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E. M. UzzELL & Co.. State Printers and Binders. ■ 





( j 








The increasing interest of the public in the old wills filed 
in the office of the Secretary of State has caused the Trustees 
of the Public Libraries to authorize the Secretary of State to 
prepare the within publication. An abstract of every will 
found in the office of the Secretary of State is published 
herein. These abstracts show the name of the testator, place 
of residence, names of wife, children, legatees, witnesses, 
probate officer, etc. ; also, names of plantations mentioned and 
remarkable items or noteworthy passages in wills. 

The first record I have been able to find providing for the 
keeping of wills in the office of the Secretary of State is the 
following order : 

Order'd that a Commission be DelivfvVt to ye Honble Majr Sarawl 
Swauu Es(|r Secretary of State for this province Iiiipoweriug him to 
keep aij office for ye proving of Wills (Jranting administrats & pro- 
betts and all other Matters for ye Ordering & Securing of Dead 
Mens Estates according to ye foil Rules. 

1. The Honble Secretary of State for ye time being shall atend 
ye Secretaries Office att ye Genrll Court House ye tirst thursday in 
every mo who shall have full power to prove Wills grant probetts 
& administrations & take care of Dead Mens Estates. 

2. No will shall be proved or administration ordered either in ye 
Genrll Court or in ye precinct Court of Chowan Petiuimans or 
Pascotant after ye first day of August next but only before ye sd 
Officer appoynted as afs'd and ye Clarks of each Respective precinct 
aforesd are hereby required to Return all iiapers and wrightings Re- 
lateing to wills & administrations and all other Concerns relating to 
Dead Mens Estates which shall Ly in their Respective offices into 
ye Secretaryes office within two mo. 

3. Iff no person with in 2 months after ye Date of any person 
Dying Intestate appeare to sue for administration it shall be in ye 
power of ye sd officer to assigne an administrator. 

4. Iff an Executor shall neglect to make proof of the will wthin 
6 mo ye time Limittefl by Law it shall be in ye power of ye sd 
Officer to Grant administration to the nearest of kinn if any sue 
for ye same if not to such pesons as he shall think titt. 

5. And ye sd Officer shall not grant administran or probatt of 
Will till Certiticate be produced of ye Register .ve Death of ye pson 
deed in ye Respective Registers as ye Law Directs. 

r>. And every prson suing for Admintrat Shall give in Sufficient 
Security before ye sd Officer & before whom all Evidence shall be 
brought to prove wills. 

iv Introduction. 

7. And every prsnn who shall obtain admintrati or Probett shall 
within one year after such adminstrat. or probatt obtaind bring 'n a 
true Inventory with acct of ye Estate in their hands until they 
shall obtaine further time which ye sd Officer hath power & liberty 
to grant. 

The original of this paper was found l\y the late J. R. B. 
Hathaway in the courthouse at Edeuton.^ This order is 
without date, but was issued about 1700, as Samuel Swann 
was Secretary of State in that year and the first of his 
records are dated at that time. 

The next legislation I find in reference to wills is an act 
of the General Assembly of 1715, chapter 48, the caption 
and first three sections of which are as follows: 


I. Be It Enacted by his Excellency the Pallatine & and the rest of 
the Ti'ue & Absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Carolina 
by & with the advice & consent of the rest of the Members of the 
General Assembly now met at Little River for the No. East part of 
the province & by the Authority of the same. 

II. It is Hereby Enacted & declared that all Wills & Administra- 
tions heretofore proved & granted by the Council, General Court, 
Precinct Court or by powers or Commission heretofore granted by 
any Governor. Deputy Governor, President & Council to any particular 
person or persons shall be deemed adjudged & taken to be good & 
effectual to all Intents & Purposes whatsoever as if proved before Or 
granted by any Ordinary or other Ecclesiastical Judge or person. 

III. And Be It Further Enacted by the Authority afors'd that it 
shall & may lx» lawfull for the Governor or Commander in Chief for 
the time being the Grcneral Court or Precinct Court to have Wills 
proved before them and Grant Orders for Admiiustration. Provided 
the same be not repugnant to the Rules & Methods prescribed in 
this Act And Provided that the Granting Letters Testamentary or 
Letters of Administration allways Excepted which shall be allways 
from & after the Ratification of this Act signed by the Governor or 
Commander in Chief for the time being and sealed with the Colony 
seale & only Issuing out of the Secretary's Office & Counter signed 
by the Secretary or Deputy. **»**»** 

This act validates probates up to that time, confirms let- 
ters of administration previously granted and provides for 
the better regulation of these matters. 

'Published in The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. Ill, p. 57. 


In l72o a law- was enacted more riniilly enforcing the 
making and tiling of inventories. Ijoth tlie acts of 1715 and 
of 1723 were brought forward and confirmed in 1749. 

During Governor Dolibs' administration, in 1760, acts 
were passed" "to establish Inferior Courts of Pleas and 
Quarter Sessions in the several counties in this Province," 
and" "for establishing Superior Courts of Pleas and Grand 
Sessions and regulating the i>roceedings therein." These 
acts provided for the filing and recording of wills in the 
clerk's office, which is still the law. 

In an act of the General Assembly of 1751, ch. 6, sec. 8,' 
it was recited that "many original wills, patents and deeds 
have been lost fi:ir want of convenient offices to keep the 
same." The various migrations of our capital since that 
date have undoulitedly added to these losses. 

iMany of the wills here are in bad order, decaye<l. foxed 
and faded, and some of them are illegible. Where there is 
doubt as to cori'cct recording of a will it is so stated or 
queried. The earliest will found is that of Mary Fortseu, 
which was made in 1663, but there are not many before 
1690. There are a few wills filed here since 1760 which 
have been included in the abstract list. Occasionally it is 
found that a testator who was known to lie an educated per- 
son signed his will by making his mark, so it is not always 
an evidence of illiteracy when the will is signed by a mark, 
nor is the signature to the will generally a satisfactory signa- 
ture of the testator, as often he was sick, weak or infirm in 
body at the time of signing the will. The original spelling 
has been preserved in making abstracts of wills and the same 
name is often found spelled in several dift'erent ways. It 
will be observed that the terms "father-in-law" or "mother-iu- 
law" often mean stepfather or stepmother; sometimes they 

!Col. Rec, Vol. XXV. p. 405. 
»Col. Rec, Vol. XXV, p. 433. 
<Col. Rec, Vol. XXV, p. 306. 

vi Inteoduction. 

are referred to as "father" or ''mother.'' The term "cousin" 
will be frequently found to mean nephew or niece. 

It is interesting to note that in wills jirior to 1752, two 
years are generally named for dates in the months of Janu- 
ary, Febi'uary and March; for instance, January 20, 1718-9; 
but this was not always the case, and occasionally only one 
year is given. As examples, see wills of 

Cathekike Busbey^ made January 22, 1738-9. Proved 
February Court, 1738. 

Thomas Barclift, made ISTovember 14, 1750. Proved 
at January Court, 1750. 

J^iCHOLAS Blackman, made August 26, 1730. Probated 
March 11, 1730. 

On the continent and in Scotland the Gregorian Calendar 
was in use, but it was not adopted in England until 1751, 
when Parliament passed "An Act for Regulating the Com- 
mencement of the Year, and for Correcting the Calendar 
now in use." This act provided that the year begin on the 
first day of January, 1752, and not on the twenty-fifth of 
March, as was then the usage. The same act provided that 
eleven days be omitted in September, 1752,° "and that the 
natural Day next immediately following the said second Day 
of September, shall be called, reckoned and accounted to be 
the fourteenth Day of September, omitting for that Time 
only the eleven intermediate nominal Days of the common 
Calendar, and that the several natural Days which shall 
follow and succeed next after the said fourteenth Day of 
September shall be respectively called, reckoned and num- 
bered forwards in numerical Order from the said fourteenth 
Day of September, according to the Order and Siiccession of 
Days now used in the Present Calendar." If this is kept in 
mind, it will reconcile many apparently contradictory dates. 

The abstracts were prepared by Messrs. Wm. H. Sawyer 

'Statutes at Large, Vol. VII, 1747-1756; 24 Geo. II., C. 23, A. D. 1751. and as amended 
by 25 Geo. II., C. 30 A. D. 1752. 

Tnteoductiox. vii 

aiul Joseph E. Sawyek, the proof read by Messrs. W. P. 
Batcheloe and Joseph E. Sawyer, and the index matle by 
Mr. W. P. Batchelok. To these gentlemen I desire to 
make acknowledgment for their faithfid service. 

It is expected that this work will be interesting and helpful 
in genealogical research and especially valuable as illustra- 
tive of the domestic history of our people. It will also be 
found useful in tracing titles to properties. 

J. Bryan Grimes. 


Abekceombie, Hannah. Pasquotank Comity. 

August 12, 17.54. January Court, 1755. Daughter: Cathrine Ch.vm- 
BERLiN. Grandchildren: Lucy and Jekemiah Chambbrlin, Daniel 
EvERTON, William, Hannah and James Everton, Courtney and Aby 
Chamberlin. Executrix: Catherine Chamberlin. Witnesses: Thomas 
Taylor, William Coale. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Tay'Lor. Execu- 
trix qualified before Robert Murden. 

Abington, Joseph. Currituck County. 

January 2, 17.34-1735. July Court, 1735. Son: William (land on 
the Banks). Daughter: Mary Abington. Executor: Henry Woodas. 
Witnesses: M,\thias and Mary Toler, Francis Hodges, Otho Holland. 
Clerk of the Court: James CJraven. 

Abington, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

November 13, 1707. December 2S, 1707. Legatees: Mary Tully, 
George Ellis, Charles Griffin, Elizabeth Hecklefield. Execu- 
tors: Tobias Knight, John and Thomas Palin. Witnesses: John 
Hecklefield,' Francis Gilbert, Mary Cookoo. Proven before W. 

Adams, Abraham. 

(No date). Sons: Abram Adams (land lying on Pamlico River), Rich- 
ard Adams (land on Pamlico River), William Adams and Willoby Ad- 
ams. Daughter: Obia. Wife: Bathia, who is appointed executrLx. 
Part of this will is missing and no dates are given. 

Adams, Abraham. 

October 3, 1733. Witnesses: Philip and Mary Shute, John Colllson. 
Only last page of will is found. 

Adams, Abraham. Bath County. 

December IS, 1734. Probate not dated. Sons: James and Joseph 
(lands on Kengens Mill Creek and Old Town Swamp). Negroes bequeathed 
to sons. Daughters: Sarah Adams, Elizabeth Adams. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Anne. Guardian and Trustee: John Hodgson. Witnesses: 
John Collison, James Adams, Peter Cailag (or Cailaugh). Proven 
before G.A.B. John.son. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 

Adams, Chaeles. Craven County. 

March 21, 1757. April 20, 17.57. Wife: Marg.\ret. Executor: John 

Starket. Witnesses: Jer. Vail, Nathl. Richardson, Vinyd. Bond. 
Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Adams, John. Bath County. 

February 17, 1733-1734. No probate. Sons: Abraham, James, Eman- 
uel., John, Thomas. Daughters: M.artha, Rachel and M.^ry Adams. 
Executors: Abrah.vm and James Adams (sons). Witnesses: Oliver Black- 
burn, Robert Sharples, John Aldershire. 

A.DAMS, John. Craven County. 

September 19, 1750. Friends: Joseph Balch and John Gowel, 
Francis Mbrringer and Wm. Hbrritage. Wife: Mary Adams, to 
ivhom is devised a sloop called "Adventure." Executors: Joseph Balch 
and Mary Ad.ijis. Witnesses: Gearsham Spear, Rd. Lovett. Will 
proven by J. Vail. Clerk of Court: Phil Smith. 

Adams, Maegaeet. Craven County. 

July 8, 1765. September 1, 1773. Executor and sole legatee: Bernard 
Parkington. Witnesses: Mary Hawks, Ambcox Bayley, Perrigan 
Cox. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Adams (spelled Addomes), Matthew. Chowan Precinct. 
August 9, 1703. November 25, 1708. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Son: Matthew. Daughter: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Thomas Blount, 
Thomas Blount, Jr., James Bonner. Proven before Thomas Gary. 
Seal of the Colony affixed on probate. 

Adams, Petek. Chowan County. 

December 13, 1745. March 31, 1746. Sister: Mart Mounce of 
Crediton in Devonshire. Son: John. Wife not named. Executors: 
William Hoskins, Henry Bonner, and John Lewis. Witnesses: John 
Hull, William Luten and William Lewis. Proven before E. Hall, 

Adams, Rogee. Bladen County. 

August 2, 1739. August 6, 1739. Wife and Executrix: Frances. 
Other legatees: Lucy and John Green, Gabriel Johnston, Sajmuel Wood- 
ward, James Innes, James Murray. Witnesses: Thomas Hart, Robert 
Knowls, James Menzies. Proven before Gabriel Johnston. 

Addison, Eichaed. Chowan County. 

August 12, 1720. January Court, 1724. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Samuel Spruill, Robert Fewox, Charles Cradock. Clerk 
of the Court: Robert Foster. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 

Ahier, John. Onslow Comity. 

January 11, 1744-1745. October Court, 1746. .S'on; Willia.m. Daugh- 
ter: Elizabeth Ahier. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
Stephen Howard, Stephen Howard, Jr. Clerk of the. Court: Will 

Albertson, Albert, Sr. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 10, 1701. April 14, 1702. Sons.- vPeter, Nath.\niel, Al- 
bert and Ea.saw. Wife not named. Executors: Peter and Nathaniel 
Albert-son (son-s). Witnesses: John Falconer, Nathaniel Nickol- 
SON, Joseph Suton. Clerk of the Court: -^iJohn Stepney. 

Albertson, Isaac. Pa.sqiiotank County. 

February 12, 1759. March Court, 17.59. Wife and Executrix: Jemima- 
Daughter: Ruth .\lbert.son. Witnesses: Thomas Craghill, Is.aac 
Sitten (or Litten), .Sarah Martin. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Albertson, Joshtja. Perquimans County. 

August 5, 1753. October Court, 1753. Son: Francis (plantation). 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary and Penelopy Albertson. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Executors: .4aron and William Albertson (broth- 
ers). Witnesses: Phineus Nixon, Nathaniel .Albertson, John Ander- 
son. Clerl; of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Albertson, Maet. Perquimans County. 

Will not dated. Probated January 10, 1720-1721. Son: Albert. 
Grandchildren: Mary, John and Elisabeth Ai,bertson. Executor: 
Albert Albertson (son). Witnesses: Stafford. Albert Al- 
bertson, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Richard Leaky. 

Albertson, Nathaniel. Perquimans County. 

December 4, 1751. .January Court, 1752. Sons: Joshua (land on Long 
Branch and Creek Swamp), William ("my manner plantation"), Aaron. 
Grandsons: Benjamin and Chalkley Albertson. Daughters: Hannah 
Albertson, Elizabeth Newby, Lydda Trueblood. Negroes bequeathed 
to sons. Three sons appointed executors. Witnesses: Joshua Perisho, 
James Henbe, Mary Morris. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Aldeeson, Simon. Beaufort County. 

Will not dated. Probated at December Court, 1740. Sons: Levin 
and John. Daughters: Elizabeth and Sarah Alderson. Other legatee: 
John Odeon. No executor appointed. Witnesses: Robert Howard, 
William Martin. Clerk of the Court: Roger Jones. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Aldeidge, John. County not given. 
December 28, 1705. April 2, 1706. Wife and Executrix: Doroty. Wit- 
nesses: Samul Slocumb, Richard Smith, John Wilson. Clerk of the 
Court: Levi Truewhitt. 

Alexander, Anthony. Tyrrell County. 

July 29, 1741. November 3, 1741. Sons: Anthony, Joseph, Lamuel, 
Benjamin, Isaac, John (plantation known by name of Mockason), Josias 
(plantation known as Tuttellfields), Giddeon, Joshua. Daughters: Anne, 
Rachel, Priscilla, Sarah, Jane, Naomi, Casiah, Seth. Son-in-law and 
Executor: Thomas Bateman. Witnesses: Benjamin Gidgood, Thomas 
Best, Christian Alexander. Proven before J. Montgomery. 

Alfoed, Jabez. Chowan Precinct. 

July 9, 1705. July Court, 1706. Legatees: George Tayler, Esayah 
Henly, Luke Haman, J.\mes Damevali,, Mary Damevall, Thomas Dan- 
lELL, Sarah Jones. Executor: Thomas Pollock. Witnesses: Thomas 
Jones, Henry Brooks, James Fitzgerald. Clerk of the Court: N. 

Alfoed, John. Albemarle County. 

April 16, 1691. May 4, 1G91. Daughters: Tabitha and Sar.\h. Exec- 
utor : Charles Jones (father-in-law). Witnesses : John Hunt, William 
Pindor, Hannah Wood. Clerk of the Court: Richard Plater. 

Allday, Thomas. Bertie County. 

March 16, 1754. May Court, 1754. Sons-in-law: William and Ben- 
jamin Coward (land on Cotahney). Other legatees: Tho.mas Highman, 
Is-iAC, (a molato boy), William Highman, Diana Sanderlin. Execu- 
tors: Henry Hunter and John Smith. Witnesses: John Brogden, 
Thomas Hyman, Moses Hunter, Peter Brogden. Clerk of the Court: 
S.\MUEL Ormes. 

Alfoed, Joseph. Albemarle County. 

December 8, 1689. No probate. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Wit- 
nesses: Charles Jones, John Barber, Ludpord Ivy. 

Allen, Andeew. Dobbs County. 

October 29, 1762. November 18, 1762. Wife: Priscilla. Devisees: 
Thomas Walton, Hannah Walton, Grace Meers, Gilbert Ker, 
John Vansselt, Joseph Parker. Executors: Jacob Vansselt, Pris- 
cilla Allen, Joseph Kebr. Witnesses: Anthony Vansselt, Freder- 
ick GiBBLE, Anna Gibble. Name of Clerk of Court is torn off. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— ITGO. 

Allen, Eleazak. New Hanover County. 

January 1, 1742. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Nephews and Niece: 
William, Daniel and Catherine Willard, children "of Josiah Willard, 
of Boston, by my sister, Catherine Willard." Executors: James Has- 
SELL and Nathaniel Rice. Witnesses: Sus-\nn H.\sbll, J.vs. H-\.sbll, 
Clerk of the Court: Fakies. Impression of rope and anchor on 

Allen, Hugh. Chowan County. 

July5,1752. No probate. Sons.' Josia, John and George. Daughters: 
Ealcb, Mary and Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Eliz.vbeth. Witnesses: 
Richard Bond, Richard Stallings, James Bond. 

Allen, James. Edgecombe County. 

December 4, 1733. February Court, 1733. Legatees: J.\mes Kelley, 
John Nairne (executor). Witnesses: William Bell, Anne and John 
Stone. Clerk of the Court: Robert Forster. Impression of head on 

Allen, John. Bertie County. 

January 8, 1735-1730. August Court, 173(j. So7is: William and 
Richard. Daughters: Cathrine and Margaret Allin. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Thomas Manden, Isaac Ricks and 
Henry Tudor. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Allen, Sarah, wid. of Ele.\zar Allen. New Hanover Co. 

January 28, 1761. April 1, 1761. "My body I commit to the earth, to 
be buried as near the remains of my late husband as not to hurt the founda- 
tions of his tomb, which was bestowed on hira by my beloved niece, Mrs. 
Sarah Frankl.and. 

"It is ray will that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid * * * 
hoping that Thomas Frankland, my said niece's husband (whose mort- 
gage on the said Eleazar Alle.n's estate may perhaps go near to swallow 
the whole), will not avail himself of that mortgage so as to cut off the just 
demands of my other creditors. 

"To my beloved niece, Mrs Sarah FR.tNKL.VND, my wedding ring (plain 
gold) as a particular mark of my affection and a memento of my conjugal 
happiness, not doubting hers is equal, and may it be as lasting. Item: To 
my beloved niece, Mrs. Mary J.ane Dry', I give and bequeath my gold 
watch (not of modern taste, but an excellent piece of mechanism), the gold 
chain and all the trinkets belonging thereto * * *. Item: To my be- 
loved nieces, the daughters of my sister Moore, Mrs. Sarah Smith of 
Charlestown, Mrs. Mary Harlston of the same place, and Mrs. Ann 
SwANN of Cape Fear, I give a mourning ring to each of them * * *. Item: 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

To my beloved grandniece, Miss Mary Frankland, I give and bequeath 
my silver-chased teakettle and cream pot and lamp, also my walnut tree 
fineered tea chest containing three pieces of plate chased as the teakettle, 
in the form of urns for tea and sugar * * *. Item: I give to my grand- 
niece, Miss Hariat Frankland, my largest silver waiter * * *. Item: 
To my grandniece, Miss Rebecca Dry, * * * a dozen teaspoons and 
strainer in a black shagreen case, designated to accompany an eight-sided 
silver coffee pot, put into her possession when I went to England in the 
year 1756, together with a shagreen writing stand, quite new, to encourage 
her in that part of her education in which she seems to be making great 
progress * * * To my beloved niece, Mrs. Mary Jane Dry, one silver 
saucepan. I give to my grandniece, Susannah Haselx,, a mahogany 
dressing-table and a little gilt smelling bottle. I give to my grandniece 
Mahy Hasell, a little mahogany tea chest. I give all the books of modern 
taste to my grandnieces, Rebecca Dry and Susannah Hasell. I give to 
mj' generous and constant friend, William Dry, a mourning ring. I give 
to my friend, Mrs. DeRossett, Sr., my silver etice in a black shagreen 
case. As to all my other letters to and from my several correspondents 
abroad and in America, etc.. etc. 

"It is my will that one acre of ground around the tomb of my said hus- 
band be reserved sacred for the use of our cemetery when the rest of the 
plantation of "Lilliput" shall be sold t t t- 

Executors: James Murray, William Dry, Henry Hyrnes, Frederick 
Jones of the Oak & William Bampfield of South Carolina. Witnesses: 
George Moore, Elizabeth Catherine DeRosset, James Colson. 
Proven before Arthur Dobbs. Coat of arms on seal at top of first 
page of will. 

Alligood, Richard. Beaufort County. 

January 22, 1751. September 19, 1752. Sons: Hillery, William. 
Daughter: Mathew Bauer. Sons appointed executors. Witnesses: 
George Jenkins, John Allegood and Martha Jenkins. Clerk of the 
Court: Will Ormond. 

Alston, John. Chowan County. 

February 20, 1755. December 2, 1758. Sons: Joseph John Alston 
(land on White Oak River), Solomon Alston (one negro), William and 
Phillip Alston, James Alston. Daughters: Mary Seward, Elizabeth 
Williams, S.\rah Kearny, Charity Dawson. Grandchildren: John, 
Elizabeth, Patty and William Alston. Executor: J.^tiiEs Alston 
(son). Witnesses: Scasbrook Wilson, Thomas Byard, Joseph Parker. 
Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

xImbler', William. Perquimans County. 

April 27, 1745. July Court, 1745. Friends: John Stevenson, Wil- 
liam Stevenson (land on Perquimans River), Zachariah Nixon, Eliza- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

BETH Phelps, Henry Phelps, Jonathan Phelps, John Barclift of 
Vv'earneck, Elizabeth Williams, Benjamin Baptist, John Read, Eliza- 
beth Reed, Joseph Sutton. Executor: John Stevenson. Ti'iVricsses.- 
Sam Scollay, William H.abold, Francis Layden. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. 

Ambeos, David. Chowan County. 

July 14, 1745. August 1, 1745. Sons: David, William, Jesse and 
Israel. Daughters: Mary, Susannah and Morning Ambros. Wife 
and Executrix: Susannah. Witnesses: Jacob Privett, David Bush, 
James Craven. Proven before Enoch Hall, C. J. Coat of arms on 

Andekson, Cakolus. Northampton County. 

February 10, 1752. February Court, 1753. Daughters: Rachel War- 
ren and Mary Anderson (land and negroes), Sarah Anderson (land on 
Kubys Creek). Wife and Executrix not named. Witnesses: Nicholas 
and William Eoonb. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Anderson, Elizabeth. Bertie Precinct. 

November 5, 1732. August Court, 1733. Sons: James, Carrolus. 
Daughter: Elizabeth Pitman. Granddaughters: Elizabeth and Sarah 
Anderson (executrix) Witnesses: Elias Fortt, Ealcer Fortt, Henry 
Crompton. Clerk of the Court: Robert Forster. 

Anderson, Elisabeth. Perqnimans County. 

May 25, 1757. January Court, 1760. Sans: John and Samuel, 
Daughter: Abigail Charles. Granddaughters: Elizabeth and Sarah 
Henbe. Grandsons- Willum Arnold and Joshua Albertson. Execu- 
tors: William Arnold, John Anderson and William Albertson. 
Wit7iesses: John Boswell, Joseph Boswell, Sarah Anderson. Clerk 
of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Anderson, George. Granville County. 

July 6, 1757. March 7, 1758. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daughter: 
Eave Anderson. Brother: Willl\m Anderson. Nepliew: George An- 
derson (son of William). Other legatees: Elizabeth and John Under- 
wood. Executor: Osborne Jeffrey's. Witnesses: James Braezar, 
William Anderson, Tho.mas Smith. Clerk of the Court: Daniel Wel- 

Anderson, James. Perquimans County. 

February 6, 1741-1742. December 14, 1742. Sons: James and John. 
Executor: Richard Skinner. Witnesses: Thom.4.s Jessop and Thomas 
BateMjVN. Proven before W. Smith. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Anderson, John. Perquimans Conuty. 

January 27, 1744-1745. March 5, 1745. Executors: Christopher 
SxiTTONand Abraham Mullen. Other legatee: Jane Mullen. Witnesses: 
George Wood, Elender Mullen. Proven before Gab Johnston. 

Andeeson, Joseph. Chowan County. 

1750. January Court, 1750. Daughter: Mary Anderson. Guardians 
of daughter: Thomas Barker, Db. Samuel Sabine Plomer and William 
Mearns. Brother: James Anderson, near Lundy. Sister: Margaret 
Anderson, in BonnetowTi, near Leish. Daughters-in-law: LtrcY and 
Agnes Martin. Executors: Thomas Barker and Joseph Blount. 
Wife: Ann. Witnesses: John Halsey, William Luten and James 
Craven. Codicil bearing date December 24, 1750, makes further pro- 
vision for daughter and confirms appointment of Thomas Barker as 
executor. Witnesses to Codicil: Peter Payne and John McKildo. 
Clerk of the Court: Will Mearns. 

Andebson, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

September 23, 1751. October Court, 1751. Daughter: Elizabeth 
(land on Moses Creek, and two negroes). Executor: Zachariah Nixon. 
Witnesses: James and Silvanus Henbe, S.amuel Anderson. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Andrews, John. Eowan County. 

October 3, 1756. No probate. .Sons; James and John. Daughter: 
Janet. Wife: Agnes. Executors: Thomas and James An- 
drews. Witnesses: John Martin, William Niblack, Elisabeth Law- 
rence. Codicil dated October 3. 1756, makes provision for minor children. 
Witnesses: Elisabeth Lawrence, William Niblack, John Marten. 

Andrews, Thomas. Bertie Precinct. 

January 12, 17.36-1737. March 31, 1737. Legatees: Robert Bell, 
Thomas Andrews (executor). Witnesses: Thomas Davy, Ann and Pene- 
lope Bell. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Andrews, Warren. Tyrrell County. 

Mav 4, 1772. February 28, 1774. Sons: Levi, Edmund and Ethel- 
dred Andrews. Daughters: Millee Blunt, Martha Pearse, Elisa- 
beth Andrews. Wife: Sarah. Three sons appointed executors. Wit- 
nesses: William Ellis, Roben Sherrod. Proven before Jo M.^rtin. 

Aneltn, Peter. 

March 14, 1710. No probate. Sons: Henry, Peter and John. 
Daughter: Ann. Executor: Thomas Pollocke. Witnesses: Laurance 
Sarson, Robert West, John Jones, Thomas Ashly 

Abstract of Wills, 1C90 — 1760. 

Ansell, John. Currituck County. 

September 12, 173S. April Court, 1740. Son and Executor: John. 
Daughter: Sarah Robert.?. Grandson: James Roberts. Witnesses: 
Henry White, Hilary White, Leady White. Clerk of the Court: 
William Shergold. 

Ansell, John, "of Netsiland." Currituck County. 

April 6, 17.5.3. March Court, 1755. Sons: John, William, James, 
Caleb. Daughters: M.\ry and Letessha. Wife not named. Executor: 
John Ansell (.son). Witnesses: Caleb White, Joshua White, Paul 
Elison. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Ansley, Solomon. Tyrrell County. 

August 27, 1750. March Court, 1750. Daughters: Mary, Sarah, Eliza- 
beth, Ann, Rachel and Easter Ansley. Sons: John and Joseph. 
Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Samuel Spruill, Matthew 
Carswell, S.\MUEL Spruill, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Arderne, John. 

October 22, 1707. May 17, 1712. Kinsman: William Duckenfield 
(tract of land known by name of Salmon Creek, "all negro. Indian, molato 
slaves, all horse.s, mares, cobbs, cattle, hoggs, young and old, and everything 
else in America, England , or any other part of the world.") Executor: Wil- 
liam Duckenfield, Esq. Witnesses: Henry Ly.sle, Tho. Arnold, Geo. 
Blainye, Charles Barbour, John Talor. 

Arenton, Christopher. Chowan County. 

April 22, 175.3. July Court, 1753. Son: Willi.^m. Daughter: Abe- 
GELL HuB.^KD. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Thomas Pbirce, 
Mary Creecy, John Fennell. Clerk of the Court: Will Halsey. 

Arenton, William. Craven County. 

January 23, 1761. Daughters: Rebeckah, M.a^ry and Leah. Wife: 
Mary. Executor: Henry Shippard. Witnesses: Edmund Hatch, Mar- 
tin Shippard. No probate. 

Armstrong, Jeams. 

June 22, 1684. November 2, 1GS5. Executor and sole legatee: Richard 
Crage (1). Witnesses: Henry White and William Jackson. No pro- 
bate officer. 

Ablow, James. 

December 27, 1757. February Court, 1758. Nephew: John Arlow. 
Wife and Executrix: Bridget (house and lot in Wilmington). Executor: 

10 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Benjamin Morison. Witnesses: Ben Wheatlbt, Arthur Mabson, 
John Jones. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Mokan. 

Ajsmoue, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 21, 1728. March Court, 1729. Son: John. Daughters: Mart, 
Ann. Other legatees: John Davis and William Davis (brothers of 
former wife). Wife and ExecutrLx not named. Executor: David Barly 
(father-in-law). Witnesses: (Signatures of witnesses, probate and por- 
tion of will missing.) 

Aemok, William. Pasquotank Preeiuct. 

December 13, 1719. January 25, 1719. Legatees: Thomas and The- 
oPHiLus Armor (sons), Robert and John Armor and Ann Meads, Wil- 
liam Brothers. Executor: John Armor. Witnesses: William James, 
Thomas Crank. Proven before Jno. Palin. 

Aemsteong, John. Currituck County. 

March 28, 1753. March Court, 1755. Wife and' Executrix: Asiah. 
Witnesses: Thos. Williams, Joshua Brent, Lucy Putt. Clerk of the 
Court: William Sheegold. 

Aenold, Edwaed. Chowan County. 

Februarj^ 23, 1748. April Court, 1752. Son and Executor: Edward. 
Daughter: Hannah Stallings. Wife: Pleasant (plantation and ne- 
groes). Witnesses: John Sumner, Richard Brothers, Apsilla Webb. 
Clerk of the Court: James Craven. Impression of lion rampant on seal. 

Arnold, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 21, 1723. July 14, 1724. Sons: John, L.4.w^rence, William 
and Joseph. Daughter: Elizabeth Arnold. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: William Han, James Jones, Abraham Rbigs, John Reigs. 
Clerk of the Court: Richd Leary. 

Arnold, John. Perquimans County. 

April 11, 1735. July 21, 1735. Son: John. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth (land at Deep Creek). Executor: Samuel Parsons. Wit- 
nesses: James Gibson, William Ahnell. Clerk of the Court: James 
Craven. Crest on seal. 

Arnold, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

November 30, 1751. April Court, 1752. Daughter: Mart. Executors: 
William and Lawrence Arnold (brothers). Witnesses: James Gibson 
and William Batem.\n. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 11 

Arnold, Lawrence. Albemarle County. 

December 14, 1691. February 2, 1691. Son and Executor: John. 
Other legatee: Lawrence Godfrey. Witnesses: Elizabeth Jenkins, 
Isaac Rowden. Clerk of the Court: Richard Plater. 

Akrington, WiLLiAjr. Nortbamptou Coimtv. 

January 11, 1750. February Court, 1752. Sons: Briggs and William 
(plantation to each). Other legatees: James Ross, Nathaniel Williams. 
Executors: John Dawson and Nathan Williams. Witnesses: Henry 
Dawson, John Pitman, John Brock. Clerk of the Cowt: I. Edwards. 

Arthur, John. Chowan County. 

May 29, 1735. October Court, 1735. Legatees: William Falaw, 
Jacob Privit, John Hanah. Executors: Thomas Luten and Constant 
Luten. Witnesses: William Gooldsberry, Humphrey Weed, Edward 
Howcott. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Arthur, John. Craven County. 

January 7, 1751. March 2, 1751. Sons: John, James, M.\tthew and 
William. Daughters: Ann and Mary. Wife and Executrix: Bridget. 
Witnesses: Charles Evitt, Robert Moore, Ammey Moore. Proven 
before Gabriel Johnston. 

Ashe, John Baptista. Bath County. 

November 2, 1731. November 15, 1734. So7is: John and Samuel. 
Daughter: Mary. Brothers: John and Samuel Swann. Other legatees: 
John Russell, Daniel Hendrick of South Carohna. The following 
lands devised: "lands up the northwest branch of Cape Fear River, called 
Ashwood, situated between the lands of John Porter of Virginia, mer- 
chant, and the plantation whereon Daniel Donaho now lives." "My 
other lands on the north side of the river directly opposite to those afore- 
mentioned"; * * * land on Stumpy Sound called Turkey Point; 100 acres 
called Stumpy Island or New River Banks; 400 acres "above William 
Lewis's plantation on the Main Blanche of Old Towne Creek"; 2,560 acres 
near Rockfish Creek on the northwest branch of Cape Fear River; G40 acres 
of land on the northeast branch of Cape Fear River." The following item 
may be of interest: "I will that my slaves be kept to work on my lands and 
that my estate be managed to the best advantage so as my sons may have 
as liberal an education as the profits thereof will afford; and in their educa- 
tion I pray my executors to observe this method: Let them be taught to 
read and write and be introduced into the practical part of Arithmetick, 
not too hastily hurrying them to Latin or Grammar; but after they are 
pretty well versed in these, let them be taught Latin and Greek. I propose 

12 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

this may be clone in Virginia; after which let them learn Frenoli; perhaps 
some Frenchman at Santee will undertake this. When they are arrived to 
years of discretion let them study the Mathematiclcs. To my sons when 
they arrive at age I recommend the pursuit and stvidy of some profession or 
business (I could wish the one to ye Law, the other to Mei'chandize), in 
which let them follow their own inclinations. I will that my daughter be 
taught to write and read and some feminine accomplishments which may 
render her agreeable; and that she be not kept ignorant of what appertains 
to a good housewife in the management of household affairs. Item: I give 
to each of my executors a gold ring as a token of the respect, etc. I will 
that a brick Vault may be built at Groveley and my Dear Wife's body taken 
up out of the Earth and brought and laid there; if it should be my fortune 
to die in Carolina so as my corpse may be conveyed thither, I desire that 
one large Coffin may be made and both our bodys laid together therein and 
lodged in the said Vault." Executors: Edward Moseley, Roger Moore, 
Nathaniel Rice, Samuel and John Swann, William Downing and 
Edward Smith. Witnesses: Mehittobel Ruttbr, John Hawkins, Cor- 
NBLiu.s Dargan, Mich Rutter. Codicil dated October 16, 1734, appoints 
Job Hows and Thom,as Jones Executors and directs interest in sawmill 
owned by testator and Matt Rowan to be sold. Witnesses: James Innbs, 
Joseph W.alters, Edward Smith. Proven before Gab Johnston. Exec- 
utors qualified before W. Smith, C. J. Impression of dragon's head on 

Ashley, John. Anson County. 
February 1, 1759. No probate. Sons: John, Francis and William 
(land on Bare Creek), Jurden. Daughters: Mary Ann Franks, Elinor 
Sutton, Rose Touchstone, Sarah Ashley. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: Richard Yarborough, Christopher Touchstone, Freder- 
ick . 

AsKUE, John. Isle of Wight County. 

Not dated. No probate. Son: William. Brother and Executor: 
Nicholas Askue. Witnesses: John Browne, Will Williams, Eliza- 
beth Browne. Original missing. Abstract made from recorded copy, 
Book 1712-1722, page 31. 

AvENT, Thomas. Northampton County. 

April 15, 1751. February Court, 1752. Brother and Executor: William 
AvENT. Wife: Uslea. Children not named. Executor: John Moore. 
Witnesses: Richard Moore and John Davis. Clerk of the Court: I. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1700. 13 

AvERiTT, Nathaniel. Onslow County. 

December 4, 1755. Probate not dated. Sons: John, Arthur, 
Benj.\min Nathaniel, Ephaly Avbritt. Son-in-law: Jonathan En- 
NETT. Daughter: Nancy Averitt. Executors: Stephen Lee, John 
Milton and Captain John Ashe. Witnesses: N.^thaniel Knott, Eliza- 
beth Carey, John Hunt. Clerk of the Court: Will Cray. Crest on seal. 

Avery, John. Hyde County. 

October 27, 1740. Probate not dated. Wife: Jane. Other legatees: 
Martha Smith, Agnes Slade, Thomas, William and Sa.muel Smith 
(sons of John), Lydia (wife of Benjamin Russell), Elizabeth and Dorcas 
Smith, John Smith, Darcas Worldly. James Avery, Gilbert Mack- 
nary, Kezia Hadley, Elizabeth (daughter of Uriah Collins), Foster 
Jervis, Lydi.\. C'athright, James Avery. Executors: John Smith and 
Foster Jervis. Witnesses: Uriah Collins, William Silvester, Wil- 
liam GiDDENS. Clerk of the Court: William Barrow. 

Badham, William. Chowan Precinct. 

October 28, 1736. November 3, 1736. Devisees and legatees: Ellen 
and Mary Ddnston (daughters of Martha and John Dunston), Barnaby 
Stely Ddnston (son of John), Richard William Dunston (son of John), 
John Laporte. The following lands devised: Plantation on Macheco- 
mock Creek; lots Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in town of Edenton; land on Rockahock 
Creek, in Chowan; plantation on Chinkapin Swamp, in Bertie; 640 acres 
in Bertie precinct; plantation near Edenton, "whereon I now live"; 
back plantation called "Heldersham"; 305 acres in Chowan. About ten 
negroes bequeathed. Wife and Executrix: Marth.i. Executors: Thomas 
Jones and Joseph Anderson. Witnesses: Thomas Jones, Benjamin 
Hill and Thomas Jackson. Proven before W. Smith. Original of this 
will is missing. Abstract made from recorded copy. No. 136, in Land 
Grant Records, Book 4. 

Baggett, ISTiCHOLAS. Bertie County. 

January 9, 1753. .\pril Court. 1755. Sons: Benjamin, Nicholas, 
Abraham, Joseph, Barnabey, Thomas ("the plantation whereon I now 
live"). Hardy, John. Daughters: Mary West, Martha Baggett, Eliz.\- 
BETH Ward, Sarah Baggett. Wife: Mary. Executors: Joseph and 
Thomas Baggett (sons). Witn£sses: Charles Horne, John Hooks. 
Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Bacjley, Thomas. 

July 19, 1727. Sons: Thomas ("plantation whereon I now live"), Wil- 
liam (land on Great Branch). Daughter: Hanna Bagley. Wife: Su- 

14 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

SANA. Executors: Susana Bagley (wife) and Joseph Jessop. Witnesses: 
Richard Wood, Josias Bagne, William Sharbo. Clerk of the Court: 
Charles Denman. 

Bailey, David. Pasquotank County. 

October 6, 1745. March 29, 1746. Sons: Joseph (one plantation, 
three negroes, one whipsaw, one steel trap, one corn mill), Benjamin (land 
bought of Ebenezer Hall, and one negro), Robert (land and plantation, 
"The Folly," two negroes, half of new schooner), Simon (plantation called 
"Piney Point" lying at Core Sound, one negro). Daughters: Elizabeth 
Bryant, Sarah Snowdon and Tamar Bailey. Stock mark of testator, 
swallow fork in right ear, the left ear off; also poplar leaf in "ye left ear 
and a crop and a slit in ye right." To daughter Tamar is bequeathed one 
woolen wheel made at Core Sound. Other legatees. Miriam Overman 
and David Wallis (children of second wife). Wife: Thamar. Execu- 
tors: Joseph Bailey (son) and Simon Bryant (son-in-law). Witnesses: 
Thos. Weeks, Patrick Bailey, John Bailey. Proven before Enoch 
Hall, C. J. 

Bailt, John. Hyde County. 

Jul}' 2.3, 1749. March Court, 1758. Daughter and Executrix: Margaret 
Baily. Friend: Thomas Barlow (son of Elb,abeth Kelly). Witnesses: 
Thos. Loach, John Smith, Wm. Carding. Clerk of the Court: Stephen 

Bailey, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

June 17, 1749. August 4, 1749. Daughter: Anne Bailey ("plantation 
whereon I now live"). Brothers: Simon and Robert Bailey. Sisters: 
Thamar Bailey, Sarah Snowdon. Executors: Robert Bailey (brother), 
Patrick Pool. Witnesses: Patrick Bailey, David Bailey, Henry 
De Son. Will proven before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. Coat of 
arras on testator's seal. 

Baied, Richakd. 

Sons-in-law: William Boge and Boge. Wife: Jeane. Cousin: 

Cathbrn Clarke. Otlter legatees: James Loadinar, Margreett Boge. 

Executors: James and Christopher . Witnesses: Peter Orey, 

Patrick . On the back of this will appears another will 

of Richard Biard, in which appear the names of James Ladman, Catring 
Clarke, Hannah Bard, Janne Biard (wife), William Moore, John 
LiLEY (executor), William Boge, William Larness, Charles McDaniel, 
Richard Hickney, Hannah Hille. 

Abstkact of Wills, 1(190 — 17G0. 15 

Baker, Henry. Chowan County. 

Januarj' 0, 1737. May 1, 17.39. Sons: Henry (".A.11 the laud whereon 
I now live * * * these negroes viz t: Guy, Clouse, Bob, Caesar, Ned, Jacob, 
Young Diner and Hagar * * * my watch, seal, desk, 6 Russia chares, ye 
great glass, my sword, one deal table"); >Johx (''AH my land at a place 
called Little Town and my land joining on Banks Wynn & Askue, and the 
land bought of William Garret in Bertie precinct * * * these negroes, 
vizt, Arthur, Juno, Finnej', Little Bobb and Dick * * *"); Blake ("land 
bought of John and Thomas Wilkins in Chowan * * * land on Ahoskie 
Marsh in Bertie and the stock thereto belonging * * * these negroes, vizt, 
Cipio, Joe, Patt and Argalus"); David (''130 acres of land at Meherring 
Landing adjoining to the ferry"). Daughters: Mahy and S.arah (two ne- 
groes to each). Ruth. Son: Zadock, (twenty shillings). Wife: Ruth (six 
negroes). Brothers and Executors: Willi.vm, J.\mes and Lawrenck Baker. 
Witnesses: Edward Vann, John Brady, Edward Warren. Proven 
before W. S.mith, C. J. 

Original of this will is missing. Abstract made from recorded copy No. 
SI in Land Grants, Book 4. 

Baker, Moses. Chowan County. 

January 26, 1723. January Court. 1724. Sons: Benett, William. 
Wife and three daughters mentioned but not named. Executors: Wife 
and RicH.iRD Minshon. Witnesses: .\aron Bl.\nchard, Wm. Hill, 
William Wesson. Clerk nf Court: Robert Forster. 

Balcii, Joseph. O.-aven County. 

December IS, 1750. February 13, 1752. Friend: John Marks. Wife: 
Susannah Balch. Her daughters: Phoebe and M.\ry. Nephew: Joseph 
Balch (son of Benjamin Balch). Executor: John Starkey. Witncises: 
Robert Moore, Jno. Snead, Christopher Neal. Deputy Clerk of 
Court: Sol. Rew. 

Baley, John. Chowan County. 

July Court, 171fi. Wife: Marey. Friends: Henrey Clark, Jefery 
Lyles. Executrix: Mary Baley (wife). Witnesses: Henrey Clark, 
Jefery Lyles. Will Mitchell. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Ball, John. Carteret (i^ounty. 

November 10, 1749. December Court, 1749. Sons: Nathan ("houses 
and plantation wliereon I now live"), Stephen (1.50 acres land on "west 
side of Brice's plantation"), James (150 acres land "adjoining plantation 
whereon I now live"). Daughters: Sarah B.\ll, Rachel Ball. T!"i/e; 
Magdalene B.all. Executors: Magdalene Ball (wife) and Samuel 
Noble. Witnesses: David Turner, Francis Egleton. Rebecca Tur- 
ner. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read. 

16 Abstract of Wills. 1690—1760. 

Ball, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

March 28, 1722. April 17, 1722. Son: William (200 acres land on 
Corsaks Swamp; 200 acres land; 400 acres of land). Daughter: Ann 
Ball. Wife and Executrix: Elizebeth. Executor: Thomas Yetts. 
Witnesses: Joseph Hudson, John Bockler, Thos. Oldnee. Deputy 
Clerk of the Court: W. Badham. 

Ballakd, Abraham. Perquimans County. 

November 9, 1753. .\pril Court, 1754. Sons: Jethro ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Keadah. Daughters: Apsilla Ballard, Bath- 
SHEBA Ballard. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Elizabeth (wife) 
and John Sumner. Witnesses: Sarah Noefleet, Phillisia Norfleet, 
John Sujiner. Clerk of the Court: William Skinner. 

Ballard, Joiijs^. Chowan Precinct. 

July 12, 1736. November 26, 1736. Wife: Mart. Daughter: Ann 
Ballard. Daughter-in-law: Sarah. Executors: John Lewiss, John 
Jones, Jr. Witnesses: Benjamin Talbot, William Fallow. Proven 
before W. Smith. 

Ballard, Joseph. Chowan County. 

July 21, 1729. October 14, 1729. Sons: John, Joseph ("my planta- 
tion"), Elisher, Elias. Daughters: M.ajjtha, Susannb, Esther. Wife: 
Anne. Executor: Joseph Ballard (son). Witnesses: James Many, 
John Hooks, John Purvis. Will proven before Richard Everard, at 

Ballentine, George. 

January 14, 1723. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: DiN.\a. Witnesses: 
.'Varon Oliver, Ale.xander Ballentine, Eliner Wentford. 

Bangs, Abiah, widow of Jonathan. Craven County. 

June 3, 1755. Cousin: Elizabeth Hobbs ("my lot in Newbern Town"). 
Daughter: Betty B.\ngs. Sisters: Eliz.abeth and Mary C.^.rruthers. 
Brothers: John Carruthers, Carruthers. Executors: Wil- 
liam Carruthers (brother), Robert Jones, "oturney at law." Witnesses: 
William Ceeekmore, Rubin Hammontrbe, C.vrruthers, Sr. 
No probate. 

Bangs, Jonathan. Craven County. 

October 7, 1743. June 15, 1744. Wife: Abiah. Daughter: Betty 
Bangs. Sifter: Thankfull Covell. Executors: John Carruthers 
(imcle), Abiah Bangs (wife). Witnesses: Francis Brinley, Jno. Car- 
ruthers, Jo. Rd. Hickson. Clerk of the Court: W. Routledge. Coat 
of arras on seal. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17C0. 17 

Bajjks, William. Craven County. 

April 7, 1772. May 27, 1772. Wife: Anne. Daughters-in-law: Su- 
sannah and FiLLDER Moore. Sons-in-law: John Moore, William 
Moore. Brother: Jonathan Banks. Executors: Jonathan Banks 
(brother) and Chrlstopher Neale. Witnesses: James Coor, Benja- 
min FoRDH.\M, John Moore. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 

Baptist, Benjamin. Chowan County. 

March 24, 1752. April Court, 1752. June 15, 1752. Son: Edmund. 
Wife: Mary Clark Baptist. Executors: Mary C. Baptist (wife), 
Edmund Baptist (son) and Edmund Hatch. Witnesses: J. Palmer (?), 
Edmund Hatch, Sarah Arnold. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 
Executrix qualified before Blount. 

Baebei;, John. Albemarle County. 

June 10, 1692. April Court, 169.3. Servant: Robert Harper, 10 
pounds, and servant to be set free at date of death. Remainder of estate 
to Ann Boycb, wife of William Boyce, debarring said William Boyce from 
any claim or possession of any of said estate. Witnesses: Thomas Palin, 
Em. Niscon, Edward Mayo. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Barclift, John. Perquimans County. 

April 23, 1759. July Court, 17.59. Wife: Elizabeth Barclift. 
Sons: Asa Barclift, Demson Barclift, Benj.ajmin Barclift, John 
Barclift, Noah Barclift. Daughters: Mary Barclift, Eliza San- 
derson. Executors: Samuel Sutton and Tho.mas Steven.son. Wit- 
nesses: James Gibson, Samuel Barclift, Mathias Johnson. Clerk of 
Court: Miles Harvey. 

Baeclift, Joshua. Perquimans County. 

November 29, 1755. January Court, 1756. Sons: W1LLI.4.M ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live"), James, Blake. Daughters: Miriam Barclift, 
Ann Barclift. Wife: Mary. Executors: John Barclift (cousin), 
Joseph Robinson, William Trumball (nephew). Witnesses: James 
Gibson, Tulle Williams, George Lee. Clerk of the Court: Mile.s 

Barclift, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

November 14, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: William, Thomas 
and Joseph. Daughters: Sarah Bidgood, Elizabeth Wright, Mary 
Jackson, Anne Gorden. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
James Gibson, John Barclipt- Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

18 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Babclift, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

July 25, 1733. December 19, 1733. .Son; William. Wife: Sarah. 

Executors: S.-vrah Barclift (wife) and Joshua White. Witnesses: 

John Arnell, Nehemiah White. Clerk of the Court: Isaac P-ilmer. 

Baeclift, William. Perqnimaus County. 

March 22, 1747-1748. January Court, 1748. Sons: Joshua ("use 
and occupation of my mannor plantation for two years"), Samuel, Joseph, 
Thomas, John. Daughter: Mary Gibson. Grandson: Willi.^m B.4.R- 
CLiFT (son of Joshua). Executors: John Barclift (cousin), Edmund 
Hatch. Witnesses: John Nickols, John Barclift, Edmund Hatch. 
Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. Courthouse at Phelps Point. 

Babcock, William. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 5, 1730. July 10, 1731. Sons: Thomas (100 acres land upper 
end of my Island"), William, Daniell (100 acres adjoining Thomas), 
Peter (100 acres adjoining Daniell), John (100 acres "on bee tree neck"), 
Joseph ("plantation I now live on," containing 140 acres), Luke. 
Daughters: Jane and Ann. Wife and Executrix: Jane. IVitnesses: James 
FoRBUs, Rebecca Forbus, John Bell. Clerk of the Court: Willi.\m 

Baeecock, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

January 1, 1721. January 17, '':1721-1722. Sons: William and Thom- 
as Barecock. Daughters: Elizabeth Upton, Sarah Sanderlin.^Pris- 
ciLLA Gregory, Margaret Gregory, Rebekah Forbus and Martha 
Forbus. Granddaughter: Marg.^ret Davis. Grandson: Caleb Greg- 
ory. Executors: William Barecock and Margaret Gregory. Wit- 
nesses: Baley Forbus, John Bell, George Lumley. Clerk of the 
Court: Edward Gale. 

Baeefield, Richaed. Bertie County. 

November 22, 1728. February Court, 1728. Sons: Richard, Isham, 
Solomon, James, Henry, William, ',Thomas. [Grandson: Richard 
Barefield. Wife: M.4.RY Barefield. Executors: Richard B.^refield 
(son) and William More. Witnesses: William Jones, Thomas Whipple, 
Alexander Cotton. Letters were issued August 8, 1729. 

Baeefield, John, on New Eiver. Onslow County. 

November 24, 1742. Son: Luke. Daxighters: Mary Edwards, Sarah 
Jones, Rose, Judith. Wife and Executrix: Eliz.abeth. Witnesses: 
James Barfield, Richard Johnstoun, John Quarl.^y. No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1T«0. 19 

Baefield, Eichard. Duplin Comity. 

May 1, 1754. Sons: Henry ("plantation I now live on"), Jesse, 
Solomon. DauyJders: Mary Barfield, Beth Barfield, An Grady, 
Cattren Tater. Granddaughter: Beth Tater. Executors: Solomon 
and Jesse B.\rfield (sons). Witnesses: Jaiies Barfield, John Morris, 
Solomon Barfield. Register: John Duckson (or Dickson). 

Baelow, Robert. Hyck' County. 

November 24, 1751. March, 1752. Legatees: Foster Jervis, Dinah 
Smith, Martha Smith, Hannah McNallin, William Silvester. Ex- 
ecutor: William Silvester. Witnesses: Benja. Russell, Joel Bar- 
ton. Clerk of the Court: Fran. Egleton. Courthouse at Woodstock 

Barnett, Edward. 

November 13, 1687. Wife: Sarah. Daughter: Elener Conet. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Money, Thomas B.utler. No probate. 

Barnes, Joseph. Northampton County. 

April 7, 1751. August Court, 1751. Sons: Jacob, Mycah, De.msey, 
Jethro, Jame.s. Wife: Elizabeth. No executor named. Witnesses: 
Joseph Carlssdr, Henry Gay, Charles Skinner, Julion Whitley. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Barnes, Joseph. Onslow County. 

July 4, 1755. Son: Hezekiah (land and plantation). Wife: Ann. 
Executors: Ann Barns (wife) and Jonathan Metton. Witnesses: John 
Chapman, Margret Morton. Clerk of the Court: Will. Cray. 

Babnsfeld, Anne. Pasquotank County. 

April 23, 1721. July S, 1721. Daughters: Ann Cowles, Elizabeth 
Royal. Gra.nddaughter: Elizabeth Roy'al. Executor: Cornilus Royal. 
Witjiesses: Robert Palmer and Evan Jones. Will proven before John 
Palin, J. P. 

Baros, Moses. 

March 14, 1733. Devisee: Mary Leson. Executor: Robert Peyton. 
Witnesses: William L.\nb, Tobe Lane, Robert Peyton, Henry Graf- 
ton and Edward Hadley, Justices of Bath Court. John Colllson, 
Clerk of Bath Court. 

Barrow, Edjidnd. j^orthampton County. 

March 22, 1758. July Court, 1758. Sons: Benjamin, John, James. 
Daughters: Elizabeth Barrow, Mary Barrow. Wife: Mary. Exccu- 

20 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

tors: Mary Barrow (wife), Major Nicholas Massenborg. Witnesses: 
John Turner, James Gary, Jr. Clerk of the Court: 1. Edwards. 

Baeeow, James. Chowan County. 

June 17, 1718. Sister: Johanah. Brother: Joseph. Wife: Sarah. 
Daughter: Sarah Barrow. Cousin: Sarah Barrow. Executrix: Sa- 
rah Barrow (wife). Witnesses: Francis Smith, Thomas Peirce, John 
Anderso. Will proven in Perquimans County. Clerk of the Court: Rich- 
ard Leary. 

Baekow, John, Se. Perquimans County. 

March 1, 1718. August, 1718. Sons: John and Joseph ("my man- 
ner plantation"), James (300 acres land). Friend: John Middleton. 
Executors: James and Joseph Barrow. Witness: Francis Smith. 
Will proven before Charles Eden, Governor and Ordinary. 

Baerow, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

June 11, 1718. August 12, 1719. Son; John ("all my lands"). Daugh- 
ters: Sarah, Rebecca, Elisabeth, Margaret. Wife: Rachell. Ex>- 
ecutors: Joseph Barrow (brother) and Rachell Barrow (wife). Wit- 
nesses: Frances Smith, James Barrow, John Williams, John Len- 
DION. Ckrk of the Court: Richard Leary. 

Barrow, John. Perquimans County. 

February 17, 1742. March 5, 1742. Sisters: Sarah Ashley, Marga- 
ret Barrow. Cousins: John Ashley, Joseph Ashley. Executors: 
Zachariah Nixon, Francis Etoms (.). Witnesses: Jambs Skinner and 
Joseph Barrow, Jr. (Quakers), William Jones. Proven before W. 

Barrow, John. Hyde County. 

August 23, 1748. September Court, 1748. Brothers: Zachariah 
Barrow ("my house and plantation"), Moses, Thomas, George, Freder- 
ick. Sisters: Ann Downing, Rebaca Barrow. Executor: John Bar- 
row (uncle). Witnesses: Nathaniel Eborne, John Harvey, Thomas 
Simons. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Loack. 

Baeeow, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

March 17, 1754. January Court, 1755. Sons: John ("lower part of 
my manner plantation"), William (300 acres land). Daughters: Eliza- 
beth Bunday, Ann and Orpah Barrow. Grandson: William Barrow. 
Wife: Sarrah. Witnesses: Thomas Peirce, John Swain, Joshua 
Lang. Executors: Josi.\h Bunday, John Barrow, William Barrow 
(sons), Ann Barrow and Orpah Barrow (daughters). Clerk of the 
Court: Richard Clayton. 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 21 

Baerow, Joseph. Beaufort County. 

June 19, 1752. Sons: Jeams (plantation bought of John Vernon), 
John (plantation bought of Thomas Little), Joseph and daughter Mary 
("place where Davis lives")- Executors: Brother John Barrow and wife 
Jean Barrow. Witnesses: John Bergeron, Robert Flake, William 
Mitchell. Clerk of the Court: Will Ormond. 

Bareow, Joseph, Je. Perqiiimans County. 

February 14, 1753. April Court, 1753. Wife: Sarah Barrow. Son: 
William Barrow. Executrix: Sarah Barrow. Witnesses: Joseph 
White, Mary Sherwood. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Baeeow, Rebekah. Perquimans Precinct. 

January 13, 1721. October 23, 1722. Sister, Executrix and sole devisee 
and legatee: Sarah Barrow. Witnesses: William Davis, Jacob Butler 
and Christopher Butler. Will proven before C. Gale, Chief Justice. 

Baerow, William. Hyde County. 

January 8, 1715. October 23, 1716. Sons: William, John, Rich- 
ard (manor plantation, 1400 acres), Samuel, Joseph, James (1000 acres 
land on Broad Creek). Daughters: Ann and Sarah Barrow. Wife: 
Eliza. Executors: Eliza (wife) and William (son). Witnesses: Thos. 
Bonner, Thos. M.'v.rtin, John Coster. Will proven before C. Gale, Chief 

Baeeow, William. Hyde County. 

April 25, 1746. Sons: John, Thomas ("my manner plantation"), 
George, Moses, Zachariah and Hedrick (to the two latter sons "land 
lying on Jacks Creek"). Daughters: Rebekah Barrow and Anne 
Downing (wife of Willum Downing). Executors: John Barrow 
(brother), James Coles (son-in-law), John Smith. Witnesses: Nathan- 
iel Eborne, Henry Eborne. Rebek.\h Eborne, Martha Eborne, John 
Barrow. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Loack. 

Baeeow, William. Edgecombe County. 

October 20, 1758. December Court, 1758. Son; William Barrow 
(plantation lying on Kehukey Swamp). Daughter: Anna Fort. Grand- 
daughter: Elizabeth Fort. Executor: William Barrow. Witiiesses: 
James Barnes, Drew Smith, William Barnes. Clerk of the Court: 
Jos. Montfort. 

Baeey, William. Bath County. 

December 14, 1721. Brothers: David Barry, Marion Barry. Ex- 
ecutor: Thomas Morris. Witnesses: Richard Harvey, Ann Green. 
Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

Eaetlett, William. Albemarle County. 

March 14, 1694-1695. July Court, 1698. Eldest son: William (planta- 
tion adjoining William Arnold). Son: Thomas (land from branch ad- 
joining home plantation to Thomas Godfrey's line). Executors: Eliza- 
beth and William Bartlett. TT^iVnesses; Thos: Twedt, John North- 
coat, Gilbert Goodall. Clerk of the Court: Willia.m Glover. 

Barton, Vallentix. Albemarle County. 

March 6, 1685. March 24, 1686. Wife: Hannah. Brothers-in-law: 
William Fyam, Joseph Williams! Friends: Hanna Ford, Lbdy PIar- 
RISON. Executors: Hanna Barton (wife) and George Fordise (brother- 
in-law). Witnesses: Ann Symons, Richard Fountain, William Wii.kjon. 
Will proven before William Wilkjon. 

Baetkaji, Elizabeth, relict of Wm. Baeteam. Bladen Co. 

December 27, 1771. .August Court, 1772. Daughters: Sarah Brown 
(husband, Thomas Brown), Mary Robeson (husband, Thomas Robeson). 
Executors: Thomas Brown (son-in-law) and Sarah Brown (his wife). 
Wit7iesses: Jno. Jones, Henrietta Jones, Mahy Syon (Lyon). Clerk 
of the Court: M.\turin Colvell. Will also proven before the Governor 
and Council, February 2, 177.3, as attested by J. Biggleston. Execu- 
tor qualified before Jo. Martin, at New Bern, February 3, 1773. Sealed 
with signet ring. 

Bass, Edwaed. Northampton County. 

July 25, 1748. August Court, 1750. Sons: Benj.4jhin (plantation on 
Quarter Swamp), Joseph (50 acres of land and orchard), Sampson (50 
acres land on Quarter Swamp), Edw.ard (50 acres of land), J.ames (50 
acres land), Reuben ("my manner plantation"). Grandson: Elijah 
Bass. Daughters: Katherine Anderson, Dinah Bass, Kiziah Bass, 
Mary Bass. Wife: Lovbwell Bass. Executor: Benjamin Bass (son). 
Witnesses: William Bass, Dinah Bass, John Sutton. Clerk of the 
Court: I. Edwards. 

Bass, John. Bertie Preeini't. 

January 18, 1732. February Court, 1732. Sons: AIosES (all land on 
north side of "Baire Swamp"), John, Edward ("my maner plantation"), 
WiLLi.AM ("my land at ye Beaver dam"), Aron ("plantation on south 
side of Baire Swamp"). Grandson: Aron Johnstun (100 acres of land). 
Daughters: Jeudath Canady (100 acres of land), Sarah Anderson (100 
acres of land), Lovey Bass (100 acres land), Mary (100 acres land). Pace- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 23 

TJNCE Bass ("plantation on south side of Baire Swanap"). Wife: Mary. 
Executors: John and Edward Bass (sons). Witnesses: Thomas Bry- 
ant, James Guie, Edward Bass. Clerk of Court: Rt. Forster. 

Eastarle, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 9, 1727-1728. Wife: Hannah. Daughter: Hannah Bastable. 
Other legatees: Mary and Ann Scettison (daughters of James Scetti- 
son), Rackes White. Executors: Samuel Phelps and Robert Will- 
son. Witnesses: Jonathan Shearwood, John Harres. Ben,iamin 
Sanders. Clerk of the Cowt: Charles Denman. 

Batoiieloe, EnwAED. 

September 21, 1706. Wife: (Mentioned, but not named). Frierid: 
Robert Fewox. Executor: John Fewox. Witnesses: Samuel Breuitt, 
John G.ate. No probate. 

Batcheloe, Edwaei). Newbern, (.Graven Countv. 

1777. Sons: John Batchelor (tract of land on Susquehanna, in 
"Pensilvania"), Edward Batchelor. Daughters: Francis Batchelor 
and Elizabeth Batchelor. Wife: Francis Batchelor. Friend and 
■partner in business: Thomas Asheton. Executors: Thomas Asheton, 
of Pliiladclphia; Dr. Thomas Ha-stine, Newbern; Francis B.\tchelor 
(wife). This will was not signed, which fact is explained by affidavits of 
Richard (taken by Joseph Leech, J. P.), Mich'l. Gorman 
(taken by Joseph Leech), Thomas Fly'nn (taken by Joseph Leech, J. P.). 
Executors qualify before Richard Caswell, Governor. 

Bate, Heney Laweence. County not g-i\-f'n. 

May 12, 1740. July 9, 1740. Son: Augustine B.\te (land bought of 
Jonathan Taylor). Wife and Executrix: Martha. Sister: Ann Bate 
(one gold ring). Mother: Sarah Sander.s. Executors: Hu.mphrey Bate 
(brother), Thomas Whitmell (brother-in-law). Witnesses: Will 
cart, Henry Hunter, S.^r.ah Hunter. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 
Coat of arm.s, a shield bearing a lion rampant on seal. 

Batemajs, John. Perquimans County. 

February 4, 1747-1748. July Court, 1750. Nephew: Thomas B.\te- 
man ("plantation whereon I now live," also plantation called "Broad 
Neck"). Brother: Thomas Bateman (father of nephew Thomas), Mary' 
Hawkins (daughter of nephew John H.iwkins), Elizabeth Phelps 
(daughter of brother Jonathan Bateman), Mary Phelps (daughter of 
brother Thomas), William Bateman (son of brother Thomas), Sarah 
Butterre (daughter of brother Jonath.'Vn). Executors: Thom.^.s B.\te- 
man (brother), William Bateman (nephew). Witnesses: Samuel 

24 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

SwANN, Francis Layden, Catherine Davis. Deputy Clerk of Court: 
Benj. Scarborough, for Ed.mund Hatch, Clerk. Coat of arms on seal. 

Bateman, Jonathan. Albemarle County. 

January, 1694-1695. February 25, 1G95. Wife: Elizabeth. Sister: 
Margaret. Som: Jonathan, John, Thomas. Daughter: Mary. Ex- 
ecutor: Jonathan (son). Witnesses: Thomas Ha.^sale, John Twigger, 
Diana White. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover. 

Bateman, William. Curiitnek Precinct. 

March 30, 1703. April 25. 1704. Daughters: Mary, Eliza and IsA- 
BELL (300 acres of land "back in the woods"). Son: Josher (or Joseph) 
("dwelling plantation"), William, Samuell. Executrix: Wife (not 
named). Witnesses: Robert Smith, Danniell M.vkefashion and An- 
drew Makefashion. Clerk of the Court: Edwd. T.\yler. 

Battees, Thomas. 

November 29, 1733. June 11, 1734. Daughters: Mary and Diana 
Batters ("my manor plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Darkers. 
Witnesses: Elizabeth Codpper, Philo. Williams, Samuell Coupper. 
Will proven at Bath town. Justices: Robt. Peyton, Benj'n Peyton, 
Roger Kenyon, Edwd. Hadley. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Colllson. 

Battle, John. Bertie County. 

April 22, 1740. May Court, 1740. Sons: William, Jesse. Daughters: 
Prissilla Battle, Sarah Battle. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Sarah 
Battle (wife), William Battle (brother). Witnesses: William Knight, 
James Griffen, Martha Knight. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Bayek, David. Chowan County. 

August 8, 1696. October, 1696. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Chevin. 
Witnesses: Thos. Luten, Casten Robison. This will is illegible. 

Bayes, Edwaed. iilbemarle County. 

August 8, 1696. October Court, 1696. Son: John Bayes. Daughters: 
Eliz., Mary and Ann Bayes. Executrix: Mary Bayes. Witnesses: 
Thos. Luton and Cotton Robison. Clerk of the Court: Nathl. Chevin. 

Beasley, Frances. Albemarle County. 

April 17, 1719. May 20, 1719. Son: Jeames (a tract of land on the 
south side of Perquimans River), Robert (a tract of land on the north 
side of Morattock River). Wife: Mary Beasley. Executors: Jeams 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 25 

Beasley (brother) and friend John Smithwick. Witnesses: John 
Lesshons, William Mizell, John Bentley. Proven before Chas. 
EuEN, Governor and Ordinary. 

Beasley, James. Bertie County. 

Januarj' 2, 1758. January Court, 1758. William Bentley (son of 
John Bentle^')- Godson: Luke Smethwick. Executors: John Smeth- 
WICK, Jno. Ward. Witnesses: Jon. Smethwick, Edmund Smethwick. 
Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

Beasley, Samuel. County not given. 

November 13, 1735. Brollters: Francis and Thomas. Other legatees: 
John Beasley. Mary Beasley (grandmother), Thomas Hutissoon, James 
Beasley, Junr. No executor. Witnesses: William Croply, Thomas 
Bentley, Elizabeth Wells. No probate. 

Becton, John. Craven County. 

January 13, 1753. May Court, 1753. Sons: Frederick, George (340 
acres land at "ye little creek"), Edmond (land "known by ye name of 
Jacobbs Wells"), Michael (lands "called the Snow Hills"). Daughters: 
Mary and Sarah. Wife: Ann. Executors: Fredrick Esler, Fredrick 
Becton (son). Witnesses: Walter Jones, Thomas Br/Vnton, Clement 
Dyson. Clerk of the Court: Sol. Rew. 

Beels, Jacob. Pasquotank County. 

May 15, 1746. July Court, 1746. Daughters: Tabitha and Mary 
(manor plantation), Barbray, Eliz,\beth. Brother: John Beels. Ex- 
ecutor: John Beels (brother). Witnesses: Ch.4.rles Wright, William 
Andrews, Mary Wright. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Beels, James. Pasquotank County. 

November 3, 1721. April 17, 1722. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Son: 
John Beel (plantation). Witnesses: John Perkens, Henry Creech, 
George Lumley. Clerk of the Court: Edw'd Gale. 

Beezley, Thomas. No county given. 

April 15, 1733. July 3, 1733. Sons: John and Wife: 
Eliza. Friend: Thomas Owin. Executors: Elizabeth Beezley (wife), 
John Beezley (son). Witnesses: Jno. Frederick, John King. Clerk 
of the Court: Wm. Crawford (or Cranford). 

Befret, Ben.jamin, Mulberry Neck, New Hanover County. 

October 25, 1749. August 24, 1753. .August 30, 1753. Son: Benja- 
min (plantation and lands). Execuiors: Hennery Caster and Thomas 

26 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Kennan. Witnesses: William Savage, Hough McCanne, John Dick- 
son, Register of Duplin County; Joseph Williams, Justice of the Peace; 
Ja. Murray, Sec. Remarks: This will mentions wife and four children, 
but does not name the wife, and names only one of the children. 

Bell, Cornelius. Beaufort aud Hyde Precincts. 

August 26, 1729. December Court, 1729. Sons: Cornelius ("third 
part of my land"), George ("one third part of my land"). Daughter: 
Mary. Grandson: James Nevel. Friend: John Lathy Bell. Execu- 
tor: Cornelius Bell (son). Witnesses: Edwd. Hadley, Thomas Tulle. 
Clerk of the Court: John Mattocke. 

Bell, Elizabeth. Tyrrell County. 

June 16, 1750. November 30, 1750. "Sister Margarett's daughter in 
London" (wedding ring and necklace). Capt. William Mackey, deceased 
husband's nephew (all residue of estate). Executors: Cullen Pollock 
and Wm. Mackey. Witnesses: Thos. Lee, John Gorm,\n, Bedford 
Fagon Proven before Gab. Johnston, at Eden House. 

Bell, George. Edgecombe Connty. 

December 21, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sons: Arthur, George, 
William. Daughter: Elizabeth Floyd. Granddaughter: Mary Bell." 
Executors: Francis Floyd and Arthur Bell. Witnesses: William 
Partis, Thos. Bell, Thos. Floyd. Clerk ofthe Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Bell, George. Edgecombe Connty. 

February IS, 1755. May, 1755. Sons; John ("plantation whereon I now 
live"), David, George. Wife: Sarah Bell. Executors: Sarah Bell 
(wife) and John Bell (son). Witnesses: Arthur Bell, George Bell, 
Rape Channel. Clerk of Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Bell, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 1, 1720. March 29, 1721. Sons: James ("all my land att Ale- 
gator"), John, Willi.^jvi, George, N.^thaniel (to these four "all my 
land on the north side of Pasquotank River"), Henry, Joseph, Benja- 
min. Daughter: Mary Bell. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: 
William Willson, Samuel Cock, Darbey Sivilenant. Will proven 
before R. Hicks, Clerk, at Court held at Queen Anne's Creek, in Chowan 

Bell, Joseph. Carteret County. 

March 12, 1744. June Court, 1745. Wife: Margrit. Son: Thomas 
("my plantation"). Friend: John Nelson. Executors: John Nelson 
and Thomas Bell. Witnesses: Thomas Harriss, Rachel Booth, Mar- 
tha Booth. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 27 

Bell, Eoss. Carteret Comity. 

January 24, 1726. Sons: George, Ross, Joseph. Daughter: Mart 
Bell. Executor: Joseph Bell. Witnesses: Geo. Whit.^ker, James 
HiNES, M.4.RGRETT Bell. Clerk of the Court: John Galland. 

Eell, Thomas. Chowaii County. 

December 11, 1733. January Court, 1733. Cousins: William Bell 
(land in Perquimans called "Matthew's Point"), Thomas Bell (land on 
Kendricks Creek), Anne and J.\ne Bell (daughters of brother John Bell), 
William Mackay. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. "It is my will that 
no sale be made of any slaves, but that my estate be kept intire e.xcept my 

Sloop ". Witnesses: Saml Durrance, W. Downing, Hanah 

Girkin. Clerk of the Court: Moseley Vail. 

Bell, TiiOirAS. Chowan County. 

August 28. 1751. October Court, 1751. Cousi?is: (the surviving chil- 
dren of RoBT. McClbe and J.\mes Oar. Friend: Capt. WilliaiM Mackey. 
Executors: Alexander Stewart (brother-in-law), James Waddal. Wit- 
nesses: Jame.s Trotter, Jemima Allen. J.\mes Campbell. Clerk of the 
Court: J.\s. Craven. 

Bell, William. Currituck County. 

August 27, 1721. August 31, 1721. Son: Willi.w. Wife and chil- 
dren mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Thosiasin Oneal, Mary 
Onbal, Deborah Pell, Sarah Walker. Proven before Thos. Taylor, 
John Woodho0SE. This is a nuncupative will )iroven by witnesses after 
testator's death. 

Bell, Williaji. Edgecombe (\)Uiity. 

December 1, 17.52. May and August Courts, 1754. Sons: Arthur 
Bell (390 acres land in the River Island), Joshlia Bell (plantation 
where he now lives). Daughters: Mary Pyrent, Anne Bell. Execu- 
tors: Arthur and Joshua Bell. Witnesses: James .\tkison, William 
Cain, Rebecah Cain. Clerk of Court: Ben'j. Wynns. 

Bellman, John. Perquimans County. 

July 10, 1740. October, 1740. Wife: Mary. Daughter: Sarah Bell- 
man. Executors: Mary Bellman (wife), Robert Willson, James Sit- 
tersun, Zack Elson. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Belman, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

November 5, 1706. January Court, 1706-1707. Sons: John and Rob- 
ert. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Tho. Boyd, Benj'n West. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

28 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Benbow, Gershon. Bladen County. 

January 12, 1750. Sons: Powel, Richard and Evans. Daughter: 
Susannah. Executors: Powell Benbow (son) and Charles Benbow 
(brother). Witnesses: Abram Sanders, Richard May, John Jones. 
No probate. 

Benbuey, Willi.\m. Chowan County. 

April, 1755. Wife: Brigett. So7is: William, John, Joseph, James, 
Miles, Edmond. Brother: John Benbury. Daughter: Sarah. Execu- 
tors: John Benbury, Wm. Benbury and wife of testator. Witnesses: 
John Beasley, Samuel Benbury, J. Benbury. Clerk of the Court: Will 

Bender, Martin. Craven County. 

October 19, 1750. December Court, 1750. Sons: Daniel (plantation), 
John (150 acres land in Carteret County on the north side of White Oak 
River). Daughters: Salome and Mary Bender (250 acres land on north 
side of White Oak River). Executors: John Simmons and John Granade. 
Witnesses: Benjamin Simmons and Elizabeth Morrey. Clerk of the 
Court: Phil. Smith. 

Bennet, John. Currituck Precinct. 

December 10, 1710. Sons: Joseph ("my plantation"), Benjamin (land 
bought of Joseph Nicker). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Brother: Joseph 
Bennet. Portion of lands devised to use of poor "old men and women 
who have been honest, etc.," and portion left for education of poor chil- 
dren. Witnesses: George and Ann Thompson, Edward Cob and Ed- 
ward Stafford. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 49. Original miss- 

Bennet, Joseph. Currituck Precinct. 

March 9, 1751-1752. April 9, 1723. Sons: Joseph ("plantation now 
dwell on") William, Samuel (84 acres land), John. Daughters: Mary 
Sayrs, Alice Bennet. Wife: Anne. Executors: Anne Bennet (wife) 
and Joseph Bennet (son). Witnesses: John Wilson, Edward Cox. 
Clerk of the Court: James Wicker. 

Bennet, Nehemlvh. Currituck County. 

March 11, 175.3. .\pril Court, 1753. Sotis: John ("plantation I now dwell 
on"), JosiAH ("lands on west side of the road"). Daughter: Susan Ben- 
net. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: James Burnham, 
George Davis, Solomon Bennet. Clerk of the Court: William Sher- 


Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 29 

Beknet, Solomon. Currituck County. 

March 23, 1753. March Court, 1755. Sons: Moses (plantation), Ben- 
jamin (150 acres of Land on Mozark Creek). Daughters: Rebecker Ben- 
net, M.VRY Bennet, Betsse Bennet. Wife and Executrix: Darkes 
Bbnnet. Wiltiesses: Philip Northern. Mary Etherigs, Timothy Eth- 
RIGS. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Bentley, John, of Moratock Rivee. 

December 15, 1728. July 15, 1741. Sons: William ("plantation he 
now lives on"), John and Jo.seph ("my manner plantation to be equally 
divided between them"), Jeremiah ("plantation at Tuttsnia"), James, 
("plantation at fork of Rockner'.s"). Dauijhters: Mary' Bentley, Lidia. 
Grandson: John Bentley. Granddaughter: Hanah Bentley. Wife: 
Sarah. Executors: Sarah Bentley (wife), William Bentley (son). 
Witnesses: Will L.wtimer, Moses Groome, Elizabeth Lattimer. Will 
proven before Gab. Johnston, at Eden House. 

Bentley, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

October 15, 1695. November, 1695. Brother: Richard Bentley. 
Cousin: Elizabeth Leary. Wife: Ann. John and Roger Williams 
(sons of brother-in-law, Jenkins Williams). Brother-in-law: William 
Barrow. Friend: Jonathan .\shford. Executors: Ann Bentley (wife) 
and William Barrow (brother-in-law). Witnesses: John B.tRROW, Eliz- 
abeth Gardiner, George Barrow. Clerk of Court: W. Glover. 

Bentley, John. Bertie County. 

March 12, 1754. May Court, 1754. Sons: William ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), John (lands known .as "Island lands"). Sister-in- 
law: .\nn Bentley. Executor: Richard TojMLInson. Witnesses: John 
HvMAN, John Ward, Rebekah Ward. Clerk of the Court: Samdel 

Bentley, John. Albemarle County. 

October 15, 1695. November Court, 1695. Brother: Richard Bent- 
ley. Cousin: Elizabeth Lerry. John Williams and Roger Williams, 
William Barrow. Executor: William Barrow. Witnesses: John Bar- 
how, Elizabeth Gardner, George B.vrrow. Clerk of the Court: W. 

Bentley, John. Tyrrell County. 

March 25, 1754. June Court, 1754. Wife: Sarah. Son: Lsaac. 
Brothers: Williaju Bentley and James Bentley. Executors: William 
Gardner, James and Isaac Gardner. Witnesses: Luke Mizell, Mary 
Gardner, Sarah Mizell. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

30 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

BEJSfTLEY, RiCHAED. Countj not given. 

April 6, 1697. May 27, 1697. Executrix and sole legatee: Diana White. 
Wit7iesses: Jajies Basbt (?), Alexander Lillington. Clerk of the Oen- 
eral Court: W. Glover. Coat of arms on seal. 

Benton, John. Chowan County. 

February 28, 1748-1749. October Court, 1750. Sons: Epophroditus, 
Elijah, Jethro ("manner plantation"), John, Moses. Daughter: Judith 
Rabey, Mart Parker, Charity Parker. Grandsons: William Parker 
(son of Mary), J.uies Parker (son of Charity). Executors: John and 
Jethro Benton (sons). Witnesses: Henry Morgin, John Weaver, 
William Parker. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Bekgeeon, Judith. Beaufort County. 

November 14, 1742. December Court, 1742. Sons:, John. 
Daughters: Judeth Wilkins, Jean Barkow, M.argret Giddins. Execu- 
tor: Eli.\s Bergeron (son). Witnesses: Mikel W.\rd, J.acob Mercer, 
Thomas Mercer. ClerM of the Court: John Forbes. 

Beret, Coenealus. Currituck County. 

April 17, 1751. April 7, 1752. W?/e.- Comfort. Other kgatees: LirruE- 
TON Berry, Cornealus Berry and John Beery (presumably sons). 
Executrix: Comfort Berry (wife). Witnesses: Will White, Thomas 
Miller. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Bevans, Eichaed. Hyde County. 

1744. Wife: M.«iRY. All the land of the testator is bequeathed "to the 
Baptism ministers that Coms heare to the Coimty of hide to preach the gos- 
pel." Executor: Robert Spring. Witnesses: Timothy Allen, Pashe 
Bartlett, Naithane D.avis. Will proven before Enoch Hall, C. J.; 

Beveeley, John, Se. Bertie County. 

December 22, 1737. February Court, 17.37. Sons: John and Robert 
(to whom is becjvieathed "the manner plantation"). Daughters: S.\rah 
Cox, M.YRY Peek. Granddaughters: Rachel Beverley, S.ajiah Beverley. 
Grandsons: William Cox, Willi-am and Henry Beverley. Wife: Mab- 
gaeett Beverly. Executors: John Jones and Joseph Jones. Wit- 
nesses: James Douglass, Eliza Douglass and John Sutton. Ckrk of the 
Court: John Wynns. 

Bevins, Maey. Hyde County. 

July 27, 1753. December Court, 1754. Sons: John and Robert. 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Ann. Granddaughters: Mary Artry, Ann 

Abstract of Wills, 1(590 — 1760. 31 

Dicks. Friend: James Ch.\pman. Executors: Robert ,ind John Bevins 
(sons). Witnesses: Abraham Cok, Thomas Mackwilliams, Sarah Math- 
ers. Clerk of the Court: Stepn. Denning. 

Bexley, William. 

March 13, 1745. Daughter: Rebeckah Bexley. Witnesses: Wm. L.vne, 
NicHS. Routledge, Philip Kessler, Kathn. Coleston, Charles Stew- 
.\rt, Peter Hendrikson, Elizth. Hendhickson. Will proven before 
Wm. Lane. This is a nuncupative will. 

BiDDLE, Jacob. Oii.slow County. 

February 24, 1755-1756. April Court, 1758. Sons: Jacob ("a pease of 
land lying on the North side of the Branch that runs b_y plantation and 
binding on John Simson's Branch"), Isaac. Wife: Anne. Grandsons: 
Willi.\m Biddle (son of Isaac), Isaac Biddle (son of Isaac). Other leg- 
atees: Abeam Simson, Anthony and Jacob Charlescraft. Executors: 
Anne Biddle (wife) and Isa.^c Biddle (son). Witnesses: Samuel Peir- 
SON, William Gibson, James Atkins. Clerk of the Court: William Cray, 
Court House on New River. Jno. Staekey and others, Justices. 

Billet, John. Pa,squot:iiik Precinct. 

February 29, 1719-1720. April 19. 1720. Son: Daniel (plantation 
adjoining Benjamin Pritch.ard). Daughter: Sar.vh. Son-in-law: J.imes 
Bell. Wife and Executrix: Allice. Wit7iesses: W. Norris, Thos. Saw- 
yer, Jonth. Jone.s, James Bell. Recorded in book 1712-1722, page 223. 
Original missing. 

BiRNiE, WiLLiAii. jSTew Hanover County. 

September 28, 1752. December 14, 1752. Wife: Illin. Executors: 
Illin Birnie (wife) and Moses Jno. DeRosset. Witnesses: John C.\.mp- 
bell, Mary Mason, John Maultsby. Clerk of the Court.: Isaac F.uiies. 

Bieote, Peter. Edeiiton in Cliowau County. 

January 15, 1742. .\pril 21. 1743. Son: Benjamin Birote ("all my 
estate"). Executor: Peter Payne. Witnesses: Benjaimin Talbot, Hum- 
phry R0BIN.SON, Wm. Arkill. Codicil: January 22, 1742. Mary Gas- 
TON "one bed." Witness: Benja. T.\lbot. Clerk of the Court: Richard 

Bishop, George. Onslow (Jounty. 

December 20, 1743. September Court, 1743. Brothers: Stoakley (325 
acres land in Onslow Co.), James Sidbury' ("one Indian man"). Woodman 
Stoakley Sidbury. Sister: Bettie Dudley'. Cousins: Bishop Dudley, 

32 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Ester Dudley, Comfort Sidbury, Moses Sidbdry. Mother: Elizabeth 
Bishop. Father and Executor: George Bishop. Other legatees: Jane 
Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Jr. Witnesses: Rice Rice, Morgan Mor- 
gan, Jambs Smallwood. Will proven in New Hanover Court. James 
Smallwood, Deputy Clerk. 

Black, Isaac. ISTew Hanover County. 

June 22, 1754. August Court, 1754. Brother: John Black. Sisters: 
Elizabeth Woods, Jane Black. Executor: Joshua Toomer. Witnesses: 
Willm. Gregory, Jas. Campbell, Mark Gibbins. Clerk uf the Court: 
Isaac Faries. 

Black, Michael. Craven County. 

January 16, 1760. May 3, 1760. Friend: Executor and sole legatee: 
Joseph Willis. Witnesses: Jacob Miller, George Fisher, James Wii^ 
LIS. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs, at Newbern. 

Blaokall, Abraham. Edenton, Chowan County. 

February 1, 1739-1740. February 23. 1749. January Court, 1749. 
Wife: Sarah. Daughters: Penelope and Sharlot. Executrix: Sarah 
Blackall (wife). Witnesses: Rd. Forster, James Patter, James Trot- 
ter. Executrix qualified before Jos. Anderson, Justice of the Peace. 
Will proven before Will Mearns, Clerk of the Court. 

Blackall, Sakaii. Edenton, Chowan County. 

January 29, 17.54. ,4,pril Court, 1754. Daughters: Sarah Rowden, 
Penelope, Charlot. Deceased husband: Dr. Blackall. Executor: Dr. 
Samuel Laban Plommer. Witnesses: Francis Oliver, Abigail Slaugh- 
ter. CZer/c o/</ie CoMr(; Will Halsey. Coat of arms on seal. 

Blackledge, Eichakd, Senr. Craven County. 

February 20, 1776. October 15, 1777. Wife: Ann. Sons: Richard 
("manor plantation and h of 275 acres land on Pecoson Point"), William, 
Benjamin ("200 acres Moseleys Creek," this to three sons above named), 
Thomas ("land bought of Wm. Farmer and wife and 100 a. on Bever Dam"). 
Sons-in-law: Spyers Singleton, Cap. John Jones. Daughters: Ellener 
(wife of Capt. John .Jones), Ann Blackledge. Friends: Mrs. Mary 
Neale and Mrs. Betsey Baker (ten pounds for mourning ring and gold 
buttons). Father: Benj.vmin Blackledge, Sr. Executors : Jacob 
Blount, Christopher Neale, Richard Blackledge, Jr. (son) and 
Spyers Singleton (son-in-law). Witnesses: J. Blount, Henry Can- 
non, Reading Blount. Will prdven before Rd. Caswell. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 33 

Blackman, John. Bertie County. 

November 19, 1736. November Court, 1736. Wife: Sarah. .Sons; 
John, Bennet, Arthur, Jcseph, Steaven. Daughter: Elizabeth. Exec- 
utors: Bennet Blacioian (son) and Theophilus Williams. Witnesses: 
William Taylor, Arthur Maikdsunacb, Phebb Jernigan. Ckrk of 
the Court: Jno. Wynn.s. 

Blackxiax, Nicholas. Bertie Precinct. 

August 26, 1730. March 11, 1730. Wife: Alli.son. Smis-in-law : 
George Smith and William Sjiith. Executrix: Allison Blacicjian 
(wife). Witnesses: Edwd. Collin.s, Richard Moore, J.uies B.vker. Will 
proven Isefore Geo. Burrington, Governor. 

Blake, David. Currituck Precinct. 

October 9. 171-1. January 13, 1714-171.'). .Sons.- Thomas, David. 
Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Mathew. Friends: Mathias Towler, 
John M.-i.sON. Executors: Ralph Matham, Jno. Mason. Witnesses: 
Thomas Evans, John Evans, Rich'd Smith. Clerk of the Court: Jo. 

Blanchaed, Benjamin. Upper part of Naiisimond County. 

June 5, 1719. Sons: Robert ("land on Beverdam Swamp in Chowan 
Precinct in North Carolina"), Abs.\loai, Bbn.iamin ("land on Beverdam"). 
Son-in-law: William Weston (wife Catherine). Wife: Catherine. 
Executors: Catherine (wife) and Robert (son). Witnesses: Will. Hill, 
J.AMES Grising, Thom.^s Rountrbe. No probate. 

Blanchaed, Epheaim. Cliowaii County. 

July 22,1745. April, 1749. Son: Aaron ("plantation on west side of 
Beaverdam Swamp." "Land on Walroy Swamp;" "100 acres in Pasquo- 
tank known bj' the name of the Soimd Neck;" "place in Pasquotank called 
Nobbs Crook"). Son: Ephraim ("100 acres in Chowan Co.;" "100 acres 
on Walroy Swamp;" "200 acres in Pasquotank County on Sound Neck;" 
"50 acres at the head of Nobbs Crook in Pasquotank"). Son: Micajah 
^"m.anor plantation on east side of Beaverdam Swamp-450 acres;" "50 
acres at Nobbs Crook"). Granddaughter: Mary Griffin. Wife: Is.abel 
Blanchard. Executors: Isabel Blanchard (wife) and Ephraim Blanch- 
ARD (son). WitJiesses: Thos. Rountrbe, Sr., Chas. Rountrbe, Thomas 
Rountreb. Clerk of the Court: Will Mearns. 

Blaning, Hugh. Bladen County. 

May 10, 1751. March Court, 1752. TF(/e.- Elizabeth. Wife's children: 
William and Elizabeth Hall. Sister: Sarah Star. Executors: Eliza- 

34 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

BETH Blaning (wife), Matthew Rowan. Witnesses: Robert Dowie, 

Thos. Hall and . Clerk of the Court: Thos. Robeson. Coat of 

arms on seal. 

BucHENDEN, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

April 12. 1744. July Court, 1745. Suns: John (plantation on Sound 
Side), William ("plantation whereon I now live"), Abraham. Daughter: 
Sarah. Wife: Mary. Executors: Mary Blichenden (wife), Abraham 
and William Blichenden (sons). Witnesses: Mac. Scarborough, 
Nath'l Carruthers, Zach. Chancey. Clerk of Court: Edmund Hatch. 
Courthouse on Phelps Point. Coat of arms on seal. 

Blin, Daniel. Bath Town, Beaufort County. 

September 23, 1742. March 13, 1753. Wife, Executrix and sole devisee: 
Morning Blin. Witnesses: Mary Smith, John Rieussett, Patrick 
Braham. Clerk of the Court: Will Ormond. 

Blish, John. Pasquotank County. 

November 17, 1718. Devisees: Martha Foster (daughter of Thomas 
Foster), Elizabeth Flemen, Edward James, Stephen Sall, William 
WiLLSON (mairener). Executor: William Willson. Witnesses: Joseph 
Cape, Mary Miller, John Bett Senor. No probate. 

Blount, Benjamin. Tyrrell County. 

February 1, 1739. June Court, 1740. .Sons; James, Jacob, Edmund, 
Isaac and Benjamin (to the latter is given "my mjinner plantation"). 
Daughters : Esther, M.iry, Sarah. Wife : Elizabeth. Executors: Ben- 
jamin (son) and Elizabeth (wife). Witnesses: Ann H.^llis, Zacha- 
RiAH GuRKiN. Justice of the Peace: James Turnbull. Deputy Clerk 
of the Court: Thos, Leary. 

Blount, Edmund. Tyrrell County. 

February 12, 1754. June Court, 1754. Son: Edmund ("manner plan- 
tation") TFi/e; Elizabeth. Executors: Elizabeth Blount (wife), Ben- 
jamin Blount. Witnesses: Benjamin Blount, Jacob Blount. Clerk 
of Court: Evan Jones. Other children are mentioned, but not named. 

Blount, Elizabeth. Chowan County. 

February- 8, 1732. March 12, 1732. .Sons; John, Thomas, James, 
Joseph, Charles (to the two latter is bequeathed land at Bare .Swamp 
and Haughton land). Daughters: Anne Warley, Rachele. Executors: 
John Lovick, Samll. Pagett and Jonathan Jacocks. Witnesses: R, 

Absteact of Wills, 1G90 — iTfiO. 35 

Hicks and Mary C'oleson. Will proven before George Burrinoton, at 
Edenton. A tract of land at Barrow's Hole is ordered sold and proceeds 
applied to payment of doctor. 

Blount, John. Chowau County. 

January 27, 1725-1726. May 18, 1726. Sons: .John, Thoma.s (manor, 
fronting on Albemarle Sound, John to have eastern and Thomas western 
portion), James and Charles (land on Welches Creek), Joseph (land at 
Mattehapvmgo, known by the name of Goshen). Wife: Elizabeth (land 
at Bear Swamp and at Barrow Hole). Daughlers: Mary Jacooks, 
Eliza Paget, Sar.*.h Lovick, Martha War.sley and Hester W^orley. 
Executrix: Elizabeth Blount (wife), to be assisted by friends John 
Lovick and Thos. Pollock. Witnesses: Samll. W.irner, Wm. Benbury, 
Magnes Plowman. Will proven before Richard Everard, Governor, etc. 

Codicil to will of John Blount. Dated January 27, 1725-1726. 
Daughters: Ann and Rachel (a gold ring each). Christopher G.\le 
appointed assistant together with Jno. Lovick and Thos. Pollock. 
Coat of arms on seal of both will and codicil. The testator mentions in 
the will having broken the entail. 

Blount, . County not given. 

Dates missing. Wife: Eliz.^beth. Sons: John and ("Beech 
Island land and land on Welches' Creek up Moratock ;" Joseph (land at 
Matchapungo known by name of "Goshan"); James (land at Bear Swamp). 
Daughters: Mary Jacocs, Elizabeth Paget and Martha West. Re- 
mainder of will missing. 

Blount, James. Albemarle County. 

March 10, 1685. July, 16S6. Sons; Thos. Blount and John Blount. 
Son: Jas. Blount. Daughters: Ann Slocum and Eliz. Hawkins. 
Grandchildren: James and Sarah Blount and Ann Slocum, and John 
Hawkins. Wife: Ann Blount. Executrix: Ann Blount. Witnesses: 
Jno. Hall, Jane Miller and Wm. Dobson. Proven before Seth 

Blount, James. Chowan County. 

February 12, 1716. March 27, 1717. Wife: Eliz.\beth. Daughters: 
Anne Blount ("my plantation with 240 acres of land"), Eliz.^beth 
Yblverton, Mary. Sons: John Blount, James Blount and John 
Yelverton. Grandsons: James Yelverton and John Yelverton. 
Granddaughter: Sara Phillips. Executrixes: Elizabeth Blount (wife) 
and Anne Blount (daughter). Witnesses: J. Turner, Anne Ddgles, 
John Yelverton. Clerk of Court: R. Hicics. 

36 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Blount, John. Chowan County. 

December 8, 1753. April Court, 1754. Sons: James (plantation and 
three negroes), Frederic (four negroes), Wilson (three negroes). Sister- 
in-law: Mrs. Mary Moor. Daughters: Elizabeth, Martha, Mart. 
Wife: Sarah (three negroes). Chaise, boat, blacksmith tools and watch 
ordered sold. Brothers: Charles Blount and JosErn Blount (execu- 
tors). Witnesses: J. Halsey, Jno. Smith, John Be.\sley, Richard Dun- 
bar. Clerk of the Court: Will Halsey. The following item may be of 
JBterest: "My Will and desire is * * * * That no Stranger shall be ad- 
mitted to live on any part of the back land to destroy the timber and 
that no Person shall on any Consideration whatsoever be admitted to live 
on any part of my land excepting an overseer." 

Blount, Thomas. Keudricks Creek, Albemarle County. 

September 3, 1701. March 28, 1706. Sons: John and James. Fol- 
lowing lands devised: "Midle plantation; land at the mouth of Kendricks 
Creek, whereon I now live; land called Cabbin Necke." Daughters: 
Billah (wife of Kellem Tyler), Sarah Peiece, Christian Ludford 
and Ann Wilson. Wife: Mary. Executor: James Blount (son). Wit- 
nesses: Wm. Willson, John Blount, Thomas Green. Proven before 
Thomas Cary. 

Blte, WiLLLiM. Bertie County. 

November 29, 1748. May Court, 1749. Sons: William ("manner 
plantation"), Thomas. Daughters: Sarah Blye, Elizabeth Blye. Wife: 
Elizabeth. Executors: William Blye (son), Elizabeth Blye (wife). 
Witnesses: John Thom.\s, Nath,\niel Willi^vms, Timothy Willi.ams. 
Clerk of the Court: John Lovick. 

BoBBiT, John. Bertie County. 

May 7, 1736. November 6, 1730. Son: William (100 acres land in 
the "Orraneechey Neck"). Son: Thomas (100 acres land in the "Orra- 
neechey Neck"). Daughters: Francis, Mary and Amey. Executors: 
William Bobbit, Robert Green, John M.^^sy and James Brogden. 
Witnesses: Francis Bettes, Richard Maissy, Francis Massy, and C. 
Evans. CUrk of the Court: John Wynns. 

BoGE (or Bogue), JosiAH. Perquimans County. 

March 1, 1752. July Court, 1752. Sons: Jesse, Joseph, Jobe ("all 
my lands"). Daughters: Mary Boge, Miriam Boge, Lidy Boge. Wife: 
Deborah. Executors: Deborah Boge (wife), John Moor, 
Moor. Witnesses: Joshua Parishe, Joshu.\ Hasket, Thomas Hol- 
lowell. Clerk of the Couti: Edmund Hatch. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 37 

BoGE, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

December 20, 1720. .-\pril 11. 1721. Sons: William and Josiah ("my 
manner plantation"). Daughters: Elizabeth Hill, Jean Boce. Myriam 
BoGE, Rachel Boge. Wife: Ellender. Grandsoii: Willlam Hill. 
Executors: William Boge (son). Jacob Hill (son-in-law). Witnesses: 
Benj.\.min Mundy. John Moor. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd Leary. 

BoGUE, William. Perquimans County. 

June 29, 174-t. October Court. 174.5. ("On the North East side of 
Perquimans River"). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Sons: William 
BoGUE (100 acres land on the East side Sutens Creek"), Jak Bogub. 
Witnesses: John More, Thomas Bagley. Clerk of Court: Edmund 
Hatch. on Phelps Point. 

Bond, John. Beaufort County. 

July 8, 1749. September Court, 1749. Sons: William (land on the 
West side of Middle Swamp), John, James (land on South side Pamplico 
River), Robert ("plantation I now live on"), Richard (land called 
Piners). Daughters: Mary and ."^.nna, and Sarah. Wife: (mentioned, but 
no name given). Executors: Willia.m, John and James Bond (sons). 
Cousin: Martha Spring. Witnesses: Abram Pritchett, John Turner, 
Phillip Pritchett. Joshu.\ Pritchett. Clerk of Court: Josiah Prather. 

Bond, Lewis. Chowan County. 

February 22, 175.3. April Court, 1753. Sons: Richard ("my mannar 
plantation"), Willia^i, John, Daughters: Elisabeth and Sarah Bond. 
Wife: Rebecker. Executerr: Richard Bond (brother-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: James Bond, Demsey Casten, Robert Stewart. Clerk of the 
Court: J.vs. Cr.iven. 

Bond, Eichaed. 'No county. 

January 15, 1725. Sons: Richard and Henry (land on Maidenhare 
Creek), Hance, William, Lewis ("manor plantation"). Daughter: Mary 
Bond. Executrix: Wife (mentioned, but not named). This is a copy of 
Bond's will and no signature, witness or probate appears. 

Bond, Robert. Craven Precinct. 

January 6, 1737. June, 173S. Son: Francis ("plantation whereon I 
now live"). Daughters: Sarah Bond (100 acres land at Broad Creek), 
Elisebeth (50 acres of land), Martha Bond. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Witnesses: F. Dawson, John Good. Clerk of the Court: Jambs 

38 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Bond, Samuel. Perquimans Coimty. 

October 12, 1721. March 26, 1723. Sons: S.^moell (land on Per- 
quimans River), Luke (land on Perquimans River). Daughters: Mary, 
SusANA, Elizebeth Bond, Jane Bond. Friends: Joseph Smith, Timo- 
thy Cleare, Jos. Jessop. Executor: Samtjell Bond (.son). Witnesses: 
James Smith, Susana Smith, Jo.seph Jessop. Will proven before C. 
Gale, Chief Justice. 

Bond, Vinyaed. Beaufort County. 

March 25, 1762. November 8, 1762. Wife: Sar.\h. Son: Sweeting. 
Daughter: Sarah. (Plantations on Care Point, Trent River and Town 
Creek to wife and children for support of children). Sisters: Susannah 
Kersh.\w, S.\rah, Mary and Margaret. Executors: Sarah Bond (wife) 
and John C.^rruthers (brother of wife). Witnesses: Will'm Peyton, 
Will'm Trippe, Henry Lockey, Thomas Lee. Will proven before 
Arthur Dobbs at Newbern. 

Bond, William. Beaufort County. 

November 6, 1757. December Court, 1757. Sons: John ("plantation 
wheareon I doe live" and one-half of the "Old Box Neak." together with 
one negro). Willi.\m (land "where Samuell Daves lives and land where 
Jarves Smith did live, one par of Silver Shue buckles, one par of Nea 
buckles and one Stock Buckall"). Daughtei-: Rebecca (one negro). Other 
legatees: Kniga (?) and Mary Erkman. Executors: James and Richard 
Bond and Samuell Daves. Witnesses: Frs. Gilbert, Frances W.\rner, 
Ann Mayo. Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

Bonner, Henry. Chowan County. 

September 1, 1738. October 7, 1738. So7is: Henry' (plantation lying 
in Greenhall), Thomas (three plantations called "Brins," "Hales's" and 
"Jones's"). Grandson: Richard Lewis ("Bayes plantation"). Daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth, Deborah and M.ary. Granddaughters: Sarah Lewis 
and Deborah Lewis. Executor: Henry Bonner (son). Witnesses: Jos. 
Anderson, Abra'm Blackall, Jambs Potter. Clerk of the Court: W. 

Bonner, John. Chowan County. 

November 11, 1753. January Court, 1754. Cousins: William, Eliza- 
beth, Mary and Edward Howcott (negroes). Godson: Thomas Eclbs- 
TON (one negro). Brother: Thom.^s Bonner (plantation). Executors: 
John Benbury and Henry Bonner. Witnesses: Jereh Michbner, 
John Smith, George Liles. Clerk of the Court: Will Halsey. 

Absteact of Wills. 1G90 — 1760. 39 

Bonner, Maey. Chowan County. 

January 30, 1749-1750. July Court, 1750. Friend: Debroh Thomp- 
son. Two brothers .and a sister mentioned, but not named. Executor: 
James Tompson. Witnesses: John Lewis, John Lewis. Junior. Clerk 
of the Court: 'Will Mearns. 

Bonner, Thomas. County not given. 

March 6, 16S5. Novenilier 24, 1685. .SVm.- Thom.\.'<. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mart. Witnesses: Henry Bonner, Samuel Warren, AVilliam 
Bonner. Proven before Wm. Wilkison. 

Bonner, Thomas. Bertie Connty. 

November 11, 1755. April Court, 17.56. Sons: Thomas, Henry, 
Moses. Daughters: Ester More, Elisebath Wheler, Anna Byrde, 
Sarah Wharton, Pachence Byrde. Wife: Elisebath Bonner. Ex- 
ecutrix: Elisebath Bonner (wife). Witnesses: Moses Bonner, Edmon 
Byrde, Arthur Moor, .Abraham Blitchenden. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjn Wynns. Wm. Wynns, P. J. 

Boon, Joseph. No county given. 

February 19, 1728. Sons: James, Joseph, Thomas, Ratlif. Sister: 

Martha Bayley. Daughters: Mary and Elizabeth. Executrix: 

Boon. Tl'i/e; Not named. IT' i^ne.s.sf.s.- Thomas Boon, Nathaniel Cooper. 
No probate. 

Boone, James. Bertie Precinct. 

June 8, nS'A. March 31, 1735. Sons-in-law: John Early (one negro 
woman and fifty apple trees); John Wynns (mj' negro man called Charles 
and 1000 foot of plank); Cullineur Sessums (one negro). Daughters: 
Mary Wy'nns. Eliza Early. Grandsons: Cieorge Augustus Wynn.s, 
James Early. Other legatees: William Burke, John Asskew, Martha 
Davis. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. ]Vitnesses: John Willson, 
Thomas Lee, James Martin. Proven before O.'VB. John.ston. 

Boon, Nicholas. No date and no county given. 

Sons: Nicholas (dwelling plantation). William, Joseph. Daughters: 
Mary, Martha and Ann. Wife: JIary. Executors: Mary Boone (wife), 
William Boon (brother) and Thomas Boon, Junr. Witnesses: John 
Strickland, John Ford, N.^thaniel Cooper. No probate. 

Booth, Georcje. Knott's Island, Currituck County. 

P^bruary 12, 1729. July '• 1730. Sons: John and George (land 
lying in "Viriana")- Daughter: Hannah Simmons. Wife: Mary Booth. 
Executrix: Mary Booth. Clerk of the Court: J. Martyn. 

40 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Booth, James. Newton in Cape Fear. 

February 12, 1737-1738. February 18, 1737-1738. Devisees: Roger 
RoLFE, JoN.^THAN Ogden, Sen'r, and Jonathan Ogden. Executors: 
Jonathan Ogden and Roger Rolfe. Witnesses: Richard Ogden, Ann 
Shirley, Ann Rolfe. (Seal with coat of arms.) Proven before Gab. 
Johnston, Governor, etc. 

Booth, John. Carteret County. 

December 14, 1751. March Court, 1752. Nuncupative will spoken to 
John Simpson and George Bell, who made oath to same before Richard 
Ward Estate left to Wife, Rachel, and Children (not named). Clerk of 
the Court: Geo. Read. 

BoozMAN, R.VLPH. Perquimans County. 

January 1, 1744-1745. January- Court, 1750. Sister: M.\ry Bullock. 
Executirrs: Jo.seph Bullock and Thom.vs Bullock. Niece: Sarah Bui> 
lock (daughter of.MARY Bullock). W/itnesses: Joshu.\ Hobart, James 
Littleton, Jr., Hannah Littleton. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Borden, Willl4.m. Carteret County. 

February 10, 1748-1749. August 1, 1749. .Son; William ("my man- 
ner plantation" and also 800 acres of land on Harlor's Creek and Core 
Creek). Daughters: Alice Stanton, Katherine Borden, H.annah Bor- 
den, Sarah Pratt. Nephew: William Borden. Brothers: Thomas 
Borden, Benjamin Borden. Sister : Amy Chase. Executors : Benja- 
min Borden (brother). Henry Stanton (son-in-law), Susannah Bor- 
den (wife). Witnesses: Samuel Newby, Joseph Newby, Joseph Robin- 
son. Will proven before G.\b. Johnston, Oovcrnor, at Edenhouse. 

BoswELL, George. Perquimans Countv. 

December .30, 1741. January 7, 1741. Sons: George ("my dwelling 
plantation"), Isac. Daughter: Ezibell. Sister-in-laio: Hannah Mor- 
GiN. Executors: Thomas Hallowell, Charles Overjian, Hannah Mor- 
GiN. Witnesses: Thomas Nicholson, John Boswell, Josiah Bundy. 
Will proven before J. Montgomery, C. J. 

BoswELL, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 1, 1734-1735. February 17, 1734. Sons: Thomas (land at 
the head of Little River), John (one-half of plantation "that I now dwell 
on"), Ichabod ("remainder part of said tract"). Daughter: Mary Bosw:ell. 
Executors: Thomas Overman and Thomas Nicholson. Witnesses: John 
BoswELL, George Boswell, Wm. Bundy. Codicil: Places children in 
hands of executors to be brought up. Will and codicil proven before Gab. 
Johnston, Governor, at Edenton. 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 1760. 41 

BoswoKTir, Josp:rH. Carteret Precinct. 

June 18. 1734. June 3, 1735. Sons: Joseph, Ephraim and Robert. 
Wife: Mary. Executors: M.4.RY Bo.sworth (wife), Joseph Weeks, Dr. 
Solomon Bacon. Witnesses: J.\iiES B.\ll, Ephrai.m Chadwick. William 
Waldron. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Winright. All estate of testator is 
ordered sold and proceeds deposited with some person at Boston for use 
and benefit of wife and children. 

BoTA'ETT, John. Albemarle County. 

October 30, 1703. April 17, 1704. Fricml and Executor: David Prich- 

ard. Witnesses: Wm Warren, Wm Joy, Margare Joy. Will proven 
before W.M Rolfe. 

BouDE, John. Bertie County. 

May IS, 1738. August 2.j, 1738. Wife: Katherinb. Rejnited son 
(son of Catherine Deed), 603 acres land. Brother: Thomas Boude, of Phil- 
adelphia. Friends: James Wilkings, Thomas Boxly. Cousin: John 
Boude. Executors: Katherine Boude, Godfrey Lea, Edward Barns, 
John Dayton. Witnesses: Robert Macrae, James Wilkins, Mary Har- 
bertt, Sar.\h Lee. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

BouLD, George. Craven County. 

July 12, 1745. September Court, 1745. Brother: Joseph Bould. 
Friends: Francis Stringer, John Snead (ten acres of marsh "opposite 
to Newbem Town"), George Powell, son of John Powell. Wife: Mary 
Bould. Executrix: Mary Bould. Witnesses: Feilder Powt;ll, James 
CoAR, Thos. Fox, Mary Coar. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Rice. 

Bound, Richard. Perquimans Precinct, 

November 22, 1720. July 11,1 721. Sons: Edward (200 acres of land), 
S.4MUELL (200 acres of land). Daughters: Elizabeth, Horner, Abig-AXL. 
Wife: Abigall. Executors: .Abigall Bound (wife) and James Minge. 
Witnesses: Hanah Burroes, Elizabeth Phett.s. Clerk of the Court: 
Ri ch'd Le.\rv. 

Boueen, Edmund. Currituck Precinct. 

July 29, 1711. No probate. Son: Joseph (land on Youpim Ridge). 
Daughters: Sarah, J.vne and Susannah Bouren. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Witnesses: William Willi.ams, Jo Wicker, Thomas Poyner. 
Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-22, page 42. 

BoYCE, Isaac. Perquimans County. 

January 15, 1750. July Court. 1751. Uncles: Nicholas and Ellas 
Stallings. Sons: Job, Joseph and Benjamin. Wife: Jude. Executors: 
Jos. Nicholas and Elias Stallings. Witnesses: Abrah.^m S.anders, 
White, Elizabeth Sanders. Clerk of Court: Edmltnd Hatch. 

42 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

BoYCE, John. Perquimans County. 

February 12, 1748. .July Court, 1749. Sons: Isaac, John, Moses. 
Daughters: Jean, Elizabeth, Rachel. Grandson: Job Boyce. Wife: 
Susannah Boyce. Executors: Susannah Boyce (wife) and Isaac Boyce 
(son). Witnesses: Nicholas Stallings, William Eason, Henry Stal- 
LiNGS. Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.atch. 

Boyce, William. Albemarle County. 

August 30, 1688. April Court, 169.3. .A.11 estate, real and personal, to 
wife, Ann Boyce. Executrix: Ann Boyce. Witnesses: P,\UL Latham. 
John Barber. Jacob Fields. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Boyce, William. Perquimans County. 

June 11, 1703. October 12, 1703. A/oi/tcr; Mary (of Yarmouth, Eng- 
land). Friends: Mr. Julian Lakers, Mr. Robert Bradley (Prince 
George Co., Maryland). Gold rings to following parties: Coll. Wm. Wil- 
kinson, his wife, Mrs. Juliana Lakers, Jajies Stoddart (Prince George 
Co., Maryland), his wife, Jno. Cobb. Peter Godfrey. Executrix: Joanna 
Kesler. Wilntsses: David Harris, Eliz. Stuart, P. Godfrey. Clerk 
of the Coxirt: Thos. Snoden. Coat of arms on seal. 

Boyd, John. Chowan County. 

October 9, 1737. July Court, 17.38. .Scm; William. Daughters: ANtiE, 
Marion and Lydiar Boyd. Wife: Lydia. Executors: Lydia Boyd (wife), 
Philip Aydlett (of Virginia), Andrew Irving. Witnesses: John Row- 
SOM, Jas. Williams, Edward Silk. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Boyd, John. Pasquotank County. 

January 29, 1741. July Court, 1742. Sons: William ("Westeard parte 
of my land"), Thomas ("Eastard part of my land")- Daughter: Wine- 
fruit Boyd. Wife and Executrix: Ann Boyd. Witnesses: John McKeel, 
Wm. W.allis, Anthony Markham. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Boyd, Thomas. Bath County. 

December 17, 1725. April Court, 1726. Son: John. Wife: Kather- 
INE (use of plantation on Broad Creek, "where I now dwell"). Friends: 
CoL. Edward Moseley, Robert Turner (five pounds for ring), Capt. 
Simon Alderson. Executors: Edw^ard Moseley, Simon Alderson. This 
is a holograph will and a caveat was entered thereto by one John Bond. 
Several affidavits, together with portions of briefs and argument of counsel 
are filed with the original. 

Boyd, Winefeed. Pasquotank County. 

June 15, 1720. July 19, 1720. Sons: John and Thomas Boyd (negroes). 
Benjamin and Charles West (executors). Witnesses: Lewis Knight, 
Rich.^rd St.\mp. Recorded in Book 1712-22, page 242. Original missing. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 43 

BoYiNTONE, Joseph. Chowan Precinct. 

September 25, 1738. January, 17.'i8. Brother and Executor: Benja- 
min BoYiNTONE of Gloster, New England. Friend: John Richards of 
Edenton. Witnesses: Abner Blackall, Thos. Mortimore, J.uues Mitch- 
ell. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

BoYKiN, Thomas. Northampton County. 

April 1.3, 174S. February Court, 1750. m/e- Meldred. Son; Thomas 
(land and plantation). Ann Craford, Mahtha Thornton, Elizabeth 
Strickland and Pattience Strickland (one shilling each). Executors^: 
Meldred Boykin (wife) and Thomas Boykin (son). Witnesses: Jno. 
Simpson, Joseph Rogers, Joh.\' Reynolds. Clerk of the Court: I. Ed- 

Boykin, Edward. Northampton County. 

June 8, 1743. Rons: Thomas (lauds lying between Richard Walls and 
Meadow Branch), Solomon (lands above Meadow Branch). Hardy (land 
on Cypress Swamp), Edward, Benjamin. Daughter: Rachel Heron. 
Grandson: Henry Boykin. Wife: Judith. Executors: Judith (wife) and 
Solomon Boykin (son). Witnesses: Chas. Campbell, R,ichard Wall. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Bkack, Geoege. Onslow County. 

September 25, 1750. .^pril 2, 1751. Sons: George (160 .acres land on 
"head of the Rich Neck"), Eliazar, Richard, William (100 acres of land 
"whereon I now live"). Grandson: John Lewis. Daughter: Elizabeth 
Brack. Son-in-law: Mathew Lewis. Wife: Gean. Executors: Ma- 
thew Lewis, George Brack (sou). Witnesses: Lionel Boutwell. 
Mourning Lewis, .Susaner Morris. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Black. 

Beaddy, James. Chowan County. 

August 17, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: John and Jo.seph, 
James ("plantation whereon I now live"). Grandson: James Conner. 
Wife: Grace. Executors: Grace Braddy (wife) and James Braddy (son). 
Witnesses: Ed. W'arren, Mary Powell, Henry Goodman. Clerk of the 
Court: Will Mearns. 

Beadey, John. Craven County. 

October 11, 1753. November Court, 1753. Wife: Abigail. Execu- 
tor: Jeremiah Rheam. Witnesses: Daniel Perkins, Jere.miah Rheam. 
Clerk of the Court: Sol Rew. 

44 Abstract of Wills. 1690—1760. 

Beadfoed, Nathaniel, Edgecombe County. 

October 2, 1756. lebruary Court, 1757. .Sons; John ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Nathaniel ("remainder of my lands"). Daugh- 
ters: Mahy Brad fo no and Patience Bradford. Wife: Sarah: Execu- 
tors: John Bradford and Joseph Lane. Witnesses: Sam'l Harvy, Ja- 
MiMA Simmons. Clerk of the Court: Joseph Montfort. 

Beadley, Eichaed. Currituck County, 

April 13, 1756. June Court, 1756. Sons: Haner, William, Abel, 
John, Richard. Daughters: Ann Etheridge, Alide.\ Corbill, Mary 
Bradley, Elizabeth Br.\dley. Wife: Dority Bradley. Executors: 
Dokity Bradley (wife) and William Bradley' (son). Witnesses: Kedar 
Marchant, Josiah Dough, Elizabeth Denby. Clerk of the Court: Wil- 
LIA.M Shergold. 

Beadt, Joseph. Chowan County. 

November 19, 1752. July Court, 1753. Daughters: Elizabeth Hart- 
lock, Barsheba Jone.s, Mary Jones. Son: John Brady. Grandson: 
John Dickins (mother, Suffrah Dickins). Granddaughters: T.amer 
Brady and E.a.dy Dickins. Witnesses: Jacob Rogers, Joseph Brady, 
Tamer Brady. Clerk of the Court: Will Halsey. 

Beanch, Feancis. County not given. 

November 14, 1739. December 4, 1739. Daughter: Sarah Donna- 
van. Wife: Anne. Phillip M.^gnier, Phillip Magnibr, Jr., Samuel 
Magnier. William Branch (son of Is.\-\c Branch). Executors: James 
Donnavon, Anne Br.vnch (wife). Friends: Wm. Arkill, Wm. Luten. 
Witnesses: Const. Luten, Wm. Luten, Wm. Lewis. Will proven before 
W. Smith, C. J. 

Beanch, William. Chowan County. 

November 24, 1720. January Court, 1721. Wife: Margret ("lott of 
land in Edenton on Queen Anne Creek"). Sons: William (plantation 
near Edenton), Issachar (plantation on the southwest side of Mattcha- 
comak Creek), Solomon. Daughter: Elizabeth. Execmtors: Margbet 
Branch (wife), Francis Branch (brother). Witnesses: Jno. New, Anne 
Branch, Thomas Branch. Clerk of the Court: (name torn from will). 

Beand, Isabella Cameeon, relict of Andeew Beand, 

Basterin Cannougate, Scotland. 

This is an assigmnent to Alex Cunny'ngham of Cannongate, Scotland, 
in case of the death of testatrix who is about to set forth for Carolina and 
names as legatees, Nephew: John Murray (son of Robert Murray of 
Glencarnock) and Robina Cameron, his wife, and as Executor, John Ruth- 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 45 

ERFORD (Merchant in Cape Fear). This will (or assignment) is written on 
stamped paper. Witnessed by Thomas Ainslee and Dun McDon.\ld, 
and proven at August Court, 1748, before Jas. Moran, Clerk of the Court, 
by Alexr Duncan by "Parity of Hands." 

Braske, Laurence. Pasquotank County. 

June 1, 1687. July 2, 1687. Devisees: Margaret Browne and Eliz- 
abeth Craduck. Executrix: Margaret Browne and Elizabeth Cra- 
DUCK. Witnesses: John Browne, Wm. Wood, John Willson. Will 
proven before Seth Sothell. 

Bkaswell, Robert. Bertie Precinet. 

September 14, 1734. November Court, 17:-i6. Sons: Robert, John, 
Richard ("plantation whereon I now live"), Valentine (100 acres land). 
Daughters: Sarah Doughtry, Jean Braswell, Mary Brabwbll. God- 
son: DioMEE Sumner (100 acres land). Wife: Sarah. Executors: James 
Bryant, Joshaway Daughtrey. Witnesses: Thos. Bryant, Nichol.vs 
Baget, Paccence Bryant. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Bray, Henry. Pasquotank County. 

September 20, 174.5. Sons: Willi^vm, Christopher, John, George, 
Daniel (one sliilling each), Jeremi.^h ("my plantation containing 100 
acres land"), Jacob. Dawjhters: Mary SHA^vDAILY, Sarah Squiers, 
Elizabeth Forbe.s (one shilling each). Wife and Executrix: Dinah. 
Witnesses: Jas. Forbes, Jno. Cahtriet, William Wright. Probate 

Bray, Willl\m. Pasquotank Precinct. 

August 23, 172.5. January 18, 172.5. Sohs: Henere (the tract of land 
"that he now liveth on"), George (plantation "where I now live"). Exec- 
utors: William Burges and George Bray. Witnesses: Stephen Bur- 
GES, Thomas Burges, Elizabeth Surges. Clerk of the Court: Tho. 
Weekes. Executor qualified before Jo. P.^lin. 

Beent, James. Currituck County. 

February 7, 1753. April Co\irt, 1753. Sons: Rich.a.rd ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), James ("plantation called "Tuckers Ridg"). Daugh- 
ter: Ann Bhent. Wife and Executrix: Kizi.a.h. Witnesses: Absalom 
Legett, John Simmons, Henry Simmons, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Wil- 
liam Shergold. 

Brent, Thomas. Currituck County. 

January 1, 1726. .^priF'll, 1727. ''Son; James (150 acres land known 
as "^"W olfpoint 'Ridge"). -JJTFt/e.'-'jANN. "^ Executrix: Ann Brent (wife). 
Witnesses: Thos. Willi.uvis, Holland Heath, Charles Brent. Clerk of 
the Court: J. Martyn. 

46 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Brewer, Jane. New Hanover County. 

August 18, 1739. September 25, 1739. Daughters: Catherine and 
Hannah. Son-in-law: Richard Hott. Executors: Daniel Dunbibin 
and Richard Hott. Witnesses: Rtjfus Marsden, Roger Rolfe, J.imes 
Brown. Will proven before Gabriel Johnson, Governor, etc., at Newton. 

Beewee, Geoege. Northampton County. 

January 25, 1757. August Court, 1757. .Sons: Rawle, George, 
Matthew, John. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Jo.seph Scodls, 
Elizabeth Whitington, William Clerk of the Court: I. 

Belint, Samuel. Chowan County. 

June 6, 1717. July Court, 1717. Executor and sole legatee: John Fisher. 
Witnesses: Francis Johnson, Edward Phelps. Clerk of the Court: R. 

Beice, WiLLLi.M. County not given. 

November 16, 1718. May 1, 1719. Sons: Fr.\ncis and William. 
Daughter: Eliza Brice. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executor: Thomas 
Harvey. Witnesses: Thomas Harvey', Eliz. Harvey, Martin Frank. 
Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. Recorded in Book 1712-22, page 
226. Original missing. 

Beickell, James. Beaufort County. 

April 22, 1746. June Court, 1746. Son: James (land joining Mr. 
Ormond's lands). Daughters: Ann Brickell (land joining Mr. Barrow's 
lands). Son of Elizabeth Gray (one cow). Executors: Wyriatt Ob- 
mond, Atty.-at-Law; Abraham Duncan, Gent., and James Brickell (son). 
Witnesses: Mary Duncjvn, Mary Brickell, William Gray. Clerk of 
the Court: John Forbes. 

Beidgen, Samuel. Ludlow Castle, New Hanover County. 

November 30, 1757. February Court, 1758. Trustees: Job Howes, 
Sen'b, and Job Howes, Jr., to whom is conveyed in trust for daughter, 
Jane Bennett, a tract of land on Old Town Creek. In trust for son, 
Edward Bridgen, of London, a plantation called "Bridgen's Hall," 
"Ludlow Castle" and "Bridgen's Pastime." Daughter: Elizabeth 
Catharina, wife of Armond DeRossett. Wife: Sarah. Brother: 
Rev. John Bridgen (Professor of Gresham College, London). Nephew: 
William Bridgen (Alderman of London). Witnesses: John Mott, 
Hannah Mott, Arthur Howes. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 47 

Bkidgers, William. Bertie Precinct. 

March 11, 1728-1729. November Court, 1729. .Sons.- William ("plan- 
tation whereon I now live"), Josep ("plantation on Fishing Creek"), 
John (100 acres land). Daughter: Sarah Bridgers. Brothers: BEN.rA- 
MiN Bridgers, William Bryant. Father: John Dew. Wife: Sarah. 
Executors: William Bry,\nt and John Dew, Senor. Witnesses: John 
Dawson, William Bryant, Mary Huise. Richard Huise. Chrk of the 
Court: Rt. Forster. 

Bridgers, William. Bertie County. 

November 2, 1729. May Court, 17IW. -Sores; Joseph, Ben.!AMIN ("my 
plantation"), Samuel. Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth. Executor: S.amubl 
Bridgers (son). Witnesses: John Wevvrill, John Bardin, Edward 
Chitty. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Bridgers, William. Johnston County. 

September 30, 1751. December Court, 1751. Joel Martin aud Lu- 
CRECE, legatees. Exei-utor: Philip Jones. Witnesses: J.\s. Bryant, 
James Acock, Jos. Gooding. Clerk of the Court: Chas. Young. 

Bridgess, Samuel. JSTortliampton County. 

December 13, 1748. February Court, 1756. Daughters: Mary Brid- 
gess, Patience Bridgess (to both are bequeathed 200-acre tracts of 
land on the Tarkill Branch). Executor: William Boon. Witnesses: 
John Core, Jesse Cardin, Joseph Bridgess. Clerk of the Court: I. 

Briggs, Richard. Chowan County. 

March 2, 1754. July Court, 1754. Sons: John, Solomon, James, 
Moses, Richard and Christian. Daughters: Tilpah and Rachel. Wife: 
Elizabeth Briggs. Executors: John Davis and Job Harriss. Wit- 
nesses: John Davis, Jobe Harriss, Jesse Eason. Clerk of the Court: 
Will Halsey. 

Bright, Henery. Pasquotank County. 

July S, 1734. October Court, 1739. Son: Adam. Daughter: Levinah 
Upton. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Overen- 
TON, Joseph Makefarson. Clerk of the Court: James Cr.wen. 

Bright, Henry. Currituck County. 

May 23, 1749. July Court, 1749. Sons: Caleb, Silas, John, Henry. 
Daughters: Bridges, Mary Ann, Susy, Cortney. Executor: Henry 
Bright (son). Witnesses: James Burnham. S.miuel Bright, Ann 
Bright. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

48 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Bright, James. Hyde County. 

March 29, 1735. Wife, Executrix and sole devisee: Ann. Witnesses: 
Giles Willi.\ms, Hanah Adams, Rich'd Wm. Silvester. Clerk of the 
Court: Jno. Collison. 

Bright, Richard. Currituck County. 

December 12, 1734. Sons: Ephrah, William. Daughters: Casi.^h, 
Elizabeth. Wife: Elizabeth (who is appointed executrix). Witnesses: 
Samll. B.u,lancb, John West, Moses Linton. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Lowther. 

Bright, Richard. Currituck County. 

February 20, 1733. July 1, 1740. Sons: Richard, Hanson, Sollomon, 
("ye maner plantation"), William,''James, Samll. Daughters: Ann Cox, 
Elener Etheridge, Edee Bright. Executor: John Etheridge (son-in- 
law). Witnesses: Rich. Etheridge, Henry Forshaw, Samll. Lee. 
Clerk of Court.: Wm. Shergold. 

Bright, Simon. Dobbs County. 

November 23, 1775. January IS, 1777." Sons; Simon ("the plantation 
wheron I now live," together with 200 acres of land on the Briery Branch), 
Graves (lands known by name of Haskins land), Jasies (500-acre and 
160-acre tracts of land). Daughters: Mary Bright, N.ancy Bright, 
Sally Bright, Elizabeth Bright. Wife: Mary'. Executors: Rich.vrd 
Caswell and John Cooke (friends) and James Bright (brother). Wit- 
nesses: E. Cooke, Rd. Caswell and J. Glasgow. Will proven before 
Rd. Caswell, at New Bern. 

Bright, Solomon. Currituck County. 

February 4 (no year). Jime, 1755. Sons: Hance and Solo.mon 
(plantation). Wife and Executrix: Mary Bright. Witnesses: Thos. 
Williams, William Williams, Thomas Davis. Clerk of the Court: 
William Shergold. 

Bright, William. Craven County. 

January 12, 1754. November 6, 1754. Son: Stocwell ("all my land 
down the Riever * * * * one plantation on Orched Creek and one Do. 
on Loer Broad Creek"). Daughters: Susanah Bright, Elenar Bright, 
M.ary Bright, Sarah Bright, .4nn Nelson. Grandson: Harmon Gas- 
kins. Granddaughters: M.\ry and Sarah Bright. Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. ^Witnesses: James Arther, Sarah Arther, W. Carruthbrs, 
JuNR. Clerk of the Court: Sol. Rew. 

Abstract of Wills, IG'JO — 1760. 41) 

Beill, WiLLLiM. Comity not given. 

November 27, 1752. April 2, 17.5.3. Sons: William ("my Richland 
plantation"), Rigdon ("plantation I now dwell on"), Acto.n, Francis. 
Executors: Francis Brin, Samell Hatch and Smith. Witnesses: 
Mary Moore, Beneta Smith, Matthew Samin ('?), Joseph Batcher. 
Will proven before Matt Rowan. 

Beitt, William. County not given. 

June 2.5, 1711. No probate. Daughter: Mary. Wife: Elizabeth. 
Executors: Samuel Edmunds, Robert and Thoma,s West. Wiln£sses: 
John Jordan, Matt Adams, Mary Adams. Will recorded in book 
1712-22, page 34. Original missing. 

Beociiett, Benjamin. Craven County. 

July 9, 1750. August Court, 175S. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Wit- 
nesses: Mary Gardner, Mary Pringell, John Granade. Clerk of the 
Court: Peter Conw.\y. 

Beodeeick, Thomas, late of the Island of Granada, 

but now of Wilmington. 

May 6, 1770. May 16, 1770. Friends: "Mr. Parnera, Priest of the 
Roman Cotholick Religion in Philadelphia" (.30 pounds "Pensilvania 
Currency"), Mr. Hardin, of the same Profession"), Christian Cain, Wil- 
mington (40 gallons of rum). Nephew: Andrew Brodrick (son of 
Iwother Dan'l Brodrick, of Philadelphia). Executor: Cornelius Har- 
nett. Witnesses: James McC.\n, Tho. Loyd, .\rchy Ward. Will 
proven before Wm. Tryon, at Wilmington. Executor qualified before 
Fred'k Gregg. 

Beomley, Geoege. Bertie Precinct. 

March 21, 1726. September 20, 172S. Friend and sole legatee and 
devisee: Thomas Betterley. Witnesses: Go. Allen, Will'm Williams, 
Jno. M.iTHEWS, W. Biggs. Will proven before Rich'd Everard. 

Beooks, John. Currituck County. 

July 9, 1707. April 27, 1708. Son: John ("plantation whereon I now 
live"). Daughters: Elizabeth Brooks, Fr.^nces Brooks, Mary Brooks. 
Son-in-law: William Scott. Wife: Mary. Executrix: Mary Brooks 
(wife). Witnesses: Wm. Swann, James Beti\s. Clerk of tlie Court: Ed- 
W.1RD Taylor. 

50 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Beothers, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

November 28, 1733. April 8, 1735. Sons: Joseph (200 acres of land 
known as Kirks plantation), William (150 acres of land), John (100 
acres of land on North side of Gum Pole Swamp), S.\muell (129 acres 
of land), Thomas, Richard, Samuel. Daughter: Elizabeth Brothers. 
Wife: Mary. Executors: Mary Brothers (wife), Joseph Brothers 
(son), William Brothers (brother). Witnesses: Thomas Woodlby, 
Mary Woodley, James Craven. Clerk of Court: Jos. .S.mith. Courts 
house in Broomfield. 

Brothers, William. Pasquotank Precinct. 

January 3, 1711. Sons: William (126 acres of land), Thomas (126 
acres of land), Richard (126 acres of land), John (126 acres of land), 
Benjamin. Daughters: Elinor C.i.ep, Elizabeth, Mary, H.\nah, Sarah, 
Rebekah, Doroty. Wife and Executrix: Sarah Brothers. Witnesses: 
Howell Browne. No probate. 

Brown, Francis. Bertie County. 

November 7, 1748. May Court, 1750. Sons: Francis (plantation 
purch.ased from Dan'l Brown), William (150 acres of land), John (land 
in C\T3ress Swamp), Benjamin. Daughters: Anne, Mary, Sarah, Jane 
and Elizabeth. Executor: John Wynns. Witnesses: Isaac Hill, 
Dan'l Vanpelt, George Rivet. Clerk of the Court: S.wi'l Ormes. 

Brown, James. Currituck County. 

April 5, 1721. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Son: William (plantation). 
Witnesses: James Adams, Joseph Sanderson. Elizabeth Sanderson, 
Clerk of the Court: . 

Brown, James. Batb Town, Beaufort County. 

November 13, 1746. Daughters: Mary Brown and Ann Brown. 
Wife: Dorothy. Executors: Mitchell Courtanch (?), .Abraham Dun- 
can. Witnesses: Dan'l Bliz, Richard Bassett, James Rigney. No 

Brown, James. Edgecombe County. 

March 26, 1773. March 25, 1774. Son: James ("my plantation"). 
Daughters: Molly Brown, Rachel Brown, Catharine Brown, Sally 
Brown, Anny Brown. Executor: Benj.amin Amason. Witnesses: James 
Amason, Jesse A.mason, William Amason. Will proven before Jo. 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 17G0. 

Brown, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

February 15. 1098-1699. October 17, 1699. Soim: D.-^.niel and Peeter 
("ni}' plantation"). Daughters: Margaret and Jean. Executrix: Wife 
(not named). Witnesses: Daniel .\kekurst, Wili.i.vji Reed. Clerk of 
the Court: Tho. .Vbinoton. 

Brown, John. Edgecombe Conntv. 

March I'd, 17,58. June Court, 1759. Sons: ("land, still and 
cyder hogsheads"), Hardy. Daughters: Patience Pope, Elisaiseth 
Edwards, Priscill.v Brown, Hanrenittia Brown, S.vrah Brown, 
Olive Brown. Grandson: Bural Shelton. Wife: Patience. Execu- 
tors: Nathan Brown, Samuel Edwards and Solomon. Witnesses: John 
Pope, George Crudup, Nicholas Dixon. Will proven in Halifax Court. 
Jos. Montfort. Clerk. 

Brown, Jonas. Xortbamptou County. 

January 26, 1741. August Court, 1743. Brother: Wm. Brown. 
Nephew: Jonas Browt* (son of William). Wife and Executrix: Edith 
Brown. Witnesses: Wm. Boddie, Mary Boddie. Clerk of Court: I. 

Brown, Philip. Bertie County. 

December 10, 1725. Wife: Te.msin. Friend: John McH.4.rlin. Execu- 
tm-s: Temsin Brown (wife) and John McHarlin. M'itnesses: Will 
Adams, John White, Bsnjamin Sanders. No probate. 

Brown, Richard. Bertie County. 

.\pril S, 1731. May Court, 1736. Sons: D.\.niel, Richard, William, 
James, Stephen. Daughters: Elizabeth, Agnis, Margarett. Wife: 
Margarett. Executrix: Margarett Brown (wife). Witnesses: NiCHs 
Tainless, Edward Tidman, Agnis Brown. Clerk of the Court: Jno. 

Brown, Thomas. Chowan ( 'onnty. 

.\pril 1, 171.S. October 21, 1718. Sons:, John. Howell, 
James. Daughter: Sarah Macdonel. Wife: Christian. Witnesses: 
Judeth Perry and Perry. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Brown, Thomas. New Hanover County. 

July 16, 1748. May 10, 1749. Wife: Fortune (400 acres land on the 
Sound). Daughters: Isabella (plantation "up the North West"), Eliza- 
beth ("plantation I purchased of Willi.ui Salter"). Executors: John 
Brown (brother), P^ichard Quince. Witnesses: Geo. Merrick, Henry 
Wright, Ann Wright. Will proven before E. Moseley, Associate Jus- 
tice, at Wilrainfiton. 

52 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

Beown, William. Chowan Precinct. 

December 15, 1718. July 21. 1719. Sons: John ("ye manner planta- 
tion"), Thomas (150 acres of land), Jacob (150 acres of land). Daughters: 
Ann, Martha, Mary, Sarah (each 150 acres of land). Executors: Thomas 
MoNDERS. Witnesses: Thomas Monders, Thomas Smith, Martha 
Brown. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. Wife of testator mentioned, but 
not named. 

Beown, William. Beaufort County. 

September 9, 1751. December 10, 1751. Wife: Elizabeth. Son: 
John Brown. Daughters: Mary Brown and Sarah Brown. Executrix: 
Elizabeth Brown (wife). Witnesses: John Linton, John Chester, 
Samdel Coakson. Clerk of the Court: William Obmond. 

Beowne, John. Chowan County. 

November 28, 1718. October 21, 1718. Wife: Anne. Stepson: J \cob 
Pritchard. Witnesses: James Robertson, Eliza Swann, Edw'd Mose- 
LEY. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. Remarks: The date of probate of 
this will is prior to date of .signing. 

Beowne, Waltee. Bertie County. 

October 17, 1735. February Court, 1735. San: Josiah Browne 
("dwelling plantation"). Cousin: Jesse Drake. Wife: Mary Browne 
("plantation on the South side of Cattawaske marsh"). Executrix: Mary 
Browne. Witnesses: Jesse Browne, John Battle, John Browne. 
Clerk of the Court: John Wynn. Remarks: The date of probate is evidently 
incorrect, as the will is dated eight months later. Probably this date was 
1736, as the will was recorded March 2, 1736. 

Beowning, John. Albemarle County. 

April 29, 1723. September 4, 1733. Wife: Margett. Son: John 
(plantation 250 acres). Daughters: Elizabeth Browning, Darkess. 
Executors: Wipe, son John Browning, Mr. Collin Pollock. Witnesses: 
Thos. Hobbs, John Coothen. Will proven before W. Little, C. J. 

Bryan, Anne. Craven County. 

October 25, 1767. March 9, 1773. Sons: Willi.a-M, John and Jesse. 
Daughters: Mary Cook and Elizabeth Dawson. Grandsons: Joseph 
Stockley and John Dawson. Executors: William, John and Jesse 
Bryan (sons). Witnesses: James Carraway, Ann Carraway, Elies 
JusTEs. Gideon Carraway. Proven before Jo. M.artin. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 17G0. 53 

Betan, Edward. Craven County. 

January 28, 1745. May 9, 1746. Sons: John Bryan (220 acres laud 
bought of Martin and Edward Frank, called "New Germany"), William 
Bkyan (300 acres land, called "New Germany"), Edw.^rd Bryan (lot in 
Newbern). Daughter: Penelipy Bryan (lot in Newbern). Wife: Ann 
Bryan ("one plantation, called paradice"). Executors: Ann Bryan (wife), 
Hakdy Bry'an (brother), Lewis Bryan (brother). Witnesses: Wm. Whit- 
ford, Jjvnb Hand, Richard Hart. Will proven before E. Hall, Chief 
Justice of North Carolina. 

Bryan, Hardy. Craven County. 

February 28, 1760. May 6, 1760. So-ns: Thomas, William, Hardy 
(one-half of manor, including houses), Nathan, Lewis (lots in Newbern), 
Isaac. DougAier; Mary (front lot in Newbern). PFi/e; Sarah. Execu- 
tors: Thomas and Willi.\m Bryan (sons). Witnesses: James Reed, Shad- 
rach Allen, Matthew Arter. Will proven liefore Arthur Dobbs. 

Bryan, Simon. Bertie County. 

November 20. 1751. May Court, 1753. Son: David. Wife: Ann. 
Brotlier: Edward Bryan. Executors: Ann Bryan (wife), Edward Bryan 
(brother) and David (son). Witnesses: M.vrtha Bry.a.n, Isabel 
Deal, Jas. Lockhart, Lillingto.v Lockhart. Clerk of the Court: Benj. 
Wynns. The will mentions three children, but names only one. 

Bryan, Thomas. County not given. 

December 1, 1760. IT i/"e; Rachel Bryan. Daughters: Sauah Ann 
Bryan. Executors: Rachel Bryan, Wm. Bry'an (brother of testator) 
and John Lavender. Witnesses: Sarah Bryan, H.\rdy Bry.\n, Wm. 
White. No probate .appears. 

Beyan, William. Craven County. 

December 12, 1746. June Court, 1747. Wife: Anne. Sons: William, 
Lewis, John, Jess. Daughters: Elizabeth and .A.nne. Executors: Anne 
Bryan (wife), Joseph Bryan (brother) and William Bryan (son). Wit- 
nesses: Lazarus Pearse, James C.4.rrawai", William Carraw.ay, Jr. 
Clerk of the Court: Will Hedges. 

Bryant, James. Bertie Precinct. 

March 11, 1731. 5on.- William Bry'.vnt. John Dew, Richard Bras- 
well, James Bry.ant, Thomas Bryant and Matthew Telar are named 
as children. Executors: John Dew and James Bryant. Witnesses: .\ron 
Drake and John Daniel. No probate. 

54 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Bryant, John. Edgecombe County. 

September 14, 1734. May Court, 173.5. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: 
William Bryant (tract of land known by the name of Ballards), Arthur 
Bryant and David Hopper. Friend: James Turner. Executors: Wm. 
Bryant and David Hopper (sons). Witnesses: Robt. Redfobd, Arch- 
bald Thompson and Ann Frazier. Clerk of the Court: (?). 

Beyant, William. Edgecombe County. 

September 21, 1749. February Court, 1749. -Sores; Joseph, William. 
Daughter: Patience ("my house, land and plantation"), Sarah Myhand. 
Grandson: James McDaniel. Friends: Thoma.s Huyandine. Execu- 
tors: Abram Dew and Edward Brown. Witnesses: Thos. Pope, Wm. 
Andrew.s, Jaj,ie.s Myhand. Cla'k of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

BucKLY, Elendee. Pasquotauk County. 

February 26, 1704. April 17, 1705. .Sons; Henry, Jorge. Daugh- 
ter: Elizabeth Buckly. Executor: Son (not named). Witnesses: Wm. 
SiMSON, M.4.RY SiMSON, JoANA Pritchard. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Buck, John. County not given. 

June 27, 1710. So)is-in-knv: Lem'll. B.vrber and Jacob B.arber (all 
lands after wife's decease). Joshua Barber (son to Charley Barber), 
Benjamin Tulle. Executrix: Anne Buck. Witnesses: Richd. Thearsse, 
Eliza Be,\y and Jno. Wicker. Clerk of the Court: Robert Bucicnbr. 

BuGNiON, Ralph. New Hanover County. 

December, 1751. February 25, 1754. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Sister: Margaret Bugnion. Witnesses: Grainger, John Davis, 
JuNR. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. 

Bumpas, Job. Onslow County. 

Septeiiiber 5, 1746. October, 1746. Sons: David (200 acres of land on 
the North East of New River adjoining the Desert), Cornelius (300 acres 
of land on the North side of the North East of Ne v River -n-ith a grist mill 
on the same), John (320 acres of land on the South side of the North East 
of New River). Daughter: Abiggail Lewis. Executors: David and Cor- 
nelius Bumpas (sons). Witnesses: Elmar Anderson, Tabas Bumpas, 
Ann Hall. Clerk of the Court: Will Hedges. 

Bun, John. Bertie County. 

