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Full text of "A Catalogue of the Library of the Hon. East-India Company"

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PUBLIC i.!:v;An". 



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Class I.— HISTORY. 

Antiquities and Inscriptions 1 

Mythology 3 

Numismatics 5 

Chronology, Ancient and Modem History 7 

British History 8 • 

Records 9 

History of Africa, Turkey, and Egypt 12 

of The Gipsies 13 

of Asia 13 

of Arabia 14 

of Persia and Armenia 15 

of Tartary and Affghanistan 16 

of India 17 

of The East-India Company 25 

of Dutch East-India Company 27 

of Tibet, Burmah, Siam, Cochin China, and Asiatic Islands 27 

of China and Japan 29 

of America 31 

Voyages and Travels, Foreign Topography, and G^graphy .... 31 

Atlases and Maps 34 

Voyages and Travels, Collections 35 

round the World 36 

and Travels in various Parts of the World 36 

in Europe and Turkey 38 

Overland Journeys to India 39 

Vojrages and Travels in Africa 41 

in African Islands 43 

Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia, &c 43 

various Parts of Asia 45 

Arabia and Asiatic Turkey 46 

Persia 47 

Affghanistan, Bokhara, and Khiva 49 

Tartary 50 

India 50 

Tibet, Burmah, Siam, Cochin China 55 

■■ Indian Archipelago 56 j 



Voyages and Travels in China 59 

Japan and Asiatic Russia 61 

America and the North-West Passage 62 

South Sea and Australia 63 

Biography 64 

Drawings and Books of Prints 68 


Statute and Common Law 73 

Laws, Charters, Regulations, &c. of the East-India Company 73 

Oriental Law 75 

Government, Politics, Political Economy, Statistics, and Finance. ... 77 

Money, Trade, and Commerce 79 


Philosophy, Physics, and Meteorology 83 

Astronomy and Mathematics 84 

Natural History 86 

Gteology, Mineralogy, &c 86 

Botany 87 

Zoology 89 

Ornithology and Entomology 90 

Ichthyology and Conchology 91 

Anatomy, Surgery, and Medicine 91 

Military Discipline, Fortification, and Miscellanies 95 

Naval Discipline, Architecture, and Navigation 96 


Philology 99 

Bibliography and Printing 101 

East-India Papers anb Debates : — 

Parliamentary 104 

Printed by Order of the Court 112 

Printed by Governors- General, &c 114 

Miscellaneous 115 

Transactions of Learned Societies 117 

Periodicals and Newspapers 119 

Tracts 123 

Miscellaneous 173 




Comparative and Miscellaneous 177 

Sanscbit : — 

Grammars 181 

Lexicology 182 

Texts 183 

with Translations 186 

Translations from 189 

Tracts on 191 

Hindi 192 

Panjdbi 194 

Bengali 194 

Orissa 197 

Mahratta 197 

Guzerati 198 

Tamil 199 

Telugu.... 202 

Canarese 204 

Malayalam 204 

Cingalese and Pali ^ 204 

Arabic. Grammars 205 

Dictionaries 207 

Texts 208 

with Translations 21 1 

Translations from 216 

Tracts on 219 

Persian. Grammars 219 

Dictionaries 221 

Texts 222 

— — with Translations 226 

Translations frY)m 228 

Tracts on 231 

Kurdish 232 

Turkish 232 

Hindustani, Ghrammars 234 

Dictionaries 235 

Texts 236 

with Translations 238 

Translations from 239 

Tracts on 239 

Dukhinee 239 

Pushtoo, or Affghan, and Sindhi 239 

Zend and Pehlavi 240 



Chinssb. Grammars 240 

Dictionaries 241 

Texts 242 

with Translations 242 

Translations from 243 

Tracts on 246 

Japanese 248 

Tibetan 249 

Mongol 249 

Manchu 250 

Burman, Cochin Chinese, and Siamese 251 

Malay 252 

Javanese 253 

iEthiopic, S3niac, and Hebrew 253 

Armenian 254 

^Egyptian, Coptic, and Hieroglyphic 255 

G^rgian 256 

Phoenician 256 

Holt Scbiptubbs, European Versions 257 

Oriental Versions 257 

Educational Works in the various Oriental and English Languages. . 265 

Supplement, Miscellaneous Oriental Literature 276 






Akerblad (J. D.), Lettre sur I'lnscription Eg3rptieime de Ro- 

setta, et Inscriptionis Fhoenicise, Oxoniensis, nova Interpretatio. 

8vo. ... ... ... ... Paris, 1802 

firitish Museum, Additions made to the Collection : 1831 to 1833. 

8 vols. 8vo. London, 1833-6 

Burnouf (Eugene), Memoire sur deux Inscriptions Cuneiformes 

trouvees pres d^Hamadan. 4to Paris, 1836 

Franklin (Wm.), Inquiry concerning the Site of Ancient Pali- 

bothra. 4to. ... London, 1816 

Greaves (John), Miscellaneous Works, on Ancient Weights, Mea- 
sures, &c. by T. Birch. 2 vols. 8vo. ... London, 1737 
Grotefend (Geo. Fr.), Neue Beitrage zur Erlauterung der Baby- 

lonischen Keilschrift. 4to. Hanover, 1840 

Hager (Jos.), Dissertation on the newly-discovered Babylonian 

Inscriptions. 4to. ... London, 1801 

Hamilton (Sir Wm.), Collection of Etruscan, Greek, and Roman 

Antiquities. 4 vols, fol Naples, 1766 

Hoeck (C. F. C), Veteris Mediae et Persiae Monumenta, descripsit 

et explicuit. {9, copies) 4to. ; Gotting,\S\S 

Inscription (An), from the Kawi, or Ancient Javanese Language, 

taken from a stone found in the district of Surabaya, in Java. 

Translated by Crawfurd. 8vo. n.d. 

Jones (Sir Wm.), The Works of. (2 copies) 6 vols. 4to. 

London, 1799 
Kircher (Athan.)^ La Chine illustree de plusieurs Monuments, tant 

Sacrees que Profanes, traduit par F. S. Dalquie. fol. 

AmsU 1670 


Landseer (John), Sabsean Researches. (S copies) 4to. 

London^ 1893 
Lassen (Chr.), Beitrage zur Deutung der Eugubinischen Tafeln. 

ovo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• BoTiTiy 1833 

I^assen (Chr.), die Altpersischen Keil — Inschriften von Persepolis 

— Eine Entzifferung des Alphabets, und Erklarung des Inhalts. 

8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Sonn^ 1836 

Lassen (Chr.), Indische Alterthumskunde. Vol. i. Part I. 8vo. 

Bonn, 1843 
Lichtenstein (A. A. H.), Tentamen Palaeographise Assyrio- 

PersicsB. 4to, • H elmst. ISOS 

Massman (J. F.), Libellus Aurarius, sive Tabulae Ceratae et 

Antiquissimse et Unicse Romanae, in Fodina Auraria apud 

Abrudbanyam, Oppidulum Transsylvanum, nuper repertae, 

4to. ••• ••• ••• ... ••• Lipsice, 1840 

Maurice (Thos.), Indian Antiquities. 7 vols. 8vo. Lowdow, 1794-6 
Maurice (Thos.), Observations on the Ruins of Babylon. (2 copies) 

4to. ••• ••• «•• London, 18^6 

Maurice (Thos,), Observations on the Remains of Ancient Egyptian 

Grandeur and Superstition. (2 copies) 4to. London, 1818 
Montfaucon (D. Bern, de), L'Antiquite Expliquee et Representee 

en Figures, avec Supplement. 16 vols. fol. Paris, 1719 — 1724 
O'Brien (Hen.), The Round Towers of Ireland ; or the Mysteries 

of Freemasonry, of Sabaism, and Budhism, Unveiled. 8vo. 

London, 1834 
Reuvens (C. J. C), Verhandeling over Drie Groote Steenen 

Beelder uit Java. 4to. ••• ••• ••• AmsU 1828 

Rich (CI. Jas.), Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon. 8vo. 

London, 1815 
Rich (CI. Jas.), Second Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon. (2 copies) 

8vo. .,. London, 1818 

Ritter (Carl), Die Stupa's (Topes) oder die Architectonischen 

Denkmale an der Indo-Baktrischen Konigsstrasse und Die 

Colosse von Bamiyan. 8vo. Berlin, 1838 

Rodiger (E.), Versuch fiber die Himjaritischen Schriftmonumente. 

8vo. ••• ••• ..• ••• ... ••• Halle, 1841 

Sacy (Baron Silv* de), Lettre au Citoyen Chaptal au Sujet de 

rinscription Egyptienne du Monument trouve k Rosette. 8vo. 

Paris, 1802 
Stuhr (P. F.) Untersuchungen fiber die Ursprunglickeit und Alter- 

thumlichkeit der Sternkunde. 8vo. ... Berlin, 1831 

Tychsen (Olai Ger.), de Cuneatis Inscriptionibus Persepolitanis 

Lucubratio. 4to. Rostochii, 1798 


Wathen (Geo. H.), Arts, Antiquities, and Chronology of Ancient 
Egypt, from Observations in 1839. 8vo. London^ 1843 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G.)5 Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyp- 
tians, including their private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, 
Manufactures, Religion, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. London^ 1837 

Wilkinson (Sir J. G.), Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyp- 
tians, including their Religion^ Agriculture, &c. {Second 
Series.) 3 vols. 8vo London, 1841 

Wilson (H. H.), Ariana Antiqua, a Descriptive Account of the 
Antiquities and Coins of Afighanistan : with a Memoir of the 
Buildings, called Topes, by C. Masson. 4to. London, 1841 

Zoega (Geo.), De Origine et Usu Obeliscorum. fol. Ronue, 1797 


Bjornstjema (M.), die Theogonie Philosophic und Kosmogonie der 
Hindus. 8vo Stockholm, 1843 

Coleman (Chas.), The Mythology of the Hindus, with Notices of 
Various Mountain and Island Tribes. 4to. London, 183S 

Cory (Jo. P.), Ancient Fragments of the Phoenician, Chaldsean, 
Egyptian, Tyrian, Carthaginian, Indian, Persian, and other 
Writers, &c. with an Inquiry into the Philosophy and Trinity 
of the Ancients. 8vo London, 183S 

Craufurd (Q.), Researches concerning the Laws, Theology, Learn- 
ing, Commerce, &c. of Ancient and Modern India. 2 vols. 
8vo. ••» ••• ••• ••• ... London, 1817 

Dubois (J. A.), Expose de quelques-uns des Principaux Articles 
de la Theogonie des Brahmes. 8vo. •.. Paris, 1825 

Faber (Geo. Stanley), The Origin of Pagan Idolatry ascertained 
from Historical Testimony and circumstantial Evidence. (2 
copies) 3 vols. 4to. , London, 1816 

Frank (Othmar), Ueber einige Indisch-Mythologische Darstel- 
lungen. 4to. ••• ••• ••• ..• ••» n. d. 

Hamilton (Fr.), Genealogical Tables of the Deities, Princes, 
Heroes, &c. of the Hindus, fol Edinb, 1819 

Hamilton (Fr.), Genealogies of the Hindus, from their Sacred 
Writings. 8vo Edinb. 1819 

Hammer (Jos. de), Memoire sur le Culte de Mithra, son Origine, 
sa Nature, et ses Myst6res. Avec planches en folio. 2 vols. 
foL and 8vo. Pains, 1833 


Hyde (Thos.), Syntagma Dissertationum, quos olim Auctor sepe^ 
ratim edidit, oontinens, Ulugh Beighi Tabulae Stellarum — 
Feritsol Itinera Mundi, Heb. et Lat. cum Notis — Bobovii de 
Turcarum Liturgia, Perig. Meccana, Circumcisione, &c. — 
Castigatio in Angelum e St. Joseph. — De Ludis Orientalibus, 
sive Hist. Shahludii.— Historia Nerdiludii. — Specimen More 
Nevochim, Arab, et Lat. — Specimen Hist. Timuri, Arab. 
Pers. et Lat. &c. 2 vols. 4to. O^row, 1767 

Kennedy (Lieut. Col. Vans), Researches into the Nature and Affi- 
nity of Ancient and Hindu Mythology. 4to. London^ 1831 

Maurice (Thos.), Brahminical Fraud Detected : in the Attempts of 
the Sacerdotal Tribe of India to invest their Fabulous Deities 
and Heroes with the Honors and Attributes of the Christian 
Messiah, Examined, Exposed, and Defeated. 8vo. 

LondoTiy IBIS 

Moor (Edw.), Hindu Pantheon. (2 copies) 4to. London^ 1810 

MuUer (Niklas), Glauben, Missen und Kunst der alten Hindus. 
8vo. Mainz. 1822 

Oupnek'hat (id est, Secretum Tegendum), seu Theologia et Philo- 
sophia Indica, cura Anquetil Duperron. 2 vols. 4to. 

Argent. 1801 

Palladius, De Gentibus Indise, et Bragmanibus, Gr. et Lat. cura 
E. Bissaeus. fol ••• London, 1665 

Paulini a S. Bartholomaei, Systema Brahmanicum Liturgicum 
Mythologicum Civile, ex Monumentis Indicis. 4to. 

Romae, 1791 

Paulini a S. Bartholomaei, Musei Borgiani Velitris Codices Manu- 
scripti, etc. 4to Romae, 1793 

Paulini a S. Bartholomaei Opuscula, viz. Centum Adagia Mala- 
barica, cum Versione Latina, 1791 — Examen Historico-Cri- 
ticum Codicum Indicorum, 1792 — De Veteribus Indis Dis- 
sertatio, in qua Cavillationes Auctoris Alphabeti Tibetani 
Castigantur, 1796— De Antiquitate et Affinitate Linguae 
Zendicae, Samscrdamicse et Germanicse, 1798 — Mumiogra- 
phia Musei Obiciani Exarata, 1799 — Monumenti Indici de 
Museo Naniano illustrati, 1799 — Jornandis Vindicae de Var. 
Hunnorum, 1800 — ^De Latini Sermonis Origine et cum Orien- 
talibus Linguis Connexione, in 1 vol. 4to. 

Romae, 1791—1802 

Paulini a S. Bartholomaei, India Orientalis Christiana, continens 
Fundationes Ecclesiarum, Seriem Episcoporum, Missiones, 
Schismata, Fersecutiones, Reges, Viros Illustres. 4to. 

Romae, 1794 


Polier (Mme. et Col. de), Mytholc^e des Indous. S vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1809 

Priaulx (O. de Beauvoir), Qusestiones Mosaicse ; or the Book of 
Genesis compared with the remains of the ancient religions. 

London, 1842 

Prichard (J. C), An Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology ; with 
a Critical Examination of the remains of Egyptian Chrono- 
logy. Svo. London, 1819 

Rhode (J. G.), Die Heilige Sage, und das gesammte Religions 
System der Alten Bakter, Meder, und Ferser oder des Zend- 
volks. Svo Frankfort, 1820 

Rhode (J. G.), Ueber Religiose Bildung, Mythologie und Philoso- 
phic der Hindus. 2 vols. Svo Leipzig, 1827 

Schmidt (Js. J.), Ueber die Verwandtschaft der Gnostisch-theo- 
sophischen Lehren, mit den Religions Systemen des Orients, 
vorzuglich dem Buddhaismns. 4to. ••• Leipzig, 1828 

Seel (Hein.), Mythrageheimnisse wahrend der Vor-und Urchristli- 
chen Zeit. Svo Aarau, 1823 

Ssufismus sive Theosophia Persarum Pantheistica, e MSS. Persicis, 
Arabicis, Turcicis, cura F. A. D. Tholuck. Svo. 

Berolini, 1821 

Stuhr (P. F.), Die Religions-Systeme der Heidnischen Volker des 
Orients. Svo. Berlin, 1836 

Upham (Edw.), History and Doctrine of Budhism, popularly Illus- 
trated, with Notices of the Kappooism, or Demon Worship, 
&c. of Ceylon, fol. London, 1829 

Ward (Wm.), View of the History, Literature, and Mythology of 
the Hindoos. (2 copies) 4 vols. Svo. London, 1817-20 


Akerman (John Y.), A Numismatic Manual ; or. Guide to the 
Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins. 12mo. 

London, 1832 
Akerman (John Y.), A Numismatic Manual. Svo. London, 1840 
Brosset (M.), Monographic des Monnaies Armeniennes. 4to. 

St. Petersb. 1839 
Chaudoir (Le Baron S. de), Recueil de Monnaies de la Chine, du 
Japon, de la Coree, D^Annam, et de Java. fol. 

St. Petersb. 1842 


Fraehn Erklarung Arabischer Munzen in Kazan. 4to. Rostock 

Fraehn (C. M.), das Muhammedanische Munzkabinet des Asiatis- 
chen Museums der Kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu 
St. Petersburgh. {9, copies) 8vo, ... St. Petersh.lS^l 

Fraehn (Ch. M. von), Die Munzen der Chane vom Ulus Dschuts- 
chi^s, oder von der Goldenen Horde, nebst denen Verschiedener 
Anderen Muhammedanischen Dynastien. (2 copies) 4to. 

St. Petersb. 1832 

Fraehnii (C. M.), De Academiae Imperialis Scientiarum Fetropoli- 
tanae Museo Numario Muslemico Prolusio I. 4to. 

Petropoli, 1818 

Fraehnii (C. M.), Numi Muhammedani, qui in Academiae Impe- 
rialis Scientiarum Petropolitanae Museo Asiatico asservantur. 
Vol.i.4to Petropoli,\Sm 

Lindberg (Jac. Chr.), Lettre a Mr. P. O. Brondsted sur quelques 
Medailles cufiques, et sur quelques Manuscrits cufiques. 4to. 

Copenhague, 1830 

Marsden (Wm.), Numismata Orientalia Illustrata. — The Oriental 
Coins, Ancient and Modem, described, and Historically Illus- 
trated. (2 copies) 2 vols. 4to. ... London, 1823-5 

Mionnet (T. E.), Description de Medailles Antiques, Grecques et 
Romaines. Supplt. vol. viii. 8vo. ... Paris, 1837 

Moelleri (J, H.), de Numis Orientalibus in Numophylacio Go- 
thano asservatis Commentatio Altera. 4to. Erf ordice, '\8Sl 

Moelleri (J. H.), De Numis Orientalibus in Numophylacio Go- 
thano asservatis et Catalogus Librorum, &c. (2 copies) 3 
vols, in 1, 4to. Gothce, 1825-6 

Monete Cufiche DelP I. R. Museo di Milano. 4to. Milan, 1819 

Novae Symbolae ad Rem Numariam Muhammedanorum. Edidit 
C. M. Fraehn. 4to Petropoli, 1819 

Prinsep (H. T.), A Note on the Historical Results deducible from 
recent Discoveries in Affghanistan. 8vo, London, 1844 

Ruding (Rogers), Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Depen- 
dencies, from the earliest period to the 50th of George III. 
4 vols. 4to London,\SVl 

Sacy (Baron Silv. de), Memoires sur diverses Antiquites de la 
Perse, et sur les Medailles des Rois de la Dynastie des Sassan- 
ides. 4to ..» Paris, 1793 

Tyschen (O. G.), Introductio in Rem Numariam Muhammeda- 
norum. {9i copies of vol. \) 2vols. 12mo. Rostochii, Yl^^Q 

Vaillant (J. F.), Arsacidarum Imperium, sive Regum Parthorum 
Historia, ad fidem Numismatum accommodata. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1728 


Brady (John), Clavis Calendaria; or, A Compendious Analysis of 
the Calendar ; illustrated with Ecclesiastical, Historical, and 
Classical Anecdotes. 2 vols. 8vo. ... London, 1812 

Bredow (G. G.), Compendious View of Universal History and 
Literature, by Major J. Bell. fol. ... London, 1829 

Bredow (G. G.), Tables of Universal History, Literature, and 
Painters. Translated by Major J. Bell. fol. London, 1820 

Chronology. A Key to the Chronology of the Hindus. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Cambridge, 1820 

Gaubil (Le Pere), Traite de la Chronologie Chinoise. Publie par 
M. Silvestre de Sacy. 4to. Paris, 1814 

Richter (Carl F.), Arsaciden-Und Sassaniden-Dynastie, nach den 
Berichten der Perser, Griechen, und Romer. 8vo. 

Leipzig, 1804 

Warren (Col. John), Kala Sankalita. A Collection of Memoirs on 
the various Modes according to which the Nations of Southern 
Parts of India divide Time. 4to. ... Madras, 1825 

Wilson (H. H.), A Manual of Universal History and Chronology. 
12mo. ... ... ... ... ••• London, 1835 

Arriani, Expeditionis Alexandri Libri Septem et Historia Indica. 

Gr. et Lat. cura G. Raphelii. 8vo. ... Amstceld. 1757 
Arrian's History of Alexander's Expedition, translated with Notes 

by Rooke. 2 vols, in one. 8vo. ... London, 1814 

Bayeri (T. S.), Historia Regni Graecorum Bactriani in qua simul 

Graecorum in India Coloniarum Vetus Memoria, accedit Wal- 

theri Doctrina Temporum Indica cum Paralipomenis. 4to. 

Petropoli, 1738 
Croix (M. Sainte), Examen critique des Anciens Historiens 

d'Alexandre-le-Grand. 4to. Paris, 1810 

Gibbon (Edw.), History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman 

Empire^ with Notes by H. H. Milman. 12 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1838-9 
Herodotus, translated from the Greek with Notes by Wm. Beloe. 

4 vols. 8vo. ... London, 1806 

Herodotus : Historical and Critical Comments on the History of 

Herodotus, by P. F. Larcher and W. D. Cooley. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1844 



Heeren (A. H. L.), Historical Researches into the Politics, Inter- 
course, and Trade of the principal Nations of Antiquity. 
6 vols. 8vo. Owford^ 1838 

Lassen (Christ.) zur Geschichte der Grieschischen und Indosky- 
thischen Eonige in Baktrien, Kabul und Indien. 8vo. 

Bonn, 1838 

Quintus Curtius, The History of Alexander the Great, translated 
with Notes by P. Pratt. (2 copies) 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1821 

Quintus Curtius, The History of the Life and Reign of Alexander 
the Great, translated with Notes. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1809 

Annual (The) Register, or a View of History, Politics, and Litera- 
ture, from 1768 to 1842. 84 vols. 8vo. London, 1783, &c. 


Brenton (Edw. Pelham), The Naval History of Great Britain, 
from the Year 1783 to 1822. 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1823 

Churcher's College, Petersfield, Hants, The History of; with a 
Sketch of the Life of Rich. Churcher, the Founder; and Ob- 
servations on its Management. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1823 

Gurwood (Lieut. Col.). See Wellington. 

James (Wm.), Naval Occurrences of the late War between Great 
Britain and America. (!^ copies) 8vo. ... London, 1817 

James (Wm.), Naval History of Great Britain, from 1793 to 1820, 
with Tables. (2 copies) 6 vols. 8vo. London, 1822-4 

Martin (R. Montg.), History of the British Colonies. (2 copies) 
5 vols. 8vo. London, 1834^ 

Nelson (Admiral Lord), The Despatches and Letters of; with 
Notes by Sir W. H. Nicolas, vol. i. 8vo. London^ 1844 

Parliamentary History of England, from 1066 to 1803. 36 vols. 
8vo. London, 1806-20 

Parliamentary Debates, from 1803 to September 1836, and from 
February 1843 to April 1844, by T. C. Hansard and others. 
104 vols. 8vo. ioncfon, 1812, &c. 

Parliamentary Debates of the House of Commons during the un- 
reported Parliament, from May 10, 1768, to May 3, 1770, by 
Sir Hen. Cavendish, vol. i. 8vo. ... London, 1841 


Parliamentary : Journals of the House of Commons, from 1547 
to 1732. 21 vols, fol London^ y.Y. 

Parliamentary : Reports from Committees of the House of Com- 
mons from 1715 to 1819. 18 vols. fol. ... London^ v. y* 

Parliamentary : Reports from the Select Committee on the Condi- 
dition, Management, and Affairs of the British Museum ; 
with the Minutes of Evidence, &c« 2 vols. fol. 

London, 1835-6 

Roberts (P.), Sketch of the Early History of the Cymry, or An- 
cient Britons, from the Year 700 before Christ to A.D. 500. 
8vo. ..« ••• ••• ... ... London, 1803 

Wellington (Duke of). Despatches from 1799 to 1818 ; with Sup- 
plements and Appendix, by Lieut. Col. Gurwood. 14 vols. 
8vo. London, 1834-9 

Wilson (Robt.Thos.), History of the British Expedition to Egypt ; 
with a Sketch of that Country and its Means of Defence, 4to. 

London, 1802 


General Report on the Public Records, with Appendix and Index, 
foL ••• ... ••• ••• •«• London, 1837 

Reports from the Commissioners of the Public Records ; with Ap- 
pendix, 1800 — 1819 ; and an Account of their Proceedings. 
2 vols. fol. ••• ... ... ... London, < 

Reports respecting the Public Records of Ireland ; with Supple- 
ments and Appendices, 1810 — 1825. 3 vols. fol. 

London, 1819-29 

Record Commission, Scotland. Correspondence of Messrs. Cooper 
and Thomson, with Memorial of Robt. Pitcaim, and Reports 
of the Deputy Clerk, 1822-31. 8vo. ... London, 18S5 

Ellis (Sir Henry), General Introduction to Domesday-Book ; with 
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INDIA. 17 

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1 838-9. 2 vols. 8 vo London^ 1840 

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London, 1832 

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1764. 2 vols in 1, 8vo London, 1765 



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INDIA. 19 

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(^copies) isto. ••• ••• ... ... London^lSlS 

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comprising a view of the Affghan Nation, and a History of 
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London, 1839 

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Military Operations in the Southern Parts of the Peninsula in 
1782, 3, and 4. (2 copies) 8vo. ... London, 1788 

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and Authentic Papers, &c. 4to. ... Calcutta, 1782 

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4to. London, 1793 

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4to. London, 1778 

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Hindostan from 1739 to 1749, translated from the Persian by 
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translated from the Persian Calcutta, 1814 

INDIA. «1 

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ligious and Charitable Institutions founded by the British in 

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Proof Sheets with MS. Notes, and a Note to Lord Clive in 

the Autograph of the Author. 4to. k.d. 

INDIA. 23 

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Mahrattas, and of the English concerns in Hindpstan, from 
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Londouy 1782 

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9lo. ... ••• ••. ••• ... ... jraiiiS, J ooo 

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and Notices of the Proceedings of the Government of India 
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8vo. ••• ••• ••• • ••• ••• London, ■ 

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East-India Company^s Charter. 4to. ... London, 1811 

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the Agents and Officers of the East-India Company, respect- 
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Army, with the dates of the respective Appointments, from 
1760 to 1837. 8vo London, 1SS8 

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Company's Medical Officers of India, with their respective 
Appointments, from 1764 to 1838. 8vo. London, .1839 


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Company's Bengal Civil Servants, with their respective Ap- 
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Company's Madras Civil Servants, with their respective Ap- 
pointments, from 1780 to 1839. 8vo. ... London, 1889 

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Company's Bombay Civil Servants^ with their respective Ap- 
pointments, from 1798 to 1839* 8vo. ... London, 1839 

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their Affairs, Abroad and at Home, Political and Commercial. 
(2 copies) isto. London, 1793 

East-India Company : an impartial Review of their Disputes rela- 
tive to Mahommed Ali Khan and Tulja-gee, Raja of Tanjore. 
8vo Edinb.nTl 

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from its Formation to 1773. 8vo. ... London, 1813 

Historical Record of the East-India Company's first Madras Euro- 
pean Regiment. 8vo London, 1843 

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January, 1813, on the Renewal of the Company's Charter. 
8vo. ... ... ... ... ... London, 1818 

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nistration of Sir G. H. Barlow at Madras. 8vo. lAmdon, 1813 

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{^copies) London, 1896 

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London, 1818 

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Bengal Establishment, from 1790 to 1842. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1844 

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East-India Company's Charter in 1813, with Appendices. 8vo. 

London, 1814 

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nation of the Regular Corps, formed and commanded by Eu- 
ropeans in the Service of the Native Princes of India, with the 
leading Events of the Mahratta War. 4to. (2 copies) 

Calcutta and London, 1805 

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the Bengal Native Infantry from 1767 to 1796. (3 copies) 
8vo. London, 1817 



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der Nederlanders van Azie in Azie ; zijnde een Vervolg van 
Java. Svo. ... ... ... ... Hague^ 1816 

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gen in de Jaren 1808-11. 4 vols. fol. ... Hague^ 1814 

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Oost-Indische Bezittingen. Svo. ... Hague^ 1816 

Rapport van de Commissie tot de Oost-Indische Zaken, aan het 
Staats — Bewind der Bataafsche Republiek. fol. Hague^ 1803 

Vindication of the Dutch East-India Company from the unjust 
Slanders of the Netherlands East-India Company, translated 
from the Dutch. Svo Londorij 1688 


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roth. Svo. ... ... ... ••• ... 1835 

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Serampore, 1828 

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an introductory Sketch of the Events of the War. (2 copies) 
4to. ••• ••• ... ... ... Calcutta, 1827 

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one. fol ••• London,1693 

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Murr. Svo. Norimb. 1803 


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an Account of the Manners, Arts, Languages, Religion, In- 
stitutions, and Commerce of its Inhabitants. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Edinb. 1820 


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Settlements in the Straits of Malacca. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1839 

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London, 1681 

Enox (Rob.), History of Ceylon, from the earlist period to 1816, 
with characteristic Details of the Religion, Laws, and Man- 
ners of the People, and a Collection of their Moral Maxims 
and Proverbs. (2 copies) 4to. •.. London, 1817 

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ment with the Sultan and State of Palembang, and the Design 
of the Netherlands Government upon that Country. 8vo. 

London, 1821 

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Extracto Historial del Expediente que pende en el Consejo Real, 
y Supremo de las Indias, a Instancia de la Ciudad de Manila, 
y demas de las Isles Philipinas, sobre la forma en que se ha de 
hacer, y continuar el Comercio, y contratacion de los Texidos 
de China en Nueva-Espana. fol. ... Madrid, 1736 
Murillo Velarde (P. P.), Historia de la Provincia de Philipinas 
de la Compania de Jesus. Segunda Parte ; que comprehende 
los Progresos de esta Provincia desde 1616 hasta el de 1716. 
"^^- Manila, 1749 


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Roma, 1585 
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so fflSTORY. 

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Atlas en folio. Pam, 1777-85 

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Persans, des Turcs, des Russiens, &c. pour servir de suite a la 
Histoire Ancienne de M. Rollin. SO vols. 12mo. 

Paris, 1754-78 

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London J 1841 

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8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• London, 1842 

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Memoires concemant I'Histoire, les Sciences, les Arts, les Moeurs, 
les Usages, &c. des Chinois, par les Missionaries de Pekin. 
16vols. 4to Part«, 1776 — 1814 

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maxime Notabilium Historia. 4to. ••• Antv. 1655 

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London, 1848 

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the Operations of the British Forces to the Treaty of Nanking. 
8vo. ••• ••• .«• ••• ••• London, 1844 

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Amsterd. 1723 

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JLovanii, 1673 

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JZoma, 1643 

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Mythologique du Japon, par J. Klaproth. 4to. 

Paris, 1884 

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moirs of the Beigning Sovereigns : Feasts and Ceremonies 
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(^copies) 4to. .p. ... > Zrondon, 18S2 

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Falladolid, 1608 


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the United States of North America, from their first colonizaf- 
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Eustathii Commentariis, accedit Periegesis Prisciani cum Notis 
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& 4to. .... ••.. •••. ••• »«• Londofij 181Z 

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^stO» ••• ••• ••• •••' ••• ••• JLaT%Oy L §09 

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Hand-Book for India and Egypt, comprising the Narrative of a 
Journey from Calcutta to England, with Hints for Passengers 
travelling overland to the Presidencies of India. 8vo. 

London^ 1841 

Hints to Overland Travellers. 8vo. 

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London^ 1798 
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8vo. ••• ••• ••• ... ••• London^ 1834 

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London^ 1819 
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London, 1819 

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Minor. Svo. ... ... ... ... London, 1789 

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1766-7 ; with a Journey from Persia to England. 4to. 

London, 1773 

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Persia, Georgia, Russia, Poland, and Prussia, in 1817. 

{S copies) 4to London, 1818 

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by an Officer of the Nizam"'s Army. (2 copies) Svo. 

Madras, 1843 
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to England, by Bussorah, Bagdad, Curdistan, Persia, Mos- 
cow, &c. in 1824. (2 copies) 2 vols. 8vo. London^ 1827 

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through Arabia, Persia, Georgia, Russia, &c. in 1819 and 
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across the Desert to Aleppo, and through France to England, 
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in 1811 ; Memoirs on the Ruins, and Journey to Persepolis. 
8vo. London^ 1839 

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London, 1836 

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by the way of Venice, Aleppo, and over the Great Desert to 
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^CO. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ■•• «aa N» I). 

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don to Bombay, vid Egypt and the Red Sea. 8vo. 

London, 1831 

Galloway (Jo. Alex.) Observations on the proposed Improvements 

in the Overland Route via Egypt, with Remarks on the Ship 

Canal, the Boulac Canal, and the Suez Railroad, with a plan 

and section, 8vo. ... «•• ... London, 1844 


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MemorabiUum. 18mo. Lugd. Bat. 16S2 

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Coast of Africa in 1810, of his Three Years' Slavery, and 
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among the Colonies of Western Africa, and of a Campaign in 
Kaffir-Land in 1836. 2 vols. 8vo. ... London, 1837 

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Northern Coast of Africa, with an Account of the Greater 
Syrtis and Cyrenaica ; and of the Pentapolis. (2 copies) 4to. 

London, 1828 


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tion of the Co.untry, the Inhabitants, Manners, Customs, 
&c., with a Review of its History from the Earliest Period. 
Svo. Landorij 1844 

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coveries in Northern and Central Africa in 182^4. (2 copies) 
4to. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• London^ 18% 

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and Adventure in Africa (Ancient and Modem), with Illus- 
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Edinb. 1840 

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London^ 1757 


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1797 and 8, with Observations on the Geology, Geography, 
and Natural History : and Sketches of the Physical and Moral 
Character of the various Tribes surrounding the Cape of Good 
Hope. 2 vols. 4to. Londorif 1801A 

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(^copies) 2 vols. 4to London^ 18^ 

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vince of Algoa Bay, &c., with Statistics of the Colony, edited 
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(2 copies) Svo London, 18^ 

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Africa in 1886 and 1887. (2 copies) Svo. Bombay, 1888 

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being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Cape of Good 
Hope to the Tropic of Capricorn. (Seditions) Svo. 

London, 1844 

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Account of the Hottentots, translated by Medley. 2 vols. Svo. 

London, 1781 

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12mo. .^172^^. 1741 


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4to. .*. ••• ••• ... ••• London, 1818 

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Country of the Hottentots and Caffraria in 1778-9. 4to. 

London, 1789 
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London, 1804 
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Eight Years^ Residence at the Cape. (2 copies) 4to. 

London, 1827 


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Helena, written during a Residence of five years. (2 copies) 
4to. ... ••• •«• ... ••• London, 1816 

St. Helena, a Description of the Island of, with Observations on its 
singular Structure, and an Account of its Climate, Natural 
History, and Inhabitants. 12mo. ... London, 1805 

Narrative of the Loss of the " Winterton "^ East Indiaman on the 
Coast of Madagascar in 179^; and a Short Account of 
Madagascar. {2 copies) 8vo. ••. Edinb. IS90 

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M. Bruners Memoir on the Chinese Trade, translated by 
Jos. Trapp. 8vo. London, 1793 


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4to. ••. ... ... ••• ... ••• Paris, 1810 

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8vo. ... Gottingce, 1776 

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within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Excavations in 
Egypt and Nubia; with a Journey to the Coast of the Red 
Sea, and another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon, with the 
Plates. 2 vols, atlas fol. and 4to. ... London, 1820 

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Paris, 1840 


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2 vols, atlas fol. PariSylSOZ 

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8vo. ••• ... ••• ••• ••• Londony 1837 

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Syria and Asia Minor, during 1817 apd 18. 8vo. 

London^ \%9S 

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Modem Egyptians in 1833-5. 2 vols. 8vo. London^ 1836 

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beyond the Cataracts. 4to. London^ 1816 

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London^ 1845 

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S vols, in 1. fol Landon^nSI 

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London^ 1844 

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of the Military Power and Resources of those Countries, and 
Observations on the Government, Policy, and Commercial 
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London^ 1800 

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Sketches of Greece, Constantinople, and the Levant. 2 vols. 
8vo. London^ 1843 

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scriptions of that Country and of Gibraltar, Minorca, Malta, 
Marmorice, &c. 4to London, 1831 

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across the Desert into Egypt in 1799-1801, in company with 
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London, 1803 

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London, 1821-8 

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(2 copies) 4 vols. 8 vo London^ 1 823 

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Voyage and first Months of his Residence on that Island. 
{9> copies) 8vo Zowdow, 1816 

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Court of Pekin, in 1792, 3, 4. 4 vols. 4to. and fol. 

Chinese Drawings (88) of Boats and Vessels, Interiors of Houses, 
Temples, Bazars, Idols, &c. fol. 

Chinese Drawings, Botanical. 2 vols. fol. 

Chinese Drawings (80) of Butterflies and other Insects, with 
Flowers, &c. 2 vols. fol. 

Chinese Drawings (35), Flowers, Fruits, and Insects. 4to. 

Chinese Drawings (10), Fruits and Birds, fol. 

Chinese Drawings (82), Furniture and Ornaments for Houses. 
2 vols, fol. 

Chinese Drawings (40), Illustrative of the Manufactures of White 
Lead, Vermillion, Red Lead, and Cast Iron. 4 vols. fol. 

Chinese Drawings (40) of Insects, fol. 

Chinese Drawings (10), Interior of Houses, foh 

Chinese Drawings (3), large Lanterns, &c. fol. 

Chinese Drawings (48) of Lanterns, Furniture, and other Orna- 
ments. foL 

Chinese Drawings (30), Shipping, Junks, &c. fol. 


Chinese Drawings (86), Theatrical, fol. 

Chinese Drawings (^S), Views of the Great Joss House at Honam, 

opposite Canton, with 30 Drawings of Chinese Idols, &c. fol. 
Hamilton (Fr. Buchanan), Account of the Fishes of the Ganges 

and its Branches* The Original Manuscript and 

Drawings. Svols^fol. «. n. d. 

Hindoo (14), Architectural Drawings in Southern India. 

Imp. 4to. 
Manson^s Views of Almorah, 12 Fine Original Drawings in 

Colours, fol. ..• ••• ... ••• .•• N. D. 

Mohammedan Architectural Drawings (17) in Upper India of 

Mosques, Tombs, &c. fol. 
Fostans (Capt.), Drawings of Costumes and Architecture in the 

West of India, fol. n. d. 

Abbott (Lieut. G.), Sketches about Eurrah Mannickpore (with 

McCurdffs Views). (2 copies) fol. ... London, 18S1 

Abbott (Lieut. G.), Views of the Forts of Bhurtpoore and Weira. 

{'^copies) fol London, 1S27 

Ainslie (Sir Robt.), Views. See Mayer. 

Atkinson (Jas.), Sketches in Afighanistan. Plates, by C. Haghe. 

fol. London, 1842 

Barron (Capt. Richd.), Views in India, chiefly among the Neel- 

gherry Hills. Coloured Plates, fol. London, 1837 

Belnos (Mrs. S. C), Twenty-four Coloured Plates, illustrative of 

Hindoo and European Manners in Bengal. (2 copies) fol. 

London, n. d. 
Belzoni (G.), Plates illustrative of his Researches and Operations 

in Egypt and Nubia. Atlas fol. ... London, 1820 

Borget (Auguste), La Chine et les Chinois. fol. Paris, 1842 

Burt (Major T. S.), Views illustrative of Ancient and Modern 

Hindu and Musalman Architecture, in and near the Duab of 

India, in 1832-3. {With Jump's Views.) 4to. London, 1836 
Capture of the Island of Banda. Coloured Plates. (2 copies) 

fol. ... ••• ... ••• ... ... London, 1810 

Creighton (H.), The Kuins of Gour described and represented in 

Eighteen Views. 4to London, 1817 

Dacca, Account of the Antiquities of. fol. ... London, v. j>. 
Dalton (Rich.), Series of Twenty-six Prints illustrative of the 

Manners, Customs, &c. of the Egyptians, from Drawings made 

in 1749* foL London^ n.d. 


Daniell'^s (Thos.), Hindoo Excavations in the Mountain of EUora. 

Coloured Plates. Atlas fol. Zondon, 1803 

Daniell'^s (Thos. and Wm.), Picturesque Voyage to India by the 

way of China. Coloured Plates, fol. ••• London^ 1810 
DanielFs (Thos. and Wm.) Antiquities of India, in 24 Coloured 

Views, S> vols, atlas fol. London^ 1799-1804 

DanielPs (Thos. and Wm.) Oriental Scenery, or Views in Hin- 

doostan. Coloured Plates. 4 vols, atlas fol. 

London^ 1796-1807 
Daniell (Wm.), Views in the Burman Empire, fol. London^ — — » 
Daniell ( Wm.), Twelve Select Views of Windsor Castle. Coloured 

Plates. Atlas fol. ••. London^i^.j). 

Daniell (Wm.), Voyage round Great Britain in 1813. Coloured 

Plates. 8 vols. 4to. ... London, 1814 

Deschamps (John), Scenery and Reminiscences of Ceylon. Coloured 

Plates, fol. London, 1845 

D'Oyly (Sir Chas.), Antiquities of Dacca. Engraved by Landseer. 

fol. London, 1826 

Fac-Similes (A Selection of), Water-Colour Drawings from the 

Works of the most distinguished British Artists. Coloured 

Plates, fol. • London, 1825 

Fergusson (J.), Specimens of the Illustrations of the Rock-Cut 

Temples of India. Plates, fol. ... London, s. d. 

Eraser's (J. B.) Views in the Himalaya Mountains. Coloured 

Plates. Atlas fol. London, 18^ 

Eraser (J. B.), Twenty-Eour Views of Calcutta. Coloured Plates. 

(2 copies) fol London, ISM 

Gold (Capt. Chas.), Oriental Drawings, Sketched between 1791 and 

1798. Coloured Plates. (2 copies) 4to. London, 1806 ' 
Grindlay (Capt. R. M.), Scenery, Costumes, and Architecture, 

chiefly on the Western Side of India. Coloured Plates. 

(2 copies) 2 vols. 4to • ••• London, 1826 

Harris (Capt. W. C), Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of 

Southern Africa. Coloured Plates, fol. London, 1840 

Hart (Capt. L. W.), Character and Costumes of Afghanistan. 

Plates by C. Haghe. fol. London, 18iS 

Head (Capt. C. E.), Eastern and Egyptian Scenery, Ruins, &c. 

illustrative of a Journey from India to Europe, intended to 

shew the Advantage and Practicability of Steam Navigation 

from England to India, fol London, 1833^ 

Hodges (Wm.), Select Views in India, drawn on the Spot in 1780- 

1783. Aquatinta Plates. 2 vols, in one. fol. London, 1786 


Hodges (Wm.), Sdect Vie¥rs of Antiquities, &c. in India, fol. 

London^ 1827 
Hunter (Jas.), Picturesque Scenery in Mysore. Coloured Plates. 

foL ... ••• ••• ••• ••• London^ 1805 

Jones (Owen) and J. Groury, Views on the Nile from Cairo to the 

Second Cataract Drawn on Stone by Geo. Moore^ and 

coloured, fol. ... ... ••• ••• lAmdon^ 1843 

Jump (Capt. R.)» Views in Calcutta. 4to. ••• London^ 18S7 
Kershaw (Capt. J.), Views in the Burman Empire. Coloured 

Plates. {With MeCurdifs Views.) fol. Londofi^ n. d. 

Kirk (Dr.), Views of the Defiles and Mountain Passes in Affghan- 

istan. {With Jump*s Views.) 4to. ••• London, n. d. 
Sattoe (Markham), Illustrations of Indian Architecture from the 

Muhammadan Conquest downwards. IS Parts, fol. 

Calcutta, 1838 
Laing (David), Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Buildings, 

Public and Private, including the New Custom House, Lon« 

don. fol. ••• ... ••• ••• ... London, 1818 

Madras, Account of, and Views of Public Edifices of. (2 copies) 

4tO. ... ... ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• J^. J}. 

Mayer (Luigi), Views in Egypt, from Drawings in Possession of 

> Sir Robt. Ainslie. 48 Coloured Plates. foL London, 1801 

McCurdy (Capt. E. A.), Views of the Neilgherries, or Blue 

Mountains of Coimbetoor, Southern India. (2 copies) fol. 

London, n. d. 
Moore (Jas.), Eighteen Views of Rangoon. Coloured Plates. 

(2 copies) fol London,18^ 

Prinsep (James), Benares Illustrated. (2 copies) foL 

London, 1831 
Roberts (D.), Views in the Holy Land, &c. fol. London, 1845 
Salt^s (Hen.), Twenty-four Views in India, Ceylon, Abyssinia, 

Egypt, &c. Coloured Plates. Atlas fol. London, 1809 

Savignac and Pearson, Asiatic Museum Illustrated. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1828 
Singapore and Macao (Six Views of), taken in 1840. {WithJump^s 

Views.) 4to. ... London, 1840 

Smith (John Thos.), Antiquities of Westminster, the Old Palace, 

St. Stephen^s Chapel, &c. London, IQOH 

Smith (Capt. R.), Views of, and in, Prince of Wales^ Island. 

