tbefameO)albefo?faite&t0 tbeiiv^tobimtbatlinK feife 
0? fite f<j? tbe fame^T^utif anp goo3i0,ntarcbatjirc0,tijoor0,tooolfcl3,o? lea* 
t^Btp} anp parttbergof , of artp marcbant 3:>em^en naturallp bojne tbe 
Swlue«ine?-r«bieastKiJic^i|)airt^aflf^#(»f t§i0 SieaitmbttringtSetimeoe 

Cuftomes,SubfidicSjCuftomcrs5 5(c. 77 

t!)t0 grant, fl;al Ijappen to he tafem tottfj enemies 0? pirate tjpon tbe fea, 
c^ ycrilbeo bp tU fortune in anp fljip tijat (balbe tafecn 0? perifbeo, tJJberrof 
tI)eritbfiDic0Dtte to tijcdueene Wbe (in fo?me afojefaiD) cuelp paicD 0? 
agreeo fo?, f tfjat founu ann p^oueu before tbe ^reafo?er of Cnglanu , 0? . 
tbc t\)iek ll5aron of tbe €fcbequer, bptbe eramtnation of tbc mardjants 
iftbep be aliue ,0? of tbeirejcecuto^sio? aDminidrato^siftbep bci>eaD,D> 
tiaio credible perfong(o?ot[)erreafonabietuitneflesfjjjo?ne,tben tbe fame 
wardjantsDem^ensCotonersof tbefame gooD)3 periibeo 0? iol!(iftbep be 
aliueto? tbeir erecuto^s $ aiimin(ttrato?s if tbep be oeaD,^ euerie of tbem, 
toben tbem lifeetb, fljaii neliilp (I)ip as mud; otber marcbanoifes $c» in tbe 
pojt oj pojts^intDljtcb tbeotber perifijeQ toerefljippeD,lDitbout anp fub= 
CDie to be paio to tbe0.^nD all profits of tbepjemiffes to to be loa:,njalbe 
certificDbptbe'^reafo?ero?d)tefel5aronintotbeCbancerp,tl)ereto xc> 
maine of lReco?D:ann after fucljcertiScatjtfjeCbancelo? 0? loju iKee* 
per,(bal malte bnto tbe Caiu marcbants, tbeic erecuto^s O} aominitt rato^s, 
0? to tbeir atturnep in tbat bebalfe, as manp ^ fncb to?its ana Warrants, 
to be Directen afwell to t^e collectors of tbe ^ubfioie, 0? anp, o^ eiierp of 
tbem,as to tbcSLreafa^ec anulSarousof tbe Cfcbequeci^all be tbougbc 
neeDfuI,fo|tljeraii3marcI}ants,tbeiratturncis,o? tbedno Collectors oj 
anp of tbenuobaue fa? tbeobteiningasiueUof tlje t|jipping,as of tlje al= 
lotoancetbcreof.i»€li?»i 9* 

■ a Ctterp maccbant Denizen tbat (ball Ibip anp toooU,tooolfels, Ijioes, ^tmftw m- 
Drotl^ergooDsanomarcbantiiresinanpCaricfeeorc^anep , (ball pap tbe ?fci?o "©aiiei 
SdueeneaUmanecof cuSomes,anD all tljeforefaiD fnbiiDies, a$ anp ^lieu ^„^"J'J|f "' 
jborneouf.oftbisrealme,i.€li|.i9. , Sitcn. 

3 liikeCuflomeantirubltoieCbalbepaiD forfucljftMeetetoinesttJbicljCuftomeof 
cometbrousb tbe 5§)traites of ^parroclte, otbcrtoife spallegap, being fw««e^in?«- 
ij^dugbtfrom tbe fame place,ttjbere tbe spalmefep is,anD of tbe famena^ 

tureof 6rape,asis ana(;atljbinaccuflometito bepaieo foj Spalmfeps* 

4 CbeClueene,ljer]beire2i anufttcceflbrs, (ballreceiue bptlje Cullo* '^ijccuifomc 
mers antj ©fficers of ber po^ts, fo? t\)z Cuttome 0? ponoage of mtm JoStSf ' 
(luarter of tobeateto be tranfpoueti(bp fo?ce of t^c (fatiite mane 1 3, €iu 
icii^if^atto of euerp Cltiarter of anp otber graine,biii»lf. ^no of euerp quar* 

ter of tubeate tbat (balbe h^ anp fpecial licence tranfporteD(^ not bp fo?ce 
of tbe fain ttatute)it.s.anD of euerp quarter of otber grainejcUi^fi.notiuttb* 
fianoing; anp toojus tbat (ball be containen in anp licence to tbe contrarp, 
tobirbfamfcuerallfummesfo taken as CutJJomeorpontiase, (ball beitt 
fullfatiftaccionofallmanerof Cultomeo? ponQaje foj tbefaio Co^ne 
anu ^aine, bp anp couaitution,orDer,aatute,lalD,o? CuOJome b^retofoje 
maoc^jfeUjOr taken fo? tranrpcrting; of anp fucbmaner of Co^neo? graine 
iSMx^a ^SccCorney.^notbe&ueeneberbeires anD fuccelTors (bal 
^aue ano recciue bp tbe Cudomer^ ans of icers of ber po^tf s,fo? tbe €u* 
.«->* Come 


(!omeo?Potttrac!:e of cuerp quarter of td!jeate,toktranfpo?CfDbj)fo^ccof 
tlje llatute maoc 3nno s y^of ber rafpe,ti\g.auD of eucrp quarter of anp o» 
tber ffrain,ri3utf»U)|jic^ fain fcueral fmtimeg fo to be Ijao o} t&km as €u* 
dome 0} Iponuagie , to be in full fatiffactton of all maner of CiiSome oj 
^onDage fo? tlje faio Cojine o? 5ratne,bp anp conUtcution, ojoec, ftatute, 
IaUJ,o? cuHome beretofo?e maDctjfeo o? talten fo? trafpo^tiiig of anp fuclj 
maner of co?ne anti gratne. ppuioen aHMaie0,tbat cbts act, o} anp tljinof 
tberein contamen, (ball not be y?eiuDiciaI o? burtfull to anp former let* 
ters patents o} licence grant eD bp het Spaieftie to anp perfon o? perfonsf, 
faouiespolitil^eo? co?po?ate,fo? tbe tranfpo^tation of anp co?neo? graine, 
eitber at anp lelTer cuComes,o? fubltDies, tben is containen in tbis p?cfent 
^ctCy 0? iMitbout anp cuHome o? fubfioie^but tbep anD euerp of tbcm, tbcic 
Deputies mti alTignes.lbaU ^ map tranfpo^t graine bereafter fo? tbe time 
in tbeir feuerall Letters patents rpecifier»,eitber at fucb prices anu rates, 
o?toitboutCuffomco?ii)UbnDieinrucb maner and fo?me,as in tbe fapn 
letters l^atents is containeu, acco?mngtotbefo?megt effect of tbe fame 
letters patents,anD in fucb maner anti fo?me, an&nototbertotfe, to all 
intents ano if tljis p?efent act l;ab nm^t bin baup? maoe^j u 

Cli^f?* S.Corne^* 
«3)ea Rfb ttanf. 5 €uerp fubiect of tlje Jllueenes , tbat (ball trantpon in anp ff;ip , o^ 
Sd^SoiS"^""^ otber belTels, of anp of tbe Ciueencs fubiects tuitb crofle failcs, anp i^er* 
" • ring,o? otber fea fiQj,taKen upon tbe feas bp anp of tbe faio fubiects,out of 
anp po?t 0? gparbo?ougb of tbis Eealme,(balbe free from paiment of an? 
Cu(!onie,^ubnop,o?l|3ottOaD;emonep fo?tbefamefi(bv5.<!^ii5>5»3 5»d. continue til tbe eno of tbe neict ]parliament.S*Ships. r* 
%^t niboij? of <5 (jSuerp perfon tbat (tiall 0;ip, o? carte anp leatber , talloto, o? ratoe 
fe-^'^Sy bti'eSjbeponD tbe ^ea (otber tben ^cottifljbioes b?ougbt to T^artuicke ■ 
ipS.^' out of !%cotlanD. 5.^18*; ibal pap to tht d. bcr beires ano fuccelTo^s fo? 

euerp bioe focarien bp tbenameof a^ubfioiejcs* jfo? euerp uo^en of - 
Caluesfl?innes iit»^nD fo? euerp ec^pounu toeigbt of 'SLalloto, St* 
S»tjiii*d* 2lnb all Culfomers, Comptrollers, jrarmo?sanD !g)uperuifo?s{ 
of Cuffontes ana ^ubCoie (balbe accomptant to tbe Tiy^UQ pap tbe faio 
CuSome ano ^ubfioie fo? all (ut\) goons entreo ann laDen, bpon paine to 
fo?fait tbe treble balue,auii to make fine ano ranfome,i S*€18» 2*^,6,3* 

St Leather 35^ 

^amaiMfnU 7 3If anp leatber U)?ougbt, cut, 0? bnb)?ougbt to t^e intent to be foln 
iLwt^er, pj bartreii,0;all be bnlatafullp tranfpo?teii 0? purpofeo to be tranfpo?teo 
beponn t^z &ea out of anp po?t, Cpauen, 0% Crecke of tbis Healme, oj 
SBales, euerp Comptroller, CuSomer, ^urueiour. Colic cf our of Con* 
nage ana ponnage^ann <%earcber, ano tbe oeputie of anp of tbem,o? an? 
otber perfonbcartngo?knotuing of anp leatber meant to beetranfpo?* 
ten from anp place tcitbin bis Office, ano ooenot W belfinoeuourta 
feifetlje fame, 0^ being tranfpo?tennoe not nifclofeojcaufctobenifclo* 


Cuftomcs,SubfidieSjCuftomcrSj&c. 78 

feu t^c fame,toicbmri.Baies nejct after !motojleuo;e o} Ijcaring of tbefame 
in fome Court of Keco^o, fo as tbe cffcnDoj map be punilbeo acco?ninoj to 
t^e WoiM ^^^^ fo? tlje firft offence fo jf.a CIi.auD fo? tbe feconD, lofe W 
office.^no euerp (!Diillamer,©fftcer o? W Deputp,tbat fbal mal^e anp falfe 
CevtiScat of tlje arritial of anp teatber in anj) po?c, Creehe, o} place of 
t^ts realme,flal fo^fait fa? euerp offence a €M.5*€\i^,S, 

8 ji^oCnglill) 39arcl)ant(balpaj>fo?t()eCttOEomeofaracfteoftooolI, ccmiomc of 
IjtttbujEf.^iu.^* I4,€d.^ 2 i,5i^omarcbant^lieno? Denizen (balbe com= ^^^' 
peUeD to pap anp Cuif ome fo? tl)eir Canuife o? Co?neriei toit^ toljiclj tlxir 

9 Cuerp Cuftomer o? Comptroller (ball talte fufftcienc fuertie of eue* '^nntits of 
rie Sparcbant alien, t)ttailer,o?otbcr !§)trangertoimploptl)emonepre« ^f^Snm? 
teittei>fo?l)iswarcl)anoife, \jpontUecommoDiticg(of tbiglanD, o?to put mone?rccei» 
tlje fame monep fo? t(je marcbannife receiueo in Due papment, ( ijis rea* "^° ''* 
fonable ejcpencesoeoucteo) uponpaineof fo?faitureof tlje balueof tbe 
faiomarcbanDiretot(je£ltauD3l4Ct z*^*7*^f i7.C0f4J» S.Marchants 

I o 3If anp $:parcl;ant Denizen ,o? j^cranr^er (ball rell,o? offer to fell a« to^5eD?nD 
jip clotb of (^olD.^iluer,'BotBDhin,5:Jcluet, Damafke, <i)atten, 'Carta* meafurjD b? 
ron,Cbamlet,o?otberclotbofaifee,o?anp Co?reof ClfeeanD of O^oloe, t^J«<2:uiiPui5r, 
D? anp Co?fe of (tll^e maoe bepotio tbe ^ea, befo?e tlje Collecto?0 of tbe 
^ubCoie of 'Connate ano pontjage,anu t\)Z Comptroller of tbe fame, in 
tbe'lpo?ttJ3tjerefucb marc!janoifetsfecbponlani»,bauefurueper», meafu* 
reD,^niifealeD euerppeecetbereof, int^eoneenu luitb tlje 4eale o?iiei=» 

Keo fo? t\)e fame,be Iball fo?fait tlje fame o? tbe balue tbereof i 4.€d*4. 3 ♦ 

gnu if anp Collecto?,Coptroller,o? anp of tbcir Clerks do tafee anp tbinj gjf IfS 

fo?fealinganpoftbefo?efaiD piece0, be (ball fo? fait fo?euerptim0rr»li» «tjj3rB,no?Dc» 

ano if anp of t(jem do bnreafonablp Delap anp Sparcljant about tljt fealing [^|it! ^^' 

ciffucbmarcl)anDife,lje(ballfo?faitfo? euerp offence rU 0*totbe0ueene 

aitD partie srieueD, to be recouereD bp ^% $c» tofjerein no CiK. f c»cp* 

I I 9np pcrfon maDe 0? to be maDe Denizen, llialpap fo? Ijfsf marcljnn- aucii^maof 
DifeliKe CuSome f ^ubCoie intuarD anD outtuarD,a0 be fljoulo Ijaue paiD ^^"'5w«. 
Befo?et)etoa3 Denizen,*?^ iiJ^,j,^,22j^XS. 

1 2 Cuerp fubiectbo?ne in CnglanDe, anDfii30?ne to be fubiectto a ^mmjmfn 
fo?retne 1p?ince,fo long a0 be (ball abiDe ^be fubiect to a fo?rainep?ittce, p^SS?" '^^^^^ 
iball pap fuc^ Cuttomejs, ^ubfioics^'Colles!, ano ot^er impoCltions toitlp 
intbis Healme, as otljer Strangers oftfjofe parts iuljerc tbe faio Cno;* 
iifb man maKetb W babltation, bfe to pap» O^ut if after anp fucb perfon 
60 returne into tbe Eealme bere to inbabit , tben bee Ibidl bee re({o?ett 
to fucb liberties, in paping of Cuttomes ano otber eljarses, as otljer Cng- 
Ii(I)mcnDfeto pap ano {laueatojitoutof t^e C^aunccrp fo? t^ fame* 

«4*|>.?t4. ^ , . . 

13 eucrp 


<Sooti3 tj^oujijt 1 5 ^mv^ Sparcljant to^tcb (Ijall b^ing anj> j^ootjs into anp H^o^c in 

SnS ?Seimmo. ^^^^^ J^ealmc,ann tOere Dotlj enter t!)e fame in tlje Cudoniers I5oofee0,anii 

uf D to aiwtijer. pap Unto Ijt'm cfjc ^iteenee uuetj), ano toil after carp t|jc fame gocDs from 

tJ)ence,tnto anp otijer po?t toitljin tW Healme,fijaU bjing from tfjeCu* 

Comer0 of cbe j[9o?t totjere t[je pous toere entreD,a Ccrtificat unDer t\tzit 

5§^ealesiiirecteD Unco tfje Cuaomers of t()epo?ttul}ereto tlje goons (Ijalbe 

cottueieo,maftino; mencion therein of t^e colour, lencjt!;, toeigljc, content 

anD tjaltie of al tlje 50000 fo entrei»,anD t^eCuttomer,o? ©fficer to tu^om 

fuel) cercificat fljal come^djal t^^k^ nothing fo^ tlje Hgit of tl;e fame 500110. 

9nD if anp of tlje faio 50000 fljall be uifcbargeo , bnpackn, o} put to falc 

toitbin anp po?t (otbertljen tbefametobere tfjeplbaUbe fird entren) 

before tbefaiDCertiScacbeueliuercD, anD tbe famegooDs feenc, tbeti 

tbepfljall be fo^fiiittotbe Clueene anoljim t^atiuin p^oue fuclj fo^fai- 


t?eMS?U"' '4 31f aCertificat be mauebptbe Cuflfomer of anp l^o^t tol^ereunta 

cuftoinew fucb marcbanDife0(balbe firttb^ougbt, ano cbere in tbeir^oofte0 entreo, 

i3omsi, „of maldns ment^on,a0 is afo?efaiD,tbe CuHomer fl)al iofe bt0 ©fFice, anti 

malte fine to tbe dueeneat ber pleafure-g.^)* y^y^ -^I^beCuaome anu 

Solicit cioti)^ ^ubfiDieof aUtoonenclotbe0to bee QjippcDano carieiiouertbe ^eaa 

vacftco in one (U)berefoeuer tbep be pacfeco) Iball be paieo to tbe <z!:uflomer0 of tbe ^o?t 

in anoS^^ iubere anp (nc^ clotfic? fljaU bee laoen 0^ ^i^^ttj, oj to tbcir Deputies; 

caarramstof 15 CtierpCutlomer J Comptroller tobicljtninnot bj^ite, fUeliuec 

ti5c Srcoant fufftcicnt U)arrant0fealebluitbtbefealeof tbeir ©ffice,to anp sparcbant 

mm t!je Due Hjctoing ano ouelp cuttoming ^is marcbanoife0 in tbe Difcbarge of tbe 

omw. fame(toitboutanptbtn5recetuin5 tberefo?e)butoneIptbetiuecuffome, 

(ball euerp offence to thtSlv* lu^to tbe Sparcbant grieueo \)^ \u 

fo^tbelDbicb tbefaiDSparcbantlbalbaueanactiomi 2,i^.6J 5' 

150 man fijai 16 00 perfon.Deni^en 0^ ^tranger^ibal enter into tbe boo!te0 of anp 

S"offfSg^«flomer,o?otber©fficerofanppo?to?^auen, ojbisDeputie 0? fee- 

name. uant anp 5ooi30,tt3are0,o? SparcbanDife0 lubatfoeuer b^ougbt into tbe Ci> 


(on tben tbe ijerp true otoner of tbe fame 50000, beins not folo 0? bargai* 

net) fojjbp anp perfon before fucb entrp,o? before tbe arriual of fucb gooDS 

0} marcbantiifc0 into tbe pariie0 bepono tbe ^ea, bponpaine of fo^fait of 

Cot^euns tbebalueoftbesooDgfo c\\tm.i.€Uj.i.^S.5. i4,€»5*2i»9nDtobo* 

^^'^^^' foeuer ootb Cochct IUCOI0 but in t^e name of |)im to^ofe tbe toool0 be^fijal 

cuffomincr of 1 7 31f anp ^arcbanc Stranger, Denizen, o? otbcr tbe inuecne0 fub* 
lui^ef ?Se^ <ect , (bal CuHomc anp 50000 0? sparcbanDife0 of anp otbectuberebp tbe 
saueene icatt) Sd^fijallofe ber eE;uffome,^ubfiDie,o? otber rt5bt,o? ouetp, be fbal fo?f.aIt 
Dec Diictic, ijjg pojig ai^o cattel0 petfonals fo? euer,to tbcCluecne ano 3Iftbattiiil fue 
unt!;in tfjjee pereg^to be recouercD bp ^.%^Cf totjereiu no £0t ?c. €* P» 

$c. I 

Cuftomes,Subridics,Cuftomers. 79 

1 8 3!f an? perfon tnf^eriting in t(je cinque lpo?t!?, 0? otfjec bcinoj free (^Htfome of 
of p^ifage 0? butlerage of toines bp graunc, cuttome,o? otbertDife, uo cu* ^inw. 
Come t(;e tomes of aup otOer perfo beino* not free,!)£ (Ijal fo^f^al ^is gooD^ 
ano catccls perfouals to tlje dn^atin 3I^tbat toiU ftie toittjin iiu peres, to be 
recouereD bj>3*3I»tu herein no t(n.fc.C'p.^cj,i^»8*5,2.<jjD.6*22* 

ip 31f anp CuiIoniec,ComptroIler,o^ bis Deputie tuill fuffcr hv couin 'B^airc spetai 
031 otdec untiue meanes^anp perfon after tbat (jis 'B?aire,lattcn, Copper, JnTpSJ/tHH 
Spcttan$c»is!bippebo? carieo,contrarptotbe meaning of tbe ffatutein «ij?f- 
t^atcafe p?oiuiifD,Domaftean©bIiptiontiiitbo«tuatefo? tbemfcbarge 
anncertificatofbis^etaUjtljen be fbalUofe bis Office, antj tbe Ualueof 
tbe Spetal ^no if an? Cuttemer 0? fearcberDo toillinglp fuffer anp of tbe 
petals arb^efaiD to be (bippeli contrary to tbe meaning of tbe faio 3ct , 0^ 
ds bawiug hnotuleoge tbat it is fecretlp fbippcu,o? carieo, Do not feife the 
fame to tbeiO*bfe,tben !je (balHofe bis office,anD tlje balue of tlje faiD Spe* 

tal*3 3*i&*8,7. 2*€d,6*^ 7»S.Braflc g* 

. 20 3lf a common Officer, in anpCitie, 'Bo^ougb 0? '^Cobine, 0? W <zrommon om- 
Depntie,i>otalkei)pon buntobeCuffomer, Comptroller 0? i^earcbcrin ^"KSSj. 
jinp Po?t in tbe fame Citie, "Bo^ougb 0? 'SCoioncbe Iball fo?fait fo^ euerp cet m tftc cu- 
balfeperetbatljeoccupietl^botb tbefaiD©fftces]c*li*tottie SElueeneanu "«""**9«it. 


2 1 31f a Cu(!omer,Comptroner of tbe CulIome,Cler^e,Deptttp,^i« Bo cunomrc 
tiitter,feruant,iracto?,o?^earcber, Comptroller c?!^uraeio? of s^ear-- ^(",Jfemar. 
cbes,o?anpoftbeirCler!te0,iieputies,minilIers,o^ factors (balljaue anp cijanDtrcftcepe 
Ibip of bis Q\s)ne(ij^M,2,io,o} (ball l«p 0? fell bp toap 0? colour of ntar^ |S%V« 
cbantiife,ojmetioleuiitb tbefraigbcinj off^ips, 0? baue 0^ occupp anp JFactJ?. 
caibarfes 0? Eepes,o?l^eepe anp 31nne 0? '^auerne(i i J;*4»2.) 0? fl;albe 

jfacto? 0^ Sltturnep fo? anp sparcbant Denizen 0? ?aiien, 0? (ball be bo^ 
to anp ^arcbant ^tranger,be Wl fo^f Jo^ euerp fucb offence icUit to tbe 

22 31fanpCuaomer, Collecfo?,o? Comptroller of tbeSdueenes cu^ cufiomer con. 
flomes,ofcoc^ets,of Clotbe0,;^ubnoies,'2i:onnageo?ponoaQ:e in anp Sffi^^^' 
j>laceoftbisiaealme,tiofaireIpconcealtbe2DueenesCul!omec? ^ubfi* 

uie nulp entreo anu paien bp anp 9©arcbant,anti be tbereof ouelp attaintcD 

0? couuicteo at tbefi.fuit, be (ball fo^fait tbe treblebalue of tbe marcba^ 

tife fo ouelp cuaome5,anti alCo pap a fine* 3 .^* 6, 3 . ^m eucrp Cuttomer ^ ,,, <r udflmct 

Dpon tbe peelDing of bis accompt in tbe crcbequer,fi;albe ftoojne to aun* mm. 

ftoere to cbe Sl.all profits toitbout ftm'o.^J^.^.20, 

2? €be CuUomers ann Comptrollers in euerp po?t of Cnglanne ^^^^^ ^^^q, 
(ball abineiipon tbeir Offices in tbeir p?c^er perfons, luitbout malting mts ma? 
anp Deputie 0? lieutenant in tbeir names i JlM*i 4»3no tbereunto tbep SSfflS Su 
(ball be ftoo^ne, anDbetubicb uotb tbecantrarieiball fo?fait CJi^antJ 
be i inp^ifoneD^aub tbe lilii fumme Q;4ll a j^earcber , ann tbe ^Lieutenant 



of tfje dttecns tWfcViitlct fo^f.if f)e no not t(birjt tipon fjig! ©ffi'ce, o^ ira 
malte Dfpucie*4 Jp»4*2o»'But tfjeCuttomer of Ipnne'flijaUljaue afer^ 
Uitnt 0^ Dcputp^continiiaUp reCocnt at tljeCitteof |3o?!ie* ^nn cuerp o* 
tber (Cu(Iomer,ComptroHer nxxxt ^carc^er of euerp po?t lT;ail alTipe ca 
anD in eucrp of tlje pa?ts of lon5on,!^outf)ampton, O^?iflotu,aii;eac(jc* . 
Ccr,3[5ct»canie, ano tlje ful)urb3 of tlje famejano txmcvy po?c,creel^e oj : 
roi3r(toljere tOe feruant of anp oftljem^auebin contmuaUp rclfDcnt bp 
t^e fyace of c^pmg.o? bercaftec (Ijalbejone able $ fiifficient oeputp o^ feci 
uant at t!je Ieaaj*(!Kli5>i !♦ 
fl f "ontlUfie ^"^ ^^^ €uaomer*Compti:o!ler,6ao:er of topnes o? ^earcber, be ab» 
&u ijis oJtic?. fent from Ijis Dfficebp tlje fpace of t!)?ee toeel^eg.fje fijaH lofe W ©fftce, 
except l;e be commanoeoto be in fome of tljeSElueeneg Courts of Eeco?o> 
0} otbccluife in tlje C^ueeneis fetuice of IJlecope* i ♦ Ep^. 1 3» 4,i^«4«2o» 

SDfficer* of tiie ^ 5 ^ttuell eucrp eDuffomcr, Comptroller, anti ^earcber, as euerp of 
Sa?Sant" ^^^^^^ 3^^putie0 ano fertiants, (ball from time to time Do tbeir oilijent at* 
tenoanceattbebotuerj!, times ano places (appoiittcn bptbeUatutemaoe 
I ♦Cli^.fo? lapiiif^ on lanu marcbanoifc) in tbe Ctiltome boufe ^ elftubere, 
as it niall be mod contienient fo? tbe fpeeop oifpatcb of tlje ^arcbant, i)i^ 
toaresano marcbanDire,anD fo? tbe cue erecutionoftbefojefaio ^tu in 
fucbtbtnsesastobinilballappertaine,tuitbout concealment o? confetti 
tinstoanpcbinff.lobtcbmapbe totbeBamajeof tbedueene.berbeiregs 
t} fuccelTo^Sjin tbe iull anfttJerina; of bee Cuftomes ano )i)ubfiDies , bpoti • 
paine tbat eucrp fucb Cu(lomer;Comptroller, ano j8>earcber Iball fo^faie 
fo J etterp offence bis i2Dffice, Cltf to tbe SElueene ano 3f* tubercin no ZSX* 
^t,€,'§*%<icMnn if anp ©aficer pertaining to tbe ^ubHoie o? Cuttome, 
no Itnoto anp offence committeo contrarp to anp article of tbe faio Uatutc 
anti DO not oifclofc it Initbin one monetb,to tbe cbiefe ^^icet of tbe fame 
Ipo^tjOj to tbe lo^fi Cbancelo?, 'Creafo?er,T5arons of tbe (iSfcbequer , o? 
^tturnep2eneraU^c4ceW fojfaitClif itCli?*!!* Sec Marchants 

I ThatnoBra(rc,Copper,MettaII,8:c. fliall bclBippcdbut out of a 
Port where there is a Cuftomcr.S.BrafTe y ♦ 

a What bondsjand vpon what paine a Cuftomer Ihall take for the ca- 
rying of BralTc or other Mettal from one Port of this Realmc to another^ 

S That Mafkrs offhips fliall declare vnto the Cuftomers when they 
go forth,and when they rcturne.S.Marchants 7+8, 

4 FortheCuftomcrsductie in receiuingandfelling of Hats brought 
frooi any parts beyond the Sea, & the owners in paying of Cuftome» Sec 

5 What Cuflome Aliens fliall pay for faltcd Fifh and falted Herrings 
brought into this Rcahnc, StFifli 1 ^, 

' ' pamages. 

Damages: So 

f 7\ rK^ereatipperfon njaUfuefojtbo^pjocurtfokrucDfojtljoftljc^amaffe* 
V V iKingsl^cncIjanp (Latitat,Alias,o^ Pluries Capias) againaanp ?J|"DtUp?ft4 
pertontuljtcljupoiuljefame (IjalbearreCeD, o^appcarcupontljc retumc im^sot^mf. 
of anp t^e faiD lu?it0 o? p^ocesi, anu fijall put in bis baple to anfiuerc fucb nonK*"* ^ 
fuitasfijaUbcobicctcD apinttljim.'^njen if tOcpartie at iDljofe procure* 
met tlje fame tu?it o? ppces luas obtaincD,tio not iDit&in tij^ec Dates nept 
after fucljbaile tato, put into tlje fame Court !)i0 Declaration againfl 
t^e fame particaptnfttuljom fuel) lo?it D?p?oceis fijaUliefueD: ©? if af« 
ter Declaration {jaDjtIjeplaintifefljan not p^ofecutetfjefame toitlj effect, 
bttt ffjall toilUnglp anD apparantlp to tfjc fame Court fuffer fjis fait to bee 
DelaleD: Q} fljaU after Declaration fuffer tbe fame fuitto OeDifcontinueD: 
©^ OjaU be nonfuit in tbe fame.tljen tlje 3IuDgc0 of tfje faiD Court (Jjall bp 
t'^eirDifcretion5,as tbep Qjallperceiue anp fuc^ Default to be int^epartp/ 
at tal)ofe procurement fuel) tozits o? p?occs toas fueD fo?tl;,atuarD to euc- 
rp fuel) perfon fo arreHcD o? troubleo bp fuel) to?its o? futt , Ijig coffes auD 
fiamages, auD cbaro;e0 bp anp meaner fultaineD, bp occaCon of anp fucb 
to?it0,p?oceis,arreff 3 o} fuitjs talten, ^aD o? ftteD acjamft l)im,to be paieD bp 
fucb perfon, tljatfo (f)alUaufe anpfuctj tojitgo? ppceistobefueD fojtf^f 

a~-afanp perfon CfjaUcaufe anp otberperfon to be attac^eD ojarreOeD ^mttunm 
to aunfujere to anp bill ,plaint , action , o? fuit in tlje Court of tlje ^ar* ^©ari^aifep, 
fi)alfep,o J in anp Court tottljin lonDort,o? (n anp Citie,'35o?ougb, HLmw Knw°r^^ 
co?po?at, J fltber place , tuljere anp p^iuileDge is bfeo to bolD plea in anp 
action perfonall , anD do not in all Courts (Ijatu'ng tbeir continuance de 
die in diem) iMitbiu tljice Dapes nett after tl;e Defenoant (Ijall be baileD, 
t} otljertoife appeare in Court, h]) fo?ce of anp arreft o? attachment bau 
anD returneD, anD in all otber Courts, at tbeneyt 5§>effioHSo? Court to 
bebolDen after fucb arreUes o} attacbmentsauD apparanceoftlje Def» 
In^creas tbe faio Dcf* oug;()t to appeare (unleflc a furtber Dap Ibal be efpe=: 
tiallp siuen bptbe Difcrecion of t^e Court from lB()ence anp precept, 
ppceSjOj attacbmentlball beatoarDeD)e;cbibitbi0 bill oj Declaration 
a^ainli fucb perfon asfo h^ bi0 meanes Iball be attac^eD o^ arrettcD, inta 
fucb Court \xi\}ttt tlje partie ougbc to appeare , o? if anp fuel) perfon at 
tobofe fuit anp fuclj attac()mmo?arreil of anp perfon Qjall be fomaoe, 
after Ijis Declaration , bill , o? plaint erbibiteD , Do not from tbencefo?t|j 
pjofccute tbe fame bis fuit toitl; effect,o j fijal fuffer tbe fame to be Difcoti- 
nueD,o^ lb«l after be nonfuit in t\)t fame , o? Ijjillinglp $ apparantlp to tbe 
(amecourt.fljal fa^ beration of tbe Def Delap tbe fame fuit,tben t\)t 31«Dge 
0? 3IuDges of euerp fucb court,lbal fo^tblJJitb bp W o? tbeir Difcretion,a0 
^eo? tbepWperceiue anp facb Default o^Delap in ppartppp?ocureD anp . 
attacbiTit 0^ arreS to be ^aD,a'a3arD to euerp fucb perfa,iDbicb Ibalbe fo at^ 
tcJcb'cD 0} croubleD,biS co{53,DamaQ;es,ff cbarges hf anp means fuHaineD, 
b^ occaHa af an^ fucj) a«acl;}nt,am0,^ fuit fa ftaD againlt f;im,co bepaio 

ip fucb pctfon t!;at fo W\ caufe anp fuc^ attachment , o j arrcff to be fu 

srrjntng of ^ 31f aup perfott (j^all bp anp meane waliciotiflp , 02 fo? bcration p?o« 

aKereVuit, cure an? otljer perfon to be arreflco o} attacbco, to anfujcr m anp p courts 

the wf ^"'^ 0? placea afo?cratD,at tlje fuit 0? in tht name of anp perfon, toljerc in uee^e 

tbcre 10 no fuclj perfon knotoen , o^laitljouttlje confent of fuel) perfon at 

toljofe fuit, 0? in lufjofe name fucb arrefl o^ittacbment fbalbe fo ban, tben 

£uerp perfon t()at (baU fo procure anp fucb arrett 0? attacbment , an5 

Iballtbereof bee conutcteD,o? lalDfulIpaccufeu bp 3Iniiictmenf,p?efent« 

mentjO? bp t^e teflimonp of tino fufficient loitnefleg 0} moe, 0? otber Hue 

ppofe,0)al foj euerp fucb offece bp btm commitceo 0} pjiocureo, fuffer im« 

pjifonment Ore monetljs toitfjout baile 0? matnp?ife,^ before Ije if)dXbe oe« 

Ituereo out of tlje piifon,fijatI pap vinto tfje partiefa arreffcD O} attacbco t)p 

bis means treble tije colles,cbarc!;es,t)ama5e0,ano erpcnce0,tbat befljaU 

be put unto bp reafa of fuel) attacbmec fo ljaD,^fl)aI alfo pap bntofucb per* 

fon in luljofe name 0? at to^ofe fuit be ibal fa procure fucb arreH 0? attacb* 

ment to bemaoe(iftbaubere (baH be anp fucb perfon hnown)j,iuf(i}t* 

. uerpfucboffence*8,Cli5.2. 

a remrti^fo? 4 euerppcrfon to iDbom anv cote, cbarses,namac5e2f,fo?faiture, ojt 

Bfo^S papment of anp monep.bp tbis ^ct (balbe atoaroe^o? fc^faiteo,map at all 

times baue bis remeop fo? tbe recouerp tbercof bp 3.of oebt.biLo? plaint, 

in anp Court of Keco?D,againa fucb perfon,bis bcires,ei:ecuto?s,o? aorni* 

niff rato?0,as ougbt to pap tbefame,bp fo?ce of tbis m,tii\)ztm no ^2J»C* 


jDamaffedfna 5 31 f anp Defendant 0? tenant, againfttobomiuugement torecouerijs 

toMtof acrroj giuen,o? if anp otber tbat fijalbebounD bp tbe faio iuogement, fue before 

t^mmn^ execution bao,anp UJjit of Crro?, to reuerfe anp fttcb iuogeiitcnt in oelap* 

tngofe]cecution, tbeniftbcfaiDiuogententbeaftirmeo pooointbe faptt 

to?it of €rro?,^ not erronious , 0? tbat tbe faio lu?tt of €rro;i be Difcomi* 

jiueu in tbe Default of tbe partie, 02 tbat tbe perfon tbat fuec fucb ^7it of 

Crro? benonfuit in tbe fame, tberi tbe faio perfon againff tubom tbe faio 

t»?itof<£rro?i0fueiij fballrecouer bis cote auunamages fo?bisuela? 

anDto?ong;fullberation in cbefame, bpoifcretion of tbe Sluflice before 

tobom tbe faio to?it of €rro? isfueO.^Jp^yaojp Jp^y* 20» 

mo5ic®" ^ 3IfanpperfonDocommence,o?fueinanpCourt ofHeco?lf,o?in an? 

coftes in tDcft Otber Courr,anp action,bill,o? plaint of trefpaffe Upon tbe flatute of 5 .H, 

pfbnfonfu?/, 2»7»fo? entries intolanosano tenements tobereuoentrieisg-iuen bp tbe 

D;it^e ucrDict h)3it ©? anp action fc«of Debt , 0? couenant , Upon anp fpecialtiemaoe ta 

paffc agatnft jj^^ piaintife,o? Upon anp contract fuppofeD to be maoe betuieen tbe plain* 

tife ano anp perfoiuO? anp action ^c^of Detinue of anp gooDs o? cattels, 

tobereof tbeplaintife (baUuppofetbat tbep?opertp belongetb to bim: ©? 

anp action f cof accompt, in tobicb tbe plaintife fiippofe tbe DefenDant to 

be \)i^ bailife oj recciuer of l;is manoj,monep,gooDS!,$ peelD accompt: 

Damages.^ 8i 

©^ an? action $c.tjpont!)ecafe,o^i?pon anp fJadttefo? anp oSfcncc>o^ 
toj^onspf^i^ronaU immeoiaripfuppofeDCo be none to t(jc plaintife.anD tlje 
plaintife in anp fuc^ action, bill , o^ plaint after apparancc of tbe Defen;» 
nant be nonfuteUi o? an^ucroict bappen to paffe bp lalufuH tiiall n^md 
tbeplaintife,itt anp fucb action,bin,o? plaint : ^b^^n tbe 0cf» in euerp fucb 
action, biU, o? plaint, IbaH Imt iub^ement to recoiter bis coffes apinS 
euerp fucb plaintife ♦ Snrj tbat (ball be aflelTeD bp tbe bifcretion of tbe 
3I«iige oj 3! ubges of tfje Court UJbere anp fucb action,bin, 0? plaint (ball 
jbe commenceDjCtieD, o^ taken ♦ ^no alfo euerp bef* in fucb action, bill, o? 
plaintjfballbaue fucbp^oces anuerecution fojtberecouerie of bis cofles 
aptnH tberameplaintife,a0 tbe fame plaimife (boulo o?migbt banc ban 
againd tbe bef*in cafe t^at tlje iiiog;ement Ijab bin giuen ti)uein fo j tbe 
plaintiff a 9 f^* 8, 1 J, 

7 ^ ttt all an0 euerp fucTj poo?e perrons , being plainti fesi in anp of f)tmt i^ ai- 
tbe fain actions, bills, 0? plaints, tobicb at tbe commencement of cbeir p^pSaiTot 
fuites,o? actions, be aumitteobp tbe cifcretion of t[}e 3luDge o? 3!uncjej3 £^^^;^^j,^f^^ 
tobere fucb fuites Iball be purfueu o? taken , to \)me tbeir p?oces 9 coun* Jum^^o. ^ 
faile of cIjaritie,U)itbout anp monep paping fo? tbe fame,^al not be com* 

pellen to pap anp codes bp tbis ({atute,but (ball fuffer otber ptiniibment, 
as bptbebifcretionof tbe31uaices oj 3IuDge before toljom fuc|) fuits lI;aU 
uepenii,(baU betbougbtreafonable, 2 3»ilp»8,i 5» 

8 Cuerpauotuant, ano euerp otber perfonannperfonstbat mhtl ^atn^ommi 
anp 9iuol(U?ie,3Iu(liScation,o?e!:ognifance,as bailie o^feruanc to anp Damasea'a.^ 
perfono? perfons in anp Heplegiare , o? ^econbbeliuerance, fo? rents, samft t^c pr, 
culIomes,feruices, o? fo? oamage fefant,o j otber rents,bpon anp biHrelTe 

taken in anp lanus o^ tenements , if tbe fame auoto^ie>conufance,o? iulti* 
fication be found fo^ tbem, o? tbe plaintifes in tbe fame be nonfuit , o? 
otbertnife barreD,tben tbep ffjalrecouer tbeir Damages ano cottes againft 
tbe faio plaintifes, as tbe fame plait!tifes(boulD baue Done, if tbep bP 
recouerefi in tlje Keplegiare o? 5i>econD beliuerance found againtl tlje (aid 
defendants^ 7*{^»8*4, 2i»l^»8*ip»S.Auowrie 2^ 

9 albeit tbe plaintife (ball be nonfuted in anp tp^atfoeuer action,fuit, atttoitsf rueato 
billjO^ plaint commenced 0? fued to tbe bfe of tbe^neene, ber beires 0? J^fp^^^"^^"^^ 

f uccelfo^s jkinges of €ngland,o? tbat it (balltappen anp Verdict to palfe 
againa anp fucb plaintife in anp fucb action ^u tbe defendant fljall noc 
recoueranpcofiesagainaanp fucb plaintife. 2 4 Jp. 8. 8» - - 

I o 3lf anp 3info?mer 0? plaintife bpon anp penall (tatutes, (ball inil* '^^^ fnfomiet: 
linglp delap bis fuit,o? (b^H difcontinue,o^ be nonfuit in tbe fame,o? (ball ^^^^ ?»? was 
baue tbe triallo^ matter paffe againe hi\yi tberin bp uerdict,o? tudgement * ^^^^^^^^^' 
of Lato,in euai^ fucb cafe be (ball pap unto tbe def» bis co0es , cbarges, 
and damages to be alTigncd bp tbeCourt,intubicb tbe fame fuit Ojall be 
attempted,fo? tbe rccouerieand erecution tobereof, tbe def» (ball imme* 
diatlp dpon tl;e fame coa^s,cljara;es, and damagejs alTigned ,'baue Us 
• ^ Capias 

Damages. Daycsinbank. 

Capias ad fatisfaciendumjicri facias, 0> Elegit to bc all3arDe!Jl3tttO^(m 
out of tbe fame €mtty in tDljicfj t^z fame fi)aU be fa aCTipe^, i S.Cli^, j» 

^j II 31 f DiiCetro^s no alien t^eir lanos , ano batte not tubereof oamac^es 

Sffcifo/ map be leuten , tljep to tobofe banns fucb tenements (ball come , (bail be 

Dama-eg^'^*^ cbar^en tuttb tbe oamages/o tbat eiterp one of tlje m fljalbe djarge 5 luit^ 

* ' 5amag;es fa^ bis tiinef ^no tbe niffeifee (ball recotiec Damages m a iu^it of 

En-jefur cUflTcifin. (gntriebponiii(reiCnjagatnftl)imt»biclji3 founo tenant after t^e DilTei' 

four;, Gloucclkr. (5»^D«iti» 

Morjnuucefter ' ^ Damages (ball be alMartjeti tobere a man recoueretb bp ^(Tife of 

Co^fmage^Aiei? Mortdaunccfter,Cofinage;Aicl ann Befaiel , GIo;iccfter*«5,iSD»i ♦! ♦ 

Eefaici. ;^ J- -3in all cafes tob^t'e tbeDemauuDantlbvin recouer Damages Cbem^ 

^ffiSJr"!?' ^^y^ ^^^"^ ^f ^'-^^ ^^"^^ "^^^^^ ^^"^ ^ ^^'^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^'^^'^ recouer againtt tbe 
couereD,ti)ere tenant , tbe cottes of ()ts mit purcbafeD •jsiit\) tfje faiD Damages > Glou- 

!R£coucri?Dpon 14 Cucrpman(banbecompeneDtorenDerDamages,toljererecouene 
i)i3ou«n«iuu«- isbaDagainltbimbpon bisntBneintmO[on,o;tact,tobicb Damages Wl 
*"■*'* run after tbe tnjitpurcftafen againft iiim,tl^iU%W^ aunceUoj DieD feifeD 

tbereof,^*€D*i*i;^-' '*•■- 
-E^ieCiueene I $ '^^t (nueen^inaltrnttestobetalten,bponanp fpecfaltle maDeto 
ibaii recuuec ]^et6race,o? anp to ber ijfe,(ball recouer ber iuQ cottes ano Damages u» 
Jm, * ama* ^^^^^ common perfons life to Doe,tn fuites fo? tbeir Debts, ? 3 .p,S, 3 9, 
I Thata woman fhall recouer damages in a writ of Dower , ftoni 

•tlie deatfi of her husband. S. Dowcrlf ." ' 

^ a- Where treble damages fhall be recoucrcdvpOnAfsifc of common 

of pafturc, S.ApptouemeMts 5. 

^.; , , J ,i;ofi:^ .:'T; v^: . : Dayesinbank. ^.^i^: 

2)a;c« of re- T^ Ctinitf e Cetirie (bait be folwer common Dape^f of rettinte onclp ano 

mm in -iZLri' ' Inot aboue, viz. tbe Gilt Dap of retume Iball be anD be callcD in Craftino 

Situ utmf. fana?Trinitatis,€:be feconDDap of returne of tbe fame 'STcrmelbalbe anu 

be calleD ino£^ab.fan6^.Trinitatis,'Ebe tbirD Dap of returne of tbe fame 

terme Iball be anD be calleD in quindena fan6^. Trinit ) anD tbe folnertb 

Dap of returne of tbe fame terme (ballbe ano be calleD a die fanft^ Trinit. 

in cres feptiman. ^nD tbe fameDapes of rctume (ban be obferueD f itept 

in al'tbein.bigb<Courtsof IReco^o tobeljolDen at (KJeffm,o? otljer place 

t} places,at tbe appointment 0? agreement of tbe Ci^ber beircs 0? fucceC' 

top ,^m tberc (ball not be , no? be calleo anp Dapes of returne, in cral^in 

feni^i lGhan.l3apti{t.o<i:bb.fandi loban.Bapcili.noj qumdcii fan(5iiIo- 

han.Hapti{^at0?anP'0ftbem»32»tlp.84 2-i» 

^!)cii£5niiiin5 3 SlrtD tbe fa^D 'Ccrntc of tbe Ijolp •^rimtfc (ball peerefp fo? eucr bcgtsi 

^Sl?f ^' tbe SponDap nert after ^rtnttie ^uuDap tobenfocuijr it (ball bappen to 

fall, foj tbe hccping of tbe effo;ne3,pjofers, returnes, anD otl)cr ccremo* 

nies Ijeretofoxc \3fe& auD liept, in lil^e maner anD fajme, a^ in tim^ pad 

Dayesinbank. ; 82 

^atlj bin bfcu Co tietsottc m tlje uap of retanic coinmonTp caHctr In Oc^ab. 
fana.Trinitat. an5 tbefunterm? of tljcfaio %zimie ^mtie Ojal j>e£ixlp 
fojeucr begin tbe Jfririap nere after Corpus ChriHi nap, in fuclj m\ti lifee 
maitcr ano fo^mc to all itttcnts,as Ijeretofo^e ^atl) bin bfcD tbc rCJcnfoap 
nejct after Corpus Chrifli Dap* 9nt) tbe fail) feconu ann tbirD uaj)es of re* 
turnc calleD 06^ab. fanft.Trinitat. anD Quindcn fand^.Trinitat.lbal Cahe 
tbeir commencement anu hcc^in as in times paft batb-bin ^jfen . 3nD tbe 

faiO trcsfeptiman.fijan takeblS 

romniencemct $ begin from tbe fato "^Drinitie ^untjap into tb?ee tueckes 
tben nert foUoiMing, anD (ball bs^ue bis rccurne tuitb tbe fotoertb sap , a^f 
IS accttSomcr) in otber like Dapes of returne* g 2 ♦{^»8,2 u 

3 31f a U)?it come in Ov^abisfandliMUhaelis^Hap IbalbegittentberC'^ Dafe^gtttntfn 
upon in oaab.fana. Killarij. 3|f in quindcn. fandti Michael, in quinde- "*" ^^^'°"^- 
naHillarij. ^fit^tribus feptimanis ran6^i Michael, in craftino Purifi- S.lRcturncji. 
cationis.ifin menfeMichacl. in oftab.Purific. 31fin craftino Animarfi 
inquinden Pafch2E.31fin craftin.fanc^.Martinljin trib' feptiman Pafch^, 
3Ifino6lab.fan6l.Martini,inmenre Pafcha:. 3ifinquindena Martini, in 

quinq; feptiman Pafch.^nH alfo tberc IS a Hap fpeciaiip ffiuen in craftmo 
AfcentioniSjanD it counteruailetl) as mucb as qutnq; fcptlmanas Pafchg, 
^n»5i,i^»^ 31fanp iu?itin anpreaU action comeinanobc returnable 
into anp of tbe Cl^Courts in oaab.fan6H Hiilari;,tbe nap (balbe gitten in 
<raftin.ran6t.Trin.3if in quindcn.fan6l. oif^ab.fand.Trinit. 31f itl 
ctatiin.Purific.bcata; quinden fanil.Trinit.31f in o6l:ab,Purific; 
beatce Maria?,a die trcs feptiman.3in« 5 2»iIp»8>3Bf in qtiin-i 
den Pafch. in o6tab.fan5t. Michael. 31f in trib. feptiman. Pafch.tben in 
quinden fan6l.Michael.31f in menf Pafch.tben in trib.feptiman»{an6hMi- 
chacK 31f in quinquc feptinian.Pafch,o? in craftino Afcentionis_^n menfc 

fant>.MichaeKan,5i,l^«5. 31f anp tojit inanpreall action come into 
anpoftbe£l»Courts returnable in craftino ^n6^.Trini£,tbeniap(bal be 
giucn in craftin. Animarum»^f in o6tab. fandl* Trinity in craftino fandl* 
Martini. 3jf in quinden. SanS.Trinit. in o6lab, fandi Martin* 31f a die 
fan6l.Trinit» in tres feptiman. in quindcn. fanf^.Martini, 5 2*^»8. 21^ 

4 3!n a plea of Dotoer callen (vnde nihil habct) fourer Dapcs C^all be t^^k siuen 
giuenintbe peereattbeleaa;^ moeifitmapconuenientip be: j^o tbat "'^''^^'^♦' 
tbep Ibal baue fotoer o? (trc nates at tbe leatt in tbe pecre, Marlb. j 2.l!p» 5 . ^.Ketnrncif* 
1 2. 3!f tbe to^tt no come in oaab.fana.Mich.nap[balbegiueni3ntiI craft. 
Animar.31f it comein quinden.Mich. nap (balfae giuen bntil craft. Mart» 
Hillar.3If in craft. Mart.tben in quindcn* Hill. 31f in oft. Martin, tben in 
craft.Purific.31f in quinden.Matt*tbenin od>ab*Purific*3lf in odlab.Hill, 

tben in quinden.Pafchx.31f in quindcn.Hillar.tbenintrib feptim.Pafch. 
3!fin craft.Purific.tbenin raenfcPafchae.3Jf in oa.Purific^tben in craftin 

Afcentionis.3n,5 1 4;f3* Sinn ifanpiuiitofDotoer come into anp oftbe 

9p 2 SlSom^ 

Daycs in bank. 
£l,Cottrt£! anu hz tetutnaWe, in quindcn. Pafch. tfjcn iiaj> Cbalbe giucti^.Trinit.31fadiePafch.intresfcptim.inc6\ab. fan6l»TrJn, 
31f adiePafch^in vnummenOn quinden* fand.Trinit.31f a dicPafcKin 
quinq; fcpiim.O? in craft.Arcent.dni,tben Ua? fljalbC glUCn into t^C Uap of 

a die fanft. Trin. in trcs feptim. 3imi if atip to?tt of DoUier comc into anp 
of tbe Cl»Court^of reco ju, in crafiino fand. Trinit. tljen Hap fijalbe giucn£l.Mich.3!f inod.fand.Trin.inquindcnS.Mich.ilfin quin-* 
den fan6l.Trinic.a die fand.Mich. in tres feptim, 31f a die fani>. Trinit. 
in trcs feptim, a die vnum menf. o? Ot^ctlOflife 30 is appoiu* 
teu,limittcD^tiecIareD bp tljellatutc of Marlebridgc,^ 2,i^,8^2 1* 
5 3itt ^(TifeiS of Darrein prefentment, anu in a plea of Quare impedit 
of Clurcljes i3acant,nates fljal be giuen from ic\3»to x^o} from iii^^ueefees 
to tb?ee toeck0,a5 tlje place fljal Ijap to be neere o^ far^Marlb.j 2»5^3a 2. 
an common tujits ^pjoces artoellperfonall as mirt,tol)icl} Qjall fortune 
to be returnable in '^rinitieCerme,(]^all|jaue$'kcepeif)eraio retumeis 

of craft. fand.Trinit. odab.fand:.Trinit,quindcn. fand. Trinit. anU a die 
fan( trcs feptiman, c} anp one of tljcm ♦ ]^?ouiDe0 altoap,t^aC 
in fuel) auD UKe cafes ano pieces as fpeciall uaies baue bin bfeH to be ap* 
poiuteD,afl"igne5,anngiuen fo? tlje returning of to^its ^ p?oce0:3It l^al be 
iabJfull to tbe Sluflices of eucrp of tbe Cl«Courts of IReco^H fo? tbe time 
being, in all tbe ppces bp tbem aUiameD, to afftgne ano appoint fpeciall 
naiesof retumes,as bp t^eiruifcretionsfijallbe tljougbt conuenient* 
^^ouioeiialfo tbat t^euaies in aiTife of Darrein prefentment,anii in plea 
of Quare impedit, iimittcD ^ appointen bp tbe flatttte of Marlb.^mj alfo 
tbeoapestobegiumin Attaintlimitteoinffat* 5»€o»^7*beingnotcon* 
trariant to tbr tenour of tl)is Sct.fball be bolDen firme anu llable^ano QjaJ 
fiano in tbeir fuUfo^ce antJ effect, ^n 3 2»^,8»2 1» 

x5 3in Summons ano 9ttacbments in plea of lann, tit \xi}it^ Wl 
contain]Ei34Jaies full at t^c leafi after tbe common Jlato,if it be not in at« 
tacfjment of ^ITifestalkenin tlje Si»p?efence,o} of pleas before 31uflices{ 
in €ire,ouringt^eeire,Artic.fuperchart.3n28,^o»i»i5* 
%\it %mt 7 '^^^^ ^^^ increafing in tlje leap peere l^all be accompteD fo? one 
m%' peere, fo tbat becaufe of tbat oap none (ball be p^eiuoiceo tbat is implea* 

oeo, butit (ball betaken ano reclfeoneo of tbe fame monetbtoljerein it 
groUjetb, ano tbat Dap ano tlje oap nejct going before ,(i)aU be accompteD 
fo^ one oap^ Bifextilc, an 2 i.l^*^* 

I Daycs in Quare impedit and Afsife of Darrein prcfentmcnt . Sec 
Quare impedit i^ 

. 4 \ Dayes in Attaint. See Attaint 2. 1 2. 
.; ":S . 'Dayes in a writ of Communi cuftodia. See Wardes y. 
. 4 'I^yesinanadiohofwaft, SecWaft 3, 
5 DayesgiueninAdineafuremcntofpafture ordower.Scc Ad- 

mcafurement i. ■""".. 

6 Dayes 

Demurfcr. Dilapidations. 8j 

6 Dayes of grace giucn to him In the reucrfion v\hich praycth to be 
ecceiucd.S.Rcccic 3, 


After Demttrrer topncu ^ entreD in aup accioit,o? f«tt,tn anp Court gjgfj "cTK 
of Eecojo vuitljin tbis Eealme,tl)e 3!ufge0 Ojall p^occcDc ann gm bt gmcn' not- 
tut;gcment,acco?iiing as tbebcctetig^cof tljccaufe aim matter in lalM Jn^fJctm^ 
djall appeare tjnto tljem, t»it()out regatotug anp imperfection , Defect, c^ v}om c? pu«» 
toant of fo^me, in anp tojtt, retourne,plaint,tjeclaration, 0? otber plea* ^^^^' 
jing,p?oces5,o? courfe of p^oreeoiugtuIjatfoeuertCiccept t^ofe onlj> to^tc^ 
tie partie Demurring (|?aU rpeciallp anD particulerip fet Dotune $ erp^elft 
together tuitlj W Demurrer* SnD no iuDgement to be ciuen,fl)alfae reuer* 
feD bp anp to^it of (^rro? , fo? anp fuel) imperfection, Defect, 0? toant of 
fo^me, 80 10 afo?efaiD,e]tcept fuel) onlp as is before ercepteD* 27*€l5» 

2 after Demurrers iopneD anD entreDjtbe Court toljere t\ft fame fljall ,f J'/ g^JS J 
!>e, fl[)an $ map from time to time amenD ail f euerp fuc^ imperfections, ucfecta of 
Defects^ loants of fo^me,as is before mencioneD,otber tben t^ofe one!p, £>Sp jjg 
tJbicbc^e partie Demurring (ban fpeciallp anD particulerip ejcp^effe anD logncD. 
fecDolBnetogetberU)itbl)isDemurrer,asi0 afo?efaiD» ly^Clij.j* 

3 ^bis act 0? anp tbing therein containeD , (ball not ejrtenD to anp §KSjt^J„ 
tu;it,Declaration, 0; fuit of appeal of felonie 0^ muroer, no^ to anp inbict^ p^erentment oc 
ttiento?pjefentmcntof felonie,murDer,trearon,o?ot|)er matter, no^ to ^^ixsmS 
an? pjoces bpon anp of tbem, no? to anp iD?it,bill,action,oj information, . ' 
upon anp popular ojpenallHatutejanptding afojefaiotot^econtraric 2jJSSu" 
not)»ttl;(lanDin0f zy.Cli},^* mmu 


If anp arcljbi(bop,05iC&op,Deane,arcbDeacon,^?ouoiI,'^rearojer, JFrannuient 
Cbaunter,C()auncelo?,lp?ebettDarie,o? anp otber bauing anpDignitie SlmSk- 
ojofftce in anpCatbeDjallo? CoUegiatCburcb Uiitbincbis Healme,o? fo^» of t^eir . 

t)ntoDa belong anp boufes 0? bupDings,tobicljbplaUJ o^ cuffometje in 

IjouttD to maintaine in reparation,Do fuffer anp of bis faiD joules oj hti^U 
tings to fall Doione, 0? run in Decap, anD after Do make anp oeeDe of gift, 
aliettatidn,o? otber conuepance of l)i0 moueablegooDso? cattelsin W 
life time,to tbe intent after (jis Deatb to Defeat Ijis fuccelfo^s of fuc^ iutt 
. actions anp remcDies as otbertoife t^ep migbc baue IjaD fo? tlje fame, a* 
gamfl tbeir erecuto?s, 0? tbe aDminiftrato?sof tljeir gooDS t'S^ben tbe 
fucceflbjs of bim tobicb (bal ma!^e fucb Deeoe $c»fi)aU anD map commence 
fuit,f baue fucb remeDie in anp Court CccleSaaical toitbin tbis Eealme, 
competent fo? tbe matter againftbim oj tbem,to tubom fucb DeeDe of gift 
0? alienation (balbefomaDe,fort!je amenoing preparation of fucb Dila* 
piDations, 0? iuS recompence fo? tbe fame, as ^atb bappeneo bv bis fact 
0? Default, in fucb fo?t as be migbt,q)oulD,o? ougbt latoftillp to baue,if be 
oj t|)ep to U)m fuc!) DeeDe of gift tuere maDe, toere ejcecuto j of fjim tbat 

Sp S maoe 


Difcclp^ Difcontinuanceof proccs.~ 

mane rucbueenef c* o? anminiffcato? of Us 50000 $c» 1 3 .€lij*T o» 
s&mv tecone. 2 fKbofoeiier ootb tctotxet anp fummes of monep,fo?,o? in t\)t name 
S^tf^^^^ffie ^^ SDilapiuacionsf, bp fentence ^ compofitton , 0? otbcrtuife , ano Dot!) not 
tmpio" CD tn xt' tuit^m ttoo pccrcis after t!)e receipt tbereof tnielp implop tije fame bpoii 
pamionst. ^ ^g buplDings.anD reparation0,in refpect tubereof fucb monep fo? Di!a? 
pioations flfjall be paieu , (IjaU fojfait Double fo mticb to t^c Sliueene , asc 
5)aUbebpt)imreceitteD,anDnotimplopeD* i4.di?»iif 


f anp "Sergeant, pleaDer, 0? ot!jer,Do anp Deceipt in tlje Cl. Court , j 
DO confent tbereunto, to i^zcem t^e Court 0? partie,anD is thereof at* 
tainteDj^e fl^all be imp^ifoneD a peere ano a Dap, auD being a Councello?, 
ibaU not anp mo?e be receiueD to pleao in tbe 0ueene0 Court fo? anp 
man* 3nD if Ije be anp otfjer tljen a pIeaDer,^e (bal be impjifoneD as afo?e« 
faiD* SlnDifttjetrefpaire require a greater punilljment, it QjaUbeat t(je 
l£lueenespleafure,?2tell.i» 5»CD«i»2p» 

2 9 tu^it of Difccipt bolDetl) place, ^ i$ maintenaWe aftuell in place 
of garniibuient tobicb toucljetb plea of lano luljere fuc[j sarnilbment i^ 
Biuen,ajs in cafe offummong in apleaoflanDt2*CDt3»i 7* Northampt. 

Difcontinuancc of proccs, 

2)eat!) of rte T> S> tljc Deat^,o? Demife of tbe fiQueenes SpaieCie tbat nolu 10,0? of anp 

mmg mi not J3 tbac bereafter Cbalbe Eing 0? Slueene of tbiiS Healm,anp action,fuit, 

anffi» -bill 0? plaint, tbat Cball DepeuD betiueene partie anD partie in anp of tbe 

adueenes Courts, anDotber Courtis of I^eco?D, (ball not in anp iuife be 

. DifcontinueD,o?put tuitboutDap t'^ut tbelpioces,1piea0,Demurrers, 

anD Continuances in euerp action,action0,fuits,bines,o^plaint0, tobicl) 

IballDepenD, njall CanD gooD.anD be ppfecuteD,^ fueD foojtb, in fucb ma* 

ner ano fo2me,anD in tbe fame edate^couDition, anD o?Der, as if tbe fame 

Eing 0^ Ciueenebao liueD ♦ anD all maner of 3IuDieiall p joces, tbat f|)al! 

be purfueD in tbe time of tbe reigne of anp otber Eing 0? Clueene ,tben 

reigneoat tbe timeof tbe pucfutt of tbe o?iginal,oj otber former p^oces, 

iball be maDe in tbe name of tlit Eing 0? Ciueene , t bat fo? tbe time (ball 

reigne anD be Eing 0} Clueene ^t* SlnD bariance toticbing tbe fame lp?o« 

ces,bettoeenc tbe names of tbe IKings o} ©uecnes fi;all not be materiall, 

80 concerning anp Default to be obiecteotberefoie* i^Co.^.y, 

T>tm ,neto a Cuerp ^Itlfe of Noucl dilTeifin , Sifife of Mortdaunccfter, luris 

*SfT tton"of^ vtrum,ano Attaint, lobtcb (ball bearraigneD,commenceD,o? fueD before 

luWea ma. anp SluSices of SlfTife , (ball not beDifcontinueD , 0? put toitbout Dap, b^ 

SJuaS? '^^' ^^^^0" of oeatb, nelM commi(non,a(rociacion,o? not comming of tbe fame 

31u(!ice0, 0? anp of tbem, but (ball (JanD gooD in tbe lato,to all tntents,tbe 

Deatb,nebJ commiHion^alTociation, 0? not comming of tbe fame 31uQEice0> 

iF5ap^eFemwnt o? anp of tbtm in anp UiifenottuitbttanDing* itCD,6»7^ 

to Iuianfc"o?^^ 5 ^^^^i^ ^^^P DemanBattt,o? platntife, in anp action,bill,o? fuit,ll>al be 

Btgnitje fljaii jtiaDC Du^e , ^i^chbilbou , ^©flrques , Carle, ^ifcount, l^acon , OBifbop, 

Dircontiniianceof proces. Difpcnfations. 84 

Unigbt, SluSfcc of tfietine'BcncIj.o? t^c ot^er, 0? ^tt^m\t at lato, nc^^ 
peamng t^e fame action gtc* pet no to jit,action,c j fiu't^njall fo? fuc^ catife 
be abatable, 0? abateo , but (^all remaine in like fo^ce , &$ t&e fame luatf 

befoK»i*^5'^'7» - ' 

4 aibeic anp pecfon bem^ 31uS(ce of Sffife, 3lttCfce of (Saolt celiitc* ^a«.)' one m 

rie,o?3lufltceDf peace,tJ3ftbinanptbe Cluecnesiiommiong;,oj beino* in "iSSomSc 
anp otberof tbe Jiueenes commiflion? tobatfoeuer,fi}aU be ittaoc Duhe, oiier,ti)ouBb ^« 
arc|>bi(|)o^^arque]3,Caric,aifcount,'15ai;ou, 15i(bop, Enigbt,3Iuaice ibm^DigSc/.* 
of t^e one "Benc^ 0? of tbe otbetj 0? Sergeant at tata.o^ ^bi«fe, pet ^z 
f^all remaine 3imlice antt CommilTioner, anb bane full potoec to ejcecute 
tbefame,w like manera0 be mtgbto^ouglit to baueoone before t^e fame. 
2*Cb»t?i7» 'But no perfon ererciimg tbe office of a ^birife of anp €o«n* ^^.^J^^^^^ 
tie,(ban ejcercife tbe office of a 3I«fiieeof tbe peace bv fo?ce of anp conmu'O TvmT 
iion,o^ otberluife yin anp Countie tobere i)t iball be ^l)itik , During t^e 
time onlp,tbat be QjaU ejcercife tbe faio office* I .Spat 8, 

5 3In afl cafes, tobere anp perfon (balbe founn piltie of anp '2!:reafon, maTglll mD*- 
SpurDer,5pannaugbtcr,Kapc,o?o:ber jrelcnptobatfoeuer,fo? tben)l;icb '"^nt of apw 
iirtgementofDeatb (boulDo?mapMue,ant>(ban berep^ieo to p?pfon gumiea"? 
initbout iuDgement at t^at time giujen againtt bini : ®bofe perfons c|jat tmit^* 

at anp tijne IbaU h^ tbeClueenes letter? patents be alfignebSiufiices to 
ueliuer tbe ©aole tobere anp fucb perfon founb guiltie Iball remaine, (ball 
^aue full potMer to ^iixz iuupment of beatb againff fucb perfon fo fountt 
gttiltie anu rep jieo , as tbe fame SluCicest'befoje tobom fucb perfon iuasc 
ftmno piltie ) migbt baue Done, if tbeic ComrniiTion of (Saole eeliuerie 
(jaDremaineb in full fo^ce, i,€uA7* 

6 m P?oces 0? fuit mane, fueb, o^ ^ab before anp 3I«aices of aiTife, f ifgfjJJ |«Jfg 
(Saole beliuerie, ©per anb 'Sl^erminet, 31ttlfic«of peace, o^ot^er of t\)Z mtontmtxwit 
dueenes CommiGTioners, (ball be Difcontintieo bp tbe making anb pub* mfffSif ''"*' 
Jilbing of anp ncin commi(rion o? airociation;0? bp altering of tfje names 
of tbe 3!uilices of aiTife, (Sdole beliuene,©pfr anb -Eerminer , 3lu(lices 
of peace ,o?ptber tlje£lueenesCommi(riQners,but tbeneto %\x^itt^j 
otber CommilRoners map p^oceese in mzx^ bcljalfe, as if t^e olb Com- 
tnittions ano Slufiices anu Commi(Koners bao Hill remaineD not altereb^ 
l«C0^6,7, ii,i^^(5^5^S.Iu(Uccsofpcace xxo. 


\. 7T 7i{)ofoeuet botb etact,o? receiue of anp j§)Uter mo?c fo? anp bif* ^.i^ac^nf ^n 
5X. iV Pfnfation,facuJtie,o?licence,tbenis containeDin tbebupltcat'"''^'"*"'"* 
bookes of ts:a]ces, toberetnis tu^itten tbe tajces of all cuaomable Difpem 
rations, faculties , licences , anb otber lu^itinges , toont to be fpebbe ac 
laome, (one cf tobicb bookes bo remaine in tbe banos of tbe Clerk of t|e 
ifaculties, auD tbe otber in tbe banns of tbe Clerk of tbe Cbauncerp,ap^ 
P^W ^fl tojiting of licenceSjbifpenfations, ^u) ftall fojfait ten timejs 
' : ' > * ^4 fo muc^ 

150 TJftlteTe 
^alDe Ojtfuen 
foonl) of tl)e 

it mi taken. 

|5'3 tJiltcetfe 
fijalbe f mpoim* 

u& DidrdTe 
fi)allnot &€ 

Sio'inDeo in a 

Damages fo? 


fo mucb as Ide fljaH To eract anti rcceiue, to tht ©ueette anii 31* to be rcco* 
uercu bp ^.'^♦p,^ c»tBbereinno m,^u€*'^4Cf 2$,l)X2i* i ♦<2^U5,i# 
S. Ecdcfiart. &c. I p, &c. 


Wi^afocuer (ball D^tite an? DiflrelTe out of tbe l^untr^eD , Utapr, 
QBapentaKe.o? tu\h^\)tmt is tal^en, (crcept it be to a pouna 
ouert toitbin tbe fame ^btre, being not aboue tb?ee miles Diilant from 
tbe pIaceto)bere(tistato)oj {baUimpotmn infeueraU places, goooes 
tJidrainen fo? anp canfe at one time, tobecebp tbe otuner (ball be con(frai« 
neo to fue feueralllReplcuies fo? tbe tieliuerie of tbe fame DiarelTe ,(ball 
fojfait to tbe 'p^srieueo fo? euerp fucb offence i3»lit ano treble Damages, 

i,$ 2,p»!t9pti 2»j^oman(ballcaufeauiftre(retobeti?iuenfoo?tboftbc 
Countp tjiberm it t»as taKett,Marlb.5 2 Jp* 5 ♦4, C^eft. i ♦ g »€Ht 1 ♦! 6* 

a ca^bofoeuer iiotb taKe fo? keeping in pounD, pounoage, 0? tbe im* 
pountiing of anp tofKile DittreCTe, aboue iiiUriy 0? ootb tal^e fo mucb,tobf re 
leite batb ufuallp bin tafeen,{ball fo?f,to tbe p^grieueD b» li, ano fo muc^ 
as b^ taltetboucr tbefaio iiii»U,fc» i,^ 2,l^>anogp»i 2, 

3 31^0 man (ball fo? anp caufeuiftratne out of bis fee m tlje Oueeneis 
U^\) toap, 0? common (tceete : 15\xt tbe Ciueene ano bet ©fficets bowing 
fpccial autbo?itie fo to 00, Marlb. 5 2.!^» 3 » 1 5 . ca^eftt 2» 1 3 ♦ Ci . 1 6, 5!*iei» 
tber (ball anp man oiftraine in tbe auncient fees of tbe Cburcb,but in fucft 
pofCciftons as i^ccleHaflicalperfons baueputcbafen of late,niflre(fes ma? 
be taken , AniculiClcri.p,€li,2vP» 

4 31 f anp man oiSraine an otber mans cattell, anu u?ttte tbem into a 
ca(tel,o?fo?treire,anutbere bolo tbem ( being folemnlp Demaimoenbp 
tbe^binfeo?^ailife) againa gages anopleogeSjfotbat tbe ^bitife oj 
^^atlife cannot matte ueltuerance of tbem to tbe oU)ner,tbe ^bitife oj 
l^ailifetaWngtoitb i^iw tbe poijoer of tbe countie,o? bailitoicfe ,(baU 
licat Dolune tbe caCtel ,auii tbeplaintife (bali recouec Double Damages fo^ 
dl tbe loite U)bicb be batb recciueD hv W cattell, binoerance of W gap* 
!iage,o? in otber mancr (after tbe (IrdDemaunD of tbe cattell maDe h^ t^e 
jg>birife 0? 'Bailife)againft \)m tbat toolte tbe cattel^o? againU bis io?D; 
if be be not able to aunftuere tbem, taiefta* ^.^D^i^i y^ 3f anp per font 
great 0? fmall toill not permit tbe Didrelfes isaW^if^ batb taken to be Dc* 
liuereD bptbe(D,officers,acca?Dittgto tbelalu $ cuHomeof tbe Healme: 
5D? twill not fuffer Summons, ^cacbments,o?erecut!ons of3!uDge* 
ments gtuen in tbe d^Court to be mabc, be (ball be puniibeD iu tbe fame 
maner, as one tobicb toill not fuffer bitt)felfe to be tuaifieo bp tbe tm, ^^ 
tbat acco?tiing to tbe quantitte of Ijis offence , MartU f 2,^,3^3* | 

5 3!f anp perfon tafee reuenge 0? Diftrcffe of bfeotone autbo?itie,tBitbf 
out a^uarD of tbeCl,Court,anD tbereof be conufcteD : !©? if one nepgb* 
bour take a DidreCfe of an otber (toberebp be batb receiueo lolfe) iuitbout. 
atoarD of tb^ iHueenes Court^lje (fjal make fine accoaDing ta tbe quantiti^' 


Diftrcffe. 85* 

of tbe trefpaffe^anti tieuertbelcfle fuffictcnt amcnuf! Ojall be maue to tljcm 
tjj^icl) Ijaue receiuei) lofle bp fuclj Dillceffe^Marlb.j 2 Jp. 5 ♦ T ♦ 

6 j^one i^all Ditlraine anp to come to bis Court, tobtcfj 10 not of Ijisi ^^^^ ^„j p,, 
fee, 0^ bpon UJbom be batb not lurifoictiou bp reafon of bi0 Jpttnojeti 0? to^s m\ u' 
:^ailitmcft : 5f5eitber QjaU anp man taKe aoiflrelTc tuitboiit bis fee,o? tbe JiK v"«t. 
place tobece be batb furifoiction,o? baililuick,\)pon paine to mahe fine ac» 
co?Dinff to t\)t quantitie of tbe offence, Marlb.5 iJSlp.s^i^ Jl^eitber fijaU 
anp man Diffraine bis freeboloec to anfiner fo? bis freeboIt», 0? anp tbing 
t[jereunto belonging tnitbout tbe ©ueenes tn^it, Marlb. j i^^p.^^i 2^ 

7 3If anp Diffraine bis tenant fo? ferm'ces ano cuff omes, tubicb be clai* 'eijc ilo?ti m^ 
metb to be oue bnto bim, 0? fo? anp otber tbing, fo? tbe tiibicb tbe lo^o of f"o%" nratSjns 
tbefeebatbcaufetoDifftatne, ano after itisfouno tbat tbetetiantootb^tisunaut. 
not oU)e bint anp fucb^ tbe lo^D Ibailnot tberefo^e mafee fine, if be do fuf« 

fee tbe uiffreffe to beoeliuereD acco^uing totbelatu anu cuttomeoftbc 
Eealme,but (ball be amercer, anu tbe tenant (ball recouer W oammages 
againff bint» Marlb.5 2*l^en,3*^» 

8 Diffreffes itiaU be reafonable acco^uing to tbe quantitie of tbe Debt f^^^^^^f 
oj Damages.antJ not grieuous, ano be tbat taketb unreafonable ano e^rcef* 

Cue oiffreffes, (ball beamerceo, 5>*3*Marlb.5 2,^,^,^, 28»Co»iti 2. 
Sec Accomptams to the Qucene 52. 

9 jl^oDiffceCTe (ball bemaoe, but h^ T^ailifes lubicb betotoen and DtifrcffeB? 
ftoo^n,^ tbep tobicbDo otbertoife,^tberof be conuicteo,(ba! anftner to tbe tom^^Solii?, 
parties gricueotbeirDamageSjiftbeptberof DO b^ingtbeir action of tref' 

paff^, 9 alfo (balbe grieuouffp puniOjeD bp tbe (HtCaieff* 2* i ^ .eo, 1 > 3 7- 

10 31f tbe ^b^rife, 0^ anp otber DoDiffraineanotbermangi beaffes,^^eoti)n« 
tbcptobofetbeCatteilbe, mapgiuetbem meate of their otune, toitbout StmiSo 
Diffurbance, o^paping anptbing tberefo^e, tobiles tbep DO retnanie in ^^ imyouuacir. 

tbe pOUnD* 5 1 ♦$♦ 5 ♦ de diftridl. Scaccarij. 

1 1 j^oman (ballbeDiffraineD bpbtsbeat!s ^Wh till bislanD, no? pottg^cafteii 
bp bis (beepe, foj tbe SQueenes, 0? anp otber perfons Debt, fo long as one SS^fap^J^ 
map finD an otber Dtff reffe 0? otber cattelsfufficien t, tDbereof to leuie tbe neD, if%u 
Debt 0? tbing in DemaunD, ejccept it be tbe impounding of beaffes Mnc^ 

a ma ftnDetb Doing burt, acco^Ding to tbe cuffome of tbe Eealm, 5 1 Shs^t^ 


• 12 M^oCatteU no> otber Diffrefle ta!ten fo? tbe SClueenes Debt, no? ©enfnsof 
fo? anp otber tbmg, (ball be folDo? giuen tnitbin fifteeneDapes after tbe ^^^"^^^^^ 
taking tbereof* ^i.^.-^^de diftria.Scaccari).'ButCollecto?0 appointeD 
fo?tbegatbcring ofmonep toluatDs tberepaireofanpDecaieD'B?iDge,T5^^^j, 
bauepoujer to oiffraine anp perfon tobicb (ball be tajceo, anD refufe to pap 
totoarDs tbe fame,anD to fell tbe Diareffe,2 2 ^l^»8. 5»anD euerp IReceiuer, Si*3^lV^ 
^artife, anD CLodecto? of tbe Clneenes lanos ^c» fo? lacft of papment of 
tbe rents, ilTues anoreuenetoes toitbin tbeir offices, map Diffr^ine anD 
fell tl}c biare(re,7»€D,6» i * anD tje ^umeiojs of ujapes in euerp l^arifo mzw^it^ 17*- 

■ map 

DiftrclTe. Dower. 

ma? leup tlje fojfaicttregibptjillrefre^anti feUtbe Dillrctfe,i 2Mi^.9, 3nii 

poo^e r4» tlje Collectors fo? t[je poo^e ma? feife anu fdl tlje gooue? of (jim tMbicb 

fa^iuget^ into (J^nglanu o? CS^alcsanp^agabonD o? bcggecout of %vf 

lauu, oj tl)0 31le of Span, fo? )C]t:* g» tul)icb Ije l)at() fo^faiteo fo? tlje fata 

offence, to tbe Ufe of t^e poo?eof tbeparil^jtubcre anpof tl)e faio pcrron0 

toerefet onlanD, i^,€li^,s, 3no all fo?faiture0 mane bpreafon oftbe 

^(tm 27. fiatute p^oiuoeo i S.Clij* fo? tbe fecting of tlje yoo^e on too^fee, ano fo j 

tljeauopDingof iQleneire,fl)aUbeleuieo bpotSrcKe, anofale oftbe offen* 

nzts gooues, to tfecbalue fo^faiteo, 1 8»Cli5.^ Snu it OjaUbelatefull foj 

tbe Conltables ano i^eaobo^oug^s of anp ^otone, l^adOj, tillage, 0? 

i^amlef , to oiflretne t^e gooois of anp inbabitaut, tobicb obOinatl? refufe 

CO pap Cucb ratable tajcation ano atfefement toljic^ (balbc maue bpon |)tin 

!?us $ cm 4. f«J? ()is part ano portion of monep recouercD againll tb^ JDunojeo bpon 

t[)effat«teofi&upattticrie,anD to fell tbeDillrelfe^ 27»Cli?»i 3* 

I That euery Sherife fhal appoint fowcr deputies to make Rcplcuics, 
and deliuer diftrcffes. S.Sherifes 2 2. 

a Where a man fliall diftrainc out of hi$ fee, for arrcragcs of rents* 
See Rents 1. 2. 3. 

a Tsjomanffiau A Zt^ixtm after tl)t beatlj of ber bufbann, incomincnt (IjaH baue Ijec 
mm, ' xVmariagc ano inljeritancC:, ano Hjall giuenotbing fo? ber Dotoer, bee 
mariage o} Ijer inberitancc, tobicb inljeritance ber bufbano ano (be bela 
tbe oap of bi9beat|)» ann (befijalUarp int^ecljiefeboufeofljerftufbann 
fourtieoapeg after bis i^^atb, tuitbin io^icbDape0 bcrootoer (ball be af^ 
Cgneober, (if it vuerenocaingneoberfaefo?e)o? t^at tbebowfe iJf aCa« 
ftell,ano (f flje oepart from tbe Caftell, tben a competent boufe (ball be 
fo^tbtuitb piouioeo fo?bcr,in tbe \siWh (b^map bonedlp otoell,bntin 
ber ootoer be to ber affigneb, ano ^e (ball ^aue in tlje meanettmcljcr 
reafonableedouer of tbe common, ano foitberooluer (balbeadigneotbe 
tbiro part of all tbe lano0 tobicb toercber^tifbanos in^is lifetime, q:^ 
cept fije toere enootueD of lefTe at tbe Cburclj oojr» Magna Charta.^, 
^tn,3,j, ano if anp ooe Deforce from a toioolo Ijer DoUJer,o? SQuarentine 
oftbe tenements tobercof berbufbano oieofeifeo, ano after tbe fame toi* 
nolo ootbbpfuit rccouer tbe fame, tlje oefb^ceo? fijallpeelo tot(je fame 
toiooto ber oammages, b^.tbebalueofbertol)ole ootoer from t\)t time 
of ber bufOanos oeatb, bnto t j>e Dap of (jer reccuerie bp iubgement, an& 
alfo t^e Deforceor (balbe amerceo* Mert.2 o^i^, 3 ♦ I » 
(Eiispcment 2 3ifatoifeooeto(lltnglp fojfafee ber bufbano, anu goe atoap, and 
uSl St of ^^"^J""e toitb ber abuUerer, ibe fljall lofe fo^ cucr ^er action to oemano 
ip;f,of ooiij^r. berootoer , lubicl) (be ougbt to b^uz of ber 0»fbanDs lano?, if (be be 
tljereof cottuict, (eircept Ijer bttfbano toill bpon bis obine gooo luill, ano 
tnitbout compulHon bp CccleCafticall lata reconcile ber , ano fuffec 
^er to otoell toit^j l;im) m to^ic^ cafe ^ev action tti^ll be redo^eo a* 


Dower. ^6 

5 ailjeit aup perfon fijall be attainted, conuicteu, o? ourtatueD of anp ^ije luife tn. 
mtrp?inon of treafon, mumer, o? felonp tofjatfoeuer, pet eiterptooman ??S'Snal? 
tfjat fljalbe toife of tfje perfou fo attainteD fi;albe enDotuable, aitu cnablca attaintco. 
toDcmaunD ann eniop bcrnotoer^tnlike maner as tljougl^ bee bufbano 
^an not bin attainteo, comucteDj o^ outlatoeo* i*€t}.6, i ^» T^ut tbe luife 
tobofebwrbano (ball be attainteo of anp Creafons tobatfoeuer tbcp be, 
Jball in no UJife be receitteD toDemaunu o? baueootu^ie of anp tbelanog, 
tenements o? b^ r^bitaments of anp perfon attainteo of treafon. During 
tbe faio attatnoo? in ^is fo^cetanp tbing; before mentioneo'to tbe contrarp 
itotbJit!)lIanoinc5*5,€oto»^.i u'Cbat tbe attainbo^ofanp perfon fo? anp 
offence maoe treafon by anie of t^t acts mane. 5* €U^* i ♦ 5* C!i^. 1 1 ♦ 
1 8*€li^» r ♦ (ball not make anp corruption of blooD to anie beire, no? tlje 
toifeof tbeoffenD03itOfo?f bcrDOtBertS.QuceneS.Forfaiturc 2. 