January 27, 1727. Sons: John (300 acres land on South side Orreroy 
Swamp), David ("plantation lying in Verjenea"), Benjamin ("plantation 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 17G0. 55 

where I now live")- Daughter: Ann. Wife and Executrix: Eleaner Bun. 
Witnesses: Wm. Rich, Rich.vrd Harbn, William Bun. (Two wills, one 
original and one copy.) No probate. 

BuNDY, Anne. Pasquotank County. 

November 16, 1743. December, 1744. Sons: Gideon (wife Miriam), 
Abrah.^m. Granddaughter: Lydia Bundy. Executors: Gideon and Abr.v- 
HAM Bundy (sons). Witnesses: Jacob Overman, .\bi!aha-M Hendrick, 
Thos. Wilke.s. Clerk of the Court: Tiios. Taylor. 

Bdndy, Benjamin. Pasquotank County. 

October 5, 1728. October '2B, 1728. Wife: Hann.ah Bundy (plantation 
of 1,200 acres). B)-oi/ier.- Samuel Bundy. fi.Tecuiors; Hannah Bundy and 
Samuel Bundy. Witnesses: Zachariah Feild, Tho.mas Woodley, John 
Phitt. Will proven before G. Gale, C. J. 

Bundy, Caleb. Pasquotank Precini't. 

Brothers: William and Jdhn Bundy. Executor: William B"ndy 
(brother). Witness: Ruth Recton. Clerk pro tem. of the Court: J. P.\lin. 

Bundy, Caleb. Pasquotank Preciiift. 

April 27, 1721. Sons: John ("land I bought of Thomas Stanton"), 
Benjamin ("tract of land whereon I now dwell"), Samuel ("all my laml np 
Little River"). Daughter: Mary Bundy ("tract of land I bought of my 
brother Samuel Bundy"). Granddaughter: Liday Bundy (daughter of 
son William Bundy). Executors: John and Benjamin Bundy (sons). 
Witnesses: Thomas Woodley, Ruth Retton, John Symons. Clerk of the 
Court: Edw'd Gale. 

Bundy, David. Perquimans County. 

January 22, 1749. April Court, 1750. Brothers: Jeremiah, Moses .and 
Caleb Bundy. Uncle: Josiah Bundy. Executor: Josiah Bundy. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Skinner and Graham Sanders. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. 

Bundy, Samuel. Pasquotank County. 

January 6, 1737. July Court, 1740. Friend: Thomas Nicholson. 
Sons: William, Abraham, Gideon, Josiah. Daughter: Jane Pike, wife 
of Benjamin Pike. Wife: Anne. Cousin: Samuel Bundy. Executors: 
Anne Bundy (wife) and Nicholson. Witnesses: John Ni.xon, 
Phinbas Nixon, Joseph Robinson. Clerk of the Corirt: Jambs Craven. 

Bundy, William. Perquimans County. 

December 12, 1749. January Court, 1749. Daughter: Sarah Barrow 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Wife: Mary' Bundy. Executor: 

56 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Joseph Barrow (son-in-law). Witnesses: Thomas Overman, Charles 
Overman, Peter MuNDEN. Clerk of the Court: Eduvnt) Kxtch. Codicil 
to this will. 

Burgess, Stephkn. County not given. 

December 19, 1729. J.anuary 13, 1729-1730. Sons: Stephen (planta- 
tion called "Beach Reag"), Thomas (100 acres of land "commonly called 
Bridg Nack"), ("all the rest of my children one shilling starling money 
apeas"). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witiiesses: George Bray, 
Henry Bray, William Bray. Clerk of the Court: W. Minson. 

BuKGESs, Stephen. Pasquotank Count}-. 

January 21, 1734-1735. .A.pril 13, 1736. Sons: Thom.^^ ("plantation I 
now live on"), Stephen (plantation called Beach Ridge), David (planta- 
tion called Bridg Nack). Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Eliz.abeth Bur- 
GES (wife) and William Burges (brother). Witnesses: Peter Brown, 
Matthew Harendeen, Sarah Brown. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Smith. 

BuEKETT, John. Perquimans County. 

February 4, 1728-1729. March 7, 1728. Sojw; John, Joseph. Execu- 
tor: Joseph Burkett (son). Witnesses: Charles Denman, Josiah Gil- 
bert, Jane Almes. Will proven before Rich'd Ever.^rd. 

Burleigh, Robert. Wilmington, ISTew Hanover County. 

September 12, 1757. Wife: Sarah. Sons: Robert and James. Exec- 
utors: D.^niel Dunbibin, Cornelius Harnett. Witnesses: Sam'll 
Green, Thos. James, Thom.\s Newton. Clerk of the Court: James Mo- 
ran. Will orders that houses and lots in Wilmington be sold. 

BuENASs, John. Onslow County. 

March 11, 1741-1742. January Court, 1744. Children mentioned, but 

not named. Executor: John Starkey'. Witnesses to Will: John McGrah, 

Jacob Biddle, Isaac Evans. Witnesses to Codicil: Stephen Lee, Rich'd 

and Jacob Biddle. His Majesty's Justices: John Starkey, Abm. 

Mitchell, John Howard. Clerk of the Court: Andr. Murray. 

BuRNBY, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

April 8, 1705. .August 19, 1707. Son: John. Grandson: John Mason. 
Granddaughters: Margubritt Burnby, Eliz.^beth Burnby, Eliz.^beth 
Cobb, Sarah Mason. M.ary Mason. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Witnesses: Samvel Pike, Gorg Elles, John Corp. Clerk of the Court: 
Tho. Abington. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 1760. 57 

Btjenby, Thomas. Pasquotank Couuty. 

May 12, 1687. October 6, 1687. Wife: Hannah. Brothers: Edward 
and William Stanly, John and William Burnby. Father: John Burn- 
by. Executrix: Hannah Burnby. Witnesses: Quith Craddock, Eliza- 
beth Mabry, Dorithy Shilo, John Bull. Proven before Seth Sothell. 

BrENET, Geoegk, Bertie County. 

September 11, 1752. August Court, 1753. Wife: Susanna (Executrix 
and sole devisee). Witnesses: Joseph Minton, William Carter. Clerk 
of the Court: Sam'l Ormes. 

BuENHAM, Elizabeth. Currituck County. 

April Court, 1755. Witnesses: George Burges, Willis Miller, Philip 
Northern. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. Tlys will is illegible, 
except the names above given. 

BuENHAM, EsEBEL. Currituck County. 

January 1, 1749-1750. Sons: Solomon Bennet, John Bennet, Nehe- 
MIAH Bennet. Daughter: Susias Abiar. Granddaughter: Isabel .Arm- 
strong. The probate and signatures of testatrix and vvitnesss.s are miss- 

BuET, Maey, Widow of Wm. Buet. Bertie County. 

Septemlier 10, 1724. Februaiy Court, 1724; January 2, 1724. Sons: 
Jajies and Ego Glyon. Daughter: Mary Glyon. Witnesses: Joseph 
HuTSON, James Keeter, Joyce Hokins. Proven before E. Moselby. 
Clerk of the Court: R. W. Millerton. 

BuETENSiiALL, KiCHAED. Tyrrell County. 

September 15, 1740. September Court, 1743. Wife: Margaret Bur- 
TBNSHALL. Daughters: Susanna Cofft, Doreas Watts, Elizabeth 
West, Priscilla Smith. Grandson: Richard Burtenshall. E.reru- 
<n'x; Marg,\ret Burtenshall. Witnesses: Mary Rogers, Mary Turner, 
Joshua Turner. Clerk of the Court: J. J. Barrett. 

BusBET, Catheeine. Bertie Precinct. 

January 22, 173S-1739. February Court, 1738. Theophilus 
("my plantation liing on the North side of Roneoake River"). Hester 
Williams (daughter of Theophilus), Jesse Page (1 cow and calf). Ex- 
ecutor: Theophilus Williams. Witnesses: Needham Bry^vn, H. B.^te, 
Susan Bryan. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

58 Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 

Bush, William, Se. Chowan Precinct. 

April 5, 1716. October Court, 1716. Sons: William ("that plantation 
whereon he now lives"), John ("plantation whereon I now live"). Daugh- 
ters: Mary Early, Martha Williams, Rose Winns, Elinore Maclen- 
DAN (one shilling each), Elizabeth Bush. Wife and Executrix: Martha 
Bush. Witnesses: William Cranford, John Smith. Clerk of the Court: 
R. Hicks. 

BuTLEE, Jacob. Chowan County. 

May 24, 1745. Wife:MARY. Sor;; Christopher Butler (dwelling and 
plantation). Daughter: Sarah Butler. Grandson: Jacob Simons. 
Executors: Christopher Butler (son) and Mary Butler (wife). V/it- 
ness: Chris'r Butler. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Craven. This will is 
proven by affidavits of Joseph Ming and David Butler. 

Butler, David. Chowan County. 

August 13, 1742. October Court, 1749. Wife and Executrix: Mary (all 
land and estate of testator in trust for children). Witnesses: Nathaniel 
Ming, Martha Ming. Clerk of the Court: Will Mbarns. 

BuLTEE, John. Tyrrell County. 

December 24, 1772. October 14, 1773. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Wil- 
liam, John, Jambs (plantation on Turkey Swamp). Dau-jhters: Phbrebt 
McHenry (wife of George Augustus McHenry, "manner plantation"), 
Elizabeth Johnson, Sarah Garner, Martha Cherry, Mary Leggitt. 
Granddaughters: Sarah Ann McHenry, Susanna McHenry, Wineford 
McHenry, Elizabeth Cherry (daughter of Arthur Garner and Sarah) 
Grandsons: J.ames Cherry' (son of Marth.v), J.ames Corner (son of Ar- 
thur and Sarah Garner), Simon Butler (son of John), John Butler 
(son of James). Executors: Elizabeth Butler (wife), John and James 
Butler (sons). Witnesses: Edmund Andrews, John Whitehurst, Solo. 
Wilson. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 

Codicil to Will of John Butler: Dated November .5, 1773. Grandson: 
Andrew Butler. Granddaughter: Elizabeth Cherry. Daughter: 
Phereby McHenry. Witnesses: J.^cob Harris, Solo. Wilson. 

BuxTON", Samuel. Northampton County. 

February 11, 1743-1744. February Court, 1743. Sons: Samuel, Wil- 
liam, George, Jacob. Daughters: Ann Buxton, Petronelia Buxton 
(to each of the above-named children is bequeathed five pounds Virginia 
currency). Son: Lewis ("my plantation and land"). Wife and Execu- 
trix: Ann. Witnesses: Elizabeth Edwards, Isaac Edwards, J. Ed- 
wards. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Abstract of Wills, IGOO — 17G0. 

Bykd, John. Chowan Coimty. 

September lo. 1716. October Court, 1716. Son: John ("tract of land, 
640 acres lying at New Market). Son: Edward (365 acres land), Wii/- 
Li.vM (365 acres land). Son: Richard ("plantation I now live upon"). 
Wife: Rebecc.\. Daughter: Anne. Executors: Rebecca Byhd and John 
Hardv. Wit7iesses: Jno. Crambie, Susannaji, Mary Damrell. 
Clerk uf the Court: R. HicKs. 

BvRi>, Thomas. Bertie Couiity. 

December 14, 1742. February Court, 1742. Sons: Thoma.s (water 
mill), EoM.'iN (.still). Daughters: Honer Baker, Elizabeth Jones, Mar- 
GERRiT HoLLOMAN, Sarah Bird, Ann Bird. Wife: Elizabeth {Execu- 
trix). Witnesses: Chrlsfor Hallomon, Thomas Baker, Antho. Webb. 
Clerk of the Court: Henry DeSon. Court held at the house of John Collins. 

Byroji, Thos. Pasquotank County. 

March 13, 1709-1710. Friend: Benjamin West. Executors: John 
Palin, Benjamin West. Witnesses: .\rthur Hatch, Barthole.mew 
Hewitt. Coat of arms seal. No probate. 

Cain, IIardv. Edgecombe County. 

December 21, 1754. May Court, 1755. Daugliters: Isabell Cain 
("plantation whereon I now live"), Plurity. Wife ami Executrix: Rachel. 
Brother and Executor: James Cain. Witnesses: Wallis Jones, Jajies 
Correll. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Cain, John. Edgecombe County. 

February 9. 1755. February Court, 1757. Sons: Jonathan, Abijah 
(dwelling plantation). Daughter: Zipporah. Executor: Jonothan Cain 
(son). Witnesses: Jas. Dehorty, John Tanner, Rebekah Dehorty. 
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Mo.ntfort. 

Cain, William. Bertie Precinct. 

March 3, 1732. Sons: Hardy ("my plantation"), William (290 acres of 
land), James (upper part of dwelling plantation). Daughters: Patience 
Cain, Unis Cain, Sary Cain, Rachbll Cain. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Witnesses: Richard Pace, Junr., William Cane. No probate. 

Caldwell, Robert. Bladen County. 

March 24, 1749. June 20, 1750. Brother: Joshua Caldwell. Wife 
and two sons mentioned, but not named. Friend: William Neale. Ex- 
ecutors: Joshua Caldwell (brother), Joseph Clark. Witnesses: Ger- 
shan Benbow, John Leary, Samuel Neale. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

60 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Callaway, Caleb. County not given. 

June 10, 1706. June 1.3, 1706. Son and Executor: JosuA (plantation 
on Yawpim). Daughter: Rachel, wife of John Wiatt. Granddaughter: 
Elizabeth Wiatt, daughter of John Wiatt (one negro). Wife: Eliza- 
beth. Witnesses: Thomas Long, John Bareow, Anthony Wherry. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Snoden. 

Callaway, Joshua. Perquimans County. 

February 23, 1741. July Court, 1742. Sons; Thomas ("plantation 
whereon he now lives"), John, Caleb. Daughter: Elizabeth 
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Callaway (daughter of Caleb). Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: John Callaway (son). Witnesses: 
William Wyatt, Thoma.s Long. John Stepney. 

Callio, Joseph. County not given. 

April 29, 1719. July 22, 1719. Wife and daughter: Jane and Eliza- 
beth Callio {Executors). Witnesses: Thomas Harrys, Adam Moore, 
Louis Thomas. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 217. Original miss- 

Cambbell, Alexander. Chowan Precinct. 

February 4, 1726. February 21, 1726. Wife and Executrix: Anne. 
Daughter: Sahah Cambrell. Executor: William Cotrell. Witnesses: 
Robert Jeffrys, Paul Bunch, Thomas Muns. Will proven before 
Rich'd Everard. 

Cambeidge, Feancis. Ujjper Parish of Nansemond County. 

Februarj' 2, 1710. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: An- 
drew Ross, James Haward, Jno. Sumner. Recorded in Book 1712- 
1722, page 36. Original missing. 

Cambeill, Anne. Chowan Precinct. 

February 16, 1726. February 21 , 1726. Sole devisee and legatee: Daugh- 
ter (not named). Witnesses: Robert Jeffreys, Thomas Smith. Will 
proven before Rich'd Everard. 

Cameelen, Daniel. Northampton County. 

January 7, 1747. May Court, 1752. Son: Philip Alexander Camer- 
len. Daughters: Rachel C.amerlen, Ann Whitley, Bridget Godwin, 
Elezin Tewe, Mary Best, Elisabeth Whitley. Grandson: Joseph 
Godwin. Granddaughter: Belason. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Wit- 
nesses: William Whitley, Joshu.\ Williams. Clerk of the Court: I. Ed- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 61 

Campbell, Hugh. County not given. 

January 28, 17.37. February 20, 1737. Executors: Roger Moore, 
Eleazar Allen. Wife and Executrix: Magdalen Campbell. Witnesses: 
Cornelius Harnett, Rich.ard Shaw. Will proven before Gab. Johnston. 
No devisees or legatees in this will. 

Campbkll, James. New Hanover County. 

July .30, 1759. October 10, 1759. VVilmin<:ton. Brothers: William 
Campbell (| of land on North West Brown Marsh, one lot in Wilmington 
on Market Street, also 3 other lots in Wilmington), Robert Campbell 
(other half of lands on Brown Marsh, three lots in Wilmington), Samuel 
(tract of land on Hammond Creek in Bladen Co.). lots in Wilmington. 
Executors: Mother (not named) and Willi.ui Campbell (brother). 
Witnesses: Marmaduke Jones, Caleb Grainger, Moses Jno. DeRos- 
SET. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs at Brunswick. 

Campbell, John. New Hanover County. 

February 4,1770. May 16, 1770. Wife ami Executrix: Mauy. Daugh- 
ters: Mary Campbell, Rachel Campbell, Ann C.4.MrBELL. Executor: 
Henry Toomer. Witnesses: Thos. Henderson, Robert Weir, David 
Ross. Will proven before Wm. Tryon at Wilmington. E.xecutrix qu.ali- 
tied Ijefore Cornelius Harnett, Justice of the Peace. 

Campbell, Willlvm. Beaufort County. 

October 8, 1743. March Court, 1743. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Son: 
William ("all my lands"). Son-in-law: John Lewinton. Brother-in- 
law: John Barrow. Witnesses: Mary Howard, John Everton, Robert 
Howard. Clerk of the Court: M. Goold. (?) 

Canady, Eichaed. Tyrrell County. 

April 20, 1744. October 23, 1749. Son: John ("plantation whereon I 
now live"). Daughter: Kezi.a. TT't/e; Katherine. Executors: 3oaN Can- 
aday (son) and Stevens Lee. Witne.'ises: Richard Draper, Evan 
Jones. Clerk of the Court: Josiah Hart. E.xecutors ciualified before 
Stevens Lee. 

Canady, Samuel. County not given. 

January 2, 1727-1728. Sons:, Samuel ("my manor planta- 
tion"). Daughter: KhiZABETH. . Executors: Will Benett and J OH>i Bar- 
field. Witnesses: John Puffields, Margret Wastands, John Smith. 
No probate. 

62 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Canlepi, Michael. Craven County. 

October 31, 1743. December 22, 1743. Godson and Executor: John 
FoNviLLE. Witnesses: Joseph Hannis, Joseph Hannis, Sr., J no. 
Martin. Clerk of the Court: N. Routledgb. 

Cannings, Joseph. Albemarle County. 

October 12. 172S. September 22, 1729. Wife and Executrix: Rebeka. 
Friends: Joshua Turner and Mary Turner (gold ring to each). Wit- 
nesses: Jonathan Bateman, Thomas Bateman, Elizabeth Bateman. 
Will proven before Rich'd Everard. 

Cannon, Edward. Beaufort and Hyde Precinct. 

June 10, 1729. Sons: Edward, Dennis, William, Henry, David. 
John ("mj' plantation"). Daughters: Margaret, Sarah Woodard, Jane, 
Mary, Olip, Ruth. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John 
Knowis, John Lawhon. Richard Abel. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Mat- 

Capps, Dennis. Currituck County. 

April Court, 1749. Sons: Edward ("land he now lives on"), Moses 
("eastern part of my land"), William ("western part of my land"), 
Henry (one shilling), Dennis (one shilling), Phillip ("all ye rest of my 
estate"). Gramlson: Enoch Capps. Daughters: Sarah B.\rry, Mili^ 
borough Bryan, Mary Stripes, Eliz.\beth Capps. Executors: Wife 
(not named), Moses Capps (son). Witnesses: Robert Simmons, Willis 
Simmons, Elias Cornish, Doyley Latter. Clerk of the Court: Richard 

Car, Patrick. Bertie County. 

November 7, 1742. February Court, 1742. Sons: Jonathan ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live"), Thomas. Daughter: Margaret Car. Wife 
and Executrix: Tamar. Executor: Richard Williams. Witnesses: Mi- 
CA.TAH Hinton, ELIZABETH Benton, Ros.annah Wood. Clerk of the 
Court: Henry DeSon. 

Carleton, Arthur. Chowan Precinct. 

January 9, 1718-1719. .\pril 22, 1719. Wife: (mentioned, but not 
named). Wittiesses: James Ward, Wm. Houghton, Wji. Grossvenor. 
Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Carman, Williaji. County not given, 

Augvist 12, 1725. November 1, 1727. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Granddaughters: Ann Carman and Sarah Simmons. Witnesses: Timothy 

WiNSLOB, William Tate, Gilbert . Will proven before Rich'd 


Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17C0. 63 

Caek, Willlam. Dupliu Coimty. 

December 5, 1753. October Court, 1754. Son: Archbald (plantation 
and houses). Dai/ghlpr: .J.\ne C'.vrr. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. 
Witnesses: John Dickson, William McRee, Su.sannah McAlexander. 
Clerk of the Court: JoH.\ Diok.son. 

Careaway. James. Craven County. 

March 9, 1773. Sons: Enoch (100 acre.s of land on Bay River), Fr.ancis 
(1.50 acres of land on Bay River). Jcseph. Gideon. iMughtcrs: Nancy, 
Fannv. Wife: Ann. Executors: Joseph and Gideon Carrawav (sons). 
Witnesses: Thos. Nelson, Thom.^s Cahraway, Jesse Bry'an. WiU 
proven before Jo. Martin. 

Caeruthees, John. Pcrquiiuans Couiitv. 

February 2, 1751-1752. April Court, 1752. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth ("plantation whereon I now dwell lying on Yopim"). Brothers: 
James and Jacob (tract of land on Deadman's Swamp), N.vthaniel and 
Robert (land up Roanoke), Executor: John Wilkins. Wityiesses: J. 
Halsey, Debroh Wilkins, James Brinkley. Clerl; of tlie Court: Ed- 
mund Hatch. 

Caeruthees, John. Craven County. 

September 20, 1751. February Court. 1752. Daughters: Hawaii Rice 
(gold buttons), Rocksolanah Witherinton (1 lot in Newborn joining 
Pollock Street and Eding Street, known as No. 08), Frances Hodges 
(cattle and one slave). Sons: John ("riding sadal & bridle, one pr. large 
money seals and silver shu-buckels and Knee Buckels"), Joseph (6 large 
silver tea spoons, silver tea tongs and strainer and four large silver spoons) , 
William. Sons-in-law: Fr.ances Hodges and John Witherinton. 
Wife: Content. All lands and lots in Newbern (including the two where 
"the long house stands"), together with slaves, ordered to be sold and 
proceeds divided among three sons. Executors: John and Joseph (sons). 
Witnesses: Sarah Betsworth, Abiah Bangs. Sol. Rew. C/e?7c of the 
Court: Phil. S.mith. 

('aeruthees, Nathaniel. Perquimaus County. 

June 22, 1745. January Court, 17.50. Sons: James, J.vcob and John. 
Executors: James and John Carrtjthers (sons). Witnesses: John Step- 
ney, John Ronsham, Jacob Carruthers. Clerk of the Court: Edmdnd 
Hatch. Justice of the Peace: Peter Payne. 

Caeruthees, Robeet. ISTewloern, Craven County. 

March 14, 1758. March 27, 1758. Wife and Executrix: Unice. Daugh- 
ter: Lydia Ralier. (To these two is devised "all my Intts in New Bern 

64 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

and all my land in this Province.") Witnesses: Mich Smith, Thcs. Haslen, 
Rd. Cogdell. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs at New Bern. 

Caetee, Ann. Onslow County. 

July 21, 1770. July 25, 1770. Legatees and Devisees: Mary Clearey 
(of Philadelphia), Abraham Daws, William Jameson, Stephen Lee. 
Executors: William Jameson and Stephen Lee. Witnesses: Edward 
Morey, Lydia Gillespye, Joseph Littlebridge. Clerk of the Court: 
Wm. Cray. Will proven before Gov. Wm. Tryon. 

Carter, Heney. Bath, Beaufort and Hyde. 

February 3, 1735-1736. March 9, 1735. Sons: John ("plantation I 
now live on"), Henry, Solomon, Walter. Wife and Executrix: Mar- 
GRET. Executor: John Carter (son). Witnesses: Edw'd Had ley, 
Gilbert McNeary, Gild Silverthobn. Justices: Robt. Turner, Simon 
Alderson, Seth Pilkinton. Clerk of the Court: John Collison. 

Caetwrigiit, Grace. Pasquotank Precinct. 

December .30, 1728. June 3, 1729. Daughter: Elizabeth Trueblood. 
Son: Joseph. Other legatees: Josiah Trueblood, Joshua Trueblood, 
John Trueblood, Elizabeth Trueblood, Miriam Trueblood, Eliza- 
beth Mukden, Jeremiah Mdrden, Mary Murden, John Murden, Job 
Cartwright, Senr, Benjamin Cartwright (son of Joseph), Elizabeth 
Cahtwright (daughter of Joseph), Thomas Cartwright (son of 
Executor: Joseph Cartwright (son). Witnesses: Benjamin Miller, 
William Let\'IS, Martha Lewis. Will proven before Richard EveR/VRD. 

Cartwright, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

April 23, 1714. Brothers: Job Cart'k'hight, Thos. Cartwright, Jos. 
Cartwright. Sisters: Eliza Cartwright, Catherine Cartwright. 
Friend: John Murden (son of Jerrom Murden). Executors: Thomas 
and Job Cartwhight (brothers). Witnesses: Gran Cartwright, Will 
NoRRis. No probate. 

Cartwrk^ht, Robert. Pasquotank County. 

April 15, 1746. July Coun, 1746. Sons: Hezekiah ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Josiah, Ezekiel. Daughter: Marth.a Cartwright. 
Grandson: Claudius Cartwright. Wife and Executrix: Martha. Execu- 
tor: Hezekiah Cartwright (son). Witnesses: James Pike, Edward 
Tadlock, Jos. Martin. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

C.\rtwright, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 4, 1706. .A.pril 15, 1707. Sons: Thomas, Robert, Job, John, 

William. Daughters: Catren, Mary, Elis.\beth. Wife and Executrix: 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Grace Carttvright. Executor: John Cartwright (son). Witnesses: 
Thomas Twiddv, George Harris and William Warren. Clerk of the 
Court: Tho. Abington. 

Caetweigiit, Williaji. Chowan or Pasquotank County. 

February 2, 1731. February 16, 1730. Brothers: Robert and Thomas. 
Other legatees: Owen Rees, Hannah St.aff.\rd, Joseph Stockley, M.ary 
Rees (sister), Elizabeth Clark. Executors: Jeremiah Murden and 
Stephen Delemare. Witnesses: Elisabeth Clark, Jonathan Hibb.s, 
Mary Murden. Proven before Richard Everard. 

Caeteigiit, William. Pasquotank County. 

January 15, 1733. April Court, 1734. Sons: Thomas, Robert, 
Joseph ("plantation whereon I now dwell"), Caleb and David (land 
called the Sandy Run), John. Daughters: H.annah Cartright ("land 
above the pigpens"), Tamer Cartright (tract of land called the Little 
For). Other legatees: Oen Rese, Elizabeth Cartright, daughter of 
son John, deceased (forty acres of land on the South side of the Creek 
swamp known by the name of Maverts). Wife and Executrix: S.\rah. 
Witnesses: Edward Whorten, John Richardson, James Greaves. 
Clerk of the Court: Joseph Anderson. 

Carvee, James. Bladen Precinct. 

May 7, 1738. June 7, 1739. Sons and Executors: Jambs (land on 
North side of the North West River), Samuel. Daughters: Mary Ben- 
bow, Ann Carver. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Rich- 
ard Hellier, Ann Hellier. Will proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Caevee, James. Bladen County. 

February 27, 17.53. June Court, 17.53. Son: Job (house and land 
"where I now live"). Daughter: Elizabeth Carver. Brother: Samuel 
Carver. Executors: Samuel Carver (brother) and Elizabeth Carver 
(wife). Witnesses: Richard M.allington, Patrick McConkey, George 
WiLLiss. Clerk of the Court: Tnos. Robeson. The testator devises two 
acres of land "where the meeting house now stands," "to our society 
of People called Quakers." 

Caevee, Samuel. Bladen County. 

April 23, 175S. July Court, 17.5S. Wife a>ul Executrix: Arcadia. 
Sons: Samuel ("plantation whereon I now live"), J.ames (lot in Wil- 
mington). Daughters: Sarah and Mary Carver. Brother: William 
M.\ULTSBY. Witnesses: Saml. Milhous, Charles Benbow, Richard 
Marlington. Clerk of the Court: C. Burgwin. 

66 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Castellaw, William. Bertie County. 

June 18, 1749. August Court, 1749. Mother and Executrix: Sarah 
Castellaw. Brothers: John, Jambs and Thomas Castellaw. Sisters: 
Bathiah, Sarah and Katherine Castellaw. Executor: Thos. Whit- 
MELL. Witnesses: Sarah Sanderson, Hardy Moore. Clerk of the 
Court: John Lovick. 

Caswell, Kichaed. Dobbs County. 

July 2, 1789. January Court, 1790. Revokes will made at death of 
son, William Caswell. One-half acre of ground reserved as burying 
ground at place called "The Hill," where mother and father are buried; 
one-half acre near "Red House," where wife and son William are buried. 
Disclaims any interest in land of Martin Caswell. Samuel Caswell 
and Nathaniel Bird mentioned. Land near Mrs. Shines' dwelling to 
Eleanor Caswell, wife of S.\miiel Caswell, dec'd, until her son Shine 
Caswell becomes of age. Grandsons: Richard William Caswell and 
Richard Francis Mackilewean. Land bought of Rich'd Caswell, 
Jr's., estate to be sold to Jonathan Morris, if he desires it. Daughter- 
in-law: Mrs. Richard Caswell, 1A lots in Kinston. Granddaughter: 
Mart Caswell, mentioned. Daughter: Anna Fonville, land called 
"Walnut Hill." Sons: Winston, Dallam and John. Daughter: Susan- 
nah. Executors: Winston, D.\llam and John. Friend: James Glasgow, 
to advise thera. Friends: Spyers Singleton, Robert White, John 
Herritage, Jesse Cobb, Francis Child, Simon Bright, Joshua Croom, 
Benjamin Caswell, John Coart, to divide all other property into five 
equal shares, after inventory, one share for wife, Sarah Caswell, and 
one share each for Winston,, John and Susannah Caswell. 

A codicil includes further disposition of property to sons Winston, 
Dallam and John, and daughters Anna and Susannah. Witnesses: 
Simon Bright, J.ames Bright. Clerk of Court : N. Caswell. 

Attested as a true copy of will on file in office of Clerk of the Court of 
Lenoir County, July 20, 1799. S. Bright, Clerk. 

Caswell, Matthew. Tyrrell County, 

March 24, 1754. June Court, 1754. Sons: Matthew (plantation 
"formerly belonging to Edward Phelps"), Samuel ("my Log house 
plantation"), Elisha ("my manner plantation"). Daughters: Joanna 
(land called the Red Banks), Elizabeth Caswell (plantation known by 
the name of Briffit's Island and also land on Scuppernong River), Tabith.a 
Cas'SNTILl (land known by the name of the Loghouse land adjoining 
brother Samuel). Other legatee: Caswell Hassell. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Executors: Samuel Spruill (father-in-law) and Matthew 
Caswell (son). Witnesses: Joshua Turner, Robert Elton, Edwtj. 
Phelps. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17C0. (57 

Cavena, Charles. Edgecombe Comity. 

April 8, 1756. February Court, 1757. Sons: David (one shilling), 
Needham (50 acres of land on Beech run), Aquilla (60 acres land on 
west side of Beech Run), Nicolas (one shilling), Arther (60 acres of 
land "joining to Needham land on the River"), Charle.s and Henry 
("the remainder of my land"). Daughter: Mary Cavena(300 acres land 
"on the south side of Northuntee Mach"). Witnesses: John Fotjntaine, 
John Murphree, Abigal Pittman. Clerk of the Court: J-\s. Montfort. 

Cawdeey, Thomas. Craven County. 

August 1, 1748. December, 1748. Executor and sole devisee and 
legatee: John BROVvrN. Witnesses: Peter Glair, Patterson Gillett and 
John Harper. Clerk of the Court: Smith. 

Chadwick, Samuel. Carteret County. 

October 4, 1749. December 5, 1749. Sons: Thomas, Josiah, Gayer 
("my manner plantation"). Daughters: Tamar Chadwick, Sarah Chad- 
wick, Mary Chadwick. Wife: Mary. Executors: Samuel Whithurst, 
Thomas Chadwick, Isaiah Chadwick. Witnesses: Joseph Bray, Re- 
beckah Chadwick, Rachel Young. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read. 

Chalkhill, John. New Hanover County. 

November 14, 1757. February Court, 17.58. Wife: Dorcas. Daugh- 
ters: Mar\ (my ring), L\dia. Vi'ife's daughter: Rachel Howlson. Exec- 
utors: George Moore and Wm. Dry. Witnesses: Rd. Hardy, David 
Bro\vn, Margaret McCorkhill. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran. 

CiiAMEEiiLAix, John. Pasquotank County. 

January 10, 1743-1744. April Court, 1753. Sons: John ("plantation 
whereon I now hve"), William (land on Brighls Branch), Jeremiah ("plan- 
tation joining upon his grandfather's, Jeremiah Everton"). Daughters: 
Mary Bright (wife of Isack Bright), Ann Chamberlin, Bettib Cham- 
berlin, Lucy, Amy and Martha Chamberlin. Executors: John Cham- 
berlin (son) and Isack Bright. Witnesses: Sam'l Etheridqe, Gabr. 
Burnham, Robert Ch.\mberlin, Ben,iamin Burnh-^jvi. Clerk of the 
Court: Thomas Taylor. 

Chambers, Edmond. County not given. 

December 3, 1693. January 2, 1693. Friend: Francis Henry. Wit- 
nesses: Henry Palin. Ann Madren. Clerk of the Court: Edw.ard May'O. 

Chajipiox, Edward. Chowan Precinct. 

January 6, 1717-1718. April Court, 171S. Sons: Joseph (land on the 

West side of Miery Branch), Thomas (land on the East side of Miery 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Branch), Edward. Daughters: Elizabeth Champion, Mary Champion' 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: William Sadler, Henry Lisler. 
Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Champen, John. Chowan County. 

October 10, 1749. April Court, 1751. Grandsons: Ch.vmpen Spivey, 
son of Nathaniell and Martha Spivey (2.50 acres land on South .side of 
Stoping Creek), James Bly, son of William and Elizabeth Ely (250 acres 
land "whereon I now dweO"), Peter Copeland, son of William and 
Sarah Copeland (250 acres of land). Daughter: Margkbt Ward (250 
acres of land). Wife: Sarr.ah. Executors: Sarah Champen (wife), Na- 
thaniel Spivey (son-in-law). Witnesses: John Arlin, Mary Arlin, 
Robt. Elliott. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Craven. 

Champion, Orlando. Chowan County. 

December 13, 1744. January 9, 1744. Daughter and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth Neal ("plantation I now live on"). Other legatees and devisees: 
Mary, wife of William Richards; Ann, the wife of Joseph Ander.son; 
Edward Champion (brother), William Richards. Executors: Joseph 
Anderson and Joseph Blount. Witnesses: Nathaniel Matthews, 
John Verlin, James Fennison. Justice: J. H.\lsey. Will proven before 
Gab. Johnston, Governor. 

Chancey, Edmund. Pasquotank Couuty. 

March 15, 1753. July Court, 1754. Grandsons: Edmund Chancey, son 
of Stephen ("eastermost part of my plantation"), Edmund Chancey, son 
of Jacob ("middlemost part of my plantation"), Edmund Chancey, son of 
Zachariah ("my Sand Hills land"). Sons: Daniel (a riding horse, saddle 
and bridle, dozen spoons, pair of brass scales, large Bible and three young 
horses); Zachariah (one shilling "sterling money to cutt him off from my 
rail and personal Estate because of the Wickedness that he committed in 
my House in the time of my Absence"). Daughter-in-law: R.^chel 
cey (16 barrels of corn, 450 lbs dried meat, 3 gallons fatt, "my wheat patch, 
all my black pepper and all my flax and wool and one half of my sweeten- 
ing"). Granddaughters: Mary and Hannah Chancey. To James Fur- 
bush is bequeathed book "No Cross, No Crown." Children of Daughter 
Ruth: John Baker, Mary DeGrapinred, Blake Baker, Sarah, Ruth 
and Zadock Baker. Executor: John Baker. Witnesses: Robt. Hall, 
Wm. Swann. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Chancey, William. Pasquotank County. 

April 18, 1736. May 13, 1736. Father: William Ch.ancey. Brother: 
Jeremiah Chancey. Sisters: Ann Boid, Elesabeth Sutton, Mary Chan- 
cey, Deborah Chancey. Cousins: Joseph Sutton, Deborah Sutton, 

Absteact of Wills, 1090 — 1700. 69 

John Symons. Executors: Jeremiah Chancey, John Boide (brothers). 
Witnesses: Joe Symons, Mary Lowry'. Will proven before W. Smith, 
C. J. 

CiiANCEY, William. Pasquotank County. 

July 17. 1746. August 4. 1749. Daughters: .\nn Whebdbey, Mary 
CoM.M.ANDER, Deborah Baley. Gmruhons: William Ch.4.ncby ("planta- 
tion whereon I do now live"). Willi.4.m Boyd, William Chancey Com- 
mander, Joseph Satten, Thomas Boyd. Qranddaughters: Deborah Sat- 
ten, Elizabeth Boyd, Winefred Boyd, Ann Baley, Mary Baley. 
Executors: Joseph Baley' and Joseph Commander (sons-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: William Brothers, Darcus Brothers, Robert Lowry. Will 
proven before Gov. Gab. Johnston at Eden House, 

Chapmait, Chas. JSTorthampton County. 

May 19, 175.3. November Court, 17.5.3. Sons: Charles (100 acres 
land), Henry (100 acres), William ("my plantation"), Daniel H.\wkins 
(100 acres on East side of cedy branch). Wife and Executrix: Fr.incis. 
Witnesses: Daniel Hawkins, Charles Ch.vpman, Henry Chapman. 
Clerk of Court: I. Edwards. 

Chapman, John. Carteret Couuty. 

November 2, 1770. December 10, 1770. Sister and Executrix: Sarah ("all my lands"). Brother and Executor: Samuel Chapman. 
Witnesses: Micajah Feazieb, Job Calloway. Will proven before Gov. 
Wm. Try'on. 

Chapman, Maey. Pasquotank Couuty. 

September 2, 1728. December 9, 1729. Daughters: Elizabeth Land- 
well, Sarah Davis (wife of Robert D.wis). Granddauyhter: Mary 
Davis. Executor: Robert Davis. Witnesses: .Abrah.4.m White, Jer. 
Si'MONS. Will proven before Richd. Everard. 

Chappel, Richakd. Chowan County. 

March 5, 1734-1735. October Court, 1735. Sons: Moses, Michaiah, 
Richard. Daughters: Jodah and Sarah Chappel. Wife and Executrix: 
Eliza. Executor: Moses Baker. Witnesses: Michael Brinkley, Wm. 
Trevethan. Clei-k of the Court: James Craven. 

Chaeles, Daniell. 

April 17, 1687. Brothers: John Charles, Samuell Ch.\.rles. Sister: 
Jeane Ch.arles. Executors: Fr.\ncis Tomas, Christopher . Wit- 
nesses: David Blake, David Sherrod, Peter Grey. No probate. 

70 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Chaeles, JoHisr. Coimty not given. 

Sisters: Jane and Elizabeth Charles. Brother: Sa_muel Charles. 
Friends: Mary Tonie and William Boge. No probate. Endorsement: 
"David Sharpe owes me fourteen shillings, John Steyne twenty shillings, 
Edward Mayo owes me 3 L D." 

Chaeles, Hannah. Perquimans County. 

October 1, 1750. July Court, 1752. Son: Edward Moudlin. Daugh- 
ters: Elisabeth White, Sarah Perry, Ann Cox. Grandsons: John 
MoTJDLiN and John Cox. Granddaughters: Mary Moudlin (daughter of 
John Moudlin). Son-in-law: Robert Cox. Executors: John Moudlin 
(grandson), Robert Cox (son-in-law). Witnesses: Jacob Margin, Han- 
nah Moudlin, Davenport Gooding. Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.\tch. 

Charles, Jeane. Perquimans Precinct. 

July 11, 1688. Aunt: Marie Stepney. Other legatees: John Stepney, 
brother and sister (not named), father (not named). Executors: Cristifer 
Nisbrale, Frances Tome.?. Witnesses: Thomas Steell, John Steell, 
John Harlee. No probate. Coat of arms on seal. 

Charles, Samuel. Perquimans County. 

March 12, 1727-1728. Sons: Samuel ("plantation whereon I now live), 
John (tract of land on gum swamp and Bull Branch), Josuay (tract of 
land on gum Swamp). Daughters: Lidey Charles, Sarah Charles, Han- 
NAUGH. Granddaughter: Elizabeth Oaverman. Executors: Samuell 
and John Charles (sons). Witnesses: John Keatten, Nathaniel Al- 
burt, Edward Moudlin. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

Chaeles, William. County not given. 

April 7, 1687. Brother: John Charles (120 acres of land). Daughter: 
Jann Charles ("plantation I now live on"). Wife: Elizabeth. Friend: 
James Hogg. Executors: Francis Tomes (father), Jonathan Philips. 
Witnesses: James Hogg, Daniell Pinbrow. No probate. 

Charlton, John. Chowan Precinct. 

May 13, 1735. April 15, 1736. Sons: Job ("plantation whereon I now 
live"), John (land called "Stacyes"), William (fifty pounds). Wife and 
Executrix: Sarah. Executor: William Haskins. Witnesses: Sarah 
Wardnar, Richard Fitchjarrel. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Cheasten, Etc hard. Perquimans County. 

October 22, 1715. November 22, 1715. Wife: Anne. Son: Richard 
("all my real estate"). Grandson: Daniell Layton. Executors: Joseph 
Jessop, Richard Che.^sten (son). Witnesses: Anthony Haskit, Tabi- 
THA Haskit, Anne Haskit. Secretary to the Governor: J. Knight. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 71 

Cheek, Richard. Beaufort County. 

September 29, 1743. .\pril 30, 1745, Sons: Randolph ("plantation I 
now live on"), William (150 acres land), James (140 acres of land), John 
(150 acres land), Robert (1.50 acres of land). Daughters: Elizbeth 
BuRNEY, Jake Cheek, Ann Cheek. It'i/e.-jANE. Executors: Wu. Cheek, 
Richard Cheek, Jr., and John Burney. Witnesses: Wm. Hix, John 
Thigpen, Robt. Cheek. Will proven before E. Moseley, Chief Justice. 
Clerk of the Court: John Forbes. 

Cherry, Samuel. Beaufort Couuty. 

July 14, 1754. September Court, 1754. Sons: John ("manner planta- 
tion"). William (400 acres land on the Beaverdam), Cado (400 acres of 
land on Briery Swamp), Charles (land on Meadow Branch), Samuel, Sol- 
omon, Samuel, George, Willis. Daughters: Elizabeth, Abigail, Pa- 
tience, Maey and Courtney Cherry, Rebeckah Hodges. Executors: 
John Cherry (son) amd Wm. Willis. Witnesses: Wm. Willis, Griffin 
Floyd, Peter Floyd. Clerk of the Cowi: Walley Chauncy. 

Chester, John. Bertie Precinct. 

January 22, 1728. February Court, 1728. Daughters: Elizabeth 
Chester (land lying on Apple tree, Meratuck, and a place called frog Hall), 
Mary Chesher ("all my tract of land I now live on"), Sarah Chesher 
(land "betwixt the land of John Bowds and the land I now live on"). 
Son-in-law: Jambs Falk (land on Buck Horn). Wife and Executrix: Eliz- 
abeth. Executors: Arthur Williams, John Dew. Witnesses: Joseph 
Darden, William Smith. Clerk of the Court: Rt. For.ster. 

Chesson, Anne. Perquimans County, 

January 3, 1727. January 17, 1727. Sons: John, James and Joshua. 
Sister: Esbell Garret. Executors: Daniel and William Garrett 
(brothers). Witnesses: Joseph Gates, Jean Ames. Will proven before 
Rich'd Everard. 

Chesson, James. Perquimans County. 

Maj' 19, 1729. Sons: John ("all my right of land lying in the crik fork 
in jowan), James ( land "where I now dwell"). Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Executor: William Egerton. Witnesses: Jeremiah Pratt, William 
Egarton, Job. Pr.\tt. Will proven before Rich'd Everard, Governor. 

Chester, John. County not given. 

December 18, 1733. Son: John. Daughters: Leath Adams, Rachell 
HocKiNGS, Mary Chester, Sart Chester, Elizabeth Chester. Son- 
in-law: BBNJ.4.MIN HocKiNGs. Executors: Simon Alderson, William 
Adams. Witnesses: Anne Jackson, Philo. Williams. Clerk of the 
Court: Jno. Collison. 

T2 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Chester, Samuel. Wilmington, 'New Eanover County. 

October 10, 1758. November Court, 1758. Wife and Executrix: 
Martha. Children: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: William 
Vaughan, Wm. W1LKIN.SON, Robert Freeman. Clerk of the Court: Ja. 

Chevin, Nathaniel. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March .3, 1719-1720. Son of loife: Nathaniel Caley. Other legatees: 
Daniel Rich.vrdson, John Farry, Edw'd Barer, Levi Marcum, Charlb.s 
Makcum, Robert Keels. Executors: D.«jiel Richardson and John 
Farry. Proven before John Palin and Richard Sanderson. Recorded 
in Book 1712-1722, page 219. Original missing. 

Chew, Henry, Se. Carteret County. 

May, 1753. March 9, 1758. Sons: Henry, Joseph ("plantation where- 
on I now dwell" and 640 acres of land on Newport River). Daughters: 
Sarah Deal, Jane Parker, Elisabeth Hunt. Friend: Caleb Mary- 
land. Executors: Joseph Chew (son) and Elisabeth Hunt (daughter). 
Witnesses: Ann Read, Mary Ludford and George Read. Wm. Robert- 
son, Clerk of the Court. 

Church, Joseph. Currituck Precinct. 

February 28, 1722-1723. April 9, 1723. Son: Richard. Daughters: 
Ledy White, Ann Church, Wife and Executrix: Julian. Executor: 
Richard Church (son). Witnesses: Hester Jarves, Senr., Azri.vm Par- 
ker, Thomas Parker. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker. 

Clapham, Joseph. Bertie Precinct. 

March 25, 1733. May 8, 1733. Sons: Samuell ("my farm and stock 
in the parish Dewsbery in Yorkshire in old England"), Josias (plantation 
lying on Long Marsh at the head of Tuckahoo creek in Queen Anne Co., 
Maryland, also plantation in Bertie precinct on the Runaray Marshes). 
Executor: Josias Clapham (son). Witnesses: Judeth Walker, Henry 
Walker, John Nairns. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Clare, Hannah. Perquimans Precinct. 

August 26, 1726. Daughters: Hester Winslow, Hannah Bundy 
(husband Benjamin). Graiuldaughter: Mary Jones. Grandson: Wil- 
liam Jones. Son-in-law and Executor: Benjamin Bundy. Witnesses: 
John Bundy, Eliza Bundy, John Simons. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Clark, George. Bertie Precinct. 

February 25, 172.3-1724. July .31. 1724. Friends: Thomas Taylor. 
John Swan, Jonath.^n Taylor. Wife: Elisabeth. Executor: Jon.\- 
THAN Taylor. Witnesses: Jno. Smithwick, George Smith, P.4.trick 
Smith. Will proven before C. Gale, Chief Justice. Clerk of the Court: 
John Carnick. 

Clark, James, Senr, Bladen Couutv. 

April 26, 1757. On Cow Branch upon Drowning Creek. This Is more a 
deed of assignment than a wUl and assigns all right, title and interest of 
J.UtiES Clark of "the plantation I now live upon" to John Stack. Wit- 
nesses: William Bahtram, John Mitchell. 

Clarke, John. County not given. 

May 30, 1689. Wife and Executrix: JIary. Guardians of children: 
Daniel Akhurst, John West and Edward Smith. Friend: Willi.\m 
Curry. Witnesses: Henry P.-^-LIN, Senr., Joh.n Hawkins, John Cabey. 
Will proven before Seth Sothell. 

Clark, John. Perqniniaus County. 

September 3, 1716. November 14, 1717. Sons: John and (es- 
tate divided between them). Wife: Ann. Other legatees: Simon and 
Thomas Trombell, Sar.vh Tro.mbell, Elizabeth Trombell. No Exec- 
utor named. Witnesses: Richard S.^nder.son, John Gray, Simon Trum- 
BELL. Will proven before Charles Eden. 

Clark, Robert. Edgecombe County. 

December 12, 1752. August Court, 1753. Sons: William. Moses, 

Aaron, Robert, Levi. Daughters: Ann Tatum, Jean Clybun, Mary 

Ddglis, Rachel Etheredg, Agness Etheredg, Hannah Underwood. 

Wife: Jean. Executor: Thomas Tathm. Witnesses: Wm. Wiggons, 
Mary Wiggons. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

Clarke, Thomas. Bertie Precinct. 

April 25, 1728. Sons: Thom.\s, Lewis, William, John, Matthew. 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Grace and Bridget. Executors: Wife (not 
named) and Thomas Clarke (son). Witnesses: Nehemiah Joyner, Ellis 
Bradey, Edward Hood. No probate. 

Clayton, Elizabeth. Perquimans County. 

January 13, 1737-1738. February 2, 1737. Daughter: M.\ry Clayton. 
Executors: John Stevenson, John Barclift. Wittiesses: Christian 
Reed, Benjaaiin Baptiste, Mary Durant. Will proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

74 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Clayton, Henry. Chowan Precinct. 

January 20, 1725. July 26. 1725. Wife: Elizabeth. Daughter: Sabah 
Clayton. Trustees for daughter: Christopher Gale, John Lovick and 
William Little (to whom is conveyed tract of land on Perquimans River 
called the "Vinyard," in trust for daughter Sarah). Brother: Richard 
Clayton (of London). Executors: Christopher Gale (father-in-law), 
John Lovick and Willi.UiI Little. Witnesses: William Willi.wws, 

B.^RTH.-iLM Scott, John . Will proven before Rich'd Everard, 

Governor. Coat of arms on seal. 

Cleaee, Timothy. Perquimans County. 

November 10, 1724. November 17, 1724. Daughters: Mary M.^yo, 
Elizabeth Winslowe, Jane Jessop, S.i.rah White, Hann.^h Cle.\re, 
Hepzibah Berry. Sons-iri-laiv: Thos. Winslow (his sons, Timothy and 
Jesse), Thomas Jessop. Grandson: John Robinson. Wife: Hannah. 
Executors: Thos. Winslow and Thos. Jessop (sons-in-law). Witnesses: 
Thomas Bagley, Smith Colla, J. Jessop. Clerk of the Court: E. Moseley. 

Clement, John. Bertie Precinct. 

January 2, 1734. January 29, 1734. Friends: John Bell {Executor), 
Archibald Bell, George Bell, Robert Bell, Penelope Bell. Wit- 
nesses: RoBT. Sharman, Mikel King, Lucy Sharman. Will proven 
before Gab. Johnston, Governor, at Edenton. 

Clements, George. Bertie County. 

February 22, 1729. May Court, 1730. Sons: Benj.^min and George. 
Daughter: Elizabeth Clements. Wife and Executrix: Susanna. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Busby, George French, William Smith. Clerk of the 
Court: Rt. Forster. 

Clifford, Thomas. 

October 9, 1735. "Late of Charlcstown in South Carolina, but at present 
residing in New Hanover Precinct in North Carolina." Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mary. Witnesses: M. Moore, Eliza Swann, E. Moseley. Proven 
before Gab. John.ston. 

Cloase, George. New Hanover County. 

August 8, 1750. April 28, 1760. Father-in-law: Nework Ingrim. 
Mother: Jean Ingrim. Executor: Alexander Duncan. Witnesses: A. 
McKeithen, Jas. Campbell, Jr. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1700. 

CoEN, Benjamin. Pasquotank Precinct. 

November 29, 1734. January 4, 1734. Son-in-law: J.tMES M.\cK- 
BRIDE. Davghter: Beley Coen. Wife: Bridget. Executors: Ch.\rles 
S.4.WYER, Bennett Morgan. Witnesses: Caleb Koen and Bennett 
Morgan. Clerk of the Court: .Jos. Smith. 

CoFFiNE, Maey. Perquimans County. 

June 17, 1707. July 8, 1707. Deceased husband: John Thurston. 
Daughter: Hannah Thdrston. Granddaughter: Sarah Rose. Executor: 
Edmond Modlin. Witnesses: Gilbert Smith. Derby Brayen. Clerk of 
the Court: Tho.s. Snoden. 

CoGWELL, Heney. Pcrquimans Precinct. 

February 26, 1710. October 3, 1719. Daughters: Bettie Cogwell 
("land whereon I now live"), Sarah Cogu'ELL (75 acres of land in Chowan 
precinct). Wife and Execxitrix: Mary. Executor: Peter Ja.mes. Tl'iV- 
nesses: John Jonson, Wm. Egerton, Ja.mes Wilson. Clerk of the Court: 
Rich'd Leary. 

CoKER, Caleb. Edgecombe County. 

June 11, 1748. November Court. 1748. TF(/c; Mary. .Sons: Richard, 
James and Thomas. Daughters: Mary Narron, Ann Brun, Francis 
Wall, Elizabeth Speir, Sarah Coker. Agnes Coker. Executors: Mary 
Coker (wife) and James Speir. Witnesses: Margret Coker and J.\mes 
Coker. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wy'NNS. 

Coker, Richard. Beaufort County. 

March 26, 1756. June Court, 1756. Tl'y'c and Executrix: Margreat. 
Executor: Wm. Speir. Witnesses: John Speir, Wm. Speir, Elizabeth 
Speir. Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

Coleman, William. Edgecombe County. 

December 29, 1749. February Court, 1752. Son: Samuel ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live'')- Daughters: S-'VRAh, Sus.\nn.ih. Wife and Ex- 
ecutrix: Jane, fjecutor.- Robert Coleman (brother). Witnesses: Moses 
Coleman, Cornelius Jordan, Elin Clerk of the Court: Benj'n 

Coleman, Eobeet. Bath County. 

July 9, 1721. September 25, 1721. March 29, 1722. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mary. Daughters: Elizabeth Isler, Mary' White. Granddaugh- 
ter: Mary Isleti. 6'raj!t?sore.- David DupuiSE. Wife's son: Dennis Odier. 

76 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Son-in-law and Executor: Christopher Runnills. Witnesses: Richard 
Cart, John Butler, Peter Green. Clerk of the Court of Isle of Wight Co., 
Virginia: W. Bridgers. C. Gale, C. J. 

Coleman, William. Ansou County. 

May 1, 1750. June Court, 1750. Sons:, Thomas, John, 
James and Samuel (To the 1st three is given "the plantation whereon I 
now live" and to the other two is given "plantation lying upon mountain 
creek"). Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Executor: Joseph White. 
Witnesses: John Hamer, Mary Coleman, Anthony Hutchings. His 
Majesty's Justices: James McCwean, Joseph White, Charles Robinson, 
Edm'd Cartlidge, Sam Davis, Alex'r Osborn. Clerk of the Court: Thom- 
as Jones. 

Coles, James. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 20, 1711. Daughter: Elizabeth Coles (tract of land in Nan- 
semond Coxmty, Va., "whereon my father James Coles lived"; tracts of 
land at Somertowne and Buckland). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: Rich French, Eliz. French, Sarah Evens. Clerk of the Court: 
Henry Clayton. Coat of arms on seal. 

CoLESON, William. Bertie Precinct. 

February 9, 1736. Brothers: Abraham and Joseph Coleson. Sister: 
Sarah Lundy. Executors: Thomas Whitmell and Edw.ard Collins. 
Wit?iesses: Edw'd Collins, James W.ard, Thomas Falconer. Will proven 
before W. Smith, C. J. 

CoLLEY, Magdalen. Albemarle County. 

December 10, 1699. Ratifies and confirms wiU of Matthew Colley, 
except one feather bed and appurtenances which she wills to daughter Re- 
becca. Witnesses: Henry White, Jacob Overman. 

Colley, Matthew. Albemarle County. 

April 16, 1699. Children: Elizabeth, John and Rebecca, one planta- 
tion each. John Nuby. No Executor. No probate. Witnesses: Fenn. 
White, James Davis. 

Colley, Eobeet. Craven County. 

April 15, 1744. June 26, 1744. Son: James. Wife: Katherine. 
Execidor: Dr. Francis Stringer. Witnesses: Wm. Buie, Ed. Warnsley, 
Andrew Bass. Clerk of the Court: N. Routledge. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 17G0. 

CoLLiEE, Cornelius. Beaufort County. 

September 6, 1741. December S, 1741. Friends: Abraham Gray, 
Rebeckah Gray, Cornelius Gray, Elizabeth Gray. Executor: Rich- 
ard Newman. Witnesses: Wm. Barrow, Jonas Squires. Clerk of the 
Court: John Forbes. 

Collins, Charles. ISTewberne, Craven County. 

March 3, 1738. March 7, 1738. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee and 
devisee: Ann, Witnesses: John Reed, Marg'tt Reed, Jno. Williams. 
Will proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Collins, James. Perquimans County. 

April 15, 1730. May 19, 1730. Sons: WilliajM, Thoma,s. Daughter: 
Alie Collins. Wife and Executrix: Luiee. Executor: William Collins 
(son). Friend: Joseph Jessop, Witnesses: Thos. Lilley, Sarah Lilley. 
Will proven before Rich'd Everard, Governor. 

Collins, John. Craven County. 

February 20, 1748-1749. March Court, 1750. Sons: Samuel, Joseph. 
Granddaughters: Elisebeth Jones, Mary Jones, Vini Jones, Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Executor: Samuel Collins (son). Witnesses: William 
Smith, George Barber, Jacob Taylbr. Clerk of the Court: Phil Smith. 

Collins, John. Bertie County. 

December 27, 1749. March 18, 1752. Sons: William (land on Casshi 
River purchased of Jonathan Standley), John and David (bible to each), 
Joseph (plantation on Guy hall swamp purchased of Hardy Keele), 
MiKELL (survey on Redbud), Demsey (plantation on Gie hall Swamp 
"where Henry Ballentine formerly lived"), Jesse ("my plantation"), ,A.B- 
SOLUM (247 acres of land on the Deep Branch). GramJsons: John Keen 
and John Collins tT''i/e a7ul Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: MosBs Hill, 
Jethko Rountree. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Collins, Luiee. 

April 18, 1730. May 19, 17.30. Son-in-law: William Collins. Son: 
Tho.aias. Daughter-in-law: Allie Collins. Executor: Joseph Jessop. 
Witnesses: Susanah Smith, Martin Aspill, Elizabeth Ferrill. Will 
proven before Richard Everard. 

Collins, Eichaed. Bath County. 

September 23, 1707. October, 1707. Legatees and devisees: Edmon 
Parse, Ann Nolson, John Bunting, Executor: Roger Mountery. 
Witnesses: Edward Pitt, Joseph H.alebrook, James Peirce. Clerk of 
the Court: Levi Emewhitt. 

78 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

CoLLixs, Ueiah. Hyde County. 

January 3, 1751-1752. March Court, 1752. Son: Henry ("hotise and 
plantation")- Daughters: Elizabeth Collins and Hann.4.h Collins. 
Executor and Guardian of Children: Timothy Gradless. Witnesses: Joel 
Bartre, Richard Wood. Clerk of the Court: Francis Egleton. Court- 
house in Woodstock town. 

CoLLiNGS, William. Pasquotank Precinct. 

April 8, 1706. July 19, 1709. Wife and Executrix: Elisibeth. Cousin: 
Thomas Wodley. Witnesses: (Capt.) John Hunt, Samuell Davis, 
Elisibeth Davis. Clerk of the Court: John Bishop. 

CoLLis, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

September 3, 1719. Legatees: George Lumley, Samuel B.arnet 
(executor). Witnesses: Griffith Jones, Edward Cooper, Edward Fair- 
cloth. Recorded in Book 1712-22, page 217. Original missing. 

CoLLSoiir, JoHisr. Bertie Precinct. 

M.iy 3, 1730. February Court, 1736. Sons: John, Thomas, Jacob, 
Sandows and Joseph (land on Rognes Swamp to be equally divided 
between them). Daughters: M.vry and Martha Collson. Wife: Susan- 
nah. Executors: Susannah Collson (wife), John Collson (son), Thos. 
Blount, Thos. Whitmell. Witnesses: Agness Lb.'^.gett, John Le.*.gett, 
Charles Haventon. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. 

CoLSTo?f, Mary (Widow of Jacob). 

July 20, 1732. Son: William Colston. Daughter: Sarah Lundy. 
Executors: John Gray, Thomas Witnesses: John Legget, 
Thos. Kearny. No probate. 

CoLTEN, J.\MES. Bcrtic County. 

January 14, 1758. April Court, 1758. Sons: James ("plantation 
where I now live"), Henry, Solomon, Theophilus. Daughter: Christian 
Colten. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executors: Arthur and John 
Colten (brothers). Witnesses: Samuell Colten, Thomas Roche, Mary 
Roche. Clerk of the Court: Benj. Wy'NNS. 

Combs, Winnifitt. Tyrrell County. 

October 31, 1749. March Court, 1750. Sons: Robert and Samuell. 
Daughters: Mary Combs, Elisebeth Brady, Ann Wren. Orandson: 
James Combs. Executor: Robt. Combs (son). Witnesses: D.wiD Dun- 
can, John Ward, John Combs. Clefrk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITfiO. 

Com:>xandee, Joseph Matthew. 

April 23, 1698. Sons: Thomas and Joseph. Executors: J.a.mes Tuke, 
John Tuke. Witnesses: D.^niel Akehurst, Thoma.s Blount, Jeremiah 
Sy.mons, William Nicholson. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover. 

Coji:mander, Thomas. Pa.>^qu<>taiik County. 

August 25, 1739. October Court, 1739. Sons: John ("the west side of 
my land"), Samuel ("land east of the fiat branch"), Benjamin ("great 
iron pott"). Thomas and Joseph. Daughters: Mary and Sarah. 
Executors: Thomas and Joseph Commander (sons). Witnesses: Simon 
Bryan, T. Sweeny, Thomas Symons. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 
Executors qualified before W. S.mith, C. J. 

Commander, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

February 16, 1741-1742. April Court, 1742. Son: Joseph ("all my 
land"). Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Brother and Executor: Joseph 
Commander. Sisters: Sarah Commander and Mary Commander. Wit- 
nesses: Robert Lowry, Ann, Simon Bryan. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Taylor. 

CojiMixFOET, Hendrick. Currituck Precinct. 

July 7, 1712. Sons: Willi.\m, Andrew {executor). Daughter: Mar- 
garet. Witnesses: Richard Ballance, Jane Vandermuler, 
Miller and Thom.*.s V.^ndermuler. Recorded in Book 1712-22, page 
44. Original missing. 


December 7, 1704-170.5. Legatees: Thomas Vince, Richard Cann.vdy. 
Thomas Vandekmulen, Jane Vandermulen, Mary Vince (sister), Mar- 
garet and Sarah Vince. Mother and Executrix: Hendrick Co.minfort. 
Witnesses: Will Swann, John Brown, Thomas Platt, Clerk of the 
Court: Joseph Wicker. Recorded in Book 1712-22, page 244. Original 

Congleton, William. Beaufort County. 

July 21, 1755. December Court, 1755. Sons: James, William ("my 
plantation on the Briery Branch"), John ("plantation that George Hill 
now lives on"), Henry and David ("plantation whereon I now live"). 
Abraham (my still). Daughter: Elizabeth Congleton. Wife: Sarah. 
Executors: James and Willi.vm Congleton (sons) and Sarah Congleton 
(wife). Witnesses: Jas. Bonner, Thos. Bonner,, Willm. Phelps. 
Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

80 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Conner, Andrew. Bath Town. 

January 14, 1754. March Court, 1754. Friends: Roger and Henry 
Or.mond, sons of Wyriott Ormond (972 acres of land on North side of 
Pamplico River). Daughter: Sarah Conner. Executor: Wyriott Or- 
mond. Witnesses: Willm. More, Will Ormond, Jas. Ellison, Thomas 
Williams. Clerk of Craven County Court: Jno. Snead. 

Conner, Demsey. Pasquotank County. 

December 5, 1753. January Court, 1754. Daughter: Annlatitia 

Conner. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Matthias Jordan, 

Joseph Jordan, Elizabeth Jord.^n. Clerk of the Court: Thos. T.aylor. 

Conner, John. Pasquotank County. 

October 5, 1753. October Court, 1753. Sons: John, Cador. Daugh- 
ters: Mary Conner and Ruth Conner. Wife and Executrix: Elisebeth. 
Executor: Jos. Scott. Witnesses: Jos. Jordan, Penelope Jordan. Clerk 
of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Connerlt, John. Johnston County. 

October 17, 1751. March Court, 1751. Sons: and Cullen 
(300 acres of land in DupHn Co.). Wife: Kesiah. Daughter: Patience. 
Brothers: Richard Jones, Stephen Herring. Executor: Anthony Her- 
ring. Witnesses: Elizabeth Jones, Griffin Jones. Clerk of the Court: 
Chas. Young. 

Conway, Mary. New Bern, Craven County. 

August 17, 1774. August 26, 1774. Son: Willi.oi Conway (''lands 
and lotts in the town of New Bern, together with all negroe slaves, two 
pair of gold Buttons and the residue of My Gold Rings * * * * And I 
do earnestly intreat my Executors to pay strict regard to the education 
of my said son in such manner as shall be necessary to qualify him for 
such Business or profession as his Genius shall most incline to"). Other 
legatees: Mary Gordon, Susannah (wife of Edmund Wrenford) and 
Elizabeth Elmsley (silk and linen wearing apparel). Executors: John 
Hawks and Edmund Wrenford. Witnesses: John Bonner, Joseph 
Dowse and Henry Vipon. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Cook, John. Bertie County. 

November 24, 1744. January 30, 1745. Sons: Samuel (plantation on 
Black Walnut Swamp), Isaac (100 acres land), David (100 acres of land 
on Salmon Creek). Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth and Anna Cook. 
Wife and Executrix: Anna. Executor: Isaac Cook (son). Witnesses: 
Thos. Ryan, Wm. Ball, Isaac Ratliff. Will proven before Gab. 
Johnston at Eden House. 

Abstract of, Wills, 1690 — 1760. 81 

Cook, Samuel. Bertie County. 

October 2, 1756. January Court, 1757. Sons: John ("my plantation, 
containing 162 acres), Jesse (100 acres of land at the head of Black 
Walnut), Benjamin, William. Daughters: Frances, Maky and Eliza- 
beth Cook. Wife avd Executrix: Mary. Executors: Edward Bryan, 
John Cook (son), Robert West. Witnesses: John Burn, John Perry, 
Robert West. Clerk of the Court: Benj. Wynns. 

Cook, John. County not given. 

August 19, 1696. Sore; Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. IF i<- 
nesses: Henderson Walker, Ann Walker, Argell Si.mons. Clerk of 
the Court: W. Glover. 

Cook, Thomas. Chowan County. 

November 20, 1734. January 20, 1734. Legatees: Grizell Bull 
("houses and lots in Edenton and negroes), John Cook (uncle). Execu- 
tors: John Paylen and Edmund Gale. Witnesses: Charles Westbeere, 
Samuel Snowdbn, Peter Young. Proven before Gabriel Johnston. 
Recorded in Book 1722-35, page 344. Original missing. 

Cook, William. Northampton County. 

April 3, 1758. October Court, 1758. So7is: William, J.vmes, Elime- 
leach, John, Laz.vrus, Daniel, Henehy, Ephraim, Mercurius (to 
each is bequeathed one shilling). Daughters: Elizabeth Cook, Mary 
Cook (one shilling each). Wife and Executrix: Neomy (balance of estate). 
Witnesses: Emelius Bering, Richard Worrell, Tho.m.\s Paire. Clerk 
of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Cooper, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

April 3, 1753. April Court, 1754. Sons: Joseph, Jajvies. Daughters: 
Sarah and Mary Cooper. Wife and Executrix: Sar.aji Ann Cooper. 
Witnesses: Jarvis Jones, Antony Forehand, Bridgitt Jones. Clerk of 
the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

CoPELAis^D, James. Chowan County. 

March 13, 1752. Son: James (tract of land on Chowan River). Daugh- 
ter: Mary Copeland. Wife and Executrix: Diana. Witnesses: James 
Fallaw, Isac Williams, John Thach. No probate. 

Copeland, William. 

October 23, 1720. Sons: William ("plantation whereon I now live"), 
John, James and Charles ("land betwixt Sandy Run and Bear Swainp"). 
Daughters: Christian and S.^jiah Copeland. Wife and Executrix: 


82 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Christian. Witnesses: John Eardan, George Turnedge, Elizabeth 
TuRNEDGE. Will proven before Christopher Gale. Clerk of the Court: 
John Carnick. 

CoPELAND, WiLLLAM. Chowan Preciiict. 

January 26, 1753. April Court, 1753. Sons: William ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Jesse. Daughters: Anne Copeland, Judath Cope- 
land. Wife and Executrix : Sarah. Witnesses : Everard Garrett, 
Thomas Small, Charles Copeland. Cleric of the Court: Jas. Craven. 

CoEBETT, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

January 10, 1692. April 3, 1693. Legatees and Devisees: Sahah Lily 
(daughter of John Lily), Rebekah, Ann, Jonathan and Richard Vins 
(children of Richard Vins, Sr.) Executor: Richard Vins, Sr. Witnesses: 
Benjamin Gidon, Johannah Gidon, Anthony Dawson. Clerk of the 
Court: John Stepney. 

CoEBiw, Jean (widow of Feancis Coebin), Chowan County. 
February 10, 1775. April 3, 1775. Legatees : John Rutherford, Jr., 
William Gordon Rutherford and Francis Rutherford, "children of 
my good friend John Rutherford of New Hanover County" (1,260 acres 
of land on the East Branch of Long Creek; plantation on the North east side 
of the North West branch of Cape Fear adjoining Henry Simmons; 
plantation in Bladen County adjoining Macknights on the West side of 
the Northwest branch of Cape Fear River, together with all negroes, 
household furniture and personal estate of testatrix). Executors: Lewis 
Henry DeRosset, John Rutherford and Thomas Holloway. Wit- 
nesses: Sam Ashe, Daniel and David Morgan. Proven before Jo. 
Martin. Executor qualified before Richard Caswell. 

CoEE, Thomas. Northampton County. 

October 26, 1751. May Court, 1752. Sons.- Thomas, Arthur. Daugh- 
ters: Marget Cooper, Mary Holland, Elizabeth Core, Grace Core. 
Wife and Executrix: Margitt. Executor: Arthur Core (son). Wit- 
nesses: James Boyte, John Right, Wm. Murfree. Clerk of the Court: I. 

CoEET, John. Pasquotank County. 

February IS, 1757. March 25, 1757. Sons; John, Thomas and Joseph. 
Wife and Executrix: Luca. Executor: Thomas Corey (son). Witnesses: 
Ann Coak, John McKeel. Clerk of the Court: Thos. T.vylor. 

CoEP, John. 

December 20, 1718. February 10, 1718-1719. Son and Executor: Wil- 
liam. Daughter: Elner Corp. Wife and Executrix: Elinor. Brother: 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1700. 83 

Richard Corp. Brother-in-law: Richard Brothers. Witnesses: 3. 
Pawn, Chas. Bull, Sarah Bull. Will proven before John Robison, 
Justice of the Peace. 

Corp, John. Pasquotank Couuty. 

March 10, 1753. April Court, 175.3. Brother and Executor: William 
Knights. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Thomas Mc- 
Keels, Edward Knights. Clerk of the Court: Thos. T.aylor. 

CoRPREW, Thomas. Chowan County. 

August 18, 1748. Januarj' Court, 1748. Sons: John (400 acres land in 
Perquimans and 200 in Chowan Co.), George DurantCorprew ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live; plantation of 700 acres in Princess Ann County, 
Va."). Wife: Sarah. Daughter-in-law: Mary Buncomb. Poor of the 
Parish of St. Paul in Chowan Co. (one negro man). Executors: Sarah 
CoKPREW (wife), Joshua Corprew (brother), Benjamin P.\yton, Miles 
Gale, William Haskins. yHtncsses: Clement Hall, John Rembough, 
John Ross. CTerA-o/tte Cojirt; Will Mearns. Executors qualified before 
Jos. Anderson, J. P. 

CoEEEE, James. Bertie County. 

October 22, 1750. May Court, 1754. Sons: James (''manner planta- 
tion"), David, John and Jacob. Daughters: M.\rgret Corree, Janit 
CoRREE. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Thomas Whitmill, 
Arthur Williams. Witnesses: Abraham Jordan, Hester Bro.^dwbll, 
Arthur Williams. Clerk of the Court: Saml. Ormes. 

CosTE, Ephraim. County not given. 

November 14, 1719. God-daughter: Elizabeth Markham. Executor: 
Anthony Markh.ui. Witnesses: Levi Markham Lbnerton. No pro- 

CoTTEN, John. ]SI"orthamptou County. 

Date of death, Febiiiary 2, 1741. Sons: John ("plantation whereon I 
dwell"), Benjamin ("plantation whereon Philip Edens lives"). Daugh- 
ters: Mary Brucle (or Breecle) (land at Blue water), Anne Gotten, Sarah 
Gotten (one negro). Wife and Executrix: Anne. Executor: William 
Gotten (brother). Witnesses: Richd. Barfibld, Thomas Cow.vian, John 
Dawson. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. This is a nuncupative will 
proven before Isaac Hunter by the witnesses above named. 

Gotten, Samuell. Northampton Couuty. 

January 16, 1774. May 18, 1774. Sons: S.amuell ("my manor planta- 
tion"), John. Wife and Executrix: Lidia. Wife's children: Elisabeth 
Gotten Ewell, Sally Gotten Ewell, Roderick Cotton Ewbll. Other 

84 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

legatees : Thomas Thomas, Eukidicb Gahdinar (bound boy), John Frank- 
lin. Executor: Robert Hilliard. Witnesses: C. E. Taylor, Jno. 
Barnes, Sarah Jossey. Will proven before Jo. Martin at Halifax. 

Gotten, Saeah. ISTorthamptou County. 

December 7, 1753. February Court, 1754. Sons: William Bridgers, 
Joseph Bridgers, John Bridgers, Charles Cotten, William Gotten, 
Robert Gotten. Daughters: Sarah Gotten, Patience Gotten, Pris- 
cilla Wills, Mary Gotten, Martha Scott. Executor: William Bridg- 
ers (son). Witnesses: John Dawson, Richd. Wills, John Scott. Clerk 
of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Codicil: Dated December 13, 1753. Mentions sons: Joseph Bridgers, 
Charles, William. Witnesses: John D.^wson, John Scott. ' 

Cotton, John. Bertie County. 

May Court, 1728. Sons: John, William, Samuel, Thomas, Arthur, 
James, Joseph, Alexander. Wife: Martha Cotton. Sons-in-law: 
John Thomas, Capt. John Spears. Daughters: Susannah and Priscilla 
Cotton, Martha Benton, widow of Francis Benton. Executors: 
Thomas Bryan and William Bennet. Witnesses: Thomas Bryant, 
Thos. Strange, Mary Parker. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. The 
following lands devised; 320 acres on Ahoskey Marsh; 150 acres in the Ose- 
row Meadow; land bought of Charles Stevenson; land called the Green 
Pond Neck; lower survey on Fishing Creek; 400 acres of land in upper sur- 
vey on Fishing Greek. Several negro slaves bequeathed, together with a 
great quantity of personal property in the shape of wearing apparel, house- 
hold furniture, etc. 

Cotton, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 1, 1791. July 4, 1792. Son: Humpre. Executors: Thomas 
Syons, Jaeamtah Symons, Joseph Commander. Witnesses: Caleb 
Bundy, Jane Bundy. Clerk of the Court: Paul Latham. 

CouLsoN, William. County not given. 

November 18, 1712. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: David Hender- 
son and John Boyd. Witness: Wm. Downing. Original missing. Re- 
corded in Book 1712-1722, page 53. 

Courtney, Robert. Onslow County. 

January 17, 1750. April 2, 1751. Sons: John (1 shilling), Robert 
(land on the Half Moon Creek on the East side of the Northwest branch of 
New River called Wallins), Jonathan (plantation whereon "I now live"), 
RowLAN (100 acres land on lower end of plantation). Son-in-law: Rich- 
ard Curtis. Friend: Benjamin Eason. Wife: Hannah. Daughter: 

Abstbact of Wills, 1G90— 1760. 85 

Phebe Curtis. Executors: Robert and Jonathan Courtney (song). 
WHnesses: Matthew Lewis, Jos. Sturges, Benjamin Eason. Clerk of 
Court: Thos. Black. 

CowAED, John. Bertie Precinct. 

March 8, 1737. August Court, 1737. Sons; William and John (planta- 
tion whereon I now hve), Bevard. Wife: Elisabeth. Executor: Joseph 
WiMBEBLEY. Witnesses: Edward Vann, Henry V.ann, 
Taler. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

CowEN, Garrett. Albemarle County. 

July 6, 1720. April Court, 1721. Son: Daniel. Wife: not named. 

Witnesses: and Elizabeth Kowen. Clerk of the Court {pro tern.): J. 


CowELL, Benjamin. Currituck County. 

October 5, 1752. March Court, 17.56. Sons: Benj.amin, Solomon, 
William, Butlar, Edmond, John, Thoi^as. Daughters: Rebecca Cow- 
ell, Elizabeth Cowell, Dorcas. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Executor: Solomon Cowell (son). Witnesses: Jos. Campbell, John 
WooDHousE, Jordan Rogers. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Cox, Edward. Currituck County. 

September 26, 1748. July Court, 1751. Sons: Thomas ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Absalom (plantation ot 75 acres), Ellia ("remainder 
of my land"). Daughter: Jemima Parker. Executors: Thomas, Absa- 
lom, Elijah Cox (sons). Witnesses: Wm. Shergold, Nathl. Wilson, 
Malachi Wilson. Clm-k of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Cox, Charles. Duplin County. 

November 24, 1752. .\pril 10, 1759. Daughter: Anne Cox (500 acres 
ot land in the province of "pencelvany" (Pennsylvania) in the County of 
Newcastle). Wife and Executrix: Francesina ("plantation whereon I 
now live"). Executor: Joseph Willson. Witnesses: Ambrose Dudley, 
Aaron Hodesen. Clerk of the Court: John Dickson. 

Cox, John. Onslow County. 

April 18, 1743. Wife: Christian ("one-half my plantation"). Daugh- 
ter: Martha Cox (other half plantation). Executor: John Starkey. 
Witnesses: James Hoyle, Daniel Shorly, Mary Pelwood. Clerk of the 
Court: Wm. Cranford. 

CoxE, EoBEET. Little River Precinct. 

February 21, 1725. November 25, 1730. Son: Robert. Daughters: 
Sarah Coxe, Anne Weeks. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Mart Collings, John Boswel. Will proven before Richd. Evbr- 


86 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Cox, Thomas. Currituck County. 

April 30, 174.3. July 5, 1743. Sotis: Edward (land called the "Wolfpit 
Ridge"), Solomon ("maner plantation"), Maembduke (41 acres of land)- 
Daughters: Mary Cox, Dinah Cox, Ann Cox. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Witnesses: John Shurlby, Lucy Platts. Ckrk of the Court: John Lang. 

Ceaddock, Riciiaed. Pasquotank County. 

January 9, 1685. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee and devisee: Eliza- 
beth. Witnesses: Anthony Hatch, Steven Stell, John Bownd, Mar- 
GRET BowND. No probate. 

Ceaig, Eichaed. 

February 9, 1695-1696. April Court, 1696. Friends: Patrick Beally 
{Executor), John and David Beally (sons of Patrick). Witnesses: Sam- 
UELL Davls, John Davis. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Ceanfoed, Williaji. Onslow County. 

October 4, 1743. April Court, 1745. Sons: James ("plantation where- 
on he now lives"), John ("plantation whereon I now live"). Son-in-law 
and Executor: Phillip Finsinger. Wife and Executrix: Katherine. 
Witnesses: Thos. Roberts, Richd. Melten, Robert Melten. Clerk of 
the Court: Andr. Murray. 

Ceaven, James. 

September 28, 1755. October 11, 1755, "Late of Droughton near Skip- 
ton in Craven in the County of York in Great Britain, now of Edenton in 
North Carolina." "I give to my ivife Penelope Craven (formerly Hodg- 
son) all the Black cattle, sheep and hogs at the "Brick House" and the 
"Ould plantation called Pagetts Plantation" and in the Range commonly 
called the Great Marsh," together with ten negroes and all "the Craven 
Silver Plate" and furniture; fifty books and horse and side saddle. Other 
legatees: "Dockter Abrah.\m Boulton (brother), Thomas Craven Hodg- 
son ("my large gold seal"), William Badham (six silver spoons). Doctor 
John Craven, Mary Leeming (sister), Peter Leeming. Executors: 
Francis Corbin, Wyriot Ormond, William Heritage of North Carolina 
and John Watson of Suffolk, Virginia. Witnesses: Sarah Blount, Jo- 
seph Harron, John Williams, John Pindor. Proven before Arthur 


Ceawfoed, WiLLLiM. Cliowan County. 

May 12, 1732. January 13, 1735. Daughters: Elizabeth, wife of Alex- 
ander Oliver; Honner, wife of Edward Dillday. Granddaughter: 
Mary Oliver. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Grandsons: Wm. Cr.4.wford 
(appointed Executor), Thomas Jenkins. Witnesses: Joseph Vaun, Anne 
Vaun, Richard Taylor. Will proven before W. S.mith, C. J. 

ABSTR.VCT OF WiLLS, 1690—1760. 87 

Creech, Heney. Albemarle County. 

Ausust 16, 1709. No probate. Son-in-law: John Dailie (land at ye 
beetree neck). Sores; Thomas and William (land "called ye bald ridge"), 
Richard, Henry. Wife and Executrix: Joyce. Witnesses: Elenor 
James, Tamer Creech, John Belt. Original missing. Recorded in 
Book 1712-1722, page 28. 

Cressy, Levi. Perquimans County. 

October 21, 1734. October 28, 1734. Sores; John, Joseph. Daughter: 
Elizabeth Cressy. Executors: John Cressy (son) and Zachari.4.h Cha- 
NEY. Witnesses: Nann Jones, John Moore, Zachariah Ch.\ney. Will 
proven before Geo. Burrington. 

Cricket, John. Bertie County. 

October, 1753. April Court, 1755. .Sores; John (300 acres of land on 
the Middle Swamp), Thomas ("plantation whereon I now live" and land on 
South sideof the Branch), Charles (land on the North side of the Branch). 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: John Cricket (son). Witnesses: 
Rot. Lenox, Alexr. Ford, Edward Rason. Clerk of the Court: Benja- 
min Wynns. 

Crisp, Nicholas. Chowan Precinct. 

March 22, 1727. May 23, 1727. Grandsons: Richard Crisp (lands and 
plantations in Chowan precinct; plantation known by the name of Wind- 
lys; lot and warehouse in Edenton; land in Perquimans precinct known by 
the name of Fendals; the Island called Batts Grove), George Dorant. 
Granddaughters: Mary Ddrant (plantation and lands in Perquimans pre- 
cinct lying on .\lbemarle Sound between Norcombs and Col Harneys), 
Sarah Dur.ant ("all my lands lying on Moratoke River in Bertie Precinct 
at .and near Shauwaukee and Hennunteh containing 1120 acres); Ann Du- 
rant, Elizabeth Durant. Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth Crisp (widow of 
son, John Crisp). Daughter: Hagar Dur.^nt. Executors: Edward 
MosELBY and Jeremiah Vail. Witnesses: Willm. Williams, Humphry 
Robinson, James Bush. Will proven before C. Gale, C. J. 

Crocker, Peter. Edgecombe County. 

October 24, 1752. August Court, 1753. Wife: Sarah. Children: 
mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: James Williamson, Thomas B.^r- 
ran, Joseph Bridgers. Executors: Francis Williamson and Sarah 
Crocker (wife). Clerk of the Court: Bbnjn. Wynns. 

Crofton, Henry. Beaufort County. 

October 6, 1756. March Court, 1757. Sons: Thomas ("plantation 

whereon I now live"), Theophilus, William and Ambros (pbntation 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

lying in Crofton's Cut). Daughters: Elizabeth Crofton, Mary and Mar- 
tha. Executors: John Boyd (brother), Edward Salter and John SljIde. 
Witnesses: Sam'll Dunbar, Robt. Philips, Elizabeth Crofton. Clerk 
of the Court: Walley Chadncey. 

Ceokee, Antony. Granville Comity. 

July 28, 1754. September 3, 1754. Sons: Thomas ("plantation where- 
on I now live " on Sandy Creek), Arter (" plantation he now lives on "), 
Jacob. Executors: Arter and Jacob Crokbr (sons). Witnesses: J.ames 
White, Edward Thomas, John Br.^ntly. Clerk of the Court:'l 

Ceomen, Maetin. Bertie Precinct. 

May 1, 1733. August Court, 1733. Brother: Thomas Crombn (of Bo- 
lart in the County of Limerick, Kingdom of Ireland, " all my lands within 
this province"). Legatees: Wm. Kenedy, Jr., Francis Kenedy, John 
Gray, Jr., Elizabeth Frost (daughter-in-law), Thomas Copland (son- 
in-law), Jonathan Riding, Michal Ellis, William Kenedy. Execu- 
tors: Wm. Kenedy, James Coner, John Gray. Witnesses: Michael 
Ellis, Grace Kenedy. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Ceoney, Dinnis. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 24, 1735. April 8, 1735. Son: WiLLiAii. Daughters: Elender 
Croney, Mary Croney, Sar.ah Wallard. Wife: Anne. Executor: Wm. 
Croney (son). Witnesses: John Sc.tRBORODGH, Billitt. Clerk of 
the Court: Josa. Smith. 

Ceosland, Elizabeth. Albemarle County. 

October 18, 1693. April Court, 1694. Father: Richard Stibett 
(Stiver). Witnesses: Christopher Butler, William Sprick, Anho- 
RETTA Butler. No probate. 

Ceoslen, John. Albemarle County. 

May 6, 1693. Chowan Court, April, 1694. God-daughter: Constant 
Stiver. Ann Stiver, Haner Stiver, Rich Stiver, Johaner Stiver. 
Executor: Rich Stiver. Witnesses: Jones Brefot, Arthur Carleton, 
Cotton Colles. Clerk of the Court: Nathaniel Chevin. 

Ceopley, John. Albemarle County. 

January 25, 1685. March 29, 1686. Son: Vins ("land where I now 
live"). Wife: Ann. Wife's father: John Vins. No e.xeoutor named. 
Witnesses: William Wilkjon, George Fordyse, Edward Harrison. 
WUl proven before Wm. Wilkjon. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 89 

Ceopley, Vines. Chowan Precinct. 

April 10, 1719. July 31, 1719. Son: William ("all my estate"). Ex- 
ecutor: James Beasley. Witnesses: James Beasley, Jacob Privet, 
Mary Beasley. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. Coat of arms on seal. 

CnossoT, Joseph. Carteret Preciuct. 

October 28, 1728. December 3, 1728. Legatees: David Shepherd, 
Joseph Folford. This is a nuncupative will proven by the oaths of 
Thomas Dudley and Elizabeth, his wife, before John G.alland, Clerk 
of the Court. 

Cruise, Lawrence. Albemarle County. 

January 13, 1690. Daughter: Mary Cruise. Friends: Robert Jen- 
KissoN and wife, Elizabeth. Executor: Cl.arck (of "yawe pime 
River"). Witnesses: William Privit, D.^vid Perkins. No probate. 

Crump, Joseph. Northampton County. 

May 5, 1758. October Court, 1759. Wife: Cassandra. Sorts.' Josi as, 
Richard (in Virginia), Charles, Joseph. Daughters: Patty Crump, 
Katy Crump. Executrix: Cassandra Crump (wife) and Chas. Crump 
(son). Witnesses: Wm. Hall, Clemt. Lanier. Clerk of the Court: I. 

Crumpton, Heneey. Bertie Precinct. 

January 11, 1735. February Court, 1735. Sons: Henery, William. 
Daughters: Susannah, Elizabeth, Jane and Anne (to each of the above 
named is given live shillings). Friend and Executor: Samuell Peacock 
("all my land" on pattecasi Creek on the beaverdam). Witnesses: Abra- 
ham Burton, Arthur Sellers, Arthur Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Wynns. 

Cunningham, Morris. Albemarle County. 

July 19, 1696. Executor and sole devisee and legatee: Mathew Kelley. 
Witnesses: Thomas Symons, Arnold White. Clerk of the Court: Edward 

CuRRiR, John. 

May 1,1681. February 5, 1683. Daughter: Sarah. Witnesses: Tsoyi- 
As Luton, Martha Cullen. Will proven before Seth Sothell. 

Daleymple, John. New Hanover County. 

(Second son to Sir John Dalrymple of Cowsland, Baronet of the Kingdom 
of Scotland.) Februan,- 25, 1742-1743. January 26, 17G7. Wife and 
Executrix: Martha. Friend: Roger Moore. Brothers: Wm. Walters, 

90 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Joseph Walters, John Walters, Samuel Walters. Sisters : Sarah 
LiLLiNGTON, Elizabeth Hawes. Executors: Roger Moore, Wm. and 
Joseph Walters. Witnesses: Jno. Swann, Geo. Lockhart, George 
Moobe. Assistant Judge of New Hanover County, Thos. Lloyd. 

Dameeell, James. Chowan Precinct. 

June 22, 1692. October 3, 1704. Daughters: Rachell D.ymbrell. 
Wife: Lucy. Witnesses: Danibll Hallsey, Willm. Jones. Clerk of the 
Court: Na. Chevin. 

Daniel, Elisabeth. Tyrrell County. 

March 1, 1752. June 9, 1752. Sons: Robert, Thomas, John ("my 
manner pl.antation"), William, Aaron, Josi.a.h. Daughters: Sarah Will- 
son, Elisabeth Daniel, Mary Ward, Ruth Daniel, Pricilah D.^niel. 
Executors: Thomas and John Daniel (sons). Witnesses: Wm. Willis, 
John Brown, Senior, Mary Willis. Clerk of the Court of Beaufort 
County: Will Ormond. 

Daniel, John. Northampton County. 

November 1.3, 1754. February Court, 1755. Sons: Ezekiel ("my 
plantation"), Ephraim, Joseph, John, Abraham, Isaac. Daughters: 
Sarah Daniel, Elizabeth Daniel. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Exec- 
utor: John Daniel (son). Witnesses: Samuel Parker, Joseph D.\niel. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Daniell, Owen. Chowan Precinct. 

March 7, 1700. Executor: Thomas Jones (to take care of two of the 
testator's children until they arrive at age). Son: Thomas (in care of 
Thomas Pollock). Daughter: Mary (in care of James Hires (?) ). Wit- 
nesses: Cornelius Bennington, John Jones. Clerk of the Court: N. 

Daniel, Thomas. Tyrrell County. 

July 11, 1749. September Court, 1749. Sons; Robert Lanier Daniel, 
Thomas, John, William, Aeon, Josiah. Daughters:^ Willson, 
Elisabeth Daniel, Mary Daniel, Ruth Daniel, Prisilia Daniel. (To 
all of the above named is bequeathed one shilling.) Wife and Executrix: 
Elisabeth ("all my estate"). Witnesses: Wm. Williss, John Willson, 
John Brown. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Daniell, William. Bath Town, Beaufort County. 

December 31, 1740. March Court, 1740. Wife and Executrix: Frances. 
Wife's Grandson: William Daniell Penket. Witnesses: Jas. Caleps, 
Tho.mas Owen, Wm. Foreman, Roger Jones. Clerk of the Court: Roger 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 91 

Dann, John, Sene. Albemarle County. 
January 7, 1696-1697. May Court, 1697. Sores; John, Ldia. Daugh- 
ter: Elizabeth Dann. Wife and Executrix: Jeane. Witnesses: Archi- 
bald Burnett, Hugh , Jonathan Burdet. Clerk of the Court: W. 


Dansbe, Daniel. Edgecombe County. 

January 21, 1749-1750. August Court, 1750. .Son; Lsome ("my plan- 
tation"). Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth and Clearemon D.^.n.sbe. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: David Rozibr. Witnesses: Rob- 
ert Taylor, David Collins, Reuben PtOziEn. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n 

Daeden, Joseph. Bertie Precinct. 

February IS, 1732-17.33. August Court, 1733. Sons: West (119 acres 
of land), Joseph (110 acres of land), Hbnarey (320 acres of land on the 
horse pasture swamp). Daughters: Ajierica D.vrden, Rebec Darden. 
Wife and Executrix: Alse. Executor: Arthur Williams. Witnesses: 
Elizabeth Jones, Mary Powers, John Egerton. Clerk of the Court: 
Rt. Forster. 

Daeling, Eichaed. Chowan Precinct. 

April 8, 1702. Son: Thomas. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Collumb. Flyn, Daniel Deens, James Long. No probate. 

Daenall, Ann. Currituck Precinct. 

June 17, 1720. July 20, 1720-1721. 5ore; William Darnall. Execu- 
tor: Richard Dauge. Witnesses: Peter Dauge, Susannah Dauoe. 
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker. 

Daughteey, Thomas. Northampton County. 

November 15, 1757. November Court, 1757. Sons: Samuel ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live"), John, Thomas, Jesse. Daughters: Mary 
Rooks, Elizabeth, Sarah Rice, Martha Rutland, Patience 
MoNSON, Pleasants Dauqhtrey. Wife: Mary. Grandson: John 
Daughtrey. Executors: Bryan Daughtrey (cousin), Robert Peelle. 
Witnesses: Samuell Pirkins, Joshua Daughtrey, Alexandria Daugh- 
trey. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Davenpoet, Jacob. Tyrrell County. 

July 29, 1746. Wife: Rachel. Daughter: .\nn. Brothers: James and 
John Davenport {Executors), William Davenport. Witnesses: Edward 
Phelps, John Brown, John Davenport, Senior. 

92 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Davey, Walter. Beaufort Coitnty. 

June 22, 1743. October 24, 1743, "late of the City of Dublin, now resi- 
dent in Beaufort County." Sons: Samuell, Joseph. Daughters: J.tNE, 
Margarett and R.achell. Executor: Abraha:u Duncan. Witnesses: 
Edward Howcott, James Brown, S.\ml. Bundt. Will proven before J. 


David, Philip. Wilmington, New Hauover County. 

August 5, 1747. December Court, 1747.. Son and Executor: David 
(land lying on North East River). Dau^Wer; Mart McKeithen. Execii- 
tor: J.AMES Smallwood. Witnesses: Wm. Harrison, Charlotte Small- 
wood, Joseph Jones. Clerk of the Court: J.ames S.mallwood. 

Davies, Feancis. County not given. 

February 10, 1749. .4pril 30, 1753. Cape Faire. Wife and sole legatee 
and devisee: Judith. Witnesses: Benj'n Morison, Robert Halton. 
Will proven before Matt. Rowan. 

Davis, Aethue. County not given. 

February 2, 1733-1734. April 1, 1735. Sons: Arthur (land on "ye 
rainbow banks"), Lewis (200 acres of land on Banbow Creek). Son-in- 
law: Fork (100 acres of land adjoining Lewis' plantation). 
Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Arthur and Lewis Davis (sons). Wit- 
nesses: Samuel Wheatley, Stephen Andrews. Will proven before Gov- 
ernor Gab. Johnston at Edenton. 

Davis, David. Bladen County. 

December 9, 1740. September Court, 1741. Sister: Rachel D.wis 
(plantation purchased of Gabriel Wayne). Executor: William Bar- 
TR.WM. Witnesses: Jonathan Evans, Thos. Walker, Thomas Jones. 
Clerk of the Court: John Clayton. Chief Justice: J. Montgomery. 

Davis, Hugh. County not given. 

December 7, 1729. Legatees and devisees: John Harman (plantation on 
the Sound Side), Robert Harman, Mary Harman, Ann Longlad. Ex- 
ecutrix: Juliana Laker. Witnesses: Thomas Calloway, William . 

Clerk of the Court: Edward Moseley. 

Davis, Isa.\c. Currituck County. 

March 21, 1742. July 13, 1743. Son: Cornelius ("all my land and 
plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Rachel. Executor: Cornelius Jones 
(father-in-law). Witnesses: Daniell Phillips, Frances Hodges, Fran- 
cis Stafford. Clerk of the Court: John Lurry. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90— 1760. 93 

Davis, James. County not given. 

April 22, 1715. Sons: Williaji, James, John, Robert, Henry. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executors: Robert White, John White and 
John Symons. Witnesses: Henry White. Arnold White, Jr., Dam.vris 
White, Arnold White, Senr. No probate. 

Davis, John. County not given. 

April 26, 16SS. May 12, 16SS. Daughter: Elizabeth. Friend and 
Executor: William Wilkison. Witi2esses: Mathew Lyal, William 
Elfisk, Jane Miller. Will proven before Seth Sothell. 

Davis, John. Hyde County. 

December 17, 1751. March Court, 1752. Sons: Samuel (plantation on 
the river side), Joh.m. Daughters: Temperance Davis, Jbmim.a. Ball.vrd. 
Wife: Sar.vh Davis. Executors: Nathaniel Davis and Thos. Smith, 
Witnesses: Thos. Smith, Jer. Slade, Richard Wood. Clerk of the Court: 
Fran. Egleton. 

Davis, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 2S, 1753. April Court, 17.5.3. Sons: Joseph ("my plantation"), 
William, John, Samuel. Daughter: Sarah Gorden. Executors: Joseph 
Davis (son), William Gorden (son-in-law). Witnesses: William Sy- 
mons, Thom.« Lowby, Mary Tart. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Davis, John. Pasquotank County. 

January 10, 1754. April Court, 1754. Brothers: Samuel and William 
Davis. Cousins: John Davis, Jr., Mary Davis. Friends: James Tur- 
ner, Willi.\m Gorden, John Gorden. Executor: Joseph Davis (brother). 
Witnesses: John Turner, Joseph Lowry, Theophilus Leonard. Clerk 
of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Davis, Petee. Bertie Precinct. 

April 29, 1719. May Court, 1723. Daughter: Sauy Davis. Brother: 
Davis. Cousins: Arthur and Henery Crawford. Executrix: Wipe 
(mentioned, but not named). Witnesses: Arthur Crappobd (Crawford), 
William Croford (Crawford). Clerk of the Conrt: Rt. Forstbr. 

Davis, Kichaed. Pasquotank County. 

June 9, 1737. June 14, 1737. Sons: Joshua ("plantation whereon I 
now live"). Daughters: Alee and Abigill (Davis). Guardians: Eliza- 
beth Hall and James Copland. Executor: Zach Nixon. Witnesses: 
Richard Che.asten, Ralph Fletcher, S-ymuell Moore. Will proven 
before W. Smith, Chief Justice. 

94 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Davis, Robert. Pasquotank County. 

December 30, 1749. January Court, 1750. Sons: James ("maner 
plantation"), Thomas ("my other plantation which lies next to James 
Lowry"). Daughters: Elizabeth, Rdth. Wife: S.^rah. Executors: 
James and Thomas (sons). Witnesses: Joshua White, James Newby. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Davis, Samdell. Albemarle Comity. 

January 11, 16S7-16SS. Wife: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Robert Wal- 
Lis, John Billitt. No probate. Device on seal is three arrows and 

Davis, Solomon. Pasquotank Couuty. 

January 12, 1737. January Court, 1739. Daughters: Dorothy Davis, 
Margaret Forster, Elizabeth Davis. Son-in-law: Caleb Coen. 
Grandson: D^vniel Koen. Friend: John Sawyer. Wife and Executrix: 
Sabah. Witnesses: B. Morgan, John Gray. Clerk of the Court: J.^mes 

Davis, Thomas. Bath County. 

February 15, 1711-1712. January 4, 1714. Son: Phillip ("my 
manner plantation on Oyster Creek, West side of Pamlico River), Thomas 
(land on Matchepimgo River). Daughters: Sarah, Rachell, Charity 
and Mary Davis. Wife and Executrix: Thomeson. Witnesses: none 
given. No signature. Will proven by Gyles Shute and Thomasin 
Davis. Clerk of the Court: John Drinkwater. 

Davis, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

December 14, 1745. .\pril Court, 1746. Son and Executor: Moses 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Daughters: Elizabeth Davis, Sarah 
Bond. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: William EiVSON, 
Thomas Eason, Isaac Speight. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Davis, Thomas. Granville County. 

August 20, 1754. March 7, 1758. Sons: John, Thomas, Rubin and 
Richard. Daughter: Mary Davis. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. 
Executors: Daniel Underwood, Richard Pinnil. Witnesses: John 
GiBBS, Thos. Cook, Thomas Zaceb. Clerk of the Court: Daniel Weldon. 

Davis, Thomas. Bladen County. 

October 2, 1761. May Court, 1769. Daughter-in-law: Katherine 
Gready. Daughter: Mary Greadt (500 acres of land adjoining "Secre- 
tary Rice's backland"). Brother: William Davis. Executors: 
Davis and John Lucas. Witnesses: Jno. Turner, Ralph Miller, 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 95 

Thos. Newton. Codicil to will appoints Ann Davis (wife) and 
Thomas Owen Executors in place of William Davis and John Lucas. 
Witnesses to codicil: Thos. Hall, John Root, Ralph Miller. Clerk of 
the Court: Arthde Howe. 

Davis, William. Carteret County. 

June Court, 1756. Sons: Nathan, Joseph, Wicker, Callip, Benie- 
MEN, William, Solomon. Daughter: Abigarl. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Executors: Nathan and Joseph (sons). Witnesses: George 
Bell, Rilind Bell atid James Shaford (Shackleford). Clerk of the 
Court: John Smith. 

Davison, John. Bertie County. 

August 6, 1752. October Court, 1756. Son and Executor: John ("plan- 
tation whereon I now live"). Grandson: John Davison (land on Chinko- 
pin Creek). Granddaughter: Mary Davison. Wife and Executrix: JIary. 
Witnesses: John Freeman, Abram Harrill, Jacob Lasiter, Thomas 
Harrill. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. Wynns. 

Davison, John. Edenton, Chowan County. 

November 1, 1773. December 9, 1773. Wife: Eleshea Christiana 
Davison. Brother and Executor: Robert Davison. Friends and Execu- 
tors: John Smith, Andrew Little. Witnesses: John Rom Cough, 
Chas. Bondfield, Geo. Gray. Will proven before Jo. AL^rtin. 

Dawe, William. Beaufort County. 

January 20, 1745. March Court, 1745. Son: William (100 acres of 
land on Durham's Creek), John ("the plantation whereon I now live"). 
Nicholas and William. Dattgliters: Diana Dawb, Sarah Dixon, Lydia 
CoE. Wife and Executrix: Dinah. Witnesses: Edward Campen, John 
Correb. Clerk of the Court: John Forbes. 

Daws, William. Chowan Precinct. 

July 21, 1719. October Court, 1719. Sons: William and Elyjah 
(268 acres of land). Executors: William Baker and John Brown. 
Witnesses: John Brown, John Manbar, Elizabeth Baker. Clerk of the 
Court: R. Hicks. 

Dawson, John. Edgecombe County. 

November 22, 1748. May Court, 1749. Sons: John, Demey, Sollo- 
mon. Daughters: Martha, Patience. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: Benj. Champion, Frances Bythell Haynes. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjn. Wynns. 

96 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Deane, Geoege, Senb. Albemarle County. 

April 10, 1700. Geo. Deane (150 acres of land). Dawj^ier; Christian. 
Humphrey Legg and John Batchelor (150 acres each). Executrix: 
Elizabeth Deane. Witnesses: John Proctor, Mary Sechewraa, 
Humphrey Legg. (No probate.) 

Deiptt, John. Bath County. 

January 17, 1723-1724. June 17, 1724. Sons: Fetter Deiptt (plan- 
tation in Machapongo containing two hundred acres), John (200 acres 
of land). Wife and Executrix: Penon. Daughter and Executrix: Ann 
Deiptt. Witnesses: Peter Hand, John Fonvielle. Clerk of the Court: 
John Cornick. Clerk of the Court at Newbern: C. Metcalfe. 

Delamak, Francis. Beaufort County. 

May 15. 17.39. Alarch, 1741. Son: Thom,4.s ("plantation on the South 
side of Broad Creek"). Wife and Executrix: Susannah. Son: Francis 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Witnesses: Robert Wenham, 
Benja. Rice, Mary Rice. Clerk of the Court: John Forbes. 

Delamare, Stephen. Pasquotank Precinct. 

October 2, 1732. October Court, 1732. Nephew: Joseph Stockley 
("plantation whereon I now live"), Isaac Stockley. Cousin: Edward 
Mayo. Sister and Executrix: Ann Stockley. Brother: Fr.ancis Dela- 
mare. Witnesses: Harral Bly, Samuel Reding, Jo. Palin. Clerk of 
the Court: H. Minson. 

Delohoide, William. ISTew Hanover County. 

October 3, 1738. This is a nuncupative will proven by Mrs. Elizabeth 
Rowan, and provides for the lading of his sloop ( O'Bryan, 
Master), and of his brig by Capt. Rowan and cargo delivered to Thomas 
Farren and John . Proven before Robt. Halton, J. P. 

Deneham, Elizabeth. Bath County. 

July 9, 171C. Legatees: .\nn Clewes, Elizabeth Leigh, Joseph 
Trewbtt, Elezabeth Deneh^vm, John Leigh, John Deneham. Wit- 
nesses: Elizabeth Lee and J/VMEs Lee, Junr. Clerk of the Court : Jno. 

Denson, James. Onslow County. 

May 3, 1756. Legatees: James Howard, John Howard, Luke Bare- 
field, Sarah Ashburn. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
Wm. Royal, Moses Anderson, Joseph Sturges. Clerk of the Court: 
WiLLM. Cray. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17<J0. 97 

Dept, Penelope. 

March 25, 1732. August 27, 1735. Sons: Peter, John {Executor). 
DaugJUers: Ann, Jane and Elizabeth. Witnesses: Mary Lane, Eliza- 
beth Norwood, Edward Brooghton. Will proven before W. Smith, 
C. J. Executor qualified before C. Powell and N. Routledge. 

Derby, William. 

March 10, 1687. March 13, 1688. Daughter: Judith ("plantation 
whereon I now live"). Witnesses: John Privett, Robert Lind.say, 
John Dawley. Will proven before Seth Sothell. 

Derham, Elizabeth. Bath County. 

July 17, 1716. Legatees: Anne Clows, K.\therine Derh.vm, Eliza- 
beth Leigh, Joseph Truwitt, Elizabeth Derham, Jo.seph, 
John Leigh, James Leigh. Brother: John Father-in-law and 
Executor: James Leigh. Witiiesses: names not given. Clerk of the Court: 
John Drinkwater. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-22, 
page 125. 

DeRosset', Moses John. New Hanover County. 

November 30, 1767. March 1, 1768. ("Practitioner in physio and 
surgery"). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daughter: M.\gdalenb Mart 
DeRosset. Son: Armond John DeRosset. Executors : Lewis Henry 
DeRosset (brother), John DuBois, J.vmbs Moore and Marmaduke 
Jones. Witnesses: Ann Moore, A. Maclaine, E. Justdce (?). Will 
proven before Gov. Wm. Tryon at Wilmington. 

Dexter, Hope. New River, in Onslow County. 

March 10, 1745. April 1, 1746. Brof/ier.- Phillip Dexter (all the land 
that lies between the main road and Mitiams Creek). Friend: J^^jMES 
Thomson (land "between my land and the land above named"). Nephew: 
Hope Dexter (one watch). Witnesses: Daniel Mcfeters, John Holmes, 
Charles Stout, Joshua, James. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Clopton. 

Devis, John. Newberne, in Craven County. 

March 11, 1754. March 25, 1754. Legatees and Devisees: John Free- 
man, Ann Nelson, John Starkey (Executor), Mary Wigmorb, Richard 
Lyon. Witnesses: Euphemia White, Richard Lyon, Charles Farqu- 
harson. Will proven before Matt. Rowan. 

Dew, John. Bertie County. 

September 5, 1740. November Court, 1744. Sons: John ("all my 

horses and mairs that rim on the South side of the Meharin River"), Joseph 

98 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

(land lying on the East side of the "Rode from Cornell hills ferry and also 
land on Buckhorse swamp"), Spenser ("plantation whereon I now live"), 
William, Morven. Daughter: Patience. Wife and Executrix: Susan- 
nah. Executor: Joseph Dew (son). Witnesses: Edward Mosbley, Ales 
MosELEY, Constant Dew. Clerk of the Court: Kt-Forstehi. (Northamp- 
ton County.) 

DiAS, Heney. ' Beaufort Precinct (Bath Couuty). 

December 8, 1737. March Court, 1737. Sons: Richard (plantation on 
Blounts Creek), John (land called Forke neck), Thomas (land on Wallases 
Creek), Henry ("plantation whereon I now live"). Daughter: Ann Dias. 
Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Executor: John Pursell. Witnesses: 
Richard Evans, James Perdue, Mary Perkins. Clerk of the Court: 
Roger Jones. 

Dickenson, John. Northampton County. 

February 4, 1742. August Court, 1749. Sons: Daniel, John, David, 
Isaac. Daughters: Sarah Daniel, Elizabeth Futrel, Rebeckah New- 
som, Charity Dickenson, Mary Dickenson. Wife: Rebecca. Execu- 
tors: Daniel and John Dickenson (sons). Witnesses: Joseph Jordan, 
Robert Peelle, Isaac Parker. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Dickinson, Maey. Northampton County. 

October 6, 1753. November Court, 1753. Brothers: David, Isaac 
(Executors), Daniel and John Dickinson. Sisters: Charity Peelle, 
Sarah Daniel, Elizabeth Futrell. Kinsman: William Rowsum. 
Witnesses: John Brown, Susanah Parker, Susanah Horton. Clerk of 
the Court: I. Edwards. 

Dickinson, Rebeckah. Northampton County. 

July 1, 1750. February Court, 1753. Sons: John and Isaac Dickin- 
son (Executors), David. Daughters: Sahah Daniel, Elizabeth Futu- 
RELL, Rebeccah Nbwsom, Charity Dickinson, Mary Dickinson. Tl'ii- 
nesses: Isaac Parker, John Horton. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Dicks, John. Chowan Precinct. 

February 10, 1705. October 2, 1706. Son-in-law: Richt Lewis. 
Wife and Executrix: Phelis. Witnesses: Thos. Luten, Jon Jones, Jon 
Wheatly. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

Dickson, John. Dobbs County. 

April 16, 1769. Father: James Dickson. Mother: Jennet. Uncle: 
Robert Gracey. Friends: James Cummin, James Gibson (Executor), 
James Lindsay (Executor). Witnesses: Anthony Herring, Christopher 
Blanshard, Charles Hines. No probate. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 99 

DiscoEAH, Thomas. Perquimans Comity. 

January 11, 1726-1727. February 2, 1726-1727. Legatees: Samuel 
Phelps, Sarah Shearwood, Mary Shearwood, James Siterson (Execu- 
tor). Witnesses: Ralph Boosman, R. Wilson. Will proven before 
Rich'd Everard. 

Dixon, John. Beaufort County. 

March 2.3, 1772. December 11. 1773. Son and Executor: Choosewell 
("my land"). Daughter: Biatha. Witnesses: Nicholas Daw, Levin 
Stanford, Thomas Di.xon. Will jiroven before Jo. .Martin. 

Dixon, Robeet. Bertie Precinnt. 

April 4, 1727. August Court, 1727. Sons: Tobias, J.^mes, Robert. 
Daughter: Frances. Wife and Executrix: Christiana. Executor: John 
Lowe. Witnesses: Abrah.aji Burton, Berebe Melton, Willlui Lowe. 
Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. Coat of arms on seal. 

DoBBs, Aethitr. Brunswick, in New Hanover County. 

"Governor and Captain General of the Province of North Carolina." 
August 31, 1763. April 24, 1765. So7is: Conway Richard Dobbs, Ed- 
ward Brice Dobbs. Wife: Justina. Brother: Reverend Doctor Rich- 
ard Dobbs. Witnesses: James Hasell, Lewis DbRosset, John Samp- 
son. Proven before W.M. Tryon. The following items are of interest: 
"instead of immoderate fimeral expenses I desire that one hundred pounds 
Sterling money may be paid and distributed proportionately among the 
housekeepers of the Parrishes of Ballynure and Kilroot in the County of 
Antrim and Kingdom of Ireland, and one other hundred pounds of like 
money among the poor freemen House-keepers who reside within the 

county of the town of Carrick-fergus to be paid, out of my 

Demesnes at Castle Dobbs or out of the arrears of rents I reserved out of a 
Moiety of lands in that Kingdom during my life." All slaves, plate, etc., 
is bequeathed to wife, together with "the money and interest due to me by 
the Cieneral Assembly for the lands called Tower hill in Johnston Coimty, 
purchased from me by the publick." "Whereas, I have a right to the 
Moiety of two hundred thousand acres of land granted to me by the Crown 
in Sixteen patents of twelve thousand five hundred acres each in Meoklin- 
burgh (late Anson) County as one of the associates of Huby and Crymblb 

etc." To each of children is bequeathed fifty pounds and to brother 

twenty pounds. "Item. Whereas I am entitled to a Moiety of Twelve 
Thousand acres of land by a purchase from Mr. Patrick Smith of Water- 
ford, merchant, for which a patent was granted to him as an associate of 
HuEY and Crymble, subdivided from the great tract No. 4, the heirs and 
assigns of Mr. James Benning of Lisburn, Ireland, being entitled to the 
other moiety." "I give and bequeath to my son Conway Richard Dobbs 

100 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

all my plate goods, Household furniture, arrears, Rents and 

other chattels whatsoever which are now belonging to me at my decease, 
which are now or hereafter may be at Castle Dobbs in the County of An- 
trim and Kingdom of Ireland." Sons and wife appointed executors and 
executrix. Impression of head on seal. 

DoBSON, William. Chowan Precinct. 

August 23, 1690. October 13, 1690. Wife and Executrix: Katehen. 
Witnesses: John Lewis, Thomas Muns, John Wingate. Clerk of the 
Court: John Wingate. 

DoLEEE, Gyles. Albemarle County. 
February 26, 1687-1688. January 6, 1689. Legatees and Devisees: 
John Vallentine Roe, David Peitchett, Rowland Btjckly, Mary 
Garnbtt ("my plantation"). Executor: Ralph Gaknett. Witnesses: 
Paul Lathum, Francis Henry, Rowland Bussly. Will proven before 
Tho. Rolfe, Robert Wallis, Paul Lathum , Thomas Symons. 

DoKono, John. New Hanover County. 

June 6, 1743. June 24, 1743. Friend, Executor and sole legatee and 
devisee: William White of Wilmington. Witnesses: James Smallwood, 
Geo. Owen, Ann Higoines. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood. 

DooLES, Thomas. Edgecombe County. 

November 28, 1756. May Court, 1757. Sons: Joseph ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), John. Daughters: Sarah, Catteren, Bitha. 
Wife: Patience. Executors: Joseph Dooles (son), Robert Purrer. 
Witnesses: James Myhan, Moses Horne, Robert Purtear, Joseph 
Dooles. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

DouGE, Toll. Currituck County. 

May 18, 1746. July 1, 1746. Brother and Executor: James Douge. 
Brother: John Douge. Sisters: Sarah Sorey, Susannah Clasco (or 
Glasco), Mary Douge. Other legatees: Peter Sorey, Caleb Glasco. 
Witnesses: JosA Campbell, Henry Simmons, Joab Douge. Clerk of the 
Court: Richard McClure. 

Doughty, John". Wilmington, !N"ew Hanover County. 

June 9, 1742. August 31, 1749. Wife: Marian. Witnesses: Thom.\s 
Chinagam, Josa Grainger. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. 

Douglass, David. jSTortbamiJton County. 

March 29, 1753. November Court, 1753. Sons: William ("land where- 
on he now lives"), John ("manner land and plantation"). Daughters: 
Molley Carrill, Elizabeth Harwell, Susanah Douglass. Grand- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 101 

daughter: Elizabeth Carril. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Execur- 
tor: William Douglass (son). Witnesses: Chrismass Ray, John Doug- 
lass. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Douglas, James. Bertie County. 

October 6, 1750. July 11, 1752. Sons: Kesia (plantation), J.A.MES. 
Daughter: Ann. Granddaughter-: Elizabeth Douglas. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Brown, Eliz.\beth Robertson, 
Joseph Madlin. Secretary to the Governor: Saml. Ormes. Lands on 
Hoskie Swamp devised to children. 

DowAY, Robert. Bladen Coimty. 

January 30, 1756. January Court, 1758. Sons: James and Robert. 
Daughter: Elizabeth. Wife: Catherine. No executors. Witnesses: 
John Stack, Henry Lewis, Jaaies White. Clerk of the Court: J. Bur- 


DowNEB, William. Brunswick, New Hanover County. 

December 10, 1745. March Court, 1745. Executors: Capt. Hugh 
Blaning and Capt. Richard Quince. The will directs the exec- 
utors to sell so much of the estate as may be necessary to pay the 
debts of the testator and to pay to themselves 80 pounds each in addition 
to their legal fees of seven and one-half per cent, and to ship the remainder 
to William Wynn and wife Ruth at Aldgate in the City of London, and 
Benja.min and Mary S.vndwell in Wapping, London. Witnesses: Hugh 
Mackay, Ralph Sugnion, Thom.vs C.^.mpbell. Clerk of the Court: James 

Downing, William. Tyrrell County. 

April 1, 1739. April 6, 1739. Sons: Willia.m ("my plantation, except 
sawmill, which is bequeathed to Cdllen Pollock and Stephen Lee. pro- 
ceeds to be applied to debt due Samuel Herring of London, woolen dra- 
per). Brothers-in-law: Ebenezer Slade (450 acres of land on Moratock 
River), Henry Slade. Son-in-law: Thomas Lee. Executors: Cullen 
Pollock, John Montgomery, Stephen Lee, Peter Payne. Witnesses: 
Wm. Maxwell, Sam Scollay, David Coltrane. Codicil bearing same 
date as will provides for working slaves in mill. Will proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

Downing, William. Tyrrell County. 

February 24, 1748. March 7, 1748. Sore; Henry ("plantation whereon 
I now dwell"). Wife: Ann. Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth. Friend: 
John Hughes. Executors: Stevens Lee, John Barrow. Witnesses: 
Jacob Blount, James Jones, Mary Jones. Clerk of the Court: Evan 

102 Abstkact of "Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

Drake, Johk. Bertie Precinct. 

January 5, 172S. May Court, 1729. Son.- James ("my manner planta- 
tion"). Wife: Sarah. Executor: James Bryant (father-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: John Sutton, John Dickinson, Richard Sumner. Clerk of the 
Court: Rt. Forster. 

Deeding, John. Craven County. 

December 22, 1757. February Court, 1758. Executor: Joseph Prix- 
GLE ("plantation whereon I now live"). Wife and Executrix: Charity. 
Witnesses: Samuel Slade, John Slade, Samuel Slade, Junr. Clerk of 
the Court: Peter Conway'. 

Deinkwatee, John. Bath Connty. 

August 7, 1717. May 30, 1718. Devisees: Phillip Shute, son of 
Gy'LES and Charity Shute (plantation containing 820 acres, lying be- 
tween Mallard Creek and Goose Creek; 320 acres on South Dividing 
Creek; house and lot in Bath Town; money and plate on hand), Gyles 
Shute (wearing apparel), Charity Shute (all lands in event of death of 
Phillip. Executors: Gyles and Charity Shute. Witnesses: Patrick 
Cavan, Elizabeth Ellebar. Will proven before Chas. Eden, at Bath 

DuBois, John. Wilmington, New Hanover County. 

» September 13, 1767. March 1, 1768. Sons: Peter, Walter, John 
(house in Dock Street, also plantation on Smith Creek containing 300 
acres; also a large diamond ring), Is-Aj^c (two houses in Dock Street), 
James (two lots in front street and houses thereon). Daughters: Anne 
Jean Dubois, Magdalene Margaret DuBois (two brick houses on Dock 
Street and two diamond rings), Margaret DuBois (lot on the north side 
of Market Street.) Wife and Executrix: Jean. Friends: Caleb and 
Cornelius Grainger (sons of Colonel Caleb Grainger). Executors 
and Gur,7-dians of children: Jean DuBois (wife), Peter, Walter and 
John DuBois (sons), Lewis Henry and Moses John DeRosset. Wit- 
nesses: J. Eustace, Edward Chivers, Archibald Maclaine. Secretary: 
Benj'n Heron. Will proven before Wm. Tryon at Wilmington. 

DucKENFiELD, Nathaniel. Utkintoii, in the County of 

Chester, England. 
July 4, 1746. January Court, 1756. Wife and Executrix: Margret 
(lands in County of Chester during widowhood, leasehold estate in Lud- 
gate Street, London). Friend and Executor: Joseph Collet, merchant of 
London (lands in North Carolina to be sold and proceeds applied according 
to directions). Brother and Executor: John Chorley. Nephew: John 
Chorley (son of sister, Jane Chorley). Nephew and Executor: Samuel 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 103 

DucKENFiELD (son of JoHN DucKENFiELD of Bristol). Witnesses: Wil- 
liam Prior, Joseph Collet, Dorothy Potts. Will proven before 
Robert Ch.\pman, Doctor of Laws, Surrogate to John Bettesworth, 
certified by Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, over the seal of the town 
of London. Deputy Registers: Wm. Legard, Peter St. Ely, Hen. 
Stephens. Joseph Collet refused the trust imposed by this will in a 
writing witnessed by Samuel Dukinfield and Benjamin Rosewell. 
Letters of administration granted to Margaret Duckinfield by Bertie 
County Court, January, 1756. Clerk of the Court: Benj. Wynns. This 
will is illegible, but is recorded in Bk. Wills, 1755-58, at page 144. 

DucKENFiELD, WiLLiAM. Chowaii Pi'eciiict (formerly of 

Cheshire, in Great Britain). 
May 17, 1720. February 27, 1721. Brotlier: John Duckenpield. 
Cousins: Charles Barber, Nathaniel Duckenpield (son "of my 
brother, Sir Robert Duckenpield, Baronet"), Mary, Ann, Susanna, 
Jane, Sarah, Katherine and Judith Duckenpield (sisters of Na- 
thaniel). Executor: Nathaniel Duckenpield. Witnesses: Thomas 
Ashly,John Powell, Ben.ia. Soames, John Cheryholmb, John Duck- 
enpield, E. MosELBY. Will proven before Chas. Eden, Governor. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

Dudley, Chkistophee. Onslow County. 

March 19, 1744-1745. February 26, 1746. Sons: Edward, William, 
Thomas and Chrlstopher Dudley (land on "the River"). Grandsons: 
George (son of Edward) and Chrlstopher (son of Thomas) Dudley. 
Daughter: Ann Houston (one negro). Other negroes bequeathed to 
wife and sons. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: John Starkey. 
Witnesses: Jane Simpson, John Simpson, Mary Trott. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Dudley, Edwaed. County not given. 

January 22, 1744-1745. April 3, 1745. Son: George. Daughters: 
Hannah, Anne, Mary. Executors: John Starkey and John Dudley. 
Witnesses: John Henagan ("nicknamed Swenny"), William Simpson, 
Hannah Pitts. Will proven before Gab. Johnston. Chief Justice: 


Dudley, John. Onslow County. 

September 12, 174S. April 2, 1751. Sons: John and David ("my 
cow pen land to be equally divided between them"), William ("my 
manor plantation"). Daughter: Sarah. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: 
John Starkey and Thoaias Dudley. Witnesses: John Wells, Nath- 
NELL Burnap, Richard Stevens. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Black. 
Courthouse at Johnston, on New River. 

104 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Dudley, Thomas. Carteret County. 

May 13, 1753. June Court, 1753. Sons: Chrlstopher (250 acres of 
land on East side of White Oak River), Elijah, Jacob, Stephen, Abra- 
ham and Thomas (to the last two is bequeathed "plantation where I now 
live")- Daughters: Elisabeth Dudley, Sarah Gillitt. Oranddaugh- 
ters: Elizabeth and Sarah Gillitt. Son-in-law: John Gillitt. Wife: 
Elizabeth. Executors: John Starkey and Moses Houston. Witnesses: 
Charles Cogdell, Ezekill Hunter, William Houston. Clerk of the 
Court: Geo. Read. 

Dudley, Thomas. Currituck County. 

December 15, 1755. March, 1757. Sons and Executors: Willi.uii, 
Thomas ("one-half of the plantation whereon I now live"). Gra7}dson: 
Malakie Dudley ("one-half of the plantation whereon I now live"). 
Daughter: Mary Willi.ams. Wife: Mary. Witnesses: Charles Wil- 
liams, Thomas Williams, Solomon Ashlee, Oen Slatter. Clerk of 
the Court: Will Mearns. 

DuGGAN, Thomas. Tyrrell County. 

May 9, 1754. June Court, 1754. Sons: Thomas, Jesse. Apprentice: 
John Seals. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: C.\pt. John H.4.rdi- 
SON. Witnesses: Jno. Bennet, Higason King, William King. Clerk 
of the Court.: Evan Jones. 

Dunbar, Dun. Beaufoi't County. 

May 18, 1747. December Court, 1747. .Son; Samuell (300 acres of 
land on the West side of Goos Creek). Daughters: Elisabeth Dunbar 
(300 acres of land on Rush Marsh and Goose Creek), S.\rah Dunbar 
(tract of land and also "plantation I now live on"), Mary Dunbar ("small 
neck of land" on "the River and South Dividing Creek") Hannah Dun- 
bar (tract of land on the South side of a creek formerly called Hender- 
sons), Ester (stock of hogs and cattle). Wife and Executrix: Sarah 
Barr. Executors: Josiah Jones, John Trippe, Junr. Witnesses: 
Joshua Pritchet, Edmond Campen, Robert C.ampen. Clerk of the 
Court: John Forbes. 

Duncan, Abraham. Beaufort Couuty. 

February 3, 1749. June Court, 1751. Wife and Executrix: Mary (land 
on Kenyon's Savannah; house and storehouse in Bath Town; lot No. 65 
in Bath Town). Nephews: George and ABRi\BAM Duncan, sons of John 
Duncan of Londonderry, New England (my plantation on the South 
Side of Pamplico River, land on Southside of Tar River, land on Swifts 
Creek). Brothers: James, William, John and Robert. Sister: Hester 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17C0. 105 

Cason. Witnesses: Thomas Pearson, John Simpson, Junr.. James 
Adams, W. Ormond, Clerk of the Court: William Ormond. Coat of 
arms on seal. 

Duncan, Alexander. Wilmington, New Hanover County. 
May 11, 1767. May 18, 1768. Brother: Robert Duncan. Other 
legatees: Alexander Purves of Edinburgh, John Cl.'i.rk Goldsmith, 
Thomas Smith, John Rutherford (1000 pounds sterling), James Moore 
(eight young negroes), Thomas Cunninghaih, Jr., Frances Rutherford, 
daughter of John Rutherford (8 young negroes), -John Walker, 
Cornelius Harnett, Mary, wife of Caleb Grainger, Maurice Moore 
and WIFE, Capt. John Forster and wife, Alexander Chapmen (20 
pounds to each), Arthur Bennet, Robert Schaw, John Ancrum (two 
last named appointed executors). Proven by Thomas Cobham and 
William Lord before Wm. Tryon. 

DuPEE, Ell^s. Craven County. 

August 14, 1750. February Court, 1754. Father and Executor: Daniel 
DuPEE ("my share of all prize money to me belonging while on board 
his Majesty's Ship 'Bedford,' Capt. James Cornwbll, Commander"). 
Witnesses: John Mill, Fran. Fontaine, Jno. Foster. Clerk of the 
Court: Sol. Rew. 

DuEANT, Ann, widow of Geoege. Albemarle River. 

January 23, 1694. June 22, 1695. Son and Executor: Tho.mas 
This is a nuncupative will proven by John Northco.ate, John Clappar, 
Elenor Molines, before Duckenfield. Clerk of the Court: 
W. Glover. Executor qualified in Palatine Court — John Archdale, 

Governor, Daniel Akehurst, Fr.\ncis , Benjamin Laten. Seal 

of the Palatine on probate. 

DuEANT, Geoege. Albemarle County. 

October 9, 1688. April 26, 1693-1694. So?is: John ("A- of my planta- 
tion"), Thomas ("ye other half"). Nephews: George Durant, Henry 
Dorant (son of brother John). Daughters: Sarah, Matytya, Per- 
TYENIA, and Ann Durant. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John 
Philpott, Frances Hossten, John Cully. Ckrk of the Court: Edward 

DuEANT, George. Albemarle County. 

May 25, 1730. September 29, 1730. Son: George. Daughters: Anne 
Durant, Mary Dura:<t, Sarah Durant, Elizabeth Durant. Friend: 
Anne Longlarther. Executors: Zebulon Clayton, Richard Whidbee 
(brothers). Witnesses: Thomas Snowden, Elizabeth Gibson, John 
Stevens. Will proven before Richard Everard. 

106 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

DuEANT, Thomas. Perquimans Precitict. 

May 8, 1728. April 15, 1734. Sons: Abraham Jetnett and Aaron 
Moses Durant. Friend: Joshua Dicks. Witnesses: Zeb Clayton, 
John Mitchell, Peleg Rogers. Justice of the Peace: Samuel Swann. 
Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

DuEEANCE, Samuel. Tyrrell County. 

November 21, 1756. December Court, 1756. Sons: Wellcom, Wil- 
liam, Francis ("all my land to be equally divided between them"). 
"Ungrateful! wife. Late": Elizabeth Durant. Executors: William 
Swinson, Francis Ward. Witnesses: Alexander Macclelean, Mary 
Combs, Fr. Ward. Clerk of the Court: Fr. Ward. 

DwiGHT, Mathew. Chowan County. 

February 27, 1737-1738. Executrix, Wife and sole legatee and devisee: 
Elizabeth. Witnesses: Charlton Mizell, Susannah Mizell. Probate 

• Eadey, Heney. Pasquotank County. 

April 11, 1750. July Court, 1750. Brother: John Eadey (land in Curri- 
tuck County). Daughter-in-law: Mary Walson. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Witnesses: Sarah Willson, Peter Wren, Samuel Low- 
man. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Eagan, James. "Cape Fare, in Bladen Precinct." 

October 30, 1737. March Court, 173S. Executor: William Cary. 

Wife and daughter: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Thomas Lock, 

William Bartraji, Arthur Daniel. Clerk of the Court: Richard Het- 


Eagle, Eichaed. Brunswick County. 

March 23, 1769. March 31, 1769. Son: Joseph ("House, plantation, 
saw and grist mills"). Daughter: Susannah Eagle. Wife: Marg.4.ret 
Henrietta Eagle (formerly Bugnion). Cousins: Jean and Elizabeth 
Davis. Sister: Elizabeth Davis. Other legatees: Jeanet McFarling, 
John Eagleson. Executors: John Gibbs, Robert Shaw, John Ancrum 
and Thomas Owen. Witnesses: John Walker, John Fergus, Mary 
Walker. WiU proven before Wm. Tryon. Codicil to this will, of even 
date. Confirms title to Mr. Wm. Dry in and to a tract of land "bought of 
my father, Rich'd Eagles." 

Eaely, Elionoe. Albemarle County. 

September 2, 1732. Grandsons; Thos. Sutton, James Curlee. Grand- 
daughters: Sarah Sutton, Mary Dale (my plantation called by the name 
of "Blew Water"). Executrix: Mary Dale. Witnesses: Robt. Ev.\ns, 
Nicholas Fairless, Nathaniel Keele. No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 107 

Eaely, John. Bertie County. 

August G, 1740. October 20, 1740. So7i: John (plantation on horse 
swamp). Daughters: M.\rqaret Machenry, Martha Thom.son, Mary 
Blake, Sarah Reef, Elisabeth Willson, Bethshaba Morris, Rebekah 
Morris. Wife: Ann. Executors: John Early (son), William Willson 
(son-in-law). Witnesses: John Williams, Edward Williams, William 
Willson. Will proven before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. 

Eason, William. Perquimans County. 

January 20, 1718-1719. July 14, 1719. Sons: William (land on South 
side of Cypress Swamp), Thom.^-S, George ("plantation whereon I now 
live"). Davghters: Maby, Susanna, Rachel and Jane Eason. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Thomas Davis, Elisebeth Davis, Tho. 
Speight. Clerk of the Court: Richd. Leary. 

Eason, William. Bertie Precinct. 

Januaiy 27, 1734. May Court, 1736. Sons: William and George. 
Wife: Anne. Executors: Thomas and George E.ason (brothers). Wit- 
7iesses: Henry Baker, Junr.. Samdell Smith, John Hennard. Clerk of 
the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Easter, Abraham. Hyde County. 

November 18, 17.51. December Court, 1751. So>i: James ("choice of 
two plantations my father left me"). Daughter: Mary Easter (fifty-three 
acres of land on Swan Quarter"). Wife: Elizabeth. Brothers and Ex- 
ecutors: John and Thomas Easter. Witnesses: William Caron, Sabbas- 
TIN Silverthorn, Uriah Collins. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Loack. 

Easter, John. Hyde Precinct. 

October 27, 17.32. March Court, 1733. Sons: Abr.\ham ("my planta- 
tion"), Tho.mas. Daughters: Sarah and Dinah. Wife and Executrix: 
Mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Edwd. Hadley, Thomas Gooding, 
Thomas Richards. Clerk of Beaufort Court: Jno. Collison. 

Easter, John. Hyde County. 

January 17, 1751-1752. March Court, 1752. Sister: Lida Easter. 
Friend: Elizabeth Loack. Brothers and Executors: Tho.mas and William 
Easter. Witnesses: John Houren, John Winly, Sarah Windly. 
Clerk of the Court: Frans. Egleton. 

Easter, Movy. Hyde County. 

November 4, 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: Abraham, John, 

William and Thomas. Daughters: Lydia Easter, Mary Easter, Ann 

108 Abstract of Wills. 1690 — 1760. 

and Sarah Easter. Executors: John and Thoma.s Easter (sons). Wit- 
nesses: John Mason, Jacob Tule, Ann Jasper. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 


Eaton, James. Chowan Precinct. 

December 11, 1729. January 6, 1729. Wife: Mahy. Executor: Wil- 
liam Williams of Edenton. Witnesses: John Matthews, Wm. Baeley, 
David Davis. Will proven before Richard Everard. 

Eaton, William. Granville County. 

February 19, 1759. March 20, 1759. Saint Johns Parish in the County 
of Granville. Sons: William (lands in Dinwiddle and Brunswick counties 
in Virginia, except land received of William Scoggan), Thomas, Charles 
Rust. Daughters: Jane, wife of Colo. N.^thaniel Edwards; Anne 
Haynes, relict of Andrew Haynbs; M.aey, wife of Robert Jones; Sarah, 
wife of Charles Johnson; Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Weldon; Martha 
Eaton. Grandson: Eaton Haynes. Wife and Executrix: Mary. The 
following lands devised: plantation in Granville "whereon I now live"; 
land in Granville called Bowsers; land where Lewis Ballard and Corme- 
LIAL Earls live; land in Northampton called Ciimboes; lots in the town of 
Halifax; land "where Granville Court house is built"; land on Tabbs Creek; 
lot in the town of Petersburg; land in Granville called Gould's; land on 
Little Fishing Creek called Youngs; land on Andersons Swamp; two tracts 
on Smiths Creek called Hughes and Rayborn's; lot in Halifax adjoining the 
Market place and Main street. A large number of negroes bequeathed , 
some being on plantations at Tabbs Creek and others on Mush Island. 
Witnesses: Wm. Person, Jas. Paine, Richd. Coleman. Clei-k of the Court: 
Daniel Weldon. 

Ebuen (or Eborne), Elizabeth. Hyde County. 

May 23, 1745. June Court, 1751. Sons: Littleton, Henry, 
lEL. Daughters: Elizabeth Macknicol, Rebecca Jones, Ann Jones. 
Grandda^ighter: Mary Stephens. Executor: Henry and Littleton Eburn 
(sons). Witnesses: Edward Davis, Elisabeth Bell. Wm. Harris. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Loack. 

Eboen, Henry. Hyde County. 

October 20, 1732. March Court, 1732. Matchepungo in Hyde County. 
Sons: Henry ("my plantation"), Littleton (land on Broad Creek and 
plantation Pantego; one negro). Daughters: Mary Eborn, Rhoda Lay- 
son, Elizabeth Eborn, Anne Jones and Rebeckbr Deedan. Other leg- 
atees: Nathaniel Eborn, son of Henry and Elizabeth Eborn (land 
between George Mixon and William Cambal on Matchepvmgo Creek); 
Salathyel Layson, son of Evens Rhoda Layson. Wife and Executrix: 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690— 17C0. 109 

Elizabeth. Executors: William Barrow, Nathaniel Eborn and 
Thomas Smith. Witnesses: George Mixon, Elizabeth Williamson, 
Charles Johnson. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. 

Eborn, Littleton. Hyde County. 

April 13, 1758. June Court, 1758. Brothers: Aaron Eborn ("my 
dwelling plantation"), James Eborn, William Eborn. Executors: Wil- 
liam Boyd (brother-in-law), William Eborn. Witnesses: Wm. Harris, 
Martha Eborn, Willi.ui Macnoral. Clerk of the Court: Stephn Den- 

Ebobn, Nathaniel. Hyde County. 

October 1, 1753. March Court, 1754. Sons: James ("My plantation 
and one negro"), Littleton (plantation on Matchapungo Creek); Wil- 
liam (land on Matchapungo Creek adjoining Henry Eborn, "holden by a 
bond in the hands of Thomas, George and Zaceria B arrah," and 1 negro) , 
Aaron (land on Matchapungo adjoining Thomas Barrah, and one negro) . 
Daughter: Elizabeth Eborn (one negro). Wife: Rebecca. Executors: 
James and Littleton Eborn (.sons). Witnesses: Israel Windly, Eliza- 
beth WiNDLY, John Houren. Deputy Clerk: Stephen Denning. 

Eboene, Eebekah. Hyde County. 

October 30, 1754. June Court, 1758. Sons: Littleton (Executor), 
William and Aaron. Daughter: Elizabeth Eborne. Witrmsses: 
George Barrow, Zachariah B.arrow. Clerk of the Court: Stepn. Den- 

Eden, Chakles. County not given. 

Governor of North Carolina, December 26, 1721. April 2, 1722. Niece: 
Margaret Peugh, daughter of Robert Peugh. Other legatees: John Hol- 
lo way, Daniel Richardson, James Henderson (land on Derhams Creek), 
John Lovick (executor). Witnesses: Mary Badham, H. Clayton, W. 
Badham. Clerk of the Court: W. Badham. Original missing. Recorded 
in Book 1712-1722, page 299. 

Edmonds (spelled Eddmonds), Richard. Northampton Co. 

September 26, 1750. November Court, 1750. Sons: Thomas and Da- 
vid. Daughters: Marey, Rebekah, Elizabeth and Susannah Edmonds. 
Wife: Elizabeth. Executor: Bbrabe Melton. Witnesses: Samuel 
Hackney', Samuel Jordan, Jenings Hackney. Clerk of the Court: 
I. Edwards. 

Edmonds, Samuel. Chowan County. 

November 3, 1720. April Court, 1721. Son.- Henry ("my plantation") 
Daughters: Sarah Edmonds, Ann Smith, Elisabeth Medleton. Wife: 

110 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Mart. Executor: Joss Edwards, Senr. Witnesses: John Wilh.\ms, 
Geo. Ettbaxk, Theophilus Williams, Ed-vfard More. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Hexman. 

EDiioxDsoK, Joseph. Craven County. 

August 4, 1743. Sons: John {Executor), Thomas. Daughter: Prise- 
low Edmoxdsojj. Wife and Executrix: Priselow. Witnesses: Richd. 
Bath, Elias M.vrtin, Joseph G.\d. No probate. 

Edxte (Ednet), Eobekt. Pasquotank Count}'. 

AprU 4, 1752. December Court, 1758. Sons: Samttel, Nuton Ren- 
SHER Ednye. Daughters: Axx Edxte (land on "the long ridge"), Ahi- 
NO.Uki Edxye (land on "ash branch"), Elizabeth C.\rt«'right (land on 
"broad neck branch"). Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Samuel 
Smith, Joseph Spence, Thos. Lo.\ds (Rhodes). Clerk of the Court: Thos. 


Ebwarbs, CATHERiifE. Bladen County. 

May 2, 1755. October Court, 1755. Son: Robert ("ye plantation I 
formerly lived on"). Daughter: Ann Sutton. Grandsons: John, S.vmuel 
and Isaac Hollingsworth. Executors: Robert Edwards (son) and 
Valentine Hollingsworth. Witnesses: J.vmes Prothro, Jeremi.\h 
Prothro. Ann D. Laurency. Clerk of the Court: Edward Nugent. 

Edwards, Edward. Northampton County. 

Februan.- 27, 1758. July Court, 1758. Wife and Executrix: Anne. 
Witnesses: J.\mes Leay, William Winborne. Clerk of the Court: J. Ed- 

Edwards, Henry. Edgecombe County. 

January 14, 1758. June Court, 1758. Sons: Nathan, Britain and 
Jesse ("my plantation"), S^uruEL and Henry (executors). Witnesses: 
Arthur Bowin, John Norwood. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Edwards, Isa^vc. E'orthampton County. 

December IS, 1758. Januarj' Court, 1759. Sons: Josiah ("plantation 
whereon I now live, including all the lands lying between Roanoque River 
and Uraha Swamp"), John (land on North side Uraha Swamp), Thom.-is 
("100 acres of land, including Davise's plantation"), Willi.\m. Daughter: 
Elizabeth Ferguson. Son-in-law: Samuel Philips. Grandchildren: 
Elizabeth Philips, John Edwards. Daughter-in-law: .\nn Edw.\rds. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Sawkill, Robert 
Dukes, John Edwards. Clerk of the Court: J. Edwards. 

Abstract of Wii^ls, Ki'.iO— i7G0. Ill 

Edw Alius, John. New Ilaiiovcr (!omity. 

June 19, 1743. May 15, 1744. Sons: .John, Thomas. Daughter: 
Charity ICdward.s. Wife and Executrix: Maiiy. Executor: IIunhy Ba- 
KON. Witnesses: Thomas IIonnY, Wiij.m. Stephens, IIrnhy Baiion. 
Will proven before IC. Moheley, Chief Justice. 

Edy, John. County not given. 

November 7, 172G. December 2, 172G. yjauf//i/c/: Diana Edy. Broth- 
er: Henry F^dy. Thi.s is a nuncupative will proven before Tiios. TAYLoh 
by Thomas Spenckr, Henry Eden and E.sthkr Dmii.Y, 

EoioKTON (spelled Egoicrton), Jamks. Pcrquiuuui.s (Jounty. 

September 11, 1749. January Court, 1750. .So/i-s.- James (planta- 
tion in Chowan County), William (plantation on Mill Swamp). Daugh- 
ters: Ann and Mary Eobrton. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Execu- 
tors: John Halcey, John Wilkins. WilTiesses: Thomas Calloway, 
William Hall, Richard Clemens. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Ei.i)RUJ(iK, William. Norlhainptoii County. 

May Court, 1751. "Supposed son": Ma'itiihw Moor. Wife: Mary. 
Other legatees: Mela Moor, Charity Moor, Patty Peacock (daughter of 
Elizabeth Peacock). Brother: Samuel. Sisters: Martha, Thomas 
Nixon, Martha Moor. Executors: William Kechen, Jas. Washington, DeBerry. Witnesses: Jno. Deubrry, William UiciiARDaoN. 
IIauackah Dawson. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Elk.s, .John. County not given. 

January 23, 1707-1708. Sons: John ("my dw(?lliiif; pl.untation"), Thom- 
as, Amanuel (land called "rich neck"), Marmaduke. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mary. Witnesses: Edward Old, Junior, Oeoroe Warrenton, 
Senior, George Warrenton, Junior, Heuekah Old. Clerk of the 
Court: Jos. Waker (or Walker). 

Elks, Richard. Albemarle C-Vjunty. 

September 21, 1687. October G, lGcS7. Executor awl sole leijntee and 
devisee: Willia.m Darby ("plantation upon Yawpin River"). Witnesses: 
Thomas Pollock, Hanna Haile, John Wolienden, John Lewin. Will 
proven lieforc Seth Sothell, Governor. 

Ellegood, Matthias. Pasquotank County. 