Coloured Plates, fol ... Zo/^dtm, 1821 

Solvyn's (F. Bait.), Two Hundred and Fifty Coloured Etchings; 

Descriptive of the Manners, Customs, Character, Dress, and 


Religious Ceremonies of the Hindoos. The Obioinal Edi- 
tion, with the Catalogue, in Svo. S vols. fol. 

Calcutta, 1779, &c. 
Solvyrfs (F. B.), Les Hindous, ou Description de leurs Mceurs, 

Coutuine6,et Ceremonies. Coloured Plates, 4 vols. Pam, 1808 
Swarbreck (S. D.), Sketches in Scotland. Plates, fol. 

London, 1839 
Taylor (Capt. P. M.), Sketches in the Deccan. Drawn on Stone 

by W. Taylor, fol. London, 1837 

Wales (Jas.), Twelve Views of the Island of Bombay. Coloured 

Plates. Atlas fol. London, \&^ 

Walton (Jas. F.), Views in Affghaunistaan. fol. London, 1840 
White (Lieut. 6. F.), Views in India, chiefly among the Himalaya 

Mountains. (% copies) fol London, 1836-7 

Wilkie (Sir David), Sketches in Turkey, Syria, and Egypt, 1840- 

1841. Drawn on Stone by Jos. Nash. fol. London, 1848 
Williamson (Capt. T.), Wild Sports of the East. Coloured Plates* 

fol. ••• ••• ... .., ••• London, 1807 

Wilson (H. H.), Oriental Portfolio, illustrative of the Scenery and 

Architecture of India. Plates, fol. .•• London, 18il 
Wingate (Lieut. T.), The Storming of Ghuznee and Eelat. 

Drawn on Stone by Weld Taylor. Coloured Plates, fol. 

London, 1839 
Wood (Wm.), Twenty-eight Panoramic Views of Calcutta, fol. 

London, 1883 

CLASS 11. 



Acts of Parliament from the S2nd of Charles II. to the 4th of 

George II., or from 1660-1717. 15 vols. fol. 

London^ 1671-1718 
Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland from 1424 to 1707. (Vols. 2 

to 11, all publi8?^d.') 10 vols. fol. ... London, 181^24* 
Statutes of the Realm from the Original Records, &c. from 

Henry III. A.D. 1236 to 13th of Queen Anne, 1713; with 

Indexes. 11 vols. fol. London, 1810-24 

Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta to the 14th March, 1704, 

being the Fourth Year of the Reign of Queen Anne, 1704. 

Black Letter. 3 vols, fol London, 1706 

Blackstone (Sir Wm.), Commentaries on the Laws of England ; 

with Notes by E. Christian. 4 vols. Svo. London, 1809 

Cooper (C. P.), Lettres sur la Cour de la Chancellerie dAngle- 

terre et sur qudques points de la Jurisprudence Anglaise; 

avec une Introduction par Royer-CoUard. 8vo. Paris, 1830 


Acts (Three) of Parliament, relative to the East-India Company, 
passed in 1760, 1780, and 84. 3 vols, in 1. Svo. 

London, 1775, &c. 

Auber (Peter), Analysis of the Constitution of the East-India 
Company ; with the Supplement. (2 copies) 2 vols. Svo. 

London, 1826-8 

By-Laws, Constitutions, Orders, and Rules for the Government of 
the East-India Company. 12mo. ... London, 1815 

Charters granted to the East-India Company from 1601 to 1761. 
4to. ••• London, n. d. 

Charters granted to the East^India Company from 1601 ; with Trea- 
ties and Grants made with, or obtained from the Princes and 
Powers in India, from the Year 1756 to 1772. (3 copies) 
4to. ... ••• ... ... ... London, 1774 



Charters and Statutes relating to the East-India Company, with 

Appendix, from Elizabeth, 1600, to the 56th Geo. III., 1816. 

4to. ... London^ 1817 

Charters, &c. of the East-India Company, from Wm. III., 1698, 

to the 31st of Geo. II., 1758. fol. ... London^ n. d. 

Charters, see Tracts. 
Circular Orders of the Sudder Board of Revenue at the Presidency 

of Fort William, from 1788 to 1837, by Wm. Peters. 4to. 

Calcutta^ 1838 
Circular Orders of the Court of Foujdaree Udalut, from 1805 to 

1841. 8vo Madras^ 1842 

Circular Orders of the Court of Sudr Udalut, from 1805 to 1842. 

8vo. ... ... ... ... ... Madras, 1842 

Code of Regulations for the Internal Government of the Madras 

Territories, by A. D. Campbell, 8va ... Madras, 1840 
General Orders issued at the Presidency of Fort St George, from 

1800 to June, 1840. 4to. Madras, 1840 

Harrington (John Herb.), Analysis of Laws and Regulations for 

the Civil Government of the British Territories of Bengal. 

(2 copies) 3 vols. 4to. Cafct^^o, 1805-17 

Harrington (John Herb.), Analysis of the Laws and Regulations 

enacted at Fort William in Bengal, vol. i. fol. London, 1821 
Law relating to India and the East-India Company ; with Notes. 

(3 copies, First, Second, and Fourth Editions) 4to. 

London, 1840-42 
Peters (Wm.), Digest of the Circular Orders of the Sudder Board 

of Revenue at the Presidency of Fort William, from 1788 to 

1837 ; with continuation to 1838 inclusive. 2 vols. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1838-9 
Regulations passed by the Governor-General in Council of Bengal, 

from 1780 to 1814; with Index and Glossary. 4 vols. fol. 

London, 1828-34 
Regulations passed by the Governments of Bengal, Fort St. George, 

and Bombay, from 1813 to 1834. 2 vols. fol. 

London, 1815, &c. 
Regulations for Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa, from 1793 to 1816. 

7 vols. fol. 1793, &c. 

Regulations of the Bengal Government respecting Zemindary and 

La-Kharaj Property ; with Index, Glossary, and Explanatory 

Introduction, by R. Clarke, fol. ... London, 1840 

Regulations passed by the Government of Bombay, from 1799 to 

1816; with the Police Regulations, fol. London, 1822 

Regulations for the Internal Government of the Madras Territories, 


comprising the Code revised by A. D. Campbell. (S copies) 

8vo. Madras, 1843 

Regulation (Draft of a), for improving the Custom Laws of Fort 

William. Svo Calcutta, 1827 

Regulations passed by the Government of Fort St. George, from 

1802 to 1817. 2vols. fol. ... Fort St. George, 1803, &c. 
Regulations for Weavers in the Company's Employ. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1787 
Statutes (The), Bye-Laws, &c. of the East-India Company, from 

Henry VIII. to Geo. III. (2 copies) fol. London, 1786 

Statutes relating to the East-India Company, from Henry VIII. 

to the 49th of Geo. III. 4to London, 1810 

Statutes and Regulations for the Government of the East-India 

College. 4to. London, 1816 

Statutes and Regulations for the Gk)vemment of the East-India 

College. 4to. London, 1838 


Adawlut System (The History of the Judical) ; with an Inquiry 
into the supposed Existence of the Trial by Jury in India 
and proposed Alterations in the Judicial System of Fort St. 
George. 8vo London, 1822 

Baillie (J.), Digest of Muhammedan Law, according to the 
Tenets of the Twelve Imams, vol. i. 4to. Calcutta, 1805 

Campbell (A, D.), Notes on the Penal Code proposed for India. 
Svo. Madras, 1840 

Colebrooke (Jas. Edw.), A Digest of the Regulations and Laws 
for the Civil Government of the Territories under the Presi- 
dency of Bengal. 3 vols, fol Calcutta, 1807 

Colebrooke (H. T.), A Digest of Hindu Law on Contracts and 
Successions; with a Commentary by Jagannatha Tercapan- 
chanana, translated from the Sanskrit. (2 copies) 3 vols. Svo. 

London, 1801 

Colebrooke (H. T.), Treatise on Obligations and Contracts. Part I. 
Svo. ... ... ... ... ... London, 1818 

Colebrooke (H. T.), Two Treatises on the Hindu Law of Inhe- 
ritance. 4to Calcutta, 1810 

Digest of Mohummudan Law, according to the Sect of the Twelve 
Imams, translated by Capt. J. Baiilie. {imperfect) fol. 

Calcutta, 1805 


Duperron (Anquetil), Legislation Orientale. 4to. Amsi. 1778 

Grentoo Laws, or Ordination of the Pundits, translated from the 
Persian by N. Brassey Halhed. (2 copies) 4ito. 

London, 1776 

Haggard (John), Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Court of Admiralty, vol. i. 8vo. ••• London, 1825 

Hedaya (The), or Guide; a Commentary on the Mussuhnan 
Laws ; translated by Chas. Hamilton. 4 vols. 4to. 

London, 1791 

Hindu Law (A Digest of) on Contracts, &c. See Colebrooke. 

Hough (Major Wm.), Case Book of European and Native Greneral 
Courts-Martial from 1801 to 1821. 8vo. Calcutta, 1821 

Hough (Major Wm.), Military Law Authorities. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1839 

Hough (Major Wm.), Practice of Courts-Martial ; also. The Legal 
Exposition and Military Explanation of the Mutiny Act and 
Articles of War. (S copies) Svo. ... London, ISZSSi 

Hough (Major Wm.), Simplification of the Mutiny Acts and Arti- 
cles of War ; proposed Military Police, &c. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1836 

Macnaghten (Sir F. W.), Considerations on the Hindoo Law, as 
it is current in Bengal. 4to Serampore, 1824 

Macnaghten (W. H.), Principles and Precedents of Mohammedan 
Law. 8vo. Calcutta, 1825 

Macnaghten (W. H.), Principles and Precedents of Hindu Laws, 
relative to the Doctrine of Inheritance, Contracts, and Miscel- 
laneous Subjects. (2 copies) 2 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1829 

Macnaghten (W. H.), Reports of Cases determined in the Court 
of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut. 4 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1827 

Macnaghten (W. H.), Reports of Cases determined in the Court 
of Nizamut Adawlut. 3 vols. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1827 

Madras, Orders on the Equity Side of the Supreme Court. (2 copies) 
4to Madras, 1843 

Marshman (J. C), Guide to the Civil Law of the Presidency of 
Fort William. (2 copies) 8vo. ... Serampore, 1842 

Orianne (G.), Traite Original des Successions d'apres le Droit 
Hindou. 8vo. ... Pam, 1844 

Reports of Select Criminal Cases adjudged by the Court of Niza- 
mut Adawlut, 1805 to 1818. 2 vols. fol. 

Strange (Sir Thos.), Elements of Hindu Law; referable to British 
Judicature in India. (3 copies) 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1825-30 


Strange (T. A.)» Notes of Cases in Courts of Judicature at 
Madras, from 1798 to 1816, with Copies of the Statutes, 
Charter, and of the Rules of the Supreme Court. 3 vols. 
8vo. Madras, 1816 

Ta-Tsing Leu Lee ; the Fundamental Laws, and a Selection irom 
the Supplementary Statutes of the Penal Code of China, trans- 
lated by SirGreo. Staunton. 4to. ... Londany 1810 


Anderson (John), Political and Commercial Considerations rela- 
tive to the Malayan Peninsula, and the British Settlements in 
the Straits of Malacca. 4to. Prince of Wales Island, 1824 

Anglo-Eastern Empire in 1832, its Political, Commercial, and 
Financial Condition. 8vo. London, 1832 

Annand (Alex.), Outline of the Existing System for the Govern- 
ment of India, from 1773 to 1826. 4to. London, 1832 

Baldwin (G«o.), Political Recollections relative to Egypt ; with a 
Narrative of the British Campaign in 1801. 8vo. London, 1802 

Bannister (S.), Humane Policy ; or. Justice to the Aborigines of 
New Settlements: with Suggestions how to civilise the Na- 
tives. 8vo. ••• ••• London, 1830 

Briggs (John), The present Land Tax of India considered as a 
Measure of Finance. (2 copies) 8vo. London, 1830 

D'Oyly and Parker, Observations upon the Transit and Town 
Duty System of the Bengal Presidency. 8vo. Calcutta, 1836 

Galloway (Lieut.-Col.), Observations on the Law and Constitu- 
tion and present Government of India. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1832 

Francklin (Wm.), Tracts, Political, Geographical, and Commer- 
cial ; on the Dominion of Ava, and the North- Western Parts 
of Hindostaun. 8vo • ••• London, 1811 

Grenville (Lord), British India analyzed. The Provincial and 
Revenue Establishments of Tippoo Sultan, and of Mahome- 
dan and British Conquerors in Hindoostan, stated and consi- 
dered. 3vols. 8vo. London, 1195 

Hammer (Jos. Von), Landerverwaltung unter dem Chalifate. 8vo. 

Berlin, 1835 

India. Historical Views of Plans for the Government of, and Re- 


gulation of the Trade, with Outlines of a Plan of Foreign 
Government and of Domestic Administration. 4to. 

Londouj 1793 

Jordao (J. L.), Dos Gt)vemos Legitimos. 8vo. LondreSy 1831 

Lauderdale (Earl of), Inquiry into the Merits of the System of 
Government of India. 8vo. Edinb. 1809 

Malcolm (Sir John), The Government of India. 8vo. 

London^ 1833 

Malthus (T. R.), Principles of Political Economy considered with 
a View to their practical Application. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Londouy 1820 

Martin (R. Montg.), Statistics of the Colonies of the firitish Em- 
pire in the West Indies, South America, North America, 
Asia, Africa, and Europe. 8vo. ... London^ 1889 

Martin (Montg.), Taxation of the British Empire. (3 copies) 
12mo. London^ 1833 

McCulIoch (J. R.), Statistical Account of the British Empire. 
2 vols. 8vo. London^ 18S9 

Mill (Jas.), Elements of Political Economy. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1821 

Montgaillard (M. de), Seconde Guerre de Pologne, ou Considera- 
tions sur la Paix publique du Continent et sur Flndependance 
Maritime de TEurope. 8vo. Pam, 1812 

Neild (Jas.), State of the Prisons in England, Scotland, and Wales. 
4to. London, 1812 

Norton (Geo.), Rudimentals ; a Series of Discourses on the Princi- 
ples of Government, and on Jurisprudence, addressed to the 
Natives of India. 8vo. ... ... ... Madras, 1841 

Patton (Robt.), The Principles of Asiatic Monarchies contrasted 
with those of the Monarchies of Europe. 8vo. London, 1801 

Paupers. — Report on the training of Pauper Children. 8vo. 

London, 1841 

Raffles (Sir Thos. S.), Substance of a Minute on the Introduction 
of an improved System of Management and the Establishment 
of a Land Rental on the Island of Java. 4to. London, 1814 

Rickards (R.)^ India; or Facts regarding the Natives, and Sugges- 
tions for reforming the System of Government. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 18S0 

Rouse (C. W. B.), Dissertation on the Landed Property of Ben- 
gal. 8vo. London, 1791 

Royle (J. F.), On the Productive Resources of India. 8vo. 

London, 1840 


Russia, Progress and present Position of, in the East. 8vo. 

London, 1838 
Sykes (Col.), On the Increase of Wealth and Expenditure in the 

various Classes of Society in the United Kingdom. 4to. 

London, 1837 
Sykes (Lieut.-CoL), Special Reports on the Statistics of the Four 

CoUectorates of Dukhun. 8vo. ... London, 1838 

Sykes (Lieut.-Col. W. H.), Land Tenures of the Dekkan. 

(2 copies) 8vo. ••• ... ... ... London, 1836 

Tables of the Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c. of the United 

Kingdom and its Dependencies. Parts V., VI., and VII., for 

the Years 1836, 6, and 7. 8 vols. fol. ... London, 1836-9 
Tables of the Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c. of the United 

Kingdom. Part VIII. for 1838. fol. London, 1840 

Tables of the Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c. of the United 

Kingdom. Part XI. for 1841. fol. ... London, 1843 
Tucker (Hen. St. Geo.), Review of the Financial Situation of the 

East-India Company in 1824. {2 copies) 8vo. London^ 1825 
Tuckett (Harvey), The Indian Revenue System as it is. {2 copies) 

8vo. London, 1840 

Tytler (Alex. Fraser), Considerations on the Political State of 

India. (2 copies) S vols. 8vo. ... London, 1815 

Wilks (M.), Report on the Interior Administration, Resources, 

and Expenditure of the Government of Mysore, fol. 

Fori William, 1805 
Wissett (Robt.), Compendium of East-Indian Affairs, Political 

and Commercial. 2 vols. 12mo London, 1802 

Young (Major G.), Inquiry and Further Inquiry into the Expe- 
diency of applying the Principles of Colonial Policy to the 

Government of India, and of effecting an essential Change in 

its Landed Tenures and in the Character of its Inhabitants. 

Svols.8vo. London,1822 


Anderson (A.), Historical and Chronological Deduction of the 
Origin of Commerce from the earliest Accounts to the present 
Time. 4vols. 4to. London, nsi-d 

Anderson (A.), Commercial History of the British Empire. 2 vols, 
fol. ••• ... ... London, 1764 

Macpherson (David), Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, 

80 MONEY. 

and Navigation ; with Notices of the Arts and Sciences con- 
nected with them, from the Earliest Accounts to 1801. 4 
vols. 4to. ... ... ... ... ... London, 1805 

Macpherson (D.), The History of the European Commerce with 
India, (^copies) 4to London, 181% 

Milbum (Wm.), Oriental Commerce; containing a Greographical 
Description of the East Indies, China, and Japan, including 
their Produce, Manufactures, Trade, &c. (2 copies) 2 vols. 
4to. .•• *•• ... ... ••• London, 1813 

McCuUoch (J. R.), Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical, and Histo- 
rical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation. 8vo. 

London, 1832 

Montefiore (Joshua), Commercial Dictionary. 4to. London, 1803 


Brooks (Thos.), Account of the different Coins of India ; with the 
Indian Weights and Measures. 4to. ... London, 1763 

Corbaux (Francis), On the Doctrine of Compound Interest. 4to. 

London, 1825 

Eckfeldt (J. R.) and W. E. Dubois, A Manual of Gold and Silver 
Coins of all Nations, struck within the past Century. 4to. 

Philadelphia, 1842 

Kelly (Patrick), The Universal Cambist and Commercial Instruc- 
tor; being a Treatise on the Exchanges, Coins, Weights, 
and Measures of all Trading Nations and their Colonies. 
(3 copies) 2 vols. 4to. London, 1811 and 31 

Klaproth (J.), Origin of Paper Money. 8vo. London, 18^ 

Liverpool (Chas., Earl of). Treatise on the Coins of the Realm. 
4to ... Owford, 1805 

MuUer (John), Indian Tables for the Conversion of the Indian 
Maund into the several Weights and Exchanges in use in the 
Bengal Presidency ; with a Table of Exchange between Lon- 
don and British India. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta, 1836 

Newman (S.), A Collection of Mercantile Tables, adapted to the 
use of Public Offices, Bankers, Merchants, &c. 8vo. 

London, 1804 

Steuart (Sir Jas.), On the Principles of Money applied to the 
State of the Coin of Bengal. (4 copies) 4to. London, 1772 

Teschemacher (J. R.), Tables for the Arbitration of Exchanges, 
both Simple and Compound. 4to. ... London, 180S 


Thornton (Thos.), East India Calculator ; or Tables for assisting 
the Computation of Batta, Interest, Commission, Rent, &c. in 
Indian Money. 8vo London^ 18^ 

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traen du nuestras Indias Occidentales, que siruen en Medi- 
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London, 1817 

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trict of Sarun. 8vo Calcutta, 1839 

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and Medical Account of the Plague at Aleppo, in the Years 
1760-62 ; also. Remarks on Quarantines, &c. 4to. 

London, 1791 

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of Fort St. George. (2 copies) fol. ... Madras, 1824 

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(2 copies) 8vo Madras, 1828 

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Sigmond (G. G.), Tea ; its EfiTects, Medicinal and Moral. 12mo. 

London, 1839 

Tables exhibiting the Results of Disease and Practice employed 
in Fever, &c. under the Madras Presidency, from 1820 to 
1826. 8vo. Madras, 1828 

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London, 1817 

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eases of Bengal ; with the Result of an Inquiry into their 
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Calcutta, 1832 and 5 

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of the Treatment requisite in the various modifications of that 
Disease. {2 copies) 8vo. ... ••• London, \^& 

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Existence of Pestilential Contagion ; with the Means of Pre- 
vention and Method of Cure of the Cholera Morbus. 8vo. 

London, 1837 

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Treatment and Means of Prevention. 8vo. London, 1834 

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Sympathies as included in the Pathology of certain Diseases. 
8yo , Edinb, 1818 




Abridgment of the General Orders issued at the Presidency of 
Fort St. George from 1800 to 1840, by J. B. Pharoah. 4to. 

Madras^ 1840 

Abridgment of the General Orders issued at the Presidency of 
Fort St. George in 1841. Svo Madras, 1841 

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Paris, 1843 

Artillery. — Proceedings of the Special Board of Artillery Officers 
at Calcutta, 1839. Svo. Calcutta, ■ 

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the Presidency of Fort William, revised by W. S. Greene, 
fol. Kidderpore, ISIO 

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leon. ISmo. Madras, 1837 

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Soldiers. Svo London, 1832 

Military Rules and Regulations. Svo. ... Madras, 1^9, 

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Bombay Army from the Year 1750 to July 1801. (2 copies) 
foL Bombay, 1801 

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Horse Brigade. Svo Madras, \S^\ 

Cakes (Capt. A. F.), Proposed General Instructions for the Artil- 
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Rules for determining the Strength of Revetments, &c. 2 vols. 
Svo. London, 18S2 

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tions of the British Empire. Svo. ... London, 1811 

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Military Service of the Hon. East-India Company. Svo. 

London, 1842 

Regulations for the Dress of General, Staff, and Regimental Officers 
of the Army of Fort St. George. (2 copies) Svo. 

Madras, 1838 



Rules, Orders, and Regulations of the Troops on the Coast of Coro- 
mandel. (^copies) 4to 1766 

Rules and Regulations for the good Government of the Military 
Seminary of the East-India Company. 4to. London^ 1825 

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Bellary, 1842 

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tions on the increased EflTects of Artillery ; with a Volume of 
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Acadian (The) Code of Signals, on New Principles, calculated for 
Numeral and Alphabetical Symbols; with flexible Key and 
Instructions. 4to. ••• * ... ... London, 1817 

Admiralty Regulations and Instructions for the Naval Service. 
8vo. ••• ... ••• ... ... London, 1844 

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8vo. ... ... ... ••• ... London, 1805 

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numerous scientific Miscellanies, vol. i. 4to. {All published.) 

London, 1834 

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London, 1835 

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a Law establishing an efficient Naval Discipline in the Mer- 
chant Service. (2 copies) 8vo London, 18S0 

fioileau (Capt. J. T.), New Set of Traverse Tables ; shewing the 
DiflTerences of Latitude and the Departures to every Minute 
of the Quadrant and to five Places of Decimals. 8vo. 

London, 1839 

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fol. London, 1833 

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Naval Architecture. 4to Edinb. 1840 

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Calcutta, 1826 

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Navy. (2 copies) 4to London, 1806 


Fincham (John), A Treatise on Masting Ships and Mast-making. 

Second Edition enlarged. 8vo. ... London^ 1843 

Frisi (Paul), Treatise on Rivers and Torrents, with the Method of 

regulating their Course and Channels, translated by Jo. Gar- 

stin. 4to. London f 1818 

Garrard (Wm.), Tables for reducing Lunar Observations and 

obviating the Difficulties of finding the Longitude at Sea. 

{2 copies) 4to Chelsea^ ISOO 

Horsburgh (Jas.), India Directory, or Directory for Sailing to and 

from the East Indies, Australia, Cape of Good Hope, Brazil, 

and the interjacent Parts. 2vols. 4to. ... London^ 1809 
Horsburgh (Jas.), Another Edition (the Vth.) 2 vols, in 1, 4to. 

London, 1836 
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to and from the East Indies, China, and Australia, vol. i. 

4to. Londonyl84il 

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8vo. Madras, 1841 

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Oriental (The) Navigator ; or Directions for Sailing to, from, and 

upon the Coasts of, the East Indies, China, Australia, &c. 

corrected by Jo. Stevens, with original Tables by Jo. Purdy. 

(2 copies) 4to London,1816 

Phillipps (H. Cranmer), Code of Universal Naval Signals, includ- 
ing Night Signals. 8vo London, 18SS 

Phipps (John), Papers relative to Ship Building in India, also a 

Register of Indian-built Ships. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1840 
Prinsep (G. A.), Account of Steam Vessels and of Proceedings 

connected with Steam Navigation in British India. (3 copies) 

4to. ... ... ... ... ... Calcutta, 1830 

Purday. See Oriental Navigator. 

Raper (Admiral), New System of Signals, by which Colours may 

be wholly dispensed with. 4to London, 1828 

Raper (Lieut. H.), The Practice of Navigation and Nautical 

Astronomy. 8vo. London, 1840 

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4to. London,18SS 

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of the Earth by Means of the Pendulum Vibrations in different 

Latitudes, &c. 4to. London, 1825 

Sailing Directions for the Oriental and East-India Pilot. 8vo. 

London, 1778 



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nomy, with the improved Lunar Tabl^ 8vo. 

London^ 1848 

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obtained from the Apparent Altitudes. Svo. lAmdon, 1836 

Wright (Gabriel), Nautical Directory for the East-India and China 
Navigation. 4to. London, 1804 





Alphabeta. — Bukovgnak Schiavetanski za nauk male dizze u Dal- 
mazij Ponovglien I Popravan ; in Alphahetia Variis. vol. i. 
8vo. ... Urimu, 1788 . 

Boardman (J.), A Vocabulary in the English, Latin, German, 
French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Languages. 12mo. 

Londorij n. d. 

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Meridionale. 8vo. ... PariSf 1841 

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guage to Man. 2 vols. 8vo. ••• ..• London, 1826 

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29. Philologie. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

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sian, or East-Insular Languages; on a Conventional Roman 
Alphabet, applicable to Oriental Languages; and Thoughts 
on the Composition of a National English Dictionary. 4to. 

London, 1834 

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paries aux lies Marquises, Sandwich, Gambier, &c. 12mo. 

Paris, 1843 

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Languages, particularly the English, with the Oriental Lan- 
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Language of the Ancient Britons. 8vo. London, 1804 




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4to. ••• ... London^ 1799 

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RonuB Typis Propag. Fiddy 1771 


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Franqois, par P. M. Rerville. 4to. ... London^ 1796 


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Bopp (Franz.), Vocalismus, oder Sprachver gleichende Kritik iiber 

J.Grimms, Deutsche Grammatik und Graffs Althochdeutschen 

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Gottingen, 1819-S7 
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Gebiete der Indo-Germanischen Sprachen. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Lemgo, 1st Part, 1833 ; 2nd Part, 1836 



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Romae Typis Propag. Fidei^ 1771 
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Cambridge, 1839 
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S vols. 8vo Camfe. 1820 

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London, 1820 


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Romae Typis Propag, Fidei, 1771 


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Language of the Aire Coti, or Ancient Irish, compared with 
the Ancient Persian, Hindostanee, the Arabic, and Chaldean 
Languages. 4ta. ••• ••• ... ••• DublinflSOQ 


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qua MSS. Cod. Syricos, Arabicos, Persicos* Turdcof, He- 


braicos, Samaritanos, Ibericos, et Malabaricos, recensuit, diges- 

sit, et genuina Scripta k spuriis secrevit; addita singulorum 

Auctorum Vita. 4 vols, fol Romae^ 1 719-28 

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Londini^ 1820 
Bibliothecse Regise, a Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings, &c. in 

the British Museum attached to the Library of George III. 

fol. ••• ... ... ... ... London^ 1829 

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2vols. fol MatritiyYlQO 

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and part II. of vol. ii. 3 vols. fol. Oxford, 1787-1836 

Catalogue des Manuscrits Sanskrits de la Bibliotheque Imperiale, 

par Alex. Hamilton et L. Langles. 8vo. ... Parisy 1807 
Catalogue of several Hundred Manuscript Works in various 

Oriental Languages, collected by Sir W. Ouseley. 4to. 

London^ 1831 
Catalogue of Sir Robt. Chambers, Collection of Sanskrit Manu- 
scripts ; with a Brief Memoir by Lady Chambers, fol. 

London, 1838 
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British Museum, fol London, 1802 

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with Indexes. 4 vols. fol. London, 1808 

Catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British Museum ; 

with Indexes, fol. London, 1819 

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Burrell. 8vo ... Liverpool, 1820 

Catalogue of the Library of the East-India Collie. 4to. 

Hertford, 1848 
Catalogue of the Library of the London Institution, systematically 

classed. 3 vols. 8 vo iondon, 1831-48 

Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts purchased in Turkey. 4to. 

Catalogue de la Bibliotheque d^Edchmiadzin, par M. Brosset. 8vo. 

St. Peter ah. 1840 
Catalogue of the Library of the Bombay Branch of the Royal 

Asiatic Society ; with Supplement. 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. 

Bombay, 1834 and 1837 
Catalogue of the Library of the Royal College of Surgeons^ 

London. 8vo. ... London, 1831 


Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Dublin Society. 8vo. 

Dublin, 1839 

Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Society. Svo. 

London, 1839 

Catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum, descriptive of the Zoologi- 
cal Specimens, Antiquities, Coins, and Miscellaneous Curiosi- 
ties. Svo. ... Oxford, 1836 

Catalogues, see Tracts. 

Clarke (Dr. Adam), Bibliographical Dictionary of Books in all 
departments of Literature, from the infancy of Printing to 
the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. 6 vols. 12mo. 

Liverpool, 180^4 

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logue des Ouvrages relatifs a TAsie et a TAfrique jusqu' en 
1700. Svo. ... .'. Paris, 1841 

Dulaurier (E.), Rapport sur les Manuscrits Malays et Javanais, 
conserves dans quelques Bibliotheques k Londres. Svo. 

Pans, 1840 

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2 vols. 12mo. Pam, 1764 

Index Librorum Manuscriptorum et Impressorura quibus Biblio- 
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Berolini, 1835, Sz;c. 

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Wien, 1842 

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Catalogue of the Books and Manuscripts collected by Sir W. 
Marsden. 4to London, 1827 

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sorum, in Bibliotheca Gothana. (2 Parts.) — Moelleri de 
Numis Orientalihus in Numophylacio Gothano asservatis. 
(2 copies) 3 vols, in 1 . 4to Gothae, 1 825-6 

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Bibliotheque du Roi. Svo. Paris, 1818 

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London, 1819 

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— Tungusischen Bucher und Handschriften der Eoniglichen 
Bibliothek zu Berlin. (2 copies) Svo. ... Berlin, 1S40 


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the late Tippoo Sultan, with Memoirs of Hyder Aly Khan. 

(2 copies) 4to. Cambridge^ 1809 

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Madras College Library. Svo. ... Calcuttay 1SS8 

Verzeichniss der Orientalischen Handschriften der Universitats- 

Bibliothek zu Tubingen. 4to. ... Tubingen^ 1839 

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Svo. • ••• BerUn^lS^S 

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&c., collected by Lieut.-CoL Colin Mackenzie. (2 copies) 

2 vols. Svo. Calcutta^ 18^ 

Zenker (J. T.), Bibliotheca Orientalis. Pars I. Libri Arabici. 

Svo. Ldpsice^ 1840 





Accounts between the Public and the East-India Company (Report 
from Committee and Papers relating to the), 1805-6. fol. 

London^ 1805>6 

Accounts and Papers relative to the Trade with East Indies and 
China, from 1757 to 1793, from 1792 to 1812, &c. fol. 

London^ 1813 

Accounts respecting the Annual Revenues and Disbursements, 
Trade and Sales of the East-India Company, from 1812 to 
1 826. 2 vols, fol London^ 1817, &c. 

Acts of the Government of India, from 1834 to 1838. fol. 

London^ 1840 

Aden. Correspondence relating to Aden, with Chart of Aden and 
Map of Yemen, fol. iowdon, 1839 

Affairs of the East-India Company (First Report from the Select 
Committee on the), 1808. fol Zrondon, 1808 

Affairs of the East-India Company (Reports, 1 to 4, of the Select 
Committee on the), 1808 to 1812, with Supplement and Ap- 
pendices, fol. ... Xronefon, 1812 

Affairs of the East-India Company (The Fifth Report of the Select 
Committee on the), fol. .., London, 1812 


Affairs of the East-India Company (Report of the Select Committee 
on the), with Evidence, Appendices, &c. fol. London^ 1830 

Affghanistan, Correspondence relating to. fol. London^ 1839 

Affghanistan. — Extracts relative to the Expedition of Shah 
Shooja-ool-Moolk in Affghanistan in 1833-4, and the Treaty 
between the Shah and Runjeet Sing of the 12th March, 1833. 
fol. London, 1839 

Affghanistan, Papers relating to the War in. fol. London, 1840 

Affghanistan, 1843. fol. London, 1843 

Answers to Interrogatories of the Governor-General. New Sys- 
tem of Revenue and of Judicial Administration (1801) ; 
Police of the Districts; Missionaries; Religion of the Hin- 
doos; Infanticide; first Introduction of Christianity into India, 
fol. • ••• ... ••• London, 1813 

Appointments made by the Court of Directors in each of the Pre- 
sidencies of India from 1884 to 1842. fol. Lo7idon, 1843 

fianca. — Copy of all Dispatches and Documents received by the 
East-India Company, relating to the Acquisition of Banca, in 
the East Indies, fol London, 1815 

Bank of Asia. — Despatches and Correspondence relative to the In- 
corporation of the Bank of Asia. fol. ••• London, 1843 

Bebb (John), Two Letters to the Court of Directors of the East- 
India Company and to John Cobb in 1813. fol. 

London, 1813 

Bishops. — ^A Bill to enable her Majesty to grant Furlough Allow- 
ances to the Bishops of Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay, fol. 

London, 1842 

Boyd (Gen.), Report on the Petition of Gen. Boyd ; with Minutes 
of Evidence and an Appendix, fol. ..• London, 1818 

British Settlers. — Return shewing the extent of the Settlement of 
British Subjects in India since the last Renewal of the East- 
India Company ^s Charter, fol London, 184^0 

Burmese Government, Discussions with the. fol. London, 1825 

Calcutta Journal, Minutes, &c. of the Court of Directors respect- 
ing Mr. Amof s Compensation, fol. ... London, 1836 

Camatic Commission Reports, I. to XXI. 2 vols. fol. 

London, 1807 

Carnatic War. — Reports and Appendixes from the Committee of 
Secrecy on the Causes of the War in the Carnatic and of the 
Condition of the British Possessions, 1781-2. 2 vols. fol. 

London, 1806 

Carnatic, Papers relative to. See Wellesley. 




Ceylon, War in 1802, &c. (Papers relative to the.) fol. 

London^ 1804 

Charter, Papers relating to the East-India Company's, 1812, &c. 
fol. ... ... ... ... ... London, 1813 

Charter Question. — Evidence before the Lords and Commons, fol. 

London, 1813 

China Correspondence. — Copy of China separate Letter, 18th April, 
1832. fol. London, 1832 

China Papers, fol London, 18S1 

China Trade. — Petition of British Subjects in China praying for 
a Resident Ambassador at Peking, fol. London, 1831 

China Trade. — Resolutions to be proposed by Sir G. Staunton, 
fol. ... ... ••• ... ... London, 1833 

China and India Trade. — Orders of the King in Council, issued 
under the Act, intituled " An Act to Regulate the Trade to 
China and India.**' fol London, 18S^ 

China Trade, Reports from the Committee on the, 1840. fol. 

London, 1840 

Church Establishment. — Return relative to the Ecclesiastical Estab- 
lishment in the East-India Company'^s Territories, fol. 

London, 1839 

Cinnamon, &c. — Importations for Home Consumption of Cinnamon, 
Cassia, Tea, Raw Silk, Nankeen, Cloth, and other Articles, 
from 1830 to 1842. fol London, 184S 

Commerce. — Reports from the Reporters of external Commerce of 
Bengal, Madras, and Bombay (private Trade) for 1811-12. 
fol. ... ... ... .•• ••• London, 1813 

Commerce. — External and internal Commerce of Bengal, Madras, 
and Bombay, fol. London, 1831 

Compensation. — Proceedings of the Court of Directors fixing Com- 
pensation to be granted to the Servants of the Company in 
China and at Home. fol. London, 1834 

Corporal Punishments (East Indies), Papers relating to. fol. 

London, 1836 

Correspondence and Minutes of the Government respecting an 
Act, No. II. of 1836, passed by the Legislative Council of 
India, fol. ... ... ... ... London, 1838 

Courts of Justice in India, Papers relating to. fol. London, 1830 

East-India Affairs (Papers relating to), 1805 and 6. fol. 

London, 1805 and 6 

East-India Affairs, The Fifth Report on; with Appendix and 
Glossary. 1 vol. fol. London, 1812 


East-India Affairs, Papers relating to, — viz. Answers to Interro- 
gatories of the Governor-General ; and New System of Re- 
venue, and of Judicial Administration, 1801, — Police, — Mis- 
sionaries, — Religion of the Hindoos, — Infanticide, — First In- 
troduction of Christianity into India, -— College of Fort 
William, &c. &c. fol London^ 1813 

East-India Company, — Reports I. to V. and Appendix from the 
Committee of House of Commons on the Nature, State, &c. 
of the East-India Company, and of British Affairs in the 
East Indies, 1772-8. fol. Zowrfow, 1808 

East-India Company. — Reports I. to IX. and Appendix of the 
Committee of Secrecy on the State of the East-India Com- 
pany, 1772-8. foK LoTidon, 1808 

East-India Company, State of the, 1771-8. Reports of Committees 
of the House of Commons on. 2 vols. fol. London^ 1804 

East-India Company^s Petition for Relief. — Report from the Com- 
mittee of Lords thereon, with Minutes of Evidence, 1840. fol. 

London^ 1840 

East-India Produce, Report from the Select Committee on, with 
the Minutes of Evidence, fol Lowrfo/i, 1840 

Gold and Silver Bullion, Account of, imported into and exported 
to and from India, China, &c., so far as relates to the Trade 
to India, fol. Lo/idon, 1838 

Grain, &c. — Account of Grain, Meal, and Flour imported during 
1841, 2, and 8, from each of the British Colonies, including 
India, fol. X*07id(m, 1844 

Gwalior, Further Papers respecting, fol. ... London^ 1844 

Hastings (Warren), Papers relative to his Impeachment. A large 
Collection, with MS, Indexes. 3 vols. fol. Zo/ido/i, 1771, &c. 

Hastings (W.), Minutes of Evidence taken at the Trial of, with 
Appendices of Documents. 6 vols. fol. London^ 1788-94 

Hastings (W.).— Appendix to the Eleventh Report from the Select 
Committee on India AflTairs, 1783. fol. London^ 1788 

Hastings (Marquis of). Administration, comprising Papers respect- 
ing the Nepaul, Pindarry, and Mahratta Wars; Treaties, 
Finance, Hyderabad Papers. Hastings' Summary, with 
Instructions to Luchnow, and Oude Papers. 4 vols. fol. 

London^ 1824 

Hill Coolies, Correspondence respecting the. 1841-3. fol. 

London^ 1841, &c. 

Hindoo Widows and Voluntary Immolations, 1821-5. fol. 

London^ 1821, &c. 

Hindoo Widows, Infanticide, 1827-8. fol. London, 1827, &c. 


Idolatry. — Despatch from the Court of Directors on the Subject of 
separating the Government of India from all connexion with 
the Idolatry and Superstition of their Hindoo and Mahomedan 

Subjects, fol London, ISisl 

Index to the Bills, Reports, Accounts, and other Papers, printed 
by Order of the House of Commons, 1801 to 1832. fol. 

London, 1833 
Indian Law. — Copy of the Penal Code prepared by the Indian 

Law Commissioners, fol. London, 1838 

Indian Law Commissioners. — Special Reports, fol. London, 184*3 
Infanticide in India. (2 copies) fol. ••• London, ISiS 

Insolvent Debtors.— A Bill to continue the several Acts relating to 
Insolvent Debtors in India, fol. ••• London, 1840 

Judicial Papers, 1774, General Appendix to. fol. London, 1774 
Judicial Papers from 1828 to 1838. fol. London, 1828, &c. 

Juries, India. — Regulations as to Natives sitting on Juries, at 
Bombay, and Correspondence on the India Jury Bill. fol. 

London, 1829-82 
Juries in India. — Papers relating to extending Trial by Jury to the 
Natives in Criminal Cases, fol. ... London, 1833 
Justice. — First six Reports from Select Committee on the Admi- 
nistration of Justice in Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa ; with Ap- 
pendices, fol. ,.. London, 1782 

Justice in India, Administration of. — Eleven Reports, with Appen- 
dixes, of Committees of the House of Commons on, 1781-5. 

2 vols. fol. Jjondon, 1804h6 

Legislative Councils, Papers on the Establishment of a new System 
of Courts of Justice, and a Code of Laws in British India, 
fol. ••• ... ••• ... ... .•• London, 1831 

Madras. — Disturbances at Madras, 1806-7, and Defection of the 

Army. fol. London,lSll 

Mahratta War and Affairs, Papers relative to the, in 1803, 4, and 

6. 2 vols. fol. London, 1804, &c. 

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee of the Whole 
House, and the Select Committee on the Affairs of the East- 
India Company in 1813. 1 vol. fol. ... London, 1813 

Minutes of Evidence before a Committee, on the Affairs of the 
East-India Company, on the China Trade, Finance, Judicial, 
Military, Political, Public, and Revenue, with Appendixes, 
in 1831 and 32. 10 vols. fol. ... London, 1831-2 

Missionaries, Judicial, &c. fol. ... ... London, ISlii 

Observations on the State of Society among the Asiatic Subjects of 
Great Britain, 1792. fol London, 1813 


Opiunii — Administration of the Monopolies of Opium and Salt 
ful. ••• ••• ••• ... ••• ••• London, 1831 

Oude, Papers relating to — viz. Treaties with Oude, from 1766 to 
1801. Articles of Charges against the Marquis of Wellesley, 
and Minutes of Evidence on the Oude Charge, fol. 

London, 1806 
Oude. — Correspondence respecting the Succession to the Throne of 

Oude. fol. London, 1839 

Oude, Papers relative to. See Wellesley. 

Patronage of the East-India Company, Report on the Abuses in 

the Disposal of . fol. Zrondon, 1809 

Peishwah. — Copies and Extracts of Advices from Governors in 
India relative to the Origin and Projects of the Discussions 
which terminated in Hostility with the Peishwah. fol. 

London, 1818 

Persia, Treaties with, fol London^ 1839 

Persia and Afghanistan, Correspondence relating to. 1834 to 1839* 
fol. ••• ••• ••• ... ... London, — 

Pilgrim Taxes. — Correspondence relating to the Abolition of cer- 
tain Pilgrim Taxes in India, fol. ••• London, 1840 
Pindari and Mahratta War in India, Papers relative to the. fol. 

London, 1819 
Pindarries. — Copies and Extracts of Advices from the several 
Governments in India concerning the Aggressions of the Pin- 
darries, and the Measures adopted in consequence thereof, fol. 

London, 1818 

Police and Justice of Bengal, Fort St. George, and Bombay, from 

1810 to 1819, Papers relating to. fol. London, 1819 

Police, and Civil and Criminal Justice under the Governments of 

Bengal, Fort St. George, and Bombay, from 1810 to 1819, 

Papers relative to the. fol. ... ••• London, 1839 

Poll Tax. — Petitions from Natives of Tinnevelly to the Madras 
Grovemment, complaining of the Levy of a Poll Tax on certain 
Persons of their Faith, and Proceedings thereon, fol. 

London, 1840 
Prince of Wales' Island, Papers respecting, fol. London, 1805 
Private Trade. — Reports from the Reporters of External Com- 
merce, Bengal, Madras, and Bombay (Private Trade), for 

1811-12. fol. ^ London, 1812 

Rajah of Travancore. — Report on the Petition of Mr. Bury Hutch- 
inson, fol. ... London, 1832 

Registrar. — Papers relating to the Office of Registrar of the Su- 
preme Court of Judicature at Madras, fol. London, 1828 


Religious Ceremonies. — ^Memorial of the European Population of 
Madras relative to the Religious Ceremonies of the Natives, 
fol. ••• ... ... ... ... ... LiOndon^ 1837 

Religious Institutions. — Correspondence between the Grovemment 
of India and the Court of Directors (Native Religious Insti- 
tutions). fol. ••• London^ 1841 

Religious Institutions. — Despatch relative to the Superintendence of 
Native Religious Institutions, fol. ••• London, 1844 

Reports from Committees of the House of Commons on the State 
of the East-India Company, 1771-1777, and Justice in India, 
1781-1785. 4 vols, fol London, 1803, &c. 