4 3If anie pecfons ooe purcbafe, 0} (ball baue ellate conuepeo in anp 
IanDS,tenements,o?bcrebitamentsbntotbem,anii to tbeirtoiues, ano to iTot SW 
tbe beires oft^eburbano.o? to tbebufbano ano to tbe toife, ano to tbe SJJ^/fh^J? 
Ijeiresofcljeirtujobouies begotten, o^totbebeires of one oftbeirbooies imftanos 
iegotten.o? to t\)z bufbano, ano to tbe toife fo? terme of tbeir liues, 0? fo^ '**"^^* 
tetmeoflife of tbe faio toife: f)? if anp fucbefiate o^purcbafe of anp 

Janos ^u (balbemaoe to anie bulbanti, ano to bis toife in fo?me aboue ev- 
p^elfeo, 0? to anp otber perfon 0? perfons ^c, to tbebft of tbe faio butbami 
D? toife, 0? to tbe Dfeoftbe toife, as is abouerebearfeo fo? tbciointureof 
tbe toife, tljm in euerp fucb cafe, euerp tooman marrieo bauing fuel) 
iointuremaoe, (ball not claime noj baue title to baue anp ootoer of tbe 
tefiotte oftbelanosj tenements, o?bereDitanients,tbat at anp time toere 
Ijet faio bwfbattusfjbp tobom flje batb anie fucb iointnre,no? (ball oemaunu 
tto? claime ber ootoer againHtbem tbat baue tbe lanos ano inbcritance of 
ber faio bufbano, 13 ut if ^e Ijaue no fucb iointure, tben flje (ball be aomit* 
tco to baue ano oemauno ber ootoer h^ to?it of ootoer, after tl;e courfe of 
tbe Common latoes. 2 yjp. 8, i o, 

5 T5\xt if anp fucb tooman be latofuHp cr^JuHeo 0? etticteo from ber 3if amomatti 
faio iopnture,o? from anie part tbereof, tottbout anicfrauo o?coin'n by uS%%n 
latofulUntre, action, o?bp oifcontinuance ofberbwfbano, tben (be (ball i^c momti, 
beenootoeo ofafmucboftberefioue ofberbwfbanoslanocs, tenements, 
«?bereoitamentg,tobereof(betoa8befo?e ootoable, as tlje fame lanos fo 
ettictcofc*ibaUe]cteno^nto,27»i^»8,io, ..... 

6 PiouiDeo, tbat if anp toife ajallbatie anp lanbs, tenements o^Jnm ^^"f f " "'^J 
Oitamentsbntober t^mxi o?airurco after mariage, fo? terme of ber life, S^titkea 
o?otbertoife in iopnture (except tbe fame aCfurance be to ber maoe by act 'j''e|,''5t7/JJjL' 
oflPatliament) ano tbe faio toife after tbat fo?tune toouetliuetbefame riaseojjjc5 
ber bufbano, in tobofe time tbe faio iopnture toas alfureo bnto ber, tben ^^^«'^* 

tje fame toife maj at Ijer liberttg after t^e oeatl; of I;er ^ufbaub, refufe to 


ta^e tht Ianu0 (b to htt ^i\it uuring tlje couerture in iopnf ure (eitccpt $c.) 

anD t(jemipott tcmauno anntal^e ijernoiMer bptDjitoftiotoer,o^otbei:« 

iDifc acco?5ing to cl;e Common latue, of anu in all fucb lanD0,tcnemcnt]ef, 

anD ljereDitament0, a0 Ijcr l)urbanii toas fcifeu of ante efface of infjcri* 

tance at ante time During tbe couettuce* 2 7»llp,8. 1 o» 

2>etijcc,vnde 7 ^tojitofootoer vndc nihil habet,Q)aUnotbe abated feptbetenamis 

.«hu habcr. ejcception, foj t!)at tbe luoman batb receiueu ber uotoec of an otber man, 

i3efo?e tbe tojit jJurc^jafcUj if be cannot (belue tbat (be batb receiuen part 

of ber Doioer of bimfelfe, anu in tlje fame "Cotone, before t^e to^it pur* 


atuomancn' 8 31f aman being injpleauen of a tenement Dotb pTainelp peelDit fa 

FanSftoJiti) ^^^^ atiuerfarie, o| uoetb loofe it bp u efault, in botb tbe faio cafeis after tbe 

6e rrcoueceB ucatb of tbe bufbanu,tbe toife (bal be aUotoeb to b^ing ber to^it of ootoer : 

fafS coiffi. ^"i" tht tenant tobtcl) recouereo bp Default in tbe fiiite commenced a* 

Son p; Default, gainC bim, fball Ibeto W ti^l)t, tbat be tjatb in tbe lanD, according to W 

former uijit, toberebp be recouered againft tbe^ufband^ and if lie can 

Ibett} tbat tbe tuomans bufband bad no rigbt in t\)t landig in demaund, 

no^anieotberbut bimfelfe, be lbalgoequite,and (befbalrecouernotbing 

bpber^?itofDoUier» I5utifbe cannot Ibeto it, t(je luoman (ball recouec 

^er dotoert2Be(l» 2, 1 ^ ,€0. 1 .4, 

1 For dowmcnt by the cuftomc of gauclkind , and what caufc of 
fbrf. thereof S.Prcrog.i 6, 

2 That the Qucene (hall hauc the rcucrfion, if tenant in dower die, 
during the minoritie of her ward. S.Willcs p. 

^ Foradmcafuremcntofdowcr bythcgardcin orhcire.S^Admca- 

4 That where the Qucenes tenant in chiefcdoth intrude and die^his 
wife (hall not be endowed. S.Prerog.i 5 , Liueric 2. 

5 That the grauntee or committee ofa Ward,{hall not haue aid ofthc 
Queencinawritofdower.S.Aydc&c. 2. 

6 Where a woman aliening her dower, or other particular cfiatc, he 
in reuerfion may enter or haue his a6tion, S.Women, 1.2. 

7 That a woman fhallhaue her dower, though her husband be at- 
tainted of certain ofFenc es made Felony or Tr eafon by f^atut.S.Ne wcs 7, , 
Felony.2.5.<5,7.8»26.3o.^3.3 5. Treafon j.d.Qucenc S.Rome i, 

8 That preicntation to a Church by an vfurper during the e(Jate of 
tenant in dower, (hall not prciudicehim in the Reucrfion . See Ad- 

9 That a woman confcnting to a Rape fhall forfaite her dower. Sec 
Rape 3.' 

I o Where view (hall not be grauntcd in a writ ofdowcr. S.Vicw^ i • 

A Table 


A Table declaring the length, breadth, & weight of all 

w'ollen Cloth, v\ hich is allowable to be made within England 
and Wales, to be put to fale. 



I Cloth of Ray tobemeafured 2 8*yards |6.quar- 
by the liftj and the D»cloth accor- & being ters, 
ding to the rate,fliall vpon paine ofvvatcrcd 
forfaitureofthefamcjcontainc in |24» 

2 No piece of plaine white (traits i ^.yards. 
made in the Counties ofDeiion & 
Cornewall, flhall vpon paine of the 
forf. of the fame, or the value there- 
of^ be made aboue 

. yarde» 

5 No piece of pinned White 
ftraites made in the faid Counties 
&c. fhall, vpon the like forfaiture 


4 Eucry piece of Lancafliire cot-' 2 1 .or 20. 
tons (which fliallnot bee ftrained goads at 
vpon the Taynters aboue one nailc leaft 
in breadth) being fufficiently • lil- 
led & thickedjcieane fcourcd, well 
wrought, and fully dricd,fhall (vp- 
pon paine to forf. for euery pound 
weight lacking & 
for eucry pound lacking abouc iij. 


3 ♦quar- 
ters or 
one nailc 

5 Eueriepeece of Lancafliire betwixt 
Frizes or Rugges beyng vt fupra, ? J.Sc 37. 
fliall vpon the paine aforefaid,con-,y. 
taine | 

If anie of the faydc Cottons, 
Frizes or Rugges lliallbe of anic 
greater length : Then euery yart 
fo exceeding , fhall waygh after 
fuchc rate as 5cc. vppon paync 


3. quar- 
ters at 
moft or 
one naile 
at leafl. 

vVe>^ht. jStat. 


H. 4, 4* 



i2*poud, 27.Eliz, 

2l.pound 8,Eli»i2. 
at lead. 

45.poud 8,Eh,i2, 


The Table of Drapcrie. 

of forf, for euery yard, not weigh- 
ing after the rate, xij, d» 

6 Narrow lilt^ed v\hices made in 
WiltQi»Gloucc{t.and Sommerfet- 
fliire,or els where of like making, 
fhall containc 

7 Broad lirtcd whites made in 
Wilt.Glouceft.& Sommcrfet or els 
v\ here of like making, (hall c5tainc 

8 Euery peecc of broad clotHe 
made in Kent, Suflex, Reding, or 
els where of like making, (hall con- 

p All white clothes made in the 
CitieofWorcefi. called long wor- 
ccfters, and all clothes of like ma- 
king made in Couctrceor els wher 
fhall containe 

ID Coloured clothes made in 
Couentrce and Wor<eft. or els- 
whcre of like making, fhall con- 

Length. jBreadth. 

2 8.yards 
at the 

at the 




29.5c 31. 

7. quar- 
ters at 
the liftes. 

Weight. (Stat. 

6i.pound 27.EI1Z, 

at the 


53.poud 27.Eliz, 
at the '17^ 

ieafl. \... 

7. quar- 
ters at 

7. quar- 
ters at left 

1 1 Short VVorccfters made in betwixt 
the Cities of Couentrce and Wor- p^.Si 25. 
ccfter, or els w here of the fame fort y. w. 
fhall containe 


Al coloured log cloths made betwixt 

in Suff. NorfF. and Eftcx, or els 28.&30. 
where of like ibrt^fhall containe ' y. w. 

7. quar- 
ters at 

7, quar- 
ters at 

I :^ Euery coloured fhort cloth betwixt 
made in SnflF. NorfF. and Fftex, or 23 .& 25. 
els where of like fort, fhall con- y.w. 

14 Euery 

6. quar- 
ters and 

S6.poand j.Ed.6.(5. 
chicked '4.& 5. P. 
and fully |&M»5, 

7j.pound !5J-d.6.6. 
fcoured |4»& 5, P. 
&drycd. j&M.j* 


^o. p. at I. 
& dryed 


6o.poud |5«.Ed.6. 
fcoured, 6, 
& dryed. 

So.p.atl. 5,Ed»54. 
fcoured 6, 
I& dryed. 

64. p. at 1, 

&M. 5. 

The Table of Drapcrie. 



14 Euery coloured cloth made 
in Suff. NorflF. and Elfex , or els 
where of like fortes, called handy- 
warps , and all whites there made 
or clfc where, as Cockfale whites 
Glainsford, and other handiwarps, 
{hall containc 


Weioht» Stat. 

ters out 

i.p.&d. '4»8^5'P- 
It lead &M*5. 



3c dryed. 

I J All whites and reds made in'betwixc 
Wiltfti. Glouccft. and Sommerfet- 2<5.& 2 8. 

(hire, or els where of like making, 
and al other whites made in any o- 
ther part of the Realme not before 
reniembrcd, fhall containc. 


wette, 6, 
quar. & d, 
within the 

1 6 All broad Plunkets, Azures, betwixt 
Blcwes, and other coloured cloth 25. & 28. 
made in Wiltfh. Glouc. & Somer- y. wctte. 
fetfliirc, or els where of like ma- 
king, fliall containc 

(5, quar- 
ters & an 
halfe be- 
ing wet. 
3 j.El.p. 

whit.(5i» |5,Ed.6.6. 

p.colou- 4.8c 5.P. 

rcd^o.p, ,&M,j. 



& drycd. 


oS.p.atl. 5»Ed.d, 
fcoured ^« 

ik dryed» 

3 y.Eli.p. 

17 Euery courfe fliorte clothe betwixt 
madcinSuff.Norffand E{rcx,orcls 2 3.& 25, 
where oflike fort, and euery courfe y, w, 
cloth made in Kent not exceeding! 
the price, fhall containc 

<5. quar- 
ters and 
the liRes. 

18 AlKarfcys called ordinariesj 
fhall containc 


54.p.atl. 4'Si5»P' 
fcoured ^ ^'S' 
& dryed. 

* 19 All forungKarfiesflhall con- 

No pcrfon vfingthe trade of ma- 
king of Kar/ies, fhall purpofely 
make any karfies, aboue the length 
of I 8.yardsacmort, vpon paine of 
forf.xl.s.totlieQ;and J.i4.Eliz.i o 

ip.p.atl, i5.Ed»(5.(5, 
S.T.and 4-&y*P« 





20 Euc- 

2 2.p.atl. 





The Table of Drapcrie. 

20 Euery Deuonfhire karfic, 
called dozen, fhall contayne 

Length. |Brcadth. I Weight. 




huery y. 
S.I 10. 



& M» J. 
3 j.Eliz. 

2 1 All broad clothes made in 
Taunton, Bridgewater, and other 
places oflike fort fhall contcinc 

22 Euery narow cloth made in 
the faid towns or els where oflike 
forts, fhall containe 





23 Al clothes named Check Kar- 
fies and Hraites fhal containe 

7. quar- 

I. yard. 


54.p»the 5»Ed,5» 
piece at 1. 6, 






24 Euery goade of Welfh lining 
fhall containe 

2 J Euery yard of cotto being ful- 
ly wrought & cottoned fhal c5tain 

i.y.wet. t24»P.the!5.Ed.6. 


5. quar- 
ters wet. 

piece at 1. ^« 


i.p.&d. U.&5.P. 
quarter. }& M. $* 

5 6.yards 
wette at 

2 6 Al wclfh frizes wroght with- 
in the (hires of Cardegan,Carmer- 
d CjOr Pebrooke.or els where oflike 
making,rcdy to be fold for a whole 
pcece, 6c euery halfpeecc of wclfh 
frizes accordingly, fhall containe 

27 Euery Northernc, cloth (hall betwixt 
contcinc ' 2 3. & 2,5" 

And euery halfpeece called dozcs,iy. 
Qiall containe the fame breadth, & 
halfethe fame length and waight. 

28 All cloth called Penittones betwixt 
or forelhvhitesjfliall containe |i 2.& 13 


3. quar- 
ters ofa 


29 Al cottons called Manchcller 22 
& Chcfliire cottons,ful wrou (^ht to goadcs. 
the fale(which may be deutded vn-j 
to ij. halfe peeces, & fhail containe 

7. quar- 
ters of 
lealt wet. 

i.p.atl. 4.&5.P. 

48,pound 5»Edtd# 
chepeccc 6, 

55. p.the 5.Ed»<5,^// 
piece at 

0. ■ 


ters wet. 

28.p.the 5,Ed»5.d.( 
peece at I. 


^o.p.the 5»Ed.5.5» 
peece at 




fuchbreadth 5c waight , as is limic- 
tcd to a whole pcece, ^Sc 5 . P. and 
M.^t) (hill comzlnc, 

3 o All clothes called Manchcftcr 
Rugs^ or Manchcftcr Frizes (which 
may be deuided into two halfcpee- 
ces^and (hall contain fuch breadth, 
&waight,asisIimittedto a whole 
pecce,4.& ^,^,SiM,^,){ha]lcoti' 
I taine. 





5. quar- 
ters wet. 

48, p. the 
pcece at 
1. wrought 
& dried. 

J. Ed,6, 

3 1 Ctterp perfon tubicl; l^al ma!te,o? caufe to be maiie,anp of t^e feue* jrojif. fo^ se- 
tall Itinus of b?oaii clotbe0 aboue rebparfpu of anp (boater 0^ longer mea* ozmwawe '^^^ 
fure tben iis aboue fpecieco in tbe0acutemaDe 5*€D»tf,ano 4. ^ j.p, $ 
^. ano appoittteo fo? euerp Countrep , oj feitetall feintt of clotbe0 to be 
maue,o| mafee anp fucb clotb of lelTe b?earitb,being toeH fcottreo,cbiclfeeD, 
niineii,^^ fullp D?ieo, tben is aboue fpecifieo ano appointeo fo? euerp feue* 
rail Countrep 0? Icinoes of Clotbes, ^ (ball put tbe fame to rale,(ball fo^f» 
foj euer J) fucb ocfault of euerp clotb folD 0? offereo to be folo in length j 
J)?eaocb vl §. 3ntj euerp perfon tobicb tball mafte,o j caufe to be maoe anp 
l!f tbe Ceuerall Wns of Eerfctes , narroto Clotbe0, ^traite^ , Dofjen?, 
irri?e0,o? Cottons aboue mencioneo,b)btcb Iball not be maoe in fucb nta* 
jter ano fo^me,as is aboue faio, no? containe in Icngtb ano b^eaotb feue* 
rallp appointeD,as is aboue fpecifieb, (ball fo^fait fo? euerp peece of fuc^ 
Clotb fo maoe ano folo,o? offereo to befolo, ]c)cj. Sno if anp fucb Clotb 
t} IKerfep (ball lacfee of fucb Ii3ett5bt,as bp tbe faio (latute it is appointeu 
to baue : ^b^ntbemafeertbereof, 0? otber perfon in iobofe poOfelTion tbe 
fame (ball be fotmo, (ball fo jfait fo? euerp pouno lachtna; aboue iiiuf, ^s* 
9no alfo fo? euerp pouno not ejtcceotna; iiiit pouno, iU §♦ to tbe in»9^ 31* to 
be recouereo bp ^.%^c.'i33^txmmm.^t,€J^4t*s*^rj*^*6y 4*(f s*]^* 
9 ^♦5« 31f anp of tbe clotbes calleo b^oao punlkecs, azures, "Bletoes, f pmnRettf* i 
otber coloureo clotb maoe toitbin tbe ^bires of caiilt(bire,(5louceiIcr,o? ||"g*» 
balfe at tbe lead toitbin tbe litteSjas is afo?efato, iji^^bMCbi* 'S^ben euerp 
perfon offenoittg(tttbatbebalfeajallfo?euerpfucbclotb>befttbieccbnto 
fucb paines,penalties,ani> forfeitures, as toere,bp fo?ce of tbe fo?mer (f a* 
tttte of 5,ei5,tobaucbin fo?fatteri,fo?l33ant of b?eaotb of bii^quar* '^^ 
terstoitbintbeliUes^ anoifanpoftbefaiob^oao piunfeets, azures, ' ^' 
!Bletoes, 0? otbcr coloureo Clotbes, being toell fcoureo,tbicfeeo , milled, 
anofullp D?tco;fbaIledntaine intielgbt anp lelfetben tb?eefco?e f ei$bt mtm* 
pounos at tbe lead : €ben aicrp of tbe faio Clotbiers tberein offenoing, 
(bail incwrre ooublefucb pr nalties $ fo^feiture0,fo? euerp pouno fo toan* 
ting of t(/e faio \»eigl;t,aiio not lueigbing aftet fuf ^tate> a0 is before ep 

1^ pjcffeD, 


' j^KffetijinantJtjiJtljefaiDltaMrtatse 5*eD.^*feIimttfrtiattlia|)po{mc^ 

i ami if anp of tbc clotbcss to be mafie tuitbin tbe Countfe of ^omcrfet, o? 

i elf uiljcre , of lihe maMng, calleo ipiunfeecg, azures, am r6kw$ , being 

toell rcoUJ?eti,tl)icfeeti,miUeii, anu fullp u^fcu.fljan containe in toeigbc, 

anp lelTe tben tbjee fco?e anu eigbt pounng at tbe lea0,o? if anp of tbe fap 

lengtQ. clotbeis (baU containe in lengtb anp mo?e tben ic^bii, paroes at tfie moftt 

i 'Cben euetp of tbe fame Clothiers tberein offenbing,{baH incurre nouble 

i Cucb penalties ano fo^faitiireis fo? euetp pouno fo toantincf, as bp tbe fain 

fiat* of 5»CD»<5»ate to fucb Defaults limitteD $ appointcu. ariu fc? euer? 

paro t^ac anp fuc^ clotb (baU conteine aboue ]ejtbii,j>ariies in lengtb , ano 

* not toeig^ing after fucft rate as is before ejcp^eOeo , %\i.t malter of eiieci^ 

fitcb clotb (ball incurre Double t^e penalties bp tbe Car, of ^^ 5* ]p^ani> 

$p» to fucb Defaults limitteD ano appointed* 5 ^*€\i^9^ 

3 2 31f anp b?oaDClotblballejcceeD tbefewerall length before appoint 

SJs?i)VS-' teD^bpmeanesoftbeftneneire^oitbegooDan&aufrieimhina-oftbefame, 

pomcjaungt^. tlientbe mafeertbereofiball not incurre anppenaltiefo^t^eouer lengtlj 

of anp fucb fine Clott),5.€ir»6»^» ^n&ifanp Clotljo? Eerfepof fbefe« 

ucrallfeinDS ofmaMnsfmencioneD^intbefo^efaiDdatutes of jr^CD*^, ano 

4.f 5»P*anD Sp* DO eifceeoetbe feueralllengtbes mencioneo in t^ fame: 

^beneucrppar^foerceeDing,iballtoeigb after fucb race,aseuerp yarn 

of fucb Clotb o^Eerfeiescontepning tbe faiDfeueralHengtbes,lban oj 

ougljt to tueigbj^pan pain of fo?faiture foi euerp parDnot toeig^ingaftec 

fucljratei3.s»5»€D»6,(5*4»t5.1P»$s^*5, - - 

r\r.33 31^^"? ZB\)im Q} EeDoes niaoe in tl;e Counties of t(3ilt{|)irc> 

mmi* a«^ <^louceaer,gf ^omerfet, 0? elftoljere, of liKe making, 0? anp otijer lubites 

Siut.Suc. befoje mencioneD,(bi5an tbe fifteentb b?ane|)) iljall not containe bi^quar* 

<swmtr«(&ue tersanDabalfe attbelealltoitbin tbe lilies as is afo^efaio :^b^n euerp 

perfott offeusing in tfjat be^alfe, (ball fo? euerp fucb elot b be fubi^ct unto 

i fucbpaines,penalties, ano fo?faitures , as toere bp fo^ce of tbc faiij|latj)f 

. 5» CD* ^»to baue bin fo?faiteD fo? luant of b^eaotl^of feeuen quartf rs toitfi* 

f n tbe liee5,bi?. be ll>al fo?fait fo? euerp fucb Default of euerp Clotb fofe, 

mwmum 0? offcreD tobe folD rli*to tljefinDertbereof.anD if anp clotbto be maDe 

»t)i»i». - in anp of tj)e faio Counties^ , 0? elflBljere , of Jihe mafeing,calleD narroin 

iiUeplcatjiteSjbeittg toell fcoureDjtbiclte&,mtileD,gt fullp D^ieD^fijall con* 

taine in Wgbt anp ledetben Ijci^pounDattbeleaa: €)?ifanp Clotb to 

be maDe in anp of tbe faiD Counties , 0? elftobere of lifee making callen 

iB7oaTj«ft«i bjoaDlifleDC23bites,beingU)eUrcoureD,tbickeD>m(neD,gffullpD?tc&,n)af 

iKima, containe in tneigbt anp lelTe tjjen fi,vtie t})}n pouuDes at t^e jfeaft : ©? if 

anp of tbe faiDclplIjescaneD n«rrotolto,o?b?oa&lilletv2Ubites, (ball 

containe in len^tbanpmojetbfnrrbiuVparDeaatt^e nvi^ t ^ben euerp 

cf tbe faio Clctbiers tberein offenDing,(bal incurre Double fucb penalties 

anDfojfaitures fo? euerp pounDloiuanting oft(jefaiD feuerall Uaeigbts 

ftbouelimitteo^^ foj ^uer^ parD fo CicceeDing in lengtlj^anDnot tocinbtng 

^ i:. aftcc 

Draperiei 9a 

anu 9p» j40p?otti0e0 ^ appoince5,ti?»?je 0;al fo/fatt fo? cuerp })arrj ejccee^ 
uing in lengc&, ]cǤ,anrj fo? euery pouuD lac^^mg aboueuiupounD,t;i,f foj 
euerppoanDnotejcceccmcj uu.pounD,im.5>J7»€li7, gj^Cly* 

3 4 ji5a Draper, Sparcljant, 'Caplo?,Clatit3}o?feerirj? ot^cc, perfon, '^HVmtK 

tobic^ (baU maile anp fucb tlotbeis 0^ ltcrfct£0, fci5e0,ru5P0, 0? cottons SJ,^J'i,Vj!fe' 

of tbefeueraU mafetnp fpcctficn in tlje act m^e y »€Bf»<^4 4a!l put to fde ftnt tbe fauug, 

anjof t&e faio clotbe0,t»b^i^^untotbc Slulncscr (bail baucfit tbe£l»fcale, 

ann tbe oioaner bisfeale^ ttU be baue maue trial aftaell Up tbe tuater, aff 

jbp tb^toeisbt ann meafuce, tubetber tbep (ball be ma^cacco^i^ing to tbe 

j^urpwj^t anD true meaiitng of t^e faiD act o^ noK^lno if anrperton (balfiRii 

fljjp oefectiue o} faiiltie clotb,ttt len$t^ ,iJocigbt>'5^ nicafure,mar!e contra* 

tit to tbe O|t!er0 afo^efaiti: ^b^"be Ibai p^efent cucrp fucft clotb,to eucrp 

spaio?,15ailife, o? otbet beats officer, o} beab officers of caerp cttie ^ bo^ 

tougb,o? totoue co?po?at,o?totbettoo3IuSiccgi ofpeaceneicjj'uDiopnittsc 

out of a cttie,bo?ougby 0? cotnne co?po^at,tiJberefucbclotb (ball be fotum 

faultte,totbe intent tbefame clotb map be cut in tb?ee equal peecegiCbe 

one pecce tbcrof to be fo jfait to tljs £lueene,an otber to tbe p^efenter tbcr^ 

of, ano tbetbiro part reHisuc to fucb perfon 0? perfons as it (ball tben be 

p^efenteo to, bpon painc tbat euerp fucb petfon as (ball fo feared euerp of 

tbe clotbes,ker feie0, cottDU0,o? fri??? afo^efaio, fo bp bim boagbt $ folf, 

ano (ball not feife ann p^cfent fucb clctb a0 be Gj^Mtcsi oefecttue , (ball 

fo^fait tbetioublebalueofeuecpfuc^clott, f,€uA6yi$*€o,fsa* ^^^ 

S S €iteq> Clotbier 0? otfjer perfon tofiacToctteri %o^icfj taW fet anp Hepafmcnt tx 


fibal baue fet to tbeir feale3,attD Cbal be fo feifeu as i0 afojefaiOjibal toitbin 

jfiiii^uapes nert after refiucd maoe bp tojiting , me(ra$:e»o? otbertoife,bp 

fucb perfon yxi\)it\) (bal fo bup fircb clotb, ntafee papment of fucid fummeu • 

of monep as be xetmtti fo? tbe fame, o} otberloife (bal fatiffie,oifcbarg:e, 

^ acquite bim fo? fo macb monep,a0 be (boulo |aue receiuen fo? t&e fame> 

bponpaine of fo?faiture to tbe i^^^ricucD fo? ruerp non papment, 0? not 

flcquital^tbeooutle baluenf tbe monep foreceiueb g^ctoiiertcouerc^bg 

g»'B*'P,.^c»tobercinno <lill*f c.e^'P.f c. ^.€1^*6^ Sec 55. " ; 

, 3 6 afujell tbe spaio? of lonunn auQ Stoermen , 0? tbe moje part of ^mcwts : 

tbcm,a0 euerpotber spaio?,'Bailife, ano bean Officer of euerp citie, bo* "^ ^^^^* 

rougb , 0^ totone co?po?at toitbin tbi? Healme, Ibal from to to time ap* 

paint tluo,o? moe,bonea.oifcreet,^ erpert perfon0,tJ3bicb (ball from time 

totimebpontbeirotbe0^jetoan^fearcballclotbe0tbat (ballbe D?e((e0, 

Bi^:ii,o? pieOTeo iyitb tbe colo p?e(re,tMitbtn cuerp fucb cicic,bo?oua;b,taton 

co?po?at,o?ya?t totane, anuuielu auo fearcblubetber tbefame clatljes be 

feidl aunfurficieiulp 0?e(l£D ano p?e(reo laitb tbe colo p?eire, tuitfeout puts' 

tinij t^erto flocU^,folcice,c^al(^e,flaj]per,o? anp.otSer.otfeitful tjing, anu 

£»v,H^ $^ z alfa 


i5ece!tfuii atfo lu!)etIjett^e?rame(l^a(bctoeUDiei>t»it()gcoti|f perfect colours! toitV 

i?cW"' out atip ueceiuable tljiito: , o? to^etb^r it fijalbe (IreutcD anp mo je tiien in 

^* tbis ft atute 10 fpccifieu , anu fijall fjauc potoet to enter into euerp per* 

fons Ooufetabcrctbcp fl)aUtf)inKmeete,to fearcljano fdfeeuerp Tuc^ 

Clotfj as tijep (|iaU finn oefcctiue in tbe pjcmiOTpsf, t'n tofjofe bantr? foeuec 

tbep fl)all befountj, as fojtf^to tbe Jn»anti to tbe S^aio^ ann Comminaltie 

of tbe citie , bo?oua:b * tcmnt co;ipo?af, l^o^t toinne, 0? SparKet tolune 

toljere tbe fame (ball be feifeD ♦ ^nn euerp perfon in tobofe polTcifion fuc^ 

uefectiue J faultie clotb,eitber bp euill iiping;,i!?efrinff,o? p^eflins (bal be 

foanu f fcifeOjIbaU \)mt bis remcDie (bp a»31*^c,tobci^in no C^»f c^e^p, 

«c) againft euerp fucb perfon bp lobofe oefatrtt oj negligence fucb clot^ 

fijal fo be founofaultp,^ (bal tbcrebp recduer all fucb coft3,lo(res!,$ uama* 

gesas bengal fttftatnebpoccationtberof»anD cuerp^aio^,beau Officer, 

^ 9C4 of anp citie,bo?oua;b,o? toinne co?po^at, in lubicb anp clotbes (ball be 

maoe, i3ietJ,u?c(fe»,o?p?e(feD tottb tbe colopje(re,li3bicb no not appoint fo 

man^ ^earcbers as ($aU be requidte to fearcb $ i)ietn clotbes Dpon cbeie 

otbes,(ball fo?f, fo? euerpnefault ]c»lt» to tbeCi^ano 3I»tD be recouereo bp 

9»3!»f c* ^berein no ffill.gtc»dp,f c ♦ j^eo^^,^^ 

3 feaif of lean 3 7 ^ft»cU tbe 3paio? of lonoon, as eucrp otbcr S^aio?,'Bailife,lpo?t* 

*"t'rS ^''^''' ^"^' ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ °^ ^"^^^ citie,bojougb,to\Mue co?po?at, 0? po?t 

rattpwii?. {0\jjne,(bail cauTetobe p^eparen a^ealeof leaD,\j3bcrein aftuelltbe 

jirmes,«s tbe name of euerp fucb citie,bo?ou^,totone ?c, (balbe grauen, 

tobicb tbe- Tame &earc(jers Ojall caufeto be ftrcu to euerp clotb tbat tbep 

(ban 6no ioell ano fufficientlp r>?e(rei!,iiie5,$ p^eCTcu ,ti)itb tbe colo p^effe 

tKitbottt an^of tbe Deceits afti^efaio^ano (ballbauefojtbeirpaines bptbe 

otoner tbereoffo? tbe fealing of euerp Clotb ii^iJ* s^'^f^^^d* 

«. - . ' 38 3!fai^'^earcbersiiofimianpoftbeclotbesbeino;coloureir0?Bp* 

Sf. fo; fea. eii,eit^r oocKlp,purfie,baw,fqualp,o? rotup, 0? euill bitrletr, 0? ujaftea 

irog ot famtH in (|j0 miUjO? 6ll of boleSjO? b?aclfts,tben tbcp (bal befices tbe feale of tbe 

citie,bo?ougb,o? tolutte co?po?at,iubere tbefame tlotblball be foun0,pu{ 

an otber feale of jteatj at euerp enD of tbe faio clotb,taberein Ojall be gra« 

tten tbe letter ( F ).anii (ball a/fo fet a marlft in tbe li(!,rigl)t againft fucb 

|l«cett>bere ftnp af tbe faults afo^efaio (ball be,toitb tbe pjiut of a letter 

ojmarfe ofanincbcompalfeattb'eilealtjtDberebp euerp bupermap toeU 

InoUJAubat anu bJbere tbe fauKt i^, ^m if anp of tbe afo^efatD s^earcbers 

BO fet tbe feale of anp citie^bo^ougb^f e» toanp clotb Web iball \)me anp 

-EJ»t soinfmrt* Of tbe fo^etaiti faults , ano bo m fet^t euerp enu of tbe clotbes one feale 

fbfthSS* ^"iJtbeietter (F) 'S^betitfbeCominaUic af euerp fucb cicie^iJ9?ousb, *<:♦ 

m&nit, tdberefucb^effrcber(bdTbeappoint^,(banfo?nfo?^uerpfucbbmilTiott 

b.?i,eo tbe Ci»&nt)3lUd'bereco«eretJbp ^3!*fc, tflbectnno m>^c,^^'§* 

ajaunot 6« 39 - Cbe feale ofcuctp bo?ottC5b"b?f£iliinecd?po?at>appointcD fo;itbe 

SJtfatt "* f^aliUjj of anp feinu of Clotb, (ball be 0«:e5 to euerp fucb l^m of Clotb 

^ =f: ^ r ^ being; 

Draperie. 9j 

Clotbfo fealeft ^itb tbe feale of anp cicie,bo?ougr;,o? cotone cojjw^ac, ' 
(ijal not be tmc^WvitHyQ} iji'ettjc D bp anp fearc^er o^ fealer of anp ot^et 
citie,ljo?oug&,o? tot)oneco?po?ate,ljp bertucof^is faiD office ♦ 4,gf s* 

l^.ano^fj* ' ' 

40 31f anp of tbe faiti Cearcbers To appointCD ftp tlje 9^m},15M(e,oi ^t^nm tt 
otljer (jeaD officer of anp citie,tJo^ou5b,o? tottane co?po?at, fjauing no rea* * '^^"y*'^' 
fonable eiccuCe , do refufe to be a fearcfjer , and wi not bfe t\)2 office of a 

fearcber ,be Cball fojfait fo? euerp fucb rcf ufafl ami not ejcecuting of \)is 
of(ice b.f itto tbe ^, aw> tlebfe of tbe Cominaltie of eucrp cicie,bo?oit5b, 
9u to^ere be (ball be alHgnen , anD alfo (ball remainc in toarD^tiU be batb 
{)aietitberatiifo^fatture,o^otbe^)uirepttCtnruff(cieiitbonDfo[tbeTattD' . 

faction of tbeCiame»5,eo»<5>(5* : ^ ^'i! ' ;•.:..:, j 

41 Cbe j§>earcber0 0? dealers? anD euerp one of tbem,baue autbojtti^ Cfie reatcset;* 
itttbeoap time,to enter into euerp bouCe of euerpperfon,lDbere be 0? JJm mfoTu? 
tbep(balltbinftmeete,to fearcb,anDtotneeuerpfeinDof C(otbesi,Eer« rj?manB^oure» 
feie0 , fti^es , ano 'i3in^$ , as; tbep (ball finrr uefectiue ,eitber in lengtb, 

b^eaiitb> 0^ D)aigbt} ano tbefame to trie bp tuater anti luaigbt^ano alfo to 
featcb ^fetfe as fo^fait euerp clotb maoeof ocber coulo^^ tben in tbi^ ac( 
10 appointen* 4,^ 5 .'^s 5p» 5* 

41 31f an? perfon (ball rjenie,toitbffanu,o? toitbbolD anp c(otbe0,!ier* r^tminz qI 
(eie0,fti?e0,o? rug0, fcom tbe faiD fealer0 0? featcber0,o? ahp of tbem,flj ff«»«&» 
totllnotCuffec tbemtoentec intotbeir (bop0,tuareboufe0,boure0 , 0? pla* 
ce0 UJbere tbeic clotbe0 ?c,(ball be,tbe fame to be fearcberi anu trieo 30 i<s 
afo?efaiD ; "^Dben be fo Dcnpinj o} toitbff anuing;, fo? euerp fucb toitbffan* 
jinff,l»itbbolDin0;,o?tieniall, (ballfojf»]c»li*to tbe ©♦gf 31»to berecowereo 
bp Sf 3l4c* tobereinno a2J»f c*€*p* ^c* 4.5^ 5»p»ano gp» j, 

43 3!t (ball not be latufuU fo^ anp of tbe faio rearcber0 O} fealer0 , 0? /ao ciotito^fc^ 
anpotber perfon, to fearcb anp toollenClotb.o? Eerfep,toberettnto tbetf^g^^J^* 
feale of a citie,b020ug;b,o? totone co^po^at (bal be fireo, toitbin tbe Clotb matHet. 
S^arfeet of lonuon,calleD iSlac'kloel ball,o?in anp common Clotb fap?e, 

0? clotb marl^et of anp otber citie,bo?ousb;0? totone co?pojat, in^anu DU* 
ring tbe time of tbe fap?e 0? market* 4«^ 5 ♦'p,$ 9^»5» 

44 31f anppcrCon (ball bp bimfelfe,o? bp anp otber perlbn h^^ b^m p?o* countetfa?* 
cureo,counterfait,fetto,o? talie atoap from anpclotb,feerfep,fri?e, ruff,"wta&tns 
0? cotten, anp feale appointee to be fireo to tbe fame, hv eitber of tbe (Ta* ^ 
cute0maiie 5»€ii*6,anii4»^ 5*lP»anli sp^-^benbe (ball fo?faitfo? tbe 

firfl offence (being tbereof uuelp conuicteu bp beruict of tluelue men , oj 
bp ttoo fufficicnt iMitnctfes , oj bp confeffion of tbe partie) v* fu Sno fo? 
tbe feconD offence being likeb3ifeconmctcti,(ban (itontljepillo?ie,anir 
fo?faittotbe Clueene all fucb bis! gooDe0 ano cattel0 (bi0 febt0 Mn^ 
truelp paien ; a0 be q^all baue at tbe time of bi0 conuiction* ^,CDA<^* 
4*^5*lP»aniiSp,5, i »; ^ 

t 31^ 3 45 3150 



<5a clot!) rrtat. 45 1^0 petfpn lu|)icTj commonip ijfe t!>f q rrtaiTc ctottj o? Ifeetfep , fbalt 
leD uut uni^ pt wralc,f n grolTe^o^ bp mailefo an? perCon, mij> maner of cloMj beincf 
*g ua.w, ujelfeDitipeD, ann pictTeD, crcept tbcre be 6]ceo tbcrcunto at c«erp enD of 
tbefamecotbtbefealeoffucb citie, bo?ouo5b,o?to\uneco?po?ac ,tubere 
tljcfamedotlj fijal befo DpcD,ii^eflcD,anD p^effcDjOj tbefcueranfealeof 
cuccp fuel; citie,bOiougft,o^totlme co?po?at,tu()ereit (bal benpcu^ti^eireir, 
0? p jedeD, CO cmiaine at tbe ia9 cno of euerp of tbe faio cIotb,lobicb (ball 
)je folo , Dia*mg aft tbe time tbat anp peece of fucb clotb is to be roto,bport 
patne of fojf^tije tobolebalue of fitcb clotb to tbe £l.atn) ^j* to be recoue* 
reu bp X3l.'jc, tobcrein no m.n.€,'^m* $*€d,6,6^ 
TStm-mtiv, 4^ ^"^ ^"^'^P l^^^^"" tjtoelltns toptbin tbe (Councte of ^omerfet, 
^ant6,©ja?Q Jubicb 3)311 puttofaleatip faioonenclotbeSjCommonlp calico ^jtDgtua* 
tiQtijw. ter,^ant(iti,g&Cbaro clocbeSjOjclotbesof lifee malttngjnaturejattDfo^c, 
maoetoitbin tbe faio Countiejejccept fucb Clotb be firK bietoeo/eatcbeir, 
ano feeue in one of tbe bopugbes: of 05?iDgtMater,'5Eanton,o? Cbarbjann 
fealco toitb tbe fcaleg of one of tbe fain bo?ougbe0,o? totoneg , acco^oinjj 
totbefojcfaiofiatute j*€u«6, (ball fo?f tbe clotb folir,o? tbebaluetberof 
to tbe Q»ano31.$c» tobetecouereobp ^3l4c» tofjereinno m^u'S*'^* 
g^c*2.gt5»ip»an0 3p»i2» : . 
ciorte« 47 ^"^"^P V^x(m not Dljjelling tnitbin anp citie , bo?otta:b ,o? totune 

ij^ougDt to co?pojat , ano mafeing anp of tbe clotbes o> l^erfeies afojcfaio, map feto« 
StoS fuUpb^ingtbefameto tbe neict citie., bo?Qitgb>o?co?pojattotonetj)bcrc 
fsaicD* anp fucb feinn of ciotl;es o? kerfeiciS be commonlp mm,t^txz to be fealeu 

in manec an^J f-o?nie afo^efaip*:4.f $, l^^auD ^» y» 

;) i t » - 

.,, gp 48 , '31f anp ^earcber c} ^alcr appointen bp ttje fo^efaio Satutes of 

tioti)toDtcD 5,e0»6,antJ4»(j 5»l^*anosp»(balllettbefcaleofanp citie, bo?ougb,o| 

toStSl' totone co?po?at, to anp clotbtobicb (ball not containe fucb lengtb,luaigbt 

\ .' ano bjeaotb.asintbefaio aata£csi0 appointcD x^Z-l^tti tbeCoipo?ation 

of tlje to*a}na:np,b)!jej:efucl) clotb,lierfep,fri5e,catton,o? rug C^albe fo fca« 

' * ri c^i jeo,fljall fo?t;tbe tubol^iJalueof tbe clotb (0 fealeo* 4*^ 5»'P»$ ^,^, 

Realms of 49 3if anpof tbe^earcber0 afo^efaiOi (ball fet tbe feale of anp citie, 

tiDtb not tuf. bojougb.f oiune co?po?at,o2; pojt touane to anp coloureo €lot^ tobicb (bal 

i;1S,wosi)t. «ot be fufficicrttlpDje(reD,i!ieD,p?e(Ieo,ano tj3^ou3bt,as i^ afo?efaiij:^bert 

* tbe Corporation of tlje totonfbip , labere fucb clotb (ball fo be fealeD,Q)all 

forf^tbeU5l)olebalueof tbe clotbfofealeo. 5*CoA<5» 

mmktxs 50 '3!neuerp toione,billage,orbamIet being not co?po?at,tober^ anp 

appomttnb? clotbfball be maoe orfolo,tbe ^luHiceg of peace of tlje fame ^biretubcrr 

ii?e 31nfti«?. ^P f^cij tome,bil(age,or bamlet i?, o? tiuo of tOem at tlje leatt,(bal bane 

full potcer once euetp peere to call before tbem,bp tWt precept o? otb^r^ 

toi^i^.t»yo;tii(♦l!i^uiii♦o2mo?e,as tbep (ball tbiuhgocD, of tl;c nioU bo» 

iiell,uifcreet,aniiinui^eVe4itmen of euerp fucb tolwne, ^c. ano tfjem (Ijall 

appoint to be cuerfeere fo? one loj'jole peece tbenneict follciuino; toitbin 

tH^t tottme^biUaje, j ijamlet iu^cre tfee fame ouerfecr^ lI;aU be DiucUingf,. 

, -. .. cljarsin^j 

Dfdperie. p2 

tbat pcerc, a0nincl) as in tljcm iljaU lie, to kt tbat cfjc 0atute of :?♦€». <^» 
pjouioen fo? tlie ttm making of luolkn ^lotbc0,be truelp obferucs Unt^}* 
iiub^linticsof tbciccljargMn fuerpparctbetcof* ;?,Cii,^»2» 

fa«j pecre at tfjeieaftjO? fo often as neeo (bal require bPtbeir DifcreciDn^, " ^"«i«"» 
Difite ana go into eutrp Clot^ier^ , O?aper0, dotbiMo?!tcr0 , Dicrs , oj 
^jeflb^sbowfes'^^ops'januotber place? tobere clotb o^nieQ inooUlbalbe, 
anD cbere make cue fearcb, ann "oim tlje clotbes anD toools maoe 0? uieD, 
ci remainino; tti be folD, anD to fcarc^ ann trie , toljetljer t\)t faio cioclfjes 
IieD^atJ3en,o?0raineD,o?faiapDfei»»^»^D,6.2* ■. ' 

5 i 31 f anp of tbe faia ye rfons fo comntaunueti to appeare , to he mane iRt fnGng to oe 
. SDucrfeers, battino; no reafonable ejcaife^Do refufe to come 9 to take upon ^^^^^^^^^ ♦ 
|jim to be an ^uerfeert %\)m eaerp fuel; perfon fijal fo?fait fo? euerp fncb 
refuCng %ls, to tbe CI* ^ to tbe Sluttices of peace bp mbom (je inas com* 
tttaunueo to appeare,o? to Ije an 2Duerfeer,gc fbail remaine in tl)z toaru of 
tbe si)birife bntiU be ^at^ paiea tlje fame, fo^f* 0? otljeriJJife put in fuffici* 
ent banu fo? tbe fatiffaction of tbe fame* 5,€t»«^»2* ' 'i 

5 5 anu if tbe fame €)uerfeer0,o? ttoo of t()em at tht Ieaff,ijo not once ^mtrtmmt 
euerp quarter of tbe peere inake oue fearcb fo? tbe true erecutino; of t^^ maftins ftawtt; 
flatute : %ben euerp of tbe fnlD ©tierleeris Ojan fo?fnit fo? cuerp fucb De* 
fault r Ji» to tbe Sl^ano 31* ?c,to be recouereii bp ^ Jl*g?c,ti3berein notP* 

tc»c^^4^^^<^S6*^♦i;^f^f'^1i'5^^^'^^^" • ■ •him. > . 

54 ano if tbe fame ^uerCe'ers (bait be {nterruptel»,antJ not tuffereii to |titmttpt£Rff 
enter into tl)t faio boufe^, fljopg, 0? otber places tobere anp (uc^ clotbesf, ®"*""'^^» 
-c? ioool0 (balbemanco? nietj.o? anp etberof tbe faitJtiefauUs (balbe com« 
mitteHjtbere to make fearcb fo? tbe bcttererecuting of tbisftatutc:'€^ben 

cuerp one tbatfo iljali make anp fucb interruption^^all fo?faic rr^ tbe 
£l.anD to tbe faio €)uerfeer0,to iuboJ« anp fucb interruption Ibalbe mane, 
to berecouereo hy 3»3I*5c. tobereinno m^Cf €*'^m*3*'^*^*^* 

55 l^?ouiueb tbat no perfon (ball take anp atruantap of anp tbe fatft a?rftbfntoBat 
,fo?faitures,bp reafon of t|is flatwte of ^e*6,tjnleae be Do commence \)is S if com. 
fuit \Ditbin one pere ne?:t after tl;e faiD offences anD fo^faituregi commit* inent«» 

5 6 Cmx^ Clotbier (bal Ineaue, j caufe to be tuouen fjis feueral token 'Efte ®ioti)(cr» 
0? marke,ineuerp Clotb, il^er fep, anD otber Clotbes lubatfoeuer tbep be, '"^"^^^•- • 
ntaDeto beDttereD anD fclD, anD rsil^m anp Clotb (ball bereaDpmaoeanD 
U^eCfeD to be put to fale, euerp of tbe fame Clotbiers (ball fet bi^^tale of 
leaD bnto euerp of tbem: 3!tt mbicb feale (balbe containcD tb^ iud length 
cf euerp of tbe fame clotbes 0? kerfeies,as it (ball be fotmo h^ euerp buper 
of tbe fame, upon Duep?oofe tbereof to be tricD h^ t^e tuaten SnD in cafe 
bpon anp fucb P?oofe to be maDe bp anp buper of tbrm at tbe luatcr,tbcre 
i^albe fouuD lelTe content in lengtlj tben i<s containeD in euerj) of (Ijeir faia 

JI^ 4 feale^: 

^-s Drapcrie. 

tealc^:^^c« turn of tlje fain €lotI)tcr$ W fo^fait bnto euerp fticbbuiet 
of tlje fame t^e mnW balue ,of fo mucb clotlj as (ijaU luanc of W fain 
content in lengc(j,at tlje onip Ogt)t ann iuonjement of anp tbJO indifferent 
perfong! tijat (|jal meafure t^e fame» ant» euerp Clot^iei; putting l)i!S clotb 
|uincsei;^ tofaIe,befo?e itf^allbe fealeo bp tbe 9ulneger,anii marfeeoin fo^me 
afo?efaiu, fijall fo^faie W riotb to tbe Tl^ % to be recouereo bp Action, 
3Info^mation, $c» tubercin no SBagct $c* eiToine ,^jotectton, ^u 27* 
Qujere. i^*8a2»Sec 34. 55. aniiQu.a:retubetbertbcClotbiec CbaUfo^fait tbe 

noubleualue, 0? tbe Clotb, 0? botb» 
«5o<zriotb(et -.57 J^operfonfijaUufe anprnacfeebponbisfClotbesrucb aiganotbec 
Sail Dfe ano. uotb,^ batb Dfeo bcfo?e bim,t3pon pain of fo^f^of euerp of tbe faiu dotbeis 
i^^j;^ tpwfe. to tbe JHueene ^ tobimtbatujtll feife tbe fame* $,^,S,z, 6je),2X 

58 3!fanpCiotbo?!Kerfeptb?ougb tbe uefaulto? negligence of tbe 
catiiec0,fpinners!, 0^ tueauerji, IbaWp^ooue eitber purlle, coclklep, batioie, 
fquallpjO? rotuie,bp tuarpe 0? tMoofe,o? elfe (ball bappen to be ewill burleo 
0^ m^etj in tbe mill, 0^ elfe tb?ottgb oefatilt of tbe mill man,o? otbertoife 
to be full of bole0,milb?afee£{, o} to be bolie :,'Eben tbe mafeec tberof (ball 
fiijce bnto euerp end of tbe feiti clotb o^lfeetfep^fo being nefectiue f faultie, 
.,,...., ano offered to be folD, one feale of leao, in tbe \3i})it\^ feale (ball be ingra» 
JFanittttiotftf. ueo tbiis! too?D (faultie; Upon paine of fojf* of fncb clotb 0? feerfep, 0? tbe 
balue tbereof , fo of ereo to be folD , tvbereunto fucb feale (ball not be fet» 

iFauitfe ciotii 5 ^ -^^^' ^^^^ fortune anp ^arcbant to tran(po?t anp clotbe0,lterfeiei^, 
Iranfpoftjo. fri?eie!, 0? cottony, tubereunto tbe feale toitb tbi0 U)o>o (faultie) toas not 
annerei? at tbe time of tbe fale tbereof , h^ tbe Clotbier, ano tbe fame fa 
tranfpo^teo, oj aitp of tbem to be found faultie 0? oefectiue, and tbe fame 
marcb^nt tbereof toitbin tttio peered after fucb fale to b?ing a certiScat 
fealed iMitb tbe feale of anpto'ajneo? companpin tbeparte0 bepond tbe 
rea0,o? figned bp a jl^otarie tbere, after tbe accuffomed maner,declaring 
t\)ttthv tbe lolTe V^Wl) tbe marcbant (bal baue fuUained h^ fucb defectiue 
and faultie clotb fo tranfpo^ted : 'S^b^n tbe Clotbier 0? otber perfonof 
\ybom tbe clotb toa0 bougbt,tbeir eptmop C} adminitf rato^g Ibal tDitbin 
(ijt;toee!t0nert after requctt.madebp tbe faid marcbant,bi^erecuto?0,aDV 
miniarato?s,o^ a(rigne0,trulp pap to t^e faid matcbant,bi0 erecuto?s,ad* 
mini{lrato?0,o? a(figne0,euerp fucb fumme of monep a0 Ibal be fo declared 
in tbe fatd certtticat, Upon paine of fo?f»to tbe partp grieued fo? euerp non 
paimet upon fucb re(juelt,double tbe balue of fucb fumme mceioncd in tbe 
faid cercificac.^utCncb marcbant (ball not i)mebi^ tjertue of tbi0 act, 
bnto tbe feale of anp citie,bo?ougb,o? totone co^pc^at (ball be 6jced ♦ ^4 

^Dtmim ^o m)t mooll tnliicb (ball be deliaercti,fo?,oj hi? tbe Clotbier to anp 
f a? £?faSS P^i^^'J^^f'^? bieahin^jkeimbing^ardiiig^} fpinning of tbe fame,(bal be bp ' 

Drapcric. p^ 

eeuett, iu0, anu true poig antj WiiiU of ^abernepois fealeu Bp auc!jo?itj>, (ciottfer fo lu 
not eFcecDino; m toeigbt after t^e rate of jciupounD feimeD UJOoI,aboue one iS>%%l tft 
quarter of a potmD fo? tfje liaaff of tlje fame liaooll, ^ in none otljcr maner, reoeiWreu, 
ano t(je iJ?eafeer o? keimber njall Deliuer apine to tl;e fame Clotbier tlje 
fame tuooU To b^of^en ano l^euiy t, anD c()e carDer ann fpinner fijall oeliuer 
^aine tQ t^ fato Clotbier, parneof t^e fame toooH bp t|je fame euenpoi0 
ano tuatff^t {t\)t toatt thereof ercepceo) toitljout anp part thereof concea* 
Iinff,o?amemo?eople,toater, o? ot^crtbinn; put tfjereunto Deceiuablp, 
t>pon paine to fo?fait to t^e lo^o of tbe leete, toitbin tbe precinct toberof 
fuc& Default 10 Done, fo? euerp tuc\) Default icittf, ijpon ouep?oofe of fucib 
jjecei'tjbefo je ano bp Difcretion of tbe Cpato?,'BaiIife,o? otber beaD officer 
of tbe citie, bo^oug^o? totonc to^iere tbe oeceipt (ball appeare, calling: to 
tint fuel) perfons, ajs l^all feeme to ftim conuenieut fo? tlje p?oofe of fuc^ 

6i Cuerp perfon occupptng t^e trace of bupino* anu felling of toelfl) ^mms of 
tlotljanD linings, \3iitUn tbetotone of :%)b?eto(burie intbeCountieoffl^fi'JajJJ^' 
^alop,tobicbDotlj Deliuer tbe. fame to be CottoneD, jTri^eD, D^elTeo o? ^ijenmnrw. 
to?ougbt,to anp «§>berma,Cottoner, o? jf ri?er, $ Dotb not pap to t^e fame °^ ""'"^^* 
^berman o? ?c« reaop monep fo? all |;is faiD iiio?fte, toitbout anp colour, 
f rauD 0? engin Uobatfoeuer, ^ toitbout toare o? otber tbing in fatiffaction 
of bi0 faiD too?fee,o? anp part tbereof,(^al lofe all Ijiis liberties ^ freeDomesf 
of tbejfraternitpof D?aper0,f fo? euer after be ercluDeo anDDifableD bp 
bimfelfe o? anp order fo? bim to occupie o? eniop tfje traDe of buping ano 
felling of toelibclotbs o? lining0*8,eii?,7a4»€li?J2* 
, 62 ^0 perfon toijicb l^all hu^ tofellagaine bptoap of retaile o? o« Bottmut of 
tjjertoife, anp toel0) linings, (ball D?e(re o? too?fee, o? caufe to be D?effeD o? o "S?ten5!^^aH 
ii)?ougbt,tBitfjin W Dioelling boufe^o? in anp otljer place0,anp of tbe faiD too; h? mi^m 
lueKb linings, but (ball put tbe fame to fome fucb perfon as ^albe of tbe 
J^cience of ^bermen,Cottoners,o? irri?ers,to be b^ tbem to?ougbt ano 
DjeffeD, bpon paine to fo?f» fo? euerp WIQ) cotton, o? lining fri^eD, o? cot* 
toneD to tbe contrarie bi.0.biii,U» 4»f j»p*$6p. j» 3nD if anp perfon 
Duelling toitbin tbe totoneof ^b?elufburp in tbe Countpof j^alop, o? 
tbe liberties of tljefame, bfing tbe traoe ofbuping of frizes, cottons, o? 
plains, Dotb erercife tije facultieof fri^ing o? cottoning, befliall fo?f^ fo? 
cuerie piece, i)ii» \iiii,^, to tbe 3EI, anD 3I* $c* to be recouercD bp ^f% g^ c» 
tobereinnom^c.e*p*9^c» S.eii?,?. i^eU^^u, 

63 5f5o perfon (ball put anp baire, (locH 0? anp parne maDe of lambs mitt, notit^, 
toooU into anp clotb,ltecfep,fri5e, 0? cotton fo maoe atiD folD, 0? offereD to ^^^^^^ ^^^^^* 
bcfolD, Upon paine to fo?fait euerp fucbclotb,]Nerfep, frizes, anD cotton 
toberein ante rucbpame,baire,o? flockes (ball be put, 0? tbe Dalue tbereof, 
to tbe©. anD 31* to be recouereo hi^ ^%^c* toberein no Z^^u <S»p* ^c» 
5*CD*6*6,^befo?efaiD b?ancb maoe Ann.5.CD»<^»tDbicbp?obibitetb tbe 
putting of baire, flocks, o?partt^ maoe of lambed Duooll into anieclotb 

'Jlfit lengtfj, 
Jjjicantl) aim 
toetsljt of 
plaint ? p(n« 

ftcetc^tng of 


Toiling of 



0? fmZy tem(5 regatu bnto tbe clot^cg caKeD ptoe toljitc (!ra(gl)ts auti 
pinnento^iteCraisljts!, WlbcrepealcD anu maueDoi'D* 9nlj it Q)aUbe 
iatofuU to all anu eucrp tlje Clueenes fubiects, mbabitina; o? to!)tcb Wl 
ibercafter inhabit toitljin tl;e counties of Deuon aim Co^ntoiall, aftoeH i« 
totones co?po?at, mar!icttotonc0, oj dftol^fre, to toeaue anu mate tljc 
faibdotbes calleD painetobitcUraigte annpinncDlDljitellraigte 
auD to bfe anooccupic in mafeing DftI;efaiDclott)e0,f!ochcs,ljairc,ar.Ji 
parnemaue ofIambcstooon,anDto^aue,teepe anobfe in W anutbeic 
Ijoufeis, tb^ee Loomesi ann not aboue, f o^ tbe mahino; of tlje clotbes afo^e« 
faiD : ann to ma^c tbe Came clotbeis of fuel; len^tbjlueigbt anu b^eaotb.ass 
tbe Spercbant IbaUikeoj accept to bup tbcfamefo^marcbannifcgjO? ap« 
point tbcfamc to be mane fo? tbe bfeanti mod acceptable alloiaanccof 
tbe coitutre p people tobere tbe Came (balbe tranfpc jteo fo? marcbanuifesf, 
fo? tbatintrutb none of tbe fame are too?ne o? occupies toitbin tbi^ 
realme : "Cbe faiD flatwte maoe Anno 5. <Qd,6, 0? an? etberlatw 0? fta* 
tute,fc»nottoitbflanoing. p?ouiDeii al^aie^, tbatinDefrauoingoftbc 
0aeene0 cuCome, no peece of tbe faio clotbeis fijalbe mane aboue ttoelue 
pounD intoaigbt, 0? aboue jciiii^j^arn^ inlengtb, ojone paru mbjentb, 
upon paine of fo?faiture of allfncb clotbes mane oucc ano aboue tbe fain 
lengtbjb^eantb, ojt Ireigbt, 0? tbe balue tbereof to tbeClurene ann 31nfo)< 
mer,to be recoueren in anp Court of Eecop, bj> 5Bf ti5» F» ^i %^Wii^ 
no Cia* f c, €. IP* $c* 27» Cli^t i8» 

64 ji^operfon (baUHraine, 0^ caufe tobeffrainen an? clotb, aboue 
one varn in lengtb, ^ one balfe q^» in fa?eantb,bpon paine to fo?f* fo? euer? 
fucbnefault b*J. annnoperfonuobicblbaU baue o^occuppanptentour, 
(ball baue 0^ occupie anie tn^encb, rope, 0? ring toitb tbe fame tentouc, j 
(ball tife anp otber en gin, ^jnlalufuU to Uraine, 0? (fretcb anj> clotb,bpoti 
paine tb^t euerpoffenno?, tbat (ball bfe 0? occupie anp centour, 0? otber 
cngin to tbe contrarp, (ball fo?f. rjCt f ♦ to tbe SLl*anD 31. to be recoueren bp- 
^%^c, tuberein no ua.$c»€»p» j»€n*^»5» S.i 1 8.1 1 p. 

<5 5 5150 perfon (ball p^eflfe anp Kinn of clotb, UJitb tbe bote p^cflTe, 0? in 
anp otber kinn of neceiuable maner, butonlp tuitb tbe coin p^eHe^bport 
paine of fo?f, of tbe tubole clotb fo p?e(len, 0^ tbe balue tbereof to tbe ^^ 
ann Xto be recoueren bp 3»3I.$c»iDbereinno m.^u€.'^su $,€n,6,6^ 

66 1^0 perfon (ball boile, 0? caufe to be boilcn anp toools to be cou" 
ucrten into anp htnn of b?oaD clotb, o^Eecfep^ luitbanpfeinnofgaulesf, 
rinne0,barkes of trees,o;i faU)nu(f, bponpain to fo?f> all fucb tnooll.o? t\)Z 
balue tbereof, to tbe Ci> ann31»tobc reconeren bp ^t^I^gfCtiubereinno 

67 )i^o perfon (ball anne bnto anie clotb,anie counterfait li(f Itt^ebnta 
' tbe making ofCochfal^'BocUing;, 0? 'B^aintrp clotljcs, commonlp calleli 

bannptoarpes, ercept tbe tuarpe tbereof be fpunne bpon tbenittaf,bpoti 
paineoffo^faitureof tbefameclotb^oj tbe uerpbalue tbereof: 3ut tbe 


Draperie." ^4 

€Wmakrs(tofcl)irt t|e cicte ofmo?ce(!cfmapmakruc[)litj0a0t!)ep 
:|jaue uoiw {;erecofo?e* 4. anD 5» ]^» anD 2p» j» 

^8 3150 prrfon tnljabittng toitdin tfje tSJettn'ointj lit t!je cotintic of (a:iotT)t« maise 
.^o^fee, (!)al maKe, 0? caufc to he mm anp l^paD clotbcs, calleD lpeH)1?s(, Snl InpoXil 
^alunic£(, flitolets, 0? 6reene, ejcccpc tde tuooH tljereof (before it be ccii^ mxf* 
iierteD into parne) be httt DicD,litteu, anD coloureri, toitb tfje co!our bleto, 
cf t&e baltie of ii« U» a pountri upon paine of fo^f. of euerp fnclj coloureu 
tloth, tobereof tbe toooll (ball not be fird nieD, f c» 0? tbe balue tbereof, to 
tf)tiXf anb % to be recoueree bp a» :!♦ ?c» to^erein no m* €♦ l^f 3!t ^u 

6p £2lel(bclotbe2f calleuSHbtteg, KufTecg, ann 1Rennet0, mane in iFoiuffietof 
5f5o?tbtoale0^anD©^ce8erit)unDjeD, tbatfijaUbeb^ougbttoanp cimon ^^«'^'iot9. 
ipathetg 0? 5f aiceSjto be UttereD ano folo, Ibalbe fouloeo eitber in piait^, 
t} cutteU, ais t(ie clotbe0 of all ot()ec couutriesi of tbis Healme are bfeb, to 
tbe intent tbe buper? map perceiite tbe bjeaBtb ano gootinefle thereof, 
tpon paine of fo?faiture ofeuerp piece b^ougbt to anieSparlteto^jfaire 
to be folo contrarie to t\)t fourme afo?e(iaib,to tbe flUano 3If to be recoue* 
reo hv %li4c* tofjereinno tO»(£»p»f c? 5.!Ip»S»^, 
, 70 5f5operronfbanputtofaleUiitbintbeHealmeof€na;Ianii, anp colours of 
colouceo clotb of anp otbcc colour, 0? colours, tben j^carlet, 'Ettjy Crim- ciotft* 
Con, epurrep, Oiolet, petufte, 'B^olianbielB, 'BlacltejCSreenc^elolu, ©* 
i;icl)tatj)nep,Eu(ret,Sparble,®rap,^ao |5elii colourj^^urie^cajatc^eD, 
^bf ep£$ colour,iion colour,9potlep,31ron grap, jTriers grap, Crane co* 
" |our,pnrple,^ olo Speolep colowr,mol!conimottlp ufeu to bemaoe aboue 
ano before rr^peeres lad paff . 4. ano 5 . "p^ ano 9p» $ . 

71 5I^operranoccuppingtbefeatofDpmot,fi)aUoie,o?alterimoco*j5^{„jof 
lours, 0} caufe tobeoieD,^c.anptt3aolleuCiotbe0,as'B?o\i3nebleUieg!, ciotijeij. 
lpetofee0,'3Datonies,c?CJioIet0,ejccept ^ame beperfcct{pboileo,6rais 
fieo, 0? ^aooereo bpon tbe C3ioao ano (bot toitb goon $ fufficient coffee 
0? o?c()an,afcer a oue,fublIantial gt fufficient nianer of U)o?feeman(bip, ac* 
taping to t^cauttcient too?!^eman(bip in time pal! bfeo, upon paine fo? e* 
iierp oefauU to fo^fait rr. ^. 0Qi anp perfou (ball Die anp tuooU to be con= 2?Bing of twoi 
Mcrtco into ClotbiCaUeo lauOTetg^^pulfers, Sparbles, 6raic0, Eaie0,ano 
fucb li^e colours, 0? to be conuerteo ano maoe into ^m 0^ Caps, bnlefTe 
ttjt fame tooollbeperfectlp tooaoeo, boileo Qt maooereo, acco^ning to tiz 
true 9 auncient brage,Vipon paine of fo?faiture fo? tlje falfe oping of euerp 
fucbOotb, 0} ofasmucb Vuocll asfballferue fo? tbe maMng of cuerp 
Clotb contrai'p to tbe true meanmg bereof,rl5* ^o} Ibail Die )3)itl) O^^a*? 
M to tbe intent to malkc afalfe colour in Clotb, no^toooHUpattesnoj 
Caps, upon paine fouuerpoefaulttofo?faitrr,s»totbe^*anoXtobe 
mouereobp a.15.'p.3I>'0Jbereinno m,e.P4C* 3»<Z^b»5»2* 
. 72 ^0 perfon (ball occupie anie 3Iron cards, 0? pc^taros m rotoing 3iron ws-ue^ 
JOf anp fet eio$&, 0^ anp maner of tooollen Clotfj, bjaon paine to foj fait as i^"'^^*^' 



(J^eafure of 


a CClot^fetr 
one teoolUn 

150 f (Ueauei; 
l^all Iteepe 

IRo CHXeauer 



JFnllec l^all 

bt a mnwv 
but to^tctj 


toclt tlje faio 3Irott cattieis ann IPfc^aruesf, asi atfo tht fumme of jcf. g. foj 
cucrp fuel) offence* 3»<£d»<^*2» aniiifanpperfonoccupieanp(0igmiUfoj 
tbetdo?!?eman(I)ip ofanp tBooUencIotlj, lie fl)aU fo?fatc fo? euerpclotj 
tojous^c in 0? b? ante of t!)em \},t to tlje d* anu 31* to be recouereu bp 9l» 
lp.'B»3I* tu^erein no ca€»p.3I.^c*5*eD»^*22, 

75 51^0 perfon fl)aU fell ante clocb bp ante leffe meafure, tben after t^c 
true content tbereof, tobemotenantimeafureD bp tbe partly atiDms to 
cuerp parD one inclje of tbe rule,5^1|),8tp»5»CD,5»2» 

74 5l5o perfon (ball bup ante coloureo UiooU, oj coloureu toooUen 
parne of ante CarDer, ?^pinner, o^ SHeauer, but onelp in openS^arlftet, 
ftpon paine of fo?f. of fucb tuooll auD pame fo bougbt, to tbe 2Cl»anti % to 
be recouereobp 3l.31t^c» tobcreinno 2B.€»p.f c* 6,i)X9* - 

7 J 0Q perfon uCngf tbefeatofclotbrna^incc, antujtoelling out of a 
€itie,'Bo?ou5b, ^arhet "Cotone, o? Co?po?at ^olune, (ball bauetn bts» 
podellton, aboue one uaooUen loome at one time, no; fball utrectlp o> in* 
Directlp,tafee anp commotiicie,bp letting anp loome^o? anp boufe tobere« 
in anie loome (ball be occupien tubtcb ftall be togetber bp bint let, bpoit 
paineoffo?faiturefo?euerptocefeetbat anieperfon (ball do contrarie %p* 
S> to tbe Sl.ano 3!* to be recouereb bp ^,% $c* to^jercin no C^*€*P» ^c« 
2*attb ?»]p.anrisp.ii» 

76 jBo tooollen toeauer bCng tbe feat of CQJeauinjj, anu utoelKnof out 
ofa€itie,'Bo?ougbj SparKettotone, 0? 'C^otoneco^pojatjlJjanbaueoj 
feeepe at one time aboue tUiotooollenlLoome0,o? receiue anie commoiji* 
tie hi^ me mo^e tben ttoo loomes at onetime, bpon paine to fo^f* fo|^ 
cuerie toeeKe tbat ante perfon (ball no to tbe contrarp xxs* to tbe£l* antt 
31*to be recouereo h^ 3.31*g?c*t»berein no 2H*€*lp»^c»2»^ ^,^4 9^»i i» 

7 7 j]5o perfon xo\)icl) fljall occupie onelp tbe mptterie of a tueauer, anH 
not clotbmal^inc!:,(bal(ouring tbe time tbat b^lbalijfetbe feat of a Wits,* 
uer) baue anie tucKing; mill, 0? (ball ejcercife tbe feat of a 'Cucfeer,5ruller ^ 
0} Dier,bp5 paine to foiCfo? euerp toeefee tbat be (bal fo bo,]cr«5f to p Ci»^ 
3I«to berecouereo b^ ^♦3l4c*iMbereinno22l.€»p*fc»2»^ 5.1^,^ gp»i i* 

78 ji^o perfon lubtcb (ball bfe tbe feat of a 'S-uclfeer, 0? jruller,(ball bu« 
ring; tbe time tbat be (ball fo bfe tbe faio feate, b-^tte anieJLoome inbisJ 
boufe 0} polfeffion, 0? (ball oirectlp 0^ inoirectlp tafee aniep?ofite hv tbe 
fame,bpon paine to fo^fait fo? euerp toeefee ic^ s, to tbe 3[i*anri 3I«to be rc^ 
couereD h^ ^^^l.^c^tuberein no 22l,€*p»f c» !♦ g^ g» ip.qt 9p» 1 1 ♦ 

79 3{t (ball not be lalofuU fo? anie perfon to fet bp tbe mpderie of 
CBeauing,unle(fe tbe fame perfon baue bin apprentice to tbe fame mil!e« 
rie, 0? ejrercifeo t\)t fame h^ tbe fpace of bii» peered at tbe lead, bpon paine 
of )cr»£,co be fo?f*to t\ie Q*$ %tQ be recouereo bp ^^Sl.fc^toberein no m» 
€*^*^c,2,<f ?»p*$2^»i i*antitDbofoeuer(balliueaue o?ma!te,o?putto 
toeauingo? mafeinff,it)oollett clotb,lonff 0? lbo?t iSerfeis^pinneD tubitejef, 
0? Paine Crait^, bnlelfe be batfj bin apprentice to t^e occupation of ma* 


Drapcrie. 95* 

fji'ng, toeauinct, ^ rotofn^c of cloth o? Eerfep,o^ ][jaue bene ejccrciTeu tbccc* 
in b? tbe fpace of Un.peere$ before, Gjall fo?f.fucb Clotl; o? tbe Mut tbec* 
of to tbeCi»^3I»to be recouerco bp a^T^^p^lI^iubt'rein no m*€,']^.%^c, 

4*? 5» 1^»9f ^'J* "^"^ ^^^^^ ^^^ °^^*^ 3* 1^'^"^ ^* ^^ ^^^ P?n«^lCtaIl CO loomed Rfpt 

berlano, anD C^cUmcrlano , but euerte of tbem (ball ano map feecpe &erianD!Bo;i.* 
Ioome0 in tbeir boufe^, ano zxmite euen'c tbing; concerning ^pinnino;, S cSm?r« 
22leauitt5,Clotb=too?feinff,anDClotb*mafeing in cbefalD Counties, a^ lalio. 
tbepntigbtbaue Done laUjfuUp before, 2,anD 3»l^,anu S^^i i* 

8o Cbe lueatici: \j3bicb (ball batie tbe toeautng of anp tooollen parne >^ijf memt 
tobetuebbeo into 5!D!otb,lbantoeaue,too?!ie,anii put into tbe toebbefoj fljaiiputtnta 
dotb, to be mane tbeceof, as mucb ano all tbe fame parne, as tbeClotbier Hi f^x^itjol 
0} anp perfon fo? ^im (ball oeliuer to v fame ineauer,tottb W bfeo marfee «tto?{ tt, 
put to tbe fame, toitbout cbanging, o^^anp part tbereof leaning out of tbe 
fame tjjebbe, o? els (ball retto?e to tbe fame Clotbier tbe furplufage of tbe 
fame parne,if anie (balbe left not pitt into tbe fame toeb, ano toitbout anp 
moie oile, b?oome, moid ure, fanD,iiuff, o^ otljer ueceiuable tbing putting 
to tje fame toebbe^tjpon pain to fo^fait fo? euerp Default,iii,0»tiiifJ5»to tbe 
dueene anu 31nfo^mer, to be recouereo bi^ ^t^i^c^^b^J^ein no ^.€f l^* 

Si ^0 perfon fball bfe tbe miHerie of making, wmn^, o? roUjing Bont miioc* 
of tuoollenclotbes longo? (bo?t, o? Eerfeps,lpinneDtobite$, o^ piaine SStmmit^ 
fixaitjiy to tbe intent to put tbe fame to fale,but onelp in a S^arfeet totwne, satt) &ent xiCiu 
tobere dotb batb commonlp benebfeo to bema^e bp tbe fpace of ^.peerejej *** 
Iaapalf,tj^, (before 2o.lanuarij,An.Do.i j57.)o^in aCitiej'Bo^ougbjO^ 
%mm co?p0?at, bpopaineof fo^fJojeuerpfucblBooilenClotb.o? Eer* 
Itp mazje,toooiictt,a^ rotoeti out of fucb€itie,T5o?ougb,0| -^LolDne co?po* 
m, oj Sparket totune, tJ* t, to t})Z £i, ano 31. to be recouereo hi^ 9131» ^* 
toberein no m»€»p»tc, 4.anD j^p^ano $p» j» 

82 Odut it (balbe latofuU to anp perfon notu (b?«at tbe making of tbi0 jnmimt^ 
Slct) bling tbe feat of making,toeauing,o? rotoing of Clotb 0? ]Rerfep,to at tu time or 
ittbabit tobere be notn 5otb, ^ tbere to bfe tbe making, toeauing, oj xm- ^5« «a»»t«» 
ingof Clotb 0? Eerfep,as be batb Done beretofoK*4. ano 5*p,ano ^, $* 

8^ anu it (ball be latofull to nterp perfon, \3)\)ic^ Doe 0? iballDUjellm piace^tjwep* 
anpof tbe^bires ofsao^tb'tuales, ^outb^toales, Cbelbire, o?lanca» ;fJ,?S?e 
me, caicflEmerlanD , CumberlanD , ji5o?tbumberlanD , :0i(bop?ike of Se, ^ 
Durbam,Co?netoaU,!^ufFolke,Eent, tbe Eotone of ©oDDelmine in tbe 
Countie of ^urr^(o? ^o^kefbire, i»?ing not toitbin ttoelue miles of tbe 
title of ^c?ke)o? in anp tbe'Cotones 0? tillages mere aoiopning to 
tbe mater of -^t re uDc in tbe Countteof(3loufcfter,t»bere clotb batb bin: 
bfuallp inaDe bp tlje fpace of jcjr^peereslallpaS, ^ bauing bin prentice to 
I tbe occupation of clotb^making, 0^ crcrcifeo in tbe fame bp tbe fpace of 
I bii.pecre0, to fet i»p, ano ejcersife tbe feate of making,U}eauing,o? routing 




ofclot"^, outofaCitie,'Bft|tJU5l), o? spac^cttototte, ajsjcretofoje tje? 
migl}tbaueiione*4.attB j^l^tanusp.j* 

84 |5o pcrfon Hjallmake, 0? catife to be mane toitf;in tht^Wt of 
t2Xo?ce(!er,anp isjoollenclotljes tobefoto, ercept onelp fucbperibnsas 
C)iilbe oiuenins iDitijin t^e citte of CKojcefier, tbe iSo^ongljs ^ "^^otoneis 
of euefl)am,D?oitU3icb, Eeoemtmtter.^TS^omefgtoue, uiitbintbefaio 
coutttie of (I^o^celler, 0^ in anj? one of tbem,bjjon paine of fo^f» foj euer^ 
b^aan clotb maoc bp an? perfoujcontrarp to tbe meaning of tbi0 9ict, rlS* 
to tbe ILawj be recouereo bp X3I«^» toberein no m,€.'^.9c,T5\xt 
tbi0act (ball not bep^eiuuiciall toanieperfen^ fc^i mafeinganieclotbe? 
fo? tbeir otone,tbeir cbilD?en oj tbeir feruams toeanng. 25»!Ip»8»i 8* 

8 5 3(t (ball be latofuU to euerpfucb perfou wW^i ^ot o?(ballDt»eU 
in15ocMng,cae(lbarfolD,Cocfe(ball, ano DetJbaut, in tbeCountte of 
CifejCjO^inanie oftbem, tbat ooe o} (ball eicercifc tbe feate of mafenof, 
tueauiug, oj ro\)aittg ofClotb oj Eerfep, bp tbe fpace of bii* peered at tbe 
leaa, 0} bauebeenel|D?entice tbereto bp tbe faio fpace, to oioell in anpof 
tbefaio 'Cotnnes 0? aillage0, ano to ufe tbe mafeinff, toeauing, oj roi»s 
ing of Clotb 0? Eetfep, ais before tbiis time tbep migbt (jaue i!ong,if tbe 
faio act of 4»^ 5»1^tlt9^» baB neuer beenematje, anielatoe, ^u nottoitb* 
lIanuittg.i»Cli?*i4» ^no itlbalbelatofuU toanofo? all ami enerp fucb 
perrono^perfonsiobicbnoUi uoinbabit o} titoell,o? tbatbeteafter (ball 
inbabit o^otoellintbe^olunesojaiUage^ofT^oylfeao ano langbam 
itttbeCountieofeiTep, notobfingo? ejcercifinof, 0? tbat bereaftec (ball 
ufe 0? cicercife tbe feat 0? miHerie of maKing, tueauinff, 0? rotoing of 
clotb ojEerfep bptbe fpaceof uii*peeresattbelea(f,o?bauebin,o?(baU 
bebereafterpjenticetbereunto hv tbefpace inbabit ana 
uU3elintbe fain -S^otuness 0} mn&^ti ofT^orHeao ^ iangbam, ano tbere 
to ijfe tbe making, tDeautngo? rotoin^ of clotb D?fecrfep, a0 before ti^e 
making of tbe faiDftatme of4.ano jtip.anogp.tbepmisbt ba«e Done, 
anua0iftbefaio actbau neuerbcnebai' o^maoc^ ^np tbtng in tbe fain 
actjO^ ante otber act jCtttottuitbttanntno;* 2 7»€li?»2^ 

85 Anno 1 8,eii? J j^tbefo^efaio bwncb of tbe faio If atitte mabe 4* ^ 
$.1^,9 3p.a!3 tcucbing onelp tbe tjfe of tbe mpfterie of making, tneauinff, 
0^ rowing of tooUen clotbes, to tbe intent to put tbe fame to fale but one* 
Ip in a sparfeet toUjne,€itie, ^u ano all penalties ^^c, b? reafon of tbe faitt 
b^ancb, as agalnd anp psrfoiis ejcerciang tbe faio c. toitbin tbe 
Counties of ^omctret,2Bilt(bire, ^ 6louce(!?r,o? anp of tbem,be repea* 
leo $ maoe boio* 3ut eua*p perfon being bp t'm ftatute allotoeo to eyer* 
ciCe tl)t faio mi(ferie ^u not being bp tbe foimtc (!at* (mate 4*$ 5«]P4anii 
3^» ^) alloiueti tbercunto,(balbe fubiectttnto fucb fearcb, fo?ff 9 otbet 0?* 
becs,a0ocberperron3Dtodlingout of '25opu3e:: $Coti3ne0 co^po^at a< 
lolwD of bp t^cfaic former act, 0? anp otbetsiatutejei,lyercfui)iectbnto 

before tbe making of tbiis act* i X€li^* i j* 

87 Ji5a 

Draperlc. 95 

"'87 ^0 pertDtt tituenino: 0? abiuin^ loitbin ante of tlie faiD countie£f of jrnijabitant^ 
'<g>omerfet, mHt(i)ke,oi (SIouceacr,(I;aU bfe t^e (m miaen'c of ma'ftm j, ?{ JS^^^ "^^ 
taieamncj, 0? Holding of ante luconen clotb out of auie eDitie,'Bo?oug(), 
^otoite co^po^at, 0? {ipac'ket toiDne, eccept otilp tuitbin fuel; fjtiwfes ano 
place? in tfje faio Counties, as fucb tooollen clotljes fjauc beene mofl! 
comtnoni? DfeD tobemaoe, toouenojroluen, hy t^e fpace of ten peeress 
tten before i maf^inj of tbis Set (beina; 8.February, An.Domini 1575.) 
uponpaine of fojfaiture fo? euer? fnclj cloti maoe,tuouen,rotoeD,$c* \),t, 
to tbeClucene ano 3!» i S^CIi^j y» 

88 ^ucb perfon as IbaUbfe t^etrane ofcIot!jma&mg mam'eoftbe''?oto«["^ijis^ 
fioufes ano places to^ff^UJooHen clothes bane bin mottcommonlpbfeDSc'eSe fn lifs^ 
to be matfe, tuotten 0? roioea bp tbe fpace of jc* peei:es nejct before tbe ma* occupation, 
ittng; of tfjis 3cC (being 8»Februari j, Anno Domini 1575.) toitbin ante of 
tbe countresof ^omerfet,2a:iiltn)ire,anD 6lauceller, out of aCitie, '^0* ^^f^ ^^o^s 
rougb>^o^JtJn^w?po?ato?9pai;feettotBne, tobicbnolu ootbnot bfe t!jeoioto)tsto&g 
Tat'D traDe, (ball not feeepe in bis occupation 0^ manutrance aboue vi:* acreiB [?? tS^fi^^e 
oflanD, meooto, anDpaUute at tbe molf, ^nn euerp perfonnoto ^fin!jftat,i«aflc. 
ti}Z faio tcaoe, out of a Citie, 'Bopuglj, iZCotune co^po^at 0? Sparl^et 
totone toitbin ante oftfje faio Counties, (ball not tahe intobtsSDccupa* 
lion o?manucanceanpIaniJ,ineDoUj,o^paaure, but tbat totjicb be no^ 
tjatb,o?asmucboneIpinIicutbereof, Upon paine offo^faiture fo? euerp 
ict;e of lano,me!30tu,anb paffute^bp fucbperfonoccupieo 0^ tttanureD,con* 
;trarie to tbe tenure of tbis Set, fo? euerp peere tbat be Ojall fo occ apie tbfi 
fame, ano fo bfe tfje traoe of Clotb'mahing, ui,$.i)iii.if» to tbe 3i» ano % 