September 10, 1773. March 7, 1774. Frieruls and Executors: Colo. 
John Sawyer, Jonathan Hearrino. . Wife and Executrix: Maroreat. 
Witnesses: Samuel Spence, Thos. Etheridge, Thomas Orandy. Will 
proven before Jo. Martin. 

112 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Eliott, Charles. Enfield. 

October 15, 1753. May Term, 1757. Executor and sole legatee: Hon. 
John Rdthekfokd. Witnesses: Thos. Lowe, John Lawson. Clerk of 
the Court: I. Edwards. 

Elliott, Geoege. Pasquotank Precinct. 

February 7, 1727-1728. April Court, 172S. Daughter: Mary Wallts. 
Other legatees: John Clarke, Ann Askins, Ann Gray. Executor: Rich- 
ard Gray. Witnesses: Thomas Bedford, William Wallis, James Col- 
lins. Clerk of the Court: \Yii. Minson. 

Eliot, Michel. Orange County. 

October 25, 1756. December Court, 1756. Executor and sole legatee 
and devisee: William Phillips. Witnesses: William Offill, James Hop- 
kins, William Hopkins. Clerk of the Court: James Watson. 

Elliott, Moses. Perquimans County. 

February 22, 1756. January Court, 1756. Sons: Joseph, Moses, Ben- 
jamin. Daughter: Margret Elliot. Wife and Executrix: Judah. Wit- 
nesses: Haskit, Samuel Bagley. Clerk of the Court: Miles 

Elliot, Thomas. Perquimans Countv. 

April 2, 1720. December 16, 1729. Sons: Caleb ("plantation on which 
I now dwell"), Joshua (200 acres of land), Isaac ("remaining part of ye 
tract"), William (1 shilling), Thomas, Abraham, Solomon, Moses, 
Joseph and Benj.\min. Daughters: Mary Brown, Ursely. Wife and 

Executrix: Margaret. Witnesses: Sarah W.vrner, William , R. 

Wilson. Will proven before Rich'd Everard. 

Ellis, Geoege. Pasquotank Precinct. 

January 30, 1720. July Court, 1720. Brother and Executor: Thomas 
Palin. Daughter: Ann Ellis. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Wit- 
nesses: Sarah Bull, Kath. To'R'er, Jane Dann. Clerk of the Court pro 
tern.: J. Palin. 

Ellis, Mary. County not given. 

Executor and Guardian of son: Thomas Clarke. Witnesses: Elizabeth 
Willis, Ellis Wilson, John Wilson. No probate. 

Ellis, Egbert. Nortliampton County. 

January 28, 1740. February Court, 1743. Son: Jno. Ellis (one shil- 
ling). Grandsons: Robert and John Ellis (160 acres of land to each). 

Ab.stuaci' ov Wills, 1690—1700. 113 

Neighbor and Executor: Phil Smith ("plantation whereon I now dwpll"). 
Witnesses: Phil Smith, Moses Beck, Elizabeth Smith. Clerk of the 
Court: I. Edwards. 

Ellison, William. New Hanover County. 

June 23, 1737. July 2, 1737. Brother and sole devisee and legatee: An- 
drew Ellison. Executor: Jambs Miiruay. Witnesses: J.\. P.\teuson, 
Thomas Clarke, Ja. Mxirray. Will proven before Rout. Halton and 
Gab. Johnston. 

Elton, Z.vciiariaii. Pt'niiiimaus County. 

October o, 1752. October Court, 1752. Devisees and Legatees: Jona- 
than I'hrlps, Sen., Joseph White, Mary Barker, William Lamb. 
Executors: Jonathan Phelps, Joseph White. Witnesses: William 
TowNSBN, Thomas Martin. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Enoel, Peter. Craven Precinct. 

September 20, 1722. December Court, 1722. Godson: William More. 
Other legatees: Ann Cartus, Susan Moore, Surity Moore, Mary Lots, 
Adam Moore, George Mals. Witnesses: Matthew Reason, Peter 
Hand. Clerk of the Court: C. Mktcalkb. 

English, Joseph. Beaufort County. 

November 20, 1744. December Court, 1744. Friends: Mary Pallbe, 
Door. Petier Colaxe. Executor: Petter Sole. Witnesses: John 
Brock, John Fulker, Nathan .\iiciiHELL. Clerk of the Court: Fu. Goold, 
Jno. Turner. 

Ennet, Edmund. New River. 

February 24, 1734. .-\pril 11, 1735. Sons: John (land on Kisable 
Creek), Edmond and Joseph ("my dwelling plantation"). Daughter: 
Ellinor Ennet. Executors: Nathaniel ICveret and John Warren. 
Witnesses: Martha Holt, William Marciiment, Jonathan Pike, Mary 
Patter. Will i)roven before Governor Gab. Johnston at New River. 

Espy, James. Brunswick, in JS'ew Hanover County. 

Octobers, 1739. October i), 1739. Son: Usiimi. Daughter: Sarah 
Espy. Wife: Margaret. I'hrcutors: John Montgomery and William 
Dry. Witnesses: Richard Hellier, Wm. Gray, James Lyon. Will 
proven before Gab. Johnston at Newton. 

Etheuidoe, Henry. Currituck County. 

March 14, 1742-1743. July Court, 1743. Sons: S.uiuel, Willi.^m, 
Richard, John, Henry. Daughters: Ann Etheridge, Tedy Ethbridge, 


114 Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 1760. 

Maky Ethekidge. Wife and Executrix: Susey. Witnesses: John Bal- 
LANCE, WiLLi/Uvi Makbfashion, Moses Linton. Clerk of the Court: John 

Ethekidge, John. Currituck County. 

April 3, 1744. July Court, 1744. Sons: Amos (land known as the "Bull 
yard"), Willi.? (411 acres of land), Callib (land known as "Northerns"), 
James ("plantation where Henry Blount now liveth"), John ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Josias ("plantation where Samuel Jones now liv- 
eth"). Daughters: Sarah Biggs, Dorothy Etheridge. Wife and Exec- 
virix: Eliner. Witnesses: Thos. Wii^liams, Solomon Etheridge, John 
PiRKENS, Absalom Legett. Clerk of the Court: Richd. McCltjre. 

Ethekidge, Luke. Currituck County. 

February 25, 1732. Daughters: Sakah Etheridge ("land I now live 
on"), Elizabeth Etheridge ("land in ye great swamp"), Ann Ether- 
idge. Wife and Executrix: Christon. Witnesses: Elisabeth Daniel, 
Otho Holland. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Lowther. 

Etheridge, Maemaduke. Currituck County. 

February 3, 1734. Devisees and legatees: Caleb, Marmaduke and 
Mary Bell (children of Sarah Bell). Executrix: Sarah Bell. Witnesses: 
John Houren, Joseph Bourn, Peter Douge. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Etheridge, Richard. "Currituck Banks and Bay of 

Kitty Hawk." 

February 12, 1739-1740. April Court, 1750. Sons: Adam ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live, commonly known by the name of the Whale 
House"), S.AMP.S0N. Daughters: Dianah Dowe, Hellena Dowdy, 
Elizabeth Dow'DY. Grandson: Robert Tucker. Granddaughters: Pris- 
SELLA Etheridge, Debor.ui Feilds. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Adam, 
Samp.son Etheridge (sons). Witnesses: Tho-M.a.s Mayo, Charity Sivells, 
Lenine Mayo. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Etheridge, Solomon. Currituck County. 

November 7, 1749. January Court, 1749. Sons: Abner ("plantation 
I now live on"), Solomon, Abs.\lo.\i. Daughters: Sarah Etheridge, 
Lettisha Etheridge, B.^rby Etheridge, Redah Etheridge. B^it- 
nesses: William Etheridge, Caleb Etheridge. Clerk of the Court: 
Richd. McClure. 

Eubakk, George. Bertie Precinct Society Parish. 

March 2, 1732-1733. March 12. 17.32. Brother: James Eub.^^nk. 

Sisters: Elizabeth and Isabell Eubank. To brothers and sisters is 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 115 

devised all estate in Great Britain. Other legatees: Thomas, Elizabeth 
and 'Martha Whitmell, William Gray. Executors: James Castellaw, 
Thomas Whitmell and John Gray. Witnesses: James Bulock, John 
Barton. Proven before George Burrington. 

Evans, Baewell. Beaufort County. 

April 1, 1756. June Court, 1756. Daughters:^h Evans ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live and forty acres of land on the creek I live on"), 
Susannah Evans ("plantation whereon William Brantly lives and three 
hundred acres of land on the mill creek"). Nephews: Jacob and Barwell 
Evans. Friend: Vv'illiam Stokes. Wife and Executrix: Susannah. 
Executors: Jacob, Benjamin and Ch.arles Ev.\ns (brothers). Witnesses: 
George Sugg, Peter Hull and Richard Hurley. Clerk of the Court: 
Walley Chauncey. 

Evans, Charles. Tarr Eiver, in Edgecombe County. 

June 1, 1759. June Court, 1759. Sons: Jacob (land in Beaufort 
County), Benjamin, Charles (land on Tar river and town Creek). 
Grandchildren: Charles Ev.\ns (son of Benj.\min), John Evans (son of 
Charles and Elizabeth), Ann Evans (daughter of Ch.vrles and Eliz.^.- 
beth). Witnesses: John Tison, Charles Evans, Jr. Clerk of the Court: 
Jos. Montfort. 

Evans, Hunt. Pasquotank Precinct. 

December 15. 1729. January 13, 1729. Brothers: Bartholomew 
Evans, Thomas Armore. Father-in-law and Executor: Louis Markham. 
Witnesses: Robert Keel, Ann Crank, Isaac Finney. Clerk of the 
Court: H. Minson 

Evans, John. Chowan County. 

August 24, 1739. January 15, 1739. Sons: John ("plantation whereon 
I now hve"), Thomas, Benjamin. Daughters: J.\.ne Ev.\ns, Mary Ev.'VNS, 
Rachel Evans. Wife and Executrix: Jane. Witnesses: John Evans, 
CH.4.RLES JoRD.AN. Will proven before W. Smith, Chief Justice. 

Evans, Mary. Perquimans County. 

April 8, 1720. March 7, 1723. Son: William. Executors: Francis 

Penrine, D.\.rby Bryan. Witnesses: John Dick, Harris Willoughby, 

Francis Laydain. Will proven before Geo. Burringto.n, Governor. 

Evans (spelled "Eivens" ), Eichaed. Albemarle County. 
September 7, 1692. October 2, 1693. Sons: Jonathan, Richard. 
Daughters: Rab.^kah Eivens, Ann Eivens. Executors: Elizabeth 
Eivens (wife), Alexander Lillington. Witnesses: David Shearwood, 
Jane Arnold, Benj.amin Ciddbn. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney. 

116 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Evans, Eichaed. Beaufort County. 

December 26, 1752. June Court, 17.53. Sons: Richard and George 
(lands in Onslow on the mouth of New River). Daughter: Mary Evans. 
About thirteen negroes bequeathed. Executor: Michael Cautanchb. 
Witnesses: Edmund Pearce, Joshua Pearce, Reading Blount. Clerk 
of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

Evans, Robert. Perquimans County. 

March 20, 1754. January Court, 1758. Sons: John, Robert (Execu- 
tor). Daughters: Sarah Griffin, Elisabeth Evans, Mart Evans. 
Grandchildren: Demsey, Aron, Robert and Huldah Blanshard. Wit- 
nesses: William Kelly, Nathan Cullens, Davenport Gooding. Clerk 
of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Evans, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

February 29, 1731-17.32. November 2, 1732. Son and Executor: 
Thomas ("my maner plantation"). Daughters: Allis Williamson, 
Sarah Browney, Elizebeth Walker. Wife and Executrix: Ellener. 
Witnesses: Tho. Hobbs, Cornelius Collehan. Will proven before Wm. 
Little, Chief Justice. 

Evans, Thomas. Tyrrell County. 

March 14, 1744-1745. June Court, 1745. Mother: Elener Evans. 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Aloe and Sarah Evans. 
Wife and Executrix: Maey. Executors: Samuel Durrance, Mathias 
Adams. Witnesses: John Nichalls, John Garrett, John Walker. 
Clerk of the Court: J as. Conner. 

EvATT, William. Northampton County. 

April 10, 1758. July Court, 1758. Daughter: Mary Evatt. Wife 
and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: Daniel Dunkin. Witnesses: Gerard 
Young, Thomas Wilborn. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Everett, John. Tyrrell County. 

March 16, 1754. June Court, 1754. Brother: Joshua (145 acres of 
land known as "the Stamping place"), Thomas (Executor). Father and 
Executor: Nathaniel Everett. Cousins: John and Elisabeth Everett. 
Witnesses: Samuel Durrance, Daniel Yahrett, Nathaniel Everitt. 
Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Everitt, Nathaniel. Tyrrell County. 

November 2, 1749. December 5, 1749. Legatees and devisees: Nathan- 

iell Everitt of New River, Nathaniel Everitt of Mereland, Nath.-vniel 

Everitt of the parish of St. Andrews ("my plantation"), Mary Everitt, 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. ll*; 

Elisabeth Ray, Sary Fuggin. Executor: Nathaniel Everitt of St. 
Andrews. Witnesses: Thomas Everitt, J.ambs Rhoudes, Ann Beesley. 
Clerk of the Court: Ev.^.n Jones. Courthouse on Kindrecks Creek. 

EvEKTON, Jeremiah. Pasquotank County. 

Januarj' 3, 1736. October Court, 1740. Sons: Solomon (1 shilling), 
James ("my dweUing pUintation")- Daughters: Sarah Forehand, 
Rachel Everton, Katherine Ch.amberlain. Wife and Executrix: 
Hannah. Witnesses: John Scarf, J.imes Scarf, Thomas Cromwell. 
Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Eyres, Richard. County not given. 

October 2, 1685. November 11, 16S.5. Executor and sole legatee: 
Charles Prows. Witnesses: Richard Rooke, Mary Rookb. Ckrk of 
the Court: Henderson Walker. 

Fagak-, Enoch. Tyrrell County. 

January 16, 1777. -Vpril 20, 1777. Daughter: Mary Faga^i. Wife and 
Executrix: Ruina. Executor: Bbnjajiin Blount. Witnesses: S.a.muel 
Black, Isham Webb, Fr. Ward. Will proven before Rd. C.^well, 

Falconer, John. Chowan County. 

July 28, 1739. August 5, 1741. Sons: Thomas, George. Daughters: 
Ann Falconer, Mary Frazier, Hester Gravenor. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Ronsha.m, Edwd. Aurendell, P.atines 
Everay. Will proven before J. Montgomery, C. J. 

Falconer, Thomas. Chowan County. 

February 1, 1756. April Court, 1756. Nephew: Jambs Beasley. 
Wife: Sarah (plantation and all personal property). Other legatees: Sarah 
Freeman, daughter of Thomas Freem.\n; Rich.ard Leary of Tyrrell 
County; John, son of James Be.asley; J.ymbs, son of John Beaslby' and 
Thomas son of James Beasley; Mary Pain, daughter of James Be.asley. 
Executors: John H.alsby and Cornelius Leary. Witnesses: Robert 
Be.asley, J.AMES Francis, Edward Robins, Eliz.abeth Rowsum, Thomas 
Peirce, John Creecy. Clerk of the Court: Tho.mas Jones. 

Falk, Richard. Chowan Precinct. 

March 15, . No probate. Sons: Jonathan, William, John and 

Richard (lands on Maheron River). Wife and Executrix: Eliz.abeth. 
Witnesses: Richard Falk, William Maule, Thom.w Busbe. Original 
missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 27. 

118 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Faelee, James. Chowan Precinct. 

May 1, 1727. May 15, 1727. TFi/e; mentioned, but not named. Testa- 
tor's lands left to James Bentley, son of Sahah Bentlev. Guardians: 
Henry Bonner, S.-^muell Pagett. ' Executor: Edw,\rd Moselby'. Wit- 
nesses: Robert Jeffreys, Wm. Hallsey, John Hallsey. Will proven 
before Richard Everard, Governor. 

Farlee, James. Chowan County. 

January 12, 1750. Januarj' Court, 1750. Sons: Samuel ("all my 
land"), James. Daughters: Mary Parker, Sarah Farlee, Christiana 
Farlee. Wife: Rachel. Executor: John Campbell. Witnesses: Wil- 
liam Boyd, Amos Parker, John Backcus. Chrk of the Court: Will. 
Meaens. Executor qualified before J.\mes Craven. 

Fare, Kiciiard. Onslow County. 

November S, 1757. July Court, 1758. Sons: Richard, Titus Green 
Farr, William, James. Executors: Hannah Faer {wife), Stephen Lee, 
John Milton. Witnesses: Thos. Hill, Robert Milton, Dnl. Austin. 
Clerk of the Court: Willi.a^m Cray. 

Farrow, Francis. Currituck County. 

October 7, 1721. February 9, 1722-1723. Wife and Executrix: Bar- 
BARY'. Children: mentioned, but not named. Friend: William Rolli- 
.son. Witnesses: Daniel Guthrie, John Macquin, Richard Johnson. 
Will proven before Wm. Reed, "presedent of North Carolina." 

Feaee, Obadiah. Pasquotank Precinct. 

June 5, 1719, "of AUigater in the presinck of Pascotank." Legatees and 
Devisees: William Ludford {Executor). Saras Ludford, Anne Ludford, 
Christian Ludford, Mary Ludford, Martha Ludford, Tomson Lud- 
ford, Thomas Ludford, Ann Fearb (wife). Witnesses: Ed\vd. Lining- 
ton, Joseph Winshapp, Andrew Oliver. No probate. 

Feilds, James. Perquimans County. 

February 15, 1750-1751. April Court, 1751. Sons and Executors: 
Rubin, Moses. Daughters: Ann Feilds, Zbbiah Feilds. Son-in-law: 
James Price {Executor). Witnesses: Nicholas Stallings, Elias Stai^ 
lings, Moses Rountree. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Feild, Kichaed. Onslow County. 

June 24, 1742. January Court, 1744. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Sons: John and Samuel (550 acres of laud up White Oak river), Richard 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — ITCO. 119 

and Smith (my plantation). James (300 acres land). Executor: John 
Stabkey. Witnesses: Abra. Mitchell, Abraham Mitchell, James At- 
kins. Clerk of the Court: Andrew Murray. 

Felthex, -Tames. Bertie County. 

March 16, 1726. July. 1726. Wife and Exeeutrix: Ann. Witiiesses: 
Fred. Rasor, Chrlstopher Vanluvan, Martha Hooper. Will proven 
before Richd. Everard. 

Felts, Humphrey. Perqnimau.s County. 

1726. July, 1726. Son: John. Daughter: Elisabeth. Executor: 
William Long. Witnesses: Edwd. Standin, Joshua Long, Samuel 
Wiatt. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd Leary. Court held at the house of 
Robert Moore. 

Fendall, John. Chowan County. 

December 17, 1695. April Court, 1696. Wife: Elizabeth. Brother: 
Robert Fendall. Father-in-laro and Executor: Alexander Lillington. 
Witnesses: John Dix, Ann Walker, Henderson Walker. Clerk of the 
Court: Na. Chevin. 

Fendall, Robert. Perquimans County. 

November 30. 1711. January, 1711-1712. Daughter: Elizabeth Lil- 
lington. Other devisees and legatees: Isaac Willson (land on Kendricks 
Creek known as Hawkinses Neck), Richard Lowry. Executor: Thom.\s 
Long. Witnesses: John Wiat, John Long, Thomas Wyatt. Will proven 
in Council: N. Chevin, Clerk. 

Fep.s, William. Beaufort County. 

Januarj' 11, 1753. June, 1754. Sons: William ("my maner planta- 
tion"), Nathaniel, Jo.siah. Daughters: Lu. Rainer, Molle, Sar.ah 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wit^iesses: Robert Spring, Charles How- 
ard, William Morris. Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncy. 

Ferguson, Adam. Craven Precinct. 

October 13, 1715. February 15, 1715. Son: Mark ("my plantation"). 
Daughters: Sarah Ferguson, Jane Ferguson. Wife: Elizabeth Fer- 
guson. Executor: Daniell McFarlan. Witnesses: Robt. Ramsey, 
Peter Cropely, Francis Hutson. Clerk of the Court: Daniell McFar- 

Ferguson, Mark. Craven County. 

April 16, 1751. September Court, 1751. Sons: Adam (350 acrea^f 

land on tlie East side of Slocumb's Creek), Slocumb (800 acres of lai)a on. 

120 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Mill Creek). Cousin: Benjamin Cummings (land on East side of Adams 
Creek). Wife and Executrix: Eliz.\beth. Witnesses: Adam Wallis, 
Robert Walli.s, John Cummings. Clerk of the Court: Phil. Smith. 

Fekiel, Riciiaed. Pasquotank County. 

January 31, 1738-1739. July Court, 1740. Sons: Erasmus and John 
(Executor). Witnesses: John Hodben, Thom.^s and Willi.s James. 
Clerk of the Court: James Cr.wen. 

Feebil, William. Currituck County. 

November 7, 1742. January Court, 1742-1743. Sons: Joseph, Caleb, 
S.amuel. Daughters: Tamer, Mary and Ann Ferril. Sister: Esbei, 
BuRKET. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: George Ferebee , 
Joseph Ferebee, William Ferebee. Clerk of the Court: John Lurrt. 

Fewox, James. County not given. 

March 2, 1710. January 9, 1711-1712. Son: Robert. Wife: Ann. 
Other legatees and demsees: Jno. Lawson, Mary Lawson, Samuel Hardy, 
son of Wm. Hardy. Executrix: Mary L.vwson, widow of Nath.vniel 
Lawson. Witness: Geo. Gladstain. Codicil, dated May 5, 1711, pro- 
vides for use of gristmill. Witnesses: Geo. Gladstain, Joseph Fanings, 
John Snell. Will proven in Council: Robert Buckner, Clerk. 

FiGiiEES, Baetholomew. Nortliampton County. 

March 16, 1758. July Court, 1758. Sons: John (700 acres of land), 
Richard (275 acres of land), Bartholomew ("my plantation"), Joseph 
("land whereon he now lives"), William (700 acres of land). Daughters: 
Rebekah Derring, Elizabeth Lewis. Witnesses: Joseph Dew, Ch.arles 
Dew, William Sherard, John Dew. Codicil to this will of even date 
makes more bequests to John antl Bartholomew. Executors: John and 
Bartholomew Figures. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Filliaw, John. Craven County. 

August 31, 1747. March 15. 1748. Sons: John, Joseph, Jambs. 
Daughters: Ann Filliaw, Prisillar Filliaw, Mary Filllaw. Wife and 
Executrix: Jane. Witnesses: Alexander Blackshire, N. Wolf, Wm. 
Gray. Clerk of the Court: John Rice. 

Fillingham, John. Pitt County. 

November 11, 1771. December 22, 1773. Sons: John, Robert, Sam- 
uel, Jarvis, Benjamin. Daughters: Mathew White, Mary Hays. Wife: 
Margaret. Executors: John and Robert (sons). Witnesses: Josiah 
Little, Alexr. Stewart. WUl proven before Jo. Marti.\. 

Abstract of Wills, 1C90 — 1760. 131 

Fish, William. Bertie County. 

August 10, 1750. May Court, 1751. Sons: John, William ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live"). Daughters: Ann Feruill, Mary Fish ("100 
acres of land in Johnston County on Marsh Branch"). Grandsons: John 
and Wm. Fish. Wife: Mxhy. Erpcutor; Samuell Williams. Witnesses: 
Sarah Lee, Samuel William.s, Mary Calvart. Clerk of the Court: Benj. 

FisiiEE, James. County not given. 

August 1.3, 1702. No probate. "This being my last desire from all 
wills that all my whole estate both real and personal I give to ray wife and 
to my children and my deare friend Mr. William Wilkeson. I would 
have you if you please to assist them, that they may not be wronged." 
Witnesses: William Long, Peter Jones. 

FisiiEE, Eandolph. Craven County. 

March 31, 1747. June Court, 1751. Sons: Thomas and George (Exec- 
utor). Witnesses: George, Thos. M.vtchett, Richd. Bath. 
No signature to probate. 

Fitzgaerald, John. Johnston County. 

August 14, 1749. September Court, 1751. Sons: John and Thomas. 
So7t-in-law: Arthur Peirce (Executor). Wife: Ann. Executor: Richard 
Peirce. Witnesses: Robt. Butler, Anthony Fulgham, Anne Peirce. 
Deputy Clerk of the Court: James Oates. 

FiTzpATEiCK, Bryan. Allegator Creek, in Chowan County. 
March 26, 1709. .Sons; Cornelius, Vinney, Dinis ("my dwelling 
plantation called Hunts"). So>i: Conrelius, appointed Executor. Negroes 
bequeathed to sons. Witnesses: Samuel Brooke, David Elder, John 
Macker. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-22, p.age 64. 

FiTZPATEicK, Cornelius. Allegator, in Albemarle County. 
August 21, 1716. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Sons: John, Cor- 
nelius and Bry".a.nt. Daughters: Elender, Mary% Sarah, Eliz.^beth. 
Other legatees: Geo. Whidbee, John Woodland, Elizabeth Whidbeb, 
Richard Whidbeb, John Marke. Witnesses: John Woodland, George 
Whidbee, Rich.\hd Whidrbe. Will proven before Thos. Pollock, 
May 4, 1722. 

Flanakin, Richard. South Dividing Creek, in Bath Co. 

September 5, 1739. June Court. 1741. Sons: J.^mes ("the inannour 

plantation"), Thomas, RichjVRD, Willl-ui. Daughter: Le.vh Flanakin. 

122 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Wife: Katherine. Executors: Abrm. Pritchbtt (brother), James Flan- 
akin (son). Witnesses: Porter Finch, Dorothy Finch, Samuel Goodin. 
Clerk of Beaufort Court: Rog. Jones. 

Fleming, George. Pasquotank Precinct. 

May 27, 1694. July 16, 1694. Daughter: Elizabeth Fleming. 
Friends: Thomas Elliott, James Robinson. Executor: Simon Rice. 
Witnesses: William Bray, Isaac Gilford, Elizebeth Jones, John 
Philpott. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Fleming, Rosanna. Perquimans County, 

M.ay 20, 1758. October Court, 1758. Son: J.a.mes (Executor). Daugh- 
ters: S.arah Scrimsher, M.artha Fleming, Elizabeth Fleming, Mary 
Fleming. Witnesses: Z.\chariah Webb, Senr., J.ames Gibson, Zachariah 
Webb, June. Clerk of the Court: M. Harvey. 

FLETcnEE, CuKTis. Countj not given. 

March 28, 1671. April 15, 1671. Legatees: Willlvm Bray, TnoM^iS 
Tulley, Benj.'^.min Tulley. Witnesses: William Bays, David Prishet. 
Proven before Richard Foster and Patrick White. 

Fletcher, Francis. Pasquotank County. 

January Court, 1743. Wife and Executrix: Marg-^ret. Witnesses: 
Benjamin Baptlste, Jonathan Lang.athen, William Delbny. Clerk 
of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Fletcher, Ralph. Perquimans County. 

February 20, 1726-1727. January 21, 1728. Sons: Ralph ("my 
manner house & plantation"), George ("my lower house and plantation"), 
James, Josua. Daughters: Jane and Elizabeth Fletcher. Executors: 
Richard Skinner and Richard Cheasten. Witnesses: Elizabeth 
French, Sahah Skinner, Thomas Rattliff. Clerk of the Court: Thomas 

Fletcher, Ralph. Perquimans County. 

April 5, 1752. July Court, 17.52. Sons: Ralph ("the manner planta- 
tion"), Joshua. Daughters: Jane, Miriajm and Ruth Fletcher, Mary 
■Rattliff. Wife: Mary. Executors: Joseph Ratliff (son-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: Francis Toms, Francis Newby, William Lasey. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Fletcher, Thomas. Chowan County. 

May 10, 1727. April Court, 1734. Wife: Dorotha. Son: Thomas. 
Witnesses: Robert Laciter, George Laciter. Clerk of the Court: 
MosELY Vail. 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 1760. 123 

Flood, James. "Cajie Fare." 

173l. June 10, 1736. H'f/f and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
Tunis Van Colder, Elizabeth Harnett, Mary Parker. Clerk of the 
Court: Hugh Campbell. 

Flood, James. Chowan County. 

November 15, 1750. November 30, 17.50. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Children: Willi.^m and .-Vnn Braswell. Execuiors: James 
Craven .and Thoma.s Barker. Witnesses: Edmund H.\tch, John Mc- 
KiLDO. Richard McClure. Will proven before Gov. Gab. Johnston. 

Flovell, William. jSTewton, county not given. 

December 18, 1737. March 1, 1737. Two hundred pounds South 
Carolina currency to be paid towards the erection of an English Church. 
Niece: Elizabeth Calleton, wife of George Calleton of South Carolina. 
Uncle: William Hale ("late of Nassau in New Providence"). Executors: 
William Roper, Elizabeth Calleton, Rdpus Marsden, John Davis 
and Joseph Wragg. Witnesses: Roger Rolfe, .4rmand DeRosset, 
M. D., Mich. Higgines. Will proven before Gab. Johnston. Coat of 
arms on seal. 

Floyd, John. l^orthainpton County. 

August 3, 17.5(1. November Court, 1756. Sons: Morrise (80 acres of 
land in King County, Va.), Thomas ("plantation whereon I now 
|ive"), Stephen, Je.ssee, John and Willlvai. Daughter: Elizabeth 
Cooker. Executors: Thomas .and William (sons). Witnesses: Chas. 
Campbell, Ja.mes Stanton. Clerk of the Court: I. Edw.^rds. 

Flyn, Collumb. Bath County. 

.■Vugust 22. 1721. September 9. 1737. Son and Executor: Collu.mb 
("all my real estate"). Daughters: M.\ry Smith, Margaret Pkitch.^rd. 
Witnesses: Martin Franck, Andrew Balleau, Thos. Boyd. Will proven 
before Gab. Johnston at Newton. 

Fogg, Moses. Craven County. 

December 3, 1751. March 20, 1751. Legatees and devisees: Grace 
Fogg (daughter of Johnwats Fogg, 300 acres of land on Nuse River), 
Mathias Benston. Executor: John Lane. Witnesses: John Duncan, 
Nicholas Routledge and Nathan Alexander. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Snead. 

FoNViELLE, John. Craven County. 

January 24, 1773. January 27, 1773. Sons: John ("240 acres of land 
where he now lives; 120 acres of Kind between Isaac Fonviellb and 

124 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 17C0. 

Arthor Blackman; lot No. 6 in Newbern"), William Brice Fonvielle 
(640 acres of land where he now dwells; Lot No. 5 in Newbern), Francis 
(510 acres of land where he no w lives ; lot No. 7 in Newbern), Frederick 
("land where he now lives and lot in Newbern"), Stephen ("500 acres of 
land where he now lives on New River; my lower tract on Stone Bay"), 
Jeremiah ("770 acres of land in the mouth of Stone Creek; upper part of 
the lower tract on Stone Bay; half lot in Newbern"). Daughters: Mart 
Hatch (two half lots in Newbern and two hundred acres of land on the 
North side of Nuce River), Elizabeth Hatch (lot in Newbern by the 
West gate; 360 acres of land in New Hanover County), E.^ster Fonvielle 
(one lot in Newbern). Granddaughter: Elizabeth Fonvielle. Wife: 
Mary. Executors: John, William Brice and Francis Fonvielle (sons). 
Witnesses: John Turner, William Ballard, Isaac Esleck. Will 
proven before Jo. Martin. ' 

FoEASTEE, James. Orange County. 

September 5, 1755. December Court, 1755. Sons: William, James 
(to both is given land on Eno River), Benjamin and Thomas ("my 
plantation"). Son-in-law: John Manning (200 acres of land on Eno 
River). Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Patt McCulloch, Hugh 
Wood. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Watson. 

FoEBES, John. Pasquotank County. 

November 24, 1747. July Court, 1750. Son: James. Wife and 
Executrix: Martha. Witnesses: Peter Brown, Sarah Brown. Clerk 
of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

FoEEHAND, CoENELius. Pasquotank County. 

February 24, 1727. July 26, 172S. Sons: John, Cornelius, James, 
Richard, Thomas. Daughters: Elizebeth and Mary Foreh.-^nd. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Isaac Jones, William Phillips 
and John Kight. Clerk of the Court: R. Everarde. ExecutrLx quaUfied 
before John Solley. 

FoEEMAN, John. Hyde County. 

September 25, 1744. December Court, 1744. Sons: Caleb, John 
Fydings Foreman, Alexander, William, Joshua, Joseph, Lazarus 
(plantation on North side of Pongo Creek). Daughters: Charity Lucas, 
Dorothy Kipps. Wife and Executrix: Margaret. Witnesses: Thos. 
Loack, Elis Loack, Joshua Foreman. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Loack. 

FoEEMAN, John Tidings. Hyde County. 

April 1, 17.58. September Court, 1758. Wife and Executrix: Mar- 
garett. Brother and Executor: Sanders Foreman. Nephew and Ex- 
ecutor: John Foreman (son of Sanders). Witnesses: Wm. Dunbarr, 
Samuel Dunbarr. Clerk of the Court: Stephen Denning. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 125 

Fort, George. Chowan Precinct. 

May 15, 1719. October 2, 1719. Sons: Eli.\s, George, Bbnj.\min, 
John, Samuell. Daughters: Phelis Fib.^th, Elizebeth Fort, Cather- 
ine Fort, Alice Fort. Wife: Elisabeth Fort. Executor: Fort. 
Witnesses: Willi.v.m Boon, Niccolis Boon. Clerk of the Court: R. 

FoET, JoHJf. Craven County. 

August 6, 1745. March Court, 1745-1740. So7is: Arthur, .John (plan- 
tation and mill at Conohoe) Dunly (550 acres of land on lower side of fal- 
ling Creek), Moses (400 acres land on Cohary Swamp). Daughters: Jeru- 
SHAH Fort. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Arthur and John 
Fort. Witnesses: John Pipkin, John Fort, Junier. Clerk of the Court: 
John Rice. 

FoKT, John. Johnston County. 

May 16, 1748. June Court, 1748. Brothers : Moses and Arthur and 
Druly. Sister: Jerusha. Executors: William Holmes (father-in-law). 
Druly Fort (brother). Witnesses: Robert Butler, John Pipkin, Jeth- 
RO Pipkin. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Richard Caswell. 

Fort, Richard. Craven County. 

March 6, 1745. December Court, 1740. Brothers: Thomas, Elias and 
William Fort. Sisters: Sarah Wall, Mary By'num, H.vnnah Phillips. 
Nephew: Author Fort. Executors: Thomas and Elias Fort. Wit- 
nesses: John Phillips, Robert Hood, Ambrus Pittman, Benj.\min 
Blackburn. Deputy Clerk of Johnston County Court: Wm. Caswell. 

FoETSEN, Mary. County not given. 

January 28, 1663. November 15, 1665. Son: Theophilus. Wit- 
nesses: Ju. Lawrence, Wm. Emly, Elizabeth Rosy, Elliner W.ardell. 
Clerk of the Court: Thomas Harris. 

FoscuE, John. Hyde County. 

November 18, 1751. March Court, 1752. Sons: Moses ("my mannor 
plantation"); John, William. Daughters: Mary and Lydia Foscue. 
Executors: William Sl.^de and Abigail Foscue (wife). Witnesses: 
Simon Foscue, Mary Hamilton, Uriah Collins. Clerk of the Court: 
Fran. Egleton. 

Foscue, Simon. Hyde Comity. 

November 11, 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: Richard, Bell 

(my mannour plantation), Simon, William, Luke, John. Daughters: 

126 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Mary Silverthorn, Sara. Sanderson, Barbarie Bailey. Executors: 
Luke, John and Bell (sons). Witnesses: Uriah Collins, Abraham 
Easter, Comfort Rue. Clerk of the Court: R. Loack. 

Foster, Hannah. Perquimans County. 

June 27, 1727. July Court, 1728. Grandson: Samuel Rit. Grand- 
daughter: Comfort Rit. Daughter-in-law: Jeminah Rit. Executors: 
Thomas Aweedy, George Gordin. Witnesses: Thos. and Jejiinah Writ. 
Clerk of the Court: R. Everard. 

Foster, James. County not given. 

October 23, 1726. March 29, 1727. Friend: Samuel Wite (son of "old 
Samuel Wite"). Wife: Hannah. No Executor. Witnesses: Elijah 
Stanton, Elezbeth Stanton. Will proven before Governor Richard 

Foster, John. Craven County. 

October 9, 1754. November Court, 1754. Son: Thomas. Daughter: 
Lydib Foster. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Jeremiah Vaile, Zecha- 
RiAH Sawtell (uncle). Witnesses: Wm. Wright, Charles Cogdell, jun., 
Will. Monat. Codicil of even date makes bequests to son, Parker, 
wife, Elizabeth, and uncle, Zachariah Sawtell. Same witnesses. 
Clerk of the Court: Sol. Rew. Coat of arms on seal. 

Foster, Robert. Bertie County. 

February 12, 1739-1740. May Court, 1740. Grandchildren: John 
BR0^^^^J, Ann Brown, Jemim.\ Gotten and Sus.inna Cotte.n (land on 
Meherin Creek), Mary Brown. Son-in-law: Alexander Gotten. Daugh- 
ter: .Ann Gotten. Wife's grandson: William Night. Executrix: Wife 
(not named). Witnesses: Wm. Whitfield, Christian Denton, Mar- 
great Lacey. Clerk of the Cotirt: Jno. Wynns. 

Foster, William. County not given. 

October 9, 1687. Son: Francis. Daughter: Elizabeth Foster. 
Wife: Dian.a. Witnesses: Jonathan Holeman, William Hughes, Sam- 
uel Pricklovell. No Executors. No probate. 

FoiJRRE, John. Pasquotank Coinity. 

March 13, 1730. April Court, 1732. Sons: Is.\ac ("ye mannor planta- 
tion"), Nathaniell (plantation on Lettel River). Daughters: Elizabeth 
FouRRB, Maher Fourre. Sister: Mary Corry. Wife and Executrix: 
mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Jno. Mills, Jo. Corry, Thom.\s 
Corry. Clerk of the Court: W. Minson. 

Abstract of Wills, ICOO — 1700. 127 

FouEEEE, Petek. Albemarle Comity. 

August 6, 1697. November 3, 1697. Son: John. Daughters: Nicole, 
Margueritt, Mary. Wife and Executrix: Catherine. Witnesses: An- 
thony Marckhdm, FrjVNcis DeLaMare. Clerk of the Council: W. 

Fox, James. Tyrrell County. 

August, 1754. June Court, 175-5. Son and Executor: Thomas. Daugh- 
ters: Ann Fox {Executrix), Susanna Alexander, Mary Wise. W^itnesses: 
Joshua Alexander. Abeah.vm Jennet, Benjamin Chapman. Clerk of 
the Court: Fk. Ward. 

Feanck, John Maetin. Craven Coniity. 

November 3, 1744. So)is: John and Edward. Wife: fsEViL. Daugh- 
ters: Susannah, Sevil, Barbara and Catherine Franck, Mary Wors- 
LEY, Elizabeth Harrold. Executor: Frederick Isler. Witnesses: 
Christian Isler, Melcher Remm, Frederick Isler. The following 
lands devised; plantation called "Chinpin"; 500 acre.s on Trent River ad- 
joining Chinpin; 640 acres commonly called "James Marchels plantation." 
About 20 negroes bequeathed. To each of children is bequeathed cattle 
anrl riding horses, and to each of sons is bequeathed a watch. No probate. 

Fkasee, Duncan. Craven County. 

September 8, 1773. September 23, 1773. Legatees: Peggy and John 
("two mulatto children, the offspring of Phillis, a free negro woman now in 
my possession"). Executor: John McKay of Newbern. Witnesses: Thos. 
Sitgreaves, John Sitgreaves. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 

Feaziee, David. County not given. 

September 20, 1729. October Court, 1729. Executor and sole legatee: 
Robert Bell. Witnesses: John Clemet, George Bell. Will proven 
before Richd. Everard. 

Feaziee, Samuel. Craven County. 

May 3, 1772. May 20, 1772. Wife: Mary. Daughter: Mary. Sisters: 
Jane Frume and Elizabeth Headly. Father: Samuel. Mother: Eliz- 
abeth. Executors: John Hawkb and Jame.s Coor. Will proven before: 
Jo. Martin. Witnesses: Cornelius Groenendbyk, Jno. Turner, Jun., 
Joseph Rawlings. 

Freeman, John. Cbowan Preeiiu-t. 

February 19, 1729-1730. Sons: John, James, Mathew. Wife: Mary. 
Executors: William Freeman (brother), John Freeman (son) and Mich- 
EALL Ward. Witnesses: Edward Wood. George White. Thom.^s Rown- 
tree. No probate. 

128 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Freeman, John. Beaufort County. 

December 19, 1752. March 13, 175.3. Son: John. Wife: Mary (lots 
in Bath Nos. 16, 17 and IS). Executors: Wife and son, who are author- 
ized and directed to sell 1300 acres of land on Tarr River and 1900 acres on 
Core Creek for the pajonent of debts. Witnesses: James Calef, Jambs 
PiLKiNGTON, Wy. Ormond. Clerk of the Court: Will. Ormond. 

Freeman, Willlam. Chowan County. 

February 7, 1736. August 13, 1737. Sons: John ("plantation whereon 
he now lives"); William, Thomas, Richard, Aron, Samuel (plantations 
to each). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Walter Droughan, 
John, Juner, Thom.^ Rowntree. Will proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

French, Kichaed. Perquimans County. 

December 17, 1712. April 13, 1716. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Witnesses: Thomas Blichenden, Richard Skinner, Junr., Sarah Evens. 
Clerk of the Corirt: Rich'd Leary. 

Freshwater, John. Pasquotank County. 

April 9, 1753. July Court, 1753. Sons: William Armsted Fresh- 
water, John Freshwater. Daughters: Frances Armstead Freshwater 
and Phaddus Freshwater. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
Joseph Pendleton, Abraham Hosea, Ann Pendleton. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Frost, William. Albemarle County. 

May 30, 1717. April Court, 1718. "Kisey River in Albemarle County." 
Sons: James, Willia.m. Daughters: Elenor Frost, Mary Johnson. 
Wife: Joan. No Executor named. Witnesses: Will Lattimer, John 
Stancell. Clerk of Chowan Court: R. Hicks. 

Fey, Thomas. Bath County. 

March 18, 1724-1725. January Court, 1726. "Late of London in 
Great Britain, now of Bath County in N. C." Mother: Elizabeth Fry of 
Milton in Southton. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: P.a.t- 
rick Madle, Thomas Harding, Sarah Swann, Jno. B.\pta. Ashe. Clerk 
of the Court: Thomas Jones. 

Feyly, William. Tyrrell Precinct. 

August 28, 1737. March 7, 1737. Daughter and Executrix: Mary Jones. 
Grandsons: Even and Fryly Jones. Wife and Executrix: Grace. Wit- 
nesses: Stevens Lee, Robert Mcbrie, Thomas Lee. Clerk of the Court: 
Anderson Legget. E.xecutor qualified before James Craven, Clerk of 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 1l"J 

FuLLERTON, EoBEET. Chowan County. 

December 30, 1749. January Court, 1750. Daughters: Mary Tomson, 
Sus.^NNA. WiJ'e: Mary. Executors: John Thompson and Matthia.s 
FuLLERTON. Witnesses: John Lewis, David Bush, Lewis Jones. Clerh 
of Court: Will. Mearns. 

Furbish, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

April 2G, 1732. July Court, 1732. Sons: William, Thomas, Isaac. 
Wife: Abigail. Executor: Thomas Burges. Witnesses: Alice Furbish, 
Mary Jones, Joda H.\nbury. Clerk of the Court: H. Minson. 

FussEL, Thomas. Parish of Cartee. 

June 4, 1735. Son.: Aaron [Executor). Daughters: Elizabeth Weaver 
(husband Gilbert), Mary Rainwater (wife of John), Martha Arnal 
(wife of John), S.arah, Ann. Witnesses: Willia.m Weaver, Richard 
Head, John Cook. No probate. 

Gad, James. Pasquotank Covuity. 

March 1, 1699. July 15, 1701. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Sister: 
Elizabeth Riggens. Brother-in-law: Wm. Tkanes. Sister-in-law: Mar- 
jory LoMBROsER. Witnesses: Samuel Akehurst, Stephen Scott, 
Kathern Toneh. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

Gainer, Mary. Edgecombe County. 

October, 1751. November Court, 1751. Legatees: Hester Gainer, 
Marth.4 Gainer (sister), Lidday Lasater (sister). William Gainer 
(brother). Executor: William Gainer. Witnesses: Arthur Bell, Mar- 
tha Gainer, Ester Bell. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Gainer, Samuel. Tyrrell County. 

October 1, 1751. June Court, 1752. Sons: James, Samuel, Willi.vm, 
Thomas, Arther, Joseph, Benj,v.min. Daughters: Mary Whittby, 
Elizabeth Gripfen, S.ary Gainer. Executors: Wife (not narasd), 
Samuel (son). Witnesses: William Gainer, Thomas Gainer, Joseph 
Gainer. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Gainer, William. Edgecombe County. 

March 1 1 , 1746. November Court, 1750. Wife and Executrix: Hester. 
Sons: WilliajM and Joseph. Daughters: Martha, M.\ry, Lydda, Eliza. 
Executors: William and Joseph (sons). Witnesses: John Collins, 
Willi.\m Bell, Matthew Lowry. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Gale, Christopher. County not given. 

February 17, 1734. March 12, 1734. "Born at York in the kin2;dom 

of Great Britain, but now Collector of his Majestys Customs at the port 

130 Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 17G0. 

of Roanoak." Executors: Sarah Catherine Gale (wife), Edmond Gale 
(brother) and Miles Gale (son). Daughter: Penelope Little. Grand- 
daughter: Sarah Clayton. Nephews: Edmond Gale, Roger Gale. 
Friends: David O'Sheal, of Nancimond in Va. and William Badh.uh. 
Witnesses: E. Moseley, Louis Allaire, Margaret Allaire. Will 
proven before Gab. Johnston at Edenton. Coat of arms on seal. 

Gale, Edmokd. Chowan Couuty. 

December 6, 1738. January 27, 1738. Sons: Roger and Edmond. 
Wife and Executrix: M.ary. Witnesses: Thos. Blount, Henry Bonner, 
Jos. Anderson. Will proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Galley, John. Pasquotank County. 

October 6, 1729. October 15, 1729. Sole legatee: Patrick Laughlin. 
Witnesses: Thos. Greorgy, Richard Greorgry, .Tohn Bell. Clerk of 
the Court: Wm. Min.son. 

Galluay, Thomas. Chowan County. 

July 27, 1753. October Court, 1753. Executors and sole devisees: 
Jacob Odom, Mary Galluay (mother). Witnesses: William Fryer, 
Thomas Fryer, Jeames Fryer. Clerk of the Court: Will. H.\lsey. 

Gambell, Adam. County not given. 

November 14, 1094. November, 1G94. "Glaskow in the Kingdom of 
Scotland." Legatees: John Gambell, John Love (both of London), 
Adam Hill (of Glascow), John Argy (of Arranthrew), Robert, Thomas 
and John West (sons-in-law of Thom.\s Pollock), Capt. John Hunt, 
Jambs Gambell (brother, of Glascow). Executors: Col. Thos. Pollock, 
Capt. John Hunt. Witnesses: Hene McGregors, Elizabeth Hunt, 
Mich. Lyncey (or Lynch). Will proven before W. Glover. 

Gammidge, Feancis. Currituck County. 

October 19, 1719. January G, 1738. Cousin, Executor and sole legatee: 
Humphrey Vince. Witnesses: Moses Priscod, Isabell Priscod, And. 
Peacock. Clerk of the Court: JosN. Smith. 

Gaednee, John. Tyrrell County. 

April 13, 1749. June 6, 1749. Son: James Smeathwick Gardner. 
Daughters : Dunsila and Ann Gardner, Jemimah Wallbuton, Elisa- 
beth MoY, Ashe Moy, Rebeccah Ward. Wife: Elisabeth. Executors: 
John Walleutton, John Ward. Witnesses: William Gardner, Wil- 
lia.m Gardner. Jun., Edw.^rd Griffen. Clerk of the Court: Jones. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1700. 131 

Gaednee, Maetin. Bertie Conntv. 

October 6, 175.5. January Court, 1760. Sons: John, William, Ja-Mes, 
Mautain. Daughters: Ann, Annah and Jane. Wife and Executrix: 
Annah. Executor: Needham Bryan. Witnesses: Benjamin Caeter, 
Joseph Holland. Clerk of the Court: Benjaaiin Wynns. 

Gaednee, William. Tyrrell Comity. 

February 11, 1754. June Court, 1754. .Sons.- William, Thomas, 
Sap.idel, Isaac ("ye manner plantation"). Friend: Mary Cooper. 
Executors: William and Samuel Gardner. Witriesses: Thomas and 
Isaac Gardner, Cloanah Smithwick. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Gaefoet, Geegoet. Albemarle County. 

October 1, 1703. July Court, 1704. "To my mate Willi.\^m Pargiter 
all my whole estate reall & personal! * * * *." Executor: Wm. Par- 
GiTEK. Witnesses: Francis Tomes, Jr., Marg.^rbtt Tomes, Tho. 
Houghton. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Snoden. 

Gaenee, John. Northampton Connty. 

March 23, 1746. February Court, 1755. Son and Executor: John. 
Grandsons: John Garner and Tho.\lvs MacKoone. Daughters: Mourn- 
ing Hare, IIanner. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Benet 
Smith, John Mackcone, Samuel Warren. Clerk of the Court: I. Ed- 

Gaenee, Ealfe. Albemarle County. 

May 31, 1695. August Court, 1695. Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth 
and EsTOR. Executrix: Joan Gardner. Witnesses: Thomas Barkock, 
Garrett Keen. Edward Mayo, Clerk of the Court. 

Gaeeet, John. Currituck Precinct. 

January 27, 1734-1735. July I, 1735. Wife and Executrix: S.4.RAH. 
Sons: John and Jonathan. Witnesses: John Hawhbn, Samuel Ste- 
vens, Samuel Jarvis. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Gaeeett, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

January 30, 1733. January 31, 1734. Sons: Humphrey {Executor), 
Thomas. Daughters: Catren White, Sarah Garrett, Ann Lasittor, 
Jane Garrett, Mary Garrett, Lettes Garrett, Prudence Garrett. 
Execidor: Humphrey G.'tRnETT (son). Wife: mentioned, but not named. 
Witnesses: Orlando Champion, Willlam Hase. Will proven before 
Gab. Johnston, Jan. 31, 1734, at Edenton. 

132 Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 

Gaeeet, William. Albemarle County. 

March 23, 1734. March'27. 1735. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Other 
legatees: James Cha.son, Thomas Hardison, Richard Harbison, Joseph 
Hardison. Witnesucs: John Hardison, Jasper Harbison. Will proven 
before Gab. Johnston at Edenton. 

Gaskill, William. Pasquotank County. 

May 4, 1703. Julj' 20, 1703. Sons: William, Thomas. Daughters: 
Jean and Fane Gaskill, Elizabeth Dtjrant. Wife and Executrix: 
Jane. Witnesses: Tho. Abington, Richard Nett, Wm. Harlow. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

Gaskins, Catkin. Pasquotank County. 

August 25, 1755. September Court, 1755. Son and Executor: Thomas. 
Daughter: Ann Cartright. Wit7iesses: Samuel Davis, Joseph Pindle- 
ton. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Gaskins, Fisher. Craven County. 

November 15, 1757. August Court, 1758. Son: Joseph. Daughter: 
Ann Gaskins. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executor: Thomas Gaskins 
(brother). Witnesses: Ann Bright, Sarah Arther. Clerk of the Court: 
Peter Conway. 

Gaskins, William. Pasquotank County. 

November 4, 1711. Sons: William (plantation at mouth of Great 
Flatty Creek), Benjamin (plantation in "letel fJate creek"). Executrix: 
Wife (not named). Witnesses: Evan Jones, Joseph Pegs. No probate. 

Gatiiin, Edwaed. Craven Precinct. 

January 3, 1725-1726. March 5, 172.5-1726. Sons: John. Wife: 
Elizabeth. Executors: John and Elizabeth (son and wife). Wit- 
nesses: Robert Pitts, Mary Pitts, Caleb Metcalfe. Clerk of the 
Court: C. Metcalfe. 

George, David. Pasquotank County. 

February 29, 1747-1748. July Court, 1748. Sons: J.^ies, David 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Daughter: Margaret George. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Trustees: John Barclipt (brother) and 
John Everigin. Witnesses: Will Gregory, Stephen Scoit, Samuel 
Scott. Clerk of the Court: Tho.s. Taylor. 

George, Heney. County not given. 

December 3, 1711. Legatees: Sdsann.ui and Elizabeth Mitchell, 

William Mitchell, John Browning, Sarah and Jane Browning. Ex- 

Abstkact of Wills, 16!)0 — 1760. 133 

ecutor: John Browning. Witnesses: John Browning, Fecey Ticehorb, 
John Jordan. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 34. 

Geefoet, Gregoey. Perquimans County. 

October 1, 1703. July 11, 1704. Friend, Executor and Sole Legatee: 
William Pbrgifer. Witnesses: Francis Tombs, Margaret Tomes, Tho. 
Haghton (or Raghton). Clerk of the Court: Thos. Snoden. 

Gewin, Cheistopher. Edgecombe County. 

April 2, 1748. February Court, 1749. Son and Executor: Christopher. 
Daughter and Executrix: Mary Harrell. Grandsons: Lot, Abbll and 
Christopher Harrell. Witnesses: J.ames Braswbll, Benjamin Bra.s- 
WELL, Abraham Dew. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. Wynns. 

GiBLE, Dedeeick. Pasquotank County. 
June 25, 1720. July 19, 1720. .Sons; Dederik and Frederick. Daugh- 
ter: Mary Gible. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Johann Barn- 
hart Schonnewolf, .A-NN . Clerk of the Court: W. Norris. 

Gibble, Dedeeick. Carteret County. 

August 25, 1754. September Court, 1754. Sons: Dederick, Freder- 
ick. Daughter: Susannah Gibble. Wife and Administratrix: Hannah. 
Witnesses: John Kilbe, Daniel Reese, Prudence Lewis. Clerk of the 
Court: CiEO. Read. 

Gibson, Thomas. Cumberland County. 

February Court, 1762. This is a nuncupative will proven by John 
Campbell, Nbill McNeill and Catherine McNeill. Wife: Mary. 
Brother: Walter Gibson. Executors: Mary and Walter Gibson and 
Robert Smith. Justices: Huton McNeill, .\lezr McAllster, Fergd 
Campbell. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd CiROVE. 

GiDDiNGS, Thomas. Johnston County. 

July 13, 1747. September 5, 1747. Sons: Jacob, Willi.a.m, Is-^vac, 
Benjamin, Abraham. Granddaughter: Elizabeth. Executor: Jacob 
Giddings. Witnesses: George Dvckes, Thos. Grisard, Th. Lamberth- 
soN. Will proven before E. Hall, C. J. 

Giddings, William. Hyde County. 

November 10, 1757. March Court, 1758. Sons: Thomas, Jacob, John. 
Daughters: Agnis, Lide.v and Darkis CiIddings. Wife and Executrix: 
Frances. Execidor: John Slade. Witnesses: Timothy Green, Benja- 
min Slade, Keatren Leath. Clerk of the Court: Stephn Denning. 

134 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

GiLBEED, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

October 14, 1719. October 20, 1720. Sons: Thomas ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), William, John. Executor: John Bryan. Wit- 
nesses: John Bryan, Philip Brown, Tomsin Browne. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Henman. 

GiLBEET, Francis. Bath County. 

December 30, 1725. Jul}- Court, 1726. Sons: Fr.vncis and Henry 
Gilbert. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Wm. Sparry, 
Samuel Peek, William Moor. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Jones (Clerk of 
Beaufort and Hyde prect. court). 

GiLBiET, Josiah. Perquimans County. 

March 14, 1758. April Court, 1760. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Sons: Jo.SEPH {Executor); Jeremiah, Thomas, Joel. Daughter: Jemima 
Cox. Witnesses: Joseph White, Mary Stewart, Dinah Gilbirt. 
Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Gilford, John. Pasquotank County. 

January 15, 1741. July Court, 1743. Brother and Executor: Joseph 
Gilford (100 acres of land on the Northeast side of Pasquotank River 
known as "Cabbing Ridge"). Witnesses: Bennett Morgan, Peter Saw- 
yer. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Gillett, John. Craven County. 

May 17, 1749. October 18, 1749. Sons: John, Patterson, Anderson, 
Moses. Executors: John Harper, Priscilla Hall. Witnesses: John 
Simmons, Emmanuel Simmons, Mary Dudley. Will proven before Gab. 

Gillett, John. Carteret County. 

September 29, 1753. Daughters: Betty and Sarah Gillet. Brothers: 
Paterson and Anderson and Moses Gillett. Executors: Moses Gillett 
and Moses Houston. Witnesses: Esil Jones, John Peggott, Ezekil 
Hunter. No probate. 

Gillyam, Thomas. County not given. 

October 10, 1702. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Wm. Wilk- 
JON, John Tyler, Margrett Holbkook. No probate. 

Gladstaine, George. Scuppernong, county not given. 

November 6, 1712. Legatees: Edward Phelps and Mary Lawson. 
Witnesses: Robert Hickson, John Hastel, Samll Briffet. Original 
missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 44. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 135 

Glaister, Mary. Pasquotank County. 

June 9, 1740. October Court, 1740. Cousins: Henry Palin (son of 
Thoma.s), Thomas Palin (son of Thomas), Ann Reading and Mary 
Glaister Palin (daughters of Thomas Palin), M.ary Clark Palin 
(daughter of Joh.m Palin), John Palin (son of John), Sarah P.a.lin, Su- 
sannah Pritchard. Other legatees: Elisabeth Scott (daughter of Ste- 
phen Scott), Mary Jones, Mary Morris, Samivel Newby, Sarah Mar- 
tin (wife of Nathaniel). Other bequests made to negro slaves. Execu- 
trix: S.4.RAH and M.\ry Clark Palin. Witnesses: David George, John 
Henley, Joshua Scott. Clerk of the Court: James Craven'. 

Glasco, Robert. Chowan Precinct. 

March 26, 1690. October 6, 1690. Wife and Executrix: Jau. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Skebell, John Crossllan, Richard Wollard. Clerk 
of the Court: John Wingate. 

Glasgow, William. Currituck Couutv. 

September 30, 1746. .A.pril 7, 1747. Son: Caleb Glasgow. Daugh- 
ters: Sarah, Abiah, Elizabeth, Lowdenner. Wife and Executrix: Su- 
sannah. Witnesses: William Shergold, Peter Dauge, William Bray. 
Clerk of the Court: Richd. McClure. 

Gladstkr, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

Januai-y 27, 1718-1719. February 11, 1718-1719. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mary. Daughters: Ruth and Sarah Gl.vster (or Glau.ster). 
Friend: Nathaniel Martin. Cousin: Thomas Palin. Witnesses: Jno. 
Palin, Chas. Bull, Sar.ah Bull. Will proven before John Robison, 
Justice of the Peace. 

Glin, Kichard. Chowan Precinct. 

October 5, 1728. November 4, 1728. Cousins (nephews): Willia.m 
Powell, son of sister Elizabeth Glyn; John Thornton. Executor: John 
Averett. Witnesses: John Powell, J.v.mes Stone, John P^obertson. 
Will proven before Richd. Everard. 

Gllsiian, John. Runeroy Marshes, Bertie Precinct. 

September 20, 1734. Wife and Executrix: Jean. Witnesses: Thboph- 
iLUS W1LLIAM.S, Lazarus Benton, Thomas Jones. No probate. 

Glover (spelled "Gloveteb"), William. aSTorthampton Co. 

July .30, 17.54. August Court, 1754. Sons: John, Willum, George, 
Joseph, Benjamin. Daughters: Liddy Harris. Sarah Parrish. Grand- 

136 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

daughter: Morning Harris. Wife: Mary. Executors: John and Wii^ 
Li.AM Glover (sons). Witnesses: John Day, Silvester E.\stis, Sam- 
MUEL Harris. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

GoDBY, Caey. Onslow Couuty. 

September 17, 1758. February 28, 17.59. Son: Willi.^h. Daughters: 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel and Mary. Wife: Ann. Executor: John 
Staekey. Witnesses: Henry Godbe, W. Molseed, James Foyle. Will 
proven before Governor Arthur Dobbs. Secretary to the Governor: Richd. 

Godfrey", Francis. Albemarle County. 

October 20, 1675. November 5, 1675. Sons: William, John. Wife 

and Executrix: Joane. Witnesses: Paul Lathum, Wm. Wbsterman, John 

CuLPEPER. Reg. Pub.: Thomas Harris. Clerk of the Court: Ralph 


Godfrey, Mattew. Craven County. 

December 8, 1744. Sons: Mathew, James. Daughters: Sarah God- 
frey, Ann Godfrey, Fillamer Godfrey. Executors: Josiah Mastres, 
Elisabeth Simens. Witnesses: Thos. Mastres, David Ramsey, Thos. 
Abett. No probate. 

Godfrey, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

November 26, 1748. April Court, 1749. Sons: Willi.a.m, Thomas, 
Francis ("my plr.ntatioii"), Joseph. Daughters: Sarah Godfrey, Elli- 
KCR CcEiEEY. Wife ond Executrix: Ellinor. M-'itnesses: James Gibson, 
Benjamin Bidgood, Amey Stafford. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 

Godly, John. Bertie Couuty. 

January 22, 1731-17.32. May Court, 1732. .Sons; N.athan ("planta- 
tion on Tarr River known by ye name of Tubbago's folly"), John (300 acres 
of land on South side of Swifts Creek), Thomas ("pl.antation on Lookiii- 
glass Swamp whereon I now live"). Daughters: Mary and Amy Godly. 
Wife and Executrix: Katherine. Executor: John Edwards ''of Roneoke." 
Witnesses: Ann Willi.vms-, Samubll Henley, William Porgen. Clerk 
of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Godwin, Nathan. Beaufort County. 

February 27, 1751-1752. June 9, 1752. Executors: Joseph Barrow, 
George Sugg, Mary Godwin (wife). Daughter: Mary Godwin. Wit- 
nesses: Richd Latten, Mary Williams, Elisebeth Church. Clerk of 
the Court: Will. Ormond. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 137 

Godwin, William. Bertie County. 

May 4, 1752. May Court, 1753. Sons: Barnsby, Willis, Kearney, 
Josi,\s. Wife: Martha. Daughters: Julian, Silvia Godwin, Courtney 
Godwin, Martha Godwin. Executor: John Brickell. Witnesses: John 
Brown, Richard Roberts, Gilstrap Williams. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjn. Wynns. 

GoFFE, Aethuk. Craven County. 

November 29, 1725. June Court, 1737. Friend, E:cecutor and sole leg- 
atee: James Winright. Wit7iesses: Th. Bell, Th. Wilson, Patr. Ogilby. 
Clerk of the Court: James Coor. 

GoMM, John. Tyrrell County. 

March 25, 1754. June Court, 1754. Godson: Godfrey Gray, son of 
Henry Gray (tract of land known .is Stults Hall). Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: John Pagett, Samuel Norman, Joseph Norman. 
Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

GoNsoLVO, Laurence. County not <;'iven. 

December 25, 1687. Wife ami child: mentioned, but not named. Wit- 
nesses: William Privit, William Stewart, Richard Williams. No 

GoNsoLvo, Lawrence. Albemarle County. 

July 2, 1698. July Court, 1698. All worldly goods bequeathed to 
father-in-luw and mother. Witnesses: Thos. Norsem, Alice Chew, Mary 
NoRCOMB, Sarah Blank. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney. 

GoNsoLvo, Thomas. County not given. 

1698. Bequeathed all estate to Mother and Father-in-laio, who are not 
named. Witnesses: Thomas Norcam, Alise Ohone, Mary Norcam, Sara 
Blanck. Clerk: John Stepney. 

Goodall, Gilbert. Albemarle County. 

September 3, 1712. Legatees: Klizabbth Rosea, Tho.mas Arnold, Jr., 
John Winbery, William Collson, George Taylor, Sarah Whidbe, 
Charles Barclif, George Durant, John Stivers, Richard Whidbe 
(executor). Witnesses: William Stevens, Margarett Slater, Mary 
Durant. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 47. 

GoREHAM, John. Chowan Precinct. 

September 30, 1717. OctoberCourt, 1717. Wife and Executrix: Elinor 
("plantation on Queen Anne Creek I now dwell on"). Nephew: John 

138 AUSTKAOT OK Wll.l.S. l(ii)0— 17C)0. 

GoKKHAM (lainl on Dnrby Creek "called in Indian Honocoosot," and also 
lands on Kcsiah UivtM'). TI'i'Messes.' R. Hicks, Joseph Young, John Cass. 

GoKDEN, Geoege. Pori]!!! iiKius Coiiuty. 

August 14, 174S. January Coui-i, 1718. Sons timl /■.'.icck/oi-s.- Nathan- 
iel and William ("land I now live on"). DmKjhtfr: IIanneh. Grand- 
dmiglilcr: Tamek. ll'i'hKissiis; Kli.iah Stanton, Wm. Tomhlin, ,Ihui;miaii 
IIbndrkcIv. Clerh of thr Court: I'^hmiino Hatch. 

GoKDON, Joii.N. i'erquiiiKUis (.'ouut.y. 

April 25, 1754. April Co\ut. I7.")8. Sorns: John ("plantation whereon I 
now live"), Geohqb. Orandchihiirn: Mauy and Jacoh Gohdon, Marsia- 
DUKE NouFLisBT. t'jxecutors: .John and Gkodde Gordon (sons). Wit- 
nesses: Jesse Eason, Moses Eason, Joshua Sjiall. Clerk of the Court: 
Miles llAin-KY. 

GoRDEN, N.vTUANiKL. Perquiuiuns County. 

July 14, 1755. January Court, 1750. Sons: Nathanell ("plantation 
and house whereon 1 now live"), Geohoe. Daunhters: Rlizahkth and 
Tameu. Wife and t'.venitrix: Ann. Tl'iViifisse.s'.- I^^i.uah Stanton, Thomas, 
Bautlet, Samuii.l IIavis, Clerl: o/ihe Court: Miles Ha!;vkv. 

GoKDON, Patuick. (\)unly not given. 

(Attorney-at-law.) November 5, 177.'>. November 12, 177o. Wife 
and Exeridrix: M Any . Witnesses: John Buhnsiue, Auohu Nelson. \\'ill 
priivcn Ix'fon- Jo. Mautin. 

GoKMACK, Pateick. Ptisquotaiilc County. 

April 9, 170S. July 21, 170S. Wife and Exccidruv: Elizabeth. Other 
legatees: John and Alexander Cruiksiiank, sons of Patrick Cruikshanic 
and Joane Ookmack; Catt. John Roihson. Witnesses: Richard Mad- 
REN, Georoe Harris, Sh., Ann Maduen, George Harris, Jr. Clerk of 
the Court: J. Palin. 

GosBE, .ToiiN. County not given. 

August 17, 1093. October 2, 1(593. Son: John, lyxeeutors: Samhell 
and Joski-h Nicholson (cousins). Wife: mentioned, but not named. 
Witnesses: Rkhakd Dormon, Frances Tomes, Joski-h Sutten. Clerk: 
John Stepney. 

GoiUiii, Tiio.MAS. County iu)t given. 

Peeember bS, IGOI. April S, 1095. Sons: RonBRT Gough. Daugh- 
ter: Sarah (!ough. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Anthony 
Dawson. John Williams, Julian Taylor. Clerk of the Court: John 
Stepney. Clerk (probably of the Couneil): W. Glover. 

Absteact oif Wlllh, KJ'JO— 1700. L'.i'.) 

Goiij!J,i;y, -Ioiin. Onslow (loiinly. 

Jiinuary 2, 17-1'). Jnnimry 7, 1747. Mother: IOmzaukth Gouiu.ey. 
Brother: (iBOHCic Oouuley. Sisters: Guisi.B, Mahy. lixerMor: Samukl 
Johnston. Witnesses: James Glauhtrk, Okohoe Cohehnan, John 
Davih. Proven Vjcl'ore Gad. Johnston .at ICilcn llousc. Testator left in 
hands of his executor "forty powndH currency or four pound.s sterling to he 
laid out in Bililes and New Testaments to bo distribuled ainon;; poor chil- 
dren on New Iliver." 

Graingkk, New Hanover Comity. 

17G3. Octoher 31, 17G."). Hons: Gai.eis (houses and lands on .Smiths 
Creek and No. Et. Iliver, north side of tlie Main or King's I{oad); Corne- 
lius IIaiinrtt Graingeu (houses and lands on Smiths Creek on South side 
of the Main Road); William (land on the Sound). Dawjhte.r: Mauy 
Ghainoeh. Wife nud Executrix: Mary. Executors: Mauuicb Mooke, 


Anthony Wahb, Jo.sei'II Stockley. Testator was a Mason and desired 
to be buried with Masonic honors. Codicil to will dated Octolicr ,5, 17();>, 
proviflcs for child in ventre sa mere, and also for erection of sawmill. Wit- 
nesses to codicil: Mary Grainger, Margaritt Douglahb, Rdmond Fogeb. 
Will proven before the Lieutenant Governor, as evidenced by letter from 
Fountain Elwin. 

Gkainoek, -Joshua. New Hanover Comity. 

Sons: Caleb and Joshua. Wife and Executrix: Im.izadeth. Dautjhter: 

Ann, DkIIoshet, Jno. Si'J'b (V), Bhaoi/ish. No prol)ate. 

Will almost illegible. 

Gkanbary, Samukl. Craven Cc^mily. 

January 1.5, 1760. Sons: John ("planlation whereon I live"), William. 
Wife and Executrix: r'RANCE.s. Executor: William Si'EIgh-i-. Witnesses: 
David Lewis, W.m. West, Joell Kino. No prob.ate. 

Grange, John. New Hanover County. 

January 20, 17rii)-17IO. June-1, 17-10. .SV«i.s; John and James ("estate 
wliercon T now live consisting of 1 000 .acres of land up the No. West River"), 
II UGH (040 acres in New Hanover County commomly called "Old Town"). 
Executors: James Grange (brother), John and Jeiin Davis (brothers-in- 
law). Witnesses: Wm. Fohjies, Cha. Codgan, Paul Guehaii, Faa/.. Gau- 
RAD. Will proven before Gais. Johns'ion. 

Grant, Alexander. Onslow Comity. 

June !), 17.S8. January 2, 1738. Sons: Solomon, Alexander, John. 
Daughter: Mary. Neighbor and Executor: John Starkey. Wife: men- 

140 Abstract of Wills, 1090 — iTfiO. 

tioned, but not named. Executors: John and Alexander (sons). Wit- 
nesses: Samll. Noble, Joseph Smith, Hacll. (Rachel) Noble. Clerk of 
the Court: Wm. Cuanfoiid. 

Grant, William. Dobbs County. 

September 23, 1773. NovcmhiT II, 177.'!. .SVc legatee afid devisee: 
Jane BnoniE. Executors: Jane Buodie, Thomas Scott. Witnesses: 
William Hooks, John Tilten. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 

Graves, liiciiARD. Craven Precinct. 

April 11, 1730. September Court, 1730. (Sons.- Thoma.s Ohavbs. 
Daughter: Mary Gravb.s. Cousins (tiepheivs): Richard and Francis 
GiiAVEs (sons of brother, Thomas Graves). Son-in-law: Fernifold 

Green. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Witnesses: James Green, 

Jones, Jno. Richards. Clerk of the Court: C. Metcalfe. 

Graves, Richard. Craven County. 

May 3, 1774. June 4, 1774. Nephews: Graves Bright ("my land & 
mills known as Jiunping Run"), Richard Fonvieli.e (son of William 
Brick Fonvielle). Wife: Ann. Mother: Sarah Fonvielle. Executors: 
Simon Bright, Christopher Neale. Witnesses: Chris'r Dawson, 
Thomas Driny, Sarah Benson. Will i>rovcn before Jo. Martin. R. G. 
monogram on seal. 

Ck'ay, Alkn (Allen). Onslow County. 

Jiituiary 17, 1755. July Court, 1755. Sons: William, John, Hugh, 
Thomas and James. DauglUers: Jenot, Mary, Elinor and Sarah. Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Hugh Giddinos. Witnesses: Thos. 
Jenkin, Casson Moore, Samuel Alexander. Clerk of the Court: Willm. 

GitAY, Ann. Pasqnolanl< I'l-ccinct. 

March -1, 1731. April Court, 1732. Sons: William and VallentiI^e 
Wallkh. Daughters: Jane, Mary and Sarah Wallls, Ann Kbnnekum. 
Executor: William Wallis. Witnesses: John McKeel, John Boyd, 
Richard Gray. Clerk of the Court: II. Minson. 

Gray, Grifen. County not given. 

October 24, 1684. February 4, 16S4. Son and Executor: Grifen. 
Wife: Hannah. Witnesses: Samuell Davis, Thomas Frincii. Will 
proven before Seth Sothell. 

Gray, James. Onslow Counly. 

October 21, 17.57. J.anuary Court, 17.58. Son: James ("my manner 
plantnlion"). Daughter: Klizadeth. Wife and Executrix: Hannar. 

AUSTUAI-T OK Wii.l.S, KJ'.lO -lT(iO. 

Executors: Thomas Jenkins and IIrnuy Rhodes. Witnesses: Maby Gray, 
Maroet Jenkins, Mautha Keen. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Ci!ay. Soal of 
testator liears impression ICi. 

Gray, JcjirN (Slirv'eyou). Bertio County. 

September 20, 1745. November 10, 1750. Hons: John ("my liiiids in 
Northampton and KdKecomlie")) VVii.mam ("my plantation"). Daugh- 
ters: Janet McKinzie, Bahhaha, Ann, Luctietia, Amelia, Louisa. Wife: 
Ann. Executors: Edward Buyan (brother), Thomas Whitmei.l (nephew). 
Witnesses: Jas. Watson, Duoald McKithan. No jjrobate. 

Gray, Riciiabd. Pasquotaii1< (\imily. 

October C, 1729. October 15, 1729. Wife and Execrdrix: Ann. Hon: 
Richard (land on the Sound Side and Flatty Creek). Dawjhler: Ann . 
Overseer of son's estate: Lewy Marckham. Witnesses: Ohahles West, 
Alexr. Cruickshank, .\nn Cruickshank. Clerk of the Court: II. Minson. 

Grken, Jacob. Cliovvan ('ouiity. 

January 9, 1751. Ai)ril Co\irt, 17.52. Cousins {nephews): Richard 
and William Green (sons of brother, Thomas Green). Executors: 
Thomas Green (brother), Thos. IIarrell. Witnesses: James Wiat, Ann 
Evans, Thos. Harrell. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Craven. 

Grken, John. Bladen Coiiuty. 

April 28, 1749. June Court, 17-I!). Sons: James, Roiiert, John. 
Daughter: Sarah. Wife: mentioned, but not named. Executors: Jambs 
Grange and James C'arr. Witnesses: John, John Stuiihs, James 
Jones, David Monley. Clerk of the Court: Tiios. Romeson. 

Green, Richard. (Jhovvan County. 

September 13, 1742. October Court, 1742. Sons: John, Thomas, 
Leonard, Jacob, William. Daughters: Else, Catherine and Mary 
Green. Wifeand Executrix: Elbe (or Else). Witnesses: William Whit- 
field, John Sparkman, Henry Goodman. Clerk of the Court: Hk.h'u 

Green, Shsannait. "Bath County, in Craven Precinct." 

June 29, 1732. September 17, 1735. Son: John Bigos. •Grand- 
daughter: Mary Biggs. Executors: John Bioos and Rorert Bond. Wit- 
nesses: William Bright, Rodert Bond. Clerk of the Court: (Ialeh 

Gregory, Judath. Pasquotank Comdy. 

October 21, 1753. January Court, 1754. Sons: Isaac, Demhey. 
Daughters: Mary, LotrcY. Friend: Mary Loyed. Brother and Executor: 
Joseph Morgan. Witnesses: Wm. Burgbs, Joseph Everigin, Samuel 
Scott. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

142 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Geegoey, Maegaeet. Pasquotauk County. 

February 3, 1746-1747. July Court, 1753. Sons: Richard, James, 
John, Caleb. Daughters: Mary Umpheris, Margaret Barber, Sarah 
Grandy. Granddaughter: Sarah Umpheris. Executor: James Gregory 
(son). Witnesses: James Forbes, Elizabeth Forbes, Rebecca Hard- 
ing. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Geegoey, Eichaed. Currituck County. 

October 7, 1758. December Court, 1758. Sons: Griffith, Cornelius, 
Robert ("Easter end of my plantation"), William (''dwelling planta- 
tion"), Joseph ("remainder of my land"). Daughters: Jud.ah Sawyer, 
Easter Sawyer and Bridget Sawyer; Ruth Glasgoe, Anne Gregory, 
Charity Gregory. "Dividers": James Gregory (brother), Isaac and 
William Bright (brothers-in-law). Executors: James Gregory (brother), 
Robert Gregory (son). Witnesses: Richd. ST.-i.NLBY, Thomas Hutch- 
ings, .\.mea Hutchings. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Mearns. 

Geegoey, Sajiuel. Chowan County. 

February 5, 1744. .August 4, 1747. Sons: Samuell .and Luke (107 
acres of land in Perquimans County), Thomas ("Hous & lot in Edenton 
that I now dwell in"). Daughter: Elizbbeth Gregory. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizebeth. Witnesses: David Butler. Joseph Ming. Will 
proven before Enoch Hall. 

Geegoey, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

April 10, 1736. June 23, 1740. Sons: N.athan ("my manner planta- 
tion"), Sampson, Jacob, Job, PlICHard, William. Daughters: Elisabeth 
GoDFREE, Prisilla Gray. Grandson: Frederick Gregory. Executors: 
Jacob and Job (sons). Witnesses: John Bell, John Roberts, John 
Bb.arcock. Will proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Geegoey, WiLLLi.M. Pasquotank County. 

June 4, 1748. July Court. 1753. .So)!,; John (600 acres of land 
on Cashie River, and 500 acres called "Goram's neck"). Daughters: 
Mary and Barbra Gregory. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Joseph Ander- 
son, Dr. William Calheart, John Gr.ay, Sr., Thomas Whitemell, John 
Evregan. Witnesses: Ann Anderson, Elise Scollay, Thomas Pol- 
lock, Will proven in Chowan County before Matt. Rowan. Clerk of 
Pasquotank County: Thos. Taylor. 

Geegoey, Willlvm. Pasquotank County. 

November 24, 1751. April Court, 1752. Sons: Mark (100 acres of 

land on North River Swamp), Dempsey, Daughters: Affiah, 

Abstract of Wills, 1G!)0 — IKIO. 143 

Mary, Lovey. Granddaughter: Ann Gregory. Wife and Executrix: 
Judith. Witnesses: John Riding, Joseph Jones, Thom.\s Riding. 
Clerk of the Conrt: Thos. Taylor. 

Grice. Francis. Johnston County. 

April 28, 1750. ])ecember Court, 1750. Sons: Thom.4.s, Robert, 
Jame.s, William, Jacob, John. Daughters: Mary Littman, F.\ith Grice, 
Elizabeth Grice. Wife and Execvirix: Elizabeth. Executor: Robert 
(son). Witnesses: William Hall. Samuell Littmax, Jno. Sutto.n. 
Clerk of the Court: Jame.s Gates. 

Griffin, Edward. Tyrrell County. 

.\pril 27, 175.3. March Court, 1754. Sons: Edward .and Willia.m 
(land in Bertie County on Crofoot Branch adjoining Mikell Hill's land). 
Daughters: Mary and Sarah Griffin, Ann Griffin, Elizabeth Cooper. 
Wife: Grace. Executors: John Griffin (brother), Edward Cooper. 
Witnesses: William Gardner, John Griffin, Edward Cooper. Cicrk 
of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Griffen, Epenetus. Tyrrell County. 

July 30, 1755. December Court, 1756. Sons: Andrew, Epenetus, 
Matthew, John {Executor). Daughters: Sarah Cockbehn, Elisabeth 
Griffen, Ann Griffen. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Nathl. 
Cooper, Joseph Hilson Worrin. Clerk of the Court: Fr. WjVRD. 

Griffin, James. On Kathrine Creek, Chowiui County. 

June 13, 174S. April Court, 1749. Sons: James, Joseph and Willi.a.\i. 
Wife anil Executrix: S.\kah. Witnesses: William Hill, Willi-«i Col- 
thred, Susannah Overman. Clerk of the Court: Will. Mbarn.s. 

Grifen, Martin. Chowan County. 

June 3, 1718. July Court, 1718. Sons: Edward ("my plantation on 
the North side Cissai River), John and William (plantation on South 
side of Rokquis Creek), Martin (plantation on Rokquis Creek). Daugh- 
ters: Sarah Grifen, Elizabeth Grifen. Wife and Executrix: Eliz.ybeth. 
Other legatees: Mary Stansill (daughter of Mary), Willia.m Stansill 
(son of John and Catherine), John Rodgers (son of Tho.m.\s and 
Frances). Witnesses: Thomas Rodgers, Richard Pickeren, John 
Smethwick. Clei-k of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Grifen, Hichard. Chowan County. 

April 8, 1701. February 7, 1702-1703. Executrix: Wife (not named). 
Witnesses: Thomas Jones, Willm. Jone.s, Mary Skittlesharp. Son-in- 
latr: Joseph Skittlesharp. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

144 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Gkiffin (sjjelled "Griffon"), William. Carteret Precinct. 

June 20, 1681. March 29. Wife and Executrix: Liddia. Son: Wil- 
liam. Witnesses: Wm. B.^teman, Roger Martin. Will proven before 
Thomas Miller. 

Griffin, William. - Bertie Precinct. 

December 10, 1735. February Court, 1735. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: Tho. Whitmill, Alex. Thompson, Edward Moore. 
Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Geiffeth, John. Bertie County. 

July 1, 1727. February Court, 1727. Sons: Arther (land on Meherrin 
Cypress Swamp), Edmond (550 acres of land), John {Executor). Wife 
and Executrix: Jemima. Daughter: Mary. Other legatees: John Clarke, 
Daniel Riging. Overseer: William Boldin. Clerk of the Court: Rt. 

Griggs, Samuel. Kings County, New York. 

September 3, 1749. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: W. 
Betts, Jane Brown, Mary Cogan. Clerk of Craven County Court: Phil 
Smith. Will proven June 19, 1750. 

Grills, Richard. 

February 1. 1719-1720. .\pril 4, 1720. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Jno. New, H.^nnah Dowers, Patrick Ogilby. Original miss- 
ing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 221. 

Grimes, Absolom. Pasquotank County. 

January 7, 1757. March Court, 1757. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: 
LiDBA. Witnesses: John Cox, J. Burges. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Tay- 

Grist, Richard. Beaufort County. 

June 6, 1752. March 13, 1753. Sons: John, William, Richard ("my 
manner plantation"). Daughters: Fr-^nces Nouell, Mary Grist, Eliza- 
beth Wall. Wife and Executrix: Frances. Witnesses: William Willis, 
WiLLi.\M L.iNiER, Elisabeth Hill. Clerk of the Court: Will Ormond. 

Grosvenoe, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

November 5, 1702. Daughters: Susannah, Elizebeth and Ester 
Grosvenor. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. "[Fitnesses; Jonathan Tay- 
lor, J. Wmson. (Williamson). No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17(50. 145 

GuiLLiAMS, Geoege. Chowan Coiinty. 

September 22, 1746. April Court, 1747. Sons: Isaac ("my manner 
plantation"), Samuell, George. Executor: Samuell Guilliams (son). 
Witneases: William Hughe.s, Junr., George, Samuel Guil- 
liams. CUrk of the Court: Henry DbLon. 

GuMBS, Matthew. Chowan County. 

Februarj' 9, 1754. April Court, 1754. Sons: Elisha and Abraham 
("my manner plantation"). Daughters: Sarah, Rachel, Leah and Ruth 
GuMBS, Mary Ratchet. Executors: Elisha and Abrah.4.m Gumbs (sons). 
Witnesses: Charles Roberts, Martha Jones, Mary Previt. Chrk of 
the Court: Will. H.a^lsey. 

GuNTKR, John. Beaufort and Hyde Counties. 

March 2S, 1722. July Court, 1725. Executor and sole legatee: John 
Oden. Witnesses: Thos. Oldner, Thomas Warsley, Chas. Oden. 
Clerk of the Court: Jno. Swann. 

GuTAN, Joseph. 

January 30, 1770. Wife's son: John Satchwell. Wife's grandson: 
Jacob Dardon. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Witnesses: Robert 
DixsoN, Walter Dixson, Wy. Ormond, Roger Ormond. No probate. 

Guthrie, Johx. Pasquotank County. 

October 12, 1748. April Court, 1750. Uncles and Executors: Ch.arles 
Keel and John McKeel. Cousin: Mary McKebl. Father-in-law: 
Henry Pendleton. Witnesses: Henry Pendleton, Mary Pendleton. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Guy, William. Perquimans County. 

March 17, 1754. April Court, 1754. Cousins: John and James Gut 
(sons of J.oiES Guy), Bhiggit Guy. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Execu- 
tors: Thom.\s and Christopher Nicholson. Witnesses: Thomas Crag- 
hill, Sarah Barrow, Mary Kelley. Clerk of the Court: Richd. Clay- 

Hacklefield, John. Chowan County. 

August 13, 1739. October 29, 1741. Legatees: Thom.\s, William and 

Sarah Hoskins. Executors: William Hoskins and John Benbury. 
Clerk of the Court: J. Montgomery. 

Hadley, Edward. Hyde County. 

January 22, 1740. June Court, 1743. Wife and Executrix: Keziah. 
Witnesses: Gilbert McNary, Nathaniel Tule, Jon.' Bell. Clerk 
of the Court: Wm. Barrow. 


146 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Haig, Maet, widow of Willlam. Pasquotank County. 

February 9, 1718. .January 20, 1718-1719. Son: William. Other 
children: mentioned, but not named. Other legatees: Mary White, Joseph 
Glaister, Mary Glaister. Executors: G.\briel Newby and Joseph 
Glaister. Witnesses: Jno. Fourre, Thomas Pendleton, John Carp. 
Clerk of the Court: W. Norris. 

Haig, Willi.\m. Newbegin Creek, in Pasquotank County. 

November 4, 1718. January 9, 1718-1719. Wife and Executrix.: Mary. 
Son: Willi.\m ("my plantation"). Daughters: Mary, Sarah and Ann 
Haig. Witnesses: John M.\n, John Carp, Richard Brossiers. Clerk of 
the Court: W. Norris. 

Haig, William. Pasquotank County. 

February 20, 1734-1735. July Court, 1735. Son: William. Wife: 
Sarah. Executors: S.\rah Haig, William Haig, John Everigin. Wit- 
nesses: William Kelly, Jr., Joseph Jord.'vn, Mary Jordan. Clerk of the 
Court: Jos. Smith. 

Hakony, John. Albemarle County. 

February 25, 1672. October 1, 1673. Son: John. Wife and other 
children: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: .\bell Robbtson (?), 
Fr.cncis Mallard. Proven before John Jenkins. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Harris. 

Hall, An. Perquimans County. 

October 9, 1741. January Court, 1741. Son and Executor: Samuel. 
Daughters: Sarah W.\rrin, Mary Jennet. Granddaughter: An Jennet. 
Witnesses: Thos. Call.\way, Joshua Hobard, Sarah Curling. Clerk of 
the Court: Edmond Hatch. 

Hall, Hezekiah. Carteret County. 

January 9, 1733-1734. March Court, 1733-1734. Daughter: Sarah 
Hall. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executor: David Shipurd. Witnesses: 
John Jerrett, Jno. Nelson, J. Harris. Clerk of the Court: J.vs. Win- 

Hall, John. Bertie Precinct. 

August 9, 1736. February Court, 1736. Wife: Mart. Executor: Jon- 
athan Standley. Witnesses: Thomas Watson, Margrbtt Standly, 
Elizabeth Kelly. Clerk of the Court: John Wyn.ns. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 147 

Hall, Joseph. Onslow County. 

December 16, 1747. July 5, 1748. Daughters: Mary Burns, Jane 
Parro'it. Wife: Jane. So7i: Edward ("my plantation"). Executors: 
John Starkey, Edward Hall (son). T-Fito esses; Charles Sharp, Mary 
Eves, Ralph Eves. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Black. 

Hall, Nathaniel. Pasqviotank County. 

January 31, 1734. February 17, 1734. Sons: Joseph ("my planta- 
tion"), Benjamin ("plantation up the river" and also land at Banks called 
Chickconacomock). Wife arid Executrix: Elinor. Executor: 
Weekes. Witnesses: David Baley, Robert Lowry, Jr., Patrick Balby. 
Proven before Gab. Johnston at Edenton. 

Hall, William. Bladen County. 

February G, 1764. April 21, 1765. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Witnesses: A. Green, James Henderson, Mary Green. Proven before 
Wm. Tryon at Wilmington. 

Halsky, Daniel. Albemarle County. 

March 13, 1719. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witness: Thomas Evans. 
Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 222. 

Halton, Robeet. New Hanover County. 

March 22, 1748. April Court, 1749. Wife: Mary (in England). Sis- 
ters: Susannah Wilkins, M.\ry, Eliz.\beth. Other legatees: Elizabeth 
WiLKiNS (niece), Mary Wilkins (niece), Gabriel Johnston, Dr. Wm. 
Cathcart, George Gould, Thomas Barker, Benjamin Hill, John 
Ashton (1000 acres of land on So. side Nuse River on Greens past.), Sarah 
Graves, Robert Halton, Jr., son of Sarah Graves ("my seat called 
Halton's Lodge"; two tracts in New Hanover Co. known as "Laban" and 
"Brown Marsh," Laban lying on Mill Creek and Brown Marsh "on the 
North East River of Cape Fear"). Executors: Gabriel Johnston, Wm. 
Cathcart, Thos. Barker, MHtnesses: Saml. Ormes, Wm. Churton, 
Dan. Weldon. Clerk of the Court of Chowan County: Will Mearns. 

Haman, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

M.arch 9, 1720-1721, March 30, 1721. So;!.; Joseph. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Sarah. Daughters: Sarah and Jane Haman. Witnesses: Wm. 
Willson, Wm. Bell, Jos. Brown. Clerk of Chowan Precinct Court: 
R. Hicks. 

Hambleton, Joseph. 

April 1, 17.37. April 11, 1737 ("late of Pensilvania but now of the Prov- 
ince of Carolina"). Wife and Executrix: Rachell (plantation in Buck's 

148 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Co., Pa.). Friends: David Loyd, Charles O'Neil, Even Evens. Exec- 
utors: David Loyd and Thomas Russ. Witnesses: William Saltab, 
Mary Rus.s, Charles O'Neill. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Hambleton, Jane. Tyrrell Precinct. 

March 20, 173 — . April 22, 1734. Son and daughter: John Gaerett 
and Mart his wife (who are also appointed executors). Witnesses: Samel 
DuRRANCE, Mary Skiles. Will proven before Nathaniel Rice, Presi- 

Hamblin, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

December 31, 1757. March Court, 1758. Son: John. Daughters: 
Elizabeth and Martha H.\mblin. Wife: Martha. Executor: Charles 
Markham. Witnesses: Lyman Spence, Thomas Markham, David Sin- 
CLAB. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Ha:milton, John. 
Will torn and illegible. 

Hamilton, John. Nansemond County. 

February 25, 1706-1707. April 25, 1711. Sons: James, William and 
Stewart (land at Salem), John and Andrew. Daughter: Mary Hamil- 
ton. Daughter-in-laiv: Mary Hobgood. Wife and Executrix: Cather- 
ine. Witnesses: Richd. Wynne, Henry Pdllen, Daniel Ellett. 
Deputy Clerk: W. Ragsdale. Clerk of Court: Michl. Archie. This is a 
copy of will. 

Hamilton, John. Bladen County. 

October 22, 1764. February Court, 1763. Son: J.\mes. Wife and 
Executrix: Esther. Other legatee: Esabel Hamilton (probably daughter). 
Executor: Wm. Cree. Witnesses: John Kenney, Levi Moore. Justices: 
George Brown, John Smith, John Turner, George Gibbs, Joseph 
Clark. Clerk of Court: Malunn Colvell. 

Hanby, John. Perquimans County. 

May 5, 1752. July Court, 1752. Son: Salvanias ("the manner and 
plantation whereon I now live")- Grandsons: John and Demsib Hanby. 
Daughters: Mary H.\nby, Hannah Bishop, Elizabeth Griffin. Friend: 
Zachariah Nixon. Executors: Selvanus Hanby (son) and Francis 
Newby. Wife: Hannah. Witnesses: Nathan Newby, Samuel Ander- 
son, Francis Tomes. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 149 

Hand, Petee. Craven Precinct. 

February 1. 1730-1731. March 16, 1730-1731. Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. Daughters: Eliz.\beth, Mary and Jean Hand. Other legatee: 
Richard Hart. Executor: John Dept. Witnesses: Thos. Fox, James 
Green, John Deep. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Hancock, Hectok. Carteret County. 

October 27, 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: Nathaniel, Benja- 
min, Henry, Joseph, John and Daughter: Mary H.\ncock. 
Wife: Ann. Executors: N.athaniel and Benjamin Hancock (sons). 
Witnesses: .\nania.s Cavenagh, Benjamin Hancock, Nathaniel Han- 
cock. Clerk of Court : Geo. Read. 

Handcock, Elisebeth. Cravt>n County. 

January 20, 1743-1744. June 20, 1744. Sons and Executors: Simon 

and Wm. Bright. Daughter: Ledlay' Handcock. Witnesses: Walter 

Jones, Francis Hodges, Howel Jones. Clerk of Court: N. Routledge. 

Handcock, William. Craven Precinct. 

October 9. 1722. March 16, 1730-1731. Son: William. Grandsons: 
John Hi\NDCocK ("my plantation"), William Handcock. Granddaugh- 
ters: Elizabeth and Map.y Handcock. Wife and Executrix: Elenor. 
Executors: William Handcock (son), Richard Graves, John Slocumb 
(cou.sin). Witnesses: James Keith, Moses Thomas, Thomas Knight. 
Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Handwoekee, Daniel. Perquimans County. 

March 7, 1729-1730. April 4, 1730. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: 
Katherine. Witnesses: Ch.^rles, Sarah Denman. Will 
proven before Richard Evekard. 

Hannis, Joseph. Craven County. 

June 30, 1745. September 7, 1745. "Christ Church Parish & County 
.of Craven." Son and Executor: Joseph. Wife and Executrix: Catherine. 
Witnesses: Francis Stringer, WiM. Thomp.son, Joseph Carruthbrs, 
George Wiggins. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Rice. 

Harbeet, Edwaed. Craven County. 

January 20, 1754. May Court, 1754. Sons: Edward ("200 acres of 
land on the south side of Contentny"), John. Four other children: men- 
tioned, but not named. Executor: Edw.\.rd Harbert (son). Witnesses: 
James Combs, Henry Gibbins, Riggsby. Clerk of the Court: 
Sol. Rew. 

150 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Hardesty, Thomas. Carteret County. 

July 16, 1758. September Court, 175S. Sons: Thomas (land at Mich- 
ael's Bridge), Robert HAnoESTY, Joseph Hardesty. Samuel Hardesty. 
Daughters: Mary, Lucy and Ann.*. Hardesty. Wife and Executrix: 
Dorotha. V/itnesses: Lewis Welch, Henry Chew, Robert Welch. 
Clerk of Court: William Robertson. 

Hardijj, Willlvm. Currituck County. 

July 30, 1746. October 5, 174S. Granddaughters: Jane and Eliza- 
beth Dudley ("my land on Knott's Island whereon I live"). Daughter: 
Elisabeth Dudley. Executors: Jane Harden (wife) and Henry White. 
Witnesses: William White, Thomas Dudley, Jr., Thomas William- 
son. Clerk of Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Harding, Josiah. Northampton County. 

July 1, 1752. November Court, 1756. Sons: Josiah, Thomas, James. 
Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: J. Edwards, Wm. Winborne. 
Clerk of the Court: 1. Edwards. 

Harding, Mary. Perquimans County. 

October 22, 1743. November S, 1744. Legatees: Saeah Skinner, 
Richard Skinner, Sr., Zachariah and Sarah Skinner (children of 
James). Executor: Richard Skinner, Sr. Witnesses: Richard Skin- 
ner, Jr., Sam'll MpoRE, Sarah Creecey. Will proven before E. MosE- 
ley. Chief Justice. 

Harding, Richard. Perquimaus County. 

December 6, 1741. January Court, 1741. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor : Thomas Peirce. Other legatees : Thomas Gilbord and James 
Skiner. Witnesses: Joseph Ashley, Peter Jones, Thomas Peirce, Jr. 
Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Hardison, Jasper. Albemarle County. 

May 8, 1733. November 5, 1733. Sons: John ("land on South side of 
Deep run"), Jaspar (200 acres of land on Cheat Neck), Charles ("piece 
of land called Cheat Neck Island"), Josuah and Thomas (land on Cheat 
Neck branch), Richard and Joseph ("rest of plantation known by the 
name of Roses Plantation"). Other legatees: Mary Carkebt, Judah Sut^ 
ton. Executors: Mary Hardison (wife), John Hardison (son). Wit- 
nesses: Joseph Hudson, Samuel Durrance. Will proven before Geo. 

H.\.RDY, John. Chowan County. 

January 19, 1719. March 16, 1719. Brothers: Willi.vm, Thomas and 

Jacob Hardy. Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary. Wife and Executrix: 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 151 

Rebeccah. Other legatees: Katherine Stancell, Richard Pickering, 
John Bdtler. Executors: William Hardy, Thomas Pollock and Rob- 
ert West. Witnesses: John Holbrook, Laurence Sarton, John Luer- 
TON. Proven before C. Eden. 

Haedt, Kichaed. Wilmington, New Hanover County. 

May 20, 1758. August 6, 175S. Executors: D.4.NIEL Dunbibin, 
Francis Beitelle (uncle). Wife: Sarah. Witnesses: James Greoory, 
Ao. Routledge, Zack Weeks. No signature of probate officer. 

Hare, Edwakd. Chowan County. 

August 27, 175G. October Court, 1757. Sons: Edward (lands in 
Chowan), John (lands in Bertie), Thomas, Bryan. Daughters: Christian 
West, Mary Borges, Ann Scot. Wife: Mary. Executors: John and 
Edward Hare (sons). Witnesses: Willi.4.m Skinner, Joseph Rooks, 
Joseph .Speight. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones. 

Haee, Edward. Hertford County. 

May 16, 1772. April 22, 1777. Legatees: Tho.mas Hare (brother), 
Mary Hare (niece), Wynne West (daughter of Peter West), Mary 
BnRGES (sister), Ann Scot (sister), Luke Lewis (son of John Lewis), 
Ldcretia Hare (daughter of Bry'an Hare), Edward Bryan Hare (son 
of Bryan Hare). John Pipken (son of Isaac Pipkin), Bray Warren 
(son of Joseph Warren), Eff Lewis (son of John Lewis), John Miller, 
Edward Warren, John Hare (brother). Mills Lewis (son of John 
Lewis), William Warren (son of Edward Warren), Phillip Lewis 
(son of John Lewis), John Gattellen, Isaac Pipken, Jesse Barnes, 
Francis Speight, Henry Speight, John, Benj. Wynns, Junr., 
Solomon King, William West. Executor: Hare. Witnesses: 
Solomon King, John Lewis, Isaac Pipkin, Edward Warren. Will 
proven before Gov. Rd. Caswell at New Bern. 

Haeison, Joiin. Albemarle County. 

February 18, 1693. April Court, Chowan, 1694. Son: William Har- 
ISON. Son: John Harison. Daughter: Elizabeth Harison. Son: 
Thomas Harison. Executrix: Mary Harison. Witnesses: Geo. Har- 
die and John Watkins. Clerk of the Court: Henderson Walker. 

Haekel, George. Craven County. 

May 2, 1746. March 17, 174G. Sons: George ("plantation whereon I 
now dwell"), Joseph. Daughters: Miriam, Margaret and Mary Harkel. 
Wife and Executrix: Elis.abeth. Executor: James Conaway. Witnesses: 
Nicholas Harper, .\mos Cuthris, Isaac Brawler. Clerk of Court : 
Jno. Rice. 

152 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Haekee, Elizabeth. Carteret County. 

April 12, 1777. June 9, 1777. Sons: Ebenezer, James, Zachariah. 
Daughter: Sarah Freshwater. Other legatee: John Brooks. Executors: 
James and Zachariah Harkbr (sons). Witnesses: Joseph Yeoman. 
Sarah Harkeb, Elias Rees. Will proven before Rd. C.\,swell. 

Haeman', Caleb. Perquimans County. 

October 2, 1773. March 9. 1774. Sons: Robert and James ("my 
plantation to be equally divided between them"), Cai,eb and Joshua. 
Daughter: Orp.aji H.\^r.\i.\n. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: 
Thomas H.\rman (brother). Witnesses: J. Carrtjthers, Zebulon Cal- 
loway, Mary H.a.rm.\n. Proven before .Jo. Martin. 

Haeiiax, Eobeet. Perquimans County. 

January 7, 1758. July Court, 17o8. Sons: Caleb ("my plantation"), 
John (land in Beaver Cove), Stephen, Thomas. Daughter: Mary Har- 
MAN. Trustees and Guardians: Francis Jones, Daniel Saint and John 
White, son of Joseph. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executors: 
Caleb Harman. John White. Witnesses: Thomas Long, Elisabeth 
Long, Joseph White. Clerk uf the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Haeeell, Abraham. Bertie County. 

May 5, 1755. July Court. 1755. Sons: Abbe (or Able), John ("my 
manner plantation"), Lott, Zachariah, Christopher. Daughters: Abba- 
gill, Grace, Susannah. Executors: Able and John H.^rrell. Wit- 
nesses: (iEORGE House, Edward Toole, 1si;ael Hardy H.vrrell. Clerk 
of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Haeeell, Edwaed. Bertie County. 

August 17, 1752. May Court, 1754. Sons: Henry, Joshewa, Thomas. 
Grandson: Jesse Harrell. Daughters: M.yry and Rbbecc.\ Andrews. 
Wife: Ann. Executors: Henry H,4.rrell (son) and Henry Andrews 
(son-in-law). Witnesses: John Harrell, Robert House, George House. 
Clerk of the Court: Saml. Ormes. 

Haeeell, John. Bertie Comity. 

November 8, 1755. January Court, 1756. Sons: Georce (land between 
Thos. Williams and Jno. Rhodes), Jesse, Elisha and Benjamin. To 
these four sons is l^equeathed several tracts boimded and described in the 
will. Daughter: Mary. Wife: Mary. Executors: Geo. Harrell (son), 
Jesse and Israel H.4.rdy Harrell (brothers), Richard Willlois, 
Thomas Williams, Wm. Andrews, John Rhodes. Witnesses: Thomas 
Williams, Wm. .Andrews, John Skinner. Clerk of Court: Be.mjamin 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 1760. 153 

Haerell, John. Bertie County. 

November 1, 1756. April Court, 1759. Sons: Jesse and D.wid (plan- 
tation to each, and three negroes), Josiah (land bought of Thomas Bar- 
kek), Ezekiel (160 acres of land). Negroes bequeathed to each of sons. 
Grandsons: Esi.\s Harrell (plantation "whereon Jon.\than Spivey now 
lives who married the widow of Esias Harrell deceased"). Granddaughter: 
Sarah Harrell (one negro). Copper still bequeathed to four sons. PJx- 
ecutors: Jesse, D.*.vid and Josiah. Witnesses: Wm. Williams, Edward 
Toole, Jonath.'^n Toole. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. Codicil 
makes bequests to Thomas Williams, husband of daughter, S.\rah. Same 
witnesses to codicil. 

Harrell, Josiah. Bertie County. 

March .30, 1773. November 12, 177.3. Sons: Solomon (land in Ren- 
neroy Marshes), Josiah ("my plantation"), William. Wife: Ann. 
Executors: Edward Tool, Noah Hinton. Witnesses: James Church- 
well. Jonathan Tool, Mary Tool. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 

Harrington, Humphrey. Perquimans Precinct. 

November 2, 1713. Daughter: Ann. Daughter-in-law: Ann Major. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Richard Morris and Fran- 
cis Tho.mas. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page IS 

Harris, James. Edgecombe County. 

January 10, 1749-1750. February Court, 17-19. Suns: Ja.mes ("my 
plantation"), Eli. Wife and Executrix: Cheary. Executor: Mathew 
JoYNER. Witnesses: Wm. Skinner, John Blount, John Cru.mpton. 
Clerk of the Court: Benja.min \\'vnns. 

Harris, John. Craven County. 

January 22, 1749. March Court, 1749. Legatees: Brice and John 
Fonvielle, Wm. B.\rran, Jr. (land on Batchelor's Creek). Executors: 
John Fonvielle, Thomas Graves. Witnesses: John McGibbins, Am- 
brose Field, Dorothy Rolton. Clerk of the Court: Phil Smith. 

Harris, Thomas. Currituck County. 

November 7, 1749. January Court, 1749. Wife: Blender. Son and 
Executor: Thomas. Witnesses: Stephen Williams, John Lurry, Levi 
Stewart. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Harrison, Daniel. Chowan County. 

January 14, 1726-1727. Son: Joseph (100 acres of land). Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Friend: Hill Savage. Executor: Edw.ard 
Padggett. Witnesses: William Williams, Jno. Falconar, M.irtha 
Hammond. No probate. 

154 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Haekison, John. 

November 19. 1710. Brother and Executor: Thomas Harrison. Wit- 
nesses: Ann Mitchell and William Mitchell. Original missing. Re- 
corded in Book 1712-1722, page 32. 

Haeeison, Robert. 

March 9, 1713-1714. Sons: Robert (land bought of Garrett Pursell), 
Joseph. Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth Harrison. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Sarah. Executor: Robert Harrison. Executors to sell land upon 
River adjoining Cornelius Jones.' Witnesses: Dan'l Guthrie, Eliza- 
beth Jones, Will V.\ughan. No probate. Anchor on seal. 

Hareison, Vines. Chowan County. 

February 25, 1738. March 24, 17.38. Brothers: William and Joshday 
Harrison. Executors: Edmond Harrison. Sister: Sarah Felte. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Peirce, Tho.mas Everenden, Edward Lister. Proven 
before W. S.mith, C. J. 

H.AET, Mary. Northampton County. 

July 12, 1750. November Court, 1751. Sons: Benjamin, Josee, John, 
David. Daughters: Sarah Hart, Lusee Hart. Executors: John La- 
man and Green Hill. Witnesses: James Wright, John Gooden, Jesse 
Hart, George Brace. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Hart, John. Bertie Precinct. 

November 13, 1741. May Court, 1746. Sons: Benjamin (plantation 
"at Pattycasey"). Jesse (plantation on South side of Tarr River), John 
(land on Town Creek), David ("plantation whereon I now live")- Daugh- 
ters: Sarah and Luce. Other legatee: Tho.mas Foxhall. Executors: 
Etheldred Rufpin and Robert Rufein. Witnesses: John Lamon, 
HowiLL Browne. John Davison. Clerk of Northampton Court: Rt. 


Hart, Thomas. ISTorthamiiton County. 

March 6, 1748. August Court, 1751. Son ami Executor : Henry (plan- 
tation in "The Meadowes"). Grandchildren: John S.anders, Sarah San- 
ders, EuRiDicE, Thomas, Mary and Rose Sanders. Wife: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: Jno. Simpson, Howill Browne. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Hartley, Francis. Albemarle County. 

February 4, 1691-1692. May 2, 1692. Wife and Executrix: Susannah. 
Other legatees: Elizabeth Glascoine, Elizabeth Gray, Jabus Alford, 
William Morris, George Maschamp. Executor: Thomas Harvey. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17C0. 155 

Witnesses: G. Maschamp, Richard Slater, Francis Parrott, Ann 
DuRANT, Thomas Durant. Clerk of the Coxtrt: Henderson Walker. 

Haevey, Doroty. Pasquotank County. 

November 14, 16S2. January 20, 16S2. Brother and Executor: Thomas 
TooKE of Isle of Wight County in Virginia. Children of Brother: Jambs, 
Thomas, Dorotey, John, Abraha.m, Joane and William Tooke. Cous- 
in: Thos. Harvey. Niece: Mary Crew. Other legatees: Dorcas, wife of 
Thomas Jarvis, Margaret, wife of Capt. W.m. Craford; Abiah, wife of 
Chri.stopher Merchant. Witnesses: William Michalle, John Haw- 
kins, Christopher Merchant, John Colpeper. Proven before 8eth 
SoTHELL. This is a copy of will and not the original. 

Harvey, John. Hyde County. 

February 20, 17.59. June Court, 1759. Sons: Joshua, Richard, John 
Mark Harvey, Arthur. Daughters: Mary Martin, Rebecca Harvey. 
Wife: Francis. Grandson: John Harvey (house and lot in Woodstock). 
Brother: Richard Harvey. Executors: Richard and John Mark Har- 
vey (sons). Witnesses: Stephen Denning, William Webster, John 
Wright. Clerk of the Court: Stepn. Denning. 

Harvey, Kiciiard. 

February 22. 17.32-1733. Sons: John, Richard, Peter, Samuel, 
James, Josias. Daughter: Bridget Harvey. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: Samll Harvey, John Mills. Andrew Conner. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Colli.son. 

Harvey, Tho^ias. Albemarle County. 

March 31, 109(3. November 2, 1699. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Son: Thomas (plantation called "ye Quarter"). Daughter: Mary Har- 
vey (land called Faulks Point and land on Perquimans River). Nephew: 
Thom.'VS Harvey. Brother: Robert Harvey. Witnesses: Henry Nor- 
man, Robert Fendall, John Peirt, W. Glover. Codicil to will dated 
March 23, 1698-1099. Appoints Col. Wm. Wilkinson executor of es- 
tate of John H.vrvey, dec'd, of which estate the testator was executor at 
the time of his death. Wittiesses to Codicil: Richard French, Ruth 
LuKER. Codicil proven before Henderson Walker. 

Harvey, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

April 10, 1729. November 10, 1729. Sons: Thomas ("Plantation 
whereon I now live"), John (plantation called the Quarter), Benjamin 
(plantation called Foulks (or Foleks) Point), Miles (land on Chowan 
River in Rockahock Neck bought of Samuel Woodard). Brother: Miles 
Gale of Boston. Brother-in-laiv: Col. Robert West. Nieces: Martha, 
Sarey and Mary West (daughters of Robt.). Sisters: Elizabeth Clay- 

156 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

TEN and Penelope Little, wife of William Little. Other legatees: 
James Sitterson, William Tetterton; John son of John Cole of Nan- 
semond, Virginia; Joshua Wherry son of Anthony Wherry; Elizabeth 
Wherry daughter of Anthony; Edward Moseley and Thosias Pollock. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executors: Miles Gale , William Little , 
Edward Moseley and Thos. Pollock, John Lovick. Witnesses: Thom- 
as NoRCOMB, Richard Sotton, John Wiat, Charles Denman, John 
Mitchell. Proven before Richard Everard. 

Haevey, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

November 21, 1748. January Court, 1748. Brothers and Executors: 
John, Benjamin and Miles Harvey. Nephews: Tho.mas and John Har- 
vey. Sister-in-law: Hannah Salter. Cousin: S.^rah Alderson. Aunt: 
Hannah Sitterson. Witnesses: John Nickols, Stephin Martin, Jo- 
seph Arnold. Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.^tch. 

Haewood, Edwaed. Onslow County. 

October 21, 1735. October Court, 1737. Executor: John Starkey. 
Witnesses: Edmd. Hugger, John Mixon, Eliza Jones, John Starkey. 
Clerk of the Court: Wm. Cranpord. The testator provides for the sale of 
all his effects, proceeds to go to his wife and child, who are not named. 

Haskins, Hannibal. 

February 11, 1698-1699. Friend and Executor: John Porter. Wit- 
nesses: Humphrey Leggett, Archibald Holmes, William Barrow. No 

Hassell, John. Tyrrell County. 

March 25, 1754. June Court, 1754. Sons: John (plantation on West 
side of Scuppernong river known by the name of Plains), Joseph (lands on 
East side of Scuppernong river), Isaac (plantation on East side of Scup- 
pernong River), Benjamin ("my manner plantation"). Daughters: 
Mary Wynne, Sarah Fox, Esther Hassell. Wife and Executrix: 
Rachell. Negroes bequeathed to sons. Witnesses: Thos. Wynne, Jere- 
miah Wy'nne, Peter Wynne. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Hatch, Anthony. Perquimans Precinct. 

August 1, 1726. November 18, 1726. Sons; Edmund and Lamb (lands 
lying in Neuse in the Coimty of Bath), Anthony ("my plantation). Lands 
in Alligator held in common with George Dur.ant (brother-in-law) ordered 
sold. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Daughter: Elisabeth Hatch. 
Executors: Richd. Whidby and George Durant (brothers-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: J. Sweeny, Thomas Penrice, John Stevens, Parthenia Stevens. 
Proven before Richard Everard. 

Absteact of Wills, 1090 — 1760. 157 

Hatch, Anthony. Perquimans County. 

September 30, 1744. October Court, 1744. tSons; Antony ("my manor 
plantation"), John (plantation joining Solomon Snowden). Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Executors: Col. McArora Scarborough, Ed- 
mund H.ATCH ("Brother German"). Witnesses: Tulle Willlams, George 
DuvANT, Sam Scollav. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Hatch, Lemuel. Craven County. 

April 2, 1774. Februarj' 3, 1777. Soris: Lemuel (two-thirds of dwelling 
plantation lying between Sted's and Rea.sonover's Runs and also land on 
Trent River), John and Edmund, Durant, Joy, Anthony (to each is given 
land which is described in will). Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary Hatch. 
Wife: Mary. Executors: Lemuel and John Hatch (sons). Witnesses: 
Edmd. Hatch, Jamb.s Watson, Chas. Markland. Executor with sons: 
Francls Fonville. Witnesses to codicil appointing Executor: Stokes 
Norment, Elizabeth Nor.ment, Elizabeth, Edmd. Hatch, 
Jame.s Watson. Will proven before Rd. Caswell. 

Hatton, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 15, 1697-1698. August 16. 1698. Executor: Bartholemew 
Hewit. Friends: John Cirby (or Coby), Elizabeth Fox. Witnesses: 
Daniel Akehurst, Henry Palin, Junr., Humphry Bolton. Clerk of 
the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Haugiiton, Charles. Chowan County. 

October 4, 1754. Sons: Jeremiah ("my plantation"), John. Charles. 
Daughter: Elizabeth. Ei-ec«tors ; Jeremiah and Charles (sons). Wit- 
nesses: WiLLiAJi Haskins, William Wilkins, John Taler. No probate. 

Haughton, George. Chowan Precinct. 

December 16, 1718. Daughter: Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: 
Judith. Executor: Thomas Haughton (brother). Witnesses: Joshua 
Porter and Charles Haughton. Original missing. Recorded in Will 
Book 1712-1722, page 171. 

Haughton, James. Perquimans County. 

March S, 1758. April Court. 17.58. Nephews: Joshua Haughton (son 
of sister, Easter Garrett), Henry and Edward Hall (sons of sister, 
Rachel Hall). Niece: Mary Hall. Executors: Edward Hall, John 
Halsey, Andrew Knox. Witnesses: James Eggerton, Thos. Ming, 
Sahah Arranton. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

158 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Haughton, Eichaed. Chowan County. 

October 19, 1748. November 25, 1748. Son: Richard. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Executors: Thomas White and Job Charlton. Wit- 
nesses: Thos. White, Chris. Butler, Leey Hampton. Will proven before 
J. Hall, J. P. 

Haughton, William. Chowan County. 

November 17, 1749. January Court, 1752. Sons: Joshua, James, Job, 
David (Executor). Daughters: Rachel and Easter Haughton. Grand- 
daughters: Mary and Sarah Penhicb, Sarah and Mary H.aughton. 
Grandsons: William and Jonathan Haughton. Wife: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: J. Benbury, Richard Brinn, Thomas Burkit. Clerk of the Court: 
Jas. Craven. 

Hausington, Benedictus. Bath County. 

November 16, 1729. December 16, 1730. Daughters: Cattern, Elise- 
beth, Dinah, Mary, Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Dinah. Witnesses: 
Robert Bond, Anne Norwood. 

Hawkins, John. Albemarle County. 

March 1, 1687-1688. May 13, 1688. Z>a?<3Wer; Mary Hawkins. Exec- 
utor: William West. Witnesses: Will Benbow, Francis Wells, Will 
Hanckock. Proven before Skth .Sothell. 

Hawkins, John. Chowan County. 

J'ebruary 8, 1716-1717. August 16, 1719. Sows; Joshua, James. 
Daughter: Anne. Other devisees and legatees: Thomas Hartshorn (plan- 
tation on Cushake Creek), Elizabeth Hartshorn (son and daughter of 
Joyce Hartshorn, who is appointed Executor). Witnesses: Thos. Rogers, 
Francis Rogers, John Hardy. Will proven before Chas. Eden. 

Hawkins, John. Perquimans County. 

October 14, 1744. January Court, 1744. Daughter-in-law: Mary 
Trombull. Daughter: Mary Hawkins. Wife and Executrix: Mahy. 
Executors: Robert Hodges and James Peirce. Witnesses: Foster Toms, 
John Barclipt. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

H.4.WKINS, Saeah. Pasquotank County. 

October 19, 1719. November 2, 1722. Legatees: Thos. Merriday, 
heirs of Elizabeth Stubble, wife of John Stubble of Wickham, England; 
Mary .Stubble, George Griffing, John Cartwright, John King, Susan- 
nah Talksey, John Everigin, Wm. Evbrigin, Jr., Emanuel Low, John 
Symons, Wm. Everigin, Sr. (last-named two appointed Executors). Wit- 
nesses: Garrett Pursey, Robert Harrison, Sarah Harbison. Proven 
before Wm. Reed. 

Abstract of Wills, 1(J90 — 17C0. 159 

Hawkins, Thomas. Tyrrell County. 

October 8, 1730. July 21, 1732. Son: Thomas. Daughters: Mary, 
Elizabeth and Sarah. Wife's daughter: Elizabeth. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Richd. Le-^-RY, John Brown, John Long. 
Will proven before Geo Buurington. 

Hawley, Mikell. Northampton County. 

March 1, 1752. August, Court, 1752. Sons: Joseph, William, Chris- 
topher, Benjamin. Grandson: William Mitchell. Daughters:, 
Elizabeth and Mary. Executor: Benjamin Hawley (son). Witnesses: 
Robert Harren, John Johnson, Robert Sharp. Clei-k of the Court: I. 

Hayman, Henry. Albemarle County 

August 29, 1709. Sons: Henry and Thomas ("land bought of Edward 
Maio"), Charles and James (two Islands on North River next to Indian 
Island). Daughters: Mary and Elinor Hayman. Wife and Executrix: 
Martha. Witnesses: James Forbus, .4lice B^orbbs, Methdsalbm 
VAnoHAN. No probate. 

Hayman, Heney. Pasquotank County. 

May 23, 1727. July 18, 1727. Sim: William. Daughter: Ann Hay- 
man. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Mac. Scarborough, Sarah 
Farbclof, Sarah Jones. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Weekes. 

Haywood, John. Edgecombe County. 

July 23, 1756. December Court, 1758. Sons: William, John, Egbert 
and Harwood. Daughters: Deborah and Mary Haywood (213 acres of 
land devised to daughters). All six children appointed Executors. Wit- 
nesses: Edward Crowell, Wm. Campbell, Thomas Merrit. . Clerk of the 
Court: Jos. nMontfort. 

Haywood, John. Edgecombe County. 

February 18, 1758. June Court, 1758. Drotliers: Egbert, William and 
Sherwood Haywood. Sisters: Deborah and Mary Haywood. Father: ' 
not named. Executor: Egbert Haywood. Witnesses: Robert AVarren, 
Joseph Pope, .Samuel Pitman. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Heaeeson, John. Chowan Precinct. 

February 18, 1693-1694. .'i.pril Court, 1094. Sons: William, Thomas, 
John. Daughter: Elisabeth. Executrix: Wife (not named). Witnesses: 
George Fordyes, John Watkenes, William Heareson. Clerk of the 
Court: Henderson Walker. 

160 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Heath (spelled also "Hath"), ISTehemiah. Currituck Co. 
' January 2. 1749-1750. April Court, 1750. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Other legatee: Robert Hath (or Heath). Witnesses: Willis Eth- 
ERiDGE, William Blunt, Lazbru.? Flowrey. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd 

Hecklefield, John. Chowan County. 

May 30, 1721. August 8, 1721. Son: John. Other legatees: Gov. 
Charles Eden (mourning ring with a deaths head and ehristal), Edmund 
Gale (1 diamond ring), George Durant. Sister-in-law: Mary Cox. 
Executors: Edmund Gale and George Durant. Witnesses: William 
Barclift, Darbey Bryan, Enoch Cawen. Will proven before Chas. 
Eden. There is filed with this will a memorandum or will made by testator 
in 1718. 

Hedges, Thomas. New Hanover County. 

March 23, 1745. November 27, 1746. Son: William. Daughter: Ann 
Hedges. Executors: William Hedges (son), J.4.MES Smallwood. Wit- 
nesses: Phillip David, David Daves, Thos. James. Will proven before 
Gab. J0HN.ST0N. 

Hexbt. Joseph. Perquimans County. 

April 8, 1752. July Court. 1752. Daughter: Clarkey Henby. Father: 
John Henby. Sisters: Mary Henby, Elisabeth Griffin. Brothers: 
James and Silvanus Henby. Executors: Francis Tomes, Joseph Rat- 
LIFF. Witnesses: Jo. Sutton, S.amuel Anderson, John Henby. Clerk 
of the Court: Ed.mund H,\tch. 

Hendeeson, David. Bertie County. 

February 13, 1735-1736. March 9. 1735. Nephew: George Hender- 
son. Sister: Jennett. Executors: Colo. Robt. West, Cullen Pollock, 
George Henderson and Capn. John Calden. Witnesses: Thos. Davis, 
Simon Dart, James Keeter and Elizabeth Dart. Proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

Henderson, George. Bertie Precinct. 

October 15, 1736. November 27, 1736. Legatees and devisees: Thomas 
Moor, John Ray, Rachel Nelson, Mary Gregory, Andrew Moor, Hugh 
Scott (land on Cashai River); Andrew Scott, George Scott (sods of 
Andrew Scott, merchant in Glasgow). Executors: Hugh Scott (mer- 
chant in Boston), Andrew Moore. Witnesses: John Ray, George 
Strachan, Samuel Cook. Will proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 161 

Henderson, Henman. 

February 19, 1728. February 21, 1728. Boston in Massachusetts Bay. 
Wife, Executrix and sole devisee: Mary. Witnesses: Eb. Youngm.ajm, Ben 
SoPER, George Williams. Proven before R. Everard. 

Hendrick, Francis. Pasquotank County. 

May 5, 1714. Son and Executor: Thomas. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: W. Norris, Levi Cressey, W. Rolfe. 

Hendrick, Francis. Craven County. 

September 11, 1734. December 17, 1734. Wife: Elishe. Sons-in-law: 
John Hill (Execnior), Moses Arnech. Witnesses: John Jbambs, Thos. 
Fisher, George Fisher. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Hendrick, Jeremiah. Perquimans County. 

June 1, 1756. January Court, 1756. .Sore; George. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Sarah. Executor: Robert Cock.s (father-in-law). Witnesses: Tho. 
Weekes, Thos. Craghill. Thos. Weekbs, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Miles 

Hendricks, Solomon. Perquimans County. 

April IS, 1744. October Court, 1744. Daughters: Mary ("plantation 
whereon I now dwell"). Sarah and Frances Hendricks. Executors: Jer- 
emiah Hendricks (brother), Mary Hendricks (wife) and Sar,4.h Hen- 
dricks (daughter). Witnesses: Michael Murphy, Thomas Overman, 
James Overman. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Henley, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 21, 1726-1727. July Court, 1728. Sons: John ("my planta- 
tion"), Jesse. Daughters: Mary, Mirlam and Elizabeth. Wife and 
Executrix: Isabell. Executor: John Henley (son). Witnesses: Daniel 
Guthrie and Isaaiah Culbertson. Clerk of the Court: R. Everard. 

Henly, John. Onslow County. 

January 14, 1747. April Court, 1747. Sons: John, William, Edward 
(to each is devised land), Benjamin. Daughter: Elizabeth Henly. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: George Cuper (Cooper). 
Witnesses: Richd. Whithurst, Henry Brown, Ann Euere. 

Henley, John. Pasquotank County. 

June 3, 1753. .\pril Court, 1754. Sons: John and Joseph ("my 

plantation to be divided between them"). Wife and Executrix: Mary. 


162 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Executors: John Henley (son) and Joseph Jordajj (brother-in-law). 
Witnesses: Leml. Cook, Elizabeth Brothers. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Taylor. 

Henley, Petee, "C'hief Justice of the Province of 

North Carolina." 

November 23, 1757. July Court, 1758. Son: John. Executor: John 
Campbell. This will provides for the payment of a debt of £400 due 
one Agnes Tucker of Coryton, near Honiton, in the County of Devon, 
for advancement made by her in order to provide for the marriage of her- 
self and testator, which marriage, "to the great disappointment of us 
both," says the testator, "was postponed to be compleated at a future 
day." Other creditors mentioned are: Mr. Si.mon Bunker, of Ax- 
minster, in the County of Devon, attorney-at-law; Mr. Benjamin May- 
berry, Taylor of Craven Buildings, near Drury Lane, London. Wit- 
nesses: Sarah McCulloch, Joseph Montfort, Richd. Brownrigg. Clerk 
of the Court of Chowan County': Thos. Jones. Endorsement on the will 
reads: "The last will and testament of Peter Henley, Esqr., who 
departed this life on Tuesday, the 25th day of April, 173S, about nine 
o'clock in the morning, and was interred in the Church in Edenton on 
the Evening the 27th of same month at six o'clock in the evening in a 
decent manner and much lamented by his acquaintance." 

Hern, James. Beaufort County. 

February 22, 1751-1752. June 9, 1752. Sons: James, William, John 
("my plantation"), Mason. Daughters: Mary, Ellinder, Elizebeth, 
Sarah and Rachel Hern. Wife and Executrix: Mason. Executor: 
Gboros Sugg. Witnesses: Mary Mayo, Nathan Godw'in, Mary Ty'- 
SON. Cier/c o/ Me Court.- Will Ormond. 

Heiieenden, Hezekiah. 

November 5, 1746. May Court, 1754, "of Duxborough in the County 
of Plymouth in New England." Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Wit- 
nesses: Silvanus Curtis, S.vmuel Weston, Samuel Weston, Junr. 
Clerk of Bertie Court: Saml. Ormes. 

Heeeikg, Samuell. Johnston County. 

October 22, 1750. December Court, 1750. Sons: Antony, Stephen, 
Michael ("plantation whereon I now live"). Daughter: Barthena Her- 
ring. Son-ivAaw: Jno. Connerley. Executor: Antony Herring (son). 
Wife: not named. Witnesses: Antony Herring and Joseph Herring. 
Clerk of the Court: Richd. Caswell. 

Abstract of Wills, 1(590—1760. 1G3 

Heeritage, William. Craven County. 

March 8, 1769. Sons: Heneage ("plantation whereon I dwell, called 
Springfield"), John ("plantation called Harrow"), William Martin Her- 
RiTAGE. Son-in-law: Richard Caswell. Daughters: Elizabeth Her- 
RiTAGE, Anna Lovick (wife of Geo. Lovick), Sarah (wife of Richard 
Caswell), Susannah. Executors: Richard Caswell and John and 

Heneage Herritage. Witnesses: D.4.niel Barry, and . 

Several tracts of land, besides the ones above mentioned, are conveyed to 
sons and son-in-law, for description of which said lands see will. Codicil 
dated April 10, 1769, devises other lands to son Heneage, etc. Wit- 
nesses to Codicil: David Gordon, M.\rgret Wiggins, Elizabeth Blount, 
Rd. Caswell. No probate. 

Hewitt, Bartholomew. Pasquotank County. 

July 16, 1719. Legatees: Robert Lowrt, Samuel Davis, Tho.vias 
Cartright, Samuel Norris. Executor: William Norris. Witnesses: 
William Jones, John Macky. Original missing. Recorded in Book 
1712-1722, page 243. 

HiBBs, Jonathan. Pasquotank County. 

April 5, 174.5. July 1.5, 174.5. Sons: John (420 acres of land), Jona- 
than. Executors: David Boles and Caleb Sawyer. Witnesses: John 
Norris, Edward Scott, Wm. Coalb. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Hicks, Africa. Pasquotank Precinct. 

November 7, 1711. No probate date. Two sons: Patrick Mack- 
gregory and Gregory Mackgregory. Husband: Robt. Hicks. Sister: 
Ann Palin (widow). Executors: Patrick Mackgregory and Gregory 
Mackgregory, to be in care of Mr. John Palin and Nath. Chevin until 
they are 21 years of age. Witnesses: George Ellis, Eliza Harlow. 
Clerk of Court: Robert Buckner. 

Hicks, David. Chowan County. 

September 9, 1732. December 23, 1732. Son-in-law: Tho.mas Ashly, 
Jr. Daughter: Lucretia. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Other chil- 
dren: mentioned, but not named. All land to be divided among children. 
Witnesses: Mart. Fred Rasor, Thomas Ashly, Lamb H.vrdy. Will 
proven before George Burrington. 

Hicks, John. Carteret County. 

May 15, 1749. September Court, 1749. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. 
Brothers: David Hicks, Thomas Hicks. Executor: David Hicks. Wit- 
nesses: George McKean, Eve Lewis, Martha Lewis. Clerk of Court: 
Geo. Read. 

164 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Hicks, Thomas. 

October 26, 1722. August 24, 1724. Sisters: Hannah and Abigail 
Hicks. Executor: Joseph Sutton, June. Witnesses: Benjamin Jack- 
son, Nathaniel Sutton, Senr., Nathaniel Sutton, Jdnr. Will 
proven before C. Gale, C. J. This document is in the form of a power of 
attorney to Joseph Sutton, Junr., constituting him trustee for sisters 
above named, who reside in "ould England." 

HiGGiNS, Michall. Craven County. 

April 28. 1753. May Court, 1753. Sons: Michael and William. 
Daughters: Mary, Sarah, Ann and Hannah Higgins. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Ann. Executors: Michael Higgins, Jeremiah Vail. Witnesses: 
Wm. Wickliffe, John Murphy, Thomas Evenes. Clerk of the Court: 
Sol. Rew. 

Hill, Benjamin. Bertie County. 

June 20, 1752. August Court, 1753. Son and Executor: Henry ("all 
my lands"). Daughters: Mary Campbell, Sarah McCulloch (400 acres 
of land on Roanoak River), Priscilla Hill. Other legatee: Margaret 
CocKRAN. Execxdor: Thomas Jones of Petty Shore. Witnesses: Jesse 
Browne, Robert Hardy, John Pitt. Codicil dated June 6, 1753, gives 
land in Cashia Neck to grandson, Benja.min McCulloch. Same wit- 
nesses to codicil. Clerk of the Court: Samuel Ormes. 

Hill, Geoege. Bath County. 

April 17, 1722. March 30, 1723. Sons: John, George, Harman. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daughter: Rachel. Executors: John and 
George Hill. Witnesses: Thomas Goodin, John Leath, John Procter. 
Clerk: John Cornice. 

Hill, Haeman. Beaufort County. 

December 4, 1752. March Court, 1755. Sons: Harman (land on 
Callums Creek), Jambs and William. Daughters: Eliz. Hancock, Sarah 
Rice, Ann Slade (land on Pamplico River), Mary S.mith, Rachel Hill. 
Executors: Sarah Hill (wife), Joseph Slade, John Barrow. Witnesses: 
Edmund Pearce, Joshua Pearce, Griffeth Howell. Clerk of Court: 
Walley Chauncby. 

Hill, Isaac. Chowan Precinct. 

March 3, 1710. Sons: Michael, John and Isack. Nathaniel. Daugh- 
ter: Martha. Executor: Robert West. Witnesses: William Maule, 
Edward Bryan, John Hale. Original mi.ssing. Recorded in Book 
1712-1722, page 34. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 165 

Hill, Moses. Chowan County. 

WiU is illegible. 

Hill, John. Bath Comity. 

March 27, 1731. September Court, 1731. Sons: Joshua, John. 
Friend: Thomas Tison. Executors: Wife (not named) and Edmund 
Pears. Witnesses: Thomas Tison, Harsian Hill, William Nichols. 
Clerk of the Court: Fbe. Goolde. 

Hill, John. jSTorthampton County. 

Jime 15, 1747. August Court, 1747. Sons: N.4.thaniel ("plantation 
he now lives on"), Daniel ("plantation I now live on"), Lewis ("remainer 
part of my land"), Peter. Executors: Daniel and Nath.\niel Hill 
(sons). Witnesses: William .\ddison, William Flo.\rydav, Hosea Tap- 
ley. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Hill, Richard. Craven County. 

February 17, 172S-1729. March IS, 1729. Granddaughter: Elisabeth 
Hill. Executor: Francis Hill (brother). Daughter: Ann Jones. Son- 
in-law: Evan Jones. Witnesses: James Taylor, Thomas Jones, John 
Leweis, John Cuming. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Hill, Robeet. Tyrrell County. 

January 16, 173.5-173(i. February 4, 173.5-1736. Son: Robert ("my 
plantation"). Wife: Ann. Daughter: Sarah Hill. Executors: Cullen 
Pollock and Robert West. Witnesses: Samdell Durrancb, Nath'l 
Carruthers, Paul Thorp. Proven before W. Smith. C. J. 

Hill, William. Northampton County. 

September 3, 174S. November Court, 1748. Son: Willi.ui ("my 
plantation"). Daughters: .\nn Hill, Celia Phillips. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Ann. Witnesses: Jno. Slmpson, Jacob Little, Francis Deloatch. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Hill, William. Chowan County. 

March 10, 1750-17.51. .Vpril Court, 1751. Grandsons: Aaron and 
Robert Hill. Sons: William and Aaron (Executor), Son-in-law and 
Executor: Thomas Nicholson. Daughters: Rachel Hill, Sarah Barrow, 
wife of Joseph B.vrrow. Witnesses: James Griffin, Jethro Rabey, 
Ann Peters. Clerk of the Court: Jas. Craven. 

HiLLiAED, John. Northampton County. 

November 6, 1748. November Court, 1748. Sons: Robert ("my plan- 
tation"), John. Daughter: Sarah Hilliard. Wife and Executrix: M.iry. 
Witnesses: John Morean, William Livingstone, John Moltan. Clerk 
of the Court: I. Edwards. 

166 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

HiLLiARD, Robert. Edgecombe County. 

April 13, 1743. May Court, 1751. Devisees and legatees: Jacob Hil- 
LIARD, Robert Hilliard, Jeremiah Hilliard ("plant.ition on the falls of 
Teare River"); Samsone Hilliard. Mary Hilliard (all children of Jere- 
miah Hilliard); William Hilliard, Jeames Hilliard (sons of William 
Hilliard). Wife: Charety. Executors: Willia.m Hilliard and Os- 
borne Jeffreys. Witnesses: Sam'l H.\lliman, William Sirgeneh, Benj. 
BoYKiN. Clerk of Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

Hilliard, William. Northamptou County. 

July 4, 1754. May Court, 1756. Sons: William (land known by name 
of "Hogpen Neck"), James ("plantation whereon I dwell"), Isaac (land in 
Edgecombe County on Swift Creek), Elias (plantations in Northampton 
and Edgecombe). Daughter: Ann Hilliard. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Executor: James Hilliard (son). Witnesses: Henry Hart, Joseph 
Bridgers, Nath.4Niel Howel, Charles Cotten. Clerk of the Court: I. 

HiLORY, Samel. Bath County. 

March 20, 1712-1713. Executor and sole legatee: Samuel Woodard. 
Witnesses: Ellicksander Oliver, Henerrey Turner. No probate. 

HiNTON, John. Chowan Precinct. 

June 21, 17.30. October Court, 1732. Sons: Hardy, John, William, 
Mallacie. Executors: Mary Hinton (wife), Hardie Hinton (son), Wil- 
liam Hinton (brother). Witnesses: James Hinton. Joseph Ashley, Thos. 
RouNTREB. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Hinton, Micajah. Bertie County. 

October 5, 1756. January Court, 1757. Son: William. Daughter: 
Elizebeth Hinton. This is a nuncupative will proven before John Har- 
RELL, J. p., by John and Jonas Hinton and Hezekiah Tomson. Clerk 
of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Hobby, Jacob. Edgecombe County. 

January 22, 17.58. September Court, 1758. Son: Mathbw (all "ray 
land"). Daughters: Rhoda. Sarah and Fr.\nces Hobby. Wife and 
Executrix: Jemime. Executor: John Baker. W^itnesses: Andrew Iuwing, 
Bracewell Bridges, Joseph Kelley. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Mont- 

Hobs, John. Pasquotank County 

October 29, 1728. October 14, 1729. Wife and Executrix: Frances. 
Witnesses: Jno. Galley, James Smith, Frances Smith, Patience Prick- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 167 

ETT. Clerk of the Court: H. Minson. Justices: Jon. Palin, Robt. Mor- 
gan, Jno. Rolf, McKrona Scarborough, Gabrell Burnham, Natt 

HocKiNGS (Hawkins), John. Duplin Coiuitv. 

March 29, 1756. July Court, 1756. Daughters aiid Executrices: Mary, 
Ann and Lattess Hocking.s. Witnesses: Benjamin Fhssell, Jacob 
Fdssell, Thomas Davis, Richard Penney, Edward Spearman. Clerk 
of Court: John Dick.son. 

HocuT, Edwakd. Beaufort County. 

January 19, 1749-1750. March Covirt, 1750. Sons: William, Nathan- 
iel, Edward. Wife and Executrix: Martha. Executor: Nathan Arche- 
BALD. Witnesses: Wallet Chadncey, Stephen Buckingham, John 
BowiN. Clerk of the Court: John Alderson. 

Hodges, James. Chowan County. 

September 23, 1722. October 10, 1722. Cousin: Elizabeth Harrison. 
Wife and Executrix: Sarah Catherine Hodges. Witnesses: C. Gale, 
Roger Hazard, Sarah Hazard. Will proven before Wm. Reed, Presi- 
dent. Coat of arms on seal. 

Hodges, James. Pasquotank County. 

February 2, 1758. March Court, 1758. Sons: Josiah (plantation and 
islands on the Northeast side of Pasquotank River bridge), Willis (one 
negro), James (land and Marsh on West side of road going to "ye Great 
Bridge"), Lamb, Portlock. Daughters: Kesiah Curlin, Molly, Fran- 
ces Hodges, Miriam Hodges. Brother: Joseph Hodges. Several ne- 
groes and a large quantity of personal property bequeathed to wife and 
children. Estate to pay for brick chimney to house. Wife: Maria.m. 
Executor: Colo. Robert Murdon. Witnesses: John Harris, Daniel 
KoEN, John Murden. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

Hodges, Eichabd. Beaufort County. 

September 3, 1747. April 16, 1752. Sons: John (400 acres of land on 
"Cochavinity Bay"), Henry ("the manner plantation"). Daughter: 
Sarah Hodges. Wife: Sarah. Executor: John Hodges (son). Wit- 
nesses: James Couppbr, James Singleton, Thomas Williams. Clerk of 
Anson County Court: Anthony Hutchins. 

Hodges, Richaed. Currituck County. 

March 2, 1748. April Court, 1749. Daughters: Sarah Burnham, 
Frances Bowrin, Mary, Elisebeth and Uphan Hodges. Wife and 
Executrix: Frances. Witnesses: Caleb Wil.son, George Powers, Willls 
Etheridge. Clerk of the Court: Richard McClure. 

168 Absteact of Wili,8, 1690 — 1760. 

Hodgson, John. New Hanover County. 

July 6, 1738. December Court, 17o8. Dmighiers: Mary andMARGARKT 
Hodgson. Executor: Roger Moore. TTOnesses; Corn's Harnett, Chas. 
Hepburn, John Martindale. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Rice. 

HoGBiN, William. Albemarle County. 

May 4. 1692. July 4, 1092. Wife: Margett. Daughters: Sarah and 
Elizabeth Hogbin. Execxiiois: Thomas and Jeremiah Simons. Wit- 
nesses: Patrick Bayley, John Rapek. Clerk of the Court: Paul Lathu.m. 

Hog, Richard. Bhulen County. 

June 18, 1768. September 21, 1769. Sister: Elizabeth Hog of Tishe- 
raw, in the parish of Inveresk in North Brittain. Executors: Robert 
Johnston, Robert and John Hogg. Witnesses: William Bartram, 
Thomas Bayly, Lillah Johnston. Proven before Wm. Tryon. 

HoGGES, RoBEET. Bertie County. 

March 30, 1740. .\ugust Court. 1742. Sons: John and Richard and 
Elias. Daughters: Ann Moore, Olive Wigons and Mathew Williams. 
Wife: not named. Executors: Elias and Richard Hogges (sons) and 
Isaac Williams (son-in-law). Witnesses: Needham Bryan. .\dam Ra- 
BBY, William Bryan. Clerk of Court: Henry DeLon. 


March 8, 1683-1684. This will is so torn and rotten as to be illegible. 

HoLBEOOK (or HoLEBEouGHj, JosEPH. Bath County 

and "Pamlicoth Precinct." 

October 18, 1711. Legatees: ,\lexander and Elizabeth Avera, Sw.\n 

SwANSON. Brother and Executor: John Holebrough. Witnesses: Daniel 

Hallsey, James Leig. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, 

page 16. 

HoLLADAY, Thomas. Chowan County. 

August 30, 1744. September 8, 1744. Legatees unci devisees: Hardy 
Holladay Hutson, Tho.m.vs Holl.^day Hutson, John Holladay Hut- 
son (land in Virginia to be sold and proceeds divided among above named), 
William Holladay, Hannah Bedarrin, Elizabeth Burton (daughter). 
Executrix: Mary Hutson. Witnesses: John Thach, John Nicholls, Pru- 
dance Garrett. Will proven before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. 

Holladay, William. Tyrrell County. 

April 23, 1754. June Court, 1754. Sons: Thomas, Sammuell (appointed 
Executors). Wife: Elizabeth. Daughters: mentioned, but not named. 
Witnesses: William Jones and John Bennet. Clerk of the Court: Evan 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. IfiSt 

Holland, Daxiel. Craven County. 

March 16, 1771. .4pril 20, 1771. Wife and Executrix: Annie. Wit- 
nesses: James Reed, Hannah Reed, John Holland. Will proven before 
Wii. Tryon. 

HoLLBEooK, John. Bertie County. 

April 29, 1740. May Court, 1740. So7i and Executor: John. Wife: 
DonOTHY. Executors: Coll. Robert West, Thomas Ryan. Witiiessrs: 
RoGEU Snell, Thos. .A.SHLY, JuNR.. Thomas .\shburn. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Wynns. 

HoLLEEY, Samuel, and Sahuell Woodakd. 

April 13, 1713. This is a contract by the terms of which the survivor of 
the above-named parties shall take all estate of the other, at his decease, 
and is proven by Henry Turner and Allis Given before Wm. Brice. 

HoLLis, James. Tyrrell County. 

May 20, 1735. March Court, 1735. Son: Armit. Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. Executor: Thos. Hubbs. Witnesses: Mary Fewax, William 
Tysar, Mary Hubbs. Clerk of Court: Jambs Craven. 

Holloway, Thomas. Perquimans C\juiily. 

November 3. 1750. January Court, 1750. Son and Executor: John 
(two plantations). Daughters: Eliz.^beth Barclift, Rachel Turnbitll. 
Ann Snoden, Mary B.\teman, Sar.^^h Coupland, Upherash.\ Hollow.vy. 
Witnesses: J.\mes Gibson, Thos. Barclift, Elizabeth Barclift. Clerk 
of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

HoLLOWELL, Edmund. Bertie County. 