Resident Europeans, Police, Missionaries, Weavers, and Invest- 
ments (Papers relating to), fol. ... London, 1813 

Roebuck. — Negotiation between Nullapah and Mr. Wm. Abbott. 
Removal of Mr. Benj. Roebuck, and Pension to his Widow, 
Mrs. Roebuck, fol. London, 1814 

Rumbold (Sir Thos.) and Peter Perring, Proceedings in Parlia- 
ment touching the Case of, for Breaches of Trust at Fort St. 
George, in the East Indies, fol. ... London, 1783 

Salt. — Monopoly, 1834-5. Evidence, &c. fol. London, 1834, &c. 

Saltpetre. — Report on a Memorial from the Manufacturers of Gun- 
powder and other Commodities made from Saltpetre. 4to. 

London, 1793 

Scindia. — Copies of Letters relating to Scindia, in 1805. fol. 

London, 1844 

Scindia. — Copies of Letters from liord Cornwallis and Sir George 
Barlow to Lord Lake, 1805 ; and Letter from Marquis of 
Hastings in relation to Scindia, 1820. fol. London, 1844 

Shipping. — Accounts and Papers relating to East-India-built 
Shipping, 1814. fol. London, 1814 

Ships. — A Return of all Ships and Vessels built in India from 1794 
to 1813. Prize Ships, and Ships not East Indiamen. fol. 

London, 1813 

Shoa. — Correspondence connected with Capt. Harris's Mission to 
Shoa. fol. London, 1844 

Sinde, Treaties with, 1809 to 1843 ; and Correspondence relative 
to. (Supplementary.) 2 vols. fol. ... London, 1843-4 

Slavery in India. — Correspondence of th^ Court of Directors and 
the Governments in India respecting the Slave Trade, fol. 

London, 1828 

Slavery in Ceylon. — Correspondence on the Slave Trade, and Mea- 
sures taken for its Abolition, fol. ••• London, 1838 

Slavery (East Indies), Papers relative to. fol. London, 1841 


Slavery. — Legislative Despatch on Slavery in the East Indies, fol. 

London^ 1844 

Slaves.— -A Bill for the more effectual Suppression of the Importa- 
tion of Slaves into India by Sea. fol. •«. London^ 1842 

Stamp Tax. — Memorial of Merchants in London respecting Stamp 
Tax in Calcutta, with the Amount of Revenue received from 
Stamps in India in 1823-4 and 1825-6. fol. London, 1828 

Steam Navigation and Communication with India (Reports on), 
with Minutes of Evidence, &c. 1834-7. 2 vols. fol. 

London, 1834-7 

Steam Communication with India, fol. ... Zoneion, 1839 

Steam Navigation. — Amount expended in each of the last Four 
Years in Steam Navigation to India, by way of the Red Sea. 
fol. London, 1843 

Steam Vessels. — Amount of Cost and Outfit, and Annual Disburse- 
ments for Mail Steam Vessels employed between Suez and 
India; also Amount of Postage received for I^etters to and 
from India, fol ... ... London,\S^ 

Supercargoes. — Papers relating to the Affairs of the East-India 
Company (Supercargoes), 1831-32. fol. London, 1832 

Supercargoes. — Letters from the Court of Directors to their Super- 
cargoes in China in 1832. fol ZroneZon, 1832 

Supercargoes. — Extract of Despatches to the Supercargoes at Can- 
ton, in reference to the Ship Amherst, fol. London, 1833 

Surat, Papers relating to, 1795-1800. fol. .•. London, 1806 

Tea Cultivation in India, Papers on the, 1839. fol. 

London, 1839 

Tea Duties.— Report on the Tea Duties ; with Minutes of Evidence, 
fol. ... «.. .•• ... ... London, 1834 

Tenure of Land. — Return of Terms, Conditions, and Modes of 
Tenure on which Lands are allowed to be held by Europeans 
in India, fol London, 1843 

Trade. — Report relative to the Trade with the East Indies and 
China ; Minutes of Evidence and Appendix, fol. 

London, 1821 

Trade with India and Chma, 1829-34. fol. London, 1829, &c. 

Trade. — Papers relating to the Trade with India and China ; in- 
cluding Information respecting the Consumption, Prices, &c. 
of Teas in Foreign Countries, fol. ... London, 1829 

Trade. — Statement of the Commerce of British India with Great 
Britain, &c. ; Quantity and Value of Cargoes Exported by 
American Ships ; Quantity of American Tonnage and Quan- 


tity of Tonnage employed in the Country Trade between 
British India and Canton between 1829-30, and 1830-31. fol. 

London J 1833 

Trade. — Accounts relating to the Trade of India and China, and 
to the Finances of India in 1829-80. fol. London, 1833 

Trade. — A Bill further to regulate the Trade of Ships built and 
Trading within the Limits of the East-India Company\s 
Charter, fol. London, 1840 

Trade. — Memorials to the British Government by Merchants in- 
terested in the Trade with China, fol. ••• London, 1840 

Treaties. — Copies of Treaties with the Native Princes and States 
since 1840. fol London, 1818 

Troops. — Amount and Allowances received by her Majesty's 
Troops serving in India, fol London, 1841 

Troops. — Correspondence respecting the Pay of Troops serving in 
India, fol. ••• •• London, 1841 

Treaties, Engagements, &c. between the British Government in 
India and the King or Mogul at Delhi, fol. London, 1805 

Wellesley (Marquis), Administration in India ; Papers relative to ; 
on the Affairs of the Camatic and the Oude. The Marquis's 
own Copy, with many MS. interlineations, Notes, ^-e. in his 
Autograph. 4 vols, fol ••• London, 1801 

Wilkins (Sir C), Glossary of Oriental Terms in the Fifth Report 
of the Select Committee on India Affairs. (2 copies^ fol. 

London, 1813 

(printed by order of the court.) 

Accounts, East India. 4to. ••• London, 1793 

Affairs of the East-India Company. — Minutes of Evidence taken 
before the Committee of the House of Commons on the East- 
India Company^s Affairs. 2 vols. 4to. ••• London, 1813 

Affairs of the East-India Company.— Reports and Minutes of Evi- 
dence from a Committee of the House of Lords on the Affairs 
of the East-India Company, 1830 to 1832; with an Ap- 
pendix. 15 vols. 4to London, 1830^ 

Allowances to Directors.— Proceedings of Committee of Proprietors 
on the 6th of October, 1813, on Allowances to Directors; and 
sundry Papers relating to the same subject. (2 copies) 4to. 

London, 1814 

Cotton.— Reports of Committee of Court of Directors of the East- 


India Company upon the Cotton Manufacture of this Country. 

4to. London^ 1793 

Cotton, &c. — Reports on the Culture and Manufacture of Cotton 

Wool, Raw Silk, and Indigo in India. Svo. London^ 1836 

Estimate of the probable Revenue and Charges of India on a 

Peace Establishment ; with Appendix. 4to. London^ 1798 

Hart. — Proceedings relative to the Reimbursement to Major Hart 

for Grain supplied to the Army before Seringapatam, April, 

1799. 4to. London^ 1816 

Illicit Trade, Papers respecting. 4to. •.• London^ 1799 

Patronage.' — Report . of the Committee of the House of Commons 
appointed to inquire into the Existence of any Abuses in the 
disposal of the Patronage of the East-India Company. 4to. 

London f 1809 
Pecuniary Claims of British Subjects on the Native Princes of 

India, fol. London^ 1833 

Raja of Sattara, Papers respecting his Case, from 1840 to 1843. 

3 vols, fol LoncfoTi, 1840, &c. 

Records at the East-India House, a Selection of Papers from; 
comprising Bengal and Madras Revenue : and Bombay, Ben- 
gal, and Madras Judicial. 4 vols. fol. London, 18^0-26 
Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Negotiation with 
his Majesty's Ministers for a Copy of the Bill. 4to. 

London, 1833 
Report of the Committee appointed by General Court to examine 
into the Company's Affairs, both at Home and Abroad, prepa- 
ratory to laying the same before the General Court, fol. 1780 
Report of the Committee appointed by General Court to inquire 
into the Chartered Rights of the Company, &c. fol. 1781 
Ships, Proceedings relative to ; Ships tendered for the Service of 
the United East-India Company ; with Appendices from 1780 
to September, 1809. 13 vols. fol. ... London, 1802 

Smith (Nath.), Remarks on the East-India Company's Balance in 
England from their Trade and Revenues, fol. London, 1781 
Sugar. — Papers respecting the Culture and Manufacture of Sugar 
in British India and other parts of Asia. (2 copies) fol. 

London, 18^ 
Suttees, Appendix to the Statement of the Court of Directors on, 

1789 to 1829. fol. London, n. d% 

Trade. — The Three Reports of the Committee appointed by Court 
of Directors on the Export Trade from Great Britain to the 
East Indies. (2 copies) 4to London, 1 793 


Trade. — Negociation for a Renewal of the East-India Company'^s 

Exclusive Trade. 4to London^ 1793 

Trade. — Papers, Nos. I. to X. respecting the Negociation for the 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Exclusive Trade. 4to. 

London^ 1798 
Trade. — Papers respecting the Trade between India and Europe. 

fol. ••• ••• »•• ••• ••• London^ 1801 

Trade. — Between India and Europe, Papers respecting. 4to. 

LondoTiy 180S 
Trade. — Negociation for a Renewal of the East-India Company's 

Exclusive Privileges. 4to. London^ 1 812 


College of Fort William.— « Regulations, Reports, Examinations, 
&c. of the College of Fort William ; paetly in Manuscript* 
fol. Fort William^ ISOOf kc- 

College of Fort William. — Reports of Terms, Second, Third, 
and Fourth of 1801, and First of 1802; partly in Manu- 
script, fol. ... Calcutta^ 1801, &c. 

Macpherson (Lieut.), Report upon the Khonds of the Districts of 
Ganjam and Cuttack. fol. Calcutta, 184& 

Reports of a Joint Commission from Bengal and Bombay, on the 
State and Condition of the Province of Malabar in 1792 and 
1793 ; with the Regulations thereon establkhed. 3 vols. 8va 

Bombay, n. d. 

Report on the Central Doab Canal, fol. ••• Allahabad, 1840 

Report of the Committee of Prison Discipline to the Governor- 
General of India in 1838. 4to. ... Calcutta, 1838 

Reports on Public Works in the Four Circles of Superintendency 
(Bengal), in the order of Embankments, Canals, Roads and 
Bridges, and Civil Buildings, for the Years ending April 30th, 
1841 and 184^. 2 vols. fol. ... Fort WUKam, 1849 

Salt Revenue of Bengal, a Selection of Papers from the Records 
of the Board of Customs relating thereto. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1883 

Tippoo Sultan. — Advices to and from India relative to the War 
with Tippoo Sultan. 4to. London, 1800 

Tippoo Sultan. — Official Documents relative to Negociations by 
Tippoo Sultan with the French and other States for purposes 


hostile to the British Nation ; with proceedings of a Jacobin 

Club formed at Seringapatam by the French Soldiers. 4to. 

Calcutta^ 1799 
Trials of Maha Rajah Nundocomar, Jos. Fowke, and others, for 

Forgery and Conspiracy. 4to -London , 1 776 

Wellesley. — Appendix to Notes on Mahratta War. Farts II. and 

III. In 1 vol. fol. Calcutta^ 1804! 

Wilks (Major M.), Report on the Interior Administration and 

Expenditure of the Government of Mysore, fol. 

Fort William, 1805 


Benfield and Others. — Loans to the Nawab of Arcot and the Raja 
of Tanjore. foL ••• ••• ... ... ... n. n. 

Bolts (Wm.), Considerations on India Affairs; comprising the 
present State of Bengal, Vindication of the Author from the 
Charges of Mr. Verelst, &c. 3 vols. 4ta London, 1772 

Boyce (Lieut. Chas.), Memorial of, to the Court of Directors. 
8vo. London, 1817 

Buchanan (Claude), Official Papers, and Literary Proceedings of 
the College of Fort William in Bengal during its first Four 
Years. 4to. London,\SQ5 

Olive (Lord), Minutes of the Select Committee of the House of 
Commons, containing an Historical Account of Revolutions, 
&c. in India, from Lord Clivers Government to the Present* 
Svo. London, 1772 

Correspondence of the Hon. Court of Directors of the East-India 
Company and of the Governor-General respecting the per* 
manent Settlement of Land Revalue, with MS. Notes, by S. 
Law. Svo. London, 18Z5 

Cossijurah and Shawpore Case (A Supplement to the). 4!to. 

London, 1780 

Debates in the House of Commons on the East-India Budget, 
1806, and the Camatic Question, 1S08. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. 

London, 1806-9 

Debates at the East-India House in 1813. 4e vols. Svo. 

London, 1813 

Debates at the East-India House, in 1813-14!, on procuring Autho- 
rity to charge the Property Tax on the Dividends, &c. 
2 vols. Svo. London,18l3 


Debates at the East-India House, 1825-30. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, k. d. 

Hastings (Warren), Authentic Copy of the Correspondence in 
India between the Country Powers and the East-India Com- 
pany's Servants, laid before Parliament in 1786. 6 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1787 

Hastings (W.), History of the Trial of. 8vo. London, 1796 

Hastings (W.), Proceedings of Parliament relative to ; containing 
Burke's Charges and Hastings's Defence. 9 vols. fol. 

London, 1786 

Hastings (W.), Minutes of Evidence before Committee of the 
House of Commons on the Articles of Charges against him. 
8vo. ... ... ... ••• ••• London, 1788 

Hastings (W.), Answer to the Articles exhibited against him. 
(2 copies) 8vo London, 1788 

Patna Cause. — Narrative of Proceedings in the Suit of Behader 
Beg against Nadara Begum and others. 4to. London, n. d. 

Pigot (Lord), Original Papers ; with an Authentic State of the 
Proofs and Proceedings at the Coroner's Inquest, with the 
subsequent Proceedings, &c. 4to. ... London, 1778 

Pigot (Lord), Defence of. 4to. London, 1717 

Reports (the Fifth and Sixth), from the Committee of Secrecy, 
on the Causes of the War in the Camatic and of the Condition 
of the British Possessions in those Parts ; with Appendices. 
4vols. 8vo. London, 1782 

Report — A Copy of the Fifth Report from the Committee of the 
House of Commons on the Affairs of the East-India Com- 
pany, July, 1812. 8vo. ... London, 1812 

Rohilla W ar. Papers on the. 4to. n. d. 

Sherson (Robt.), Report on the Debate and Proceedings in the 
Case of, at a Court of Proprietors of the East-India Company. 
8vo. ... ... ... ••• ... London, 1815 

Ships. — Reports and Papers on Indian-built Ships. 8vo. 

London, 1809 

Sinde, The Affairs of, being an Analysis of Papers presented to 
Parliament. 8vo. London, 1844 

Tanjore. — Mahomed Ali Chan. Letter to the Court of Directors, 
with a Statement of Facts relative to Tanjore. 4to. 

London, 1777 

Tanjore. — Papers relative to the Restoration of the King of Tan- 
jore, the Arrest of Lord Pigot, &c. 2 vols. 4to. 

London, 1777 


Tanjore Papers, Appendix to. 4to. London^ 1777 

Tanjore Papers. — Row's Narrative ; or, Appendix to the Tanjore 
Papers. 3 vols. 4to. London^ \m 

Trade. — The Third Report of the Special Committee of the Court 
of Directors on the Trade, &c. to India. 8vo. London^ 180^ 

Treaties (A Collection of), Alliances, and Conventions relating to 
the Security, Commerce, and Navigation of the British Do- 
minions, 1714^18. 4to. London^ 1717-18 

Treaties and Grants from the Country Powers to the East-India 
Company respecting their Presidency of Fort St. George and 
Fort WilUam, 1756 to 1780. {9, copies) 4to. London.YtU 

Verelst (Harry), A View of the Rise, Progress, and Present State 
of the English Government in Bengal. 4to. London, 177^ 



Academic Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (Histoire de F), 
depuis son Etablissement jusqu'^a 1793, avec Index. 52 vols. 
4to. Paritf, 1786 to 1848 

Academic Royale des Inscriptions et BeUes-Lettres (Memoires pre- 
sentes par divers Savants a T). (Premiere Serie.) tome i. 

4lO. •»• ••• ... ..• ... ••• xCtiZS^ Xo jP\k 

Academic Royale.— -Notices et Extraits des Manuscrits de Biblio- 

theque du Roi, etc., lus au Comite etabli par sa Majeste dans 

TAcademie Royale des Inscriptions et BeUes-Lettres. 17 vols. 

4to. Pom, 1787 to 1843 

Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg. Sciences 

Politiques, Histoire, et Philologie. 7 vols. 4to. 

Si. Petersb. 1830 to 1844 
Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg (Bulletin 

Scientifique). 10 vols. 4to. ... SL Petersb. 1837-42 

Academie Imperiale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg. — Bulletin de 

la Classe Historico-Philologique. vol. i. 4to. St Petersb. 1844 
Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India, Transactions of 

the. 7 vols. 8vo Ca/cw^^o, 1838-40 

Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (The Transactions of), 

from its Commencement in 1823 to 1835. (2 copies) 3 vols. 

4to London, 1824-35 

Asiatic Researches; or Transactions of the Society instituted in 

Bengal, for Inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the 


Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia, with Index. (2 copies) 
21 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1788-1836 

Asiatic Society of Bengal (The Journal of the), edited bj the 
Secretaries, from its Commencement to 1843, with Frinsep^s 
useful Tables. 13 vols, in 20. 8vo. Calcutta, 18S^4S 

Asiatic Society (The Royal) of Great Britain and Ireland, Journal 
of, from 1834 to 1843. 7 vols. 8vo. London, 1834, &c. 

Astronomical Society of London (Memoirs of the Royal), from the 
Commencement to 1843. 14 vols. 4to. London, 18 — , &c. 

Astronomical Society of London (Memoirs of the). S vols. 4to. 

London, 1822-6 

Berlin. — ^Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften zu Berlin, 1822-41. 24 vols. 4to. 

Berlin, 1825 to 1841 

Berlin. — Berichte der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1839 
to 1843. 2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1839, &c. 

Bombay Literary Society (The Transactions of), from the Com- 
mencement in 1804 to 1823. ( 2 copies) 3 vols. 4to. 

London. 1819-23 

British Association for the Advancement of Science (Reports of), 
from the Commencement in 1831 to 1843. 12 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1836-43 

Geographical Society (The Royal) of London, the Journal of, 
from its Commencement in 1832 to 1844. 14 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1834-44 

Geographical Society (The Royal) of London, the Journal of, for 
1838. 8vo. London, 1838 

Geological Society's Transactions. The 2nd Series, from 1821 to 
1842. 6 vols. 4to London, 1824-42 

Harlem. — Verhandelingen, uitgegeeven door de Hollandsche Maat- 
schappye der Weetenschappen. vol. xxiii. 8vo. 

Harlem, 1786 

Horticultural Society of London (The Transactions of), from the 
Commencement in 1805 to 1830. 6 vols, and 3 parts of vol. 
vii. 4to. London, 1816-30 

Institut Royal de France, Classe d^Histoire et de Litterature An- 
denne (Histoire et Memoires de T). 11 vols. 4to. 

Paris, 1815^9 

Linnean Society of London (The Transactions of), fixjm the Com- 
mencement in 1788 to 1841. 18 vols. 4to. London, 1791-1841 

Literature (Royal Society of) of the United Kingdom, Transac- 
tions of the, from the Commencement in 1827 to 1839. 
3 vols. in 6. 4to. ... London, 1827, &c. 


Madras Literary Society (The Transactions of). Part I. {9 copies) 
4to. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• London^ 1827 

Medical and Physical Society of Bombay (Transactions of), vol. i. 
{2 copies) Svo Bombay^ 18S8 

Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta (Transactions of). 6 
vols. Svo. Calcutta^ 1825-35 

Munich. — Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Physikalischen und 
Philosophisch-Philologischen, Classe der Eonigilich Bayeris- 
chen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1829-37. 4 vols. 4to. 

Muncheny 1832, &c. 

Munich. — Gelehrte Anzeigen, herausgegeben von Mitgliedem der 
K. Bayer Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1835-37. 5 vols. 
4to Munchen^ 1835, &c. 

Recherches Asiatiques ; ou Memoires de la Societe etablie au Ben- 
gale, pour faire des Recherches sur THistoire et les Antiquites, 
les Arts, les Sciences, et la Litterature de TAsie, traduits de 
TAnglois par A. Labaume, etc. 2 vols. 4to. Parisy 1805 

Royal Asiatic Society, see Asiatic Society. 

Royal Geographical Society, see Geographical Society. 

Societe Asiatique de Paris. — Journal Asiatique ; ou, Recueil de 
Memoires d^Extraits et de Notices relatifs k I'Histoire, k la 
Philosophic, aux Sciences, k la Litterature, et aux Langages 
des Peuples Orientaux, depuis 1822 jusqu'^en 1843. 43 vols. 
Svo. Pam, 1822-43 

Societe Enthologique (Memoires de F). vol. i. en 2 parts. Svo. 

Paris, 1841, &c. 

Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Com- 
merce (Transactions of), from 1824 to 1843 ; or, vols. 43 to 
54. 11 vols. Svo London, 1825, &c. 

Zoological Society of London (The Transactions of), from its Conn 
mencement in 1833 to the present time. 3 vols. 4to. 

London, 1835 to 1842 

Zoological Society of London (Proceedings of), 1833 to 1841. 3 
vols. Svo. London, 1S3S to IS^Ti 


Almanack, The Anglo-Indian and Colonial, for 1845. Svo. 

London, 1845 
Annals of Oriental Literature, vol. i. Svo. London, 1820-21 
Annales de TAssociation de la Propagation de la Foi. tom. v. Svo. 

Lyons, 1831 


Annual (The) Register ; or, a View of History, Politics, and Lite- 
rature, from 1768 to 1842. 84 vols. 8vo. London^ 1783, &c. 
Asiatic Annual Register; or, a View of the History of Hindustan, 
and the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of Asia, from 
1799 to 1811. 12 vols. 8vo. ... London, 1801, &c, 

Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register, for British India and its 
Dependencies, from its Commencement in 1816 to 1844. 7S 
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and Dissertations, Translations, &c. ; illustrating the History 

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OVO* ••• ••• ••• ••• ••« ••• xOt/a/, ObC. 

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Calcutta, 1839, &c. 
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fol. and 4ta •., Calcutta, V784i, &c. 

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Calcutta, 1838, &c. 
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(2 copies o/vols. v. and vi.) 7 vols, in 4. 4to. 1887, &c. 
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Berhampore, 1838, &c. 
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Tracts (A Collection of XI.)— -Declarations, Narratives, &c,, on 
the Affairs between the English and Dutch Nations. 1 vol. 
4to London, 1642-73 

Abbotty Parry, and Maitland (Correspondence of) with the Court 

124 TRACTS. 

of Directors on the Subject of a Protest signed by two Mem- 
bers of that Court. 8vo. London^ 1S13 

Abstract of Proceedings of the House of Commons in relation to 
the East-India Company's Trade, from 1691 to 1698. foL 

London, 1699 

Account of the Funds for Payment of which the Duties on East- 
India Goods are appropriated, fol. ... London, 1712 

Account of some Transactions in the House of Commons and before 
the Lords of the Privy Council relating to the late East-India 
Company, with the said East-India Company'^s new Charter. 
4to. , ••• ... ... ... ... London, 169S 

Act of Parliament, 9th and 10th of William III., for raising Two 
Millions for settling the Trade to the East-Indies, &c. fol. 

London, 1698 

Acts (George II. and III.) and Articles of War for the East-India 
Service. 8vo. ... ... ... ... London, 1754 

Address to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, on Points to be 
discussed at the General Court at the South Sea House. 4to. 

London, 1764 

Address to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, shewing the 
Necessity of sending Commissions Abroad. 8vo. London, 1769 

Address to the Public concerning the Business between the Grovern- 
ment and the East-India Company. 8vo. London, 1767 

Address to the Proprietors of East-India Stock on the Necessity of 
a Commission to regulate the Affairs of the Company Abroad. 
A Paper delivered at General Court, 11th August, 1772. 4to. 

London, 1772 

Adventure.— 'Relation of a most horrid Conspiracy and running 
away with thie Ship Adventure, fol. ... London, 1700 

Affghan War. — Report of the East-India Committee of the Colo- 
nial Society on the Causes and Consequences of the Afighan 
War. 8vo. London, 1842 

Afighanistan. — Narrative of the Events in Affghanistan between 
2nd November 1841 and September 1842. 8vo. Calcutta, 1844 

African Education Society (Report of the Proceedings at the 
Formation of), instituted at Washington in December 1829. 
8vo. ... ; Washington, 1830 

Agricultural and Horticultural Society of St. Helena (Proceedings 
of). 4to. St. Helena, 18Z4a 

Agricultural and Horticultural Society^s Garden of Western India, 
1836. 8vo. 1886 

Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Western India (Corre- 
spondence of ). 8vo. Bombay, 18S7 

TRACTS. 125 

Akerman (J. Y.), The Stone Worship of the Ancients, illustrated 
by their Coins. 8vo. London^ 1838 

Amboyna (Second Part of the Tragedy of), or Relation of a 
Design against the English Colonies of New England. 4to. 

London^ 1653 

Amboyna. — True Narrative of Injuries, &c., which the Hollanders 
have exercised against the English Nation in the East Indies, 
particularly the plundering and sinking the ^^ Dragon "" and 
^^ Eatherine,^ both Ships and Men, &c. 4to. London^ 1665 

American Murathee Mission, A brief View of, in 1836. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1837 

Anderson (Arthur), Observations on the Practicability of opening a 
Communication between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, 
by a Ship CanaL 8vo London^ 1843 

Anglo-Chinese CoUege founded at Malacca, 1818 (Account of). 

oVO. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^"""^* xoXo 

Anglo-Chinese College. — Address to the Public. 8vo. 

Malacca, 1823 

Anglo-Chinese College ; its Foundation, Subscribers, Laws, Sta- 
tutes, and By-Laws; with the Second Annual Report and 
Catalogue of Library. 8vo Malacca, 1823-4 

Annals of Botany, edited by C. Eonig and Jo. Sims. vol. i. 8vo. 

London, 1805 

Anti-Conversion Petition addressed to the Governor in Council of 
Bombay. 8vo. ••• Bombay, 1840 

Aroot. — Letter from the Council at Bengal to the Secret Committee, 
containing Reasons against the Revolution in favour of the 
Nabob of Arcot. 4to ... Zoncfon, 1764 

Aroot. — ^Letter to the East-India Proprietors, sending out Orders to 
stop Payment by Nabob Mir JafSer of Restitution Money. 
8vo. London,Yt6S 

Arcot. — Letters relative to Treaties and Grants from the Country 

Powers from 1756 to 1766 ; also a Letter from the Nabob of 

Arcot to the Company, with the Answer. 4to. 

London, 1772 
Aroot. — ^Exposition of the Origin, Progress, and State of the 

Loans made to the Nabob of Arcot by British Subjects, from 

1760 to 1777 inclusive. 4to London, n. d. 

Arcot (A Letter from the Nabob of) to the Court of Directors ; 
with a State of Facts relative to Tanjore. 4to. London, 1777 

Arcot. — Impartial View of the Origin and Progress of the present 
Disputes in the East-India Company relative to Mahomed Ali, 
Nabob of Arcot and the Raja of Tanjore. 8vo. Edinb, 1777 

126 TRACTS. 

Aroot.-— Papers and Proceedings of the Court of Directors relative 
to the Payment of the Private Debts of the Nabob of Arcot. 
4to. ••• ••• ••. ••• ••• London^ 1796 

Arcot. — ^A Summary View relative to the Debts of the Nabobs of 
Arcot, since the Agreement between the East- India Company 
and the Creditors in 1805. (S copies) 8vo. London^ 1814 

Amot (Sandford), History of the Indian Press during the last Ten 
Years ; with a Biographical Notice of the Indian Cobbett and 
Notarial Documents. (S copies) 8va ••• London^ 1829 

Assam Company.-— Report made to the Shareholders in May 1841. 
8vo. ... ... ••• ••• ••• London^ 1841 

Assey (Chas.), On the Trade to China and the Indian Archipe- 
lago. 8vo. London, 1819 

Astronomical Society of London, Address of the, in January 18S0. 
8vo. ••• ... ••• ••• ••• London, 1830 

Auckland (Lord), Minute by, as Grovemor*Greneral on Native 
Education. 8vo Delhi, 1889 

Auckland (Lord) and Lord Ellenborougli, by a Bengal Civilian. 
8vo. • • London, 184S 

Authentic Papers respecting Indian Affairs, which have been 
under the inspection of a Great Assembly. 8va 

London, 1771 

Avdall (Johannes), Census of the Armenian Population of Cal- 
cutta. (S copies) 8vo. ... ••. Calcutta, 1887 

Baber (Thos. H.), Papers connected with the Case of, shewing his 
aideavours to obtain Redress in England for his Suspension 
by the Madras Government from his Office of Chief Judge. 
8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ZrOfMfofi) 1881 

Back (Capt. J.), Practical Instruction in the Art of Fencing with 
the Bayonet. 8vo. Mfxdras, 1839 

Baldwin (G^.), Remedy for the Plague by Olive Oil. l^ma 

London, 18S0 

Ball (Sam.), Observations on the Expediency of Opening a Second 
Port in China. 8vo. ... Macao, 1817 

Banerjea (E. M.), Truth Defended and Error Exposed ; Strictures 
upon Hara Chandra Tarkapanchanan'^s Answer to Muir'^s Ma- 
tapariksha, and upon Baboo Kasinath Bosoa on Hinduism 
and Christianity. 8vo. Calcutta, 1841 

Barber (Capt. Jas.), The Directors of the East-India Company 
versus her Majesty^s Ministers, on Steam Navigation. 8vo. 

London, 1839 

Barber (Capt. Jas.), Letter on the subject of Steam Navigation 
with India. (2 copter) 8vo. Xoncfon, 1839 

TRACT& 127 

Barber (Capt. Jas.), Fhilojohannes Unmasked and the Truth Told, 
relative to the East-India Coppany^s Management of Steam 
Communication with India. 8vo. .•• London, 1839 

Baring (Fr.), The Principle of the Commutation Act, established 
by Facts. 8vo London, 1786 

Barlow (Sir Geo.), . Ten Tracts on his Government in India. S 
vols. 8vo. London^ 1810-18 

Barnes (Geo.), Sermon on the Education of the Poor, preached at 
Bombay, January 1816. 8yo. ••• Bombay, 1816 

Baraett (Jos.), Sermon: — "The Duty of Britons to promote the 
progress of Christianity and Civilization in India.^ 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Barrow (Wm.)) On the Expediency of Translating our Scriptures 
into the Oriental Languages. 4to. ••• Oaford, 1808 

Bateman (Josiah), La Martiniere; a Reply to the Statements 
respecting the Bishop of Calcutta. 8vo. London, 1839 

Becker (F. W.)> Letters to Dr. Thomson on the Causes and Pre- 
vention of Cholera in Prussia, 8vo. ••• London, 1832 

Bell (Lieut.-Col. John), Defence on his Trial at Bangalore. 8vo. 

London, 1810 

Bengal. — A Narrative of what happened in Bengal in 1760. 
(3 copies) 8vo London, n.d. 

B^gaL — Supplement to the Narrative of what happened in Beogal 
in 1760. 8vo London, 1764 

Bengali — Remarks on the Petition of the British Inhabitants of 
Bengal, Bahar, and Orissa to Parliament; with Appendix, 
4to, ••, ••• ••• .•• ••• London, n, d. 

Bengal.-*— Account of the Proceedings of the States of HoUand, &c. 
on the complaint of Sir J. Yorke, concerning Hostilities eosa^ 
mitted in the Biver of Bengal, 4to. •.. London, 1762 

BengaL— -Flan of Participation with the Fublick in the Revenues 
of Bengal, &c. fol. London, 1767 

Bengal. — Thoughts on our Acquisitions in the East Indies, parti- 
cularly Bengal. 8vo London, 1771 

Bengal. — Proceedings at Fort William respecting the Administra- 
tion of Justice among the Natives in Bengal ; with a Transla- 
tion of the Compilation of Ordinances by Pundits. (S copies) 
4ta JLondon, 1774 and 1776 

Bengal. — Proceedings of the Groyemor-Greneral in Council at Fort 
William respecting the Administration of Justice to» amongst 

the Natives in Bengal. 8vo London, 1175 

Bengal. — Memorial of the British Inhabitants of Bengal, 

128 TRACTS. 

Bahar, and Orissa to the Governor-Greneral and Council. 

4to. London^ IT79 

Betham (Capt. Jo.), His Trial at Bombay on Charges preferred 

against him by Sir Chas. Malcolm. 8vo. London^ 18^9 

Bill for regulating Qualifications of the Proprietors of East-India 

Stock, fol. •• ••• London, n. d. 

Bill, with Amendments, for regulating the East-India Company'^s 

A£Pairs. fol. London, 177S 

Blackburn (J.), The Theory and Science of Naval Architecture. 

8vo. Plymouth, 1886 

Blane (Sir Gilb.), Statements of the comparative Health of the 

British Navy from 1779 to 1814. 8vo. London, 1815 

Bogle (G.), Letter to the Governor-General and Council, resign- 
ing his Office of Commissioner of Law Suits to the Company. 

4to. Calcutta, 1779 

Bolt (Wm.), Extracts from the Public Advertiser, relative to the 

Oppressions Suffered in Bengal by him and his Armenian 

Agents. 8vo London, 1769 

Bombay (Annual Reports of the) Scottish Missionary Society for 

1833, 1844, 5, 6, and 1837. 8vo. ... Bombay, 1833 

Bombay Auxiliary Bible Society (The Second and Third Reports 

of). 8vo. .•• ... Bombay, 1816 

Bombay Auxiliary Bible Society (The Eighteenth Report of), 

1836. 8vo. Bombay, 1837 

Bombay Auxiliary Church of Scotland Missionary Society (Reports 

of), for 1836 and 1837. 8vo. ... Bombay, 1837 and 8 
Bombay Auxiliary Church Missionary Society (The Sixth Report 

of), for 1836. 8vo. Bombay, 1837 

Bombay and Bengal (Narrative of Events in), relative to the Mah- 

ratta Empire. 8vo. London, VTt^ 

Bombay Chamber of Commerce (Report for the Fourth Quarter 

of), 1839-40. 8vo. . Bombay, 1840 

Bombay Civil Service List, 81st of December, 1840. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1840 
Bombay Geographical Society (Proceedings of), June and August 

1839; Report on the Landed Tenures of Bombay. 8vo. 

Bombay. — Letters Patent Establishing New Courts of Judicature 
at Fort St. George and Bombay in 1798. 4to. London, 1798 
Bombay Literary Society (Proceedings of), December 1827. 4to. 

Bombay, 1827 
Bombay Medical Retiring Fund (The Rules of). 8vo. 

Bombay, 1835 

TRACTS. 129 

Bombay. — Report of the Commerce of Bombay for the Year 

1887-8; with Tables shewing the extent of Trade carried on 

with each Country and State. 8vo. ••• Bombay^ 1838 

Bombay Seaman's Friend Society (Report of the), for 1836. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1836 
Bombay Temperance Society, Report of, for 1836. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1836 

Bombay Tract and Book Society, The Ninth Report of, for 1836. 

8yo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Bombay,\9Sn 

Boswell (Jas.), Letter to the People of Scotland on the Present 

State of the Nation. 8vo. London, 1 784 

Bowen (John), Missionary Incitement and Hindoo Demoralization ; 
with Vindiciffi Seramporianae, a Review of Bowen, &c. 8vo. 

London, 1821 and 3 
Bowring (John), On the Oriental Plague and Quarantines. 8vo. 

Edinb. 1838 
Braddock (J.), Guide to Chemical Testing and Analysis. 8vo. 

Madras, 1810 

Briggs, On the Land Tax of India (a Fragment). Svo. n. d. 

Britaine (Wm. De), The Dutch Usurpation ; or a brief View of 

the Behaviour of the States-General to the Kings of Great 

Britain. 4to. London, 167S 

British India.— -Addresses delivered before the Society of Friends 

at Bishopsgate-street, in June, 1839. 8vo. London, 1839 

British India, Notes on the Relations of, with some Countries 

West of the Indus. 8vo. London, 18S9 

British India Society, Speeches at the Formation of, July 1839* 

8vo. London, 1839 

British Possessions in India, Review of the Question concerning 

the Government of. 8vo. London, 1784 

British Territorial Possessions in the East Indies, Thoughts on 
Improving the Government of. 8vo. ... London, 1780 
British Territorial Possessions in Hindostan, Dissertation on the 
Defence of, by a Bengal Field Officer. 8vo. London, 1812 
British Territories in India, Strictures on the Present Govern- 
ment of. 8vo •• ••• London, 1808 

Brodie (W. D.), Reply to the Calumnies and Misrepresentations 

contained in a Charge by Sir F. Macuaghtcn to the Grand 

Jury at Madras, in Jan. 1811. 8vo. ... London, 1812 

Brown (F. C)., Letters to and from the Government of Madras 

relative to the Disturbances in Canara, in April, 1837. 8vo. 

London, 1838 


130 TRACTS. 

Brown (Jas.), Tables of Exchanges of the Old and New Currencies 

of Madras. 8vo. Mctdra^^ 1818 

Bruce (Jo.), Report on the Negociation between the East-India 

Company and the Public on the Renewal of their Charter for 

20 years, from March, 1794. 4to. ... London^ 1811 

Bruce (C. A.), An Account of the Manufacture of the Black Tea 

in Upper Assam, and Report on the Plantations of Tea and 

their Produce and its Manufacture. 8va Calcutta^ 1838-9 
Bruce (John), Substance of the Speech of, in the Committee of the 

House of Commons on India Affairs in May, 1813. 8vo. 

London^ 1813 
Bryce ( Jas.), On Idolatrous Practices in India. 8vo. London^ 1838 
Brydges (H. Jones), Letter to the Marquis Wellesley on the Pre- 
sent State of the British Interests and Affairs in Persia. 8vo. 

Londofiy N. n» 
Brydges (H. J.), Letter to the Court of Directors on the Ameers 

of Scinde. 8vo. London, 184jS 

Buckingham. — Statement of Facts relative to the Removal from 

India of Mr. Buckingham, Editor of the Calcutta Journal. 

4to. ... Calcutta, 1828 

Buckstone (Jo. B.), Luke the Labourer : a Domestic Melo-Drama. 

8vo. ... ... ... Afadro*, 1841 

Bullock (Capt. T. H.), The Chinese vindicated, or Another View of 

the Opium Question. 8vo. , IjmdoUj 1840 

Bullock. — Abstracts of Minutes in the Supreme Council of Bengal, 

on the Contracts for Draught and Carriage Bullocks. 8vo. 

IfOndxm, 1 780 
Burgess (Bp.), Motives to the Study of Hebrew. Part II. 12mo. 

London^ 1810 
Burke (Hon. Edm.), A Letter to, on the Report of the State of 

Justice in Bengal. 8vo. London, 1782 

Burke (Hon. E.), Letter to, on the Subject of his Charges against 

Warren Hastings. 8vo. London,Yl9& 

Butler (Prince), Querical Demonstration relating to the Bill for 

prohibiting East-India Silks and Printed Calicoes. foL 

London, n. d. 
Butler (Prince), Queries relating to the East-India Trade, fol. 

London, 1699 

Butler's (Prince) Tale representing the State of the Wool Case, or 

the East-India Case truly stated, in verse, fol. London, 1699 

By-Laws of the East-India Company, fol. ... London, "S. n. 

By-La^s proposed by the Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Com- 


mitte^ of Nine, and approved by the General Court of the 

East-India Company, January 1694-5. fol. London^ 1695 
By-Ldws, Constitutions, &c. of the English Company Trading to 

the East Indies, passed in 1699, with those proposed in 

March, 1709. fol. ... London^ 1709 

Cadell (W. A.), Description of the Hindoo Bellows, with Remarks 

on similar Bellows in Europe. 8vo. ••• ••• n. d. 

Cadell (W. A.), Description of some Idols in the Museum of the 

Royal Society of Edinburgh. 4to. ... Edinb. 1822 

Calcutta School-Book Society's Proceedings, the Ninth Report of, 

for 1830-31. 8vo. Calcutta, 1832 

Callery (M.), Voyage sur les Cotes de la Chine fait en 1838. 8vo. 

Paris, 1888 
Callicoes. — Reasons offered to the Consideration of Parliament for 

advancing the intended Additional Duty upon East -India 

Callicoes. fol. 1720 

Campbell (L. D.), Letter to a Member of Parliament on the " Arti- 
cles of Charge" against Marquis Wellesley. 8vo. 

London, 1808 
Campbell (L. D.), Vindication of the Wellesley Policy during the 

Wars in Hindostan and the Deccan. 4to. London^ 1806 

Calvert (Capt.), Extracts of Letters received by him from Fort St. 

George, from Gen. Jos. Smith, &c., for his gallant Conduct on 

the Coast of Choromandel. 8vo n. d. 

Cargoes of the Halifax, Union, Great London, Sec, from Bengal. 

fol. ••• London, 1707 

Carr (Thos.), Sermon preached at the Primary Visitation holden at 

Bombay, December, 1835. 8vo. ... Bombay, 1836 

Carr (Bp. Thos.), Sermon on the Death of Sir Robt. Grant, in 

July, 1888. 8vo. Bombay, 1838 

Carr (Bp. Thos.), Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of 

Bombay and at Poona, August 2bd and 8th, 1838. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1839 
Carter (W. B.), Remarks on the Anglo- Asiatic Society of British 

India. 8vo. London, 1822 

Carter (Wm. G.), Serious Reflections on the Cessation of Life and 

the Immortality of the Soul. 8vo. ... Bombay, 183S 

Case of the East-India Company, as stated and proved at the Bar 

of the House of Lords, 15th and 16th December, 1783. 8vo. 

London, 1784 
Catalogue of Damages for which the English demand Reparation 

from the United Netherlands. 4to. ••• London, 1664 

132 TRACTS. 

Catalogue of Goods saved out of the Pheuix, for sale at the East- 
India House, 18th May, 1680. fol 1680 

Catalogue of the Asiatic Society"*s Library. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1835 

Catalogue of the Chinese Library of the Royal Asiatic Society, by 
S. Eidd. 8vo London, 18S8 

Catalogue of the Library of the Bombay Branch of the Royal 
Asiatic Society (Supplement to). 8vo. Bombay, 1837 

Catalogue of the Library of the East-India College, 1821. Svo. 

Haileyhury, 1821 

Catalogue of the Library of Wm. Platel, of Peterboro', with his 
Collections of Oriental MSS. and Coins, sold by Leigh and 
Sotheby, in December, 1810. 8vo. ..• London, 1810 

Catalogue of Oriental MSS. and printed Books, sold by Auction, 
by Mr. Sotheby, in July, 1824. Svo. London, 1824 

Catalogue of the valuable and curious Collection of MSS. collected 
in Hindostan by Dr. S. Guise, with his Library, sold by 
Sotheby, in July, 1812. (2 C(ypie9) Svo. London, 1812 

Caulfield (Col. J.), Letter to the President of the Board of Con- 
trol, on Indian Affairs. Svo. ... ••• London, 1838 

Causidicus. — Two Letters to C. P. Cooper on the Appointment of 
a permanent Judge in the Court of Chancery in the Place of 
the Lord Chancellor. Svo. London, 1885 

Charter granted by Charles II. to the East-India Company, 3rd 
April, 1661. fol. London, 1661 

Charter to the East-India Company, granted by James the Second 
12th April, 1686. fol London,1686 

Charter of William and Mary, granted to the East-India Company, 
11th November, 1693. fol London, 1693 

Charter of the East-India Company granted in the first of Queen 
Anne. 4to. London, 1702 

Charter of the Bank of Bengal, being Act 6 of 1839 of the Go- 
vernment of India. Svo. Calcutta, 1839 

Charter. — Debates at the East-India House on the general Princi- 
ples of the Company's new Charter ; also upon the important 
Services of Marquis Coruwallis. 4to. ... London, 1793 

Charter. — Monopoly no Nuisance. A Defence of the East-India 
Company, shewing the Reasons why they are entitled to a 
new Charter. Svo. London, 1808 

Charter (Remarks on the) of the East-India Company. Svo. 

Cambridge, 1 813 

Charter Question (The East-India), a Collection of 40 Pamphlets 
on, in 1812 and 13. 6 vols. Svo. ... London, 1812-18 

Charter.— iScc Renewal. 

TRACTS. 183 

Chartered Rights ; or an Effort in Behalf of the East-India Com- 
pany and the Nation. 4to. Landoti^ 1802 

China. — Facts relative to the China Trade, shewing its Importance 
to this Country and the Inexpediency of its remaining exclu- 
sively in the Hands of the East-India Company. 8vo. 