8p '(ZDbe lo?os anooluners of tbenicares,tenements,o? cotajes toitb' '^fit mtutt 
in tbe citie of f2^o?ceaer, 0? anp of tbe bopugbs a? totones of euelbam, fif ^ caoS.' 
D?aittoitcb, iKeoerminller, ano^?oittefgroue, fijaU atnotimeIetameaei;i!)i««> 
meafe, tenement 0? cottage fufficientip repaireo iuitbtn tbe faio Citte, 
tBo^ougbs, 0^ 'S^otones, to anp perfon tbat Ibailinbabtt in tbe faio Citie, 
15o?ouc5bs,$Ct ano ejrercifing rtje mitterte of clotbing at anp l)ic^\)tt rent, 
tmpofitiott 0? cbarge, tben luas ^iutn fo j tbe fame at anp time toitbin 
jcr^peeres nert before tbe making of tbis Set, (being 25.clielanuari;, 

Anno Domini 1 5 3 3 .) 2 5 Jp^S* 1 8* 

'■ 5>o '^be ©ueenes 9ulneger (balbeftuo^ne to 00 bis SDfficetocH ano 1^,^^^^^ 
lalufunp^g^in cafebetbercof befouno inoefa«It,ano attaintcsbefoKtbefujofn?. 
6ouernois of f aires, ^mp 0? OSailifes of tbe places tabere tbe Clotb 
be iaiKf !)t, 0? befoje anp otber toboiu tbe Queene (ball alTignc^e (ball be 
Dtie peere imp?ironeo,raunfomeo at tbe£lueenes pleafure, ano put out of 
fttsofftce fo?euer, anobetbattoinfue,G)an bauetljeonebalfe* ^notbe 
I J9itlaeger (bal anftcer aHweU fo? W Deputies,as fc? bimfelf* 2 5^eo»7 ♦ i ♦ ^^e mintm 
I pi Cl^e -Streafo^cr of englano , 0? W Depntit , (ball appoint no gSJ?^ a c?il 
jerContobeiulneger^j^cfilef o^liceperoft5e^e?iie,appointco fo^ tbe 


@>ealmcf of ctot^es in m^ part of tbw Eealme, but fucb as be expert m 
tbemaftmsofclotb^anDiDo^tljaCfPounD atcbectme of cbe (aiDDepu< 

auinafft let 9 a '^Dbe 'Eceafourct of Cnglano fo^ tbe time king, batb autbo^itie 

CO fatmc. to let to farme tbe ^ubdDies ano Qlulttage of Clot^eg, touted ougbt to be 

J§)ealcti, (tjnto perfong tubicb be no ^trangerg bojne. itTSi^s, i ♦) tntUmg 

to baue tbe fame to farme,bp fufficient rurctie,ano tbe farmo?8i (ball baue 

Cbeonebalfe ofaUtbefo^f^ofalltbeClotbe^ ano pieces of tbeCIotbe$ 

fet tofalenot ^ealeo toitb tbe raio;i>ealei5, to tbeir otone ijfe, paping 

tberefo^e^ano fo^tbefaio^ubfioie ano ^ulnage to tbe Clueene at bee 

CCcbequec fucb peerelpfumme ofmonep,as (balbe agreeti betttsiicttbe 

'SDreafo^er ano tbem, ano to be accomptants to tbe Clueene of tbe otbcc 

Ijalfeof tbe faio fojfaitureattbe faio <Sfcbequer» i7.€d,4»5* 

150 am mi 9 z 31f anj> Clotbier do put anp clotb o^ iKerfep to fale, before be IbaU 

tSc auiSw ^^"^ ^^^^ ^° ^^^ ^ulncger o? W Deputie, tbe accuComable fee, o? agree 

fwfidwio, fo^ tbe fame as bebatbbinaccu(lomeo,be lljaUfo^ euei:? Default jcjt^ 

ii. to tbe Jn» ano %, to be recouereo bp 3.31. ^u tobecein no iiai»€»p* ^c» 

5.Co*6»6» anoif anp perfon making anp loboleColoureo clotb,Do5en0, 

0? clotbes of Eap, oo folo o? tacfee tbe fame togetber, before t\)z ^ulnegec 

ijatb ouelp featcbcD o; furuepeo tbe fame, tbat tbep bolD tbeir lengtb ano 

b^eaotb, o^oeineo ixi tbe Statutes tberefoK p^ouioeo, \)z 4all fo^fait tbe 

anrntger fea. fame. 3no tbe Sulnegcr tubicb puttetb tbe ^eale tbereunto o^oeineo, to 

ISlSifl^'*"' ^JCl'^tb tubicb is notof amfe, (balfo?f» at tbe Brll Default ^l, attbefecow^ 

jtijCt t ano at tbe tbitD bisboDp (ball be arreffeo, ano W gooDS at tbe 

SDueenespleafure* ii,i)^,6, %\xt tbe Sparcbants tobicb Doe bup tbe 

fame Clotb to carpoutoftbeHealme, mapfolD tbem togetber, foj tbe 


(jDiotu maftc 94 ji^o Slulneger, 5i)ealer, 0? keeper of tbe ^eale appointeo fo? tbe 

SSte «[?ig J§)f aling of clotb,fl)all ^eale anp tobole Clotbe0,balfe Clotbe0,'^traits, 

i&aibjftauo. 0? Ecrfeps, but fucb as (ball be onelp maoe toitbin tbe Countie, Cttie, 

05o?ougb 0? tolune tobf ce \yz (ball be DeputeD aulneger, ^tdXtt, 0? feee* 

per, tjpon paine to fo^fait to tbe Clueene fo? euerp fucb tobole Clotb con* 

trarp ^ealeD,iiiXDi J,\ euerp balfe Clotb msMufi* fo^ eueri? 

j§)trait rr* 0. ano fo? euerp JKerfep ]c. «♦ 1 4!^. 5t8» 

^0 clot!) fo!Q 9 5 Cuerp Clotbier putting anp clotbes to fale, before tbep fball be 
nese?? otoncr' ^^^^^^ bp tbe ^ulncger of tbe fain Countie, tnbere anp of tbem be maoe, 
hm fet tijeic oj before \> faio Clotbier batb tuoue bis feuerall marke m tbe faio clotbes, 
usxt f matHt. gj,jj ^^^^ fr,j {j^g ^ggU^ of leaD conteinuig tbe lengtb of tbe fame clotbes, 

(ball ro?fait bis clotbes to tbe Cl.anD 31»to be recouereo bp a,3l4c* Habere* 
iw nor(3.C*p*gpc* Sno if tbe Sulnegec of anie Countie Dofealeanieof 
tbe fatD clotbes tnitb tbe !llueenes^eale,\)ntill fucb time as tbep beo>* 
DercD ano ^ealeo tnttb tbeir contents in fojme afo^eCaiD, be Iball loofe 
W viftce* 274Pt8fi 2. '^ut all clotbmaoe to befolo ^siit^in tbe citie of 


Drapcrie, c^i 

2Hojcc(lcr,tf)e totonegi of D?oittoicl), Cuefb^m, iKfD?rmin(!er,ann 
a5?omrgraite,m tfje countie of Cdlo^ccfter, fljaH be fealeo tottl) tlje ^cale 
of tbe ^carc()er0 c()grc,auti tbe otonei-g HjaU not be compellco to put tbeir 
Dtone fealcs! to anp clothes tbere maoe* ^no tbe ^earcbrts (bail baue fo? 
tbefearcbingauDfeaUngofeuerp clot^ t.ii.anD notabotie* 2 5»ilp. 8,i8* 

96 3ifan})Mnc0jcr,o?Ci:onecto? of tbe^ubIltjieofcIotbC]S,Doe fet 1150 realms of 
^is;i>eaIctoanp clotb, bauing tbepieces tacfeeo atiDfet togetbet tuitb t^c^f^'c^oti). 
t^}cms,tU fame clotb (balbe fo^fatteo to tbe tubofe bauDs fa 

cuec it be foiino^ 3uti alfo t\)t ^ulneger o} CoUccto? founo guiltie , lb?>U 
fo^faitbis i2Dffice.^'K»2*2* 

97 'SLbougb clotb, tb?oasb tbe oefaiiltoftbeCaroer0,^pmiiersi,o?jfaHUfeciotij 
iueauer$,Doe p?oue eitbcr pur0e,bauiip,oj fqualp, bp toarpe o} UJoofc , 0^ fwua. 

elsi bappen to be euiU burUD, 0? toafleo in tbe mill, 0? tb^ougb tbe negU« 
gence of tbe Oilman, oj ot(;erti)ife to be full of boleg, milb^afeesi, 0^ bolPi 
pet tbe ^ulneger (ball fet W ^eale to fucb clotb ,'315ut tbe accuHomable 
fees ano allowances (balbe nottoitljltanoing paieo to tbe ^ulnegec, bpon 
paineoffo^fatture offucljtoljoleclotM^cll^ jjaluettjeceoft 5*€D.d»6*^* 

98 %^t ^ulneger (ball ta^e fo? euer j> clotb tbat is meafureu, tobic^ is ^ijc auine* 
ofalfife, of tbe feller, ob, ano oftbebalfe clotb q?»fo? bis ©ffice anonos?w f«. 
nto^e ,anD b^ Qjal'i taKe notbing fo? clotbes tobicb bee lelfetben a Wz 

clotb, no^ (ball mttinletuitb tbe meafuring of anp clotb, but onelploitb 
l^e clotbes UJbicbaretobefolD,anti fucb clotbes, tbe tobicb (balbe put 
tofale, before tbep be fealeo Uittbtbe faio^eale, ^allbe fo?fattto tbe 
Snueene gfc^ano fcifeo into bet: banns b}? tbe 3ulneg;ei: 0^ bis oeputie,ojo* 
tb^tluife h]^ tbe'Bailife of tl;e toiuneiuljere fuc(j clotljes not fealeo (ball 

99 31ftbeWnegero?!^eeperoftbe^eaIe, no refufe to (betobi0 com* -5^1,5 mimm 
wiCTion of bis ©(fice,to anp perfon DeCrmg: tbe fame , \3p0n t\}c ^ealingj mi (ijeto i)itf 
0^ mcafuring of anp "B^oati clotbes,^traits 0^ l^etCeS^ano tfjat ejcamineo ^«»">"'ww"' 
ano oueip pjoueo Jje (bal fojf*]cr.s*4.CD4. i^ 

1 00 %\)z Mneger in UlXult^ bp bimfelfe , 0? bis Cufficient beputie 0? auinegcc m 
lieputies,(ballitt all tbings to bis©ffice appettainmsoo ann anftoere in ^mn^ 
euerp care,acco^uing as euerp otbcc aulneger,in tbe l^ealme of Cnglano 

ousbt to ooet^nd fo^ tbe contcarp erercifing of tbe faio 2Dffice,(bal in eue« 
rp cafe fuffcr,as bp tbe latues ano ttatutes is o^oetneo foj ^ulnegers bn« 
net tlje lo JO '2Lreafo?ec of Cnglano. 3 ^^.S, 

loi ji5o perfon (ball felloj put to fale loiitUn t^t Countp of lanca== c!)cotoner« 
fier,oj carp oj caufe to be carico out of tbe faifitcountp anp ^ino of clotbes, ^I'^^lftn 
Cottons, 5f ri?eSjO? Kugs, mane toitbin tbe faif Countie to be foloe , be-- Lanca(i)i«. 
fo?e tbe oiotterojma^er of euerp fucb clotb $c* (ball put to tbe fame one 
^ealc of JLeaOi^auing tlje mar&e of euerp fuclj oluner j Clotfjier, ingra* 

O itea 


C^c aultte* 

gees fits m 


ueu on ttje one Cne tbeteof, aitti tbe true leno^fj of eucrp fuc^ cTotb, f ri^e. 
Cotton o> Eug:,as it is foun beingj \joette,to be in^taucn on tfje otl^ec Cue 
of tbe faiD ^cale^^no alfotOeCluecncs ^ulncgctof tl;e faio Count? pa* 
iantiitc fo j tljc t(me Oeino;, bpon trial of tlje lueig^t of eiierp fucb Cotton, 
5rn'?c,$1Ru5ge,fl)anfij:eo^caufetoliefi]ceii to eucrp fuel) Cotton ^calje 
iliieenc0^0aIeoflLcaD,fjauingtbel'^o?tcuIleiscrotoneD , ingraueo on 
tbe one line tOereof,anii tijetruc lucigbtof euer? fuel) Cotton, 5rri5e o? 
IRuo* to be ina;rauctr,on tlje otl^er Hoc of tlje faio ^eakjiaponpaincof fo?f» 
of all $ cucrj? fucfj Ciatl)es,Cotton0,5rri?c0,attD Eugs, conueieo , caricD, 
fcut,foio,gt put to falc,o> to tlje intent to befola,bein5 ijnfealeD contrarte 
to ttje nteanincs of tljis 9ict,to tlje Siueene $ to fuclj pcrfons^ a0 (ball feife, 
t} \Mill fue fo^ tbe fame Clotb f c» to be recoueren bp !3. 3I» ^c. tuberein no 
tOt.Ctlp^Cv'Buttbis^ctlballnotbepjemtiiciallbntoanp Cbartcr, oj 
Hibertie of anp l^opugb. o? co?po?ate ColDne iDitljin t\)Z faio Countie 
IPalantine of Ian caller, concerning; tlje making; auD putting to fale of a« 
np toollen clotb*8«Cli5, 1 2» 

102 '2I^|)Cfaio^ttlneger(balbaue^i$labjful neputp toi'tbm euerp of 
tbe feitcrall 'CobJnesof 9^anc|ieffcr, Eocboalej'Bolcon, "Blacltbo^ne, 
5^erie,in tbe fame Countp Uibere tlje fain ^ulncger batb bin accuttomeo 
ta Ijaue Ijis Drpiitp beretofo?e,tbere to be reaop uponlatuful requellbnta 
bim maoe luttbout i>elap,to lBeig;b euerp of tbe faio Cottongi , ifri^eiei, ana njalbebjaugbtbntobim, ana ^calcD toitbtbe^eale of t&e 
o^oner o? maimer tljereof,^ to Cet to euerp of tljem tbe lllueene$ !§)eale tn«^ 
graueD inmanergtfourmeafo?efaiD, uponpaineof fojfaitureofpp* ?♦ foj 
euerppache of Cottons, jfri^es o?Eu55e0,^ealeD bp tfje faio aulne* 
gee 0? anp of bis faio Deputies, before tbe fame be bieig^ei^ i\x fourme a^ 
fo?efaitr,to tbe Clucene ano 3Info?mer,to be recouereo bp ^,%fc, tnbere* 
inno2Uager,C,p*^c*^noit Ojall be lauifuU fo? tlje faio Mneger oj 
Ibis Dep«tie,totafee of tbe otoneroj mafeerofeuerpof tbe faio Clotbes, 
CattonSjf ri?eso^ilugs,fo?tl)e toeigbiuganD !%ealing ofeuerppacl^e 
of tbem, iii*if ♦ $ fo? euerp piece of fucb courfc Clotbes, Cottons, ^ri^eisf, 
ann Eugs,not amounting to a tubole pacl{e,ob»anD t^e Came to be paio bp 
tbeotonero? b?inger oft^c faiDClotl;es attljetoaigljing ami fealing of 

103 51^0 perfon Cnglilb, ^mx^txij 0? Stranger, ffjafltranrpo^c oj ! 
caufe to be tranfpo^tfD into anpoftbe partes bepono tbe ^ea, anp clotb, 
IKerfepjifri^e, 0^ Cotton of tbe feuerall fo;itsbefo?e reciteo in tbe (latutc 
of (5»€D.6jbnleiretbe iHueenes '^ale,o? i^ulnegers j^ealeof t^is He* 
alme,antj tbe ^eale of tbe oluner 0? maftcr of tfje dot(j (Declaring tberein 
tl)elenc!;tboftbeclotbasit (ball be in tbetoater jbe fetbpoii euerp fucii 
clotb,^ponpaine to foiC euerp fucfj clotb lacMno; tbe fame j^eales 0? anpi 
of tbem; 0? tbe ualuc tbereof, to tbe d^ auo 31. to b^ i;«ouereD bp ^, % ?c» 


204 Cuerj 



Draperie.' p^ 

104 Cuetp to|)ite tooneti Clotlj folo fo? 4»Iu anu bnner, ano cucrp co« 
iourctJ Clccb folDC foz tlj^ee psimD0 auD bnoer, map be carfcu bcpono tlje ShS'?it^?a'^ 
fea tbcre to be falDe,at tbc pleafurc of tlje bupers of tlje faio Clot!) bnbar* owxmut i^c. 
l)eti,\)n(bo?ne,anri SjurotocD,anp 3ct gfc.nottoitbHanomjtiy.ilp.a 1 5»15ut 
tio perfon (Jjall carrp 0? ff)ip,oj caufe to be (bippeo anp mbtte UJoUeu clotb, 
aboite t^e ijaiue of o^anpcoloureD clotb abcue tbc balueof tb?ee 
j)OunDijnrolJ3eti,VinbarbetJ,o?bn(I)o^ne, to tlje intent to be conueieo into 
tbe part^ bepoiio tbe :^ea,bponpaine of fo?f» of tlje fame Clotb 0? tlje ba^ 
luetdereofjto tbe Cl»anD beitcouevebbp ^J.^Ec^iubereiu no m,€* 

.: 10^ jj^operfon WJ cane 0? caufe to be can'eD beponn t^c ^ea anp ^ranrpo^tine 
CBolIen pamcoiCIotb not Jfunen, but tbe tPoHen parne tobicb (ball be JJSjfl S 
luouenintbi2irealme,g^alfoanclotbtbereinmaoe(i)albejruHeDj^fullp uV 
iD^ougbt toitbin t^i^ realme, before it be carieb out of tbis realme, bpon 
paine of fo^f.of tbe bericbaJue of all fucb parne^ntoouen.f clotb not jTul^' 
iebjCarricD out of tbi^ Kcalme to tbeSCl,anD 3I.^c. 7»€d*4» 5» 

106 1^0 perfon.^tranger no? ocber, Gjall conuep anp toollen clotb 0* -^ranfponins 
uer tbefeaj^nlcirc tlje fame Clotl; be fullp toatereb, bpon paine of jcl 0* i ♦ of ^^i^t^ ««o' 
m*3.8. ^^^^"^' 

107 51^0 perfon0)aHb?ingo? caufe to beI)?oug]&t into t^eBealme oi^odLi^mi 
Cnglanii,3lrelanti,oj2Bales,anpClotbe0mat>einanp otber place tben S^ig^^ea, 
toitbin tbe faio rcalmes(clotbe0taknbp anpoftbeCi* liege people bpon niaibtb^ousftt' 
tbefca Uoitboutfraurronelpercept)bpon paine offo^faitureof tlje fapD t»to<i^nsia»o« 
Clotbes,9t furtbcr to be punia^o at tbe Clueenes pleafurCt 1 1» €d» ; ♦3.4. 
eD.4*i»j;5o? anpmanbttDertbeeaate ofaDufee.^parques, Carle ana 

tbeir cbilo?en,anrj bnoer tbe Degree of a15aron, (ercept be be a Enigbt of 

tbe (Darter) Qjall lueare in anp part of bis apparell anp tuollen clotb.maDe St^S\otm 

cut of tbe SQueenes Dominions,circept in Sonets; onlp, bpon paine of fo?f> m^ougjjt te- 

of tbe fame,ano iii»0.iiii.U. foj euerp nap t^at (je fball toearc tl;e fame. 24* ^^"^ ^^^^ '^^^^ 


108 ifo? euetp ir.Clot^eg bntn^ougbt to be (bippett 0? carica into anp ciottie^ mnu 
tljcparts bcponb tbe ^eas, contrarp to tbe fo?me of anp ttatute in fojce,- J^^^"'' ^^ ^'^^^^ 
bpfojce of anp licence, tljepartietbat Iballfbip o?'carrietbe fame, fball 

Ibip ano carp ouer alto one liltc tuoUen Clotb of lilte fo?t, lengtb, bjeaotb, 
ano goounc0,reatiieio?ougbtjann D?eireti,bi?.rolueu, barbeD,fira courfeD, 
anu fl;o?ne,from tbe one eno to tbe otber, fo tbat euerp tentb Clotb paf« 
Cng ouer tbe feas in fo^me afo^efain, (ball be Djefieo toitbin tbi0 Hcalme, 
iefo^e tbe fame f^all be Ibippeo 0? tranfpo^teti ouer, bpon paine to fo jf.foj 
euerp fucb ip^Clotbeis fo to be (bippeu 0? tranfpo^teo contrarie to tbe mea* 
ning of tbis act,ten pouno to tbe £luccne,anii tbe Spallcr anu tuaroens of 
tbe companpofClotbtuo^ltcrs, to tbe reliefe of tbe poD?e of tbe faib com* 
panp,to be recoucreo bp a3I.0fc,toberein no m.e p.f c« 13ut euerp fucb ' 
tmt^ Clotl; fo to be traufpo^teb reaop tu?ou2;()r,(bal «ot be accompccb mv 

£) 2 .of 

^uffolfte clotlj 
I^all not be 

am licence. 


%^ pcuaU? 



ttt\)t rtottjegi petmitf CD to be cranfpo^ten b? fo?« of ritct)ltC0nce,t)ut tbat 
fttcUperfon as WUjauefucb licence map ti-anfpo?t accojutngto fucij \u 
cence,t()e fuU number of Clotbes bnui^ousbt , mencioneo in t^e fame lis 
ceuce.oueranir abouetbe number of fucb tembclotbc^.tobicb tbep IbaU 
be compellen to n;ip# carrp ouer bp foice of tbts ffatutetS^^i^^, 

1 09 5]*io perfon fljal ITjtp 0? carp bepono tbe Ceass, contrarp to tbe fope 
of anp ffattite beretofo^e maiie;, no\u remaining in fo^ce, anp Clotb com« 
monlp caUeu Eencilb Clotb,oj ^uffol^eClotb, mane in tbe Counties of 
Ecnt 0} ^uffolke bntujougbt antj Unojelfeo toitbin tbis Ulealme , tbat iss 
to fap.not rolajeOjbarbeDjfirCcourreo ano (bo?«e,bpon paine to fojfait foj 
cuerp fucb Clotb fo to be fbippen o;t tranfpo^teD rl^s^to tbe(n» ano tbe ma« 
of tbe fain companp to be recouercD hv ^f%^tM)zxm no Z^,€,'^, Sno 
no licence fo^tranfpo^tino^ of anp Clotbjlball beerpounueo toertenoe to 
anp fucb iSentifljoj^uffolhcClotbj maoemeitljeroftije faio Couuticjs 
to be tranfpojteo. S,<^16, 

1 1 o Cacb IterCep calleo Deuonfbire Kerfep 0? uo^e, t»btcb ^albe mane 
ann toouen toitbin tbe countp of Deuon, o} anp otber countie nert aDiop* 
ning tbereuntcbeing; raU)e,\jnrcolD?eD3iintuc!^eti,anti ^jntoette^ as it com* 
wetb from tbe toeaucrs beame, ann bctna; maoe of cleane f perfect OtufFe, 1 
iji^.of tuool (bb?ne,clcnreD,antJtb?ouc5blp U)afi;eD,o?fcourer»,aftcr tbe Qjea* I 
ring,ano before tbe ujeauinc|f,toitbout anp frauo,tieceite,policie 0? oeuife, I 
0? anp duffe tbereunto ucceitfullp 0? Unlatofullp anoeo in tbe toothing, oi j 
after tbe tuo^hina; tbereof ,fo? increafe of tbe mi^\itj fi;all tueigb vx tbe 

marltet i5»pounoso?uptoarD0*55-^l*io» 1 

1 1 1 €uerp ratoe Deuonlbire feerfep ojt no^en toouen ann mate in t(je 
faiD countp of Deuon,o? anp of tbe otber couties aniopnino; being a ruoge 
la)a(bl^erfep,lii?» being mane of fleece tDooUiuafbeDonelp on tbelbeepess, 
bac'kjano tbe luool not being clenfeu^tuafbeo, o^fcoureo , after it is (bo?ne, ' 
ano before it is toouenlbalHuitbout anp frauo ^c» toeigbin tbe market 

1 7.pounos at tbe lea0 being ratu as it commecb off tbe toeauers beame, 
anD eacb ^ euerp of tbe fame Deuonlbirelterlies 0^ Dozens (0 being ralu, 
anD as it commetb fojtb of tbe 2Beauers loome(tnitbout racl^ing.Cretcb*, 
ing, tIreiningjO? otber oeuife to increafe tbe lengtb tbereof) (ball contetne 
inleugtb becioeene 1 5»ann 16* partes bp tbe meafure of paroeano incb 
bp tbe rule,toitbout tobicb obferuation of toeigbt being ratM,tbep cannot 
fall out Cafter tbep be toell fcouret, tbickt, auD fullp t?teD ) to contetne 
tbe lengtb ant toeigbc etp jefTet ant limittet in tbe ftatute of 4. ant y . p, 
ant 9p» U^, 1 2»pactes inlengtb^ant 1 2»pount^ i\\ toeigbt. 3 5.di}»io^ 

See 20* 

112 31fattp\Deaucrfl)alltoo^"(^eD?ma!teanpoftbefaitWnteSof feer* 
lies, of Icffe toetgfjt on meafure t\)£\x is before meutionct after tbeir 
l^nte* euerp facb o.Tcuoer fljall fo^faitfo^ euerp quarter of a pouno in 


Draperie. 9P 

laoe(gI)t,bJI)tcIj aftp of t^e fa(ti vm EerCcs o> Dozens M)itl) Hialbf b^ougljt 
to anp SparKcco? folD.o^ offeree to be folD , CjaU toant of tljctc luciPfOt a= 
fo^cfawuJi" ^ntifo^euerp quarter of a parrse toljicb fi)aIH)e Uiantmg 
in kn^tl) of eit!;ec fojt of tbe faio iSerOeg, lifeetoift beino; foln o? cffercD 
to be foloe]ciuli*^nti eacb fojit of tbe faiD ^^edies; o? Dozens fljali be fetn* 
antlptoouent^ojtigboutjOftDellanolihe fojtfDparne: ^no notocauer t2:f)«ac5ctts 
djaUbfe anp Diuerfitie in t|je bignes o? goounes ofljis parne tn anp part njaibcauiant- 
ofc&e faiDfeerne0,fauingomipmtl)elt(fes, no^bfeanp otljer piactife tySieul 
in t(je eDgingo? lueauingofanp tbefame JKerHes 0? Do^eng to maike tbe 
fame feemeSner mere t^eeogeojlilleis, t^entn otl;er partem of tf^e fame 

1 1 3 Caclj toeawer QjaU toeaue W i^op marlte of fome coloured parne ^ toeauets m* 
intljeenDeof euerpEerfeptoicbbeefbalHreaueo? malie, anti QjaH alfo «"atfte. 

' ateacbenoofeuerpof tbe fameEerCc0toeaueonepurreUUfeeloifeofco* ^.^1,^^51 at 
loureu parne,of t(je b^eantb of tbiee quarters of an incb at t\)z leatt, tuber* wcd eno. 
ijj tbe oeccitfuU cutting ano Diminifljingof fuel; Clothes bp Cucfeergs 
0} IpuHers beretofojebfed^map benccfo^tb be p^euenteo, ^nu if anp to>a* 
Ker Wlbfeanpoeceipt in mingling bi^ parne, oj (ball omit bis Iboppe 
marfee^ 0? (ball not toeaue in euerp Eerfep ttoo purrcis, acco?Ding to tbe 
teno? of tbis act,be (baUfo^fait ano loofefo? euerp offence to tbe contrary 

114 5l5ot»eauer no? anpotberperfontobatfoeuer, (ball offer 0? put to r^o^m m^t 
fale anp of tbe famerabj iKerfies calleo Dozens , before tbe fame baue Jo^JnamaS 

^ binbietoeD,ti3eigbe9 ano markeu in fome citie, tolone co?po?ate, 0? mar* 

hct totone,anD anotoeo bp fucb officer, ano matfeeo toitb fucb marines , as 

(balbe tbere in fucb citteo? totone bfco ann appointeo fo? tbat purpofe^bp^ 

on paine to fo?fa(t ano lofe fo? euerp clotb folo, 0? offcreo to be folD to tbe 

contrarpr* tbefl* ano tbe principal officer 0? ^aieffrateof tbecitpe, 

tobjne co?po?atjO^ marfeet tobjne nett aoiopning to tbeobjeUing 0? too?* 

feing place of fucb toeauers as (balloffenoinanpof tbep?emiffes,if b^tlje 

fame officer oj maieff rate (bal 5cff mafee feifure tberof^O? els to tbe p?ins 

lipall ©fficer of tbat Citie, 'S^objne co jpo?ate, 0? market '2:otone,b3bere 

tbe fame fijall be foloeojoffereotobe foloe* %q be recouereo bP^^'B* 

1^.0? % bJitb coffes in anv Court of IReco joe, toberein no m, €,]p, f c» 

115 'S'bep^incipallClfficer 0? spaieffratefo? tbe time being in euerp ^tmW0, 
citie,totDne co?po^at,o? market totone of tbe faio countie,o? of anp otber 

of tbe Counties aoiopning ,tobere anpfucb i^erOescalleo DeuonOjire 
JSerGes 0? Dozens noto are, o^bereafcerlballbeittjoueu, mane, offeree, 
0? put to fale,(baneueriepere from bcncefojtb, appoint ano baue in rea« 
Dines at all times neeDfuUjttMo 0? mo?e Difcceete perfons ,tobicb {ball be 
rpeciaU ano l^notoen officers an9 fearcbers, tubicb tball attenD, ano Qjall 
beatbisojtiieiremrieinto bijso^tbeir faio office ftoo^ne ouringbisano v 

^ 3 tbcic 


t^cir cottCtnuanct in tlje faiD 2Dffice,triiIp to tjfeto, toeigfij ants mar^eec^e 
Eerftp callcD a Do^en in Cttcb citie a? cotune,o? anp of t^em, maue/olu,o j 
offerco CO be folD o} put to falp,anii to p^efcnt eaclj offence ohtkttMiti 
(Ijal tljere fal out,conttarp to t[)e true meaning of t^iie; ffatut, eucrptaljici 
reacc^ero?®ificer, fo to Dee hereafter appointed fo^tljispurpole in an? 
fuel) citie,toUjne co^pojtate o? marltec toU)ne,ff?an I)aue autbojttie to entec 
in t^e nap time, into all i^ops , toareljoufes, iuo?1^e!)oureg, ano otber pla« 
ces conuenient oftlje fame Citie,o? toiunctoljere ^e o j tljcp fldall be fo ap* 
yointeu^tfjere to tjieto, fearcb, ann fee toljetber anp JKerfep o? Do^en bee 
maDc,folD,o?offereotoberolD contrary to t()e true meaning oftbis Set, 
ano alfo to fee tobat paine£5,penaltiesi, anu fo?f aitures (ball be grotoen one 
to bee ^aieilp bp anp toeauer,fcller o? buper,toitbin tbe liberties anD p?e« 
cinct0 of tbe fame toii)ne,tafeing onlp of ano fo^ tbe toeigbing,f marfeing 
of euerp Eerfep a fattbing fo^ bis patne , antj fo acco^oing to tbe number, 
ano no mo}eM)ith fartbing bpon cuerp l^erfep i^ to be paio bp tbe feUet 
of tbe fame iKerfep* 5 5»Cli5» i o» 
^tm\)t\:i not ^^^ 3If fucb fearcber0 ano officers (ball not be perelp appointeD antt 
appofnteB o^ attenoant at all cime0 reafonable f conuenient,o? Ibal neglect bis 0? tbeic 
not attenoanc. ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ fearcb,toeigbing,anu marfeing of tfje faio Itcrfe 0? anp 
oftbem,o? (ball marke anp one kerfep,tobicbtoantsofbisWgbt,as i$ 
afojefaio, tbenanoineuerpfucb cafe tbe cbiefemagiflrateofeuerp fucb 
citie ano tolnne,lbal fo?fait ann lofe fo^ euerp fucb offence of tbeir fearcbec 
0^ fearcberd jtjr^s.anofo; euerp market oap tbep (ball toant ttoo 0^ one at 
tie leaff of fucb fearcber^ tbe fumme of ]cl. ?♦ ta be leuteo a;? hereafter is 

no wm Ml ^ ^ 7 ^^ '"^"^^ ^^ P^'^^''" °? perfona tobatfoeuer , (ball hn^ anp fucft 

be baugut o} uW iKcrfcp callco Deuonfbtre Eerfep 0? Do^en, in anp market 0^ elfee 

SmUD^^^"'^*^ UJbere,bnlctre tbefame (balbe art! trieo,tueigbeo, ano markeD, bp tbe of* 

ficerg of fome citie.totnne co?po?ate,o? market cotone,aB is afo^efaio»3no 

no tueauer,tucker,fullerjOj otber tobatfoeuer, Qjall D^elfeo? caufe to bee 

D^efleo anpoftbefaiD ratoeclotbe0 calico Deuonlbire =Ker0e0 0? Do* 

a;ens,\)nleg; tbe fame be firtt trieo, tueigbes, ano markeo in fome one mar* 

feet toiunebp tbe fearcber o^fearcbers tbere in tbat bebalfe appointee* 

ijpon paineoffo^faicure of euerp fucb i^erfep fobougbt,o?elIeUj o^put to 

D?f (Tingjlubicb 6al not before be crieo ano markeo a? is afo^ementioneo,. 

?^im rt^ofa ^^ ^tot^t^^ 'S^ucker , jfullcr, 0? otber perfon iubatfoeuer, (ball at anp 

mtn.^ time from bencefo^tb cut 0^ oimtni(I) tbe Icngtb of anp kerfep calleo a oe* 

uonfbireEerfepo^Do^en, ano after offer 0? put tbefame tofalc, as a 

%})% fo^fadure tobole Eerfep 0? Do^en, upon paine of fo^faiture of jcr^s^ fo? euerp of tbe 

Came EerOes 0? Dozens fo cut 0^ oiminilbeo to tbe Queene ano 3!nfoj* 

mer toberecouereo bp 9»:a,p»o? 31.tJ3itbcol!es,tubereinno "^X^^o} €♦ 

^c»3 5»Cl5»io.59,Cli|»i8»iS;bii3acttoenottreUntiU tbeenooftbene^rc 


218 l^a 

Draperic. loo 

I iS 3i5ci pcrfott oj pecfon? tuitljiit anp tlje Coutttiesi of ^ojlteXatica^ %ntui}\Ht)^ 
0cr,oj anp otijer tfjc counties on t^c jl^o^ti) One of%mt , fljall aretcl) o? ^'o/t'SStij. 
CtcainCiO^ caufe to be ftcctcbeti a} ffraineo,anp ^CiotbeSjDo^cn^ijKerltes, 
pfniaonc0,l^ug;g;e0,5rri^es,iKigI)le? \i3l)ites»plaine gi:apcs,o? anpotljcr 
Clotl)C6,l)p UJ!)at nameo^'nameg foeuer tijep be caUcD,maDeo? Ijereaftcr 
to be niaDe,toit!)m tbe faiu Countie of |5o^ke,lancaaer,o? anp otber tlje 
counties on tbejl^ojtb of '5rrenc,Dpon patne to fo^faic fo^ euerp iiefault, 

1 1 y 31^0 perfono? perfonstoitljtn t\)t counties afo?efaiD,o? an^ of t^e, r5ofcnttr,rope 
(|janbaue,\jre,o?occupp anp Center, ofU)bntfo?co?feinoefoeuec,o^anp ftrauKo^. 
wanei:ofU3?encb,«ipe,ojDt[}ec engines, to ffretcbo?flraine anp clotbes, t5«»tiott), 
Sraies,o? anp otbet Ciot!),of iDbat hinne o? name foeuer it,o? tbep be cal* 
leti,matje,topU5bt,o?cobemaDe o?to?oug^ci»itbintOe faio Counties, 
t)ponpainetbateuerpoffenno?,tbatlbanbaueojijre,o? ejcemfe anp fucb 
-Eentecof l»bat (o}{ oi Mno foeuer^o? anp manner of rope, lujincb, n'ncf, 
fjeatio? engine, fljallfojtfait fo^euerp fuel; Default ttoentie pounos* 39* 

1 20 Cuerp perfon o; perfons toitljin tbe Counties afo?cfatii,o? anp of 
tt)em,to^icbfba!lmaKe,o? caufe to bemaucanp Clotbes, feerCes, nolens, 
cottons, peniffones, plaine grates, JRigblep iobites , frizes , o? anp otbec 
clotbjbptobat name 0? names foeuer,ito?tbepbeca!leJi, fijaUmal^e tbe 
lameof fucb toeigbtes, lengtbesaniib?eDtb3,asbptbe Statutes oftbis sccDrapeiys.jj 
IRealme alreaDp in fo?ce is p^ouiDeD, bnoer tbe paines in tbe fame ^ta« 
tutescontaine0,ano before tbe fame be folDe,o? offeree to befolDe,(ball 
fetbis^eale oflLeatj,bntoeuerpoftbe fame Clotbes,to(tes,a;)o?ens, arcait ofiean 
CottonSjPlaine graies,penilIones,iKigbIcp tobites, jTri^eSjO^bp Uobat ^'^"SSglJ, 
namco^ names foeuer, ito?tbepbe caUeQ:3{ntobicbfaiD <i)cale ofleao 
IbalbecontaineUjtbetrue anuiuaiengtb, anotbe true anb iull i»eigbt 
at tbe leal!, ofeuerpfucbclot|j, Iterfie, no^eu, cotton, penitoe, plaine 
graics,!Kigblep tobites,fri^es, f it (ball be Duelp founo bp mc p?oofe 
tbcreof tobe trieb b^ toater o^ toeigbt , bpon paine to fo?fait euerp clotlj 
J^cc0e,ijo^en,cotton, peniffone, platnc graies, Eigbl^P lubites, fri^es^ o j 
otber clotbe $c» tobicb Iball bee maoe toitbin anp tbe Cotmties afo?efaii», 
lubereunto fucb ^"^ale as i? afo^efaib , (ball not bee put anb fet . ^no in 
cafebponpjofe tobe mabe h^^ luatec o^toeigbtof anp fucb clotbes. Iter* 
Oes^Do^ens, cotton0,peniaones, plaine graies, ^tgblep \i)hitt^ frizes, o? 
anpotberclotbasisafo^efaio, (ballbeefounbof leffetoeigbt D?offmal* 
ier content in lengtb , tbenis containeo o? fpecifien in anp of t^efaio 
ig>eales, tbe otoner of euerp fucb clotbes, feerfies. Dozens, cottons, peni* 
Uones, plaine grates, iXigblep tobites ann frizes , o^ anp otber Clotb $c* 
t} anp otber perfon o? perfons in tobofe banoes o} polfeirions , anp fncb 
Cloti^es , i^erCiei3, Vo^m, Cottons , ipenittone^ , plapne 6?apes, 

iD 4 iKi^^lep 


''l^ifomtm ^Wt^ Wtts] ftzi^ts,t} anp otljcr clotlj, Wht toimM^ fo^faft fo? 
cuerp pam luanting in lengtlj iiiu^, ^ fo^ euerp pounti ttianting in toeig^t 

1 2 1 ^uD fo? t(je better anu mo?c fpeeup aiiD effectual reforming of aH 

fuel) abufesf^as 10 afa?efaio,in euerp parifijj^otone, CJillage, anu l^am* 

let toitbin t(je countiegi afojefaitr, tufjere anp clothes, Iterlte^, uo^en^, coc« 

ton0,|)entaone£i,plaine ffraie0,Etgljlep t»ljtte0,fri?e0, 0? anp otl)er clot^, 

bp tobat name 0^ names focuer tbep be calletij fljaibe maoe 0? folu, tbe 31u* 

flices of peace of tbe fame (btreo? riDmg,o? ttuo of tbem at tbeIeatt,anD tii 

cuerp citte^bo^ou^b 0? to\Dne co?po?ate,tbe!)eaD officer 0? officer0 of eue* 

rp tbefamecitp, bo?ougb30jto\Mneco?po?ate,togetbertDitb feme one oj 

ttoo of tbe 31u(tice0 of tbiJ peace of tbe «^btreo^rioing nejctaniopntngta 

fucb citicbo^ougb.o? totune co?po^ate,(baU \)me full po^er ano autbo?i=« 

tp,anD (baUbp uertueoftbi0act,ouceeuerppereattb^lea0,anti a? often 

a0 tbep fball tbinlie gooD,to conuent^ann call before tbem h^ tbeir precept 

0? otberia)ife,tiiJo,foure,(tre,o? eigbt, oj mo?e 00 tbep fball tbinlte gooD bp 

tbeir Dtfcretion,of tbe mod boneff,Difcrecte ano able men of euerp fucbct* 

tie,totone,\3iUa5C,Jjamlet,oj parifb ^bere anp clotb (balOe mane oj folu, 

® "nf D^b^fif' *"^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ conditutco^detne,^ appoint to be ouerfecr0 fo? tme tobole 

ffitces I !)?aD P^i^c 0? Cr monetb0,o^ fbo?ter time at tbeir I)ifcretion0 , cljen nert folloto* 

officer.s. incj,laitbin tbe citie^bojougb^totone, uillage,bamlet o} pari(b,tobcre tbe 

fame ouetfeer0 ibalbe uUJelting, anu fball ann map tafee tbem ftoo?ne ana 

bounDittrecognifanccof]cUi«apeece,totbebf0oftbe£iaeeneanoberfttCi t\ 

teKopyO} no tbeir bef! in^eauo? hp alllatuful toaie0 ano meane0 fo? tbeh: ^ 

timtyto fee tbat tijis ftatuce in all pDint0 fbalbe truclp obferueo anti Itept 

toitbin tb2 limit0 of tbeir cbarge in euerp part tbereofj^o tbe fame ouer» 

feer0:,0?ttoooft!)emj(b?.ll once euerp monetb at tbe leaft, 0? fo often ast 

neeo fball reqiiire.o? tbep fbal tbinfee fit bp tbeiroifcretions hv fojce tber- 

of^^ifit ann goe into all o} anp boufe o^boufe0,fbop0, 0^ ocber roome0 of 

anp f lotbier0, Drapers, clotbtjao;tl^er0,o? of anp otber perfon 0^ perfons 

^i)c cuctfeets U)batfoeuer,tobereanpof tbe faio clotb fbalbe, ^ tbere to maltenuefearcb^ 

aSr^^ ano Mim tbe fame mane, 0? remaining to be fclD,anu to tal^e^featcb,^ trp 

afmel b"^ tueigbt,ti}ater,oi anp otber uiap tobatfoeuer, tbefaiii clotb0,feer* 

{te0,iio^en0,cotto0,peniflones,lii5bf ^P ^W^iS $ frif e0,o^ anp ot|er clotba 

e^c.^nn if anp clotbe0 afo??faiD,^pon fearcf) tberof, fbal not be founts to be 

fealetJ luitb a feale,contciiunr5 tlje lenojtb anu tueiabt a0 afojefain.tben tbe 

Clotbiecanu euerp otuner of tbe faio clotb, fball fo^fait euerp fucb clotb, 

l^erfte0,DO5ens,cotton0,veniflon«i, ^i%\j^ev ^WtSy anr> fri^e? , o} anp o» 

tber clotb f cjuauelDitbin tbe counties afo^efaio,not fo fealeo ano fol0,oj 

%}itmnmi offgreo to be folD^^nn tJje faio oucrfecrs anu ctierp of tbem, fball> anu map 

S?r?atoa"tijc fcifeanu carrp aujap tbe fame fo fo^faiteD as afo^efaio , f p^efent tbefame 

faaUHciotD. to tbe 3!uCltcesofpcace at tijencrt quarter «^eaion0, to be bp tbem tsifpa* 

feb of,a3 Ijereaftci* 13 in tljzk pjefent^ limitco ano appoiuteb . ^no if tbe 


Draper le. loi 

fain 2)tierfcer6 (^all to m falfe feale o? mav^c to be fet ijpott anp clotb 
afo?eraiD,o;i Q)ani3pon fearcb as afo^efaiD, fiuD tljc fame clotljes afo^cfaio 
tobeftretcljetJd^ftraineD, tijentfjefainciDucrfccrs fijalp^efenttUcfame^ije oucrfeerj 
uefaiiU? tjnto tbe 3iullices at t!)C ucrt quarter ^elfiongf, anD tf^e nmm of ^f Jff^j^'^^ 
tbe otonerg! o? polTeffDjs of fuel; do; ^s,l^crCc0,DO5cns,cotton0,peni(fon0j quarter ftlio*. 
Eis^Iep U)()ite0,anti fri^eg^o? anp otber clot|je)S ^c»fo founti rjefectiuct^nn 
if aupttianetof pcrronojperfonSjffjaUoen^, toit!jaanD,o?toit!) bolo anp Jf/iJM^iJJS 
clot(je0,K^rnes,xiO5ens!,cottoiis,pcni5on0,l^i(!;l)iep lobttcs arm frizes, o^ o). Dw^ms o? 
anp otljec clotlj ^cirom tljefaio ©ueffccrs,o? aup of cl)em,02 toiU not fuf* [|^[^^ ot tijc 
ftr tbem to enter into any of tfje Ijoufcs, fi)op0, raomes, o? otfjer place?, 
tofjere anp rueb:Clot()e0 ff)all be, tl)tn eucrv fuclj perfon o^ perfons to Denp* 
ing ojtoit{j(fattOmgjWfo^tf)efirS offence fo^faitauDloDfejc.luaniJ foj 'E^efo^f. 
t^eCeconu offence rjr* If. anti fo? t^e tbtrtr offence, being tfjereotlatufullp 
conuict bpijeroiet oftitmen,anD mo rnfficient lnitneire0,(t)al ffan^i bpon 
tfjel^iUojpmtbenertSparfecttotone : ^noifaiti^oft^e faiDperfohg fo KefnnngtoBc 
eommanueD to appeare,to be matie ©uerfeer0ja0 afojeraiD,anD bautng no ^miwft. 
tcafonableercufe, refufe to come.anft taltebponljim o? tbem to be 2Duer« 
feer0 b0 afo?efaiD,t()en euerp fucb perfon fo refufing, ano i;auinof no reafo* 
nableercufe fo to do, fbal fo?fait fo? euerp fuclj refiiCng b. lu tl;e one Oalfe 
thereof to be to tlje Clueene anb ber fucceffbjs , ano tbe otber balfe to tlje 
3|uatce0 of tbe peace,o? otber beau officer oj officer0,bj> Uibofe comaunbe* 
inene be looag appointeo to appeare to beDuerfeer, 9 tbe feme ©uerfeersf 
to iitobing,to rematrie in tbe toarb of tbe^berf fe,"Ba(Kfe,o? otfjer Ijeaii 
bff(cer,bnta fue^ time,^0 be batb maoe paiment of tlje fo?f^itilre,o? otiier*' 
toiTe put-in fufftcientbonDfo? tbefatiffacttonof tbefame. 39*€li5»2o» 

1 22 antJfdtfjeenb t^at tbefaibclotbe?, feerne0,Do?en0',cotton0,peni* ^^t mtfme 
fitone0,Eio:!jfeptbbite0anr>fn^e0,o?an^ot^erc!otbe0, bpiobat name 0? o^lil^L\if^ 
names foeuei^ tbepbe caneb,fo to betJietBeti ano fefeireljeb , tttap be tbe bet' cioti). 
tlotbs afo^efatij.arf aleofleab c6fttmnin^t^e!ertgtlj gt tljetBeig^tofeuerv 
fttcb clotbe0 ^-f ogitfjer toit^ tbi0 too?b, Searched) ^bicb clotb fo feaieu bp 
tbe faio C>uerfeer0,fl)al not be fearcberi,trieb,o? bictueo,bp anp otber fear* 
cber 0? ©uerfeer of anp Dt!;ercitie,bi>jouD;b,tolune,billa5re,par(0) 0? fjam* 
iet,bp ^ertue (^fbi0o? t!;e(r faib office 0? fiffice0janp tljind; in tbi0 actjO? in 
an? ot[jer ffatutc to tbe contrary notluitbHannirfg^sp^Cli^^io. ' 

r 2 ? 3if anj> perfon 0^ p0rfoh0,butfacl; m are appotnteD,aniD;netr, ano .setting ft aie« 
permitceb b? tbis act.o? tbeir feraant0,o? Deputies, do at an? time coun? 4°„^J°f5jJ°^ai^' 
terfaito?retfo,ii?'MUngl^ahD'U)itcmglp ta?ieaUjap from anp tbe fapD \a&vmmi 
clot^0,Serfte0,Do^?n0,cdtt6n3jpent(!one0,Eigbtej> tabf ces ^ fri^es^o? a* warrant. 
«p otber clocbjbp te^atnamecr^ names focuer tijep be caileDj niaDeroitbin 
tbe coittie0afo?eraitj,anp oftbe feals To to befir?D asabaae 10 reciteb, tljeii 
euerp perfon fo ofr^ituinffjCbai fd? tbe Hr a offence, fo^fait anD lofe x*lu anu 
fo^ tf;c fecono offi^ttte,,being-t^ereof ialufuUp conuictebbp t^t berbict of 
'*' tisjcUie 


totljeii;i,()ei;OcircsanDfucceirojsnJu59»€Ii?.20* , 

1 24 ano to tije enn tbat t!jc faio i&tatwtes anD JLato:^ at"o?efaiu muf ,- 
be tbe mojc effectually crecuteB, ann all ftcetc^ing ano Craining , ami fal* 1| 
fifpingofanptljeclotljesafojeratDta'kenatDap, eucrp31uttice of peace, ] 
beao CouHable^o? otbec tbe ©iierfeers afojefaiUjfijal Ijaue ful potoer ano j 
sititijoMtv ft laiufuU aiit^o jttp to enter in,oj bpon anj> t^e mclTuage©, tenementg, ^ou* | 
tcS, rK^"' f^£ijbuilrim50,lanD0o^ grounwof anpperrono^perfongto^atfceuer, to 
mnm^ jc. fearcl) fo? anp fuel) 'Center2f,of toljat fo?t 0? feinn foeuer , 0^ anp maner of 
rope0,rings,l)eatJ0,U)jincl)e0,o?otl)ei:engin]5tDl)atfDeuer, tuljerebp aup 
ffliajoppojoeceitmap kljfeDm anu about t^ie flrctcbinganDftrapning 
./., ] ... cf anpoftbefaiDClotl;e^,kr(legjrio5en0,fri5e3,cottons,peniaone0,!ti5lj« 
iie?,anii Uri^ites 0? anp otl;ei' clotb gtc^^nD if t^ep Qjoulo fino anp fucb ten* 
ters ofUJ^acfo^to? feinD foeuer, o?anp waiter of ropes, nns0,!)earie0, 
lB?ing0,o? etiging, tbep l^all an^ mai» ijtterlp Deface tlje fame,m fuclj fo?t 
So? th? ft. ^^ ^^^^ *'^""^^ ^^ f mplopeo apine to anp fucd bfe » Sno if an^ perfon j 
conD offence. ' pctfonSjioitl) lubom anpfucbfljalloncel^aue binfouniJ, fl^all after tijat, 
ijcknolucntobaueo? bfeanpfucb fencer of tuljac fojto? kinoe foeuer, 
0^ anp maner of rope,rinse,beao,tp^inj5,o j engine^tben tbep tht faiD 3lu* , 
dices, {;eaoConaable0,o? ©uer(eers,o?anpof tljemtoitbin tbeleueraH 
p?ecinct0,fijall tafte ano fell t^e fame to tbe bett ijalue tbereof , anu bp tbe 
confent of tuio 3iUliice0 of peace,\Bitb(n tbe fame Countie,oifpofe tberao* 
nep tbereof commina:,to tbe poo^coftbat pariOjetobere tlje fame (ball , 
lie fo taken: ano tbat upon complaiitt maue, 0^ information giuen of an^- 
fucb 'Center,of ti)Dat fo^t 0? feinoe foeuer,o? anp maner ofrope,beao,ring, 
to?encb,o? lM?inof,o? anp otber engine, to anp 3Iu(f ice of peace, euerp one 
of tbem to lubom fucb complaint fljall be maoe,p? information giuen, fl^al 
luitbin feucn Dales nejrtenfuing fucb complaint 0? information giuen, 
):epairetotbeplace,t)]beretbe fame (ball be Co baD anDbfeD,anDtbenanQ 
tbereejcecutetbis latn,asaforefaiD,t3pon tbepainebereafterintbis p?e^ 
fttcc?f"i?c?to ^^^^ ^cterp?elfeD:anDif an? perfon orperfons, IballtoitbHanD, 0? reCH 
«rccutc 1)18 ai> anp fucb 3iu3ice of l|3eace oj b^ ^d Officers, in,or about, toucbing oj con* 
t^o;it2. cerning tbe erecution of tbe p^wiffes, euerp fue^ perfon or perfons, Iball 
fo^fait auD fuffcr,as is before limitep, for re SUing tlje ©uerfeers in tfee 
|:fte fo;tF oFa 125 SnD if anp tbe 3Iuffices oj 3Iutlice of peace, luit^fn t\}t limits o| 
fo?oSitttu|^" bounDSofbisortbeirCommi(rion,(balbe negligent or make Default in 
^wnuetH. uoing of anptbing ,toucbing or concerning tbe Dueo? trueejcecution of 
i^otot! foif ^^^^ QffltwffjOr anp tbiug tberein containeD euerp fucb 31u(!ice of peace,fo| 
fljai5eieuiQt*D Citcrp fucb Default, a; ^nDallfucbforfaituresas 
anc trnpiouo. n,ai bappen or groUj hv reafon of tbis act, Iblabe one tbiru part tbereof to 
fucb perfon or perfons as (balbe tben ouerfeers,one otber tbirD part to tbe 
tjfe of tSedtauD ot^er tljirD part to tjufe of t&e poo^e , m fucj fojt as tbe 

I Draperie. I02 

!31ttl!tceg of peacn'n t|jcirciuarter^enionstobe!;oftettneit;t after luoge* 
mencian 0? gium fo? tfje fame.fljan limit ^ appoint.59.€li^.2o» 

1 26 3nD tljefaiu 3!uttice0 of peace in tbeir quarter !^f (fions.njali aim S;{|'Jfl°f ^• 
map enrjuire,!)eare auD netermine,euerj) fault 0? offence.maDeo? Done co' ucareS'S. 
tracp to t^is p?efent act,o^ anp tfjing tijerin containeu^ejtcept tlje offences [yjj"^ tljc ««?«. 
cominitteDjg^ fo?f»maDe b? tf^eSlutticeg of peace^bj) p?efentment,biI,o^ in* ' 
formation , ^ bpon pioofe thereof matie bp tbe tcOimonp of ttuo fufficient 
toitneifeiB! openlp a;(uen to tbe 31urp, t tbereupon pjefentment mane bp tbe 
3Iurp to giue jrier fo? tbe ejrecution of tbis ttatute , $ euerp claufe tberein 
containeD,$ fo? tbe recouerp of tbe penalties afo^efato , to tbufe afo?efaiu* 
inDt^e31uttice0of Mre0,(ba!IanD map enquire^beare J Determine tut* 3lu(ff«^of ac. 
rp fault 0} offence maoe 0? Done bp anp 3Iuttice of peace , contrarp to tbi0 ^fi^g"* mii-* 
p^efent act^in neglect of tbeir Dutp,in,o? about, toucbinjo^ cocerning tbe mine m often. 
tottnelTea,^ bp ?p?efentmet of tbe aurp,(bal$map giueojDerfo^recoue' 
rp ^emploiment of t(^e penalties ^ fo^faitures bp tbem comitteD ^maDe, 
to tbufes afo?efaiD:fi fo? Default of Suffice to be Done, in manec 9 fo^me a« 
fo^efaiD^bp tbe 3Iul!:ces of p,o? Slullices of ^CT^ben tbe one moitp to be 
tbe Cl»tbe otber to tbe be recouereD bp 3,15.'p»3I> in anp of ber 3pa» 
court 0? courts of reco^D at CvHelt in U3(^icb no taJ.'P*€»f c. 59. d,20» 

127 p^ouiDeDneuertbele0,tbatan anDeuetpliinDofclotbesafo^efaiD, Bomtiotiftg 
bp tobat name foeuer tbep be calleD , tubicb Ibalbe maDe toitbln t^e coun= ft « ^^ /J^ 
5ies afo^efaiD,^ bjougbt Dp to tbe citie of tonDon to be folD tbere, (ball be loio. 
b^ougbt into tlje comon dotbmarfeet place tuitbin tl)e faiD Citp, comonlp 
calleD 'Blacfetoelbaljtobe tbere fearcbeo D?p,tuitbout tuctting,^ out of tbe 
tttarltet times, h^ tbe fearcbers of tbe faiD citp , bpon paine tbat euerp otn* 
Iter of anp fucb clotb,G)al fo? euerp fucb clotb not fo b^ougbt into tbe 
warkt]clS4 bpon paine tbat euerp fearcbect^atOjall fearcbat anp time 
in tbe marftet timeSjto t^e Diffurbance of tbe faleoffucf) cloths in tbe mar« 
feet tbere,(ball fojf^ fo? euerp fucb fearcb fo maoe b> li» all Uibicb falD fo?f« 
Ibalbe tbe one moitp to tbe2^.ber beires$fttccetro?s,tbeot|iecto tl)e % to 
ie recouereD bp3» no ^♦^♦Cf Cf59>^li?»2o, 

The forcfaid ftatute ofEd^^.repealcth al & cucry article,claure,or fen- 
tence in any acft of PatIiamcnt,thcrcforc made, concerning raaking,dy. 
ing,drcfling,prc(Iing,fcarchiag or fcaling any of the kindes of Clothes, 
broad or narrow , white or coloured kerfics, frizes , ruggcs or cottons in 
the fiid afl mcntioncdjand being repugnant and contrary to any article 
orfentenceinthefaid ftatute.And the Hatute of S.Eli, i i.rcpealethall & 
eucry branch,claufe fentence,and article fpecificd and contained in any 
other adts of Parliament before that time made,conccrning the fealing & 
making of Lankafhire cottons,frizes,and ruggcs. And therefore conlidcr 
<)iligently ifany ftatiite, atticle,branch, or fentcnceof any ftatutc made 
beforejcither of the forcfaid ftatutcs, and in this treatifc cxprcflcd , be by 

Dying DIef5i{ 

the gcncrall wordes ofeither of the raidftatutcs repealed, as many other 
vvhole ftatutes and braiwhes of flatutcs bc^ which here are oiifwcted. But I 
fuppofe there is nothing repealed, which in this title of Drapery is cental^ 
ned,Attamenqu3Bre» - ~ "7 

I That Aliens not being Denizcns,fliallmakcno Cloth, nor put any 
Qiixrc, wooll to worke to make Gloth S, Aliens r ♦ 


ISoSod"'^ a ^l logiMoou.alias 15locK\MooD,m Uj^ofe ijanug foeuer tfje fame OjaH 
fljaibujwrnea, X\ht founD, after tOe featt of ^aint spicljael tl;e ^rcljangel mt enfu* 
higjlbalOe fo jfaiceu, anu openlp burneo bp tlje autljo^itp of c[je Spaio?, o? 
otlKi* Ijeao ©fficec of cde Citie,o? totone co^pojate, o? of ttoo Sluftices of 
peace of t{;e comitie tuyere it Wbe fouiiu. anoitoperroulJ)alDpeo? cauf« 
to be Dien anp clotb, bjoao eDlotljes^Eerlies, CiXtoolg,peiulIones,'Baie0, 
Cotton0jifpofc?arne,lipats,Cap0,irJannelg!, 2BooDmaUe0, spockauoe^, 
Eaa;e0,'Buffmg!,'?i:uftmocItaDouoe0,o? anp otber tbiug; tobatfoeuer,iuitb 
m^ of tlje fain toare o? ftuife caUen logtuoon alias blochtoooD.bpon paine 
tbattbeDiecof euerpfucb feucraUtbingfoniei>,(ball fo?faittbe^alue of 
tbe t()ingj fo bien,to tbefi.anii 31 ^to be trecoueren bp 3* '^.'^.%^cM3petz^ 
in no (I£i$Ct€*'Pt$c. 3nu tbepartp offenotug; being; tbcreofconuicceo, 
(ball remaine in p?ifon toitbout baUe o j mainp jife,til be ^ aue fatiffieb t^e 
m«Sll2' ^ ^^^^^ P^^^*^" ^^^^^ fufpecteb to offenb bp cumung bnuo; o? ttiin'njj 
tj)ooDioit6^' oftijefaib logtuoou alias 'BlockU300ii,tog;itbertoit()UJoaDo^otberftuffe. 
S? "^ ^^^^^ tben anp 3I«ftice o? 31ullice0 of peace of t^e (ameCountte , tobere tl^t fair 
fuppofeb offcnno? (bal btoel,if be otoen out of a co?po?ate tolwne o^ citp, $ 
if betiluel toitbin anpco?pojate toluneo? cttie,tben tbe9paio?,'Bailife,o? 
otber bean ©ffieei* being: a iuUice of peace of fucb co?po^atetotoneo?ci« 
ttejijJbere fucb fuppofcd offenno? Q;al Dluen,bpon notice anD information 
to bim 0? tbem Q;iuen in tbat bebalfc,fl)all bp \0 o? tbeic toarrant o? otbei; 
commanoemenc.caufe to come before bim o} tbem, tbe fei:uat0 ann \3)0}h j 
men of fucb fuppofeb offenbo?0, anu otber petfon0 able to oifclofe tbe fain I 
lieceipt,anbtbemtoe]caminebp tbeirotbeo? otbertoife, 9n0ifbpont^e< 
lameeraminatiou tbepfljaHfinne anpperfono?perfon0,tobaue bfeo o} 
caufeD to be bfeD,in tbe Dping* o? colouring; of anp €lotb,tooDl,parne,g;ro* 
geraine,buffin0ornifee, ojanptbing; maneofujollen parne oj Cilfee,attp 
£og;luooD aliasl5lociklnooD,o?notu,o?beretofo?e reputeoanDtafeen foj 
log;toooD alias blocl^tooob,tben tbe faiD 31ullices o? 31ullice, 9©aio?, I^ai* 
Ufe^o^ otber beaD o{ficer,beinga 31ullice ofpeace,(balnot onelp binD Xi^it\) 
fucrtte al fucb pf rfon o^ perfon0,tobom tljeplball finb fo fufpecten to baue 
offeni3eD,5t fucb otber0 a0 map oifcouer tlje fame offence, to tbe nert quar* 
ter5^e(rtDU0oj6aole tieUuerp,lubicbfi)allbappettto be Ijolben fo? tbei 
Countp,Cttic,o?tolMncco?po?ate. '33ut alfo to certifiealfucb eraminati* ' 
mt0^bepolttio0,a0teribtotliefini>ingouto?bifcoaerp of tljeCaio offenceis 

Dying jDyers^ loj 

nt t^e faiti (Saole mMntvp o? quarter ^efTionsj^nd alfo if anp fucT) perfon 
fo fufpectcD to Ijaue ofFenDeOjijpon c)f animation afo^efaitJ^fljaU rcfufe to be 
ijouniJ as afo?cniio,tfjcn tlje faiD perfon o} perfons fo refuGn^ , to be conis 
mitten to tljenertgaole^tWre to remaine,cil !jc,fi)e,o? tljep (hai fo become 
iounD UJitfj f«ertie0, 9inD tf;e faio 3Iu(f ices of ^HTife , o? 3ItiiJices of peace, 
at fuel) pole nelwerp o? quarter ^effionSjifjall baue aut(;o?itp,to tnoictc 
anDtriet^eoffenners, bpt^eisfuall courfe of intiictment0 anD trials in 
iifee cafe0,^ni! after fucf) conuiccion to aniuDc^e tlje faiD o{Fenoer0 to be fet 
openli' on tl)e pillojieju tlje faio Citie o^ marltet toUjne , luliere tlje fame 
offence fbaliJC committeo^^uD if it fi)aUnot be in anp market totone, ttien 
in tbenertmarfeet^otone auiopning, in tlje fame Countie, thereto con* 
tinue, bp all tlje time of tl)e market , one o? mo?e Daies bp tljeir bifcreti^ 
on,fo? euerp fucb offence : 3nti furtljer^euerp fuclj offcntier,befi;De ^is faiD 
co?po?all punia)nient,(l)all fo?fait foj euerp fucb offence,tl)e fumme of rr* 
Ii.totbeSliueeneanD3(.Wcl)luillfuefojtbefamebp action of Debt 05* 
p»31* in anp Court of lReco?be,tol)ereinno€*p»CiXio? p.^c^^nD t\)e 
partie offending, being tfjereofconutcteb, toremaine in p^ifon Uiitljout 
Jaileo^mainp^ife, till fje!jauefatlfaeDtbefame»39»Cli?.iTf 

S 51^0 him of Clotf) 0^ Clotlje0j kerfie0,'35aie0, 5rri?alioe0 b?oaiie oi m tm m 
narrobJe,ifpofen o} ot^er tljings beino; in tl^e nature of Clotlj , fi)all from SfaS, "jctejjSt 
|^encefo?tl) be mattjereD fo? a blacfee,ercept tde fame be firfl grouoeti toit^ ^^^$1^311!°^' 
tooaDonelp,o?toitilBoaD$nele,alias bletiiSlnue, tmleCfetlje Spanner jje '""^ "^ 
put in toitb ^IjomackjO? 6aIli0;3nD no perfon fljal nie oj caufe to be nied 
mv Clotb 0? €lot()e0,o? otfjer tljings abouefain, of tobat feinne oj nature 
foeuer, matured fo? a black, not (jauing a grounn of C23[oao onelp > j of 
2Boan ann ii^cle.alias bleto 3Inne,bnle0 tlje Spanner be put imuttlj ^bo* 
macke,o? 6aUi0,bpon paine tljat tfee Dier of euerp fucb feuerall tbing fo 
iiie!>,(ballfo?fait tb^balue of tbefametbingfonieijj to tbeUQueene, $ \)Un 
tbat toill fue fo? tbe fame bj> ^i-O^.l^.o? in anp court of Heco?n , in tobicb 
fuiteno<lE?*'p.^.no?tu?itofp?iuilenp (ballbeallotoen , ^nntbe partic 
offenning, beinn; tbereof conuicten, (ball remaine in p?tfon tuitbout bailc 
o?mainp?ife,tillbebauefatiffien tbe famebalue*p?ouioenalb3aie0tbat eawmm 
it Qjall ann map be latofull to nte all maner of gale black,a)omack blacke, gfa°cS?pf/j, ■ 
alias plaine blacke.toberein no 90atbet fijalbe bfen,a0 beretofo?e laUufullp 
i)atb bin none,tbisact ^c.nottuitbllanning* 2^Mi^.9* 

4 €uerpD?er,tbatf[)allnieanpof tbefatnblackeClotbe0, iterlieg, greaieoficas 
0? 5rct?eanoUJes,matberen ann not tooanen, (ball befo?e be neliuer anp of ^"-^ ^ g "^«'^' 
tbefamefo?tbofbis bann0,Si:eafeale of lean toeuerpoftbem.intobicb 
tbe letter M, fignifipng matbereo, fballbee contaiiten^bpon paine tbat 
euerp Dperoffenning to tbe contrary, (ball fo?fait fo? euerp pmoftbe 
fain Clatb,Eer(te0,'Baie0.o? jrri?eano'uje0, iti»0aiii.U» ^nn if anp perfon 
(ball fell anp Cbtb,Herne0,'Baie0 0? jf ri?eanotBe0,matberen ^ not tooa* 
nenjann (ball not (tr(t gme notice to tbe bujer tbereof.tbat tbe fame is not 


Durham. Earcs* Ecclcfiaftical! perfons^and liuingsil 

nn\ifn^rjot$yHBhtWU(iMM)Wo}himu^ flialbeto t(jepa«ptbat 
ITjal fue fo? tOcfame in anp courtof Eecoju bp 9i.'35*I^* oj 3I» luberemna 

1 In what raancr woUen Cloth died, {hall be vfcd in the dying, See 
Drapery 71, 

2 That none that vfe the dying of Say es, Worftcds, or Stamcls, fliall 
caIlenderthem.S.Worftcds 3, 

z:^ ' Durham^ 

THe force offinesleuied before theluftices of Affifeat Durham, of 
lands lying within the Gountie Palantineof Durham. S.Fines 12. 

2 Theforceof inrolmentof the bargain and Tale of any landcs lying 
within the Biflioprick of Durham,S.Inrolaients 4, 

3 For Proclamations vpon Exigents awarded againft any, dwelling 
within the Biflioprickc ofDurham,S.Exigcnc &c.i 5.1 6.1 7.1 8.19,20. 


ecuttfns oir \ 71 notozun lljal malicfottflp, i^nlalufunp, 9 toiilmglp caty 0? caufc 

earw y y to be cut off tljeeareojcarcg of anp of p£lue0n0fiibifct$,otljn:* 

toffetben bp autbo?ttp o£IalM,cbance mcDlcp/utmen affrap,o? aDuenture, 

fljalt fojf,to tbe p, gricueD treble Damages, to be vecoueitD bp ^» of tref* 

j?afre,$tot^ci3Clueenefo^aftnerau57-l>*8'^* " 

«- .. Eccle{iafl:icalperfons,andliuings. 

KiS"^ If anpperfan€cclcfia(l<caI,o?bamn5eccleaaaicannim5, {baflatiuf» 

gjj"ttttjcac« XfeDlpmaintaiiieanp oacctme uicectlp contrary to anp of tbe ^rticlesi* 

COmp^ireU in a booke intitUleU (Articles &c,touching true religion) ^ bc» 

inc5 conuenteo before tbe 1510)0?,© joinartc,o? tbefiueenesi CommiCfta* 

ners in c.iitfe$ CcciefiaHican, fljall perfili tbecetn, $ not retiofee bis erro?, 

0} afcei- fucb reuocation, fljall ef trooue0 atfirme fucb Doctrine , fucb main* 

tatning; o} aCfirmmg;,ano perKaing:,o^ fucbeftfooncsafFtnnins , fijall be a 

ia^fuUcaufe,toiiep?iuefucb perfon of bis CccIeCaaicaH promotions* 

QnD it Ibalbe lalMfuH to tbe 3ilbop of tbe Dioces,o? ©?Dmarp,o? tbe faia 

eDommi(rioner0, to Dep^iue fucb perfonsfopefCHino;, 0? latofullp conttic* 

un of fucb eftfoones afFirminj.^nn bpon fentence of oepjiuation p^onoit* 

ceb,be fl)albe in DecD DepjiueD,i5,€lt?.i2» 

^ijeageofa 2 ji5o perfon 0;albe admitted toanpO^eneficetoitb cttre,erceptbetbf« 

SSe flj'ai ^^ ^^^^'i^W ofxtiii. peres at tbe leall, anD a Deacon, anD (ball firft Imz 

tcaoe ann fu6. fubfcribeD tlje faiD articles jcan the p^efence of tbe ©?trinarp,anD public* 

icnoettjc mv j^g ^^^^ ji^^ p^j^^^ ^^^ ^j^^ p^^.-^^ C\)\iKi) of tbat benefice, luitb Declaration of 

bis UnfaipcDalT^nttotbefame, ^nD if anp perfon to beeaDmittcD to a 
benefice tt]itbcurc,Doc not luitbintlDomonetbs after bis inDuctionpub* 
liklie reaD tbe faiD articles, in tbe Cbmc)) tobereef be fi;all bane cure , in 
tbe time of Common p^aicr tbere, tpitb Declaration of bis bnfaincD afient 
tl^ereunto, auD be aDmitteo to miuiC cr ttie .^acrameut? luttljiu one pere 


Eccle/iafticall perrons,and liuings. 104 

z'^tnW ittDucticn, (ijf be be not to anmitteD before) be fi)albc immcuiat-- 
Ip \3p0n eucrp fttfib fff^ult (ipfo faito) DejjHUCD, ^ne no perfon notu per* 
mittetjbpanpoifpenfatton 0? otbertotfe (ball rctatneanp bcneSce toitb 
cure,bemg:Dntjet tbe agcof truperes 0? not Deacon at tbe leaft, q) Mil)it^ 
fi>annot beauniitCfDas isafo?cfaio,iuttbinoneperc ncjct after tbe malt-- 
ing of tW ^f f J 0? toitbm fijce monetbs after be Qjall accomplilb tbe age 
of miii* i'ere^, on painc tljat fuel; W t»ifpenfation (balbc meerelp boine, 

'5 i^one (balbc mane S^im0er, 0^ amitittcnto p^cacb 0^ mfnifler tbe '^ht mimm 
jg>acramet0, beingunoer t\)e age of rruii.pere0,no? tjnles be Srtt b?(no* to Sntaif^^' 
tbe T^ilbop of tbat oioce0 (from meufenotoen to tbe15i(bop to be of foimtJ 
religion) a '^e(f imonial botb of bis bonedltife, ^ of bis p^ofeOKng tbe doc* 
trine erp^elTen in tbe fain article0,no^ Dnles be be able to anfuiere 5 renoer 
to tbe€)?tiinarp,an accompt of bis faitb in ILatin acco^ningto t\)e fain ar-^ 
ticles,o?batieafpecial sift$abilitictobealp^eacber:3f5o?CbalbeaDmit* 
teu to tbe oper of a Deacon, 0? miuider ie, Dnles be iball firU fubfcribe to of ?Snjs " 
tbe faiD articles, 1 5 *€l 1 2. JTo? tbe cjramination of tbe MMtit of a perfon a&«it«» 
ji^efentetj to an Ccclefiaffical benefice, tiotb perteine to an €cclefia(licall 
3luDge»3ttii fo it batb bin beretofo^e ufeo ano Ojall be in time to come Ar- 

liculi clcri. Anaiono Ed vv.2* 13. 

V 4 |5one(balbeaDmitteDtoanp15ene0cetoitbcure,ofo?abouetbeba=' i^mefice oft^e 
lue of tbicticpounDS perelp in tbe Clucenes bookes, Jjnles be (balltben be ^*^"^ °^^^^' **• 
a "Batcbeler of Diuinitp, o?p?eacberlaU)fuUpallotucnbp fome OSilbop 
toitbin tbis rcalme,o^ bp one of tbe «aniueriJties of Cambjioge 0^ ©jcfo^o 

5 311 aomilRons to benefices, inlJitutions, ano innuctions to be maoe 
cf anp perfon contrarie to tbe fo?me, 0? anp p^ouiHon of tbis 9cc , ano all 
tollerations, uifpenfations, qualifications ano licences lobatfoeuer to be 
niaoe to tbe contrarp bereof, (ball be meerelp Mn in latu, as if tbep ne^ 

Iter toere* p?ouitJCD altuaies,tbat no title to conferre 0? p?efent b^ Lapfe, bo %&pm\xi 
(ball accrue ijpon anp oep?iuation ipfo fado, but after (Ire monetbs a& ^ftemptic?. 
ter notice of fucbbepjiuation giuenbptbe ©pinarpto tlje patron, 15* 

6 3Ugtfts,graunts,feo6rementsf, fines, anbotberconueianceso? ef* 

tates, fromtbefir({iiapof tbeliaarliament begun,24Januar.An,Domi- Smlcfsol^'^ 
ni 1 5 58, baii,maiie,oone 0? fuffereu, o} to be ban, mace, $c»bp anp ^rcb* 6t(i)op? mutt, 
bi(bop,o? '^i(bcip,of anp bono?s,c«aies, mano?s,lanus, tenements, 0? 0* 
tbet bereoitaments!, being parcell of tbe polTelUon of bis arcbbi(bop?ic^e 
o^^iibop?iclie,o?t)niteD. appertaining, o} belonging to anp of tbe fame, 
to anp perfon ( otber tben to tbe Clueene, ber beires 0? fuccelTo? s) tobere^ 
bp anp eflate (botilo 0^ migbt paOe from tbe ^rcbbilbop 0? 'Bilbop , otljer 
t\m foj terme of tiuentie one peres,o? tb?ee liues , from fucb time as anp 
leaie,grant,ojaffurance(5«U begin, anotojereupon tbe oloe accuftomea 
^ • jerelp^ 

Ecdcfiafticall perfons^and linings^ 

Vnc\^ rentjO? mo jcfijall be rcfcruc5 paiable perelpjUurins t\)t faio terme 

of rri.j»ere0o^ tlj?ecltuc0 , fijall be ^tterlp Doio, aup im, cuttome $c» not* 

iuitbtfanuinj.i.Cli^.a Satutenoc p^interr. 

Sebv^Sii. "7 ^^^ leafes,g:ifC0, 5rauut0, feoffement0, contieiance0 o? eflfate0 f 6 be 

ifDsesrciEatile matie,ban,none,o? fuffecen, (^iji^tfrom i.Aprilis An.Dom»i 571,) bp anp 

££t?^' spatter auD jrenotoe0 of anp (£;oUctige,Deane ann Chapter of anp eCoIle* 

giat 0} Catbenjal Cbtircb, ^a0er o} (Brntin of anp Oorpital , parfon, 

aicar,o^ anp otbecbauing anp ^piritiiaU 0? CccIeCaHical liuing of anp 

]^oufe0,lanii0, tttbe0,tenenient0, 0? otbpr bereDitamettC0, being parcell of 

tbepo(le(rion0ofanpfucbconcDn;e gfc>o?anp toap belonging to tljefame, 

0? of anp oftbemtoanpperConjc* boDie0 politique o?co?po?at,otbertben 

fo? tbe terme of jcjci* pere0, 0? tb?ee liacSy from tlje time of fucb leafe 0? 

grant mane jtobereupontbeaccuOomeD perelprento? mo?e(I)aU be refer* 

ueu,anD perelp paiable ouring tbe faib terme,o? tobereof anp former leafe 

fo? pere0 i0 in being not to be erpireo, furreno^eD , 0? enueo toitbin tb^ee 

pcre0 neict after tbe making of anp fucb nelu leafe, l|all beijtterip bciue, 


nutngo? mailing of anp leafe , contrarp to tbe true intent afo^efaio^lljall 

coiiewm bebtterlpboio i8\eii5Jd5uttbis actOjallnot beconarueotomake 

SK?. K''^^ ^P ^^^^^ °? ^^^^^ Stant mane bp anp CoUeuge 0? Collegiat Cburc^ 

toitbin ©]cfo?tianuCamb^iDge,oulfetob2ff>fo?mo?cpere!3 tbcn are li* • 

j5etoicafcj< xixittt} h"^ t%z p^iuate liatuteg of tbe fame Colleoge^jl^eitber Hjajil tbi0 Slcc 

Xm Tiomx f Ptenn to anp leafe bereafter to be mabCj bpon furrenoer of anp leas Ijere* 

.wu6nant0, tofo^g mane, 0^ h"^ reafon of anp coucnant 0? conoition containen in anj'^ 

leafe beretofoje matie,^ noto continuing, fo tbat tbe leafe to be maDe, no 

not containemo^epere0, tbcn tbe refiDue oftbeperes of tbe fojmer leafe 

noiu continuing, iTjalbe at tlyz time of fucb leafe bereafter to be mate, noj 

anp lelfe rent tben 10 referueo in tbe faii5 former leafe,i 5»€L 1 o. ^no tbe 

p^e0Dent ano j%cboller0 of ^aint 3iobu 'Bapti(l0 Colleuge founoeo bp 

^ir 'Cboma0 ZSX^iit Enigbt, ^aioerman of lont!on,in tbe 52niuerntp of 

•BDrfo^f^map from time to time Demife tbe mano? of tbe ^ilbioe, alias fi* 

6eltj,tbe <Ji:opibolDe0anD otber appui'tenancc0 in tbe Countieof 15ar!u 

coEalpb CIJbite»b^otbertotbefait!i^ir %}^mu^\Mtt, fo^tbe terme 

of fonre fco?e ? nineteene pere0,if tije faio Ealpbc (ball fo long liue,ano fo 

to euerp beire male of tbe faio ^ii %\)t^im fuccelftuelp according to tbe 

fo?me of a leafe tbereof alreaop mane to tlje faio Ealpbe ♦ ^no euerp fucb 

leafe fo to be maoe,ano euerp couenant maoe 0? to be maoe fo? tbe perfo?« 

mance of tbe fame (ball be gooo in 1 atu,a0 if tbe faio act maoe in t\)Z faiD 

tbirteeneperebaoneuer binmaDe,anptbingintbefaiD ^ctof 15. €li^» 

0? anp otber Set 0? matter $c»nottoitbffantiing, 1 8»€li?»io.See 14* Cli. 

SSuSer^^^ tbat k toa0 cnacteo m a llatute not p?inteo, tbat tbefe too?tie0 (bi^-Spaaei: 

' 0? 6artiian of anp bofpitall mentioneo in tbe former 3ct of 1 5 ♦CI J toere 

intenoeo ano meant of all I;ofpital0 , Mcafons dc dicu, beao !joure0 , ano 


Ecclcfiaftlcal! pcrfons ] and linings" icf 

oJljet Ijou&fi omimri fo? t^efuCcncacion ci ttMeoftljtpm}e,tim fo (^ai 
be ejcpounueti ann taken fo^ etier* 

8 15ut anp of tlje perfons,t)O5ie0 politique O} co^po^at afo^ctaiD^map ©onetigcs h, 
(5raunt,a(rare,o}Ieareanpljoure0 belonging Unco t^cm, being not tl)etc 'JJ^^^^" fj««i« 
CapitaUo|iJtBeUing!jaufeijreTifojti)eiri>abitation,noj Waning geounu wue, 

!>elonging Unto tbem,aboMe tfjequantttte of ten acres, o? anp grounos to 
fttcb ^ouk^ appertaining , Wch be ficuate m an? citie, bo?ougb , totone 
eo?po?at, oj ^arftet colune, o^ tfje j^uburbes of anp of tbem, in fiicb fo^c 
80bpt(i£latBe0oftbeEealme,anDCl)e feucrall Statutes of tOetrfjon* 
fe0 t(jep map Doe : ^o tbat no leaCe be maue in renerHon, no^ luitbout re* 
ftruing tbe accuHomeo peerelp rent at t^e leatt , no^ ijoitbonc charging 
t^e lellee ^it\) t^e reparations, no^ fo? longer time tljen xl peereg at tbe 
moC 1 51^?anp ijoufesof tfje faiti Colleugeg^bouies politique,^c.(baU corieDffMma« 
be aliened , bnleffe tijat in recompence tbereof, t^ere (ball be befo?e,toitl;, fanng'^t" J Jj{^ 
0} pjefentlp after fucb alienation, gooOjlatofull , anu fufficient alfurance mmw ffo. 
mane abfolutelp in fee fimple , to fucb Colleuges ?c,anb tljeir fucc eOb^s, SSmpenw "^ 
of lan00 of as goon balue,ann as great peerelp rent at tlje lead, as fo Qjal 
bealieneti,i4»€li5*ii» 27*Cli?»ii» 3P,€li?»i8*toenDttrebntillt(jc 
cnD of tbe nejct l^arliament. 