June 17. 1729. October 20, 1729. Brothers: Thomas Hollowell 
(Executor), John Hollowell. iVU land is bequeathed to John Bacon. 
Witnesses: John Hollowell. Richd. Bacon, Tho.mas Hollowell, 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Crew. 

Hollowell, Luke. Perquimans County. 

March 22, 1734-1735. .-Vpiil 21 . 173(5. Sons: Joel ("my dwelling plan- 
tation"), William, John. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. L.and in Vir- 
ginia devised to son John. Witnesses: James Feild, Tho.m.^s Rountree. 
Gilbert Scot. Will proven liefore W. S.mith, C. J. 

Hollowell, Kubin. Perquimans County. 

January 23, 1753. April Court, 1753. Brothers: Levy, John and Ab- 
ner Hollowell. Sister: Ann Brinkley. Executors: John and Levy 
Hollowell. Witnesses: Nicholas Stallings, Thomas Reddick, Josiah 
RoGERSON. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

170 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Holly, John. Bertie Precinct. 

December 23, 1728. February Court, 1728. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Son: Richard. Witness: John Swenny (or Swenbt). Clerk of the 
Court: Rt. Forster. 

Holmes, Ebenezee. Onslow County. 

February 4, 1745-1746. April 1, 1746. <So7is; John, Ebenezer, Seth, 
Barnabas (Executor). Daughters: Rebecca Wright (wife of Joseph), 
Hannah Williams, Ltdel Holmes, Abigil Holmes. Wife: Hannah. 
Witnesses: Andrew Murray, James Thomson, Ann Hurley. Clerk of 
the Court: Geo. Clopton. 

Holmes, John. Edgecombe County. 

February 28, 1735-1736. May Court, 1736. Sons: John, Hardy, 
Edward, Gabriel. Daughters: Ann Sanders, Charity Brown, Doro- 
thy Spier, Rose. Wife: Tamar. Executor: Hardy Holmes. Witnesses: 
Edwd. Buxton, William Davies, Elizabeth Welsh. Deputy Clerk of 
Court: Thos. Kearny. 

Homes, Edward. Perquimans County. 

April 14, 1702. Sons: Thomas and John. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Witnesses: names illegible. Clerk of Court: John Stepney. 

Homes, Edw.\ed. Bertie County. 

August 9, 1750. November Court, 1750. Cousin and Executor: Wm. 
Bird. Wife and Executrix: Liddea. Witnesses: Henry Bonner, Wm. 
Mitchell and John Badge. Clerk of the Court: Sam'l Ormes. 

Hook, John. 

March 27, 1732. Sons: William (Executor), Robert, Thomas and 
John. Daughters: Elisebath, Mary and Sarah. Wife: Ruth. Wit- 
nesses: John Mackcone, Nathan Barnes. No probate. 

Hookee, Godpheet. Bertie County. 

April 2, 1729. Son: Benjamin ("the manner plantation"). Daughter: 
Elisabeth. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Executor: Robert Evans. 
Witnesses: Robert Evans, John Morris and . No probate. 

Hookee, William. Chowan County. 

June 8, 1716. October Court, 1717. Sons: William ("plantation 
whereon I now live, on Barren Branch and Wickacorn Creek"), Godfree 
two hundred and fifty acres of land adjoining Col. Pollock). Daughters: 
Ann Evans, Bridgett Mann, Margahett Lewis, Jane Brown and 
Elizabeth Sisemore. Son-in-law: Samuel Sisemore (land on the main 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. l7l 

road). Grandson: William Lewis. Executor: William Hooker (son). 
WitTiesses: William Cranford, Francis Brown. Clerk of the Court: R. 

HooKEK, William. Bertie County. 

October 20, 1756. January Court, 1757. Sons: William, John, James, 
Stephen, Nathan. Daughters: Ann Lasiter, Sarah Hooker {Execu- 
trix). Witnesses: Wm. Wynns, James Wynnes, Benjamin Baker, Ben- 
jamin Baker, Jdnr. Clerk of the Court: Benj.\min Wynns. 

Hooks, William. Chowan County. 

February 18, 1746-1747. April Court, 1751. Son: William. Grand- 
sons: William, Charles, Thomas and John Hooks. Executor: John 
Hooks. Witnesses: Martha Sumner. Ann Sumner, Chas. King. Clerk 
of Court: Jas. Craven. 

Hopkins, James. Parish of Saint Matthews, Orange Co. 

February 8, 1759. September Court, 1759. Executors: William Hop- 
kins, William Phillips and John Hopkins. Children: mentioned, but 
not named. Witnesses : Alickander Ferguson, John Dobbins, David 
Smith. Clerk of Court: Jas. Watson. 

Hopkins, John. Albemarle County. 

October 14, 1721. November 8, 1721. Sons: mentioned, but not 
named. Other legatees: Sarah Hopkins (granddaughter), Charles 
Cradock. No executor named. Witnesses: Andrew Olover, Charles 
Cradock, Elesebeth Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Hopkins, John. Chowan County. 

January Court, 1754. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: John 
Halsey. Witnesses: Thomas Sumner, Jno. McKildo, Wm. Hornsby. 
Clerk of the Court; Will Halsey. No date of execution. 

Horn, William. 

September 10, 1753. Sons: William, Henry, Charles, Tho.mas, 
Moses, Michaell (Executor). Daughter: Margaret. Witnesses: Wm. 
Reynolds, Joyce Reynolds, Ann Hill. No probate. 

HoRTH, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

October 29, 1735. January Court, 1735. Grandchildren: Sarah, Mary 
and Thomas Ming (land, cattle, hogs, horses, etc.). Daughter: Martha 
Ming. No executor. Witnesses: Luke Gregory', William Powel. 
Clerk of the Court: James Craven. The original of this will missing. 
Abstract made from recorded copy in Grant Book No. 4, Will No. 28. 

172 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

HosEA, Abeam. Pasquotank County. 

May 31, 1771. December 22, 1773. Wife: Mary. Daughter: Lovet, 
wife of John Smith ("my manner plantation"). Nephew: Abram Hosea 
(land on Little Alligator, in Tyrrell County). Brother: Robert Hosea. 
Trustee: Thomas Nicholson. Executors: John Pool and John Smith. 
Witnesses: Matthew Pritchard, Lemuel Stone, Peter Roshall. Will 
proven before Jo. Martin. 

Hosea, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

May 10, 1753. July Court, 1753. Sons: Joseph and William Hosea. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: John Hosea (brother). Wit- 
nesses: James Gibson, William Trumball. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 

Hosea, Eobeet. Perquimans County. 

December 17, 1742. January Court, 1742. Sons: Abraham, Joseph, 
William (Executor), Thomas {Executor). Wife: Ann. Witnesses: Jacob 
Mullen and Wm. Tomblin. Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.'^tch. 

HosKiNs, Thomas. Chowan County. 

October 24, 1733. April Court, 1734. Son and Executor: William. 
Daughters: Sarah Chastlon, Mathew Mary. Son-in-law: Wm. Luton. 
Executor: John Benbury. TT^i^n esses; John Mitchener, James Smith. 
Clerk of the Court: Moseley V.\il. 

HosKiNS, William. "Matacomack Creek in Albemarle Co." 
January 20, 1092-1693. Brother: Thomas Hoskins. Cousin: Daniel 
Cox, Jr. Executor: Daniel Cox. 'Witnesses: Thomas Moris, Nicholas 
D.\w. No probate. 

HosMEE, Hannah. Onslow County. 

March 26, 1773. May 18, 1773. Sons: John and Stanton Spooner. 
Executor: St.inton Spooner. Other children: mentioned, but not named. 
Witnesses: Reuben Grant, Experience Grant. Will proven before Jo. 

Houghton, Thomas. Bladen County. 

January Court, 1743. Daughter: Mary Houghton. Executors: Eliza- 
beth (wife), Joshua and William Houghton (brothers). Witnesses: 
David Butler. Mary Butler. Clerk of Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Houghton, William. Chowan County. 

February 28, 1744-1745. July Court, 1745. Son: Jon.\than. Daugh- 
ters: Mary and Sarah Houghton. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Ex- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 173 

ecutors: William Houghton (father), David and James Houghton 
(brothers). Witnesses: David Butler, Mary Houghton. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. 

House, Gkoege. Bertie County. 

September 28, 1770. January 3. 1771. Son and Executor: Thomas. 
Grandsons: George, Balis, James and John House. Granddaughters: 
Sarah House, Edith House, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth Smith. Daugh- 
ters: Ann Averet, Elizabeth Moore. Executor : James Moore (son-in- 
law). Witnesses: Benjamin Parker, Lewis Hayles, William House. 
Proven before Wm. Tryon. Lands on Flagg Run, Little Roquis and 
other waters devised to son and grandsons. 

House, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

July 4, 1733. Sons: George, Baylis {Executor). Daughters: Ann and 
Edith House. Witnesses: Robert Powell, Marmaduke Norfleet. 
No probate. 

Houston, Moses. Carteret County. 

January, 1774. January 27, 1774. Wife: Margrett. Daughter: 
Meriam West (plantation on Whittock River). Grandson: Houston 
Roberts. Granddaughters: Jamima Dudley, Boneta Williams, Fannie 
Dudley, Sarah Maddux. Other legatee: Capt. George Mitchel. Execu- 
tors: Bazell Smith, Brice Williams and Micajah Fraziar. Witnesses: 
James Mead, William Ramsey, Pasley Jacobs. Proven before Jo. 

Houston, Thomas. Onslow County. 

March 29, 1733. July 3, 1733. Sons: William, Moses, James, Thomas. 
CauffAier; Elizibeth Houston. Wife and Executrix : Mary. Witnesses: 
Nicholas Huntor, Sam'll Jones, Jr., Rebbckah Hunter. Clerk of 
the Court: Wm. Cranford. 

Houston, William. Carteret County. 

May 6, 1760. January 2, 1761. Son: William. Wife and Executrix: 
Rachel. Executors: Samuel and James Noble (brothers of wife). Wit- 
nesses: Joseph Noble, Mark Noble and Betty Noble. Will proven 
before Arthur Dobbs. 

HovEE, John Jacob. Craven County. 

February 15, 1744. November 28, 1744. Sons: Jacob, John (planta- 
tion on Beards Creek), Henry, Samuel. Daughters: Mary Slabbach, 
Elizabeth Slabbach, Margareth. Wife and Executrix: Mary Magda- 

174 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

LENA. Executor: Nicholas Purefoy. Witnesses: John Granade, 
George Graham, James Willcocks. Will proven before E. Moseley, 
Chief Justice. 

HowAED, Chaeles. Craven County. 

1754. So7i: Charles. Daughters: Sarah Brooks and Courtney Ives. 
Son-in-law: Jacob Hanbox (or Hancox). To each of these is bequeathed 
'one shilling apease as the Law directs." Granddaughter: Sibbe Brooks 
("land in the fork of Crounes creek, if not sold before I die, quietly to be 
possessed during her pleasure.") Wife, Residuary Legatee, and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: Fran. Fontaine, William Arther, Ann Spinks. No 

HowAED, James. Bertie Precinct. 

October 6, 1729. Sons: Solomon ("my plantation"), James, Edward, 
Samuell, John. To these sons is conveyed lands in Virginia, and lands on 
Aharskey Swamp, Cooneriskratt Swamp, Horse Swamp, etc. Daughter: 
Sarah Howard. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Other legatees: Francis 
Speight of Chuckatuck parish in Nancemond County, Va., Thomas Davis 
(land lying on Rattlesnake Branch). Executor: Jambs Howard (son). 
Witnesses: John Rawley (?), Mary Barkett, Wm. Cbafford, Geo. Ot- 
WAY. Codicil dated October 9, 1729. Witnesses to Codicil: Jas. Speir, 
Mary Buhkett, Ann Stone, Geo. Otway. No probate. 

HowcoTT, John. Bertie Precinct. 

July 28, 1732. September 12, 1733. Sons: Edward (land called by the 
name of Stancells); John (dwelling plantation); Richard, Nathaniel. 
Daughters: Elizabeth Branch, Mary Howcott. Wife: Mary. Execu- 
tors: Edward Howcott (brother) and Edward Howcott (son). Wit- 
nesses: John Fryard, Edward Howcott, Elizabeth Branch. Will 
proven before Geo. Burhington. 

Howell, Joseph. Edgecombe County. 

January 10, 1749. May Court, 1750. Sons: Joseph, Thomas (land on 
Herricks Creek). Daughters: Mary, Murphrey and Martha. Wife and 
Executrix: Margett. Executors: Joseph Howell (son). Coll. J. Dawson, 
Samuel Ruffin, Thomas Howell and Joseph Henderson. Witnesses: 
Jos. Williamson, Jas. Barran, Thos. Barran. Clerk of Court: Benja- 
min Wynns. 

HowsoN, William. Beaufort County. 

November 13, 1713. April 5, 1715. Testator bequeathes all property 
to his mother, who is not named. Witnesses: Henry' Slade, William 
Cording, John Stafford. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Drinkwater. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 175 

Hubbard, Eane. 

March 30, 1714. Executors and legatees: William Everigin, Joseph 
Glaister. Witnesses: William Simson, Mary Murden, Mary Mason. 
No proliate. 

HucKiNS, Daniel. Bath County. 

March 26, 1733. June Court, 1733. Sons and Executors: Solomon and 

Vallinty. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Jacob Honor, 

Richard Scott. Clerk of the Court of Craven County: Caleb Metcalfe. 

HuDDE, Christopher. Beaufort County. 

July 27, 1714. January 5, 1714. Daughters: Prusily, Elizabeth 
Green (Executrix). Witnesses: Tho. Hender.'<on, John Snead. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Drinkwater. 

Hudson, Joseph. 

Letters issued May 30, 1745. Smis: Joseph (Executor), Lewis. Daugh- 
ters: Sarah Nekelles, Susanah, Elesebeth. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: Benjamin Cartreet, John Dugen, Jonathan Bateman. No 
probate or county given. 

Hugo ENS, Ann. Onslow County. 

February 30, 1745-1746. May 22, 1746. Sons: Charles and Benja- 
min (land in Maryland), Matthew and Jacob (Executors). Grandson: 
Jacob Hurley (son of Ann Hurley). Granddaughter: Ldcreasba Hug- 
gens (daughter of Matthew Huggens). Witnesses: R. Cheasten, John, Catrine Paull. Will proven before E. Hall, C. J. 

HuGGiNs, Edmond. Onslow County. 

April 12, 1737. July 6, 1737. Soii: Philip. Uther legatees: Abraham 
HuGGiNS, Mary Huggins (daughter of Nehemiah), John Huggins, 
Thomas Hilliard, Thomas Owin, Edward Edwards. Executor: John 
Starkey. Witnesses: Abra. Mitchell, Thos. Owin. Clerk of the Court: 
W.M. Cranford. 

Huggins, James. On.slow County. 

January 24, 1745-1746. May 22, 1746. Sons: Charles and Benja- 
min (lands in Maryland); Jacob and Mathew (Executors). Grandson: 
Jacob (son of Ann Hurley). Granddaughter: Lucresba (daughter of 
Matthew Huggins). Witnesses: R. Cheasten, John Norman, Catrine 
Paull. Will proven before E. Hall, C. J. 

Huggins, John. Onslow County. 

July 15, 1745. February Court, . Son: John ("plantation 

whereon I now dwell on Bear Creek"), Brother: Nehemiah Huggens. 

176 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Wife: Mary. Executors: John and Peter Starkby. Witnesses: Sarah 
Starkey, Daniel Sherlow, Joseph Watts. Clerk of Court: Will 

Hull, John. Edenton, Chowan County. 

January 14, 1747. March 23, 1752. Wife: not named. Sisters: Cath- 
erine and Mary Hull (in Rhode Island). Othei- legatee: Annah Martin. 
Executors: Miles Gale and James Craven. Witnesses: Humphrey Rob- 
inson, Samuel Robinson, Alexr. Forbes. Will proven before Gab. 
Johnston and recorded by Sam'l Ormes, Deputy Secretary. The testator 
makes some interesting provisions as to his burial. 

Huitj;s, James. Beaufort County. 

February 6, 174.5. March Court, 1745. Wife: Elisabeth. Daughters: 
Abigail ("the plantation whereon I now live called by the name of Cappell 
Point"), Elisabeth Huchleroy, Mary (land on Thomases Creek on South 
Side of Bear River), Rennis. Executor: JosiAS Jones. Witnesses: Wm. 
Betsworth, Mary Crickman. Uriah Lambert. Clerk of the Court: John 

HuiiPHBiES, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

December 2, 1708. Sons: John, William, Christopher and John (two 
Johns named). Daughters: Mary Gray, Sarah Bray. Son-in-law: 
Griffith Gray. Executor: Humphries (son). Witnesses: John 
Ulan, Fr. McBride, Sol. Haraery (?). No probate. 

HuiiniRiES, Richard. Albemarle County. 

October 7, 168S. July 25, 1689. Mother: mentioned, but not named. 
Other legatees: William Nickole, John Hunt. Executor: Thomas Pol- 
lock. Witnesses: Elizebbth Barcliff, John Roper. William Barclift. 
Will proven before Seth. Sothell. 

Humphrey, Joseph. Bladen County. 

October 14, 1752. December Court, 1752. Cousin: Sarah Roberts. 
Nephew: Joseph Humphrey. Friend: Evan Ellis. To Carvers Creek 
Meeting is given three pounds. Executors: Jonathan Evans and Isaac 
Jones. Witnesses: Alexander McConkey, Thomas Speirs. Clerk of 
the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

Hunt, John. Little River (county not given). 

April 7, 1710. August 26, 1710. Grandsons: John Hunt Evans, 
Bartholomew Evans. Granddaughter: Elizabeth Ev.\ns. Wife: Eliza- 
beth. Executor: James Tooke (Toole). Witnesses: W. Everigin, 
Joseph Parise. Tho. Commander. Will proven before Thomas C.^ry, 

Abstract of Wills, lOOO — iTfiO. 177 

Hunt, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

May 7, 16SS. October 2, 1096. Brother and Executor: Andrew Hunt 
of Bucks County, England. Ot)ier lecjatees: John and Thomas H.\wkins 
(sons of John Hawkins). Witnesses: Edward Smith. William Collings, 
John Cabage. Clerk: W. Glover. 

Huktee, Ann. Chowau County. 

May 24, 1749. OctoberCourt, 1751. Sons and Executors: Wm. Hunter 
and Edward .A.rnal. Daughters: Judith Bland, Ann W'inborn, He.ster 
Knight, Alice Arnal. Witnesses: Sary Osborn, Wm. Hunter, .John 
Parker. Joxeph Parker. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

HrNTEK, Isaac. Chowan County. 

April 17, 1752. April Court, 1753. Sons: Elisha ("niy plantation 
whereon I now live and plantation whereon he now lives, together with one 
negro), Jesse (land purchased of Thomas Morris and one negro), Isaac 
(land in Bertie, together with one negro), Daniel (70 pounds "current 
money"). Daughters: Hannah Riddick, Eliz.\beth Perry, Alce Hun- 
ter, Rachell Walton and Sarah Hunter (one negro to each). Grand- 
children: Jesse, Philip and Mary Perries and Sarah Field. Other leg- 
atee: Zilphea Parker. Water-mill bequeathed to son Jacob. Executor: 
Elisha Hunter (son). Witnesses: Moses Sumner, Samuel Sumner, 
John Sumner. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. Impression of dragon 
on seal. 

HuNTEE, John. 

June l.'j. 1753. October 25. 175l'>, ''township of Little Brittan, County 
of Lancaster and province of Pencalvania." Wife and Executrix: Agness. 
Daughters: Mary and Catrin.- Wittiesses: John McBurney, Adam Lecky. 
Deputy Register: Edward Shippen. This is a certified copy from the 
records of Lancaster County, Pa. 

Hunter, jSTicholas. Carteret County. 

January 3, 1749-1750. March Court, 1749. Sons: Stephen ("all land 

on the West side of Gailes Branch"), Ezekell, Lebbbus, William, Joab. 

Grandson: George Millchell. Daughters: E , Zillah, Reachell, 

KisiAH Millchell, Elizebath, Sarah, Ruth. Wife and Executrix: 
Rebecca. Executor: Ezekell Hunter (son). Witnesses: John Will- 
cocks, Mores Houston, John Gillett. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read. 

PIuntee, Robeet. Bertie County. 

June 3, 1753. August Court, 1753. Sons: Henry, Moses {Executor). 
Daughters: S.-iR-^H Docton, Mary Gordon, Judith Perry', Susannah 


ITS Abstract of Wills. 1G90 — ITGO. 

Benton, Elizabeth Williaiis. Executor: Thos. Whitmell. Witnesses: 
Jno. Hill, John Slatter, Oen Slatter, Littleton Slatter, Keziah 
Slatter, William Apperson. Clerk of the Court: Sam'l Ormes. 

HuNTEK, William. Cliowau County. 

January 4, 1732-1733. January 18, 1732. Sons and Executors: Wil- 
liam and Ephraim. Daughters: Judith, Allise and Mary Hunter, Ann, 
Easter. Wife: .\nn. Witnesses: Spencer Cole, Isaac Hunter, Robert 
Hunter. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

HuNTEE, William. Chowaii County. 

March 21, 1749. April Court, 1750. Sons: John, Nicholas, Hardy, 
WiLLi.^M, Job, J.A.JIES, Timothy. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: 
John Hunter (son). Witnesses: Elisha Hunter, John Gourdon, John 
NoRFLEET. Clerk of the Court: Will Mearns. 

Hurdle, Benjamin. Perquimans County. 

February 14, 1734. July Court. 1735. Legatees: William Hurdle, 
Moring Hurdle and Elizabeth Hurdle (mother). No executor. Wit- 
nesses: Nathaniel Williams, Daniel Rageson, Joseph Riddick. Clerk 
of Court: James Cr.\ven. 

Husbands, Rich^ved. 

August 16, 1732. September 15, 1732, "late of Barbadocs but now of ye 
Country of North Carolina in ye Cape Fear." Sotis: Richard and John 
("now in Barbadoes"). Executrix and Wife: Jane. Witnesses: Eliz.v- 
beth Hall, Elizabeth Bry-\n, Thos. Hall. Will proven before Geo. 


HuTSON, William. Craven County. 

January 29, 1739-1740. March 3. 1739. Wife: Frances. Executor: 
Joseph Mark. Witnesses: Josiah Hart, Elisha Jaques. Will proven 
before Gab. Johnston. 

Hykne, Henry. New Hanover County. 

September 9, 1772. October 26, 1773. Nephews: Henry Walters 
(plantation called "New Hyrnham"; also 1 , 747 acres of land in New Han- 
over), Joseph and George Walters, Moses, Fr.wjcis and Henei^y Brit- 
ton. Niece: Mary Britton. Goddaughter: Elizabeth Jones (daughter 
of Frederick Jones). Executor: Frederick Jones (two volumes of 
Chambers' Dictionary). Witnesses: Sam'll Sw'ann, John Buford, Ben- 
jamin W'lLLi.AMS, William Buford. Codicil of even date disposes of wear- 
ing apparel. Witnesses to Codicil : John Buford, William Buford, Bex- 
j.AiiiN Williams. Proven before Jo. M.\rtin. 

Ab.steact of Wills, 1600 — 1760. IT;) 

IifOEAM, Absaloic for Abraham). Onslow County. 

October 20, 1744. Xovember 24, 1744. Sonx: D.4.VID (land known as 
"Weakes Hand"), Isaac, .A.braham and James (20 shillings each;. Exec- 
utor: David Ingram (son). Witnesses: John White, Lazaru.s Kenny. 
Justice of the Peace: John Starkev. Will proven before Gab. Johnston. 

IxXKS, Jame.s. 

July .5, 17.54. October 9, 1759. "Of Cape Fear in North Carolina. Col. 
of the Regement of sd Province raised for His Majesty's imediate Sen-ice 
and Commander in Chief of the Expedition to the Ohio against the French 
and there Indians who have most unjustly Invaided & Fortified them- 
selves on His Majestys Lands." "Being now reddey to Enter upon action 
& of sound minde, Memorj- and understanding etc." "I direct a remit- 
tance may be made to Edinburgh Sufficient to pay for a Church Bell for the 
Parish Church of Cannesby in Caithness agreeable to my letter to Me. 
Ja.mes Broadee Minister there." "I also give and bequeath att the death 
of my loving wife Je.\n Innes my plantation called Point Pleasant & the 
opposite Mash land over the River for which there is a separate patent, two 
negro young women, one Xegroe young man and there increase, all the 
Stock of Cattle and Hogs halfe the stock of horses belonging att the time to 
that plantation with all my Books and one hundred Pounds Sterling or the 
Equivalent there unto in the Currency of the Countn.- For the Use of a Free 
School for the Benefite of the Youth of Xorth Carolina." The colonel of 
the Xew Hanover Regiment, the Parson and Vestrj- of the WUmington 
Church appointed trustees to earn,' out the foregoing provision. Execu- 
trix: Innes (wife). Witnesges: John Carlyle, W. Cocks, C.vleb 
Grainger. Will made and executed at Winchester in Virginia. Proven 
before .\ETHrR Dobbs. 

Ieby, Heney. Brunswick County. 

January .30, 17.33. Februarj- 12, 17.3.3-17.34. Sons: Willi.ui, Henry 
("plantation up Xorth West and House and Lott in Cape Fair to hold in 
common with Eliz.vbeth, his sister, and Fortitne Holederlet their 
mother"). Daughterg: Ann and Elizabeth Irby. Executrix: Fortune 
HoLEDERLEY. Witnesses: J.uies Espy, Robt. E.\ton, WiLLi.\ii Power. 
Will proven before Geo. Bcterington. 

Ievixg, Eobeet. Currituck County. 

Februarj- 1 6, 173.5-17:itj. ■•.\ccording to the Computation of the Church 
of England, April 5, 1737." ExecuU/r and gole Icjjfitee awl devisee: George 
PowER-s. '^'Unesies: W. White, Ch.vrles V/alpole, HtiiPHEY Vi.sce, 
Richard Span. Ch^rk of the Court: Wm. Shergold. 

ISO Abstract of Wills, 1G90— 1760. 

IsHAJi, James. Duplin County. 

November 2, 1752. July Court, 1753. Sons: James, Charles. Daugh- 
ter: Margaret. W-ife and Executrix: J.\ne. Executors: Evan Ellis and 
Edward Harrison, Junior (brothers-in-law). Witnesses: Wm. Hous- 
ton, Wm. McKee, John Dunn. Clerk of the Court: John Dickson. 

Islands (spelled also "Ilands"), Eichakd. 

Currituck Precinct. 

March 7, 1733. October Court, 1735. Sons: Robert (1.50 acres of land 
in Princess Ann County). George (land in Currituck), Richard. Daugh- 
ters: Sarah Ilands (100 acres of land in Princess Ann County), Jane 
Waye, Elizabeth Roblings. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Francis Morse, John Rose, Moses Ficher. Clerk: James Cra- 

IsLEE, Christian-. Craven County. 

October 4, 1747. November 7, 1747. Sons: John ("one negro, and 
horse, saddle & bridle"), William (plantation and two negroes). Daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth and Susannah Isler. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: 
Frederick Isler (brother), John and William Isler (sons). Witnesses: 
Melcher Remm, James Marshel, Sarah Lickblat. Proven before E. 
H.ALL, C. J. 

IsM.AY, John. Edenton, Chowan County. 

January 12, 1729. August 5, 1732. Daughter: Nancy (lots 11 and 12 in 
Edenton). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Trustees: John Lovick and 
Edw'd Moseley. Witnesses: Sarah Rowden, Jno. JI.atthews, Will'm 
WiLLi.AMS. Will proven before Geo. Burrington. 

Ives, John. Craven County. 

February 21, 1750. August Court, 1752. Sons: Job ("i of my land at 
the head of Broad Creek"), Jonas (" loer half of my land on Broad Creek"). 
Daughters: Esther (land on south side of Broad Creek called Giddinses 
Point). Executor: Job Ives (son). Witnesses: J.oies Whiting, Jacob 
Jones, Frances Nash. Clerk of the Court: Phil. Smith. 

Ives, Thomas. Currituck County. 

October 26, 1750. April Court, 1751. Daughter: Elisabeth Ives. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John Woodhouse, James Parker, 
Rode Allen. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Jackson, Daniel. Pasquotank County. 

February 14, 1734-1735. January 10, 17.37. Sons: Daniel, Samuel, 

David ("my plantation"), WiLLiAii, Joab ("long glade tract of land"). 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 181 

Daughters: Ruth, Ann and Elisabeth Jackson. Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. Executors: Zacharias and Sajidel Jackson (sons). Witnesses: 
Wm. Simson, Jr., John Simson, Junr. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Smith. 
Justice of the Peace: James Craven. 

Jackson, David. Little River. 

September 12, 1715. January 9, 171.5-1716. Son: Thomas. Daugh- 
ter: Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Brothers: William and 
Aaron Davis, S.vmuell Jackson. Cousin: Lucy Jackson. Witnesses: 
Jos. Horny, Samuell Davis, Daniel Jackson. No signature of probate 

Jackson, Isaac. Bath County. 

September 7, 1716. April 2. 1718. Son: Thomas ("my plantation"). 
Daughters: Elizabeth Chester, Rachell, Margrit. Friend: 
John Jordan. Wife a7id Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Jor- 
dan. Tho. Morris, Elizabeth Morrls. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Drink- 

Jackson, John. Bath Comity. 

July 30, 1728. March Court. 1728. Legatees: John Chester {Executm-), 
Edward Poyner (Executor). Nichol.^ss Smith, Elizabeth Chester, Wil- 
liam Whitford. Witnesses: Nicholas Smith, William Whitford, Jean 
Smith. Clerk of the Court: John Mattocke. 

Jackson, Kobeet. Chowan Connty. 

January 21, 1757. October Court, 17.57. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
. Witnesses: Jasper Charlton, Abigail Charlton. Clerk of the Court: Tho. 

Jackson, Samuel. Pasquotank County. 

December 3, 1748. January 19, 1748. Sons: John ("upper part of 
plantation"), Joshua ("remainder of my land"). Daughters: Elisabeth 
Benton, Miriam Pool, Mary Cartwright, Mary Ann Lovbl. Wife: 
Elisabeth. Executors: John and Joshua Jackson (sons). Witnesses: 
Abraham Rankhorn, Samuel Benton, Joseph Robinson. Will proven 
before Gab. Johnston. 

Jackson, Samuel, Pasquotank County. 

March 20, 1750. April Court, 1750. Sons: Absalom ("plantashiou 
whereon I now live"), Mathias (land described in will). Daughters: Mary 
and Hanah Jackson. Wife ami Executrix: Mary. Executor: Daniel 
Jackson (brother). Witnesses: Jacob Madren, Ann Jackson, Eliza- 
beth Benton. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

182 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Jackson, Thomas. Bertie County. 

March 15, 1746. May Court, 175.3. Sons: Thomas ("plantation known 
as Mount Garriot, together with my ferry"), William (plantation bought of 
Richard Martin), John (plantation in Northampton County), James 
(plantation in Bertie County). Wife's daughter: Elizabeth Hammond 
Griffin. Wife: Hester. Executors: John Brown, son of Dr. Jas. 
Brown, dec'd, Benjamin Wynns and Hester Jackson. Brother: Jere- 
miah Jackson of Boston. Codicil dated April 9, 1749, changes division of 
land among sons, and appoints as Executors: Benjamin Wynns, William 
Wynns and Hester Jackson. No witnesses or signature to codicil. 
Witnesses to will: Wm. Power, Jambs Griffin, Betty Griffin, Cathern 
Conner. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wy'NNS. 

Jacksox, Willi.\m. Albemarle County. 

March 3, 1694. Sons: Zacharias and D.\niell. Wife: Elizabeth. 
Will proven before W. Glover. Part of this will is torn away. 

Jackson, William, Senr. Albemarle County. 

February 21, 1695-1696. March Court, 1697. Sons: Will Jackson, 
Jr., Zachariah. David, Samuel, Daniel (plantation on the eastermost 
branch of Herrin Creek). Daughter: Ruth Davis. Wife: Elizabeth 
Jackson. Executors: Zachariah and Daniel Jackson. Witnesses: 
Hugh Campbell, Rich'd Plater, Wm. Simson. Clerk of the Court: Wil- 
liam Glover. 

Jackson, William, Jr. Perquimans County. 

February 1, 1734. April 20, 1735. Sons: Moses and Aaron ("planta- 
tion whereon I now dwell"). Daughters: Parthenia and Margaret Jack- 
son. Wife and Executrix: Margaret. Witnesses: George Gording, Wm. 
Jackson, Sr., Edward Jackson, Thom.a.s Weekes. Clerk of the Court: 

James Craven. 

Jacksox, Zacharias. Pasquotank County. 

October 18, 1748. August 4, 1749. .Sons: Simon ("the plantation"), 
Demce (land bought of John Allbird), Ace (plantation bought of Thomas 
Harris), Lamuel. Daughter: Darkes Jackson. Wife: Elizabeth. 
Executors: William and Joab Jackson (brothers). Witnesses: Dan'l 
Jackson, Sr., Samuel Jackson, David Jackson. Will proven before 
Gab. Johnston at Eden House. 

Jacob, Isaac. Currituck County. 

March 19, 1713-1714. July 14, 1714. BoujWers: Susanah Jacob ("my 

manor plantation at New Corotuck"), Jane Jacob ("a tract of land in New 

Corotuck on ye head of Deep Creek"). Overseers: John Prockter, Ben- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 183 

JAMIN Sanderson. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Joseph San- 
derson, Dinah, Nell, William Ashley. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker. 

Jacocks, Thomas. County not given. 

May 2, 1692. August Court, 1692. Executrix and sole legatee: Wife, not 
named. Witnesses: Patrick Beally (or Bayley), Richard Rooke. 
Clerk. Sect. Office: W. Glover. 

.Tames, Edwaed. Pasqnotank Connty. 

February 8, 1720. April Court, 1721. Sons: Edward ("my manner 
plantation"), Gilbert. Sons-in-law: Doser Bets, Hezekiah. Cousins: 
Joseph and Mary Murfey. Witnesses: Stephen Saul, Mary Hutchen- 
SON, John Martyn. Clerk pro tern.: John Palin. 

James, William. Pasquotank County. 

May 31, 1733. May 9, 1733. Sons: Thomas (''plantation whereon I 
now live"), William ("plantation I bought of Thomas Palmer"), Samuel. 
Daughters: Rebecca James and Francis MacKeele. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Jane. Executor: Thomas James (son). Witnesses: Samuel Sunday, 
Jean Bunday, J. Sweeny. Will proven before Geo. Burrington. 

James, William. Pasquotank County. 

September IS, 1757. September Court, 1757. .Son.; ("my 
plantation"). Daughter: Milly. Wife and Executrix: .A.nn. Executor: 
Joseph Pool. Witnesses: Matthew Duan, Elizabeth J.ames. Clerk of 
the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Jaeman, Thomas. Onslow County. 

April 5, 1759. January Court, 1760. Sons: Thomas, John, Moses, 
Larrance, William. Daughter: Mary Jarman. Grandchildren: Wil- and Mary Jarman (children of Willi.\m). Wife: not named. Exec- 
utors: John Jarm.«.n and Mikel Koonb. Witnesses: John Jarman, Jacob 
Maner. Clerk of tlie Court: Will'.m Cray. 

Jarratt, Johx. Carteret County. 

April 13, 1745. June Court, 1745. Sons: John, Jacob, Abrah,4.m, 
Isaac. Daughters: Sarah, Susannah and Esther Jarratt, Sarah Shep- 
ARD, Elisabeth Dudley, Ann Gaskill, Margaret Word. Wife and 
Executrix: Catherine. Witnesses: George Bell, Thomas Lewis. Clerk 
of the Court: George 

Jaevis, Foster. Currituck County. 

December 3, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: Samuell (100 acres 

of land adjoining John Woodhouse), Jonathan (200 acres adjoining 

tract above devised), Martaix (361 acres of land), Willi.\.m (360 acres 

184 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

of land), Foster. Daughters: Elizabeth and Francis Jarvis. Grand- 
son: Samuel Jarvis. Executor: Martain Jarvis (son). Witnesses: 
Samuel Salter, Hillary White, Michael O'Neel, Henry Kinzey. 
Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Jaspee, Eichaed. County not given. 

October 30, 1722. Son and Executor: Samuell ("my plantation'). 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Ann. Wife and Executrix: not named. Wit- 
nesses: Charles Smith. Ch.arles Smith, Jr., M.ary Smith. 

Jaspee, Samuel. Hyde County. 

March 29, 1752. March Court, 1753. Sons: Samuel ("all my land"), 
William, Jonathan and Israel. Daughters: Hann.4.h Leath (her 
children Kezia and John), Ann Jasper, Mary Jasper, Lyddela Jasper. 
Wife: Ann. Executors: William and Jon.\than Jasper (sons). Wit- 
nesses: Roger Mason, Jr., John Slade, Jr., Dorcas Leath. Clerk of 
Court: Thos. Jordan. 

Jeffeeys, Cheistophee. Perquimans County. 

January 23, 1735. April Court, 1736. Legatees: Elizabeth and Joseph 
Pottle, of Pasquotank. Executor: Joseph Pottle. Witnesses: Samuel 
SvANN, John Willcocks, Patrick Quidle. Clerk of Court: James 

Jeffeeys, Elizabeth. Northampton County. 

June 20, 1742. February Court, 1742. Sons: John Hilliard, 
Osborne Jeffrey's. Robert Hilliard, William Hilliard. Daughter: 
Elizabeth (wife of John Boddie). Grandsoyis: Willi.^m, J.AiiBs, 
and Elias Hilliard (sons of William), Jeremiah, Jacob and John 
Hilliard. Granddaughter: Sarah Hilliard. Executors: John Hilliard 
and Osborne Jeffreys (sons). Witnesses: I. Edwards, David Dicson, 
Mary Duke. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Jeffreys, Elizabeth. ^Northampton County. 

January 28, 1742. February 1, 1742. May Court, 1743. This is a 
nuncupative will proven before John Dawson by Osborn Jeffreys and 
Rachel Bollen, and bequeathes all property to daughter, Elizabeth 
Boddie. Property consists of land, stock and negroes. Executor: Osborn 
Jeffreys. Clerk of the Court: I.Edwards. 

The original of this will missing; abstract made from recorded copy 
No. 142, in Grant Book 4. 

Jenkins, Chaeles. Hertford County. 

September 26, 1772. November 25, 1773. .Sons; Willi.^m, Henry 

("plantation he now dwells on"), Charles ("plantation I now dwell on"). 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1700. 185 

Daughter: Elizabeth. Executors: Henry Jenkins, Winbourne, 
and CH.4RLBS Jenkins (sons) and William Murfree. Orandso?is: 
Charles and Shurard Jenkins (sons of William). Witnesses: Thom.4.s 
WiNBORNE, Sarah Winborn. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 

Jennett, Abraham. Perquimans County. 

October Court, 1742. Sons: Isakiah, Abraham, Jere.miah. Daugh- 
ters: Ann and Elisabeth Jennett. Wife and Executrix: Marv. Execu- 
tors: John Moor, Samuel Hall, Ralph Doe. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 

Jemnett, John. Tyrrell County. 

August 3, 1738. March Court. 1749. Sons: William ("all my land"), 
John and Jabez. Daitghters: Elizabeth Alexander, Dorothy Popte- 
well, Jean. Wife: Dorothy. Executor: William Jennett (son). M'it- 
nesses: Henry Norman, Jos. Spruill, Sam'l Spruill. Clerk of the 
Court: Evan Jones. 

Jennett, John. Tyrrell County. 

April 9, 1748. June Court, 1749. Sons: Abraham, John. Daughters: 
Ann and Elizabeth Jennett. Grandson: Abraham Jennett. Wife 
and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: George Caron, Ann Jennett ("Jabez's 
Daughter"), Danll. Grandin. Clerk of Court: Evan Jones. 

Jennings, John. Pasquotank County. 

April 15, 1751. July Court, 1751. Son: Isaac. Other children: men- 
tioned, but not named. Wife and Executrix: Luse. Witnesses: Z.\ch- 
ARiAH Keeton, Joseph Lambrosher, Nathan Overman. Clerk's sig- 
nature missing. 

Jennings, Mary. Currituck County. 

December 7, 1725. Octoljer 7, 1729. Son: John Relf. Son-in-laiv 
and Executor: John Norton. Witnesses: David Linsey, Henry Smith, 
John Martyn. Clerk of the Court: J. Martyn. 

Jennings, Thomas. New Hanover County. 

December 23, 1744. Son: Thomas ("my plantation"). Wife and 
Executrix: Elliner. Executor: Michael Higgins. Witnesses: Jas. 
Mackilwean, Daniel Dupee, Sherlock. No probate. 

Jennings, William. County not given. 

January 24, 1686-1687. April Court. 1687. Son and Executor: John. 
Daughter: Ann L.\thum. Son-in-law: Ralph Garret. Granddaughter: 

186 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Mary Garret. Godson: William Barkcake. Witnesses: Thos. Rolfe, 
Edward Chambars, Wm. Rolfe. Officer before whom probated not 

Jennings, William. Currituck Coimty. 

July 11, 1713. October Court. 1729. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: 
Mary. Witnesses: John Blish, John Norton, Margaret Norton. 
Clerk of the Court: J. Martyn. 

Jenouee, Joseph, Surveyor General of !N"orth Carolina. 

September .30, 1732. January 13, 1732. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Son: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Wm. Little, R. Foster. 
Proven before Geo. Burrington. 

Jernagan, John. Bertie Preeinet. 

January 10, 1733. February Court, 1733. Sons: Thomas and George 
("200 acres of land"), David, James (100 acres of land). Executors: 
Temperance Jernagan (wife), Benjamin Hill. Witnesses: John Car- 
rol, Barzilla Hewitt, Benjamin Hill. Clerk of Court: Rt. Forster. 

Jeenigin, Henry. Bertie Precinct. 

May 9, 1736. August Court, 1736. Sons: Henry (SO acres of land), 
Jacob ("my plantation"), Jesse (SO acres of land), Dempsie ("plantation 
I bought of Thojias Watson"). Daughter: Ann Jones. Wife: Phebe. 
Executors: Henry and Jacob Jernigin. To Henry is also given land in 
Va. in north side of Summersetts Creek. Witnesses: Theophilus Wil- 
liams. John Jernigan, Bennett Blackman. Clerk of the Court: John 

Jessop, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

March 12, 1735-1736. Augu.^t 29, 1735. Nephews: Thomas Jessop 
("plantation whereon I now live"), Timothy and Jonathan Jessop. 
Granddaughter: Mary Mayo ("my plantation at the meeting house"). 
Kinsman: Thomas Pritchard. Brother: Thomas Jessop. Nieces: Mary 
and Elizabeth (daughters of Thomas). Wife and Executrix: Margaret. 
Executors: Thomas Jessop (brother), William White. Witnesses: 
Thomas Winslowe, Leah Winslowe, John Willson. Will proven 
before W. Smith, C. J. 

Jevins, Elizabeth. Pasquotank County. 

Februarj- 5, 1734-1735. July S, 1735. Son: Isam Swinney. Hus- 
band's nepheio: Nathaniel Chevin. Executor: Stephen Scott. Wit- 
nesses: John Scott, Joseph Pindlbton, J. Jessop. Clerk of the Court: 
Jos. Sjiith. 

Abst:^act of Wills, 1(190 — ITCO. IS'; 

Jevins, John. Pasquotank Coiintv. 

May 14, 1734. April Court, 1735. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Friend: Edward Mayo. Witnesses: Edward Mayo, Mary Mayo, Ann 
Bryan. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Smith. 

Jewell, John. Beaufort County. 

December 10, 1744. March Court, 1744. Dauyhter: Anne Jewell 
("plantation whereon I now live on the Eastern Branch of Old Town 
Creek"). Wife and Executrix: Martha. Executor: Jaiies Adams. Tl'iV- 
nesses: James Adams. Mary Adams, John Forbes. Clerk of the Court 
"pro hac vice": Jno. Turner. 

Jewel, Thomas. Beaufort County. 

December 24, 1735. March 9, 1735. Sons: John, Benjamin, Samuel 
and James ("all my land to he equally divided between them"). Wife 
and Executrix: Frances. Executor: John Jewel (son). Witnesses: 
Daniel Blin, Eliz. Beahan, Jno, Colllson. Justices: Robt. Turner, 
Si.MON Alderson. Seth Pilkinton. Clerk of the Court: John Colllson. 

Johnston, Gabriel, Governor of North Carolina. 

Granville County. 
May 16, 1751. April 4, 1753. Wife: Frances (plantation called Pos- 
sum Quarter in Granville County: plantation called Conahoe in Tyrrell 
and plantation in Bertie County on Salmon Creek). Daughter: Penelope 
Johnston. Nephews: Samuel and John Johnston, Henry John,ston 
("now at school at Newhaven in the CoUony of Connecticut"). Sister: 
Elizabeth Smear, of the County of Fife in North Britain. Executors: 
Johnston and Willi.\m Cathcart. Wittiesscs: Andrew Leake, Sa.muel 
Ormbs, Thomas Whitmell. Proven before M.att. Rowan. The follow- 
ing real estate devised: lands lying in Bertie, Northampton and Gran- 
ville; 1,000 acres on Cj'press Creek on the south side of Trent River; 
9S0 acres on Trent River; 400 acres on the head of Trent and New Rivers; 
7,000 acres on Deep River in Bladen County; all the small islands in 
Roanoke River in the neighliourhood of Mount Gallard. The following 
are items of interest: "And in case my wife shall choose to remain in 
North Carolina and reside upon the lands of and live with my daughter 
* * * my will is that she, my said wife, shall have the use of all ray 
said daughter's jilantations and for her encouragement to cultivate and 
improve these plantations, especially in raising silk, etc. * * * \^^(\ 
I earnestly request my dearest wife to be a kind, tender mother to my 
dear little girl and to bring her up in the Fear of God and under a deep 
sense of her being always in his presence and in Sobriety and moderation 
confining her desires to things plain, neat and elegant, and especially to 
take care to keep within the bounds of her income and by no means to 

188 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

run in debt." "My books I leave to Willia:m Cathcart after my wife 
and brother have choose out of them any number not exceeding forty 
each. To my sister Elizabeth Smear my large gold watch * * * ." 
Original missing. Recorded in Book 1755-1758, page 153. 

Johnson", James. Albemarle County. 

August 21, 1694. October Court, 1694. Children: Wm. John.son. 
Jame.s John.son and Elizabeth Johnson. Executor: Richard Atkinson. 
Witiiesses: Patrick Kenady, Andrew Davie. ClerP: of the Court: John 

Johnson, John. County not given. 

September 10, 1693. Son-in-laio: Lawrence Gonsolvo. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Sarah. Overseers: Caleb Callow'ay, James Hogg. Tho. Lepper, 
Tho. Haughton, John Porter. No probate. 

Johnson, John. ISTorthamptou County. 

January 27, 1745-1746. August Court, 1753. Granddaughter: Mary 
Johnson Bridger. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: James John- 
son, Nicholas Boon. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Johnson, John. Brunswick County. 

March 1, 1750. February Court, 1752. St. Andrews Parish in Bruns- 
wick Coimty. Son and Executor: William ("my land and plantation"). 
Daughters: Amey Mitchell and Ann Jelks. Granddaughters : M.irtha 
and Anne (daughters of William). Witnesses: John Carrell, Willi.ajvi 
Holloway' and William Moseley". Clerk of Edgecombe Court: Benj'n 

Johnson, John. Hyde County. 

September 1, 1756. March Court, 1757. Son: William. Daughter: 
Catherine. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Jennett, 
Thomas Jones, Abs.\.lom Jones. Clerk of the Court: Stephen Denning. 

Johnson, Lewis. Bath County. 

October 9, 1711. Sons: Richard and William. Executor: Farnifold 
Green. Witnesses: Christopher Dauson, George Grave, Elizabeth 
Hog. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 53. 

Johnston, Samuel. Onslow County. 

November 13, 1756. January Court, 1736. Sons: Samuel and John 
(6,500 acres of land on Cape Fear River). Daughters: Jo.^n, Penelope, 
Isobell, Ann, Hann.\h (lands on Tuckahoe, together with negro slaves 

Absteact or Wills, 1690 — 1760. 189 

belonging to testator). Executor: John Starkey. Witnesses: Gary 
GoDBE, William Williams, John Milton. Clerk of the Court: William 
Cray. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1753-1763, page 134. 

JoHxso^s^, SusANAii. Chowan County. 

August 13, 1717. July 29, 1718. Son: William. Grandson: Jacob 
Parrot. Daughter and Executrix: Frances Rasor. Granddaughters: 
Sus.iNAH and Elizabeth Parrot. Godson: Edward Frederick Rasor. 

Friend: John Hardy. Witnesses: Laurence Sarton, E z , 

William Walters, P.\trick Canada. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Johnston, TiioirAs. Onslow Connty. 

August 13, 1751. April Court, 17.52. .Sons; Thomas, Benjamin, John 
("plantation I now live on"). Daughters: Sarah Powell, Ann Whit- 
field. Granddaughters: Mary, Ann and Priscilla Keel. Other legatee: 
Margaret Hoens. Wife: Ann. Executor: Thomas John.ston (son). 
Witnesses: .Anthony Lewis, John Brabham, Jos. Sturges. Clerk of 
Court: Tho. Black. 

Johnson, Willtam. Albemarle County. 

January 10, 16S9. October 7, 1689. Sons: Benja.min and Thomas. 
Guardians: John Hawkins, Thomas Reffer (?). Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: Thomas Prise (Price), Thomas Coper (Cooper), 
Thomas Miller. Clerk of the Court: John Philpott. Will proven also 
before Thos. Rolfb. 

Johnson, WILLIA:^t. Carteret County. 

November 5, 1726. March 5, 1727-1728. Sons.- Thomas, John Ste- 
phen and Ezekel ("my land"). Son-in-law: Theo. Norwood. Wife and 
Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Enoch Ward, Rich'd Canady, John Simp- 
son. Clerk of the Court: John Galland. 

Jones, Akthue. Bladen County. 

October 21, 1750. December Court, 1750. Sotis: Lewis, Siphres. 
Daughter: Ann Jones. Executors: Gershon Benbow, Griffith Jo.nes. 
Witnesses: Cyprian Shipherd, Samuel Pike. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Jo.^(ES, Chakles. 

April 25. 1693. July 15, 1695. Legatees: Sarah and Tabytha Alford. 
Executors: Thomas Symons, John Meeds. Witnesses: Elliner Meline. 
Jacob Denillard, Ja.mes Damerell. Clerk Secretary's Office: W. Glover. 

190 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

JoNE.s, CiiAEXES. Bertie County. 

February 5, 1739. February Court, 1748. Sons: Charles, John, Lance- 
lot. Daughter: Sarah Oughtree. Wife's daughter: Mary Jones (land 
and plantation). TVife and Executrix: Kathiran. Overseers: Chrlstefer 
Holloman, William Rasbarny. Witnesses: Nathaniel Nickless, 
J.\MES Overton. Clerk of the Court: Henry DeLon. 

Jones, Cornelius. Albemarle County. 

May 18, 1714. January 17, 1715. Son: Cornelius (land commonly 
called James Robinsons). Daughters: Elizabeth and Ann. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Wm. Vaughan, John Blish, Frances 
Harrison. Will proven before John Blish and John Bets. 

Jokes, Cornelius. Currituck County. 

August 14, 1749. January Court, 1750. Sons: William, Cornelius 
("my plantation"), Taylor. Daughters: Rachel Whale (?), Esther 
White, Rhoda Casle, Sarah Molbron, Bridget Jones. Wife and 
Executrix: Elisabeth Jones. Executor: Cornelius Jones (son). Wit- 
nesses: William White, John Ansell, William Dudley. Clerk of 
Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Jones, Daniell. Perquimans County. 

October 10, 1713. February 21, 1714-1715. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Executors: Arthur Jones (brother), Timothy Clare. Wit- 
nesses: James Minge, Mathias Giles. Executors qualified before C. Eden. 

Jones, David. Hyde County. 

January 9, 1753. March Court, 1753. Sons: Moris, Thomas, Christo- 
pher and Abr.aham (to these four is devised land in Currituck County), 
Richard ("plantation I now live on"). Cornelius, Solomon (125 acres of 
land on Strohorn's Neck). Daughters: Elisebeth Mason, Ann. Execu- 
tors: Elizabeth Jones (wife), Thom.vs and Morris Jones (sons). Wit- 
nesses: Samuel Selby, William Selby, Sarah Jones. Clerk of the Court: 
Thom.\s Jordan. 

Jones, David, Se. Hyde County. 

September 25, 1756. March Court, 1757. Sons: Morris ("my dwelling 
place"), David, Absalum. Daughter: Elezebeth Jones. Executors: 
Morris and Thomas Jones (brothers). Wife: Elezebeth. Witnesses: 
Benja. Mason, Edward Spenser, Abraham Jones. Clerk of the Court: 
Step'n Denning. 

Abstract of Wills, 1(1'.>0 — 17G0. 191 

Jones, Edward. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 30, 1718. July 15, 1720. Wife and Executrix: .A.nn. Broiher: 
.J,«IES Jones. Daughters: Pri.scill.\ Jones, Abigall Jones (land called 
the Ferny Ridge). To wife is given land called Basteba. Brother-in-law: 
WiLLi.\M Rocs. Witnesses: William Phillips, Samuel Ransher. Orig- 
inal missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 246. 

JoxEs, Edward. Bladen County. 

October 8, 17.51. September Court, 1752. Son and Executor: Is.A-AC. 
Daughters: Hannah Lock, Jane Enecks. Grandsons: and WiL- 
LiMi Enecks. Granddaughter: Ann Enecks. Wife: Susanna. To Car- 
ver's Creek meeting is given ten pounds. Witnesses: John S.mith, \A'm. 
SiBBLY, John Gray. Justices: Benj.v.min Fitzrandolph, Henry Sn:- 
MOND, Jonathan Evens. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

JoxEs, Evan. Craven County. 

June 10. 1750. November Court. 1751. So7is: Evan (plantation on 
East side of Clubford's Creek), James (plantation on the East side of Buck 
Creek), Roger ("manner plantation on West side of Clubford Creek"), 
Charles (plantation on West side of Cohookey Creek). Wife: Ann. Exec- 
utors: Evan, James and Roger Jones (sons). Witnesses: Catharine 
Jones, Brigett Canady. William Flood. Clerk of the Court: Phil. 


Jones, Evan. Craven County. 

December 23, 17.52. March 19, 1753. Son: LovicK ("my plantation & 
lands on the East side of Clubfords Creek"). Daughter: Sarah Jones. 
Executors: Thom.\s Lovick and Roger Jones. Witnesses: Jas. Jones, 
John Taneyhill, Charles Jones. Will proven before J.\s. Hasell. 
Clerk General Court: Jno. Snead. 

Jones, Eeancis. Edgecombe County. 

January 14, 1750. August Court, 1755. Sons: Nathaniel and 
nall (land on Crabtree Creek in Johnston County), John (land on Crab- 
tree Creek), M,\tthe\v (land on Swift Creek in Johnston County), Fr.\ncis 
(land on Jackit Swamp, Edgecombe County), Albridgton, Ridley. Son- 
in-lav: John Cullers (land on Crabtree Creek). Daughters: Judith Wil- 
son, Mary Cullers, Lucy Jones, Bette Day Jones, Lydia Jones, Jemi- 
ma Jones. Executors: Mary Jones (wife) and Nathaniel Jones (son). 
Witnesses: Thos. Wiggins, Francis Drake. Clerk of the Court: Jos. 


192 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Jo>rES, Fbedeeick. Chowan Preciuct. 

April 9, 1722. March 26, 1723. Sons: Willi,\m Harding Jones (lands 
on the south side of Moratoke River), Frederick ("all my lands in Craven 
Precinct"), Thomas (land at Maherrin and Lands on north side of Moratoke 
River). To each of sons is bequeathed one diamond ring. Plate divided 
between sons. To brother Thomas Jones of Virginia is devised lands in 
King William County, Virginia, called Horns Quarter. Daughters: Jane 
("Indian girle, four negroes, diamond ring and diamond earrings. Gold 
watch with chain, seal, etc."), Marth.a (four young negroes, one diamond 
ring, diamond earrings, gold shoe-buckles, thimble, etc., and one dozen 
finest damask napkins, one dozen diaper napkins, Holland sheets, etc.), 
Rebeckah (one diamond ring, about three dozen damask and diaper nap- 
kins, table-cloths, sheets, etc.) Executors: Thomas Jones, of Virginia 
(brother), Wm. Harding and Frederick Jones (sons). Witnesses: Sar.ih 
Stewart, Roger Hazard, John Ansley, Edw'd Moseley. CodicQ 
bequeathes gold rings to Rebecah Jones and silver-mounted pistols to 
Edward Mcseley. Proven before C. Gale. Coat of arms on seal. 

Jones, Frederick. Craven County. 

November 21, 1758. February Court, 1759. Mother: Mary Moore. 
Brother: H.\rding Jones. Niece: Mary Jones. Executors: Harding 
Jones (brother) and Joseph Leech. Witnesses: Elizabeth Spaight, 
Mary Vail, Jane Swann. Cleiic of the Court: Peter Conway. Coat of 
arms on seal. 

Jones, Henry. ISTorthampton County. 

November 14, 173.3. November Court, 1757. Sons: Henry (Executor), 
William, John (plantation on south side of Roanoke River), Philip, James 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Daughter: Elezebeth Jones. Wife: 
Catherine. Four oldest sons appointed trustees. Witnesses: Needham 
BRY.iN, George Smith, John Eless. Clerk of the Court: I. Edw.ards. 

Jones, Henet. ISTorthampton County. 

November 26, 1751. February Court, 1752. Northwest parish in 
Northampton County. Son: Henry Restore Jones ("my manor planta- 
tion"). Daughters: Prior, Gray, Mary and Katy Jones. Wife and 
Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Mandar, John Corlew, Junr., Joel 
Moseley. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Jones, Henet. Chowan County. 

February 11, 1754. April Court, 1754. Son: William. Daughters: 
M.ary Lovel, Jane Champion, Sarah P.\rker. Wife and Executrix: Eliz- 
abeth. Executor: Benjamin Parker. Witnesses: Henry Bonner, John 
LuTEN, Samuel Luten. Clerk of Court: Will Halsey. 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — iTiiO. ISIo 

Jones, Isaac. Pasquotank Precinct. 

January 7, 1734. January 31 , 1734. Sons: John ("my manner planta- 
tion"), Isaac ("my little plantation"), Nehemiah (land beginning at "ye 
Fork Bridge, running, &c."), EviN (100 acres of land). Dawjhiers: Doko- 
THY and Mary Jones. Executors: John Jokes (sou) and Jarnas Jones 
(brother). Witnesses: Abel Ross, Joshua G.miblino, John Wallis. 
Will proven before Gab. Johnston, at Edenton. 

JoxEs, Is.vM. Edgecombe County. 

April 24, 1753. November Court, 17.53. Wife: Mary. Daughter: 
Creacy. Executor: Wallis Jones. Witnesses: Richard Burd, Matthew 
Jones. Clei-k of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

Jones, James. Tyrrell Comity. 

.\ugust 3, 1750. No prob.ite. Sons: James (150 acres of land), 
Traley, Evan, Benjamin (]50 acre.s of land). Daughters: Mary Drapir. 
Ann and Elizabeth Jones. To John Ray is given "the liberty of 
dwelling on my land called the FoUey." Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: John Ray, William Howard, Elizabeth Howard. 

Jones, John. Pasquotank County. 

November 23. 1707, January 20, 1707-1708. Son: John ("all my 
land"). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Robert Wallis, 
Richard Madren. Henry Sawyer. Clerk of Court: John Palin. 

•Tones, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 23, 1719-1720. December 23, 1723. Father-in-law {meaning, 
probably, stepfather): John Rolfe. Mother and Executrix: Elizabeth 
RoLFE. Aunt: Mary Bard. Witnesses: John Solley, Jno. Rolfe. 
Will proven before William Reed, President. 

Jones, John. Pasquotaulc Precinct 

December 12, 1723. Legatees: Dority and Ele Mackdaniel. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Hearendeen, John Jennings. Benj.amin Sawyer. 
Clerk of the Court: John Parker. 

Jones, John. Chowan Precinct. 

May 12, 1727. May 15. 1727. Sons: William, John, Thomas, David. 
Daughter: Elisabeth. Granddaughter: Elisabeth Jones (daughter of 
David). Friend: Henry Boner. E.xecutor: Samuel Padeth. Witnesses: 
Thos. Jones, David Jones, Wm. Yates. \A'ill proven before Richard 


194 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Jones, John. Chowan County. 

August 6, 1734. October IS, 1744. Sons: John ("my plantation"). 
Lewes, Samuel. Wife and Executrix: Flor.ince. Witnesses: Const. 
LuTEN, John Lewis, J.\cob Privett. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Jones, John. Chowan Cottuty. 

February 2, 1735-1736. October Court, 1736. Sons: James and Dbm- 
SEY ("all my land at the Loosing Swamp")- Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Executor: James Jones (son). Witnesses: John Sumner, James Hubard. 
Clerk of Court: James Craven. 

Jones, John. Bertie County. 

September 25, 1750. May Court, 1751. Sons: Solomon and Joseph 
(plantation on Poplar Swamp), William, John and James. Daughter: 
Mary Jones. Wife: not named. Executors: John Brown, Thomas 
Eason. Witnesses: Thomas Eason, John Roberson. John Hare, Solo- 
mon Howard. Clerk of Court: Sam'l Ormes. 

Jones, John. Chowan County. 

June 23, 1754. July Court, 1755. Sons: James (plantation on Lousin 
Swamp), John ("plantation I bought of Wm. Ashley"), Josias ("my 
manner plantation which I purchased of John Perry""). Daughter: 
Judith Jones. Wife and Executrix: Judith.- Executor: James Jones 
(son). Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones. 

Jones, John. Edgecombe County. 

October 24, 1757. June Court, 1758. Sons: Wallis, Etheldred, 
John. Sons-in-law: Thomas Spell, Charles Jerkins, Peter Mitchell. 
Other legatees: Ann and Benj.amin Richardson, John Jones. Daughter: 
Sarah Jerkins. Executor: Wallis Jones (son). Witnesses: Henry 
Horn, Sikon Horn, Josiah Horn. Codicil dated December 17, 1757, 
mentions son Frederick Jones and makes bequests to other sons. Same 
witnesses. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Jones, John. Duplin County. 

March 15, 1759. January 12, 1759. Sons: William ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Thomas (100 acres of land), John {Executor). 
Daughters: Patte, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Sarah Jones. 
Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: William Whitfield, Ann Jones, 
Ann Williams. Clerk of Court: John Dickson. 

Jones, John. Northampton County. 

June 24, 1759. October Court, 1759. Daughter: Elizabeth. Wife 

and Executrix: Priscilla. Brother: Edmond Jones. Friend: Sajuuel 

Absteact of Wills, 1(31*0 — ITGO. 195 

Weldon (lot No. 90 in town of Halifax). Executor: John Edmunds. 
Land in Southampton County, Va., and lot No. 15 in Halifax given to 
executor.^ to be sold for payment of debts. Witnesses: Will Cathc'.\rt, 
Wm. Fanning, J.uies Dancy. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

JoA'Es, John, Sr. Bertie Precinct. 

March 17, 1735. May Court, 17.36. Sorts: James, Frederick ('"my 
plantation"), John, Joseph. Grandson: Abraham Jones. Daughters: 
Ann Gotten, Marv Bonner. Wife: Martha. Trustees: John Brown, 
JoH.N B.'i.TTLE, William Mears. Executor: John Jones (son). Wit- 
nesses: P. Hanford, James Douglass, Elizabeth Oquin. Clerk of the 
Court: John Wynns. 

JoNE.s, Jonathan. Pasquotank Cotinty. 

April Court, 1740. Sons: Jonathan ("plantation at ye head of Saw- 
yer's Creek"), Cornelius ("land below Sawyer's Creek"). Daughters: 
Mary, Elesebeth, Ruth and Dinah Jones. Wife: Susan. Executor: 
Joseph Hu.mphries. Witnesses: William Mackdaniel, Christopher 
Humphries. Dinah Humphries. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Jones, Joseph. 

September 10, 1756. Sons: James and Joseph (land divided between 
them). Daughters: Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth and Ann. Wife and 
Executrix: Martha. Executor: Willi.^m Vaughan. Witnesses: John 
White, Richard Nanson. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. 

Jones, Maey. Bertie County. 

December 22, 1745. January 9, 1748. Legatees: Elisabeth Spruell 
(cousin), Sarah H.vwkins (daughter of Thomas Hawkins), Thomas 
Hackman, Thos. Sutton (nephew), Elizabeth Sutton (sister), John 
Sutton (nephew, to whom is bequeathed 100 acres of land "in Cishooke 
at the head of the Line"), George Sutton (nephew). Executors: Charles 
Jacocks, Thomas and John Sutton. Witnesses: Thomas Hackman, 
John Burn. Will proven liefore G.ab. John.ston, at Eden House. 

Jones, Moeeis. Hyde County. 

September 25, 1756. December Court. 1756. Son: Henry ("my 
dwelling plantation"). Daughters: Elesebeth, Mary, Ann, Neomy and 
Sarah Jones. Wife: Mary. Executors: Thos. Jones (brother), Henry 
GiBBs, Jnr. Witnesses: Benjn. Mason, Edward Spenser, Solomon 
Jones. Clerk of Court: Stephen Denning. 

Jones, Petee. County not gi\'en. 

April 2, 1731. Sons: Peter ("plantation whereon I now live"), Robert 
(374 acres of land on Mash Swamp). Daughters: Sarah and Martha 
Jones. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Wm. Williams, 
Paul. No probate. 

196 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Jones, Petee. Perquimans County. 

February 17, 1753. April Court, 1753. Sons: Thomas ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Zephaniah (land at head of land given to Thomas), 
Zechariah (land purchased of Wm. Wy.^tt), Malachy (land on the 
Mile Branch). All of the sons to be given "Education to Reade & write 
a Ledgable hand and work Arithmitick through the single rule of three." 
Daughter: Mary Jones. Oranrlson: Joseph Jokes. Wife: Mary. Arbi- 
trators to divide estate: John Harvey. Joseph Barrow, Jr., Francis 
Jones, N.\th.\n and Robert Newby. Exectitors: Joseph White, Jo.seph 
R.\TLiF, Thomas Jones. Witnesses: Evan Skinner, Willm. Skinner, 
Sarah Skinner. Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.\tch. 

Jones, Petek, Sene. Perquimans County. 

May 15, 1751. .4pril Court. 1752. Sons: John ("plantation I now 
live on," plantation at the Mile Branch), William (170 acres of land), 
Peter ("plantation whereon he now lives"). Daughters: Mary and Han- 
nah Jones, Sar.'IH Sutton, Rebecca Denman, Margret. Grandson: 
Thomas Sherwood. Executors: John Jones (.son), M.\ry Jones (daugh- 
ter), Thomas Nicholson. Witnesses: Mac Scarborough, Elizab. Scar- 
brough. William Reed. Clerk of the Court: Ed.mund H.'ITCH. 

Jones, Kogee. Beaufort County. 

July 25, 1741. September Court, 1741. Sons: Roger, George. 
Daughters: Jane, Margaret, Mary, Holland and Elizabeth (to the two 
last named is given plantation called Holland House, also a plantation 
on Massapungo Swamp. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Witnesses: John 
Barrow, Littleton Eborn, Elizabeth Jones. Clerk of the Court: Jno. 

Jones, Samuell. Currituck County. 

September 30. 1723. Sons: Thomas (one shilling), Samuel and W'lL- 
liam (land called Thurrefare Ridge), Izayah and Zackaryath ("my dwell- 
ing plantation"). Executors: William Williams, Thomas Dayes. Wit- 
nesses: Margret Grossman, Danll. Phillips. Clei-k of the Court: Thos. 

Jones, Saeah. Bath County. 

May, 1722. Daughters: Honing Mitem, Charity Shute, Elizabeth 
C.\rney, Mary' Smith (Executrix). Grandson: James Smith. Witnesses: 
Francis Delamare, John Martin, Thomas Davis. No probate. 

Jones, Tiiojias. Bertie County. 

1754. Petty Shore in Bertie County. Legatees: Margret Webb 

(widow of Samuel Webb), Samuel Webb (son of Margret), Henry Hill, 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. lO"; 

John Campbell (of Lazy Hill). Executor: John Campbell. No signa- 
ture. No witnesses. Will proven before Arthur Dobbs by Benjamin 
Wtnns, Alexander Ford and Joseph Heron, who made oath as to the 
handwriting of the testator. 

Jones, William Haeding. Chowau County. 

January 22, 1730. July 27, 1732. Eastern parish in Chowan County. 
Wife: Ann (4,000 acres of land on Roanoke River, together with "house 
and plantation whereon I now live with third part of the negroes * * * 
* e.\:cept ye family pictures and Court of arms which 1 give to my well 
beloved brother Freddick Jones and Hkewise all ye books in ye said house 
which I give to my brothers Freddick and Thomas Jones"). No executor 
appointed. Witnesses: George Alleign, Sam'll Snowdbn, Matthew 
Young. Proven before Jno. P.alin, C. J. Coat of arms on .seal. 

Jones, William. Chowan Precinct. 

January 9, 1722. Sons: John ("land whereon he now lives"), Henry 
("the plantation whereon I now live"), Charles (land on Deep run). 
Grandson: Willi.a.m Jones. Daughter: J.ane Lisles. Granddaughter: 
Dorothy Lisles. Grandsons: William Lisles (son of Jane), William 
Lewse (son of Elisabeth Spier), William Jones (son of Henry Jones), 
William Walston (son of Dorothy Walston), William Jones (son of 
John Jones). Other legatees: Henry Lisles, Jr., and Henry Lisles, Sr. 
No executor appointed. Witnesses: Frances Howcott, Hanah Luten, 
Thomas Luten. No probate. 

Jones, William. Chowan Precinct. 

May 4, 1722. Sons: John (land at "ye Rich Thick'tt in Virginia," after 
his decease to his sons, John and James), also one hundred acres of land on 
Deep Run Swamp to go to liis sons, David and William, after his decease), 
Henry ("the plantation wliereon I now live," after his death to his son, 
William), Charles (100 acres of land). Daughters: Jeane Lysle, Eliza- 
beth Spiers, Dorothy Walston. Other devisee: Wm. Lyles. Executor: 
Thomas Luten. Witnesses: Robert Fullerton, Mary Fullehton, 
Mary Dreace. No probate. 

Jones, William. Bertie Precinct. 

March 15, 1736. May 20, 1736. Son: ("plantation whereon 
I now live"). Wife: Ann. Executors: Francis Hopson, Henry Jerni- 
GAN. Witnesses: Bennet Blackman, Henry Baker, Jr. Will proven 
before W. Smith, C. J. 

Jones, William. Beaufort County. 

April 28, 1740. September 1, 1742. Daughters: Elisabeth, Ruth, Ann 

Prisket, wife of John Prisket; H.vner, wife of Solomon Robson; J.\ne, 

198 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

wife of RoBT. Ddnbar. Orandchildren: Wm. Qxjinn and Wm. Robson. 
Executors: Marget Jones (wife), Solomon Robson. Witnesses: Richard 
Cheek, Wm. Mitchell, John Brtly, John Heninton. Will proven 
before J. Montgomery, C. J. 

Jones, WiLLLi.M. Edgecombe Comity. 

November 27, 1749. August Court, 1750. Sons: Dreury, Peter 
("plantation whereon I now live"), Isam (grist mill). Arbitrators to divide 
land: Thomas Hill, George Nicholson, John Clark, Wallis Jones. 
Executors: Sarah Jones (wife) and Wallis Jones. Witnesses: Thomas 
Thrower, William Atkison, Winnifred Atkison. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjamin Wynns. 

Jones. William. Perquimans County. 

December 9, 1750. April Court, 1752. Son : Willia.m. Daughters: 
Elisabeth Barber. Rebeckah Jones. Arbitrators to divide estate: John 
Harvey, Joseph White, Joseph Ribinson, Joseph Barrow. Executors: 
Peter Jones (brother), Moses Barber (son-in-law). William Jones 
(son). Witnesses: Joseph Barrow, Junr.. John, John Bar- 
row. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Jones, William. Halifax County. 

January 3, 1758. June Court. 1759. Sons: William (land he now has 
possession of), Henry (.300 acres land), Britton (300 acres of land "adjoin- 
ing my mill"), Simon (500 acres of land with mill). Daughters: S.\rah, 
Winnifred, Amey, Elizabeth, Silva. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Executor: William Jones. Witnesses: Augustine Bate, Nicholas Kil- 
lingsworth, Solomon Hawkins, Sarah Jones. Clerk of the Court: Jos. 


Jones, Willl4.m. Chowan County. 

July 15, 1773. March 16, 1774. Daughters: Charity Walker, Rachel 
Luten, Ester Johnston, Sarah, An and Ed.\h Jones. Son: Ja.mes ("my 
plantation"). Executors: Thomas Bonner, John Lewis and James Jones. 
Witnesses: John Mushrow, Dancy Trotman. Will proven before Jo. 

Jordan, Aethue. Northampton County. 

November 13, 1751. May Court, 1752. Sons: George ("land where he 
now lives"), Arthur, John and Thomas ("land John now lives on"), 
Henry (150 acres of land), Benjamin ("plantation where I now live"). 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Fortune. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: 
Benjamin Jordan (son). Witnesses: Charles Gregory, James Jordan, 
William Barcroft. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Abstract of Wills, KVJO— 1760. 19!) 

JoRDAiv\ Arthur. Northamjiton Countv. 

September 14, 1754. August Court, 1755. So««,- Samuel and Arthur. 
Daughters: Rebecca, Mahy and Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Arthur Young, Redden Rogers. Clerk of the Court: I. 

JoRDAjr, Deborah. Bladen County. 

September 4, 1769. February 14. 1770. Brothers: Ithamar and John 
SiNGLETARY. Daughter: Margaret Gibson. Niece: Deborah Single- 
tary (daughter of Ithamar). Executors: John Singletary (brother) and 
Walter Gib.son (son-in-law). Witnesses: John Russ, Eph'm Mdlford, 
Joseph Powers. Will proven before Wm. Tryon. 

Jordan, John. Hyde Precinct. 

December 31. 1719. Son and Executor: John. Daughters: MARCiARET, 
wife of John Foreman; Mary' Jordan. Witnesses: Peter McDule, 
Thoma.s Tyler, Isaac Chabanas. Original missing. Recorded in Book 
1712-1722. page 219. 

Jordan, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

January Court, 1752. Witnesses: Samuel Hughe, Demsey Connor and 
Joseph Robin.son. Will illegible. 

Jordan, Solomon. Tyrrell County. 

March 3, 1721-1722. April 11, 1722. Sons: Abraham (200 acres of 
land on north side of Cashia River and other tracts described in will). 
Daughters: Luarresia, Rebecca. Wife: not named. Executor: Maj. 
Robert West. Witnesses: Rebecca Corry. Rachel Buttlor, Martin 
Cremen. Will proven before Thos. Pollock. 

Jordan, William. Tyrrell County. 

July 4, 1732. November 2. 1732. Sons: John ("my manner planta- 
tion"). Daughter: Ester. M'ife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: 
Nathaniel Everett. Witnesses: Thos. ITobbs, William Garrett. 
Sam'll Durr.\nce. Will proven before W.m. Little, Chief Justice. 

Joy, William. Pasquotank County. 

December 17, 1725. January IS, 1725. Wife and Executrix: Margery. 
Other devisees: Solomon and Sarah Everton. 'Witnesses: Jere.miah 
Everton, Frances Everton. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Weekes. Execu- 
trix qualified before Gabriel Barnham. 

Kalbin, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

December 20, 1685. Executor and sole legatee: Robert Inbason. Wit- 
nesses: William Danse, Andrew Ross. No probate. 

200 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 

Kasewell, Francis. Pasquotank Precinct. 

January 1, 1712-1713. AUegator in Albemarle County. No probate. 
Daughters: Martha and Mary Kasewell. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Ann White, Hannah Mansfield, Ebenr. Waite. Original 
missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 42. 

.Kearsey (spelled also Cearsey), Thomas. Bertie County. 
October 28, 1730. August Court, 1731. Sons: John (land on Cashie 
Swamp). Thomas and William (lands), J.uies and Peter. Daughter: 
Mary Pohagon. Wife and Executrix: Susanna. Grandson: William 
Kearsey'. Bsecutor.- Thomas Kearsey (son). TTiteesses; Thomas Kear- 
sey, Jr., Mary Poheagin, Joseph Darden. Arthur Willi.ams. Clerk of 
Court: Rt. Forster. 

Keefe, Feedeeick. Bertie County. 

November 10, 1723. February Court, 1723. Wife and Executrix: Elli- 
nor. Sons: Frederick and John. WitJiesses: James Bates, Elizabeth 
Keefe, Margrett Keefe. Clerk of Court: Rt. Forster. 

Keel, John. Bath County. 

November 18, 1736. Legatees: John Mainner, William Mainner 
(sons of Wm. and Sarah Mainner). Brother and Executor: Nathaniel 
Keel. Witnesses: Job Brooks, William Mainner. No probate. 

Keel, Lemuel. Pasquotank County. 

February 11, 1747-1748. April Court, 1748. Brother: Charle.s Keel. 
Wife and Executrix: Tamer. Witnesses: Hen. Pendleton, Robert 
HosEA. Clerk of Court: Tiios. Taylor. 

Keel, Tamae. Pasquotank County. 

December 14, 1748. January 19, 1748. Legatees: Susannah, wife of 
Thomas Meads; Elizabeth, daughter of Thos. Meads, and William 
Davis (Executor). Witnesses: Jas. Gregory, William Wallis. Proven 
before Gab. Johnston. 

Keeland, John. Edgecombe County. 

January 21, 1752. March 24, 17.52. Executor and sole legatee: James 
Carter. This is a nuncupative will proven by William Hornsby, Wil- 
liam Taylor and Cattren Carter. Clerk of Court: Benj'n Wynns. 
Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Keeton, Henry. Pasquotank Precinct. 

September 20, 1710. Son: Joseph (plantation at New Begun Creek). 

Daughters: Elizabeth and Merriam. Overseers of will: Edward Mayo, 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1700. 201 

Benjamin Prichard and Joseph Glaister. Wife and Executrix: Elisa- 
beth. Witnesses: John Jennings, W. Norris, John Simson. No pro- 

Keeton, Zachaeiah, Sr. Pasquotank Coimty. 

April 2.8, 1743. January Court, 1743. Sons: Zachariah and Patrick. 
Daughters: Mary Cory, Elizabeth Willcocks. Granddaughter: Eliner 
WiNBERG. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Zachariah and Patrick (.sons). 
Witnesses: Stephen Scott, Joseph Lombrosker. Clerk of Court: Thos. 

Keile, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

September 19, 1682. March 6, 1682-1683. Sons: Thomas, Robert. 
Daughter: Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Guardian: Tho. Rolfe. 
Witnesses: Tho. Rolfe, Francis Warde, Willia.m Bentley. Proven 
before Will. Craford. 

Kelley, John. Pasquotank County. 

October 22, 1758. December Court, 1758. Son: A.sA. Daughters: 
Mary, Elizabeth, Martha and Nanna Kelly. Wife and Executrix: 
Elis.\beth. Executor: Patrick Kelly (cousin). Witnesses: John Mac- 
bride, Samuel Edny, Sarah Macbridb. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 
Taylor. Coat of arms on seal. 

Kelley, Sarah. Pasquotank Precinct. 

January 1, 1699. April 16, 1700. Daughter: Sarah Kelley. Exec- 
utor: John Mackeell. Witnesses: Tho. Boyd, D.aniel Mackeel. Eliza- 
beth . Clerk of the Court: Thos. Abington. 

Kelly, Mathew. Pasquotank County. 

April 16, 1697. January 16, 1699, >So?)S.- James and John. Daughters: 
Elizabeth and Rebecca. Executrix: Wife, not named. Witnesses: 
Henry White, James Davis. Magdalen Kelly, probably wife of testa- 
tor, adopts ■will as her own by writing dated December 10, 1699. Witnesses: 
Henry White, Jacob Overman. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

Kelly, Smith. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 2, 1734. April 15, 1734. Son: Nicholas. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mary. No signature. No witnesses. Clerk of the Court: Chas. 

Kemp, George. Pasquotank County. 

January 20, 1723-1724. April Court, 1724. Sons: George and Allen 
(all my lands). Daughter: Sarah Kemp. Wife and Executrix: M.\ry. 
Witnesses: Mac. Scarborough, John Toxey, Tno. Hillard. Clerk of 
the Court: W. Norris. 

203 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Kemp, William. Anson County. 

April 20, 1750. April Court, 1753. Sons: John, William, Thomas, 
Joseph and Steven. Daughter: Sarah Kemp. To the sons is bequeathed 
land described in will. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executors: John 
and William (sons). Witnesses: Andrew Mareman, Anthony Hutch- 
ins. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Dunn. 

Kenedy, Walter. Johnston County. 

March 25, 1751. June Court, 1751. Son: John. Daughter: Mary 
Kennedy. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Kennedy, 
RoBT. Fellow. Deputy Clerk of the Court: James Oates. 

Kent, John. Bath Connty. 

September 28, 1719. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Richard 
Harvey. Witnesses: Anthony Markham, John McKeel and John Har- 
vey'. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 219. 

Kenyon, John. Perquimans County. 

May 19, 1751 July Court, 1752. Son.' Joab ("my plantation"). Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Abraham Hendrixon (brother-in-law) 
and John Weakes. Witnesses: John Modling, Sam'll Moore, Hannah 
MoDLiNG. Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.\tch. 

Keton, John, Sr. Perquimans County. 

February 28, 1734-1735. October 1, 1735. Sons: John. Lewis, Jo- 
seph. Daughters: Sarah Hubbard, Elizabeth Wiggins. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: Zachariah Nickson. Witnesses: Ed- 
ward Moore, John Willcocks, Robert Cocks. Clerk of the Court: 
Ja.mes Craven. 

Kibble, Abraham. On,slow County. 

December 6, 1750. April 2, 17.57. Son: James. Daughter: LusE. 
Stepsons: Thomas and Daniel Hix. Son-in-law and Executor: Joseph 
Williams. Wife and Executrix: Edith. Witnesses: Thos. Jenkins, 
Joseph Loyd, William Loyd. Codicil provides for education of son "as 
far as the rule of three." Witnesses: Thos. Jenkin, Joseph Loyd, Wil- 
liam Loyd. 

Kilbee, Christopher. Northampton County. 

February 9, 1741-1742. IMay Court, 1752. Sons: Epaphroditus, 
Xpher (to each is devised land). Daughters: Sar.yh, Elizabeth, Frances. 
Wife: Katherine. Executors: Maj. Joseph Gray, Thomas Jarrell. 
Friends: Joshua Lewis and John Fort. Witnesses: John Brassell, 
Thomas Wesbrook. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Abstract of Wills. 1(190 — I7(i0. 203 

KiLLiNGSwoETH, Francis. Johnstou County. 

March 3, 1751. March Court, 1752. Son: Nols. Wife: Rebeckah. 
Executors: Arthur Fort, Solomon Homes. Witnesses: Rachel Ste- 
phens, Elizabeth Pace. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Chas. Young. 

KiLLiNGSWORTii, RicHARD. Edgecombe County. 

December 3, 1733. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Cousin: Richard 
Killingsworth. Witnesses: Benjamin Wood, Francis Wood, Jno. 
Speir. No probate. 

KiNCE, Christl\n. Bi-unswic'k County. 

December 24, 1761. January 19, 1762. Sons: John, Edward, Wil- 
liam. Daughter: Elizabeth. Executors: John and Joseph Kince and 
Edward Williams. Wife: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: John 
Fillyaw, Samuel Kince, John Howard. Proven before Arthur 


KiNCHEN, WiLLiAJi. Eclgecouibe County. 

November 6, 17.58. December Court, 17.58. 5ons.- John (land on the 
river adjoining Craghill), William ("remainder of my land"). Daughters: 
Martha, Elizabeth, Mary and Temperance. Executors: Blake B.\ker, 
Henry D.4.wson (brothers), John Kinchen (son). Witnesses: Henry 
Campbell, Peter Jones, William Moore. Clerk of Court: Jos. Mont- 

King, Henry. Chowan County. 

February 24, 1714. .\pril 16, 1716. Sons: Michael, Charles and 
Henry (lands in Chowan and in Virginia). Daughters: Elisabeth, Catren 
and Mary King. Signatures of witnesses torn off. Clerk of the Court: R. 
Hicks. Names of witnesses appearing in probate: Christopher Vanluon, 
John Hayes. Judith Fox. 

King, Henry. Bertie County. 

July 1, 1750. May Court, 1751. Daughters: Cattren, Ann and Pru- 
dence King. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executors: Robt. West, Jos. 
Hardy. Witnesses: Agnee Marvell Knott, Hannah Maltimer. Clerk 
of the Court: Sam'l Ormes. 

King, John. On.slo\v County. 

January 5, 1743-1744. July 4, 1749. Sons: John, Charles, William, 
Nicholas, Henry and Jacob, Michael. Wife: Priscilla. Executors: 
Lewis Jenkins and George Bishop. Wittiesses: Isabella Jenkins, 

Elizabeth Wingate, S.arah Higman. Clerk of the Court: Thos. . 

Portion of this will missing. 

204 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

King, Michael. Bertie County. 

May 20, 1741. October 29, 1741. Sons: Michael, Henry and John. 
Daughters: Catherine, Isbel, Penelope and Mary King. Wife and 
Executrix: Isbel. Executors: Coll. Robert West and his son Robert. 
Witnesses: Roger Snell, Jno. Hill, J. Holbrook. Proven before J. 
Montgomery, C. J. 

KiNGSTAN, James. 

July 12, 1748. Legatees and devisees: Jacob Boni, Jr., and Wm. 
Thomas, Junr. Executors : Jacob Boni, Sr., and William Thomas, Sr. 
Witnesses: Wm. McCanne and Nat McCanne. No probate. 

KiNSE, John. Perquimans County. 

October 8, 1718. April 14, 1719. Daughter: Elizabeth Kinsey. 
Daughter-in-law: Mary Nickolson. Son-in-law: Samuel Nicholson. 
Wife and Executrix: Presillah. Executor: Richard Ratlifp. Wit- 
nesses: Edward Maudlin, Ezekiel Maudlin. Clerk of the Court: Rich- 
ard Leary. 

Kinsey, John. Craven County. 

April 9, 1752. May Court, 1752. Sons: John, Joseph, Absalom, 
Christian and Samuel. Daughter: Easter. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: John Granade. Witnesses: Jno. Snead, Harding Jones, 
John Dunn. Clerk of the Court: Phil Smith. 

KiEBY, Thomas. Chowan County. 

May 7, 1718. Jul_y 16, 1719. Sons: Thomas, Charles and Edward. 
Daughters: Mabel and Easter. Wife and Executrix: Easter. Witnesses: 
John Colson, Richard Horn, Robert Sharar. Proven before Ch.\s. 

KiSABLE, Michael. Craven County. 

March 8, 1727-1728. September 24, 1728. Dowg/i^cr; Mary Frowing. 
Wife: mentioned, but not named. Daughter-in-law: Marget Teachy. 
Son-in-law: Daniel Teachy. Executors: Mathew Risnover and 
Fletcher Miller. 'Witnesses: Robt. Smith, Alexander Steel, John 
Waxfield. Clerk of the Court: C. Metcalfe 

KiTCHiNG, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

May 4, 1736. May 20, 1736. Devisees and legatees: Daniel Rogerson 
("plantation I now live on, called Mount Messeary"), Josiah Rogerson, 
Christopher Jackson, Charles, Christopher Denm.\n, Sarah 
Denman, Thomas Lilly, Jr., William Lilley, Sarah Roberts, Gil- 
bert Scot, John Lilley, Casiah Rogerson, Margret Rogerson, Ann 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— ITGO. 20c 

Moore, Jean Aspell. Executor: Dan'll Rogerson. Witnesses: Wal- 
ter Andrew, William Roberts, Mart Andrew. Proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

Knight, Lewis Allexandek. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 17, 1731. April Court, 1732. Sons: Em.manuel and Lewis 

(land "on ye River"). Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Jbr. 

Sweeny, Timothy Meade.s, Mary Sweeny. Clerk of the Court: W. 


Knight, Tobias. Bath County. 

June 11. 1719. July Court, 1719. Wife and Executrix: Catherine. 
All lands, etc.. conveyed to wife and daughter-in-law: Elizabeth Glover. 
Witnesses: Jno. H^u,ton, Edwd. Cha.mberlayne, Peter Hand. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Halton. 

Knicjht, WiLLLiM. Bei'tie County. 

December 3, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sons: John, William, 
Nemiah. Wife: Martha. Friends: Isaac Carter, Joseph Benthall. 
Executors: Isaac Carter, John Knight (son). Witnesses: William 
Knight, Sus.\nnah Skiner, Joseph Benthall. Clerh of the Court: 
Samuel Ormes. 

Knox, John. Chowan County. 

February 11, 1729-1730. November 17, 1730. Son: Thomas. Wife 
and Executrix: Margret. Daughter: Mary Knox. Guardian of daughter: 
John Porter, Sr. Executor: John Porter, Jr. No witne.sses. Proven 
before Richard Everard. 

KoRNEGEY, Geoege. Craven County. 

November 2, 1773. November 29, 1773. Sons: Daniel, Elijah 
(land in Dobbs County on Falling Creek), John Jacob, George (250 
acres of land in the fork of the Beaverdam in Duplin County), William, 
David, Joseph (500 acres of land on the northe.ast of Cape Fear), Abr.i- 
ham. Daughter: M.vry DeBruhl. Executors: John, Jacob and George 
Kornegey (sons). Witnesses: John Granade, Morgan Smith Sanders, 
Ruben Andrew.^. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Lacye, William, Senior. Albemarle County. 

August 3, 1701. July Court, 1704. Daughter: Barbary Lacye. 
Granddaughter: Mary Lacye. Daughter-in-law: Mary Lacye. Son: 
William Lacye. Barbary and Mary Lacye, daughters of Willi.wi 
Lacye, Jr. Executor: Wm. Lacye, Jr. Witnesses: Peter Grey', Senior, 
Peter Gray, Jr., Thomas Holmes. Cle:>-k of the Court: Tho. Snoden. 

206 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Lacy, Willl^m. Perquimans County. 

January 17, 1734-1735. January 29, 1734. Sons; William and 
Thom.'^s ("land and plantation whereon I now live"), Joseph. Executors: 
Wife (not named) and Richard Cheasten. Wit7iesses: John Powell, 
Arthur Ckaxton and Isaac Mackey. Proven before Gabriel Johns- 
ton at Edenton. 

Laffitte, Timothy. Edenton Precinct. 

November 4, 1742. March 24, 1742. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Benjn. Talbot, Jesse Brenn, Thos. Blotjnt. Proven before 
W. Smith, C. J. 

Lakaeo (or Lakers), Benjamin. Perquimans Precinct. 

April 7, 1701. July 8, 1701. Wife cmd Executrix: Juliana (land on 
Parishes Creek). Daughter: Sarah Harvey (book, "Grantham's Church 
Principles"). Friend: George Bleighton ("one book, being an Exposi- 
tion upon the five books of Moses"). Witnesses: Richard French, 
Elizabeth Steward, Deborah Thurston. Clerk of the Court: John 

Laker, Juliana. Perquimans County. 

September 24, 1735. January Court, 173S. Great-grandson: Benjamin 
Scarborough, son of Mackeora Scarborough (plantation called the 
Chenifen Ridge). Sister: Neptuania Hutson. Daughter: Joanna 
Palmer. Other legatees: Hutson and Julian.v Wortham, Martha 
Palmer, Samuell Palmer. Executor: M.\ckeora Scarborough. Wit- 
nesses: John BancivEY, P.^ciana Creacy. Clerk of the Court: James 

Lamb, Willia^i. Perquimans County. 

December 4, 1757. April Court, 1758. Wife and Executrix: Miriam. 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Miriam and Mary. Brother and Executor: Wil- 
liam Newby. Witnesses: Samuel Litteson (or Sitteson), D.-vvid Pow- 
ell, Jacob Wilson. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Lamberson, Henry. Beaufort County. 

February 17, 174.3-1744. June Court, 1744. T("i/e; Mary. Son.- John. 
Executors: James Humes, Jesse Jones and John Physioc and N.\thaniel 
Draper. Witnesses: John Physioc, J.\.mes Mackelway, Nath'll Dra- 
per. Clerk of the Court: The. Goold. 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 1760. . 20''i 

Lane, Cheistias". Edgecombe County. 

October 5, 1747. May Coiivt, 1748. Daughters: Sarah and Mary 
Lane. Son: Abraham. Oilier legatees: Christian Hill. Executor: 
Abraham Hill. Witnesses: Stephen Jackson, Sar.ah Hill. Clerk of 
the Court: Ben.i'n Wynn.s. 

Lane, EpiiEAiit. Craven County. 

July 21, 1773. June 8. 1774. Wife: Sarah. Other demsee and legatee: 
Frederick Todvine. Brothers: Samuel and George L.\ne. Executom: 
Richard C.\swell and Fhrnifold Green. Witnesses: Edward Halle. 
W.M. Mix, Richard Teer. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Lane, Joseph. Edgecombe Couiity. 

December 6, 1757. November Court, 1758. Brother: Lane. 
Sisters: Faith Byndm, Drewsiller Bryant. Other legatee: Winifred 
Pope. Executors: Joh.n Bradford and Henry Pope. Witnesses: Ben- 
j.AMiN Merryman, Barnabas Lane, David Dickson. Clerk of the Court: 
Jos. Montfort. 

Lane, Thomas. Bertie County. 

March 30, 1754. November Court, 1754. Daughters: Ann Robeson, 
Elizabeth Lane, Sarah Berry. Son: William. Executors: John 
Robinson. Ann Robinson and Elizabeth Lane. Witnesses: Joseph 
Butterton, Willi.v.m Persey, Sam'll O'Steen. Clerk of the Court: 
Samuel Ormes. 

Lane, Walter. Newberu, in Craven County. 

September 13, 1742. August Court, 1757. Brothers: William, John 
and George Lane. Sisters: Eliz.abeth M.\tto, Sarah Godard, Elenor 
Hixon, Rachel. Son: George ("my lot in Newbern, No. 10"). Grand- 
sons: Walter Lane and Walter Hixon. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: S.amuel Swann. Witnesses: John Lapierre, John Bryan, 
Martin Franck, D.\.n'll Grandin. Clerk of the Court: Peter Conway. 

Lanieb, Eobeet. Tyrrell County. 

September 20, 1744. March Court, 1744. Daughters: Jean, Eliz.^.- 
beth, Sarah, Annan.^zah Cristanah, Grase, S^uiariah. Sons: Wil- 
liam and John (1 bible each). Grandsons: Robert Daniell, John 
Bryan. Granddaughters: Sarah and Mary Gilbert. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Sarah. Executors: John and Lanier (sons). Witnesses: 
William Willis, Robert Lanier Daniel, John Lanier. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Lee. 

208 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Lankton, Thomas. 

September 11, 1696. Wm. Stevens, Jebaz. Alford, Rachel and 
Mary Damorell, Mr. Francis Parrott, "Negro Betty" (one son 
about three years old), Andrew James. Executor: Mr. Wm. Dunken- 
piELD. Witnesses: Wm. Jones, James Damorell. Proven by oath of 
James Damorell before Honble. Thos. Pollock, Lords' Deputy, and 
by Wm. Jones before Capt. Anthony Dawson, Justice, September 14, 

Larkin.s, John. New Hanover Coimty. 

May 15, 1737. September Court, 1738. Sons: William and John ("my 
plantation"), James. Wife and Executrix: Tabitha. Friend: James 
Innes. Witnesses: John Smithes, James Carter, John Innes. Clerk of 
the Court: Jno. Rice. 

Lasey, Francis. Perquimans County. 

April 16, 1739. July Court, 1739. Daughter: Jemima Lasey ("planta- 
tion whereon I now dwell"). Wife and Executrix: Mary Ann Lasey. 
Brother: John Lasey. Executor: William Bogue. Witnesses: Francis 
James, Moses Elliott. Clerk, of the Court: James Craven. 

L.ASHLY, Patrick. Granville County. 

November 28, 1758. March Court, 1759. Wife: Lidda. Executor: 
Philip Pryor. Witnesses: Moses Span, Christian Langston. Clerk of 
the Court: Daniel Weldon. 

Lathum, Paul. Albemarle County. 

October 7, 1692. July 31. 1693. Son: George ("my plantation"). 
Daughter: Elizabeth Lathdm. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: George Flemming, Maria Flemming, John Philpott. Clerk of 
the Court: Edward Moor. 

Lattimee, William. Bertie County. 

August 21, 1750. , February Court, 1750. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Executor: James Leagwit. Friend: James Smith. Witnesses: 
Richard Tomlinson, Rich'd Bradley, Robert Rogers. Clerk of the 
Court: Sam'll Ormes. 

Lattimore, Elizabeth. Bertie County. 

March 3, 1753. May Court, 1753. Legatees: Mary Smith, James 
Smith, Abenezar Tomlinson, Richard Tomlinson ("all my lands and 
houses"). Executor: Richard Tomlinson. Witnesses: Luke Mizell, 
John Oliver, Elizabeth Smith. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wy'nns. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 209 

Lawlee, Pateick. Chowan County. 

November 29, 1728. January 22, 1728. .Sons.- Danby ("my planta- 
tion"), David (appointed Executor). Daughter: Ann Lawtbr. Wife: 
Pashent. Witnesses: Thos. Rountree, James Hinton, John Martain. 
Proven before C. Gale and also before Rich'd Everard. 

Lawkence, Geoege. Bertie County. 

March 26, 1752. January Court, 1756. Daughteis: Ann and Sarah 
Lawrence. Sons: Joshua and George ("my lands"). Wife and Execv^ 
trix: Sarah. Executors: Thomas and John Lawrence (brothers). Wit- 
nesses: George Lawrence, John Yeats, Robert Lawrence, Thomas 
Lawrence. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Laweence, William. Albemarle County. 

July 5, 1694. August Court, 1694. Daughters: Jane and Rachell 
Lawrence. Wife: Margaret Lawrence. Cousin: Rachel Snelling. 
Cousin: Wm. Lawrence. Executors: Israel Snelling and John Law- 
rence. Witnesses: Francis Jones, Jr., Christopher Lacy', L.vwrence 
Hunt. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney. 

Lawson, John, Gent. Bath County. 

August 12, 1708. "To my dearly beloved Hannah Smith the house I 
now live in * * * *." "Remainder of my estate real and personal to 
my (iauj/iter, Isabella, of Bath County, * * * * *" Property to be 
divided among daughter, Isabella, and any other child or children of her 
mother, Hannah Smith, "by me." Executrix: Hannah Smith. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Smith and James Leigh. Original missing. Recorded 
in Will Book 1712-1722, page 39. 

Lawson, Samuel. Craven County. 

April 24, 1758. May 31, 1758. Son: Durram. Daughter: Mary Pal- 
Lis Lawson. Wife and Execidrix:M.AnG auet. Executors: John Kii/l and 
William Mansfield Lipscomb. Witnesses: John Hardee, Wm. Spbir 
and Benj'n Pane. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. To each of the chil- 
dren is devised a house and lot in Newbern. 

Lawtee, David. Chowan County. 

Will is not dated, nor is there any probate. Wife and Executrix: Mary 
("my plantation" and also tract of land called the Cow Island). Other 
legatees and devisees: Walters Phelps {Executor), Elizabeth Homes, 
Edward Piland, Darby Lawter (brother), Christiana Lovewell, Ben- 
jamin Lovewell. Witnesses: Thomas Piland, John Phelps and Tho.mas 



210 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Layden, Francis. Albemarle County. 

February 23, 1727-1728. Probate not dated. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Sons: William ("the manor plantation"), Francis (land 
adjoining John Stevens), George and Isaac. Daughter: Mary. Cousin: 
William Middleton. Witnesses: John Stevens, William Middleton, 
William Evens. Clerk of the Court: Chas. Denman. 

Lazy (or Lacy), John. Perquimans Precinct. 

December 1, 1682. No probate. Wife: Abigail. Daughter: Sarah 
Lazy (or Lacy). Witnesses: John Stepney, William Charles, William 
Laurence. No executrix or executor appointed. 

Leak, John. Nansemond County. 

November 21, 1695. December 12, 1695. Daughters: Martha Bur- 
well, Elizabeth Lear. Grandson: John Lear. Other legatees: Charles 
Goremgb, John George. Executors: Lewis BuR'tt'ELL, Capt. Thomas 
Godwin. Witnesses: William Coffield, John Lowe, Elizabeth Bridger, 
Ann Coffield. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Andrew Ross. This i.s a copy 
of the original made by the deputy clerk of the Court. 

Learge, Jacob. Craven County. 

1731. March Court, 1731-1732, "of the Switz Country being in Obar 
Savenchal." Sons: Jacob and Christian. Daughter: Mary Learge. 
Executor: Jacob Miller. Witnesses: Peter Cortney, George Slider, 
Vendal Philer. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Leart, Cornelius. Tyrrell County. 

March 30, 1742. September Court, 1742. Brothers: John and James 
Leary. Sisters: Sarah, Mary' and Rebecca Leary'. Mother: Sary 
Leary. Executor: John Leary (brother). Witnesses: Rich'd Leary, 
James Sutten. Clerk of the Court: W. Downing. 

Leary, Richard. Tyrrell County. 

April 20, 1738. September 5, 1738. Sons: Cornelius and James 
("plantation whereon I now live to be equally divided between them"), 
John (three hundi'ed acres of land commonly known as the Chincquapine 
ridge), Thomas, Rich.ard. Daughters: Sarah, Mary and Rebeckah 
Leary. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: Cornelius Leary. Wit- 
nesses: John Long, Elizabeth Long. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Ander- 
son Sagg. 

Leath, John, Sr. Hyde County. 

April 9, 1750. June Court, 1751. Sons: Thomas and Samuel (100 
acres land), Charles and Peter (plantation bought of Richard Lambirt- 

Abstract of Wills, 1C90— 1760. 211 

son), John. Daughters: Sarah, Frances, Dorcas, Casia, Mary and 
Catherine Leath, Hannah Hodges Slade, Elizabeth Slade. Execu- 
tors: John and Charles Leath (sons), Aaron Tison. Witnesses: Aaron 
Tison, Roger Mason, Junr., William Richard Jasper. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Loack. 

Leatii, John. Hyde County. 

November 10, 1751. March Court, 17.52. Sons/ Samson ("my manner 
plantation"), John. Daughters: Lydia and Keziah Leath. Wife and 
Executrix: Hannah. Executors: Aaron Tison and Jonathan Jasper. 
Witnesses: George Bell, Jonathan Jasper, Ann Jasper. Clerk of the 
Court: Francis Egleton. 

Leath, Richard. Hyde County. 

May 10, 1749. Daughters: Agnes and R.\chel Leath. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: M.ARY. Witnesses: Hezekiah Slade, Benjamin Jewell, Mary 
Jewell. Clerk of Court: Thos. Loack. Testator describes his stock 
mark as being "crop and under bit and a hole Left Eare, the right under 
bit and over bit." 

Lee, George. Pasquotank Precinct. 

May 3, 1729. October 12, 1729. Sons: John ("ye plantation whereon I 
now dwell"), Edward (land adjoining the plantation aforesaid), George 
and William. Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah Lee. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Thos. Weekes, Anne Weekes, Anne 
BuNDY. Clerk of the Court: K.Mi'NSON. "7(em; I give and bequeath * * 
* * * all ye neat cattle that are to be found of ye following mark (viz.) a 
crop in ye right ear and two slits in ye left wch mark is recorded * * *." 

Lee, James. Bertie Precinct. 

January 17, 1731. November Court, 1732. Sons: James ("the planta- 
tion whereon I now live"), Robert and William ("a plantation at a place 
called Kinyard's"). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John More, 
Richard More, Jr. Clerk of the Court of Edgecombe Precinct: Rt. Forster. 

Lee, Mary (wife of Capt. Thomas Lee), Chowan County. 

September 26, 1716. October 31, 1716. Sons: Thomas Blount (one- 
half of the "manner plantation with the manner house"), Benjamin and 
Jacob Blount ("the Middle plantation"). Daughter: Zilplia Blount 
("the other halfe of the said manner plantation"). Executor: Thomas 
Blount (son). Witiiesses: Jervis Coleman, John Edwards, Gilbert 
H0LLID.4.Y and William SwiNSON. Clerk of the Court : K.'H.kks. Testa- 
trix states that she is also " widdow of C.\ptt. Thomas Blount of Chowan." 

212 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Lee, Eichaed. Edgecombe County. 

April 4, 1756. May Court, 1756. Sons: Timothy (100 acres of land on 
"Contenteny Creek"), Arthur, Rich.^rd, Soloaion (the plantation "which 
I now live on"). Daughters: Elisabeth Lee, Rachel Bradley, Sarrah 
Horn, Martha Lee. Witnesses: Absalom Holliman, William Fokes, 
James Permenter. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. Stock mark of 
the testator is described as being "swallow fork in the right ear and a crop 
and half Crop in ye Left Ear." 

Lee, Stevens. Tyrrell County. 

February 2, 1746-1747. June Court, 1746-1747. Son: Stevens (land 
on Kendricks Creek, f of grist mill; plantation on White Oak called Cedar 
Point). Daughter: Frances Lee ("plantation where I now live called 
Cabbin Neck"). Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Robert West, Cullbn 
Pollock, Thomas Lee and Robert West, Jr. Witnesses: Wm. Mackey, 
John Gomm, John Hughes. Clerk of Court: Evan Jones. 

Lee, Stephen. Onslow County. 

January 25, 1772. December 8, 1773. Son: Stephen ("my plantation 
bought of Wm. Houston"). Daughters: Mary, Sarah and Ferreby Lee. 
Wife: Ferrebee. Executors: Robert Orme, Edward Starkby, Peter 
Starkey. Witnesses: Stephen Grant, Richard Oldfield, Sarah Wil- 
liams. Proven before Jo. Martin. Provision is made for education of 
son at Boston or Philadelphia. 

Lee, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

March 14, 1716-1717. July 6, 1719. Brother: William Lee ("my 
plantation called Cabbin Neck lying on the East side of Kendricks Creek"). 
Children of brother William: William, Elizabeth and Edward. Friend: 
Zilpha Blount. Son: Stephens ("all my lands and my mill"). Wife: 
Mary. Executors: Frederick Jones, Edw.ard Moseley, William 
Downing. TTitoesses.- C. Gale, Jervis Colman, John Edwards. Proven 
before Charles Eden. To wife is given plantation at Conaby "on the east 
side of the Creek." "Item: It is my will that the ship or pink by me now 
intended to be built at Kendricks Creek shall be compleatly built, finished 
and launched, &c &c &c." 

Lee, Thomas. 

July 23, 1722. July 28, 1722. Brother: William Lee ("my third part 
of the Sloop Sea Flower"). Daughters: Jane and Rachel Lee. Executor: 
Coll. Maurice Moore. Witnesses: Gyles Shute, Anthony Green, 
Thomas Pesket (Prescott). Proven before Thomas Pollock, President 
of the Council. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 213 

Lee, Thomas. Tyrrell County, 

November 1, 1750. April Court, 1753. Son: Thomas (lands between 
Conibee Creek and Morrattock River). Executors: Francis Brice. Wil- 
liam Mackey, Stevens Lee. Witnesses: John Nicholls, William Bar- 
ret, Ja.mes Rhoads. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Lee, Thomas. Bertie Coimty. 

March .31, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sons: William ("my planta- 
tion"), Steven. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daughter: Prissilla Lee. 
Executor: Benjamin Wynns. Witnesses: Jno. Harrell, Thos. Hudson, 
Jacob Lewess, Jno. Lewess. Clerk of the Court: Samuel Ormes. 

Leeth, John. Anson County. 

July 21, 1757. Legatees: Joseph Leeth (son of George Leeth), Mary 
White (daughter of Joseph White). Executor: Anthony Hutchins. 
Witnesses: John Thor-main, Samuel S.mart, Antho. Hutchins. Mary 
Thurman. No probate. 

Legitt, Thomas. Currituck County. 

April 10, 1749. July Court, 1749. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. 
Daughter: Elisabeth Legitt. Cousin: James Legitt (.son of Alexander 
Legitt). Witnesses: Robert Simmons, Eliash Cornish, Moses Caps. 
Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Leigh, Ann. Beaufort Precinct. 

August 9, 17.32. March Court, 1732-1733. Sons: Samuel Darden 
(plantation and three negroes), Joseph Darden. Daughters: Ann Adams, 
Jane Watkins. Grandsons: Jacob Darden and Jajies Ad.\ms. Grand- 
daughters: Sarah Adams and Mary Watkins. Executor: Samuel Dar- 
den. Witnesses: Robert Campen, John Mayo, Thos. Malldbn. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Colli.son. 

Leigh, James. Bath County. 

September 23, 1728. October Court, 1728. Sons: James ("part of the 
tract of land I now live on"), John (land called the Accomack Entry), 
Lyonall (land adjoining the Accomack Entry). Daughters: Sarah Leigh, 
Patience Purser, Elizabeth Underwood and Milly Durham. Wife: 
Ann. Grandson: Peter Leigh. Executors: James and John Leigh 
(sons). Trustee: Robert Rurner. Witnesses: Robert Peyton, Robert 
Peyton, Benja. Peyton. Clerk of the Court: John Mattocke. 

Leiemont, Kichaed. Hyde County. 

February 24, 1752. March Court, 1752. Daughters: ^Vmelia Webster 

(plantation on Jordan's Creek commonly known by the name of Lodowick 

214 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Mahtin's plantation), Willielma Leirmont (one plantation on Jordan's 
Creek called Margaret Jordan's Fork), Margaret Leirmont (land known 
as Hunt's Point). Executors: William Webster, Thomas Jordan and 
Thomas Smith. Witnesses: Roger Mason, Dinah Smith, Thomas Rew. 
Clerk of the Court: Fran. Egleton. 

Lennon, John. Bladen County, 

October 1.3, 17.57. October Court, 1757. Parish of St. Martin's. Sons: 
John ("this land I now live on"), Denis (land on Waccamaw Swamp), 
Ephraim. Daughter: Phillis Ellice. Wife and Executrix: AnN. Exec- 
utor: Even Ellice (son-in-law). Witnesses: Samu'l Baker, Wm. McRee 
(or McKee), Mary Mackkey. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Burgwin. 

Li^'PEB, Thomas. Bath County, in Craven Precinct, 

'^(ctober 23, 1715. July 22, 1719. Legatees: Anne and Katherine 

N JSS, Wife and Executrix: Anne. Executors: Daniel McFarlanb and 
Richard Graves. Witnesses: John Nelson, Elizabeth Ferguson, 
Mary Jones and Mary Riding. Clerk of the Court: C. Metcalfe. 

Leweeton, Ephraim. Chowan Precinct. 

October 10, 1713. Cousins: John Lewerton, son of John Lewerton 
(land on Salmon Creek); Willi,\m, son of William Jones (land on Black 
Walnut Swamp); Elizabeth Lewerton, Ann and Mary Jones. Sister: 
Mary Jones. Friend: Rebecca Hardy. Executor: John Hardy. Wit- 
nesses: William Jones, John Holbrook. Original missing. Recorded 
in Book 1712-1722, page 30. 

Lewerton, William. Chowan Precinct. 

January 3, 1698-1699. April Court, 1699. Sons: William and John. 
Daughters: Mary' and Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Nicholas Fillbert, Jno. Davis and Nath. Chevin. Clerk of the 
Court: Nath. Chevin. 

Lewis, David. Carteret County. 

October 6, 1773. November 11, 1773. Devisees and legatees: John 
Shepard ("plantation whereon I now dwell known by the name of Indian 
Town"), William Shepard (plantation known as Glover's Hammock), 
David Shepard, John Simmons, Daniel, Jajvies and Benjamin Simmons, 
Rich.ard Shepard. One hundred pounds is bequeathed toward building a 
church in Beaufort. Wife and Executrix: M.\ry. Executors: John Shep- 
ard, Solomon Shepard and John Simmons. Witnesses: William Bbvin, 
James Frazier, Sarah Fr.azier. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 215 

Lewis, Evan. Beaufort County. 

June 20, 1713-1714. January 3, 1714. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth 
Lewis. Other legatee: Mary Mayo. Witnesses: Sam'll Meltdm, Swan 
SwANSON. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Drinkwater. 

Lewis, William. Bath Cov^ity. 

December 11, 1731. .5, 1732. Daughters: Elizabeth Sinc 'A^^' 
Mary Dudley, Magdalen Bigford, Edy Benson. Sons: Willi.aj-i an'- 
SoLOMON. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: William Lewis (son)- 
Witnesses: Ed. Smith, John Herbert. Proven before George Bdi WI^'G" 


LiLE, Geoege. Chowan «. '^nunty. 

October 29, 1752. January Court, 1753. Sons: George ("plantu "" 
whereon I now live"), John. Executors: William Hoskins and He 
Bonner. Witnesses: John Carlton, Jeremiah Haughton, John 
KINS. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. Six otlier children are nit. 
tioned, but not named. 

LiLLiNGTON, Alexander. Perquimans Precinct. 

September 9, 1697. Octobers, 1697. Sons: John ("plantation whereon 
I now live and plantation that wa.s formerly Stephen Hancocks and my 
silver hilted sword"), George ("my plantation at Yawpim River and plan- 
tation at Little River whereon Franci.s Penrie now lives"). Daughters: 
Ann Walker, Elizabeth Fendall, Mary Lillington, Sarah Lilling- 
TON. Sons-in-law: Henderson Walker and John Fendall. Wife: Ann. 
Executors: Col. William Wilkison and Henderson Walker. Witnesses: 
Caleb Callaway, John Barrow, Robert Harman. Clerk of the Court: 
W. Glover. Coat of arm.s on seal. 

Lillington, Ann. Chowan Precinct. 

January 26, 1724. April 1, 1725. Daughter: Elizabeth Lillington. 
Grandson and Executor: John Simons. Witnesses: James Beasley, Anna 
Stewart, Mary Stewart. Proven before George Bdrrington. 

Lillington, Eliezee. Bath County. 

April 2S, 1729. December Court, 1729. Wife: Elizabeth (also ap- 
pointed Executrix). Witnesses: John Brock, John Clifford, Gilbert 
Haliday. Clerk of the Court: John Mattock. The testator bequeathed 
the following books: To Nath.^n Archbald, "one come and welcome to 
Jesus Christ by John Bunyan, Mr. Baxters directions of Geting and attain- 
ing peace of Conscience, Measons Hymne Book an old sermon book by 
several divines called the farewell sermons." To John Clifford: "Aliens 

216 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

call to the unconverted and Lees Triumphs of Mercy with a New England 
Psaltn Book." To Gilbert Haliday: "Mathers remarkable Providences 
and an English Dictionary." 

■L" T.LiNGTON, Elizabeth. Bath County, 

"''^'y 8, 1734. Sons: Richard Babrow, Joseph Barrow, James Bar- 
row, VViLLiAM, John and Samuel Barrow (1 shilling each). Daughters: 
Mabv, Barrow and Sarah Harri.s. Executors: Richard and Joseph 
BarR'-.-jjt (sons). Witnesses: Deliverance Lathan, Eleanor Howard, 
RoBEBj. Howard. Clerk of Hyde County Court: Wm. Barrow. Five 
negro -laves are bequeathed. 

LiLLiNGpQjf^ John. Beaufort Precinct. 

M-ch 19, 1721-1722. July 2, 1723. Son: Alexander (1 ,000 acres of 

d, two negro slaves, a family bible, etc.). Daughters: Elizabeth, M.\Ry, 

Wife: Sarah Lillington. Executors: Maurice Moore, John Por- 

and John Baptiste Ashe. Witnesses: Pat. Maule, Samuel Cooper, 

jOhn Tranter. Clerk of the Court: John Baptiste Ashe. Five negroes, 

about sixty cattle bequeathed to children. 

Lilly, John. Perquimans County. 

January 26, 1753. April Court, 1753. Wife and Executrix: Kazeiah 
("plantation where I now dwell"). Father-in-law: Daniel Rogerson (163 
acres of land in Chowan County called the "beverdams"). Brother: Joshua 
Lilly, "and my father-in-law, Daniel Rogerson" ("three hundred acres 
of land lying up the Ridges"). Executor: Josiah Rogerson. Witnesses: 
Nicholas St.^llings, Joseph Lilly, Isaac Lilly'. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. 

Lillet, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

October 12, 1735. January Court, 1735. Sons: John ("plantation he 
now lives on"), Thomas ("plantation whereon I now live"), William (100 
acres of land), Timothy and Joseph (tract of land to be equally divided 
between them). Daughters: Margaret Reddick (wife of John Reddick), 
Hanna Rogerson. Wife and Executrix: S.\rah. Executor: Thomas 
LiLLEY (son). Witnesses: George Spive, Daniel Rogerson, Gilbert 
Scott. Clerk of the Court: James Cr.wen. 

Lindsay, James. Dobbs County. 

June 15, 1768. May 11, 1770. Brothers: Peter, William and Robert 
Lindsay. Executors: Richard Caswell, John Dickson and Robert 
Lindsay. Witnesses: Fras. Mackilwean, Rigdon Brice. Clerk Su- 
perior Court: Amblox Baglby. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 217 

LiNiNGTON, Edward. Craven Coiiuty. 

July 9, 1736. September Court, 1736. Sons: George and Edward 
LiNiNGTON. Daughter: Mary Sherlock. Grandson: Francis Sherlock 
("all my lands in Alligator"). Executors: Dennis Sherlock and Capt. 
Joseph Hannis. Witnesses: Katherine Hannis, Ann Dupartall, Gas- 
par Vialon. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Wm. Lane. Provi.sion in will 
that "all the pitch and Tarr my negroes makes shall goe to pay my debts 

LiNiNGTON, George. Craven County. 

January 24, 1741-1742. June 16, 1742. Daughters: Ann Hutchison 
Linington, Eliz.vbeth Linington, Christian Linington. Nephew: 
Francis She,\rlock (640 acres of land on Neuse River). Wife: Hannah. 
Executors: Wm. Brice and Richard Nixson. Witnesses: Thcs. Smith 
and N.4.THAN Smith. Clerk of Court: N. Roijtledge. 

LiNSEY, Daniel. Currituck Precinct. 

November 6, 1720. January 10, 1721. *'on.- David (1 shilling). Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John Norton, Johnson, John 
Martvn. Clerk of the Court: Jo. Wicker. 

LiNSEY, David. Currituck County. 

August 17, 1749. October Court, 1750. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Mother: Sarah Linsey. Brother: Benjamin Linsey. To wife is be- 
queathed "my house and plantation." Witnesses: Henry Woodhouse, 
Solomon Smith, Mbnes Smith. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

Linsey, Robert. Albemarle County. 

May 16. 1689. July 25, 1689. Executors: John Wil.son and George 
Hardie, Legatees and devisees: Ann Mathews, Colleton Sturgon ("my 
plantation at Yawpim"), Mary Stdrgon, (son and daughter of John 
Sturgon). Witnesses: Francis Hartley, Thomas Slater, Margaret 
Slater. Proven before Seth Sothell. 

Linton, William. Bath County. 

January 12, 172.5-1726. June 20, 1727. Wife and Executrix: Marga- 
ret. Sons and Daughters: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Rob- 
ert Watson, Francis Hill. Executor: Thomas Mistres. Clerk of the 
Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Little, George. Hertford County. 

August 1, 1787. .Son; William. Daughter: Penelope. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary Little. Witnesses: George Swope, John Jenkins, 
Elizabeth Hurst, James Brown. No probate. All estate of the tes- 
tator, both real and personal, is divided between son and daughter. 

218 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Little, John. Anson County. 

December 8, 1755. No probate. Sons: Thomas (of Rowan County), 
William, John, Archibald, James and Alexander. Daughters: Mar- 
garet Little and Martha Reed, vnie of John Reed. Grandson: 
Thomas Little. Executors: John Little (son) and John C.^they. Wit- 
nesses: Charles Moore, Henry Johnson and Mary Renick. No 

Little, William. 

June 25, 1734. September 5, 1734. Sotis: George (lands in Meherrin 
Neck), William (lands at Okaneechy). Daughter: Penelope Little 
(mill at Hoskins). Wife and Executrix: Penelope. Executors: Cristo- 
PHER Gale, Edmund Gale and Edward Salter. Brothers: John Ar- 
BUTHNOT (also Executor), Isaac Little. Friend: Penelope Lovick 
(widow of John Lovick). Witnesses: John Bond, John Crowell, John 
Parker. Proven before Geo. Burrington. About ten negroes be- 

Little, William. Beaufort County. 

March 1, 1756. March Court, 1756. So?!s; Abraham (land on Cheek's 
Mill Creek), Jacob (100 acres of "the tract of Land whereon I now dwell"), 
William, James, Isaac, John, Joseph. Daughter: J,vne Moring. Wife: 
Morning. Executors: Isaac and Jacob Little (sons). Witnesses: Amos 
Atkinson, Mary Jddkins, Jane Atkinson. Clerk of the Court: Walley 

LoADMAN, James. Albemarle County. 

November 14, 1694. April Court, 1695. Jane Barfield, Richard 
Barfield, William Butler, Sahah Beasley, Timothy Clear, Eliza- 
beth Phelps, James Keniday. Executor: William Bogue. Witnesses: 
Johanna Bea.sley, Jane Byard, Patrick Cenady. Clerk of the Court: 
John Stepny. 

Lock, Benjamin. Bladen County. 

April 25, 1756. January Court, 1757. Sort; John ("my land"). Wife: 
Miriam. Executors: Neil Beard (father) and John Lock (brother). 
Witnesses: Thomas Thems, Daniel Beard, Elizabeth Lock. Clerk of 
the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

Lock, Thomas. Bladen County. 

August 29, 1739. December 19, 1739. Wife and Executrix: Susannah. 
Sons: Benj.\min, David and Leonard. Joseph (land on Northwest 
River). Daughters: Elizabeth Bartbam, Mary Lock. Witnesses: 
Thomas Wier, Peter Wallson, Willis Hughes. Proven before Gab. 
Johnston at Brompton. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1738- 
1753, page 123. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90— 1760. 219 

Locket, Joseph. Beaufort County. 

January 30, 1746. March Court, 1746. Sons: Joseph ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Henry (land on Barrows Creek), James. Daugh- 
ters: Sarah and Frazer Lockey. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Execu- 
tors: Levi Alderson, John Oden, John Slade. "Item: My will and 
desire is that my executors do finish the Brick House now A Building 
this Ensueing Summer, and that they putt Ten Large Sash Glass Windows 
therein." Witnesses: Wm. Dunbarr, Aaron Spring, John Hill. Clerk 
of the Court: John Forbes. 

LocKHAKT, James. Bertie County. 

December 7, 1753. May Court, 1754. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Sons: LiLLiNGTON ("plantation whereon I now live"), George 
("my two plantations at Cashoak"), Jambs ("all the rest of my lands"). 
Executors: Lillington Lockhart, Michael Contanch. Witnesses: Ed- 
ward Bryan, John Burn, Thos. Jacocks, Andr. Burn. Clerk of the 
Court: Saml. Ormes. 

LoDMAN, James. 

November 14, 1694. April 8, 1695. Legatees: Wm. Barfield, Sarah 
Basly, Timothy Clear, Elizabeth Phelps, James Kenedy, William 
BooGE {Executor). Witnesses: Johana Pasly, Jeane Byrd, P.^trick 
Kenedy. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney. 

LoFTiN, Leonard. Craven Precinct, Bath County. 

April 11, 1720. June 21, 1721. .Sons; Cornelius (220 acres of land 
where "he now lives"), Leonard ("plantation I now live on"), Benoniea. 
Daughters: Percelly, Jane and Joyce. Executors: Cornelius and 
Leonard Loftin (sons). Witnesses: Wm. Handcock, Ann Metcalfe, 
Caleb Metcalfe. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Logan, Alexander. 

October 9, 1739. November 6, 1739. Executors: Tho.mas Blount 
of Cape Fear, Tho.mas Blount and Jesse Blount of Chowan County. 
Executors are directed to sell the real and personal estate of the testator, 
and forward proceeds of sale to Messrs. Johnston & Robinson at Charles- 
town, to be by them forwarded to Thomas Kennedy of Bristol, to be 
applied by him as before directed. Witnesses: J. Montgomery, John 
Duncan, Dennis Sherlock. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Long, Daniel. Perquimans County. 

July 28, 1714. January 11, 1715-1716. Wife: Elizabeth. Friend 
and legatee: Ann Longlather, of King and Queen County in Virginia. 
Executor: Joseph Jessop. Witnesses: Richard French, Robert Moore. 
Clerk of the Court: Rich'd Leary. 

220 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Long, Giles. 

February 12, 1691-1692. This is a nuncupative will, proven by the 

oaths of Edward Smithwicke and Thomas , and gives all estate 

of the testator to his wife and child, who are not named. No probate. 

Long, J'ames. Albemarle County. 

November 24, 1678. October 7, 1680. Sons: James, Thomas and 
GiLLES. Wife and Executrix: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: 
John Wilson, Willi.\.m Stanard. No probate officer. 

Long, James. Chowan County. 

November 15, 1711. July 29, 1712. Sons:' James, Thomas ("the 
brick house plantation"), John ("my plantation at Moratock"). Daugh- 
ters: Mary and Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
James Hawkins, Hoopper, Leonard Leftin. Court held at 
the house of Capt. Thomas Lees in Chowan County. Clerk of the Court: 
J. Palin. 

Long, James. Chowan County. 

September 1, 1731,. April Court, 1734. Sons: James, Giles, Joshua, 
John, Andrew (to each of these sons is devised land). Daughter: Eliza- 
beth Long. Executor: Giles Long (son). Witnesses: Richard Leary, 
Thom.\s Leahy, Cornelius Leary. Clerk of the Court: Moselet Vail. 

Long, Joshua. Perquimans County. 

May 20, 1741. July Court, 1741. Sons: Thomas ("the manner plan- 
tation"), Joshua ("the land I purchased of John Banks, and one hun- 
dred acres of land on Yopim River"). Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: 
Thomas Long (brother), William Hoskins and Joseph Sutton. Wit- 
nesses: N.\thaniel Carruthers. John Banckes, Robert Harman. 
Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. To two sons is bequeathed one 
"peryoger" (periagua). 

Long, Joshua. Tyrrell County. 

January 7, 1750. June Court, 1754. Daughters: Priscilla, Keziah 
and Ester Long. Nephew: Stephen Long ("my plantation"). Wife 
and Executrix: Jemima. Executor: Joshua Swain. Witnesses: Andrew 
Long, Priscilla Long, Giles Long. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Long, Saeah. Perquimans Precinct. 

September 10, 1712. July 8, 1718. Legatees: Thomas Long (brother- 
in-law), Mary Perce (sister), Thos. Perce (brother-in-law), Cornelius 
Leary (son of Rich.\rd Leary), John Wiatt (cousin), Jonathan and 
WiLLi.iM Taylor, Joshuway Long (plantation at creek's mouth), Wil- 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 221 

LIAM Long (''plantation whereon I now dwell"), James Chesson. Execu- 
tors: Thos. Perce and Thos. Long. Witnesses: James Che.sson, Will'm 
Tetherton, Rich'd Leahy. Clerk of Court: Richard Leary. 

Long, Tuoma.s. Perquimans Precinct. 

September 21, 1721. October 10, 1721. Sons: William ("all my land 
up ye mill swamp"), Joshua ("ye land lying on Major Harves Quarter"), 
Tho.mas ("my plantation whereon I now live, containing four hundred 
and seventy acres"). Daughter: Sarah Leary. Wife and Executrix: 
Rebeckah. Executor: Joshu.\ Long (son). Witnesses: Thomas Peirce, 
John Wiat, Joshua Callow.a.y. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd Leary. 
Court held at the house of Mrs. Elizabeth French. 

Long, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

March 7, 1754. April Court, 1754. Sons: Joshua, Thomas (planta- 
tion commonly known as Daniel Hall's plantation). Wife and Execu- 
trix: Sarah. Executors: Joseph Creecy, Joshua Long (brother). Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Williams, Robert Turner, Andr. Knox. Clerk of the 
Court: Will. Skinner. 

Long, Willl\m. Perquimans Precinct. 

June 2, 1701. July Court, 1712. Nephews: James and William Long 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Brothers: John Long and Thomas 
Long. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Thomas Long, John 
Foster, John Stepney. Clerk of the General Court: J. Palin. 

Long, William. Perquimans County. 

July 4, 1758. April Court, 1759. Sotis: Simeon (part "of my manor 
plantation"), Thomas ("part of my manor plantation"), Reuben (land 
on Franks Creek), William, James (100 acres of land on the west side of 
Minses Creek). Grandsons : Lemuel and Ichabod Long, Joshua Wyatt. 
Granddaughter: Mary Wyatt. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executors: 
James, Thomas, Reuben and Simeon Long (sons). Witnesses: Thomas 
Jones, Zephaniah Jones, Will. Skinner. Clerk of the Court: Miles 

Longleather, Daniel. Perquimans Precinct. 

July 28, 1714. Legatees: Anne Longleather, of King and Queen 
County, Va., William and Joseph Steward (sons of wife). Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Richard French and Robert Moore. 
Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page IDS. 

222 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

LoKD, WiLLLs.M. Brunswick, in New Hanover County. 

July 5, 1748. August Court, 1749. Sons: Peter, William, Thomas. 
Daughters: Mary, Margaret, Amelia. Wife and Executrix: Margaret. 
Witnesses: Rich'd Quince, William Ross, Geo. Nicholas. Clerk of 
Court: Isaac FarIes. 

Love, Amos. 

August 15, 1770. October 30, 1773. Sons: Amos, Thomas, Charles. 
Daughters: Winnefred, Mary, Margaret, Elishe and Elizabeth Love. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Amos (son). Witnesses: Joseph 
Chatwin, John Wilkins, Charles Harbison. Proven before Jo. 

Love, Daniel. Duplin County. 

November 6, 1752. July Court, 1755. Son: James. Daughter: Sarah 
Love. Wife and Executrix: Catherine. Executors: William McKee 
and John Smith. Witnesses: George Price, Rich'd Cockburn, James 
Parton. Clerk of the Court: John Dickson. 

LovicK, John. 

August 27, 1727. November 10, 1733. Nephew: John Lovick, son of 
brother Thomas Lovick ( plantation called the Horse Meadow or Pasture ). 
Wife and Executrix: Penelope. Friends: Richard Everard, Christo- 
pher G.\LE, Edmond Gale, Robert Forster, William Little (to each is 
bequeathed a mourning ring). To William Little is bequeathed: "my 
best Hat, Wigg & Sword my Gold Buttons, all my Law Books & Lord Clar- 
endons History." Testator was executor of the wills of John Plowman 
and Charles Eden, and his will recites the following in regard to the will 
of Eden: "forasmuch as the said Charles Eden on his death bed did charge 
me if I met with any Trouble about his will from Roderick Loyd or any of 
his family that I should not pay the legacy of five hundred pounds sterling 
in the sd Chas. Edbns will given to Mrs. Margaret Pugh, I do therefore 
forbid my said Executrix to pay the same I having met with great trouble. 
Vexation and Charge about the said Will from ye Roderick Loyd and sev- 
eral of his Family and the sd Mrs. Pugh having once refused the said Leg- 
acy too and endeavoured to defeat and overthrow the said Ch.\rles Edens 
Will." The depositions of Christopher Gale, William Little and Dr. 
Abraham Blackall will be found filed with the copy of Mr. Lovick's will 
from which this abstract is made. 

Lovick, Thom.«lS. Carteret County. 

April 4, 1759. June Court, 1759. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Son: 
George Phenney Lovick. Sons-in-law: John Benners, James Parkin- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 223 

SON. Grandson: Thomas Lovick. Granddaughter: Sarah Jones. Wit- 
nesses: William Robertson, Stephen Smith, Eliz.ibeth Yarbrough. 
Clerk of Court: William Robertson. 

Low, Emanuel. Pasquotank Preciuct. 

March 2, 1726-1727. Augast 2, 1727. Daughter: Ann Letitia Low 
("plantation whereon I now live; land called Town Point on the Mouth of 
the Northwest side of Newbegun Creek; one negro). Grandson: George 
Low ("plantation where my cousin Robin.son now lives and the plantation 
called New Abbey;" one negro boy and "my seal Scutcheon of arms"). 
Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: W. Norris, Edmd. Gale and Chas. 
Bull. Codicil' appoints daughter Executrix and bequeathes to one Jo- 
hanna Pearce ten pounds. Witnesses to Codicil: W. Norris, Joseph 
Jordan, John Conner, Joshua Scott, Johana Pearce. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Weekes. Executors qualified before Richard Everard. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

Low, John. Pasquotank County. 

May 11, 1755. March Court, 1759. Sons: Thomas, John Low, Bar- 
NABE. Daughter: Lidie Low. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Executor: 
Thomas Lowe (son). Witnesses: George Low, Edward Edwards, John 
Cocks. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

LowDEN, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

May 5, 1719. July 21, 1719. Son: Robert. Daughters: Sarah and 
Ann Lowden. Witnesses: Samuel Cock, Jun., Henry Clerk 
of the Court: W. Norris. 

Lowe, Anne. Pasquotank County. 

November 2. 1729. October Court, 1731. Grandson: George Lowe 
("now in old England"). Daughter and Executrix: Anna Latitia Lowe. 
Witnesses: Jno. Palin, Stephen Scott, John Scott. Clerk of the Court: 
H. Minson. 

Lowe, William. Chowan County. 

July .31, 1720. April 17. 1722. Sons: John (land in Prince George 
County, Virginia), William (land in Prince George County, Virginia). 
Son-in-law: Robert Dixon. Daughter: Elizabeth Pace. Wife: Ann. 
Executor: Robert Dixon. Witnesses: Thomas Whitmell, Thomas Aring- 
ton! Clerk of Court: N. Badham. 

Lowell, Edmund. Onslow County. 

April 21, 1744. July Court. 1744. Grandson: Edmund Thorla. 
Daughter: Rebecca Thorla. Wife: Abigaill. Executor: John St.\rkey. 
Witnesses: Job Hunter, William Webb, Sarah Middleton. Clerk of 
Court: Andrew Murray. 

224 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

LowKY, George. Pasquotank County. 

September 19, 1753. October Court, 175.3. Friends: John Lowry 
{Executor), William, M,\ry and Elisabeth Lowry. Witnesses: Joseph 
Lowry, Willi.\m Lowry. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Lowry, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

March 23, 1754. April Court, 1754. Sons: Benjamin and Noah 
Lowry ("all my lands"). Daughters: Sarah, Lidea and Hannah Lowry. 
Executors: Solomon Pool and Joseph Daves. Witnesses: John Lowry, 
Thomas Lowry, J.«ies Newby. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Lowry, Eobeet. Pasquotank County. 

October 19, 1750. July Court, 1752. Som: William, Robert and 
John Lowry. Daughters: Betey and Mary Lowry ("my two Lots att 
Nixson toune"). Wife and Executrix: Elizebeth. Executor: Thomas 
Relf. Witnesses: William Symons, John Davis, Anne Davis. Clerk of 
the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

LowTHEE, Teistrim. Northampton County. 

June 10, 1754. January Court, 1759. Mother: Margeret. Brothers: 
George, John and William Lowther. Sisters: Nelly and Nancy Low- 
ther. Executor: William Lowther (brother). Witnesses: Bartholo- 
mew Figures, William Figdres, John Figures. Clerk of the Court: I. 

LoYDE (spelled also Lide), John. Bertie County. 

July 31, 1741. May Court, 1742. Sons: John (200 acres of land in 
James Citty County, Virginia), Robert ("my mannerplantation"), Thomas 
(125 acres of land adjoining the "manner plantation"). Daughter: Eliza- 
beth LoYDE. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: William Pace, 
Barrabbe Milton, Antony Tye. Clerk of Northampton Court: I. Ed- 

LoYD, Robert. 

December 10, 1726. October 8, 1728. Edenton. Wife, Executrix and 
sole legatee: Sarah Catherine Loyd. Witnesses: Will Rowdbn, Sarah 
Rowden, Jno. Sellwood. Proven before Richard Everard. 

LuAETON, John. 

August 28, 1722. July Court, 1723. Bath Town Creek. Wife and Ex- 
ecutrix: Anne. Witnesses: John Buck, Thos. Cooke, Eliezr. Lilling- 
TON. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Bapt. Ashe. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 225 

Lucas, Maey. Beaufort Comity. 

March 24, 1701. April Court, 1761. Daughters: .\nn Alderson (also 
appointed Executrix. Grandsons: jAiHES Alderson, Joel Martin, 
Charles Ardison Martin. Granddaughters: Frances, Sarah, Ann, 
Mary and Sdsanah Martin. Executor: James Ellison. Witnesses: 
John Smaw, Sarah Howard. Clerk of Court: Jno. Smith. 

LiTDFOED, John. Tyrrell Precinct. 

February 26, 1736. Sisters: Sarah and Hanah Ludford. Brother: 
Thomas Ludford. Other legatees: Isack Fitzpatrick. Witnesses: WiL- 
LI.1M Raphell, Wm. Wilson and S.amuel Hopkins. Deputy Clerk of the 
Court: Anderson Sagg. 

LuDFOED, William. 

May 1,1702. Son; William. G'ra?M/son; William Ludford. To both 
son and grandson is given a plantation. Granddaughter: Sarah Ludford. 
Wife: Ann. Friend: Samuel Cooper. Executor: William Ludford 
(son). Witnesses: Godfrey Spruill, Canon Slmpson and John Angely. 
Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

Ludford, Willlvm. Of Allegator in the Precinct of 

October 2, 1732. April 2, 1733. .Sons.- William, Thomas and John. 
Daughters: Chrlstian, Ann, Martha, Mary, Tom.son, Rachel, Sarah, 
JoHAN.A. Wife: Christian. Executors: Edward Linington, Capt. Sam- 
uel Spruill, Thos. and Jno. Ludford (sons). Witnesses: G. Linington, 
Benjamin Alexander, William Man. No signature of probate officer. 

Luei;ton, John. Bertie County. 

August 23, 1740. February 23, 1742. Nephew: John Gregory. Sis- 
ter: M.^ry Jones {Executrix). Executors: James Castellaw, Thomas 
OsBURN. Witnesses: James Lockhart, John Ray, John Hilton. Proven 
before Gabriel John.ston. 

Lufman, WiLLiAjr. Currituck Precinct. 

April 1, 1728. July 10, 172S. -Sons; William and Daniel. Daugh- 
ter: Mary Wheatley. Executors: William Lufman (son) and Thomas 
Davis. Witnesses: Andrew Etheridge, William Tant. Clerk of the 
Court: J. Martyn. 

Lufman, William. Currituck Precinct. 

May 9, 1728. July 10, 1728. .Son; William ("ail my lands"). Execu- 
tor: Thomas Davis. Wit7iesses: A.ndrew Etheridge, Jr., Daniel Luf- 
M.\N. Clerk of the Court: J. Martyn. 


226 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

LtJFTY (oi-Lutty), William. 

August 3, 1701. July 11, 1704. Sok; William. Granddaughter: Mary 
LuPTY (or Lutty). "Daughter in Lawe": Mary Lufty (or Lutty). Exec- 
utor: William Lofty (son). Witnesses: Peter Grey, Sr., Peter Grey, 
Jr., Thomas Homes. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Snoden. This will is so 
torn and faded as to be almost illegible. 

Luis, Richakd. Chowan Precinct. 

Not dated. Sons: John, Benjamin, William. Daughter: Hudson. 
Wife and Exectdrix: Eliz.\beth. Witnesses: Henry, William and J.4.NE 
Lisle. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722. page 177. 

LuMBEOsiEK, John. Pasquotank County. 

August 25, 1740. April Court, 1744. Son and Executor: Joseph. 
Grandson: John Dawes. Granddaughter: Elizabeth Brosyer. Wit- 
nesses: William Powers, Joseph Cotton, Robt. Keell. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Taylor. 

LuKRY, William. Currituck County. 

April 21, 1746. July Court, 1746. Son: Thom.'^.s ("plantation whereon 
I now live"). Wife: Miriam. Executor: William Mackib. Witnesses: 
Edward Cox, George Gainwell, Sus-^^nah Mackie. Clerk of the Court: 
Richard McClure. 

Luton, Adam. Onslow County. 

February 17, 1740. April 2, 1746. Wife: Elizabeth. Daughter: 
Mary Luton. Executor: Thomas Jenkins. Witnesses: Thomas G.aney, 
Charles Bruton, Zacharia Blackmoor. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Clop- 

Lynch, John. Granville County. 

August 31, 1753. March 7, 1758. Daughters: Elizabeth and Nelly 
("plantation whereon I now live"). Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Ja.mes 
Jenkins (son-in-law) and Robert Baker. Witnesses: Tho.mas Parker, 
John Blakeney and William Frohock. Clerk of the Court: Daniel 

Ly'on, James. Bladen County. 

April 27, 1752. June Court, 1752. Tl^j/e; Zillah. Son; George ("my 
watch"). Daughters: Ann (land on White Marsh), Elizabeth Lyon (land 
on White Marsh), Mary Lyon. Executors: Zillah Lyon, Matt. Rowan, 
John Lyon. Witnesses: Thos. Robeson, Rich'd Mullington, Robert 
Wilson. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

Abstract of Wills. 1G90— 1760. 227 

Mabson, Arthur. Carteret County. 

June 13, 1748. March Court, 1748. Davghters: Elizabeth (wife of 
Nathaniel Smith), Susanna. Son: Arthde. Nepheiv: William Cole. 
Grandson: Walter Smith. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: John 
Starket. Witness: Tho.s. Loack. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read. Six 
negroes are bequeathed and others mentioned. 

McAdam, James. Pasquotank County. 

April 27, 1742. February 2.3, 1742. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Executor: Joshua White. Witness: James Feneson. Proven before 
W. Smith, C. J. 

McAdams, Sarah. Pasquotank County. 

October 10, 1744. January Court, 1744. Brothers and Executors: 
Joshua and Nehemiah White. Friend: Thomas Nicholson. Son: 
Joseph McAdam (all estate, both real and personal). Witnesses: Charles 
T.\iler, Thom.\.s Nicholson, Jonathan Langworthy. Clci-k of the 
Court: Tho. Taylor. 

McAlpin, William. Craven County. 

October 28, 1747. November 7, 1747. Formerly of Sterlingshire in 
Scotland. Wife: Hannah (in London). Daughter: Hannah Mc.\lpin (in 
London). Mother: Jane Mackey (Earthtown in Sterlingshire, Scotland). 
Executor: Thomas Richey, of Jamaica. Witnesses: Francis Stringer, 
HoNNOR.\ Duncan, Catherine Liddle. Proven before E. Hall, Chief 

McCarty, Bailey. Hyde County. 

March 1. 1751. June Court, 1751. Devisees and legatees: Leah Ander- 
son, Benjamin Cleaves, Baily Collins. Brother: Dennis McCarty 
(land on Great Neck in Currituck). Wife and Executrix: Elinor. Execu- 
tor: Thomas Smith. Witnesses: Thos. Smith, William Smith, Jeremi.\h 
Slade. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Lo.\ck. 

McCarty, Dennis. Hyde County. 

April 26, 1758. June Court, 1759. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Other 
devisee: Abell Hudson (one hundred acres of land on Oyster Shell 
Creek). Witnesses: Luke Fortescue, Rachel Mason. Martha Beety. 
Cle>-k of the Court: Stephn. Denning. 

McClalland, Andrew. Bladen County. 

March 21, 1752. Grandchildren: Thomas. Jane, Andrew and James 
McClalland. Executor: Andrew McCl.'Ill.'Vnd (.son-in-law). Witnesses: 
George Brown, Benja. Moor, Benj. Fitzrandolph. Clerk of the Court: 
Thos. Robeson. 

228 Abstkact of Wills, 1C90 — 1700. 

McOl.vmmy, Tuo^tAS. New Hanover t'oimty. 