Edinb. 1813 

China, Remarks on Free Trade to. 8vo. ... London^ 1830 

China. — The Second Report of the Society for the Diffusion of 

Useful Knowledge in China. (2 copies) 8vo. Canton^ 1837 

China. — ^A Voice for China to my Countrymen, the Government, 

and my Church. 8vo ... London^ 1840 

China. — Brief Observations respecting the pending Disputes with 

the Chinese. 8vo London^ 1840 

China. — A Digest of the Despatches on China, with a connecting 

Narrative and Comments. 8vo London, 184X) 

China. — Narrative of Events at Canton, 1834-9, being an Abridg- 
ment of the Correspondence relating to China presented to Par- 
liament. 8vo. • Londouy 1840 

China, The Rupture with, and its Causes ; including the Opium 

Question. 8vo London, 1840 

Chinese Commerce, Facts relating to. 8vo. ... London, 1829 
Chinese Mission and Anglo-Chinese College. (Missionary Sketches, 

Nos. IX. and XXVIII.) 8vo London, n. d. 

Chinese Monopoly examined. 8vo London, 1830 

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Madras, 1839 
Christian Knowledge, Design of the Society for Promoting. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1836 
Christian Researches in South India in 18^3-8. 12mo. 

London, 1834 

Christianity in India, Letters between Laicus and an East-India 

Proprietor as they appeared in the Times Newspaper on. 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Church Patronage. — Letter to a Friend in England on the State 

and Patronage of the Church in India. 8vo. London, 1829 

Circuits (Committee of). Plan for the Administration of Justice; 

with Mr. Hastings^s Letter to the Directors on this Subject. 

fol. London, 1772 

Clark (John), Answer to Shaw's Inquiry into the Authenticity of 

the Poems ascribed to Ossian. 8vo. ••• London, 1781 

Claughton (Piers C), Prize Essay read at Oxford in 1837, on 

the Promulgation bf the Religion of Mohammed. 8vo. 

Oaford, 18^7 

134 TRACTS. 

Clifford (Lord), Letters on East^India Affairs, together with 
various Documents alluded to. 8vo. ••. London^ 1841 

Clifford (Lord), << Roman Catholics in India ;'^ Speeches on the 
alleged Grievances of Roman Catholics at Madura : and on 
presenting the Petition of Peter Grordon ; with Lord Ellen- 
borough"*s Reply. 8vo London^ 1841 

Clive (Lord), Letter to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, 1764. 
(2 copies) 8vo« ' London^ MM 

Clive (Lord), A Letter to the East-India Proprietors upon the 
Question of Granting to Lord Clive 1^800,000. 8vo. 

London^ 1767 

Clive (Lord), Extracts of Letters from in 1766; and Minutes of 
Select Committee, 1768, concerning Restitution, fol. 

London^ 1769 

Clive (Lord), Speech in House of Commons, 30th March, 1772, 
for leave to bring a Bill for Better Regulation of the East- 
India Company's Affairs, fee. (2 copies) 8vo. and 4to. 

London^ 1772 

Clive (Lord), Letter to the Court of Directors, 1801. 4to. 

London^ 1803 

Clymer (Greo.l, Testimonials respecting his Patent Columbian 
Printing Press. 8vo. ••• ... ••• London^ 182S 

Coal. — Reports of a Committee for investigating the Coal and 
Mineral Resources of India. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta^ 1838 

Cockbum (Sir Jas.), Plan for Increasing the Capital, &c. of the 
East-India Company, fol. London, n. d. 

Colleges and Schools. — Suggestions to the Masters of Colleges and 
Schools, under the Committee of Public Instruction, Fort Wil- 
liam. 8vo. ••• .*• *.. ... Calcutta, 1842 

Collard (P. Royer), La Commission des Archives d"*Angleterre aux 
Savans et Antiquaires Fran9ais. 8vo. ... Paris, 1834 

Colson's (The Four Sisters), Most Deplorable Case of the Planters 
on the Idand of St. Helena, presented to Parliament, fol. 

London, 1690 

Commerce. — The Provision of Investment, 1767 to 1825. 4to- n. d. 

Commission for Superintending and Regulating the Company^s 
Affairs in the East Indies, fol. ... London, 1773 

Commodities from East Indies prohibited and others that will 
•come in room of them. fol. ••* n. i>. 

Conduct of the East-India Company. {No Title, commencing at 
page 9*) 8vo. ••. ... ... ..• ••• n. d. 

Congreve (Lieut. H.), Letter to Sir J. L. Lushington, on the Sys- 
tem of Telegraphs in India. 8vo. ••• London, 184^ 

TRACTS. 135 

Conquest of Peru and Mexico, by the Moguls in the Thirteenth 
Century (Supplement to). 8vo London j 1831 

Considerations on the East^Ihdia Bill now depending in Parlia- 
ment. Svo. London^ 1779 

Conversation on the present Crisis of the Important Trade with the 
East Indies. Svo. London j 181 S 

Conwell (W. E. E.), Recherches sur les Proprietes Medicinales et 
l^Emploi en Medecine de THuile de Croton Tiglium, et quelques 
Propositions sur les Maladies de ITnde. (2 copies) 4to. 

Paria, 1824 

Cooke (Wm.), The Case of, fairly stated ; comprehending a Nar- 
rative of the Frauds committed by the Native Servants in the 
Grain Department. 8vo. ••• ••• London, n. d. 

Cooper (C. P.), Substance of Speech as Counsel for the Rev. C. 
Wellbeloved, respecting Lady Hewley's Foundation. Svo. 

London, 1834 

Corbjrn (Fred.), On the Constitution of the Medical Departments 
of hiis Majesty's and the East-India Company's Services. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1837 

Cordage.-— Remarks on the Patent Cordage made by Messrs. Hud- 
dart and Co., Limehouse, and on Common Cordage. 4to. 

London, 1800 

Correspondence of Messrs. Abbott, Parry, and Maitland with the 
Court of Directors of East-India Company on the Subject of 
Protest signed by two distinguished Members of the Court. 
Svo. ••• ••• .,. •«• ••• London, 1813 

Corygaum (Sketch of the Column at). Svo. Madras, 1839 

Cotton. — Some Remarks on the Cotton of the Province of Guzerat 
in the East Indies. Svo. • London, 1822 

Cotton (The) Trade of India. Two Parts. Svo. London, 1839 

Cotton. — Pfi^rs and Report on the Cultivation of Cotton in 
India. Svo. London, 1840 

Cunningham (J. W.), Essay on the Duty, Means, and Conse- 
quences of introducing the Christian Religion among the 
Natives of India. Svo London, 1S08 

Curtis (T. A.), State of the Question of Steam Communication 
with India vid the Red Sea. Svo. .,• London, 1839 

Dallas (Greo.), Speech at Calcutta respecting Petitions praying 
Redress against an Act of Parliament, the 24th of George III. 
Svo. ... ... Calcutta, 1785 

Dalrymple (Alexander), Full and clear Proof that the Spaniards 
can have no claim to Balambangan. Svo. London, 1774 

136 TRACTS. 

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and Restoration. 4to London^ 1775 

Dalrymple (A.), On the Case of Lord Pigot. 4to. London^ 1777 

Dalrymple (A.), Letter to the Court of Directors, dated Alexandria, 
19th January, 1777. 4to. London, ITIK 

Dalrymple (A.), Account of the Loss of the Grosvenor East- 
Indiaman, in 1782, with a Relation of Events which befel 
the Survivors. 8vo. London, 1783 

Dalrymple (A.), Short Account of the Gentoo Mode of collecting 
the Revenues on the Coast of Coromandel. 8vo. 

London, 1783 

Dalrymple (A.), Fair State of the Case between the East-India 
Company and the Owners of Ships in their Service. Svo. 

London, 1786 

Dalrymple (A.), Five Tracts, viz. Memoir concerning a Survey of 
the Chagos and adjacent Islands, and Memoir on Watering 
the Circars, with Appendix and Memoir of a Chart of the 
North-West Coast of Madagascar and Comoro Islands. 
Inlvol.4to. 1786-1806 

Dalrymple (A.), Fragment on the India Trade, written in 1791. 
8vo. London, 1797 

Dalrymple (A.), On the Copper Coinage wanted for the Circars. 
8vo. ... London, 1794 

Dangers of British India from French Invasion and Missionary 
Establishments. Svo London, 180S 

Davis (GrifRths), Report of the Bengal Medical Retiring Fund. 
Svo. London, 1839 

Davis (J. F.), On the Chinese Year. 4to. ... London, 1823 

Dealtry (W.), Discourse delivered before the Church Missionary 
Society for Africa and the East in 1813. Svo. 

London, 1813 

Debates and Proceedings in ParUament in 1694-5, upon the In- 
quiry into the late Briberies and corrupt Practices, &c. with 
Supplement. 4to. London, 1695 

Debates in the Asiatic Assembly. (3 copies) Svo. London, 1767 

Debate, The Adjourned, at the India-House, on an Address to his 
Majesty, oflFering to raise three Regiments for the Public 
Service. 4to. ... .•. London, 1794 

Debate at the East-India House at Special Court in April, 180% 
on Subject of the Private Trade. 4to. London, 1802 

Declaration of Lords and Commons of England to States of 
United^Provinces. 4to ,,. London, 1642 

TRACTS, 137 

J)eclaration of the Parliament of England to the States of the 
United Provinces, concerning the last Embassy into England. 
4to.. .,• ... ••• ... ••• London^ 1645 

Declaration of the Parliament of the Common Wealth of Eng- 
land, relating to the Affairs and Proceedings between them 
and the States General ; with a Narrative of the late Engage- 
ment between the English and Holland Fleets. 4to. 

London^ 1652 

Declaration (Answer to the) of the imaginary Parliament, &c., 
concerning the Affairs betwixt them of England and the States 
General. 4to. Rotterdam^ 1652 

Deed for Continuing the Madras Civil Fund, dated July 1814, 
and May I8I3. . 4to Madras^ 1838 

Dempster^s Plan. — An Estimate of Savings to be made by the East- 
India Company before the end of 1776. fol. ... n. d. 

Desh-u-Lubun (Ocharik), Letter to the Author of a " View of 
the present State and future Prospects of the Free Trade and 
Colonization of India.^ 8vo London^ 1^0 

Detector's Letters on the Administration of Justice in Bengal, &c. 
as published in the Morning Herald of 1782. 4to. 

London^ 1782 

Detector's Letter to the Proprietors of the East-India Stock. 8vo. 

London, 1783 

Dillon (Cbeval.), Conquest of Siberia and History of the Trans- 
actions, Wars, Commerce, &c. between Russia and China, 
from the earliest period ; translated from the Russian of G. F. 
Muller and P. S. Pallas. 8vo London, 1843 

Dinwiddie (Jas.), Analysis of a Course of Lectures in Experimental 
Philosophy. 8vo. Calcutta, \^\ 

Dissents oi' Protests of E. Parry, G. Smith, and other Directors 
of the East-India Company against the Resolutions of the 
Court, recalling Lord Minto, Sir G. Nugent, and Sir G. Bar- 
low. 8vo. ... ••• London, 1813 

Dodwell (Geo.), Letter to Proprietors relative to his Claims on the 
East-India Company. (2 copies) 8vo, London, 1777 

Doveton (Lieut.-Col. Jo.), Proceedings of a General Court-Mar- 
tial on ; as also his Memorial to the Court of Directors. 8vo. 

London, 1810 

Dow^ing (Sir Geo.), A Discourse written by, to States of United 
Provinces. 4to. ... ... ... ... London, \6G^ 

Downing (Sir Geo.), Reply to the Remarks of the Deputies of the 
Estates General to his Memorial. 4to. ... London, 1665 

Draper XCqI.), Answer to the Spanish Arguments claiming the 

136 TRACTS. 

Dalrymple (A.), to East-India Proprietors respecting his Dismissal 
and Restoration. 4to London^ 1775 

Dalrymple (A.), On the Case of Lord Pigot. 4to. London^ 1777 

Dalrymple (A.), Letter to the Court of Directors, dated Alexandria, 
19th January, 1777. 4to. London^ ITll 

Dalrymple (A.), Account of the Loss of the Grosvenor East- 
Indiaman, in 1782, with a Relation of Events which befel 
the Survivors. 8vo. London^ 1785 

Dalrymple (A.), Short Account of the Gentoo Mode of collecting 
the Revenues on the Coast of Coromandel. 8vo. 

London^ 1783 

Dalrymple (A.), Fair State of the Case between the East-India 
Company and the Owners of Ships in their Service. Svo. 

London, 1786 

Dalrymple (A.), Five Tracts, viz. Memoir concerning a Survey of 
the Chagos and adjacent Islands, and Memoir on Watering 
the Circars, with Appendix and Memoir of a Chart of the 
North-West Coast of Madagascar and Comoro Islands. 
In 1 vol. 4to. 1786-1806 

Dalrymple (A.), Fragment on the India Trade, written in 1791. 
Svo. icmdow, 1797 

Dalrymple (A.), On the Copper Coinage wanted for the Circars. 
Svo. ... London, 1794 

Dangers of British India from French Invasion and Missionary 
Establishments. Svo London, 180S 

Davis (Griffiths), Report of the Bengal Medical Retiring Fund. 
Svo. London, 1839 

Davis (J. F.), On the Chinese Year. 4to. ... London, 1823 

Dealtry (W.), Discourse delivered before the Church Missionary 
Society for Africa and the East in 1813. Svo. 

London, 1813 

Debates and Proceedings in Parliament in 1694-5, upon the In- 
quiry into the late Briberies and corrupt Practices, &c with 
Supplement. 4to. London, 1695 

Debates in the Asiatic Assembly. (3 copies) Svo. London, 1767 

Debate, The Adjourned, at the India-House, on an Address to his 
Majesty, oflFering to raise three Regiments for the Public 
Service. 4to. ... ••• London, 1794 

Debate at the East-India House at Special Court in April, 1802, 
on Subject of the Private Trade. 4to. London, 1802 

Declaration of Lords and Commons of England to States of 
United" Provinces. 4to ,. London, 1642 

TRACTS. 137 

J)eclaration of the Parliament of England to the States of the 
United Provinces, concerning the last Embassy into England. 
4to.. ••• ... ... ••• ••• London, 1645 

Declaration of the Parliament of the Common Wealth of Eng- 
land, relating to the Affairs and Proceedings between them 
and the States General ; with a Narrative of the late Engage- 
ment between the English and Holland Fleets. 4to. 

London, 1652 

Declaration (Answer to the) of the imaginary Parliament, &c., 
concerning the Affairs betwixt them of England and the States 
General. 4to. Rotterdam, 1652 

Deed for Continuing the. Madras Civil Fund, dated July 1814, 
andMaylSlQ. . 4to Madras, 1838 

Dempster^s Plan. — An Estimate of Savings to be made by the East- 
India Company before the end of 1776. fol. ... n. d. 

Desh-u-Lubun (Ocharik), Letter to the Author of a " View of 
the present State and future Prospects of the Free Trade and 
Colonization of India.^ 8vo Zo/idow, 1830 

Detector's Letters on the Administration of Justice in Bengal, &c. 
as published in the Morning Herald of 1782. 4to. 

London, 1782 

Detector^s Letter to the Proprietors of the East-India Stock. 8vo. 

London, 1783 

Dillon (Cbeval.), Conquest of Siberia and History of the Trans- 
actions, Wars, Commerce, §cc. between Russia and China, 
from the earliest period ; translated from the Russian of G. F. 
Muller and P. S. Pallas. 8vo London, 1843 

Dinwiddie (Jas.), Analysis of a Course of Lectures in Experimental 
Philosophy. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1801 

Dissents oi' Protests of E. Parry, G. Smith, and other Directors 
of the East-India Company against the Resolutions of the 
Court, recalling Lord Minto, Sir G. Nugent, and Sir G. Bar- 
low. 8vo. ... London, 1813 

Dodwell (Geo.), Letter to Proprietors relative to his Claims on the 
East-India Company. (2 copies) 8vo, London, 1777 

Doveton (Lieut.-Col. Jo.), Proceedings of a General Court-Mar- 
tial on ; as also his Memorial to the Court of Directors. 8vo. 

London, 1810 

Downing (Sir Geo.), A Discourse written by, to States of United 
Provinces. 4to. ... ... London, \GQ^ 

Downing (Sir Geo.), Reply to the Remarks of the Deputies of the 
Estates General to his Memorial. 4to. ... London, 1665 

Draper (,Cq1.), Answer to the Spanish Arguments claiming the 


'^Galevn,'" and refusing Payment of the Ransom Bills for. 
8vo. London^ 1764 

Dundas (Hon. H.), Letters upon an Open Trade to India. 8vo. 

LondoHj 181S 

Dundonald (Archibald, Earl of), Memorial and Petition to the 
Court of Directors in behalf of his Brother Basil Cochrane. 
4to. Londofh 1786 

Dupleix (Sieur), Reponse Preparatoireau MSmoire de laCompagnie 
des Indes. 4to. Paris j 1768 

East-India Affairs, some Conversations touching, fol. 

London^ 1689 

East-India Affairs, Reflections on. 8va ••• London^ 1783 

East-India College, Regulations of. 8vo. ••• Londofh 1810 

East-India College.— Address to the Proprietors of East-India 
Stock on the late Transactions at the East-India Collie at 
Haileybury. 8vo. London, 18S8 

East-India College. — Letter to the Chairman and Court of Direc- 
tors of the East-India Company on their College at Hailey- 
bury. 8vo. London^ 182S 

East-India Companies Old and New — Account of what has 
passed in the Treaty between the, towards an Agreement, foL 


East-India Companies Old and New. — Relation of what has passed 
between the English Company and the Company of Merchants 
Trading to the East Indies, touching an Agreement between 
both Companies, fol London, 1698 

East-India Companies New and Old, Dialogue between Members 
of the. fol. London, 1699-1700 

East-India Company. — Case of the English Company Trading to 
the East Indies, fol London, n. i>* 

East-India Company. — Equitable Considerations respecting the 
Controversie between the East*India Company and the New 
Subscribers or Petitioners against them. fol. London, n. i>. 

East-India Company, The Conduct of. 8vo. ••• n. d» 

East-India Company. — Answer to all Material Objections to it 
fol. ... ... ••• .•• ... Jaondon, 1698 

East-India Company*s Answer to the Petition of Charles Price and 
others, fol. London, 1689 

East-India Company's Answer to the Two Papers of Mr. Sam. 
White, fol. ••• London,\Q8Q 

East-India Company versus Sandys, Arguments of the Lord Chief 
Justice of the Court of King's Bench concerning the Great 
Case of Monopolies, fol. Loncbm, 1689 


East-India Company. — Extracts pf Proceedings in Parliament re- 
lating to the. foL London^ 169S 

East-India Company. — Account of some Transactions in the House 
of Commons and before the Privy Council relating to the late 
East-India Company, and with the New Charter. 4to. 

London^ 1693 

East-India Company.— Letter to a Lord concerning a Bill to In- 
corporate the Old. foL London^ 1 698 

East^India Company. — A Reply on behalf of the, to a Paper of 
Complaints commonly called the IS Articles, fol. 

London^ 1693 

East-India Company. — Reasons against grafting upon or confirm- 
ing the Present East-India Company, fol. ... 1693 

East-India Company. — Answer to the Case of the Old East-India 
Company as represented by themselves to the Lords in Par- 
liament. 4to. London, 1700 

East- India Company. — Relative to the Rise and Progress of the, 
shewing how it is prejudicial to the Manufactures of England, 
fol London^nOl 

East-India Company, The Case of the, in 1 707. fol. London, 1712 

East-India Company. — ^Defence of the East-India Company and 
their Servants against the Complaints of the Dutch East-India 
Company. 4to. London, 1762 

East-India Company. — State of their Affairs with View to the 
Intended Bill for Regulating the Dividend, December 1767. 
8vo. ... ••• ... ... ... London, nGS 

East-India Company. — The Rights of. 8vo. 1773 

East-India Company. — State of the, with an Examination of the 
Propositions before the Proprietors. 8vo. London, 1780 

East-India Company. — Reflections on the Present State of. 8vo. 

London, 1783 

East-India Company. — The Case of, as Stated and Proved at the 
Bar of the House of Lords, in December 1783, against the 
then pending Bill. 8vo. London, n84i 

East-India Company of Scotland.*— An Act of the Parliament of 
Scotland for erecting an East-India Company in that King- 
dom, fbl. ••• ••• ... ... ... Edinb. 1695 

East-India Company of Scotland. — Letter from a Member of the 
Parliament of Scotland to his Friend concerning their late 
Act foi* establishing a Company Trading to the East Indies, 
fol. London, 1695 

East-India Examiner, Reprinted from the Original Papers of that 
Periodical. 8vo. London, 1766 

140 TRACTS; 

East-India Monopoly, Letters on the, published in the Glasgow 
Chronicle. 8vo. ' Glasgow^ 1812 

East-India Monopoly, Letters on the. (2«d seriea) Svo. 

Glasgow, 1813 

East-India Monopoly, Judgment on the. A practical Paraphrase 
of a late Edinburgh Review. 4to. ... London^lSlS 

East-India Monopoly. — An Inquiry into some of the principal 
Monopolies of the East- India Company. Svo. 

London, 1S30 

East-India Question. — Abstract of Minutes of Evidence in the 
House of Commons on the Affairs of the East-India Company. 
Nos. I. to X. Svo. London, 1813 

East-India Question. — Four Letters respecting the Claims of the 
East-India Company for a Renewal of their exclusive Privi- 
leges. Svo. ... London, 1813 

!East- India Question (The) fairly stated. Svo. London, 1831 

East-India Question. — Opinions on the Subject of the East-India 
Question, by an OfBcer of Thirty Years' Residence in Bengal. 

OVO. ••• i»» ••• ... ... ..• ..i Pi. V* 

East-India Stock Company, A Scheme for establishing a New, in 
a Letter to a Member of Parliament. Manuscript, fol. 1690 

East-India Trade. — Abstract of several Acts of Parliament for 
securing to the East*India Company the Trade to the East 
Indies, fol. London, v. J>: 

East-India Trade. — Letters to Mr. John Pitt on the Proposal of 
an Open Trade to India, fol. ... . . . • London, n. d. 

East-India Trade. — Answer to Objections against restraining the 
East-India Trade ; with Five Queries, fol. London, N. d. 

East-India Trade, Treatise touching the ; or a Discourse concern- 
ing the Establishment of a French Company for the Commerce 
of the East Indies ; with the Articles and Conditions of said 
Company. 4to. ... ... London, 1664 

East-India Trade, Treatise on ; shewing that it is the most Na- 
tional of all Foreign Trades, &c. 4to. ••• London, 1681 

East-India Trade. — Treatise demonstrating that the East-India 
Trade is the most National of all Foreign Trades, &c. Svo. 

London, 1681 

East-India Trade. — The Turkey Company and others. Allega- 
tions against the East-India Company relating to the Manage- 
ment of that Trade, with the Answer. foL London, 1681 

East-India Trade, A Brief State of the, as it« relates to othe^ 
Branches of British Commerce, fol. ••• London, 1693 

East-India Trade, Discourse concerning the, wherein is shewed 

TRACTS. 141 

that the said Trade may be carried on by a regulated Com- 
pany to much greater advantage of the publick than by a 
Company with a Joint Stock. 4to. ... London^ 1693^ 

East-India Trade, A Letter to a Member of Parliament concerning 
the. 4to. ... London, 1693 

East-India Trade. — The Linen-Drapers and Others. Considerations 
offered to Parliament against the Bill for the Employment of 
the Poor and encouraging the Manufactures of this Kingdom, 
fol. London, 1693 

East-India Trade, Bemarks on the Complaints against the, as pre- 
judicial to this Nation, fol. ... ••• London, 1693 

East-India Trade. — The Case of the separate Traders to the East 
Indies, which are not in the Grand Monopoly, fol. 

London, 1693 

East-India Trade, Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to his 
Friend in London on the. fol London, 1694 

East-India Trade, Letter to d Friend concerning. 4to. 

London, 1696 

East-India Trade, Proposals for settling the. 4to. London, 1696 

East-India Trade.— Treatise concerning the Regulation of the Coin 
of England and how the East-India Trade may be preserved 
and increased. 4to. ••• London, 1696 

East-India Trade. — Considerations shewing the Justice and Equity 
of the present intended Establishment of the East-India Trade 
as it respects the Old Company, fol. ... London, 1697 

East-India Trade. — Ten Considerations in favour of the East-India 
Company, fol. ... ... ... ••• London, 1697 

East-India Trade. — Considerations about the Property the East- 
India Company claim in the Trade thither. 4to. 

London, 1698 

East-India Trade. — Letter from a Lawyer concerning the East- 
India Stock, and the Project of uniting the New and Old 
Companies. 4to. ••• London, 1698 

East-India Trade. — The Clauses of an Act for raising Two Mil- 
lions, and for settling the Trade to the East Indies, fol. 

London, 1699 

East-India Trade. — England's Almanac ; shewing how the East- 
India Trade is prejudicial to this Kingdom, fol. 

London, 1700 

East-India Tradie.— Letter of a Burgher of Amsterdam, in Answer 
to the Arguments of Mr. Nenny concerning the Trade to the 
East Indies. 4to. London, 1724 

East-India Trade.~The Right of the privileged East-India* Com- 


pany of the United Netherlands to trade to the East Indies 
asserted. 4to London^ 1724 

East-India Trade, Considerations on the Nature and Importance of. 
8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• London^ \79S 

East-India Trade, Reflections on the State of the, and Proposition 
to render it of more general benefit to the British Nation. 8vo. 

EdifA. 1769 

East-India Trade and its Importance to this Kingdom, with a Com- 
parative View of the Dutch, French, and English East-India 
Companies. (2 copies) 8vo London^ 1770 

East-India Trade. — Receipts and Disbursements on the East-India 
Company's Trade for Eleven Years, from 1762 to 1772. fol. 

London^ 1772 

East-India Trade. — Essay on the Rights of the East*India Com- 
pany to the Perpetuity of their Trade, with a Short Plan for 
the Division of Profits. Svo. .,. ... London, 1776 

East-India Trade. — Five Letters from a Free Merchant in Bengal 
to Warren Hastings on Decline of the Export Trade, and a 
Plan for restoring it. Svo. London^ 1778 

East-India Trade. — ^Reflections on the present State of the East- 
India Trade, and Proposals to render it of more general benefit 
to the British Nation without changing the System. Svo. 

London, 1779 

Eastwick (Capt. W.), Speech at Court of Proprietors on the Case 
of the Ameers of Sinde, 26th January, 1844. Svo. 

London, 1844 

Edinburgh Review (The) Refuted, being an Exposure of Mis- 
statements in the Leading Article of No. 104, entitled, ** The 
East-India Company China Question.^ Svo. London, 1831 

Education in England, Recent Measures for the Promotion of. Svo. 

London, 1839 

Education. — Letters of T. on the Employment of the English Lan- 
guage as a Medium for Native Education. Svo. Calcutta, 1834 

Education. — The First and the Twentieth Report of the Society 
for Promoting the Education of the Poor within the Govern- 
ment of Bombay. (2 copies of 20/A Report) Svo. 

Bombay, 1816 and SS 

Education,. Three Reports on State of, in Bengal and Behai 
(W. Adam) Calcutta, 1S35-S 

Education, Reports on, by the Committee of Public Instruction, 
Bengal, 1835 to 1843-4. 4 vols. Svo. Calcutta, 1836, &c 

Education. — Minute of the Governor-General on Native Education. 

OVO. ••• ••« ... ... ..a «.. ,.. LOuQ 


Egyptian Society, Notice of. 8vo. Cairo, 1836 

EU^iborough (Lord), Notes on the Report of his Speech, Septem- 
ber 23, 1841. 8vo. London^ 18^1 

Ellis (Hen.), Letter on the East-India Question, addressed to the 

Members of both Houses of Parliament. 8vo. London^ 1830 

Enquirer (The), Nos. I. to VI., from January to June 1835. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1835 

Enquiry into the Policy of making Conquests for the Mahometans 

in India by the British Arms, in Answer to <^ Considerations 

on the Conquest of Tanjore*^ 4to. ••• London, 1779 

Eo-Nauts, or Spirit of Delusion ; a Poem by Lemuel GuUiver, 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Episcopal Establishment for British India, Cursory Remarks on 
the jm>po8ed Measure of an. Sto. ••• Owford, 1813 

Examinations and Informations of Sir Thomas Cooke and others 
touching indirect practices to procure a New Charter for the 
East-India Company, with Articles of Impeachment of Duke 
of Leeds. 4to. London, 1695 

Fbtt (J.), Letter to the East-India Proprietors, with Alderman 
Le Mesurier'*s Protest against the Contract for Shipping. 8vo. 

London, 1793 

Fisher (T.), Notice of Roman Tessellated Pavement discovered in 
Leadenhall-Street. 4to. London, 1804 

Fletcher (Sir R.), The Case of; with his Court-Martial. (2 copies) 
8vo. .•• ••• ••• ••• ••• London, n. n. 

Forbes (Duncan), On the Ancient Languages of Gaul, Britain^ 
and Ireland. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• n. d. 

Francis (Sir Philip), Speech in the House of Commons, 7th March, 
1786, on India Affairs. 8vo. London, 1786 

Francis (Sir P.), Speeches in the House of Commons on the War 
against the Mahrattas. 8vo. London, 1805 

Francis (Sir P.), Letter to Lord Viscount Howick on the State of 
the East-India Company. 8vo. ••• London, 1807 

Francken (C. W.), Narrative of the Loss of the Ship Cabalva in 
the Indian Ocean in 1818. 8vo. ••• London, 1819 

Free Inquiry into the various Causes of the Alarming State of our 
Affairs in the East Indies; with Observations respecting 
Hyder Aly. 8to. London, 1783 

Free Trade.--*- Demonstration of the Necessity and Advantages of 
a Free Trade to the East Indies, and of a Termination to the 
present Monopoly. 8vo. London, IQOTt 

Free Trade; or^ an Inquiry into the Pretensions of the East-India 

144 TRACTS. 

Company to the Exclusive Trade of the Indian and 

Seas. Svo. London 

Free Trade. — An Enquiry into the true State of the Quest 

issue between his Majesty^s Ministers and the East-Indij 

pany. Svo. , London 

Frost (John), Oration before the Medico-Botanical Soci 

London in 1S27. 4to. ... London 

Fry (Wm. S.), Facts and Evidence relating to the Opium 

with China. Svo. »•• London 

Fuller (And.), Apology for the late Christian Missions to 

ia 8 Parts. Svo. ... Dunatabh 

Gilbert (Thos.), Voyage from New South Wales to Can 

17S8. 4to. London 

Gleanings from the Asiatic Rese^ches respecting the Tern 

Jagha-Nauth and SomarNauth. Svo. ... London 
Goode (Amb.), The Love of God ; a Sermon. Svo. 

Groode (A.), Sermons on the Loye of God and on the Edu 

of the Poor. Svo. Bombay, 

Goojurat Auxiliary Missionary Society, The Seventh Repc 

O VO. ••• ••• ••• .*• ... a3 JJvI CuLj 

Gordon (Peter), Fragment of the Journal of a Tour th 

Persia in 1S20. . 2 Parts in 1. . 12mo. .... London^ 
Gt)re (Mont), Remarks on the Foreign Relations of Engla 

the present Crisis. Syo, ••• . ••• »•• London^ 
Gospel in India. — Thoughts on the Necessity, Safety, and Pc 

Advantage qf .Propagating the Gospel in India. Svo. 

Gothofired (Jacob), The History of the United Provin< 

Achaia, translated by Hen. Stubbe. 4to. London^ 

Government. — The present System of our East-India Gover 

and Commerce considered. Svo. ... London^ 

Graeco-Bactrian Coins, from the Proceedings of the Numii 

Society of London, 1837-8. Svo. ... London^ 

Greenwood (John), Memorial .to the Court of East- India Dir< 

4to. ••• ••• ••• ••• ... London^ 

Grenville (Lord), Speech on the Marquis Wellesley's Moti( 

the Production of certain Papers on Indian Affairs. Sv( 

Griffin (Thos.), Appeal to the Lords of the Admiralty again 

Sentence passed on him at a Court-Martial, December. 

Svo, ••• .,, ,... .. ;.,, ... LondoHy 

TRACTS. 145 

Griffiths (J.), Description of a Rare Species of Worm Shells, dis- 
covered at an Island near Sumatra. 4to. London^ 1806 

Grounds of Complaint of several Merchants against the present 
Managers of the East-India Company, fol. London^ 1690 

Grover (Capt.), An Appeal in behalf of Col. Stoddart and Capt. 
ConoUy, now in Captivity in Bokhara. 8vo. London^ 1843 

Guise (S.), Catalogue of his Valuable and Curious Collection of 
MSS.9 collected in Hindostan. 4to. ... Lo/idon, 1800 

Hall (Robt.), On an important Subject connected with the Re- 
newal of the Charter of the East-India Company. 8vo. 

London^ 181S 

Halsted (Edw. P.), Report on the Island of Chedooba. 8vo. n. d. 

Hamilton (W. R.), Address of, at an Annual Greneral Meeting of 

the Royal Society of Literature. 8vo. ... London^ 1843 

. Harris and Annisley. — Letter from Surat, December 25th, 1687, to 

the Governor-General, fol. Londofiy 1688 

Harrison (Wm.), Speech before Select Committee of the House of 
Commons, on East-India-built Shipping. 8vo. 

London^ 1814 

Hastings (Warren), Plan for the Administration of Justice in Fort 
William, fol iowdon, 1772 

Hastings (W.), State of the British Authority in Bengal under his 
Government, with Case of Mahomed Reza Khan. (2 copies) 
8vo. ••• ... ... ... ... London^ 1780 

Hastings (W.), Short Account of his Resignation, with Remarks. 
4to. London^ 1781 

Hastings (W.), Narrative of the Insurrection of Banaris in 1781. 
4to Calcutta^ YIS% 

Hastings (W.), Observations on his Narrative of his Transactions 
at Benares in 1781. 8vo. London^ 1786 

Hastings (W.), Observations on his Letter to the Court of Directors. 
{^copies) 8vo Lowdow, 1783 

Hastings (W.), Letter from, February 1784, with Remarks and 
authentic documents to support the Remarks. 8vo. 

London^ 1786 

Hastings (W.), Review of the State of Bengal. 8vo. London^ 1786 

Hastings (W.), Correspondence between him and Sir Stephen 
Lushington. 8vo. ••. ... ... London^ 1795 

Hastings (Warren). — Albanicus, Letters to the People of England 
on the charges brought against him. 8vo. London^ 1786 

Hastings (W.), Papers concerning the Payment of certain Law 
Expenses incurred by him. (2 copies) 4to. London, 1797 


146 TRACTS. 

Hastings, Memoirs of the Marquis of. 8vo. London^ 1819 

Hatchett (Chas.), Analytical Experiments and Observations on 
Lac. 4to. Zowcfem, 1804 

Hay (E. W. A.), Letter upon the Discovery of a Monument of 
Roman Sculpture representing the Theban Sphinx. 8vo. 

Colchester, 1821 

Head (Major C. F.), Defence of British India from Russian Inva- 
sion. 8vo. London, 1839 

Heads of an Agreement between Parliament and the East-India 
Company. 8vo London, 1180 

Heifer (J. W.), Fourth Report on the Tenasserim Provinces, con- 
sidered as a resort for Europeans. 8vo. ••• x. d. 

Hemp. — Further Extracts of Correspondence relating to Indian 
Hemp. 8vo. London, 1811 

Hemp. — Supplement to the Observations on the Sunn Hemp of 
Bengal. (Printed in 1808.) 8vo. ... London, 1811 

Henderson (John), A Dissertation on the Bit Noben or Foetid Salt 
of the Hindoos. 8vo. London, 1808 

Hillary (Sir Wm.), An Appeal to the British Nation on the Hu- 
manity and Policy of forming a National Institution for the 
Preservation of Lives and Property from Shipwreck. 8vo. 

London, 18^ 

Hindoo College. — Proceedings at the Annual Distribution of Prizes 
to the Students of the Hindoo College, January 1842. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1842 

Hindoos. — Vindication of the, from the Aspersions of the Rev. C. 
Buchanan. 8vo London, 1808 

Hindus. — Enquiry into the Causes which oppose the Conver- 
sion of the Hindoos of India to Christianity. 8vo. 

London, 1800 

Hindus. — Letter from a Field Officer at Madras to a Member of the 
Board of Control on the Conversion of the Hindoos. (2 copies) 
8vo. ••• ZrOndon, 1813 

Hints for an Answer to the Letter of the Chairman, &c. of the East- 
India Company to the Right Hon. R. Dundas. 8vo. 

London, 1812 

Hints to Overland Travellers. 8vo. 

Holroyd (A. T.), On the Quarantine Laws, their Abuses and In- 
consistencies. 8vo. London, 1839 

Holwell (J. Z.), Letter to the Court of Directors. 8vo. n. d. 

Holwell (J. Z.), Address to L. Scrafton in reply to his Observations 
on Vansittart's Narrative. 8vo Zondon, 1767 

TRACTS. 147 

Hogg (J. W.), Statement of his Conduct in reference to certain pro- 
perty of Jos. Price at Ballygunge near Calcutta. 8vo. 

London^ 1839 

Holme (Fred.), Anglo-Indian Policy during and since the Affghan 
War. 8vo. ... Edinburgh, 184i5 

Home (Sir Everard), Hunterian Oration in Honour of Surgery. 
4to. ••• ... ••• London^ 1814 

Home Tooke (John), Letter to John Dunning. 8vo. 

London^ 1778 

Horsfield (Thomas), Essay on the Cultivation and Manufacture of 
Tea in Java. 8vo. London, 1841 

Horticultural Society of London, Statement relative to the Estab- 
lishment of a Garden for the. 4to. ••• London, 18S2 

Hudleston (John), Speech in the House of Commons on the Motion 
of Sir P. Francis. 8vo. London, 1805 

Hughson (D.), The East-India Question fairly elucidated. 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Humane Society (The Royal), Methods of Treatment for the 
Recovery of Persons apparently Dead from Drowning, &c., 
translated mto Hindustani, and rendered into the Persian and 
Nagari Characters. 8vo. London, 1826 

Hume (Jos.), Speech of, at the East-India-House on a Motion for 
Increase of the Directors' Salaries. 8vo. London, 1814 

Hume (Jos.), Speech of, at the East-India-House on a Motion for 
Granting a Pension to Lord Melville. 8vo. London, 1814 

Huskisson (W.), The Question concerning the Depreciation of our 
Currency stated and examined. 8vo. ... London, 1810 

Hussey (T. J.), Sermon ; The Lessons of History. 8vo. 

London, 1844 

Idolatry of India. — Connexion of the East-India Company's Go- 
vernment with the Idolatrous Customs and Rites of the 
Natives of India stated and explained. 8vo. London, 1838 

Idolatry of India. — Moderator; Letter to Sir J. R. Camac, Bart., 
on British Interference with the Religious Observances of the 

Natives of India. 8vo London, 18S8 

Impartial Considerations on a Bill for the better Management of 
the Territories, &c. in the East Indies. (3 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1784 
Impartial Reflections on the Proceedings of Government and of the 
Court of Directors respecting the four Regiments raising for 
the Service of this Country in the East Indies. 8vo. 

London, 1788 

148 TRACTS. 

Impey (Sir E.), Original Minutes of Governor-General and Council 
on the Appointment of Sir Elijah Impey to be Judge of the 
Sudder Dewauny Adawlet. 8vo. ... London^ 1781 

Independent List for 1773. fol. London^ 1773 

India Affairs, Letters to a Noble Lord on. 8vo. London, 1780 

India Affairs. — ^A Retrospective View and Consideration of India 
Affairs, particularly the Transactions of the Mahratta War to 
October 1782. 8vo. London, 1783 

India Affairs, Letter to Sir Chas. Forbes on the Administration 
of. 8vo London, 1826 

India. — History of the War in India from the Year 1749 to the 
Taking of Pondicherry in 1761. 8vo. ... London, 1761 

India. — Inquiry into the Causes of the Stationary Condition of 
India and its Inhabitants ; with a brief Examination of the 
Principles of the Revenue Systems of British India. Svo. 

London, 1830 

India Question. — Considerations arising out of the late Proceedings 
in Parliament relative to the India Question. 8vo. 

London, 1830 

India and Lord EUenborough. 8vo. ... London, 1844 

India, A Special Appeal on behalf of. 8vo. ... London, 1SS7 

India, Great Britain, and Russia. 8vo. ... London, 1838 

" Indus." — View of the Policy of Sir G. Barlow in the Madras 
Government, in a Series of Letters. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1810 

Instructions from the Court of Directors to the Governor and 
Council General in Bengal, fol. ... London, 1773 

Instructions of the Committee of Proprietors for the Gk)vemor- 
General and Council of Bengal, and for the Council of Com- 
merce; with Directions for the Institution of a Board of 
Exchequer, fol London, 1773 

Intercepted Correspondence from India ; containing Dispatches and 
Letters from the Marquis Wellesley, &c. 8vo. London, 1805 

Interesting Extracts from the Minutes of Evidence before Com- 
mittee of Whole House, respecting the Affairs of the East- 
India Company in 1813. 8vo London, 1814 

Isle of France, Sketch of the present State of. l^mo. London, 1812 
Jackson (Major B.), England and' Russia, the Navy and Steam 

Warfare. 8vo London, 1839 

Jackson (Handle), Speech at Court of East-India Proprietors, on 
the Negociation with Ministers for prolongation of the Charter. 
(^copies) 8vo London, 181^ 

TRACTS. 149 

Jackson (R.)) Speech at Court of Proprietors in December I8269 
on a Motion of Thanks to Lord Amherst. 8vo. 

LondoUf 1827 
Jackson (Wm. Collins), Memoir of his Public Conduct and Ser- 
vices. 8vo. London, 1812 

James (Elianor), Her Two Letters in Favour of the East-India 

Company, fol. ... London, n. d. 

Jaubert (Amedee), Memoire sur TAncien Cours de TOxus. 8vo. 

Paris, 1834 
Jeffrey (Henry), On the Primary and Secondary Effects of Intoxi- 
cating Stimulants upon the Human System. 8vo. 

Bombay, n. d. 
Jeflrey (H.), Appeal to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in 

Sincerity. 8vo Bombay, if. d. 

JeJRrey (H.), Sermon on Feeding the Sheep of Christ. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1838 
Jeffiiey (H.), Temperance Tracts, Nos. 1 to 9, including Corre- 
spondence and Report of the Bombay Temperance Society. 

8vo. Bombay, ^,D, 

Jeffrey (H.)) The Almighty's Everlasting Circles. 8vo. 

Bombay, n. d. 
Jervis (Major T. B.), Contributions to the Statistics of Western 

India in 1823-30. 8vo n. d. 

Jews. — Narrative of the, or a Sketch of their Past History, Present 

State, and Future Prospects. 8vo. 
Jews. — ^Report of the London Society for Promoting Christianity 

amongst the Jews. 8vo ... London, 1809 

John (C. Samuel), Indian Civilization, or Report of a successful 
experiment made during two years in fifteen Tamul and five 
English Native Free Schools. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1813 
Johnston (John), Letter to the Proprietors of East-India Stock. 

{^copies) 8vo iondcm, 1766 

Jordao (J. L.), Examination of the Question of Parliamentary 

Reform. 8vo. London, 1832 

Journal or Narrative of the Boscawen's Voyage to Bombay in 1749. 

8vo. London, 1750 

Journal of the March of the Bombay Army from Culpee to Surat 
in 1778, with their Proceedings in the March towards Poonah. 

410. ... London,mS 

Junius. — Two Letters on the Education of the People of India. 
Svo Serampore, 1835 

150 TRACTS. 

Justice in India. — Regulations proposed by the Court of Directors 
for the Management of the Company^s Affairs and the Admi- 
nistration of Justice in India, with a Second Proposal of Regu- 
lations, fol. London^ 177S 

Justice. — Proceedings at Fort William respecting Administration 
of Justice. 8vo. London^ 1775 

Eell (Jas. B.), On the Appearance of Cholera at Sunderland in 
1831. Svo Edinb. 1884 

Kennedy (R. H.), Review of the Narrative of the Campaign of the 
Army of the Indus in Sindh and Cabul in 1838-1839. Svo. 

Bombay^ 1841 

Kerr (R. H.), Sermon on the Opening of a Monument in Fort St. 
George, to Commemorate the Virtues and Services of the late 
Rev. Mr. Smart. Svo London^ 1818 

Einnaird (Douglas), Remarks on the Hydrabad Papers. Svo. 

London^ 18^ 

Klaproth (J.), Sur TOrigine du Papier Monaie. Svo. 

Parisy 1822 

Klaproth (J.), Origin of Paper Money. (2 copies) Svo. 

London^ 1828 

Klaproth (J.), Sur quelques Antiquites de la Siberie. Svo. 

Parisy 1828 

Knight (S.), On Confirmation. 12mo. n, d. 

Koffler (Joh.), Historica Cochinchinae Descriptio, edente C. T. de 
Murr. Svo. Norimb. 1808 

Ladies^ Schools.— Report of the Ladies^ Native and other Female 
Schools, Bombay. Svo. Bombay ^ 1887 

Langhom (Wm.), Considerations relating to the East-India Trade, 
fol. London^ 1698 

Lally (Comte de), Arrest de la Cour du Parlement contre. 4to. 

Paris, 1766 

Lally. — ^Anecdotes, depuis la Prise du Fort de Villenour jusqu^^ 
celle de Pondicherry. 4to. ... 1760 

Lally (Comte de), Memoire pour le Chevalier de Soupire au sujet 
des Imputations que lui fait le Comte de Lally dans les Ecrits 
publies pour sa Defense. 4to 1766 

Lally.— Memoire pour le Sieur Berthelin, contre le Comte de Lally. 