9 l^oleafe mane of anp l^enefice, o j Ccclenallicall lining toitlj cure, um'ofist* 
ojanp part tljereof^anu not being imp?op?ielF,0)allettDiire anp longer, SJre^^^^'^^ 
tben toljile tbe leffour (ball be o?oinarilp reSoent ana feruing tbe cure of 
fucb benefice toitbout abfence aboue fotuer fco?e oapes in anp onepeeret 
'Buteucrp fucb leafeimmcoiatlp bponfncb abfence (ball ceafe antJ be 
UoiD, ann tbe 31ncumb£nt fo offenoing , (ball fo? tbe fame loofe one pecres 
profit of bis faiD :0enefice,tobe niUributcD bp tbeflDitiinarie amongtt 
tbe poo?e of tbe pariib, 1 3 ♦Cli?* 20. 3inb after complaint mane to tbe©?* 'Stqutnration 
ftinarie,ani> fentcncegiuen Upon anp offence commicten bp tbe31ncum»fjj;{^j5f,^/(P, 
bent, tuberebp be (ball , 0? ougbt to loofe one peeres profit of bis benefice, 
tbe ©?i»inarie laitbin t\xjo monetbes after fucb fentence giuen, 9 requell 
tobimmaDebptbeCb«rcbtuarbrnsoftbefamel^ari(b,o? one of tbem, 
(ball gcaunt tbe ^equcttrationoffucbpjofttestofucb inbabitanto? in* 
babitantsujitbintbepartlbtwbere lucb benefice fljall be, as toljim (ball 
feeme meete, anu bpon Default tberein h^ tbe O^Dinarie , it (ball be la\n« 
full to euerp l^arinjioner lubere tbe benefice ts,toreteine bis ^itbes, patf^tottftis 
anD likeiuife fo? tbe Cburcbtoaroens of tbe faiD #ari(b to enter anD tak ["Jf "^'Jl 
tbep?ofite6oft!jeglebelanDs,anD otber rents anD Dueties of euerp fucb ' 
benefice to be implopeo to tbe bfe of tbe poo?e as afo?efaiD, bntill ^eque* 
Hmm (bal be committeo bp tb: ©?Dinane,anD tben afluell tbe Cburcb* 
toarDensasl^ari(bionecsO;allpeelD accomptof, auDmafee papment to 
bim 0? tbem, to tobom fucb ^equefiration (ball be committeD, SuD be 0? 
tbep, to \ubom fucb ^equettratton Qjall be committeD,from time to time 
Wl iufilp auD truelp bettoto tbe faiD p?ofit!3!,o? tbe M tialue tbetof 

p tbttbout 

tl)e entoping 

benefice to a 


CaWng of 

Ecclefiafticall perfonsjand liuings. 

toit'boutfcauiieito facfj btes as Op t!je fatD ttatute fs appointcii,bpDn 
paine of fo?faitureof tl;e Double ualiie of fudj toitbboloen p^ofiteg^to 
\}t recoucrcti in <{5cdeIiallicaU Court, fap tl;epooje of tjjc faiD ]^ari(^» 

I o au banii0,contractS3P?omire0, autt cottenance maue fo^ fuifering 
aup perfon to eniop anp benefice o? CcckOaflical promotion tuitl) cure, 
0} to tafee piofites o? fruits thereof (otl^er t!)e« fucb banns ano rouenant^ 
as Obal be maoe fo? alTurance of anp leaCc beretofo?e,\)i?»befo?e tbe flatute 
wane) (ball be to all intents aDiuogeo of fucb fo?ce anu no otberiajife , as 
leafes maue bp tbe fame perfons of fucb Ccclenatticallp^omotionjs iuit& 
cure , 1 4» Cli?* ii, 39* ^li^ 1 8, 

I I <£uerp perfon allotoeo h^ tbe labjcs of tbis Healme, to baue ttoa 
l^enefices, map oemife one of tbem,i3pott tobicb l)c (ball not be ojtninarilp 
refioent,to \m Curate,tDbicb Ibal feme tbe cure foj l)i\m tubicb leafe fljal 
twwxz no longer tben ouring fucb Curates reOoence^toitbout abfence 
abouejcLoaiesin anp onepeereti3»Clif»2o» 3p»€li?*iS* 

1 2 911 leafes, bau0s,p?omtfe0,attO couenant0,of, ano concerning ^c« 
tiefices, ano CccleHaff icall liuings toitb cure, to be maoe hv anp Curate, 
(ball be of no otber,noj better fo?ce,t)alioitie,o? continuance, tben if tbe 
fame ban bin marrebp tbe beneSceo perfon bimfelfe,tbac uemifeo tbe 
fame to bi^ Curate. i4»€li5^i i* ap^Cli^^i 8. 

1 3 M cbargings of ^eneSces toitb cure,tMitb anp pen0on, 0? toit& 
anp pjoSt out of tbe fame, to be peeloeo 0? tato, (otber tben rents refer* 
ueo upon leafes to be maoe acco?oing to tbe meaning of tbis 9ct) Iball be 
ijoiu, 1 $,€li^*2o, 39»Cli5*i8*to continue to tbe cno of tbe ne^itipat* 
liament noto nejrt enfuing, 

1 4 |5o fpirituall perfon ffjall tafee to farme to bimfelfe,o? to anp per- 
fon to bis ijfe,of tbe leafe 0? grauntof tbeClueene,o? anp otber perfon oj 
perfons , hi^ letters patents,31noentures, ca^^itings i bp too jo 0? otber* 
»jife,bp anp maner of meanes^anp mano^,lanDS!,tenementj5,o? otber be« 
reoitaments fo? terme of life ,peere2t,o? at )3ii\l, tjpon paine to fo^fait foj 
cuerp monetb tbatbe,o? otber to W Jjre, 00 occupie fucb farme bp reafon 
of anp fucb grauut 0? leafe jc* li*to tbe £l»anri 3It to be recouereo l^ 9,^» 
lP>31.tuberittno m*€.'^.^u except tbe 'SCempojaltiesof an ^rcbbilbo* 
lanDstobelettenijponalZtrauerstenojeD after an office founo concer* 
ning bis f reebolo , ano a uioelling b!>ufe bauintj; but onelp ojcbarocs ano 
proenSjin anpcitie,bo?ougb,Djtotone,fo? \^is otune babitation,aU 
laibicb, a fpirituall perfon map tafeero farme {hixth^thz faio otoclling 
boufebe (ball baue no colour of 31^onreODence,)9nD alfoe]rceptp?c0* 
Hocnts, ano $paUers of Colleogcs, baiting lanos.o^ otber pecrelp p jofitis 
in tbe rigbt of tbeir boufes, bnoer, ano not aboue ml)t buno^cD maikes, 
teljtcl; \m^ occuiue as mucb of tbeir oemeane lanos,fee farmer,? farmer. 


Ecclefiaftlcall perfons , and liulngs.' ic6 

td tlbdr molf pjoSt.fiS? tbe onelp maintenance of tljcidjoudjOlBejsi^as tfjci) 
0? anp of tljeir p^cDeceffo^B at aup time bp tlje fpace of an !}unt??f tb peerca 
bcfo?e tbe maltinof of tijis ^cc migljc Ijaue Done* Sinn all j§>p!ritual! per-- 
fon0 Ijautng; lanue dj otber po(rellfon0 m t(je rigljt of c&eir l)oure0, abcue 
tlje peerelpijalue of eigbt (jtmn^cD mai'hs,map feeepe,anji rctaine in tljeii* 
occupation anu manurance,a0 muc^ of tbeir fain lann0 anu otbcc pofTeffi' 
cn0, 80 t^all be necelTarie auD fufficient fo^ pa{!urao:e of t^ir cattell,^ fo| 
tillage of co?ne, to be implopes ano fpent fo? tlje onclp maintenance ano 
feeepino; of tljeir ^oitnjolDeB ano l)orpitalitie0 toit^out frauD o^ couin, 
2 1 ♦l^f 8,1 ; ♦ £2^betber a leafe mane to a Spiritual pecfon^oj to anp otbes: 
tobi0bre fo^termeof life,peere0, c^ attcill^of anplanD0fc*tobercof be 
tafeetb tbe p?o6t ^cM UoiO bp tW Uatiite O? not. Sec Statute, & Qu^K, Quxrc. 
Vide Dyer Fol. 3 j 8* tbat tlje leafe 10 not tooiD* 

15 3lf anp fpirituall perfon 00 hv ^imfelfe , 0? anp otbcc fo j Ibtm to f^^^^ « 
^10 tjfejbargaine ano bup to fell ag;aine fo? 5aine,in anp 9parl?et0,iraire0, ^^ 
t} otber place0,anp maner of Cattell,Co?ne,leao, 'Einne, i!pitie0 , lea- 
tl)er,'2^allolo,5riib, Ca^ooll, CvIIooo,o? anp maner of i)itaile,o^ marcban* 
Zji5e,of UJbatKinD foeuer tbep be, be Iball fo?fait tbe treble talue of t\)t 
tbing0 fo bougbt to fell ag;aine, to tbe Sii.anD be recouereD bp a»l^» 
^♦3!*f c»*to3berein no Cin«€»lp» 9fc* Slno alfo tbe faio bargatne ano con== 

tract IballbeutterlpboiD* "But a fpirituall perfon luljicb inttboutfraua 
iupetb anp lpo?fe0,Cattels, "600110, fc, toitb onelp mtent at tbe buping 
tbereof CO implop tbe fame to tbe neceflarie apparell of bimfelfcbis fer* 
uattC0,o? boufe,o? fo? tbe onelp occuppinc^jO? manuring of bi0 glebe 0? 
tiemefnclanOe0anne);eDtobi0 €burcb,o?fo?tbe necelTarie e]cpeuce0 of 
Its ^on(boulo,anii after t\)c buping,o? erercifing tberDf,mifltfee tbe fame, 
tbat tbep Ibotilo not be gooD,p?ofitable,ge conuenient fo? anp of tbe purpo^ 
leg aljouefai0,fo? uobtcb tbep toere bougbt,tben bemaplaiufullp bar- 
gainee put t^jem atoap^^nn alfo otber fpiritualperfon0 not bauingfuffi* |{lt^J^aYi?cr* 
ctent glebe o?oemeafnelattD0 in tbeir o\unebanoe0,intbe rigbtof tljeir iSnsma? tafec 
Cburcbe0,lIpoufe0, paffuringof Cattell,o? fojincreafeofCo^ne, ianwinf«"««' 
fo? tbe onelp eicpences of tbeir bouC[)olD0,o? fo? tbeir carriages ano iour« 
nep0, map ta^e in farme otber lanns, ano bup ano fell Co?ne ano Cattell 
&? tbe onelp manurance,tillage, fj paCurage of fucb farmes, fo tbat tbe 
increale tbereof be altoaies imploieo fo? tbe onelperpence0 tn tbeir bouf* 
|)OlD0 , ano not to hu^ ano fell agame fo? anp otber commooitie,but onelp 
tbe otterplu0of fucb co?neano cattell abouetbe erpettce0 of tbeir bouf* 
Ijolos, if anp fucb Iball Oappen to be b?cDO£ ano increafeo tbereof toitbout 
frauoeo? couin,2i*l^»8,i^^ 

1 6 3If anp fpirituall perfon beneficeo toitb cure, do occupie hi^ hm a njirfmau 
felfe, 0? anp ot'ber to l)is bfe, anp parfonage 0? Oicarage in farme of tbe Scc-Ste a pa^«' 
kafeo? graunt of anp otber perfon,o?taiie anp p?ofito? rent cut of fucb ["'"^^^''/^"^f 
farme,be fi;aU fo3fait jclg^foj euerp toeefee, tbat be,o? anp to W ^^e Ojal ^^ ^" ^"*^^* 

jp 2 occupie 

perfon ri;aU 
not fteepe a 


neficesi tot!) 
cuve of fottU. 

Cliefe ma? 
l)auc plucali* 
tieatb? t^(U 

betters Bnucc 
ri)Jtr Lo;D2( 

n\oe 2C{)ap' 

Ecclcfiafticall pcrfon3,and Ilulngs. 

occitpie aup fucb farm?* ^nu alto (ball fo^fatc ten times the i3aTtte of fucfi 
ppfitoircnt lu!)icb Ije Wl takeout of anpfucbfanne, to tbe dueene 
ano 3Iafojmei;, to be recoucreo bp a^ 3l« $c» tuljerein no Z^. €. 1P» ^c» 

17 31f anp Spiritual perfon (fjaH ba«e,t3fe,o? Iteepe bp bimfelfe 0^ an? 
otber to bis ijfe 0^ commooitie anp '2Danue boufe to be occupieu to bistifc 
o?commotjitie,o?anp 'B?ue boufe, to anp otber intent cb^nonelp to be 
fpent ann occupieo in W olune boufe , be (ball fo^fait fo? euerp monetbfo 
uCno; 0^ occupping anp of tbe fa(D mpfferies ]c» It, to tbe Cl. ano % to be 
recouereDbpSl»31.$c*toberemno 2:aj*€*p*fc» 2i»i^»8»i ^, 

1 8 31f anp perfon bauinj one "Benefice toitb cure of foule , bein^ of 
tbe peerelp ualue of \iiiu Xu ojt aboue , riotb accept an otber toitb cure of 
foule, anu be inCtituten ano inoucteo in po(retrion of tbe fame,tben imme^ 
Hiatlp after fucbpolTeOTion baOtbereof,tbefirlI benefice Qjall beaoiungeu 
intljelato to be uoio. ^ud euerp patron bauing tbe anuotufontbereof, 
map pjefent an otber, anu tbe p?efentee (ball baue tbe benefit of tbe fame, 
as tbousb tbe Encumbent bau uien, 0? refi^ncD ♦ "But noDeanrp, ^rcb- 
anp CatbcD jail ojCoKegiat Cburcb,no?]3arfanagetbatbatb a Clicac 
£nrjoi3)eD,no? anp benefice perpetuallp app?op?iat,(balbetato unoer tbe 
name of a benefice toitb cure of foule* 2 1 ♦ItJ^Sf 1 3 ♦ 

i^ 15ut all ^pirituall men of tbe SdueenesCounfell map purcbafe 

licence o^tiifpenfacion,anDtafee,receiue,aniifeeepe tb^eeparfonages oj 

•Benefices toitb cure of foule* ann all otber ^pirituall men not fwo^ne 

of bet CouncelljtubicbbeCbapleines tofbe EingojiHucenclQjittce, 

p^inceffe, 0? to anp of tbe Eings Cbilo?en, B^etbjen, <§>iaers,ancle0, 

0} aunts,map purcbafe licence oj oifpenfatton,anti receiue, ^ l^eepe tljoo 

benefices toitb cure of foule* aim euerp Srcbbilbop map baue etgbt Cba» 

pleines, euerp otber Bidjop fir, euerp Dul^e bi, euerp S^arqucs ^ €arle 

fiue, euerp <Uifcount iiiU tbe Cbauncelo? of i^nglano tb?ee, euerp Baron 

anu Enigbt of tbe barter tbjee: Cuerp Ducbeae,6parque(re,Counte(re, 

^aronnefle (being toiDotoes,o? )3i\)ic\) baue tafeen anp bufbann bnner t\ic 

Degree of a Baron) ttoo : Kl)e '^reafojer $ Comptroller of tbe Queeneg 

boufe tuoo, tbe Clueenes "^ecretarie tta3o,tbe Deane of tbeClueenes 

Cbappell tuio, tbe fDueenes Sinner ttoo, tbe SpaQ^er of tbe Holies tujo, 

tbe cbiefe31ullice oftbeEtngsBencb one, tbe aidJaroen of tlje b*]^ojts 

one Cbapleine, euerp of tobtcb Cbapleines map purcbafe l(cence,anti re=» 

ttmjmty ^ heepetttJo i^arfonageso? Benefices U)itb cure of foule* 

But tbe Cbapleines fo purcbafing, recepuing,t keeping Benefices Uiitb 

cure of foule,be bountj to baue, ^ e.rbibite tobere neeoe Ibal be,letters bn^ 

tier tbe figne ^ feale of tbe Timem,^ otber tbeir lojD ^ S(9a(Ier,tefi(fp« 

ing iMbofe Cbapleines tbep be, 0? elfe not to eniop anp fucb pluralitie of 

BeneficeiSt^no if anp perfon to UJ{)om anp Ctjapleineis be limittcb bp tl)i^ 


Ecdefiafticatlpcrfongjandliuing?. 107 

9ct,(ban h^ colour tijercof, atjuancc anp fptntual perfon,al)ouc t\)t ritnn' 
het to bim appointcD/o tcceiuc anp moc benefices tuit!) cure of fouIr,tb£n 
is!bcfo?cIimttteD,cIjcn ttjefpirituallpcrfon to amianccD abcue tijefata 
numl)er,ffjaU incurrc tlje pcnaltte contcincD in tW ^cc, 2 1 .1^.8, 1 5 ♦ 

20 <^ucrp b?otl}er,o? foune of anp cempo?alllojti bo^ne in toerslcc^te, raiuraifttftf 
mappurc^.^fe iicence,o? Difpcnfation^gt recctue,fjaue,$fecepe a0 manp bt-- H^H^^ "^ 
mficestoitbcurc,a0 r^eCfjaplcincjsofa Dul^e^o?^rcl;bifl)op:^n!jeuErp 
. h70tf)zt anti fonne of a Enigljtbojne in tueDlochcano euerp Docto? auD 
Idnthtkt of Diuinttie.Docco? ann 05acljelcr of lam Canon,U)|)icl) be ad- 
lip crraceouclp, map purcbafe licence, (J ca^e 5c»cUjo benefices tortb cure 
of foule«2 r Jp»8, 1 3, 3nD all ^uSfrapns tubicb Iball ejcercife tbe fato of- ^uffwsaniS. 
fice of ^uefrag-ang b^ commilTtott of tbe ^iffjop^map baue ttoo benefice)? 
faitb cure,2(5.^*8» 1 4, 1 Mi^* i , %nt tbe faiD libertte giuen to anp of tbe 
perrangafj^efaiD to purcb3reltcence,o?uifpenration,an0receiue ^feeepe 
moe benefices t(ien one, (ball be untierfiantjeD, to erteno in number to no 
moe benefices tuitb cureof foule tbenisaboue limitteo , Waning: tbat t(je 
SJ^map n;iue to anp of bcr Cbapleines bein^fpiritual perfons/oibat num- sxmm €W 
ber of benefices 0} pjomotions fpiritual (be tDtll. ^nu alfo (be map graunt p^^ "i«^« 
licence to anp of tbcm foj ^on reCoence , anu tbe faio Cbapleines map 
accept tje rame,lo(tbout incurring anp penaltie, 2 1 Jp» 8» 1 3 » 
. 2 1 Cuerp fpirituall perfon p^omotcD to anp 3rcbne3conrie;,t)eanrie, TRefiocnce. 
0? bfpitie in anp Catbeti^aU cburcb,o? otber cburcb couuencuall,o? Col* 
lejialljO? being beneficeo toitb anp iSarConage, oi Qtcaraa;e,(ball be per* 
fonallp refiDent $^at, ann bpon bis faib Dicrnitte, l^^ebeno , oj 
!0enefice, 0? at one of tbem at tbe lead* ^nD if anp fucb fpirituall perfon 
Do not keepe refiQence at one of bis faiD Dignicies,p^ebenD,o^ benefice,bue 
abfent^imfelfetuilfullpbptbe fpaceofone manetb too:etber,o? b^ tbe 
fpace of tlijo monetbes,to be accompteo at feueral times in anp one peere, 
anomal^ebis refioence ann abioingin anp otber places bv^ntb time,tbeit 
|e (ballfo?fait foj euerp fucb Default v^tuto tl)eiD»anu 3!«to be reccuereu 
ijp ^.]l^«*B»3I.$c»lu^erein no m^ep^fc* 2 1 .^. 8, 1 ^ 

2 2 %\)z ttatute of ^on refioence fijall not erteno, no? be pjciubiciall ^^0 tna? hz 
to anpfpirituaUpecfonbemg: in tbe Clueenesferuice bepDnDtbe^ea,no^ JefiDeSe? 
to anp perfon going to anp pilgrimage,o? bolp place bepono tbe ^ea, ou-- ^uat mmta. 
ring tbe time oftljeic feruice anu pilgrimage ,ann going ano returning 
lome, no? to anp <^cboller Dnuer tbe age of rl peeres being conuerfant ^ 
abiuing foi fiuDie,(toitbout frauoe) at anp Oniuerfitie toitbin tbis realm 
o^lDitbout, 2i,l^»8.i5,^otbattberaiD fcbolerbe pjefentat tljeo^Di* 
narp lecturejafiuel at bome in tbeir boufes,as in tbe common fcbooles, $ 
in bis proper perfon heepe ^opbifmes, p?oblemes,t)ifputations,o^ otber 
erercifes of learning ano be opponent , ano refponoent in tbe fame,acco^* 
l»ing to tlje opinaucejs ano datutes of tbe dniuerfittes to^cre ?c, |l5o? to 

113 3 a«? 

Eccleiiaftlcall perfons ,and liulngs^ 

anp ^cbcHcr;Df,o? abouc t\)£ age of jcl^pccrds^being ccnucrfant in atip of 
the fain iamuei-fitic2!,UUjicb is Cljauncello?, aiceCljauncdIo?, d? Com» 
milTaric of anp of the fain t)niuerficie0,o^ Caiaroen,Deane,115^o«ol!Al9?c* 
li5ent,Hecto?,^iIer,pjincipalIjO? ocljer !;eat> ruler of a <znolIeD5^e,5pal, 
9c* 01 Doctor of t|je Cfjairc, 0? Eeaoer of Diuinitie in t\)t common 
^c\)(Acs,o} l^mn of aup common lecture m Diuinitie Jala Ciuil,'lpl)is 
ncke,113ljilofopl)ie,!Ipumanit(e30? anp of tlje liberal ^cience0,o? common 
3Interp?eter,o? teacber of tbe lIpeb?etD,Cbal5ep,c? (B^tt^t tcnpe in anp 
ConeDa;e,o? otber place of tbe fain Clniuerfitie0: ^o? to anp perfon aboue 
tbe age of rlveeres.tobicb Iball reCo?c to anp of tbe fain s^niucrSticg to 
p^oceeoe Docto? inDiuinicie,lato Cimll,o? pbpfiCkejfo? tbe time of ()i£S 
p?oceeiiittg$ erecuting of fucb Sermons, Difputationg;, ann lectures?, 
lubicbbptbe ftatuteofcbe aniuerfitiebeisbounDbntofo? tbefaio oe* 
gree,2 8 Jp,8» i ^, 5i^eitber (bal tbis Statute ejrtenti to anp Cbaplcines of 
tbe ^ing, £lueene,p?ince,l^?incc(fe,il\ing o? SElueenes cbilu^en , 1B?c* 
tb?en,o? ^itterne: ^o} to anp Cbaplcine of anp ^rcbbilbop^ilbop, fpi* 
ritual 0} temporal io^n of tbe li9arliamcnt,Ducbene,9parquefrc,Coun« 
tefre,aicoumeire,'Baronnefre(beingtniootBes,o? marieo againe $c}lo?o 
Cljauncclour, o^ 'SDreafourerof €nglanD,tbeCl»<Cbamberlaine,o? ^ce* 
inaru of ber Ijouajolu^oj of tbe 'S^reafourer o? Comptroller of tbe Oucens 
toufe : ^0? to anp er:baple{neefanpEnigbtoftbe©arter,cbiefe aiuaice 
oftbeEings15encb,^ariicnoftbefiuel^o?te0, ^aHer of tbeHollegf, 
tbe Clueene05^ecretarie,DeancoftbeCliteencj6 Cbappcll.opftbeaCU 
Slmncr,atteniJingDailpin tbe bou(bolDof tbefo?efaiD perfon0, During 
ti)Z time tbat anp fuel) Cbapleine (ball abiue ano nujell in anp of tlje fain 
jjouOjoloe?, 2 1 .^» 8, 1 3 ♦ ij^eitber WI tl)i0 Statute of 5l5on redDeK^e be 
y^eiuDiciall to anp one Cbaplcine of anp of rbe 3futige0 of tbe Einges^ 
!Bencb,o^ of tbe Common pleas, of tlje Cljauncclour, o? cbiefe ^aron of 
tbe CfcbequerjOf tljc dueenes atturnep,o? generall ^oliciter,but 
eiterp of tbem map baue one Cbaplcine m W boufe, o?attentfant onljigf 
perfon, bauiwg one benefice loitb cure of fonles, toljic^ map be abfcnt ann 
jtotreil5ent,2 53IPf8,i5» i^eitbemotljtbisJ^tatuteeictenti toanpone^ 
Cbapleineof tbe Cbauncelourof tbe Ducbp of lancafter, o? of tbe <]pa* 
jtter of tbe Ciueenes CQJarnes ano JLiueries , o^ of tbe Creafourer of tW 
jDueenes Cbamber, o?of tbecSroomeof tbefioole : Cuerp of ucbtcb ma? 
retaine fingularlp in U^ bonfe^o? attenoant bnto bis perfon one Cfj^^lc in 
bauing one benefice iaitb cure of fcule, tobtcb map be abfent from l)i^ ht^ 
neficc gp non refi^ent^ 3 5 Jp» S, 2 8» ^titljet (ball tbis ^tatut of ji5on refi^ 
t»ence bep?eiutiician to tbe Staffer of tbe ^oJlSjO^ Dcane of tbe arc!;e0» 
no? CO anp Cbauncelo? 0? Commifiarie of anp ^rcbbilbop^o? 15ifi;op, no? 
to as manp of tbe ttuelue spaders of tbe tlMelue ^ouocates 
of tbe Grebes as be fpiritttall mcn,buring tbe time tbep (ball occapp t l^ir 
roomer t^(i} to anp %intuaUjaerfon,iul;ic{j 0;aUbp:iInimictionof tU 


Ecdcfiafllcan pcrfons, and Iiuings.' loS 

£o?tJ C!jaunceIo?,ci? Clucenc0CounfeU I)€botmtJto5ai!i)apparflncc,ca 
aunftiJcre tlje latj). During; c!j0 time of fuc^ iniunction, 2 1 ,^p,S, 1 g , SltiD 
t\}Z refiDeuceof ^im toOicIj (Ijalt be ^uffra^an met t^e £)iocc0jtoljere Ije 
(Ijall (jaue conimiiTion.fljaU feme bint fo? fjis reficence ag fufftcieat!p,a0 if 
j^eUjerercfiDCtttUponanpot^ec !)i3beuc6ce,2^»l|),8,r4» uC!i^,u 

2^ 3If anyCbapIeineof tljeCljauncelo? of t^e Ducljic of lancaflfer, peft Cftap. 
of tlje Cpaaetoftbe Ci^arries anji ituei;ie0,of t[ie '^reafourer of tlje SSSiSe'fe. 
S^ueenes cljambec, j of c(je 6coome of tlje IIoole,tobicfj 10 liceticcD to be gjj ^^ ti;eic 
abfent aim not refioeut upon Iji0 benefice, Dotlj not lepaire ttuo time0 in *^^' 
euerp ^eere at t^eleaflt to bi0 benefice a^ cutcanc tbere tarie etgljt oapeg 
at t^eleaff at cuerp time,to biCte $ tnHritct bi0 tme, fie ajaU fojfait rLs* 
fo? euerp time fo fapling,to tbe Slueene $ 31nro^mer,to be recouereo b^ 
a3I«f cMereinno m.e*p*f c. 3 3 Jp.8,28> 

^ 24 3fanpperfonbeino:eIccteD,p?efecteD,p?erente0,nomtnatei»,cona- Ji'icRftwite*. 
teUjO? appointee to anp ^rc()biQ)op?ic!^e,'Bii|?opjicfee,ConeiiQ:e,§pofpi^ 
ning tfje peerelp balue of ic,mar!^e0, after tbe balue bpon t be reco?D0 anDi 
i)oohe0 of rate0 ano ualue0,fc? tbe firfl fraite0 ano tentbe0 remapning itt 
tbc Cfcbequer)^icaraa;e ( ejcceeoino; tbe peerelp balue of j:* pounD aftec 
ibe fame rate) 0? otber Dignitie, benefice, office ,0? promotion fpirituall 
toitbin anpof tbeClueenesiiomtnion0,(tbe DeaneanD Canon0of tbe 
Cbappel of ^aint (Seo^ge tuicbin tbe CaI!Ie of C2^inbro?,ano all tbe pof» 
fe(rio!i0 ^ berer)itament0 of tljefame Cbappel, tbe aniuerntie0 of Cam- 
h}itige ano C)ji;fo?b,anD certain Colleoge© ano llpall0 tljerin, ano tbe Col« 
leDa;e0 of Caton ^ tOXincbeller Citcept) ootbnot befo?e tbe actuall 0? realf 
jofreffion^o^ meolingluitb t\)t p?ofite0tbereof,fatiffie,content,anD pap, 
D^ compeunOjO? agree to pap to t^e £lueene0 bfe, at reafonable Daie0 bp* 
on gooo fuertie0,tbe firlt fruite0,reuettue0,anb p?ofit0 fo? one peere of tbe 
fain mpitieo? promotion fpirituall (tubtcb peere (ball begin ano be ac« 
compteo immeoiatlp after tbe Vacation 0? auopoance of tbe faio ppmo'' 
tton,28»i^,8«ii,)attoi0 tbereofconuict,bpp?cfetttment,berDict,confef* 
lton,o? Ioitnefre0,befo?e fucb a0 baue autbo?itie to compouno fo? tbe fain 
KrCt fcmts,be fljal be tahen an 31ntruirer bpon tbe 2[iueene0 poflelTiottjanii 
()e,biserecuto?0o^aDminiarato?0fballpap to tbe Clueene0bfe,fo? euerp 
fucb offence,romucbmonep a0 Ibal amount to tbe Double balue of tbe firll 
fruite0of tbe fpirituall promotion fo? one peere, toberein belball enter 
anD intruDe before tbe papment of tbe faib firfl fruite0, j agreement fo j 
t^efame,26,i^),8»^, 1,^11^.4, 

25 aatB?itinge0obligatozie,tatofo? tbe papment of tbe faio MPW/""?. 
fruite0 bpanvperfonDeputeo to compouno fo? tbe fame, be of tbe fame KnaEuJc 
flrengtb,qualitie,$effect, to all intent0,a0 to?iting0 obligato?ie maoebp y.^S? 
anpl3pperfonbpautbo?ttpoftbefiatut Staple bin,anD no pcrfonfljalbe * 

compelleo to pap fo^ anp li3?iting obligato?ieto be mabej fo? tl;e papment 

1^4 cf 

Ecckfiadical! perfons ,and lluings. 

%\)t fee*; tif tbe fafn firtt jfruit j5,abotie* no? foj an? acquitance foj tl^e receipt 

tI;ereof,abouc uii.U* 2(5Jp»8.3» 

%\yt mtH 26 "But eticrp perfon nametj, p^erentr:tj, 0^ bp anp meanrs appointeu 

Sq fc^tij oftW to anp Dignitie 0? promotion fpirituaH ,fl;aU at Ijis comyontion ^ entcie 

fitu ftuites, tiito fpecialitie fo? tlje payment of Ijis fiirli 5rriuts,ljauc allotijance, ^ ue* 

nttcttott of tlje tentb pai't of tlje toIjole,out of tlje Cumme to bepaieu fflj t^je 

faiD fird fcuits,fo? t\) t pcere tabccein ^c flbaU be firtt nominateo , p^efen* 

teUjOi bp anp otljcc meancs appotnten to anp fucbuignttie 0^ promotion 

fpintuan,acco?i!ingtotbeitiff rate^taration oftljetentb of eiierp fuc^ 

pjomoft'onrpirituall^notben be0)allpapi)ntotbe SCluecnes! spaieftie, 

|jerl)eire0frucceiro?s tlje faiD tentb parttbefaioMpeere* ayJp.S.S* 

"^ijc t;atc!)ott) 27 31f anp 31ncumbent of anpfpirituaUpiomotion cf)arg;eabIeto pa? 

SK Ve m^ tlje firC fruits, totlj liue to tbe enn of one balfe peere nert after tlje latt a^ 

tumbent ft)au uoioance of tlje faiD p?oniotion,fo a$ be (jatb^o? toitbout couin misbt lato* 

of %e icrt fillip baue receiueD 0? eniopec tbe rents b? profits of tbat balfe peere, ana 

* • la^fullp euicteD,remoueD , 0? put from tbe faiD promotion fpirituall , bp 
iuDgement in an action at t})Z common JLata toitljout frauD 0? couin,tbeti 
l)e,bi2!beir£!3,erecuto?0,aDmini(frato?2f, $ fuertie$,(ball becbargcD but 
onelp toitb tbe fourtb part of tbe firft fruices Due to be paieD foj bis faio 
promotion,!? toitb no mo?e of tlje faiD 6rtt fruites : anp tbing in tW Slct, 
anp banD 0? tM?ittng;,o? otber matter nottuttbHanDinggfc* 3If tbe incum* 
bent liue bp tbe fpace of one tobolc pecre nert after tbe lad auopDance of 
tbe faiD promotion rpirituall,g^ tben before tbe enD of one W^e peere tben 
ne,rt after Qjall fortune to Die, 0^ be latofullp cuicteD, remooueD, ^u tben 
1)0, bis erecuto^s, 0? ^c, (ball be cbargeD but onelp toitb tbe moitie of tbe 
firtt fruits, ^c^anD toitb no mo?e» 3!f tbe 3Incumbent Hue to tbe enD of one 
tubole peere anD a balfe nert after tbe latt auopDance, ^c*^nD tben before 
tbe enD of Ore monetbes tben nert folloiuino; (ball fortune to Die,o? be 
iatufullp euictcDjf c* "Cben be,oj ^c,il)dM be cbara;eD hut onelp toitbtb?ce 
partes of tbe firH fruites of tbe fame promotion fpirttuall in fotuer to be 
neuiDcD , anD toitb no moje» 31f tbe 3!ncumbent Dotbliue to tlje cnDe of 
ttoo lubole peeres nertafter tbe lad auopDance of tlje fame Ijis promotion 
fpirituall, anD not be laluftillp euicteD,remoueD, 0? put from tbe fame ^c* 
tben be, bis beires,erecuto^s,aDmittillrato?s,anD fuerties Ibal Ije cbargett 

iuitb tlje toljole firlf fruites, i.CliM^ 
%mm. 28 <Z0uerp3rcbbiajop,3f(bop,^rcbDeacott,t)eacon,lP?ebenDnrir, 

parron,c:ticar,anD otber bautno; anp benefice 0? piomotion fptn'tuall, in 

englanD, 0? eOales,fijaU peerelp pap to tbe SD^spaieltte , ber beires anD 

fucce{fo?s, at tbe feattof t\)z 5i5atiuitie of our lo?D , one peerelp rent 0? 

penKott, amounting to tbeUalue of tlje tentb part of all tlje reucnues, 

rentSjfarmes, titbes, offerings, anD emoluments, anD all otber profits, 

afujell fpirituall as tempoiall , belonging to anp of tbe faiD tiignities o} 


Ecclefiaflicall perfons, and linings. 109 

promotions, (lubtcO tentbnterie of tbnn fijalbc cljargea to pap in tbe 
nio'ier Otocestoljerctljcp !be,toI)erffoeucrtI)eir polTcfTions ann profited 
DO iW) anD Wcl) tm\] cucrp ai-cl;btn)op ano :33ifijop is cljargco to Icuie, gi^^ftS* 
collect, anD receiue toitljin lji0 proper Dioceg, aftocU in places ercnipt, tenii;^, 
as not ejcetttpt, and tijcp, tljeir erecutojs anD aDminiCrato^s, anD t!jc pof* 
felTions of tljcir Cburcljes (ball ftano cljargcD fo? tfje paiment of fucb 
fummes as t^ep Q)all collect* 3nD ujljen anp ^ea is \30iD, tben tlje Deane 
attDCbaptrc of tbe €atbeD?allCb«rcb uibere ^r* tbeir erecutois,aDmini« 
firato?6 ano polTelTions fijatbc cljargcD fo j tbc erecution of tbis 9ict, loitb* 
in tbe faiDDioces* 15ut tbis ^ct Dotbnoc cbarge aniebofpitall founDcD ij?orpttan. 
anDijreD,anDtbepo(reaion3 tbereofimploieD to ano fo^tbereliefeoftbe'^^^'"''** 
poo?e,o^aniefcboole,o?tbepo{retnons oftljemloitbtO^paiment ofanie 
tcntbs,o? Srtt fruits, 2 6,^, 8, 5 ♦ 1 ♦^li^^^ 

29 Slfaniefummeofmonep being; once Due, bp anie3f«cumbent, of ^fjeyenaitfe 
anieDignitie, benefice 0? promotion fpirittiall, cbargcD to tbe paiment of 5°/^^ of lie 
tbe faiD tentbs, be reafonablie DemaunDeD aftet tlje fead of tbe ^atiuttie tenths. 
of our iLo?D (SoD,at bis t}ic^nitk 0} Cburcb^bp tbe arcbbi(bop,'Bi(bopj 0? 
fucb as fbalbe cbargeD toitb tbe collection ofanie part of tbc faio pcnfion, 
0} bp anp of tbeir tninitters,feruants 0? officers, ^nD tljefaiD 3lncumbeut 
Dotb not content anD pap tbe fame Unto tbe faiD ^rcbbiffjop, 15i(bop, o^ 0* 
tbecminiflers, eueriepeere perelie at tbe requell tbereof, o^elfe M}it\)in 
fo}tit Dales after at tbe furtbeH : %\)m euerie 3Incumbent making; fuel) 
Default, after tbe Default certificD into tljeClueenes Cfcbequer into?i* 
ting unDer tbe feales oftbe^rcbbilbop.'Bilbop, o^ fucb as be cbargeD 
\siiti3 tbe collection of tbe faiD tentb,(btil be aDiuDgeD Dep?iueD(ipfo fado) 
of tbat Dignitie 0? benefice onlie, tobercof fucb certiScat (ball be maDe, 
26,^,8»5*2.€d.<5*2o» ^nD tbefaiD ^rcbbifljop 0? ':i5iibop mafeinjfuclj 
certificat, (befoje 01 at tbelaHDap of Spap, 7*^0* 544O (balbeDifcbargcD 
againft tbe iSEif foj fucb fumme of monep as tbe faiD incumbent Iboulo baue 
paiD,2 6 Jp, 8» 3 ♦ SnD alfo tbefaiD ^rcbbifljops, ^ilbops, anD anie of tbeic 
Deputies, anD otber accomptants autbo?ifeD to accompt fo? tbem, upon 
tbeir accompts of anD fo? tbe faiD perelp tentb, fbalbe Difcbargeo upon 
tbeir otbes, of paiment of fucb fummes of monep of tbc faiD annuallrent 
0? tentb as tbep cannot latnfulIpleuie,52,^.8»22»SeeEfchequer.2.That 
nothing Ihalbe taken ofanie perfon hauing charge with the colledion 
of tenth for his accompt or Quietus eft. 

50 3!famel3i{bop, ^rcbDeacon,aDrDinarie,o? ctber perfon to bis bre,ia:f)efr«ftata' 
DO receiue o} tahe tbe fruites, titbes, oblations, commoDities, reuenues, SS ^Ss 
rents,piofits,ojcafualties,comm(nQ;,ojia;rotDin(5, oj belonging toanptot&eiuct 
ring tbetjacationoftbefame, anD upon reafonablerequeH maDe, do not 
r cOoje ^ pap tbe fame to t l;e neyt Slncumbent^ hmz latufullp inUitutcD, 


btms benefice 
9 cl)acge QjaK 


Union of ttoo i 

^0 bntonjS 
In cojipo^ate 
tolunts ii3itf)» 

Ecclefiaftlcall pcrfons, and linings. 

itrtitctetijO? aiJUtitccD to fuel; SrcljneaconricparfonagejO? p?omotiott,o^ 
uot^ let 0? interrupt tfje faitJ 3Iucumbent to ftaue tlje fantc, %\}tu ^e Ojall 
fo^fait ttje treble balueoffomuc!; as be Iballbaite recciueo of tbe faia 
fruits, 0^ batb lee o} interrupteo v 3lncumbet to receiue ^ tahe of tbe faia 
fruits, titbe0,$c»to tbeCl.anD tbe3!ncumbent gtc» co be rec* hy ^, % ^c, 
lJQbereinnom»e»p,^C4 f oj euerieperfonp^erettte0,p?omoteti, mwit* 
tcD,inlIitttteti, o? inoucteo to anp promotion rpirituall,ami bis erecutoj?, 
(ball baue tbe titbes/ruits^oblations, anu all otber lubatfoeuer reuenues, 
cafualties gt p?ofits,certaine ano bncertaine bdongittg to tbe faiD p?omo« 
cion, a,toli)itt5, riCng.o^cominof, During tbe Vacation of tbe fame.p?omo« 
tion(fauiugtba£iftbcfiriI incumbent baue foinenanjjpart of bis glebe 
ianiis,be map Declare bis ^efiament of tbe profit of tbe cojne growing; 
t)pon tbe fameO ^uD alfo tbe 15i(bop,^rc^Deacon,©?Dinarie,0^ tbeir spi* 
nifters, map rctcine in tbeir cuaoDie fo mucb of tbe titbes, fruits, 9 otbec 
commodities, as fball amount to paie tofucbperfonas batb feruen t(je 
cure During tbe ijacatiott, bis reafonable 0ipenD, anD alfo fo? tbe gatbe* 
ring anD leuping of tbe titb€S,fruits,anD profits riHng $ grouoing During 
tbe \3acation» 9nD alfo tbe perc in M3^icl) tbe ftrff fruits Ojall be paiD to tbe 
2Elueene,0)aU begin, auD be accomptcD immcDiatlp after tlje auoiDance oj 
Vacation of fucb benefice o^ fpiritual promotion, 28»!Ip»8, 1 1* 

5 1 3n bnion o^ confoliDation of ttoo Cburcbes in on?, o} of a Cburc^ 
ano aCbappel in one,tbe one of t^em not being aboue tbe perelp ualue of 
Di^li* as it is ualueD at to tbe Cl» in ber Cfcbequer, anD not Diffant fro tbe 
otber aboue one mile in anie place Uiitbintbis realme ofCnglanD, ma? 
ije baD 0? maDe hv tbe affent of tbe ©?Dinarie ^ SD^Dinaries of tbe Dioceis 
tobcre fucb Cburcbcs anD ecbappels CanD, anD h^ tbeairentsoftbe31n* 
cumbents of tbem,gf of al fucb as baue iuffrigbt,tttle,9f intereff,to tbe pa* 
tronages of tbe fame, being tben of ful age* ^nD fucb bnions anD confoli* 
Dations maDeof tiajo Cburcbes in one, o? of a Cburcb $ Cbappell in one, 
(bal be gooD anD auailcable in tbe latue to continue fo? euer bniteD in one, 
in fucb maner ^ fo^mc, as hv iM^iting unDer the feale of fucb ©?Dinaries, 
3Incumbents,$ patrons it IbalbcDeclareD, aiiuaies fauingto tljed^tbe 
tentbesanD firH fruits ofall fucb Cburcbes anD Cbappels as (ball be D* 
niceD in one, acco^Ding to fucb lilte rates as ti;e fame are nolo rateo at i» 
tbe €fcbequer, 5 7*}^. 8,2 1 ♦ I .eii5.4» 

32 15ut all Unions auD confoliDations to be maDe of anie Cfiuxcl) oj 
Cbappell, Mtl)in anp citie 0? toiune co^poiat )3)it\)in CnglanD, toitbouc 
t\)t affent of tbe 9©aio?s,'iberifs, anD Comminaltieof tbe citie, 0? luub* 
out the affent of fucbboDies co?pa?at of otber tolanes co?po?at, VDljtu 
fucb Cburcbes, Clmch q} Cbappell (balbc, bp tbe names of tbeir co^po* 
rations in inciting unDcr tbeir common feale, (ball be clearelpboiD, 3 7f 

S 3 IP^ouibcD tbat lu|>ere tlje intjabif ants of m^ fuel; poo^e parilf;, 0? 



Ecdcfiaftican pcrfons, andliuings. i lo 

t])£ mo?c part of tfje, iMitljm one peumxt after the ijnion cf tljc fnmc i)a' -^^^j vj„jcn a, 

tlje fain paril^ fo^ the pcrelp paimct of fo mucb mone p^as iDttl) tfjc ftniinU lung^alfiiD.' 
t|)atc|jf rfliop^riO) is ijalueuac tntljc^fdjeqiicr (IjaH amaunt to ciglj't 
jpaiinc, to be paiD peerelp by tlje faiD inliabicanis to tbe fain 3Inctmibent $ 
Jjis fucceflro?0, tben all fiicb unions auD ccnfolibations to be inaDe of an? 
fuc()poo?eparin) iljall be boiD. T3ut tbisp?ouifo (ijall not erteno to anicu* 
rion of anie €l)mtl) o} Cljappell mabe before tbe mabntjof tijis Satutc, 
57,J^,8.2i»i»€li5;*4»Annoi5,)Il*2»(Jianti4*i|),4J2.Sljua0D?D£ineD 9pp?oj)?fa«oa. 
tW in ctierj) licence luljicb fljoulo be maDe out of tf^e CI)anccri) to app^o* 
pHatamepaci{l)€{jurcl),it(l^oulDbee]rp^cflpconteitieD tijat tOe Diocc* 
fan of tlje place toOere tl;e appropriation of anie fuel; Cljurc!} fi)oulDbe, 
fljoulo appoint acco?bino: to tbebalueof t^eCburcb^a conucnientfunime 
ofmoneptobepaiD ano biltributebperelp of tbe fruits anb profits oftbe 
jfame eDburcb) to tbe pao?e pariibioncr^ oftbe fame pariO) in aib ^ main* 
tenanceof t^eirliuino^etf^ino tbac tberell}0ultibe alfo a Clicar o?t>eineD bp j^ mm* 
tbe O^binarie lobtcb 9)oulb be tuell ano fufficientlp enooleeD, fo tbat l)t 
niigbt to ^i^ii^e feruicc, inllrucc tbe people, ano keepe bofpitalitie t\)£te, 

34 jTo^asmucbas tbe Cburcbparb is the (oik of tbe Cburcb, anb 3fnhj^atcarc^ 
iDbatfoeuer is planteb belongetb to tbe foile, it muff neebes follotoe tbat [SS^^I ^n 
t!)ofe trees tobicb be groining in tbe Cburcbparo are tobenumbjeb a= mwmma* 
monga tbe c^oobs of tbe Cburcb, tbe \3)hich £ap men baue no libertic to 
ijifpofe, ^ut becaufe tbofe trees be planteb to iszfcm tlje fo^ce of tbe 
toinb from burting tbe Cbwrcbes, the l^arfons of Cburcbes iljall not pje^ 
fume to cut tbem Do\une bnabuifeblp, but tobcn tbe Cbauncell of tht 
Cburcbbatbneese ofneceffaciereparations, J^eitber (ball thep be com 
uerteb to anie otberbfe, ercept t|je bobie of tbe enburcb botb necbe like 
wpaire, intobtcb cafe tbe l^arfons of tbeir cbaritie fijall botnell tore* 
lit\xe tbe parilbioners Uiitb tbe fame trees, 5 sM^^^i* Nc re<f)orcs pro- 

ftcrnant arbores in Ccmiterio. %hi^ IS not aptip to be termcb a ffatute, ' 

but ratber a requett, counfeU o} abuertifement of Eins '^btu* i ♦ Ideo 

quaere for the validitic thereof, 

s 5 s. Tithes 2 ^» 3ln all cafes lubere anj> perfon bauing; eOfate of inbe'iSecouerfe ana 
ritance, frcebolo, terme 0? intcrea in anielparfcnage, Oicarage^o? otbec almmail^ 
(Z^ccle(ialIicallp?oRc mabe tempo?all,{balbe ti5?ongfuUp put out of tbe court of an f. 
fame,bcmaj)bauebisremebie in atempo^allCourt bpo?iginaUbJ?itte" "'*'"^* 
out of tbe Cbancerie, Snb alfoto^its of couenant, anbotber to?its fo? 
fines to be leuieb of IQarfonaf^es, ilicarages f c* fijallbe fueo out of tbe 
Cbauncerie,autJiubgementS£iuenanDftncsleuteb of tbe fame be goob 

I 36 31fanieperfon J perfons bobtes politique 0? corporate, Web ^«^^"^»^^'. 
: Ijaue election^p^cfentation.o? nomination,o? boice,o? aaent,in tbe cboice, S?ifuuc? 
elecrion^p^eCentationjO J nominatiS of an^ f eUoui,ji5cboUer,0} anp otber f^j ^iFe''^^» 


Ecclefiafticall perfonsjand linings. 

pcrfon to (jaue roome o? place in ani'e (Cijurc^cis coUegiac, Collctjcjes?, 
^cl)oolc0,?lpofpttat0,tt)all0,oj ^ociette0,O}aIt Ijaue, tctmz, o? ta'ke anp 
fnonep,fec,rcluarD, c? ante otDer profit nircctlp o? inmrcctlp, o? ffjall tafee 
ante p?omife, agreement, couenant, hom^ o? otljer a(rurance,to receiue o^ 
l^aue aniemonep, fee,reluarD,o? anieotljer profit Directlie o^inuirectlie, 
tit\}CK toljim 0? tfjenirelue0,o^ to anie otbec oitbnt o? anp of t^eir fxitim 
fy} bi0 0? tOeir Uoice o? uoices, aCfent o^ afrent0, o? ronfents, in electing^, 
cboofing:,p?efenting:,o? nonu'nacinganie i2DfiRcer,5relloto,^cbcHer, o? o« 
tljec ^etfon to Ijaiie anp roome oi place, m anp tlje fain Cfeur c^eg, €oU 
Jeiia;e0,^an0,5i>cboole0,Oorpttal0,o? ^octetie0, ^ticn anD from tijence* 
fo^cljjtlje place, roome o^ office^toljicKitc^perfonfo offentJing.fijalltOen 
Ijaue in anie t(je faio C(jurcfje0,Colleoa:e0,^c!)Ooie0,it>an3,!ipofpital0,o? 
J^octetie0,njall)etioir>» 3ntr ti)tn afujelltljesiueene, ^er l;eire0 ano fuc- 
celTo^s, ano euerie otfjer perfon anD perfons, o? tljeir Ijeires o? fucceffo?0 
to lubom tlje p?efetteation,Donation,c;(ft,election, o^ DifpoCtion, C[)aU of 
rigbt belong; 0? appertafneof antefucfjof tljcfaitiroomes o^place0 oftlje 
faio perfon offenDin0:a0 afo^efaiOjiTjal o? map at tijcir pleafure, elect, p^e* 
fent.nominat^place o? appoint, anie otfier perfcn oj perfon0 in tbe roome, 
office, J place ofnicfjperrottc^perronsrooffennincj, a0iftbe faioperCott 
0} perfons Co offenoing; tOen toere naturallp uean* 3 1 ♦Cli^**?* 
mm om' 3 7 3If anie jfelto, Officer 0? !%)f boiler of anie tlje faio Cburc^e^r, i 
fo"Ssmns^ €oneoge0,;^c!jooIe0,i|)aU0,i[)ofpitafe,o? ^ccieties;,o? otljer perfon? U* 
«pi3«. ttingroome 0? place in anieoftbefame, Wlat anp time hereafter oirect* 
lie 0} inDirectlie, talte o} receiwe, 0? bp ante toaie, neuife, o^ meane0, con* 
tract 0? agree to Ijaue 0? receiiie anp monep, reluaro o} profit toljatfoeuer, 
\ fo? tbe leaning 0^ refigning Up of tbe fame W toome 0? place fo^ anie o« 

tljer to be placeo in tlje fame : tljen euerie perfon fo tailing 0} contracting, 
0? agreeing to tafee 0^ Ijaue anie tfjingfo^tOe fame, fi)allfo?f»lioubletl;e 
fumme of monep,o? ualue of tlje tfjing fo receiueo ano talien, 0^ agreeo to 
be receiueo 0^ taften* 3nu euerp perfon h^ \i3bom 0^ fo^ tuljom anp monp, 
gifto?re\naro a0 afo2cfaiD,njalbegiueno?agreeDtobepaiD,fi)all beijn* 
capable of tljac place 0? rocme fo? tfjat time o;t turne, ano fijall not be, no? 
bao, no? tafeen, to be a latofull jfellolu, ^cboller, 0? SDfficer, of anie tlje 
Ci:burci)e0,ConeDgc0,CfpaU0,lpofpital0,Ǥ)c!joole0, 0? ^ocietie?, 0? to 
bane fucb roome 0? place tbere, ^ut tbep to tubom it (ball appertaine at 
anie time tbereafter,(baU ano map elect,cboore,p?efent ano nominat anie 
otber perfon fit to be electeo,p?efenteoo? nominateo into tbefaio roome 
0} ifeltotDlbtp, as if tbe faio perfon bp 0? fb? tobom anp fttcb monep, gift, 
0? retoaro, (ball be giuen 0? agreeo to be paieo,tBere Dean 0} bao refigneo 
atctttr^ciec anDlcfctbefamrf^uCli?*^* y 

fm ^^AtitSv 5 ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^"^^ of euerp election,p?efentation, 0? nomtnacion of iTel* I 
totf 3 of tlje ' ' lotues.^cboUerg, ©fficer0, ano otber perfons to bane place in anie of tbe 
^onfe m\ uc faio Cburcbe? ^Ct afioell tW m^^^^^ ^^^*^^ tl^^ ^i^^^^ ^"^ ttacute^ of cbe 


EccIeiiafticanperrons,andIiuings.' in 

fame places*, concerntnn; fuc!) elecctonj pjefeiitaticn o} nomtnationtobe 
JjaUj (l)al tfeen ano tb^re be publihelp reaD bpon paine t^at euerj) perfon in 
tobom Default thereof (l)aU be, (ball fo?tait ]cl,li> ^be one moitie tobereof 
(ball be to l;im o? t^em tljat totU fue fo? t^je fame, t^e or ber \mitit to tbe 
bfe of tbe fatoCfjurcb, Colleoge^i^alljI^orpitall^^cliDDle o? i§)Ociefp 
toljere fucb offence (b^^ill b^ comitteUj to be recoueren in anp [jer Spaieflies 
courtjs of recojD, bp ante perfon o? perfong, bobtes politique anb co?po?at, 
tbattBillf«efo?tbefamebpa»t0»ip,tDl)emnno2O»€»p»^c,3i*€li?,^^ . 

S9 3Ifanieperfono?pecron0,botiie0politilteo?co^po?at, (balo? bofo? PKfctitinso? 

anp fumnie of nionp, retoarD,g:ifc, ppfit o} benefit, Directlp o? inDirectlp, Senegcefoj* 

C) fo? 0? bj) reafonofanie p?omife,ag;reement,grant, bonn, couenant o? o« wtuatD. 

tbersffurancejOfo^fo? amefumnteofmonep,reinarD, gift, profit, oj be* 

nefittubatfoeuer,birectlp o? inuirectlp, p^efent o} collate anp perfon to a* 

nie beneftcetoitbcwreof foule0,Dipitie,p^ebenb,o^liuinQ; €ccle(taltical, 

0? giiie 0? belfotB tbe fame,fo? o? in refpect of anp fuclj corrupt caufe o^ co« 


rp abmitrion,inlIitutiott,inuclIure$ intiitction tberciipon,fi)allbebtterlp 

boiDjfrulIrate,^ of none effect in latoe* ^no it (ball ano map ht latofull to 

ano fo J tbe dJjer beices anu fuccelTo js,to p?efent,collate bnto,o? giue,oj 

bettolM euerie fucb benefice,bignicie,p?ebenti, ^lining CcclefiaHicall fo} 

itb at one time o^turneonlp^SnD all $euerp perfon o^perfons, bobieispo* 

(icilte gt co^po^at, tbat from tbencefo?tb (bal ^i^ie o? tal^e anp fucb finnme 

Df monie,retuarD, gift o? benefit, Directlp o? inDirectlp, o? tbat (bal taKe o? 

mal^c anp furb p?omife,grant,bonD, couenant O} otber afctrance, (bal foj* 

fait tbe boubiCbalue of one peeress profit of eucrp fucb benefice, bignitie, 

p?ebenD,gt lining Ccclefiaffical to tbe %t(i be rec* bp ^♦15*3i*toberin 

no ^♦^♦C^c* 3nD tbe perfon fo cojruptlie taking, procuring, feeliing, 

o> accepting anp fucb benefice,Dipitie,p?ebenD,o^ lining, (Tjalltbereupon 

et from tbencefojtb be abiubgeb a bifableo perfon in lato, to baue o? iniop 

tbe fame benefice,Dignitie3p?ebenD, ojliuing CcclefiaUicall* 3 i*Cli5»<^t 

j 40 3!f ante perfon fballfo? anp fumme of monep,rebaarD,gift, profit 0? aomfttmstto 

commouttie tobatfoeuer, birectlp 0^ inbirectlp (otbcc tben fo? bfuall anb ?S;" 

|(atoful fces)oj fo? 0? hi^ reafon of anp p?omife,agrcement,grant,couenat, 

bonb.o? otber alfiirance, of,oj fo? anie fumme of monp, re^uarb,gift, p?o» 

at 0? benefit tobatfoeuer,birectlp 0? in5irectlp,aDmit,inaitute, inffall, in^ 

Duct,inue0 0? place anp perfon in, 0? to anie "Benefice toitb cure of foules, 

Jignitie, p^ebenb 0? otber lining Cede fiallical j tben euerp fucb perfon fo 

3ffenDing,(bal fo?fait tbe bouble balue of one peres profit of euerp fucb be* 

tiefice,Bipitie,p?ebenb,tliuing ecclcfiamcal totbeCi»$3!»toberec. h^ 

at'35*31»"bbereinno 2B»dp.f c.^nD tbereupon immebiatlp from ^ after 

i;beinuefiing,inCanation,o? inbtiction tbereof bab,tbe fame benefice, big* 

|titie,p?ebenD,$ lining eccleCaaicall (T)albe eft(bone0 meerelpboib, ana 

' l^atrono? perfon to toJl;om tl;e aDuoi»fbn;gift^?efentation,oj collation 



Ecdcfiafticall perfons, and linings. 

fl^all bp IM apper tame,a)al ^ map bp tjcttue o UW act,p^cfene oj collate 

Unto,giuc,^ uifljofe of t^e fame benefice,liipitp,p?ebenn,oj[ Itm'ug Cede* 

Catticall in fucb fo?t to an intents $ purpofes,as if tbe partie fo aumittcn, 

tttlf ituteu, inUalleD, inueGcD, inoucteo, o} ylaceii,ftaii been, o^ tuere nam* 

Lflpfir. rallp DeaD, 'But no title to conferre o? pjefent bp lapfe, (ball accrue bpon 

ante ijoioance mentioned in tbis act, but after (t]ce nionetb^ neict after no* 

tice giuen offucbbottjancebptbe©jtiinariecocbepatron*5i»€li^.5, 

<s:o?rnptrcQ5. 4^ 3!f anp 31ncumbent of anp benefice toitb cureof foules, do o? (ball 

mnso^ tic^an' co?ruptlj) refisneo? ercbangetbefameiO? cojruptlptalte,fo?,o?in refpect 

nS of tbc reSgningj oj eiicbanging: oftbe fameuirectlp o? inuirectlp,anp pen^ 

0OU, fumnie of monep, o} benefit tobatfoeucr, tben afujell tbe giuer ag tbe 

taltcr of anj> fucb pennon,rumme of monp o? otber beneSt co?ruptlp,(baU 

Mc Double tbetjalue oftbe fumme fo giuen,tahen.o? bao to tbe£lt ano 31» 

to be recouereDbp ^»l^,3!»tDberein no (TOtCt^.^c* ^ i»€lij»5^ 

<sccicqamcMi 42 '^U^ act (ball not eittenn totafeealnap 0? reHraine anp pnniib^ 

ps«aittt«not ment,paine,o?penaltie,limiteD,picfcrtbeD,o?infljctetibp(belatBe0€c« 

tKct? cleaaaical/o? ante tbe offences before in tW act mentionen, but tbe fame 

(ball remaine in fo?ce, anD map be put in Due erccution, as it migbt be be* 

fo^e tbe malting of tbis act» '^\)is act,$c,notiuitbffanDing»3 1 .6li?»^* 

Kttoartjtf fon 4? 31f anp perfon 0? perfons tubatfoeuer, fijall 0^ Doe recciue 0? ta&e 

SS^o'/Sf' ^"^^ »^on^P» f^^» 0? reluarD, 0^ otber profit Dircctlp 0? inoirectlp, o? i^all 

utng ucenft to tafee anp p^omes,agreement,couenanc,bonD,o? otber alfurance^to receiue 

mmi). 0^ (jjjjg 311(0 monrp,fee, retuaro, 0? anp otljer profit Directlp 0? inDirectlp, 

citbertobimo? tbefelues, 0? toanieotber oftbeiro^anieoftbeirfrienD? 

. (al ojDinarp $ lauaful fees onlp e]ccepteD)fo? o} to procure tbe o^Deining 0? 

marking of ante minilJero^miniders, 0? giuinganieo^Ders, o^licenfeoi ji 

licences topjcacb, tben euerie perfon gf perfons fo ofFt^nDing, (ball fo^ eue« *^ 

rie fucb offence fo?f, ]r«£. auD tbe partte fo cojruptlp maoe minifler, o? ta* 

I^ing o?Ders,rtt to tbeCi»<j be recbp ^J)5,%^^mn no ca^.Cp.^fC. ( 

9uD if at anie time luitbin Ui, peres nejrt after fucb corrupt entring intD 

tbe miniCerie^o? receiuing of o?Ders,b^iball accept o^taheaniebene^ce, 

liuing,o?p?omction€cclefiailicall,tben immeDiatlp from rafter tbe in* i 

Duction,uute(ling, 0? indallationtbereofjO? tbereinto bao, tbe fame bene* 

fice,liuing,$ promotion €cclcfiaflicalfl)albeeftfoonesmeerelpbDiDt3nD 

tbe patron 0? Iparfon to lubom tbe ^Duotofon,gift,p?efentation,o? coUa* 

tio fbal hv laUj appertain,(ball 9 map bp bertue of tbis act, p^efent 0? col* 

late bnto,giue,$ Difpofe oftbe fame ^enefife,liuing, 0? promotion eccle* 

lia(ttcall,in fucb fojt to all intents f purpofes, as if tbe partie fo inDucteD, 


qualification, 0? Difpenfation to tbe rotrarp nottuitbffanDing*? iMi^A 

pjeacljcr^. ^ That Ecdefiarticall Parfons fhall not be molefted which are in 

Preaching or doing Diuineferuicc.S.Arrefts. i.Preachcrs i, 
Coiinc foto?»» 2, That an Jncumbenc may declare his will of Coriie fovyen vpon his 


Ecdefiafticall perfons, and liuings. 112 

glebe land. S.Teftaments. 21. 

5 What Ecddiaftical pcrfons fhal forfait which do not fay Common ccmmou 
Praier or minif icr the SacramcntSjas they ought. S.Sacraments. 2.10. Pinter. 

4 Which Ecclefiatticallperfons fhalltake the othe for the Queenes 2Dt!)e. 
fupremcgouernmentoueralcfiateSj and vpo what pain. S.CK5.6.8.10. 

i The punifhmcntofanEcclcfiarticaliperfon which compafTeth to sxmmt, 
dcftroy or depofe the Qneene,or toleuicwarre within therealme, or 
maintaineth that (he ought not to be Queenc. S.Queene. 12, 

6 That the goods ofanEcclefiafticalperfonfhal not be taken by any 5]3«cu«'o;j{. 
ofthe Queenes Purueiors. S.Purueiors.2. 

7 That no Alien /ball take a Benefice within England without the ^Ucit. 
Queenes licenfc, neither anie man occupie to his vfe, nor that anie Bi- 
fiiop fhall meddle with the fruites of any Benefice giuen to an Alien. 

Sec Premunirc. 2.5.4. 

8 That Ecclefiafticall perfons may be pun'iflied by their Ordinaries 3Inconttncnc(c. 
for Incontinencie. S.Incontinencie. i , 

9 That the Clergie Ihall make no conftitutions without the Queenes QConaitution;s(, 
affent.S.Conuocation 2, 

1 o What Apparell Ecclcfiafticall perfons may wcare. Sec ApparcU. apjwreii, 

X I What an Eccle(iafticall perfon fhall forf, which giucth licenfe to I'iwnft, 
eate flefh to him that hath no needc, S.Fifh daies 4, 

1 2 What an Ecclefiaf^icall perfon fhall lofe which paffeth the fca jpugitdir. 
without the Queenes Iicenfe,and doth not returne within fixe moneths 

after Procla,ination. S.Fugitiues 2. 

1 3 How manie Horfcs euery Ecdefiafticall perfon is chargeable to !|?o?fe^.' 
keepe. S.Horfcs, i o. 1 1 . 

14 How manic Sheepe Spiritual] perfons may keepe. S.Sheepc. 10. ®f)eepc. 

1 5 For forcible cntric or forcible detaining of Ecdefialiicall liuings. iTc^cc 

16 Conccrningrcmedic for Dilapidations made by anie Ecclefiafti-^^^^^^^^^^^"^" 
call perfons. S. Dilapidations. 1.2. '^ 

1 7 In what fees ofthe Church a diflreffe may be take.See Didrefle 3^ 2)i£I«{re. 

18 For frefh fuite by writ ofEntrie^&c. after the diffeifon by Pre- 2:)tncia)i, 

t ' ^r ^^^^^ "^^^ ^o prefent by Lapfe fhal not accrue to the Ordinarie, lapft, 
butafter fixe moneths after notice. S.Lapfe. i . 

20 Where it is Mortmaine for any Spirituall perfon to enter into S^o^tmafnc, 
lands anci make a Churchyard or buiiall place thereof. S.Mortmaine 3. 
_ " ^hat afiiirances of lands maybe made to Churches, Chappels, aiTurantcta 
Churchwardens, &c. in what fort, and for how longtime. SeeMort- ^tuccliest. 

2 2 How much Ecdefiaflicallperfons^d their farmers fhall take for ^o}umU^. 


Ecclcfiaftlcall pcrfons, Sec." Egyptians! Entrc' 

Motcuaries^and of whom. S.Mortuarics. 
QJaewietf, * 3 The remedy where a difturbcr prefentcth to a Church during the 

vacation. S.Aduowfon. i. 

24 A confirmation of Ecdcfiafticall liuihgs before aflTurcd to K.H.8, 
and K.Ed,(5. S.Monafteries. 29. 5 2. 

25 What remedie a Parfon ofa Church fhall haue to rccoucrland 
or common of pafture, whereof he or his predcceffor was deforced. 
See Quod pcrmjttat i . 


^B^gtngouer Tf ante perfonijot^toinmflilietranfpo^c into Cnglanu oj^alesi ame 

Sfficence Ap^'^^^"^ commonlj) callen €m^m!S,o} notb fue fo} anj? letter, licenfe, 

fo^tftcm. 0} pafpo^t fo? anie of c^e fa^u <Sgpptian0 to continue in €nt^lmn oj 

a2:ta!e0,contrane totl)i0aatuce,!)eMlfo^f»]cllutotbeCl»anu 3l»t§be 

recouereu bp ^% ^c. tobercin no m. €♦ "p* $c» ^nu alfo Cucb letter, U« 

cenfe, anD pafpo^t (balbe ijoiu, i . ano 2» ]p|« ano Sp* 4. 

3[t f« Fcionfe ^ 3Ifameperfonie! caneDeffpptiansbemo^abouetbeageofjciiuperejf, 

to\Stfue^"^ tobicb (balbe tranfpojteo into sSncjIanij o} male^, Doe continue toitbia 

toitDin ti« tbe fame bp tbe fpace of one monetb, 0^ anie perfonst being of tbe age of 

reajme amo. j^tiii. ve2xts , (ball be feene in anie companie of tbe bagabonogi calling 

ibemfelue$ €gpptian$, 0? comuerfaiting, tranffoping, o} DifguiCng 

tbemfelueg b?tbeirapparell,fpeecb ojotbecbebauiour lifeebntoCg^p* 

tian)S,anti fo Hiall continue,eitber at one,o^ feuerall time0, h^ tbe fpace o{ 

a monetb, tbep (baUbeiuogeo felong. i.ano 2, ]p,an"o Sp»4» $Mi^,2o^ 

1 That an Egyptian (hall not hauehis Clergie, S.Clcrgic. 1 1 , 

2 That the triall vpon arraignment of Egiptians (hall not be per rac- 
dictatera linguap. See lurors 3 o, 


a Diffeifbjt Bg. 'TPl&e j>ing feifeu of anp oirreifo?,of,o? in anp mano?j{,lanftiei,tenemet0, 

£th atoa? no ^ ^? ^^^^^ bctetiitament0 bauing no rigbt o? title tberein, tbe tobtcb 

title o£Q5utre. toitb (Ircngtb, ano toitbout title entreo into tbe fame, anotu^ongfttll? 

uiCfeifeo tbe rigbtfull otuneris! ano goPfeiro^s tljereof, (ball not betaJien 

anp fucb oifcent in tbelato fo? totolleo? tafee atoap tbe €ntre ofanp 

fucbperfon o?pecfons, o?tbeirbeire0,tobiebattbe time oftbefameoif* 

cent bao gooD ano laUifull title ofCntre, into tbe faio manors, lano0,te« 

ncment0,o?bereriitament0,Crcept tbat fucbuiffeifo? batb b^ti tbe peace* 

ablcpoSTcffion offucblanO0fc.tDb^reofbe(ballfooiefeifeo, bp tbe fpace 

of Sue peere0 ncjct after tbe oilfeifon tberein bp Im committco toitbout 

€ntre o? continuall claime, h^, o? of fucb petfon o? perfon0^ a0 baue labi- 

full title tbereunto* 5 2»i^, 8, 5 3 , Vide Dyer fol. 2 1 9. 

mm omn* 2 31f tbofe aljertation0 tobereof a to^it of Cntre bao toont to be graun- 

ummm' tei:»,bepaa fo manpoegree0,\i3bfrebptbattB?it cannot be maoeacco?oin(j 

to tbe fojme before time bfco, cbeplaintife0 fi;allbaue a lu^it to recouer 

tbeic feafon, toitbout mal^mg mencion of anp oegree?, to usfjofe banos 


Error. jj, 

(otmh^ fucl^ ah'enatto tl^ctlimg: Wlcottte,MarIcbridoe.?2,!b» 

I WhcreawritofEntre ismaintcnabIcforthediflreifec,orhishcire 
againftthcdiflcifourorhis heircS.Agc I. * 


If the tenant fb? cermg of life , taiant in uotoer, tenant hp cmteUc ofmt m tht re 
englanD, o? tenant m taile after poiribilitie of ilTue imelea^ e^f Q''" "jaii 
neD, ano pto to an enqueij, ano lofe bp Ueroict,DefauIt, o? in otber ma* ^&tSil 
ner,l;etoh)^omt^ereuerfionoftf)e tcnementisroioa pertainetbat the -^'"^ *'''°" * 
timeof ruc^iuagetttent giuen, l)isI;eireganD fucceHb^s q[jal(&auean ac SSSftfte 
tion bp to?it of attaint , to attaint tlje fame 3Ittrie , if fje mill aCficcne tlie SJ«?'"^^'^ ^*' 
fame oatbtobefaire,ani.airol)pto?it oferro?,iferroibefouniDintbe 
reco^ti of fucb iuDgc me nt , aftoell in tlje life of fucb tenants tljat Co uo 
lore , as after tbeir oeatb , ano if fuc& tuDgement erronioue be reucrfcD, 
0? fucb falfe oatb be fount? , tbe tenant tbat mn lofe bp tbe firil iuntremf nc 
(If be be Iputng) (ball be reffo?en to Ijis poOclTion of tbe tenement? (b m 
UJitbtl;eimie0intbemeanetime,anti t^epartp purruing,totl)e arrera^- 
gesof tberent,tfanpbe Due of tl;e Came tenements ♦ Sno if fuel) tenant 
J'^ri^^ ^^^ ^'"^^ °^ ^^^ ittogement giuen ftjjon fuel; toiits of attaint 
ano of erro? , remtution of tbe faio tenements mi be maoe to tbe tjartp 


itbe arreragesoftljerentifanpfobimbjere nuein t^elife of tbe tenant! 

I^ut aUl)oun;!j tbe tenant tobicb fo Din lofe bp iuugcment be Ipuinct^ana 

^be partppurruingtoiHaaeage tbat tlje fame tenant toasof couin,anD. 

Dt tbe alTent of tbe bemauntant tobtclj recoueren , to lofe fuel; tenements. 

pet reflitutton fbjli be maoe to tbe fame part? putfuing, liiitb tlje ilTues 

anu arrerages t Waning to fucb tenant l;is action of Scire facias out of 

tbe fame lubgemcnt roreuerfeb,o?bpto?itof Attaint if be toiU trauerfe 

tbe comnann airent,anDnototbertoife,9.m*2, 3, s.Rccouerics sAfmcmmn* 

anp mecouerie be bau bp agreement of tbe parties , 0? bp couin againU s^'"« «nant 

anp fucb -SCenant fo j terme of life^o? againff anp otljer toitb t)Outber ouer ^' "^^* 

ot anpfucb tenant, tbe fame againa^tm in t^ereuerCon 01 remainbec 


•nLrfr2lf5!^^°"^^'"^^.^^ 3riueeneo?ot!jerperfons,tufjere a mana^rro^ntfje 
.ompiapnetb of Crro? mate m ppces tn tbe efcljequer , tbe Cbaunct loi <^mmv, 

m5^rearo?erJ|aUcaufe to come before tbem in anpcbamberof Ccun* 
aue nigb tbe Cfcljeciuer , tbe recojb of t})C p^oces out of tbe Cfcbequer, 
imu taking to tbem tbe 3IulIiccs,anD fuel) otber ^ages as tbep m tbinit 

iime,tbfp (bail caUbefo?etbcmtbeT!5arDnsof tbe efcbequer to beare 
;beic31nfo?mations, ann tl)t caufcs of tbeir 3luDgf mcnts,anti OjaH buelp 
Tamutetbe matter , Snti if anp Crro? befcunD,tbep fljall correct it,anti 
menfi tbe roules,anb after feno tbem backinto tbe Cfcljequer tbereof 
maue e;:ecution , as tl;e caufe requiretlj, 5 1 ,€v.s^ 1 2* ^l;e notrom* 

©. ming 


ccamtneD $ af* 
firmeo^o^ re 
iierrcDiJ? M)c 
common p(ace> 



mms of tbe lo^D Cfjaimctlo?, ann tfje Ho^u ^reafo?er,o? eitljet of t^m 
at tijc Dap of aoioucnment in anp fucb fuit of €rro?,Uf panning bp bertue. 
of tf)cfa{& former cff acute, fijaU not be anpoifcontinuanceof anp Cittb 
iBjit of €rro? , "But if botb tbe Cbicfe iluflices of citljcr ^^cncb, o? anj^ 
Dire of tbefaiD great Officers, ttjeloju Cl)aunctlo?,o? lojtj 'Creafo^ec 
if)an come to tlje€fcbequer Chamber, anDtbere be p^efent at tbe Dap of 
auiournment in fuclj fuit of Crrojt , it 0;aH be no Difcontinuance , but tbe 
fuit (ball pjoceene in -ILato to all tntentj anb purpofeg , as if botb tbe 
ILo?b Cbauncelo^ anb iLo?b "^reafo^er tab commen anobinpjefent at 
tbe bap aub placeof abiournnient* ip^ouineb altuapeg ,tbat na Sluuges 
went (ball be giuen in anp fucb fuit o} tojiic of erro? , bnleffe bot|) 
t^e lo?b Cljauncelour anb lo^b 'Cveafo^er (ball be p^efent tfjereat* 

5 C2^bere anp 3f ubgement 0)all at anp time hereafter be giuen in t^e 
Court of tbe iSings "Bencb, in anp fuit o} Action of Debt , Detinue, coue* 
nant , accompt , Action bpon tbe cafe, Eieaione finnc , o? trefpas , firft 
cammenceD, o? to be firtt eommenceD tbere, (otber tben fucb onelp tobere 
tbe ©ueene (bal be partp) tbe partp plawtife,o? DefenDant,againffiM!)om 
anp fucb 3Iuogement (ball be giuen, map at bis election fue fo^tbout of 
tbe (Court of Ci:bauncerie,a fpeciall lu^it of Ccco? to be oeuifeb intbe fain 
Court of €bauncerie,DirecteD to tlje cbiefe 3Iuliice of tbe laiD Court of 
tbe Eings O^enclj fo? t^e time being, commaimbing \)im to caufe tbe faiu 
Heco?D,anD all tbings concerning tbe faiD 3IuDgement,to be b?ougbt be* 
fo?e tbe 3luaices of tbe Common 15encb , anb t|je Barons of tbe Cfctie* 
<juer , into tbe Cfcbequer cbambcr , tljere to be eramineo h^ tt^efaio 31u« 
fBtic&i of tbe Common Benct),anD Barons afo?efaiD,tobicl>raiD 31u(!iceis 
of tbe Common 'Bettcb,attD fucb Barons of tbe Cfcbequer as are of t^e 
Degree of tbe Ccpfe, o? Cjte of tbcm at tbe leall, bp bertue of tbis pjefent 
act, (ball tbereupoit bauefull pouier anbaut5o?itie to eramine aUfuc& 
errors, as (ball be aCfipeb o? fouuD , in , o? bpon anp fucb SIitDgement, 
anb tbereupon to reuerfe, o^ affirme tbe faio 31uDgenient,as tbeiato M 
require, otber tl;enlb? Crro?sto beaOigneD o} founb, fo?, o} concerning i 
ebe 3IttrrfDictioti of tbe faiD Court of iSings Bencb > o} foj anp luant of | 
tbjmein an]? t»?ttjretoume, plaint, bill, Declaration, oj otber pleaoing, 
ppces,betDict,o? p?oceeDing bJbatfoeuer : Snb after tbat tbe faiD 31uDge* 
went (ball be reuerfeD,o? afFirmeD, t\)t faiD Heco^D ano all tbings concer" 
ntng tbe fame , (ball be remoueD ano b^ougbt bac^ into tbe faiD Court of 
tbe Eings 'Bencbjtbat fucb furtber p^oeeeoing map be tbereupon,afU)ell 
fo? erecution,as otbcriaife, as (ball appertained 27»Cli?»8^ 

4 3inD fucb reuerfall o^ affinnation of anp fucb fo?mer 3IttDgemet«, 
(ball not be fo finall , but tbat tbe partie tobo ^ttlrlm grieueo tbere- 
toitb, (ball ano map fue in tbe i^igb Court of parliament, fo? tbe fuf 
tl;er , auDOueejc^nination ef tbe (iiiD ^uDgement,jn fucbfo^t as is notu 



Error. Efcape^ 114 

Ufcti ijpott €mm\t^ 3I«i«Scmcttts! ,fn tl;e fain Coutt of Eingsl^cuc^* 

5 3|f c^e full ttttmber of t^e 3Iuffi'ccfi anti 15atcm0 auttjojt^jcu bp tbe f^^t t^m 
fato accfof 27*CU^0 come not at tbc ua^o^timeofmournco? cotith reSStI, 
nuance of anp fucb to?it of Ccro? , it fljaH belalMfull fo? anp tlj^ee of tl;e ^nn amaca 
faio 3fu(ftcesann "Karons at euerpoft^cfaio oapc0antJtime£(,to recciiic *^^"^* 
tojitjB! ofCrrojt,toatoaro y^oceg thereupon, to ma'ke anop?efi]i;eoapcs 
from time to time , of ano fo^ the continuance of ail fuel) m^itsi of Crro j 
a0l5aHbetbereretoumeD,certifiei>,o?Depenoing«auotl)efmtie fljall be 
(0 tbeftrefpectg a0 sooD ano auaileable,a0 if all tbe %u^itt3 ano "Barottis 
autbojf^eubptfjefame ^cc loerepjefent«3notbe 3iuffice£(anD'Baronj{ 
aatbo^i^eo h^ tbe faio after tbat lalofallp p^oceeo in all tbofe 
cafeis in fucb fo^e to all intents, a0 tbep migfjt ooe in ot^er cafeief mention 
iieD in cbe faio iatute : anp not comminc^ of an^ tbe faio 3!uQices! 0^ l^a^ 
ronsnottuitbllanDing* lp^ouioeoneuectbele(re,tbattto 3!uoa;ement{bal f "^itfBffmenc 
be giuen in anp fucb fuit o} €i:rfl?,bnlefle it be bp fucb full number of tbe K" 5" at ? Jf 
faio:jn0ice0anD:^aron!3as(arein t^atbebalfeautbo^i^eo ano appointee i^aft* 
tp cbe faio 3ct» ^i»di5»i# 

^ ^ut tl)t partp plaintife 0} Befenoant againd tobom anp fucb 3I«tigc* mvoi vatn in 
went batb bin beretofo^e, 0? bereaftcr (ball be giuen in tbe faio Court of JPaUiamwt. 
tbe iiings "Bencbi map at hif^ electionfue iti tbe i^igb Court tjf parlia* 
tnent foj tbe reuerfall of anp fucb 3Iuogemenc,as betetofo?e batb bin 
bfuall oj accuComeo : anp tbing in tbt0 ffatute , 0^ in tbe faio former 3ct 
totbecontrarietbereof notluitbffanDing* 3 i»Cli?*i» 

7 after SluDgement giuen in tbe SLiueene0 Court0 , tbe partieg ann OfJ^^ 
tbeir beire0 (ball be tbereof in peace, tjncill tbe Jluogement be tnoone bp Sntai tt bi tj-* 
attaint 0} Crro?,if tberebe Crro?, as batb bin ufeD i}^ tbe lau«0tntbe ^^^^ 
time of tbe SElueene0 p?ogenito^0» 4»i^,4»2 > 

1 That a writ of Etrorfhal befucd inthc KingsJBcnchof Hrronious 
Judgement giuen in the MarQialfcy. S. Marfliall 5 . 

2 Where the defendant in a writ of Error ihall recouer his coftes and 
dammagcs,S,Dammages 5. 

J That a ludgement giucnaftcr Demurrer, (liall not be reuerfed by 
writ of Error, for imperfe6iion in writ, pleading,&c.S.Dcmurrer i. 

4 Wherc,andforvvhatcaufesafineorrecoueriemaybcreuerfedbjr 
>vnt of Error, and where not.S.Fines !♦ 

5 Where Erronious Judgements giircn before the lufticcs of the xij. 
Shires in Wales, (hall be redreOcd. S.Wales 24. 


If tbe ^birife 0? 6acler do fuffer anp cbamberlaine, baplife, feruant, <^fcapc of an 
0? otbcc Eeceiuer to go at libertie.tobicb i0 committeo to p?ifon h^ tbc ««^»'f •^'«' 
auniro^sof bis accompt, bp tbe common to^it of Replegiare , 0? otber* 
UJife,tMitbout bi0 Spafterg a(fcat,auD be tberof conuict.bell^all aunftuerc 

^2 to 

Efcape. Efcheqiicr. 

to t!)e^atter offucl; accompcant,tt)euama5C0 toljic^Oefjatfjrmtucn 

b? tbe fain accomptant , acco^tiing as ttjcp map be p^ooueo bp tbe Coims 

trep , aun be tberefoje (ban baue an miction of oebt , anu if tbe (Saolec be 

infitffictent , bis !§)uperio? tbat committer t^je gaole Unto \)im , OjaU be 

anfU3erablcbptberametD?it,2EeC.2* i3»Ci?»M i»S.Accomptant2. 

