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Abbon. Sihge de Paris par les Normands. — Guizot, Coll. des Memoirea, 

tome 6. 
Abd-Allatif. Relation respecting Egypt. Translated from the French 

of Silvestre de Sacy. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

Abdt (E. S.) Journal of a Residence and Tour in the United States of 
North America, in 1833-34. 3 vols. 12° London, 1835. 

Ab^lard; ses CEuvrages inedits, pour servir a I'Histoire de la Philo- 
sophic Scolastique en France; publics par Victor Cousin. 4° Paris, 

Lettres d'H^loise et dAbailard. 3 vols. 4° Paris, 1796. 

Abercrombie (John) The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. 12° 
London, 1836. 

Liquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investi- 
gation of Truth. 12° Edinburgh, 1837. 

The Harmonyof Christian Faith and Character. 12° Edinb. 1837. 

The Culture and Discipline of the Mind. 12° Edinburgh, 1838. 

Aberdeen (George, Earl of) An Inquiry into the Pidnciples of Beauty 
in Grecian Architecture; with an Historical View of the Rise and 
Progress of the Art in Greece. 12° London, 1822. 

Abou'lfj^da (Ismael) Geographic, en Arabe, publi6e d*apr^s deux 
Manuscrits, du Mus^e Britannlque de Londres et de la Bibl. Roy ale 
de Dresde, par C. Schier. 4° Dresde, 1841. 

AsRANTis (la Duchesse d') Memoires; ou. Souvenirs Historiques sur 
Napoleon, la Revolution, le Directoire, le Consulat, TEmpire, et la 
Restauration. 3 vols. 8° Bruxelles, 1837. 

Abu Zacaria Iahia. Libro de Agricultura, traducido al Castellano, 
por Jos. A. Banqueri, en Arabe y Espanol. 2 vols. fol. Madrid, 1802. 

Abydenus. — see Cory. 

AcADEMiA Real de la Historia. — see Transactions. 

AcADEMiE Royale de Berlin. — see Transactions. 

Royale de Bruxelles. — ^see Transactions. 

des Inscriptions. — see Transactions. 

des Sciences. — see Transactions. 


2 ACL — ADO. 

AcLAND (Henry W.) The Plains of Troy: with the Map in a Case. 
8° Oxford, 1839. 

AcosTA (Joseph us) Observations gathered out of, touching the Natural 
Historie of the Heavens. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Mexican Antiquities, gathered out of his Writings. — ^Purchas's 

Voyages, vol. 3. 

AcuuiNo (Juv. de) Chronica. — Savoy, Mon. Hist. Pat. Scriptores, voL 2. 

AcROPOLiTA (Gcorgius) Annales. — see Constantinus Manasses. 

Acta Eruditorum, publicata Lipsiae, ab anno 1682 ad annum 1731 
(50 vols.); Nova Acta Eruditorum, ab 1732 ad 1747 (16 vols.); 
Supplementa, 1692 — 1734 (10 vols.); Nova Supplementa (vol. 1 to 
4); Indices (9 vols, in 5). 85 vols. 4** Lipsice, 1682—1747. 

Adam de Domerham. Historia. — see Heame. 

(Robert) The Religious World Displayed; or, a View of 

Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, and Mohammedism. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1823. 

(W.) On the Osteological Symmetry of the Camel. 4** 

London, 1832. 

DB LE Halle. Po^me. — Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, tome 7. 

Adams (John) A Defence of the Constitutions of Grovemment of the 
United States of America. 3 vols. 8*^ Philadelphia, 1797. 

(John Quincy) Report upon Weights and Measures. 8** 

Washington, 1821. 

(William) Voyage to the South Sea by Japan. — Purchas's 

Voyages, vol. 1. 

Accoimt of Adventures in the Empire of Japan. — Harris's 

Voyages, vol. 1. 

Adanson (Mich.) A Voyage to Senegal, the Isle of Goree, and the 
River Gambia. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 16. 

Addison (Joseph) The Works, with Notes, by Bishop Richard Hurd. 
6 vols. 8° London, 1811. 

Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Prose ; with some Account 

of his Life and Writings, by Tickell. 4 vols. 8° London, 1765. 

Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 26. 

(L.) An Account of WestBarbary. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

Adelung (J. C.) Mithridates ; oder Allgemeine Sprachenkunde. 4 vols. 

8° Berlin, 1806—17. 
— Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature, translated. 8° 

Oxford, 1832. 

Grammatisch-Kritisches Worterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mun- 

dart. 4 vols. 4° Leipzig, 1774 — 86. 

Adimari (Lodovico) — ^Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

Adolphus (John) Tlie History of England, from the Accession of 
King George III. to the Conclusion of Peace, in 1 783. 3 vols. 8** 
London, 1817. 

Biographical Memoirs of the French Revolution. 2 vols. 8** 

London, 1799. 

see Scott, Letters to Heber. 

(Jo. L.) and T. F. Ellis. Report of the Case of Stockdale 

against Hansard. 8° London, 1839. 

ADV — AGR. 3 


Adventurer (The) 2 vols. fol. London, 1753. 

see British Classics. 

Aelbroeck (J. L. van) L' Agriculture Pratique de la Flandre. 8° 
Paris, 1830. 

Aelfbic Society. — see Transactions. 

^LiANUs (Claud.) Yaria Historia et Fragmenta; cum comment. J. 
Perizonii et Variorum, curavit, Indicemque Grsecitatis a^jecit C. G. 
Kuehn. 2 vols. 8° Lipsiae, 1780. 

De Natura Animalium, edidit et Annotationes (in vol. 2) scripsit 

Frid. Jacobs, Gr. et Lat., cum Indicibus. 2 vols. S° Jeme, 1832. 

^Lius Spabtianus. — Historiae Aug. Scriptores. 

-^neas Tacticus. — see Polybius. 

^scHiNES. Dialogi Tres, Greece [access. Axiochus in Lat. convers. 
notisque iUust. ab H. Wolfio] edidit, Indicemque adjecit J. F. Fisher. 
8*" Lipsiae, 1786. 

Oratores Attici, vol. 3. 

^scHTLUS. Tragoedise, Gr. et Lat., cum Scholiis Graecis ex edit. 
T. Stanleii, notis et var. Lection, edidit Sam. Butler. 4 vols. 4° 
Cantab. 1809. 

Tragedies; translated, with Introductory Essays and Notes. 12** 

London, 1831. 

Agamemnon, translated; with a Dissertation on Grecian Tragedy, 

by J. S. Harford. 8° London, 1831. 
see Flaxman. 

^sopus. Fabulae j^sopicae Graecae, cum J. Hudsoni et Heusingeri, 
Notis et Indice. 8° Lipsiae, 1810. 

Affghamistan and Persia, (Geographical Memoir to accompany Papers 
respecting) Printed by order of the House of Commons, 1839. 
foL London, 1839. 

Africa. — Conder's Modern Traveller, vols. 20 — 22. 

African Association. — see Transactions. 

(West) Sketches, compiled from the Reports of Sir G. R. 

Collier, Sir Ch. Maccarthy, and other Official Sources. 12* 
London, 1824. 

Agassiz (Louis) Recherches sur les Poissous Fossiles; comprenant 
r Anatomic compar^e, classification, lois de leur succession, et de- 
scription de 500 especes qui n'existent plus; avcc Atlas de Planches 
en Folio. 3' vols. 4° Neuchatel, 1833-43. 

Etudes sur les Glaciers; avec Atlas de Planclies en Folio. 

2 vols. 8° Neuchatel, 1840. 

Agathias. Historiae et Epigrammata, Gr. et Lat. Notis Vulcanii et 
Indicibus, recens. B. G. Niebuhr. (Script. Byzant.) 8° Bonnae, 1828. 

Agincourt (Seroux d')— see Cicognara. 

Agnew (H. C.) On the Evidence of the Practical Application of the 
Quadrature of the Circle, in the Configuration of the Great Pyramids 
of Gizeh. 4° London, 1838. 

Agricola (G. a.) The Experimental Husbandman and Gardener ; 
translated, with an Appendix, by R. Bradley. 4° Loudon, 1726. 

Agricultural Society. — see Transactions. 

4 AGR — ALB. 

Agriculture. — see Quarterly Journal of Agriculture. 

(Annals of) — see Young (Arth.) 

Ahmad bin Abubekr. bin Washih. — see Hammer. 

AiKiN (Arthur) Illustrations of Arts and Manufactures. 12° Lond.1841. 

(A. and C. R.) A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy; 

with an Account of the recent Discoveries and Improvements, in an 
Appendix. 2 vols. 4° London, 1807-14. 

(John) Annals of the Reign of George IIL, from 1760—1820. 

2 vols. 8"* London, 1820. 

Vocal Poetry; or, a Select Collection of English Songs; with an 

Essay on Song- writing. 8° London, 1810. 

(Lucy) Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. 2 vols. 8* 

London, 1823. 

Memoirs of the Court of King James I. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1822. 

Memoirs of the Court of King Charles I. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1833. 

see Barbauld. 

AiLREDUS, Abbas Rievallensis. — see Twysden Scriptores. 

AiNSLiE (W.) — see Plays. 

AiNS WORTH (Robert) Latin Dictionary, enlarged by T. Morell; new 
edition, by J. Carey. 1 vol. in 2. 4° London, 1816. 

(W. H.) The Tower of London, an Historical Romance. 8® 

London, 1840. 

AiRT (G. B.) — see Pond. 

Akerman ^. Y.) a Descriptive Catalogue of Rare and Unedited 
Roman Coins. 2 vols. 8° London, 1834. 

Remarks on the Coins of Ephesus, struck during the Roman 

Dominion. 8® London, 1841. 

Catalogue d'une Partie de la Collection de M^dailles du Chevalier 

de Horta. 8"* Londres, 1839. 
Akenside (Mark) Poems. 8° London, 1772. 

Poems. — British Poets, vols. 52 and 53. 

Alamanni (Luigi)— Raccolta di Poesie Liriche e Satiriche, di Prose, 
& di Novelle. 

La Coltivazione ; con Annotazioni da G. B. da Prato. 8° 

Milano, 1804. 

La Coltivazione. — ^Poeti Didascalici del Secolo'XVI. Pamaso 

Italiano, tom. 23. 

L' Antigone, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 2. 

La Flora, Commedia; con gFintermedj di Andrea Lori. — Teatro 

Italiano Antico, tomo 4. 

Axarchone (Fernando) Relatione della Navigatione h scoperto che 
egli fece. — Ramusio, tom. 3. 

Albergato (Fabio) Trattato del modo di ridurre k pace Tlnimicitie 
private. 18** Venetia, 1600. 

Axberoni (Cardinal) His History, translated. 8° London, 1719. 

Political Testament and Life. 8** London, 1753. 

see Moore (George). 

ALB — ALL. 5 

Albert d'Aix. Histoire des Croisades, depuis 1096 jusqu'k 1120. — 
Guizot, Coll. des M^oires, tomes 20 et 21. 

Alberti (Fran^. d') Grand Dictionnaire Fran9ois-ItaIlen et Italien- 
Fran9ois. 2 vols. Large 4° Bassano, 1811. 

(Leon Battista) Delia Pittura e della Statua. 8** Milano, 1804. 

Albigenses. Histoire de la Croisade contre les Hcr^tiques Albigeois, 
ecrite en Vers Proven9aux, par un Poete contemporain ; traduite par 
M. C. Fauriel. 4° Paris. 1837. 

Albricus Philosophus. — see Mythographi Latini. 

Albuera Medal. — see Napier's Peninsular War. 

Alcazova (Sim. de) Expedition to the South of Peru, in 1534. — 
Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 1. 

Alcedo (Ant. de) The Geographical and Historical Dictionary of 
America and the West Lidies, translated, with large additions and 
compilations, by G. A. Thompson. 5 vols. 4^ London, 1812. 

Alciatus (And.) De Verborum Significatione. Ejusdem Paradoxa et 
Varia. 2 vols, in 1. fol. Lugd. et Basil. 1523 — 30. 

Alcoran. — see Koran. 

Alcwinus (Flaccus) De Pontificibus Eccles. Eboracensis. — Gale, 
Scriptores, voL 2. 

Aldrete (Bern.) Varias Antiguedades de Espana, Africa, y otres Pro- 
vincias. 4** Amberes, 1614. 

Origen y Principio de la Lengua Castellana, 6 Romance, fol. 

Madrid, 1674. 

Alexander the Great. The Life and Actions, by John Williams. 

12** London, 1829. 
see Sainte-Croix. 

ab Alexandro. Greniales Dies, cum Notis Variorum, et Lidicibus 

(in voL 2.) 2 vols. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1673. 

(Sir W.) The King's Patent to Sir William Alexander, Knt., 

for the Plantation of Nova Scotia, in America. — ^Purchas's Voyages, 
vol. 4. 

Alpieri (Vittorio) Poesie. — Pamaso ltd. Viv., tomo 38. 

Tragedie. 6 vols. 8** Pisa, 1819. 

Vita, scritta da esso. 2 vols. 8** Firenze, 1822. 

Alfred (King) — see Asserius, Boethius, Orosius. 

Life, by Sir J. Spelman. — see Heame. 

Algarotti (Franc.) Opere. 17 vols. 8° Venezia, 1791-4. 

Alhacen. The Arabic Historic of Tamerlane, done into French by 
Jean Du Bee, Abbot of Mortimer. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Ali Mohammed Khan. History of Gujarat. — see Bird. 

AusoN (Archibald) On the Nature and Principles of Taste. 2 vols. 

8° Edinburgh, 1817. 
( Archib. Advocate) History of Europe, from the commencement 

of the French Revolution, 1789, to 1815. 10 vols. 8"* Edinburgh, 

Sixth edition. 10 vols. 8** London, 1844. 

Allen (Lieut. Wm.) Picturesque Views on the River Niger, taken in 
1832-3. 4^ London, 1840. 

6 ALL — AME. 

Allbtn Papees; a Collectioa of Original Documents, illastrative of the 
Life and Times of Edward AUeyn, and of the early English Stage 
and Drama ; edited bj J. Pajne Collier. (Shakspeare Society.) 
8** London, 1843. 

-r — -T — (Edward, Founder of Dulwich College) Memoirs, with some 
new particulars respecting Shakspeare, Ben Jonson, Massinger, 
Marston, Dekker, &c., by J. P. Collier. (Shakspeare Society.) 
8** London, 184L 

Alloemeine Zeituno, von Januar 1, 1842. 4° Augsburg. 

Allobmeines Repertorium. — see Repertorium. 

Allionius (Car.) Flora Pedemontana, sive Enumeratio Stirpium Pede- 
montii, cum Iconibus. 3 vols. fol. Augustas, 1785. 

AiiiisoN (Thomas) Voyage from Archangel, in Russia, in 1697. — 
Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Al-MakkarI. — see Grayangos. 

Almanac. American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge, 
from 1831. 12** Boston. 

United States' Almanack, from 1843, by John Downe and 

F. Hunt. 12*^ Philadelphia. 

The British Almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful 

Ejiowledge, with the Companion, from the commencement, in 1828. 
12^ London. 

Hobart Town Almanack and Van Diemen's Land Annual for 

1835. 12** Hobart Town. 

(Nautical) — see Nautical. 

Royale et National, depuis 1824. 8° Paris* 

see Annuaire. 

Alurbdus Beverlaoemsis. Annales. — see Heame. 

Alvarez (Don Francisco) Viaggio nella Ethiopia, 1620, e Navi- 
gatione. — Ramusio, tom. 1. 

Voyage made unto the Court of Prete Janni, Emperor of 

Ethiopia. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Amalteo (Giov. Battista) — ^see Raccolta di Prose. 

America. United States and Canada. — Conder's Modem Traveller, 
vols. 23 and 24. 

Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention, held in 1787, 

for the purpose of forming the Constitution of the United States 
of America, from the Notes of Robert Yates and Luther Martin. 
8*^ Albany, 1821. 

Constitutional Law; being a Collection of Points arising upon 

the Constitution and Jurisprudence of the United States, by Thomas 
Sergeant. 8** Philadelphia, 1822. 

A Digest of the Laws of the United States, with Notes ex- 

planatory and historical, by Thomas F. Grordon. 8*^ Philad. 1827. 
Acts of Congress now in force, abridged, with Notes of De- 

cisions, by Edward Ingersoll. 8° Philadelphia, 1825. 

System of Penal Laws of America, by E. Livingston. foL 

A System of Penal Law for the State of Louisiana, prepared by 

Edward Livingston. 8'' PhUadelphia, 1833. 

AME. 7 

AinnacA. Laws o^ the State of New York, in relation to the Erie and 
Champlain Canals. 2 vols. 8^ Albany, 1825. 

Indian Treaties and Laws, with Begnlations relating to Indian 

A£&irs. 8'' Washington, 1826. 

State Papers and Pnblic Documents of the United States, 

1 789—1 815. 10 vols. 8*^ Boston, 1817. 

The Speeches, Addresses, and Messages of the several Presidents 

of the United States. S"" Philadelphia, 1825. 

Register of Debates in Congress, comprising the leading Debates 

and Incidents of the Second Session of the Eighteenth Congress, 
with an Appendix. 2 vols, in 3. 8° Washington, 1825-26. 

Congress Sessional Papers on the Conunerce, Navigation, and 

Tonnage of the United States, 1835. 8** 1836. 

Debates, in the Senate of the United States, on the Judiciary 

Bill 8"" Philadelphia, 1802. 

The Diplomatic Correspondence of the Americtm Rev<^ution, 

edited by Jared Sparks. 12 vols. S° Boston, 1829-30. 

Diplomacy of the United States; being an Account of the 

Foreign Relations of the Country, from 1778 to 1814. 8*^ Bost. 1826. 
History of the United States, from their first settlement as 

Colonies to the close of the War with Great Britain, in 1815. 8^ 
London, 1826. 

or, a General Survey of the Political Situation of the several 

Powers of the Western Continent, and their future prospects, by a 
Citizen of the United States. 8^ PhHadelphia, 1827. 

The United States of North America as they are. 8* 

London, 1828. 

The New Mirror for Travellers, and Guide to the Springs. 12* 

New York, 1828. 

Memoir on the Navigation of South America, to accompany a 

Chart of that Station. (Printed for the Admiralty only.) 8* 
London, 1825. 

American Boundary. The Right of the United States of America to 
the North-Eastem Boundary claimed by them, extracted from the 
Statements laid before the King of the Netherlands, and revised by 
A. GaUatin. 8° New York, 1840. 

(The) Annual Register, from 1825-29. 4 vols. 8** New 

York, 1828-9. 

(The) Guide; comprising the Declaration of Independence, 

Articles of Confederation, Constitution of the United States, and 
Constitutions of the several States composing the Union. 12° 
Philadelphia, 1830. 

(The) Journal of Science and Arts, from the commencement. 

in 1818. 8° New Haven. 

(The) Medical and Philosophical Register, from the com- 

mencement, in 1810, to 1814. 4 vols. 8° New York. 

(The) Quarterly Review, from the commencement, in 1827, to 

1828. 4voU. ff* Philadelphia. 

Review (The) of History and Politics, and general Repository 

of Literature and State Papers. 4 vols. 8° Pluladelphia, 1812. 

8 AME — AND. 

American History. — see Bancroft, Holmes, Marshall, Pitkin, Preseott, 
Ramsaj, Solis, Torquemada, Zavala. 

Antiquarian Society. — see Transactions. 

Philosophical Society. — see Transactions. 

American^e Antiquitates, sive Scriptores Septentrionales Rerum Ante- 
Columbianaram in America, edidit Societas Regia Antiquariorum 
Septentrionalium, Lat. et Dan. 4° Hafnise, 1837. 

Americans as they are, in a Tour through the Valley of the Mississippi. 
S"* London, 1828. 

Abcerioo (Vespucci) Sommario di due Viaggi. — Ramusio, tomo 1. 

Ames (Joseph) Typographical Antiquities; or, an Historical Account 
of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great Britain and Ireland, 
considerably augmented, by William Herbert. 3 vols. 4° Lond. 1 758. 

Typographical Antiquities, augmented by W. Herbert, and en- 
larged, with Notes, by T. F. Dibdin. 4 vols. 4** London, 1816. 

[Amherst (N.)] Terrae-Filius, or, the Secret History of the University 
of Oxford. 2 vols. 12*^ London, 1726. 

Ammianus Marcellinus. Qu8b Supersunt, cum Notis Variorum et J. A. 
Wagner, editionem absolvit C. 6. Erfurdt, cum Indicibus (in vol. 3.) 
3 vols. 8** Lipsiae, 1808. 

Ammon (C. F. von) Die unveranderliche Einheit der evangelischen 
Ejrche. 8*^ Dresden, 1826-7. 

Amyot (J.) — see Plutarchus. 

(T.) — see Windham. 

Anacuarsis le Jeune. Voyage. — see Barthelemy. 

Anacreon. Carmina, Grsece, e recens. et cum Notis Guil. Baxteri, et 
Variorum, edidit J. F. Fischer, cum Indicibus. 8° Lipsise, 1793. 

Translated by Francis Fawkes. — ^British Poets, vol. 89. 

Odes, translated by Thomas Moore. — ^Moore's Poetical Works. 

Anaonostes (Joan) De Thessalonicensi Excidio. — see Phrantzes. 

Anastasius Bibliotuecarius. Historia Eccles. — see Theophanes. 

Anatomical Drawings, from the Collection of Morbid Anatomy in the 
Army Medical Museum at Chatham. (2nd and 4th Fasciculi.) fol. 
London, 1834-41. 

Anderson (James) Collections relating to Mary Queen of Scotland, 
with an Explanatory Index of the Obsolete Words, and Prefaces, 
shewing the importance of these Collections. 4 vols. 4° Edinb. 1727. 

Royal Grenealogies; or, the Grenealogical Tables of Emperors, 

Kings, and Princes, from Adam. foL London, 1732. 

Andocides. — Oratores Attici, vol. 1. 

Andres (Giov.) Dell' Origine, Progressi e Stato attuale di ogni Let- 
teratura. 8 vols, in 7. 4° Roma, 1808-17. 

Andrews (Bishop Lancelot) Ninety-six Sermons, fol. London, 1641. 

Andrews (Capt.) Journey from Buenos Ayres to Santiago de Chili 
and Coquimbo. 2 vols. 12** London, 1827. 

(James P.) The History of Great Britain, with Notes, contuinin"^ 

Anecdotes of the Times, Lives of the Learned, and Specimens of 
their Works. 2 vols. 4** London, 1794. 


Andrews (J. P.) — see Henry. 

Andryane (Alexander) Memoirs of a Prisoner of State in the Fortress 
of Spielberg, translated by Fortunato Prandi. 8° London, 1838. 

Anecdotes and Traditions, illustrative of early English History and 
Literature, from MS. sources; edited by W. J. Thoms. (Camden 
Society.) 4** London, 1839. 

AnoELo (Hen.) Listructions for Sword Exercises, expressly adapted 
for the Yeomanry. 8** London, 1835. 

(Mich.) and Denis de Carli. Account of a Voyage to Congo, 

in 1666, 7. — Churchill's Voyages, voL 1, and Pinkerton's Voyages,. 

vol. 16. 
Anglesey (Arthur, Earl of) State of the Grovemment and Kingdom; 

with an Answer to the pretended Memoirs of the Earl, by Sir John 

Thompson. 4** London, 1694. 

Anglic AN JE Histories Scriptores. — seeTwysden. 
Anglicarum Berum Scriptores. — see Savile. 

Anglo-Saxon Laws. The Laws of Kings JBthelbirht, Alfred, Lne, 

Edward^ JSthelstan, &c. (Anglo-Saxon and English.) Folio. 
see England. 

Angouleme (Duchess of) and Louis xviii. Royal Memoirs of the 
French Revolution, translated, with Historical and Biographical 
Illustrations, [by J. W. Croker.] 8° London, 1823. 

Angoulesme (Le Due d') M^moires de ce qui s'est pass^ en France, 
depuis la mort d*Henri iii. jusques ^ Fadvenement d'Henri iv. a la 
couronne. — ^Petitot, ColL des M^moires, 1" S^rie, tome 44. 

Anguillara (Giovanni Andrea dell*) Edippo, Tragedia. — Teatro 
Italiano Antico, tomo 8. 

Anguillara. — see Ovidius and Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

Anguillesi (Gio. Dom.) Poesie. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv. tomo 15. 

Animals (Directions for Collecting and Preserving), by the Curators of 

the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons. 4° London, 1835. 
Annalen der Physik und Chemie, von J. C. Poggendorff, 57 vols, in 51. 

8* Leipzig, 1824-42. 
Annaler for Nordisk Oldkyndighed. — see Transactions. 

Annales de Chimie et de Physique, par MM. Gay-Lussac, Arago, 
Chevreul, Dumas, Pelouze, Boussingault, et Regnault. 58 vols. 
8^ Paris, 1824-42. 

des Sciences Naturelles, par MM. Audouin, Brongniart, et 

Dumas; comprenant la Physiologic, FAnatomie, Zoologie, Botanique, 

I^eralogie, et la G6ologie, avec la Table G^n^rale des Mati^res. 

31 vols. 8** Paris, 1824-41. 

Seconde S^rie: Botanique, par A. Brongniart et GuiUemin. 

17 vols. 8"* Paris, 1834-42. 
Seconde S^rie : Zoologie, par M. Audouin et Milne Edwards. 
17 vols- 8° Paris, 1834-42. 

des Mines ; ou Recueil de M^moires sur TExploitation des 

Mines, et sur les Sciences qui s'y rapportent; redig^es par le Conseil 
General des Mines. 21 vols. 8° Paris, 1824-35. 

'du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. — ^see Transactions. 

Anne (Queen)— see Boyer, Marlborough, and Somerville. 

Annuairb de I'Acad^mie Royale des Sciences et Belles-Lettres de 
Bruxelles, depuis FAnnee 1835. 12^ Bruxelles. 


10 ANN — ANT 

Annuaire de I'Observatoire Rojal de Bruxelles, par A. Quetelet, depuis 
rAim& 1834. W BruxeUes. 

par le Bureau des Lougitudes, depuis rAnn^e 1832. 12^ Paris. 

Historique public par la Soci^te de THistoire de France, 

depuis I'Ann^e 1836. 12^ Paris. 

Annual Register (Dodsley's); or, a View of History, Politicks, and 
Literature, from 1758; with Index from 1758 to 1819. 8** London. 

(Cabinet) and Historical Chronicle, for 1831. 12° London, 1832. 

— ^— see American A. R., and Asiatic A. R. 

Annual (British) and Epitome of the Progress of Science, for 1838; 
edited by R. D. Thomson. 12*^ London, 1838. 

— ^— (The Catholic), containing the Circle of the Seasons, and Key 
to the Calendar, [by Thomas Forster.] 12° London, 1830. 

Biography. — see Biography. 

Anquetil (L. p.) L'Esprit de la Ligue ; ou Histoire Politique des 
Troubles de France, pendant les xvi* et xvii* Slides. 3 vols. 12° 
Paris, 1783. 

— ^— Lintrigue dn Cabinet, sous Henri ly. et Louis xiii., 
termin^e par la Fronde. 4 vols. 12° Paris, 1780. 

Anselm (Saint) Archbishop of Canterbury. Life, by J. A. Mohler, 
translated by H. Rymer. 12° London, 1842. 

Anselme de Sainte-Marie (P. de Guibours, P.) Histoire Gen^ogique 
et Chronologique de la Maison Royale de France, des Pairs, Grands 
Officiers de la Couronne et de la Maison du Roy, et des Anciens 
Barons du Royaume; continude par Hon. Caille, Sieur du Fourny, 
augmentee et publiee par les PP. Ange de Sainte-Rosalie, et Sim- 
plicien. 9 vols. fol. Paris, 1726-33. 

Anson (George, Lord) A Voyage round the World, in 1740-44, 
compiled by R. Walter. 4° London, 1748. 

Voyage round the World, in 1 740-44. — Harris' Voyages, 

voL 1, and Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 5. 
Life, by Sir John Barrow. 8° London, 1839. 

Anstey (Chr.) The Poetical Works; with some Account of his Life 
and Writings, by Jo. Anstey. 4° London, 1808. 

(J.) The Pleader's Guide, a Poem. 12° London, 1826. 

Anthologia GaiECA; sivc Poetarum Grsecorum Lusus, ex recensione 
Brunckii; Lidices (in vol. 13) et Commentarium adjecit Fr. Jacobs. 
13 vols, in 11. 8° Lipsise, 1794-1814. 

Antiguedades Arabes de Espana, Granada y Cordoba. Folio. 
[Madrid,] 1780. 

Anti-Jacobin (The), or Weekly Examiner, [edited by W. Gifford.] 
2 vols. 8° London, 1799. 

Antiphon. — Oratores Attici, vol. 1. 

Antiquarian Repertory: a Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topography, 
History, Biography, Customs, and Manners; intended to illustrate 
and preserve several valuable remains of Old Times. Compiled by 
Fr. Grose, Tho. Astle, and other eminent Antiquaries. 4 vols. 4° 
London, 1807. 

ANT— ARA 11 

Antiquaries (Society of) — see Archaeologia, Catalogue, Cathedrals, Royal 
Household Book, Transactions, and Vetusta Monumenta. 

Antonini (Annib.) Dizionario Italiano, Latino e Francese. 2 vols. 
4^ Lione, 1770. 

(Carlo) Manuale di varii Omamenti, tratti dalle Fabbriche e 

Frammenti Antichi, per uso de' Pittori, Scultori, &c. (Roeoni, Can- 
delabri e Orologgi.) 4 vols, in 2. fol. Roma, 1781-90. 

Manuale di varii Omamenti component! la Serie de' Yasi Antichi, 

di Marmo e di Bronzo, in Roma. 3 vols. fol. Roma, 1821. 

lLyiONOLA,illustratopropostoda,C.Antonini. Folio. Roma, 1828. 

Amtoninus Liberalis. — see HistorisB Poeticse Scriptores. 

Antoninus (Marcus) De rebus suis 6r. et Lat. Comment, perpet. illust. 
studio T. Gatakeri. 4'' Cantab. 1652. 

Meditations; with Life by D^Acier, translated by Jer. Collier. 

8° London, 1701. 

Pius. — see Burton (W.) 

Antonio (Nicol.) Censura de Historias Fabulosas; obra posthuma, 
pablica estas obrasD. Greg. Maykns i Sisckr. Folio. Valencia, 1742. 

Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus, sive Hispani Scriptores qui ad 

annum Christi md. floruerunt, curante F. Perezio Bayerio ; cum 
Vita Auctoris, Notulis et Lidice. 2 vols. fol. Matriti, 1788. 

Bibliotheca Hispana Nova, sive Hispanorum Scriptorum qui ab 

BID. ad uDCLXxxiY. floruere, Notitia; cum Append, et Lidicibus. 
2 vols. foL Matriti, 1783. 

Antonius Nebrissensis. Dictionarium Latino-Hispanicum, cura J. G. 
Manrique. Folio. Madrid^ 1761. 

Akvers (Le Voyageur k), ou Lidication di tout ce qui a rapport aux 
Administrations, au Commerce, aux Arts, etc. 8° Anvers. 

Appunus. Romanarum Historiarum quae supersunt, Gr. et Lat. cum 
notis Variorum et Johannis Schweighaeuser ; ciun Lidicibus (in 
voL 3). 3 vols. 8*^ Lipsias, 1785. 

Apollodorus. Bibliotheces, sive de Deorum Origine, Gr. et Lat. ab ^gio 
Spoletino, cum Comment. Scip. Tetti et Lidice. 8^ Romse, 1566. 

BibliothecaB Libri iii. et Fragmenta, curis secundis illustravit 
C. G. Heyne cum ejus Observationibus et Lidicibus (in vol. 2). 
2 vols. 8** Grottingae, 1 803. 

see Historic Poeticae Scriptores. 

ApoLLONius Rhodius. Argouautica, cum varietate Lectionis, Annotationi- 
bus, Scholiis et Lidicibus, ab A Wellauer. 2 vols, in 1. 8^ Lipsiae, 

The Argonautics, translated by William Preston. — British 

Poets, vol. 90, 91. 

•^STOLiCAL Constitutions in Ethiopic. — see Piatt 

Apuleius. Opera Omnia, ex edit. Oudendorpii, in usum Delphini, cum 
Notis Variorum, et Indicibus (in voL 7). 7 vols. 8** Londini, 1825. 

'*- — L'Asino d'Oro di Apulejo traslatato. — Firenzuola Opere, 
tomo 3. 

AiABiA. — Conder's Modern Traveller, vol. 4. 

12 ARA — ARI 

Ababia. Constitutiones ab Arabibus latse. — Canciani Barbaronim L^es, 

vol. 5. 
Ababian Nights' Entertainments; and a Selection of New Tales. 

Translated, with an Introduction and Notes, by J. Scott. 6 vols. 

ir London, 1811. 

a New Translation, from the Arabic; with copious Notes, by 

Edw. Wm. Lane. 3 vols. 8** London, 1841. 

Araujo (Don Firmin) Historia Veridica de la Judit Espanola (Ck>melia 
Bororquia.) 18° Londres, 1819. 

Arcano (Giovanni Mauro d')— Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

AscHiEOLooiA. — see Transactions. 

Americana. — see Transactions. 

Archer (Gabriel) Letter touching the Voyage of the Fleet of Ships 
which arrived at Virginia a.d. 1609. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

Archilochds. — see Poetae Minores Graeci. 

Archimedes. Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum Eutochii Ascalonitae com- 
mentariis, ex recens. Jos. Torelli. acced. Variaj Lectiones. Folio. 
Oxonii, 1792. 

Architects (Listitute of British). — see Transactions. 

Architectural Terms. — see Glossary. 

Archives du Museum d' Histoire Naturelle. — see Transactions. 

Aretino (Pietro) — Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

H Marescalco e la Cortigiana, Commedie. — Teatro Italiano 

Antico, tomo 6. 

Lo Ipocrito, Commedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 7. 

La Talanta, Commedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 8. 

H Filosofo, Commedia. — Teatro- Italiano Antico, tomo 9. 

Argal (Capt. Samuel) Voyage from James Towne, in Virginia, to seek 
the Be of Bermuda, a.d. 1610. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

Briefe Intelligence from Virginia; a Supplement of French 

Virginian Occurents, and their supplantation. — ^Purchas's Voyages, 
vol. 4. 

Argenson, (Marquis d') M^moires, avec une notice sur sa vie, par R^n^ 
d' Argenson. 8** Paris, 1825. 

Argoll (Sir Samuel) Letter touching his Voyage to Virginia, written 
June, 1613. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

Arguell.ES (Jose Canga) Observaciones sobre la Historia de la Guerra 
de Espana, que escribieron los Senores Clarke, Southey, London- 
derry, y Napier. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Londres, 1829. 

Ariosto (Ludovico). Orlando Furioso. 5 vols. 8° Milano, 1814. 

Orlando Furioso. — ^Parnaso Italiano, tomi 18-22. 

The Orlando Furioso; translated into English Verse, with 

Notes, by Wm. Stewart Rose. 6 vols. 8° London, 1823. 

La Cassaria, Commedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 1. 

I Suppositi, Commedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 2. 

B Negromante . ed La Lena, Commedie. — Teatro Italiano 

Antico, tomo 3. 

Rime. — ^Parnaso Italiano, tomo 26. 

Satire. — Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

ARI — ARM 13 

Abistophanes. Comoedise, emendatae h, Phil. Invernizio, cum Comment.^ 
Beckii et Dindorfii, acced. Animadv., Scholia Grseca, Indices (in 
vol. 12), MitcheUi Prolegomena et Versio Latina. 13 vols. 8° 
LipsisB, 1794-1826. 

ComoediaB cum Scholiis et Varietate Lectionis, recensuit Imman. 

Bekkerus, acced. Versio Latina, Scholia et Notse Variorum. 5 vols. 
8** Londini, 1829. 

The Comedies, translated with Notes and preliminary Discourse, 

by T. Mitchell. 2 vols. 8** London, 1820. 

(Notas in) — see Porson. 

(On the Syllabic Quantity of) — see Tate on Metres. 

Essay on " The Birds," by J. W. Siivem; translated by W. 

Hamilton. 8° London, 1836. 

Two Essays on " The Clouds" and " The r^pac," by J. W. 

Siivem; translated by W. Hamilton. 8** London, 1836. 

AsisTOTEUBS. Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. studio Tumebi, J. Casauboni 
et Pacii, cum Synopsi DoctrinaB Peripateticae k G. Du Val, et Li- 
dicibus. 2 vols. fol. Parisiis, 1619. 

Ethics and Politics; translated, with Notes, Life, and Analysis 

of his Works, by J. Gillies. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1804. 

The Metaphysics; translated, with Notes, by T. Taylor. 4° 

London, 1801. 

The Rhetoric, Poetic, and Nicomachean Ethics; translated by 

T. Taylor. 4** London, 1811. 

Translation of the Poetic; with a Commentary, illustrating it 

by examples from the Modem Poets, by H. J. Pye. 4** London, 1792. 

see Raumer, F. von. 

Life, by J. W. Blakesley; with a Critical Discussion on some 
Qnestions of Literary History connected with his Works. 8® 
Cambridge, 1839. 

J. de Launoy, de varia Aristotelis Fortuna, in Acad. Parisiensi. 
4° Hag®, 1656. 

Aklinoton (Earl of) Letters to Sir W. Temple, fix)m July 1665, to 
September 1670, by T. Babington. 12"* London, 1701. 

AiMisNiAN and English Pocket Dictionary. 2 vols. 12° Venice, 1835. 

Armin (R.) Nest of Ninnies. — see Fools and Jesters. 

AmsTRONO (John) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 67. 

Memoir of the Life and Medical Opinions; with an Inquiry into 
the Facts connected with those forms of Fever attributed to Malaria, 
or Marsh Effluvium, by Francis Boott. 2 vols. 8° London, 1833. 

(R. A.) A Gaelic Dictionary; with an Appendix of Ancient 
Names, and a New Gaelic Grammar. 4° London, 1825. 

Army. Historical Records of the Life Guards, from 1660 to 1835. 
8^ London, 1837. 

Historical Record of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, or 
Oxford Blues, from 1661 to 1833, by Capt. E. Packe. 8** Lond. 1834. 

Historical Records of the First, or King's Regiment of Dragoon 
Guards, from 1685 to 1836. 8** London, 1837. 

14 ARM — ART 

Abmt. Historical Records of the Second Dragoon Guards, or Queen's 
Bays, from 1685 to 1837. 8*^ London, 1837. 

Regulations and Orders. 8° London, 1837. 

A Catechetical Explanation of the Field Exercise and Evo- 
lutions of the Army, for the use of the 93rd Highlanders. 12^ 
London, 1836. 

Listructions in Skeleton Drills for the Practice of Brigade 

Movements. 8^ London, 1834. 

Lists. A List of all the Officers of the Army and Royal Ma- 

rines on Full and Half Pay, from 1803. 8** London. 

List from 1825. 12** London. 

of the British Auxiliary Legion of Spain, 1836. 12** Lond. 1836. 

Abnald (Richard) on the Apocrypha. — see Patrick. 

Abnaud (Henri) The Glorious Recovery by the Vaudois of their 
Valleys; from the Original, with a compendious History of that 
People, by H. Dyke Acland. 8** London, 1827. 

Arnaui^d (FAbb^) M^moires. — ^Petitot Coll. des M^moires, 2nde Serie, 
tome 34. 

d'Andilly (Robert) M^moires. — Petitot Coll. des M^oires, 

2nde S^rie, tomes 33-34. 

DE BoNNEVAL. — SCO Bcmard. 

Arnold (Rich.) Chronicle of the Customs of London; with the Original 
of the celebrated Poem of the Nut-Brown Maid. 4° London, 181 1. 

(Tho.) History of Rome. 2 vols. 8** London, 1840. 

Lectures on Modem History, delivered in 1842; with Liaugural 

Lecture in 1841. 8** London, 1843. 
see Thucydides. 

Abntzenius (Otto)— see Dionysius Cato. 

Abrabida (Anton, da) Floras Fluminensis Icones, nunc primo editse, 
Petro Brasiliensis Imperii Defensore jubento; cum Descriptionibus. 
FoHo. Parisiis, 1827. 

Arrianius. Ars Tactica, Periplus etc., et Epicteti Enchiridion et Frag- 
menta, 6r. et Lat ex recens. N. BlancardL 8** Amstelod. 1683. 

Expeditio Alexandri et Historia Lidica, 6r. et Lat cum Notis 

et Lidice Graco G. Raphelii. 8** Amstelod. 1757. 

History of Alexander's Expedition; translated, with Notes, by 

John Rooke, and Le Clerc's Criticism on Quintus Curtius. 2 vols* 
8** London, 1729. 

Disoorso sopra la Navigatione del Mar Rosso. — Ramusio^ 

tomo 1. 

Lettera della sua Navigatione, d' intomo al Mar Maggiore. — 

Ramusio, tomo 2. 

[Arrivabene (Count)] Di Varie Society e Instituzioni di Beneficenza m 
Londra. 2 vols. 12** Lugano, 1828-32. 

Art (1') de verifier les Dates des Faits Historiques, des Chartes, des 
Chroniques, etc. [par d'Antine, Cleraencet, Durand et Clement] ; le 
meme avant VEjrh Chretienne par Saint- Allais; et la Continuation, ou 
troisieme partie, depuis rann^»e 1770, par le Marq. d'Urban et le Chev. 
de Courcellcs. 8 vols* fol. Paris, 1783-1838. 

ART— ATK 15 

Abt. Bemarkfl on Ancient and Modem Art, in a Series of Essays, by 
an Amateur, [by F. aeghorn.] 12** Edinburgh, 1837. 

Art-Union (The); a Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts. 5 vols. 4** 
London, 1839-43. 

— '. Reports. — see Transactions. 

Arts (Society for the Encouragement of). Manufactures, and Com- 
merce—see Transactions. 

AsTUs (6.) Description of the Grolden Ejngdom of Guinea lying in a 
part of Africa; translated from the Dutch. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 2. 

Abundel Manuscripts. — see Catalogue. 

AscHAM (Roger) English Works; with Life and Notes, by J. Bennet. 
4° London, 1761. 

AsHBURNHAM (John) Narrative of his Attendance on Charles i. from 
Oxford to the Scotch Army, and from Hampton Court to the Isle of 
Wight; with a Vindication of his Character and Conduct 2 vols. 
8"* London, 1830. 

AsHMOLE (Elias) The Listitution, Laws, and Ceremonies of the Most 
Noble Order of the Grarter. Folio. London, 1672. 

AsHXUN (Jehudi, Colonial Agent at Liberia) Life; with Appendix, by 
R. R. Gurley. 8^ New York, 1835. 

Asiatic Annual Register, from the Commencement in 1799 to 1808. 
10 vols. 8** London, 1801-11. 

Journal and Monthly Register for British Lidia and its Depen- 

dencies, from the Commencement in 1816. 8° London. 

Society. — see Transactions. 

Researches. — see Transactions. 

AssERius (Joan.) Chronicon Fani S. Neoti, sen Annales. — Gale Scrip- 
tores, vol. 2. 

AssERius Menevbnsis. Annales rerum gestarum ^SUfredi Magni, recen- 
wiit Fr. Wise. 8° Oxomi, 1722. 

Asso Y DEL Rio (Ign. Jordan de) y Mig. de Man. y Rodriguez. Insti- 
tnciones del Derecho Civil de Castilla. 4° Madrid, 1806. 

AsTLE (Tho.) — see Antiquarian Repertory. 

AsTLEY (Tho.) A Greneral Collection of Voyages and Travels in Europe, 
Asia, Africa, and America. 4 vols. 4° London, 1745. 

Astronomical Society of London. — see Transactions. 

Athanasius (Saint) — see Mohler. 

Atbbnjbum (The) Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts, 
from 1832. 4'' London. 

■ Portraits of Members of the Athenaeum. Series 1 and 2. 

Folio. London, 1836. 

Atrenjeus. Deipnosophistae, ex opt. cod. emend. 6r. et Lat. notis Vari- 
orum suisque illustravit, Lidicibusque (in vol. 14), instruxit Joh. 
Schweighaeuser. 14 vols. 8° Argent. 1801. 

Atkinson (James) Customs and Manners of the Women of Persia, and 
their Domestic Superstitions; translated from the Persian. (Orient. 
TransL Fund.) 8^ London, 1832. 

16 ATK — AUL 

Atkinson (James) The SliiUi Nkmehof Firdausi; translated and abridged 
in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations. (Orient. TransL 
Fund.) 8** London, 1832. 

The Laili and Majnun of Nazdmi; a Poem, translated. (Orient. 

TransL Fund.) 8° London, 1836. 

Atkyns (Sir Robert) The Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire^ 
Folio. London, 1768. 

Atlantic (The) Magazine, from the Commencement in 1824 to 1825. 
2 vols. 8** New York. 

Atlases. — see Second Part of Catalogue. 

Atterbury (Bishop Francis) Sermons and Discourses. 4 vols. 8^ 
London, 1735. 

Epistolary Correspondence, Visitation Charges, Speeches, and 

Miscellanies; with Historical Notes, edited by J. Nichols. 4 vols. 
8** London, 1783-7. 

see Kennett. 

Attica. The Unedited Antiquities of Attica, comprising the Architec- 
tural Remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus, by the 
Society of Dilettanti. Folio. London, 1833. 

Attil^e Expeditio. — see Carmen. 

Atwood (W.) Argumentum Anti-Normannicum; or an Argument 
proving that WHliam Duke of Normandy made no absolute Conquest 
of England by the Sword. 8"* London, 1682. 

Aubespine (S^bastien de V) N^ociations, Lettres, et Pieces di verses, re- 
latives au r^ne de Francois ii., tir^s du portefeuille de S^bastien de 
r Aubespine, par Louis Paris. 4** Paris, 1841. 

AuBiON^ (J. H. Merle d') Histoire de la Reformation du xvi"* Siecle. 
3 vols. 8** Paris, 1842. 

Aubrey (John) Letters of Eminent Persons in the Seventeenth and 
Eighteenth Centuries; with Heame's Journeys to Reading, and 
Lives of Eminent Men. 3 vols, in 1. 8° London, 1813. 

AucTORES Classici Latini, in usum Delphini, cum notis Variorum variis 
Lectionibus et Lidicibus locupletissimis, cura et impensis A. J. Yalpy. 
[For Conspectus Auctorum, see Virgil, voL 1.] 167 vols. 8** 
Londini, 1819-30. 

AuDiFFREDi (Jo. Bapt.) Catalogus Hist. Criticus Romanarum Editionum 
Sseculi XV., et Specimen Editionum Italicarum Sseculi xv., in quo 
varia ad Historiam Typographicam spectantia interseruntur. 2 vols, 
in 1. 4** Romae, 1783-94. 

AuDouiN (M.)^see Annales des Sciences. 

Audubon (John James) Ornithological Biography; or an Account of the 
Habits of the Birds of the United States of America, interspersed with 
Delineations of American Scenery and Manners. 5 vols. 8** Edin- 
burgh, 1831-9. 

AuGUSTiNus (Leon.) GremmsB et Sculptures Antiques depictas, cum enarr. 
Lat. h. J. Gronovio, Partes Duae. 4** Francq. 1694. 

(S. Aur.) Opera Omnia, studio Monachorum Ord. S. Benedicti, 

cum Supplementis, Appendicibus et Lidice generali (in tomo 18). 
18 vols, in 9. 4° Bassani, 1797-1807. 

AuLDJO (John) Journal of a Visit to Constantinople and some of the 
Greek Isknds, in 1833. 8° London, 1835. 

AUL — BAG 17 

AuLus Gellius. Noctes Atticas, ex edit. J. Gronovii, cum Notis in 
usum Delphini, Notis Variorum et Indice, (in vol. 3.) 3 vols. 
8** Londini, 1824. 

AuBELius Victor. Historia Romana ex edit. Harlesii, cum Notis in 
usum Delphini, Notis Variorum et Indice. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 

AusoNius. Opera Omnia, ex edit. Bipont. cum Notis in usum Delphini 
Notis Variorum et Indice, (in vol. 3.) 3 vols. 8° Londini, 1823. 

Austen (Miss Jane) Emma: a NoveL 12° London, 1836. 

Sense and Sensibility: a Novel. 12** London, 1837. 

Pride and Prejudice: a Novel. 12° London, 1836. 

Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion. 12° London, 1837. 

Mansfield Park: a Novel. 12° London, 1837. 

Austin (John) The Province of Jurisprudence determined. 8° London, 

(Mrs.) On National Education. — R. L Wilberforce, Letters to 

the Marq. of Lansdowne on National Education. 12° Lond. 1839. 

Author's (The) Printing and Publishing Assistant. 12° Lond. 1839. 

AvEBANi (Benedetto) — see Raccolta di Prose, tomo 3. 

AvESBURY (Rob. de) Historia. — see Heame. 

Aylipfe (John) Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani; a Commentary, by 
way of Supplement, to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church 
of England. Folio. London, 1726. 

Atlmer (Bishop John) Life and Acts, by John Strype. 8° Oxford, 

Atloffe (Sir Joseph) Calendars of the Ancient Charters, and of the 
Welch and Scottish Rolls in the Tower of London, and in the 
Chapter- House at Westminster; with Memoranda concerning the 
Affairs of Ireland. 4° London, 1774. 

Atscough (Sam.) — see Catalogue, Shakspeare. 

Atton, or Anthonie the Armenian, of Asia and specially touching the 
Tartars. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Babbage (Charles) On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures* 
12° London, 1832. 

The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise: a Fragment. 8° Lond. 1838. 

Bache (A. D.) On the Disturbance of the Horizontal Needle during the 
Aurora, in July, 1833; with his and E. H. Courtnay's Observations 
to determine the Magnetic Dip at Baltimore, New York, &c. 4° 
Philadelphia, 1834. 

-" Report on Education in Europe. 8° Philadelphia, 1839. 

Back (Capt. George) Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the 
Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the Shores of the Arctic 
Ocean, in 1833-35. 8° London, 1836. 

Backhoff (lakowitz) and Zach. Wagener. Two Voyages into China. — 
Churchill's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Backstrom (S.) Account of a Voyage to Spitsbergen, in 1780. — 
Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 1. 

Bacon (Francis, Lord) New Atlantis. — see More's Utopia. 

18 BAC — BAI 

Bacon (Francis, Lord) Works, edited, with Life, by Basil Montagu. 
16 vols. 8** London, 1825-34. 

Of the Proficienee and Advancement of Learning, Divine and 

Human. 12^ London, 1826. 

see Maistre. 

(John) Liber Regis, vel Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiastiearum. 4° 

London, 1786. 

(Matthew) A New Abridgment of the Law; with Additions, 

edited by Sir Hen. Gwillim and Ch. Edw. Dodd. 8 vols. 8* 
London, 1832. 

(Nath.) Historical Discourse of the Laws and Grovemment of 

England, from the First Times to the Reign of Elizabeth. Folio. 
London, 1739. 

(Roger) Opus M^jus, ex MS. codice Dubliniensi, cum aliis, 

edidit S. Jebb. folio. Londini, 1733. 

Tartarian and Northeme Relations. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 3. 

(Lieut. Thomas) First Impressions and Studies from Nature in 

Hindoetan, from 1831-36. 2 vols. 8** London, 1837. 

Baffin (William) True Relation of such things as happened in the 
Fourth Voyage for the Discoverie of a North-West Passage, 1615. — 
Purchases Voyages, vol. 3. 

Journal of a Voyage made to Greenland, with Six English 

Ships. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 3. 

see Hall (James.) 

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see Fouch^. 

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BEA — BEL 25 

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— ■ — see Hooker. 

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BEL — BEN 27 

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its foundation to the present time; with Biographical Notices of the 
Knights in the Reigns of Edward ui. and Richard u. 8^ Lond. 

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see Collier (Arth.) 

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Commercial System, vol. 1 1. 

Constitutional Code, toL 7. 

Death Pnnishment, vol. 1 1. 

Economy (Defence of), vol. 10. 

Emancipate your Colonies, voL 11. 

Eqmty-des]Kitch Court, vol. 11. 

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▼oL 10. 
Fallacies (Book of), vol. 9. 

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Not Paul, but Jesus, voL 12. 
Official Aptitude maximized, vol. 10. 
Peers (House of) and Senates, vol 11. 
Penal Code, toL 11. 
Radical Reform Bill vol 11. 
Rationale of Judicial Evidence,yols. 1-5. 
Rationales of Punishment and Reward, 

vol 6. 
Swear not at all, vol. 9. 
Test of Parliamentary Candidates, 

vol. 11. 

28 BEN — BER 

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Postscript, containing liie Plan of Construction and of ManagemoL 
3 vols. 12^ London, 1791. 

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3 vols. 8** Paris, 1820. 

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— — — (Ercole)— Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

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S"" London, 1836. 

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Epist. ad Millium. — see Malalas. 

On the Epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, &c. — see Wottaa(W.) 

Life, with an Account of his Writings, and Anecdotes of mnj 

distinguished Characters during the period in which he flouridiei 
bj Bishop James Henry Monk. 4° London, 1830. 

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History. 8° London, 1831. 

Miscellany, from the commencement, in 1837. 8** London. 

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Finneshurgh; with a copious Glossary, Prefisu^ and Philologial 
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London, 1822-8. 

History of the Prayer-Book of the Church of England. 1? 

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Revival of Learning in the Fifteenth Century. 4° London, 1814. 

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3 vols. 8° London, 1820. 

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Peerage. Minutes of Evidence, taken before the Conunittee for 

Privileges, on the Earl of Berkeley's Pedigree, in 1799. 2 vols, 
fol. London, 1811. 

Berlin (M6moires de I'Academie de)— see Transactions. 

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Ethiopia to the King of Portugall. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Bernard (Auguste) — see France. — Proccs-Verbaux. 

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B £ R . 29 

BBRif ABD (Jacques) Recueil des Traitez de Paix, de Treve, de Neutrality, 
de Suspension d'Armes, de Ck)nf(^d^tion, d' Alliance, de Commerce, 
de Grarantie et d'autres Actes Publics. 4 vols. fol. Amsterd. 1700. 

(J. P.) — see General Dictionary. 

(Saint) — see France (Histoire litt. de). 

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Sermons. — see Leroux de Lincy. 

Sa Vie, par Guillaume de Saint Thierri, Amauld de Bonneval, 

et G^ofiroi de Clairvaux. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 10. 

(Sir Thomas) Comforts of Old Age, with Biographical Illus- 

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ed ora rifatto. 5 vols. 8° Milano, 1806. 

Pamaso Italiano, tomi 11-15. 

The Orlando Linamorato, translated into Prose, by William 

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Mogul. 2 vols. 12** Amsterdam, 1724. 

Voyage to Surat, containing the History of the Revolution of the 

Empire of the Great Mogol. — Harl. Coll. of Voyages, vol. 2; Pinker- 
ton's Voyages, vol. 8. 

Berolinensia Miscellanea. — see Transactions. 

Berosus. — see Cory. 

Berretinus Cortoniensis (Petrus) Barberinse Auka Fornix Roms, 
opus cujus Imagines et Monocramata Urbani vin. virtutes exprimunt, 
(in Opere di Pittori diversi.) Folio. Romte, typis J. J. de Rubeis. 

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2"'** Serie, tome 48. 

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tomi 55, 56. 

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tres; Ricardus Corinensis, Gildas Badonicus, Nennius Banchorensis, 
Notis et Indice. 8® Hauniae, 1757. 

Bebtrand du Guesclin. — see Cuvelier. 

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en Velay. 8° Paris, 1823. 

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lution Fran9ai8e; avec des notices sur leurs autems et desEclaircisse- 
mens historiques. 56 vols. S° Paris, 1820. 

see Enghien. 

30 BER — BIB 

Bbrwiok (Le Mar^chal du) M^moires ^rits par lui-meme. — Petitot, 
Coll. des M^moires, 2»'*' S^rie, tomes 65, 66. 

Memoirs; with a Continuation to 1734, translated. 2 vols. 8° 

London, 1779. 

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Berville et Barriere. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1827. 

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(Thomas) Journal of the Tenth Voyage to the East Indies. — 

Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 
Betaoh (Capt. William) Observations on the Country of Peru and its 

Inhabitants. — Harris's Voyages, voL L — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 14. 

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to the present period. Folio. London, 1795. 

Baronetage of England, with Grenealogical Tables and Armorial 

Bearings. 5 vols. 4® Ipswich, 1801-4. 

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Constitutional Legislature of the United Kingdom. 8^ London, 1830. 

Irish Antiquarian Researches. 8^ Dublin, 1826. 

Statutes and Ordinances of the Order of St Patrick. 8** 

Dublin, 1831. 

The Gael and Cymbri; or. Inquiry into the Origin and History 

of the Irish, Scoti, Britons, and Gauls, and of the Caledonians, Picts, 
Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons. 8° Dublin, 1834. 

Etruria-Celtica ; Etruscan Literature and Antiquities investi- 

gated. 2 vols. 8° Dublin, 1842. 

Betuune (John EUiot Drinkwater) — see Galilei, Kepler. 

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Bettinelli (Saverio) Poesie. — ^Parnaso Ital. Viv., tomo 19. 

Beugnot (M. le Comte) — see Olim, Witte. 

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Examination of his Writings, by T. H. Home. 9 vols. 8** 
London, 1824. 

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ben Meir, the Sphardi, translated from the Hebrew. (Oriental Trans- 
lation Fund.) 2 vols. 8'' London, 1835-6. 

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Italiano, tomo 17. 

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siones Antiquas octo, ex vetust MSS. collatis; cum Var. Lectionibus 
Annotationibus et Indicibus, edidit Brianus Waltonus: et Castelli 
Lexicon Heptaglotton. 8 vols. foL Londini, 1657-69. 

Notices of the Compilers. — see Walton's Memoirs. 

BiBLiA Hebraic A, secund. editionem Jos. Athise k Joanne Leusden, 
variis Notis illustrata ab E. Van der Hooght; editio nova ^ J. D'Alle- 
mand. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1822. 

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andrino, typis ad similitud. ipsius Codicis descriptum, cum Notis 
cura H. A. Baber. 3 vols. fol. Londini, 1816. 

BIB 31 

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ace. VarisB Lectiones h Cod. Alexandrino et Introductio J. B. Carp- 
zovii. 6 vols. 8** Oxonii, 1817. 

Novum Testamentum Gnec^, cum versione Latina Desid. 

Erasmi. — Erasmi Opera, torn. 6. 

Novum Testamentum Gnecum, cum Lectionibus Variantibus Cod. 

MSS. et Commentario historiam illustrante, opera J. J. Wetstenii. 
2 vols. £6L Amstelod. 1751. 

Novum Testamentum Gnecum, e Codice MS. Alexandrino, de- 

scriptum ^ Car. God. Woide; cum Appendice, in qua continentur 
Fragmenta N. T. juxta interpretationem Dialecti Superioris -^gypti, 
quse Thebaica vel Sahidica appellatur, e Codd. Oxon. desumpta; cum 
IMssertatione de Versione ^^^^rpt. quibus subjicitur Codicis Vatican! 
Collatio. 2 vols. fol. Londini, 1786, et Oxonii, 1799. 

Novum Testamentum Grsec^, textum recensuit et Lectionis Varie- 

tatem ac^edt D. Jo. Jac. Griesbach. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1818. 

^iBUA Latina, Vulgatas editionis Sixti v. Pont. Max. 8® Francof. 1826. 

^IBLIA Germanica. — ^Die ganze Heilige Schriflt nach der Ubersetzung 
und mit den Vorreden und Randglossen D. Martin Luthers, von 
C. M. Pfaffen. FoUo. Tubingen, 1730. 

Bible (The Holy) with Notes, explanatory and practical, by G. I^Oyly 
and Bishop Mant 3 vols. 4^ Cambridge, 1823. 

with a Commentary from Henry and Scott 3 vok. 8° 

London, 1835. 

The Old and New Testament arranged in Chronological Order, 

by Greorge Townsend. 4 vols. 8** London, 1827-8. 

The English Hexapla, exhibiting the Six important English 

Translations of the New Testament; viz.,of Widif, Tyndale, Cranmer, 
the Genevan, Anglo-Hhemish, and Authorized, with the Original 
Greek Text, after Scholz. 4'' London, 184L 

The Book of the New Covenant : a Critical Revision of the 

Text and Translation of the English Version of the New Testament, 
[l^ Granv. Penn.] 8° London, 1836. 

Isaiah, translated into Persian, by Meerza Ibrahim. 8^ 

London, 1834. 

BiBLicus Delvinus. Facts, Suggestions, and brief Inductions in 
Geology. 8** London, 1838. 

BiBLioTECA Italiana ; ossia, Giomale di Letteratura, Scienze ed Arti, 
compilato da una Societk di Letterati, 1816-37. 87 vols. 8^ 

BiBLioTHECA Anglo-Poetica ; or, a Descriptive Catalogue of a Col- 
lection of early English Poetry; illustrated by Extracts and Remarks, 
[by A. F. Griffiths.] 8° London, 1815. 

BiBLioTHiQUE Haisonn^e dcs Ouvragcs des Savans de I'Europe [par 
Massuet, s'Gravesande, Rousset, de Jaucourt, Armand de la Chapidle, 
Barbeyrac, et Desmaiseaux]. 52 vols. 12° Amsterd. 1728-53. 

BiBUOTHiiiQnE Universelle de Geneve, faisant Suite k la Biblioth^ue 
Britannique, et redigee par les memes autexurs: — Agriculture, 14 vols.; 
Litt^rature, 60 vols.; Sciences et Arts, 60 vols. 8** Geneve, 

• Nouvelle S6rie. 41 vols, in 31. 8** Geneve, 1836-42. 

32 BIG — BIO 

BiCHENO (J. £.) An Inquiry into the Poor Laws. 8^ London, 1824. 
Ireland and its Economy; or, Observations in a Tour in 1829. 

8** London, 1830. 

see Zoological Club of the Linnasan Society. 

BiDDULPH (William) Part of a Letter from Aleppo. — ^Purchas's Voyages, 
vol. 2. 

BiDEN (Christ.) Naval Discipline: Subordination contrasted with Insub- 
ordination; or, the necessity for passing a Law establishing an effi- 
cient Naval Discipline in the Merchant Service. 8*' London,. 

BiEL (J. C.) Novus Thesaurus Philologicus; sive Lexicon in lxx. el& 
alios interpretes Veteris Testamenti, edidit E. Mutzenbecher. 3 vols^ 
8° HagsB Comit. 1779. 

BiOELOW (John P.) Statistical Tables: exhibiting the Condition and Pro — 

ducts of certain Branches of Industry in Massachusetts, for 1836-7 

8° Boston, 1838. 

BiLETH (Robert) Journal of the Fifth Voyage for the Discoverie of sk. 
North-west Passage, in the Discoverie, a.d. 1616. — Purchas'^ 
Voyages, voL 3. 

Billing (Archibald) First Principles of Medicine. 8** London, 1838. 

Billings (Robert William) Architectural Illustrations and Account o^ 
the Temple Church. 4^ London, 1838. 

Bingham's Reports. — ^see Broderip. 

Bingham (Joseph) Origines Ecclesiasticse ; or, the Antiquities of th^ 
Christian Church, and other Works; with Life by R. Bingham « 
9 vols. 8^ London, 1 82 1 -9. 

BiNTERiM (Ant. Jos.) Propempticum ad Problema criticum Script S- 
Nov. Test, in quo Idiomate originaliter ab Apostolis edita fuerit? ^ 
Marc. Molkenbuhr propositum. 8° Moguntiae, 1822. 

BioGRAPHiA Britannica ; or, Lives of Eminent Persons of Great Bri-^ 
tain and Ireland, in the manner of Bayle's Historical Dictionary ^ 
with Supplement, and Index. 7 vols in 6. fol. London, 1747-63^ 

or. Lives of Eminent Persons of Great Britain and Ireland, with^ 

Corrections, and New Lives, by And. Kippis. 5 vols. foL Lond -^ 

BioGRAPHiA Britannica Literaria. Prospectus. 8^ London. 

Biographical Dictionary of the Living Authors of Great Britain anc^- 
Ireland. 8° London, 1816. 

of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. volsi^^ 

8° London, 1842-3. 

BioGRAPHiE NouvELLE dcs Contcmporaius ; ou, Dictionnaire Historiqu 
et Raisonne de tons les Hommes qui, depuis la Revolution Frangais^^ 
ont acquis de la cel^brite. 20 vols. 8° Paris, 1820-25. 

BiOGRAPHiE Universelle, Ancicnnc et Moderne, redig^ par une Sod^t^^ 
de G^ns de Lettres et de Savans, avec la Partie Mythologique et 1* 
Supplement. 74 vols. 8° Paris, 1811-43. 

Biography (Annual) and Obituary, from the Commencement in ISIT': 
to 1837. 21 vols. 8** London. 

BIO — BLA 33 

Biography (General) — see Bates, Bayle, Biogn^hia Britannica, Biogra- 
phical Dictionary, Biographic des Contemporains, Biographic Uni- 
vcrselle, Chalmers' Biog. Diet, Chaudon, Chaufepie, General Dic- 
tionary, Granger, Hoffmann, Lodge, Marchand, Moreri, Niceron, 
Nichols* Literary Anecdotes. 

Biography (CJollective) — viz.: 

Painters. — see Bryan, Cunningham, 
Descampes, Pilkington, Serie, 
Vasari, Walpole. 

Physicians. — Pettigrew. 

Queens of England. — Strickland. 

Royal and Noble Authors. — Wal- 

Saints. — Baillet, Butler. 

Scottish Bishops. — Keith. 

Scottish Worthies. — Tytler. 

Sculptors. — Cunningham, Serie, 

Statesmen. — Crowe, Foster, Mac- 

Anglo-Saxon. — see Wright. 

Architects. — Milizia, Serie, Va- 

British Writers. — ^Pitsaeus. 

Dramatic. — Baker. 

Ecclesiastical — Baillet, Butler, 
Cassan, Wordsworth. 
f Engravers. — Bryan. 

Irish Bishops and Writers. — 

Kings of England. — Sandford. 

Lawyers. — ^Roscoe. 

Military Conmianders. — Grleig. 

Naval Commanders. — Camp- 
bell, Locker. 

^lON. — see Theocritus. 

^lON ET MoscHUS. — scc PoctaB Minores Graeci, vol. 3. 

^OBNSTJERNA (Couut) The British Empire in the East; translated by 
H. E. Lloyd. 8° London, 1840. 

BiBAGo (G. B.)— see Siri. 

BiBAN (M. F. P. G. Maine de) CEuvres Philosophiques ; publi^es par 
V. Cousin. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1841. 

' — • Nouvelles Considerations sur les Rapports du Physique et du 

Moral de I'Homme; ouvrage posthume public par V. Cousin. 8^ 
Paris, 1834. 

^iRCH (Thomas) An Historical View of the Negotiations between the 
Courts of Ikigland, France, and Brussels, from 1592 to 1617; with 
Sir Greorge Carew's Relation of the State of France, and Character 
of Henry IV. 8° London, 1749. 

Memoirs of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, from 1581 till her 
death. 2 vols. 4® London, 1754. 

An Laquiry into the share' which King Charles i. had in the 
Transactions of the Earl of Glg^organ, for bringing over a body of 
Irish Rebels in 1645 and 164&; wii)i Appendix. 8^ London, 1756. 

History of the Royal Society pf . London for improving Natural 
Knowledge. 4 vols. 4° London, 1756. 

see General Dictionary; Henry, Prince of Wales; Milton, 

Raleigh, Thurloe, and Tillotson. 

^^HD (James) Th6 Political and Statistical History of Gujarat, by Ali 

Mohammed EMn ; translated, with copious Annotations, and an 

Historical Introduction. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8° Lond. 1835. 

BiscHopp (James) Sketch of the History of Van Diemen's Land; and an 
Account of the Van Diemen's Land Company. 8° London, 1832. 

— ^ — History of the Woollen and Worsted Manufactures, and of the 
Natural and Commercial History of Sheep. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1842. 

Bishops of Britain.— see Glover (F. A.) 
^lack (John)— see Palaeoromaica. 

34 BLA — BLU 

Blackmore (Sir Richard) Poems. — ^British Poets, voL 28. 

Blackstone (Sir William) Commentaries on the Laws of EngUnd; 
with Notes, by J. T. Coleridge. 4 vols. 8® London, 1825. 

Commentaries, incorporating the alterations to the presest 

time, by James Stewart. 4 vols. 8® London, 1841. 

The Great Charter, and Charter of the Forest ; with other 

Authentic Instruments, and a History of the Charters. 4** Oxford, 
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine ; from the commenoementy in 1817. 
8° Edinburgh. 

Blaeu (Joan.) Theatrum Urbium Belgii Foederati. Folio. 1649. 

Blair (Hugh) Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1787. 

Sermons; with Life, by Finlayson. 5 vols. 8** Liondoii, 1807. 

(John) The Chronology and History of the World, to 1814j 

with the Maps. Folio. London, 1803. 

(Robert) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 58. 

Blake (Andrew) A Practical Essay on Delirium Tremens. S" 
London, 1840. 

Blake SLEY (Joseph W.) Conciones Academicse; Ten Sermons preached 
before the University of Cambridge. 8** London, 1843. 

see Aristoteles. 

Blakiston (John) Twenty Years in Retirement. 2 vols. 8" 
London, 1836. 

Blancardi (N.) — see Arrianus. 

(Steph.) Lexicon Medicum renovatum. 8° Ludg. Bat. 1756. 

Blanefobde (Henr. de) Chronica. — see Hearne, — Joh. de Trokelowe. 

Blefkens (Dithmar) Voyages and Historic of Island and Greenland.— 
Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Blencowe (R. W.) — see Sydney Papers. 

Bleterie (FAbbe de la) — see Jovien & Julien. 

Bligh (Capt. William) A Voyage to the South Sea; with an Acoomtf 
of the Mutiny on board the Ship Bounty. 4® London, 1792. 

(Richard) New Reports of Cases heard in the House of Lords, on 

AppealsandWritsof Error, 1827-31. 5 vols. 8° London, 1829-3i 

Blohefield (Francis) An Essay towards a Topographical History of the 
County of Norfolk, continued, by Charles Parkin. 5 vols. foL 
Fersfield, 1739, and Lynn, 1775. 

Blomfield (C. J.)— see Callimachus. 

Blouet (Abel) — see Mor^e. 

Blount (Edward) — see Charles ii. 

(Henry) Voyage into the Levant ; with Observations <m the 

Turks. — Harl. Coll. of Voyages, vol. 1, and Pinkerton's Voyages, 
voL 10. 

Bloxam (Mark) Paradise Regained, and other Poems. 8° London, 1834. 

Blumenbach (J. F.) Institutiones Physiologicae. — see EUiotson. 

Blunt (J. J.) The Veracity of the Five Books of Moses. 8' 
London, 1830. 

BLU — BON 35 

Blunt (J. J.) Holsean Lectures for 1831. 8^ London, 1832. 

Sketch of the Reformation in England. 12° London, 1832. 

BoASE (Dr.) Geological Account of ComwalL — ^see Gilbert. 

Boccaccio (Giov.) H Decamerone, illustrate con Note tratte da varj 
dal Dott Giulio Ferrari. 4 vols. 8** Milano, 1803. 

BocHARTus (Sam.) Opera Omnia; hoc est Phaleg, Canaan et Hierozoicon, 
quibus access. Variae Dissertationes et Vita Auctoris k Morino; edita 
et corrigenda posuerunt Joh. Leusden et P. de Villemandy; cum 
Indicibus. 3 vols. fol. Lugd. Bat. 1692. 

[BoDDiNOTON (Mrs.)] Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, 
and a Comer of Italy. 2 vols. 12"" London, 1834. 

Sketches in the Pyrenees; with some Remarks on Languedoc, 
Provence, and the Cornice. 2 vols. 12° London, 1837. 

The Gossip's Week. 2 vols. 12'' London, 1836. 

Poems. 8"^ London, 1839. 

Bodleian Libraby. — see Catalogue. 

BoDLET (Sir Thomas) Reliquiae Bodleianae; or. Some Genuine Remains, 
eontaming his Life, and Letters to Dr. Thomas James, by Thomas 
Heame. S"* London, 1703. 

BoECKH ( Augt) Corpus Inscriptionum Grsecarum, auctoritate et impensis 
Acad. Litter. Reg. Borussicse editum. 2 vols. fol. Berol. 1828-43. 

— ~— The Public Economy of Athens, with a Dissertation on the 
Silver Mines of Laurion; translated. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1828. 

BoEHMER (Greor. Rud.) Bibliotheca Scriptorum Historiae Naturalis. 
9 vols, in 5. Lipsiae, 1785-9. 

Boerhaavb (Herm.) — see Swieten. 

BoETHius. De Consolatione Philosophise, ex edit. Yulpiana, cum notis in 
usom Delphini, Notis Variorum et Indice. 8^ Londini, 1823. 

Consolatio Philosophise, Anglo- Saxonio^ reddita ab Alfredo 

Anglo- Saxonum Rege, edidit Chr. Rawlinson. 8° Oxonii, 1698. 

BojARDo (Matteo) — see Bemi. 

BoiLKAu (Etiehne) Livre des Metiers. — see Paris. 

^UiEAU Despr^aux (Nic.) CEuvres; avec un nouveau Commentaire, 
par M. Amar. 4 vols. 8** Paris, 1821. 

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*^hapabtb (Napoleon) — see Napol^n. 

36 BON — BOS 

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of the Birds of the United States, not given by Wilson, with figures 
coloured from nature. 4 vols. fol. Philadelphia, 1825—33. 

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BoNiNSEGNi (Jacopo) — Raccolta di Poesie Rusticali. 

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(Vincenzo) Discorsi; con le Annotazioni di Dom. Maria Minni 

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prisonments of an Englishman, in an attempt to circulate the 
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Principia : a Series of Essays on the Principles of EviL 8' 

London, 1843. 

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BOS — BOU 37 

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• see Johnson (Samuel.) 

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38 BOU — BOW 

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BerviUe et Bamfere. 8** Paris, 1821. 

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ArtificieUes. 8^ Paris, 1811. 

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Coll. des M^moires, 1" S^rie, tome 35. 

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most interesting lYansactions in Ireland, from 1724 to 1738. [Edited 
by Dr. Wall.] 2 vols. 8** Oxford, 1769. 

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H. M. S. Bounty : its Causes and Consequences [hj John Barrov} 
12** London, 1831. 

see also Bligh's Voyage. 

Bouquet (Dom, Martin) Recueil des Historiens des Graules et de it 
France; continue par D. D. Haudiquier, Housseau, Pr^ieux, Pdm 
Clement et Brial, et M. M. Daunou et Naudet. 20 vols, folia 
Paris, 1738-1840. 

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8^ Paris, 1822-6. 

Bourgeois (Louise) dite Boursier. Conmient et en quel temps la Bepe 
accoucha de M. le Dauphin, h, present Louis xm. — ^Petitot, ColL des 
Memoires, 1" S^rie, tome 49. 

Bourgert (le Docteur) Traits complet de FAnatomie de rHomne. 
comprenant la M^d^cine Operatoire. 7 vols. foL Paris, 1831-^ 

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Bourgogne (les Chroniques des Dues de)— see Chastellain. 

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8** Londres, 1808. 

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I'Arragonite; avec ime Litroduction k la Min^ralogie. 3 vols. 4° 
Londres, 1808. 

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Memoires sur Napoleon, le Directoire, le Consulat, I'dnpire, « 

la Bestauration. 10 vols, in 5. 8^ Paris, 1830. 

et ses Erreurs volontaires et involontaires; ou. Observations sir 

ses Memoires, par le G^n^ral Beilliard, le Gr^n^al Groargaod, k 
Comte d'Aure, le Comte de Survilliers, &c. &c.; recueiUies pir 
A. B[ulos.] 8** Paris, 1830. 

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ende des 13*" Jahrhunderts. 12 vols. 8** Getting. 1801-19. 

History of Spanish and Portuguese Literature; translated bj 

T. Ross. 2 vols. 8° London, 1823. 

BouTouRLiN (le Comte D.)— see Catalogue. 

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Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 5. 

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1838, by Alex. Young. 8** Boston, 1838. 

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Pope, in reply to Roscoe. 8** London, 1825. 

BOW — BRA 39 

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Teatates, the Mercurius of Csesar, in farther proof of the Origin and 
Designation of the Great Temple at Abury, Wilts. S° Lond. 1828. 

see Ken. 

and J. G. Nichols. Annals and Antiquities of Lajcock Abbey, 

in the County of Wilts; with Memorials of the Salisbury Family. 
8^ London, 1835. 

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and Literature of Hungary. 8^ London, 1830. 

Specimens of the Polish Poets; with Notes on the Literature of 

Poland. 12^ London, 1827. 

Servian Popular Poetry, translated; with an Litroduction. 12^ 

London, 1827. 

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and Meerman; with Appendixes. 8^ London, 1774. 

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Papers, and Characters of Eminent Persons who died in her Reign. 
Folio. London, 1735. 

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4** London, 1772. 

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BoTviN (Fr. de)— Hsee Duvillars. 

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see Raccolta di Poesie. Idriche, e di Poesie Rusticali. 

^HADT (John) Clavis Calendaria; or, a Compendious Analysis of the 
Calendar. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1815. 

(Robert) Litroduction to the Old English History, with Glos- 
sary of Ancient Words. Folio. London, 1684. 

The complete History of England, with Continuation to the 
death of Richard ii. and Appendixes. 3 vols, folio. London, 

BjiAHMEGUTA and Bhascara. — see Colebrooke. 

^HAKELONDA (Jocelinus de) Chronica de rebus gestis Samsonis Abbatis 
Monast. St. Edmundi; nunc primum tjpis mandata, curante Johanne 
Gi^e Rokewode. (Camden Society.) 4° Lond. 1840. 

BiUmhall (Archbishop) The Works; to which is added, for the vindi- 
cation of some of his writings, an exact copy of the Records touching 
Archbishop Parker's Consecration; with Life of Bramhall, by Bishop 
John Vesey. FoHo. Dublin, 1677. 

— - — see Rawdon Papers. 

^iiAMPTON (Thomas) A Paraphrase on the Seven Penitential Psalms in 
English Verse; with a Legendary Psalter of St. Bernard, in Latin 
and English Verse ; with Notes, by W. H. Black. (Percy Society.) 
8** London, 1842. 

Bhand (John) A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Frith, 
and Caithness, 1701. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 3. 

— - — Observations on Popular Antiquities, illustrating the Origin of 
onr Vulgar Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions; with Additions, 
by Sir Henry Ellis. 2 vols. 4'' London, 1813. 

Bundb (W. T.) Outlines of Geology. 12'' London, 1829. 

40 BRA — BRI 

Bbande (W. T.) a Manual of Chemistry. 2 vols. 8° London, 1830. 
— — Another edition. 8** London, 1841. 

Dictionary of Materia Medica and Practical Pharmacy. 8® 

London, 1839. 

Brandt (Gerard) The History of the Reformation and other Ecde— 
siastical Transactions in and about the Low Countries, from th^ 
beginning of the Eighth Century to the Synod of Dort, translated 
[by Jo. Chamberlayne]. 3 vols. fol. London, 1720. 

Brantome (P. de Bourdeille, Seigneur de) CSuvres; avec des Remarque^ 
historiques et critiques, [par Le Duchat, Lancelot, et P. Marchand. ^ 
8 vols. 8° Paris, 1787. 

Brasse (John) Greek Gradus; or, Greek, Latin, and English LexicoKm ^ 
with a Synopsis of Greek Metres, by J. R. M^jor. 8^ London. 

Brat (Nic. de) — see Louis viii. 

(William) Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire, in 1777 aimd 

1783. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Braybrooke (Richard, Lord) The History of Audley End, with Notic^^^ 
of the Town and Parish of Safi&on Walden, in Essex. 4° Londoxsy 

Bratley (Edward W.) Londiniana; or. Reminiscences of the Briti 
Metropolis, with Characteristic Sketches. 4 vols. 12** Lond. 

see Beauties of England. 

and John Britton. The History of the Ancient Palace and 

Houses of Parliament at Westminster. 8*^ London, 1836. 

Brazil and Buenos Ayres. — Conder's Modem Traveller, vols, 
and 30. 

Brenton (Capt. E. P.) The Naval History of Great Britain, froJat* 
1783-1822. 5 vols. 8^ London, 1823-25. 

Br^quiony (Louis Georges) Lettres de Rois, Reines, et autres Person*'' 
nages des Cours de France et d'Angleterre, depuis Louis vn. jusqc**^ 
Henri iv.; publices par M. ChampoUion-Figeac. Tome 1. ^ 
Paris, 1839. 

Brett (Samuel) Narrative of the Proceedings of a great Council of Je*^^^ 
assembled at Ageda, in Hungary, to examine the Scriptures cai^' 
ceming Christ, Oct. 12, 1650. — ^Phenix, vol. 1, No. 14. 

Brevio (Giovanni) — Raccolta di Prose. 

Brewer (Henr.) and E. Herckeman. Voyage to the Kingdom of ChiK» 
in America, in 1642-3. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 1. 

(J. N.) — Beauties of England. 

Brewster (Sir David) Letters on Natural Magic. 12° Lond. 1833- 

Optics. 12'' London, 1831. 

see Newton (Sir Isaac) and Feam. 

Brial (M.) — ^see France, Hist. Litt. 

Bridge (Bewick) On Mechanics. Three parts. 8° London, 1814. 

The Elements of Algebra. 8° London, 1821. 

On the Elements of Plane Trigonometry, and on the Cot^^ 

structions, Properties, and Analogies of the Three Conic Sectioii^' 
2 vols, in 1. 8° London, 1817-22. 

Bridges (John)— see Martin-Marprelate. 

BRI 41 

BiiOGEWATER Theatises, on the Power and Groodness of Grod, as mani- 
fested in the Creation. — see Babbage, Bell, Buckland, Chalmers, 
£jdd, Kirby, Prout» Bdget, and WhewelL 

Brieiinb (Le Comte de) M^moires; contenant les ^v^nemens les plus 
remarquables des B^nes de Louis xm. et Louis xiv. — Petitot, Coll. 
des M^moiree, 2^ S^rie, tomes 35 k 36. 

Brigos (Master) A Brief Discourse on the Probabilitie of a Passage to 
the Westeme or South Seas, and a Treatise and Map. — ^Purchas's 
Voyages, voL 3. 

(Lieut-Col. John) Letters addressed to a Young Person in 

India. S"* London, 1828. 

The present Land-tax in Lidia considered as a Measure of 
Knance. 8° London, 1830. 

The Sijaur-ul-Mutakherin: a History of the Mohamedan Power 
in India during the last Century, by Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan, 
revised from tiie translation of H^i Mustefa. Vol. 1. (Orient. 
Transl. Fund.) 8° London, 1832. 

see Ferishta. 

Bright (John) Hand-book for Emigrants and others; being a EUstory of 
New Zealand, with Remarks on the Australian Continent. 12° 
London, 1841. 

(Richard) Travels from Vienna, through Lower Hungary; with 
Remarks on the State of Vienna during &e Congress in 1814. 4° 
Edinburgh, 1818. 

Reports of Medical Cases, illustrating the Symptoms and Cure 
of Diseases, by % reference to Morbid Anatomy. 2 vols, in 3. 4° 
London, 1827. 

Brisson (A. D.) Omithologie; ou, M^thode contenant la division des 
Oiseaux en Ordres, &c. 6 vols. 4° Paris, 1760. 

Bribted (John) The Resources of the United States of America. 8° 
New York, 1818. 

Bristol. Restoration of the Church of Saint Mary Reddiffe, Bristol; 
an Appeal by the Vicar, Churchwardens, and Vestry; with an 
Abstract of Reports, by Britton and Hosking. Bristol, 1842. 

Brhpain (History of Great) — see Andrews, Belsham, Brodie, Cunning- 
ham, Dalrymple, Henry, Milton, Moleville, and Speed. 

Political Index to the History of — see Beatson. 

Britannic ARUM Rerum Scriptores Vetustiores: Galfredus Monume- 
tensis, P. Virunnius, Gildas, Beda, Gulielmus Neubricensis, et Joan. 
Frossardus. Folio. Heidelbergae, 1587. 

British Association. — see Transactions. 

Brihsh Classics (The), with Essays, biographical, critical,'and historical, 
by Nathan Drake. 28 vols. 12° London, 1803-14. 

Spectator, yoIs. 5~12. 

Tatler, vols. 1-4. 

Drake's Essays, in Sopplement, 

AdTentnrer, yoIs. 19-22. 
GoardiaD, vols. 13 and 14. 
Idler, Yols. 23 and 24. 
Rambler, yoIs. 15-18. 

Yols. 1-6. 

British Carrie (The), from the commencement, in 1793, to 1826, con- 
tinued by the British Critic and Theological Review; with Index to 
tbe first 20 vols. 8"^ London. 


42 BRI — BRO 

British and Foreign Review (The); or, European Quarterly Journal: 
from the commencement, in 1835. 8** London. 

Institution. An Account of all thS Pictures exhibited in the 

Rooms of the British Institution, from 1813 to 1823; with Remarks, 
critical and explanatory. 8° London, 1824. 

Magazine (The), and Monthly Register of Religious and 

Ecclesiastical Information: from the commencement, in 1832. 8* 

Museum. Description of the Collection of Ancient Marbles in 

the British Museum, by Taylor Combe. 4 vols, in 2. 4** Lond. 1812. 
Annual List of Donations and Bequests to the British Museum, 

from 1830-35. 6 vols. 8° London. 

Museum. — see Catalogues, and Hawkins (Ed.) 

Novelists. — see Barbauld. 

Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper, including Translations; with 

Johnson's Prefaces, biographical and critical, and additional Lives, 
by A. Chahners. 100 vols. 12** Chiswick, 1822. 

Theatre. — see Inchbald. 

Britton (John) Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of th^ 
Middle Ages; with Biographical Notices of Ancient Architects. 8* 
London, 1838. 

The Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, in a Series of 

Views of Ancient English Edifices; with a Chronological History of 
English Architecture. 5 vols. 4° London, 1807-26. 

Cathedral Antiquities of Great Britain; with Historical and 

Descriptive Accounts. 4 vols. 4° London, 1814-35. 

Descriptive Sketches of Tunbridge Wells and the Calverley 

Estate. 8"" London, 1832. 

see Beauties of England, Brayley, Bristol. 

Broadway and Pershore. — see Shaftsbury. 

Brocchi (G.) Conchiologia Fossile Subapennina, con Osservadoni 
Geologiche sugli Apennini e sul Suolo adjacente. 2 vols. 4* 
Milano, 1814. 

Brockedon (William) Illustrations of the Passes of the Alps, by which 
Italy communicates with France, Switzerland, and Germany. 2 vols* 
4° London, 1829. 

Journals of Excursions in the Alps. 12** London, 1833. 

Broderip (W. J.) Descriptions of some New Species of Cuvier's Family 
of Brachiopoda. 4** London, 1833. 

Tracts on Conchology. 8° London. 

and P. Bingham. Reports of Cases in the Common Pleas^ 

59 George iii. to 3 George iv. 3 vols. 8° London, 1820-2. 

Brodie (George) A History of the British Empire, from the accession 
of Charles i. to the Restoration; with Introduction, and ExaminatioiL 
of Mr. Hume's Statements. 4 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1822. 

Bromley (Henry) A Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, from. 
Egbert the Great to the present time. 4® London, 1793. 

Brompton (Johannes) — see Twysden, Scriptores. 

Brongniart (A.) Tableau des Terrains qui composent I'Ecorce du. 
Globe. 8° Paris, 1829. 

see Annales des Sciences. 

B R O 43 

Bboniovius (Martin) A Description of Tartary, or Chersonesus Taurica, 
— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Beonstkd (B. O.) On Panathenaic Vases, and on the Holy Oil contained 
in them, with particular reference to some Vases of that description 
now in London. 4° London, 1832. 

BiooKB (Sir Arthur de Capell) Winter Sketches in Lapland; or, Blus- 
trations of a Journey from Alten to Tomea. Folio. London, 1827. 

A Winter in Lapland and Sweden; with Observations on Finmark 
and its inhabitants. 4° London, 1827. 

Sketches in Spain and Morocco. 2 vols. 8° London, 1831. 

(Frances) Lady Julia Mandeville. — British Novelists, vol. 27. 

— (Ralph) A Discoverie of divers errors published in print in 
[Camden's] Britannia, by Yorke Herault. 4° [London, 1596.] 

see Vincent (Aug.) 

Brookes (Joshua) — see Zoological Club of the Linnsean Society. 

BiooME (William) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 39. 

Bbotier (G.)— see Plinius, and Tacitus. 

BsoUGHAM (Henry, Lord) An Inquiry into the Colonial Policy of Great 
Britain. 2 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1803. 

Historical Sketches of the Statesmen who flourished in the time 
of George iii. ; with Remarks on Party, and an Appendix. 3 vols. 
8** London, 1840-43. 

Political Philosophy. 2 vols. 8° London, 1842-3. 

Speeches upon Questions relating to Public Rights, Duties, and 
Interests; with Historical Litroductions, and a Critical Dissertation 
upon the Eloquence of .the Ancients. 4 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1838. 

see Demosthenes, and Paley. 

BiouGHTON (S. D.) Letters from Portugal, Spain, and France, during 
the Campaigns of 1812-13-14. 8® London, 1815. 

(Thomas) Bibliotheca Historico- Sacra; or, an Historical Library 
of the principal matters relating to Religion, Ancient and Modern. 
2 vols. fol. London, 1737. 

Another Copy. 2 vols. fol. London, 1737. 

Brouweb (Hend.) Expedition to Chili in 1642-3. — Bumey's Discoveries 
in the South Seas, vol. 3. 

[BiowN (John)] Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times. 
2 vols. 8° London, 1758. 

(Robert) Vermischte Botanische Schriften, in Verbindung; 
mit einigen Freimden ins Deutsche iibersetzt, und mit Anmerkungen 
Tersehen von Dr. C. G. Nees von Esenbeck. 5 vols. 8° 
Schmalkalden, 1825. 

(Sir Thomas) Works, including his Life and Correspondence, by 
S. Wilkin. 4 vols. 8° London, 1836. 

(Thomas) The Reminiscences of an Old Traveller throughout 
different parts of Europe. 8® Edinburgh, 1835. 

•Another Edition. 8° Edinburgh, 1843. 

(Professor Thomas) On the Philosophy of the Human Mind. 
4 vols. 8** Edinburgh, 1824. 

44 BBO — BRY 

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Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

(Archbishop G-eorge) Life and Death. Phenix, vol. 1, No. 5. 

(Edward) Travels through Austria, Bohemia, Moldavia, &c. — 

Harris's Voyages, voL 2. 

Travels through Hungary, Thessaly, Macedonia, &c. — Harris's 

Voyages, vol. 2. 

(T. B.) Thoughts of the Times; or, Men and Things. 12** 

London, 1838. 

The Oxford Divines not Members of the Church of England. 

12° London, 1839. 

(W. G.) Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria, 1792-8. 4' 

London, 1799. 

Journey to Dar-Fiu*, a Kingdom in the interior of Africa. — 

Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

Journeys in the interior of Africa. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 16. 

Brownes, Lords Montague. — see Catalogue (Battle Abbey). 

Browning (W. S.) The History of the Huguenots during the Sixteenth 
Century. 3 vols. 8** London, 1829-39. 

The Provost of Paris: a Tale of the Court of Charles vi. 

3 vols. 8° London, 1833. 

Brownlow (John) A Guide to the Charitable and Religious Societies, 
Hospitals, and other Benevolent Listitutions of London. 12° London. 

Bruce (James) Travels to discover the Source of the Nile, 1768-73. 
5 vols. 4° Edinburgh, 1790. 

Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce, by Alexander 

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BRY — BUL 45 

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see Topographer. 

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see Crawford. 

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46 BUL — BUR 

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ihrem Zusammenhange, mit Idee und Greschichte der Kirchenbaix— 
kunst dargestellt 2 vols. 4° Munchen, 1844. 

see Rome. 

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is to come. 8° London, 1760. 

Twenty-two Designs in outline, illustrative of " The Pilgrini.*» 

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Travels in Arabia, comprehending an Account of those terri- 
tories in Hedjaz regarded as sacred. 4^ London, 1829. 

Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys. 4** London, 1830. 

Arabic Proverbs; or, the Manners and Customs of the Modem 



Egyptians, illustrated from their Proverbial Sayings current at CvlX^ 
translated and explained. 4° London, 1830. 

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9 vols. 8° Paris, 1837-41. 

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a Charge. 4° London, 1745. 

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Chronologiques, et Grcographiques, contenant TOrigine et les Progr^ 
de tous les Peuples, I'Histoire des Religions et de la Philosophic, 1^* 
Decouvertes dans les Sciences, et ime Notice sur les Honmies cdl^br^^ 
Oblong folio. Bruxelles, 1822. 

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of Lecesne and Escoffery from Jamaica. .8° London (privately 
printed), 1829. 

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ing the Discoveries made about the Forum and Via Sacra. 2 vol^* 
8° London, 1831. 

Description of the Circus on the Via Appia, near Rome; wi*^ 

some Account of the Circensian Games. 12° London, 1828. 

Greece and the Levant; or, Diary of a Summer's Excursion *^ 

1834. 2 vols. 12** London, 1835. 

Lectures on the Lisufficiency of Unrevealed Religion. ^ 

London, 1832. 

BUR 47 

y BraoEss (Bishop Thomas) Life, by John S. Harford. 8° London, 1840. 

BtntOHERSH (Lord) Memoir of the Operations of the Allied Armies 
^ under Prince Schwarzenberg and Marshal Blucher, in 1813-14. 8® 
London, 1822. 

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reigns of Kings Henry viii. and Edward vi., and Queens Mary and 
Elizabeth, from 1542 to 1596; edited by Samuel Haynes and William 
Murdin. 2 vols. fol. London, 1740-59. 

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r An Account of the European Settlements in America. 2 vols. 

8° London, 1808. 

Speeches in the House of Commons, and in Westminster Hall. 

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mant, and in abeyance. 8° London, 1831. 

k' Dictionary of the Peerages of England, L*eland, and Scotland, 

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Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Em- 

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Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great 

Britain and !]&eland. 4 vols. 8° London, 1833-8. 

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a Voyage on the Indus. 3 vols. 8** London, 1834. 

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of the History of Cutch; and the Medical Xop<^i^P^7 of Bhooj. 8^ 
Edinburgh, 1831. 

48 BUR — BUT 

Burnet (Bishop Gilbert) The History of the Reformation dl the Qmti 
of England; with Greneral Index. 4 vols, in 7. 8^ Oxford, 182Si 

History of his Own Time; with the suppressed passages^ ui 

Notes by the £arls of Dartmouth and Haidwicke, and Speiker 
Onslow; and the Cursory Remarks of Dean Swift. 6 voll ft 
Oxford, 1823. 

Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and William, Deke 

of Hamilton and Chastelherald; with an Account of the Civil Wazs 
in Scotland, from 1625 to 1652, and many Letters^ Instructions^ aid 
other Papers, written by King Charles i. Folio. London, 1677. 

Travels through Switzerland, Italy, and the Low Coontritt.— 

Harris's Voyages, voL 2. 

Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles; with Notes, by J. B. 

Page. 8** London, 1837. 

see Stillingfleet. 

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London, 1719. 

BuRNEY Manuscripts. — see Catalogue. 

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to the present period. 4 vols. 4® London, 1789. 

(Capt. James) A Chronological EQstory of the DisooTeries in tk 

South Sea, or Pacific Ocean. 5 vols. 4° London, 1803— 17. 
A Chronological History of North-Eastem Voyages of Disooveij 

and early Eastern Navigations of the Russians. 8^ London, 181SI 

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Evelina. — ^British Novelists, vols. 38, 39. 

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8 vols. 12^ London, 1834. 

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Cromwell, from 1656 to 1659, now first published; with an Acooo^ 
of the Parliament of 1654, from the Journal of Gibbon Groddiri: 
edited and illustrated with Notes by John T. Rutt. 4 vols, t 
London, 1828. 

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concemeth Britain; with Indexes. Folio. London, 1658. 

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Property. 8^ London, 1828. 

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A.D. 1814. 8° London, 1833. 

BusoNE DA GuBBio. Fortunatus Siculus, ossia TAvventuroso CidliiBo: 
Romanza Storico scritto nel m.ccc.xi. ed ora per la prima vola 
pubblicato da G. F. Nott. 8** Firenze, 1832. 

Butler (Alban) Lives of the Primitive Fathers, Martyrs, and odiff 
Principal Saints; with the Life of the Author. 12 vols, f 
Edinburgh, 1798. 

BUT — CAB 49 

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early Versions and Editions of the Old and New Testament, and on 
the Sacred Books of the Mohammedans, Hindoos, &c. 2 vols. 8^ 
London (privately printed), 1797-1802. 

Horae JuridicaB Subsecivae; or. Notes on the Grecian, Roman, 

Feudal, and Canon Law. 8^ London, 1807. 

Historical Memoirs of the English, L^ish and Scottish Catholics, 

since the Reformation. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1822. 
Reminiscences. 2 vols. 8® London-, 1824. 

see Phillpotts, and Southey. 

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Course of Nature; and two Dissertations on personal Identity and 
the nature of Virtue; with Life, by Bishop Halifax. 8° Oxf. 1820. 

Sermons, at the Rolls Chapel, and on Public Occasions. 8^ 

Edinburgh, 1823. 

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Grey. 2 vols. 8** Cambridge, 1744. 

The Genuine Remains, in Prose and Verse; with Notes, by 
R. Thyer. 2 vols. 8° London, 1759. 

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(Bishop Samuel) — see ..^chylus. 

^tTTTMANN (P.) Lcxilogus; or, Critical Examination of Greek words 
and passages; translated, with Notes and Lidexes, by J. R. Fishlake. 
8^ London, 1836. 

^^'XTOK (Sir Thomas Fowell) The African Slave Trade. 8** Lond. 1839. 

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Quaestiones Juris Pnblici, et Opera Minora. 6 vols. 4^ Lugd. 
Bat. 1752. 

^ Traite du Juge competant des Ambassadeurs. — see Wicquefort. 

^Teom (Commodore)— see Hawkesworth. 

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Works; with his Letters and Life, by Thomas Moore. 17 vols. 
12** London, 1835. 

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Paris, 1828. 

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Moore. 2 vols. 4° London, 1830. 

Life, by John Gait. 12° London, 1830. 

Review of his Life and Character. (From the British Critic for 
April, 1831.) 12° London, 1833. 

^TzANTiNE Historians. Corpus Scriptorum Historiae ByzantinaB, editio 
emendatior et copiosior, consilio B. G. Niebuhrii instituta, auc- 
toritate Acad. Litterarum Regiae Borussicae continuata. 44 vols. 
8° Bonn®, 1832-43. 

"^^ see Stritterus, Memoriae Populorum. 

^ADA MosTo (Alvise da) Navigation!. — ^Ramusio, tomo 1. 

Cabala: Mysteries of State and Government, in Letters of Illustrious 
Persons in the reigns of Henry viii. to Charles i. ; with a Second 
Put of Original Letters. Folio. London, 1691. 


50 CAB — CAL 

Cabot (Sebastian) The First Voyage to America. — Porchas's Vojagtt, 

ToL 4. 
DiscoTeries made to the North-West. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol 3. 

Gabbeba (P. F.) On the History of the Americans. — see Del Rio. 

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with an English Translation, Notes and Index, by Benjamin Thorpe. 
8** London, 1832. 

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Notis Variorum et Indice (in vol. 4). 4 vols. 8® Londini, 1819. 

(Sir Julius) Life, with Memoirs of his Family, by Edmmid Lodge; 

and the Numerus Lifaustus, by C. Csesar. 4^ Londcm, 1827. 

Caonoli (Ant.) On the Figure of the Earth. — see Baily. 

Caille (R^n^) Travels through Central Africa, to Timbuctoo, and 
across the Great Desert to Morocco, in 1824-28, translated. 2 v<^ 
8** London, 1830. 

Caius (Thomas) VindiciaB Acad. Ozon. — see Heame. 

Galamt (Edmund) Letter to Echard on occasion of his History of 
England. 8° London, 1718. 

An Historical Account of his own Life; with some Reflections 

on the times, 1671-1731; edited, with Notes, historical and Iho- 
graphical, by John T. Rutt. 2 vols. 8® London, 1829. 

[Calcott (Lady)] Rome in the Nineteenth Century; with Remarks on 
the Fine Arts, on the State of Society, &c. 3 vols. 8"^ Edinb. 1826. 

Description of the Chapel of the Annunziata dell* Arena ; or, 

Giotto's Chapel in Padua. 4** Lond. (privately printed,) 1836. 

■ Essays towards the History of Painting. 12° London, 1836. 

Galdcleugh (Alexander) Travels in South America during 1819-21, 
containing an Account of the present state of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, 
and Chile. 2 vols. 8** London, 1825. 

Calderon de la Barca (Pedro) Comediaa, cotejadas con las mejores 
ediciones, corregidas, par J. J. Keil. 4 vols. 8® Leipsique, 1827-30. 

Calderwood (David) True History of the Church of Scotland, from 
the beginning of the Reformation to the end of the reign of James vi. 
FoUo. 1678. 

Caldwell (J. Stamford) Results of Reading. 8° London, 1843. 

Calepinus. Dictionarium (Gr. Lat. ItaL Gall, et Hisp.) cum Addita- 
mentis P. Manutii. Folio. Venet. 1579. 

Callaway (John) Yakkun Nattannawa; a Cingalese Poem, descriptive 
of the Ceylon System of Demonology; with the Practices of a Capua, 
or Devil Priest, and Eolan Nattannawa, a Poem, translated. (Orient 
Transl. Fund.) 8° London, 1829. 

Callimachus. Opera, recensuit et cum Notarum delectu edidit C. J. 
Blomfield. 8^ Londini, 1815. 

Carmina. — see Camerarius. 

Calmet (Aug.) An Historical and Critical Dictionary of the Holy 
Bible; with a copious Catalogue of the best Editions and Versions of 
the Scriptures, Commentaries, Expositions, &c., translated by S. 
D'Oyly and J. Colson. 3 vols. fol. London, 1732. 

Calvine (John) A Harmonic upon Matthewe, Marke, and Luke; trans- 
lated by E[usebiu8] P[agct]. 4° London, 1610. 

CAL — CAM 51 

Calvine (John) The Institution of Christian Bdigion; translated by T. 
Norton. 4® London, 1574. 

xm. Sermons; with Answer to a Libel against Predestinationy 

translated by John Fielde. — iv. Sermons; with an Elxposition of the 
87th Psalm, translated by John Fielde. — xxii. Sermons, translated 
by Tpiomas] S[tocker]. 4^ London, 1579-1580. 

see Common Prayer. 

Calvin's Leben,.Meinungen, und Thaten. 12^ Leipzig, 1794. 

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Savoy, Mon. Hist. Pat. Scriptores, vol. 2. 

Cambbidoe. Graduati Cantabrigienses; ab anno 1659 nsque ad 1823. 
^ Cantab. 1823. 

Antiquarian Society. — see Transactions. 

University Calendar, from 1824. 12® Ciunbridge. 

' Qinreh of the Holy Sepulchre; (»* the Bound Church of Cam- 
bridge. 12** Cambridge, 1842. 

— ' — (Richard Owen) The Works ; wiUi Account of his Life and 
Character, by George Owen Cambridge. 4° London, 1803. 

Camden (Guilielmus) Anglica, Hibemica, Normannica, Cambrica a 
Veteribus scripta; cum Indice locupletissimo. Folio. Francof. 1602. 

Britannica; or, a Chorographical Description of Great Britain 
and Ireland, translated, with Additions, and revised, with large 
Additions and Life, by Bp. Ed. Gibson. 2 vols. fol. London. 

Britannia; translated and enlarged by the latest discoveries, 
hj Richard Gt)ugh; with Life of Camden. 3 vols. foL Lond. 1789. 

Britannia. — see Brooke. 

Remaines concerning Brittaine, and the Inhabitants thereof^ 
their Languages, Names, Proverbes, &c. 4^ London, 1629. 

Annales Elizabethae AnglisB Reginae. — see Heame. 

Society. — see Transactions. 

Cameniata (Joannes) De Excidio Thessalon. — see Thec^hanes con 

Camerarius ( Joachimus) Libellus Scolasticus ; quo continentm 
Thec^idis prsecepta, Pythagorae versus aurei, Phocylidas pnecepta, 
Solonis, Tyrtaei, Simonidis etCallimachi quaedamCarmina. 12^ Basiliao. 

Caheron (Charles Hay^ Two Essays, on the Sublime and Beautiful, 
and on Duelling. 8 London (privately printed), 1836. 

Camoes (Luis de) Obras completas, correctas e emendadas pelo cuidado 
do J. V. Barreto Feio e J. G. Monteiro. 3 tomes. 8° Hamburgo, 

The Lusiad; or, the Discovery of India, an Epic Poem; trans- 
lated [with a History of the Discovery of India, and of the rise and 
fall 01 the Portuguese Empire in the East, and Life of Camoens] by 
W. J. Mickle. 4^ Oxford, 1778. 

The Lusiad, an Epic Poem; translated by T. M. Musgrave. 8® 
London, 1826. 
Cahpan (Madame) — see Marie Antoinette. 

Cahpanari (Secondiamo) Antichi Vasi dipinti, della Collezione FeoK. 
^ Roma, 1837. 

A Brief Description of the Thirty-two Ancient Greek Painted 
Vases, now exhibiting in London. 8^ London, 1832. 

Dei primi Popoli abitatori d'ltaHa. 8"^ Bologna, 1841. 

52 CAM — CAN 

Campani (Niccol6) Coltellino, Commedia Rusticale. — Teatro Italkno 
Antico, tomo 10. 

Campbell (John, Lord) Speeches at the Bar, and in the House of 
Commons; with an Address to the Irish Bar as Lord Chancellor of 
Ireland. 8° London, 1842. 

(John) Lives of the Admirals and other eminent British Seamen. 

4 vols. 8** London, 1750. 

A Political Survey of Britain. 2 vols. 4° London, 1774. 

(John) Travels in South Africa. 8° London, 1815. 

(Thomas) The Poetical Works. 8"* London, 1843. 

Specimens of the British Poets; with Biographical and Critical 

Notices, and an Essay on English Poetry. 7 vols. 8® Lond. 1819. 

Campeggi (Ridolfo) — Raccolta di Prose. 

Campense (Alberto) Lettere delle cose di Moscovia. — ^Ramosio, tomo 2. 

Campian (Edward) Narratione de Divortio Henrici viii. ab uxore 
Catherina. — see Harpsfeld. 

Campion (Edmimd) Historic of Ireland. — see Ireland. 

(Henri de) Extrait des M^moires.— Petitot, Coll. des M^oires, 

2»^ S^rie, tome 51. 
Canada. Reports of the Commissioners of Internal Navigation of Upper 

Canada. 4^ Kingston, 1826. 

Report of the State Trials before a General Court Martial, heW 

at Montreal, in 1838-9, exhibiting a complete History of the late 
Rebellion in Lower Canada. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Montreal, 1839. 

Cananus (Joan.) De Bello Constantinop. — see Phrantzes. 

Canciani (Paulus) Barbarorum Leges Antiquae; cum Notis et Gloe- 
sariis: acced. Formularum Fasciculi, et Selectae Constitutiones Medii 
-ffivi, Monumentis ineditis illustratae. 5vol8. fol. Venetiis, 1781-92. 

Candidius (George) Account of the Island of Formosa, and Remarks on 
the Empire of Japan. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Candish (Thomas) The third Circumnavigation of the Globe, in the 
years 1586-88. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 1. 

Disastrous Voyage toward the South Sea. — Purchas's Voyages, 

vol. 4. 

Candler (John) Brief Notices of Hayti; with its condition, resources, 
and prospects. 12° London, 1842. 

Canisius (Henr.) Thesaurus Monumentorum Ecclesiasticorum et His- 
toricorum; cum Prsefationibus, Notis, et Indice, k Jac. Basnage. 
4 vols, in 5. folio. Amstelod. 1725. 

Canner (Thomas) Relation of a Voyage made to Virginia in the year 
1603. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

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6 vols. 8° London, 1830. 

Speeches on Spain and Portugal. 8° London, 1823-7. 

Political Life, from his acceptance of the Seals of the Foreign 

Department, in 1822, to his death, in 1827, by Aug. G. Stapleton. 
3 vols. 8° London, 1831. 

Canon Law. — see Van Espen, Pithoeus, and Walter. 

Canova (Antonio) Vita, compilata da M. Missirini. S° Prato, 1824. 

CAN — CAR 53 

Cantacuzenus (Joan.) Historias, Gr. et Lat.; cum Annotat. et Indice, 
cura Lud. Sdiopeni. (Script. Byzant.) 3 vols. 8** Bonnae, 1828. 

Capefigue (B. H. R.) Histoire de la rdforme de la Ligue, et du r^gne 
de Henri iv. 8 vols. 12** Bruxelles, 1834-5. 

Louis XV. et la Sod^t^ du 18* Si^cle. 6 tomes. 12** Brux. 1842. 

[ ] Histoire de la Restauration, et des Causes qui ont amen6 la 

chute de la branche ain^e des Bourbons, par un Honune d'Etat. 
JO vols. 8** Paris, 1831. 

Les Diplomates Europeens. 2 vols, in 1. 12® Bruxelles, 1843. 

[Capell (Edward)] Prolusions; or, Select Pieces of Antient Poetry. 
8° London, 1760. 

Capilupi (Lelio) — ^Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Capodistrias (Le Comte) — see Gr^ce. 

Caporali (Cesare) — Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

Cappbllo (Bernardino) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Capper (Benjamin P.) A Topographical Dictionary of the United 
Kingdom. 8° London, 1825. 