4CO. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• IraTVSy X f DO 

Lally. — Memoire pour le Comte d^Ache contre M. Lally sans les 

Pieces justificatifs. 4to Paris, 1766 

Laurie (David), Hints regarding the East-India Monopoly. Svo. 

Glasgow, 1818 

TRACTS. 151 

Lee (Thos.), The Right of every British Merchant to Trade within 
the Geographical Limits defined by the Charter of the East- 
India Company vindicated. 8vo. ••• London^ 1812 

Lester (Wm.), The Happy Era; or, the recognized Right of the 
Merchant to an unlimited Trade with India. Svo. 

London, 1813 

Letter to the Proprietors of East-India Stock relative to the critical 
Situation of their Affairs. Svo. ... London^ 1767 

Letter to the East-India Proprietors on the Negociations with 
Government from 1767, respecting the Company^s Acquisitions 
in India. (3 copies) Svo. London, 1769 

Letter to East-India Proprietors against Alterations. Svo. 

London, 1769 

Letter to Proprietors of East-India Stock relative to Propositions 
to be moved at the General Court, 12th July, 1769. Svo. 

London, 1769 

Letter to East-India Proprietors, containing a Reply to some Insi- 
nuations in an Old Proprietor's Letter. Svo. London, 1769 

Letter to the Directors of the East-India Company, &c., on the 
Commission of Supervision, fol. ... London, 1772 

Letter (The Second) to the Committee of twenty-five Proprietors 
of India Stock. Svo London, ITIS 

Letter to the Earl of Shelburne on the Subject of Mr. Secretary 
Townshend's Letter to the Chairman, &c., of the East-India 
Company. Svo London, 1783 

Letter from an OflBcer in India to his Correspondent in England. 
4to. ... ... ... ... ••• London, 1794 

Ijetter to J. S. Waring in Refutation of his Observations on the 
present State of the East-India Company. Svo. London, 1808 

Letters from a Dutchman, and the Answer from his Correspondent, 
on the present Condition of both Countries. 4to. 

London, 1673 

Letters (Two) to the Court of Directors on the proposed Super- 
visorship. 4to London, 1769 

Letters-Patent, Establishing a Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort 
William in Bengal, 14th of George III. 4to. London, 1774 

Letters to the Directors and Proprietors of East-India Stock, and 
to the Hon. Edmund Burke. Svo. ... London, 17 82 

Letters (Two) to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, occasioned 
by Mr. Twining'^s late Letter to the Chairman, on the Suppres- 
sion of the Scriptures and the Recal of the Missionaries. Svo. 

London, 1807 

152 TRACTS. 

Lettre, A. M. de, sur le M6moire du Sieur de la Bourdonnais. 4to. 

Parts, 1750 

Lindsay (H. Hamilton), Is the War with China a just one? 8vo. 

London, 1840 

Lindsay (H. H.), Letter to Lord Falmerston on British Relations 
with China. 8vo ... London, \9S% 

Linnsean Society of London, Charter and Bye-Laws of. 4to. 

London, 1802 

List of all the Names of the Adventurers in the Stock of the East- 
India Company, 1693. fol. London, 169S 

List of the Names of all Adventurers in the Stock of the East-India 
Company, April 1697. fol. London, 1697 

List of Ships sent to and from the East Indies in 1697 and 8. fol. 

London, 1699 

List of Proprietors of from .£^600 to •£'1,000 East-India Stock, fol. 

London, 1778 

Litigation. — Inquiry into the alleged Proneness to Litigation of the 
Natives of India ; with Suggestions for amending the Judicial 
System of British India. 8vo London, 1830 

London. — Account of the Formation, Services, and Duty of the 
Harbour Marine Volunteer Establishment, and the London 
Armed Schooner in the Service of the Port of London. ISmo. 

London, 1805 

London Oriental Institution, First and Second Annual Reports of, 
for initiating Gentlemen proceeding to British India in Gram- 
matical Principles. 8vo. London, 1828-29 

L^Or (Louis de). Deux Lettres addressees h la Societe Asiatique 
de Paris. 8vo. Paris, 18^ 

McCosh (John), Topography of Assam. 8vo. Calcutta, 1887 

Macdonnell (Eneas), Speech on the East-India Question, at a 
Meeting held at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, in the Strand, 
in May 1830. 8vo. London, 1880 

Macdonnell (E.), Letter to the Right Hon. Chas. Grant on the 
Affairs of the King of Oude. 8vo. ... London, 1884 

Mackintosh (Capt. Alex.), Account of the Origin and Present Con- 
dition of the Tribe of Ramoossies, including the Life of 
Oomiah Naik. 8vo. Bombay, 1888 

Mackintosh (Capt. A.), Account of the Tribe of Mhadeo Kolies, 
and of the Maun Bhows ; or, Black-clothed Mendicant Devo- 
tees. 8vo* ... ••• ••• ... ••• 1836, &c. 

Maclean (Chas.), Abstract of the East-India Question. 8vo. 

London, 1818 

TRACTS. 163 

Maclean (Chas.), Remarks on the Evidence before both Houses of 
Parliament on the East-India Company'^s Affairs. 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Maclean (Chas.), View of the Consequences of la3dng open the 
Trade to India to Private Ships. Svo. ••• London, 1813 

Maclean (Chas.), Observations on Quarantine. 8vo. 

Liverpool, 1824 

Macleod (D. A.), Medical Topography of Bishnath. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1887 

Macnaghten (F.) and W. Wayte, Correspondence in reference to 
the Cause ^^ The East-India Company versus Sherson and 
Others.'' 8vo London, 1814 

Madras Army, Account of the Origin, Progress, and Conse- 
quences of the late Discontents of, with Postscript and Appen- 
dix. 8vo. •• London, 1810 

Madras Army. — Observations on Lieut.-Col. Malcolm's Publica- 
tion relative to the Disturbances in the Madras Army. 
(^copies) 8vo. London, 1S12 

Madras Committee, Resolutions and Petition of, concerning the Act 
Establishing a Court of Judicature, &c. 8vo. London, 1786 

Madras, Defence of the Conduct of the Civil Servants at. (S copies) 
Svo. ... ••• ... ••• ... London, 1810 

Madras, Letter from an Officer at, exhibiting an unbiassed Account 
of the Rise, Progress, and actual State of the late unfortunate 
Insurrection in the Indian Army. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1810 

Madras, Letter upon the late Discontents in, and Comments on the 
Transactions of Sir J, Barlow's Government. 8vo. 

London, 1810 

Madras, Narrative of the Circumstances attending the late Trials 
in the Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras. (2 copies) 
Svo. London, 1809 and 10 

Madras, Letter signed by Ten Directors of the East- India Com- 
pany in Vindication of the Measures adopted by Sir George 
Barlow, during the Dissensions at the Presidency of Madras. 
(2 copies) Svo ... London, 1S12 

Madras, Exposure of the Misrepresentations and Calumnies in 
Marsh's Review of Sir G. Barlow's Administration at Madras. 
{2 copies) Svo. ••• ••• ... ••• London, \S1S 

Magnetic, Observations made at Toronto in Canada, Trevandrum 
in the East-Indies, and St. Helena. Svo. London, 1841 

Mahratta Mission, Regulations and By-Laws of. Svo. 

Bombay, 1834 

164 TRACTS. 

Mahratta War, The Origin and Authentic Narrative of, and of 
the Rohilla War in 1773, 1774, &c. 8vo. London, 1781 

Malan (Cesar), The Error of a Christian as to the Assurance of his 
Salvation. 8vo ••• ••• Bombay , n. d. 

Malcolm (Sir John), Instructions to Officers acting under his Orders 
in Central India, 1821. 8vo London, 1894t 

Malcolm (Sir J.), Observations on the Disturbances in the Madras 
Army, in 1809. 8vo London, ISIZ 

Malcolmson (Jo. G.), Clinical Remarks on Some Cases of Liver 
Abscess presenting externally. 8vo. ••• Edinb. 1889 

Malthus (T. R.), Letter to the Lord Grenville on some of his Lord- 
ship's Observations on the East-India Company's EducaticHi of 
their civil servants. 8vo. ... ... London, 181S 

Malthus (T. R.), Statements respecting the East-India College, 
with an Appeal to Facts, in refutation of the Charges against 
the Court of Proprietors. (2 copies) 8vo. London, 1817 

Mangles (R. D.), Vindication of the East-India Company's Gro- 
vernment of Bengal from the Attacks of Messrs. Rickards and 
Crawford. 8vo. ••• London,lSSO 

Marsden (Sir Wm.), Table exhibiting the Correspondence of the 
Christian and Mahommedan Eras. 4to. ••• ••• n. d. 

Marsh (Chas.), Review of some important passages in the late 
Administration of Sir G. Barlow at Madras. 8vo. 

London, 181S 

Marsh (Chas.), Speech in a Committee of the House of Commons 
1813, on Persons going out to India for Religious Purposes. 

8vo. ... ... ... ••• ••• lAmdon, 1818 

Marshall (Stephen), Sermon on the Baptizing of Infants. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1832 

Marshraan (Jos.), Advantages of Christianity in promoting the 
Establishment and Prosperity of the British Government in 
India. 8vo. London, 1813 

Martin (Jas. Ranald), Notes on the Medical Topography of Cal- 
cutta. 8vo. Calcutta, 1837 

Martin (Montg.), The Past and Present State of the Tea Trade of 
England and of the Continents of Europe and America. 8vo. 

London, 1832 

Martin (Robt. M.), Remarks on the East-India Company^s Admi- 
nistration over 100 Millions of British Subjects, considered in 
reference to its Political Effects on India and Great Britain. 
8vo. Dz^m, 1804 

Martyn (T.), A Dive into Buonaparte's Councils, on his Projected 
Invasion of Old England. 8vo. ..• London, 1804 

TRACTS. 155 

Masonry, Observations on. 8 vo MadrcbSy 1 839 

Medical College of Bengal, Account of. (S copies) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1839 
Medical College at Bombay .-^Ceremony of laying the Foundation 

Stone, by the Bishop of Calcutta, 1843. 8vo. Bombay ylSAS 
Medical Topography of Calcutta, Assam, and Bishnath, by Martin, 

M^Cosh, and Macleod. 3 vols, in one. 8vo. Calcutta, 1837 
Medico-Botanical Society of London, Transactions of. 8yo. n.d. 
Meer Jaffier. — Address to the Proprietors of East-India Stock 

respecting Meer Jaffier^s Restitution Money for Losses in 1763, 

by the Sufferers. 8vo ••• London^'S.D. 

MdviUe (Hon. W. L.), Remarks on the Constitution of the Gro- 

vemment of Bengal. 8vo. London, 1837 

MdviUe (Hon. W, L.), Remarks on the War in Affghanistan. 8vo. 

London, 1842 
Memoria da Commissao dos Arquivos da Gran-Bretanha dirigida 

aos Cartorarios, Bibliothecarios e Antiquarios de Portugal. 

8vo. Lisboa, 1834 

Memoire pour le Sieur de la Gatinais, Capitaine de Vaisseau dans 

les Indes. 4to. Paris, 1750 

Memoire pour les Syndics et Directeurs de la Compagnie des 

Indes contre les Officiers et Soldats du Regiment de Cam- 

oresis. 4lo. ••• ••• ••• •»« ••• «•• xioci 

Memorial to Lord Comwallis on the Necessity of a Reformation 

in the Civil Court of Moorshedabad. 8vo. Calcutta, 1790 
Military Bill for the East Indies. foL London, 1770 and 71 

Military Seminary, Memoir of the East-India Company's. 8vo. 

London, 1839 
Mill (Jas.), Commerce Defended ; an Answer to Spence, Cobbett, 

and others, who have attempted to prove that Commerce is 

not a source of National Wealth. 8vo. ••• London, 1808 
Miller (Pat.), On the Invention and Practice of Steam Navigation. 

Svo. ••• ••• ••• ... ... Edinb, 1825 

Minto (Lord) and Council. Letter to the Hon. Sir G. Barlow. 

Svo. London, 1810 

Missionary Question, 36 Tracts on the, by Waring, Twining, 

Fullers, and others. 8 vols. Svo. ... London, 1807 

Missionaries. — Correspondence between the Supreme Government 

of Bengal and the Missionaries at Serampore, 1812 and 1813, 

relative to Messrs. Johns and Lawson. Svo. London, 1814 
Missionary Correspondence. -^-Extracts of Letters from S. Pearce 

and J. Thomas to the Missionaries in India, between 1794 and 

1800. Svo. « London, 1814 

156 TRACTS. 

Missionary Society (Reports of), from its Formation in ][796 to 
1814. 8vo. ... London^ n. d. 

Mitchell (Major A.), Thoughts on the Treaty between Grovem- 
ment and the East-India Company. (2 copies) 4to. 

London^ 1780 

Money (W. T.), Observations on the Expediency of Ship-building 
at Bombay. Svo. London, 1811 

Morrison (R.), Address to British Sailors. 8vo. China, 182S 

Morrison (R.), Sermon to Sailors at Wampoa in China. (2 copiea) 
8vo. Malacca, \S9& 

Morrison (R.), Notices of China and the Fort of Canton ; Narra- 
tive of the English Frigate Topaze, 1821-2^ ; with Remarks 
on Homicides and an Account of the Fire of Canton. Svo. 

Malacca, 18SS 

Morrison (R.)? The Knowledge of Christ, supremely excellent, a 
Discourse delivered in Surry Chapel, May 1825. 8vo. 

London, 1825 

Moxon (J.), Collection of Attempts made to North-East and North- 
West for finding a Passage to Japan, China, &c., with a Polar 
Draft. 4to. London, 1676 

MuUer (6. F.), Transactions, &c. between Russia and China. 
See Dillon^s Conquest of Siberia. 

Munger (S. B.), Sermon on the Death of Mr. W. C. Sampson, 
December 1835. 8vo JSom&oy, 1836 

Munro (Lieut.-Col.), Plan for Abolishing the Tent Contract of the 
Madras Army, with Col. Capper's Remarks. Svo. 

London, 1812 

Murray (Jo. F.), The Chinese and the Ministry ; an Inquiry into 
the Origin, &c. of our present Difficulties with China. 8va 

London, 1840 

Museum of Mankind. Svo. ••• ••• London, 1842 

Myers (T.), Observations on the Third Report of Select Committee 
of Commons on Affairs of the East-India Company. Svo. 

London, 1812 

Mysore. — Narrative Sketches of the Conquest of the Mysore in 
1799. Svo. ... London, 1800 

Names of the Twenty-four Persons chosen by the General Court 
of the English Company to be joined with the Twenty-four 
Directors, fol London, 1698 

Nares (Edw.), Sermon on the Duty and Expediency of Translating 
the Scriptures into the current Languages of the East. 4to. 

Owford, 1808 

Narrative of the Circumstances attending the late Trials in the 

TRACTS. 157 

Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras for Forgery, &c. 
8vo. London^ 1810 

Native Poor Asylum, Report of, for 1834, 36, and 36. (2 copies) 
8vo. Bombay^ 1837 

Neville (Major-Gen.), Summary of the Administration of the Mar- 
quis of Hastings. 8vo LondoHjlSM 

Norton (Geo.), Epitome of the Duties of a Justice of Peace in 
India. 8vo. Madras j 1842 

Notes on the Relations of British India with some of the Countries 
West of the Indus. (2 copies) 8vo. ... London, 1839 

Nott (Lieut.-Col. Wm.), Petition touching the Promotion of Offi- 
cers his juniors in the Service. 8vo. ... SaugoVj 1831 

O'Brien (W. S.), Considerations relative to the Renewal of the 
East-India Company's Charter. 8vo. ... London, 1830 

Observations on the present State of the East-India Company, with 
Remarks on the Intelligence from Madras of the Disaffection 
of the Natives. (2 copies) 8vo. ... London, 1807 

O^Hara (Patrick), Letter to a Friend in Ireland on India Affairs. 
Svo. London, 1813 

Olio (An), as prepared on board an East-Indiaman by Messrs. 
Baring, Brough, Dalrymple, and others (concerning Freight, 
&c.) 8vo.... London, 1786 

Open Trade. — ^Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Buckingham- 
shire on the Subject of an Open Trade to India. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Open Trade. — Opinions of the late Lord Melville and Marquis 
Wellesley upon an Open Trade to India. 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Opium Crisis. — A Letter to Chas. Elliott, by an American Mer- 
chant. 8vo. ... London, 1839 

Opium Question, as between Nation and Nation. 8vo. 

London, 1840 

Opium Question, some Pros and Cons on the. 8vo. London, 1840 

Opium. — A Statement of the Claims of the British Subjects in- 
terested in the Opium surrendered to Capt. Elliot. 8vo. 

London, 1840 

Oude. — Statement relative to the Presents from the King of Oude 
to the. King and Queen of England. Svo. London, 1837 

Owen. (John), Address to the Chairman of the East-India Com- 
pany occasioned by Mr. Twining's Letter. 8vo. London, 1807 

Paganism. — Essay on the Nature and Connexion of the Philosophy 
and Mythology of Paganism, by C. J. M. 8vo. London^ 1826 

158 TRACTS. 

Papers Ordered to be jnrinted by a General Court of East-India 
Proprietors, respecting Dispatches to the Govemor-Greneral. 
4to. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• London^ 1806 

Papers Printed by Order of a General Court of Proprietors, 7th 
May, 1806. 4to. London^ 1806 

Papillon (Thos.), Treatise concerning the East-India Trade being 
most profitable to the Kingdom and best secured by a Com- 
pany and a Joint Stock. 4to. ... London^ 1696 

Parker (P.), Ninth Report of the Ophthalmic Hospital at Canton, 
December 1838. 8vo Cannon, 1839 

Parker (P.), Statements respecting Hospitals in China. 8vo. 

Glasgow^ 1842 

Patna. — Petition of the Patna Farmers on the Hardships they 
sufier by being made liable to the Jurisdiction of the Supreme 
Court of Judicature at Calcutta. 4to 1779 

PattuUo (Hen.), Essay upon the Cultivation of the Lands and Im- 
provement of the Revenues of Bengal. 4to. London^ 1772 

Paul (J.), Letter to Samuel Whitbread, M.P. 8vo. 

London^ 1808 

Pauperism and the Poor Laws, with a Supplement ; addressed to 
W. Wilberforoe. 8vo London^ 1841 

Peace. — ^The First Report of the Society for the Promotion of Per- 
manent and Universal Peace, for 1817. 8vo. London^ 1817 

Petition to House of Commons of above 1,000 Seamen^s Widows, 
0mC« xoi. •»• ••« »»« ••• ••• ••• x4» n« 

Petrie (Wm.), Statement of Facts delivered to Lewd Minto on his 
Arrival at Madras; with an Appendix of official Minutes. 
8vo. ••• ... ... ••• ••• London^ 1810 

Philip (Dr.), The Case of, Superintendant of Missionary Society 
in South Africa. 8vo London^ 1830 

Philojohannes, Modest Defence of the East-India Company^s Ma- 
nagement of Steam Communication with India. 8vo« 

London^ n. d. 
Piddington (Hen.), Chemical Examination of Cotton Soils, from 

North America, India, the Mauritius, and Singapore. 8va n. d. 
Piddington (Hen.), A Letter to the Parties interested in the Opium 

Trade. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1839 

Piddington (Hen.), On the Scientific Principles of Agriculture. 

{2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta^ 1839 

Piddington (Hen.), Researches on the Gale and Hurricane in the 

Bay of Bengal, in June 1839. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1889 
Piddington (Hen.), Notes and Memoirs (the First, Second, and 

TRACTS. 159 

Third) cfa the Law of Storms in India and the Chinese Seas. 
8vo • Calcutta^ 1840-41 

Piddington (Hen.), Sixth and Seventh Memoir, with Reference to 
the Law of Storms in India, being Storms of the China Seas 
from 1780 to 1841, and the Calcutta Hurricane, June 1842. 
8yo Calcutta^ 184S-8 

Pigot (Lord), A Paper delivered to East-India Proprietors respect- 
ing him. 4to. • Landon^mS 

Pigot (Lord), Narrative of the late Revolution in the Government 
of Madras, September 1T76. 4to. ... Zowdon, 1777 

Pigot (Lord), Answer to his Case. 4to. r.. London^ 1777 

Plan for Relieving the East-India Company from their Distress for 
Cash. fol. ••• ••• ••• ••• London^ n. d. 

Playfair (Hen. Wm.), Ronarks on the East-India Company^s 
Charter, as connected with the Interests of this Country and 
the Welfare of India. 8vo. ... •«• London, 1829 

Pogson (Major W. R.), Historical Researches. (A Fragment.) 

OVO. ••• ••• ••« ••• ••. •.• *•. V. JD. 

Policy of the Government of British India, as exhibited in official 
Documents. 8vo. London^ 1839 

Popham (Sir Home), Description of the Prince of Wales's Island. 
8vo. .•• ... ... ••• ^.a London^ 1805 

Popular Topics ; or, the King's Prerogative, the Privileges of Par- 
liament, Secret Influence, and a System 'of Reform for the 
East-India Company considered. 8vo. ••• London, 1784 

Postans (T.), Observations on the Increase of Commerce by Means 
of the River Indus. 8vo. Z/ondon, 1843 

Pote (B. E.), Identity of English, Classical, Oriental Literature, 
and Interests. 8vo. • London^ n. d. 

Pottery. — Report and Correspondence on the improved Manufac- 
ture of an improved Pottery from Indian Clays. 8vo. 

Calcutta^ 1841 

Powell (John), his Case, with the Clause of Redemption in the Two 
Million Act. fol. London^ 1698 

Powell (J.), The Case of, against the East-India Company, fol. 

London^ 1711 

Poynder (John), Speech on Idolatry in India and the Extinc- 
tion of all .Taxation, at Court of Proprietors, in 1836. 
8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Zoncfon, 1838 

Preamble of Agreement subscribed to at a General Court of the 
Adventurers to the East Indies, held the 16th of March, 1664. 
lOl. ... .•• •«• ••• •«• ••• ... M. <i^. 

160 TRACTS. 

Price (Jo8.), Letter to Philip Francis. 8vo. London^ 1782 

Price (Jos.), Letter to the Right Hon. C. J. Fox on the Subject of 
his Asiatic Bills. 8vo London^ 1783 

Prince of Wales^s Island ; or, Pulo Penang in the East Indies, 
short Account of. 8vo. ••• London, 1788 

Prince of Wales's Island Free School, Report of, for 1828. 8vo. 

Penang y 1829 

Prinsep (John), Suggestions on Freedom of Commerce and Navi- 
gation, especially in reference to the East-India Trade. 8vo. 

London, 1823 

Printing Types, Specimens of. 8vo n. d. 

Probus (Letters of). On the East-India Question. 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Propositions for Application to be made to Parliament for Loans, 
&c. to the East-India Company, fol. n. d. 

Propositions and Amended Propositions from the Court of Direc- 
tors for an Agreement with the Public, fol. ... n. d. 

Proprietors'* List for 1773. fol. London, 1778 

Proprietors' List, Recommendation of, for 1773. fol. London, 1773 

Prospectus of the Oriental Works in the Course of Publication, by 
the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 8vo. ••• Calcutta, 1835 

Protests (Two) against the Bill to Repeal the American Stamp 
Act of Last Sessions. 8vo. Paris, 1766 

Protest against rescinding the East-India Dividend, voted 6th May, 
1767. 8vo. London, 1767 

Protest against the Bill for rescinding the East-India Dividend, 
voted at General Court, 6th of May, 1767. 8vo. Paris, 1767 

Protests of the Hon. W. F. Elphinstone, J. Patdson, and other 
Directors of the East-India Company, against the continuance 
of Sir G. Barlow in the Government of Madras. 8vo. 

London, 1812 

Protests of Five Directors of the East-India Company against the 
recal of Earl Minto, Governor-General, Sir G. Nugent, and 
Sir G. Barlow. 8vo London, 1813 

Public Disputations of the Students of the College of Fort Wil- 
liam, Bengal, 1808 to 15. 8vo. ... London, 1808, &c. 

Public Records. — On the entrusting the Records of the Exchequer 
to the irresponsible Custody of the King's Remembrancer. 8vo. 

London, 1834 

Pultney (Wm.), Effects to be expected from the East-India Bill 
upon the Constitution of Great Britain if passed into a Law. 
8vo. ••. London, 1784 

TRACTS. 161 

Questions proposed at the General Court to be balloted for the 
26th of February, 1 T73. fol London, 1773 

Question proposed at the General Court to be balloted for on the 
26th of May, 1773. fol. London, 1773 

Randall (W.), Letter to the Court of East-India Directors and the 
Proprietors of India Stock. 4to. ... London, 1777 

Rankine (Robt.), Notes on the Medical Topography of the Dis- 
trict of Sarun. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1839 

Rees (Evan), Sketches of the Horrors of War, selected from La- 
baume^s Narrative of the Campaign in Russia in 1812. 8vo. 

London, 1818 

Rees (Geo.), Lectures on Carbon, Oxygen, and Vitality; with 
Remarks on Asiatic Cholera. 8vo. ... London, 1832 

Regulations proposed by the Court of Directors for the Manage- 
ment of the Company^s Affairs and for the Administration of 
Justice in India, fol London, N. n. 

Religious Prejudices of India. — An Essay to shew that no inten- 
tion has existed, or does exist, of doing violence to the Reli- 
gious Prejudices of India. 8vo. ... London, 1808 

Remarks on the Extension of Territory which has taken place in 
India subsequent to 1784 and. 1793. 8vo. London, 1812 

Remonstrance of the Merchants and Traders in Piece Goods to the 
Court of Directors of the East-India Company, fol. 

Lowdon, 1726 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Considerations on 
the Policy of Renewing the Exclusive Privileges of the East- 
India Company. 8vo. ... London, 1812 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — General Thoughts 
contained in a Letter on that Subject. 8vo. London, 1812 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Hints respecting 
the Negociation for a Renewal of the East^India Company's 
exclusive Privileges, submitted to Lord Melville by the Court 
of Directors, with his Lordship's Observations. 8vo. 

London, 181 2 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — ^Letter to E. Parry 
and Chas. Grant, in 1809, on the Commercial Monopoly of the 
East*India Company, &c. 8vo. ... London, 1812 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Letter to the 
Chairman of the Court of Directors relative to the. 8vo. 

Newark, 1812 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — The Question as 
to the Renewal of the East-India Company's Monopoly exa- 
mined*. 8vo. Edinb. 1812 

162 TRACTS. 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter, — Considerations on 
Colonial Policy with relation to the. 8vo. London^ 1813 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Four Letters 
respecting the Claims of the East-India Compay for a Renewal 
of their exclusive Privileges. Svo. ... London^ 1813 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Further Papers 
respecting the Renewal of the East-India Company'^s Privi- 
leges. Svo. London^ 1813 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter, — Hints on the pre- 
sent State of the Question between his Majesty'^s Ministers and 
the Court of Directors relative to the. Svo. London^ 1813 

Renewal of the East-India Company'^s Charter, — Observations on 
the Territorial Rights and Commercial Privileges of the East- 
India Company with a View to the. Svo. London^ 1813 

Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. — Review of the 
Arguments and Allegations offered to Parliament against the 
Renewal of the East-India Company's Charter. Svo. 

London^ 1829 

Reports (Half- Yearly) of the Gk)vernment Charitable Dispensaries 
established in Bengal and North- Western Provinces, from 
1840 to 1842. Svo Calcuttaj 184& 

Reports of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, from 
the Commencement of its Connexion with the East-India Mis- 
sions in 1809 to 1814. Svo London^ 1814 

Review (General) of the East-India Company, 1769, with Observa- 
tions on the present State of their Affairs. Svo. London, 1769 

Review of the Contest respecting Four new Regiments offered by 
his Majesty to be sent to India. Svo. London, 1788 

Review of two Pamphlets of Major Scott Waring's — *' Observa- 
tions on the State of the East-India Company," and *' Letter 
to the Rev. J. Owen.*^ Svo. ... ... London, n. d. 

Review of Mr. Twining'^s Letter on Missions to India. Svo. 

London, n. d. 

Review of a Vindication of the Hindoos, with Review of S. Waring's 
Remarks on a former Review. Svo. ... London, 1808 

Robert (P.), Art of Universal Correspondence. Svo. 

Wrewham, 1802 

Robinson (Thos.), Prayers intended for the Use of Families. Svo. 

Madras, 1838 
Roman Tessellated Pavement discovered in Leadenhall Street, 
December 1803, Description of. 4to. ... London, 1804 
Rope. — Observations on the Manufacture of a new Rope. Svo. 

London, 1829 

TRACTS. 168 

Bottger (E. H.), Briefe iibeF Hinter-Indien wahrend eines Zehn- 
jahrigen Aufenthalts. 8vo. ... ... Berlin^ 1844 

Roxburgh (Wm.), Observations on Substitutes for Hemp and Flax, 
the Produce of India. 8vo. ... ... London, \S\S 

Royle (J. F.), On the Production of Isinglass along the Coasts of 
India, with a Notice of its Fisheries. 8vo. London, 1842 

Rules and Regulations of the Quarter-Master General'^s Depart- 
ment in Bengal. 4to ... Calcutta, \SYl 

Rumbold (Sir Thos.), Letter to Proprietors of East-India Stock. 
Svo. ... ... ... ... ... London, 1781 

Rupees (List of) current in Poona, with their relative Value 
to the standard Rupee of Account among Sahookars. 8vo. 

Poona, 1829 

Russell (Wm.), State and Progress of Vaccination in Bengal during 
1805-6. Svo Calcutta,\&ft 

Russia versus India. — Observations on the present political Rela- 
tions of England with the East. 8vo. London, 1838 

Samuel (Jacob), Sermon, preached in Hebrew, at Bombay, in 
January 1835, translated. 8vo. ... Bombay, 1835 

Samuel (Jacob), Brief Narrative of his Proceedings in Persia, &c., 
1836-8. 8vo Bombay, 1839 

St. Marc (L. de), Du Gouvernment de la Compagnie des Indes. 
Svo. ... ... ••• ••• ... ... Paris, TJ,!), 

Satara (Raja of). — Letters with Accompaniments from the Vakeels 
of the Raj a of Satara. Svo. London, 1 839 

Satara (The Rajah of), his Letter to the Court of Directors, trans- 
lated into English. Svo. London, 1840 

Sayer (C), Commission for superintending and regulating the 
Company'^s Affairs at their Presidencies in the East Indies, 
fol. London, 1772 

Scholarships. — Oriental Department, 1841. Svo. Bengal, 1842 

Schools in India.— Address to European and Native Gentlemen on 
the Establishment of Native Schools. Svo ... n. d. 

Scinde Policy (The). — Comments on Major-General Napier'^s De- 
fence of Lord EUenborough's Government. Svo. 

London, 1845 

Scotland. — Report of a Committee of the British Association for 
the Advancement of Science on the vital Statistics of large 
Towns in Scotland. Svo. ... ... London, 1 843 

Scott (Major John), Review of the Transactions in Bengal during 
the last Ten Years. Svo. London, 1782 

Scott (Maj. Jo.), Letter to the Right Hon. C. J. Fox. Svo. 

London, 1783 

164 TRACTS. 

Scott {Maj. Jo.), Letter to the Right Hon. Edm. Burke. 8vo. : 

London, 1783 

Scott (Maj. Jo.), Two Letters to the Right Hon. Edm. Burke, in 
Reply to the Ninth Report of the Select Committee, &c. 8vo. 

London, 1783 

Scott (Maj. Jo.), Retrospective View and Considerations of India 
Affairs, particularly the Mahratta War. 8vo. London, 1783 

Scott (Maj. Jo.), Transactipns in Bengal during Warren Hastings'^s 
Administration. Svo ••• London, 1784 

Scott (Jonathan), Observations on the Oriental Department of the 
East-India College at Hertford. 4to. Hertford, 1806 

Scott (Major-Gen. Robt.), Letter to the Chairman of the Court of 
Directors respecting his regimental Allowances. Svo. 

London, 1831 

Scrafton (Luke), Observations on Mr. Van^ittart's Narrative. Svo. 

London, 1767 

Shaw (Wm.), Enquiry into the Authenticity of the Poems ascribed 
to Ossian, with a Reply to Clark'^s Answer. Svo. London, 1782 

Sheridan (Right Hon. R. B.), A Comparative Statement of the 
two Bills of Mr. Fox and Mr. Pitt for the better Government 
of the British Possessions in India. 4to. London, 1788 

Sheridan (Rt. Hon. R. B.), Comparative Statement of the two Bills 
for the better Grovemment of the British Possessions in India. 
4to. London, 1806 

Sherson and Others, the Case of, in the Supreme Court, Equity 
Side, Madras, 28th March, 1814. Svo. London, 1814 

Sherwood (Mrs.), Little Henry and his Bearer. 12mo. 

Bombay, 1 836 

Shipping. — Observations on East-India Shipping, being a Compa^ 
rative View between the Freights of 1773 and the Seven pre- 
ceding Years. Svo. • London, m4i 

Shipping. — Two Letters on East-India Shipping from the Morn- 
ing Chronicle. Svo. London, 180S 

Ships. — Dangers and Disadvantages from the East- India Company 
building and navigating their own Ships. Svo. London, 1768 

Ships, A List of, in the East-India Company's Service, for 1773. 
fol. ••• ••• ... ••• ••• London, 1773 

Ships. — Address to the Proprietors of East- India Stock relative to 
their Shipping. Svo. ... London, 1778 

Ships. — Considerations on the important Benefits to be derived from, 
the East-India Company^s building and navigating their own 
Ships. 8va London, 1778 

TRACTS. 165 

Ships. — Memorial to the Board of Trade from the Ship-builders in 
the Port of London. 8vo. London^ 1809 

Shoolbred (John), Report on the State and Progress of Vaccine 
Inoculation in Bengal during 1804. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1805 

Short (Michael Jo.), Practical Remarks on the Nature and Effects 
of the expressed Oil of the Croton Tiglium. 8vo. 

London, 1830 

Silks. — Demonstration that there is a Difference between East-India 
wrought Silks, &c. and those of Europe, fol. London, 1707 

Silks. — Reasonableness of passing the Bill for making the Prohibi- 
tion of all East-India wrought Silks, &c. more effectual, fol. 

London, 1707 

Silks. — Arret of the Council of State in France for renewing the 
Prohibition on Chinese or Elastern Silks, Calicoes, Sz;c. fol. 

London, 1719 

Singapore Institution, Formation of, in 1823. (S copies) 8vo. 

Malacca, 1823 

Skynner (W. A.), Directions for Navigating the Gulph of Cambay. 
(^copies) 4to London, nis 

Slade (John), Notices on British Trade to the Port of Canton ; 
with Translations of Chinese Official Papers relative to that 
Trade. 8vo. London, ISBO 

Smith (L. F.), Sketch of the Regular Troops formed and com- 
manded by Europeans in the Service of the Native Princes of 
India. 4to. ... ... London, 1805 

Smith (Capt. J. T.), Reports, Correspondence, &c. on various Pro- 
fessional Subjects of the Corps of Engineers, Madras Presi- 
dency, vol. i. 4to. Madras, 1839 

Smith (N.), Observations on the present State of the East-India 
Company and on the Measures to be pursued. 8vo. 

London, 1771 

Smith, The Measures to be pursued in India for ensuring the 
Permanency and Commerce of the Company further consi- 
dered. 8vo. London, 1772 

Smith, General Remarks on the System of Government in India ; 
with Considerations on the present State of the Company at 
Home and Abroad. 8vo. London, 1773 

Smith, Observations on East-India Shipping; a Comparative View 
between the Freights of 1773 and those of the Seven preceding 
Years. 8vo. London, 1774 

Smith, An Address to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, in con- 
sequence of the Errors and Mistakes in some late Publications 
relative to their Shipping. 8vo. ... London, 1778 

166 TRACTS. 

Smith (Gen.), Speech on the State of Jurisdiction in Bengal. 8vo. 

London^ 1780 

Smith, On the Debt of the Nation, compared with its Revenue ; 
and the impossibility of carrying on the War without Public 
Economy. Svo. London^ 1781 

Smyth (Capt. W. H.), Observations of Halley's Comet. 4to. 

London^ 1836 

Societe Asiatique. — Discours et Rapports lus dans la Seance Gene- 
rale Annuelle du 21 Avril, 1823. 8vo. ... Paris, 1823 

Sommers (Lord), A Third Collection of Tracts relating to the His- 
tory and Constitution of the British Dominions, vol. iii. 4to. 

London, 1751 

Spencer (Bp. G. T.), Two Sermons preached at Palamcottah and 
Quilon in 1840 and 41. 8vo Cottayam, 1841 

Stair (John, Earl of). The proper Limits of the Government's in- 
terference with the Affairs of the East- India Company, 
assigned, &c. 8vo. ... London, 1784 

Standing Orders and Regulations of Government, 1810 to 1819; 
with an Appendix. 4to. , Calcutta, 1820 

Stanhope (Earl), Address at the Anniversary Meetings of the 
Medico- Botanical Society in 1829, 1830, 1831, and 1837. 
8vo London, 1829-37 

State of the British Interest in India, with a Plan for a Regular 
System of Government in that Country. 8vo. London, 1773 

Steam to India, vid the Red Sea, and vid the Cape of Good Hope ; 
a Comprehensive Plan, by way of Egypt. 8vo. London, 1838 

Steam. — Facts relating to Steam Communication with India, on 
the Comprehensive Plan. 8vo London, 1839 

Steam Power, On its General Application to all Vessels instead of 
oaiis. ovo. ... ... ... ... ••• ■— ^-.™ 

Stephenson (Arch.), Observations on the Culture of Silk. 8vo. 

London, 1826 

Stewart (Lieut.-Col. M.), Considerations on the Policy of the 
Government of India, especially with reference to the Invasion 
of Burmah. 8vo. Edinb. 1826 

Stibbert (Major G.), His Case at Bengal. 8vo. London, 1774 

Stodart (J.), Account of Wootz, or Indian Steel. 4to. 

London, n. d. 

Storey (Major Jos.), Minutes of the Proceedings of a General 
Court-Martial held at Bangalore, 10th January, 1810, on. 
8vo. ... London, 1810 

Stow (Baron), The Efficiency of Primitive Missions; a Discourse. 
8vo. jjfadro*, 1839 

TRACTS. 167 

Strachan (J. M.), The Connexion of the East-India Company 

with the Superstitious and Idolatrous Customs and Rites of 

the Natives of India. 8vo. Zondon, 1840 

Strachey (Hen.), Narrative of the Mutiny of the Officers of the 

Army in Bengal in the Year 1766. Svo. London^ 1773 

Stratton (Greo.), Defence of, accused of the Wilful Murder of the 

late Lord Pigot. 4to London, 1778 

Stuart (And.), Letter to the Hon. Court of Directors respecting 

the conduct of Brigadier-General J. Stuart at Madras. 4to. 

London, 1778 
Sugar, An Account of the Method and Expence of Cultivating 

Sugar in Bengal. 8vo London, 17946 

Sugar, On Protection to West-India. 8vo. ... London, 1823 
Sugar Trade, Debates at Court of Proprietors, March 1823, on the 

East-India. 8vo. London, 1823 

Sullivan''s Plan, &c.. Address to East-India Proprietors respecting 

Questions for Ballot. 4to. ••• n. d. 

Sullivan, Defence of Mr. Sullivan^s Propositions, &c. Svo. 

London, 1767 
Sullivan'^s Plan for augmenting the Capital and extinguishing the 

Debts of the East-India Company, fol. London, 1772 

Sullivan's (L.) Letter to the Proprietors, fol. London, 1773 

Sullivan (J.), Speech at Court of Proprietors on the Case of the 

Ameers of Sinde, 20th January, 1844. Svo. London, 1844 
Sumatra. — Proceedings of the Cx)mmittee for the Management of 

the Sumatran Native School Institution, established 1819. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1819 
Sumatra. — Proceedings of the Agricultural Society, established in 

Sumatra, 1820; with Reports on the Populations of Marl- 
borough, Dua-Blas, Lumba-Selapan ; on the Cultivation of 

Spices at Bencoolen, &c. Svo. ••• Bencoolen, 1821 

Surat. — Proceedings connected with the Company'^s Investment at 

Surat in 1796, &c. 4to K. d. 

Sydney (Passage from) through Torres Straits to Madras. Svo. 

Bellary, 1842 
Sykes (Col. W. H.), Abstract of the Statistics of Deccan, 1827-8. 

Svo. London, 1828 

Sykes (Lieut-Col. W. H.), Statistics of Civil and Criminal Justice 

in British India. Svo London, 1843 

Sykes (Lieut-Col. W. H.), Statistics of the Free City of Frank- 

fort-on-the-Main. Svo. ... London, 1844 

Tables. — Scales of Premium for Life Annuities, National Debt 

Office, Old Jewry. 4to. London, 19I2Q 

168 TRACTS. 

Taylor and Caldecott. — Observations on the Direction and Inten- 
sity of the Terrestrial Magnetic Force in Southern India. 
(3 copies) 8vo MadraSjlSSQ 

Tea. — A Collection of Tracts on the Sales of Tea at the India- 
House in 1785, &c., by Twining and others. Svo. 

Londofij 1785, &c. 

Tea, a Collection of Tracts on, by Bruce, Horsfield, and others. 
In 1 vol. 8vo. Zoncfon, 1838-41 

Tea. — Cui Bono ? or, the Prospects of a Free Trade in Tea* Svo. 

London, 1833 

Tea Dealers, Narrative of the Conduct of, during the late Sale of 
Teas at the India-House. 8vo London j 1785 

Tea. — Observations on the Influence of the East-India Company's 
Monopoly on the Price and Supply of Tea; and on the Com- 
merce with India, China, &c. 8vo. ••• London, 1831 

Teignmouth (Lord), Considerations on the Practicability, Policy, 
and Obligation of communicating to the Natives of India the 
Knowledge of Christianity. 8vo. ... London, 1808 

Temperate Reply to Bronte's Letter on Temperance Societies. 8vo. 

Bombay, n. d. 

Temperance. — Experience of a Colour-Serjeant on Intemperance. 
8vo. Bombay,iS36 

Temperance. — First Report of the Ahmednuggur Artillery Tempe- 
rance Society, 1835-6. 8vo. ... .•• Bombay, 1836 

Temperance. — First Report of the Jalnah Branch Temperance 
Society. 8vo Bombay, 1837 

Temperance. — Report of the Poona Branch Temperance Society, 
for 1835-6. 8vo. ... Bombay, 1836 

Tenche (Nath.), Animadversions upon Mr. Geo. White's Reflection 
on the Answer of the East-India Company to Mr. Samuel 
White's two Papers, fol. ... ... London, 1689 

Terry (Edw.), A Sermon of Thanksgiving preached September 6, 
16409 to the Committee of Merchants trading to the Eastern 
India, upon a Return of seven of their Ships together. 4to. 

London, 1649 

Thomas (Jo. F.), Notes on the Duty of Government in Period of 
Famine. 8vo. 

••• ••• ••• 

Tiemey (Geo.), Speech at a General Court of Proprietors, Decem- 
ber 1783. 8vo Zoncfon, 1783 

Tiemey (Geo.), The real Situation of the East-India Company 
considered. 8vo London, 1787 

Tolfrey (W.), Narrative of Events in the Island of Ceylon. Svo. 

London, 1815 

TRACTS. 169 

Tombs (J. W.), Essay on Manicheism. 8vo. Madras, 1839 

Transactions of the Literary Society of Madras. Part I. 4to. 

London, 18S7 
Transit of Venus over the Disc of the Sun, June 3rd and 4th, 1769- 

8vo. ••• London, 1769 

Trevelyan (C. E.), Papers transmitted from India. 8vo. 

London, 1830 
Trevor (Greo.), Sermon on the Occupation of Candahar, in June 

1839. (2 copies) 8vo Madras, 184^2 

Trevor (Greo.), Sermon preached at Ootacamund, in June 1844. 

8vp. Madras, 1844 

Trial of Geo. Stratton and Others for deposing the Right Hon. 

Lord Pigot. 8vo. • Zomfon, 1780 

Trigonometry, A Treatise of Plane, for the Use of the Students of 
the East-India College. 8vo. ... Halibury, 1807 

Tucker (Hen. St. Gea), Remarks on the Plans of Finance pro- 
mulgated by the Court of Directors and by the Supreme 

Government of India. 8vo. London, 18S1 

Twining (Rich.), Observations on the Tea and Window Act, and 

on the Tea Trade. 8vo. London, 1784 

Twining (Rich.), Remarks on the Report of the East-India Direc- 
tors respecting the Sale and Prices of Tea. 8vo. 

London, 1784 
Twining (Rich.), Answer to the Second Report of the East-India 
Directors respecting the Sale and Prices of Tea. 8vo. 

London, 1785 
Twining (Rich.), Observations relative to the Renewal of the East- 
India Company^s Charter. 8vo. ... London, 1813 
Twining (Thos.), Letter on the Danger of interfering in the Reli- 
gious Opinions of the Natives on India. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1807 
Tytler (John), Memorial of, to the Court of Directors soliciting 
permission to retire from the Service, with Copies of Docu- 
ments connected with his Loss of Office. 8vo. 