- j„ of ^ 31f tbe ^binfe o? anp otbecbotafee ,o?leup anp tbing foj tbe €r« 

moncv foj cape Of anp felon, before it be abiuugetj bp t^eSIudices in eire, be (baU 

tkm'ff* redone to tlje partie , o^ bim tijat paieb it, as mucb as be ceceuieu , anu to 

tbe (diieene as mucb , ta^Jeflf^i ♦ 3 ♦ Cb. i ^4. fo? tbe ^Ccape of jfelons anu 

Clerkes ccnuict (bal be abiubojeo bp t^e fame 31ufltices,anb bp tl)eir bieUj 

ieuiebt 3 i»€d» 3* 1 4» 

3 31f tbe eaiaroen of tl^e jf leete, uo fuffer anp pjifoner tijere being 
^eSiSfo J?b ' ^P iubgemeut at tbe fiiit of tbe partp to 050 out of p?ifon bp T5atle,spain» 
b? ^atie o> p^ife , 0^ TSaft on , toitf)OUt agreeing toitb tbe partie at tubofe fuit be 10 
35a(ion. jijgjg (crcept it be bp t^e Clueenes U3^it 0? commaunbement)be (ball lofc 

bis office* 9lnb if tbe faio C(Hartien be attainteb h^ bite ppces , tbe plain* 
tife (ball baue W recouerie againd bim bp miction of oebt, tuberein no p» 
^c* 1 tE.i* 1 2. 3It feemetb hv tbe (tatut of jM).^, 4. tbat tbe flBarbeniS 
of tbe p^ifons of tbe Sparlbalfep, Eings T^encb,? otber p^ifons in cities, 
bopugbes.anb totones, are cbacgeable acco^oinglp , if tbep let anp p^is 
foners conoempneo goe at libertie* 

1 How they fliall be punifhcd which do procure the Efcape of any 
pcrfon coramitced to prifon by the Qucencs commaundcmcnt , Sec 
Prifon 8. 

2 That the Towne fliall be amerced for the Efcape of a Murderer, 
5. Murder I. 

5 HowanEfcapeofhimwhichdifturbethaPrcacherinhisSermon, 
fballbc inquired of, prcfentcd,andpunifhed. S. Preachers 3. 

4 That luflices of Peace haue authoritie to inquire of Efcapes of Fe« 
ions,S,Iutticesof peace ip, 

5 That a Coroner (hall inquire of the cfcap c of a Murderer, See Co- 


cietit ttiaMng TiT « '^^^^^ "^f tbe Cfcbequer mafte anp lu^it 0? p?oces fo;i to p^ooue tbat 
Sh"hff ^°?^ labebtof neU),inbicbbatbbinpaieb,anDtbe^alestbereof iopneb ann 
maw pa^D. ^ijQ^jjgjj ^^ (ijj (gjQ (j^fcbequer, be (^all lofe ^i^ office, anD be imp?ifone5 

ijntill be batb fatiffieb tl)e partp fo mucb,as bp tbe bifcretion of tbe €rea« 

fo^eranb'Baronsljeis enDammageb* i.H*2.5:* 

2 3ifanp©fficeroftbeCfcbetiuer,boetafeeofanp3rcbbpfl[>op>'Bp» 

leScnWm (bop, 0? Otber perfon bauing cbarge toitb tbe collection ano papment of 

Tb^w ^?h"^ ^^^ '^^^^^ °^ fpirituall promotions, anp retaarD o? tbing fo? mafeing W 

De <a.ento. accompt,o? Q^etas ert,in tbe fame ^fcbequer, o? fo? anp tbing pertai* 

Hing to tbe fame concerning tbe 'Stemb^ \)t fi;all fojfait bis £)f6ce , anu 

Efchetor. u^ 

fttakfinc att^e (Huccncg plcafure* 2 d.l^, 8,3 ♦For the authoritle of the 
Court of Efchcquer, See Courts. 

1 That CoUedors of Diftnes accomptlng in the Efchequcr /Lall not 
beboiindtoaunfwertoothcr mens bills exhibited againft them rh ere. 
S. Accomptants to the Qjj.ecne 49. 

2 The manct of reforming Erronious iudgcmcnts giucn in the Efl 
chequer, S. Error 2. 5. 5. 

g That Fugitiucs lands fhall be within the furuey of the Efchcquer, 
S.Fugitiucs 8, 


If anp pcrfon namct>,lie certifieti into t(je C^auncm'e hp clje ILo^a ScanlPf^ 
^reafo?ertol)e€rclKto?,lionoctoit!)in one monetljneict after |)i0 lec^ toSomte?' 
ters l^atentis Ojall be offereo tinto ^im,take upon Ijim t^e execution of cbc SStiiRu^ 
fame Office , 0? elg tottljin tbe time afo^efaiD appeare in tlje efcljeciuer, 
an0 (bcto a reaibnablc caufe to^p ^e ougbt not fo to oojlje Ifjall fo^fait foj 
cuerp fuel) nefault to tlje SDueene %i:M 3 3 Jp,8»2 2* 

a an efc^eto? toljicb Qiall fit onelp bp toertue of bts ©fifice to inquire an ©rcijttsjt 
oftfje tenure, title, 0? ualueof anp IanO)8,tenement0,o? rjereuitamcnts, 2?^fg°*^?° 
lieina; of tbe veerelp ijalue of b»fif 0? aboue,^ Ijoloen of tbe 2Ciueene,toii(j' lanSg Sm 
out tbe SCiueenesi Mi-^it oirecteo to |jf m fo? t(je fame.fbal fo? euerp ^^[JJ J|jJ-'*' 
timet|)att)efl)anfitgtma]^einqmrietotbecontrarie,9fc»^3.!^.8.2 2^ ' "'* 

3 3!f anp €fcbeto?rioti)ta!ieaboue t^e fimime of tlje finning tE&e (Efcije. 
of an office of anj>lani32i,tenement2t,o?bereriitament0, not erceening tlje [Jf^lnJfj^Sf" 
deerepeerelpbalueof^Jo^tbeCfcbeto^s fee bii*biii*tl,fo? tbe nottmcDe 
io?iting;oft|je office iii,§»iiii.ri, fo? tbe cbargeisof tlK3!uri?ifiJ, anofo? **• "• 
tlje ©fficers tljat (ball recciue tbe faio office in anp Court of Eeco?o it^, 
be (ball fo^tfo? euerp time fo offentiingD.U, to tbe £i,&m % to be reco« 
^ uereo bp !a*31«f c.tjaljerein no ta^f^.p.g^c. 3 3.Cp.8,22^ 
I 4 31f anp Cfcbeto?, 0? Commifiioner ootlj returne,o? put info anp of SDffTcf smtii?. 
tbe Siueeneg Courts, anp 31nquifitionst,o? ©ffices concermngIanO0,{'/°Jt*'fj^'}J5'' 
tenements, ojbcreDitamentgi notfouno no?p?efenteD bptlje oat^esof 'jptfteaum* 
ttoeluc men,ano inoenteD, ano h^ tljetn fealeo,tbe faio Cfc^jeto? 0? Com* 
jmiffionerfball fojfait fo? euerp fuclj f)(fice 0? 31nquifition fo returneD 
C. li» to tlje partieo? parties grieuen bpanpfuc^31nquiCtionoj ©ffice^ 
i,llp.8,8. 3.4).8,2» 

5 3!f an efcbeto?,o? anp otljer, hi^ bertue of anp Commiffion ootli fit got fuffitient 
|to inquire of lanos, tenements, o?bcreoitaments,ercept be, o?otber to ^"««9ojd. 
bis bfe,batb lanos.tenements, o?bereriitaments,of tbe peerelpbalueof 
rL9parhes,aboueallcbarges,be (ballfojfait ]t:]t:Ji.(U3it^out Ije be an 
Sfcbeto? in aCitieo?Cotoneco?po?at,o?maije bp fomeperfonbauin^; 
3?tuileiige tbereunto, ano ercept €fcbeto?s of tbe Counties palantine of 
Lancaller ano C^efier , ) fo? anp perfon being not fufficient of frecbolo, 
nap refufe to fit bpon tl;e fame commifi"ion,ano Upon p?oce;3 mane ajaintt 

2D 3 iiim 


&im out of the Cfcfjeqiuei: f^all be tiifc(jacgeli bpon ^ijs oatS foj non ruff!« 

ciencie toitljoutftne o? fee* i*!^,8,8» g^i^^S^a* 

^"*aftieeut. ^ "^^ ^"^ €(c\)2to} 0} ^ommtffioncr Ml uenie anp ptrfon to c^iue 

Rn« tipon an euiDence openlp in bts piefence to fucb €nc|ttett0 a$ a)all be taKen befojt 

Office. i)imfo?tbefinnmg:ofan2Dffice,ben[)anfo?f.]cUu i»^»8,8» 5»^»8,2, 

•Eftc QEfrtetoi 7 3if an efcbeto? o j CommilTioner, o] part of tbe CommiO'ionergCaf* 

ftaii tf cetue an ttt an Cnqueft before bim ftno^ne to inquire of IanD0,f c^be reaop to giwc 

t Je?ounur"" ^^^^^ bertiict,anu offer to p^efent tbe fame>o not recetue tbefameberoict 

pane. tuitbout fiirtber uelaj>, anD alfo uo not oeltuer tbe Counterpane of tbe ©f* 

fice 0? 31nqui0tion bp tbe 3Iurie founD inoenteb ano fealeo bp bimfelfe, to 

tbe fame 3Iitrie, to tbe intent it map be neliueren ano red in tbe poffeiTiou 

of tbefirCperfon oftbefaiii31urie,tbe Cfcbcto? o^CommilTionertubicb 

fo offenuetb fbaU fo?faic €Au to tbe partp gricueo^to be recouereo bp SU 

of nebt* ^nn etterp of tbe 3Iuro?s fUJO^ne tubicb ttiH not receiue tbe couiu 

terpane of cbe faio Office inoenteo ann feaieo bp tbe Cfcbeco? o? Com^ 

miffioner , 0? (ball not fuffer tbe fame to red in tbepoCEeffion of tbe firff 

man of tbe iurle, ibaU fo?f. ;cir» $, to tbe £l, and % to be recottereo bp 3* 

of liebt,\Mbereinno saJtCp.f c» i.i^*8,8, ^il)»8^2» 

uotBiottgone 8 3!fan€fcbetonroe]tercifebi0 ^Dfficebpreafon of one patent ouec 

m[bt<sm' onetobolepeere,o?bemaoe€fcbcto?toitbintbjeepectesafter>ibenaftec 

t\)t faio peere enoeo W patent (ball be boio , except be be Cfcbeto? bp 

patent o? graunt in anpCitieoj '53^olnneco?po^at,oj in tbeSDucble of 

lancaftero? Cojnetoall, o?in anpCountie palantine,o?maDe h^ ang 

perfon bauing autbojitie h^ anp p^iuilebge , p^efcription , oj jraunt to 

pmmn toijat 9 3f anp efcbeto? ootb not tal^e W enqaett of Office h^ bertue of a 

aii"<EfcK/^ Diem claufitcxtrcmum, oj anp otber lujit,toitbin tbe monetb nejtt after 

^11 tkc w tbe oeliuerie of tbe faio to jit bnto b»tt,(o? if be oo not talte fucb enquettjs 

tnautft. ingooO'^olj)ne0,anoopen place^^ ^^^S^zOo? ifbeootalte p?iuilp oj 

Cfcijao^js ff J. openlp , h^ btmfelfe o? anp otber, aboue tbe fumme of ]cl.S» fo? tbe erecu* 

tiono'f anp tM?itinoneCDuntie,b^ Wl fbjfaic foi euerp offence xl li. 

2^,^,6,1 j^ Sec 34.eD,3vig . jd^COt^i 3 ♦'Stbat if tbe <Sfebeto| 

Do not tafee W enqueff0 in gooo 'Cotone0 openlp , ano hv boneft men of 

gooo fame,anri bauingfufficient in tbe fame Countie, ano bp 3!ntienture 

bettoirt tbe ^fcbeto? anD tbe 3Iuro?0 ^ tbe fame en<imQ& (ball be uoiD, 

ano tbe €fcbeto? (ball be ttoo peere0 imp?ifoneo , ano punitbeo at tbe 

Quatre. cmecnc0 pleafurc* Sut fo? tbefe penaltte0 CUi^rc^ 

mmin toi)fit I o 31f anCfrijeto? 0? CommilTioner ootb tafee anp Office before btm, 

SS? rS^ anu ootb not returne tbe fame into tbe €bauncerie,o? (2gfcbequer,to!tbi» 

nso. a monetb after tbe tailing tbereof , be (ball fo?fait ]ci ♦ li» ano alfo pap to 

tbe Clueene fo mucb a0 (be 10 inoammageo bp not returning tbereof, 

S,^X6^i6, 1 Sjp^d.y.iJutif tbeClerKoftbe petit bagge of tbe Cban* 

eerie, 0} Ijiss Deptie,ojang oti;ei; Mim tftere Sailing autl;o?iiieta 


Efchcton Eflbincsi' n6 

cetuc anp fucb Office o? 31ttqui0tio«,tob!)ore ^mttjs anp fuc?) ©fHcc (bai 
comCjtoill not receiue tlje fame^ ano put it on tljc files , to remaine of re* 
CO jn , ttjitfjtn t(i?ee oapes after it be receiueti , o? offcreo to !;tm,tlje Clerfe 
fi)aU fo^fatt fo? euerp Default tUpounD, ano tlje Cfcbeto? o? CommilTio* 
Kcr0Rjail ijeDifcljargetioftljefojefamfoifaitureof jcUlit i»Up»8»8, 3»^» 

8,2* See office 5. 

1 1 3lf anp C^fcbetcj 0? Commtfltoner Dotb talke anp Cnqueff of <sf«qiieff rr. 
inquirie of anp otber perfong , but of fucb as be returnee antj impaneHeo SiJUfrS^ '^* 
i)P tfje^birifeoftbe Countieto^ere ^ei^Cfc^jeto^ o^CommiKioner,fje 

i^^allfo^nrUi. 8,llp.5.i<5, jS.p,6,y, 

1 2 31^0 eCcbeto? (ball fell 0? let to farme ^10 Office, no? (ball mnlfte (iffcftff o^< 
anp Deputicbut fucb fo? Uiljombetudlaunftuereatbisperill* 9nti tlje 2)fpurif. 
Cfcbeto? (ball certifie tbe name of W Deputie 0? Deputie0 bnDer l)is 
letters patents to tbe €reafo?erant>O5aron0 of tbeCfcbequer,toitbin 
ttoentieoates after Deputation maire* Snono Deputielball talie bpon 

l^imto occupie tbe faio Office, ercept tbe Cfcbeto? batblanoe0,tene« 
ment0 , 0^ rents , to tlje balue of pv, pounn , bpon patne of fo^faiture fo j 
cuerp offence fonrtiepounD to tbe CQueene anri3info?nier,tobe recoue* 
reu bp % of Debt ^ Ujljerein no m* C* F» ^c* 1 2, Co»4* 9* S . lufticc of 

peace 87, 

1 5 Cuerp €fcbeto? batlj autfio^itie to inquire bp tbe ot^es of ttoelue 
lalofull men , of euerp offence Done contrarie to tbe ffatute ppuiDCD 7* 
CD»5,toauoiDe tlje threat prices ana erceffeof £23tnes» Snoeuerie in* 
quirie ano pjefentment tafeen h^ tbe otbes of ttoelue men,(balbe of fuc^ 
fo?ce,asifit toere tahen tntbeiKing;s'Bencb»7»CD*^*5» S. Wines. 

I That Aflife ly cth againft an Efchctor, which by colour of his of* 
Ecc difiTcilcth any man. S. Afsifc 4. 

a That an Efchetor (hall haue no fee, nor commit waft in the lands 
of the Queencs Wardes , S. Wardcs 25. 

3 That E/chctors may inquire ofcounterfaitcrs of Waights,and pu- 
nifli them . S, Waights 1 5 . 

4 FortheEfchctorsductic concerning finding of Offices, &c. See 

$ What lurors {hall be returned before the Efchetors or Commif^ 
fioncrs.S.Iurors 13. 

6 Who fliall be Efchetors in the xi j. Shires in Wales, who fhal name 
them, their office, duetic,&c. S.Wales y i. 


Ija Counties, !t>ttnD?eDS, Court T5arons,o? in otber Courcs,nonc Wl ^ a^^f "* 
neeDetobeftoo?netotoarrant yisCiroine, Mzt\h,^i,^),^,jp, 
2 ^too Coperceners, 0? ttoo tbat bolD in commonjlball not baue & Lf^}^^^ ^^ 
foine bttt at one Dap , no mo?e tben one folc tenant IboulD baue , fii tbat * 
t|?ep lljal not fourcl;,bttt onlp Qjal Ijaue one C(roitte,C^eff« i ♦ 3 ♦ CO; i ^4 2 . 

Si 4 ano 

aftct appa* 
ranee no Q£f' 

omit one tflbfne 


©IToirtt vltra 



CInti in Ufee cafe it (ball be Mjtxe a man ann l^iis totfe lie impleanc D in ttie 
Siuecneg Court, Glouccfter. 6,Cd. i ♦ i o» 

3 after tlje tenant in an ^iTife, Attaint, o? luris vtrum ^atlj once ap» 
pcarcD in tlje Court, !;e ff)aH be no mo^e CffoisneD^birt (ball ma^e big ^t" 
turnep to fue fo? bim if be toill.ano if not tbe QKTife o? 3Iurie (balbe taiicn 
tb?ougb W Default , 2'23ei!» i ♦ 3»Cu*i.4i » ^nti tbe fame lato (ball be 
obferueD of tbenemanoantsinto^itsef a(rire,CIIeft,2, i ^.co^i.aS* 

4 after a man batb put bimfelfe Dpon anj> enqueft , tobicb batb , o? 
mud pa(fe in fucb maner of iaj^itgi, (Di^»Dower vndc nihil habet.aiTife of 
Darrein prefentment, Quareimpcclit,anti Otber tnjitiS tobere ^ttacb* 

ment$ no lie, Marlb.j 2 Jp, 3 ♦! 2 >) be (ball baue but one C(foin,oj one oe« 
fault J &o tbat if be come not at tbe nap o;iuen bp tbe ClfoiUjO? mafee dc« 
fault tbe fecono Dap, tben tbe Cnquett (bail be tafeen bp W Default , anD 
accojDingtotbefame Cnquetttbeplballp^oceeDeioiuDgement* SnD if 
fucb CnqueCtiballbe taken m tbe Countie before tbe ^bitife 0^ Co^o* 
nerjg, it (ball be returneD to tl^t SEiueenes 3[uftice0 at a certain Dap,anD if 
tbe partie DefenDant come not at tbat Dap, tbenijpon W Default an otbec 
Dap (ball be alfigneD unto bimbp tbe Eunices Difcretion^anD tbe ^W 
rife (ball be commaunDCDtbatbecaul^bimto come to bearetbe iuDge* 
mentifbeUJillacco^DingtotbeCnqueft,attobicb Dap if be come not, 
ijpon bi0 Default tbep (ballpioceeDeto iuDgement » 31n Kite maner it (ball 
be Done if be come not at tbe Dap gtueniinto \)im bp l)ii Cifoine , Marlb. 
5 2*l^* 3 ♦ 1 3* after anp batb put bunfelfe to an Cnqueft, an ClToine (ball 
beallotDeDijntobi'^attbe nejctDap :T5utat otber Dapeis following tbe 
tafeing of tbe Cnqm (J (ball not beDelapeobp €(rome,U)betberbetuere 
e(roineD before ojnctf i^eitber (ball anp Cffoine be allotoeD after Dap 
giuen bp Precc partium , in cafe UJljere tbe partiegi confent to come tuitlj^ 
outC(roine,2a^e(f»2» i3,Cd*i»27* 

5 Cifoine of Vltra mare (ball not be allotoeD, if tbe DemauttDant Do 
cballenge it, anD be reaDp to auerre tbat be toas in CnglanD tbe Dap tbat 
tbe ^timmong mas mane anD tb^eetueeltes afier , but it (ball be aDiour^ 
neD in tbts fo^me,tbat if tbe DemaunDant be reaDp at a certaine Dap bp tbe 
aDuertifement of tbe Countrep,o? otbertuife a0 tbe dueenejs Court totll 
atoarDjto p^ooue tbat tbe tenant tuaieitattbin tbe fotuer <^a0 tbe Dap 
tbat be tijagi fummoneo anD tb?ee loeeKes after, fo tbat be migbt be reafo« 
nablp^uarneD bp tbe fumman0,tbe ClToine (ball be turncD into a Default, 
9 tbi9isonelptobeDnDer(lanDbefo?e31w(Jice$,caJel!»T« 3,€d»i44^ 

6 31n tbe Circuit of tbe Sludicesi an C(roine de Malo Ic6ti (bal not he 
alloiMCD fo? lanDs in tbe fame Countie, ijnlelTc be tbat caufeD birtt^f ife to 
beclToincD be Ccke in DeeD^:fo? if tbe DemaunDant DoalleDge tbat tbe 
tenant iss not (Iche^no? in fucb (tate but tbat be map come before tbe 3Iuff i« 
ce0 ,bis cballcnge (ball be aDmitteD , anD if it can be fo p^ooueD b^ €n« 
queU, bi9 ^^oin ^ball be turneD into a Defaultt auo from bencefo^tb fucb 


Effoincs. Eftrcates. 117 

€(rotn n)at(itotIpe iit atuiic DfEigljt bccioeene ttoo cla^nUtta; bp one 
liifcent,mclt2» 1 3 .Co* i ♦ 1 7. 

7 3]ft^eDefenDanc noccaufe bimfelfc to be eCfoinen oftlje^liiecnes ©iroindcircr- 
fermcr, ano do not b^tn^ in bisf toarrant at bis nap tubicb 10 S^wf « btm '"" '' ^"y- 
bp bist Cflbin, be fi)«ill r^tiDec carnages to tlje plaintife fo? bts iournep 

)cri. oj moje, accojDing to tbe 31utticei5 bifcretion, ano (balbe amerceo to 

in aUJ^It ofNoueldififeifin, in ato?it of Dotoec vnde nihil habct, in a 
to^lt of Darrein prefentment^no? in Appeal Of tlje beat!) of a man, Stat, de 
vifu terrse & eflbn de feruitiodomini Regis. 

8 3I« Appeal of tbe oeatb of a man tbere 0jan no Cffoin lie fo? tl)zm<sminfo^ 
appealo? fo? anp caufe, in tubatfoeiier Court tfje appeal fbaU fjappen to ^^^ ^mm* 
beDetermineb,22leff*2J5,e^M 2» 

9 l^ere is beclareo botu manp toaies ClToines map be cballengeb, gmtuijatcafc^ 
anD in tobat cafes Cflbines bo notlpe, ^n eOfoine Ipetb not tobere tbe ^ffjtnesuo 
lano is talken into tbe Clueenes banos : ^Q} tobere tbe partie is Didrai* "'^ ^'' 

tieD h^ biislanos t jl^o^ tubere anp iuogement is giuen tbereupon if tbe 
31«ro?8 DO comejl^oji lubere tbe partp Uias feen i\x Court : Cflbin de VI- 
tra mare Ipetb not iu(jere tbe partp anotber time toas eflbineb de malo 
vcnicndi: 31tlpftbnottobere tbe partp batb eCToineo bimfelfe anotbec 
Hap ; ^0} tobere tbe j^berife tuas commaunDeb to caufe tbe partp to ap- 
peare : ClToin de Seruicio Regis Ipetb not U)bere tbe partp is a tooman : 
3It Ipetb not in a tojit of Dotoer tubere it feemetb to be but a Delap of 
rigljt : 3it Ipetb not fo^ tbat tbeplaintife batb not founo pleocjes of fuit t 
3It Ipetb not tobere tbe Sltturnep luas elToineo : ji^o j tobere tbe partie 
batban^ttumep in tbe fuit ;5i^o?tBbere tbe Ciroineeconfefletb tbat be 
isnotintbeflueenesferuice:3i5o^ tubere tbe i§>ummons is not retur* 
neb, 0^ tbe partp not attacbeD, fo? tbat tbe Ji>berif batb returned Non eft 
inuentus : Jioj tubere tbe partp an otber time toas eCfoineo de feruitio 
Regis, b^.fucb aDap,anDnotM be batb not put inW tuarrantrlrlo? lubere 
be luas refummoneD in alflfe of Mortdaunce(tor,o^ Darrein prefentment: 

fid} becaufe fucb a one is not nameo in tbe tojtt 1 00} tubere tbe ^Wit 
bao a precept to Dittrain tbe partie to come bp bis lanDs anD goobs t |^o j 
tubere tbe "Bilbop tuas commaunoeo to caufe tlje partie to appeare : 31t 
Ipetb not fo? tbat tbe 'S^entie is paff» 3nD it is to be noteb, tbat Clfoines 

dc feruicio Regis are allotueD after tbe Graund Cape, petit Cape, ^ aftec 
"bifirefTestatobpontbelanDs ano gooDS* Effonijs. 9in*i2,CD*2» 


Ifanp^berife o?mini(!er ofbis,bauing receiueD tbe greenetMajte to ®ttrcaf^(5a« 
leuie tbe Clueenes Debts, Doe notfbe^ to tbe partie inoebteD tbe Cf-f^ fijetoeoto 
treates t)ealeD,^ totte tlje fame tobtcb i^ paiD, but tbat tbe Debt tubicb in tottS 
tbatfojt tsoncepaiD, is anotber time DsmaunoeD oftlje partie, tbe faiD 
^Ijerif ^Ct (Ijall pap to tlje Ip.grieueD, Ijis treble Damages, anD mafee fine 


Eftreatesi" Excommunication. 


Koucg of QSi' 2 Ct)e 31uDa;e (befo^etubom anp iniics o^ amerciaments be fo^feiteu) 

RW0U8&. fi;al coarse tbe Cler"k of tbe Court \jpon bis otbe, tbat be maKe tbe BoUes 

* of tbe Cilreates of fucb i^w^ aiiD amerciaments tiiltinctlj' bp ejcp^elle 

U)o?u of tbe caufe of tbe lofle, of tbe ^erme of tbe peere, tbe nature of t^ie 

iD^it, anu betUJtrt tubat parties fucb iffwes f c* be loft* 7 Jp.4. 5 1 

1 That Shcrifesfhall make no Eftreatcs vntill twoluftices hauchad 
the view of them, which Eflrcatcs fhal be indcuted,and the luftices fhall 
haiie one part, S.Shcrifes 1 4.1 8,10, 

a To euery cf treat of iffues againft a Iuror,his additio flialbe put,S.Tur,3 4 


atoatWnffanTJ T^Oerp tB^it of Excommunicato capiendo tljat (baUbegrattttteD atm 

SeSuof'Ex- JtlatjjarueD out of tbe Cbauncerp, againll anp perfon o} pcrfons toitbtn 

commimicato ' tbe Hcalmc of CnglanD, fijalbe maDe in t^e time of tl)e ^etme, anu re< 

capiendo. turnable before tbe £i, fjer ijeires anD fucceflb^s in tbe E.'35encb, in tbe 

'SLermenert after tbe Teftc oftbefametojit* ino tbe fame to?it (baft be 

niabe to containe at tbe IeaC]cr»liaies bettoeene tbe Tcfte ann tljC returne 

tbereof* 9nD after tbe fame to^it Qjalbe fo mane ^ fealen^t^ien tlje fain to?it 

Ibalbe fo?tbtoitb b^oug^jt into tbe Jsu'Bencb, ano tljcre in t!je pjefence of 

tbe 31uCices (bal be openen $ neliuereb of Keco^n to tbe !^bertfe,o^ otbec lubom ttie feruino; ann ejcecution thereof (ball appertaine, o} to 

bis 0} tbcir neputie 0} Deputies* 9inD if aftcrluarns it fljall oj map appeare 

to tbe 31uttices of tbefameeDourt fo;t tbe time being, t^at tbe fame to jit, 

fo Dcliueren of reco?n, be not nuclp returnen before t^em^ac tbe nap of t!je 

returne tbereof, 0? tijat anp otber nefault 0? negligence Ijatb bin bfeo j 

lian in tbe not toell ferutng ann ejrecuting of tbe fain to?it, ^ben tbe au* 

ttim of tbe fain.Court, fijall ann map alfeffe fucb Amerciament bpon tlje 

fain ^bcrif J otber ©fficer, in tobom fucb nefault (bal appeare, as to tbe 

nifcretion of tbe fain Myites QjaU be tbougbt meet $ conuenient, lubic^ 

amerciament fo alfelTen, ajallbeellreaten into tbeCfcbequer, asotljei; 

amerciaments batb bin ufen»^,€li^»25, 

gai^at ftaii Be ^ '^^^ ^h^nft 0} Otber ©fficer to lubom fucb \ii}it of Excommuni- 

bT ^^tt^^t'^^^^ capiendo, 0^ Otber p^oceSjbpbertueoftbis^ct Ibalbe nirecten,(ball 

Mmmimicatjr'nntwanpUJife be compellen to b?ing tbe bonp of fucb perfon o?perfons, 

as Ibalbe namcn intbefaintojito? pjocelTe into ibeE.'l^encb, at tbe nap 

of tbe returne tbcreof, but fbal onlp returne tbe fain to?it ann pjocelTe tbi** 

tber,Juitbneclarationb?ieflp bolu annintob^tmaner bebatbferuenana 

erecuten tbe fame, to tbe intent tbat tbereupon tl)z fain 3i^(tict!S map tben 

furtbrr tberinp?oceen,acco jning to tbe teno? ^ effect of tbis act,5,€l2 ^. 

3ifti)c<&fjtrife 3 Ann tftbej^ljerifeoj Otber officer totobom tlje eyectttion of tbe fain 

^£S ^°" "^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^° appertaine,no 0? Qjal retiirne,tbat tbe partp 0? parties namen 

m tbe fai'n in jit cannot be founn initbin bis bailptuicft: Cben tbe Jiudice^ 

of tbe^l^encb fojp time bcin^^ibponeuerp fucb returne Il;allalDarnotte 


Excommunication.' iig 

to^tt of Capias api'nS tl)t fai'o perfoit o? perfons namei» in elje faiti tu jic 
ofExcora. cap. returnable intbe fame court mt!)ctcrmetmir,ttoonio* 
iietfe at t!;eleaa nert after tlje Teftc thereof, luitb a proclamation to be 
contcineD luitbin tlje faio tojit of Capias,tbat tbe ^birif o? otbcr officer to 
luijomt(;efaioiu?tt (balbeoirecteo in tbefulcoump Court, o;id0 attbe 
general aflifeg ^ gaol Deliuerp to be Ijoloeu toitbin tbc faio countp, o} at a 
quarter felTionsi to be lioloen before tbe3utt»oftbe peace tuitbtn tbefame 
comtTiW ma!^e open pjoclaniation jc^baies at t^e leall before tbe return, 
t^at tb? part? o? parties nameo in tbe faio to jit, (bal toitbin ui^baies wn 
jrfter fucb proclamation, peelo W o? tbeir booie o? bobies to t\)e gaol nm 
p?ifon of tbe faib ^bi"fj o? ocbcr fuc^ officer, tbere to remaine as a p^ifo^ 
tter,acco?binfl*co tbeteno? anD effect of tbe firll to^icof Excom.cap.bpoii 
painoffojf^ofrjif ^nb tberupo after fuel; proclamation Ijabj^ tbe faib bi* 
oaies pati anb ejcpireo, t^en tbe faio <§)f)erif o? otljer officer to ujfjom fucb 
\sipt of Capias (balbe birecteb, (bal mafee return of p fame U)?it of Capias 
into tlje Etl^encI; of alltbat be b^t^ bone in tbe ejcecution cbereof, $ U)bi= 
t^tt tbepartp nameb in tliz faibUJ^it (jatb peelbeo Ijisbobie top^ifonoj 
not* 3no if bpon tbe return of tbe ^bf nf it Ibal appeare,tl)at tbe partp o j 
jiarties nameb in tbe faib lij?ic of Capias, o? anp of tbem, baue not peelbeo 
thiU bobies to tlje gaoi gf p^ifon of tbe faib ^b^rife o? otber offtcer,accor=« 
umgto tbeffect of tbefame proclamationt^b^neuerp fucbperfon tl}tU fo 
(bal ma^e befault, (bal fo? euerp fucb befault fo? tbe ©♦bee h^ixt^i ann 
rucceffojs ]c»li«tobicb fbalbe lil^eboife eflreateo bp tbe faib 3Iullices into tbe 
Cfcbeq. in fucb ntaner f fo?me, as fines f amerciaments tbere tareb anb %MMtm 
afferfeD, arc bfeo to be» 9inD tbereupon t\)t 3Iul!» of tbe %T5mc\) (ball alfo SJon tSS^ 
atoarbfo^tb one otbertojit of Capias againll tbe faib perfonorperfons^^p"*- 
tbat fo Ibalbe returneb to bauemabe bcfault,loitbfucblihe proclamation, 
astoag conteineb in p firtt Capias, ^ a pain of ]crJi»to be mencioneb in tbe 
faio feconb tojit $ proclamation* 3no tbe ^ctifo} otber officer,to Inborn 
tbe faio feconb toritofCapiasibalbefD birecteb, Qjall feme gtejcecute tbe iCapa*, 
fame feconb tor it,in fucb lifeemanerfforme,as before is ejcpreffeb for tbe 
feruing anb erecuting of tbe faib firff toric of Capias, ^nb if tbe Ji)berife 
or otber ©fficer Iball returne bpon tbe faib feconb Capias, tbat bebatl> 
wabe tbe proclamation,accorbin5 to tbe tenor anb effect of tbe fame M3}ity 
anotljattbepartie batbnotpeelDebbisbooie topriron,accorbing; to tbe 
tenor of tbe faib proclamation: -Cben tbe faio partp tbat fo (ball make De- 
fault, (bal for fucb bis contempt anb befault for f. to tbe ©♦ ber beires anbi 
fucceffors ]cr*lr*tobicb fummeof]r.r Ji»tbe 31u(tices of tbe E*l3encb for tbc 
time being, (ball likctoife caufe to be eltreateb into tbe Cfcbequer in ma* 
neranb forme aforefaib.^nbtben tbe faio 3Iul!ices (ball lifeetoifeatoam 
fortb one otber torit of Capias againff tlje faib part? toitb fucb like p^o* j-capia, 
clamation ^paineof forfaiture, astoas contatneb in tbe faib feconb torit 
of Capias.^lub tbe ^ijerif or ocljer ©fficer to tol;om tbe (siio tljirb torit of 



Capias (^alOe fa titrecteti,fl[)al feme f erecute tlje faio tljirD lu^tt of Capias 

in fuclj like mancr anu fo?me, as before in tlji'si ^ct is etpjelTcD ^ Dcclareo 

fo^tbefcruinganQ executing of tlje fain firft att^ifeconu iB?its of Capias. 

Qinn if tbe ^berif o? otljec officer, to uj^^om tlje erecutiou of tfje fain tf)iro 

to?it f&all appertain, do maKe returne of tlje fain tbirD to^it ofCapla?, 

tbat t^epartpijponfucl) proclamation batb not peelDCD bis bouie top^i* 

fon, acco^ning to tbe teno? tberc of : %\)m eucrp fuel) par tp fo? eiierp fuc^ 

contempt $ Default, q)al likeiuife fo?f» to tlje JD» Ijer bcires anD fuccenb?^ 

otljer irMi^^Ijicb fummeofrrJi*(baUIiltetoife be eUreatcD into tbe €f« 

cljeqiter, in maner $ fo?me afo?efaiOt Qinu tbcrcupon t^e faio 3IiiSice0 of 

tbe lK»i^encb,fi)aUUketi3ifeatoarD foo?t^ one l»?it of Capias againfl tbe 

faiopartptoitb Uhe proclamation anDliliepaineofforfofrr^li^anoalfo 

tbe faiD iuftices fijall ^aue autlioritie infinitelp to atoarD fuclj proce0 of 

capiss Infinite, Capias toitb fucb lifee proclamation anb pain of fo? f^of ]C)F»li, as is before 

limitteb,apinli tbe faio partie tbat fo 0jal maKe Default in peelDing of bi£t 

boDie to tbe prifon of tbe ^birif, bntil fucb time, as bp recurne of fome of 

t))t faiD torits before tbe faiD 3Iuttices, it (ball anD map appeare, tbat tlje 

faiD partp batb peelDeD bimfelfe to t|je cuffoDteof tl;efaiD ^fj^rif o? otljec 

SDfficer, acco^Ding to tlje tenor oftljc faiD proclamation. SnD t^epartp 

Dpon ewerp Default anD contempt, h^ bim maDc, againft tbe proclamation 

of anp of tbe faiD toritg; fo infinitlp to be atoarDeo againft bim, (bsll incur 

lilte paine anD fortof rr«li» toljicb {\)ai\ likelDife be ellreateD in maner auli 

forme aforelaiD* 5 ,€\i^a 5 ♦ 

"^se offctmo? 4 ^3Xben anp perfon or perfon0 CjallpeelD bi0 or tbeir boDic or boDteg 

peeiumg w into tffZ bauDs of tlje g)berife or ot^er ©fficer, upon anp of tbe faiD \3i}it» 

bm(, of Capias, '3:i)en tbe fame partp or parties tbat (bal fo peclD tbem feluesf, 

(ball remaine in tbe prifon $ cuffoDie of tbe faiD ^berif or otljer ©fft cer, 

tuitbout baple, ballon, or mainprife, in fucb li^^e maner gt forme to all in* 

' tents $ purpofes, as be or t\)t^ (boulD or ougbt to baue Done, if be or tbep i 

baD bin apprebenoeD anD taken bpon tjje faio )^iit of Excommunicato 

capiendo. 5»di^*2^» j 

Wit ismm 5 ^auino; anD referuing to all arcbbpfbops, ano :0p(bop0, anD all 

auiijojitie. otberis bauing; autboritp to certifie anp perfon ercommunicateo, like m* 

tboritp to accept ^ receiue tbe fubmilTion $ fatiffaction of tbe faio perfon 

fo ercommimicateD, in maner gt forme bcretoforebfeo, anD bim to abfolue 

^ relcafe,$ tbe fame to npifte,as beretofore it batb bin accuffomeo to tbe 

Siueene jjer beires ^ fucceCfors, into tbe Cbauucerp, $ tbereupon to baue 

fucb W^^ f"? tbe Deliuerance of p faiD perfon fo abfolucD ^ releafeD, from 

tbe ^berifes cuftoDieor prifon, as beretofore tbep or anp of tbem bao, oj 

of rigbt ougbt or migbt baue baD t anp tbing in tbisUat^c* 5*<^'li>2 3* 

motei ont of 6 prouiDCD alluapes , tbat in zmits , tbe Counties palantines of 

li?e SueS" lancaacr,CbeGer, Durbam, ^ eip, anD in tbe Cinque ports, being iiu 

tmtt timiutij nfotctionjs ^ places e;rempt, tubere tbe ^Mi}U Dotb not run,anD proceffe 

tiot. 0^ 

Excommunication. 119 

of Capias from tlfcxict not returnable into tlje E3encb,after anj> Signi- 
ficauit being of reco^B in tbe Cbauncerp,tbe teno? of fuclj Significauit bp 
Mittimus, fijallbefent to fucb oftbe fjeaoDfFtcer of tbe faioCountrep of 
j[2iale$, Counties palantinesanD places crenipt, toitbrn tuljofe offices, 
cbarge, 0? iurifoiccion tbe offenoc^s fl;aU be refianc : tbat is to Tap, to tbc 
Cbauncelo? 0? Cbamberlaine fo;i tbc faiD Countp palantine of lancatter 
ano Cbeller,^nn fo? tbe Cinque po?ts to tbe l^^aroen of tbe fame, ^nD 
fo^^ales^ClpanD tbeCouncppalantineofDurbam,totbe cbiefe31u* 
0ice 0? 31u(!(ces tbere» SnD tbereupon, euerp of tbe faiD 3Iutt ices ^ C)ffi« 
f ers to tnbom fucb teno^ of Slgnificauic uuitb Mittimus (balbe oirecteo f 
iieIiuereD,'(baU baue potoer ano autbo^itie to malie lifee p?oceire to tbe in* 
ferio? officer ^ officers to tobom tbe ejcecution of p^occffe tbere ootb ap^ 
pertaine, returnable befoje tbejutticestbi^t^,at tijeir nejct j§)effion 0? 
Courts, ttoomonetbs attbeleaff after tbeTeftc of euerp fucb P?oceffe; 
^ alUiaies, as in euerp Degree, tbep (ball p?oceeii in tbeir ^effions ana 
courts againff tbe offenODjs, as tbe 3Iuff ices oftbeJK»bencb arelimitteo 
ip tbe teno? of tbis 9ict, in ^erme times to Do ano ejcecute, 5»Cli?»2 j* 

7 ippuioeo alfo, tbat anpperfon, at tlje time ofanppjioces ofCapiasCemfn m* 
afo?emencioneD,atoarDeD, being in p?ifon, o^outoftljisEealme in tbe geWtiJe p*^ 
parties bepono tbe fea,o^ ^itl)in age,o? of Non dnx mcmoria?^? tooman naltu , 
couert, Iball not incur anp of tbe paines oj fo^faituresafo^e mencioneD, 
tobicbibangroiM bp anp returneo? Default bapning, During fucb time of 
nonage,imp?ifonment,bcing bepono tbe fea, 0^ Non fanae memorix. 3nD 
tbat bp bertueof tbisffat* tbe partp grieueo, map pleaDe euerp fucb caufe 
0? matter inbarre, of ano bpon tbeDiffreire,o?otberp?oces tbat (ball be 
maDe/o? leupingof anpof tbe faiD paines 0? fo?faitures*5»Cli?»2 j* 
Is 3nD if tbe offenDo? againtt tobom anp fucb to?it of Excom. cap. 
iljalbe atoarDeD, (bal not in tbe fame to^it of Excom. cap. baue a fufficient iaDuttton. 
anD lalJjfull aoDition, acco jDing to tbe fo?me of tbe ff at* of 9ln» i ♦ J^* y ♦tn 
tafes of certaine fuits, Inbereupon p^oces of C]cigent are to be atoaroeD : 
©jt if in tbe Significauit it be not conteineD, tbat tbe €rcommunication 
. Dotb pjoceeD bpon fome caufe 0? contempt, of fome original matter of be- <£mrt^ of (z?j> 
! refie, 0} refufmg to baue bis o} tbeir cbilo bapti^eD, 0? to receiue tbe bolp ""^""^tation, 
\ Communion, as it is nofe) commonlp bfeD to be receiueo in tbe Cburcb of 
€nglanD, 0? to come to Diuineferuice noto commonlp bfeD in tbe faiD 
Cburcb of €ng*o?erro? in matters of religion 0^ Doctrine notn receiueo 
^ allotjeo in p faiD cburcb of eng* 3Incontinencie,afurie,^pmonp,lper* 
iutie in tbe eccleCaffical court,o?i 3!Dolatrp;tbat tben all f euerp pains ^ 
fo^ilimitteD againff fucbperfons ercommunicate bp tbis (tat* bp reafon 
of fucb ^?it of Excom.cap.toanting fufficient aDDition,o? of fucb Signifi- 
cauit, toanting all tbe caufes afo?emencioneD,(balbe ijtterlp boiD inlat», 
anDbp\napofpleatobeallotoeDto tbe partp grieueD* $,€\i^*2^* 
9 ^uDiftlje aDDitionl})albetoit^aNupcr,of tl;eplace:tt)cnineuerpfS;j^/,^"^*^ 
i' fuel) 

Excommunication. Exception: Execution; 

(uctj cafe at t^e aUJaruing of tlje fitft Capias toitl) proclamation mop 
Dins totljefo^meafojemenciomo, one tojit of proclamation (toitbout 
anp y aine ery ?etrcD) Wbt atoaweo into ttje Countie tol^ere tbe offenoo? 
ftalbetnoa commonlp reOant at t^e time of t^e atoarcing of tlie faio ficft 
Capias, toitb paine in t^e fame tu^it of proclamation^co be returnable t^c 
nap of tberetume of tbefaioftrC Capias toitbpain^pjoclamationt^ere* 
upon,at fome one fuel) time 9 court, as iss p^efcribeD fo? rtje pjoclamatioit 
ftponf faiti 6ra Capias ujitb pain* ant> if fucb proclamation be not maoe 
in tbe Count? toljere tbe offentior (balbe mod commonly reOant in fucft 
cafejB of aooitionis of nupcr:tl)enfucb offenuoj (balfufiaine no pain o? fort 
l)pijertueofpaatJornotpeltiingbi0or ^cr boup according to^t^etenoj 

I Excommunication for fmiting,or laying violent hands in a C hurcU 

OrChurchyard.S.Fighdngg.4. T- I r n- II 

a Excommunication for difobeyingthcfcntcnccofanEcclcfiafticaU 
IudgcincaufesofTithcs.S.Tithcs35« n. hu 

5 That in the writ of Excommunicato capiendo there ihaUbe an 
' addition of the def name. S. Addition 2. 

4 What the Shcrife fhall forfait which maketh an vntruc returnc 
Vpon an Excommunicato capiendo. S.Rcturne of Sherifes 9. 

5 That Excommunication in thcplaintifc or demaundanim Attaint 

is a void plea. S, Attaint 3 . 

Exception. , 

Wtptn anp tfjat i$ impleaoeD before anp 3fufftces{, ttot^ aUeDge ani 
erception,praping tbat tbe3Iuflice0 iDtU alloto it, iobicb if tfjepi 
toiU not alloU), if be tbac aileogeo tbe erception,i»o torice tbe fame epcep« 
tion, $ require tbat tbe %nitict^ tuill put to tbeir ^eale^ for a toitne^e« 
tbep W fo 00, ano if one toil not,an otbcr of tbe companp mimt if tbc 
dlieene ijpon complaint maoeagaintt tbe 3!uafces, caufe tbeKecoro to 
come before bcr, ano tbe fame ejcception be not founii in tbe Holl, ano^e 
plaintifelbcto tbeerceptionturtttt'u unoertbefeale ofa3Iumce,tbe31tt« 
• aice ajalbe commaunoeo to be reaop at a certain oap,eitber to confetfe, oy 
cenic W fcale^ano if tbe 3Iuaice cannot oenp W feale,tbcp IbaU P^o^^^JJ , 
to 31uogement, accoroing to tbe fame erection, ano after,ag it ougijt cw 

sfwcnttoit T X r)&mai>AttSKCouerrtofto.iftireDint1)C©.Coittt,ojMm^ 
f i»i 6»s, o> y Y attatBco,u is Ws tlcctio mljicft Botb pntriic foj fuclj wbt oj bs' 

Kttcrtinto bim alP poos ? cbattcls of *oel)Kr(faiiwSte otn j^^^^^^ 

ttaConaWe pjicc ? cjtm, ? if !)« De »ut oat of p fame lao?, be dial vemn 

Execution. 120 

fcp aflifc of No.di{r.^ aftet bp a to?it of neeD ti^ t2l» 2. 1 5 .€ J ♦ 1 8 

2 ^\)m fl)a!bE no process aiuaroeo bp fiimmons, attacOmciit, efibin, <iP]cecut{on of 
bicto of lanD, anDotbcrfokmnitiesoftbofetbingstubic^berecojoeo be-- SJX®^^""^* 
fo^c t\)t COancelo? 0? 3luftice0,ano tnroUeo in tlje Eolls,a0 is bfeo in Up 

gainer ano couenancs maoeout of tfeeCourtal^ut tboCetljinss tu^iclj be 
foimti inrolleo before tbe, tobicfj Ij^ue Eeco^o, o? containeo in anp fines, 
l»betl;er tbcp be contracts, coiicnancSi obUjations, feruices 0? cuttontes 
jatotoIeDgeOjO? anp otber tbino; tnroUeo, toljerein tlje SEi.Court li&ottc of- 
fence of lalo $ cuffome,map erecute tljeir autbo^itp, beof tbat fo?ce, tb»U 
it (baU not beneeofuH to pleaoe fo^tbenu 'But if tbe hnoluleoge beneto, 
0} tbe fine leuieo toitbin a peere, tbe plaintif fbaU baue a to^it of Cjcccit* 
tiom 3no if tbe copifanceo? 6ne Imt bin of long time, a Scire fac (balbe 
uirecteo to tbe Iberif to toacne tbe partp, agjainft tobom tbe complaint igJ 
maoe, to appeare befo^etbe 3Iuftice0 at a cectaine oap, ^ fijeuj tobP ejcecit* 
lion (boulD not be maoe of tbat mWh i^ inrolleo 0? cottteineo in tbe fine,. 
Slno if be appeare not at tbat bap, 0^ bo appeare, ^ can (betu notbing tob? 
e]cecittion (boulo not be atoaroeOj tbe (berif (bal be commanoeo to erecute 
tbe tbingsi inroUeo o} containeo in tbe fine* ^no in \iU Co^t (ball tbe ©j* 
Jinarie be commanoeo, in bis cafe uibere, gfc» SBe(t2j j^Coj ,45# 

3 31fanpfucblanos, tenements 0? bereoitaments, as ibalbebao anb gitmtnitm 
jelittereD toanp perfon in €recution upon a 3luoofement giuen foj bittt, JJ^ert'ianD? 
of bistjebt o?Dama{$es upon adatute 9parcbant,Cat* of tbeilaple,o? re* DtuiKrcD^im 
tognifance to bim before maoe o?lmotoleDpD,o;t upon anplatofull title {JJf^J",S^5°j3^ 
t} caufe UJberetottb tbe fain lanos ^c, tuere liable ^ boimD,at fucl^time as 

tbep were oeliitereo 9 taften into ejcecution, (ball bappen to be recouereo, * 
laU)fullp beue^eo, ta^en 0^ euicteo^from tbe p3(reinon of anp fucl^perfon 
as (ball baue tbe fame in e]recution,tmtbout anp frauo 0? otber Default of 
tbe faio -^Denant hi? ejcecucion, before tbe faio tenant, bis e]recuto?s,oj 
aflignesWlbaueleuieb 0? receiueii tbe faio lubole Debt g^ Damages, foj 
tbe Wcl) tbe faio lanos ^u tuere oeltuereo 9 taken in Cjrecution t %\)tn 
euerp rucbHecouerer,©bligee,anD Hecognifee, (ball ano map baue ann 
purfue a bj^it of Sci.facout of tbe fame Court/romtubece tbe faiD former 
ttjjit of Crecution DiD p?oceeDe,againft fucb perfon 0^ perfons, as tbe faio 
lo^itof (J^irecucioniMasfirJlpurfuiD, tbeir beires,e]recuto^s, ojalTtgnes, 
of fucb lanos, tenements 0? bereoitaments, as toere 0? bin tben liable tfl 
tbe faio ejrecution^retumable into tbe fame Court at a certaine Dap being 
full rlDaies after tbe Date of tbefamelM?it,attobicb Dap iftbeDef^Cbe- 
inglat»funplMarneD)mafeeDefault,o;i appeare,anD do not (beta ^pleaDea 
fufficient caufe, orber tben tbe acceptanceof tbe faiD lanos.^c* bp tbe faiJj 
former to?it of Crecution, to barre 0? Difcbarge p faiofuit, fo? t\)t refiDue 
cftbe faiD Debt $ Damages remaining tjnleuieo 0? bnreceiticD b^ tbe faiD 
former erccutton : '^ben tbe Jl»Cbancelo?,o? otber fucb 3Iu0ice 0^ 31u(f i- 
m befoje UJ'^om fuel; tu^it of Sci.fac.(^albe returnable, fijall mafee eft* 

• Ibonc^ 

^ Execution. Executors.' 

Ibo«e0 a neto to?tt o^ to^itis out of § faiD former EaojtJ of iuugment, flat* 
^ ^arcljant, lIat»ftaple>o j Eccogntfance, of like nature ^ effect, n<s tlje fain 

former to?tt of e)cecutiontoas,fo?t^eleupinofofpreCDue of alfucbtiebt^ 
Damacfesf, as t^en fl[)allappeare to bet)nleuteii,\jttfatifSeri,o? DnpaiD of t^js 
tuljole fumme in t^e faio fo^mei: ttJ^tt of Cjcecution conteineD» 3 2jij^^2, 5^ 


a remeu? fp in ^ecuto^s 0)al Ijaue a to?it of Sccompt, ann lifee action ^ process in tbt 

Sg" DoJe in , Xlrame to?it,as t^eir Ceffato? fl)oulD bane ^ao if be ^ao liueii»C0[,2 j ?♦ 

Sc£f '^^ ^* ^ *^ ^ *^"^ Crecuto^s Ojal ^aue an action of trefpas againfl trefpaflb^^ 

*• fo? a trefpag none to tljeir tel!ato? of tbe gooD0 gt cattelg of y fame teCato? 

carieti auiap in bts life time, ann Ojalrecouer tbeicuamages infuc^manec 

as be tobofeCrecuto^si tbepbe,(boulo bane Done if bebaiiliueii^4^€f 3»7t 

mtcxmsot ' 2 (Sirecutojs of(j^]recuto^g! (ball baue Inaction of accompt, of oebt, 

<zpywuto?s(. j^^, of gooo's! tahen aluay of tbe ficft '5i:eflato?s, antt erecutton of ftatutej 

Sl^arcbants auD lRecoa;rtifance$ knotuleogeuinCourtof Keco^u to tbe 

firft "S^eHato?, in tbe famemaner ajs tbefirft'^E^eOfato? (boulo bauebaOj 

ifbe bad liiicD^^no tbe fame €rccuto?s of^pecuto^s (ballanftoer otbec 

menfomucb, astbepbauerecouereo oftbcgooDsoftbefirft'Ceffato^sf, 

ais tbe firft €]cecuto?0 fl)0ulri baue none if tbep bau liue^ a 5,eii»3 ♦5» : 

pattoftfje 3 ^aibere part of tbe CpecutojsnamcD in anpteffament of anpperfort 

ftiu1)S1?e.^«^^"fffl"P smill ofanp lanus, tenements 0? otber bereditaments, to 

uiftotofif fpi5. be fold bpbt£!f]cf tutors after tbeueatb ofanpfucb tellato?, oorefnfe to 

tafeei3ponbittto?tbem,tbeaominiftrationf cbarge of p fame tellament, 

UJberin tbep be fo named to be erecuto?0,$ tbe rettdue do tafee upon tbem 

tbe cbarge of tbe fame teCamentttben allbargains and tales of fucbland? 

^c, (fototlled to be fold, bp tbee.recuto?s of anprucb'Eettato?)madeb? 

bim 0? tbem onli^of tbe faid erecuto?s,tbat fo dotb talte bpo bim 0? tbem, 

anp fucb cure 0? adminidration of anp fucb ^Clil,(balbe as good $ effectu* 

all in tbe latu, as if alfo tbe reHdue of tbe fame erecuto^s, named in p faio 

teflament bad ioined toitb bim o} tbe in tbe mafeing of tbe bargaine ^ fale 

offucb lands, tenements, 0? otber bereditaments fo UJilled to be fold, b? 

tbe erecutojs of anp fucb teflato? tobicb W mafee fucb caiU2 ij^.s,^ 

4 3n atujit of Debt b^ougbt againft diners Crecutojs, tbep Qjall 

SSc" not fourcb bp Cffoine before apparance no? after, fo tbat tbep (ball baue 

but one ClToine, as tbeir 'Ceftato? (bould baue bad. 9lnd tbe Cpecuto? 0? 

&^'JtiS €recuto?s,tobicbdoefir(lappeare at tbe grand diCreffe returned, (ball 

peacetf) fijaii anfujcr tbe plaintife, and if iudgcment palfe fo? tbe plaintife, tbe iudge* 

ajifojer. „^p„f j,„j, £,;£cution (ball be againfl tbem tobicb baue pleaded, and all tbe 

reltdue named in tbe ti)?it, of tbe goods of tbe '2^e(f ato), as if tbep bad all 

alTented toplcade* p>€d»;?.5» 

I How Executors (hall rccouer Rents due in time of their Tef^ator. 
S, Rents i. 

2 That 

Exemplification. 121 

^ That tfce fathers Executors be bound to fatisfic the daughter of aid 
receiLicd.S.Aid&c.l. . 

5 That executors may maintaine a writ of Idcmptitate nominis. Sec 
Shcrifes2^ J*'' 

4 That Ordinaries fhalanfwere as Executors as farre as the goods v\'il 

J That the money or profit oflands willed to be folde, flial nor be ta- 
ken as any of the goods oftheTeftator»S*Probat. &c.8. 

6 What Executors or others flial pay to the Ordinaric for the probate 
ofTeftamcnt.S.Probate T,3.5» 

7 Where the heire being chargcd,fhal haue remedy againft his Aun- 
cettors executors»S.AccomptantstotheQiiecnc 27. 

8 Where the Exeaitors of the King or Qucene of this Realme , and 
where the heire fhal haue the fpccialties notpayd Scc.S.Accomptants to 

9 That the Queene may charge the heire or Executors of her dettor» 
, Sec Accomptants to the Queene 6, 


E5lerppatentee,bis! beireji, fucceflb^s, eicecuto^st, gt affipw, ann eucrp mmvum^' 
otfjerperfon^aumgljp, from, o?ijnlier^iso?t^eir title, anp cCatc 0? SutenesW* 
intecefl of ,in,o^ to lanus,tettemet)ef,!;crcBitament0 0^ otljer t\)ing UJljatfo* tcrs yattnt?. 
tixzx to fucib l^atentee !jeretofo?egraunteti bp anp Utttts ^patents bp anp 
JKingo^Stluccneof tljis Healmc acanpttmefitOence4f Februarij Anno 
i7»i§.8. 0? hereafter to be graunteti bp t^e HElueenea 9paie0ie, (jer (jeiresi 
0} fuccefTojSjIIjfl anD map at all ttmcg in tlje £i\teene^ Courts ^c^ano elfc 
lubere, make anoconuep to $ fojljimfelfefucljclaimeo? title bpluap of 
Beclaratton,plaint, ban:e,auoU)?p, replication 0^ otber pleauing; to^afoe* 
uer,af^eU againfl tbe iQuecne gtc» $ euerp otfjcr perfon fo? 0} concer nincf 
tbe lanns, bereuitamentsf^o? otber t\)i\^cs container m fucb letters ipa* 
tencSjO? fo?,o? concerning anp part tbcreof, bp (betoingj foo?tb an Crem* 
plification 0^ Conttat ijniiec tbe great ^eale of Cnglantr, of tbe inrole* 
ment of tt>e fame letters ipatent0,o? of fo mucb tbereof as map ferue co,oj 
fo? fucb title,claime ,0? matter (t\)t fame letters patents tben remaining 
in fo^ce not lalufullp furrenn^eu no? cancellcb) fo? ^ concerning fo mucb, 
9 fucb part of fucb lanDs gf ctubereunto fucb title o} claime (ball be maDe, 
as if tbe fame letters "Patents toere pleaneu anb IbetoeD foo?t|>» i s.Cli?* 

1 That no Fines or Recoucries {halbe amended after Exemplificati- 
on thereof S.Fines 2 8. 3 7, 

2 Exemplification ofRecords in Wales^S.Wales 20. 

3 That Exemplification of proccs & Rcturnes ihalbe ofas good force 
as if they wcrc€xtant,S.Accomptants &C.59. 

I81 Exigent 

trefjjalTe con- 
tra pacem. 
00 parDon of 
out astcciuetit 
iuttl)t!)e pUUt' 

|5o natnon of 

f o^e tt)c part? 



Exigent and Outlawric. 

ccpt it be aptnH tb^ peaceO i 8,Cd.5 , j* 

2 mfjercttjeplaintifeDotfjrccouer iiamagw,^ Ijeagamlltoljomtbe 

Dama(«:e3 be rcccuereo t$ ©utlatuetJ at tfjc (Hueetts fiiit,uo cljartec ofpacs 

oott 0;aU be gcaunteb of bt0 ®iu!at»?ie (erccpt tbe Ctjaimcdo? of Cng* 

lanu be certified tl)actl;eplamtifeij3!astceDtoitl)aKfo^^i$ Damage?,; 5» 


5 CCltbcre aman is otttlatoeDbp peaces before fje botb appeare,no c!jara 
ter of paiDon Hjatbc graimteD , erceyt cbe Ctjauncclo? be certifieo tbat \)t 
tobicIjisoiuIatueD batbpeelDcHbimfelfe to pjifon before tbe31uttice!5 of 
tbecourcfcom tobencep Cjcijenciuas atoarDeUjtfjat 10 Jf from tbe Kings 
t^encb.tOen be djsAl renoer bimfelfe to t^e fame Coiirt^if from t^e comon 
5i?Iea0,t()en be (ball renoer bimfelfe tbttber, ana if from 3Iufl(ces alTigneD 
to ^eare ano tietermine,nttingtbe fame 31uftice0,be fljalpeelD bimfelfe be- 
fore if tbep be rifen,tben be Iball peelo bimCelfe in tbe !itngs bencb 
before tbe 3!«llices,anD tbe reco^u ana p?oce0 (balbe remoueb before t\ftm 
bp tu?it»3no tbe 3[«(fice3 betb?e iubom tbep fijall fo peelo tbem(eiue0,fl)al 
canfetljcplaintife tobetoameDto be atacercaineoap befo?e tl&em, ac 
tobtcboap iftbe l3aarnittg be Duelp initneCteD 0^ certifieo, anb tbe plaintifc 
bo appeareijpon tbe fame tuarninn:,tben tbep (ball pleao bpon tbe firl! 0}ie 
ginali t^oajb no ©titlatojie bao binpjonouncco,amj if tbeplain^ 
tife come u jt, \)2 t^at i^ outlatueo lljalbe beUueceb bp bcrtue of f;i0 c^ac» 

4 3Ifanj>manta:nDefeateart outlatn^ie p?owounceDagainl!^im, b)» 
teafon of impjifonment certifieo bp t\}t ^berife 0? titlam tobic[jf)aueua 
IReco^b, be Ibail peelo \)unkltz to p?ifan,$ tljentfje 3u(!ice0 of tbe Eingies 
bencb (bal caufe tbe psrtp to be luarneo, at lubofe fuit tbat outlato jie toasJ 
p?onounceD,to be before tbem at a certaine oap,at tobicb bap iftbe parcie 
Miil nuerre,tbat tbe certificat is bntrne, ^10 auerment W^ receiueb,^nDi 
itt like maner l^all tljc fHueenes -^erieant 0? ^tumep , 0^ anpotber tOat 
Jnill fue fo? tbe £ receiueb to baue fucb auerment againtt fucb cettifi* 
cat,\Mbere tbe © iitlato^ie i0p?onounceD ac tbe d^fuic, 5*€d»3 J ?♦ 

T 3If:. ano tobere a U)?it of ^rigenc Qiall be atoarbeu at tbe fuic of tbe 
£lueene,o J anp otber plaintife in anp action perfonal againtt anp perfon^ 
anp fucb ^bireo?Citie,otbertben into fucb ^bireo^fCitiCj mbereunto 
fucb Crigent (balbe atuarbeo to be calleb acco^Dinj to tbe JLalu , anD alfa 
in cucrptojit of ^J^rigent in anp action perfonall^tubereof tbe ]3?oce0 oj 
CjcisentfijaH beoirecteb into lonoon 0? ^pioblefejc, tbeuefenoant beings 
talleolate of lonDan,o>Iateof$piDOkfe]r, anb ac tbe time of tbe Crigenc 
auaartieo, not oiiielling in lonbon no? in g^ioolefeic , 0? elfetbat tbe 
faio oefenoant o} Dcfennant0 in tbe fame €xi^tm btneil in anp ocbec 
^Ijireoj place,tbcntobf<^ccbeiOttcenesi cantmnnet^a tbentbe :^iifii' 

Exigent and Outlawric' 122 

m before tofjowi an^ fiiclj Crijcnt i& to he atoarocfi, itt afl actions lDi)€i-e 
tljc Crifjeiit (Tjall not be Dircctco into iouDon 0? ^(DDlcftjc , lljal? mntti 
a U)?it of li3?oclamatiou to Oc DircctcD to tljc ^Ijcrife of tljc fame CTountpj f |^°Ee"'Sf {4*. 
tuljccct'csotlj appeatebptbe DSngof fttcb action ttjat t^c y^irtie ucfen- tvtsDiucutng' 
t5ant is, 0? lately toas utadlmo^, iftfjeduejncsSJJtittiKvcbc currant, |J,^j'J*?i;j*^ 
D} elk cot^c ncrt ^Ijirc aii(opntnn;to tlje Countic 0? Counties! , o| ctljec 
piace? tulicrcof tbe partie i^calTcD 0? lately fuppofeDbytlje fapo CI;it;i* 
gent to baue Ijis being; , Ubere tbe Cluecnes Cillrit fo ruunetbnot, auD in 
cuery action tobcreof tlje €jcigent ff)albe Directeo into lonDon 0? pinole* 
feAano tbe Defendant in tbe fantc culk^ latecf loncon 0? SpiODlefa, ano 
attbetimeoftbeCnffentatuarDcDnot tJiueUingiin lonoon o?spiDDie«= 
fiT, '^i^ben tbe to^it of proclamation fbalOe oirecteuuntotbe ^b^nfe of 
tl)t ^bire tobete ti)t oefenoant at tbe time of tbe Criff^nt fo auiaroen fijal 
baue W uijelling, 0? in cafe lubere tbe fiClueenes lD?it runnetb not, bnto 
tbe nejct ^\)itc tbereunto a5iopning,tbctobicbfaiD to jit of l^joclamation 
Ibal conteine tbe effect of tbe fame action, ano tbe ?^berifcof tbe ^Coantie 
to lobom anp fucb Uijit of proclamation fljalbeDirectcD, fljallmal^e tb?ee s.P^ocinma' 
proclamations; toitbin W Coimtp at tb?ee fewerall Daie0,Di?. ttoo in tbe *"'"^* 
full ^bire Court of tbe fame Countie,^ tbe tbirD at t\)C general j^e!lion0 
in tfjofe parties, tobere tbe partie nefenoant isfuppofeoto be Duelling, 
0} in tbe parties of tbe Countie nejct aniopning to tbe countie 0? coimtm 
tobere t\)C (Hueens iMjit runnetb not,tbat tbe partie Defendant j»ei Id bim« 
felfe to t})t ^betife of tbe fojraine countie, to tobom anp fucb Cjcigent in 
anp action perfonal 10 aujaroeo/o tbat t\)t J^b^ rifs of fucb fo?raine coun* 
tie map upon \)is peelDing;,baue W boop before tbe 31ullice0,befo?e tubom 
anp fucb Cjcigent 10 atoarDeD at tbe oap of tbe fame Crigent comp?ifet«, 
tbf re to anfmere to tlje plaintife in tht fame accorDing; to tbe latu* ^no e* 
uerp fucb tujit of proclamation (ball baue tbe fame oap of returne, a0 tbe 
torit of Crigentijpsn fucb fo?raine actions fo atoaroeo (ball baue, ^ eue^ matfonfflue 
rp fucb W^ of Proclamation (ball be oeliueren of Eecoro to tbe Ji>berife SSW,^,* 
or oeputie of tbe Countie intotbe iubicb anp fucb '^}it of proclamation is co?d. 
to be atoaroeo, ano tbe j^erife of tbe fame Countie (ball ouelp erecutc 
tbefame, anu tbereof malke ^ue returne at tbe oap of tbe fame Miiit ap« 
potnteo,\)pon paine to forfait fucb amercement bnto t\)t Siueene anu bee 
beire0,asbptbc3!uCice0beforctobom fucb Crijent (ball be returnable 
a)allbefet#anotbe2Dfficerintobofe ^DfficefucbCrigentistafeen, (ball 
wak out tbe faio ^orit ano torics of Proclamation as fi;all be aniaroeo in 
anp of tbe faio Court0,ano (ball take no more for tbe making of anp fucb 
toritj^tbeentringoftbefamcLofHecorOjbutonelp iji.U.Qlntiifanp2Dut* 
latoriebebao, orpromulgeoagainflanpperfon in anp action perfonall 
in anp forratne countp,^ no torit of Pr oc^amation(as is aforefaio) atoar- 
ueo $ returneD,tljen eucrp fucb Outlatorie Hjall be Dtteclp ijoiD. ^no all csntim^ .1. 
©utlato^ieg^ao contrary to t^i0^c((balbeauoiocDbp^uermcnt, toitb* "oiccoi)? mi* 

E 2 . out"'^"^- 


Exigent and Outlawrie. 

OUtfuingofaii?\3)^i£of €rro?»6Jp.8.4.SJndi(ftmcnt 2*^» 
©jciset agatnft 6 t23;ljenfoeuer anp tujit of €j;ig;ent (l)an lie aluarDeu at tfje fuit of tbe 
jJo^ggiJg fn £1.0^ anp otber pcrfon plaintife in anp action o? Ciut in tbe Einss 15encb 
cqaiea o? m J conmton plee0,a(j;amll anp perfon ntDclIins in anp cf tl;e tiu Counties 
l:t)?fftre'or' ^" ^^W^^l tn ^"? of c^^ counties palantinc of lancaaer,Ct)etter, o? t^e 
cijcftec. Citic of C^eflcr, tBcn immeoiatlp upon tfje atoaming of euerp fucb €)ci* 
gcnt,tl)e3Iufticc0 before tobom anp Cuctj Cjcigent fl)albe fueu ^uhm^ au» 
tljo^itp CO aUiacDone to^ic ofp?oclamation,accojtiin(5to tijetcno? $ effect 
of ppclamations aluarneD bpon Cngents tiirecteo out of anp of tlje fato 
Courts into lonoon,o? into anp otijer fijircs Uoitbin tljisKealme, againtt 
anp otOei* pecfon Dtoelltng; in anp otfjer ^bire iuljere tbe fiueenes va}it is 
cucrant.acco^Dino; to tl)Z ojner^fope of tljefo?eraiiiiIatutej6ti^»8*tobe 
Directed to fucboftljc^b^nfes of anp oftbe fo^efaio counties in tllales, 
9 of lancaCf er,COelIer,f of tbe citie of Cbeffer , \xil)£U it fball bappen tbe 
famnefcnuantagaintttubonitbe CaiD action (balbc fueo, tobeotoelling:* 
(15ut of tbe to jits Dicccten to tbe ^b^cif^ of tbe countie of lacaner,none 
fl[)albe DicectcD to tbe J^bcrife of anp otber countienejcc aoiopning, acco?* 
ningtotbefo?eraiDflatuteof(5vifp.8»5.C6*i(5J ^inueuerp fucbto^ic ot 
l^joclamation (baUbaue tbe fame Teftc, annuapof returne as tbeCici* 
gent0,tub^reupon euerp fucb U)?it of proclamation (balbe atoaroeu (ball 
baue,$euerp4bcrifeto lubomanp fucb to?it of proclamation (balbe oi* 
recteo.fljal mahe proclamation of tbe faio tor^t of proclamation , accor* 
uing to tUe tenor of tbe fame,$ (bal make trueretucne of tbe fame in fuc^ 
Court,^ before fucb 3I«ftices, as tbe tenor of tbe fame ^}it (ball require* 
anuaU©utlalDri^si pronounceDor promula;e0 againtt anp perfon bpon 
anp fucb Ctigenc atoaroeti againli anp perfon ntoelling in anp of tbe faio 
€ounties,ani> no Vn^it of Proclamation atoarfteo ixi forme abouefaio to 
tbe i^berifeof tbe Countp, tobere tbe partpoefennant (ball b^ DtoelUnj, 
m)tk fljcrifeiJ 7 Cuerp ^berife of eucrp of tbe faio Counties of CSIalcs , an& of tbe 
• mmw W' Counties palantine,of!Lanca(fer,Cbeffer3^ of tbeCitieafCbefter, (ball 
common place baue in euerp of tbe Courts of tbe Em(i;s 0^encb,anD Common plees^n^ 
IS'"^ fufficient treputie at tbe lea(t,to recetue al torits nirecteD to fucb ^berife> 
for bJbom tbe fame oeputie or Deputies Qjalbe appointed ;, in like maner f 
forme, ano bpon like paines^as bp tbe latoes ano ffatutes of tbis Ecalme 
otber ^berifes of otber (bires,U)icbin tbislRealme ofCnglano be bounu 
to baue in eitber of tbe fame Courts.^no all tojits of Proclamation ibaH 
be Deliuereb bnto euerp fucb neputie of Hecdru, in tbe fame Courts : anii 
alfo like fees (balbe paio for making euerp fucb taric of Proclamation , f 
for tbe inrollittoj of tbe fame of record, as is before limiceo in t\)t (f atute ot>8j»CD»6.Io*5,CD.6»2(5»2g.lfp»6jO*S.Shenfes lo. Wales4p. 
^}\^mS' 8 afanpfucbturitofproclamationbirecteotoanp oftbe^berifesof 
tnctiitisa^^it anpoftbefaibjcii^^b^r^Sii^ 2^«J^)8i,0|Co«ntiesPalantinegtf, bcDeli* 

gxigcnt and Ouilawrie. 1 2 1 

ucretJ to mv oUht TaiD ^bf fifes, 0? to fjis ueputie , ann t^e fame ^Wfe 
Doe not make true rettirnetljercofinto fuel) Court, outoft^e toljicb tljc 
faio w?it of p?oclamatiott l^jalbe atoaciieOjlje Q)al fo?f,fo? euerp oefault of 
5i^on retume to t^e sn*^3l*tJ»luto be recouereo fap action ofJjiht^xi^ztm 

9 3If anv perfon muetling in anp of tlje faio counties in tSlaleg-, (baltre P?f «« asatna 
ptttlataeo in anp fuit 0? action afo^efaio, tben to^its of fpecial Capias vt- fSmif °"^* 
iagatum,0ngle Capias vtIagatum,Non molertandum , anO all Otljer p?0« 

ces fo^ ano againft anp pcrfon outlalueo , fijall ano map be Directed to tljc 
ig>b^tifeof anp of tlje faio Comitiee in r53[ale0,as immeoiat officers of tbe 
Courtsoftbe iKings^encbo? Common plees in tbatbebalfe^Snoeuerp 
fttcb to jit0 map be oeliuereo of reco^D to tbe tjcputie of fucb of tbe faio flje* 
tife0,totBljomanpfucbtB?ito?p?oces (ball be oirecteo^^no euerie fucb 
ig)berife (ballmal^e ejcecution ano returne of euerp fucb tB?it 0? p?oces to 
|)tm oirecteDjtjpon paine of fojf^to tbe Clueene ano ber beires fucb amer^ 
ciaments,afi^bp tbeoifcretion oftbeaulliccsbcfojctoljomfucl^tojttlbal 
|>e returnable (baibefet,r.€D«6^,:i p.; 

10 31fanpperfohotoellingintbecountiel3alantitteof lancafier,(baIp^ocMDtrcc» 
jbe outlatoeo in anp fucb fait oj action, as is afo?efatD,tbeit all to^its of fpe* ^^^,aJ[^io^ p^ 

Ctall Capias vtlagaturn,(!ngleCapias vtlagatum.Non moleftandum, anO t^fDaHiit, 
aU otber p^oces fo?,qj againft anp perfon fo outlatoeo,(bal ano map be nU 
tzcta to tbe Cbauncello^ oftbe Ducbie of JLancal!er,ti)bo (balmafeelifee 
iB^its^p^ocestbereupon, ano of liKe effect, fealeotoitbtbe ^ealeof tbe 
faio Coutttie palantine of lancafler , to be Oirecteo to tbe !§)berife of tbe 
faio Countiepalantinefo^ tlje time being, as it (jatlj bin bfeo in fucb w* 

[ ii 15uttljefettMoffatute£(, no? an^ tiding in tbemcontaineo (ball er- 
itenOjO? be p?eiuoicial to anp 1o?d 5parcber in ^ales,no? to anp of tbcic 
^eire8,no? to tbe faio rii*Counties of C5Jales,no? to tbe faio Counties pa* 
iantinc of lanca(Ier,Cbe(ler 0? tbe Citic of Cfjefter, concerning fucb li* 
berties, f rancbifes, 0? p^iuileoges as belong to anp of tbem , no? to anp 
^iniflers 0? officers of anp of tbem,in ot^er maner tben bp t^e true mea^ 
ning of t^efe^cts is Dcclareo, i»CD.6ao.5»Co»6,26» 

1 2 5^0 Crigent (balbe atoaroeo bp tbe 31uaices MiitUn the Counties SSt^j^pJ*^ 
galantine of iacatter o?Cbeffer,o? tbel^iibop^icl^eof Durbam,againa uucrtep. 
«np perfon bpon anp info?mation/uit,o? p?oces,to be maoe bp fo?cc of tbe 

Oatute ppuioeo 8.Co,4.againtt gluing of liueries 0? 15 aoges ano retais 
ning.'^no if anp Crigcnt be atoatoeo , ^ SDutlato^ietbereupon pronoun* 
ceo,tbentbefamefl)aUbeuoio, toitljout anp fuit bptojit of Crro?o? o? 

0tbcrtoife,8»C0»4»2» .^^rj,,, ri:..: 

1 3 31n eucrp action pnifonaH.lDbfrein anplu^it of Crigcnt (ball be a< P^ocMmstfott 
toaroeo out of anp M3}\t of iJ9?oclamatton (ball be aujaroeo ano Kn?."^^ 
maoc out of t(;e fame Court,tiauing oap of Tdk ano returne , as tl;e fato 

Exigent and Outlawf iCi 

tB?tt of <Z2j;i(5^nt (Ijall ^atte,nitectei) m^ mlmuT) of vcc3?tj to tfie ^!)etifc 
of tljevlDountie, luberc tlic Defennant, at tbe time of tbc Ctiojent fo aUJar* 
ueD, f^all be n^oelUn^, tol)tcbtM?it of ip^oclaniation fl)all conteine tlje 
effect of tlje fame action.^no t\)t ^Ijerffe of tl>e comttie, unto tobom anp 
JJjJJJl*^"^^' fucbYujuof l^^oclamatiottfijaU l)eDire^:teo , (baH ma^ 

tionsta tbis fo?me follo\Bin(5,anD not otbectoifettfjat is to tap, oneof tbe 
fame proclamations in tbeopcnCountic court.onc otbcc of tbe famepjo* 
clamatians,at tbe general quartet ^elTtonsoftbe peace in tbofe partes 
tub^c^ tbe part? tiefenoant,attbe time of tbe Crisenc atuaroeo Iball be 
DUjellittst 3u» one otber of tbe fame proclamations (ball be maoe ( one 
monetb attbe leaft before tbe q\mt exaa^bp bertne of tbe faio 92tcit of 
Crtgent)at,o? neere tbe moa rfual ooo^e of tbe thutci) o? cbappel of tbat 
tolune 0^ parifb , tub^re t\)t oefentiant ^aW be DlueHing at tbe time of tU 
tm €rtgent fo atoaroeo^ann if tbeuefenoant (ball be Dtudlins out of a- 
nppari(b,tbeninfucbplaceasafo^efaio, oftbepariibin tbe fame Coun* 
Iciej^nertaDiopnina; to tbe place of tbe oefenDatttstJtoellitt5,anrj bpon a 
i§)unua? immeoiatlp after Diuine ^eriiice,^ ^ecmon/if tmj^ Sermon 
tbere be)^ if no^ermott tbere be,tben foo^tbtoitb after Omint !§>eruice* 
antiall SDutlatu^iesbaD? pronoun ceo, ano no tnjtit of proclamations a» 
toaroco ^ ceturneo accoroing: to tbe fojme of tbis Statute (ball be tjtterlp 
Uoio anu o f n one effect^^na tbe O fficer in tobofe ©fftce fucb to^tts of dfr* 
igentgtproclamationsiballbe'maue, (ballf maj)tafee fucbiTees, as b^ 
tbe Statute maDe 6At);8/s»5a'slimitteiJ anu appointeo in tbat bebalfe, 
^no greater Ifees in an? ^ire»^nu tbe ^berife fo? making of tbe p?ocla* 
mation at o? neere totbe Cburcb o} cbappel Doo?e as i^ afojefaiD^fbal lytiixt ^ 

)cii.iJ*3i»v!^liH» - >. -' • 

-stijttjefeinjant 14 Ti5efo?eanpallaloanceafanpin?itof<5frrO?;6fretierffitgofanpouts 

KSounti^ l«^?P ^^ bao,bp plea 0% otbert33tfe,tb?ougb. 0? bp tuaht Of anp pjoclamav 

toanfujeretijt tionto bebaii?ma!je,accorDingto tbefo^meof tbis^tatute,^b^^efeife 

tJlaureS 0ant$oefenDantsintbeo?iginalaction,(ballput inO^aile, notonelp to 

tSDcmpnation. appeare^f anftoer to tbe plaintife in t\)z former fuitjn a neUi action to be 

commences bp tbe faio plaintife,for tbe caufe mentioneu in tbe ftrtt actiS, 

but alfo to fatiffie tbe conoemnation, 31f tbe plaintife (ball becjm bis fuit 

before tbe eno ofttno Vermes nert after tbe alloluino: of tbe torit of Cc* 

tor,or otbertnife auoming: to tbe faio C)iitla\iJ?ie,3 i,€li5.^ 

q to?(t of p^o ' 1 5 DEbenfoeuer anp UJ^it of Crigent (ball be auiar^eo at tbe fuit of 

rtamattonupon tbeS[lueene,berbeires orfucceCTorsjEings ordueenesoftbisEealme, 

SSnTp«'0?attbe fuitorfuitesof anpotberperfonor perfons, plaintife q? plain* 

^""/'^TB^Jff tifes,in anp action o? fuit lii anp of tbe Courtes of tbe ^ingsiBencb , oj 

tuue of S?c!' Common place, againa anp perfon or perfons, OtocHing tnrtbintbe 'Bi^ 

^^^ lbop?tcke of Durbam, "Cben immeoiatlp upon tbe atnaroinn; of euerp 

fucb Crigent, tbe 3Iu{ficeor 31u(tices before mbomanp fucb tujit of er^. 

jjem ijponfucb fuit oj action (ball be fueo,a;all baueaatboritie bp uertue 

^ of 

Exigent and Ouilawrie. 124 

cfttjiiB^ct, toatoarricone tojit of ip^oclamation, atcoilJinfj to tbete* 
ttoj anu effect of 2Brits of l^^oclamation atajaroeD^jpon 6]cigentec fanu 
commonly Di«cteuontofaiij)of tljefaiDiCouttesimolontion , c^intoa- 
ny otb^r ^bii:e0 of tljis reatmejagainC anp otfjei: yerfon 0? perfoujSj hWl-- 
Imgtnotfjer ^Wt 0? !§)l)tre0of tljts Ulealmeliiljere tIjeClueenes Ca^^rit 
Dot!) runne, acto^utngto tljeo^ocr ann fo?meoftl)e^ctmaDe6. ilpfn,80 
to be Directed to t\)z ll5ifi}op of SDurljam fo? tfjt time being , ano ourtngf 
t^ei^acationoftlje ^ifl)op?tcfee,tl)entotbe€()aimcel!o^oftbe faiO'Bi* 
(|)op?ic!^e , 0? Countie palantine, foz tbe time bemg,\ubere it (Ijall bap* 
pentbe faio Defentiant, apinll lubomanp fucb Action fijall bee fueu, 
asi is afojefaio, to beeDlxJellincc, auu not totbe ^betifeof anie otbec 
^btre neict atiiopning to tbe fa*iD "Bifijop^tcfee, O} Countie galantine, 
(ante lLatoe,Ctiftome, o} afage, beretofo^e ijfen to t^e contrarie , not* 
toitbll^Dtng. ; ^no etierp fiicb ?2Jrit of ip^oclamation fo to be bereaf* 
teratoamt».tofucb1^ifl}opjO?Cbauncelo| of tbe faiu Ti5ifi)op?icfee , oj 
CountielpaIanttne,(baUbflwetl)e fameTefte, ano nap of returne, as tbe 
Crigents, toberetipon euerp fueb CiHrit of proclamation Cjallbee atuar- 
fteD, (ball banc* 9nD euerp fucb13ilbop,o? Cljauncello?, to tnljom ante 
of tbefaiD mxito} ^citsofip^oclamation CballbeuirecteD, fljallbp 
%iitif^ tbeir $panr»at,;t>irecteti to tbe ^betife of tbe fgiu Countie galan- 
tine, caufe proclamation to bemaDrof tljefame 2Brits of p^oclama* 
tion,acco? tbe tenour of tbe fame , anb (ball ma^e true Eeturness 
of tbe fame, infucb Court anoCourtes, ano before fucb3Iuttices,as tbe 
tenour of tbe fame Cdlrit ano C^rits of proclamation foall require anu 
oemauttD. anuallSDittlaloriesljereafter tobepromulgeo, o? p?onoun« 
cenagaittflaupperConor peffonsbjiouanp fticb Crigent, o? Cjcigents 
atoaroeuagainli anp perfon orperfonsblucllingujitbtn tbe fainl^ilbo* 
priclte , or Countie palantine, anD no COrits of Proclamation atoar^ 
oeD informeaforefaiDto tbe'Bifbop, or Cbauncelor aforefaio , tobere 
tbepartieDefentiant (ball be, as is aforefaio Dtoelling, or not returneu a0 
aforefaio , (ball be cleerelp DoiOj anb of none effect nor ^"^2^ ,^ w ttje lalue, . 