Carder (Peter) Relation of his separation from Sir Francis Drake in 
the South Sea, October, 1578. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

Cardonne (Denis Dom. de) Histoire de FAfrique, et de TEspagne sous 
la domination des Arabes; compos^e sur des MSS. Arabes. 3 vols. 
12** Paris, 1765. 

see Louis (Saint). 

Cardwell (Edward) Documentary Annals of the Reformed Church of 
England. 2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1839. 

Synodalia : a Collection of Articles of Religion, Canons, and 

Proceedings of Convocations, in the province of Canterbury, firom 
1547 to 1717. 2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1842. 

History of Conferences and other Proceedings, connected with 

the Revision of the Book of Conmion Prayer, from 1558 to 1690. 
8** Oxford, 1840. 

Lectures on the Coinage of the Greeks and Romans. 8^ 

Oxford, 1832. 

Carew (Sir G^rge) Relation of the State of France. — see Birch. 

(Richard) Survey of Cornwall; with Notes of its History and 

Antiquities, by Thomas Tonkin ; published by Francis, Lord de 
Dunstanville. 4° London, 1811. 

Carey (H. C.) The Geography, History, and Statistics of America and 
the West Indies, to 1822; with additions relative to South America. 
8** London, 1823. 

(M.) The Olive Branch; or. Faults on both sides. Federal and 

Democratic. 8** Philadelphia, 1818. 

.Caricature (La) Fran9aise, Journal sans Abound et sans Collabo- 
rateurs. 4® Londres, 1836. 

Carleton (Capt.) Memoirs. — see Defoe. 

(Sir Dudley) Letters from and to Sir Dudley, during his 

Embassy in Holland, from 1615-16 to 1620; with an historical 
Preface [by the Earl of Hardwicke]. 4° London (privately 
printed), 1 780. 

54 CAR 

[Garlbton (William)] Traits and Stories of the Iri^ Peasantry; 8eoQc^«i 

Series. 3 vols. S"" Dublin, 1833. 
Carli (Denis de)— see Angelo. 

Carlisle (Charles, Earle of) Relation of three Embassies firom Charles xm, 
to the Great Duke of Muscovie, and the Elngs of Sweden and Den- 
mark, by G. M. 8^ London, 1669. 

(Nicholas) Topographical Dictionary of England. 2 vols. 4® 

London, 1808. 

Topographical Dictionary of Wales, Scotland, and Lreland. 4 toIs. 

4^ London, 1810-13. 

A concise Description of the Endowed Ghrammar-Schools in 

England and Wales. 2 vols. 8** London, 1818. 

Carlos v. Historia de la Yida y Hechos del Emperador Carlos t. 
por Pr. de Sandoval. 2 vols. fol. Amberes, 168 L 

Carlyle (Professor) — see Todd (Henry John.) 

(Thomas) The French Revolution ; a History. 3 vols. 12° 

London, 1840. 

Sartor Resartus; the Life and Opinions of Herr Teufeladrockh. 

12^ London, 1841. 

Past and Present. 12** London, 1843. 

see Schiller. 

Carmen Epicum Saeculi vil de prima Expeditione AttilsB Regis Has- 
norum in Gallias, ex codice MSto. illustratum li F. C. Fisdier. 4** 
Lipsias, 1780. 

[Carnarvon (Lord)] Portugal and Gallicia, the social and political State 
of the Basque Provinces,, and Remarks on recent events in Spaii^* 
2 vols. 12° London, 1836. 

Carnot (M.) M6moires Politiques et Militaires, r^dig^ d*apr^ 8^ 
MSS. et pr^c^d^s d'une Notice par P. F. Tissot. 8® Paris, 1824. 

Caro (Annibal) Lettere del Commendatore; coUa Yita dell Aatore> 
scritta da A. F. Seghezzi. 3 vols. 8^ Milano, 1807. 

Lettere, scritte a nome del Cardinal Famese. 3 vols. ^ 

Milano, 1807. 

see Longus, Gregorio Nazienzeno, Raccdta di Poesie Lirid^^ 

e di Satiriche, & Virgil. 

Caroline (La) — see Grermany. 

Carolus Magnus. Vita per Elginhartum, et Annales Rerom FnuicanU>^ 
4^ Coloni», 1521. 

Caron (Francis) Account of Japan. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7. 

Carracci (Annibale) Galeri© FamesiansB Icones, in sedib. Due Tnrt^ 
ab. Ann. Carracio coloribus expressae, k Pet. Aquila incissB, typ^ 
J. de Rubeis (in Opere di Pittori diversi.) Folio. Romae. 

Carrel (Armand) Histoire de la Contre-R^volution en Angleterre, bo*'^ 
Charles ii. et Jacques ii. 8® Paris, 1827. 

— R^sum^ de THistoire d'Ecosse; avec une Introduction p^ 
A. Thierry. 12** Paris, 1825. 

R6sum6 de FHistoire des Grecs Modemes. 12° Paris, 1829* 

Carrington (N. T.) The Banks of Tamar, with other Poems. ^ 
London, 1828. 

Carro (Jean de) Carlsbad, ses Eaux min^rales et ses nouveaux BaU^ 
h> v^eurs. 8"* Carlsbad, 1829. 

CAE— CAS 65 

Cabstarbs (WiUiam) State Papers and Letters addressed to him, (as 
confidential Secretary to King William,) published from the 
Originals, with Life, bj Joseph MacCormick. 4° Edinburgh, 1774. 

Cart A JO (Silvestro) Capotcmdo, Commedia Bnsticale. — Teatro Italiano 
Antico, tomo 10. 

Caste (Thomas) A General History of England, from the earliest 
times to a.d. 1654. 4 vols. foL London, 1747-65. 

Collection of Original Letters and Papers, concerning the affairs 

of England, from 1641-^. 2 vols. S° London, 1739. 

see Ormonde. 

Carter (Francis) A Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga. 2 vols. 8° 
London, 1777. 

— — (John) Specimens of the Ancient Sculpture and Painting, now 
remaining in England, from the earliest period to the reign of 
Henry viii. 2 vols. fol. London, 1780-87. 

New Edition, with Notes by D. Turner, Sir S. Meyrick, and 

John Britton. Folio. London, 1838. 

The Ancient Architecture of England, including the Orders 

during the British, Roman, Saxon, and Norman Eras, and under the 
reigns of Henry iii. and Edward ni.; with Notes and Lidexes, by 
John Britton. Folio. London, 1837. 

Carteret (Captain) — see Hawkesworth. 

Carteromaco (Niccolo) — see Fortiguerri. 

Cartbier (Jacques) Prima e Seconda Relationi della Terra Nuova^ detta 
la Nuova Francia, nell' anno 1534. — ^Bamusio, tom. 3. 

— ^- Three Voyages to the Islands of- New France and Canada. — 
Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 12. 

Cartwrioht (John) Observations on his Voyage from Aleppo to 
Hispaan. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

The Preacher's Travels through Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, 

Media, Hyrcania, and Parthia. — Harl. ColL of Voyages, vol. 1. 

(Bishop Thomas) Diary, 1686-7, from the original MS., in pos- 

session of Joseph Hunter. (Camden Society.) 4° London, 1843. 

Cart (John) The Itinerary of England and Wales. 8° London. 

(G. and J.) New Itinerary; or, an accurate Delineation of the 

Great Roads throughout England and Wales, with Scotland. 12° 
London, 1828. # 

(H. F.) — see Dante and Pindar. 

Casa (Giovanni della) Opere. 4 vols. 8° Milano, 1806. 

— '• Bii^e. — ^Pamaso Italiano, tomo 26. 

Casaubon (Is.)— see Theocritus. 

Casiri (Michael) Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis ; sive 
Ldbrorum MSS. quos Arabic^ composites ab Arabo-Hispanis in Bibl. 
EscuriaL sunt, Recensio. 2 vols. foL Matriti, 1760-70. 

Cassan (Stephen Hyde) The Lives of the Bishops of Winchester, from 
Birinus, the first Bishop of the West Saxons, to the present time. 
2 vols. 8** London, 1827. 

Castansda de Nagera (P^dro de) Relation du Voyage de Cibola, 
entrepris en 1540. 8'' Paris, 1838. 

Castxll (Edmund) Lexicon Heptaglotton, Heb. Chald. Syr. Samar. 
^thiop. Arab, et Pers. 2 vols. fol. Londini, 1669. 

56 CAS — CAT 

Castblmau (Michel de) Ses M^moires. — ^Petitot, ColL des Mmamt 

!'• S^rie, tome 33. 
Castelton (Samuel and Greorge Bath.) Voyage to the £aBt h&a, 

written by John Tatton. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Casti (Giamb.) The Court and Parliament of Beasts; translated bj 
WiUiam Stewart Rose. 12** London, 1819. 

Castiglione (Baldessar) H Libro del Cortegiano. 2 vols, f 
Milano, 1803. 

Rime. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 26. 

Raccolta di Prose, e di Poesie Rusticale. 

Castro (Guillen de) Account of his Life and Writings. — see HoUand 

( Joam de) Roteiro, em que se contem a Viagem que fizeram os 

Portuguezes no anno de 1541, partindo da Cidade de Groa atee Soet, 
por A. Nunes di Carvalho. 8** Paris, 1833. 

Voyage which the Portugals made from Lidia to Zoez. — ^IV 

chas's Voyage, vol. 2. 
Caswall (Henry) The rise, progress, and present state of the Mor- 
mons, or Latter-day Saints; with an Analysis of the Hook of Mormon. 
8° London, 1843. 

Catalogues of Libraries and Manuscripts:^ 

Catalogue of the Books and Manuscripts in the Library of tbe 

Society of Antiquaries of London. 4® London, 1816. 
Catalogus Bibliothecse Hist. Naturalis Joseph! Banks, auctore 

J. Dryander, cum Supplemento et Indice (in vol. 5). 5 \(k 

8^ Londini, 1798-1800. 

Bibliothecas Lauren tii Benzelstiema. S° Upsalias, 1801. 

Librorum Impressorum Bibliothecce Bodleianas in Academii 

Oxoniensi. 3 vols. fol. Oxonii, 1843. 

Catalogue de la Biblioth^ue de M. le Comte D. Boutourlin. S° 
Florence, (privately printed,) 1831. 

Bibliographical and Critical, of Early English Literature; 

forming a portion of the Library at Bridgewater House, the 
property of Lord Francis Egerton; by J. P. Collier. 4** London, 
(privately printed,) 1837. 

of the Manuscripts preserved in the British Museum, by 

Samuel Ayscough. 2 vols, in 1. 4** London, 1772. 

of the Bumey Manuscripts in the British Museum. 

Folio. London, 1840. 

Index to the Arundel and the Burncy Manuscripts in the 

British Museum. Folio. London, 1840. 

of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library in the British 

Museum. Folio. London, 1802. 

of the Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum; with 

Lidexes of persons, places, and matters. Folio. Lond. 1808-12. 
of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British Museum: 

with Indexes of persons, places, and matters. FoUa 
London, 1819. 

Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium qui in Museo 
Britannico asservantur; Pars 1, Codices Syriaci et Carshunicl 
FoUo. Londini, 1838. 

Librorum Impressorum qui in Museo Britannico adser- 

vantur. 7 vols, 8** Londini, 1813-19. 

CAT 57 

Catalogues of Libraries and Manuscripts, continued: — 

Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum, vol. 1. 
FoUo. London, 184L 

of the Additions to the Library &e. of the British Museum, 

1831 to 1835 inclusive. 5 vols. 8"" London, 1833-39. 

of the Maps, Prints, Drawings, &c, attached to the 

Library of Greorge iii., now in the British Museum. 2 vols. 
8'' London, 1829. 

of the Original Library of Saint Catharine's Hall, Cam- 

bridge, a.d. 1475, by G. E. Corrie. (Cambridge Antiq. Society 
Publications, No. 1.) 4° Cambridge, 1840. 

(A Descriptive) of the Manuscripts and Scarce Books 

in the Library of Saint John's College, Cambridge, by 
M. Cowie, part 1. (Cambridge Antiq. Society's Publications, 
No. 6.) 4^ Cambridge, 1842. 

of the Library collected by Miss Richardson Currer, at 

Eshton Hall; by C. J. Stewart. 8® London (privately printed), 


of the Dodsworth MSS. — see Hunter. 

of the Library of the Royal Dublin Society. 8° Dublin 

(privately printed;, 1839. 
Catalogues of the Library of Durham Cathedral, at various periods, 

including Catalogues of the Library of the Abbey of Hulne, 

and of the MSS. in the Library of Bishop Cosin. (Surtees 

Society.) 8° London, 1838. 
Catalogue of Ethiopic Biblical MSS. — see Piatt. 
• of the Books, relating to British Topography, Saxon and 

Northern Literature, bequeathed to the Bodleian Library in 

1799, by Richard Gough. 4^ Oxford, 1814. 

of Books &c. relating to the County of Gloucester. — see 


Catalogus Bibliothecse Harleianse, in locos communes distributus; 
cum Indice Auctorum. 5 vols. 8^ Londini, 1743. 

Catalogue of the Hoare Library, at Stourhead, co. Wilts; with an 
Account of the Museum of Antiquities, a Catalogue of the 
Paintings and Drawings, and a Description of the Mansion, by 
J. B. Nichols. 8° London (privately printed), 1840. 

of the Subscription Library, at Kingston upon Hull, com- 
piled by John Crosse. 8° Liverpool (privately printed), 1822. 
of the Manuscripts in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lam- 

beth Palace, with an Account of the Registers and other 
Records there, by Henry John Todd. FoHo. London (pri- 
vately printed), 1812. 

of early Printed Books at Lambeth Palace. — see Maitland. 

of the Library of the London Listitution, systematically 

classed. 3 vols. 8® London (privately printed), 1837-43. 

Catalogus Bibliothecas Publicae Lugduno-Batavas, access. Thesaurus 

Librorum Orientalium, praecipue MSS. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1674. 
Catalog! Librorum Manuscriptorum Anglise et Hibemiae in unum 

collecti. Folio. Oxonii, 1697. 
Catalogue of Early English Poetry, illustrating the British Drama, 

collected by E. Malone, and now in the Bodleian Library. 

FoUo. Oxford, 1836. 


LoouES OF Libraries and Manuscripts^ eatUmuedz — 

Catalogue of Oriental MSS. — see Ousdej, and Wilson (H. &) 

of the Library of the Oxford and Cambridge UniversBy 

Club. 8° London, 1840. 

of the Library of Dr. Samuel Parr. 8® iLondcm, 1827. 

Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca D. Thom 
Phillipps, Bart., a.d. 1837. Folio. Typis Medio-Montsiis 
impressus. 1 837. 

Catalogue (Descriptive) of the Original Chartera, Royal Grnuit8,&c, 
constituting the Muniments of Battle Abbey; comprisiiig thai, 
Papers relating to the Brownes, Lords Viscount Montague; the 
Sidneys, Earls of Leicester; and the whole of the Webster 
Family Evidences; [now in the possession of Sir Tbaam 
Phillipps.] 8° London, 1835. 

of Books of Voyages and Travels in Tarious parts of the 

World. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 17. 

of the Library in the Royal Academy^ London. 4' 

London, 1841. 

of the Library of the Boyal Institution of Great BnUa, 

by William Harris. 8** London, 1821. 

of the Library of the United Service Institution. 8" 

London (privately printed), 1842. 

of the Library of the United Service Museum. 8^ LondoB 

(privately printed), 1836. 

of the Library of the Congress of the United States. 4' 

Washington, 1815. 

(Supplement to) 8° Washington, 1827. 

of the MHitary Library at West Point, 8*" New Yort 

LOGUEs OF Public Sales: — 

Catalogue of a Collection of Portraits [from the Basilioologia], soU 
in 1811 ; with the prices and purchasers' names. 8*^ London. 

of the Library of the Rev. Jonathan Boucher, sold in 1806. 

8** London. 

of the Libraries of Dr. John Brasse, Thomas Caldccott, 

Esq., William Monck Mason, Esq., and J. Samuel Wjttenbsch, 
sold in 1833-4. 8° London. 

of the Ancient and Modem Prints of the Duke of Bud- 

ingham, sold in 1834. 8^ London. 

of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities formed by James 

Burton, Esq., sold in 1836. 8° London. 

of the Libraries of Bishop Samuel Butler, of Bishop Jenkin- 

son, and of the Bev. Henry Drury, sold in 1841. 3 in 1 voL 
8® London. 

of the Libraries of Sir John Thomas Claridge, Rev. John 

G. Dowling, Sir Robert Baker, and three other collections^ sold 
in 1841. 6 in 1 vol. 8** London. 

de la Biblioth^que de P. A. Bolongaro Crevenna, vendue 

publiquement (contenant une Collection des Ouvrages sur les 
Jesuites). 8"* Amsterd. 1793. 

of the Libraries of the Rev. Henry Drury and of John 

Dent, Esq., with the prices, sold in 1827. 3 in 1 vol. 8^ London. 

CAT 59 

Catalogues of Public Sales, continued.'^ — 

Catalogue of the library of Greffier Fagel, of the Hague, sold in 

1802. 8° London. 
of the Library of Richard Foster, Esq., sold in 1806; with 

the prices and purchasers' names. 8^ London. 

of the Library of Richard Gough, Esq., sold in 1810; with 

the prices. S° London. 

of the Library of the Duke of Grafton, sold in 1815; with 

ihe prices and purchasers' names. 8° London. 

of the Library of P. A. Hanrott, Esq., sold in 1833; the 

5 parts. 8^ London. 

of the Library of Richard Heber, Esq., sold in 1834-7; 

the 13 parts, complete. 5 vols. 8^ London. 

of the Library of George Hibbert, Esq., sdd in 1829. 8* 


of the Libraries of Thomas Hill, Esq., the Rev. James 

Dallaway, Sheffield Grace, Esq., and two other collections, sold 
in 1841. 5 in 1 t61. 8° London. 

Catalogus Librorum Samuelis Hulsii, cum pretiis. 4 vols. S° 
Hagae Com. 1730. 

Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Kloss, of Frankfort, sold in 1836. 
8^ London. 

of the Library of William, Marquis of Lansdowne, sold in 

1806. 8** London. 

of the Library of John Maddison, Esq., sold in 1809. S° 


Catalc^s Librorum impressorum et Codicum MSS. Joannis 
Meerman. 4 vols, in 2. 8° HagsB Com. 1824. 

Bibliothecae J. D. Michaelis. 12° Gottingae, 1792. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Earl of Momington, sold in Dublin, 
1795. 8° Dublin. 

Catalogus Librorum rariorum in variis linguis. 2 vols. 8° 
Amstelod. 1743. 

Catalogue. S. Paterson's Bibliotheca Universalis Selecta, sold in 
1786, with the prices and purchasers' names. 8° London. 

of the Library of Isaac Reed, Esq., sold in 1807; with the 

prices. 8** London. 

of the Library of John, Duke of Roxburghe, sold in 1812; 

with the printed prices. 8° London. 

Catalogus Bibliothecse Henr. Alb. Schultens. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1 794. 

Catalogue of the Libraries of Dr. Scott, John Foster, Richard 
Page, P. Absalom, Esqrs., and 7 other collections, sold in 1841. 
11 in 1 vol. 8° London. 

Catalogues of 8 valuable Libraries and Collections of Prints, sold 
from 1829 to 1833. 9 in 1 vol. 8** London. 

Catalogus Numorum Veterum Grsecor. et Romanor. quos possid. 
G. F. Timm. 8° Havniae, 1832. 

Librorum D. Gosuini Uilenbroek, cum pretiis. 3 vols. 

8° Amstelod. 1729. 

Catalogue des Livres de la Biblioth^ue de feu M. le Due de la 
Valli^re, par GuU. de Bure. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1783. 

60 CAT 

Catalogues of Public Sales, continued: — 

Catalogue of the Library of the Rev. Dr. Valpy, sold in 1882. 8® 

of the Library of Bishop Van Mildert, sold in 1836. V 

of the White Knights' Library, sold in 1819. 8** London. 

of the Library of the Rev. Theodore Williams, sold in 

1827; with the prices. 8® London. 

des Livres de feu M. J. B. Van Den Zande. 8® Anvers, 

Catalogues of Scientific Museums: — 

Catalogue of the Minerab in the Museum of the Royal Dublin 
Society. — see Giesecke. 

of Anatomical Preparations &c. in the Museum, Fort Fitt^ 

Chatham. 8"* London, 1833. 

of the Collection of Mammalia and Birds, in the Mufieom 

at Fort Pitt, Chatham. 8** Chatham, 1838. 

Descriptive and Illustrated, of the Physiological Series o^ 

Comparative Anatomy contained in the Museum of the Boyal 
College of Surgeons in London. 4 vols, in 5. 4** Londoa, 

of the Contents of the Museum of the Royal College o£ 

Surgeons in London: — ^Preparations and Osteology. 6 parts in 
5 vols. 4° London, 1830-31. 

of the Minerals in the United Service Museum. ^ 

London, 1837. 

of the Models in the United Service Museum. 8** London^ 


Castle (William) Discovery of the coast and continent of America* 
from the Equinoctial norUiward; with his Petition to Parliament ft>r 
the Propagation of the Gospel in America. — Harl. ColL of Voyaged* 
vol. 2. 

Catechism of Shamans. — see Neumann (Ch.) 

Catharine Hall, Cambridge. — see Catalogue. 

Cathedrals, published by the Antiquarian Society. — Account of 8*j 
Stephen's Chapel, Westminster, by J. Topham, with the addition^ 
plates by Sir H. Englefield; Accounts of the Cathedrals of Exete^*^ 
Durham, Bath, Gloucester, and St. Albans. Folio. London, Vl^^^^ 

Catherine ii. de Russie. — see Levesque, and Masson. 

Catlin (George) Letters and Notes on the manners, customs, 93^^ 
condition of the North American Lidians, written in 1832-3^-' 
2 vols. 8° London, 1841. 

Cato (Dionysius) Disticha de Moribus cum Notis Variorum, recensuJ* 
adnotationesque addidit Otto Amtzenius. 8° Amstelod. 1754. 

Disticha Moralia titulo Catonis inscripta, ad vetustissimum e^" 

emplar manuscriptum emendata. 12° Parisiis, 1549. 

(Marcus Porcius) — see Rei Rusticae Scriptores. 

Catuffio Panchianio, [i.e. ZaccariaValeresso.] Rutzvanscad il Giovi**^ 
Pamaso Italiano, tomo 50. 

Catullus. Opera Omnia, ex edit. Doeringii, cum Notis in usum I^^' 
phini, Notis Variorum et Indice. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1822. 

CAT — CEL 61 

Catullus. Poems; translated, with Preface and Notes, by G. Lamb. 
2 vols. 12** London, 182L 

Causes C^Li:BRES. — see Richer. 

Cavalcanti (Bartol.) Trattati sopra gli ottimi reggimenti delle Repub- 
bliche antiche e modeme. S° Milano, 1805. 

see Raccolta di Prose. 

Cavallo (Tiberius) On the nature and properties of Air, and other 
permanently Elastic Fluids. 4° London, 1781. 

Cavalby. Abstract of the Regulations for the Instruction, Formations, 
and Movements of the Cavalry. 12° London, 1836. 

Cavanilles (Ant. Jos.) Icones et Descriptiones Plantarum, quad in 
Hispania crescunt. Vols. 1, 2, and 3. fol. Matriti, 1791-3. 

Cave (William) History of the Apostles, and of the Primitive Fathers 
of the first liiree Centuries. 2 vols. f(^. London, 1684-1716. 

——— Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria, accedunt Scrip- 
tores Grentiles, et adduntur Conciliorum Notitia, Veterum Frag- 
menta et Prolegomena. 2 vols. fol. Oxonii, 1740. 

Cavendish (G^rge) — see "Wolsey. 

(Sir Henry) Debates of the House of Commons, during the Un- 
reported Parliament, which met in May, 1768, and was dissolved in 
June, 1774; with Notes, edited by J. Wright. Vols. 1 and 2. 8** 
London, 1841-2. 

(Thomas) Two Voyages round the World in 1586. — Bumey's 

Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

Voyage round the World. — Harris's Voyages, voL 1. 

Cawthorn (James) Poems. — ^British Poets, voL 60. 

Cayet (Pierre- Victoire Palma) Chronologic Novenaire, contenant 
THistoire de la Guerre sous le regne de Henri iv., 1689-98. — Pe- 
titot, Coll. des Mdmoires, 1"* S^rie, tomes 38-43. 

Chronologic Novenaire; contenant THistoire de la Guerre 

depuis Fan 1589 jusqu% la Paix de Vervin. 3 vob. 8** Paris, 1608. 

Chronologic Septenaire de THistoire de la Paix entre les Rois, 

de France et dTEspagne, 1598-1604. 8° Paris, 1609. 

Le Mercure Fran9ois; ou Suite de THistoire de la Paix, com- 

men9ant k Fannie 1605, pour Suite du Septenaire de Cayet [continue 
jusqu'en 1643, par J. et E. Richer et E. Renaudot]. 25 vols. 8® 
Paris, 1611-43. 

Cayley (Arthur)— see Raleigh, and More (Sir T.) 

Caylus (Le Comte de) Recueil d'Antiquites Egyptiennes, Etrusques, 
Grecques, et Romaines. 7 vols. 4® Paris, 1752-67. 

(Madame de) M6moires; avec la Preface, par Voltaire. — Petitot, 

Coll. des Memoires, 2"^* S^rie, tome 66. 

Cecil (Sir Robert) Secret Correspondence with James vi. of Scotland, 
now first published [by Lord Hailes]. 12° Edinburgh, 1766. 

Cedrenus (Gkorgius) Historiarum Compendium, et Joannis Scylitzse 
Historia, Gr. et Lat., cum Notis, Glossario, et Indicibus, ab Imm. 
Bekkero emendat. (Scrip. Byzant.) 2 vols. 8° Bonnse, 1838. 

Cellini (Benvenuto) Dell' Oreficeria e della Scultura; coll' aggiunta di 
altreOpere. S"" Milano, 1811. 


CELLrNi (Benvenuto) Vita Bcritta da lui medesimo, accompngtiata cot 

Now da G. P. Carpani. 2 vols. 8° Milano, 1811. 
CENTtTRiATOREs Magdebdsobnseb. EkiclefiiaBtica Historia, Propugt^' 

tionem, Hmreaes, Schiimiata, Sjnodos, Martyria, etc, Becnndmn 

Centurias complecteos, per aliquot ciros in urbe Magdebargica; cisB 

Indicibus. 13 vols, in 7. fol. Basileas, 1574. 
Ceeetti (Luigi) Poesie.— Parnaso Ital. Viv. tomi 20 & 28. 
Cervantes (Miguel de) £1 ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de laMancln; 

coiregida, con nueras notas, j con la Vida de el autcr, por D. Juu 

A. PcUicer. 5 vols, in 4. 8° Madrid, 1797. 
Don Quixote, translated by Motteus ; with Notes, and Essay on 

the Life and Writings of Cervantes, [by J. G. Lockhort]. 5 »ok 

1:^' Edinburgh, 1822. 

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Crallinb (Henry) Voyage of 1606, for Virginia, written by JohB 

Stoneman. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4, 
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an historical and critical Account of the Lives and Writings of '^ 

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see British Poets, and Defoe. 

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now first collected. 8° London, 1824. 

see Mary Queen of Scots. 

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mical Disc 

, vol. 7. 

ChriBtiiuiPolit^DfaNatit , 
Cburch CstablishnieDts, vol. 17. 
Church ExteosioD, vol. 18. 
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IntToducror]' Esaaji, vol. 13. 

The Supreme Importance o: 

mical Slate of the Community. 

Lectures on St Pnut's EpiBtlei to 

Romans, voli. 22-S5. 
Moral Philosophy, «oL G. 
Nnturol Philocopby, vols. 1,3, 
Pnrochisl Syrtem, voL SI. 
Political EcoDoiuT, vol. SO. ^ 

Sermons oo Public Occssiona, roL I * 
Tracts and Essays, vol. 11. 
I right moral, to a right eco*'*' 
Glasgow. 1832. 

- On the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Int^^ 

lectual Constitution of Man. 2 vols. 

Lectures on the Establishment 

Churches. 8° I/ondon, 1838. 

London, 1833. 
Extension of 


CH A 63 

Chalmers (TiKmias) On the Sufficiency of the Parochifd SyBtemy without 
a Poor-rate, for the right Management of the Poor. 12^ Glasgow 

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12^ Edinburgh, 1837. 

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chas's Voyages, vol, 4. 

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Andens i^gyptiens; avec les Planches. 2 vols, in 1. 8° Paris, 1828. 

' Gramnudre Egyptienne; ou, Prindpes g^n^raux de TEcriture 

Sacr^ Egyptienne appliqu^ k la repr^ntation de la Langue parl^. 
FqUo. Paris, 1836. 

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les Manuscrits autc^raphes par M. ChampoUion-Figeac Folio, 
Paris, 1841-44. 

Champollion-Figeac. — see Documens Historiques. 

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Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 

see WiUoughby (Sir H.) 

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connexion with the Progress of Society: Sermons at the Bampton 
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coimtry. 4® London, 1802. 

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■ An Address on Temperance. 8® Boston, 1837. 

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Trouv6s, de FHospice G^n^ral de Tours. 4** Tours, 1842. 

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I'Oxient 4 vols. 4° Amsterdam, 1735. 

■ Travels through Circassia, Georgia, Ac, into Persia. — ^Pinker- 
ton's Voyages, voL 9, and Harris's Voyages, voL 2. 

Charges (A Collection of) at Visitations, from 1837 to 1842. 4 vols. 
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inquire concerning Charities in England for the Education of the 
Poor; with Analytical Digest and General Lidexes. 40 vols. fol. 
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see London. 

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versiones. 2 vols. 4** Amstelod. 1750. 

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— Sa Vie par Eginhard. — Guizot, Coll, des M&noires, tome 3. 
■ see also Carolus M., Charles le Grand, and Eginhard. 

64 CHA 

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by Fr. Hardy. 2 vols. S** London, I8I2. 

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Collection of Declarations, Treaties, and Papers; and Ms Life. 
Folio, London, 1687. 

Memoirs of the two last years of his reign, by Sir Thomas 

Herbert; with an Account of the Funeral of the King. 8^ London, 

see Aikin, Ashbumham, Birch, Clarendon, D*Israeli, Fdlowes, 

Guizot, Halford, Harris, Ludlow, Maseres, Warwick, Wbitlock, 
Wordsworth, and Wynnus under Heame. 

(The Trials of) and of some of the Regicides. 12^ Lond. 1832. 

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culous Preservation after the Battle of Worcester [by Ed. Blount]. 
12** Edinburgh, 1709. 

The Form and Order of the Coronation of Charles n. King of 

Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, as it was acted and done at 
Scoon, Jan. 1, 1651. — ^Phenix, vol. 1, No. 9. 

Certain Letters evidencing his steadfastness in the Protestant 

Religion ; also a true relation of his Death. — Phenix, voL 1, 
Nos. 15 and 16. 

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the Reign of Charles ii. Folio. London, 1693. 

see Barwick, Clanrickarde, Dunois, Fellowes, Halifax, Harris, 


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Bruges. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 8. 

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— Guizot, Coll. des Mdmoires, tome 3. 

Charles le EUrdi. — see La Marche. 

Charles v. de France. — see Pisan. 

Charles vi. M6moires de Pierre de Fenin, contenans FEUstoire de ce 
Prince, depuis I'an 1407 jusques k Fan 1422.— Petitot, ColL des 
M^moires, 1" Serie, tome 7. 

(Tableau du R^gne de)— Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 6. 

Le Livre des Faicts du Mareschal de Boucicaut. — Petito** 

CoU. des Memoires, 1" Sdrie, tomes 6 & 7. 

see Saint Denys. 

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Roi Charles vin., publics par A. Bernier. 4** Paris, 1836. 

Tableau de son R^gne. — Petitot, CoU. des Memoires, tome 8- 

see Comines and Masselin. 

Charles ix. — see Villeroy. 

Charles ii. of Spain. — see Dunlop and Mahon. 

Charterius (Renatus) — see Hippocrates. 

Chartres. Cartulaire de FAbbaye de Saint Pore de Chartres; pi^^^c 
par M. Guerard. (Cartulaires de France, tomes 1 & 2.) 2 vols. 
Paris, 1840. 

CHA 65 

CHASTBLLiini (Georges) Ghronique des Dues de Bonrgogne^ publi^es 
pour la premiere fois. — Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, tomes 41-43. 

Chastbs (De) Voyage to Tercera in 1683. — Pmkerton's Voyages, 
voL 1. 

Chastillon (Seigneur de) — see CoUigny. 

Cha8tr£ (M. de la) M^moire du Voyage de M. le Due de Guise en 
Italie, la Prinse de Callais et de ThionTille (1556 & 1557).— 
Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 1" S^e, tome 32. 

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8** Paris, 1836. 

Congr^ de V^ne, Guerre d'Espagne, N^ociations, et Colonies 
Espagnoles. 2 vols. S"" Paris, 1838. 

The Last of the Abencerages. — see L^ing. 

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4"* London, 1839. 

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1 M. Charles Pictet. 8** Geneve, 1820. 

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afterwards Lord Camelford [edited by Lord Grenville]. 12** 
London, 1804. 

Correspondence; edited by the Executors of his son, John Earl 
of Chatham. 4 vols. 8'' London, 1838. 

Anecdotes of his Life, and the principal events of his time ; 
with his Speeches in Parliament, from 1736-1778, [by John Almon], 
3 vols. 8** London, 1797. 

His History; containing his Speeches in Parliament, a portion 
of his Correspondence never before published, with an account of 
the principal events and persons of his time, by Francis Thackeray. 

2 vols. 4** London, 1827. 

Chatre (le Comte de la) M^moires; contenant la fin du R^gne de 
Louis xm. et le commencement de celui de Louis xiv. — Petitot, 
Coll. des M^moires, 2"^ S^e, tome 51. 

Chattbbton (Thomas) The Works, with Life, by G. Gregory, and 
Miscellaneous Poems, edited by R. Southey. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1803. 

' see Rowley. 

Chauceb (Greoffrey) The Canterbury Tales; with an Essay on his 
language and versification. Notes and a Glossary, by Thomas Tyr- 
whitt 2 vols. 4** Oxford, 1798. 

Poems. — ^British Poets, vols. 1 to 5. 

Life, with Memoirs of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, by 
miliam Godwin. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1804. 

see Todd. 

^^ucHABD.— see Botticher. 

^HAiTDON (L. M.) et F. A Delandine. Dictionnaire Historique; avec 
des Tables chronologiques. 13 vols. 8^ Lyon, 1804. 

^^AUFEpnfe ( Jaques G. de) Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 
pour servir de Supplement au Dictionnaire de P. Bayle. 4 vols. fol. 
Amsterd. 1750-66. 

^^UNCT (Sir Henry) The Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire. 
Folio. London, 1700. 

66 CHE — CHI 

Cheap (Capt. D.) The Wreck of the Wager, and Adventures of the 
Ship's Company. — Bumey's Discoveries in the South Sesa, vol 5. 

Cheke (Sir John) Life, by John Strype. 8** Oxford, 1821. 

Chemistry (The Elements of) familiarly explained and practically illu^ 
trated. 12** London, 1831. 

Chenevix (Richard) Essay on National Character; being an inquiry 
into some of the principal causes, which contribute to form and 
modify the characters .of nations in a state of civilization. 2 vols, ff 
London, 1832. 

Cherry (Henry C.) Illustrations of the Saints' Days, and other Festivals 
of the Church. Vol. 1. 12° London, 1842. 

Chesney (Colonel F. R.) On the Navigation of the Red Sea and of the 
Euphrates. Folio. London, 1833. 

Chester (The) Plats: a Collection of Mysteries founded upon Scrip- 
tural subjects, and formerly represented by the Trades of Chester at 
Whitsuntide, edited by T. Wright. (Shakspeare Society.) 8* 
London, 1843. 

Chester (Harry) The Lay of the Lady Ellen. 12** London, 1835. 

Chesterfield (Philip, Earl of) Letters to several celebrated individoab 
of the time of Charles ii., James ii., William in. and Queen Anne; 
with a Memoir of Lord Chesterfield. 8® London, 1829. 

Chettle (Henry) Kind-heart's Dream; containing five apparitions, with 
their invectives against abuses reigning; edited by E. F. Rimbaolt 
(Percy Society.) 8° London, 1841. 

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Notes, by A. Dalzel. 4° Edinburgh, 1791. 

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M^moires, I'' S^rie, tome 36. 

Cheyne (George) Philosophical Principles of Natural Religion. ^ 
London, 1705. 

Chiabrera (Gabriello) Rime. 3 vols. 8** Milano, 1807. 

Angelica in Ebuda; Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 9. 

see Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Childe (Alexander) Notes taken out of his JoumalL — Porchas'fl 
Voyages, vol. 1. 

Children (J. G.) — see Zoological Club of the Linnaean Society. 

Chilling WORTH (William) Works; with Life. Folio. London, 1742« 

China. The Penal Code of China; being the Fundamental Laws, ancl a 
selection from the Supplementary Statutes; translated by Sir Georp 
Staunton. 4® Loudon, 1810. 

Report of proceedings on a Voyage to the Northern Ports oi 

China, in the ship Lord Amherst. 8^ London, 1833. 

and Chinese Literature. — see Davis (John Francis.) 

Chinese (An Encyclopaedia in). 3 vols. 4® 

Chinois (Memoires concernant les), par les Missionnaires. — see M6moir^ 

Chitty (Joseph) On the Game Laws and Fisheries. 2 vols. ^ 
London, 1812. 

CHO — CHU 67 

?HODZKO (Alex.) Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia, as found 
in the Adventures and Improvisations of Kurroglou; translated, with 
philological and historical Notes. (Orient Transl. Fund.) 8* 
London, 1842. 

yHoisEUL (M. Ic Duc dc) Relation du Depart de Louis xvi., le 20 Juin, 
1791. 8^ Paris, 1822. 

3hoismin (Jean) M^moires. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 1" Serie, 
tome 38. 

3hoist (l'Abb6 de) M^moires pour servir a ITiistoire de Louis xiv. — 
Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 2"'** S^rie, tome 63. 

7H0NIATES NiCETAS. Discours sur les Monuments d^truits ou mutil^ 

par les Croises en 1204. — Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, tome 3. 
Christian's (The) Prayer; with Notes. 8® London, 1831. 
Christian (P.) B^sum^ de I'Histoire de Paris. — see Nodier. 

Christie (James) Disquisitions upon the painted Greek Vases, and 
their probable connexion with the Shows of the Eleusinian and other 
Mysteries. 4® London, 1825. 

Essay on that earliest species of Idolatry, the Worship of the 

Elements. 4® London, 1814. 

yHRiSTMAS Carols (Specimens of Old), selected from MSS. and Printed 
Books. By Thomas Wright. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1841. 

yHRONiCLE of the Cid, translated by Robert Southey. 4® London, 1808. 

• of Man and the Isles. — see Johnstone. 

of Scotland. — see Wynton. 

/HRONicles. — see Arnold, Fabyan, Froissart, Grafton, Hall, Hardyng, 
Holinshed, Lanquet, Monstrelet, Rastell, Saxon Chronicle, Stow, 
Strutt, and Warkworth. 

/HRONicon Pasghale, ad exemplar Yaticanum, recensuit Lud. Din- 
dorfius, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis et Indice. (Script. Byzant.) 2 vols. 
S"" Bonnae, 1832. 

!hronique Anonyme en dialecte Rouchy. — ^Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, 
tome 3. 

!hronologi£ Novenaire. — see Cayet. 

Ihrtsostom (Joannes) Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. ad MSS. codices 
castigata, cum Notis, Vita, Append, et Indicibus, opera B. de Mont- 
fancon, Ord. S. Benedicti. 13 vols. fol. Parisiis, 1718-38. 

Ihurch (Essays on the), by a Layman. 12^ London, 1834. 

(Letters on the), by an Episcopalian. 8® London, 1826. 

(The) of England Quarterly Review. Vols. 1 to 3, 1837-8. 8*" 


of England (Conversations concerning the) and the " Sayings 

and Doings'* of her enemies. 12^ London, 1838. 

Patronage, Scotland: Report from the Committee, with the 

Minutes of Evidence. Folio. London, 1834. 
Reform, by a Churchman. 8^ London, 1828. 

!hijbchill. — see Voyages and Travels. 

(Charles) Poetical Works; with explanatory Notes, and Life 

[by W. Tooke.] 2 vols. 8** London, 1804. 

Poetical Works; with copious Notes, and a Life of the Author, 

by W. Tooke. 3 vols. 12° London, 1844. 
Poems. — ^British Poets, vols. 61 and 62. 

68 CHU — CIN 

Churchyard (Thomas) Chips concerning Scotland; being a Cdkdm 
of his pieces relatiye to tibat country; with Historical Notices^ ndi 
Life of the Author, by George Chalmers. 8^ Liondoiiy 1817. 

Churton (Ralph) Lives of Bishop William Smith and Sir Binksi 
Sutton, Founders of Brasennose College; with Appoidix. f 
Oxford, 1822. 

■ see NowelL 

CiAKCiAK (Enmi.) Dizionario Italiano-Armeno-Turco. 4** Veiieria,180t 

CiBBER (CoUey) Plays. 2 vols. 4*" London, 1721. 

■ Life, and Historical View of the Stage during his own tine, 

written by himself. 2 vols. 12° London, 1756. 

Cicero. Opera, cum delectu Commentariorum, variis LectiooibQi^ d 
Indicibus (in voL 9) edidit Jos. Olivetus. 9 vols. 4^ Parisiisi 1740. 

' Opera, ex recens. J. A. Emesti, edidit C. F. NoUml t 

Lipsiae, 1824. 

Opera Philosophica, ex. edit. Emesti, cum Notia in 

Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Lidicibus (in vol. 3). 3 toIs. 8** Londioi, 

Libri Rhetorici, ex edit. Emesti, cum Notis in uaum DeipL 

Notis Variorum, et Lidicibus (in Op. PhiL vol. 3). 4 vols. 8* 
Londini, 1830. 

Orationes, ex edit. Emesti, cum Notis in usum Delphini, Nodi 

Variorum, et Lidicibus (in Op. Phil. vol. 3). 7 vols. 8** Londiiii, 

Epistol® ad Diversos, ex edit. Emesti, cum Notis in dsod 

Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Lidicibus (in Op. Phil. vol. 3). 2 vok 
8^ Londini, 1830. 

Letters to several of his Friends; translated, with Remariu, bj 

W. Mehnoth. 3 vols. 8** London, 1753. 

Epistolse ad Pompon. Atticum, cum Notis Variorum, ex reoeii& 

J. G. Graevii, cum Indicibus. 2 vols. 8** Amstelod. 1684. 

De Re Publica, ex editione Angeli Mali. 8^ Parisiisy 1823. 

Lexicon Ciceronianum. — see Nizolius. 

Life, by Conyers Middleton. 3 vols. 8** London, 1801. 

CicoGiNi (Jacopo)— Raccolta di Poesie Rusticali. 

CicoGNARA (II Conte Leopoldo) Storia della Scultura, dal suo risoi^- 
mento in Italia sino al secolo di Canova, per servire di continuarione 
all* opere di Winckelmann e di d'Agincourt; con le Tavole in folia 
7 vols. 8° Prato, 1823-4. 

Le Fabbriche piu cospicue di Venezia, misurate, illustrate, ed 

intagliate, dai Membri della Veneta Reale Accademia di Belle ArtL 
2 vols. fol. Venezia, 1815-20. 

CiD (The) — see Chronicle, and Herder. 

CiMBER (M. L.) et F. Danjou. Archives curieuses de rHistoire de 
France, depuis Louis xi. jusqu*^ Louis xviu.; ou, Collection de 
Pieces, rares et int^ressantes, teUes que Chroniques, M6m<»re0> 
Pamphlets, &c.; accompagn^ de Notes et d'Eclaircissemena. 1" 
S^rie. 15 vols. 8** Paris, 1834-37. 

Seconde S^e. 12 vols. 8** Paris, 1837-40. 

CiNGOLi (Benedetto) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

CIN — CLA 69 

CnvHAMUS (Joannee) Epitome Reram ab J. et Alex. Comnenis Gestaram, 
ct Nicephori Bryennii Commentarii, cora A. Meineke. (Script. 
Bjzant) ^ Bonnffi, 1836. 

Ctkonio (Mambelli) Osservazioni della Lingua Italiana, illustrate ed 
aocresciute da Luigi Lamberti. 4 vols. 8^ Milano, 1809. 

CiMTHio (Giov. Batt Giraldi) Egle, Favola di Satire. — Pamaso ItalianOy 
tomo 24. 

Qrbecche, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 4. 

Arrenopia, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 6. 

CiVLLLK (Jean) Traits de Taffection Galculeuse. 8° Paris, 1838. 

Clanricarde (Marquis of) Memoirs; containing original Papers and 
Letters of Charles n., Marquis of Ormonde, &c. ; with a Digression 
on the Antiquities of L^land. 8^ London, 1722. 

Clappebton (Captain H.) Journal of a Second Expedition into Africa, 
from the Bight of Benin to Soccatoo; with the Journal of Richard 
Lander and Life of Clapperton. 4° London, 1829. 

-— see Denham. 

Ci^RAC (Le Comte de) Description du Mus^ des Antiques du Louvre. 
12** Paris, 1830. 

Ci^ABENDON (Edward, Earl of) The History of the Rebellion and Ciyil 
Wars in England; with an historical view of the affairs of Lreland. 
6 vols. 8** Oxford, 1819. 

History of the RebeUion and Civil Wars in England; with all 
the suppressed passages and the unpublished Notes of Bishop War- 
burton. 8 vols. 8** Oxford, 1826. 

Life, including a Continuation of his History, written by himself; 
with the suppressed passages. 3 vols. 8^ O^ord, 1827. 

and Whitlock compared. — see Whitlock. 

Collection of State Papers; containing the materials of his 
History of the Rebellion. 3 vols. fol. Oxford, 1766-86. 

Religion and Policy; with a Survey of the Power and Juris- 
diction of the Pope in the dominions of other princes. 2 vols. 8^ 
Oxford, 1811. 

Miscellaneous Works. Folio. London, 1751. 

Life and Administration; with the original Correspondence, by 
T. H. Lister. 3 vols. 8'' London, 1838. 

see Dover (Lord) 

(Correspondence of Henry, Earl of) and of his brother, Laurence, 
Earl of Rochester; with the Diary of Lord Clarendon, 1687-90, and the 
Diary of the Lord Rochester, during his Embassy to Poland, in 1676; 
edited, with Notes, by S. W. Singer. 2 vols. 4"* London, 1828. 

Curidob (R. T.) Hydropathy; or, the Cold Water Cure, as practised 
by V. Priessnitz. 8** London, 1842. 

Curk (E.)— see Sherwill. 

(Sir James) The Lifluence of Climate in the prevention and 
cure of Chronic Diseases. 8** London, 1829. 

Second Edition. 8"^ London, 1830. 

The Sanative Influence of Climate. 12^ London, 1841. 

70 CLA — CLE 

Clark (Sir James) On Tubercular Phthisis, orPulmonaiy Consam^^ 
8** London, 1834. 

Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption. 8** London, 1835. 

Clarke (Christopher) On the importance of Gibraltar to Great Britat 
8^ London, 1817. 

An Examination of the internal state of Spain. 8** Lond. 1818. 

(Edward) Letters concerning the Spanish Nation, written is 

1760-61; [with a Catalogue of the MSS. in the Sscurial in tk 
Appendix.] 4** London, 1763. 

(Edward Daniel) Travels in various countries of Sorope, Aat, 


and Africa. 6 vols. 4® London, 1811-23. 

The Tomb of Alexander: a Dissertation on the Sarcqihigas 

brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum. ^ 
Cambridge, 1805. 

Life and Remains, by Bishop Otter. 4® London, 1824. 

(J. S.)— see James ii. 

(Samuel) Works; with Life, by Bishop Hoadlj. 4 vcrfs. foL 

London, 1738. 
see Homerus. 

[ (William)] Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, some acooontof 

the most celebrated British Libraries. 8^ London, 1819. 

(William Nelson) Parochial Topography of the Hundred of 

Wanting, Berks. 4° Oxford, 1824. 

Clarkson (Thomas) A Portraiture of Quakerism. 3 vols. 8^ London, 

The History of the rise, progress, and accomplishment of the 

Abolition of the African Slave Trade. 2 vols. 8® London, 1808. 

Strictures on a Life of William Wilberforce; with a Corres- 

pondence between Lord Brougham and T. Clarkson. 8° London, 

Biographical Sketch of Thomas Clarkson, with Strictures on 

the misrepresentations of him in the Life of W. Wilberforce, and in 
outline of the Abolition of Slavery, by Thomas Taylor, if 
London, 1839. 

Classical (The) Journal, from the commencement in 1810 to 1829. 
40 vols. 8® London. 

Claudianus. Opera Omnia, ex edit. P. Burmanni; cum Notis in usum 
Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Indice (in vol. 4). 4 vols. 8** Lon- 
dini, 1821. 

Clay (Benjamin) Speeches delivered in the Congress of the United 
States; with a Biographical Memoir. 8^ Philadelphia, 1827. 

Clayton (Bishop Robert) Translation of a Journal from Grand Cairo 
to Mount Sinai, and back again. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 10. 

[Cleguorn (Francis)] — see Art. 

Clemencet (Dom.) — see Art de verifier les Dates, & France. Hist. 

Clement op Alexandria. — see Kaye. 

Clement (David) Bibliotheque curieuse, historique, et critique. 9 vols. 
4** Gottingen, 1750-60. 

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Another Edition. 12° London. 

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see Catalogue of Early English Literature, and Shakespeare. 

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see Sydney Papers. 

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74 COL — COM 

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Racoolta di Poesie Liriche. 

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On Indigence; with propositions for ameliorating the 

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On the Commerce and Police of the River Thames. S^ 

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— A Biographical Sketch of his Life and Writings, by 6. D, YeiH 
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between King Henry iv. and the Leaguers, from 1585 to 1591. 4' 
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adyacentes; progressos de la Religion y Armas Catolicas. Folia 
Madrid, 1667. 

COM — CON 76 

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froy et TAbW Lenglet Du Fresnoy. 4 vols. 4® Paris, 1747. 

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des Memoires, 1" Serie, tomes 11-13. 

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see Berens, Cardwell, and Wheatly. 

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the Book of Common Prayer and Ceremonies. — Phenix, voL ii. 
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The Service, Discipline, and Form of the Common Prayers and 

Administration of the Sacraments used in the English Church of 
Geneva, as it was approved of by Calvin and the Church of Scotland. 
—Phenix, vol. ii. No. 20. 

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see Transactions. — ^M^moires de TAcad. des Sciences. 

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3 vols- 8** Madrid, 1820-21. 

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historical, and topographical, of the various countries of the Globe. 
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Italy. 3 vols. 12® London, 1831. 

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autographes, et augment^es de la Langue des Calculs, ouvrage post- 
hume. 28 vols. 8** Paris, 1798. 

CoHDORCET (M. J. A. N.) Esquisse d'un Tableau Historique des progr^s 
de TEsprit Humain. 8® 1795. 

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Catech. Heidelb. et Canones Synodi Dordrecht. 8® Oxonii, 1827. 

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Storia Naturale, Medicina, ed Arti. 3 vols. 4® Pavia, 1825-27. 

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with life. 3 vols. 8^ Birmingham, BaskerviUe, 1761. 

Dramatic Works. — see Wycherley. 

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Connelly (Tomas) y Tomas Higgins. Diccionario nuevo y completo 

de las Lenguas Espanola 6 Inglesa. 4 vols. 4^ Madrid, 1797-8. 

CoNoLLT (J.) — see Forbes. 

CoNoN. — see Historia Poetic® Scriptores. 

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tome 48. 
Instable (John) Memoirs of his Life, composed chiefly of his Letters, 

by C. R Leslie. 4"* London, 1843. 

^NBTABULART FoRCE in the Couutics of England and Wales. The 
First Beport of the Commissioners. 8° London, 1839. 

76 CON — COO 

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G. Filangieri. 8^ ItaHa, 1826. 

Constantinople. Chronique de la Conquete de Constantinople^ ^crite 
en vers politiques par un Anonjme. — ^Buchon, ColL des Chroniqaee^ 
tome 4. 

(Panorama of) and its Environs, from Scutari; with description. 

4"" London, 1831. 

CoNSTANTiNus Manasses. Breviariom Historis Metricum; Joelis 
Chronographia ; Georgii Acropolitaa Annales; Cr. et Lat., com 
Notis et Indicibus, recognovit Imm. Bekker. (Script. Bjzant.) 8^ 
Bonnae, 1837. 

PoRPHTROGENiTUS. De Cerimonlis AuIsb BjzantinsB, 6r. et Lat; 

cum Commentariis, et Indicibus (in voL 2) J. J. Reiskii; access. d» 
Thematibus et de Administ. Imperio, cum Notis et Indice Ln. BekkerL 
(Script. Byzant.) 3 vols. 8"* Bonnae, 1829-40. 

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aliorum additionibus. 2 vols. fol. G^evsB, 1592. 

Constitutions. The French Constitution, as revised. and amended b^ 
the National Assembly, 1791, French and English. — ^New Consti^ 
tution of the Government of Poland, 1791. — ^Plan of a New Consti— 
tution for the United States of America, 1787. 3 vols, in 1. 8*^ 
London, 1787-91. 

Contarini (Ambrosio) Yiaggio nella Persia, 1473. — ^Bamusio, tome 2. 

(Giisparo) — ^Raccolta di Prose. 

Conti (Guisti) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

(Nicolo di) Viaggio nelle Indie, scritto per Foggio Fiorentina — - 

Bamusio, tomo 1. 

(Voyage of ) to the Indies, Mangi, Cambalu, and QuinsaL^ — 

Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Convention between his Majesty and the King of the French, signed 
Oct. 1832. Folio. London, 1838. 

Conversations-Lexicon, oder Real-Encydopadie fiir die gebildetei^ 
Stande. 14 vols. 8** Leipz. 1824-26. 

Lexicon, der Gegenwart. 4 vols, in 5. Leipz. 1838-41. 

CoNTBEARE (J. J.) Blustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry ; with Noto^ 
&c. by W. D. Conybeare. 8** London, 1826. 

(W. D.) On the application of classical and scientific Educatioi* 

to Theology, and on the Evidences of Natural and Bevealed Beligioix^ 
12** London, 1831. 

Elementary Lectures on the Criticism, Interpretation, and DoO" 

trines of the Bible. 12** London, 1834. 

- and W. Phillips. Outlines of the Geology of England and Wile^ 

8** London, 1822. 

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Edinburgh, 1819. 

(Captain James) Three Voyages round the World, 1768-80? 

including those of Captains Furneaux, Clarke, Gore, and Bang; - ^ 
Introduction by Bishop Douglas, and a Narrative of the Death c?* 
Cook by D. Samuel; with the Atlases and Plates in folio. 8 vol^ 
4^ London, 1773-84. 

coo — COR 77 

Cook (C^tam James) An Abstract of his Three Voyages round the 
World, 1768-80.— Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 11. 

see Forster, Hawkesworth, and Wales. 

Life, by Andrew Eippis. 4** London, 1788. 

(S. E.) Sketches in Spain, during 1829-32. 2 vols. 8** 

London, 1834. 

Cooke (G. W.) History of Party, from the rise of the Whig and Tory 
Factions, in the reign of Charles ii., to the passing of the Reform 
BilL 3 vols. 8"" London, 1836. 

(John) Treatise on Nervous Diseases. 2 vols. 8** London, 


(Thomas) — see Hesiodus. 

[CooLEY (W. D.)] The History of Maritime and Inland Discovery. 
3 vols. 12^ London, 1830-31. 

Ck>oPKB (Sir Astley) The Anatomy of the Thymus Gland. 4** London, 

The Life, with Sketches, from his Note-books, of distinguished 

contemporary Characters, by B. B. Cooper. 2 vols. 8** London, 

(Bransby B.) On Ligaments. 4'' London, 1826. 

Lectures on Anatomy, interspersed with practical remarks. 
4 vols. 8** London, 1829-32. 

Surgical Essays. 8'' London, 1833. 

(Charles Purton) An account of the most important Public 
Records of Great Britain, and the Publications of the Record Com- 
missioners. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1832. 

Account of the Proceedings in Parliament, relative to the defects 
in the Administration of Justice in the Courts of Chancery, Bank- 
ruptcy, and House of Lords. 8° London, 1828. 

Lettres sur la Cour de la Chancellerie et quelques points de la 
Jorisprudence Anglaise. 8^ London, 1828. 

Lettres, avec Introduction par P. Royer-CoUard. 8** Paris, 1830. 

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The Red Rover: a Tale. 12'' London, 1836. 

The Spy; a Tale of the Neutral Ground. 12^ London, 1837. 

Notions of the Americans, picked up by a Travelling Bachelor. 
2 vols. 8'' London, 1828. 

(John Gilbert) Poems. — British Poets, voL 72. 

(Samuel) Dictionary of Practical Surgery. 8^ London, 1838. 

(Thomas) Lectures on Political Economy. 8^ Columbia, 1826. 

^PEKHAOEN. Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries. — see Transactions. 

CoFFBTTA (Francesco) — ^Raccolta di Poesie Liriche e Satiriche. 

^BBET (Bishop Richard) Poems ; with ^^ Oratio in Funus Henrici 
Principis," Biographical Notes, and Life, by Octavius Gilchrist. 8^ 
London, 1807. 

CoftDBs (Simon de) Voyage to the South Seas, in 1598. — Bumey*s 
Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

(WovA (El General) Memoria Justificativa [de su conducta militar b 
politica], que el dinge a sus Conciudadanos. 8^ Paris, 1837. 

78 COR 

CoRiPPUS. — see Merobaudes. 

CoRKE AND Orrery (John, Earl of) Letters from Italy, in 1754; with 
explanatory Notes [and a Biographical Preface], bj John Dimoombe. 
12^ London, 1773. 

GoRMACAN EioEAS. The Circuit of Lreland, by Moircheartacfa MacNeiD: 
a Poem, written in 942, now first printed; with a Translation and 
Notes, by John O'Donovan. (Lrish Archsological Society.) 4° 
DubHn, 1841. 

Corn Laws. A Collection of Tracts on the Com Laws. 5 vols. 8° 
London 8tc., 1796-1842. 

CoRNEiLLE (Pierre) Theatre; avec des Commentaires [par Voltaire]. 
12 vols. 8** [Geneve], 1764. 

see Theatre. 

Cornelius Nepos. Yitse excellentimn Lnperatorom, ex edit. Fischeri; 
cum Notis in usum Delphini, Notis Yariorom et Indice. 2 vols- 
8** Londini, 1822. 

Cornet (Bolton) Curiosities of Literature by L DTsraeli, illustrated^ 
8° Greenwich, 1827. 

CoRNiANi (Giamb.) Commentario ragionato sopra i Secoli della Lettera — 
tura ItaUana dopo il suo risorgimento. 9 vols. 8® Brescia, 1804-13^ 

Cornwall (Barry) Poetical Works. 3 vols. 12** London, 1822. 

The Flood of Thessaly, the Girl of Provence, and other Poems.**- 

8** London, 1823. 

English Songs, and other small Poems. 12^ London, 1832. 

Corpus Juris Canonici. — see Pithoeus. 

Juris Civilis. — see Justinianus. 

Correspondent (The) ; consisting of Letters, moral, political, an& 
literary, between eminent writers in France and England. 8*^ 
London, 1817. 

CoRSALi (Andrea) Lettera scritta in Cochin nell' aimo 1515. — ^Ramusicv 
tomo 1. 

CoRTESE (Fernando) Relatione d'alcune cose della Nuova Spagna e deUiu 
gran citt4 di Temistitan Messicb, fatta per un gentilliuomo di luL — 
Ramusio, tom. 3. 

La seconda, terza h quarta relatione della Nuova Spagna, con le 

relationi di P. d'Alvarado e Diego Grodoy, k Fern. Cortese. — 
Ramusio, tom. 3. 

Cortes. Conquest of Mexico and New Spain. — ^Purchas's Yoyages, 
vol. 3. 

Expedition for the reduction of New Spain. — Harris's Yoyages, 

vol. 2. 

Discovery of California in 1536. — ^Bumejr^s Discoveries in the 

South Seas, voL 1. 
see Prescott. 

Cory (I. P.) The Ancient Fragments, containing what remains oT 
Sanchoniatho, Berossus, Abydenus, and Manetho, &c 8^ London^ 

Metaphysical Inquiry into the method, objects, and result oC 

ancient and modern Philosophy. 12° London, 1833. 

COR — COU 79 

CoBTAT (Thomas) Crudities: reprinted from the edition of 1611; with 
his Letters from India, &c., and Extracts relating to him from various 
Authors; together ¥rith his Orations, Characters, &c. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1776. 

Travell ftx)m Lahor to the Great MogoFs Court, — ^Purchas's 

Voyages, vol. 1. 

Travels to and Observations in Constantinople, and his Joumej 

thence to Aleppo and Jerusalem. — Purchases Voyages, voL 2. 

CosiNS (Bishop) — see Catalogue of Durham Cathedral Library. 

CosTANzo (Angelo di) Istoria del Regno di Napoli. 3 vols. 8^ 
Milano, 1806. 

Rime. — ^Pamaso Italiano, tomo 30. 

CosTBLLO (Louisa Stuart) Memoirs of eminent Englishwomen. 2 vols. 
8^ London, 1844. 

CoTKLE&ius (J.) — see Patrum Apostolicorum Opera. 

CoTORAYE (Randle) French and English Dictionary, by James Howell. 
Folio. London, 1673. 

CToTMAN (John Sell) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy; with 
historical and descriptive Notices, by Dawson Turner. 2 vols, in 1. 
foL London, 1822. 

Cotton (Henry) A List of Editions of the Bible, and parts thereof, 
m English, from 1505 to 1820. 8"" Oxford, 1821. 

A Typographical Grazetteer. 8** Oxford, 1831. 

(Nathaniel) Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 72. 

(Sir Robert) Posthuma: Divers choice Pieces concerning the 
Bight and Power of Parliament. 8^ London, 1679. 

CoTTONiAN Collection of MSS. — see Catalogue. 

CoraciLS. — see Labbe, Lenfant, Wilkins. 

CouKiER (P. L.) CBuvres completes, (Pamphlets politiques, Lettres, et 
Opuscules litt^raires.) 4 vols. 8^ Bruxelles, 1828. 

CouBTANVAUx (M.) — SCO Trausactious. — M^moires de TAcad. des 

CousTENAT (Reginald) The Future States, their evidences and nature 
considered, with the design of shewing the value of the Gospel Reve- 
lation. S"" London, 1843. 

(T. P.) — see Temple and Shakespeare. 

(^THOP (Nathaniel) Journals of his Voyage from Bantam to the 
Islands of Banda. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Continuation of the former Joumall, by Master Robert Hayes. — 

Porchas's Voyages, voL 1. 

ComiTHOPE (W.) Synopsis of the Extinct Baronetage of England. 8** 
London, 1835. 

CouRTiw (M.) Travaux des Ponts-et-Chauss^es, depuis 1800. 8** 
Paris, 1812. 

CotiBTNEY (Capt. S.) Voyage round the World, in the Duchess.— 
Harris's Voyages, voL 1. 

^OUTS of Common Law. Two Reports made by the Conunissioners 
appointed to inquire into the Proceedings of the Superior Courts of 
Common Law. 2 vols. fol. London, 1829-30. 

80 cou — cow 

Cousin (Victor) Cours de Philosophie. 

Introduction k FHistoire de la Philosophie. 8^ Paris, 1828. 

Histoire de la Philosophie du xviii"^ SiMe. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1829. 

Histoire de IThilosophie modeme, pendant les ann^ 1816 et 
1817. 8^ Paris, 1841. 

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Sur le Fondement des Id^ absolues dn Vrai, du Beau et do Bien. 
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— — Ecole normale. — B^lements, Programmes, et Rapports. ^ 
Paris, 1837. 

Becueil des prindpaux Actes du Minist^ de llnstmction 

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FAUemand, par Cousin. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1829. 

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Coventry on the Feast of Corpus Christi; edited by J. O. Halliwett' 
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CovEBTE (Capt. R.) Report of his being cast away in Cambaya, tb^ 
farthest part of the East Indies; with Description of all those l^g'' 
doms, and Discovery of the Great MoguL — Harl. Coll. of Voyaged^ 
vol. 2. 

Cowley (Abraham) Works; with Life, by T. Sprat Folio. Lond. 170C?' 

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— — (Capt.) Voyage round the World. — Harris's Voyages, voL 1. 

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12** London, 1836. 

cow — CRA 81 

CewPBB (William) Poems. — British Poets, vols. 79 and 80. 

J — — see Homerus. 

" ■■ (Essays on the Lives of), Newton, and Heber; or, an Examination 

^ of the evidence of the Course of Nature being interrupted by the 

Divine Government. 8** London, 1830. 

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Conquest thereof by the English. 2 vols. fol. London, 1689-90. 

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the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh, to tJie death of Leopold II., 
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i* . Memoirs of the Kings of Spain, of the House of Bourbon, from 

1 700 to 1 788. 3 vols. 4** London, 1813. 

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Private original Correspondence of Charles Talbot, Duke of 

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other distinguished Statesmen; illustrated with Narratives, historical 
and biographical 4^ London, 1821. 

Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Hon. Henry Pelham. 

2 vols. 4^ London, 1829. 

Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America, 

the Conquest of Siberia, and Historv of the transactions and com- 
I merce between Russia and China. 4 London, 1803. 

Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark; interspersed 

with historical narratives and political inquiries. 4 vols. 8^ 
London, 1787. 

— Travels in Denmark and Norway. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 6. 

— Travels in Russia. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 6. 
Travels in Switzerland and in the country of the Orisons. 3 vols. 

8^ London, 1791. 

—— Travels in Switzerland. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 5. 

— see Orford, Marlborough, and Walpole. 

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the reigns of Henry vii. and vin., by J. M. Traheme. 8® Llan- 
dovery, 1840. 

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laneous writings; with a Memoir of his Life. 8^ Charleston, 1828. 

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Ancient Greece, (with the large Map in a case.) 4 vols. 8® 
Oxford, 1828. 

A Geographical and Historical Description of Ancient Italy, 

(with Map in a case.) 3 vols. 8° Oxford, 1826. 

^— ^ see Wickham. 

Cranmbr (Archbishop Thomas) Remains, edited, with Life, by H. 
Jenkyns. 4 vols. 8"^ Oxford, 1833. 


82 CRA — CRO 

Cranmer (Archbishop Thomas) A Defence of the True and Catholici 
Doctrine of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ ; with ao 
Introduction by H. J. Todd. 8° London, 1825. 

A short Instruction into Christian Religion, being a Catechism; 

with the same in Latin, translated from the German, in 1639, by 
Justus Jonas. 8'' Oxford, 1829. 

Memorials of his Life, by John Strype. 2 vols. 8** Oxford, 


Crawfurd (John) History of the Indian Archipelago. 3 vols. 8* 
Edinburgh, 1820. 

Journal of an Embassy from the Governor-General of India to 

the Courts of Siam and Cochin-China. 2 vols. 8° London, 1830. 

Journal of an Embassy from the Gx>vernor-G^neral of India to 

the Court of Ava; with an Appendix on Fossil Remains, by Professor 
Buckland and Mr. Clift. 3 vols. 8° London, 1834. 

An Appeal from the Inhabitants of British India to the Justice 

of the People of England. 8*" London, 1839. 

and Lindsay. Case of John Lindsay Crawfurd in the House of 

Lords, claimant of the titles of Earl of Crawfurd and Lindsay. Folio. 

Crayon (Geoffrey) — sec Irving (Washington). 

Cr^billon (Prosper J. de) OEuvres ; avec TEloge Historique. 2 vols. 
8^ Paris, 1818. 

see Th(iatre. 

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Bat. 1716. 

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Fiorentina. 3 vols. 8° Milano, 1805. 

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Italiana, ne' quali si ragiona d'ogni genere e specie di quella ; ripub- 
licati da T. J. Mathias. 3 vols. 12** Londra, 1803. 

Storia dell' Accademia degli Arcadi istituita in Roma, I'anno 

1690; coll' Aggiunta cioe le Imprese delle Colonic Arcadiche. 2 voIb- 
12^ Londra, 1804. 

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Equilibrium of Vaults and Arches. Folio. London, 1839. 

see Taylor (G. L.) 

Creuzer (Fr6d^ric) Religions de 1' Antiquity, considerees dans leu^ 
formes symboliques; traduit par J. D. Guigniaut. 4 vols, in 8. ^ 
Paris, 1825-41. 

Crichton (Sir Alexander) On some doctrines of a dangerous tendenc]J 
in Medicine, and on the general principles of safe Practice. ^ 
London, 1842. 

(James) of Cluny, commonly called the Admirable Crichtot* 

Life; with an Appendix of original papers, by Patrick F. Tytler. ^ 
Edinburgh, 1819. 

Critici Sacri; sive Annotata doctiss. Virorum in Vetus ac Novu^J 
Testamentum; cum Thesauris Theologico-Philologicis. 13 vols, (o^ 
Amst. 1698-1732. 

Croker (John Wilson) — see Angouleme, and Johnson (Samuel). 

(T. Crofton)— see Ireland. 

CRO — CUR 83 

Ceombes (Alexander) Natural Theology. 2 vols. 8** London, 1829. 

Cromwell (Oliver)— see Fellowes, Harris, and Noble. 

Crohwells' Parliaments. — see Burton (Thomas). 

Crosby (B.) English Musical Repository: a choice selection of English 
songs. 12^ London. 

Irish Musical Repository: a choice selection of Irish songs. 12** 

London, 1808. 

Crosse (John) — see Catalogue. 

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and G. P. R. James. Lives of the most eminent Foreign States- 
men. 5 vols. 12** London, 1833-8. 

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Crowthee (John) — see Steel. 

Crotlandensis Histobia. — see Gale, Scriptores, vol. i. 

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by A. Chalmers. 4** London, 1831. 

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of Honour. 8'' London, 1 823. 

Ctesus. Notes on the Indica, by H. H. Wilson. 8° Oxford, 1836. 

Cuba. Cuadro Estadistico de la siempre fiel Isla de Cuba, corrcspon- 
diente al aiio de 1827, formado por una comision de Grcfes y Oficiales 
de orden y bajo la direccion del D. F. D. Vives. Folio. Habana, 


CcDwoRTH (Ralph) The true intellectual system of the Universe; with 
Discourse on the Lord's Supper. Folio. London, 1678. 

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Purchas's Voyages, vol. iv. 

(George) Voyage to the Azores in 1589, by Edward Wright. — 
Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. i. 

(G.)— see Bonasoni. 

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and familiar Essays. 6 vols. 12° London, 1798. 

Another edition. 3 vols. 12** London, 1817. 

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Revolution in 1688, to the accession of George I., translated from 
the Latin MS., with an account of the Author, by W. Thomson, 
published by T. HoUingbery. 2 vols. 4° London, 1787. 

(Allan) The Lives of the most eminent British Painters, Sculp- 
tors, and Architects. 6 vols. 12° London, 1830-32. 

see Burns. 

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China. — Harris's Voyages, vol. 1 . 

(John) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 64. 

CnHNiNGHAJiB (William) On the 1260 Days. — see Maitland. 

C^Eus (Joac.) Freistadiensis. Gentis Silesias Annales. Folio. 
Witeberg®, 1571. 

C^RAN (John Philpot) Speeches on the late very interesting State 
Trials. 8^ London, 1815. 

84 CUR — DAL 

CuRBENCY (A Collection of Tracts on the). 4 vols. 8® London fe. 

CuRBER (Miss Richardson)— see Catalogue. 

CuRTASTE (The Book of) An English Poem of the Fourteenth Centmr; 
edited hy J. O. Halliwell. (Percy Society.) 8** London, IMl. 

CuRTius. — see Quintus Curtius. 

CusTiNB (Lc Marquis de) La Russie en 1839. 8 vols, in 4. If 
Bruxelles, 1843. 

CuvELiER, Trouv^re du xiv. Si^cle. Chronique de Bertrand di 
Guesclin; publi6e par E. Charri^re. 2 vols. 4** Paris, 1839. 

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Mammif^res ; avec figures originales, dessin^ d'apr^ les 
vivants. 7 vols. fol. Paris, 1824-42. 

(le Baron George) Le R^gne Animal. 5 vols. 8** Paris, 1828. 

Le R^gne Animal, dispose en Tableaux m^thodiqnes, ptr J. 

Achille Comte. Folio. Paris, 1832-41. 

Le9ons d' Anatomic comparee. 5 vols. 8° Paris, 1805. 

Recherches sur les Ossemens Fossiles. 7 vols. 4** Paris, 1825. 

Iconographie. — see Gu^rin. 

Rapports. — see Transactions : M^moires de Flnstitat. 

et M. Valenciennes. Histoire Naturelle des Poissons; avec fe» 

Planches. vols. 4° Paris, 1828-42. 

Cymmrodorion Institution. — see Transactions. 

Cypriands de Vanitate Idolorum. — see Minucius. 

Czar (The) Ivan Vassilivitch, the terrible; by the Author of Mamirfk 
3 vols. 8° London, 1840. 

Dabistan (The), or School of Manners, translated from the Persian; witb 
Notes, by David Shea and Anthony Troyer. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1843. 

Da Cruz (Gaspar) Treatise of China and the adjoining regioiu.— 
Purchases Voyages, vol. 3. 

Daoobert I. Notice sur sa Vie. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 2. 

Dahlmann (F. E.) G^schichte von Dannemark. 3 vols. 8** Hmb- 
burg, 1840. 

Daille (John) Concerning the right use of the Fathers in matters d 
Controversy, translated. 4® London, 1675. 

Dale (Sir Thomas) A Letter from James Town in Virginia, June 18, 
1614. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

D'Alembert (Jean le Rond) CEuvres philosophiques, historiqnes, ei 
litt^raires; avec Mdmoire. 18 vols. 8° Paris, 1805. 

Dallaway (James) Constantinople, ancient and modem; with Ezcar- 
sions to tiie Troad. 4** London, 1797. 

Observations on English Architecture; also historical notices of 

Stained Glass, Ornamental Grardening, &c. 8° London, 1806. 

Dalrymple (Alexander) A collection of English Songs; with an 
Appendix of original Pieces. 8^ London, 1796. 

[ (Sir David, Lord Hailes)] Memorials and Letters relating 

to the History of Britain in the reigns of James i. and Charles u 
published from the originalti. 2 vols. 8'' Glasgow, 1766. 

DAL — DAN 85 

1Z>ALRTMPLB (Sir David, Lord Hailes) Annals of Scotland, from Mal- 
colm III., A.D. 1039, to 1370. 2 vols. 4** Edinburgh, 1776. 

(Gren. Sir Hew) Memoir of his proceedings, as connected with 

the affairs of Spain, and the commencement of the Peninsular War. 
8** London, 1830. 

(Sir John) Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, from the dis- 

solution of the last Parliament of Charles n., till the capture of the 
French and Spanish Fleets at Vigo. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1790. 

£> ALTON (John) Meteorological Observations and Essays. 8^ London, 

(Michael) The Practice of the Justices of Peace out of their 

Sessions. Folio. London, 1705. 

[^Dalyell (John Graham)] Scottish Poems of the Sixteenth Century; 
with Introduction, Notes, and a Glossary. 2 vols, in 1. 12^ 
Edinburgh, 1801. 

Damaxx-D^mabtbais (M. F.) Paris et ses alentours, k plus de trente 
lieues li la ronde. Folio. Paris, 1818. 

Dampier (Capt. William) First Voyage round the World; Voyage to 
New Holland and New Guiney. — Harris's Voyages, vol. 1. 

An Account of New Holland and the adjacent Islands; and of 

the Philippines. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1 1 . 

Account of the Five, or Bashee Islands; Voyages to New 

Holland, New Guiney, and to the South Sea. — Bumey's Discoveries 
in the South Seas, vol. 4. 

Bana (Richard H.) Poems. 12° Boston, 1827. 

Danbt (Thomas, Earl of, afterwards Duke of Leeds) Copies and 
Extracts of some Letters written to and from the Earl in 1676-8; 
with Remarks. 8° London, 1710. 

-^ Memoirs relating to his Impeachment in 1678; with Appendix 

of Papers. 8° London, 1710. 

I^ARDiNi (Jerom.) Voyage to Mount Libanus; with Account of the 
]l£anner8 of the Turks. — Harl. Coll. of Voyages, voL L; Pinkerton's 
Voyages, vol. 10. 

^iNGEAU (Le Marquis de) Journal, contenant beaucoup de particularity 
et d'anecdotes sur Louis xiv. ; avec des Notes par Madame de Genlis. 
4 vols. 8** Paris, 1817. 

I^ANjou (F.) — see Cimber. 

Dante Alighieri. La Divina Commedia, col commento del Lombardi e 
d'altri; aggiuntovi il Convito, la Vita Nuova, le Rime, il Rimario, le 
Eglc^he I^tine, ed i Trattati del Volgar Eloquio, e della Monarchia, 
preceduta daUa sua Biografia. 6 vols. 8^ Firenze, 1830-41. 

La Divina Commedia; iUustrata di Note da Luigi Portirelli. 
3 vols. 8** Milano, 1804. 

La Divina Commedia ridotta a miglior lezione dagli Accad. 
della Crusca, ed accresciuta di vane lezioni, tratte da un Ant. Codice, 
con Note, da Gaetano Poggiali. 4 vols. 8^ Livomo, 1807-13. 

La Divina Commedia; con Commento Analitico di G. Rossetti. 
2 vols. 8^ Londra, 1826. 

Divina Commedia, per cura deU' Abate Andrea Rubbi. — Parnaso 
ItalianOy tomi 3-5. 

86 DAN — DAV 

Dante. The Vision; or, Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise; translated, witi 
Life, Notes, and Index, by H. F. Gary. 3 vols. 12^ London, 1831. 

see Flaxman, and Baccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

D'Antine (Dom.)— see Art de verifier les Dates. 

D'Anville (J. B.) Compendium of Ancient Greographj; tnnBittBd, 
with Notes. 2 vols. 8° London, 1791. 

D'Arblay's (Madame) Novels. — see Bumej. 

Darell (W.) History of Dover Castle [published by F. Grose]. 8* 
London, 1786. 

Dares Phrygius. — see Dictys Cretensis. 

D'Argentin (R.) — see Argenson. 

Darn LEY (Lord) — see Mary Queen of Scots. 

Daru (Le Comte de) Histoire de la R^publique de Venise. 8 vols, f 
Paris, 1821. 

Histoire de Bretagne. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1826. 

Darwin (Erasmus) 2k>onomia; or, the Laws of Organic Life. 2 Tok 
4^ London, 1794. 

Phytologia; or, the Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardeniof. 

4° London, 1800. 

Dati (Carlo) Vite de' Pittori Antichi. 8^ Milano, 1806. 

see Raccolta di Prose. 

Daubenton (L. J. M.) — see Buffon. 

Daubeny (Charles) An Introduction to the Atomic Theory, and Sup- 
plement. 8'' Oxford, 1831. 

; — Volcanic Greology. 4° 

Description of active and extinct Volcanos, and other Tracts. 8* 

London, 1826. 

An Inaugural Lecture on the study of Botany. 8** Oxford, 1834- 

Three Lectures on Agriculture. 8° Oxford, 1841. 

The Application of Science to Agriculture. 8** London (i»i- 

vately printed), 1842. 

Journal of a Tour through the United States and in Canada, io 

1837-38. 12° Oxford (privately printed), 1843. 

Daulphinois (Nich. Nich.) Navigations, Peregrinations, and Voyages 
made into Turky, translated by T. Washington. — Harl. CoIL ot' 
Voyages, vol. 1. 

Dadnou (M.)— see 6ingu6ne. 

Dauphin (The) An abridged account of his Misfortunes, translated by 
C. G. Perceval. 8° London, 1838. 

D'AuRE (Le Comte) — see Bourrienne. 

Davalo (Alfonso) — see Franco. 

Davanzati (Bernardo) Scisma d'Inghilterra, con altre operette. 8* 
Milano, 1807. 

[Davenant (Charles)] Discourses on the Public Revenues and on the 
Trade of England. 2 vols. 8"* London, 1698. 

[ ] Essay upon the methods of making a people gainers in the 

Ballance of Trade. 8** London, 1700. 

DAV 87 

[Davbnant (Charles)] Essays on the Ballance of Power, Right of 
making War, and Universal Monarchy. 8° London, 1701. 

[ ] Discourse upon Grants and Resumptions. 8** London, 1704. 

Essays upon Peace at Home and War Abroad, part 1. 8** 

London, 1704. 

(Sir WiUiam) Works. Folio. London, 1673. 

Davtoson (John) On Embalming generally: an Address delivered at the 
Royal Institution, on the unrolling of a Mummy. 8** London, 1833. 

Notes, taken during Travels in Africa. 4° London (privately 

printed), 1839. 
Davie (John C.) Letters from Paraguay. 8** London, 1805. 

Davies (Edward) Celtic Researches on the origin, traditions, and lan- 
guage of the Ancient Britons. 8^ London, 1804. 

Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, ascertained by 

national documents, and compared with the general traditions and 
customs of Heathenism; with an Appendix, containing ancient 
Poems. 8° London, 1809. 

(Sir John) Historical Tracts [relating to L-eland]; with a Life 
of the Author. 8° London, 1786. 

(T.)— see Garrick. 

(William) Description and Discovery of the River of Amazons. 
— Purchases Voyages, vol. 4. 

Davila (Arrigo Caterino) Dell* Istoria delle Guerre civili di Francia, 
dal 1547 al 1598. 6 vols. 8° Milano, 1807. 

Davis (Captain John) Briefe Direction for readie sayling into the East 
Indies; Second Voyage, with Sir Edward Michelbome, to the East 
Indies; and Voyages to the East Lidies. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 1. 

(John Francis) The Chinese: a general description of the Empire 
of China and its inhabitants. 2 vols. 12° London, 1836. 

La Chine; ouvrage traduit par A. Pichard, avec un Appendice 
par Bazin ain^. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1837. 

Sketches of China; with Notices relative to the present war, 
2 vols. . 12** London, 1841. 

Chinese Novels, Proverbs, and Moral Maxims, translated. 8° 
London, 1822. 

On the Poetry of the Chinese ; with translations and detached 
pieces. 8** Macao (privately printed), 1834. 

The Fortunate Union : a Romance, translated, with Notes and 
Illustrations; to which is added, a Chinese Tragedy. (Orient. Transl. 
Fund.) 2 vols. 8° London, 1829. 

Miscellaneous Tracts on Chinese Literature: containing Han 
Koong Tsew; or, the Sorrows of Han, a Chinese Tragedy. — On the 
Poetry of the Chinese. — Notices of Western Tartary. — Geographical 
Notice of the Frontiers of the Burmese and Chinese Empires. — 
Extracts from the Peking Gazettes, translated; and on the Chinese 
Year. — P. Serra's Notices of China. — Samuel Davis's Remarks on 
the Religious and Social Listitutions of the Bouteas, or. Inhabitants 
of Boutan: and Letters to Sir William Jones, from 1785 to 1794. 
4^ London, 1828-31. 

88 DAV — DEF 

Davis (John Francis) Han Koong Tsew ; or, the Sorrows of Hlii, i 
Chinese Tragedy, translated, ¥rith Notes. (Orient. TransL Ftai) 
4° London, 1829. 

Vizier Ali Elian ; or, the Massacre of Benares, a chapter b 

British Indian History. 12^ London, 1844. 

(William) A true relation of his Travels and miserable Ci^vitj 

under the Duke of Florence. — HarL Coll. of Voyages, voL 1. 

Davison (William), Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth. Life, bj Sb 
Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 8** London, 1823. 

Davy (Sir Humphry) Collected Works, edited, with his Life, hy Job 
Davy. 9 vols. 8** London, 1839-40. 

Six Discourses delivered before the Royal Society, 1820-26. 4' 

London, 1827. 

Consolations in Travel; or, the last days of a Philosopher. If 

London, 1831. 

[ ] Salmonia; or, Days of Fly-fishing, in a series of conyersatkms, 

by an Angler. 12^ London, 1829. 

Life, by John Ayrton Paris. 4** London, 1831. 

Dawes (Ric.) Miscellanea Critica, ex recens. et cum Notis Th. Kdi 
8** London, 1827. 

Day (Thomas) Poems. — ^British Poets, voL 58. 

The Desolation of America. — ^British Poets, vol. 73. 

Deane (J. 6.) The Worship of the Serpent, traced throughout the 
world. 8^ London, 1830. 

Dbbbett (John) Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, for 1834, % 
and 38, by William Courthope. 3 vols. 8** London. 

Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, for 1840, by G. W. 

CoUen. 8** London. 

Baronetage of England, for 1828. 2 vols. 8** London. 

Baronetage of England, for 1835, 37, and 39, by W. Coorthope. 

3 vols. 8^ London. 

Baronetage of England, for 1840, edited by G. W. Collen. 8" 


De Bure (Guill. F.) Bibliographic instructive. 7 vols. 8** Ptois, 

see Catalogue. 

De Candolle (A. P.) Organographie V^^tale; ou, Description m- 
sonn^e des Organes des Plantes. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1827. 

Physiologic Y^getale; ou, Exposition des Forces et des Fonc- 

tions vitalcs des V^^taux. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1832. 

Dee (John) Ilis Private Diary, and the Catalogue of his Library of 
Manuscripts, edited by J. O. Halliwell. (Camden Society.) 4^ 
London, 1842. 

Deffand (Madame du) Unpublished Correspondence with D'Alembert> 
Montesquieu, Henault, Mesdames du Maine, de Stael, etc., with the 
Letters of Voltaire ; translated by Mrs. Meeke. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1810. 

DEF — DEL 89 

Db Foe (Daniel) The Novels and Miscellaneous Works; with a Bio- 
graphical Memoir of the Author, Prefaces, Notes, &c., and Alex. 
Chalmers's Life of De Foe. 20 vols. 12** Oxford, 1840-1. 

RoUnflon Cmioe, vols. 1 aod 2. 

life of Capt Singleton, to]. 3. 

The Fortonet of Moll Flanders, 

▼oL 4. 
Histoij of Colonel Jack, vol. 5. 
Memoirs of a Cavalier [CoL And. 

Newport], voL 6. 
New Voyage ronnd the World, y. 7. 
Memoirs of Capt Carleton, yoL 8. 
Ijfe of Mrs. Davis, vol. 8. 
The Consolidator, voL 9. 
History of the Plaxne, yoL 9. 
PoUtical History of the Devil, vol. 10. 

The Fortunate BdOstress, vol. 11. 

System of liagic, vol. 12. 

(jn the ffistory and Reality of Appari- 
tions, vol. 13. 

Reli^OQS Courtship, yoL 14. 

Family Instructor, vols. 15 and 16. 

English Tradesman, vols. 17 and 18. 

Life of Duncan Camphell, yoL 19. 

Tracts against the Pretender, voL 20. 

Miscellaneous Tracts, yoL 20. 

True bom Englishman, vol. 20. 

Life of De Foe, by Alex. Chalmers, 
voL 20. 

Memoirs of Capt. Greorge Carleton, including Anecdotes of the 

War in Spain under the Earl of Peterborough [edited bj Sir W. 
Scott]. 8*" Edinburgh, 1809. 

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Verordnung, wegen naherer R^ulirung der standischen Verhalt' 

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DEN — DIB 91 

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92 DIB — DIG 

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Old Man's Comfort in the choice of a Library. 8^ Londoo, 1824. 
Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or, a Descriptive Catalogue of ik 

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Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in Fnnoe 

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see Ames, 

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Another edition. 8® London, 1843. 

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Polyglott. — see Calepin, Castell, 
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African (East) — Salt's Abyssinia. 

American [ United States ] 
Phrases. — ^Pickering. 

Anamitic. — Taberd. 

Anglo - Saxon. — Bosworth, 
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Tibbings, Lacombe, LerooXt 
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Die — DIG 


Dictionaries, continued: — 

Glerman. — see Adelang, Fliigel, 
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voL 1,) Hederic, Hesjchius, 
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retti, Dizionario, Manuzzi, Neu- 
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deUa Crusca. 

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Latin. — Ainsworth, Antonio 
Nebris, Facciolati, Prompto- 

Latin (Middle Age) — see Du- 

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Northern Languages. — Hickes. 
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Portuguese. — Vieyra. 
Romance. — Fran9ois, Raynouard, 

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Scottish. — Jamieson. 
Spanish. — Connelly, Diccionario 

de la R. Acad., Neuman Nunez. 
Spanish and Latin. — Antonio 

Suio-Gothic. — Ihre. 
Swedish. — Widegren. 
Teuto- Gothic. — Meidinger. 
Teutonic. — Schilter. 
Troubadour. — see above, under 

Turkish. — Kieffer, Ciakciak. 
Welsh. — Lhuyd, Owen. 

rium Parvulorum, Scheller. 

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94 DIL — DIS 

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see Attica. 

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A Review of the References to the "Hortua Malabaricus. " 

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see CoUinson. 

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DiNDORFius (GuiL) — see Aristophanes. 

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The Literary Character illustrated by the History of Men ^' 

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12^ London, 1801. 

DIS — DOD 95 

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————— Quarrels of Authors. 3 vols. 8° London, 1814. 

' Romances; consisting of a Persian, a Roman, and an Arcadian 

Romance. 12° London, 1807. 

I Liquiry into the Literary and Political Character of James I. 

I 8** London, 1816. 

^ ' Conmientaries on the Life and Reign of Charles L 5 vols. 8° 

London, 1828-31. 

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— — Vindication of the English Constitution. 8° London, 1835. 

DivisiENSis. — see Ricardus. 

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f 7 vols. 4^ Bologna, 1819-26. 

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I people of Paraguay, translated from the Latin [by Miss H. N. 

Coleridge]. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1821. 

DoBsoN (W.)— see Plato. 

f Documents Historiques in^dits, tir^s des Collections MSS. de la Biblio- 
th^qne Royale, &c., publics par Champollion-Figeac, tomes 1 & 2. 
4** Paris, 1841. 

• — — Inedits sur I'Histoire de France. — see France. 

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chiefly with regard to Catholicks. 3 vols. fol. Brussels, 1737. 

^ (C. R.) Parliamentary Companion for 1843. 12° London, 

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Contemporaries, and Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of his 
Times, edited, from the original MSS., by J. D. Humphreys. 5 vols. 
8** London, 1829-31. 

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1761 ; wiUi an Appendix of curious and interesting Papers; publii^ed 
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Notes by Isaac Reed, Octavius Gilchrist, and J. P. Collier; and a 
Supplement of Five Plays, edited by J. P. Collier. 13 vols. 8° 
London, 1825. 

A Collection of Poems, by several hands. 6 vols. 8° London, 

Collection of Poems. — see Pearch. 

Annual Register. — see Annual Register. 

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Greece, 1801-6. 2 vols. 4° London, 1819. 

96 DOD — DOU 

DoDWELL (Edward) Views and Descriptions of Cydopian, or Pdttgk 
Remains, in Greece and Italy; with constructions of a later penoi 
intended as a Supplement to his Classical and Topographical Tov 
in Greece. Folio. London, 1834. 

Thirty Views in Greece, coloured in the style of the origU 

drawings. Folio. London, 1821. 

(Henr.) de Parma Equestri. — see Heame. 

Operum Catalogus. — see Heame. 

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Antico, tomi 6 & 6. 

DoLEMAN (R.) Conference about the Succession to the Crovn d 
England [by Robert Parsons, the Jesuit]. 8** 1681. 

see Hayward. 

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ton's Voyages, vol. 5. 

DoMENiCHiNO. Picturse Dominici Zampierii, vulgo Domenidiino, qv 
extant in Sacello sacrsB JEdi Cryptoferratensi, tabulis aaneis incut 
[k Pazzi, F. Bartolozzi &c.] (in Opere di Pittori diversi). FoBk 
Romse, 1762. 

DoMSRHAM (Adam, de) Historia. — see Heame. 

DoMESDAT Book, sen Liber Censualis Willelmi i. Regis Ang]ifl^ inter 
Archives Regni, in Domo Capitulari Westmonasterii asservatus; cm 
Dissertatione de ratione hujusce libri et Lidicibus (in voL 4.) 4 nk 
fol. London, 1783-1816. 

(Litroduction to)— see EUis (Sir H.) 

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more accurate knowledge of the Greek Language. 8^ Camb. 19SB. 

DoNi (Francesco) — Raccolta di Poesie Rusticali, e di Novelle. 

DoNKiN (Sir Rufane) A Dissertation on the course and probtfak 
termination of the Niger. 8° London, 1829. 

Donne (Dean John) Letters to severall Persons of Honour. 4' 
London, 1661. 

Life. — see Walton (Izaak). 

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DoNNRLLAN Lecture. — scc Todd. 

DoppET (Le General F. A.) M^moires politiques et militaires. 8" 
Paris, 1824. 

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r^gne de Guillaume in. 3 vols. 12° La Haye, 1723. 

DoRN (Bemhard) History of the Afghans, translated from the Persian of 
Neamet Ullah. (Oriental Transl. Fund.) 2 vols. 4*^ Londoa 

Dos Sanctos (Fia Joao) Collections from his " .Ethiopia Orientals* 
and " Varia Historia," for the better knowledge of Africa, &c— 
Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Doubt. A Treatise on the nature and causes of Doubt in Religiotf 
questions. 12^ London, 1831. 

Douce (Francis)— see Shakspeare. 

DOU — DRD 97 

Douglas (Sir Howard) On Naval Gunnery. 8^ London, 1829. 

Naval Evolutions; a Memoir, containing a Review and Refuta- 
tion of Mr. [John] Clerk's claims, in relation to the Manoeuvre of 
the 12th of April, 1782. 8** London, 1832. 

On the Principles and Construction of Military Bridges, and 

the Passage of rivers in Military Operations. S° London, 1832. 
(Sir Robert) The Peerage of Scotland; with a continuation, by 

John P. Wood. 2 vols. fol. Edinburgh, 1813. 

The Baronage of Scotland. Folio. Edinburgh, 1798. 

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set forth by the East India Company. — ^Extracts of his Joumall of a 
Voyage to the East Lidies. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

I^VBR (Greorge Agar Ellis, Lord) True History of the State Prisoner, 
called *' The Iron Mask," extracted firom the French Archives. 8^ 
London, 1826. 

Historical Inquiries respecting the Character of Edward Hyde, 
Earl of Clarendon. 8'' London, 1827. 

Dissertation on the manner and period of the Death of Richard ii. 
4** London, 1832. 

see Ellis Correspondence, and Frederick ii. 

I^w (Alexander) The History of Hindostan, to the settlement of the 
empire under Aurungzebe, translated from the Persian. 3 vols, in 2. 
4** London, 1770. 

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[ (James, titular Bishop of Kildare)] Letters on the State of 

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^Otly (Greorge) — see Bible, and Sancroft. 

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— ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1 ; Harris's Voyages, vol. 1 ; and Burney's 
Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 1. 

First Voyage to America. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 4. 

The World encompassed. — see Fletcher (Francis). 

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tiie kingdoms of England and Scotland to the reign of Elizabeth. 
8** London, 1703. 

(Nathan) — see British Classics, and Shakspeare and his Times. 

l^EAKENBOBCH (Amhold) — scc SiHus Italicus. 

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London, 1837-38. 
Drayton (Michael) Works ; with an historical Essay on his Life and 

Writings. 4 vols. 8** London, 1753. 
*- The Harmony of the Church, edited by Alexander Dyce. 

(Percy Society.) 8** London, 1843. 

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Dresde. 8** Dresde, 1826. 

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Paris, 1825. 

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ningham. 12® London, 1833. 

see Jonson. 


98 DRU ^ DUD 

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several Empires, States, and Cities. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1824-9. 

see Townsend. 

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see Louis (Saint). 

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Justice humaine, de I'Lijustice de la peine de Mort, et de la Justice 
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Des Modifications h, introduire dans la Legislation relative box 

Enfans Trouv^s, en Belgique. 8° Bruxelles, 1834. 

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DUD — DUM 99 

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Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from the 49th of Henry lu. 
Folio. London, 1686. 

The Baronage of England; or, an Historical Account of the lives 

and actions of our English Nobility to the Norman Conquest, and 
thence of those who had their rise before the 11th of Richard u. 
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Tartary, together with the Kingdoms of Korea and Tibet; translated, 
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Grens ; contenant les Trait^s de Paix, d' Alliance, etc., faits en Europe, 
depuis Charlemagne jusqu'k present. — Supplement au Corps diplo- 
matique, avec le Ceremonial des Cours de I'Europe. — Histoire des 
Anciens Traites, jusqu'k Charlemagne, par Barbeyrac. — Histoire des 
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100 DUN — DUR 

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Rapport sur la prohibition des Loteries ; sur la production et ^ 

conunerce des Sucres de Canne et de Betterave ; sur FEmancipatioB 
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4 vols. 8° Paris, 1802. 

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anciens et modemes, augment^ de 300 autres B^timens, et de I'Hs^' 
toire generale de FArchitecture de J. G. Le Grand. 2 vols, fol- 
Venise, 1833. 

(Dom) — see Art de verifier les Dates. 

Durham (Earl of) Report of his Despatches as Grovemor-G^nenl <^ 
British North America. 8° Lond. 1839. 

Cathedral Library. — see Catalogue. 

DUR— ECC 101 

DuiHAM Umversity Calendar for 1837, 1839, and 1842. 3 yoIs. 12^ 

DusAULX (M.) De llnsurrection Parisienne et de la prise de la Bastille ; 
Disconrs lustorique, prononc^ dans TAssembl^e nationale. 8^ Paris, 

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Anecdotes historiques, politiques, et littdraires. 3 vols. 8° Londres, 

DnvAii. Synopsis Doctrinie Peripatetics. — see Aristoteles. 

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tant en PiMmont qu'au Montferrat, etc — Petitot, ColL des M^oires, 
1" Serie, tomes 28, 29, & 30. 

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of construction &c. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1830. 

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B"" London, 1823. 

^CE (Alexander) Specimens of British Poetesses, chronologically ar- 
ranged. 8'' Lond. 1827. 

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including Notices relating to the Founders and eminent men. 2 vols. 
4** Lond. 1814. 

The Privileges of the University of Cambridge ; with Observa- 
tions on its history, antiquities, literature, and biography. 2 vols. 
8^ London, 1824. 

Academic Unity: the substance of a General Dissertation on 
the Privileges of the University of Cambridge. 8® London, 1827. 

(John) Poems. — British Poets, voL 53. 

^^MHOR (John) A Treatice of L^and ; now first published, with Notes, 
by Bichard Butler. (Lish ArchsBological Society.) 4^ Dublin, 1842. 

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cum Notis et Spidlegio Joannis Seldeni. Folio. London, 1623. 

^AjRLE (Henry) Practical Observations in Surgery. 8® London, 1823. 

^A.sT India Company. — see Lidia. 

^^XL (J. 6.) Manuel du Yoyageur en Suisse, traduit 3 vols. 8^ 
Zurich, 1817. 

^a, M...c.-^ Sacy (S. de) 

^^CLEsiASTiCAL Commissioners for England. Their Reports with refer- 
ence to Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues. 8^ London, 1840. 

The Orders in Council ratifying their schemes. 8® Part 1. 
London, 1840. 

Acts for carrying into effect their Reports. 8** London, 1840. 

The Orders in Council ratifying their schemes. S° VoL 1, and 
voL 2, part 1. London, 1843-44. 

Acts relating to the Ecclesiastical Conmiissioners, with Appen- 
dix and Lidex. 8° London, 1843. 

Third edition. 8"" London, 1844. 

^CLEsiASTicAL Courts of England and Wales. Reports of the Commis- 
sioners. 12'' London, 1832. 

102 ECC — EDG 

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Somerset, to 1174; Charters from the Library of Dr. Cox Maroo; 
now first published by Joseph Hunter. (Camden Society.) 4^ 
London, 1840. 

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Cave, Centuriatores Magdeburgenses, Fleury, Fox, Jortin, Kaye, 
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Albigenses. — see Albigenses, Faber, Puy-Laurens, and Yanx-^ 

England. — see Baillie, Bede, Blunt, Burnet, Butler, Cardwell^ 
Collier, Davanzati, Dodd, Doddridge, Dugdale, Fuller, Harps^ 
feld, Kennet, Lingard, Neal, Parker, Sanderus, Soamea, Stryp^^ 
Tanner, Walker, and Wharton. 

France (Reformed Church of )— see Browning, and Quick. 

Ireland. — see Lanigan, and Ware. 

Low Countries. — see Brandt. 

Manich^es. — see Beausobre. 

Monastic. — see Dugdale, Helyot, Mabillon, and Tanner. 

Popes. — see Ranke. 

Reformation. — see D'Aubign^ Seckendorf, Sleidan, and Wad- 

Scotland. — see Baillie, Bannatyne, Calderwood, Cloud of Wit- 
nesses, Keith, Kirton, Knox, Melville, Spotswood, and Wodro^pr. 

Waldenses. — see Amaud, Faber, Gilly, Maitland, and Valdenses. 

Ecclesiastical Law of England. — see Gibson, and Lyndewood. 

Revenues of England and Wales. Reports of the Commissioners. 

2 vols. foL London, 1836. 
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Urbium, Populorum, Regum; Pars 2, de Moneta Romanorum. 8 yok 
4** Vindob. 1792-8. 

Edda Samundar hinns Froda. Edda Rhythmica sen Antiquior, volgo 
Saemundina dicta. (Pars. I. Odae Mythologies a Resenio non editSi 
Pars. n. OdaB Mythico-Historicae ; Pars. IIL Carmina Volnq?% 
Havamal et Rigsmd;) ex codice Bibl. Regiae Havniensis PergameiHH 
Islandic^ et Latin^ Lectionibus^ variis Notis, Glossariis, IndidbiUi^ ^ 
Appendicibus. 3 vols. 4** Havniae, 1787-1828. 

Edda (The)— see MaUet (P. H.) 

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Classes in England. 3 vols. 4® London, 1797. 

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at the charge of the Muscovy Merchants of London; with the ten 
several Voyages of the Author. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 3. 

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London. 1825. 

Belinda, vols. 2, 3. 

Castle Rackrent, yoL 1. 

Dramas, yoL 6. 

Essays on Self-Jostification, yoL 4. 

Harrington and Ormond, yoIs. 13, 14. 

Irish Bolls, yoL 1. 

Leonora, vol. 4. 

Letters, vol. 4. 

Modem Griselda, yoL 1. 

Patronage, vols. 11, 12. 

Popular Tales, vols. 5, 6. 

Tales of Fashionable Life, vols. r-K*- 

EDG — EGE 103 

Edobworth (Maria) Belinda. — British Novelists, vols. 49 and 60. 

ESdgitorth ds Firmont. — see Louis xvi. 

Edikburgh. Views of the Ruins of the Fire in the Parliament Square, 
Nov. 1824. 4** 

Grazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary. 6 vols. 8** Edinb. 1822. 

Gazetteer, abridged. 8"* Edinburgh, 1824. 

Journal of Science, from the commencement in 1824^to 1832. 
16 vols. 8'' Edinburgh. 

Philosophical Journal, from the commencement in 1819 to 1826, 
and continued bj the Edinburgh New Philosophical JoumaL 8^ 

Review, or Critical Journal, from its commencement in 1802; 
with Index. 8° Edinburgh. 

Royal Society. — see Transactions. 

&>MONDS (T. R.) Life Tables, founded upon the discovery of a Numerical 
Law r^ulating the existence of every human being. 8° Lond. 1832. 

— — ^ Another edition. 8® London, 1833. 

Ediionbson (Joseph) A complete Body of Heraldry; with Thomas 
Glover's Ordinary of Arms, augmented and improved; and a Glossary 
of technical Terms in Heraldry. 2 vols. fol. London, 1780. 

Education. Report from the Committee on the Education of the Lower 
Orders in the Metropolis. Folio. London, 1816. 

Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education, 1 839-43. 
5 vols. 8° London. 

Listruction, Morale et Religieuse des Ecoles El^mentaires. 12^ 
Paris, 1833. 

see Charities, Ireland, and Quarterly Journal of Education. 

(Central Society of) — see Transactions. 

Edward i. — see Walter Hemingford, under Heame. 

•*— Liber Quotidianus Contrarotulatoris Garderobae, a.d. 1299 et 

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Edward n. — see Joannes de Trokelowe, under Heame; Walter Heming- 
ford, under Heame; and Hunter. 

Edward ni. — see Barnes; Robert de Avesbury, under Heame; Walter 
Hemingford, under Heame; and Minot 

Edward rv. — Historic of his Arrivall in England, and the finall Re- 
covcrye of his Kingdomes from Henry vi. a.d. 1471, edited by John 
Bruce. (Camden Society.) 4** London, 1838. 

"^■^ see Warkworth. 

Edward vi. — see Turner (Sharon) 

Edwards (Bryan) The History, civil and commercial, of the British 
Colonies in the West Lidies; with a continuation to the present time. 
5 vols. 8° London, 1801-19. 

(Jonathan) Enquiry into the modern prevailing Notions of the 
Freedom of Wm. 8° London, 1775. 

(Milne)-H9ee Annales des Sciences. 

EoEDE (Hans) A Description of Greenland ; translated, with an his- 
torical Introduction, and Life of the Author. 8^ London, 1818. 

104 EGE — ELI 

EoERTON (Sir P. Grey) A Systematic and Stratigraiihical Catalosn' 
the Fossil Fish in the Cabinets of Lord Cole and Sir P. G. Egertoi 
4** London (privately printed), 1837. 

(The) Papers; a Collection of Public and Priyate Documak^ 

illustratiye of the Times of Elizabeth and James i., from the Ongaii 
Manuscripts, the property of Lord Francis Egerton, edited by J. P. 
Collier. (Camden Society.) 4** London, 1840. 

EoiNHARD. Annales des Bois Pepin, Charlemagne et 
naire. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 3. 

EoiNHARTUs. — see Carolus Magnus, and Charlemagne. 

EoLiSBS principales de TEurope, dedi^es h, S. S. Leon xn«. 

Pontile. [Basiliques de St. Pierre, k Rome; St. Jean de Lateru, Si 
Marc et Superga; les Cathedrales de Milan, Vienne, Florence^ FSse^ 
Sienne, Anvers, et Gand]. 2 vols. foL Milan, 1824-31. 

EoTPT, Nubia, &c. — Conder's Modem Traveller, vola. 5 and 6. 

EoYPTE. Description de I'Egypte; ou, Recneil des Obsemitiaiis et da 
R^herches, qui ont 6t^ faites pendant I'expedition de I'arni^ Fm- 
9aise, public (sous la direction de M. Jomard) par ordre de Nip*- 
leon; avec les Atlas des Planches. 22 vols. foL Paiis, 1809-Sl 

A Bibliographical Account of '^ La Description de FE^TpCt* 

8** London (privately printed), 1838. 

•' see Gau, and Bossellini. 

Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum. (Library of EntertainiBg 
Knowledge.) 2 vols. 12"^ London, 1832. 

Society, Hieroglyphics. — see Young. 

Ehbenbero (Christ. Grottf.) Die Infusionsthierchen als ToDkomiiMoe 
Organismen ; ein Blick in das tiefere organische leben der Natar, 
nebst einem Atlas. Folio. Leipzig, 1838. 

Ehrenmalm (A.) Travels into Western Nordland and Lapland, ii 
1741. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 

EiCHHORN (J. 6.) Einleitung in das Alte Testament. 5 vols. 8' 
Gottingen, 1823-24. 

Einleitung in das Neue Testament. 5 vols. 8® Leipzig, 1827. 

Repertorium fiir Biblische und Morgenlandische Litteratnr. 

18 vols, in 9. 8° Leipzig, 1777-85. 

Geschichte der Litteratur, von ihrem Anfang bis aof die nena- 

ten Zeiten. 11 vols, in 6. 8° Grottingen, 1805-11. 

AUgemeine Geschichte der Cultur und Litteratur des nenerea 

Europa. 2 vols. 8'' Getting. 1796-99. 

Electrical (London) Society. — see Transactions. 

Magazine; conducted by C. V. Walker. 8° London, 1843. 

Eliemsis Ecdesisd Historia. — Gale Scriptores, vol. 2. 

Elisjeus, Bishop o£ the Amadunians. — see Neumann. 

Elizabeth (Queen)— see Aikin, Birch, Camden, under Heame; Fenekm, 
Forbes, Hayward, Melvil, Naunton, Nichols, Osborn, Revels, and 
Turner (Sharon). 

(Saint) of Hungary, Duchess of Thuringia. The Chronicle of 

her Life, by the Count de Montalembert; translated hy A. Lide 
Phillipps. 4'' London, 1839. 


ELL — EMI 105 

Elliott (Charles) The Life of Hafizool-Moolk, Hafiz Relimut Khan, 
written bj his Son, the Nuwab Moost'ujab Khan Buhadoor, and en- 
titled Goolistan-i-Rehmut ; abridged and translated. — (Orient. 
I Transl. Fund.) 8^ London, 1831. 

' Slliotson (John) Human Physiology; with the Elementary Part of 
f Blumenbach Institutiones Physiologicae. 8° London, 1840. 

—— ^ Numerous Cases of Surgical Operations without pain, in the 
I Mesmeric state. 8° London, 1843. 

^Cllis (George) Specimens of the early English Poets. 8° Lond. 1790. 

* Specimens of the early English Poets; with an historical 

Sketch of the rise and progress of the English Poetry and Lan- 
guage. 3 vols. 8° London, 1811. 

Specimens of early English Metrical Romances; with an his- 

torical Litroduction, intended to illustrate the rise and progress of 
Romantic composition in France and England. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1811. 
(Sir Henry) A General Litroduction to Domesday Book; with 

Indexes of the Tenants in Chief, and Under Tenants, &c. 2 vols. 
8** London, 1833. 