May 2, 1772. September 27. 1773. iSotis; Peter ("my plantation"), 
Luke (plantation called The Hanmiock), Wonky. M.\rk. Daughters: 
Ellendek Nixon, Catherine Hyuleryrd. Exeailors: Peter, Woney 
and LiiKE McCi..\MMY. iri'/Hi-.sscs; Edwaru Pilchkr. Annb Suttain, 
David Falle. Proven befon» Jo. Martin. 

MoCLEJsrDEK, Dkbokaii. Perquimans County. 

February S. 172S-1729. October In, 1732. Grandsoti: Joseph Sutton. 
iSon and Excnitor: Richard 'Wheediiee. Tl'iVncs.^o*.- ("'harles Denman, 
James Anderson. Senr., J.\mes Anderson, Junr. Clerk of the Court: 
CaARLES Denman. 

MacClkndok, Dennis. Bertie County. 

January 19. 172.^1726. Sons: Dennis. John (to each is devised a 
plant;uion'). Daughters: M.\RY and Elizabeth M.\cClendon. Wife: 
Margarett. Executors: John Earley (father), Francis and T^iomas 
MacClendon (brothers). Wittiesses: J.\mes Page. Nicholas Fairless. 
No probate. "I desire my two negroes * * * in ye winter to make 
pitch and tarr. and freight it away to New England for sucli goods as 
shall best for my wife, etc." 

McCoKKEL, Robert. Anson County. 

No date given. Soh«.- Archib.\ld and Robert (dwelling plantation 
and plantation on "Catabee River"). Vl'(/V and Exccutru-: Margaret. 
Executors: J.\mes McCorkel and J.\mes Linn. T1'i7nc«scs; John Crock- 
ett, Robt. McClenacken. No probate. 

McCoy, Danieli.. Currituck County. 

December 2, 1731. October Court, 1735. -Sohs; John and William 
(plantation). Daughter: Lidea McCoy. Wife and Executrix: Christian. 
Witnesses: Moses Linton, James Wilkjns, Elez.\bath Wilkins. Clerk 
of the Court: J.vmes Craven. 

MacCraey-, Robert. Bertie County, 

Jlay 30. 1740. July 30, 1740. Legatees and devisees: Elizabeth Bar- 
field. Mary Brown, Sarah Brown, Pbiscilla Brown, Elizabeth 
Brown. Executor: Thomas Barfield. Witnesses: P. Roche, Thomas 
B.UUFIELD, Mary Barfield. Proven before W. Smith. C. J. 

McCuLLocH, Henry. 

October 25. 1755. November 15. 1755. "Secretary of the Prov- 
ince of North Carolina." Wife: Mary. Daughters: Henrietta Mary. 
Dorothy Berisford, Elizabeth M.\rgaret and Penelope Martha. 

Abstract of Wills. 1090—1760. 229 

ExecuU/r: John Campbell, of Bertie. WilntHHeii: Wm. Powell, Go. 
Arthaud, Wm. Roebfithon. I'roven before Ahthuk Dobbs, Coat of 
arriiH on Heal, 

McDamkll, Daxikj.. Bertie Precinct 

April 16, 173:j. May 2, ITAA. H'/m: Nicholas, Daniel, .Jameh ("ne- 
groes to each). DauyfUf^n: A.v.v and Sakah McDa.viel. Ff-t/e «n/i Exfxnju- 
Irix: Sakah. Wilnessen: .John Andebson, Alex. Wight, Johk Beyas. 
Original missing. Ilecorde'J in Book 1722-173.5, page 29-5. 

MacOa.mkl, James. Craven County. 

November 29, 17.59. fif/rm: James and John (plantation to each), 
RiSDON. DawjhlKr: Levinah. Wife ami Exectxtrix: Maroeeet. ExtjM- 
tor: John Oliveb. WitrumisM: ^smtrrt Simmons, E. Bbyan, David 
B . No probate. 

MacDamell, Owen. Bertie County. 

February 7, n\1~yi\'-'>. .May Court, 1743. Wife: Ellenee. H'mAn^ 
lavr fiTul ExecuUrr: Jethro Butler f'my manner plantation and six 
n^roes"). WilneMeH: Henry Horne, John Campbell, Richard Med- 
LiN. Clerk of the C'/url: Henry DeSon. 

McDowell, James. Bbrtib County. 

February 10, 17.52. March 3, 17.52. Brother-in-law: John Smith of 
Wigtown in Galloway in .North Britain. Sinter: Christian McDowell. 
Nepheu; arul Extxutf/r: John Smith. WilneHiieH: Jaiies Teottee, Daniel 
Goldsmith, Anne Obindell. Will proven before Gab. Johnston at 

McDowell, Joh>-. Brunswick County. 

March 27, 17-3.5. April 19, 173.5. "Master of the scooner called the 
Jolly Batchelor, now riding at anchor in Cape Fear River, But of Brun.*- 
wick * * *." Ten pounds i.s bequeathed to the Presbyterian church 
at Dover, Delaware, and five pounds to the Episcopal Church at the same 
place. Brolfier: Jame.s .McDowell, fiititer: Eleanoe Nisbett. Frieri/1: 
Lydia .Jones. ExeciiU/m: Hi;oh Campbell and James E.spy, of Bnjri»- 
wick. WUnegseg: Stephen Mott, A. Delap-astie, .A.ndw. Blyth, Mag- 
dalen Campbell. Proven before Gab. Johnsto.v. Provision in will 
that "a small brick wall be put around my grave wt two marble stones 
sett up, one att the head and the other att the foot, as is commonly as'd 
in such cases att Philadelphia." 

Mace, Feaxcls. Pasquotank County. 

February 7, 174^1749. .\iigast 1, 1749. Wife an/1 Exec^itrix: Ann. 

Sons: John and Francis. DangfUers: Maey Symons, Elizabeth, Sabah, 

230 Abstract of Wills. 1690—1760. 

Hanna. Executor: Peter Symons (son-in-law). Witnesses: Samuel 
Newbt, James Newby and William Newby. Proven before Gab. 
Johnston at Eden House. 

Mace, Willl4.m. 

May 10, 1757. Son: William. Brothers: Benjamin Mace (30 pounds 
in Irish Money), Jonas Mace (40 pounds Proclamation Money). Nephews: 
William Mace and William Morrison. Wife and Executrix: Anne. 
Witnesses: Arthur Williams, Benjamin Ellis, William Teel, William 
Prescott. The foregoing is made from a copy of the original will, and 
no probate appears. Provision is made for shipping a cargo of indigo. 

McGee, Johx. Guilford County. 

November 22, 1773. January 28, 1774. Sons.- Samuel, John, Andrew 
(plantation on the waters of the Alamance, known by the name of Gra- 
ham's Place), William ("plantation whereon I now live"). Daughters: 
Jean (plantation on Shockley Creek), Susanah (plantation on Shockley 
Creek, known by the name of Jarrot Hays Place). Wife and Executrix: 
Martha. Executor: Robert Lindsay (son-in-law). Witnesses: Ann 
Lewis, James Morgan, Thomas Welborn, Martha McGee. Codicil 
makes provision for burying-ground, and devises house and one acre of 
land to one George Alexander, Senr., to be used as a meeting house. 
Witnesses to codicil: James Morgan, Thomas Welborn. Will and codicil 
proven before Jo. Martin. 

McGbegoe, Hugh. Pasquotank Precinct. 

January 12, 170.3-1704. February Court, 1704. .Sons: Patrick and 
Gregor. Brother-in-law: John McGregor. Wife and Executrix: .Africa. 
Witnesses: William Barnsfeld, Thos. Pendleton, Tho. Abington. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

MacKane, George. Carteret County. 

October 14, 1753. June 6, 1758. Son: John. Daughters: Sophia, 
Mary and Margeret. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Eliz.4- 
beth Wallace, John Finny. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Robertson. 

MacKabty, Timothy. Chowan Precinct. 

February 28, 1717-1718. July 15, 1718. Godson: Wm. Gulliver. 
Wife: Mary. Executors: Maj. Robert West and Henry Speller. Wit- 
nesses: Arthur Dugall, Wm. Gadd, Patience Speller. Clerk of the 
Court: R. Hicks. 

Mackdaniell, Daniel. Bertie Precinct. 

April 16, 1733. Sons: Daniel, Archbell, Elexander, Jaiies. Daugh- 
ters: Mary, Ann and Sarah Mackdaniell. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Jno. Anderson, Alexr. Weight, John Bryan. No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17(30. 231 

Mackeell, Anthony. Bath County. 

November 28, 1723. January Court, 1723-1724. Parish of St. Thomas. 
Sons: Anthony (1 shilling), Thomas (plantation), John (plantation), 
Joseph (plantation). Daughters: Ann and Sarah Mackeell. Wife and 
Executrix: Rabackey. Witnesses: Willi.^m Price, John SonxH, Philip 
Baynard. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Bapt. Ashe. 

McKeel, Benjamin. Pasquotank Coimty. 

April 11, 1754. July Court, 1754. Daughter: Sarah McKeel ("my 
plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Th.amar. Executor: John McKeel 
(brother). Witnesses: John Clark, John Lister. Clerk of the Court: 
Tho. Taylor. 

McKeel, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

December 24, 1706. .\pril 15, 1707. Sons: Nathaniel and John 
("all my lands"). Wife: Mary. Brothers: Thomas and Daniel McKeel. 
Executors: Thoma.s McKeel. James Tookes. Witnesses: John Huntt, 
Thomas Abington, Walter Turner. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

McKeell, John. Pasquotank County. 

October 27, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: Thomas and John. 
Daughter: Sophia. Wife: Margrett. Executors: Thomas James and 
Thomas McKeell, Junr. Witnesses: Thos. McKeel and Emandel 
Knight. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

McKeel, Rebecca. Bath County. 

May 7, 1729. December Court, 1729. Sons: Anthony, Thomas, 
Joseph and John. Executor: John Barrow. Witnesses: Rich'd Har- 
vey, Lam'll Harvey, Peter McDoule (McDowell). Clerk of the Court: 
John Mattocke. 

McKeel, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

December 13, 1729. January 13, 1729. Sons: Benjamin (plantation 
called the Old Field), Thomas and John ("the manner plantation"). 
Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary McKeel. Executors: Benjamin and 
Thomas McKeel (sons). Witnesses: Jno. McKeel, Levi M.irkham, 
John Pointer. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Minson. 

McKeel, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

May 3, 1753. October Court, 1753. Daughter and sole devisee: Marga- 
ret McKeel. Executors: Anthony and Charles Markham. Witnesses: 
Jonathan Howell, Thomas Corey. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

232 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

McKeel, Tiiojias. Pasquotank County. 

March 31, 1754. July Court. 17.54. Daughters: Grace, Wihneyfruit 
(Winnifred), Milla and Elizabeth McKeel. Wife: Miriam. Execu- 
tors: John McKeel (brother) and Grace McKeel. Witnesses: Antony 
Markham, Wineyfruit (Winnifred) Woodly. Clerk of the Court: Thqs. 

McKeithan, Dugald. Bladen County. 

January 1, 1750-1751. March Court, 1750. Father: Donald McKei- 
THAN. Brother: James McKeithan. Wife: Mary. Cousins: John 
McKeithan, James McKeithan. Sisters: Nancy McL.\uchlin, Sarah 
McKeithan. Son-in-law: Robert Hillyard. Niece: Mary McKeithan. 
No executor appointed. Witnesses: Hect. McNeill, Alexr. McAlBster, 
Angus Shaw. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

Mackeleoy, James. Beaufort County. 

April 23, 1773. October 20, 1773. Sons: David ("my plantation"), 
An.tM (land on south prong of Trents Creek), James (land in the fork of 
Trent Creek). Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth (land on Neales Creek), 
Mary Cirtis (land on Raccoon Creek). Gra7idsons: James and John 
Mackelroy (land called Whites Old Field). Wife and Executrix: Elisa- 
beth. Executor: Francis Delamar. Witnesses: Amos Sqhiers, Thomas 
Mackelroy, Zekill Hudson. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Mackfaeeell, John. 

November 27, . December 1, . This is a nimcupative will 

proven before James Hoyle, J. P., by the oaths of William Hunter, Ben- 
jamin Turner and Joseph Beniaian, in which the testator desired all of 
his property sold and the proceeds invested for his son, Jacob Mackfar- 
RELL, which son was to remain with his grandfather, Jacob Lewis. 

Macicgue, L.A.WEENOE. Bertie County. 

April 26, 1740. May Court, 1740. All of estate, both real and personal, 
is left to grandchildren, children of daughter, Elice Bryan. Executors: 
Elice Bry'an, John Bry'AN, Edward Bryan. Witnesses: Charles, Wil- 
liam and John Rickets. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Mackilwean, Feancis. Dobbs County. 

February 8, 1774. March 10, 1774. Sons: Francis Mackilwean ("my 
New plantation" also plantation called Old Ford on Contentnea Creek), 
John Stringer (five negroes and three horses). Daughters: Hanah, 
Elizabeth, Gatsey, Mauy, Elinor, Nancy, Penelopy Mackilwb.\n. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Furnieold Green and Richard 
Nixon of Craven County. Witnesses: Rd. Caswell, Jno. Shine, Martin 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 233 

Caswell, Simon Bright. Proven before Jo. Martin. Will provides for 
division of negro slaves into nine parts, one part to each of children and one 
to wife. Codicil of even date makes bequest to brother: John Mackilwean. 
Same witnesses to codicil. 

M.icKiNNE, Baenabee, Je. Edgecombe Precinct. 

October 13, 1736. November Court, 1736. Daughters: Patience and 
Mary MacKinne. Other legatees: Barnaby, son of Joseph Lane; B.*.r- 
naby, son of William MacKinne; Joseph Lane, William MacKinne 
(brother), John Pope, James Nowell, Robert and John MacKinne 
(brothers), Nathaniel Cooper, John Lane. Wife and Executrix: Mary 
(five negroes). Land devised to daughters. Live stock and land devised 
to other legatees mentioned. Witnesses: Nathaniel Cooper, John 
Crowell, Jno. Watford. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Kerney. Original 
of this will missing. Abstract made from recorded copy No. 58 in Grant 
Book. No. 4. 

Mackinne, John. Edgecombe County. 

February 28, 1753. May Court, 1753. Son: Barnaby. Daughters: 
Mary, Martha and Patience Mackinne, Angelina Parish. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Friend: Cannon Cumbo. Executor: Montfort El- 
beck. Witnesses: Montfort Elbeck, William Gaddy, Mary Elbeck. 
Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. "I give and bequeath my loving wife 
* * * the use of my grist mill on Great Quonkee two 3'ears next ensuing 
for pay for the giveing each of my children before mentioned two years 

Mackinne, Richaed. Edgecombe County. 

August 10, 1751. August Court, 1755. Brother: Robert Mackinne. 
Nepheiv: Barnaby McKinnie. Wife ami Executrix: Mary. Executors: 
Willia.m Kinchen and William Kinchen, Junr. Witnesses: W. KiN- 
CHEN. W.'M. Baker, Lemuel Kinchen. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

McKiNNEY, Mary. Edgecombe County. 

October 13, 1754. November Court, 1754. "Imprimis. I most hum- 
bly bequeath my Soul to God my Maker beseeching His most Gracious 
reception of it through the all sufficient merits and Meditations of my Most 
Compassionate Redeemer Jesus Christ, Who gave himself to be an atone- 
ment for my sins, and is able to save to the uttermost all that come unto 
God by him. Seeing he ever liveth to make intercession tor them, and who, 
I trust will not reject me a returning penitent sinner, when I come to him 
for mercy; in this Hope& confidence I render up my soul with comfort 
humbly beseeching the most Blessed and Glorious Trinity, one God most 
holy, most merciful and gracious to prepare me for the time of my dissolu- 
tion, and then to take me to himself unto that Place of Rest and incom- 

234 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

parable Felicity which he has prepared for all that Love and fear his holy 
name Amen Blessed be God." (The foregoing is given as a specimen of the 
preambles to the wills of this period.) Sons: John. Barnaby. Daughters: 
Annjeleany Pope, Mary, Patience and Martha Mckinne. Executor: 
Barnaby Pope. Witnesses: David Crawley, Wii. Gaddy, Robert Bel- 
cher. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wyt^ns. 

McKiNziE, John. Nansemond County. Va. 

March 2, 1754. April Court, 1754. Sons: John (795 acres of land at 
Skeehawkee in Tyrrell County and 305 acres in the Island of Carolina in 
Bertie County), Kenneth (1000 acres of land at Skeehawkee), William 
(300 acres of land on Ronoke River in Bartie County). Daughters: Janet 
and Ann. Executors: Wm. Gray (brother-in-law), Capt. John Hill of 
Bertie County and James Pugh and Pasco Turner of Nansemond County. 
Witnesses: James Pugh, James Wright, Chri.stian Good. Clei-k of the 
Court: Samuel Riddick. This is taken from a copy of the will of the above 
named McKinzie certified to North Carolina by the Court of Nansemond 
County. Provision in will directs executors to provide for the removal of 
family to North Carolina. 

MacLeaean, Archibald. Bladen County. 

October 26. 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: John and Archibald 
(358 acres of land to be divided between them). Wife and Executrix: 
Florance. Executor: Duncan MacLbaran. Witnesses: Dushee Shaw, 
Archibald MacDonald, Dunc.\.n MacFee. Clerk of the Court: Thomas 

Macklemoke, Abraham. Bertie Precinct. 

January 4, 1735. November Court, 1736. Sows; Atkin, Young ("man- 
ner plantation"), William. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: 
William Gillim, William Clanton, Joseph Brady. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Wynns. 

Macklemore, James. 

February 13, 1733. Sons: William, James, Charles, Ephraim (to each 
of the above named is given a plantation and cattle), John. Daughter: 
Margory. Wife and Executrix: Fortain. Witnesses: John Doyle, 
Abraham Macklemore, Thomas Roberson. No probate. 

Mackly, Henry. Pasquotank Precinct. 

February 11, 1720. April Court, 1721. Daughters: Marey Mackley 

(50 acres of land on the north side of Nuce River), Anne Mackley (50 acres 

of land on the north side of Nuce River). Son-in-laiv: Martin Miller (50 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 235 

acres of land on the north side of Nuce River). Wife and Executrix: Bar- 
bery. Witnesses: Jane Rusel, Elizabeth Palmer, Evan Jones. Clerk 
of the Court pro tern.: Jno. Palin. 

MacMiel, John. Bertie Precinct. 

February 26, 1729. February 22, 17.30. Devisees: John Myhand (.300 
acres of land on Tar River), Mary Myhand ("my plantation"), John Gray 
(Executor). Witnesses: John Harriss, Ann Mihand, Henry Walker. 
Proven before Rich'd Everard. 

McNary, Gilbeet. Hyde Comity. 

March 11, 1746-1747. June 2, 1747. Son: William. Daughters: 
Mary' and Jane. Wife: Elisabeth. Executors: John Smith, Sr., and 
John Smith, Jr. Witnesses: Wm. Speir, Thomas Allen, Aaron Tison. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Loack. 

MacJSTaughten, Eanalu. Bladen Comity. 

October 5, 1752. December 19, 1752. Sons: Neill and Ch.^rles. 
Wife: IsBELL. Daughter: Mary. Executors: Duncan and Neill Mac- 
Coulaskib. Witnesses: Anguish Shaw, John Optan, John Campbell. 
Justices of Bladen County Court: Griffith Jones and Benjamin Fitzran- 
dolph. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

McEee, William. Diipliu County. 

March 30, 1751. April 2, 1751. Goshen Settlement. Sons: John, 
James, William, Robert, Samuel. Daughters: Sarah Smith, Alice 
Wilh.\ms, Susannah McRee. Executors: John Smith and William 
McRee. primnesses; William Kennan, Sarah McAlexander, Eliza- 
beth Chambers. Clerk of tJie Coxirt: John Dickson. 

Macky, William. Bertie Comity. 

1730. iSon; Daniel. DoHgWer; Margret. All of estate, both real and 
personal, is devised and bequeathed to Mary Jones, daughter of Henry 
Jones, of Greenhall, in Chowan County. No signature, witnesses or pro- 

Maddos, Joun. Carteret County. 

January 1, 1767. March 22, 1774. Wife and sole legatee: MiRi.tii. 
Executors: Moses Houston, James Barry. Witnesses: William Hous- 
ton, David Williams. Will proven before Jo. Martin. 


March 10, 1755. June Court, 1755. Sons: Thomas ("ray plantation"), 
Reuben. Daughters: Elizabeth, Ruth and Ann Madren. Wife and 

236 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Executrix: Sarah. Executors: Jacob and Joseph Madren (brothers). 
Witnesses: Thomas Pritchard, Jno. Smithson. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Makee, Daniell. County not given. 

July 15, 1694. July 15, 1695. Sons: Daniell, John. Daughters: 
Catherine, Elinor. Wife and Executrix: Elinor. Witnesses: G. Mus- 
ch.amp. Pierre Lourre, Robert Mellyne, William Browne. Clerk of 
the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Man, John. Tyrrell County. 

February 19, 1742-1743. March Court, 1744. Sons: John, William, 
Theophalos ("land on ye South side of Mesus Creek known by ye name of 
Volls Island"), Edward ("ye southermost part of my plantation"), Thomas 
("land joining my son Edward's"), Joseph ("ye other part of my maner 

plantation"). Daughters: Dorrity and Elizabeth Man. Wife: 

Margit. Executors: Theophalus, Joseph and Edward Man. Wit- 
nesses: Benjamin Bidgood, J.^.mes Nahale. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Lee. 

Man, John. Northampton County. 

April 19, 1757. November Court, 1757. Sons: Frederick, Absolom, 
Jesse. Daiighter: Lizebkth. Wife and Executrix: Lizebeth. Witnesses: 
Joseph Sikes, Tho.mas Tadlock. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Man, Thomas. Bertie County. 

September 30, 1735. November Court, 1735. Sons: John ("my plan- 
tation and six hundred and forty acres of land"), Thomas (plantation on 
Wickacone Creek). Cousin: William Crawman (land on Killam Swamp). 
Daughter: Mary. Orandson: George Williams. Wife: Bridgett. 
Executors: George Williams, Sr., and Thomas Busbey. Witnesses: 
Charles Hoene, George Williams, Jdnr. Clerk of the Court: John 

Mandovel, John. Hyde County. 

September 31, 1751. March Court, 1752. Sons: Samuel and John 
(a plantation to each). Daughters: Elizabeth, Rebeckah, Diney. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: Little Jarman. Witnesses: Ste- 
phen Mandovel, Little Jarman, Joseph Gurganus. Clerk of the Court: Egleton. 

Mandue, Thomas. Bertie Precinct. 

April 17, 1736. August Court. 1736. Grandson: Mandue Dothry 

("my plantation and orchards, and all my books except the ould Bible 

and the Whole Duty of Man"). Granddaughter: Percila Dothery. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 237 

Son: William Bdnn. Daughter: Mary. Executor: Arthur Williams. 
Witnesses: H. Tuder, William Bun, Isaac Ricks. Clerk of the Court: 
John Wynns. 

Manee, John. Bertie County. 

February 21, 172S-1729. May Court, 1729. Sons: William, Henry, 
Jacob. Friend: Solomon Alston. Executor: Henry Manee (son). 
Witnesses: Elizabeth Smith, Mary Alston, John Alston. Clerk of the 
Court: RoBT. Forstee. 

Maney, James. Northampton County. 

November 30, 1751. August Court, 1752. Son and Executor: J.\mes. 
Daughters: Jane Magett (plantation bought of Wm. Turner), Susane 
Skiner (plantations bought of John Hobbs, John Robens and Nathan 
Barnes, and a new surve\' on river). Executors: Niclas Magett and 
Charles Skiner. Witnesses: John Minsey, David Jarnagand, Thos. 
Jaenagand. Ckrk of the Court: I. Edward.s. 

Maeckham, Anthony. Albemarle Coiinty. 

September 24, 1710. Sons: Levy, Joshua, Charles, Anthony (to 
each is given a plantation). Daughters: Mary and Tamar. Wife: Joy. 
Executor: Levy Maeckham (son). Witnesses: Feancis DeLaMaee, Ed- 
waed Chapman. No probate. 

Maekham, Joshua. Pasquotank County. 

August 6, 1746. April Court, 1747. Devisees and legatees: Timee 
EviNS, Baetholomew Evins, Joshua Evins, Antony Maekham, Josua, 
Chaeles, Elizabeth and Mary Markham (to these are given negroes). 
Executor: Anthony Markham. Witnesses: S.vmuel Scollay, Thos. Ham- 
lin. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

ItAEKHAM, Levi. Pasquotank County. 

April 1, 1743. April Court, 1744. Legatees: William Markham 
Ceank, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth Ceank. Executrix: Elizabeth 
Crank. Executors: Antho. Maekham and William Wallis. Witnesses; 
Terence Sweeny, William James, Anne Boyd. Clerk of the Court: 
Thos. Taylor. 

Maee, Joseph. Craven County. 

March, 1745. Wife and Executrix: Alif. Three children mentioned, 
but not named. Dates and names of witnesses illegible. 

238 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Maesden, Alice. 'Kew Hanover County. 

March 24, 1755. March 1, 1759. Wilmington. Daughters: Alice and 
Peggy Marsden. Granddaughter: Alice Mobson. Executor: Arthur 
MoBsoN (son-in-law). Witnesses: Isaac Faries, John Davis, Junr., 
Anthony Ward. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Maesden, Thomas. New Hanover County. 

September 23, 1739. Father: Richard Marsden. Mother: Elizabeth 
Marsden, "of Halifax, in ye County of York in England. Brother: 
William Marsden. Executors: John Swann and Thomas Jones. Wit- 
nesses: William Dutten, Will Carr, Jno. Marshall. No probate. 
Coat of arras on seal. 

Makshall, John. Edgecombe County. 

October 24, 1757. February Court, 1758. Sons; John ("plantation I 
now live on"), Humphrey (plantation over Tar River at the head of 
Middle Creek), Absolbm. Daughters: Elizabeth Marshall, Priscilla 
M.^rshall, Goodwin Tucker (to these are given negroes). Wife and 
Executrix: Amy. Executor: John Marshall (son). Witnesses: Benja. 
Haile, Benj'n Neville, Thos. Marshall. Cln-k of the Court: Jos. 


Marshall, William. Bertie County. 

September 4, 1738. May Court, 17.39. Wife: Margaret. Other lega- 
tees: Margaret Roberts, John Roberts, Sarah Puke, J.ames Parrot 
Puke, Mary Keefe. Wm. Peeke, John Keep. Executrix: Margaret 
Marshall (wife). Witnesses: John Wynns, Willi.vm Lee. 
Linn. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Maeston, Elizabeth. Bath County. 

January 2, 1732. September 11, 1733. Daughters: Mary, Ann and 
Mourning Marston. Executors: Ann and Mourning Marston. Wit- 
nesses: Jno. Collison, J.\.mes Adams, Roger Jones. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Collison. Justices of Beaufort and Hyde Precincts: Robert Turner, 
Benj. Peyton, Henery Cropton. 

Maetin, Elizabeth. Craven County. 

March 30, 1767. South River. Daughters: Sarah Loftin, Elizabeth 
Mill. Grandsons: Robert and Adam Wallis, Slocumb Ferguson, 
Thomas Pittman. Granddaughters: Sarah Mahains, Ann Stevens, 
CoMFT. Rollins, Elizabeth Hambleton, Prudence Fulford, Jean 
Wallis. Brother: John Cumings. Executor: Ja.mes Jones. Witnesses: 
Thomas McLin, Sam'll M.\sters, Robert Oliver. No probate. 

Absteact of Wills, 1C90 — 17G0. 239 

Martin, George. 

October 6, 1734. March 8, 17.34. Wife and Executrix: mentioned, but 
not named. Witnesses: W. Smith, Nath. Rice, John Montgomery. A 
codicil to the will devises to Ephraim Vernon, brother-in-law of the 
testator, all lands taken up by patent. Date of codicil same as will, and 
same witnesses. Proven before Gabriel Johnston. 

Martin, Joel. Bath County. 

October 24, 1715. July 3, 171C. Sons: John (land on Matchapungo 
Creek), William (land in Newport Sound). Daughters: Ann Martin 
(320 acres of land), Elizabeth Penny, Mary Woodard, Frances Jar- 
vis. Son-in-law: John Penny. Executors: Elizabeth Penny', John 
Porter. Witnesses: John Deon, Henry Smith, Jno. Drinkwater. 
Clerk of the Court: Jno. Drinkwater. 

Martin, John. Pasquotank County. 

December 25, 1741. January Court, 1741-1742. Sons: Nathaniel, 
Joseph, John, Joshua. Daughters: Elener Bryant, Maryann Je.ssop, 
.\nn Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Jane Morgin. Executors: John Mor- 
GiN (son-in-law), Thomas Jessop. Witnesses: William Davis, Joseph 
Pritchard, Benja. Pritchard. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Martin, ISTatiianiel. Pa.squotauk County. 

November 28, 1743. January Court, 1743. Son and Executor: Joshua 
(my land and plantation). Daughter: Miriam Martin. Wife: Sarah 
Martin. Witnesses: Willi.^^m Davis, George Dawson, William Bell- 
man. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

jVIartin, Thomas. Craven County. 

January 15, 1758. March 23, 1758. South River. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Elizabeth. Nephew: Robert Martin, son of brother Richard 
Martin. Other legatees: Sarah Loftin, wife of Leonard Loftin of Hand- 
cocks Creek; Joan Martin Ferguson, daughter of Mark Ferguson. 
Executor: John Thomlinson, of Clubfoots Creek. Witnesses: John Cum- 
MiNGS, Elisha Belknap, Stephen Wallis. Proven before Arthur 
Dobbs at Newbern. 

Martin, William. Bertie County. 

April 8, 1735. August Court, 1736. Sons: Richard ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Thomas, Moses, John. Daughters: Mary and 
Else Marten. Wife and Executrix: Else Martin. Witnesses: Alexr. 
Gotten, John Carell. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

240 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Maetin, William. Hyde County. 

November 12, 174-1. December 4, 1744. Daughter: Elizabeth Mar- 
tin. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Daniel Blin (merchant 
in Bath) and Alexander Foreman. Other legatees: Edne and Richard 
Martin. Witnesses: Jos. Tart, Jos. Hollowell, Thomas Partree. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Loack. 

Martin, William. Beaufort County. 

August 23, 1745. February 18, 1745. St. Thomas Parish. Sons: John 
(land on the Beaver Dams), Joel, William, Joseph (to each of the sons 
is given a plantation). Daughters: Ann, Elizabeth Martin. Cousin: 
John Martin. Executors: Mary Martin (wife), Henry' Snead, John, 
Joel and William Martin. Witnesses: John Alderson, Mary Alder- 
son, Henry Woodard. Proven before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. 

Martin, William. Beaufort County. 

December 21, 1769. 5o?!.9.- William, Thomas, James, Henry. Daugh- 
ters: Lurane, Mary, Annes, Anne. These are named as "Martin, 
alias Scott." Executors: Moses Hare, Henry Bonner, Thomas Jones. 
Witnesses: Alex. Gaston, John Smaw, James Lane. No probate. 

Ma.shborne, Jethro. Onslow County. 

December 17, 1752. January Court, 1753. Son: Edward ("my plan- 
tation" and two negroes). Daughters: Mary and Sarah Mashborne. 
Wife and Executrix: Susanna. Executors: Charles Cox and Daniel 
Mashborne. Witnesses: John Jarman, Wm. Whaley, Elisabeth 
Parker. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Cray. Coat of arms on seal. Court 
held tor Onslow County at the house of Jonathan Melton on the North- 

Maskil, William. Craven County. 

February 21, 1753. November Court, 1753. Brother: Daniel. Wife 
and Executrix: Dorothy. Witnesses: James Whiting, Charles Howard. 
Elizabeth Whiting. Clerk of the Court: Sol. Rew. 

Mason, John. Currituck Precinct. 

August 15, 1720. January 10, 1721. Sons-in-law: James and Matthias 
ToLER. Friend: John Evans. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: 
Richard Williamson, Dennis Callihern, John Martyn. Clerk of the 
Court: Jo. Wicker. 

Mason, John. Hyde Precinct. 

February 15, 1737-1738. September Court, 1741. "In New Cur- 
rituck." Sons: Roger, Thomas ("my dwelling plantation"). Daugh- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 2-il 

ters: Mary and Maegeet Mason. Grandsotis: Mason Tison, John 
Mason. Otter fejatees; Thomas Tlson and Charles Harrington. Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Samuel Jasper, John Tule, Thom. 
Sreton Cromwell. Clerk of the Coiirt: H. Barrow. 

Mason, John. Craven County. 

February 27, 1747. September Court, 174S. Sons: Thomas, John, 
Joseph (to each is given about 100 acres of land). Wife and Executrix: 
Elizebbth. Executor: Jeremlvh Parsons. Witnesses: Southy Rew, 
Benjamin Mason, J.imes Bush. Deputy Clerk: Phil. Smith. 

Mason, Jno., Sr. Hyde County. 

January 9, 1751-1752. March 1, 1752. Sons: Moses ("my dweOing 
plantation"), Joshua ("land on Roes Bay"), John, Jr. (land at Swan- 
quarter Bay). Daughters: Charity, Ann and Agnes Mason. Father: 
Roger Mason. Brother: Roger Mason, Jr. Wife and Executrix: Cath- 
arina. Executors: Roger Mason, Jr., and Thomas Mason, Jr. Clerk of 
the Court: Fran. Egleton. 

Mason, Mary. Xew Hanover County. 

November 20, 1771. February 19, 1772. Wilmington. Devisees and 
legatees: Ann Robeson (dwelling house on south side of Dock Street and 
west side of Second Street), John Robeson, Richard Lowry (house at 
corner of Front and Princess Streets occupied by John Forster), Robert 
Baird (tenements on Front Street "at present occupied by the reverend 
James Tate and Neil Schaw"). Executors: John Robeson, Robert 
Baird and Cornelius Harnett. Witnesses: A. Maclaine, Ja. Moran, 
John Nutt. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Mason, Koger. Hyde County. 

April 14, 1752. September Court, 1752. Son: Roger (100 acres of 
land and one-half estate). Daughter: Dorcas. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah (200 acres of land on Contentney). Executors: Benjamin and 
Thomas Mason. Witnesses: Thomas E.\stbr, Hannah Leath, Solomon 
Carter. CTer/i o//Ae Cowrt; Francis Egleton. Coat of arms on seal. 

Mason, Roger. Hyde County. 

December 23, 1754. Jmie Court, 1750. Sons: Benjamin ("Gailars 
Hammocks and the upper old field"), Thomas ("land up Roes down to the 
Great Bridges"), John and Roger Mason. Grandsons: Christopher 
Mason, Roger Mason, Jr., David Mason (land called the paupoy ridge), 
Moses Mason. Granddaughter: Susannah Mason. Wife: Mary. Exec- 
utors: Benj.vmin and Thomas Mason (sons). Witnesses: John Tule, Jean 
Tule, Jacob Tule. Clerk of the Court: Stephen Denning. 


242 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Massey, Hezekiah. Bertie Precinct. 

April 15, 1727. August Court, 1727. Sons: Hezekiah, Richard and 
William (100 acres of land to each), John. Daughters: Sarah and Lucey 
Massey. Friend: Mathew Sheering. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Executor: John Massey (son). Witnesses: Abraham Burton, John 
Green, Senior, Thomas Hicks. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Masters, Johx. Craven County. 

March 22, 1773. July 27, 1773. Brothers and Executors: Thomas and 
Joseph Masters. Wife: July'ann. Witnesses: Thos. Cooke, Benj'n 
Cdmmings, Sarah Whiteard. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Mastees, Joseph. Craven County. 

November 22, 1759. May 3, 1760. Sons: John (plantation on the west 
side of Little Creek), Thomas (land on Adams Creek), Joseph ("plantation 
whereon I now live"). Wife and Executrix: Arcala. Executors: Samuel 
Masters (brother), Thomas Cook. Witnesses: Thos. Cook, Eliza West, 
William Northan, Solomon Northan. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Masters, Thomas. Craven County. 

October 27, 1746. 5oms; Joseph, Samuel. Wife and Executrix: S\ra.h. 
Witnesses: Thos. Cook, Peter Duke, David Ramsey. No probate. 
Testator mentions Indian slave. 

Matham, Ralph. Currituck County. 

January 2, 1749. April 26, 1750. Devisees: Benjamin Sikes, Nich- 
OL.\s LuNR {Executor). Witnesses: Robert Still, William Stevenson, 
William Norton. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Mathers, Edw.vrd. Craven County. 

July 17, 1753. Daughters: Ann Gray, Mary M.athers, Elezebeth 
WiNFiELD, Sarah Mathers, Priscella Mathers, M.\thers Lureni.\ 
Mathers {Executrix). Executor: Lawrence Hyland. Grandson: Wii^ 
LiAM Nevile. Witnesses: Marten Hagin, Thos. Matchett, Elizbeth 
RiGBE. No probate. 

Mathews, Charity (wife of James Mathews). 

Tyrrell County. 
January 20, 1771. May 16, 1772. Daughters: Penelope Speir (plan- 
tation on Conetoe), Elizabeth Hardy, Mary Andrews, Sussanah Sher- 
rard. Other legatees: James Conner Williams, son of Joseph John 
Williams, William Williams, Thomas Carnal, Elizabeth Bl.^nchet. 
Executors: James Sherrard, John Everet, Penelopy Speir. Proven 
before Jo. Martin. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 243 

Mathews, Thomas. Chowan County. 

October 6, 1732. October Court, 1732. Legatees: Thomas Waters, 
Richard Harbck. Son-in-law: Samuel Bypield. Wife and Executrix: 
Precilla. Witnesses: Sarah Hareck, William Hare, Jno. McWil- 
LiAMS. Clerk of the Court: Rx. Forster. 

Matthias, John. Perquimans County. 

March 3, 1746-1747. April Court, 1748. Son and Executor: Willi.\m 
("my plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: David 
and Mary Butler. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Mattocke, .Tohx. Bath County. 

October 12, 1732. September 4, 1733. Daughters: Ann and Eliza- 
beth Mattocke. Wife: Mary. No executor named. Witnesses: Ben 
Wheatley, Wm. Owen. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. 

Maudlin, Ezekiel. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 25, 1732. April 17, 1732. Sons: Jeremiah, Joshua and James. 
Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Executor: Thomas Weekes. Witnesses: 
Zeb. Clayton, John Stevens, Tulle Williams. Clerk of the Court: 
Charles Denman. Coat of arms on seal. Will recites that testator had 
sent to Boston tor a negro and some goods. 

Maudlin, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

September 16, 1758. January Court, 1759. Son: Jeremiah. Wife: 
Sarah. Brother: Edmund Chancey. Executors: John Clayton (father- 
in-law), Richard Clayton (brother-in-law) and William Trumbull. 
Witnesses: William Tennett, Edmund Chancey, Joseph Barclift. 
Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Maule, John. Beaufort County. 

December 11, 1773. February 16, 1774. Son: Moses (''my manor 
plantation"; six negroes and mill on Blounts Creek with land adjoining). 
Daughters: Elizabeth Maule ("my Quarter Plantation" and six negroes), 
Anne (400 acres of land and five negroes), Penelope (900 acres of land and 
five negroes), Jemima (land on Blounts and Nevils Creeks and in Pitt 
County and six negroes). Wife: Elizabeth (seven negroes). Executors: 
Moses Hare (brother-in-law), John P.\tten, Reading Blount, Joseph 
Blount. Witnesses: William CiErrard, Forbis Gerrard. John Nevil. 
Proven before Jo. M.irtin. 

Maule, Patrick. Bath County. 

April 19, 1736. Beaufort Precinct. Wife: Elizabeth (five negroes 
"to be delivered after tlie tar kilns are off and the crop finished"; also 

244 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

plantation at Rumney Marsh with a dwelhng house to be built "twenty foot 
long and sixteen foot wide"). Son: John (five negroes, lands at Smiths 
Point and Blunts Creek and lot in Bath town). Daughters: Sarah (five 
negroes and land at Tranters Creek), Barbara (four negroes and the land 
on Matehapungo Swamp), Mary (four negroes and lands on north dividing 
and Jacks Creeks). Guardians for children: John and William Gray. 
Executors: John and William Gray, John Caldom and Robert Boyd. 
Witnesses: Bart. Fleming, Elizabeth Montgomery, Nehemiah Monk. 
Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. Letters issued June, 1736. Probate 
not dated. 

Maule, William. Bertie Precinct. 

February 25, 1726. March 30, 1726. Wife: Penelope (plantations 
called Scotts Hall and Moimt Galland). Daughter: Penelope Maule ("all 
the rest and residue of my Estate"). Brother and Executor: Patrick 
Maule. Witnesses: Robert Forster, John Nairn, Jams Eagles (?). 
Impression of head and Latin inscription on seal. Proven before Richard 

Maultsby, John. Bladen County. 

October 5, 1749. July 29, 1757. Sons: John and William. Daugh- 
ters: Hannah Roots, Mary and Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: Robt. Forsha, John Jones, William Harrison. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Robeson. Justices of the Peace: Caleb Howel, E. Cart- 
lidge. Coat of arms on seal. 

Maultsby, John. jSfew Hanover Comity. 

May 17, 1757. November 6, 1757. Wilmington. Mother: Mary Mxvi,ts- 
BY. Sisters: Hannah Roots and Mary Maliltsby, Sarah Shepherd. 
Nepheivs: William and John Maultsby, Roger Roots. Executors: 
Thomas Jones and Daniel Dunbibin. Witnesses: Benj'n Morison, James 
Arlord, Fran. Beteithelly (or Bathelly). Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran. 

May'field, Petee. Albemarle County. 

June 13, 1687. October 6, 1687. Goddaughter: Ann Love. Wife and 
Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Larance, Robert Wallis, Tho. Rolfe. 
Proven before Seth Sothell. 

May'o, Edwaed. Pasquotank County. 

October 12, 1724. October 20, 1724. Sons: Edward ("my planta- 
tion"), Joseph. Daughters: Mary, Ann, Elizabeth and Sarah Mayo. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Thomas Jessop (brother). Wit- 
nesses: Caleb Sawyer, William Jennings, Stephen Delemare. Clerk 
of the Court: W. Norris. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 245 

Mayo, Edwakd. Pasquotank County. 

January 27, 1734-1735. February 14, 1734. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Daughter: Mary. Executor: Joseph Jessop (wife's father). Wit- 
nesses: John Scott, Bunday, Jno. Palin. Proven before Gab. 

Meads, Timothy. Albemarle County. 

March 2, 1685. July 15, 1686. Son: John. Brother: Thomas Meades, 
of Littleworth, in Warwickshire, England. Wife: Ann. Executors: Mr. 
Danell AKBHUR.ST, Arnall White and Hardy White. Witnesses: John 
HuNTT, William Bentley, William Hogben. Proven before Seth 


Meavis (or Mevois), Mark. Craven County. 

January 11, 1762. February 4, 1762. Sons: John ("my plantation"), 
Nathan (land on Trent River), Benj.a.min (land on Indian Grave Branch). 
Daughters: Leah and PiGO. Executors: Ed.mund Hatch, James Frazier 
and Emanoell Simmons. Witnesses: James McDonald, Jacob Ball, 
Emmanuel Simmons. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Medford, Henry. Halifax County. 

December 19, 1773. February 17, 1774. Sons: John, James, Henry 
and Daniel (to each is given a plantation). Daughters: Mary, Ferrebee 
and Eliz.abeth. Wife: Eliz.\beth. Executors: Jonathan Cain and 
John Medford. Witnesses: Daniel Hull, Thomas Weathersbee. 
Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Meeds, Susannah. Pasquotank County. 

March 26, 1755. June Court, 1755. Sons: Timothy Meeds, William 
Davis. Daughters: Winnifred Davis, Elizabeth Highb, Sar.4.h Bar- 
CLiFT. Executors: Timothy Meeds, Robert Hose.v. Witnesses: Abra- 
ham Hosea, John Hosea, Mary Crocker. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Meeds, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

March 8, 1750-1751. April Court, 1751. .Sore and Executor: Timothy . 
("my plantation"). Daughters: Ann Nights (two negroes), Elizabeth 
Meeds (two negroes). Wife and Executrix: Sussanah. Executor: Isaac 
SwENY. Witnesses: Joseph Scott, John Brothers, Job Winslow. 
Clerk of the Court: (signature missing). 

Meed, Timothy". Pasquotank County. 

July 6, 1751. January Court, 1751. Sons: John and Thomas ("my 
land"). Daughter: Milloson Meed. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Execu- 
tor: Joseph Pendleton. Witnesses: Thos. McKeell, Mary Ann Smith. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

246 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Meglohon, James. Bertie Coiinty. 

July 4, 1750. September 4, 1750. Son and Executor: James ("my 
plantation"). Wife: Margerit. Sons-in-law: Christopher Hollyman, 
William Roads, Samuel Hollyman. Daughter: Alce Meglohon. Wit- 
nesses: Wm. Williford, Wm. Rasbueby, J. Parly. Proven before Gab. 
Johnston at Eden house. 

Melton, Robert. Orange County. 

April 24, 1759. November Court, 1759. Sons: James, Nath.iniel, 
Nathan, Isesum, Ancel. Executor: Nathan Melton (son). Witnesses: 
James Sellars, Mary Stratton. Clerk of the Court: James Watson. 

Meeriday, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

March 1, 1740. Daughters: Elizabeth ("my plantation in Pasquotank 
known as Lawsons"), Sarah and M.\ry ("the plantation whereon I now 
live"). Wife and Executrix: Eliz.4Beth. Witnesses: Julius Caesar 
Clarke, John Jones. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. Coat of arms 
on seal. 

Merritt, Charles. Chowan County. 

April 6, 1718. October 21, 1718. Sons: Charles, Nathaniel, Wil- 
liam, John. Daughters: Ann, Sarah, Hardy. Wife and Executrix: men- 
tioned, but not named. Witnesses: James Bryant, Peter Evans. Clerk 
of the Coxirt: R. Hicks. 

Merritt, John. Edgecombe County. 

January 13, 1757. Sons: Thomas, John. Daughter: Pegee (wife of 
John Stone), Amee (wife of William Hanby), and Betty Merritt. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Jno. Haywood, Thos. Merritt. 
No probate. 

Merrit, Nathaniel. Edgecombe County. 

April 10, 1735. February Court, 1735. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Sons: Nathaniel, Efrum, Benjamin. Daughters: Sarah and Mary 
Merrit. Witnesses: Frances Weldon, Henry Jones. Deputy Clerk of 
the Court: Thos. Kearny. 

Mesler, Ceaesmear. Albemarle County. 

May 2, 1696. October Court, 1696. Son-in-law: Richard Lowie. 
Executrix: Phillis Mesler. Witnesses: Thomas Luten. John Fener, 
Ruth Raner. Clerk of the Court: Nath. Chevin. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 247 

Messex, Joseph. Onslow County. 

February 27, 1754. July Court, 1754. Sons: Leven, Joshua. Aron 
and Joseph. Daughters: Dorothy, Sarah, Grace, Ester. Wife and 
Executrix: Grace. Witnesses: Charles Williamson, Richard William- 
son, Lewis Jenkins. Clerk of the Court: Will. Cray. 

Metc.^lf, Caleb. Craven County. 

December 31, 1736. This is a nuncupative will made in the presence 
of Joshua Platt, William Herritage, Adam Moore and Aaron Wood, 
and bequeathes all estate to daughter, expressing desire that wife have no 
part of estate. William Herritage appointed Executor. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston at Newton, March 15, 1736. 

Mets, George. Bath County, Craven Precinct. 

September 15, 1727. September 19, 1727. -Sore.' George. Daughter: 
Anne Curtisse Mets. Wife: Susannah. Executors: Adam Moore and 
Mathias Rissonqver. Witnesses: Joshua Platt, Peter Ballard. 
Clerk of the Court: C. Metcalfe. 

Mewbookx, Thomas. Bertie County. 

February 3, 1749. November Court, 1749. Sons: Thomas, Joshua, 
Nicholas (a plantation to each), Moses, George, John, Nicholess. 
Daughter: Mary. Wife and Executrix: Eleannar. Witnesses: Edward 
Rice, Thomas Mewboorn. Clerk of the Court: John Lovick. 

MiDDLETON, Heney. Tyrrell County. 

March 6, 1738-1739. June Court, 17.39. Sons; James ("my manner 
plantation"), John and Henry. Daughter: Mary. Wife and Executrix: 
Martha. Executors: Daniel Garret and Sam'll Durrance. Witnesses: 
Thos. Lee, Benj. Walker, Abigal Walker. Clerk of the Court: Jambs 


June 26, 1718. July 8, 1718. TTi/e and Siecuin'j.- Elizabeth. Daugh- 
ter: Mary Middleton. Witnesses: Charles Denman, Will and Ann 
Hall. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd Leary. 

Middleton, John. Onslow County. 

December 25, 1741. April Court, 1744. Sons: John and James 
(plantation to be divided between them), Samuel, Isaac. Daughters: 
Ann, Sarah, Sabra, Sussanna. Wife: Sarah. Executor: John Starkey. 
Witnesses: Abraham Mitchell, Albxr. Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell. 
Clerk of the Court: Andr. Murray. 

248 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

MiDDLETON, John. Edgecombe Coimty. 

July 20, 1750. November Court. 1750. Sojis: James and Edw.\rd. 
Daughters: Elizabeth Perrey, Jane, Sarah and Mildred Middleton. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Ambrose Joshua Smith, Judith 
Smith. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

MiDYETT, Matthew. Currituck County. 

December 21, 1734. July Court, 1735. Body Island. Sons: Samuel 
(land on Albemarle Sound), John ("one great periauger and sails"), 
Joseph, Matthew and Thomas. Daughters: Ann, Cateran, Dina. 
Executors: John and Joseph Midybtt. Witnesses: Tulle Williams, 
Joseph Olover, Mary Hunter. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 


November 7, 1735. Cape Fear. Legatees: Cornelius Harnett and 
Hugh Campbell (Executor). Witnesses: Solomon Davis, John Daven- 
port, Magdalen Campbell. No probate. 

Miller, Thomas. 

February 20, 1693-1694. July 16, 1694. Sons: William, Richard, 
Nathaniel and Thomas. Executor: Edward Mayo. Witnesses: John 
Hawkins, William Temple, John Cabbge. Clerk of the Court: Edward 

Miller, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

March 30, 1722. July 27, 1722. Executor and sole legatee: Wm. Will- 
son. Witnesses: Samuel Cock, Anthony Cock, John Scarborough. 
Proven before Rich'd Everard. 

Miller, William. New Hanover County. 

September 9, 1777. October 27, 1777. Wilmington. Brothers: Daniei, 
and James Miller (of Luss in Dumbartonshire, North Brittain). Father: 
John Miller, sister: Ele.\nor Miller, brother: John Miller (to these 
three is given testator's interest in a brigantine, which he recites was 
"built at this place"). Brother-in-law: John Cowan ("an Island on the 
Sound known by the name of Bermuda, and also a piece of land on 
Smith's Creek"). Wife and Executrix: Anna. Executor: Alexr. Hostler. 
Witnesses: James Geekie, Thomas Brown, David Ross. Proven before 
Richard Casw:ell. Justice of the Peace: Jonas Dunbibin. 

Milnee, James. 

September IS, 1771. January 13, 1773. Halifax Town. Brother: 
Arthur Milner ("my land estate in North Britain"). Other legatees: 
Margaret Cathcart, Dolly Hall, Jacobina Wynb, Mary and Eliza- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 249 


CART, Rev. William Willie ("all my Hebrew and Greek books"), Henry 
Skipwith. Executors: Joseph Montfort, Andrew Miller, Abner Na,sh, 
Henry Skipwith, Douglas Hamilton. Witnesses: Montfort Eelbech, 
Rebeca Bagley. Proven before Jo. Martin. Codicil provides for sale 
of negro servant, and devises lands purchased from one Jacob Odaniel. 
Coat of arms with motto: "Soeietas Scientia Virtus." 

MlLTOJT, JONATHAK. OllsloW Coillltv. 

January 18, 1758. April Court. 175S. Soti: Jonathan. Daughter: 
Ann. Wife and Executrix: Purify. Witnesses: Thomas Hill, Joseph 
Thomas. Frances Cooper. Clerk of the Court: Will Cray. Item: 
"all my xvoods, horses and mares be sold, etc." 

MiXG, Joseph. Chowan County. 

December 1. 1750. April Court, 1751. (Sons.- Thomas (2 plantations), 
Joseph. Daughters: Sarah Wilkins, Annarito Collins, Maby Ming. 
Grandsons: Joseph Wilkins and Joseph Collins. Wife and Executrix: 
Rachel. Executors: Thomas Ward, Joseph Ming (son). Witnesses: 
Rachel Cambel, Thomas Ward, Tho. Callaway. No probate officer. 
Provision is made for three years' schooling to be given to son Thomas, 
"in addition to the one he now has." 

Mitchell, Abraham. Carteret County. 

December 30, 1746. March Court, 1746. Brothers: Anthony, John 
and George. Sister: Rebeckah. Wife: not named. Executors: John 
Mitchell and Esekel Hunter. Witnesses: William Cook, William 
Wallis, Peter Arnold. Clerk of the Court: George Read. 

Mitchell, Abram. Onslow County. 

December 8, 1747. January Court. 1747. Sons: George (1 planta- 
tion), Antony (land on Queens Creek). Wife: .A.NN. Daughter: Re- 
becca. Executor: John Starkey. Witnesses: Sarah Middleton, Ed- 
ward Burke, Edmond Thorla. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Black 

Mitchell, Jajies. Edenton, Chowan County. 

April 22, 1745. July Court, 1745. Son: James. Wife and Executrix: 
Cathrine. Executors: Peter Payne and Samuel Stillwell. Wit- 
nesses: James Wallace, Andre Richard, Eliz'th Wallace. Clerk of 
the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Mitchell, Randall. Edgecombe County. 

September 24, 1756. June Court, 17,58. Brother: William Mitchell. 
Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth Leavet. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Exec- 
utor: Aquila Sugg. Witnesses: Baurleay' Belcher, Joseph Howells, 
Benjamin Mitchell. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

250 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

MoBLEY, John. Edgecombe Comity. 

August 5, 1752. May Court, 1753. Sons; John, Moedeca and Edward 
(one negro each). Brother: Edward Mobley. Nephew: S.tMtJEL Moblet 
(one negro). Wife and Executrix: Rachell (two negroes). Executor: 
Edward Mobley (son). Witnesses: John Willi.\.ms, John Ward, Lewis, 
Atkins. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

MoHooN, JosiAH. Halifax Coimtj". 

January 1, 1772. February 2, 1774. Sons: Josiah and James (one 
plantation to each), John, Jesse. Daughters: Ann and Edee Mohoon. 
Testator bequeaths "remainder part of my estate * * * to give all my 
children an equal learning * * *." £':!;ecMtors; Needam Bryant, Elias 
Bryant, Thomas Hyman. Witnesses: John Bryan, J.\mes Burnet, Wii^ 
LiAM Bland. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

MoNEEEiF. John. Currituck Couutv. 

June 22, 1712. April Court, 1713. Sons: Thomas (160 acres of land), 
WiLLi.\M (160 acres adjoining Thomas), John (160 adjoining Willi.\m), 
George (gun and sword). A great number of spoons, "poringers," pewter 
dishes and plates, etc., bequeathed to wife and children. Daughter: M.\ry 
Monereif. Wife and Executrix: M.\ry. Witnesses: Adam Pearry, 
Thomas Davis, Daniel Glascoe. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker. 

MoNS, Thomas. County not given. 

January 5, 1693. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Mathew 
Sayes, William Waters, Thomas Gilbert. Clerk of the Court: Hender- 
son Walker. 

Montgomery, Ann. Chowan County. 

August 28, 1741. October 29, 1744. Legatees: Thomas Jons, Rebecca 
Jons, Jane Swan, daughter of S.\muel Swan, at Cape Fear (one small 
diamond ring and "my staned taffety gound"); M.iRY Turnbdll, Mary 
BucHAR, Ann Allin, Samuel Swan ("the rest of the law books and a 
mourning ring"). James Turnbull. Executors: James Turnbull and 
Samuel Swan. Mother: Sarah Laster in England. Witnesses: Cullen 
Pollock, Frances Pollock, E. Bell. Proven before E. Moseley, C. J. 
On seal is impression of a dog or lion and the word "canis." 

Montgomery, George. Bath County. 

January 19, 1722-1723. July 2, 1723. Daughter: Elizabeth. Other 
legatees: James, Josias and George Montgomery. Executor: Robt. 
Turner. Witnesses: Joseph English, Edwd. Dodd, Jno. Brook. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Baptiste Ashe. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 251 

Montgomery, John. Chowan County. 

August 3, 1741. May 22, 1744. Testator devises all his estate to his 
wife, Anne, who is also appointed Executrix. Witnesses: Jos. Anderson, 
Jambs Craven, The. Goold. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

MoNTicuE, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

June 5, 1750. Wife: Elizabeth. Other legatees: Francis Nixon, Zach- 
ARiAH Nixon, Henry Phelps, Samuel Newby, John Nixon, Joseph 
Ratliff. Executor: Zachariah Nixon. Witnesses: Josiah Bundy, 
Abaraham Hendrixon, Joseph Ratliff. Provision is made in will for 
bricking up the grave of the testator. 

Moore, David. 

March 25. 1670. All estate is bequeathed to one David (name 

illegible). Witnesses: James Blount, Robert Boneo. Clerk of the Cowl: 
Thomas Harris. 

Moore, Epaphroditus. Bertie County. 

June 11, 1757. October Court, 1757. Son: John (all the lands of tes- 
tator). Grandsons: Elisha Wilson, Thomas Moore (one plantation each, 
both plantations lying on Fort Branch). Daughters: Judath Hurst, 
Rebeckah Cain, Charity Walston, Rachel Walston, Mary Moore, 
Ann Moore, Rachel Standly, Grace Moore, Penelope Hare, Chris- 
tian Moore. Son-in-law: James Howard. Wife: not named. Execu- 
tors: Mary and Ann Moore. Witnesses: Charles Horn, Demcy Hol- 
land, Lewis Perry. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Moore, Jajies. Bertie Precinct. 

November 28, 1735. December 11, 1735. Wife: Susanah (one negro). 
Son: Morice ("my plantation and also a plantation on Fishing Creek"). 
Daughter: Sar.yh. Executor: John Dawson. Witnesses: James Barns, 
Robert Tenell, John Brown. Codicil dated November 30, 1735, 
bequeaths live stock to wife. Witnesses to codicil: Robt. Ruffin, James 
Tart, Sam'll Cotten. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Moore, John. Perquimans County. 

March 19, 1746. May 18, 1746. Son: Charles ("my plantation"). 
Daughter: Mary. Wife: Rachel. Executors: John Harvey, Christo- 
pher Denm.\n, Joshua Skinner. Witnesses: Jonathan Skinner, Peter 
Jones, John Bembridge. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Moor, John. Perquimans County. 

March 11, 1750. October 21, 1755. Sons: Cornelius, Joseph ("plan- 
tation lying in baley hack"), Gideon ("the maner plantation"), Joseph. 

252 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Daughters: Miriam, Saeah and Betey Moore. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Executor: Joseph Ratlifp (brother-in-law). Witnesses: Zach. 
Nixon, William More, Samuell More. Proven before Jno. Clayton 
and Joseph Sutton, Justices. 

MooEE, John. Northamptoii County. 

September 1, 1753. November Court, 1753. Sons: Mark, John, Is- 
HAM, William, Nathaniel, Richard. Daughter: Sarah Moore. Wife 
and Executrix: Tabitha Moore. Executors: Richard Moore and Thomas 
Pace. Witnesses: George Harper, John Macdesley. Clerk of the 
Court: I. Edwards. 

MooBE, John. ' Bertie County. 

February 19, 1754. May Court, 1754. Son: Benjamin. Daughter: 
Ann. Executors: Elizabeth Moore (wife) and John Moore (uncle). 
Witnesses: John Peeterick, Anne Gains, Hezekiah Herrenden. Clerk 
of the Court: Sam'l Ormes. 

Moor, John. Bertie County. 

March 11, 1754. May Court, 1754. So-ns: Samdell and John Moore 
("my lands"). Daughter: Mary Bell. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Exec- 
utor: Ephraim Weston. Witnesses: Stephen Evans, Ann Evans, Jos. 
Hardy. Clerk of the Court: Sam'l Ohmes. 

MooEE, Joseph. Edgecombe County. 

February 15, 1753. February Court, 1757. Sons: Joseph (plantation 
in Edgecombe County on Little Swamp and plantation in Bertie County on 
Rockquies Swamp), James (land on Conehoe pocoson), Hodges (land on 
Conehoe), Jessee and Ezibkel ("my water miU"). Daughters: Ann 
McGEE, Martha Hinton, Celia Moore (one negro girl each), Melia 
Moore. Executors: Ann Moore (wife) and four sons. Witnesses: Eliza- 
beth Williams, Mary Whitmill, Wm. Williams. Clerk of the Court: 


MooEE, Joshua. Perquimans County. 

February 12, 1734-1735. February 24, 1734. Brothers: Samuel, John, 
Trueman. Nephew: Cornelius (son of John). Niece: Eliz.abeth Nixon. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Zachariah Nixon, Thomas 
Winslow, Zachariah Nixon, Jr. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

MooEE, Maky. Perquimans County. 

March 24, 1753. April Court, 1756. Sotis: Thom.a.s and Nathan 
Newby (Executors). Daughter: Mary Robinson. Other legatees: Jem- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 253 

MIME, Mary, Sarah and John Robinson, Elizabeth Nbwby, Elizabeth 
Hill, Elizabeth Eliot. Witnesses: Frances Jones, Ralph Fletcher, 
Elizabeth Hill. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

MooEE, EiCHAED. Bertie County. 

November 1, 1748. February Court, 1748. Son and Executor: John 
("all my lands"). Brother and Executor: John Moore. Witnesses: Wil- 
liam Rice, Thomas Davis, Lucreacy Lee. Clerk of the Court: John 


MooEE, EoBEET. Pei'quimaiis County. 

February 22, 1749. January Court, 1750. Sons: Samuell ("my plan- 
tation"), John. Daughters: Sarah and Rachel Moore. Grandchildren: 
Mary Moore, Martha and Miriam Moore, Eliazor Creessie. Execu- 
tws: Samuell Moore, Richard Skinner, Abraham Sanders and Joseph 
White. Witnesses: Joshua Jones, Jonathan Phelps, Elizabeth Ellis. 
Clerk, of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

MooKK, EoGEE. New Hanovei- County. 

March 7, 1747-1748. May Court, 1758. Parish of St. Philips. Sons: 
George, William. Daughters: Sarah Smith, Mary and Anne Moore. 
Wife: Mary. The following lands are devised: Plantation called Kendall; 
land on "Mr. Aliens Creek"; lands between Therofaire and Black River 
in the Neck known by the name of Maultsby's Point and lands on the Is- 
land opposite; land in fork of River known by name of Mount Misery; 500 
acres on So. West River; land between Job Ho^VE and Mr. Dallison; 3,025 
acres near Saxpahaw Old Fields, bought of John Porter; lot in Brimswick 
where "Mr. Ross at present dwells"; plantation called Orton where "I now 
dwell"; 640 acres at Rocky Point; land on Smith Creek; 5,000 acres at Eno 
Old Fields. To daughters, Ann and Mary Moore, is bequeathed 3,600 
pounds, 1,800 to each. To son-in-law, Thomas Smith, is devised lot in 
Brunswick "where Willia.m Lord at present dwells." Grandmother of 
daughters: Mrs. Sarah Trott. Aunt of daughters: Mrs. Sarah Allen. 
About 250 negroes bequeathed. Will mentions mill at Brices Creek. 
Executors: George and William Moore (sons). Witnesses: Wm. Forbes, 
Rich'd Quince, Geo. Logan, Wm. Ross, Rebecca Coke. Clerk of the 
Court: Isaac Faries. Coat of arms on seal. 

MooEE, Sasiuel. Albemarle County. 

January 9, 1693-1694. August 20, 1694. Son: Samuel. Wife and 
Executrix: Abigail. Witnesses: Jno. Hawkins, John Cabbidge, Sarah 
Hawkins. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

254 Abstract of Wills, 1(390 — 1760. 

MooEE. Samuel. Onslow County. 

October 11, 1750. April 2, 1751. Sons: Samuel (plantation on a 
branch of Stones Creek), Thomas (250 acres of land). Daughters: Sarah, 
Mary and Allethea. Executors: Obadiah Moore (brother) and The- 
OPHiLus William.^. Witnesses: Horatius Woodhottse, Robert Nixon, 
Joshua Paull. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Black. 

MooEE, Samuell. Perquimans County. 

October 25, 1751. January Court, 1752. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Nieces: Mary, Hanna and Martha Moore (daughters of brother, John 
Moore). Other legatees: Elizabeth Elliot, Francis and Nathan Newby, 
John Perishe, Edward Dewise. Friends: Rich'd Skinner, Joseph 
White and Zachariah Nixon. Executor: Francis Newby. Witnesses: 
Zach. Nixon, Daniel Saint. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

MooEE, Samuel. Perquimans County. 

May 26, 1754. January Court, 1756. Sons: Joshua, Aaron, Jona- 
than, John (to each is given a plantation). Daughters: Mary and Sarah 
Moore. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Robinson, Cor- 
nelius Moore, Joseph White, Junr. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

MooE, Thomas. New Hanover County, 

February 3, 1755. February 4, 1755. "Late of New York now in Wil- 
mington." This will appoints Cosmas Farquharson, Executor, and he is 
directed to transmit all estate to New York "to be disposed of as my former 
Will in the Hands of Mb. Alsop and Carroll Directs." Witnesses: Caleb 
Mason, Simon Payne, Rd. Hartley. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. 

MooEE, Titus. Bertie County. 

April 26, 1753. January Court, 1757. Son and Executor: J ahi^s. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Daughter: Mary Odom. Witnesses: Need- 
ham Bryan, William Turner, Patience Turner. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjn. Wynns. 

Moore, Teueman. Perquimans County. 

December 12, 1752. April Court, 1753. Sons:, Samuel, 
Thom.\s (to each is given a plantation), Je!3SB (land in Ballyhack). 
Daughters: Jane and Mary Moore. Friends: John Wilson, William 
White, John Moore and Daniel Saint. Wife and Executrix: Leah. 
Executors: Thos. Nicholson and Samuel Moore. Witnesses: William 
White, Daniel Saint, Joseph Winslow. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 


Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

MooEE, WiLLiAii. Perquimans Comity. 

February 6, 1726-1727. October 31, 1732. Sons: William, John, 
Joshua, Samuell, Truman (to each of the above is given a plantation). 
Daughters: Elizabeth and Jane. Cousin: Robert Bogue. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Executors: John and Joshua Moore. Witnesses: 
JcsEPH Winslow, Jacob Hill, J. Jessop. Proven before Geo. Bur- 


More, William. Perquimans County. 

June 4, 1749. April Court, 17.52. Devisees: Moore and 
William Wilson (land obtained from Edw. Mosley). Wife and Execu- 
trix: Martha. Witnesses: Robt. Newby, Joshu.\ H.asket, Mart Savig. 
Clerk of the Court: Edmund H.atch. 

MooEHEAD. James. Bladen County. 

April 4, 1759. July Court, 1759. Sons: William and James. Daugh- 
ters: Jane and Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: Alex- 
ander McCoNKBY. Witnesses: Peter Gates, Lawrence Byrne, Mary 
Arinton. Clerk of the Court: J. Burgwin. 

Morgan, James (Sou of William jMorgan). 

Perquimans (Joiinty. 
January 26, 1740-1741. October Court, 1741. Sons: Jacob and 
Charles (land on Morgan's Swamp). Daughters: Elizabeth and Re- 
beckah Morgan. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Executor: Thomas (brother-in-law). Witnesses: Zachariah Nixon, Charles 
Overman, Jos. Robinson. Clerk uf the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Morgan, Jaxe. Perquimans Comity. 

February 4, 1742. March 22, 1742. Sons: John Anderson. James 
Morgan. Daughter: Sarah Parsons. Daughter-in-law: Ann Morgan. 
Granddaughters: Mary and Miriam Morgan, Elizabeth Cosan, Jane 
Anderson. Executors: John Anderson and James Morgan. Witnesses: 
Abraham Elliott, Mary Elliott, Joseph Ratliff. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Morgan, John. Pasquotank C'ounty. 

October 20, 1754. January Court, 1755. Sons: John and Joseph (1 
shilling). Daughters: Rachel Overman, Elizabeth Elliot, Mary 
Elliot, Hannah Boswell ("my manner plantation"). Grandson: Jo- 
seph BoswELL. Executors: Hannah and Joseph Boswell. Witnesses: 
George Low, Edward Wardsworth. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

256 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Morgan, Nathajv. Ouslow County. 

February 16, 1749. October 2, 1750. Sons: William ("mannor house 
and one-half of mannor plantation"), Goer ("the other half of the land I 
now live on"). Daughter: Sukee Morg.^n. Brothers: Willi.ui Morgan 
{Executor) and Joseph Morgan. Witnesses: William Ambrose, Francis 
Sumner, Joseph Sturges. No probate. 

Morgan, Egbert. Pasquotank Precinct. 

October 22, 1727. November 26, 1730. Sons: Bennet, Joseph, 
Robert and Moses (a plantation to each), Aaron. Daughters: Allis, 
Elizabeth, Ann and Juda. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Bennet and 
Joseph Morgan (sons). Witnesses: Abel Ross, Tamar Ross, Jeruas 
Jones, James Adams. Proven before Richard Everard. 

MoREELL, Humphrey. 

March 10, 1732. Grandsons: Joseph and John Pears. Daughter and 
Executrix: Elizabeth Wats. Mother: Elizabeth Morrel. Witnesses: 
William Simes, Ann Burk, Henry Tudor. No probate. 

Moris, John. Craven County. 

August 23, 1742. Septemljer 24, 1742. Wife artd Executrix: Mathew 
Morris. Son: John. Daughter: Mary Morris. Executors: Abraham 
Busett, John Hudler. Witnesses: Wm. Wicklipfb, More, 
Richard Morgan. Clerk of the Court: N. Routledge. 

Morris, John. Pasquotank County. 

November 18, 1739. January Court, 1739. Sons: Joseph and John 
("my manner plantation"), Zachariah, Isac, Aaron, Joseph. Daugh- 
ters: Hannah and Sarah Morris. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: John Belm,\n, Mary Albertson. Joseph Robinson. Clerk of 
the Court: James Craven. 

MoRRiss, John. Bertie County. 

May 21, 1759. July Court, 1759. Sons: John and Williaim ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live," lying on the main road to Bertie Courthouse), 
Benjamin, Nathan, Jacob, James Early, Richard. Daughters: Mary 
Stallings, Ann Holms, Sarah Farmer, Elizabeth and Jane Morris. 
Wife and Executrix: Rebekah. Executors: John and William Morris. 
Witnesses: William Willeford, Jacob Stallings, J. Early. Clerk of 
the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

Morris, Thomas. New Hanover County. 

August 2, 1744. January 9, 1744. Sons: Thomas, William, Solomon, 
James (land on Holly Shelter Creek). Grandsons: Thomas and Charles 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 257 

Morris. Brother: William Morris. Executors: William, Solomon and 
James Morris (sons). Witnesses: Chas. Harrison, Thomas Steers, 
SU.SANAH Nichols. Deputy Clerk of the Court: James Small wood. 

Morrison, Benjamin. New Hanover County. 

April 14, 1760. June 10, 1760. Wilmington. Exectdor: Alexander 
Duncan. Witnesses: Thom.vs Turnbull, James Rutherfurd, Henry 
Toomer. Proven before Arthur Dobbs at Brunswick. No legatee 
named in will. 

Mortimer, John. jSTew Hanover County. 

June 14, 1765. September 26, 1766. Wilmington. DougWer; H.annah 
Mortimer (lot in Wilmington on north side of Market Street). Nephew: 
John C'onaway. Sister: Mary Mortimer. Wife ami Executrix: Reskcca.. 
Executors: Doctr. Samuell Green and Cornelius Harnett. Wit- 
nesses: Moses John DeRossett, W.m. Purviance, W. Gregory. Proven 
before Wm. Tryon. Executors qualified before Moses Jno. DeRossett. 

AIosELEY, Edward. New Hanover County. 

March 20, 1745. August Court, 1749. Sons: John (plantation at 
Rockey Point, on the west side of the northeast branch of Cape Fear 
River, about 3, .500 acres; lot and hou,ses in Brunswick "where my Habi- 
tation usually is at Present"; plantation below Brunswick commonly 
called Macknights), Edward (plantation in Chowan County containing 
2,000 acres in fee tail; lot and house in Wilmington; 600 acres of land 
opposite Cabbage Inlet; 500 acres in Tyrrell called Coopers; 450 acres in 
Tyrrell called Whitemarsh), Sampson (land on the east side of the north- 
east branch of Cape Fear River, lying between Holly Shelter Creek and 
the bald white sandhills, containing 3,500 acres), James (lands on the 
east side of the northeast branch of Cape Fear River opposite Rocky 
Point plantation, containing 1,650 acres), Thom.-^.s (1,880 acres of land on 
northwest branch of Cape Fear River). To Sampson, James and Thomas 
is devised "all my lands on the East side of Cape Fear River, on part 
whereof Mr. Bugnion dwelleth." To five sons is devised "my large 
tract of Land in Edgecomb County called Clur, containing 10,000 acres," 
and fifty-six slaves. Wife: Ann (plantation on the Sound "whereon 
is a large Vineyard planted"; also 3,200 acres of land in Edgecomb called 
Alden of the Hill, lying on a branch of Fishing Creek, by "some called 
Irwins, by Other Butterwood"; also 1,650 acres on the west side of Neuse 
River, about twenty-four miles above Newbern; also twenty-one slaves, 
new chaise harness and pair of bay horses, ten cows and calves, ten 
steers and twenty sheep. Dcugliter: Aner (eleven slaves). Friends: 
Samuel Swann, John Swann, Jeremiah Vail, Alexander Lillington, 
James Hasell. Mother-in-law: Mrs. Susannah Hasell. Brother-in- 


258 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

law: James Hasell, Jr. Sisters-in-law: Mrs. Mary Vail, Mrs. John 
Porter and Elizabeth, late wife of Col. Maurice Moore. Executors: 
John and Edward Moseley (sons) and Ann Moseley (wife). Wit- 
nesses: Elbazr Allen, Rogr. Moore, Wm. Forbes, Matt. Rowan. 
Some interesting provisions in will: "I Recommend it to my Dear and 
loving wife that one of my sons as shall be thought best qualified for it 
be bred to the law, it being highly necessarj- in so large a family, and to 
him I give all my law books, being upwards of 200 volumes, which are 
now or shall be in my closet," etc. "Hem: I give to my dear wife Blome's 
History of the Bible in folio, 3 volumes in folio of Arch Bishop Tillotson's 
Works, four volumes in Octavo of Dr. Stanhope's, on the Epistles & 
Gospels, and all the Books of Physick. Item: I give to my daughter, 
Ann Hitmphries, 3 Volumes in folio on the Old & New Testament, and I 
will that my executors buy for her the work of the Auther of the whole 
Duty of Man. I give to the oldest of my sons that shall not Study the 
Law, Chambers Dictionary, 2 Volms in folio, and LeBlond of Gardening 
in Quarto; and the rest of my books, about 150 Volumes, to be divided 
among my other three Sons. Item: I give and bequeath unto my Eldest 
Son, John, my large Silver Tea Kettle, Lamp & Server for it to stand 
on, weighing in all about 170 ounces; To my Son Edward, my large 
silver Coffee Pot Pott; to my son Sampson, my large Silver Tea Pot; to 
my Son James, my Large Silver Tankard, & To my Son Thomas, a pair 
of Large Square Silver Servers, my cases of Knifes, Forks, Spoons, Salts, 
Casters & Other my plate to be divided between my Wife & Daughter 
* * *." "Item: it is my will that the profits arising from the labour 
of ray Two Sons' Slaves & their part of the profits arising by the stocks 
be laid out in purchasing Young Female slaves * * *." "Item: When 
it shall be necessary to give all or any of my sons Other Education that 
is to be had from the Common Masters in this Province, for I would have 
my children well educated, it is then my will that such expence be de- 
frayed out of the profits of such Child's estate, etc." 

Codicil to will dated June 9, 174S, gives to son William, ''born since 
my said last Will was made," the tract of land in Edgecomb called Alden 
of the Hill and 300 acres contiguous thereto, and also emancipates three 
slaves, with the provision, however, that "if it shall not be allowed them, 
then it is my will that my executrix shall place them jointly or severally, 
as they shall choose, on any of my lands, to make what they shall judge 
most for their advantage, rendering one-tenth part of the profits to my 
executrix." Witnesses to codicil: John Cochran, John Hancock, John 
Cooke. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. Coat of arms on seal is 
illegible, and coat of arms on seal to codicil is said by testator to be 
"Mr. Sampson's (my Wife's Father), mine being lately lost." All land 
devised to sons is devised in fee tail, showing that entails existed at the 
time of the will. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 259 

MosLEE, Ceaksmee. Chowaii Precinct. 

May 2, 1696. Wife and Executrix: Philis. Witnesses: Thomas Laten, 
John Jones, Richard Raner. No probate. Will almost illegible. 

Moss, Geace. Craven Comity. 

June 7. 1771. August 6, 1771. Daughter: Ann Conway. Niece: 
Sidney Pitman. Son: Joseph Moss. Executors: Thomas and John 
Nelson. Witnesses: J.-vmes Seavern, Jr., Denel Mozor, Eleanor 
Clash. Proven before Jas. Hasell. Provision is made for education of 

Mound, Noaii. Edgecombe County. 

February 1, 1752. February Court, 1752. This is a nuncupative will 
proven before Sam'll Williams by Eliza Webb and Joseph Isen- 
m.\nger. in which all estate of testator is left to Aquil.\ Sugg, who is 
also appointed Executor. Clerk of the Court: Benj'n Wynns. 

MouNTEAGUE, ELIZABETH. Perquimans Couuty. 

September 20, 1756. July Court, 1757. Legatees: Josiah Raper, 
Miriam Overman. Naomy Newby, Hannah Newby, Joseph Robinson, 
Samuel Newby, Thom.\s Nicholson, William Hasskit, Christopher 
and Joseph Nicholson. Witnesses: Thomas, Christopher and Joseph 
Nicholson. Witnesses: John Overman, Sarah Barrow, John Taylor. 
Clerk of the Court: Miles Hauvey. 

MouNTicuE, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

June 5, 1750. October Court, 1750. Devisees and legatees: Francis 
Nixon (all lands and houses), Zachariah Nixon, Henry Phelps (one 
negro man), Samuel Newby and John Nixon (ten pounds in good ''mer- 
chantable barrel pork"), Joseph Ratliff, Zach.'vriah Nixon, Jr., and 
Mehetable Nixon. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: Zacha- 
riah Nixon. Witnesses: Josah Bundy, Abraham Hendrixon. Joseph 
Ratliff. Clerk of the Court: Ed.mund Hatch. 

Mot, John. Currituck County. 

January 3, 1735. July 1. 1735. Son: John ("my maner plantation"). 
Daughter: Jane Moy. Wife and Executrix: Annie. Witnesses: John War- 
den, RicH.\RD Bradley. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

MoYE, Thomas. Bertie Precinct. 

March 26, 1721-1722. May Court, 1723. Wife and Executrix: Eliz.\- 
beth. Wife's sons: Thomas and John Phillips. Witnesses: Jno. Simp- 
son, Thomas Boykin, Isabell Joyner. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

260 Abstbact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

MuLKEY, Philip. Edgecombe Precinct. 

December 17, 1736. M.iy Court, 1737. Sons: David (land on Beaver 
Ponds), Philip ("my plantation"). Danyhiers: Jane, Eve, Scauukough, 
Judith. Son-in-laiv: George Laws. Friends: Backlby Kimbrough and 
John Hardy (land at plumtree). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: 
James Smith. Witnesses: Rich.vrd Herking, John Calihan, 
Mui.KEY. Clerk of the Court: Tiios. Kearny. 

Mullen, Is^vac. Perquimans County. 

August 24, 1743. October Court, 1743. Son: Joseph ("my planta- 
tion"). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Daughter: Rebecca. Execu- 
tors: Abraham and Jacob Mullen (brothers). H'^ifnesses; Samuel Bar- 
clift, Joseph Pershbr, John Anderson. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 

Mullen, Jacob. Perquimans County. 

November 5, 1757. January Court, 1758. Sons: Isaac and Abraham 
("my plantation containing 229 acres"), Jacob (76 acres of land), Thomas 
(land on Buttons Creek). Daughter: Hannah Mullen. Executors: Wil- 
liam Tomblin and William Hasket. Witnesses: James Gibson, James 
Peirce, Francis Layden. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

MuMFORD, Joseph. Onslow County. 

October 3, 1732. Sons: Joseph ("all my lands"), Edward. Daughter: 
Elizabeth Mumford. Executors: Edward Howard, Thomas Fullard. 
Witnesses: James Murray, Edw.\rd Howard, Elizabeth Murray. 
Clerk of the Court: Wm. Cranford. 

MuNDAY, William. Albemarle County. 

December 3, 1688. January 28, 1688. <So?i,; William. Daughter: 
Elizabeth Munday. Wife and Executrix: Emmay'. Executor: John 
Stockum. WitTiesses: John Jones, William Hancock, Eliza Stockum, 
John Wing.\te. Proven before Seth Sothell. 

MuNs, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

January 5, 1693. Wife: Anne Muns, sole heir and Executrbc. Wit- 
nesses: Mathew Sayes, Wm. Walters, Thos. Gilbert. Proved at 
Chowan. Clerk of Court; Henderson W^vlker. 

MuEDEN, Jeremiah. Pasquotank County. 

August 3, 1745. November 20, 1750. Son and Executor: Robert ("the 
manner plantation"). Daughter: Mary. Granddaughter: Mary Spence. 
Witnesses: John Jones, Isaac Jones, John Cammill. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Ab-tract of Wills, 1000—1760. 261 

MuEPHV, Edmoxd. Craven County. 

March 4, 1745. Sons: Benjamik and Josca ("all my lands";, EniirxD. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: .Jaiie.s Tcckee, Wm. Flood, 
Paul Phillips. No probat*. 

MuBPHT, Jkeemlah. ' Craven County. 

November 26, 17.50. May Court, 17.52. Son: Thomas. Execjiort: 
George Lane, Thomas Mcephy and .John Lane. Wilntisses: John Mur- 
phy, Jane Caeeuthees, J.vo. Carbcther.s, Jr. C'ferfe of the Ccnxrl: Phil. 

iliEPiiY. Thoma-s. Craven County. 

October 7, 1746. Februarj- 27. 1740. Srnxx: Thomas fplantation on 
Trent Piiver;,. Jeremiah, John. Z>aii^Aiter; Bbidgett Muepht. Wife and 
Executrix: .S.vrah. WUrtesses: John Johns, John Abbott, John Petee 
REMii. Proven before Gaeeiel John.ston. 

McEPHET, WiLLLAii. Edgccomhe County. 

January 2.3, 17-36. ilay Court, 1737. Daughters: Mart and M.^eth.*. 
Mcbphey (one plantation each;, E.sther Mcephy (negroes;. Other lega- 
tees: William Hurst, Joseph Be.u)shaw. Wife and Exeojtrix: Ann. 
Execvivrs: John Edwards and Isaac PiIcks. Witnesses: John Pope, Wm. 
Goodwin, John .Strickland. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Thos. Hakvey. 

McEEAY, AxDEEw. Onslow County. 

February 9, 174.S-1746. .Aprfl 2, 1746. Devisee: J.ajjes Hurley. 
Executor: Stephe.v Lee. Witnesses: Foye Dextee, E. Ch.u)wick, D.\niel 
Sheslow, J.^iiES Hoyle, Elizabeth Hoyle. Clerk of the Court: Geo. 

Xavleb, TViLLLiM. Albemarle County. 

April 13, 1696. September .30, 1696. Little River. Daixgfders: Mae- 
gaeet and Maey "living in Virginia." Executor: John King. Witness: 
Maetha Plates. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover. 

Xeale, Abxee. Craven County. 

.January 5, 1770. October 14, 1772. Sons: .A.b.vee (land on Adams 
Creek), Rich.vrd Hand bought of Willum CAERUTHEPJi and Mathew 
Godfrey), Christopher and Philip fto each is given land bounded and 
described in will), M.^thew (lands on Browns Creek), Baebe (land on 
Goose Creek). Daughters: Winifred Thom.\s, ilARY PiTTii.iN, wife of 
Joseph Pittman, Hannah Xeale, Elizabeth Xeale, P.\tience Xe.ale. 
Grandchildren: John, .\eneb, Sazah and Winifeed Thom.4S. Eight 
negroes bequeathed. Wife: Elizabeth. Friends: J.ames Jones, John 

262 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Bryan, Thomas Cook, Samuel Masters, Parmenas Horton and John 
Thomlinson. Executors: Christopher and Richard Neale (sons) and 
Roger Jones. Witnesses: Elijah Jarman, Robert Turner, Benjamin 
CuMMiNGS. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

ISTeale, Ciiaeles. Albemarle County. 

January 7, 1698-1699. jDaujters; Dorcas, Mary. Guardian to daugh- 
ter: John Mackeell. Son: Charle.s (negroes). Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: John Mackeell, Francis Delamare, John Wood- 
house, Thomas Boyd, Joy Markham. Clerk of the Court: N. Chbvin. 

Neale, Henry. 

July 13, 1734. April 30, 173.5. Wife's son: John Simpson. Sons: 
Samuel and Henry ("my negroes"), Thomas. Daughters: Jane and 
Elizabeth Neale (one negro each). Wife: Susanah. Executors: Jane 
Husbands (sister), Samuel Hazell (cousin), Joseph Clark. Witnesses: 
Thos. Hall, Hannah Hall, Eliz. Brian. Proven before Gab. Johnston, 
at Cape Fear. 

Needham, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

October 6, 1740. July Court, 1743. Sons: John, Gedeon, Thomas (a 
plantation to each), Christofer (one shilling). Daughter: Ann. Execu- 
tor: John Needham (son). Witnesses: Dennis Sawyer, Robert Tork- 
SEY. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Nessfeild, John. Bladen County. 

March 27, 1764. April 20, 1764. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Other 
legatees: Thomas White and wife, Ann. Executor: John Robeson of Wil- 
mington. Witnesses: Hu. Waddell, James Bailey, Edw. Bryan. Proven 
before Arthur Dobbs. Testator provides for sale of all his estate; pro- 
ceeds to be invested in yoiing female slaves for use of wife and children. 
Impression of dove with olive branch on seal. 

l^EViL, Ben,jamin. Halifax County. 

November 15, 1758. September Court, 1759. Sons: Benjamin ("plan- 
tation whereon I now live"), Jesse (plantations in Edgecombe and Gran- 
ville Counties). Daughter: Elizabeth Nevil (one negro). Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. V/itnesses: John Marshall, Amy Marshall, 
Robart Sanders. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Nevill, Francis. 

April 16, 1735. April 20, 1735. Little River. Legatees: James Collins 
and wife, Luce; John Armor ("my bote"), "Old Madum Britt my ring 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 263 

the pose in thy brest my heart clothe rest." Executor: James Collings. 
Witnesses: Thomas Bedford, William Allin. Clerk of the Court: John 
Parker. Justice of the Peace: Jno. Palin. 

Kewby, Benjamin. Pasquotank County. 

November 13, 1739. January Court, 1739. Sons: Joseph (tract of 
land), Benjamin ("the manner plantation"). Daughter: Sarah Newby. 
Wife atid Executrix: Sdsanah. Executor: John Overman. Witnesses: 
James Newbt, John Robin.son, John Low. Clerk of the Covrt: James 

Newby, Edward. 

August 6, 1717. Brother: William. Father and Executor: Gabriel 
Newby. IF ite esses.' Benjamin Sanders, Nathan and Newby. 
Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 270. 

Newby, Francis. Perquimans County. 

March 18, 174.3-1744. April Court. 1744. Sons: Robert and Jesse 
("my plantation"), Mark and Francis. Daughters: Margaret and 
Sarah (one negro each). Execxitors: Robert, Mark, Francis and Jessee 
Newby. Witnesses: Susannah Wood, Mary Wilson, Rt. Wilson. 
Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Newby, Francis. Perquimans County. 

Januarys, 1752. July Court, 17.52. Brokers; Thomas Newby, N.^than 
Newby (all "my lands and houses"), John Robinson. Mother and Exec- 
utrix: Mary Moor. Witnesses: Zach. Nixon, Ralph Fletcher, Elesa- 
BETH Nixon. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Newby', Gabriel. 

March 26, 1733. March 1, 1735. Sons: Joseph (plantation of 300 
acres), Jesse (300 acres of land), Samuel ("my maner plantation" and also 
two negroes), Francis. Grandson: William Newby (300 acres of land). 
Other legatees: Richard and Mary Moore. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
TTi^^jesses.- William Hill, Tho.mas Muse, Thomas Nicholson. Proven 
before W. Smith, C. J. 

Newby, James. Pasquotank County. 

November 24, 1739. January Court, 1743. Son: Jacob. Son-in-law: 
Edward Ward. Daughters: Sarah, Magdalene and Mary Newby. 
Wife and Executrix: Hanah. Witnesses: Henry Raper, Thomas Over- 
man, Joseph Robinson. CUrk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

264 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Newbt, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

January 22, 1726. April 21, 1735. Wife and Executrix: Mary. No 
other legatee mentioned. Witnesses: Nathan Newby, Petee Pearson, 
J. Jessop. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. Coat of arms on seal. 

Newby, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

May 2, 1752. July Court, 1752. Wife: Elisabeth. Daxighter: Mary. 
Executors: Samuel Newby and Joseph White (uncles). Witnesses: 
Samuel Moore, Sarah Moore, Zachariah Morris. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. Coat of arms on seal. 

]SI"e\vbt, Maet. Perquimans County. 

October 13, 17.39. January Court, 1739. Son; Joseph Mayo. Daugh- 
ter: Elizabeth Willson. Grandchildren: John Willson, Edward, 
Jemima and Isabell Newby. Niece: Elizabeth Winslow. Executors: 
John Willson and Samuel Newby (sons-in-law). Witnesses: William 
Sitgreaves, Sarah Ellit, Miriam Bogue. Clerk of the Court: Jambs 

Newbt, jSTathan. Perquimans County. 

April 1, 1735. October Court, 1735. Sons: Thomas (plantation on 
Cypress Swamp), Francis ("land whereon I now live"), Nath,vn (230 
acres of land). Daughter: Mary Newby. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: Thomas Newby (brother) and Zachariah Nixon. Witnesses: 
Zachariah Nixon, Senr., Fr.yncis Tomes, Mary Gibens. Clerk of the 
Court: James Craven. 

Newbt, Samuel. Perquimans County. 

December 9, 1737. January Court, 1737. Friends: John Nixon and 
Zachariah Nixon. Cousins and Executors: Thomas Overman and Jemes 
Newby. Witnesses: Zachariah Nixon, Joseph Robinson, M.\ry Nixon. 
Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

!N"eWBY, WiLLLiM. 

January 11, 1718-1719. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Sarah 
Laton, Sarah Peirce, Gabriel Newby. Original missing. Recorded in 
Book 1712-1722, page 279. 

INewnam, Tpiomas. 

September 21, 1723. November 22, 1723. "Now residing at Eden- 
ton in North Carolina as Missionary from the Honble the Society for 
propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts." Wife, Executrix and sole 
legatee: Frances. Witnesses: C. Gale, Sarah Lloyd and John Fryars. 
Proven before Christopher Gale, Chief Justice. Coat of arms on seal 
representing a winged lion. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 265 

ISTewsum, Joel. Northampton County. 

January 10, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sons: Hosea and John 
("my plantation to be divided between them"), David, Joel, WrLLiAM and 
Isaac (the rest of estate to be divided among them). Daughter: Mary 
New.sdm. Executors: William Hilyard (brother), John Duke. Wit- 
nesses: RoBT. Peelle (Quaker), John Dickinson, Alexander O'Quin. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Xewton, Cheistophee. Perquimans County. 

May 11, 1759. July Court, 1759. Wife and Executrix: B.^Rxn. Daugh- 
ter: Constant. Witnesses: Thomas Gilbert, Walter Newton. Clei-k 
of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

ISTewton, Thomas. Bladen County. 

September 7, 1765. Son: John ("my saw mill"). Daughter: J.-^ne 
Newton. Wife and Executrix: M.Mi.'i ("my negroes"). Executor; Corne- 
Lios Harnett. Witnesses: Will'm Bartram, Jacob Mezies. No pro- 

XtCE, Willlvm. 

April 24, 17.57. May Court, 1758. "On Board the Brigantine Hawke 
of War, Tho.mas Wright, Commander." Sisters: Jane and K.a.therine 
Nice in the shire of Murr.ay in Great Britain. Mother: Jennet Nice. 
Executor: Thomas Cuningham. Witnesses: John Blyth, Benjamin 
Stone. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran. 

ISficHOLAS, Xathajciel. Bertie County. 

September 17, 1755. October Court, 1755. This is a nuncupative will 
proven by Thom.a.s Hudson, George Handly and William Willeford, 
and gives to so7is. Josah and William Nicholas, one plantation each. 
Daughter: Elizabeth. Justice: John Brown. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. 

Nicholson, Joseph. Albemarle County. 

August 6, 1679. January Court, 1697-1698. Plantation on Perqui- 
mans River to brother, John Nicholson. Brothers: Benjamin, Samuel, 
John, N.^thanibl, Christopher. Executors: S.aml. and John Nicholson. 
Witnesses: Gabriel Nuby, Mary Nuby, Thos. Overman. Clerk of the 
Court: John Stepney. 

Nicholson, Nathaniel. Perquimans County. 

March 12, 1731-17.32. July Court, 1737. Soii: Jonathan ("my plan- 
tation"). Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth Nicholson. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Sarah. Executor: Zachariah Ni.von. Witnesses: Alix.4.nder 
Stuard, Peter .^leardson. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

266 Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Nicholson, Samuel. 

March 22, 1727-1728. No date of probate. Daughters: Sarah and 
Elizabeth Nicholson. Friend: Sarah Gloster. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Executor: John Anderson (son-in-law). Witnesses: Zach- 
ariah Nixon, John Keaton, Elisabeth Montecue. Clerk of the Court: 

Charles Denman. 

]SricHOLSON, William. Currituck Couuty. 

1721. October Court, 1723. .So«s; Josiah ("my manner plantation"). 
Anthony and Theofilus Nicholson. Daughters: Sophia, Naomy and 

Nicholson. Executor: Josiah Nicholson (son). Witnesses: 

Doyley Latter, Andrew Hdddey, John Crabb. Clerk of the Court: Jo. 

NicKOLLS, James. Currituck County. 

Jul}' 13. 1742. October Court, 1743. Sons: Jambs ("ye manard plan- 
tation"), Caleb (plantation), Willis (plantation over the River called 
Dunkins). Daughters: S.arah and Frankey Nickolls. Executor: John 
Etheridge. Witnesses: Jambs Butt, Darckes Thomas, William Ether- 
iDGE. Clei-k of the Court: John Lurry. 

iNicKOLSON, Cheistofee. Perquimaiis County. 

May 17, 1723. July 23, 1723. Son: Thomas ("my plantation"). 
Daughters: Mariam, Dabora, Mary and Ann Nickolson. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Mary. Executor: Samuel Nickolson (brother). Witnesses: 
Jeames Newby, Solomon Pool, Richard Pool. Clerk of the Court: 
Richard Le.^ry. 

Nickolson, Josiah. Currituck County. 

January 22, 1749-1750. April County Court, 1750. Sons: John and 
JosiAS ("my land to be divided between them"). To John is also given 
one negro, and to son William is given one negro. Daughter: Clare. 
Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Witnesses: Benjamin Crabb, P.achance 
EvRAGE, Alexander Traquair. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

NicKsoN, Thomas. Northampton County. 

December 1, 1752. February Court, 1753. Brothers: Joseph and 
Henry Nickson. Sister: Sarah Jiner. Executors: Abr,a.ham Steven- 
son, JuNR., and William Andrews. Witnesses: W^illia.m Turner, Mar- 
tha More. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

NicoLS, John. 

April 26, 1710. -August 12, 1712. Son: Samuel (land on Sutens Creek). 
Daughters: Mary and Hannah Nicols. Wife and Executrix: Pressilla. 
Executor: Samuel Nicols (father). Witnesses: Fr.\ncis Fisher, Ann 
Darman, Hannah Modling. No probate officer. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 1760. 26'i 

Nixon, Elizabeth. Perquimans County. 

March 19, 1747-1748. January Court, 174S. Son-in-ku'; John Ander- 
son. Daughters: Elizabeth Anderson, Sarah Jones. Grandsons: 
Samuel, John and Joseph Anderson. Granddaughter : Sarah Anderson. 
Friend: Elizabeth Albertson, daughter of Joshua Albertson. Execu- 
tors: John Anderson and Joseph Anderson. Witnesses: Thomas Over- 
man, Joshua Albertson, Thomas Nicholson. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. 

Nixox, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

February 4, 1687-1688. August S. 1692. Wife and Executrix: Em. 

Daughter: Ann Nixon. Witnesses: Henderson Walker, Richard Pl.\- 

TER, Francis Tomes, Edward Mayo. Clerk of the Court: Francis Tomes. 

Nixon, Eichaed. Craven County. 

March 5, 1745-1746. June Coin-t, 1746. Son: Rich.\rd (land on Top- 
sail Sound). Daughters: Gartry Nixon (land on southwest), Mary Nixon 
(land on New Topsail Creek). Wife and Executrix: Mary (three negroes). 
Executors: Thomas Graves (brother-in-law), John Fonvielle. Wit- 
nesses: John Oliver, Wheelwrt. Pearson. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Rice. 
Will provides for investment of proceeds of sale of part of estate in young 

XixoN, Zachaeiah. Perquimans County. 

September 28, 1739. October Court. 1739. .Sons; John, Phineas, 
Z.\CHARIAH, Barnaby (to each is given a plantation, and to all four is given 
a sawmill and gristmill). Friend: Michael Murphy (land known by the 
name of Oak Ridge). Daughter: Rebekah (one negro). To wife is 
given one-half of negroes. Executors: John, Phineas and Zachariah 
Nixon (sons). Grandchildren: Joshua and Mary Moore. Witnesses: 
Thomas Overman, John Charles, Joseph Robin.son. Overman and 
Robinson were Quakers. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

NixoN, Zachaeiah. Perquimans County. 

July 9, 1752. July Court, 1752. Sons: Francis, Zachariah (to each 
is given lands and a lot in Nixon town). Daughter: Mbhetible Nixon. 
Wife and Executrix: Eliz,4.beth. Executor: Joseph White. Witnesses: 
John Nixon, Phineus Nixon, Mark Newby. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 

Noble, Samuel. Carteret County. 

December 26, 1776. January 14, 1776. "As it is customary to bequeath 

Both The Mortle and Immortal Parts I leave one to the Discression of my 

Executor and the other to the Marcies of God through my Lord & Savour 

268 Abstract of Wills. 1690 — 1760. 

Jesus Christ." Sons: Mark (land between Miery Branch and White Oak 
River), William (100 acres of land), Samuel ("plantation whereon I now 
live lying between the Black Swamp & Mire branch"). Daughters: Mary 
Magdilin Barry, Bettie, Rachel and Nancy Noble. Nephew: James 
Houston. Executors: Mark, William and Samuel Noble. Witnesses: 
John Mundine, Brice Williams, Levi West. Proven before Richard 

Noble, William. Bath County. 

October 22, 1723. June Court, 1724. Sons: Samuel and William 
(land to be divided between them), Joseph (land on White Oak River), 
James. Daughter: Hanah Noble. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. 
Witnesses: Robert Smith, John Starkey, Thomas Holston. Clerk of 
the Court: John Baptiste Ashe. 

NoBLELAND, JoHN. Eclgecombe County. 

August 12, 1755. November Court, 1755. Daughters: Mathew and 
Rebecca Nobleland, Mary Cotton. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: Wm. Ogilvie, Nath.aniel Merritt, William Rainwater. Clerk 
of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

NoEcoM, John. Chowan Precinct. 

July 26, 1728. September 30, 1728. Sons; (''plantation I now 
live on"). Stepney, William, John, Cornelus, Jeames. Daughters: 
Sarah, Mary, Elisabeth. Wife: Jean. Executor: Thomas Norcom. 
Friends: William Egerton, John Chasten, John Simons, Abrahajni 
Warren. Proven before Richard Everard. 

NoEcoM, John. Chowan County. 

February 4, 1745. April Court, 1746. Daiighters: Sarah and Ann. 
Wife and Execxdrix: Ann. Executor: John Halsey'. Witnesses: John 
Peirce, Levy Haughton, Mary Sheldin. Clerk of the Court: James 

NoECOM, Maey. Chowan County. 

May 19, 1718. November 1, 1721. Sons: John Norcom (Executor), 
Thomas Norcom. Daughters: Sarah, wife of James Smith; Mary, wife of 
Tho.mas Blichenden. Granddaughter: Mary Hopton. Grandson: .\bra- 
HAM Warrin. Witnesses: Thomas Whittis, Cornelius Leary, Rich'd 
Leahy. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

l^OECOM, Thomas. Perquimans Precinct. 

May 13, 1707. October 29, 1707. Sons: Thomas and William ("my 
plantation"), John. Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah Norcom. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 269 

Grandson: Thomas Norcom. Wife and Executrix: mentioned, but not 
named. Witnesses: James Ming, Walter Taner. Clerk of the Court: J. 

NoBcoji, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

April 23, 1741. AprU Court, 1744. Son: Thomas ("plantation I now- 
live on left me by the will of my father Thomas Norcom"). Grandson: 
Richard Whidbee (plantation on Sound side joining Lacinse's Creek; also 
three negroes). Nephew: John Norcom, son of brother, John Norcom. 
Wife and Executrix: Susanna. Witnesses: Samuel Standing and Joseph 
Arnold. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

NoECOM, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

May 12, 1748. October Court, 1748. Wife: Martha. Son: Freder- 
ick. Executor: John Halsey. Witnesses: George Charlton, Mary 
Halsey. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

!N"oEFLEET, James. Perquimans Precinct. 

November 28, 1732. January 15, 1732-1733. Sons: John ("my plan- 
tation, orchards and houses", still, worm and cap, one large silver tankard 
weighing 33 oz. 16 pwt.; three negroes); Thomas (three negroes and silver 
cup, spoon and tobacco box). Cattle divided between sons. Daughters: 
Mary, Sarah, Margaret and Felish.*. Norfleet. Wife: Mary. Exec- 
utors: Thomas Norfleet (brother) and William Hinton. Witnesses: 
John Gordon, Senr., John Gordon, Junr.. George Gordon, Marma- 
DUKE Norfleet. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

ISToEFLEET, John. Chowan County. 

September 10, 1753. April Court, 1754. Sons: Abraham (plantation 
on Rockahock Creek), Jacob (plantation and houses), John and James 
Daughter: Patience. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Gristmill and 
still ordered to be sold and proceeds divided among children; also island 
containing 316 acres to be so divided. Executors: John and James Nor- 
fleet (sons). All negroes bequeathed to wife. Witnesses: David Jones, 
William Gwinn, Luke Sumner. Clerk of the Court: Will Halsey. 

KoEFLEET, Maemaduke. Halifax County. 

June 29, 1762. November 6, 1762. Bro<?ier-; Lemuel Hogan. Sister: 
Elizabeth Norfleet (three negroes and silver punch bowl and tankard). 
Other legatees: children of John Young and Joshua Beel. Executor: 
James Hogan (father-in-law). Witnesses: John Morris, Elisabeth 
Norfleet, Thos. Joynek, Thomas Kitching. Proven before Arthur 
Dobbs, at Newbern. 

270 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

NoEFLEET, Maey. Perquimans County. 

October 12, 1742. January Court, 1742. Daughters: Margaret and 
Felisha Norfleet. Executor: James Sumner. Witnesses: Joseph Rid- 
DiCK, John Gordon, Joseph Gordon. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 
Impression of ship on seal. 

iN'oEFLEET, Thomas. Edgecombe County. 

January 23, 1745. August Court, 1746. Sons: Thomas and Marma- 
DUKE (all land of testator to be divided between them; to each is given 
three negroes and to Mahmaduke is given one silver tankard and one still 
"and worms"). Daughters: Sarah, Farbey, Susanah, Mary, Elisbeth. 
Wife and Executrix: Ruth. Executor: Marmaduke Norfleet (brother). 
Witnesses: Robert Hilliard, John Blunt. Clerk of the Court: Rt. For- 


N^ORiiAH', John. Onslow County. 

March 6, 1753. October 2, 1753. Sons: John and Willis (to each is 
given land), Peter (land on Ashes banks). Daughter: Sarah Norman. 
Wife anil Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Elizabeth Gary, Job Hunter, 
Jno. Hunt. Clerk of the Court: Johk M.ivion. Coat of arms on seal. 

JSToEEis, WiLLLiM. Pasquotank County. 

March 24, 1724. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: Susanah. Witnesses: 
Dan'll Guthrie, Zachariah Feild. Clerk of the Court: John Parker. 

NoETiiEM, John. Currituck Precinct. 

1712. July 14, 1714. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Sons: John 
and Philip ("plantation whereon I now live known by the name of Powels 
Point"). Two negroes bequeathed to each of sons. Witnesses: Daniel 
McFarland, John Whedbee, John Bassford. Clerk of the Court: Jo. 

Norton, John. Currituck County. 

September 30, 1744. July 2, 1745. Sons: William, John, Jonathan, 
Asac. Daughters: Abgill, Metable, Hanah. Executors: AJ'm. and John 
Norton (sons). Witnesses: Jona. Tagness, Margaret Russell, Mary 
Norton. Cla-k of the Court: Rich'd McClure. 

!N"oKTON, William. Bladen County. 

December 1, 1746. September Court, 1751. Sons: William, Daniel, 
Jacob, Thomas. Daughter: Elizbeth. Executors: Jacob and Thomas 
Norton. Witnesses: Wm. Lewis, John Mitchell, Josiah Lewis. Clerk 
of the Court: Thos. Robeson. 

Abstract of Wills, IfiOO — 1700. 271 

Norwood, George. Northampton County. 

April 21, 1749. August Court, 1749. Sons; Samuel (300 acres of land 
on the River; "one-third part of my still, one-half of my Quince orchard, 
one-third part of the fruit of my apple orchard, one of the three Pare trees 
that which stands nearest the river called Norwood's Pare and four of the 
Catteron Pare trees"), Willi a.m (cattle at Nutbush and one negro). 
Grandsons: George Norwood, son of N.\thaniel (240 acres of land, one 
horse and one negro girl), Nathaniel Norwood, son of Nathaniel (310 
acres of land at the mouth of Green's Creek, and one negro), John Nor- 
wood, son of William (160 acres of land on Green's Creek, and one negro 
girl). Oranddaughtcrs: Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah, daughters of Na- 
thaniel Norwood. "I give Ten Pounds, Twelve shilling and Six pence 
Virginia Money to be made in rings with the first letters of my name en- 
graven on them for each grand child I have." Executors: William, 
Nathaniel and Samuel Norwood (sons). Witnesses: John Justis, 
William Wooten. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

NoRwopD, Thomas. Craven County. 

December 26, 1757. March 24, 1758. Son: William (one shilling). 
Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: Frances. Witnesses: Henry Ince, 
SissELY Norwood. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Norwood, William. Craven County. 

December 30, 1747. November 14, 1748. Sister: Mary Lane. Niece: 
Mary Nevin. Brother: Thomas Norwood. Nephew: John Norwood. 
Executors: Walter Lane and B.\rnabas Russell. Witnesses: Thos. 
Pearson, Joseph Balch, W. Betts, Thom.\s Pearson, Junr. Proven 
before E. Hall, Chief Justice. 

NusuM, EicHARD. Bertie County. 

February 11, 1753. August Court, 1753. Wife: Elizabeth. Daugh- 
ter: Mary Skinner. Grandchildren: Mary Andrews, Martha Skinner. 
Rebecca, Sarah, Ly'dia and Elbe Skinner (all children of Mary). 
"Grandson-in-law" and Executor: William Andrews. Witnesses: Abra- 
ham Harrell, John Harrell, Francis Harrell. Clerk of tlie Court: 
Sam'l Ormes. 

Gates, James. Albemarle Precinct. 

July 24, 1703. January Court, 1703-1704. Sore; Joseph Gates. Wife: 
Elizabeth Gates. Jon.4.than Evins. Executrix: Elizabeth Gates. 
Witnesses: Joseph Smith, James Coles. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Snoden. 

272 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

O'Beian, Daebe. Perquimans Precinct. 

February IS, 1723-1724. July 6, 1725. Legatees: Joseph Pottle, 
JoASHAY AViLLEBEB, WiLLiA.M EvANS (Executor). Witnesses: Antho. 
Hatch, Joseph Godfrey, Temperance Penrice. Proven before Geo. 

O'Daniel, Owen. Bertie Precinct. 

March 12, 1735-1736. May Court, 1736. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Executors: Jams Roberts, Lewis Fryer and Michl. Russee. 
Witnesses: William Kennaday, Fra. Hobson, Robt. Anderson. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Odeon, Chaeles. Beaufort County. 

March 11, 1733. June Court, 1736. Son: Richard (lands on Town 
Creek, "at the mouth of the Creek I now live on," and "plantation I now 
live on"). Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Witriesses: Wm. Thorne, 
William Crawley, Jno. Woodard. Clerk of the Court: John Collison. 

Onojr, Jacob. Bertie Precinct. 

February 16, 1735-1736. November Court, 1736. Sons: Richard, 
Thomas, Abraham (to each is given land). Daughter: Sarah Odom. Wife 
and Executrix: Sdsan. Witnesses: John Thomas and John Jenkins. 
Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Odom (spelled also Odeom), John. Beaufort County. 

October, 1740. March Court, 1741. Son: John ("my plantation and 
three negroes"). Daughters: Martha, Ann, Lidea and Edy Odom. Exec- 
utors: John Odom (son) and Levi Alderson. Witnesses: Simon Alder- 
.soN, Charles Whitehurst, John Alderson. Clerk of the Court: Jno. 

Odoii, Eichabd. Chowan County. 

August 12, 1727. January 24, 1728. Sons: Richard and John, Abra- 
ham, Jacob and Aron (to each is given a plantation). Daughters: Ann, 
Sarah, Elizabeth and Jane Odum. Wife: Anne. Executors: Richard 
and Abraham Odum (son.s). Witnesses: Edward Warren, Edward 
Vann, James Brady and Richard T.aylor. Proven before C. Gale, C. J. 

Odyee, Dennis. Johnston County. 

February 16, 1746. June Court, 1746. Daughter: Mauy Odyer. Wife: 

Ann. Executors: Ambross Aris and John Clark. Clerk of the Court: 

Will Hodges; court held at the house of Francis Aringer on Nuce River. 

Abstract of Wills, 1B90 — 1760. 27'-i 

O'Feye, Daxiell. Pasquotarik Precinct. 

January 18, 1708. Executor and sole legatee: John Kembbll. Wit- 
nesses: John D.\ne, John Sparnor, John Isket. Clerk of the Court: John 

Oldfield, Eiciiaed. Onslow County. 

April 19, 1773. September 9, 1773. Sons: Pitts ("my house and plan- 
tation"), RicH.^RD, Reuben, Peter. Daughters: Nance, Sarah and 
BxsPERANCE Oldfield. Wife: M.ary. Executors: Peter Starkey, 
Edward Morly. Witnesses: William Connaway, Mary Pitts, Gain 
Pitts. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Oliver, Feances. Chowan Comity. 

February 27, 1754. October Court, 1756. Son-in-law: John Davison 
of Edenton. Executor: John Davison. Other legatees: Brothers and sister 
in Virginia, not named. Negroes emancipated. Witnesses: Anthony 
Carteel, Elizabeth Flood, Leonard Cotton. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Jones. Executor qualified before Peter Henley. 

Olivee, Joseph. 

March 29, 1734. June 11, 1737. Sons: Thomas and John (Executors). 
Daughter: Sidney Oliver. Witnesses: John Mackeel, Thomas Mackeel 
and Martha Mason. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Olivee, Moses. Chowan Precinct. 

Januarj- 1 , 1728-1729. January 9, 1728. Executor: Charles Ricketts. 
Legatees: Children of Charles Ricketts, not named. Tartnesses; Robert 
Jeffrey's, John Glover. Proven before Richard Evehard. 

Olivee, Thomas. Hatteras, in Currituck County. 

February 4, 1743-1744. April Court, 1745. Sons: Joseph (plantation 
called Oyster shell banks), Thomas (plantation called Peachtree Ridge). 
Daughter: Sarah Oliver. Wife and Executrix: Phebe. Executor: Job 
Carr (father-in-law). Witnesses: George Howard, Elizabeth Jackson, 
George Scarborough. Clerk of the Court: Richd. McClure. 

O'Neal, Michael. Currituclv County. 

September 15, 1721. January 10, 1721-1722. Sons: Ch.irles ("my 
dwellmg plantation"), Michael. Wife and Executrix: Deborah. Daugh- 
ters: Mary and Elizabeth O'Neal and Sarah Walker. Friend: Hum- 
phrey ViNCE. Witnesses: Andrew Peacock, Willia.m Bell, John 
Crabb. Clerk of the Court: Jo. Wicker. 


Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

O'Neal, Michael. Currituck Precinct. 

March 3, 1722-1723. April 9, 172.3. Sons: Michael (plantation at 
Coinjock), Thomas. Daughter: Sarah O'Neal. Wife and Executrix: 
Thomazin. Witnesses: Thomas Parker, Elizabeth Hanbr, Richd. 
Church. CUrk of the Court: Jo. Wicker. 

O'Quiisr, Pateick. Northampton County. 

November 23, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sister: Charity Glasson. 
Executor: Thom.vs Deens. Witnesses: John Brown, Thomas Cook, John 
Knight. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Oeindell, Edwaed. Chowan County. 

November 11, 1732. January 8, 1732. .Sons: Edward ("my planta- 
tion"), Thomas ("land on the Great Swamp"). Daughters: Rachel, Mary 
and Rebeckah Arendell. Wife and Executrix: Isebell. Executor: 
Thomas Peirce. Witnesses: Noe, John Bennet, Francis 
Pettet. Proven before Geo. Burrington. 

Oemond, Wyeiott. Beaufort County. 

March 9, 1773. December 1, 1773. Wife: Elizabeth Penelope Or- 
MOND (six negroes, one EngHsh bay horse and £500 in money). Daughters: 
Nancy and Sarah Ormond. .A.11 profits of est.ate to be invested in young 
negroes for benefit of daughters. "My principal desire is that of the educa- 
tion of my daughters * * * and that no expence be thought too great 
provided etc." Executors: Roger Ormond (brother) and George Bar- 
row. Will proven by Richard Caswell, Thomas Respess and Thomas 
Respess, Jr., before Jo. Martin. 

Osborne, Obediah. Onslow County. 

August 8, 1758. October Court, 1758. Wife cmd Executrix: Ellsebeth 
(si.x negroes and all other estate). Witnesses: Edward Ward, Enoch 
Ward. Clerk of the Court: Will Cray'. 

Ottwell, Isaac. Bath County. 

October 28, 1732. Town Creek. Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary 
Ottwell. Friends: Edward Salter and John Odeon. Witnesses: 
Patrick Maule, Abraham Adams, Roger Jones, Ann Warren. Clerk 
of the Court: Jno. Collison. 

OvEEMAN, Charles. Pasquotank County. 

August 8, 1755. Sons: Samuel (plantation), Thomas. Benjamin, Enoch 
(two negroes). Daughters: Ann Morgan, Mary .A.rmour, Elizabeth 
Armour, Hannah DeSon. Wife: Ann. Executors: Thomas Nicholson 
and Joseph Robinson. Witnesses: Joseph Morris, David Jackson, 
Mary Tart. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 275 

OvEBMAN, Jacob. 

September 12, 1715. Son: Ephraim. Daughter: Margaret Macky. 
Wife: Dorothy. Ej:ecutors: William Haig and Thos. Macky. Wit- 
nesses: James Bell, Robert Wheatley, Thomas Woodley. No probate. 

Overman, James. Pasquotank Comity. 

March 20, 1745-1746. July Court, 1746. Son: Thomas. Daughter: 

HANN.iH. Wife and Executrix: Susannah. Witnesses: Thos. Overman, 

Samuel Newby, Charles Overm.\n. Clerk of the Court: Thos. T.^Y'LOR. 

Overman", John. Pasquotank County. 

January 29. 1744-1745. April Court, 1745. Sons: John ("my mannor 
plantation"), William. Daughters: Elizabeth and Sarah Overman. 
Wife ami Executrix: Mary. Execxdor: Thomas Overman (brother). Wit- 
nesses: Charles Overman, James, John White. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Overman, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

September 22, 17.39. October Court, 17.39. Brothers: Ephraim, Na- 
than and Is.\ac Overman. Friend and Executor: Nathaniel Martin. 
Witnesses: John Norris, Tho.m.\s Palen and John Martin. Clerk of the 
Court: J.\mes Cr.^ven. 

Overton, John. Onslow County. 

March 20, 1737-1738. July 4, 1739. Sons: John, James, A,\ron. 
Moses, David, Jesse. Daughters: Sarah, Mary, Naomy, Elizabeth 
Susannah and Angel Overton. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Wm. Cr.\nford, John H.insly. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Cranford. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

Overton, Egbert. Currituck County. 

November 12, 1750. April Court, 1753. Wife, Executrix and sole leg- 
atee: Ales. Witnesses: J.imes Burnham, Caleb Sikes, Ephraim Bright. 
Clerk of the Court: Willia.m Shergold. 

Owens, John. Tyrrell County. 

September 16, 1748. March Court, 1750. Sons: Zachariah, Thomas, 
John (to each is devised a plantation). Daughter: Sar.^h Owens. Stock 
mark of daughter: "crop in ye right ear and over keel in ye left." Stock 
mark of son John; "a slit in the right ear and a crop in the left"; of son 
Thom.\s: "a crop and over keel on right ear"; of son Z.\chariah: "a crop 
and underkeel the left ear." Wife: Ann. Executors: Wife and son Zach- 
ariah. Witnesses: Nathanel Speence Westb, Thomas and James Fox. 
Clerk of the Court: Ev.\n Jones. Coat of arms on seal. 

2TG Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 1760. 

OxENWALL, Peter. Craven Precinct. 

September 9, 1730. September Court, 1730. Wife, Executrix and sole 
legatee: Elizabeth. Witnesses: William Carraway, John Carraway, 
John Ward. Deputy Clerk, of the Court: Caleb Metcalp. 

Pace, John, Senior. ' Bertie Precinct. 

March 25, 1726-1727. August Court, 1727. Son^: John and William 
{Executors), George. Daughters: Francis, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary Mel- 
ton. Wife: not named. Witnesses: Abraham Burton, John Bobitt, 
Francis Garnet. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Paoe, Richard. Bertie Precinct. 

March 13, 1736. February Court, 1738. Sons: William and Thomas 
(plantation to each), Richard. Daughters: Ann Steward, Rebecka 
Br.\dford, Amy Green, Francis Green, Tabith.a Moore, Mary' John- 
son, Sarah House. Wife: Rebecca. Executors: Willi.oi and Thomas 
Pace (sons). Witnesses: J. Edwards, Will'm Boone, Benjamin Dukes. 
Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. Impression of lion rampant on seal. 

Pacquinet, Michael. Beaufort County. 

March Court, 1747. Will illegible. 

Pagett, Edward. Chowan Precinct. 

February 28, 1727-1728. April 18, 1728. Brother: Samuel. Wife 
and Executrix: not named. Lands on Bear Creek and "manner planta- 
tion" devised to wife. Witnesses: Ashley, John Robinson. 
Proven before Richard Everard. Original missing. Recorded in Book 
1722-1735, page 138. 

Paine, John. Craven County. 

December 29, 1753. March 2, 1754. Son ami Executor: Thomas. 
Wife: Ann. Witnesses: Cason Scott, Ann Snow, John Speight. Clerk 
of the Court: John Snead. 

Paine, John. JSTew Hanover County. 

January 9, 1767. March 14, 1767. Wilmington. All estate is devised 
and bequeathed to wife, Catherine, and daughter, Catherine Musgrove 
Paine. Thirteen pounds proclamation money is ordered paid into the 
hands of "the church wardens of every County in this province, to be by 
them distributed among the poor inhabitants of the said several Counties." 
Mother: Mary Brewton. Sister: Elizabeth, wife of Francis Arthur 
in Georgia. Executors: M.aurice Moore and William Hill. Witnesses: 
Mary Snow, .A.nn Moliat, William Mouat. Proven before Wm. Tryon. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Paine, Samuel. Currituck County. 

January 17, 1715. February 17, 1715. Legatees: John McKenny, 
Rachel McKenny (daughter of John), Jaaies, John and George Caroon. 
Executors: Jajies and John Caroon. Witnesses: Thomas Crocker, 
Katherine Jones, J.4.mes Tomooth. Deputy Clerk of the Court: Thos. 
Butt. Clerk: Jo. Wicker. 

Palix, Henky, Je. Pasquotank Preciuct. 

January 30, 1700. April 16, 1700. Sons: John and Thomas. Wife 
and Executrix: Anne. Friends: Richard and Elizabeth Heat (lands 
on Flatty Creek). Witnesses: John Robison, Hugh Campbell, Richard 
He.\tt. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Abington. 

Palin, John. Pasquotank County. 

.\ugust 16. 1737. October Court, 1737. Son: John ("my manner 
plantation"). Nephews: Thomas and Henry Palin. Daughter: Mary 
Cleark ("plantation and land at little flatty creek"). Other leyatees: 
Grisell Bull (2 negroes), Millicent Bull (one negro), Sarah and 
Charletta Bull (one negro). Ann George, John Palin (1 negro). 
To son and daughter is bequeathed ten negroes. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Witnesses: David George, W. Reed, Mary Glai.ster. Clerk 
of the Court: James Craven. Coat of arms on seal. 

Palin, John. Pasquotank County. 

February 15, 1755. December Court, 1755. Legatees: Sarah Pai,misr, 
daughter of Benjamin Palmer; Samuel Sw.4.nn, son of William Swa-nn; 
Ann Winslow. Executors: Clark Peoples and Joseph Scott. Wit- 
nesses: William and Thojias Hoskins. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Palin, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

August 1, 1733. July Court, 1734. Sons: Henry and Thomas (lands 
on Little Flatty Creek). Daughters: Ann Palin, Mary, wife of John 
Ross. Wife and Executrix: Susanna. Witnesses: Thomas Cook, Thomas 
Davis and John Palin. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Palin, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

October 22, 1750. Sons: Thomas and Henry (land and slaves). 
Daughter: Anne. Wife: Elizabeth. No executor named. Witnesses: 
John Hopkins, Anne Hopkins, Thos. Grainger. No probate. 

Palmer, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

October 4, 1744. October Court, 1744. Brothers: Robert P.\lmer, 
Benj.vmin Palmer. Nephew: Malichi Palmer. Cousin: Thomas 
Palmer. Sister: Sarah Pindleton. Witnesses: Jno. McKeel, Emanuel 
Knight, Thomas P.\lmer. Executors: Robert and Benjamin Palmer. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

278 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Palmer, Egbert. Pasquotank County. 

October 5, 1740. October Court, 1740. Sons: Robert, Benjamin, 
Joseph (negroes and land given to each of sons). Grandsons: Robert 
and Thomas Pendleton, Evan Jones. Daughter: Sarah Pendleton. 
Granddaughter: Nanse Pendleton. Wife and Executrix: Mart Ann. 
Witnesses: John Hasell, William Ry.\i.l, James George. Clerk of the 
Court: James Craven. 

Palmer, Thomas. 

January 31, 1720-1721. April Court, 1721. Son: Thomas. Daugh- 
ter: Mary Palmer. Execuior: Robert Palmer (brother). Witnesses: 

Ann Imson, Mary , Matthew Pritchard. Clerk of the Court pro 

tern.: Jno. Palin. 

Paqui^jet, Michael. Carteret County. 

February 20, 1772. March 6, 1772. Sons: James ("plantation whereon 
I now live"), John ("100 acres of land on Cane Creek"), Isaiah (200 
acres of land on Broad Creek). Daughters: Charity, Mary, Margaret 
and Rebeck.\h Paquinet. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John 
RusBULL, Severn Scott, Wm. Robertson. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Parker, Azricam. Currituck Precinct. 

February 18, 1738. Sons: James and Thomas. Daughter: Sarah 
Parker. Wife and Executrix: Thomezon. Witnesses: Josias Little, 
TiMMOTHY Jones, Michael O'Neal. Clerk of the Court: William Sher- 


Parker, Francis. Edgecombe County. 

.4pril 26, 1746. August Court, 17.57. Sons: Francis, Joseph, Simon 
(plantation). Daughters: Elizabeth Foreman, Charity Brett, Cath- 
erine Hodges. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Gerrard 
Wall, John Knight, Walter McFarlan, Clerk of the Court: Jos. 

Parker, Joseph. Chowan County. 

November 15, 1749. January Court, 1749. Daughters: Mary C.innon, 
Ruth Parker, Lenina Parker. Sons: Jacob, Tobe, Nathan, Joseph. 
Witnesses: Jeremiah Cannon, Mary Cannon. Clerk of the Court: Will 

Parker, Mary. Edgecombe County. 

August 11, 1753. August Court, 1754. Grandson and sole legatee: 
Edmond Godwin. No executor named. Witnesses: Benjamin Brand, 
Moses Coleman, Cornelius Jordan. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 279 

Paekek, Petee. Currituck Precinct. 

May 2, 1722. July Court, 1722. Sons: William, Wicker. Daugh- 
ters: Sarah Grigory, Mary Parker, Jane Parker (land called Beach 
Ridge), Jo.^N.AH Parker. Wife and Executrix: Hanah. Wit7iesscs: 
RicHD. Dauge, Jane Dauge, Ann Bell. Clerk of the Court: Jo. -Wicker. 

Paekee, Petee. Currituclv County. 

April 2.3, 17.50. This is a nuncupative will, proven before Stephen 
Williams by Edward and Elijah Cox, Joanah and Miriam Ferebee, 
and bequeaths all estate to his small children, not named. Clerk of the 
Court: Richard McCldre. 

Paekee, Eichaed. Chowan County. 

September 22, 1749. April Court, 1752. So7is: Richard, Daniel, 
Francis, Stephen (about 2,000 acres of land to be divided between the 
foregoing sons), Jonathan, Jonas, Jacob, Peter. Daughters: Eliza- 
beth Hunter, Ann Spray, Alice Daughtry, Patience Parker. Grand- 
sons: Richard and William Parker. Wife and Executrix: not named. 
Witnesses: John Williamson, William Doughtie, John Moore. Clerk 
of the Court: Jas. Craven. 

Paekee, Simon. Edgecombe County. 

December 31, 1758. March Court, 1759. Sons: Francis, Simon, Wil- 
liam, Robert (to each is devised a plantation), James. Daughters: 
Judah, Sarah, Winne, Charitie and Ruth Parker. Wife: Judith. 
Executors: Francis Parker (brother) and James Knight (brother-in- 
law). Wit7iesses: Charles Daniell, Girrard Wall, Mary Cullender. 
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Paekee, Thomas. Chowan County. 

January 23, 1717. October Court, 1717. Sons: Thomas, Joseph, 
John and William. Daughters: Sarah and Frances. Wife and. Execu- 
trix: Jeane. Witnesses: John Parker, Henry Lam, Benjamin Evans. 
Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Paekee, Thomas. Currituck County. 

March 16, 1753. March Court, 1755. Wife: Rebeckah. Executors: 

Ezricam Parker and Michael O'Nbil. Witnesses: Thos. Taylor, 

William Brabell, John Lurry. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Paekee, William. Chowan County. 

December 27, 1750. July Court, 1751. Sons: James, William, 
Thom,\s, Benjamin, John. Daughters: Mary Fryer and Judith Duke. 

280 Abstract op Wills, 1690—1760. 

Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Willlui Waters, Henry Ghifpen, 
Demsey Sumner. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. Impression of 
head of Roman soldier on seal. 

P.VEKES, Henky. Craveu County. 

February 27, 1733-17.34. September 17, 1734. Godson: Henry Grum. 
Wife: CATHERINE. No executor. Witnesses: Jno. Bryan, Benj.\min 
Grifen. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Parlepough, Henry. Craven County. 

January 27, 1735-1736. March 17, 1735-17.36. Executor and sole lega- 
tee: John Vendrick. Witnesses: John Bryan, John Jacob Hoaver, 
Sar.\h Thomas. Proven before Richard Everard. 

Parrish, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

October 14, 1738. March 24, 173S. Son: John (plantation and or- 
chard). Daughter: Anne Barclift (wife of John). Grandson: John 
Barclipt. Wife: Margery. Executor: John Barclift, Sr. Witnesses: 
James Gibson, Samuel Wright. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Paerishe, William. Edgecombe Precinct. 

January 20, 1735-1736. August Court, 1736. Daughter: Sarah Par- 
rish. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Buckley Kimbrough and 
Isaac Win.ston. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Kearney. 

Parrot, Jacob. Bertie Precinct. 

November 3, 1738. November 18, 1738. Sore; John. Daughter: Mary 
Parrot. Wife: Martha. Executors: William Felltwood, Edward 
Rasor. Witnesses: Lamb Hardy, Lovick Young, Sarah Morphew. 
Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Parsons, Samuel. Perquimans County. 

May 12, 1745. July Court, 1745. Sons: S.^muel (land on BeaverCove), 
Barnaby, John. Daughters: Sarah Arnell, Mary Parsons. Wife and 
Executrix: Sarah. Plainnesses; John Anderson, Laurence Arnel and 
John Boyle. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Parsons, Thomas. Craven County. 

February 13, 1747-1748. December Court, 1749. Sons: John (one 
plantation), Jeremiah, Thom.vs (one plantation to each). Daughters: 
Sarah and Mary Parsons, Elizabeth Maison. Executor: John Maison. 
Witnesses: Thos. Masters, Thos. Cooke, Thos. Warren Lee. Clerk of 
the Court: Phil. Smith. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1700. 281 

Paryer, John. Craveu County. 

May 1, 1737. June 20, 1738. Legatees: Walpoli.^. Gilleth, wife of 
John Gilleth; John Waxdale. Executors: John Simon, John W,\xdale 
Walpolia Gilleth. Witnesses: Penellope Parrott, William Coopper, 
Nathl. Parrott. Clerk of the Court: James Coor. 

Pasmore, John. Edgecombe County. 

May 19, 1754. November Court, 1754. Sons: George, John, Robert, 
Joseph. Daughters: Elizabeth Sammon, Sarah Pasmore. Wife: Sarah. 
Executors: George and John Pasmore (sons). Witnesses: John J.\ckson, 
Moses Pendry. James Samon. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Patciiitt, JoH?>r. Chowan Precinr-t. 

March 14, 1710-1711. Wife: Elizabeth. Son: John ("my planta- 
tion"). Executor: not named. Witnesses: David Jones and William 
Tanner. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 36. 

Pattenson, Henry. ISTew Hanover County. 

July 7, 1751. Wife: Anne. Witnesses: Thos. Newton, John Walker. 
Clerk of the Cgurt: Isaac Faries. 

Patterson, George. Bertie County. 

November 19, 1749. December .30. 1749. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Other legatees: John Burns. Ann Thomson, Grisell Burns, Andrew 
Burns. Executors: John and Andrew Burns. Witnesses: Thomas 
Ryan, Andrew Thomson, James Flood and David Thomson. Proven 
before Gab. John.ston. 

P.vTTERsox, Robert. 

June 4, 1717. February 15, 1721. Sore; John. Daughters: EhiZABETH 
and Janet Patterson. Wife and Executrix: Janet. Other legatees: 
Simon Simons, John Parke, Andrew Ross, Andrew Ross, Jr., of Nanse- 
mond County, Va. Witnesses: James Long, Josiah Bridgers, Willm. 
Hawett, William Moore, James Allenn, J. Fehenden. Proven before 
Chas. Eden. 

Paul, William. Northampton County. 

May 9, 1744. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: Mary. Witnesses: R. 
Williams, Wm. Rushing, John Paull. No probate. 

Payne, Peter. Chowan County. 

March IS, 1754. April Court. 1755. Edenton. Sons: William (houses 

and lots in Edenton, silver hilted .sword and two negroes), Michael (one 

negro). Daughters: Mary Carolina and Sarah Emelia Payne. Executors: 

282 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

John Rieusset, John Campbell, Thomas Barker. WitJiesses: James 
Trotter, John McKildo, Mary Mesigood. Clerk of the Court: Will 
H.\lsey. Testator pays his respects to James Campbell of Edenton, in the 
following language: "she (wife of testator) shall not keep or hold any cor- 
respondence with James Campbell of Edenton whom I know to be a man 
of infamous character, etc." 

Pi:aece, Robert. Edenton. 

July U, 1729. Of the city of Exeter, but now of Edenton. This is a 
niuicupative will made before C. Gale, G. Alleyn and .^j^ne Jenoure and 
appoints John Lovick Executor and desires that all remainder of estate 
after payment of debts be forwarded to wife at the house of one John Har- 
ris in Exon, in Devon County, England. 

Pe.vecy, Lazarus. Craven County. 

April 11, 1760. Sons; John, James, Edmon, Ephrem. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: not named. Witnesses: Edmund Pearce, Thomas Pearcy, Heze- 
KL\H Pearce. No probate. 

Pearson, John. Pasquotank County. 

Octobers, 17.53. June Court, 1755. Wife and Executrix: Fhebis. Wit- 
nesses: Mary Justis, James Justis, John Snow. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Pearson, Rachel. Perquimans County. 

June 25, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: Peter, John and Jona- 
than Pearson. Daughters: Rachel Bogue, Mary Winslow, Betty 
Bagley. Executors: John Winslow and Robert Bogue (sons-in-law). 
Witnesses: Joshua Hobart, Arthur Croxen. John Moore. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Pearson, Thomas. Craven County. 

December 7, 1748. December Court, 174S. Sons: Wheelwright 
(land on "News" River), Thomas (silver watch), Hammond. Daughters: 
Mary, Elizabeth, Anna and Easter Pearson. Parents: Thomas and 
Elizabeth Pearson of Boston. Executors: Wheelwright, Thomas and 
Mary* Pearson (children). Witnesses: Frs. Stringer, John Shine, 
Lem'll Harvey. Clerk of the Court: Phil. Smith. 

Peeke, James. Bertie County. 

November 23, 1728. February Court, 1728. Son: William. Execu- 
tors: George Wynn, Thomas Banks and Richard Oldner. Witnesses: 
Elizabeth Davis, Martha Lee, Triddle Keefe. Clerk of the Court: Rt. 


Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 283 

Peelle, Judith. E'orthampton County. 

Jime 22, 1756. August Court, 1756. Sons: John, Robert, Joseph, 
JosiAH, Joshua. Daughters: Sarah Duke, Mary Granberry. Execu- 
tor: William Granbery (son-in-law). Witnesses: William Rutland, 
Abram Bruce. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Peet, William. 

February 8, 1722-1723. March 12, 1722. "Late of Long Islan in the 
province of New York." Sole legatee: James Bullin of Chester, in "Pen- 
selvany." Executor: J.\mes Newbi. Witnesses: Valentine Wallis. Ann 
Wallis. Proven before Wm. Reed. 

Peggs, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 20, 1755. June Court, 1755. Sojis: Jo-seph and John Peggs 
(one plantation to each, together with a negro). Daughters: Mary and Ann 
Peggs. Executors: William Davis, John Smithin. Witnesses: Thos. 
Hamlin, Robart Hosea, Jonathan Howell. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Peggs, Maegaeet. Pasquotaak Precinct. 

February 27, 1729. March 14, 1729. Daughters: Mary Gregory, Jane 
Barecock, Miriam Gregory. Sons: John Peggs and Peter Brown. 
Grandsons: John Brown, Thomas Barecock. Granddaughter: Mary 
Smithson. Executor.- John Peggs (son). TI'iV«esses.- W. Minson, Thomas 
Woodley, Daniel Reckxaker. Proven before Richard Everard. 

Pkirce, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

17.30. October 8, 17.36. Son: Thomas ("my plantation whereon I now 
live"). Daughters: Miria.m (land known as Morises), Rebeckah ("my 
still"). Wife and Executrix: Alis. Executor: Thomas Peirce (brother). 
Witnesses: JosL-iH Gilbert, Hannah Gilbert, Joseph Creecy. Proven 
before Gab. Johnston. 

Pender, Paul. Bertie County. 

April 18, 1748. August Court, 1748. Sons: John, Joseph, Solomon, 
Paul. Daughters: Mary Laurence, Elizabeth Lee, Rachel Ellis, 
Christian Davis. Wife: Elizabeth. Executor: Paul Pender (son). 
Witnesses: Alex. Gotten, Jacob Lasher. Clerk of the Court: John Lov- 


Pendleton, Heney. Pasquotank County. 

March 18, 1727-1728. April 18, 1748. Daughters: Elizabeth Wood- 
ley, wife of Thomas; Mary, wife of John Brothers; Sarah, wife of 
Joseph Reding; Anne, wife of Thomas Davis. Sons: Thomas, John. 

284 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Grandson: Henry Pendleton. Executor: Thomas Pendleton (son). 
Witnesses: Sarah Bull, Martha Kelly, Jno. Palin. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Pendleton, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

February 21, 1732. April Court, 17.32. Sons: Thomas and Joseph 
("the manner plantation"), George, Timothy (plantation called Masons 
Neck). Daughters: Elizabeth (plantation called Robinsons), Anne 
Knight. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Thomas and Joseph Pendleton 
(sons). Witnesses: Daniel Rocksaker, William Davis, J. Sweeny. 
Clerk of the Court: W. Minson. 

Pendleton, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

May 10, 1749. April 18, 1750. Daughters: Penelope Jordan, M.ary, 
Elizabeth. To daughters are given plantations at New Begon Creek, and 
also an Island in Currituck Sound called Collinton, and also a number of 
negro slaves. Wife: not named. Executor: Joseph Jordan. Witnesses: 
Demsey Conner, Robert Jordan, Timothy Pendleton. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Pendleton, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

February 21, 1750-1751. July Court, 1751. Daughters: Mary, Eliz.\- 
beth, Temina Pendleton. Son: Robert Pendleton. Wife and Exec- 
utrix: Sarah. Executor: Benjamin Palmer. Witnesses: Will. Gregory', 
John Hosea, Demsey Conner. Clerk of the Court: Thomas T.'Vylor. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

Peneice, Feancis. Perquimans County. 

May 13, 1756. April Court, 1758. Sons: Francis, S.amuel, Edward. 
Daughters: Mary Long, Elizabeth Long, Ann Sutton, Hannah Pen- 
rice. Executors: Hannah and Edward Penrice (son and daughter). 
Witnesses: Joshua Skinner, Wm. Ainton. Clerk of the Court: Miles 

Peneice, Thomas. Chowan County. 

September 5, 1739. October Court, 1739. Brother, Executor and sole 
legatee: Francis Penrice. Witnesses: Josha Hobart, Luke Gregory, 
Mary Penrice. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Peeish, John. Perquimans County. 

February 12, 1755. April Court, 1759. Sons: John, James, Joseph, 
Samuel (to each is given land), Josiah. Daughters: Elindbr, Bettie and 
Mary Perish, Jean Bundy. Executors: John and Josiah Perish (sons). 
Witnesses: Thomas Hollowell, Peter Pearson, Cornelius Moore. 
Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Abstract of, IGOO— 17C0. 285 

Peeishk, Sarah. Perquimans Coiiiitv. 

May 29, 1754. April Court, 17G0. Sons; Simon, James. Daughters: 
Sarah, Jane and Mornen. Executors: James Perishe (son), Joseph 
Perishe (brother). Witnesses: Jas. Pierce, Thomas Stanton. Clerk of 
the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Perkins, Henry. Currituck County. 

July 2, 1715. July 12, 1715. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Peter Poyner and Joseph Poyneh. Clerk of the Court: Jo. 

Perry, Jeremiah. Chowan Precinct. 

October IS, 1694. October Court, 1694. Wife and Executrix: Jane 
Perry. Other legatees: Christian and Thos. Blount. Witnesses: Tho. 
Pollock, Alex. McFarland, Neal McMing, John Buntin. Clerk of the 
Court: Nathl. Chevin. Clerk in Secretary's office: W. Glover. 

Perry, Philip. Perquimans County. 

July 5, 1751. October Court. 1751. Sons: Jesse (lands on Little River 
known by the name of Sandy Hook), Philip ("plantation whereon I now 
live"). Daughters: Sarah, Mary, Rachel, Jude, Elizabeth and Miriam. 
Executor: Jacob Perry, son of Jacob Perry. Witnesses: Moses Feild, 
Benjamin Perry, Elizabeth Perry. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Persons, John. Perquimans County. 

December 29, 1753. April Court, 1754. Daughter: Miriam Persons. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Samuel Persons (brother). Wit- 
nesses: John Whedbbe, Gabriel Cosan, Joseph Pershoe. Clerk of the 
Court: William Skinner. 

Person. Peter. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 1, 1751. April Court, 1755. Sons:, Nath.^jj, Peter, 
John. Daughters: Rachel, Mary and Betty Persons. Brother: Nathan 
Newby. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: Jesse Newby, 
William Bogue, William H.^skit. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Peterson, Jacob. Albemarle County. 

January 13, 1697. July Court, 1698. One shilling in silver to Rebonah 
BooRD, daughter-in-law; one shilling each to daughters Elizabeth, Con- 
stant. Daughter: Ann Peterson, plantation bought from Jno. Dur.4.nt. 
Executrix: Mary Peterson. Witnesses: Martha Fageett, James F.\g- 
eett, Stephen Mainwaring. Clerk of the Court: John Stepney. 

286 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Peteeson, Jacob. Albemarle County. 

1697. This is a nuncupative will leaving everytiiing to xvife, Rebec- 
KAH. Proven before John Whedbe by Edward and Mary Gelff. 

Petit, Feancis. Chowan Precinct, 

October 29, 1710. August 12, 1712. Son: Francis. Cousin: John 
Chestne. Daughter: Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: 
Thomas Peirce (brother of wife). Friend: John Barrow. Witnesses: 
Jonathan Williams, Sarah Barrow, Francis Smith. No probate 

Peyton, Robeet. Bath County. 

January 8, 1733. September 10, 1754. Sons: Thomas, Robert, Wil- 
liam (lands up Derhains Creek), Ambrose. To each of sons is given a 
plantation. Daughters: Sarah Pey'ton, "Dorothy Porter. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary'. Witnesses: Thomas Gains, Elizabeth Bell, Bryant 
Kelly, Solomon Robson. Clei-k of the Court: John Snead. 

Peifee, John. Mecklenburg County. 

August 14, 1775. January 22, 1777. ■Sore: Paul Pfifer. Daughters: 
M.argaret, Ann Elizabeth Pfifer. Wife: Catherine. Executors: 
Martin Pfifer (father) and Paul Harbinger (father-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: Benjamin Patton, William Wallace, Samuel Patton. Clerk 
of the Court: Saml. Martin. Provision is made for sending son to college 
and educating daughters. 

Phelps, Godfrey. Tyrrell County. 

February 7, 1750. September Court, 1751. Sons: Cudberd, Godfrey, 
John (to each is given a plantation; to John "the manner plantation"). 
Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth Phelps. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Executor: Joshua Phelps. Witnesses: John Pagett, Joshuay' 
Phelps, Joseph Spruill. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Phelps, Heney. Perquimans County. 

May 19, 1752. July Court, 1752. Son: Jonathan ("all my lands and 
plantations * * * jj-^g fourth part of my negroes * * * Foxes Journals 
first and second part etc." Wife and Executrix: Marg.aret. Daughter: 
Elizabeth Phelps. 'Executors: Jonath.\n Phelps (brother) and Zacha- 
RiAH Nixon (father-in-law). Witnesses: Francis Tomes, Fr.ancis Nixon 
and Sarah Newby. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Phelps, Jon.\than. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 11, 16SS. .A.pril 4, 1689. Son: Jonath.\n. Wife: Hannah. 
Proven before Rich.\^rd St.^nrick, Tho. Impers, David Shernold. This 
will is very badly mutilated and so faded as to be illegible. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 287 

Phelps, Jonathan. Perquiiuaus County. 