16 Cuerie -Biiboppe of tfje faio /Bifboprtc^e , for tfjetime being, f SS* 
anb buringtbe bacation of tbefaiD ^ifbopriclte, tbe Cbauncelor of tbe mmmza 
faiD Countie palantine for tl;e time being, (ball ba«e in euerp of tbe ^^ffiSml' 
faib Courts of tbe Einges 'Bencbe , anu Common pleas, one Cufficient 
Deputieattbe leaa, toreceiueallfucb mritsofproclamations,t»bici[l 
C^all beebereafter birecteb to euerp fucb t^ifbop o} Cbauncelor of tbe 
fetD'Bi(bopricfee,orCounttepalantine,fo? tubomtbe fame Deputp.o? 
Deputies (ball be apppointeb , in lilte manner ano fourme, anD bpon lilte 
paines, as bp tbe former Statutes anu lalues of tbis Eealme, tlje ^be* 
rife8ofotbec!§)bires,or Counties toitljin tbis Eealme of Cnglano , be 
bouabtofjaueineitljeroftlj^fameCourtSf ^nb allfuclj Dojit^ of Pro-- 
- ' 5a 4 clamas 

Exigent and Outlawric. 

ttamatton as afo^cfaia (fjalbetjeliumo bnto cuerp fucb Deputle o? Dc« 
piities of Heco^tJ in c^e fame €o\xm ami ettl)cr of tb?m , anu alft tfjc liKc 
fee0 (|>an be paio fo} mmng of ciierp fucb to?it of p?oclamation,artt> fo j 
inroulins tbe fame of Eecb^ij, ajS is UiuitteiJ in tije fame Statute mace 6» 

'Efteptnaitte, 17 3|fattPfucb\u?ico?to?it0oflp?oc1amation,oirecteDto tbCBiibop 
mSA ojCbauncefojoftbefaiD^ifbop^icke 0? coumiepaUntine, berjeUueren 
DOC itot retucnc u„to gnp of tbe faio l^iOjops to} tbe time beino^, t} (during tbe Dacacioti 
t j)cp?ociama. ^^^^^ j.^ -^^ 'j^ifl^jp^icfee ; to tbe Cbauncelo? of tbe fain countie l^alantine 
fo? tbe time beittg,o? to bis j tbeir neputie 0^ ncputies in maner $ fo?mc 
afo?efaii3,$tbcfame15ilbopfo?tbetimebeinc5,o?nunngtbe Mmtioxi of 
tbefaiD'^i(bop?icfee,tbefaiD Cbauncelopf tbe fain Countie ipalantme 
f 0^ tbe time being,t)oe not mafee true retutne of euerp fucb to?it ano Ugitg 
oflPjoclamationtotbmuirecteu,intofucbcourt^courtgi, outor wcg 
tbefattitojito^bjjitsofl^jHjclamationW beatoaroent f o^euecp fuel; 
Default of 515on mume,euerp fucb l^i(bop fo? tbe time beins,anl>(imrmg 
tbe t)acatiottoftbefaioJ^ea)tbe fain €banccIo?fo? tbe time being fo fai* 
ling to malie uuc i;etttme,(bal fo? tbe SEl.^ be recouercD bp a* 
IP^omQonfoj 18 Cbtsact(baUnotej:tenUo?bEp^eiuoieialtoanpT5i(bopottberaio 
iftSeT^^ •Bia)apiic!ieofDnrbam,fo?ojconcernittgfucbliberties,francbires,0| 

itp Spintaers oj SDfficers of tbe fame-Bilbop^icfee 0? countp ipjalantuir, 
otbettoife,o^inanpotbecmaner,tbenbptbetrue meaning of tbis^ct w 
befoieuiouioeiJoiDeclareD : anptbing in tbiis fc»nottoitbwan^«S»3i» 

^oto^otn 19 ifanvperfonojpetfonsiitoeningb)itbtntberaiiJ^(Cbop^«!^^» «»l 
RS »r^ai'i countie l^alantine,fl)aU be Outlatoeo in anp fuit 0? action,\j3bemn p^o*/ 
beSS ces of ©utlauo^ieootb lie,'Cben aU SBritsof fpecial Capias vtlagatura. 
uiajopMcW. 01 aaaina any perfon 01 pijcfons fo 2DutIatoeu,fbaU ano map from ^encc* 
foub be tiirecteo from time to time, to tbe ^itbop of tbe faio ^itbop^tcke : 
anu countie palantine fo? tb^ time being,anD (Duringtbebacatum of tbe : 
faio ^ea ) to tbe Cbancelo? tbere fo? tbe time being , tubo fbaU mafec lilte r 
toMtsanil^^occffe tbereupon anu of Ufee effect ,TealeiitDitb tbe feale of 

® Be fee f 0? m ^^on rtnon ant)*a2frit of Bioclamation to be atoarwu bp^ertue of tbi^ 

SSar " ' actSSS to be maoe to tbe ^berife , mtme^ 

fonbe fmnc,bp tbefaia •Bifl;op,Cbauncelo?,anD <^b^nfeof tbe faitJ coun, 
tiepalantinefajtbeiimebeing,jit€li?»9'v- ^ i^ij^^ 

Extortion. Exa£lion. ns 

1 That no Exigent fhalbcawardcd againft thcacccflaryjVntil the prin- 
cipal be attaintcd,S.AppcaIes 3. 

2 That where an Exigent is to be awarded, there fliall be addition to 
the defendants namCjS. Addition I. n|/,i.iifv, 

3 Thatproces of Outlawrie awarded againft offenders in Treafon be- 
in*' outofthis Rcalme, fhalbe good.S.Treafon 1 1, 

A WhcreonethatisfuppofedtobcoutUwcdjfiialauoidthefeifat'eof 
his lands & goods by entring into band to the (herifc &c. to anfvvere the 
QijecneSfC^S^herifcs 23. 

5 That the indi6lec (hall forfait his Cattcis by Exigent againft hlin a- 

6 Where an Exigent fhalbe awarded againft an Accomptant.S.Ac^ 
compt 2. 

7 That Outlawrie of the plaintife in Attaint in a pcrfonall Adion or 
caufeisnoplca,S,Attaint3. ; ~ . i 1 

Extortion* Exadlion. 

IF any Sherife,Coroner,or other Officer of the Quccnes, doc take any ©ffjcfCU. 
thing to do his office,but onely that which/the Queene alloweth him, 
lie flial render doublet© the party,and (halbe puniihcd at the Queenes 
pleafurCjVVclii ♦ ?♦ Ed.i . 29* 

* a If the Scrieant, Crier or Marfhal of any luftice doc "wrongfully take ©erftant.Crfp 
tnony of any which doth recouer land,obtaine his {uit,leuie a fine or pro- 'f »^arl^. 
fecute any fuit touching any plea ofthe Crovvne , he fhalbe puniflied at 
the Queenes pleafure,& y eld treble damages to the partie grieued. And 
ifhe be a Sericant offee,his Office (hall be feifed into the Queens hands, 

5 For Extortion by the Shcrife.Bailife, &c, for arrcfling, for letting to "SSetifel. 

baile,makingof Pancls,or granting of Copies,S.Sherifes.5,7.8.9» 

4 For Ex^by Auditors,or their CIerkes,S*Auditors &c.2. aunfto^i*. 

5 For Ex.byReceiuers or their deputies, S. Auditors 5, Kcctiuerd. 

6 For them which makedifpenfations/aculties, liccnces,or o- Dirpenrattonj*. 
ther fuch inftruments.SeDifpenfations !♦ 

7 For Ex»by them which haue fpiritual iurifdiilion , or any fubftitutc JSJ^i^ 
or miniftcrof thcirsfor Citations,S. Citation ^ , 

8 ForEx,bytheClerkeofthcSignetorpriuicSeaIe.S.Clerkcofthc|[«f/j<>ft^ 
Signet I. 

9 ForEx.ofMa(^ers,WardensofFelow(hipsorCrafis, vponar^yAp-^Jg^JJ 
prenticCjOr other whofc prentifhip is expired,S» Corporations 4. 

. 10 For any Coroner,S.Coroner 1 6, dLomtt 

■'■ li For thofc which haue commiflions to lcuymufters,or make Wttatxmt' 
menferue in the warre,S.Captaines &c,l4. 

1 2 For Ex, by Clerkcs ofthe Efchequcr, of any Bifhop or other , that gfj^JJ^J^^/ *^* 



Cuftos breuium. 







longer tl)en I)e 

iD^ecein faltep 
auD market)* 

Extortion. Exadion. Faires and Markets. 

hath the receipt of Tenths, S.Efchequer 2, 

1 3 For Wales without the Commiflioncrs confcnt. Sec Wales 

14 For Ex^vpon them which trauailc through Forcfts in Wales. Sec 
Wales 1 12. , . ,|j - 

* ^ ' '.II t ,- 

15 For Ex.byElchetors,finding Offices of lands»S.Erchetorsj»p. 

1 6 For the chicfe Gierke ofthe Common place, for the cntring 
ofthe concord ofany finc.S, Chirographer 2. 

1 7 For Ex Jn the Chirographer ofthe Common placc,his dcputic, or 
Lieutcnant,S.Chirographer lijs .) mi urtc'i !l,;m-^; 

1 8 For Ex» by the Admirall, or any Officer ofthe Admiraltic, ofany 

ip For the Officers ofthe Court of Watdcs and Liucrics, Sec 
Wardes28, . or^ •. • • i-i-; -. tK:.!: ,';.-,•,;.',• . 

2 o For the Officers ofany Court which make any writ of pro- 
clamation,into a forrainc Countie^S.Exigent.j+p. 

2 1 For the Marfhall or any of his Officers. S.Marfliall 6, 

2 2 For Ex.taken by the head Officers ofany Borough of Marchantcs, 
for Scauage and Sewage. S.Marchants 2. 

2 ^ In what fort Ordinaries ihalbe indi«5)e<i pf ext^r^idn^^i- pppiefnon 

2^ For Ordinaries for picoouing of wiHcs,or committing of Ad- 
miniflration.S.ProbateofTeftament 1 2. 

2 5 For Ex4n theMaior,Recorder,Steward,or luftice of peace in Nor- 
wich for admitting any perfon to occupic the arts of making Hattcs,Co- 
uerlcts,orDornikss.S.Hattcs3.Coucrlet3 8, u 

2 6 For Ex.for taking,writing, inrolling, or certifiyng a Recognifance 
in nature ofa ftatute Staple. S. Statutes 1 3* 

27 For Clerkes ofthe market.S.C lerke ofthe Market i . 

2 8 For Ex. in taking money for Obligations or acquitances, for firft 
Fruits.S.Ecclefiafticall perfons 2 5» > mnj 

Faires and Markets* ,;,. 

T{E)cp M)\t\) \)mt fato bp Cljarter 0? ot^crbJiTc, (^all bolo t{jcm no 
longer tijcn tljep oiigljt to Doe,upon painc of feifure of tlje fame to tlje 
SClueencbntin tOep ^auc mace fincijuto bcr fo? tlje faiD offcnce^^nu citcrp 
otoncr of a faircjfl^all p^oclaime at t^e liejinning tljcrof Ijoto long it (Ijall 
Jad^anu after tlje faio timeeuerv marcljant fi)aU fl)ut ijp bis O^ootlj , ann 
^taU,ani>if anj>9parcl;anti»oe fellanptoareo^ marcbanni^eat t^e faiD 
faire,after tljc fame be enDeti,lie fijal fojfait tlje Double ualtie of tljat toljicl; 
Ije IjatljfolDjtotbeCliieene $c.2,€d*3.i 5»5«<^1'»5«5* 
2 3lf anp jf aires 0? Sl^arkets be I^ept \)pan gooD f rioap , Corpus Chri- 
fti Dap,<afcentiouoap,al faints tiap,tbe cap of tbe aiTumptionofourla* 
5ie,caijitfimoap,'^rinit^ ^iiunap^o^ ot^er ^unoap (tl;e foure ^iiiiaie£f 


Faires and Markets. 126 

in ^mitH ercepte6)anD anj) cjoons 0? marcbanDife m tlftmhc njeijocD (nc« 

ceffaric \)itaileonclpcpcfptcn)t^eoluner0 fljal fo^fait al tberr g;ooDsn;eto= 

eUjto to tlje ILo^u of tbc iib£rtte,o? jTrancljife tuyere fiicb goons contrarp 

totI)i0o?i»mattcc(|)aIbcfl)CleeD.'35uttljep\iJl}ic()^fiueno potuertofeccpe 

faire 0? nm^tt but upon fiicb Dates, map ^ecpc it \Mitbtn tlj^ee oaies be* 

fo?e 0? after anp of tijc faio feaaes,after proclamation ftrft maDe ioliat cap 

tfje fairelljalbc ljolDeu»27.!l;,(7*5. 

: 5 3Ifanp^teiMat;ti,anDecffetMarri,:i5aiIife,o?ot][)er officer o?minil!er3Tn ener^ccitrt 

iof anp Court of 'Pipotj3i>er0,pertatiun5 to a faire, M\ ^olo pleatipon an jL^jf £"! 

flction^at tbefuit of anp petron^tjnlestbe plaintife, 0? Ijis ^tturncp ooe in {ip^ne gc. 

jjjefettce of tbe uefenirant fuieare \3p0n tlje bolp Cuangelids upon bis De= 

fIaratiott,tb at tbe contractor otber fact container intbcoecIaration,li3as 

maoe 0? committeDtottbintbetime,iurifDiction, ano bomtos oftbefame 

faire,be (ball fo?fatt tbclIlueene,ano \^m tbat toiU fue bp action of 

liebt:fo? if tbeplaintife refufe tbefo?efaiiiotbe,tbetief»ouo;bttobcoirmif' 

feo out of tbe fame Coutt>anD tbe plaintife fbal taKe ^is remeop at tbe Co* 

mon laiM f c»15ut tbougb tbe plaintife Do affirme tbe fame, pet tbe oefen^ 

bant Ibal not be conclutieo,but (b^l anfmere ano pleao to t[ft actton,or in a« 

batement of tbe plaint,^ proffer an tirue,tbat tbe fame contract,trefpas,o? 

otber fact toas not committeo toitbin tbe time of tbe faire, 0? iurifoicticn 

of tb^ fame, bnt elfetobere ^c. 15ut tbis l!atute Ojall not p^eiuoice t be T5i== 

0)op of Durbam o? bis fucceffojs, toitbin tbe liberties of bis faio T5ifl;op* 

4 31f tbe ott)ner,gouernour,farmer,(!elnarD,bail(fe,or cbiefekeper of apiaceappeot- 
anp ifaire 0? 9parfeet ouert,UJbere bo?fes,mare8,gelDinffs, ano colts baue "o f"' ^"^^ 
bin anD (balbe ^jfeo to be folD,Oo not perelp appoint one fpecial open place, * ■ 
hjitbin tijt totone,place,fielo,o? circuit,tBbere bo?fes,mares,geltiing;es,o j 

colts (ball be folo , ano alfo one fufficient perfon o} mo?e to taltc tolle, anu %o\\ sat^ereu 
to continue in tbe fame place from ten of tbe cloche in tbe fo?enoone,bntil 
tbe ^m be fet iiailp,ourtn5 tbe continuance of tbe faio faire , be (ball foj« 
fait foj euerp oefault xl (billings to tbeSdueene ano 3info?mer , to be re* 
couereo before tbe 31u(Iices of peace,o j bp 9l.31»f c. toberein no 2B» $c. €♦ 

5 '5i:i)e -Collegatberer of euerp faire o^sparhet, (ball talke bis lato« ^m.'mtte 
full EoU fo? euerie bo?fe,mare, C!:eHiing,ano colte folo, ercbangeo, 0? put fou fo?^o?S' 
atoap in t^z faio faire ^u ^ at t\)Z open place appointed fo? tbe fale of bo^* ^^^^^ ^«^f"' 
feSjbettoitt tbe bourns of ten in tbe fo^enoone, ano tbe 5i>unne fet, if it be 
tenDjeD,gt at no otber time o?place,anD (ball baue before bint tbe partieis 

to tbe bargaine,at tbe taking of tbe 'Colle,ano alfo tbe bo?fe ^c. folDe,anD 
ftall uj^ite tbe names,futnames,ano otoelling places of tbe parties, ^ tbe 
f olour,ano one fpecial marhe of tbe bo?fe, o} els be (bal fo?f> fb^ euerp oe^* 
fault ] tbeCl.ano 31- to be recouereo before tbe 3Iuffices of 1^» 0? bp 
a«3!»gfc»tobcrein no C^,$Ct(J^tFt|Ctf oj tl;c fale of anp aollen Epo^fe ^cM 



Itollm i)u;fe to 
otonec? proper* 

la note of all 

-Elje feller of 


Faircs and Markets. 

a f aire o? 9^at!^et,(|)an not tafee atoap tlje p?opertp from t^e otoncr tfjer* 
of, e]ccepttbefameCpo?fc bcopcnlp nDDen,le6,toalkeo,iD^iuen,o?kpt 
tl)emopmg,gf tIjc^uttfet,tntljcopen place of tbejfaire, iwbere !^o?fesf 
are commonlp bien to be folD,^ not in anp boufe^paroe, bacfefioe , o? otbeij 
fecretplace^anubnletrean cbe parties! to tbe barpine being p^efent intbe 
fairr ifaire ^ c^l^al come togetfjer ^ b?ing tbe bo?fe fo tbe open place 
appointed fo? tbe "Colle ta^er,o? booKe Keeper, ^ tbere enter tbeir nameg 
ano iitaenin(5placeg,anii tbe colour,atiD onefpecianniarlteof tbeCpojfe,^ 
pap tbe toll fo^tbe fame,if anp bepaiable intbat jraire,o?elfe tbe biifer ta 
giue a peniefo^entringgtc* fo^tobere'EoUi^not uuebpreafonoftbe \i* 
iertp of anp f aire o? 9parKet,tl)e Keeper of tbe boofee Ibai not eract aboue 
a penie fo? a contractt^iij if anp Cpo?fe,spare,6elDin(5,o? Colt, tbeeuilb* 
Ip ff ollen^o? taKen aU)ap,bc folD,g;i«en,crcbangeD,o? put atoap in anp fairc 
0? marfeet,anD not ufeD in all points,ag 10 afo?efatn,tben tbe otoncr tberof 
map caKe againe tbe fame,o? baue an action of minue 0? repleuin fo? t^ 
fame i^o?re gtc»2.$ 5,p,f sp.7, 

6 %\)c %olU gatberer 0? Keeper of tbe booKe,(baU toitbin one cap ne]ct 
after euerp faireo? marKec eniieD,b?ing anu tieliuer bis booKe to tbe ©in« 
ner,^teb3arii,'Bailife,o? cbiefe gouemonr of tbe jTaire ^cAa^o (bal caufe 
a note to be maoe, of tbe number cf all CpojCeis Qtc» foloe at tbe fain rt re, 
ano (ball fubfcribe bis name, 0? fet bis marKe tbereunto, ^nu tobo fo ma« 
Ketb iiefault, (ball fo?faitfo? euerp offence tlje 3El,ann be reco* 
uereo before tbe 31ufticesof p^o? bp 3.3I»gfc*tBberein no ca,g^c.€*p. gfc» 
anu alfolball anftueretbepartielDbicb isgrieueD bp (jiiet negligence in e« 
uerpbebalfe.2»an0 ^li^.gfSp.y* 

7 jI5o pe?fon (bail in anp5raireo?sparKet fell, giue,ercbange,o? put 
atoap anp lIpo?fe, $pare, 6eHjing, Colt, 0? ifillie, Unlelfe tbe Eolle taKec 
tbere,o? (tobere no 'S^olle is pain) tbe boohe Keeper,T5ailife, 0? cbiefe Cf* 
ftceroftbefameiTaireo? sparhet, (ballann toilicaKe Upon iim perfect 
KnolDlctige of tbe perfon tbat fo (ball fell 0? offer to fell, giue, 0? ercbange 
anp lIpo?fe $c»anii of bis true C!;?iftian name,furname,anu place of Dtuel« 
lingo?re0ancie, anu (ball enter all tbe fame bis Knotolenge into a boofec 
tljere Kept fo?faleofbo?fes,<D? els tbat be fo felling 0? offering to fell, 
giue,ercbange,o? put at^ap anp bo?re fc^Ojall b?ing Unto tbe ^oll taKer, 
0? otber Officer afo?efaiD of tbe fame i^aire 0? llparKet,oue fufficient anD 
credible perfon tbat can, (ballj 0? tuill teCifie ano declare vinto, ano before 
fucb ^oUe taKi'cbooKe hceper,o? otber iaDfficer,tbat be Knotoetb tbe par* 
tie tbat fo f€lletb,giuetb,ercbangetb;0? pttttetb a^ap fucb bo?fe 9c.f bis 
true name,furname,mp(lerie,anD DU)ellingplace,anntbere enter,p? caufe" 
to be entren in tbe booKe of tbe faio Eoll taKer, 0? 2Dfficer, aftuel tbe true 
Cbjiaiau name,ann furname,.npaerie,anD place of Dtoelling,o;i reCancie, 
of yim tljat fo fcUetl;,giuety,e]ccyangetl;, 0? puttetlj atoap fuel; ilpojfe ?c» 


Faircs and Markets. 127 

as of I)(m tbatCotljal tfatfieojauoiicljIjishnoUjIeDcifeoft^eramepevfou, 
^ fl}al alfo caufe to he entrcti t\)z Metiz true p^t ce 0? \3aU1c tijat be fijal (jnug 
f oj tl)e fame Oo?fe folD.^uD no pctfon ffjall take Upon btm to auouclj, 
tettifie 0} Declare ttiat Ije knotoetb t|je partie tOu fa flj;*!! offer to fcn,5iue, 
£tcbange,o? put a\nap fucb Oojfe ^c* unlcs be noe intjeeu truclv knotb tbe 
fame yerfon^ane (ball truelp Declare to tbe 'Eonetaher,o? otbet 2D (ficer a- 
fo?efatti,afU)el tbe €.\)^Uim name,furname,mifterie, anu place of t)lDel» 
IinjanDrefiancieofbimfelfe,asofbim,of, anDfojtobom be maketb fuc& 
telItmomeanQauoucbment»^ntJ no Colle taker, ojotber perfon keeping 
anpbookeof entn'eof fale$ ofi^Jajfesm 5raireso?9parket0, (ball take 
0} receiue anp ^olle,o? make entre of anp fale, gift, ercbang:e,o? putting 
atuap of anp bo^f^ f c^tjnles l)Z knotoetb tbe partie tbat fo felletb, giuetb, 
«cbangetb,o? puttetb atoap anp fucb bojfe $c» ^ hi$ true Cb jiSian name 
furname,mi(terp,anti place of btsnujclling oKcCancpo? tbe partie tbat 
Iball ano toill tettifie anu auoucb bis knotoleoge of tbe fame perfon fo fel* 
Itng,giuing,e]ccbattcsinc5,o? putting atoap fucbbo^fe ^umu W trueCDbji* 
fttan name,furname,mpfferie ana place of otoelling 0? refiancie, ann (ball 
make a perfect entrie into tbe faiu book of fucb W knotaleug of tbe perfo, cnm RjaiDe 
ann of tbe name furname,mpflerie,anD place of tbe utDelling; 0? reOancie KStSitf ^ 
of tbe fame perfon, ano alfo tbe true pjice 0? ualwe tbat (ball be bona fide, ^ 
taken oj baD fo? anp fucb l)0?fe ^c*fo folD,giuen,e]ccbangeu,o? pwc atoap fo 
farre as be can Vmuertf ann tbe fame, ann tben ^im to tbe partie fo buping 
t} takingbp gift,e)ccbange,o? otberU)ife,fucb I;o?fe $c»requiring ano pap» g ""^[/fjjf Jo 
ing ttjjo pence fo? tbe fame, a true anD perfectnote in uj?iting, of all tbe to tije t>«pcr, 
fullcontent0 oftbefamefubfcribeo toitbbisbanne, onpainetbateuerp 
perfon tbat fo 0jall fell,giue,e]ccbange,o? put aiuap anp bo?fe f c. tuitbout 
being knotoen to tbe ^olle taker, 0? otber ©fficer afojefaio , 0? tuitbout 
bringing fucb auoucber oj ti3itnes,cau(ing tbe fame to be entreti as afo^e^* eucrp perfon making anp Dntrue tedimonie 0? auoucbment iw tbe 
bebalfeafo?efa(D,aniJ euerpColle taker, booke keeper, 0? otber officer of 
^aire 0? gparket afo^efaiu offending in tbe p?emifres,contrarie to tbe true 
meaning afo?efaiti,(bal fo?f»fo? cuerp fucb sef. u* li. "But alfo ^ euerp fale, 
giftjcr cbange,o? otber putting atuap of anp bo?fe gfc. in jfaire 0? Market, 
not bfeu in al points,acco?oing to tbe true meaning afo jefair>,(balbe uoin* 
^be balfe of tobicb fo?f fl)albe to tbe £i.^c. auD tbe otber to bini tbat totll 
fue fo? tbe fame before tbe 3!uaices of peace,o? in anp of ber ^aieCies 0?^ 
liinarie Courtg of Eeco?ti,bp a»of Dcbtj^^p^o? 31t toberein no €♦ p. gtc* 
3i.€ti?.i2» ' 

8 31 ranpbo?fe,mare,geltiing,colto?8llie,(balbel!ollen,anti after (ball S/ ?Seme 
be folo in open faire 0? market, auD tl)z fame fale (balbe tifeu (n all pointeg 5J^.?°'S ^^^^ 
ano circumaance0asafo?efaiD,petneuertbelestbefaleof anp fucb fjo?fe ?etKaK " 
Otc.\Mitbin (ire monetbs nert afcer tJ^z felonie Iione,(balln0t take atoap tbe t5« vm> 
^^opercie of tbe o'ojncr from loyljom tbe fame toa? ttollen , fo a^ claime be 


Falres and Markets. 

mm Milm Hjce monctfjs bp tbs part? from tofjom tl;c fame leas aoHeir, 

0? bp bi$ cj:zciito}& o? atimmi(lraco?s, o? bp anp otlj^r bv anp cftljcir ap^ 

pomcmcnt at o^ in tljz cotwne o? parifl) tob^re t Jje fame fjojfc gfc»{|jaibefofi0 

before tbc Spaio?,o? otijer Ijcao officer of tbe fame tolune oi pariffi , if t^e 

fame bo jfe ^c.fljaU Ija jipen to be founo in anp toUine co^pD?ate^ oj mar!^et 

tDtotte,o? elfe before anp 31ul!ice of p» of t^jat Countie necre to tbe place 

latere faclj IE)o?fc $Ctfi;albe founn, if it be out of tolune co^po^at o? mar* 

feettotone^ani! fo a0p?oofebemabe\Mitl)ini;lDaie0tbenne)ct enfuino:,b|> 

c\Do fufficienttuitnefCes to bcpiomiceD anbuepofcb before fuc^ jjeaD offi* 

cer oj 31uflice,(tul)0 bp Uertue of tfjis act, fijall b^ue autljo?itie to miniftec 

anp otl; in t&at beljalfe)t^at tlje pjcpectie of tije fame jjo^fe fcXo riaimes, 

iuas in tljepartp bp,oj foj tobom fucfjdaime is maDe, ^UJasaolIcnfroin 

i[)im \jbm fijc monetfjjs iiert before fuel; claime of anp fnc^ i^ojfe ^uT5\it t\^ 

jartie from iD^om tlje faio bo^fe 5tc,tua0 Ilollcn , lji0 crecutojs o} amnini* 

firato^s fljal anD map at all times after, notlMitbltanDiug anpfuc^i Cale oj 

fales in anp faireo^ open mar!tet,tI)ereofma5e, Oauep^opertie f potoert^ 

|>atte,ta!ie again,^ eniop tfje fairr l)o?fe $ c. Upon pa imeut, e? reauineffe, o^ 

rcasie to pap to tfje partie t[)ac (IjaH fjatie tijc pofurOicn anti interefi of tde 

fame (jo?feafc»if(jeU3inreceiueanD accept ;t, fomucljmonep as tbe fame 

partie ffjafluepofeannfiueare before fucObeab officer o> 3l«flice of peace 

^UJbo bp bertue of tljis act Ibai \)mc awtbo^itie to minittcr anu giue an ot^ 

in tbat bebalfc) tbat be paio fo? tbe fame bona fide toitbout frauue o? coI« 

siwmittQ luiton,anp lalii,(!atute jc.nottoitbftaniiinn:* 5i5ot onelp aU accelTo^ies be* 

• Wonn. fo^e fucjj f^i^nj, ^,0^0^ jj^; gjfg gjj accellb?ie0 after fucb felonp, (ball be ce= 

^^imti ano put from all benegte of tbeir Clergie as tbe p?incipall b^ fta« 
tute beretofo^emabe,i$o? ougbctobe*5i*€li?.i 24S*Clergie ij.lufticcs 

ofpcacc T J, 
S/fa'*^ ^''^"'^' ^ S.Statute dc Mcrcatoribus I ^« Cd,t. ^be flueene fijall p^oufoea 
"^' fealc foi f aires,^ tbe fame (balbe fent bnto euerp faire bnncr tbe SCl.feale, 
bp a Clerke ftuo^nco? bp tbe deeper of tbe iTaire. 
cbuw^satQs 10 s. Statute winchertcr* 1 3 ♦CD* i ,6« faires no? marKetiS f^^lbt feept 

in tbe CbuccbparDs, fo? tbe bonour of tbe €\)mch» 

jLonQoncri 1 1 <JStterp free man,anb citizen of tbe citie of leaDe,carie, 

StTti^sSv^^ 0? go luitb bis bictual, taare,o? marcbanbi^e tobatfoeuer it be, to anp fatre 

fatw 0; mavhtt 0} market tuitbin (Enslanbr anp (latute 0} ojbinance maoe 0? to be maoe 

iDitbinlonDon, to tbe contrarp notluitbHanDing* ^nn tbe faiD o^oinance 

^c,fl;albe botD,anD no perfou (balbe btirt in lofing of bis libertie bp abnul« 

Uns of,o? not obeping; tbe fame* ^m if anp perfon Doe caufe anotbcr to be 

pjeittbiccD bp tbe fame.bc (ball fo?f,to tlje Si.anb 31» be recouereti bp 

actionofDebt»5»$p,7.5» Y 

1 Who may buy Cartel only in the Faire & Market,and who elfwhcre 

2 ThatLordesof Faires and Mai kcts, (hall appoint two or three to 


Falfc ludgcmcnr^ Farmcs. Fdonie* 12S 

fcarch and feale Leather^ S.Leathcr 2 y ♦ 

5 That the felling of ftollen Caitel in a Fairc or Market in Wales, iliall 
not alter the propertic^S.Walcs 72. 

F:lfe Judgement. 

N©tte (but c&e (Duce nejSjal boJD plea in bis coure.of falfe uiDgcmcnc 
ff^inen in tljc court of bis tenants : fo^ fucb picas no fpeciaUp belong 
to tlje i^ucenes CroUine ann Disnitie.Marlcb, 5 2 .i^» 5 ♦ 2o» 


If anpperfoniJotal^e anpfciieraU JTarnte^ mo?etbenone, ofanp ma* nmti mtije 
tio?0,TattD0;Ccnemcnts,parfonages,o? tit^e^ tuitbin tbe 3]fle of migbt, ^^* "^ ^'^^^* 
tobereof tbefanne of tbem altogetbec (ball erceeu tbe fumme of jc^marltes 
perelp,tbele(rcc (bail fo^fait to tbe dueene foj euecp fucb taltinnj p^poimD 

2 2BbofoeuerDotbreceiueo? tat^cin farme fojtcrme of !ife,j>eres, ^,Je*^JSi[?fiw 
0? atUiil,bp 3fn^entuce,copp of court ron,o? otbertBife,anp moe boufes 0^ f'armoj, 
tenements of bufban!j|p,UJbereunto anp lanos are belonjiug , in toiune, 
niHa5e,bamlet,o? titbinoj toitbin tbislXealme, abouc tbe number of ttoo 
fucb bolDS 0? tenements, 0} batboj occupietb anp fucb bolus fo nelulp ta^' 
iten to tbe number of tluo,ejrcept be be Dtuelling luitbtn tbe fame partlbes 
tobere fucb bolos be,be Ibal fojfait to t\)C Ci,anD31»fo? euerp lueelie tbat Ijc 
(ball baue,occupp,o^ talte anp profits of fucb boles contrarp to tbis act iiu 
j5 ii(i»ll*to be recoueren liiitbin one pcre nejct after fucb offence committee, 
ijp a3l»^c»tobereinno ^4c*€»ip»?c.2 5,1^.8.1 3* 

1 When lands fcifed into the Qneencs hands vpon an Enqueft taken 
before an Erchetor,may be lettofarme^and to whom.S.Patents 1 7* 

2 That the ihcrifc flial not let to farme his countie,his Bailiwicks,Hun- 
dreds,nor Wapcntakes.S.Sherifes y» 

3 That Ecclefiai^ical perfons may not take any farmes.See EcclenafU. 
lall 14.1(5. 


1% is f elom'e h^ lIatute,to fel,e]rcbana;e,o? oeltuer toitbin ^cotlanu, 0? ^omtvim 
tbe batable grounD bettoeeneCnglano ano 3§)Cotlanu,to tbe bfe of anp ^wtuSi^ 
^cottilbman, anp l^o?fe,9©are,o?6clDing, o^tofen,ercban(!;e,o?DcIi* 
ucr in €nglan0,2Bales,T5ariMicke,o?tbe9parcbcs of tljefame, ojiin tbe 
faiD batable groGo,to tbe intent to be conueieo into ^cotlann, anp lt>o?fe, 
S^are^o? Reining , toitbout tbe dCiueenes licence bnuer ber great ^eale. 
SlnD in like fo^t it is felonie to h\i^ tbe fame* ^no it (ball be latojful to eue* 
tie of tbe Siueenes fubiects inbabitmg in tbe marcbes againff j8)cotlan0, 
to arreft anp ^cottifljman conueping fucb lipo^fe ^c^^no be (ball baue one 
moitieoftbep^iceoftbei^o?fe,amitbe2Ei»tbeotber» 2sS?*^fi6*u€U^ 

2 anDtbefecontJtimetob?ing,fentJe,iieliuero?recetue, 0? to procure ^gj^^fo^fitts 
to be bjougbt/ent^DdiuercM? vmm^ into a (bip o} botbome, anp (beep ^ ^^*^ ' 

. ibeing 


licma; aliue,to be conueieir out of tlje Q,oommiott9i»15ut t\)m Wl be no 
corruption of blooD no? fo?f* oflano o? uoDPer bp reafonof t()i0 Jf clonic, 8» 

J^ton7«"^ °f 3 ^«ti to conCpirej ocuiCe, inuent, o} pe about tinlalufullp ano malici* 

*^' '^ * oudp to enlai-ge o? fet at liber tie anp perfon contmittco to p jifon, garo, o? 

cuttoopbp tb^Ciueen0fpecial commanDement,tobicb isinnicteo of trea* 

^ fon toucbing tbe Ci.perfon,ano tbe Came confpiracp jc^bp too jD0,U3?itin j 

0? otber act,manifcarp to fee fo^tb oj Declare i^,€\i^f2,tQ enoureuurms 

tbedliueeneglife^S.Prifonsi. : 

'SLaWngo^Bc. 4 ^"^ i3ulaUifunpto conrpirejCompaCfeiimagtnejPjacttfc, o^uemfeta 

nco^tng tge talte o? Iieepe from p il.anp of (jer Caffles^ComergjiTo^treflcs, c} boltJ0, 

^^ wencfl (zia- p^ j^ raife^^jm^nco? oeCrop anp of tbcm,o? anp part of tbem,bamng muni* 

tion 0? o^Dinance of tbedueenSjO? appointeo to be pmeuiBitbfoulDierjS 

fo? tjefeccetbereof.luitbin anp of tbe Cl.Dominion0,o?tbemarcbe0of tbe 

fame.ano tbe fame confpiracie ^c* aouifetilp bp anp act, t»o?O0 o? ta^itinj 

to Declare foj anp of tbe maltciou0 ^ rebelliou0 intet0 afojefaiD* ano it 10 

jTelonp to be airiinc!:,counfailins,comfo?tinff,o? abbettingtoanpfucbcS- 

fpiracp.fenotuing: tbereof. 1 4»€li5» i ♦S^Cartels i* 

KcfiiRng to ai). 5 ^"0 fo? bim U)btcb bp tbe Statute ppuiDeD(Anno 5 5*di? i ♦to rc« 

mimms^' taine cbeaci.rubiect0 in Dueobeoience) is to be abiureo tobicb (baUrefuft 

to mafee fucb abiuration a0 hi^ tbe faio ftatute i0appointeD , oj after fuc& 

abiuration,lbal not go to fucb l^auen, anD toitbin fucb time a0 10 appoiu* 

teo,^ from tbence Depart fo^tbof tbe realmeacco^Dino; to tbe faiD Hatute, 

0.2 after \)is Departure,(baU returne anD come againe into anp tbe CiueenjJ 

realme0 0? Domtnion0 luitbout (jer fpecial licence in tbat bcbalfe firtt ba^ 

anDobtaineD*10?ou(DeD tljat tfjeuoifeof anpoffeuDcrbp fo?ceof tbi0 act, 

(ball not lofe ber Doluer, no? tbat anp corruption of blouD (ball groto o} be 

bp reafon of anp offence mentioneo in tbi0 act: 3ut tbe beire of fucb offcs 

Der,bp fo?ce of tl)t0 act,(ball 9 map, after tbe Deatb of euerp DffenDer,baue 

anD eniop tbe lanD0, tenement0, anD bereDitamcnt0 of fucb offeuDer, a0 if 

tbt0 act baD not binmaoc : %\)is act to continue no longer tben to tbe enD 

' oftbene.rt^e(nonofparliament,35*€li*S.Recufants ip^^nDfo^biM' 

tobtcb bptbefiatutep?ouiDeD(An.3 5«€l2,fo? tbereCraintofpopilbHe* 

curant0 to Come certain place of aboDe)i0to be abiureD, tnbicb (ballrefufe 

to mafee fucb abiuration a0 bp tbe faiD Hatute i0 appointcD 1 0? after fucb 

abiuration fl;all not goe to fucb bauen,f toitbin fucb time 30 10 appointeD, 

^from tbence Depart fo?tb of tbe Healme accojDing to tbe faiDttatuteoj 

after bi0 Departure, (ball returne anD come againe into anp t})t Clueenes 

realme0 0? Dominion0 UJitbout bee fpeciall licence in tbat be(jalfe firU bao 

anD obtaineD,^ 5»€li5.2* S.Recufants 5 :?♦ 

Ccnturatiott. 6 ^uD to p?actife, bfe, 0? erercife anp ilnttocation, 0? Coniuration of e« 

uil anD toicfeeD fpirit0 fo? anp intent,o? to beapoingo? counfailingto anp 

fucb offeuDer.l^ut tbere fball be no corruption of blouD, O} fo?ft of lanD oj \ 


:FeIonic. 120 

toWt , tip reafon of tfjisf JTdontc, jtCli^^ 1 6^ S. Coniuratlon i . 

7 dntj to e;c0rctfe t^^itcljcraft, €nci?antmentjCI}arme,o? ^o^cen'e, C2i(tcf)craft. 
iMfjerebp anp perfon fljaH be !<i!IctJ 0? ticttcoicu , 0? to be apuing 0? coun^ 

faplmg: to anp fucb offenno^ ♦ "But tbcre fljaU be no corruption of blooD, 
o^fo?f»oflanDO?lioli!ergpc»5«€li?«i^fS.Coniuration 2. 

8 Slno tlje fccontJ time to p^actife £aJitcbcraft,€nc^antment:,Cljat:me ^ntbantmcnt, 
t} j§)0?ccrie,tD^erebp anp perfon OjaU be conrumeu,o^ lameo in bis bttiit ®^^""^* 

0? member,o^ anp of Bis gcoiss 0? cattels ueff roien 0? impaireOjbeing once 
of tbe li^^ offence coniiictcD before , 0? to be counfaiiino; o^ apbing to fucb 
offenoo? ♦ 15ut no coemption of blooD, oj fo?faiture of f anli oj vtj^Wt ^c* 

j»CIi?»i<^f S.Coniuration 3. 

9 ^ntr to commit ^ttggerie toitfi manlttmj, aibead, 25* 1^* 8* (?♦ iffuggcrip. 
5,eii?»i7* '''^" '■'?"'' '^■^■' _^v^'"•^^^■■•'-. ■■■•^•v.''-" 

I o ^nD fo? anp feritant ( otljer tben ^pp^entice ) betngj of tfie ajje of ^tmmti m* 
j;\3iii»peeresto goe atoap toitlj anp nionep,ictuel0,5oob0,o? cattels^o? anp SeSsoow. 
part tbereof of bis Staffers 0? Spidreffes, of tbe balue of ]cl i, o} abotie, 
neliuereo unto bim to Iteepe h^ W 3pailer,$ tlje intent to fteale 0? He* . 

frauu W Spader 0? spidreflfe thereof ,0? bein^ in feruicetoitfj fjis faitt 
^a fter, to imbe?iU,o? to conuerc to W oione bre,monep,ffooDS,^c, of tbe 
faio ^aluc, toitbout W Spatters commawnuement, to tl;e intent to HcsHc : . 
t^efame* 21 Jp»8«7, j»di?,io* 

I I anb fo? a feruant imbefiling W Spatters ffoous after fjis nmh , ^mmi im- 
Wd) XiOt\) not appeare in tbe Eings benclj to aimfujer fttcfj ^^^^^ ^^^ '^ 
time, as h-^ to?it irirecteD,an0 proclamation marie,te (|jaU be bemaunoen* after tSm ■ 

1 2 3no fo? anp perfon of tU age of ]riiii.peeres 0? aboue, caHing hm ©g^pttaittf. 
felfe an egpptian,o? being m companp tuitb tljofe Wtb caU cOemfelues 
Cgpptians, 0^ uiCguiCng bimfelfe iti apparell ,fpeac!) , oj otbertoife, lifec 

sjnto tl^em , anu fo to continue at one 0? feuerall times tuptfjin Cnglano 
t} ^ales , bp tlje fpace of a monetf; ♦ i, gt 2» p ♦ anb 9p» 4» j^Clij^zio* 

S. Egyptians 2» 

1 3 ^no fo? anp man being tfte Sluecnes feruant fUJO?ne, tmb tw^ofe conrpaacfc ' 
name is in tbe Cbccfe roule of Ijer bouajolo/eruing in anj) office 0? roumt^ KSfe !of 
UnDer tlje eCtate of a lop , to confeberat, imagine, compa(re,o? confppje ang ip^o! 
tottl) an otbertobeCrop 0^ murber tljeSCl^o? anpXbib^of tbisHealme, oj 

anp otljer ftuo^ne to t'\)t Clueenes CounfeU, o^ ttje ^tetoarb, -Ereafo^e^ 
oj Comptroller of t^eClueenesljoufes. 3,^»7.i 3* See Queenc 1 2. tl;ac 
tie compalTing of tl^edueenes tteatb, 0? booilp barme tenbing to beat^, 
attb bp lUHCi"S>^^acb,^c+ peclaring tlje fame is ^igb 'Creafon* 

1 4 ^no to rauifb anp tBoman,)j3berc Ibe botb not confent, before no? nm* 
after. 9inb to rauilb anp toomantoitl) fo?ce,t^ougb Ibebp confent after, 
Z^Xett*!, 1 3»€D,if33»^nbbnlatofunpanDcarnal(ptohnolB anbabufe 

anp tooman cljiMnoer t^e age of ten peereSti ^*€li^A S. Rape 1.2. 

^ 15 ^no 


•J5?e.i!tttts I $ SuDi fo^ anp pcrfou to b^ealie p??foit , king tfiercm fo? f ef onie* 

'5CaR{it« a mo. ^ ^ ^"^ ^"^ ^^^^ ^"^ ^^^^' toifotu, 0? taife,f)auina: lanns c? 0^00110 , oj 
man ngaiuft ' ibeing ftcire apparant to ber auncctto?, againG ^cc tuill i3nla)xifuUp,ann to 
tiec loiiu xttmt anp fo tato fenotoing ttjcrcof, ann to yjocure gt abettc tl;e fame* 

5»l^»7»2»S* Women 12. 

■s:o mm n mu 1 7 ^ntj fo? a Gaoler , ^tt^ct, o} ^nnttktt^tt of p^ifoti to mal^c anp 
fmier become p^ifoncr lu 1)10 tuaroe to become app jouec againtt ^10 toiU bp too great 
^*'^*'" * iiure(rcofimpjifonment,aniibppame.r4.(2^0,3*io*S»Prifons 5. 
M«ttifng of 18 ^no fo? anp Clerfee 0? otbec perfon to If eale, taKe atoap^tottljrj^ato, 
Si?w;3w, 0? Ii3ininglp aitoioe anp Heco?rr,o? parcel of Eeco?0,tJ3?it,returne,paneJ, 
p?oce0, 0} tuarrant of ^tturncp, in tfje CJjamicerie , ^J^fcljequer ,Eingg{ 
ienclj.Common place, 0? ^reafurte , tu^erebp anp 31«iisement (ball be 
reuerfeo, 0? to bt a counfeller,piocurer,o? abbetter tbereunto ♦ 3nii balfc 
tjje CnqueS to()ic(j lljaU trie tlje f elonie Qjall be of tbe fame Court , ana 
balfe of ocber perfon0» SJS?,6^ 1 2, S. Recordcs 4. 
Cutting out oE 19 StiD of malice p?etenDcrj,to cut outtljetongue,o?patout tfjc epesi 
Sutoffi of anpof tbeCi«eene0fubfect0» 5*4*5^ 

' 20 9nD fo^anp perfon fiiiDing: a ifalDconXatterXaneret^'^ercelet, 

jmbcnunK j,? otfjer ilpaufee, tufiicb Dotlj not b?ing tlje fame to tlje ^birifc of tfje fame 

•fa ipawHc* (2^j5 jt^tie, tbat be map mafee ppclamation in all t\)t goon '^otBne0 of tbe 

^bite,to tbe intent tbe otoner map baue toMenge tbereof, but ootft 

imbeaUtbe^au&e. ^y^COtS.ip^S.Haukcs 2. 

§PttmpUtatio« 2 1 ano to pjactife tbe artof multiplping of (SoId 0? ^iluer*5.^.^*4; 

seafonij. ^* antifoj to caufe9paron0 to confederate tljemfelue^ in cbaptcr?, 
ano alTembte^ttJberebp tbep To iJoe. 3*5)»^. I ♦ 
, 25 anil fo? bim tubicb i^ entreo of reco?o a ^oulDiour,anD batb ta^eti 

^ part of tbe Sluecne0 toage0,o? fo? a spanner, 0? a (0unner,taifeing p?eir 

wages to feruc tbe Clueenc oh tbe ^ea ,not to come Dnto , 0? to oeparc 
frombtsiCaj[itainelJ3itbout licence* 1 8» ^,6^ 19, 2»(£d,<5,2» 5* Clijtj* 

27«€li5»Ti* 4t^5»P»attf!3p;^S.Captaincs 3. 
fpwntmgitt t^e 24 amifo?anp perfon to bunt bnlauifullp in tbenigbt, inanp fo?e0, 
ilffiflns?^^^ parfee,o? toarren, 0? toitb patntcD face0,t3ifo?0,o? otber Difgui(mg0,co tbe 
intent be ^oulo not be ftnotoen, ann being cbereof eramineo bp one of tbe 
Clueene0 Counfell, 0? h^ a3f ul?ice of peace of tbe fame ^bire, to conceal 
tbe offence 0? anp offender ♦ ano fo? anp perfon M)ki) Iboulo be arrelleti, 
to Dtfoljep , 0? mafte refcue to anp perfon bauing C2Jarranc to arrett fuc& 
banter , fo tbat ejrecution of tbe fame C^larrant tberebp be not bao* i Jp* 

7» 7» Sec luftice of peace 1 0,.^ f, . 

3-^ . fs ano fo? anp l^uruepo»r,iaier,o?. otber, to malte purueiance fo j 

j?tt(WE9w?* tbe^ueene3b^ufe,o? 2BarD?abe,ti3itbout toarrant.of to carrie anp tying 

a\iiapagaiuSltbeconfentof£bco\Bner»2 S.Co*i,2,auDfo? anppurueioj 

flfte? comuuffion to bim^irectcD , to hu^ 0? pjoui:ir^oj cal^e a;ip cariage 



Pelonic. ; , i ^o 

lit oftcr mancr tOcn i^ conijjjtfeD inW tomiwMoii* 3 <?;€tf/5ii*'&ni"fa^ 

eitp puruepo?,notca make bis p^ouiCon bp tlje tefitmonp ^ app^atfement 

tf tije Conllable0 j foWt fjonefl mcu of tlje totoncjtufjere \)t mahetij bis 

^?ice$iamj not to DeJiuet ^alcs:o? 31nticntnrc33 fcaleb tuicl) lji$ feaie,ceat> 

fpfttof tbefame, 5»eD*3;.2, 25»e&if*i» aintifo^mt]J^uruie|>o? totaSe \Jt^-'''./' 

hJ0?e ftittailesi 0? cartages fp^ tbe&nccnestoufc ,0? mo'?e great ^o^feu 

tbenbe b^tb ueliucrco to t-be fame boufe, 36.CD+ j«4> atiu fo? anp pur* 

ttepo? to take mo?e (Jxepe before (Ijeare timccben bcfufftcfent fo? tb^ 

ilueenes boufc, anu to carie tbem to bis oUjne bottfe,^am> (fjeare tbem; 

25*.CB«3«i;r*S.Purueyours 4.p.i7a8.ip. ' - ■ ' ' - ■ 

16 9ni>efcfoones to ttimmicattp of tbe offences p^obibitc5lj})'tbel!a- ^SjJ?/^ 
tttte p^om'ucB 5,€ftf apinff cbe fogging of euicences anti Hijittnp, be^ 
ing once before conutctcD,o? conDemnen of anp of tbe fato offences bp an^ 
of tbe toapes t} meanes iimitteutp tbe faio fiatute ♦ 3tit tbere fljall be 
no co?rttptton of blootj, no? foj^tture of lano 0^ uotoer b^ teafon of tbt^ 
^elonie* j^CIi?* i4#S. Forging &c. 4, \' '-. = ;• " : < 

2 7 anD fo? anp perfons to tbe number 6f jtit/o^Simte^fteftt^ aft^mbleu airJa^jfaii 
togetber, to tntenti, go about,p?actife,o? put in i3?c U)itb fo^c of armes ^"■""''i*** 
JjulatufuHp, gfc»to cbange anp lat»cs in fo^ce eftabiifben fo? Kdigion bp 
parliament,o? anp otber latues,o? ^tatutes,a? to Do anp otber ^ct p^o« 
liibiteu bp tlje0atutep?ouiDeDagaintt ijnlauifull ^rebefliousalTcmbfie?; 
ectSntr being commanueD 0? requiret! bp tbe J§)birife,o? 3Iu6ices of peace, 
Cfc^^aio^^aiHfcQ^Ctbp proclamation in tbe Slueenes name, to retp?e to 

tbeir boufes,f c» to remaine togetber bp tbe fpace of an botoer after fucfr 
commantiement bp proclamation, 0? after in forcible ? riotous maner to 
«ttempt,iio,or put m ^re^anp of tbe tbings afo?efam. 1 .^,ii,i,€\,i6^ 

28 ^nu fo^ anp perfon unlatofuUp ^c* bj> ringing of anp beIS,founDing nafUngof tm. 
of anp 'Erumpet,D?omme, Cporne, o? otber inarument ,or bp firing of Jagtmuflcw 
anp beacon, malicious fpeafeing of anp iDorus , ma&ing anp outcric, fet« 
titffe Dp, or calling anp bill , cj tnriting , o^'.bp anp otber Deeoe , o? act to 
raife anp perfons to tbe number of ]cii» o? aboue , to tbe intent tbe fame* 
perfons fi)oulD uoe,commit o? put inb^e anp of tlje actes aforefaiD p?obi' 
lJiter»,$Cf 31f tbe fain perfons fo raifeD after requcS o? commaunuemenc 
giuen as afojefaio , fball continue togetber as aforefaiD , 0^ ijnlatufuUp 
rommtt anp of tbe tbings aforefaif* 1 ♦^^ 1 2* i ♦^li^* 1 6, 

19 Snrifortbeluifeo?feruantofanp oftbe Came perfons fa affcmbleD, ifcucufitgpw* 
anu for anp otber perfon tMbatfoeuer,tuillinglp to fenD,bring ,ueliuer, o? [;S,S^"^' 
tonuep anp moncp , barneffc, artillarie , tueapon, meat, l>reatJ, Urinl^e, 0? ^ '^ "^^^' 
otber ijtttaile , to anp perfon or perfons fo being affcmbleJ , During fucb 
time as tbcp (ball be togetber, i ♦Sp, 1 2* i .eii?, 1 6^ 

3 o SuD for anp p erfons to tbe number of jclor aboue,to alTemble tbem ^f • vi^fm^ 
felucs in forcible maner i3nIatX!fuIlp,to tbe intent to do $c.anp of tbe fore- SSuS? 
(m tl:;iugs,c} ovi;er fcloiuous 0^ rebellious actis , ^ to cominue |oo;etbei: 

^ a bi» 


hpt^t fpacc of iiulmm after p?o|Clamation mate, at, o? n(g]& t^e place 
toljere tljep be a(femWeD,o]t in fome^^arfeec toton nejct aiiioining,aftec nd* 
ticet^fcof cotljem giuen»15ut t^rcfljalbeno cojruptioofbiooDbpreafon 
of anpof tbefefclome2!»i*9p»i2» i»Cti<$*S.Riots 16.17.1 8.19.3 '• 
«>iauittj«tou{{ 51 aiiD fo^ anp perfon toljiciytbaH cftCiones aDuifeiilp,auti toitlj a ma« 

ffiene! '^^ '^^"^"^ "^f^"^' ^^^^^^^ ''^^^^ otBneuttaginatiou, 0^ of tlje fpeafeing 0? r^? 

porting of anp ot|rei:,fpeafee,o^ report anp falfe/eoitiou0 ano (launoerou^ 

5i?ietocs!,Ettmo^0, fap wg£i,o? taleia of our j^ueraipe Laup tlje Clueent 

tOat noU) is , being once latofuHp conuicceo ofanp of t^jeofifenceis afoje* 

faiD* 2 ^♦Cli5»2» S.Newcs 5. 

«>iaw«ti«of 3^ ^nufojanpperronUJ^icbeitljectoitbmtljeSlueenesDomimonjs 

ti)e Tiwtnz ' 0} luitljOtit , Uj^tcb Wl aouifcDlp , anu tuicl) a malicious intent againft 

tSK'^ ' °"^ J^Queraigne laop , oeuife ano to^it, p?mc , o} fet foo?t(j anp "Boofee, 

BimejWlaneXetterjd? to^iting containing anp falfe,feliitiott0,^ (taun* 

oerous mattej: to tlje oefamation of tbe Cl»o? to tbe incouraging^ftirring, 

0? mouing of artp 3infurrection o? EebeHion toitbin tbis Kealmr, o j an? 

tbe Dominions belonging to tbe fame; 2D? IbaU abuifeblp $ toitb a mail* 

ciotts intent againtt ouc faio ^oueraigneiaop procure, ojcaufeanp fuc^ 

boofee,lD?iting,^c»to be tu?itten,pjinteo,pubIi(beD, o? fet foojtb , ano tbc 

fame offence not beingpunifijable h^ tbe ftatute maoe ^vu 2 j^Co* 3 ♦ con« 

' ccrning €ceafon,o j oeclacation of "^reafonjO j bp anp otbec llatute tober* 

by anp offence is matieo^DeclareriCreafon, 23»Cli?»2» S.Ncwcs <5. 

^eewtisf to g ^ ^uD fo? anp peifonlDbicb uuring tbe life of tbe SHueenes SpaieCie, 

fons"t5?2 £. citber UJitbin ber Dominions 0? toJitbout , tuljicb (ball hi^ fetting 0? erec« 

i!)au uuc 0? tingof anp figure 0? figures,o;i bp caSing jl^atiuities, 0? h^ Calculati* 

stmi, ou3,o?bpanpp?opbecping,C3litcbcraft,Coniurations,o?ctberlifeebn« 

laiy fuii meanes uibatfoeuer/t'efee to ]^nDtr!,anci (ball fet foo^tb h^ ejrpjelTe 

li30?Ds,5eeDes,o? ii}?ittngs,bota long berSpaieSie (baU liue,o? continue, 

0) l2)bc Ibal reigne as Eing 0? fOueeue of tbis Healme after bcr ueceafe* 

£} (ball aQuifenlp $ toitb a malicious intent agaiufi; ber l^igbnefTe btter 

anp Direct p?o)Jbecies to anp fucb intent gt purpofe ♦ ©? (ballmalieioudp 

-„ fcs* ^P »"? i»o?iJs>?iting,oj> p?inting,toi(b,totlljO? oeHre tbe Deatb,o j Dep?i« 

fflticgni Deat^ uationof tbe ilueenes ^aiellie tbat noto i^, 0? anp cbing oirecclp to t^e 

9} owiijation, fame e(fect>^ni3 to be apoer,p?ocurer,anoi abetter to anp of tbe faiD offen^ 

f eSjis alfo jf elonie ♦ "But no attainoer of anp perfon fo? anp offence maDe 

jfdonie bp tbis ^ct tl)di be aoiuugeo to malte tbe offcnoer to fojfait anp 

ianDs,tenements,o? IjereDitamecs anp longer tbeti onelp During biis olane 

life : ©J to mafee anp corruption of bloou to anp beire of anp fucb ofFen^ 

DO J ; iaD J to malje tbe Uiife ofanp fucb offeuDo j to loofe ber Doioer,o? title 

of 5otocr, of,o? in anp lan^Sj^Cf o} bcr action oj intereU to tbe fame* 25* 

IRccefliitij n ^(i?^ 2* See Newes 7. 

teiietifng am? g ^ ^ati fo? aur pcrDn luittf nglv ana teillinglp to receiue,relieue,com« 
3PmX "* fo|t,aioe,o^main{;aineanp3l£finje,^emmarieF^iefl,020Jl;er 'P?ie(I, ' 


Fclonie. 131 

Deacon, 0? nli«,io\is 0? ccclefiailican perfon toljatfoeitcr, brfnoiboinc 
totcbirt t\)is HcaI{iie,o? an? otfjer tlje Cltiecncsf dptsbnefie Dominians,anti 
\)2Utofo}e((i'^ice tljc fcafiof !§>aint 3io{jn t!je':i3apti(!, 2n i^Cli^O maDf, 
o?tieineD,o? p?ofeffcD,o? bereaftcr to ljemaDe,o?Deineii,o? p?ofc(rcD,bp anp 
a«c!;o?:tie oj iitrifDiction oeriuerijCballcno^eti.o? p^ctetincD from tie ^ca 
of Home, being at libertie , o} out of bolD, tolDms lym to be a ilefuite, 
i&emmarie 13jielf, cj fucb otbec p?ie(l,Deacon, 0^ reltgioug c} tcckU=' 
afficaUperfon, as is afo^efaio, 27»€Ii?» 2, S. kfuites 5. 

5 5 anu fo? anp pecfon 0? perfons bautns tbe cbaroje 0? cufionte of anj) McniiKg t^c 
armottr,ojDinauce,mimition,(!)ot, poloDec, 0? babilimentsof toarre, of iSMmwur,' 
tbeCl»^aie0te,berbetre3 o?fucce(ro?s,o? ofanpbictualap^outDcDfoj c;J>i"uaw. 
tbe uictualing of anp ^oulDier2i,(i5unner0,9pariner0,o? pioners, tobicl) 
(ball fo? anp lucre 0? game, j toitting;lp,auiurcDlp,f of purpofc to ifinntt 
0? mipeacb b^f Spaieftiea fermce , iml)e|il,purloine, 0? conuep atoap an? 
tbe fame armour, o^oinance, munition, (bot,o?potiJfier,babilimcnts of 
toarre,o? bictual^ to tbeUalue of vic^SM one 0? feuerall times, to tljat be 
he impeacbcD fo? tbe fame toitbinonepcere neitt sfter t\)t offence Done* 
!li5ut no attainuer fo? anp offence bp tbis 3lct (tied mafee tbe offeoer to fo?f» 
anp lanDS anp longer tben onlp During bis life.o? mafee anp corruption of 
i)looDtotbebeire,c?tbetoJifetofo?f,berooli3en3 i,€l4»s.Aruiour 11. 

5 6 ^nD fo> anp l^ogue bemg banifljcD tbis Eealtiie bp tbe 3Iuft ices of ^^s^'^** 
peace in tbeir Cluarter ^e(rions,tubicb Ib^il returne againe into anp part ^''S^'"'"™^*' 
of tbis Healmc,o;t C2Jales, tuitbout latiifuU licence,o? warrant lo to Doe* 
ZS,Voic\) jTclonp fijal be b^aro ^ DetermineD in tbatCcuntp of tbis realme 
t} COaleSjin toljicb tbe offenDoi (balbe app^ebeuDeD»3 Pt<Slif ^^ Sec Va- 

gaboundcs 4. • 

3 7 9nD fo? an iDle $ UoanDering ^ouloiour 0? S^ariner, 0? otber iDle partner*. 
perfonUjanDeringasafoulDiouroji mariner, tobicbDotb not fettle bim* ^''"'^^''"'^*» 
felfetofcrmce,labour,o> otber latofulcoucfe of life tuitbout luanDering: 
iD} tobicb comming from bis Captaine from tbe ^eas,o? frsm tbe partiS 
beponD tbe 5§)eas,(bal not Imt a Cellimonial bnDer tbe banD of fome one 
3iuaice of peace,of 0? neere tbe place Inbere be lanDeD,retting Dotun thmn 
tbe place $ time toben ano tubere be lanDeD,^ tbe place of bis Dtoclling j 
bp?tb Unto tnbicb be is to pa(re,anD a conuenient time tberein limitteD fo j 
bis pafTaget ©? bauing fucb a 'Ce(timonial,il)al toilfullp ejcceeoe tbe time 
tbertn limitteD aboue riiii^Dapeje: 2D? bauetoitb bim anp ft!cb telfimonial 
fo?geD,ftnoiuing tbe Came to be fo?gcD:© j \ubicb being retepneD into fer* 
ttice fo} one tobole peer e,after bis arraignement fo? anp offence afo^efaiD, 
(ball Depart ujitbin tbe peere, tuitbout tbe licence of Ijim tbat fo retepneD 

biin* 39.Cl:^»i7»Sec Mariners &c. 4. 5. <5. 

5 8 anD fo? anp per fon peruerllp $ malicioullp to l)?eafe bp o? cut Doton ppuutiifee, 
anp part of netu potuDil^e in ^ariblanD,in tbe Cotmtp of |!lo?follt,o? in 
tbe bphen Difee,otberuuirc calleo dId 6elD Dike b^ ^arfijlanD in tl;e SlHe 

^3 of 


of (SIpJn t^e Comniz of Cambjingc , o? m\p otijcr 6an?t hdnt(, \mtt\i of 
tlje HiuDe ^ tJttermoSpartof tbe faio coimtrie of {:©arfl)lanD,maDefo? tljz 
ficfencc of p fame cauntrie of <^flrfl;lanD,Dt()ertotrc tben in toojl^ing^pan 
tI)efaiobanUs$oike.s,foicI;e rcpaircof tljefame* 22jp»8*i i* 2»anti ?♦ 

jg J. . 39 ^nt!tetlfuU!tiIlingbppopfom'nojofan^pci'ron,is\wiifu!!muroer 

pojiontns. jif maitcc p^epcufen* ano tlje offcttoer0,aptiecs,aljbettcr0,p?ocurcr0,ami 

counfaiIer^,fi)anfufer ncatlj,am> fojfait aj3 in ot^cr cafeis of UJiIfuU mwc» 

cEuetF man 4° ^^^ ^^ a;etteraHj» f^aH be reatsp ae tbc commatmsemcut anti Turn* 

fl)aH pucfu? mon0 of tl)c ^firtfeSjano at tbe ccie of tbe cotmtrer>topurr«e ano arrcli 

Mwfi, jTelon^jiuIjen nceoe (ball bCj afmell ^aitiiw jTranclure^ as tuitbotit , anu 

tbcp tbattoilinoc,^ thereof be actaimeo, (ball mafee a gcicuou? fine to tbe 

Queene, ans if oefault be founo in tbe lo^o of tbe francbife,tbe Cl^fbaH 

feife tbe fcancbife into bee banO0« ^no if oefault be in tbe Qjal be 

one peere imp?ifoncD,fj after mafee a grieuouB fine,^ if be bane not tobec* 

Concealment ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^"^ ^^'^ peeres imp jifonment* ^no if tbe Ji)birife,Co?oner,o^ 

0^ ncuttaci)' anp'BailifelDitbinrttcbfraiiitcbife,ojtoitbout,fo?retoarD,o?intreat(e,o^ 

tnent.offeipnsf. an])affinitie,tioconceal,confcnt,oj procure to conceal tbe Jfeloniejs Done 

in tbeir libertie0,o^otbei:iMife toil not attacb o? arceft fucb JTeloua (toljere 

a0 tbep map) o? otbertuife toill not oo tbeir offices fo? tbe fauour tbat tbep 

beare to fucb offenoers,^ be tberofattainteD,tbep (bal be onepeereimpji^ 

foneD,^ make a grieuous fine* ^no if tbep bans not lubereof to mal^e fine, 

tbep (ball be tb^ce pccres imp^ifoneo, caeft* i ♦ 5 *€ti, i ,p» U^on all i^o« 

mt a»f» ©tiu. miciDes,'Burglaries,men flatne,o? put in great oanpr, bitp f crie (bal be 

leuieo,^ euerp man Gjal f olloiu tbe b«p $ cfie,^ off eoers Ceps^if it map be, 

^ tobofoeuer ootb not,gt is tberupon con«icteti,(balbe attacbeo to appcare 

befoietbe 3IufftOf gaoleoeliuerp»5*€»u Officium Cor.S.Huy & Crie. 

41 ' 31fanpmanfurpcct fucb letooeperfons as tnere in times pad calleo 

feltmi fc* (^o'lJertfinenj^aacrSjO? D^atolatcbe?) of anp manfiaugbters.felonicg 

mis. 0} robberies, be it bp oap o? nigbtjtbep (ball be tncontinentlp arrefieD bp 

tbe ConCtable of tbe €^o\J3ne,$ if it be toitbin jf rancbife,oeliucrcD to t\)t 

•Bailifesof tbeifrancbife, ano if in6il5able,to tbe ^bicifes^ano hcpt 

Dntill tbe comming ootoneof tbe 31ullices of (£>aoleoeliuerie,ljc0o (ball 

ppceetietotbeoeliueranceof tbem. j^^o^^i 5. 

iFeioni! ttm» 4 ^ 3!f notorious if elons tobicb be openlp hnotoen of euil fame,tDil not 

ansc iai5>ruu put tbemfelues bpon CnqueCts of felonies tobicb anp man ootb pjofccuce 

"^""- before tbe 31 unices at t\}e ClXuit,tbep (b?.lbe put in arait ^ hm 

l9j<ne»fo?f> tbofelubicbrefufc tbelato of tbe iaealme*15«t tbis is not t!it!er(Jani3eu 

**^ ofpjifoners,'o3bicbbeta1^enfa?aligbtfurpition,?2JcG.i» ^€o,i»i2* 

1 That the keeper of a Forre{t,Parke, or Warretijmay kill him whi<;li 
commeth within his charge to do h urtjand will not yeeld. S, Forefts 4. 
a That he which kilk^h a Felon . which atteir.ptcth to robhe him ,, 
" " '-'-'" " - ' ihaU 

Fclonle.' Fefants^ Partridges. 722 

fiiallfoiraitnothing.S.Forfaitures i . 

3 Ihatthelufikesmay awardca writofReftitutionofnollengooc's 
vron the attainder of a Felon . S. Ref^itution i . 

4 That the Queene fiiall haue Felons goods, and Anmm, Dienf^&nd 
r<?/?/^«;,in their lands. S.Prerogatiue 16. 

5 Thatche luflices of the Kings BenchjOiay remaund any Murthercr 
ct FcIon,a »Indi61ment to be tried in the Countrey.S.Rcmoucr 2, 

6 1 haypl^oodes of him which is imprifoned for Felonic , (hall ^o^ 
be feifed^efore he be attainted thereof. S. Shirifes 2 6, 

7 That an abiured perfon committing Fclonie fliall lofc the priui- 
Icdgeof San6^uarie. S.Sandhiarie 9, 

8 What meanes may be vCed for the apprehenfion of them in one 
Countie, to be indidcd in an other. S. In ditments 2.13. 

Fefants, Partridges, 

bp nctg/nar£0,o? otljcr £ngm0,ou£ of (jtg otrsne C^taitcnjDpon the fvee'S:tl^' 
^olD of an otfjcr perfon , toitljoiit t(je affenc ano fpcctail licence of tlje otu= 
mViO} poiTelTo? of tfjc fame, fjc fljall fo?f» ^Juto il}e otoner of t^c gromiu 
uno tJje :|nfo?mer, to be reconeren bp ^,15. ^c, 1 1 ♦i^.y* 1 7* 

2 ji^o perfon fijall cal^ejfeiIl,o? Kedrop anp ifefanc o} IparcriDges toitfj J^fUfng of je« 
anp maner of net0,fnareis!, ginned, cngrn?, rolulling:, iotoffinu , 0? otOcr tnms mm 
Ueuifes luljatfoetier in tlje nig^c time , ijpon painc of fo^ft fo? eiierp jTe^ "'s^f* 
fant fo taken, Wct^ , 0? DeflropeD , contrarie to t(je true meanmgof tl)i$ 
^ct, jcrJ;ano fo? euerp IPartrtDge xs, Clje luljif ^ faio penalties if eiierp 
yerfon fo oftenoing.Do not pap tuitbin r* tiapes neyt after Jjis o} tJjeir con* 
uiction, tljen to (jaiie one 9ponet^cs imp^ifonmcnt iuitfiout bailc 0? main* 
p?ife, 9lnD furtber oner ae bcfiDe fticb fo^faiture 0? impnfonment to put in 
bom luitb 5000 fuerties fo^ tbe fpace of tujo peere0,t!Jat be fijaU not tal?e, 
feilljO? &et}rop,anp partriDgejs 0? ifefants, contrarie to t\)e trite meaning 
of tbi0 9ct : '^\}e fame bonD to be tafeen bp fome 3Iul!ice of tfje peace of 
tbeCottntieUaberetbefaiD offence fl;aU be committee ♦ 'Sl;cone balfe of 
aUiijljicb fain fcuerall fo^faitures to be to tbe cbiefe lo^o 0? lo^os of tl)e 
liberties, lojunjipgjO? manors, upon $ in tobicb tbe fame il)al be fo tafeeu, 
liilieD,o?uel!roieD, ano tbe otber moitie to fucb perfon 0? perfons as toill 
fue fo? tbe fame in anp Ijer Spaiefties Courts of l^ecop, h^ %,'^,0} % 
laJjerein no mM.'^.^c, i^Mi^*! o» 

3 l^^ouineo altoaics,tbatiffucbp^rfon,tott)bomtf)eone l^alfeoftfjeg tcmm-e 
faitj fo?faiture is appotnteDfo?tbe taking, !tining,o? oeCf roping of l^ar-Ji^sietosM 

triuges ann jTefants^contrarie to tfje teno? of tbis act,(|)an Difpenfe toitfe, toS itSm' 
Iicence,o? procure anp taking,feiUinD:,o? nc(h;oping of anp l^art riDges 0? "'^J* ?^ sine jt- 
jrefants,ccntrarie to tbe fo?me of tbis 9ct J 'C^en ail fuel) fo?faitures ano 
penalties,as fucb perfon c? perfons fljoulo baue Ip ^ertue of tfjis Sct,(b,a!l 
U to t|)epooje of t^e jL^ariil) \i)\\m fuclj taMn^,kiUinij,o? ce^o^ing ial 

^ 4 " be 

FifteencsJ Fightrng,QnarreIling. 

Ij0 comnutteD : ^ixo cljat to be leuicD o^ recoueren in matter anu fourme 
afo?efatD,bp anp oneof tbeCburcljluartieniBof clje )^an(I)i3j|)erecl;e of=» 
fence fijaUbe committer* 2 3»Cli5»i o* 
fiaiD^fns in 4 jt^o pecfott 0? pecfoits (ball babJ^e,o? toitb bts !i)paniels; b«nc,tn an'p 
SoTo^n??' gtouuD iubete Co?ne o? otijcr 6raine (ball tben grolu, (e]ccept it be in biss 
olune gcounD) at fucb time asf anp eareo o j coDneD Co?ne o} 0'cmt (ball 
be ttanuin^ anD girotoing upon tbe fame , no? befoie fucb time as fucb 
Cope 5'^raine lbalbe(boc!ietJ,cocltrtJ,bil2ti,oj coppeD,bponpain of foj* 
f aiture fo? euerp time tbat be (bal fo batuhe o? bw«t as afojefa«j,(\Mitbo«t 
tbe confent of tbe oluner of tbe Co?ne o? 6i:aine)to fucb perfon o? petfonsf 
as (ball beotonerof tbe fain earebo? cotmeb Copeoj 0tmt ]cl§,attD 
tbe fame to be leuieu ^ recouertD in maner $ fojme afojefai^2 5»€Ui o* 
^ 5 113?outDea altojapes ,tbat tbis ^ct (ball not in anp toife ejccenn ta 
Sosc«oM^e'= loli3bellers,'Cramellecs,ojotbers, M)ic\) Ojall bntDilUnslp bappen to 
tStfmso' ff^'^c*'»wPl^^'^f»^t^Se2'o? Wants bpnigbtbnberanp'5i:rameU,lol3Jben, 
asaitic Eoamtet^o? otber engin : ^o as tbep f euerp of tf)em do pjeCeml^ loofe t 
iet go euetp jfefant ano Ipartringe fo ta!ten,anD fnffer tbem p?efentlp to 
fiie anu goe at large at tbe place tobere t\)tv (ball bappen fo to be taften, 
toitbout toillinglp billing, o? milfullp butting anp fucb ifefant o? IJJar* 
triuge/o ta^en in anp maner of fo?t : anp tbing in tbis Set gtc* notiuil^* 
CanDing»23,Cli|*io,S.Iufticcsofpcacc 38, Lcctcs l8, 


All Jro?rein0,bawinglaniis,ojten£ment0,gooii0,oj catce!^ toitljm 
anp tolnnes at tbe Dap of tbe graunt of anp Difme,5f ifteene,oj otbec 
teTere SVbe "^atejaltbougb tbep leaD aluap tbeir bcaOts, 0? catie atoap tljeir gooDs ^ 
tijetune of tijc f^ttels out of tbe fame toiune after tbe Dap of tbe faiD graunt,pet euerp of 
m\m sxmiio. ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ contributo^ie toitb tbe inbabitants of fucb totunes, to fuc^ 
Difmcfifteene.oj ^are ♦ J^nD tbe Collectors of tbe fameDifme,fifteene 
0? tar 2 f 0? t\)e time being taitbin fucfi totones baue potuer bi^ autbo?itp of 
tbeir office , to tare ^ aiTeCTe fucb ifojreins acco?Ding to tl^e quantitie of 
tbeir gooDS,cattel0 9 pofTeGions.being in tbe faio tctunes at tbe Dap of tbe ' 
graunt of tbe faiD t)ifmes,fiftrene,o? tape, $ fo? tbe fame fummes UJberto 
tbep U affeffeD 0? tareD^to Diflraine in euerp place toit^in tbe faiD countp, 
afttiill before tbe SDv be anfiaereD of tbe t»bole fummes tbat attaine to tbe 
faiD totjjnes,as aftcr»^ut no man 0? tooman (balbe tluice cbargeD fo? anp 
fucf) beads, gooDs>o? cattels,in anp icife bp occaHon t^jereof* 9,^*^. /♦ 

Fiftecnc , Qnarrelling. 

ii^^atofns of Tif anp pcrfon (ball maliciouHp flrilke anp otber perfon, tub^^rebp blooD 

SSeewS ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^"^ ^"^ "^^^'^'^ Clueenes boufcs 0? palaces. 0? in anp otber 

Palace. boufe^tob^re tbe Clueenes ^paietlie, ber beires ,f c» (ball be at tbat time 

abpDing in ber Eotal per fott, \)i?»luttbin anp eDifices, courts,places,gar* 

Dens,o?cbarDs,o? boufcSj^uitbintbe po?ters toaroe of anp of tbe boufes 

«boue reljearfeo, 0? iuit!;iu anp garoeniSa yiim toal^es j o?cl;arDes, 


Fighting, Qiiarelling. ]^ 

filtj)?,rliji,loool»j»arD0, tennis platc0, coclteSffbcisf* bolufinganses nmt 
aoiopniitg to m of ^^^^ ^^^^ Ijoufe^, ann OeinQ; part of tlje fame, o) tottbnt 
CCfoote of tljeHanticro ofanpouttuart! gateo? gates of anp of tbefait) 
Imks, commonlp dCcD fo? paHage frotti anp of tf;e fjoiifes ^t, anu fijall lie 
tI)erofinoicteMrraig"ei»j$ attainteo acco?!)in j to tlje dattite in tbat cafe 
p?omDCD,{)e fi)aU!)auelj:sricvbcljrinDanchenoiFj be imp^ifoneo miring 
bi0 life,anD make fine to tlje a&iieene at (jer pleafure^'But tljis act^no? tbe 
paine0$fo5ifaiture0 before rebeatfen, IbaUnotejctenoto anp Jl^obleman 
o?otberperfontbat (ball flnfee bi0 feruant \i)itl)in tbe faio palaces oj 
boiifcSjO? tbe limits of tbe fame,toitb bis bano o? fill o} anp fmall Caffe o? 
lIicke,fo? correction fo? anp offence comicteo, 0o} to anp of tbedueenes 
©fftcers tbat in er ecuting W office.ibal fl rifte anie perfon toitb bis banc, 
fia, 01 fmall Haffe, Wxlc, o? tipfiaffe* .00^ to anie otber perfon, tbat in 
coing fermce at anie triumpb,o? anp otber time of feruice, bp tbefiueens 
0} anie of bcr Cotinrel,o? otber ber beau officers commaniiement,fball foj 
tbeerecutinn: of bis faio feruice, llribe anie perfon toitb bis banc, fiil, 
I fmall if afFe, o^fticfee o? anptipttaffe, toitljin tbe fame palace, boufegtc* 
! altbougb bp reafon of tbe fame lirofee o^ ttrokes tbere bappen to be anp 
; Wooofbenof fucb perfon as fi)albefottrifeen,ercepttbe perfon fottriltett 
uieoftbefamettroke loitbinonepeerene]ttafter*5.?»lfp,8j2* 5)oto tbe 
i offenoer in tbis cafe fldalbe inoicteo, ano trieo* S,TriaI1.4.5.5. 
! 2 31f anie perfon tobatfoeuer, ooe bp Ujo^ds onelp, qttarell, cbitie o? (Emm fn tt« 
i^aule w anie ^burcb o? Cburcbparo, tben it Ibalbe latofull to tbe iaD^oi^ ISU^Lari, 
narie of tbe place tobere tbe offence is done ano p^ooueo hp ttoo latofuU 
i toicneffes, to fufpeno bim(beincfalapman)ab ingrefTu Ecclefiac, ano 
being a Clerke, from t^z minittration of bis office, fo long as be tbinktb 
meete,acco?Ding to tbe fault* jt€o»6»4» 

S 2:0bofoeuer Qjallfmite, o? lap tjiolent banos bpon anotber, in ante ©mitftis fn 
Cburcbo?Cburcbparr», (ballbeoeemco ipfofaftoercommunicate, ano Sjcttn 
eiccluoeo from tbe fcloiafbip ano companie of Cb^iffs congregation* * 


i 4 31f anie perfon (ball malicioudp ffrilte anp perfon ^it^ anp tuea« D^atofng o? 

' pon, in anie Cburcb o? Cburcbparo, O} (ball o^atu anie tocapon, in anie S^iSS? 