Original Letters illustrative of English History, from Auto- 

graphs in the British Museum; with Notes and Illustrations. Both 
Series. 7 vols. 8° London, 1824-27. 

Original Letters of Eminent Literary Men of the 16th, 17th, and 

1 8th centuries; with Notes and Illustrations. (Camden Society.) 
4"" London, 1843. 

(John) A briefe Note written by John Ellis, one of the Cap- 

taines with Sir Richard Hawkins, in his Voyage through the Straits 
^ of Magellan, 1593. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 4. 
\ Natural History of curious and uncommon Zoophites, arranged 

and described by Daniel Solander. 4° London, 1786. 

J CThe) Correspondence. Letters written during 1686, 7, and 8, 

and addressed to John Ellis; comprising many particulars of the 
Revolution, and anecdotes illustrative of the history and manners 
of those times, edited by Lord Dover. 2 vols. 8° London, 1829. 

(T. F.) — see Adolphus. 

Ellison (Henry) Mad Moments; or, First Verse attempts, by a Born- 
Natural. 2 vols. 12° London, 1839. 

Touches on the Harp of Nature. 12'' London, 1839. 

El-Mas'udi. — see Sprenger (Aloys). 

Elmham (Thomas de) — see Hearne. 

Elphinstone (Hon. Mountstuart) The History of India, 2 vols. 8® 

London, 1841. 
Account of Caubul, and its dependencies in Persia, Tartary, 

and India. 4° London, 1815. 

Elstnge (Henry) The Manner of holding Parliaments in England. 8** 
London, 1768. 

Elton. Lady Alice; a Ballad Romance. 12° London, 1842. 

(C. A.) — see Hesiodus. 

Ely (Bishops of)— see Murray (T. B.) 

J^migration. The Report of the Select Committee on Emigration, 1826. 
8° Lond. 1827. 


lOB EMP — ENG ' 

EuPBDOCLxs. De Vita et rhiloso)>hia ejuB exposuit, Carminum BeU*' 
quios ex antiq. script. coUegit, et Preefatioaem et Indices adjecit 
M. F. Sturz. 2 vols. 8° Lipslffi, 1805. 

Emfoli (Giovanni da) Vi^gio fatto neU' India, 1503. — Rarausic^ 

EscTCLOP^DiA Britannica ; or. Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and general 
Lilerature: the seventh edition, witli Preliminary Dissertations on iln 
History of the Sciences, Additions, including the late Supplement 
and a general Index. Edited by Macvey Napier. 21 vols. 4° Edin- 
burgh, 1842. 

Metropolitana ; or, Universal Dictionary of Kqow ledge, on ths 

twofold plan of a philosophical and alphabetical arrangement. Edited 
byE. Smedley. 25 Tola. 4° London, 1815^4. 

see Con versationa -Lexicon, Fenny Cyclopaedia, and Reea. 

Endlicher (Stcph.) De Ulpiani Institutionum Fragmento in BibL Vin- 

dohonenai reperto. 8° Vindobona?, 1835, 
Engelmann (Wilhelm) Bibliothek der neueren Sprachen ; oder Ver- 
zeichness der in Deutschland von 1800 erschienenen GrammatikeQ, 
W6rt«rbiicher, &c., mit aualandischen Claasikem, 8° Leipzig, 1842. 

Eibliotheca Mechanico-technologica ; oder, Veraeichnias der in 

alterer und neuerer zeit, zu 1838, in Deutschland erschienenea 
Eiicher uber die mechanischea und technischen Kiinste, &c.; mit 
Supplement. 2 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1834-39. 

Enghien (Due d') Memoires historiques aur ea catastrophe, par UM. 

Berrille et Barriere. 8° Paris, 1824. 
Engineer (The Civil) and Architect's Journal, fl vols, 4° LoDdon* 

England (History of) — see Baker, Brady, Carte, Cunningham, DrakOs 
Godwin, Granger, Hughes, Hume, Kennet, Lappenberg, Lingard* 
Macaulay, Mackintoah, Macpherson, Mahon, Oldmixon, Plullip[><^, 
Ralph, Rapin, Sandford, SomerviUe, Speed, Stow, Strickland, Strut** 
Turner. lyrrell, Vergilius <Pol,), and Welwood. 
Anglo-Saxon. — see Asserius, Orosius, Palgrave, Saxon Chronicle 

and Turner. 
Chronicles. — see Chronicles. 

Civil War (The)— see Clarendon, Oldmixon, and WLitlock. 
Commonwealth (The) — see Godwin, Guizot, and Vaughan. 
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Documentary. — see Bentley, Burghley, Burton, Cabala, Carleloft 
Carstares, Clarendon, Cole, Dalrymple, Diggea, DugdaJe, Elgc** 
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Fenn, Forties, Gutch, Hardwicke, Harington, Lodge, MilM:»''i 
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Monastic Historians. — see Bertram, Britannicarum Rerum Scrip- 
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Paris, Savile, Tanner, and Twysden. 
Naval. — see Brenton, Campbell, and James. 
Normans. — see Duchesne and Thierry. 

ENG — ENS 107 

ExGUND (History of), 

Pariiamentarj. — see Burton, Cavendish, lyEwes, Hansard, May, 
Oldfield, Parry, and Parliament 

Particular Reigna. — see under the name of the Monarch. 

Reyolution (The) — see Carvel, D'Orleans, Guizot, Mackintosh, 
Mazure, and State Tracts. 

England. L^es in Anglia conditse. — see Canciani Barbarorum Leges, 
voL 4. 

Ancient Laws and Institutes of England. — see Record Com- 


Ekgland and France; or, a Cure for the Ministerial Gallomania. 8^ 
London, 1832. 

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Isle of Wight; with Observations on the Strata of the Island by 
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York, 1828. 

Eholishmen (The Travels of four) and a Preacher [W. Biddulph, Jef- 
fery Kirbie, E. Abbot, John Elkin, and Jasp. Tyon] into Africa, 
Asia, Troy, &c., to the Black Sea, in 1600-11.— Harl. CoU. of Voy- 
ages, vol. 1. 

EnocH (Book of) — see Lawrence, and Murray (Ed.) 

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bis 1824 in Deutschland erschienenen BUcher iiber die Baukunst. 
8** Berlin, 1825. 

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kc 8** BerUn, 1825. 

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in Deutschland erschienenen Werke, iiber die Rechtsgelehrsamkeit ; 
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Deutschland erschienenen Biicher iiber die Haus-und Landwirth- 
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Bibliotheca Philologica; oder Verzeichniss deijenigen Gram- 
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chen und orientalischen Sprachen, welche von 1750 zu 1839, in 
Deutschland erschienen sind ; von Wilhelm Engelmann. 8^ Leip- 
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Bibliotheca Philosophica; oder Verzeichniss der von 1750 zu 
1823, in Deutschland erschienenen Biicher iiber die Philosophic. 
8' BerHn, 1824. 

108 ENS — ESS 

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1831 in Deutschland erschienenen Werke fiber die Theologie; Yon 
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Simplicii Commentario, postUptoni curas recensuit, et Adnotationibus, 
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Equitable Assurances. The Deed of Settlement of the Society for 
Equitable Assurances; with Nine Addresses by William Morgan. 
8° London, 1833. 

Tables of the number of persons assured in the Equitable. Folio- 
London, 1834. 

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rumque virorum Notis illustrata, cum Lidicibus copiosiss. edidi.t 
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see Colet. 

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Erfurdt (C. G.) — see Ammianus Marcellinus. 

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Ernesti (J. A.) — see Cicero and Homerus. 

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nected with the liberty of the Press and against Constructive Treasons 
collected by James Ridgway. 4 vols. 8° London, 1810. 

Speeches, when at the Bar, on miscellaneous subjects. 8® Lon- 
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written in the intervals of Business. 12° London, 1841. 

ESS — EVA 109 

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1597. — ^Parcbas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

see Jardine. 

(Arthur Capell, Earl of) Letters written in 1675 ; with an 

Account of his Life and deplorable Death. 8** Dublin, 1773. 

EsToiLE (Pierre de V) M^moires pour servir h. I'Histoire de France, et 
Journal de Henri iii. et de Henri iv. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
l" Serie, tomes 45-49. 

EsTR^ES (Mar^chal d') Memoires.— Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 2»** 
Serie, tome 16. 

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• by Bob. Simson; with the Elements of Trigonometry, and a 

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Whewell*8 Sermons on the same subject. 8** London, 1838. 

EuNAPius. — see Dexippus. 

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Scholiorum]. 9 vols. 8** Glasguse, 1821. 

Tragedies, translated by R. Potter. 2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1823. 

see Raumer. 

^uhope (History of) — see Alison, Dunham, Koch, Raumer, and Russell. 

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8** Lond. 1701-13. 

The present State of Europe, or the Historical and Political 
Mercury; from 1690 to 1735. 47 vols. 4°. London. 

^-Csebii et Samuelis Chronica. JBusebii Pamphili Chronicorum, libri 
duo, et Samuelis Aniensis Temporum Ratio, Gr. et Lat., Notis A. Maii 
et J. Zohrabi. 4° Mediolani, 1818. 

"■" Historise Ecclesiasticae Eusebii Pamphili, HermiaB Sozomeni, 

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4 vols. 8'' London, 1817. 

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'^^iTRopius. Breviarium Historiae Romance, ex edit. Verheyk, cum Notis 
in usum Delph. Notis Varior. et Lidice. 8° Londini, 1821. 

^^AGRius. — see Eusebius. 

110 EVA — FAB 

Evans (John) A Sketch of the Religious DenommatioiiB of the CkMm 
World. 12* London, 1827. 

■' (Sir De Lacy) On the Designs of Russia. 8** Lcmdoii, 189^ 

Memoranda of the Contest in Spain in 1840. 8^ London, 18tf. 

(Thomas) Old Ballads, historical and narrative, and sone i 

modem date, collected from rare copies and MSS. ; with Notes. 4 fdL 
8° London, 1784. 

Evelyn (John) Sylva; or Discourse of Forest Trees^ and thepropigfr 
tion of Timber ; the Terra, or Philosophical DiscounBe of the fiiA; 
with Life and Notes, by A. Hunter. 2 vols. 4** Tork, 1812. 

Miscellaneous Writings; with Notes, by ^William Upcott f 

London, 1825. 

Numismata ; a Discourse of Medals, antient and modern. Fola 

London, 1697. 

Memoirs illustrative of his Life and Writing^ comprisiiig )k 

Diary from 1641 to 1706 ; with the private Correspondence. Edbri 
by WiUiam Bray. 2 vols. 4* London, 1819. 

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in a Voyage to Lidia. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 6. 

£vERETT (Edward) Orations and Speeches, on various occasioiis. f 
Boston, 1836. 

Evesham (Monachus de) Vita Ricardi ii. — see Heame. 
EvliyX Efendi. — see Hammer (J. von). 

Etre (Lieut. Vincent) The Military Operations in Cabul ; with a Joonal 
of his imprisonment in Affghanistan. 12^ London, 1843. 

Portraits of the Cabul Prisoners. 8® London. 

Faber (George Stanley) Inquiry into the History and Theology of ^ 
ancient Vallenses and Albigenses, as exhibiting, agreeably to the 
promises, the perpetuity of the sincere Church of Christ 8* 
London, 1838. 

Reinerus and Maitland. — see Maitland. 

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notitiam Scriptorum qui Antiquitates Heb. 6r. Rom. et Christ. iUiu- 
trarunt, cura P. Schaffshausen; cum Lidicibus. 4^ Hanibiugiy 1760. 

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3 vols. 12** Hamburgi, 1721. 

Bibliotheca Latina, rectius digesta et aucta ^ J. A* EmestL 

3 vols. 8* LipsiflB, 1773. 

Bibliotheca Latina medias et infimse aetatis; cum Supplemento 

Schoettgenii, correcta et aucta, a J. D. Mansi. 6 vols, in 2. I" 
PatavisB, 1754. 

see Dio Cassius. 

(Joannes) Historia Bibliothecse Fabrician®. 6 vols. 4^ 

Wolffenb. 1717. 
Fabritius (Greorgius) De Syntaxi apud Gnccos. 12° Parisiis, lo51. 

FAB — FEA 111 

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Concordance of Histories; with a biograplucal and literary Preface, 
and an Index, hj Sir Henrj Ellis. 4^ London, 1811. 

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cellini, edidit, Anglicamque interpret, adjecit J. Bailey. 2 vols. 4^ 
Londini, 1826. 

Facts and Figures; a Periodical Record of Statistics^ applied to current 
questions. 8** London, 1842. 

Fakib Jant Muhammxd Asaad. — see Thomson (W. F.) 

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French sea phrases and terms of art, modernized and much enlarged 
by William Bumey. 4° London, 1815. 

Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 58. 

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performance of Experiments. 8^ London, 1827. 

Another Edition. 8** London, 1842. 

Chemical Tracts. 8** London. 

Experimental Researches in Electricity. 4° London, 1832. 

Another Edition. 8° London, 1839. 

Lecture on Light and Ventilation, ddivereji at the Royal Insti- 
tution, April 7, 1843. 8** London, 1843. 

On the Ventilation of Lighthouse Lamps, the points necessary 
to be observed, and the manner in which these have been, or may be 
attained. 8^ London, 1843. 

(James) Description of a mode of obtaining the perfect Ventila- 
tion of Lamp Burners. 8^ London, 1843. 

^A&cES (Collection of) — see Lichbald. 

^ASE (Le Marquis de la) M^moires et Reflexions sur les principaux 
^venemens du r^gne de Louis xiv. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
2^ S^e, tome 65. 

^akmer's (The) Guide, for the use of the small farmers and cotter 
tenantry of L^land. 12'' Dublin, 1841. 

^ARQUBAB (Greorge) Works ; containing all his Poems, Letters, Essays, 
and Comedies. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1772. 

— * Dramatic Works. — see Wycherley. 

^AAR (WiUiam) A Medical Guide to Nice. 12** London, 1841. 

^ARREN (George) A Statute made easy, and its different parts ex- 
plained. 12^ London, 1838. 

^AURiEL (M. C.)— see Albigenses, and Songs of Greece. 

^ausse-Lemdet (La Marquise de) Quelques-uns des Fruits am^rs de la 
E6volution. 8* Paris, 1823. 

^AWKES (Francis)— see Anacreon, Musseus, and Sappho. 

^BABM (John) Anti-Tooke; or, an Analysis of the principles and 
structure of Language, exemplified in the English tongue. 2 vols. 
8** London, 1824-27. 

First Lines of the Human Mind. 8^ London, 1820. 

A Manual of the Physiology of Mind. 8'' London, 18^9. 

112 FEA — FER 

Fearn (John) The Human Sensorium investigated as to figure. 8^ 

Color Images in the Brain, with a View of the bearings of their 

detection on Philosophy. 8** London. 

A Rationale of the Laws of Cerebral Vision, comprising the 

Laws of single and erect Vision. 8° London. 

Letter to Sir David Brewster, with a Refutation of his Optical 

Attack on the " Treatise of Cerebral Vision." 8** London. 

Fedkrmann le jeune (Nicholas) Premier Voyage aux Indes de la Mer 
Octane. (Haguenau, 1557.) 8° Paris, 1837. 

Feeling (Lord) [A. de Fontaney] Scenes de la Vie Castillane et Anda- 
louse. 8° Paris, 1835. 

Felix. — see Minucius Felix. 

[Fellowes (Robert), or] Philalethes. The History of Ceylon, in the year 
1815 ; with Robert Knox's historical relation of the Island. 4^ 
London, 1817. 

(W. D.) Historical Sketches of Charles i., Cromwell, Charles n., 

and the principal personages of that period. 4^ London. 1828. 

Fellows (Charles) A Journal written during an Excursion in Asia 
Minor. 8** London, 1839. 

An Account of Discoveries in Lycia; a Journal kept during a. 

second Excursion in Asia Minor. 8° London, 1841. 

The Inscribed Monument at Xanthus, recopied in 1842. Folio. 

London, 1843. 

A Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc, i. ki 

1827. 4° London (privately printed), 1827. 

F^N^LON (Bert, de Salignac de la Mothe) Correspondance Diplomatiqut^ 
sur son Ambassade de France en Angleterre, de 1568-75; avec Sup- 
plement. 7 vols. 8° Paris et Londres, 1838-40. 

(Fran9ois de la Mothe) OEuvres. 9 vols. 4** Paris, 1787-»^- 

son Histoire, composee sur les MSS. originaux, par le Cardinal ^® 

Bausset. 4 vols. 8° Versailles, 1817. 

Fenin (P. de) — see Charles vi. 

Fenn (Sir John) Original Letters [of the Paston Family] during fcJa^ 
Reigns of Henry vi., Edward iv. and v., Richard m., and Henry vex- » 
digested in chronological order, with Notes, historical and explaE»«' 
tory. 5 vols. 4° London, 1788-1823. 

Fenton (Elijah) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 29. 

Ferber (M.) An Essay on the Oryctography of Derbyshire. — ^Pinker- 
ton's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. — see Prescott. 

Ferdinand vii. of Spain. Memoirs, translated by M. J. Quin. ^ 
London, 1824. 

Ferdoosee. Episodes from the Shah Nameh; or. Annals of the Persia^ 
Kings; translated into English Verse, by Steph. Weston. 8® LondoD, 

see Atkinson, and Firdausi. 

Fergus (H.) History of the United States of America. 2 vols. 1* 
London, 1832. 

FER — FIE 113 

Fkbouson (Adam) The History of the progress and termination of the 
Roman Republic. 3 vols. 4^ London, 1783. 

(James) Lectures on select subjects in Mechanics, Hydrostatics, 

Pneumatics, and Optics. 8** London, 1772. 

Ferishta (Mahomed Kasim) History of the rise <9f the Mahomedan 
power in India till 1612; translated by Col. John Briggs, with an 
Account of the Conquest, by the Kings of Hydrabad, of the ceded 
Districts and Northern Circars, and copious Notes. 4 vols. 8^ 
London, 1829. 

Fermented Liquors : some Inquiries into their Effects, by a Wator- 
drinker [Basil Montagu]. 8"" London, 1818. 

FuRikBEs (Le Marquis de) M^moires; avec une Notice sur sa Vie, des 
Notes, &C., par Berville et Barri^re. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1821. 

Fekrario (GuiL) — see Foesie. 

FibussAG (Le Baron de) Bulletin Universel des Sciences et de Tlndus- 
trie: — 

1** Section : Sciences Math^matiques. 16 vols.' 8^ Paris, 

2^ Section: Sciences Naturelles, et Gr&>logie. 27 vols. 8^ Paris, 

3' Section: Sciences M^cales. 27 vols. 8"" Paris, 1824-31. 

4* Section : Sciences Agricoles et Economiques. 19 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1824r-31. 

5* Section : Sciences Technologiques. 19 vols. 8^ Paris, 

6* Section : Sciences Gr^graphiques, etc.. Economic Publique, 
Voyages. 28 vols. 8** Paris, 1824-31. 

7* Section: Sciences Historiques, Antiquity, Philologie. 19 vols. 
8^ Paris, 1824-31. 

8* Section: Sciences Militaires. 11 vols. 8'' Paris, 1824-31. 

Table g^n^rale des mati^res et des Auteurs pour I'Ann^e 1829. 
8° Paris, 1829. 

Annonces, et Nouvelles Scientifiques. 4 vols. 8^ Paris, 1823. 

^^scH (Cardinal) Catalogue des Tableaux composant sa Gralerie. 4^ 
Borne, 1841. 

^ ^8TD8.— see Pompeius Festus. 

"^^TJOiS (D. F. Benito G.) Theatro Critico Universal; 6 Discursos varios 
en todo g&iero de Matorias, para desengano de errores communes; con 
Saplemento y Cartas Eru^tas, tomo 1. 10 vols. 4^ Madrid, 1749. 

Theatro Critico, con Suplemento. 9 vols. 4° Madrid, 1742-53. 

Cartas Eruditas y Curiosas. 5 vols. 4^ Madrid, 1753-60. 

Indice General Alfabetico al las Obras del Senor B. G. Feijo6, 
por Jos. Santos. 4° Madrid^ 1774. 

^ciNo (Martilio) — Raccolta di Prose. 

^iDDEs (Richard)— see Wolsey. 

**1ELD (John) Fortune's Epitome of the Stocks and Public Funds. 12** 
London, 1838. 


114 FIE — FIT 

Fielding (Henry) The Works ; with Essay on his Life and Geniiu. 
10 vols. 8** London, 1784. 

Joseph Andrews. — British Novelists, voL 18. 

Tom Jones. — ^British Novelists, vols. 19 to 21. 

FiGUEROA (6arc& Silva) Letter from Hispahan, Anno 1619, to the 
Marquesse of Bedford, touching matters of Persia. — Parchas's 
Voyages, vol. 2. 

FiLANGiERi (Graetano) La Scienza deUa Legislazione e gU Opnscoli 
Scelti, con Elogio Storico di D. TommasL 6 vols. 8^ livomo, 

Ciencia de la Legislacion, tradacida por J. Bubio. 5 vols, in 6. 

8** Madrid, 1787. 
see Constant 

FiLiCAJA (Vincenzo) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

FiNATi (Giovanni) Life and Adventures, translated by W. J. Bankes. 
2 vols. 12** London, 1830. 

Finch (Richard) A Letter to Sir Thomas Smith, and to the Ckmipanie 
of English merchants trading to Russia. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 3. 

(William) Observations taken out of his large Journal relating 

to Sierra Leona, &c. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Fine Arts. First and Second Reports of the Commissioners on the Fine 
Arts. Folio. London, 1843. 

FiNLAisoN (John) Account of some remarkable applications of the Elec- 
tric Fluid to the Useful Arts by Alexander Bain ; with a Vindicatioa 
of his claim to be the Inventor of the Printing Tel^raph and Mag- 
netic Clock. 8** London, 1843. 

FiNLAT (Greorge) Greece under the Romans : an historical View of tlie 
condition of the Greek nation, from its conquest by the Bomazi^ 
until the extinction of the Roman Empire in the East 8^ Londoci, 

[ ■ (John)] Scottish historical and romantic Ballads, chiefly andeis^t; 

with Notes and a Glossary. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Edinburgh, 1808. 

FioRENTiNo (Giovanni) H Pecorone, nel quale si contengono cinquazata 
Novelle Antiche. 2 vols. 8*" Milano, 1804. 

(Salomone) Poesie. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomo 25. 

FiRDAUSi's Shah Xameh. — see Atkinson, and Ferdoosee. 
FiRENZUoLA (Agnolo) Opere. 5 vols. 8® Milano, 1802. 
Fischer (F. C.) — see Carmen, Ssec. vi. 

(J. F.) Animadversionum ad J. Velleri Grammaticam GnecAi^' 

Specimen secundum. 8** Lipsise, 1799. 
see Anacreon, ^schines, and Florus. 

Fisher (Richard T.) Three Poems : Eleusinia, Nimrod, and Sib/U* 
Anglica. 2 vols. 8*" London, 1842. 

Fitch (Ralph) Voyage to Qrmus and Goa, in the East Indies. — T^' 
kerton's Voyages, vol. 9; Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

FiTTON (W. H.) The progress of Geology in England. 8** London* 

Greological sketch of Hastings. 8^ London, 1833. 

FIT — FLE 115 

FrrroN (W. H.) Observatdons on some of the Strata between Chalk and 
Oxford Oolite, in the S. E. of England. 4'' London, 1836. 

Account of some Greological specimens from the coasts of Aus- 
tralia. S"" London, 1826. 

FiTZGEBALD ^Edward, Lord) His Life and Death, bj Thomas Moore. 
2 vols. 8^ London, 1831. 

(^0 -An Essay on the Lnpediments to knowledge created by 

Logomachy. 8'' Dublin, 1840. 

FiTZ Herbert (Humphrey) Pithie description of the chief Islands of 
Banda and Moluccas. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

PiTZROT (Capt. R.) — see King. 

Flaminio (M. Antonio)— -Baccolta di Prose. 

Flamsteed (John) Life, compiled from his own MSS. and other au- 
thentic documents never before published; with his British Catalogue 
of Stars, corrected and enlarged by Fr. Baily. 4** London (pri- 
vately printed), 1836. 

Flassan (M. de) Histoire g^n^rale et raisonn^e de la Diplomatic Fran- 
9aise, ou de la Politique de la France, depuis la fondation de la 
Monarchic jusqu'k la fin du r^ne de Louis xvi., avec des Tables 
chronologiques. 7 vols. 8^ Paris, 1811. 

Flaxman (John) Compositions of the " Acts of Mercy." Folio. Lon- 
don, 1831. 

Compositions from the Tragedies of -ZE^hylus. 4° London, 


Compositions from the Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, of Dante 
Alighieri. 4'' London, 1807. 

The Theogony, Works, and Days of Hesiod, engraved from 
the compositions of Flaxman. Folio. London, 1817. 

The Hiad and Odyssey of Homer, engraved from the compo- 
sitions of Flaxman. Folio. London, 1805. 

Lectures on Sculpture; with a brief Memoir of the Author. 
8"* London, 1829. 

^I-EETWOOD (Bishop WiUiam) Chronicon Preciosum: an Account of 
Grold and Silver money, and of the price of Corn and other com- 
modities in England, for the last six hundred years. 8^ London, 

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FOR 117 

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118 FOR — FOX 

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Archives. — see Cimber. 

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Diplomatic. — see Flassan. 
Maison Royale. — see Anselme. 
M^oires. — see Guizot, and Petitot. 
Particular reigns. — see the names of the Monarchs. 
Revolution. — see Abrantes, Adolphus, Alison, Beauchamp, Ber- 
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Sta^ Thiers, and Wachsmuth. 

Restauration. — see Capefigue. 

120 F R A 

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de la Cong, de St. IVIaur [D. Rivet, D. TaiUandier, et D. Cl^mencet]; 
avec la Continuation par les Membres de rAcademie des Inscriptions 
et Belles Lettres [Pastoret, Brial, &cl et I'Histoire litt^raire de 
Saint Bernard et de Pierre le Venerable [par D. Clemencetl. 
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Ordonnances du Rojaume, et des autres monuments de THistoire de 
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Code Noir. 12* Paris, 1762. 

CodeP^nal. 12* Paris, 1811. 

and Italy (A Tour in), made by an English Gentleman, 1675. — ■ 

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Francis i. — see Fleurange. 

Francis n. — see Aubespine, and Mary Queen of Scots. 
Francis (Phillip) — see Horace. 

(Sir Philip) — see Junius. 

Francklin (T.) — see Sophocles. 

(WiUiam) Tour from Bengal to Persia, in 1786-7.— Pinkertow '« 

Voyages, voL 9. 
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Italiano, tomo 25. 

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tique, et Tudesque. 4* Bouillon, 1777. 

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Frank (Othmar) Ueber die Indischen Verwandtschaften im jflSgyptis- 
chen; besonders in Hinsicht auf Mythologie. 4* [Miinchen, 1839.] 

Ueber einige Indisch-Mythologische Darstellungen. 4* [MOn- 

chen, 1837.] 

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Life and Writings by himself, and continued by W. T. Franklin. 
6 vols. 8* Philadelphia, 1818. 

Another Edition. 6 vols. 8* London, 1833. 

FRA — FRE 121 

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Goyemment of Pennsylyania. 8° London, 1759. 

(James) The Present State of Hayti : its agricalture, commerce, 

lawSy finances, and population. 8^ London, 1828. 

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Polar Sea, 1819-22 and 1825-27; with an Account of the Progress 
of a Detachment to the Eastward, by John Richardson. 2 vols. 4^ 
London, 1823-28. 

see Richardson (John). 

(The) Journal, and American Mechanics' Magazine, from the 

commencement in 1826 to 1828. 5 vols. 8^ Philadelphia. 

Fkanzesi (Matteo)— Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

PRASEB (Charles) Annals of the Turkish Empire, from 1591 to 1659, 
translated from the Turkish of Naima. Vol. 1. (Orient. Transl. 
Fund.) 4^ London, 1832. 

History of the War in Bosnia in 1737-9, translated from the 
Turkish. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8** London, 1830. 

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Bange of the Himala Mountains, and to the Source of the Rivers 
Jumna and Ganges. 4° London, 1820. 

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Countries to the North-east of Persia. 4° London, 1825. 

Travels and Adventures in the Persian provinces on the southern 
banks of the Caspian Sea. 4^ London, 1826. 

An Historical and Descriptive Account of Persia. 12° Edin- 
burgh, 1834. 

Residence of the. Persian Princes in London; with an Account 
of their Journey from Persia. 2 vols. 8° London, 1838. 

:kazer's Magazine for Town and Country, frt>m the commencement in 
1830. 8'' London. 

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^- His Life, by Lord Dover. 2 vols. 8** London, 1832. 

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-^^EDEBiKE (Caesar) Extracts of his Eighteen Years' Lidian Observa- 
tions. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

^^EB Man's Companion; consisting of moral, political, and philosophical 
views, examples, and explanations, tending to illustrate the cause of 
truth, justice, virtue, liberty, and human improvement. 8^ Hart- 
ford, 1827. 

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grandes villes, et des moyens de les rendre meilleures. 2 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1840. 

Freimuthige Aeussen/ngen iiber den sittlichen und kirchlichen Zustand 
Oberschlesiens. 8^ Breslau. 

FaiRON (Le Citoyen) M^oire historique sur la Ration Royale et sur 
les Massacres du Midi. 8^ Paris, 1824. 

Fbetcinet (L.) — see Baudin. 


122 FRE — FUL 

Fretcinet (Louis de) Voyage autoor du Monde sat lea Comtta 
rUranie et la Phjsicienne, pendant las ann^ea 1817 k 1820; [k 
Zoologie, par Quoj et Gaimard; la Botanique, par Crandidad: 
I'Histoire du Voyage, les Observations du Pendule, la NayigaliQid 
THydrographie, 1^ partie, et le Magn^tisme Terr^tre, pardeFWf- 
cinet;] avec les quatre Atlas des Planches en folio. 7 yck ( 
Paris, 1824-42. 

Frettag (F. G.) Analecta Literaria de libris rarioribns ; et AdfOiM 
Literarius, ubi libri partim antiqui partim rari recensentnr. 3 fok 
12*» Lipsiffi, 1750-^2. 

(G. W.) Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, ex I^yeuharii et aEois 

Arabum coniectum, acced. Index Vocum Latinamm. 4 Tok f 
HalaB Saxonse, 1830. 

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1721. — ^Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 4, 

Frisiones. Laws. — see Canciani, Barbarorum Legea, voL 3. 

Frobishee (Sir Martin) Three Voyages in search of a Nortli-nf 
Passage, 1576-78. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 12. 

Frodoard. Sa Chronique. — Guizot, ColL des M&oaxnreey tome 6. 

Histoire de TEglise de Rheims. — Guizot, ColL des M&am 

tome 5. 

Frooer (The Sieur) Relation of a Voyage in 1695—7, on the ooaBUflf 
Africa, by the French Squadron under M. de Grennee. Hari. Col 

of Voyages, vol. 2. 

Froissart (Jean) Ses Chroniques, revues et augment^es d'aprb ki 
MSS.; avec des Notes et Supplements, par J. A. Buchon. — Biidioi» 
Coll. des Chroniques, tomes 11-16. 

Chronicles of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, lai 

other countries, translated by Lord Bemers; with a Hfemoir of tk 
Translator, and a copious Index, by E. V. Utterson. 2 vola. f 
London, 1812. 

Chronicles, translated; with his Life, by Thomas Johnea. (Tk 

Plates in 4°) 12 vols. 8° London, 1808. 
Histories. — ^Britannicarum Rerum Scriptores. 

Ses Podsies, estraites de deux MSS. de la Biblloth^ue do 

— Buchon, ColL des Chroniques, tome 10. 

Fronde. Introduction aux M^moires relatifs ^ la Fronde. — ^Petitot, CoD. 
des M&noires, 2"*** Si^rie, tome 35. 

■ see Sainte-Aulaire. 

Frontinus (S. Julius) Libri iv. Strategematicon ; cum Notis Variar. 
curante Fr. Oudendorpio, et Indicibus. 8® Lugd. Bat. 1799. 

Frugoni (Carlo Innocenzo) Rime. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 49. 

Lirica. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 51. 

Fuca. Relacion del Viage hecho por las Goletas Sutil y Mexicana ei 
1792, para reconocer el Estrecho de Fuca. 4° Madrid, 1802. 

Fulcherius Camotensis. Acts of the Pilgrims in their Expedition to 
Jerusalem. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 2. 

FuLGENTius (F. Planciades.) — see Mythographi Latini. 

Fuller (Thomas) The Historic of the Holy Warre. Folio. Cambridire, 
1640. ^ 

FUL — GAL 123 

Fdilbk (Thomas) Hie Church History of Britain, to 1648; with the 
History of the Uniyersity of Cambridge, and of Waltham Abbey. 
Folio. London, 1665. 

— »— The History of the Worthies of England; with explanatory 
Notes, by John Nichols. 2 vols. 4** London, 1811. 

FvLMAM (W.)— «ee Hammond. 

Fdlton (Robert) His Life, by Cadw. D. Colden; with an Appendix. 
«" New York, 1817. 

FuKEs (Gregorio) Ensayo de la Historia Civil del Paraguay, Buenos- 
Ayies, y Tucuman. 3 vols, in 2. 4** Buenos-Ayres, 1816-17. 

FuNHELL (William) His Voyage round the World, as Mate to Captain 
Dampier. — Harris's Voyages, vol. 1. 

FuRMEAUx (Captain) An abridged History of the principal Treaties of 
Peace since that of Westphdia, with reference to the Neutral Flag. 
8^ London, 1837. 

FnsELi (Henry) His Life and Writings, by John Knowles. 3 vols. 
S"" London, 1831. 

Ftlek (J. C.) Stanley, and other Poems. 12^ London, 1838. 

Oaetan (Juan) Relatione del Discoprimento dell' Isole Molucche, per la 
via ddl' Lidie Occidentali. — ^Ramusio, tomo 1. 

(xAETE (Le Due de) Ses M^moires, Souvenirs et Ecrits. 2 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1826. 

Gage (John) The History and Antiquities of Hengrave, in Suffolk. 
4'' London, 1822. 

Gautord (Thomas) — ^Poets Minores Gra^. 

GiLBEBT. — see Charles le Bon. 

Gale (Roger)— «ee Richmond, Tcnrkshire. 

Gale (Thomas) Rerun Anglicarum Scriptores Veteres, [Ingulphus, 
Petms Blesensis, Grildas, Eddius, Xennius, Asserius, Ran. Higden, 
W. Malmesb., etc] cum Lidicibus et Appendice. 3 vols. fol. 
Qxonii, 1684-91. 

' see Historic PoeticsB Scriptores. 

Galbani (Antonio) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Galbnus (Claudianus) De Sanitate tuenda libri vi., Thoma linacro 
interprete. 12** Parisiis, 1538. 

De morbis curandis libri xiv. denub diligentia M. Gh*egorii 
recogniti, Thoma Linacro interprete. 12** Parisiis, 1538. 

Synopsis eorum quae quinque prioribus libris Galeni de facul- 
tatibus simplicium me^camentorum continentur, per D. M. Akakiam. 
12** Paris, 1555. 

see Hippocrates. 

Gaifebdus Grammaticus. — see Promptorium Parvulorum. 

Monumetensis. — ^Britannicarum Rerum Scriptores. 

^ALi, or Gualle (Fr. de) Navigation from New Spain to the Philip- 
pines, and from Macao to New Spain, 1582. — Bumey's Discoveries 
in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

Galilei (Galileo) Opere. 13 vols. 8^ Milano, 1808. 

124 GAL — GAT 

Galilei (Galileo) His Life ; with Illustrations of the advanoement of 
Experimental Philosophy [by John Elliot Drinkwater Bethnne]. 4' 
London, 1829. 

Gallants (The Meeting of) at an Ordinarie; or, the Walkes in Poufks, 
edited by J. O. Halliwell. (Percy Society.) 8** London, 1841. 

Gallatin (Albert) Memoir of the North-eastern Boundary, in con- 
nexion with " Jay's Map;" with a Speech by Daniel Welwter on the 
same subject. 8® New York, 1843. 

see American Boundary. 

Galli (Florent) The Tabula Philologica ; or. Synoptic Table of all the 
Languages of the Universe. (Li a case.) 4^ London, 1834. 

Galluzzi (Riguccio) Storia del Granducato di Toscana, sotto 11 governo 
de' Medici. 11 vols. 8° Firenze, 1822. 

Galt (John) Lawrie Todd; or, the Settlers in the Woods. 12° 
London, 1832. 

see Byron, and West (Benjamin). 

Galvano (Antony) The Discoveries of the World, from their first 
original to the year 1666, published in English by Richard Haklayt 
— Harl. Coll. of Voyages, vol. 2. 

Briefe collections of Voyages, chiefly of Spaniards and Por- 

tugals. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Galwat (Earl of) Account of his Conduct in Spain and Portugal— 
8** London, 1711. 

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see Ovid. 

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GAU — GEN 125 

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126 GEN — GES 

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see Transactions. 

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Geobgb III. — see Adolphus, Aikin, and Hamilton (Lady Anne). 

Collection of Maps, Prints, &c. — see Catalogue. 

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personal Anecdotes, by H. K Lloyd. 8^ LaEMk>n, 1830. 

see Hamilton (Lady Anne). ' 

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la Caroline. 8° Bienne, 1767. 

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GES — GIL 127 

GtsRBs. — see Horatiiis. 

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GiAMBUiXARi (Bernardino) — Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

■ (Pier Francesco) — ^Raccolta di Prose. 

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• see Whitaker (John). 

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Life; with selections from his Correspondence, and Illustrations, 
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Museum of the Royal Dublin Society : to which is added an Irish 
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" (John) — see Pitt. 

" (W.)— see Anti-Jacobin, and JuvenaL 

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Medicis. — ^Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, I'' S^e, tome 49. 

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denses. 8^ London, 1827. 

128 GIL — GLA 

GiLLT (William Stephen) Wsddensian Researches during a visit to tl 
Yaudois of Piemont; with an Inqoirj into the antiquity and purl 
of the Waldensian Church. 8° London, 1831. 

see Neff. 

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1772, on several parts of England, particularly the Mountains au 
Lakes of Cumberland and Westmorland. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1794 

Observations on the River Wye, and on several parts of Soutl 

Wales, &c.; relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, made in 1772. 
8** London, 1792. 

Observations relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, made in 

1776, on several parts of Great Britain, particularly the Highlands 
of Scotland. 2 vols. 8° London, 1794. 

Remarks on Forest Scenery, and other Woodland Views, (rela- 

tive chiefly to Picturesque Beauty,) illustrated by the scenes of New 
Forest in Hampshire. 2 vols. 8° London, 1794. 

On Picturesque Beauty, Picturesque Travel, and Sketching 

Landscape ; with a Poem on Landscape Painting. 8^ London, 1794. 
An Essay on Prints. 8** London, 1792. 

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les MSS. de I'Auteur, et augment^e d'une Notice historique, par 
M. Daunou. 14 vols. 8** Paris, 1824-35. 

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Scriptores, vol. 1. 

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Wales, A.D. 1188; translated, witii Annotations and Life of GiraldoSy 
by Sir Richard Colt Hoare. 2 vols. 4** London, 1806. 

Itinerarium Cambrise, et Topographia Hibemiae. — Camden An- 

glica &c. Scripta. 

GiRAULT-DuviviER (C. P.) Grammairc des Grammaires. 2 vols. 8** 
Paris, 1834. 

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GiRos (Pedro Fernandez) Relation of the New Discoverie in the South 
Sea. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

GiusTiNiANO (Orsatto). — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

(Pompeo) Delle Guerre di Fiandra, da G. Gkunurini. 1^ 

Milano, 1615. 

(Sebastiano) — Raccolta di Prose. 

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8** London, 1840. 

The State in its relations with the Church. 2 vols. 8° Loa 

don, 1841. 

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Islands. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 16. 

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Satire. 12^ London, 1833. 

Glastoniensis (Johannis) Chronica. — see Heame. 

GLE — GOD 129 

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Another Edition. 2 vols. 12** London, 1831. 

The History of the British Empire in Lidia. 3 vols. 12*^ 
London, 1835. 

The Subaltern. 12** Edinburgh, 1828. 

Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Washing- 
ton and New Orleans, in 1814-15. 8** London, 1821. 

The Chelsea Pensioners. 3 vols. 8° London, 1829. 

The Country Curate. 2 vols. 8° London, 1830. 

Lives of the most eminent British Military Commanders. 3 vols. 
ir London, 1831-32. 

see Hastings, and Munro. 

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Athanatophilia. 4'' Yenetia, 1596. 

Breve Trattato, nel quale moralmente si discorre qual sia la 

Retra di Filosofi. 4** Venetia, 1596. 

OuKJESTRrEHsiA CoUectanca; or, a Catalogue of Books, Tracts, Prints, 
Coins, &c., relating to the County of Gloucester, in the possession of 
John Delafield, Esq. 8° London (privately printed), 1842. 

Olossabt (A) of Provincial Words used in Herefordshire. 12** 
London, 1839. 

• of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Archi- 
tecture. 3 vols. 8** Oxford, 1840. 

Gloucesteb (Robert of) Chronicle. — see Heame. 

[Gloveb (F. a.)] The Church, the Bishop, or Corah, — ^which? Two 
Sermons; with a List of all the Bishops of Britain to the present 
day. 12^ London, 1839. 

[ (Richard)] Memoirs, by a celebrated Literary and Political 

Character, firom the resignation of Sir R. Walpole, in 1742, to Lord 
Chatham's second Administration, in 1757. 8° London, 1814. 

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(Sir Thomas) Journey of Edward Barton with the Grand 
Siguier, 1596. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

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Bekker. (&iript Byzant.) S° Bonnae, 1836. 

^^Tsjn (Robert) Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 58. 

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^HoRowsKi (S. B.) Lisurrection of Poland in 1830-31, and the Russian 
Rule preceding it, since 1815. 8° London, 1839. 

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(W.)— see Somerset. 

^DFEET of Bullen. Historic of the Expedition to Jerusalem, by God- 
frey of Bullen, Robert of Normandie, &c. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 2. 

^DEpROT de Paris. Chronique M^trique. — Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, 
tome 9. 

130 GOD — GOL 

GrODBCAN (J. D.) American Natural History. 2 vols. 8^ Philadelphia, 

[GrODWiN (Franc. Episc.)] Rerum Anglicarum temp. Henrici vm., 
Edw. VI., et Marise Annales. Folio. Londini, 1616. 

Another Edition. 12** Hagae, 1653. 

De Prsssulibus Anglise Commentarius; omnium Episooporum et 

Cardinalium, Nomina, Tempora, atque Actiones complexus; cum Notis 
et Continuatione Gul. Richardson. Folio. Cantabrigiaey 1743. 

(William) History of the Commonwealth of England, from its 

commencement to the Restoration of Charles ii. 4 vols. 8^ LoodoD^ 

On Political Justice, and its Influence on general Virtue and 

Happiness. 2 vols. 4® London, 1793. 

Adventures of Caleb Williams. 12^ London, 1831. 

St. Leon, a Tale of the Sixteenth Century. 12** London, 1831. 

see Chaucer. 

Goethe (J. W. von) Sammtliche Werke. 55 vols. 8** Stuttg. 1827-34. 
CEuvres Dramatiques, traduites [par MM. Stapfer, Cavagnac^et 

Marguer^]; avec ime Notice biographique et litt^raire. 4 vols, ff 

Paris, 1825. 

Ueber Kunst und Alterthum in den Rhein, und Mayn Gegenden. 

6 vols, in 7. 12** Stuttgardt, 1816-32. 

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London, 1825. 

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Second Edition, with Additions. 8** London, 1834. 

Faust, translated in English Verse, by the Hon. B. Talbot B 

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London, 1842. 

Torquato Tasso, a Dramatic Poem; with other German Poetry? 

translated by C. Des Voeux. 8** London, 1827. 

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land thorow the Tarters' Countreyes, in 1602. — ^Purchas's Voyaged 
voL 3. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7. 

GoGUELAT (Le Baron) M^moire sur les 6v^nemens relatifs an Voyage d« 
Louis XVI. h. Varennes; suivi d'un Precis des tentatives fidtes pou*" 
arracher la Reine du Temple. 8° Paris, 1823. 

GrOLD-HEADED Cane (The). 12° Loudou, 1828. 

GrOLDONi (Carlo) CoUezione completa delle sue Commedie. 31 vols, i^ 
16. 12° Livomo, 1788-93. 

Goij)SMiTH (Lewis) Cours politique et diplomatique de Napoleot* 
Bonaparte. 7 vols. 8° Londres, 1816. 

— ^— (Oliver) Miscellaneous Works; with some Account of his li*^ 
and Writings. 4 vols. 8° London, 1806. 

Miscellaneous Works, edited by James Prior. 4 vols. ^ 

London, 1837. 

Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 64. 

GOL — GOU 131 

GtuMnrrH (OliTer) The Vicar of Wakefield.— British Novelists, vol. 23. 

His Life, from a variety of original sources, by James Prior. 

2 vols. S"* Lond<Hi, 1837. 

GoMARA {Frands Lopez de) Relations of things most remarkable ob- 
served by the Spaniards at their first coming. — ^Porchas's Voyages, 
vol. 3. 

CroNZAi^s (Manoel) Voyage to Great Britain, translated from the 
Portngoese. — Harl. Coll. of Voyages, vol. 1.— Pinkerton's Voyages, 
vol 2. 

6o<h:«istan*i-Rbhmut. — see Elliott 

GoKDON (Alexander) Itinerarium Septentrionale; or, a Journey thro' 
most of the Counties of Scotland, and those in the North <^ England; 
with the Supplement. Folio. London, 1726-32. 

(H.) The present state of the Controversy between the Pro- 
testant and Roman Catholic Churches. 12^ London, 1837. 

(T. F.) — see America. 

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Ireland. 3 vols. 8"" London, 1883. 

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livered by Gabriel Ardier. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

GossoN (Stephen) The School of Abuse; with Litrodnction and Notes. 
(Shakspeare Society.) 8^ London, 1841. 

G<yrH0FKEDD8 (J.)-H9ee Theodosianus Codex. 

GoTTESYSREHBUNOEN (Die oficutlichen) der katholischen (Thristen waren 
an&ngs anders bescbafien als jetzt, und sollten wieder anders werden. 
S"" Landeshut, 1810. 

Gt>TiiM0BN8i8 Societatifl Commentarii. — see Tlransactions. 

GoTTiHGiscHE gdehrte Anzeigen, imter der Aufsicht der Konigl. Gesell- 
schaft der Wissenschaften. 62 vols. 12"" Gottingen, 1825-41. 

GouvEA (A.) Histoire Orientale des grans progr^ de I'EgUse Catholique, 
en la r^uction des Anciens Ghrestiens, diets de S. "Diomas; avec la 
Messe des Chrestiens diets de S. Thomas; traduite par J. B. de Glen. 
8*" Bruxelles, 1609. 

GouGEB (Robert) A Letter from Sydney. 12** London, 1829. 

[GotjQB (Richard)] British Topography; or, an Historical Account of 
what has been dfone for illustrating the Topographical Antiquities of 
Great Britain and Lreland. 2 vols. 4° London, 1780. 

Sepulchral Monuments in (Sreat Britain, applied to illustrate the 
History of Families, Manners, Habits, and Arts, from the Norman 
Conquest; with Litroductory Observations and Lidexes. 3 vols, in 6. 
foL London, 1786-96. 

see Camden, and Catalogue. 

^ujET (I'Abb^) Biblioth^que Fran9oi8e; ou, Histoire de la Litt^ture 
Fran^oise. 18 vols. 12^ Paris, 1741-56. 

GoTjRBiLLOH (J. A. de) Voyage Critique k FEtna, en 1819. 2 vols. 8** 
Paris, 1820. 

^taoAUD (Le G^n6ral) M^moires pour servir k THistoire de France, 
sous Napoleon, Merits k Sainte Hdl^ne. 2 vols. H"" Paris, 1823. 

see Bourrienne. 

132 GOU — GRA 

GouRDON (William) Later Observations in his Wintering at Postozen, 
in 1614 and 1615. — Purchas*s Voyages, vol. 3. 

Voyage made to Pechora, in 1611. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 3. 

GouBViLLE (J. H. de) M^moires, concemant les affaires auxquelles il a 
6t6 employ^ par la Cour, depuis 1642 jusqu'en 1698- 2 tomes. 
12° Amsterdam, 1772. 

M^moires.— Petitot, Coll. des M6moires, 2"^ S^rie, tome 52. 

GouRY (M. J.) and Owen Jones. Plans, Elevations, Sections, and 
Details of the Alhambra; with a Translation of the Arabic Inscrip- 
tions, and an Historical Notice of the Kings of Granada, by P. de 
G^yangos. Folio. London, 1842. 

GowER ( John)-H5ee Todd. 

GozLAN (L^n) Aristide Froissart. 2 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1843. 

Gozzi (Gasp.) Opere. 2 vols. 8° Milano, 1832. 

Graah (W. a.) Undersogelses-Reise til Ostkysten af Gronland i 
Aarene, 182S^1, (with Map in a case). 4^ Eiobenhaon, 1832. 

Expedition to the East Coast of Greenland in search of the 

Lost Colonies; translated by G. G. Macdougal. S^ London, 1837. 

Grace (Jacobi, Kilkenniensis) Annales Hibemis; edited, with a Trans- 
lation and Notes, by Richard Butler. — (Lrish Archsoological Society.) 
4** Dublin, 1842. 

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Grjeg^ Grammatices Listitutio in usum Seminarii Patavini. 8^ F^- 
tavise, 1818. 

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GRiEvius et Jacobus Gronovius. Thesaurus Antiquitatum Grascamin et 
Romanarum; access. Novus Thesaurus, Antiq. Rom. ab A. H. de Sal- 
lengre; Nova Supplementa k Jo. Poleno; Lexicon Antiq. Rom> ^ 
Sam. Pitisco; et Inscriptiones Antiquas Romani h. Jano Grutero. 39 
vols. fol. Lugd. Bat., Venet., &c., 1694-1737. 

(Joannes Georgius) Thesaurus Antiquitatum et Historiarum 

Italise, Sicilise, Sardiniae, Corsicse, Melitse adjacentiumque insularum; 
cum praefationlbus Petri Burmanni. 46 vols. fol. Lugd. Bat- 

see Cicero. 

Grafton (Richard) Chronicle; or, History of Englande, with a Table of 
the Bailiffs, Sheriffs, and Mayors of the City of London, firom 1189 
to 1558. 2 vols. 4*" London, 1809. 

Graham (Sir James) Com and Currency, in an Address to the Land' 
owners. 8° London, 1826. 

(John) Poems, chiefly Historical. 8° Belfast, 1829. 

(Thomas) Elements of Chemistry. 8** London, 1842. 

Grahame (James) The History of the United States of North America- 
4 vols. 8° London, 1836. 

Who is to blame? or, Review of " American Apology for Am^" 

rican accession to Negro Slavery.** 8° London, 1842. 

(Thomas) On the Navigation connecting Liverpool and Maf*" 

Chester. 4° Glasgow, 1833. 
Grainger (James) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 59. 

see Sulpicia, and Tibullus. 

G R A 133 

GiAMATiCA de la Lengua Castellana. 8^ Madrid, 1821. 

GtAMOivT (Le Mar^chal de) Ses M^oires. — Petitot, ColL des Me- 
moires, 2^ S^e, tomes 66 & 57. 

Grammont (Le Comte Antoine de) — see Hamilton. 

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William ui.; with four himdred additional Lives, and M. Noble's 
Continuation to the end of the reign of Greorge i. 9 vols. 8° 
London, 1824-1806. 

Grant (Mrs.) Memoirs of an American Ladj. 12^ New York, 1809. 

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Biblioth^ue de Besan9on; public sous la direction de Ch. Weiss. 
4 vols. 4** Paris, 1842. 

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134 GRA — GRE 

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see Clinton, Finlay, Heeren, Mitford, Muller, TMrlwall, and 


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GRE — GBI 135 

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' 8** Paris, 181L - 

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^ in 6. 8** Oxford, 1834. 

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' . Doke of Sufiblk, particularly before her death ; with four papers 
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et Diderot Correspondance litt^raire, philosophique, et critique, 

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publics d'apr^s ses manuscrits confids k Grimm. 4 vols. 8^ Paris, 

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136 GRI — GU A 

Grindlat. — see Steam Commuziicalioii. 

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Dispensation. 8^ London^ 1827. 

On the nature and import of the Image and TA^nfy of Gri 

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A.D. 1810, edited by G. B. ^ry. 4"" liOndon, 1838. 

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and Pomponius Mela. 

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Military Antiquities respecting a History of the "Rn gKA Asm, 

from the Conquest to the present time. 2 vols. 8** Londoo, INi 

A Glossary of Provincial and Local words used in Engiand; lii 

Supplement, by S. Pegge. 8° London, 1839. 

Lexicon Balatronicum : a Dictionary of buckish fllang, ■>' 

versity wit, and pickpocket eloquence. 8^ London, 1811. 
see Antiquarian Repertory, and DarrelL 

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risk-Poetisk udviklet og oplyst. 8° Kiobenhavn, 1832. 

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D Pastor Fido. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 35. 

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GUE — GUR 137 

(iiitRARD.— Bee France, Chartres, and Saint Bertin. 

Maa (Felix Edooard) Iconographie du R^gne Animal da Baron 
Cmrier; on Representation, d'apr^ nature, de Tone des Esp^ces les 
phis remarqnables, de chaqne genre d'Animaux. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 

VSRIT (A. M.) Sur la Stadstiqae Morale de la France. 4"" Paris, 1833. 

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IV^ds des Gaerres entre la France et TAngleterre. — ^Petitot, Coll. 
des Mdmoires, 1** S^rie, tomes 4 & 5. 

DBST (Ladj Charlotte)— see Mabinogion. 

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see Botta. 

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Poesie. — ^Pamaso Italiano, tomo 42. 

see Raccolta di Poesie lariche. 

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UI6NE8 (Joseph de)— see De Guignes. 

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Gnizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 29. 

rmLLAUMB DE JuMiisGE. Histoire des Normands. — Guizot^ Coll. des 

Hdmoires, tome 29. 
ruiLLAUME DE St. Thierrt. — 666 Bernard. 

rmLLAUME DE Ttr. Histoirc des Croisades. — Guizot, Coll. des M^* 

moires, tomes 16-19. 
rviLLEMiN (M.) — scc Annslcs des Sciences. 
S^uiSE (Le Dae de) Ses M^moires, 1647-48. — Petitot, Coll. des Me- 

moires, 2^* S^e, tomes 55 & 56. 

"^ — see Chastre. 

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Tav^nement de Charles i. jusqa'it la restaaration de Charles n. 

2 vols- 8** Paris, 1826-27. 
"^ — Histoire g6n^ale de la Civilisation en Europe, depais la Chiite 

de TEmpire Remain jusqu'k la Revolution Fran9aise. 8 Paris, 1828. 

"^^ Histoire de la Civilisation en France, depuis la chftte de I'Em- 

pire Remain, jusqu'en 1789. 5 vols. 8*" Paris, 1829-32. 

Essais sur I'Histoire de France. 8'' Paris, 1823. 

Collection des M^moires relatifs a THistoire de France depais la 
fondation de la Monarchic Francaise jusqu'au xiii* Si^e, avec une 
Introdnction, des Supplemens, des Notices, et des Notes. 31 vols. 
8** Paris, 1820-35. 

see Monk. 

^lEi^us Gemiticensis. — see Camden Anglica &c. Scripta. 
^^UELicus Neubrioensis. Rerum Anglicarum libri. — see Heame, and 
Britannicarum Rerum Scriptores. 

K^nrowDEE Plot. — see Jardine. 

iyhk (W.) Cartonensia; or, an historical and critical account of the 
Tapestries in the Palace of the Vatican. 8"" London, 1831. 

^rlet (R R.)— see Ashmun. 




GuRNEY (J. J.) Observations on the Religioafi Pecoliaiitiea of the Sc 
ciety of Friends. 8° London, 1824. 

• — Hints on the portable Evidence of Christiamly. 12*' Lond. 188! 

On the History, authority, and use of the Sabbath. 12 

London, 1832. 

GuRwooD (Lieut. -Colonel)-H5ee Wellington. 

GusMAN (Nunno di) Relation scritta in Omitlan, provincia di Mechaaci 
della maggior Spagna, nel 1630. — Ramuaio, tomo 3. 

Relation of Expeditions from Mexico, written to the Empen 

Charles v. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

GusTAVus Adolphus, £jng of Sweden. The History of his life, 1 
W. Harte. 2 vols. 8** London, 1768. 

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the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland. 2 vols. 
Oxford, 1781. 

GwiLLiM (John) A Display of Heraldry; with additions by Sir Gew^ 
Mackenzie, Captain John Logan, &c. ; and a Dictionary of Terms p 
James Coates]. Folio. London, 1724. 

GwiLT (Joseph) An Encyclopaedia of Architecture, historical, the 
retical and practical. 8° London, 1842. 

(Joseph and J. S.) Project for a National Grallery on the site 

Trafalgar Square. S° London (privately printed), 1838. 
GwTDiR Family. — see Wynn. 

GwYNNE (John) Military Memoirs of the Great War, and an Accoui 
of Earl Glencairn's Expedition, 1653-^54. 4** Edinburgh, 1822. 

Hacket (Bishop John) — see Williams (Abp.) 

Haackius (C. F.) — see Thucydides. 

Haggard (John) Reports of Cases in the Ecclesiastical Courts. 2 vol 
8** London, 1829. 

Hagustaldensis (Joan, et Ricardus, Priores) — see Twysden ScriptoK 

Haji Khalifeh.— see Fluegel, and Mitchell. 

Hailes (Lord)— see Dalrymple (Sir D.) 

Hain (Ludovicus) Repertorium Bibliographicum, in quo Libri ah ar 
Typog. inventa ad annum md. typis expressi, recensentur. 4 va 
8** StuttgartisB, 1826. 

Hakluyt (Richard) The principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiquc 
and Discoveries of the English nation, made by sea or over-land 
any time within the com passe of these 1600 yeares; with addidoi 
5 vols. 4*' London, 1809-12. 

The IHscoyeries towards the North and 
North-East; with many testimonies 
of the ancient foreign trade ; and the 
true state of Icebind. Vol. 1. 

The Vanqaishing of the Spanish Ar- 
mada, 1588. — The honourable Voy- 
age to Cadiz, 1 596. — The Navigations 
to the South and South -East parts of 
the World, as well within as without 
the Streight of Gibraltar, to 1595. 
Vol. 2. 

Voyages made without the Streight of 
Uibraltar, to the South and South- 
East parts ot the World, 1591-94; 
and to all parts of the new-found 
world of America. VoL 3. 

The renowned Vojrages of Sir Fran 
Drake and Thomas Candish ron 
about the circumference of the wh 
Earth,— Voyages to the We«t Indi 
Brasill, and South America. VoL 

Voyages made into the East Indies 
The Fardle of Facions, conteining i 
auncient Maners, Customet, Lav 
of the peoples enhabiting AflH< 
and Asie. — The Conquest of the < 

narie Isles The Historie of the W 

Indies. — Description of Viiginia i 
Florida.— Discoyery of the Beis 
das &c. VoL 5. 

HAL 139 

Haldobsonius (Biom) Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum ; edidit B. K. 
Bask, Frefatus est P. £. Muller. 2 vols. 4'' Haimiae, 1814. 

Halk (Lord Chief Justice) The Jurisdiction of the Lords' House, or 
Parliament; with an introductory Preface, by Fr. Hargrave. 4° 
London, 1796. 

Halbs (John, of Eton) A brief Inquiry touching a better way than is 
commonly made use of, to refute the Papists. Printed 1653. — 
Phenix, voL 2, No. 22. 

a Discourse touching the Peace and Concord of the Church. — 
Phenix, vol. 2, No. 23. 

(Stephen) Statical Essays, and Experiments on the Sap in 
y^etables. 2 vols. S° London, 1831. 

Hal?ord (Sir Henry) Essays and Orations; with an account of the 
opening of the Tomb of Charles i. 8° London, 1831. 

Halfpenny (W. and J.) R. Morris and T. Lightoler. The Modern 
Boilder^s Assistant. Folio. London, 1757. 

Halifax (Charles, Earl of) Miscellanies; Character of a Trimmer, &c. 
8" London, 1700. 

(Greorge Savile, Marquis of) A Character of King Charles ii. 

8^ London, 1750. 

HuL (Captain Basil) Fragments of Voyages and Travels. (Three Series.) 
9 vols. 12^ London, 1831. 

Voyage to Corea and the Island of Loo-Choo. 12** London, 

Another Edition. 12** Edinburgh, 1826. 

Extracts from a Journal written on the coasts of Chili, Peru, 
and Mexico, in 1820-22. 2 vols. 12° Edinburgh, 1824. 

Travels in North America, in 1827-28. 3 vols. 12° Edin- 
burgh, 1829. 

Forty Etchings, from sketches made in North America, in 1827. 
4° Edinburgh, 1829. 

A Review of Captain Basil Hall's Travels in North America, 
b 1827-28; by an American. 8° London, 1830. 

Schloss Hainfeld; or a Winter in Lower Stjrria. 12° Edin- 
burgh, 1836. 

l"^" (Chambers)] The Picture: a Nosegay for Amateurs kc>; being 

the Autobiography of a Holy Family by Raphael. 8° Lond. 1834. 

(Edward) Chronicle; containing the History of England, from 
Henry iv. to the end of the reign of Henry viii. 4° London, 1809. 

(James) Voyages forth of Denmarke for the discoverie of Green- 
land, in the year 1605-6. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Fourth Voyage of to Greenland in 1612, written by William 
Baffin. — ^Pnrchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

(James) The Jotting Book ; a political and literary experiment. 
12^ London, 1840. 

(Sir James) Essay on the origin, history, and principles of 
Grothic Architecture. 4"* London, 1813. 

(Peter) Picturesque Memorials of Salisbury: a Series of Etch- 
ings Ulnstrative of that city and neighbourhood ; with History of Old 
and New Sarum. FoUo. Salisbury, 1834. 

140 HAL— I 

Hall (Robert) Entire Works ; with Life, by Oliothua Gregory. 6 vols. 
8° London, 1831. 

(R. G.) On tlie Rights of the Crown and the Privileges of its 

Subject iu Uie Sea-ahores of tlie realm, 8° Xxindon, 1830, 

(Sajnuel) Description of the Patent Condensers and improve- 

raente iu Steam Engines. 4° London, 1843, 

(Spencer) Suggestions for the classification of the Library now 

collecting at the Athunjcum, 8° Loudon (privately printed), 1838. 

A Letter to .T. Murray, uimn an iEathelic Edition of the Works 

of Shakspearc. 8° London (privately printed), 1841, 

IJallam (Henry) View of tho etate of Europe during the Middle Ages, 
3 vols. 8° London, 1829. 

Introduction to the Literature of Europe, in the 15th, 16th, and 

17th Centui-ics. 4 vols. 8° London, 1837. 

The Constitutional History of England, from the accession of 

Henry vii, to the death of George ii. 3 vols. 8° London, 1829. 

Hallh^r (Albert von) Bibliotheca Botanica, cum Indice. 2 vols. 
Tiguri, 1771. 

Elementa Fhysiologiie Corporis Humani ; cum Auctario. 9 vols. 

4° Lausannae, 1757-82. 

Hai.let (Edmund) Instance of the excellence of the Modem Algebra. — 
Maseres Scriptores Optici. 

Two Voyages to the South Atlantic Ocean, 1698 and 1700. — : 

Bumey'a Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 4. 

Hallidat (Sir Andrew) Tlie West Indies: the natural and phyucal 
History of the Windward and Leeward Colonies, 8° London, 1837. 

Halliwbll (James O.) The early History of Freemasonry in England. 
8° Loudon, 1840. 

see Ballads, Coveutrios Ludus, and Shakspeariana, 

Halpih (N. J.) Obcron'a Vision in the Midsuiumer Xight's Dreun, 

illustrated by a comparison with Lyiie's Endymion, (Shakapean 

Society.) 8° London, 1843. 
Hals (William) Manuscript Collections for the History of ComwalL — 

see Gilbert. 
[Halibhrton (Judge)] The Clock m aker ; or Sayings and Doings of 

Samuel Slick of Slickville. The three series. 3 vols. 12° London, 

Hambuhg. Lehmann und Petersen. Anaichten und Baurisse der neneoi 

Gebaude ftir Hamburgs ofTentliclie Bildungsanstalten. 4° Hambui^ 

HAMiSL (Hend.) Account of the Shipwreck of a Dutch vessel at the Isl^ 

of Quelpaert, and description of Corea, 1653-54. — Churchill's Voy — 

ages, vol. 4i Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7; and Bumey's Discoveri*^ 

in the South Seas, vol. 3. 
Hamilton (Alexander) New account of the East Indies, from 1688 B 

1723.— Pinkerton's Voyages ' ' 

James Maddison, and John Jay. The Federalist, on the Ne'' 

Constitution, written in 1788. 12° Washington, 1831. 

(James and William, Dukes of) Memoirs. — aee Burnet, 

HAM 141 

Hamilton (Lady Anne) Secret History of the Court of England, from 
the accession of G-eorge iii. to the death of G-eorge iv., including the 
particulars of the mysterious death of the Princess Charlotte. 2 yoIs. 
8^ London, 1832. 

(Antoine) OEuvres completes; pr^o6d^ d'une Notice historique 

et litt^raire, par L. S. Auger. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1806. 

(Francis) — see Buchanan. 

(H. P.) The Principles of Analytical Greometry. 8** Cambridge, 


An Analytical System of Conic Sections. 8° Cambridge, 1830. 

(John) Stereography; or a compleat Body of Perspective, in all 

its branches, in seven books. Folio. London, 1738. 

(Colonel J. P.) Travels through the interior provinces of 

Columbia. 2 vols. 8'' London, 1827. 

(Robert) The Progress of Society, as regards human welfare. 

industry, &c. 8^ London, 1830. 

(Terrick) Antar, a Bedoueen Romance, translated from the 

Arabic. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1819. 

(Walter) A geographical, statistical, and historical Description 

of Hindostan and die adjacent countries. 2 vols. 4° London, 1820. 

The East India Gazetteer. 2 vols. 8"^ London, 1828. 

(William) Letters on the Basaltes of the Northern coast of the 

county of Antrim. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 57. 

(William Gerard) Parliamentary Logick; with Appendix on the 

Com Laws, by Dr. Johnson. 8° London, 1808. 

(William J.) Researches in Asia Minor, Pontus, and Armenia. 

2 vols. 8'' London, 1842. 

(W. B.) Address delivered at the Annual General Meeting of 

the Royal Society of Literature, in 1843. 8** London, 1843. 

Remarks on several parts of Turkey. Part 1. ^gyptiaca; or 

some account of the antient and modern state of Egypt ; with the 
Plates in folio. 4^ London, 1809. 

see Aristophanes. 

Hammer (Joseph von) Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters 
explained; translated from the Arabic of Ahmad bin Abubekr bin 
Wahshih. 4*^ London, 1806. 

« Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the 17th 

Century, by Evliy& Efendi, trani^ted from the Turkish. (Orient. 
Translation Fund.) 4^ London, 1834. 

. Geschichte des Osmanischen Reiches. 4 vols. 8^ Pesth, 1834-36. 

Hammohd (Henry) Works ; with Life, by W. Fulman. 4 vols. fol. 
London, 1684. 

— — — (James) Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 63. 

ELampdem (John) Some Memorials of him, his Party, and his Times, by 
Lord Nugent 2 vols. 8'' London, 1832. 

. see DTaraeli. 

in the 19th Century; or, Colloquies on the errors and improve- 
ment of Society [by J. M. Morgan]. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1834. 

142 HAM — HAR 

Hampden (Bobertus, Vicecomes de) Poematia, Britftnnia, Lathmon, ViUa 
Bromhamensis, curante filio Johanne Trevor. Folio. Pannfle (tjpis 
Bodonianis), 1792. 

(R. D.) Bampton Lectures : the Scholastic Philosophy considered, 

in its relation to Christian Theology. 8^ Oxford, 1833. 

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see Adolphus. 

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Cabinets, dans la Guerre de la Revolution de 1792-1815. 13 vols* 
8^ Paris, 1828-38. 

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A new and general Notation for Life Contingencies. 8^ Londocsy 


(T. D.) see Records. 

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the 34th of King Henry viii. ; with a biographical and literary Pre- 
face and an Lidex, by Sir Henry Ellis. 4° London, 1812. 

H A R 143 

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Charge. 8** London, 1840. 

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The Victory of Faith, and other Sermons. 8** Cambridge, 1840. 

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in the Medical department of the University of Pennsylvania. 8^ 
Philadelphia, 1840. 

Objections to the Nomenclature of Berzelius ; with suggestions 

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tive to the Law and Constitution of England. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

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to 1842; with a summary of her ecclesiastical government and disci- 
pline. 8** Exeter, 1843. 

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Manuscripts. — see Catalogue. 

Library. — see Catalogue. 

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144 HAR — HAU 

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see Catalogue. 

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A series of Papers on the defence of Ships and Buildings firom 

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8** London, 1828. 

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Observations particularly on the Holy Land and the Natural History 
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caL 8^ New York, 1826. 

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foL Canterbury, 1778-99. 

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(John) Relations and Remembrances taken out of a large Jou** " 

nalL — Purchas's Voyage, vol. 1. 

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with Observations. 4 vols. 4® London, 1818. 

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A Glossary, Bengali and English. 4** London, 1835. 

Bengali Selections, with Translations and a Vocabulary. ^ 

London, 1822. 

HAU — HAY 145 

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Menu, in Sanscrit, with an English translation. 2 vols. 4^ 
London, 1825. 

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Tindicated; being a Refutation of the Remarks of Col. Vans Kennedy. 
8** London (privately printed), 1835. 

Prodromus; or, an Inquiry into the First Principles of Reasoning. 

S° London, 1839. 

see Purusha, and Tota Itahas. 

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ri^re. 8** Paris, 1824. 

Haut (L'Abb^ Ren^ Just.) Tableau comparatif des R^sultats de la Cris- 
tallographie, 8"* Paris, 1809. 

Traits de Min^ralogie ; avec les Planches en 4° 4 vols. 8° 

Paris, 1822-23. 

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see Adventurer. 

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The Silver Coins of England arranged and described; with 
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Voyages, vol. 4; and Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

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country of the Great Mogoll. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

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Notes. 3 vols. 12^ Oxford, 1773. 

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12** London, 1840. 

^At (D. R.) The Laws of Harmonious Colouring, adapted to interior 

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and Christianity, illustrated from a View of the Universe. 8** 

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146 HAY — HEA 

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cio^ istoria, poesia, prose, arti, e scienze. 2 vcds. 4^ Mikoo^ 

Haymes (Samuel) — see Burghlej. 

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Ramusio, tomo 2. 

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Queen Elizabeth, edited bj John Bruce. (Camden Sodetj.) 4'' 
London, 1840. 

The Right of Succession asserted against the inainuations of 

R. Dolman, alias Parsons. 8^ London, 1683. 

(Thomas) The Quintessence of English Pbetry; or, a CoSkako 

of all the beautiful passages in our Poems and Plays, frcmi Speasff. 
3 vols. 12** London, 1740. 

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Hazlitt (William) Lectures on the English Comic Writers. If 
London, 1841. 

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An Blustrative Key to the Political Sketches, by H. B., froo 

No. 1 to 600. 8° London, 1841. 

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the Pampas and among the Andes. 12^ London, 1828. 

A Narrative [of Canadian Affairs]. 8** LondoD, 1839. 

see Bruce. 

(Sir Greorge) Forest Scenes and Incidents^ in the Wilds d 

North America. 12° London, 1829. 
Another Edition. 12° London, 1838. 

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Life, by H. Kett. 2 vols, in 1. 8° London, 1790. 

^^— Poems. — British Poets, voL 73. 

Headlong Hall, Nightmare Abbey, Maid Marian, and Crotchet Casd? 
[by — Peacock]. 12° London, 1837. 

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Zealand. 12° London, 1842. 

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Bay, to the Northern Ocean, in 1769-72. 4° London, 1795. 

(Thomas) The Histonr and Antiquities of Glastonbury; wid 

^^ .^^.^^ ^^■mt^ ^ A -Mitt a»%. .^^ M^ .J « ^^ ^J^ m mtmmMr^-m^^M 1 ^MmMmM 

Preface and Appendix. 8 Oxford, 1722. 

Ductor Historicus; or. Short System of Universal Historj. 

2 vols. 8° London, 1723. 

Vindication of those who take the Oath of Allegiance to hi? 

present Majestic [George i.] 8° London, 1731. 

Collection of Curious Discourses, written by eminent Antiquam^ 

on English Antiquities; with Preface and Appendix, and Accoost 
of the Lives of the [Members of the] Original Society of Antiquarians 
2 vols. 8° London, 1773. 

Journey to Reading. — see Aubrey. 

see Bodley. 

H E A 147 

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additions and historical remarks. 8^ Oxford, 1709. 

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Britannias, e codice in Bibl. Tho. Rawlinson; cum Prsefatione, Notis, 
etindice. 8° Oxonii, 1716. 

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e codidbus MSS., cum Appendice. 8^ Oxonii, 1720. 

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et Ricardi i.; e codice MS., cum Prsefatione, Appendice, et Indice. 
2 vols. 8*^ Oxwiii, 1735. 

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aatographo, com Prsfatione et Notis. 2 vols. 8° Oxonii, 1730. 

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editL 3 vols. 8"* 1717. 

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8** Oxonii, 1718. 

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e cod. MS. in Bibl. S. Trinitatis Cantab.; cum Prsofatione, Indice, 
he. 2 vols. 8** Oxonii, 1727. 

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MSS. in Bibl* Harleiana vulgati, accedit Appendix. 2 vols. 8^ 
Oxonii, 1733. 

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Regis, e codicibus MSS. ; cum Prsefatione et Appendice. 8° 
Oxonii, 1727. 

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access. Joan. Rossi Historiola, Joan. Bereblocus de rebus gestis 
Oxoniae, et Ric. Wjnnus de Caroli Walliae Principis in Hispaniam 
Itinere; e codicibus MSS. cum Appendice et Indice. 8° Oxonii, 1729. 

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Prae&tione, Appendice, et Indicibus. 5 vols. 8^ Oxonii, 1722. 

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codice MS., cum Appendice. 2 vols. 8° Oxonii, 1726. 

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published from a MS. in the Harleyan Library; with Preface, Glos- 
sary, and Index. 2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1724. 

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et in., e codicibus MSS.; cum Prsefatione et Appendice. 2 vols. 8° 
Oxonii, 1731. 

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Rich. Graves editum, cum Prsefatione et Appendice. 2 vols. 8^ 
Oxonii, 1723. 

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from a MS. in the Inner Temple Library; with Preface, Glossary, 
and Index. 2 vols. 8'' Oxford, 1725. 

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ex autographis ; cum Appendice, Notis, et Indice. 6 vols. S° 
Oxonii, 1715. 



Heabne (Thomas) Joannis Lelaiidi de rebus Britanuicis CoUectBaea; 
etUtio sdtera, ucced. de rebus Anglicauis Opuacula varia ; cum Pne- 
fationc, Notis, et Indice. 6 vols. 8° LoDdini, 1774. 

The Itinerary of Joha Leland, the antiquary; the third edition, 

printed from Mr. Ueame's cuiTected copy in the Bodleian Library; 
with general Index. 9 vols, in 5. 8° Oxford, 1770. 

Liber Niger Scaccarii, et Wilhelmi Worcestrii Annales rernm 

Anglicarum, access. Opuscula de Ilistoria, Angliie; cum PrKfatione, 
Appendiee, Notis, et Indice [^published by Sir Jos. Ayloffe]. 2 vols, 
8° Londini, 1774. 

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codicibus edita; cum Appendiee et Notis. 8° Oxouii, 1716. 

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MS. in Bibl. Tho. Sebright, edita; cum Notis et Spicilegio. 3 vola. 
8° Osonii, 1719. 

Duo rerum Anglicarum Scriptores veteres — viz., Thomas Otier- 

boiime et Johannes Whethamstede [Chronica Regum AnglisJ. ab 
origine gentis Britaunicce ad Edvardum iv.; aeced. Alia, cum Notis, 
Prtefatione, et Appendiee. 2 vola. 8° Oxonii, 1732. 

TextUB Rofiensts acced. Angliie Episcoporum Formulec, et L. 

Huttenus de Antiquitatibus Oxoniensibus (Anglicc), e codicibiu 
MSS. ; cum Appendiee. 8" Oxonii, 1720. 

Joannis Rossi TVarwicensis Historia Regum Anglice, e cod. 

MS. in Bibl. Bodleiana; acced. J. Lelandus in mortem Hen. Dud- 
deleyi, cum Notis et Indice. b" Oxonii, 1745. 

Thomse Sprotti Chronica, e codice MS. in Bibl, Edv. Tiering^ 

adject, alia Opuscula. 8° Oxonii, 1719. 

Johannis de Trokelowe Annales Edvardi ii., Henrici de Blane — 

fordo Chronica; et Edvardi n. vita, a Monacho MalmesburieDsi, ^s 
cod. MSS.; cum Appendiee, Notis, et Indice. 8° Oxonii, 1729. 

Hbath (Robert) Account of the Ishmds of Scilly, in 1744. — Pinkerton'a 

Voyages, vol. 2. 
Hebsr (Bialiop Reginald) Poems and Translations. 8° LondiHi, 182^9- 

Sermons, preached in England. 8° lArndon, 1829. 

Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces of Indmflk 

from Calcutta to Bombay, 1824—25; a Journey to Madras and tt"* 
Sou^em Pro\'incea, 1826; and Letters written in India. 3 voXs. 
8° London, 1829. 

His Life; with Selections from his Correspondence, unpublislicd 

Poems, and private Papers ; and a Journal of his Tour in Norway, 
Sweden, Russia, &c., by his Widow. 2 vols. 4° London, 1830. 

Heckbweldbr (John) Account of the history, manners, and customs of 
the Indian Nations, who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neig''' 
bouring States. (Transactions Amer. Phil. Society. VoL 1.) 8° 1819- 

Hedkric (Benjamin) Gnecum Lexicon cura Ernesti et Sforell, ci"" 
additionibus P. Larcheri. 4° London, 1825. 

Hebren (A. H. L.) A Manual of Ancient History, parliculariy wi'li 
regard to the Constitutions, the Commerce, and the Colonies of the 
States of Antiquity, translated. 8° Oxford, 1833. 

HEE — HEN 149 

HsBSSN (A. H. L.) Historical Researches into the Politics, Intercourse, 
and Trade of the principal Nations of Antiquity, translated. 3 vols. 
8** Oxford, 1833. 

Historical Researches into the Politics, Intercourse, and Trade 

of the Carthaginians, Ethiopians, and Egyptians, translated. 2 vols. 
8° Oxford, 1832. 

A Sketch of the Political History of Ancient Greece, translated. 

8^ Oxford, 1829. 

Essai sur I'lnfluence des Croisades; traduit par Charles Villers. 

8^ Paris, 1808. 

Historical Treatises: the Political Consequences of the Reforma- 

tion; the rise, progress, and practical influence of Political Theories; 
and the rise and growth of the Continental Interests of Great Britain, 
translated. 8'' Oxford, 1836. 

A Manual of the history of the Political System of Europe and 

its Colonies, from the close of the fifteenth century to the fall of 
Napoleon, translated. 2 vols. 8® Oxford, 1834. 

Heidblbesg Writers. — see Britannicarum Scriptores. 

Heineccius (Johannes Gottlieb) Antiquitatum Romanorum Jurispru- 
dendam iUustrantium Syntagma. 2 vob. 8° Argent. 1734. 

[Heimeckbn (Le Baron C. H. de)] Idee generale d'une Collection com- 
plete d'Estampes; avec une Dissertation sur I'origine de la Gravure, 
et les premiers livres d'Images. 8** Leipsic, 1771. 

Heinsius (Theodor) Gkschichte der Deutschen Litteratur. 12** Berlin, 

Heley (William) Divers Voyages to Greenland; with Letters of those 

which were there employed in 1617. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 3. 

Helgaud. — see Robert (Le Roi). 

Heliodobus. — see Scriptores Erotici. 

Hell Torments; the Foundation and Pillars thereof discovered, searched, 
shaken, and removed. Printed 1658. — Phenix, vol. ii.. No. 25. 

Helvetius (Claude Adrien) (Euvres completes. 5 vols. 8° London, 

[BLelyot (Hippolyte)] Histoire des Ordres Monastiques Religieux et 
Militaires, et des Congregations S^culieres. 8 vols. 4° Paris, 

Hemingfobd (Walterus de) Historia Edvardi i. ii. & iii. — see Heame. 
Hemingi Chartularium Ecclesiaa Wigorniensis. — see Hearne. 
Hemsteehusius (Tiberius)— see Lucianus. 

Hendebson (Alexander) The History of Ancient and Modem Wines. 
4^ London, 1824. 

• (Ebenezer) Iceland; or, the Journal of a Residence in that is- 
land, in 1814-15, 8° Edinburgh, 1819. 

(Thomas) Astronomical Observations made at the Royal Obser- 

vatory, Edinburgh, 1834-8. 4 vols. 4°. Edinburgh, 1838-41. 
On the Declination of Fixed Stars. 4° London, 1837. 

Hennikeb (Sir Frederick) Notes during a visit to Egypt, Nubia, the 
Oasis Boeris, Mount Sinai, and Jerusalem. 8° London, 1824. 

Hbnbi III. de France. — see Estoile, and Villeroy. 

Henbi IV. Recueil des Lettres Missives de Henri iv., public par M. 
Berger de Xivrey, tome 1, 1562-84. 4** Paris, 1843. 

150 HEN — HER 

Hembi IV. — see Capefigue, Cajet, Colynet, Davila, Estoile, ¥&a£Upn. 
Sully, Thou (De), Hiuanus, and Villeroy. 

Henricus de Blaneforde. — see Heame. 

Huntindoniensis. Historise. — see Savile Scriptores. 

Henriette d'Angleterre. — see La Fayette. 

Henry ii. — see Benedictus Abbas, under Heame, and Lyttelton. 

Henrt v. — see Thomas de Ehnham, under Heame. 

Hbnrt VII. — see Rutland Papers. 

Henrt viii. Scheme of Bishopricks; with illustrations of bis Assump- 
tion of Church Property, its amount and appropriation, by H. Cole. 
8** London, 1838. 

His Life, with BiograpLical Sketches of Cardinal Wolsey, Sir 

Thomas More, Erasmus, Cromwell, Archbishop Cranmer, and other 
eminent contemporaries, by P. F. Tytler. 12® Edinburgh, 1837. 

see Harpsfeld, Rutland Papers, State Papers, and Turner 


Henrt Prince of Wales, son of James L His Life, by Thomas Birch, 
8*^ London, 1760. 

(Patrick) Sketches of his Life and Character, by William Writ 

8'' Philadelphia, 1818. 

(Robert) The History of Great Britain; with life of the author, 

and Continuation to the accession of James i., by J. P. Andrews. 
14 vols. 8** London, 1788-96. 

Heiueus (C. 6.) Bildnisse der regierenden Fiirsten und beriihmter 
Manner, vom vierzehnten, bis zum 18^ Jahrhunderte, in einer 
Folgereihe von Schaumiinzen. Folio. ''Wlen, 1828. 

Heraud (John A.) Voyages up the Mediterranean and in the Lidian 
Seas; with Memoirs from the Logs and Letters of a Midshipman. 8^ 
London, 1837. 

Herbelot. — see D'Herbelot 

Herbert of Cherbury (Edward Lord) His Life, written by himself. 
London, 1770. 

(Greorge) His Life. — see Walton. 

(Sir Thomas) — see Charles i. 

(William) — see Ames. 

(Dean WiUiam) Works, excepting those on Botany and 

History; with additions and corrections. 3 vols. 8^ London, II 

Herculanensium Voluminum quse supersunt, tomi duo: et 
tionis Isagogicas ad Herculan. Yolum. explanationem pars 
3 vols. fol. Neapoli, 1793-1809. 

Herder (Joh. G. von) Sammtliche Werke. 44 vols, in 22. 

Carlsruhe, 1820-29. 

Philoflophie and Geschichte, 1-16. 1 Schonen Literatur and Konst, 17-32. 

Religion and Theologie, 33-14. 

— — Der Cid; nach Spanischen Romanzen besungen. 12® Tiibinger=:^'» 

[Hereford (C.)] The History of Spain to the death of Ferdinand t 
Sage. 3 vols. 8° London, 1793. 

Hermann ((xodofredus) Elementa Doctrinae Metricae. 8** Glasgo 

HER — HEU 151 

HsRMAWN (GodofiredoB) Opuscula (Classica, Philologica, et Grammatica). 
7 vols. 8** Lipsiae, 1827-39. 

Hesmas. — Bee Patmm Apostolicomm Opera. 

Hermss; Oder kritiscbes Jahrbuch der Literatur, 1824-31. 15 vols. 
S° Leipzig. 

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8** Paris, 1802. 

see RenneL 

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en las Islas, y Tierra-firme del Mar Oceano, 5 Descripcion de las 
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— Account of the first discovery of America, by Christopher Co- 
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Description and historical account of the Caribbee Islands. — 

Churchill's Voyages, vol. 5. 

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see Flaxman. 

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IIeusimoerus (J. M.)— see JSsopus. 

152 HEW — HEP 

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(Samuel)— see Fox (C. J.) 

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A Marriage Triumph, on the Nuptials of the Prince Palatine 

and the Princess Elizabeth; with an Litroduction and Notes. — 
(Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

Hibernicarum Rerum Scriptores. — see O'Conor. 

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matico-Criticus et Archaaologicus. H. Wanleii Librorum Vett. Sep- 
tent. Catalogus; Hickesii de Antiq. Literatura Septent. Dissertatio, 
et A. Fountaine Numismata Saxonica et Dano-Saxonica. 2 vols, 
fol. Oxonii, 1705. 

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(Tomas)— see Connelly. 

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The Catechist's Manual and Family Lecturer. 8° Oxford, 

The Three Temples of the One True God contrasted. 

Oxford, 1830. 

The History of the rise and early progress of Christianit; 

2 vols. 8** London, 1828. 

Sonnets and other short Poems on Sacred Subjects. 1 

London, 1834. 

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et Claud. Galenus. Opera, Gr. et Lat. cura et studio Rea^'^ 

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Marten. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

HIS — HOL 153 

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both civil and military, foreign and domestick; with a Chronological 
Diary. 25 vols. 8° London, 1714-38. 

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foL London, 1773. 

■- see Clarke (Samuel). 

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London, 1810-21. 

A Classical Tour through Italy and Sicily. 2 vols. 8"^ London, 

see Catalogue, and Giraldus. 

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himself, and historical and critical remarks by the Editor. Folio. 
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The English Works, now first collected and edited by Sir 
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Opera Philosophica quae Latine scripsit Omnia, studio et labore 
GuL Molesworth. 3 vols. 8** Londini, 1839. 

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Provinces of Turkey in Europe and Asia, to Constantinople, 1809-10. 
2 vols. 4** London, 1813. 

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vocations, and of the Clergy's sitting in Parliament. 8^ Lond. 1701. 

Hoe!-Lan-Ki. — see Julien (Stanislas). 

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et profanam, Greographiam, Genealogiam, etc., explanans. 4 vols, 
fol. Lugd. Bat. 1698. 
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the successful Campaign of Ibrahim Pasha. 2 vols. 12° London, 

(James) The Jacobite Relics of Scotland; being the songs, airs, 
and legends of the adherents to the House of Stuart. 2 vols. 8^ 
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ohemeoger (L.) Beleuchtung der Gregor von Berzeviczyschen Schrift: 
Nachrichten fiber den jetzigen Zustand der Evangelischen in Ungarn. 
8^ Gran, 1825. 
^OLDswoRTH (A. H.) Dartmouth: the advantages of its harbour. 8® 
London, 1841. 

(T. W. E.)] Campaign of the Lidus, in a series of Letters 
from an Officer (k the Bombay Division ; with an Introduction, by 
A. H. Holdsworth. 12** London (privately printed), 1840. 


154 HOL — HOM 

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8** London, 1828. 

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6 vols. 4° London, 1807. 

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of Lope FeUx de Vega Carpio, and Guillen de Castro. 2 vols. 8* 
London, 1817. 

The Opinions of Lord Holland, as recorded in the Joumils d 

the House of Lords, from 1797 to 1841, edited bj D. C. Mojlan. 

8° London, 1841. 

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London, 1831. 

A Family Tour through South Holland, up the Rhine, and 

across the Netherlands, to Ostend. 12° London, 1831. 

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HoLLowAY (William) A General Dictionary of Provincialisms. 8* 
Lewes, 1838. 

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America, from its discovery in 1492 to 1806. 2 vols. 8® Cim- 
bridge, 1805. 

Another edition. 2 vols. 8® Cambridge, 1829. 

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Inhalation in Consumption, Asthma, and other maladies. 8° 
London, 1837. 

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Henry Mackenzie. 3 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1822. 

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Clarkii, access, varietas lectionum, cura et Notis J. A. Cmesd, cum 
prolegomenis Wolfii; Vita, ^ Plutarcho; et Indicibus (in voL 5). 
5 vols. 8** Glasg. 1814. 

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monument, fide; cum Notis, opera R. P. Knight. 8** LiOndon, 1820. 

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William Cowper. — Cowper's Works, vols. 11-14. 

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Poets, vols. 81-84. 

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Ilias, cum brevi Annotatione, et Versione Latina (in vol. 3); 

accedunt Variae Lectiones et Observationes veterum Granunaticorom, 
curante C. G. Heyne. 8 vols. 8° Lipsiae, 1802. 

The Iliads, done according to the Greek, by Gkorge Chapman; 

a new edition, with Notes, by W. C. Taylor. 2 vols. 8** London, 

HOM — HOP 155 

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mjomachia, recens. et animadv. illustravit C. D. Dgen. 8° Halse 
Sax. 1796. 

Hjmnus in Cererem, editus a Davide Ruhnkenio, accedunt 

Mitscherlichii duse Epistolae Criticae. 8° Lugd. Bat. 18Q8. 

The Batrachomuomachia ; or, Battle of the Frogs and Mice, 

translated bj Thomas ParneU. — ^British Poets, vol. 34. 

see Flaxman, and Penn. 

(On the Syllabic Quantity of) — see Tate on Metres. 

Homilies. Certain Sermons or Homilies, read in Churches in the time of 
Queen Elizabeth. S"" Oxford, 1822. 

Hone (William) Ancient Mysteries described, especially the English 
Miracle Plays. 8** London, 1823. 

Hook (Theodore) Maxwell, a Novel. 12° London, 1834. 

■ see Baird. 

HooRB (Colonel) The Secret History of his Negotiations in Scotland, in 
favour of the Pretender, in 1707. 8** London, 1760. 

(Nathaniel) The Roman History, to the ruin of the Common- 
wealth. 4 vols. 4° London, 1770. 

— see Marlborough. 

Hooker (Richard) Works; with Life, by Izaak Walton. Folio. London, 

Works; with account of his Life and Death, by Lsaak Walton; a 
new edition, with additions by John Keble. 4 vols. 8^ Oxford, 

Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politic. FoUo. London, 1663. 

Life. — see Walton (Izaak). 

(W. D.) Notes on Norway; or, a Journal of a Tour to the 
Northern parts of Norway, in 1836. 8° Glasgow (privately 
printed), 1839. 

(Sir W. J.) Journal of a Tour in Iceland, in the Summer of 

1809. 2 vols. 8** London, 1813. 

A Copy of a Letter addressed to Dawson Turner, Esq., on the 
death of the late Duke of Bedford, particularly in reference to the 
services rendered by his Grace to botany and horticulture. 8° 
Glasgow (privately printed), 1840. 

Notes on the Botany of the Antarctic Voyage, conducted by 
Capt. Ross; with Observations on the Tussac grass of the Falkland 
Islands. 8^ London, 1843. 

The London Journal of Botany. 4 vols. 8° London, 1842. 

^oopEB (G. S.) On the Topography, Climate, and Prevalent Diseases of 
the Island of Jersey. 8° London, 1837. 

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London, 1828. 

Costume of the Ancients. 2 vols. 4° London, 1812. 

An Historical Essay on Architecture. 2 vols. 8** London, 
Hopkins (Bishop J. H., of Vermont) On the Church of Rome; with an 
Introduction by Henry Melvill. 8® London, 1839. 

(W.) Elements of Trigonometry. 8° London, 1833. 

156 HOR — HOS 

HoBAPOLLo. Hierogljphicay Gr. et Lat, varias Leetiones^ AnnotationeSy 
Imagines Hierog. et Indices, ac|jecit C. Leemans. 8^ Amst. 1835. 

HoBATius. Opera Omnia, ex edit. Zeunii; cum Notis in usom Delph. 
Notis Varior. et Indice (in vol. 4). 4 vols. 8° Londini, 1825. 

' Opera, ad fidem editionis J. M. Gesneri. 12^ Londini, 1824. 

Restitutus; or, the Books of Horace arranged in chronological 

order; with Preliminary Dissertation, by James Tate. 8® Cam- 
bridge, 1832. 

Second Edition; with Treatise on the Metres of Horace. 8° 

London, 1837. 

Odes, translated. — Dry den's Works, voL 12. 

The Odes, translated by Philip Francis; with Notes, by H. J. 

Pye. — British Poets, vol. 98. 

The Odes, translated by John Scriven. 18® London, 1843. 

Imitazioni di Satire d'Orazio. — ^Pamaso ItaL Viv. tomo 29. 

HoRE (William) Voyage from Surat to Achen, Teco, and Bantam. — 
Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

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Elnowledge of the Holy Scriptures. 4 vob. 8® London, 1821. 

Supplementary pages to the Seventh edition of the Introduction 

to the Scriptures. 8° London, 1839. 

A Manual of Biblical Bibliography; or. Catalogue of the principal 

editions and versions of the Holy Scriptures, and of Philologersy 
Critics, and Interpreters of the Bible. 8® London, 1839. 

An Introduction to the Study of Bibliography; with a Memoir 

of the Public Libraries of the Antients. 2 vols. 8® London, 1814. 

Horner (Francis) Memoirs and Correspondence, edited by Leonard 
Homer. 2 vols. 8** London, 1843. 

Horsey (Sir Jerome) Observations in seventeen years' Travels an.^ 
Experience to Russia and other countries adjoining. — Purchas's 
Voyages, vol. 5. 

HoRSFiELD (Thomas Walker) The History, Antiquities, and Topo- 
graphy of the County of Sussex. 2 vols. 4® Lewes, 1835. 

HoRSLET (John) Britannia Romana; or, the Roman Antiquities of 
Britain, in three books; with Chronological Table, and Indexes 'tx) 
the inscriptions and sculptures. Folio. London, 1732. 

(Bishop Samuel) Theological Works. 8 vols. 8® London, v» "ar. 

Tracts in Controversy with Dr. Priestley upon the Belief of tie 

first ages in our Lord's Divinity. 8° Glocester, 1789. 

Speeches in Parliament. 8® Dundee, 1813. 

HoRTA. — see Akerman. 

HoRTE (Antonio Decio da) Acripanda, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano 
Antico, tomo 9. 

HoRTOM (Sir R. Wihnot) An Inquiry into the Causes and Remedies oi 
Pauperism. 8° London, 1830. 

HoRTUs Mai^abaricus. — see Dillwyn, and Rheede. 

HosACK (D.) Medical Essays. 2 vols. 8** New York, 1824. 

Discourse at the Opening of Rutger's Medical College. ^ 

New York, 1826. 

HOS — HUG 167 

HosKiHO (William) Treatises on Architectare and Bnilding. 4^ Edin- 
burgh (privately printed), 1836. 

Preliminarj Essay on Bridges. 8^ London (privately printed), 


Essay and Treatises on the Practice and Architecture of 

Bridges. 8° London (privately printed), 1841. 

HosKiNS (G. A.) Travels in Ethiopia, above the second Cataract of the 
Nile; illustrating the antiquities, arts, and history of the ancient 
kingdom of Meroe. 4^ London, 1836. 

HouABD (D.) — see France. 

Hough (Bishop John) His Life; containing many of his Letters, and bio- 
graphical notices of persons with whom he was connected, by John 
Wlhnot. 4** London, 1812. 

HovEDEN (Roger de) — see Roger. 

Howard (Frank) — see Shakspeare. 

(Henry) Lidication of Memorials, Monuments, Paintings, and 

Engravings of Persons of the Howard family; with Appendix, &c. 
Folia (Privately printed), 1834. 

(John) An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe. 4^ 
Warrington, 1789. 

The State of the Prisons in England and Wales. 4"" War- 
rington, 1792. 

(Luke) A Cycle of Eighteen Years in the Seasons of Britain, 
deduced firom Meteorologicid Observations. 8^ London, 1842. 

The Climate of London, deduced from Meteorological Observa- 
tions, made in the MetropoHs and at various places around it. 3 vols. 
B"" London, 1833. 

(Philip) On the Structure of the Globe. 4** London, 1797. 

(Sir Robert) Dramatic Works. 18** London, 1722. 

BowE (Richard, Earl) His Life, by Sir John Barrow. 8° Lond. 1838. 

Howell (James^ Epistoke Ho-EUanse : Familiar Letters, domestick and 
foreign. 12^ London, 1703. 

— (T. B. and T. J.)— see Trials (State). 

fiowEL Dda. — see Wales. 

fiowLETT. Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln; comprising the 
towns, churches, castles, and seats of the nobility. — ^Edm. Tumor's 
History of Grantham; with Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton. 4^ 
London, 1805. 

Gotland (Francis) Poems. — ^British Poets, voL 73. 

5iiBER (V. A.) Die Englischen Universitaten. Eine Vorarbeit zur 
Englischen Literaturgeschichte. 2 vols. 8° Cassel, 1839-40. 

** The English Universities; an abridged translation, edited by 

F. W. Newman. 2 vols, in 3. 8° London, 1843. 

*Itn>soN (Henry) Divers Voyages, May, 1607. — Purchases Voyages, 

voL 3. 
* • (Joannes) — see -ffisopus. 

^^FPELL (L.) Die Schule der Geistlichen. 8** Giessen, 1818. 

^Ughes (Thomas S.) Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania. 2 vols. 
4'' London, 1820. 

158 HUG — HUN 

HuoHE8 (T. S.) The History of England, continued from Home tnd 
Smollett, from 1760 to 1835. 8 vols. 12^ London, 1835-8. 

Hugo (Victor) Les Burgraves. 8** Paris, 1843. 

HuouES DE Fleury. Chroniquc, de Tan 949, jusqu'Jtran 1 108. — Gfriait, 

Coll. des M^moires, tome 7. 
DE Poitiers. Histoire du Monastfere de V&elai. — Goizot, CoD. 

des M^moires, tome 7. 
HuifAN Appetite43 and Affections (An Enquiry into the Origin of the) 

8° Lincoln, 1747. 

HuMAYUN (The Emperor) His Private Memoirs. — see Stewart. 

Humboldt (Alexandre de) et A. Bonpland. Voyage aux R%ions Eqiii- 
noxiales du Nouveau Continent; avec F Atlas en Folio. 3 vols. 4° 
Paris, 1814. 

Essai Politique sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne; awe 

r Atlas en FoUo. 2 vols. 4** Paris, 1811. 

Another edition. 5 vols. 8° Paris, 1811. 

Examen Critique de THistoire de la Gr^ographie du Nouven 

Continent, et des Progr^s de TAstronomie Nautique au xv* et xrf 
Siecles. 5 vols. 8** Paris, 1836-39. 

(Selections from the Works of) relating to the Climate, Inluh 

bitants. Productions, and Mines of Mexico ; with Notes, by John 
Taylor. 8° London, 1824. 

Fragmens de Geologic et de Climatologie Asiatiquea. 2 vds. 

8** Paris, 1831. 

Asie Centrale: Recherches sur les Chaines des Montagnes, et 

la Climatologie comparee. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1843. 

(Charlotte de) Corinth, a Tragedy, and other Poems. ^ 

London, 1838. 

(Wilhelm von) Ueber die Kawi-Sprache auf der Insel Jan; 

nebst einer Einleitung liber die Yerschiedenheit des MenscfaliclKfl 
Sprachbaues, und ihren Einfluss auf die geistige Entwickelung des 
Menschengeschlechts. 4^ Berlin, 1836. 

Hume (A.) — see Titian. 

(David) The History of England, from the Livasion of Julius 

Caesar to the Revolution in 1688; with Smollett's Continuation totke 
death of George ii., and Life of Hume by himself. 13 vols. S* 
London, 1818. 

History of England. — see Brodie. 

Philosophical Works and Life. 4 vols. 8® Edinburgh, 1825. 

■ (Sir Patrick) Narrative of the Enterprize of the Duke of Argjle, 

in 1685. — see Rose. 

Hunt (Henry) On the Nature and Treatment of Tic-DoulonreaXf 
Sciatica, and other Neuralgic disorders. 8^ London, 1844. 

(Leigh) Poetical Works. 8** London, 1832. 

London Journal, from April, 1834, to April, 1835. 2 vok. 

fol. London. 

Hunter (Joseph) Hallamshire; the History and Topography of the 
parish of Sheffield, in the county of York. Folio. London, 1819. 

HUN — IBN 159 

Hunter (Joseph) South Yorkshire: the History and Topography of the 
Deanery of I>oiica8ter. 2 vols. foL London, 1828-31. 

On the Measures taken for the Apprehension of Sir Thomas de 

Grournay, one of the murderers of Kmg Edward n., and on their 
final issue. 4^ London, 1838. 

Three Catalogues; the Contents of the Red Book of the Ex- 

chequer; the Dodsworth MSS. in the Bodleian Lihrary; and the 
MSS. in the Lihrary of the Society of Lincoln's Lin. 8 London, 

Alienation and Recovery of the Estates of the Offleys of Norton, 

in 1754. 8** London, 1841. 

see Cartwright, Ecclesiastical Documents, Records, and Shak- 

HuKTiNGDON Peerage. — see Bell. 

HuNTiNDOMiENSis (Hcnricus)— scc Savile Scriptores. 

HuRD (Bishop Richard) Works ; with some occurrences in his Life. 
8to1s. 8"" London, 1811. 

HiiRAULT (Philippe) Ahb^ de Pontlevoy, Evesque de Chartres. Ses 
M^moires. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 1" S^rie, tome 36. 

HuRTER (Fr^d^rick) Tahleau des Listitutions et des Moeurs de TEglise 
aa Moyen Age, particuli^rement sous le regno du Pape Lmocent iii., 
traduit de TAllemand, par Jean Cohen. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1 843. 

see Linocent in. 

HusBANDBT (Cheap and Good) for the well-ordering of all Beasts and 
Fowles, and for the general cure of their diseases. 4^ Lond. 1648. 

Hdskissom (William) Speeches; with a Biographical Memoir. 3 vols. 
8* London, 1831. 

**-^ The Question concerning the Depreciation of our Currency, 

stated and examined. 8° London, 1819. 

Bdtchinson (Colonel) Memoirs; with Anecdotes of his Contemporaries, 
and a summary View of Public Affairs; written by his widow, Lucy; 
published from the original MS., by J. Hutchinson; with the Life of 
Mrs. Hutchinson, by herself. 2 vols. 8° London, 1810. 

(Thomas) The History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 
from 1754-74. 8** London, 1828. 

(William) The History of the County of Cumberland, and some 
places adjacent; with Biographical Notes. 2 vols. 4^ Carlisle, 
Hyjtton (Charles) Philosophical and Mathematical Dictionary. 2 vols. 
4** London, 1815. 

Matibematical Tables. 8"" London, 1822. 

(Henry) Follie's Anatomic; or, Satyres and Satyricall Epigrams; 
with a compendious History of Ldon's Wheele. (Percy Society.) 
^' London, 1842. 

(James) Theory of the Earth ; with proofs and illustrations. 
2 vols. 8** Edinburgh, 1795. 

Hutghens (C.) Trait^ de la Lumiere. — Maseres Scriptores Optici. 

"'GiNus. — see Mythographi Latini. 

j**«no-Celtic Society. — see Transactions. 
^^ Batuta's Travels. — see Lee. 

160 IBN — INS 

Ibn Khallikan. — see Slane (Mac Guckin de). 

Ibraheem (Meerza Mohammad) Grammar of the Persian Langoige. 4' 
London, 1841. 

see Bible: Isaiali. 

Ideleb (Ludwig) Handbuch der mathematischen und technischeQ Cbo- 
nologie. 2 vols. 8^ Berlin, 1825. 

(J. L.)— see Ritter (Carl). 

Ides Ysbrants (Evert) Travels from Muscovy to China. — 
Voyages, vol. 2. 

Idler (The) — ^British Classics. 

Ignatius. — see Patrum Apostolicorum Opera. 

Ihre (Johannes) Glossarium Suiogothicum, in quo hodiemo usa ht- 
quentata vocabula, ex Dialectis cognatis, Ma^ogothica, Anglo-Six- 
onica, Alemannica, et Islandica Ulustrantur. 2 vols, in 1. foL 
Upsaliae, 1769. 

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Lettres. — see Transactions. 

Inscriptionum Grajcarum Corpus. — see Boeckhius. 

— — - Latinarum Collectio. — see Orellius. 

INS — IRV 161 

Inscbiptionum Romananim Corpus. — eee Gruterus. 

Veterum Thesaurus. — see Muratori. 

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Foreign misoellanj of inventions, discoveries, and the fine arts. 
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Evidence on the National System of Education in Ireland. 8^ 

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Selection of Parochial Examinations relative to the Destitute 

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162 IRV — JAC 

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see Columbus. 

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translated. — Jones' (Sir W.) Works, vol. 4. 

IscANUS.— see Dictys Cretensis. 

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bus edita, nunc emendata cum Indicibus per J. Du BreuL Folio» 
Parisiis, 1601. 

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IsocRATEs. — Oratores Attici, voL 2. 

IswARA Krishna. — see Colebrooke (H. T.) 

Italy (History of) — see Botta, Denina, Galluzzi, Guicdardini, Grsvius^ 
Leo, Muratori, and Sismondi. 

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Naples. — Costanzo, and Giannone. 

Sicily. — Gregorio, Micali, and Muratori. 

Tuscany. — Pignotti. 

Venice, — Daru, and Venezia. 

— — Laws. Monumenta Legalia Italise Regnum pressius afficientia. 

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Veriest Foole in England. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

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don, 1811. 

Tracts relating to the Com Trade and Com Laws. 8® Londox»> 


Inquiry into the Production and Consumption of the Precio*^^ 

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JAG — JAM 163 

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of the Temple, a.d. 72 ; with a Continuation to the time of Adrian : 
translated by C. E. Stowe. 2 vols. 8** London, 1829. 

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London, 1828. 

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Siculo. Bamusio, tomo 1. 

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years of King James i. 1^ London, 1692. 

The Secret History of the Court of James i. ; with Notes and 
Litroductory Remarks, [by Sir W. Scott.] 2 vols. 8** Edinburgh, 

see Aikin, Harris, Melvil, Nichols, Osbom, and Revels. 

see James vi. of Scotland. 

His Literary Character. — see DTsraeli. 

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Advice to his Son, and his Majesties Will. Published from the Stuart 
Papers, by J. S. Clarke. 2 vols. 4° London, 1816. 

see Fox, Mackintosh, and Sidney. 

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Tytler]. 8** Edinburgh, 1783. 

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Scotorum, a.d. 1525-33. (Bannatyne Club.) 4"" Edinburgh, 1836. 

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the latter part of the xvith Century [edited by Malcolm Laing]. 8^ 
Edinburgh, 1804. 

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chiefly from the MS. Collections of Sir James Balfour of Denmyln 
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see Charlemagne, Crowe, and Louis xrv. 

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Poland, 1818-14. 4** London, 1816. 

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London, 1822. 

The Italian Schools of Painting, with Observations on the pre- 
sent state of the Art 8'' London, 1820. 

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IVelates, Pastors, and Pillars of the Church of Rome, for the main- 
tenance of Popery ; revised from the editions of 1612 and 1688, by 
J. E. Cox. 8** London, 1843. 

Bellum Papale ; sive Concordia Discors Sixti v. et Clementis viii. 
circa Hieronymianam editionem. Nova editio e recensione J. E. Cox. 
IS"" Londini, 1840. 

164 JAM — JEN 

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Straits of Gibraltar. 2 vols. 4** London, 1771. 

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the North- West Passage, in 1631-2. — ChurchiU's Voyages^ voL2; 
Harris's Voyages, vol. 2. 

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of War by France in 1793 to 1820. 6 vols. 8** Londcm, 1826. 
(W.) Four Sermons preached before the Universi^ of Qzfotd 

8"* London, 1830. 

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2 vols. 12"* London, 1842. 

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the Supplement. 4 vols. 4"" Edinburgh, 1808-26. 

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gallo. 18"" Londra, 1833. 

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tugal, &c. 2 vols. 8"* London, 1788. 

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8** London, 1837. 

Criminal Trials [of Sir N. Throckmorton, the Duke of Norfolk, 

Earl of Essex, Sir Walter Raleigh, and of those engaged in the 
Gunpowder Plot]. 2 vols. 12° London, 1832. 

Jean (Paul) — see Richter. 

Jeanne d'Arc. — see Pucelle, and Quicherat. 

Jeannin (Le Prudent) Ses N^ociations. — ^Petitot, ColL des M&noire& 
2°*^ Serie, tomes 1 1-16. 

Jebb (Bishop John) Sacred Literature ; an Application of the piindple 
of Bishop Lowth to the illustration of the New Testament 8* 
London, 1828. 

Practical Theology. 2 vols. 8** London, 1830. 

• Sermons, chiefly Practical. 8® London, 1824. 

and Alexander Knox. Thirty Years' Correspondence ; edited 

by Charles Forster. 2 vols. 8** London, 1834. 