London, 1836 

Unitarian Repository and Christian Miscellany, Nos. I. to XII., 

from October 1823 to December 1824. 8vo. Calcutta, \S9!^^ 

Universal Time-piece, The Descriptive Use of; exhibiting the 

Universal Method of finding the Longitude, &c. 8vo. 

London, 1834 

Urquhart (D.), La Crise. La France devant les quatre Puissances 

Paris, le 20 Septembre, 1840. 8vo. ... London, 1840 

170 TRACTS. 

Urquhart (D.), The Edinburgh Review and the Affghan War. 

8vo. ... London, 1843 

Usko (John F.), Narrative, his Travels, and Literary Life. 12mo. 

London, 1808 

Vansittart. — A Defence of his Conduct in concluding the Treaty 
of Commerce with Mir Cosim Aly Chawn. 4to. London, 1764 

Vansittart's Narrative, Observations on. 8vo. London, 1766 

Vansittart (Hen.), Letter to the Proprietors of East-India Stock, 
occasioned by a late Anonymous Pamphlet. 8vo. London, 1767 

Verelst (Harry), An Impartial State of his Case. 8vo. n. d. 

Vetch (Jas.), Inquiry into the Means of estabUshing Ship Naviga- 
tion between the Mediterranean and Red Sea. 8vo. 

London, 1843 

Vindiciae Seramporianse. See Bowen's Missionary Incitements. 

Visiting Society, Bombay. — The Third Report of the District, 
1833. 8vo. Bombay, 1833 

Vox Populi Vox Dei. — Lord Weymouth's Appeal to a Greneral 
Court of Proprietors considered. 4to. ... London, 1769 

Waghom (Thos.), Particulars of an Overland Journey from Lon- 
don to Bombay vid Egypt and the Red Sea. 8vo. 

London, 1831 

Waghom (Lieut.), On the Acceleration of Mails between England 
and the East Indies once a Fortnight. 8vo. London, 1843 

War, A solemn Review of the Custom of, with a proposed Remedy. 
8vo. Stockport, 1817 

Warden (F.), Report on the Land Tenures of Bombay. 8vo. 1839 

Waring (Major Scott), Letter to the Rev. J. Owen in Reply to the 
" Brief Strictures on the Preface to Observations on the Pre- 
sent State of the East-India Company."" 8vo. London, 1808 

Waring (Maj. S.), Remarks on the Sermons preached before the 
University of Oxford, by Dr. Barrow and the Rev. Mr. Nares, 
on the Prize Essays of Messrs. Pearson and Cunningham, on 
Christianity in India. 8vo. London, 1808 

Waring (Maj. S.), Reply to a Letter addressed to J. S. Waring 
in refutation of the illiberal and unjust Observations and 
Strictures of the Anonymous Writers of that Letter. Svo. 

London, 1808 

Waring (Maj. S.), Letter to the Edinburgh Review in Reply to the 
Critique on Lord Lauderdale'*s View of the Affairs of the 
East-India Company. Svo. London, ISIO 

Waring (Maj. S.), Supplement to the Letter addressed to the 
Editor of the Edinburgh Review. Svo. London, 1810 

TRACTS. 171 

Waring (Maj. S.), Remarks on the Rev. Dr. Buchanan^s Christian 

Researches in Asia, &c. 8vo London, 1810 

Waring (Maj. S.), Remarks on Mr. Weyland's Letter to Sir Hugh 
Inglis on the State of Religion in India. Svo. London^ 1813 

Warren (Sam.), The Opium Question. 8vo. London^ 1840 

Watson (Major), To the Committee of Correspondence concerning 
the Docks in Bengal, fol. London, 1770 

Weava:^ (The) Answer to a printed Paper, entitled, " The Case of 
the Retailers of East-India Goods." fol. London, 1720 

Webb (Benj.), Description and Diagram of his Patent Polar 
Watches. 12mo. ... London, HJ, d, 

WeDesley (Marquis), History of all the Events and Transactions 
which have taken place in India, with the Negotiations of the 
British Government relative to the late War. 4to. 

London, 1805 

Wellesley (Marq.), Letter to the Directors of the East-India Com- 
pany on the Trade of India in 1800. 8vo. London, 1812 

Wellesley (Marq.), Letter to Government of Fort St. George rela- 
tive to the new form of internal Government and the provision 
of Goods. Svo. London, 1812 

Wellesley (Marq.), Letters respecting the College of Fort William. 
Svo. London,1812 

Weltden (Capt. H.), Narrative of, with his Management of Affairs 
in his late Mergen Expedition, fol. ... London, 1689 

Westmacott (Capt. G. E.), " Indian Commerce and Russian In- 
trigue ;'' the present and future Prospects of our Indian Em- 
pire. Svo • London, 1838 

Weyland (John), Letter to Sir H. Inglis on the State of Religion 
in India. Svo Windsor, 181S 

Weymouth (Lord), Appeal to a General Court of East-India Pro- 
prietors considered. 4to. London, n69 

Whewell (Wm.), Researches on the Tides. 7th series. 4to. 

London, 1837 

Whiston'^s Merchants^ Weekly Remembrancer for June 28, 1686, 
of the Money Prices of their Goods Ashoar in London, fol. 

London, 1686 

White (Geo.), Reflections on a Paper, entitled, " The Answer of 
the East-India Company to Two Papers of Sam. White ; with 
the True Character of Fr. Davenport, the Company's Historio- 
grapher." fol •• London, 1689 

White (Greo.), Letter to Nath. Tenche in Answer to his Animad- 
versions; Geo. White'^s Reflection, &c ••• London, 1689 

172 TRACTS. 

White (Geo.), Account of the Trade to the East Indies ; with the 
State of the present Company, fol. ... London^ 1691 

White (Greo.), Account of the Trade to the East Indies. (2 copies) 
8vo. ... London^ 1772 

White (Sam.), Historical Abstract of his Management of Affairs 
in his Shabander Ship of Tenassery and Mergen, during Eras. 
Davenport'^s stay with him. fol. ••• London, 1689 

White (Sam.), An Abstract of his most deplorable Case under the 
cruel Oppressions of the East-India Company, fol. 

London, 1689 

White (Capt. W.), The Murdered King of Oude, Nusser-ood- 
Deen-Hyden 8vo. London, 1838 

White (Capt. W.), Letter demonstrating British Justice in India. 
8vo. ..^ ••• ••• .•• .., London, 184S 

Wilberforce (W.), Speeches on the Clause in the East-India Bill 
for Promoting the Religious Instruction and Moral Improve- 
ment of the Natives of India. 8vo. ... London, 181S 

Wilkinson (Robt.), The Stripping of Joseph ; a Sermon preached 
before his Majesty at Whitehall; with a Consolatorie Epistle 
to the English East-India Companie for their Wrongs sus- 
tained in Amboyna by the Dutch, by Thos. Myriell, 1625, 
and William de Britaine, The Dutch Usurpation, &c. 1672. 
2 vols, in 1. 4to London, 1625-72 

Wilks^ Speech respecting the Impeachment of Warren Hastings. 
8vo. London, 1817 

Wilson (Bp. Dan.), Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Cal- 
cutta. 8vo. London, 1839 

Wilson (Bp. Dan.), A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the three 
Dioceses of Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay, 1842-3. 8vo. 

London, 1843 

Wilson (John), Missionary Journey in the North- West of India. 
8vo. ••• Bombay, nf.D. 

Wilson (Jo.), Lecture on the Vendidad Sade of the Parsi's. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1833 

Wilson (Jo.), Sermon on the British Sovereignty in India. (2 copies) 
8vo. Bombay, 1835 

Wilson (Jo.), Address read before the Monthly Meeting of the 
Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1836 

Wilson (John), Sermon on the Death of his Wife. (2 copies) 
8vo. Bombay, 1835 

Wood (Wm.), Essay on National and Sepulchral Monuments. 4to. 

London, 1808 


Woodley (Capt.), A Treatise on the Divine System of the Uni- 
verse. 8vo. London, 1834 

Woolhouse (W. S. B.), Investigation of Mortality in the Indian 
Army. 8vo. London, 1839 

Young (H.)) Remarks on the Cholera Morbus, its Symptoms, 
Causes, and Treatment. 8vo London, 1831 

Zeta. — Reply to a Pamphlet, entitled *^ India and Lord EUenbo- 
rough.^ 8vo London, 1845 


Aikin (Arthur), Illustrations of the Arts and Manufactures. 8vo. 

London, 1841 
Baker (Ezekiel), Remarks on Rifle Guns and Fowling Pieces. 8vo. 

Braddock (John), Memoir on the Manufacture and Proof of Gun- 
powder. (2 copies) 8vo. London, 1832 

Buchanan (Claudius), View of the Colonial Ecclesiastical Establish- 
ment of Great Britain. 8vo. London, 1813 

Burke (Right Hon. Edm.), The Speeches of, in the House of 
Commons and in Westminster Hall. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1816 
Burke (Right Hon. Edm.) and Dr. F. Laurence, Epistolatory Cor- 
respondence of. 8vo London, 18^ 

Burt (Wm.), Christianity : a Poem, with a Memoir of the Author, 

byT. S.Burt, 8vo. ... London,18S5 

Canning (Right Hon. Geo.), The Speeches of; with a Memoir of 

his Life, by R. Therry. (2 copies) 6 vols. 8vo. London,lS^ 

Caperan (FAbbe), Sens Prophetique de TExurgat Deus. 8vo. 

Londres, 1800 

Conder (Josiah), Analytical and Comparative View of all Religions 

now extant, with their Diversities of Creed and Profession. 

8vo. ••• ... ••• ••• ••• London, 1838 

Everest (Lieut.-Col.), Letters to the Duke of Sussex, remonstrating 
against the Conduct of the Royal Society* 8vo. London, 1839 
Gillespie (A.), Historical Review of the Royal Marine Corps, from 
its Origin to 1803. (2 copies) 4to. Birmingham, 1803 
Haughton (Sir G.), Prodromus, an Inquiry into the first Princi- 
ples of Reasoning; including an Analysis of the Human 
Mind. 8vo. London, 1839 


Heber (Bp. Reg.), Sermons preached in India. Svo. London^ 1829 

Henry (Walter), Events of a Military Life; or, Recollections after 
Service in Peninsular War, Invasion of France, the East 
Indies, St. Helena, &c. 2 vols. Svo. ... London^ 184S 

Hobbes (R. G.), The Soldier; a Poem. Svo. Calcutta, 184S 

Holtzapffd (Chas.), Turning and Mechanical Manipulation, vol. i. 
Svo. London, 1843 

Le Bas (C. W.), Sermons at the Chapel of the East-India College. 
(2 copies) 2 vols. Svo ••• London, 182^ 

List of the Fellows and Members of the Royal College of Surgeons 
of England. Svo. London, 1844 

Macaulay (Thos. B.), Critical and Historical Essays contributed 
to the Edinburgh Review. 8 vols. Svo. London, 1843 

Macdonald (John), Account of Experiments on the relative times 
of burning of Fuzes, driven by a Machine, &c. Svo. 

London, 1S19 

Menzies (Allan), Report to the Trustees of the bequest of the late 
Jas. Dick, for the benefit of the Country Parochial School- 
masters of Aberdeen, Banf, and Moray. Svo. Edinh, 1836 

Military Annual for 1844. Svo. London, 1844 

Moor (Major Edw.), Bealings Bells. — An Account of Mysterious 
Ringing of Bells at Great Bealings, Suffolk, in 1834. 12mo. 

Woodhndge, 1841 

Mudge (Capt. Wm. and Jas. Dalby), Account of the Trigono- 
metrical Survey of England and Wales, from 1784 to 1809. 
3vols. 4to Z/Owdow, 1799-1811 

Nesbit (Robt.), Discourses on Doctrinal Subjects. Svo. 

Bombay, 1836 

Prayer (A Form of) and Thanksgiving used February 6th, 1800, 
for the Happy Establishment of Tranquillity and Security to 
the British Possessions in India. 4to. ... Calcutta j 1800 

Richardson (Hen.), The Loss of the Tigris, a Poem. Svo. 

London, 1840 

Ripa (Cesare), Iconlogia of uytbeeldingen des Verstands, door D. 
P. Pers. 4to. ••• ••• Amaterd, 1644 

Sainthill (Rich.), An 011a Podrida ; or Scraps, Numismatic, Anti- 
quarian, and Literary. Svo London, IS^ 

Schlegel (A. W. de), Essais Litteraires et Historiques. Svo. 

Bonn, 1842 

Shipp (John), Memoirs. See Biography. 

Shipp (John), The Military Bijou ; being the Gleanings of Thirty- 
three Years Active Service. (8 copies) 2 vols. Svo. 

London^ 1831 


South Sea Company. — Inventory of all the Lands and Estates of 
the Directors of the South Sea Company. 2 vols. fol. 

London^ 1721 

Trevor (Geo.), Sermons. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1844 

Whowell (T.), An Analogy of the Old and New Testaments, sys- 
tematically Classified; with the Prophecies of the Messiah's 
Kingdom. 4to. ••• London^ 1840 



lelung (J. C), Mithridates oder Allgemeine Sprachenkunde. 
4 vols. 8vo. Berlin^ 1806-11 

ielung (F.), Versuch einer Literatur der Sanskrit-Sprache. 8vo. 

St. Petersburg, 1830 

delung^s Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature, with Bibliogra- 
phical Notices of Sanscrit Works and Translations from the 
German of Adelung, by D. A. Talboys. 8vo. Oxford^ 1823 

inslie (Whitelaw), Materia Medica of Hindoostan, and Artisans^ 
and Agriculturists^ Nomenclature; in the English, Tamool, 
Dukhanie, Hindoostanie, Telinga, Arabic, Persian, Sanscrit, 
and Latin Languages. (2 copies) 4to. Madras, 1813 

Jphabet Arabe, Turk et Persan, k TUsagede Tlmprimerie Orien- 
tale et Fran^aise. 4to. Alewandrie, 1797 

Jphabeta Orientalia Varia; iEthiopicum, Armenum, Barma- 
norum seu Regni Avensis, Brammhanicum seu Indostanum, 
Bukovgnak Schiavetanski u Dalmazij, Cophtum sive i^Sgyp- 
tiacum, Graecum, Hebraicum add. Samaritano et Rabbinico, 
Indica i. e. Samscrdamico - Malb. - Indostanum, Nagaricum 
Vulgare, et Talinganicum, Illyricum, Malabaricum sive Sam- 
scudonicum, Marasttum, Persicum, Syrio Chaldseum, Tan- 
gutanum sive Tibetanum, et Veterum Etruscorum. Gram- 
matica e Vocabulario della Lingua Eurda. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Romas, 1771-97 

Jpbabete Orientalischer und Occidentalischer Sprachen zum Ge- 
brauch fur Schriftsetzer und Correctoren von Fr. Ballhom. 
8vo. Leipzig, 1844 

Jphabets, Eastern, comprising Telugu, Tamil, Singalese, Siamese, 
and the Oratio Dominica, in Chinese and Latin. 4to. n. d. 

Jphabeta Indica, id est, Granthamicum, seu Samscrdamico-Mala- 
baricum, Indostanum, sive Vanarense Nagaricum Vulgare, et 
Talinganicum ; in Alphabetis Variis. vol. ii. 8vo. 

Romae, Typis Propag, Fide, 1791 


Alphabets. See Ballhorn, Harkness. 

Angeli a Joseph (P.), Gazophylacium Linguae Persarum, Triplici 
Linguarum Clavi Italicse, Latinse, Galllcse. fol. AmsL 1684 

Ballhom (Fried.), Alphabete Orientalischer und Occidentalischer 
Sprachen. 8vo ... Leipsic, 1844 

Benfey (Theodor), Ueber das Verhaltniss der iEgyptischen Sprache 
zum semitischen Sprachstamm. Svo. ... Leipxig^ 1844 

Beveridge (GuL), de Linguarum Orientalium necessitate et utili- 
tate. 8vo. ... ... Londini, 1664 

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4iO. ••• ••• ... ... •.. ••• iraTr%S, Xo9D 

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{^copies) Svo Zowdow, 1837 

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Svo. ... Bengal, 18S6 

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Calcutta, 1820 


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original Vocabularies. (2 copies) 8vo. Khidurpoor, 1807 
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8vo Paris, \9SQ 

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Berlin, 1830-40 
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with an English Interpretation and Annotations by H. T. 

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Calcutta, 1807 
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{^copies) Calcutta, \S\9 

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Calcutta, 1832 



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Calcutta, 1808 

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Bonnae, 1838 

Baneijea (K. M .), Truth Defended and Error Exposed. — Stric- 
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Matapariksha, and upon Baboo Easinatha Bosu'^s Tract on 
Hinduism and Christianity. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1841 

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Calcutta, 1808-9 

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Bhasha Parichheda, and Siddhanta Muktavali; an Elementary 
Treatise on Logic, with its Commentary, by Viswanatha Pan- 
chanana Bhatta. 8vo ... Calcutta, 1 827 

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mentaries of Jayamangala and Bharatamallika. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1828 

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Londini exscripsit Sanskrit et Lat. cura Oth. Frank. 2 vols, 
in 1. 4to Monachii, 1820-21 

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the Law of Adoption. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta, — • 

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a Commentary by Krishna Batta. 4to. Calcutta, 1814 

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Commentary by Krishna Terkalankara. 8vo. Bengal, 1829 

D4ya Kaumudi. {2 copies) 8vo Calcutta, 18Z7 

Daya-Krama^Sangraha ; a Compendium of the Law of Inheritance, 
by Krishna Terkalankara Bhattacharaya, edited by Lakshmi 
N&rayanSermL 8vo Bengal, 18^ 

Daya Tatwa ; a Treatise on the Law of Inheritance, by Raghunan- 
dana Bhattacharya, edited by Lakshmi Narayan Serma. 8vo. 

Bengal, 1828 

Dhatu Patha of Vopadeva. 8vo Calcutta, 18S0 

. Diluvium, cum tribus aliis Maha-Bharati prsestantissimis Episo- 
diis; primus edidit Fr. Bopp. 8vo. ••• Berolini, 1829 

Durga Mahatmya. 8vo Calcutta, 1808 

6ita*Govinda ; or Songs of Juyudevu. 8vo. Khidurpoor, 1808 


History of India, a Sketch of, in Sanskrit Verse. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1840 
Hitopadesa; or Salutary Instruction, in the Original Sanskrit. 

{^copies) 4to. iSferamporc, 1804 

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Hitopadaesi Particula, edidit et Glossarium Sanskrito-Latinum 

adjecit Greo. Hen, Bernstein. 4to. ... Vratislavia, 1828 

Hitopadesa, the Sanscrit Text of the First Book, or Mitra-Labha; 

with a Grammatical Analysis, by Fr. Johnson. 4to. 

London^ 1840 
Kavya Prakasa; a Treatise on Poetry and Rhetoric, by Mammata 

Acharya. 8vo Bengal, 1829 

Kirata Arjuniya, a Poem by Bharavi ; with the Comment of Mol- 

linatha. {9, copies) 4to. Calcutta, \S\4i 

Lilavati; a Treatise on Algebra and Geometry, by Sri Bhaskara 

Acharya. 8vo. Calcutta, 1832 

Magha Kavya. 2 vols. 8vo. ... ••• Tanjore, 1813 

Magha Eavya. {2 copies) 8vo Calcutta, 1815 

Mahdbhdrata, an Epic Poem, by Veda Vyasa Rishi; with the 
Indices, (vols. i. to iv., 2 copies) 5 vols. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1834, &c. 
Mahabharata, Selections from, in Sanskrit ; with Vocabulary, San- 
skrit and English, by Fr. Johnson. 8vo. London, 1842 
Malati and Madhava; a Drama, in ten Acts, by Bhavabhuti; 
with a Commentary in Sanscrit. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1830 
Malatimadhavse Fabulse Bhavabhutis, ex recensione Chr. Lasseni. 

8vo. Bonnae, 1832 

Malavika et Agnimitra Drama Indicum Kalidasse Adscriptum 

cum Annotationibus, O. Fr. Tulleberg. 4to. Bonn, 1840 

Manu Dharma-Sastra ; or the Institutes of Menu. (3 copies) 4to. 

Khixurpoor, 1813 
Megha Duta, et Cringaratilaka cura Ealidsae, ex recensione J. 

Gieldemeisteri. 8vo. BonniB, 1841 

Menu Sanhita ; the Institutes of Menu, with the Commentary of 

KuUuka Bhatta. 2 vols. 8vo. ... Calcutta^ 1880 

Mitakshara Dharma Sastra. 4to. (2 copies) Calcutta, 1818 

Mitakshara; a Compendium of Hindu Law; by Vijnaneswara 

(The Vyavahara Section, or Jurisprudence), edited by Sri 

Lakshmi Ndrayana Nyayalancara. 8vo. Bengal, 1829 

Mrichchhakati ; a Comedy, by Sudraka Rajd ; with a Commentary 

in Sanscrit. 8vo. Calcutta, 18^ 

Mudra Rakshasa, or the Signet of the Minister; a Drama, in 


Seven Acts, by Visakha Datta ; with a Commentary in San- 
scrit. 8vo. .*, Calcutta^ 1840 

Muir (J.), A Sketch of the Argument for Christianity and against 
Hinduism, in Sanskrit Verse. Svo. ... Calcutta^ 1840 

Naishadha-Charita ; the Adventures of Nala, Raja of Naishadha; 
a Sanscrit Poem, by Sri Harsha ; with a Perpetual Commen- 
tary, by Prema Chandra Pandita. 8vo. Calcutta, 1836 

Nalodaya; a Sancrit Poem; with a Commentary. (2 copies) 
8vo. ... ... ... ... .,, Calcutta, 1818 

Natakas, or Plays. 2 vols. 8vo Calcutta, 1831-32 

Nyaya Sutra Vritti, the I^ogical Aphorisms of Gotama; with a 
Commentary by Viswanath Bhattacharya. 8vo. Bengal, 1828 

Paulini a S. Bartholomaei Amarasinha, Sectio I. de Caelo, ex tribus 
Codd. Indicis MSS. 4to. Romae, 1798 

Raghu Vamsa, or Race of Raghu ; a Historical Poem, by Kali- 
dasa. 4to. Tanjore, 1808 

Raghu Vamsa, or Race of Raghu ; a Historical Poem, by Eali- 
dasa. 8vo. Calcutta, 1832 

Raja Tarangini ; a History of Cashmir ; or Four separate Com- 
pilations, viz. The Raja Tarangini, The Rajavali, with the 
Continuation, and the Rajavali Pataka. (2 copies) 4to. 

Calcutta, 1835 

Ramayuna Poema Indiano di Valmici, Testo Sanscrito con Anno- 
tazioni per G. Gorresio. 2 vols. 8vo. ... Parigi, 1844 

Retnavali ; a Drama, in Four Acts, by Sri Hersha Deva ; with a 
Commentary in Sanscrit. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1832 

Ritusanhara ; or Assemblage of Seasons, a Descriptive Poem, by 
Calidas. 8vo Calcutta, 11(92 

Robinson^s Grammar of History in Sanscrit. 8vo. Calcutta, 1832 

Sahitya Derpana; a Treatise on Rhetorical Composition, by Vis- 
wanath Eaviraja. 8vo Bengal, 1828 

Satya Sthapana, by Kasinath Bose, in Sanscrit. 8vo. . . . 

Sisupala Badha, or Death of Sisupala ; also entitled The Magha 
Cavya, or Epic Poem of Magha ; with Commentary by Malli 
Natha. (2 copies) Svo. Calcutta, 1815 

Su^sruta; or System of Medicine Taught by Dhanwantari, and 
Composed by his Disciple Su'*sruta. 2 vols. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1835 

Uttara Rama Cheritra ; or Continuation of the History of Rama ; 
a Drama, in Seven Acts, by Bhavabhuti ; with a Commen- 
tary in Sancrit. Svo. ... ... ... Calcutta, 1831 

Veddnta Sara ; Elements of Theology according to the Vedas, by 

2 B 


Sadananda Parivrajakacharyya ; with a Commentary by Ra — j. 

makrishna Tirtha. 8vo BengfoZ, 182^^P9 

Vira Mitrodaya ; a Treatise on Law. (2 copies) 4to. 

Calcutta^ 181^^ .5 

Vijaganita — Hindu Algebra. 8vo Calcutta^ ^ 

Vikramorvasi ; or Vikrama and Urvasi: a Drama, by E&lidasa ^^i; 
with a Commentary in Sanscrit. 8vo. Calcutta^ 183^ 

Vivida Chintamani. 8vo •• Calcutta^ 

Vyavahara Tatwa; a Treatise on Judicial Proceedings, by 

hunandana Bhattacharya, edited by Lakshmi Narayan Serm 
8vo. ... ••• ... ... ..• Bengal^ 

Vyavahara Tatwa Mala. 8vo. Calcutta^ 



Bhagavad Gita, sive Almi Erishnae et Arjunae Sanscrit, et La 

cum Annotat. cura A. G. a Schlegel. 8vo. Banmaey 1 
Bhagavad-Gita, das hohe Leid der Indus, aus der Sanskrit i 

Deutsche von Peiper. 8vo. ... ... Leipa. 

Bhagavata Purana, ou Histoire Poetique de Erichna, Sansc 

et Fran^ais, traduit par Eugene Bumouf. vol. i. fdL 

Bhigavata Purana, ou Histoire Poetique de Erichna, Sanscrit 

Frangaise, traduit par Eugdne Bumouf. vols. L and iL 

Bhartriharis Sententiae et Carmen quod Chauri Nomine drcumfi 

tur Eroticum Sanskrit et Lat. cum Commentariis Pet a Bohl< 

4to. •• ••• Beroliniy 1 

Brahma Vaivarta-Purani Specimen Sanscrit et Lat. cura A. 

Stenzler. 4to. ... Berlin^ 

Bruchstucke aus Walmiki'*s Ramajana, von A. Holtzmann. 8 

Karhruhej 18 — ^'l 
Cena L^panishad, one of the Chapters of the Sama Veda, translate ^^J 

from the Sanscrit by Rammohun Roy. 8vo. CiUcuiiaj 18 —^^ 
Chrestomathia Sanskrita, Sanskrit et Lat. edidit Othm. Frank. 4- 

Manachii, 18^ 
Dattaka-Mimansa, and Dattaka-Chandrika, two original Treati 

on the Law of Adoption, Sanscrit and English, translated ^^^^^ 

J. C. C. Sutherland. (2 copies) 8vo. ... Caleut^^ l» ^^* 
Daya-Crama-Sangraha, an original Treatise on the Hindu Law ^^^ 




Inheritance, in Sanscrit and English, translated by P. M. 
W3nich. 4to ... ... Calcutta^ 1818 

Devimahatmyam, Markandeyi Purani Sectio, Sanscrit et Lat. cura 
L. Poley. 4to. Berlin^ 1831 

Gita Govinda, Jayadevae Poetae Indici Drama Lyricum, Sanskrit et 
Lat. edidit Chr. Lassen. 4to Bimnae^ 1836 

Gymnosophista sive Indicse Philosophise Documenta, Sanscrit et 
Lat. cura C. Lassen, vol. i. Part I. 4to. Bonnae, 1832 

Hitopadesas, id est Institutio Salutaris, Sanscrit et Lat. cum Anno- 
tationibus Criticis, curis A. G. Schlegel et Chr. Lassen. 2 vols. 
4to. • Bonncp^ 1829-31 

Kalee-Krislien Bahadur, his Works, Sanskrit and English. 6 vols, 
in 1. 8vo Serampore and Calcutta^ 1831-4 

Katha Sarit Sagara, die Mahrchensammlung des Sri Somadeva 
Bhatta aus Kaschmir, Sanskrit und Deutsch, von H. Brock- 
haus. 8vo. Levpzig^l^^ 

Kumara Sambhava, Kalidasae Carmen, Sanskrite et Latina, edidit 
A. Fr. Stenzler. 4to ... London^ 1838 

Maha-Nataka ; a Dramatic History of King Rama, by Hanumat, 
Sanskrit and English, translated by Raja Eali-Kri^na Baha- 
dur. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1840 

Manava-Dherma-Sastra ; or, the Institutes of Menu : in Sanskrit 
and English, translated by Sir W. Jones, edited by G. C. 
Haugbton. {9, copies) 2vols. 4to. ... London, 18^ 

MeghaDuta; or. Cloud Messenger; a Poem by Calidasa, Sans- 
crit and English, translated, with Notes, &c., by H. H. Wilson. 
(2 copies) 4to. Calcuita, 181S 

Megha-Duta ; or. Cloud Messenger ; a Poem by Ealidasa, Sans- 
krit and English, translated by H. H. Wilson. 8vo. 

London, 1843 

Menu, the Laws of, in Sanscrit and English. 4to. Calcutta, 

Nalus, Carmen Sanscritum e Maliabharato, Sanscrit et Lat. cum 
Adnotationibus illustravit Fr. Bopp. (2 copies) 8vo. 


Nalus, Maha-Bharati Episodium, Sanscrit et Lat. cum Annota- 
tionibus Critids Fr. Bopp. 4to. ... Berolini, 1832 

Nalodaya, Sanscritum Carmen Calidaso adscriptum una cum Prad- 
schnacari Mithilensis Scholiis edidit Latina Interp. atque 
Annotat. Criticis Fer. Benary. 4to. ... Berolini, 1830 

Nalodaya (The) ; or History of King Nala : a Sanscrit Poem, by 
Kdlidasa, with a Metrical Translation by W. Yates. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1844 

Neeti Sunkhulun ; or Collection of the Sanskrit Slokas of enlightened 


Moonies, &c., Sanskrit and English, translated by Muha Raja. 

Kalee Krishna Bahadur. (2 copiss) 8vo. Serampore^ 1831 
Pataliputra und Geschichte der Upakosa; Fragmente aus dem 

Katha Sarit Sagraa des Soma Deva, Sanskrit und Deutsche von 

H. Brockhaus. 8vo. ... ... ••• Leipzig^lSSS 

Polite Learning, A short System of; being an Introduction to the 

Arts and Sciences, 8z;c., Sanskrit and English, translated by 

Raja Kalee Krishna Behadur. 8vo. Calcutta, 1883 

Prabodha Chandrodaya, Krishnamisri Comcedia, Sanscrite et 

Latine, edidit H. Brockhaus. 8vo. ••• Lipsiae, iSS5 

Radjatarangini, Histoire des Rois du Kachmir, Sanskrit et Fran- 

faise, traduite et commentee par M. A. Troyer. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Parisj 1840 
Raghuvansa, Kalidasse Carmen, Sanskrite et Latine, edidit A. Fr. 

Stenzler. 4to London, 18S^ 

Ramayuna of Valmeeki, Sungskrit and English, with Notes by 

Wm. Carey and J. Marshman. (2 copies of vols. i. and ii.) 

3 vols. 4to. Serampore, 1S06 

Ramayana, id est Carmen Epicum de Ramae Rebus Gestis Poetae 

Antiq. Valmicis Opus, Sanskrit et Lat. cura A. G. a Schlegel. 

3vols.8vo. jBonmK, 1829 

Rigveda-Sanhita, Liber Primus, Sanskrite et Latine, edidit Frid. 

Rosen. 4to. ... London, 1838 

Rig-Vedae Specimen, Sanscrit et Lat. edidit F. Rosen. 4to. 

London, 1830 
Ring-Cakuntala, von Kalidasa, herausgegben, uebersetzt und mit 

anmerkuugen Versehen, von Otto Boehtlingk. 8vo. 

Bonn, 1842 
Sancara, sive de Theologumenis Vedanticorum. Fred. Windisch- 

mann. 8vo. ... ... ••• ... Bonnce,18S2 

Sanhita of the Sama Veda, Sanscrit and English, translated by J. 

Stevenson and edited by H. H. Wilson. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1843 
Vidvunmoda - Taranginee ; or. Fountain of Pleasure to the 

Learned, Sanskrit and English, translated by Raja Kalee- 

Krishna Bahadur. (2 copies) 8vo. Serampore, 1832-4 



Bhagvat Geeta, or Dialogues of Kreeshna and Arjoon; with 
Notes, translated by Chas. Wilkins. 4to. London, 1785 

Brabmegupta and Bhascara ; Algebra with Arithmetic and Men- 
suration, translated by H. T. Colebrooke. (2 copies) 4to. 

London, 1817 

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from the Persian Translation of the Original Sanscrit, by 
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ritance, translated from the Sanskrit. 4to. Calcutta, 1810 

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on the Hindu Law of Inheritance, translated by H. T. Cole- 
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Wilkins. 12mo London, 1795 

Druck Sanskritischer Werke mit Lateinischen Buchstaben, ein 
Vorschlag von H. Brockhaus. 8vo. ... Leipzig, 1841 

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Dichters von F. H. v. Dalberg. 12mo. Urfurt, 1802 

Gita Govinda, ein Indisches Singspiel von Jajadeva ins Teutsche, 
von Fr. Majer. 8vo Weimar, 1802 

Gita Govinda oder Krishna der Hirt, ein Idyllisches Drama des 
Indischen Dichters Jayadeva, Metrisch beai'beitet von. A. W. 
Riemschneider. 18mo. ... ••• ... Halle, 1818 

Harivansa, ou Histoire de la Famille de Hari, Ouvrage formant un 
Appendice du Mahabharata, et traduit sur TOriginal San- 
scrit, par A. Langlois. 3 vols. 4to. ... Paris, 1834-5 

Heetopades of Veeshnoo-Sarma, translated into English; with 
Notes, by Chas. Wilkins. 8vo Bath, 1787 

Hitopadesa ; eine alte Indische Fabelsammlung aus dem Sanskrit 
zum ersten Mai in das Deutsche ubersetzt von Max. Muller. 
12mo. ... Leipzig, 1844 

Hoefer (Alb.), Indische Gedichte in Deutschen Nachbildungen. 
2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1841-4 

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Wilson, extraite par M. Elaproth. 8vo. ... Paris, 1825 

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8vo. Karlsruhe, 1841 

Langlois (A.), Melanges de Litterature Sanscrite. 8vo. 

Paris, 1827 

L'Ezour-Vedam, ou Ancien Commentaire du Vedam ; contenant 


TExposition des Opinicxis Religieuses et Philosophiques des 
Indiens^ traduit du Samscretan. 2 vols. 12mo. Yverdan^ 1178 

Lilavati ; or a Treatise on Arithmetic and Greometry, by Bhascara 
Acharya, translated into English by Jo. Taylor. (2 copies) 
4ito. • Bombay^ 1816 

Mahabharata (Fragments du), Iraduits en Franqais sur le texte 
Sanscrit de Calcutta, par Th. Pavie. 8vo. Parisy 1844 

M&hrchensammlung des Somadeva Bhatta aus Kaschmir, aus dem 
Sanskrit ins Deutsche Ubersetzt von Dr. Herm. Brockbaus. 
ISmo. • Leipzig^ 1843 

Maxims, Miscellaneous, Moral, collected from various Authors, 
by Muha Raja Kalee Erishun Bahadoor. ISma 

Serampore, 1830 

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lated into English Verse, by H. H. Wilson. 8vo. 

London, 1814 

Nala and Damayanti; an Episode from the Mahabharata, transh 
lated into English Metre; with Notes, by H. H. MiUman. 
8vo. • Oaford, 1835 

Nalas und Damajanti eine Indische Dichtung aus dem Sanskrit 
Ubersetzt, von Fr. Bqip. ISmo. ... Berlin, 1838 

Pantcha-Tantra, Fables du Brame Yichnou-Sarma ; Avaitures de 
Paramartha, et Autres Contes, traduit par TAbbe J. A. Du- 
bois. 8vo. ••• • Pam, 18^ 

Pooroos-Purikhya ; or Collection of M(»*al Tales, translated from 
the Original Sungskrit, by Muha Rajah Ealee Erishun Bah- 
door. 8vo. • ••• Serampore, 1830 

Prabodlia ChandroMaya ; or the Moon of Intellect; and Atma 
Bod'*ha ; or the Knowledge of Spirit, translated by J. Taylor. 
8vo. ••• •• London, 1812 

Rama ; ein Indisohes Gredicht nach Yalmiki, ins Deutsch, von A. 
Holkmann. 12mo. ••• • iTar^^rt^i^, 1843 

Rammohun Roy's Translation of the Yeds, and of some Ccmtro- 
versial Works on Brahmanical Theology. 8vo. London, 1832 

Raub der Draupadi, der Gattin der fiinf Panda was; aus dem 
Indischen in den Yersmassen der Urschrift, von M. Fertia. 
8vo. WUrssburg, 1841 

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Englische ins Deutsche uebersetzt von Georg Forster Zweite 
Ausgabe von I. G. v. Herder. ISmo. Frankfort, 1803 

Sakontala, oder der Verhangnissvolle Ring; Indisches Drama des 
Kalidas, Metrisch bearbeitet von W. Gerhard. 12mo. 

Leipaig, 1820 


Sakuntala, oder der Erkennungsring, ein Indisches Drama von 

Kalidasa, von B. Hirzel. 8vo •• Zurich^ 1SS3 

Sankhya K&rika, Memorial Verses on the Sankhya Philosophy, by 
Iswara Krishna, translated from the Sanscrit by H. T. Cole- 
brooke; also the Bhashya, or Commentary of Gaurapada, 
translated and illustrated by H. H. Wilson. 4to. Oxford^ 1837 

Sawitri eine Indische Dichtung, aus dem Sanscrit iibersetzt, von 
Jos. Merkel. l^mo. Aschcrffbnburg^lSSd 

Spriiche des Bhartriharis, aus dem Sanskrit Metrisch ubertragen von 
P. vonBohlen. 12mo. Hamburg , ISSS 

Siindflut, nebst drei anderen der wichtigsten Episoden des Maha- 
bhlirata) aus der Usprache iibersetzt von Franz Bopp. ISmo. 

Berliny 1829 

Urwasi und der Held, von Kalidasa, aus dem Sanskrit, von B. 
Hirzel. 12mo. •• Franenfeld, 1838 

Susruta^s Ayurvedas. Id est Medicinae Systema a venerabili 
Dhanvantari Demonstratum, a Susruta Discipulo compositum 
ex Sanscrit in Latinam, cura Fr. Hesler. 8vo. Augsburg, 1844 

Veds (The). See Rammohun Roy. 

Vishnu Pur&na, a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition, 
translated from the Sanskrit, and illustrated by Notes by H. H. 
Wilson. {2 copies) 4to. • London, 1840 

Vrihad^ranyakam, K^thakam, I^a, Kena, Mund^akam, oder Funf 
Upanishads aus dem Yajur, Sama und Atharvar-Veda von L. 
Foley. 8vo. Bonn, 1844 

Vyuvuharu Muyookhu, a Treatise embracing all the Heads of 
Hindoo Law applicable to Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence, 
&c. in Western India, by Neelkhuntbu Bhuttu, translated by 
H. Borradaile. 4to. ••• Surat, 18^7 

Wilson (H. H.), Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hiildus^ 
translated from the original Sanscrit. (2 copies of vols. i. and 
ii.) Svols. 8vo. Calcutta, \SSn 

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Muir (J.), The Way of Happiness ; a Sketch of the true Theory 
of Human Life, in Sanscrit Verse. 8vo. London, 1841 

Ramchunder SurmcHia, his Memorial to the Court of Directors, 
with the Viavustha, in Sancrit. 8vo. . . . Calcutta, 1838 

Frank (0th.), Vjasa uber Philosophie, Mythologie, Literatur und 
Sprache der Hindu. Three Parts. 4to. Munchen, 1826 



General Principles of Inflection and Conjugation in the Brij 
Bhak'ha Language, by Shree LuUoo Lai Kuvi. (2 copies) 
4to. Calcutta, ISll 

Gilchrist's (John), Hindee Exercises for First and Second Exami- 
tions in Hindoostanee at the College of Fort William, in 1801, 
Hindi and English, fol. ... ... ... ... n. d. 

Gilchrist (John), The Hindee-Roraan Orthoepigraphical Ultima- 
tum ; or, a Systematic Discriminative View of Oriental and 
Occidental visible Sounds, &c. ; exemplified in the Story of 
Sukoontula Natuk. 8vo. Calcutta, 1804 


Baital Pachisi and Singhasan Battisi. 8vo. ... ^gra, 1843 

Buetal Pucheesee; Twenty-five Stories related by the Demon 
Buetal to the Raja Bikrumajeet, translated into Hindoostanee. 
by Muzhur Ulee Khani Vila and Shree Lulloo Lai Kub, 
{^copies) 4ta Calcutta, 1805 

Ch,hutru Prukash; a Biographical Account of Ch,hutru Sal, 
Raja of Booudelkhund, by Lai Kuvi, edited by Capt. W. 
Price. 8vo. • Bengal, 1S29 

Daya Bhag of the Mitakshara, the Law of Inheritance, translated 
from the Sanscrit into Hindu by Daya S^ankara. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1832 

Gilchrist (John), The Hindee Manual; or Casket of India ; com- 
piled for the Use of the Hindoostanee Students. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1802 

Gilchrist (Jo.), The Hindee Story Teller ; an entertaining Expo- 
sitor of the Roman, Persian, and Nagree Characters in their 
Application to the Hindustanee Language. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1802 

Gunge Khooby. 4to Calcutta, n. d. 

Hogg (Lieut. A.), Field Exercises, English and Hindoostanee. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1837 

Latayif-i-Hindi ; the New Cyclopaedia of Wit, in the Persian 
and Nagree Characters ; with a Vocabulary in Hindoostanee 
and English, by Shree Lulloo Lai Kub. (3 copies) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1831 


Prem Sagur ; or, the History of Erisfanu, translated into Hindee, 
by Shree LuUoo Lai Eub. 4to. ... Calcutta^ ISOS 

Prem Sagur; or, the History of Erishnu, translated into Hindee 
by Lulloo Lai Eub. (2 copies) 4to. ••• Calcutta^ 1810 

Prem Sagur ; or, the History of Erishnu, translated by Lulloo 
Lai Eub. (2 copies) 4to. Calcutta^ 18^5 

Prem Sagur ; or, the History of Erishnu, translated into Hindee, 
by Lulloo Lai, edited by Yogadhyan Misra. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1842 

Price (Wm.), Hindee and Hindoostanee Selections, to which are 
prefixed the Rudiments of Hindostanee and Bruj B,hak-ha 
Grammar. 2 vols. 4to. Calcutta^ 1827 

Rajneeti ; or. Tales exhibiting the Moral Doctrines and the Civil 
and Military Policy of the Hindoos, translated from the Suns- 
krit into Brij Bhai^e, by Sree Lulloo Lai Eub. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1809 

Rajneeti ; or, Tales exhibiting the Moral Doctrines and the Civil 
and Military Policy of the Hindoos, by Narayun Pundit, trans- 
lated from the Sunskrit, by Sree Lulloo Lai Eub. (2 copies) 
Svo. CakuttaylSSn 

Ramayuna. (2 copies) 4to. Calcutta, 1810 

Ramayuna, or the History of Ramu in Hindustani Verse, by 
Tulasi Dasu. (2 copies) 4to. ••• Khi%urpoor, 1811 

Regulations and Laws passed by the Governor-General, 1793 to 
1810, in the Nagri Character. 7 vols. fol. ... 

Rogantaka Sara. {9» copies) Svo Calcutta, \S%\ 

Saptasatika by Sri Vihari Lai. Svo. ... Calcutta^ 1809 

Singhasun Butteesee, or Anecdotes of the celebrated Bikramajeet, 
by Soondur Eubeeshwur, translated into Hindoostanee by 
Meerza Eazim Ulee Juwan, and Shree Lulloo Lai Eub. 
(2 copies) 4to Calcutta, 1806 

Singhasan Battisi. Svo Agra,\S4& 

SubhaBilas. (2 copies) Svo. ... ... Calcutta,^, a- 

Subha Bilas, A Collection of Stanzas on various Subjects, in Hin- 
dee, edited by Capt. W. Price. Svo. Calcutta, 1828 

Vetala Panchavinsati. Svo Calcutta, 1809 


Broughton (T. D.), Selections from the popular Poetry of the 
Hindoos, Hindee and English. Svo. . . . London, 1841 



Rig-Veda Sanhita, The Threefold Science, Sanscrit, Marat,hi, and 
English, by J. Stevenson. 4to Bombay y 1833 

Soldiers^ Manual, English and Hindi, in the Nagari Character. 
2 vols. 8vo Serampore, 18S6-8 


Bija Ganita, or the Algebra of the Hindoos, translated by Edw. 

Strachey. (3 copies) 4to. London^ 1813 

Bytal-Puchisi, or the Twenty-five Tales of Bytal, translated from 

the Brujbhakha, by Raja Ealee-Erishen Behadur. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1834 


Carey (Wm.), Grammar of the Funjabee Language. (4 copies) 
8vo Serampore, 1S12 

Leach (Lieut), Grammar of the Panjabee Language. (2 copies) 
8vo. Bombay^ 1838 


Carey (Wm.), Grammar of the Bengalee Language. (2 editions.) 
8vo iSeramporc, 1801-5 

Carey (Wm.), Dialogues intended to facilitate the acquiring of the 
Bengalee Language. (3 copies) 8vo. SeramporCy 1801 

Halhed (Nath. B.), Grammar of the Bengal Language. 4to. 