• Cburcb oj Cburcbparo,to tbe intent to ffrike anotber to itb tbe famettben a (courcij oa 
f uerp perfon fo offenoing,anti tbereof being couicteo bp Ueruict of ttuelue ^^tiurciiBatD, 
men, oj bp bisotoneconfeifion, o^ bp ttoo latofuliiuitnefires before tbe 
3!uatces of acfife, Suffices of ©ier ano oetenniner, o^ Suaices of peace 
intbeir^eJfionSjibaUbeaoiuogeobptbe fame3[uRtces, before tobome 
fucb perfon (ball be conutcteo, to baue one of bis eares cut off* ano if tbe 
pcrfonojperfonsfooffenoing, baue none eares, tuberebp tbepiboulo re* 
cetuc fucb punifbment as is before f-rclareo, tben be o^ tbep to be marlteo 
sno bunieo intbecbreketoitU anb3tp?on,bau(ng tbe letter (F)iMbereb^ 
|c 0) tbep map be knoiuen ano taken fo^ fraie mahers ano figbters, ano 


Fighting, Quarelling. Fines. 

bcHticsi, tljnt ctierp fuclj perfon to hz anu ^sntJ Jpfo hSio, mommmitu* 

tctJ as is afojefaiD* 5»auD 6,Cd»<5,4, 

aiTanit^ \3i)on 5 31f ante aCTault o? frap be maue Dpon anie lojD ^pivitua!, o^ tcm« 

ti/em tBDicD po?alj E.Gf tljc fi)tce,citi^en o^ burgelTe, Mit\} tomzB to t{je l^arUamcnt, 

ffiumcnt °? ^° tljeS^ucencs Counfell bp bcr commanoemcnt, aim tljece being anu 

' ateenuinj, tbcn p?odamation l^all be maue in tbe moS open place of tbe 

totnneuolere tlje affrap taas maue, bp tbiee feuerall Daie0,tbat tbe partie 

tbatmaoe fucbaSfrap o?affaulc(baU|7eeiDbtmrclfc intbeEingisT^encb 

luitbitt a Quarter ofapeerenejcc after tbe "Pjoclamationmaoe, if it be in 

tbe ©erme time, c^ ocbertoife at t^je 6rll Dap of tbe ^erme foUoiuing tbe 

faiD quarter* ^n^ if be no notj he (Ijall be attainteb of tbe faio Dceue, anD 

paie to tbe partie grieuen U^ trouble damages to be tareo bp tbe bifcrctio 

of tbe 3Iufttces of tbefame benc^j o^ h^ enqueU, if it be necDfaU, and IbaU 

inafee fine ^ ranCbme at tbe SClueene? pleafure* Snb if be come $ be founu 

guiltie bp enque(f,bpwaminatton,o^otbcrluireofrucb affrapo^aCfaulr, 

tbenbe fljall pap to tbe partie grieuct) (jisf Double oamage0 founo bptfje 

cnqueOfj oj to be tareo bp the bifcretion of tbe faiD Suffices, ^ make fine gt 

affauTttns tijc ranfomeattbeClueenespIearui'e.i i.p.6,i i^'S^beiifeepuniibmentfijaU 

ft riwnt of Dim be b^ue tobicb mal^etb affaulc o? frap in HDarliametit time bpon anp meni* 

S\^'c Siia- all feruant of anie iKnigbt of tbe parliament, o j f c« toljicb botb come to 

went. tl;e parliament iutt^^ig matter* 5»iD,4»^* 


^fte conuro? A §> ttjetl tl;e parties? plaintifes o? Dcmanbantg, as tfje tenantis anb be* 

cSme pccfonaV JLxfenDants,\Bbicb totn knolulebge o? peelD tbcir rigbt o? tenements to 

2ur cea ^^'^ Olivers in pleas of Warrantia chartae , Coucnant, anD otber lil^e,\»berupon 

'' ' fines are to be leuieD,(bal come perfonallp before tbe 31ufiices of tlje (Com* 

monplace,befo?c tbe fame fines be lem'eD^tbattbeir age, 31Diocie,o? otbcc 

Defect (iftbere be anie) map be DiCcerneD anoiuDgeD bi^t^em, but if anie 

man t^bic^ isolD,Decrepit,o? impotent h^ anp cafualtie, be fo oppjefieCTeo 

0} DcteineD,tl)at be is not bp aniemeanes able to come before tbe faiD 'M" 

a firttta&eit dices, ^hen tloo o? one of tbe faiD 3fufiices bp tbe afient of the tubole 

pmSm! '^e\xt\h (ball go bnto him lubic^ is fo DifeafeD, anD (bail receiue hi$ cogni* 

fance,bpon tbe plea o? fo?me of plea, Uibiclj he h^th in tbe iQueenes court, 

lubereupon tbe faiD fineougbt to be leuieD,snD if tbere go but one, be (bal! 

talieiuitb ^im an ^bbot, a p?io?, o? a Enigbt, being a man of creoit ano 


tbeir reco^D, !^o tljat all tbings incident to the fine being bp fjim o? thm 

XuelleramineDjtbe fame fines map beDuelpleufebXarlieli 5«€d»2» 

h ?"^^B"S^tV ^ '^^^^ ^^^^^ °^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ "°^ permit a finall acco^D to be leuieD in 

ontanojisinaii tbeClueenesCourt,toitboutano?iginall lo^it, auD tbatmuSbe at the 

mitti, iea(j before foure 3!ufiices of tbe bencb^o? in €ire, anD not ot^erUJife, ana 

in p jcfence of tbe parties nameD in tbe lo^it, tobicb be of ful age,gooD me?* 

mo)ie,anD out of pjifon^ 9lnD if a iMomau iufjic^ is couert baron, be one of 

' ' tl;e 

Fines. 134 

ftjc parttC2!,tf)cn it heljatxetlj tbat fijt he firff epatttinet! before tijt faiD fotice !i fi«e rcuieu 8^ 
3IaSicesi,an^if (ijeDonataaeatto tl;c fine, tttfjall not b£lcmet»j ttat.dc a'-^o^wwum. 


5 ^fter tbe ingroffmcj of f ttcn'e fine to be letttcD in tfje SD* Court, be* a Rne y?cciaf. 
fojc {jer3ftiftice0 of tijc common plca0, ofanplanu^, tenements oictfjer '"^°* ' 
jjereDitaments, tbc fame fine fijallbe opcnlp ^folemnlpreat} anD p^odat* 
meD in tlje fame court tfje fame Cermc, ann in cljjee ^crme0 tben ncre 
foUoiuing tlje fame ina;rofrinc!;in tbe fame ccurt.atfoure feaerall Dates in 
c«erteterme,anntn tljefametimetbatitisforeaD an5 pjoclaimen, all 
pleas fljaUceafe* i«H»^»7.4.II)»7»24»^Ufine0tJ3itbp?oclimation0from 
ef after tbe featt of Caller nejrt enfuinj to be leuieD in tbe fato court (ui^* 
of tbe Common pleas) (balbep^oclatmeu onlpfoure times, tbat is to fap, 
once in tbe ^erme toberein it is ingroiTen, aiiQ once in euerp of tlie tb?cc 
Ccrmes l)Oliim nejrt after tbe fame insrolTing:* ^no euerie fine pjoclai^ 
mcD as afojefaiD, (balfae ofas great fojce ano effect in \m to all intents ^ 
purpofes, as if tbe fame bao been firteene times pjoclaimeo accopiug to 
tljeffatutes beretofo?ematie,3 i»Cli?»2» 

4 ^m tlje faio proclamations fo ban ^ mane, t^e fain fine fijall be a fi* mnomi se 
nail enn, ann conclune aftoell p?tuies as ftranjers to tbe fame ejccept tuo= "aSSo filo 
niencouert(otbertben be parties to tbe fain fine) ann euerie perfon tben "ot* 
ijeino; )3}it\)i\\ age of jcri* peeres, in pjt&n, 0? out of tbis Eealme, 0? not of 

tobole minne at tbe time of t|je fain fine leuien, no^ partie to fuel) jfines* 

5 Waning to euerie perfon 0? perfons, ann to t^eir beires (otber tben ^attv mn» 
t^e parties in tbe fain fine) fucb rigbt, claime, ann intereS, as tbep baue, Sc5 toK lie 
to,o? in tbe fain lanns, tenements 0} otber berenitaments, time of fucb w«ft»t'2 ^^f^* 
fine ingrofienjfo tbat tbep purfue tbeir title, claime 0? intcreJI bp li3ap of , 

action c^latofull entrie,toitbinfiueperes nert after tbe fain p^oclama* 
tions ban mane* i,'^7,^,^,j,2^, 

6 ann fauing to all otber perfons, fuel; action, rigbt,title, claime, ann ^i)c ^'^^^ r'^/g^ 
intereffjin 0? to t\)e fain lanns,tenements, 0? otber berenitaments, as firH miJicSu^' 
Iball poii3,remaine,o? nifcenn, j come to tbem after tbe fain fine ingrof' w'"^ *" ^&«»^ 

; fen, ann proclamation mane bp fo^ce of ante gift in t\)t taile, o^ bp anieo-- 
' tb«-tcaufeor matter ban annmane, before tbe fain fine leuien, fotljattbep 
tal^e tbcir Action, o? purfue tbeir fain rigbt ann title acco^ning to t{)Z im 
iuitbin fine peeres nejct after fucb Action, rigbt,title,claime, o^ intcrefi to 
tbem accruen,nifcennen,remainen, fallen 02 come : ann tbe fain perfons g^j^^^JL*^^^"* 
nun tbeir beirs map baue tbeir fain action againU tbepernour oftbep?0' gainftyernout 
fits cftbc fain lanns ann tenements ann otber l;erenitaments, timeof tlje t>ftijep?o8t«. 
fain action to be takm I ♦H, 5»7,4»!^>,7»24, 

7 ann if tbe u\me perfons, at tbe timeof fucb action, rig^t, ann title, %})evimot 
accrueu,5ifcenQ£n,remainf n,o? comeljnto tbem, be couert baron,or ^itly- 3nfants,%j3' 
in age,in pjifou t} out of ttjis lann^o^ not of iuljole minn, tjien tj^eir actio, pa'SYj^^ 

. ricsljt 


t!)e parties to 
t^e nne t}ao 
notljtng in t^z 

mcu at tbe g6» 
ano ciuartec 

tonimon latoe 
teoftlje fame 
fo^fc tljeg 


rig:bt Ann title (!)albe rcfcrttcD, atw faueti to cfiem, anti to tfjeir (}Cire0, 
Unto t!)e time tljep come ano be at tbeir ful age of icn^peercs.out of p^ifon, 
iDitbin tbis lanu^ Dncouert, ano of tobole mino, Co tbat tbep o^ tbeir beit0 
ta!^e tbetc faio Actions, o} tbeir laUifuU etttrie, acco^oing; to tbeir rigbt gt 
title, toitbin flue peeress nejct after tbat tbep come, ano be at tbeir ful age, 
out of pjifon, \Mit}^ii\ tl)i& lano, bncouert,ano o f li^bole mittD,ano tbe fame 
actions purfue, o? otber latofull entrie tahejiiccojCiins to tbela^JJ. T5\xt 
allfucbperfonjEi asbecouertbaron, nocpartie to tbe fine, ano euerpper* 
fon being \33it\m age, in p^ifon, o? out of tbis lano, o? not of tobole mmoe 
attbetutie of tbe faio fines leuieo, ano ingroflVo, bauing anprigbt oj 
title, 0} caufe of action to ante of tbe faio lanos ano otber bereoitamentsf, 
tbep 0? tbeir beires inberitable to tbe rame,(baU talxc tbeir faio actions, o j 
latofull entrie accoping to tbeirrigbt ano title, luitbinfiuepeeresnert 
after tbep come ^ be of full age of rrf ♦peeres,out of p?iron,tjncouert,toitb* 
in tbis lano, ano of iMbolemlno, ano tbe fame actions fue, o? tbeir latufull 
entrieta^e ano purfue acco?oing to tbe latoe* Sno if tbep ooe nottafte 
tbeir actions ano entrie as is afo?efaio, tbep ano eucrieof tbem ano tbeic 
beires, ano tbe beires of euerie of tbem, (balbe concluoeo bp t\)Z faio fine0 
fo? euer in lifee foveas tbep be,tbat be parties o^p^iuies to tbe faio fine?* 

8 Waning to eurrp perfon ano perfons not partie no? p^iuie to tbe faio 
fine, tbeir cjrception, toauoio tbefaiofine, bp tbat, tbat tbofe tbat toere 
parties to tbe fine, no? anie of tbem, no? no perfon no? perfons to tbeic 
bfe, ne to tbe bfe of anp of tbem, bab notbing i\x tbe lanos ano tenements 
CDmp?ireo in tbe faio fine, at tbe time of tbe faio fine leuieo* 4*l^.7,24» 

9 Anno iM.^.j, it is enacteo, tbat a tranfcriptof tbe famefinefljall 
be frnt hv tbe faio 3(ufiices of cbe common plees, to tbe ilufiices of ^ffife 
oftbeCoutttie tob^re tbe faio lanos ano tenements be, tbep to caufe tlje 
faio fine to bereao anop?oclaimeoopenlp, ano folemnlie in eumzti)£it 
j§)efitons of ^fiife to be boloen tbe fame peere,if ^(Tifes oo tben bolo, anD 
all tbe pleas in tbe meane time to ceafe, ^Ifo a lihe trnnfcript of tbe fame 
fine fljall befenttotbe 3!ufiices of peace of tbe Countie lubere tbe faio 
lands ano tenements be, tbep to caufe open ano folemne proclamation 
oftbefaiofinetobemaoe at foure feuerall ^cffions of tbe peace to be 
boloen tbe fame peere^^b^Taio Slufiices ofMfes, ano alfo3Iu(Iicesof 
peace to ccrtifie tbe fame p?oclamation to tbe fiueenes3!ufiices of tbe 
Common pleas, at tbe fecono oap of returne of tbe ^erme tljen nejct 

10 eiterie fine tbat (ball be leuieo in anie of tbelHueenes courts of 
anie 3pano?s, lanos, tenements, o? otber paflcfiions after tbe maner,t)fe 
ano foimes tbat fines baue been leuieo befo?e tbe making of tbcfe acts, be 
of Ul^e fo?ce, effect, ano autbo?ttie,a? fines fo leuieo be, o? lucre befo?etbe 
maMng of tbofe acts,auo euerp perfon (bal beat (jijslibertic toleuic afine 


Fines. 155: 

«t W pleafure, tol^ec^er l[je toin after t^e fojme contained ^ o^uainen in, 
anD fap t{}cfe act0 0^ anie of t!jcm,o^ after tl;e maner am> fo?me befo^etinie 


1 1 an fines afujeU Ijeretofo^e lem'eu, ais fjereafter to ie leuieti before ^f^^^J"^jf ^^"* 
t^e3Iu0ices of tije Common plee0, ofanpmano^$,lanii0, tenements, oj SSfoutiimcnto! 
otljer &ereDi'tament0, to^ereupon t|>e proclamations baue not, 0? 0)an not a"« term?, 
Ijpreafon ofaoioucnment of anptermebptojitkDuIpmaue, djallbeof 
as gooD fo?ce,effect ann ff rengt^ to all intents, conff ructions, ano purpo» 
fes,asifanieteniieI)eretofo?e aoiournee, 0? tijat atanietime Ijereafter 
(^albe fo aDiourneo, ^ao been fjoloen ano hept, from tbe beginnino; to tlje 
t\}t fourme ano effect of tije faio ffatute of 4.(^*7«i»M.i .Parly. 
V 1 2 ail if tnes tujjicl) fl[jall be leuietj before cbe Sludices of acfifes at sfints icnf eo 
lancaff er,o? before one of cl;em,of anie lanus,tenements,o? ot^er Ijereoi* l^fJ^/of^/^frJ* 
taments Iping tuit^in tbeCountiepalantineoflancaffer, toljicb fball atiLan«iK?c. 
beopenlpreaD, ano p?oclaimeDtb?eereueralHiaies intl)eopen^e(rion0 
in tbep^efenceof tbeiludices of alTife at lancaffer,o? one of tbem, at tbe 
fame feelHons, tbattbefame^inefijalbe ingrodeo, anoalfo attbetiuo 
nert generall ^effions, tfjat (ball be boloen in tbefaio Count j» before tbe 
3Iuft ices of aifife of tbe fame countie, 0} before one of t(jem,ne]ct after t^e 
leupf ng 0} ina;ro(ringj of fucb fain ^ine,at tlj^ee feueraU oaies in eitber of 
tbe faiD tujo S>e(rtons, after fucb maner ano fo?me,as is commonlp i)feD 
in tbe Common place at tOJellminaer, fl;al be of li^e fo^ce to all intents, 
asifinesbemsnulielcuieti tDit(^ proclamations before tlje Cl,31ullices 
of ber common plees be o} ougbt to be of 3 7»l|?*8, i ^Mm al ann (ino^ular ^j„ ^^ ^^^^ 
fines tobicb atanie time bereafter Iballbeleuieo o^ltnotolcDgeti tefo^e before t^eaa* 
tbe3IuCice 0? 31ueices of tlje Count? ISalantine of Duibam for tbe time Jt smS? 
beino; autbori^eo for tbat purpofe am , mfe, of anie lanos, tenements oj 
otljer bereoitaments, Iping or being toitbin tbe fain Countiepalantine 
DfDurbamtobicblbalbeopenlp rean ano proclaimeottuofeueralloaieis 
in tbe open felTions in t^^t prefence of tbe 31ueices of affifes at Durbam, 
lor one of tbem for tbe time being at tbe fame $i)e(rions, cbat tlie fame fine 
Ifijall fortune to beingroaeD,anD alfo tb-it njalbeopenlp reair ann proclaim 
jmeu in tbe prefence oftlje indices of aififeatDurbam or one of tbem 
jfor tlje time being at tbe ttoo nert (Senerall FelTions tljat (ball be boloen 
in tbe Countie]p^lantine of Durbam before tbe 3!uIIices of t^e fame 
Countie, comonlp calleD 3Iufiices of ^(Tifes at Durbam, or one of tbem, 
nert after tbe leuping or ingroiTing of fucb faio fine, (balbe of lifee, ano of 
tbe fame force, firengtb ann effect in tlje laUJ to all intents, confiructions 
ann puvpoles, as ^ines being nuelie leuien Uiitb Proclamations before 
itbeSiueenes 3iu(!ices of f)er Common pleas at Cia^eihninaerbe or cugtit 

1 3 fines I33!;ic6 (^all be Umii befoje tfte !;io;& 3I«fiice of tbe County 


6d tenant in 


btmmtm) ^a^a«tineofCOe{!etr,o^ kfojetljcueputteo? lieutenant, 3[uaicetbere 
Wicm cftc foj tbe time beinofjOf anp Imn^, cenemettt0,o^ ottjec ^ereDitamentg l^inj 

et p?oclaimeii tb?ee feucral Daiee in tl^e open J§)einon,in tfje p jefence of t^e 
autJice of tlje fato Cotmtp]^aIantine, o? before tfje oepatie o? lieute* 
«anc 31ttfttce tl^ere, at t^e fame demons! tbat tfje fame fine fijalbe ingroO 
feiJ,anD alfo at tl)e tiuo nm senerali felRottiS tbat (|ja!lje Ijoloen in tlje faint 
Countie,nei;t after t^e leaping ^ingcotrino; of fuel) fine att^jee feueraU 
caiesi.ineit^erof t()efai0tU)O(e(rionf(,afcec fucfjmanetg&fojme, a0i$ co* 
tnonlp ufeo in tfte Common place at mttt. Wl be of lifee fojce to all in< 
tent0, as fines htin^ uueip leuieo laitfj l^joclamation^ before t^e Cl» 3lu« 
flicc0off)er common pleas be o^ottgbt to be of* 2,^o,6*28^ ■ 

14 ail ano lingular fines aftoellberetofo^eleuicD, a$ bereaftectobe 
leuico before tbeJIuilices of tbe common plees, toitb proclamations ac*^ 
coping to tljefo^efaiD Hat, maoe4»!^*7»bpanp perfon oj perfonsofful! 
ageof]cifi»peeces, cfanp ^ano?s, lantis, tenements, 0? otberbeceoite^ 
mcnts before tlje time oftbe fame fine feuieo in anietoife entailer totbe 
perfon 0? perfons fo leuping tbc fame fine, o} to anp tbe anceUer o} ance* 
Hers oftbe tame perfon o?perfons inpofieirion, reuerfion,remainoer,oj 
in ufcdjalbe immeoiatlp after tbe fame fine leuierr,ingrofrcD, ano pjocla^ 
wations maoe, aoiuogco, $ taken to all intents, a futficientbarre ano Dif* 
cbarge fo? euer,againfitbe fame perfon ann perfons,ano tbeir beires,clai* 
ining tbe faio lanos, tenements gtbereoitaments, oj anie parcelltbereof, 
onelp bp fo^ce of anie fucb entaile, ano againtt all otber perfons claiming 
tbe fame, 0? anp parcell tbereof onlp to tbeir Dfe,o^ cotfieijfe ofanp 

15 15uttbis act fljall not erteno to barre tbe labjfullentrie, title 0? in* 
inijeStattccSf tecelf ofanpbeirso?perfons,giueno?accrueotoanpof tbem,ino? to an? 
jec lau iuf. mano^s.lautjs, tenemets 0? bereoitamets, bp reafon of anp fine Umco b? 
^^"°' anie tooman after tbe oeatb of ber bufbano, contrarie to tbe fo?me,intent, 

5 effect of tbe fiat* maoe i i»l^>7*2o^ of am'c manors, lanns, tenements $ 
^ereoitamentSjOf y inberitance 0? purcbafe of tbe faio bufbano, o} of anie 
bis ancefiers.giuen 0^ afltgneb to anie fucb tooman in ootoer, fo? terme of 
, life 0? in tail, in ufe 0? in pofi^efiion* Tdnt tbe fame act mane 1 1 ,^.7* (ball 
remaiite in full firengtl;, in euerieclaufe tberein containeu, astl;ous|j 
tbis act bao not been mane* 5 2,^, 8,3 6, S.Women i . . 
a fine ituff tj 1 6 i^ettber fijall tbis act crteno to anp fine beretofo^e leuieD 0? bere< 
SJSo^ ^^^^^ ^° ^^ ^^"^'^^ of ^"J* lo?JJfl)ip2f, mano?s,lanos, tenements, 0? otber be* 
m&^mmit, reuitamets,tbepon'c(rtoners$oUDuersisjbcrcof,bprcaronofanieetpjc(re 
U3o?Ds conteineo in anp efpecial act o} acts of parliament matie fitbence : 
4*^,7* be bouncen 0? refi raineo from mahing anie alienations, oifconti* 
tiuanccs,o? otber alterations of anp of tbe fame mano?B,lanns,9f » contai* 
sveo in tticfaiufinet 15ut euerj? fucjj finei|/aUbe of fuclj U^efojce mn m 

ilrengtj 1 



Fines. 15^ 

ftrengttji'nttje to, ant» ofnonc otbcr t^at, tfjen tfiefame fi;oulii Wt 
bcen,if tljis acc^ao neuer been maac* 5 2»i£)»8»3 ^, 

1 7 jl^eicOer (ijnU t!H0 act ercenti to anp fine Icuicti bp an^ perfon of ^. ^ 
ante mano?0, IanD0, tenements, 0? hereditaments, befoje tlje time of tlje mtnSuu 
leuptngof tljefame fine giuen^g-canteo 0^ afTignen to tljc faiD pecfon, 0? to SfSfenc^'* 
anieof^t0ancelIer0intbetaiI,bpUertueofanpletter0l^.ofiBiing:I£)»8* ^ ^ ^"^• 
t} ofm of (JiiSi progenitors, o? bp uertue of ante act oj acts of parltamet, 

tbe rettetfiott tob^ reof at tbe time of tbe fame fine letiieD being in tbc £u 
\fet beirs,or fuccefibrs : O^ut eiierp fucb fine fijalbe of lilte fo^ce ^ effect as 
fijeptuereor (boirto bane been, if tbis act ban not beenmaoe^g 2*!Ip,8,3 6^ 

1 8 5i5o erception, anfujere, 0? Slnquifition of tbe countrep (ball be aD* (Zfyceptfon t^at 
mittcD bp anpperfons being parties to anp fines, oj bp tbeir b^ires to a==S''^a^JSS;j 
iioioe ano Defeat fucb fines,in alleaDging tbat before tbe fine Ie«ieD,at tbe iim, 
ieupino- tberof, ^ fince tbe fine leuieD tbe Demandants o? platntifs oj tbeic 
ancellersiuerealtoaiesfeifeDoftbelanD conteineD intbefine,oj offome 

parcel tbereof* finibus. 2 7,(Sd. i ♦ 1 ♦ 

I 19 (^uerietoric of couenant anD otberto^i'tjtubcreuponanpfinebere* .Tm-oimcntof 
' tofo je batb been leuieD,or bereafter fbal be lenieD, tbe retttrne tbereof,tbe f "\^,f "? ^^' 
to jit of Dedimus pote/ktem, maoe fo? tbe fenobJleDgittg of anp of p fame 
IfineSjtbe returne tbereof,tbe conco^D^note 9 foote of euerie fucb fine, t\)Z 
proclamations maDe tberupon,gf tbe Eings filuer, anD alfo euerp original 
to?(t of entrie in tbe poU, o? otber tojit, tobereupon anie common recoue* 
m batb been fuffereD, o^ bereafter fijall be fuffereD j palfeD, t^t to^its of 
Sum. ad warrantizand. tbe rctarnes f tbe faiD originals $ iujits of Sum. 
ad wanantizand.anD euerp ioarranc of ^tturnep, baD o} to be baD,aftBen 
of euerp oemanDant $ tenant as ijoucbee ejctant ^ remaining, o? tbat Iball 
be eictant anD in being, map bpon tbe requefl 0? election of anp perfon be 
inroUcD in rols of parcbment bj^ fucb perfons, ano foj fucb confiDerations 
as bereafter in tbisact iball be mentioneD : ^nD tbe 3InroImencs of tbe 
rame,or of anp part tbereof,n)albe of as gooD fo^ce $ balioitie in lata to all . 
intents, fo? fo mucb of ante of tbem fo inrolleD, as tbe fame being ejctant 
anD remaining loere 0? ougbt hv lain to be 23.Cli?»3* 
i 2 o 51^0 if ine, proclamations bpon iTines, o? common recouerp hm^- m tobat asv 
jtofore baD,leuieD,fufiereD 0? padeD^o? bcteafter to be baD, leuieD, fuffereD J?J?l,Sar'? 
ID? pafieD, (balbe reuerfcD o? reuerfable bp anp tojit of Crror, ic} falfej or not rewsifafiir, 
lincongrue latin, rafure,enterlining, mifentringofanp toarrant of attur» 
nep, or of anp proclamation, mifreturning or not retumingof tbe (berife, 
or otber mant of for me in toorDS, ^ not in matter of fubffance» 2 g ,€li^>s* 
2 1 prD«i?'2t» liliuaies, tbat tbis act no? anp tbiug iberem containeD, 
(bal b.irre or t^rcluae anp perfon or perfons, from anp tojit of error, ^iiWl) T^mlfvom 
![balbeb^!D,tA^^:nor purP.ieD, Uitt-jinfiiieperrs n^]c t after tbe euD oftbeofermtore. 
i'elfion oft 1)13 p;:fcncp:aii.imai:,t)t.onanic; fine or recouerp beretofore £ ^ScmSl^ 
jao or fuffereD ? po^ fi^i'r* -m^ ^jo^it of Cao^ U3l;(cl; ijalbe ^aD,ta!?en,or 



purfuetr, bpott anj) fine o? rccotterie,bcrecofo?e teit{eD,fenotoIcti$(cti,o? fiar,' 

toljtcb fine 0? fine^jtecouerp o? recouerieg^o? anj? part o? parcel of tbcm,oj 

anp of tf}em,noitu is,o? at anp time tjefo?e t^e firfi uap of ilune, tnljic^ fl^al 

be in An.Dom. 1582. 0)albe ejtempIificD Dnoer tije fereat ^eale of (ing* ann bp tlje fuit of anp perfon^tljat iis^o? map be intitiiUrs to Ijaue o} 

fue anp ni^it of €rto? bpon anp tbe fines 0} recotieries beretofo^epafie^ 

1^0? tobarreanp femme couert, 0? anpperfontoitljinpageof irjci^pere?, 

t} anp perfon tljat is non Compos mentis, in pjifon^ 0} beponn tbe 5§)eas 

of 0^ fro anp bj^it of €rro? to be ^au 0? ppfecutco/o? tbe reuerfing of an? 

fine 0? recouerie (jeretofo^epafieD, leuieD o} rufFeret»,ro tbatfucb femme 

couert,oj ber beirs^tuitbin feuen peres nejrt after tbat (be become fole,ano 

fucb perfon toitbin tbe age of ]c)ci»peeres, 0? bis t)eirs, toitbin feiien peered 

nejct after be W come ano be of ful age of jcri^peres* ^no fucb perfon tbat 

is non Compos mentis toitbin feuen peeres nert after be Cball become of 

fane memoric,ann intjefaulttbereof^tbe bciresof fttcbperCont!)at is non 

Compos mentis tuitbini)ii*peres neyt after tbe oeatb of fucb perfon be* 

ing non Compos mentis, ^nn fucb perfon in p^ifon 0? bts beires, toit^in 

feuen peres nejrt after tbe fame perfon fijalbe at libertie* Snu fiicb perfon 

beponn tbe feas oj })i$ beires^tuitbin feuen peres nejct after tbe returne of 

fucb perfon, into tbis realme of Cnglanu, 0? tbe Deatb of tbe fain perfon, ,| 

if be fijall before hi^ returne, nie in ante foireine countrep, (baU fue, tafee 

ano p^ofecute tbeir lozits of €rro?, as tbeir cafes feucrallp ^all require, 

fo? reuerfing ofanietbefaibjfines o^lStecoueries^t^retofo^e paflett,le« 

men 0? fuffereo*23»€li?»5^ 

a tcmetjfe fo? 22 l^^ouiDeu altuaies, tbat if anie perfon oj perfons, (ball toit^in tjc i 

tge 6etr,toi)ece time anu peres afo?e mencioneo,commence 0? fue bis 0? tbeir to?its of et* 

5tet?)"Ssing w? fo? tbereuerfing of anp tbe fain fines 0? recoueries beretofo^epalTen, 

m fwit, jj3^icb fuit (ball fortune to abate h^ tbeueatb of anp tbe parties to v fame, 

Cljen it (bal $ map be lawful fo? bis $ t^eir beirs, at anp time teitbin one 

pere nert after tbe faio bit* peres erpireu, to baue, fue, $ tal^e tbeir tojit of ! 

€rro?,fo? tbe reuerfino; of euerie fuclj fine,$ recouerie* ^no if fucb beir be 

an infant, toitbin tbe age of]t;;t:i*peres, t(jat toitbin one pere neyt after tbe 

full age of fucb 3Infant ^np t\)inc; in tbis act ?c>nott6ffanDing*2 3 *€l5» 

%i}t aa? ana ^ 3 €uerie perfon tbat fijal at anie time bereafter taKe tbe knotoleDge 

ft?tof^^^% ofanie^fineo^toarrantof^tturnep, of anp tenant o} uoucbee^fo^fufl^e* 

afine,tuiJat. ting anp commou rccoucrie, 0? (ballcertifie tbem 0? anie of tbem, (ball 

nS^ fofa «ca. ^^^'^ ^^^^ certificat of tbe conco^u o} tuarrant of ^ttojnep, certifie alfo tbe 

Mcne,«jaut)« * Dap ^pcre toberin tbe fametoas!inolDleDgeD, 9inD no perfon tbat taketb 

mtimn, j,j^p fjjf^ tololeuge of anie fine O} tMarrant fo^ ante recouerie, fijall be 

bounoen,o^ bp amemeanesenfo?ceii,to certifie anie fucb fenolDleoge, c? 

toarrat, except it be Uiitbin one pere nert after tbe faio hnotoleoge taken, 

ano no Cleric J officer (bal receiue anie Ui^it ofccuenant,o? to^it of €n« 

tnCjiDljcreupoit ianpfine oj common Eecouerie ist)ft^aftertopa(l^, bn^ 


Finds. 157 

CcDTc t\)t nap of tht fenobleuofc df t^e fame fine ^ toarrant fljall appearean 
o?bpfuc^crrtificat,bpon painetliateiierp ClerKcljatlljan ffcinue anp 
fuc(jtt)?ic,fl[)aU (o}tfc}mtt^timet\)Sit\)t (ijaU fooffntD ijai»^nDno it-- ^ttutnemctit* 
tuntement in 0^ Dpon anp fine fl)al be eucreD ijpon recop,c]t:cept tfjc partp 
mencioneo to attume therein firtt [jatte appeareD in tlje Court in pecfon, 
o^bpatturnepUaarranteobptbeijantiof oneof t!)e31ttttices oftbe one 
bentlm t!je otfjer , 0? of one 31ufiice of ^ffife ,tipon a to^it af Qai d iuris 
clamat , Qupra rcdditum rcdclit,o? Per que feruitia , a0 t^e cafe requi* ^ 

ret^ ♦ 3nii euerp entrie of atturnement hereafter to be maiie,lMbere t^ere 
(b^U be no apparance a$ afo^e t0 fain ,(][)all be ijtterlp iioto, and of none 
effect.tuitbout anp io^it of Crroj,oj ot^er meane$ to hz bfcD foj auoioing 

24 'Cbere lijaU be fo^euer one ©f fice fo? t&e inrolment afo^efain, J^« of8« nf 
tubic^ (ball be ann continue an ©ffice foj euer , calico tlje ©ffice of 3In-- ^"'^*"'«^"^^» 
roulment0 of )ii}itfi fo? jfineg anu 1Recouerie0 ♦ 3no tbe 3Iuttice0 of tbe 
Common pea0 fo? tbe time l)jins( otbet tben tbe cbiefe 31ufiice) (ball 
Ibaue ano tafee tbe care ann cbarje, of ano fo? tbe 3Inroulment0 afo^efaio, 
ano (ball baue ann entop tbe fain f)ffice, ano tbeuifpofition tbereof , ann 
carefullp fee ano loofee to tbe ejrecution tbereof* 3no in conficeration of 
tbeir cbacge0,paine, anu trauell tberein, (ball baue ano ca^e tbe fumme0 
cf monep bereafter follotninof , ano no mo?e : Cbat i0 to fap , fo^ tbe 31n* iFe« m in* 
toulment ano eicaminationof euerpjTine, ano tbe partie0 tbereof befo^ KSw. 
tnentionen^tbefummeof ut*0*ijiii»JJt ano foj t^e inroulment of tljefaio wucnw. 
parte0 of euerp Hccouerie, ann tbe ejcamination tbereof i)i»0»\)iii»tl. 3ni> 
fo?euerp ejremplificationoftbe inroulment of anp jfine U»s» ^nofo?tbc 
£)i:emplification ann retume0 of euerp tojit of Cntrie,^ummon0 ad war- 
rantizandum,ann t^arrant0,tj» 0» 9nD fo? tbe ^earcb of tlje Houle0 of 
one peere, iiiUiS^ 3nn fo^ tbe copie of one (beete of paper conteinino; viiiu 
tine0 , iiiu tf ♦ 3nn tbe fain 31wflice0, 0? one of tbem, (ball ejcamine tbe in* 
i:oulment0 of euerp fucb Jfine^ann parte0 of Eecouerie0 , ann fo?tbtoitIj 
after ejcaminatton tbereof, ann immeniatlp after tbe inroulment of euerp 
fucb fine ann parte0 of Hecouerie0,lB?itebi0ttametbatfoe]raminetb, 
tDitb W otunc Ijann in tbe roule tbereof, bpon paine tbat tbe fain 3Iuflice£S 
0}all fo^fait to tbe Siueette \i, lu fo? euerp time tbat tbep , 0^ fome one of 
.tbem (ball mafee Default offucbe]camination,o^to?itingof W 0? tbeir 
;«ame,a0afo?ei0fain* 9nD itlballannmapljelatofull toannfo? tbe3[u- 
'ftices of tbefain court of Common plea0,from time to time,to ta-feeo^nei: 
in all tbtngestbat (ball beconuenientannnecnfull fo^ tbe tnroulment0 
afojefatn ♦ Sinn upon ejcamination in tbe fain Court to aifelTe fucb fine 0? ^ncinngof 
amerciament , upon anp Cleric, ^birife^ Deputie,9itturnep , ann otber ^"^^^J°^jJ)|f 
perfon fo? W ann tba'r mifp^ifion, contempt,ann neglig^ence, foj not no= mnp"ornf*s^ 
inn;,o^miftioinginanp tbina:,of,in,o? concerning tbe fain ifine0 anni's«»«' 
ilecoucrie0, oj anp part of tl;em,oj eitfjer of tl;em,a0 ^^ i^c fain 31u(lice0 

% of . 


fif t\)Z faio court of Common pleas foj cje time being , fl^atl be tlioitgtit 

meeteano conuenient, ^b^raioiTmeano amerciament to be efireaten 

amono;!! otljec ifmegi ann amerciaments of tbat Cottct,to^ece (ucb offence 

o^mifp?iConfF)anbecommitteo» 2 3*di?*^ 

. ^5 '^^^ Cbirograpber of ifines of tbe Common pteas fo? tbe time be* 

SwVewn. ing, fo? euer HjaU iu^ite ano mafee ,o? caiife to be bJ^itten ann maoe foj 

fiiic t! af 5t ^"^"^P Countie, tobere bee Spaiedies bjjit runnetb, one -Cable , tobcrein 

»P til tije '^om. (ball be conteineo fucb contents of euerp ^ine, tbat (baU paffe in anj) one 

at n)c gcncfaf ^^fi^^^j^^ bcreafter is mentioneo : ^bat istofap,tbename of tbeCoun* 

a^ifw. tie,bJbereintbe tenements metttioneo in an? ifine be, tbenameofeuerp 

plaintife ano Defo^ceant , ano of euerp ^mo} namcD in tbe fine , if an? 

fucb be, ano of tbe totuues ano places tobcre tbe tenements in fucb ifine 

comp^ifeo do lie ♦ ^no tljc fitli oap of tbe ncrt Cerme,after tbe in^rolTmg 

of euerp fucb iTtne , (ball fijce euerp of tbe faio -Cables , tjpon fome open 

place of tbe Court of Common pleas, ano fo euerp oap of tbe faio Cerme 

tjuringtbetimeof fictinjoftbefaio Court* 3notbe faio Cbirograpbec 

(ball oeliuer to euerp ^btcif^ of euerp Countie, Ijis Qnoerfbirifeo? De^ 

ptttie,faire tu^itten in parcbment, a perfect content of tbe Cable, fo to be 

ntaoe fo? tbat ^\)itZy in tbe Cerme tbat (ball be nejct before tbe ^ffifes be 

bolocn in tbe faio €o\xnti^ , o? els meane bcttucene tbat Ceime ano tbe 

faio aiTifes* ^no euerp fucb ^binfctotubomfucbparcbmentsiuitbtbe 

contents afo?efaiD,(ball beoeliuereo, tbe ficd Dap of tbe nert ^(fifes after 

tbe Dcliuerie tbereof unto bim, ano euerp oap During tbe faio ^(rifes,(bJtf 

fire ano fet Dp tbe fame tu^iting; iinoefaceo in fome open place in tbe 

Court toberetbe 3Iu(lices of tbellfife of tbat Countie (ball (it, ano (bafll 

fee tbe fame to continue tbere,Durutg; fucb time as tbe faio 3Itt(lices (ball 

Ct tbere in Court, upon paine tbat euerp Cbirograpber ano ^birife 

offenotng; againttanp tbing in tbis Slct conteineo ,(ball fojfait to tbe 

Sdueene ano 31* uji» to be recouereo in anp Court of Eeco^o , tobcrein m 

^^twvo' eifom, p»o? C2J ♦ (ball be allotoeo* ^no tbe Cbirogropber fo? tbe time 

Smti)econ« beinj,(ball baueano takefo? euerp fucb content of euerp fine fo fet 

KntPfafine« tiotone in tbe Cable afo^efaiD iiii,U»25»Cli?»^ 

26 ano fojafmucb as Upon great eramination it appearetb, tbat Di= 
Itltitif! uers fines anoHecoueries baue binberetofo?e leuieD ano fuffereo of 
Diuers manors, mefuagesjianos, tenements , ano bereoitaments , \3)l)ic}i 
fojnetime toljere tbe inberitance of George fometime Carle ofEent, 
great graunofatber to Henry noto Carle of Stent, inUfe,po(re(fion,reuer« 
Con, 0? remainoer ,tnbcreunto tbe faio noto Carle of Eent p^etenoetb 
title, in ufe, polfelfion, reuerdon, 0? remainoer, tobicb if t^V be erroni* 
ous, as isp?etenoeD,DO mucbUarie from tbe general caufeanD mifcfjiefe, 
fo^vobicb tbis Statute meanetbto p^ouioe: Cberefo?e tbis Statute, 
no? anp tbing tberein conteineo, (ball erteno to take aujap anp to?it of 
C croj, Ujl^ereunto anp perlbn o} perfons is nolji,o^ (lereafter (ball be lauj* " 


Fines.' 15S 

fuHp intit ulctr fa? ttjc mtcrHna: f tfje faic jTincs attD Hecoucr f csf , 0? anp 
of tijcmb^retofo?^ kmu o^ fuffcrcD of anp of tlje fain Jiiano^e, mefuagcc, 
lantJ0, tennncncs, 0? fjercrjicanicnts , Uiljicb late lucre anp part 0? parccll 
of t^e inljcricance of tljc faio Gcdrge fometime Carle of iSeut , in bfe, 
j)o!reirton,reuernan,o? rentamncr: ^nptljingin tW Statute $c» not* 
UJttljUantitns* 2 3 ♦ €li?» 5 ♦ 

27 31t QjaU ann map be latofuU fo? tbe 3iut!ices! Clerfees atit^o^i^ett 
ijptfjcit: toarranttntlje raiDfeitcraU officer aim places, toljerc tljefame 
Keco?tic0,o?ani>ofcf)emlioe o^fijaH reniaine,co to^ite ouc,o?mrouIe 
t!je fame Eeco^ues, anu etterp part tfjerof , luitfjout anp tljing to be paicD 
t^erefo^e: ^nDtljefaiDHecojDe]e!,no?anpDftbem,fo?t^e iBjitingoitt, HtcoiiDesiate 
0? mafeingt^eHoUes thereof, bptbe Clerhesoft^eCaiD^Iuaices^oc^er' l}Jf,,&nj 
totfe t^en fojtfje examination thereof bpc(je3Itta(ce0,(|)aU beb^ougljt, oft^eomw. 
0^ carries foo^tb of tUe faio officejs,o? places* 2 3»€ii?.^ 

28 j^oneof tfje ifines o?Hecoucries Ijeretofoje leu(eti,patreD,o? Bonntfsoi w 
fuffereD,l»bic^{I)aUbee]t:empltfieDbnDertf)e great i^eale, according to S?afw'f?* 
tbe fo?me of tijis 9lct? (i)aU after fuc& ejrempUfic^tion !;aii, be in anp toife tmpimcatton» 

29 €uerp ^}it of Couenant , ano otber ton't tol;ereupon anp fine :snm\imm of 
|jeretofo?e batb btnleuieb,o?^ereafter fijall be leuieD^tbe retume tbereof, ful^nSisl 
tbcto?itof DedimiispoteftatcmmaDefojtbe acKnotolebgingof anp of ann rjc tcoun! 
tU fame ifineSjtbe returne tbereof,t^e conco^ne, note,anD foote of euerp ^'^^ J93»«"«n. 
fucb fine, tbe proclamations mate tbercupon,anu tbe Eings CUier,anD 

^Ifo euerp o^iginaU tojit of Entre in tlje Poft , o? otljcr U)?it tobereupon 
anp common Eecouerie (jatb bin ruffere0,or bcreafter 0;all be fnfferen j 
pall^D, tbe tojits of Summons ad warrantizandum , tlje retttrnes of t^e 
faitJ originals, ^ tojitSOf Summons ad warrantizandum,ann euerp tuar* 

rant of 3tturnep,batJ,oj to be ba5,afti)ell of euerp oemaunoant $ tenant, 
9s CJoucbeeertantantiremapningjO? tljatfljall beeictant ano being in 
tbe Courts of ^fnCes 0? great ^efft'ons toitbin tbe rii^^bires of GUales, ©lamo^gan. 
^otone ann Countie of l^auerfop ca^lefl , anD Counties palantines of kS""^''* 
CbefterXanca0er,anDDurerme,o?itttbe cuUoDic of tljei2Dfficers,to cannartfjcit. 
iBbomtbe cbargeof keeping thereof Dot() appertaine, map bpon tbe re* SSS* 
quefljO? election ofauppcrfono^perfons, be inrolleu inrollesof parcb^ momtmnm 
ment,bp fucb perfons,9tfo? fucb conCDerations, as bereafter in tbis^ct fS. 
(ball be mentioned* ^nD tbe 3!nroulments of tbe fame,oj anp part tberof f^^ff"^\ 
Iball be of as goon fo?ce anb balinitie in lain, to all intents,refpects,anD $^'&S" 
^urpofes/o? fo mucbof anp of tbem fo inrolleD, as tbe fame being ejctant 
ann remapning toere 0? ougbt by lato to be* 2 y^Cli^.p* 

30 5i5o fine , proclamations bpon fines , o? common Hecoiteries jpo;s mat <sv^ 
Ijeretofbre ^ab,leuieD , IkffereD , orpafleb , o? bereafter to be ^a^leuieb, m&.mnt^ann 
ruffereii,or pafleo in anp of tbe faio ttuelue ig^bites of JEtales , 'Eotone ^ mxmlml > 
Countie of i^aueifo30 C^eU,o^ Counties ipalantiuepfljall be reuerfco 0? 

% 2 reuerCable 


rcuerfable hv anp b)?tt of €m^ , fc^ falfe o? incottgrtic latfne , rafure, 
wccrltmng ,mifentnngof an^ijiarram of atturne? , o? of anp l^jocla* 
mation.niirrcturnUiijjO? not returning of tlje ^^irife, o? otfjer toant of 
foimc in uooo^nsi, anu not in matter of fiibftance* ay^Cli^.p* 
. 31 i3iouitict»alUjaieg!,tljat neither tbiis^^anptljinofttein 

S?iR "wol tontaineo ", 0)811 Oarre j eicclu^e anp perfon 0? perfons from anp to jit of 
^ai5c aiiotov'D. ^f^o^ ujijic!) Wl be ba^itato, oj purfueo tuitbin Sue ^eeres nzvt aftec 
tbe enD of tbi0 ^elfion of t\)i$ p^efent 19arliament , ^pon anp jf ine oj 
^Recouerieijeretofo^ebati 0^ fuffereo i\x anp of tbe Courts afo^efaio, ^o] 
from anp tojit of Crroj tobicb tbnll be bari, talten , 0? purfueo bpon anp 
jf ine 0} iaecouerieberetofo?eieuieti,achnotoIeogeo,oj bao, in anp of tbc 
Courtis afo?efaio , tuitbin anp of tbe faio ttoelue ^bires of ^aXalegf , oj 
©otone $ Countie of ^auerfo^o mztt : W)it\) iTine oj Kecouerie , 0? 
anp part 0? paccentbereofnotoig!,o?atanp time before tbefirCEoap of 
3Iune,tBbicb(baIlbe intbepeere of our 1o?d6oo i 585* iTjaU be erem* 
plifien bnoer tbe SluniciaU feale0 of tbe faio Courts , at , 0? hi^ tbe fuit of 
anp perfon tbat is 0? map be intituleo to baue 0? fue anp tojit of Crroj 
bponanptbe fame^ines o^EecoueriesfoberetofojepalTeo* 5150? from 
anp Uj?it of <2^rro? tobicb ibaU be bao,tahen, 0? purfueo ijpon anp jfine j 
recouerieberetofo?eIeuieii,lmot)tJleogeo,o?;bao in anp of tbe Courts a* 
iierie,o? anp part o} parcell tbereof noto is, o} at anp tims^ -lefoje tbe fain 
firttoapof 3Iune,tobicb(banbeintbepeereof ourlo^o 600 1 585, flEjaU 
be erempliSeo ijnoer tbe ^eale of tbe fame Countie l^alantine , tobere 
tbe fame fine o} laecouerie (baH be fo Jeuiel»,fenotuleogetr, oj bao, at, j 
bp tbe fuit of anp perfon tbat is o^map beintituleo to baue, o?fue anp 
\xi}it of Crro? upon tbe fame jfine 01 Eecouerie fo beretofo^ pa(reD*3i5oj 
to barre anpFcmmecouert,o^anp perfon toitbintbc age of ttoentieone 
peeres,o? anp perfon tbat is Non compos mentis,in p?ifon,o j beponn tbe 
^eas, of,o? from anp tojit of Crroj to be ban 0? pjofecuteo fo j tbe reuer* 
fing of anp f ineo? IStecouerie beretofojepaiTeoJeuieOjOj fuffcreo in anp 
of tbe faio ttoelue j|>bires of ^aiales, 'Colune ano Countie of Upauerfo^o 
€aXelI,o?Couuties]palantine:^o tbat fucbFcmmecoucrto? bet beires 
ittitbin feuen peeres nejct after tbat (be become fole, 3no fucb perfon toitb 
in tbe age of ttucntie one peeres, 0? bis beires luitbin feuen peeres nejrt 
after be (ball come ano be of fuH age of ttoentie one peeres , Sno fucb per* 
fon tbat is Non compos mentis, tnitbin feuen peeresne]ct after be ibatl 
become of San^ memoiif , ano in Default tbereof, tbe beires of fucb perfon 
tbat is (Non compos mentis) toitbin feuen peeres nert after tbe oeatb of 
anp fucb perron,being Non compos mentis, 9ino fucb perfon in pjifon, 
0^ bis beires tottbin feuen peeres nert after tbe fame perfon (ball be at 
iibertie , ^no fucb perfon bepono tbe ^eas , 0? bts beires luitbin feueii 
peeres nejct after tbe returneof fucb perfon into t^i^ Eealme of €ngIanD, 


Fines: ,,p 

0^ t^e neatl; otdjt tain pccfon if (je (Ijall before (ji'si returtic iiie m auj> fo^^ 
reinCouHCrep, ftall f«e,tahe,anD p^ofccucc t\)eit lu?tC0 of Crro?,a0 tbcic 
caure$il)anreuetanprcqitirefo?xcuerfina:of anpof toefaiD f ine0o? Ee* 
coueriesfjerctofa^e pa(rcD,Ieiiieri,o? fuffcren* 27,Cli^«p» 

5 2 31fanpperrono?yerronsfl;aUlBitl3mtbctimeanDj»eere0afo?craiD, a«mciitcfo;i 
commence o?fuc 1)10 o^tljeictu^itg of Crrojijfo? tl)e reuerfingof anp of {{JJ'^^''^^'J'^« 
tfje faiD irme0 o? Hecouene0 [jerccofo^e p aOeo , lul)ic(j futt (ban fortune apetrSm g 
to abate h^ tbe neatb of anp of tbe partie0 to the fame t %{)m it fijall anD ^^^ ^"'^* 
map be laiufull fo? bi0 anD tbei'r J)circ0 at anp time tuitbin one peere ncjtt 
after tbe faiD feuen peere0 ejcpireo^to baue/iie,f take tbeir ya^t of (Z^rroj 
fo^tbcrcuerfingofeuerpfucbifineamjEecouerie^ ^nbiffucbbeirebe 
anjlnfant tuitbintbe ag;e ofttoentic onepeere0,tben mitbin one peere 
neict after tbe fuU age of fucb 31nfant : anp tljingin tbi? ^ct gtc* nottuitb* 

5 5 euerp perfon tbat Ml at anp time bereafter tafee tbe fenotuIeD^je SeKj" 
of anp ifine, o? tuarrant of ^tturnep, of anp tenant o? Doucbeefo? fuffe* ftnotoieugeot 
tine; anp common Eecoueric to be leuieo , knotBleDgeu , pafTeD , o? baD, ?a«e o? ffij. 
txiithm anp of tbe fain ttMeIue^bire0 of CiUales j •Cotone and Countie "«? f°^ a "to* 
of it)auerfo?D caett, o? Countic0 galantine, o? njall certifie tbem,o? anp fSSif ^' 
of tbem,Q)aUtuitb tbe ecrtificatoftbeConco?ti,o^ warrant of attitrnep, 
certifie alfo tbe oap ann peere toberein tbe fame toa0 acKnotuleogen* ^no 
no perfon tbat tahetb anp fucb fenotolenge of anp fine o^ toarrant fo? an? 
recouerie, (ball bebouno, o} bp anp meane0 eitfojceo to* certifie anpfuc5 
fenotoleDgeo? tuarrant ,eicceptitbeli3itbinone peere nert after tbe faia 
fenotoleDge taken* anunoClerke oi SDfficerinanp of tbe faiD ttoelue 
^bire0 of WM\z^y%mnz ano Couhtie of fipauerfop mcfi , o? Coun* 
tie0 palantine,(baU receiuc anp lx)?it of Couenant,o? to?it of €ntrie, oj 
anp otber to^it lubereupon anp jfine, o? common Hccouerie 10 bercaftec - 
to palfe, bnlelTe tbe Dap of tbe hnotoleoge of tbe fame fine $ toarrant (ball 
appeare, in 0^ bp fucb certificat ,bpon paine tbat euerp Clerlfee tbat (ball 
receiue anp fucb ^}it , (ball fo^fait fo? euerp time tbat b^ (ball fo offenD 
tbe fumme of ]cl0* SlnD no ^tturnement , in , 0? bpon anp fucb fine, in ^ttnrnement 
anp tbe €ourt0 afo^cfaiD (ball be cntreD ijpon reco?D , ercept tbe partie 
wentioncD to atturne tbereinjfirfi baue appeared in tbe Court in perfon, 
c} bv atturnep luarranteD h^ tbe banDe0 of one of tbe 3Iuttice0 of t^z 

fame Court ,l3pon a tUjit of Quid iuris damat, Quemredditum reddit, 

0? Per que feruitia, a0 tbe caufe requiretb* ^no euerp entrie of 3c« 
turnement bereafter to be maoe in anp of tbe Court0 afo^efaio , lubcrem 
tbcre (bail be no apparance as afo?efaiQ , (ball be utterlp boio anD of none 
effect toitbout anpto?itofCrro^,o^ otljer meane0 bfcD fo? auopDing 

34 'Cbece(ballbefo?eueran©fficefo?tbe31nrolment0 afo^efaiDin ^uegnfffceoe 
euerp of t(;e faiD tiuelue ^ljire0 of ea3ale0, ^otone anD Countie of 5pa» ^"'^^"''"*"^^* 

% 3 uerfo3D 

Srtti foji fntol 
ments atiD !?■ 
of finest «C0' 

fines fozmlf= 
piifion, ten" 


ftcationot a«f 


ttcrfo?TJ Utett , antJ Coumiegi ipalaiuine, tubic!) Cdatl be anti continue an 
fl^ffice fo?cuer , caUc5 tljc SDffice of 3!nroulmcnt0 of jfines ano Eecoue* 
ties* ^no tJje 3!utttces of tlje faio ttaelug <i>!jire0 of C^aIcs,€^otone atio 
Couutieof i^auerfo?ti taiett,at«i (Counties palantine fo^t^e time be« 
in^j tljat 10 toluic, euerp of tljcm bJitbin tbelimicg ano p?cc(ncts of tfjeic 
feiicraUautbo?ttie0 anD commiirion0 ,(bnn baueanu take tbe care ana 
cbarge, of ano fo j tbe 3inroulmcnt0 afo?erai0,an5 (ballbaueantr eniop 
tl)Z fain £>ffice, ano tbeDifpolttion tbeceof, ann carefuUp fee anD ioofee to 
t^z execution tbereof* ^no in confioeratton of tbcir cbarges, paine, auD 
crauel tberein,(ball baue anD tafee tbe fumme0 of monep bereaftec foUoUa- 
i\^ , anu no mc?e : 'E^bat 10 to fap ,fo? tbe 31nroulment anu eramination 
of euerp ifine , ann tbe parte0 tbereof i3*0» Sno fo? tbe inroulment anu 
epamtnationofeuerplRcfOuerie,anti tbe partes tbereofl3»0.^nofo?euerp 
ejcempUOlcation of tbeinroulment ofeuerp jf ine (f tbe parts tbereof iiitS^ 
Hit's* !3nD fo^cuerpejcemplification oftbeinroulmentof euerp IRecoue- 
rie, $ tbe parce0 tbereof iii»0aHutf. ^nnfo^tbe ^earcbof tbe Houlegt 
fo?onepeereiiti*fii* Qnnfo? tbe copie ofonefbeete of paper contetninof 
%iiii* lines, iiii»ii* 9inu tbe 3Iu(!ice0 of tbe faio Courtes of ^(rifes, 0? 
great ^effions fo? tbe timebeinj ,toitbin tbe fain tlMdue ^bires of 
Cv]IaleSj,'<2rotone ano (JCountie of ilpauerfo^D C2lc(l,ann Counties 113alan* 
tine,o? anp oneoftbemtuitbintbefeueralUimits anD precincts of tba'r 
faiD Ceuerall comniiltionsjnjal eramine tbe inroulment of euerp fucb JTine 
auD 1Recouerie,anD of tbe partes tbereof, ^ after fucb ejcaminationuf tbe 
inroulrtient of euerp fucb Jfine 5 Eecouerie,anD of tbe partes tberOf,(bal 
immeDiatIp to?ite bis nametbat fo eraminetb,tMitb bisotone banD in tbe 
rouletberof,bponpadte tbat tbe faiD JluUices Iball fo^faitto cbeHQueenes 
S^aieftie tbe fiimme of xl ^*fa} euerp time tljat tljcy, 0^ one of tbem Iball 
wafec Default of fucb eramination, o^to^iting of bis ojttbcir name,asi!5 
afo^efaiD* 9nD it (ball ^ map be lateful to ano fo? tbe faio 3iui!ices, oj an? 
of tbem fo? tbe time being , to take o?Der in all tbinges tbat Iball be con* 
uenient auD necDful fo? tbe inroulments afo?efaiD»3nD bpon ejtaminatioit 
in tbe faiD Courts to alfeife fucb fine 0? amerciament tjpon anp ^birife, 
Cler!t, Deputie , ^tturnep , o?otber perfon fo? bis ano tbeir mifpjinon, 
contempt,anD negligence, fo? not Doino;, 0? mifooino; in anp tbino;, of, in, 
0} concerning tbe faiD ifines 0? IRecoueries,o? anp part of tbem,o? eitbec 
of tbem,a0 bp tbe faiD ilullices fo? tfje time bcing,o? anp one of tbem (ball 
betbougbtmeete anD conuenient^'Ebe faiogne anD amerciament to be 
efircateD amongU otber fines $ amerciaments of tbat Court,tiibere fuclj 
offence 0? mifp?inon (ball be committeD.ay^Cli^.p* 

? 5 "Stbe erempUfication of anp fucb inroubtien of anp 6ne 0? reco* 
ucriCjO? of anp part tbereof , luitbin anp oftbefaiottocluc ^bires of 
resales, 0? of tbe faiD Cotnnc ^ Countie of ![)aU£rfo?D mcH.Mimt tbe 
3iuoiciaU iaU of t(;e faio ^bii*e,^oiBiur, 0^ Countie Uibere fuel; fine oy 


Fines.' 140 

tnmtxiz toas Icutc5,T)au, 0? palTeD , and tfjc mmpttfication cf onp fudj 
inroultticnt of mip jf me c} Rtcmcxk, 0? of anp part t^crrof ,\jD!t{)tn anp 
of tfje faiD Counttes palautinc, \3ulier tljc ^f ale of tljac Couiute ]3alan= 
tine, UJl;ere fuel) fine 0^ recouerie iDas letiicD, ljau,o? pnneri,n;all t>e of a0 
gootjfo^reanDDaliuitiem tljelatojto nIUnfenc0,itfpects;anD pmpo* 
fe3,fo? fuel) part, anu fo mucij cf anp of tljem, a0 fijall be fo ejremplifieu, 
as tlje uerie ojigmall reco?t> it fclfe being ejctant ano remapningf, tocrc 0^ 
ougljt bp latjj to be; i9.€li^,9* 

5 (5 3?t (ball be laioftill fo? tbe 3lti(!icesi Clerfee^ , mt^o^im bp tbeif Hecs^acsf nm 
toarrant in tl^e fato fetierall offices auD places, iDfjere tbe fame Keco^ues i"?D fmii^if 
0) anp of tbent Doe o? (ball rcmame , to to^ite out , 0? inroule tbe fame Ee= '^^ of Sck 
cocoes, anu etierppart tljereof . Qim tbe fain Heco^oes , no} anp of tbem, 
fo? tbe lu^iting out, 0? maMng of tbe Holies tbereof , bp tlje derives of 
tbe faiD 3Jttftices, (ball be b?oug;|jt,d? carrier foo?tl; of clje faio offices 0? 

5 7 l^one of tbe faio jfines 0? Eccoucrtes afo^efaio berctofo?e IcuieD, ^0 amenBe* 
paCfeD , 0? fuffereD ,)Dbicb (ball be ejccmplified bnDer anp SIuDiciall !^eale w m!uj?i"e^ 
of anp of tbe faiD ^(jircs of 2:^tales,o? ^olune 0? Countie of lipauer^ ^^-I'^a/""' 
fo?DCeea,o? ijnDtrtbe^eale of an^ of tlje faiD Counties l^alantine/ 
accojDtng to tlje fo?me of tbis 3lct,lball after fuel; ejremplifications l;aD, 
l>e in anp tDtfe amenDCD* 27*€lt5.p» 

3 8 'E'W ^ct 0? anp tbino; tberein contapncD , (ball not in anp Mtc 
crtenD to tbe p?etuDiceof tbe beires of ^ir €DiuarD<Srep Enicibt,lo?D 
IpotupsDeceafeD, o?of^ir€DlBarDlt)erbert ^nigbt, o?bis beires 0? |o?Bli3ot»s«. 
affipes, i^enrp aernon , 0? 3Iobn aernon.Cfquires ,0? tbeir beires 0? Wnmu 
alfignes , fo?,o? concerning anp jfine leuieo, 0? Eecouerie fufiereD, bp 0? 
againlJ tbe faiD lo?D l^otups, of anp 15aronies , bono^s, manors, lanDs, 
tenements, 0? bereoitaments, in tbe Countie of q5ountgomerie,o? anp 
C]t:emplificationtbereof,o?fo?,o? concerning anp ii)?it of ^trojtbjougbt, 
0? to be b?ougbt fo? tbe reuerCng of anp fucb fine 0? Hecouerie : 03ut 
tbep anD euerp of tbem Iball baue ano eniop tlyc fame rigbt,title,benefice, 
anD aDuantage to all intents anD purpofes, as if tljis Set b^D neuer bin 

3 9 SnD fo? afmucb as bpon great eramtnation it appearetb , tbat Di- ^^^ (Sane 
Iters jTines anDEecoueries baue bin beretofo?e leuieD anD fuffercD of ofBcut. 
Diners Cafiles, mano?s, mefuages,lanDes,tenfmcnts,anD beret?ita:« 
mcts,tobicbfometime tobc^etbe inberitance of George fometime €arle 
of Eent, great graunDfatbec to Henry nolo Carle of iSent, in bfe, polfef* 
(ton , reuerfion, 0? remainDer , toljereunto tbe faiD nol3a Carle of iUent 
p?ctenDetb title, in i3fe,poireirion, reuerfion, 0? remainDer, iDljicbif tbfp 
ijeerroniou0,asisp?etenDe0,DO mucbbarie from tbe generallcaufe and 
mtfc(}tefe,fo? Ii3bicbtbi0 Statute meanetbtop?ouiDe-: 'S;berefo?etbi3! 
Statute ,uo? anp tl;ing tljcrein conteineD , ffjall not ejctenD to tahe auja^ 

% ^ anp 

Fines.' Fifh , and FKhers. 

any \D?it of €tro? , totjcrcunto anp perfon a} pcrfons i$ notu , o^ bcrcaf* 
terflbaUbclalofunp intitulco tobauefo^t^e reuerfingof tbc faiDiTineg 
ann Hecoueriesf, o? anp of tljcm l;crctofo?c IcuicD o? fuffcreo of anp of t^e 
late lucre anp pate o? parcell of tlje mbcricance of c^e faio George forne* 
time €aile of IKenc, tn\jre,poireffion,reuerlion,o^ remainuer : anp tljinj 
iut^isftatute^c* nottoitbffanm'ng* 27»€Ii5.P» 

1 That writs of Couenant, and all other writs may be fued for Fines, 
tobelcuicdof any Ecclcfiafticallprofite.S.Tythes 25. 

2, The fee of the Chirographer of the Common place for a Fine Ic- 
uied . S. Chirographer i . 

5 That writs fliall be inrollcd whereupon Fines fhall be leuicd . S. 
Chirographer 2. 

4 For the leuy ing of Fines in Wales ^ making the Proclamations^and 
paying the Qnecnes filuer , and other Fines , S. Wales 2 1 ,2 2.2 5 . 

^aWngof ▼ Tr TKfpofoeuer taHetl) ^almon0in anp toatcr,tu^erein Salmons be 
©aimoiw. Y Y commonlj? caugljt,from tbe Batiuitie of our laoicbntil ^aint 
S^artiues nap ( ciccept in tbe Co untie of lancaffer , toljere tljep map be 
tal^en at an times ,fauing bettoi]ct 3^icbaelma0 ann Canoelma^, 0^ ta* 
itetbjO? oeffropetb bp nets 0^ otber ingins pong Salmons at Spil pooler, 
0} in anp otber places , from tbe miofl of 9p?iU,DntiU tbe feaft of ^aint 
31obn 15apti0 , 0? notb put in anp luaters of tbis Healme, at anp time of 
tbe peere , anp nets 0? ingins tobatfoeuer, ij^ tbe tnbicb tbe frie 0? b^eeue 
of Salmons, tamp?ies,o? otber jfifb map in anp toifebetato oj ue^ 
flropeo , (baU fo^ tbe 6r(! offence baue W 31^ets burneD , fo? tbe feconn 
tmpjifoneo a quarter of a peere , ana foi tbe tbirD a lubole peere , ano fo 
furtberastbe trefpas increafetb tXWch puniibments foj offences in 
J . freO) toaters (baU be ejrecuteu bp Conferuato^s fnjo?ne» 1 3 ♦ €&♦ 1 ♦ 4(5* 
«fonwraaiP?9. ^ ^ ,^icb,2» i p» m)t %niiic£$ of peace (bal be Conferuato?s of tbis ;^ta« 
tutc in tlje Counties tobere tbep be 3luttices,ano tbep (ball appoint bnoer* 
(onferuato?s tubicblballbeftoo?ne,ano ifanp beconuictof an offence 
committeo contrarie to tbis Statute, be (ball be imp^ifoneo, ano make 
fine at tbe 3Iuftices oifcretion* 9nii tbe S^aio? of lonoon (ball baue tbe 
conferuation of tfjis j^tatute in t^je IRiuers of ^^tjames ano S^eotoap* 

2 3if tbe aomiralljO? anp Officer o^miniffer of tbe 3timiraltie,(bal! 
tf)em iScD " ejtactjteceiuCjO? tafee bp bimfelfe.bis feruant o} Deputie,of anp Sparcbant 
mutufo^fifl). 0^ 5ri(berman,anpfumme of monep, boles 0? (bares of fi(b,o? anp otbec 

retoarn,o? benefite , fo? anp licence , to palTe tbis IRealme into 3ifelanD> 
jl*le\Bfounolamj, 3Irelanii, 0? otber places commoDious fo? tbe getting of 
5f i(b,o? fo? anp otber refpect concerning tbe faio Dopages,be (ball fo?fait 
fo? t^c ftrtt offence , treble ttje fumme 0? balue of t^e reujaro fo talten , to 


FilhjandFifhers^ 141 

tljeCliieene aito 3fttfb?mer ?c. to htxccmmn hv ^34tAxi^min no m, 
^u CtP* ?c. aiiD fo? tlje feconu offence^ fi;all lofe lji0 office ano mafee fine 
at tl;e fiueenes pleafiire* 2*€d* 6^6, 

3 CBljofocuec Dotl) bp anp engine, cautel, l^aieg, 0? meanesi to^at* 'Eawns of 
foetier, talte anu Kill anp pong b^ooue, fpamne, 0? frie of anp ^i(b in anp ^pa^'^e. 
fluDgate, pipe, at tlje taple of anp Spill, ^eare, 0? in anp ^traites, 
^creames,'B?oo'Ke0,1^iuec0,falt 0? frell), 0? lljall tafee in anp of tl;e fo?e- -gtafthig of 
faiD places, Eepper, 0} ^bcKOcr, Salmons 0? Crouts not being in fea^ SfSno''/ 
ron,(|)allfo?fait fo^ eiierp offence ]cr. s^tbeiTifl) fo taken, anD tlje ^etSjfwfonabie. 
^ngins.^c.tnbfretottl) betoohetbefame* i^Cli^j^iy* 59*€li5.i 8, 

4 dS^bofoeuet ootb take ano kill anp pickrell not being in lengtb "^wmtifot 
jc.pncbcsfifb, 0? mo?e, 0? anp Salmon not being rbi»pncbe0, 0? anp^g'^JSen.^'"^^ 
'a^rout not being Wu pncbeg, 0? anp 3arbel not being in lengtb ttwelue 
pncbe0,o? mo?e,o? Dotb fifl) tnitb anp jl^ct,^camel, Eepe, C*Ko?e, ^im, 
Creele, 0? otber engine o} Deuife, but onlp initb 3l5et 0? 'S^ramel, tobereof 
euerp $pe(be Iball be tluo pncbes ano a balfe b?oau, (except angling) and ^Dnuijat mem 
fatting fo?.tbeonlp taking of^melt0, locbes, ^inoli)e0,3ulbeaO0,tJS.""'"^ 
©uDgeon0, ano Cles, in fucb places tobere tbep \)me hin ufeo to be taken 
anD killeD, (ball fo?fait fo? euerp offence ]cr» s. tbe filb fo taken, ann tbe 
bnlatofuU J1^et0 ano €ngin0 to^jeretoit^ i)t tooketfjefame^itCIi^jy^ 

I ' 5 •pjouioeD tpttbts Statute ertenn not totliefilljtttg of tbe n'uergwtje^^mf, 
' of ^toebco? of anp tnater, tobereof tbe dueene i0 anftoeren anp peerelp ^^' 
rento?p?o{ite, no? to tbe otuner0,farmo?0,o? occupiers of tberiuersof 
Qfke,o? a^pe,in tbeCountie of Sponmoutb, i^Cli^jy, 59*€li?»i 8, 

6 %^t lo?D ^omirall of e^nglanD, Spaio? of lonoon, ann euerp otbec 
perfon 0? perfons, boDiespolitike anD co?po?at, tobicb baue 0? ougbt to 
ijaue anp conferuation of anp Hiuer, j§)treame,o? tOater, 0? punilbment 
of offences committeD in anp of tbem, batb autbo^itie to enquire \ji^ tbe 
otbe0 of ttoelue men 0? mo?e, anD to beare ano Determine all tbe offences 
committeD contrarie to tbe true meaning of tbis ^cty toitbin W iurif* 
Diction* i^eii^iy. 3p.€li5»i8* to continue to tbe enD of tbe neict]par» 
jliament noto nert enfuing* S.Lcctcs ^jufticcs ofpeace 40. 
1 7 C^bofoeuec fljall h^ Dap 0? nigbt ijnlatjjfullie toitbout autbo?itie ©ecfro?(ngof 
b?eake,cittDoinne,cutout,o?Deffrop tl)e beaD 0? Damme ofanieponD,K"''* 
l^oole,epoat,^tmtg, !§)teto, 0? feuerall pt, tnberein f ilb are 0? Iball be 
put, 0} ffo^eo h^ tbe otoner 0? poffeffo? tbereof, o) Do, 0? (ball in?ongfullie 
fi(b in anie of tbe faiD feuerall ponos, poole0, ^u to tbe intent to Deffrop, 
kill,take,o? ffeale atoap anp of tbe fame If i(b againa tbe toil of tbe otunec 
0} poffeffo? of tbe fame, not bauing latofull autljojitie fo to do, anD being 
tbereof laU)ftillp conuicteD at tbe fuit of tbe Clueene ^u 0? tbe partp grie' 
ueD, (ball pap to tbe pactie grieueD bis treble Damages, fufltr imp^tfon' 
memtl;jeemonetljS, anDtjjen WlfinDefufficientfuertiefo? bis gooD 



dhmhx^ cigama t!jc €luectie anti all Oer Itcfje people fo? tbc fpace of 
fettenpeeccs after, ojcl^QjaUrcmaincmp^ifon toitbout baile o? main* 
p^ife ijntilllje bad) fouuD fufficicnt fuertie. Slnri it fljallbc Utofull fo> tbe 
pactp grieitcD, to fuc anu take W further remenie a0:ainS euerp fiic!) of* 
fetmh fo? bis loffe $ oatttmages before tbe Slufiices of peace, 31"Stce5Qf 
i^ffife, and 3luttice0of2Dper(fC»oieIsbJbere,inameotljer t|je£lueeues 

to releafe to tlje offenuo? tbe fuertifl;ip of gooo abearmg at anp time iJJitb* 
mtbefeuenpeere0«5*€Ii5f2i»Seelufticeofpeace54. : 

T:»,.fti«rr of S C^^bofo'eiter fcHetb o? puctetb to fale anp •%)almon, b? -But, "Bar* 

laSanij rell, balfc T5mt\\, o? otber eeM, before it be feene e^xcpt tbe "But m 

onlTSu contain f otocr: fco?e ano fotoer o:a«on0, tbe O^ari-eil mU tbe ^J^l^ kartell 

Of m ^mi^> ^^i^gallons, tueil ant. faitbfuUp pacfeeo, (ball fo?fait fo? euerp mm fo 

lacMngnieafure,bii/jiii*tJ* ano be tbatuotbnot pacli tbe great @>al' 

wottbp it fclfe, ano tbe frnafl tm tslUn 6rille0 bp itfelfe , but uot^ 

mingle tbe great Salmon taitb tbe6ri«e0, c? bptobellieD Salmon, 

(bal fo^fait foji eittr? ^izMl fo packed auD put to fale bu0» biiutJ* 2 2.e0^ 

i&cttl«is<i "^ 9' OTjoVoeuec puttetb to fale an? Jperring bp Garret , balfe 'Bm 
i:cI,oi5rirMn,rercepttbe OSarrel containe tDJoanti tbirtie gallons!, tbe 
balfe barrel anD ifirfein after tbe fame rate,) ano tbat tbe gernng be 
of one times taking anti faUing, ano except it be luell m im coucbea 
ancpactoin tbe miooeft, euerp euD, ann part tbereof, tball fojtatt toj 
mrp offence 22.ei..4^2. 1 i.fp>7^2 ^ ^ut tbe pre oteiu 

gallons of ti3ine meafure, tobteb 10 about rruiii. gallons b? olo <^tan* 
DcrD, uoell packcD, anc contapning in euerp barrcU a tboufano tuU tper- 
ring at tbe lead, (balbe taken fo? true anblalufull ^Cfife ofCperrmgbar^ 
reK 1 3. €li^ n. S.^Co^^^tbat apefcoje fperrings be accomptcD a 
bunnic^anotentbouianoalall* ^ ^ ^ .^ 

QEck^ I o mbofeuer puttetb to fale €eles, ercept tbe barrel to contame ,^ 

rlii.gallons,tbe balfe barrel gt firkin after tbe rate, 0? mmgletb, packctb, , 
ano puttetb tofaleanpreD,galbeaten,mo?en,o?flippeu eeles,Xuitb gooo 

eele0,fl)alfo]tfaitfo?eucrpfucboffenceri*22.€D.4.2. 1 1 4P»7»2^ 
m^^ m m\ 1 1 cabofoeuer puttetb to fale anp barrelleD fill; > ercept tbe comi. 
ST^S: table fi(b, calleQ tale fin; be packeo bp itfelfe, ant. tbe fmallfiCbcallcB 
6rilles bp itfelfe, toitbout mirture of tbem, ant. untljout packing 0^ 
fifl)ii3itb broken bellies toitb talefia;,o?fmaUe{b, ©? ^^?.^?^,^f/f^ 
0} imall m Double in packing, O? packetb aup talc fifl; tobicb Dotb no 
containe in lengtb from tbe bone in tbe finne, to tbe tbiro loi . t of t j; 
taplcfireauD t'oientiepncbes at tbe leaK, ©? packetb f^> J^f/^f^^ 
tobercofbelonatr tben to tbe little bone, tobicbi0 bpontbegreatm e. 
0? tobicb M) is not fplatteotiotone 0? cpeneo to l^^^;^^^^^^^^^ 
0} tlje bone ^^zxtoi is not taken auiap to tbe mull of tbe fame m. w 

Fifh, and Fi (hers. 142 

fo?fa{tiiu0»iiu\t>\fo? cwerpl^arrcU Ujljicb IfjaHbe fotmti not pacIifD, 
foU£ii,miit;t,niipeD, laio Double, o} not boncu as is afojtcfaiD ^u VLhz one 
moitk oftoI;icljfaiDfo?fiuturc2! (TjallbstotljellDueene, anD tOeotfjer to 
Ijimojtfjcm cfjat lutUfeife 0^ fuefo? tljcfame bp3t'35»]i3»lul;emn no 

n eurrpcDau^eourji^acfecr, anD ^carctjei*, dia!taf?c no mo}e fo? ciaiMttrjtffati. 
{i:augtrtg of a bmell of «%almon, ifpcrrin^, jfifi), €cles, fjalfe barrdl ano p^^ «^au tat^? 
firhin,t^e« fo? euerp piece q, attn fo? ijis labotti* fo? feaccbino; anD padding of R^aj. 
(rf neeDe be)of a barrel! of ji>almon,froin beao to bead UH, anb fo? boiuuo:, 
napittg,anD pacl^inj of a barrell of fi(b(if neebc be) u tf» ano fo? fearcbinnj 
anopaclkincs of abarrelloflIperrina:(ifneetiebc)ii»iJ, aub fo? fearcbtng 
anb pacl^ing: euerp barrell of €eles it n, ^m fo in balfc barrels anb 
firMnsofilpcrriuss anb CelejJ, tbep (ball tal^e accojbing to tbe former 
ratef Snaif amegauseo?,o?rearcteo?pacl^erboe tbeeomrarie, be (ball 
lofeljis office, anbalfo beimpufanebfojtiebaies^l^ut tbefaibfearcbec 
0? pacl^er,(bal receiue notbin^ of tlje faib fees,bj> colour of tbeir office, but 
onlp fojtfucb'Buts, barrels (tc» as bptbemiijalbe fufficientlie fearcljeo 
anb pacl^cb, anb toere not fufficientlp paclteb before* 1 1 *l^en»7»2 ^ ♦ 

I g 3It is not latofull to ame perfon to bttp of anie ffranger bo?ne out ^^m mv- 
tU\)Z £lumxc$ obcifance,o? out of anie (hangers bottome,anie fiperrintr tm^foi ^^ 
being not fufficientlp falteD,pacfeeD, ana cafketj (P^errings b?ousbt into atans««. 
tbis IRealme bp reaCon of '^bipto?acl^e onlp ercept,) bpon paine to foj= 
fait tbeit)ecrings fo botigbt^oi tijebaluetbereof. ^Mli^,^. 5 5.€li?.7» 

14 3lt is not latnfull to anie perfon to bjingtnto tbis realme anie Conamjifns 
Cot»,o? lino; m barrels,o j otl)cr caf&es, but loofe in bulhe anb bp tale, to Sft^to°S'i^ 
tie folo tuttbin t^e realme, bpon paine to fo?fait all tbe Cob anb ling f c. Kcaimci 

0? tbe balue tbereof* 5»€Ii5»5» 3 s^Cli^^jf to continue tilUIjeenb of tlje 
nett parliament nm nert enfuing^ 

1 5 00 ftlb tal^en 0? b?ougbt i«co tljis Healme bp anie ff ranger, no? JFtHj hmmt 
anie SCbcommonlie called ^cottilbfid;, 0^ 5flemmi(bfi(b, (ball be b?ieb g"Kunot 
iDitbinCnglanb tobefolb, bponpaineof fD?faitureofallfucljfi(l),o?tbe i3e;r7tcrjm 
,ualuetbereof,tobic[)fb?fatture (ball be to fuc^ perfon bujclling at anie *^"s5ana. 
jtolune tobere is anie lpo?t, ISeere, 0? {^auen, as tuill feife tbe fame, 0? fue 

fo? tbebalueinanieCourt^fEecoib, to be imploieb to tbe repaire anb 
maintenance of fucb po^tj'peerejO? i^auen, as i^ nejct to tlje place to^ere 
tlje offence (balbe bone i g.C^i i* 

1 6 0a Unerring (balbe bougbt 0? folb on tfje ^ea, bntill tbe filbers ^be faic oe 
be come to tbe Upsuen bJitb tbeir fiperrings, anb tbat tbe Cable of tbeir *?«<^«"S^« 
drippe beo^atacn to tbe lanb, anb tbe fale of tbem fl;albe from tbe ^unne 
rifingbntiil cbe ^unnefetting, anb not before no? after, bpon paine of 

1 1 • ■ 1 7 3}t (liall anb map b£ labofull fo? all anb euerp fjer Spaielties fubiectg 
ktug objnerjS of anp ^l)ips,15arlks,o? belTels, fa^'ling tojitft croffe faples, 



mn stMtma to tmiitt ant tak into tbeir fain ^l)tpsi,'BarHo? befrd£i,aitp !&ettmgs{ 
' t!SoVt"& °? o^t^^*^ fi^-^> ^^^f ^ ^"P ^^^^" ^? llrangei; fi)aa bup and p?ouiDe of anp bee 
in <S)i)tps toiti) g^atefliee fubtccts tuitljin tljig realme, ano tlje fame Upcrrinss ano fiOj o? 
cwffe fagiw. jj^^j, of cljcm map tranfpojt into anp parts bepono tbe feas.being in league 
0? amitie toitb b^t Spaieffiej in tijeir faio ^bips o? teflels toitb croITe 
failes, Co as tbe faio aliens o} Grangers pap to ber spaiefiie ber cu(lomej$ 
anooutiesfo^ tbe fame^^ptCli^jo, 
rajDat cuttoras ^ ^ ^^'^ ^^^^"^ ^ Crangers Iball fro time to time pap to ber S^aieHie fo| 
auene m pa? allfalteD fiO), ano falteo berrings, to be b^ougbt into tbis realme all fucb 
SwriS. ^^^^^ cuttomes, ^ impofitions, as are o? (balbe impofeo oi fet Upon ber spa« 
ieflies fubiects in tbofe fo^reine IRegions ^ eDoimtrpes,'Po?ts,gp 'SLotons, 
fro l»bence tbe faio falteo fifl) $ falteo berrings, fijallbe (bippeo gt b?ougbt 
f 0^ tbe like fiOjes ano berrings, ouer ano befioes tbe o joinarp Cudomeisi 
tobic^ijljaw^ beenepaio to b^r Spaiefiiefo? tbe fame* sp^Cli?*! o* 
wmm into 1 9 3If anp ^lien,o? Stranger bo?ne,o? anp Deni^enjO? natural bo?ne 
iSoifQm?6(!). Tubiectof tbtsrealme,(bal bjinginto anpl^auen,po?t,CreeKe,o?^otoii 
* of tbis realme anp fait fi(b o? fait berrings,tubicb tbal not be gooo, fuieet, 
feafonable,^ meet fo? mens meate,ano (ball offer tbe fame to be foulo^ano 
(balbe tjoarneobp anp officer of fucbpo^tjC^auen, o^-^otune, toberetbe 
fame (balbe offereo to be foulo^ tbat tbe fame be not feafonable no? meete 
foi mens meate* ^Ijcn if b^ o? tbep (bal after tbat,offer anp of tbe faio on* 
feafonable fi(b to lie foulo to anp perfon toitbmtbis realme, ©? being an 
alien bo?ne, ano no oeni^en, (ball not oepart toitb tbe fame from tbe faio 
Upauen, po?t o} '^ouane, fo foone as conueniencie toill feme, tben all ano i| 
euerp perfon,otoners tbereof, (ball loofe ano forfeit to our faio foueraigne | 
Laop, all tbe faio onfeafonable fi(b bnmeete fo^ mens meate as before i» 
faiOt3p*€li?»io* . 
SD?t){jiajiccs of 20 an ©^oinances of tbe f ilbmongers of JLonoon, o? of anp otbec 
conjijanpes companp,o? €o?po?ation tobatfoeuer^maoe o} to be maoe,fo? rettraint of 
tlmSm anp perfon to talte o} felftlb, o} to bu^ o? p?outoe anp fi(b of anp spercbant 
m ftuing of j,^ q^jj^ ^ toitbin tbis realme,{balbe repealeo ano boio* ano tbat euerp per* 
fon, 0? boop co^pojate, tbat (ball mafee o? ejcecute anp fucb o^oinance oj 
reCraint, (ball fo? euerp fucb offence fo;ifeit one bunojetb pounos, tbe one 
moitie tbereof to tbe ^ttueenes ^aietf ie, ber beires, ^ fucceffo?s, ano tbe 
otber moitie to tbe partie grieueo, tbat toil fue fo? tbe fame, h^ a of Dett 
in anp Court of Keco?o toberein no m. €,'P4Cf 3 P*<2^li?» i o.'Co enoure 
no longer tben to tbe eno of tbe nert l^arliament enfuing* 
^ea fi(!) ma? 2 1 3It (ball ano map belalofull to ano fo? euerp of tbe Clueenes fub» i| 
anS?T" if«^> to^"er ano fell all maner of ^ea jfiaj, Jipon anp fIe(bDap in tbe 
cept -siuuDa?. loueehe otber tben tbe ^unoapes, in euerp Citie, 15o?ougb,^oUine co?* 
po?at, 0? eparfec 'S^otone, tobatfoeuer Initbin tbis Healme : anp cbarter, 
p?efcription,^c, notlMitljIianoing, 2 7»€li>ii» 5 5»^li?»7* ^0 continue 
tin tbe eno of £l;is nejct parliament nolu nert enfuing* 

I For 

Fifli, and Fifher s. Fiftidayes. 14^ 

1 Forthetraniportingof Hcning and other SeaFifli. SccCorne i, 

Shippes I . 