Life, with a Selection from his Letters, by Charles Forster. 

2 vols. 8** London, 1836. 
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Memoirs, Correspondence, and Private Papers ; edited by T. 

Jefferson Randolph. 4 vols. 8® London, 1829. 

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the Senate of the United States. 12** Washington, 1820. 

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with a Preface, by Aaron Thompson. 8® London, 1718. 

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kerton's Voyages, vol. 9. 

Jenner (Dr.) — see Fosbroke. 

Jenvns (Soame) Poems.— British Poets, vol. 71. 

JER — JOH 166 

JsBUSALBM. Laws. Assifflffi Begni HierosolTmitani. — Canciani, Leges 
Barbarommy vols. 2 and 5. 

Jbavis (Captain T. B.) Records of Ancient Sciences exemplified and 
authenticated in the primitive universal Standard of Weights and 
Measures. S"" Calcutta, 1835. 

Jkssb (Edward) Gleanings in Natural History, with Local Recollections. 
f^ London, 1832. 

Jrvons (William) Systematic Morality ; or, the Theory and Practice of 
Human Duty. 2 vols. 8"^ London, 1827. 

Jews. The Form of Daily Prayers of the Grerman and Polish Jews, 
Hebrew and English. 8^ London, [a.m.] 5582. 

J. K. L. Letters on Lreland. — see Doyle. 

JoAHNEs Olastomiensis. Chronica. —scc Heame. 

Joannes, Prior Haoustaldensis. — see Twysden Scriptores. 

Joannes de Tbokelowe. — see Heame. 

Walungfoed. Chronica. — Gale Scriptores, voL 2. 

Jobson (Richard) Voyage for the Discovery of Gambra in the Sion ; 
with larger Observations on the Gambra. — ^Purchas's Voyage, voL 2. 

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John of Gaunt. His Memoirs. — see Chaucer. 
JoHNES (Thomas)— see Froissart, and Monstrelet. 

Johnson (Arthur) Christus Crucifixus ; our Lord's conduct with refer- 
ence to his Crucifixion, an Evidence of the truth of the Christian 
Religion. 12^ Oxford, 1831. 

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through France, Switzerland, Italy, &c. 8^ London, 1833. 

The Recess ; or, Autumnal Relaxation in the Highlands and 

Lowlands of Scotland. 8° London, 1834. 

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Ballads and Songs; edited by W. Chappell. (Percy Society.) 8 
London, 1842. 

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London, 1823. 

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and additions, by H. J. Todd. 4 vols. 4^ London, 1818. 

and John Walker. Dictionary of the English Language, by 
R. S. Jameson. 8^ London, 1828. 

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Rambler. — ^British Classics, vols. 15-18. 

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Poems. — British Poets, vol. 67. 

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Life, including a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, by James 
Soswell ; with Additions and Notes, by John Wilson Croker. 5 vols. 
8** London, 1831. 

166 JOH — JON 

Johnson (Samuel) Life, including his Tour to the Hebrides, bj James 
Boswell ; with Anecdotes by Hawkins, Piozzi, Murphy, Tyers, Rey- 
nolds, Stevens, Croker, &c., and Notes, by various hands. 10 vols. 
12** London, 1835. 

Johnston (Robertus) Historia Berum Britannicarum, ab anno 1572 ad 
1628 ; cum Lidice. Folio. Amstelodami, 1655. 

Johnstone (Chevalier de) Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745-^46; trans- 
lated from a French MS., with Notes. 8^ London, 1822. 

(Jacobus) Antiquitates Celto-Scandicae, sive Series Rerum Gres- 

tarum inter Nationes Britann. Lisularum et Grentes Septentrionales. 
4"* Havniae, 1786. 

Antiquitates Celto-Normannicss, containing the Chronicle of Man, 

and the Isles ; with an English Translation and Notes. 4*^ Copen- 
hagen, 1786. 

(John)— see Parr (Samuel). 

JoiNviLLE (Jean, Sire de) — see Louis (Saint). 

JoLLivET (A.) Examen du Syst^me Electoral Anglais, depuis I'Acte de 
R^forme, compart au Systbme Electoral Fran^ais. 8^ Paris, 1835. 

JoLY (Claude)— see Retz. 

{Gruy) Ses M^moires. — ^Petitot, Coll. des M^moires. 2^ Serid, 

tome 47. 

JoMARD (M.) — see Egypte. 

JoMiNi (Le Baron H. de) EUstoire, critique et militaire, des Guerres de la 
Revolution ; avec les Atlas en folio. 15 vols, in 7. 8^ Paris, 1820-24. 

— — »— Histoire, critique et militaire, des Guerres de Fr^ddric n., com- 
part au Syst^me mod^rne; avec T Atlas en folio. 3 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1818. 

Tableau analytique des principales Combinaisons de la Guerre, 

et de leurs Rapports avec la Politique des Etats. 8^ Paris, 1830. 
Precis de I'Art de la Guerre, ou Nouveau Tableau analytique 

des principales Combinaisons de la Strategic, de la grande Tactique^ 
et de la Politique Militaire. 2 vols, in 1. 8** Paris, 1837. 

Precis de la Campagne de 1815. — see Napoleon. 

Jonas (Amgrim) Extracts from his Chrymogaea; or. Historic of Island^ 
1609. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Jones (Ebenezer) Studies of Sensation and Event : Poems. 8^ lAmdoM^ 

(Edward) Lidex to Records. — see Records. 

(Jeremiah) A Method of settling the Canonical Authority of 

New Testament; with Vindication of the former part of St. Mattheiiv ^ 
Grospel from Whiston's Charge of Dislocations. 3 vols. 8*^ Londo^^^ 

(John) Attempts in Verse; with some Account of the Writer, 

himself; and an Litroductory Essay on the Lives and Works of 
Uneducated Poets, by R. Southey. 8® London, 1831. 

(Owen) Designs for Mosaic Pavements. 4° Xiondon, 1842. 

Plans &c. of the Alhambra. — see Goury. 

(Richard) On the Distribution of Wealth, and on the Sources ^* 

Taxation. 8** London, 1831. 

JON — JOU 167 

Jones (Richard) An Introductory Lecture on Political Economy, and 
Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on the Wages of Labour. 8° 
London, 1833. 

(Robert) The Resurrection rescued from the Soldiers* Calum- 
nies, in two Sermons, preached at St. Mary's, Oxford, about 1619. — 
Phenix, vol. 2, No. 26. 

(Thomas) Narration of the Voyage of Alexander Sharpey and 

Richard Roules to the East Lidies. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 1. 

(Thomas Rymer) A General Outline of the Animal Elingdom, 

and Manual of Comparative Anatomy. 8^ London, 1841. 

(Sir William) Works; with the Supplement, and Memoirs of 

his Life, Writings, and Correspondence, by Lord Teignmouth. 9 vols. 
4** London, 1799-1804. 

Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 74. 

The Lidian Constellations, ancient and modem : collected in the 

time of Jayasinha Aswamedhayaji, who died in 1743 ; translated by 
Sir William Jones. The originaL Autograph Manuscript. Folio. 

JoNSON (Ben) His Works ; with Notes, and a Biographical Memoir, by 
William Gifford. 9 vols. 8° London, 1816. 

His Dramatic -Works ; with Notes, by P. Whalley. 4® 

London, 1811. 

Notes of his Conversations with William Drunmiond, of Haw- 

thomden, January, 1619; edited by David Laing. (Shakspeare 
Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

see AUeyn. 

JoPUM (T.) On the Principles and Practice of Banking in England and 
Scotland. 8"" London, 1827. 

JoRTiN (Archdeacon John) Remarks on Ecclesiastical History. 5 vols. 
8^ London, 1767. ^ 

On the Truth of the Christian Religion. 8^ London, 1768. 

Tracts, Philological, Critical, and Miscellaneous. 2 vols. 8^ 

London, 1790. 

see Erasmus. 

JoRio (Andr^ de) Plan de Pomp^i, et Remarques sur ses Edifices. 8^ 
Naples, 1828. 

Joseph (Rabbi) ben Joshua ben Meir, the Sphardi. — see Bialloblotzky. 

JosEPHUS (Flavins) Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. ad Cod. recens. Notisque 
Ulustravit Joan. Hudsonus, cum Indicibus. 2 vols, folio. Oxonii, 

, Works, translated by W. Whiston ; with Dissertations concern- 

ing Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, &c. 4 vols. 8® London, 1806. 

Joss (P. M. L.) Specimens of Romaic Lyric Poetry ; with a Translation 
into English, and a concise Treatise on Music. 8° London, 1826. 

JoucBER. The Tezkereh al Vakiat. — see Stewart. 

JouRDAN (A. G. A.) Sa Declaration, V* Morial, An 3. (M^moires des 
Joumdes de Sept. 1792.) 8° Paris, 1823. 

Journal des Savants, 1824-42. 20 vols. 4'' Paris, 1824-43. 

. »— of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, vol. 1, for 1830-31. 

S"* London, 1831. 

168 JOV — JUV 

JoviEN (Histoire de TEmpereur) et Traduction de quelques ouvrages de 
rEmpereur Julien, par M.rAbb^ de laBleterie. 2 vols. 12° Piri8» 


Jovio (Paolo) Historico delle cose della Moscovia. — Bamusioy tomo 2. 

JuARROS (Dom.) A Statistical and Commercial History of the Kingdom, 
of Gu&temala ; translated by J. Baily. 8^ London, 1823. 

JuLiBN (FEmpereur) Sa Vie [par FAbbc de la Bleterie]. 2 voU. 12^ 
Paris, 1735. 

— see Jovien. 

' (Stanislas) Hoel-Lan-Ba ; ou, FHistoire du Cercle de Craie, 

Drame, en Prose et en Vers, traduit du Chinois, et acoompagn^ de 
Notes. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8** London, 1832. 

Le Livre des Recompenses et des Peines, en Chinois et en Fran- 

9ais. (Oriental Translation Fxmd.) 8° Paris, 1835. 
Julius Capitolinus. — see Historic Augustsd Scriptores. 

Junius (Franciscus) Etymologicum Anglicanum, edidit Edwardos Lye, 
cum Vita Auctoris et Grammatica Anglo-Saxon. Folio. Oxon. 1743. 

Junius. Letters, including Letters by the same Writer, under other Sig- 
natures ; to which are added, his Confidential Correspondence with 
Wilkes, and his Private Letters to Woodfall ; with Preliminary Essaj, 
Notes, and Fac-similes. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1812. 

' Letter to the Commander-in-Chief of his Majesty^s Forces in 

Canada in 1760, now first ascribed to Junius; edited by N. W. Simons. 
12** London, 1841. 

His identity with a distinguished living character [Sir Philip 

Francis] established [by John Taylor]. 8° London, 1816. 

Unmasked ; or. Lord George Sackville proved to be Junius. If 

Boston, 1828. 

JuBiST (The) ; or. Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence and LegisIadoD) 
from the commencement in 1827 to 1828. Vols. 1 and 2, 1832. 
8** London. 

Justin Martyr. — see Kaye. 

JusTiNiANUS. Corpus Juris Civilis, cum Lect. var. et NotisD. Grothofredi ; 
studio S. van Leeuwen. 2 vols. fol. Amst 1663. 

JusTiNus. Historise PhiUppicae, ex edit. A. Gronovii, cum Notis in usona 
Delph. Notis varior. et Lidice. 2 vols. 8° London, 1822. 

JusTiNUS Martyr. Apologias Duse, et Dialogus cum Tryphone, Gr. ^ 
Lat., cum Notis S. Thirlbii. Folio. Londini, 1722. 

JuvENALis. Opera omnia, ex editione Ruperti, cum Notis in usum jy^" 
phini, Notis varior. et Lidice ; access. Persii Opera omnia, No*^ 
eorundem [in vol. 3]. 3 vols. 8° Londini, 1820. 

— and Persius Flaccus. The Satires translated into Engli^ 
verse, by W. Gifford, with Notes and Illustrations. 2 vols. ^ 
London, 1817. 

Juvenal. (Translations from) — Dryden's Works, vol. 13. 

Satires, translated by John Dryden, Tate, and others. — Bri'i^^^ 

Poets, vols. 96 and 97. 

— — Imitazione di Satire di Giovenale. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv. tomo 

KiEM — KEM 169 

Kjsmpfer (Engelb.) The History of Japan, and Description of Siam; 
with the two Appendixes, translated bj J. G. Scheuchzer, with Life 
of the Author. 2 vols. fol. London, 1728. 

— — BKstory of Japan. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7. 

Kalm (Peter) Travels in North America, in 1747 &c. — ^Pinkerton's 
Voyages, vol. 13. 

Kames (Henry Home, Lord) Elements of Criticism. 8° London, 1824. 

Essays on British Antiquities. 8° Edinburgh, 1747. 

Kampen (N. G. van) Geschichte der Niederlande. 2 vols. 8° Ham- 
burg, 1833. 

Kant (Immanuel) Werke, sorgfaltig revidirte mit einer Vorrede von 
G. Hartenstein. 10 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1838. 

Philosophic transcendantale, traduite par L. F. Schon. 8° Paris, 


Critick of Pure Reason, translated. 8® London, 1838. 

Kao (Dion.) A geographical Description of the Empire of China, by 
Dionisius Kao, a Native. — Harris's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Kate (Bishop John) The Ecclesiastical History of the Second and 
Third Centuries, illustrated from the writings of Tertullian. 8° 
Cambridge, 1829. 

— — Some account of the Writings and Opinions of Clement of Alex- 
andria. 8^ London, 1835. 

Some account of the Writings and Opinions of Justin Martyr. 

8° London, 1836. 

Keate (George) Account of the Pelew Islands, composed from the 
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the retreat of Mary, anno 1568, taken from the publick records; with 
Appendix. Folio. Edinburgh, 1734. 

An historical Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops, down to 1 688 ; 

also an account of Religious Houses in Scotland at the Reformation, 
by John Spottiswoode ; corrected and continued to the present time, 
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Kemblb (John M.) — see Beowulf, and Codex Diplomaticus. 

170 KEM — KEV 

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Norwich; with an Introduction and Notes bj A. Djce. (Camden 
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Question, and Constitutional Religious Distinctions. 3 vols. 8^ 
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Wilton House. 4** London, 1769. 

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of all the Kings and Queens, to the death of WUliam lu., with Notes 
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Ecclesiastical Synods, and Parliamentary Convocations in the 

Church of England, vindicated from Mr. Atterbury's misrepresenta- 
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A Register and Chronicle, Ecclesiastical and Civil [1660-62], 

delivered in the words of authentic books, papers, and records ; with 
Notes and References. Folio. London, 1728. 
see North. 

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York, 1826. 

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Rhymed Plea for Tolerance, in two dialogues. 12** London, 


Second Edition. 12** London, 1839. 

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the two passes of Selimno and Pravadi ; and Visit to Azani, in Asia 

Minor, in 1829-30. 2 vols. 8** London, 1831. 

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Rhymes; with the Supplement. 4 vols. 12° London, 1840. 

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Bruxelles, 1835. 

KEY - KIR 171 

Kbtmor (John) Observations on the Dutch Fishing about the year 
1601, demonstrating that there is more wealth rais^ out of Herrings 
in one year, than the King of Spain hath from the Indies in four. — 
Fhenix, vol. 1, No. 8. 

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Condition of Man and tiie exercise of his Intellectual Faculties. 8^ 
London, 1833. 

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Antiquities, Customs, Superstitions, Laws, Government, Education, 
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8** Paris, 1835-37. 
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1749, die dedicationis Bibliothecae Radclivianse. 4° London, 1749. 

(John) — see Maitland. 

(Lord)— see Locke. 

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and R. Fitzroy. Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of H. M. 

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London, 1818. 

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and from both houses of Parliament, Addresses by the Lords and 
Conmions, &c., from the Restoration to 1772. Folio. London, 1772. 

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The new County Book of Tipperary, vol. 1. 8° Dublin (pri- 
vately printed), 1842. 

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deduced from the principles of Dr. Brook Taylor. 2 vols. fol. 
London, 1761. 

(William) On the History, Habits, and Instincts of Animals. 

2 vols. 8** London, 1835. 
see Richardson. 

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Profectione Danorum in Terram Sanctam. 12° Amstelodami, 1684. 

172 KIR — KNO 

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with James Russell's account of the Murder of Archbishop Sharp^ 
and a Biographical Notice of Kirkton ; edited from the MSS., hy 
Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe. 4° Edinburgh, 1817. 

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Palestine: the Physical Geography and Natural History of Ui^ 

Holy Land. S° London, 1841. 

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cherches historiques, g^ographiques, et philosophiques, sur lesFeuples 
de r Orient. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1824-28. 

Tableaux historiques de TAsie, depuis la Monarchic de Cyrus 

jusqu'k nos jours: avec un Atlas en folio. 4° Paris, 1826. 

Magasin Asiatique; ou, Revue G^graphique et Historique de 

TAsie centrale et septentrionale. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1825-26. 

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aumes, traduit de Toriginal Japonais-Chinois. With a 4^ volume of 
Plates. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8** Paris, 1832. 

see Titsing. 

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Remarks on Norman Architecture. 12^ London, 1836. 

The Normans in Sicily: being a Sequel to " An Architectural 

Tour in Normandy." 12° London, 1838. 

Saracenic and Norman Remains, to illustrate the Normans in 

Sicily. Folio. London. 

The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Italy, from the time of Con- 

stantine to the fifteenth century, with an Litroduction and Text* 
Folio. London, 1842. 

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begun Apnl, 1606. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

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Taste. 8° London, 1815. 

Nummi Veteres Civitatum, Regum, Grentium et Provinciaru**** 

in ejus Museo asservati, ab ipso ordine geographico descripti; c^^ 
Notis et Indicibus. 4° London (privately printed), 1830. 

see Homerus, and Dilettanti Society. 

(Samuel) — see Colet. 

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by Sir P. Rycaut. 3 vols. foL London, 1687-1700. 

KNO — KRY 173 

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London^ 1832. 
(John) — see Fuseli. 

(William) — see Strafforde Papers. 

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London, 1834. 

Correspondence. — see Jebb. 

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Writings ; with a Memoir, Introduction, and Notes, by W. McGavin. 
8° Glasgow, 1832. 

Life ; containing Illustrations of the History of the Reformation 

in Scotland, with Appendix of Original Papers, by Thomas MHIJrie. 
2 vols. 8** Edinburgh, 1831. 

(R) Ceylon. — see Fellowes. 

( Vicesimus) Works ; with a Biographical Preface. 7 vols. 8* 

London, 1824. 

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bouleversement de I'Empire Romain en Occident jusqu^ nos jours. 
4 vols. 8** Paris, 1814. 

■ Histoire Abr6gee des Traits de Paix entre les Puissances de 

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de Vienne et aux Trait^s de Paris de 1815, par F. Schoell. 15 vols. 
8" Paris, 1817-18. 

Table des Traitds entre la France et les Puissances ^trang^res. 

depuis la Paix de Westphalie jusqu'k nos jours ; suivie d'un Recueil 
de Traites et Actes diplomatiques, qui n'out pas encore vu le jour. 
2 vols. 8*" Basle, 1802. 

(Henri de) Le Roi des Etudiants. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

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Sans Cravate ; ou, les Commissionaires. 3 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 


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London, 1835. 

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Dresden, 1825. 

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Koran ; or, the Alcoran of Mahommed ; translated, with Notes, and a 
PreUminary Discourse, by G. Sale. 2 vols. 8® London, 1764. 

^AsiNSKi (Henri, Comte) Bataille de Kirholm; ou, TAmour d'une 
Anglaise, Roman historique. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1836. 

"^ (Count Valerian) Historical Sketch of the Reformation in Poland. 

2 vols. 8*" London, 1840. 

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zu Gratz. 2 vols. 8° Gratz, 1823. 

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8° Leipzig, 1822. 

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translated by R. B. Hoppner. 2 vols, in 1. 4° London, 1813. 

^^TLOFF (Iwan) Fables, in the Russian language. 8° St. Petersburg, 

174 KUE - LAE 

KuEHN (C. G.)'— see JElianos. 

KuGLER (Fr.) Beschreibung der in der Koniglichen Kunstkammer z 
Berlin vorhandenen Kunst-Sammlung. 12^ Berlin, 1838. 

A Hand-Book of Painting, translated hj a Ladj ; edited, witlKz 

Notes, bj C. L. Eastlake. 8° London, 1842. 

KuiNOEL (C. T.) Commentarius in libros Novi Testamenti historicos — 
4 vols. 8** Lipsiae, 1816-18. 

see Propertius. 

KumIra Sambhava. — see Stenzler. 

KuRROGLOu. His Adventures and Improvizations. — see Chodzko. 

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3 vols. 8** Leipzig, 1805-13. 

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Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 3. 

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for Sorcery by the Bishop of Ossory; edited by Thomas Wright 
(Camden Society.) 4® London, 1843. 

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Naturelle de ces Pays, I'Origine, les Moeurs, la Religion, &c., des 
Habitans. 8 vols. 12° Paris, 1742. 

Labbe (Philippus) SS. Conciliorum Nova et Amplissima Collectio, ad a.d. 
15(^, Gr. et Lat., in qua prseter ea quse Labbeus, Cossartius, et Coleti 
edidere, ea omnia, quse J. D. Mansi evtdgavit, exhibentur, cum ejus 
Notis et Dissertationibus. 31 vols. foHo. Florendae et Venetiisy 

La Beaumelle (L. A. de)^see Maintenon. 

Labimdo (Giov. Fant.) Poesie. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv. tomo 16, 45, 46. 

Laborde (Alexander de) A View of Spain ; comprising a Descriptive 
Itinerary of each Province, and a general Statistical Account of the 
Country; translated. 5 vols. 8° London, 1809. 

La Brut^re (J. de) Les Caracteres de Th6ophraste, et les Caract^res 
ou les Mosurs de ce Si^cle ; avec la Defense de M. de La Bruy^re ^^ 
de ses Caracteres, par M. Coste. 2 vols. 12® Amsterdam, 1731. 

La CifepiDE (B. G. E. de)— see Buffon. 

Lacombe (Fran9oi8) Dictionnaire du Vieux Langage Francois. 2 vol**- 
8° Paris, 1766-67. 

Lacretelle (Ch. Jos.) Histoire de France, pendant les Guerres ^^ 
la Religion. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1814. 

Precis historique de la Revolution Frangaise. — Assemble Leg^^" 

lative. 12° Paris, 1801. 

Convention Nationale. 2 vols. 12® Paris, 1803. 

Directoire Ex^cutif. 2 vols. 12** Paris, 1806. 

Histoire de France, depuis la Restauration. 4 vols. 8** PaX^^' 


Ladrilleros (Juan) Voyage to the Strait of Magalhanes, 155S-' 
Burney's Discoveries in fiie South Seas, vol. 1. 

Laertius. — see Diogenes Laertius. 

LAF — LAM 176 

Lf A Fatette (Madame de) Histoire de Madame Henriette d'Angleterre, 
et M^moires de la Cour de France, pendant les ann6es 1688 et 1689. 
— ^Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, tomes 64, 65. 

La Fontaine (Jean de) CEuvres completes; pr^c^^ d'une nouvelle 
Notice sur sa Vie, par L. S. Auger. 6 vols. 8^ Paris, 1818. 

Lahaspe (J. F. de) Abr%6 de THistoire gdn^rale des Voyages. 21 vols. 
8** Paris, 1780. 

La Hire (Philippe de) — see Transactions. — ^M^oires de TAcad. des 

liAHONTAN (Le Baron de) Voyages dans FAm^rique Septentrionale. 
3 vols, in 1. 12^ Amsterdam, 1741. 

Travels in Canada, from 1683 to 1694. — Pinkerton's Voyages, 

voL 13. 

Laing (Major Alexander G.) Travels in the Timannee, Kooranko, and 
Soolima Countries, in Western Africa. 8° London, 1825. 

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Crowns to that of the Kingdoms, in 1709 ; with a Dissertation on the 
participation of Mary Queen of Scots in the murder of Lord Damley. 
4 vols. 8** London, 1819. 

■ (Samuel) Journal of a Residence in Norway, in 1834-36. 8** 

London, 1836. 

Lairb (F. X.) Index Librorum, ab inventa Tjrpographia ad annum 1500. 
2 tom. 8'' Senonis, 1791. 

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Poems. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1836. 

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Chroniques, tome 42. 

La Mabche (Olivier de) M^moires, augment^s d*un Estat particulier de 
la Maison du Due Charles le Hardy. — ^Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
1" S^rie, tomes 9 & 10. 

Lamarck (Le Chevalier de) Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans ver- 
t^bres. 7 vols. 8*" Paris, 1815-22. 

La Marck (Robert de) — see Fleurange. 

Lamartine (Alphonse de) QEuvres completes. 8 vols. 8° Paris, 

^AMB (Charles) Works. 8"* London, 1840. 

Album Verses, with a few others. 8^ Lond. 1830. 

(Greorge) — see Catullus. 

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Dew species of the family of Conifers. With the Plates in folio. 
8** London, 1842. 

"^'^"- (Pierre) M^moires sur Charles ix. — see Savoy: Monumenta 

Historiae Patriae, vol. 2. 

"^-^-itBERTY (L. B. T.) M^moires pour servir a THistoire du xviii* Si^cle. 
14 vols. 4** Amsterdam, 1735-40. 

^Mbeth Archiepiscopal Library. — see Catalogue, and Maitland. 

"^XfouROUX (J. V. F.) Histoii'e des Polypiers Corallig^nes flexibles, 
Tulgairement nomm^ Zoophytes. 8^ Caen, 1816. 

'^^cpridius JElius. — see Historia Augustsd Scriptores. 

176 LAN — LAR 

Lancaster (James) Vo3rage to the East IndieSy in the year 1606.— 
Purchas's Voyages, voL 1. 

Lander (Richard) Journal. — see Clapperton. 

(Richard and John) Journal of an Expedition to explore the 

course and termination of the Niger. 3 vols. 12^ LondoOy 1833. 

Landor (W. S.) Imaginary Conversations of Literaiy Men and Stita- 
men. 3 vols. 8° London, 1826. 

Second Series. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1829. 

Landseer (John) Sabaean Researches, on the engraved Hiero^jphia 
of Chaldea, Egypt, and Canaan. 4^ London, 1823. 

Lane (Ch. Tho.) The Coronation Oath, considered with reference to 
the principles of the Revolution of 1688. 8^ I/ondon, 1838. 

(Edward William) An account of the Manners and Custonu d 

the Modem Egyptians, in 1833-34-35. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1837. 

Lanohenez (Bern.) Description of a Voyage by certain Dutch <hi|Mi 
into the East Indies, in 1595-97, translated by W. Phillip, witk 
Additions by John Wolfe. — HarL ColL of Voyages, voL 2. 

Langhorne (John) Poems. — ^British Poets, vol 65. 

(John and William) — see Plutarch. 

Langlois (A.) Harivansa; ou, Histoire de la Famille de Hari, outt^ 
formant un Appendice du Mahabharata, et traduit sur roriginal Sn- 
skrit. (Orient. TVansl. Fund.) 3 vols. 4to. Lend. 1834. 

Lanigan (John) An Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, from the fint 
introduction of Christianity among the L:i8h, to the beginning of the 
thirteenth century. 4 vols. 8** Dublin, 1829. 

Lanjuinais (Le Comte) Fragment sur les 31 Mai et 2 Juin, 1793. 8* 
Paris, 1825. 

Lanquet (Thomas) An Epitome of Chronicles of England and other 
countries; continued by Thomas Cooper. 4** London, 1669. 

Langtoft (Peter) Chronicle. — see Hearne. 

Lansdowne Manuscripts. — see Catalogue. 

Lanzi (Luigi) Saggio di Lingua Etrusca e di altre Antiche ditalii, 
per servire alia Storia de' Popoli, deUe Lingue, e delle Belle ArtL 
3 vols. 8° Roma, 1789. 

Storia Pittorica della Italia, dal risorgimento delle Belle Arti fin 

presso al fine del xviii Secolo. 6 vols, in 3. 8® Firenzi, 1822. 

La P/:rou8e (J. F. G. de) Voyage autour du Monde, r^ige par L. A 
Milet-Mureau : avec TAtlas des Planches &c. en folio. 2 vols. 4* 
Londres, 1799. 

A Voyage round the World, translated. 2 vols. 4to. London, 


La Petrere. Accounts of Iceland and Greenland, sent to De la Motfae 
de Vayer. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 2. 

La Place (Le Marquis P. S. de) Traits de Mdcaniquc Celeste. 5 vob. 
4° Paris, 1807. 

Exposition du Syst^me du Monde. 2 vols. 8® Paris, 1808. 

Lappenberg (J. M.) Geschichte von England, vols. 1 & 2. 8** Ham- 
burg, 1834. i 

L ARC HER (P. H.) see Herodotus. 

LAR — LAW 177 

Laidnbb (DionygiiiB) The Cabinet CydopeBdia. 78 vols. 12^ London. 

see Steam Communication. 

- (Nathaniel) Works; with Life, hj Andrew Kippis. 11 yols. 

8"" London, 1788. 

La Bochefoucauij>-Liancourt (F. A. F. Due de) Voyage dans les 
Etats-Unis d'Amdrique, en 1795-97. 8 vols. 8'' Paris, 1799. 

LAJtocHBJAQUBLEiN (Madame la Marquise) Mdmoires, ^rits par elle- 

mSme. 8° Paris, 1823. 
IcAscA. — see Grrazzini. 

liAJs Casas (Bartholomew de) Narration of the destruction of the In- 
dians by the Spaniards. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

La.8 Cases (Le Comte de) Memorial de Sointe-H^^ne; suivi de Napo- 
leon dans I'Exil, par MM. CMeara et Antomarchi, et de FHistorique 
de la Translation des Restes mortels de TEmpereur Napoleon aux 
LiTaHdes. 2 vols. 8"" Paris, 1842. 

Latham (John) A Greneral Synopsis of Birds; with Supplements. 8 vols. 
4** London, 1781-1802. 

Lathom House (Journal of the Siege of), defended by Charlotte de la 
Tremouille against Sir T. Fairfax. 8'' London, 1823. 

Latilla (Eug.) A Treatise on Fresco, Encaustic, and Tempera Painting. 
8^ London, 1842. 

Latous (Miyor A. Lacerriere) Historical Memoir of the War in West 
Fbrida and Louisiana, in 1814-15; translated by H. P. Nugent 8^ 
Philadelphia, 1816. 

Latrobe (C.J.) Journal of a Visit to South Africa, in 1815-16; with 
Account of the Missionary Settlements of the United Brethren, near 
the Cape of Grood Hope. 4^ London, 1818. 

Laud (Archbishop William) Life and Times, by John P. Lawson. 2 vols. 

8^ London, 1829. 
Lauderdale (James, Earl of) Three Letters to the Duke of Wellington, 

on the nature and tendency of a Sinking Fund. 8^ London, 1829. 

Lauoieb (Le Baron M.) — see Temminck. 

Launot (J. de)-'See Aristoteles. 

Laussnt (A. de Blois) La Parole rendue aux Sourds-Muets. 8^ Paris, 

*^VAL (Francois Pyrard de) Voyage to the East Lidies. — Purchas's 
Voyages, vol. 2; Harris's Voyages, vol. 1. 

*-*A.VATEB (John Caspar) Essays on Physiognomy, translated from the 
French by Henry Hunter, and illustrated by engravings under the 
inspection of Thomas HoUoway. 5 vols. 4 London, 1789. 

*^-^voisNE (C. V.) Genealogical, historical, chronological, and geographi- 
cal Atlas, edited by C. Gros and J. Aspin. Folio. London, 1814. 

An Historical, chronological, and geographical American Atlas, 
intended as a Companion to Lavoisne's Atlas. Folio. Philadelphia, 

Magazine; or. Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence, from the com- 
mencement in 1830. 8^ London. 

WHENCE (Sir James) On the Nobility of the Britbh Gentry. 8® 
London, 1824. 

(Richard) The Literest of Ireland in its Trade and Wealth 
stated, in two parts. 12° Dublin, 1682. 

A A 

178 LAW — LEG 

Lawrence (Archbishop Richard) The Book of Enoch, tnaalated. 9" 
Oxford, 1821. 

Lawson (John P.) — see Laud. 

Leahy (David) An abstract of the Evidence upon the state of Crimea 
Lreland, 1835-39. 8"* London, 1839. 

Leake (William Martin) Researches in Greece. 4** London, 1814. 

Travels in the Morea. 3 vols. 8** London, 1830. 

Travels in Northern Greece. 4 vols. 8** Liondon, 1835. 

The Topography of Athens; with some Bemarka on its Aiti- 

quities. With the Plates in 4**. 8** London, 1821. 

Another Edition. 2 vols. 8** London, 1841. 

Historical Outline of the Greek Revolution. 8** London, 1826. 

Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor. 8** London, 1824. 

— — see Diocletian. 

Le Bas (Charles Webb) Sermons on various oocasiona. 2 vols, f 
London, 1828. 

see Middleton. 

Lebeau (Charles) Histoire du Bas-Empire, en commen9ant k ConstaDtbi- 
le-Grand, continu6e jusqu'k 1736, par H. P. Ameilhon; avec la TiUe 
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LEG — LEM 179 

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180 LEM — LES 

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LES — LEW 181 

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Theater, tU — XTii. | Briefwechsel, xxvii — xxx. 

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autres Edifices publics ou particuliers, chez les Grecs et les Remains. 
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Romance Languages. 8^ Oxford, 1835. 

' On the Use and Abuse of some Political Terms. 8° Lond. 1832. 

On Local Disturbances in Lreland, and on the Irish Church 

Question. 8° London, 1836. 

(John) A complete History of the several English Translations 

of the Holy Bible and New Testament ; with a list of various edi- 
tions, from 1526 to the present time. 8° London, 1818. 

see Pecock, and Widif. 

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of the Ghune, with Diagrams in colours. 12^ London, 1835. 

182 LEW — LIN 

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an Account of the Village of Stroebeck, in Grermanj, and d tk 
Gkme as practised there. 8^ London, 1832. 

Let (Hugh) On the Laryngismus Stridulus; or Croup-like in^iiitiBi 
of Infants. 8^ London, 1836. 

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Languages, Histories, and Customs of the original inhabitants if 
Great Britain. VoL 1. Glossography. Folio. Oxford, 1707. 

Liber Ecclesiasticus ; an authentic Statement of the Revenues of ^ 
Established Church; presented to Parliament, in 1835. 8^ Londoi) 

Niger Scaccarii. — see Heame. 

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renaissance des Lettres jusqu% la fin du dix-septieme si^cle. 4 fik 
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by A. Plumptre. 2 vols. 4^ London, 1812. 

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12^ Milano, 1830. 

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Chemistry, in its application to Agriculture and Fhysiologji 

edited by Lyon Playfair. 8® London, 1842. 

Animal Chemistry ; or, Organic Chemistry in its applicadon to 

Physiology and Pathology, by W, Gregory. 8° London, 1842. 

Letters on Chemistry, and its relation to Commerce, Fhysiokgf, 

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Strype. 2 vols, folio. London, 1684. 

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London, 1775. 

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versiis in Belgio de Pra^estinatione. Folio. Amstelodami, 1715. 

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London, 1835. 

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Lincoln. 4° London, 1827. 

Lincolnshire Cabinet and Intelligencer for 1828. 12^ Lincoln. 

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Polonais, Allemand, Latin et Fran9ais. 4 vols, in 6. 4^ VarsoTie, 

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Saxonum, Angliorum, Frisionum, &c, cum Glossario. Folio. Fraa- 
cofurti, 1613. 

LiNDLEY (John) Introduction to Botany. 8** London, 1832. 

Outline of the First Principles of Horticulture. 12** LondoiL 


LIN — LIS 183 

Hjxsdlbt (Jolin) Nixus Hantarum. 8° Londini, 1833. 

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from several old MSS. [edited hj J. G. Dalyell.] 2 vols. 8** 
Edinburgh, 1814. 

The History of Scotland, from 1436 to 1565, continued to 1604. 

ir Glasgow, 1749. 

ILiiitGARD (John) A History of England, frt)m the first invasion by the 
BomanSy to the Revolution. 14 vols. 8° London, 1825-31. 

A Vindication of certain passages in the 4th and 5th volumes of 

the History of England. 8"" London, 1826. 

The Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church. 8° Newcastle, 


LraouET ( S. N. H.) M^moires sur la Bastille, avec des Notices par BerviUe 
et Barri^re. 8*" Paris, 1 82 1 . 

LiNMEAN Society of London — see Transactions. 

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Genera Plantarum. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1737. 

Flora Suecica. 8'' Lugd. Bat. 1745. 

Flora Zeylanica. 8'' Amstelod. 1748. 

Hortus Clifibrtianus, plantas exhibens quas in hortis Harte- 
campi coluit Geor. Clifford. Folio. Amstelod. (privately printed), 

LiNscHOTEN (John Huighen Van) Voyage to Goa. — ^Purchas's Voyages, 

Description of the Islands of Azores, with certaine occurrents 

and Ejiglish acts. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

L'Institijt; Journal des Academies et Soci^t^s sdentifiques de la France 
et de retranger. 11 vols. fol. Paris, 1833-43. 

I'lHTON (William) Sketches in Italy, during a Tour in 1828-29; with 
historical and descriptive references, a Map, and Index en route. 
2 vols in 1. fol. London, 1832. 

^onardo d*Abezzo. — Baccolta di Novelle. 

^ORi Africano (Giovan) Descrittione dell' Africa. — Ramusio, tomo 1. 

■'^^Pi (Lorenzo) H Malmantile Racquistato, colle note di vaij, scelte da 
L. PortireUi. 8** Milano, 1807. 

" H Malmantile Racquistato. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 37. 

■^^^^lus (Justus) Opera Omnia quae ad criticam spectant. 4® AntverpisB, 

" Satumalium Sermonum Libri duo de Gladiatoribus. — ^Ph. Rubeni 

£lectorum Libri ii. de Antiquis Ritibus, et ad Lipsium Poematia. — 
Lipsius de Vesta et Vestalibus. 3 vols in 1. 4° Antverpiae, 1604-9. 

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don, 1814. 

^^TPEB (Christopher) Voyage intended for the South Sea, 1586-87.— 
Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 
see Witherington. 

(Martin) A Journey to Paris, in 1698. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, 
voL 4. 

(T. H.)-H5ee Clarendon. 

184 LIT — LOG 


Literary Grazette and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, and Sdenoei, 
from 1825. 4"^ London. 

Property, Enquiry into its Nature and Origin. 8^ Lond. 1762. 

and Scientific Listitutions. — see Mechanics' Institutions. 

Litbratur-Zeitung (Leipziger) vom Jahre 1824-29. 31 vols. 4^ 

Leipzig, 1824-29. 
LiTBRATURB (Bojal Sodctj of )— see Transactions. 

LiTHOow (William) Adventures and PainefuU Perigrinations of long 
nineteen jeares Travailes, from Scotland to the most famous Cog- 
domes in Europe, Asia, and Africa, &c. 4° London, 1640. 

Relations of his Travels in Candj, Grreece, the Holj Land, &c. 

— ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

LrrTLEBURT (Isaac) — see Herodotus. 

Liverpool (Charles, Earl of) On the Coins of the Realm. 4^ Oxford, 

Lives of the most eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Italy, Spam, 
and Portugal [by Mrs. Shelly, Sir D. Brewster, &c] 3 vols. 12^ 
London, 1835. 

Livingston (Edward) — see America. 

Lrvius. Historise, ex edit. Ruperti, cum Notis in usum Delph. Nods 
varior., Glossario Liviano, et Indice (in voL 20). 20 vols. 8^ 
Londini, 1828. 

Le Deche, vulgare Historiate. Folio. Yenetia, 1493. 

— — Foro-Juliensis. — see Heame. 

LrvRES DES Rois. — ^see Leroux de Lincy. 

Lloyd (Major-Greneral) The History of the War in Germany, hetween 
the King of Prussia, and the Empress of Germany and her Allies. 
3 vols. 4*" London, 1781-90. 

Llotd (H. E.)— see George iv. 

(Robert) Poems. 4** London, 1742. 

Loans by Private Individuals to Foreign States entitled to Grovernment 
Protection. 8® London, 1842. 

LoBo (Jerome) A Voyage to Abyssinia, translated by Dr. S. Jc^son.^ 
Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

Loch (James) The Improvements on the Estates of the Maiquis of 
Stafford (Duke of Sutherland). S"" London, 1820. 

see Sutherland. 

Locke (John) The Works; with Life. 10 vols. 8® London, 1812. 

A Paraphrase and Notes on St. Paul's Epistles. 8** Lond. 1812. 

The Reasonableness of Christianity. 2 vols. 8** London, 1736. 

— ^— History of Navigation. — see Voyages and Travels. 

Life, with Extracts from his Correspondence, Journals, and 

Common-place Books, by Lord King. 2 vols. 8** London, 1830. 

Algernon Sidney and Lord Shaftesbury. Original Letters ; with 

Sketch of the Writings of Locke, by T. Forster. 8® London, 1830. 

Locker (Edward Hawke) Memoirs of the celebrated Naval Commanders; 
illustrated by Engravings from original pictures in the Naval Grallery 
of Greenwich Hospital. 4^ London, 1832. 

LOG — LON 185 

LocKHABT (The) papers, relating to the Affiurs of Scotland, from 1702 
to 1745 ; published from the original MSS. in the possession of 
Anthony Aufrere, Esq. 2 vols. 4° London, 1817. 

[ (^0] Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's 

Accession to the Union. 8^ London, 1714. 

' (J. G.) Some Passages in the Life of Adam Blair ; and the 

History of Matthew Wald. 12** Edinburgh, 1843. 

Reginald Dalton. 12** Edinburgh, 1842. 

' Valerius, a Roman story. 12** Edinburgh, 1842. 

Ancient Spanish Ballads, historical and romantic; translated, 

with Notes, 4** London, 1842. 

The Ballantyne Humbug handled. 8** Edinburgh, 1839. 

see Cervantes, and Scott. 

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LocKMAN (J.) — see Greneral Dictionary. 
Lodge (A.)— see SchiUer. 

(Edmund) Illustrations of British History, Biography, and 

Manners, in the reigns of Henry vin., Edward vi., Mary, Elizabeth, 
and James i.; with Notes and Observations. 3 vols. 4** London, 

Another Edition. 3 vols. 8° London, 1838. 

Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, engraved 

from authentic Pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and Public 
Collections ; with biographical and historical Memoirs of their Lives 
and Actions, from 1502 to 1833. 12 vols, in 6. 4** London, 1823-27. 

Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, for 1832, 33, 36, 

37, 39, 40, and 42. 7 vols. 8** London. 

The Genealogy of the existing British Peerage. 8** Lond. 1832. 

see Caesar (Sir Julius). 

(John) The Peerage of Ireland, revised, enlarged, and continued, 

by M. Archdall. 7 vols. 8** London, 1789. 

Logan (John) Poems. — British Poets, voL 70. 

(Josias) Voyage to Pechora, and his wintering there, anno 1611. 

— ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

LoLLio (Alberto) — ^Raccolta di Prose. 

LoMBARDi (Antonio) Storia della Letteratura Italiana nel Secolo xvin. 
4 vols. 8° Modena, 1827-30. 

see Tiraboschi. 

LoMBABDT. Leges Langobardicae. — Canciani, Leges Barbarorum, 
vols. 1 and 5. 

Loudon Magazine; or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, from the 
conunencement in 1732 to 1783, continued by the London Magazine, 
enlarged and improved, to 1796. 65 vols. 8° London. 

Magazine and Review, from the commencement in 1820 to 1829. 

21 vols. 8° London. 

University Magazine, vol. 1. 8^ London, 1829. 

Weekly Review, for 1 827-28. 2 vols. 4*" London. 

Reprint of the View of London, engraved by Hollar, and pub- 
lished at Amsterdam by Com. Danckers, in 1647. Folio. Lond. 1832. 

B B 

186 LON — LOR 

London. Table of the Bailiffs, Sheriffs, and Majors of London, from 
A.D. 1 189 to 1558. — see Grafton's Chronicle. 

The Endowed Charities of the City of London, from seyenteen 

Reports. 8*" London, 1829. 

A Collection of Songs and Ballads relative to the London Pren- 

tices and Trades, and to the Affaires of London generally, during the 
Fourteenth, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth Centuries ; edited, with Notes 
and Litroductions, by Ch. Mackay. (Percy Society.) 8** London, 

and Paris; or Comparative Sketches. 8° London, 1823. 

London Gazette, from 1825. Folio. 

Londonderry (Marquess of) Narrative of the Peninsular War, from 
1808 to 1813. 2 vols. 8"^ London, 1829. 

see Argiielles. 

Long (Charles Edward) A Reply to the misrepresentations and aspersions 
of the Military Reputation of Lieut.-Gen. R. B. Long, in the Further 
Strictures on Colonel Napier's History of the Peninsular War. 8** 
London, 1832. 

see Napier's Peninsular War. 

[ (Edward)] The History of Jamaica ; or. General Survey of the 

antient and modem state of that Island. 3 vols. 4^ London, 1774. 

(George) On the Moral Nature of Man. 8® London, 1841. 

Reflections on certain parts of the Law of England, with sug- 
gestions for their improvement. 8** London, 1827. 

On the Law relative to Sales of Personal Property. 8^ London, 


(Henry Lawes) The March of Hannibal from the Rhone to the 

Alps. 8*" London, 1831. 

Observations upon certain Roman Roads and Towns in the 

South of Britain. 8° Farnham (privately printed), 1836. 

(J. St, John) Discoveries in the Art of Healing. 8** London, 


(Major S. H.) Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River.— 

see Keating. 

LoNGiNus (Dionysius) Quae supersunt Gr. et Lat. animadversionibus 
Toupii et Ruhnkenii, recensuit B. Weiske. 8** Ozon. 1820. 

LoNGUs. — see Scriptores Erotici. 

Gli Amori pastorali di Dafni e Cloe, tradotti dal Com. Annibal 

Caro, col supplemento da Ciampi e Verri. 8® Milano, 1812. 

Lopes (Edward) Report of the Kingdom of Congo. — ^Purchas's Voyages, 
vol. 2. 

Lopez (Thome) Navigatione verso le Lidie Orientali, 1602. — Ramusio, 
tomo 1. 

Lopez de Ayala (Ignacio) Historia de Gibraltar. 4** Madrid, 1782. 

LoaMAN. Ses Fables ; edition Arabe, avec une Traduction Fran^aise, des 
Remarques, et un Vocabulaire Arabe-Fran9ais, par Ch. Schier. Folia 
Dresde, 1831. 

Lord (Henry) Discovery of the two Sects of the Banians and the Per- 
sees, in the East Indies. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 6 ; Pinkerton'i 
Voyages, vol. 8. 

LOR — LOU 187 

Lorenzo db' Medici. — see Medici. 

Loudon (J. C.) Encyclopaedia of Agriculture. 8° London, 1831. 

Encjclopsedia of Gardening. 8® London, 1834. 

Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and 

Furniture. 8'' London, 1839. 

Arboretum et Fructicetum Britannicum; or, the Trees and 

Shrubs of Britain, pictorially and botanically delineated. 8 vols. 8^ 
London, 1838. 

Louis-le-Debonn AIRE. Sa Vie, par Thegan. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, 
tome 3. 

Sa Vie, par I'anonyme, dit TAstronome. — Guizot, Coll. des M6- 

moires, tome 3. 

see Eginhard, and Nithard. 

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188 LOU — LUC 

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LUC — LYE 189 

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spersed with Bii^raphical Anecdotes. 5 vols. 4° London, 1800- 

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see Staunton. 


MAC 191 

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vol. 1. 
Germanic Union, Hanseatic States, 

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ToL 2. 

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Rnssian Empire, Sweden and Norway, 

vol. 4. 
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Algic, or Chippeway Language. 8^ Baltimore, 1827. 

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see Home. 

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8° London, 1835. ^ 

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London, 1821. 
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the Greeks. 4° Edinburgh, 1784. 
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of Good Hope in 1835-36. 4° London, 1837. 

Transits as observed and Calculation of the apparent Bight 

Ascensions, 1834, — Zenith distances, observed wifli the Mural Circle 
and Calculations of Geocentric South Polar distances, 1838-37. — 
Beascl's Refraction Tables : the Form employed at the Royal Observa- 
tory, Cape of Good Hope. For Admiralty use. 3 vols, in 1. 4" 

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Corea and the island of Lewchcw; with an Account of her Ship- 
wreck. 8° London, 1819. 

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4° London, 1805. 

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the Accession of the House of Hanover. 2 vols. 4° London, 1775, 

Original Papers: containing the Secret History of Great Bri- 
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with Extracts from the Life of James u., as written by himself. 
2 vols. 4° London, 1775. 

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Atlantic Ocean. 8° Edinburgh, 1821. 

The West India Colonics vindicated from calumnies and i 

representations. 8° London, 1824. 

(John) Practical Treatise on the Appellate Jurisdiction of the 

House of Lords and Privy Council, together with the practice ii 
Parliamentary Divorce. 8 London, 1842. 

MAC — MAH 193 

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Reformation in Italy and in the Grisons, in the xvith century. 8^ 
Edinburgh, 1827. 

see Knox, and Melville. 

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and the Orthography of his Name, in a Letter to John Grage, Esq. 
4° London, 1837. 

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Poems, relating to that celebrated Knight of the Round Table. 4® 
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see Mary, and Warbeck. 

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see Raccolta di Poesie Liriche, di Prose, & di Novelle. 

Maoasin Asiatique. — see Klaproth. 

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ment and Sacrifice. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1832. 

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tonio P^gafetta. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1 ; Harris's Voyages, vol. 1 ; 
and Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 1. 

Relacion del iiltimo Viage al Estrecho de Magallanes en 1785 y 

1786, extracto de todos los anteriores desde su descubrimiento im- 
presoB y MSS. ; trabajada de orden del Rey. 4® Madrid, 1788. 

Magoi (Carlo Maria) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Magna Chabta. — see Blackstone. 

Maomo (Cello)— Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Mahabhabata. — see Langlois. 

c c 

194 MAH — MAI 

Mahon (Charles, Viscount) On the means of preventing Frmdte 
Practices on the Gold Coin. 4° London, 1775. 

(Philip Henry, Viscount) History of Cngland, from the ?m 

of Utrecht to the Peace of Aix-k-Chapelle. 3 vols. 8** Look, 

Second Edition. 4 vols. 8° 1839-44. 

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of the Hon. Alex. Stanhope, 1690-99. 8*" London, 1840. 

Second Edition. 8*" London, 1844. 

History of the War of the Succession in Spain. 8^ Loate, 


see Belisarius. 

Mahomet (The Life of) — Purchases Voyages, voL 5. 

Mahratta War in 1803 (East Lidia papers relative to the) Fifr 
London, 1804. 

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to the South Seas, in 1598 &c. — Bumey's Discoveries in the So«k 
Seas, vol. 2. 

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1-3. 8° Hamburgh, 1834-42. 

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Maine de Biran. — see Cousin, and Gruyer. 

Maintenon (Madame de) M^moires pour servir k son Histoire, et i 
cello du Siecle posse, par L. A. de la Beaumelle ; augmentee des Be 
marques critiques de F. A. de Voltaire. 15 vols. 12** Amsteritf- 

M AIR an (J. J. D. de) — see Malebranche. 

Maistre (I^ Comte Joseph de) Considerations sur la France ; sniri i 
TEssai sur le Principe generateur des Constitutions politique^ ; et i? 
Lettres h, un Gentilhomme Russe, sur Tlnquisition Cspagnole. ^ 
Bruxelles, 1838. 

Du Papo, suivi de I'Eglise Gallicane, dans son Kapport stw k 

Souverain Pontife. 2 vols in 1. 8® Bruxelles, 1838. 

Les Soirees de Saint-P^tersbourg, ou Entretiens sur le Goo* 

verneraent temporel de la Providence ; su ivies d'un Traite sur la 
Sacrifices. 2 vols, in 1. 8° Bruxelles, 1838. 

Examen de la Philosophic de Bacon ; suivi de TOuvrage de 

Plutarque sur les Delais de la Justice Divine dans la Punition des 
Coupables, nouvellement traduit, avec des Additions et des Notes. 
2 vols in 1. 8** Bruxelles, 1838. 

Maitland (Secretary Sir Richard) — see Mary Queen of Scots, and 

(S. R.) A List of some of the Early Printed Books in the 

Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth. 8° London (privately printed l 


The Dark Ages ; a Series of Essays, intended to illustrate xht 

state of Religion and Literature in the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, ami 
Twelfth Centuries. 8** London, 1844. 

MAI — MAL 195 

Maitland (S. R.) Facts and Documents illustrative of the History, 
Doctrine, and Rites of the ancient Albigenses and Waldenses. 8^ 
London, 1832. 

Twelve Letters on Fox's Acts and Monuments. 1837-41. Re- 
marks on the Rev. S. R. Cattlej's Defence of his Edition of Fox. 
1842. Notes on the Contributions of the Rev. G. Townsend to the 
New Edition of Fox. 1841-42. Rev. G. Townsend's Remarks in 
reply. 1842. 2 vols. 8*" London. 

Two Enquiries into the grounds on which the Prophetic Period 
of Daniel and St. John has been supposed to consist of 1260 years. 
8^ London, 1829-37. 

Attempt to elucidate the Prophecies concerning Antichrist. 8® 
London, 1830. 

Letter to the Rev. W. Digby, occasioned by his Treatise on the 
1260 Days. 8° London, 1831. 

The 1260 Days; in reply to the Strictures of William Cun- 
ninghame. 8^ London, 1834. 

Two Letters to the Rev. Hugh James Rose ; with Strictures on 
^Milner's Church History. 8° London, 1835. 

Letter to the Rev. John King, occasioned by his pamphlet, entitled 
^' Maitland not authorized to censure Milner." 8° London, 1835. 

Remarks on that part of the Rev. J. King's pamplilet which 
relates to the Waldenses ; including a reply to the Rev. G. S. Faber's 
Supplement, entitled " Reinerius and Maitland.** 8° London, 1836. 

The Voluntary System. 12° London, 1837. 

(William) The Hi^ory of London, continued to 1772, by John 
Entick. 2 vols. fol. London, 1775. 

M^ A. ITT AIRE (Michael) Annales Typographici, ab artis inventae origine, ad 
annum 1557, cum Appendice ad 1664; Eorumdem, tom. 1, editio nova 
[i. e. tom. 4] ; cum Indice, et Mich. Denis Annalium Maittaire Sup- 
plemento. 8 vols. 4® Hagse, Amst. et Lond., 1719-89. 

*I-^ius (Angelus) — see Cicero. 

^•I^^KRizi (Taki-Eddin- Ahmed) — see Quatremere. 

^^^^-^LALAS (Joannes) Chronographia, acced. Chilmeadi, Hodiique Annotat. 
et Bentleii Epistola ad Millium ; Gr. et Lat. cum Indicibus ex recens. 
L. Dindorfii. [Script. Byzant.] 8** Bonnae, 1831. 

-^"^ALATAN Family Memoirs. — see Marsden. 
^^4-ALCHUs. Historic. — see Dexippus. 

llgolm (James P.) Londinium Redivivum ; or, an Ancient History 
and Modern Description of London. 4 vols. 4® London, 1803. 

(Sir John) The Government of Lidia. 8° London, 1833. 

ITie PoUtical History of Lidia, from 1784 to 1823. 2 vols 8° 
London, 1826. 

A Memoir of Central Lidia, including Malwa. 2 vols. 8** 
London, 1832. 

The History of Persia to the present time. 2 vols. 4° Lon- 
don, 1815. 

(Sir John) Sketches of Persia. 2 vols. 12° London, 1828. 
see Clive. 

196 MAL — MAN 

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Burman Empire. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1839. 

Malden (H.) The Origin of Universities and Academical D^rees. 12^ 
London, 1835. 

Malebranche (Nicholas) De la Recherche de la Verit6. 4 vols. 12^ 
Paris, 1762. 

Meditations metaphysiques et Correspondanoe avec J. J. D. de 

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piness. 8° London, 1720. 

Another Edition. 12*" London, 1729. 

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Voyages, vol. 3. 

MAN 197 

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the argument of the Epistle to the Hebrews must have been under- 
stood bj those therein addressed. 8° London, 1835. 

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&om Life. 8° London, 1835. 

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^Fifteenth Centuries, illustrated by original Records [edited by Beriah 
Botfield]. (Roxburgh Club.) 4'* London, 1841. 

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^NT (Bishop)— see Bible, and Common Prayer. 

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198 MAP — MAR 

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of that colony to the United States, translated. 8 Philadelphia, 

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His curious Voyages and Travels through the dominions of thcs 

Tartars in the middle of the xiuth Century. — Harris's Voyages, voL 1 ; 
Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 7. 

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8° London, 1825. 

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Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo 10. 

Marie-Antoinette. M6moircs sur sa Vie privee, suivis de SouveniJ^ 
et Anecdotes historiques sur les r^gnes de Louis xiv., xv. et xvi-» 
par Madame Campan, publics par F. Barri^re. 3 vols. 8° Pari^ 

see Weber, 

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Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, 1" Serie, tome 49. 

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de los Reinos de Leon y Castilla, Monumentos de su Constitucio^ 
politica, y de la Soberania del Pueblo. 3 vols. 4° Madrid, 1813- 

Marini (Giovambattista) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

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ses Ouvrages. 12 vols. 8° Paris, 1781. 

Markland (J. H.) Remarks on English Churches, and on the exp^^ 
diency of rendering Sepulchral Memorials subservient to pious -"^^^ 
Christian uses. 12° Oxford 1842. 

Third Edition. 12° Oxford, 1843. 

MAR 199 

Marlborough (John, Dnke of) Memoirs, with his original Correspond- 
ence, collected from the Family Records, by William Coxe. 3 vols. 
4** London, 1818. 

(Sarah, Duchess of) Account of her conduct, from her first 

coming to Court in 1710 [by Nathaniel Hooke]. 8** London, 1742. 

The Other Side of the Question; or, an Attempt to rescue the 
Characters of Queen Mary and Queen Anne out of the Duchess of 
Marlb(»t>ugh's hands. 8° London, 1742. 

Private Correspondence, illustrative of the Court and Times of 
Queen Anne. 2 vols. 8** London, 1838. 

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Irish Histories. 

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Children. 8° London, 1830. 

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Peter Simple. 12° London, 1838. 

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or. Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts, collected with a view to a 
general comparison of Languages, and to the study of Oriental Lite- 
rature. 4° London (privately printed), 1827. 

A Dictionary of the Malayan Language; with a Grammar, In- 
troduction, and Praxis. 4° London, 1812. 

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from the original (Orient. Transl. Fund.) 8° London, 1830. 

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and modem, of his collection, described and historically illustrated. 
2 vols, in 1. 4° London, 1823-25. 

A brief Memoir of his Life and Writings, by himself; with 
Notes of his Correspondence. 4° London (privately printed), 1838. 

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attempted by his meanes, in 1584. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

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and France. 2 vols. 8° London, 1800. 

see Michaelis, and Walter. 

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nues, Productions, Manufactures, Colonies, &c., of Great Britain and 
Ireland, in the Parliamentary Journals and Papers. 4° Lond. 1833. 

(John) A History of the Colonies planted by the English on the 
Continent of North America, to the commencement of that wa^ 
which terminated in their independence. 8^ Philadelphia, 1824. 

see Washington. 

200 MAR 

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tomo 3. 
' (Vincenzo) — ^Raccolta di Prose. 

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(Nathaniel) — ^see Hippon. 

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zig, 1837. 

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Nouvelles Causes C^liibres du Droit de G«ns. 2 tomes. 8® 

Leipzig, 1843. 

(Guil. F. de) Recueil de Trait^s d' Alliance, de Paix, &c., dea. 

Puissances de I'Europe; continue par Saalfeld, et F. Murhard^ 
depuis 1761 jusqu'k present; avec le Supplement, Table G^n^ral^ 
etl es Nouveaux Supplemens par Murhard, tom. 1-3. 31 vols, in 35« 
8"* Gottingue, 1817-42. 

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Notis Varior. et Lidice [in vol 3]. 3 vols. 8° Londini, 1823. 

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A Plan for abundantly supplying the Metropolis with pui-« 

Water. 4° London, 1834. 

(John) A Bibliographical Catalogue of Books privately printeid. 

8** London, 1834. 

(Luther) — see America. 

(M.) A Description of the Western Islands of Sootland.- 

Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 3. 

A Voyage to St. Kilda, in 1697. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 3- 

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Britain. 8° London, 1843. 

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Statistics of the Colonies of the British Empire. 8° LondaH) 


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the Convocation House. 12° London (reprinted), 1843. 

Epitome of the First Book of " Dr. John Bridges' Defence of 

the Grovernment of the Church of England in Ecclesiastical Matter^ 
12° London (reprinted), 1843. 

[Martineau (Harriet)] The Religion of Socrates, dedicated to Sceptics. 
8° London, 1831. 

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Illustrations of Taxation. 2 vols. 12° London, 1834. 

Society in America. 3 vols. 12° London, 1837. 

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San Juan de la Peiia, y de los Reyes de Sobrarve, Aragon* 7 
Nauarra. Folio. Carago^a, 1620. 

Martirb (Pietro) Sommario dell' Historia dell' Indie Occidentali-^"^ 
Ramusio, tom. 3. 

MAE — MAS 201 

ttAHTius (C. F. P. de) Genera et Species Palmarum, quas in itinere 
per Brasiliam coUegit, descripsit, et Iconibus illustravit. 3 vols. 
foL Monachi, 1823-39. 

Denkrede auf Franz, von Patda von Schrank. 4** Miinchen, 


Martyn (Henry) Controversial Tracts on Christianity and Mohammed- 
anism, by H. Martyn, and some eminent Persians; translated and 
explained by Samuel Lee. 8^ Cambridge, 1824. 

Marvell (Andrew) Works, Poetical, Controversial, and Political ; with 
a new Life, by Edward Thompson. 3 vols. 4° London, 1776. 

ttuY (Queem) Privy Purse Expenses of the Princess Mary, daughter 
of Henry viii., afterwards Queen Mary; with a Memoir of the 
Princess, and Notes by Sir Frederick Madden. 8° London, 1831. 

see Turner (Sharon). 

Queen of Scots. Her genuine Letters to James, Earl of Both- 
well, translated by Edward Simmonds, and an Abstract of her Life. 
(Tracts on Scotl^d and the Pretender, vol. 1.) 8° London, 1726. 

An Liquiry, historical and critical, into the Evidence against her 
[by William Toiler]. 8° Edinburgh, 1772. 

(A Detection of the Actions of) concerning the Murther of her 
husband, and her pretended Marriage with the Earl Bothwel. 4° 
Liondon, 1689. 

Life, drawn from the State Papers; with six subsidiary Memoirs 
[of the Calumnies concerning Mary, — of Francis ii.,— of Lord Dam- 
ley, — of Earl Both well,— of the Regent Murray, — and of Secretary 
Maitland], by George Chalmers. 3 vols. 8° London, 1822. 

see Anderson, Laing, and Melvil. 

Maetland Academy of Science and Literature. — see Transactions. 

^scH (A. 6.)-H9ee Le Long. 

Mascou (Joh. J.) Geschichte der Teutschen, bis zu Abgang der 
Merovingischen Konige. 2 vols. 4° Leipzig, 1726-37. 

Masekes (Baron Francis) Scriptores Optici; a collection of Tracts 
relating to Optics, edited by Charles Babbage. 4° London, 1823. 

" Select Tracts relating to the Civil Wars in England, in the 

reign of Charles i. 2 vols. 8° London, 1826. 

Mason (William) Poems.— British Poets, vols. 77-78. 

Isis, an Elegy, and an Ode for Music. 4^ London, 1749. 

Si^pho, a Lyrical Drama. 12*^ London, 1809. 

see Gray. 

Massachusetts Historical Society. — ^see Transactions. 

Masselin (Jehan) Journal des Etats Gen^raux de France, tenus h, Tours 
en 1484, sous le r^gne de Charles viii., traduit par A. Bemier. 4° 
Paris, 1835. 

*UssiLLON (J. B.) (Euvres. 13 vols. 8° Paris, 1810. 

^^ssiNGEE (Philip) Plays ; with Notes, by William Gifford. 4 vols. 
^"^ London, 1813. 

^ see Alleyn. 

**^880N (C.) On the Buildings called Topes.— see Wilson (H. H.) 

D D 

202 MAS — MAU 

Masson (Ch. F. P.) M&noires secrets sur la Bosde, et partieali^ment 
sur la fin du r^gne de Catherine u., et le oommencement de oelni de 
Paul I. 4 vols. 8° Amsterdam, 1800-3. 

Masuccio (Salernitano) — Raccolta di Novelle. 

Maternus (Firmicus) — see Minucius. 

Mathematics : Library of Useful Knowledge. 2 vols. 8** London, 

Mathers (Patrick) Great. and new art of weighing Vanity, or Discovery 

of the ignorance and arrogance of the great and new Artist (Greorge 

Sinclar, Professor of Philosophy, Glasgow University). — Maseres 

Scriptores Optici. 
Mathews (Sir Tobie) Collection of Letters, with a Character of Lucy, 

Countesse of Carleile. 8** London, 1660. 

f Mathias (T. J.)] The Pursuits of Literature, a Satirical Poem, with 
Notes, the Citations translated, and a complete Lidex. 4** London^ 

[ ] The School for Satire; or a Collection of modem Satirical. 

Poems. 8° London, 1801. 

Aggiunta ai Componimenti Lirid de' piii illustri Poeti dTtali&. 

3 vols. 12"* Londra, 1808. 

Per la Morte di Guglielmo Drummond, Canzone. 8° Londra 

(privately printed), 1828. 

Mathison (G. F.) Narrative of a Visit to Brazil, Chile, Peru, and tlie 
Sandwich Islands, in 1821-22. 2 vols. 8"" London, 1825. 

Maton (William George) A Biographical Sketch of him, by John 
Ayrton Paris. 8° London, 1838. 

Matter (J.) Histoire critique du Gnosticisme. Vols. 1-3. Strasbourg, 

Matthije (Augustus) Greek Grammar; translated by E. V. Blomfield, 

and revised by J. Kenrick. 2 vols. 8° London, 1832. 

Matthjeds Paris. — see Paris. 

Westmonasteriensis. Flores Historiarum per Matthseum West- 

monasteriensem coUecti, praecipue de Rebus Britannicis; et ChroniooD, 
auctore Florentio Wigorniensi; cum Indice. Folio. Francofurti, 

Maude (John) Visit to the Falls of Niagara, in 1800. 8** London, 

Maundrell (Henry) Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, in 1697.-' 

Harris's Voyages, vol. 2 ; Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 10. 

A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, in 1697 ; also a Jovnoi 

from Grand Cairo to Motmt Sinai and back again, translated bj 
Bishop Clayton. 8° London, 1810. 

Maupertius. Voyage to the Polar Circle. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. !• 

Maupertuis (M. de) La Figure de la Terre determin6e par les Observa- 
tions de MM. Maupertuis, Clairault, Camus, Lemonnier, Outhier, ct 
Celsius. 12° Paris, 1738. 

Maurice (Thomas) Lidian Antiquities ; or, Dissertations relative ^ 
Hindostan, compared with the Religion, Laws, Government, 9Si^ 
Literature of Persia, Egypt, and Greece. 7 vols. 8** London, 1806* 

The Modern History of Hindostan, down to a.d. 1765. 2 vols* 

4** London, 1802-10. 

MAU — MED 203 

Maubice (Thomas) Observations connected with Astronomy and Ancient 
History, sacred and profane, on the Ruins of Babylon, as described 
by C. J. Rich; with the Appendix: or Observations on the remains 
of Ancient Egyptian grandeur and superstition. 2 vols, in 1. 4^ 
London, 1816-18. 

Brahminical Fraud detected, in a Series of Letters to the Epis- 
copal Bench. 8° London, 1812. 

■ Poems, Epistolary, Lyric, and Elegiacal. 8** London, 1800. 

— Richmond Hill ; a Descriptive and Historical Poem. 4° Lond. 

Westminster Abbey, and other Poems. 8^ London, 1813. 

Maw (Lieut. H. L.) Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, 
crossing the Andes, in the Northern Provinces of Peru, and descending 
the River Maranon or Amazon. 8^ London, 1829. 

Maximus. — see Valerius Mazimus. 

Maximus Tyrius. Dissertationes Gr. et Lat. ex recens. J. Davisii, 
Notis et cura J.J. Reiske, cum Lidice. 2 vols, in 1. 8^ Lips. 1774. 

Mat (Charles) Account of the wonderful Preservation of the Ship 
Terra Nova, homeward bound from Virginia. — Churchill's Voyages, 
vol. 6. 

(Thomas) The History of the Parliament of England, which 

began Nov. 3nl, 1640 ; edited by Baron Maseres. 4° London, 1812. 

Matdiston (Richard) Alliterative Poem on the Deposition of King 
Richard ii., edited by Thomas Wright. (Camden Society.) 4^ 
London, 1838. 

Mato (Herbert) The Philosophy of Living. 12** London, 1838. 

Series of Engravings to illustrate the structure of the Brain 
and Spinal Cord in Man. Folio. London, 1827. 

The Nervous System and its Functions. 12^ London, 1842. 

(Thomas) Elements of the Pathology of the Human Mind. 
12^ London, 1838. 

Oratio Harveiana. 4*^ Londini, 1841. 

Mazure (F. a. J.) Histoire de la Revolution de 1688, en Angleterre. 
3 vols. 8° Paris, 1825. 

Mazza (Angelo) Poesie. — ^Pamaso, Ital. Viv., tomi 31, 32, 41. 

Mead (William)— see Tryals. 

Mbakes (John) Voyages made in 1788-89, from China to the N.W. 
Coast of America; with an introductory Narrative of a Voyage in 
1786 from Bengal, and Observations on the probable existence of a 
N.W. Passage. 4° London, 1790. 

VfiCHANics' Listitutions in England (Report of the State of Literary, 
Scientific, and) 8"" London, 1841. 

^^^ Magazine, Register, Journal, and Gazette, from January 1843. 

8** London. 

^DA (C. A.) Precis historique des Ev^nemens de la Soiree du 9 Ther- 
midor. An ii. 8° Paris, 1825. 

^iCAL and Surgical Journal (The North of England), vol. 1. 8** 
London, 1830-31. 

204 MED — MEM 

Medici (The House of) — sec Tenhove. 

(Cardinale e Lorenzo de') — Bacoolta di Pfoee, di Poeae 

e di Pocsie Kustieali. 

Lorenzo de', detto H Magnifieo Opere. 4 vols. 4^ 

CO* tjpi Bodoniani (privately printed), 1825. 

(Lorenzo de') His Life, with Illustrations, historical am 

by William lloscoe. 3 vols. 8** London, 1825-32. 

IVIedicina Simplex ; or, the Pilgrim's Way-Book : an Enquir] 
Moral and Physical Conditions of a healthj Life and happy 
12° London, 1832. 

Medico-Chirurgical Review and Journal of Practical Medidii 
Series, from 1837 to 1841. 7 vols. 8'' liOndon. 

Meen — see Coluthus. 

Meer Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani. — see Miles. 

Meiding er (Henri) Dictionnaire dtymologique et comparatif dec 
Teuto-Gothiques. 8** Francfort, 1833. 

Meijer (J. D.) De la Codification en general, et de celle del' A 
en particulier, en une serie de Lettres adresa^^ ii Mr. C. F 

8° Amsterdam, 1830. 

Meillan (Le Depute) Ses M^moires, avec dcs Notes &c. 8° 

Meisel (H.) Cours de Style Diplomatique. 2 vols. 8^ Pari 
Mela (Pomponius) — see Pomponius. 

Melancthon (Philippus) Opera Omnia, a Caspare Peucero edit 

fol. Wittebergae, 1562-64. 

Sein Leben, ein Seitensti'ich zu Luther's Licben, vc 

Schnickh. 12° Leipzig, 1795. 

Mklmoth (Sydney) Confessions of Cuthburt, Bunker Hill, as 
tiou, Poems. 12° Boston, 1827. 

(William) — see Cicero's Letters. 

Melros (Thomas, Earl of) State Papers, and Miscellaneoi: 
spondonce. (Abbotsford Club.) 2 vols. 4** Edinburgh, 

Melvil (Sir James, of Htdhill) Memoires, containing an accoi; 
most remarkable Aifairs of State under the reigns of Q. I 
Mary Q. of Scots, and K. James, published by G. Scoti 
London, 1683. 

Memoirs of his Own Life, 1549-1593. [Edited by 

Thomson.] (Bannatyne Club.) 4** Edinburgh, 1827. 

Melville (Andrew) Life, containing illustrations of the EocJ 
and Literary History of Scotland ; with Appendix of Origina 
by Thomas M'Cric. 2 vols. 8° Edmburgh, 1824. 

Papers. — see Leven. 

Trial of Ix)rd Melville in the House of Lords, April t 

Folio. London, 1806. 

Mi^:moir£s concernant I'Histoire, les Sciences, les Arts, los M( 
Usages, &c., des Chinois, par les Missionnaires de Pckin ; 
Traits de la Chronologic Chinoise, par Le Pore Gaubil, pi 
Silvestre de Sacy. 17 vols. 4° Paris, 1776-1814. 

de rinstitut. — see Transactions. 

MEM — MER 205 

MiMoniES de I'Acad&nie. — see TranaactionB. 

du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. — see Transactions. 

de la Soci^t^ Royale du Nord. — see Transactions. 

de M. de ♦ ♦ *, pour servir h, THistoire du xvii"* Si&le [publics 

par De Querlon]. — ^Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 2"** S6rie, tomes 58, 59. 

Memorias de la R. Academia de la Historia. — ^see Transactions. 

MANAGE (Gilles) Dictionnaire etymologique de la Langue FranQaise, 
avec les Observations de F. Caseneuve, etc. ; ^tion augmentee par 
A. F. Jault 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1750. 

Mehander. Historise. — see Dexippus. 

■ et Philemon. Reliquiso, Gr. et Lat., cum Notis H. Grotii et J. 

Clerici, cum Indice. 8° Amstelodami, 1709. 

Mbncke (J. B.) Catalogue des principaux Historiens, avec des Remarques 
BUT leurs Ouvrages, et le choix des meilleurs dditions. 1 2^ Leipsic, 1714. 

Mend AN A (Alvaro de) Discovery of the Salomon Islands, 1567, and 
Second Voyage in 1595. — Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, 
Tols. 1 and 2. 

Ubndez (Moses) A Collection of the most esteemed pieces of Poetry, 
with a variety of Originals. 8** London, 1767. 

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see Pius v. 

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E E 

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4° Paris, 1839. 
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tions, and Festivals. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1834. 

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Translation Fund.) 2 vols. 8"* London, 1831. 

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the South Sea, in 1663, &c. — Bumey*s Discoveries in the South 

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8° Oxonii, 1828. 

see Aristophanes. 

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Colony of New South Wales. 2 vols. 8° London, 1839. 

Eighty-seven Figures, shewing all the Motions in the Manual 

and Platoon Exercises. 8** London, 1835. 

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MiTHRA. The Revelation and Incarnation of Mithra; or a Sketch of th^ 
Sacred History of the Central World. 8° London, 1829. 

MiTTARELLi (J. B.) Acccssioucs HistoricsB FaventiniB. — see Muratori. 

MIZ — MON 211 

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arum commentariolus. 12° Parisiis, 1547. 
loDBBN (The) Traveller. — see Conder. 

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ioHAMMEDAN Historj. — See Price. 

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ixth Century, from the French translation by E. Renaudot. — Pinker- 
ton's Voyages, vol. 7. 

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besonders im Kampfe mit dem Arianismus. 2 vols. S*' Mainz, 1827. 

— Symbolik ; oder Darstellung der dogmatischen Gegensatze der 

Katholiken und Protestanten, nach ihren offentlichen Bekenntniss- 
schriften. 8"^ Mainz, 1838. 

see Anselm. 

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8° Greifswald, 1823. 

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with Genealogical and Political Tables. 4 vols. 8** London, 1811-12. 

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see Theatre. 

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les MSS. de la Biblioth^que du Roi. — ^Buchon, Coll. des Chroniques, 

tomes 43-47. 

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Serasd. 8'' Milano, 1808. 

" see Raccolta di Poesie Liriche, di Prose, k di Novelle. 

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edited from the originals in the British Museum, by Thomas Wright. 
(Camden Society.) 4° London, 1843. 

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Europa. 2 vols. 8° Leipsig, 1822. 

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I'an 1789-1843; avec I'Analyse (2 vols.), I'Index de Fan 1789-99 
(2 vols.), et les Tables des ann^js 1800-41 (5 vols.) 120 vols. fol. 

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(Le) Ottoman. Nos. 57 k 92, Decembre 1832 k Mars 1835. 

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com. 12** New York, 1825. 

212 M O N 

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with Notes and Illustrations, by the Hon. J. S. Wortley. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1838. 

^— (Bishop James Henry) — see Bentley (Richard). 

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explanatory Notes, by John, Earl of CJorke and Orrery. 8^ London, 

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States during the years 1794-6. 8"^ Philadelphia, 1797. 

Monson (Sir William) Naval Tracts, in six books — ^viz., Account of the 
English and Spanish Fleets temp. Elizabeth and James i. — Office of 
Lord High Admiral. — Discoveries of the Spaniards.^-Fishing on the 
Coasts of Great Britain. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 8. 

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&c., avec des Notes et des Eclaircis^ements, par J. A. Buchon.— 
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Chronicles from a.d. 1400 to 1467, and continued to 1616, con- 
taining an Account of the Civil Wars between the Houses of Orieans 
and Burgundy, translated, with his Life, by Thomas Johnes. With the 
Plates in 4** 12 vols. 8"* London, 1810. 

Montagu (Basil) The Private Tutor ; or, Thoughts upon the Love of 
Excelling and the Love of Excellence. 8^ London, 1820. 

Essays. 8° London, 1824. 

Essays and Selections. 12** London, 1837. 

Selections from the Works of Taylor, Latimer, Hall, Milton, 

Barrow, South, Brown, Fuller, and Bacon. 12** London, 1839. 

Thoughts on the punishment of Death for Forgery. 12° Lon- 

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see Fermented Liquors. 

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Wharncliffe. 3 vols. 8** London, 1837. 

Montaigne (Michel de) Ses Essais. 4 vols. 8** Paris, 1802. 

MoNTALEMBERT (Thc Count de) — see Elizabeth of Hungary. 

MoNTALivET (Lc Comtc) Tableaux annexes k TExpos^ de la situation 
de TEmpire; prdsent^ an Corps L^gislatif, dans sa Stance du 25 
Fevrier, 1813. 4° Paris, 1813. 

MoNTBEiLLARD (Phil. Gucncau de) — see Buffon. 

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demiers Siticles. 10 vols. 8^ Paris, 1828-44. 

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Paris, 1840. 

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account of the most remarkable Passages in Scotland in 1633-50, 
translated by Capt. J. Ogilvie. Folio. London, 1735. 

MoNTP art's Travell (Extracts from) A continuation of the Jesuits' Acts 
and Observations in China, till Kieius his death, and some years after. 
— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

M O N 213 

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gressu Literarum Graecarum. Folio. Parisiis, 1708. 

-«— L' Antiquity expliqu^ et repr^sent^ en figures, avee le Supple- 
ment. 15 vols. fol. Paris, 1719-24. 

Les Monumens de la Monarchie Fran9oise, avec les figures de 

ebaque r^gne que rii\]ure des terns a epargn^. 6 vols. fol. Paris, 

mroAiLLARD (L'Abb^ de) Histoire de France depois 1787 jusqu'en 
1826, et continue jusquli FAv^nement de Louis-Philippe, 1830, par 
le Ck)mte J.6.M.Rocques de Montgaillard. 4 vols. 8 Paris, 1839. 

iRTOLAT (Le Marquis de) Ses M^moires ; depuis 1635, jusques k la 
Paix des Pyr^nfes en 1660.— Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 2~*« S^rie, 
tomes 49-51. 

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Biographical Notices, by D. Irving. 8^ Edinburgh, 1821. 

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and Art, from 1838 to 1841. 7 vols. 8"" London. 

Magazine and British Register; from the commencement in 

1796 to 1833. 75 vols. 8** London. 

-»- (New) Magazine and Universal Register, from the commence- 
ment in 1814 to 1820 ; continued by the New Monthly Magazine and 
Literary Journal, to 1836, and further by the New Monthly Magazine 
and Humorist, to 1843. 83 vols. 8® London. 

Review; from the commencement in 1749 to 1833, with Index 

to 1816. 216 vols. 8® London. 

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sous Napol6on, Merits h, Sainte-Hel^ne. 6 vols. 8° Paris, 1 823-25. 

•NTi (Vincenza) Opere, e Vita dal C!onte F. Cassi. 8 vols. 12° 
Bologna, 1827-28. 

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Poesie.— Pamaso ItaL Viv., tomi 17, 18, 39. 

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NTLi^OM (L'Abb^ Aim£ GuiUon de) M^moires pour servir k FHistoire 
de la ViUe de Lyon pendant la Revolution. 2 vols. 8® Paris, 1824, 

WTLUC (Blaise de) Ses Comroentaires. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
1- S&ie, tomes 20-22. 

»NTPENSiER (Antoine-Philippe, Due de) Ses Mdmoires. 8® Paris, 

(Mdlle. de) Ses M^moires. — ^Petitot, Coll. des M&noires, 2"'*' 

S^rie, tomes 40-43. 

KTPimEUX (F. Dubois de) Voyage autour du Caucase, chez les Tcher- 
kesses et les Abkhases, en Colchide, en Gdorgie, en Arm^nie, et en 
Crim^ 5 vols. 8° Paris, 1839-43. 

»NTRi£soR (Le Comte de) Ses M^moires. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
2^ S^rie, tome 54. 

iHTUCLA (J. F.) Histoire des Mathematiques, achev^e par J. de Lalande. 
4 vds. 4** Paris, 1799-1802. 

214 MON - MOR 

Monumental Brasses (Illustrations of) No. 1. 4^ Cambridge, 1840. 

Moor (f^lward) Bealings' BeUs: an account of the mysterious ringing 
of bells at Great Bealings, in Suffolk, in 1834, and in other parts oC 
England. 12*^ Woodbridge, 1841. 

MooRCROFT (William) and Greorge Trebeck. Travels in the Himalajar^ 
Provinces of Hindustan and the Panjab ; in Ladakh and Kashmir ^ 
in Peshawar, Kabul, Kunduz, and Bokhara, edited by H. £L Wilsoa. 
2 vols. 8'' London, 1841. 

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(Ann, of Tutbury.)— see Ward. 

(Edward) Poems. — British Poets, voL 56. 

(George) Lives of Cardinal Alberoni, the Duke of Ripperds^ 

and the Marquis of Pombal, exhibiting a view of Spain and Portug&l. 
8^ London, 1814. 

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manded by Sir John Moore. 4° London, 1809. 

(John) Works, with Memoirs of his Life and Writings. 7 vols. 

8° Edinburgh, 1820. 

Zeluco ; or various Views of Human Nature. — British Novelistis 

vols. 34 & 35. 

Journal during a Residence in France, from August to December, 

1792. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1794. 

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see Byron, Fitzgerald, and Sheridan. 

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MOR 215 

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tfoB^E. Expedition de la Mor6e, ordonn^e par le Gouvemement Fran- 
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des Cyclades, et de TAttique, par Abel Blouet et ses coUaborateurs. 
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Morgan (J. M.) — ^see Hampden. 

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see Equitable Assurances. 

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216 MOR — MUN 

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Additional Remarks on the Topography of Troy. 4^ LondoDi 


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dix, by John Davis. 8^ Boston, 1826. 

MosoHus. — Poetffi Minores Gra&ci, and Theocritus. 

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Candelabra, Sarcophagi, &c. 4° London, 1811. 

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4"" Hehnstadii, 1763. 

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2"'*' S^rie, tomes 36-40. 

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lytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, &c.; with • 
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— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

MUN — MUR 217 

MmffCKBBUS (T.)— Mjthographi Latini. 

MuBTDAT (Greneral) — see Rodney. 

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Private Papers, by G. R. Gleig. 3 vols. 8** London, 1830. 

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MuMTBs (Dr.)-— see Struensee. 

Mu&ATOBi (LuDovicus Ahtomius): — 

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coUegit, et Prssfationibus auxit; cum Lidice. 25 vols, in 28. 
fol. Mediolani, 1723-5L 

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Ad Scriptores Rerum Italicarum Muratorii, Accessiones Historicse 
FaventinfB, prodeunt nunc primum opera Joannis Benedicti 
MrrTABBLLi; cum Appendice de Literatura Faventinorum, sive 
de Viris doctis et Scriptoribus Urbis Faventinsd. Folio. Ve- 
netiis, 1771-75. 

Antiquitates Italicss Medii ^vi; sive Dissertationes de Moribus, 

Religione, Legibus, Studiis Literarum, Artibus, Lingua, &c., Italici 
Populi, post dedinationem Rom. Imp. ad annum 1500. 6 vols. fol. 
Mediolani, 1738-42. 

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foL Mediolani, 1739. 

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logical Researches in the Counties of Salop, Hereford, &c.; with 
Descriptions of the Coal-Fields and overlaying Formations. With 
the Plates in a Case. 3 vols. 4"* London, 1839. 

■ Outline of the Geology of the neighbourhood of Cheltenham. 8° 

Cheltenham, 1834. 

MuBDiN (William) — see Burghley. 

MuBEMUTHENSis (Adamus) — see Trivetus. 

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Davidis Ruhnkenii. 4 vols. 8"^ Lugd. Bat. 1789. 

MuBPHT (Arthur)— see Johnson. 

MuxBAT (The R^ent)— see Mary Queen of Scots. 

i- (Alexander) History of the European Languages; with Life. 

2 vols. 8'' Edinburgh, 1823. 

■ see Bruce. 

(Edward) Enoch Restitutus ; or, an Attempt to separate from 

the Books of Enoch, the Book quoted by St. Jude; also a Comparison 
of the Chronology of Enoch with the Hebrew computation and with 
the Period mentioned in the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse. 
S"" London, 1836. 

(Hugh) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Africa, 

from the earliest ages to the present time. 2 vols. 8^ Edin. 1818. 

F p 

218 MUR — NAL 

Murray (Hugh) Historical Account of DisooverieB and IVavels in Afiia, 
from the earliest ages to the present time. 3 vols. 8^ Edinburgh, 

'— Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in North Ame- 
rica, with Observations on Emigration. 2 vols. 8*^ London, 1829. 

[ (John)] A Hand -Book for Travellers in Denmark, Norway,. 

Sweden, and Russia. 12° London, 1839. 

A Hand-Book for Travellers through Holland, Belgium, Prussia 

and Northern Germany. 12** London, 1836. 

Another Edition. 12° London, 1843. 

A Hand-Book for Travellers in Southern Grermany. 12° Lon 

don, 1840. 

A Hand-Book for Travellers in France. 12° London, 1843. 

A Hand-Book for Switzerland, the Alps of Savoy and Piedmont 

including the Valleys of the Waldenses. 12° London, 1838. 
Hand-Book for Travellers in Northern Italy: — States of 

dinia, Lombardy and Venice, Parma and Piacenza, Modena, 
Massa-Carrara, and Tuscany. 12° London, 1842. 

Hand-Book for Travellers in Central Italy, including the Fta^^ 

States, Rome, and the Cities of Etruria. 12° London, 1843. 

A Hand-Book for Travellers in the Ionian Islands, Greec:^^<^ 

Turkey, Asia Minor, and Constantinople. 12° London, 1840. 

(Lindley) An English Grammar. 2 vols. 8° York, 1834. 

(T. B.) A Notice of Ely Chapel, Holbom; with some accoumxt 

of Ely Palace, and short Biographical Sketches of some of the Bishojs 
of Ely. 4° London, 1840. 

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British Poets, voL 89. 

Museum Criticum; or Cambridge Classical Researches. 2 vols. ^° 
Cambridge, 1826. 

d'Histoire Naturelle (Archives et Annales du) — ^see Transac- 

MusGRAVE (Sir Richard) Memoirs of the different Rebellions in Ireland, 
from the arrival of the English; with a particular Detail of that o( 
1798. 4° Dublin, 1801. 

Musical (Quarterly) Magazine and Review, 1826-28. 3 vols. ^ 

Mycerinus. Hieroglyphics on the Coffin of Mycerinus, found in the 
Third Pyramid of Gizeh, August 1837. Folio. London, 1838. 

Eclaircissements sur le Cercueil du Roi Memphite Mycerinus; 

traduits de I'Anglais, par Ch. Lenormant, avec une Lettre par le 
Docteur Lepsius. 4° Paris, 1839. 

Mythographi Latini: Hyginus, Fulgentius, Lactantius Placidus, et Al- 
bricus, ex libris MSS. emend, cum Comment. T. Munckerus. B 
Amstelodami, 1681. 

Naima. Annals of the Turkish Empire. — see Eraser. 

Nalson (John) Impartial Collection of the Great Affairs of State, fron^ 
the Scotch Rebellion in 1639, to the murther of King Charles i«? 
from authentic Records. 2 vols. fol. London, 1682. 

NAN — NAT 219 

Narois (Gnillaiiine de) Sa Chronique. — Guizot, Coll. des M^oires, 
tome 13. 

Nam (B.) Istorici Veneziane. — see Veneziane. 

Napieb (Sir Charles) — see Janer. 

(Colonel C. J.) Colonization in Southern Australia; with Re- 
marks on Small Farms and Over-Population. 8^ London, 1835. 

(Macvey)— see Encjclopaedia Britannica. 

^Colonel W. F. P.) History of the War in the Peninsula and in 
the South of France, from 1807 to 1814. 6 vols. 8° London, 
1828-40. . 

Peninsular War (Sixteen Tracts relative to), by Viscount 

Strangford, T. S. Sorell, Viscount Beresford, C. E. Ix)ng, D. M. 
Perceval, CoL Wade, Sir Henry Hardinge, Sir Lowry G. Cole, and 
W. F. Napier; with the Albuera Medal (this last privately printed). 
3 vols. 8** London, 1 828-4 1 . 

see Argiielles, and Long. 

Naples. Renseignemens sur Naples, la Sicile et Malte. 12^ Bruxelles, 

Napoleon Bonaparte. Sa Vie Politique et Militaire, racont^e par lui- 

meme, au tribunal de C^sar, d' Alexandre, et de Frederic, [par le 

Ghi&raX Jomini.] 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1827. 

Jomini (Le General) Precis politique et militaire de la Cam- 
pagne de 1815, pour servir de Supplement et rectification k la Vie 
poHtique et militaire de Napoleon racontde par lui-meme. S° 
Paris, 1839. 

His Life, by M. de Bourrienne. 3 vols. 12*^ London, 1 83 1. 

(The History of.) 2 vols. 12° London, 1830. 

His Court and Camp. 12° London, 1831. 

Sa Correspondance in^dite, officielle et confidentielle avec les 
Cours etrang^res, les Princes, les Ministres, et les G^n^raux Fran- 
9ais et Etrangers, en Italic, en AUemagne, et en Egypte, publi^e par 
le General Beauvais. 7 vols. 8° Paris, 1820. 

see Abrantes, Bourrienne, Goldsmith, Gourgaud, Las Cases, 
Montalivet, Montholon, Pelet, Rovigo, Segur, and Thibaudeau. 

Naeborough (Sir John) Voyage to Patagonia and Chili, in 1669-70. — 
Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 3. 

~* see Voyages. 

Nares (Robert) A Glossary of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions 
to Customs, Proverbs, &c., requiring illustration in the works of 
English authors, particularly Shakspeare, and his Contemporaries. 
4* London, 1822. 

Nash (Thomas) Pierce Penniless's Supplication to the Devil; with an 
Introduction and Notes by J. P. Collier. (Shakspeare Society.) 8** 
London, 1842. 

" — ^ — (Threadway) Collections for the History of Worcestershire; 
with a Supplement. 2 vols. fol. London, 1799. 

Nation. Voice of the Nation; a Manual of Nationality, by the Writers 
of the Nation newspaper. 18° Dublin, 1844. 

^ATT (John) Sermons, preached at St. Sepulchre's. 12° London, 1841. 

220 NAT — NEN 

Natural Philosophy; with an Explanation of Sdentific Tenns, and ta 
Index. Library of Useful Knowledge. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1832. 

Naunton (Sir Robert) Fragmenta Regalia; or, ObaerFtttions on the 
late Q. Elizabeth, her Times and Favourites. — ^Phenizy y6L 1» Na7. 

NAUTicAXi Almanac and Astronomical EphemeriSy frooi 1825. Sf' 

Navarette (Fernando) Account of the Iknpire of China; with Supple- 
ment. — Churchill's Voyages, vols. 1 & 6. 

Navarrete (Mart. Fern, de) Coleccion de los Viages y Deflcubrimientog, 
que hicieron por mar los Espaiioles desde fines del Siglo zv. 6 vols 
8^ Madrid, 1837. 

Navy List, from 1826. 12** London. 

A List of all the Flag Offioers and other CovDmiasioiied Oflkxrs 

of His Majesty's Fleet, fr<Hn 1825 to 1832. 8 vols. 8^ Landon. 

Nazahi. — see Atkinson. 

Neal (Daniel) The History of the Puritans, or Protestant Noneoo- 
formists, from 1517 to 1688; with his Life and Acoonnt of his 
Writings, by Joshua Toulmin. 5 vols. 8^ London, 1822. 

Nbamet Ullah. — see Dom. 

Neander (Augustus) Allgemeine Greschichte der ChrisUichen Rel^[k» 
und Kirche. 5 vols. 8"* Hamburg, 1826-41. 

-^— ^ History of the Christian Religion and Church, daring the three 
first centuries, translated by Henry John Rose. 2 vols. 8^ 
London, 1842. 

Nearghus. La Navigatione di Nearcho, Capitano di Allessandro Magno, 
la quale scrisse Arriano Greco. — Ramusio, tomo 1. 

see Vincent (Dean). 

Necker (Jacques) CBuvres completes; public par M. le Baron de 
Stael. 15 vols. 8° Paris, 1820-21. 

(L. A.) Le R^gne Mineral. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1835. 

Nkfp (Felix) Memoir of him and his Labours among the French Pro- 
testants of Dauphin^ by W. S. Gilly. 8° London, 1832. 

Neli (T.) Dialogus. — see Heame. 

Nellerto (Juan) Memorias para la Historia de la Revolucion Esp^ola. 

2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1814. 
Nelli (Pietro)^Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

Nelson (The Life of Admiral Lord) by Robert Southey. 12** London, 

(Robert)^see Bull. 

Nemnich (Ph. And.) Allgemeines Polyglotten Lexicon der Natur- 
geschichte, und Worterbiicher in ix Sprachen. 3 vols. 4® Ham- 
burg, 1794. 

Nemours (La Duchesse de) M^moires, contenant ce qui a'est pass^ de 
plus particulier en France, pendant la Guerre de Paris, jusqu'k la 
prison du Cardinal de Retz en 1652. — ^Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, 
2~*« S6rie, torn. 34. 

Nennius. Historia Britonum, ad fidem Codd. MSS. recensuit Joseph 
Stevenson. (English Hist. Society.) 8** Londini, 1838. 

Historia Britonum. — see Bertram, and Gale Scriptoros, voL 2. 

NEP — NEW 221 

KiFos. — see Cornelius Nepos. 

NsTHERLANDS (Historj of the). — see Giustiniano, Grattan, and Eampen. 

Nkumann (C. F.) The History of Vartan, and the Battle of the Arme- 
nians; containing an Account of the Religious Wars between the 
Persians and Armenians, bj Elisseus, Bishop of the AmadunianSy 
translated. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 4^ London, 1830. 

•■ Translations from the Chinese and Armenian, with Notes and 

Illustrations — yiz,, History of the Pirates who infested the China 
Sea, from 1807 to 1810 ; the Catechism of the Shamans ; andVahram's 
Chronicle of the Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia, during the time of 
Uie Crusades. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° London, 1831. 

N'buman and Baretti. Dictionary of the Spanish and English Lan- 
guages; seventh edition, revised by M. Seoane. 2 vols. 8 London. 

N'btb (Timothy)— see Pole. 

N'kyile (Christopher) Review of Newman*s Lectures on Romanism. 8^ 

London, 1839. 
Defence of Paley's Moral Philosophy, in Answer to Whewell 

and Sedgwick. 8^ Ix)ndon, 1839. 

Hrwbebrib (John) Two Voyages in the Holy Land and Persia. — 

Purchases Voyages, vol 2. 
■ Third and last Voyage into the Eastern parts of the World. — 

Pnrchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 
N^wcouRT (Richard) Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londi- 

nense; an Ecclesiastical Parochial History of the Diocese of London. 

2 vols. foL London, 1708-10. 

N'kwman (J. H.) Lectures on the Prophetical Office of the Church, 
viewed relatively to Romanism and Popular Protestantism. S° 
London, 1838. 

"'*^- see Nevile. 

^EWKHAM (F.) — see Plays. 

Newspapers. — The Examiner, from the commencement in 1808. Folio. 

^- The Grardener's Chronicle, from 1841. Fdio. London. 

John BuH, from May, 1824. Folio. London, 1825. 

^ The London Chronicle, Vol. 75, for 1794. 4"* London. 

The Morning Chronicle, from 1834. Folio. 1834. 

* The Spectator, from 1840. Folio. London. 

The Times, from 1811 (wanting 1819, and July to December, 

1828). Folio. London. 

Specimens of the Unstamped Press: Cleave's Weekly Police 

Gazette, London Free Press, Weekly Times, Weekly Herald, Two- 
penny Dispatch. Folio. London, 1836. 

-*«- see Grazette (London), and Moniteiur. 

Nkwton (John)— see Cowper. 

(Isaac) Opera quse exstant Omnia, Commentariis iUustrabat 

Samuel Horsley, Episc. Roffensis. 5 vols. 4° Londini, 1779. 

Philosophic Naturalis Principia Mathematica. 4° Londini, 


222 NEW — NIC 

Newton (Isaac) Opticks ; or, a Treatise of the reflectaoos^ lefiractkni^ 
inflections, and colours of Light. 4^ London, 1704. 

Life, by Sir David Brewster. 12® London, 1831. 

Life. — see Tumor's Grantham, under Howlett. 

(Bishop Thomas) — see Chalmers, and Milton. 

New Tunbridge Wells: Observations on the Mineral Spring neu 
Islington, so called, and of its virtues and use. 12® London, 1751. 

New York. Communication from the Gk)vemor of New Yoik relaliTe to 
the Geological Survey of the State. 8® Albany, 1837. 

Eleven Tracts on the proposed Revision of the Statute Laws of 

New York. 2 vols. 8^ Albany, 1827. 

Journal of the Senate of the State of New YoA. FoUa 1821. 

Journal of the Senate of the State of New York, for 1824. 

FoHo. Albany. 

Report on the Finances and internal improvement of the Sttte 

of New York, 1838. 8^ Albany. 

Board of Agriculture. — see Transactions. 

Review and Athenaeum Magazine, from the commencement in 

1826 to 1826. 2 vols. 8° New York. 

New Zealand. The British Colonization of New 2tfealand; being an 
Account of the Principles, Objects, and Plans of the New Zedbod 
Association. 12^ London, 1837. 

Letters from Settlers and Labouring Emigrants in the New 

Zealand Company's Settlements of Wellington, Nelson, and New FI7' 
mouth. 18° London, 1844. 

NiCANDER Nucius. His Second Book of Travels, edited from the original 
Greek MS., and translated by J. A. Cramer. (Camden Society.) 
4° London, 1841. 

NiccoLiNi (Giov. B.) Tragedie. 2 vols. 12° Capolago, 1831. 

NiOEPHORUS Bryennius. — see Cinnamus. 

CoNSTANTiNOPOLiTANUs. — scc Silcutiarius, and Syncellus. 

Greooras. Byzantina Historia, Gr. et Lat., cum Notis Wolfii, 

Ducangii, etc., cura Lud. Schopeni, cum Indice. (Scrip. Byzant) 
2 vols. 8° Bonnae, 1829. 

NiOERON (Jean P.) Mdmoires pour servir h. I'Histoire des Hommes 
Illustres dans la R^publique des Lettres, avec un Catalogue de leurs 
Ouvrages. 43 vols, in 44. 12^ Paris, 1729-45. 

NiCETAS Choniata. Historia [Gr. et Lat., cum Wolfii AnnotationibaS) 
Glossario, et Lidicibus] ex recens. Imm. Bekker. (Script Byzant) 
8° Bonnae, 1835. 

Nicholas iv. (Pope) — see Records — Taxatio. 

Nicholay (Nicholas) Description of the city of Alger. — ^Purchas's Voy- 
ages, vol. 2. 

NiCHOLL (Whitlock) A Sketch of his Life; with a few Manuscripts 
written during his leisure hours. 8® London (privately printed), 

NicBOLLES (John) The Teeth, in relation to Beauty, Voice, and Health. 
8^ London, 1833. 

NIC — NIE 223 

19'iCHOLS (John) Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica [comprehending^ 
Antiquities in various counties of England and Wales]; with the 
Continuation. 10 vols. 4° London, 1790-94. 

— ^— A collection of all the extant Wills of the Kings and Queens of 
England, Princes and Princesses, and every branch of the Blood 
Royal, from William the Conqueror to Henry vii.; with Notes, and 
a Glossary. 4'' London, 1780. 

The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth ; 

illustrated with Historical Notes. 3 vols. 4^ London, 1823. 

The Progresses, Processions, and magnificent Festivities of King 

James i., his Royal Consort, Family, and Court; illustrated with 
Notes, historical, topographical, biographical, and bibliographical. 
4 vols. 4** London, 1828. 

Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century. 9 vols. 8^ 

London, 1812-15. 

Illustrations of the Literary History of the Eighteenth Century. 

6 vols. 8** London, 1817-31.' 

(J. B.) — see Catalogue of the Hoare Library. 

(J. G.) — see Bowles. 

Nicholson (Peter) An Architectural Dictionary, containing a correct 
nomenclature jand derivation of the Terms employed by Architects, 
Builders, and Workmen. 2 vols. 4° London, 1819. 

(William) A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the 

Arts; from the commencement in 1802 to 1813. 36 vols. 8° London. 

NiCKOLLS (John) Papers of State. — see Milton. 

NicoL (John) Relation of the Massacre of threescore and seven Men in 
Santa Lucia, 1605. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

Nicolas (SirN. H.) The Chronology of History. 12** London, 1835. 

-»— Synopsis of the Peerage of England. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1825. 

-»— see Davison, Records, and Scrope and Grosvenor Roll. 

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— — De Jure Feudali Saxonum. — see Wilkins, Leges Anglo- Saxonicse. 

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ductory Course on the sources and study of Roman History, edited 
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Lebensnachrichten, aus Briefen dcsselben, und aus Erinnerungen 

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see Agathias, and Byzantine Historians. 

(Carsten) Voyage en Arabic et en d'autres Pays circonvoisins; 

avec les Questions propos^es a une societ6 de Savants, qui font le 
Voyage en Arabic, par M. Michaelis. 4 vols. 4^ Amsterdam, 1776. 

— Travels in Arabia, abridged. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 10. 

224 NIE — NOR 

NiEUHOFF (Jdim) Voyages and Travels into Bnudl and the Etft hi& 
1640-76.— Churchill's Voyages^ yoL2; Pinkerton's VoyigMivdU 

The Embassy from the Dutch East India Company to tihe b- 

peror of China, in 1655. — Pinkerton's Voyagea^ toL 7. 

NiQHT and Day Thoughts. 12^ London, 1843. 

NiLES (H.) Tlie Weekly Register; containing politica], historicdl b- 
graphical, and other Documents, Essays, and Facta, edited hjE19a 
From the commencement in 1811 to 1834, with Indez to tkeia 
12 vols. 42 vols. 8'' Baltimore, 1812-34. 

NisBET (W.) Practical Treatise on Diet 12^ London, 1801. 

NiTHARD. Histoire des Dissensions des Fila do LoQia-le-D^boaiNin- 
Guizot, ColL des M^moires, tome 8. 

see Louis-le-D^bonnaire. 

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Phrases ex Steph. Doleto, juxta editionem «J. FaccioIatL 3 Tok fl 
Londini, 1820. 

NizzA (Marco da) Relatione. — ^Ramusio, tomo 3. 

Relation of his Journey to Cevola, in 1539. — ^BnineT'B Dh» 

veries in the South Seas, vol. 1. 

NoAiLLES (Adrien-Maurice, Due de) M&noires politiquea et mifitiiR^ 
pour servir h, IHiistoire de Louis xiv. et de Louis xv., par Fiir 
Millot.— Petitot, ColL des M&noires, 2^ S&ie, tome 71. 

NoBBE (C. F.) — see Cicero. 

Noble (Mark) History of the College of Arms, from the ragi^ 
Richard ui.; with Dissertation on the different Orders. 4^ Losia 

Memoirs of the Protectoral-House of CromwelL 2 ▼ok f 

London, 1787. 

see Granger. 

Nodal (Bart. Garcia, and Gon9alo de) Expedition to examine Stnitk 
Maire, in 1616. — Burney's Discoyeries in the South Seas, toL t 

NoDiER (Charles) Aug. Regnier et Champin. Paris Historiqne: ¥imt 
nade dans les Rues de Paris; avec un R6sum^ de FHistoire de Fua 
par P. Christian. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1838-39. 

NoEHDEN (H.) A Grammar of the German Language. 12^ Lond.l8U 

Noel (Hon. Baptist W.) Short Tour through the Midland Coontitf « 
Lreland, in 1836. 8° London, 1837. 

NooENT (Guibertde) Histoire des Croisades. — Guizot, Coll. des M&nonet) 
tome 9. 

Sa Vie, par lui-meme. — Guizot, Coll;des M&noires, tome 10. 

NoNNUs Panopolitanus. Dionysiacs, Gr. et Lat., per £. Lnbinnm, cos 
lectionibus G. Falkenburgii. 8^ Hanoviie, 1605. 

NooRT (Oliver van) Voyage round the Globe, being the fourth drcon- 
navigation of the same. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1 ; Hania's Voy- 
ages, vol. 1 ; Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, voL 2. 

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Essex, 1594. Edited from the original MS. in the Marquess of 
Salisbury's Library at Hatfield, by Sir Henry Ellis. (Camden Sodetj.i 
4^ London, 1840. 

NOR — NUM 225 

Norfolk (Thomas, Duke of) — see Jardine. 

NoRMAMDiB. Le grand Ck)astuinier du Pays et Duch6 de Normandie. 
Folio. Rouen, 1623. 

NoBMAMNORUM HistoriflB Scriptores. — see Duchesne. 

Morris (BL H.) The origin, progress, and existing circumstances, of the 
London Society for Promoting Christianitj amongst the Jews. 8^ 
London, 1825. 

(Sir John) and Sir Francis Drake. A Discourse of the Portugall 

Voyage, 1589. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

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1822 to 1843; with Index to the first 25 vols. 47 vols. 8'' Boston. 

N'oRTH Briton (The) by John Wilkes, Charles Churchill, and others; 
illustrated with Notes. 4 vols. 12° London, 1772. 

N'oRTH (Hon. Roger) Examen: or, an Inquiry into the credit and 
veracity of a pretended Complete History [White Kennet's]. 4® 
London, 1740. 

Norths (The) Lives of Francis, Baron Guilford, Sir Dudley, and Dr. 
John NorUi, by the Hon. Roger North ; with Notes and lUustrations 
[by H. Roecoe]. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1826. 

^^ORTHBROOKE (Johu) A Treatise against Dicing, Dancing, Plays, In- 
terludes, and other idle Pastimes; with an Introduction, and Notes, by 
J. P. Collier. (Shakespeare Society.) 8° London, 1843. 

ORTHLEiGH (John) Travels through France, with historical Observa- 
tions. — ^Harris's Voyages, vol. 2. 

ORVKOicoBUM Regum Historia, conscripta h. Snorrio Sturks Filio, access. 
Historise Suerreri, Haconis, Guttormi, Ingii, Haconis Haconidse, et 
Regis Magni [Island. Dan. et Latin^], curis G. Schoning, Thorlacii 
et Werlau£^ cum Indicibus. 6 vols, in 3. fol. Haunise, 1777-1826. 

-^^oKWAY. — see Sweden. 

■^^ORWooD (Colonel) Voyage to Virginia. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 6. 

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wood's Map and Notes thereto, printed 1622. — Purchas's Voyage, 
voL 4. 

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8** BruxeUes, 1834. 

^OTT (G. F.) Religious Enthusiasm considered ; in Eight Sermons, at 
the Bampton Lecture in 1802. 8"" Oxford, 1803. 

■ see Bnsone da Gubbio. 

Node (Fran9ois de la) Ses M^moires. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
1- S&ie, tome 34. 

Novelists (British)— see Barbauld. 

NovELLE Italiane. — see Raccolta. 

No WELL (Dean Alexander) Life, by Ralph Churton. 8*^ Oxford, 1809. 

Nugent (Lord) — see Hampden, D'Israeli, and Southey. 

Numismatic Journal ; from the commencement in 1836 to 1838. 2 vols. 
8^ London. 

Chronicle; from the commencement in 1838 to 1843. 5 vols. 

8^ London. 

o G 

226 NUN — OFL 

NoNEZ (Alvaro) Relatione che egli fece, di quello che intenreime nell* 
Indie all* Armata dell' anno 1627 al 1636. — Ramusio, tome 3. 

Relation. — Purchas's Voyage, vol. 4. 

Nunez de Taboada (M. E.) Diccionario Frances-Espanol y Empanel-- 
Frances. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1826. 

Nursery Rhymes of England, collected principally from oral tradition ; 
edited by J. O. HalliwelL (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

NuwAB Moost' Ujab Khan Buhadoor. — see Elliott. 