December 4, 1732. January Court, 1732. Sons: Henry ("manner 
plantation"), Jonathan (300 acres land on Perquimans River). Daugh- 
ter: Elizabeth Phelps. Eight negroes and four horses bequeathed to 
wife and children. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: Charles 
Denman. Witnesses: R. Cheasten, Ellexander Howard, James An- 
derson. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

Phelps, Samuel. Perquimans Precinct. 

April 21, 1728. July Court, 1728. Sons: Jonathan, John (land in 
"balehack"), William, James. Wife: not named. Executors: Jonathan 
Phelps (brother), Jonathan Phelps (son), Abraham Sanders and Rob- 
ert WiLLSON. Witnesses: Abraham Sanders, Ralph Boseman, Charles 
Denman. Clerk of the Court: R. Everard. 

Phelps, William. Perquimans County. 

April 15, 1752. April Court, 1752. Legatees: John Harvey and 
James Litteson (cousins), William Barker, Sarah Eliot, Samuel 
Litteson, Executors: John Harvey and James Litteson. Witnesses: 
Joshua Hobart, Margery Moore, Derbe Moore, Penninah Chancey. 
Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Phenney, George. 

June 3, 1736. June 23, 1737. Surveyor Generali ot His Majesties 
Customs Southern District on the Continent of America." Legatees: 
Ralph Noden, of London; Eliz.vbeth Kirk, of London. Nephew: 
Joseph Harrison. Wife and Executrix: Penelope. Witnesses: Sam- 
uel Scott, Thomas Ashley, T. Butler. Proven before W. Smith. 

Phillips, Daniel. Currituck County. 

July Court, 1726. Sons: James, Daniel, Samuel, Benjamin. Daugh- 
ters: Mary Duk, Margritt Phillips. Wife and Executrix: Abigall. 
Witnesses: John Mashell, William Scott, Andr. Duke. Clerk of the 
Court: J. Martyn. 

Phillips, Paul. Craven County. 

June 5, 1746. June Court, 1751. Son.' Paul. Grandsons; Paul Phil- 
lips and Paul Flood. Daughter's: Rachel Yenshaw, Ruth Sanders. 
Son-in-law: William Flood. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Witnesses: 
Luke Grace, Leonard Loftin, Peter Hbndrickson. Clerk of the Court: 
Chas. Young. 

288 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Phillips, Thomas. Craven County. 

June 22, 1743. December 23, 1743. Wife and Executrix: Isabell. 
Sons: John, Mason, Thomas, James, Mark, William. Daughter: Mary. 
Witnesses: Robert Patbrson, Henry Sumeelin. Clerk of the Court: N. 


Phillips, Thomas. Northampton County. 

April 4, 1751. May Court, 1751. .Sons; Thomas and Mark (one plan- 
tation to each), William. Daughters: Patty Simpson, Mary Phillips. 
Wife and Executrix: Patty. Executor: Phillips (son). Wit- 
nesses: Simon Simpson, Ben. Edwards, Christopher Edw.ards. Clerk of 
the Court: I. Edwards. 

Phillips, William. Beaufort County. 

October 6, 1740. December Court, 1751. Son: Samuel (land at Swan 
Point). Sister: Ann Williams. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Moore, Richard .4llegood, John McKeel. Clerk of the 
Court: William Ormond. 

Philpott, John. Albemarle County. 

November 19, 1694. John Lawson, son of Nathl. Lawson (plantation 
now living on, ten cows and 6,000 pounds pork to buy a negro), John 
L.awson. Wife: Mary Philpott. Plantation adjoining home lands to 
son^inAaw, Wm. WooLL.-i^RD. Executors: Daniel AKEHnRST and John 
Lawson. Witnesses: Tho. Rolfe, Daniel Hawkins, John Cabege. 
(No probate.) 

Pickens, Andrew. 

November 4, 1756. Sons: John and Andrew ("my plantation"). 
Daughter: Je.-^-N Pickens (saddle horse). M^ife and Executrix: Nancy. 
Witnesses: Robert McClenachan, John Pickens. No probate. 

PiCKERiN, Richard. Bertie County. 

January 25, 1739. February Court, 1739. Legatees: Mary, James and 
Roger Snell. Executor: Roger Snell. Witnesses: J. Hill. Clerk of 
the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Pierce, John. Perquimans County. 

September 13, 1682. Sons: Thomas, John and Joseph. Daughter: 
Rebeckah. Other legatees: Thomas Daw, Wm. Bundy. Wife: not 
named. Executors: William Bundy' and Jonath.\n Phelps. Witnesses: 
Robert Wilson, Francis Tome .and Joh.n Stanley. No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 289 

PiEECE, John. Perquimans Countv. 

October 9. 1726. January 10, 172G. Sons: Copeland, Thomas. 
Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth and Hajvn.ih. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Brothers-in-law: Peter Jones, John Williams. Witnesses: Rebeckah 
Long, Rachel Weight, Thomas Pierce. Clerk of the Court: Richard 

PiEECE, Joseph. Perquimans Precinct. 

June 6, 1700. Brother: Thomas Pierce. Wife and Executrix: Dam- 
ARis. Witnesses: Timothy Cleare, Wm. and Thos. Winslow. Clerk of 
the Court: Thos. Snoden. 

Pierce, Thomas. Perquimans Precinct. 

Feliruary 12. 1731-1732. March 30, 1732. Sons: Thomas, Joseph, 
John. Daughter: Mary Jones (1 negro). Grandchildren: Thomas Pierce, 
Mary Pierce. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Petee Jones 
(son-in-law). Witnesses: Miles Gale, Richard Skinner, Abraham San- 
ders. Proven before George Burrington. 

Pierce, Thomas. Chowan County. 

April 6, 1755. October Court, 1756. Daughters: Mary Nixon, Sarah 
Morris, J.amima Newby, Kesiah Newby, Kerrenhappuch Pierce. 
Grandson: Pierce Nixon. Brother-in-law: Peter Jones. Executors: 
Phenia-ss Nixon, John Morriss, Robert Newby, Nathan Newby 
(sons-in-law), and Joseph White. Witnesses: John Simons, Cornelus 
Leary, Mary Creecy. Clerk of the Court: Tho.mas Jones. 

Pike, Samuel. Pasquotank Precinct. 

December 11, 1716. Sons: Samuel and Benjamin, John. Daughters: 
Susannah Pike and Ann Pike. Wife and Executrix: Jane Pike. Wit- 
nesses: John M.artin, John Moor. No probate. 

PiLKiNGTON, Seth. Beaufoi't County. 

October 7, 1751. March Court, 1754, Daughters: Sarah Cautanche 
(seven negroes), Winifred Pilkington (ten negroes and "plantation 
whereon I now live, situated on Lemuel Cherry herring nmn"). Wife's 
daughter: Ann Lillington. Wife's granddaughters: Catherine Lock- 
hart and Mary Evans. Executors: Michael Cautanche (son-in-law), 
Winifred Pilkington (daughter). Witnesses: John Fry, Wm. Stubbs, 
Michael Cautanche, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Walley Ch.auncby. 


390 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

PiLsoN, Grace. Craven County. 

September 17, 1743. December 2.3, 1743. Sister: Mary Fox, of Perth 
Amboy, near New York (7 negroes, 3 large looking-glasses). Kinswomen: 
Grace Fox (4 negroes, 1 silver tankard, 1 looking-glass, 1 gold chain and 
two gold rings), Ellinob Fox (2 gold rings, 1 pr. gold earrings). Brother: 
Thom.\s Fox (silver watch). Friend: Richard Scott (1 negro man). 
Executors: Richard Bidder and Thomas Pearson. Witnesses: James 
CooR, Joshua Ackis, William Webb, James Whiting. Proven before 
G.\B. Johnston. Impression of watchdog on seal. 

PiLsos', Thomas. Craven County. 

February 17, 1742-1743. September 9, 1743. Brother: Charles Pil- 
soN. Sister: Elizabeth Wheeler. Wife and Executrix: Gr.4.ce (plan- 
tation and 10 negroes). Witnesses: John West, Christopher Dawson, 
Nicholas Purefoy. Clerk of the Court: N. Routledge. Executor quali- 
fied before J. Montgo.mery, C. J. 

PiMBROUGii, Daniel. 

April 22, 1688. August 2, 1688. Legatees: Elizabeth Lillington, 
William Calloway, son of Caleb Calloway, William and Elizabeth 
Fbttbrton, children of William Fetterton. Executor: Caleb Callo- 
way. Witnesses: Alexr. Lillington, John Durant, Robert Herman. 
Proven before Daniel Akehurst and Edward Mayo. 

PiNKETT, Elinoe. Bcaufort County. 

May 17, 1757. March Court, 1758. Sons: William Daniel Pinkett, 
Thomas and Zachariah Pinkett (one negro to each). Son-in-law: 
William Moore. Daughter: Hannah Pinkett. Granddaughter: Rachel 
Cason. Executors: William Daniel Pinkett and Thomas Pinkett. 
Witnesses: George Moye, Jr., William Procter, Margaret Smith. 
Clerk of the Court: Walley Chadncey. 

Pipkin, John. Chowan County. 

May 21, 1745. July 18, 1745. Sons: Philip, Lewis and Isaac, John 
and Daniel (to each is devised a tract of land), Joseph (1 negro), Jesse 
(1 negro). Wife and Executrix: Martha (1 negro). Witnesses: Henry 
Goodman, Jr., Timothy Goodman, Henry Goodm.i.n, Sr. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. 

PiEENT, James. Edgecombe County. 

March 7, 1757. May Court, 1757. Son: James ("plantation whereon 
I now live"). Daughters: Tation, Mary and Sarah. Executors: Arthur 
and Joshua Bell. Witnesses: James Hogan, Joshua Bell, William 
Hollo WAY. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 201 

Pitman, Benjamin. Edgecombe (-ouiitv. 

August 3, 1755. May Court, 1756. Sons: Moses, Micah, Samson, 
Jacob. Daughters: Patience Faulk, Mary Bottom, Abigal Pitman, 
Lucy Pitman, Cela Pitman. Jemima Pitman. Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. Witnesses: John Streater, John Jameson, John Murphree. 
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Pitman, Thomas. Edgecombe County. 

April 4, 1754, February Court, 1755. Sons: Lot, Thom.^s and seven 
others mentioned, but not named. Daughters: two mentioned, but not 
named. Brothers: Robert and Ambrose (Executors). Wife: 
Anne. Witnesses: Jno. Hopkins, Pittman. John Fort. Clerk 
of the Court: Benjamin Wy.mns. 

Plater, Richard. Pasquotank Precinct. 

September 8, 1705. January Court, 1705. Legatees: John Hunt, 
John McKeel, Hugh Campbell, Anthony Hatch. Estate in the King- 
dom of England devised to mother, Dorothy Plater, of Linn, in the 
County of Norfolk, and Mrs. Sarah Heather. Executor: Hugh Camp- 
bell, Witnesses: Joseph Ming, Anthony Marckham, Jr., John Fourre. 
Clerk of the Court: J. Knight. 

Plato, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 12, 1735-1736. Daughters: Martha, Su.s.annah and M.'IRY 
Plato. Executors: Antony Marckham and John Boyd. Witnesses: 
Thos. Ward, Anthony Marckham, Jno. McKeel. No probate. 

Plomee, Samuel Sabane. 

April 12, 1755. May 2, 1755. Surgeon, iejatees; Penelope and Char- 
lotte Blackhall, daughters of Dr. Abraham Bl.\ckh.a.ll; S.^rah Row- 
den, daughter of Sarah Blackh.\ll; Capt. Joseph Heron, Sarah Sharp, 
Elizabeth Plomer Sharp. Executors: John Campbell and Charles 
Elliot. Witnesses: Ben Whe.atley, John Harvey, Ro. Lenox. Proven 
before Arthur Dobbs. Impression of man's head on seal. 

Plowman, John. Chowan County. 

July 1, 1721. August 4, 1721. Legatees: John Plowman White 
(plantation and seven slaves), Thomas Lovick, Mary White, John 
Plow^ian Ashley, Governor Eden, John Lovick, Nicholas Crisp, 
Isaac Hill (last-named three persons appointed Executors). Witnesses: 
James Castellaw, J.\s. Winright, J. Cabb. Proven before Charles 

202 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 

Pollock, Esther. Chowan County. 

May 30, 1712. March Court, 172.3. Executors: Thomas Luten and 
Thomas Luten, Jr. Other legatees: Governor Edward Hyde, Mrs. 
Ann Stewart, Henderson Luten. Lands on Sasefrick River in Snell 
County, Maryland, and lands in "thi.s province given me by my late hus- 
band, WiLLM. Wilkison; lands at Sandy Point." Witnesses: Robert 
Hicks, James Beaslet, Jno. Porter, Junr., Conr.\d Eichhorn. Clerh 
of the Court: W. Badham. 

Pollock, George. 

October 18, 1736. July 29, 1738. Brother: Cullen Pollock (land 
on Salmon Creek, Chowan River, on the "South Shore," on Moratock 
River and Canaho Creek; 4,700 acres on north side of Moratock; 710 
acres of land on Trent River). Nephews: Cullen and Thomas Pollock 
(5,000 acres of land at the Haw Fields; 3,300 acres on Tarr River; 2,200 
acres on Coor Creek; 220 acres on Coor Creek; 150 acres at Bennys Creek; 
500 acres on Wecone Creek; 640 acres on Moratock). Brother-in-law and 
Executor: Col. Robert West (lands on Trenters and Horn Creeks; island 
called "the Crow" in Currituck County; sum of money to purchase 
patents for lands). Witnesses: Thomas Ashley, William Fryley, Ne- 
hemiah Warring. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. The original of this 
will is missing. Abstract made from recorded copy No. 82 in Book 4, 
Land Grant Records. 

Pollock, James. Chowan Precinct. 

February 23, 1700. Legatees: Bullah Blount (houses and lands), 
William Ward, Thomas Pollock, Edmond Pearse, John Wacker. 
Witnesses: Thomas Blount, Sam'll Swann, Thomas Coopper. Clerk of 
the Court: N. Chevin. 

Pollock, Thomas. Chowan County. 

August 8, 1721. August Court, 1753. .Sons; Thomas, Cullen and 
George. Daughter: Mary, wife of Thomas Bray. The following lands 
are devised: 1,550 acres on Chowan River between Mr. King and Tho. 
Daniel; lands purchased of Thos. Daniel, John Rasberry, James Wilke- 
SON, Martin Frederick Rasor; five tracts of lightwood land on Samon 
Creek; "land where Firebent built ye mill"; 10,000 acres on Mill Creek; 
2,560 acres in fork of Raquis called Springfield; 2,500 acres on Moratock 
River called Canecarora (Coueconora); 640 acres on Bridges Creek at Week- 
acanaan; 2,800 acres on Cassayah called Rosefield; land on Moratock 
adjoining Bowman; land purchased of Rich'd Rose; land on Moratock 
Bay; 900 acres of land on Nuce River fork called New Bern; land bought of 
Major Robert West; lands adjoining "land where I now live"; lands ad- 
joining that bought of Cary Gobbeb; land adjoining Pakrots; land where 

Abstkact of Wills, 1C90 — 1760. 293 

Sam'll Edmunds lives; land where John Gkiffin lives near Bavie Swamp; 
where Wilson lived at Weekacoon Creek; where John Mainahd lived at 
Pettishore; 2,400 acres of land called Crany Island; 2,200 acres on the 
south side of Neuse River and west side of Core Creek; 710 acres on Trent 
River called "ye halfe-way House"; 220 acres on the east side of Core 
Creek; on the south shore where Leonard Loften lives; 360 acres on Boag 
Sound; 215 acres in the fork of Chesters Creek on White Oak River; 150 
acres on Keuse River at the head of Bennys Creek ; 5 , 000 acres to the south 
of Neuse River; 640 acres on Neuse River called Wilkeson's Point; S,900 
acres on the east branch of Salmon Creek; lands lying on South Lancaster. 
About seventy-five negroes are bequeathed to three sons. The following 
items may be of interest: "I give * * * one hundred poimd to be paid in 
Boston and 5,000 feet of plank which I have sent for from Boston." "I 
give * * * lands, mortgages * * * w'hether in America or Scotland." 
"* * * what pitch and tarr ye hands in ye woods makes until ye first of 
ap rill next." "* * * I have expended and laid out for a house at Black 
Rock * * * ten pound more for New England plank." "And whereas 
also I have been out and expended upon a House for my son Cullen on the 
south shore when Mr. West the Carpentare is paid for what worke he hath 
done thereto (to-wit) the covering the house, doeing the Dormant Windoes 
and making up the Oa\'ell end of the said house and when Cullen hath 
what Glass is in the house." "Mr. Coke * * * is to have all the lands 
that are necessary for him for burning the bricks or what other worke he 
hath occasion for * * *." Executors: Thomas, Cullen and George 
(sons). Witnesses: John Burnnell, D.wid Henderson, Willl\m 
Hardy, Lawtiexce Sarsor, James Castelaw, James C.\stel.^w, Robert 
Wicks, Thomas Newm.\n (or Newnam), Willi.ym Little, Jo.seph Skit- 
tlethorp. Clerk of the Court: Fr. Fo.ster. Also S.«iuel Ormes. 

Pollock, Thoji.\s. Bertie County. 

April 16, 1732. Jamiary 20, 1732. Sons: Cullen, Thomas, George. 
Wife: not named. The following lands are devised: plantation called 
Black Rock; plantation called Great Quarter; plantation called Manuels 
or Crickits; land on Salmon Creek and Chowan River; 8 , 900 acres adjoining 
the aforesaid land; land on Trent River containing 10,000 acres; 2,560 
acres in fork of Raquis called Springfield; land at Unaroye Meadows; two 
tracts nigh Tuskarora Indian Town; 300 acres on Moratuck River; 2.35 
acres on Moratuck River; four tracts on Fishing Creek; land on Briery 
Branch. Other legatees: Jacob P.arat and John H,\iles, Mrs. Eliz. Dick- 
son. About 50 negroes are bequeathed. The following item may be of 
interest: "I will & order and give by this will to all such persons who are 
setled on my lands at Trenton Condition of a Certain Writing I give to 
Jacob Miller that those already settled thare have leases on ye same 
terms I promised them." Witnesses: George Pollock, Francis Rasor, 

294 Absteact of Wills, 1090 — ITCO. 

Jacob Parat, Robert Minor, Elizabeth Dickson. Executors: George 
and CuLLEN Pollock (brothers), Robert West. Will proven before W. 
Little, C. J. 

Pool, Solomon. Pasquotank County. 

July 30, 1739. Sons: Joseph, Solomon, Jacob ("my manner planta- 
tion"). Daughter: Sarah Pool. To each of children is bequeathed one 
negro. Wife and Executrix: Grace, Witnesses: Charles Taylor, Solo- 
mon Pool, Jo.sbph Robinson. Probate illegible. 

Pope, Edward. Pasquotank County. 

January 26, 1721-1722. April Court, 1722. Wife, Executrix and sole 
legatee: Sarah. Witnesses: W. Norris, Lucy Jackson, Edw.\rd Mayo. 
Ckrk of the Court: Edmd. Gale. 

Pope, Richard. Pasquotank Precinct. 

June 23, 1701. July 15, 1701. Son; Edward. Daughter: Mary Tofe. 
Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Edward Mayo, Matthew Pritch- 
ARD, S.\MUEL Pike, Geo. Ellis, Tho. Abington. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Pope, Samuel. Craven County. 

January 5, 175S. February 4, 1758. Sons: Samuel (land on Core 
Creek), John and William. Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary Pope. 
Wife: Sarah. Executors: George Pope and John Turner. Witnesses: 
Robert Taylor, George Pope, Betty Lane. Deputy Clerk of the Court: 
Peter Cornegy. 

Pope, William. Edgecombe County. 

January 15, 1749. February Court, 1749. Sons: J.\cob (three negroes), 
West and Stephen (one negro each). Daughters: Rebecca Pope and 
Julian Newsom. Grandsons: William Taylor (two negroes), William 
Pope (''my plantation"). Executors: Jacob Pope (son) and Joseph New- 
som (son-in-law). Witnesses: Henry West, Joseph Pearce, Arthur 
Wall, John Jordan. Clerk of the Court: Bbn,tamin Wynns. Testator 
came to this state from Isle of Wight County, in Virginia, and devised to 
son Stephen plantation in said County. 

PoRSELL, Gaerit. Albciuarle County. 

January 31, 1724-1725. August 2, 1725. Sons: Edman and Garritt. 
Daughters: Mary, Cathen, Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Witnesses: William Wilson, John Scarbrough, William Waite. Proven 
before Richard Everard. 

Abstract of Wills, 1()!)0 — 1760. 295 

Porter, John, Merchant. Albemarle County. 

January S, 1712. August 7, 1712. Wife: Mary, lands in Chowan Pre- 
cinct. Son: Edmund, lands in Chowan after death of wife. So?i: John 
Porter, tract of land in Bath County called "Chocowinateh." Son: 
JcsHUA, land called "Quarry's." Son: M.vtthew Porter, 2,000 acres in 
Bath County, "on other side of river," bought of Richard Smith. Son-in- 
law: Jno. Lillington and wife Sarah, mentioned. Daughter: Eliza, 
three negroes. Executrix: Mary Porter. Witnesses: Jno. Allen, M. D., 
John Webber. Notary Puhlic: Jo.*.ne Mills (wch.). Original missing. 
Recorded in Bool^ of Wills No. 2. page 5. This will is proven before 
JoN.\ Thomas, Mayor, of Bridgewater, in Sommersett County, England, 
on the day of February, 1712. 

Porter, John. "Caj^e Fair." 

October 11, 1727. January 6, 1728. Son: John. Daughter: Sarah 
Porter. Wife and Executrix: Sarah Porter. Witnesses: Seth Pil- 
KiNGTON, John Worth, J. Knight. Proven before Richard Everard. 
Device on seal. 

Porter, John Peyton. Beaufort County. 

April 29, 1750. March Court, 1755. Wife: Elizabeth (plantation on 
east side of Durham's Creek called the Garrison containing 644 acres). 
Daughters: Mary Porter, Sarah Porter (plantation on east side of Dur- 
hams Creek commonly called Hardings. adjoining the plantation called the 
Garrison). Another tract beginning at Sneads line "from thence to the 
Savanna, from thence to the Horsepen Swamp, from thence to the Dis- 
mall." Negroes are to be kept on the above described tract "to make Tar, 
Turpentine in order to raise money, etc." Negroes, cattle and other per- 
sonal property divided between wife and children. Executors: Michael 
Cotanche and Nathan Richardson. Witnesses: Thomas Lough, Wil- 
liam Tripp, Charles Lawther. Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncey'. 

Porter, John. Hyde County. 

November 20, 1750. December Court, 1751. Sons: William and John 
("land whereon I now live including the Houses and plantation"). Daugh- 
ter: Patience Porter. Wife: Ellsabeth. Executors: Thomas and John 
Smith. Witnesses: Thomas and Mary Smith. Mary Rhodes. Clerk of 
the Court: Thomas Lovick. 

Porter, John Swann. New Hanover County. 

No dates. Rocky Point. House, land, watercourses, etc., devised to 
John Baptiste Ashe, son of Sa.muel Ashe, with remainder to John 
Moore, Sam'l Swann, Jr., Samuel Ashe (youngest son of Samuel) and 
Cincinnatus Ashe (son of Samuel). Seven slaves are bequeathed to 
e.xecutors for education of two mulatto boys, emancipated by deeds 

296 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

executed in 1773, which boys were formerly the property of Ann Mose- 
LEY ("now wife of Hugh Munroe"). To these mulatto boys are be- 
queathed slaves. Executors: SajMdel Swann, Jr., and John Baptiste 
Ashe. No signature, date, witnesses or probate. 

PoETER, Joshua. Bath Countv. 

January 17, 1733. September 14, 1734. Son: John Peyton Porter 
(land "whereon I now live on Derhams Creek"). Daughter: Elizabeth 
(1,000 acres of land on Derhams Creek, together with negro slaves). 
Cousin: John Fry". Other legatees: Ann Lillington and Elizabeth Fry 
(cousins of testator), William Trippe, Philip Cremer. Wife: Dorothy. 
Executors: Edmund Porter (brother), Patrick Maule and Seth Pilk- 
INGTON (brothers-in-law), Edward Moseley and John Trippe. TT'i*- 
nesses: Churchill Re.\.ding, John Caldoji, William Whitford. Proven 
before George Burrington. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1722- 
1735, page 329. 

PoETEE, Maey. Chowan Precinct. 

November 12, 1717. January 21, 1717. Sons: John (one negro; one- 
half dozen Russia leather chairs); Edmund (one negro; one-half dozen sil- 
ver spoons, etc.); Josu.\ (land at Yawpim adjoining "Mr. Clayton and 
Mr. Clark"; the following personal property: "My negroe woman known 
by the name of Edy one Ticken feather bed & bolster and two pillows one 
feather bed covered with Canvas and bolster and one Pillowe three pillow 
cases Suitable two pair fine sheets, two pair coarse sheets one set of red 
watered Curtains and Wallons one Spotted Worsted Rug, Red Rug, Two 
pair good blankets 1 flowered Bed coverlid Bedstead that stood in the Hall 
Chamber Six Rusia leather chairs one of the large lookeing glasses and my 
largest and one midling iron pott the large andirons a large double brass 
SkiUet and Trevit one brass Candlestick one pair brass Scales and weights, 
one pair of Stilliards two Diaper towels a pewter mustard pott the Coarsest 
of brass ridles my Dantzick locke Chests a lime sifter a Case of Knives and 
forks a Cross cut Sawe a writeing Desk four Pewter Porringers one earthen 
Porringer ten Pewter Plates iron pestle Ash Table 1 large Soup Pewter dish 
one large small Dito one midle sized Dito 1 large and 1 small Pewter bason 
2 earthen bason and 2 pewter Do one set of wedges and six wooden chairs 
2 joint stooles to wooden turned chairs 2 Iron tramels 1 brass butter ladle 
1 small brass Ketle, 1 pewter chamber pott MiUand Salt, 1 Iron chafing 
dish the half of my crop now in the ground and one pottle pewter pott and 
a pint Pewter pott one Glass Gallon Bottle and one broad Axe"). Daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth Porter ("six silver spoons each weighing ten shillings 
sterling and one iron pott and pott hooks and twelve soup plates"). Sarah 
Lilington ("my negro woman called Maria 1 chest of drawers, six painted 
Chairs now in her possession one pair of iron fire doggs one small Cedar 
table 1 pair of fine sheets two pair Coarse Sheets and two pillow cases Two 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 2^") 

Diaper towells my largest quilt one Lignum Vitae Spice Mortar one large 
Soup Dish one midle sized pewter dish 1 small pewter bason 1 brass Skimer 
1 small Iron Kettle the least of my painted trunks two Earthen Bason and 
Plates 1 English Flasket 1 large glass bottle 1 stone jugg 1 pewter Chamber 
pott 1 bed pann three of my other which she likes best and the full third 
part of the Gotten and Wooll that shall belong to me at my decease"). To 
daughter Elizabeth in addition to above-named legacies is bequeathed the 
following personal property; "my Indian woman called Judith and her 
daughter named Sukey 1 chest of drawers one oval table m}' best Sett of 
red Curtains and Valent belonging to my lodging rooms three pair fine 
sheets two pair Coarse Sheets four pillow cases My Green Rugg made of 
worsted 1 pair of the best rose blankets the least of my quilts my Callico 
counterpane and Jester Cloath my Bible my Spice box 1 warmeing pann 1 
pair Chamber doggs with brass 1 Black trunk and one painted trimk a 
large brass Keetle and Two Skimers a Brass Shield and Two Iron potts one 
linked Tramel a brass Flam one Copper Chocolate pott 1 white rugg 1 Grid- 
iron four matted chairs my Silver Salt Marked I p M and Silver peper box 
with the Same marke one large pewter Soup dish 1 shallow Do two niidling 
pewter dishes 1 large and one Small pewter basons 10 jsewter plates Six 
painted chairs five pewter porringers 1 pr brass candlesticks, Snuffers and 
snuff dish my Smoothing iron heaters and Frame 1 gallon Stone Jugg 1 
Glass Cruit two glass cups one mustard pott two pewter Chamber potts 
three earthen Bason 1 large Dish Do & Two plates 1 Tin pudding pann 1 
Spitt 1 leaden pann and 2 painted brushes a brass Shovel and Tongs a large 
looking Glass the best of the Bew panns 1 pewter Salt 1 glass decanter 2 tin 
dish covers 1 brass Ridle a large turned Elbow chair 1 Drippen Pan 1 case 
of bottles one-half of my Sheep and Cattle one silver tankard." Grand- 
daughters: Sarah Porter, Mary and Sarah Lillington. Other legatee: 
RoBT. Herrick. Execxitors: John and Joshua Porter (sons). Wit- 
nesses: J. LovicK, Mary Harvey. Clerk of the Court: R.. Hicks. 

PoETEE, jSTicoless. Johiistoii Cotuitv. 

August 24. 1749. September Court, 1749. Daughters: Jeane Porter 
("mannor plantation"), Elizabeth Porter and Ann Porter (143 acres of 
land to each), Agne.s Porter (14.3 acres of land). Son: Samuell ("my 
pole cat land"). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: J.ame.s Far- 
mer. Witnesses: Bryan, Mary Dees. Clerk of the Court: 
Richard Caswell. 

PoETEE, Samuel. Bladen County. 

September -30, 1757. October Court. 1757. Sons: Jambs, John, Hugh 
and Samuel. Executors: Peter Loard and Willi.-vm McRee. Witnesses: 
Matthew Byrne, Nathl. Platt, John Lock. Clerk of the Court: J. Bur- 

298 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

PoETOBWiN, Peter. 

August 23, 1729. June 10, 1730. Sons: Joseph and Samuel. Sons- 
in-law: John Snow, Francis Deshung. Witnesses: John Arter, Thomas 
HuTCHiNGS, Anthony Marck. Proven before Richard Everard. 

PoTTEL. Joseph. Perquimans County. 

February 1, 1747-1748. August 4, 1749. Daughter and sole legatee: 
Elisabeth Pottel (Bible, gold ring and riding horse, saddle and bridle). 
Executor: Patrick Pool. Witnesses: Joseph Newbt, Ralph Fletcher, 
Samuel Moore. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Powell, George. Bertie Precinct. 

March 24, 1735-1736. May Court. 1736. Sons; Cade. Lewis, George, 
Moses (to each is bequeathed a negro). Executor: Cader Powell (son). 
Witnesses: Wm. Moor, Charles Horne, Edmon Dod. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Wynns. 

Powell, John. Albemarle County. 

February 20, 1723-1724. Wife: Ann. Sons: John and Brooks Pow- 
ell (wife and sons in England and are appointed Executors). Friends: 
William Downing and Joshua Turner. Witnesses: Mary Dotn'Wng, 
John Freeman, Jos. Freeman. No probate. 

Powell, Thomas. Northampton County. 

July 20, 1752. February Court, 1754. Daughters: Keziah and Ann 
Powell. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Son: Matthew. Witnesses: 
John Dew, Henary Horton, Barnebe Johnson. Clerk of the Court: I. 

Powell, William. 
December, 1748. Will illegible. 

Powers, George. Currituck County. 

March 27, 1754. June Court, 1755. Sons: William, George (planta- 
tion between Joseph Sanderson and John Woodhouse), Caleb (planta- 
tion known as Dicks Field). Daughters: Lydda Etheridge, Jean Ether- 
iDGE, Abigal Powers. Wife and Executrix: Isabel. Witnesses: James 
BuRNHAM, William Marshal, Richard Etheridge. Clerk of the Court: 


Powers, Isbell. Currituck County. 

November 23, 1757. December Court, 1757. Sons: William. George 

and C.\LEB. Daughters: Isbell, Mary Etheridge, Jeane Etheridge, 

Abstract of Wills, IGUO — 17C0. 299 

Abbegall Finer. Gramhon: James Etheridge. Witnesses: Willis 
Etheridge, Elizabeth Marshall, Thos. Richards. Clerk of the Court: 
Wm. Mearns. 

Powers, William. Chowan Precinct. 

November 26, 1747. April 14. 1748. Sister: Austice (of Cork in Ire- 
land). Friend and Executor: Benjamin Hill. Witnesses: Abra. Black- 
all, Joseph Harron, Alexr. McCulloch. Proven before E. Hall, C. J. 
Testator bequeathes to sister, leases on the following lands in Ireland: 
Oaten fields, Leckineene Monetane Shanahane, Knockanearkainas, The 
Bullock Fields, Fort Fields, Currobrodah. 

PoYXER, James. Cui-rituck County. 

May 7, 1744. March Court, 175.5. Sons: Humphrey and Robert. 
Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Il-'itoes«es.- Edward Coxe, Richard Rogers, 
S.AML. Simmons. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

PoYMER, Jos. Currituck County. 

August 19, 1712. Sons: William and Joseph. Wife: Elizabeth. 
Executors: Hu.mphrey Vince and father, who is not named. Witnesses: 
Jos. Wicker, Ruth Wicker, Henry Swann. No probate. 

PoYNER, Peter. Currituck County. 

July 6. 1710. April 12, 1715. Sons: Peter, Joseph, Robert and Wil- 
liam (to each is devised land), Thomas and James. Daughter: Elizabeth. 
Gramldaughter: Mary Poyner. Friend: Samuel Barber. Wife and 
ExecxUrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Humphrey Vines (or Vince), Eliza- 
beth Davis, Jos. Wicker. Clerk of the Court: Jo. Wicker. 

Poyner (or Poiner), William. Currituck County. 

April 27, 175.3. March Court, 1755. Son: Nathaniel ("plantation 
whereon I now live and plantation in Moyocke"). Daughter: Elizabeth 
Poyner (plantation on the Beaver Dam). Executors: William Sher- 
gold and Caleb Willson. Witnesses: Saml. Simmons, Jonathan Poy'- 
NER, John Chittom. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Poyner, Peter. Currituck County. 

June 22, 1758. December Court, 1758. So7is: Peter, Joel, Benja- 
min (plantation known by the name of Beach Ridge), Nathan. Daugh- 
ters: Sophia Barco, Mary Mercer, Ester Salyer, Abia Finer, Kiziah 
Poyner (or Finer), Gemima Parker. Wife: Sophia. Executor: Nathan 
(son). Witnesses: William Bray, Joshua Ball. Reuben Ball. Clerk 
of the Court: Wm. Mearns. 

300 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

PoYNEE, William. Currituck Precinct. 

March 14, 1722. July 9, 1723. Sons: William and S^uiiuell (lands 
on Currotuck Bay). Daughter: Maryann Poyner. Wife and Executrix: 
LiDEE. Witnesses: Hanner Meegs, Thos. Swann, Wm. Lupman. Clerk 
of the Court: Jo. Wicker. 

Peatt, Job. Perquimans County. 

December 7, 1736. January Court, 1736. Son: John. Wife: not 
named. Executors: Joshua Pratt (brother), John Wilkins. Friend: 
Luke Gregory. Witnesses: D.-^n'l H.ill, Joseph and Jeremiah Pratt. 
Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Pratt, John. Bertie County. 

November 4, 1740. August 2, 1742. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: 

Christian (formerly Christian Chamard). Witnesses: Hanh. Gale, 

Sarah Clayton, George Parris. Proven before J. Montgo.mery, C. J. 

Pratt, John. Chowan County. 

August 30, 1743. January Court, 1743. Brother and Executor: Joshua. 

Witnesses: David Butler, Joseph Ming. Clerk of the Court: Richard 

Pk.^tt, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

August 29, 17.37. October Court, 1737. Brothers: Jeremi.ah ("my 
half of the mill and dwelling house"). Joshua. Executors: Nath.aniel 
Carruthers and Joshua Pratt (brother). Witnesses: Nath'l Car- 
ruthers, Joshua Pr.\tt and Jeremi.vh Pratt. Clei-k of the Court: 
James Craven. 

Prescott (or Prescoate), John. Beaufort County. 

September 21, 1772. March 9, 1773. Sons: John, Aaron, Willi.uii, 
Benjamin, Simon. Daughters: Anne McKingbush, Esbell Williams, 
H.^nnah Prescott. No executor named. Witnesses: Moses Poole, 
John Breffill. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Prescott, Moses. Carteret County. 

February 11, 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: Willis ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live on Bouge Sound"),, Moses, Thomas 
and Russell. Daughters: Mary Prescott and S.arah Purdue. Wife: 
Mary. Executor: William Prescott (son). Witnesses: Tho. Austin, 
Marth.4. Prescott, George McKean. Clerk of the Court: George 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 301 

Pbescott (spelled also Prestcoat and Peescoot), 

William. Craven County. 

March 17, 1744-1745. September Court, 1745. Sons: Moses, Wil- 
liam, Richard, Job (land between Troters Creek and Panters Creek). 
Daughter: Mary Pre.scoat. Granddai/ghter: Elizabeth Prescott. Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John Carroll, Daniel Conerly, 
Aaron Wood. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Rice. 

Peescott, Willia:vi. Beaufort County. 

October 13, 1755. September Court, 1756. Son: Thomas (two plan- 
tations on west side ot Durrams Creek). Wife: Amey. Exceutors: James 
Brinson and John Roe. Witnesses: John Adams, Ann Adams. Clerk 
of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

Peice, Petee. Beaufort County. 

February 3, 1734-1735. March 11, 1734. Legatees: Martha Dicki- 
SON, Elizabeth, Alin, John, Sarah, Martha, Mary and Ezekiel 
DiCKisoN, Ja.mes McKeel, Fr.^ncis Knk;ht (Executrix). Witnesses: 
Bab. Fleming, Thos. Lewis, Sarah Lewis. Clerk of the Court: John 


Price, Rice. ISTew Hanover County. 

September 27, 1756. .Sons; Richard. James, Edmond (to each is 
bequeathed negroes). Wife arid Executrix: Tomzin. Execuior: Richard 
Price. Witnesses: John Rogers, Henry H.\rker, Wm. Pearse. Clerk 
of the Court: Ja. Moran. 

Price, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

September 18, 1689. February Court, 1696. Godson: Archibald 
McD.aniel. Mary Humfreys, Joan McDaniel, John Sawyer. TT'i^- 
nesses: Michael Conner. John S.\wyer, Garrett Keen. Clerk of the 
Court: Wm. Glover. (Executor: Daniel Phillips. Appointed by 

Price, Thomas. Edgecombe County. 

August 24, 1750. May Court, 1751. Sons: William, Thomas and 
John. Daughters: Elizabeth and R.\chel. Wife: not named. Wit- 
nesses: John Hooks, Willi.\m Raddam and John Hooks, Jr. Clerk of 
the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Peice, William. Perquimans County. 

September 21, 1756. J.anuary Court, 1757. Daughters: Rachel and 
Elizabeth Price, Mary and Christian Price. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Witnesses: Isaac Lilley, Abraham Riddick, Elizabeth Stal- 
ling. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

302 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Peicklove, Elizabeth. Perquimans Precinct. 

July 23, 172S. Daughters: Leah Smith, Rachel Willson, Priscila 
Sanders, Rebecca Chancey, Judith. Grandchildren: John Smith, Sel- 
vanus Willson, Judeth and Prescilla Sanders. Executor: Daniel 
Chancy. Proven before Rich'd Everard by Elizabeth Eliot. 

Peicklowe, Samuel. 

January 20, 1702-1703. Sons: Samuel and Francis. Wife and 
Executrix: Peninah. Witnesses: Francis Pinvic, Simond Trumbull, 
John Anderson. No probate. 

Peingle, Alexander. Craven Precinct. 

January 29, 1738-1739. March 1, 1739-1740. Wife, Execuirix and 
sole legatee: Jane. Witnesses: Nicholas Fox, Abraham Jessop, Mar- 
garet Wade. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Peitchaed, Benjamik". Pasquotank County. 

February 15, 1740. January Court, 1752. Brother: Joseph Pritch- 
ard. Sister: Sarah Pritchard. Executors: brother and .sister above- 
mentioned. Witnesses: William Davis, Jonathan Redding and John 
Brooks. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Peitchaed, David. 

October 2, 1697. January Court, 1697. Sons: Thomas, Henry, 
James, Samuel, David. Executors: George Harris and Rich.\rd Mad- 
REN. Witnesses: Richard Madren, George Harris, Philip Evans. 
Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Peitchaed, David. Pasquotank Precinct. 

October 20, 1707. January 2, 1707. Devisees: James, Hugh and 
Sarah Pritchard (land on Nabs Creek). Samuel and Richard Pritch- 
ard (the relationship of testator to these parties is not set out). Wife 
and Executrix: mentioned, but not named. Witnesses: Pat Gormacke, 
Richard Madren, Anna Madren. Clm-k of the Court: Jno. Palen (or 

Peitchaed, Haebeet. Bertie Precinct. 

September 23, 1738. February Court, 1738. Sons: John, William 
and James. Executor: Jonathan Standley, Jr. Witness: Ann Wil- 
liams. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Peitchaed, James. Pasquotank County. 

June 5, 1754. December Court, 1755. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: 
Susanah. Witnesses: Wm. Coale, Thos. Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 1700. 303 

Pkitciiaed, Jean. Pasquotank Precinct. 

October 25, 1707. January 20, 1707. Executors: Samuel and James 
Pritchard, Patrick Gormacke. No legatees mentioned. Witnesses: 

George Harris, George Harris, Jr., Winberne, Richard 

Gray. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Palin. 

Peitchett, Abraham. Beaufort County. 

January 9, 1749. June Court, 1750. Sons: Philip, Joshua, Peter, 
Abraham, James (to each is given land and slaves). Daughters: Sarah 
and Elizabeth. Wife: Margett. Executors: Philip and Joshua Prit- 
CHETT (sons). Witnesses: John Wallis, William Bell, James Flann.\- 
KIN. Clerk of the Court: Levi Aldorson. 

Peitchett, Jacob. Beaufort County. 

May 4, 1756. September Court, 1756. "On the South Devidings 
Creek and on the South side of Pamplico River." Sons: Simon and 
Stephen Pritchett. Daughter: Anne Pritchett. Other legatees: James 
Herinton (land called Prisces Neck), John Herinton. Wife: Rebecker. 
Executors: Nicholas Daw and John Wallis. Witnesses: Mary Tin- 
DESLY, Abigal Daw, Jeane Collebar. Clerk of the Court: Walley 

Peitchett, Margaret. Beaufort County. 

January 12, 1756. March Court, 1756, Sons: Peter, James, Abra- 
ham, Philip, Joshuay. Daii^/i/e?-/ Sarah Bond. Granddaughters: Elis.\- 
beth, Sarah and Marget Pritchett. Executor: Peter Pritchett 
(son). Witnesses: Thomas Campan, Mary Tildesby. Clerk of the Court: 
Walley Chauncey. 

Pritlowe, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

September 8, 1720. May 1, 1728. Daughters: Rachel Willson, 
Judith Sanders, Elizabeth Eliot. Grandson: John Smith. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Joseph Jes.sop and Robert Moore. 
Proven before Richard Everard. 

Peouse, Anne. 

December 14, 1682. Brother: Charles Prouse. FrietuI: Elizabeth 
Williams. Witnesses: Arnould White, Mabery. No probate. 

PuGH, Francis. Bertie Precinct. 

July 5, 1733. October 4, 1736. Sons: John ("plantation whereon I 
now hve"), Thomas (land "at the Emperors Fields which I bought of 
Christian Hitteburgh"). Lands at Grindale Creek and lands in Bertie 
and Edgecombe Precincts divided between two sons; lands in Virginia 

304 Absteact of Wills, 1G90 — 1760. 

ordered to be sold. Negroes divided between wife and children. "It is 
my will that my wife have the management of the ferry where Henry 
HoRNB lives * * *." Provision for overplus after payment of debts 
to be laid out in young negroes. Wife mid Executrix: Pherebe. Execu- 
tors: Col. Robert West and Cdllen Pollock. Witnesses: Needham 
Bryan, Henry Horne and Will'm Jones. Clerk of the Court: John 
Wynns. Codicil provides for completion of brigantine, and lading and 
sending same to Great Britain — cargo, tobacco and black walnut. "It is 
my will & desire that after my sloop Carolina return from New England 
* * * that my executors purchase a cargo and send the said sloop to 
the West Indies." Witnesses: John Ch.^ncel, Sam'l Saban Plomer, 
Peter Britton. Codicil proven before Gab. Johnston. 

PuGH, John. 

April 14, 1740. August 5, 1740. Wife: Hannah. Son: John. 
Brotliers and Executors: Theophilus and Daniel Pugh (all estate of 
testator, both in Virginia and North Carolina, bequeathed to these two 
brothers in trust for son John). Witnesses: Abr.' Blackall, Miles 
Gale, James Craven. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

PuECELL, Neill. Craveii County. 

March 5, 1752. February Court, 175,3. Wife, Executrix and sole lega- 
tee: Sarah. Witnesses: Farebe, R. Moore, Jno. Snead. 
Clerk of the Court: Sol. Rew. 

PuEDY, George. 

July 10, 1733. August 2, 1733. All estate is left to icife, who is not 
named. Executors: Richard Sanderson, Edward Salter. Witnesses: 
George Burrington, J. Powell, Thom.\s Sherwin. Proven before 
Willi.-vm Little. 

PuEKENS, David. Bath Coimty. 

April 26, 1733. March 15, 1734. Sons: James, Jonathan. Daugh- 
ters: Elisabeth Worley, Mary Puttnell, Affereca Harvey, Ann 
Jones, Rebeckah and Sarah Purkens. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: Simon Alderson, Joel Martin, James Pirkins. Clerk of 
the Court: Jno. Collison. 

PuESEE, RoBEET. Bath County. 

May 10, 1733. September 11, 1733. Sons: Richard ("plantation I 
now live on called Eerepint," on South Dividing Creek), J.\mes and 
Benjamin. Daughter: Mary Purser. Executors: William Daw and 
Jacob Pritchett. Witnesses: John Lee, Jacob Pritchett, Humphry 
Hawkins. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 305 

PuRYEE, Egbert. Edgecombe County. 

December 25, 17.58. June Court, 17.59. Sons: Robert ("my planta- 
tion"), William. Daughters: Mary, M.irqarbt, Elizabeth and A.nn. 
Wife and Executrix: Frances. Executor: Moses Horne. Witnesses: 
William Hobgood, Rachel Taner. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

PuTNELL, William. 

November 7, 1733. December Court, 1734. Duck Creek. Sons: 
Aaron, John. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Brothers: Thomas and John 
WoRSELY-. Witnesses: Robt. Greavy, Edd. Doe, Jno. Clifford and 
Roger Jones. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. 

Qui:s'x, LoFTiN. Carteret County. 

February 17, 1766. Sons: William and Tho.mas. Daughter: Mar- 
grett Quinn. Wife and Executrix: Mary Qdinn, formerly Mary Canady. 
Executor: James Frezer. Witnesses: William and Sarah Coale, Abi- 
gail CoALE. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Eagland, Frederick. Northampton County. 

-■August 2, 1757. February Court. 17.58. Brothers ami Executors: 
George and William. Witnesses: Jaaies Parham, Roger Taylor, 
Ephraim MacGuffie. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Eagland, Stephen. iSTorthauipton County. 

March 1, 1746. February Court, 1747. Sons: Stephen, George, 
Willia.m and Frederick (plantation to each), Even. Daughter: Agness 
(one Indian slave). Wife: Mary. Exectitors: Even and George Rag- 
land (sons). Witnesses: Robert Hicks, John Hamilton, John Webb. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Eaman, William. Alliemarle County. 

October 12, 1713. Sons: Thomas and Edward (plantation to each). 
Daughters: Elizabeth Scarborough, Sarah and Mary Raman. Wife 
and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Jno. Hawkins, Thomas Passingham. 
No probate. 

Eapiield, William. 

January 20, 1757. March Court, 1757. Sons: Benjamin, William, 
Thomas, Isaac. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Routen, 
William Rapheld. Clerk of the Court: Fr. Ward. 


306 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Easor, Frances. Bertie County. 

April 20, 1747. December 18, 1748. Son: Edward Rasor. Daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth Hardy, Christina Bell. Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth 
Rasor. Granddaughter: Frances Hardy. Executor: Lamb Hardy (son- 
in-law). Witnesses: William Hardy, Thomas and Charity Todd. 
Proven before E. Hall, C. J. 

Easbdary, John. Bertie County. 

September 11, 1749. February Court, 1749. Sons: William Ras- 
buary, Thomas Yaits, Arthur Pinner. Grandson: John Rasbuary. 
Daughters: Rebeckah Pinner, Bridget Yaits, Elizabeth Williams, 
Ann Beverler, Mart Unkers, Christian Loid. Executors: Bridget 
Rasbuary (wife), William and Hosea Rasbuary. Witnesses: Isaac 
Hill, Edward Williams. Clerk of the Court: John Lovick. 

Eatlif, Damaris. 

February 12, 1734. February 24, 1734. Son: Joseph. Daughters: 
Mary More, Sarah Winslow. So-ns-in^law: John More, Thomas 
WiNSLOw. Granddaughter: Betty More. Executors: Zachariah Nixon 
(brother), John More and Thomas Winslow. Witnesses: Richard 
Davis, Mary Gilbart. Proven before Gab. John.ston. 

Eatliff, Eichard. Perquiman.s Precinct. 

June 17, 1724. July 14, 1724. Sons: Thomas and Joseph (lands in 
Virginia and North Carolina). Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, 
HuLDAH. Wife and Executrix: Damaris. Executor: Cornelius Rat- 
LIFF (brother). Witnesses: Zachariah Nixon, Francis Croxton, Mary 
Nicholson. Clerk of the Court: Richd. Leary. 

Eattlif, Samuel. 

February 31, 1733. July 11, 1733. Son: Isaac (plantation on Saman 
Creek). Daughters: Elisabeth and Isbell. OtJier legatees: Parthaney' 
and William Ball. Executors: NathAnel Hill and Thomas Ashley. 
Witnesses: William Byrd and Ann Ball and William Ashley. Proven 
before George Burrington. 

Eawlings, Benjamin. Edgecombe Precinct. 

December 10, 1738. February Court, 1738. Legatees: Robert Lock- 
alear, D.avid Coltraine, Edmond Kearny (son of Thos. and S.4-R.\h), 
James Flood, Benjamin Hill, Jr, (son of Ben.jamin and Sarah), 
Henry Hill, Sarah Kearny, Elizabeth Alston (wife of Joseph John), 
William Alston, Elizabeth Williams (wife of Samuel). Executors: 
Thos. Kearny and David Coltraine. Witnesses: Sam'l Williams, 
R Whittington, Willum Lee. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Abstract of Wills, 1600—1760. .".O"; 

Rawlings, Johx. ISTorthanipton Couuty. 

March 26, 1747. November Court, 1747. Daughters: Lucy and 
Susannah Rawling.s. Wife and Executrix: H.^nnah Rawungs. Wit- 
nesses: Art. Harrls, George Jordan, Wm. R.^wlings and George 
Jordan, Senr. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Rayfield, WiLLiAif. Pasquotank Precinct. 

August 4, 1722. March 23, 1731. Of AUegator in the Precinct of 
Pasquotank. Sons: Willi.mi, JjViiES (land called the Wild Cat Neck), 
John. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executor: Edward Linington. Wit- 
nesses: Edwd. Linington, John Comes, Seth Phelps, Richard Puf- 
PENGHALL. Proven before George Burrington. 

Eayfoed, Matthew. Bladen County. 

July 21, 1752. April Court, 1758. Sons: Matthew, Robert, Wii^ 
LiAM and Philip. Daughters: Mary, Anne, Mourning, Rebeckah, 
Grace and Drusilla. Wife and Executrix: Mourning. Executor: Isaac 
Bush. Witnesses: Margaret Armstrong, Frank Armstrong and 
Thomas Jones. Clerk of the Court of Cumberhmd County: James Simpson. 

Raymond, Thomas. 

June 26, 1730. July 31, 1730. "Dover in ye County of Kent, King- 
dom of Great Brittain." Daughter: Elizabeth Raymond. Other lega- 
tees: Job Brook, Elizabeth (daughter of Jos. Bell), James Wain- 
wright (hook called Lexicon Technicon), John St.irket, Peter St.\rkey. 
Executors: John Stahkey and Thomas Nelson. Witnesses: Richd. 
Rustull, Peter Stahkey, John Starkey. Proven before Rich.\rd 

Read, Geoec;e. Carteret County. 

May 26, 1753. September Court, 1753. Son: Robert (land in Car- 
teret and in Barbadoes). Daughters: Sarah and Fr.^nces Read, Martha 
(wife of IsR.-i-EL Christian). Wife and Executrix: Ann. Friends: 
Thomas Lovick and David Shepard. Witnesses: George Cogdell, 
Grigg Y.\rborough, Jacob Shepard. Signature of probate officer 

Reading, Churchill. Bath County. 

September 19, 1734. February 14, 1734. Nephews: Churchill C.vl- 
dom, John and Jacob Blount. Brothei--in-law: John C.aldom. Wife 
and Executrix: Marth.\ (four negroes). Executors: Robert West, 
Thomas Worsley and John Caldom. Witnesses: Edw. Travis, H.^ 
Hill and Edv.'ard Salter. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

308 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Eeading, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

June 29, 1731. August 3, 1731. Sons: S^^jmuel, Thomas, John, 
Jonathan and Joseph. Daughters: Maey, Miriam and Sarah Reading, 
Ann PENDiiETON. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: David Boles, 
Daniel Rhodes and Benja. Pritchakd. Proven before Geo. Burring- 


Reading, Lionel. Bath County. 

July 12, 1708. February IS, 1725. Sons: Nathaniel, Churchill. 
Daughters: Sarah Ddpuis and Mary Reading, Ann Reading. Negroes 
bequeathed to sons and daughters. Wife: not named. Executors: Davis 
DuPDis and Hltmphrey Legg. Witnesses: James Leigh, Henry Brook, 
John Lawson. Proven before Richd. Everard. 

Reading, Thomas. Beaufort County. 

January 24, 1749. March Court, 1748-1749. Niece: Margaret Cal- 
DOM. Nephew: Churchill Caxdom (husband of Margaret and son of 
sister, Ann Caldom). Executors: Abraham Duncan and Richard 
Evans. Witnesses: Mary Duncan, Mary Powers, John McKenny. 
Clei-k of the Coxirt: John Forbes. Executor qualified before Gab. Johns- 

Reavis, Edward. JSTorthampton County. 

February 21, 1750. February Court, 1752. Son.: Jesse. Daughters: 
JuDE and Mary Reavis. 'Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: Capt. 
John Person of Virginia. Witnesses: Arthr. Harris, John Gilliam, 
Arthur Jordan. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Recksaker, Daniel. Pasquotank Precinct. 

February 27, 1732-1733. May 16, 1733. Legatees: Maey Ann Mitch- 
ell (daughter), Sarah Pindleton (Executrix). Witnesses: William 
Davis, Willm. Ambler. Proven before Wm. Little, Chief Justice. 

Eedditt, William. Bertie County. 

August 24, 1739. October 29, 1739. Sons: John (plantation on the 
south side of Buckelsberry Swamp), William, Joseph, Joel, Isaac (to 
each is devised a plantation). Daughters: Margaret, Ann, Martha and 
Mary Redditt. Other legatee: Thomas Yeates. Wife and Executrix: 
Sussannah. Executors: John Redditt (son) and John Oxley. Wit- 
nesses: George, Robert and Mary Lawrence. Proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

Redding, John. Perquimans County. 

January 28, 1754. April Court, 1754. "I give and bequeath to 

Elizabeth Fullenton, my dearly beloved and intended wife, my plan- 

Abstract of Wills, 1(390 — 1760. 309 

tation next to Jesse Eason's." Cousin: John Ellis. Executors: John 
Davis and Joshlta Small (brothers-in-law). Witnesses: Jesse Eason, 
Joseph Sketo and John Harris. Clerk, of the Court: Will. .Skinner. 

Eeding, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

October 26, 17.51. January Court, 1753. Sons: James and John 
(lands at Ballahaek). Daughters: Mary, Rachel and Ch.ibity. Execu- 
tors: James and John (sons). Witnesses: Sturgiss Ederingame, Abra- 
ham Ballard, Jesse Eason. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Eedihng, William. Halifax County. 

October 26, 1773. February 3, 177-1. Son: Joseph. Daughters: 
Patty Brown, Mary, Ann and Amey Redding. Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. Executors: James Brown (son-in-law) and William Williams. 
Witnesses: James Davis, Martha Hooks. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Eeed, Andrew. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 29, 1723. July Court. 1728. Grandsons: William and .An- 
drew Woodley, Jonathan Keeton (to William is bequeathed an Indian 
slave). Daughter: Elizabeth Keeton (Executrix). Granddaughter: Mary 
Woodley. Witnesses: Richd. Skiner, Richd. Ratlif. Clerk of the 
Court: R. Everard. 

Eeed, Joseph. Anson County. 

17.50. July Court, 1751. Son: Willi.\.\i. Wife and other children, not 
named. Plantation near the Catawba River. Executors: John Brandon 
and John Nesbet. Witnesses: Joseph C.\te, John Raily, John Art- 
ledge. Clerk of the Court: M. Brown. 

Eeell, Peter. Craven County. 

November 19, 1739. November 24, 1739. Sons: Peter, Joshua, James. 
Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: 
Simon Bright and Richard Ev.ans. Witnesses: John Berry, John 
James, John Hill. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Eeese, Owen. Pasquotank County. 

April 7, 1745. July Court, 1745. Sons: John and Owin. Daughters: 
Betty, Sarah, Mary and .-Vnn Reese. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Exec- 
utor: Daniell Willi.ois. Witnesses: John Burnh.\m, David and Wil- 
liam Cartright. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Eegan, Daniel. 

November 27, 1727. Son: Daniel. Brother: Thomas. Daughters: 
Ann, Sarah, Mary and Priscilla Regan. Other legatee: Thomas Good- 
son. Wife ami Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Wm. Baldwin, Thomas 
Regan. No probate. 

310 Abstract of Wills. 1(390—1760. 

Eeggons, Joseph. Bertie County. 

April 2, 1727. August Court, 1727. Son: Joseph. Daughters: Mar- 
tha, Mary, Hannah, Olive Reggons. Son-in-law: John Weeb. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Wm. Boldin, Daniell Reggons, 
Thomas Reggons. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Relf, John. Pasquotank County. 

September 22, 1742. January Court, 1742. Sons and Executors: Cor- 
nelius and John. Witnesses: John and Mary Bell, Cornelius Jones. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Relf, Maey. Pasquotauk Precinct. 

January 13, 1724-1725. April Court, 1725. Brother: William Relf. 
Brother's grandchildren: Thomas and Mary Relf. Daughters: Sarah 
Chance, Susan.ah Chance. Son-in-law: Thomas Palin. Granddaugh- 
ters: Mary and Ann Palin. Son and Executor: Robert Keel. Witnesses: 
James Spence, Alexander Spence, Dorothy Adams. Clerk of the Court: 
John Park. 

Relfe, TnoiiAs. 

April 10, 1704. No probate. Wife and Executrix: Mary\ Son: 
Thomas. Daughter: Dorothy Relfe. Other legatee: William Roads. 
Witnesses: John Bishop, Robert Keel, Mary Bishop. 

Renfeow, John. Edgecombe County. 

May 30, 1748. August Court, 1748. .Sows; Enuch, Jacob, George, 
William and James. Wife: Tomeson. Executor: Matthew McKinney. 
Witnesses: John Haywood, Nathaniel Holly, John Evans. Clerk of 
the Court: Benjn. Wynns. 

Reston, Thomas. New Providence. 

March 31, 1723. December 17, 1724. Wife and Executrix: Ktath. Wit- 
nesses: William Jones, William Williams, William Walters, John 
French. Proven before E. Moseley. 

Rew, Southy. Craveu County. 

January, 1754. February Court, 1754. Sons: Solomon ("plantation 
whereon I now live on the East side of Owens Creek"), Thomas (land on 
Owens' Creek), Beverly (land on South River known iis Butchers), Southy 
(two lots in Newbern) , Solomon. Daughters: Mary and Euphama. Wife: 
Mary. Negroes to be divided between wife and children. Executors: 
John Starkey and Solomon Rew. Witnesses: John Snead and Charles 
Cogdell. Clerk of the Court: Sol. Rew. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITCO. 311 

Eeynaui), Benjamin. Currituck Precinct. 

April 8, 1712. Son and Executor: Moses. Witnesses: Joseph Walter, 
RosMus Hersleff, Daniel Rice. Original missing. Recorded in Book 
1712-1722, page 24. 

Rhodes, Henry. On.'^low County. 

September 14. 1751. OctoberCourt, 1751. Sons: Henry ("my manner 
plantation"), Thomas. Son-in-law: Daniel Masbone. Granddaughter: 
Elizabeth Mashbone. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Thoma.s 
Rhodes, Patience Johnson, Joshua Paull. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Rhodes, Henry. Dobbs County. 

December 21. 1773. January 25. 1774. .Sons: Jacob, Henry, Wil- 
liam, James. Daughters: Mary Rincey, Babkey Rhodes, Rachel and 
Sarah Rhodes. Wife: Elizabeth. Eirecutors: Rhodes, Wil- 
liam Jones and Joseph Few. Witnesses: John Fillyaw, Moses Cox, 
Robert Winsett. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Rhodes, Richard. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 2, 1693-1694. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: 
Richard Madren, Sara Davis, John Skipar. Clerk of the Court: Ed- 
ward M.YYO. 

Rhodes, William. Pasquotank County. 

January Court, 1734. Sons; Tho.mas and William. Daughters: Sarah, 
Dorothy, Elizabeth and Mary Rhodes. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Executor: William Relfe. Witnesses: Francis Martin, Com- 
fort Cammill, James Biggers. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Smith. 

Rhoads, William. Tyrrell County. 

August 29, 1753. September Court, 1753. Sons: William ("my man- 
ner plantation"), John. Daughter: Margaret Collinqs. Wife: Eliza- 
beth. Executors: William and John Rhoads (sons). Witnesses: Thomas 
Bedford, John Browning. Christopher Buttery. Clerk of the Court: 
Evan Jones. 

Rice, Ben.jamin. Beaufort County. 

September 12, 1745. June Covirt, 1746. Sons: Zebulon, B-Ajnjamin, 
James, Even, Clanerly, Ephrim, Hezekiah, Gideon. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Mary. Witr>esses: James Humes, Nathaniel Draper, 
Willia. Clerk of the Court: John Forbes. 

312 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

EiCE, Edward. Bertie Coiiutv. 

December S, 1752. May Court. 1753. Son: John. Da^tghters: Mary 
and Betty Rice. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executw: Thomas Sl.\ttor. 
Witnesses: John Coke, Sr., Jame.s Hair, Walter and Elizabeth Jo.\j<es. 
Clerk of the Court: Benj.amin Wynns. 

EiCE, John. Chowan Couuty. 

May 20, 1745. January Court, 1753. Wife: Sarah. Brother and Exec- 
utor: Edward Rice. Witnesses: Hardy Hurdell, Benjamin Berreman, 
Thomas Ro-wntree. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Rice, Lucy. 

February 15, 1720-1721. This is a nuncupative will proven by Robert 
Palmer and Thomas Palin before Jno. Palin and names daughters, Mary 
and Cely. 

Rice, Maey. Kew Hanover County. 

July 9, 1753. February 21, 1754. Executors: Thom.\s Camber and 
Penny Bussy (sister). Proven before Matt. Rowan. Coat of arras on 
seal. This will is so torn as to render all other names illegible. 

Rice, Morgin. 

October 26, 1684. No date of probate. Legatee: Sarah Burnby, 
daughter of John Burnby, who is appointed Executor. Wittiesses: Wil- 
liam Burnby, Anthony Hatch. Coat of arms on seal. 

Rice, Nathaniel. New Hanover County. 

December 6, 1752. February 27, 1753. Son: John. Sisters-in-law: 
Hannah and Penny' Bursey. Wife's niece: Elizabeth Dale. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Niece: Elizabeth Twiner of Rumsey, in Hampshire. 
Extcutors: Jas. Hasell, Sam'l and John Swann. Witnesses: James Por- 
TERFIELD, David Lindsay, Arc. MacLaine. Clerk of the Court: Isaac 

Richards, John. Pasquotank County. 

July 11, 1741. July 14, 1741. Son-in-law: Law. Pridebs. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Tho. Webkes, John Nelson, Jr., Theoph- 
ILUS Mann. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Richards, Mary. Pasquotank County. 

October 31, 1743. November 19, 1743. Daughter: Frances Predy. 
Son-inAaw and Executor: Laws Predy. Witnesses: 3. Hull, Andrew 
Moore, J. Hardy. Proven before J. Montgomery. Justice of the Peace: 
Jas. Craven. Coat of arms on seal. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 313 

Richards, Richard. Edgecombe County. 

October 23, 1758. December Court, 1758. Sons: John, Jesse and 
Richard. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Executor: David Crawley. 
Witnesses: Wm. Kinchen, Wm. Hayes, John Green. Clerk of the Court: 
Jos. Montfort. 

Richardson, Daniel. Pasquotank Preeinc-t. 

February 28, 1723. March 5. 1723. Legatees: George Burrington 

(one negro), John Lovick (one negro), Goff, Margaret Berns- 

bee, Mrs. Ann Knight, wife of Lewis McAlixander Knight. Execu- 
tors: George Burrington, John Lovick and Goff. Witnesses: 

Patrick Oolesbee, William Jeffrey.^, Bartholo.mew Scott, Thojias 
Raymond. Proven before George Burrington. 

Richardson, GEOR(iE. New Hanover County, 

November 15, 1750. Executor and sole legatee: Jehu Davis, Senr. 
Witnesses: Saml. and Thos. Neale, Anthy. Ward. Clerk, of the Court: 

Richardson, John. ^ Perquimans ('mmty. 

November 28, 1743. January Court, 1743. Son: J.«ies. Daughter: 
Anne Richardson. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Jame.s Gib- 
son, John Parrish. Clerlf of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Richardson, John. Craven County. 

September 11, 1773. September 16, 1773. (Newbern.) Legatees: Wii^ 
liam Even (one negro "now in possession of William Brook Simpson 
Attorney in Newport Rhode Island and one negro man on board my sloop 
called the Betsey"), Peter Gordon (son of Patrick Gordon, of New- 
bern). Executors: Joseph Crispin and Rigdon Brice. Witnesses: J.ames 
Green, James Parratt, Benjn. Greenaway. Proven before Jo. M.vrtin. 

Richardson, Stephen. Pasquotank County. 

February 7, 1722. July 16, 1723. Sons: John ("plantation whereon I 
live called the Poplars Havin"), Stephen (land called the White Oak 
Neck), Richard (land called Blewbootens Neck, the said Richard to allow 
Thomas Bettys to live on said land it he, the said Bettys shall build a 
house "twenty five foot long and fifteen foot wide and plant ought a or- 
chard of apells trees thirtey foot Destent for the Great Stones Sort and 
Twenty five foot aney other Sort &c."), Lebbeos and Joseph. Daiighter: 
Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Trustees: John and J.vmes 
Trewblood. Witnesses: James Greves, Katherine Greves and H.\n- 
NAH Everton. Clerk of the Court: W. Norris. 

314 Abstkact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Richmond, Heney. 

September 15, 1714. December 4, 1714. Wife: not named. Cousin 
and Executor: Caleb Bundy. Witnesses: Charle.? Bull and Mary Stan- 
ton. No probate. 

RiCKiTSON, GoEDius. Craveii County. 

September 25, 1773. March 19, 1774. New Bern. Son.s; Jesse, Benja- 
min, GoRDius. Daughter: Bathshaba. Wife and Executrix: Abigail. 
Witnesses: John Granade, John Merker, Edw. Whitty. Proven before 
Jo. Martin. 

Ricks. Ben.jamin. Chowan County. 

March 31, 1719. November 30, 1721. Brothers: James, Robert, Abra- 
ham and Isaac Ricks. Nepheiv: Robert Ricks, Jr. (land on Notaway 
River). Sister: Jane Ricks. Other legatees: Patience Ricks (niece) and 
William Brown, son of Beale Brown. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Witnesses: Bridget Rogers, Mary Rogers, John Phipps. Proven before 
C. Eden, Governor. 

Ricks, Isaac. Edgecombe County. 

March 11, 1748. October 28, 1748. Sor\s: Abraham and Robert and 
John (two negroes to each). Daughters: Mary Pop and Martha Ricks. 
Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Crowell, Richard Rich- 
ards. Proven before E. Hall, Chief Justice. 

RiDDicK, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

September 20, 1759. October Court, 1759. Sons: Joseph (plantation 
bought of Thomas Ward), Kadak (plantation bought of William Roun- 
tree, Moses Fields and James Price; also plantation bought of William 
Moore and William Willson lying in Ballahack), Isaac (lands bought of 
John Barclif and George Shell "that lyes over Little River upon deep 
Creek"). Daughter: Mary TiiDDiCK. Wife and Executrix: JiANH ah. Exec- 
utor: Robert Riddick (brother). Witnesses: Joseph Perry, Benjamin 
Perry, Job Riddick. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 


February 17, 1747-1748. Sons: Godfrey and William. Daughters: 
Anne and Mary Ridge. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
Benjamin Burgess, Elizabeth McGee, Daniel McPeters. Clerk of the 
Court: John Dunn. 

RiOBY, William. ISTew Hanover County. 

December 18, 1743. June Court, 1744. Wilmington. Lands on Long 

Creek, Lockwood's Folly, Black River and lot in Wilmington to be 

Abstract of Wills, 1(190 — ITIJO. 315 

divided between Margery Rigby (mother), John Rigby (brother) and 
Alice Marsden. Brigantine "on her return from the West Indies" to be 
sold and proceeds applied to payment of debts. Executor: Rufus Mars- 
den (brother-in-law). Witnesses: James Smallwood, Thomas Finney, 
Joseph Gary. Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood. 

EiGNEY, Benjamin. Beaufort County. 

December 3, 1750. March 12, 17.50. Dauy/i/er; Mary Rigney. Brother: 
James Rigney. Niece: Hannah Rigney. Wife and Executrix: Febe. 
Executors: Willia.m Waggener and Reading Blount. Clerk of the Court: 
Will. Ormond. 

Rigney, John. Beaufort Precinct. 

June 14, 1725. April Court. 1726. Daughter: Elisabeth. Executor: 
BEN.IAMIN Slade (land called the Fork on condition that he "cause my 
daughter to be teached to read the Bible distinctly and putt her in school"). 
Other legatee: Henry Trip. Witnesses: John Slade, William Satter- 
THWAiTE, Gi. Holliday. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones. Original 
missing. Recorded in Book 1722-1735, page 33. 

RiORDAME, Denis. Currituck County. 

January 18, 1723-1724. July 14, 1724. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Daughter: Angelica. Other legatees: Thomas and Wm. Vince. Witnesses: 
Jo. Wicker, Samuel Simmons, Ann Ireland. David Leggett. Clerk of 
the Court: Henry Swann. 

RisENOUER, Matthew. Craven County. 

November IS, 1747. September Court, 1747. Sons: John and Jacob 
(Executors). Daughter: Catren Smith. Wife: Elisabeth. Witnesses: 
Jacob Tayler, Gasper Granade, Paul Ives. Clerk of the Court: Will. 

RiteCtA, Jacob. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 25, 1735. April Court, 1739. Daughters: Margaret and Miriam 
Ritega. Son-in-law: William Powers. Wife and Executrix: Phillis. 
Witnesses: William Lewis, Thomas Gaskills. Clerk of the Court: Jos. 

RiussETT, John. 

October 11, 1737. January 17, 1737. Bath Town. "Late of the city 
of London." Sons: John and David Riussett. Executors: John Mont- 
gomery, Thomas Jones and Peter Randon. Witnesses: John Garzia, 
Peter Randon. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

316 Abstract of Wills. 1690—1760. 

EiussETT, Peter. Bath Coitnty. 

January 14, 1734. February 21, 1734. Nieces: Ann Galaber, Jane 
Caila, Mary Covee. Nephetv: Pbtter Randown. Son: John Bell. 
Brother: John Riussett. Executors: Edward Salter and Oliver Black- 
burn. Other legatee: Church op Bath. Witnesses: Oliver Blackburn, 
Peter Randon, Mathias Collier. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Roberts, Andrew. Craven Precinct. 

January 22, 1722. June Court, 1723. Sons: John and Andrew. 

Daughters: Ann and Elizabeth. Executor: Adam More. Witnesses: 

Wm. Willson, Nathaniel Baran. Clerk of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Roberts, James. Craven County. 

July 24, 1745. This is a nuncupative will proven before Danl. Shine by 
James Conaway, and names Sons: Samuel and Jambs. Daughter: Mae- 
gret Roberts. Wife: Isable. 

Roberts, James. Craven County. 

April 4, 1774. New Bern. Sons: Richard, James and William. Wife 
and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Alex. Garten, John Mackay, 
James Coor. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Roberts, Joseph. Craven County. 

January 15, 1774. This is a nuncupative will proven by James Frazer 
and Cynthia Roberts before Jo. Martin and names wife, Elizabeth. 
Daughters: Sally and Sabonah. Father-in-law: Micajah Frazier. 

Robertson, Henry. Edgecombe County. 

June 23, 1749 February Court, 17.52. Sons: Higdon, Henry, Peter, 
Lewis (Executor). Daughter: Deborah Robertson. Witnesses: A. J. 
Smith, William Ogilvie, Christopher Ogilvie. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjn. Wynns. 

RoEEETsoN, James. Pasquotank County. 

January 17, 1753. October Court, 1754. Sons: Mordecai ("my man- 
ner plantation"), Malachi ("my Road plantation"). Daughter: Salley. 
Wife and Executrix: Sakah. Executor: Thomas T.a.ylor. Witnesses: 
Samuel Okely, William Woodly, Mary Taylor. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Taylor. 

Robins, James. 

November 27, 1725. January 11, 1725. Bath Town. Brother: Than CES 
Robins (one saddle horse). Wife and Executrix: Margaret. Executor: 
Thomas Boyd. Witnesses: Charles Holy'day, Richard French, Wm. 
Sparry. Proven before Richard Ever.ard. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 317 

Robins, Joseph. Rowaii County. 

November IS, 1754. Sons: Joseph, William and John. Daughter: 
Elenor. Wife and Executrix :'Elenor. Rrecw/or; John Nation (brother- 
in-law). Witnesses: A. J. Smith, Ch. Nation, Richard Robins. No 

EoBiNsoN, Charles. Anson County. 

December 29, 1754. Sons: Cornelius, Townsend and Charle.s. 
Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Sahah Wit- 
nesses: William Downs, John Ston, James Denson. No probate. 

Robinson, Humphrey. Chowan County. 

July 15, 1752. July Court, 1752. Legatees: Elizabeth and Susannah 
Cleland (lands in Chowan, houses and lots in Edenton and negroes), John 
Cleland, John Cooper. Executors: John Cleland, John Wilkins. No 
witnesses and no probate. 

Robinson, James. Albemarle County. 

March 12, 1699-1700. All lands and other property to Cornelius 
Jones, Executor. Witnesses: Thomas Miller, William Woolard, John 
Powell. No probate. 

Robinson, John. Perquimans County. 

October 1, 1757. January Court, 1758. Sons: Thomas and Rowland. 
Daughter: Sarah Robinson. Wife: Mary. Executor: Joseph Robinson 
(brother) and Thomas Robinson (son). Witnesses: John Nixon, Joshua 
Morris, Sarah Robinson. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Robinson, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

June 8, 1717. July 9, 1717. Son: John. Daughter: Sabah Robin- 
son. Wife and Executrix: Jane. Witnesses: Nicholas Guyor, Timothy 
Clare and Elizabeth Winslow. Clerk of the Court: Richard Leary. 

Robinson, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

March 4, 1718-1719. April 2, 1719. Little River in the County of 
Albemarle. Sons: Joseph and John (land and negroes). Daughter: 
Anne Robinson. Executors: Zachariah Nixon, Francis Tomes and 
John Sy'mons. Witnesses: Joseph Ming, Josiah Bingham, Samuel 
Sherer. Proven before Francis Foster. Also before Charles Eden. 

Robinson, Thomas. Chowan County. 

April Court, 1755. Son: William. Wife and other children: men- 
tioned, but not named. Executors: John Halsey and John Vail. Wit- 
nesses: Samuel Benbury, Hannah Clay', Sarah Arington. Clerk of 
the Court: Will. Halsey. 

318 Abstract of Wills, 1G90— 1760. 

EoDGEES, Joseph. Bath County. 

January 2, 1704-1705. Granddaughters: Elizabeth Dbaram, Lydia 
CocKEEUM. Grandsons: Joseph Cockerum and Charles Hopton. 
Indian slave freed. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Henery 
LocKEY, John Procter. Clerk of the Court: Levi Truewhitt. 

EoE, Edward. 

May 3, 1696. July 19, 1696. Sons: Edmond, Ebenezer, Vallentine. 
Daughter: Deborah. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Daniel 
Fee, George Elles, Elebeth Fee. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

EoE, James. Craven County. 

July 13, 1737. March Court, 1737-1738. Executor: Francis Stringer. 

Witnesses: Dan'll Shine, James More. Clerk of the Court: James Cook. 

EoE, Luke. Craven County. 

December 30, 1774. January 12, 1775. Brother: Thomas Roe. 
Nephew: Benjamin (son of Thomas Roe). Brother-in-law: JosHu.v 
Taylor (riding horse and saddle). Other legatees: Jacob and other chil- 
dren of Joshua Taylor. Executor: Peter Physioc. Witnesses: Mat- 
thew Stephens, Nance Stephens, Peter Physioc. Proven before 
James Hasell. 

EoE, Robert. Beaufort County. 

December Court, 1756. Formerly of Princess Anne County, now of 
Beaufort. Son: Kitley. Daughters: Betty and Dolly. Wife and 
Executrix: Dorothy. Witnesses: James Degge, John Chapman and 
Henry Trippe. Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

Rogers, Emanuel. Bertie Precinct. 

November 21, 1727. May Court, 1729. Wife: Deborah. Daughters: 
Eliz.^beth and Mary. Executor: John Gr.\y. Witnesses: Richd. 
Haynsworth, Daniel Crawley. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Rogers, John. Bertie Precinct. 

March 4, 1724. July 7, 1726. Son and Executor: John. Witnesses: 
Mary and John Rodgers. Proven before Richard Everard. 

Rogers, Joseph. Northampton County. 

February 18, 1752. February Court, 1752. Sons: Joseph, Aaron, 
Lsom, Reuben, John, Drury, Michael. Daughters: Faith Rogers, 
Sarah Tarver, Mary Lowrey. Executors: John and Joseph Rogers 
(sons). Witnesses: Nathn. Williams, Ely Williams, Nathan Wil- 
liams. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 319 

RoGEEs, RiciiARP. Onslow Countv. 

July 4, 1749. October Court, 1749. Vife and Executrix: Sar.\h, 
Witnesses: John Dudley, Ezekiel Hunter, Jos. Sturges. Clerk of the 
Court: Thomas Black. 

Rogers, Robert. Chowan Precinct. 

December 1.3, 1736. June 11, 1739. Grandsons: Robert Daniell 
and \ViLLL\ii Rogers. Son and Executor: Robert. Daughter: Eliza- 
beth (wife of Simon Daniel). OlJier legatees: and Mary Gal- 
loway. Witnesses: John Willl\ms, J.ane Willi.', P^ichard Taylor. 
Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Rogers, Tiioxias. Bertie Comity. 

August Court, 1749. Sons: Thomas and Robert. Daughter: Mary. 
No executor. Witnesses: William L.attimore, John Litle (or Lille). 
No probate officer. 

Rogers, Thomas. Bertie County. 

February 14, 1754. May Court, 1754. (Son.- Thomas. Daughters: 
Mary and Fr.ances Rogers. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: 
Richard Tomlinson, Richard Bradley, Robert Rogers. Clerk of the 
Court: Saml. Ormes. 

Rogers, Willlvji. Albemarle County. 

April 25, 1690. Legatee: Jonathan Bateman. No executor. Wit- 
7iesses: John Hollfand, John Twigger, Hanah Edy. No probate. 

RoLFE, Thomas. 

October 15, 1688. February 2, 1690-1691. "Of Yawpim." Cousin: 
John Lovett. Wife ami Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Rebecca 
Wyate, Lawrence Cruise, Henderson Walker, Thomas Longe. 
Clerk of the Court: Richard Plater. 

RoosE, William (of Boston, Mariner). 

September 26, 1722. This is a nuncupative will proven by Richard 
Farrell, Jane Sparrow and Sajiuel Bernard before John Solley, and 
is so torn that the names of the legatees cannot be ascertained. 

RoPEE, William. Chowan Precinct. 

August IS. 1729. February 7, 1729-1730. Executor and sole legatee: 
Jacob Butler. Witnesses: Cornelius Leary and William Stacy. 
Proven before Rich.ard Everard. 

320 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Rosier, Nathl. Albemarle County. 

July 1, 1703. April 5, 1704. Legatees: William Jones (Executor) 
and Henry Lysle.s. Witnesses: Henry Ly.sles, John Lewerton, 
Robert Oneale. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

EouEK, Edmoi^d. Bladen County. 

May 15, 1769. December 16, 1769. "Parish of St. Martins in the 
County of Bladen." Son and Executor: S,am0el. Daughter: Mary Addi- 
son. Other legatee: Henry McCoy. Wife: Dorothy". Witnesses: Mahy 
Addison, David Morley. Proven before William Tryon. 

EowAN, Matthew. New Hanover County. 

April 18, 1760. July 15, 1760. Niece: Rose Rowan (daughter of 
brother Andrew Rowan). Nephew: Mathew Rowan (son of brother 
Atcheyson). Niece: Ann Rowan (daughter of brother William). 
Other legatees: Richard Lyon of Spring Hill in Bladen County, 
g.\ret Rowan (niece), Mildred Lyon, daughter of John (ten negroes), 
M.\RY Lyon (daughter of Richard Lyon), Frederick Gregg of Wil- 
mington (land on the northeast side of Northeast River, opposite to 
Stag Park in New Hanover County; one gold watch). Eleven negroes 
and laud on White Marsh, in Bladen County, bequeathed to Frederick 
Gregg and Richard Lyon, in trust for Esther Rowan (wife of Robert). 
Elizabeth, wife of .Archibald MacLaine (daughter-in-law). Lands on 
Northwest River adjoining Henry Simmonds; land on said river adjoin- 
ing Judge Lenard and Nelltown in Bladen County, and land in Craven 
County opposite Newbern, lying on Trent River, in all about 1,800 
acres, devised to Executors to be sold. All remainder of estate is devised 
and bequeathed to John, the son of Jane Stubbs of Bath, "commonly 
called and known by the name of John Rowan." Executors: John 
Rowan, Frederick Gregg, Richard Ly'On. Witnesses: S.aml. Waiters, 
Geo. Gibbs, Thos. Clark. Proven before .'Vrthur Dobbs. Executors 
qualified before Cornelius Harnett. J. P. Coat of arms on seal. 

Row, Valentine. Pasquotank County. 

March S. 1739. October Court, 1740. Sons: George and V.\lentine 
("my plantation"). Daughters: Debor.ajh, M.a.ry and\h Row. Exec- 
utor: George Row (son). Witnesses: Richard and Thomas Prichard, 
John Harris. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

RowELL, Elizabeth. !Northainpton County. 

January 20, 1745-1746. May Court, 1746. Son and Executor:\.. 
Daughter: Mary Rowell. Witnesses: Thomas Holt. John Gill, Samuel 
Tarver. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 321 

RowNTREE. Francis. 

September 30, 1730. Wife and Executrix: not named. Sons: Fran- 
cis. William, Jesse, Moses and John (lands lying in .North Carolina 
and in Nansemond County, Virginia, where testator formerly lived). 
Duughters: Rebecci, Susanna, Elizabeth and Christi.4.n. Witnesses: 
Thomas Tasler, Thomas Hobbs, Isaac Pickinson. No probate. 

RouNTEEE, Francis. Johnston County. 

July 13, 1748. September Court, 1748. Sons: Kador, Francis, Wil- 
liam, Moses. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Moses Coleman. 
Witnesses: Theophilus Coleman, John Barefoot, Tarlow Oquin. Dep- 
uty Clerk of the Court: Richard Caswell. 

RouNTREE, Hannah. Perquimans County. 

September 12, 1758. January Court, 1759. Sisters: Sarah Hollow- 
ell, LiDY and Ann Rountree. Brother: Moses Rountree. Mother: 
Sarah Lelly. Brother-in-law: Elisha Lelly. Executor: Nicholas 
Stallings. Witnesses: Joe Hollowell, Elias Stallings, Abner Hol- 
lowell. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Rountree, Jesse. Craven County. 

October 17, 1777. November 21, 1777. Sons: Jesse, John ("planta- 
tion called the Oald Meating House"), William. Daughters: Mary and 
Elizabeth. Wife: not named. Executors: John Rountree and Jajies 
Frizle. Witnesses: Thomas Coleman, Moab Rountree, Edwd. Fitz- 
PATRicK. Proven before Richard Caswell. 

Rountree, Moses. Perquimans County. 

July 21, 1755. October Court. 17.55. Son: Moses (plantation and two 
negroes). Daughters: Sarah Hol , Hanah, Ledy and Ann Roun- 
tree. Wife and Executrix: Sary. Executor: Nicholas Stallings. Wit- 
nesses: JosHLTA White, John White, .\bram Hill. Clerk of the Court: 
Miles Harvey. 

Rountree, Thomas. Chowan County. 

December 1, 1746. July Court, 1748. Sojis: Charles and Thomas (to 
each is devised several tracts of land in Chowan County). Grandsons: 
William Wallace. Thomas Rountree. Son-in-law: Elias Stallings. 
Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: Charles and Thomas Rountree (sons). 
Witnesses: Thos. W.alton, John Freeman. Clerk of the Court: Will. 


322 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

RowNTEEE, Thomas. Chowan County. 

August 6, 1773. January 15, 1774. Daughters: Elizabeth Small, 
Sarah Stallings, Mary, Ruth, Rachel, Judith and Christian Rown- 
TREE. Granddaughter: Sarah Small. Executor: Aaron Hill. Testator 
devises lands on Catrin Creek. Witnesses: Henry Walton, Thomas Spi- 
VEY. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

EucKEs, Thomas. Chowan County. 

November 9, 1747. April Court, 1748. Daughters: Mary, Tamey and 
Sarah. Sons: Demsey, Jacob, Jesse, Joseph and Thomas (the two latter 
are appointed Executors). Witnesses: Jacob Odom, James Brady, Jacob 


Russell, Habakkuk. Carteret County. 

March 9, 1754. June Court, 1754. Sons: David and Abraham. Daugh- 
ters: Rebeckah, Sarah, Abigail and Ann Sophia Russell. Wife: Ann. 
Executors: George Read and George McKane. Witnesses: Lakkbster 
LovET, Henry Hartsell, Samuel Jordan. Clerk of the Court: George 

Russell, John. Onslow County. 

November 4, 1751. July 3, 1753. Sotis: James, Peter and Michael. 
Daughters: Mary and Elizabeth. Wife: Elizabeth Executors: John 
and Peter Starkey. Witnesses: William Barber, Aaron B.^rber, Wm. 
Fielden. Clerk of the Court: Will Cray. 

Russell, Thomas. Craven County. 

January 4, 1744. March Court, 1744-174.5. Son: John. Daughters: 
Mary Smith and Jemima Culling. Other legatee: John Smith, son of Win- 
free Smith. Wife ami Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Peter Duke, 
John Williams, William Mellar. Deputy Clerk of the Court: N. Rout- 

RusTULL (Russell), Richard. Carteret County. 

March 15, 1739. June Court, 1747. Core Sound. Son: John (land on 
East side of Newport River). Daughter: Mary Rustull. Executors: 
Richard Pi,u.stull (father) and Henery Stanton. Witnesses: Mary 
Stanton, Henry Stanton, Junr., Alice Stanton. Clerk of the Court: 
George Read. 

Ryall, Chaeles. Onslow County. 

November 28, 1754. .Sons; S.wiuel and Thomas. Grandson: Charles 

Augustus Nickson. Executor: Samuel Ryall (son). Witnesses: Jambs 

Denson, Robert Nixon, Job Brookes. Clerk of the Court: Will. Cray. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 1760. 323 

Eyan, David. Bertie County. 

January 9, 1762. November 13. 1762. Brothers: James and George. 
Sisters: Elizabeth Campbell and Mary Lackey. Executors: James 
Ryan, Cornelius Campbell, Richard Lackey and John Hill. TT'(V- 
nesses: J. Pearson, Jos. Frith. \Yilliam Shaw. Proven before Arthur 

Ryan, Thomas. Bertie County. 

January 29, 1753. March Court, 17.53. Sons: David (land ''lying in the 
bottom of Cashy Neck on the thourough-fare commonly known by the 
name of The Old House"; 1,500 acres of land on Cypress Swamp and four 
negroes), James (350 acres of land), James (1 , 120 acres of land and three 
negroes), George (plantation in Rocquis formerly known as James Cas- 
TELLo's Islands; plantation at head of Salmon Creek and water mill; two 
])lantations in Chowan and 150 acres of land on Cashy River; three negroes), ("The Manor house & Plantation" and also 500 acres of land). 
Daughter: Mary Ryan (two plantations on Chowan River; two plantations 
on Black Walnut Swamp and two negroes), Elizabeth Campbell. Son- 
in-law: Cornelius Campbell (plantation in Tyrrell County lying on Albe- 
marle Sound and two plantations in Bertie County together with two 
negroes). Wife and Executrix: Martha (three negroes). Executors: 
Capt. John Campbell, Cornelius Campbell and Thomas Turner. Pro- 
vision is made for education of children and sale of brig to pay debts. Wit- 
nesses: Edwd. Underhill, David Allen, Humphry Nichols. Witnesses 
to codicil: David Allen, Elizabeth .A.shburn, Mary Caphart. Clerk of 
the General Court: Jno. Sne.4.d. 

Ey'ding, Jonathan. Bertie County. 

May Court, 1754. Son: Joseph ("my mannor plantation"). Daugh- 
ters: Martha, Elizabeth and Dorothy Riding. No executor. Wit- 
nesses: Mark Gibbins, Elisah Whitfield, Edward Collins. Clerk of 
the Court: Samuel Ormes. 

Sadler, Richard. Chowan County. 

November 30, 1753. July Court, 1754. Wife and Executrix: Mar- 
garet. Witnesses: Henry Bonner, Jambs and Deborah Thomp.son. 
Cle)-k of the Court: Will. Halsey'. 

Sadler, William. C!howan Precinct. 

April 13, 1727. April Court, 1727. Sons: William and Richard 
(plantation divided between them). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Executor: Majr. Henry Bonner. Witnesses: Robert Jeffrey's, Edwd. 
Howcott, William Thompson. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

324 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Salisbeky, James. Pasquotank County. 

August 16, 1758. September Court, 1758. Sons: James, John, Joseph, 
William. Daughters: Elizabeth and Frances Salisbert. Executors: 
James Salisbery (son) and Joseph Reed. Witnesses: Thomas Armour, 
Joseph Commander, David Sinclair. Ckrk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Saltee, Edw.vrd. Bath County. 

January 6, 17.34. February 5, 1734. Son: Edward. Daughters: 
Sarah, Mary and Susann.\h. Sons-in-law: Miles Harvey and John 
Harvey. Wife: Elizabeth. Following lands devised; 306 acres on 
south side of Pamlico River called Mount Colvert; land purchased of John 
Swann; lands on Bear Creek, Pamlico River and the Beaver Dam of 
Grays Creek, "whereon John Arrington now dwells." About 25 
negroes, one periauger, one brigantine named The Happy Luke, one pair 
silver spurs, Richard Bloom's History of the Bible and other books "of 
Divinity, Law and History," large Chma Punch bowl bequeathed. Brig- 
antine ordered laden with tar and sent to Boston, there to be sold and 
proceeds invested in young negroes; provision is made for insurance of 
said vessel with Jacob Windall & Co., in the sum of 1,200 pounds. Daugh- 
ter, Sarah, is left in care of Mrs. Saeah Porter of Cape Fear. Pro- 
vision is made for education of son "to make him a compleat merchant." 
Executors: Edward Moseley, John Odeon, John Caldam, Thomas 
Bonner, William Willis, William Adams. Proven before Gab. Johns- 
ton. Coat of arms on seal. Witnesses: Walley Chauncey, Benjamin 
Rigney, W.\lter Dixson, Roger Jones. 

Sandeks, Abraham. Perquimans County. 

April 6, 1750. October Court, 1751. Sons: .John (plantation whereon 
RiCH,\RD Waters lives), Benjamin ("plantation whereon I now live"), 
Abraham (5s). Daughters: Jude Bois, Elizabeth Sanders. Wife: 
JuDE. Executors: Richard Sanders and Joseph White. Witnesses: 
John Murdaugh, John and Elizabeth White. Friends: Richard 
Skinner and John Harvey. Clei-k of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Sanders, Ann. Perquimans County. 

May 12, 1752. July Court, 1752. Sons: Joseph, Banjamin and John 
Sanders. Daughters: Elizabeth Newby and Lydia Sanders. Grand- 
daughter: Ann Newby\ Executors: John and Joseph Sanders (sons). 
Witnesses: Thos. Newby, Joshua Elliot, Thomas Elliot. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Sanders, Benjamin. Perquimans County. 

September 30, 1744. October Court, 1744. Sons: Benjamin ("dwell- 
ing plantation"), Joseph and John. Daughters: Betty and Lida. Wife 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 325 

and Executrix: Ann. Executor: S.\muel Nube (son-in-law). Witnesses: 
Joshua Eliot, Ann Elliot. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Sanders, John. Onslow Coiuity. 

January 6, 1732-1733. April 3, 1733. New River. Brother: Rob- 
ert Sanders. Othei- legatees: Stephen, Richard and Easter Wil- 
liams (children of John Williams), Edward and Stephen Howard 
(sons of Stephen Howard), Thomas Farnell. Sister: Ann Williams. 
Executor: Robert Sanders (brother). Witnesses: Job Brookes, Stephen 
Howard, James Foyle. Clerk of the Court: William Cranford. 

Sanders, John. Chowan C'oiintv. 

August IS, 1751. October Court, 1751. Sons: Francis ("plantation 
I now live on"), John (plantation on Cypress Swamp where Tho.mas 
Rutter lives), Robert, Je.sse, Thomas. To each of above-named sons 
is bequeathed negroes. Daughters: Mille. Feribe and Elizabeth San- 
ders. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John Loe (or Loce), Jr., 
John Loe (or Loce), Sr., Jacob Ruth. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Sanders, Mary. Bertie County. 

June 1, 1734. August Court, 1734. Son: Isaac. Daughters: Mary 
and Christina Elizabeth Sanders. Grandson: Isaac Snoden. God- 
son: John Willson. Executors: George Wynns and Robert Evans. 
Witnesses: Joseph Thompson and Benjn. Wynns. Clerk of the Court: 
Benj.oiin Wynns. 

Sanders, William. Edgecombe County. 

June 5, 1756. February Court, 1757. Sons: Henry (land on Panther 
Branch), William ("the Mannor plantation"). Land called Simmonses 
Neck to be sold. Wife and daughters: not named. Executors: Joseph 
Shaw. Jr., John Bradford, Tristrim Lowther and Solomon Wil- 
liams. Witnesses: Wm. Irby, John Gricb, Wm. Hornsby. Clerk of 
the Court: Joseph Montfort. 

Sanderson, Bazil. 

January 22, 1721-1722. April 2, 1722. "Island of Antegua." Lega- 
tees: W1LLI.A.M Hill, of .4ntegua, Elizabeth S.vnderson (wife of Bar- 
THOLEMY Sanderson), John Lovick (saddle and bridle and gold studs), 
Henry Clayton, William Little, William Badham, M.4.ry Badham 
(wife of William), Sarah Hazard (wife of Robert). Sisters: Kathe- 
rine Dye and Frances Peate (both of London). Executors: Bart. 
Sanderson, Katherine Dye, John Lovick and Henry Clayton. 
Proven before Court at Edenton by William Little. Clerk of the Court: 
W. B.\dh.\m. 

326 Absteact of Wills, 1090—1760. 

Sanderson, Benjamin. Craven County. 

October 1, 1757. January 3, 1758. Sons: Jo.seph, Benjamin {Execu- 
tor). Daughter: Dina Foscue, Hannah Barber. Granddaughter: Sarah 
FoscuE (one negro). Executor: Benjamin Brockett. Witnesses: Wii^ 
LiAM Gardner, Simon Foscue, John Granade. Proven before Arthur 


Sanderson, Joseph. Currituck County. 

January 13, 1743. October Court, 1746. Wife: Julia. Sons: Rich- 
ard ("the manner plantation," also the plantation on Sandy Banks 
known as Pawmers, and other tracts of land, location not given), Samuel 
and Joshua (plantation and land to each), and William (plan- 
tation to each), Benjamin (1 negro and land on North River), Joseph 
(land on Sandy Banks). Executor: John Ldrrv. Witnesses: John 
Woodhouse, William Bagly, Samuel Jarves. Clerk of the Court: 
Richard McClure. 

Sanderson, Joseph. Currituck County. 

April 26, 175S. December Court, 1758. So7is: Joseph ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Richard (plantation known as the Deep Branch), 
Caleb (70 acres land). Daughters: Julian, Ann, Lida and Susannah 
Sanderson. Wife: Cesiah. Executor: Joseph Sanderson (son). Wit- 
nesses: John Woodhouse, George Powers, Samubll Sallyer. Clerk 
of the Court: Wm. Me.\rns. 

Sanderson, Joseph. Craven County. 

February 12, 1774. March 19, 1774. Sons: Jesse, Thomas, Joseph, 
Benjamin, Shadrach, John, James, Isaac (land at Miskeeto Point). 
Negroes bequeathed to each of sons. Daughters: Prudence Foster, 
Liddy Lee. Executors: Jesse Sanderson (son), Thos. Lee (son-in- 
law), Edward Whitley. Witnesses: Thos. Foy, John Meeket, Wil- 
liam Griffith, Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Sanderson, Jull^n. Currituck County. 

July 31, 1749. April 17, 1752. Granddaughters: Elizabeth Church 
and Ann White. Executor: Henry White (son-in-law). Witnesses: 
Samuel Jones, Margitt Barrit, Easther White. Clerk of the Court: 
William Shergold. 

Sanderson, Richard. Perquimans County. 

August 17, 1733. October 15, 1733. Son: Richard ("ye Island of 
C)creecock," three negroes and one Indian slave; "the mannor planta- 
tion"; "all my lots in Ronoak Town"; "two thirds of ye Sea Flower 
Brigantine"; one-half of sloop Swallow). Son-iji-laio: Tully Williams 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 327 

(five negro slaves; 140 acres of land in Perquimans bordering on son 
Richard and John Willoughby; one-third of Sea Flower Brigantine 
and one-half of sloop Swallow). Nephews: Joseph and Richard San- 
derson. Brother-in-law: Henry Woodhouse (one Mustee fellow). Sis- 
ter: Susanna Erwin. Daughter: Elizabeth Pollock. Cousin: Eliza- 
beth Dickson. Nepheio: Hezekiah Woodhouse (land "on ye Sandy 
Bank by the name of Point Lookout"). Daughter: Grace (wife of Tolly 
Williams). Executors: Richard Sanderson (son) and Tully" Wil- 
liams (son-in-law). Witnesses: Clemt. Hall, Thomas Snowden, Thomas 
Trumbal. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

Saxdeeson, Ruth. 

(Wife of Col. Richard Sanderson of Little River). September 4, 
1727. January 29, 1727. Relatives: Thos. Harvey, Miles Gale of 
Boston (two negroes each), Peneleap Lettell, wife of William Little 
(one negro), Elizabeth Clayten (one negro). Executors: Thos. Har- 
vey and Miles Gale. Witnesses: Joshua Wherey, Elizabeth Harvey. 
Proven before Richard Everard. 

Sarson, Laurence. Bertie Precinct. 

May 6, 1726. "Formerly of the County of SiUfolk in Great Brittain but 
now of Bertie precinct," etc. Devisees and legatees: William Waters 
(land on Salmon Creek), James Waters, brother of William (land on the 
"east end of the Great Pocoson"), Katherine Arnold, Sarah Waters. 
Executor: Thom.\s Lovick. Witnesses: James Castleton, Hercules 
CoYTE. Coat of arms on seal. Attached to this will is a lease from testa- 
tor to one Hugh Hyman, dated January 24, 1723, of a plantation called 
Bucklesbury on the condition that the said Hyman "clear on the plantation 
six thousand corn hills att five foot distant * * * and to raise and plant 
out at twelve foot distance three hundred peach trees." Lease witnessed 
by John Dukingfield, John Short. No probate to will. Coat of arms 
on seal. 

Sawyer, Charles. Pasquotank County. 

October 21, 17.50. January Court, 1750. Sons: John (plantation on 
North River), Jesse (land on North River), Charles ("land I now live on," 
riding horse and cattle); Willis (land adjoining Butterworth, John Saw- 
yer, etc.). Daughters: Dorothy and Miriam. To each of above-named 
children is bequeathed a negro. Wife: not named. Executor: Willis 
Sawyer. Witnesses: Bennett Morgan, Lodwick Williams, S. S. Plom- 
er. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Sawyer, Daniel. Pasquotank County. 

May 15, 1749. April Court. 1752. Sons: Cornelius, Isaac and Eze- 
KiEL (land divided among them). Daughters: Taymer, Betty and Sarah 

328 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Sawyer. Wife: Mary. Executors: Cornelius and Isaac (sons). Wit- 
nesses: Griffith Gray, John Sawyer, Joab Dauge. Clerk of the Court: 
Tho. Taylor. 

Sawyek, Henry. Pa.squotaBk County. 

June 24, 1728. August 3, 1729. Sons: Charles, Benjamin, Daniel. 
Daughters: Tamer, Caen and Elizabeth Williams, Charity Gray and 
SusANNER Williams. Executors: Daniell and Benjamin Sawyer (sons). 

Witnesses: Cornelius Rose, John Kelly, . Proven 

before Richard Everard. 

Sawyer, Jeremiah. Pasquotank County. 

October 10, 1755. June Court, 1756. Sons: Robert and Charles 
(land divided between them). Son-in-law: Thos. Haystens. Daughter: 
Bridget Jolley. Grandson: Willis Haystens. Executor: Charles 
Sawyer (son) Witnesses: Jos. Jones, William Hixson. Clerk of the 
Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Sawyer, John. Albemarle County. 

December 22, 1713. Sotis: John, Thom.^s, Robert, Solomon (a plan- 
tation to each). Grandson: Charles Grandy. Wife and Executrix: Jean. 
Witnesses^ Thomas and Robert Sawyer, Timothy Reading. No probate. 

Sawyer, John. Pasquotank County. 

June 2, 1743. January Court, 1743. Sons: John, Tulle (plantation 
caDed Gumberry), Stephen, William (land in Currituck known as Peters 
Ridge). To each son is given negroes and a horse. Daughters: Grace and 
Sar.ah. Wife and Executrix: Abigal. Witnesses: Willes Sawyer, S.^-Rah 
Sawyer. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Sawyer, Joshua. Pasquotanlv County. 

May 19, 1753. July Court, 1753. Sons: Joshua and David (plantation 
divided between them), Willi.aim, Nathan, Je.sse. Daughters: Mary and 
Sarah Sawyer. Executor: Joshua Sawyer (son). Witnesses: Robert 
Murden, Joshua Jennings, Jacob Mitchell. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Sawyer, Robart. Pasquotank County. 

April Court, 1735. So7is: Jeremiah (land adjoining John Spenoe), 
Joseph and Zachariah ("plantation whereon I now live"), Denis (land on 
Sawyers Creek), John Scarborough (land called the light place). Daugh- 
ter: Ester Sawyer (land between Denis Sawyer and the light place). 
Granddaughter: Susannah Sawyer (land called the Great Island). Wife 
and Executrix: Frances. Witnesses: Charles and Daniel Sawyer, Sam- 
uell Simmons. Clerk of the Court: Josu Smith. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 329 

Sawyer, Solomon. Pasquotank Couutj. 

August 15, 1742. October Court, 1742. Sons: John ("my manner 
plantation"), Solomon (plantation known by the name of Dogwood Ridge). 
Daughters: Charity, Eli.sabeth, M.\ry, Petty.vth and Christian Saw- 
yer. Witnesses: Bartlett Morgan, Thomas Hastins. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Sawyer, Thomas. 

October 22, 1750. January Court, 1750. Davghlers: Dolly Smithson, 
Jemima, Mary and Miri.\m Sawyer. Son-in-law and Executor: John 
Smithson. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: Henry Nick- 
eles, William Harris, Hez. Cartwright. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Sawyer, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

May 19, 1756. June Court, 175G. Sons: Alexander, Joseph, Thomas, 
Samuel ("my plantation"). Daughters: Jane Humphries, Tamer Wil- 
liams, Cattren and Rebeckah Sawyer. Grandsons: Samuel Hastings, 
Maikd Morgan. Granddaughter: Anne Sawyer. Daughter-in-law: Sa- 
rah Sawyer. Executors: Samuel and Rebeckah Sawyer (son and 
daughter). Witnesses: Benjamin Sawyer, Griffith Gray, Bentt. Mor- 
gan. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Sawyer, Willis. Pasquotank County. 

April 3, 1753. April Court, 1753. Wife and Executrix: Hanor (planta- 
tion on Pasquotank River). Daughter: Betty Sawyer. Brother: Charles 
Sawyer. Father: Charles Sawyer. Witnesses: William Symons, Bety 
Symons, Ann Sawyer. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. E.xecutrix 
qualified before Jarvis Jones. 

ScANER, Isaac. Albemarle County. 

August 6, 1693. October 2, 1693. Friends: William Jackson and 
Elizabeth Nixon. Neighbors: William Simson. Robert Lewis, John 
Godfrey, Ann Boy'se. No executor appointed. Witnesses: William 
Tanner, William Jackson, Thomas Sy'mons. Clerk of the Court: Edward 

ScARFE, John. Pasquotank County. 

February 15, 1751. April Court, 1751. Sons: James, John, Edward, 
Jonathan, Israel. Daughters: Anne Richardson, Mary Jones. Wife: 
Mary. Witnesses: William Abercrombie, James Greves, William 
Rodes. Codicil to this will of even date and witnessed by same parties 
appoints wife and son J.ames as Executors, and makes bequests to grandson, 
John Scarfe. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

330 Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 

ScAEBEOUGH, Chaeles. Pasquotauk County. 

January 20, 1750-1751. Son: Benjamin (land on Poplar Swamp). 
Daughter: Lyda Scarbrough. Wife and Executrix: JoiCE. Witnesses: 
James Forbes, John Scarbrough, Elizabeth Torksey. No probate. 

ScARBEOi'Gii, John. Pasquotank County. 

December 27. 1754. Jvme Court, 1756. Daughters: Sarah Burges 
(three negroes), Tamar Scarbrough ("my plantation"). Executor: Wil- 
liam Burges. Vv'ilnesses: Paul Sharp, Benjamin Willson. Thomas 
Cluf and Benjamin Torksey. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

ScAEBEouGH, Maceoea. PerquimaHs County. 

January 31, 1752. February IS, 1752. Sons: Benjamin, Macrora and 
William. To Benjamin is given plantation "whereon I now dwell called 
Springfield." with four negroes, six silver .spoons, silver-headed cane, silver 
shoe buckles, knee buckles, 14 silver vest buttons, black walnut desk and 
also half of land at Yawpim, called Point Pleasant. To Macrora is de- 
vised land at Oak Ridge and four negroes, a silver can, silver watch and 
black walnut desk. To William is given land bought of Mr. Harvey and 
Robert Wilson. Daughter: Elizabeth Scarbrough. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Elizabeth. Trustees: John Scarbrough (brother). Edmund Hatch 
(brother-in-law) and William Burgis. Witnesses: Walter Kippin, 
Joshua Hobart. Cornelius Mullin. Robert Avery, Marthaann Kip- 
pin. Proven before Gab. Johnston. Coat of arms on seal. 

Schwan:nee, Mathias Tobias. Tyrrell County. 

September 21, 174.3. March Court, 1744. Sons: John, Samuel, Wil- 
liam and Mathias (land on the "Right hand of the road as thou goest up- 
ward the said County on the westward side of Tuk Creek, and four negro 
slaves"). Grandson: William Bryan (son of Darby Bryan). Daugh- 
ters: Sarah Bryan, Mary Schwanner. Wife and Executrix: Jane. Wit- 
nesses: William Barrett, Robert L.^nier, Robert Lanier Daniel. 
Clerk of the Court: Thomas Lee. 

Scollay, Elizabeth. Bertie County. 

December 1, 1766. January 12, 1767. Sons; Thomas Pollock (three 
negroes and one teapot, milk pot, tankard, two salts, three table, one soup 
and all teaspoons). Cullen Pollock ("all my books and a mourning 
ring"). Other legatees: children of Tully Williams, children of Richard 
S.aunderson; Dr. Robert Lennox and ivife, Fanny; John Scollay, of 
Boston (one negro man); Peggy Cathcart, daughter of Doctor William 
Cathcart (negro girl); Sarah Blount, daughter of Joseph (one negro 
girl); Sophia Rasor, daughter of Edward R.\sor (one negro girl); Fannay 
Cathcart. daughter of William (one negro girl); Blount, son of 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — iTfiO. 

Joseph Blount. Former Misband: Thomas Pollock. Execvtors: 
Thomas Pollock, Robert Lenox, Richard Saunderson and Joseph 
Blount. Witnesses: Hardy Hardison, Frederick Hahdi.son. Proven 
before William Tryon. 

ScoLLAY, Samuel. 

February 18, 1752. Friends: Thomas Gilford, of Busty in Zetland; 
Magnis Henderson, of Guards in Zetland; George Triel, of Broh in Ork- 
ney, in the Island of Sandy (fifty pounds to each), "Mrs. Margaret Stew- 
art, alias Triel, late Lady of Eleoness in Orkney, in the Island of Sandy" 
(twenty pounds); Mrs. Mary Tulinton, alias Davis, relict of Robert 
Davis, shipbuilder in Leath, Scotland; Hugh Blackburn, of Norfolk; Dr. 
William Cathcart, Robert Todd, of Norfolk. Brother: Jerman Robert 
Scollay, of Lerwick in Zetland. Sons-in-law: Thomas and Cullen Pol- 
lock (land on "the Plank Bridge" in Pasquotank County). To Tully 
Williams is bequeathed his father's sword and cattle at Kettyhauk. Wife 
and Executrix: not named. Executors: Thomas and Cullen Pollock. 
Witnesses: Ann Anderson, Ed. Rasok, John Nicholls. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Scott, John. Pasquotank County. 

September 13, 1738. January 8, 1738. Daughters: Eliphel and 
nah Scott. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: David George, 
Joseph Jordan. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Smith. 

Scott, John. Craven County. 

October 4. 1764. September 27, 1773. Newbern. Wife and Executrix: 
Martha. Executor: James Reed. Witnesses: Hannah Langsone, Frank 
RoMBOUGH, J.4.MES Davis. President of the Island of Antigua: Thos. 
Jarvis. Will proven before Jo. M.\rtin and also before Thos. Jarvis. 

Scott, Joseph. 

October 26, 1685. Soti and Executor: Joshua. Clerk of the Court: 
Edward Mayo. Remainder of will illegible. 

Scott, Joshua. Albemarle County. 

January 8, 1685-1686. Daughters: Grace and Sarah Scott (lands, 

orchards, etc.). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John Kinsay, 

Richard Evens, John Wolfenden. No probate. 

Scott, Maby. Perquimans Cotmty. 

March 17, 1691-1692. October 3, 1692. Daughters: Hepthenia Walk- 
ing, Julyanah Taylor. Granddaughter: Johenah Taylor. No execu- 
tor. Witnesses: Anthony Dawson Butler. Clerk of the Court: 

John Stepney. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Scott, Matthew. Pitt County. 

August 26, 1771. December 6, 1771. Brothers: Willi.^m and J.-vmes 
Scott, fullers and clothiers in Pennsylvania. Father: John Scott (planta- 
tion and storehouse in Woodstock). Testator desires all bonds, notes, lot 
and houses near one Clark's, lot and house in Woodstock town. Bay Boat, 
periauger and seine to be delivered to one Samuel Purviance, in Balti- 
more, in payment of account due him, said Purviance, by testator and 
Calhon trading as partners. Executors: J.\mes Scott (brother) and Mrs. 
Elizabeth Speir. Witnesses: Susanna Evans, Richd. Evans. Proven 
before Jo. Martin. 

Scott, Kichaed. New Hanover County. 

March 6. 17.56. April 16, 1762. Wife and Executrix: Mary (stock 
marked and branded as set out in will and also dwelling plantation). Son- 
in-law: Oswell Sill. Other legatees: William, son of Rich.\rd Earle; 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Simpson. Witnesses: Elizabeth Morris, 
Alice Hudson, John Earle. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Scott, Stephen. 

March 12, 1711., 1716. Sons: Edward ("plantation I 
now live on on Newbegun Creek"), Stephen and Henry (plantation to 
each), John and Joshua. Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth Scott. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: M.a.tthew Pritch.ird, John 
Shearly, Benjamin Pritchard. Proven before Charles Eden. 

Scott, Stephen, Se. Pasquotank County. 

November 21, 1752. January Court, 1753. Sons: Joseph (land on 
Beaver Dam Swamp, one-half of "plantation whereon I now live, to- 
gether with one negro man"), Samuel (half of the "plantation whereon I 
now live," land known by the name of the Rigg, land known as New- 
begun Creek meeting-house land, seven negroes and one "New England 
mare & colt" and one silver watch). Daughter: Mary Conner, wife of 
John Conner (three negroes and one riding horse). Grandchildren: 
Joseph and Mary Scott (6 negroes), Mary', John and Cado Conner 
(5 negroes), Stephen and William Scott (2 negroes). Executors: 
Joseph and Samuel Scott (sons). Witnesses: Robert Jordan, Kath- 
ARNA White, Thomas Nicholson. Clei-k of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 
Device on seal. 

Seageave, Adam. Currituck Precinct. 

October 7, 1723. January 1-4. 1723-1724. Legatees: John Smith 
(Executor), Samson Woodhouse. Witnesses: Henry Woodhouse, 
Thomas Larry, John Stone. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker. 

Abstract of Wills. 1690 — 1760. 

Seaes, William. Albemarle County. 

August 29, 1679. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Brother: Thomas Sears 

("now in Bermudas"). Friend: Richard Roades. Witnesses: Ralph 

CoATES, Daniel Frissell'. No probate. Impression of ship on seal. 

Seay, James. Bertie Coinity. 

May IS, 1772. January 6, 1774. Sons: Isaac, John, James (planta- 
tion to each). Daughters: Oney Seay, Mary Brown. Executors: Isaac 
Seay, Arthur Brow-n, Joel Brown (son-in-law). Witnesses: Ezekiel 
ToMLiNSON, Joseph Horne, Ann Williams. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Setton, Nathaniel. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 23, 1724-172.5. March 30, 172.5. Legatees: John Ward, 
Ruth Gloster, Joseph Setton, Elisabeth Whedbee, Pathanna Set- 
ton, J.vMEs Anderson, Thomas Setton, George Setton and Richard 
Whedbee. Executors: Rich.\rd Whedbee and Thomas Setton. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Daves, Richard Skinner, Rebecka Setton. Clerk 
General Court: S.-imdel Swann. 

Siiacklefoed, James. Carteret County. 

July 10, 1759. September Court, 1759. Sons: James (600 acres "of 
my Quarter of the Banks"), Joseph (plantation fonnerly belonging to 
Jo. Wicker), Peleg. Negroes divided among children. Wife and Ex- 
ecutrix: Kezi.ah. Witnesses: ,\nanias C.wen.vgh, Thomas Addison, 
Andrew Henderson, Robert Finney. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Robert- 

Shackelford, John. Carteret County. 

March 25, 1734. September Court, 1734. Son: J.ambs ("land on 
Bancks lying to the Eastward of Old Topsail Inlet, called by the name 
of Shackelfords Banks"; island named Carrot Island and one negro). 
Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth and Ann Shackelford (one gold ring to 
each), Sarah Moss (wife of Joseph). Grandsons: John and William 
Roberts. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executor: John Shackelford 
(son, to whom is devised all remainder of estate after legacies mentioned). 
Witnesses: Samuel Chadwick, Ephraim Chadwick. Clerk of the Court: 
Jas. Winright. 

Sharp, Jacob. Bertie County. 

October 30, 1748. January 27, 1748. Son: Starkey ("all my lands 
and Manner plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Nepheiv: 
Samuel Tanner. Friends: William Hooker, Wm. Witherin, John 
Baker, of Littletown, Peter Evans (Executor). Witnesses: William 
WiLLiNGTON, Is.^AC Lassiter, Mary Lassiter. Proven before Gab. 

334 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

SiiAEWooD, David. Perqnimans Precinct. 

November 16, 1722. April 9, 1723. Sons: Jonathan and David (a 
plantation to each). Wife and Executrix: Jane. Executor: Samuell 
Phelps. Witnesses: Gabriell Newby, Samuel Phelps, James Citbson 
(or Cytison). Clerk of the Court: Richd. Leary. 

Shavek, John. Bath County. 

October 25, 1730. December Court, 1730. Friends and Executors: 
John Thomas, Thomas Blake, Thomas Flibus and Nicholas Rout- 
ledge. Witnesses: Jacob Hoover, R. Atkins. Clerk of the Court: C. 

Sheaed, David. Perquimans County. 

August 10, 1740. December 3, 1740. Son: Thomas ("my plantasion 
and all my lands")- Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary Sheard. Execu- 
tors: William and John Jones. Witnesses: John Anderson, Jeremiah 
Barnes, Robert Hall. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Sheaeee, Robert. Bertie Precinct. 

October 7, 1727. Sons: Robert and Arthur (land on Little Swamp), 
John (land called the "Poynt Land"), Willi.\m. Daughters: Prudence 
and Susannah. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Overseers: John Dew 
and Arthur Williams. Witnesses: Henry Gay, Joseph Boon. No 

Shelley, John Philip. Edgecombe County. 

June 28, 1749. August Court, 1749. Sons: Philip (land on Swift 
Creek and four negroes), Daniel (land on Swift Creek at the mouth of 
Tumbling Run, and two negroes). Daughter: Judeth Shelley (two 
negroes). Executor: Thom,\s Mann. Witnesses: WiLLi.Aii Smithes, 
Jeremiah Malpass, Margaret Terry. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin 
Wynns. Impression of head on seal. 

Shepakd, David. Carteret County. 

May 30, 1774. J.anuary 13, 177.5. Sons: Solomon (land on west side 
of Black Creek bought of Lankisthdr Lovett, land on Boague Sound 
known as Smith's Hammock, land on the head of Broad Creek and three 
negro men), Elijah ("plantation whereon I now live," land on south 
side of Newport River called Snow Neck, land on Boague Sound known 
as Bartrom's Point, and four negroes). To two above-named sons is 
devised land on south side of Newport River known as Read's Neck. 
To heirs of son Jacob is devised land on Boague Sound called Whitehall, 
land on Newport River known as Mount Pleasant, and another tract on 
north side of Newjiort River, together with one negro man. Grandsons: 

Abstract of Wills, KIOO — ITfiO. 

David (son of Solomon Shepard, plantation on Boague Sound at the 
mouth of Goose Creek, known as Townley's Point, and one negro), John 
(son of Jacob Shepard), Solomon and Absolom Shepard (to Solomon 
is given a plantation on Boague Sound and three negroes), David Ward, 
David Sanders (one negro), David Taylor. Davghters: Sarah Wallis 
(five negroes), Rebeckah Sanders (one negro), Abigail Ward (six 
negroes). Elisabeth Tavi.or (negroes). Wife: not named. Executors: 
Solomon and Elijah Shepard (sons), Col. William Thomson. Wit- 
nesses: Cornelius Canady, Elisabeth Canady, Gideon Canaday. 
Proven before Jas. H.asell, 

Shepard, Thomas. Currituck County. 

March 20, 1721-1722. Jidy 10, 1722. Dauyhters: Elizabeth and 
GwiNEFOLD Shepard. Son: Samson ("my plantation"). Wife and 
Executrix: Ruth. Witnesses: Jo. Wicker, Humph. Vincb. Clerk of the 
Court: Jo. Wicker. 

Sherard, John. Northanqitoii County. 

October 21, 1751. August Court, 175.3. Sons: Joseph, William, 
Robert (plantation devised to each), Thomas. Daughter: Charity 
Sherard. Wife: not named. Two negroes bequeathed. Wittiesses: 
John Dawson, William Bridgehs, Agnes Lassitbr, John Bridgers. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

SiiKKWooD, Thojias. Allieuiarle County. 

December 22, 1693. April 17, 1694. Wife ami Executrix: Elizabeth 
("one-half the plantation I now live on, including the inantion house"). 
Daughter: Sarah. Executor: George MuschajMp. Witnesses: William 
Rawlinson, Elizabeth Rawlinson, Baebar.\ Midleton. Clerk of the 
Court: Edward May'O. 

Shetts, Jacob. Craven County. 

September 25, 1751. Daughters: Zillp-Man John, Cevel Shetts, 
Catrron Feld. Wife: Cevel. Executors: Lewis Bryan and John 
CoRNOT. Witnesses: Hardy Bush, Saml. Feild, Cathrine Bush. No 

Shine, Daniel. Craven County. 

May 5, 1757. August Court, 1757. Sons: John (1 shilling), Thom-\.s 
(1 negro), William (2 negroes). James ("all the rest of my estate, negroes, 
lands, horses, cattle, hogs, etc."). Daughter: Elizabeth V.^ughan. 
Executors: J.^jmes Shine and John Oliver. Witnesses: Farld Green, 
John Williamson. Charles Shenewolf. Deputy Clerk of the Court: 
Peter Conway. Impression of stag on seal. 

336 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Shikley, James. 

December 9, 1737. February 18, 1737. Cape Fear. Son.- Desminiere. 
Daughters: Susannah and Ann Shirley. Wife and Executrix: Ann. 
Witnesses: Dun. Campbell, Arm and DeRo.ssett, M. D., Dr. Roger 
RoLFE. Proven before Gab. Johnston at Newton. 

Shieoed, Alexander. Bertie Precinct. 

July 10, 1731. Sons: Alexander ("my plantation in Virginia"), 
Aaron, John ("plantation where I now live"). Daughters: Martha, 
Catren and Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Mary. WitTiesses: Alxr. 
Downing, Willi.\m Homes, Worrell. No probate. 

Shorter, William. Northampton County. 

December 7, 1752. May Court, 1753. Son: Benjamin ("my planta- 
tion"). Other legatee: Dorcas Huggins. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Witnesses: Thos. Pace, John Moore. Clerh of the Court: I. 

Shrock, Peter. Bertie County. 

July 11, 1750. July 10, 1751. Brothers: Mychel, George and John 
Capheart. Father and Executor: George Caphe-^rt. Witnesses: Edy 
Ceter, Jno. Cricket, Jr. Proven before Gab. Johnston, at Eden House. 

Shubeidge, William. Onslow County. 

January 30, 1744-1745. April Court, 1746. Grandchildren: William 
and Elisabeth Ahaih, Shubridge and William R.\msey. Executors: 
John Ahair and Samuell Ramsey (sons-in-law), John Starkey. Wit- 
nesses: John Gillett, William Ramsey, Denis Omar. Clerk of ike Court: 
Geo. Clopton. 

Shute, Gyles. Bath County. 

February 11, 1729-1730. June Court, 1730. Sons: Philip, Samuel 
("plantation I now live on lying on the Mouth of Towne Creek"), Joseph. 
Daughter: Penelope Shute (gold ring). Wife and Executrix: Charity. 
Witnesses: Isaac Ottiwell, John M.^ttocke, John Lavv^son. Clerk of the 
Court: Jno. M.a.ttocke. Device of some description on seal. 

Shute, Rebecca. 

May 28, 1732. August 12, 1732. Port Royall, in the Island of Jamaica. 
Daughter : Rebecca Shute (plantation in Cape Fear with negroes, 
etc.). Mother: Mary Earlb. Friend: Jno. Earle. Executors: Mary 
and John Earle. Witnesses: George Cavaniss, John Phipps, Jacob 
Phipps, Josiah Eason. Clerk of the Court at Port Royall: Louis Galdy. 
Justice of the Peace, North Carolina: W. Badhasi. Coat of arms on seal. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 337 

SuiLEY, John. Beaufort County. 

May 10, 1750. December Court, 1754. .S'on; Aaron. Daughters: An'S 

and Jean Sigley. Wife and Executrix: Marcsret Sigley. Witnesses: 

Coleman Roe, Henry Lockey. Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncet. 

SiLVEETiioEN, Gilford. Hyde Precinct. 

April 5, 1737-1738. March 7, 1737. Sons: John, Sabastin {Executor). 
Daughter: Mary. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Roger Ma.son, 
Nickles Booty, John Maso.n. Clerk of the Court: J. Mardner. 

SiLVEETHOEN, Sabastin. Hyde County. 

December 22, 1751. March Court, 1752. Son: John ("my manner 
plantation"). Daughters: Lydia, Mary, Agnes and Sary Silverthorn. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Benj.\jmin Mason. Witnesses: 
Roger Mason, Jr.. Jonathan Bell and Mark Rew. Clerk of the Court: 
Francis Egleton. 

Silvester, Richard. Beaufort County. 

January 11, 1728. June 10, 1729. Son: Richard William Silvester 
(land at Bridge Town in Norfolk County, Virginia; also two tracts of land 
on Machapungo River). Other legatee: William Wormintun ("two bitts 
of Ground in Virga att ye Bridge Town"). Wife: not named. Grandsons: 
Ebenezer and Henry Slade. Witnesses: John Smith, Jiles Williams, 
Ja.mes Artree. No executor named. Clerk of the Court: Uno. Mattocke. 

Si.Mjroxs, Bullock. Currituck County. 

April 14, 1746. October Court, 174G. Sons: Solomon and Willis. 
Daughter: Mary Sim.mons. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: 
Thomas Legitt, Willis Simmons. Robert Simmons. Clerk of the Court: 
Richard McClure. 

Sim.mons, Edward. Edgecombe Precinct. 

October 5, 1735. November Court, 1735. Daughters: Elizabeth and 
Jane Holley, Tomazin. Hannah. Grandchildren: John and Mary Jack- 
,s(jN. Wife and Executrix: Mary". Witnesses: Andrew Johnson, Francis 
Johnson, Ben. Rawlins. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Simmons, Francis. Currituck County. 

October 25, 1757. December 20, 1757. Son: Samuel. Brother and 
Executor: John Simmons. Witnesses: Samuel Holstead, John Brabbell, 
WiLLi.vM Chittdm. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Mearns. 


338 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Simmons, Henet. Currituck Couuty. 

March 4, 1753. March Court, 1755. Sons: Hilary, Solomon, Asa, 
Thomas. Daughters: Rhod.i and Abiah. Wife and Executrix: Debor.\h. 
¥/itnesses: James Phillips, John Simmons, Solomon Simmons. Clerk of 
the Court: William Shergold. 

SiMMONDS, Heney. Bladen County. 

January 9, 1758. January Court, 1758. Brothers: William Simmonds, 
Beninjr Moore. Sisters: Ann Moore, Judith Davis. Other legatee: 
Edmund Fogartt. Executors: Beninjr Moore, William Simmonds, 
Thos. Hall. Witnesses: Mary Smith, John Grange, Sam'l Waiters. 
Clerk of the Court: J. Burgwin. Impression on seal of two fighting cocks 
under a crown. 

SiitMONS, Heney. Onslow County. 

August 7, 1770. April 18, 1774. .Sons; Edward, James, Henry% Jo- 
seph, Elij.\h, Samuel and Benj.\min (to these sons is devised lands on 
Holstons Creek, Browns Harrows, etc.). Wife and Executrix: Martha. 
Witnesses: Thos. Dulaney, M.\rt Ward, Thos. Dulanet. Proven before 
Jo. Martin. 

Simmons, Jacob. ISTew Hanover Precinct. 

February 24, 1735-1736. June 16, 17.36. Shallotte. Sons: John (land 
on Little River and the Sound), Jacob (250 acres of land in the fork of 
Shallotte). Daughter: Mary Simmons. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Trus- 
tee for minor son: Jonath.^n Swain, of Lockwoods Folly. Witnesses: 
Pheebe Miller, Hopcratt, jEHOSH.-iPHAT Hallands. Proven 
before Gab. Johnston. 

Simmons, James. Currituck County. 

August 15, 1753. March Court, 1755. Son: Isles. Brother: Samuel 
Simmons. Executor: William Ferrebbb. Witnesses: Samuel Simmons, 
Peter Sprallin, George Fisher. Cle>-k of the Court: Wm. Shergold. 

Simmons, Maey. Perquimans County. 

September 19, 1722. July 14, 1724. Sore; Thom.^s Peirce. Daughter: 
Rebbckah Tomes. Grandchildren: Sar.ijh, Joseph, Thomas, Joseph 
Peircb, Mary Jones, Sarah Pettell, Mary and Isaiah Smith. Execu- 
tor: Thomas Peirce (land on Sound side). Witnesses: Benjamin Sanders, 
Charles Denman. Clerk of the Court: Richd. Leary. Executor qualified 
before C. Gale, C. J. 

Simmons, Matthew. Albemarle County. 

February 16, 1691-1692. Daughters: Ann and Margaret Simmons. 
Remainder of will illegible. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 339 

Simmon's, IsTiciiolas. 
Will illegible. 

Simmons, Thomas. Currituck County. 

February 22. 1755. September Court, 17.55. Sons: Thomas, Samuel 
and Sampson ("my plantation to be divided between them"), Edom. Caleb 
and .\SALEL. Dauijhlfrs: Mary Simmon.s and Elizabeth Muncreef and 
Sarah Mercer. Wife and Executti-r: S-A.RAH. Witnesses: Benj.^iin 
Prescoot, Benjamin Cowel, Elisabeth Cowel. Clerk of the Court: 
William Shergold. 

Si.MONs, Andrew. Beaufort County. 

January 6, 1746-1747. April 7. 1752. Sons: William, Thom.\s, John 
Joshua ("This Beaverdam plantation whereon I now live"), George and 
Levi (100 acres of "Beaverdam land" to each). Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: John Odeon. Witnesses: Robt. Cutler, John Carrol, Ed- 
ward Poynes. Proven before Gab. Johnston, at Bath Town. Impres- 
sion of winged dragon on seal. 

Simons, Aegill. Chowan Precinct. 

April 13, 1714. December 17, 1714. Son: John. Daughter: Mar- 
GRE.\T. Couxin ami Executor: Frances Foster. Witnesses: Thom.\s 
HoRTON, Sarah Gray, P. Smith. Proven before Charles Eden. Device 
on seal. 

Simons. John. Chowan Precinct. 

June 2, 1731. June 25, 17.32. Sons: John, .-Vrgill. Executors: Fran- 
cis Be.\sley, Edward St.vnding. Witnesses: J.\mes Bbasley, Fr-\ncis 
Harrison. Proven before Geo. Burrington. 

Simons, John. ("raven County. 

July 14, 1741. September 24, 1742. Sons: John, Daniel, Manuell, 
Benjamin, Busett (to each is devised a plantation). Daughters: Kath- 
erine Banter, Mary and Elizabeth Simons. Brother: Abraham Bu- 
sett. Wife: Margerett (two negroes). No executor named. Wit- 
nesses: Martin Franck. John Gourlay, Civill FR.^.NfCK. Clerk of the 
Court: N. Routledge. 

Simons, John. Craven County. 

December 22, 1760. Son: William. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: Thomas Simons (brother). Land on Bay River and Trent sold 
for debts. Witnesses: Willi.\m Fulsher, Anthony Moore, Robert 
BuRNEY. No probate. 

340 Absteact of Wills. 1690 — 1760. 

SiMPSox, Alesandee. 

November 29, 1737. June 9, 1738. "Late of the Parish of Kennoway 
in the shire of Fife in that part of Great Britain called Scotland." Executor 
and sole legatee: John Caldom. Witnesses: R. Everard, Harman Hill, 
Thomas Harvey, Walley Chauncey. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 
Coat of arras on seal. 

SiMPSox, Walter. New Hanover County. 

November 9, 1758. February Court, 1759. Executor and sole legatee: 
John Garne.s. Witnesses: Benjn. Morison. Alexander Adamson and 
Robert McNair. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Moran. 

Sims, Robert. Bertie Precinct. 

February Court, 1729. (Sons; Robert ("my dwelling plantation"), 
Thomas (land lying upon Oachoneche Neck), James (land on Conaconara 
Swamp). Brother and Executor: John Sims. Other devisee: John Fyb^vsh. 
Witnesses: William Boon, Elias Ford, Nathaniel Cooper. Deputy 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Crew. 

SiMsox, John. Knott's Island, in Cnrrituck County. 

March 19, 1744-1745. March Court, 1754. .S'o?!s; James ("plantation I 
live on"), Solomon ("plantation Thomas Evans now lives on"), Joshua. 
Wife: Sarah. Daughter: Mary Evans. Executor: Thomas Evans (son- 
in-law). Witnesses: Henry White, Hilra White. Clerk of the Court: 
John Snoad. 

SiMsoN, William. Albemarle County. 

January 15, 1693-1694. April 17. 1694. Sons: William and John 
(negro to each). Wife: Dority. Executors: John Thomlin and John 
Raper. Witnesses: Robert Lowry and Charles Taylor. Clerk of the 
Court: Edward Mayo. 

Sinclair, Samuel. Hyde County. 

January 3, 1755. January 7, 1755. Daughters: Ann, Catherine, 
Frances and Lucie. Grandchildren: William and Ann Thomas. Wife 
and Executrix: Elisabeth. Executors: John Starkie and Stephen Lee. 
' Sawmill and land to be sold for debts. Witnesses: Samuel Swann, 
Thomas Lovick, Will Monat. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 

Singleton, John. ISTorthampton County. 

October 29, 1754. May Court, 1755. Wife and Executrix: Martha. 
Other legatee: Anne Morris, daughter of wife (500 acres of land and one 
negro). Executor: George Robertson. Witnesses: Arthur Dickeson, 
Matt Hubbard, Arthur Dickeson, Jr. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Absteact of Wills, IGOO — 1760. 341 

Singleton, Samuel. Dobbs County. 

December 4, 1762. Son: Spyers ("my plantation"). Daughter: Mar- 
tha Caswell. Executors: Hann.vh (wife), Richard Caswell, Benja- 
min Caswell (son-in-law). Witnesses: Arthur Young, Francis Wil- 
liams. Proven before .\rthur Dobbs. 

SiTfJEEAVES, William. Carteret County. 

July 26, 1744. March Court. 1747. Port Beaufort. Sons: Willia.\i 
and Thom.vs. Executors: Stephen Ford, Mary Ling.vrd (aunt, resid- 
ing in Philadelphia). Witnesses : Michel Paquinet, Mary Paquinet, 
Michel Paquinet. Clerk of the Court: George Read. 

SiTTERSON, James. • Perquimans County. 

January 1.3, 1748. January Court, 1750. Wife: Hannah Sitterson. 
Sons: James and Samuel. Daughter: Mary Barker. Executors: Wife, 
Hannah, and son, James. Witnesses: John Harvey, John Nickols, 
Thomas Nickols. Clerk of Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Skinner, John. Perquimans County. 

July 26. 1769. December 12, 1771. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Son: Steven (silver shoe buckles, knee buckles and stock buckle, and 
all remainder of estate real and personal. Provision is made for his 
schooling in Carolina and other parts). Executors: Ev.\N, Joshu.\ and 
Willi.\m Skinner (brothers). Witnesses: Duke Bogue, William J.\ck- 
SON, Joshua Skinner. Jr. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Skinner, Richard, Jr. Perquimans County. 

January 10, 1746. January Court, 1746. Wife and Executrix: Sar.^.h. 
Executor: John Harvey. Witnesses: Samuel Standin, Abram S.-vnders, 
Joshua Skinner. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Skinner, Richard. Perquimans County. 

May 18, 1752. July Court, 1752. Sons: Samuel ("my plantation"), 
Eavens ("plantation where John Simpson now lives in Chowan"), 
Joshua (plantation on the Sound Side "formerly called P^endall's," being 
land purchased of Christian Reed), William ("my backe plantation"). 
John (plantation lying on the Sound side called "Petifers," being land 
purchased of Christian Reed). Wife: Sarah ("land where Thom.vs 
Munds now lives in Chowan County"). Negroes divided among sons. 
Friends: Joseph White, John and Benjamin Harvey. Executrix: 
Sarah Skinner (wife). Witnesses: Jos. White, Peter Jones and John 
Harvey. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

342 Absteact of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Slade, George. Chowan Precir.ct. 

June 3, 1710. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Other legatee: James 
Patchett. Witnesses: Daniel Leigh, Richard Lawrence, Will New- 
land. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 32. 

Slade, Hezekiaii. Hyde County. 

January 10, 17.52. March Court, 1752. Son: Jere.miah. Daughters: 
Dinah and Rebecca. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executor: Ben- 
jamin Jewel. Witnesses: Thos. Smith, Benjamin Slade, James Ham- 
ilton. Clerk of the Court: Francis Egleton. 

Slade, John. Hyde County. 

September 6, 1743. December Court, 1743. Sons: John ("the plan- 
tation whereon I now live"). Benjamin (land bought of John Smith 
Cooper), Hezekiah and William Hodges Sl,\de (land bought of Fran- 
cis Banks). Daughters: M-IRY (wife of Benjamin Jewel), S.^rah and 
Kezia Slade. Stock marks of children are as follows: Wm.. "under 
square ye left ear"; Benjn., "crop & an under bit and one slit in the 
Right ear"; Sarah, "under square the right ear". Wife and Executrix: 
Abigail. Witnesses: Richard Leath. William Wilkinson, Uriah 
Collins. Clerk of the Court: William Barrow. 

Slade, Samuel. Beaufort County. 

March 17, 174G. December Court, 1746. Daughters: Elizabeth 
(wife of William Dunbarr), Hannah (wife of William Fosque), Jane 
(wife of James Blount), Susannah ("my manner plantation"). Grand- 
children: S.\MUEL Blount, Mary Blount (1 slave to each), Mary Dun- 
barr (1 negro). Samuell Dunbarr (plantation on south side of P.amtico 
River "att the head of Blount's Creek and on a Branch known by the 
name of good neighborhood branch"). Executms: Benjamin Rigney 
and Jacob Nevell. Witnesses: Thos. James, Philip Shute, Mary 
Dunbar. Clerk of the Court: John Forbes. 

Slaughter, Michael. Chowan County. 

February 2, 1741. February 6, 1741. Edenton. Daughters: Anah, 
Abigail, Elizabeth, Nancy, Rebeckah and Deborah Slaughter. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Park, Robert and 
Abigal French. Proven before Gab. John.ston. 

Slobock, Jacob. Carteret County. 

October 13, 17.55. March Court, 1756. Son: N.\than. Executor a7id 
brother-in-law: James Smith. Witnesses: Philemon Huntt, Amos Small. 
Sarah Small. Clerk of the Court: John Smith. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 343 

Slockum, Anthony. Albemarle County. 

November 26, 1688. (Son; John ("plantation I now live upon"). 
Grandso7is: John Slockum, Samuel Slockum (200 acres of land), Joseph 
(200 acres of land), Thom.^s and Joseph Gilbert. Granddavghter: 
Sarah Gilbert. Executor: John Slockum (son). Witnesses: John 
WiMPELE, William Dobson, Nicholas Crisp. No probate. 

Slocojib, John. Craven Preeinct. 

March 28, 1722. September 19. 1722. Sons: John ("my dwelling 
plantation"), Joseph (land known a.s Josias Slocum's), Jesew'ay and 
JosiAS (land on Mill Branch and one Mustee boy). Daug)iter: Elisabeth 
Slocom (land on Mill Branch and one mustee boy). Proven before 
Richard Graves by Capt. William Handcock. Clerk of the Court: C. 
Metcalfe. No signature of testator or witnesses. 

Slocumb, John. Craven County. 

December 17, 1759. Cousins: Joseph and John Charles Slocumb. 
Mother: Mary Slocumb. Wife: Mary. Executors: John Donel.son, 
Jacob Taylor. Witnesses: Grigg Yarborough, Hugh How'y. No 

Slocom, Samuel. Bath County. 

May 8, 1712. April 25. 171.S. Brothers: William and Solomon 
Smith, and John Slocom. Sister: Iseble Smith. Other legatee: Marget 
Davis. Wittiesses: Wm. Brice, Louis, Ann Brice. Proven 
before Wm. Brice. Clerk of the Court: J. Palin. 

Small, Benjamin. Carteret County. 

January 11, 1751. March Court, 1752. Sons: Benj.amin (plantation 
bought of David Baly), Jonas (land adjoining Benja.min), Amos (100 
acres of land adjoining Thomas Jessop), John Knite Small ("my 
manna plantation"). Daughter: Sarah Jessop. Wife and Executrix: 
Miriam. Witnesses: Henry Stanton, P.atience Bull. Clerk of the 
Court: George Read, 

Small, Benjamin. Carteret County. 

June Court, 1756. Sons: Benjamin and Jonas Small. Wife: not 
named. Executor: John Lovet (father-in-law). Witnesses: Lewis 
Welch, John Knights Small. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Smith. 

Sjiel.age, Edwaed. Onslow County. 

December 9, 1744. New River. Daughter: Sar.ah Smelage. Wife 
and Executrix: Anne. Witnesses: William Marchment, David Bum- 
pus, Thomas Bu.mpus. No probate. 

344 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Smewin, Henman. Albemarle Comity. 

July 17, 1673. November 3. 1673. Friend and Executor: Thomas East- 
church, who is appointed guardian for John, Margaret and Elizabeth 
White, children of Henry White, dec'd. Witnesses: George Walker, 
Tho. Hassold. Clerk of the Court: Thom.\s Harris. 

Smith, Andrew. 

March 22, 1756. April 14, 1760. Cape Fear. Wife and Executrix: A.-SN. 
Witnesses: Is\ac W.'O.dron, Jacob Waldron, Rachel W.^ldron. Proven 
before .\rthur Dobbs. 

Smith, Edward. Pasquotank Precinct. 

July 10, 1690. July Court, 1690. Witnesses: Tho. D.wis, David 
Prichard, Ann B.\.rtlett. Clerk of the Court: Paul Lathum. Will illeg- 

Smith, Edward. 

August 20, 1727. June 10, 1735. Executor and sole legatee: Roger 
Moore. Witriesses: Jno. Moore, Justina Moore, Richard James 
Parker. Clerk of the Court: Hugh Campbell. 

Smith, George. Bertie County. 

March 1, 1735. April 16. 17.36. Sons: Richard and George ("the 
manner plantation"). John and Lewis (land at Cottanoe). Daughter: 
Mary (plantation in Tyrrell). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth (two ne- 
groes). Witnesses: Edward Collins. Thomas Gains, Charles Arring- 
TON. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Smith, George. Northampton County. 

January 21, 1745-1746. February Court, 1746. Sons; William, Jere- 
miah ("my plantation"). Daughters: Martha Jones, Elizabeth Bald- 
win, Mary Barrett, Susannah, Sar.ah, Rachel and Caroline Penel- 
LOPE Smith, Elizabeth Smith. Executors: Jeremiah Smith and Thomas 
Barrett. Witnesses: J.wvies Smith, James Jones. Clerk of the Court: 
Rt. Forster. 

Smith, Henry. Craven County. 

August 4, 1748. November 2, 1748. Sons: David ("plantation I now 
live on" and all cattle in his mark "which is a crop in the right ear and slit 
in ye left Ear"), Henry (land on Nuse River), John (one negro boy "and 
one gray mare that has been much bit with wolves"), S.^muel (one negro). 
Daughters: Sar.^h (cattle), N.anney (one negro boy), Elizabeth (one 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90— 17G0. 345 

mustee boy), Olif (one negro) and Rebeckah Smith (one negro). Eo:ec- 
utor: David Smith (son). Witnesses: Henry Garrald, Charles Smith, 
John Hardee. Proven before E. Hall, C. J. 