Hooglyy 1T78 

Haughton (6. C), Rudiments of Bengali Grammar. (3 copies) 
4to. Zroncfon, 1821 


Carey (W.), Dictionary of the Bengalee Language. (2 copies) 
3vols. 4to. Serampore, 18^ 

Carey (Dr.), Dictionary of the Bengalee Language. (2 copies) 
2vols. 8vo Seramporcy 1827 


Forster (H. P.), English and Bengalee and Bengalee and English 
Vocabulary. 2 vols. 4to Calcutta, 1799-1802 

Gordon (Capt.), Dictionary in English, Bengali, and Manipuri. 
(2 copies) 8vo. ... Calcutta, 18817 

Haughton (Sir G. C), A Dictionary, Bengali and Sanskrit, ex- 
plained in English. 4to. London, 1838 

Haughton (6. C), Bengal and English Glossary, to explain the 
Tota-Itihas, the Batris Singhasan, the Hitopadesd, &c. 
{Scopies) 4to. ' , iondow, 1825 

Persian Vocabulary in Bengali. 12mo. 


Ram Comu] Sen, Dictionary in English and Bengalee, translated 
from Todd's Edition of Johnson's English Dictionary. 
(2 copies) 2 vols. 4to. Serampore, 1834 


Batris Singhasana, or the History of Raja Vicramaditya, as told 
by the Thirty-two Statues supporting his Throne. (2 editions) 
8vo. ..• ... ... Serampore and London, 1808-16 

Hitopadesa, or Salutary Instructions. 8vo. Serampore, 1801 

Hitopadeshu, translated from Sanscrit into Bengalee, by Goluk 

Nath. 8vo Serampore, 1802 

Hitopadesa, or Salutary Instructions. 8vo. Serampore, 1808 

Hymns, in Bengalee. 12mo. Serampore, 1810 

Lippi Mala, or the Bracelet of Writing, by Ram Ram Boshoo. 
(2 copies) 8vo. ... .,. ... Serampore, 1 802 

Mahabharata. 8 vols. 12mo. ... •^. Serampore, 1801 

Mahabharata, Adi Parwa. 4 vols. 12mo. ... Serampore, 1801 
Marshman (Jo. C), Survey of History from the Creation to the 
Commencement of the Christian Era. 12mo. 

Serampore, 1833 
Mitakshara Darpana, translated from the Sungscrit into the Ben- 
gali Language, by Lukshmi Narayan Nyayalankar. (2 copies) 

8vo. Calcutta, 1824 

Pratapaditya. — The History of Rajah Pratapaditya, Raja of Jes- 
sore, by Ram Ram Boshoo. (2 copies) 8vo. Serampore, 1802 
Prubodha Chundrika, by Mrityunjoy Vidyalunkar. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1833 
Purusha Pariksha ; a Collection of Tales. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1826 


Rajabali, a History of the Rajahs of India. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Seramporef 1808 
Raja Krishna Chandra ; a History of Bengal. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Serampore, 1806 
Rajah Krishna Chandra ; a History of Bengal. 8vo. 

Londofif 1811 
Rajavuli, or a History of the Kings of Dihlee, by Mrityunjuyu 

Vidyalunkaru. 8vo SeramporCj 

Rlmayana. S voIb. ISmo SeramporCf 180& 

Regulations and Laws passed by the Governor-General in Council 

in Bengali, 1793 to 1815. 5 vols. fol. Calcutta, 1826-31 

Regulations and Laws passed by the Governor-General in Council 

in Bengali, 1793 to 1816. 7 vols, fol n. d. 

Tota Itihas, or the Tales of a Parrot. 8vo. Serampore, 1806 

Tota Itihas, or the Tales of a Parrot. (3 copies) 8vo. 

London^ 1811 
Valmiki-Ramayuna, a Poem, translated from the Sangskrit into 
Bengalee, by Kirtee Boss. (2 copies) 4 vols. 12mo. 

SeramporCy 180S 


Gay^s Fables; English and Bengalee, translated by Raja Kali- 
Krishna Bahadur. 8vo. ^.. ... Cafcw^a, 1836 

Haughton (G. C), Bengali Selections ; with Translation and Voca- 
bulary. {S copies) 4to. London, 18W 

Hindoo Manual of Literature and Science in Bengalee and English. 
Nos. I. to VI., and new series, Nos. I. to III. 8vo. 1834 

Kalee^Krishna Bahadur (Raja), Johnson'^s Rasselas, with transla- 
tions. (2 copies) 8vo. Ca/eee/^a, 1833 

Mack (John), Principles of Chemistry, English and Bengalee, 
vol. i. ISmo. Serampore, 1884 



lutton (Amos), Introductory Grammar of the Ooriya Language. 

(2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta^ 18S1 

{ohunpersaud Takoor, a Vocabulary Ooriya and English. 

(S copies) 8vo. Serampore, 1811 

'ocabulary, Bengalese, English, and Uriya, the latter Language 

being in MS. Interleaved^ in 2 vols, small 4to. 

Calcutta, 1793 


arey (Wm.), Grammar of the Mahratta Language and Dialogues. 

(4 copies) 8vo. SeramporCy 1806 

rammar of the Marat,ha Language. ISmo. ••• 


rrammar of the Murat,hee Language, by Dadoba Fandurung 
Turkhudkur. 8vo. Bombay , 1836 

rrammatica Marastta ; in Alphabetis Variis. vol. ii. 8vo. 

Romae, Typis Propag. jFwfe, 1778 

tevenson (J.), The Principles of Murathee Grammar. (3 copies) 
4to. ... ••• ... ••• ... Calcutta^ 1833 

filson (Jo.), Rudiments of Hebrew Grammar, in Mar&thi, with 
the Points. 4to. Bombay , 1832 


irey (Wm.), Dictionary of the Mahratta Language. (2 copies) 
8vo Seramporcj 1810 

ictionary of the Maratha Language, by Jugunnauth Shastri 
Kramuvunt and others; with the Supplement, under the 
Direction of Capt. Molesworth. (2 copies) 3 vols, in 2. 4to. 

Bombay and Poonah, 1829-31 

mnedy (Lieut.-Col. Vans), Dictionary of the Mahratta Language. 
(Z copies) fol Bombay, ISM 

olesworth (Capt. J. T.), A Dictionary Murat,hee and English. 
(2 copies) 4to. ... Bombay, 18S1 



»• • 


• •• ••• ••• 

Bij Ganit. 4to 

Bhumiti, Practical Geometry. 4to. 

Conversations on Chemistry, translated from English into Marathee; 

with a Glossary, by Husree Keshawjee. (2 copies) folio. 

Bombay, 1887 
Conversations on Natural Philosophy, translated from English into 

Mara'the, by Hari Eeshawaje ; with a Glossary. (S copies) 

4to. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Bombay, 1833 

DufF (Capt. G.), History of the Mahrattas, translated from the 

English into Mahrat,ha, by Capt. Capon. (S copies) fol. 

Bombay, 1830 
Esop^s Fables, translated into the Murat,hee. 4to. Bombay, 1837 

Hitopadesa. 8vo •• Serampore, 181S 

Hitopadesa, in Mahratta. 8vo Serampore, 1815 

Mechanics (A Treatise on), translated from the English into the 

Murat,hee Language, by W. H. Bell. 4to. Bombay, 1836 
Nighanta Prukasha, Medical Dictionary. 4to. Bombay, 1839 

Niti Durpun. 8vo Bombay, IBS! 

Panchopakhyan. (2 copies) 4to. 

Pasley (Lieut.-Col.), Course of Practical Greometry, translated into 

Maraf ha, by Capt. G. Jervis. 4to. ••• Bombay, 18^ 

Regulations and Laws passed by the Governor in Council, 1799 to 

1807, translated into Mahrata, by R. Drummond. fol. n. d. 
Regulations and Laws, translated into Mahratta, 1799 to 1820. 

*« vols. lOi. ••• ... ... ••• •.• ••• ^^■■■■^ 

Singhasan Battisi, in Mahratta. (2 copies) Svo. Serampore, 1814 

Trikonamiti, Trigonometry. 4to. — 

Wilson (Jo.), Exposure of the Hindoo Religion. 4to. 

Bombay, 1832 


Drummond (Robt.), Illustrations of the Grammatical Parts of the 
Guzerattee, Mahratta, and English Languages, fol. 

Bombay, 1808 

Scholar^s Assistant, comprising a Vocabulary and Grammar in 
English and Gtx)jratee, by Mehraunjee Hormusjee Mehta 
and Nowrojee Rustomjee. {2 copies) ••• Bombay, 1840 


Adhikaran Bfaumiti. 4to. 

•• • ••• ••• • •• 

Arithmetic (A Course of) and Book-Keeping, translated into the 
Gkx>jratee Language, by Capt. Geo. B. Jervis. (S copies) 
4to Bombay^ 18S8, &c. 

JIi] ^jraflU* 4fvO* ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^""~^" 

Esop^s Fables, translated into Goojratee. 4to. Bombay^ ■ 

Hutton'*8 Course of Mathematics, translated into the Goojratee 
Language, by Capt. G. B. Jervis. 2 vols. 4to. Bombay^ 1828 

Jervis (Capt. Greo.), Treatise on Arithmetic, in the Goojratee Lan- 
guage. 2 vols. 4to. Bombay 1 1826 

Pasley (Lieut.-Col.), Course of Practical Geometry, translated into 
the Groojratee Language, by Capt. Geo. Jervis. 4to. 

Bombay^ 1826 

Plane Trigonometry. 4to. 

••• ••• ••• 

Regulations and Laws passed by the Govemor^General in Council 
fix)m 1799 to 1807, by B. Drummond. fol. •.. n. d. 


History of England, Goojrattee and English, by Shereearjee 
Pestonjee, revised by Nowrozjee Furdonjee. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1839 


Anderson (Bobt.), Tamil Grammar. 4to. ••• London, 1821 
Beschii (C. J.), Grammatica Latino-Tamulica. 8vo. 

Frangamb. 1738 
Beschii (P. C. J.), Grammatica Latino-Tamulica. (2 copies) 4to. 

Madras, 1813 
Beschi (C. J.), Grammar of the High Dialect of the Tamil Lan- 
guage, termed Shen Tamil ; with an Introduction to Tamil 
Poetry, translated by B. G. Babington. (3 copies) 4to. 

Madras, 1822 
Easy Introduction to English Grammar, English and Tamil. 8vo. 

Madras, 1842 
Elakkana Vinuvinal, a Grammar in Tamil. 4to. 

1st Edition, Madras, 1828 ; 2nd Edition, Madras, 1832 

Grammar, for Learning the Principles of the Malabar, or Tamul 

Language, by the English Missionaries. 8vo. Madrid, 1789 



Rhenius (C. T. E.), Grammar of the Tamil Language. (2 copies) 
8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Madras^ 1886 

Tamil Expositor, a brief Account of its Idiom; Tamul and 
English, composed and translated by Teroovercaudoo Soo- 
broya Modelliar. (2 copies) 4to. ••• Madras^ 1811 

Tamul Grammar. 4to n. b. 

Ziegenbalgi (B.), Grammatica Damulica, Latina. 4to. 

Halae, 1716 


Blin (A.), Dictionnaire Franqais-Tamoul et TamouUFran^ais. 8vo. 

Paris, 1881 
Bower (Hen.), Biblical and Theological Dictionary of Words in 

the Tamil Scriptures. 8vo. Madras^ 1841 

Dictionarium Latino-Tamulicum. A Manuscript, copied from a 

MS. furnished by the Rev. C. F. G. Swartz. fol. 

Dictionary of the Tamul Language. (2 copies) 8vo. 


Dominique (Fere), Dictionaire et Grammaire Fran^ais Tamoul. A 

Manuscript, fol Pondicherry^ 1748 

Nicholas (J.), Vocabulary of English and Tamil Words. (2 copies) 

8vo. ••• j|fadra«, 1840 and 1 

Bottler (J. P.), Dictionary of the Tamil and English Languages. 

(2 copies) 4 vols. 4to. Madras^ 1834-41 


Alaveipyer Takudi. 4to. 

Attishudi. Moral Verses by Avyar. 12mo. 

Ammaniyam. 12mo. 

Arichendra Puranam. 12mo. 

Arunachela Puranam. 8vo. 

Avirotawuntiyar. 12mo. 

Eyahswamiyum. 4to. ••• 

Kadachindamani. A Collection of Stories* 8vo. 

Kaivalyam. 18mo. 

Kappedi. 4to. 



• •• 




• »• 

• •• 

• •• 

•• • 

• • • 


• • • 

• • • 



• • • 

• » • 

•• • 

.• • 




• • • 




• •• 

♦ ♦• 

Karuvikaram. Spelling-book, in Two Parts. 8vo. Madras^ 

KathS. Manjari ; Stories translated into the Tamul by Tandaviya 
Mudaliar. {9, copies) 4to. ... 1826 

Kokkokam, A Description of Women. 4to ... 1838 

Kodaruwara Kovei. 8vo. 

Kumaresa Sadacam. ISmo. 

Modchamargam ; the Way to Heaven. 

Nalavemba, The History of King Nala, in verse. 12mo 

Narasinga vijayam. 4to. 

Nedineri Vilakkam. ISmo. 

Nunnool. An original Tamil Grammar. 12mo. 

Palashatantrikanda. 8vo. 

Pancha Tandra Cadei. Collection of Fables, fol. 

Pancha Tantra. (^cojAea) fol. 

Papers in the Tamil Language, including several on Public Busi- 
ness ; with a Glossary, Tamil and English, edited by And. 
Robertson. 4to 1889 

Paddanatta Pilleiparal. Religious Verses. 12mo. 

••• ••• ••• 





• • • 

Rama Sadakam. 4to 1839 

Regulations passed by the Governor-General in Council in the 

Tamul Language, {^copies) 3 vols. foL ... ■ 

Rhenius, Evidences of Christianity. 8vo. 1835 

Shentantivakaram. 1836 

Smriti Chandrika ; a Treatise on the Municipal Law of the Hindus, 

in the Tamul Language, by Madura Condaswami Palaver. 

{% copies) fol. 1826 

Tanjavanakonava. 4to 

Tayamanasa vamicam. 8vo 

Tiruvadiver Puranam. 8vo 

. . • 

• . • 

••• ••• 

Tirukunaimulamum. Moral Stanzas. 8vo. ... 1834 

Tiruppadi Tiruppukazh. 8vo. 1835 

Tiruvalluvar, The Cural, or Work of, on Morals. 8vo. 1838 

Tirupognasa and other Poems. 4to 1839 

Tiricadukam. 12mo. 

... •»• ... ••• 


Tirumantram. Catholic Liturgy. 12mo 1832 

Tirumantrikal. Prayers. 1829 

Tiruvachacam. Poems in praise of Siva. l2mo. ... 

Tiruvelei Adal Puranam, a Poem. 4to. 
Vakkundana, &c. 12mo. 
Vannangel. 12mo. 

Vayrakkiya Satakam. 12mo 

Vayrakkiya Tipam. 12mo. 

Vedavigarper Diccaram. A Work on Geography, 4to. 

2 D 

... ... .•• 



Vedavuttaranadiraddi. 8vo Madras^ 

Venkikonava. 4to. 

••• • • • • • • 

Vinnapattiram, Extracts by Teru Oakadu Subroyam. fol. 1830 
Virali Vedu Toodo. Svo. 

••• ••• 


Gooroo Paramartan (The Adventures of), A Tale, in Tamul and 

English, translated, with a Vocabulary, by Benj. Babington. 

4to. ... London^ 1822 

Narain Sawmy. Select Tales, with Translations, English and 

Teloogoo. Svo Madras^ 1839 

Polite Letter Writer, or whole Art of General Correspondence, 

Tamil and English, translated by P. Veerasawmy Mooddlear. 

Svo ... Madras, 1843 


Brown (Chas. P.), Grammar of the Telugu Language. (2 copies) 
Svo. Madras, 1840 

Brown (C. P.), The Prosody of the Telugu and Sanscrit Lan- 
guages explained. 4to Madras, 18^ 

Campbell (A. D.), A Grammar of the Teloogoo Language, fol. 

Madras, 1816 

Carey (W.), Grammar of the Telinga Language. (3 copies) Svo. 

Serampore, 1814 

Grammar of the Teloogoo Language. Svo. ... Madras, 1836 

Help (A) in acquiring a Knowledge of the English Language, in 
English and Telugu. Svo. Bellary, 1839 


Brown (W.), Vocabulary of Gentoo and English. 4to. 

Madras, 1818 
Campbell (A. D.), Dictionary of the Teloogoo Language, {^copies) 

4to. ... ,,. ... Madra^,\9>9\ 

Dictionary, Telugu and French. A Manuscript. 4to. n.d. 

Morris (J. C), Dictiopary, English and Teloogoo. (2 copies) 

S vols. 4to. Madras, 1835-9 



Amaracosha. (2 copies) 4to. ..• ... MadrctSj ISSB 

Amaracosha. Sanscrit Text, with Telugu Translation. 8vo. 1816 

Balaramayanam. 12mo, Madras^ ■ 

Bhartrihari. 8vo. ... ••• ... ... ... -^.^ 

Evidences of the Christian Revelation. 8vo. Bellaryy 1837 

Figgins (Vincent), Specimen of a Fount of Telegu Types, fol. 

London, 1802 
Euchelopakhyanam. (2 copies) 8vo. ••• Madras, 1841 

Nala, The Adventures of; a Popular Hindu Poem, written in 

Telugu, by Raghava. (2 copies) 8vo. Madras, 1841 

Puncfaatuntra. {S copies) 8vo Madras, 18S4i, kc. 

Ram^yanam. (S copies) 4to. ••• ... Madras, ISn 

Regulations passed by the Governor-General in Council, in the 

Telegu Language. (2 copies) 3 vols, fol. . . . — 

Sermons, Short and Select, on important Subjects, translated into 

Telugu, by Wm. Howell. 8vo. ... Bellary, 1841 

Teloogoo Drill, done from the Hindoostanee translation into 

Teloogo, by Jyana. 8vo. ... ... Madras, 1839 

Vasu Charitra, a celebrated Poem in the Telugu Language, by 

Bhattu Murti, about 1450, with a Commentary, by Zuluri 

Appaya. 4to il/adra«, 1844 

Vemana, The Verses of. Moral, Devout, Mystical, and Satyrical, 

in the original Telugu. 12mo Madras, 1839 

Vikramarka, The Tales of, by Raveepatee Gooroomoortee. 4to. 

Madras, 1819 


Morris (J. C), Teloogoo Selections, with Translations, Gramma- 
tical Analyses, and a Glossary of Revenue Terms, &c. fol. 

Madras^ 1823 

Pleasant Stories from the Persian, in English and Teloogoo, by 
C. Hayagreva Sastree. 8vo Madras, 1839 

Ve'mana, The Verses of. Moral, Religious, and Satirical ; in 
Telugu and English, translated by C. P. Brown. (3 copies) 
8vo. Madron, 1829 

Brown (Chas. P.), On the Language and Literature of the Telugus. 
8vo. Madras, 1839 



Help (A) to acquiring Knowledge of the English Language, Eng- 
lish and Carnatica. 8vo Bellary^ 1840 

McKerrell (John), Grammar of the Camataca Language. {2 copies) 
4to. Madrasy 1820 

Reeve (Wm,), Dictionary, English and Camatacar— Camataca and 
English. 4 vols. 4to, Madras^ 18^-92 


Esop^s Fables, translated into the Camataca Language, by W. 

Elliot. 8 vo. • • * •• MadraSy 1840 

Evidences of the Christian Revelation. 8vo. ••• Bellaryy 1837 
Theology, addressed to Hindoos, in a Series of Discourses on the 

Attributes of God, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Bellaryy 1830-37 


Alphabeta Grandonico-Malabaricum sive Samscrudonicum ; in 

Alphahetia Variis, vol. ii. 8vo. 

RonuBy Typia Propag. Fide^ 1772 
Drummond (Robt.), Grammar of the Malabar Language. (2 copies) 

fol. ••• «.. ... ... ..• Bombay^ 1799 

Feet (Jos.), Grammar of the Malayalim Language. (2 copies) 

8vo. Cottayaniy 1841 

Spelling-book in Malay alam. 

••• ••• 

Spring (F.), Outlines of a Grammar of the Malayalim Language. 

(3 copies) 4to. : Madras^ 1839 

Tayamanasa vamicam. ISmo. Cottayanhj 1836 

Dictionary, Malabar and English. 4to. n. d. 


Burnouf (E. et C. Lassen), Essai sur le Pali. 8vo. PariSy 1826 
Chater (Jas.), Grammar of the Singalese Language. 8vo. 

Cohmboy 1815 



Clough (B.), Dictionary of the English and Singalese and Singa- 

lese and English Languages. 2 vols. Svo. Colombo^ 1821 

Woordboek, Nederduytsch en Singaleesch. 4to. ... n. d. 


History of Ceylon, an Epitome of, compiled from Native Annals ; 
and the First Twenty Chapters of the Mahawanso, Pali and 
English, translated by the Hon. Geo. Tumour. Svo. 

Ceylofiy 1836 

Eammavakya Liber de Officiis Sacerdotum Buddicorum, Palice et 
Latine, cum Adnotationibus Fr. Spigel. Svo. JBonn, 1841 

Mahawanso (The), in Pali (Roman character) and English, trans- 
lated with an Introductory Essay on Pali Buddhistical Litera- 
ture. (2 copies of vol, i.) 2 vols. 4to. ... Ceylon^ 1837 


Mahavansi (The), The Raja-Ratnacari, and The Rajd-Vali, form- 
ing the Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon, translated by 
Edw. Upham. (2 copies) 3 vols. Svo. London,, 1833 

Yakkun Nattannawa and Kolan Nattannawa, two Cingalese 
Poems, translated by Jo. Callaway. Svo. London, 1829 


Alfiyya, ou la Quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe, Ouvrage de 
Diemal-Eddin Mohammed, connu sous le nom d'Ebn Malec ; 
en Arabe, avec un Commentaire, par Silvestre de Sacy, Svo. 

Paris, 1838 
Arabic Grammar, Elements of, in Persian. Svo. Calcutta, 1827 
Arabic Grammar, compiled for the Use of Travellers. 4to. 

Bombay, 1834 
Baillie (J.), Sixty Tables, elucidatory of the First Part of a 
Course of Lectures on Arabic Grammar. (2 copies) fol. 

Calcutta, 1801 
Baillie (Lieut. J.), The Five Books upon Arabic Grammar. 2 vols. 

Svo. ... •• Calcutta, 180^ 

Beresford (H. B.), Arabic Syntax; selected from the Hidayut- 
Oon-Nuhvi, in the Original Arabic. (2 copies) Svo. 

London, 1843 


Dombay (Fr. de), Grammatica Linguae Mauro-Arabicas, cum 
Vocabulario Latino-Mauro-Arabico. (2 copies) 4to. 

Vind(^ruB9 1800 

Eastern Traveller's Interpreter, or Arabic without a Teacher, by 
Assaad Yacoob-Eayat. ISmo London^ 1844 

Erpenii (Thos.) Grammatica Arabica dicta Gjarumia, Arab, et 
Lat. 4to. ... ••• ••• .»• ••• Lugd. 1617 

Erpenii (Thos.) Rudimenta Linguae Arabicae; Florilegium Sen- 
tentiarum Arabicarum, et Clavis Dialectorum, ac praesertim 
Arabicae, cura A. Schultens. 4to. ... Lugd. Bat 1770 

Ewald (G. H. A.), De Metris Carminum Arabicorum. 8vo. 

BrtmsvigcBn 18^ 

Freytag (G. W.), Darstellung der Arabischen Verskunst. 8vo; 

Bonn, 1830 

Herbin (A, F. J.), Developpemens des Principes de la Langue 
Arabe Modeme. 4to. Paris, 1803 

Hunt (Thos.), De Antiquitate, Elegantia, Utilitate Linguae Ara- 
bicae. 4to. Owonii, 1739 

Eallii (Jo. Chr.) Fundamenta Linguae Arabicae. 4to. 

Hav/niiB, 1818 

Lumsden (M.), Grammar of the Arabic Language. (2 copies) 
vol. i. fol. Calcutta, 1813 

Mint Aamil, a Treatise on Arabic Grammar. 4to. Calcutta, — — 

Miut Amil and Shurhoo Mint Amil ; two Elementary Treatises 
on Arabic Syntax; Arabic and English, translated, with 
Annotations by A Lockett. (2 copies) 4to. Calcutta, 1814 

Oberleitner (Andriae), Fundamenta Linguae Arabicae. 8vo. 

Viennae, 1 8^ 

Richardson (John), Grammar of the Arabic Language. 4to. 

London, 1776 

RosenmuUer (E. F. C), Institutiones ad Fundamenta Linguae 
Arabicae. Accedunt Sententiae et Narrationes Arabicae una 
cum Glossario Arabico-Latino. 8vo. ... Leipsic, 1818 

Roshun Ulee, a Treatise on the Permutations of Letters in the 
Arabic Language, translated from the Persian, by Robt, 
Tytler. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta, 1810 

Sacy (Baron Silv. de), Grammaire Arabe a Tusage des Eleves de 
I'Ecole Speciale des Langues Orientales vivantes. (2 copies) 
2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1831 

Savary, Grammaire de la Langue Arabe vulgaire et litterale; 
augmente de quelques Contes Arabes, par L. Langles. 4to. 

Paris, 1813 


Stewart (Duncan), Practical Arabic Grammar. (2 copies) 8vo. 

London^ 1841 

Tychsen (T, C), Grammatik der Arabiscfaen Schriftsprache fur 
den ersten Unterricht. 8vo Gottingen^ \S9& 

Wasit al Nahu, a Treatise on the Syntax of the Arabic Language, 
by Mouluvee Toorab Alee. 4to. ••• Madras^ 1820 

Weston (Stephen), Remains of Arabic in the Spanish and Portu- 
guese Languages. 8vo. Xoncfon, 1810 


Berggren (J.), Guide Franyais-Arabe Vulgaire des Voyageurs et 
des Francs en Syrie et en Egypte, comme Supplement aux 
Voyages en Orient. 4to Upsal, 1844 

Bethor (Elliosus), Dictionnaire Franqais-Arabe, par A. Caussin de 
Perceval. 4to. Parisj 1828 

Canes (Fr.), Diccionario Espanol Latino-Arabigo. 3 vols. fol. 

Madrid, 1787 

Freytag (Geo. W.), Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. 4 vols. 4to. 

Halis Sawon. 1830 

Freytag (G. W.), Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, ex Opere suo maiore 
in usum Tironum excerptum. 4to. ... Halle, 1837 

G^rmani (Dominico) Fabrica Linguse Arabicae, cum Interpreta- 
tione Latina et Italica. 2 vols. fol. ... Romce, 1639 

Giggei (Ant.) Thesaurus Linguae Arabicas. 4 vols. fol. 

Mediolani, 1632 

Golii (Jacob) Lexicon Arabico-Latinum, contextum ex proba- 
tioribus Orientis Lexicographis. Accedit Index Latinus 
copiosissimus. fol Ltegd. Bat. 1653 

Kamoos (The) ; or the Ocean ; an Arabic Dictionary, by Mujd- 
ood-Deen Moohummud-Oobno Yakoob. (2 copies) 2 vols, 
fol ... .^. ••• Calcutta, 1817 

Caphelengii (Francisci) Lexicon Arabicum, et Indices Vocum Heb., 
ChaldL, Lat., et Erpenii Observationes. 4to. Leidce, 1613 

Ruphy (J. F.), Dictionnaire abrege, Franqois Arabe, a TUsage 
de ceux qui se destinent au Commerce du Levant. 4to. 

Paris, 1802 

Soorah (The), A Dictionary of Arabic Words, explained in Per- 
sian, by Abool Fuzl Moohummud Bin Omr Bin Ehalid al 
Jumal. 2vols. 4to. ... • Ca/ct^^^a, 1812-15 


Wetzstein (J. G.), Samachscharii Lexicon Arabicum Persicum. 

Parti. 4to. Lc*p«u?, 1844« 

Willmet (John), Lexicon Linguae Arabicae in Coranum Haririum 

et Vitam Timuri. 4to. ... ... Lugd. Bat nSi* 


Abulfedse Africa, cura Jo. G. Eichorn. 8vo. GottingcB^ 1791 

Ahmud-bin-Moohummud, or Ibno Arab Shah. The History of 
Timour, in Arabic, collated by four Manuscripts, and edited 
by Shykh Ahmud-oobnoo Moohummud il Ansarey-ool Yu- 
munee Yoosh Shirwanee. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta^ 1818 

Alif Lailat wa Lailat ; or the Arabian Nights^ Entertainments ; in 
the original Arabic, by Shuekh Uhmud Bin Moohummud 
Shirwannee ool Yumunee. (2 copies) 2 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta^ 1814 

Alif Lailat wa Lailat, in Arabic, vol. ii. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1818 

Alif Laila, or the Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, 
now first published complete in the original Arabic, edited by 
W. H. Machnaghten. 4 vols. 8vo. ... Cafcw^/a, 1839 

Anatomical Description of the Heart, extracted from the Edin- 
burgh Medical Dictionary, and translated into Arabic, by 
John Ty tier. 8vo. Ccdcutta^ \S9S 

Anis ul Musharrahin ; or the Anatomist^s Vade-Mecum, by Dr. 
Hooper, translated into Arabic, by John Tytler. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1830 

Ashbah wa al Nazair. A Treatise on Mohammedan I^aw, by Zein 
al Abdin Ibne Najim, edited by Ramdhan Sen. (2 copies) 
4to. Calcutta, 1826 

Ashshurh-ool-Moognee, Commentatio absoluta. A Commentary on 
the Moojuz-ool-Kanoon, known as the Sudeedee, compiled by 
Maulana Sudeed Kazroonee, on the Theory and Practice of 
Physic and the Materia Medica. 4to. Calcutta, 1832 

Avicennae Opera, Arabice. fol. Romae, 1693 

Beidhavii Commentarius in Coranum ex Codd. Parisiensibus, Dres- 
densibus, et Lipsiensibus, edidit indicibusque instruxit H. O. 
Fleischer. Part I. 4to. Lipsice, 1844 

Bridges^ Algebra, translated into Arabic. 4to. Calcutta, 

Caab Ben Zohir. {^copies) 4to. ... , n. d. 


Casiri (Michael), Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana £scurialensis. 2 vols, 
fol. ••• Matriti^ 1760 

Colailah wa Dimnah sive Fabularum Bidpai Philosophi Indi, cura 
H. A. Schultens. 4to ... Leyden^ 1786 

Fatawa Alemgiri ; a Collection of Opinions and Precepts of Mo- 
hammedan Law, compiled by Sheikh Nizam. 6 vols. 4to. 

Calcutta^ 1828 

Fatawa Dur-al-Mukhtar. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta^ 1827 

Fatawa Kaneea, a Treatise on Law. (2 copies) 4to. 

Calcutta, 1829 

Fatawa Qazee Khan, on the Institutes of Aboo Huneefa. 4 vols. 
8vo. .•• ... ••• ... ... Calcutta, 1835 

Hadikah ul Afrah, an Arabic Miscellany of Select Pieces in Prose 
and Verse. {2 copies) 4to. ... ... Calcutta, 1S29 

Hamasae Carmina, cum Tebrisii Scholiis Arabice, cura 6. C. 
Freytag. 4to Bonnae, 1828 

Hamzae Ispahanensis Annalium Libri X. Textus Arabicus, edidit 
J, M. E. Gottwaldt. vol. i. 8vo. ... Petropoli, 1844 

Harethi Moallakah cum Scholiis Zouzenii, e Codice MS. Arabice 
edidit, vertit et illustravit W. KnatchbuU. 4to. Oxon. 1820 

Hariri (Les Seances de), en Arabe avec un Commentaire Choisi 
par M. le Baron Silvestre de Sacy. fol. ••• Paris, 1822 

Hidayah (The) or Guide; a Commentary on the Mussulman 
Laws, in Arabic. 4to. ... ... Calcutta, 1817 

Hidayah (The), with its Commentary, called the Kifayah ; a Trea- 
tise on the Questions of Mohammedan Law, edited by Hukeem 
Moulvee Abdool Mujeed. 4 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1834 

Hippocrates Aphorisms, translated into Arabic by Honain Ben 
Ishak, Calcutta, 1832. Anatomical Description of the Heart, 
from the Edinburgh Medical Dictionary, translated into 
Arabic, by Jo. Tytler. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Calcutta, 1828-32 

Historia Jemanse, e Codice Manuscripto Arabico, edidit C. T. 
Johannsen. 8vo ... Bonn, 1828 

Historia Jemanae sub Hasano Pascha, guam e Codice MS. Ara- 
bico, cura A. Rutgersi. 4to. ... ... Lugd. Bat, 1838 

Ikhwan-oos-Sufia, in Arabic, edited by Shuekh-Ahmud-bin-Moo- 
hummud Shurwan-Ool-Yumunee. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1812 

Inayah, a Commentary on the Hidayah ; compiled by Muhamad 
Akmuloodeen, Ibn Muhmood, Ibn Ahmudonil Hunufee, and 
edited by Ramdhun Sen. 4 vols. 4to. Calcutta, 1837 

Jawa^me'-ul-ilm ul Riyazi, a Translation of Hutton's Mathematics 
into Arabic, by John Tytler. 4to. ... Calcutta, 1835 

2 E 


Koran of Mohammed in Arabic, edited by Fliigd. 4to. 

Lipsiae, 1834 

Kosegarten (J. 6. L.), Cbrestomathia Arabica, ex Codicibus MS. 
Farisiensibus, Grothanis, et Berolinensibus collecta. 8vo. 

LipsiaCf 1828 

Liber Classium Vivorum qui Korani et traditionum Cognitione 
excelluerunt, Auctore Abu Abdalla Dababio, cura H. Fr. 
Wustenfeld. 3 Parts. 4to Gottiryae, 1838 

Liber A&-Sojutii de Nominibus Relativis, Lab-al-labab, Arabice 
editus, cum Annotatione Critica, cura P. J. Veth. 4to. 

Lugd. Bat 1 840 

Locmani Fabulse, in usum Scholarum Arabicarum, edidit 6. W. 
Freytag. 8vo, Bonn^ 1823 

Locmani Sapientis Fabulae 40, Arabice, edidit E. Rask. 8vo. 

HafniiB, 1881 

Moojiz-Ool-Qanoon, a Medical Work, by Alee Bin Abee il Huzm, 
or Ibn-ool-Nufees; edited by Moulovee Mohammad Solyman 
and Rooh-ool-Ameen. 4to Calcutta^ 1828 

Mookhtusur-ool-Ma'-ani ; a Commentary on the Rhetoric of the 
Arabs ; comprising the Text of the Tulkhees-ool-Miftah, by 
Julal-ool-Deen Moohummud. (2 copies) 4to. 

Calcutta, 1813 

Mualakat as Sabaa ; the Seven Poems denominated " Suspended,^ 
written by Amriolkais, Torafa, Zohair, Lebeid, Antara, Amru, 
and Hareth, in Arabic. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta, 

Mukamat-ool-Hureeree, or the Adventures of Uboo Zued of 
Surooj ; in Fifty Stories, by Aboo-Moohummudin-il-Kausim- 
ool-Hureereeyo, in Arabic, with the Supplement; comprising 
an Arabic and Persian Dictionary, by Mouluvee Jaun Alee, 
8 vols. 4to. Cafct^^/a, 1809-14 

Nufhut-ool-Yumun, an Arabic Miscellany in Prose and Verse, 
Selected or Original, by Shuekh Uhmud, Bin Moohummud 
Shurwanee Ool Yumunee. (2 copies) 4to. Calcutta, 1811 

Nujum ul Furkan. (2 topics) 4to. ••• Calcutta, 1811 

Oberleitner (Andrea), Cbrestomathia Arabica. 8vo. Viennae, 1823 

Ooijoozeh, or a Treatise on Medicine, by Uboo-Uli Ebn Sena, 
edited by Hukem Muolvee Abd-ool-Mujeed. 8va 

Calcutta, 1829 
Schalch (Ed. V.), Arabic Selections, with a Vocabulary. (2 copies) 

4to. ... ... Haileyhury, 1830 

Sharah Alfiya. {9, copies) 8vo Calcutta, 18S3 

Sharah Wakaiya. 4to. Calcutta, n. d. 

Sharafiya. 8vo. Calcutta, 1834 


Sharastani (Mohammed al). Book of Religious and Philosophical 
Sects, &c., edited by Rev. Wm. Cureton. vol. i. Svo. 1842 

Sharaya Ool Islam; a Treatise on Unlawful and Forbidden 
Things, by Abool Kasim, edited by Moolvee Seyud Oulad 
Hosein and Moolvee Zuhoor Ulee. 4to. Calcutta^ 1839 

Sbereh Wakaia Nisfi. (2 copies) Svo. ... Calcutta^ 1828 

Sbereh Al Tahzib. Svo. ... Calcutta^ 1827 

Sbereh Isagoji. Svo. Calcutta^ n. d. 

Shurhool Usbab wul Ulaniat; or a Treatise on the Symptoms, 
Causes, and Treatment of Local and Constitutional Diseases, 
by Hukim Nufis Bin Iwuz. 4to. ... Calcutta^ 1836 

Sirajiya, or the Mohammedan Law of Inheritance. Svo. 

Calcutta^ N. D. 

Sojutii Liber de Interpretibus Korani, Arabice Editus et An- 
notat. Illustratus cura A. Meursinge. 4to. Lugd, Bat, 1839 

Takieddin Almakrizi Tractatus de Legalibus Arabum Ponderi- 
bus et Mensuris, edidit O. G. Tyschen. 12mo. 

Rostochii, 1800 

Tanchumi Hierosolymitani Commentarius Arabicus in Lamenta- 
tiones, e Codice Unico Bodleiano Literis Hebraicis exarato 
descripsit Charactere Arabico, et edidit G. Cureton. Svo. 

London^ 1843 

Tassir Surah Bakra. 4to Calcutta^ 1823 

Tausend und Eine Nacht, Arabisch. von Maxim. Habicht. 12 vols. 
12mo. Breslau^ 1825 

Ul Ujab ool Oojab ; an Introduction to the Art of Letter Writing, 
in Arabic, by Shuekh Uhmud Bin Moohummud ul Yumunee 
Yoosh Shirwanee. (2 copies) Svo. ... Calcutta, 1813 


Ali Ben Ali Taleb, Sententise Arabice et Persice, cum Annota- 
tionibus necnon Glossariis instruxit Jo. G. Stickel. 4to. 

Jenae, 1834 

Anwari Mohammadi, a Comment on the Shamael Turmuzi, in 
Arabic, with a Hindoostani Translation. Svo. Calcutta, 1836 

Hidayut ool Islam in Arabic and Hindostanee, translated by John 
Gilchrist, vol. i. Svo. Calcutta, lS04i 

Ehoolasut-ool-Hisab ; a Compendium of Arithmetic, Geometry, 
and Algebra, in Arabic, by Buhae-ood-Deen and Nujum- 
ood-Deen-Ulee Khan ; with a Persian Translation and Com- 
mentary by Ruoshun Ulee. (3 copies) Svo. 

Calcutta, 1812 


Koran of Mohammed, in the Original Arabic, with two Persian 
Comments and an interlinear Hindee Translation of the Text 
by Shah Abdool Kadir. vol. i. 4to. Calcutta, 1837 

Mashkut Tarjama, in Arabic and Persian. (2 copies) 4to. 

HooglU 1835 

Sharah Sipahie Sadet, by Maulana-Shah Abdul Hak, in Arabic 
and Persian. 4to. Calcutta j 1836 

Weston (Stephen), Moral Aphorisms in Arabic, with Persian Com- 
mentary in Verse, and Specimens of Persian Poetry. 8vo. 

London, 1805 

AbuUAlae Poetae Arabici, de Vita et Carminibus, Arab, et Lat., 

cura Car. Rieu. {2 copies) 8vo £0^^,1843 

Abdollatiphi Bagdadensis Vita, auctori Ibn Abi Osaiba, Arab, et 

Lat, curaJo. Mousley. 4to 0«r/brd, 1808 

Abulfedae Annales Muslemici, Arab, et Lat., curis Jo. Jac. Reis- 

kii, P. F. Schumii, et J. G. C. Adleri. 6 vols. 4to. 

Hafni<B, 1789 
Abulfedae Descriptio iEgypti, Arab, et Lat., cura Jo. D. Michaelis. 

8vo. Goettingce,m6 

Abul-Pharaji (Geo.), Historia Dynastiarum, Historiam complectens 

Universalem, a Mundo condito, usque ad Tempora Authoris, 

Arab, et Lat., cura Edv. Pocockii. 4to. Oxon, 1663 

Alcoranus Textus Universus, Arab, et Lat., cum Vita Mahummeti, 

Notis ac Refutationibus Maraccii. 2 vols, in 1. fol. 

Petaviiy 1698 
Aledris (Xerif); Descripcion de Espana, con Notas, Arab, et Espag- 

nola, de Jos. Ant. Cqnde. 8 vo. . . . Madrid, 1 799 

Ali Ben Abi TalibCarmina, Arab, et Lat., edidit et Notis illus- 

travit G. Kuypers. 8vo. Lugd. Bat 1745 

Ali Ebn Abi Talebi, Sententise Arabice et Latine, cum Annota- 

tionibus iUustravit Cor. van Waenen. 4to. Oxford, 1806 

Amali Carmen Arabicum, Breve Religionis Islamiticae Systema 

complectens, Arlab. et Lat., cura P. von Bohlen. 4to. 

Regimontii, \S9S 
Amrolkais (le Diwan de), precede de la Vie de ce Poete par TAu- 

teur du Kitab-el-Aghani, avec une Traduction et des Notes, 

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Ghayatu-l-Bayan-fi-ilmi-l-lis&n ; being a Treatise on Arabic " Sarf- 
o-Nahv,'' collected from various Works, by Maulair Abdur- 
rahim, edited by M. Lumsden. (2 copies) 4to. Calcutta, 1828 
Dubistdni Muzabib; or the School of Religions, treating of the 
different Religions in the World, by Shuekh Moohummud 
Moohsin, edited by Muoluvee Nuzur Ushruf. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1809 
Falconer (F.), Extracts from some of the Persian Poets. Svo. 

London, 1848 

Fardjdz-I-Sirajiah, a Treatise on the Law of Succession and 

Inheritance, translated from the Arabic by Mooftee-Muhum- 

mud Rashid. {2 copies) Svo. ... Calcutta, 1811 

Fatavi Hammadiyah dar Ilm i Fikh, a Treatise on Mahommedan 

Law. {2 copies) 2 vols. Svo. ... Calcutta, 18^5 

Ferishta, The History of India. 2 vols. fol. Bombay, 1832 

George Ndmah of Mulla' Feruz Bin Eawus, edited by MuUa' 

Rustam Bin Kaikoba'd. 3 vols. Svo. ... Bombay, 1837 

Gul DastaNishati ; Poems, Selected and Original, by Munnoo Lai. 

4to. Calcutta, 18S2 

Hafez, The Works of, with an Account of his Life and Writings. 

fol. Calcutta, 1791 

Hafiz Diwan. 4to Calcutta, — — 

Hafiz Diwan. Svo ... ... Calcutta, 1826 

Hafiz Diwan. 4to. ... Bombay, 1828 

Hafiz Diwan. Svo. 1831 

Hadiyik ul Balaghat, The Bowers of Eloquence ; a Treatise on 
the Rhetoric, Poetry, and Rhyme of the Persians, by Meer 
Shums-ood-Deen Fukeer, edited by Mouluvees Jan Alee and 
Abdoor Ruheem. (Z copies) Svo. ... Calcutta, 1814i 

Hatim Ta,ee, a Romance, revised by Jas. Atkinson. (2 copies) 
4to. ... ... ..• ... ... Calcutta, 1818 

Hidaya-I-Farsi. Persian Translation of the Hidaya, Moham- 
medan Law. (2 copies) 7 vols. Svo. ... Calcutta, 1807 


Janayat. Criminal Laws of the Mohammedans. 8vo. 

CalcuttOj N. n. 
Insha, Letters. 4to. 

••• ••• ••• ••• 

Insha-I-AbuIfazL (2 copies) 4to. ••• Calcutta^ 1810 

Insha Yar Mohamed. fol Calcutta^ 1835 

Insha Zahuri. 8vo Calcutta, 1830 

Jamia al Kawanin. Rules of Letter Writing. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1834 
Jamia al Tawarikh. A General Mohammedan History by Fakir 

Mohammed. (2 copies) 4to Calcutta, 1836 

Khazanat ul Ilm, or the Treasury of Science ; being a Course of 
Instruction in the various Branches of Mathematics, by Dewan 

Kanh Ji. 4to. • Calcutta, 1837 

Laila-Wa-Majnun, by Umeer Ehoosro. (2 copies) 4to. 