Oakeley (Francis) Remarks upon the Aristotelian and Platonic Ethics. 
8° Oxford, 1837. 

Whitehall Sermons. 8'' Oxford, 1839. 

Oakley (Benjamin) — see Shakspeare. 

Oberlinus (J. J.) — see Tacitus. 

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DubUn, 1832. 

Ochoa (Eugenio de) Tesoro de los Poemas Espanoles. 8*^ Paris, 1840. 

Ocios de Espanoles emigrados, 1824-27. 7 vols. 8^ Londres. 

O'CoNNELL (Daniel) Observations on Com Laws, on Political Pravily 
and Ingratitude, and Clerical and Personal Slander, in reply to the 
Earl of Shrewsbury's second Letter to A. L. Phillipps. 8° Dublin, 

Special Report of the Proceedings in the case of the Queen 

against Daniel and John O'Connell, Thomas Steele, and others, in the 
Queen's Bench, Ireland, on an Indictment for Conspiracy ; edited by 
John Flanedy. 8*^ Dublin, 1844. 

O'CoNOR (Carolus) Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores Veteres; continentes 
Prolegomena, Annales Tigernachi, Inisfalenses, Buelliani, iv. Magis* 
trorum et Ultonienses, cum Indice General!. 4 vols. 4® Bucking- 
hamiffi, 1814-26. 

[ (Charles)] Dissertations on the Antient History of Ireland, 

wherein an account is given of the Origine, Government, Letters, 
Sciences, Religion, &c. of the antient Inhabitants. 8** Dublin, 1753. 

see O'Flaherty. 

O'Croly (David) An Inquiry into the principal points of difference, 
real or imaginary, between the two Churches [of England and Rome]. 
8° DubUn, 1835. 

Odon DE Deuil. — ^see Louis vii. 

O'DoNOVAN (James) The Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many, commonly 
called O'Kelly's Country; with a Translation and Notes. (Irish 
Archaeological Society.) 4° Dublin, 1843. 

(John) — see Banquet. 

Oeder (G. C.) Icones Plantarum in regnis Danise et Norvegise, ad illust 
Flora Danica, continuatje a MiiUer, Vahl, et Hornemann. Vols. 1-10. 
fol. Hafnise, 1766-1823. 

Offleys of Norton. — see Hunter. 

O'Flaherty (Rodericus) Ogygia; seu Rerum Hibernicarum Chronologia, 
ex pervetustis Monumentis eruta. 4^ Londini, 1685. 

OFL — ORF 227 

CXFlahbrtt (Rodericus) Ogygia vindicated against Sir G. Mackenzie; 
with Dissertation on the Scots, and Notes by C. O'Conor. 8® 
Dublin, 1775. 

Oust (Charles) A concise Digest of the Law of Usage and Custom 
affecting the commercial and civil intercourse of Great Britain and 
France. 8° Paris, 1837. 

Old Ballads, from early printed copies of the utmost rarity, now for the 
first time collected ; edited by J. P. Collier. (Percy Society.) 8** 
liOndon, 1840. 

[Oldfield (T. H. B.)] a complete History of the Boroughs of Great 
Britain and the Cinque Ports. 2 vols. 8** London, 1794. 

[Oldmixon (John)] The Critical History of England, ecclesiastical and 
civa 8** London, 1724. 

Another Edition. 2 vols. 8° London, 1 728-30. 

[ ] Clarendon, and Whitlock, compared; with a Comparison be- 
tween the History of the Rebellion and other histories of the Civil 
War. 8'' London, 1727. 

Oldts (W.) — see Raleigh. 

Oleyano (Gio. Battista) Trattato del modo di ridurre k pace ogni sorte 
di privata Liimicitia, nata per cagion d' Honore. 4° Venetia, 1603. 

Olim (Les); ou, Registres des Arrets rendus par la Cour du Roi, sous 
les r^gnes de Saint-Louis, Philippe-le-Hardi, Philippe-le-Bel, Louis- 
le-Hutin, et de Philippe-le-Long; publics par le Comte Beugnot. 
2 vols. 4° Paris, 1842. 

OuvETUS (Josephus) — see Cicero. 

CM^ABA (B. E.) — see Las Cases. 

Onoaro (Antonio) Alceo. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 24. 

Opie ( John)L Lectures on Painting, delivered at the Royal Academy of 
Arts, to which is prefixed a Memoir of Mrs. Opie. 4*^ Lond. 1809. 

Oppianus. Cynegetica et Haheutica, Gr. et Lat., emendavit, cum Notis, 
Anecdota, et Lidice, J. G. Schneider. 8° Lipsiae, 1813. 

Ob am (Samuel Marsh) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 73. 

Orange (William i.. Prince of) Apology, in answer to the King of Spain's 
Proscription, 1581. — Phenix, vol. 1, No. 13. 

Obatobes Attici. Antiphon, Andocides, Lysias, Isocrates, Isseus, Dinar- 
chus, Lycurgus, ^schines, Demades, et Demosthenes, ex recensione 
Imm. Bekkeri; cum Reiskii Indicibus Graecitatis, cura T. Mitchell. 
9 vols, 8** Oxonii, 1823-28. 

Obbiony (Alcide d') Voyage dans I'Amerique Meridionale (le Br^sil, la 
B^publique de FUrugay, la R6publique Argentine, la Patagonie, et 
les B^publiques du Chili, dc Bolivia, et du Perou), ex6cute pendant 
les ann^ 1826-33. 6 vols. 4^ Paris, 1835-44. 

Obdo Divini Officii redtandi Missamque celebrandi, in usum Cleri Sse- 
cularis Hibemici, pro anno 1835. 12° Dublini. 

OIReilly (Edward) — see Transactions of Ibemo-Celtic Society. 

Qrellius (Jo. Casp.) Inscriptionum Latinarum Selectaruni Collectio, ad 
illustrandam Romanam Antiquitatem, cum Notis et Lidicibus. 2 vols. 
8** Turici, 1828. 

Obfobd (Horace, Earl of) — see Walpole. 

— (Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of) Memoirs of his Life and Admi- 
nistration; with his original Correspondence and authentic Papers, by 
William Coxe. 3 vols. 4** London, 1798. 

228 ORI — OTT 

Oriental Translation Fund. — see Transactions. 

Orioen (An Account of) and his chiefest Opinions. — ^Fheniz, toL 1, No. 1. 

Orleans (Gaston, Due d') M^moires; contenant ce qui s'est pass^ en 
France de plus considerable, depuis 1608 jusqu'en 1636. — ^Petitot, 
Coll. des M^moires, 2"'** S^rie, tome 31. 

Gallery. Catalogue historique et descriptif des Tableaux appar- 

tenans au Due d'Orl^s. 4 vols. 8^ Paris (privately printed), 

(M^moires concernant la Pucelle d') dans lesquels se trouvent 

plusieurs particularity du r^gne de Charles vii., 1422-29. — Petitot, 
ColL des M^moires, 1" S^rie, tome 8. 

Orme (Robert) A History of the British Military Transactions in In- 
dostan, from 1746 to 1761; with Historical Fragments of the Mogul 
Empire from 1659, Origin of the Company's Trade at Broach and 
Surat, and an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author. 
4 vols. 4^ London, 1780-1805. 

(William) — ^see Baxter. 

Ormerod (George) History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, 
with Appendix and Greneral Lidex. 3 vols. fol. London, 1819. 

■ The Stanley Legend; a Genealogical Memoir, illustrative of the 

early traditional connexion of Boteler of Amoundemess, Fits- 
Ailward, Lathom, and Stanley. 8** Westminster (privately printed), 

Tracts relating to Military Proceedings in Lancashire during the 

Great Civil War, commencing with the removal of the Earl of Derby 
from his lieutenancy of Lancashire, and terminating with his execu' 
tion at Bolton. (Chetham Society.) 4° 1844. 

(T. J.) Outlines of the History of Theology. 8° London (pri^ 

vately printed), 1844. 

Ormond (Marquis of) Letters. — see Clanricarde. 

Ormonde. History of the Life of James, Duke of Ormonde, by Thoin»^ 
Carte, with a Collection of Letters concerning State Affairs. 3 vol^* 
fol. London, 1736. 

A Collection of original Letters and Papers, concerning tb^ 

Affaires of England from 1641 to 1660, found among the Duke o» 
Ormonde's Papers, published by T. Carte. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 173^- 

Orosius. The Anglo-Saxon Version, by -^fred the Great; witii •^ 
English Translation from the Anglo-Saxon [by Daines Barrington]* 
8° London, 1773. 

Orpheus. The Mystical Hymns, translated by T. Taylor. 8** Chiswick* 

OsBORN (Francis) Works ; viz. Advice to a Son, Reflections on th« 
Turks, Memoirs on Queen Elizabeth and King James, and Misoel" 
lany of Paradoxes. 8® London, 1701. 

OssiAN. The Poems, translated by J. Macpherson. 2 vols. 8** Londoa» 

Ostrogoths. Laws. — Canciani, Leges Barbarorum, vol. 1. 

Otrante (Le Due d') — see Fouche. 

Otter (WiUiam) — see Clarke. 

Otterbourne (Thomas) Chronica. — see Hearne. 

OTT — OWE 229 

Ottlbt (William Young) The Italian School of Design, being Fac- 
similes of Original Drawings hj the most eminent Painters of Italj, 
with Biographical Notices. Folio. London, 1823. 

— ^— An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving 
upon Copper and in Wood; with an Account of Engravers and their 
Works, from Maso Finiguerra to Marc' Antonio Raimondi. 2 vols. 
4** London, 1816. 

Otto (Friedrich) History of Russian Literature, with a Lexicon of 
Bussian Authors. 8"^ Oxford, 1839. 

Otwat (Thomas) Works. 3 vols. 12° London, 1768. 

OuBENDORP (Ft.) — see Frontinus, and Lucanus. 

OuDNBT (Dr.) — see Denham. 

OussLET (Sir William) Catalogue of several hundred Manuscript Works, 
in various Orients Languages, collected by Sir W. Ouseley. 4° 
London (privately printed), 1831. 

Outhiek (The Abb^ Regnauld) Journal of a Voyage to the North, in 
1736-37.— Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Cutram (Migor James) Rough Notes of the Campaign in Sinde and 
Afghanistan, in 1838-39. 12^ London, 1840. 

OvALLE (Alonso de) Historical Relation of the Kingdom of Chile, 1646. 
— Churchill's Voyages, vol. 3; Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 14. 

OvBHBERO (A Memoir of Bernard) with a short account of the system 
of National Education in Prussia, by Professor Schubert; translated. 
12^ London, 1838. 

OvEEBURT (Sir Thomas) Observations in his Travels, upon the state of 
the Seventeen Provinces, in 1609. — Harl. Coll. of Voyages, vol. 1. 

OviDius. Opera Omnia, ex edit Burmanni, cum Notis in usum Delphini et 
Variorum, recensu Editionum et Indice (in vols. 8 & 9). 9 vols. 8** 
Londini, 1821. 

The Art of Love, Epistles, and Metamorphoses, translated. — 

Dryden's Works, vol. 12. 

The Metamorphoses, translated by Dr. Garth and others. — 

British Poets, vols. 94 & 95. 

Le Metamorfosi, ridotte da Giovanni Andrea dell' Anguillara, in 

Ottava rima. 3 vols. 8^ Milano, 1 805. 

OviEDO (Gonzalo F. d') Historia dell* Indie Occidentali. — Ramusio, 
tomo 3. 

Summarie, and General Historic of the Indies. — Purchases Voy- 
ages, vol. 3. 

Navigatione del fiume Maragnon, posto sopra la terra firma dell' 

Indie occidentali. — Ramusio, tomo 3. 

Owen (Richard) Lectures on the Comparative Anatomy and Physiology 
of the Invertebrate Animals. 8^ London, 1843. 

Memoir on the Pearly Nautilus, with Illustrations. 4** London, 


(William) A Dictionary of the Welsh Language; with a Gram- 
mar. 2 vols. 4° London, 1803. 

(Capt. W. F. W.) Narrative of Voyages to explore the Shores 

of Africa, Arabia, and Madagascar. 2 vols. S° London, 1833. 

230 OXF — PAL 

Oxford. Statutes of Corpus Chiistiy All Souls', and Magdalen CoDegft; 
with the Life of Bishop Fox; translated by G. B. IL Ward. 3 Tok 
in 1. 8° Oxford, 1840-43. 

Statutes of Magdalen College, translated by 6. R. M. Ward. 9 

Oxford, 1840. 

University Calendar; from 1824. 12*^ Oxford. 

A Catalogue of all the Graduates who have regularlj proceeded, 

or been created, in the University of Oxford, fTx>m 1659 to 1820. 8* 
Oxford, 1815-20. 

OxNAM (John) Enterprise in the South Seas, in 1575. — ^Bume/s Dis- 
coveries in the South Seas, voL 1. 

P. (S. of Cambridge) Account of the New Sect of Latitude Men, 16G2. 
— Phcnix, voL 2, No. 27. 

Pachy MERES (Greorgius) De Michaele et Andronico Palsoologis [Grr. et 
Lat. cum P. Possini Observationibus et IndiceJ recognovit Imm. 
Bekker. (Script. Byzant.) 2 vols. 8^ Bonnae, 1835. 

Paoe (Francis) The Principle of the English Poor Laws illustrated and 
defended. 8° London, 1830. 

(James R.) Ireland: its evils traced to their source. 1 2? Londoo, 


The Position of the Church of England in the Catholic WorU, 

suggested by a perusal of No. 90 of the " Tracts for the Times." 8" 
London, 1844. 
Pagi (Ant.) Critica in Baronii Annales. — see Baronius. 

Paillet (J. B. J.)-^see France: Manuel de Droit. 

Pain (The) and Sorrow of Evil Marriage, from an unique copr, 
printed by Wynkyn de Worde. (Percy Society.) 8** London, 1840. 

Paine (Thomas) Tracts: Rights of Man; Prospects of the War aod 
Paper Currency; and Common Sense. 8° London, 1791—93. 

Painter (William) Tlie Palace of Pleasure beautified, adorned, and 
well furnished with pleasant Histories and excellent Novels, very re- 
quisite for delight and profit; edited, with Life, by Joseph Haslewood. 
3 vols. 4° London, 1813. 

Painters (Biographical Memoirs of extraordinary) [by W. BeckfonL] 
12° London, 1824. 

Paljeoromaica; or, Disquisitions inquiring whether the Hellenistic 
style [of the New Testament] is not Latin-Greek? [by John Black.] 
8° London, 1822. 

Palestine (Description of) — Condor's Modem Traveller, voL 1. 

Paley (Archdeacon William) Works, with Additional Sermons, and 
account of his Life and Writings, by Edmund Paley. 6 vols. 8^ 
London, 1830. 

Natural Theology; illustrated, by Lord Brougham. 3 vols. S' 

Ix>ndon, 1835. 

Moral Philosophy defended. — see Nevile. 

Ilora) Paulinaj. — see Tate. 

Palor AVE (Sir Francis) History of the Anglo-Saxons. 12° Lond. 1831. 

The Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth : Anglo- 
Saxon Period. 2 vols. 4° London, 1832. 

PAL — PAR 231 

Pax-obaye (Sir Francis) — see Records. 

Palingenesia: the World to come. 8® Paris, 1824. 

Palladio (Andrew) Four Books of Architecture, bj J. Ware. Folio. 
London, 1738. 

Palladio s. — see Rei Rusticae. 

Pallas (P. S.) Voyages en differentes provinces de Russie, et dans 
I'Asie septentrionale, traduits par Gauthier de la Peyronie; avec un 
Atlas de planches. 6 vols. 4"^ Paris, 1 788-93. 

Voyages dans les Grouvememens m^ridionaux de Russie, en 

1793 et 1794, traduits par Delaboulaye et Tonnelier; avec un Atlas 
de planches. 3 vols. 4° Paris, 1805. 

Palmer (C. J.) Illustrations of Domestic Architecture in England, 
temp. Queen Flizabeth, as exemplified in the House of J. D. Palmer, 
at Great Yarmouth. 4° London (privately printed), 1838. 

(Edward) Glyphography; or Engraved Drawing, for printing at 

the Type Press, after l£e manner of Woodcuts. 12** London, 1843. 

(William) Origines Liturgicse; or. Antiquities of the English 

Ritual, and a Dissertation on PHmitive Liturgies. 2 vols. 8^ Ox- 
ford, 1836. 

On the Church of Christ. 2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1839. 

Pambour (Le Comte de) Theory of the Steam Engine, with an Appendix. 
8** London, 1839. 

— ^ Practical Treatise on Locomotive Engines; with an Appendix, 
shewing the expense of conveying Goods on Railroads. 8^ London, 

Pamphleteer (The); £rom the commencement in 1813 to 1824. 24 
vols. 8^ London. 

Pamphlets. — see Second Part of Catalogue. 

Panoirollus (Guido) Res Memorabiles, sive Deperditse, et recens in- 
ventse, Notis H. Salmuth. 4** Francofurti, 1660. 

Pandolfini (Agnolo) Trattato del Govemo della Famiglia; colla Vita 
del medesimo scritta da Bisticci. 8° Milano, 1802. 

Paneoyrici Veteres, ex edit. Schwarzii et Amtzen, cum Notis in usum 
Delphini, Notis Varior. et Lidicibus (in vol. 5). 5 vols. 8° Londini, 

Pahtoja (Diego de) Letter to Father Luis de Guzman, written in 
Paquin, in 1602. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 3. 

Pamzami (Gregorio) Memoirs of his Agency in England, in 1634-36; 
translated, with an Litroduction, exhibiting the state of the English 
Catholic Chiu'ch, by Joseph Berington. 8° Birmingham, 1793. 

Panzer (Georgius Wolfgangus) Annales Typographic, ab artis inventae 
origine ad annum 1500, post Maittairii, Denisii, aliorumque curas 
emendati; cumSupplementisetlndicibus. 11 vols. 4^ Norimb. 1793. 

Paoli (Pascal) Memoirs. — see Boswell's Corsica. 

Pardoe (Miss) The City of the Magyar; or, Hungary and her Institu- 
tions in 1839-40. 3 vols. 12"^ London, 1840. 

Pabent-Duchatelet (A. J. B.) De la Prostitution dans la ViUe de 
Paris. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1838. 

Parini (Giuseppe) Poesie. — ^Pamaso, Ital. Viv., tomi 13, 14, & 24. 

232 PAR 

Paris. R^cherches Statistiques sur la Yille de Paris et la Departement^ 
la Seine. 3 vols. 4** Paris, 1823-29. 

B^lemens sur les Arts et Metiers de Paris, r^dig^s au xm* Skk^ 

et connus sous le nom du "Livre des Metiers d'Etienne Bmleu;' 
publics par G. B. Depping. 4® Paris, 1837. 

La Taille de Paris en 1313. — ^Buchon, ColL des Chianiqiia, 

tome 9. 

Extraits des Stances de la Municipality qui s'installa k FHotel 

de Yille, 10 Aout, 1792. (M^oires des joom^es de SeptembR.) 
8° Paris, 1823. 

Pabis (J. A.) A Treatise on Diet: to establish Rules for the PreTenda 
and Cure of the Diseases incident to the Digestive FuiictiQD& 8" 
London, 1828. 

Pharmacologia; an Liquiry into the Operatioiis of MedioBil 

Bodies, upon which are founded the theory and art of Prescrilniig. 8° 
London, 1843. 

Philosophy in Sport, made Science in earnest. 12** Loodca, 


Fifth Edition. 12*^ London, 1842. 

see Davy, and Maton. 

(Louis) — see Aubespine. 

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verbatim recusa: access, duorum Offarum Merciorum B^mn, et 
XXIII. Abbatum S. Albani Yitte, editore WilL Wats ; cum var. Led 
et Indicibus. Folio. Londini, 1640. 

Continuation of the Jerusalem Expedition. — ^Purchas's Yojagei. 

vol. 2. 

Parish (Sir W.) Buenos Ayres, and the Provinces of the Rio de k 
Plata. 8** London, 1839. 

Park (Sir James Allan) A System of the Law of Marine Insurances. 
2 vols. 8° London, 1817. 

see Stevens. 

(J. J.) The Dogmas of the Constitution: four Lectures on the 

Theory of the Constitution. 8° London, 1832. 

(J. R.) Liquiry into the Laws of Animal Life, with an Oatiine 

of the Organs and Functions of the Human Body. 8^ London, 1812. 
(Mungo) Travels in the Interior of Africa, 1795-97, and ISO^i 

with Appendix of Geographical Illustrations, by Major Renn^ 
2 vols. 4° London, 1799. 

Another Edition, with Life. 2 vols, in 1. 4® London, 1816. 

Travels in Africa. — Pinkerton's Yoyages, vol. 16. 

Parker (John) The Passengers: containing the Celtic AhimOr. 9° 
London, 1831. 

(Martin) The King and a Poor Northern Man; or. Too Good to 

be True. (Percy Society.) 8** London, 1841. 

[ (Matthaeus, Archiep. Cantuar.)] De Antiquitate Britannics 

EcclesiaB, et de Privilegiis Ecclesise Cantuariensis Historia. (With 
Matthew of Westminster.) Folio. Hanoviae, 1605. 

Life and Acts, with Appendix of Records, by John Strype. 3 

vols. 8° Oxford, 1821. 

PAR 233 

Pauleb (Bishop Samuel) History of his Own Time, translated hj 
Thomas Newlin. 8"" London, 1727. 

(Captain William) Taking of St. Vincent and Puerto Bello, 

February, 1601. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

Paekin (John) Antidotal Treatment of the Epidemic Cholera. 8^ 
London, 1836. 

■' Traitement curatif du Chol^ epid^mique; traduit par M. F. 

DunaL 8"" Paris, 1835. 

Observaciones sobre la fisiologia y el tratamiento del Colera- 

Morbo. 8° Valencia, 1835. 

On the efficacy of Carbonic Gras in the Diseases of Tropical 

Climates. 8"" London, 1836. 

Pakkinson (James) Organic Remains of a Former World; an Examina- 
tion of the Mineralized Remains of the Vegetables and Animnla of 
the Antediluvian World. 3 vols. 4^ London, 1820. 

Parliament: — 

Forms of Parliamentary Writs. — see Prynne. 

Parliamentary Writs, and Writs of Military Summons.^-6ee Records. 

Parliamentary Debates and History. — see Hansard. 

Journals of the Parliaments of Queen Elizabeth. — see D^Ewes. 

Debates of the Unreported Parliament (1768-74) — see Cavendish. 

The Mirror of Parliament, from the commencement in 1828 to 1837, 
edited by J. H. Barrow. 36 vols. foL London. 

Second Series, from 1837-41. 24 vols. 8** London. 

Pabliabcent. — House of Lords: — 

On the Appellate Jurisdiction of the House of Lords. — see Mac- 
queen, and Hale. 

Journals of the House of Lords, from 1509; with Calendar of the 
Journals, from 1509 to 1826 (2 vols.), and the Greneral Lidex 
to 1819 (4 vols.) FoHo. 

Rolls of Parliament; comprising the Petitions, Pleas, and Pro- 
ceedings of Parliament, from 1278 to 1553; with Index to 
1503, by John Strachey, John Pridden, and Edward Upham. 
7 vols. Folio. 

liinutes of the Proceedings of the House of Lords, from 1838. 

Pahliamewt. — House of Commons: — 

Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons. — see Hatsell. 

Journals of the House of Commons, from 1547; with Lidex (7 
vols.) to 1837. Folio. 

Divisions of the House of Commons, for 183&-37-38. Folio. 

Votes and Proceedings of the House of Conmions, from 1834. 

'^AHLUMENT. — Reports prom Committees op the House of Commons: 

Catalogue of the Parliamentary Reports, and a Breviate of their 

Contents; arranged under Heads, according to their Subjects, 

1696-1837. FoUo. London, 1834-37. 
General Index to the Bills, Reports, Accounts, and other Papers, 

printed by order of the House of Commons, from 1801-38. 

2 vob. Folio. London, 1833-40. 

H H 

234 PAR 

Parliament. — Reports from Committees of the House of Commons: 

Indexes to the Subject Matters of the Reports of the House of 
Commons, 1801-34. 7 vols. Folio. London, 1834. 

Reports not inserted in the Journals, from 1715 to 1800, with 
Index. 16 vols. Folio. London, 1803. 

Selected Reports of Committees, from 1796 to 1835. Folio. 

Selected Reports, 1836-43. Folio. 

Selected Reports, 1806-15. 4 vols. Folio. 

On the Army and Navy, 1806-15. 2 vols. Folio. 

Boundary Reports of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 183^ « 
8 vols. Folio. 

On the Bullion Question, 1810-11. Folio. 

On Charities. — see Charities. 

On the Civil List, 1812-15. FoHo. 

On East India Affairs, 1806-14. 7 vols. Folio. 

On Education. — see Education. 

On the Excise Establishment, 1833-37. 7 vols'. Folio. 

Reports on Finance, Revenue, &c. 20 vols. Folio — ^Viz.: 

On the Reyenae and Smog^lioe, 1763. 

On Annuities granted to His MjEgesty, 1776-82. 

On Public Accounts, from 1780-86. 

On the Public Income and Expenditure, 1786-91. 

On the Public Accounts, 1796-99. 

On Finance, from 1797-98. 

Proceedings of the Treasury Commissioners relating to the Public Rereno 

Accounts for the Sessions 1799-1800. 
On the Suspension of Payments by the Bank, 1797. 
Statement of a Plan of Finance proposed to Parliament in the year 1807. 
On Finance, for 1811-12, 1817-18, 1824-25, 1830-31. 

On the Finance Accounts of Great Britain, 1806-16. 4 volt 

On the State of the British Fisheries. Folio, 1785. 

Foreign Policy, 1809-15. Folio. 

On Irish Bogs, 1813-15. FoHo. 

On Irish Railways. — see Irish. 

On the state of the King's Health. Folio, 1788. 

On the Trade &c. of the Port of London. 2 vols. Folio, 1796. 

On Miscellaneous Subjects, 1806-11. 2 vols. Folio. 

On Miscellaneous Subjects, 1748. Folio. 

Relating to Orders in Ck)uncil, 1808-12. Folio. 

On Public Petitions, from 1837. Folio. 

On the Population. — see Population. 

On the New Postage System. — see Postage. 

On the Fees, Emoluments, &c., in Public Offices. Folio, 1793. 

On the Slave Trade. 3 vols. Folio, 1789. 

Relating to Spain and Portugal, 1808-11. Folio. 

Relating to Walcheren, 1809. Folio. 

Parliament. Papers presented to Parliament in 1808-11, and 1815, <^ 
specting America, Austria, Denmark, the Ottoman Porte, Russi^ 
Spain, and Portugal, the Expedition to the Scheldt, &c. 9 vols. ^ 
London (privately printed), 1808-15. 

PAR — PAS 235 

Pasliambnt (Catalogue of the Designs offered for the New Houses of) 
4** London, 1836. 

Parmamkntaby Abstracts, History, and Review, with Critical Remarks, 
1825-27. 5 vols. 8° London, 182G-28. 

Review, 182G-28. 8** London. 

Manual, for 1838. 12*" London. 

Pocket Companion, 1840-41. 3 vols. 12*^ London. 

Pabnaso Esp^ol : Colecdon de Poesias Escogidas de los mas cdlebres 
Poetas CasteUanos. 9 vols. 12^ Madrid, 1768-72. 

Italiano; owero Raccolta de' Poeti Classici Italiani, diligente- 

mente riveduti sugli originali piu accreditati, dal Ab. Andrea Rubbi. 
56 vols. 12** Venezia, 1784-1802. 

degl' Italiani Yiventi. 46 vols, in 23. 12^ Firenze e Pisa, 

Pabnbll (Sir Henry) On Financial Reform. 12^ London, 1832. 

(Thomas) Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 34. 

— — see Homerus. 

Pabb (Samuel) Works; with a Memoir of his Life and Writings, by 
John Johnstone. 8 vols. 8^ London, 1828. 

Metaphysical Tracts, by English Philosophers of the Eighteenth 

Century. 8° London, 1837. 

see Bellendenus, Catalogue, and Warburton. 

Parbt (C. H.) The Parliaments and Councils of England, chronologi- 
cally arranged, from the reign of William i. to the Revolution in 
1688. 8"" London, 1839. 

(Sir W. E.) Journal of Four Voyages for the Discovery of a 

North- West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1819-27; with 
an Appendix to the Second Voyage. 5 vols. 4^ London, 1821-28. 

Appendix to his Second Voyage for the Discovery of the North- 

West Passage, in 1821-23. 4** London, 1825. 

and Lieutenants Foster and Ross. Observations and Experiments 

at Port Bowen, in 1824-25, on the Figure of the Earth, Magnetism, 
and Atmospheric Refraction. 4° London, 1826. 

Pabsons (Father) — see Doleman, and Hayward. 

Pabthenius. — see Historic Poeticse Scriptores. 

Pabxtta (P.) Istoria Veneziana. — see Veneziane. 

Pascal (Blaise) (Euvres; avec un Discours sur sa Vie et ses Ouvrages. 
5 vols. 8"^ Paris, 1819. 

Pashlet (Robert) Travels in Crete. 2 vols. 8** Cambridge, 1837. 

Paslet f General C. W.) On the Military Policy and Institutions of the 
Britiw Empire. 8^ London, 1813. 

— — - Standing Orders of an Establishment for instructing the Officers 
and Soldiers of the Royal Engineer department. 12^ Chatham, 1818. 

Liquiry into the System of general or Commissariat Contracts. 

8° Chatham (privately printed), 1825. 

A complete Course of Practical Geometry, including Conic Sec- 

tions and Plan Drawing. 8° London, 1822. 

—— A Course of Element^u*y Fortification. 2 vob. 8"^ Lond. 1822 


S98 PAS — PEA 

Pabsavaht (J. D.) Rafael von Urbino, und sein Vater Giovanni Swti, 
mit vieriehn AbbiMungen. 2 vols. 8° LeipKig, 1839. 

Pahsavanti (Jucupo) Ix* Specdiio della Vera Feniteozia. 8° BQam, 

Pabhow (Francis) Grreek Lexicon. — see Liddell. 

Paston Letters. — see Fenn. 

Fastoekt (M.) — 8ee France. — Histoire Litt^rdre. 

Paterculits. Historia RonianB,cz editione Krauaii; cum Notis in luiim 
Delphini, Notis Varior., ot Indicibus. 8° Londini, 1822. 

Faterno (Ludovico) — Eaccolta di Poeaie Sntiriche. 

Paterson (Daniel) Roads in England, Wales, and part of Scotlaad. by 
E. Mogg. 8° London, 1832. 

Patient Gbisel (The History of); with an Introduction and Noles. 
(Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

Patrick (Bishop) W. Lowth, R. Amald, D. Wbilby, and M. Lowmaa- 
A Crilicul Commentary and Paraphrase on the Holy Scriptures; cor- 
rected by J. R. Pitman. 6 vols. 4° London, 1822, 

Pateicius (p.) Hbtoria. — see Desippus. 

Patkoni Ecclesiarum; or, a, List of the Patrons of the Dignities, Rec- 
tories, Vicarages, &c., of tho United Church of England and Ireland. 
8° London, 1831. 

Pathum (SS.) qui temporibuB Apostolicis flonieruat; — Barnabte, de- 
mentis, Hernite, Ignatii, Folycarpi Opera vera et suppositicia, Gr. c* 
Lat., J. Cotelcrius, ex MSS. eruit, Nottsque illustraTil: reccns. Joaz>- 
Clericus. 2 vols. fol. Ainstclodami, 1724. 

Paul (Archdeacon) of Aleppo. — see Belfour. 

(Father) — see Sarpi. 

Paulus SiLENTiARius. — SCO SilentiflHus. 
Fausanias. GrxciiB Descriptio, Gr. et Lat., Amas 

Indices (in vol. 5), adjecit Car. G. Siebelis. 

Fauthieb (G.) Essai sur I'Origine et la Formation similaire^ des Ecri' 

tures figurativcB Cbinoise et Egyptienne. 8° Paris, 1842. 
Payne (Robert) ABrife Description of Ireland, madein this yeere loS^i 

truely published verbatim, by Nic. Gorsan; with diners Notes lake* 

out of others the Anthoures Letters. Edited by AqtdUa SBriti* 

(Irish Arcbfcologicol Society.) 4° DubUn, 1841. 
Paitok (Walter) Voyage to the East Indies, in the Expedition und^ 

Christopher Newport, anno 1612. — Purchaa'e Voyt^es, vol, 1, 
Fazzib (Maxime S. de) Mfimoire Statistique sur le dfipaitement de Va*»^ 

clusu, 4° Carpentras, 1808. 
PtACocK (George) A Treatise on Algebra. 8" Cambridge, 1830. 

Report on the recent Progress and present State of certa** 

branches of Analysis. 8" London, 1834. 

Ou the Statutes of the University oi' Cambridge. 8° Londc^*»i 


(J.L.)— sec Headlong Hall. 

Peabce (Bishop Zaehary) His Life- — see Chalmers. 

i, Adnotationea, alqiJ* 

PEA — PEL 2S7 

Pbasgh (G.) a Collection of Poems, by several hands [intended as a 
oontiaiiadon of Dodsley's Collection]. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1770. 

PsASsoN (Dean Hugh)— see Swartz. 

(Bishop John) An Exposition on the Creed. 2 vols. 8® Oxford, 


Pecobio (Connt) Journal of Military and Political Events in Spain; 
with Remarks, by Edward Blaquiere. 8^ London, 1824. 

Pechb (Thomas) Voyage to the Molucca and Philippine Islands, in 
1672. — ^Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 3. 

Pick (Francis) Desiderata Curiosa; or, a Collection of divers scarce and 
curious Pieces relating chiefly to matters of English History; with 
Memoirs of his Life and Writings. 2 vols, in 1. 4° London, 1779. 

^cocK (Bishop Reynold) Life, being a Sequel of the Life of Widif ; 
by John Lewis. 8° Oxford, 1820. 

^^L (Sir Robert) Speeches during his Administration, 1834-35 ; and 
his Address to the Electors of Tamworth. S° London, 1835. 

Speeches: on the Repeal of the Union, 1834; on the Repeal of 

the Malt Tax, 1835; on the Irish Church Bill, and Church Esta- 
blishment of Ireland, 1835; and his Address to the Electors of Tam- 
worth. 8^ London, 1834-35. 

Pbhxs (Greorge) Works; collected and edited, with some account of his 
life and Writings, by Alexander Dyce. 3 vols. 12^ London, 1829. 

Prkr. Reports from the Lords' Committees touching the Dignity of a 
Peer of the Realm. 5 vols, in 4. fol. London, 1829. 

Prkbaoes. Annual Peerage of the British Empire, 1827-29, and 1831. 
8 vols. 12^ London. 

see Banks, Collins, Debrett, Burke, Nicolas, Lodge, and Sharpe. 

(Scottish) — see Douglas. 

Pkqge (Samuel) Curialia; or, an Historical Accoimt of some branches of 
the Royal Household &c. (The first three Parts.) 4° London, 1791. 

^KiowoT (Grabriel) Dictionnaire raisonnd de Bibliologie. 3 vols. 8° 
Paris, 1802-4. 

Essai de Curiosity Bibliographiques. S° Paris, 1804. 

Repertoire Bibliographique Universel. 8^ Paris, 1812. 

^X«BT (Baron) Napoleon in Council; or, the Opinions delivered by Bo- 
naparte in the Council of State; translated by Captain Basil Hall. 
8** Edinburgh, 1837. 

• (Le Gr^n^ral)— see Louis xiv., and Vault. 

'^X.HAM (Right Hon. Henry) Memoirs. — see Coxe. 

"^XL Records. Issue Roll of Thomas de Brantingham, containing Pay- 
ments made out of his Msyesty's Revenue in the 44th of Edward iii., 
A.D. 1370; translated by Francis Devon. 8® London, 1835. 

Issues of the Exchequer; being Payments made out of his Ma- 
jest/s Revenue, during the reign of James i. ; extracted by Francis 
Devon. 8° London, 1836. 

Issues of the Exchequer; being a collection of Payments made 
oat of his Majesty's Revenue, irom King Henry iii. to Henry vi.; 
extracted and translated by Francis Devon. 8° London, 1837. 

238 PEL — PEN 

FsLLHAM (Edward) Relation of the Ifiseries and Deliyerance of o^ 
Englishmen, left in Greenland in 1680. — Churchill's Vojagea, toL 4. 

Pellicer y Saforcada (D. Juan Antonio) £nsajo de una BiUiotheei 
de Traductores Espanoles, con varias Notidas literarias para las Yid» 
de otros Escritores Espimoles. 4^ Madrid, 1778. 

Pelsart (Francis) Yojage and Shipwreck on the Coast of New HoDani 
— Bteis's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Voyage to Australasia in 1628. — ^Pinkerton's Vojages^ yoL U. 

Peninsula (Personal Narrative of Adventures in the) during tiie Wir 
in 1812-13, by an Officer. 12^ London, 1827. 

[Penn (Granville)] Observations in illustration of Virgil's edebrated 
Fourth Eclogue. 8** London, 1810. 

An Examination of the primary Argument of the Siad. 8^ 

London, 1821. 

Estimate of the Mineral and Mosaical Geologies. 2 vols. 8° 

London, 1825. 

- Annotations to the Book of the New Covenant; with an Expo- 

sitory Preface, and J. L. Hug de Antiquitate Codids Vaticani Com- 
mentatio. 8^ London, 1837. 

see Bible. — Book of the New Covenant. 

[ (Richard)] Maxims and Hints for an Angler, and IGserieB of 

Fishing illustrated. 12^ London, 1833. 

■ llk&ixims and Hints on Angling, Chess, Shooting, and other nut- 
ters; also. Miseries of Fishing. 12^ London, 1842. 

(Admiral Sir W.) Memorials of Life and Times, from 1644-70, 

by Granville Penn. 2 vols. S"" London, 1833. 
(William)— see Tryals. 

Pennant (Thomas) Some Accoimt of London. 4^ London, 1805. 

The History of the Parishes of Whiteford and HolywelL 4° 

London, 1796. 

A Journey from London to the Isle of Wight. 2 vols, in 1. 4^ 

London, 1801. 

A Tour from Downing to Alston-Moor, and from Alston-Moor to 

Harrowgate and Brimham Crags. 2 vols, in 1. 4^ London, ISOl-i 
Tour in Scotland, and Voyage to the Hebrides. 3 vds. 4' 

London, 1776-90. 

Tours in Scotland, in 1769, &c. — Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 3. 

A Tour in Wales. 2 vols. 4° London, 1784. 

History of Quadrupeds. 2 vols. 4° London, 1793. 

Penniles Parliament of Threed-Bare Poets; or, all Mirth and TVlttie 
Conceites. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

Pennington (G. J.) An Essay on the Pronunciation of the Gre^ 
Language. S° London, 1844. 

Pennsylvania Agricultural Society. — see Transactions. 

Pen NT Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. 
27 vols. 4° London, 1833-44. 

Penny Magazine of the Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 
from the commencement in 1832 to 1843. 12 vols. 4° London- 

Penrose (Thomas) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 63. 

PEN — PER 239 

Pbnkt (J<^) 000 Martm-Marprelate. 

Pepin, Boi de France. — see Eginhard. 

Pewn-le-Vieux. Sa Vie. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 2. 

Pbpts (SamueH Memoirs, comprising his Diary, from 1659 to 1669, and 
a Selection nrom his Private Correspondence; edited by Richard, Lord 
Braybrooke. 2 vols. 4° London, 1825. 

Peeceval (D. M.) — see Napier's Peninsular War. 

Peect (Greorge) Observations gathered out of a Discourse of the Plan- 
tation of tibe Southeme Colonic in Virginia by the English in 1 606. 
— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

(Bishop Thomas) Rdiques of Ancient English Poetry. 3 vols. 

8** London, 1775. 

Five pieces of Runic Poetry, translated from the Islandic. 8^ 
London, 1763. 

Hau Kiou Choaan; a translation from the Chinese, with a col- 
lection of Chinese Proverbs, fragments of Chinese Poetry, and Notes. 
4 vols. 12'' London, 1761. 

see Mallet. 

Society. — see Transactions. 

-^^ftEBA (Graleotto) Relation of his Lnprisonment in China. — Purchas's 
Voyages, vol. 3. 

Pfi&sz (Antonio, Secretario de Estado del Rey Phelippe u.) Las Obras 
y Reladonea. 12'' Madrid, 1631. 

^fi^iLS (The) of the Nation; an Appeal to the Legislature, the Clergy, 
and ihe Higher and Middle Classes. 12^ London, 1843. 

**^^iNO (Richard) On the Anchor and the Chain Cable. 8° Plymouth, 

P^^LiN (Estienne) Description des Royaulmes d'Angleterre et d'Ecosse; 
et P. de la Serre, Histoire de l*Entr6e de la Reine-M^re dans la 
Grande Bretagne, edited, with English Notes [by Richard Gough]. 
4** London, 1775. 

*^^OH (Fr.) Voyage de D^couvertes aux Torres Australes, pendant les 
ann^ 1800-4; avec T Atlas en folio. 2 vols, in 1. 4^ Paris, 

Voyage undertaken for the Discovery of Southern Lands, in 
1800. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 11. 

■HBADLT (Claude) On the Five Orders of Columns in Architecture, 
with a Discourse concerning Pilasters; translated by John James. 
Folio. London, 1708. 

*^^ii8iA and China. — see Condor's Modem Traveller, vols. 12 & 13. 

>Esius. — see Juvenal. 

(Translations fit)m) — Dryden's Works, vol. 13. 

The Satires, translated by John Dryden. — ^British Poets, vol. 97. 

■'^^th Literary and Antiquarian Society. — see Transactions. 

^*=«TicABi (B Conte Giulio) Opere. 3 vols. 8** Bologna, 1822. 

*^^z (Greorgius Heinricus) Monumenta Germanise Historica, ab a.d. 
^00 ad 1500, auspiciis Societatis aperiendis fontibus Rerum G^rma- 
^icarum Medii ^vi, edidit G. H. Pertz. 6 vols. Folio. Hannoverse, 



e Tallcmant dea Besui. 
x)D Note dal P. SoaTe. 

3 vols. 

Peru and Chile. — see Conder'a Modem Traveller, vol. 28. 
Peruzzi (Agostino) Poeeie. — Farnaso Ital. Viv., tomo 44. 
pETAvrna (Dionjsius) Opua de Doctrinii Temporum; cum PrwfatioMel 

Dissertatione de lxz hebdomadibus Jo. Harduini. 3 vols. foL 

Antverpia, 1705. 
Pbteb the Great (A Memoir of the Life of) 12° London, 1832, 

see Segur. 

Petit (Ch.) Gui^risons de Calctila Urinaires. 8° Paris, 1837- 

(J, L.) Remorka on Chittch Architecture, with illustraliiws. 

2 vols. 8° London, 1841. 

Pbtitot (Claude Bernard) Collection complete dea Memoires relatifi i 
i'Histoire de France, depuis Philippe-Auguste, jusqu'au comineiiw- 
ment du xvii* SiMe. 52 vols. 8° Paris, 1819-26. 

et M. Monmerque. Collection de M&ioirea reiatifs b, rHistoire de 

France, depuia I'avenement de Henri iv., joBqii'i la Paii de F»ris, 
conclue en 1763 t avee des Notices Bur chaque Auteur. 79 vols. S° 
Paris, 1820-29. 

Coll. des M^'moires : Continuation. — s 

Petrahca (Francesco) Le Rime ; illustrate 

2 vols. 8° Mikno, 1805. 

Le Rime. — Pamaso Italiano, toiiii 1 & 2. 

Memoires pour aa Vie, par I'Abbe de Sade. 

Amsterdam, 17G4. 

I'ETBAiicti. — see Foscolo, and "Weston. 

Petke (The Hon. H. W.) Account of the Settlements of the N« 

Zealand Company. 8° London, 1841. 
Peteus Blesenbis. — see Gale Scriptorea, vol. 1. 
Pettiokew (T. J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana; a Descriptive Catalogne uf 

the Manuscripts and Printed Books in the Library of tlio Duke of 

Sussex. 3 vols. 8° London, 1827. 

A History of Egyptian Mummies, and an Account of the 

Worship and Embalming of the Sacred Animals of tlie Egyptisn* 
4° London, 1834. 

Medical Portrait Gallery ; Biographical Memoirs of the most 

celebrated Physicians and Surgeons, &c. 4 vols. 4° Loud. 1840. 

On Superstitions connected with the Hbtory and Practice of 

Medicine and Surgery. 8° London, 1844. 

see Lettsom. 

Petty (Sir W.) Tracts chiefly relating to Ireland; with his last Will 

8' Dublin, 1769. 
PauTiKOEBUS (Conr.) Peutingeriana Tabula Itberarla, qtue in BibUo- 

theca Vindobonensi nunc servatur, exscripta i F. C. de Scheyb. 

Fol. Vindobonie, 1753. 
Peyhon (Amed.) Lexicon Linguae Coptioe. 4° Taurini, 1835. 
Peyton {Captain Walter) Second Voyage into the East Indies, in 

January, 1614. — Purchas'a Voyages, vol. 1. 
Pfistek (J. C.) Gieschichte von Schwaben, neu untersuclit und 

dargesteUt. 5 vols. 8° Heilbronn, 1803-27. 

Gesehichte der Teulschen ; naeh den Quellcn. 

Hambiii^, 1819-35. 

PH^ — PHI 241 

Phxdbds. Fftbnim .£sopiR, ex editione 8chwBbi), cum Notis in ueum 

Delphtni, Notia Variorum, et Indice. 2 vols, in ]. 8° Londini, 

Phai-asis. EpistolfB, Gr. et Lat., Notis J. D. a Lennep, euro L. Valcke- 

Daer ; accesserunt K. Bentleii Dissertatio de Fbalaridis, oliorumque 

Epistolia ex Angl. a Lennep. 2 vols, in 1. 4° Groningfo, 1777. 
E^KLPs (Tliomas) Account of Lis Captivity at Mochiness, in Barbary. — 

Harl. Coll. of Voyagea, toI. 2. 
E^Bioi (The): or a. Revival of scarce and valuable Pieces. 2 vols, 8° 

London, 1707. 
Phu^delphia Journal of Sciences. — see Transactions. 
Philif n. ft in. of Spun. — see Watson. 
Philip iv. — see Dunlop. 
E*HiupFB V. — see Sain te- Philippe. 
Philippe- Acq UBTB. Sa Vie, par Rigord. — Guizot, Coll. des M^moirea, 

tome 11. 

Sa Vie, par Guiltaume le Breton. — Guisot, Coll. des M^moires, 

tome 11. 

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CourU of Canterbury. 2 vols. 8° London, 1833. 

Phillip (Captain Arthur) A Voyage to Botany Bay ; witli nn Account 
of the establishment of the Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk 
Idand. 4° London, 1789. 

Fhillifps (Sir Thomas) An ancient Confirmation Deed of Lands for- 
merly possessed by the Abbey of Shaftsbury. — Copy of an Eicempli- 
ficBtion of a Decree relating to BroadwAy ; and of an ancient Deed 
relating to Broadway and Pershore Fairs, (edited by Sir T. Phillipps.) 
3 vols in 1. 4° Evesham (privately printed), 1819. 

Tbe Visitation of Middlesex, began in 1663, by William Byley, 

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original in the Chapter House, Westminster, (edited by Sir T. 
Phillipps.) Folio. London (privately printed), 1834. 

see Catalogue. 



Phillipps {S. M.) — see Trials. 
Phtllips (Ambrose)— see Pole. 
(Edivard) Thcatrum Poctarum Anglicanorum : containing tin 

Characters of all the English Poets, from Henry iii. to the close of 

the reigQ of EliTobeth. 8° Canterbury, 1800. 

see Milton. 

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kunftder Normannen, im Jahre 1066, bis 1189. 2 vols. 8° Berlin, 

(Thomas) Voyage of the ship Bannibai to Cape Monaeradoe i" 

Africa, and Barbadoes. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 6. 

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8° London, 1833. 

(W. S.) The Triumphs of a Prftotical Faith, in xti. DisconriM. 

8° London, 1837. 

(W.) — see Conybeare. 

Phii-lpotts (Bishop Henry) Letters to Charles Butler, on the TTieolo- 

gical parts of his Book of the Roman -Catholic Church. 8" LonduD, 

A SupplementuI Letter to Charles Butler, on the Evidence 

given by the Irish Roman -Catholic Bishops, particularly bj Dr. 

Doyle, in 1825. 8" London, 1826. 

Letter to G. Canning, on the Bill of 1 825, for removing the dii- 

qualifications of his Majesty's Catholic Subjects. 8° London, I82T. 

A Letter to an English Layman, on the Coronation Oath. 8* 

London, 1828. 

Philological Museum. 2 vols. 8° Cambridge, 1832. 

Philosophical Magazine, from the commencement in 1798 to lS26i 
continued by the Pliilosopliical Magazine and Annals of PhiloMphj, 
to 1832 1 and further, by the FLilosopiiical Magazine, Aunids ot 
Philosophy, and Journal of Science: with Index to 183S. B° 

Society of Tasmania. — see Transactions. 

Transactions. — see Transactions. 

Philosophy (Annals of); or, Magazine of Chemistry, Minenlogji 

Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts ; from l' 

commencement in 1813 to 1826. 28 vols. 8° London. 

in Sport. — see Paris. 

Phipps (Captain Constantine John) Voyage towards the North Pole, in 

1773.— Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 
Phocab (Nicepborufl) — see Diasonus. 
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Pbotius. Lexicon, i codice Galeano descripsit Ricardus PorsoniH- 

2 Tob. 8° Londini, 1822. 
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Gr. et Lat., cum Lidiclbus, ex ret«nB. Imm. Bekkeri. (Scrij*. 

Byzant.) 8° Bonnie, 1838. 
Phrenological Journal and Miscellany; from the commencement in 

1823, to 1829. 5 vols. 8° Eilinburgh. 

PHY — PIN 243 

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Kotzebue. 12'' Leipzig, 1803. 

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Nations of the known World, together with historical Annotations. 
6 vols. fol. London, 1733. 

FiccoLOMiNi (Carli Bartolommeo) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

FiOKEBiNO (John) A Vocabulary of Words and Phrases peculiar to the 
United States of America. 8"" Boston, 1816. 

PiCTOR (Fabius) The Hand Book of Taste. 12^ London, 1843. 

PIebrb-le-Ybnebable. — see France : Histoire Litt^raire. 

PiGAFETTA (Antonio) Yiaggio atomo il Mondo, 1519. — Ramusio, tomo 1. 

Voyage round the World, in 1519-22, in the Squadron of 

Magellan. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 11. 

(Phil.) Report of the Kingdom of Congo in Africa, drawn out of 

the Writings of Odoardo Lopez, translated by Abraham Hartwell. — 
Harleian Coll. of Voyages, vol. 2. 

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diversi Saggi sulle Scienze, Lettere, e Arti. 6 vols in 2. 8° 
Firenze, 1824. 

Poesie. — Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomi 1-3, 21 k26. 

PluuNOTON (Matthew) A Dictionary of Painters ; with Additions, by 
Henry Fuseli. 4** London, 1810. 

PtMBNTA (Nicholas) Lidian Observations. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

PiMDABUs. Carmina, cum Lectionis varietate et Adnotationibus, iterum 
coravit C. G. Heyne [cum Versione Latina, SchoUis (in voL 2), 
Hermanni Dissert et Fiorilli Indicibus (in vol. 3)]. 3 vols. 8° 
Lipsiae, 1817. 

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■ Odes, translated, with Notes, critical and explanatory, by Abra- 
ham Moore. 8° London, 1822. 

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British Poets, vol. 89. 

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Poesie. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomo 7. 

PinkjEBTON (John) An Enquiry into the History of Scotland, preceding 
the reign of Malcolm iii., a.d. 1056 ; including the authentic History 
of tiiat period. 2 vols. S° Edinburgh, 1814. 

— ^ The History of Scotland, from the Accession of the House of 
Stuart to that of Mary. 2 vols. 4** London, 1797. 

Ancient' Scotish Poems, comprising Pieces written from 1420 

to 1586, from the MS. Collections of Sir Richard Maitland, with 
Notes and Glossary. 2 vols. S° London, 1786. 

Select Scotish Ballads, with Notes and Glossary. 2 vols, in 1 . 

8** London, 1783. 

Scotish Poems, reprinted from scarce editions ; with a Glossary. 

3 vob. 8** London, 1792. 



PiNKGRTOK (Jotin) A General Collection of tbe best and tnoet intere^ 
ing Voyages and Travels in all parts of the Worlil, man^ now fint 
translated. 17 vols. 4° Londou, 1808. 

An Essay on Meilals ; or, an Introduction to the Knowledge of 

ancient and modern Coins and Medals, especially of Greece, Rome 
and Britain. 2 vols. 8° London, 1808. 

Pinto (Fernao Mendea) Peregrinacao, com o It«nerario de Antoni* 
Tenreiro, e a Conquista do Ueyno de Pegu no anno de 1601. Folio-' 
Lisboa, 1762. ' 

Observations of China, Tartaria, and other Easterne parts oF 

the World. — Pnrchas's Vojagea, vol. 3, 

Pirates (History of Chinese) — see Neumann. 
PiBiDA (G.) Expeditio Persica. — see Silentiarius. I 

PiSTojA (Cino du) — Raccolta di Poesie Lirich& I 

PiSTOi.BSi (Erasmo) II Vatiamo descritlo ed illustrato, con Disegni 

conlomi diretti dal pittore Camillo Guerra. 8 vols. foL ~ 

PiTHffirs (P. et F.) Corpus Juris Canonici, ad vet. C'Odices MSSt 

restitutum, et Notis illust. ex bibl. CI. le Peletier, cum Indidbus^i 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Colonic, 1779. 
PiTiacus (Samuel) l/esicoa Autiquitatum Romananim. — see Gnevius. | 
PiTKiK (Timothy) A Political and Civil History of the United States of 

America, from 1763 to 1797. 2 vols. 8° New Haven, 1828. 

A Statistical View of the Commerce of the United States oT 

America, its connexion with Agriculture and Manufactures, wilh id 
Public Debt, Kevenues, and Expenditures. 8° New York, 1817, 

Pitman (Robert B.) View and Analysis of authentic informatioii, on tbe 
practicability of Joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by a Ship 
Canal across the Isthmus of America. 8° London, 182S. 

PiTSEUB (Joannes) Anglus. Relationes Historic^ de Rebus AngUds [»i'< 
de IllustribuB Anglice Scriptoribus]. 4° Parisiis, 1619. 

Pitt (William) Eurl of Chatham.— see Chatham. 

(William) SpeechesintlieHouscof Commons. 3 vols. 8° Lm- 

don, 1817. 

A History of hia Political Life, including some account of tlw 

Times in which he lived ; by John Gifibrd. 3 vols. 4° London, I8U9' 

Memoirs of hia Life, by Bishop G. Tomline. 3 vols. 8° Lon- 
don, 1822. 

PiTTAKTS {K. S.) L'Aiicienne Athenes; ou, la Description des Aflti- 
quites d'Atlicnes et de ses Environs. 8° Ath&nes, 1835. 

Piua V, The Life and Pontificate of Pius v., by Joseph Meadham. S' 
London. 1832. 

PizARRo (Francis) Historj' of his Discovery and Conquest of the eropirt 
of Peru and Chili. — Harris's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Briefe Notes of hia Conquest of Peru, written by a Spanisb Cap- 
tain therein employed. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

PtZAM (Christine de) Le Livi-e des Fais et Bonnes Mtcnrs du sage Roy, 

Charles v. — Potitot, Coll. des M^moires, I" Serie, tomes 5 & G, 
Placidus (Lactantiue) — see Mylhogrnphi Latini. 

PLA — PLU 245 

Plagub. London's dreadiiil Visitation: a Collection of all the Bills of 
Mortality, from Dec. 27, 1664, to Dec. 19, 1666, according to the 
Report made to the King. 4^ London, 1665. 

[Planch]^ (J. R.)] An Autunm near the Rhine; or. Sketches of Courts, 
Society, and S^nery in Cermany; with a Tour in the Taunus Moun- 
tains, in 1820. 8"" London, 1821. 

Regal Records: or, a Chronicle of the Coronations of the Queens 

R^nant of England. 12"" London, 1838. 

Planck (6. J.) Geschichte der christlich-kirchlichen Gresellschafts- 
Verfassung. 5 vols. 12° Hannover, 1803-9. 

Planta (Joseph) The History of the Helvetic Confederacy. 3 vols. 8° 
London, 1807. 

Plantamoub (E.) Disquisitio de Methodis traditis ad Cometarum Orhitas 
determinandas. 4° R^omonti, 1839. 

Platnes (K) — see Rome. 

Pi«ATo. Opera quae exstant Greece, ad editione H. Stephani, cum M. 
Fidni Literpretatione Latina, et varietate Lectionis studiis Societatb 
Bipontinse; accesserunt Dialogorum argumenta exposita i^ D. Tiede- 
mann. 12 vols. 8** Biponti, 1781-86. 

Scripta Omnia Graece, cum Versione Latina M. Ficini, ad 

codices MSS. recensuit variasque Lectiones enotavit Lnm. Bekker, 
cum Annotationihus Yarionun, et Timaei Lexicon. 11 vols. 8° 
Londini, 1826. 

The Works, translated from the Greek, hy F. Sydenham and T. 

Taylor, with copious Notes. 5 vols. 4° London, 1804. 

Schleiermacher's Litroductions to the Dialogues of Plato, trans- 

lated from the German, hy W. Dohson. 8° Cambridge, 1836. 

Platt (Thomas Pell) A Catalogue of the Ethiopic Biblical Manuscripts 
in the Royal Library of Paris; with Specimens of Versions of the 
New Testament into the Modem Languages of Abyssinia. 4° Lon- 
don, 1823. 

The Ethiopic Didascalia; or, the Ethiopic Version of the Aposto- 
lical Constitutions received in the Church of Abyssinia, with an 
English Translation. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 4"" Lond. 1834. 

Plautus. Comoediae, ex edit. Gronovii, cum Notis in usum Delphini, 
Notis Variorum, et Lidice (in vol. 5). 5 vols. 8° Londini, 1829. 

Plats (A Collection of Nine) by W. Ainslie, J. Kenney, F. Newnham, 
A. Bunn, Schiller, F. A. Kemble, &c. 2 vols. 8"" London, 1823-34. 

and Farces (A Collection of) 5 vols. 12"^ London, 1833-34. 

Plighted Troth; or, Woman her own Rival, a Dramatic Tale. 8° 

London, 1842. 
Plinitjs. Naturalis Historia ex editione G. Brotier, cum Notis in usum 

Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Lidicibus (in vols. 11 & 12). 12 vols. 

8** Londini, 1826. 
Naturalis Historia, recognovit et varietatem Lectionis adjecit 

Julius Sillig. 5 vols. 12^ Lipsiae, 1831. 

Epistolse et Panegyricus, ex recensione et cum Notis Gesneri, 

edidit G. H. Schaefer. 8"" Lipsiae, 1805. 
Plumpton Correspondence, chiefly domestick, written in the reigns of 
Edward rv., Richard iii., Henrys vii. & vin. ; edited, with Notices of 
the Family of Plumpton, by Thomas Stapleton. (Camden Society.) 
4'' Lcmdon, 1839. 


Plutarchus. Opera Omnia Griece, cum Vereione Lat., Cnuerii *t 
Xylandri, doctorum Viroruin Notia, Tariia Lectioiiibue,et VitS AucWri* 
Joannia Kualdi. 2 vols, in 4. fol. Parisiis, 1624. 

The Lives, translated, with Notes, critical and historical; and % 

Life of Plutarch, by John and William Langhorne. 6 vola. in 3. ff 
London, 1823. 

Ses CEuvres, morales et meslees, translatees, revues, et corrigfeb, 

par J. Amyot. 7 vola. 12° Paria, 1754. 

see Maistrc. 

Plymley (Peter) — see Smith. 
Plymouth Listitutioa. — aee Transactions. 
PococK (Edward) Life.— aee Chalmers. 

PococKE (Richard) A Description of and Travels in the East. — Pinker- 
ton's Voyages, vol. 10. 

Travels in Egypt. — Piokcrton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

PoEsiE, Postorali e Rusticali, raccolte ed illustrate con Note da! Dolt- 
Giulio Ferrario. 8° Milaiio, 1808. 

Sfttiriche. — see Raccolta. 

Pastorale et Rusticale. — see Raccolta. 

PoBTX Minores Gneci: Hesiodus, Theognis, Archilochus, Solon, Sim»— 

nides, Mimnermua, Tyrtieus, Theocritus, Bion. et Moschus, &c Lee— 

tionibus var., Scholiis, et Indicibus instrnxit T. Gaisford. 4 vols. S^ 

Oxonii, 1814-20. 
PoBTAJiUM Latinorum Corpus.— see Walker. 
FoiiTBa Francois, depuis le sii. Siecle ju»qu^ Mulherbe; avec uoe Notice 

Bur cbaque Poete (un Vocabulaire du Vieus Langage, et im DiecourSs 

par P. Auguia. 6 vola. 8° Paris, 1824. 
Poetical (Rough) Sketches of some Political Characters, edited by 

Diggory Mole. 12° London, 1840. 

Tracts of the Sixteenth Century, from unique copies, fonnerly 

in the possession of Thomas Caldecott, Esq., edited by E. F. BinbeoX^ 
(Percy Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

PocGENDORFF (J. C.) — scc Annalen. 


PoissoN (Denis Simon) Traitfi de Mecanique. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1833. 
Poland (History of) — see Dunham, Fletcher, and Roepell. 
Pole (Cardinal Reginald) His Life [by Arab. Phillips]. 2 vols. 8° 
London, 1767. 

Animadversions upon Phillips' Life of Cardinal Pole, by T. Neve. 

8° Oxford, 1766. 

Review of Phillips' Life of Cardinal Pole, by Gloucester Ridley. 

8° London, 1766. 

Policy. Reflections on the Domestic and Foreign Policy of Gre« 
Britain since the War, by a British Merchant. 8° London, 18^3, 

Political Ballads, published in England during the Commonwealth; 
edited by T. Wright. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1841. 

POL — POO 247 

PoLiTZ (K. H. L.) — see Repertorium. 

PoLiziANO (Angelo) Le Stanze e TOrfeo, ed altre Poesie. 8° MUano, 

L'Orfeo, Favola Tragica. — Parnaso Italiano, tomo 17. 

PoLLio (Trebellius) — see Historise AugustsB Scriptores. 

Pollux (Julius) Onomasticum, Gnec^ et Latin^ cum Notis J. Lederlini 
et T. Hemsterhuis, cum Indicibus. 2 vols. fol. Amstelodami, 1706. 

PoLWHELE (Richard) — see Theocritus. 

PoLYiENUs. Strategemata, Gr. et Lat., a J. Yultejo, cum Notis T. Ca- 
sauboni, edidit P. Maasvicius, cum Indice. 8° Lugd. Bat 1691. 

PoLYBius. Historiae, Gr. et Lat., recensuit var. Lectionibus, Adnota- 
tionibus, et Lidicibus (in voL 8), illustravit J. Schweighaeuser, acces- 
serunt Lexicon Poljbianum et Supplementum OrelHi [^nese Tactici 
Comment, con tinens]. 9 vols. 8** Lipsiae, 1789-1818. 

Greneral History, translated from the Greek, by James Hampton. 

2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1823. 

PoLTCABP. — see Patrum Apostolicorum Opera. 

PoMBAii (Marquis of) Life. — see Moore. 

PoMFRET (John) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 29. 

PoMFEins Festus. De Verborum significatione, et Verrii Flacci quae 
extant, ex editione Dacerii, cum Notis in usum Delphini, Notis 
Variorum, et Lidicibus. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1826. 

PoMPONins Mela. De Situ Orbis, cum Notis Variorum, curante Ab. 
Gronovio, cum Lidice. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1722. 

Poncet (Charles James) Journey to Abyssinia, in 1698-1700. — ^Pinker- 
ton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

Pond (John) and G. B. Airy. Astronomical Observations, made at the 
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1811-1842; with Appendixes to 
1836-37. 20 vols. fol. and 4° London, 1815-44. 

Catalogue of the places of 1439 Stars, ref^ed to the 1st Janu- 
ary, 1840; deduced from the Greenwich Observations, January, 1836, 
to December, 1841, by G. B. Airy. 4** London, 1843. 

Magnetical and Meteorological Observations, made at the Royal 

Observatory, Greenwich, in 1840 and 1841, by G. B. Airy. 4* 
London, 1843. 
PoNTANUs (Jo. Is.) Answer to the Objections of those who consider the 
Search of a Northern Passage as a task of too great difficulty; with 
Proposals for accomplishing this design. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 

PoNTCHABTBAiN (P. Phclypcaux dc) M^moires concemant les Affaires 
de France, sous la R^gence de Marie de Medicis. — Petitot, Coll. des 
M&noires, 2"^ S^e, tomes 16 & 17. 

PoNTis (Le Sieur de) Ses M^moires. — ^Petitot, Coll. des M6moires, 2"** 
S6ney tomes 31 & 32. 

Poole (Jonas) Voyages of Discoverie to Greeneland, and towards the 
west of it — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

Divers Voyages to Cherie Island, from 1604-1609. — ^Purchas's 

Voyages, vol. 3. 

Voyage set forth by Sir Thomas Smith and the Muscovie Com- 

pany to Cherie Island, in 1610. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 3. 



Pooa. Collections relative to Sjstematdc Relief of the Poor; viti 

Obeervations on Charity. 8° Bath, 1815. 
Poor-Law Commission. Extracts from the information recaved b 

the Commissioners, as to the Administration and Operation of tb 

Poor Laws. 8° London, 1833, 

Report of the Commissioners for inquiring into the AdmiiiiEtil 

tion and practical Operation of the Poor Lawa. 8° London. 1834 

Annual Reports of the Poor-Law Commissioners for Englai 

and Wales, from 1835 to 1843. 9 vola. 8° London. 

General Report of the CommiBsionerB, on the Sanitary Condltii 

of tlie Labouring Population of Great Britain. 8° London, 1848 

Local Reports on the Sanitary Condition of the Laboiuo 

Population of England. 8" London, 1842. 

Supplementary Report : Interment in Towns, by Edwin Ch* 

wick. 8° London, 1843. 

Beports of the Poor-Law Commisaionera on the Sanitary Cond 

tion of the Labouring Population of Scotland. 8° London, 1848, 

Reports, on tlie Employment of Women and Children in Agi 

culture. 8° London, 1843. 

Pope (Alexander) The Worka; with Notes and Rlustrationa by liil 
self and otheT.% a new Life of the Author, and Estimate of h 
Poetical Character and Writings, by William Roscoe. 10 vol*. I 
London, 1824. 

Poems, — Rritieh Poets, vols. 40-42. 

EnBoio sobre o Hotnera, tradurido por F. B. Targini, Banw 4 

Sao Lourenqo. 3 vols. 4° Londres, 1819. 

see Bowles, Homerus, and Warton. | 

PoFULATios Returns of Great Britain for 1831. 3 vols. foL | 

of England, Wales, and Scotland, for 1841. 2 vok. fol. ' 

of Ireland, for 1831, 1841. 2 vols. fol. 

PoBCHESTER (Lord) The Moor, a Poem. 8° London, 1827. ' 

PoRHTBoGENiTua (Constantinns) — see Constaniinus. 

PoHsoir (Richard) Letters to Archdeacon Travis, in answer to t 

Defence of the Three Heavenly Witnesses, 1 John, v. 7. 

I-ondon, 1790. 

Notoj in Aristophanem, cum Pluto Comffidia, ex ejuBdom reo^ 

sione; AppendicemadjecitP.P.Dobree. 8° Csntabri^ 
1820. 1 

Adversaria : Notae et Emendationes in Poetas Gnacos, ex m 

MSS. deprompserunt et Indicibua inatruxerunt J. U. Monk et C ' 
Blomfield. 8° Cantabrigian, 1812. 

Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisma, arranged by T. Kidd. 

London, 1826. 

see Photius. 

PoKTE (P. de la) M^noires, cimtenunt plus 

r^nes de Louis xiii. et de Louis xiv. — Pet 
2-^ S^rie, tome 59. 
Porter (G. R.) The Progress of the Nation, in 

economical relations, from the beginning of the nineteenth cenU 
to the present time. 3 vols. 12° London, 1836-43. 

rs particularit^s ^ 
, Coll. des MemoiP 

FOR — POZ 249 

Porter (G. R.) Tables of the Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c., of 
the United Kingdom and its Dependencies, from 1820 to 1840. 10 
vols. fol. London, 1833-42. 

Tables shewing the Trade of the United Elngdom with different 
Foreign countries and British possessions, in each of the ten years, 
from 1831 to 1840. Folio. London, 1842. 

(Henry) The Two Angry Women of Abington ; edited by 
Alexander I>yce. (Percy Society.) 8** London, 1841. 

(Jane) Thaddeus of Warsaw. 12'' London, 1831. 

PoRTBUs (Bishop Beilby) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 58. 

Portfolio (The) ; or, a Collection of State Papers &c., illustrative of 
the History of Our Times. 6 vols. 8** London, 1836-37. 

by Oliver OldschooL 4 vols. 4** Philadelphia, 1801-4. 

PoRTLocK (J. E.) Report on the Geology of the county of Londonderry, 
and of parts of Tyrone and Fermanagh. S° Dublin, 1843. 

' (Captain Nathaniel) Voyage round the World, and to the 

Korth-west Coast of America. 4° London, 1789. 

Port-Royal (Notice sur)— Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, 2~** S6rie, 
tome 33. 

Porto (Luigi)— Raccolta di Novelle. 

Portraits. — see Second Part of Catalogue. 

Portugal. — Diario das Cortes geraes e extraordinarias da Na^ao Portu- 
gueza. 12 vols. fol. Lisboa, 1821-23. 

An Historical View of the Revolutions of Portugal since the 
close of the Peninsular War. 8° London, 1827. 

(History of) — see Beawes, Dunham, Schiifer, Schepeler, and 

Postage — Report from the Select Committee on Postage, August 14, 
1843. Folio. 

"^>"rocKi (Le Comte Jean) Histoire ancienne du Gouvemement de 
Cherson. 4° St. Petersbourg, 1804. 

Histoire ancienne du Gouvemement de Podolie. 4° St. 
Petersbourg, 1805. 

Histoire ancienne du Gouvemement de Wolhynie. 4** St. 
Petersbourg, 1805. 
* ^^^TTER (Archbishop John) The Antiquities of Greece ; with his Life 
by R Anderson, and an Appendix by George Dunbar. 2 vols. 8** 
Edinburgh, 1832. 

(John P.) On the Means of discovering the Senses of Words. 
8* Oxford, 1828. 

(R) — see Euripides. 

*^^>ttinger (Sir Henry) Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde. 4° London, 

_ 1816. 

^^^^yrELL (Baden) State Education, with reference to prevalent miscon- 
ceptions on Religious Grounds. 8** London, 1840. 

*^O220 (Le Comte Ferdinand) Essai sur les anciennes Asscmblees 
Nationales de la Savoie, du Piemont, et des pays qui y sont ou furent 
annexes. Vol. 1. 8° Paris, 1829. 

Delia Felicity che gl* Italiani pcssono e debbono dal Governo 
Austriaco procacciarsi. 8° Parigi, 1833. 

K K 



Pbadt (Dominique D. de) Du Congres de Vienne. 2 vols. S° Parii», 

Pratt (Jobn Tidd) The Savings' Banks in England, Wales, and Ireland, 
arranged according to Counties. 8° London (privately printed), 1831 - 

Table of the Progress of Savings' Banks, from 1830 to 1837. 

8° London, 1838. 

Precedence. — The Court and Country Companion; or. Precedence 
Tables. 12° London. 

pR^MOiLLE (La) ou Tr^mouille. — see Bayard,, and Bouchet. 

pRESBYTERiANiSM. The Burdeu of Issachar ; or, the Tyrannical Power 
and Practices of the Presbyterian Government in Scotland. Printeci 
in 1646.— Phenix, vol. 2, No. 21. 

Prescott (W. H.) History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the 
Catholic, of Spain. 3 vols. 8° London, 1838. 

History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a preliminary View of 

the ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, 
Hernando Cortez. 3 vols. 8° London, 1843. 

Preston (William) — see Apollonius Rhodius. 

Pretender. Tracts relative to the 
8° London &c., 1726-50. 

Manifesto of a Certain Power. London, 

Account of the intended Invasion by 
the Chevalier's son. Ibid. 1 744. 

Norwich Dream ; or, a Vision con- 
cerning the present Rebellion. Ibid. 

The case of Charles, the son of James. 
Ibid. 1745. 

Collection of all the Poems upon 
Charles, Prince of Wales. Ibid. 

Dathan*8 Account of the Rebellion; 
being the Chronicle of William, the 
son of George. Ibid. 1746. 

The Lamentations of Charles, son of 
James, for the loss of the battle of 
Culloden. Ibid. 1746. 

The Young Chevalier; or, a genuine 
Narrative of all that befell that un- 
fortunate Adventurer, after his de- 
feat. Ibid. 

The Wanderer ; or, surprising Escape 
of the Pretender. Ibid. 

Memoirs of John Murray, Esq., Secre- 
tarv to the young Pretender. Ibid. 

Pretender and Scotland. 2 vols. 

Sketch of the Life and Character of 
Charles Radcliffe, concerned in tb« 
Rebellions of 1715 & 45. Ibid. 174^- 

The Pretender's Proclamations, &c 

The Highland Fair ; or, the Union of 
the Clans, an Opera, with Soogs set 
to Musick, by Joseph Mitchell* 
London, 1731. 

A Dissuasive from Jacobinism, she^^* 
ing what the Nation is to expect 
from a Popish King, and in parti- 
cular from the Pretender. Ibid. 1745. 

Address to the Lowest Sort of Fwp^^ 
on the subject of Popery and tl»^ 
Pretender. Ibid. 1745. , 

The Spirit and Principles of the \Mii^ 
and Jacobites compared. Ibid. 174^* 

A Collection of Loyal Songs and Poex**** 
Ibid. 1750. 

Letter from a Gentleman in Scotlat»d, 
concerning the slavish dependenci*'' 
in which part of that nation is k«?P^ 
by Superiorities, Wards, Clanship*» 
&c. Ibid. 1746. 

A Disqmsition on the nature of Regfl^^' 
ties, and other Heritable Juri«l>^* 
tions in Scotland. Ibid. 1747. 

Trice (Major David) A Retrospect ; or, Memoirs of the principal evett^^ 
of Mahommedau History, from the death of Mahomet, to the aceessic^^ 
of the Emperor Akbar. 4 vols. 4° London, 1821. 

Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir, written by himself, traO^' 

bted. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 4° London, 1829. 

(Richard) Ou Reversionary Payments; on Schemes for providi^r^ 

Annuities for Widows &c., and on the National Debt; with Not^^ 
by William Morgan. 2 vols. 8° London, 1812. 

(Sir Uvedale) On the Picturesque: with an Essay on tb^ 

origin of Taste, by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder. 8** Edinburgh, 184 3- 

PRI — PRO 251 

nicuARD (James Cowles) Kesearcbes into the Physical History of 
^Mankind. 2 vols. 8° London, 1 836. 

An Analysis of the P^gyptian Mythology ; with a critical Exami- 
nation of the llemains of Egyptian Chronology. 8° London, 1819. 

The Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations. 8° Oxford, 1831. 

— : Six Ethnographical Maps in illustration of his Works, the 

"Natural History of Man," &c. Folio. London, 1843. 

'aiDEAUX (Dean Humphrey) Tlie Old and New Testament connected in 
the History of the Jews and neighbouring nations. 4 vols. 8° 
Oxford, 1820. 

■ see Russell. 

Priestley (Joseph) Disquisitions on Matter and Spirit. 8° London, 

Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever. 8° Bath, 1780. 

History and present state of Electricity. 2 vols. 8° London, 1775. 

.see Hor.sley. 

^RiNG (Captain Martin) Brief Notes of two Voyages into the East 
Indies; Second Voyage into the East Indies. — Purchas's Voyages, 
vol. 1. 

Voyage to the North part of Virginia, in the year 1603. — 

Purchases Voyages, vol. 4. 

^aioR (Matthew) Poems. — British Poets, vols. 30 & 31. 

a sous. Historia. — see Dexippus. 

aisoN Discipline. Reports of the Committee of the Society for the 
improvement of Prison Discipline, and for the reformation of Juve- 
nile Offenders, 1820-24, 1827, and 1832. 6 vols. 8° London. 

RisoNs. Extracts from the Second and Third Reports of the Inspectors 
of Prisons for the Home district. 2 vols. 8° London, 1837-38. 

*— (Memoires sur les) 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1823. 

Tome L CoDteoant les Memoires d'un Tome II. Con tenant les Memoires des 
Dctenn, par Kiouffe ; THamanite i Prisons de Port Libre, du Luxem- 
Meconnae, par J. Paris de TEpi- bourg, des Madelonnettes, de la Mai- 
iiard; riocarceration de Beauuiar- ricsde la Force, etda Piessis; suivis 
chais ; le Tableau historique de la ' du Voyage des cent trente-deux Nan- 
Prison de Saint-Lazare ; avec une • tois, et d*une Relation des mauz 
Notice sur la Vie de Kiouffe. j soufferts par les Pretres deportcs 

I dans la rade de Tile d'Aix. 

^ocopius. Historiai de Bellis Persico, Vandalico et Gothico, Gr. et 
Lat., cum Notis Alemanni, et Indicibus (in vol. 3), ex recensione 
G. Dindorfii. (Script. Byzant.) 3 vols. 8° Bonn*, 1833. 

^^MPTORiCM Parvulorum sive Clericorum, Lexicon Anglo-Latinum 
princeps, auctorc Fratre Galfrido Gi*ammatico dicto, e predicatoribus 
Lenne Episcopi, Northfolciensi, circa a.d. m.cccc.xl. OUm e prelis 
Pynsonianis editum, nunc comnientariolis subjectis ad Udem Cod. 
recensuit Albertus Way. (Camden Society.) Vol. 1. 4® Lon- 
^ 1843. 

^^PERTius. Opera Omnia, ex edit. Kuinoel, cum Notis in usum 
Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Indicibus. 2 vols. 8° Londini, 1822. 

^OPERTY Tax, — see Income. 

^ ^osE Italiane. — see Raccolta. 

252 PRO — PUI 

Protestantismus (Betrachtungen liber den) 8° Heiddberg, 1826b 

Prout (Samuel) Fac-Similes of Sketches made in Flanders and Go- 
many. Folio. London. 

(William) Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Dig* 

tion, considered with reference to Natural Theolc^. 8** LooJUt 

On the Nature and Treatment of Stomach and Urinary Dikim 

8° London, 1840. 

On Diabetes, Calculus, and other afiections of the Cnnj 

organs. 8° London, 1825. 

Proverbs (Arabic)— see Burckhardt. 

Protart (Abbe) History of Loango, Kakongo, and other kingdon» ii 
Africa. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 16. 

Prudentius. 0|>era Omnia, ex edit. Parmensi, cum Nods in «m 
Delpbini, Notis Variorum, et Indice (in toL 3). 3 void. 8^ Loi- 
dini, 1824. 

Prudhomme (L.) Revolutions de Paris, de 1789-94, dedi^ h la NatioL 
17 vols. 8° Paris, 1790-94. 

Prynne (William) The Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Eia^ 
domes, in Four Parts, with an Appendix. 4° Iiondon, 1643. 

A brief Register, Kalendar, and Survey, of the several \aa^ 

forms of Parliamentary Writs. 4 vols, in 2. 4** London, 1659-6i 

Ptolom^us. — see Historiae Poeticae Scriptores. 

Public Journals (Spirit of the), 1797 to 1814; with explanatory Nocd 
and Anecdotes. 18 vols. 12° London, 1802— 15. 

Records. — see Records. 

Publishers* (The) Circular; Advertisements connected 'with Litentore 
and the Fine Arts, from 1837. 8® London. 

Pucelle (La) d'Orleans. — see Orleans. 

PuFFENDORP (Barou Samuel) The Law of Nature and Nations, traiif- 
lated by Bishop Basil Kcnnet; with Barbeyrac's Discourse, transhted 
by Mr. Carew. Folio. London, 1749. 

PuGiN (A.) Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected from viriow 
Ancient Edifices in England j edited by E. J. Wilson. 2 vds. 4" 
London, 1821. 

Examples of Gothic Architecture, selected from various Antient 

Edifices in England. 3 vols. 4° London, 1838. 

and J. and H. Le Keux. Engraved Specimens of the Architert- 

ural Antiquities of Normandy, edited by John Britton. 4° Loodoa 

(A. W.) The True Principles of Pointed, or Christian Archi- 

tecture. 4° London, 1841. 

Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume, compiled and 

illustrated from ancient authorities and examples, with extracts from 
various authors, by Barnard Smith. 4° London, 1844. 

PuiOBLANCH (Antonio) The Inquisition unmasked ; an historical and 
philosophical Account of that Tribunal, translated by W. Walton. 
2 vols. 8° Ix>ndon, 1816. 

PuiSAYE (Le Comte Joseph de) Mdmoires, qui pourront servir k ITiistoire 
du ])arti Royaliste, durant la derniere Revolution. 6 vols. ^ 
Londres, 1803-H. 



PoLci (Luigi) D Morgante Maggiore. 3 vols. 8** Milano, 1806. 

see Parnaso Italiano, tomi 7-9 ; Raecolta di Poesie Kusticale, & 

di Novelle. 

Punch; or, the London Charivari ; from the commencement in 1841. 
4° London. 

Punishment of Death. — see Montagu, Wakefield, and Wrightson. 

Pdbchas (Samuel) Hakluytus Posthumus; or, Purchas his Pilgrimes: 
contajning a History of the World, in sea Voyages, and lande 
Travells, by Englishmen and others : and Purchas his Pilgrimage ; 
or, Relations of the World. 5 vols. fol. London, 1624-26. 

Voyages by the Ancieote. — Circumna- 
vigations of the Globe. — Voyages 
along the Coasts of Africa to the 
Elast Indies, Japan, China, Phil- 
lipines, the Persian and Arabian 
Galfes, and other places of the Con- 
tinent, and beyond the Indies. Vol 1. 

Voyages and Relations of Africa, 
Ethiopia, Palestina, Natolia, Syria, 
Arabia, Persia, and otlier parts of 
Asia, Assyria, Armenia, India, and 
Arabia, ancient and modem. Vol. 2. 

Perigrinations in Tartary and China, 
Rossia, North-West of America, 
and the Polar regions. Vol. 3. 

Vojages to the East, West, and South 
of America, Florida, Virginia, and 
other parts of North America. — 
English Discoveries and Plantations 
in New England, Newfoundland, 
and New Scofiand ; with Relations of 
the Fleets set forth by Queen Eliza- 
beth against the Spaniard". VoL 4. 

Relations of the World, and the Reli- 
gions observed in all ages and places 

discovered, from the Creation nnto 
this pre^^ent ; contayning a theologi- 
cal and geographical History of Asia, 
Africa, and America, with the Islands 
adjacent — Of the Hebrew Nation 
and Religion ; Arabians, Saracens, 
Turks, and the ancient inhabitants 
of Asia Minor.— Of the Armenians, 
Medes, Persians, Parthians, Scy- 
thians, Tartarians, Chinese and their 
Religions ; East Indies, Egypt, Bar- 
bary, Numidia, Lybia, and the Land 
of Negroes ; Ethiopia, New France, 
and other places in North and South 

Two Relations, one of the N.E. parts, 
from Sir Jerome Horsey, and the 
other of the S.E. — viz., Golchonda, 
and other adjacent kingdomes, by 
William Methold. 

The Saracenical History, from Mn- 
hammed to Atabaccus, written in 
Arabic, by Elmacin, and translated 
from the Latin of Erpenius, by S. 
Purchas. Vol. 5. 

Of the Improvement of Navigation in later timeSy &c. — 
Purchas's Pilgrims, vol. 1. 

*Obusha Parikhya; or, Touchstone of Men, in Bengali; edited by 
G. C. Haughton. 8^ London. 

^triTENHAM (George) The Arte of English Poesie, edited by Joseph 
Haslewood. 4^ London, 1811. 

* ^t-Laueens (Gnillaume de) L'Histoire de I'exp^dition des Fran9ai8 
centre les Albigeois. — Guizot, Coll. des Memoires, tome 15. 

^Y« (H. J.)— see Aristotle and Pindar. 

**TrrHAO0RA8. Versus Aurei. — see Camerarius. 

^^ADRio (Franc. Sav.) Delia Storia e della Ragionc d'ogni Poesia. 4 vols, 
in 7. 4° Bologna, 1739. 

^^ARBNGHi (Giacomo) Fabbriche ^ Disegni, illustrate dal Cav. Giulio 
8U0 figlio. Folio. Milano, 1821. 

Quarterly Journal of Agriculture ; from the commencement in 1828. 
8*^ Edinburgh. 

of Education; from the commencement in 1831, to 1835. 10 
vols. 8° London. 

of Science and the Arts; from the conmicncement in 1816, to 
1830. 29 vols. 8° London. 

254 QUA — QUI 

Quarterly Mining Review. Vol 1. for 1830. 8° London. 

Review; from the commencement in 1809, including 2 vols, of 

Index. 8° London. 

QuATREMERE (Et. M.) Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks de I'f^ypte, ecrite 
en Arabe par Taki-Eddin-Ahmed-Makrizi, traduite, avec Notei 
(Orient. Transl. Fund.) Vols. 1, & 2, part 1. 4^ Paris, 1837-4i 

QuATREM^RE DE QuiNCY (Ant. C.) Dictionuaire HLstorique d'Ardii- 
tecture. 2 vols. 4° Paris, 1832. 

Monuments et Ouvrages d'Art antiques, restitues d'apzt-s kt 

Descriptions des Ecrivains Grecs et Latins, et accompagnes de Dis- 
sertations Archseologiques. 2 vols, in 1. fol. Paris, 1829. 

Le Jupiter Oljmpien ; ou, TArt de la Sculpture antique, consi- 

dere sous un nouveau point de vue. Folio. Paris, 1815. 

Qu/:rard (J. M.) La France Litteraire ; ou, Dictionnaire BibliographiqiK 
des Savants, Ilistoriens, et Gens de Lettre? de la France, ainsi que 
des Litterateurs Etrangers qui ont ^crit en Fran9ais. 10 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1827-40. 

La Litterature Fran9aise Contemporaine, xix* Si^le. 8* Paris, 


QcETELET (A.) Annales do TObscrvatoire de Bruxelles. 2 vols. 4' 
Bruxelles, 1834-42. 

Resume des Observations sur la Meteorologie, sur le Magnetisme 

&c. 4° Bruxelles, 1841. 

Resum6 des Observations Magn^tiques et Meteorologiques, faites 

a, des Epoques determinees. 2 vols. 4° Bruxelles, 1841— 43. 

Instructions pour rObscrvation des Phenomenes Periodiques 

4° Bruxelles, 1813. 
see Annuaire. 

et Smits. Statistique des Tribunaux de la Belgiqae, pendaat 

les aiinces 1826-30. 4^ Bruxelles, 1833. 

QuEVEDo y ViLLEGAs (Franc.) Obras Escogidas, con Notas y una 
Noticia de su Vida y Escritos por Eug. de Ochoa. 8** Paris, 1842. 

QuicuEKAT (Jules) Proces de Condamnation et de Rehabilitation de 
Jeanne d'Arc, dite la Pucelle, d'ajires les Manuscrits de la Biblio- 
tliLMjue lloyale. 2 vuls. 8° Paris, 1841. 

Quick (John) Synodicun in Gallia Reformata ; or, the Acts, I>ecisions, 
Decrees, antl Cauons of the National Councils of the Reformed 
Churches in France. 2 vols. fol. London, 1692. 

QuiN (M. J.) The Trade of Banking in England. 12** London, 1833. 

see Ferdinand vii. 

Qui NT AN A (M. J.) Tesoro del Parnaso Espanol, 6 Pocsias selectos, desd« 
el tiempo de Juan de Mena, liasta el fin del Siglo xviii. 4 vols. If 
Perpinan, 1817. 

La Musa Epica. — see Ochoa Tesoro. 

Qui NTiLi ANUS. De Institutione Oratoria, ad cod. vet. recensuit et Annu- 
tationibus explanavit G. L. Spalding, cura C. T. Znniptii. o voh, 
S° Lipsin*, 1798-1.S29. 

<inNTo (Sdlano <> L<Ml()vic() Sergurdi) — Kaccolta di Poosiic Saliridie. 

QUI — RAF 255 

QuiNTUs CuBTius. De Rebus Gei^tis Alexandri Magni, ex editione 
Scliinieder ; cum Notis in usuni Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Indice 
(in vol. 3). 3 vols. 8** Londini, 1825. 

see Arrianus. 

Quiring (Francesco) — Raccolta di Prose. 

(Piero) Viaggio e Naufragio del Magnifico. — Ramusio, tomo 2. 

QciKos (Peter Ferdinand de Quir, or) Copie of a Petition touching the 
discoverie of Terra Australis Incognita, {Printed 1610. — Purchas's 
Voyages, vol. 4. 

■ Voyage for the Discovery of the Southern Contijient. — Harris's 
Voyages, voL 1 ; Burney's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

Rabaut (J.P.) Almanach historique de la Revolution Fran^aisc, pour 
I'annee 1792. 12° Paris. 

Rabelais (Francois) ffiuvres ; avec des Remarques historiques et cri- 
tiques de M. Le Duchat. 3 vols. 4° Amsterdam, 1741. 

R-4BUTIN (Fran9ois de) Commentaires des dernieres Guerres en la Gaule 
Belgique. — Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, 1" Sdrie, tomes 31 & 32. 

Raccolta di Didascalici. 8° Milano, 1813. 

di Lirici Italiani, dair origine della Lingua, sino al Secolo xviii., 
compilata da Robustiano Gironi. 8° Milano, 1808. 

di Novelle, dall* origine della Lingua Italiana, fino al 1700. 
3 vols. 8° Milano, 1810. 

di Poesie Pastorale e Rusticali. 8** Milano, 1808. 

di Poesie Satiriche. 8° Milano, 1808. 

di Prose Italiane ; con un Discorso della maniera d'ammaestrare 
la Gioventu nelle umane lettero di Girolamo Tagliazucchi. 8** 
Milano, 1808. 

Racine (E. M.) Conversation amicide entre des Protestants et des 
Catholiques Romains ; ou, Expose du Christianisnie. 8° Bruxelles, 

(Jean) CEuvres completes ; avec les Notes de tous les Commen- 
tateurs, et Memoires sur sa Vie par Aim^-Martin. 6 vols. 8** 
Paris, 1822. 

see Theatre. 

Rack (E.) — see Collinson. 

Raczynski (Le Comte Athan.) Ilistoire de TArt Modeme en AUemagne. 
3 vols. 4° Paris, 1836-41. 

— Dictionnaire d* Artistes, pour servir a Tllistoire de TArt 

Moderne en AUemagne. 8° Berlin, 1842. 

Rabcliffe (Ann) Mysteries of Udolpho. — British Novelists, vols. 45-47. 

* The Romance of the Forest. — British Novelists, vols. 43-44. 

Radulphus de Diceto. Abbreviationes Chronicorum et Imagines Ilis- 
torianim. — see Twysden Scriptores, vol. 1. 

De Regibus Britonum. — see Gale Scriptores, vol. 2. 

"^AFFAELLE d'Ubbino. — sce Raphael. 

256 RAF — RAN 

Baffles (Sir Thomas Stamford) The History of Java ; with the FUUa m 
4°. 2 vols. 8° London, 1830. 

Memoir of his Life and public services, particularlj in die 

Government of Java, 1811-16, and of Bencoolen» 1817-24; wiik 
Selections from his Correspondence, by his Widow. 4® Loiidai, 

Raqhuvansa KlXLiDASiE Carmen. — see Stenzler. 

Bagman Rolls. Listrumenta Publica ; sive Processus super Fidditttibos 
et Homagiis Scotorum Domino Regi Angliae factis, a.d. 1291-1296. 
(Bannatyne Club.) 4** Edinburgh, 1834. 

Raimbach (Abraham) Memoirs and Recollections of him, indoding t 
Memoir of Sir David Wilkie, by M. T. S. Raimbach. 4** Londoo 
(privately printed), 1843. 

Raimond d'Agiles. Histoire des Francs qui out pris Jerusalem.— 
Guizot, Coll. des M^moires, tome 21. 

Rainieri (Anton Francesco) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Ralegh (Sir Walter) The Works, now first collected; with the Lives 
of the Author, by Oldys and Birch. 8 vols. 8** London, 1829. 

The History of the World ; with his Life and Trial, by W. 

Oldys. 2 vols, in 1. foL London, 1736. 

Report of the truth of the Fight about the Isles of Asores.— 

Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Five Voyages of the English to Virginia, chiefly at the charps 

of Sir Walter Raleigh, from 1584-90.— Pinkerton's Voyages, voJ. It 

Life, by Arthur Cayley. 2 vols. 8° London, 1806. 

see Jardine. 

[Ralph (James)] The History of England, during the reigns of Kin? 
William, Queen Anne, and George i.; with Review of the reigns (if 
Charles ii. and James ii. 2 vols. fol. London, 1744—46. 

Ramadge (Fr. H.) Asthma, its species and complications. 8^ Loadon, 

Consumption Curable. 8° London, 1834. 

Rambler (The) — see British Classics, and Johnson. 

Ramesiensis Historia. — see Gale Scriptores, vol. 2. 

Ramond (L.) Journey to the Summit of Mont Perdu. — Pinkerton'.* 
Voyages, vol. 4. 

Ram Raz. Essay on the Arcliitocture of the Hindus. (Oriental 
Translation Fund.) 4** London, 1834. 

Ramsay (David) The History of South Carolina, from its first eettk- 
ment in 1750, to 1808. 2 vols. 8° Charleston, 1809. 

Ramusio (G. B.) Raccolta delle Navigationi et Viaggi. 3 vols. foL 
Venetia, 1563-65. 

Ranke (Leop.) History of the Popes, during the xvi. and xvii. centuries, 
translated by S. Austin. 3 vols. 8° London, 1840. 

Ranking (John) Historical Researches on the Wars of the Mongols and 
Romans, in which elephants and wild beasts were employed and skin. 
4° London, 1826. 

Historical Researches on the Conquest of Peru, Mexico, Bogota, 

Natchez, and Talomeco, in the thirteenth century, by the Monguk 
8** London, 1827. 

RAO — RAW 257 

Raovl db Caen. Histoire de Tancr^de. — Guizot, ColL des Memoiros, 
tome 23. 

Baoul-Roghette (Desir6) Peintures Antiques In^tes, pr^cedees dc 
Hecherches sur r£inploi de la Peinture dans la deration des Edifices 
sacr^ et publics, chez les Grecs et les Remains. (Suite aux Monu- 
ments Inedits.) 4° Paris, 1836. 

Raphael dTTbbino. Psyches et Amoris Nuptise ac Fabula, h, Raphaele 
TJrbinate, Romae in Famesianis Hortis expressa, h. Nic. Dorigny 
delineata, Notis P. Bellorii, typis Dom. de Rubeis. (in Opere di Pittori 
diversi) Folio. RomsB, 1693. 

La Fable de Psych6. 4° [Paris, 1802.] 

— I Mosaici deUa Cupola della Cappella Chigiana di S. Maria del 

Popolo in Roma, incisi ed editi da Lod. Gruner, illustrati da Ant. 
GrifL Folio. Roma, 1839. 

Scripture Prints, from the Frescoes of Raphael in the Vatican, 

edited by James R. Hope, from drawings by M. Consoni, under the 
direction of L. Gruner. Folio. London, 1844. 

see Passavant. 

Ra^fhelius (G.)— see Arrianus. 

Rajin (M.) The History of England, translated into English, with addi- 
tional Notes, and continued from the Revolution to the Accession of 
George ii., by N. Tindal. Illustrated with the Heads of the Kings 
and Queens, Maps, Medals, Monuments, &c. 5 vols. fol. London, 

^A.scHE (J. C.) Lexicon Rei Numariae Graecorum ac Romanorum, cum 
explicatione Monogrammatum, cura C. G. Hcjme, et Supplemento. 
7 vols, in 14. 8° Lipsise, 1785-1804. 

^'^SK (Erasmus) A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue; translated 
by B. Thorpe. 8** Copenhagen, 1830. 

^-^STEix (John) The Pastime of People; or, the Chronicles of Divers 
Realms, and most especially of the Realm of England; edited by T.F. 
Dibdin. 4° London, 1811. 

^-^UMEB (Friedrich von) Geschichte der Hohenstaufcn imd ihrer Zeit. 

6 vols. 8° Reutlingen, 1828-29. 

Another Edition. 6 vols. 8** Leipzig, 1840-42. 

Greschichte Europas seit dem Ende des xv^** Jahrhunderts. 

7 vols. 8° Leipzig, 1832-43. 

Europa, vom Ende des siebenjahrigen, bis zum Ende des Ameri- 
kanischen Krieges, 1763-83; nach den Quellen im Britischen und 
Franzosischen Reichsarchive. 3 vols. 12^ Leipzig, 1839. 

England im Jahre 1835. 2 vols. 12"" Leipzig, 1836. 

Vortrag zur Gedachtnissfeier Konig Friedrich Wilhelms iii., 
gehalten am 3 August, 1843, in der Universit&t zu Berlin. 12° 
Leipzig, 1843. 

Ueber die Poetik des Aristotelis, und sein Verhaltniss zu den 
neuem Dramatikem. 12** Berlin, 1842. 

Randglossen eines Laien zum Euripides 12° Berlin, 1842. 

Rawdom Papers, consisting of Letters on various subjects, to and from 
Archbishop Bramhall; with Notes, by Edward Berwick. 8° London, 

L L 

258 RAW — REC 

Rawle (William) A View of the Constitution of the United States. 
8° Philadelphia, 1825. 

Rawlins (John) Wonderful Recovery of the Exchange of Bristow firoo 
the Turkish Pirats of Argier. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 2. 

Rawlinson (Christopher) — see Boethius. 

Ray (John) Travels through the Low Countries, Venice, Lomhardj, &c 
— Harris's Voyages, vol. 2. 

see Skippon. 

Raynal (UAhh6 G. T.) Histoire philosophique et politique des EtabHsae- 
mens, et du Commerce, des Europ^ens dans les deux Indes. 10 toU 

8° Neuchatel, 1783-84. 

Rayn ALDUS (Odoricus) — see Baronius. 

Raynouard (Fr. J. M.) Lexique Roman; ou, Dictionnaire de la Langne 
des Troubadours, compart avec les autres langues de I'Eorope LadK; 
avec de nouvelles Recherches, Grammaire Romane, Po^es originales, 
&c. 6 vols. 8° Paris, 1838-44. 

Choix des Po^es originales des Troubadours. 6 vols. S' 

Paris, 1816-21. 

Monumens historiques relatifs k la Condamnadon des Chevaliers 

du Temple, et 1* Abolition de leur Ordre. 8** Paris, 1813. 

Reading (Gulielmus)— see Eusebius. 

Reaumur (R. A. F. de) Memoires pour serrir k I'Histoire des Insectes. 
6 vols. 4** Paris, 1734-42. 

Recantation (The) and Occasional Verses. 12° London, 1839. 

Recompenses (Le Livre des) et des Peines. — see Julien. 

Records (Public): — 

Edward Jones's Index to Records, called the Originalia and Memo- 
randa, on the Lord Treasurer's side of the Exchequer; extracted 
from the Records. 2 vols, in 1. fol. London, 1793. 

A Description of the Contents, Objects, and Uses, of the various 
Works printed by the Record Commission. 8** L.ondon, 1831. 

see also Cooper. 

General Report of the Commissioners on the Public Records; with 
Appendix and Index. Folio. London, 1837. 

Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae, auctoritate Papse Nicholai rv., 
circa a.d. 1291. Folio. London, 1802. 

Calendarium Rotulorum Patentium in Turri Londineusi asserr. 
cum Indicibus. Folio. London, 1802. 

Calendarium Rotulonmi, Chartarum, et Inquisitionum ad quod 
Damnum. Folio. London, 1803. 

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Regum Henr. iii., et Edw. i., ad Edw. iii.; cum Indicibus. 
2 vols. fol. London, 1805. 

Calendarium Inquisitionum post mortem, sive Escsetarum; tempo* 
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Calendarium Inquisitionum post mortem, sive Escffitarum, tempo- 
ribus Rcgum Henr. iii. ad Ric. iii.; cum Appendice usque 
Jac. I. 4 vols. fol. London, 1806-28. 

EC0RD8 (Public) contitwed: — 

Nonorum Inquisitiones in Curia SfACcarii, temp. Regis Edwardi ii 

circa A.D. 1341. Folio. London, 1807. 
Testo de Nevill, sive LiIht Feodorum in Ci 

RegiUD Hew. iil et Edw. i. Folii). 
Valor Ecclesiasticuis temp. Henr. viii., auctoritate R«gia iDstitutus, 

A.D. 1535; cum Appendice et Indicibus. 6 vob. fol. London, 

Inquisition II m ad Capellam Domini Itegis retomatarura, qus in 

publicis Archivis Scotia; ailiiuc servantur, Abbreviatio, cum In- 

dicibus. 3 vols. fol. London, 1811. 
Placitoruni in Domo CiLpitulari Weatinonostericnsi nsservatorum 

Abbreviatio, temp. Regum Rici. ad Eklw. ii. Folio. London, 

Rotuli Hundredorum temp. Regum Henr. in. et Kdw. i. in Turri 

Iiond. et in Curia receptee Scaccarii Westm. aaservati. 2 vola, 

fol. London, 1812-18. 
Registrum Uagni Sigilli Regum Scotorum, in Archivis publicis 

asservatura, a.d. 1306-1424. Folio. London, 1814. 
Rotuli Scotiie in Turn Ixindinensi et in Domo Capitular! Weatmo- 

naateriensiasBervatii temp. Regum Angliat £dn. i. ad Henr. vin. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1814-19. 
PlacitA de Quo Warranto, temp. Regam Edw. i., ii,, ui., in Curia 

receptiE Scaccarii Wcstm. asservata. F^'olio. London, 1818. 
Ducatus Lancastrire Partes iv., Calendarium Inquiaitionum post 

mort«m. And a Calendar to the Pleadings, DepoHitiona, &c., 

in the reigns from UenrjP' vii. to Queen Elizabeth. 4 vols, in 3. 

fol. London, 1823-34. 
Liquisitionum in OfKcio Rotulorum CanceUnriffi Hibcrniee asscrva- 

torum Repertorium. 2 vols. Ibl. London, 1826-29. 

KPnlendar3 of the Proceedings in Chancery in the reign of Queen 
Elistbeth ; with Examples of curlier Proceedings from the 
'I«ign of Richard ii-j from the originals in the Tower, with 
tideiea. 3 vols. fol. London, 1827-32. 
The Parliamentary Writs and Writs of Military Summons, toge- 
ther with the Records and JIuniinents relating to I'arliaments; 
collected and edited by Sir Franeis Palgrave, with Alphabetical 
Digests and Indexes. 2 vols, in 4. fol. London, 1827-34. 
Rotulorum Patentimn et Cluusorum Cancellariie Uibemise Calen- 
darium; temporibus Regum Henr. ii., Henr. vii., Henr.vm., et 
Jacob! 1. 4 vols. fol. London, 1828. 
Rotuli Litterorum Clausarum in Turr! Londinensi asservati; ab 
anno 1204 ad 1224, accurante T. D. Hardy. Vol. 1. fol. 
London, 1833. 
Rotulus Cancellarii, vel Antigraphum Magni Rotuli Pipte, de tertio 

anuo rcgui Johannis. 8° London, 1833. 
MagDum Rotulum Scaccarii, vel Magnum Rotulum Pipa;, de anno 

Ilricesimo-primo Regni Henrici i. (ut videtur); quem plurimi 
InctenuB laudarunt pro Rolulo (|uinti anni Stophani Regis; 
kllinc primium edidit Jos. Hunter. 8° London, 1833. 

260 REC — REE 

Records (Public) continued: — 

Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privj Council of Englaiid, 
10 Richard ii., 1386, to 33 Henry viu^ 1542; edited by Sir 
H. Nicolas. 7 vols. 8** London, 1834-37. 

Rotuli Select! ad Res Anglicas et Hibemicas spectantee; ex Ar- 
chivis in Domo Capitulari Westmonasteriensi deprompti, con 
Josephi Honteri. 8^ London, 1834. 

A Description of the Patent RoUs in the Tower of London, to 
which is added, an Itinerary of King John; with Pre&toij 
Observations, by T. D. Hardy. 8** London, 1835. 

Fines, sive Pedes Finium: sive Finales Concordise, in Curia Domim 
Regis, A.D. 1195-1214; edente Jos. Hunter. VoL 1. 8® 
London, 1835. 

Rotuli Curiffi Regis: Rolls and Records of the Court held before 
the King's Justiciars or Justices, from the vith of Richard l, to 
the ist year of King John; edited by Sir Francis PdlgraTe. 
2 vols. 8'' London, 1835. 

Rotuli Normannia; in Turri Londinensi asservati, Johanne et Hen- 
rico Quinto Angliae Regibus. De annis 1200-1205, necnon de 
anno 1417. Accurante T. D. Hardy. VoL 1. 8* London, 

Rotuli de Oblatis et Finibus in Turn Londinensi asservati, tempoic 
Regis Johannis; accurante T. D. Hardy. 8** London, 1835. 

Excerpta h Rotulis Finium in Turri Londinensi asservatis, Henrico 
tertio Regis, a.d. 1216-72; cura Caroli Roberts. 2 vols, f 
London, 1835-36. 

Rotuli Litterarum Patentium in Turri Londinensi asservtti, ab 
anno 1201 ad 1216, accurante T. D. Hardy. VoL 1. foL 
London, 1835. 

The Antient Kalendars and Liventories of the Treasury of his 
Majesty's Exchequer, together with other Documents illustrating 
the history of that Repository; collected and edited by Sir 
Francis Palgrave. 3 vols. 8** London, 1836. 

Rotuli Chartarum in Turri Londinensi asservati, ab anno 1199 ad 
1216, accurante T. D. Hardy. Vol. 1. fbL London, 1837. 

Registrum, vulgariter nuncupatum " The Record of CaenuurroDf 
c codice MS. Harleiano No. 696, descriptum; cum Lididboa. 
FoHo. Londini, 1838. 

Ancient Laws and Listitutes of England; comprising Laws enacted 
under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, the Laws called Edward the 
Confessor's, of William the Conqueror, and Henry i.; abo, 
Monumenta Ecclesiastica Anglicana, edited by B. Thorpe. 
2 vols. 8** London, 1840. 

see Pell Records. 

Redi (Francesco) Opere; coUa Vita dell' Autore, sciitta da Salvino Sal- 
vini. 9 vols. 8** Milano, 1809. 

■ Bacco in Toscana, Ditirambo [da T. J. Mathias]. 12** Londra, 


" Bacco in Toscana. — ^Pamaso Italiano, tomo 40. 

Reece (R.) The Medical Annual for 1831. 8** London. 

Rees (Abraham) Cyclopaedia; or. Universal Dictionary of Arts, 
Sciences, and Literature. 45 vols. 4^ London, 1819. 

REE — EEN 261 

RsBVE (Clara) The Old English Baron.— British Novelists, voL 22. 

Bbeves (John) History of the English Law, from the time of the Saxons. 
4 vols. 8*^ DubHn,1787. 

Befoilm (The) Ministry, and the Reformed Parliament. 8^ London, 

Hegistration. Annual Reports of the R^istrar-General, of Births, 
Deaths, and Marriages in England, from 1839. 8° London. 

Kbgnakd (J. F.)— see Th^tre. 

(M.) Voyage to Lapland, 1681. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, voL 1. 

B^BOMiEK (Mathurin) Ses Sa^es, et autres CEuvres; avec des Re- 
marqnes, par Brossette. 4 Londres, 1729. 

Khi RusticsB Scriptores Veteres Latini: — ^Porcius Cato, Terentius Varro, 
Columella, Palladius, et Vegetius; cum Commentariis variorum et 
J. G. Schneideri, ejusdemque Indicibus (in vol. 4, part 3). 4 vols, 
in 5. 8*" Lipsiae, 1794. 

Rbd) (D. B.) Elements of Chemistry. 8** Edinburgh, 1839. 

Illustrations of the Theory and Practice of Ventilation; with 
Remarks on Warming, exclusive Lighting, and the communication of 
Sound. 8** London, 1844. 

Outlines of the Alterations in the House of Commons, in reference 
to the Acoustic and Ventilating arrangements. 4^ Edinburgh, 1837. 

(John) Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica ; or, an Accoimt of all the 
Books printed in the Gaelic Language, with Bibliographical and Bio- 
graphical Notices. 8^ Glasgow, 1832. 

■"^"^ (Lieut. CoL W.) Attempt to develop the Law of Storms, by 

means of Facts, arranged according to place and time. 8^ London, 

— Second Edition, with additions, and Atlas in folio. 8° London, 


^£iMS. Archives Administratives de la Ville de Reims; publi^es par 
Pierre Varin, 2 vols. 4** Paris, 1839. 

^-^ Archives Legislatives de la Ville de Reims: — Coutiimes; publi^es 

par Pierre Varin. 4** Paris, 1841. 

^EiSKius. (J. J.) Lidices Grascitatis in Oratores Atticos, opera T. Mit- 
chelL (Oratores Attici, vol. 9.) 2 vols, in 1. 8** Oxonii, 1828. 

^ see Chariton, Dionysius Halicam., and Maximus Tyrius. 

^EiTzius (J. F.) — see Lucianus. 

^Buoio Clerici: two Epistles, with Notes, and the Parson's Choice of 
Town or Country. 8^ London, 1821. 