Smith, James. Perquimans County. 

December 8, 1735. April Court. 173G. Sons: James ("plantation I non- 
live on"), Solomon (land called Forte Point), John (land called Beaver 
Dam Neck). Daughters: Elizabeth Smith ("1 mulatter boy"), Mary 
Smith. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executor: Mackror.\ Scarborough. 
Witnesses: Francis Penrice. S.^muell Bounds, John Harman. Clerk of 
the Court: James Craven. 

S.MiTii, Jajies. Craven County. 

March 27. 1745. Aprils, 1745. Son a?id Executor: J. khes. Daughters: 
M.\RY and Martha Smith. Wife and Executrix: Martha. Executor: 
WiLLi.\M Brice. Witnesses: Thomas Smith, Benjamin Sanderson, Jno. 
Snoad. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Smith, James. Beaufort County. 

September 3, 1744. March Court, 1749. Wife and Executrix: Ann ("my 
manner plantation"). Executor: James Dodley. Witnesses: James Sin- 
gleton, Mary Dudley, John Smith. Clerk of the Court: John Aldorson. 

Smith, Jeeejiiah. 

June 10, 1720. July 12. 1720. Wife: Marg.\ret. Executor: Tho.mas 
Simmons. Witnesses: Tho. Taylor, Ester Taylor, Tho. Taylor, Jr. 
Clerk of the Court: Jo. Wicker. 

Smith, Johx. Bertie Precinct. 

December 12. 172S. August Court. 1729. Son: John ("my manour 
plantation"). Daughters: Mary and Jane Smith. Wife and Executrix: 
Judith. Executors: James Boone and Thomas Mackelending. Wit- 
nesses: George White, William Jones and Charity White. No pro- 

Smith, John. Chowan Precinct. 

' .January 30, 1731-1732. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
John Champen, Humphrey Webb, Richard Bond. No probate. 

Smith, John. Hyde County. 

December 17, 1748. March 7, 1748. Sons: William (lands on Match- 
apungo River and SladesCreek), Thom.\s, J.imes. Benjamin. John (planta- 
tion to each). Samuel (lands known as Mouse harbor). Daughters: Mar- 

346 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

THA and Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Jonathan 
Jasper, Catherine Jasper, Uriah Collins. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Smith, John. Craven County. 

August 15, 1768. October 9. 1770. Newbern. Son: John Trink 
Smith ("all my estate"). Mother: Martha Siiith. Mother-in-law: H.\N- 
NAH Frink and her daughter Hannah Frink (twenty pounds to each). 
Wife: Deborah. Daughter-in-law: Sarah Outerbridge (two negroes). 
Son-in-law: Ramsey White Outerbridge (two negroes). Sister: Han- 
nah Frink. Uncle and Aunt: John and Prudence Haedy, in Blossom 
Street, Norton Falgate, London. Other legatee: Richard Salter, of New- 
gate in London. Executors: James Reed, Richard Blackledge, Jacob 
Sheppard and James Coor. Witnesses: Joseph Crispin, Mary Hawk, 
Francis Child. Proven before Wm. Tryon. 

Smith, John. Hyde County. 

March 20, 1772. Sons: Joshua, Thomas and Stephen Smith (land and 
negroes), John (one negro). Grandson: John Smith. Executors: Ste- 
phen, Joshua and Thomas Smith (sons). Witnesses: Samuel Davis, 
Thomas Mackwillams, Abigal Slaid. No probate. 

Smith, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

October 2, 1724. July 17, 1732. Sons: John, Joseph (land in Bally- 
hack). Daughter: Elisabeth Smith. Wife and Executrix: Leah. Exec- 
utor: Samuel Phelps. Witnesses: Robert Wilson. Luke Noblin, 
Thomas Elliot. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

SiiiTH, Levi. Currituck Precinct. 

August 29, 1709. January 10, 171.5-1716. .S'o«.- Jeremiah. Wife and 
Executrix: Sarah ("all my estate"). Witnesses: Tho. Taylor, Edwd. 
Taylor, Jos. Wicker. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Wicker. 

Smith, Nicholas. Beaufort County. 

April 14, 1751. June Court, 1751. Son and Executor: Simon. Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Andrew and Richard Brown, Thomas 
Williams. Clerk of the Court: William Ormond. 

Smith, Richard. Pasquotank County. 

January 10, 1750-1751. April Court, 1751. Wife and Executrix: Mary 
Ann Smith. Executor: Henry Pendleton. Witnesses: Henry Pendle- 
ton. George Pendleton, Ann Meads. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITOO. 347 

Smith, Eichaed. Northampton County. 

July 26, 1751. February Court, 1756. Legatees: Deury and Mary 
Aldridg and Richard Smith (grandson). Executors: Henry Arthur 
Smith (son), Robert Sturt. Witnesses: John Peterson, Robert 
Stuart, Wm. Cocke. Clerk of the Court: I. Edward.s. 

Sjiith, Eichaed. Edgecombe Coimty. 

December 17, 1756. May Court, 1757. Sons: Richard, Stephen, 
William (to each is devised 73 acres of land), Benjamin ("my planta- 
tion"). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Doyle, Charles 
DoDSON. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Sjiitii, Eobeet. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 13, 1692-1693. May 1. 1693. Son: Joseph. Daughter: 
Elizabeth. Son-in-laic: Samuel Wood. Executors: William and John 
Godfrey. Witnesses: Thomas Steele, Elizabeth Godfrey, Sa.muel 
Wood. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

Smith, Eobeet. Bertie County. 

January 26, 1726. May Court, 1726. Son: Robert (one plantation). 
Daxighters: Elizabeth and Mary Smith. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: Barraby Melton. Witnesses: William Low, John Low, John 
Werham. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Smith, Saeah. Currituck Precinct. 

February 22, 1721-1722. .Son and Executor: Thomas Taylor. Wit- 
nesses: Cornelius Jones, Ann Peacock, And. Peacock. Clerk of the 
Court: John Martyn. 

Smith, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

November 4, 1706. Legatees: Margritt Cuttler and James Ward 
(Executor). Witnesses: Jno. Allcock, Stephen Swaine, Patricke Cav- 
yelton. No probate. 

Smith, Thomas. Beaufort County. 

December 12, 1752. March Court, 1753. Son: J.4MES. Daughter: 

Mary Smith. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wil?iesses: George Gerrard, 

Thomas Henly, Samll. Taylor. Clerk of the Court: William Ormond. 

Smith, Thomas. Edgecombe County. 

March 10, 1757. May Court, 1757. Wife and Executrix: not named. 
Executor: Banj.4.min Haile. Witnesses: John and Susana Jones. Clerk 
of the Court: Joseph Montfort. 

348 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Smith, William. 

December 2S, 1716. October 24, 1724. Little River. Wife and 
Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: Ro. Buckner, John Fourre. Clerk 
of the Court: John Cornick. Will proven before George Burrington. 

Smith, William. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 14, 1719-1720. May U, 1734. Son: John ("my land and plan- 
tation"). Daughter: Lydia Smith. Wife ami Executrix: Elizabeth 
Smith. Executors: John Sbiith (brother), Wm. Relfe. Witnesses: W. 
NoRRi.s, Wm. Relfe, Richard Relfe. Proven before Nath. Rice. 

Smith, William. Tyrrell Coinitj. 

February 12, 1741-1742. March 16, 1742. Sons: Thomas, Samuel 
and John (1 shilling to each). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: WiNEFORD Combs, Mary Mackey, Ann Macke. Proven before 
W. Smith, C. J. Clerk of the Court: W. Downing. 

Smith, William. Chowan County. 

March .30, 1743. July Court, 1743. Legatees: Robert Halton (box 
of china at Abraham Black.vll's), Benjamin Hill, David Coletrane, 
James Craven, Joseph Anderson, Joseph H.\rren, Dr. William 
Cathcart and Dr. Abraham Blackall, Thomas Jones, G.vbriel 
Johnston, James Trotter. Executors: Gabriel Johnston and Robert 
Halton. Witnesses: T. Barker, William Herrit.^.ge, Alexr. Mc- 
Culloch. Clerk of the Court: Richd. McClure. 

SitiTii, William. Craven County. 

September 4, 1749. March 20, 1749. Sons: J.vmes ("my plantation"), 
Richard. Daughters: M.\ry and Elizabeth (one mulatto slave to each), 
Sary Ann Smith. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Levi Trew- 
hitt, Andrew Bass, Isabella Keith. Clerk of the Court: Phil. Smith. 

Smith, William. Chowan County. 

April 26, 17.55. July Court, 1755. "Late of the Shire of Perth in 
North Britain, but now of Chowan Precinct in Carolina." Brothers: 
John and James Smith. Sister: Isabel Smith, relict of Thom.\s Emers. 
Executor: William Mearns. Witnesses: Tho.mas Barker, Robert 
Lenox. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones. 

Smithson, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

November 2, 1743. January Court, 1743. Sons: Joshua ("planta- 
tion whereon I now live to him and his ears, and so from eair to eair so 
long as there is a Smithson to be found"). Joseph and John (land to 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 349 

each). Daugliters: JIeriam and Dorkis Siiithson (1 negro to each), 
Maey Murdbn, Tamer Norris. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: 
Edmond Jackson, Richard Prichahd. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Smithv>'ick, Ann. Bath Precinct. 

November 5, 1711. Executors und legatees: Brothers and sisters, not 
named. Witnesses: Charles Hopton, Gatling. No probate. 

SjiiTirwicK, Edwaet). ChoAvan County. 

January 21, 1715. October 16, 1716. .Sons; Edward, Sajmuel and 
John. Daughter: Sarah (land on Morattock River). Executors: Wii^ 
liam Charlton and Ldke Mizell. Witnesses: Robert Anderson, 
Stephen Alderss. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Smithwick, John. 

August 28, 1696. January Court. 1696. Archdaill. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Hanna. Daughter: Sary Smithwick. Witnesses: Thomas Habloe, 
Charles Smith. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

SxEDEKER, Garret. New Hanover County. 

July 7, 1770. August 24, 1770. Wife: M.\rgaret. Brothers: Tunis 
and Theodorans Snedeker. Nephew: Theodorans Waring, son of 
James Waring (land on the Widow Moore's Creek). No executor ap- 
pointed. Witnesses: Daniel Austin, Anne Austin, Francis Tomlin- 
son. Proven before Wm. Tryon. 

SxELL, Roger. 

June, 1708. November 26, 1708. Son: Roger. Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Daughter: Katherine. MHtnesses: Will Frilie, William 
Bouler, Nichol.^s Tylor. Proven before Stephen Cary, Gorernor. 

Snell, Roger. Duplin County. 

October 27, 1758. April 11, 1759. Sons: James (land and two ne- 
groes), Roger ("my plantation and three negroes"). Daughters: PuR- 
thany Snell, Mary King, Rebecca Herring (negroes to each). Sons- 
in-law: Herring and Michael King. Wife: Ann. Executors: 
Michael King and George Bell. Witnesses: John King, John Canady, 
Jesse Bell. Clerk of the Court: John Dickson. 

Snellin, Israel. Albemarle County. 

August 31. 1700. September 6, 1700. Daughter: Rachell Snellin 
(plantation after decease of wife, H.annah Snellin). Daughter: Ester 

350 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Snellin. Executors: Hannah Snellin, Isaac Willson. Witnesses: 
Samuel Nicholson, Joseph Peine, Francis Tomes, Jr. Secretary of 
State: Saml. Swann. 

Snoad, Henry. Beaufort County. 

May 20, 1752. December 12, 1752. Sons: John Peyton Snoad 
("plantation whereon I now live, plantation I bought of John Lane, my 
silver watch, silver-hilted sword, silver shoe and knee buckles, sue silver 
spoons, silver can, gold sleeve buttons, mahogany desk, gUt framed 
looking-glass and large china bowl"), Benjamin Snoad (phmtation in the 
Cow-pen Neck, plantation at the mouth of White Oak River on Queens 
Creek, "my silver-hilted sword that was my father's, si.x large silver 
spoons, black walnut looking-glass and all my china"). Daughter: Ann 
Snoad (plantation at the mouth of Blount's Creek, six silver spoons, 
silver tea tongs and silver pepper box). Sister: Mary Lane (money "to 
purchase head stones for her son, John Snoad Lane, who lies buried in 
my orchard"). Friends and Executors: Walley Chauncey (1 horse, 
bridle and saddle and one case pistols and gun. To wife of Walley, Aunt 
Chauncey, is bequeathed 40s for ring), J.ames Bonner (gun and sword), 
John Hardee. Apprentice: William Oglesby. Witnesses: S.\mubl 
BouTWELL, Anne Willoughby, Griffith Howell. Clerk of the Court: 
Will. Ormond. 

Snoad, John. Beaufort County. 

June 21, 1743. September 1, 1743. Sons: Henry ("my plantation," 
land on Little Beaver Dam, Maule's Neck; land on Herring Run, the 
north side of Pamlico River; land on Grindell Creek), William (lands 
on Pamlico River and in the fork of May's Beaver Dam), John (land on 
Grindell Creek). To each of sons is bequeathed negroes. Daughters: 
Mary, Anne and Elizabeth Sno.vd (negroes to each). To sons Henry 
and William is bequeathed two periaugers. Son-in-law: John Fry. 
Wife: Elizabeth (6 negroes). Executors: Willi.\m Martin and Wallet 
Chauncey (brothers-in-law), Henry Snoad (son). Witnesses: Henry, 
Eliz.\beth and Zachr. Lucas. Proven before J. Montgomery. 

Snoad, William. Beaufort County. 

March 15, 1746. April 8, 1747. Wife: Patience (lands on White Oak 
and Queens Creeks). Other legatees: Mary Lane, Anne Bonner, Eliza- 
beth Snoad (sisters). Executors: Thom.^s Bonner, Simon Jones, 
Edward Salter and J.vjies Bonner. Witnesses: Joel M.artin, Ann 
Martin, Sarah Martin, Ann Salter, Mary Brickle. Proven before 
E. Hall, C. J. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1700. 351 

Snoden, Samuel. Pasquotank County. 

December 5, 1750. July Court, 175.3. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Other legatee: Grace, daughter of George Snoden. Executor: Robert 
Bailev. Witnesses: J.vmes Gregorie, Robert Bailey, Debor.ah Sut- 
ton. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Snoden, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

February 24, 1727-1728. October Court, 17;i6. Sons: John (land in 
Bertie and stock in hLs mark, "the said mark being upon Record"), 
Joseph (land in Bertie), William, George and Samuel (land in Per- 
quimans divided among them), Solomon and Lamuell. Executors: 
S.a.muel Swann and Jno. Snoden. Witnesses: Richard Robins, Abr.a- 
h.\m Jenett, Thos. Trumble. Clerk of the Court: James Cr.aven. 

Snouck, Daniel. Perquimans Precinct. 

June 1, 1712. Friends: Thomas Lily. John, Sarah, Margaret and 
Elizabeth Lily (children of Thomas). Wife and Executrix: Margrett. 
Executor: William Kitshing. Witnesses: William Carman, Timothy 
Taylor, Francis Johnes. Clerk of the Court: Richard Leary. 

Snowden, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

November 20, 1740. January Court. 1740. Brothers: John, George 
and WiLLiA.M Snowden. Niece: Thomson Snowden. Executors: John 
and William Snowden (brothers). Witnesses: Ben.iamin Baptiss, Aaron 
Moses, William Layden. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

S.N'owDON. Elizabeth. Perquimans County. 

May 31, 1744. January Court. 1744. Sons:, Francis, George 
and IsACK Lay'Den. Granddaughter: Eliz.vbeth L.ayden. Grandsons: 
Robert and Joseph W.vrren. Executors: George and Francis Lay'den 
(sons). Witnesses: Sajill. Swann, Sarah Swann, Mary Swann. Clerk 
of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

SoANE, John. Bertie County. 

March 16, 17.32-1733. .A,uc;ust Court, 1733. Sons: Halleday and Wil- 
liam. Daughters: Elizabeth and Anna. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. 
Witnesses: Lewis Bry'an, Elizabeth Duncan. Clerk of the Court: Rt. 


SoLLEY, John. Pasquotank County. 

June, 1751. .4pril Court, 1752. Sons: Thomas (land on Neuse River 

bounding on Beards Creek), Joseph ("my plantation whereon I now live"). 

Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

To each son is given two negroes. Daughters: Mary Cleves, Ann Wiat. 
Executor: Joseph (son). Witnesses: Tabitha Emerson, Thomas Emer- 
son, John Gray. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Somerset, Seymobe. Kortbauipton County. 

December 20, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sons: John ("my planta- 
tion"), Seymore. Daughters: Easter Somersett, Elizabeth Earp 
{Executrix). Witnesses: Edward Earp, Manual Earp, AVm. Winborne. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

SoTiiELL, Seth. Albemarle County. 

January 20, 1689-1690. February Court, 1693-1694. Executrix: Anna 
Sothell. Thomas Hartley (plantation for five years, Signorj' on 
Flatty Creek and Pasquotank River until death). Father-in-law: Edward 
Foster (plantation at Cuscopincum and 30 head of cattle). William 
Dunkinfield, Williaji Wilkeson and Henderson Walker (five pounds 
each for gold ring). Edward Wade (plantation on Little River until death). 
Anna Blunt, wife (all estate and personal property not otherwise willed). 
Witnesses: Wm. Wilkeson, Henderson Walker, John Lowes, Will. 
WoLLARD, Sarah Wollard. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

SouTHEELANB, JoHN. Donwoody Couiitj, Virginia. 

March 27, 1771. April 5, 1771. Son: Fendall. Daughters: Eliza- 
beth, Sarah and Mary Ann. Wife: Ann (lot in Peters Burg). Executor: 
Fendall Southerland (brother). Witnesses: William Robertson, 
Joseph Bell, Wm. Roberts. Proven before William Tryon. 

SowELL, Charles. Bertie Precinct. 

November 25, 1738. February Court, 1738. Sons: Richard (land on 
Bear Swamp), Thomas (plantation "where Adam Harrell now dwells"), 
Lewis (land on horse swamp), Charles ("my manner plantation"). 
Daughters: Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary and Sar^ui Sowell. Wife and 
Executrix: Martha. Executor: Benjamin Wynns. Witnesses: Ebanazar 
Slason, Thomas Sowell, Richard Holmes, Eliza Harrell, Jno. 
Wynns. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Sowell, John. Bertie County. 

March 28, 1750. February Court, 1755. Sons: John (land), Jasies (one 
negro), Francis. Daughters: Mary, Elizabeth, Feriby. Ann. Wife and 
Executrix: Ann. Executor: James Jones. Witnesses: Adham Harrill, 
John Freeman, Paul Bunch. Clerk of the Court: Saml. Ormes. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 353 

SowELL, EicHAED. Bertie County. 

July 5, 1751. AugustCourt, 1751. Sows; Richard, Aaron ("mymaner 
plantation"). Wife: Martha. Execvtors: John and Obediah Sowell. 
Witnesses: Eleazr. Quinbt (?), Aaron Oliver, William Bennet. Clerk 
of the Court: Saml. Ormes. 

SowKRBY, Heney. Northampton Connty. 

June 22, 1747. August Court, 1747. Son: John ("my plantation" and 
one negro). Wife and Executrix: S.\rah. Witnesses: Chas. Stevens, 
Benjamin DeBerry, Eliza Stevens. Clerk of the Court: Rx. Forster. 

Sparkm.\n, John. Chowan County. 

April 19, 172S. October Court, 1728. Grandsons: John and Stephen 
Sparkman (land on the "Liking Root Branch"). Sons: John, Rich.uid, 
Thomas, William. Daughters: Sarah and Mary Sparkman. Executor: 
John Green. Witnesses: John Wiggi*is, John Horne, John Green. 
Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Sparkman, John. Chowan County. 

April 25, 1738. July 14, 1739. Sons: Thomas, John. Wife: Sarah. 
Executors: Robert and William Reddick. Witnesses: Thomas Pil.\nd, 
Thomas Harrell, Thomas Harrell. Proven before W. Smith. 

Sparnon, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

May 15, 1718. Legatees: William Brettno, William and Ann Brett- 
no (children of William), John Blish, Abraham Thomas. Executor: not 
named. Witnesses: Joseph Cooper, Thom.^s Shepard, Elizabeth 
Cooper, John Bell. No probate. 

Sparrow, Thomas. 

May 20, 1717. May 27, 1717. Sons: Solomon ("my maner planta- 
tion"), John and Kinsey (plantations above the "maner" plantation), 
Solomon (cattle). Wife: not named. Brother and Executor: Thomas 
Harding. Witnesses: James Leigh, Eliezer Lillington, John Lilling- 
TON. Proven before Chas. Eden. 

Speight, Francis. Chowan County. 

October 16, 1749. January Court, 1749. Sons: Moses (plantation at 
Contenteny and four negroes), John and Joseph (land on wolfpit valley). 
Brother: William Speight. Wife and Executrix: Kathern. Witnesses: 
John Sanders, Francis Sanders, Daniel Carch. Clerk of the Court: 
Will. Mearns. 


354 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Speie, Elizabeth. Pitt County. 

October 9, 1773. March 23, 1774. Nephews: Joseph Warren (two 
negroes), William Smydick, Marke Mesell (three negroes). Other lega- 
tees: Mary Smydick, John Smydick, Edmond Smydick, Famaler Smydick, 
Mary Meesel, Elizabeth Warren, Joseph Warren, James and Mathew 
Scott, William Meesel. Executors: Mark Meesel and Joseph Warren, 
Jr. Witnesses: Geo. Evans, John Hardee, Major Harris. Proven 
before Jo. Martin. 

Speie, James. Bertie County. 

December 12, 1731. February Court, 1731. Son: James (plantation on 
Ahoskie). Wife and Executrix: Ann ("my manner plantation" and two 
negroes). Daughters: Morning Speir, Sarah Everitt. Daughters-in- 
law: Sarah and Patience Stallings. Witnesses: Robert Greaves, 
CuLMER Sessoms, Jno. Sutton. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Speie, John. 

January 8, 1761. June Court, 1767. Wife: Elizabeth (negro boy and 
other chattels). Daughters: Clbare Hardee ("all my lands in North 
Carolina"), Patience Jeffreys, Apsele Holland. Executors: John and 
William Speir (brothers) and Alexander Stew'art. Witnesses: Wm. 
Speir, Alexr. Stewart, John Speir, Junr. Clerk of the Court: Amb Cox 

Speller, Henky. Bertie Precinct. 

April 5, 1727. Son: Thomas ("plantation I now dwell on lying on the 
North side of Moratock River"). Daughter: Ann Speller (land on Smith- 
wick Creek below Scewocca). Wife: Patience. Executor: Thomas 
Parris, of Edenton (brother). Witnesses: William Little, Tho. Bet- 
terley, W. Badham, Ann Ismay. No probate. Impression of lion ram- 
pant on seal. 

Speller, Patience. Bertie Precinct. 

February 3, 1738-1739. February Court, 1738. Sons: James Swain 
and Thomas Speller (one mulatto boy to each), Richard Swain. Daugh- 
ters: Patience Ray, Anne Ward (negroes to each). Grandchildren: Sarah, 
John and Elizabeth Smithwick, M'illiam Swain. Executors: James 
Swain and Thomas Speller (sons). Witnesses: Charlton Mizell, 
Philip Ward. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. 

Spence, Alexander. Pasquotank Precinct. 

August 2, 1734. April Court, 1735. Sons: James (240 acres of land on 

the Eastern Shore in Maryland), Alexander, Joseph (land on Pasquotank 

River), Robert (land adjoining Richard Ferril, Abel Ross, John True- 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 355 

blood), Trdman (appointed Executor). Daughters: Jane and Catherine 
Sawyer. Witnesses: Jeremiah Murden, Thomas Sawyer, Evin Lurry. 
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Smith. 

Spence, James. Pasquotank Precinct. 

March 20, 1739-1740. October Court, 17-40. Sons: Alexander, David, 
James. Daughters: Bridget Spence and Betty Mardrum. Wife and 
Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Jones, Berd Banger, Elizabeth 
Perishe. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Spence, James. Pasquotank Countv. 

November 19, 1753. April Court, 175,5. Sons: Alex.\nder, John and 
J.\MBS. Daughters: Sarah Cook, Lettesha, Arey and Dorothy Spence. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth Spence. Witnesses: Samuel Smith, Saml. 
Edny-e, David Davis. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Spence, John. Pasquotank County. 

March 14, 1735-17.36. April 13, 17.36. Sons: David and Alexander 
(lands divided between them). Daughters: Dorothy Davis, Elizabeth 
Spence. Granddaughter: Reachbll Sawyer. Execiitors: Charles Saw- 
yer and John Davis. Witnesses: Geo. Rowb, Alexander Leplear, 
Elizabeth Lefleare. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Smith. Device on seal: 
Letters S. S., three circles and square. 

SpifiHT, Maey. Bertie County. 

February 25, 1740-1741. May 7, 1743. .Sows; Moses, Isaac (Executor). 
Daughter: Rachel and Ruth Jordan, Zilpah Blanchard. Granddaugh- 
ters: Mary and Elizabeth Spight. Cousins: Jacob Hinton, Ruben 
HiNTON, William, Bettib and Mary Hinton, Joseph Perey {Executor). 
Witnesses: Guy Hill, Moss Rowntree, Thomas Rowntree. Proven 
before Gab. Johnston, at Edenton. 

Spicjht, Thomas. Perquimans Precinct. 

AprO 9, 1737. April 27, 1737. Sons: Is.^ac ("plantation whereon I 
now dwell"), Moses. Daughters: Rachel and Ruth Jorden and Zilpah 
Blanchard. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Richard Pbarce, 
Gefery Hubbard, Thos. Rowntree. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

Spight, Thomas. Craven County. 

October 3, 1756. November Court, 1756. This is a nuncupative will 
proven before John Clitherall by John Speight, Phrusan Speight and 
Ann Payn. Wife: Elizabeth (one negro). Sister: Prusane Spight. 
Other legatees: John and Simon Spight. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Powell. 

356 Abstbact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Spivey, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

December 23, 1729. February 5, 1729-1730. Sons: Jacob (plantation) 
and Benjamin, William and Thomas (12 pence and a Bible). Son-in- 
law: William Hill (90 acres land). Daughter: Mary Hill. Grandchil- 
dren: Jacob Spivey, Sarah, Mary and Stjsanah Hill. Other legatee: 
Marke Chapel. Executor: Jacob Spivey (son). Witnesses: William 
Westton, Robart Blanchard, Thomas Mansfield. Proven before 
Richard Everard. 

Speatten, Henry. Currituck County. 

January 10, 1750. April Court, 1751. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Daughter: Esther Spratton. Brother: Peter Spratton. Brother-in- 
law: Thomas Tatum. Witnesses: Robert Fletcher, William White. 
Clerk of the Court: Richd. McClure. 

Spring, Aeon. Beaufort County. 

April IS, 1755. June Court, 1756. Sons: Robert ("my plantation"), 
James and Abr.uiam (440 acres of land divided between them). Daugh- 
ters: Dinah (wife of William JE.SSOP), Eliz.ibeth Spring. Wife: Martha. 
Negroes bequeathed to children. Executor: John Barrow (brother-in- 
law). Witnesses: Thomas Barrow, Littleton Eborn, Jun. Clerk of 
the Court: Walley Chatjncy. 

Speot, Thomas. Anson County. 

January 15, 1757. Daughters: Mary and Ann Barnet, Jean Neel, 
Susannah Polk, Martha Sprot (land on Sugar Creek). Sons: Thomas 
(land on Twelve Mill (MOe) Creek), John Clark. Executors: Andrew 
Sprot and Thomas Polk. Witnesses: William Barnet, James Sprot, 
Jas. Campbell. No probate. 

Stagey, Chaeles. Chowan Precinct. 

January 2, 1724-1725. July 19, 1725. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: David Bdtler, JjUIes Ward, George Dear. Proven before 
C. Gale, C. J. 

Staffoed, John. Bath County. 

May 15, 1733. March Court, 1735. Sons: William (plantation on 
South side of Broad Creek), John ("my plantation I now dwell on"), 
Joshua (180 acres land), Edward (land on Creek Swamp), Thomas 
(land on Broad Creek). Daughter: Dinah Stafford. Executor: John 
Stafford (son). Wit7iesses: Mary, Darkis and Thomas Batters. 
Clerk of the Court: John Collison. 

Abstract of Wills, 1090—1760. 357 

Stafford, William. Currituck Precinct. 

February 17, 1727-1728. April 9, 1728. Sons.- John and Edward 
(1 shilling to each), Williajvi ("my plantation"), Samtjel (300 acres of 
land). Daughters: Ann, Frances and Mary Stafford. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Jean. Executor: Philip Northan. Witnesses: Mary Johns, 
George Powers. Clerk of the Court: J. Martyn. 

Stafford, William. Currituck County. 

August 28, 1742. October Court, 1742. Sons: James ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), William. Wife and Executrix: Frances. Exec^i- 
tor: Richard Hodges. Witnesses: Solomon Bright, Williaji Bowin. 
Clerk of the Court: John Lurry. 

Stafford, William. Pasquotank Couiitv. 

November 12, 1750. Sons: John and Stephen (land to e.ich). 
Daughters: Susannah and Mary. Wife and Executrix: Blender. Other 
legatee: Rachel Rew. Executor: William Wayman. Witnesses: James 
Duffy, Job Nickoles, Hez. Cartwright. No probate. 

Stafford, William. New Hanover County. 

August 31, 1765. October Court, 1765. Sons: Richard, William 
and John (plantation divi<led between them and one negro each), Sa.muel 
(plantation in Pitt County lying on Saml. Tison's branch, and one 
negro), Seth (plantation). Daughters: Mary' May', Ann Forbes, Pru- 
dence Stone and Elizabeth Stafford. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: 
William and John Stafford (sons). Witnesses: John Alexr. Willey, 
Ohas. Hollingsworth. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Burgwin. 

Stallings, Lott. Chowan County. 

November 5, 1749. January 31, 1749. Son: Samuel (land in Belley- 
hack known by the name of Elbo). Son-in-law: Isaac Hill (land 
adjoining Thos. Newby). Daughter: Ann Stallings. Gramldaughter : 
Sarah Hill. Executor: Samuel Stallings (son). Witnesses: James 
Copeland, Benj. Berryman, Gilbert Scott. Proven before Gab. 
Johnston at Eden House. 

Stamp, Richard. Pasquotank Precinct. 

October 20, 1721. April 17, 1722. Sons: Thomas ("my plantation"), 
Richard (225 acres of land). Daughters: Mary, Ann, Elizabeth and 
Tamer. To each of above-named children is bequeathed one negro. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary Ann. Witnesses: Daniel Richardson, 
Joseph Oliver, Margarett Bournsby, Mary C.allih.'ln. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Gale. Impression of church spire on seal. 

358 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Stamp, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

October 9, 1729. Brothers: Benjamin P.\lmer and Richard Stamp 
(Executor). Mother: Mary Ann Palmer. Witnesses: John McKeell, 
John Clarke, William Askines. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Minson. 

Standing, Edward. Chowan Precinct. 

July 9, 1718. J.amiary 17, 1721. Sons: William (land on Cossia), 
Samuel, Edward. Daughter: Sarah Standing. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah ("my manner plantation"). Witnesses: Jno. Harloe, Robert 
St.isey, Thomas Hearth (or Heath). Clerk of the Court: W. Badham. 

Standin, Samuel. Perquimans County. 

March 28, 1752. April Court, 1752. Sons: Samuel and William 
(plantation to each), Edward (250 acres of land and one negro man). 
Daughters: Mary and Penelope Standin. Wife: not named. Execvr- 
tors: John Harvey, William Wy'att and Joshua Skinner. Witnesses: 
John Nickols, Thos. Nickols, Elisabeth Sutton. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. Device on seal; man mounted on lion. 

Standin, William. Perquimans County. 

November 4, 1759. April Court, 1760. Son: John (plantation and 
two negroes). Daughter: Sarah (two negroes). Wife and Executrix: 
Maky. Executor: William Wyatt. Witnesses: John Creecy, Thomas 
Stratton, Abraham Jennbtt. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 
Provision is made for schooling of son John, "to read, rite and cifer as 
far as the rule of three." 

Standley, Jonathan. Bertie County. 

March 5, 1773. April 3, 1773. Sons: David (plantation on Rocquis 
and one negro), Edmond (Pine woods land and one negro). Daughters: 
Elisabeth Roades, Jemima Kittrell, Esther Spivey, Susannah 
Baker, Mary Stallins, Martha Standley. Wife: Ann (land at Lum- 
ber Bridge, three negroes, one "smoaking chair," etc.). Executors: 
David Standley (son) and Thomas Roades (son-in-law). Witnesses: 
Cader Cherry, Sollomon Cherry, Martha Cherry. Proven before 
Jo. Martin. 

Stanfield, John. Orange County. 

August 4, 1755. September Court, 1755. Sons: John (land on Haw 
River), Thomas (land known as the Meeting-house tract), Samuel ("plan- 
tation whereon I now live"). To Thomas and Samuel is also devised 
land near the Rich Hills. Wife: Hann.\h. Executors: John Jones and 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 359 

Joseph Maddox. Codicil provides for education of tliree sons. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Lindley, Hugh Laughlin, Thomas Lowe. Clerk of the 
Court: ,Ias. Watson. 

Stanfoed, Levin. Beaufort County. 

December 16, 1772. May 15, 1773. Daughter: Sarah Shtjford. 
Executor: James Brinson. Witnesses: Moses Poole, John and Nancy 
Covington. Proven before Jo. M-artin. 

Stansell, John. Tyrrell Comitv. 

August 22, 1750. March Court, 1750. Sons: John and Godfrey. 
Daughters: Elizabeth Bahbre, Rebeckah Stan.sell, Mary Bentely. 
Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Edmund Smithwick, Rebeckah 
Stansell, Samuel Smithwick. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. » 

Stanton, Henkt. Carteret County. 

May 1, 1751. September Court, 1751. Sons: Henry (land called the 
Swimming Point), Joseph (land on Queens Creek), Benjamin, John 
(land called Bare Banks). Wife and Executrix: Liddy. Daughters: 
Hannah Spooner, Mary- Alburtson, Sarah Stanton. Witnesses: 
Elias Allertson, Thomas White, Isaac White. Clerk of the Court: 
George Read. 

Stanton, Mart. 

February 2, 1720-1721. April Court, 1721. Sons: John and Robert 
Armour, Eli.ia St.anton. Daughters: Mary Brothers, Ann Kelly. 
Other legatees: Mary Stanton and Rebecca Brothers. Executor: Elij.a 
Stanton (son). Witnesses: Samuel Guthrie, Terrence Sweeny, Mary 
Armour. Clerk pro tern.: Jno. Palin. Fleur-de-lis on seal. 

Stanton, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

August 25, 1720. October 18, 1720. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: John Bundy, Richd. Sams, Ann Meids. Clerk of the Court: 


Stasey, Thomas. Chowan Precinct. 

April 19, 1697. July 5, 1697. Sons: John, Thomas and Charles. 
Wife and Executrix: Rebeckah. Witnesses: Katherine Watts, Franc 
Segrave, Luseah Segeave. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

Steele, Alexander. Onslow County. 

September 18, 1751. January Court, 1751. Sons: Peter and James 

(plantation on Trent River). Daughters: Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret, 

360 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 


Ann and Rachell. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executors: Peter 
Steell (son) and John Starkey. Witnesses: Susanna Barbara, Mitch- 
ell Barbar.'V, Richard Barber. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Black. 

Steele, Ambrose. Beaufort County. 

December 25, 1724. April Court, 1725. Son: Ambrose (land in town 
of Freehold, in the County of Monmouth, in East Jersey). Wife: Rebec- 
KAH. Land at Neuse leased of Cullen Pollock ordered sold. Executors: 
William Little, Cornelius Fowler and Edward Salter. Witnesses: 
William Little, Deborah Pilson, J. Stonor and Tho. Unday. Codicil 
witnessed by J. Stonor, Deborah Pilson and William Bevan. Clei-k of 
the Court: Jno. Swann. Justice: Thos. Boyd. 

Steely, Thomas. Chowan County. 

M.ay 28, 1719. June 4, 1719. Brother: Thomas Hawkins. Sister: 
Jane Adderly. Witnesses: James Smith, James and Elizabeth Haw- 
kins. No probate. 

Stephens, Edward. Johnston County. 

October 19, 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: Ephraim, Edmund, 
Jacob (plantation to each). Daughters: Sarah, Patience, Mornin. 
Executors: William Stephens (brother) and Ephraim Stephens (son). 
Witnesses: Arthur Fort, Bennet Blackman, Rachel Stephens. Clerk 
of the Court: Chas. Young. 

Stephenson, George. Edgecombe County. 

June 25, 1753. August Court, 1754. Nephews: Joseph Stephenson 
(son of brother, William), Jesse and William Stephenson (sons of 
brother, Charles). Executor: William Stephenson. Witnesses: Henrt 
Horn, Elizabeth Horn, Sion Horne. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin 

Stepney, John. Perquimans County. 

November 11, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: John (three planta- 
tions, one lying on Indian Creek, and one negro), Samuel ("plantation 
whereon I now live" and plantation on Indian Creek, together with one 
negro). Daughters: Sar.\h, Mary, Marcey, Elizabeth and Rachel. 
Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executors: John Stepney (son) and Zacha- 
RiAH Nixon. Witnesses: Thomas Callaway', Wyatt, Levy 
Haughton. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Stepney, John. Perquimans County. 

February 2, 1754. April Court, 1754. Sons:, John. Daughter: 
Mary Stepney. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: William 
Wyatt. Witnesses: Joshua Harman, Breathard Truelove. Clerk of 
the Court: William Skinner. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 361 

Stevens, James. Bath County. 

September 5, 1739. November 15, 1739. Wife and Executrix: Jenet. 
Witnesses: Richard Cheek, John Quin, James Cheek. Proven before 
Gab. Johnston. 

Stevens, Jeeeml\h. Currituck County. 

August 24, 1757. September Court, 1757. Daughters: Easter and 

Elizabeth Stevens. Executor: Samuel Jarvis. Witnesses: John 

Lurry, William Ferebe, John Barnes. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Mearns. 

Stevens, Thomas. Craven Coimty. 

June 11, 1751. June Court, 1751. Sons: John ("my plantation"), 
Thomas. Daughters: Sarah, Mary and Frances Stevens. Wife: Mart. 
Executors: Thomas Stevens (sons), Benjamin Brockit. Witnesses: 
John Granadb, John Kinsey, Sarah Brockett. Clerk of the Court: 
Chas. Young. 

Stevens, Thomasen. Currituck County. 

April 20, 174S. October 5, 1748. Sons: Mich.vel Oneal, John Ste- 
vens. Daughter: Mary Stevens. Executors: Thomas Parker and John 
Stevens. Witnesses: Tho. Taylor, Gilbird Portwood, James Mercer. 
Clerk of the Court: Richd. McClure. 

Stevens, William. Chowan Precinct. 

October 24, 1G97. January Court, 1697. Legatees: Robert West, 
Thomas Gillam (Executor). Witnesses: Henderson Walker, John 
Houldbrook, Ann Walker. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

Stevens, William. Beaufort County. 

February 22, 1750. March 13, 1750. Son: Jame.s ("my plantation"). 
Wife and Executrix: Pennelope. Witnesses: Richard Newman, Ezekiel 
Dickinson, Salathiel Mixon. Clerk of the Court: William Ormond. 
Will almost illegible. 

Stevenson, Charles. Northampton County. 

July 4, 174S. November Court, 1751. Sons: Benjamin, George, 
William and Jesse (land divided among them). Daughters: Martha, 
Susanna and Olive. Wife: Elizabeth. Executor: William Stevenson 
(son). Witnesses: John Dawson, Abrm. Hood, Edward Strbateu. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Stevenson, William. Perquimans County. 

July 18, 1738. July Court, 1739. Grandsons: William ("1 Church 

Bybel and silverware marked W. S."), John, Joseph and Thomas Steven- 

362 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

SON (''all the residue of my estate"). Son and Executor: John. Witnesses: 
William Ambler, Joseph Buncombe, James Turnbbll. Clerk of the 
Court: James Ch.aven. 

Stewaed, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

August 11, 1709. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Sons: William 

and Joseph. Daughters: Mary and Patience. Witnesses: French 

and Eliz. French. No probate. The signature ot John Lawson appears 
on the back of this will. 

Steward, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

April 11, 1711. Sons: William and Joseph. Daughters: Patience, 

Elizabeth and Mary. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: 

French and French. Clerk of the Court: Edwd. Benwicke. 

Stewart, Johjj. Craven County. 

October 1.3, 1741. June 22, 1742. Legatees: Jacob Tomson, John, son 
of Richard Byrd; Elizabeth, daughter of SAJinsL Present. Executors: 
Denis Odyer (father-in-law), Richard Byrd. Witnesses: Jno. Herring, 
Richard Byrd. Registrar: Edward Griffith. 

Stewart, John. Bertie County. 

August .5, 1773. December 13, 1774. Wife and Executrix: Jennet. 
Executors: Andrew Bunn and George Lockhart. Witnesses: George 
Matthews, Thom.\s Clarkson, Matthew Crawford. Proven before Jo. 

Stewart, Levi. Currituck County. 

July 15, 1752. January Court, 1753. Sons: John ("plantation I now 
live on"), Levi (one negro). Wife and Executrix: Ann (one negro). Wit- 
nesses: Joseph Stewart, John Bennet, Willis Miller. Clerk of the 
Court: William Shergold. Impression of head on seal. 

Stiball, Richard. Chowan County. 

September IS, 1G95. April Court, 1695. Daughters: Mary, P.ashence. 
Executors: William Preves, William Chalton. Witnesses: William 
Preves, W1LLIA.M Chalten, Arthur Carleton. Clerk of the Court: N. 

Stiring, George. Carteret County. 

March 29, 1745. June Court, 1745. Sons: George, John and Henry. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary, Daughters: Elizabeth and Joyce Stiring. 
Witnesses: William Salter, Henry Smith. Clerk of the Court: George 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90— 1760. 36' 

Stoakley, Joseph. Pasquotank Connty. 

December 12, 1729. January 3, 1729-17.30. Sons: Isaac, Joseph. 
Daughter: Mary Stoakley. Other legatees: Isack Dellemar, William 
Cartright. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Thomas Merreday, 
John Ricks, M^m. Minson. Proven before Richard Everard. To chil- 
dren is bequeathed six negroes and one gold ring each. 

Stocklet, Thomas. New Hanover County. 

September 5, 17.57. February Court, 1758. Brothers: Capewell 
Stockley (Exectdor). Peter Stockley. Sister: Ann Stocklby. Sons: 
John and Thomas. Witnesses: John Wilkinson, Jon.\than Sturges, 
Jacob Stockley. Clerk of the Court: J,\. Moran. 

Stone, John. Perquimans County. 

October 14, 1744. January Court, 1744. Sons: John, Willi.ui and 
Moses. Wife and Executrix: Mary (land on Veases Creek). Executor: 
Ralph Fletcher. Witnesses: John Perry, John Mundlen, Roger 
Kenyon. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Stone, Eichaed. Currituck County. 

August 19, 1749. October Court, 1749. Daughters: Ales and Am.\y 
Stone, Mary Parker. Son-in-law: John Parker. Wife and Executrix: 
Sinna. Executor: Peter Dadge. Witnesses: John Whitehurst, Peter 
Dauge. Clerk of the Court: Richard McClurb. 

Strickland, Joseph. Northampton County. 

September 2,'5, 175.5. November Court, 1755. Son: Axe.m ("my plan- 
tation"). Daughters: Rachel Strickl.and (land on Great Branch), Abe- 
gill Strickland, Ollief Strickland. Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. 
Executor: Joseph Sikes. Witnesses: William Moore, John Powell. 
Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Strickland, William. Bertie County. 

May Court, 1728. Sons: William, John (100 acres of land at Roanoak), 
Joseph (100 acres of land at Roanoak), Matthew, S.\muel ("my dwelling 
plantation"). No wife or executor named. Witnesses: Nathaniel 
Cooper and Elias Ford. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Stringer, Francis. Craven County. 

January 8, 1749. March .30, 1753. Mother: Mary' Stringer (planta- 
tion on Contentne bought of Henry Su.mmerlin and two negroes). Broth- 
ers-in-law: John Shine (land on Stoney Town Creek, in Chowan County 
bought of Derham Handcock), Daniel Shine (land on Falling Creek). 

364 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Brother: William Stringer (lots in Newbern). Daughter: Elizabeth 
Stringer (eight slaves). Other legatees: Anne Gopfee, John Stringer, 
son of George Stringer of Core Creek; William Bond, George Stringer, 
son of brother Ralph; and Thomas Stringer (land commonly called 
Dover). Provision is made for fund for poor of parish. Wife: Hannah 
(eight negroes). Executors: Danl. Shine, James Green and Thomas 
Graves. Witnesses: Abner Neale, Jno. Kannady, John Jones, Jos 
Atherly. Codicil witnessed by Jno. Olive and Jno. Cannady bequeaths 
slaves to wife. Proven before Matt. Rowan. 

Stringee, Maey. Chowan County. 

April 27, 1744. May 10, 1748. Sons: John and Francis Sanders 
[Execxdors). Daughters: Mary Dawson, Martha Sumner. Grand- 
datighters: Frusan Morris, Elizabeth Cotting and Mary Gardner. 
Witnesses: Edward Hare, Henry Clay'ton, Edward Hare, Jr. Proven 
before Cjab. Johnston. 

Steingfield, Richaed. Northampton County. 

July 19, 1747. November Court, 1747. Sons: James, Richard, 
Joseph {Executor). Witnesses: Thomas Shorn, Samuel Warren. Clerk 
of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Steowde, John. Currituck County. 

January 28, 1693. January 25, 1703-1704. Daughters: Mary and 
Elizabeth ("all my estate"). Executor: John Bennett. Witnesses: 
William Stafford, Mary Bennett, Richard Everington. Clerk of 
the Court: Edwd. Tayler. 

Stdaet, John. Chowan Precinct. 

January 5, 1702-1703. January Court, 1706-1707. Wife and Execw- 
frix: not named. Daughter: Mary. Witnesses: Wm. Wilkins, Alexr. 
GiLLAGiN. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

Stuaet, John. New Hanover Precinct. 

June 27, 1736. July 9, 1736. Legatees: Sarah Smith, Henrietta 
Stuart (sister, of Inverness in North Britain). Executors: Thomas 
Wardroper (Surveyor General of the Province) and James Murray, of 
Brunswick. Witnesses: James Fergus, Wm. Ellison. Proven before 
W. Smith, C. J. 

Stubbs, Eichaed. Tyrrell County. 

February 25, 1754. March Court, 1754. Brothers: Everitt ("my 
manner plantation"), Willi.^m, Thomas, John. Sister: Mary. Other 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 365 

legatee: Ann Jones. Executors: Thomas and Everett Stubbs. Wit- 
nesses: David Airs, Esther Walker, Mary Stubbs. Clerk of the Court: 
Evan Jones. 

Stubbs, Thomas. Beaufort County. 

January 17, 1738. August 7, 1737. (Letters issued May 23, 1739.) 
Sons: William (''my maner plantation lying near Moratock Bridge"), 
Thomas (plantation on Flat Swamp "on Pantico Road"), Everet ("land 
on Pantico Road"), John (land on Coneke Creek called Briles Neck), 
Richard (land called Saverges). Daughters: H.anah and Mary. Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: James Dwight, Nathaniel Everet. 
Clerk of the Court: Anderson S.\gg. 

Stubbs, William. 

December 8, 1756. June Court, 1757. Bath Town. Sort; William. 
Daughter: Margaret. Wife and Executrix: Jane. Witnesses: John 
Aldorson, Samuel Thomson, Peter Caila. Clerk of the Cmirt: Wallby 

Sugg, Geoege. Beaufort County. 

October 29, 1758. November Court, 1758. Sons; Nimrod (land on 
Tison Creek), Joel, George and Allen Sugg. Daughters: Lucey Ti.son, 
Fanny and Sarah Sugg. Executors: Aquila Sugg, Abraham Tison, 
Joel and Allen Sugg. Witnesses: Thos. Tildesley, Friedrich 
Sergnt, John Anders. Proven at Enfield Court. I. Edwards, Clerk 
of the Court. 

SuMKEE, James. Perquimans County. 

March 26, 1750. May 14, 1750. Sons: Luke (two plantations), 
James (three plantations), Seth (land on Sutton's Creek), David (plan- 
tation "where David Kelley now lives"), Robert, William and Josiah 
(200 pounds current money of Virginia to each). To each of sons is 
bequeathed negro slaves, and to Josiah is devised houses and lots in 
Suffolk, Virginia. Daughters: Mary and Penelope (200 pounds in money 
and two negroes to each). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: 
Thomas Hurdle, Demsey Sumner. Good impression of castle on seal. 

SuMNEE, John. Chowan County. 

April 18, 1754. January Court, 1755. Sons: Samuel ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), William (land bought of Joseph and Grigory 
Stallings and John Knight, and three negroes), Jacob (land on west 
side of Orapeak Swamp known as Kilmaney, six negroes), Joseph (land 
at Tar River bought of Abraham Odum, and five negroes), Moses (land 
bought of William Webb in Bertie County, and four negroes). Daugh- 

366 Abstkact of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 

ter: Elisabeth Battle (four negroes). Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth 
(nine negroes). Witnesses: Joseph Jones, John Benton, Sr., Jasen 
Campbell, Rosanna Riddick, Jethro Benton. Clerk of the Court: 
Will Halsey. Impression of coronet on seal. 

SuMNEK, RicHAED. Bertie County. 

April 12, 1729. May Court, 1729. Son and Executor: James ("my 
manner plantation"). Wife: Mary. Daughter: Charity Sumner. Ex- 
ecutor: James Bryant (father-in-law). Witnesses: James Wood, Edward 
Green, John Sutton. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Sutton, Geokge. 

March 11, 1699. No probate. Son: Richard. Daughters: Elizabeth 
(plantation at the Richland), Deborah (plantation at the hickory land). 
Wife: not named, and no executrix appointed. 

Sutton, Joseph. Perquimans Comity. 

January 20, 1694-169.5. April Court, 1696. Sons: Joseph, Christo- 
pher, George and Nath.aniel. Wife and Executrix: Deliverance. 
Witnesses: Jenkin Williams, Francis Foster, Willlvm Barrow. 
Clerk of the Court: W. Glover. 

Sutton, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

January 11, 1723-1724. March 10, 1723. Sons: George and Joseph 
("plantation I now live on"). To Joseph is also given two negroes, and 
to George two negroes. Daughters: Pashence and Elizabeth (six 
silver spoons, one silver cup and silver tankard). Grandson: Thomas 
Sutton. Executors: Richard Whidbee (brother) and George Sutton 
(son). Witnesses: Richard Ratliff, William Wood, William Barber. 
Proven before Geo. Burrington. 

Sutton, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

January 15, 1723-1724. March 26, 1724. Son: Christopher (land 
and negroes). Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth (land called Edghill 
Leavels), Mary (land on Sutton's Creek), H.%.nnah (land on Sipros 
(Cypress) Swamp). Brothers: George and Nathaniel Sutton. Wife 
and Executrix: Rebeckah. Executors: Peter Jones and Richard 
Whidby. Witnesses: Francis Craxton, Richard Rattlifp, William 
Jones. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Sutton, Maby. Perquimans County. 

November 14, 1738. January Court, 1738. Mother: Rebecka Den- 
man. Sisters: Sarah Thomas and Elizabeth Moulin. Brother and 

Abstract of Wills, 1C90 — 1700. 3(5 

Executor: Christopher Sutton (plantation on Sutton's Creek). Cousin 
and Executor: Joseph Sdtton. Witnesses: Benjamin Baptist, Ann 
Barber. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

SuTTOisr, Nathaniel. 

December 20, 1682. March 12, 1682. Sons: Georcje ("plantation 
whereon I now live"), Joseph (plantation where Edward Podlter 
lives), Nathaniel (150 acres of laud). Daughter: Rebeckah. Cousin: 
John Godby. Wife: not named. Witnesses: Edward Poclter, John 
KiNSE. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Snoden. 

Sutton, Thojias. Bertie Cmiiilv. 

February 3, 1750-1751. March 2. 1750. Sons: Thomas, William, 
George, Joshu.\, Jasper (land divided among these sons). Daughters: 
Parthenia, Mary, Elizabeth, Judith. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: 
John Hardison and Edward Rasor. Witnesses: Peter Winants, 
Arthur Williams, Elizabeth Rasor. Proven before G.4b. John.ston 
at Eden House. Eight negroes are divided among children. 

Swain, Jeremiah. Tyi-rell Coniity. 

June 28, 1746. September Court, 1746. Scuppernong. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Son: John ("my plantation"). Brother: James Swain 
(100 acres of land). Witnesses: John Swain, William T.\rkington, 
Mary West. Clerk of (he Court in 1746: James Connor; in 1747: Josiah 

Swain, John. Tyrrell Conuty. 

April 6, 1749. December Court, 1749. Sons: J.vmes/ (land on Riders 
Creek), John (plantation on the Sound Side), William and Stephen 
("the manor plantation"). Daughters: Elizabeth Mary Hooker, 
Rosanna and Marth.\ Swain. Grandson: John Swain (son of Jere- 
miah). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Joseph Spruill, Joanne 
Cheston, Margaret Genkkens. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

Swain, William. Tyrrell County. 

December 15, 1752. March Court, 1753. Brothers: John and James 
Swain. Wife and Executrix: Marey. Witnesses: Joseph Spruill, Wil- 
liam Rhoads, Martha Swain. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. 

SwAiNE, Stephen. Chowau County. 

January 24, 1712-1713. Sons: John, Jambs, Rich.ird (plantation 
devised to each). Daughters: Elizabeth Spruill, Mary and Patience 
Sw.\iNE. 'Wife and Executrix: Patience. Proven before J. Palin, 
Clerk of the Court, by the deposition of Thos. Snoden. 

368 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

SwANN, Samuel. Perquimans County. 

January 8, 1753. April Court, 1753. Daughters: Mary, wife of Rich- 
ard Claten (lands on sound side, and lands lying to westward of afore- 
said), Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth, Martha, Jane and Margaret. Other 
legatees: Jesse Hendlet ("one-halt my AUegator land"), John Vail 
(brother). Executors: John and Jeremiah Vail (brothers). Witnesses: 
John Smith, Susannah Vail (?). William Wollards. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund Hatch. Swann seal used. 

SwANN, Samuel. Perquimans Precinct. 

September 12, 1707. April 20, 1708. Sons: Willi.«ii (bible and seal 
ring), Sa-Mpson, Henry and Thom,^ (land between Muddy Creek and 
Marshy Gutt; lightwood on Grassy Point land, one pitch kettle "to Bo3'le 
Tarr"; "all the goods I have sent for from London — shagathee, shalloon 
and silk to make them a suit") ; Samuel and John. Daughters: Eliz.'^beth 
and Sarah Swann. Brother: Richard Bland, of Virginia. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth ("my plantation whereon I now live during her life 
and then to son, Samuel"). Tartnesses; Elizabeth Thickpen, Ann 
Moselev, John Lillington, Francis Foster, Edwd. Mosblby. Clerk 
of the Court: J. Knight. Impression of what seems to be a coronet on seal. 
Letters testamentary with a copy of will is annexed to this will, signed by 
W. Glover and sealed with the seal of the proprietors — A cross surrounded 
by coat of arms of the eight lords proprietors. 

Swann, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

May 7, 1733. August 9, 1733. Sons: Samuel (one plantation), Wii^ 
LIA.M (plantation bought of Robert Wallis). "But in case either of my 
said sons shall sell, alien, mortgage or any other way convey either of ye sd 
plantations hereby given out of ye name of Sw.vnn then it shall and may be 
lawful for ye other of my sd sons to reenter and take possession of the 
same." Daughters: Rebecca and Elizabeth Swann (land at Moyock, in 
Currituck). To each of sons is bequeathed a horse, bridle and saddle. All 
estate, consisting of negroes, lands, cattle, etc., is given to wife for educa- 
tion of children. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: Edward 
MoSELEY. Witnesses: Banja. Pritchard, Mary Edwards, Saml. Wise. 
Proven before George Burrington. Coat of arms on seal illegible. 

Swift, Epheeam. White Oak, in Onslow County. 

November 4, 1744. Sons: Epheram, Ebenezer. Wife: Pheby. Exec- 
utor: John Starkey. Witnesses: Thos. Cummins, Emel Jones, Francis 
Reavis. No probate. Portion of this will is missing. 

SwiNsoN, Richard. Chowan County. 

April 24, 1716. July Court, 1716. Sons: Richard ("my plantation"), 

John (200 acres of land), Willi.\m (land on Creek). Son-in-law: Richard 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 369 

Kanady (land "from pecoson to the Little Bridges"). Wife and Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Wihiesses: Mary Swinison, Gi. Halliday. Clerk of the 
Court: R. Hicks. 

Syees, Geerard. 

March 29, 1755. "Late of Perth Amboj' but now of Cape Fear." Wife 
and Executrix: Jane. Other legatees: Philip Kearny, of Perth Aniboy; 
Andrew Goutey (sea books and instruments). Executors: Cornelius 
Harnett and Daniel Dunbibin. Witnesses: Saml. Dunbibin, John Ede, 
Jno. Lyell. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. Lnpression of anchor and 
ropes on seal. 

Symons, Bexjajiin. Pasquotank County. 

October 24, 1748. Son: Abraham (plantation and one negro). Daugh- 
ters: Ann, Mary and Hannah Symons. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Executor: William Symons (uncle). Witnesses: Joseph Bailey, John 
Davis, Hannah Symons. No probate. 

Symons, Jeremiah. Pasquotank Countv. 

March 30, 1713. December 12, 1713. Sons: Jeremiah, William and 
Samuell (plantation divided between them). Daughters: T.\mer, wife of 
Samuel Rundey; Deborah, wife of Wm. Ch,\ncey; Sarah, wife of Thos. 
Robinson; Mary Symons (to these are bequeathed negroes), Ann Over- 
M.4N and Elizabeth Sy'mons. Executors: Jeremiah Sy^jions, Samuell 
BuNDEY and Charles Overman. Witnesses: W. Norris, John Symons, 
Henry White. No probate. 

Syjions, Jeeemiah. Pasquotank County. 

November 1, 1740. January Court, 1740. Little River in the County 
of Pasquotank. Sons: Benj.\min, Jeremiah (''my manor plantation"). 
Daughters: Sarah Reading, Ann Spence', Hannah Symons. Wife and 
Executrix: Rachel. Witnesses: William Syiions, Jehosaphat Sy-mons, 
James Overman. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Symons, John. Pasquotank County. 

November 13, 1741. January Court, 1741. .Sons; Tho.mas and Peter 
(plantation divided between them). All estate is bequeathed to afore- 
mentioned sons. No executor or other legatees named. Witnesses: Wil- 
Li.\M Symons, Aaron Morris, Jonathan White. Clerk of the Court: 
Thos. Taylor. 


AusTitACT oi'' Wills, lODO — 17U0. 

Sy.mons, ,^^)ll^•. I'asqnolauk Proeiiu't. 

Septenibor U, I7-1S. .hiniiaiy li), 17-lS. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth (two negroes), lixeoitor: Joseph Kohektson, Witnesses: Mary 
Symons, Joseph Symons, Jonathan Langwiththa. Proven before Gab. 

SvMOKs, Eaciiel (relict of .Iekkmiaii). Pasquotank Co. 

October 12, 17-IS. .\pril 11, 1749. Daughtefs: Sakah Reading, Ann 
Spencb and Hannah Symons. Son: Benjamin. Qrandson: Ahuaham 
Symons. Grandtlaughlcr: Ann Redding. Executor: Benjamin Symons 
(son). Witnesses: Terence Sweeny, Robert Lo\vuy, Jehoshaph.vt 
Symons, Raihki, Symons. Proven before K. Hall, C. J, 

Sy.mon.s, Thomas. Pasquotanlc ProiMiu-t. 

January 20. 1702-1703. rebruary Hi, 170G. ^ohs.- John and Peter 
(plantation to each). Wife and Executri:v: Rebecca. Witnesses: Jeams 
White. John Movis, John White, Zachariah Nixon. Clerk of the Court: 
Tho. Abington. 

Symons. Tuom.vs. Pasquotank ("ountv. 

February 30, 1757. March Court, 17r>S. .Sohs; John, Abraham, 
Tho.mas (to each is devised land). Daughters: Miriam and Ann. Wife 
and Executrix: Ann. Tl'ifnfssfs.- Jehoshaphat Symons, Nathan Over- 
man, John Sanders. Clcrh of the Court: Tno. Taylor. Coat of arms on 

SvMs. Wh.ll\m. Edgecombe (\innly. 

October 24, 1755. Daughter: Sarah Whoopkr (plantation lying on 
Keluikey). Son: William. Executor: John Whitakek. IViV/icsses; 
Tnos. Taylor. Mary Tuke. Xtr. IIaynes. No probate. 


November 14, 1715. .\ugust 2, 17Ui. "Scoppernun." Son: William 
(lands). Daughters: Mary and Rebecca Tarkinoton. Wife and Exec- 
virix: Martha. Executor: Edward Phelps "of Scoppernun" (Scupper- 
nong). TT'iYnesscs; John Winget, Mary Lason, J. Watkins. Clerk of 
the Court: R. Hicks. 

Tarkingtox, William. Tyrrell County. 

February 21, 1747. September Court, 174S. Sons: John (land on 
Sheep Neck Branch), Joshua, Benjamin and Joseph, William and Zeiui- 
LON (to each is given land). Daughters: Ann, Sarah and Joanna. IVife 
and Executrix: mentioned, liut not named. 11 'iVHcs.fis; MAcrHEW Cas- 
well, Edwahi) Phelps. Elizabeth Casweli.. Clerk of the Court: Evan 

Aii.sTitACT OK Wii.i.s, ICitO — 17()0. ;^71 

Taht, Johkvh. lly(]o ('(jtiiily. 

June 19, 1748. Scpleniber (i, 1748, .S'wiK.- Nathan iiml Joheph. /)aut/h- 
ters: Makv McCeai.k and Tahti'IIa Taut. Wife and l<!xeculrix: iSakah 
(plantation.s in HyiJo and Heautort). Kxeculorn: Hichaiid Newman and 
Richard Leirmont. Witnesses: William Moke, .Jacoh Coneh, Kd. IjEIu- 
MONT. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Loack. 

Tatum, Na'I'iiamki.. I'](1>;c(!oiiiIjc ('oiiiily. 

November 9, IT^A). I'cljiu.'irv Comt, \1M. Suns: Kdwaud, Nathan- 
iel, I'etek and .Jose. iJiiiu/litcr: |{i;iie(kei[ 'J' All landn divided 
among cliildrcn. One ne^^ro Ijcquc'itlu-d to cliildn^n. Wifi' mul Kxecutrix: 
Elizabeth. Witnesses: Jambs Cane, Kllener Wever, Hei)E(,ca Cane. 
Clerk of the Court:'. Wynns. 

Tayi.oi;, Joliiisloii ('ounty. 

April 2, 17.51. December Coint, 17.'J1. .Sons; lioiiEUT, Jacok, Jo.'ieph 
and AimAHAM. Diiuyhters: Prudence Taylor, Anne Calton, Rachel 
Beezley. Grandchildren: Dinah and Auraham Taylor. Wife: Iuje. 
Executor: Joseph Taylor (son). Witnesses: Henry RoiiEJtTs, Sarah 
Privat, J. Atkinson. Clerk of the Court: Chas. Young. 

TAvi.oit, A.M)i!KW. Northaiiiptdii ('oimfy. 

Mareli 1, 17.59. April Court. 17.")9. <SV/7)».- Calem (plantation .-iiid two 
negroes), De.visy (one negro). Dauijhlers: Grace and Judith. Wife and 
Executrix: ,\nnk. Witnesses: I. Edwards, John Hayes, Samuel Hayek. 
Clerk of the Court: 1. ICdwards. 

Tavi.ou, Ann. 

February 4, 1764. Marcli 10, 1704. Tlii.s i.s a nuncu|)ative will proven 
by Samuel ,Swann before Arthur Doubh, and bequeatlis negroes to 
grandchildren of Saml. Swann, and an annuity to one Mrs. Saunders. 

Tayi.ou, Ebkn kzeu. 

April 21, 1711. Cousins: Sa.muel and Im.inor Cross. Wife: Ao.nes 
(house and plantation). Hrothers:H\yivm, Taylor, Be.nmamin Taylor. 
Library bequeathed to son of Ben.i.\min who entered the ministry. Land 
on Forsters Creek ordered sold. Son-in-law: Cowen London. Brother: 
Edward Walker (Executor). Executor: Samuel Cross. Witnesses: 
Ebbnbzer Taylor, Gideon Johnson, Samuel and Joseph Wragg. No 
prol)ate. Original mi.s.sing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, page 27H. 

Taylor, Edwaed. 

December .i, 1710. iJoui/hlers: Sarah, Dorcas, Anne. Wife: Sarah.- 
Executrix: Sarah Taylor. Witnesses: Timothy Eives, Rachel ICives, 
Azrikam Parker, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Robt. Buckner. 

372 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Taylor, Jane (widow of ISTathaniel). Carteret Precinct. 

April 17, 1754. This is a nuncupative will, proven before Enoch Ward 
by Francis Davis. All estate of testatrix is bequeathed to one Ishmael 
Taylor, who was formerly a slave of her husband. Deposition approved 
by Nath.\niel Rice. 

Taylor, John. Chowau County. 

March 19, 1715-1716. September Court, 1716. Son: John. Wife and 
Executrix: Martha. Executors: Henry and William Coner. Witnesses: 
Jere. Vail, Roberd Stecey. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Taylor, John. Craven County. 

March 24, 1772. March 28, 1772. Sons: Absolam, John. Grandson: 
John Taylor. Daughters: Violater Garde, Tamer Taylor, Courtney 
Taylor. Granddaughter: Alse Garde. Executor: Bazell Smith. Wit- 
nesses: Jacob Sikes, Ann Sikes, Elizabeth Thompson. Proven before 
Jo. Martin. 

Taylor, Lemuell. Perquimans Precinct. 

November 3, 1719. July Court, 1720. Son: Lemuell (plantation and 
one negro). Wife and Executrix: Jean. Witnesses: Danell Hall, James 
Cheson, Jo. Gates. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Habel. 

Tay'lor, Luke. Chowan County. 

December 18, 1773. February 8, 1774. Sons: John and Thomas (plan- 
tation divided between them). Wife: Deborah. Executors: Joseph 
Creecy, John Wilkins and John Taylor. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Taylor, Nathaniel. 

April 3, 1734. May 13, 1734. Wife and Executrix: Jane (silver plate 
and remainder of estate). Witnesses: James Bell, Francis D.wis, Henry 
Blurton. Proven before Nathl. Rice. 

Taylor, Kalph. New Hanover County. 

November 18, 1757. February Court, 1758. Wilmington. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Executors: Benjamin Morrison and William Lord. 
Witnesses: Armand DeRosset, Daniel Dunbibin and Arthur Mab- 
SON. Clerk of the Court: Ja. Provision made for payment of 
debts due merchants in Liverpool. 

Taylor, Robert. Albemarle Precinct. 

September 7, 1700. Wife: Ann Taylor (all real and personal estate). 
Executrix: Ann Taylor. Witnesses: Tho. Rolfe, Tho. Lewiss, Robt. 
Love. No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, 1G90 — 17G0. 

Taylor, Eobert. Edgecombe County. 

September Court, 1758. Sons: Robert and Edward (1 shilling to 
each), Joseph, William, Henry, Richard, Thoma,s, Billington. Nim- 
ROD and Hudson. Daughters: Judith and Rachel Taylor. Ann Huse. 
Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: William Hudson, James Vaulx, 
Wm. Hudson, Jr. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Taylor, Samuel. Northampton County. 

1746. Sons: Robert ("my plantation" and two negroes), Ethd. 
(land and two negroes), Harry (lands). Daughters: Eliz.\beth and 
Martha Taylor (negro and increase). Wife: Cela. Executor: Ethd. 
Taylor (son). Bequests made to son, Samuel Taylor, "in case he re- 
turns to Meherrin to enjoy same." No signature, witnesses or probate. 

Taylor, Thomas, Se. Currituck Precinct. 

August 20, 1734. July Court, 1736. Sons: Edward (negroes) and 
Thomas. Daughters: Sarah (wife of Jeremiah Stephens), Bridget 
(wife of S.4.MDEL Jarves), Bethia Taylor. Gramlsons: Benjamin Tay'- 
LOR and Ezekiel Phillips. Wife and Executrix: Easther. Witnesses: 
Stephen Williams. Solo. Jarves, J. Martyn. Clerk of the Court: 
Jos. Smith. 

Taylor, William. Pasquotank County. 

December 30, 1772. January 23, 1773. Brother: James Taylor. 
Wife and Executrix: Mary (four negroes). Executors: John Richardson 
(brother-in-law) and Caleb N.\sh. Witnesses: W. Norris, John Craw- 
ford, Jer. Sedley. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Teenell, Jacob. 

December 18, 1711. July 1, 1713. Little River. Cousins: Ann 
Hill, Rouger Hill ("my land in Kakcomak). Executor: Richard 

Hill (brother). Witnesses: John Mackie, John Smith, Edwd. . 

Proven before John Nelson. 

Terrill, William. Albemarle County. 

June 3. 1682. Little River. Sons: William, "in Weymouth, New Eng- 
land" (plantation on Little River, commonly called the Quarter), Gideon, 
"of Weymouth afsd" (land on Little River and Deep Creek). Daughter: 
Mary (wife of William Manson). Other legatees: Mary, daughter of 
Nathaniel B.^xter; John, son of Richard Tule. Executors: George 
Durrant of "Bertey Point," John Hunt of Little River. Witnesses: 
Sam Woodrow, Willi.\m Hughes, Nathaniel Baxter. No probate. 
Impression of swan on seal. 

374 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Tester, Robert. 

January 8, 1695. January 13, 1696. This is a nuncupative will, 
proven before John Stepney by Thomas and Katherine Clark, and 
names legatees: John Hopkins and Robert Tester. 

Thojias, Barnabee. 

October 5, 1735. December 11, 1735. Son: Elisha (plantation and 
two negroes). Wife: Sarah ("ye use of all my negroes, she using them 
as a Christen ought to do"). Brother and Executor: Philip. Witnesses: 
William Thomas, Jno. Dawson, J.acob Cark. Proven before G.\b. 

Thomas, Francis. Chowau County. 

September 16, 1738. January 15, 1739. Sons: Stephen, John and 
William, Francis ("plantation I live on, called the forck of the Duckin- 
stool"). Daughter: Elizabeth Thomas. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: John Jordan, Edmond Conell, James Williams. Proven 
before W. Smith, C. J. 

Thomas, Francis. Bladeu County. 

June 8, 1756. October Court, 1756. Son: George. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Joan. Witnesses: Thos. Hall, Lucy Hall, Thomas Smith. Clerk 
of the Court: J. Burgwin. 

Thomas, John. Northamptou County. 

March 18, 1745. May Court, 1746. Son: Joseph (plantation and 
negro). Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: I. Edwards, John 
GoODALL, Matthew Lowry. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

Thomas, Joseph. Bertie Precinct. 

December 10, 1735. February Court, 1735. Sons: Joseph, Mikel, 
Ltjke and James (lands divided among them). Daughter: Charity 
Thomas. To sons is also given negroes. Wife: Elisabeth. Executor: 
John Spivey. Witnesses: Frans. Hobson, Wm. Simons. Clerk of the 
Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Thomas, Joseph. Bertie County. 

April 26, 1752. April Court, 1758. Sons: Michael (640 acres of land 
"now in the possession of Griffin Summerell," together with stock of 
cattle and hogs and two negroes), Josiah (land "on which Nathaniel 
Keel lives," together with cattle, etc., and one negro boy), Joseph ("my 
plantation," stock and one negro). Daughters: Mary (land adjoining 
John Spivey, and one negro), Elisabeth Thomas (land "Whereon 

Abstract of Wills, 1090 — 17G0. 375 

Judith Thomas now lives"). Wife ami Executrix: Ann. Executors: 
Thomas Whitmill and Arthur Williams. Witnesses: Josiah Collins, 
Nathaniel Keel, Joseph Keel, Richard Sp.vrxcman. Clerk of the 
Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

TiioirAs, Joseph. Edgecombe Comity. 

October 24, 1757. June Court, 1758. Daughters: Mary, Priscilla 
and Charity Thomas (to each is devised lands on Pigg Basket Creek, 
and one negro). Morning ("my plantation"). Wife and Executrix: 
Mourning (or Morning). Executor: John Thomas (brother). Wit- 
nesses: Mic.uah Thomas. William Defnall, Mourning Thomas. Clerk 
of the Court: Jos. Montfort. 

Thom.\s, Josiah. New Hanover Comity. 

January .30, 1751. May Court, 1752. Brothers: Hannaniah and Azriah Cousin: J.^mes Williams (lot "on the Town Sandhills"). 
Daughter: Ann Thomas (lot in Wilmington, ten acres "of ye aforesaid 
Sand Hills, and plantation whereon I now live"). Wife and Executrix: 
Hannah (land on Long Creek). Witnesses: Mary Ann Dubose, Eliza- 
beth Carter. Clerk of the Court: Isaac Faries. 

Thomas, Louis. Craven Comity. 

October ,30, 1730. March 16, 1730-1731. Wife and Executrix: Ann 

Martha. Daughter: Elizabeth Thomas. Son-in-law: John Michel 

Shilfer. Witnesses: Joshua Platt, John Page. Clerk of the Court: 
C. Metcalfe. 

Thomas, Luke. Edgecombe Comity. 

June 20, 1751. August Court, 1751. Brother and Executor: Jacob 
Tho,m.\s ("my plantation," together witli one negro). Sister: Mary 
Thomas (one negro). Other legatee: Ezekiah Keel. Witnesses: Edwd. 
Brown, John Tanner, Elizabeth Keel. Clerk of the Court: Benj.vmin 

Thomas, Morgan. 

1709. Legatees: James Martin and John Anderson. Witnesses: 
James Luton, Edward Harper. No executor or probate. 

Thomas, Thomas. Bladen Comity. 

March 6, 1758. April Court, 1758. Sons: S.\muel, Joseph, Cor- 
nelius, Thomas (land in Craven on Flat Swamp), John and Amos (land 
on Dunn's Creek). Daughters: Phebe, M.artha and Elizabeth Thomas, 
Priscilla Dunn. Wife and Executrix: Prudence. Witnesses: Josiah 
Ev.ans, Jonathan Evans. Clerk of the Court: J. Burgwin. 

376 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Thomson, David. Duplin County. 

March 6, 1773. October 26, 1773. Sons: Willi.wi (two negroes, and 
land lying between Buck Hall and the spring branch), D.4.VID (two ne- 
groes, and land on Cow Marsh), J.ymes (two negroes, and land on Buck 
Hall), Stephen ("my plantation," three negroes, and "my large Book 
called Burket on the New Testament"). Daughters: Amelia and Mar- 
tha Thomson (three negroes to each). Sons-in-law: Roger Snell and 
Jesse Darden (one negro to each). Executors: Andredo Thomson 
(brother) and Roger Snell. Witnesses: Henry Hollingsworth, 
John Thomson and Thomas Thomson. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Thompson, John. Craven County. 

1738. September 27, 173S. Son: William (half of all estate). 
Brother: Alexander Thompson. Wife: Agnes. Executors: William 
Thompson (brother) and Francis Stringer (surgeon). Witnesses: Jo- 
seph Slocumb, John Thompson, Jr., Willi.\m Bond. Clerk of the 
Court: James Coor. Crest on seal. 

Thompson, John. Chovyau County. 

August 8, 1755. Son: Robert. Wife: Mary (three negroes and plan- 
tation). Other legatees: William Thompson (son of James Thompson) 
and Mary Tdllington (daughter of Matthias Tullington). Execu- 
tors: Matthias Tullington, John Lewis and Henry Bonner. Wit- 
nesses: Micaj.a-h Bunch, Thomas Luten, William Jones. No probate. 
Impression of head on seal. 

Thoms, Joseph. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 9, 1728. March Court, 1727-1728. Brothers: James and 
John. Other legatees: Joseph, Mary, Sarah and Dammeres Ratleff. 
Executor: Richard Davis. Witnesses: Thomas Ratliff, Hannah 
NicKLESON. Proven before Richard Everard. 

Thoragood, Francis. Bath County. 

June, 1714. April Court, 1716. Sons: Francis, Adam and Earley. 
Daughters: Sarah and Ann Thor.^good. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Wit- 
nesses: Joseph Fulford and Robert Turner. Clerk of the Court: Jno. 

Thornton, John. Granville County. 

November 10, 1754. September 2, 1755. Wife and Executrix: Sarah 
(three negroes). Son: Francis (lands in Ciranville). Daughter: Mart 
Thornton (lands in Virginia and Northampton Count}')- Executor: 
Robert Jones, Jr. Witnesses: William Person, Mary Jordan, Wil- 
liaji Lankford. Clerk of the Court: D.\niel Weldon. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

Thurston, John. Albemarle County. 

April 10, 1692. Son and Executor: John. Witnesses: Fr.\ncis Tomes, 
Thomas Holmson (?), Samuel Nickellson. No probate. 

TiBBiT, John. Carteret County. 

April 9, 1755. June Court, 1755. This is a nuncupative will proven by 
Ephraim Bull and names: Wife and Executrix: .Sar.\h (land and negro). 
Son: George Tibbit and daughters, Mary Hopkins, Aves Sole, Anne 
Bala and Alsey Hill. 

TiGNER, James. Craven County. 

November 25, 1749. March 20, 1749. .Sons; Thomas, William and 
Toulson (lands divided among them). Daughter: Mary Ann Tigner. 
Wife and Executrix: Susannah. Witnesses: Abner Neale, Edmun Cul- 
LEN, Daniel Smith. Clerk of the Court: Phil. Smith. 

TiMiiEKMAN, John Gasper. Craven Precinct'. 

May 21, 1722. September Court, 1722. Leja^ee.?.- Sevilla Timmerman 
(wife) and Mary Magdalen Timmerman (daughter). Witnesses: Jacob 
Miller, John Leilker Miller, Jacob Sheets. Clerk of the Court: Caleb 

TisoN, Samuel. Bath County. 

May 1, 1736. September 16, 1736. Buford Parish. Son: Mager. 
Daughter: Sarah Tison ("all cattle marked with smooth crop on ye right 
ear and half flower deluse on ye under side of ye left ear"). Wife atid 
Executrix: Margera. Executors: Cornelius and Thomas Tison. TT'iV- 
nesses: Jno. Hardee, Edmd. Tison, Jno. King. Provision is made for 
land on Horn Creek or Little Contentnea to be patented for son Mager, 
and to daughter Sarah is devised land on Swift Creek. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Collison. 

TissoN, Mathias. Bath County. 

April 5, 1710. Sons: John, Edward, Edmond, Thomas, Samuel (land 
on Slaids Creek), Mathyas. Daughter: Susanna. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: Benjamin Sanderson, Benjamin Sl.\de, Charles 
S.mith. No probate. 

Tomes, Francis. Perquimans County. 

September 5, 1729. No probate. Daughters: M.\ry Newby (plantation 
bought of James Thickpen, also a tract of land on Usess Creek bought of 
William More), Elizabeth Phelps ("land I had in exchange from Ste- 
phen Gibbons for my land called ye Image," also plantation adjoining 
Rachell Barrow called Clagisters), Priscilla Jones, Margaret Tomes 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

(land on Bull Branch), Pleasant Winslow (land on Usess Creek). Son: 
Francis (land "whereon I now live"). Negroes bequeathed to children. 
Wife and Executrix: Rebeckah. Friends: Joseph and Thomas Jessop 
and WiLLL^i More and Thomas Winslow. Executor: Nathan Nbwby 
(son-in-law). Witnesses: J. Jessop, Richard Chesten, Ralph Fletcher, 
R. Everard. Letters granted October 6, 1729. 

Tomes, Joshua. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 4, 1731-1732. April Court, 1732. Son: Foster (land and 
negroes). Daughters: Sarah Tomes (one negro), Hannah Maudlin and 
Meriam Sutton. Son-in-law: Christopher Sutton. Grandsons: Joshu.\ 
and William Sherro. Wife and Executrix: Rebeckah (plantation and 
three negroes). Executors: Foster Tomes (son), Joseph Sutton and 
Charles Denman. Witnesses: Charles Denman, Margaret and John 
Charles. Clerk of the Court: Charles Denman. 

ToMLiN, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

July 7, 1715. Son: William (plantation, live stock, etc.). Brother and 
Executor: Willi.\m Tomlin. Witnesses: Albert Albertson, Sr., Albert 
Albertson, Jr., and Thomas Stafford. No probate. 

ToMLiNSON, John. Albemarle County. 

October 14, 1697. March Court, 1697-1698. Children: William and 
Mary, John and Elizabeth. Land called "Cabin Neck" to be divided 
between so7is. William and John. Executrix: Elizabeth Tomlinson. 
Witnesses: Jacob Overman, Dorothy Overman. Clerk of the Court: 
Wm. Glover. 

Toms, Mary. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 30, 1713. January Court, 1717-1718. Legatees: William Pl.\ter, 
Vesty Lewis, Elisabeth Pritlow, Rachell Lohence, Elizabeth, 
daughter of brother, William Nickollson. Executors: Joseph and Mary 
Gloster. Witnesses: Ralph Fletcher, Jean Fletcher, Edward 
Thomas, James Bales, Elizabeth Ieedlett (?,). James Theckpu. 
Clerk of the Court: Richard Leary. 

ToMsoN, Jacob. Johnston County. 

May 25, 1750. June Court, 1750. Sons: Thomas and Jacob Thomson. 
Executors: Thomas Lues and Richard Byrd. Wife: Mary. Witnesses: 
MiKEL Rasher, Robert Byrd. Clerk of the Court: Richard Caswell. 
Courthouse on Walnut Creek. 


June 11, 173G. July 27, 1736. "County of Medlesex, London March." 
Legatees: John Tomson ("fine house and two acres of land called ye 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17<')0. 

Charey Gardens in Barken being eight miles from London"). TT'/p and 
Executrix: Susannah. Witnesses: Joseph Thorne, John Stinson, An- 
thony White, Judath Stratch (?). Proven before Gabriel Johnston. 
Irapre.s.sion of head on seal. 

TooKE, James. Pasquotank Precinct. 

February 6, 1719-1720. April Court, 1720. Legatees: Johannah Scott 
(sister), James Tooke Scott (plantations known as Proctors and Floyds), 
Thomas Scott, Mary Scott, Elizabeth and Sarah Scott, Mary Ricks, 
John Symons, John Tawnyhill, John Scott, John, Sarah and William 
Everigin, Thomas and Joseph Commander, James Commander. Execu- 
tors: Thomas Commander and William Everigin. Witnesses: Evan 
Jones, David Prince. Anne Palmer, Daniel Mackeel. Clerk of the 
Court: W. Norkis. 

Toops, Joseph. 

July 26, 1755. Brother: John Toops ("in Jermaney"). Executors: 
George Smith and Charles Hunter. Witnesses: Jonathan Hunt, 
James Macay, Zebulon Stout. No probate. 

ToEKSEY, Elizabeth. Pasquotank Couutv. 

January 25, 17-58. March Court, 175S. Son: John Torksey. Execu- 
tor: Abel Gallop. Witnesses: Judith White and Frances Brocksat. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho.mas Taylor. 

Torksey, John. Pasquotank County. 

November 10. 1745. AprW Court. 1747. Sons: Thomas (one negro), 
Benjamin ("my plantation"). Daughters: Elizabeth and Susana (four 
negroes). Executors: Thomas and Benjamin (sons). Witnesses: Wm. 
BuRGES, John Right (Wright) and Abasana Perkins. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Taylor. 

ToiiKSEY, Phillip. Alhemarle C'ountv, Pasquotank 

January 10, 1720-1721. July 20, 1727. Sons: Phillup and John 
Torksey, Robert Morgin and Henry Haman. Executors: Robert 
Morgan and luife, not named. Wityiesses: Robert and Sarah Harrison, 
Mary Gilbart, William Griffin. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Weekes. 
Executors qualified before Wm. Willson. 

Torksey, Philip. Pasquotank County. 

February 25, 1755. June Court, 1755. Brothers: Ezekiel and John 
Torksey. Cousin: Margaret Needham (one negro). Wife and Execu- 
trix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: Wm. Burges. Abel Gallep, Benjamin 
Torksey. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

380 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

ToEVBESON, James. Albemarle County. 

August 5, 1675. Executor and sole legatee: Thomas Jarvis. Witnesses: 
Paul Lathum, Thomas Dewbery. Proven before Seth Sothell. 

ToTEWiNE, William. Craven County. 

April 5, 1776. February 7, 1777. Sons: William (plantation on Flat 
Swamp); Simon (silver shoe buckles and "Rifeld Gun"), Winder (horse, 
saddle and bridle), CoLBORN. Ereeutor; William Totewine (son). Wit- 
nesses: JosiAH Holt. Rachel Banks. Proven before Richard Caswell. 

TowNSEN, John. Perquimans County. 

August 10. 1737. October Court, 1739. Brother and Executor: Wil- 
liam TowNSEN. Daughter of brother: Ann Townsen. Witnesses: Zach. 
Chancey, Priscilla Sanders, Rebecca Chancey. Clerk of the Court: 
James Craven. 

Teanter, John. Bath County. 

Decenaber 15, 1723. Wife and Executrix: Anne. Other legatees: Henry 
and Robert Whithurst, Samuel, William and Elinor Whithurst. 
Witnesses: Thomas Mount, J. Bapta. Ashe. No probate. 

Travis, Edward. Beaufort County. 

December 30, 1739. December Court, 1740. Parish of St. Thomas. 
Sons: John, William, Thomas (land "where I now dwell in the fork of 
Goose Creek"). Daughter: Mary Travis. To son, Thomas is bequeathed 
negroes. Executors: Simon Alderson and John Boyde. Witnesses: 
Jno. Boyde, Benj.amin Hawkins, Robert Curtis. Clerk of the Coxirt: 
RoG. Jones. 

Teemain, Jonathan. Onslow County. 

July 3, 17.39. January 4, 1742. Friends: Roger Moore and William 
Dry. Executors: John and Peter Starke y. Witnesses: Jantt. Noble, 
Char. Hay and Jcseph Noble. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Cr.anford. 

Teottee, William. Perquimans Precinct. 

March 28, 1729. December 16, 1729. Daughter: Dorothy Trotter 
("my plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Sisters: Elisabeth 
Newby and Elisabeth Trotter. Witnesses: Francis Newby, Moses 
and Margaret Elliot. Proven before Richd. Everard. Nuncupative 
codicil dated December 10, 1729, and proven before Ezekiel Maudlin by 
William Green, Jesse Newby and William Morris, devises lands in 
York County, Virginia, to daughter. 

Teowell, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

January 29, 1735. April Court, 1736. Wife and Executrix: Tabitha. 

Son: Joseph. Witnesses: Sam. Taylor, J.^mes Beasly. Clerk of the 
Court: James Craven. 

Abstract of Wills, KJOO— 17G0. 381 

Teueblood, Agnes. Pasquotank Precinct. 

September 15, 1692. October 3, 1692. Sons: John and .\mos. Daugh- 
ters: Mary and Eliz.\beth Trublood. Negroes bequeathed to above- 
named. No witnesses. No executor. Clerk of the Court: Vwl'Latuvi.i. 

Trueblood, John. Pasquotank County. 

October 28, 1734. January 14, 1734. Sons: John ("my manner plan- 
tation," also plantation on .A.rrannuse Creek known by the name of 
Cretches Old Field, and one negro), Fisker (land known by the name of 
leve Neck), D.^niel (one negro). Daughters: Miri.\m and Eliz.\beth 
Trublood (negroes given to each). Wife and Executrix: Sarah (negroes). 
Executors: Abel Ross (brother) and Jarvis Jones. Witnesses: John 
Sauls, Willoughby Rice and Dugless Rood. Clerk of the Court: 
James Smith. 

Teuitt, Joseph. Craven County. 

March 29, 1755. August Court, 1756. Sons: Levi ("my plantation 
and riding horse"), John. Wife and Executrix: Pbrsillar. Witnesses: 
Luke Russell, Jeminea Russell, James Smith. Clerk of the Court: 
Wm. Powell. 

Teumbull, Thomas. 

October 22, 1733. November 8, 1733. Son: Willia.m (plantation and 
one negro). Daughter: Sarah Trumbull. Two other children men- 
tioned, but not named, to each of whom is bequeathed a negro. "My 
desire is that each one of my children shall have a maire branded by my 
executors and their brand recorded." Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Executors: Samuel Bartlett and Je.\mes Turnull. Witnesses: Rich- 
ard Sanderson, Thomas Clark, John Snoden. Proven before Geo. 

TucKEE, Nath.^niel. Ouslow Couuty. 

January 7, 1750. .\pril 2, 1751. Brother: Henry Tucker. Execu- 
tor: John Starkey. Witnesses: J. Roberts, Jno. Hol.mes, Ann Frazer. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Black. 

TuLLEY, Jane. Pasquotank Precinct. 

.4ugust 1, 1729. October 11, 1732. Orandson and Executor: David 
Boles. Other legatees: Mary and Daniel Rodes, Jr. Witnesses: Jon.a- 
THAN Hibbs, Willm. Lee and Daniel Rods. Clerk of the Court: W. 
Minson (or H. Minson). 

TuLY (or Tulle), Thomas. Hyde County. 

December 3, 1740. June Court, 1741. Sons: Thomas, John, Nathan- 
iel .and Anthony Tuly. Daughters: Mary Leith, Sary Tuly, Eliza- 

382 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

BETH Easter, Rachel Juel. Wife and Executrix: not named. Wit- 
nesses: Edw. Hadley, Foster Jones (or James), Ezekiel Richards. 
Clerk of the Court: W. Barrow. 

TuRBAVELL, RiciiARD. Bertie Precinct. 

December 4, 1725. May Court, 1726. Sons: John (land on "ye reedy 
run"), Francis (land on Moratock River), William ("plantation where 
he lives"), Walter ("plantation where I now live"). Daughter: Eliza- 
beth TuRBAVELL. Grandchildren: D.\niel and Mary Colson. Executor: 
William Turbavell (son). Witnesses: John Hog. Richard Caerton 
(?), John H.^tcheh. Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

TuENBULL, James. Tyrrell County. 

September 26. 175.3. June Court, 1754. Legatees: Yreot Ormond, 
Thomas Barker, Mary Pantry (niece), Robert and James Pantry 
(land at Scuppernong called the Brak Oake, and the Rich Levills), Mary 
TuRNBULL Butcher, Bell Butcher (lands called Bell's gift, Cards 
Island and land in Edenton), Henry Jordan, Elizabeth Hanmore, 
Daniel Han.more. Periauger and canoes ordered sold for debts. Execu- 
tors: Mary Butcher and William Gardner. Witnesses: Ann Denem, 
John Mathews, Charles Denem, James Tatterton. Clerk of the 
Court: Evan Jones. 

Turner, Henry. Henrico County, Va. 

January 17, 1712-1713. Son: Abell (plantation on Falling Creek in 
Henrico County). Daughters: Joan, Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah, Jane, 
Mary. Wife and Executrix: Patience. Witnesses: James Flemming, 
Arthur Dougall, William Fisher. Clerk of the Court: Edwd. Bon- 
wiCKE (or Renwicke). 

Turner, Henry. Edgecombe County. 

January 20, 1748-1749. February Court, 1748. Sons: Joseph and 
Thomas Turner (land on the "Cattale Marsh"), Solo.mon (land on Deep 
Creek). Daughters: Sarah, Mary and Ollif (negro to each). Wife and 
Executrix: Mary (three negroes). To sons is also bequeathed negroes. 
Executor: Matthew Joyner. Witnesses: Matthew Joyner, James 
Harris, Marmaduke Norpleet. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. Wynns. 

Turner, John. 

October 30, 1715. Cousins: Edward and Willi.vm Turner. Brother: 
WiLLi.uu Turner. Executor: John Symons. Witnesses: Henry Arnold 
and Mary White. No probate. 

Abstract of Wills, KiOO — I7(i0. 383 

Turner, John. Per(|uiniau.s PrceiiU't. 

March 3, 1717-1718. April 8, 1718. Brother: Willi.^m Ba.stabell. 
Other legatees: Thomas Peirce (Executor) and Mary Pierpe. Witnesses: 
Wm. Wood, Cattron Davis, Thomas Peirce. Clerk of the Court: Rich- 
ard Leary. Impression of head on seal with letters "o a v." 

Turner, Richabd. Perquimans Precinct. 

April 14, 1719. Daughters: Elizabeth Newby and Hannah Bas- 

table. Son-in-law: William B.\stable. Grandson: Samuel Newby. 
Wife and Executrix: Bridget. Witnesses: Robert Wilson, Samuel 
Phelps, James Littleson. Clerk of the Court: Richd. Leary. 

Turner, Robabt. Perquimans County. 

April 15, 1742. July Court, 1743. Son: Joseph. Daughter: Mary 
Turner. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Peter Albordson, 
Tho.mas Jes.sop. Clerk, of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Turner, Robert. Beaufort County. 

March 6, 1745. March Court, 1745. Sons: Robert (in England), 
John (land on South Dividing Creek, lot No. 27 in Bath Town, large 
Bible, sermon books, law books, silver watch, mourning ring). Daugh- 
ters: Ann Williams. Sarah C!raves (land on Nevil's Creek), Mary Ben- 
son (land on Nevil's Creek). Sons-in-law: John Benson (lot No. 38 in 
Bath Town), Thomas Williams (lot No. 39 in Bath Town), Thomas 
Gr.wes. Grandson: Robert Willi.\ms ("my plantation"). Execxitors: 
John Turner, Thomas Williams, Thomas Graves, John Benson. 
Witnesses: Henry West, Jacob Nevill, Samll. Taylor, Willm. Lane. 
Clerk of the Court: John Forbes. 

Turner, Willia.m. Albemarle County. 

April 28, 1696. July 27, 1698. Little River. Sons: William and 
Joshua (plantation to each). Daughter: Sarah Turner. Wife and Ex- 
ecutrix: Katherine. Witnesses: Richard Pl.\ter, Hugh Campbell, 
Henry Palin. Thomas Simmons. Clerk to Council: W. Glover. 

Turner, Willlv.m. iVlliemarle County. 

October 28, 1696. Little River. Sons: William (orchard on Lit- 
tle Creek), John (plantation bought of Patrick Baley). Daughter: 
Sarah Turner. Executors: Matthew Kelly and James Davis. Wit- 
nesses: Richard Plator, Hugh Cambell, Henry Palin. Thomas Simons. 
This is a copy made by J. K.night. No probate. 

384 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Turner, William. 

May 23, 1709. October 17, 1709. Sons: William and Edward. 
Brother: John. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: Thos. 
TwEDiB, Zacharias Nixon, Elizabeth Nixon. Clerk of the Court: 
Tho.s. Abington. 

Turner, William. Pasquotank County. 

December 23, 1749. April Court, 1750. Son: James. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth (estate divided between son and wife). Executor: 
EzEKiEL Turner (brother). Witnesses: Joseph Morris, William 
Turner, Patrick Pool. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Turner, William. Pasquotank County. 

April 6, 1753. July Court, 1753. Sons: Ezekiel (land on Gumbridge 
Branch, on Charles Overman's line), Joseph (land on Gumbridge 
Branch), William ("two lotts lying next to Ni.xonton), John ("my plan- 
tation"). Grandson: James Turner (two lots next to son Williaim's). 
Wife and Executrix: Kesiah. Witnesses: Isaac Parker, Saml. 
and Rt. Wilson. Codicil dated April 13, 1753, and witnessed by Rt. 
Wilson, Isaac Sweenie and James Gregorie, gives negro man to son 
WiLLi.\M. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

TwEOx, James. 

May 5, 1711. Son: Robert ("all cattle in his possession," "land he 
now lives on, running from ye south side of his new dwelling house to a 
place called Selpshis (?) Swamp"). John Lawson (one horse, and land 
beginning at Mahomets Swamp running to Wm. Hardy's line), Mary 
Lawson, Junr., Saml. Hardy (son of Wm. Hardy). Wife: Ann Tweox. 
"Plantation I now live on" to Mary L.\wson (widow of Nathl. Law- 
son). Robert Tweox, John Lawson and Mary Lawson to have privi- 
lege of grinding at mill, and daughter of Mary L.vwson, provided she 
marry and "seat in this Neck." Witnesses: George Gladstenies, 
Joseph Canings, John Snell (?). Clerk of the Court: Robert Buckner. 

TwiDBY, Thomas. Pasquotank Precinct. 

April 12, 1705. August 19, 1706. Wife, Executrix and sole legatee: 
Elener. Witnesses: Thom.\s Stafford, Richard Pool, John Raper. 
Clerk of the Court: Tho. Abington. 

TwiGG, William. Chowan County. 

June 20, 1741. July Court, 1741. Legatees: Elizabeth Hale (30 
pounds "bill money of this province"), Mary' Marsh ("that came in 
with me into North Carolina," one silver tankard, two silver salts, one 
silver punch ladle, two silver spoons). Daughter: Mary .\nn Twigg, of 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITHO. 385 

London. Executor: Miles Gale. Witnesses: Benjamin Talbot, Kath- 
ERINB Delogg and Pelster Perry. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

Tylee, Moses. Bladen County. 

June 25, 1762. August 9, 1762. Sons: Needham ("my plantation"), 
Owen ("my cattle"), Moses (one negro). Daughters: Peneleby, Elisa- 
beth, Christian and Lucretia Tyler. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Executor: Jos. How.ard. Witnesses: Robert Stewart, Ithamar Sin- 
GLETARY, JoHN Floyd. Proven before .-\rthur Dobbs. 

Tyler, Thomas. Bath County. 

June 5, 1722. July Court, 1722. Executor ami sole legatee: John 
Jordan. Witnesses: Thomas McKenny and David Blair. Clerk of the 
Court: Rt. Forster. 

Tyneb, Nicholas. Northampton County. 

December 12, 1752. November Court. 1753. Grandson: James Tyner 
(lands on Gaulberry). Other children: Nicholas and John Tyner (the 
children of J.ames Tyner, deed.), William Tyner, Sarah Woodard, 
Elizabeth Johnson and Ann Corbett. Executor: Willia.m Tyner 
(son). Wife: Elizabeth. All estate divided among children above- 
named. Witnesses: J. Dew, William Corbett. Clerk of the Court: 
1. Edwards. 

Unday, Thomas. Bath C-ounty. 

October 1.3, 1722. July Court, 1725. Wife and Executrix: Martha 
(houses and lot in Bath town). Witnesses: Robert Forrester, J.\mes 
Robins, Ralph Seymour. Clerk of the Court: John Swann. 

Upton, Edward. Pasquotank County. 

July 7, 1753. January Court, 1755. Sons: Edward and Joshua (lands 
adjoining Matthew Winn). Daughters: Sarah Firbish, Sabella, Eliza- 
beth, Susanna and Ann Upton. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Edward and Mary Scott, Abraham Miller. Clerk of the Court: 
Thos. Taylor. 

Upton, John. Pasquotank Precinct. 

June 30, 1715. Sons: John (plantation known as Buckingham), Wil- 
liam, Joseph and Thomas (plantation on Pasquotank River), Edward 
(plantation known as Abington). Daughters: Mary and KvTn. Wife and 
Executrix: not named. Witnesses: Griffith Gray, Methusalbm Vaughan. 
Clerk of the Court: W. Noeris. 


386 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Upton, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

May 19, 1750. July Court, 1750. Sons: Willis ("ray maner planta- 
tion"), Thomas and William (land known as Johnskintown). Daughters: 
Elizabeth, Meram and Chareton Upton. Wife and Executrix: Chrls- 
TiAN. Witnesses: John Upton, Isaac Sawyer, Joseph Temple. Clerk of 
the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

Uequhakt, William. Chowau County. 

September 5, 1738. September 26, 1738. (Edenton). Legatees: James 
Mitchell of Edenton, Robert Anderson of New York (Executor). 
Witnesses: Robert Innes, James Wallace, Ja. Ballbntine. Proven 
before W. Smith, C. J. 

Vallentine, Richaed. 

June 4, 1731. December 7, 1731. Northwest branch of Cape Fear 
River. Devisees: John Bennitt, of Pennsylvania (estate on Cape Fear 
River), James Bennitt, son of John (one-half of estate in Pennsylvania), 
Ruth Bennitt, daughter of James (one-halt of estate in Pennsylvania), 
Ann Bennitt (wife of James). Executo7-s: John Clayton, of Cape Faire 
River, Thomas Lindley, of Philadelphia. Witnesses: Edwd. Wingate, 
Jeff. Pollard. Proven before R. Moore, Da. Ev.\ns and Jno. Clay- 
ton, /ush'ces. 

VANLuvEiSr, Christopher. Bertie County. 

September 23, 1732. November 1, 1732. Sons: John and Henry. 
Wife and Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: Martin Frederick Rasor, 
Thomas Ashburn. Proven before George Burrington. 

Van Pelt, John. 

November 22, 1734. June 17, 1748. City of New York, Mariner. 
Sons: John (land in Bertie known as John Swann's plantation), Daniel, 
(land in Bertie known as Chinckapin Neck and John Wilson's plantation). 
Daughters: Mary and Elslie (five lots in Bath Town). Wife: Mary. 
Executor: John Van Pelt (son). Witnesses: Andrew Moor, John Pr.\tt, 
Henry Demeyer. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Vann, Edward. Chowan County. 

February 14, 17.38. June 4, 1752. ■So?;; Edward (land on Swamp). 
Daughters: Ann Vann, Sarah, Elizabeth. Executor: Edward Vann 
(son). Wife: not named. Witnesses: John Vann, William Vann, John 
Lewis. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Vann, Joseph. Chowan County. 

April 27, 1752. April Court, 1753. 5ores; George, Jacob ("my manner 

plantiition"). Dauglders: Ann Langston, Darkes, Mary, Elizabeth and 

Abstract of Wills, lOitO — 17(30. .'iS'i 

JoDEY. Executors: George and Elizabeth Vann (children). Witnesses: 
Jacob Odom, Thomas Langstone, Sary Langstone. Clerk of the Court: 
James Craven. 

Vanjst, William. Chowan Precinct. 

April 16, 1735. August 11, 1740. .Son; Edward (lands between Thomas 
NoRiCE and Stephen Shepard; land on the Lands Ridge between Joseph 
Braddy and James Braddy). Dauyhlers: Sarrah Hogh, Ann Vann. 
Grandson: William Vann, sou of Edward. Wife and Executrix: Sarrah. 
Witnesses: James and John Brady, Henry Goodman. Proven before W. 
Smith, C. J. 

Vaenum, Jacub. Chowan County. 

September 25. 171.5. March 29, 1716. Boston in New England. 
Chowan in North Carolina. "Mariner." rTt/e: not named. Other legatee: 
William Gardiner ("one sad coloured Broad Cloth Coat and breeches and 
Vest, ye Vest and breeches being in Boston"). Executor: Anthony Alex- 
ander. Witnesses: John Blish, John Mixon, John Newjian, Griff 
Jones. Clerk of the Court:'R. Hicks. Impression of head on seal. 

Vauohan, John. Northampton County. 

AugiLst Court, 1750. Sons: William and John. Daughters: Lucey, 

Mollis and F.anny. Wife and Executrix: Cassiah. Witnesses: S.'^.muel 

Tarver (Executor), B.'IKBR, John Mander. Clerk of the Court: 
I. Edwards. 

Vaugiian, Vinson. ^Northampton County. 

June 29, 1749. August Court, 1749. Sons: Vinson (350 acres of land 
and three negroes), Joshua (one negro), Noel Hutchens (one negro). 
Daughters: Marg-\ret Bre.\than, Sarah V.«ighan, Naomy Vaughan (one 
negro to each). Executors: John Brethen and Fransbs Wit- 
nesses: Richard Brown, John Breeding, John Brown. Clerk of the 
Court: I. Edwards. 

Veale, William. jSTew Hanover County. 

June 11. 1760. November 22, 1760. Wilmington. Son; William. Wife 

and Executrix: Abigail. Executor: Daniel Dunbibin. Witnesses: John 

Campbell, Thomas Motted (?), John Forster. Proven before Arthur 


ViNCE, Humphrey. Currituck County. 

April 4, 173S. January Court, 1739. Cousins: James and Sarah Poy- 

ner, Peter, son of James (plantation and negroes), William and Vince 

White. Other legatees: Josias Nickols, S.-uiah Simmons, Thomas Meggs, 

388 Abstbact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Lazarus and John Flower. Andrew Peacock. Luke White (cou.sin). 
Executor: Jajies Poyner. Witnesses: Thos. Taylor, Joshua Deel, Mary 
Taylor. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Shergold. 

ViNCE, Thomas. Currituck County. 

August 31, 1721. October 10, 1721. Sons: Thomas and William. 
Daughters: Hannah Vince, Margrett White, Sarah Poyner. Grand- 
children: M.\UGRETT White, Willi.s Poyner. Executor: Humphrey Vince 
(brother). Witnesses: Jo. Wicker, William Parker. Clerk of the Coiirt: 
Jo. Wicker. 

VixES, Samuel. Beaufort County. 

March 15, 1740. Sons: John (plantation on Goose Creek), Samuel and 
William (plantation "wherein I now dwell" called the Point). Daiightcrs: 
Franses, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca and Ester. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary". Witnesses: John Lawson, Martha Elliott, Roger Jones. Clerk 
of the Court: Roger Jones. 

ViNSENT, Stephen. 

September 26, 1696. April 13, 1698. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Wit- 
nesses: John Billett, Alse Billett, ? Clerk of the Court: Edward 


W.\de, John. Pasquotank County. 

Will not dated. October Court. 1750. Daughters: Mary and Magda- 
lene W.\DE. Executors: Robert Lowry, William Davis and John Skin- 
ner. Witnesses: Josiah Cartright, Robert Palmer, Thomas Wilcocks. 
Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

Wade, Joseph. Orange County. 

January 3, 17.57. March Court, 1757. Sons: John (one dollar), James 
(three negroes, land on Eno River). Daughters: Mary Strawther, Su- 
sannah Hart, Elizabeth Tally, Lucy Powell (two negroes), Sarah 
Fountin (one negro). Wife: Sarah. Grandson: Joseph Strawther. 
Executors: James Wade (son) and Joseph Powell (aon-in-law). Witnesses: 
William Burford, Samuel Burton. Clerk of the Court: Joseph Watson. 

Wade, Maey. Pasquotauk County. 

December, 1730. January Court, 1736. Sister and Executrix: Magda- 
len Wade. Witnesses: Joshua Markham, Sarah Lowry. Ckrk of the 
Court: James Craven. 

Wahab, James. Currituck County. 

October 15, 1772. March 25, 1774. Hatteras Banks. Daughters: 

Sarah and Barbara (negroes to each). Sons: Jobe (land at Armiskeat 

Aii.sTKACT OF Wn.i.s, KiOO — ITtiO. ,'589 

and at Wissockin Creek), .Jamks, William (land at Hatteras Hanks). 
I'Jxccutom: Jamb.s and Job Waham (sons). Wilnesnes: .Joseph Williams, 
Gkokoe i'liic'E, Andrew Donaldson. Proven before .Jo. Maktin. 

Waidk, Ai.icK. (vhowaii (Jouiity. 

April 2.5, 1700- 1701 . (iramlsims: Thomas and .John IIawki.ns, Thomas 
and James Lono. Gramldaunhler.i: Mahy and IOli/abeth IjONg. Dauyh- 
ler: I'Ilizaheth IjOno. Executor: John Hawkins. Witnessen: Obokoe 
.Slaid, Vines Choi-lev, Oeohce Swaine. Clerk ofllic. Court: N. Ciievin. 

Wain, Thomas. Beaufort (buiitj. 

Novombor 1(). 1747. Son anil I'Jxeculor: John. /Jawj^/iter; Sakaii Whar- 
ton. Granildaui/IUcT: Mahetaisel Whatnocjgh. Witnesses: Joii.N 1'V)urer. 
John Haurison, William Dows. No probate., I'lioMAH. (yravcn ("oiiiily. 

Will illeKible. 

WAi.iiDTTKN, Robert. IJertio I'rccinrt. 

March 25, IT.i'.i. July .31. 173;j. IVife and lixcculrix: .Sarah. Sons: 
John and Smithwick (lands). Daughter: Sarah. Witnesses: IIohert 
RoQERS, Hur.H IIiohman, Josei'h Wioht. Proven before Georoe Bur- 


Wat.dkon, JaCOI!. 

May i:{, 176.'?. October Court, \7(ir). Sons iind Executors: Isaac and 
Jacoh. Brother: ('ornelius Waldron. Executor: Kichard (Quince. 
Witnesses: Rif:HARD Quince, Revell Munroe, Parker Quince. Clerk of 
the Court for W ilmin<iton District: .]. linnowiN. 

Walker, Henderson. 

October 27, 1701. July 4. 1704. Wife awl Executrix: Ann. Other leg- 
atees: Maj. Swann ("my .swoard"), John, GEORaE and Sarah Lillinoton, 
Elizabeth Walker. Witnesses: Pr. Godfrey, Robert Harm\n, Georcb 
Chambkry. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 

Walker, John. Albcniarlo (Joiiiily. 

January 12, 1709. Wife ami Executrix: Elisabeth. Sons: Jambs, 
Thomas (land called Barsees Neck). Daughter: Sarah. Executors: 
Thomas and Robert West. Witnesses: Elizabeth Powell, Zachariah 
Gakkin, Will Mitchell. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1712- 
1722. page .'57. 

390 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Walker, Thomas. Craven Countv. 

February 19, 1753. March 19, 1753. Son: John. Daughters: Sarah 
and Mary. Executors: Benjamin Cummings, Thomas Tigner. Wit- 
nesses: Abner Neale, Chrisr. Neale, John Cummings. Proven before 
Jas. Hasbll, C. J. 

Wall, Joseph. Beaufort County. 

December 29, 1755. September Court, 1756. Sons: James, Joseph 
and HowEb ("lands on Bear Creek and ye horse pen"), Robert. Daugh- 
ters: Mary Ballard, Ann and Elizabeth Wall. Wife and Executrix: 
Deborah. Witnesses: Samuel Phillips, J.\mes Wall, Joseph Wall. 
Clerk of the Court: Walley Chauncey. 

Wall, Joshua. Currituck County. 

November 10, 1744. April Court, 1745. Sons: Joshua, Thomas and 

Joseph. No executor. Witnesses: Thomas Robb, Mary Roousall 

(Russell), Pattrick Goodin. Clerk of the Court: Richard McClure. 

Wall, Joshua. Currituck County. 

January 16, 1749. April Court, 1752. Hatteras Banks. Brother: 
Thomas. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Joseph Williams and 
Joshua Campbell. Clerk of the Court: William Shergold. 

Wall, Kichard. Northampton County. 

February 29, 1752. August Court, 1755. Sons: Sampson (1 negro), 
Richard, Arthur, S.\muel. Daughters: Judith Deloatch, Sarah Bot- 
KiN, Precila Benson, Jane Lewis. Wife: Lucy. Witnesses: Chas. 
Campbell, James Lewis. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Wall, Sarah. Edgecombe County. 

November 2, 1754. June Court, 1756. Sons: Henry, Arthur and 
John Wall. Grandson: William French. Daughter: Faith. Executor: 
John Wall (son). Witnesses: Henry, Elizabeth and Sihon Horn. 
Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montport. 

Wallace, Thomas. Currituck County. 

January 26, 1746-1747. April 27, 1747. M'ife and Executrix: Sarah 
("my perriauger"). Daughter: Barbara Wall.\ce. Witnesses: Chris. 
Butler, Elizabeth M.\tthews. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Wallace, Thomas. Chowan County. 

October 28, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: William, Jonathan, 
John. Daughters: Judith and Susan ah (lands in Bertie County), 
Eliz.\beth W.^llace (land on "the old Sonne Neck"). Mary Wallace 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 391 

(land on the east side of the "old Toune Road to Warreck"). Wife and 
Executrix: Elisabeth. Witnesses: Thoma.s and Timothy Walton. 
Clerk of the Court: Will Mearn.s. 

Wallace, William. Martin County. 

September 19, 1774. February 13, 1775. Son: William (plantation 
and six negroes). Daughters: Keziah, Din.a.h, Quotin.\, Agne-ss, Alba 
(one negro to each). Wife and Executrix: M.A.RTHA. Witnesses: J.\mes 
B.AWLiN.s, William Lewelling, David Taylor, William Bowers. 
Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Waller, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

June 30, 1687. July 10, 1687. Son: George. Daughters: Anne and 
Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: John Hallan, 
William Billing.s, John Harris, John Durant. Proven before Seth 


Wallis, Andrew. Craven County. 

March 18, 1742-1743. Sons: J,\mes, .Andrew. Wife and Executrix: 
Mary. Witnesses: Willi.\m Wickliffe, Jos. Wilson, Robert Jarman. 
No probate. 

Wallis, John. Onslow County. 

November 21, 1748. April Court, 1751. Son and. Executor: Richard. 
Wife: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Arthur Royall, John Royall. Job 
Brookes. Clerk of the Court: Tho.mas Black. 

Wallis, Stephen. Craven County. 

April 28, 1757. August Court, 1757. Sons: Benj.\min (lands), Robert 

and Stephen (Executors). Wife: Susana. Witnesses: Berry Nelson, 

Sarah Nelson, John Cummings. Clerk of the Court: Peter Conw.4.y. 

Wallis, William. Beaufort County. 

December 29, 1748. March Court, 1749. Sons: William and John 
(land and negroes). Daughters: Lidia Bond, Abigal Daw (negroes to 
each). Wife and Executrix: Mary* Wallis. Executor: Nicholas Daw. 
Witnesses: Phil. Pritchett, John Bensted, Jean Brannock. Clerk of 
the Court: John Aldorson. 

Walston, London. Bath County. 

May 26, 1728. April Court, 1728. Devisees: Thomas Batters (Execu- 
tor), Maky Batters, daughter of Thomas (land on "Papleco River" 
adjoining Blunts Town). Witnesses: James Backalder, Thomas Rignb, 
Mary Cording. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones. 

392 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — ITGO. 

Walters, Mary. New Hanover County. 

April, 1756. May 2.5, 1756. BrotJiers: John and Joseph Walters. 
Sisters: Elizabeth Walters and Mary Gr.^inger. Son: Willi.«i 
Walters. Other legatees: Barbara Murray, Isabel MacNeil, Kather- 
INE Maclaine (daughter of Archibald Macla-INe). Executor: James 
Murray (lands on Black River). Witnesses: B. Murray, Ann Britton, 

Walter . Codicil dated April 21, 1756, bequeaths estate to 

sister. Mary Grainger, in event of death of son. Witnesses to codicil: 
Joseph and Elizabeth Walters. Proven before Arthur Dobbs. 
Clerk of the Court: Isaac F.\ries. 

Walton, Tiioma.s. Chowan County. 

November 12, 1750. July 5, 1751. Son and Executor: William. 
Daughters: Elizabeth Trotman, Sus.anah Walton, Judeth Rountree, 
Ann Hunter, Sarah Pery (1 negro). Grandson: Thomas Walton 
(plantation). Witnesses: William Walton, Hardy Hunter, Timothy 
Walton. Proven before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. 

Waman, Willlvm. Pasquotank County. 

March 18, 1721. July 18, 1721. Sons: William, Robert and John. 
The following lands are devised: land on Nobesbruke Creek, lands be- 
tween David Prichard and Benjamin Lonewell, lands between the 
mouth of Pasquotank River and Flatty Creek. Daughter: Elender 
Waman. Wife and Executrix: Hannah. Witnesses: Jno. McKeele, 
Jno. Fourre, Thomas Rees. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Gale. 

War, WiLLiAiM. Northampton County. 

December 16, 1754. May Court. 1756. Sons: Henry, Tho.mas (200 
acres of land on the Horse Hole). Daughter: Ann War. Wife: Ann. 
Executor: William Winborne. Wit?iesses: Thomas Planner, Philip 
Winborne. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Ward, Enoch. Carteret County. 

February 13, 1750. March Court, 1750. Sons: Richard and Enock. 
Daughters: Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Abigall and Susanah (lands 
on Banks), Son-in-law: Joseph Sutton (husband of daughter Ann). 
Other devisee: James Shackellford. Wife: Mary'. Executors: Rich.ard 
Ward and Edw.vrd Simpson. Witnesses: Ananias Cavenagh, Joshua 
and John Simpson. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read, Five negroes 

Ward, John. Chowan County. 

May 9, 1747. December 16, 1748. Sons: Thomas, James and Joseph 

(land bought of George Turnidge), William, Jobe. Amos (plantation 

Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 393 

known by the name of the Indian Creek), Benjamin. Daughlers: Eliza- 
beth ToMSON, Catterine Evins. Wife and Executrix: Catterene 
Ward. Witnesses: Thomas Rowntree, Charles Copeland, John Cope- 
land. Proven before Gab. John.ston. 

Ward, John. Tyrrell Comity. 

March 5, 174S-1749. September Court, 17.50. .Sons; Mich.ael, John 
(1 negro and "all cattle running on Little Cantanknee"), David. 
Daughters: Elizabeth Noble (100 acres of land), Dorcas Overstreet 
(land lying on Little Cantanknee). Executors: Michael and John (son.s). 
Witnesses: Griffith Howell. John Butler, Elizabeth Butler. Clerk 
of the Court: Jones. 

Ward, Thomas. Chowan County, 

October 16, 1750. July Court, 17.'31. Wife and Executrix: Chrlstian. 
Son: Michael ("the Shop Plantation"). Witnesses: Willi.^m Wright, 
Hardy and Joseph Hurdle. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Warminit, Abraham. Albemarle Comity. 

No date or probate. Legatees: John Wheatley, William Winsey. 
Witnesses: John Lewis, Elinor Luton, Thomas Luten, John Chandler. 

Warrin, ABRxVHAii. Perqninuuis (Jomity. 

October 26, 1739. July Court, 1740. Son: Henry (plantation "I now 
live on"). Other children: mentioned, but not named. Other legatees: 
John and Jea.mes Chesson, Christopher Denman. Creditors: Sarah 
and Susannah Sutten. Wife and Executrix: S\r ah. Executor: Richard 
Skinner. Witnesses: John Creese, Mary Creese, Joh.m Stepney. Clerk 
of the Court: James Craven. 

Warren, Henry. Matchepungo Creek, in Bath County. 

February 15, 1716. April 2, 1717. .Sora; Abraham (lands). Daughters: 
Mary, Elizabeth and Ann (cattle to each). Wife and Executrix: Eliz.v- 
beth. Executor: John Porter, of Bath. Witnesses: John Martin. Wil- 
liam Harris, Gi. H.alliday. Codicil of even date and witnessed by same 
persons bequeaths negro to son, Abraham. Clerk of the Court: Jno. 

Warren, Kobert. Edgecombe Comity. 

Not dated. June Court, 1759. Daughters: Mary Warren (one negro), 
Sarah, Jane and Milsson Warren. Wife and Executrix: Margret. 
Executor: George Dawkins. Witnesses: Benjamin, Willi.\m 
Lane. Ckrk of the Court: Joseph Mont fort. 

394 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Wakren, Saeah. Perquimans Precinct. 

October 1, 1730. Sons-in-laio: Abraham Jones, John Arnold (Exec- 
utor). Other legatee: Ann Crawthehs, daughter of Nathan Crawthers. 
Witnesses: John Falconer, Abraham Warren, Sarah Warren. No 

Waeeen, William. 

October .3, 1723. November 26, 1723. Friend and Executor: Joseph 
Reding. Witnesses: Alexr. Cruikshank, Dtjglis Rod. Proven before 
William Reed. 

Waters, William. Onslow Precinct. 

January 18, 1751. July Court, 1754. Son: Josias. Daughter: Mary. 
Wife and Executrix: Martha. Witnesses: Lewis Jenkins, John Avirett. 
Clerk of the Court: Wm. Ray. 

Watkins, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

January 3, 1754. January Court, 1754. Legatees: John .and Richard 
Whedbee, John Morris and Samuell Newby. Executor: John Whidbee. 
Witnesses: William Foster, Potsefull Pierce, Mary Whedbee. Clerk 
of the Court: Edmund H.a.tch. 

Watkins, William. Pitt County. 

November 9, 1771. October 14, 1773. Sons; John and William. Sons- 
in-law: Fr.\ncis Buck, James Ca.son, Ormond, James Jones. 
Daughters: Sarah Buck, Elizabeth, Ann and R.\chel. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Christian. Witnesses: C.-vtherineCropton, John Salter, Randel 
McDaniel. Provenbefore Jo. Martin. 

Watson, John. New Hanover County. 

January 3, 1743-1744. March Court, 1743. " Of ye Sound." Sons: 
John, Joseph and Jonathan. Daughter: Sarah. Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Witnesses: Archd. Nickells, Joseph Jones, Francis Beale. 
Clerk of the Court: James Smallwood. 

Watson, John. New Hanover County. 

December 15, 1773. March 3, 1774. Son: John. Daughters: Eliza- 
beth Watson, Mary, wife of Samuel Marshall, Sarah, wife of Nixon 
Chester. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Jno. Robeson, John 
Gaillard, Willm. Nichols. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Waxdale, John. Bath County. 

November 12, 1733. December Court, 1734. Trent River. Son: 
John. Wife and Executrix : Walpolia. Witnesses : David Dupuis, 
William Dupuis, John Simons, John Parker, James Clement. Clerk 
of the Court: Caleb Metcalfe. 

Absteact of, 1690—1760. 395 

Waxdale, John. Craven County. 

March 5, 1738-1739. December 18, 1739. Daughters: Lovice, Marga- 
ret, Katherine, Mariam, Annacivilla. Executors: Abraham Bussett, 
Philip Miller. Witnesses: Hugh Stanaland, Nathaniel Parrott. 
Clerk of the Court: James Coor. 

Wayman, William. Pasquotank County. 

March 9, 1737. July Court, 1740. Legatees: Mary, Haner, Thameu, 
Thomas and Robert Lowry. Executor: Robert Lowry. Witnesses: 
Robert and Mary Lowry. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Weaver, John. Chowan Comity. 

September 18, 1750. October Court. MbO. Legatees: John Polson 

(Executor) and Caleb Pol.son, son of John. Witnesses: Mary Stuart, 

George Polson, Demsey Sumner. Clerk of the Court: Willia.m Mearns. 

Weaver, William. Bertie Precinct. 

February Court, 1735. Sons: William, John (land at Pea Hill), Henry 
(land on Fountains Creek), Edward, Thomas (one "Clankibone pot"). 
Brother: Stephen Weaver. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: 
John Cook and John ."Vrnol. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. 

Webb, Anthony. Bertie County. 27, 1748. November Court, 1750. Sons: Samuel. WillijVji 
(plantation on Deep Creek "whereon I now live" and two negroes). Daugh- 
ters: Persillo, Kezier, Anne. Wife: Martha. Execxdor: 
Witnesses: William and John Barton, Isaac Pierce. Clerk of the Court: 
Samuel Ormes. 

Webb, Henry. Orange County. 

January 10, 1756. March Court, 1759. Sons: Wentworth and John 
(negro to each). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: George 
Laws, Elias Dowtves. Clerk of the Court: James Watson. 

Webb, John. Northampton County. 

February 11, 1749. February Court, 1749. .Sons; Jolley, James and 
Jesse. Daughter: Judith Webb (estate divided among children above 
named). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Robert Hicks, 
William Ragland. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Webb, Samuel. Bertie County. 

May 24. 1754. May Court, 1754. Sons: Benjamin and Samuel (lands 
on Horse Creek). Daughters: Penelope, Ann and Elizabeth Webb 

396 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

(negro to each). Wife and Executrix: Marget. Witnesses: Moses Sumner, 
Tamer Williford, Easter Willeford. Clerk of the Court: Samuel 

Webster, Ellsabeth. Carteret County. 

March 4, 1754. June Court, 1754. Sons: John Webster, Joseph, 
James and S.\muel Noble, Benjamin Webster. Daughters: Hannah 
Roberts and R.\chel Hourton. Executor: Samuel Noble (son). Wit- 
nesses: Moses Houston, Rachel Pearson, H.^nnah Simmons. Clerk of 
the Court: Geo. Read. 

Webster, John. Carteret County. 

July 8, 1745. February 27, 1746. Sons: John, Joseph, Benj.^jiiin. 
Daughters: Elizabeth and Mary. Executors: Peter Peery and Nicholas 
Hunter. Witnesses: Moses Houston, James Noble, Richard Willi.\m- 
SON. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Webster, John. Hyde County. 

December 25, 1773. April 6, 1774. Sons: Richard, Sa.muel, James 
and Henry. Daughter: Mary. Wife and Executrix: Lydia. Executors: 
Samuel Smith and Willm. Porter. Witnesses: John MarkDory (?), 
Richard C.a.pps. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Webster, William. Hyde County. 

October 16, 1745. February 3, 1745. Son: William (plantation and 
two negroe.s). Wife and Executrix: Ann. Grandchildren: John Thoro- 
good Webster and Ann Webster, children of James Webster, deceased 
(one negro girl to each). Witnesses: John Weight, Lodwick M.\rtin, 
Thomas Loack. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Loack. 

Weekes, Benjamin. Carteret County. 

November 9, 1744. June Court, 1745. Sows; Isaac, Jarbus, Thefflus, 
Archelas, Bengumen. Daughters: Lidd.a Witton, Mary' Willims, 
Christian Weaks, Thankfull Hicks, Elizabeth Weeks. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Jehoshaphat Hollands, Francis Burns, 
Thomas Person. Clerk of the Court: George Read. 

Welch, John. Chowan County. 

April 23, 1730. Sons: Edward and John (plantation to each, John's 
lying on Cockfighting Branch). J.\mes (land on Cockfighting Branch). 
Daughter: Sarah (150 acres of land). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Witnesses: John and James Parker, Ben.i.\min Evans. No probate. 

Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 39'i 

Welch, Nathaniel. Pasquotank County. 

February 13, 1734-1735. .\pril Court, 173.5. Leijalees: Terence 
Sweeny, Thomas Gaskill, Elizabeth Ga.skill, Joseph Pendleton, 
Daniel Dunn, John Corp. Executor: Terence Sweeny. Witnesses: 
John S.medley, Thoma.s Pendleton. Clerk of the Court: Jo.s. Smith. 

Wells, William. 

January 31, 1742-1743. Sons: Willi.\m and Nath.aniell, John and 

Joseph (lands), Henry. Daughters: Sarah Ev.\ns, Elizabeth . 

Executor: John Starkey. Witnesses: John Dudley. John McGrah, Eph. 
Swift. No probate. County not given. 

Wenham, Robert. 

May 16, 1735. Augvist 9, 1735. Sons: Robert (Executor), William. 
Witnesses: Fr.^ncis Brown. John Green. John Gourdon. Proven before 
W. Smith, C. J. 

West. Arthur. Bertie County. 

April 12, 1727. May Court, 1730. Devisees and legatees: Robert, son 
of Henry West (land on Fishing Creelc), Nathaniel Hickman (land on 
Fishing Creek). Brother: Joseph West. Sister: Mary West. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Arthur Whitched, William West, Edward 
TowERSON. CleJ-k of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

West, Charles. Pasquotank County. 

August 8, 1747. October Court, 1748. Sons: Lemuel (four negroes), 
Jonathan (three negroes and cattle), Hezekiah (two negroes). Daughters: 
Winefruit West (two negroes), Dinah West. Grandson: Ben,i.\min 
West, son of Charles, dec'd (plantation known as Cowjjen Neck and Rol- 
linseas). Wife and Executrix: Dinah. Executors: Lemuel West (son) 
and Thomas M.^ckeel (son-in-law). Witnesses: John Guthray, Ann 
Daniel, John McKeel. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

West, Henry. Beaufort County. 

August 14, 1752. December Court. 1752. Sisters: Mary Sojorner, 
Sarah Peyton, Ceila Ty'NES. Nephew: John Peyton. Niece: Hol- 
land Applewhite. Executors: John Giles, Michael Coutanche, Wil- 
liam Peyton and Thomas Pierce. Witnesses: Thomas and John 
Jasper, John Porter. Clerk of the Court: Will Ormond. Original 
missing. Abstract made from recorded copy. 

West, John. Chowan Precinct. 

July 16, 1713. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: Law- 
rence S ARSON, Elizabeth Rose. Original mi.ssing. Recorded in Book 
1712-1722. page 27. 

398 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

West, Jonati-ian^. Pasquotank County. 

August 28, 1751. July Court, 1751. Legatees: Lamuel and Hezekiah 
West, Thomas McKebl, William Woodley, Dinah and Benjamin 
West. Negroes are divided among above-named. Executors: Thomas 
WooDLY and Thomas Mackeel. Witnesses: Jonathan Howell, Isaac 
Cox, Anthony White. Clerk of the Court: Tho.m.4s Taylor. 

West, Petee. Bertie County. 

July 31, 1749. May Court, 1751. Daughters: Sarah West, Eliza- 
beth Cotton (four negroes). Son: Peter (lands and negroes). Grand- 
son: William West. Executor: Ch.-vrles Horne. Witnesses: Henry 
WiNBORNE, Bryan H.are, Wustrum (?) Rogers. Clerk of the Court: 
Samuel Ormes. 

West, Pobert. Chowan Precinct. 

March 28, 16S9. June 4, 1689. Sons: Robert, Thom.\s, John and 
Richard (lands and negroes). Wife and Executrix: Martha. Wit- 
nesses: J.431ES D.\merell, James Harla. Proven before Seth Sothell. 

West, Thomas. Bertie County. 

November 6, 1756. April Court, 1757. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Daughter: Elizabeth West. Son: William. (7 negroes divided 
among foregoing). Executor: Robert West (brother). Witnesses: John 
Corbert, Wm. Fleetwood, Joseph White. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. 

West, William. Bertie Precinct. 

July 28, 1735. Legatees and Executors: Robert West, Jr., and 
Thomas West, his brother (all estate devised and bequeathed to these 
two). Witnesses: William Lattimer, Robert West. No probate 

West, William. Beaufort County. 

December 4, 1744. December 10, 1745. Daughters: Sar.^h Peyton 
(negro), Calia Tynes, Mary Sojourner. Grandson: Jacob Sojourner. 
Wife and Executrix: Susanna. Executor: Henry West (son). Wit- 
nesses: Richrd. Jones, MjVry Smith, Jeremiah Smith. Clerk of the 
Court: John Forbes. 

West, William. Edgecombe County. 

November 26, 1749. February Court, 1749. Son and Executor: Wil- 
liam (lands on Rocky Swamp, together with water mill). Brother: 
Henry West. Nephew: William West (son of Henry). Daughter: 
Mary Williams. Witnesses: Wallis Jones, John Long, Joel Jones. 
Clerk of the Court: Benj.amin Wynns. 

Absteact of Wills, 1690—1700. 30!) 

WicsT, William. ('raven County. 

February Court, 17.50. Sons: John, Daniel. Williant. Samewili. 
(Samuel). Daughters: Mary Lane, Elizabeth and Lydia West. Wife 
and Executrix: Rebeckor. Excndors: John Lane and Daniel Daugh- 
iTY. Witnesses: Jonathan Mckfarson, Daniel Daughity, Elizabeth 
Daughity. CWk of the Court: Peter Conway. 

Weston, William. Bertie County. 

November 12, 1747. February Court, 1748. Sons: Ephraim, John 
and William (lands "upon the Loosing Swamp" and other tracts de- 
scribed in will), Malichi and Thoma,s Weston ("plantation whereon I 
live"). Daughter: Rachel Weston. Wife: Catherine. Executors: John 
and William (sons). Witnesses: Joseph Watford, Moses Green. Clerk 
of the Court: John Weston. 

Whaltonp:, Thomas. t'howan County. 

May 8, 1719. June S, 1719. Wife: Anne, of King and (Jueen County 
in Virginia. All estate is left to wife and seven children, not named. 
Executor: John Plowman. Witnesses: Ab. Cokburne, John White, 
Mary White. Proven before Governor Charles Eden. Impression of 
what appears to be cherub with wings on seal. 

Wiiaukey, Anthony. Perquiman.s Precinct. 

.September 17, 1716. July 8, 1718. Son: Joshua. Wife and Execu- 
trix: Sarah. Executor: Thoma.s Harvey. Witnesses: Francis Smith. 
S.*..MUELL Wyatt, Ann Ray. Ckrk of the Court: Richard Leary. 

Wir.\KY, Joshua. Perquimans Precinct. 

January 28, 1729. August 18, 1730. Brother: Anthony Whary. 
Sistei-s: Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah and Mary Whaby. Executor: 
Robert Bevines. Witnesses: John Arnal, Elizabeth Arnal, John 
Stepney. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

Wheatli:y', John. Chowan County. 

December, 1706. January 1, 1706-1707. Daughters: Elizabeth, .\nn 
ami Martha. Wife and Executrix: Anne (land on Towne Creek). 
Executor: Samuel P.\sckel. Witnesses: Thomas Luton, Henry Boner, 
Nathl. Chevin. Clerk of the Court: Nathl. Chevin. 

Wheatley', Samuel. Tyrrell County. 

January 21, 1739-1740. June Court, 1740. Wife and children: men- 
tioned, but not named. Executors: S.\muel Wheatley and William 
Kennedy. Witnesses: Wm. Kennedy, Sary Pell, Mary Wentham. 
Clerk of the Court: Thomas Lbary. 

400 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

Wjiedbee, Riciiaed. Perquimans Couuty. 

January, 1746. July Court, 1746. .Sons.- John (plantation and one 
negro), Rich.\rd (land known as Broken Beeches and one negro), George 
(three negroes), Benjamin and Joseph (two negroes to each). Daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth Pratt, Deborah Wilkbns, Sarah Haskens (two 
negroes to each). Wife and Executrix: Hannah (two negroes). Execu- 
tors: Christian and Joseph Reed (brothers-in-law). Witnesses: S.amubl 
Snowden, Elizabeth Reed, Catherine Davis. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. 

WiiEEDBEE, Ann. Pasquotank County. 

September 24, 1750. January Court, 1750. Sons: William Boyd and 
Thomas Boyd. Other legatees: Elizabeth Bailey, Winifort Boyd, Ann 
Bailey. Executors: Anthony Marckham and William Boyd. Wit- 
nesses: John Wilkins, Joseph Commander. Clerk of the Court: Thos. 

Wheller, Henry. Bertie Precinct. 

June 24, 1726. November Court, 1727. Sons: Emprer, Henry, 
John. Daughter. Sarah. Wife and Executrix: Anne. Witnesses: 
Robert Simes, Andrew Ireland. Clerk of the Court: Robert Forster. 

V/hidbe, George. Pasquotanlc Precinct. 

March 22, 1718. July 29, 1718. Sons: Richard, George (land on 
Alegator River), John. Cousin: Richard Whidbe. Daughter: Ruth 
Whidbe. Executors: George and Richard Whidbe (sons). Witnesses: 
John Mixon. Autho. Allexander, Rebeckah Baley. Clerk of the 
Court: R. HicKs. 

Whidbe, George. Albemarle County. 

April 21, 1722. Daughters: Ann and Elizabeth (land on Cow Ridge). 
Brother: Richard Whidbee. Other legatees: John Gardener (son of 
Jane Gardener) and John Whidbee (son of John Whidbee). Wife 
and Executrix: Wineford. Witnesses: Joseph Winship, William Hud- 
son, William Willson. Proven before Wm. Reed, "Presidente of North 

Whidbee, George. Pasquotank County. 

June 16, 1749. August 11, 1749. Broi/iers; John and Richard Whid- 
bee. Nephews: George (son of Rich.ard), John and Thomas Whidbee 
(sons of John). To above-named is bequeathed negroes. Wife and 
Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Anthony Markham, Jno. McKeel. Proven 
before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. Coat of arms on seal. 

Abstract of Wills, 101»0 — 1700. 401 

WniDBE, Richard. Tyrrell C'oinity. 

March 29. 1736. June Court, 1740. Cousin ath/ Executor: George 
Philps. Other legatee: Cudbath Philps. Witnesses: John Woodland, 
Thomas and Jane Clerk of the Court: Thoma.s Leary. 

White, Abraham. Pasquotank County. 

January 7, 1746. January Court, 1746. Brother: John White. 
Nephew: James White, son of John (plantation). Wife and Executrix: 
Sarah. Executor: James White (brother). Witnesses: Aaron Morris, 
Thomas Symon.s, Joseph Robinson. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Tay- 
lor. Device on seal. 

White, Arnold. 

March 22, 1690. Daughter: Elizabeth. Son and Executor: .\rnold. 
Brother: Henry White. Witnesses: Stephen Munden, William Man, 
Jeams Davis. Clerk of the Court: Henderson Walker. 

White, Arnold. Perquimans County. 

April 24, 17.51. July Court, 17.52. .Sons; Samuel and Arnold (plan- 
tation divided between them). Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses: Peter Parker, Jacob Overman, Mary Parker. Clerk of the 
Court: Edmund H.vtch. 

White, George. Craven County. 

October 7, 1741. September 22, 1744. Sons: George and Luke. 
Daughters: Sarah and Persilla. Wife: Francess. Witnesses: Robert 
Clark, John White. Edwd. Vann. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

White, Georcje. Chowan County. 

April, 1747^ Will illegible. 

White, Henry. 

November 14, 1669-1670. May 16, 1670. H'f/e; Elener. .Son; Arnull. 
No executor appohited. Witnesses: George Richards, Henry M^vn- 
NERLY. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Harris. Justice: Peter Carteret. 

White, Henry. Albemarle County. 

.September 19, 1706. Sons: Henry, Arnold, Isack, Robert and John. 
(Negroes and "maner" plantation devised and bequeathed to sons.) Daugh- 
ters: Content, Mary and N.\omy. Wife and Executrix: not named. Wit- 
nesses: Zachariah Nixon, John Symons, John Martin, Jeremyah 
Symons, John Raper. No probate. 


402 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1700. 

White, Heney. Pasquotank County. 

March 25, 1739. April Court, 1739. Sons: Thomas and Isaac (all es- 
tate left to these two sons). Executors: Henry Stanton and William. 
Burden (or Bender). Witnesses: William Symons, Jqhana White, 
Benjamin Newby. Clerk of the Court: Joseph Smith. Clerk of Carteret 
County: John Simpson. 

White, Henry. Currituck County. 

December 22, 1751. September 10, 1754. So7is: Hilary (two negroes), 
Henry, Joseph (land at Navis Creek), Caleb (plantation called Dunke- 
leys), Joshua, Church. To four sons is given land over Indian Creek, and 
also plantation at Black Water. Daughter: Mary. Executors: Hilary 
and Henry White (sons). Witnesses: Jos. Campbell, Charles Wil- 
liams, William Duding ( ?). Clerk of the Court.: John Snoad. 

White, John. Albemarle County. 

April 4, 1690-1691. Legatees: William and Elizabeth Edleton, 
James RiGG (Executor). Wife and Executrix: MARansT. Witnesses: JoKti 
Stepney, Stephen Hanreffe (?), Thomas Leffer (?). Signature of pro- 
bate oflicer illegible. 

White, John. Hyde County. 

April 7, 1724. April Court, 1726. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Wit- 
nesses: Robert Peyton, Patrick Maule. Clerk of the Court: Thomas 
Jones. Executrix qualified before Samuel Slade. Coat of arms on seal. 

White, John. Perquimans Precinct. 

February 16, 1730-1731. March 10, 1730. Son: John. Daughters: 
Rachel White (land bought of Fr.vncis Nube (Newby), Sarah, Eliza- 
beth and Hulde. Sister: Mary. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: 

John Lille, J.vmes , William White. Proven before George 


White, John. Carteret County. 

April 11, 1744. February 26, 1745. Brother: Robert White, of the 
County of Norfolk, in Great Britain. Executors: John Starkey and 
Samuell Wilson. Witnesses: Ralph Caves, Sarah Starkey, Jacob 
BiDDLE. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

White, John. Pasquotank County. 

May 19, 1754. July Court, 1754. Son: Samuel. Sister: Elizabeth 
White. Wife: Ann. Other legatee: John Man. Executor: James Davis. 
Witnesses: Timothy Meeds, James Davis, Willia.m Bundy. Clerk of the 
Court: Thomas Taylor. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690— 17G0. 403 

White, Luke. Currituck County. 

June 8, 1757. March Court, 1758. Sons: Vinson (land called Absalom 
Poiner's), Joshua (plantation and one negro). Daughters: Christian 
White, Keziah Elles, wife of Michael Elles, Mary, wife of John Tom- 
son. Wife and Executrix: Margaret. Witnesses: WiLLi.\ii Bray, Joseph 
PoYNER, John Wheatley. Clerk of the Court: Wm. Mearns. 

White, Media. Bertie Couuty. 

August 27, 1744. January 17, 1749. Chowan. Wife and Executrix: Eliz- 
abeth. Witnesses: Abigail White, Joseph Butterton, Sarah Bdtteb- 
TON. Proven before Gab. Johnston. Impression of winged dragon on seal. 

White, Nehei.iiah. Pasquotauk Couuty. 

September 5, 1751. July Court. 1751. Sons: Benjajiin and Joshua 
(land to each). Daughters: Sarah, Mary and Martha White. Wife and 
Executrix: Martha. Executor: Joseph Pritchard (brother-in-law). Wit- 
nesses: Joseph, Robert White, Joseph Robinson. Clerk of 
the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

White, Eobeet. Albemarle County. 

April.19, 1698. Probate illegible. Sons; Vincent and Robert. Daugh- 
ter: Mary. Friend: Thomas Jones. Executor: Vincent White (son). 
Witnesses: Ephre.vm Coste, John Fourre, Francis DeLaMare. 

White, Robeet. Pasquotauk Precinct. 

January 1, 1732. April 16, 1733. Sons: Jonathan and Zefeniah ("the 
manah plantation adjoining Robert Lowry"), Joseph ("back land" and 
two negroes). To each of sons is bequeathed negroes. Daughters: Ann 
and Eliz.\beth White. Wife and Executrix: Rebeckah. Witnesses: 
A.aron Morris, Robart Davis, Henry White. Proven before Geo. 

White, Eogee. Albemarle County. 

September 10, 1686. Wife and Executrix: Joan. Other legatees: Wil- 
liam Morrison, Richard Williamson and George Lonoday (?). Wit- 
nesses: Wm. Chapman, George Lonoday (?), Richard Williamson, 
Thomas Wallen. No probate. 

White, Saeah. Hyde County. 

January 6, 1726. April Court, 1727. Legatees: Benj.uiin Mordicke 
(plantation on Machepungo River), Elizabeth Montgomery, John 
Snoad, Jr., Ardley Thorowgood, Sarah Bell {Executrix). Witnesses: 
Gi. Halid.^y, Willi.«i Webster. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Jones. 

404 Abstract of Wills, 16'J0 — 17(:iO. 

White, Thomas. Albemarle County. 

March 1 1 , 1695. No probate. Wife and Executrix: Diana. Other leg- 
atee: William Collins. Witnesses: Debora Willoby, William Collins, 
Thomas Hassold. 

White, Thomas. Chowan County. 

April 26, 1752. January Court, 1754. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Son: not named. Children of wife: Job and John Charlton, Mary Crecy, 
Susan AH Leary. Executors: Job and John Charlton, Levi Crecy. Wit- 
nesses: J. Benbury, M. Potter, Josh. Pratt. Clerk of the Court: Will 
H alse Y. Impression on seal : man mounted on horse or Hon. 

White, Thomas. Carteret County. 

November 28, 1757. December 8, 1757. Sons: Henry (plantation), 
Thomas (one negro). Executors: Henry Stanton and Isaac White 
(brother). Witnesses: Ephraim Bull, J.\mes Brown, Katherine White. 
Clerk of the Court: William Robertson. 

White, William. Chowan County. 

December 14, 1723. April 14, 1724. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Daugh- 
ter: Mary. Witnesses: Jeremiah Pratt, Thomas Mercer. Proven before 
C. Gale,C.J. 

White, William. Currituck County. 