2 For retraining ortaking Toll of Fifli brought into this Realme. S. 

Shippes 2. 

2 That no Fifhcrman fhall anker vpon the maine Sea, in the time of 
the common fifhing. S.Shippes (5, 

4 That no FiCherman fhall be compelled to ferue as a fouldicr, or as 
a mariner, but in certainc cafes. S.Mariners 2. ^. 

J That none of the Queenes Purueyors fhall take any Fifh from any 
inan,that taketh the fame in any Englifh mans fhip, S.Purueyors 24. 

6 What Fifh may be tranfported without Cuftome. S.Cuftome 5 , 


IC (l^annotb^ktofull to anpperfon toicfji'ntljisiaealme, to cateanp ^ofleiijRjau 
jfleibuponanpDapesnoto bfuanpobfccuen a0iriQ)time0,(t)ponpainc J^iKj^. 
to fo^fait ]cr* $. fo} euerp time IfZ QjaH offenu, 0? eliS fuffer one monetbis 
cIofcimp?ifonment,\Mitf)Outliapleojmainp?ire» 35,€li5t70 3nD euerp 
perfon tuit^in toljofe botifeanp fuel) offence njall be none, ann beinQ; ^^i- 
ute o> toluinoftijereof,anli noteffcccuallppuniOjintif, o^oifcMngtbe 
fame to fome publike SDfficer, bowing autbo^icie to punilb tbe fame, fo j 

cucrp fucb offence ((ball fo?faitm«j5,iiii»U» 3 5*<^Ji?»70 ^U ^bicb fo?* 
faitureisfo^notabftapning: from meateg IballbeDeuiDeo into iii* equal! 
parceis : ^bat 10, one part to tbe bfe of tbeClueene, tbeotber to tbe 3!n* 
former, tbetbtrnto tbe common bfe of tbe pari(b,tobere tlje offence (baU 
JiecommitteD, ann to beleuieu bp tlje Cburcbluarneng after anp con* 
ttiction in tbat bebalfe* $ ♦Cli?* 5* 

2 00 3InbolDer, Cauerner, aieboufe keeper, common afcailer, com* bo nt^ mi 
won Cooke, 0? common 'Stable keeper, (ball ijtter o} put to fale, 0? caufe i^i",."^ **" 
to be Dttereo 0? put to fale, bpon anp jfriuapc^, ^aternape?, 0? Dapes 
appointed h^ foper latoeg to be if ilbtjapes (not being Cb?ilf mas Dap) 
oj upon anp nap in t^e time of lent, anp kino of jflclbtjictuafe, ejcceptic 
be tofucbperfono?perfon0,refo?tina;tobi0o?tbeir boufe^, asbaue, 0| 
(ball banc licence to rate tbe fame, (acco^oing to tbe teno? ano true mea« 
ining of tbe Statute mane 5*€lt?» 5 upon patne of fo?faiture of bt li« anD 
Iball alfo fuffer ten napes imp^ifonment taitbout baile, mainp^ife, 0? 
rcmouer, fo j euerp time fo offenoing : one tbirD part tbereof to be to tbe 
£lueene,ber beires ^c» one otber tbirn part tbereof to tbe lo^o o} lLo?ii0 
ioftbeleete,fo? tbe time being;, tnbere fucb offence (ball be committeD, 
antj tbe otber tbiro part tbereof, to bim 0} tbem tbat Ml Cue fo^ tbe fante 
in anp of ber apaietties Courts of Eecop bp a»15.]^» 0? % toberein no 
f31»e,'p.fjc*27,Clr5;jr*3j»Cli5»_7, , ...j c. .nr : 

j ^ "Buttbts ^ct conccrnina; eating of jfleib, (ball not ertenn to aiip contjttfons 
l^erfunsbauiugrpecialUicence,i3poncaures rontapnenintbefame, ano »ycnuc«u??» 
jrauntcn acco^nino; to tljilL^m^ oft^isEealme, euerp of in^ic^liceu* 




ecg f^aUkbcfo, bnlefle t^efame conttinet^zkcomitm^M^, €mxi^ 
licence maue to anp perfon of t!je uegree of a lo?D of tlje parliament 
auD !)i0 DJife, Qjal be upon conDition t^at tf;ep fijall pap to tljc poo?e mens 
bore mitljin t^c'^mh) in^jere tljepremaine^c* in tijefeaHof tbepuri* 
fication of our iLaoie, o} toitfjin Cre napes after, tUientie fire (billings 
tig\)t pence, ann to be pateD toptbin one monetb nejct after tbe fame 
^eaCtipon paine of fo^faiture of tlje fame licence. 9 JKnigfjt anD bis 
toJifc (ball pap peerelp tljirteene (billings fotoer pence* Cnerpperfon tia« 
tier tbe faiue negree fl^aU pap peerelp Uxz (billings eigbt pence tot^e 
faiD Dfe at tl;e fo?cfaio time, ann upon tlje afo^efaio conbitiom $M\i^*s^ 

4 9a perfons, tubicfj hv notorious (td^iteCte fl[)al! be enfo^ceb, fo| 
tbe recouerie oft^eirljealtb, toeate fle(b fo? tbetimeof tbeirficknelfe, 
Iballbelicenceb bp tbe 'Bpibop of tbe DioceKe, o?bp tbeparfon,aicar, 
0? Curat of fuel; pariib tubcre fucljperfon is 0cfee,o?ofoReofcbene]ct 
PariOjabiopning (iftbere be no Curator* in t[)C fame pariib, o?if tft 
JjetoilfuH) njbicb licence (baUbefigneD toitlj tbe bantt of tbe ^iQjop: 
llparfon jc» and ennure no longer tben tlje time of Ccfeneffe. anb if tUtt 
0cfene(re continue aboue eigbt capes after tbe licence graunteo, it (ball 
ht regtarcD in t^e Cburcbbooke, tuptb tbe fenoixilcDge of one of tlje 
C^urcljlDarbens. ^no tlje partie licenceb, (ball m^ to tbe Curate fotoei 
pence fo? euerie entrie, ano it (ball ensure no longer, but fo^ bis ncfc 
neCTe. anoif anp licence bpanpparfon, Qicar, o? Curat be grauntei 
CO anpperfon, otber tbenfucb aseuibentlpappeare to ljaueneebetbere> 
of bp reafon of tbeir ncknelTf , not onelp euerp fucfi licence Iball U 
XJOin, but alfo euerp fucb parfon. Curat, o? dicar, (ball fo?fait foj 
cuerp fucb licence ot^ertoife graunteb, fine sparfees* j^Cli^j* ij.Cli^i 

5 .!i*io licence (balleptenb to t^ie eating of anp l^eefe, at anp time oJi 
tbe peere, no? to tlje eating of anp aeale, in anp peere from tbejfeaHoli 
j§>aint9^icbael tbe arcljangell, butot&eMoapcfSpap»5*Cli?.5:»27, 

roiotteiiffijoE ^ ^"^^ \^tx(on$ as^aue, bpon goob connceration, anp latofull h 

flem, one oti^ cence to eate fleib bpnn anp jfilb cap, be bounb to baue fo? euerp one Did 

Of 'S)w m- of fled; feruen to be eaten at tbeir table, one bfuall ni^ of ^ea ft(b, fred 

0? fait, tobelifeelDifeferueb at tbe fame table, anb to be eaten o?fpeni 

toitljout fraubo?couin, as t^elilteMnb isoj (ball be bfuallp eaten, oj 

fpent on^aterbaies (ercept fucb perfons asfo? CcbtelTe, (ball fo? tbai 

time be licences bp tbe :!3p(bop,Curat,o? ^c, o? bp reafon of age, o? otbei 

impeuimcnc, allotoeb beretofoje h^ tbe CccleiiaCicall latoes of tfjp^ 

• mealme)bpon tlje paine afo^efai^j^Cli^.j* a7*<^^i?»^ ^* 5 ^Cli?»7»« 

f ontmue till tbe end of tbe nert parliament notu nert enfuing» 

I That he which faith, that the eating of Fifh, or forbearing of flefli Ij 


■Ftefe ana 


Force, and forcible entry. 144 

the feruicc of God, (hall be puniflied as a ^reader of falfe newcs. Sec 

Ncvves 1, 

Force, and forcible entry. 

Wj^ofofucc maWj^isentrie intoanplanos antr tcnemcntgj but •gnhcpimfft]. 
in cafe luljcre fM tntxit is giiicn b? tbelato, f t^ac ixi peaceable Smtacs"^* 
anD eaSe mancr, antj not toitO IJeon j baub auD multttute of people, aitti ' * 
tljereofi)econuicte0,n)anbeimp^ifoncD, aiiD pap a fine actbeClueeneis 
pleafure. 5»Eicb.2»7» 'S^b^.^i^ pjoces OjaUbeaUjarDtu in anp action 
b^ottgbt ^^pon tbts Statute as in a common action of trefpafie at tbe com* 
tnpniaUU2 3»l^cm8.i4»:31f rbeplaintife in tins action.after tbeappa« 
jance of tbe ticfenuant be nonfutt, 0? anp bcruict paiTe againft bini, tbe oc 
fenuant (ball recouer coff e0 againft tbe plaintife. 2 3 Jp« 8. 1 5 , 

2 ^bofoettcr Dotb enter toitb fo^ce into anp lanos o^ tenements, iFp?t'^|e«n«?» 
0} into anp benefices 0? offices oftbeCburcb,o^Dotb enter peaceablie,?S5oSD. 
anu after isotb bolotljem tJJtt() fo?ce, bpon complaint tbereof mane to 
oneo?mo?e31ullices oftbepeace oftbeCo«ntp,o? totbe 9pato?,'Bailif, 
l^berife, 31tt(lices 0? 3Iufiice of peace of tbe eDitie;'S:otDne, 0? l^opuQ;lj 

tatting jfrancbife, tubere fucb forcible entrie is mane, tbe faio 31ullice, 
S^aio?, oj ^c* (ball tuitljin conuenient time tafee fiifficient potoer of tbe 
fame Countie, €:itie, f c« ano at tbe cottes of tbe plaintife, 50 to tbe place 
tubere tbe fo^ce is m?.De* ^m if be do finoe anp tbat mane fucb forcible en« 
trie, 0? tbat bolo tbcplace toitbfo?ce after peaceable entrie mane, Ijefball 
tafee tbe offenoo^s, ann comntit tbem to tbe nert 6aole, tljere to remaine 
conuict bp reco^ti of t^e fame 3IttSice, bntill tbep bane paien a fine to tbe 
Elueenet 3no toljetber t\)Z parties ^bicb manefucb entries be p^efent, 0% 
igone atp commingof tbe 3iuliiee,tbe faio 3!ufiice,9pato?,?c»(ball irt fome 
Igooo'Coluneo? conuenient place, neerebnto tbe place iuberefucbfo?ce 
itoas maDe,in(ittire bp afufficient 3Iutieof tbe fame £oimtie, Citie, 9U of 
itbem tobicb mane fucb forcible entries* 3nn if it be found before tbem, 
itbat anp baue mane entrie contrarie to tbis (f atute, t^e fain 3Iufiice,9pa« 
iio^, gtc» (ball ^efeife tbe fain lanns 0? tenements fo entren bpon,'g^ tbereof 
;pttt tbepactie m polfefiton, tubicbitifucKojtiDaaj^put out* 1 5»Eicb»2t2» 
^,J^en»6*9»S.lufticeofpeacc8p. .-; 

3 3nD if anp perlbn afteiJ fucb entrie 0? bolbing tuitb fo^ce, toillma^e a feoffemtne 
xfeoffement,o?otbert)ifcontinuattce to anplo^Do^otljerpecfon to baue ofianDfiofitai- 
naintenance tberein,tbe fame is btterlp boin^^no alfo in tbe cafes afo?e« " * ^^^^' 
"ait! , tbe partie grieuen map baue an 9lfife of Noucl difleifon, 0? an 

action oftrefpasagainft tbe bilfeifo?, annif tbe nefcnoant be attaintco 
)f f0?ce,be (ball anftuer to tbeplaintife,bii5trebletiammageia!,anD alfopap 

4 IPiouioeo altoaies, tbac tljep U3bic|j feeepe cl)eir polfeffions tnitl& mm mm 
'o}cz in anplanns ann tenements, tubcreof tbep 0? tbeiraunce(fo?Sj 0^ poa?aion. 
Siep toljofc diate tiiep iaue in fucjland^oj^enerwm^ jjiau^conttnueD 

. j t^ci5 

Force, andforciblecntry." ForcftsjChafeSj&c. 

theitpofleCfionsmtbcfame bp tb?ee peered b?mo?e, htm tmmm* 
ffttihvfoiuoHW^tmtt,SJ^m,6.9^ m ummm upon anp3Im 
niccment of forcible cntrie, o? IjolDing tuitb fo?ce Ojalbe mane to anp pec* 
fonoiperfons, iftbe perfort o?perfon0 fointJicteD IjatbbaU tbe occupa« 
tion, 0% tjatbbin in qmetpoffeirionbptbefpaceoftb^eetobolepeeres to* 
getber nejct before tbe nap of fucb inbictment fo founD, ano bis, bee, oj 
tbeicettate o^ettacestberemnocenoebno^tietermineu, tobicb tbe partpi| 
iubicteo mi ann map aUeugc fo? ttap of reaitucton,anb reaitution to aajp \ 
bntill tbat be ttien, if tbe otber Ml oenie o? tcattecCe tbe fi^me* anb if tbe i 
fameaUeption betrieuagainil t(jefameper(bn o? perron&foinbiccettt 
tben tbe fame pecfon o? petfon^ fo inbicteD to pap fucb cotter anu tiam«« 
wage0 to tbe otber partie as (ball be aOfelTeB bp tbe 31«t«ge0 o?31umcej{,« 
befo?etobomtbefame ajaUbetrieUjtbefamecoaesianubammagegtobe 
recouereb anb leuteo as is bfuall fo? codes anb Dammages contameo m 
iirtgementsbpott otber actionSf3r»€li5»ii* i 

„ 5 31ftbe g)berife,o?attie0tberoftbeCountie0oenocattcttbbpontbai 
® IP VxSt Sludice to goe anb amu bim, to arreft fucb offeniio?s, be o? tbep fo offen* 
fo;«. iiit!g,(baUbeimpjtfonetianbpaieafinetotbeClueenej5»E*2»2, ; | 

mtm en. 6 SBbofiwuer ma^etb anie forcible entrie into anotber mans lanbj 
tcics bg mat«» tn bis otone rigbc to bis omne bfe, o? in anie otber mans rigbt to bis bfe 
twanc5» ^^ j^^ ^^^ j,f maintenance, ann tbereof is attatnten in an Mfe at tbi 
tiegrieucb bisbouble uamma^es* 9nn alfo (ball anftuere to tbeparti 
grieueu,bammages fo? bis gooDs,anD cattels.if bpon tbe faio fo?cible oU 
feifon,bctoofeealiJapame»4»i[p,4.8» ^^ , , . r V 

: I what lurors {hall be returned to inq^uirc of forcible entries, bee Jul 

a ■■ That no difcent after a forcible diffeifon (hall take away any maik 

cntticS.Entric.i. ^ ., i • *» »/J 

3 Where a fpeciall AfTife is grauntable vpon a forcible^ cntne. S.Afil 

fife. 6, f J 11 r u 

4 For Riots, Routes, and vnlawfull affemblies, and all forces there 
upon committed. S.Riots, * 

5 In what cafes, in what places,and by what perfons force and armc^ 

may not be vfed. S. Armour.i o.T I • 

. Forcfts,Chafcs,Parkes,Warrcns. 

'sr^.mmm. XT© man WUoofe life 0? member fo? ItiningoftbeSJueenesbeaw 
Sr??S JN but if be be tato tberetoitb anu conuictctr, be m mafee agrt 

a Dap, ann after (ball be oeliueren, if be can finoe fureties, o? otberUJife b 
Dttrntnantr. fbaUabiure$cXhartiforrc(1.9.l^^^^^^^^^ 
Sr 5ro?rell,l^arfee;o?marren,o?tnitbpainteofaces,i)tfo?s,o?otberm^^^^^^ 

fings. to tije intent betooulu notbe fenotnen, ^nu being e;;amineb beto? 

For efts^Chafes, Parkcs, Warrens^ 145" 

cncoftlie Qttecne)3Coiinft1,o?a3^uSjceofpcaccof tlje fame (I;ire,to con- 
cealc tijcfante offcncc.ojanp offenoo?, isfelonie* 1.^*7* 7. S. Felony .24, 


2 -^IjeiTo^reffcrs m toljofe'Bailituiheg anp tretpallJ? uone \3iit\m tlje S/.'Jf"^^' 
£lucene0 1'o^ellgof Ocrto?acnifonI!)aIbecommtttcDj0)aUp^efent tlje a"V. '^ ^'^"' 
fametrcfpaffeg att^e nej;ti)UJammo£e before t^e jfo^cCerg, dcrDo^s, 
EeprDo^0,3gifio?0, 5 otber Officers of t!je jTo^eff, toljtcb p^cfentment 
(l^alberttaDebptijeotbesofEmgtjtSj'jotljergooDanD.latofuU meit^ not 
fttfp(ctou0,of tijc parties auiopningjO? neere lubere fticjj trefpaffes fl[)all be 
piefeitteo,anDtobi*f2tl)2tt*utOmapbelIbefeioluen.anD tl;e trutb bciu^ 
pirfectipfeno\i3cn,tbcn fucbp?efenrmenc h^ clje confenc of all tlje fais of- 
ficers, (bail be folcmnlp to^ittcn anu ^ealen tui'tb tbeir ^eales.^nD if a« 
itp innictment be in otber maner,tbe fame (ball be boiD^^nn no man (ball 
be tafeen 0} imp?ifoneD foj Qcrc o} 2:ienifon , bnlelTe be be talien UJitb tbe 
maner,o? innicceD in fo?me afo?efaiD*3nD tbe cbief ^arnen of tlje JTo^ed 
(ballletbtmtomainp^Ke, bntilltbeEireoftbe jTo^ett^toitbouc tafeinga* 
np tbin^fo? bisiJeliuerance.34»CD»i* i»dr.3*8.3nD if anp officer of tbe 
iTo^efftJotb impjtfou anp perfon.o? Dotb compel anp perfon to malie anp 
Obligation 0? ranfomebnto bim^againd tbe o^Dinance afo^efaib , ann i& 
malieSne to tbe 2iueene*7»E* 2. 4, j]^oj^tuammot(balbe^olDen tuitbin ©Ujv. hmt$, 
tbis Healme,but tb?ife in tbe pere,tbat 10 to Cap, in tbe beginning of jcb* 
uaie0 before tbe feaff of <i>.^icbaeijtoben tbe SQueens ^giff o?0 Ibal come 
togetber,to agiffbernemerneiuooos: ^nu about tbe feafloi:^ Spartin in 
winter, luben tbedueenes ^giUo^sougbttoreceiuepalonage: ^nuat 
igiflo?0,anD none otljcr bp oiCreffe^Cbe tbiro ituanimote (ball be in t\)t 
beginning ofru. Daie0 before tbe fealt of!%»3!obn'Bapti(f, tubentbe^* 
9giao?0 DO meete to bunt ber beere: ^nn at tbi0 ^luanimote (ball meete 
t^e iroSer0,ClerDo?0,aub none ot^er b^ DiaceffetSpo?eouer, euerte fo^tie 
uaie0 tb^ougb tbe pere,tl)e 5roffer0,ano Umo}$ (ball meete^to fee tbe at* 
tacbment0oftbe#o?elI,a0 toellfojSlert, asfojbmttingbp tlje p^efent* 
ment of tbe jrojeffers,^ before tbem actacbeD. ^no tbe fain ^manimote^ 
(ball not ht feept,butU3itbint|)e €Dttntie0,thiMljicl)£()epljaue bfeb to be 
jfecptXharta foreft.p.lfp^ 3 ,8* 

5 31f anp perfon bo tujongfullp^o? bnlalufullp bp nigbt 0? nap, b?ea!te S a"""4?"/^ 
0^ enter into anp parfee impaleu, 0? ot^er feuerall grounb inclofeD > tuitb £^^"4"^^^^^^^ 
toal,pale,o? berjge,bfetj foj tbe !tceping,b?eening,anii cberilbing of Deere, ^^ ' 
j ^ b«nt,cbafe,o J D?iue out,o? tafee 0? Ul anp Deere,tjjitbin tbe faiD grounb, 
be fljaUpeelDetotbepartiegrieueD bis treble Damages, fuffer imp^ifon- 
mentbptbe fpaceoftb?eemonetb0, anDtljenlballfinD fiifficientfucrtie^ 
fo? bis gooD abearing bp tbe fpacc of bii.peres aftcr,o? els lie in p jifon bn:* 
til! i;e Ijattj founb rucrties*15uc tijisitatute ffjall not ertenD to anp parlte 

■ P oj _ 

For cftsjChafcs, Parkes^Warrcns^ 

0? inclofeu grounTi bfen fo^ r^mzMtufm to ht m&u teu^out tht (^ranc 

0^ licence of tbed.fjei; l)eir0,fucceflb^s o} p?ogentto?B:^no it ffjalOe laiu» 

f ul fo? p pare? grieucDjto fue g^ take Ijis fintlyit remctip > i?$atnR cuerp fuc^ 

offeaoer fo? ^is loiTe ano tiamage0 , before tbe lluftices of peace, 3lulliccff 

of ^fTife,^ 3Iutticc of ©fee f c»ojelfujI)ece in anp otber tlje Cluecns courts 

ofHeco^D.^tiu tjponfatiffacttoii o^confc(rioitoftl)ei>ama5:e0, torelcafe 

tbeoffenoet t\)Z fuecciQjip of gooo abcarinj^ at anp time toitijinuii. pecw 

5»eii?.2 i,S.Weft.i*5.<2^.i»2o»^ljatUJl)ofoei!er commtttetbtrefpatfe in 

packesio? l9onu0,(baUma^e great amenos to tOepartie, htiiu perejf irn^ 

p^ifoneOjinalte fine at tbe Clueenes pleafure,anti fino fuertic tbac be (ball 

not commit tbe like offence, ^no if be cannot fino furetp, be (ball abiure, 

ano if beflie ano ^aueno lanD>{jel^albep^ocIaimeoaniiiS)utlalDeo»Sju. 

(lice of peace 54# 

P"n?fi fn fo' ^ ?^^**^ 5ro?efler,l^arfeer o? taiarrener,finii anp offenmis toitfiin ^itf 

xm^muloi 05aiiitoike tbere luanD?ing,anoooing burt,\ttbicb after ^up aim ccie leui* 

toajKnsf* ju to ^egpe tbe peace, ano obep tbe latu, toiH not peelD ttjemfclueiB to t(jc 

fame fo^eff er $c»but toil flie 9 oefenir tbefeluesf bp t3iolence,'S:ben tljoug^ 

tl)Z jf o^eHerg ^uo} anp ot^ec hmg in tbeir capanp to Iteepe tbe iDueene? 

peace,comin(t;co arrett fucb offentjers(,iio (lap anp of tbe Caio offeniier0,^e 

(bal ncitber fuffer Deatb,no? futtaine anp otber pimtlbment tberefo?e.Q5 ut 

if anp of tbe faio foje(ter£!,parher0,o? toarreners, bp reafon of anp conten* 

tion,oefpite,o^ batreo befo^ coceiaeo toil lap to anp rnang charge pa(ring^ 

tb^ougb l)is 15ailttoiche, tbat be came tbitber to 00 |jurt, to^reag |)e oia 

not.neitljer toa^ founo toanoering 0? offenoing^ fo M^im , anD thereof 

be (balbe puniib^u fo? bis oeatb, as be oug^t to be puni(!)cll 

fo} tU oeatb of anotber being in tbe Clucenes peace*2 1 .COJ* 

i!5obic mm 5 3ic is (atofuU fo? cuerp ^rcbbiibap, "Biibop, Carle, 0? T5aron, com* 

^uSgwne^ ^^"5 ^^ ^^^ ^-^^ ^^^ commaunDement,anti palling hv ber ^o?eft,tataKe 

oneo?ttooofberDeerebptbei)ictooftbeiro(!er,if(jebep?erent, 0? elfe 

f)Z (ball caufe a fjo^ne to be blotoen, leaH fje (botilo feeme to (f eale it* 3nli 

ii&etoife map tbep Do,as tbep returne fjome. Chatta foreftx p,^^ ^ ♦ 1 1. 

|awtigof ^ Dogs ibalbelatoeoeuerpiii.perestoljentfje range i0maoebpt^ete# 

llimonp of boncli tbofeiTo^ells toljereoogges bauebin Dfeo to be 1 

JatoeOj^f not elftobere,bij»tlje t^ee clatoeg of tbe forefoot (i)albe cutoff b^ • 

tbe fhin,^ be tobofe Dog is not founo latoeri,iban he amerceo iii*s,a5at noe 

C)]ce (balbe taken fo? tbe latoing of DogStCharta foreft.9*i^*5*6» 

mjt mn m 7 51^0 31urp (ball be compelleo againit tl;eir toilles, bp tb?eatnings,oj 

5ic?it«e^^'^' it«P?ffonment,to trauel from tbeplace tobere tbeir cbarge toais gitien t^e, 

t^eprecetiie togiuetl)eirberoict,no? petto giue tbeir beroictot!)ertoiretbent!)eircon^ 

t^cucijarsf- fcieneeootbmottetbem,fo? auptrefpaffecommitteotoitbintbe Jfo^ett/* 

Et2.5»3i^eitber (balUbofeperfons tobicboo remaine toitbout t^eifojett ) 

come before tbe 3Ittaices of tbe ^o}tU bp common famnions^eiccept tbcp 

ieimjtfleAOeo, o^pJenseis ofan^pcrfouoj^erron^ tojicl; beattac^cofoj 

Forfaiturcs; 14^ 


8 Cucrp ^u^ice of t^c SClucenes fo^tQ^y'^wcU^, ann Cbafes liiit^iu Q«ner^ 3;u(T:ct 
tbtslRealme^b? cbeir to^itingfederitoitb t^e ^eale of tljeir ©fftce, Ojall °^^''5' i^^^ 
nta&e ano appoint 00 manp Dcputie 0? Deputies fo? tlje ere rcifino; of tijc ScpSfc/. 
(ame Office oftfjeSiufticesi of tlje jTojetts, astofucO3IuSice0from tunc 
to time ^albe tbougljt conuenient, toljicb iieputic atto Deputies fo appoin* 
teOjC^al^auelil^e autljo^itptonoanDerecuteall twinges concenung the 
^ueene0^ou0s,lparhes,^C^arc0,anD all otljer tfjingg concerning tf^e 
£)fFiceoft^e iludice of t[jc ^o?eC0 to ail intent0,fitt as ample luaner as 
tf}t fame 31uttice map latofullp ooe, ano as tljoug^ t(ie fame 3Iu(lice Userc 
t^etepcrfonallppjefent*^ 2jU^Xs 5* 

1 How each pcrfon may vfe his Woods,groud,& other things w hich 
he hath within the Forcft. S.Woods 2 3 .24, 2 j* 

2 That officers of Forefts fhall not be fwornc in Enqucft. S.Turics 4, 

5 That a man hauing no Parke &c. of his ownc^ fhall not kccpe any 
Bucke ftailes or Deere haies.S.Hunting 5 , 

4 Thatnonian(halliialke,butinhisowneground.S,Hunting4. 

5 How long woods felled in a Parke or groudindofcd for decrcihaU 
be prefcrued from cattell^S.Woods 20. 

6 Thathewhichhath a Parke and Deere therein, (hall be charged to 
keepe ccrtainc Horfes thercin»S.Horfes i . 

7 Where drifts ihalbc made ofForcfts or Chafes,whcn,and by whom, 
S. Horfes 7, 

8 When a high way in or by a Foreft or parkc fhalbc cnIargcd.S,Higb- 
waics 1 8. 


Ijf an^pecfon (^albe inDicteD^o? appeaIen,of,o? fo? tfie ueatl; of an? fuc^ i5o fo^rait foj 
euiloifpofeo perfon,tjf)icIj atteptetO feloniouflp to robbeo? muroer ^im fiilljfooffl 
injOpiCgj anp common l)ig()txiap,carttoap,{jo?feiuap,o? foottoap,o? in ijis 0^ ftiojw. 
manCon 0? iitoeUingplace,o? fo?^^ killing of ^im Uj^iclj atteptet^ burgla-- 
rilp to b^ak ^is utoefltng Ijoufe in tlje nigijt, ^ of tlje fame bp ijeroict (bal 
be fo fount ^trieDjljefl^aUoofeneitljer lanDs,tenements,goooso? cattelgf 
fo? tbeueatb of anp fucb euill oifpofcD perfon , but Qjalbe fullp Difcbargeu 
tbereof,asif betoereacquitoftfjeDeatOof tbefaioperfom24.i^»8.5* 

2 Cuerpoffenoer being lalnfullpconuicteo of Ijigb ^reafon, bpter* mfaithnt' 
6ict,confeinon,outlato?p 0? p?efetttment,a}al fo?nto the Cl»al fucb lanos, %mlnl 
tenements ano ^ercoitaments, tobicb be (ball Ijaue in W olune rigljt, in 
bfeojpofleirion of anpeffate of inheritance, at tljetimeof fucb '5nreafon 
tomitteu 0? at anptime afcec.;»€D»^ J i»T5ut tbereHjalbeno corruption 
of bloon to anp beire, no? tbe toife of tbe offenoer (ball fo?f f;er ticluer, bp 
tbe attainder of an? perfon fo? anp of tjjc offences maoe treafon h^^ Mature 
p?omueij* 5»Cl j»fo? tlje alfurace of tbe dvpotoec ouer al ellates, 0? hv tbc 
fiatttt pjottioeo %€Ui 1 ♦againlt tje clipping,i»aO;iug, rounoing 0^ filing 

a 2 of 

Forglngofdeedcs and writings.' 

Jlduccne0Cotnc ano ot^er Coines currant tuit^tn tbt0 Hcalme* 

1 where a woman fiiall forfait her land for making an vnlawfull con- 
tra6l of matrimonie.S»Woraen lo. 

2 Where there fhalbe forf. ofland for committing or consenting to 

5 Who fhalhauc the forfaituresof all felons goods and lands condem- 

4 Whofhallhauethe forf. of a Bifhops tenants attainted during the 
vacation* S.Prcrog I4. 

5 That no perfon arretted and imprifoned fhall forf his goods before 
he be conuiv^ed,&c. S.Sherifes 26. 

Forging ofdeedcsand writings. 

jFo^giusofan^ TiTaupperfano^perfonis uponbtso? tbetrotnnefcati anntmaoftnation, 

SnS?c?3^fr«? lo?b?faireconrptracieani> frauueiMitbotljerSjfljaUlottttnglp, (iihtiW^, 

t'oio a)aiib6 antJ falflp fo?g;e o?malie,o^ tubtiWi^ caufc,o^ tuictinglp affent to be fo?geo 

iwubica. ji^ j^^^g gj^P fgjfg DceD.cbarcer oj tojiting fealeD^Courc roule, o?tbe mill 

ofanpperfonojpcrfons in to^itms,tot!je intent tbattbeettate of toljola 

J inbcritance^of anp perfon 0? perrons,of,in, 0? to anp lanojJ, tenementjf, 

J !)eretiitament0,frecbolo 0^ copibolo^o? tbc rigbt,titIe,o? intereft of anj> 

perfon 0? perfon0,Df, in, 0? to tbe fame 0^ anp of tbem,(ban 0? map be mo« 

Ie(ieii,troub]IeD,uefeateo,recouereo 0? cbargen, 2D j (ball pronounce, pub^ 

ii(b,o^ (beta fo^tb in euioence anp fucb falfe ano fo?geo oeetr, cbarter, to?^ 

tinD*,Courc roule^o^ true.linotBingtbeTame to befalfe anofo^geir, 

to tbe intent afojefaio, ^Hjallbetbereof conuicteo,eitber upon action oj 

actionis of iTojger of falCe oectieiEi, founoeo ijpontljisi ffatitte,at tfjefuic of 

tbe partie o;rieire0,o j otbertuife acco^oino: to tbe courfe of tbe lato,o? Upon 

bil 0? information erbibiteo in tlje^tarre cbamber,be fbal pap to tbepar^ 

tie grieueo W oouble colls $ oamages^to be founo 0? affeffcD in tbe Coure ' 

^\)ett fucb conuiction lbalbe,ano alfo Ibal be fet Upon tbepillo?ie in fome 

open Sparltet toUJne,o? open place,anD tbere baue botb W eareis cut off, f 

|)i0 nostrils flit,cttt ano feareo uuitb a bot p?on,fo as tbep map remain e foi j 

a perpetuall marfee of bis faliooo,att5 (bal fo^f^to tbe ^*tbe tubole itol | 

f pjofits of Ws lanOSjDUriitof bis life, anolbali fuffer perpetuall imp^ iTon/ 

ment oucingbislife* 'Cbe faio oamajesano codes to be recouereo at tbe . 

fuitof tbeparttegrteueD ,to be 6ri!paiD ano leuicD of tbe poos ? cattelai 

of tbeoffenDer,anD of tbe if![uts f p?o9its of bis lanDS ^c. 0^ of oiteo^ botlj 

of cbcm,tbe.titleof tbe Cl*^c.nottoitbllaniitn^» 5»Cft5/i4; -^ • • •-' ■ - ; - 

jFojsftigatjcts 2 31 f anp perfon o?^erfonsbponbisro>tbtiroteneima^fnatftfrt,ovb^^ 

SSftfema? ^^^^^ confpiracieo? frautr.mitb anp Dtber;ibaltBittingl)), fubtillp gf faTfel? 

la Uawieo. " ifo^se^o? ma"ke,o? Ijoittinf^lp.fu'btiflp ano falflp caufe 0? afient to be maoe, 

$ fo?n;co aup falfe cbacter,Deeo 0^ tujitmof ,to tbe intent tljat anp perfon ojs 

jjerfons fballoj mpp b^tie 01 claims aujp eUate o| ihtereU fo? terme rf 

- '^ perejEf, 

Forgfngofdeedes and writings.' 147 

j)crc0,ef,m 0^ to anp 3pano^s,lanDs, temmets oj \)zuiitm\zt5YiQt bci'nj 
copibolOjO?^»P3"""^^P"^f^^^^"P^^i fectaile,fo?tcrnieonife, Ims 0} 
pereg.o? ffjaU as 10 afo^efaio fo^ge, malte o? caufc, 0? aflfcut to be mauc 0^ 
fojgeD an? obIi5acion,o? bil obligato^p oj anp acquicance^rclcaCco? otijcc 
Uifc^argeof an?i>cijt,account,action,fuit3 Demauno O} ot^er tbing perfo* 
tialhC)? 11)311 pronounce, publiQj,o? giuein euiuence anp fucfj falfe 0? fo?* S^fS?n" c. 
geo c!jarter,oeciJ,tD^ittng,obliptiou,biIobIipto?i),acqtutance,rcleafco? quItance^rV " 
Uifcbargf > as crucKnolutng tfje fame to be falfc gt fo^sco , ^ fi)albe thereof ^l^^'J;,^ ^j, pj,j, 
conuictbp anp of^tuaieo ojmcansafo?crain:'?Lf)cnbcO)alpaptotbe par* ucnctafo^sec 
tie ^vicnz^yW Double collet anu Damages to be fouuD anD afTeffeD in fiicb ^^^^^' 
(Courc,t»|jeretbefaiDconuicticnfi)albebaD, anDalfo0;allbe fecbpon tbe 
piflo^ic in fome open i!par!«et cotone,o? otljer open place,^ tljere baue one 
of 1)10 eare0 cut off, anD alfo (ball fuffer impjifonment bp tbe fpace of one 
lnboleperet»ttboutbai(eo> mainp?ife»y* €l»i4» 

3 %\)C partp $ parties grieueD bp reafon of anp tbe offences afojefaiD, ^^!^^%\'l^ 
(bal^map at bis auD tbeir pleafure^bauejij fue W action of ^o?ger of falfe pattie stuuco. 
DeeDSjbpon tbis flatute again!! anp tbe offenDers in tbe f?me, by original! 
to^itout oftbeCbancerp, 5 (ball bauelilte pieces upon tbe fame, asinca* 
fes of trefpas at tbe Commonlatu, ©? map at W pleafure mU W fuit a« 
gainff anp fucb offenoers in anp tbe p?emiires,bp bill,iu tbe flings ^encb, 
c} in tbe efcb^ q"er,toberein no €.3I»l^«9fc» ^ut if tbe Defenoant (ball be J^JIJSjj'Jj, 
conuicteD fo? anp tbe offences afo^efaiD, acco^oing to t\)t o?Der anD fo^me cfjen of mot* 
abouelimitteo, ^(ballbauerecciueD puniibment co^pojtall, acco?D(ngto^*"f** 
tbis 3ct , tben be (ball not eftfoones be impeacbeD fo? tbe fame offences* 
!35uttbougb tbe plaiutife in anp fucb action o^biltobefucD,(balafceruers 
»ict patteD againft tbe Defenoant releafe 0? Difcbarge tbe iuDgment 0? ere« 
cution tjpon tbe fame, 0? otbertoiife fuffer tbe fame to be DifcontinueD, pec tj^c pf rcicaft 
neuertbeles tb«fame releafe, Difcbarge 0? Difcontinuance (bal ertenD onlp fijai «»'5J[ o'f* 
to Difcbarge fucb coff s ^ Damages as tbe fame plaintife (boulD baue baD a-- mmu "* 
gainff tbe DefenDat,? tbe 31uDges before tobom tbe faiD action 0? futt (ball 
betaltcn,fl)all$mapp?oceeDto 31uDgementofanDi)pon tbereCoueoftbe 
, taiD penalties $fo^faitures,anD commaunD erecution5)pon tbe fame, tbe 
1 faiD Difcontinuance 0? otber Difcbarge nottuitbllanDing* 5,€l. i ^. 
1 4 31f anp pecfon 0? perfons being conuicteD 0? conDempneD of anp of 2uffi?eft. 
tbe offences afo?efaiD,bp anp tbe toaies oj means aboue limitteD , (ball af =- cono amiw. * 
tec anp fucb bis oj tbeir couiction eftfoones comit anp of tbe faiD offences 
m fo?me afo^efaiD^ano (ball be tbereof conuicteD 0? attainteD, tben euerie 
fucbfeconD offence (balbeaDiuDgeDfelonptnitboucbeneac of Clergie 0? 
^anctuarie: ^ut tbere (ball be no corruption of blooD,Di(beritanceof tbe ©tijer^ rts^tj? 
beire,o?forf ofDolner h^ tbis felonp, Waning to euerp perfon (otber tben fa»«5. 
tbz faiD offenDers, anD fucb as claime to tljeir bfesj all fucb rigbts , titles, 
auD otber ppdts tpbicb anp oftbem (ball bane, at tbe time of fucb con* 
I uiction oj attainDer o} befoje,in 0^ to anp tbe lanDS gfc» of anp fuel; perfon 

d 3 cons 

Forging of deeds 5cc. ForftallcrsJngroffers^Sic 

conuicceu.^nu alt anti eu^rp 3!uSices of £)pcr tim Determiner, anii 3!uSi« 
ces of SlOTife in tbcirCircuits, am cucrp of tOcm ffjall mit miljoiitiz in 
t\)cix open ano genera! ^eilton0 to enquire of.^care auD Determine al ana 
cucrp tl)C offences afo?efairi,comjnitteO o^ tfone biitfjin tbe limits of t^eic 
Commiirion,(i to \mhc ppcc0 fo^ tlje eicecutton of tbe fame, as tljep ma? 
Hoe apintt anp perfon being inDiccri before tljcm of ccef jas , o} laifull^ 
conaicteD tixreof,5*€ii?*i 4» 
m^tit pcrfong 5 "But tbis ^ct 0)311 not cljargjeanp ©jm'narp , o^ anp of tljcir Coin* 
aw "b? tij?? ^*^' i^itfaties,SDiT(cial3,iaegiaer]s,o? anp otl;er tbeir ©fficere UtJitlj anp of tlje 
it&im, offence0 afo?efai5,fo^ putting tijeit ^eale of ©fftce to anp CiHill trbi hi* 
teo bnto tl)em,noc fenoluiag tfje fame to be falfe o? fo^tjeo , o^ fo j to^itin^j 
of tbe faio tSiill o^ pjobat of tbe fame* il^eitber fljall it be bnrtfuH to anie 
p^octo?,^Duocate, o} EegiCer of anp CccIeCaHicaU Court luitbin t^iss 
realme,fo? tbe to^itinff, fetting fojtb, o^plcaoing of anp pprie maoeac* 
cojoiag to tbe CccIefiaSical hwz o} cuftomes b^cctofa^cuieD ^ allotoeU 
bp tbe CccIeCaUical courts of tbis realme fo? t^e apparance of anp perfon 
citcn to appeare in anp of tbe faiD courts, no? to anp Sircboeacon o^ C)ffici« 
all fo} putting: tbeir ^utentique fealeto tbe faio p?oirie,neitber pet to anp 
SluDcje CcclefiaHicaUjfo? admitting tbe fame^jitleitberibi^lltbis actejctea 
to anp Sltturnep,3Laa)ier,o?Counrai!ertbat (balfo^jis Client pleo,(bebj 
fo^tb 0} gf ue in euioence,anp falfe ano fo^geo 5eeo,Cl)arter,caill,Court 
iroule,o? otber to?itmg,fo? true o? gooD,beins not partp ^pjiup totljc fo? 
Qin^ of tbe fflme,fo;t tbe pleaoing,fl)etoing fojtb, o? giuing in euiuence of 
tbe fame^ji^eit^er fljal tbis actetteno to anp perfon t^at W pleao o} ^Mn 
fo^tb anp Deeo ojt to^iting erempliSeu bnber tbe great ^eale> o^ tl)e feale 
of anp otljer Slutentique Court of tbisHealme, ^o} (baUertcnoe to anp 
3!uDge 0} 31u({ice,0f otber perfon tbat (ball caufe anp fealeof anp court to 
ije fet to anp fucb Deet»,cbarcer,o? malting inrouleo,not luiJ^toing tbe fame 
to be falfe o} fo^geo^^np tbing tn tbis act $c«notUiitbff anoing. 5»Clif »4» 

1 That a {eruaiit taken with a forged tcftimoniall, flial be wippcd as a 
Vagabond's* Laborers. 8, 

2 For getting other mens goods by a countcrfait or forged token or 


Too wa \ 7\ 7^"^^°^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ f^^f"^ f " ^^ bougbt anp marc^anni^ejbttail 
f ai?8auw. V V 0? otber tbing coming bp lann o? toater totoaro anp faire o? mar* 
feet,to be folo iti tbe fame,o? coming totnaro anp citie, po?t,bauen, creeK^ 
0? Hoticof tbis Eealme o} 22Jale3, from anp part bepono tl)z j§>ea,to be 
Cb!D,o? mal^e anp bargaine, contract a} p^omife, fo? tbe bauing o} buping 
of tbe fame,o? anp part thereof fo comming as isafo^efflio, before tbe faitt 
inarcban^i5e,\)itailes,o? otber tbing ajtiloe tu tljt Spar^ct, Jfaire, Citie, 
13o?t,l^auen,Crcelte o} iSoDe,reat!p to bt folo ,o? fT;aU mal^e anp motion 
jb|> too|b,lettcr,me(&0ej oj otI;crliiife to an^ j?ei;ion o} pcifon.a fo? tlje m* 

• I 

ForfftallersJngfoflerSjRegrators, 14S " 

|jaunttna:of t!;eiJ?(ce,oj nmn tcilin^ ef anp of the tlms^i t(hme mtmm 

ncr>,o? ds oilftcaDcniioue.o j Uittc anp perfoucomntiui^ to t^e ^arKct j 

f airCjto fo?bearc to b^tno; anp of t^e tbincjs aljotte nieeiotter>,to anp iTauT, 

gparliet,<Citte,^c,tolJC Colo a0 is afa^cfatUjiljalbe aniuDc^cu a fo?f (laJ!cr, 5. 

€iji» 14* An. 3 4.€iijat toag enacteu, tljat no fo^eftallei: fijoulD be fuffe== 

m to DtocI in a ^otDnCjfo? \)i is a manifed opp^effet: of cljc pooje^ a pub* 

lilieenemp oft^Counti*ep,annijol}cle common tocaltl^ 

2 CGIfjofocucrl^aUlRegracco? scttutobispoiTciriott, in ant) fairc o? sano t^anfe- 

cai(iic0,fuJtne,pi52;,geere,capons,ben0;Cbtc!^in0, ptg:eon0, conies 0? otijcc 
neao uitail l»l)atfoeucr,tbat Ojalbe b?ou5bt to anp ^aire 0? spacfeec toitb* 
in tbis Kalme 0? C Stales to be folD,g^ cocb feU tbe fame againe in anp fatre 
0? Sparhcc IjolDcnin tbe fameplace.o? in anp otber faire 0? ^parket toicb" 
in iiii.mjies t()ereof,il)alberepiiteD alRcgrato?. $,€v,6a^. 
-^ 3 caijofoeuer DotI) ingco(Ie,o? get into bts banoes bp btipincy, contrac* S^|?o^l^J^ 
tin(5,o? p?omifetahins(ot!jecti)enbpDcmife,grant o?leafeof land 0? tit^) ^ 
anp co^negroluingin tl)e6elD£(,o? anp otljcc co?nc, butter,cbeefe, fiaj, o} 
Otbec Deatr tjitaile taitbin ^Englanu , to tlje intent to fell c{;e fame againc, 
^albe taKen an unlatofuH ingrotter* ^.<^u*6, 1 4* 

4 caijofoeueroffenoetb in anp of tbe tbings before rebearfelf , ^bcing pimfiiwcrtt of 
tiiercof miclp conuictco^o^ attainteD bp t^e latnes of tbis ISlealmc , 0? af* tuc mnmts, 
mt\)t fojme bereaftecmencio«eD,tt3itbinii.percs neitt afcec fucb offence 
CMtmutteDjOjal fo^ \)is ficd offence, fuffer imp^ifcnmcnt bp tfje fpace of iif 
monetbstDitbotttbatleo^mainp^ife, ano fo^faitt^e Ualue of t^e poDS, 
catteU$ bitailefo h^ bimbo«a:bt o^bafi* ^titi being tijrreofonce laJufMllp 
conuicteDb? attainteo.iball fo? bis fecono offence, being; tbereof cftfoonejs 
latofuUp conuicteo f c. fuffer imp^ifonment hv tbe fpace of one (jalfe perr, 
luitbout baile o} maiup?ife,anD l^al loofe tlje Double balue of t[?e gooDs f c. 
fo bought o?[)«i», as is afo?efaiD* ^nu being ttuife conuicteo of anp of tbe 
fain offence0,(baU eftfoones offeno tlje tbicD time,anD be tfjereof latofullp 
conutcteb 0? attainted, \)C fo? W t\)itr) offence Qjall be fee on tlje l^illojic 
I in tbe Citic^olune 0^ place toljere Ije (balluiDell, ann Iball fojfait all W 
J gooD^anucattefl toljicb bebatft to bis oMmt bfe, anolball be committeo 
' to pjifon.auD tbere remaine During tbe Clueenes pleafure^^ut l)e tl;at isf 
once puniCjeD foj anp offence, (ball not be eftfoones troubled 0? puniibed 
fo?; tbe fame»5«€D.(5, 1 4, mi)Q fi)aU ^au£ tlje fo^f* ^ Ijolu it fl;albc leuicD.- 

S.IufticcofpcaccjI^ ;^ . 

^•'^l^uttbisffatatelball not£]ctenDetoanp TSineg, ©ties, ^ugar0, mmug 
^pices,Currant0j 0?^o|ljer fo jreineij1taiie0 b^cug^t from bepouctl;e fea Suo^t??£. 
( filij auD ^alt onelp except*) 1 3 ♦€L2 5* 

• 6 ;^tajallnc£ijeaDiuDgeDanpoffencetontrarptotfji0flatuee,totalie mtic pttm^ 
8i|p cat£ell,co?ne, butter,cbeefe,o? anp of tl;e aboue rebcacfeD tbinges re* JJiJ ^ ^ gra« '^^ 
Cer ueb ijpon anp leafe,foi life;,li.ue!Of,o^ pew0, iSD? toljiip anp barlcpi Uic^^oi 0? instoir?, 
;!i,t ' ' * ' 41 4 " ote0. 


ctesijCljebupcc toljercof fballcotiucrttlie fame in bislioufc to maulc oj 
otcmcale, ©jfo^ an^fi^mowgzr, '55utcber,o? Coulter, fo? to bup anp 
tljing concerning tbeir otonc facultp tutjic^ iljall fell tlje fame againe,i3po« 
teafonablep?icegbpretaile, o^fojanpSlnljoIoero^Clitaikr fo?tfee buy* 
ingofwine,o?otyecoeaov»itailemeet fajmansfutfenance, tofel t^efame 
againe bp retaile,tnitbin biis bottfe,o? to anv of bis neigbbo^Sjfo? tbeir fu* 
ftenance fo^reafonable prices,©? foj tbebuping of anp Ijccrinof ,ii^ifl> oj 
falted fift) 0? ^p^acs, anu folo fo? reafonable prices, ©? fo^ anp of tbe ©♦ 
fubtects DUJelling; tnitbin one mile of tbc maine^ea, tobup anp 60) frcifi 
0} falteD,^ to fel tfje fame againe at rcafonablc p^iceis, ©? fo^tbe buping 
of anp co?ne,ft(lj, butter,o^ cbeefe bp anp 'Banger, JLaoer, iKiiiDer.o? Car* 
ner,alloiMeD h^ tb^ee :!Sutticeg! ofpeace,of tbat countrepU)bere$c»tobtcb 
fijal fell tbe fame againe in anp faire o? marl^et,o j to anp bitailer,o? to anp 
otberperfonfo^tbe pjouiCon of bis boufe, toit'binone monetb after b^ 
iougbttbem,©? fo? anp common pjouiOon mane bp anpperfon of anp of 
tbe afo jefaiD tbings fo? anp citie,bo?ouo;b o? totnne coipo?at,o? fo? t|>e bi« 
tailing o f anp Q)ip,Ca(lle o? fo?t,2D? fo? to bup ^ p^ouioe tntaite necelfarp 
fo^ tbe furniture $ p^ouifion of tbe tnbabitants of tbe tomne of 'Bartotc'kj 
IIpolle^31flanDi, o} oftbeSparcbes of €nglantiagaintt<%>cotlano,tobic^ 
fbalbetranfpo^teD^conueieDtofuc^oftbepIacesafo^erain, as foone as 
tninu^tBeatbertoillferue,©? fo? a common ^totoenu^ouec being li* 
cenfeD bp tb^ee 31uftices of peace of tbeCountp tobere be 0U3elletl?,tDber» 
of one to be of tbe Quorum, to bup cattellinfucb Counties tobere D?o« 
Iters ^aue bin toont to bup aho fell tbe fame agatne, at fome markets o; 
faires being oillant at tb"e Icaft rU miles from tbe place to^ere be bougbt 
tbem, ©? fo? anp perfon being licenfeo hi^ tb?ee 3lua ice0 of peace ^c, to 
ijup Co?ne,6raine,o? Cattel,to be carieo bv toater from one po?t o? place 
toitbinCnglano o} C(Ilales\)ntoanotber,if beoo fbipo? imbarfee tbefame. 
luitbin rUoaies after be b^tb bougbt o? couenanteo foj t^e fame, ano tnttljni 
fjrpeDitionastoeatberlballferue totranfpo^ttljefame, ano ooeb?ing tii 
certificat from a 31uilice of p* of tbe ^omti^, o? Spaiojt o? ^ailife of t^^ 
totone co?po?at,qt tbe culfomer,tul)ere fucb bnlaoinglbalbe, tellifipng tW 
fame ijnto tbe Cuttomer $ Comptroller of tbe po? t tnbcre tbe fame Wtk 
imbarfeeo, ©? fo? euerppnfontobup, ingrclTe antj Iteepe- in ^is bouJw 
!to?ne,tnl)en tnbeat (balbe commonlp at tbep?ice of bi.0» quarter^ 
0? bnoer, mault antr batlep at iii^aiii»tf» ©tes, o? ©tes waultcD at iu^^ 
Ideate o? I^eans at iiii^s.ann Eie o^ ^aHline at b*0,- tbe quarter of Ion* 
iionmeafure,o?bniier,fo tljat noneof aUtbefo^eraibcii^ne^cattel, butter,, 
cbeefe o? otber commooities be bougljtj couenanten ^t,hi^ fo^effalling* 5,^ 

co.6j4»i3,ci(?t25» •' -; 

7 ^bis aatute,o? anp otber datuf e.maue againl! fo?l!aflers,regtato^)Bt 
ami 3Ingro(rers, (ball not eptrnDe to anp oile,tDine,!^ea fiflj bnraltcrr,ttniQ 
fi(I?> anl» fait, up an^ i/upejr oj bupetis uyon t(ie ^a, bp map of fo^effaK* 

, , -:> <-i Ung 

Franchifes and Liberties, 140 

jing 0) rco-ratincr, Wl ano noe b}in% in anp Cnslif!) fubiccts I?)i'p0,crai« 
crs,o> otl)cr uclftls, ano nircfjarge in anp po^t 0? Cpauen Uiitljin tfjis J^e- 
almt\V-<i^J-5'27»'^^» ^^♦35.€U5.7»to continue tiHtljceim of t(je ncjcc 

1 ForRcgratingofButtcrandcheefe.S.Butteri. 

a That no Butcher rhall rcgrate any fat cattelI.S»Butcher» 1 . 
5 Who may buy Cattcll and fel them againe^and within whatdmc.S. 

4 That he which buycthcorne for the change of his feedc (hall bring 
inas much tothe market.S»Corne lo. 

5 Who may cngroflc Tanned Leather and fell the iamc againe, and 
who not, S. Leather 3 6, 

Franchifes and Liberties. 

E^erp0atute being info?ce maiiebefoje4 Februarij Annosy.l^^S, a* f Jf " a^^J"'' 
gainlI(berife0,tnticrfi}erife0,bailifes, 0? Dtberminiaerstfoj wafeing fiSkiifytenDto 
0? returning of panels of31uries, oj fo? Hue ejrecution antj feruino; of anp [^JjJ^f* ^^ ^^"' 
n);it 0? p?oce0,oj fo? taxiing of fees, reformation of ejcto^tion^o? fo? anp o« * 
t^er t^ing concerning tbeic offices.ann all paines ^penalties conteineo in 
cuerp fucb Itatute, fljalbe ertenueo to all ^cetojarueg!, l^ailifes, anu otljec 
S|^inifiers,anti ©fficersof liberties ann jTrancljifes bauing returnes of 
tojit0,anDerecutiDn tbereof, inlifeemaneras tbeperteno to(berifes,\)ns 
Deriberifes ?c»as if tbe fain TSailifes, 5i)CetoartiS ?c. bad bin particularly 
nameu in fucb llatutes,^auingtbattbe faio !§)tetoarDs,^atlifs of 5f ran* 
cbifeSjtbeir Deputies 0? Clerfees map occupp tbeir offices aboue onepere, 
bi5:,fo? fo longtime as tbep be giuen to tbem.27.i^,8* 24* 

2 '^ubeSilueenes Spaiel!ie,bec^tetoaro,9^arfbal,Co?oner,anii all bet cafiere tsc ©, 
Spiniaers.lball ^ map feeepe tbeir courts f 0? 3lua(ce,anD execute tbeir of= SS%'aSt 
fices as (ball appertaine to tbeiit acco^uingto tbe latueSjCuUomes anu da-- ^<pt »>^t^i« 
tutes of tbis Healme, in all places mw tbis realme , aftuell m^n jiu^^^^'^^^^^^^ 
berries ant« jTrancbifes as tnitbout, toitbin t\)t 83ergc accuftomeo to bet 
court,\j3b^t:ebcrl^igbnesinberotoneperfonfi)all come to rell 0? abfoe* 

SlnD tbe ancierl^e of tbe market, 9 none otber nuring tbe fame time, as 

toel toitbin liberties as luitbout, (bal ejcercife tbe office of tbe ClerKe of ^artf tf *^ 

tbe mar]ftet,nottoitbff anting anp p?iuileDge,grant ^c.^ut tbis fltatutCb^l 

not be p^eiuiJicialto tbe liberties of tbe citie of lonoon»32.i^*8*2o; J«^ 

S €:be amerciaments fo^infufficient returns of tu^itso? otber p^oceief SrtnffiS 
mane bp ^tctuaroes 0^ bailifes of libertiesjbsuingreturne of tnjits ana tcttirnes tip 
mmioYi of tbe fame,(balbe fetbpon tlje beans of fucb J^tetuams 0? bai« ^f^^^ ""^^ 
jltfs,notl3pontbe!^berifes*27.5)«a24» ' •' * 

I 1 ThattheQueencsPumeiopmaj;takeinyvitaiIcsvvkhinFranchire^ 
S«Purueiours23. v ': :::rv:r?k* . ■ r^: ; ■ 

2 That no perfon hath Franchife or authoritlc to pardon fclons,or ap- 
i point Iuftices,but the Q;pacly.S.Prerogatiue 1 7. 

3 That 

Fraudulent dccdeSj Gifts, &c* 

5 That the Quecne fhal haue the fines and amerciaments forfaitcd by 
Bailifcs and Stewards of franchifes.S^Prerogatiue 20. 

4 XhatjLords of liberties fhall appoint two or three cxpierc men to 
fearch or fealc Lcather.SXeather 2 5* 

5 Thatthe Qucene may feife a Franchife Tor default ofpuifuit or arre- 
fling of FeIons.S.FcIonie.3 8, 

6 That the Lord of a&anchifc where goodcs bee fhcwcd in a Fairc or 
Market, vpon daiesprohibited.fjhall haue the fame goods.S,Faircs 2. 

7 In whofe name all writs, Indi(5lments andproces made within any 
Liberty ,and in whofe name thcTeftc of the fame (halbc awarded.S.Prc- 
rogatiueiS, ,? > ., ,. , 

8 For the executing and returning of writtes inFrancfeiics.S.Rcturncs 

fti.tmr. ^ What perfons.and of u^hat fufficiencie fliall be returned by Bailifes 
ofFranchifesto enquireof i^iots.S.Riot8 13. 
lo In w j}at time, Bailifcs of Franchifes ftiall array Afsifes and dcliucr 

il ThattheSherifeipay noeehterinto anyKraBchlfc to execute their 
precept, whiclii.b5 CppMpjyTiprieirs to ^quirciof the fiecay of Tillage, S, 
Sherifes24f ' ' ' ■ , . ' 

1 2 Where tlie Sherife fhall make his precept to a Bailifc ofa Franchife^, 
^ncj \\'l?e;^ l)C:li]i?jCelfeihall cipliit,cxcatpe.lil w|>o!ur>dcd^S.Shprifcs 30^ 

,>i3v :naDJiO(JtiB^ ' Fiiu.ddlentDecdcs,<3ifts,5^C.^^:;s.»*n»::Ci!5(" 
fwiSallSta A ^ ^^^ ^"^^^ fgoffemeiit,gift,n:rant,barD;ain,alienation ^ mmmcz 
orijtr mfm» Du. x^of lanii0,tcnemencs,tf tf oitafmnC2(jD;ooD0 ^ cattel0, o?cf an^ 
^^^^* o?ofanj»Ieare,rfnf,CoinmDn, o?otf)cirp?ofit 0? cbargeotic of tiie fame 

. i ..p laJtsgjbcrcDitamcce^gocDs, g^c^o? aiiyuf tijeb^ U)?inng 0? otijertoife^^ua; 

llejjc^ce cteJEjeginmng of nuc^aua-atgne laDic Ciueeue €Ii5abet&£f 
r,aisne,o^atanptmie (jcrcafcei; tobebatio? mauc, to^icfjljaue bin, am 
m DcuiretJjanDconctiueii of maltfe, frami*coum ,con«fiott o?t5«i^^j toi 

' •' ^ , : }^t intent ^c. to ueJap, litnUir,o? Defrauu CitDieo?^ , ano otijers of tbeic- 

'" iWJI-aiiDl?]U3fulIactions,fttit0,oebC0,acc0mpc5, tiamage0,pcnaltie0,fo?*' 

faiture0,bano£0,mo?tttan'e2:oj rilief?0,lbaUb£ taikcnanoDeattcD onclp* 

s ^^^b-'i ' ^'a^,apin(|tfjacperron, bisb«re0,ei;ccuco?0,fucEcflb?0,D?a(ripe0> tobofe 
a«ion0,rmte0/i3ebce0jaccompC5^, ^c* bp fiicb guilefun,coaenou0 0? frait- 
tiulent.De^p0, Deuife0, p?attir^0 a0j0 afo??(atti, m , Q)aW o? moMgfjt be ia 
anp toife titatirbeb,I)int»sitD belaieo p^beftauDgi, to be^cte^Ip iJOiD anijr 
ofiTpriiecfectAnnp c0lpHf/^iHit^c»nfiD£Eationjeii^ anp o* 

tbcr matter to tbe contrarp notluttbllantiing; : Vat tW i^atutc fijail not 
zmm to anpcGatc.o^ intcrcRin Ipa^, Icafcs go.oii0,'Tc* latofuUp aCftir^ 
Jjpyn £005 coafioeratioii, aiuj i?/?^.c, to aup yerfou 0^ pe^foii,^, bouies 


Fraudulent dccdes;Gifts,5cc. ij-o 

politique o?co?po?at,not^auina: at t(je timeof fud; comteiaitce fCv ante 
j^noUileDseof fucb frauo, coUuRon, n0 m afojcfaio ^u i M.2,c^,2M,2,$t 

i ail ano cuerp t^c parties to fuc?j faincD o? fcaunulcnc feffcment, gift, Ejjff/^ 
Craimtjalienatlon^bargamc, comicianjebonD/mcituupmeiifjejcecittion u^Sw/" • - 
^c,o? beingp?iuie gp hnolDing of ttje famc,o? my of tljem,U!f)tc() 0)alltcit= . 
tinglp^toinuiQ;lp,put inu?e,auo^e,nvaiijfmu,e,iulIifieo? DcfttrDttjefame ' .-^jWvs- 
0) aitpof tijcm,astr«e,S!nple,anD ooato^ JiiatFC Bona fide.ano bpoti gosu 
confioeration,o? fljaUalieii o? alTipe any tOe lances, teneinents , g:doD0, 
Jcafes $ t^cm conueieD,o^ anp paic t[j?rcof,}}}al fojfait to tljc €Iucenei 
^canD tljep^clcucp bp fuel) frauDalent f^offcmeni^ i2'tft;t)0riD, ftut,$c#? 
cnepercsijalueoftbe faiolann^^c. lcaFcs,rent9,o? otlj^r profits, ana 
ttjetobo^^ttalueof tbef:iiti goons anij catfcls, ana Co nmclj monep as fijall 
ht containcij infuc^ coucnous aiiD fatned be recouereii;bp '^*%'B4 ■; 
p^'tc.^berein no ^♦gfc.€.ll3*^c.^aobcina; thereof latufullpcomuctei!, 
fl)al fufft'c imp^iConment one Ijalfe pere, ujitljouc bade o^ m$|ap^ife. ijV, 

, 5 ^ut common tecoueries bau agatnl! tenant m taile o? ot^ tenant (^mmn ms» 
of tbe fteeljolo of lanrjs,tbe renerCon o? rema(nDcr,q? rigbt of reuecCon o^ *^"^^* 
remainoec mbereof tljen fijalbe in anp otber perron,(T)an as toncfjing fucb 
perfon,anD bis beices tobicb batb tbe reuerlion o) remainotr tbercof,be of 
Uke fo^ce,ai;ft none t\ie fame (boulo baue bin if tljis act ban not 
l)in maue,ano no efiate o? conueiance, bp reafon lubereof anp perfon fball SSS.^" 
Dfe anpi30ucber in anp Ui?it of I'ormdon, (IjalbemaDe boioc bp tbis '^ctz: 
\ !35ut euerp fucb boucber in anp tunc of Formcdon^Ibdlbe of lihe fo?ce,asf 
i iftbisact baonotfainmaDe»i ?»€l»5»2p^<2^l,5<. -, ; ;»r, 
1 4 ailanoeuerpcouueiance gra»mt,cbarofe,leafe, etfaee, incumbrance jFtauoBienttS. 
I anulimitationofbreoibreB,of,ino?outofanp!anDs, ten£mcnts,o? otljer frlSvcfa' 
I ]beretittamentsiubatroeuer,baDo^ maueatanpttme Ijeretofo^e, fitbence fttjJ. 
! tbe besinmng of tbe Cl.^aic(lies raigne tfcat noln is,or at anp time bere« 
after to be IjaD ormaDe/o^ tbe intetano of purpofeto ucfcantianti beceiue 
; fucb perfon 0? perfons, boDies politi!^c D?cojpo?at, as bane purcbafeD, oj 
j fijall afterujaroes purcbafe in fee dmple, fee taile, fo? life, liuciJ, o? peres, 
j ibe U\m lani!e3,tcnemen:s,^ b^f ^&itameuts,o j anp part o? parcell tbere* 
ofjfo fo?merlp con«eieD,a;raunteD, leafcDjCbargetTj incmnb?eD o? limittea 
in life, ojtooefrautianii neceiuefucbasbatieo? (ball purcbafe anp rent, 
profit 0? commotitt(e»in,o? out of tbe fame, o? anp part tbereof, Ibalbe bee* 
ineuanotalienonelp as agamatbat perfon ana pecfonjsj, bobies politihc 
tm co^pojatjjis ano tbeir beires/wcceOrojSjcrectito js,aDmint0rato?3 am aptnU all gt euerp o Jber perfon anb perfons lalDfuUp \)min^ oj 
claiming h^, from o? bnser tbem, oi anp of tbem, \3i\)ic\) Imz pnrcbafeii 
o^fljallbcreaftccfo purcbafe fo^manep, o^otbcr goob confioerationtbe 
famelanbes,tenements o^ b^'^^^i^'iw^eiit^ > ^} ^np part o} parcell i^^mnf. 



parties to 
uetacce, tubtc^ 
Doe atioXQ t^( 

SOBD conHQe* 
vatiotu ano 
bona fide. 

tuttb conBttton 

Fraudulent decdes^ Gifts, &<r* 

0? an j>TCttt,p jofic o? coinmooitic in o? out of tljc fame, to k bttcrlp boiue, 
frustrate, ano of none effect : ^np pretence, colour, faineD confioeration, 
0} erpjeiHng of anp ijfe o? ijCegto tlje contraric nottoitbttanoing* 27, 

5 au anD cuerie t^jc parties to fuclj fatneu, couenouis, anu frauuulent 
SifteSjgrantgjieafes, cbarges o^comieiancesljcfo^eerpjcnen, 0^ being 
p?iuie^ftnotoingoft^efame,o? anp oftfjemMic^ ^aUtoittinglpput in 
u?e,auotoe,maintaine, iuftifie 0? uefenD t^efame, 0? anpof t^em^astrue, 
CmpIe^anD oone^^ao 0^ maue bona fide,o? bpon pon conOoeration,to t\)i 
nitturbanceoji^itto^ance oftlje faio purcljafer o^purcbaftr0,lealee0, oj 
grantees, 0? of 0? to tl^e oiff urbance 0? fjinuerance of tfjeir beires , fuccef« 
foj2(,e]cecuto?S,aonunifirato?s,o? a(lipe0,o?fucbas[)aue 0? (baUatofuUp 
claime anp tbing h^, from 0? unDer tbem 0? anp of t!jem, (ball incurre tbe 
penaltp $ fo^faiture of one peres baUte of tbe faio lanDs, tenementiS ^ \)t* 
reoitaments fo purcbafen 0? cbargeo*'?Db« one moitie tobereof to be to tbe 
£l»$^aieflp,ber beires anb rucceffo^g, ano tbe otber moitp to tbe partp j 
parties grieueo h^ Cuc\) faineb anb fraubulet g;ift,g;rant,leare,cottueiance, 
incumb?ance,o^ limitation of bfe,to be recouereb in anp of tbe SEi. Courtaf 
of reco^b bp a^of orbt,Tl?»p,o? 31»tobereinno €*\p,o} 2e.^c«9nD alfo be« 
ing tbereof latofullp conuicteb,a)aI fuffer impjifonment foj one balfe pert 
toitbout baile 0? mainp?ife.27odi5» 4* 

6 ^bis act,o? anp tbing tberein containeb , (ball not ertenbe j be con» 
ilruebtoimpeacb,befeat,maheboibo?fruflrate anp conueiance, afllgne* 
ment of leare,a(rurance,grant,cbarge,leafe,eftate,interett o;i limitation of 
bfe 0} bCes of,in,to,oj out of anp lanb0,tenement0o? bereoitaments b?te« 
tofo?e at anp time bab 051 mabe,o? bereafiter to bebab 0? mabebpon 0? foj 
goob conCberation ^ bona fidc,to anp perfon 0? perfong,bobies politique 
0? co?po?at, anp tbing before mentioneb to tbe contrarie bereof nottoitb* 

7 31fanp perfon 0^5 perfons baue beretofo^e Ctbence tlje beginning of 
tbeClueenes 3paieffies raigne tbat nolo is,mabe,o^bereafter (ball malie 
anp conueiance, gift, graunt,bemife, cbarge, limitation of bfe 0^ bfes , j 
alTurance of,in,o? out of anp lanbes,tenements o} b^rebitaments , toitb a« 
np claufe, p?ouiOon,article,o? conbition of reuocation, betermination, oj 
alteration, at Im 0} tbeir luill 0? pleafure of fucb conueiance, aCfurance, 
grattt!3,limitationg of bfes 0? ettates, of, in, 0? out of tbe faib lanbs, tene* 
ments o} bcJ^fbitaments,o? of,in,o? out of anp part 0? parcell of tbem,con* 
teineb 0? mentioneb in anpb3?iting,beeo,o?3Inbenture of fucbatTurance, 
conuciance,graunt 0? gift, $ after fucb conueiance, graunt, gift, bemife, 
cbarge,limitation of bfes 0^ aflfurancCjCo mabe 0? \)^rj, (ball o} bo bargain, 
feU,Demife,grainit,conuep,o? cbarge tbe fame lanb0,tenement0,o? b^re* 
bitaments,o?anp parcel tbereof, to anp perfon 0? perfons, bodies poli* 
tit[nc 0} cojpojat,fo) monep 0^ otber goob conlioeration paio 03 giuen,tbe 


Fraudulent dcedcs^ Gifts, &c* 15^1 

faiD firft conuciance, aiturance, gift, graunt.ucmtTe, cfiarge 0? Imncattcu 
not bp Ijim 0? t&em wuoKcu,maiic tioiD^o? altercD, according to tbepotuec 
anuaittI)0?iciercferiieM?f]cp?£^(teiiijntobtmo?t^em, inauD bp tfjefaiD 
fecret conueiance,a(riirance,g(ft o?graiint:C{)cn tljc faio former cotiuci* 
ance,a(rurance,gift,iicmift$ grant as toucbing tlje fait) lan&03 tcncttient 
$Ijeretitament$ fo after bargaineu, folu, conueieD^oemifcD 0? cbargeu, a« 
gaittll tbe faif bargainceiei,benuees,lc{rec0,gratee0 ^ euetp of t^em , tbeic 
Ijeire0,fucce(ro?s,eicecuto?2(,aomittifirato?s anti airtpes,^ againft all ano 
euerp perfon anu perfons tu^ic^ fjatte , (ball 0? map latofuUp claime anp 
t&ing,bp,from,oj\3inier tljem 0? rnip oftOem.lJjall be beemeb, tafeen $ aD« 
iuogeti to be boiD,frulli:at,anD of none effect bp bertue ^ fo jce of t^i^ p je« 

8 'p^ouibeo neuertljelelTe.tfjatftdlatofun ^o^gage^maneo? to bee ^mm^^ 
mane bona fide,$ toittiout frauD 0? couin bpon goon coutoeration.flbal be 
impeacbeo 0^ impaireb bp fojce of tbi^ ^cte, but fijall ftanbe in tl)e li&e 
fo^ce anD effect as tbe fame fl)ouKi Ijaue bone, if tbis act bao neuer bin ban 
0^ maoe: ^np tbing m tbis act to tbe contrarp ,in anp toife nociuitbttan* 


I 9 'Cbis^ctno? anptbingtberetnconteineb,{bale]tteniJO^be confftu- amiranctgof 

ID to mal^e goob anp purcbafe, gi;aunt,leafe,cbarge o? profit of, in, ^ out StVTa«i? 

3? \3nQ0nebp re afon of anp former conueiance, graunt, 0? affurance,fo a0 "^* t^saatntr, 

Ube partie 0? parties, 0? tbeir \fixtt% 0? affignes , bJbicb baue fo uef eaten 

y). maDeboibtbefame,tncre in actual poffeffion tbefirffDapoftljig p^e^ 

'ent parliament, of, 0? in tbe fain lanues, tenementes 0? b^ rebitaments, 

aibereofjO^ out of tubicb anp fucb purcbafe,grattnt,leafe, cbarge,oj profit 

i iaja0maiie»27,<Sli5.4. 

I o %\i^$ act,o? anp tbing tberin containeb,W not ejctenn in anp ro?c, ^"*SJ °* 

oreffraineo^impairetbeiurifoiction, potoeroj autbojitieoftbe Court c^ambw/ 

if ^tarre cbamber 27^€li^»4»3i;»Cli|.i8f This ftatute madeperpctuall 

)y39.€li?a8» . 

1 Forfraudulcnt deeds made by an EccIeMicalpetfonjto dcfeate his 
ucceffors of their remedy for Dilapidations S.Dilapidations T. 

2 1 hat frauduiet conueianccs made by Fugitiucs ihalbc voidieagaanft 
iieQuccne.S*Fu.gitiues4»;r - - I ' . ' ; 

3 For fraadulent cenueianccs to dcfeate the Lord ofhis Wardc, mar- 
iageorreliefe.S.Wardes 1.2.244 

k \ 4 For frauduiet conueianccs niade ofany Abbey,Chantrie,Colledge> 
fc k free Ghappell3nds.S«;Monaftcties 4.9; iji- >v,k; oi iw..- :...,' i,j: \:^\ ; 
li' ' 5 For Collateral and fraudulentaffuranccsinadfeofJa^drtothe'vfedf 
; nyChurch,ChappeU&!c.S.M:Qrtrnainie8»' ; i.'^ '^"' ' 

6 ForfrandulentconuciancctadefeattheQ^cene orany otherof any 
cnefit chat m^ arife vuto them by ditflat^of 2 5 ♦.Cli?* I .S.Rccufants 5 ♦ 


Freehold. Fuel!. 

7 That Statutes raarchant and ofche ftaple fhalbc cntred of record to 
detc6l fraud inthemifany be intend cd.S^Statutcs i$a6^ 


WK^ofteuer trotfj conHraine anp perfon to appeare before the coun« 
fen of a Jlo?ii,laDie,o? anj) otbcr,to aunfujere fo? ^igfreebolo,o| 
anp tbiug touc^inj l)i0 freeljolD , o^ fo? anp et^cr ttiina: reall o? pcrfonall, 
tobic^belongcc^totOcLatooftieiaealmemanp maner,a)aU fo?fa(tco 
t^t Siucene ]Cjc*Ii» i y»H*2, 1 2*i 6,B,2»2,5l5c man a}aUoiacame ^ts fret' 
Iboluetjto anftuere fo? W freefjolD o? anp tbing cberunto belonging tnitb* 
out tbeSlucenes U)?it,no? l^all caufe bis freeboUier tofiueare aptnft W 
bJrtjfo? tbat no man can 5oe Uitcbouc tbc Siueeneg commanjemncMarlb. 


peafliftpf A II ^altoooir,T^inet,jragot, ^ Coles to be maoc o? put tofale tottb* 
jfuci. jr\m tbe Cities of lonDon o^ aa^eOmmaer, o;i in tbefubucbesof tbe 

fantcQjaU ftcepc tbe aOtfcg folIoU3ina:,Dt j» euerp facfte of Coles (ball con* 
tainc 4.bua}el3 of gooo ano cleane Coles* 9no euerp CalCbitJ Ibal concam 
in Icngtb 4.foote beliDe tbe carfe.^tttj euerp ^alfljiD nameo of one ^ to c^ 
tain in gceatnes tuitbin a footeof tbemiDDeiliciJiancbes about«ano euerp 
'EalQ)ip namcn of ttuo,to contain in (preacnes toitbin a foot of tbe miouett 
vxiiu incbesabout^anu ofeuerp-EalfbiunameDoftb^ee tocontaine in 
greatnes toitbin a foote of tbe miooea ]cic\3iii4ncbes aboutSnti euerp '^aU 
ibinnameooffoureto containe ingreatnesluitbinafooteof tbemiDDeflt-ll 
jciociiiancbes abouc^anu euerp 'Calibio nameo of fine to containe in great* 
nes \3iit\)m a foote of tbe mioff wjcbiiiancbes about* ^no eucrp billet to 
contein in lengtb tb?ee foote ano foure incbes* 3nD euerp billet nameo a i 
Ungle to contain tiii^incbes Dr,about»anD euerp 'billet nameo to be a calf, 
to containe jcancbes about. 3nd euerp t^illet nameo of ttjoo Caff , to con« 
tein jciiiiancbes about,9no euerp jTagot ben to containe in Icngtb iii.foot, 
9 tbe bano of cuerp fucb fagot,to be of ]t]ciiii*incbes about befioes tbe fenot. 
Sno it (balbe latofull fo? euerp otoner, toitbout oanger of anp fo^faiture, 
to malte OSillets of tUio Caffs^ann all 'Billets of tluo Caffs to be maoe^ 
put to fale,(ball be of tbe aiTifeberein containeuo^ moje, ^ (balbe marlteB 
onelp toitbin ijiancbes of tbe niioff tbereof. 3nD euerp l^illet of one Caff 
to be maDe anD put to fale,fl/al(je onelp marfeco toitbin foure incbes of tbe 
cno tbereof, upon painc tbat euerp maimer ano euerp feller tbat Iball niafee 
anp fucb iTuel o^ Coles, gr put tbe fame to fale , to fo?fait fo? euerp Qjio of 
^alU)ooO,'Billet,f agot^o? facfee of Coles put to fale,lacl^ing of tbe alTife 
afo^efaiD,iii.s.iiii,U, to tbe Ci,ano 31nfojmer, to berecouereo h^^ Si»'3^»l^» 
3I*tobcreinno m.C.p»^c*7*€o*5.7« 
^T A^? 6"? 2 JHlo perfon o} perfons Ojall bup anp fuel. Coles o? tooou, hitt onelp 
Stu burne f«fO as luill bumeoji confume tbe fame, o? fucb perfons as Ojall fell tbe 
w matu m liame againe bp maile,to fucb ^ Q^al burne q} confume tbe fame fo? tbeic 
»'»«• owne 


Fiigitiucs oner the Sea. 1^2 

ototie occappin^tBftliout frauD 0? couin, 0^ tiaijarftttgcrg 0? bargemen, 
upon pam to fo^ t IjC ^^% treble t\)Z tjalue of all fuel; toootj. Coles $ 
irucl,a3{baltieotfjerU)iIe bougjjtfo? anp lucre 0? 5auie,toberec,bp a^lB* ,nifrb^"5f JJ^(> 
p.31»U3l;erein no C21*(!£^»1^.3mi no perfon 0} perfons lljal alter anp marfec oT^uei? ' 
0^ alTife of anp of tOe fain jf uel^marltcD 0? feifeti acco^ing to tlji^ datute, 
topon paine of lifee fojfaiture as is aOoiiefaiD,7*€D.6,7« 

3 I20 perfon 0? perfons f|)al peelD,ne f o^fait anp penaltp f^erein contai* SnufiJ'*"'' 
netfjbnles action o} Cuft be commeceo fo? tlje fame, toitbin one tobolepere 
mj:t after t^e offence thereof committeDt^nti if anp cutter 0? maimer as is 
afo?efaiD,o^ ot^jer tbat Ojall fojfait anp fumme berein containeii,fball not 
jiz able to peelD fuclj fo^faiture 0^ fumme as is afo^efaiD, tljen fuel) perfon 
tbereofconuictenbptoitnelTesojotliertoife, to be feton apilo?pin t\ic 
mi market totune to tbe place to(jere Ije fi)all fo offenn,bp a 31uftice of 19«. 
0} anp otberof tbeClueenesofficers,ata]ci«of tbeclocfeeijpontljemarfeet 
Bap^toitb a billet 0? jfagot bounoen to fome part of W boDp, ano fo to be 
Difcbargeo of tbefaio fo?faiture*7*€o«6.7* 

What woodes ihall not be conuerced to Fuel for the making of Iron^ - 
See Iron. 

Fugitiues ouer the Sea* 

Wl^ofoeuer palfetl) out of tfjerealmetoit^out t^eSdueenslicence, Depattfng m 
(ejrceptlojDs ano great men of tbe realme.ano true ami notable "jS'SoS"' 
marcbantsf.ano t\)t lIXfoulDiers) HM fo^fait to tbe itl^all U^ gooDS. OLnn Uctnc(. 
tlje^paUero? Mariner of tbe (bip, o^oftbebeffellintobicbl;^ Iljallcarrp 
beponb tlje ^ea anp perfon (hut onelp fucb as be before ercepteD,)t»itb* 
out tlje ©Jicencejgt is tberof conuicteD,fl;al fo?fait to tlje Clueene bis fai5 
Keffell 3inD if t^e ^earcfier o^C^amen of anppo^t oj ipaffageooe 
t^^ougb negligence, o^in otbcr manner fuffer tatttinglp anp perfon to 
paffe fo^t^ of t^e Healme(otber tljen is before ejccepteu) 0^ anp gol6 0? fil* 
Iter in monep , I5ullion,pat0,o? CJelfeltd be carieo fojtb of tbe Eealme, 
mu isi tljereof conuict,be Ibal fo jfait to tfje £t, \)is SDfftce, $ all Ijis gooos, 
mn be impjifoneo a tnbol^ P^r^ 9*^^* 3 •! o» 5«1R»2.2» ^ee tljere, t^at no 
icence ougljt to be maoe to pafle foo^t^ of tbe Eealme, but onelp in one -,^ , ^ 
dtU po?ts of lom>on,'g)anotoicb,Douer,^outljl}amptonjPimmoutlj, p^t mij ma» 
bertmoutb,'55jiflotB,^»'Botolpb,Eingllonbpon lE)ul, ^m caHle upon J"s^r VmJ 
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