Religion (Ueber die) Reden an die Gebildeten unter ihren Verachtem. 
8** BerUn, 1806. 

&KKU8AT (Abel) Melanges Asiatiques. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1825-26. 

Nouveaux M^anges Asiatiques. 2 vols. 8^ Paris, 1829. 

• Recherches sur les Langues Tartares. 4** Paris, 1820. 

Kbnaudot (Eusebius) — see Mahommedans. 

Rennell (Major James) The Geographical System of Herodotus, exa- 
mined and explained. 4^ London, 1800. 


Bbnnkll (Major James) Observations on the Topography of the PLun 
of Troy. 4° Loudon, 18i4. 

Illustrations (chiefly Geographical) of the History of the Expe- 
dition of Cyrus, from Sardia to Babylonia, and of the Retreat of tlie 
Ten Thousand Greeks. 4° London, 1816. 

On the Comparative Geography of Western Asia; with Atlas 

in folio. 2 vols. 8° Loudon, 1831. 

An Investigation of the Currents of the Atlantic Ocean, and of 

those which prevail between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic; witt 
the Charts, in folio. 8° London, 1832. 

Catalogue de la Biblioth^qae d'lm Amateur; avec Notes hiblu^ 

graphiques, critiquea, tt litteraires, 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1819. 

J of Natural Philosophy. 2 vols, in 1. S° 

RErEHTOKicM (Allgemeines) dergesamratendeutschennndauslandischea 

Literatur; herausgegeben im Vereine mit raehreren Gelehrten, von 

C. D. Beck, K. H. L. Politz, und E. G. Gerador^ vou 1819 8° 

Eepeetoby of Arts and Manufactures ; from the comiQencement in I79< 

to 1801, continued by the Repertory of Arts, Manufactures, an^ 

Agriculture, to 1824. 61 vols. 8* London. 
Reresbt (Sir John) Memoirs; containing several private and remarkablu 

Transactions, from the Restoration to the Revolution. 8" London, 

Retrospective Review, from the commencement in 1820 to 1826; ron- 

tinned by the Retrospective Review, and Historical and Antiquarii" 

Magazine, to 1838. 16 vols. 8° London. 
Retz (Le Cardinal de) M^moires; contenant ce qui a'est pasB^ de r=' 

marquable en France pendant les prcmicves ann^ du Kgae de 

Louia XIV. — Petitot, ColL des Memoires, 2°*" S^irie, tomes 44—46. 
M&noires, par Claude Joly. — Petitot, CoIL dee Memoires, 2"" 

Sdrie, tome 47. 
Retzsoh (Mor.) — see Schiller. 
Rkdss (J. D.) Repertorium Commentationum h Societatibua Litterariis 

Ieditaruni secundum disciplinarum ordinem. 16 vola. in 13. 4 
Gottingie, 1801-20. 

Reuvens (C. J. C.) Lettres a M. Letronne, sur lea Papyrus Bilingue* ^ 
Grees, et sur quelquea autrtie Monumens Greco -Egyptiena du Mus^* 
d' Antiquity de I'Universit^ de Leide ; avec I'AUaa en folio. * 
Leide, 1830. 

Revels at Court (Extracts from the Accoimts of the) in the reigns <" 
Elizabeth und James i.; with an Introduction and Notes, by P. C»''' 
■■■ Q. (Shakspeare Society.) 8° Loudon, 1842. 

Revett (Nicholas) — see Stuart. 

REV — RIC 263 

SjftvoLUTiON of 1688. A volume, containing twenty-six Tracts, single 
Sheets, Broadsides, &c., the puhlications of the time. Folio. London, 

Bjbvue Fran9aise, 1 828-30. 16 vols. 8'' Paris. 

Frangaise. Nouvelle S^rie, 1837-39. 12 vols, in 6. 8° Paris. 

des Deux Mondes, depuis 1833. 8** Paris. 

SsTMOLDS (James) The History of the Temple of Jerusalem, translated 
from the Arahic of the Im4m Jalal-addin al Siuti, with Notes and 
Dissertations. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8^ London, 1836. 

— ^^— - (Sir Joshua) Literary Works ; with his Life, by Edmond Malone 
and Joseph Farrington. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1819. 

(Thomas) Life, by his son, T. Reynolds. 2 vols. 8^ London, 

Rheede. — see Van Rheede. 

Rhyme (William Ten) Account of the Cape of Good Hope and the 
Hottentots. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 4. 

RiCABDO (David) The high Price of Bullion, a proof of Depreciation 
of Bank Notes; and other Tracts. 8^ London, 1811-24. 

RiCARDUs Corinensis. — see Bertram. 

Prior Hagustaldensis. — see Twysden Scriptores. 

Rich (C. J.) — ^see Maurice. 

' (Olinth.) Bibliotheca Americana Nova; or, a Catalogue of Books 

in various languages, relating to America, printed since 1700. 8° 
London, 1836. 

RiCHABD (A.) El^mens de Botanique et de Physiologic V%6tale. 8^ 
Paris, 1828. 

RiCHABD DE Burt. Philobiblon; a Treatise on the Love of Books, 
written in 1344, and translated from the first edition, 1473, with 
acme collations. 8*^ London, 1832. 

Richard of Cirencester. Description of Britain, translated, with the 
original treatise, de Situ Britannise. 8^ London, 1809. 

(An Account of) and of his Works; with his Map of Roman 

Britain, and the Itinerary, by William Stukeley. 4° London, 1757. 

Richard i. — ^see Benedictus Abbas (under Hearne), and Richardus 

Richard ii. — see Dover, Maydiston, and Monachus de Evesham (under 

Richard ui. (True Tragedy of); to which is appended the Latin Play of 

Richardus Tertius, by Dr. Thomas Legge [with an Litroduction and 

Notes, by Barron Field]. 8° London, 1844. 

(The' Ghost of), a Poem, printed in 1 614, and founded upon Shake- 
speare's Historical Play; edited by J. P. CoUier, Esq. (Shakespeare 
Society.) 8° London, 1844. 

(Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of)^see Walpole's 

Works, vol. 2. 

(Charles Louis) Analyse des Conciles gen^aux et particuliers. 

6 vols. 4° Paris, 1772. 

Richardson (Charles) Blustrations of English Philology. 4^ London, 


RtCBABPSOK (John) A Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English, irith » 
Dissertation on the lan^ages, literature, mid manners of Eaalcm 
Nations; edited by Charles Wilkins and Fnmuia Johnson. 4" Lom — 
don, 1829. 

A Dictionary, English, Persian, and Arabic; with Addition^ 

and Impiovements by Charlea Wiltins, 4° London, 1810. "^ 

see Franklin. 

W. Swainson and W. Kirty. Fauni-Boreoli Americana; or, tta 

Zoology of the Northern parts of British America. 4 voL. 
J^udon, 1829-37. 

(Richard) Correspondence. — see Turner. 

(Samuel) Clarissa Harlowe. — British Novelists, vols. 1 to 8, 

Sir Charles Grandison. — British Novelists, vols. 9 to 15. 

(William) Catalogue of 7385 Stars, chiefly to the Sonlhexfl 

Hemisphere. 4° London, 1835, 

RiCHARDus DivisiENSiB. Chronicon de rebus gestis Richardi i., R«'gil 
AnglisB, nunc primum typia mandatum curante Jos, Stevenson. (Eng, | 
Hist. Soc.) 8° Londini, 1838. 

RiCRRLiEV (Le Cardinal) Succincte Narration des grandes actions da 
Roi. — Petitot, Coll. des Meraoiree, 2°'' S6rie, tome 11. 

Meinoires, sous le r^gne de Louis xiii., depuis I6I0 jusqnl 

1620 [Burl'edition dc 1730].— Petitot, Coll. des Mdmoire*. 2*^* Sfiri^ 
tomes 10 8c II. 

M^oires [d'apr^s le Maniiscrit original]. — Petitot, Coil, iet 

Memoires, 2"" S^e, tomes 21-30. 

see Sourdis. 

RiCHEMONT (Le Comte de) Ses memorables Faicts, I413-I457 [p«f 

Gruillaame Grueb,] — Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, 1" S^rie, tome 8, 
Richer (M.) Causes cel^hres et inli^ressantes, avec les JugemeD* (|<u 

les ont docidees; avec Continuation, par J. C. de la Ville. 26 vol*. 

12' Amsterdam, 1769-88. 
Richmond, Yorkshire. Registrum Honoris de Richmond, ex lilif 

Domesday; adjiciuntur in Appendice, Chartre, Observationcs, Gen*' 

logiffi, et Indices [a Roger Gale]. Folio. Londini, 1722. 

I (Legh) Memoir, by T, S. Grimahawe. 12° London, 183". 
RicHTER (Jean Paul Friedrich) Siimmtliche Werke. 4 voU. ^ 

Paris, 1837. 
RiCKUAK (Thomas) An attempt to discriminate the Styles of Archi- 
tecture in England, to the Reformation. 8° London, 1835. 
RiDLEV (Gloucester) — see Pole. 
RiBSBGCK (Boron) Travels through Germany, in 1780. — Pinkefton' 

Voyages, vol. 6. 
Bia Veda Sanhita. — see Ros«n. 
RiL£T (James) Loss of tlie Brig Commerce; with an Account of Tom- 

buctoo, and of the hitherto undiscovered great City of Wasstnili- 

4° London, 1817. 
RiNUCcmr (Cino) — Raccolta di Poe.sie Liriche. 
(Gio. Batista) Nunniatura in Irlanda negli anni 1645— 4£); con 

Documenti illustrativi per cura di G. Aiozsi. 8° Pirenze, 1844. 

RIN — EOB 265 

BmucciKi (Ottavio) La Dafne, Dramma Musicale. — Parnaso Italiano, 
tomo 17. 

Euridicey Dramma Tragico. — ^Parnaso Italiano, tomo 35. 

Bio (A. F.) De la Fo&ie Chr^tieime dans son principe, sa mati^re, et ses 
formes. S"" Paris, 1836. 

' La Petite Chouamierie; ou, Histoire d'un Collie Breton sous 
l*£mpire. 8"" Londres, 1842. 

RippESDA (Duke de) — see Moore. 

BiSHANOER (William de) The Chronicle of the Barons' Wars, and the 
Sfirades of Simon de Montfort, edited by J. O. Halliwell. (Camden 
Society.) 4** London, 1840. 

BiTSON (Joseph) Bibliographia Poetica: a Catalogue of Engleish Poets 
of the Twelfth to the Sixteenth Centurjs; with a short Account of 
their Works. 8** London, 1802. 

The English Anthology. 3 vols. 8° London, 1793. 

■ Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry; from authentic MSS. and 
old printed copies. 8^ London, 1791. 

Ancient Songs, from the time of King Henry the Third to the 

^ Revolution. 8*" London, 1790. 


Selection of English Metrical Romances. 3 vols. 8^ London, 

A select Collection of English Songs, with their original Airs; 

and additional Songs and Notes, by Thomas Park. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1813. 

Gammer Gurton's Garland, and Northern Garlands, edited by 

J. Ritson. Samuel Rowland's 'Tis Merry When Gossips Meet. 
8 vols, in 1. 8'' London, 1810-18. 

Robin Hood : a Collection of all the ancient Poems, Songs, 

and Ballads, now extant, relative to that English Outlaw; with His- 
torical Anecdotes of his Life. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1795. 

The Caledonian Muse: a Chronological Selection of Scotish 

Poetry from the earliest times. 8^ London, 1821. 

Sootish Songs [with their original Airs], and an Historical 

Essay on Scotish Song. 2 vols. 12° London, 1794. 

RiTTSR (Carl) DieErdkundeimVerhaltnisszurNaturundzurG^schichte 
des Menschen. (Afrika, 1 vol.; Asien, vols. 1-7; mit Namen und 
Saeh-Verzeichniss zu Asien, von J. L. Ideler, vol. 1.) 8 vols, in 10. 
8** Berlin, 1822-43. 

' The Colonization of New Zealand, translated. 12° London, 


- (Henry) The History of Philosophy; translated by Alexander 

J. W. Morrison. 3 vols. 8° Oxford, 1838. 

RivAROii (Antoine, Comte de) M^moires; avec des Notes &c., pr^c^^ 
d'nne Notice, par Berville. 8° Paris, 1824. 

Rive (A. De la) Archives de I'Electricit^. (Supplement k la Biblioth. 
Univ. de Geneve.) 8° Geneve, 1841. 

Rivet (Dom.)--see France, Histoire Litt^raire. 

BoBEBT (Tie du Roi) par Hdgaud. — Guizot, Coll. des M^oires, tome 6. 

M M 

266 ROB — ROC I 

lioBERT DG AvRSBu&r. Historia. — see He&rne. 1^ 

Robert the Bruce. — see K«rr. 

Robert ov Gloucester, Cbronicte. — aee Hearne. 

RoBEBT LR MoiNB. HistoiTe de la Premiere Croisade. — see GiuEOt, CoQ— 

des M^moires, tome 23. 
Roberts (Nicholas) Tristrem Stevens, and Robert Sucksbich. Thdn 

Escape aud glorious Victorie.— Purchaa's Voyage^ vol. 2. i 

Robertson (David) Tour through the Isle of Man, in 1791. — Pinkerton'fl 

Voyages, vol. 2. 
(Major H.) Examination of the Principles and Policy of tha 

Government of British India. 8" London, 1829. , 

(William) Works; with an Account of his Life and Writingi^ 

by Dugald Stewart, 8 vols. 8° London, 1827. 

RouiN GooDKELLow's Mad Franks and Merry Jests; with an Introductioaa 
by J. P. CoUier. (Percy Society.) 8° Loudon, 1841. 

Robinson (Sir Christopher) Reports of Cases in the Court of Admiraltp 
6 vols. 8° Loudon, 1806. 

(Edward) Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai, aoS 

Arabia Petnea, in 1838, 3 vols. 8° London, 1841, 

1 Palestine and Syria. 2 vols. 8" LondoM| 

(H.) The Acta of the Apostles ; with Notes. 8° London, 1839 

(H. C) Exposure of Misrepresentations in the Preface to tbri 

Correspondence of Wilbert'orce. 8° London, 1840. 

(P. F.) Vitruviui 

illustrated by Plana, 
London, 1833. 

Vitruvius Britannicus : History of Wobum Abbey, illustrate 

by Plans, Elevations, and Internal Views. Folio. Ijonijon, 1827. 

Rural Architecture; or, a Series of Designs for Ornament* 

Cottages. 4° London, 1823. 

An Attempt to ascertain the Age of the Church of Micklehsctf 

in Surrey, with liemarks on its Architecture. Folio. London, 182-4 

Robinson Crusoe. — see Defoe. 

RoBisoN (John) Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions an 

Governments of Europe, 8° London, 1798. 
RocAFUERTE (V.) Eusayo sobre Tolerancia Religiosa. 8' Meu0^ 


1675. — Bumey'a DisOB 
I. — PinkertoW 

(John Fr. de la) Voyage to Canada in 1542. 

Voyages, vol. 12. 
RoCHECBOUART (Guillaurae de) Ses Memoires. — Petitot, ColL 


RocREPotrcADLD (Fnui^ois, Due de la) Ses Mi^muires. — Petitot, C 
des Mfmoires, 2°*' S^rie, tomes 51 & 52. | 

Rochester (Laurence, Earl of) Correspondence, and Diary of EmbaS*^ 
to Poland, in 1676. — see Clarendon Correspondence. 


ROC — ROL 267 

BocHON ( Abb^) Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies. — Pinkerton's 
Voyages, voL 16. 

Bock (Daniel) Hierurgia; or, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with 
Notes and Dissertations. 2 vols. 8"* Loudon, 1833. 

BoDD (Thomas) Spanish Ballads. — see Torpin.* 

BoDNET, (Admiral, Lord) Life and Correspondence, by M%jor-Greneral 
Mundy. 2 vols. 8** London, 1830. 

Bos (Sir Thomas) Journal of his Embassy to Jehan Guire, the Great 
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Voyages, voL 8. 

-"■ Observations collected out of his Joumall.— Purchas's Voyages, 

vol. 1. 

fioEPELL (Richard) G^schichte Polens. 8** Hamburg, 1840. 

BopFENSis Textus. — SCO Heamc. 

BoGER DE HoYEDEN. Aunales. — see Savile Scriptores. 

BoGER DE VTendover. Chronica, sive Flores Historiarum, nunc 
primum edidit Henr. O. Coxe. (English Historical Society.) 4 vols. 
8** Londini, 1841-42. 

— Relations touching the Tartars, taken out of his Historic. — 

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mittees. 12^ London, 1841. 

(Samuel) Poems. 8° London, 1834. 

Italy, a Poem. 8^ London, 1830. 

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Captain S. Courtney's in the Duchess. — Harris's Voyages, vol. 1 ; 
Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 4. 

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Hiysiology. 8° London, 1826. 

Treatises on Physiology and Phrenology. 2 vols. 8** Edin- 
burgh, 1838. 

Animal and Vegetable Physiology, considered with reference to 
Natural Theology. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1834. 

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2^ S^rie, tomes 18 & 19. 

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villeet Barri^re. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1827. 

^XojAD (The) ; Probationary Odes for the Laureateship, and Political 
Miscellanies. 8^ London, 1795. 

^t-T (lUchard) A Poem to the memory of Sir Watkin William Wynne. 
4*^ London, 1749. 

268 ROM — ROS 

Romances {Three early English Metrical); with an IntroducUm 

Glossary, edited by John Robson. (Camden Society.) 4° Londun, 

RouANs L<jgid Codex, Barbaris regnantibus observats facile in Italia.— 

Canciani Legea Barbarorum, voL 4. 
Rome. E. Plainer, C. Bunaen, E. Gerhard, und W. RosteU: Beachrei- 

bung der Stadt Rom, mit Beiti^gea von B. G, Niebuhr, und einef 

geognostisehen Abbandliuig von F. Hoffman. The Plates 

3 vols, in 5. 8° Stuttgart, 1838--12. 
(History of) — see Ferguson, Gibbon, Hook, Niebuhr, Sismondi, 

Vertot, and Wachsmuth. 

(The History of) 12° London, 1833. 

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Memoirs. 2 vols. 8° London, 1820. 

Memoirs of his Life, written by himseir; with a Selection from 

his Correspondence, edited by his Sons. 3 vols. 8" London, 1S40. 

RooKE (John) — see Arrianus. 

RoanEvoBT (J. B. B.) Glossaire de la Langue Eomane; avec Snppit- 

ment. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1808-20. 
Rosa (Salvator) Satire. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 40. 

see Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche. 

RoscoE (Henry) Lives of Eminent BritisJi Lawyers. 12" Lood. 1330. 

(William) On Penal Jurisprudence, and the Refonnatton c>f 

Criminals. 8° London, 1819. 
Life, by his son, Henry Roscoe. 2 vols. 8° London, 1833. 

see Leo x., and Medici (Lorenzo de'). 

Roscommon (Earl of) — Poems. — British Poets, vol. 20. 

Robe (Right Hon. George) Observations on the Historical Work o' 
C. J. Fox ; with Sir P. Hume's Narrative of Events which occurred 
in the Enterprise of the Earl of Argyle, in 1685. 4" London, IS09. 

( Sir G. H. ) A Selection from the Papers of the Earls of M»rrh- 

niont, illustrative of evente from 1685 to 1750. 3 vols. 8° Lond. ISSU 

[ (William Stewart)] Letters from the North of Italy, addreswd 

to Henry Hallam, Esq. 2 vols, in 1. 8° London, 1819. 

see Ariosto, Demi, and Casti. 

RosELLiNi (Ippolito) I Monumenti dell'Egitto e della Nabia illngtnli- 

7 vols. 8°; con Tavole, Dispense 1-38, foUo; ed Indice in 4° Piai» 

Rosen (Francis) The Algebra of Mohammed Ben Mosa, tranelated- 
(Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° London, 1831. 

Rig Veda Sanhila, Liher primus Sanskrit^ et Latin^. (Orientitf 

Translation Fund.) 4° London, 1838. 

RosENUuLLEB (E. F. C.) ScholJa in Vetua Teatunentmn. 23 vola. ^ 

Lipsite, 1815-35. 
(J. G.) Scholia in Novum Testamentum. 5 vole. 8° Narimb" 


ROS — ROW 269 

B08BTTA. NonvelleB Bdcherches sur rinscription, en lettres sacr^es, du 
Monument de Rosette. 8^ Florence, 1880. 

B08IM1 (Giovanni) Poesie. — ^Parnaso Ital. Viv., tomi 33 & 34. 

Boss (Sir John) A Yojage of Discovery for exploring Baffin's Bay, and 
inquiring into the probability of a N.W. Passage. 4** London, 1819. 

— — Narrative of a Second Voyage in search of a N.W. Passage; 
wi^ Appendix. 2 vols. 4^ Lbndon, 1835. 

see Steam Communication. 

(L.) Le Monument d'Eubulid^ dans le C&ramique Int^rieur. 

8** Ath^nes, 1837. 

(Lieut.)— see Parry. 

BossB (Earl of) An Argument to prove the Truth of the Christian 
Revelation. 8^ London, 1834. 

B0S81 (Giov. Gher.) Poesie. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomi 4-6, & 40. 

Bossus (Joannes) Warwicensis. Historia. — see Heame. 

BosTRBNEN (F. Grcgoirc de) Dictionnaire Frangois-Celtique, ou Fran- 
9oi8-Bieton. 4^ Rennes, 1732. 

BoTA (Bernardino) Egloghe Pescatorie. — ^Pamaso Italiano, tomo 26. 

see Raccolta di Poesie Liriche, e Satiriche. 

BoTTECK (Carl von) Allgemeine Weltgeschichte fiir alle Stande, von 
den friihesten Zeiten bis zum Jahr 1831. 4 vols. 8^ Stuttgart, 

BouBAUD (P. J. A) Nouveaux Synonymes Frangais. 4 vols. 8° 
Paris, 1796. 

BoussBAU (J. J.) CEuvres, avec des Notes historiques et critiques ; aug- 
ment^ d*un Appendice aux Confessions, par M. Mussay Pathay. 
20 vols. 8** Paris, 1827. 

B0U88ET (Jean) Recueil historique d'Actes, N^gociations, M6moires, et 
Tndtez; depuis la Palx d'Utrecht, jusqu'au second Congr^s de Cam- 
bray, indusivement ; avec Suppl^ent. 21 vols. 12^ La Haye, et 
Amsterd., 1728-52. 

Boux (P. C.)— see Buchez. 

BovBBX (Guidubaldo Bonarelli della) La FiUi di Sciro. — ^Pamaso, 
ItaUano, tomo 36. 

BoviGO (Savary, Due de) M^moires, pour servir k THistoire de I'Empe- 
reur Napol^n. 8 vols. 8*^ Paris, 1828. 

BowE (Nicholas) Works ; consisting of his Plays and Poems. 2 vols. 
18** London, 1756. 

— see Lucanus. 

BowLAND (Samuel) — see Ritson. 

BowLANDSON (M. J.) Tohfut-ul-Mujahidecn ; an Historical Work, 
translated from the Arabic. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8^ 
London, 1833. 

BowLBT [or Chatterton] (Thomas) Poems, supposed to have been 
written at Bristol by Thomas Rowley and others, in the fifleenth 
Century. 8'' Cambridge, 1794. 

— see Bryant. 

270 ROW - RUM 

Rowley (WOliam) A Search for Money ; or, the Lsmentaliie Complaint 
for tiie loss of the Wnndermg Knight, Monsieur I'Aj^ent. (Percy 
Society.) 8" London, 1840. 

BoE (WUliam) Military Antiquities of the Romans in Britain, publifiticd 
hj the Society of Antiquaries. Folio. Londou, 1793. 

Royal Academy. — see Catalogue. 

Household Book. A Collection of Ordinances and Begulatioai 

for the Government of the Royal Household, from King Edwanl riL 
to Willium und Mary ; also some Receipts in ancient Cookery, pub- 
lished by the Eoyal Antiquarian Society. 4° London, 1790. 

Institution. — see Catalogue, and Joumal- 

Irish Academy. — see Transactions. 

Kfllendar, and Court and City Register, for Englsnd, Scollnnii, 

Ireland, and the Colonies, from 1832. 12° London. 

Society. — see Granville, and Transactions. 

Society (History of the)^see Birch, Sprat, and Thomson. 

Society of Literature. — see Transactions. 

BovLE (J. F.) On the Antiquity of Hindoo Medicine. 8° Lonim, 

On the Productive Resources of India. 8° London, 1840. 

RcBBt (And.) — Pamaso Italiano. 

RnneNus (Phillipus) Electa de Antiquis Ritibus. — see Lipaius. 

RuBRtrauis (William de) Joumall of his Travells unto the East parts d 

the World, in 1253. — Purchas's Voyages, vol 3 ; Huris's Voyages, 

vol. 1 ; Pinkerton's Voyages, vol, 7. 

RcCELLAt (Gil 

see Parnaso Italiano, tomo 23. 

L'Oreste, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tamo 2. 

La Bosmundn, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tomo I. 

EcDHART (G. T.) — see More. 

RuDiNo (Rogers) AnnaU of the Coinage of Britain and its depeiidetKie>> 

to the close of the year 1818. The Plates in i". 5 voli. 8° 

London, 1819. 
RnnrABD (Thomas)— see Tryala. 
RcPFHEAD (Owen) — aee Statul«8. 
Rdgqle (G.) Ignoramus, Comtcdia ; cum Notia, vita Auctoris et Glo*" 

sario, cura J. S. Hawkins. 8° Londini, 1787. ] 

RnoGLEB (Thomas) The History of the Poor, and the Laws respectinS 

them. 4° London, 1797. 
Rdhkoff (Fr, Ern.) — see Seneca. 
RcuNKENius. — see Homerus. 
RuLHrtRE (CL) Histoiredd'AnarcluedePolognc, etduDcmcmhn'ffip"*' 

do cette iWpublique. 4 vols. 12° Paris, 1807. I 

Rdhohr (C. F, von) Italic n it^chc tWschungen. 3 vols. H" Bcrlii**! 



RUM — RUY 271 

EcHOLDUs (S. EpiBC. et Martyr) Acta, coUegit et illuatravit J. B. Sol- 
lerius. Folio. Antverpiie, 1718. 

BuUFHins (G. E.) Herbarium AmboinemB, in lucem editum, cura et 
studio Joan. Burmimni. 6 tuIs. in 7. fol. Amstelodami, 1743. 

Ivma Poetry. — see Percy. 

tcsii (Richard) Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of Loudon, 
1817-25. 8° Philadelphia, 1833. 

■DSBwoRTH (John) Historical Collections, containing the principal 
matters from the 16th James i., anno 1618, to the Death of Sing 
Charles, 1648, impartially related. 8 vols. fol. London, 1721. 

losaEGCER (Joseph) Reiaen in Europa, Asien, und Afrika, mit beson- 
derer Ecicksicht auf die Naturwiasenschaftlicben VerliLlltnisse der 
betreffenden Lllndcr untemoramen, in den Jahren 1835 bis 1841 ; mit 
einem Atlas. Vols. 1 & 2. 8° Stuttgart, 1841. 

LujaELL. Historical Memoirs of the House of Russell, from the time of 
the Norman Conquest, by J. H. Wiffen. 2 vols- 8° London, 1833. 

■ (Alexander) The Natural History of Aleppo and its neigh- 
bourhood; with Notes, by P. Russell. 2 vols. 4° London, 1794. 

■ (A. T.) A Collection of Paalm and Hymn Tunes. 8° London. 

■ (James) Account of the Murder of Archbishop Sharp. — aee 

■ (Lord John)] History of the principal States of Europe, from 

the Peace of Utrecht. 2 vols. 8° London, 182G. 

On the History of the English Government and Constitution, 

from Henry vii. 8° London, 1823. 

■ aee Bedford, and Russell (Lord William). 

(John) A Tour in Germany, and some of the Southern Provinces 

of the Austrian Empire. 2 vols. 12° Edinburgh, 1827. 

(Bishop Michael) A Connection of Sacred and Profane History, 

from the Death of Joshua: a Continuation of Shuckford and Pri- 
deaui. 3 vols. 8° Loudon, 1927-37. 

see Keith. 

(Kai^bael Wriothesley, Lady) Some Account of her Life; with a 

Knee of her Letters to Lonl William Kussell, and some Miscellaneous 
Letters; also. Eleven Letters from Dorotliy Sidney, Counters of Sun- 
derland, to the Marquis of Halifax, in 1680. 4° London, 1819. 

■ (Thomas) Poems. — British Poets, -vol. 73. 

(Lord William) Life; with some Account of the Times in which 

he lived, by Lord John Ruasell. 4° London, 1819. 

(William)] The History of Modem Europe, continued to the 

death of William iv. of England. 4 vols. 8° London, 1837. 

"ssiA (Description of) — eee Conder's Modem Traveller, vol. 17. 

■"- — (History of) — see Bell, Leveaque, Segur, Strahl, and Stritterus. 

'Tlasd Papers. Original Documents, illustrative of the Courts and 
Times of Henry vii. & viii., from the private Archives of the Duke 
of Rutland; edited by William Jerdan. (Camden Society.) 4° 
London, 1842. 

^»niKZ. Chronica del famoso Cavallero Cid Ruydiez Campeador, eon 
\ma Introduccion Historico-Literaria, por D. V.A. Huber. 8° Mar- 




Butter (Mich, de) Sa Vie ct sea Actions mi^morables. 12° Eouen, 

Btland {William D.) Motives to a Spirit of Political ContcntmeDl. 

8° London, 1833. 
Btlet (W.) and Dethick, Visitation of Middlesex. — see PhiUipps. 
Btmrr (T.) Foedera, Conventiones, Litenc, et Acta Publica inter Begei 

Anglifc ct alio9 Principes, sb anno 1 101 ad noatni tcmpora. Edilio 

Secanda, etudio G. Holmes, continuata a G. Sanderson. 20 roll. 

foL Londini, 1727-35. 

S. (R.) Christ's Birth mistimed; or, a Resolution of Xiord Cbtwi'i 
question, toucliing the true time of the Conception and Birth, boti rf 
John the Baptist, and also of our Saviour. — Phenij:, voL 1, No. 4. 

Sa (Pedro de) Description of Siam, translated from the original Porta- 
guese MS. — Harl. Coll. of Voyages, toI, 2. 

Saaveura (Alvaro de) Voyage from New Spmn to the Moluccas, ic 
1527 &e.— Burney's Discoveries in the South Seas, voL I. 

Sabadino (Giovanni) — Raccolta di Novelie. 

Sabaudi£ Leges Municipales. — see Savoy, Monuni. Historiie Psiris 

Sabellico (M.) Istoria Veneziana. — see Veneziane. 

Sabine (Captain Edward) Account of Experiments to determine ik 
Figure of the Earth. 4° London, 1825. 

Report on the Variations of the Magnetic Intensity, observe"! il 

different points of the Earth's surface. 8° London, 1838. 

Discussion of the Magnetic Observations made during the Voy- 
ages of H.M. Ships Adventure and Beagle, 1826-36. 8°$8. 

Sacchetti (Franco) Novelie. 3 vols. 8° Milano, 1804. 

Sackville (Lord George) — see Junius. 

Sact (Le Baron Silvestrede) Grommaire Arabe. 2voIs. 8° pBri9,183l. 

Espos^ de la Religion des Druzes. 2 vols. 6° Paris, 1888. 

Alfiyyn, ou la Quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe; ouvragc 

de Djemal-Eddin -Mohammed, connu sous le nom d'Ebn-Malec; uteC 
un Commentaire, (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° Paris, 1833. 

Sade (L'Abbe de) — see Pi5trarca. 

Sadik IsfahXni. The Geographical Works; and a Critical EasBj 
various Manuscript Works, Arabic and Persian, illustrating the E 
tory of Arabia, Persia, Turkomania, India, &c., trajialateil from origiai 
Persian MSS.,byJ.C. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° Lond-IM?-^ 

Sadler (M. T.) Ireland, its Evils and their Remedies. 8° Lend. I828.J 

The Law of Population. 2 vols. 8° London, 1830. J 

- (Sir Ralph) State Papers and Letters, edited by A. Cliffiird J 

with a Memoir of the Life of S 
Sir W. Scott. 2 vols. 4° Edinbnrgh, 1809. 
Sadoleto (Paolo) — Raceolta di Prose. 

Sacra (Ramon de la) Historia Economico-Politica y Estadistiea 

Saimt-Aubin (Jacques Pape, Seigneur de) Sea Memolres. — Petittf 
Coll. des M^jnoires, 1" Serie, tome 43. 

SAI — SAL 273 

Sahtte-Aulaire (Le Comte de) Histoire de la Fronde. 2 vols. 8** 
Paris, 1841. 

Saiht-Bektin (Annales de) — Guizot, CoD. des M^oires, tome 4. 

(Cartulaire de I'Abbaye de) pablid par M. Gu^rard. (Cartu- 

laires de France, tome 3.) 4'' Paris, 1840. 

Sautte-Croix (Guill. E. J. G. de) Examen critique des anciens His- 
toriens d'Alexandre-le-Grand. 4** Paris, 1810. 

Saint-Dents. Chronique du Religieux de Saint Denys, contenant le 
B^gne de Charles vi., de 1380 k 1422 ; publiee en Latin, et traduite 
par M. L. Bellaguet, pr^cedde d'une Litroduction, de M. de Barante. 
Vols. 1 to 4. 4** Paris, 1839-42. 

Saint-Maoloire. Chronique Mdtrique. — ^Buchon, CoD. des Chroniques, 
tome 7. 

Saint-Meard (M. de Jourgniac) Mon Agonie de Trente-huit Heures ; 
ou, R^it de ce qui m'est arriv^ dans la Prison de FAbbaye St. G^- 
mtan. 8** Paris, 1823. 

[Sainte-Palaye.] Histoire litt^raire des Troubadours; contenant leurs 
Vies, les Extraits de leurs Pieces, et plusieiu*s particularites sur les 
Moeurs, les Usages, et I'Histoire du xii* et xiii* Slides. 3 vols. 12^ 
Paris, 1774. 

M^moires sur TAncienne Chevalerie; avec Notes historiques. 

3 vols. 12^ Paris, 1781. 

Saint-Philippe (D. V. Bacallar y Sanna, Marquis de) Memoires pour 
servir a I'Histoire d'Espagne sous le regne de Philippe v., traduits par 
M. de Maudave. 4 vols. 12° Amsterdam, 1756. 

Saint-Pierre (Bemardin de) CEuvres completes; avec sa Vie, par 
A. Martin. 19 vols. 12° Paris, 1820. 

Saint-Real (L'Abb^ C. V. de) (Euvres. 8 vols. 12° Paris, 1757. 

Saint-Simon (Le Due de) M6moires sur le .Si^cle de Louis xiv. et la 
R%ence. 21 vols. 8° Paris, 1829. 

(Le Comte Claude Henri de) Sa Doctrine. 8° Paris, 1830. 

Salbancke (Joseph) Voyage through India, Persia, Turkey, and Arabia, 
in 1609. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Sale (Lady) A Journal of the Disasters in ASghanistan, in 1841-42. 
S"* London, 1843. 

Salicjb Leges. — see Canciani, Barbarorum Leges, vol. 2. 

Salignao (B. de) Le Si^ge de Metz, en Fan 1552. — Petitot, Coll. des 
Mdmoires, tome 32. 

Salisbury Family Memorials. — see Bowles. 

Sallenore (A. H. de) Novus Thesaurus, Antiquitatum Romanarum. — 
see Graevius. 

Sallustius. Opera Omnia, ex editione G. Cortii ; cum Notis in usum 
Delphini, Notis Variorum, Notitia literaria, et Indicibus. 2 vols. 8^ 
Londini, 1820. 

Salt (Henry) Voyage to Abyssinia, in 1809-10; with Account of the 
Portuguese Settlements on the East Coast of Africa, and particulars 
respecting the Aboriginal Tribes, with Vocabularies of their Lan- 
guages. 4^ London, 1814. 

Saluzzo (Diodata) Poesie. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomi 22, 23, 42, 43. 

N N 


Salva (V.j Catalogue of Spanish and Portuj^ese Bodu, with occwoil 

Literary and Bibliogmpliical remarks. 8" London, 1826. 
Salviati (Lionardo) Opere. 5 vols. 8° Milono, 1809. 
Salvibi (Anton. Maria) — Kaccolta di Prose. 

1 (Fr.) Analyse gramniHticale raisonnee de differens Teites 
nsEgyptiens. 4° Paris, 1836. 
Salvuccio (Sftlvucci) — Raccctlta di Novelle. 
Sammes (Aylett) Britannia Antiqiia Illuatrata; or, tht Antiqaitie of 

Ancient Britain. (Vol. 1, all published.) Folio. London, 1676. 
Samouelle (G.) Dirciitions for Collecting an J Preserving exotic InswB 

and Crustacea. 12° London, 1826. 
Samuel Aniessis. — see Eiisebii Chronica. 
Sanchez (Th. Ant.) Coleccion de Poesias Coslellanas anleriores U 

Siglo XV., illustrada con Notas. 4 vols. 8° Madrid, 1779-90. 
Sancho (Pedro) Relation of occurrents in tlie Conquest of Peru, tHer 

the departure of Pizarro, July 15, 1534, — Purcliaa'a Voyages, toL4. 
Saschosiatho. — see Corry. 
Sancroft (Archbishop Wiiliam) Life; with Appendix, containing bis 

Fur Predestinatas, Modern Policies, and three Sermons ; Life of 

Henry Wharton, and two Letters of Dr. Sanderson: by George 

D'Oyly. 2 vols. 8° London, 1821. 
Sanctorum Acta. — see BoUaiidus, in Appendix. 
Sand (George [viz., Madame Dudevant]) Consuelo. 6 vob. 12° 

BruxeUes, 1842. 

La Comtesse de EudolsUdt. 3 vols. 18° Bruxelles, 1843. 

Jean Ziaka ; episode de la Guerre des Hussites. 1 2° Bruxdles. 


Sandeeson (Bishop) Letters. — see Sancroft. 

Life. — see Walton. 

(John) Voyages, begun in October, 1584, and coatinned to 1602- 

— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Sanderus (Nicol.) Vera HistoriaSchisnjatiBAnglicani,aucta per E.Risb' 
tonum; cum Appcndice ex P. Ribadeneiro. 12° Colonite, 1628. 

Sakdford (Francis) Genealogical History of the Kings and Queen! i^ 
England, from the Conquest; continued by Samuel Stebbing. Foli»« 
London, 1707. 

(Erskine D.) On the History and Law of Entiuls in ScotlanJ- 

8° Edinburgh, 1822. 

Sandoval (Fr. Prudencio de) — see Carlos v. 

Sandwich (John, Earl of) A Voyage round the Mediterranean, !«■ 

1738-39; with Memoirs of his Life, by John Cooke. 4° Lend. 1793- 
Sandys (George) Relation of a Journey, begun in 1610, from Venio* 

to Constantinople &c. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2, 

Relations of Africa, taken out of hia larger Diecourae. — Pnrdus^ 

Voyages, vol. 2. _ 

Sakoerbiano (Father) — see Tandy. 

Sanuita. — see Stevenson. 

Sa» Kokf Tsott, — see Klaproth. 

SAN — SAX 275 

Sahnazzaro (Jacopo) Arcadia, 8^ Milano, 1808. 

Rime. — ^Pamaso Italiano, tomo 26. 

Sansoyino (Francesco) — Raccolta di Poesie Satiriche, e di Prose. 

Santos (John dos) History of Eastern Ethiopia. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, 
vol. 16. 

Sapinaud (Madame de) — see Vendue. 

Sappho. The Odes, translated by Francis Fawkes. — ^British Poets, voL 89. 

Saws (Captain John) Voyage to the Red Sea, Java, the Moluccas, &c. 
— Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Observations of occurrents which happened at Bantam, 1605-9. 

—Purchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 

Sabmiento de Gamboa (Pedro) Voyage from Peru to the Strait of 
Magalhanes, 1579. — Bume/s Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

Sabh (F. Paolo) Tutte le sue Opere; con un Supplimento. 8 vols. 4° 
Hehnst [Verona], 1761-68. 

Histoire du Concile de Trente; traduite, avec des Notes, par 

P. F. Le Courayer. 2 vols. fol. Londres, 1736. 

Satire (The School for); or, a Collection of modern Satirical Poems. 
8** London, 1802. 

Saturday Magazine, from the commencement in 1832. 4° London. 

Satire M^nipp^e de la Vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne, et de la tenue 
des Etat§ de Paris. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1752. 

Sadssure (H. B. de) An Account of the attempts that have been made 
to attain the summit of Mont Blanc. — Pinkei-ton's Voyages, vol. 4. 

Savage (Richard) Poems.— British Poets, vol. 35. 

LSavary (Jean Julien Michel)] Guerres des Vend^ns et des Chouans 
contre la R^publique FraD9aise; ou, Annales des d^partemens de 
I'Ouest pendant ces Guerres. 6 vols. 8° Paris, 1824. 

see Rovigo. 

^^VioNT (Fr. C. von) Geschichte des Romischen Rechts im Mittelalter. 
6 vols. 8° Heidelberg, 1815-31. 

^^^Xle (Henricus) Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores post Bedam praecipui, 
ex cod. MS. editi; — WiUielmus Malmesburiensis, Henricus Huntind., 
Hoger Hoveden, Ethelwerdus et Ligulphus; cum Chronologia et Li- 
^ce. Folio. Francofurti, 1601. 

^^ViNGS Banks — see Pratt. 

'^^VioLi (Lodovico) Poesie. — Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomo 4. 


'^VoY. Monumenta Historiae Patriae, edita jussu Regis Caroli Alberti: 

Chartffi, Leges Municipales, et Scriptores, (Perr. du Pin, J. de Acquino, 

X>om. Machanei, P. Lambert, Gius. Cambiano, P. Gioffredo;) cum 

Indidbus. 4 vols. fol. Augustas Taurinorum, 1836-39. 

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tome 16. 

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Criticus omnis aetatis praestant. Scriptorum; cum Lidice (in vol. 7). 
8 vols. 8° Trajecti ad Rhen., 1775-1803. 

^^^o Grammaticus. Danica Historia. Folio. Francofurti, 1576. 



Saxon (The) Chronicle; with an English Translation, anil Notes, cri- 
tical aDd explanatory, a Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon LaogMs?'; 
and Indicea, by J. Ingram. 4° London, 1823. 

Laws. — see Cancinni, Leges Barbarorum, vol. 3. 

Sat (J. B.) Trait^ (1' Politique. 2 vols. 8° Paria, ISZfi. 

Coore complet d'Economie Politique pratique. 6 toIs. 8° P«ri«, 


ScAx-ioEB (Joaeplius) Opns de EmendationeTemporumj additavMerw 

Graecorum Fragmenta, cum Notis ejusdera. Folio. Coionije^ 1629. 
ScAMozKi (0. B.) L'Origine dell' Academiu Olimpica di Vieenza, coa 

una breve Descrizione del suo Teatro. 12° Vieenza, 1822. 
ScABRON (Paul) CEuvres. S vob. 12° Amsterdam, 1712. 
ScHAEKEK (G. H.) — aee Plioius. 
ScHAfEH (Heinrich) Geschiclite von Portugal. 2 vols. 8° Hamburg, 


( (Edward) Memoir of an Employe, most respectfully addratrJ 
i King. 8" London (privately printed), 1830. 

r (Jo. Geo.) Amosnitatea Literarigc, quihua varis Ohefrvi- 

tiones et rariora Opuscula exhibentur. 14 vols, in 7. 8° Fmnac 

furti, 1730. 
ScBELLEB (L J. G.) Lexicon totius Latinitutia, reviaed and transUleJ 

into English, by J. E. Riddle. Folio. Oxford, 1835. 

Latin Grammar; translated, with Alterations, Not£S, and Addi- 

tions, by G. Walker. 2 vols. 8° London, 1838. 

ScHESK (E. von) Schauapiele. 8° Stuttgart, 1829. 

ScB^PELER {I* Colonel de) Uistoire de la Rt-volution d'Eapagnertd* 

Portugal, ainsi que de la Guerre qui en rc'sulta; traduite. S voii 

8° Liege, 1829. 
ScuBRES (Hermann) Bunte Bilder, aua dem Wanderleben. 3 Tife 

12° Stuttgart, 1842. 
ScHETB (F. C. de) — see Peutingerus, 
ScHiEH (C.) — see Aboulfeda, and Loqman, 
Schiller (Fred, von) Samnitliche Werke. 18 vols. 8" Carlsruht, 


Tlie Bride of Meesina; a Tragedy, with Choruses, tr»nalal«d 

by A. Lodge. 8° London, 1841. 

The Maid of Orleans, tranalated by J. K Drinkwater Betbime- 

8° London (privately printed), 1835. 

The Song of the Bell; translated, with outline Ulustrations. 

by Moritz Ret:;seh. 4° London, 1833. 

"William Tell, a Drama, tranalated by R. Talbot, 8" LoadM 

(privately printod), 1829. 

Life, and Examination of his Works, by Tbomus Carlyle. 8' 

London, 1825. 

The Ghoat- 

see Plays. 

ScKiLTEE {Joannes) Thesaurus Antiquitatum Teutonicarnm, eccleaif 

ticarum, civilium, litterariarum, cum Glossario Teutonico, nanr f 
Autographis Autoris datum e musjeo J, C. Simonis, cdidit Jo. Fricki"* 
3 vols. fol. Ulnwf, 1728. 

e Shelley. 

S C H 277 

ScHiLTEB (Jo.) Glossarium ad Scriptores LingusB Francicse et Aleman- 
nicsB Veteris. — Schilteri Thesaurus^ vol. 3. 

ScHLBOEL (A. W.) A Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Litera- 
ture; translated bj John Black. 2 vols. 12^ London, 1840. 

. Cours de Litt^rature Dramatique ; traduit. 3 vols. 8^ Paris, 1814. 

Essais litteraires et historiques (sur la Litt^rature Proven9ale, 

Romans de Chevalerie &c.) 8^ Bonn, 1842. 

(Friedrich) Sammtliche Werke. 10 vols. 8° Wien, 1822-25. 

^—^-^ FhilosophiedesLebenSjinfuufzehnVorlesungen. 8° Wien, 1828. 

Philosophie der Geschichte. 2 vols. 8° Wien, 1829. 

Lectures on the History of Literature, ancient and modem; 

translated. 2 vols. 8'' Edinburgh, 1818. 

The Philosophy of History; in a course of Lectures, translated. 

with a Memoir of the Author, by J. B. Robertson. 2 vols. 8^ Lond. 1 835. 

ScHLBiERMACHER (F.) Der christlichc Glaube nach den Grundsatzen 
der Evangel. Kirche in Zusammenhang dargestellt. 2 vols. 8^ 
Berlin, 1821-22. 

On the Gospel of St. Luke; with an Introduction, by the trans- 
lator. 8° London, 1 825. 

see Plato. 

ScHLBUSNER (J. F.) Lexicou Graeco-Latinum in Novum Testamentum ; 
cum variis Observationibus, recensuit J. Smith, J. Strauchon, et 
Ad. Dickinson. 2 vols. S° Glasguae, 1817. 

Lexicon in LXX., et reliquos Literpretcs Graecos ac Scriptores 

Apocryphos Veteris Testamenti. 3 vols. 8° Glasguse, 1822, 

ScHMiDBL (Ulrich, de Straubing) Ilistoire veritable d'un Voyage curieux. 
8** (Nuremberg, 1599.) Paris, 1837. 

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burg, 1835-40. 

. (M. J.) Geschichte der Deutschen, fortgesetzt von Milbiller und 

Dresch. 30 vols. 8° Wien, 1783-1830. 

Schneider (J. G.) — see Oppianus, Rei Rusticae Scriptores, Theophrastus, 
and Xenophon. 

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ScHOMBURGK (R. H.) Reiscn in Guiana und am Orinoko, wahrend der 
Jahre 1835-39; mit einem Vorwort von Alex, von Humboldt, und 
dessen Abhandlung uber einige wichtige Astronomische Positionen 
Guianas. 8^ Leipzig, 1841. 

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2 vols. 8** New York, 1839. 

Schoutbn (William C.) Circumnavigation of the Globe. — Purchas's 
Voyages, vol. 1. 

Remarkable Voyage, by a new passage, into the South Seas. — 

Harris's Voyages, vol. 1. 

see Le Maire. 

Schbeibbb (A.) Sagen aus den Gegenden des Rheins und des Schwarz- 
waldes. 12^ Heidelberg, 1829. 


ScHEocKB (J. M.) — see Luther, and Melanethon. 

ScHTTBEET (Prof.) Account of the National Education in PruBaa.— 

see Overberg. 
SoHULTz (Christopher) Travela on an inland Vojage through New York. 

Pennsylrania, Vii^inia, Ohio, &c., in 1807-8. S" New York, 1810. 
ScBDLTZE (A. F.) Taschenbuch fiir Bcisende durch Deutschknd. 8° 

Berlin, 1830. 
ScHUMACHBB (H.C.) AatroDomisclie Nacbrichtea. 4 vols. 4° Altona. 

SCEWABZiDS (C. G.) — see Panegyrici Veteros. 

ScHWEiOH^DSER (Joanoes) — see Appianus, Athenaius, Epictetns, He- 
rodotus, Polybius, and Seneca, 
Science (Book of) A familiar Introduction to Natural Pbiloaophy. 12° 

London, 1833. 
Sciences Naturelles. — see Aniiolea. 
Scientific Memoirs, selected from the TransactioDB of Foreign A«- 

demies of Science, by Richard Taylor. 3 vols. 8° Lond. 1837-41. 
ScoRESBY (W.) An Account of tlie Arctic Regions; with a Historypi 

Description of the Northern Whale Fishery. 2 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 

Scot (Edmund) Diacoiirse of Java, and of the first English Factories 

there, 1602-1605, — Purchas's Voyages, vol. I.. 
Scotland. The New Statisticai and Topographical Account of Scoliirnl, 

by the Ministers of the respective parishes. 8° 

Edinburgh, 184! fes- 
Ren fre VI hire 
Koes and Cromut; 

Aberdeenbhirs DnmfHra-shire 

Ayrshire Elgiiishire 

Banffshire ForTarshire 

BerHickshire Ilutdingtonshire Roxbargtuhirt 

Bnteehlre Inve-rDege- shire Selkirkabire 

CaithneM-shire Kinross-shire Shetland Ulaais 

ClBckmanaaDshire Laaarkshire StirliDgshire 

DDmbartoDShire Orkney IslsJida Sulherlanibhire 

and WigioQshire. 

Tracts relative to Scotland and the Pret«nder. — sec Pretender. 

(History of) — see Baillie, Buchanan, Carrel, Dalrymple, Draiip^ 

Fordun, Home, Hooke, Joliustone, Kerr, Laing, Lindsay, Lockhirt-^ 
Melros, Monteth, Pinkerton, Pretender, Ragman-Hull, RobertJia. 
Scott, Spalding, Tytler, and Wyntoun. 

(Ecclesiastical History of) — see Ecclesiastical 

Scott (David) The History of Scotland, containing all the tntnsactiui* 
from A.M. 3619 to A.D. 172G. Folio. Westminster, 1728. 

(John) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 70. 

(John) — see Milner. 

. (Robert)— see Liddell. 

(Sir Walter) Provincial Antiquitjes, and Picturesque 

of Scotland; with descriptive Dlustrationa. 2 vols, in 1. foL Lon- 
don, 1826. 

History of Scotland. 2 vols. 12° London, 1830. 

Poetical Works. 12 vols. 12° Edioburgb, 1833-34. 

English Minstrelsy, being a Selection ol' Fugitive Pootry from. 

the beat English Authors; tvith some original Pieces. 2 vols in 1. 
12° Edinburgh, 1810. 

SCO — SCU 279 

Scott (Sir Walter) Miscellaneous Prose Works [including the Life of 
Napoleon Buonaparte], 28 vols. 12^ Edinburgh, 1834-36. 

Two Letters on Scottish Affairs, from Edward Bradwardine 

Waverlej to Malachi Malagrowther. 8^ London, 1826. 

Letters on Demonolc^ and Witchcraft. 12** London, 1831. 

The Waverley Novels, Tales, and Romances; with Litroductory 

Notices. 48 vols. 12** Edinburgh, 1829-33. 

The Abbot vols. 20,21 

Anne of Geierstein . . . . 44, 45 

Antiquary 5, 6 

Betrothed 37 

Black Dwarf 9 

Bride of Lammermoor . . . 13, 14 

Castle Dangeroos 47, 48 

Cbronicles of the Canongate, 41,42,43 
Coont Robert of Paris . . .46, 47 
Fair Maid of Perth .... 42, 43 

Fortunes of Nigel 26, 27 

Guy MaoneriDff 3, 4 

Heart of Mid-Lothian . .11, 12, 13 

Highland Widow 41 

Iranhoe 16, 17 

Kenilworth vols. 22, 23 

Legend of Montrose .... 15 

Monastery 18, 19 

Old Mortality 9,10,11 

Pirate 24, 25 

Peveril of the Peak . . .28, 29, 30 

Quentin Durward 31, 32 

Redgaantlet 35, 36 

Rob Roy 7, 8 

St Ronan's Well 33, 34 

Surgeon's Daughter .... * 48 
Tales of the Crusaders . . .37, 38 
Tales of My Landlord . 9-15,46-48 

Talisman 38 

Waverley 1, 2 

Woodstock, vols. 39, 40 

— ^ Letters to R. Heber, on the Series of Novels beginning with 
Waverley [by J. Adolphus]. 8"* London, 1822. 

Reviews of the Waverley Novels. — see Senior. 

Memoirs of his Life, by J. G. Lockhart. 7 vols. 8** Edin- 

burgh, 1837-38. 

The Ballantyne Humbug handled, by J. G. Lockhart. With 

the Reply, and the Refutation of the Misstatements and Calunmies 
contained in Mr. Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott. 3 vols, in 1. 
S"" London and Edinburgh, 1838-39. 

see Dryden. 

Scribe (Eugene) Th^tre complet [avec la Table h. la 1" S^rie (in voL 20)]. 
24 vols. 8^ Paris, 1834-42. 

ScRiPTA Historica Islandorum de rebus gestis Veterum Borealium, latin^ 
reddita curante Societatis Regiae Antiquariorum Septentrionalium. 
11 vols. 8** Hafnice, 1828-42. 

SoBiPTORES Erotici Grseci. Achilles Tatius de Clitophontis et Leucippes 
Amoribus; Longi Pastoralia; Xenophontis Ephesiaca; ct Heliodori 
^thiopica Gr. et Lat. textum recogn. varietatemque lectionis adjecit 
C. G. Mitscherlich. 3 vols, in 2. 8° Biponti, 1792. 

ScRiVEN (John) My Old Scrap-Book. 12** London, 1843. 

see Horatius. 

ScROPE (G. Poulett) Considerations on Volcanos. 8^ London, 1825. 

On the Poor Laws, and their abuse. 8® London, 1832. 

Principles of Political Economy, applied to the present state of 

Britain. 12'' London, 1833. 

ScROPE and Grosvenor Roll: being the Proceedings in the Cause between 
Richard Lord Scrope of Bolton, and Sir Robert Grosvenor, as to 
their right to Arms, 1385-90 ; edited by Sir N. Harris Nicolas. 
2 vols. 8° London (privately printed), 1832. 

Sculpture (Antient) — see Dilettanti Society. 

2B0 SCY — SEN 

ScYLiTZES (Joannes) IlistoniL. — see Cedrenus. 

Seals (The Great) of England, from the time of Edward the CoDfe«ur 

to William the Fourtli, witik descriptive Notices. Folio. Loud. 1837. 
Seakch (John) Religion and her Name, a Metrical Tract; with Hvt^ 

8° London, 1841. 
Seawakd (Sir Edward) Narrative of his Shipwreck; with detail of 

many extraordiiiiLry events in bis life, edited by Miss Jane Furt^. 

3 vols'. 8° London, 1831. 
Sbckendorf (Ludovicus h) Commentarius HistoricuB de LntheranJanw. 

rive de Reformatione Beligionis du<:tu M. Lutheri. Folio, lipaie, 

Seckek (Archbishop Thomas) Works; with Life, by Bishop B. Porwo* 

and Geoi^e Stinton. 12 vols. 8° London, 1795. 
Sectanus (Q. [viz., Lnd. Segnrdua]) Satyrfe, auct-c et piu^abe,(wa- 

cinnante P. Antoniano [viz., E, Martino]. 2 vols, 8° Ainst. tpiri 

ElzivirioE, 1700. 
Sedgwick (Adam) On the Studies of the University. 8° Cambridge, 


see Nevile. 

(Theod.) Public and Private Economy; Part 2, Obseryalions 

made in England. 12° New York, 1838. 

Segardub (Lud.) — see Sectanus. 

Sboneri (Paolo) — Raccolta di Proae. 

Seoni (Bernardo) Storie Fiorentine, dall iiano 1527 al 1555; con la 

Vita di Niccolo Cappooi. 3 vols. 8° Milano, 1805. 
Si^GUK (Le Guni-ral Comte de) Histoire de NajiokW, et de La Granfc 

Arm^e, pendant Tonnee 1812. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1825. 

Hiatoire de Russie, et de Pierre-le -Grand. 8° Paris, 1829. 

M^moires; ou. Souvenirs et Anecdotes. 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1827. 

Seldenus (Joan.) Opera Omnia tom edita quara inedita; cum ^t» 

Auctoris, Pncfationibus et Indicibus, curii Dav. Wnkins. 3 vol*- 
foL Londini, 1726. 

Fleta, fieu Commentarius Juris Anglican!, ab Anonymo con- 

acriptus, nunc primum editus cum Dissertotionc Historica a Jww- 
Seldeno. 4° Londini, 1647. 

Selous (Henry C.) — see Bunjan, 

Semler (J. S.) Commentarii Historic! de Anliquo Cliristtouorum Statu- 

2 I. 8° Hala: Mag., 1771. 

Semtese t Guarinos (Juan) Ensayo de una Biblioteca Eq)uiola d^ 

los M^ores Escritores del Reynado de Carlos tit. 6 vols, in 3. B 

Madrid, 1785-89. 

Senast. M^moires inedita, public par A. Duinesnil. 8° Paris, 18!4< 

Seneca. (L. A.) Opera Omnia, recognovit et illuetravitFr.Eni. Rubkq>f- 

5 vols. 8° Lipsiffi, 1797. 

Epiatolie Moralea, ad fidem Vcter. Libror. Notis iltustravit Jo**- 

SchweighiEuser. 2 vols, in 1. 8° Argentorati, 1809. 

TragffiditB, cum Gronoviorum Notis, recognovit F. H. BolbC' 

3 vola. in 1. 8° Lipsise, 1819. 

Sekior (N. W.) An Outline of tlie Science of Political Economy- * 
London, 1836. 

SEN — SHA 281 

SKioB (N.W.) Nine Lectures on Political Economy, Precious Metals, 
Wealth, Population, and Cost of obtaining MoDfey. 8° Lond. 1827-30. 

Reviews of the Waverley Novels, with some Miscellaneous 

Articles. 8° London, . 

pp (Anthony) and A. Behme. Account of a Voyage from Spain to 
Paraquaria. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 5, 

PTUAGiNTA Versio. — see Biblia Gneca. 

BGEANT (Thomas) — see America. 

EiE degli Uomini i piu illustri nella Pittura, Scultura, et Architettura, 
con i loro Elogi e Ritratti, dalla sua prima Restaurazione, sino ai 
Tempi presenti; con Supplemento, o sia Abecedario Pittorico [da 
F. P. A. Orlandi] continuato da F. Fuga. 14 vols, in 6. 4° Fireuze, 

:bmons. a collection of miscellaneous Sermons, by Members of the 
Church of England, from 1793 to 1843. 5 vols. 8° London, v. y. 

Boux d' Agincoubt (G. B. L. G.) Storia dell' Arte dimostrata coi 
Monumenti, dalla sua decadenza nel iv. Secolo, fino al suo risorgimento 
nel XVI., tradotta da S. Ticozzi. With the Plates in 2 vols, folio. 
6 vols. 8° Prato, 1826-29. 

— - see Cicognara. 

SRBADIFAL.CO (Domcuico Lo Faso Pietrasanta, Duca di) Le Antichitk 
della Sicilia esposte ed illustrate. 5 vols. fol. Palermo, 1834-42. 
SKRE (P. de la) — see Perlin. 

5RVI (Jacopo)— Raccolta di Poesie Rusticali. 

tSTiNi (Dom.) Descrizione d'alcune Medaglie Greche, del Museo del 
Barone Stanislao di Chaudoir. 4® Firenze, 1831. 

CUBE (J. G.) Spaziergang nach Syrakus, im Jahre 1802. 8^ Leipzig, 
!VBBU8. — see Sulpicius. 

TiGNi (Madame de) Lettres h sa FiUe et h. ses Amis; avec Notes 
Ustoriques, Morceaux in^dits, et Notices sur sa Vie, par Ph. A. 
Grouvelle. 8 vols. 8** Paris, 1806. 

'^ALL (Thomas) An Examination of Phrenology. 8® Washington, 

^KL (William) A complete Dictionary and Grammar, Dutch and 
English; with additions, by E. Buys. 2 vols. 4° Amsterdam, 1766. 

»^ELL (William) Christian Morals. 12° London, 1841. 

I'BEBT (Adam) Statistical Annals of the United States of America, 
founded on official Documents. 4^ Philadelphia, 1818. 

^DWELL (Thomas) Dramatick Works. 4 vols. 12° London, 1720. 

tyTESBUBY (Anthony, Earl of) Characteristicks of Men, Manners, 
Cpinions, and Times. 3 vols. 8° Birmingham (Baskerville), 1773, 

• see Locke. 

tXESPEABE (William) Plays and Poems, with the Corrections and Illus- 
trations of various Commentators ; Life, and enlarged History of the 
Stage, by Edmund Malone: [edited] with a new Glossarial Lidex [by 
James Boswell]. 21 vols. 8° London, 1821. 

■ Plays and Poems ; with Life, Introductory Notices, Notes, and 

Gbssary. (The Pictorial Edition, edited by Charles Knight.) 7 vols. 
8** London, 1839. 

o o 

282 S H A 

Shakespeare. Twenty Flays, being the whole number printed in 4' 
during his lifetime ; collated and published frono. the originals^ by 
G. Steevens. 4 vols. 8** London, 1766. 

The Tragedy of Hamlet, reprinted from the first editkn of 

1603. 8° London, 1825. 

Hamlet, and As You Like It : a specimen of an editkn of 

Shakespeare, by Thomas Caldecott. 8** London (privately pdnted), 

The First Sketch of The Merry Wives of TVlndsor, edited Iry 

J. O. HalliwelL (Shakespeare Society.) 8 London, 1842. 

The First Sketches of the Second and Third Parts of King 

Henry vi., edited by J. O. HalliwelL (Shakespeare Society.) ^ 
London, 1843. 

An Index to the remarkable Passages and Words made use d 

by Shakspeare, by Samuel Ayscough. 8** London, 1827. 

A complete Verbal Index to the Plays of Shakspeare, adapted 

to all the editions, with a distinct reference to every passage in whidi 
each word occurs, by Fr. Twiss. 2 vols. 8** London, 1805. 

(Glossary to)— see Nares. 

Selections from, by Benjamin Oakley. 8** London, 1828. 

The Spirit of his Plays, in a series of Outline Plates, by Fmk 

Howard. 5 vols. 8° London, 1833. 

Illustrations of Shakspeare, and of Ancient Manners ; with 

Dissertations, by Francis Douce. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1807. 

Commentaries on the Historical Plays of Shakspeare, by T. P. 

Courtenay. 2 vols. 12° London, 1840. 

A Disquisition on the Scene, Origin, Date, &e., of Shakeq>etre'i 

Tempest, by Jos. Hunter. 8° London, 1839. 

Six Old Plays, on which Shakspeare founded his Measure for 

Measure &c., edited by G. Steevens. 2 vols. 12® London, 1779. 

A Collection of Poems [edited by Gildon]. 12^ London, 1710. 

New Particulars regarding Shakspeare's Works, by J. P. Collier. 

4° London, 1836. 

and his Times; including the Biography of the Poet, and a His- 

tory of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements, Superstitions, Poetry, 
and Elegant Literature, of his age, by Nathan Drake. 2 vols. 4° 
London, 1817. 

New Facts regarding the Life of Shakespeare, in a Letter to 

T. Amyot, Esq., by J. Payne Collier. 8® London (privately 
printed), 1835. 

New Illustrations of the Life, Studies, and Writings of Shake- 

speare, by Joseph Hunter. 8° Parts 1 & 2. London, 1844. 
see Alleyn, HaU, Halpin, and Madden. 

Shakespeare Society. — see Transactions. 

Society's Papers. Vol. 1. 8** London, 1844. 

Shakesperiana ; a Catalogue of the early Editions of Shakespeare*5 
Plays, and of the Commentators, and other publications illustrative of 
his Works, by J. O. llalliwell. 8° London, 1841. 

Shakspearian Readings. — see Smart. 

SHA — SHE 288 

Shamrock. A Collection of Poems, the productions of the Kingdom of 
Ireland, selected from the Shamrock, or Hibernian Cresses. 8® 
London, 1783. 

Shannon (E. N.) Tales, Old and New; with other lesser Poems. 8® 
London, 1842. 

Shabp (Archbishop James) — see Kirton. 

(Archbishop John) Life, with select Original Papers; collected 
from his Diary, by T. Sharp, edited by T. Newcome. 2 vols. 8° 
London, 1825. 

(Richard) Letters and Essays, in Prose and Verse. 18® London, 

(John) Peerage of the British Empire. 2 vols. 12** Lond. 1833. 

(John) — see Willelmus Malmsbirienses. 

Shaw (Cuthbert) Poems.— British Poets, vol 63. 

(Grcorge) General Zoology; or, Systematic Natural History, 
continued by J. F. Stephens. 14 vols. 8** London, 1800-26. 

(H.) History and Antiquities of the Chapel at Luton Park, a 
seat of the Marquess of Bute. Folio. London, 1830. 

(S.) Tour through the West of England, in 1788. — Pinkerton's 
Voyages, vol. 2. 

(Thomas) Travels; or. Observations relating to Barbary and the 
Levant. 4** London, 1757. 

Travels. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 15. 

Shea (David) The Rauzat-Us-Safa; or. History of the early Kings of 
Persia, from Kaiomars to the Conquest of Lran by Alexander the 
Grreat, by Mirkond, translated, with Notes and Illustrations. (Oriental 
Translation Fund.) 8** London, 1832. 

— see Dabistan. 

[Sa^ppiELD (Lord)] On the Commerce of the American States. 8° 
London, 1783. 

"^LPOKD (Leonard) Practical Treatise of the Law of Marriage and 
iHvorce, and Registration, as altered by the recent Statutes. 8° 
Ijondon, 1841. 

"^LLEY (Percy Bysshe) Poetical Works, edited by Mrs. Shelley. 8** 
Ix>ndon, 1840. 

"--*^ (Mrs. M. W.) Frankenstein, or the Modem Prometheus; and 

SchiUer's Ghost-Seer. 12** London, 1831. 

o^^i^vocKE (Captain George) Voyage round the World (1722). — Har- 
xis's Voyages, vol. 1. 

— ■*-- and John Clipperton. Voyage in the South Sea, in 1718. — 

Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 4. 

^^^NSTONE (William) Poems. — British Poets, vols. 47 & 48. 

S^^PHEKD (Henry J.) Pedro of Castile, a Poem. 12*^ London, 1838. 

S^^BER (Captain M.) — see Wellington. 

^**^RiDAN (Charles Brinsley) Thoughts on the Greek Revolution. 8** 
London, 1822. 

(Richard Brinsley) Works, edited by Thomas Moore. 2 vols. 
^ London, 1821. 

Speeches, with Memoirs of him. 5 vols. 8° London, 1816. 

284 SHE — SID 

Sheridan (Richard Brinslej) Memoirs of his life, by Thomas Mooit 

2 vols. 8° London, 1825. 
Sheringham (Robertus) De Anglorum Grentis Origine. 8** Csnti- 

brigiie, 1670. 
Sherley (Sir Anthony) Briefe Compendium of his Historie and TraTck 

into Persia. — Purchases Voyages, vol. 2. 

(Sir Robert) Memoriall of his Travells. — ^Purchas's Voyige, 

vol. 2. 

Sherlock (Bishop Thomas) Discourses preached at the Temple Chmth, 
on several occasions, and on the Use and Intent of Prophecy. 4 vok 
8° Oxford, 1812. 

Sherwill (Markham) Sketch of the Valley of Chamouni^ fixwa origiml 
documents. 8° Paris, 1832. 

et E. Clark. Ascension k la premiere sommit^ du Mont Blanc, 

les 25, 26 & 27 Aoiit, 1825; traduit. 8** Melun, 1827. 

Sherwood (T. M.) On Members conducting Private Bills through tk 
House of Commons; with Observations on their powers and duties. 
8° London, 1828. 

Shirley (James) Dramatic Works and Poems ; with Notes, by WillMm 
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Third Letter Xo A. L. Phillipps, on the present posture of 

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see Russell. 

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AViivre, and Waterloo. With Atlas in folio. 2 vols. 8° London, 1844. 

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SIE — SIN 285 

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Histoire critique des Versions du Nouveau Testament. 4° 
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Nouvelles Observations sur le Texte et les Versions du Nouveau 
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Histoire critique des principaux Commentateurs du Nouveau 
Testament, depuis le commencement du Christianisme jusques a notre 
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London, 1839. 


lestioDs illustrating the Calwiiiam of 
EJinbui^h, 1838. 
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niustratioDS of the Origin of Printing and Engraving on Wood, 4" 
London, 1816. 

Kols. \' 

H Mercurio, ovvero Historia de' Correnti Tempi. 15 vols, in 23. 

4" Casale, Firenze, &c., 1644-82. 

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Bollo, nel Mercurio Veridico del Sign. Birago. 4° Modeoa, 1633. 

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8' Paris, 1809-18. 

History of the Italian Repobiica, 12° London, 1832, 

nistoire des Fran^ais. 31 vols. 8° Paris, 1821^4, 

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SiYAUR-nL-MnTAKHEKis, — see Briggs. 
Srklton (Pliilip) Life. — see Chalmera. 
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Germany, Italy, and Finance. — Churchill's Voyages, vol. 6. 
and John Ray. Travels through France. — Harris's Voyaga, 

vol. 2. 
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Voyages, vol, 2. 
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the Arabic of Ibn Khallikaji. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 2 voU. 

4° Paris, 1842-14. 
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London, 1832. 
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factures; with a History of the Rise and Pn^rees of the CotKiii _ 

Manufacture in England and America, by G. S. White. 8° RiiU- ' 

delphia, 1836, 
Slave Law of Jamaica, — see Jamaica. 

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8° London &c., 1797-1830. 

SLE — SMI 287 

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Caesare, Commentarii. Folio. Argentorati, 1556. 

— ^— Histoire de la Reformation ; traduit, avec des Notes, par P. F. 
Le Courayer. 3 vols. 4** La Haye, 1767. 

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Family Correspondence and Papers; with Notices and Genealogical 
Memoir, by D. Parsons. 8° London, 1836. 

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Nieves, S. Christopher's, and Jamaica, with the Natural History of 
Jamaica. 2 vols. fol. London, 1707-25. 

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epitomized. 12® London, 1840. 

The Practice of Elocution. 12** London, 1842. 

Accidence and Principles of English Granmiar. 12® Lond. 1841. 

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and Rhetoric. 8° London (privately printed), 1831. 

[ ] Sequel to Sematology; an Attempt to clear the way for the 

Regeneration of Metaphysics. 8° London (privately printed), 1837. 

Beginnings of a New School of Metaphysics. 8® London, 1839. 

A Way out of Metaphysics. 8® London (privately printed), 1839. 

■ Shakspearian Readings: selected and adapted for young persons 

and others. 12® London, 1839. 

see Walker. 

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Smedlet (Ed^^ard) The History of France, from a.d. 843 to 1529. VoL 1. 
8® London, 1836. 

The Marriage in Cana, a Poem. 8® London, 1828. 

see Encyclopaedia Metropolitana. 

Smibke (Sydney) Suggestions for the Architectural Improvement of the 
Western part of London. 8® London, 1834. 

[Smibnove (Jean)] Aper^u de la situation interieure des Etats-Unis 
d*Am6rique et de leurs rapports politiques avec TEurope, par un 
Russe. 8® Londres, 1826. 

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chiefly of Figures and descriptions of the objects collected during an 
Expedition into the interior of South Africa, in the years 1834 and 
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36 & 37. 

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The Involuntary Prophet. — sec Irving. 

288 SMI — SMY 

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World. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 2. 

His true Travels, Adventures, and Observations, in Earope, 

Asia, Africa, and America, from 1593 to 1629. — Churchill's Voyages, 
vol. 2. 

General History of Virginia, the Summer Isles, and New Eng^ 

land. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 13. 

Extracts from New England's Tryalls, and continuing the story' 

thereof ; Description of Virginia, enlarged out of his written Notes ; 
Extracts out of his Historic of the Summer Islands. — Furchas's 
Voyages, vol. 4. 

(John) A Catalogue Raisonne of tlie Works of the most eminent 

Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters ; with short Biographical 
Notices of the Artists, and a copious Description of their principal 
Pictures ; with Supplement. 9 parts in 5 vols. 8** London, 1829-42. 

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what has been published on the History, Topography, &a, of the 
county of Kent. 8° London, 1837. 

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St. Stephen's Chapel, &c.; with the sixty-two additional Plates. 4° 
London, 1807. 

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System of Opticks: the Elementary parts, selected and ar- 

ranged, with Notes. 4° Cambridge, 1778. 

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ham, by Peter Plymley. 8° London, 1 838. 

Letters on American Debts. 8® London, 1843. 

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and govemement thereof. 12° London, 1640. 

Life, by John Strype. 8° Oxford, 1820. 

(Bishop William) — see Churton. 

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London, 1842. 

Discourse on Ethics of the school of Paley. 8** London, 1839- 

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Writings, by R. Anderson. 6 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1806. 

History of England. — see Hume. 

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— ^— Poems. — British Poets, vol. 66, 

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London, 1844. 
(Professor William) Lectures on Modern History. 2 vols. 8 

Cambridge, 1840. 

. Lectures on the French Revolution. 3 vols. 8° Camb. 184(^- 

— ■ (Lieut. W.) and F. Lowe. Narrative of a Journey from Lima X<^ 
Para, across the Andes, and down the River Amazon. 8^ Lond. 183^' 

SMY — SOM 289 

Smtth (Captain W. H.) Memoir descriptive of the Besonrces, Inhabit- 
ants, and Hydrography of Sicily and its Islands. 4^ London, 1824. 

Sketch of the present state of the Island of Sardinia. 8° Lon- 
don, 1828. 

Descriptive Catalogue of a Cabinet of Roman Imperial large 

brass Medals. 4"" Bedford, 1834. 

Nautical Observations on the Port and maritime Vicinity of 

Cardiff; with Strictures on the Ninth Report of the Taff Vale Rail- 
way Directors. 8® Cardiff (privately printed), 1840. 

see Beaver. 

Srodobass (Major) Narrative of the Burmese War, from 1824 to 1826. 
8"" London, 1826. 

Srorrius Sturlae FiUus [Snorra Sturlusyni] — see Norvegicorum 

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those Waters. 12** London, 1734. 

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England. 4 vols. 8"^ London, 182&-28. 

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pagne de Vienne, traduites par le Comte Plater, et publides par 
N. A. de Salvandy. 8** Paris, 1826. 

Society of Arts. — see Transactions. 

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&utto che se ne pu6 cavare. 8^ Milano, 1806. 

^^^NDEB (Daniel) — see Catalogus and Ellis. 

^ia>ANi (Jacopo) Satire. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 40. 

^^8 (Ant. de) Historia de la Conquista de Mexico. Folio. Brus- 
ailas, 1704. 

^1-x.ERius (J. B.) — see Rimioldus. 

°^^^N. — see Camerarius, and PoetsB Minores Grsed. 

^^EBs's Tracts. A Collection of valuable Tracts, chiefly relating to the 

History and Constitution of these Kingdoms, selected from various 

libraries, particularly from that of Lord Somers; revised, augmented, 

^nd arranged, by Sir Walter Scott. 13 vols. 4** London, 1809-15. 

^^EBSET (Bishopric of) — see Ecclesiastical Documents. 

Extract from the Sessions Roll of the county of Somerset, by 
l^illiam Goddard. 8** London, 1765. 

(Edward Adolphus Seymour, Duke of) The elementary pro- 
perties of the Ellipse deduced from the properties of the Circle, and 
geometrically demonstrated. 8^ London, 1842. 

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^^^^KRViLLE (Mrs.) The Mechanism of the Heavens. 8° London, 1831. 

(Thomas) The History of Political Transactions and Parties, 
from the Restoration to the death of William iii. 4° London, 1792. 

The History of Great Britain during the reign of Queen Anne. 
4*^ London, 1798. 
^^^NEB (W.) Treatise of the Roman Ports and Forts in Kent ; pub- 
lished by J. Brome, with Life of Somner. 12** Oxford, 1693. 

p p 

290 SON — SOU 

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Additions, translated into English Verse, by C. B. Sheridan. S** 
London, 1825. 

(The Political) of England, from the reign of John, to tiiat o€ 

Edward ii.; edited and translated by Thomas Wright. (Camden 
Society.) 4° London, 1839. 

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Latina, Notis Erfurdt et Bumeii, suisque, illust. R. F. Brunck. 3 yds. 
8° Londini, 1819. 

Tragedies, translated by T. Francklin, with Dissertation oa 

ancient Greek Tragedy. 8° London, 1793. 

SoPWiTH (Thomas) The Award of the Dean Forest Mining Commis- 
sioners, as to the Coal and Iron Mines. 8^ . London, 1841. 

SoRELL (T. S.) — see Napier's Peninsular War. 

SosARE. La Faoniade Inni ed Odi di Saffo. — Pamaso ItaL Viv., 

tomo 20. 
SoTHEBY (William) Italy, and other Poems. 12** London, 1828. 

see Homerus, and Virgilius. 

Soto (Ferdinando de) Voyage to Florida, and Discoverie of the regions 
in that continent. — Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

SoDLii (Fr^d^ric) Le Chateau desPyr^n^. 3 vols. 12** Bruxelle8,1843. 

Maison de Campagne h. vendre. 12** Bmxelles, 1843. 

Au Jour le Jour. 2 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

SouRDis (Henri d'Escoubleau de) Sa Correspondance, augment^ des 
Ordres, Lettres, &c., de Louis xiii., et du Cardinal de Richelieu, par 
M. Eugene Sue. 3 vols. 4** Paris, 1839. 

South (Robert) Sermons, Posthumous Works, and Opera Posthumii- 
Latina. 10 vols. 8° London, 1737. 

Southern Literary Messenger, for 1837-38. 8** Richmond. 

SouTHEKNE (Thomas) Plays, now first collected; with Life of tho 
Author. 3 vols. 12° London, 1774. 

SouTHEY (Robert) Poetical Works. 10 vols. 12** London, 1837-38. 

The Book of the Church. 2 vols. 8° London, 1824. 

Another Edition. 2 vols. 8° London, 1825. 

Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae: Letters to C. Butler, vindicatiiB^ 

the Book of the Church. 8** London, 1826. 

History of Brazil, from 1499 to 1808; with Notes and Inde: 

3 vols. 4° London, 1810-19. 

History of the Peninsular War. 6 vols. 8° London, 1828-^*^- 

Specimens of the later English Poets; with preliminary Notic^^- 

3 vols. 8° London, 1807. 

On the Lives and Works of Uneducated Poets. — see Jones. 

Sir Thomas More; or. Colloquies on the Progress and Prospect^ 

of Society. 2 vols. 8° London, 1831. 

The Doctor &c. 3 vols. 8° London, 1834-35. 

Another Copy. 5 vols. 8° London, 1834-38. 



SOU — SPA 291 

[SouTHET (Robert)] A Letter to John Murray, " touching" Lord 
Nugent, in reply to his Lordship's Letter touching an Article in the 
Quarterly Review. 8° London, 1833. 

— — Lives of the British Admirals, continued by R. Bell; with an 
Introductory View of the Naval History of England. 5 vols. 12** 
London, 1833-40. 

see Argiielles, Chatterton, Chronicle of the Cid, Cowper, Nelson, 

and Wesley. 

(Captain Thomas) Chronological History of the West Lidies. 

3 vols. 8"* London, 1827. 

Southwell (Robert) Saint Peter's Complaint, and other Poems; with 
Life, by W. J. Walter. 8° London, 1822. 

SouYESTRE (Emile) Sulpice, avec le Gr^neral Guillaume. 18** Bruxelles, 

SozoMENUS (Hermias) — see Eusebius. 

Spaceman (William Francis) Statistical Tables of the Agriculture, 
Shipping, Colonies, &c., of Great Britain to 1843. 2 vols. 12** 
London, 1842-43. 

Spain. Constitucion Politica de la Monarquia Espanola promulgada en 
Cadiz a 19 de Marzo de 1812. 12^ Cadiz, 1812. 

Diario de las Discussiones y Actas de las Cortes. 16 vols, in 5. 

4^ Cadiz, 1811-12. 

Liforme de la Sociedad Economica de Madrid sobre el Ley 

Agraria. 4° Palma, 1814. 

Codigo de las Costumbres Maritimas de Barcelona, hasta aqui 

vulgarmente llamado libro del Consulado ; traducido por A. de Cap- 
many, y de Monpalau. 4° Madrid, 1791. 

Manifesto of the Spanish Nation to the other Nations of Europe. 

8** London, 1808. 

M^moires Militaires relatifs k la succession d'Espagne. — see 

Louis xrv. 

Academia Real de la EListoria. — see Transactions. 

(History of) — see Beawes, Busk, Cardonne, Conde, Coxe, Dun- 

ham, Dunlop, Hereford, Lembke, Mahon, Mariana, Martinez, Nel- 
lerto, Schepeler, Toreno, Watson, and Zurita. 

Spain and Portugal. — see Conder's Modem Traveller, vols. 18 & 19. 

(History of) to 1814. 8° London, 1833. 

■ (History of )— see Busk, Dunham, and Schepeler. 

Spaldino (G. L.) — see Quintilianus. 

(John) History of the Troubles and Memorable Transactions in 

Scotland from 1624 to 1645; with Lidex and Glossary. 2 vols. 

12** Aberdeen, 1792. 
Spallanzani (Laz.) Travels in the Two Sicilies. — Pinkerton's Voyages, 

vol. 5. 
Spanhemius (Ezech.) Dissertationes de Praestantia et Usu Numismatum 

Antiquorum, cura Is. Verburgii. 2 vols. fol. Amstelodami, 1717. 

Spabks (Jared) — see America, and Washington. 

Sparret (Francis) Description of the Isle of Trinidad, the rich Countrie 
of Guiana, and the River of Orenoco, 1595. — Purchases Voyages, 
vol. 4. 

292 SPA — SPO 

Sparrman (Andrew) A Yojage to the Cape of Good Hope, and roond 
the World, 1772-76, translated. 2 vola. in 1. 4** London, 1786. 

Speck (Maximilian) Yerzeichniss der von Speckschen Gremalde-Samm- 
lung mit darauf Beziehung habenden Steindriicken, und historiaelMi 
Bemerkungen. Folio. Leipzig, 1827. 

Spectator (The) — see British Classics. 

Speed (John) The Historie of Great Britaine under the Conqnesti of 
the Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans. Folio. London, 1632. 

Spelman (Edward) — see Dionjsius Halicarnassensis. 

(Henricus) Glossarium Archaiologicum; continens Latino-B«<- 

bara, Peregrina, et Obsoleta Yocabula. Folio. Londini, 1687. 

Codex Yet. Statutorum Anglisa. — see Wilkins, L^es Anglo-SiL 

(Sir John) Life of Alfred the Great. — see Heame. 

Spence (Joseph) Poljmetis; or, an Enquiry concerning the Agreemok 
between the Works of the Roman Poets, and the Remains of Antiat 
Artists. Folio. London, 1747. 

Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters of Books and Mes; 

with Notes and Life, by S. W. Singer. 8^ London, 1820. 

Spencer (Edmund) Travels in Circassia, Srim Tartary, &c., indofio^ 
a Steam Yoyage down the Danube, from Yienna to ConstandBopk 
and the Black Sea, in 1836. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1837. 

Spenerus (Ph. Jac.) Insignium Theoria, sen Operis Heraldici pan 
generalis. Insignium Historia, sen Operis Heraldici pars speettbi 
2 vols. foL Francofurti, 1680^-90. 

Spengler (Johan C.) Catalog overdet Kongelige Billedgalleri pu 
Christiansborg. 8° Kiobenhaun, 1827. 

Spenser (Edmund) Works; with the Illustrations of various Commen- 
tators, some Account of his Life, Notes, and Glossarial and ocher 
Indexes, by H. J. Todd. 8 vols. 8*" London, 1805. 

Yiewofthe State of Ireland. — see Ireland: Ancient Irish Histories. 

Poems. — British Poets, vols. 6-12. 

II Cavaliero della Croce Bossa, o la Leggenda della Santita; e li 

Mutabilitk, Poemi recati in verso Italiano da Tom. J. M"i ^t h'^#- 8* 
Napoli, 1826-27. 

Speroni (Sperone) Canace, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Anticoy tomo 4; 
and Raccolta di Poesie Rusti^, e di Prose. 

Spilbergen (Grcorge) Yoyage, in quality of Admiral of six Dutch Ships, 
round the World. — Harris's Yoyages, vol. 1; Purchases Voyages, 
vol. 1 ; and Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, voL 2. 

Spinoza (B. de) Opera Philosophica omnia, edidit A. Gfirorer. 8° 
Stuttgartiae, 1830. 

Spohn (Frid. A.) De Agro Trojano, in carminibus Homerids descripta 
8° Lipsise, 1814. 

Spolverini (Giamb.) La Coltivazione del Biso. — ^Raccolta di Didascalici, 
and Pamaso Italiano, tomo 48. 

Spon (Jac.) et G. Wheler. Yoyage d'ltalie et d'Almatie, de Grece ct 
du Levant. 2 vols. 12° La Haye, 1724. 

SPO — STA 293 

3:pot8Wood (Archbishop John) The History of the Church and State 
of Scotland, from a.d. 203, to the end of the reign of King James vi.; 
with Appendix, containing the Succession of Bishops, from the Be- 
formation to 1676. Folio. London, 1677. 

Sprat (Bishop Thomas) History of the Boyal Society of London. 4^ 
London, 1734. 

Spbengeb (Aloys) El-Mas' Udi's Historical Encyclopaedia, entitled 
'* Meadows of Gold and Mines of Crcms," translated. (Oriental 
Translation Fund.) S"" London, 1841. 

Spsott (Thomas) Chronica. — see Heame. 

Sfukwat (Thomas) Letter of, touching the wrongs done at Banda to 
the Englishe, 1617. — Purchases Voyages, voL 1. 

Squib (The) Annual of Poetry, Politics, and Personalities, for 1836. 
12^ London. 

Stack (Michael) — see Defoe. 

Stael (Madame la Baronne de) CEuvres completes; pr^d^s d*une 
Notice sur son Caract^re et ses Ecrits, par Madame Necker de 
Saussure. 17 vols. 8"^ Bruxelles, 1830. 

Gonsiddrations sur les prindpaux Ev&emens de la Revolution 
Francaise; publides par le Due de Broglie, et le Baron A. de StaeL 
3 vols. 8"" Londres, 1818. 

M&noires, Merits par elle-meme. — ^Petitot, GolL des Mdmoires, 
2'^ Sdrie, tome 77. 
Stage (The English) — see Collier, and Grenese. 

Stampa (Graspara) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Stanhope (Charles, Earl) On Mr. Pitt's Plan for the reduction of the 
National Debt 4** London, 1786. 

Rights of Juries defended. 8^ London, 1792. 

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see Mahon. 
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(T.) — see .^^hylus. 
Legend. — see Ormerod. 
^ApLETON (Aug. G.) — see Canning. 

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London, 1828. 
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Tracts. — see Charles ii. 

Trials.— see Trials. 

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tion of War of the King of Great Britain, 1674.— Phenix, voL 1, 
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294 STA — STE 

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Society. — see Transactions. 

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intercourse with that country. 2 vols. 8** London, 1 822—28. 

On the British relations with China, and the proposed Plans for 

improving them. 8° London, 1836. 
see China; the Penal Code. 

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STE — STI 295 

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partly founded on Blackstone. 2 vols. 8° London, 184L 

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and Yucatan. 2 vols. 8° London, 1842. 

Incidents of Travel in Yucatan. 2 vols. 8° London, 1843. 

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On Deafness; its Causes, Prevention, and Cure. 8° Lond. 1839. 

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Memoirs of the Mogul Emperor Timur, written in the Jagtay Turky 
language, turned into Persian by Abu Talib Hussyny, and now trans- 
late into English. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 4° London, 1830. 

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(Oriental Translation Fund.) 4"* London, 1832. 

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3 vols. 4° London, 1792-1827. 

Philosophical Essays. 4° Edinburgh, 1810. 

Another Edition. 8° Edinburgh, 1818. 

Theory of the Sanscrit Language. — see Wilson. 

see Robertson. 

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The Practice of Conveyancing. Vol. 1. 8° London, 1832. 

Suggestions as to Reform in some branches of the Law. 8^ 
London, 1842. 

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Oxford, 1817. 

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Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity. 8® London, 1697. 

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Divine Right of Church Government. 4° London, 1662. 

Ecclesiastical Cases. 3 vols. 8° London, 1698-1735. 

state in the Roman times. VoL 2. 
Miscellaneous Discourses :— on a Bi- 
shop's Vow ; on the ancient Codex 
Canonum Eccles. Rom. ; on the ri^ht 
of Jurisdiction during the Suspension 
of the Archbishop of Canterbury, 
1689; on Archdeacons' Visitations ; 
on the Power of the Universities to 
judge of Heresy ; Speeches in Par- 
VoL 3. 

On the Duties and Rights of the Paro- 
chial Clergy. On the Bonds of Re- 
signation ot Benefices in point of Law 
and Conscience. Vol. 1. 

On the exercise of Ecclesiastical Juris- 
diction as far as it is allowed by law. 
Two Speeches in the House of Lords, 
on the Case of Exeter College, Ox- 
ford, and on the Case of Commendams. 
On the Antiquity of London, and its 

liament &c. 

296 STI — STR 

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quities of British Churches. With John Iiiett'd Originea Anglicanx; 
or, a History of the English Church, vol. 1 (to a.d. 1066). 2 vols, 
in 1. fol. London, 1685 and 1704. 

and Bishop Burnet. Relation of a Conference held about Religiun, 

in 16TG, with Bome Gentlemen of the Church of Kome. 8° Lomlon, 

Stisling (Earl of) Narrative of the Law Proceedings, and other met- 
snres resorted to, to overpower the Earl of Stirling, and subrert liii 
lawful Bights; with a Geiicalogioa! Account of the Family of Alex- 
ander Earl of Stirling, 4° Edinburgh (privately printed), 1836. 

Stockdale p. Hansard. — sec Adolphus. 

(F. W. L.) Excursions in the County of Cornwall. 8° London, 


SxiiGLicH (J, G.) DieevangelischeTreueimKampfeiiutdemPapathuntft 
8° Dresden, 1826. 

Stokes (H. Sewell) The Vale of Lanherne, and other Poenu. 8* 
London, 1836. 

Stonestbekt (G, S. G.) Eeasona for opposing Mr. Wyatt'a plan for a 
Monumental Trophy to Gesorge iii. Antiatites Religionis; a Sennon 
on the Scriptural History of the Fall of Man. Nuptise Sacrte; oa 
the Repeal of the Royal Marriage Act, 8° London, 1822-32. 

Stobch (H.) Cours d'Economie Politique. 5 vols. 8° Paris, 1823-24. 

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Fourteenth Centuries; edited by T. Wright. (Percy Society.) S" 
London, 1842. 

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vol. I. 

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Norman Conquest to the reign of Henry vm.; selected from our 
Cathedrals and Churches. Folio. London, 1817< 

Stow (John) Annales, or a Generall Chronicle of England; contioDcJ 
to 1631, by Edmund Howes. Folio. London, 1631. 

A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Bad tlx 

Borough of Southwark; much enlarged, with a Life of Stow, by 
John Strype. 2 vols. fot. London, 1764-55, 

Stbabo. Res Geograpbicte, Gr. et Lat., cum Casauboni ct varioruo 
animadversionibus ; Annotationcs et Tabulaa geographicae i^tal 
T,Falconer; subjiciuntur Chreetomathlte, 2 vols. foL Oxonii, I807i 

Sthachet (John) — see Parliament (Roik of). 

Strachy (William) Report of the Wreck and Redemption of Sir 
Thomas Gates, hia coming to Virginia &c. — Purchos's Voyig»i 

Stbadlino Correspondence; a. Series of Letters, temp. Queen Elizalwth. 

with Notices of the Family of Stradling of St. Dooat's Costlei ediled 

by J. M. Traherne. 8° London, 1840. 
Stbappoede (Thomas Wentvtorth, Earl of) Letters and Dispatchis; 

with an I-^tsay towards his Life, liy Sir Geoi^e Rodcliffe, edited bj 

William Knowlos. 2 vols. fol. Loudon, 1739. 
Straiil (Philipp) Gescbichl-e des Russischen Slaates. 2 vols. 8* 

Hamburg, 1839. 

STR — STU 297 

SxEAHOFOBD (Visoouiit) — 866 Napier's Peninsular War. 

Strauss (D. F.) Vie de J^sus, traduite de rAllemand, par £• Littr6. 
2 vols. 8** Paris, 1839. 

Streatfeild (T.) Excerpta Cantiana, being a Prospectus of a History 
of Kent Folio. London, 1836. 

Strickland (Agnes) Lives of the Queens of England. 7 vols. 12^ 
London, 1841-43. 

■ ■■ Worcester Field, a Poem, with historical Notes. 12° Lond. 1829. 

Stritterus (Joannes Gotth.) Memoriae Populorum, olim ad Danubimn, 
Fontum Euxinum, Paludem Mseotidem, Caucasum, Mare Caspium, et 
inde ad septemtriones incolentium, e Scriptoribus Historis Bjzantinss, 
erutflQ et AgestsB. 4 vols. 4° Petropoli, 1771-79. 

Strohg (John) Yojage to the Coast of Chili and Peru, 1689. — Bumey's 
Discoveries in the South Seas, voL 4. 

Strozzi (Carlo) — Raccolta di Prose. 

Strvensee (A Narrative of the Confession and Death of Count), by 
Dr. Munter; with an Litroduction and Notes, by Thomas BenneU. 
«" London, 1826. 

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Norman Conquest. 2 vols. 4° London, 1777-78. 

■ The Begal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; with a 

Supplement. 4% London, 1792. 

Complete View of the Manners, Customs, Arms, Habits, &c., of 

the inhabitants of England. 3 vols. 4° London, 1774-76. 

A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of 

England; with an Litroduction, on the Ancient Habits of mankind 
to Uie conclusion of the Seventh Century. 2 vols. 4° Lond. 1796-99. 

The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England. 4° Lon- 

don, 1810. 

The Test of Guilt; or. Traits of ancient Superstition, a Dra- 

matic Tale. 4"" London, 1808. 

Struyius (Burcardus G.) Corpus Historiae Germanicae, a prima gentis 
origine ad annum 1730, et Notitia Sueviae Antiquae; cura Chr. G. 
Buder, cum ejus BibliothecS. Scrip torum Germanicorum. 2 vols. 4° 
Dresdae, 1755. 

■ ■ see Meuselius. 

Strtpb (John) Works; with General Lidex. 26 vols. 8® Oxford, 

Ecclesiastical Memorials, relating chiefly to Religion, and the 

Reformation of it, under Ejng Henry vui., Edward vi., and Queen 

Maiy l; with large Appendixes of Records. 3 vols, in 6. 8° 

Oxford, 1822. 

AnnftlR of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion, and 

other occurrences in the Church of England, during Elizabeth's 
Beign; with Appendix of Records. 4 vols, in 7. 8° Oxford, 1824. 

see Aylmer, Cheke, Cranmer, Grindal, Parker, Smith, and 


Stuart Dynasty. — see Vaughan. 

— — (Gilb.) A View of Society in Europe, in its progress from 
rudeness to refinement. 8^ Edinburgh, 1814. 

298 STU — SUM 

Stuart (James) Three Years in North America. 2 vols. 12° Edin- 
burgh, 1833. 

and Nicholas Revett. The Antiquities of Athens; with the 

Supplementary volume, bj C. Cockerell, W. Einnard, &c 5 toIs. foL 
London, 1762-1830. 

Stubbs (Thomas) — see Twysden Scriptores. 

Stukeley (William) Itinerarium Curiosum ; or, an Account of the 
Antiquitjs and remarkable Curiositys in Nature or Art, obsenred in 
Travels through Great Britain. Folio. London, 1724. 

see Richard of Cirencester. 

Sturlusyni (Snorra) — see Norvegicorum Historia. 

Sturz (M. F.) — see Empedodes. 

Styles (John) The Animal Creation: its claims on our hamanitj 
stated and enforced. 12^ London, 1839. 

SucHET (Le Marechal) M^moires sur ses Campagnes en Espagne, depois 
1808 jusqu'en 1814; avec T Atlas de Planches en folio. 2 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1828. 

Sue (Eugene) Les Myst^res de Paris. 11 vols. 12** Bnixelles, 1843. 

Le Juif Errant. 4 vols. 12^ Bru^elles, 1844. 

Suetonius. Opera Omnia, ex editione Baumgarten-Crusii ; cum Notis 
in usum Delph., Notis Variorum, et Lidice. 3 vols. 8^ Londini, 

SuEviiB AntiquaB Notitia. — see Struvius, Corpus Historias Grermanicse. 

Suffolk (Henrietta, Countess of) Letters to and from her, and ber 
second Husband, the Hon. G. Berkeley, firom 1712-67; with histo- 
rical, biographical, and explanatory Notes, by J. W. Croker. 2 vols. 
8° London, 1824. 

Suffolk Garland (The) ; or, a Collection of Poems, Songs, Tales, 
Ballads, Sonnets, and Elegies, relative to that County. 8^ Ipswich, 

SuGER (Vie de) par Guillaume, Moine de Saint Denis. — Guizot, WL 
des Memoires, tome 8. 

see Louis-le-Gros. 

Sum AS. Lexicon, Gracce et Latin^; cum Notis, LidicibusqueLud. Ensteri. 
3 vols. fol. Cantabrigiae, 1705. 

Sully (Max. de Bethune, Due de) Ses Memoires, mis en ordre, avecde* 
Remarques par rA[bbo] do rE[cluse] des L[oge8], le Supplement 
■par TAbbe MontempuisJ, et TEsprit de Sully. 9 vols. 12° Londre* 
[Paris], 1768. 

Memoires. — Petitot, Coll. des Memoires, 2™** Serie, tomes 1-9- 

SuLPiciA. The Poems, translated by James Grainger. — British Poets* 
vol. 93. 

SuLPicius Severus. Opera Omnia, cum Notis Varior.accuranteG.Honii<>' 
8° Amstelodami, 1665. 

Sumner (Bishop John Bird) On the Records of the Creation, and oO- 
the Moral Attributes of the Creator. 2 vols. 8° London, 1833. 

The Evidence of Christianity, derived from its Nature an<* 

Reception. 8° London, 1830. 

A practical Exposition of the Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Marlf > 

and St. Luke. 2 vols. 8° London, 1833-34. 

SUM — SWI 299 

Sumner (Bishop John Bird) A practical Exposition of the Acts of the 
Apostles. 8** London, 1838. 

Apostolical Preaching considered ; also, Four Sermons on the 

Christian Ministry. 8° London, 1832. 

Sermons on the Festivals of the Christian Church. 8** London, 


A series of Sermons on the Christian Faith and Character. 8® 

London, 1829. 
Sunderland (Dorothy Sidney, Countess of) — see Russell (Lady R. W.) 

Surrey and Wyatt. The Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, 
and of Sir Thomas Wyatt the elder; with Notes, Memoirs, Appendix, 
and Glossary, by George Fr. Nott. 2 vols. 4° London, 1815. 

SuBTEEs (Robert) History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of 
Durham, compiled from original Records. 4 vols. foL London, 

SuBViLLiERS (Le Comte de) — see Bourrienne. 

Sussex (The Duke of) Address read at the Anniversary Meeting of the 
Royal Society, in 1837. 8*^ London, 1837. 

SussExiANA Bibliotheca. — see Pettigrew. 

Sutherland (George Granville, Duke of) Memoir, by James Loch. 4° 
London (privately printed), 1834. 

— Estates. — see Loch. 

Sutton (Sir Richard)— see Churton. 

St^VBRN (J. W.) — see Aristophanes. 

SwAiNSON (William) Birds. — see Richardson. 

Swammerdamm (J.) Historia Lisectorum, ab H. Graubio, cum Vita 
anctoris ab H. Boerhaave. FoHo. LeydaB, 1737. 

Swan (Richard) Voyage to Surat, and to Jasques in the Persian Gulf. 
— ^Purchas's Voyages, voL L 

SwARTZ (Chr. F.) Memoirs of his Life and Correspondence, with a 
Sketch of Christianity in Lidia, by Dean H. Pearson. 2 vols. 8** 
London, 1835. 

Sweden (History of )— see Dunham, G^ijer, and Vertot. 

SwEDENBORG (Emauucl) True Christian Religion; containing the Uni- 
versal Theology of the New Church, translated. 2 vols. 8° London, 

The four leading Doctrines of the New Church, translated; with 

an Litroductory Preface, and an account of the Author. 8** London, 

On the New Jerusalem, and its Heavenly Doctrine; on the Li- 

tercourse between the Soul and the Body; and a brief Exposition of 
the Doctrine of the New Church, translated. 3 vols, in 1. 8° 
London, 1812-18. 

The Wisdom of Angels concerning Divine Love and Divine 

Wisdom, translated. 8° London, 1816. 

A Treatise concerning Heaven and its Wonders, and also con- 

cerning Hell, translated. S° London, 1817. 

SwiETEN (Ger. van) Commentaria in Herm. Boerhaave Aphorismos de 
cognoscendis et curandis Morbis; cum J. A. Gladbachii Supplemento. 
6 vols. 4'' Lugd. Bat. 1752-76. 

300 SWI — SZE 

Swift (Dean Jonathan) Works : containing additional Letters, Tracts, 
and Poems, not hitherto published; with Notes and Life, by Sir 
Walter Scott. 19 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1814. 

Poems.— British Poets, vols. 37, 38, 39. 

Swinburne (Henry) Travels through Spain, 1775-76. 4° Lond.1779. 

Switzerland (History of) 12** London, 1832. 

(History of )— see Miiller, Planta, and Yieussenx. 

Savoy, and Piedmont. — see Murray. 

Sydenham (Charles, Lord) Memoir of his Life, with a Narrative of his 
Administration in Canada, edited by G. Poulett Scrope. 8** London, 

(F.)— see Plato. 

Sydney (Algernon) Works and Life, edited by J. Robertson. 4** Lon- 
don, 1772. 

see Locke. 

Papers (The). Letters and Memorials of State, from the reign 

of Queen Mary, to Oliver Cromwell's usurpation; with Observations 
and Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of the Sydneys, by Arthor 
Collins. 2 vols. fol. London, 1746. 

Papers; consisting of a Journal of the Ekurl of Leicester, and 

original Letters of Algernon Sydney; edited, with Notes, by R.W 
Blencowe. 8° London, 1825. 

Sykes (Lieut.-Col. W. H.) On the Increase of Wealth and Expenditure 
in the various Classes of Society in the United Kingdom. 4® Lon- 
don, 1837. 

On the Religious, Moral, and Political State of Lidia before the 

Mahomedan Invasion. 8° London, 1841. 

On the Atmospheric Tides and Meteorology of Dukon. 4° 

London, 1835. 

On the Geology of a portion of Dukhun. 4® London, 1836. 

Catalogue of the Mammalia and Birds observed in Dukhun. ^ 

London, 1832. 

On the Fishes of the Dukhun. 4** London, 1838. 

Land Tenures of the Dekkan. S° London, 1835. 

Land Tenures of Dukhun. 8° London, 1836. 

Report on the Statistics of the four Collectorates of Dukhun, 

under the British Government. 8° London, 1838. 

On the Quails and Hemipodii of India. 8° London, 1836. 

Sylvester (Joseph) — see Du Bartas. 

Symeon Magister. Annales. — see Theophanes Continuatus. 

Symes (Mich.) Embassy to Ava, in 1795. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol.9. 

Syncellus (Georgius) Chronographia, et Nicephori Chron. Compend- 
Gr. et Lat.; cum Annotationibus, et Goari Indice, ex recens. G.DJD- 
dorfii. (Script. Byzant.) 2 vols. 8° Bonnas, 1829. 

Syria and Asia Minor. — see Conder's Modem Traveller, vols. 2 & 3. 
Szi^CHENYi (Stephan Graf von) Lovakrul. 8° Pesten, 1828. 
Hitel. 8° Pesten, 1830. 

SZE — TAM 301 

Sk^henti (Stephan Graf von) Kreditwesen, aus dem Ungrischen von 
M. von Paadazi. S"" Teath, 1830. 

Vilag vagy is Felvil4gosit6 Toreddkek n^mi hiba's eloitdlet 

eligazitMra. 8"" Pesten, 1831. 

Licht Oder aufhellende Bruchstiicke and Berichtignng einiger 

Irrthiimer und Yorurtheile; aus dem Ungarischen von M. von Paziazi. 
8** Pesth, 1832. 

Magyar J&t&annruL 8** Pesten, 1832. 

Stadium 1831-^, Kiadta Z ♦ * * * 1833-*--. 8** Lipcsiben, 1833. 

A' Budapest! Hid-Egyesiilethez iranyzott Jelent&se midon kul- 

foldriil visszat^r^aek. 8° Pozsonban, 1833. 

Bericht an den Ofner Pesther Briicken-Verein nach ihrer 

Ruckkehr vom Auslande; aus dem Ungarischen von M. von Paziazi. 
8** Pressburg, 1833. 

Tabari. — see Dubeux. 

Tabella Cibaria : the Bill of Fare, a Latin Poem, explained with 
interesting Notes, relating to the Pleasiires of Gastronomy. 4° 
London, 1820. 

Tabebd (J. L. Vicar. Apost. Cocincinse) Dictionarium Latino- Anamiti- 
cum et Anamitico-Latinum. 2 vols. 4° Serampore, 1838. 

Tachin-uddin. — see Tassy. 

Tacitus. Opera Omnia, ex editione Oberlini; cum Notis in usum Delph. 
Notis Variorum, Lipsii Excursibus, et Lidice, access. Supplementa 
^ Gab. Brotier. 11 vols. 8° Londini, 1821. 

Translated by A. Murphy. 5 vols. 12° London, 1830. 

Tacticus (^neas) Conmientarium de Toleranda Obsidione, edidit J. C. 
Orellius. (see Polybius, vol. 10.) 8° Lipsi®, 1818. 

Taoliazucchi (GiroL) — see Raccolta di Prose. 

Taolioni (Mademoiselle) Six Sketches, drawn from the life, by A. E. 
Chalon. Folio. London, 1831. 

Taillandier (Dom.) — see France, Histoire Litt^raire. 

Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, from the commencement in 1832. 8° 

Talbot (Henry Fox) Hermes; or. Classical and Antiquarian Researches. 
2 parts. 8** London, 1839. 

Talfourd (Sergeant T. N.) Ion, a Tragedy ; to which are added, a few 
Sonnets. 8° London (privately printed), 1835. 

Ion, a Tragedy. 8° London, 1836. 

The Athenian Captive, a Tragedy. 8® London, 1838. 

Copyright BilL — see Lowndes. 

Taixemant des Beaux. Les Historiettes; M^moires pour servir ^ 
THistoire du xvii* Siecle. 6 tomes. 8° Paris, 1834. 

TAI.0N (Omer) M^moires, continues par son fils. — Petitot, ColL des 
MAmoires, 2"'** S6rie, tomes 60-63. 

Tamerlane the Great (Life of) 4° London, 1653. 

see Alhacen. 


302 TAN — TAT 

Tandt (William) A Description of the Burmese Empire, compilad 
chiefly from Native Documents, by the Kev. Father Sangermano, ui 
translated from his MS. (Orient. TranaL Fund.) 4° Rome, ISSi 

Tahneb (Bishop Tliomus) Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibemicn; bito i 
Scriptoi-ibus AngliiE, Bcotiie, et Hiberni*! cum Fnefatiune Davidia 
Wilkinsii. Folio. I^ondini, 1748. 

Notitia Mooastica; or, Account of the Abbies, Priories, aotf 

Houses of Friers formerly in England and Wales: reprinted, witi 
many axlJitions by James Nasmith. Folio. Cambridge, 1787. 

Tansillo (Luigi) D Podcrc. — Pornaso Italiano, tome 23. 

see Raccolta di Poesie Liriehe, e di Rusticale. 

Target (The): a Treatise upon a branch of Art Military. 4° London, 

Tablton's Jesta and News out of Purgatory; with Notea, and sow 

account of his Life, by J. 0. Halliwell. (Sbakspeare Society.) f 

London, 1844. 
Tartini (J. M.) Scriptores Iterum Italicarum. — see Muratoriua. 
Tahman (Abel J.) Voyage for the Discovery of Southern Countries, I7 

direction of the Dutch East Lidia Company. — Harris's Voyage^ 

vol. 1, and Finkerton's Voyages, vol. 11. 

Voyage of Discovery in the unknown South, in 1642-3; md 

Second Voyage, in 1644. — Buraey's Discoveries in the South Stis, 
voL 3. 

see Voyages. 