March 10, 1753. March Court, 1755. Sons: Henry, Willoughby 
(lands to each), Luke, Jamey (negro to each). Daughters: Cortna, Love 
and Meriam White (negroes). Wife and Executrix: Margaret. Witnesses: 
George Powers, Sam. Simmons, Thomas Miller. Clerk of the Court: 
William Shbrgold. 

White, Willlvm. Cumberland County. 

May 5, 1774. July 13, 1774. Granddaughter: Catrine Knowlan. 
Nephews: James and Gerald White. Brother: James White. Executors: 
Wm. McRee, James W^hite, Joseph Kemp. Witnesses: Griffith Jones, 
Mary White, Mary' White. Proven before Jo. Martin. 

Whitehead, Alice. Craven County. 

March 12, 1741-1742. June 21, 1743. Brother: Edward W'hitehead 
of London. Nephews: James and Robert Whitehead (sons of brother, 
Edwd.). Niece: Elizabeth Whitehead (daughter of brother, Edward). 
Other legatees: T.\bitha Smith, Mildred Travers, Thomas (son of John 
Fearn), Mary (wife of John Fearn), Ann Bendis, Sarah Bendis, Mary 
(wife of James Coor, j-oungest daughter of Thomas Smith of New River), 
Nicholas Routledge of New Bern, Madam Hannis (wife of Joseph Han- 

Abstract of Wills, ](i!)0 — 1700. 405 

Nis), Susannah (wife of William Herritage), Willi.\jm Brice, Joseph 
Hannis, Jr. (Executor), Manuel and Peter ("two Portugee servants"). 
Codicil revokes legacy of two Portugese slaves and gives them their free- 
dom. All legacies are in money or clothing. Witnesses: Thomas Hilder- 


man. Device on seal. Clerk of tlic Court: N.Koutl.edge. 

WiiiTEHousE, Samuel. Carteret County. 

October 28, 1756. December Court, 1756. Sons: Robert (plantation 
at the Straights lying to the eastward of Old Topsail Inlet and one negro). 
Son-in-lavy William Wilkins Taylor (plantation "on which I now live" 
on Bouge and Newport Sounds). Daughters: Esther and Anne White- 
house. Wife and Executrix: Abigail. Executor: Valintine Wallis. 
Witnesses: Frances Shepard, John Ogelsbee, Geo. Mackane. Clerl; of 
the Court: John Smith. 

WiiiTEHURST, Thomas. 

"Lieutenant in the Royal Navy." March 22, 1765. June 23. 1766. 
Unto William CiRenfell Lobb, youngest son of Jacob Lobb, eommamler 
of "His Majesty's sloop the Viper," is bequeathed money in hands of 
George Marsh of Savage Gardens, Tower Hill, London. Unto sister, Ann 
Whitehdrst is devised lands known as Styles Copp within six miles of the 
town of Stafford. England; sister also named as Executrix. Witnesses: J. 
Eustace, Thom.\.s Cobham, Thomas McOuire. Proven before Wm. 
Try'ON. Lnpression of head on seal. 

Whitley, Samuel. Tyrrell County. 

January 21, 1739-1740. March 4, 1739. Lands and property bequeathed 
to wife and children, who are not named. Son-in-knc: Arch- 
decon. Executors: S.-\mll. Whitley and William Kennedy. Clerk of 
the Court: TnouAS, Leary. 

The original of this will missing. Abstract made from recorded copy 
No. 117, inGrantBook No. 4. 

Whitley, William. Nortliampton County. 

August 15, 1751. April Court, 1759. Sons: Jacob, James, William, 
Arthur, Joseph. Daughters: Elizabeth, Julian and Susanna. Wife 
and Executrix: Julian. Witnesses: James Gay, Elisha Darden, Charles 
Barnes. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Whitmell, Thomas. Bertie County. 

November 23, 1735. December 13, 1735. .Sons; Thomas, Lewis, Wil- 
liam. Daughters: Sar.'.h and Marth. Whitmell and Elizabeth Pol- 
lock. Wife: Elizabeth. The following lands devised: plantation (home) 

406 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760. 

on Kesia River; land on Buck Swamp. Horses and other live stock, to- 
gether with eight or ten negroes bequeathed to above-named. Executors: 
Thos. Whitmell (son) and John Ge.^y. Witnesses: Si.mon Gale, Garh.a.d 
Van Upstall, Mary Cannady. Proven before Gab. Johnston. 

The original of this will missing. Abstract made from recorded copy 
No. 22, in Grant Book No. 4. 

WniT^fEY, Joshua. 

December 26, 1735. January 21, 1735. Sons: D.avid, Jekemiah, 
Samuel (one negro and one-fourth share of sloop Ketring to each), Joseph, 
Francis. Daughters: Ketring (negro), Ruth. About 12 silver spoons 
and one silver tankard bequeathed to sons and daughters. Wife: Martha. 
Executors: David and Jeremiah Whitney (sons). Witnesses: John and 
Jeremiah Bentley, James Blair. Proven before W. Smith. 

Wlat, John. Perquimans Countv. 

April 9, 1738. June 15, 1739. Son: William (lands and negroes). 
Daughters: Sarah Standing (lands on Mings Creek and Bridge Creek), 
Elizabeth Oates. Brother: Joshew'ay Long (land known as Normond's 
Folly). Wife and Executrix: Rachel. Executors: William Wiat and 
Thomas Peirce. Witnesses: Thomas Calloway, Wm. Hosking, Wil- 
Li.AM Long. Proven before W. Smith. 

Wiat, Thomas. Perquimans Precinct. 

April 28, 1735. July 23, 1735. Brothers: Thom.a.s Long, S.imuell 
Wiat, William Long, Joshua Long {Executor). Witnesses: John Step- 
ney, William Ho.skins (or Horkins). No probate officer. 

WicKEE, Richard. Currituck County. 

January 30, 1699-1700. Wife: Martha. Granddaughters: Anna .and 
Elizabeth (daughters of George Booth). Other legatee: Robert Lin- 
NEY. Witnesses: Ann Thomas, Peeter Parker, N.\thaniel Toms. 
Clerk of the Court: Will Swann. 

WicKLiFFE, William. Craven County. 

September 30, 1753. December 15, 1754. Son: William. Daughters: 
Elizabeth, Alice and Katherine Wickliffe. Executors: John Franks 
(son-in-law), William Wickliffe (son), John ST.^.RKEY. Witnesses: 
Jere. Vail, Daniel Dupee, Southy Rew. Proven before Arthur 


Wiokstead, Pall. New Hanover County. 

August 4, 1738. August 12, 17.38. This is a nuncupative will proven 
before Matt. Rowan, J. P., by Mauy Bryan and Francis Boylan, and 
bequeaths books to said Rowan's children, and remainder of estate to 
said Boylan. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 407 

WiLCocKs, John. Craven C'ouiitv. 

May 9, 1761. No probate. Sons: Benjamin (land bought of Le.muel 
Hatch). Thomas and Stephen. Grandson: John Wilcocks. Saw and 
grist mill mentioned. Wife: Jane. Daughter: Ann. Executor: Le.muel 
Hatch. Witnesses: Elener Wilcocks, Gershom Wood, Edmund 


WiLKiNS, Charles. Chowan Precinct. 

January 2.3. 17.3.3-1734. February 15, 1734. Sons: John ("my plan- 
tation," bounded bj' Mattacomack Swamp and Queen Anne's Creek, and 
the road from Hoskins Bridge to Yawpim), William (pLantation called 
Britains and Fordynes, and also lands called the Wett Groimd). Daugh- 
ters: Sarah (wife of Luke Gregory), Ann, Mary and Elisabeth. 
Brother-in-law: Nicholas Crisp. Wife: not named. Executors: John 
and William (sons). Witnesses: Samuel and Sarah Warner, Edward 
Standin. Proven before G.ab. Johnston. 

WiLKiNS, John. Chowan County. 

January 18, 1774. March 17, 1774. Sons: Ch.arles ("thick neck" 
plantations in Perquimans and Chowan, together with three negroes), 
John (plantation near Hoskins' Mill and plantation known as McClenny's, 
together with three negroes). Daughters: Katherine Bains, Deborah 
Taylor, Elizabeth Wilkins. Wife and Executrix: Judith (three 
negroes). Executors: Andrew Knox and Thomas Oldham. Witnesses: 
Charles Copel.and, William Copeland, Rebecca Barber. Proven 
before Jo. Martin. 

WiLKisoN, Philip. Bladen County. 

February 24, 1757. July Court, 1758. Sons: Thomas (land on Wil- 
keson's Creek), Richard, John, William. Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary 
and Margaret Williams. Wife and Executrix: Marth.i (negroes). 
Witnesses: Benjamin Sluyter, Thomas Platt, Alexander McConkey. 
Clerk of the Court: J. Burgwin. 

WiLKisoN, William. 

July 4, 1704. May 9, 1706. Wife and Executrix: Esther. Other 
legatees: Wm. Glover, Thomas Lutten, Thomas Blunt, Jno. Blunt 
(1 ring to each). Witnesses: James Benbery, Danll. Leigh, Silas 
Smith, James Beasley, John Shaw, Rachell Backer. Clerk of General 
Court: J. Knight. 

WiLLCox, Jeremiah. Pasquotank County. 

April 22, 17.54. July Court, 1754. Son: Stephen (lands on sound 

side). Daughters: Sarah and Roth. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 

■iOS Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Other legatee: Elizabeth Wakefield. Executor: Zachariah Keeton. 
Witnesses: Nathan Overman, Job Nichols. Clerk of the Court: Tho. 

WiLLLMis, Anthony. Chowan County. 

December 3, 1717. April Court, 171S. Sons: Lewis, Williaii, John, 
Anthony (land on Beach Swamp). Daughters: Sarah, Mary and 
Ellinore Williams. Wife and Executrix: Martha (land at Catawat- 
sky). Other devisee: Jaiies Corlee (land on Holly Swamp). Father-i?!- 
law: John Early. Witnesses: William Cranford, Peter West, Pre- 
cilla Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

WiLLL\Ms, Anthony. Duplin County. 

July 3, 1751. April Court, 1752. Sons: Stephen (plantation and 
negroes), Benjamin (land "I now live on called the Beaverdam Neck"). 
To son Benjamin is also given two negroes, and son Stephen is requested 
to buUd for him a "sufficient dwelling of ye Bigness of twenty and six- 
teen foot." Daughters: Mary (wife of Moses Powell), Penellipy Wil- 
liams (one negro), Pheribe Willi.\ms (one negro), Easter Williams, 
Sivelity Williams. Cousin: Anthony Bevbly. Other devisee: Edward 
Carter. Wife: Mary. Executors: Job Brookes, William Hairs. Wit- 
nesses: S.wiUELL Jones, George Smith, John Williams. Clerk of the 
Court: John Dickson. 

Williams, Aethue. Bertie County. 

August S, 1735. February Court, 1739. Sons: Arthdr (water mill 
and lands on Creek), Robert (lands on Potecasi Creek above ye Wildcat 
8wamp, land on Mahering River at Walnut Field, lands called the Goose 
Pond), John ("plantation I now live on" and land called the Reedy 
Branch), Moab (lands on River and land on Pottecasi called the Round- 
about). To John and Mo.\b is bequeathed small water mill. All ne- 
groes divided among sons. Executors: Robert and William (sons). 
Witnesses: Abraham Burton, Nicholas Boone, Nicholas Boone, Junr. 
Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. 

Williams, Edward. Cliowau County. 

February 9, 1713-1714. July Court, 1714. "Prodigall and disobedi- 
ent" son: John. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: John Bryan, 
Lawrence M.ague. Clerk of the Court: Edwd. Benwicke (or Renwicke). 

Williams, Edward. Pasquotank County. 

October Court, 1739. Sons: Lemand, Josiah, Lodwick and Joseph 
(lands and negroes). Daughter: SAR.'i.H. Wife and Executrix: Elisb- 
beth. Witnesses: D.\niel Sawyer, B. Morg.\n. Clerk of the Court: 
J.VMES Craven. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 40'J 

Williams, Elisha. Edgecombe County. 

August 13, 1751. February Court, 1750. Brothers: Solomon Wil- 
liams, George Willl\ms, Daniel Willlims, Jo.shua Williams, John 
Williams. Nephew. Richard Williams (son of John). Sisters: Mary 
Car, Elizabeth Daughtry. Executor: Joshua Williams. Witnesses: 
Jambs Smith, Drew Smith, CJeorge Bell. Clerk of the Court: Ben- 
jamin Wynns. 

Williams, Eliza. Perquimans County. 

November 8, 174.5. December 3, 174.5. Sons: John anil Anthony 
Hatch. Daughter: Penelope Willi.^.ms (1 negro). Ten silver spoons 
bequeathed to son and daughter. OUier legdtces: Benjamin Baptist and 
Bryan Fossett. Executors: McRora Scarbrough and Edmund Hatch 
(brother). Witnesses: Samuel Snowden, Sarah Snowde.\, Francis 
Layden. Proven before E. Hall. 

Williams, George. Northampton County. 

January G, 1749-17.50. May Court, 1750. .Sons: Robert (one negro), 
George (land bought of Matthew Kinchen, and one negro), Samuel 
(one negro), Jacob (one negro), William (one negro). Lands !ymg on 
Hopkins Howell's spring branch, and Kerby's Creek. Daughters: Sarah, 
Ann and Meldred. Wife: Sarah (seven negroes). Other legatees: 
Ethel Taylor and James Turner, Jr. Executors: PlObert Williams 
(son). Witnesses: Jno. Simp.son, Ethd. Tay'lor, Nicholas Monger, 
William Monger. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Williams, George. Edgecombe County. 

July 19, 17.58. June Court, 1759. So?is: George ("my plantation"), 
Samuel (laud on Deer Creek bought of William Whitehead). Daugh- 
ter: Cloe, Deceased Sister: Lucretia Williams. Wife and Executrix: 
Priscilla. Witnesses: George Crudup, Moses Baker, .John Norwood. 
Clerl; of the Corirt: Jos. Montport. 

WiLLiAiis, Ja.mes. Bertie Precinct. 

.August 21, 1736. February Court, 1737. Sini: Ezekiel. Daughters: 
Feribe and Jerusha Williams (two negroes). Wife ami Executrix: 
Elizabeth. Executor: Thbophilus Williams (brother). Witnesses: 
Robert Hines, William Standley, George Price. Clerk of the Court: 
Jno. Wynns. 

Williams, .JAiiKS. Carten^t County. 

October 31. 1770. November 19, 1770. Sons: Brice (land in Duplin 
County on .Stewart's Creek, and four negroes), Benjamin and James 
("plantation I now live on" divided between them, and five negroes 

410 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

bequeathed to each). Wife and Executrix: Sarah (J dozen cushion 
chairs, ^ dozen chairs, silver spoons and other household furniture, 
together with three negroes). Daughters: Christian Nixon, Sarah 
Hatch (negroes), Cassandra (three negroes), Mary (three negroes), 
Clarissica (three negroes). Executor: Lemuel Hatch. Witnesses: 
Stephen Ball, Stephen Yeats, Charles Mackland. Proven before 
Wm. Tryon. 

WiLLLVMS, Jesse. Ouslow Coiiuty. 

September 27, 1773. Sons: Lot (one negro and land on N. W. Branch 
of New River "above Dr. Carrdthers' bridge at a place called Gerald's 
neck"), Jesy (plantation and one negro). Hill (one negro and land on 
N. W. branch of New River adjoining Matthew Gregory). Daughters: 
Sarah, Esther and Hannah Williams (negro to each). Wife: Anne 
(three negroes). Executors: Obed and Uz Williams (brothers). Wit- 
nesses: Moses Cox, M.a.tthe\v Gregory, BenjaiMin Willi.\ms. Proven 
before Jo. Martin. 

WiLLL\MS, Joanna. Bertie County. 

January 12, 1747-1748. July Court, 1756. Sons and Executors: Rich- 
ard and Thomas Williams. Daughter: Eliza Smith. Grandchildren: 
Simon Williams, Arthur Brown (negro boy to each), Mary Smith. Pen- 
elope Williams, Mary Harrbll (negro to each). Witnesses: John Har- 
RELL, Easthr Chittam. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Williams, John. Albemarle County. 

January 29, 1727-1728. Daughter: Mary. Brother: Nathaniel Wil- 
liams (plantation). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Thomas and 
Mary Peirce, Charles Cenman. Clerk of the Court: Ch.vhles Denman. 

Williams, John. 

January 26, 1721. May IS, 1722. Brothers: Theophilus, James, Is.4AC 
and Arter Willi.ams (lands at Runaroy). Cousins: John Williams, 
Anthony Herring. No executor named. Witnesses: John and Ann 
Williams, Mary Monds. Proven before Thos. Pollock, Senr. 

Williams, John. Edgecombe County. 

August Court, 1737. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Sons: John and Joshua. 
Daughter: Mary. Witnesses: Henry Tanton, Thomas Carta. Clerk of 
the Court: Thomas Kearny. 

Williams, John. Bertie County. 

March 13, 1745. January Court, 17.58. Sons: Isaac (one negro), Ar- 
thur ("my maner plantation"), Theophilus (one negro). Daughters: 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 411 

Ann Herring, Sarah Castelaw. Grandson: John Williajis. TfyV and 
Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: William Byrd, John Moore, Thomas Cas- 
TELLAW. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Williams, Joseph. 
16S2. WUl iUegible. 

Williams, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

June 2S, 1772. Sons: James and Joseph (pl.Tntation between Garrgiit 
and the Mill Swamp "whereon I now live"), William, Nathaniel. Daugh- 
ters: Elizabeth, Mart and Ann Williams. Wife and Executrix: Fran- 
ces. Witnesses: Willi.^m Skinner, Robert Haines, Nicholas Drainer. 
Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

Williams, Lewis. Chowan County. 

October 1, 1716. April 16, 1717. -Son; Anthony. Grandsons: Lewis 
Williams (land on Poplar Swamp), John Jones, Charles Sawell, 
Joshua Patchett. Daughter: Priscilla West (land on Katherine's 
Creek). Wife and Executrix: Mary (land at Catawatsky). Wittiesses: 
William Cranford, Grissie Littleson. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Williams, Lodwick. Albemarle Connty. 

November 7, 1684. December 1, 16S4. Son: Edward. Wife and 
Executrix: Hannah. Witnesses: Thomas French, John Jones. Proven 
before John- Archd ale. 

Williams, Lott. Onslow County. 

June 16, 1757. October Court, 1757. .Son; Benjamin. Daughter: 
Ann. Negroes bequeathed to each. Executors: Je.sse and Obed. Wil- 
LIA.MS. Witnesses: Benjamin Williams, Moses Cox, Junr., Uz Wil- 
LI.A.MS. Clerk of the Court: Will Cray. 

Williams, Moab. Northampton County. 

May 19, 1751. May Court, 17.52. Lands on Potecasi Creek called the 
Round.about, and also lands purchased of Robert Edwards. Son: Den- 
ton (water mill and still). Wife and Executrix: Sarah Williams. Father 
of wife: James Denton {Executor). Witnesses: John Brown, Anne Wil- 
LIA.MS, John Thorn. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Williams, Nathau. ISTorthampton County. 

April 8, 1751. July Court, 17.58. .Sons; Eley and Nathan (lands on 
Plumtree and Cyprus Branch), Thomas. Daughters: Martha Williams 
and four others, not named. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca (four negroes). 
Witnesses: Chaplin John Fordham. Clerk of the Court: I. 

412 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Williams, Eowland. Northampton Comity. 

March 8, 1754. May "Court, 1754. Son: John ("all my lands in North 
Carolina"). Daughters: Casiah Ball, Martha and Lewsy Williams. 
Wife and Executrix: Phelis. Witnesses: William Armistead, Jame.s 
Wallace, Fra. Jones. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 

Williams, Samuel. Bertie Precinct. 

April 16, 1736. November Court, 1736. Legatees: Elizabeth and 
Samuel Williams (children of George). Brother and Executor: George. 
Witnesses: Jno. Simpson, Edward Herrin, Walter Pitts. Clerk of the 
Court: Jno. Wynns. 

Williams, Samuel. Edgecombe County. 

November IS, 174S. February Court, 1748. Sons: S.^mpson and Wil- 
liam (land "adjoining to the Taylor's in the Island as I leased of Mrs. 
Johnston"), Jacob and George ("the manner plantation" and land on 
Beaverdam Swamp), Samuel. Daughter: Creese Williams. To sons 
and daughter are bequeathed five negroes. Wife and Executrix: Jane. 
Witnesses: John Pope, John Crudup, Mourning Crudup. Clerk of the 
Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Williams, Samuel. Edgecombe Comity. 

October 21, 17.53. Felsruary Court, 1754. Sons: William, Solomon, 
Samuel (land on Mush Island bought of Robert Lang), Joseph John 
Williams (about 800 acres of land bought of John Burt and John Eger- 
ton, and adjoining Yancey's line and the Reedy Branch). To two last 
named sons are devised 11 negroes. Grandson: S.uiuel Williams. Wife: 
Eliz.abeth. Executors: Philip Alston and Benjamin Wy'nns. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas and Edmund Kearny, James .\lston. Clerk of the Court: 
Benjamin Wynns. Coat of arms on seal. 

Williams, Thom.\.s. Currituck Comity. 

December 12, 1732. Probate not dated. Sons: Samuel (land called 
the New Desire), Joseph (land on the Sand Banlis). Wife: Mary. Daugh- 
ter: Mary*. Negroes bequeathed to sons and daughter. Wife appointed 
Executrix. Witnesses: Margret Norton and Charly Norton. Clerk of 
the Court: Thoma.s Lowther. 

Williams, Thomas. Beaufort County. 

December 13, 1748. December Court, 1753. "Southwark Parish in the 
County of Surry." Will probated in Beaufort County, N. C. Wife and 
Executrix: Elizabeth. Wife's children: Mary Williams, William Fl.ike, 
Arthur, Elizabeth and Robert Flake. Witnesses: Chas. Binns, Wil- 
liam Clark, James Clark, John Williams. Robert Flake. Clerk of the 
Court: not given. 

Abstract of Wills, IGltO — 1760. 413 

Williams, Thomas. Beaufort Count}-. 

February 17, 1757. March Court, 1758. .Sons; Thomas (land on the 
East side of the mouth of Bath Town Creek, bought of Wm. Baker, and 
lot in Bath Town No. 39), Charles and John (land in tlie fork of Cuckolds 
Creek), Robert. Daughters: Temperance, Ann, M.vry. Sarah and 
Hanah Williams, Elizabeth Puitchard. Land in the fork of Nevils 
Creek devised to son. Charles. Estate in England and Wales ordered 
divided among wife and children. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Executors: 
Wyriott Ormond, James Ellison, Coleman Roe and Thomas Williams. 
Witnesses: William Dowd, Jacob Nevil, Jr., Moses Nevil. Clerk of the 
Court: Walley Chauncy. 

Williams, William. Currituck Prociuet. 

February 2, 1724-1725. No probate. So?is: Thomas (plantation up 
Tulls Creek together with one negro) , Stephen (land at the mouth of Tulls 
Creek), Tulle (land bought of William Swann together with one negro). 
To three sons is devised land up Tulls Creek called Long Leet. Daughters: 
Jane Brent. Abigail Phillips (one negro to each). Granddaughter: 
Mary Brent. G7-andson: Jonathan Brent. To sons Tulle and Ste- 
phen is devised land called "Gibeses Island." Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Witnesses: William Davis, Charles Brent, Robert Ervin. 

Williams, William. Albemarle ('ounty. 

December 9, 1711. April 15, 1712. Wife and Executrix: Mary. Sons: 
Samuel, John (lands on Blak Water called Littel Town), Steven (lands). 
Witnesses: Tredell Keefe, Luis Williams, Robert Lanier. Clerk of 
the Court: Edward Bonwicke. 

Williams, William. Edeutou, Chowan County. 

May 7, 1730. December 20, 1732. Sons: William and Thomas. Daugh- 
ters: Sarah and Elizabeth. Wife and Executrix: Frances. Witnesses: 
J.A.MES Bremen, John Richards, John Matthews. Proven before Geo. 

WiLLiA.Ms, William. 

February 7. 17(30. .Son: Jesse. Daughters: Zelpha and Lucy Wil- 
liams. Executor: Isaac Barrenton. Witnesses: David Lewis, Wil- 
liam, Benjamin Willi.\ms. No probate. 

WiLi.iAMSo.x, Chaeles. Onslow Ccninty. 

June IS, 1716. June 18, 1746. This is a nuncupative will proven before 
Gabriel John.ston by Daniel Rayner, Joh.v Shepherd and Samuel 
Rayner, and bequeaths all estate to ivife, Hannah. 

414 Abstkact of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

Williamson, John. Onslow County. 

March 13, 1733-1734. October 2, 1734. New River. Sons: Charles 
(land on southwest fork of New River), Zachary and John (planta- 
tion on New River). Daughter: Margaret. Wife and Executrix: Rose. 
Witnesses: Allexander Frazer, Peter Starkey, Joseph Watts. Clerh 
of the Court: Wm. Cr.\nford. 

Williamson, Riciiakd. Carteret Precinct. 

January 15, 1723. Sons: William, John (land on White Oak River). 
Daughters: M.\.ry, Jane and Anne Williamson. Wife and Executrix: 
Jane. Executors: Enoch Ward, John Starkey, John Roberts, Sarah 
and Nathaniel Pigott. No probate. 

Willis, William. Beaufort County. 

Will so torn as to be illegible. 

WiLLOUGHBY, Thomas. Pasquotauk County. 

June 6, 1753. July Court, 1753. Half-brother: Thomas Evins. Wife 
and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Solomon Pool, John Bayley, Patrick 
Pool. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Wilson, Charles. 

County and all dates missing. Witnesses: Coleman Roe, Edeth Odeon. 
Will illegible. 

WiLLSON, Elizabeth. Perquimans County. 

Only a portion of this will is found, and mentions sons, James, Isaac 
and Robert. All dates missing. 

WiLLSON, Elizabeth. 

December 18, 1753. Will so torn as to be illegible. 

WiLLSON, Isaac. Perquimans County. 

June 13, 1714. July 13, 1714. Sons: Benjamin, Robert and Isaac. 
Daughter: Ann. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: Ja. Cavana, 
Thomas WiLKisoN. Clerk of the Court: Henry Clayton. 


April 14, 1706. Daughters: Elenor and Mary. Witnesses: John 
Dunn, M.^tthew Braye, Hannah Whitlock. Proven before Phil. 

WiLLSON, Isaac. Perquimans Precinct. 

October 3, 1724. December 29, 1724. Brothers: Robert and Benja- 
min WiLLSON. Nephews: Joseph Willson, Isaac Willson (plantation 

Abstract of Wills, IG'JO — 17G0. 41f 

on Perquimans River "where Capt. Pettiver now lives"). Niece: Rachel 
WiLLSON. Ot)ier legatees: Joseph and Thomas Elliott. Mother: Ann 
Pettiver. Uncle and Execxdor: Ralph Bozman. Witnesses: Ruth 
MiNGE. Robert More, Elizabeth Flower. Proven before Edward 


WiLLSON, RoBEBT. Perqiiimans Precinct. 

April 28, 1693. January 11, 1696. Grandchildren: Robert and Ann 
WiLLSON, Sarah and Ester Son: Isaac. Daughter: Sarah 
Belman. Wife and Executrix: Ann. Plantation devised to son, location 
of land not given. Witnesses: John Copeland, Richd. Ratclyfe, Eliza- 
beth Ratclyfe. Proven before John Archdale, Daniel, 
Francis Tomes and S.vmdel Swann, Justices of Court, sitting at house of 
Samuel Swann. 

WiLLSON, Samuel. Onslow County. 

October 13. 17.>S. April Court, 17.59. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Nephew: Saml. Wilson, son of brother Robart, deed., "in Penselvany." 
Witnesses: Ezekiel Hunter, Lebbeus Hunter, Rebkah Hunter. Clerk 
of the Court: Willm. Cray. 

WiLLSON, Sarah. Pasquotank CoimtT. 

January 2, 17.51-1752. April Court. 1754. Sons: William, Benjamin 
(one negro), (one negro). Daughters: Rebeckah Furbush, Eliz- 
abeth Bartlet. Executors: Benjamin and Thomas (sons). Witnesses: 
WiLLi.ui Barnard, Samuel Clerk of the Court: Tho^iias Tay'- 


WiLLSON, William. Tyrrell County. 

June 19, 1740. June Court. 1741. Sons: P.-vtteson (land called Aoses), 
William and Thomas (land bought of Cornelious Fitchpatrick), Ben- 
jamin (land bought of Benjamin Alexander). Daughters: Rebeck.^, 
Sarah and Rosaman (land called Pope land). Mary Scarborough, Eliza- 
beth Barcliftb. Wife and Executrix: Sarah (use of all negroes). Wit- 
nesses: Benjamin Bidgood, William Rapyuld, Benj.amin Alexander. 
Clerk of the Court: W. Downing. 

WiLLSON, William. ISTortlutnipton County. 

January 1, 1745. No probate. Sons: John, Isaac (land on south side 
of Tarr River), Elisha Moore Wilson. Daughters: Ch.arity, Anne, 
Katherine, Elinor and M.\ry Willson. Negroes bequeathed to above- 
named. Wife: Judith. Executor: John Edwards. Witnesses: Abrm. 
Hood, John C!oodall, Michael Turner. 

416 Abstract of Wills, 1690— ITGO. 

Wilson, Caleb. Currituck County. 

1754. September Court, 1754. Sons; James (land inherited from father, 
land bought of Thomas Burge.s, land bought of brother, Jcsiah Wilson, 
eight negroes and one silver tankard and gold ring), Tatum and Willi.\m 
(three negroes to each). Nephew: Daniel Sweeney. To son William 
are bequeathed seven negroes and one gold ring. Daughter: Love Wilson 
(lands bought of Thomas Lowtheb and "the Muncreefs," and five negroes). 
To Tatum is devLsed land bought of Francis Etheridge, Benjamin 
Crowell, John Hughes and Joseph Cooper and seven negroes. Seven 
negroes over and above what had been already bequeathed are bequeathed 
to four children. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executors: Josiah Wilson 
(brother) and Daniel Sweeney. Witnesses: Drew Holstead, Thos. 
BuRGEs, Malachi Wilson, Jos. Norbury, Wm. Blunt. Clerk of ike 
Court: Jno. Snoad. 

WiLSOX, IsA^ic. Perquimans County. 

October 30, 1749. April Court, 1751. Sons: Robert, Ja.mes. Daugh- 
ters: Rachel and Miriam Willson. Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. 
Witnesses: Jacob Perry, Senr., Jacob Perry, Israel Perry. Clerk of 
the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Wilson, JosErii. Perquimans County. 

April 24, 1752. July Court, 1752. Daughters: Elizabeth (land on Wil- 
son's Creek), Mary (land adjoining Matthew Pritchard). Son: Reuben 
("maner plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Executor: Robert 
Newby. Witnesses: Jacob Wilson, William Townsend, Rachel Win.s- 
Low. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Wilson, Pattison. Pasquotank County. 

March 15, 1746. July 12, 1746. Son: Willi.\m. Daughter: Mary. 
Wife and Executrix: Elizabeth. Executor: William Wilson (brother). 
Wittiesses: John Scarbrough, John Bell, John Squiers. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Wilson, Robert. Albemarle County. 

February 26, 1693. December Court, 1697. Son: Isaiah Wilson. 
Grandchildren: Robert and Ann Wilson, Sarah and Hester Bolman. 
Son: Isaack Wilson. Executrix: Ann Wilson. Witnesses: John Cope- 
land, RiCHD. Ratcliff, Eliz. Ratcliff. Clerk of the Court: W. Glover. 

Wilson, Robert. Pasquotank County. 

April 22, 1757. June Court, 175S. Nixonton. Grandsons: Ruben Wil- 
son (lands between Reedy Branch and Ferry Causey), Obed. Winslow 
(land at Cirassie Point), Caleb Winslow (land known by the name of the 

Absteact of Wills, 1G90 — 1760. 4rl7 

Glade). Sons: Isaac and Silvan us. Daughter: Rachel Townsend. 
Granddaughters: Ellsabeth and Mary Wilson (lands on Reedy Branch, 
etc.). Negroes bequeathed to granddaughters. Executor: Barnaby 
Nixon, J.\cob Winslow. Witnesses: William, George and Elisabeth 
Wood. Clerk of the Court: Tho. Taylor. 

WiLTOK, William. Craveu Couiity. 

January 7, 177.3. New Bern. Wife: Jane. Executors: Timothy 
Clear, John Green, William Rumsey. Witnesses: Joseph, 
John M.^ce, James Biggleston. Proven before Jo. M.\rtin. 

WiMBEKLEY, JoHN. Bertie County. 

September 2, 1742. November Court, 1749. .Sons; Ezekiel, Bbnj.\- 
-Min, John, Levy, Moses (land and negroes bequeathed to sons). Wife: 
Elizabeth. Executors: Thomas Wimberley (brother), John Smith 
(brother-in-law). Clerk of the Court: John Lovick. 

WiMBEELY, Thomas. Bertie Precinct. 

October 22, 1731. February Court, 17-32. Sons: George (land on 
Swift Creek and Tar River), Joseph (land between Tar River and Swift 
Creek). Daughter: Sarah Wimberley. Wife: Susana. Executors: 
George and Joseph Wimberley (sons). Negroes bequeathed to wife. 
Witnesses: John Duffield, Samuel Williajis, Elinor Br.\swell. Clerk 
of the Court: Rt. Forster. 

WiMBEELY', Thomas. Bertie County. 

January 27, 1751. February Court, 1752. Sons: Abrah.\m and six 
others mentioned, but not named. Daughter: Jodith. Wife and Execu- 
trix: M.4.RY'. Witnesses: Nbedham Bryan, William Levener (?). Clerk 
of the Court: Samuel Ormes. 

WiNDLEY, EoBEET. Allieuiarle County. 

JuIy31,lG88. Probate illegible. Son and Executor. Willi.ui. Daugh- 
ter: Lidia. Other legatees: John Perry, George Perry, John and Eliza- 
beth Eaton. V/itnesses: Edward and Elizabeth Smithwick. 


April 3, 1733. September 12, 1733. Daughter: Abigall, Susana, Elis- 
abeth, M.\RY, Anne, Prudence. Sons: Robert and John. Wife and 
Executrix: Mary'. Witnesses: Robert Spring, William Gray, Jon.\8 
WiNFiELD. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. Justices of the Court at 
Bath Town: Robert Turner, Benj^vmin Peyton, Henry Cropton. 


418 Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 17G0. 

WiNGATE, Samuel. 

January 9, 1770. January 19, 1770. "Formerly of Cape Fear but Now 
resident in the Island of Grenada." Wife and Executrix: Alice. Schooner 
"Charming Peggy" ordered sent to Cornelius Harnet in Cape Feare to be 
sold for benefit of wife. Executor: John Knight. Witnesses: John O'Don- 
NELL, John Macke-'^nd, Elias Howell. Will proven before Ulysses 
FitzMatrice, "Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over 
the Southern Carribee Islands." Proven in North Carolina before Wii^ 
LIAM Tryon. Executrix qualified before Frederick Gregg. Impression 
of head on seal. 

WiNHAM, Robert. Craven County. 

January 19, 1754. November Court, 1753. Wife and Executrix: Mary 
(land on Broad Creek). Son: William. Executor: John Lenfield. Wit- 
nesses: Robert Bierney, William Williams, Kazia Williams. Clerk of 
the Court: Peter Conway. 

Winn, John. Pasquotank County. 

December IS, 1739. January Court, 1739. Son: Ezekiah. Daughter: 
Elisabeth Winn. Nephew: Daniel Temple. Sister: Beety Winn. 
Wife and Executrix: Dinah. Executors: Abel Ross and Willoughby 
Price. Witnesses: Will Cretch, Daniel Temple, Betey Winn. Clerk 
of the Court: James Craven. 

WiNRiGHT, James. Carteret County. 

August 13, 1744. March Court, 1744. Lands on Newi^ort River be- 
tween Mr. Lovick and David Shepard ordered sold. Land on New- 
port River called Newfoundland devised to wife, Ann, together with all 
negroes owned by testator. Lots in Beaufort Town bought of John Pin- 
dar devised to wife. Sister: Elizabeth White of Boston. Other legatees: 
Eliz.abeth and Susannah Mabson, Ann (wife of James Blount), 
Thomas Flybds. Rents and profits of land and houses in Beaufort Town 
to be applied "for the encouragement of a sober Discreet Quallified 
Man to teach a School at Least Reading Writing Vulgar and Decimal 
Arithmetick in the aforesaid town of Beaufort, which said man shall 
be chosen and appointed b}' the Chairman of the Cartret County Court, 
etc." Other legatees: Thom.\s Lovick, Robert Read, George Read, 
Arthur Mabson, White (boat and sails), James Malin. Lands 
on Suttons Creek ordered sold. 'Executors: Thomas Lovick and George 
Read. Witnesses: David Shepard, D.avid Shepard "younger," William 
Dennis. Clerk of the Court: George Read. 

Abstbact of Wills, lOUO — 17G0. -119 

WiNSHir, Joseph. Currituck C'lniity. 

April 2, 173:3. January Court, 174G. Xl'ife and E.rccutrix: Appelone. 
Witnesses: John Cox, John Williams, Nichola.s Lund, Sam. Williams. 
Clerk of the Court: Richd. McClure. 

WixsLow, John. Perquimans County. 

January 25, 1753. Daughters: Elizabeth, Hannah and Easteh. Sons: 
Benj.v.min and Israel (lands divided between them), John and Joseph. 
Wife and Executrix: Easter. Witnesses: Nicholas Stallings, Joshu.^. 
and Tho.mas White. Clerk of the Court: Miles Harvey. 

WiNSLow, John. Perquimans Count.j. 

April 17, 1754. July Court, 1754. Sons: Josiah (one negro), Thomas 
and Samuel (lands divided between them). Daughter: Miriam. Wife 
and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: William Weekes, Thomas Weekes, 
Jr., BENJAiMiN Roberts. Clerk of the Court: Richard Clayton. 

WixsLOW, Joseph. Perquimans County. 

September 26, 1750. January Court, 1750. .Son.- Joseph (land on 
Core Neck). Daughters: Lydia Winslow (lands near head of Little 
River), M.ary Winslow, Miriam Winslow (land called Grassy Ridge). 
Negroes bequeathed to son. Wife and Executrix: Ple.\sant. Executors: 
William White and Francis Tojis. Witnesses: Joshua Hobart. Tru- 
man Moore, John Robertson. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Winslow, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

January 9, 1744. January Court, 1745. Sons: Thomas and Timothy 
(negro to each), John (1 negro), Job (plantation in Pasquotank County 
near Newbegun Creek). Daughters: Elizabeth and Miriam (negroes to 
each). Executors: Thomas and Jobe Winslow (sons). Witnesses: 
Thomas Hollowell, Josiah Bogub, Truman Moore. Clerk of the Court: 
Edmund Hatch. 

Winslow, Thomas. Perquimans County. 

January 21, 1746-1747. April Court, 1747. Sons: Jesse, 
("my manah plantation"). Negroes are bequeathed to above-named 
sons. Daughter: Elizabeth Vv'inslow. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. 
Executors: Francis To.mes and Zachariah Nixon. Witnesses: Abr.ah.a.m 
Elliot and Mary Winslow. Clerk of the Court: Edmund Hatch. 

Winslow, Timothy. Perquimans County. 

April 26, 1752. July Court, 1752. Sons: Jacob, Ti.mothy, Obed 

(land to each), Caleb (land on Little River). Daughter: Mary Winslow. 

420 Abstract of Wills, 1690—1700. 

To sons and daughter are bequeathed negroes. Wife and Executrix: 
Rachel. Executor: John Winslow (brother). Witnesses: Esther Win- 
slow, Sarah Elliot, Thomas Newby. Clerk of the Court: Edmund 

Winter, Joseph. Bath County. 

December 1, 1735. December 12, 173.5. Executrix and sole legatee: 
Margrett Pendergest. Witnesses: Richd. Rigby, Robert Conlahane, 
Margrett Rigby. Clerk of the Court: Jno. Collison. 

WiNWRiGHT, Ann. Carteret County. 

March 7, 1751. June Court, 1751. Newport River. Legatees: Sarah 
and Betsey (daughters of Thos. Lovick), Sarah (wife of Thomas 
Lovick), Penelope Lovick, Sarah Benners (mulatto boy), George 
Phenis Lovick, John Benners. Executors: Sarah and Penelope 
Lovick. Witnesses: John Benners, David Evans. Clerk of the Court: 
George Read. 

Wood, Edward. Chowan Precinct. 

August 9, 1691. Wife: Alice (land at Yaupim). Executor: Francis 
Hardley. Witnesses: Saml. Pricklove, John Slocomb, Robert Mei^ 
lyne. No probate. 

Wood, Edward. Onslow Precinct. 

April 5, 1728. Januaiy 2, 1738. Sons: William (lands on Harrys 
Creek), Edward (lands known as Broad Neck). To son William is 
bequeathed cattle branded with his brand "as by record may appear," 
Daughters: Sarah and Bethia, Mother: M.ary, Wife and Executrix: 
Ann. Other legatee: Danll. Rainer. Witnesses: Jno. Murfrey, John 
Moore, Elinor Murfrey, Clerk of the Court: William Cranford, 

Wood, James, Sr. jSTorthampton County. 

June 25, 1751. March 18, 1752. Northwest Parish. Sons: Jambs 
(lands on Cuttowhisky Marsh and pasture lands on Cuttowhisky Swamp, 
■ together with five negro slaves), Joseph (land on Cuttowhisky, together 
with six negroes), Jonas ("plantation whereon I now live" on Cutto- 
whisky Marsh, together with sLx negroes and a still), Moses (one shill- 
ing). Plantation at Coniritratt given to three sons. Daughters: Eliza- 
beth, Susannah and Mary Wood, Mary Outlaw, Sarah Duffield, 
Ann and Charity Wood. Ros.annah Bond, Winny Wood (negroes given 
to above-named daughters). Sister: Sarah Killingsworth. Executors: 
Joseph and Jonas Wood (sons). Witnesses: Barnab.a Baggott, John 
Parker, Wm, Fryer, Proven before Gab. Johnston at Eden House. 

Abstract of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 421 

Wood, John. Johnston County. 

August 4, 1748. June Court, 1750. Daughters: Alice, Mary and 
Esther. Son: John (land, cattle, etc.). Wife: J.vne. Executors: John 
Wood (son) and John Smith. Witnesses: Robert and Ann Butler, 
WiLLi.«i Bdtler. Clerk of the Court: R. Caswell. Courtliouse on 
Walnut Creek. 

Wood, Moses. Bertie County. 

March 8, 1757. April Court, 1757. Brother: Jame.s Wood. Executor. 

Sister: Sarah Baker. Witnesses: Thomas Baker, Jonathan Wood, 

Joseph Farmer, Thos. Crew. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

Wood, Thomas. Hyde County. 

July 19, 1740. December Court, 1740. Sons: Scarbrough (planta- 
tion), Richard, Abraham and Isaac. Daughters: Rachel and Sarah 
Wood. Wife and Executrix: Naomi. Witnesses: Uriah Collins, Lem- 
uel Whyn, Martha Whyn. Clerk of the Court: W. Barrow. 

Wood, William. Pasquotank County. 

November 4, 1732. April 15, 1733. Friend and Executor: Robert 
Cartritt. Witnesses: Alexander Spence, Jer. Symons. Proven be- 
fore Geo. Burrington. 

Woodhouse, Henry. Currituck County. 

November 27, 1750. April Court, 1751. Son: Hezekiah (land and 
negroes). Wife: Cesiah (six negroes). Daughter: Mary West (three 
negroes). Dawjhter-in-law : Mary Jarvbs. Frieiul: Abrah.\m Leach- 
field. Witnesses: John Woodhouse, Thomas Lurry, Peter Bawm. 
Clerk of the Court: Rich.ird McClurb. 

Woodhouse, Horatio. Onslow County. 

January 28, 1755. July Court, 1755. Wife and Execxdrix: Catherine. 
Son: John (three negroes). Daughter: Allss H.mnes (wife of Er.ismus 
Haines of Va.). Executors: Henry Rodbs and William Cray. Wit- 
nesses: Henry Moore, Casson Moore, Wm. Williajis. Clerk of the 
Court: Will Cray. 

WooDNOT, Henry. Chowan Precinct. 

December 29, 1718. June 29, 1719. Legatees: Robert Bell (one 
negro), Isabell Ferguson (daughter of Anne Ferguson ''and now the 
wife of Robert Bell"). Above-named legatees appointed Executors. 
Wit7iesses: Arthur Dugall. Tho.mas Rogers, James Castellaw. 
Proven before Charles Eden. 

422 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

WooDROw, Alexander. 

June 12, 1754. September 6, 1759. Wilmington. Mother: Jean 
WooDROw, of the City of Edenburgh. Executor: Benmamin Morrison. 
Witnesses: Alex. McAlester, John Campbell, Alexr. McGillivray. 
ClerPc of the Court: A. Maclaine. 

Woods, Thomas. JSTorthampton County. 

October 20, 1751. November Court, 1751. Son: Jesse. Daughter: 
Ann Woods. Wife: Mary. Witnesses: Ch.\rles Counsell, Andrew 
Taylor, Michael Coiincill. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. 


January 22, 1706-1707. April 8, 1707. Sons: John and Richard. 
Daughters: Hannah Boros, Ann Woolard. Wife and Executrix: Jane. 
Witnesses: James Ward, Wm. Breathet, Jno. Allcock. Clerk of the 
Court: Thos. Snoden. 

WoLFENDEN, JoiiN. Perquimans County. 

September 4, 1691. No probate. Executor: Richard Evans. Wit- 
nesses: John Lilly, Stephen Manwaring. 

Woodard, John. Bath County. 

November 21, 1734. St. Thomas Parish. Sons: Henry (land "adjoin- 
ing the school house")i John ("manner plantation"). Daughter: Maky 
Woodard (plantation on Pamplyco River). Brother: Joel Woodard. 
Other legatee: Elizabeth Cortney. Executors: William Martin and 
Henry LuciS. Witnesses: Robert Sheard, Henry Odom. Elizabeth 
Cortney. Overseers: Edward Salter and John Odom. No probate. 

WooDLEY, Thomas. Pasquotank County. 

March 20, 1752. January Court. 1753. Grandchildren: William,, Mary, Elizabeth and Peggy Taylor. Daughters: Mary 
Speight, Elizabeth Taylor. Son: Willia.m (lands and negroes). 
Executors: Thomas Taylor, William Gregory, William Woodley 
(son). Witnesses: Jonathan Reding, James Prichard, Thomas Tweedy. 
Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor. 

Woodward, Samuell. Chowan County. 

March 13, 1752. April Court, 1752. Sons: Samuel (250 acres of 
land). Edward, Richard (negroes to each). Daughter: Eliz.abeth 
White (negroes). Wife: Sarah. To sons is bequeathed tar — 118 bar- 
rels. Executors: Samuel Woodward, Luke White. Witnesses: Charles 
Roberts, Richard Woodward. Clerk of the Court: James Craven. 

Abstract of Wills, 16'J0 — 1760. 423 

WooLWAED, William. Albemarle Coimty. 

November 12, 1684. February 2, 1691-1692. Wife: Sarah. Grand- 
daughter: Maegrett Hollbrock. Executor: Edward Wade. Wit- 
nesses: George Gunnette, Henry Goodman, Henry Bonner, Willi.^m 
Charelton, Nicholas D.\w. Clerk of the Court: Richard Pl.vter. 

WoMBWELL, Benjamin. Beaufort County. 

November 5, 1750. March Court, 1750. Sons: N.\than, Willi.vm, 
Benjamin and Jordan (land on Tison's Creek). Land in "Miana Gov- 
ernment in South Hampton" devised to Executors. Wife and Executrix: 
Anne. Executor: Benjamin Brown. Witnesses: Jos. Barrow, John 
Evans. Clerk of the Court: William Or.mond. 

WoEDEN, James. Chowan County. 

April 23, 1755. July Court, 1755. Sons: John (saddle, clothes and 
silver buckles), James and William ("such money as will buy him a 
small Bible and pair of silver shoe buckles" to each). Executor: John 
Halsey. Witnesses: Stephen and Elener Creech. Clerk of the Court: 
Thomas Jones. Coat of arms on seal. 

Workman, Aethue. 

August 1, 1695. April 19, 1697. "Late of Jamaica but now of 
Ronoch." Legatees: Capt. John Hunt (one silver tankard, value of 
twelve pounds), Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt (gold mourning ring), .Anthony 
Hatch, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt (plantation on Little River), John 
Robinson, Charles Sadler of Jamaica, Sherwood of Jamaica, 
Mary and Millesaint Workmman (sisters, all estate in Kingdom of 
Ireland), Sarah and Henry Fr.\nklin, Mary Clerke (Executrix), 
widow of John Clerke. Witnesses: John Huntt, John Robison, Rich- 
ard Plater, John Leqg. Clerk of the Court: Edward Mayo. 

WoELEY, John. Tyrrell County. 

February 8, 1740-1741. March .3, 1740. .Son; Joshua ("my maner 
plantation"). Daughters: Elizabeth Lurry (three negroes), Penelope 
Weight (cattle, "crop in ye riglit Eare and over Caele in left"). Grand- 
son: John Norcomb (or Norkom). Executors: Joshua Worley, Thomas 
LuRREY and William Weight. Witnesses: Ebenezer Slad, John and 
Jane Rogers. Proven before W. Smith, C. J. 

WoELEY, LoviCK. Tyrrell County. 

January 24, 1754, March Court, 1754. Daughter: Ann Gray Wor- 
ley. Wife and Executrix: Ann Worley. Brother: John Worley. 
Brotlier-in-law: William Gray. Sisters-in-law: Lucretia, Amelia and 

424 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Louisa Gray. Executors: James Blount (uncle), Thomas Whitmell. 
Witnesses: David Jernigan, Thomas Kinsy, David Canadat. Clerk of 
the Court: Evan Jones. 

WoRSLEY, John. Beaufort County. 

1750. Probate not dated. Sons: and Stephen. Daughter: 
Dorcas. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: Jno. Barrow, 
S.A.MUEL Barrow, Lydia Odeon. Clerk of the Court: Phtt. Pritchett. 

WoiJSLEY, John. 

October 17, 1760. Half-hrothers: Lewis Bryan, Isaac, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, Hardy and Nathan Bryan. Half-sister: Mary Bryan. Mother: 
Sarah Bryan (Executrix). To above-named are bequeathed negroes, 
lands and horses. Witnesses: John Stevens, Frederick Isler, Freder- 
ick Becton. No probate. 

WoRSLEY, Thomas. Bath County. 

January 18, 1737. March Court, 1737. Sons: Thomas (lands on Swift 
Creek), Joseph (lands on Swift Creek), John (lands on Bear Creek). 
Negroes divided between sons. Cousin: Richard Clemens. Wife: 
Sarah. Executors: John Hodgson, Thomas and Joseph Blount. Wit- 
nesses: R. Everard, Philip Williams, John Caldom. Clerk of the 
Court: Roger Jones. Impression of lion rampant on seal. 

Worth, John. Bladen County. 

August 1, 1743. September Court, 17-13. Father: John Worth, of 
New Jersey. Sister: Elizabeth. Cousin and Executor: Joseph Clark 
of New Hanover County. Witnesses: Thomas Waman, E. Vernon, 
John Willi.\.m.son. Clerk of the Court: John Clay-ton. Executor quali- 
fied before Samuel B.\ker. Impression of dog on seal. 

WoTSFOED, Joseph. Bertie County. 

July 27, 1737. November Court, 1739. Sons: John ("ray mannor 
plantation"), Joseph. Daughters: Mary Wotsford, Elizabeth Val- 
lentine. Other legatee: Martha May'NOr. Wife and Executrix: Elinor. 
Trustee: Wm. Wesson (brother). Witnesses: Jno. Wynns, Benjamin 
Hargrove, Edward Tidmon. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. 

Wright, Augustine. Pasquotank County. 

May 27, 1741-1742. April Court, 1742. Brothers: William and 
Charles. Mother and Executrix: Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Martin, 
JoH.v Brown. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

Abstkact of Wills, 1600 — 1760. 425 

Wright, John. New Hanover County. 

May 30, 1747. Son: Samuel. Daughter: Sakau Wright. Wife and 
Executrix: Ann. Witnesses: John Lyon, William Vernon, John Mer- 
rick. No probate. 

Wkight, Samuel. Perquimans Prj;-cinct. 

September 9, 1717. July 29, 1718. Sons: Thoma.s (land on Little 
River), Samuel. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: Thomas 
Stafford, George Gokden. Clerk of the Court: R. Hicks. 

Wright, Samuel. Perquiman.'^ County. 

March 6, 1754. April Court, 1754. Sons: Tho.mas and S.amuel. 
Daughters: Mary and Hannah Wright. M'ife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Executor: Nath.\niel Welch. Witnesses: Hanker Ellet, Je- 
mime Dowdy, Is.^ac Sitterson. Clerk of the Court: Richard Clay-ton. 

Wynns, William. Bertie County. 

December .3, 1757. April Court, 1758. Wife and Executrix: Eliza- 
beth. Daughter: Penelope. Son: "unnamed." Executors: Benjamin 
Wynns (brother), John Harrell. Witnesses: Thomas Bonnifant, 
Geo. Wynns, William Barton. Clerk of the Court: Benjamin Wynns. 
Coat of arms on seal. 

Wynns, Geoege. Bertie County. 

February 2, 1750-1751. May Court, 1751. Sons: John (two negroes), 
Joseph (one negro), Benja.min (three negroes), William (three negroes), 
George (lands and five ncgroe.s, copper brandy still). Daughter: Mary 
Sessums, wife of Culmen Sessums (one negro); Sarah, wife of Peter 
Ev.\ns (one negro). Wife: Rose. Executors: Benj.vmin and William 
(sons). Witnesses: Jno. Baker, Thos. Lee, Jno. Harrell, Jas. Boon. 
Clerk of the Court: Samuel Ormes. 

Wynn.s, John. Bertie County. 

February 10, 1750. M.ay Court, 1753. "Winnson." .S'ons; James Boon 
("the mannour plantation" and two negroes), Watkin William (Ferry 
plantation, and land called Blind Islands), Joh.n Augustus (land called 
Bridge Neck, 400 acres of "lightwood land" and two negroes). 
Daughters: Mary Anne (lands bought of Peehe and Hallum, and two 
negroes), Sarah Amelia (plantation called Morrises and Cuba, and two 
negro slaves), Wynney Caroline (land called Sharpe's Neck, and two 
negroes). Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Executors: Benjamin and 
William Wynns (brothers), James Boone and Watkin William 
Wynns (sons). Wit7ie.sses: Jos. Wynns, Stephn. Hooker, William 
Hooker, Junr., Ephraim Hunter, Benjamin Basker. Clerk of the 
Court: Benjamin Wynns. 

426 Absteact of Wills, 1690 — 1760. 

Yeats, James. Carteret County. 

November 8, 1750. March Court, 1750. Wife and Executrix: Mary. 
Executor: Geo. Read. Witnesses: Mary Stem, S-imuel O'Steen, Geo. 
McKean. Clerk of the Court: George Read. 

Yeates, William. Bertie Couuty. 

December 3, 1751. May Court, 1752. Daughters: Mary Yeates, 
Susannah Pipkin, Martha Langston (one negro), Judith Yeates 
(one negro). Amy Yeates (one negro). Sons: William, Robert (land 
n Bertie on Pottecasi Creek), Richard (land in Eertie on Blew Water 
Branch and Raccoon Marsh adjoining Bryan Hare; also one negro 
man), Charles (land in Bertie on Cuttewhiski Swamp), Daniel ("my 
plantation"). Wife and Executrix: Mary. Witnesses: Jno. Brickell, 
LsAAC Carter, Bryan Hare. Clerk of the Court: S^uitiel Ormes. 

Young, George. 

March 12, 1696. 1698. Son: Foster. Daughters: Ann and Mary. 

Friend: Wm. Lbdford. Wife and Executrix: Prothesia. Witnesses: 

William Ledford, Senior. William Ludford, Junior, Ho.mphrby 
Lbgg. Clerk of the Court: N. Chevin. 


Kecords of the folliiwins wills were foimd after the foretcoing pages 
hail bo'en jirinted : 

Answell (Ansell or Ancell)^ James. Currituck County. 

September 12, 1738. April Court, 1740. Son. and Executor: John. 
Daughter: S.\r.\h Roberts. Grandson: James Roberts. "* * * My 
will and desire is that the negro wench called Estor which I gave to my 
son John Ansell by Deed be Sett att liberty During the term of sixty 
years and in case my Son John should not allow her my Desire then all 
that I have given to him I give to my Daughter Sar-^h Roberts except 
five pounds * * *." Witnesses: Henry AVhite, Hil.vrv White, 
Le.vdy White. Ctcrk of the Court: Wm. Shergold. Original mi.ssing. 
Recorded in Book No. 4, Will No. 110, Record of Grants. 

Christian, Christopher. Montgomery County. 

November 29, 1781. March Court, 1783. Sons: John and James. 
Daughters: Patty and LutY. Friend: Patty Colly. Executors: John 
Mack, Nicholas Christian and William Mack. Witnesses: Christo- 
pher Christian, Drury Collier, Thom.-vs Bullock. Clerk of the Court: 
Geo. Davidson. 

Jordan, Joseph. Pasquotank County. 

May 4, 1742. February Court, 1752. tT'//f; Mary. Daughter: Mary 
Henley. Sons: Joseph (" my Plantation whereon I now live, contain- 
ing Two hundred Acres of Land more or Less"); Robert (" Two Plan- 
tations on the River Side Called by the names of Overmans and Hacket, 
running as far as to the head of a Branch to the plantation called the 
Old plantation across from this Line where I live on by that line Called 
Lufmans line"), Micajah (" my Plantation called the Old Plantation 
withall the Woodland belonging to it Except that part I gave to my son 
Robert"). Witnesses: Samuel Hughe, Dempsey' Conner, Joseph Rob- 
inson. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor. 

Marsh, Edward. Guilford County. 

May 18, 1778. September Court, 1779. Son: Darius Marsh (planta- 
tion whereon I now live). Wife: Katherine. Other legatees: K.\THEm>fE 
and Bryant (children). Executors: Katherine Marsh, Robert Har- 
grove, Jacob Sheppard. Witnesses: Robt. Hargrove, Amory Spixks, 
J.^. Sheppard. Will proven in Randolph County. Clerk of the Court: A. 

428 Supplement. 

Roe, John. Richmond Comity. 

November 15, 1780. March Court, 1783. Sons: Edw.-s.rd Roe (one 
shilling and no more), John Edward Roe and Samuel Roe. Daughters: 
Sarah Richardson Phillips, Jean Roe, Rachel Roe. Grandson: 
Samuel Salsbury Chears. Other legatee: Martha Ussery. Wife: 
Susannah. Executors: Sus.annah Roe and Joseph Chaplain. Wit- 
nesses: Joseph Hines, James Downing, Wm. Leago. Clerk of the Court: 
Wm. Love. 


[Names of testators ai'e printed iu capitals.] 


Abtiott. John 261 

Abel, Richard 02 

Abeiurombie, Hannah 1 

Abercrombie, William 3211 

Abett. Thos t»i 

Abinoton, Joseph 1 

Abiugtou, Mary 1 

Abiugtou plantation 385 

Abington, Sarab 317 

Abington, Thomas 1 

Abington, Thos. .27. -51, 'A. 5G, 65, 
12!», 132 (2), 201 (2), 230 (2), 
231 (2), 277, 2!)-t (2), 370, 384 

Abington, William 1 

Absalom Poiuer's land 403 

Accomack Kntry, land called. 213 

Adds, Joshua 200 

Acock, James 47 

Adasis, Abeaham 1 

Adams, Abraham 1 

ADA^rs, Abraham 1 

Adams, Abram 1 

Adams, Abraham 2 (2) 

Adams. Abraham 274 

Adams, Anne 1 

Adams, Ann 21:!. 301 

Adams, Bathia 1 

Adams, Charles 2 

Adams Creek, land on. . .120, 

242, 261 

Adams, Dorothy 310 

Adams, Elizabeth 1. 2 

Adams, Emanuel 2 

Adams, Frances 2 

Adams, Hanah 48 

Adams, James. .1 (2), 2(2i, 

50, 105, 1S7. 213. 23S, 256 

Adams, John 2 John 2 

Adams, John 2 (2), 301 

Adams, Joseph 1 

Adams, Leath 71 

Adams, Margaret 2 

Adams, Margaret 2 

Adams. Martha 2 

Adams, Mary 2 (2|. 40. 1,87 

Adams, Mathias 116 

Adams (Addomes) Mat- 
thew 2 

Adams, Matthew (son of 
Matthew) 2 


Adams. Matt 4!) 

Adams, Obia 1 

Adams, Peter 2 

Adams, Rachel 2, LSI 

Adams, Kichard 1 

Adams, IIogeu 2 

Adams, Sarah ]. 2, 213 

Adams, Thomas 2 

Adams, Will r.l 

Adams, William 1. 7], .324 

Adams, Wiloby 1 

Adamson, Alexander .340 

Adderly, Jane 360 

Addison, Mary 320 ( 2 ) 

Addison, Kicii.\rd 2 

Addison, Sarah 2 

Addison, Thomas .3.33 

Addisoh, William 165 

Ahair, Elizabeth :V.',C, 

Ahair, John .3.36 

Ahair, William 336 

Aharske.y Swamp, land on.. 174 

Ahier, John 3 

Abler, Elizabeth (wife of 

John) 3 

Ahier, Elizabeth (daught<'r 

John) 3 

Ahier, William 3 

Ahoskio Slarsh, land on...1."i. 84 

Ahoskie, plautaticai on 3.M 

Ainslee, Thomas 45 

Ainton, Wm 284 

Airs, David 305 

Akehurst, Daniel.. 51, 73, 70, 

10.5, 157, 245, 288, 290, 415 

Akehurst, Samuel 129 

Albardson. I'eter 265 

Albemarle Sound, land on.s7, 248 
Albemarle Sound, manor 

fronting on 33 

Albemarle Sound, plantations 

on .323 

Albertson, Aaron 3 (2) 

Albektson, Albert, Sr 3 

Albertson, Albert 3 (2) 

Albertson, Albert, Jr .3. .378 

Albertson, Albert, Sr 378 

Albertson, P.enjamin 3 

Albertson, Chalkley 3 

Albertson, Easaw 3 

Albertson, Elias 3.59 

Albertson, Elizabeth. . .3 (2), 267 




Albertson, Francis 3 

Albertson. Hannah 3 

Aleebtson. Isaac 3 

Albertson, Jemima 3 

Albertson. John 3 

Albertson, Joshua 3 

Albertson, Joshua 3. 7. 267 

Albertson, Mary (daugliter of 

Joshua ) 3 

Albertson, Mary (wife or 

Joshua) 3 

Albertson, Mary 3 

Albertson. Mary (grand- 
daughter of Mary ) 3 

xVlbertson, Mary 2.jiL 359 

AIJ3ERTS0N. Nathaniel 3 

Albertson, Nathaniel 3 (2) 

Albertson, Peuelopy 3 

Albertson. Peter 3 (2) 

Albertson, Ruth ' 3 

Albertson, William 3 i2).7 

Albordson, Peter 3>S3 

Alburt, Nathaniel 70 

Aldeu of the Hill plantation. 

2.57, 2.5S 

Aldersbire, John 2 

Alderson, Ami 225 

Alderson, Elizabeth 3 

Alderson, James 225 

Alderson, John. . . .3. 107. 240, 272 

Alderson. Leven 3 

Alderson, Levi 21':. 272. 303 

Alderson, Mary 210 

Alderson, Sarah 3, 156 

Alderson, Simon 3 

Alderson, Simon... 42 (2), 64, 

71, 187. 272, 304. 380 

Alderss, Stephen 349 

Aldorson. John 345, 3(i5. 391 

Aldridg. Drury 347 

Aldridg, Mary 347 

Aldridge, Dorothy 4 

Aldridge, John 4 

Alegator, land at 26 

Alegator River, land on.... 400 

Alexander, Anne 4 

Alexander, Anthony 4 

Alexander. Anthony fson of 

Anthony) 4 

Alexander. Anthony 387 

Alexander, Benjamin. .4. 225, 415 

Alexander, Casiah 4 

Alexander, Christian 4 

Alexander, Elizabeth 185 

Alexander. George, Sr 230 

Alexander, Giddeon 4 


Alexander. Isaac 4 

Alexander. Jane 4 

Alexander, John 4 

Alexander, Joseph 4 

Alexander, Josias 4 

Alexander, Joshua 4. 127 

Alexander. Samuel 4 

Alexander, Naomi 4 

Alexander, Nathan 123 

Alexander, Priscilla 4 

Alexander. Rachel 4 

Alexander. Samuel 140 

Alexander, Sarah 4 

Alexander. Seth 4 

Alexander. Susannah 127 

Alford. Ann 4 

Alford, Jabez 4 

Alford. Jabus 154 

Alford. Jebaz 208 

Alford, John 4 

Alford, Joseph 4 

Alford. Sarah 4, 189 

Alford, Tabitha 4. 189 

Allaire, Louis 130 

Allaire, Margaret 130 

Allbird, John 182 

Allcock, Jno 347. 422 

Allday-, Thomas 4 

Allen. Andrew 4 

Allen, Cathrine 5 

Allen, David 323 (2) 

Allen, Ealee 5 

Allen, Eleazar 5 

Allen. Eleazar 5 (2). 61. 258 

Allen, Elizabeth 5 (2) 

Allen. George 5 

Allen, Go 49 

Allen, Hugh 5 

Allen, James 5 

Allen. Jemima 27 

Allen. John 5 

Allen. John 5 

Allen. Jno. ( M. D. ) 205 

Allen. Josia 5 

Allen. Margaret 5 

Allen. Mary 5 

Allen. Priscilla 4 (2) 

Allen. Richard 5 

Allen, Rode ISO 

Allen. Sarah 5 

Allen. Sarah 5 (2), 253 

Allen, Shadraek 53 

Allen. Thomas 2.35 

Allen. Tinidthy 30 

Allen. William .5. 263 

Allenn. James 281 




Allevu, Gpcirgc 197 

Alleyii, G. ." 2S2 

Allexander. Autho 400 

Allin, Ami 250 

Allisntor liUid 36S 

Alligator, lands in l.jO. 217 

Alligooa, Hillery <! 

Alligood, .Tolni 

Alligood. Riciiaku 

Alliguod. Richard 288 

Alligood. William 

Almes, .Tane 50 

Also)! ami Carroll 254 

Alston. Elizabeth ii, 30G 

Alston, James (1 (2) 

Alston, John C 

Alston, John (grandchild of 

John) 6 

Alston, John 237 

Alston, .Joseph John <i. .30(; 

Alston. Mary 237 

Alston, Patty C 

Alston, rhillip G 

Alston. Solomon 0. 237 

Alston, William t'. (2). 300 

Amason. P.en.iamin .50 

Amason, James 50 

Amason, Jesse 50 

Amasun. William -"id 

AMni.ER. William 

Ambler. William .302 

Ambler. Willm 308 

Ambkos. David 7 

Ambros, David (sou of 

David ) 7 

Ambros, Israel 7 

Ambros, Jesse 7 

Ambros, ilary 7 

Ambros, Morning 7 

Ambros, Susamiali ! daughter 

of David) 7 

Ambros, Susannah (wife of 

David) 7 

Ambros, William 7 

Ambrose, William 2."0 

Ames, .James 71 

Ani-rnm. John 105. 100 

Anderson, Ann ....S. OS. 147. .331 

Anderson, Caeolus 7 

Anderson, Carolus 7 

.\nderson, Eave 7 

Anderson, Elmar .54 

Anderson, Elisabeth 7 

ANDERisoN, Elizabeth ....... 7 

Anderson. Elizabeth (grand- 
daughter of Elizabeth) ... 7 


.Vnderson. Elizabeth n. 207 

Anderson, George 7 

Anderson. George (son of 

William) 7 

Anderson, James 7 

Anderson, James (son of 

James) 7 

Anderson, James. . . .7, S. 2s7. 333 

Anderson. James. Jnnr 228 

Anderson. James, Senr 228 

Anderson. Jane 255 

Anderson. John 8 

Anderson. John... 3. 7 (3). 20. 22'.». 

2.30, 255. 200, 200, 207 (2 I. 280, 

302, 3.34, 34S, 375. 
Anderson. John (grandson of 

Elizabeth Nixon) 207 

Anderson, Joseph 8 

Anderson, Joseph S 

Anderson. Joseph.. 13. 32. 3S. 05, 

08 (2), ,8.3, 130. 142. 2.51. 207 (2) 

Anderson, Katherine 22 

Anderson, Leah 227 

Anderson, Mararet 8 

Anderson, Mary 7 i 2 ) , 8 

Anderson. Jloses 90 

Anderson. Rob't 272, 340, 38G 

Anderson, Samuel. .7. .S. 14S. 

100, 207 
Anderson, Sarah.. .7 (3). 22. 207 
Anderson Swamp, land on.. 108 

Anderson. William 7 (2| 

Anders. John 305 

Andress. Elizabeth 157 

Andrew. Walter 205 

Andrews. Agues 8 

Andrews, Edmund .S. 58 

Andrews, Elisabeth 8 

Andrews. Etheldred 8 

Andrews. Henry 152 

Andrews. James 8 (2) 

Andrews. Janet 8 

Andrews. John 8 

Andrews, .John (son of .John) 8 

Andrews. Levi 8 

Andrews, JIarv 1.52. 205. 

242. 271 

Andrews. Rebecca 152 

Andrews. Ruben 2(15 

Andrews, Sarah 8 

Andrews. Stephen 02 

Andrews, Thomas 8 

Andrews. Thomas 8 

Andrews, Warren 8 

Andrews, William 2.5, 54, 

1.52 (2). 200. 271 




Anelyii, Ann S 

Anelyn, Henry 8 

Anelyn. John 8 

Anelyn, Petek S 

Anelyn, Peter (son of Peter) S 

Ansely, John 225 

Ansell, Caleb !» 

Ansell, James !> 

Ansell, John 9 

Ansell, John (sou of Jolin).. 9 
Ausell, John (son of John) .9(2) 

Ansell, John of Xetsiland, 9 

Ansell, John 100, 427 

Ansell, Letessha 9 

Ansell, Mary 9 

Ansell, William 9 

Answell (Ansell or An- 

cell), James 427 

Answell (Ausell or Aucell) 

John 427 

Ansle.v, Ann 9 

Ansley, Easter 9 

Ansley, Elizabeth 9 

Ansley, John 9, 192 

Ansley, Joseph 9 

Ansle.y, Mary 9 

Ansley, Rachel 9 

Ansley, Sarah (flaughter of 

Solomon) 9 

Ansley, Sarah (wife of Sol- 
omon ) 9 

Ansley, Solomon 9 

Aoses land 415 

Apperson, William 178 

Apple Tree, land on 71 

Applewhite, Holland 397 

Arbiithnot, John 21S 

Archbald, Nathan 215 

Archbell, Nathan 113 

Archdale, John 10.^). -Jll, 415 

Archdecou, William 405 

Archebakl, Nathan 167 

Arehir, Michl 148 

Aederne, John 9 

Arendell (Orindelll, .Marv.. 274 

Arendell (Oriudell), Rachel. 274 
Arendell (Oriudell), Re- 

beckah , 274 

Arenton, Christopher, ,..'., 9 

Arenton, Leah 9 

Arenton, Mary (daushter of 

William) 9 

Arenton, Mar.y (wife of Wil- 
liam) 9 

Arenton, Rebeckah 9 

Arenton, Sarah 9 


Arenton, Willlam 9 

Arenton, William 9 

Argy, John 130 

Ariuger, Francis 272 

Arington, Thomas 223 

Arinton, Mary 2.55 

Aris, Arabross 272 

Arkill, Wm 31, 44 

Arliu, John 68 

xVrliu, Mary 6S 

Arlord, James 244 

Arlow, Bridget 9 

Arlow, James 9 

Arlow, John 9 

Armiskeat, land at 388 

Armistead, William 412 

Armor, John 10 (2), 262 

Armor, Robert 10 

Armor, Theophilus 10 

Armor, Thomas 10 

Armor, William 10 

Armore, Thomas 115 

Armour, Ann 10 

Armour, Elizabeth 274 

Armour, John 10 

Armour, John (son of John) 10 

Armour, John 359 

Armour, Mary Id, 274, 3.59 

Armour, Thomas 324 

Armour, Robert 359 

Armstrong, Asiah 10 

Armstrong, Frank .307 

Armstrong, Isabel 57 


Armstrong, John 10 

Armstrong, Margaret 307 

Arnal, Alice 177 

Arnal, Edward 177 

Arnal, Elizabeth 399 

Arnal, Johu 129, 399 

Arnal, Martha 129 

Arnecb, Moses 161 

Arnel, Laurence 280 

Arnell, John 18 

Aruell. Sarah 2S0 

Aruell, William 10 

Arnold, Edward 10 

Arnold, Edward (son of Ed- 
ward) 10 

Arnold, Elizabeth 10 (2) 

Arnold, Jane 115 

Arnold, John 10 

Arnold. John 10 

Arnold, John 11, .394 

Arnold, John (son of John). 10 

Arnold, John (son of John). 10 




Arnold, Joseph 10 

Arnold. Joseph Id. I-jG. 209 

Arnold, Heury 382 

Arnold, Katherine 327 

Arnold, L.wveence 11 

Arnold, Lawrence Vi (2) 

Arnold, Mary 10 (2) 

Arnold, Peter 240 

Arnold, Pleasant 10 

Arudld. Sarah 17 

Arnolil. Tho 

Arnold. Tliomas, Jr 137 

Arnold, William. 7 (2|. TO (2), 22 

Arnol. John 395 

Arrauton. Sarah 157 

Arrauuse Creek, land on..,. 3S1 

Arrington, Briggs 11 

Arringtou, Charles 344 

Arrington. John 324 

Arrington. Willlvm 11 

Arrington. William (son (rf 

William) 11 

Arter. John 29S 

Arter. Matthew 53 

Arthand, Go 229 

Arthnr, Ann 11 

Arthnr, Bridget 11 

Arthur, Elizabeth 270 

Arthnr. Francis 270 

Arthur, James 11, 4S 

Arthur, John 11 

Arthur, John 11 

Arthur, John (son of Johiii . 11 

Arthur, Mary 11 

Arthur, Matthew 11 

Arthur, Sarah 4S, 132 

Arthur, William 1], 174 

Artledge, John .309 

Artree, James 337 

Artry, Mary 30 

Ash Branch, land on 110 

Ashburn, Elizabeth 323 

Ashburn, Sarah 96 

Ashburn. Thomas 100, 3.S0 

Ashe's Banks, land cm 270 

Ashe, Cincinnatus 295 

Ashe. John 11 

Ashe. Capt. John 13 

Asm:. John Baptista 11 

Ashe. John Bapta...l2S, 210 (2), 

224, 231, 250, 26.S. 295, 296, 380 

Ashe, Mary 11 

Ashe. Sam 82 

Ashe. Samuel 11. 205 

Ashe. Samuel ( son of 

Samuel ) 295 



Ashetou. Thomas 23 ( 2 ) 

Ashford. Jonathan 29 

Ashlee. Solomon 104 

Ashley, Dinah 1^3 

Ashley, Francis 12 

Ashley, John 12 

Ashley. John (sou of John). 12 

Ashley, John 20 

Ashley, John Plowman 291 

Ashley, Joseph 20, 150, 160 

Ashley, Jurden 12 

Ashley, Mary 12 

Ashley, Jvell 18:3 

Ashley, Sarah 12, 20 

Ashley, William. .12. 183, 194, 

276, 300 
Ashlv. Tliomas... S, 103. 163, 

287. 292. 300 

Ashly, Thomas, Jr 163, 169 

Ashton. John 147 

Ashwood )ilant;itiou 11 

Askines, William 3.58 

Askins, Anne 112 

AsKUE, John 12 

Askue, XMcholas 12 

Askue, William 12 

Aspell, Jeau 204 

Aspill. Martin 77 

Asskew, John 39 

Atherly, Jos 304 

Atkius. James 31, 119 

Atkins, Lewis 2.50 

Atkins. R 334 

Atkinson, Amos 218 

Atkinson, J 371 

Atkinson, Jane 218 

Atkinson, Kich.-ird 188 

Atkison, .Tames 27 

Atkison, Winnifred 198 

Atkison. William 108 

Aurendell, Edwd 117 

Austin, Ami 349 

Austin, Daniel .349 

Austin, DnI 118 

Austin, Tho 300 

AvENT, Thoiias 12 

Ayent, Uslea 12 

Avent, William 12 

Avera, Alexander 108 

Ayera, Elizabeth 108 

Averet, Ann 173 

Averett, John 135 

Ayeritt, Arthur 13 

Averitt, Benjamin \atli:;niel 13 

Averitt, Ephaly 13 

Averitt, John 13, 394 




Averitt, Nancy 13 

AvERiTT. Nathaniel 13 

Avery, Jane 13 

Avery, James 13 (2) 

Avery, John 13 

Avery, Robert 330 

Aweedy, Thomas 126 

Aydlett. Phillip 42 

Backalder, James 391 

Backeus, John 118 

Backer, Kachell 407 

Bacon, John 100 

Bacon, Richd l<>n 

Bacon. Dr. Solomon 41 

Badham, Martha 13 

Badham, Mary 100, 325 

Badham, W lo. 100 (2), 

292, 32.-1, 330, 354, 358 

Badham, Wieeiam 13 

Badham, William, . .SO, 1.30, 

325 (2) 

Baeley, Wm 108 

Baget, Nicholas 45 

Baggitt, Abraham 13 

Baggitt, Barnabey 13 

Baggitt, Benjamin 13 

Baggitt, Hardy 13 

Baggitt, John 13 

Baggitt, Joseph 13 (2) 

Baggitt, Martha 13 

Baggitt, Mary 13 

Baggitt, Nicholas 13 

Baggitt, Nicholas (son of 

Nicholas) 13 

Baggitt, Sarah 13 

Baggitt, Thomas 13 (2) 

Baggott, Barnaba 420 

Bagley, Amblox 216 

Bagley, Betty 282 

Bagley, Hanna 13 

Bagley, Eebeca 249 

Bagley, Samuel 112 

Bagley, Susana 14 

Bagley, Susannah 13 

Bagley, Thomas, 13 

Bagley, Thomas (son of 

Thomas) 13 

Baglev, Thomas 37, 74 

Bagley, William 1.3, .326 

Baile.y, Ann 14, 400 

Bailey, Barbarie 120 

Bailey, Ben.iamiu 14 

Bailey, David 14 

Bailey, David 14 

Bailey, Elizabeth 400 


Bailey, James 262 

Bailey, John 14 

Bailey. John 14 

Bailey, Joseph 14 

Bailey, Joseph 14 (2). 369 

Bailey, Margaret 14 

Bailey, Patrick 14 (2) 

Bailey, Robert,,. 14 (2), 351 (2) 

Bailey, Simon 14 (2) 

Bailey, Tamor 14 

Bailey, Thamor 14 (2) 

Bains. Katherine 407 

Baird, Jeane 14 (2) 

Baikd, Richaed 14 

Baird. Robert 241 (2) 

Baire Swamp, laud on 22 

Baire Swamp, plantation on 23 

Baker, Benett 15 

Baker. Ben.iamin 171 

Baker, Ben.iamin, Jr 171 

Baker, Mrs. Betsey 32 

Baker, Blake l.", CS. 203 

Baker, David 15 

Baker, Elizabeth 95 

Baker, Henry' 15 

Baker, Henrv (son of Henry) 15 

Baker, Henry. Jr 107, 197 

Baker, Honor 59 

Baker, James 15, 33 

Baker, John. 1.5, OS (2), 1G6, 

333, 425 

Baker, Lawrence 15 

Baker, Mary 15 

Baker, Moses 15 

Baker, Moses 60, 409 

Baker. Robert 226 

Baker, Ruth (wife of 

Henr.v) 15 

Baker. Ruth (daughter of 

Henrv) 15 

Baker, Ruth 68 

Baker, Ruth (daughter of 

Ruth) 68 

Baker, Samuel 214, 424 

Baker, Sarah 1.5, (iS, 421 

Baker, Susannah 358 

Baker, Thomas .50, 421 

Baker, William.,, 15 (2), 0.5, 387 

Baker, Wm 23.3, 413 

Baker. Zadock 15. 68 

Balch. Beu.1amin 15 

Balch, Joseph (sou of Ben- 
.iamin) 15 

Balch. Jcseph 15 

Balch. Joseph 2 r2), 271 

Balch, Mary 15 




Balch, Phortie 15 

Bak-b, SnsaniuUi lo 

Bald Riil.Ljc iilantatiou 87 

EaliUvin. Elizabeth 344 

BaWwiii, Win 3(X) 

Balehaek. land in 287 

Bales. Jame.s 378 

Baley, Ami ij!> 

Baley. iJavid 147 

Baley. Delxirab <lii 

Baleyback. plantati'-u in.... li.'il 

B.^LEY, John l"i 

Baley, Joseiib <i!) 

Baley, Mary 1." Ci), (1!) 

Baley, Patrick 147, 383 

Baler, Rebeekab 4(M) 

Ball. Ann Ki, 30(> 

Ball, Casiah 412 

Ball. Eli/.abetb Ill 

Ball. James 41 

Ball. Jacob 245 

Ball. J.ames 15 

Ball, John 15 

Ball, Jnsluia 2!1!» 

Ball. Ma,i;dalene 15 (2) 

Ball, Nathan 15 

Ball, Parthaiiev 30(; 

Ball, Uacliel 15 

Ball, Ueuben 2!1!) 

Ball, Sarah 15 

Ball, Stephen 15. 410 

B.ALL, Thomas K! 

Ball, William IC. 300. 

Ball. Will 80 

Ballahack. lands at :;(*<) (2) 

Ballaliack. land in 314 

Ballance, John 114 

Ballanee. liichard 70 

Ballance, Samll 48 

Ballard, AnnAiiAM 10 

Ballard. Aiiraham ,"00 

Ballard, Ann IG 

Ballard, Anne 10 

Ballard, Ajisilla 16 

Ballard, Bathsheba If, 

Ballard, Klias Ki 

Ballard, Elisber K! 

Ballard, Elizabeth 1(1 (2) 

Ballard, Esther 10 

Ballard, .Tethro 10 

Ballard, Keadah 10 

Ballard, Jemima 03 

Ballaki), John 10 

Ballard, John 10 

Ballaud, J0.SEPH 10 


Ballard. Joseph (son of 

Joseph) 10 (2) 

Ballard, Lewis 108 

Ballard, Martha 10 

Ballard. Mary 10. 300 (2) 

Ballard. Peter 247 

Ballard. Sarah 10 

Ballard. Snsanne 10 

Ballard, William 124 

Ballards plantation 54 

Balleau. Andrew 123 

P.allentine, Alex.-nider 10 

P.alleutine, Dinah 10 


Ballentine, Henry 77 

Ballentine, Ja 380 

Ball.yhaek, land in 2.54, 340 

Baly. David 343 

Bamptield. William 6 

P.anbow Creek, land on 02 

Banger, Berd 355 

Bangs, Ablah 10 

Banns, Abiah 10 ( 2 ) , 03 

Banckes, John 220 

Bauckey, J<}hn 200 

Bangs, Betty 10 ( 2 ) 

Bangs, Jon.attiax 10 

Bangs, Jonathan 10> 

Banks. Anne 17 

Banks, Francis .342 

Banks, John 220 

Banks, Jonathan 17 (2) 

Banks, Rachel 380 

Banks, Thomas 282 

Banks, William 17 

Banks, W'ynn & Askew, land 

joining 10 

Banter, Katherine 330 

Baper, Edw'd 72 

Baptism, ministers be(iuest to 30 

Baptiss. Benjamin 3.51 

Baptist, Ben.ja.min 17 

Baptist, Benjamin. .. .7. .307. 400 

Baptist, Edmund 17 (2) 

Baptist, Mary Clark 17 (2) 

Baptiste, Benjamin 73, 122 

Baran, Nathaniel 310 

Barbara, Mitchell 300 

Barbara, Susanna 300 

Barber. Aaron 322 

Barber. Ann 3i;7 

Barber. Charles 103 

Barber, Charley 54 

Barber, Elisabeth 1'..'8 

Ra rber, Gem-ge 77 

Barber, Hannah 320 




Barber, Jacob 54 

Baebee, John 17 

Barber, John 4, 42 

Barber, Joshua 54 

Barber, Lem'll 54 

Barber, Margaret 142 

Barber, Moses 19S 

Barber, Rebecca 407 

Barber, Richard 360 

Barber, Samuel 290 

Barber, William 322, 366 

Barbour, Charles 9 

Barbre, Elizabeth 359 

Barelif, Charles 137 

Barclif, John 314 

Barcliff, Elizabeth 176 

Barelift, Ann 17 

Barclift, Anne 280 

Barelift, Asa 17 

Barclift, Benjamin 17 

Barclift, Blake 17 

Barclift, Demson 17 

Barclift, Elizabeth. ..17 (2), 

109 (2) 

Barclift, James 17 

Barelift, John of Wearneck. 7 

Barclift, John 17 

Barclift, John (cousin of 

William) 18 

Barclift, John (sou of 

William) IS 

Barclift, John..,. 17 (3), IS. 

73, 132. 158, 280 
Barclift. John (grandson of 

John Parish) 2S0 

Barclift. John, Sr 280 

Barclift, Joseph 17, IS, 243 

Bakclift, Joshua 17 

Barclift, Joshua IS 

Barclift, Mary 17 (2) 

Barclift, Miriam 17 

Barclift, Noah 17 

Barclift, Samuel 17, IS, 260 

Barclift, Sarah 18 (2), 245 

Barclift, Thomas 17 

Barclift, Thomas (sou of 

Thomas) 17 

Barclift, Thomas IS 

Barclift, Thos 169 

Baeclift, William 18 

Baeclift, Willlvm 18 

Barclift, William (son of 

Joshua ) 18 

Barclift. William (son of 

William) 18 


Barclift, William 17 (2), 

160. 176 

Barclif te, Elizabeth 415 

Barco, Sophia 299 

Barcock, Aim 18 

Barcock. Daniell 18 

Barcock. Jane (daughter of 

William 18 

Barcock, Jane (wife of Wil- 
liam) 18 

Barcock, John 18 

Barcock, Joseph 18 

Barcock, Luke 18 

Barcock, Peter 18 

Barcock, Thomas 18 

Barcock, William 18 

Barcock. William (sou of 

William 18 

Barcroft, William 198 

Bard, Hannah 14 

Bard, Mary 193 

Bard, Richard 193 

Bardin, Johu 47 

Bare, Banks 3-59 

Barecock, Jane 283 

Baeeccck, Thomas 18 

Barecock, Thomas (son of 

Thomas) IS 

Barecock. Thomas 283 

Barecock. William 18 (2) 

Bare Creek, land on 12 

Barefield. Elizabeth IS 

Barefield, Henry 18 

Barelield. Ishani 18 

Barefield. James IS, 19 

Barefield. John 18 

Barefield. Judith IS 

Barefield. Luke IS. 96 

Barefield. Mary IS. 19, 228 

Barefield, Richard 18 

Barefield. Richard (son of 

Richard) 18 (2) 

Barefield, Richard (grandson 

of Richard ) 18 

Barefield, Rose 18 

Barefield, Solomon IS 

Barefield. Thomas IS 

Barefield, William 18 

Barefoot, Johu 321 

Bare Swamp, land at 34 

Barfield, Eeth 19 

Barfield, Elizabeth 228 

Barfield, Henry 19 

Barfield. James 18 

Barfield. Jane 218 

Barfield, Jesse 19 (2) 




Barfield, JoLm 01 

Barfiei.d, Richabd ]!1 

r.iU-liold, Uichd S.3. 21S 

Rnrfiekl. Solomon 10 (3) 

I5ai-tield, Thomas 22S (2) 

Barfield, William 2in 

Bai-koake, William 1S6 

Barker, Mary 113, 341 

Barker, T 34S 

Barker, Thomas.. 8 (2) 123, 

347 (2), 153. 282, 348. 3S2 

Barker, William 287 

Barkett, Mary 174 (2i 

Barkork, Thomas 131 

Barlow, Thomas 14 

Baklovv, Boeert 10 

Barley, David 10 

Barnard, William 415 

Barnes. Charles 405 

Barues, Demsey 10 

Barnes, Elizabeth 10 

Barnes, Hezekiah 10 

Barnes, Jacob 10 

Barnes, James 10. 21 

Barnes, Jeremiah 334 

Barnes, Jesse 151 

Barnes, Jethro 10 

Barnes, Jno 84 

Barnes, John 301 

Barnes, Joseph 10 

Bakmes, Joseph 10 

I!arnes. Mycah 10 

Barnes, Nathan 170, 2.37 

Barnes, William 21 

Baruet, Ann 3.50 

Barnet, Mary 3.50 

Barnet, Samuel 78 

Barnet, William 21.3, 3.50 

Barnett, Edward 10 

Barnett, J. J 57 

Baruett, Sarah 10 

Barnett, William 3.30 

Barnham, Gabriel 100. 

Barns, Ann 10 (2) 

Barns, Edward 41 

Barns, James 2.51 

Barnsfei.d, Ann 10 

Barnsfeld, William 230 

Baron, Henry Ill (2) 

Baros. Moses 10 

Barrah. George 100 

Barrah. Thomas lOO (2) 

Barrah, Zaceria 100 

Barran, Jas 174 

Barran, Thomas 87. 174 

Barran, Wm., Jr 153 

Barren Branch and Wick- 
acorn Creek, land on 170 

Barrenton, Isaac 413 

Barrett, Mary 344 

Barrett, Thomas -344 

Barringer, Paul 280 

Barrit, Margitt 320 

Barrow, Ann 20 ( 2 ) , 21 

Barrow. Benjamin 10 

Barrows Creek, land on .... 210 

Barkow. Edmund 19 

Barrow. Elizabeth 10, 20 

Barrow, Eliza 21 (2) 

Barrow, Frederick 20 

Barrow, George... 20. 21. 20. 

100. 274 

Barrow, H 241 

Barrow. Hedrick 21 

Barrow Hole, laud at 35 

BarPvOW, James 20 

Barrow, James.. .10. 20 (3l. 

21. 210 

Barrow. Jeams 21 

Barrow. Jean 21, 30 

Barrow, Johanah 20 

Barrow, John 20 

Barrow, John 20 

Barrow, John 20 

Barrow, John. Sr 20 

Barrow, John (son of John) 20 
Barrow, John (uncle of 

John) 20 

Barrow, John (son of 

Joseph) 21 

Barrow. John (brother of 

Joseph) 21 

Barrow. John (son of Wil- 
liam) 21 

Barrow, John (brother of 

William) 21 

Barrow. John. .10. 20 (3). 21 (2), 
20 (2), 00, 01, 101, 104, lOfi, 
108, 21.5, 21(j, 231, 28(1, 350, 424 

Babrow, Joseph 20 

Barrow, Joseph, Jr 20 

Barrow, Joseph 21 

Baerow, Joseph, Jr 21 

Barrow, Joseph ( sou of 

Joseph) 21 

Barrow, .Joseph.. 20 (4), 21, 

50, 13(5, 10.5, 108, 210 (2) 

Barrow, Jos 423 

Barrow. Joseph, .Tr...20, 10(5. lOS 

Barrow, Margaret 20 (2) 

Barrow, Mary (daughter of 
Edmund) 10 




Barrow. Mary ( wife of Ed- 

' mund ) 10 

Barrow, llary 20. 21. 216 

Barrow. Moses 20, 21 

Barrow, Mr 46 

Barrow, ( )rpali 20 (2) 

Barrow, Uacliell 20 (2), 377 

Barrow, Kebeca 20 

Barrow, Rebecca 20 

Barrow, Kebekaii 21 

Barrow, Rebekali 21 

Barrow, Plicliarrt 21. 210 (2) 

Barrow, Samuel 21. 216. 424 

Barrow, Sarah (wife of 

James) 20 (2) 

Barrow, Sarah (daughter of 

James) 20 

Barrow, Sarah (cousin of 

James) 20 

Barrow, Sarah... 20 (2). 21 

(4). 55. 145. 105. 250. 286 

Barrow. Tliomas 20. 21, .846 

Barrow, William 21 

Barrow, William 21 

Bakrow. William 21 

Barrow. William (son of 

Joseph) 20 (2) 

Barrow. William (son of 

William) 21 (4) 

Barrow. William (grandson 

of Joseph) 20 

Barrow. William. .1.3. 21 (2), 

2!» (4), 109, 15G, 216, 342, 366 

Barrow, Wm 77. 14.5. 216 

Barrow. AV 3S2, 421 

Barrow, Zachariah 20, 21, 100 

Barr.v. Daniel 163 

Barry. David 21 

Barr.v. Mary M.-igdilin 266 

Barry. Marion 21 

Barrv. James 235 

Barr.v. Sarah 62 

Barrv. William 21 

Barsus Neck 380 

Bartlet. Elizabeth 415 

Bartlet. Thomas 1 38 

Bartlett. Ann 344 

Bartlett. Elizabeth 22 

Bartlett. Pashe 30 

Bartlett. Samuel .381 

Bartlett, Thomas 22 

Bartlett. William 22 

Bartlett. William ( son of 

William) 22 (2) 

Barton. Hannah 22 

Barton. Hanua 22 


Barton. Joel 19 

Barton. John 114. 305 

Barton. Vallentin 22 

Barton. Williau: 395. 425 

Bartram. Elizabeth 22 

Bartram. Elizabeth 218 

Bartram. William 73. 92. 

106. 168 

Bartram. Wm 22. 265 

Bartre. Joel 78 

Bartrom's Point 334 

Baset, James .30 

Basker. Beuiamin 425 

Basley, Sarah 219 

Bass, Andrew 76, 348 

Bass, Aron 22 

Bass, Benjamin 22 (2) 

Bass, Dinah 22 (2) 

Bass, Edward 22 

Bass, Edward (sou of Ed- 
ward ) 22 

Bass, Edward 22. 23 (2) 

Bass. Eli.1ah 22 

Bass. James 22 

Bass. John 22 

Bass, John (son of John) . .22. 23 

Bass. Joseph 22 

Bass. Kiziah 22 

Bass. Lovewell 22 

Bass. Love.y 22 

Bass. Mary 22 

Bass. Mary (daughter of 

John) 22 

Bass. Mary (wife of Jolm ) . . 23 

Bass. 22 

Bass. Paceunce 22 

Bass, Reuben 22 

Bass, Sampson 22 

Bass, William 22 (2) 

Bassett, Abraham 305 

Bassett, Richard 50 

Bassford. John 270 

Bastabell. William 383 

Bastable. Hannah ( wife of 

William) 23 

Bastable. Hannah fdaughter 

of William) 23 

Bastable. Hannah 383 

Bastable. William 23 

Bastable. William .383 

Basteba iilantation 191 

Batchelors Creek, laud on.. 1.53 

Batchelor, Edward 23 

B.iTciiELOR, Edward 23 

Batchelor, Edward (son of 
Edward ) 23 




Batchi'Icir. Elizabeth 23 

Batcheloi-, Francis (wife of 

Eilwanl) 23 (2) 

Batcbelor, Francis (daughter 

of Edward) 23 

Batchelor. John 23. 96 

Batcher. Joseph 49 

Bate, Ann 23 

Bate, Ausustine 23, 19S 

Bate, II 57 

Bate, IIenky Lawrence 23 

Bate, Humphrey 23 

Bate, JIartha 23 

Bateman, Elisebeth 171 

Bateman, Eliaa 24 

Bateman, Elizabeth lil, 62 

Bateman, Isabell 24 

Bateman, John 23 

Bateman. John 24 

Bateman. Jonathan 24 

Bateman, Jonathan (sou of 

Jonathan) 24 (2) 

Batem.-m, Jonathan. .2.> (2). 

f.2, 17.", 319 
Bateman, Josher (or 

Joseph) 24 

Bateman, Margaret 24 (2) 

Bateman. Mary. .24 (LM. Hi!) (2) 

Bateman. Samuell 24 

Bateman. Tliomas (brother 

of John) 23 (4) 

Bateman. Thomas (nephew 

of John) 23 

Bateman, Thomas 4. 7. 24.G2 

B.vteman. William 24 

Bateman, William (s(m of 

William) 24 

Bateman, William 10, 23 (2) 

Bateman. Win 144 

Bates. James 2m 

Bath, Itichd 119, 121 

Bath Town Creek, land on.. 413 

Battle. Elisal)eth 3GG 

Battle. Jesse 24 

Battle. .John 24 

y.:< ttle. John .11', 19.0 

Battle, Prissilla 24 

Battle, Sarah (wife of 

John) 24 (2) 

Battle. Sarah (daughter of 

John ) 24 

Battle. Wilham (brother of 

John) 24 

Battle, William (son of 

John ) 24 

Batters, Barkers 24 


Batters, Darkis 3.56 

Batters, Diana 24 

Batters. Mar.v 24, 350. 391 

Batters. Thomas 24 

Batters. Thomas S.iii, a91 

Bauer, Mathew 6 

Bawne, Peter 421 

Baxter. Mar.v 373 

Baxter. jVathaniel 373 (2) 

Bayer. David 24 

Bayes, Ann 24 

Bayes, EnwAED 24 

Ba.ves, Eliz 24 

Ba.ves. John 24 

Bayes, Mary 24 (2) 

Bayes plantation 38 

Bayle.v, Ainbcox 2 

Bayle.v. Amb. Cox 354 

Bayley, John 414 

Bayley, Martha 39 

Bayley, Patrick 168 

Bayley, Thomas 168 

Baynard, Phillip 231 

Ba.v Kiver, land on (53 

Bay Kiver and Trent, land on 339 

Bays. William 122 

Beach Rea.g plantation 56 

Beach Ridge plantation. .279, 299 

Beach Swamp, land on 408 

Beahan. Eliz 187 

Beale, Francis 394 

Beall.y, David 86 

Beall.v. Patrick 86 

Beally, John 86 

Beally, Thomas 117 

Beally (or Bayley) 183 

Bear Creek, plantation on... 175 
Bear Creek, lands on. . . .276, 

324. 424 
Bear Creek and Horse Pen. 

land on 390 

Bear River, land on 176 

Bear Swamp, land at 35 (2) 

Bear Swamp, land on 3.52 

Beard, Daniel 218 

Beard. Xeil 218 

Beards Creek, plantation on. 173 

Bearcock, John 142 

Beasley". Frances 24 

Beasley, Francis 25. 3.'!9 

Beasley. Jeams (brother of 

Francis) 24 

Beasley. Jeaines (son of 

Francis) 24 

Beasle.v. James.. 89 (2), 117 

(4), 21.5, 339, 3S0. 407 




Beasley, James 25 

Beasley, James (sou of John) 117 

Beasley, James. Jr 25 

Beasley, Johanna 218 

Beasley, John. .25. 2S. 3G, 117 (2) 

Beasley, Mary 24, 25. SO 

Beasley, IJobert 24, 117 

Beasley, Samuel 25 

Beasley, Sarah 21S 

Beasley, Thomas 25 

Beather, Mrs. Sarah 291 

Beaufort, legacv for church 

at 214 

Beaufort, legae,y for school in 418 

Beaver Cove, land in 152 

Beaver Cove, laufl on 280 

Beaver Dam of Grays Creek, 

laud on 324 

Beaver Dam. land at 22 

Beaverdam, land in fork of. . 205 

Beaverdam, land on 71, 240 

Beaver Dam, plantation on.. 209 

Beaver Dam Neck 345. 40S 

Beaverdam plantation 339 

Beaver Dam Swamp, land on 

33, 412 
Beaver Dam Swamp, planta- 
tion on 332 

Beaver Ponds, land on 200 

Beay, Eliza 54 

Beck, aioses 113 

Becton, Ann 25 

Becton, Edmond 25 

Becton. Frederick 25 (2K 424 

Becton. George 25 

Becton. John 25 

Becton. JIary 25 

Becton, Michael 25 

Becton. Sarah 25 

Bedarrin. Hannah 168 

Betiford, Thomas. . .112, 263. 311 

Beech Island land 35 

Beech Run. land on 07 

Beels. Ann 25 

Beels, Barbray 25 

Beels, Elizabeth 25 

Beels. Jacob 25 

Beels, James 25 

Beel. John 25 

Beel. Joshua, children of 269 

Beels, John 25 (2) 

Beels, Mary 25 

Beels. Tabitha 25 

Beesley. Ann 117 

Bee Tree Neck, land on IS 

Beetree Neck, land at 87 


Beety, Martha 227 

Beezley, Eliza 25 

Beezley, Elizabeth 25 

Beezley, John 25 (2) 

Beezley. Rachel 371 

Beezley, Thomas 25 

Beezley, Thomas (son of 

Thomas) 25 

Befret, Benjamin 25 

Befret. Benjamin (son of 

Benjamin ) 25 

Beitelle, Francis 151 

Belcher. Bourleav 249 

Belcher. Robert 234 

Belknap. Elisha 239 

Bell, Ann 8, 279 

Bell, Anne 27, (2) 

Bell, Archibald 74 

Bell. Arthur.. 26 (3t. 27 (2), 

129. 290 

Bell, Benjamin 26 

Bell, Caleb 114 

Bell, Christiana 306 

Bell, Cornelius 26 

Bell. Cornelius (son of Cor- 
nelius) 20 (2) 

Bell. David 26 

Bell. E 250 

Bell. Elizabeth 26 

Bell. Elizabeth. . .27. 108. 286, .307 

Bell, Ester 129 

Bell, George 26 

Bell. George (son of George) 

26 (2) 
Bell, George. . .26 (3). 27. 40, 

74. 05. 127. 1S3, 211, 349, 409 

Bell's Gift 3S2 

Bell, Henry 26 

Bell, Isabell Ferguson 421 

Bell. James. . .26, 31 (2). 27.5. 372 

Bell. Jane 27 

Bell. Jesse 349 

Bell. John 26 

Bell. John (son of John) 26 

Bell. John. IS (2K 26 (2). 27, 

74. 130. 142, 310. 316. 3.53, 416 

Bell, John Lathv 26 

Bell. Jonathan 145, 337 

Bell. .Joseph 26 

Bell. Joseph 26, 27 (2), .3.52 

Bell. Jos 307 

Bell. Joshua 27 (2). 290 (2) 

Bell. Margrett 27 

Bell, aiargret 26 

Bell. Marmaduke 114 

Bell, Mary (wife of .John) . . 26 




Bell, Mary {daughter of 

John ) 20 

Bell, Mary..2G (2), 27, 114, 

252. 310 

Bell, Nathauiel 26 

Bell. IMliml !t5 

Bell, Robert 8, 74, 127, 421 

Bell, Ross 27 

Bell. Ross (son of Ross) .... 27 
Bell, Sarah.. 2G (2), 114 (2), 40.3 

Bell, Th 137 

Bell, Thos 20 

Bell, Tiioma.s 27 

Bell, Thomas 27 

Bell, Thomas 20 (2), 27 

Bell, Penelope S, 74 

Bell, William 27 

Bell, William 27 

Bell, William (sou of Wil- 
liam) 27 

Bell, William.. 5, 26 (2), 27. 

1211. 27.?. 303 

Bellman, John 27 

Bellman, Mary 27 (2) 

Bellman, William 2.3!) 

Belman, Esther 41.5 

Belman, .John 27 

Belman, John (sou of Joim) 27 

Belman, John 25C, 

Belman, Robert 27 

Belman, Sarah... 27 (2). 41.") (2) 

Belt, John 87 

Bembridge, John 251 

Benberry, James 28. 407 

Benbow, Charles 2S, 0.3 (2) 

Benbow, Evans 28 

BENBOvy. Gershon 28 

Benbow, Gershon .59, 189 

Benbow, Mary 05 

Benbow, Powel 28 (2) 

Benbow. Richard 28 

Benbow, Susannah 28 

Benbow, Will 158 

Benliury, Bridgett 28 

Benbury, Edmund 28 

Benbury, J 28, 158, 404 

Benbury, John (brother of 

William) 28 

Benbury, .John (son of Wil- 
liam) 28 

Benbury, John 28. .38, 145, 172 

Benbury, Joseph 28 

Benbury, Miles 28 

Benbury, Samuel 28, 317 

Benbury, Sarah 28 

Benbury, William 28 


Benbury, William ( son of 

William) 28 

Benbury, Wm 28, 35 

Bender, Daniel 28 

I^.euder, John 28 

Bender, Maktin 28 

Bender, Mary 28 

Bender, Salome 28 

Bendis, Ann 404 

Bendis, Sarah 404 

Beniman, Joseph 232 

Benner.s, John 222. 420 

Benners. Sarali 420 

Bennet. Alice 28 

Bennet, Anne 28 

Bennet, Arthur 105 

Bennet, Benjamin 28, 29 

Rennet, Betsse 29 

Benuet, Darkes 29 

Rennet, Elizabeth 28 

Bennet, John 28 

Bennet, John. 28 (2), 57, 108, 

274, 302, 304, 386 

Bennet, Jno 104 

Bennet. Joseph 28 

Benuet, Joseph ( son of John ) 28 
Bennet, Joseph (son of 

Joseph) 28 

Benuet, Joseph (brother of 

John ) 28 

Bennet. Josiah 28 

Bennet, Mary 2s. 29, 304 

Bennet, Jloses 2'.i 

Bennet, Xehemiah 28 

Bennet, Neheuiiah 57 

Benuet, Rebecker 29 

Bennet, Samuel 28 

Bennet, Solomon 29 

Bennet, Solomon 28, 57 

Bennet, Susan 28 

Bennet, William 28, ,84, 3.53 

Bennett, James 386 

Bennett, Jane 46 

Bennett, Ruth 386 

Bennett, Will 01 

Benning, James 99 

Bennington, Cornelius 90 

Bennitt, Ann 380 

Beiinys Creek, lauil on.. 292, 293 

I5enson, Edy 215 

Benson, John 383 (2) 

Benson, Mary 383 ( 2 ) 

Benson, Precila 3!'0 

Benson, Sarah 140 

Bensted, John 301 

Beuston, Mathias 123 




Benthall. Joseph 205 (2) 

Bentley, Aim 2!:) (2) 

Beutley. Hanab 20 

Bentley. Isaac 20 

Bentley, James 20 (2). 118 

Bentley. Jeremiah 20 

Bentley. Jeremiah 400 

BejN'tley, John 20 

Behtley. John 20 

Bentley. John 20 

Bentley, John 29 

Bentley. John (son of John) . 29 
Bentley, John of Moratock 

River 29 

Bentley, John ( sou of John of 

Moratock River) 29 

Bentle.Y, John (.iiramlson of 

John of Moratock Riven . . 29 

Bentley, John 25 ( 2 ) , 400 

Bentley. Joseph 20 

Beutlev. Lidia 20 

Bentley, Mary 20, 359 

Bentley, Richard 30 

Bentley, Richard 20 (2) 

Beiitle.y, Sarah 20 (2), 118 

Bentley, Thomas 25 

Bentley, William 2.5, 29 

(2), 201, 245 
Benton, Elijah... 30, 02, 181 (2) 

Benton, Epophroditus 30 

Benton, Francis 84 

Benton, Jethro 30 (2), 366 

Benton, John 30 

Benton, John (son of 

.John) .30 (2) 

Benton. John, Sr 366 

Benton, Lazarus 135 

Benton, Slartha 84 

Benton, Moses 30 

Bentou, Samuel 181 

Benton, Susannah 177 

Benwick (Renwieke), Edwd. 40S 

Benwicke, Edwd 362 

Bergeron, Ellas 30 (2) 

Berseron, John 21, 30 

Bergeeon, Judith 30 

Bermuda, "an island in the 

sound" 24S 

Bernard, Samuel 319 

Berusbee, Jlaraaret 313 

Berreman, Benianiin 312 

Berr,v, Comfort 30 (2) 

Bebey, ( 'oenealus 30 

Berry, Cornealns 30 

Berrv, Hepzibah 74 

Berry, John 30, 300 


Berry, Littleton 30 

Berry, Sarah 207 

Berr.yman, Ben.i 357 

Best, Jane 401 

Best, Mary 60 

Best, Thomas 4, 401 

Betelthelly (Bathelly), Fran. 244 

Bets, Doser 183 

Bets, John 100 

Betsworth. Sarah (53 

Betsworth, Wm 176 

Bett, John, Sr 34 

Betterley, Thomas 49 

Betterley, Tho 354 

Bettes, Francis 36 

Bettesworth, John 103 

Betts, James 49 

Betts, W 144, 271 

Bettys, Thomas 313 

Beyan, William 360 

Bevans, Mary 30 

Bevans, Richard 30 

Bevely, Anthony 408 

Bever Dam. land on 32 

Beverdams, land called the. 216 

Beverler, Ann 306 

Beverley. Henry 30 

Beverley, John, Se 30 

Beverley, John (son of John, 

Sr.) 30 

Beverley. Marsarett 30 

Beverle.v. Rachel 30 

Beverley, Robert .30 

Beverley, Sarah 30 

Beverle.v, William 30 

Bevin, William 214 

Beviues, Robert 309 

Bevins, Ann .30 

Bevius, Elizabeth 30 

Bevins, John 30, 31 

Bevins, Mary 30 

Bevins, Mary (daughter of 

Mary) '. 30 

Bevins. Robert 30, 31 

Bexle.v. Rebeckah .31 

Bexley. William 31 

Biard. Richard 14 

Bidder, Richard 290 

Biddle, Ann ;31 (2) 

Biddle Isaac (son of Isaac) 31 
Biddle, Isaac (son of Jacob) 

31 (4) 

Biddle, Jacob 31 

Biddle. Jacob (son of .Jacob) 31 

Biddle, Jacob .56 (2), 402 

Biddle. William 31 




Bidgood, Benjamin. .130. 2"6. 41.5 

Bidsood, Sarah 17 

Bierne.v, Robert 41S 

Bigford, Magdaline 21.") 

Bigger-;, .Tames 311 

Biggleston, J 22 

Biggleston. James 417 

Biggs, John 141 ^2) 

Biggs, JIar.v 141 

Biggs, Siirah 114 

Biggs, W 40 

Billet, Allice 31 

I'.illet, Daniel 31 

Billet, John 31 

Billet, Sarah 31 

Billett. Alse .388 

Billett, Jeau 88 

Billett. John 04 

Billett, John 388 

r.illiugs, William 3!)1 

Bin'-'h.-'.m. Josiab 317 

Binns, Chas 412 

Bird, Ann 5!) 

Bird. Nathaniel CiV> 

Bird, Sarah 59 

Bird. Wm 170 

Birnie, IDin 31 (2) 

BiRNiE, William 31 

Birote, Benjamin 31 

BiROTE, Peter 31 

Bishop, Elizabeth 32 

Bishop, George 31 

Bishop. George .32, 203 

Bishop. Hannah 148 

BisJiop, .John '■*. 273, 310 

Bishoii. Mary 310 

Bishop, Stoakle.v 31 

Black, Isaac 32 

Black, Jane 32 

Bl.iok. John 32 

Black. Michael 32 

Black, Samuel 117 

Black, Tho 43 

Black, Thomas 311. 319, 391 

Black, Thos., 85. 103. 147, 189. 

249, 2.^4, 360, 381 

Black Creek, land on 334 

Black River, land on 302 

Blark Rock plnntntion 203 

Black Swamp and Mire 

Branch, land between 200 

Black Walnut, land at head 

of 81 

Black Walnut Swamp, land 

on 214 


Black Walnut Swamp, plan- 
tation on ,80, .323 

Black Water, plantation at. . 402 

Blackall. Abner 43 

Blackall, Abra 299 

Blackall, Abraham .32 

Blackall. Dr. Abraham. 222. 

291. 348 

Blackall, Abraham 304. 348 

Blackall. Abram 38 

Blackall, Chariot 32 

Blackall. Dr 32 

Blackall, Sarah 32 

Blackall, Sharlot 32 

Blackball, Charlotte 291 

Blackball, Penelope. ..32 (2). 291 

Blackball. Sarah .32 (2). 291 

Blacklnirn, Benjamin 12.5 

Blacklnirn, Hugh 331 

Blackburn. Oliver 2, 310 

Blackledge, Ann .32 (2) 

Blackledge, Beiiiamin .32 

Blackledge. Benjamin. Sr... 32 
Blackledge, Richard, Sr. . . 32 
Blackledge, Richard (son of 

Richard. Sr.) 32 (2) 

Blackledge, Richard .340 

J'.lackledge. Tbonias 32 

Blackledge, William .32 

Blackman, Allison 33 (2) 

Blackman, Arthur 3.3. 124 

Blackman, Bennet....33 (2). 

107. 300 

Blackman. Bennett 180 

Blackman. Eliz.abetb 33 

Blackman. John 33 

Blackman. .Tohn (son of 

John ) 33 

Blackman. Joseph 33 Nicholas 33 

Blackman. Sarah 33 

Blackman, Steaven .33 

Blackmoor. Zacharia 220 

Black River, lands on 314 

Blackshire, Alexander 120 

Blainye, Geo 9 

Blair, David 3Sr, 

Blair, James 400 

Blake, David 33 

Blake. David (son of David) 33 

Blake, David 09 

Blake Elizabeth -33 

Blake. Marv 107 

Blake. Matiiew 33 

Blake, Sarah 33 

Blake, Thomas .33, 334 




Blakeney. John 220 

Blak Water, land on -ilS 

Blanchni-a, Aaron 15, .S3, 11(5 

Blanebarrt, Absalom 33 

Blanchaed, Benjamin 33 

Blauchard, Ben,1amin (son of 

Benjamin ) .33 

Blanciiard, Catherine ....33 (2) 

Blancharu. Ephbaim 33 

Blanchard, Ephraim (son of 

Ephraim) 33 (2) 

Blanchard, Isabel 33 (2) 

Blanchard, llieajah 33 

Blanchard. Kobart 3.5Ci 

Blanchard, Robert .33 

Blanchard, Zilpah 3.55 (2) 

Blanchet. Elizabeth 242 

Blanck, Sara 137 

Bland, .Judith 177 

Bland, Richard 3G8 

Bland, William 2.50 

Blaniug, Elizabeth 33 (2) 

Blaning, Hugh .33 

Blank, Sarah 137 

Blamiing, Hugh (Capt. ) 101 

Blanshard, Christopher .... 98 

Blanshard, Demsey llf! 

Blanshard, Huldah 110 

Blanshard, Robert 116 

Bleighton, George 200 

Blewbootens Neck plantation 313 

Blew Water plantation 106 

Blew Water Branch and Rac- 
coon Marsh, land on 420 

Blichenden, .Abraham .34 (2) 

Blichenden. .John 34 

Blichenden, Mary ...34 (2), 268 

Blichenden, Sarah 34 

Blichenden, Thomas.. 34, 128, 208 

Blichenden, William .34 (2) 

Blin. Daniel 34 

Bliu. Daniel 187, 240 

Blin, Morning 34 

Blind Islands 425 

Blisit. .John .34 

Blish, John. 180. 100 (2). 353, 387 

Blitchenden, Abraham .39 

Bliz. Dau'l 50 

Blount. 17 

Blount. .35 

Blount. Anne .35 (5), 418 

Bloltnt, Benjamin 34 

Blount, Benlamin (son of 

Benjaniin) 34 (2) 

Blount, Ben.1amin. .34 (2), 

117. 211 


Blount. Bullah 292 

Blounts Creek, land on 342 

Blounts Creek, mill on 243 

Blounts Creek, plantation on, 

98 350 

Blount, Charles 34, 35, 36 

Blount, Christian 285 

Blount, Edmund 34 

Blount, Edmund (son of Ed- 
mund ) 34 

Blount, Edmund .34 

Blount. Elizabeth 34 

Blount. Elizabeth (wife of 

.John) 35 (2) 

Blount, Elizabeth (wife of 

James) 35 (2) 

Blount, Elizabeth 34 (4), 

35, 36, 163 

Blount, Esther .34 

Blount. Frederick 36 

Blount, Henry 114 

Blount, Isaac 34 

Blount, J 32 

Blount, Jacob .32. 34 (2). 

101, 211, 307 

Blount, James 35 

Blount, James 35 

Blount. .James (son of 

James) .35 (2) 

Blount. James (grandson of 

James ) 35 

Blount. .James (son of John) 35 
Blount, James... 34 (2), .35, 

36 (3), 251, 342,418, 424 

Blount, Jane 342 

Blount, Jesse 219 

Blount, .John 35 

Blount, John 36 

Blount, John (son of John) 35 
Blount, John.. 34, 35 (3). 36. 

153, 307 
Blount, Joseph. 8, 34, 35 (2), 

36, 08, 243. 330. 331 (2), 424 
Blount, Mary. .34, 35, 36 (2), 342 

Blount, Martha 36 

Blount, Raehele 34 

Blount, Rachel 35 (2) 

Blount, Reading. .32, 116, 243, 315 

Blount, Samuel -342 

Blount, Sarah. .34, .35, 36, 86, .330 

Blount, Capt. Thos 211 

Blount, Thomas, of Cape 

Fear 219 

Blount, Thomas, of Chowan, 219 
Blount, Thomas (son of 

John) 35 




Blount. Thomas 30 

Blount. Thomas 2. :U. 70. 

211 (2). 202, 3.30, 42-1 

Bloiuit. Thos 3.5 (2), 72. 

130. 20(1. 2S5 

Blount. Thomas. Jr 2 

Blount. Wilson S(i 

Blount. Zilplia 211 

Blount. Zilpha 212 

Blounts and Nevils -^reeks. 

land on 2-13 

Blue Water, land at 83 

Blunt, John 270 

Blunt, .Tno 404 

Blunt, Thomas 407 

Blunt, Miller 8 

Blunt, William I."i0 

Blunt, Wm 416 

Blurton, Henrv 372 

Blvth, Auder 229 

Bly, Elizabeth 68 

Blve. Elizabeth (daughter of 

Wm. ) 36 

Blve. Elizabeth (wife of 

VVni.) .36 (2) 

Blye. Sarah 36 

Blye. Thomas 36 

Blyi-:, Willuvm 36 

Blve, William (son of Wm. ) 

.36 (2) 

Ely. riarral 96 

Bly. .James 68 

Bly. William 68 

Blytb, .John 26.j 

Boag Sound, land on 293 

Boasrue Sound, planta.lion on 33.5 

Bobbit, Amey 36 

Bobbit, Frances 36 

Bobbit, .John .36 

Bobbit, Mary .36 

Bobbit, Thomas 36 

Bobbit, William .36 (2) 

Bobbitt. .John 276 

Boddie. Elizabeth 1,84 (2) 

Boddie. .John 184 

Boddie. JInry .51 

Boddie. Wm 51 

Bose, 14 

Boge. or (Bogue). Deborah, 

30 (2) 

Boge. Ellender : . 37 

Boge. .Jean 37 

Boge (or BogueK Jesse 30 

Boge (or Bogue), .Jobe 36 

Boge (or Bogue). Joseph... 36 

Boge (or Bogue), Josiah.. 36 


Boge, Josiah 37 

Boge, Lidy 36 

Boge, Margaret 14 

Boge, Mary .36 

Boge, Miriam 36 

Boge, Myriam 37 

Boge, Rachel 37 


Boge, William (son of 

Wm.), 37 (2) 

Boge, William 14 (2), 70 

Bogue and Newjiort sounds, 

plantation on 40.5 

Bogue, Duke 341 

Bogue, Jak 37 

Bogue, .Josias 14 

Bogue. Josiah 419 

Bogue, Miriam 204 

Bogue, Rachel 282 

Bogue, Robert 2.55, 282 

Bogue. Sarah 37 

BoGUE. WlI.I.IA M 37 

Bogue. Williiun (sonof Wm.) 37 

Bogue. William 208. 218. 285 

Bold, Ann 08 

Boide, John 69 

Bois. ,Jude .S24 

Boldin, William 144, 310 

Boles, David K;:;, 308, 381 

Bollen. Rachel 184 

Bolman. Hester 416 

Bolman, Sarah 416 

Bolton. Ilumjibry 157 

Bond. Anna ,"',7 

Bond. Elisabeth 37 

Bond. Elisebeth 37 

Bond. ElizebeUi 38 

Bond. Francis 37 

Bond. Ilance 37 

Bond, Henry 37 

Bond. James 5. 37 (3). 38 

Bond. Jane .38 

Bond. .John 37 

Bond. John (son of John) .37 (2) 

Bond. .John (son of William) 38 

Bond, .John 37, 42, 218 

Bond. Le\vis 37 

Bond. I^ewis 37 

Bond, Lidia .391 

Bond. Luke 38 

Bond, Margaret 38 

Bond. Jfartha 37 

Bond, Mai-y 37 (2), 38 (2) 

Bond, Rebecca 38 

Bond, Richard 37 




Bond. Rieliarrt (son of Rich- 
ard) 37 

Bond. Richard (brother-in- 
law of Lewis) 37 

Bond, Richard (son of 

Lewis ) 37 

Bond, Richard.. 5, 37. 3S (2). 345 

Boxn, Robert 37 

Bond. Robert 37. Ul (2), 158 

Bond, Rosannah 420 

Bor\-D, Sami'el 38 

Bond, Samuell 3S (2) 

Bond, Sarah (wife nf 

Robert) 37 

Bond. Sarah (daughter of 

Richard) 37 

Bond. Sarah (sister of Vin- 

yard) 38 

Bond. Sarah (wife of Vin- 

.yard) 38 (2) 

Bond, Sarah (daughter of 

Vinyard) .38 

Bond, Sarah .37 (2). 04. 303 

Bond, Susana 3S 

Bond. Sweeting 38 

Bond, Vinyaed 38 

Bond. Vinyd 2 

Bond, William 38 

Bond, William (son of V.'il- 

liam) 38 

Bond, William ..37 (2). 364, 376 

Bondfield, Chas 05 

Boner, Henry 103, 390 (2) 

Boner, Robert 251 

Boni, Jacob, Sr 204 

Boni. Jacob. Jr 204 

Bonnefaut. Thomas 42.!> 

Bonner, Anne 3.50 

Bonner, Deborah .38 

Bonner. Elizabeth 38 

Bonner, Elisebath 30 (2) 

BoNNEK, Henry 38 

Bonner, Henry (.sou of 

Henry) 38 (2) 

Bonner, Henry (son of 

Thos.) " 39 

Bonner, Henry 2. 38. 30. 118, 

130, 170. 192. 215, 240. 323 (2), 
37G, 423. 

Bonner, James 2, 350 (2) 

Bonner, Jas 79 

Bonner. John 38 

Bonner, John SO 

Bonner, JIaey 39 

Bonner, Mary 38, 39, 195 


Bonner, Moses 39 

Bonner. Thomas 39 

Bonner, Thomas (son of 

Thomas) 39 

Bonner, Thomas 39 

Bonner. Thomas (son of 

Thos. ) 39 

Bonner, Thos.. Jr 79 

Bonner, Thomas. .21, 38 (2), 

198, .324, 350 

Bonner. William 39 

Bonwicke (Remvicke). Edwd. .382 

Bonwicke. Edward 413 

Boone, William 219 

Boon, 39 

Boon, Ann 39 

Boon, James 39 

Boon, Jas 425 

Boon, Joseph 39 

Boon. Joseh (son of Jo.seph) . 39 
Boon, Joseph (son of Nich- 
olas) 39 

Boon, Joseph 334 

Boon, Martha 39 

Boon, Mary (daughter of 

Nicholas) 39 

Boou, Mary (wife of Nich- 
olas) 30 (2) 

Boon, Mary 39 

Boon, Nicholas 39 

Boon, Nicholas (sou of Nich- 
olas) 39 

Boon, Nieholis 125 

Boon, Ratlif 39 

Boon, Thomas 30 (2) 

Boon, Thomas, Jr 39 

Boone, Elizabeth 30 (2) 

Boone, .James 39 

Booue, James 345 

Boone, Nicholas 7. 1S8, 408 

Booiie, Nicholas, Jr 408 

Boone, Willm 276 

Booue, William... 7, 30 (2). 

47. 125. 340 

Boord. Rebonah 285 

Booseman, Ralph 99 

Booth, Anna 406 

Booth. Elizabeth 406 

Booth, George 39 

Booth, George 406 

Booth, George (son of 

George) 39 

Booth, John 39 

Booth, James 40 

Booth, John 40 




Booth, Mai-tha 20 

Bootli. Mary 30 (2) 

Booth, Rachel 20, -iO 

Booty, Nickles 3'57 

Booz.M,uf, Ralph 40 

Boras, Ilamiah 422 

Borden, Beii.lamin 40 (2) 

Borden. Hannah 40 

Borden, Katherine 40 

Borden, Snsannah 40 

Borden, Thomas 40 

Borden, William 40 

Borden, WUliam (son of 

Wni. ) 40 

I'.onh'n, William (nephew of 

William) 40 

Boseman, Ralph 287 

Boswell, E/Jbell 40 

Bos WELL, George 40 

Boswell, George (sou of 

George ) 40 

Boswell, George 40 

Boswell. Hannah 25.5 (2) 

Boswell. Ichabod 40 

Boswell, Isac 40 

Boswell. John ..7 (2), 40 

(3). 85. 2o'> 

Boswell. .Toseph 2.5.5 

Boswell, Mary 40 

Boswell, Thomas 40 

Boswell, William 40 

Bosworth, Ephraini 41 


Bosworth, .Joseph (son of 

Joseidi ) 41 

Bosworth, Mary 41 (2) 

Bosworth, Robert 41 

BoTNETT. John 41 

Bottom, Mary 201 

Bould, Joseph 41 

BouDE, John 41 

Eoude, John (cousin of 

John) 41 

Boude, Katherine 41 (2) 

Boude, Thomas 41 

Bonge Sound, plantation on. 300 

BoiTT.n, George 41 

Bould, Marv 41 (2) 

Bonier. William 340 

Boulton, Abraham (Dr.) S6 

Bound. Abigail (wife of 

Richd.) 41 (2) 

Bound. Abigail (daughter of 

Richard) 41 

Bound, Edward 41 


Bound. Elizabeth 41 

Bound. Horner 41 

P.OUNI). RicHARn 41 

Bound, Samuel 41 

Rounds, Samuell .345 


Bouren, Jane 41 

BoureiL Joseph 41 

Bouren, Sarah (wife of 

Edmund ) 41 

Bouren, Sarah (daughter of 

Edmund 41 

Bouren, Su.sannah 41 

Bourn, Joseph 114 

Bournsby. Margaret 357 

Boutwell, liionel 43 

Boutwell, Samuel 350 

Bowds. John 71 

Bowers. William 301 

Boweu. Arthur 110 

Bowin. John 107 

Bowin, William 3.57 

Bowman, 202 

Bownd, John SO 

Bownd. Margaret 80 

Bownin. Frances 107 

Bowsers plantation 108 

Boxly, Thonia.* 41 

Boyee, Ann 17 

Boyce, Ann 42 » 2 ) 

Boyce, Benjamin 41 

Boyce, Elizabeth 42 

Boyce, Isaac 41 

Boyee, Isaac 42 (2) 

Boyce. Jean 42 

Boyce, Job 41. 42 

Boyce, John 42 

Boyce, John (son of John » . 42 

Boyce. Joseph 41 

Boyee. Jude 41 

Boyee, Mary 42 

Boyce, Moses 42 

Boyce, Rachel 42 

Boyce, Susannah 42 ( 2 ) 

Boyce, William 1" 


Boyce, William 42 

Boyd. Ann 42 

Boyd. Anne 42, 237 

Boyd, Elizaljeth i>0 

Boyd, John 42 

Boyd, John (son of Thomas) 42 


Bovd. John. . .42. 84. 88, 140, 

201. 380 (2) 




Boyd, Katlierine 42 

Boyd, Lydia 42 (2) 

Boyd, Lydiar 42 

Boyd. Marion 42 

Boyd, Robert 244 

Boyd, Thomas 42 

Boyd, Thos 27. 123, 201, 360 

Boyd, Thomas 42 (2), 69, 

262, 31G, 400 

Boyd, Winefred 42 

Boyd, Winefred 69 

Boyd, Winifort 400 

Boyd, Winefniit 42 

Boyd, William 42 (2), 69, 

100. lis, 400 (2) 

Boykin, Benj 166 

Boykin, Benjamin 43 

Boykin, Edwakd 43 

Boykin. Edward (sou of Ed- 
ward ) 43 

Boykin. Hardy 43 

Boykin, Henry 43 

Boykiu, Judith 43 (2) 

Boykin, Meldrcd 43 (2) 

Boykin, Sarah 390 

Boykin, Solomon 43 (2) 

Boykin. Thomas 43 

Boykin, Thomas (son of 

Thos.) 43 (2) 

Boykin. Thomas 43. 2.59 

Boyle. John 280 

Boyintone, Benjamin 43 

EoYiNTONE. .Joseph 43 

Boylan, Francis 406 

Boyse. Ann .329 

Boyte, James S2 

Bozman. Ralph 41.5 

Brabbell. John 337 

Brabell. William 270 

Brabham. John 189 

Brace. George 154 

Brack. Eliazar 43 

Brack, Elizabeth 43 

Brack, Gean 43 

Bkack, George 43 

Brack, George (sou of 

Georfce) 43 (2) 

Brack, Richard 43 

Brack, William 43 

Braddish. 1.39 

Braddy. Grace 43 (2) 

Braddy, James 43 

Braddy, James (son of 

James) 43 (2) 

Braddy. James 387 | 


Braddy, John 43 

Braddy, Joseph 43, 387 

Bradey, Ellis 73 

Bradey, John 43 

Bradford, John 44, 207, 325 

Bradford, Mary 44 

Bradford, Nath.A-Niel 44 

Bradford, Nathaniel (son of 

Nathaniel ) 44 

Bradford, Patience 44 

Bradford. Rebecka 276 

Bradford, Sarah 44 

Bradley, Abel 44 

Bradley, Dority 44 (2) 

Bradley, Elizabeth 44 

Bradley, Hauer 44 

Bradley, John 44 

Bradley, JIary 44 

Bradley, Rachel 212 

Bradley, Richard 44 

Bradley. Richard 44. 2.59, 319 

Bradley, Richd 208 

Bradley, Robert 42 

Bradley, William 44 (2) 

Bradshaw. Joseiih 261 

Brady, Abisail 43 

Bradv, Elisebeth 78 

Brady, James 272, 322, 387 

Brady, John lo. 44, 387 

Brady, Joseph 44 

Brady, Joseph 44. 234 

Brady. Tamer U (2) 

Braezar. James 7 

Braham, Patrick 34 

Brainer. Nicholas 411 

Brak Oake. land at Scupper- 

nong 382 

Branch. Anne 44 (3) 

Branch. Elizabeth 44. 174 (2) 

Branch. Francis 44 

Branch, Francis 44 

Branch, Isaac 44 

Branch. Issachar 44 

Branch, Margaret 44 (2) 

Branch, Solomon 44 

Branch. Thomas 44 

Branch. William 44 

Branch, William (son of Wil- 
liam) 44 

Branch, William 44 

Brand. Andrew 44 

Brand, Benjamin 278 

Brand. Isabell.\ Cameron.. 44 

Brandon. Johu 309 

Branuock, Jean 391 

Brantley, John 88 




Brantley. William 11.5 

I'.rautou. Thomas 2.5 

liRASKE, La WEEN CE 4ri 

Brassell, John 202 

Brassiers. Richard 146 

Braswell, Aim 123 

Braswell, Beu.iamin 133 

Braswell. Elinor 417 

Braswell, James 133 

Braswell. Jean 45 

Braswell. Jobe 45 

Braswell, Mary 45 

Braswell. Itiehard 4.5. 53 

Braswell. Robert 45 

Braswell, Robert (sou of 

Robert) 45 

Braswell, Sarah 45 

Braswell. Valentine 45 

Braswell, William 123 

Britton. I'eter 304 

Brawler, Isaac 151 

Bray, Christopher 45 

Bray, Daniel 45 

Br;iy, Dinah 45 

Bray, GeorLte 45 (3), .50 

Bray, Ilenere 45 

Bray. Henry 45 

Bray, Henry ,5(5 

Bra.y, .Jacob 45 

Bray, Jeremiah 45 

Bray, John 45 

Bray, Joseph 07 

Bray. Mary 202 

Bray, Sarah 170 

Bray, Thomas 202 

Bray. William 45 

Brav, William 45, 56, 122 

(2), 1.3.5. 290, 403 

Brayo, Matthew 414 

Brayen. Derby 75 

Breathan. Margaret •''>S7 

Breathet, Wm 422 

Breeding, .John 387 

Breflill, John 300 

Brefot, Jones S.S 

Bremen, James 413 

Breiin, .Jesse 206 

Brent, Ann 45 (3) 

Brent. Charles 45, 413 

Brent, .James 45 

Brent, .lames (son of .James) 45 

Brent. Thomas 45 

Brent, James (son of Thos. ) 45 

Brent, Jane 413 

Brent, .Jonathan 413 

Brent. .Joshua 10 



Brent. Iveziah 45 

Brent, Jlaiy 413 

Brent, Richard 45 

Bretheu. John 3S7 

Brett, Charity 278 

Brettno. Ann 353 

Brettno. William 3.53 

Brettno, William (son of 

William) .3.53 

Breuitt. Samuel 23 

Brewer. Catherine 46 

Brewer, George 46 

Brewer, George (son of (Je'i. ) 46 

Brewer, Hannah 46 

Brewer, .Jane 4(5 

Brewer, .John 46 

Brewer, JIary 46 

Brewer. Matthew 46 

Brewer. Rawle 46 

Brewton, Jlary 276 

Brian, Rliz 2(52 

Briant. Samuel 46 

Brice, Ann 46, .343 

Brices Creek, mill at 253 

Brice, Eliza 46 

Brice, Francis 46, 213 

Brice plantation 15 

Brice. Rigdon 216. 313 

Beice. William 46 

Brice. William (son of Wil- 
liam) 46 

Brice, William 217, 34.5. 405 

Brice, Wm 160. 343 

Brickell. Ann 46 


Brickell. James (son of 

James) 46 (2) 

Brickell. John 1.37 

Brickell. Jno 426 

Brickell, Mary 46 

Brick House plantation. .86, 220 

Brickie. Mary 350 

Bridge Creek, land on 406 

Bridge Neck land 425 

Bridg Nack plantation ^^t'l 

Bridgen, Edward 46 

Bridgen. John (Rev.) 46 

Bridgen, Samuel 46 

Bridgen, Sarah 46 

Bridgen, William 46 

Bridgens Hall plantation.... 40 
Bridgens Pastime plantation 46 

Bridgers. Benjamin 47 (2) 

Bridgers, lOlizabetii 47 

Bridgers, John 47, 84, 335 




Bridgers, Joseph 47 ( 2 ) . 

84 (2), 87, 160 

Bridgers. Josiah 281 

Bridgers, Mary 47 

Bridgers, Samuel 47 (2) 

Bridgers, Sarab (wife of 

Wm.) 47 

Bridgers, Sarnli (daughter of 

Wm. ) 47 

Bridgeks, William 47 

Bridgers. William 47 

Bridgers. William 47 

Bridgers. William (.son of 

William) 47 

Bridgers, William... 84 (?,), S?,5 

Bridgers. W 70 

Bridger, Elizabeth 210 

Bridger, Mary Johnson 188 

Bridges, Bracewell 100 

Bridgess, Joseph 47 

Bridgess, Mary 47 

Bridgess, Patience 47 

Bridgess, Samvel 47 

Bridgetown, land at .S.>7 

Briery Branch, land on 293 

Briery Branch, land on wa- 
ters of 48 

Briery Branch, plantation on 79 

Briery Swamp, land on 71 

Briffet, Samll 1.34 

Briffets Island plantation... 00 

Briggs, Christian 47 

Briggs. Elizabeth 47 

Briggs. .Tames 47 

Briggs, John 47 

Briggs, Moses 47 

Briggs, Rachel 47 

Briggs, Richard 47 

Briggs, Richard (son of 

Rich'd) 47 

Briggs. Solomon 47 

Briggs, Tilpah 47 

Bright, Adam 47 

Bright. Ann 47. 48 (2), 1.S2 

Bright, Bridges 47 

Bright. Caleb 47 

Bright, Casiah 48 

Bright, Cortney 47 

Bright, Edee .' 48 

Bright, Elizabeth (wife of 

Rich'd) 48 

Bright, Elizabeth (daughter 

of Richard) 48 

Bright, Elizabeth 47, 48 

Bright, Elenar 48 


Bright, Ephram 48, 275 

Bright, Graves 48, 140 

Bright, Ilauce 48 

Bright, Hanson 48 

Bright, Henry 47 

Bright, Henry 47 

Bright, Henry (son of 

Henry) 47 (2) 

Bright. Isaac 142 

Bright, Isack 07 (2) 

Bright, James 48 

Bright, James (son of 

Simon) 48 

Bright. James (brother of 

Simon) 48 

Bright. James 48, 60 

Bright. John 47 

Bright, Mar.v (wife of 

Simon) 48 

Bright, Mary (daughter of 

Simon) 48 

Bright, Mary (daughter of 

William) 48 

Bright, Jlary ( 

ter of William) 48 

Bright, Mary 48, 67 

Bright. Mary Ann 47 

Bright. Nancy 48 

Bright. Richard 48 

Bright. Richard 48 

Bright. Richard (sou of 

Rich'd) 48 

Bright. S 66 

Bright. Sally 48 

Bright. Samuel 47 

Bright. Samll 48 

Bright. Sarah (daughter of 

William) 48 

Bright, Sarah (granddaugh- 
ter of William) 48 

Bright. Silas 47 

Bright, Simon 48 

Bright, Simon (son of 

Simon) 48 

Bright, Simon... 60 (2), 140, 

1-19. 2^3. 309 

Bright. Sollomon 48 

Bright. Solomom 48 

Bright. Solomou (son of Sol- 
omon) 48 

Bright, Solomon 3.57 

Bright. Stockwell 48 

Bright. Susanah 48 

Bright, Susy 47 

Bright, William 48 




Ei-isht, William. .4,S (2). 141, 142 

Bright. Wm 14!) 

F!ri.?hts Braucli. land mi.... 07 

Briles Neck .3(1.') 

Brill. Acton 40 

Brill. Franci.^ 4'.) 

Brill. Risclon 40 

BRtLL. WiLLl.'.M 40 

Brill, William (suti of Wil- 
liam) 40 

Briu, Francis 40 

Brinklpy. Ann KiO 

Brinkle.v. .lamps (J8 

Brinkley. Michael GO 

Brinle.v, Francis 15 

Brinn. Bicharrt l.")8 

Brins plantation ."^S 

Britaius and Fordyccs plan- 
tation 407 

Britt, Elizabeth 40 

Britt, Marv 40 

Britt. "Old Madum" 202 

Britt. Willl^m 40 

Britton, Francis 17S 

Britton, Henery 178 

Britton, .\nn . ." n02 

Britton. Moses 178 

Broad rreek, land at 37 

Broad f'reek, laud on.... 21. 

108. 180. 27S. ?..34. 418 
Broad Creek, plantation on. 

42. 0(5, .3.jG 

Broader, James 170 

Broad Xeck Branch, land on 110 

Broad Neck lands .' 420 

Broad Neck jilantation 2.3 

Broadwpll, Hester S3 

BROcriETT. Bek.tamin 40 

Brochett. Sarah 40 

Brockett. Benjamin .".20 

Brockett, .=!,-irnh SOI 

Brockit. Ben.iamin .301 

Brock. ,Tohn 11. 113, 21;" 

Brocksnt. Frances 370 

BRonEKtcK. Thomas 40 

Brodie. Jane 140 (2 ) 

Brodrick, Andrew 40 

Brodrick. Dan"l 40 

Brosden. James .30 

Brogden. John 4 

Broaden. Peter 4 

Broken Beeches 4i)0 

Bromley. George 40 

Brook. Henry .308 

Bruok. Jno 2."]0 


Brook, Job .307 

Brooke. Samuel 121 

Brookes, Job... 322, .325, .301. 408 

Brooks. Elizabeth 40 

Brooks. Frances 40 

Brooks, Henry 4 

Brooks, Job 200 

Brooks, John 40 

Brooks, John (sou of John i . 40 

Brooks, John 152, '302 

Brooks. Mary (wife of John). 

40 (2) 
Brooks, Mary (daughter of 

John) 40 

Brooks, Sarah 174 

Brooks, Sibbe 174 

Broomlipld, courthouse in... 50 

Brosyer. Elizabeth 226 

Brothers. Benjamin .50 

Brothers, Darcus 60 

Brothers, Doroty 50 

Brothers, Elizabeth. ..50 (2), 102 

Brothers. Hanah 50 

Brothers. John .50 

Brothers, John (son of .Tohn) 50 

Brother.s. John 50, 245, 2,83 

Brothers, Joseph .50 (2) 

Brothers, Mary.. 50 (3), 283,359 

Brothers. Rebekah 50. 3.50 

Brothers, Richard.. 10. .50 (2), S3 

Brother.s, Saniuell 50 (2) 

Brothers, Sarah (wife of 

Wni. ) .50 

Brothers. Sara.h (daughter of 

William ) 50 

Beothees, Wh.liam 50 

Brothers. William (sou of 

Wm.) 50 

Brothers, William (brother 

of John ) .50 

Brothers, William (son of 

John) .50 

Brothers, William 10 

Brothers, Thomas 50 (2), 60 

Broughton, Edward 07 

Browns Creek, land on 201 

Brown, Agnis 51 (2) 

Brown, Andrew 34(i 

Erowm, Ann .50, .52. 120 

Brown, Anne 50 

Brown, Auuy .50 

Brown, Arthur .333, 410 

Brown. Beale 314 

Brown. Ben.iamin .50, 423 

Brown, Catharine 50 

Brown, Charity 170 




Brown, Christian 51 

Brown, David 07 

Brown. Dorotby 50 

Brown, Dau'1 50, 51 

Brown, Edith 51 

Brown, Edward .54 

Brown, Edwd 375 

Brown, Elizabeth. .50.51 (2), 

52 (2), 228 

Brown, Fortune 51 

Bkown, Frances 50 

Brown, Francis (son of 

Francis ) 50 

Brown, Francis 171, 397 

Brown, George 148, 227 

Brown, Hanrenittia 51 

Brown, Hard.v 51 

Brown, Henry 1(31 

Brown, Howell 51 

Brown. Isabella 51 

Brown, Jacob 52 

Brown, James 46 

Brown, James 50 

Brown, James 50 

Brown, James 50 

Brown, James (son of 

James ) 50 

Brown, James.... 51 (2), 92, 

217, 309, 404 

Brown, Dr. James 182 

Brown, Jane .50. 144, 170 

Brown. Jean 51 

Brown, Joel 333 

Brown, John 51 

Brown. John 51 

Brown, John.. 50, 51 (2). 52 (2), 

67, 79. 90. 91, 95 (2). 98, 101, 

126, 137, 1.59. 1.S2. 251. 26.5, 274, 

283, 387, 411, 424. 

Brown. John. Sr 90 

Brown, Jonas 51 

Brown, J(mas (son of Wm.) .51 

Brown, Jos 147 

Brown, M 309 

Brown, Margaret .51 

Brown, Margarett (wife of 

Richard) 51 (2) 

Brown. Margarett (daughter 

of Richard) .51 

Brown Marsh, lands on... 01 (2) 
Brown Marsh plantation.... 147 

Brown, Martha .52 (2) 

Brown, Mary .50 (3). .52 

(2). 112. 126, 228, 333 

Brown, Molly .50 

Brown, Nathan 51 (2) 


Brown, Olive 51 

Brown. Patience 51 

Brown, Patty .309 

Brown. Peeter 51 

Brown, Peter 56, 124, 283 

Brown, Phillip .51 

Brown, Phillip 134 

Brown, Priscilla 51, 228 

Brown, Rachel 50 

Brown, Richaru 51 

Brown, Richard (son of 

Richd. ) 51 

Brown, Richard .340, 387 

Brown, Sally 50 

Brown, Sarah. .22 (2), 50,51, 

.52 (2), .56, 124, 228 

Brown. Stephen 51 

Brown, Temsin .51 (2) 

Brown. Thomas 5