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(Torquato) Opere. 4 vols. 8° Milano, 1804, 

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Godfrey of Bulloigne ; or, Jerusalem Delivered, translated bj 

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Canzoni e Sonetti Scelti. — Paruaso Italiano, tomo 30. 

' B Re Torrismondo, Tragedia. — Teatro Italiano Antico, tonwT. 

see Raccolta di Poesie Liriehe, e di Prose. 

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corapilala da Robustiano Gironi. 8° Milano, 1806. 

La Secchia Rapita. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 34. 

TAssr (Garcinde)LesAventuTeadeKamrup, parTahciii-Uddin,tridiUls 
de I'Hindoustani. (Oriental Translation Fund.) 8" Paris, 1834. 

Histoire do la Litt^rature Hindoui et Hindousbtui, vol I' 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) 8° Paris, 1839. 

Tate (Canon James) The Hwr* Paulina of Paley, carried out and illiis- 
trated in a History of the labours and writings of St. Paul. 8° JjOoioh 

Introduction to Greek Tragic and Comic Metres; with Appemi" 

on Syllabic Quantity in Homer and Aristophanes. 8° London, 1S31- 

Letters on the " AnaJogia Lingua; Grtocse," 8ic. 8° LondoKi 


TAT — TAY 303 

Ti"rK (Canon James) Richmond Rules to form the Ovidian Distich; 
^th a Preface. 8^ London, 1835. 

— • — see Horatius. 

T^Tius (Achilles)— see Scriptores Erotici. 

Tatlek (The) — see British Classics. 

Tattam (Henry) A compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language; 
with the Rudiments of a Dictionary of the ancient E^ptian 
Language, by Thomas Young. 8° London, 1830. 

^^ Lexicon .^Sgyptiaco-Latinum; cum Lidice Vocum Latinarum. 

8** Oxonii, 1835. 

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CoU. des M^moires, T* Serie, tome 35. 

(Guillaume de Saulx, Seigneur de) M^moires des Choses adve- 

nues en France, depuis 1560-1596. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 
!'• S^e, tome 35. 

Tayernier (J. B.) Six Voyages en Turquie, en Perse, et aux Lides, 
pendant quarante ans. 3 vols. 12° Utrecht, 1712. 

Extracts firom his Voyages in the East. — ^Pinkerton's Voyages, 

TOl. 8. 

Account of the Commodities &c. of the Countries of the Lidies: 

and Remarks in Travels through the Lidies. — Harris's Voyages, 
voL 1. 

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Rome. 2 vols. foL London, 1821. 

(Henry) Edwin the Fair, an Historical Drama. 12° London, 


Philip Van Artevelde, a Dramatic Romance. 2 vols. 12° 

London, 1834. 

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Times. 8° London, 1827. 

Physical Theory of another Life. 8° London, 1836. 
Ancient Christianity and the Doctrines of the Oxford " Tracts 

for the Times." 2 vols. 8° London, 1839. 

(Bishop Jeremy) Whole Works; with Life, and a critical 
Examination of his Writings, by Bishop Heber. 15 vob. 8° 
London, 1828. 

(John) Hebrew Concordance, adapted to the English Bible, 
disposed after the manner of Buxtorf. 2 vols. fol. London, 1754. 

(John) Records of Mining, part L 4° London, 1829. 

see Humboldt. 

(J. Sydney) Selections from his Writings; with a brief Sketch 
of his Life. 8° London, 1843. 

(Richard) — see Scientific Memoirs. 

(Thomas)— see Aristotle, Orpheus, and Plato. 

(Thomas)^see Clarkson. 

(Thomas Glanville) Result of Astronomical Observations made 
at Madras, from 1831 to 1839. 5 vols. 4° Madras, 1832-39. 

(W.) Historic Survey of German Poetry, interspersed with 

various translations. 3 vols. 8° London, 1828-30. 

304 TEA — TER 

Tbatbo Italiano Antioo. 10 vols. S"" Milano, 1808. 

Tebaldo (Antonio) — see Racodta di Poesie BusdcalL 

Technical Repository, from the oonunenoement in 1822 to 1827. 
10 vols. 8° London. 

Techo (Nich. del) History of the Provinces of Paraguay, Tacuman, 
and the Kingdom of CKuli, in South America. — Churchill's Yojages, 
voL 6. 

Teignmouth (Lord)— see Jones. 

Temminck (C. J.) et le Baron M.Laugier. Nouveau Becneil de Flandies 
coloriees d'Oiseaux, pour servir de Suite aux Planches enlumin^ de 
Buffon, d'apr^ les Dessins de MM. Huet et Pretre; avec Proepectm 
et Tableau methodique. 5 vols, in 6. foL Pans^ 1838. 

Temple (Sir John) The Lrish Rebellion of 1641; with the ContinnatioD 
and sdect Passages from Sir R. Musgrave's History of the BebeflioD 
in Lreland, in 1798, edited by Baron Maseres. 4^ London, 1812. 

(Sir 'William) Works, complete, with his Life and Character. 

4 vols. 8'' London, 1814. 

Memoirs of his Life and Negotiations; with an Account of his 

Writings. [By A. Boyer.] 8** London, 1714. 

Memoirs of his Life, Works, and Corre^wndence, by Thomas 

P. Courtenay. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1836. 

(Le Chevalier) Memoires de ce qui s'est paas^ depuis le com- 

mencement de la Guerre en 1672, jusqu'ii la Paix condue en 1679.-' 
Petitot, ColL des Memoires, 2*^* Sdrie, tome 64. 

see Arlington. 

Templiers (Proems des), public par M. Michelet. tome 1. 4° Paris, 

Tenhove (Nicholas) Memoirs of the House of Medici, from its origin to 
the death of Francesco ii., Grand Duke of Tuscany, and of the great 
men who flourished in Tuscany within that period; translated, with 
Notes, by Sir Richard Clayton. 2 vols. 4** Bath, 1797. 

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V. Cousin. 2 vols. 8** Paris, 1829. 

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torii, et Augustini, Fragments ejusdem, et Indicibus. 8° Amstelo- 
dami, 1623. 

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Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Lidice. 4 vols. 8** Londini, 1824. 

see Rei Rusticse. 

Ternaux-Compans (H.) Bibliotheque Am^caine ; on. Catalogue ^^ 
Ouvrages relatifs h. TAmerique, qui ont paru depuis sa d&ouTerte, 
jusqu'a ran 1700. 8° Paris, 1837. 

Voyages, Relations, et Memoires originaux, pour servir ^ THis- 

toire de la Decouverte de TAm^rique, publics pour la premi^ fois ^ 
Fran9ais. 10 vols. 8° Paris, 1837-41. 

[Terrasson (L' Abbe Jean)] Sethos, Histoire ou Vie, tir^ des Monumenfi- 
Anecdotes de I'Ancienne Egypte; traduite d'un MS. Grec 3 vols- 
12** Paris, 1731. 

TER — THE 305 

Terry (Edward) Voyage to the Easterae India. — Purchas's Voyages, 
vol. 2. 

Tbrtullianus. Opera recensuit J. S. Semler, cum Indicibus. 6 vols. 
12^ Hate, 1770-76. 

see Kaye. 

Tbstamentuk Novum. — see Biblia Greca. 

Tbsti (Fulvio) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Tkackerat (Francis) — see Chatham. 

TbAatre (Repertoire du), arrange et mis en ordre par M. Lepeintre. 
182 vols. 12** Paris, 1822-24. 

Commies en Prose. Tomes 40-57, 
136-139, 149-162. 

en Vers. 19-31, 109-125. 

Comdlle. 82-86. 
Cr^btUoB. 92-94. 
Bramet. 147-148, 182. 

en Prose. 35-39. 

en Vers. 18. 

Moli^re. 99-104. 

Operas Comiqnes. 32-34, 179. 

Operas Comiqnes en Prose. Tomes 

(Grandes). 13-17. 

Proverbes. 180-181. 

Racine. 87-91. 

Regnard. 105-108. 

Tragedies. 1-12, 140-146, 170-171. 

VarSt^. 78-81. 

VandeviUes. 72-77, 172-178. 

Voltaire. 95-98. 

Theoan. — see Louis-le-Debonnaire. 

Tssinbr (J. A. und A.) Die Einfuhrung der erzwungcnen Ehelosigkeit 
bei den Christlichen Greistlichen und ihre Folgen. 3 vols. 8° 
Altenburg, 1828. 

Theocritus. — see Poetse Minores Grffici. 

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Is. Casauboni. 12^ 1596. 

Bion, Moschus, and Tyrtaeus. Idyllia, Epigrams, and Fragments, 

translated by Richard Polwhele. — British Poets, vol. 92. 

(Translations from) — Dryden's Works, vol. 12. 

(Is.) Casauboni Theocritic® Lectiones. 12** 1596. 

Theodosetus. — see Eusebius. 

Theodosiantjs Codex, perpetuis Comment. J. Gothofredi; cum Prosopo- 
graphia, Indice Rerum, et Glossario Nomico, opera A. MarviUii; 
com Notis Variorum et J. D. Ritter. 6 vols, in 3. fol. Lipsise, 

Thsoonis. — see Camerarius, and PoetaB Minores Grseci. 

Theofhahes. Chronographia, Gr. et Lat. ; cum Anastasii Bibliothecarii 
Historic Ecclesiastic^ Jacobi Goari Notis, et Indicibus, ex recensione 
J. Classeni. (Script. Byzant.) 2 vols. 8^ Bonnss, 1839. 

— »— Continuatus, Joannes Cameniata, Symeon Magister, Georgius 
Monachus. Chronographia et Annales, Gr. et Lat.; cum Indicibus, 
ex reoogmtione Lnm. Bekkeri. (Script. Byzant.) 8° Bonnse, 1838. 

Theofhbastus. Opera, Gr. et Lat. ; cum Annotationibus, Supplemento, 
et Indice, J. G. Schneider. 5 vols. 8^ Lipsite, 1818-21. 

De Causis Plantarum. 12^ Parisiis, 1558. 

see La Bruyere. 

Thsophtlagtus. EQstorise, et Grenesii R^es, Gr. et Lat. ; cum Notis et 
Indicibus, recogn. J. Bekker et C. Lachmann. (Script. Byzant.) 8^ 
BonnBB, 1834. 

R R 

306 THE — THO 

There Y (R.) — see Canning. 

Thevenot (John) Travels to the Levant. — Harris's Vojages, voL 2. 

Thibaudeau (A. C.) M^moires sur la Convention et le Directoire 
2 vols. 8° Paris, 1824. 

Le Consulat et TEmpire ; ou, Histoire de la France et de 

Napoleon Bonaparte, de 1799-1815. 10 vols. 8** Paris, 1834. 

L'ltalie MiHtaire. 12° Paris, 1836. 

Thierry (Amed^e) Histoire des Gaulois, depuis les temps les plus 
recul^, ju8qu% Tenti^re soumission de la Graule ^ la domination 
Romaine. 4 vols. 8® Paris, 1828. 

(Augustin) Histoire de la Conquete de TAngleterre par les 

Normands. 3 vols. 8** Paris, 1826. 

see France. 

(J.) Twenty-four Lines, by which the Pronunciation of the 

French may be learned in a few hours. 8° London, 1829. 

Thiers (Louis Adolphe) Histoire de la Revolution Fran^aise. 6 vols. 
8° BruxeUes, 1834. 

and F. Bodin. The History of the French Revolution, translated. 

3 vols. 8** London, 1825. 

Histoire du Consulat, et de I'Empire. vols. 8° Paris, 1B44. 

Thirlwall (Bishop Connop) The History of Greece. 8 vols. 12° 
London, 1835-44. 

Thomas (Mary) of Tangralt. — see Ward. 

Thomas de Elmham. Vita Henrici v. — see Heame. 

Thomas Elyensis. — Gale Scriptores, vol. 3. 

Thompson (G. A.) Narrative of an Official Visit to Guatemala from 
Mexico. 12** London, 1829. 

see Alcedo. 

(T. Perronet) Exercises, Political and Others. 6 vols. 12° 

London, 1842. 

(William) Poems. — British Poets, vol. 54. 

(W. F.) Practical Philosophy of the Muhammadan People; being 

a translation of the Akhliik-i-Jal-aly, from the Persian of Fakir Jany 
Muhammed Asiiad ; with References and Notes. (Oriental Trans- 
lation Fund.) 8° London, 1839. 

Thomson (Adam) Time and Timekeepers. 12** London, 1842. 

(James) Poems. — British Poets, vols. 43 and 44. 

(John) Etymons of English Words. 4** Edinburgh, 1826. 

(Thomas) The History of Chemistry. 2 vols. 12** London, 


History of the Royal Society, from its institution to the end of 

the eighteenth century. 4° London, 1812. 
Annals of Philosophy. — see Philosophy. 

Thoresby (Ralph) Ducatus Leodiensis — see Whitaker. 

Thorn (Guilielmus) — see Twysden Scriptores. 

Thorne (Robert) Discoveries made to the North West — Purchas's 

Voyages, vol. 3. 
Thornley (John) — see Barclay. 

THO — TIM 307 

Thornton (Edward) India, its State and Prospects. 8° London, 1835. 

Chapters on the Modem History of British India. 8° London, 


History of the British Empire in India. 5 vols. 8** Lond. 1841. 

(Elizabeth) The Marchioness. 2 vols. 8** London, 1843. 

Thorp (Archdeacon Thomas) Four Sermons, preached before the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge, in 1838. 8** Cambridge, 1838. 

— ^— A Sermon, preached before the Corporation of the Trinity 
House. 4'' Cambri^e, 1836. 

Thorpe (Benjamin) — see Csedmon, and Records — ancient Laws. 

Thou (Jacques Aug. de) — see Thuanus. 

Ses Memoires. — ^Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 1" S^rie, tome 37. 

Threlkejld (L. E.) An Australian Grammar. 8^ Sydney, 1834. 

Throckmorton (Sir Nicholas)— see Jardine. 

Thuanus (Jac. Aug.) Historise sui Temporis, ab anno 1543 ad 1607, 
cum continuatione N. R^galtii; access. Sylioge Scriptorum, continens 
plurima de vita, moribus, scriptis, amicis, et inimicis Thuani. 7 vols. 
foL Londini, 1733. 

Thuctdides. De Bello Peloponnesiaco, cum Scholiis Gra&cis, Notis 
iUustravit, Indicesque (in vol. 3), et Versio Latina, adjecit, Chr. F. 
Haackius. 4 vols. S° Londini, 1823. 

■ The History of the Peloponnesian War, the text according to 
Bekker's edition; with English Notes, by Thomas Arnold. 3 vols. 8^ 
Oxford, 1835. 

Commentarii Critici in Thucydidem, a T. F. Benedict. 8® 

Lipsite, 1815. 

Thunbero (C. P.) An Account of the Cape of Good Hope, and some 
parts of the Interior of Southern Africa. — Pinkerton's Voyages, 
vol. 16. 

Thurloe (John) A collection of State Papers, containing Memorials of 
English Affairs, from 1638 to the Restoration of Charles ii.; with the 
life of Thurloe, by Thomas Birch. 7 vols. fol. London, 1742. 

Thynn (Francis) The Debate between Pride and Lowliness; with Notes 
&c by J. P. CoUier. (Shakspeare Society.) 8° London, 1841. 

TiBUUiUS. Opera Onmia, ex editione Huschkii ; cum Notis in usnm 
Delphini, Notis Varior. et Indice. 8° Londini, 1822. 

Elegies, translated by James Grainger. — British Poets, vol. 93. 

TiCKBLL (Thomas) Poems. — ^British Poets, vol. 27. 

TiECK (Ludwig) Sammtliche "Werke. 2 vols. 8® Paris, 1841. 

TiLLBMONT (Sebast. le Nain de) M6moires pour servir k I'Histoire Eccle- 
siastique des Six premi(^res Siecles. 16 vols. 4® Paris, 1693-1712. 

Histoire des Empereurs des Six "premieres Siccles. 6 vols. 4° 

Paris, 1690-1738. 

TiLLOTSON (Archbishop John) Works ; with Life, by Thomas Birch. 
3 vols, fol. London, 1752. 

TiMBERLEY (Hcnric) Voyage from Cairo to Jerusalem, in 1601. — ^Pur- 
chases Voyages, vol. 2. 

308 TIM — TOF 

TiMB (A new View of); being the first distinct Trettise tnd the fii0^ 
System on the important subject, in any age or nation. 12** LondocE^ 

TiMON, a Play; now first printed, edited by Alexander Dyce. (ShaL^ 
speare Society.) 8° London, 1842. 

Timor (Memoirs of )— see Stewart. 

TiNDAL (N.) — see Rapin. 

TiRABoscHi (Girolamo) Storia della Letteratora Italiana. 9 vols. 8^ 
Firenze, 1805-13. 

TissoTT (C. J.) ParallMc du Christianisme et du Rationalisme, sous \& 
rapport dogmatique. 8° Paris, 1829. 

Titian. Notices of his Life and Works, by A. Hume. 8° London, 1829. 

TiTMARSH [ W. M. Thackeray] The Second Funeral of Napolecm, and the 
Chronicle of the Drum. 12** London, 1841. 

TiTsiNGH (Isaac) Nipon O Dai Itsi Ran; ou, Annales des Empereurs du 
Japon, traduites: ouvrage accompagn6 de Notes, et pr^cdd^ d'un Aper^ui 
de ri^stoire Mythologique du Japon, par M. J. Klaproth. (OrienUl 
Translation Fund.) 4** Paris, 1834. 

TiTTMANN (J. A. H.) Pragmatische Geschichte der Theologie und 
Religion in der Protestantischen Kirche, wahrend der zweiten Halfle 
des xviii Jahrhunderts,bis zur £rscheinung der Eritischen Fhiloeophie 
8** Leipzig, 1824. 

TocQUEviLLE ( Alexis de) De la Democratic en Amerique. 4 vols, in 2. 
8** Paris, 1835-40. 

see Beaumont. 

Tod (Lieut.-Colonel James) Annals and Antiquities of Riyahstlian, or 
the Central and Western Rajpoot States of India. 2 vols. 4" 
London, 1829-32. 

Todd (Henry John) Original Sin, Free-will, Grace, Regeneration, hc^ 
as maintained in certain declarations of our Reformers. 8° Ixmdon, 

Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Grower and Chaooer. 

8** London, 1810. 

History of the College of Bonhommes, at Ashridge, in the coonty 

of Buckingham, from original records ; with a Description of the 
present mansion. Folio. London (privately printed), 1823. 

An Account of Greek Manuscripts, chiefly Biblical, which hd 

been in the possession of the late Professor Carlyle; the greater part 
of which are now deposited in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lombetli- 
Palace. 8° London (privately printed), 

see Milton, Walton, and Wordsworth. 

(James Henthorn) Discourses on the Prophecies relating to 

Antichrist, in the Writings of Daniel and St Paul, preached, hdo^ 
the University of Dublin, at the Donnellan Lecture, 1838. ^ 
DubUu, 1840. 

see Wicljrffe. 

(T. John) The Book of Analysis; or, a New Method of Expe- 

rience. 8° London, 1831. 
ToELKEN (E. H.) Berliner Kunst-Blatt. 4** Berlin, 1828-29. 

ToFiNO DE San Miguel (Vincente) Derrotero de las Costas de Espan* 
en el Mediterraneo. 4° Madrid, 1787. 

TOF — TOR 309 

ToFiico DB San Migubl (Yincente) Espana Maritima; or, the Spaniah 
Coasting Pilot, with the Balearic Islands and Coast of Portugal, 
translated by Jo. Dougall. 4° London, 1812. 

ToKFUT-UL-MujAHiDEEN. — soe Bowlandson. 

Toi^AND (John)— see Harrington. 

ToLOMMEi (Claudio) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche, e di Ptose. 

ToMUNE (Bishop Greorge) Elements of Christian Theology. 2 vols. 8^ 
Ix>ndon, 1820. 

see Pitt. 

ToMLiNS (Sir Thomas E.) Law Dictionary. 2 vols. 4"^ London, 1820. 

ToMMASEO (M. N.)-H9ee France. 

ToMMASi (Antonio) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Tonkin (Thomas) Manuscript Collections for the History of Cornwall. — 
see Gilbert. 

I TooKE (John Home) EIIEA IITEPOENTA; or, the Diversions of Parley. 
2 vols. 4** London, 1798-1805. 

New Edition, revised by R. Taylor. 2 vols. 8^ London, 1829. 

see Feam. 

(Thomas) Considerations on the state of the Currency. 8^ 
London, 1826. 

A Letter to Lord Grenville, on the effects ascribed to the 
Resumption of Cash Payments on the value of Currency. 8^ 
London, 1829. 

A History of Prices and the state of Circulation, from 1793 to 
1839; with Remarks on the Com Laws. 3 vols. 8"" Lond 1838-40. 

Liquiry into the Currency Principle, the connexion of the 
Currency with Prices, and the expediency of a separation of Issue 
from Banking. 8° London, 1844. 

(William) — see Lucianus. 

TooNE (William) A Chronological Record of the remarkable Public 
Events during the reigns of George ui. and iv. and William iv. 8° 
London, 1834. 

■**opoGRAPHER (The) A variety of Original Articles, iUustrative of the 
Local History and Antiquities of England, by Sir Egerton Brydges 
and S. Shaw. 4 vols. 8** London, 1789-91. 

•■^Obcy (Le Marquis de) M^moires, pour servir k THistoire des N^o- 
dations depuis le Trait^ de Riswick, jusqu'k la Paix d*Utrecht. — 
Petitot, ColL des M^moires, 2"** S^rie, tomes 67, 68. 

"^orelli (Jos.) — see Archimedes. 

•*^Oreno (El Conde de) Historia del Levantamiento, Guerra, y Revolucion 
de E^mna. 3 vols. 8"" Paris, 1838. 

'^orqubmada (Juan de) Monarquia Lidiana, con el Origen, y Guerras de 
los Lidios Occidentales, de sua poblaciones, descubrimiento, conquista, 
conversion, y otras cosas maravillosas de la misma tierra. 3 vols. fol. 
Madrid, 1723. 
-^DRBE (Francesco)— Raccolta di Prose. 

^ORRENS (R.) The Budget: on Commercial and Colonial Policy; with an 
Introduction, in whidi the deductive Method of Mill is applied to the 
solution of some questions in Political Economy. 8^ London, 1844. 

310 TOR — TRA 

Torres (L. Vaez de) Bdatioii oonceming the DiscoTcries of Qinroi, 
1607. — ^BumeT's Discoveries in the South Seas, toL 2. 

ToRRiGiANi (Carlo) Tre Dissertazioni lette All' Imp. EL Reale Accadenna 
£conomico-Agraria del Greorgofili di flrenze. Folio. Firenze, 1841. 

ToRSHELL (Samuel) A design ahout disposing the Bible into an Hannooj. 
— Phenix, voL 1, No. 3. 

ToTA Itihas. The Tales of a Parrot, in Bengali, edited hj G. C. 
Haughton. 8** London, . 

TouRNEFORT (J. P. de) A Yojage into the LeTant; with Life, hj 
Lauthier, translated. 2 vols. 4° London, 1718. 

[TousTAiN (CharlesF.)etR.P. Tassin.] Nouveau Traits de Dipl<mui^Qe. 
6 vols. 4^ Paris, 1750-65. 

TowNSEND (Francis) Calendar of Knights; containing Lists of the Garter. 
Thistle, Bath, St. Patrick, Guelphic, and Ionian Orders, kc 8° 
London, 1828. 

ACatalogueofKnights,£roml660tol760. 8"* London, 1833. 

(George) The Old and New Testament, arranged in historical 

and chronological order. 4 vols. 8® London, 1827. 

— The CEdipus Romanus; or, an Attempt to prove, from the prin- 
ciples of Sir W. Drummond, that the twdve Caesars are the twdrc 
Signs of the Zodiac. 8° London, 1819. 

(Joseph) A Journey through Spain, in 1786 and 1787. 3 vols. 

8"* London, 1792. 

TowNsoN (Archdeacon Thomas) Discourses on the Gospels, and on Etsd- 
geHcal History. 8° DubUn, 1832. 

Practical Discourses. 8® London, 1828. 

Tracts. A Collection of Tracts on American Affairs. 51 vols. 8** v.i. 

A Collection of Tracts, formed by the Athenaeum Club. I86vob. 

8** London, 1821-43. 

A Collection of Tracts, from the Library of Sir James MackintosL 

21 vols. 8"* 1805-16. 

A Collection of MisceUaneous Tracts. 23 vols. foL 4*", 8** & 12= 

A Collection of Tracts, from the Library of the Rev. James 

Nasmith. 43 vols. 8° 1759-1802. 

A Collection of Tracts, from the Library of Morton Pitt, Esq. 

139 vols. 4°&8° 1695-1796. 

for the Times, by Members of the University of Oxford; with 

Index, by D. Croly. 6 vols. 8° London, 1838-42. 

for tlie Times Controversy by Pusey, Palmer, Wiseman, Sib- 
thorp, Keble, Powell, Hampden, Benson, &c &c. 13 vols. 8** Loo- 
don, and Oxfonl, 1839-44. 

*^* The Contents of these and the other Collections of Tracts in the Library, are 
given separately, in alphabetical order, in the Second Fkrt of the Catalogae. 

for the Times. — see Page. 

Tkahkhnk (John Montgomery) — see Cradock. 

'l^^AiTKs do Puix. — see Duntont, Koch, Martens, and Wenck. 

T R A 311 


The Publications of the Aelfric Society, from the commencement. 
S"" London, 1843 &c 

Proceedings of the African Association for promoting the Discovery 
of the Interior of Africa. 4^ London, 1790. 

Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, firom the 
commencement. 8^ London, 1840. 

Archseologia; or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, pub- 
lished by the Society of Antiquaries of London, from 1749 to 
1843; with Lidex to the first 15 vols., and a Catalogue of the 
Printed Books and MSS. in the Society's library, in 1816. 
31 vols. 4** London, 1779-1844. 

Transactions of the Institute of British Architects of London, for 
1836 and 1836, vol 1, part 1. 4"" London, 1836. 

Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manu- 
factures, and Commerce, from the commencement in 1783. 8^ 

Annual Reports of the Committee of Management of the Art-Union 
of London, from 1836. 8^ London. 

Report presented to the General Committee of Management of 
the Art-Union, in December, 1841, on the most efficient mode of 
working the enlarged means of the Association. 8^ 1844. 

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Ireland, from its commencement in 1823 to 1830. 3 vols. 4^ 
London, 1827-35. 

The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, from the commencement 
in 1834. 8'' London. 

Proceedings of the Astronomical Society, from the commencement 
in 1828. 8° London. 

Reports of the Meetings of the British ALSSociation for the Advance- 
ment of Science, from the commencement in 1831. 8^ London, 

Cambridge Antiquarian Society's Publications, from the commence- 
ment. 4° Cambridge. 

The Publications of the Camden Society, from the commencement 
in 1838. 4'' London. 

Transactions of the Cymmrodorion, or Metropolitan Cambrian In- 
stitution, vol. 1, and vol. 2, part 1. 8° London, 1822. 

The Publications of the English Historical Society, from the com- 
mencement in 1838. 8^ London. 

Transactions of the Central Society of Education. 3 vols. 8^ 
London, 1837-39. 

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from 1837 lo 1840. 4° London, 1841. 

Proceedings of the London Electrical Society, from 1841 to 1843; 
edited by C. V. Walker. 8** London, 1843. 

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the commencement in 1830; with Index to the first 10 volumes, 
by J. R. Jackson. 8^ London. 

Transactions of the Geological Society, from 1807 to 1842. Both 
Series. 1 1 vols. 4'' London, 1811 -42. 

312 T H A 


Froeeediiigs of the Geologicil Socic tj, finom die oommeiioement in 
KoTember, 1826. 8^ London, 18S4. 

Tnn§ictioDS of the Tirnifn Societj of London, finom its oommenoe- 
ment in 1788. 4** London, 1791. 

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Kingdom, from 1821 to 1839. 3 Tob. 4"" London, 1829-39. 
Second Series, from 1843. 8^ 

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menoement in 1842. 8^ London. 

The Oriental Transbtion Fund Publications, fix>m the commence- 
ment in 1829. 4° and 8^ London. 

Eurlj English Poetij, BaDads, and P<^Nilar Literature of the Kddle 
Ages; edited from original MSS. and scarce pnbBcaticHis, hj the 
Percy Societj. 8^ London, 1840. 

Philosophical Transactions of the Bojal Societj of London, from 
the conmiencemoit in 1665 to the present time; with Index to 
the first 70 Tc^omes, bj P. H. Matj, continned to 1820. 4' 
London, 1668 &c 

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ment in 1830. 8** London. 

Transactions of the Pljmoath Institution. 8^ Pljmoath, 1830. 

The Publications of the Shakespeare Societj, finom the commence- 
ment in 1841. 8^ London. 

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London, 1837. 

Journal of the Statistical Societj of London, firom the commence- 
ment in 1838. &" London, 1839. 

Beport of a Conmiittee of the Manchester Statistical Society on the 
State of Education. 8° London, 1837. 

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mencement. 4° London, 1835. 

Proceedings of the Zoological Societj of London, from the com- 
mencement in 1830. 8^ London, 1831. 

Anniift.1 Beports of the Auditors of Accounts of the Zoolpgic&I 
Societj, from 1830. 8** London. 

Transactions. — Scotland. 

Prize Essajs and Transactions of the Highland Societj of Scotland, 
from the commencement of the New Series in 1829. 8® Edinb. 

Transactions of the Bojal Societj of Edinburgh, from 1785 to 1843. 
15 vols. 4** Edinburgh, 1788-1843. 

Proceedings of the Bojal Societj of Edinburgh, from 1839. S*' 

Transactions of the Literarj and Antiquarian Societj of Perth, 

voL 1. 4° Perth, 1827. 
Memoirs of the Wemerian Natural Historj Societj, from the com 

mencement in 1808, to 1837. 7 vols. 8** Edinburgh, 1811-^ 

Transactions. — Ireland. 

Transactions of the Bojal Irish Academj, from 1787 to 1841 
with Index from 1786 to 1813, bj Nicholas CarHsle. 19 vols 
4° Dublin, 1788-1843. 
Proceedings of the Bojal Irish Academj, from 1 836. 8° Dublin, 1 837 

T R A 31H 

Transactions. — Ireland, continued. 

Tracts relating to Ireland, printed bj the Irish Archsoological So- 
ciety, from the commencement. 4° Dublin, 1841. 

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by Edward O'ReiUy. 4'' Dublin, 1820. 

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Union, from 1839-43. 8° Dublin. 


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quiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, 
and Literature of Asia. 20 vols. 4'' Calcutta, 1788-1839. 

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London, 1819-24. 

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Weetenschappen, vols. 1, 3, and 6. 8'' Batavia, 1779-92. 

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conmiencement. 8° Hobart Town, 1840. 

Transactions. — America. 

Transactions and Collections of the American Antiquarian Society, 
voL 1. 8** Worcester, Massachusetts, 1820. 

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Useful Knowledge, from the commencement in 1768. Vols. 
1 to 6 (wanting vol. 4), and the New Series, vols. 1 to 3, part 2. 
9 vols. 4** Philadelphia, 1789-1827. 

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vol. 1, part 1. 8** Baltimore, 1837. 

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1823. The First and Second Series. 20 vols, in 10. 8"* Boston, 

Memoirs of the Board of Agriculture of the State of New York, 
vols. 2 and 3. 8* Albany, 1823-26. 

Memoirs of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Society. 8° Philadel- 
phia, 1824. 

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, from 
the commencement in 1817, to 1825. 5 vols. 8^ Philadelphia. 

Transactions. — ^Beloium. 

Nonveaux M^moires de rAcad^mie Royale des Sciences et Belles- 
Lettres de Bruxelles, depuis 1839. 4^ Bruxelles, 1839. 

Mdmoires couronn^es par I'Academie Royale des Sciences et Belles- 
Lettres de Bruxelles, tome 15. 4° Bruxelles, 1841. 

Bulletins de I'Academie Royale des Sciences et Belles-Lettres de 
Bruxelles, depuis 1832. 11 vols, in 15. 8'' Bruxelles, 1835. 

Traksactions. — Denmark. 

Ajinaler for Nordisk Oldkyndighed, udgivne af det Eongelige 
Nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab. 4 vols. 8"" Eiobenhaun, 1836-43. 

M^oires de la Society Royale des Antiquaires da Nord, depuis 
1836. 2 vols. 8'' Copenhague. 

s s 



Transactions. — France. 

Histoire et Memoires de rAcademie dea Sciences, depnia eon et»- 
blissement en 1666, jusqu'en 1790. 166 vols. 4"* Paria, 1701-Sl 

Historia Academic Scientiamm, a Da- 

hameL 1701. 
Histoire de rAcademie des Scieoces, 

1666-99. 11 vols, in 14. 1733. 
Histoire et Memoires, 1699-1790. 93 

vols. 1702-97. 
Tables Astronomiqaes de La Hire: 

Saitedel702. 1735. 
Grandeur de la Terre, par Cassini: Suite 

de 1718. 1720. 
Geomctrie de Tlnfini, par Fontenelle : 

Suite de 1727. 1727. 
Traitc de T Aarore Borcale : Soite de 

1731. 1734. 
Elemens d'Astronomie, et TaUes As- 

tronomiques, par Cassini ; avec Addi- 

tion8,pai<?.deThiiry.3Tols. 1740-56. 
Meridienne de Paris, par Canini de 

Thory : Suite de 174a 1744. 
Nouveau Traito de Trigonometrie rec- 

tiligne et spherique, par M. Dcpar- 

cieux. 1741. 
Fiffure de la Terre determinee par 

Bouguer et De la Condamine : Suite 

de 1744. 1749. 
Justification des Memoires de TAca- 

demie &c, par Bouguer. 1752. 
Traite d'Optique, sur la Gradation de 

la I^umiere, par Bouguer, et De la 

CaiUe. 1760. 

Journal d*im Voyage ilTquamr^Dt 
la Condamioe : Suite de 1751. 175L 
■ Sapplements, par k 


Mysore des troia premiers Degradi 
Moridien, par De la Condamine. ITSL 

Reponsede M. * * * i la Letne de K 
Bonder, cor dirers points ^Am*- 
nomie pntique. 1754. 

Voyagedans 1' Ameriqoe SepleiitnoBk, Chabert, 1750-51. ITUL 

Memoires donncs ^ rAcademie, yt 
M. Fontaine: Suite de 1762. ITM. 

Jonmal da Voyage de M. CoaztnmaL 

Memoires de Ifatheinatiqoe etdePkt- 
siqae, presentes par diven Sxnm 
Etrangers. 11 toIs. 1750-«€. 

Recneil des Pieces qoi ont lempoiti \a 
Prix, de 1720-72. 9 ▼ols. 1721-::. 

Recneil des Machines approinr««fpff 
rAcademie, depnis son etabliMBcit 
jnsqn'en 1754. 7 Tola. 1735-7:. 

Tables des liatidres, de 166^1790, pr 
Godin, Demonrs, et Cocte. 10 fok 

NouTelles Tables des Articles cootns 
dans la Collection des Arts et It- 
tiers &c, 1666-1770, par \'l\^ 
Rosier. 4 yoIs. 1775-76. 

Histoire de rAcademie Rojale des Inscriptions et Bdles-Lettres 
depuis son etablissement jusqu'^ 1793. (Index, in vols. 11,21 
34, 44, 51); avec le Tableau general, raisonn^ et m^*thodique. 
des Ouvrages contenus dans ce Recueil, par M. Dfe rATenh/ 
52 vols. 4^ Paris, 1736-1843. 

Memoires de Tlnstitut National des Sciences et des Arts, Botb 
Series. 80 vols. 4"* Paris, 1798-1844. 

1" Serie, — Ancien Institute 32 vols. — viz.: 

Sciences Physiques et Mathematiques, 1798-1815. 14 vok. 4 


Litterature et Beaux- Arts. 5 vols. 1798-1804. 

Sciences, Morales et Politiques. 5 vols. 1798-1804. 

Savants Etrangers: Sciences Math^atiques et Physiques. 2vcIn 

Base du Sjstome Metrique Decimal, par Delambre. 3 Tuk 

Recueil d'Observations Geodesiques, Astronomiques, etPhjsiqutfs 
par MM. Arago et Biot. 1821. 

Rapports sur lea Progres des Sciences Naturelles et Mathemi* 
tiques, de Tllistoire et de la Litterature ancienne, par Cuvier, 
Delambre, et Dacier. 1810. 

Rapports sur les Ouvrages admis au concours pour le IVix 
Decennaux. 1810. 

TRA 315 

i&AHSACTiONS. — FRANCE, Continued, 

Memoires de I'lnstitut National. 

2"^ Serie, — Nouvelle Division^ 48 vols. — viz. : 

Memoires de rAcad^mie Rojale des Sciences. 18 vols. 1816-41. 

Memoires pr^nt^ par divers Savants Strangers. 8 vols. 181 7-43. 

Memoires de I'Acad^mie Royale des Inscriptions etBelles-Lettres. 
13 vols. 1815-38. 

M6moirespr6sent& par divers Savants Etrangers. l^Serie. 1841. 

2"^ S^rie. Antiquities de la France, vol. 1. 1843. 

M^oires del' Academic Royale des Sciences Morales et Politiques. 
4 vols. 1837-43. 

M^oires pr^sent^s par divers Savants Etrangers, tome 1. 1841. 
Recueil de Discours, Rapports, et Pii^ces diverses, lus dans les 

Stances publiques et particuli^res de TAcademie Fran9aise, 

1820-29. 1843. 
Recueil de Discours, Rapports et Pieces diverses, lus dans les 

Stances publiques et particuli^res de TAcad^mie Fran9aise, 

1830-39. 1841. 

Comtes Rendus hebdomadaires des Seances de I'Acad^mie des 

Sciences, depuis 1836. 4° Paris. 
Linstitut. Journal general des Soci^t^ et Travaux scientifiques de 

la France et de TEtranger, depuis 1833. Folio. Paris. 
Annales du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (1802-13); avec 

la Table. 21 vols. 4° Paris, 1802-27. 

Memoires du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (1813-31). 20 vols. 
4** Paris, 1815-32. 

Nouvelles Annales du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (1832-35). 
4 vols. 4° Paris, 1832-35. 

Archives duMuseum d'Histoire Naturelle, depuis 1839. 4° Paris, 

Bulletin des Sciences, par la Societe Philomatique de Paris. 3 vols. 
4° Paris, 1824-26. 

Thansactions. — Germany. 

Histoire de TAcademie Royale des Sciences et Belles-Lettres de 
Berlin, depuis son origine jusqu'ii present; avec les Pitices 
originales. 4° Berlin, 1752. 

Miscellanea Berolinensia, ex scriptis SocietatiRegiseScientiarum, 
edita. 8 vols, in 4. 4° Berolini, 1710-43. 

Histoire et Memoires de 1' Academic Royale des Sciences et Belles- 
Lett res, depuis son renouvellement en 1745 jusqu'en 1769. 
25 vols. 4° Berlin, 1746-71. 

Nouveaux Memoires, 1770-86. 17 vols. 4° Berlin, 1772-88. 

Memoires depuis Tavenement de Frederick ii., 1 786-1 804. 1 3 vols. 

4° BerUn, 1792-1807. 
Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Academic der Wissenschaften, in 

Beriin, 1804-42. 27 vols. 4° Berlin, 1815-42. 
Commentarii Societatis Regiae Scientiarum Gottingensis, 1751-54. 

4 vols. 4° GottingK, 1752-55. 
Novi Commentarii, 1769-1777. 8 vols. 4° Gottingae, 1771-78. 
Commentationes, 1778-1808. 16 vols. 4° Gottiugaj, 1779-1808. 
CommentationesRecentiores, 1808-37. 8 vob. 4"^ Gottingae, 




Transactions. — Spain. 

Mcmorias de U Real Academia de la Ilistoria. 7 vole. 
Tbavkls (Catalogues of) — see Boucher de La Eicharderie, andPinkerton's 

Voyages, vol. 17. 
I'^AVEES (Benjamin) Hunterian Oration. 8° London, 1838, 

The Physiology of In Janunation and the Ilealing Froces§. H° 

London, 1844. 

TttAvis (Archdeacon) — see Person. 
Trebkok (George) — see Moorcroft. 
Tebdgold (T.) The Steam Engine, its invention and improvemetit i 

new edition, with the Science of Steam Naval Architecture, editod 

by W. Woolhouae. 4° London, 1838. 

Atlas (in iUuatrfttion of Steani Machinery). Folio. Lond. 1840. 

Themociilb (La) — see Bayard, and Bouchet. 

(Charlotte de la) — see Lathom House. 

Tbent (Council of) — see Mendham, and Sarpi. 

Tebvelvan (CE.) Education of the People of India. 8° London, 183S. 

Theveltan; a Novel. 12' London, 1837. 

Trials. AcompletcCollectionofStateTrialH,from 1163 to 1783. EdiuJ, 
with Notes &c., by William Cobbett and T. B. Howell, and contiond 
from 1783 to 1820, by T. J. HoweU; with Lidex, by David Jardine. 

34 vols. 

London, 1809-28, 

State Trials ; or, a Collection of the most interesting Triala prior 

to the Revolution of 1688, reviewed and illustrated by S. M. Philliiips. 
2 vols. 8° London, 182S. 

see Jardine. 

THiGAUTiua (Nicolas) Voyage to India, and State of Chmtianilie in 
China and Japan. — Purehas'a Voyages, vol. 2. 

Tbissino (Gioi^o) Sofonisba, Tragedia. — Farnaso Italiano, tomo ITj 
Teatro Italiano Antico, tonio 1. 

Trivbtus (Nicol.) Aonales sex Reguni Angliie; acced. Adami Murinni- 
thenda Chronicon, Boston! Speculum Co^nobitariun, et Boltoni Hjper- 
criticas edidit e Codicibus MSS. Aiit. Hall. 2 vols. 8° OxiKiii, 

Trooron (Aug.) Fragment Bur I'Histoire de FVance. — Guizot, CoU- il« 
Memoires, — In trod uction . 

Tboil (Uno von) Letters on Iceland. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol 1. 

Tbojak Controversy. — sec Troy. 

Trokelowe (Johon, de) Ann»les Edvardi ii. — see Heame. 

Troppaneqer (Albert) The Grammatical Forms of the German Lm- 
guage. 12° London, 1836, 

Trotter (Alexander) Observations in illustration of his modified PUa 
of a communication between the New and tlie Old Town of Edin- 
burgh. 4° Edinburgh, 1834. 

On the Financial Position and Credit of such of tlie Stalta rf 

the North American Union as have contracted Poblic DebU. ^ 
London, 1839. 

see Balecapo. 

Troubadours. — see Raynouard, and Sainto-Palayc, 

TRO — TUR 317 

nrnvni-DtTor AT. Ses Memoires. — Pctitot, Coll. dea M^moiree, 2"'^ SiJrie, 

tome 75. 
Teoy. a CoUectioa of Works on the Trojan Controversy, by M. Che- 
valier, John Maclaurin, J. Bryanf, J. Dallaway, J. B. 8. Morritt, 

Richard Chandler, J. Rennell, F. Spohn, and from the British Critic. 

3 vols. 4" London, ftc., I"91-iai4. 
rBOYBB (Anth.) — see Dabietao. 
hoTBS (Jean de) Histoire de Louis xi., et des choaes mi^morables ad- 

Tennes de son ri'gne, depuis fan 1460 jusqucs a 1483, (autrement 

dicte la Chrooique ScaniJaleuie.) — Petilot, Coll. dus Memoiree, I" 

S^rie, tome 13. 
Trumai* (Matthew) Food, and its influence on Health and Disease. 12° 

London, 1842. 
Cboko. Some Account of the ProceedingB at the Election for Truro, 

August, 1830. 9° London. 
rsTALs of William Penn, William Mead, Thomaa Rudyard, ttc., Sept. 

1670. — Phenis, vol. 1, Noa. 11 and 12. 
rucKEH (Abraham) The Light of Nature pursued; with Life, by Sir 

H. P. Sl John Mildmay. 7 vols. 8° London, 1805. 
Man in quest of himself; or, a Defence of the Individuality of 

the numan Mind, or Self. (Parr's Metaphysical Tracts.) 6" Ijon- 

don, 1763. 
i (Geoi^e) The Theory of Money and Banks investigated. 8° 

Boston, 1839. 
I Pr<^ess of the United States in Population and Wealth, in 

Fifty Years, as exhibited by tliu Decennial Census. 8° New York, 

TocKET (Captain J. N.) Narrative of an Expedition to explore the 

Itiver Zaire, or Congo, in South Africa, in 1816; with Professor 

Smith's Journal. 4° London, 1818. 
Tddela (Benjamin de) — see Benjamin. 
Tddob (Henry) Narrative of a Tour in North America; comprising 

Mexico and the Island of Cuba. 2 vols. 8° London, 1834. 
TuiLLEKiES. Statues et Bustes de Morbre Antiques qui sont an Louvre 

et au Palais des Tuilleries; Omemens de Peinture ct do Sculpture au 

PaUis dea Tuilleries. Folio. Paris, 1679. 
Tdpinibb (M.) Observations on the Dimensions of the Ships of the Line 

and Frigates in the French Navy, translated. 8° London (privately 

printed), 1830. 
Tdxkei (Description of) — Condcr's Modem Traveller, vol. 14. 

(History of) — see Hammer, KnoUes, and Zinkcisen. 

TcBKisH Spy. Letters, giving an account of the most remarkable trans- 
actions of Europe, from 1637 to 1682. 8 vols, iu 4. 12" London, 

TcKNBDLL (A.) Treatment of the Diseases of the Eye, by means of 

Prussic Acid Vaponr, and other medicinal agents. 8° London, 1843. 
ruBNumis (Adrian) Poimata. 12° Paris, 1580. 
Tdbxer (Dawson) Muscologioe Hibemicoi Spicilegium. 8" YermuthiB 

(privately printed), 1804. 
_ Extracts from the Literary and Scientific Correspondence of 

Richard lUchanlaon, of Iticrley. 8^ Yarmouth (privately printed), 



318 TUB. — TWE 

Tu&HEQ (Dawson ) Specimen of a Licbenogrnpfaia Britannica; or, attempt 
at a HistAry of the UrJtisli Lichens. 8° Yarmouth (privately prisKi!), 

Outlines in Lithography, from a small Collection of Picture*. 

4° Yarmouth (privately printed), 1840. 

■ Catalogue of Engravinga, Etchinge, and original Drawings, 

Deeds, &c., (.'ollected towarda the illustration of the Topographj of 
Norfolk, and inserted in his copy of Bloineiield's History at lluU 
county, 8° Yarmouth (privately printed), 1841. 

Descriptive Indejc of the contents of Five Manuscript Vnlunn 

in his Library, illustrative of the History of Great Britain. 
Yarmouth (privately printed), 1843. 

Guide to the Historian, the Biographer, Antiquary, and ColkcW 

of Autographs, towards the verification of MSS. 8° Tarmooth 
(privately printed), 1844. 

see Cotman. 

(Mrs. Dawson) One Hundred Etchings. 4° (Privately printed.) 

(Edward) Elements of Chemistry. 8° London, 1833. 

(Captain Samuel) An Account of an Embassy to the Court of 

the Teshcxi Lama, in Tibet ; with Observations botanical, DiiiM> 
ralt^cal, and medical, by R. Saunders. 4° London, 1800. 

(Sharon) The Sacred History of the World, ob displayed io the 

Creation and subsequent events to the Deluge. 3 vols. 8^ LobiIod. 

The History of the Anglo-Soxonsi comprising the Hisloryof 

England to the Norman Conquest; with a Vindication of the AncienI 
British Poems. 3 vols. 9° London, 1823. 

Another Edition. 3 vols. 8° London, 1828. 

Tlie History of England during the Middle Ages. 5 vols. >f 

London, 1825. 

Another Edition. 5 vols. 8° London, 1830, 

The History of the Beign of Henry viii. 2 vols. 8° Loniliw. 


The History of the Reigns of Edward vi., Mary, and EliMbclli. 

2 vols. 8° London, 1829. 

(William) Treatise, relative to the Voyage of John Wilfion in 

Guiana, 1606. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 
TnHNOB (Ed.) History of Grantham. — see Howlett. 
TtHPiH (F. R.) History of Siam. — Pinkerton's Voyages, vol. 9. 
(Archbishop) History of Charles the Great and Oriandoi wil* 

Ancient Spanish Ballads relating to the Twelve Peers of France, loi 

English Metrical Versions, translated by T. Bodd. 2 vola. S° 

London, 1812. 
ToRREAU (Le General) Memoires pour servir & I'Histoire de la Guerre 

de la Vend(ie. 8° Paris, 1824. 
TuRTON (Thomas) The Text of the English Bible, as now printed fcj 

the Universities, considered. 8" Cambridge, 1833. 
TcTOB (The Private) ; or, Thoughts upon the Love of Excelling mi 

the Love of Excellence [by Basil Monti^u]. 8° London, 1820. 
TwEDDELL (John) BcmainB; being a selection of his Correspondenw. " 

republication nf liis Prolusiones Juveniles, and u Biographical Aleiaoiri 

by Robert Twcddell. 4° London, 1816. 

TWE — ULL «9 

TwEEDiE (A.) — sec Forbes. 

TwESTEN (A. D. C.) Vorlesungen tiber die Di^matik der Evangeliscli- 
Latheriichen Kirche, naeh dem Compendium des W. M. L. de Wette. 
8° Hamburg, 1826. 

rwiss (Francia) — 3ce Shakspeare. 

(Richard) Travels tlirough Portugal and Spain, in 1772-73. 4° 

London, 1775. 

FViSDEN (Roger) Historiffi Anglicante Scriptores x. : — Simeon Mon. 
Dunelmensia; JohannesetRicarda8,Friorea H^ustaldensee; Ailredus 
Abbas Rievallensis, Radiilpb do Diceto, Johannes Brompton, Ger- 
vasiua Mon. Doroboriensie; Thoraa Stubba, Gnilielmua Thorn, et 
Henricus Knighton ; ex vetust. MSS., cumGlosaarioetlndice. 2 vols, 
fol. Londini, 16^2. 

TiBica. — eee Moximua Tyrius. 

rTRBELL (Jamea) General History of England, as well ecclesiastical 
as civil, taken from ancient Uecords, MSS., and Hiatorians; with 
Appendix. 3 vols, in 4. fol. London, 1696-1704. 

rYKT£ns. — see Camerarius, Poeta; Minorea Gneci, and Theocritus. 

(Patrick Fraser) History of Scotland, a.d. 1249-1G03. 9 vols. 

8° Edinburgh, 1828-44. 

Second Edition. 9 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1841-44. 

Lives of Scottish Worthies. 3 vols. 12° London, 1831-33. 

see Crichlon, and Henry viii. 

(William)— see Mary Queen of Scots. 

TziHiscES (Joannes) — see Diaconus. 

Chden (Hermanu F.) Die Zustiindc der Anglicanischen Kirche, mit 

beeonderer Bcrricbsichtigung der Verfasaung und des Cultus dar- 

gesteUt. 8" Leipzig, 1843. 
Ckrbt (Fr. Aug.) Geographic der Griechen und RSmer, von den friih- 

esten zeiten bia auf IHolemiiua. 2 vols, 8° Weimar, 1816. 
Ulloa (George et Antoine de) Voyage historique de TAmi^rique m<-ri- 

dionale; avecuneHistoiredes IncasduFcrou. 2vols. 4° Amsterdam, 

' Voyage to South America, describing at large the Cities, Towns, 

gtc, on that Continent; translated, witli Notea and Observations, and 

an account of some parts of the Brazils, by J. Adams. 2 vols. 8° 

London, 1772. 
Voyage to South America. — -Pinkerton's Voyagea, vol. 14. 

- Noticiaa Secretas de America, sobre el Eatado do los Reynos del 
Peru y Frovinciaa de Quito, oostas de N. Grenada y Chile, — Gobiemo 
y Regimen particular de los Pueblos de Lidioa, — Cruel opr^sion y 
extorsiones de aus Corregidores y Cnras, — Abuses introduddos por los 
Misionarcs, causus de au origen y moiivoa de eu continuaeion por 
trea siglos; sacadas a luz por D. Barry. 4° Londres, 1B26. 


320 ULL — VAL 

Ulloa (Franc, di) Relatione dello Scoprimento die Ta 4 lar rarmate A 
Fernando Cortese, Mardiese di Yalky con tre navi, nel 1 539. — ^Baman^ 
torn. 3. 

Discovery that California was part of the ContiTicnt, lo39.~ 

Bumey's Discoveries in the South Seas, voL 1. 

Ulpianus Institutiones. — see Endlicher. 

XXIX. Tituli ex corpore Ulpiani. 12** Paris, 1649. 

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Uniacke (C.) — see Harrison. 

United Service Journal, and Naval and MUitarj Magazinei from tk 
commencement in 1829. 8^ London. 

United States Literary Grazette, vols. 2, 3, 4, from 1 826 to 1 826 ; oootinittL 
by the United States Review and Literary Gazette, to 1827. 5 Tok 
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the present time, compiled from Original Authors; with Notes aad 
Indexes. 60 vols. 8° London, 1779-84. 

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relating to English Topography. 3 vols. 8^ London, 1818. 

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Ure (Andrew) Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines. ^ 
London, 1839. 

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Geographical and Historical Disquisition touching Asia, the 

Lydian Asia, the Proconsular Asia, and the Asian Diocese. — Hari. 
ColL of Voyages, voL 1. 

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G. M. AngioleUo. — Ramusio, tomo 2. 

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printed copies. 2 vols in 1. S° London, 1817. 

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1555.) Paris, 1837. 

. Commentaires r^digds par Pero Hernandez. 8® (VaDadoIid, 

1555.) Paris, 1837. 

Vaccination (Nature and Results of), as unfolded in Baron's Life rf 
Jenner, by Vigorniensis. 12° London, 1838. 

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8° Lipsias, 1808. 

see Euripides, and Phalaris. 

VAL — VAS 321 

Valdenses (Aothentic Details of the) in Piemont and other Countries ; 
with abridged translations of " L'Histoire des Vaudois," par Bresse, 
and " La Rentree Glorieose, d' Henri Amaud," and the Ancient 
Yaldensian Catechism. S° London, 1827. 

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Paris, 1840. 

Valenciennes (M.) — see Cuvier. 

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the Bed Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, 1802-6. 3 vols. 4"^ Lond. 1809. 

Valeresso (Zaccaria) — see Catuffio. 

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curante P. Burmanno, et Lidicibus. 4° Leidse, 1724. 

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cum Notis in usum Delphini, Notis Variorum, et Indice. 3 vols. 8^ 
Londini, 1823. 

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Finkerton's Voyages, vol. 9. 

VALLitRE (Le Due de la)— see Catalogue. 

Valpi^s Delphin Classics. — see Auctores Classici. 

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see Wycherley. 

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3 vols. 4** London, 1798. 

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mentario in Canones, Indice (in vol. 4), et Supplemento Monumen- 
torum. 5 vols. fol. Lovanii, 1753-68. 

Van Mildert (Bishop W.) — see Waterland. 

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Arabicis,etBrachmanum characteribus nominibusque expressus; Notis 
adauxerunt et Commentariis illustraverunt Arnoldus Syen et Joannes 
Commelinus. 12 vols, in 11. fol. Amstelodami, 1678-93. 

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per Cent. Consols, in every Month, from 1789 to 1833. 4° Lond. 1834. 

Van Swieten. — see Swieten. 

Varchi (Benedetto) L'Ercolano. 2 vols. 8° Milano, 1804. 

Storia Fiorentina. 5 vols. 8° Milano, 1803. 

^aiham's Chronicle. — see Neumann. 

^ARiN (Pierre) — see Reims. 

^Aaio. — see Terentius Varro. 

^ASARi (Giorgio) Vite de' piu eccellenti Pittori, Scultori e Architetti, 
16 vols. 8^ Milano, 1807. 

^Asco Di Gama. Navigatione fatta nelF anno 1497, oltra il Capo di 
Buona-Speranza. — ^Ramusio, tomo 1. 

T T 



Vasquez (Francesco) Relatione degli successe nel Viaggio da Culiam^ 
1540, — RaiDUBio, tomo 8. 

Letterc d Signor Antonio di Mendozzs, Vioere della Nnon 

Spogna. — Eamusio, tomo 3. 

Vattel (Emer. de) The Law of Nations; or, Principles of the Law rf 
Nature, applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereignt; 
translated. 8° London, 1811. 

Vacohah (Robert) The History of England under the House of Slmr^ 
including the Commonwealth, 1603-88. 2 toU. 8° London, 1840. 

see Wieliffe. 

Vaci.t (Le Gt^Dijral de) Memoires MilitdreB relatifs & la Sorceeeioa 

tl'EspHgue sous Louia xiv. ; cxtraits de la Correspon dance de la Cour 

et Ues GeniSraux, avec 1' Atlas dressC'. par le G*n6ral Pelet. 5 tab- 

4° FariB, 1835-42. 
Vadltier (Frederic) Histoire de lii Ville de Coen, depnis son origiiK 

juequ^nos jours, contenant la desuription de ees Monuments. 18* 

Caen. 1843. 
Vaulx-Ckenat (Pierre de) Eietoire de I'H^resie des Albigeois; etdeh 

Sointe Guerre entreprise contre eux. — Guiiot, ColL des M^tncure^ 

tomes 14 & 15. 
Vaz (Lopez) Historic, anno L586, touching American placea, disooieric^ 

and occurrents, abridged. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 
Vees (Gerart de) Third Voyage Northward to the Kingdomett of Cilliail 

and China, in 1596. — Purchas's Voyages, Tot. 3. 
Vega (GorciUassodela) Observations collected out of the "Commenftmei 

Royal," written hj him, on the Licas. — Purchas's Voyages, vti. 4. 
Vega Cahpio (Lope Felix de) Obras Sueltaa, nasi en Prosa, corao en 

Verso. 21 vols. 8° Madrid, 1776. 

Account of his Life and Writings. — see Holland. 

Vegeties. De Ee Militiui, Notis Variorum ex recens. N. Sdiwebtlti. 

cum Indice. 8° Argenlorati, 1806. 

see Rei Rustics;. 

Velasco (Juan de) Histoire du Royaume de Quito. 8° Paries, 1 

Vellbros (J.) — see Fischer. 

Velly (L'Abb^) Histoire de France, coutinuee par Villaret, et e 

pur Gamier, jusqu'au milieu du xvi" Siecle; ct la seconde puw 

jusqu^ la mort de Louis xvi., par A. Fantin des Odoards. If 

8° Paris, 1819. 
VemdiSe (Memoirs but La) comprenant les M^muires infdita d'an : 

Administrateur Mihtaire des Arm^ Republicaines, et ceui * 

Madame de Sapinaud. 8" Paris, 1823. 
Veneroni (J. v.) Dictionnaire Italien-Fraiijois. 2 vols, in 1. 4° 

stcrdam, 1729. 

The Complete Italiaji Master; with un Introduction to Ilali* 

Versification &c., by G. B. Holandi. 12° London, 1823. 

Venetian History (Sketches from). 2 vols. 12° London, 1831. 

Veseziane (Istorici delle Cose) I quali honiio soritio per pobbliM 
decreto; cio6 M. Sabellico, P. Bembo, P. Famta, A, Mortuijii 
Giov. Nani, c M. Foacaiini. 11 vols. 4" Vene*!*, 1718-22. 

VEN — VIL 323 

"VkNiCE under the Yoke of France and of Austria; with Memoirs of the 
Courts, Grovemments, and People of Italy. 2 vols. 8° London, 1824. 

"Vjbmm (Henry) The Complete Duty of Man; or, a System of Doctrinal 
and Practical Christianity. 8® London, 1810. 

VjBifToxnLLAC (L. T.) The French Librarian, or Literary Guide. 8** 

liondon, 1829. 
Vjesb (Charles) The Pocket Cambist. 12** London, 1836. 

— — Table of Monies of the principal Cities of the World. 12® 

licmdon, 1836. 
Vkroiuus (Polydorus) Historia Anglica, ex nova editione Antonii 

Thysii. 8° Lugd. Bat., 1649. 

— — Three Books of English History, comprising the reigns of 

Henry vi., Edward iv., and Richard iii. ; edited by Sir Henry Ellis. 

(Camden Society.) 4° London, 1844. 
Vkbrazzano (Giov. da) Relatione della terra per lui scoperta, 1524. — 

Hamusio, tomo 3. 
VxBBTCJs Flaocus. — See Pompeius Festus. 
VsmsTEGAN (Richard) Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities 

concerning the English Nation. 8° London, 1673. 

Vkbtoman (Lewis) Travels of Lewis Barthema, or Vertoman, in 
Egypt &C., translated by Richard Eden. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

Vkbtot (Ren6 Auber de) Histoire des Revolutions arrivees dans le 
Gouvemement de la R6publique Romaine. 4 vols. 8^ Paris, 1792-96. 

— Histoire des Revolutions de Portugal 8° Paris, 1792. 

Histoire des Revolutions de SuMe. 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1792. 

"Vbbtub (Greorge) Anecdotes of Painting. — see Walpole. 

"Vbttori (Pietro) Trattato delle Lodi, e della coltivazione degli Ulivi; 
con Annotazioni. 8^ Milano, 1806. 

"VxTUSTA Monumenta quae ad Rerum Britannicarum Memoriam conser- 
vandam, Societas Antiquariorum Londini sumptu suo edenda curavit. 
6 vols. fol. Londini, 1747-1842. 

"Vico (Giambattista) Opere, ordinate ed illustrate, coll' analisi storica della 
mente di Vico, in relazione alia scienza della Civilt^ da G. Ferrari. 
6 vols. 8** Milano, 1837. 

Victor. — see Aurelius Victor. 

"ViDANiA (Diego Vincencio de) Los Servicios Heredados y Proprios de 

Nuestro Senor D. Francisco de Benavides Davila, Corella y de la 

Cueva, y de su hijos. Folio. Napoles, 1696. 
ViBiLLEViLLE (Fran5ois, Sire de) Ses M^moires. — Petitot, ColL des 

M^moires, 1"* S^rie, tomes 26-28. 
ViBUBSEUx (A.) The History of Switzerland, from the L-ruption of the 

Barbarians to the present time. 8^ London, 1840. 

ViBTBA (Anth.) A Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Languages, 
by J. D. do Canto. 2 vols. 8** London, 1827. 

ViONOLA (G. B. da) — see Antonini. 

Vigors (N. A.) — see Zoological Club. 

ViiiATB. Causes Secretes de la journ^e du 9 au 10 Thermidor, An 2; 
suivies des Myst^res de la Mere de Dieu d^voil^s. 8° Paris, 1825 

Viu-ALOBOs (Ruy Lopez de) Voyage in the South Seas, 1542. — Bumey's 
Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 1. 

324 VIL — nS 

ViLLANi (Giovanni) Istoric Fiorentiue, fino all' anno 134S. 8 voU 

Milano, 1803. 
ViLLABS (Le Martiehal de) M^moircs, ecrita par lui-mtme. — Pedtot, CoH. 

des Mi5moires, 2""* Serie, tomes 68-71. 
ViLLAViciosA (J.) La Moequea. — see Ochoa Tegoro. 
ViLLE-HARDoris (Greoffroy de) Hiatoire de la Conqu^te de Conetanti- 

nople, par les Fran9aia et l«s V^nitiena. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moire^ 

l" Serie, tome I. 

Chronique de la prise de Constantinople par les Francs, soiviede 

la Continuation de Henri de Valencieanes. — Buchon, Coll. des Cbn>> 
niques, tome 3. 

ViLLENEC^VE (Guillaume dc) M^moires, commea^ont en 1494 et fintgsut 
en H97. — Petitot, Coll. des M^moires, 1" Serie, tome 14- 

(Le Marquis de) Del'Agonie de France; Examendela SitaGtino 

morale, mat^riclle, politique, de la Monai'cliie Fran^aisc^ de I83S-38. 
2 vols. 8° Paris, 1839. 

ViLLEsoT (M.dc) Memoirea d'Estat, SOUS les Sois Charies iz., Henry m., 
Henry iv., et de Louis xiii. — Petitot, CoU. des Munoirca, 1" Serifs 
tome 44. 

Vincent. Les cinq volunieB de Miroir Historial, nouvcllemetit inprim^ 
par Nicolas Couteau. 5 vols. fol. Paris, 1^31. 

(Augustine) A DiscoTerie of Errours in the First Edition of 

R. Erwke's Catalogue of Nobility, 1619; with a Continuance of tb« 
Succession, from 1619 iintill 1622. Folio. London, 162a. 

(Dean William) Sermons; with Life, by Nares, and Prcliniinuy 

Discourse, by General Thornton. 2 vols. 8° London, 1817-26. 

The Commerce and Navigation of the Ancients in the InUuM 

Ocean, (containing the Voyage of Ncarchus, and the Periplos of 
the Erythrean Sea.) 2 vols. 4" London, 1807. 

ViNOi (Lionardo da) Trattato della Pittura, colle Memorie Storiche to b 
Vita, gli studj e le opere di Lionardo, scritte da Carlo Amoretti. 8* 
Milano, 1804. 

ViscioDBBRA (Antonio) — Raccolta di Poeaie Satiriche. 

ViBGiLits. Opera Omnia, es. editione Heyniana, cum Notts in oenni 
Delph., Notis Varior. et Indice. 9 vols. 8" Londini, 1819. 

Opera Omnia, variis Lectionibus et Adnotalionibua, illustrata » 

Chr. G. Heyne, curii G. P. Wagner, 4 vols. 8° Lipsire, 1830. 

0[>era, ad fidem editionia C. G. Heyne, 12° Londini, 1S24. 

Bucoliea, Georgica, et ^neis, en editione P. Burmanni. 2 volt 

fol. GlftsguEe, Foulia, 1778. 

Works, translated by John Dryden. — British Poets, vols, 85-87; 

and Dryden's Works, vob. 13-15. 

Georgica Hexaglotta, (Lat„ Hispan., German., Angl., Ital., « 

Gallica,) edidit Guliel. Sotheby. Folio. Londini, 1827. 

L'Eneide, tradotta da Annibal Caro. 8° Milauo, 1812. 

Dlustrationaof the iEncis, by [William Pitts]. 4" London, 1828. 

see Penn. 

ViaPNNiuB. Britannica Historia. — see Britannicarum Rerum Scriptores. 
ViscARDO (Gio. Andrea) Preceiti Morali c Civili, con molti e vitij 
EsBempi. 4° Bergamo, 1597. 

VIS — VOY 325 

ViscoNTi (Ennio Qnirino) Museo Pio Clementino, con le Miscellanea, e 
il Moseo Chiaramonti; pubblicato da Ant d'Este e Grasp. Capparone. 
8 vols. foL Roma, 1782-1808. 

Iconographie Ancienne; ou, Recueil des Portraits authentiques 

des Empereurs, Rois, et Hommes illustres de FAntiquit^. Premiere 
Partie — Iconographie Grecque. 3 vols, fol. Paris, 1808. 

Iconographie Romaine, continu^e par M. Mongez. 4 vols. fol. 

Paris, 1817-26. 

(Grasparo) — ^Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

Vishnu PurIna. — see Wilson. 

VisiGOTHOBUM Lcgcs. — Canciani Barbarorum Leges, vol. 4. 

Visions of the Western Railways. 8® London (privately printed), 1838. 

Vital Orderic. Histoire de Normandie. — Guizot, ColL des M^moires, 
tomes 25-28. 

ViTET (Louis) Les Barricades, Scenes historiques, Mai, 1588. 12° 
Bmxelles, 1828. 

Les Etats de Blois, Scenes historiques, Decembre, 1588. 12** 

Bruxelles, 1829. 

ViTBUVius PoLLio. Architcctura, textu emendato, cum Notis Jo. Poleni, 
et Conmientariis Variorum studiis Simonis Stratico. 5 vols. 4° 
Utini, 1829. 

Civil Architecture of the Public and Private Edifices of the 

Ancients, translated; with an Introduction, by William Wilkins. 4° 
London, 1812. 

ViTTORELLi (Jacopo) Pocsic. — ^Pamaso Ital. Viv., tomo 29. 

VivES (F. D.) — see Cuba. 

Vizcaino (Seb.) Voyage to examine the Western Coast of California. — 
Bumey^s Discoveries in the South Seas, vol. 2. 

VocABOLABio dcgU Accadcmici della Crusca. 3 vols. fol. Firenze, 1691. 

d^li Accademici della Crusca, corretto ed accresciuto da Giuseppe 

Manuzzi. 2 vols. 4** Firenze, 1833-44. 

VooT (Joh.) Catalogus Historico-Criticus Librorum Rariorum. 12° 
Hamburgi, 1753. 

VoLNEY (Const. Fr.) (Euvres. 8 vols. 8° Paris, 1826. 

Les Ruines; ou, Meditations sur les Revolutions des Empires. 8° 

Paris, 1822. 

VoLTAiBE (Fr. Mar. Arouet de) CEuvres completes; avec sa Vie, et une 
Table analytique des Matibres. 66 vols. 8° Paris, 1819. 

Correspondance avec le Roi de Prusse. 3 vols. 8® Paris, 1785. 

see Theatre. 

Vopiscus (Fl.) — see Historiae Augustas Scriptores. 

Voyages (Catalogue of) — see Boucher de la Richarderie, and Pinkerton's 
Voyages, vol. 17. 

Sir J. Narbrough's Voyage to the South Sea; J. Tasman's Dis- 
coveries on the Coast of South Terra Incognita; J. Wood's Attempt 
to discover a North-East Passage to China; and F. Marten's Obser- 
vations made in Greenland and other Northern countries. 8^ Lon- 
don, 1711. 

326 VOY ~ WAL 

Voyages and Travels (A Collection of); some now first printed from MSS, 
others now fir^t published in English; with the whole historj of Niri- 
gRtion, supposed to be by John Locke. Printed by assignment friM 
Messrs. Churchill. 6 vols. foL London, 1744-^6. 

and Travels (A Collection of); compiled from the Liteary of tLe 

Earl of Oxford, illustmled with Notea. [The Hsrleion Collectioii, i 
Supplement to Churchill's.] 2 vols, fol. London, 1745— 17. 

VuLCATius Gallicanus. — see Ilistoria) Augustas Scriptores. 

VuLSoN (Marc de) Sieur de la Colombiere. Le Th^tre d'Honneui et J* 
Chevalerie; ou, Ic Miroir de la Noblesse. 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1648. 

VrsE (Colonel Howard) The Pyramids of Gixeh, from octaal survey sai 
admeasurement, by J. E. Perring; with Notes and References, bj 
E. J. Andrews. Folio. London, 1839. 

Operations carried on at the Pyramids of Gizeh, in 1837; wili 

Appendix, containing J. H. Pernng'a Survey of the E^rramids at 
Abou-Koash. 3 vols. 8° London, 1840-42. 

Waagen (G. F.) Works of Art and Artists in EngUnd. 3 vols. B° 

London, 1838. 
Wachsmutu (William) The Historical Antiquities of the Greeks, with 

reference to their Political Institutions; translated by Edmund Wool- 

rych. 2 vols. 8° Oxford, 1837. 

Die altere Geschiehte des Romischen Staates. 8° Hallei, 1S19. 

Geschiehte Frankreich's im Re vol utionszei taller. YiA. 1. 8* 

Hamhurg, 1840. 

Wachter (J. G.) Glossarium Germauicum, continens Origines et AnlJ- 
quitates Linguae Germanics. Folio. Lipsiie, 1737. 

Waodingtos (Dean George) A History of the Church, to the Ee- 
formation. 2 vols. 8° London, 1831. 

A History of the Reformation on the Continent. 3 vols. S' 

London, 1841. 

The present Condition and Prospects of the Greek, or Orienlil 

Church. 8° London, 1829. 

Visit to Greece, in 1823-24. 12° London, 1825. 

and B. Hanbury. Journal of a Visit to some parts of Ethio|>ii- 

4° London, 1822. 

Wade (Colonel) — see Napier's Peninsular War. 

Wagner (J. A.) — see Aimnionus. 

Wagbhbb (Zach.) — see Backlioff. 

WAKEriELD (Edward) An Account of Injemd, historical and politi«l- 

2 vols. 4° London, 1812. 
(Edward Gibbon) Facts relnting to the Punishment of D«tli '" 

the Metropolis. 12° London, 1831. 

(Gilbert) — see Ilomcrus, and Lucretius. 

Walchius (Jo. Georg.) Bibliotheca Patristica, Utterariis adnolatiwnilm* 

instructa. 8° Jenie, 1770. 
Wajj>egeave (James, Earl of) Memoirs, from 1754 to 17o8. * 

London, 1821. 
Wales. The Laws of Howel Dda, acconling (o the Venedotiui Oj^ 

(Welsh and English). Folio, 

W A L 327 

Talks. Laws, Ecclesiastical and CiviL — see Wotton. 

VaJjES (William) and William Bayly. The original Observations, 
made in the coarse of a Voyage towards the South Pole, and round 
the World, in 1772-76, under the command of Captain Cook. 4^ 
London, 1777. 

(Talker (C. Y.) — see Electrical Magazine. 

(G. S.) Corpus Poetarum Latinorum. 8® London, 1839. 

(John) Account of the Numbers and Sufferings of the Clergy of 

the Church of England in the Grand Rebellion. Folio. London, 1714. 

(John) A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the 

English Language. 4^ London, 1810. 

Remodelled: a New Critical Pronouncing Dictionary of tiie 

English Language, by 6. H. Smart. 8^ London, 1836. 

see Johnson. 

(J. and C.) Mercantile Chart, exhibiting the Fluctuations of the 

Prices of Consols &c., from 1833 to 1838. 8" London, 1839. 

(Thomas) The Original. 8** London, 1835. 

(William G.) A Selection of Games at Chess, actually played in 

London, by A. M'Donnell &c. 8"" London, 1836. 

^ALUSR (Edmund) Poems. — ^British Poets, vols. 19-20. 

^ALLis (Captain) — see Hawkesworth. 

(John) Dendrology; with Observations on the Decay and Defects 

of Trees. 8** London, 1823. 

Walpolk (Horace) Earl of Orford. Works. 5 vols. 4® London, 1798. 

Anecdotes of Painting in England; with some Account of the 

principal Artists, and Notes on other Arts, collected by the late 
George Vertue; published from his original MSS., with Additions, 
by James Dallaway. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1828. 

A Description of his Villa at Strawberry Hill, near Twickenham, 

Middlesex. 8° London, 1842. 

The Castle of Otranto. — see Beckford, and British Novelists, 

vol. 22. 

Private Correspondence (1735-97), now first collected. 4 vols. 
8** London, 1820. 

Letters to Sir Horace Mann; edited by Lord Dover. 5 vols. 8** 
London, 1833-^3. 

Memoirs of the last Ten Years of the Reign of George ii. 
2 vols. 4"" London, 1822. 

(Horatio, Lord) Memoirs, and the History of the Times, from 
1678-1757, by W. Coxe. 2 vols. 8** London, 1820, 

(Sir Robert) Earl of Orford. Memoirs; with his Correspondence 
and authentic Papers, by W. Coxe. 3 vols. 4° London, ] 798. 

(Robert) Memoirs and Travels relating to European and Asiatic 
Turkey, and other countries of the East. 2 vols. 4® Lond. 1818-20. 

^AxsH (Sir John) Chapters of Contemporary History. 8° Lond. 1836. 

(Robert) An Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain 
respecting the United States of America. Part 1 : Historical Outline 
of their merits and wrongs as Colonies. 8^ London, 1819. 

Notices of Brazil, in 1828 and 1829. 2 vols. 8"" Lond. 1830. 

328 WAL — WAR 

Walteb (F.) Lehrbuch dee Crchenredits aller chriBtlichen Confiesskno. 
8** Bonn, 1839. 

(Henry) A Letter to Bishop MATshy on the Independence of tk 

Authorized Version of the Bible. 8^ London, 1823. 

(R.) — see Anson. 

VTalterus Hemingford. Chronica de gestis Begum Anglis.— Gtle 
ScriptoreSy voL 3. 

Walton (Bishop Brian) Memoirs of his Life and Writings; with Notiea 
of his Coadjutors in the London Polyglot, and the Bishop'f on 
Vindication of the Polyglot, bj H. J. Todd. 2 vols. 8^ Lood.1821. 

Biblia Polyglotta. — seeBiblia. 

(Leaak) Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir H. Wotton, 

Hooker, Greorge Herbert, and Bishop Robert Sanderson. S* Ox- 
ford, 1824. 

and Charles Cotton. The Complete Angler; with an Introdncttiy 

Essay, the Linnsean arrangement of the River Fiah, and iUiutntne 
Notes. 12° London, 1835. 

Wanleii (Humf.) Librorom Vet Septentrionalium Catalogii8.'See 

Warbeck (Perkin) Documents relating to him; with Remail^s ob hii 
history, by Sir Frederick Madden. 4*^ London, 1837. 

Warburton (Bishop William) Works; wilh Life, by Bishop Hurd, tliar 
Letters, and the Tracts by Warburton and a Warbortonitti [Dr. 
Parr]. 14 vols, in 7. 8** London, 1811 and 1789. 

A Selection of his unpublished Papers, edited by Fr. Kihert. 

8° London, 1841. 

see Clarendon. 

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Six Views of the most important Towns and Mining Districts 

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Treatise on Blood-letting. 8° London, 1835. 

On Diseases of the Heart. 8° London, 1837. 


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WAR — WEB 329 

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of Edward iv.; edited bj J. O. HalliwelL (Camden Societj.) 4^ 
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and revised in 1814, by his son, Richard Watson. 2 vols. 8^ 
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-— — Poems. — ^British Poets, vols. 45 and 46. 

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^AVERLEY Noveb. — see Scott, and Senior. 

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— Discoveries made to the North- West. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 3. 

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(B.) — see Drama. 

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On the North-Eastem Boimdary. — see Gallatin. 

n IT 

330 WEB - WEN 

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New York, 1828. 

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froin the original conception of Space and Form. 18° London, 1S44. 
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chie of Great Britmn aud Ireland. Folio. London, 1631. 

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actions which have taken [ilace in India. 4° London, 1805. 

Notes relative to the late Transactions in the Marhatta Empiit 

8° London, 1804. 

Notes relative to the Peace concluded with the Marhatta Chief- 
tains. 4° London, 1805. 

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Primitio! et Reliquiie. 8° Londini (privately printed), 1840. 

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1796-1815; compiled from Official Documents, by Lieut.-C<tel 
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2 vols. 12° LonM 

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land, for the last hundred years preceding the Revolution in 1688. 8° 
London, 1820. 

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fide dignorum Monumentis compositus; continens Diploouta, indeil) 
anno 1735 ad annnra 1772. 3 vols. 8° Lipsiae, 1781. 

WEN — WHA 331 

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Wernerian Society. — see Transactions. 

Wesley (Charles) — see Eupolis. 

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London, 1820. 

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see Pindarus. 

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West Lidies. — see Edwards, Halliday, Herrera, and Southey. 

Substance of three Reports on the Administration of Civil and 

Criminal Justice in the West Lidies. 8^ London, 1827. 

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Westminster Election of 1784 (History of the), with a summary 
Account of the Proceedings of the late Parliament to its dissolution, 
March 25, 1784. 4** London, 1775. 

Historical Curiosities relating to St Margaret's Church, West- 
minster. 8^ London, 1837. 

Review; from the commencement in 1824; with Index to the 

first thirteen volumes. 8** London, 1824, &c. 

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Countries, that have struck Coins. 8° London, 1826. 

Enchiridion Romse; or, Manual of Remarks on the Buildings, 

Pictures, &c., of Ancient and Modern Rome. 12° London, 1819. 
The Englishman Abroad. Greece, Latium, Arabia, Persia, Hin- 

dostan, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal; 
with Specimens of the Languages. 8° London, 1824. 

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8** London, 1810. 

A Supplement to the Grerman Grammar. 12** London, 1829. 

Kien Lung Ly Tang: an Imperial Poem in Chinese; with a 

Translation and Notes. 8° London, 1829. 
see Ferdoosee. 

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Folio. London, 1834. 

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Archiepiscopis et Episcopis Anglise. 2 vols. fol. Londini, 1691. 

■ Life. — see Sancroft. 

332 WHA — WHI 

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Elements of Rhetoric. 8*" Oxford, 1830. 

Introductory Lectures on Political Ecomony. 8^ London, 1831. 

Thoughts on Secondary Punishments. 8^ London, 1832. 

Eemarks on Transportation, and on a recent Defence of the 

System. 8° London, 1834. 

[ (Thomas)] On Modem Grardening. 8° London, 1770. 

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Oxford, 1839. 
Wheaton (Henry) Elements of International Law; with a Sketch of 

the History of Science. 2 vols. 8® London, 1836. 

Enquiry into the validity of the British chum to a Right of 

Visitation and Search of American Vessels engaged in the African 
Slave Trade. 8*" London, 1842. 

Reply to Wheaton on the Right of Visitation, by an Enghshman. 

8** London, 1842. 

Wheleb (G.)^see Spon. 

WuETHAMSTEDE (Johauucs) Chrouicou. — see Heame. 

Whewell (Professor William) A Sermon preached before the Cor- 
poration of the Trinity House, 1835. 4° London, 1835. 

Four Sermons, on the Foundations of Morals. 8® Cambridge, 


see Eugenius. 

Principles of English University Education. 8** London, 1837. 

Two Introductory Lectures on Moral Philosophy. 8® Cambridge, 


see Nevile. 

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The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, founded upon their 

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The Mechanical Euclid, containing the Elements of Mechanics 

and Hydrostatics, demonstrated after the manner of the Elements of 
Geometry. 12° Cambridge, 1837. 

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Origin of Gothic Architecture. 8** Cambridge, 1830. 

Another Edition ; with Notes written during an Architectural 

Tour in Picardy and Normandy. 8° Cambridge, 1835. 

Address at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society 

of London, in 1838. 8"* London, 1838. 

Whistlecraft (W.andR.) [J. H. Frere.] The Monks and the Giints; 
Prospectus and Specimen of an intended National Work. 12* LonA 

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Review of the i v. v. and vi. volumes of Gibbon's History of the 

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 8" London, 1791. 

WHI — WIG 333 

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of Craven, in the county of York; with Additions and Corrections. 
4'' London, 1812. 

Loidis and Elmete: a Description of the lower portions of Aredale 

and Wharfdale, with the entire Vale of Calder. Ducatus Leodiensis: 
or, Topography of the Town and Parish of Leeds, and parts adjacent, 
by Ralph Thorbsbt; with a Catalogue of his Museum, and Notes 
and Additions, by Whitaker. 2 vols. foL Leeds, 1816. 

History of the Original Parish of Whalley, and Honour of 

Clitheroe, in the counties of Lancaster and York; with an account of 
the Parish of Cartmell. 4"" London, 1818. 

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vations there. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

¥'hitbt (Daniel) On the New Testament. — see Patrick. 

^HiTE (George S.)— see Slater. 

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Calendar, and miscellaneous Observations; with Notes, by E. T. 
Bennett 8'' London [1836]. 

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(Jose Blanco) El EspMiol. 8 vols. 8** Londres, 1812-14. 

Observations on Heresy and Orthodoxy. 8^ London, 1835. 

see Doblado. 

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banning of the reign of Charles i. to the Restauration; with Addi- 
tions and Lidex. FoHo. London, 1732. 

Whitlock and Clarendon compared. — see Oldmixon. 

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by John Strype. 3 vols. 8** Oxford, 1822. 

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Hannibal over the Alps. 8^ London, 1828. 

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a MS. in the University Library, Dublin; with Notes, by J. H. Todd. 
12^ Dublin, 1840. 

Apology for Lollard Doctrines attributed to Wicliffe; edited, 

with an Litroduction and Notes, by J. H. Todd. (Camden Society.) 
4*" London, 1842. 

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Life and Opinions, illustrated from his unpublished Manuscripts; 

with a view of the Papal System, and State of the Protestant Doc- 
trine in Europe to the Fourteenth Century, by R. Vaughan. 2 vols. 
8^ London, 1831. 

WiCQUKPOKT ( L'Ambassadeur et ses Fonctions; avec le Trait^ 
da Juge Competantdes Ambassadeurs, par Bynkershoek; traduit 
par J. Barbeyrac, avec Supplement. 4 vols. 4^ Amsterdam, 1730-46. 

334 WID — WIL 

WmEGREN (Gust) Svenskt odi Engelakt Lezioon. 4'' Stockhofan, 178a 

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4° Leipzig, 1794-1801. 

Another Edition. 40 vols. 12^ Ldpog, 1 794-98. 

Oberon ; a Poem, translated by W. Sothebj. 2 t^s. If 

London, 1826. 

see Lncianns. 

WiFFEN (J. H.)— -see RusseU. 

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WiKSTROM (Johannes) Conspectos Litteraturse Botanice in Soeda; en 
Notis Bibli(^;raphicis. 8? Holmiae, 1831. 

WiLBERFORCE (William) On the Abolition of the Slave Trade, f 
London, 1807. 

A Practical View of the prevailing Religioas System of ProCesiei 

Christians, contrasted with real Christianilj. 8^ London, 1818. 

A Vindication of the Religions Opinions of the Higher Qum 

in this country, in answer to W. Wilberforce's Practical Yiev of 
Christianity. 8° London, 1831. 

Life, by Archdeacons Robert Isaac, and Samael Wilbaibite. 

5 vols. 8"" London, 1838. 

(Archdeacon Robert Isaac) Church Courts and Church Dis- 

cipline. 8° London, 1843. 

On Education. — see Austin. 

Sermons before the University of Oxford, 1827-29. If 

London, 1839. 

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with select passages on the Eucharist, from Old English Divines; vitb 
an Introduction. 18^ London, 1843. 

(H. W.) The Parochial System, an Appeal to English Chmdi- 

men. 12° London, 1838. 
see Robinson. 

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Antiquities of Rome; with some Account of the Author, and a Trus- 
lation of the Quotations. 2 vols. 8° London, 1797. 

Wild West. A Visit to the Wild West; or, a Sketch of the EmeM 
Isle, during the past Autumn, by an English Traveller. 8° Londoo, 

WiLFRiDi Eboracensis Vita. — Gale Scriptores AngL, voL 3. 

WiLKiE (Memoir of Sir David) — see Raimbach. 
(William) Poems.— British Poets, voL 70. 

WiLKiNS (Charles) Grammar of the Sanskrita Language. 4^ London, 

(David) Concilia Magme Britannis et Hibemise; k Synodo Ve- 

rolamiensi 446, ad Londinensem 1717; accedunt Constitutiones et 

alia ad Historiam Ecclesia; Anglicanie spectantia, cum Appendice. 

4 Tols. fol. Londini, 1737. 

Leges Anglo- Saxonicfl^, Ecclesiastical et Civiles; accedunt Leges 

Edvardi, Guilielmi i. et Henrici i., H. Spelmanni Codex Vet. ^i- 
tutorum Anglia>, ct G. Nicolsoni Episc. Dissert de Jure Feudali 
Saxonum. Folio. Londini, 1721. 

W I L 335 

^ILKINS (Jacob) Description of the Bay Todos los Santos, in BrasiU, 
1624. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

--^ (Bishop John) Essay towards a Real Character and a Philoso- 
phical Language; with Alphabetical Dictionary of English Words. 
Folio. London, 1668. 

(William)— see Vitruvius. 

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Topography of Thebes, and general View of Egypt. 8° Lon- 
don, 1835. 

Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians. 3 vols. 8^ 

London, 1837. 

Second Series. 3 vols. 8° London, 1841. 

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Novella, ad fidem codicum MSS. recensuit T. D. Hardy. (English 
Historical Society.) 2 vols. 8^ Londini, 1840. 

Gesta Regum Anglorum. — Savile Scriptores. 

History of the Kings of England from a.d. 449 to 1 143, trans- 
lated, with Preface, Notes, and Index, by John Sharpe. 4° London, 

De Antiquitate Glastoniensis Ecclesise. — Gale Scriptores, vol. 2. 

De Pontificibus. — Gale Scriptores, vol. 3. 

VfiLLELMUS DE WoRCESTRE et Symo Simeou. Itineraria, quibus accedit 
Tractatus de Metro, e Cod. MSS. edidit J. Nasmith. 8° Canta- 
brigias, 1778. 

William i. — ^see Atwood. 

William hi. — see Coxe's Shrewsbury Correspondence, Sidney, and State 

William op Malmesbury. — see Willelmus. 

William of Ttre. Supplement of the Holy Land, gleaned out of his 
Historic. — ^Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2. 

William op Worcester. — see Heame, Liber Niger; and WiUelmus. 

William op Wykeham. — see Wykeham. 

Williams (C. W.) Observations on the Liland Navigation of Ireland; 
with a Description of the River Shannon. 8*^ London, 1833. 

(Archbishop John) A Memorial of his Life, by Bishop John 

Hacket. Folio. London, 1693. 

(John) Two Essays on the Geography of Ancient Asia, to illus- 

trate the Campaigns of Alexander, and the Anabasis of Xenophon. 
8° London, 1829. 

see Alexander the Great. 

(Jonathan) Thermometrical Navigation. 8® Philadelphia, 1799. 

WiLLiCH (A. F. M.) Elements of the Critical Philosophy of Immanuel 
Elant; to which are added, three Philological Essays, from the German 
of J. C. Adelung. 8** London, 1798. 

Lectures on Diet and Regimen, being a systematic Inquiry into 

the most rational means of preserving Health and prolonging Life. 8° 
London, 1799. 

336 W I L 

WiLLiCH (CM.) Tithe Commutation Tables for 183"! with the Annuil 

Supplements. 8° London. 
Willis (Browne) Notitia Parliamentaria; or, en Uistoiy of the Counties 

Cities, and Boroughs in England and Wales. 3 t(^. 8° London, 

173U-I6 &50. 
(N. P.) Sketches. Alnwick Castle, and other Poenu- 2 toIi. 

in 1. 8" New York, and Boston, 1827. 

(Profflssoi' Robert) Principles of Mechanism. 8° London, 1841. 

Remarks on the Arcliitecture of the Middle Agea, especial!; of 

Italy. 8° Cambridge, 1835. 
Architectural Nomenclature of the Middle Ages. 4° Cambrid|(^ 

A Description of the Sextry Bam, at Ely, lately demolished 

(Cambridge Antiquarian Society's Publications, No, 7.) 4° C«iii- 

WiLLouGBBr (Francis) Travels through the Kingdom of Spain. — Htr- 

ris's Voyages, vol. 2. 
(Sir Hugh) and Richard Chancellor, Of the Muscorie Tndei 

and also Voyages by Russia, over the Caspian Sea, and through diroi 

regions of Tartaria, in 1553. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 2; PinkertonV 

Voyages, vol. 1. 
WiLLOGBBY (Francis) Ornithology; wherein all the Birds hitherto knon 

are described and Illustrated by Figures, tranalat^d by John Bay. Fi^ 

London, 1678. 
WiLMoT (John) — see Hough. 
(Sir John Eardly) Notes of Opinions and Judgments delivered 

in different Courts; with Memoirs of his Life. 4" London, 1802. 
Wilson (Alexander) American Ornithology; or. Natural History of iIk 

Birds of the United States. 9 vols. 4° Philadelpliia, 1808-14. 

see Bonaparte. 

(Captain Henry) — see Keate, and Missionary Voyage. 

(H. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental MSS., and oiha 

Articles, illustrative of the Literature, History, and Antiquitiw of th 

South of India, collected by Lieut. -Colonel C. Mackenzie. 2 vnb. 

8° Calcutta, 1828. 
■ Introduction to the Grammar of the Sanskrit Langnige. 8° 

London, 1841. 

A Dictionary, in Sanscrit and English. 4" Calcutta, 18S2. 

Two Lectures on tlio Religious Practices and Opinions of ih 

Hindus, delivered at Oxford. 8° Oxford, 1840. 
Select Specimens of ihe Theatre of the Hindus, tran^led from 

the Sanscrit. 3 vols. 8° Calcutta, 1827. 

Another FLdition. 2 toIs. 8° London, 1835. 

Remarks on D. Stewart's Theory of the Sanscrit Lwtguige: 

Observations on some Ancient Indian Coins; Sketch of the Kingdn 

of Pondya; Notes on Cteaias, &c. 8° Oxford, and London, 1836. 
Ariana Antiqua; a Descriptive Account of the Antiquities lod 

Coins of Afghanistan; with a Memoir on the Buildings, called T(^ 

by C. Masson. 4° London, 1841. 
The Vishnu Purina; a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradili* 

translated irom the Sanscrit, and illustrated by Motes. (Orifntil 

Translation Fund.) 4° London, 1840. 

WIL — WOD 337 

Wilson (H. H.)— see Ctesias. 

•' (James) and James M. Gully. The Dangers of the Water Cure, 

and its Efficacy, examined and compared. 18^ London, 1843. 

(John) Relation of one of the last ten that returned into England 

from Wiapoco, in Guiana, 1606. — ^Purchas's Voyages, voL 4. 

(Ralph) Voyage to the East India, in the Salomon, in 1611. — 

Porchas's Voyages, vol. 1. 
(W.) — see Defoe. 

Winchester (Lives of the Bishops of) — see Cassan. 

WiNCKELMANN (Giov.) Storia dcllc Arti del Disegno presso gli Antichi; 
tradotta corretta e aumentata dall' Abate C. Fea. 3 vols. 4^ Roma, 

Monumenti Antichi Inediti, spiegati ed illustrati ; ag^untovi 

alcune addizioni, con RafiTei ricerche sopra un Apolline ed altri 
Monumenti nella villa Albani. 3 vols. fol. Roma, 1821. 

see Cicognara. 

Windham (William) Speeches in Parliament; with some Account of his 
Life, by T. Amyot. 3 vols. 8° London, 1812. 

WiNDUs (John) A Journey to Mequinez, in Morocco. — ^Pinkerton's 
Voyages, vol. 15. 

Wines (E. C.) A Peep at China, in Mr. Dunn's Chinese Collection. 
8^ Philadelphia, 1839. 

WiNOATE (Eklmund) Maximes of Reason; or, the Reason of the Common 
Law of England. Folio. London, 1658. 

WiNSLOW (E.) Good Newes from New England; or, a Relation of Things 
remarkable in that Plantation. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 4. 

(Forbes) The Plea of Insanity in Criminal Cases. 12° London, 


(J. B.) Exposition Anatomique de la Structure du Corps Humain. 

4** Paris, 1732. 

WiNWOOD (Sir Ralph) Memorials of Affairs of State in the reigns of 
Queen Elizabeth and King James i.; edited by Edmund Sawyer. 
3 vols. foL London, 1725. 

WiTHEBiNG (William) An Arrangement of British Plants; with an Li- 
troduction to Botany. 4 vols. 8^ London, 1830. 

WiTHERiNGTON (Robert) and Christopher Lister. Voyage from England, 
intended for the South Sea, 1586-87. — Bumey's Discoveries in the 
South Seas, vol. 2. 

Withers (Robert) The Grand Signior's Serraglio. — ^Purchas's Voyages, 

vol. 2. 
Witte (J. de) Description de la Collection d'Aiitiquit^ de M. le Vicomte 

Beugnot 8** Paris, 1840. 

Witt's Recreations; with Ingenious Conceites for the Wittie, and Merrie 
Medicines for the Melancholic ; the Muses' Recreation, by Sir 
James Mennie and James Smith; and Wit Restored; with Memoirs 
of the Authors, and a Preface [by T. Park]. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1817. 

WoDROW (Robert) The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scot- 
land, from the Restoration to the Revolution; with Memoir of the 
Author, Extracts from his Correspondence, and Notes, by Robert 
Bums. 4 vols. 8° Glasgow, 1829. 

X X 

338 WOG — WOR 

WoGEN (Dan.) Die gottesdienstlichen Alterthiiiner der Obotriten, tiu 
dem Tempel zu Rhetra, am ToUenzer-See. 4^ Berlin^ 1771. 

WoiDB (Car. God.) — see Biblia Gneca — ^Nov. Test 

WoLCOTT (George) — see Pindar. 

WoLFius (H.) — see ^schines. 

WoLSET (Cardinal) His Life, and Metrical Visions, by Greorge Cavendisb, 
from the original Autograph MS.; with Notes and Illastrationja^ bj 
S. W. Singer. 2 vols. 8** Chiswick, 1825. 

Another Edition. 8° London, 1827. 

His Life, by Richard Fiddes. Folio. London, 1724. 

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WOT — XEN 339 

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■ " Ephesiaca.'-HBee Scriptores Erotici. 
»^— see Renndl. 

340 XER — ZEN 

X£sES (Fran^) BeUtioa y^diqne de la Conqnete da Peroo, et de k^ 
Province da Cazoo, nommee NoaveUe Casdlle. (Sdbuninqae, 1547/ 
8** Parw, 1837. 

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from the commencement in 1790 to 1808. 45 vols. 8^ BorjSt 

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An Account of some recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical Lite- 

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see Tattam. 

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Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

(Maratti Faustina) — Raccolta di Poesie Liriche. 

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Discoveries gathered out of their Letters, by Francisco Marcolino, 

whereto is added Quirino his Shipwracke. — Purchas's Voyages, vol. 3. 

ZEN — ZYC 341 

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tinens Arabicos, Persicos, Turcicos, inde ab arte tjpographica inventa 
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— — Don Chisciotte; Dramma giocoso. — Pamaso Italiano, tomo 50. 

— ^ (Caterino) Commentarii del Viaggio in Persia, e delle Guerre 
fatte nell imperio Persiano del tempo di Ussuncassano. — Ramusio, 
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foL Augusts Yind., 1754. 

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— Society. — see Transactions. 

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veUe-Espagne, sur les Lois, les Moeurs des Habitants, &c. 8^ Paris, 

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^arago9a, 1669-71. 

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tomo 2. 



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Foreign Nations; comparative Tari£& and Tabular Statements of the 
Domestic Exports. 8° Washington, 1842. 

-^^— Letter from the Secretary of the Treasary, in relation to the 
Annual Statement of Ck)mmerce and Navigation. 8^ WashiDgton, 

Report on Colonial Trade with Great Britidn. 8^ Washington, 


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tam in verbis qu^m nominibos ex Corintho, Joan. Grrammatico atqne 
aliis ejusdem Classis. 12° Parisiis, C. Wechel, 1534. 

Ancre (Marquis d') The true relation of his deserved Death* 4° LonA 

Appellationes Partium in Plantis. 12^ Parisiis, 1555. 

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editus. 12° Parisiis, C. Wechel, 1548. 

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8** London, 1844. 
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without a Teacher. 12° London, 1844. 

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Fifteenth Century, edited by J. O. Halliwell. (Percy Society.) f 
London, 1844. 

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Barer (Zehir-£d-din Muhammed) Emperor of Hindustan. Memoirs, 
written by himself, in the Jaghaitai Turki, and translated by the late 
John Leyden, and William Erskine; with Notes, and a G«<^graphical 
Litroduction. 4° London, 1826. 

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College, Cambridge, edited by James Goodwin. (Percy Society.) ^ 

London, 1844. 
Old Ballads, illustrating the Great Frost of 1683-84, and the 

Fair on the River Thames; collected and edited by E. F. RimbaulU 

(Percy Society.) 8° London, 1844. 


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Basoagli (Scipion) I Trattenimenti; dove da Vaghe Donne, e da Giovani 
Huomini, rappresentati sono honesti, e dilettevoli Giuochi. 4° Yenezia, 
Giunti, 1587. 

Bbix (T.) — see Pitzroy. 

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Waters lately discovered at Bagnigge Wells. 12° London, 1760. 

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with Additions and Corrections, from the most authentic Writers, 
including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the period from 
the Exode to the Temple. 8° L<nidon, 1844. 

BoLLANDUS (Joannes) Acta Sanctorum, quotquot toto orbe coluntur, 
coUegit, digessit, Notis iUustravit; continuata per G. Henschenium, 
D. Papebrochium, C. Suyskenum, C. Byeum, et alios. 52 vols. fol. 
VenetaB et Bruxellis, 1734-86. 

E Boston. Thirteenth Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditure of 
the City of Boston. 8"" Boston, 1842. 

: Bbamdon. St. Brandon: a Medisyal Legend of the Sea^ edited by Thomas 
Wright (Percy Society.) 8** London, 1844. 

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and upon the oiganization of Industry. 12° London, 1844. 

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England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1634-35. (Chetham Society.) 4"" 
London, 1844. 

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the Manners, Habits, &c, of the Mahrattas. 4° London, 1813. 

Selections firom the popular Poetry of the Hindoos, arranged and 

translated. 8° London, 1814. 

Browne (T. B.) The National Bankruptcy, and other Poems. 12^ 
London, 1844. 

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Bulletins, printed for the use of the Foreign Office, from the year 1793 
to 1836. 42 vols. 12** London, v. y. 

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9 vols. foL Amstelodami, 1671. 

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S. Kidd. 8° London, 1838. 

■ Fortegnelse over Selskabets Athemeums Bogsamling; (or. Cata- 

logue of the Library of the Athenseum at Copenhagen.) 12° 1834. 

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Indice, ex recogn. J. Bekkeri. (Script Byzant) 8° Bonnse, 1843. 

Chateaubbiand (Le Vicomte A. F. de) Vie de Ranc6. 12** Bruxelles, 

Cherry (Henry Curtis) Illustrations of the Saints' Days, and other 

Festivals of the Church. 2 vols. 18** London, 1844. 

Cherubini (Laertius)-*see Bullarium. 


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mentary upon Littleton; with Notes, by ^Francis Hargrave, Charles 
Butler, and others. 7 vols. 8° London, 1809. 

Colonial Land and Emigration Commission General Report 8° Lon- 
don, 1843. 

Creation. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. 8° London, 

Croke (John) — see Psalms. 

Croker (T. C.) — see Ireland. 

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co'tipi Bodoniani, 1795. 

D'Arlincourt (Le Yieomte) Les Anneaux d'une Chaine. 2 vols. If 
Bruxelles, 1844. 

Darwin (Charles) The Structure and Distribution of Coral Bee& 8^ 
London, 1842. 

see Fitzroy. 

Daubeny (Charles) Letters to Professor Jameson, on the Volcanoes of 
Auvergne. — Sketch of the Greology of Sicily. — ^Inaugural Lecture on 
the Study of Chemistry, read at the Ashmolean Museum. — On Methods 
of separating Lime from Magnesia. In 1 voL 8^ London, 1823-23. 

Dick Bequest (Report to the Trustees of the) for the benefit of the 
Parochial Schoolmasters and Schools in the counties of Aberdeen, 
Banff, and Moray. 8^ London, 1844. 

Droz (Joseph) Histoire du R^gne de Louis xvi., pendant les Ann^ oii 
Ton pouvait pr^venir ou diriger la Revolution Fran^aise. 3 vols. 8* 
Paris, 1839. 

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infimaB Grsecitatis. 2 vols, in 1. fol. Lugduni, 1688. 

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Amaury. 2 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

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Gabriel Lambert. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

Les Trois Mousquetaires. 5 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

Une Fille du R^ent. 3 vols. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

Une FamiUe Corse. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

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Dyce (William) Theory of the Fine Arts; an Introductory Lecturer 
delivered in the classical theatre of King's College, May 24, iM» 
8° London, 1844. 

Epistolis (De conscribendis) libellus, h GrsBco, in Latinum sermooem 
con versus. 12° Parisiis, 1549. 

Erro (Juan Bautista de) The Alphabet of the primitive Language of 
Spain, and a philosophical examination of the Antiquity &c. of the 
Basque People [edited by G. W. Erving]. 8° Boston, 1829. 

Essex (Earl of) An Enquiry into, and Detection of his barbarous 
Murther. 4° London, 1689. 

Innocency and Honour vindicated; or, Murther &c justly charged 

on the Murtherers of that noble Lord. 4° London, 1690. 


.CK (Notice sur Ant. Reinhard) — ^see Quetelet. 

iADAY (Michael) A Speculation touching Electric Conduction, and 
the Nature of Matter. 8^ London, 1844. 

LTHERSTONHAUOH (6. W.) Excursions through the Slave States, from 

Washington, on the Potomac, to the frontier of Mexico; with Sketches 

of popuW Manners, and Greological Notices. 2 vols. 8^ London, 


3EB (R. T.) Eleusinia; a Poem. 12° London, 1836. 

ZROT (Capt. R. N.) Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, during 
the years 1832-36: — Fossil Mammalia, by B. Owen ; Mammalia, by 
G. R. Waterhouse ; Birds, by John Gould ; Fish, by L. Jenyns ; 
Reptiles, by T. Bell; edited and superintended by Charles Darwin. 
5 vols. 4° London, 1843. 

3TBB (Charles) The Historical Greography of Arabia; or, the Patri- 
Eutdial Evidences of Revealed Religion: a Memoir, with illustrative 
Bifl^ he 2 vols. 8"" London, 1844. 

.TSSCUB (Earl)-Hsee King. 

u>iNER (Sir Robert) — see Moore. 

jLT (W. S.) Yigilantius and his Times. 8° London, 1844. 

.AUDBAD DE St. Gebvais (M. L) L'ltalic, la Sicile, Malte, la Gr^ce, et 
La Turquie; Souvenirs de Voyage, historiques et anecdotiques. 8^ 
Paris, 1835. 

Pr^is historique du Poitou, pour servir k FHistoire g^ndrale de 

cette province, suivi d'un Apergu statistique des D^partemens de la 
Vienne. 8** Paris, 1844. 

Syphilis; Po^me en deux chants, par Barth^lemy, avec des Notes 

Ac- 8° Paris, 1844. 

DLST (John Robert) Letters from America. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1844. 

OLD (John)— see Fitzroy. 

ESWBLL (Richard) On Education in the Principles of Art. 8^ Ox- 
ford, 1844. 

LS (Sir Matthew) History of the Common Law of England, and an 
Analysis of the Civil part of the Law; with Notes, and Life of the 
Author, by Charles Runnington. 8° London, 1820. 

IXB (John) An Historiall Expostulation agaynst the beastlye abusers 
both of Chyrurgerie and Physyke in oure time; with a goodlye 
doctrine and instruction necessarye to be marked and folowed of all 
true Chirurgiens, edited by T. J. Pettigrew. (Percy Society.) 8° 

jiwARD (Simon)— see Markham. 

.T (John H. Drummond) Western Barbary: its wild tribes and 
savage animals. 12° London, 1844. 

^LiTT (William) The Spirit of the Age; or. Contemporary Portraits. 
8** London, 1825. 

The Plain Speaker: Opinions on Books, Men, and Things. 2 vols. 

8** London, 1826. 

iTLiN (Peter) Cyprianus Anglicus. — see Laud. 

•FFMEisTER (Wcmerus) De Vermibus quibusdam ad G^nus Lumbri- 
corum pertinentibus. 4° Berolini, 1844. 

Y T 

^^L Lei 


Homer. The Iliad faithfully rendered into Homeric Veree, by LaDcekC 

Shadwell. 8° London, 1844. 
Hone (William) Every Day BocA and Table Book; or, ETerlnetiag 

Calendar of Popular Amusemente. 3 vols. 8° LondoD, 1830. 
Hy-Fiacheach; or, O'Dowda'a Country. Tlie Genealf^iv, Tribes, and 

CuBtoras of Hy-flachrach, or 0'Dowda'§ Country; now first published, 

with a Translation, and Notes, by John O'Donovan. (Irish Arcbn- 

ological Society.) 4° Dublin, 1844. 
Ihohirami (n Cavaliere Francesco) Monumenti Etruschi o di Etnuco 

Nome, dieegnoti ed illustrati. 7 vols, in 10 parts. Badia FiesoUu, 

InsBCTS (Natural History of). 2 vols. 12° London, 1830. 
Ireland. The Keen of the South of Ireland, as illnstrative of Iridi 

political and domeetic History, Manners, and Snperstitions, c(dle«t«j 

and edited by T. Crofton Croker. (Percy Society.) 8° Lond 1844. 
vAHESON (Mrs.) Companion to the most celebrated Private Galleries o( 

Art in London. 8° London, 1844, 
Jblv (Richard William) Inquiry into the Means of Grace; in eight 

Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford, at the Bamjiui 

Lecture, in 1844. 8° Oxford, 1844. 
JiNTNB (L.) — see Fitzroy. 
Johnson (James) The Baths of Pfeffers, in the country of the Grisoiu. 

8° London, 1834. 
JoiNviLi^ (Le Prince de) Note surl'Etatdes Forces Navaleede la FmKC 

8° Paris, 1844. 
JoRiD (Andrea de) Real Museo Borbonico Officina de' Papiri deecrittL 

8° Neapoli, 1825. 
JovELLANOB (Gaspar Melchor de) Informe de la Sociedad Eeooomica de 

Madrid, al Real y Supremo Consejo de Castilla. 4° Palnu, I8H. 
Kd)d (S.) — see Catalogue. 
EiKO (Lord) Selection from the Speeches and Writings of the law Lori 

King, by Elarl Fortcscue; with a Memoir. 8° London, 1844. 
[KiNOBLET (Jeffries)] The Standard County Book, proffered for the uf 

of County Treasurers of Ireland. 4° Dublin, 1838. 
KocK (Ch. Paul de) La Famillo Gogo. 4 vols. 12° Brnxelloa, IM4. 

Mon Ami Piffard et Chipolata. 3 vols. 12° Bruxelles, Wi 

Tyler le Couvreur. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

L'Amonreus Transi. 4 vols. 12° BruzeDes, 1844. 

KoTZEBUE (Anguste von) Die Franzoaischen Eleinstadter. 12° Leipng> 

Lairb (F. X.) Index Librorum ab inventa Typographis, ad a.d. 1500. 

2 vols. 8° Senonis. 179i. 
Lambebti (Luigi) Poesie. — Parnaso Ital. Viventi, tomo 13. 
Laud. Cypriaiiua Anglicus; or, the History of the Life and Death rf 

Archbishop Land, by Peter Heylin. Folio. London, 1671. 
Lawson (William) A New Orchard and Garden; or, the best way for 

Planting, Gratling, and to make any ground good. 4° Land. 1648. 
Lehobhaht (Charles) Eclaircissemens sur le Cercueil du Roi Meni[)Iiitc, 

Myc<;rinuB, tradnita de I'ABglois. 4° Paris, 1839. 


LiBTCSSTSB (Robert Dudley, Earl of) Correspondence duriDg his Govern- 
ment of the Low Countries. 4^ London, 1844. 

LiONDON. Chroniques de London, depuis Fan 44 Henri iii., jusqu'k Tan 
17 Edouard u. ; edited from a MS. in the Cottonian Library, by Greorge 
James Aungier. (Camden Society.) 4° London, 1844. 

liouis XVI.— see Droz. 

LowTH (Bishop) Introduction to English Grammar; with Critical Notes. 
12** London, 1784. 

Ltucal Pbems, selected fixnn Musical publications between the years 
1589 and 1600, edited by J. Payne Collier. (Percy Society.) 12** 
London, 1844. 

Macebata (Le Comte) Pr^is Politique sur les Et&ts Bomains. 8^ 
Paris, 1832. 

Majos (Johannes) Historia Majoris BritannisB, tam Anglise quam SootisB. 
4*" Edimburgi, 1740. 

Mantell (Gideon Algernon) The Medals of Creation; or, first Lessons 
in Geology and in the study of Organic Remains. 2 vols. 12° 
London, 1844. 

Markhax (Grervase) The Country Housewiyes' Grarden; together with 
the Husbandry of Bees; and Simon Harward's Treatise of the Art of 
propagating Plants. 4° London, 1648. 

^— Cheap and good Husbandry for the well ordering of all Beasts 
and Fowles, and for the general Cure of their Diseases. 4° London, 

Country Contentments; or, the Husbandman's Recreatiom 

Hunting, Hawking, &c. 4° London, 1649. 

The Inrichment of the Weald of Kent; or, a Direction to the 

Husbandman for the true ordering of the grounds within the Wealds 
of Kent and Sussex. 4° London, 1649. 

Farewell to Husbandry; or, the enriching of all sorts of barren 

and sterile grounds in our Kingdome. 4^ London, 1649. 

Meinhold (W.) Mary Schweidler, the Amber Witch; translated from the 
German, by Lady Duff Gordon. 12^ London, 1844. 

MiCALi (Giuseppe) Monumenti Inediti, a illustrazione della Storia degli 
antichi Popoli Italiani; con le Tavole in folio. 8^ Firenze, 1844. 

MiLNES (Richard Monckton) Memorials of many Scenes. 12^ Lond. 1844. 

Palm Leayes. 12^ London, 1844. 

Poems, Legendary and Historical. 12^ London, 1844. 

Poems of Many Years. 12° London, 1844. 

MoORE (Admiral Sir Grraham) Memoir of, by Sir Robert Gardiner, 8° 
London, 1844. 

(Sir Thomas) A Play, now first printed, edited by Alexander 

Dyce. 8** London, 1844. 

MoBOAN (Augustus De) Differential and Intend Calculus, with elemen- 
tary illustrations. 8° London, 1842. 

MoBTLOCK (Edmund) Scripture Testimony to the Doctrine of the Trinity; 
in four Sermons, preached before the University of Cambridge. 8° 
Cambridge, 1844. 


Moses Chorenensis. Historise Armeniacse, libri ni ; accedit ejusdem 
Epitome Geographiao, Armen. et Lat., ediderunt Notisque iUustnnmt 
Guil. et Geor. WhistonL 4° Londini, 1736. 

MuNDELL (A.) On the Industrial Situation of Great Britain. 8^ Lond. 

MuBCHisoN (R. J.) Address at the Anniversary Meeting of the BojbI 
G-eographical Society. 8^ London, 1844. 

MusHET (R.) On the Currency. 8® London, 1826. 

OcTAViAN. The Romance of the Emperor Octavian; now first published 
from MSS. at Lincoln and Cambridge, edited by J. O. HalliweH 
(Percy Society.) 8® London, 1844. 

Owen (R.) Fossil Manunalia. — see Fitzroy. 

Porter (John Grey V.) Some Agricultural and Political QoestioDS 
calmly discussed. 8° London, 1844. 

' Ireland : a Federal, the only fair Union between Great Britain 

and Ireland. 8° London, 1844. 

Post Office. The Administration of the Post Office, from the Intro- 
duction of Mr. R. Hill's plan up to the present time. 8° Lond. 1844. 

Premtis (Stephen) Wreck of the Roscommon. 8° Dinan, 1844. 

Present state of Christendome, and the interest of England with r^ard 
to France. 4° London, 1677. 

Priestley (Joseph) History and present state of Discoveries relati?e to 
Vision, Jjighty and Colours. 2 vols. 4** London, 1772. 

Psalms. Thirteen Psalms, and the First Chapter of Ecdesiastes, trans- 
lated into English verse, by John Croke, in the reign of Henry vul; 
with Documents relating to the Croke Family. (Percy Society.) 
8° London, 1844. 

Quetelet (A.) Nouveau Catalogue des principales Apparitions d'Etoiles 
FUantes. 4° Bruxelles, 1841. 

Instructions pour TObservation des Ph^nom^nes P^riodiques* 

Rapport Decennal des Travaux de I'Acad^mie Royale des Sciences et 
Belles Lettres, depuis 1830. 8"" Bruxelles, 1844. 

Instruction pour TObservation des Ph^nomenes PSriodiques. ^ 

Bruxelles, 1844. 

R^um^ des Observations Magn^tiques et M^t^orologiques, fsiUfi 

h. des Epoques d^termin^es. 4^ Bruxelles, 1843. 

Observations des Ph^nom^nes P^riodiques. 4° Bruxelles, 1S44. 

Recherches Statistiques. 4° Bruxelles, 1844. 

Notice sur Pierre Simons. 12® Bruxelles, 1844. 

Notice sur Antoine Reinhard Falck. 12° Bruxelles, 1844. 

Raikes (Henry) Two Lectures on Population, delivered in the Mechanics 
Institute, in Chester, in 1842-43. 8'' London, 1844. 

Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum, ex authoritate primum Regis 
Henrici viii., inchoata. 4** Londini, 1641. 

Rennell (Major James) Elucidations of the African Geography. ^ 
London, 1793. 

■ Observations on a Current that often prevails to the Westward 

ofSciUy. 4** London, 1793. 



^ Hbnnell (Major James) On the eflTects of Westerly TVinds in nosing 
> the Level of the British Channel 4"^ London, 1809. 

Kbvolution of 1688. Tracts. 4° London, 1688-89. 

The Desertion Discnssed, in a Letter to 
a Country Gentleman. 

History of the Desertion ; or, an Ac- 
coont of all PabUck Affiurs in Eng- 
land, firom September 1688 to Febru- 
ary 12th following ; with an Answer 
to a Piece, called "The Desertion 
Discussed" [by Edmund Bohnn]. 

The Prince of Orange's Declaration, 
shewing the Reasons why he invades 
England; with a Pre&ce and Re- 
manES ; and Animadversions upon 
the Declaration. 

The Prince of Orange's Third Declar- 

Some Reflections upon the Prince of 
Orange's Declaration. 

Representations of the Dangers im- 
pending over Protestants ^ore the 
coming of the Prince of Orange [by 
Robert Ferguson]. 

The State Prodigal: his return, con. 
taining a true state of the Nation. 

Animadversions upon the modem Ex- 
planation of 2nd Henry vn., cap. 1 ; 
or, a King de Facto. 

Inquiry into the Measures of Submission 
to the Supreme Authority. 

Reflections upon our late and present 
Proceedings in England. 

Humanum est Errare ; or, False Steps 
on both sides. 

Sbvub Encyclop^que; ou, Analyse Raisonn^e des Productions les plus 
r^marquables dans la Litt^rature, les Sciences, et les Arts; from the 
commencement in 1819 to 1833, but imperfect. 60 vols. 8° Paris. 

Betnard the Fox (History of), from the edition printed by Gaxton, in 
1481 ; with Notes and an Introductory Sketch of the Literary History 
ofthe Romance, by W.J. Thorns. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1844. 

BiCABDo (David) The high Price of Bullion, a proof of the depreciation 
of Bank Notes. Reply to Bosanquet's Observations on the Report of 
the Bullion Committee. On the influence of a low Price of Com on 
the Profits of Stock &c. ; with Remarks on Mr. Malthus. Proposals 
for an economical and secure Currency; with Observations on the 
Profits of the Bank, as they regard the Public and the Proprietors of 
Bank Stock. On Protection to Agriculture. Plan for the establish- 
ment of a National Bank. Li 1 vol. 8^ London, 1811-24. 

BiCH (Bamabie) The Honesty of this Age; proving by Grood Circum* 
stance the World was never Honest till now; with an Litroduction, by 
Peter Cunningham. (Percy Society.) 8° London, 1844. 

BossB (Earl of) The Monster Telescopes erected by the Earl, at Par- 
sonstown described. 8° Parsonstown, 1 844. 

Saint Paul's School. Apposition, St. Paul's School. 8^ London, 

Prolusiones Literarias, Pnemiis quotannis propositis dignatae, et in 

D. PauU Schola habitse. 8"" Londini, 1840-44. 

Oratiuncula Latina; Reginse Ser.Victorise ad Forum Mercatorium 

proficiscenti a Divi Pauli ScholsB Alumnis dedicata, die Octobris 28. 
S*' Londini, 1844. 

ScHiLLEB (F.) Wallenstein's Camp [translated], with original Poems [by 
Lord fVancis Egerton]. 12'' London, 1830. 

Shadwell (Lancelot)— see Homer. 

Simpson (Alexander) The Sandwich Islands: progress of events since 

their discovery by Cook, their occupation by Lord Greorge Paulet, and 

their value and importance. 8^ London, 1844. 

Sonu^ (Fr6d6ric) Si Jeunesse Savait, si Vieillesse Pouvait 4 vols. 12^ 

Bruxelles, 1844. 
Stanley (A. P.) — see Arnold. 



Stokes (Robert) Letter to the Eari of Derail, on the kte MaancRt 
Wairau. 8** London. 1844. 

Stobt (Judge) Discourse read 18th September^ 1828, upon Chief Jutke 
Marshall. 8" Boston, 1835. 

Thiers (L. A.) Bapport sur la Loi d'Instmction S^condaire, fait an xwa 
de la Commission de la Chambre des D^putds, Juillet 13, 1844. f 
Paris, 1844. 

[TiCKELL (Richard)] Anticipation et la Cassette Verte de Monoeor de 
Sartine. 8"" London and La Haje, 1778-79. 

Toleration (Tracts on). 4*» London, 1687-89. 

A Letter from a Jeanit at 

to a 

Jesuit at Friboiixi|f,on the happy pro- 
gress of Religion in England. Letters 
between Father Petra and the Rev. 
Father La Chese. 

Letter from a Freeholder, on the Choiee 
of Parliament Men. 

The Anatomy of an EooiTalent [by 
George, Murqois of Hafiftxl. 

Letter to a Dissenter, on his M^eatiei 
late Declaration of Indnlgenoe, hj 
T. W. [George, Marqois of Hali&x J. 

Letter and Reflections opon hb M^estys 
late Declaration. 

Free Thoughts of the Penal Laws, 
Tests, &c., by a Person of Qoality. 

Project for Repealing the Penal iJawa 
and Tests, with the means used to 
effect it 

Petition of many Divines, and others, 
of the Classical, Congregational, and 
other Perswasions, to the Convocation 
to be held in Westminster, in 1690. 

Concerning tlie ease of taking the sev 
Oath of Allegiance, with a Dedaniiai. 

Letter from Mynheer Fagel to Hl 
James Stewart, giving an aeoontrf 
the Prince of Orange's Tbomriitieai- 
ceming the Bepeu of the Tot ad 
Penal Laws; with James Slevati 

Reflections on Bfbns. FageFli Letter. 

Apology for the Chnreh of E^igiai 
with relatioo to the spirit of Peneo- 
tion for which abe is accused [^ 
Bishop Bomet3. 

Seasonable Considerationa CO the Cbord 
of Eng^d. 

Answer to a Piaper, entitled ** A Kcv 
Test of the Choreh of E^bsA 

Letter to a Peraon of QnaK^ri <* ^ 
ensoing Pariiament, by R. S. 

Second Vindication of the Magittiey 
and Government of England. 

Tridentini Concilii Canones et Decreta, juxta exemplar auUienticom: 
cum serie variantium lectionum, constitutionibiis ex antiq. jure 
desumptse, et per Concilium speciatim imiovats; studio J. Le Flit 
4** Antverpiae, 1779. 

[Turner (Dawson)] Catalogue of the Works of Art in the poesession of 
Sir P. P. Rubens at his death. 8° Yarmouth (privatelj printed], 

Venezia. Raecolta Chronologico-Ragionata di Documenti inediti cbe 
formano la Storia Diplomatica ddla revoluzione e cadnta deDa Be- 
pubblica di Venezia. 2 vols. 4'' Augusta, 1709 [1809]. 

ViDA. Art of Poetry, translated by J. Pitt — ^British Poets, voL 100. 

VioiLANTius. — see Gilly. 

Waterhouse (G. R.) Mammalia. — see Fitzroy. 




• 3 



towsMiTH (John) The London Atlas of Universal Greographj, ex- 
bibiting the Physical and Political Divisions of the various Countries 
of the World. Folio. London, 1834-42. 

LY*8 (F.) New Chart of History. 8** Case- London, 1817. 

ri (H.) Atlas Classique de G^ographie; Physique, Politique, Ancienne 
3t Modeme, compost de 36 femlles. Folio. Paris, 1828. 

it's Universal Atlas, containing distinct Maps of all the Kingdoms of 
the World. Folio. London, 1824. 

.ncHARD (Capt) Map of Grermany, Holland, Switzerland, the Grisons, 
Italy, SicUy, Corsica, and Sardinia. Folio. London, 1800. 


liAS de I'Europe, (de FEtablissement Glographique de Bruxelles,) 
dessin^ par H. Perkin, grav^ par F. Charles, en 166 feuilles. Pro- 
jection modifi6e de Flainsteed ; avec Tableau d'Assemblage. Folio. 
Bruxelles, 1833. 


Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, under the direction of Lieut- 
CoL Mudge, on 110 Sheets, in 14 Cases, with Index. Folio. 
London, 1806-44. 


biglesea 10 

)edfordfhire 7 

lerkshire 2 

^rccknockibire 6 

inckingbamshire (North) ... 6 
^nckinghamshire (South) ... 1 

3Miiiiartheiishire 6 

^Mmarronahire 10 

^unbridgeshire (North) .... 9 
Cambridgeshire (Soath) .... 7 

Cardiganshire 8 

Cheshire 10 

Cornwall 4 

)tnlMghBhire 10 

>erbyshire (North) 11 

)erbyahire (South) 9 

^evoDshire (South) S 

>tTonshire (East) 3 

)evonshire (West) 4 

>orsetshire (East) 2 

Inez (North) 6 

lasex (South) 1 

lintshire 10 

^laaiorgaashire 5 

^kmeestershire (North) .... 6 
fkmcettershire (South) .... 5 

[aomiiiire 2 

^^Kdshire (North^ 7 

[erelbrdshire (South) 6 

:cot 1 

soeashire 12 

eieeatershire 8 


Lincolnshire (North) 11 

Lincolnshire (South) 9 

Lundy Island 4 

Merionethshire 10 

Middlesex 1 

Monmouthshire 5 

Montgomeryshire 8 

Norfolk 9 

Northamptonshire 7 

Nottinghamshire ?North) . . . .11 
Nottinghamshire (South) .... 9 

Oxfbrdshire 6 

Pembrokeshire 6 

Radnorshire 7 

Rutlandshire 8 

Shropshire (North) 10 

Shropshire (SouUi) 8 

Somersetshire 3 

Staffordshire (North) 9 

Staffordshire (South) 8 

Suffolk 7 

Surrey 1 

Sussex (East) 1 

Sussex (West) 2 

Warwickshire (North) 8 

Warwickshire (South) 7 

WUtshire (North) 5 

Wiltshire (South) 2 

Worcestershire 7 

Yorkshire (South) 11 


z z 


Great Britain, continued — 

Cart's English Atlas, being a Set of Countj Maps, from actual 
surveys. 4° London, 1826. 

England and Wales (Geological Map of); shewing, also, the prin- 
cipal Roads, Railways, Rivers, and Canals, by J. Gardner, jun. 
Case. 8° London, 1842. 

Wales (Map of), on canvas. 4°. 

London (Panorama of the Thames), from London to Richmond; 
with Description, and View of London from the Adelphi. Case. 
4° London. 

London, Thames, and Metropolis Improvement Plan. The River 
Thames from Battersea to Woolwich Reach, shewing the proposed 
improvements, of a uniform line of embankment, enlargement of the 
grand Port of London, and means of connecting it with the great 
interior lines of Railway, by John Martin. Case. 4** London, 1842. 

London, Thames, and Metropolis Lnprovement Plan. The River 
Thames, from the Houses of Parliament to London Bridge, shewing 
the line of Embankment, intercepting Sewers, Public Walk, and 
improved Navigation, by John Martin. Case. 4** London, 1842. 

Plan of the Thames Tunnel. (No. 13. Engravings A. F.) 

France (Carte de) par P. Tardieu ; with Lidication of the Roads on 
which the '^ Messageries " of France, Lafitte, Caillard and Co., are 
established. Case. 8° Paris, 1832. 

Gibraltar. Piano Geom^trico de la Bahia de Algeciras j Gibraltar, 
por Tofino de San Miguel. Case. 8** Madrid, 1786. 

Greece (Map of), constructed chiefly from original materials, by J. W^d. 
Case. 8** London, 1827. 

Tabula Greciae Superioris, h, C. O. Muller. Case. 8**. 

Greenland, Gronland med Omgivelser ifolge Graah, Scoresby, Gie- 
secke, Ross, Parry, Egede, Danell, Hall, PickersgiU, Ginge og van 
Keulen. Case. 8° Kiobenhaun, 1832. 

Lisbon, Military Sketch of the Country between Lisbon and Vimiero, 
occupied by the British Army, under Viscount Wellington. Case. 
8** London, 1827. 

Marmora (Sea of); or, Propontis, with the Straits of Constantinople and 
of Gallipoli, by W. Faden. Case. 8° London. 

Rhine (Panorama of the), from Cologne to Mayence, by Delkeskamp. 
Case. 4° London. 

Spain (the North-Eastem part), by J. Wyld. Case. 8° London, 1837. 

Cadiz, Plan of the Harbour and Environs of, by Captain Land- 
mann. Case. 8° London, 1811. 

Military Sketch of the Country, between Cadiz and Marbella, 

by Captain Landmann. Case. 8° London, 1811. 

Sweden and Norway. Karta ofver Landswagame uti Sverige och 
Norrige, af L. W. Brandenburg. Case. 8° 1831. 

■ Norway and Lapland; with details relating to the Climate, Pro- 

ductions, &c., by Lieut. -Col. Hagelstam. Case. 8** London, 1823. 

Switzerland, Panoramic View, by H. Keller; with Descriptive Companion, 
and a Circular View of the Country, by General Pfyffer. Case. 4** 


TiTRKEY, Country between Odessa and Ck)n8tantinople, embracing the 
Seat of War between the Russians and Turks, by J. Wyld. Case. 
8** London, 1828. 

L-MiNOR, Armenia, and Koordistan, illustrative of the Marches of 
Alexander, Xenophon, Julian, and Heraclius, by J. M. Kinneir. 
Case. 8** London, 1817. 

Asia (Central), comprising Bokhara, Cabool, Persia, the Indus, and 
Countries eastward of it, from authentic documents, principally the 
MS. Surveys of Lieut. Alex. Burnes, by J. Arrowsmith. Case. 8° 
London, 1834. 

BsiBOUT, Plan of the Town and Harbour, by J. Wyld. Case. 8** 
London, 1840. 

China, and the Canton River, from Original Surveys and Sketches, by 
J. Wyld. Case. 8** London, 1840. 

^— — A Chinese Map of the Celestial Empire. 

ConsTAMTiNOPLE, (Carte et Plan de,) et du Canal du Bosphore, trac^ 
rar les lieux, par Merzoflf Robert. Case. 8° Munich, 1829. 

India, Map of the Countries on the North- West Frontier of Lidia, by 
John Walker. [Privately printed.] 4° London, 1839. 

Stbia, from various Documents, and founded on the Astronomical Ob- 
servations of Capt. A. L. Corry, in 1818, by J. Arrowsmith. Case. 
4** London, 1840. 


Cameroon, (Map of the River,) with the Ambas Islands, by Captain 
William AUen. 8^ London, 1842. 

QuoBRA (The River), from the Town of Rabba, to the Sea, and a small 
portion of the River Tchadda, by Capt. W. Allen. Case. 8** 
London, 1833. 


Plans and Surveys of Ship Canals in North America, Niagara Falls, 
Lakes Erie and Ontario, by Capt. W. Williams; and Pensacola 
Harbour and Bar, Florida, by Major Kearney. Case. 4** 1822-35. 

Canada, Map of the District of Three Rivers. Case. 

Georgia (State of), from Actual Surveys, and other Documents, by 
D. Sturges. Case. 8° PhUadelphia, 1818. 


Australia, General Chart, from the Surveys of Captains Flinders and 
King ; with additions from Lieutenants Jeffreys and Roe ; also from 
D'Entrecasteaux, Baudin, and Freycinet, to the year 1829. Case. 8** 
London, 1829. 

New Zealand, Plan of the Town of Wellington, Port Nicholson, by 
Capt. W. M. Smith. Case. 8^ London, 1840. 

Plan of the Harbour of Port Nicholson, shewing the relative 

Positions of the Town and Country Sections, by Capt. W. M. Smith. 
Case. 8° London, 1840. 

(Maps on Rollers — See last Page,) 


Aberdeen (The Earl of), engraved by S. Cousinsy after Sir Thomas 
Lawrence. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 17.) 

AoHESON (Viscount), lithographed by R. Lane, after T. Phillips. (Por- 
traits of Members. No. 20.) 

Abergavenny (Henry, Earl of), engraved by J. Thomson, Biter A. Tidej, 
(Portraits. VoL 2. No. 9.) 

Amherst (Right Hon. W. Pitt^ Lord), engraved by C. Turner, after 
Sir T. Lawrence. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 8.) 

Anglesey (The Marquis of), engraved by C. Turner, afler Sir T. Law- 
rence. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 11.) 

Baillie (M., M.D.), engraved by J. Bromley, after a bust by J. Nolle- 
kins. (Portraits of Members. No. 4.) 

Baker (G., Esq.) of Northampton, after Branwhite. (Portraits. 4" 
No. 20.) 

Bastard (Edm. Pollexfen, Esq., M.P.), of Kitley, engraved by C. Turner, 
after W. Brockedon. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 27.) 

Bell (John H. C), engraved by S. Cousins, after T. Stewardsoo. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 9.) 

Beth AM (Sir W.), after D. M'Clise. (Portraits of Members. No. 50.) 

BiLLiNGTON (Mrs.), as St. Cecilia, engraved by J. Ward, after Sir J. Bej- 
nolds. (Ward's Works. No. 4.) 

Blomfield (C. J., D.D.), Bishop of London, engraved by W. Ward, 
after S. Lane. (Portraits. VoL 2. No. 11.) 

Broughton (John), the Prize-fighter, lithc^raphed by F. Boss, after 
W. Hogarth. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 19.) 

BuNBURT (Sir T. C, Bart.), engraved by C. Turner, after S. Lane 
(Portraits. VoL 2. No. 16.) 

Burke, (Richard, Esq.), Recorder of Bristol, engraved by E. Train, after 
O. Humphrey. (Portraits. VoL 1. No. 17.) 

Burton (D., Esq.), lithographed by M. Grauci, after E. U. Eddis. (Por- 
traits of Members. No. 34.) 

Cambridge (Duke of), engraved by W. Skelton, afler Sir W. Beechey. 
(Portraits. VoL 1. No. 8.) 

Canning (Right Hon. (Jeorge), engraved by C. Turner, after Sir 
T. Lawrence. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 2.) 

Chalicers (Alex., Esq.), drawn by B. J.Lane. (Engravings, C. No. 27.) 


Chahtset (Sir F.), engraved by C. Turner, after Sir H. Raebum. 
(Portraits. VoL 2. No. 26.) 

Chaiilbs z., of France, engraved by C. Turner, after Sir T. Lawrence. 
(Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 9.) 

Chablottb (The Princess), engraved by B. Golding, after Sir T. Law- 
rence. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. L No. 10.) 

Children (J. G., Esq. )^ after Faulkner. (Portraits of Members. No. 61.) 

Christie (James, Esq.), after a bust by W. Behnes. (Portraits of Mem-* 
bers. No. 13.) 

Clarke (Sir Charles Mansfield, Bart, M.D.), engraved bj T. Hodgetts, 
after S. Lane. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 26.) 

Clarkson (Thos., Esq.), engraved by C. Turner, after A. E. Ghalon. 
(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 14.) 

Clbrkr (M%jor T. H. Shadwell), lithographed by M. Gaud, after 
E. tr. Eddis. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 3.) 

CoLNAGm (Paul), engraved by R. Easton, after Danlan. (Portraits, 
Vol. 2. No. 6.) 

CoLQUHOUN (J. Von, Esq.) (Portraits. VoL 2. No. 8.) 

Cooper (Sir Astley, Bart.), engraved by S. Cousins, after Sir T. Law- 
rence. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 4.) 

■ (Bransby B., Esq.), engraved by W. H. Simmons, after E. U. 

Eddis. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 22.) 

CoRNWALLis, (Statue, in honour of the Marquis,) by J. Bacon, drawn 
and engraved by G. Dawe. (Engravings, A. F. No. 8.) 

CuBiTT (W., Esq.), Civil Engineer, after a bust by G. Gierke. (Por- 
traits. 4*^ No. 2.) 

Cumberland (The Duke of), engraved by W. Skelton, after W. Owen. 
(Portraits. VoL 1. No. 6.) 

Davis (John Francis, Esq.) (Portraits of Members. No. 46.) 

Db Gret (Earl), engraved by W. Brett and S. Cousins, after W. Robin- 
son. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 31.) 

Db la Rub (I'Abb^), after L. Parez. (Portraits. 4** No. 9.) 

Dbnham (Colonel), Lieut. -Governor of Sierra Leone, engraved by 
J.Bromley, after T. PhiUips. (Portraits. VoL 1. Nos. 18 and 38.) 

DiLLWiN (L. W., Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. U. Eddis. 

(Portraits of Members. No. 38.) 
Dover (Lady), and her Sod, the Hon. Henry Agar Ellis, engraved by 

S. Cousins, after Sir T. Lawrence. (Portraits. VoL 1. No. 29.) 

DuNOAN (P. B.), engraved by T. Lupton, after T. Barkby. (Portraits of 
Members, No. 16; and lithographed, Portraits VoL 2.) 

Dyve (Lewis, Esq.), engraved by P. Audinet. (Engravings, C. No. 6.) 

Earle (Henry, Esq.), engraved by S. Cousins, after W. Behnes. (Por- 
traits. VoL 2. No. 22.) 

Eldon (John, Earl of), engraved by J. Posselwhite, after E. U. Eddis. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 24.) 

Ellis (Hon. G. A.), engraved by W. Brett, after Sir T. Lawrence. 

(Portraits of Members. No. 8.) 
The Same, drawn by R. Lane, after J. Slater. (Portraits of 

Members. No. 10.) 


Ellis (Hon. G. A.), engraved by J. Bomet, after G. Sanders. (Portraits, 
A. F. Vol. 1. No. 5.) 

Elphinstone (Hon. Mount Stuart), engraved by C. Turner, after Sir T. 
Lawrence. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 7.) 

Evans (Colonel Sir De Lacy), lithographed by M. Grauci, after A K 
Chalon. (Portraits of Members. No. 30.) 

The Same, after M. O. Connor. (Portraits. VoL 2. No. 27.) 

EuRiFiDES, from an ancient bust found at Athens, in the possession of 
Ralph Carr, Esq., engraved by P. Audinet, after H. Cheney. (En- 
gravings, C. No. 14.) 

Faraday (M., Esq.), engraved by S. Cousins, after H. W. PickersgilL 
(Portraits of Members. No. 5.) 

The Same, after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits. 4° No. 15.) 

Fawcett (Gen. Sir W.), engraved by J. Ward, after Sir J. Reynolds. 
(Ward's Works. No.. 3.) 

Fleetwood (Sir Peter Hesketh, M.P.), lithographed by S. Templeton. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 18.) 

FoBSTER (Dr. T.), and his dog, Shargs. (Portraits. 4° No. 19.) 

Franklin (Capt. Sir John), lithographed by L. Haghe. (Portraits of 

Members. No. 47.) 
Freeling (Sir F., Bart.), engraved by C. Turner, after G. Jwies. 

(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 18.) 

The Same. (Portraits. 4° No. 6.) 

FusELi (H., Esq.), engraved by F. C. Lewis, after G. Newton. (Por- 
traits. Vol. L No. 15.) 

George hi., engraved by W. Skelton, after Sir W. Beechey. (Portraits. 
Vol. 1. No. 1.) 

on his favourite charger, Adonis, engraved by J. Ward, after 

Sir W. Beechey. (Ward's Works. No. 1.) 

George iv., engraved by W. Skelton, after T. Phillips. (Portraits. 
Vol. 1. No. 2.) 

The Same, engraved by W. Holl, after A. Wivell. (Portraits. 

Vol. 1. No. 11.) 

Gilbert (Davies, Esq.), engraved by S. Cousins, after H. Howanl 
(Portraits of Members. No. 2.) 

GooDALL (Rev. J., D.D.), engraved by C. Turner, after J. Jackson. 
(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 6.) 

GosFORD (Archibald, Earl of), lithographed by R. Lane, after T. Phillips. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 21.) 

Grant (Colonel the Hon. F. W.), of Grant, engraved by E. Scriven. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 28.) 

Geeenough (G. B., Esq.), lithographed by M. Gnuci, after E. U. Eddis. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 37.) 

Gregorio XVI., lithographed by C. Motte. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 13.) 

Grosvenor (Elizabeth, Countess), engraved by S. Cousins, after Sir T. 
Lawrence. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 24; and Vol. 2. No. 4.) 

Gurnet (J., Esq.), engraved by W. Holl, after G. H. Harlow. (Por- 
traits of Members. No. 49.) 

Hallam (Henry, Esq.), after T. Phillips. (Portrait*. 4° No. 8.) 


Ialswell (E., Esq.)> lithographed by M. Graud, after E. U. Eddis. (Por- 
traits of Members. No. 36.) 

Iansard (Luke, Esq.), engraved by F, C. Lewis, after S. Lane. (Por- 
traits. Vol. 2. No. 13.) 

LkRDiNOE (Mi\jor-Gen. Sir Henry), engraved by C. Turner, after E. U. 
Eddis. (Portraits of Members. No. 29.) 

LkWKiMS (Edward, Esq.), lithographed by M. Grauci, after E. U. Eddis. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 42.) 

LETTER (Sir George). (Portraits of Members. No. 3.) 

Ibbschel (Sir J. F. W.), engraved by W. Ward, after H. W. Pickers- 
gilL (Portraits of Members. No. 45.) 

loLDSWORTH (Arthur, Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. U. 
Eddis. (Portraits of Members. No. 33.) 

luLSE (Field-Marshal Sir S.), lithographed by R. J. Lane, after S. Lane. 
(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 12.) 

lusTLER (William, Esq.) (Portraits. 4** No. 10.) 

ACOB (W. Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. U. Eddis. (Por- 
traits. Vol. 2. No. 31.) 

EBB (John, D.D.), Bishop of Limerick, engraved by T. Lupton, after 
Sir T. Lawrence. (Portraits of Members. No. 7.) 

ONES (Richard, Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. U. Eddis. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 43.) 

[ent (Duke of), engraved by W. Skelton, after Sir W. Beechey. 
(Portraits. VoL 1. No. 5.) 

LiHG (Lord), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits 
of Members. No. 39.) 

The Same, after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits. 4° No. 5.) 

LNiGHT (T. A, Esq.), after S. Cole. (Portraits. 4° No. 7.) 
Knio (Charles, Esq.), after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits. 4** No. 13.) 

iAMBTON (Master), son of J. G. Lambton, Esq., M.P., engraved by S. 
Cousins, after Sir T. Lawrence. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 26.) 

4ATOUCHE (Mrs. Peter), engraved by W. Ward, after A. E. Chalon. 
(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 15.) 

<AWRENCE (Sir Thos.), lithographed by M. G^uci, after A. E. Chalon. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 15.) 

Casts of, drawn by R. Lane. (Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 5.) 

lEiCESTER (Thomas William Coke, Earl of), lithographed by M. Gauci, 
after S. Lane. (Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 14.) 

lEOPOLD I. of Belgium, as Prince of Saxe Coburg, engraved by F. C. 
Lewis, after Sir T. Lawrence. (Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 7.) 

INDLET (John, Esq.), after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits. 4® No. 16.) 

ISTON (J., Esq.), engraved by W. Ward, after J. Jackson. (Portraits. 
Vol. 1. No. 27.) 

ONO (Edward, Esq.), engraved by W. Sharp, after J. Opie. (Portraits 
of Members. No. 6.) 

ouis Philippe, King of the French, as Due d'Orleans, lithographed by 
C. Motte, after Maussaisse. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 12.) 


Ltndhurst (Lord), engraved by B. A. Ardett, after A. £. Chakm. 
(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 29.) 

Macreadt (Charles, Esq.) as Virgmias, engraved bj C. Picart, after 
J. Jackson. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 20.) 

Malcolm (Sir John), drawn by B. Lane, after G. Hajter. (Portraits 
of Members. No. 31.) 

■ (Admiral Sir Pulteney), engraved by W. Ward, after S. Lane. 

(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 17.) 

Mantell (Gideon Algernon, LL.D.), engraved by S. Stepney, after 
J. J. Masquerier. (Portraits. VoL 2. No. 25.) 

Milne (Alex., Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. U. Eddis. (Por- 
traits of Members. No. 36.) 

MoBBisoN (Rev. Dr.) translating the Bible into the Chinese Language, 
engraved by C. Turner, after J. Chinnery. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. 
No. 12.) 

MuLORAVE (Henry, Lord), engraved by W. Skelton, after SirW. Beechej. 
(Portraits. VoL 1. No. 9.) 

Murdoch (Thomas, Esq., F.R.S.), lithographed by B. Lane, after T. 
Phillips. (Portraits of Members. No. 25.) 

Newton (Sir Isaac), from the Statue by Roubiliac, after J. K. Baldiy. 
(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 23.) 

NoRTHCOTE (James, Esq.), engraved by F. C. Lewis, after G. H. Har- 
low. (Portraits of Members. No. 23.) 

Nugent (George, Lord), engraved by Gibbon, after Rochard. (Portraits 
of Members. No. 32.) 

Oaklet (B.), lithographed after Callcott. (Portraits of Members. No. 14.) 

Onslow (Serjeant, M.P.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after E. Eyre. (Por- 
traits of Members. No. 46.) 

Orford (The Earl of), engraved by H. Dawe, after S. Lane. (Portraits. 
VoL 2. No. 20.) 

Parish (Woodbine, Esq.), lithographed by I. W. Slater, after T. Phillips, 
(Portraits of Members. No. 12.) 

Parr (Rev. Samuel, D.D.), engraved by W. Skelton, aft«r J. S. Lons- 
dale. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 14.) 

Peel (Rt Hon. Sir Robert, Bart.), engraved by C. Turner, after Sir T. 
Lawrence. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 30.) 

Pbgob (Rev. S., LL.D.), engraved by P. Audinet, after K Needham. 
(Engravings, C. No. 26.) 

Penn (Richard, Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, aft;er E. U. Eddis. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 40.) 

Peroeval (Rt. Hon. Spencer), engraved by W. Skelton, after W. 
Beechey. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 10.) 

Pettigrew (T. J., Esq.), after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits. 4** No. 14.) 

Planta (Rt. Hon. Joseph), engraved by S. W. Reynolds, after T. Phil- 
lips. (Portraits. VoL 1. No. 32.) 

Portrait (A), [CHld's Head] engraved by F. C. Lewis, after Sir T. 
Lawrence. (Portraits. Vol. I. No. 25.) 


Portraits (Two), [the Pattersona,] engraved by J. Bromley, after Sir 

T.Lawrence. (Portraila. Vol.1. No. 21.) 

Athenatum. — See Catalogue, pag« 15. 

Pbaed {Winthrop JI., Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after A. 

Mayer. (Portraits of Memhera. No. 41.) 
Pbiob (James, Esq.), after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits. 4° No. 4.) 
Rahsdeh (Rev, R., D.D.), engraved by W. Say, after S. Lane. (Por- 
traits. Vol. 2. No. 19.) 
Sabink (Joseph, Esq.), after Miss Rigby. (Portraits. 4° No. 12.) 
ScHLiCK (Chevalier), engraved by F. C. Lewis, after S. Newton. (Por- 
traits. Vol. 1. No. 16.) 
Sehbca, from an ancient bust, in the possession of Ralph Carr, Esq., 

engraved by P. Audinet, after H. Cheney. (Engravings, C. No. 13.) 
Scott (John, Esq., of Bungay), engraved by W. C. Edwards, after R, 

Mendham. (Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 24.) 
Sidney {Hev.Edwin,A.M,), after E.U.EddiB. (Engravings, C. No.28.) 
Smith (James, Esq.), engraved by H. Cousins, after J. Lonsdale. (Por- 

trwta. Vol. 2. No. 1. 
Sktth (Capt. W. H., RN.) (Portraits. 4° No. 3.) 
SouTHET (Robert, Esq., LL.D,), engraved by H. Dawe, after S. Lane. 

(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 18.) 
Sussex (The Duke of), engraved by W. Skelton, after Sir W. Beechey. 

(Portraits. Vol. 1, No. 7.) 
SnTTON (Rt, Hon. Sir C. Manners, G.C.B.), engraved by S. Cousins, 

after H. W. PickersgiU. (Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 21.) 
Taglioni (Mdlle.) Lithograph. (Portrmta, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 16.) 
Tate (Rev. J., M.A.), engraved by S. Cousins, after W. Picker^ill. 

(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 23.) 
Tatwih (Edgar, Esq.), engraved by C. Turner, after E. U. Eddis. 

(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 21.) 
(John, Esq.), engraved by C. Turner, after Sir T. Lawrence. 

(Portraits of Members. No. 19.) 
Thobhbbodgh (Admiral Sir Edward, K.C.B.), engraved by H. Dawe, 

after S. Lane. (Portraits, A. F. Vol.1. No. 25.) 
TooKR (William, Esq., M.P.), engraved by C. Turner, after J. White. 

(Portraits of Members, No. 48.) 
Tbavbbs (Benjamin, Esq.), lithographed ty R. Lane, after a bust, by W. 

Behnes, (Portraits of Members. Nc 44.) 
Victoria (Queen), engraved by C, Freetaim, with Bates' Patent Ana- 

glyptt^aph, after H. WeigaU. (Portraits. Vol. 2, No. 3.) 
Wallich (Nathaniel, Esq., M.D.), after E. U, Eddis. (PortraiM. 4'" 

No. I.) 
Walpole (Robert, Esq.), engraved by W. Ward, after J, Jackson. 

(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 20.) 
Ward (Rev. J. G.), lithographed by M. Gaud, after S. Lane. (Por- 

tTMts. Vol. 2. Ho. 15.) 
Wbllinqtok (The Duke of), engraved by C. Freebairn, with Bates' 

Pattmt Anaglyptograph, after H. Weigall. (Portraits, VoL 2. No. 2.) 


Wetland, (John, Esq.), engraved by C. Turner, after S* Lane. (Por- 
traits. Vol. 2. No. 10.) 

Whatbly (Richard, D.D.) Archbishop of Dublin, after a bust, by B. 
Childs. (Portraits. 4** No. 17.) 

Whewell (Rev. W., M.A.), after E. U. Eddis. (Portraits of Members. 
No. 52.) 

Whiter (Rev. Walter), lithographed bv D. Turner, aft^r a bust, bj 
Mazocchi. (Portraits. 4** No. 11.) 

WiLBBAHAM (Rogcr, Esq.), after C. Smith. (Portraits. 4^ Na 18.) 

William iv. (as Duke of Clarence), engraved by J. Ward, after Sir 
M. A. Shee. (Ward's Works. No. 2.) 

■ engraved by F. C. Lewis, after Sir T. Lawrence. (Ptortnuta, 

A. F. Vol. 1. No. 1.) 

engraved by W. HoU, aft»r A. WivelL (Portraits of Memben. 

No. 1.) 

engraved by W. Skelton, aft»r Sir W. Beechey. (Portraits. 

Vol. 1. No. 3.) 

WiLLiGH (William, Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after A. Robertson. 
(Portraits of Members. No. 26.) 

Wilson (Professor James), engraved by H. Dawe, after J. W. Gordon. 
(Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 28.) 

WiBTEMBURG (The Quccu Dowager of), and Princess-Royal of Etagknd, 
engraved by W. Skelton, ^ter P. Fischer. (Portraits. VoL 1. 
No. 19.) 

WoDEHOUSE (Edmond, Esq., M.P.), engraved by H. Dawe, after S. 
Lane. (Portraits, A. F. VoL 1. No. 24.) 

Wolff (Mrs.), engraved by S. Cousins, after Sir T. Lawrence. (Por- 
traits. Vol. 1. No. 23.) 

WoLLASTON (W. H., Esq., M.D.), engraved by W. Skelton, after J. 
Jackson. (Portraits of Members. No. 22.) 

■ engraved by W. Ward, after J. Jackson. (Portraits of 

Members. No. 11.) 

lithographed by R. J. Lane, after a sketch, by Sir F. Qiantrej. 

(Portraits. Vol. 2. No. 30.) 

York (The Duke of), engraved by W. Skelton, after Sir W. Beechej. 

(Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 4.) 

TouNO (C. M., Esq.), lithographed by M. Gauci, after £. U. Eddie 
(Portraits of Members. No. 27.) 

(T. Esq., M.D.), engraved by C. Turner, after Sir T. Lawrence 

(Portraits of Members, No. 17.) 

(Sir W., Bart.), engraved by W. Say, after Sir W. Beecbcy. 

(Portraits, A. F. Vol. 1. No. 13.) 


Anoms, PaTonrite Chatter of George m., drawn and engraved hy J. 

"Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 13.) 
Amklia, awaiting the Return of her Husband, by J. C. Bromley, after 

E. Prentis. (Engravings, A. F. Vol. 2. No. 1.) 
AsHHOLBAN Museum, by J. Coney. (Engravings, C. No. 4.) 
Atuen^xch, — Seal of the Club, by R. Lane. (Engravings, C. No. 1.) 

The Same, by J, Bate. (Engravings, C. No. 11.) 

Atk^nes, Vue Occidentale, by Schilbach, after Hubsch. (Engravinga. 

Vol.1. No. 2.) 

Vue du Nord-Eat, by Schilbach, after Heger. (Engravings. 

Vol. 1. No. 5.) 

Acropolis (L'), du coti5 dc I'Oueat, by Schilbach, after Hubsch. 

(Engravings. Vol. 1. No. 4.) 

Vue du Siid-Est, by Schilbach, after Hubsch. (Engravings. 

VoL 1. No. 3.) 

Babtlon, the Fall of, painted and engraved by J, Martin. (Engravings, 
A. F. No. 4.) 

Bakk of England. — Section through the new Dividend Fay and Dividend 
Warrant Offices, anil through the new Drawing Offices above, by 
C. R. Cockerel!, Architect. (Engravings, A. No. 7.) 

Bates' Patent Anaglyptograph. — Specinsen Medallions, Bas-reliefs, &c., 
engraved by C. Freebairn. (Engravings, A. No. 23.) 

Belshazzab's Feast, painted and engraved by J. Martin. (Engravings, 
A- F. No. 2.) 

Bo-Tbee, and Bo-MaUooa (The), at Anurodapoora, by H. W. Burgess, 
after C. H. Cameron. (Engravings, A. No. 4.) 

Brighton, by F. Smith, after J. Constable. (Engravings, Vol.1. No. 8.) 

Bkookuill, near Dartmouth, — Plan of the House and Ertate. (Engrav- 
ings, C. No. 17.) 

View from BrookhiU, near Dartmouth, by P. Gauci, after 

A. Holdaworth. (Engravings, C. No. 16.) 

Caubrxdgb. Font and Cover, given to St, Edward's Church, by the 
Cambridge Camden Society, lithographed by T. G. Kawlina, Esq., 
after F. A. Paley. (Engravings, C. No. 24.) 

The Holy Sepulchre Cburi'h, as restored in 1842, drawn and 

engraved by J. D«ison. (Engravings, C. No. 25.) 

Canterbubt Pilgrimage, Glyptique, Proc4d4 de A. CoUas, after 

T. Stolhard, (Engravings, A. No. 21.) 
CeiLDandDog, by C.Turner, after Sir J. Reynolds. (Engrav.,C. No. 2.) 
Cheist taken down from the Cross, by J. Ward, after C. W. F. Die- 

tricey. (Ward's Works. No. 8.) 

364 PRINTS. 

CiNTBA, View of, drawn and engraved by W. H. Bomett (Engrayings^ 

A. No. 11.) 
■ Entrance to Cintra from Lisbon, drawn and engrayed bj 

W. H. Burnett. (Engravings, A. No. 18.) 

The Market-place of Cintra, drawn and engraved bj W. E 

Burnett. (Engravings, A. No. 12.) 

The Church of Cintra, drawn and engraved bj W. EL Burnett. 

(Engravings, A. No. 16.) 

An old Chapel of the Moorish Casde in Cintra, drawn and 

engraved by W. H. Burnett. (No. 17.) 

Convent of N*- S'^ da Penna, in Cintra, drawn and engraved hj 

W. H. Burnett. (Engravings, A. No. 14.) 

Convent of the Penha Longa, in Cintra, drawn and engraved by 

W. H. Burnett. (Engravings, A. No. 15.) 

Clifton Observatory, with the proposed additions, by J. S. Ptout, after 
W. West. (Engravings, C. No. 18.) 

Coins, Plates of. (Engravings, C. Nos. 20-21.) 

CoLLAs, Medallions, Coins, &c. Glyptique, Proc^d de A. CoUas. 
(Engravings, A. No. 18.) 

Medallions, Bas-reliefs, &c., Glyptique, Proc6d£ de A. CoQas. 

Two Plates. (Engravings, A. Nos. 19, 20.) 

Medallions and Coins of Napoleon &c., Glyptique, "ProoUii de 

A. Collas. (Engravings, A. No. 22.) 

Colosseum, Regent's Park, by G. Hawkins. (Engravings, A. Na 6.) 

Copenhagen, a Horse rode by the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo, 
drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 16.) 

Cornelius, the Centurion, by J. Ward, after Rembrandt. (Ward's 

Works. No. 7.) 
Cossack Horse (A), property of the Duke of Northumberland, drawn and 

engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 19.) 

Cottage Industry, [Marchioness of Abercom,] by F. C. Lewis, after 
E. Landseer. (Portraits. Vol. 1. No. 22.) 

Deluge. The Eve of the Deluge, painted and engraved by J. Martin. 
(Engravings, A. F. No. 7.) 

■ (The), painted and engraved by J. Martin. (Engrav., A. F. No. 5.) 

Dlana and her Nymphs, by J. Ward, after Sir P. P. Rubens. (Ward's 

Works. No. 9.) 
Dieppe, Ancient Building at, by C. G. Lewis, after R. P. Bonington. 

(Engravings, A. No. 3.) 

Doctor Syntax, a celebrated Race-horse, property of Ralph Riddel, 
Esq., drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 25.) 

Dogs of the Dalmatian breed, drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's 
Works. No. 11.) 

Drawing (A), by F. C. Lewis, after Rembrandt. (Engravings, C. No. 9.) 

Edinburgh, View of, shewing the communication between the Old and 
New Town, drawn and engraved by T. H. Shepherd. (Engravings. 
Vol. 1. No. 6.) 

Eve, from the Statue by E. H. Baily, in the Bristol Institution. (En- 
gravings, A. No. 1.) 

PRINTS. 366 

FuTCH of Bacon Procession Metamorphosed, a Caricatorei by H.B. 
(Engravings, A. F. Vol. 2. No. 7.) 

FoBUM Bomanmn (The), bj J. Conej, after C. R. CockerelL (Engravings^ 
A. F. No. 10.) 

GiJiH Tilt, Death of a Stag, with Portraits of his Grace, John, fourth 
Duke of Atholl, of the Hon. George Murray, and of the celebrated 
Foresters, John Crerar, Madntyre, and Charles Crerar, by J. Brom- 
ley, after E. Landseer. (Engravings, A. F. No. 12.) 

Great Seal of England, by C. Freebaim, with Bates' Patent Anaglypto- 
graph, after B. Wyon. (Engravings. VoL 1. No. 14.) 

Gbsbnough(G. B.), Sketch of his Villa in the Regent's Park, by H. Winkles, 
after D. Burton. (Engravings, C. No. 12.) 

Group (A), by H. C. Shenton, after T. Stothard. (Engravings, C. Na 7.) 

HoLWOOD, near Keston, Kent, the Seat of the late Right Hon. W. Pitt, 
by T. Scandret, after D. Burton. (Engravings, C. No. 15.) 

Infanta (The), by Luderitz, of Berlin, after Velasquez. (Engravings. 
VoL 1. No. 10.) 

Italian Girls preparing for a Festa, by D. Lucas, aftier P. Williams. 
(Engravings. VoL 1. No. 7; and Engravings, A.) 

Johnson (Dr.) Autograph Letter of Thanks to the Vice-Chancellor of 
Oxford, by C. G. Lewis. (Engravings, C. No. 19.) 

Joshua commanding the Sun, painted and engraved by J. Martin. (En- 
gravings, A. F. No. 3.) 

Landscapb, by J. H. Kemot, after C. Varley. (Engravings, C. No. 8.) 

Lbopold, a celebrated Race-horse, property of J. G. Lambton, Esq., 
drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 22.) 

Little Psoot, a Horse brought from the Thibet Mountains ; height, 
33 inches ; 9 years old; drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Wa^'s 
Works. No. 24.) 

London Universitv, the Design adopted by the Council, aft;er W. Wilkins. 
(Engravings, C. No. 22.) 

Malwatt^ WiHABi (The), at Eandy, in Ceylon, by H. W. Burgess, after 
C. H. Cameron. (Engravings, A. No. 5.) 

Masbnoo, a favourite Barb Charger, rode by Napoleon at Waterloo, 
drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 17.) 

Maroam Abbey, the Seal of, Glamorganshire, 1518. (Engrav., C. No. 5.) 

Monitor, a Blood-Horse, the property of Greorge rv., drawn and engraved 
by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 15.) 

Naval Monument, Design for a National, proposed to be erected in 
Trafalgar Square, by L. Haghe, after T. Bellamy. (Engravings. 
VoL 1. No. 13.) 

Nbw Zealand. Part of Lambton Harbour, in Port Nicholson, bv T. 
Allom, after C. Heaphy. (Engravings, A. F. Vol. 2. No. 10.) 

View of Nelson Haven, in Tasman's Gulf, by T. Allom, aftier 

C. Heaphy. (Engravings, A. F. VoL 2. No. 8.) 

Part of the New Plymouth Settlement in the District of Taranake, 

by T. Allom, after G. Duppa. (Engravings, A. F. VoL 2. No. 11.) 
View of a part of the Town of Wellington, by T. Allom, after 

C. Uet^hj. (Engravings, A. F. VoL 2. No. 9.) 

366 PRINTS. 

NiiTEVSH, the Fall o^ painted and engraved by J. Martin. (Engravings, 
A.F. No. 6.) 

NoNPAEEiL, a Favourite Charger of Greorge iv., drawn and engraved by 
J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 12.) 

Pbesian Horse (A), the property of the Duke of Northnmberiand, dnwo 
and engraved by J, Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 18.) 

Phantom, a celebrated Race-horse, property of Sir John Shelley, Bart, 
drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 23.) 

Philippa (daughter of Henry rv. of England), Tomb in Wadsteni 
Monastery, Sweden. (Engravings, C. No. 23.) 

Plymouth, the Royal William Yard, by L. Haghe, after C. Porsff. 
(Engravings. VoL 1. No. 12.) 

Primbose, a Brood Mare, and Foal, property of the Duke of Graftoo, 
drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 20.) 

Princess-Rot AL (The), property of Sir T. Moslyn, Bart, drawn and en- 
graved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 26.) 

Rennie (Greorge), Designs for the Architectural Decoration of the Divi- 
dend Pay and Warrant Office. (Engravings, A. Nos. 8, 9, and IQ.) 

RovEB, a favourite Dog, the property of Earl Powis, by W. D. Ta^or, 
after J. Ward. (Ward's Works, No. 29 ; and Engravings, VoL 1. 
No. 9.) 

Russell (Lord William), the Trial of, painted and engraved by Sir G. 
'Hayter. (Engravings. Vol. 1. No. 1.) 

Saint James's Park. Design for the Entrance from Carlton House 
Street, after J. L. Higgins. (Engravings, C. No. 8.) 

View in, shewing Rosamond's Pond, lithographed by F. Rose, 

after W. Hogarth. (Engravings, A. F. VoL 2. No. 6.) 

Samuel, by J. Brett, after Sir Joshua Reynolds. (Engravings. Vol. 1. 
No. 11.) 

Scott Monument (The), by Brown and Somerville, after G. M. Kemp. 
(Engravings, A. F. Vol. 2. No. 16.) 

Self-supporting Institution, proposed by Mr. J. M. Morgan, in " Reli- 
gion and Crime," after G. F. Bragg. (Engravings, A. F. Vc^ 2. 
No. 15.) 

Shepherd Boy (A), drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. 
No. 28.) 

Shepherd's Dog (A), drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. 
No. 27.) 

Soothsayer, a celebrated Race-horse of George iv., drawn and engraved 
by J. Ward. (Ward's Works. No. 14.) 

Studies from Nature, drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Ward's 
Works. No. 10.) 

Temple of Jerusalem, the Beautiful Gate, by C. Freebaim, with Bates' 
Patent Anaglyptograph, after Raffaelle. (Engravings, A. No. 24.) 

Towneley Museum (The), by H. Worthington, after J. Zofiany. (En- 
gravings, A. F. No. 1.) 

Villa (A), by J. Roffe, after D. Burton. (Engravings, C. No. 10.) 

Walton, a celebrated Race-horse, property of Sir J. Shelley, Bart, 
drawn and engraved by J. Ward. (Waixl's Works. No. 21.) 





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Can*. CioIL ... 

Nasm. ColL 

Scnaons ......... 

Slavery Coll. ... 

Tract ControY. 
Union ColL ... 

Tracts on America. 

formed by the Athensom. 
on the Bangorian Controreny. 
on the Bullion Qneation. 
of Charges. 

on the Com Law QoestioiL 
on the Currency Qoestion. 
formed by Sir James Mackintosh, 
on Miscellaneous Snlgects. 
formed by Morton Pitt, Esq. 

! formed by the Rev. I>r. Nasmiih, 
Editor of Tanner's Notitia Monasdc 

of Sermons. ^ 

on Slarery and the Slare Trade. 

on the Tracts for the Times. 

on the Union with Ireland. 


Abeken (H.) Letter to Dr. Pmey on certiun charges against the German Church. 

(Tract ControY. vol 1.) 8^^ London, 1842. 
Abkl Monitob. — ^see Banking. 

Abingdon (Earl of) Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke on the Affairs of 
America. (M. Pitt ColL yoI. 89.) 8<> Ozfoid, 1778. 

Abstbact (The) January 22, 1838. (Ath. ColL vol. 102.) 8^^ London, 1838. 
AcHiLL Mission. The Inquisition in the Jury-Box ; an appeal from Irish Pro- 
testants agidnst Priestly oppression. (Ath. ColL voL 64.) 8® Dublin, 1836. 

Adaks (John Quincy) Address on the occasion of reading the Declaration of Inde- 
pendenee, July 4, 1821. (Am. ColL voL 17.) 8^ Washington, 1821. 

His Political Character delineated. By F. Baylies. (Am. ColL voL 24.) 8^ 

Albany, 1828. 

see Pickering and Webster. 

Addinoton (Henry) Speech, 12th February, 1799, relative to Ireland. (Union ColL 
YoLe.) 8^ Dublin, 1799. 

Aplum (John) A Memoir on the cultivation of the Vine in America, and the best 
mode of making Wine. (Am. Coll. voL 5.) 12^ Washington, 1828. 

Adolphus (J.) Speech on East India-built Shipping, May 24th, 1814. (Mack. Coll. 
ToL 4.) 8^ London, 1814. 

Attohanistin. Analytical Narrative of the Events relating to the Correspondence 

on the afEkirs of Persia and Affghanistan. (Ath. ColL voL 130.) 8^ London, 1839. 
Afvibiiation. a Letter to Sir R. Peel on the expediency of providing a Scheme of 

AArmation unrestricted by Sectarian Denomination. (Ath. Coll. vol. 151.) 

8^ London, 1841. 
Afbica. Prospectus of an Expedition into the interior of South Afiica from Dalagoa 

Bay. (Ath. ColL vol. 46.) 8^ London. 
Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade, and Civilisation of Africa ; 

with Remarks on the African Institution. (Slavery ColL voL 2.) 8^ Loud. 1816. 
AnucAN Company. A Detection of the Proceedings and Practices of the Directors of. 

the Royal African Company of England, from 1672 to 1748. (M Pitt ColL voL 45.) 

8^ London, 1749. 
■ Institution. Special Report of the Directors of the African Institution 

respecting the allegations of R. Thorpe. (Mack. ColL voL 20.) 8^ Lond. 1815. 
Rbpositobt (The) and Colonial Journal, for March, 1828. (Am. ColL voL 

21.) 8^ 1828. 

Trade and Forts (Thoughts on the). (M Pitt ColL voL 45.) 8^ Lond. 1749. 

AoBiGULTUBK (A Treatise on); comprising a concise History of its origin and 
p rogr es s, the present condition of the Art, abroad and at home, and the Theory 
and Practice of Husbandry. (Am. ColL voL 2.) 8^ Albany, 1819. 

A Letter to Lord SomerviUe to shew the inutility of the Plans and Researches 

of the Board of Agrieuhnre. (Nasm. ColL voL S2.) 8^ London, 1800. 


370 TRACTS. 

Agricultuilax Distress. Letter to Lord Eldon on the present State of Agricoltonl 
Lessees and their right to Relief from the Payment of Rent (Misc. ColL toL 4.) 
8^ London, 1822. 

Address to the Landed Proprietors, on the state of the Agricultoral Po- 
pulation, and the baneful effects of Absenteeism. (Ath. ColL voL 81.) 8° 
London, 1834. 

Agricultural and Industrial Magazine of the Society for the Enoooragement of 
Domestic Industry. (Ath. Coll. vol. 81.) 8^ I^ndon, 1834. 

Labour and Wages (A Letter on), addressed to H. Gervais* Esq. (Ath. 

Coll. vol. 34.) 8° Exeter, 1831. 

AiNGER (A.) Suggestions towards an amendment of the Building Act. (Ath. ColL 
vol. 24.) 8° London, 1825. 

Plan for preserving the Thames at London as pure as the higher parts of the 

River. (Ath. Coll. voL 24.) 8° Ix)ndon, 1830. 

A&ERMAN (J. Y.) Observations on the Coinage of the Ancient Britons. (Misc. 

Coll. vol. 4.) 4° London, 1837. 
■ Further Observations on the Coinage of the Ancient Britons. (Wse, CoH 

vol. 7.) 4° London, 1839. 

The Forgeries of Public Money. (Ath. ColL vol 164.) S^ London, 1843. 

Alabama. Comptroller's Report; with six Autograph Letters in answer to CapL 
Basil Hall's Queries on the Financial, Civil, and Military Departments of the State 
of Alabama. (Am. Coll. vol 42.) 8° Mobile, 1828. 

Albany. Annual Report of the Trustees of the Albany Lancaster School Society. 
(Am. Coll. vol. 38.) 8° Albany, 1829. 

Alberoni (Cardinal) Moral Reflexions on his Ministry, inscribed to Lord Harrington. 
(M. Pitt Coll. vol. 24.) 8° London, 1735. 

Alcantara (Don Feman. de) Miraculous Escape Arom the prisons of the InquisitioD ; 
with Observations on the Oxford Tract Theology. (Tract Controv. toI. 8.) 8^ 
Oxford, 1841. 

Aldwinckle. a Faithful Narrative of the Presentation to the Rectory of Aldwinckk, 
Northamptonshire. (Nasm. Coll. voL 24.) 8^ London, 1767. 

Alien Question Unmasked (An abridged View of the). By the Editor of the Cana- 
dian Freeman. (Am. Coll. vol. 9.) 8° York, 1826. 

Allen (J.) Vindication of the Ancient Independence of Scotland. (Ath. Coll. vol 41.) 
8^ London, 1833. 

(Robert) on the Nature and Methods of carrying on a trade to the South Sea, 

(M. Pitt Coll. vol. 12.) 8° London, 1712. 

(Stephen) Observations on Penitentiary Discipline, addressed to Wm. Roscoe, 

Esq. (Am. Coll. vol. 32.) 8° New York, 1827. 

Allez (John) Oppression in the Army: or, the favoured Colonel and persecuted 
Soldier, as exhibited in his case and that of Colonel Goldie. (Ath. ColL vol 77.) 
8° London, 1835. 

Allies (T. W.) On the influence of Practical Piety on the temporal and eternal 
interests of Mankind ; an Essay. (Sermons, vol. 2.) 12° Oxford. 

Almanac. Agricultural Almanac for 1828, by A. E, Miller. (Am. ColL vol 4.) 
8° Charleston. 

North-Carolina Almanac for 1829, calculated by Hurson M. Cave. (Am. 

Coll. vol 46.) 12° Raleigh. 

The Upper Canada Almanac and Provincial Calendar for 1827, by J. G. 

Chewett. (Am. CoU. voL 9.) 12° York. 

Desilver*8 United States Almanac for 1828 and 1829, comprising Calculations 

for the Latitudes and Meridians of the Northern, Southern, and Western States. 
By S. Smith. (Am. ColL voL 21.) 8° Philadelphia. 

Universal Almanac for 1829. By Roach. (Am. Coll. voL 21.) 12<^ Baltimore. 

TRACTS. 371 

AufAHAC. Virginia and North Carolina Almanac for 1828. (Am. Coll. toI. 46.) 
12° Richmond. 

AufON (John) His Trial for selling Junius* Letters. (M. Pitt ColL 7oL 71.) S*' 
London, 1770. 

AiiSTON (R. G.) Some Arguments against National Religions Establishments. ( Ath. 

ColL voL 136.) 8° London, 1840. 
see Hudson. 

AxTEBNATiTEs ; or, What are the Moderate Tories and Conservative Whigs to do? 
(Ath. ColL vol. 51.) S° London, 1834. 

AxTANLET (Lord) The State of Lreland considered. (Ath. Coll. yoI. 146.) 8^ 
London, 1841. 

see Roden. 

Akbbica. Some Bints to People in Power on the present melancholy situation of 
onr Colonies in North America. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 60.) 8° London, 1763. 

History of the conduct of the Present Ministry vith regard to the American 

Stamp Act (M Pitt ColL voL 65.) 8^ London, 1766. 

First and Second Protest and List of the Minority who voted agunst the 

Repeal of the American Stamp Act (Nasm. ColL vol. 12.) 3 vols. 8^ 
Paris, 1766. 

The Justice and Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies demonstrated, 

with a Vindication of the Authority of Parliament (M. Pitt CoU. vol. 65.) 8^ 
London, 1766. 

Considerations on the Measures carrying on with respect to the British Colonies 

in North America. (M. Pitt ColL voL 75 and 90, and Am. Coll. vol. 50.) 8® 
London, 1774. 

Appeal to the Justice and Interests of Great Britain in the disputes with Ame- 

rica. (M. Pitt Coll. voL 108, and Am. ColL vols. 50 and 51.) S° London, 1774. 
A Letter from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Colo- 

nies. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 76.) 8° Philadelphia, 1774. 

The Pennsylvanian Farmer on the Constitutional Power of Great Britain over 

the Colonies of America. (M. Pitt Coll. voL 75, and Am. Coll. voL 50.) 8° 
Philadelphia, 1774. 

Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental Con- 

(M. Pitt ColL vol. 76, and Am. Coll. vol. 50.) S° Philadelphia, 1774. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia, 1774. (M. 

Pitt Coll. YoL 78.) 8° London, 1775. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, and Petition to the King. (Am. 

Coll. voL 60.) S° London, 1774. 

Speech intended to have been spoken in support of the Petition from the 

General Congress at Philadelphia. (Am. ColL vol. 51.) 8^ London, 1775. 

Speech intended to have been spoken on the Bill for altering the Charters of 

Bfassachusetts Bay. (Am. ColL voL 50.) 8° London, 1774. 

A Brief Extract of Important Arguments in support of the Supremacy of the 

British Legislature, and their right to Tax the Americans. (]VL Pitt ColL voL 77.) 
S^ London, 1775. 

The Address of the People of Great Britain to the Inhabitants of America. 

(BL Pitt Coll. vol. 78, and Am. ColL vol. 48.) S° London, 1775. 

Two Appeals to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great Britain in the 

present disputes with America. (M. Pitt ColL vol. 78.) 8° London, 1775. 

A Second Appeal to Justice and Interests of the People, on the Measures re- 

specting America. (Am. ColL vols. 48 and 51.) 8^ London, 1775. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia, May, 1775. 

(M. Pitt CoU. YoL 80.) 8° Philadelphia, 1776. 

372 TRACTS. 

America. The Rights of Great Britain asserted against the daima of America ; bong 
an answer to the Declaration of the General Congress, with a farther Reftitatioo df 
Dr. Price's State of the National Debt (Am. CdL vol. 48, and M. Pitt CoU. ?oL 
83.) 8° London, 1776. 

Common Sense ; addressed to the Inhabitants of America, with additions} sad 

Plain Truth, in answer to Common Sense. (M. Pitt ColL toI. 82.) 3 toIs. 8^ 
London, 1776. 

A further Examination of oar present American Measares, and of the Bessoo 

and the Principles on which they are fonnded. (M. ntt ColL vol. 83, and Am. CoD. 
vol.48.) 8° Bath, 1776. 

Joomal of the Provincial Congress of South Carolina, 1776. (M. Pitt ColL 

voL 84.) S° London, 1776. 

Remarks on the conduct of the Opposition with regard to America ; shewing 

their inconsistency by a short Review of their own Measures. (M. Pitt ColL joL 
87.) 8^ London, 1777. 

The Conciliatory Bills considered. (M. Pitt ColL yoL 90.) 8^ Lond. 1778. 

Considerations on the Present State of Affairs between England and America. 

(M. Pitt Coll. vol. 88.) S^ London, 1778. 

A Plan of Re-union between Great Britain and her Colonies. (M. Pitt CoD. 

voL 88.) 8° London, 1778. 

The Examination of Jos. Galloway, Speaker of the House of Assembly of 

Pennsylvania, before the House of Conmions, in a Committee on the American 
Papers ; with Notes. (M. Pitt ColL voL 92.) 8° London, 1779. 

Considerations upon the American Enquiry. (M. Pitt ColL toL 98.) 8*^ 

London, 1779. 

A View of the Evidence relative to the conduct of the American War, under 

Sir Wm. Howe, Lord Howe, and General Burgojme, with the celebrated Fogitire 
Pieces which gave rise to that important Inquiry. (M. Pitt ColL toL 94, and 
NasuL Coll. voL 28.) 8° London, 1779. 

The Detail and Conduct of the American War under Generals Gage, Hove, 

Bnrgoyne, and Admiral Lord Howe, with the whole Evidence, as given before the 
Committee of the House of Commons, and the celebrated Fugitive Pieces which 
gave rise to that Inquiry. (M. Pitt Coll. voL 96.) 8^ London, 1780. 

Considerations upon the French and American War. (M. Pitt ColL voL 95.) 

8° London, 1779. 

Letters to a Nobleman on the conduct of the War in the Middle Cobniei 

(M. Pitt ColL vol. 91.) S^ London, 1779. 

Historical and Political Reflections on the Rise and Progress of the American 

Rebellion. (M. Pitt ColL voL 97.) 8° London, 1780. 

A Plan ; or. Articles of Perpetual Union, Commerce, and Friendship, betveen 

Great Britain and her American Colonies. (M. Pitt ColL voL 96.) S^ Lond. 178a 
Constitutional Law, comprising the Declaration of Independence, the Articles 

of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States, and of the several States 
composing the Union. (Am. ColL voL 45.) 12^ Washington, 1820. 

Considerations on the Attorney-General's Bill for the establishment of Peace 

with America. (M. Pitt ColL voL 101.) 8° London, 1782. 

Addresses and Recommendations to the States, by Congress. (Itf. Pitt CoU 

voL 107.) 8° London, 1783. 

Copies of the Provisional and Preliminary Articles of Peace betweoi Great 

Britain, France, Spain, and America. (M. Pitt ColL vol. 107.) 8^ London, 1783. 
Observations on the Fifth Article of the Treaty with America. (M. Pitt CoD. 

vol. 105.) 8° London, 1783. 

The Treaties between his Most Christian Migesty, and the Thirteen United 

States of America. (M. Pitt ColL voL 87.) 8^^ London, 1783. 

TRACTS. 878 

Ambuca. Tbe Cue and Claim of Uil' AmGricns Loyalists considered, with the partl- 

culBTeaM of those of Georgia. (M. Pitt Coll. voL 105.) 8° LoadoD, 1783. 
Letter from an American on the Restruning ProclaiDBtion. (M. Pitt Coll. 

ToL no.) 6° London, 1784. 
Considerations od the situation of Great Britain and the United States, with a 

view to CommeTcLsl Connexions. (M. Pitt ColL vol. 110.) 6° London, 17S4. 
Remarks on Lord Sheffield's Observations on the commerce of the American 

States. (M. Pitt CoU. ToL 110.) 8" London, 1784. 
Taxation do Tjrannj' ; an Answer to the Resolutions and Address of the 

American Congress. (Am. Coll. vol 48.) fl° London, 1785. 
The Claim of the American I^yBlists reviewed, and maintained npon incontro- 

TCttible principles of Law and Justice. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 133.) 6° London. 1788. 
Eitracl ft-oQi Chnlmer!' Collection of Opinions of Embeni Lawyers on the Law 

oTIfatioDB. (Mack. Coll. voL 8.) 8= 1B09. 
Thrpc Messages from the President of the United Stales to Congress, in No*. 

1811, withDocmnentettccompanyingthesamc. (Am. Coll. voL49.) 8° Loud. 1812. 

Copies and Extracts of DocnmentE on tbe subject of British Impressments of 

American Seamen. (Am. ColL vol. 49.) 8° London, 1813. 

A dispassionate Inqairy into the reasons alleged bj Mr. Madison, for de- 
claring an offensive and ruinous War against Great Britaiu, By a New England 
Farmer. (Am. ColL vol. 49.) 8° London, 1813. 

An Address of Members of the Huime of Represenmtives of the I'niled 

States, to their consCitnents, ou the subject of the War with Great Britain. (Am. 
CoU- voL 49.) 8° London, 1812. 

Perpetual War, the policy of Mr. Madison ; a candid Examination of his lole 

Message to Congress, as respects the pretended Nepociations for Peace, a Coascript 
Militia, and tbe Establishment of a Local Volunteer Force. By a New Eugland 
Farmer. (Am. Coli vol 49.) 8° London, 1813. 

Letter to G. Canning, on the origin and continuance of the War with America. 

(Mack. ColL VOLS.) 8" London, 1814. 

Two Tracts, shewing Ibat Americana, bora before the Independence, are uot 

Aliens. (Mack. ColL voL 8.) 8= London, 1314. 

A Treatise on Eipatria^on. (Mack. ColL vol. 8.) 8° Washington. 1814. 

Reply to the Re-statement of Mr. Chalmers' Opinion on the Legal Effects re- 

snltingfrom the Independence of the United States. (Mack. ColL voL 8.) 8* Lon- 
don, 1814. 

Report on RodjIs, Bridges, and Canals, read in tbe Senate, March S3, IB21L 

(Am. ColL ToL 34.) 8° 1822. 

Report of the Committee on the state of the Republic, in reference to the mur- 
der of Mackintosh. (Am. Coll. voL 10.) 8= MillcdgcviUe, 1835. 

A Sketch of the laternal Condition of the United States of America, and of 

their Political Relations with Europe. By a Russian. [J. Smimove.] Tranataled 
fhim the French, with Notes. (Am. Coll. rol. 3.) 8° Baltimore, tSSS. 

A cotmected View of the whole internal Navigation of the United States, natural 

and artificial, present and prospective. (Am. ColL vol. 3.) 8° Philadelphia, 1826, 

An Aet to incorporate the Columbia, Lancaster, and PhtladelpbJa RaQroad 

Company. (Am. ColL vot. 34.) 8° Philadelphia, 1826. 

Message f^m the President of the United States to the two Houses of Coti- 

gresB, at tbe commencement of tbe First Session of (he 20th Congress. (Am. ColL 
ToL 12.) 8° Washington, 1827. 

Letter trtim the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting the Annual Report of 

tbe Sttte of the Finances. (Am. Coll. voL !1.) 8° Washington, 1827- 

Documents from the Department of State, and ftiAu the War Department, with 

the Fresidenl'a Messages. (Am. ColL voL 10.) 8° Washington, I B37. 


374 TRACT& 

Ajcbbica. Documents from the Navy Department, thePo8i-lfa8ter-GeDeral,andthe 
Commissioner of the General Land Office, accompanying the Prendenfs Men^e 
to Congress. (Am. Coll. vol 10.) 8^ Washington, 1827. 

General Convention of Agriculturists and Manu&cturers, and oUiefs fnendly 

to the encouragement and support of the Domestic Industry of the United Stato, 
July 30, 1827. (Am. ColL vol. 30.) S^ Harrisburg, 1827. 

A Sketch of the present state of Conmierce, Agriculture, and Mannftctores, in 

the United States; with some Observations on the impolicy of high Tariff Lavs. 
(AuL Coll. vol. 32.) 8^ Philadelphia, 1827. 

A Memorial to Congress against an increase of Duties on ImportatioDs, bj 

citizens of Boston and ite vicinity. (Am. ColL vol 31.) 8^ Boetovi, 1827. 

The Crisis : or Essays on the Usurpations of the Federal Government By Brutus. 

(Am. Coll. vol. 16.) 8^ Charleston, 1827. 

Congressional Directory for the First Session of the 20th Congrets of the 

United States. (Am. Coll. vol. 34.) 12^ Washington, 1827-8. 

Report of the Commissioners on the Penal Code, with the accompanying Docu- 

ments. (Am. ColL vol. 26.) 8^ Harrisburg, 1828. 

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting Statements oi the 

Commerce and Navigation of the United States, daring the year ending on the 30di 
of Sept 1828. (Am. ColL voL 11.) S^ Washington, 1828. 

Documents from the Department of War, the Navy Department, and the 

Department of State, accompanying the President's Message to Congress at the 
commencement of the Second Session of the 20th Congress. (Am. ColL voL 12.) 
8° Washington, 1828. 

Observations on the Report of the Conmiittee of Ways and Means, made at 

Washington, March 12, 1828. (Am. ColL voL 30.) S^ Philadelphia, 1828. 
On the Warehousing System and Government Credits of the United Statei 

(Am. Coll. voL 31.) 8° Philadelphia, 1828. 

A few Notes respecting the United States of North America. (Ath. ColL 

voL 120.) 8° London, 1839. 
see Colonies. 

Abierican Episcopal Church. Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 
United States of America ; with the Constitution of the said Church, and course of 
studies establLsbed by the House of Bishops in 1804. (Am. ColL vol. 13.) S^ 
New York, 1825. 

Episcopal Church. The Constitution, Act of Incorporation, and Statutes of 

the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United 
States. (Am. ColL vol. 13.) 8° New York, 1822. 

Episcopal Church. Journal of the Proceedings of the General Convention of 

the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, held in Pbilsdei- 
phia in 1826. (Am. Coll. voL 13.) 8^ New YoA, 1826. 

Episcopal Church. Journal of the Convention of the Protestant Episcopsi 

Church of Maryland, held in 1828. (Am. ColL voL 14.) 8° Baltimore, 182S. 
National Academy of Design; its Constitution and Bye-Laws. (Am. CoQ- 

voL 14.) 8° New York, 1826. 

Tariff (The) discussed, in communications published in the Charleston City 

Gazette, and Charleston Courier. (Am. Coll. vol. 30.) 8° Charleston. 1827. 
—— Boundary Line. — see Chipman, Hamilton, Head, James, Yule. 

Colonies (North) Observations upon their importance to Great Britain. (Am. 

Coll. vol. 8.) 8° Halifax, 1825. 
Anarchy (The Pleasures of), a Dramatic Poem. (Plays, vol. 1.) 8° London, 1832. 

Aja>R£W8 (Robert C.) Letter to Sir Robert Peel on the prevention of the re-establish- 
ment in Ireland of Popery and Priestcraft, (Ath. Coll. voL 15.) 8° Lond. 1828. 

Amgelo (Michael) — see Catalogue, and Raphael. 

TRACTS. 375 

Anolxset (Case of Ann, Coantess of) and her three sorriTing Daughters. (Nasm. 
ColL voL 16.) 89 London, 1766. 

(The Marquis of) — see Gregory. 

Anolo-Cathoucus. What are the English Roman Catholics to do? (Ath. Coll. 
▼oL 146.) 8° London, 1841. 

Amichini (P.) Remarks on the present laws of Marriage, Adnltery, and Seduction, in 
England. (Ath. ColL yoL 77.) 8^ London, 1835. 

A Few Remarks on the Annirersary Dinner of the Literary Fund Society, 

1838. (Ath. Coll vol. 103.) 8^ London, 1838. 

Animal Magnetism (A Short Sketch of). (Ath. CoU. toI. 99.) 8^ London, 1838. 

Amjou's (The Duke of) Succession considered as to its Legality and Consequences. 
Two parts; with an Answer. (M Pitt ColL voL 7.) 4° I^ndou, 1701. 

Amkbtbl (W. R.) The conduct of the resident Landlords of Ireland contrasted with 
that of the Absentees. (Ath. Coll. vol 174.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Anns (Queen) A Collection of all her Majesty's Speeches, Messages, &c., from her 
Accession to June 1712. (M Pitt ColL voL 12.) 8^ London, 1712. 

(Good Queen) Vindicated, and the Ingratitude, Insolence, &c., of her Whig 

Ministry and the Allies detected and exposed. (M. Pitt ColL voL 44.) 8^ Lond. 1748. 

Amneslet (Alex.) Strictures on the True Causes of the present alarming scarcity of 
Grain and other Provisions, and a plan for permanent relief. (Nasm. ColL voL 32.) 
8° London, 1800. 
A nwuiTiK S. — Goyemment Tables of Life Annuities. (Misc. Coll. vol, 6.) 4° 
■ Instructions for the establishment of Parochial Societies for granting Govern- 

ment Annuities. (Ath. Coll. vols. 100 and 147.) 8^ London, 1837. 

Anstet (Christ) The New Bath Guide. (Nasm. ColL vol. 14.) 8° Cambridge, 1766. 

Anticipation : containing the substance of his Majesty's most gracious Speech to both 
Houses of Parliament [By R. TickelL] (M. Pitt ColL voL 87.) 8° London, 1778. 

Anti-Slayert Monthly Reporter, for Sept 1826. (Am. ColL voL 29.) 8^ Lond. 1826. 
Reporter (The) for January, 1831. (Slavery ColL voL 6.) 8° London, 1831. 

Apostoucal Succession. The Uninterrupted Succession of the Ecclesiastical Mission 
asserted. (Bangor. ColL voL 4.) 8^ London, 1717. 

Afotbecaues. Statement of the Society of Apothecaries on their administration of 
the Apothecaries' Act. (Ath. ColL voL 181.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Appeals to the Sense of the People on the present posture of Affiurs. (M Pitt ColL 

voL 51.) 8^ London, 1756. 
Appleton (Nathan) Examination of the Banking System of Massachusetts. (Ath. 

Coll. voL 69.) 8° Boston, 1831. 
Remarks on Currency and Banking, having reference to their derangement 

in the United States. (Misc. ColL vol. 10.) 8° Boston, 1841. 

App&bnticb Laws — ^their Origin, Object, and Operation. (Mack. ColL vol. 2.) 8^ 
London, 1814. 

Aram (Eugene) The Genuine Account of his Life and Trial for the murder of Daniel 
Clarke. (Nasm. ColL voL 9.) 8^ London, 1759. 

Abchiologicus. What is Style ? — the Royal or Baronial ? — the Priestly or Monastic ? 

or the Squirely ? for the New Houses of Parliament (Ath. ColL vol. 104.) 8^ 

London, 1837. 

Arqtle's (The Duke of) Conduct reviewed. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 29.) 8® Lond. 1740. 

Abutocract and Democracy. (Ath. Coll. voL 102.) 8° London. 

Aristophanes. Plutus, the God of Riches, a Comedy, translated, with Notes, by H. 
Fielding and Wm. Young. (Nasm. ColL voL 3.) 8° London, 1742. 

Armand (James) A Sermon on the Spirit of the Gospel, translated by Thot. Davey. 
(Nasm. Coll. voL 4.) S*^ Norwich, 1763. 

376 TRACXa 

Abmstbono (Biij.-GeiL) On Corporal Pcnwhinftnti in the Britith Army; wi& t 
plan to provide seamen for the Nayy without Im pr e aime n t (Ath. CoQ. toL 51) 
8^ London, 1834. 

AxxT. An Argument shewing that ft Standing Army ia inoonaistent wt^ a Free 
GoTemment (Bl Pitt ColL vol 1.) 8^ London* 1697. 

Reasons against a Standing Army. (M. Pitt CioU. yoL 16.) 8^ Londoa, 1717. 

Three Speeches against oontinning the Army. (Bl Pitt CoQ. toL 16.) 8° 

London, 1718. 

Letter from a By-stander, wheron is examined what necearity there is fcr tbe 

maintenance of a large regular Land-Foroe, with two Anawen. (M. Pitt CqH 
YoL 32.) 3 vols. 8^ London, 1742. 

Enquiry into the extraordinary and adyantageous Bargain for renittiog 

money for the pay of the Forces abroad. (M. Pitt Coll. toL 37.) B9 London, 1743. 

Arnold (Thomas) Principles of Church Reform. (Ath. ColL toL 31.) 8^ Loud. 18SS. 

An Inaugural Lecture on the Study of Modem History. (Ath. ColL yoL I6i) 

8® Oxford, 1841. 

(Thomas Kirchever) Remarka on Rev. F. Close's Churdi Arduteetue serip- 

turally considered. (Ath. Coll. toL 185.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Arnott (Archdeacon) — see Napoleon. 

Abbitabene (M.) Considerations sur lea principauz moyena d'am^Uorer le sort da 
Classes Ouvri^res. (Sfisc CoH vol 2.) 12^ Bruxelles, 1832. 

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Articles in Academical Education. (Ath. ColL voL 61.) B^ Oxford, 1835. 
The XXXIX Articles oonstmed by themsdyes. (Tract. ControT. vol 7.) 8" 

Oxford, 1841. 
Artiixert (Notes on). (Ath. ColL voL 20.) 8^ London, 1826. 
Ahhlet (Lord) A few Words to, from a Country Clergyman. (Ath. ColL toL 171.) 

8^ London, 1843. 
Case and Appeal of James Ashley in relation to Simons, the Polish JeV' 

(Nasm. ColL vol. 12.) 8^ London, 1753. 

(John) Memoirs concerning the Trade and Rerenues of the Britiah Colooiei 

in America. (M. Pitt ColL vol. 28.) 8° London, 1740. 

AsHPiTBL (Arthur) A Few Tracts on the Com I^iws, defending the Agncoltonl 
Interest (Ath. ColL voL 113.) 8^ London, 1839. 

Astronomical Socistt. — see Transactions. 

Atchison (late Captain of the Royal Artillery,) Statement in defence of his Mili- 
tary Integrity. (Ath. Coll. vol. 47.) 8^ London, 1834. 

Athens. On certain disputed Positions in the Topography of Athens. [By Lieot- 
Colonel W. M. Leake.] (Ath. ColL vol. 73.) 8^ London, 1835. 

Atkinson (Christopher) — see Scourge. 

(Jaspar) On the Bullion Committee. (Bullion ColL voL 2.) 8^ London, 1810. 

(W.) The Reason for protecting Home Trade ; or, the principle of Free Trade 

refated. (Ath. ColL voL 58.) 8® London, 1833. 

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100.) 8^ London, 1838. 

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London, 18.39. 

Attachment. Considerations on Proceedings by Information and Attachment 
(Nasm. ColL vol. 20.) S^ London, 1768. 

AuRURN State- Prison. Report of the Commissioners directed to visit it. (Am. CdD. 
voL 28.) 8° Albany, 1827. 

Report of Gershom Powers, the Agent and Keeper. (Am. ColL voL 26.) 

8° Albany, 1828. 

TRACTS. 377 

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Pitt CoU. vol 133.) S^ London, 1796. 

Speech, April 11th, 1799, on the proposed Address to his Msjesty, on the 

Resolations, as a Basis of an Union between Great Britain and Ireland. (Union 
Coli vol. 6.) 8^ Dublin, 1800. 

see India. 

Australia. Proposal for founding a colony on the Southern Coast of Australia. 
(Ath. Coll vol. 36.) 8° London, 1831. 

Plan of a Company for founding a colony in Southern Australia. (Ath. 

Coa voL36.) 8° London, 1831. 

Outline of a plan of a proposed colony, to be founded on the South 0>ast of 

Australia. (Ath. Ck)lL vol 46.) 8^ London, 1834. 

Report of the Speeches at the appointment of Captain Hindmarsh as Governor 

of S. Australia. (Ath. Coll vol. 77.) 8^ London, 1835. 

Report on the Statistics of Western Australia, in 1840. (Ath. Coll vol 162.) 

8° Perth, 1841. 
ApgrwAT.ASTA. Sketch of a proposal for its Colonization. (Ath. Coll. vol 36.) 8^ 1833. 

AcsTBiA. Letter to the Craftsmen on the War against the Emperour [of Austria]. 
(M. Pitt Coll vol 23.) 8° London, 1734. 

Atbton (Scrope) Proposal for an Act for facilitating Deeds of Composition by In- 
solvent Traders. (Ath. C^ll. vol. 9.) 8^ London, 1833. 

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causes. (Ath. Coll vol 12.) 8° London, 1830. 

Gn the alleged Decline of Science in England. By a Foreigner, [in reply to 

Babbage.] (Ath. Coll. vol 12.) 8^ London, 1831. 

Babinoton (G. G.) The Hunterian Oration. (Ath. Coll vol. 161.) 8^ London, 1842. 

Bacon (Lord) — see Montagu. 

>^ — The Case of Private and National Corruption and Bribery impartially con- 

Mend. (M. Pitt Coll. vol 18.) 8° London, 1721. 

(J.) On the Appointment of a Commission for promoting the Fine Arts. 

(Ath. Coll vol 165.) 8° London, 1843. 

Baooe (James) Popery in Alliance with Treason ; a Sermon. (Ath. Coll. vol 88.) 8° 
London, 1838. 

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fourth Visitation. (Charges, vol 4.) 8° Oxford, 1842, 

see Newman. 

Bailt (Francis) Memoir relative to the Annular Eclipse of the Sun, to happen Sept 
7, 1820. (Ath. CJoll vol. 73.) 8° London, 1818. 

Further Remarks on the defective state of the Nautical Almanac. (Ath. Coll 

vol 12.) 8^ London, 1829. 

Badi (Donald) The Importance of Agriculture to a State, the Necessity for protecting 
it in Great Britain, and the principles of that Protection explained. (Ath. (}oll. 
vol 47.) 8° London, 1834. 

Baimbridoe (W.) On Church Leases. (Ath. Coll vol. 160.) 8^ London, 1841. 

Bainbs (Dr.)— see Roman-catholic Question. 

(Edward) Reasons in favour of Free Trade in C^m, and against a Fixed Duty. 

(Com L. Coll vol 5.) 8^ Leeds, 1843. 

Letters to the Earl of Harewood, on the Price of Bread, and the Rent of Land. 

(Ath. Coll. vol. 179.) \2^ London, 1844. 

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Collections, by Robert Masters. (Nasm. Coll vol. 38.) 8^ Cambridge, 1784. 

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3 c 

378 TBACTa 

Baldwin (George) Political ReeoUcetioni lelatiTe to Egypt ; with ft Vwm&wt of 
the British Cunpaign in 1801. (Nasm. ColL toL 36.) 8^ London, 1801. 

Baix (Charles) An Union neither necessarj nor expedient for Irdand ; in answer 
to Argnments for and against an Union. (Union CoU. toI. 1.) 8^ DabliD, 1799. 

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ToL 17.) 8^ London, 1831. 

Reflections on the Ballot. (Ath. ColL voL 17.) 8^ London, 1831. 

Questions on the Ballot, for the consideration of the People of Kngfand ( Atfa. 

ColL ToL 3a) 8^ London, 1833. 

Observations on the exercise and abase of the ElectiTe Franchise and Vote \tj 

BaUot (Ath. ColL ToL 72.) 8^ Bristol, 1837. 

Thoughts on the Ballot (Ath. ColL toL 170.) 8^^ London, 1837. 

A Test for the Ballot, drawn firom the principles of Democratic GoTenimeDt. 

(Ath. CoU. voL 107.) S^ London, 1839. 

see Bulkeley, Christie, Chorchill, Crombie, Denison, Nugent, Peaioe, and Smith. 

Baltimore City and County Report of the Trustees for the Poor, for 1827 and 182& 
(Am. ColL voL 22.) 8° Baltimore. 

Bahfil (Samuel) A Letter to D. Giddy, in answer to his Plain Statement of tk 
Bullion Question. (Currency ColL toL 2.) 8^ London, 1811. 

Bank of England (Remarks upon the) with regard more espedall j to oar Trade and 
GoTcmment (M. Pitt ColL toL 10.) 8^ London, 1705. 

Appeal to the People of England on the renewal of the Charter of the BsnL 

(Bl Pitt ColL ToL 34.) 8^ London, 1742. 

Facts relatire to the Bank of England, on the nature and infloenee of the Buk 

Charter. (Ath. ColL 7ol. 13.) 8^ London, 1832. 

Considerations on the Capital Stock of the Bank of England. (M. Pitt CoU. 

▼oL 122.) 8^ London, 1788. 

Address to the Proprietors of Bank Stock and the Public on the 

the Bank of England. (Ath. ColL yoL 13.) 8^ London, 1828. 

On the Advantages derived from the establishment of Branch Banks. (AtL 

ColL ToL 13.) 8° London, 1828. 

Power of the Bank of England, and the Use it has made of it. (Ath. CoD. 

ToL 29.) 8° London, 1832. 

An Impartial Inquiry into the Bank Question. (Ath. ColL toL 29.) S^ 

London, 1833. 

Report of the General Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Bfanufte* 

tures at Manchester, on the effects of the administration of the Bank of EnglaixL 
(Ath. ColL vol. 125.) 8° London, 1840. 

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ToL30.) 8^ Phihidelphia, 1828. 

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ColL voL 13.) 8° London, 1828. 

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London, 1833. 

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London, 1833. 

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(Ath. ColL voL 69.) 8° London, 1836. 

Letter to the Secret Committee of the House of Commons on Joint Stock Banks, 

by Alfred. (Ath. Coll. vol. 69.) 8° London, 1837. 

Facts and Fallacies in the Evidence taken by ** The Committee on Banks of 

Issue," by Abel Monitor. (Ath. CoU. voL 147.) 8^ London, 184 L 

TRACTS. 379 

BAHKora The Minister Mistaken; or, the Queition of Depreciation erroneously 
stated bj Mr. Hnskisson. (Ath. ColL vol. 176.) 8^ London, 1844. 

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Institote of France. (Nasm. ColL vol. 42.) 8° London, 1802. 

(Perc. W.) Remarks concerning the trial of Controverted Elections. (Ath. 

ColL YoL 83.) 8^ London, 1838. 

Barbaix>e8. Debate in the House of Commons, June 23, 1825, on Mr. Buxton's Motion 
relative to the demolition of the Methodist Chapel and Mission-House, in Barbadoes, 
and expulsion of Mr. Shrewsbury from that Island. (Slavery ColL voL 6.) 8^ 
London, 1825. 

Babbeb (Capt James) The Court of Directors of the East India Company, versus Her 
Mi^esty's Ministers, &c., as regards a complete plan of Steam Communication be- 
tween England and India. (Ath. ColL voL 129.) 8^ London, 1839. 

Philojohannes Unmasked, and the truth told, relative to the East India Com- 
pany's management of Steam Communication with India. (Ath. ColL voL 129.) 
8^ London, 1839. 

Babdwbix (William) Westminster Improvements ; a Brief Account of Ancient and 
Modem Westminster ; with Observations on former Plans of Improvement (Ath. 
ColL voL 118.) 8^ London, 1839. 

Ba&ino (Bingham) A Letter to the Electors of Winchester. (Ath. Coll. vol. 51.) 
8^ London, 1835. 

(Francis) The Commutation Act ; its Principle established by Facts. (M. Pitt 

ColL ToL 117.) 8° London, 1786. 

Barker (J. N.) — see Meade. 

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stitution of Man. (Ath. CoU. voL 99.) 89 Edinburgh, 1837. 

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with Remarks on the Letter. (M. Pitt ColL vol. 42.) 2 vols. 8^ London, 1746. 
(Mordaunt) Reasons of a Clergyman for acting as a Guardian of the Poor. 

(Ath. ColL voL 92.) 8*^ London, 1837. 

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against Arguments for and against an Union, &c (Union ColL voL 2.) 8^ DubliD,1799. 

(J. H.) and E. a. CarrolL List of Articles free of Duty and Tariff from 1828, 

on all Goods imported into the U. S. of America. (Am. ColL voL 31.) 8^ Phila- 
delphia, 1828. 

Barret (Le Chevalier de) Reponse i M. Mehce Delatouche. (Mack. ColL voL 14.) 

8^ Paris, 1814. 
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Criminal Legislation. (Ath. ColL voL 184.) 8^ London, 1844. 

Barron (Henry W.) A few Notes on the Public Schools and Universities of Holland 

and Germany. (Ath. ColL voL 140.) 8^^ London, 1840. 
(James) A brief Essay on the causes of Dry- Rot in public and private Ships, and 

iU remedy. (Am. Coll. vol. 32.) 8<> Norfolk, 1828. 
Barrt (James) Description of his Series of Pictures in the Great Room of the Society 

of Arts. (Ath. ColL voL 20.) 8^ London, 1821. 
Another edition. (Ath. ColL voL 118.) 8^ London, 1833. 

Bartbr (William B.) The Divine Institution of the Christian Sabbath vindicated, in 
answer to Abp. Whately's Thoughts on the Sabbath. (Sermons, vol. 1.) 8^ 
London, 1833. 

Bart (R. B. de) A Charm against Chartism; in which the Title of the Operative is set 
ibrtii, and his Estate ascertained ; comprising Thoughts on Education, and the expe- 
diency of instituting Public Games. (Ath. ColL voL 144.) 8^ London, 1839. 

Batsman (Joseph) La Martinidre ; a Reply to certain Statements respecting the Bishop 
of Cakntta. (Ath. ColL voL 140.) 8^ London, 1839. 

380 TRACTS. 

Bath (Poltenej, Earl of) Congratulatory Letter to a certain Right Hon. PerMm oo hk 
late disappointment of being First Commissioner of the Treasury. (M. Pitt CoU. 
▼oL 36.) 8^ London, 1743. 

Faction Detected by the Evidence of Facta, contuning a view of Parties at 

home, and Affairs abroad. (M. Pitt CoU. yoL 36.) 8^ London, 1743. 

The Detector Detected, in answer to ** Faction Detected.*' (M. Pitt CoU. tqL 36.) 

8^ London, 1743. 

The Desertion Discussed, or the last and present Opposition placed in their 

tme Ught ; in answer to *« Faction Detected." (M. Pitt CoU. vol 36.) 8^^ Loud. 1743. 

Review of the PoUtical Condact of a late eminent Patriot, being an answer to 

" Faction Detected." (M. Pitt ColL vol. 36.) 69 London, 1743. 

Defence of the People ; or, Confutation of " Faction Detected." (M. Pitt CoU- 

▼ol 38.) 8^ London, 1744. 

The Opposition rescued from the insolent attacks of " Faction Detected.' 

(M. Pitt CoU. vol. 38.) 8° London, 1744. 

The New Opposition compared with the Old, in which the aspernoas of 

" Faction Detected" are fuUy refuted. (M. Pitt CoU. vol 38.) S^ London, 1774. 
Enquiry into the Present State of our Domestic Afbirs, wherein some Cha- 

racters (E. of Bath, &c.) which have been unjustly aspersed are modestly viiidi- 
dicated. (M. Pitt CoU. vol 38.) 8° London, 1744. 

Baudin (Admiral) — see Mexico. 

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ColL voL 24.) 8° Albany, 1828. 

see Adams. 

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(Ath. Coll vol 65.) 8° London, 1835. 
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CoU. vol. 18.) S^ I^ndon, 1767. 

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New York, 1842. 

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de Londres. (M. Pitt CoU. vol. 97.) 8° London, 1780. 

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Debt considered. (Ath. CoU. vol. 75.) 8° London, 1836. 

On the Causes and Cure of the present Distresses : with a Plan of Parlia- 
mentary Reform. (Ath. CoU. vol. 30.) 8^ London, 1830. 

(G.) FuU particulars of the Reform BUI, with Observations. (Ath. ColL vol 

18.) 8° London, 1831. 
Bedford (A Letter to the Duke oQ. (M. Pitt Coll. vol. 52.) 8° London, 1757. 
■ A Letter to C. J. Fox, in consequence of the pubUcation of A Sketch of the 

Character of Francis, Duke of Bedford. (Nasm. CoU. vol. 38.) 8^ Bath. 

Beeke (H.) Observations on the produce of the Income Tax, and on its proportioo to 
the whole Income of Great Britain. (Nasm. CoU. voL 33.) 8^ London, 1799. 

Beldam (J.) On the Reduction of the Duties on Sugar. (Ath. CoU. voL 148.) 8^ 
London, 1841. 

Belgium. A Letter on the Belgic Revolution, its origin, causes, and consequences. 
(Ath. CoU. vol. 6.) 8° London, 1831. 

> RecueU de Pieces Diplomatiques, relatives aux affaires de la HoUande et de la 

Belgique. (Ath. ColL vol 6.) 8° La Haye, 1831. 

A Letter to the Marqms Camden, on the disputes between Holland and Belgium. 

(Ath. CoU. voL 6.) 8° London, 1832. 

Statuts Organiques de la Commission Centrale de Statistiqne de Belgique. (Ath. 

CoU. vol. 153.) S^ BruxeUes, 1841. 

TRACTS. 381 

Beix (John) A'^^ndication of the rights of British Laodownen, Fanners, and Lahourers, 
against Uie claims of the Cotton Capitalists to a Free Trade in Com. (Ath. ColL 
ToL lis.) 8^ London, 1839. 

(J.) On the progress of Phannacy in Great Britain. (Ath. Coll. toL 161.) 8^ 

London, 1843. 

(Robert) On the relative merits of the English and Scotch Banking Systems. 

(Ath. ColL YoL 100.) 8^ Edinburgh, 1838. 

A Letter to J. W. Gilbart, on the regulation of the Corrency by the Foreign 

Exchanges. (Ath. ColL voL 123.) 8^ London, 1840. 

Bkllexblss (The Doke de) Letters to Marechal de Contades, found after the Battle of 
Minden. (M. Pitt ColL yoL 58.) 8^ London, 1759. 

BsaxENDENns. A Free Translation of the Preface to Bellendenus [by Dr. Parr] ; 
containing animated Strictures on the great Political Characters of the Present 
Time. (M. Pitt ColL voL 122.) 8° London, 1788. 

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glante. (Am. ColL vol. 1.) 8^ Nouv. Orleans, 1824. 
*« Pilgrimage," and the Quarterly Review. (Ath. Coll. voL 60.) 8° London 

(privately printed, 1828). 

Bkhnstt (W.) — see Scourge. 

Bknson (Egb.) Memoir read before the Historical Society of the State of New York, 
Dec 31, 1816. (Am. ColL voL 4.) 8^ Jamaica, 1825. 

(Christopher) The Dnty of Contending for the Faith : a Sermon. (Sermons, 

ToL 1.) 8^ London, 1832. 

A Sermon in Aid of the Cholera Fund of Worcester. (Sermons, voL 1.) 

8^ Worcester, 1832. 

Letter on the Proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. (Ath. ColL 

ToL 67.) 8^ London, 1837. 
— ^ Protestant Zeal recommended: a Sermon. (Sermons, voL 2.) 8^ Lond. 1837. 
Discourses upon Tradition and Episcopacy. (Tract Controv. voL 5.) 8^ 

London, 1839. 

(Robert) On the Office of Deputy Recorder of Salisbury. (Ath. ColL voL 

39.) S^ London, 1831. 

Bkkthaii (George) Observations on the Registration BilL (Ath. ColL vol. 10.) 
8^ London, 1831. 

(Jeremy) Canada: Emancipate your Colonies! an unpublished Argument. 

(Ath. ColL voL 85.) 8^ London, 1838. 

BsRATTELSE om de Arbeten och Forsok som vid Kongl. Landtbruks-Academiens 
Experimentairalt verkstiiUdes ar 1831. (Misc. ColL voL2.) 12° Stockhokn, 1832. 

Bbbsns (Archdeacon E.) On Church Reform. (Ath. Coll. voL 44.) 8° Oxford, 1834. 

Bebssvobo (Rt Hon. John) Speech on his moving the vith Article of the Union with 
Ireland, March 19th, 1800. (Union ColL voL 8.) 8° Dublin, 1800. 

(Viscount) Letter to C. E. Long, on the Extracts from the Correspondence 

of the Ute Lieut-Gen. R. B. Long. (Ath. Coll. vol. 40.) 8° London, 1833. 

BxBUCLET (Bishop) The Analyst ; or, a Discourse addressed to an Infidel Mathema- 
tician: with an Answer by J.Walton. (Nasm. ColL voL 7.) 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1734. 

A Defence of Free-thinking in Mathematics. (Nasm. ColL vol. 7.) 8° 

London, 1735. 

An Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions, and Defence of the Mathema- 

ticians, against Bishop Berkeley. (Nasm. ColL voL 7.) 8° London, 1736. 

see Walton. 

(Hon. Capt) A Letter to Sir John Barrow, on the system of War and Peace 

complements in Her Majesty's Ships. (Ath. ColL vol. 121.) 8^ London, 1839. 
Bebxinoham (Jos. A.) Observations on the Utility and Conformity of the Archbishop 
of Dublin's Injunction. (Ath. Coll. voL 62.) 8<' Dublin, 1836. 

382 TRACTS. 

BzMnKOH^H (T.) A LctUr on th« Coro Liws to the Landownen and Oceupien of 

l.and in Iretand. (Corn L. ColL toL 4.) H° Dublin, 1641. 
Beeinabd (GoTi^mor) Select Letters on the Trade end Oovemmait of Amctia. 

(M. Pitt Coll. vol. 74.) 8= London. 1774. 

(J. B.) Appeal lu the Conaerralives. (Ath. Coll. toL 51.) B" London, lUS. 

Bbrquik (M.) Seniimeiu del Coloas de Saint Domingue, cnven letir Monirqne <t 

leurPalrie. (Mack. Coll. toI. 17.) 8° Paris, 1814. 
Best (Samuel) Case of the Deans atid Chapters eonEidcred, in answer toW.L. BovltL 

(Alh. Coll. vol. 67.) 8° London, 1837. 

After Thougbts on reading Dr. Backland'a Bridgevater Treatise. (AiIlCoII 

TOL 73.) 8" London, 1837. 

Bbthaii (Sir William) Papers on an Ancient AgtrooomiCB! Instrnmeol of the Iriikl 

on the Ring Money of the Cettie ; and on the Affinity of the Phenician and Celdt 

Langoagei. (Misc. Coll. vol 4.) 4° Uublln, 1836. 
- — ■- — Observations on the Evidence on the Record Commission, a* il refen to tb 

Irish Becords. (Ath. Coll. toI. 79.) S° Dublin, 1837. 
Two Letters Vt Sir William R. Hamilton, President of the Rojal Irish 

Academy. (Ath. ColL voL 141.) 8° Dublin, 1840. 

see Pelrie. 

Bnraiii. (Isaac B.) A Reply to Argiunants for and against an Union, in Tbici 

H'K en na's Memoir is tslien iato co us ide ration. (Union ColL voL 2.) S° Dublin, I7M. 
BETHtTKG (J. E. Drinkwater) Leicer to M. T. Sadler. (Ath. ColL voL 45.) 9^ 

Leeds, 1833. 
Bettuimie (William) Brief History of the Church in Upper Canidi. (Alb. Call 

vol. 90.) 8° Loudon, 1838. 
Bgvbrlet (R. M.) Reply to Professor Sedgwick's Letter on the corrupt stale of tin 

Uoiversitj of Cambridge. (Alh. Coll. voL 43.) 8° London, 1834. 

The Heresy ofa Humaa Priesthood traced, in Letters on the present state (f 

the Visible Church of Christ. (Alh. Coll. voL 138.) 8" London, 1839. 

see Sedgwick. 

BexliEt (Lord) — see Roman -catholic Question. 

BiBEH (G. E.) Catbolicity o. Sibthorp ; or. some help to tasver the Qoestion, Whttbcr 

R. W. Sibthorp b now or ever was a Citholic P (Tract. Contror. vol 4.) S° 

London, 1842. 
BicEERaTAFFE (Icsac) Maid of tbe Milt; a Comic Opera. (Naam. ColL voLK) 

S° London, 1765. 

The Padlock; a Comic Opera. (Nssm. Coll, voL 21.) 8° Londm, IJ6S. 

BnuiLB (Nicholas) Euloginm on Thomas Jtffcrson, before the American Pbiloti>]!iu(^ 

Society, April 11, 1827. (Am. ColL voL 17.) 8" FhiUdetpbio, 1837. 
BiosBi (John) Localities of Canadian Minerals ; with Notes and ExtrseO. (An. 

Coll. vol. 19.) 8° Quebec, I8a7. 
BisNET (Hor.) Eulogium npoo the Hon. William TJlghtnao, lale Chief Justic* of 

Pennsylvania. (Am. Coll vol 1 7.) 8° Philadelphia, 1837. 
BiNTlHliE (Le Chevalier de la) Observations surun Article dn " Morning Chroiuclc.' 

[snr la Revolution.] (M. Pitt Coll. vol 134.) 8° London, 1792. 
BiBD (C. S.) A Plea for the Beformed Church. (Tract Conlrov. vol. 9.) B" LDDd.IMl. 

see Je*elL 

But (J.) On the Administration of the Act for the Abolition of British CakKU^ 

Slavery. (Ath. CoU. vol 96.) 8° London, 1837. 
BiBHops. An Address to the Deans and Chapters of Cathedrtl ChnrchM on tbi 

Election of Bishops. (Ath. Coll voL 44.) B° London, 1833. 
Blacas (Le Comte de) — lee Chabannes. 

TRACTS. 383 

Blackbdrh (Peter) Argnmenl respecting Moral Duty in Legiiladon. (Atb. Coll. 

ToL71.) 8° London, 1836. 

«e W«i«on, 

Bt^ACKBDttNE (J.) Some Remarhs upon the Nature andOrigiaoftbe Tithes io Loudon. 

(Alh. Coll. vol. 136.) 8° ■ Camhridge, 1839. 
Blackeb (William) On the management of Landed Propert)' in Ireland) n Prixe 

Euay. (Ath. Coll. toL 45.) 8° Dnblin, 1S34. 

The Eyila maeparable froni s Miied Currenoji. and the Adiantagea to he 

•ecnred bj introducing an incantrovertible Naiiooal Paper CircnlatioD. (Ath. 
ColL *oL 133.) 8° London, 18»!>. 

Review of C, Shaw Lefetre's Letter to his ConititnenU on the State of Agri- 

calmre. (Ath. ColL toL 81.) 8° London, IS37. 

B1.1KK (Sir F.) The EOlcnc; of n Sinking Fund of oae Million per annnm coniidered. 
(M. Pitt CoU. vol. 117.) 8= Loodon, 1786. 

Peers " all alike." HTiat do Ministers now think of sn Electise House of 

Lords? (Ath. ColL voL 98.) 8° London, 1838. 

(FranoU)-Bee Thornton. 

{ Willinm) On the Principles which regnUte the Course of Exchange, and on 

the depreciated slate of the Currency. (Ballion ColL voL 3, and Currency ColL 

ToL 1.) a° London. 1810. 
— Obiervutions, in reply to a pamphlet, hy the Rev. R. Jonea. on the Asseis- 

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a Ihrec Lettcn lo the Bisbop of Sarnm, 
a the Elective FranchUe. (AiL 

Blundbu. (Tbi 
(Ath. Coll. 1 
B. M. [Basil Montagu.] Letter lo Lord Urotigliai 

ColL Tol. lOS.) 8° London, 1839. 

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we Bicardo. 

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TRACTS. 385 

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see Best 

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Bradbubt (Thomas) — see Quaker. 

Braithwaitb (John) Supplement to Sir John Ross's Narrative of a Second Voyage in 
the Yictury, in search of a N. W. Passage, containing the Suppressed F