Calcutta, 1811 
Lilavati, a Treatise on Arithmetic, translated into Persian from 
the Sanscrit of Bhascara Acharya, by Feizi. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 18^ 
Makhzan Al Adwiya, a Medical Dictionary. 4to. Calcutta, 1832 
Mejmua Shemsi, a Summary of the Copemican System of Astro- 
nomy, translated into Persian by W. Hunter. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1826 
Mirat Sekandari. History of Guzerat. fol. Bombay, 1831 

Mizani Tib. A System of Medicine. 4to. Calcutta, 1836 

Mohammed Hyderiya, the Virtues of Hyder ; addressed to the late 

Kingof Oude. fol Lucknow, 

Moolukhkhus-ool-Tuwareekh, being an Abridgement of the Seir 
Mootakherin, edited by Maulavi Abdool Kerim. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1827 
Mukhbar al Wasalin. Lives of the Saints. 8vo. Calcutta, 1833 
Nizami-Secander-Nama, with Selections from the Works of cele- 
brated Commentators, by Beder Ali and Mir Hosain Ali. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1812 
Nul and Dumun; a Tale in Persian Verse, translated from the 
Sanscrit, by Moulvy Fayzee Feyazee, now collated with three 
MS. by Moulvy Tumeezood deen Arzanee. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1831 
Ouseley. See Zakhirat ul Amal. 

Persian Fables from the Anwari Sooheyly of Hussein Vaiz Ka- 
shify, with a Vocabulary, edited by Jas. Michael. 4to. 

London, 1827 
Quanooncheh; or, a Treatise on the Theory and Practice of 


Physic, by Ahmud-fiin-Muhmood Chuchmeenee, with a 

Commentary in Persian, and Notes in English by Ubd-ool- 

Mujeed, and a Glossary, English and Persian. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1827 
Regulations and Laws passed by the Govemor-Greneral in Council, 

in Persian, 1795 to 1816. 2 vols, fol 

Regulations for the Administration of Civil Justice, abridged by 

Moulavy Mohammed Zuhoor. (3 copies) 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1825 
Rowlandson (Lieut. M. J.)> Rudiments of Natural Philosophy. 

8vo. ilfadro«, 1838 

Rufia al Shufi, by Siraj-al-din AH Khan. Lithog. Calcutta, 1832 

Rukat Abulfazl. 8vo. Calcutta, 1822 

Rukat Alamgir. 8vo. Calcutta, n. d. 

Rukaat-I-Jami. 4to Calcutta, 1811 

Sadi, Kuliyat or Works of, edited by H. J. Harington. 2 vols. 

small fol. (2 copies, and 3 of the 2nd vol.) Calcutta, 1791 
Sadi, The Diwan of. (2 copies) 4to. ..• Calcutta, 1809 

Sadi, The Gtx)listaun. (2 copies) 4to. ••• Calcutta, 1809 
Sadi, The Gulistan, or Rose Garden. (3 copies) 8vo. 

London, 1827 

Sadi, The Golistaun. 8vo Calcutta, 1830 

Sadi, The Goolktan. 8vo Bombay, 1833 

Sadi, Gulistan, ou le Parterre de Fleurs, public par N. Semelet. 

4to Paris, 1828 

Sadi, Selections from his Goolistaun and Boostaun. fol. 

Fort William, 1809 
Sadi, The Muntakhab-I-Bostan. (2 copies) 4to. Calcutta, 1809 
Sadi, Boostan, with a Commentary and a Dictionary of hard 

Words, by Moolvy Jumnuzuddy. 4to. Calcutta, 1828 

Sadi, Selections from the Bostan, in Persian, by F. Falconer. 

12mo. London, 1838 

Seir ool Mutakherin, or the History of India, by Syed Gholam 

Husein Khan, edited by Hukim Mouluve Abdool Mujid. 

vol. i. 4to. Calcutta, 1836 

Sekander Nama, by Nizamee. (4 copies) 8vo. Calcutta, 1827 
Sekundur Namu, by Nizamee, with a Selection from the Works of 

the most celebrated Commentators, by Budur Ulee and Meer 

Hoosuen Ulee. 4to Calcutta, 1812 

Selections ; Descriptive, Scientific, and Historical, translated from 

the English and Bengalee into Persian. 8vo. Calcutta, 1827 
Shah Namu : the Book of Kings, a poetical History of Persia to 

2 G 


the Mohammedan Conquest, by Abool Eausim-I-Firdousee, 

edited by M. Lumsden. vol. i. (k copies) fol. Calcutta^ 1811 
Shah Nameh, an Heroic Poem ; containing the History of Persia 

from Kioomurs to Yesdejird, by Abool Easim Firdousee, with 

a Glossary and Life of the Author by Turner Macan. 

(2 copies) 4b vols. 8vo. Calcutta^ 18^9 

Shakespear (H.), Civil Justice Regulations in Bengal, Behar, and 

Orissa, from 1793 to 1824. (2 c(ypie8) 4to. Calcutta, 1824 

Sharah Bostan. fol *. ••• Calcutta^ 

Sharah Gulistan. 4to. Calcutta, 1837 

Sbaraya o6L Islam : a Treatise ^* On Lawful and Forbidden 

Things,"" by Abool Kasim, edited by Moolvees Seyud Oulad 

Hosein and Zuhoor Ulee. 4to. ••• Calcutta, 1839 

Subhat-ul-Abrar. 4to. Calcutta,\SW 

Tarjamah-I-Fatavi Alamgiri, a Treatise on Mohammedan Law. 

{^copies) 8vo. ••• ... ... Caieutta, ISXfk 

Tafsir Surah Fatiha. 8vo Calcutta, 1836 

Tafsir Tabarik-al-lazi. 4to. Calcutta, ISS^ 

Tibeh Ukbar, a Medical Work. 8vo. ... Cedcutta, — - 

Unwari Soheilee. fol. -. Madras, 1816 

Uruz. 8vo. ••• ... ... ••• ... Calcutta, n. d. 

Vullers (J. G.), Chrestomathia Schahnamiana. 8vo. Bonn, 183^ 
Wilson (Jo.), Raddi-I-Din-Mussalmani ; or a Refutation of Mu- 

hammadism, in Reply to Haji Muhammad Hashim. 8vo. 

Lithog. Bombify, 1836 
Yusuf-wa-Zulikha. (2 copies) 4to. ,., Calcutta, 1809 

Yusuf and Zuleikha. 8vo Calcutta, 18^1 

Yusef and Zuleikha. 4to Bombay, 1829 

Zad-al-akhiret : Rules for Burials, &c., of the Mohammedans. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1830 
Zakhirat ul Mai, a Translation of Harrington'^s Analysis of Regu^ 

lations, by Ouseley. 2 vols. 4to. ... Calcutta, 1840 


Pund-nama, Persian and Hindustani. 8vo. Calcutta, 1825 

Roebuck (Capt. Tbos.), Collection of Oriental Proverbs and Pro- 
verbial Phrases, in the Persian and Hindostanee Languages. 
Svo. Calcutta, 1824 


Anthologia Perdca, Pers. et Lat. 4to. ... Viennaef 1778 

Auswahl au8 den Diwanen des Grossten Mystischen Dichters Per- 
siens Mewlana Dscheladdin Rumi, Persian and German, by 
Vine, von Rosen weig* 4to. Wien, 1888 

Desatir (The), or Sacred Writings of the Ancient Persian Pro- 
phets; with the Ancient Persian Version and Commentary of 
the Fifth Sasan ; edited by MuIIa Firuz Bin Kaus, in Per- 
sian and English, with a Glossary. S vols. 8vo. Bombay^ 1818 

Gladwin (Francis), Persian Classics (the Gulistan of Sadi), Persian 
and English. S vols. 4to. ^ Calcutta, 1806 

Gladwin (Fr.), Dissertations on the Rhetoric, Prosody, and 
Rhyme of the Persians ; Persian and English. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1798 

Hafiz. Persian Lyrics from the Diwan-I-Hafiz ; Pers. and Eng- 
lish, by Jo. H. Hindley. 4to. London, 1800 

Herkem, The Forms of. Corrected from a Variety of Manuscripts, 
Persian and English, translated by Fr. Balfour. 4to. 

Calcutta, 1781 

Histoire des Mongols de la Perse, par Raschid-Eldin, Persan et 
Franqais, traduit par Quatremere. vol. i. fol. Paris, 1836 

Horti Persici et Arabici in Latii Valles transtulerunt O. Amtho- 
rus et A. Fritzschius. 8vo Melocahi, 184S 

Jofl^h und Suleicha Histcnich-Romantisches Gedicht aus dem 
Parsischen des Mewlana, Abdurrahman Dschami, Pers. und 
Deutsche, von V. Edlem von Rosenweig. fol. Wien, 1824 

Kalee Kris'hun Bahadoor, Miscellaneous Moral Maxims, collected 
from various Authors; Persian and English. 12mo. 

Serampore, 1830 

Kalmat Ali ; Apothegms of Alee, the Son of Abo Talib, Son-in- 
Law of the Moslim Lawgiver Mahummid ; with Early Persic 
Paraphrase and an English Translation, by Wm. Yule, 
thin 4to Lithog. Edinb. 1832 

Le Livre des Rois, par Aboulkasim Firdousi, Persan et FTan^ais, 
traduit avec Commente, par Jules Mohl. 2 vols. fol. 

Paris, 1838 and 1842 

Martyn (Hen.), Controversial Tracts on Christianity and Moham- 
medanism, Persian and English, by S. Lee. 8vo. Camb. 1824 

Mohammed Ali Hazin (Sheikh), The Life of, by himself; Per- 
sian and English ; translated by F. C. Belfour. (2 copies) 
2vols. 8vo London, 1830-81 

Mohammedi Filii Chondschahi, vulgo Mirchondi, Histcnia Gasne- 
vidarum, Persice et Latine, cura Fr. Wilken. 4to. 

Berolini, 1832 


Mirchond's Geschichte der Seldschuken, Persisch und Deutsch, 
von Jo. A. Vullers. 2 vols. 8vo» ... Giessen^ 1838 

Nizami Narrationes et Fabulae Persicse, Pers. et Lat., cum Indice 
Verborum. 4to Ldpatc^ 1802 

Original Persian Letters and other Documents, Persian and Eng- 
lish, translated by Chas. Stewart. 4to. ... London^ 1825 

Ostervald ; Abridgement of the History of the Bible, Perrian and 
English. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1792 

Pend Nameh, ou Le Livre des Conseils de Fend Eddin Attar, 
Persan et Franqais, traduit par Silvestre de Sacy. 8vo. 

Paris, 1809 

Rosenflor des Geheimnisses von Mahmud Schebisteri, Persisch und 
Deutsch, von Hammer Pugstall. 4to. ... Pesth, 1838 

Rowlandsbn (Lieut. M. J.), An Analysis of Arabic Quotations 
which occur in the Gulistan of Sadi ; with Persian Illustra- 
tions of the same, and Remarks on Arabic Grammar; Persian 
and English. 4to. ... Madras, 1828 

Sadi Rosarium Politicum, sive Amoenum Sortis Humanse Thea- 
trum, Pers. et Lat., cura Geo. Gentii. fol. Amsterdam, 1651 

Sadi, The Gulistan, Persian and English, translated by Fr. Glad- 
win. (3 copies) 2 vols. 4to. ••• ... Calcutta, 1806 

Soohrab ; A Poem by Firdousee, in Persian and English, trans- 
lated by Jas. Atkinson. (2 copies) 8vo. Calcutta, 1814 

Stewart (Chas.), Original Persian Letters and other Documents, 
with Fac-similes, Persian and English. 4to. London, 1825 

Timour ; or Tamerlane's Institutes, Political and Military, Persian 
and English, by Major Davy and Jos. White. (2 copies) 4to. 

Oaford, 1783 

Tooti Nameh ; or Tales of a Parrot, in the Persian^ with English 
Translation. 8vo. London, 1801 

Xavier (Hieron.), Historia Christi, et Historia S. Petri, Pers. et 
Lat., cura Ludov. de Dieu, cum De Dieu Rudimentis Lin- 
guae Persicae. 3 vols, in 1. 4to. ... Lugd. Bai. 1689 


Abu Talib Khan, Travels in Asia, Africa, and Europe, in 1799 — 
1803, translated from the Persian by Chas. Stewart. 3 vols. 
12mo. ... ..• ... ••• ••• London, lS14i 

Akhlak-I-Jalaly : The Practical Philosophy of the Muhammadan 


People, by Fakir-Jany-Muhammad Asaad, translated from the 
Persian, with Notes, by W. F. Thompson. 8vo. London^ 1839 

Ali Hazin (Sheikh Mohammed), The Life of, written by himself, 
translated from the Persian, with Notes, by F. C. Balfour. 
8vo. Londofij 1830 

Ali Mohammed Khan, The Political and Statistical History of 
Guzerat, translated from the Persian, with copious Annota- 
tions and an Historical Introduction by Jas. Bird. 8vo» 

London^ 1835 

Ameer Khan (Mohummud), Memoirs of the Pathan Soldier of 
Fortune, Nuwab Ameer -ood-Doulah Mohummud Ameer 
Khan, by Busawan Lai, translated by H. T. Prinsep. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1832 

Ardai Viraf Nameh ; or the Revelations of Ardai Viraf, trans- 
lated into English, with Notes, by J. A. Pope. 8vo. 

London, 1816 

Ayeen Akbery ; or the Institutes of the Emperor Akbar, translated 
by Fr. Gladwin. 2 vols. 4to London, 1800 

Bahar-Danush ; or Garden of Knowledge : an Oriental Romance, 
translated by Jonathan Scott. 3 vols. 8vo. Shrewsbury, 1799 

B^igal. Narrative of the Transactions in Bengal, during the Soo- 
bahdaries, translated by Fr. Gladwin. 8vo. Calcutta, 1788 

Chronique d'Abou-rdjafar Mohammed Tabari, Fils de Djarir, Fils 
d'Yezid, traduite par L. Dubeux. vol. i. 4to. Paris, 1836 

Customs and Manners of the Women of Persia, and their Domestic 
Superstitions, translated by Jas. Atkinson. 8vo. London, 1832 

Dabistan, or School of Manners, translated by D. Shea and A. 
Troyer. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1843 

Dabistan oder von der Religion der altesten parsen aus der Persis- 
chen ins Deutsche, von F. Dalberg. 12mo. 

Aschafferiburg, 1809 

Dabistan von Scheik Mohammed Fani, aus der Persischen ins 
Deutsche, von F. Dalberg. 12mo. ... Bombay, 1817 

Gholam Hosein. See Seir Mutakherin. 

Goolistan-I-Remhut ; or the Life of Hafiz-ool-Moolk, Hafiz Reh- 
mut Khan, by Nuwab Moosf ujab Khan Buhadoor, abridged 
and translated by Chas. Elliot. 8vo. ••• London, 1831 

Hatim Tai, The Adventure of; a Romance, translated by D. 
Forbes. 4to. London, 1830 

History of the Reign of Tipu Sultan, translated from the Persian 
of Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani by Col. W. Miles. 8vo. 

London, 1844 


History of the Afghans, by Neamet Ullah, translated by B. Dorn. 
(2 copies of Part I.) 2 Parts, 4to. ... lAmdon, 1829-36 

History of Hydur Naik, otherwise Shums ul Moolk, Ameer ud 
Dowla, Nawaub Hydur Ali Khan Bahadoor, &c., by Hussein 
Ali Khan Kirmani, translated by Col. W. Miles. 8vo. 

London, 1842 

Jahangueir (Memoirs of the Emperor), written by himself, trans- 
lated by Major D. Price. 4to. London, 1829 

Jehan Ara, Epitome of the Ancient History of Persia, translated 
by W. Ouseley. 12mo. London, 1799 

Eajars. The Dynasty of the Kajars, translated by Sir Harford 
Jones Brydges. 8vo. London, 1833 

Khojeh Abdulkurreem, Memoirs of, including the History of 
Hindostan from 1739 to 1749, translated by Fr. Gladwin. 
(2 copies) 8va Calcutta, 1788 

Khyrodddeen Moohummud (Fuqeer), History of Jounpoor, trans- 
lated from the Persian. 8vo. ' Calcutta, \S\4^ 

Kirkpatrick (Wm.), Letters of Tippoo Sultan, with Notes and 
Observations. 4to. London, 1811 

Kisseh-Ehun der Persische Erzahler. 18mo. ... Berlin, 1829 

Klange aus Osten enthaltend neun Makamen des Hamadani, und 
zwei kleinere Episoden aus dem Schahnamen des Firdausi, 
von E. Amthor. 8va • Leipxig, 1841 

Laili and Majnun; a Poem by Nizami, translated by Jas. Atkin- 
son. 8vo. ••• London, 1836 

Mirkond ; History of the Early Kings of Persia, from Eaiomars 
to the Conquest of Iran by Alexander the Great, translated 
with Notes, &c. by D. Shea. 8vo. ... London, 1832 

Mulfuzat Timury ; or Autobiographical Memoirs of the Mogul 
Emperor Timur, translated by Major Chas. Stewart. 4to. 

London, 1830 

Ousdey (Wm.), Persian Miscellanies ; an Essay to facilitate the 
Beading of Persian Manuscripts. 4to. ... London, 1795 

Saadi. Vier Lustgange aus Saadi's Rosenhain, von Bern. Dorn. 
8vo. ' ••• ... ... ..• ... Hamb, 1827 

Saddi'^s des weisen Persers Konigspiegel herausgegeben, von J. G. 
Grohman. 12mo ••• Leips. 1820 

Sadi's, Rosengarten aus dem Persischen durch Dr, P. Wolff. 18mo. 

SttUtgart, 1841 

Sadi Gulistan, or Flower Garden of Shiraz, translated into Eng- 
lish, with an Essay on Sadies Life and Genius, by Jas, Ross. 
8vo. London, 1823 


Sadi : Select Fables from Jiis Gulistan ; or the Beds of Roses, 
translated from the Persian by Steph. Sullivan. 12mo. 

Londouy 1T74 

Sadik Ispahani, The Geographical Works of, translated from the 
Original Persian MSS. in the possession of Sir Wm. Ouseley, 
the Editor. 8vo. London, 18S2 

Seir-Mutakherin ; or View of Modem Times, being a History of 
India from 1118 to 1194 of the Hedjrah, A.D. 1781-2, by 
Seid-Gholam-Hossein-Ehan. (2 copiei) 8 vols. 4to. 

Calauita, 1789 

Siyar-ul-Mutakherin ; a History of the Mahomedan Power in 
India, by Mir Gholam-Hussein-Khan, revised from the trans- 
lation of Haji Mustefa, by Jo. Briggs. (S copies) vol. i. 
8vo. London, 1832 

Sb4h Namah, Episodes from the, by Ferdoosee, translated into 
English Verse by Steph. Weston. 8vo. London, 1816 

Shah Namah of Firdausi, translated and abridged, in Prose and 
Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, by Jas. Atkinson. 
(2 copies) 8vo London, 1832 

Specimens of Popular Poetry of Persia, as found in the Adven- 
tures and Improvisations of Kurroglou, orally collected and 
translated, with Notes, by Alex. Chozko. 8vo. London, 1842 

Stewart (Chas.), Catalogue of the Oriental Library of Tippoo 
Sultan of Mysore, with Memoirs of Hyder Aly Khan, and 
his Son Tippoo Sultan. 4to Cambridge, 1809 

Stewiu*t (Chas.), Introduction to the Anwari Soohyly of Hussein 
Vaiz Kashify. 4to. London, 1821 

Tezkereh al Vakiat, or Private Memoirs of the Moghul Emperor 
Humayiin, by Jouher; translated by Major Chas. Stewart. 
4to. » ••• London, 1832 

Tippoo Sultanas Select Letters to various public Functionaries, 
arranged and translated by Wm. Kirkpatrick« 4to. 

London, 1811 

Ukhlaqi Hindee, or Indian Ethics, translated by Meer Buhadoor 
Ulee, edited by Jo. Gilchrist. 4to. ... Calcutta, 1803 

Wamik und Asra, das ist d^ Gliihende und die Bliihende, von 
Jos. V. Hammer. 8vo. Wien, 1833 

Catalogue of Persian and Arabic MSS. in the Library of the 
Asiatic Society of Bengal, in the original Languages. 8vo. 



Edmonstone, Treatise on Peraan Writing. 4to. 

F(yrt William, 1802 

Langles (L.), Notice des Manuscrits Persan dans la Bibliotheque 
Nationale, viz. Myrkhond, et Pieces Turkes, Arab., et Per- 
sanes. 4to ••• ... ••• Paris, 1799 

Mejmua Shemsi, A Summary of the Copemican System of Astro- 
nomy, translated into Persian by W. Hunter. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1826 

Raja Kdli-Krishna Bahadur, Short Account of, from the Papers of 
G, Collier, in Persian and English. 8vo. Calcutta, 1836 

Rewizki (Baron), Fragmente uber die Litteraturgeschichte der 
Perser, von Jo. Friedel. 12mo. Wien, 1783 

Small-pox, A Treatise on the, in Persian. 4to. ... ■ 1800 

Soobah Sing (Rajah), Spirited Remonstrance to the Emperor 
Aurungz^be, in Persian and English, with Notes by S. 
Weston. 4to. London, 1803 


Grazoni (Maur.), Graramatica e Vocabolario della Lingua Kurda; 
in Alphahetis Variis. vol. i. 8vo. 

EofiuB, Typis Propag. Fide, 1787 


Boyd (Major Chas.), The Turkish Interpreter, or New Grammar 
of the Turkish Language. 8vo. Paris, \S4t% 

David (Arthur L.), Grammar of the Turkish Language ; with a 
Discourse on the Language and Literature of the Turkish 
Nations, a copious Vocabulary, Dialogues, and Extracts, in 
Prose and Verse. 4to London, \8S2 

Jaubert (P. A.), Elemens de la Grammaire Turke. 4to. Paris, 1823 

Turkish Grammar, compiled for the Use of Travellers. 4?to. 

Bombay, 1834 


Loghat-I-Turki ; a Dictionary of the Turkish Language, explained 
in Persian, (^copies) 8vo Calcutta, 18S5 


Meninski (F. M.), Thesaurus Linguarum Orientalium Turdcae, 
Arabicae, Persicse, cum Complementum Thesauri Ling. 
Orient, seu Onomasticon— Latino-Turcico-Arabico-Persicuni, 
et Institutiones «eu Grammatica Turcica. 5 vols. fol. 

Viennaey 1680-87 

Bulletins de la Grande Armee, Campagne de Prusse. 2 vols. 

7bO. ••• ••• ••• •«« ««« ••• w^mm^^ XOV • 

Raschid Effendi, Historia Ottomanna. 2 vols. fol. 

ConstanHnopley 1740 


Falknerklee, bestehend in drey Ungedruckten Werken iiber die 
Falknerey, Turkische und Deutsch, von Hammer-Purgstall. 
8vo PesthylSiO 


Baber (Zehir ad din Muhammed), Autobiography of, translated 

from the Jaghatai Turki, by Jo. Leyden and Wm. Erskine. 

(& copies) 4to London, 18^ 

Baber, Life of, abridged from the preceding, by R. M. Caldecott. 

8vo. London, 184A 

Baki^s des grossten Turkischen Lyrikers Diwan. Zum ersten 

mahle verdeutscht von Jos. von Hammer. 8vo. Wien, 1825 
EvliySi Effend^s Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 

in the Seventeenth Century, translated by Jos. von Hammer. 

4to. •». London, 1834 

Haji Khalifeh, History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks, 

translated by Jas. Mitchell. 4to. ..« London, 1831 

History of the War in Bosnia in 1737, 8, and 9, translated by 

C. Fraser. 8vo London, 1830 

Life of Baber, Emperor of Hindostan, written by himself, and 

translated from the Jaghati Toorki by J. Leyden and W. 

Erskine. 4to ••• London, 1844 

Naima, Annals of the Turkish Empire from 1591 to 1659) trans- 
lated by Chas. Fraser. 4to. London, 1832 



Shajrat ul Atrak ; or Genealogical Tree of the Turks and Tar- 
tars, translated and abridged by Col. Miles. 8vo. 

London J 18S1 
Jaubert (A.), Notice • d'un Manuscrit Turc, en Caractdres Oui- 
gours, envoye par M. de Hammer k M. Abel Remusat. 8vo. 

Paris, 1825 
Relation de I'Ambassade de Mohammed Effendi, en Turk. 8vo. 

Paris, 1841 
Roehrig (F. L. O.), Specimen des Idiotismes de la Langue 

Turque. 8vo Breslau, 184S 

Roehrig (F. L. O.), de Turcarum Linguae Indole ac Natura. 
8vo. Vraiislaviae, 184S 


Arnot and Forbes, On the Origin and Structure of the Hin- 
doostanee Tongue; or General Language of British India. 
8vo. London, 1828 

Arnot (Sandford), Self-Instructing Grammar of the Hindustani 
Tongue. 8vo London, 1831 

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Pari8y 1886 
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Sinensis Imperii Libri Classici Sex, nimirum Adultorum Schola, 


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TEtO* ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^^^'~~" J.OJ.X 

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2 K 



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N. D. 

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Paris^ N. D. 

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SeramporCi 1838 



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Maleische Taal. Svo. ... Amst.lS^^ 

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ISmo. Paris, 1826 

Sunday, Rules for the Observance of, in the Malay Language. 

OVO. ••• •••. .•• ... ... .•• ■ N. I). 


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Romae^ Typis Propag. Fide, 1797 
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London, 1842 



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Latinae, cum Observationibus Philologicis et Rudimentis 
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Ten Tribes settled beyond the River Sambatyon in the East, 
translated from the Hebrew. 8vo. ... London j 1836 

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S vols. 8vo. ... ... ... ... lAmdoUylSSS 

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London, 1830 
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traduite de TArmenien par M . J. St. Martin. 8vo. 

Paris, 1841 
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traduit de TArmenien par J. Klaproth. 8vo. Paris, 1818 
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THistoire des Communautes Religieuses fondees par Saint 
Fakhome, Copte-Thebain et Francois, traduit par E. Du- 
laurier. 8vo. Paris, 1835 

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TExpression des Signes Hieroglyphiques, et sur les Siemens 
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Leipsic, 1839 

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Leide, 1838 

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Romae, 16S9 
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St Petersb. 1840 


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St Petersb. 1842 


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Madrid, 1772 

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3 Parts. In 2 vols.4to Lipsiae, 1837 




New Testament (The), with Critical, Explanatory, and Practical 
Notes. Pbinted in Letters op Gold, on enamelled 
Papeb. 4to London, 18S6 


New Testament. El Evangelio segun S. Lucas, traducido al 
Vascuence. 12mo. MadridjlSSS 


New Testament. El Evangelio segun S. Lucas, traducido al 
Romani o Dialecto de los Gitanos de Espana. ISmo. 

Rome, 1837 



Bible. The Pentateuch, translated into the Pushtoo Language. 

oVO. ... ... •*• ... ... •*• ... "^"^^^ 

New Testament, translated into the Pushtoo Language. Svo. 

Serampore, 1818 
New Testament, translated into Pushtoo. Svo. _— 1827 

2 L 



Bible (The Holy), containing the Old and New Testaments, trans- 
lated into Arabic. (3 copies, one large paper) 4to. 

Newcastle, 1811 

New Testament, translated into Arabic, by Syed N. Jevad Sabat. 
Fart I. 4to Calcutta, 1809 

New Testament. Extrait d'une Traduction MS. en Langue Ber- 
bere de quelques Parties de TEcriture Sainte, contenant XII. 
Chapitres de S. Luc. 8vo. London, 18SS 

Liturgia Anglicana, seu Precum Communium et Administrationis 
Sacramentorum, aliorumque Ecclesise Rituum et Ceremo- 
niarum adjecto Davidis Psalterio. Arabice nunc primum 
totus editus, curis E. Pococke, Jo. Tytler, and W. H. Mill. 
4to. Calcutta, 1837 


Bible (The Holy), translated from the original Tongues into the 
Assamese Language. 8vo Serampore, ISBS 


Bible (The Holy), translated into the Bengali Language. 5 vols. 

8vo Serampore, 1801-3 

Bible (The Holy), or the Old and New Testament, translated into 

Bengalee, by Wm. Carey. 2 vols. 8vo. Serampore, 1801 

Bible (The Holy), translated into Bengalee. 8vo. Serampore,18SZ 
Bible (The Holy). The Psalms of David and Isaiah, translated 

into Bengalee. (2 copies) 8vo. ... Serampore^ 180S 

Bible (The Holy), The Pentateuch, Historical and Prophetical 
Books, translated into the Orissa Language. 6 vols. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1807-14 
Bible. The Pentateuch, translated into the Uriya Language. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1811 

New Testament^ translated into Uriya. 8vo. Serampore, • 

New Testament, translated into Uriya. 8vo. Serampore, 1811 



New Testam^t, translated into the Bhutuner Language. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1824 


New Testament, translated into the Bhugelkhunda Language. 8vo. 

Serampore^ 1821 


Bible (The Holy), translated into the Camatica Language. 4 vols. 

8vo. ... Madras, 1838, &c. 

Grenesis (The Book of), translated into Carnatica. 8vo. 

Bellary, 1840 
Exodus (The Book of), translated into Carnatica. 8vo. 

Bellaryj 1842 
Psalms (The Book of), translated into Carnatica. 8vo. 

Bellary, 1839 
New Testament, translated from the Greek into the Eumata Lan- 
guage. 8vo Seramporej\S9& 

Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, translated into 
the Camatica Language. 8vo Bellary^ 1838 


New Testament. The Gospel of St. Mark, translated into the 
Chinese Language. 8vo ... 

New Testament. The Gospel of St. John, translated into Chinese. 
4to Seramporey 1813 

Bible. Genesis in de Singaleesche, door Hen. Philipsz. 4to^ 


New Testament, translated into the Singalese Language. 8vo. 

Cohmbo, 1820 

New Testament, translated into the M^^adha or Pali Language. 
8vo Serampore^ 1818 



New Testament, translated into the Dongar Language. 8vo. 

Serampore^ 1818 


New Testament, translated into the Garwal Language. 8vo. 

Serampore^ 1819 


New Testament, translated from the Originals into the Groozuratee 
Language. 8vo. Serampore, 1820 


Bible, The Pentateuch, Historical and Prophetical Books, trans- 
lated into the Hindi Language. 2 vols. 8vo. Serampore, 1812 

Bible. The Prophetical Books, translated from the Originals into 
Hindi. 8vo Serampore, 19>^\ 

New Testament, translated into Hindi. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Serampore, — — 

New Testament, translated into Hindi, and revised by Wm. Hunter. 
{^copies) 4to Cofcw//o, 1805 

New Testament, translated into Hindi. 4to. Serampore, 1811 

New Testament, translated into Hindi. 8vo. Serampore, 1818 

New Testament. The Gospels, translated into HindL 8vo. 

Serampore, 1812 


New Testament, translated into Hindoostanee. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1833 


Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, ynth the Psalter, 
translated into Indo-Portuguese. 8vo. ••• London, 1826 



New Testament, translated into the Kunouj Language. 8vo. 

Serampore^ 1821 


New Testament, translated into the Kashmeeri Language. 8vq. 

Seramporcj 1821 


New Testament, translated into the Kemaoon Language. 8vo. 

Serampore^ 1819 


New Testament, translated into the Ehassee Language. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1831 


Bible, The Pentateuch, translated into the Eonkan Language. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1821 

MAGADA, see Cingalese and Pah. 


Bible (The Holy), translated into the Mahratta Language. 3 vols. 

8vo. Bombay^ 1836-8 

Bible. The Pentateuch and the New Testament, translated into 

Mahratta. 2 vols. 8vo. Serampore, 1807 

Bible. The Pentateuch, translated into Mahratta. 8vo. 

Serampore, 1812 
Bible. The Prophetical Books, translated into Mahratta. 8vo. 

Sera/nvpore, 1821 
New Testament, translated fix)m the Original into Mahratta. 8vo. 

Serampore^ 1824 
Matthew (The Gospel of St.), translated into Mahratta. 8vo. 


Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, translated into 
Mahratta by the Rev. J. Dixon. (2 copies) 8vo. 

Bombay^ 1835 

Prayers, Morning and Evening, and the Psalms, translated into 

Mahratta. (9, copies) 8vo. Bombay 



Bible (The Holy), translated into the Malay Language. 4 vols. 

• •• 


Bible. The Old Testament, translated into the M alayalim Lan- 
guage. 4 vols. 8vo. Cottayam, 18S9-41 

Psalms (The Book of), translated into MalayaUm. 12mo. 

Cottayam, 1839 

Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, translated into 
Malayalim. Svo. Cottayam, 1838 

Family Prayers in Malayalim. 12mo. ... Cottayam^ 1841 


New Testament, translated from the Originals into Marwar. 8vo. 

Seramparei 1821 



New Testament, translated into the Munipoore Language. 8vo. 

ORISSA, see Bengalee and Orissa. 
PALI, see Cingalese and Pali. 

New Testament, translated into the Palpa Language. 8vo. 


Bible. The Pentateuch, translated into the Persian Language by 

T. Bobinson. 4to 1828 

Bible, Genesis, translated into Persian. 8vo. London^ 1828 

Bible. Isaiah, translated into Persian by M irza Ibrahim. (2 copies) 

OVO. ••• ••• ... ••• ... ••• ••• '~^~~"^™ 

New Testament, translated into Persian by Lieut.-Col. Colebrooke. 

{S copies) 4to Calcutta^ 1805 

New Testament, translated into Persian. 12mo. London^ 1835 

PUNJABI, see Sikh. 
PUSHTOO, see Affghan. 



Bible (The Holy), or the Old and New Testaments, translated into 
Sanscrit from the Original Hebrew and Greek. 5 vols. 4to. 

Serampore^ 1808-16 

Bible. The Prophetical Books, translated from the Originals into 
the Sungskrita Language. 8vo. ••• Serampore, 1821 

New Testament, translated into Sungskrit. 4to. Serampore, 1808 

New Testament, translated into Sanscrit. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1841 


Bible. The Pentateuch, translated into the Punjabi Language. 

8vo SeramporCf 1819 

Bible. The Historical Books, translated into Punjabi. 8vo. 

Seramporcj 1818 
Bible. The Prophetical Books, translated into Punjabi. 8vo. 


Biblia. Vetus Testamentum Syriace, recognovit et ad fidem 

Codicum MSS. emendavit, edidit S. Lee. 4to. London^ 1823 

Novum Testamentum Syriace, edidit S. Lee. 4to. London, 1816 


New Testament. The Acts of the Apostles, in Tamil. 8vo. 
Tirumandram. A Catholic Liturgy, in Tamil. (2 copies) 

^ ^LUw« ... ••• .«• ... ... ..• 


Bible. The Pentateuch, translated into the Telugu Language. 

8vo Serampore, 1831 

Bible. The Book of Genesis, translated into Teloogoo. 8vo. 

Bellary, 1841 
Bible. The Book of Psalms, translated into Teloogoo. 8vo. 

Bellary, 1839 
New Testament, translated into Telegu. 8vo. 


New Testament. The Gospel of St. Matthew, translated into 
Teloogoo. 8vo Bellary, 1838 


New Testament. The Gospels of Matthew and Mark, translated 
into Telegu. 8vo. Bellaryy 1840 

New Testament. The Gk)8pel of St. Luke, a Telegu Version, 
translated by C. P. Brown. (2 copies) 8vo. 1838 

New Testament. The Gospel of St. Luke, translated into Telugu. 
8vo Bellary,184S 

URIYA, see Bengalee and Orissa. 


New Testament, translated from the Originals into the Vikanera 
or Bikaner Language. 8vo Serampore, 18^ 




Calcutta School-book Society^s Rules — Pearson^s Lessons and Ben- 
galee Spelling-book, 1818— Gonito, or Bengal Arithmetic- 
Fables in Bengalee — Fables in Hindoostanee — and four other 
Educational Tracts in the Bengalee Language. (2 copies) 
In 1vol. 8vo. Calcuttay ISIS^ kc. 

Reports of the Society for promoting the Education of the Poor 
within the Government of Bombay, from 1817 to 1836, with 
Sermons preached for the Benefit of the Society. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1817-87 

Reports of the Bombay Native School-book and School Societies' 
Proceedings, from 1823 to 1838. 8vo. Bombay, 1824-39 

Reports of the General Committee of Public Instruction of the 
Presidency of Fort William in Bengal, from 1835 to 1842-3. 
4 vols. 8vo. ... , Calcutta, 18S7'4& 


Amara Kosha, Sanscrit, in the Bengalee Character. 8vo. 


Hitopadesha : a Collection of Fables and Tales, in Sanscrit, by 
Vishnusarma, with the Bengali and the English Translations 
revised, edited by Lakshmi Nardyan Nyalankar. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1830 
Madhub Chundra Pundita: a Grammar of the Sunscrit Language. 

12mo ... Calcutta, 1824 

WooUaston (M. W.), Principles of English Grammar, in English 
and Sanscrit, by Madhusudana Tarkalankara. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1836 

Yates (W.), Sanscrit Reader. 8vo Calcutta, 182^ 

Yates (W.) Sancrit Vocabulary, Sancrit and English. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1820 

2 M 



Adam (M. T.), Hindee Grammar. 8vo. ... Calcutta^ 1827 
Adam (M. T.), Dictionary of the Hindee Language. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1829 
Adam (M. T.), Dictionary, English and Hindui. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1838 
Benefits of Knowledge, with Sketches of the more Important 

Sciences in Hindi. 12mo. Calcutta, \^Q 

Dialogues in Hindu wee. Svo. Bombay, \9IS1 

Geography, in Question and Answer, in Hindi. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1837 

Geography in Hindi. 12mo. Calcutta, 1838 

Gilchrist, Oordoo Risaluh, or Rules of Hindee Grammar. Svo. 

Calcutta, 1820 

Heaven (The Voice from), in Hindi. Svo. ... Bombay, 1837 

Hindoo (supposed) Incarnations in Hinduvee. Svo. Bombay, 1837 

Hindui Reader, being a Selection of Easy Sentences and Moral 

and Entertaining Anecdotes in Hindui. 3 vols. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1837 
Idiomatical Exercises, in English and Hindi. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1838 
Pleasing Tales, or Stories designed to improve the Understanding, 
translated into Hinduwee by M. T. Adams, English and 
Hinduwee, 1828. Elements of Natural Philosophy and Natu- 
ral History, translated into the Sunscrit Language by W. 
Yates, 1828. Introductory Lessons in Ooriya. 4 vols, in 1, 

Svo Calcutta, \S^, he- 

Rowe (Mrs.), Hindee Spelling Book. Svo. ..• Calcutta, 

Rowe (Mrs.), Hindee Spelling Book ; Moral Tales, Part II., in 
Hindoostanee ; Stewart's Historical Anecdotes, translated into 
Hinduwee by W. T. Adams; Dr. Bell's Instructions for 
Modelling and Conducting Schools, translated into Hindooee 
by W. T. Adams. 4 vols, in 1, 12mo. Calcutta, 1824, &c. 
Stewart, Historical Anecdotes, with a Sketch of the History of 
England and her Connection with India, translated by W. T. 
Adams, English and Hinduwee. Svo. ... Calcutta, 1825 


Grammar of the Bengali Language. ... Calcutta, 1833 

Keith (J.), Grammar of the Bengali Language; Neeticotha, or 


Fables in Bengalee, on the Cholera Morbus, in Bengalee, &c. 

&c. In 1 vol. 12mo CalcuitUy IS^S 

Pearson (J. D.), Grammar of the English Language, English and 

Bengalee, and Pearson's Bakybolee, or Idiomatical Exercises, 

English and Bengalee. 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. Calcutta^ 1820-5 
Morton (Wm.), Dictionary of the Bengalee Language, Bengalee 

and English. Svo Calcutta, 18^ 

Pearson (J. D.), School Dictionary, English and Bengalee. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1829 

Tarachand Chukruburtee, a Dictionary in Bengalee and English. 
12mo. Calcutta, 1827 

Ancient History (an Epitome of), in Bengalee. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1830 

Ancient History (an Epitome of), or an Account of the Egyptians, 
Assyrians, Persians, Grecians, and Romans, English and 
Bengalee. Svo Calcutta, 1830 

Ancient History, Sketches of Celebrated Characters in, Bengalee. 
8vo. Calcutta, 1830 

Animal Biography (in 2 Parts), Part I. in Bengali, and Part II. 
English and Bengali. 2 vols. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1828-34 

Animal Biography, viz. The Beaver, Leopard, Monkey, Seal, and 
Wolf, in Bengalee and English. 5 Parts. 8vo. ... ■ 

Bumamala, or the Bengali Alphabet. 12mo. Calcutta, 

Bumamala, Fart II. in Bengalee. 12mo. ... Calcutta, s, d. 

Dig-Durshun, or Indian Youth''s Magazine, from April 1818 to 
April 1820, in English and Bengali. 8vo. Serampore, 1822 

Dig-Durshun, or the Indian Youth's Magazine, from April 1818 
to February 1821, in Bengalee. 8vo. ... Calcutta, 1818 

Educational Tracts, viz. Pleasing Tales and Stories; Pearsons 
Potro Cowmoodee, or Book of Letters, &c. ; W. Yates's 
Elements of Natural Philosophy; Apology for Hindoo Female 
Education, &c., &c., all in the Bengalee Language. In 1 
vol. 8vo. ... ... Calcutta, 1822-5 

Ferguson (Jas.), Introduction to Astronomy, revised by D. Brew- 
ster, and translated into Bengalee by Wm. Yates. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1833 

Geography, Astronomy, &c.. Dialogues on, English and Bengali. 
(^copies) 8vo ..• Calcutta, 189.7 

Groldsmith (O.), History of England, Abridged, translated into 
Bengalee by F. Carey. 8vo Serampore, 1820 


Goldsmith (O.), History of Greece, translated into Bengali by 
Khettro Moliun Mookerjea. (2 copies) 8vo> Calcutta^ 1833 

Gt>nito, a Collection of Arithmetical Tables by R. May, in Ben- 
galee. Svo. Calcutta^ 18^1 

History of British India, in Bengali. 2 vols. Svo. Calcutta^ 

Law of Hindoo Inheritance, in Bengali. Svo. Calcutta^ -^ 

Native Magazine in Bengali. 10 Nos. in 1 vol., Svo. 

Calcutta^ — 

Pearson (J. D.), Bakyabolee ; or Idiomatical Exercises in English 
and Bengalee. Svo. Calcutta^ \S9Q 

Pearson (J. D.), Potro-Cowmoodee ; or Book of Letters in Ben- 
galee ; Fables in Oordoo ; Looking Glass for Children ; Com- 
pendium of Geography in Hindoostanee and English. 4 vols, 
in 1. 12mo. Calcutta^ 1824-30 

Primer, in Bengalee and English. ISmo. ... Calcutta^ 1833 

Primer, in Bengalee. ISmo. Calcutta^ n. d. 

Radhacant Deb, a Bengalee Spelling Book. 12mo. 1827 

Ram Chondro Sorma, Vocabulary of the Bengalee Language. 
{9. copies) 12mo. Calcutta, 1^90 

Stewart, Oopodes-Cotha ; or Moral Tales of History in Bengalee, 
1820, Geography, interspersed with Information Historical 
and Miscellaneous, English and Bengalee, by W. H. Pearce. 
2 vols, in 1. (2 copies) Svo. ... Calcutta, 1820-22 

Stewart's Oopodes-Cotha; or Moral Tales of History, English 
and Bengalee, 1820. Elements of Natural Philosophy and 
Natural History, English and Bengalee, by W. Yates. 2 vols, 
in 1. Svo Calcutta, 1820-25 

Lessons in the Ooriya Language. 12mo. .., Calcutta, n. d. 
Natural Philosophy (Elements of), for the Instruction of Indian 
Youth in the Ooriya Language. 2 vols. Svo. Calcutta, 1830-2 
Neeti Cotha, or Fables in the Ooriya Language. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1832 


Arithmetic (A Course of), in the Marathee Language, translated 
from Hutton and Bonycastle, by Capt. G. R. Jervis. vol. i. 
4to. Bombay, 1838 

Ayah (The) and Lady, modified and translated by Mrs. Farrer. 
Svo. 5om6ay, 1835 


Berquin, The Children's Friend, translated into Marat,ha by Lieut. 
T. Gaisford. (2 copies) % vols. 4to. Bombay^ 1833, &c. 

Catechism, Elementary, in Marhatta* 8vo. ... Bombay^ 1834 

Dialogues on Geography and Astronomy, translated into the 
Marathee Language, (^copies) 8vo. ... Poona, 1832 

Educational Tracts in the Marhatta Language. 3 vols. 4to. 

Bombay^ 1836, &c. 

Educational Tracts in the Marhatta Language. 3 vols. 12mo. 

Bombay, 1838-9 

Esop^s Fables, translated into the Murat,hee Language. 4to. 

Bombay, 1837 

Farrar (C. P.), On the Holiness and Justice of God, in Marhatta. 
Svo. ... Bombay, 1835 

God (on the Nature of), and the Character of True Worshippers, 
in Marhatta. 8vo. Bombay, 1833 

History of England, translated into the Marathee Language. 
2 vols. 8vo, ... Poona, 1832 

History of England (a Plain and Short), translated into Mara- 
thee by Hurree Eeshowjee. 8vo. ... Bombay, 1838 

Hutton (Chas.), Course of Mathematics, translated into the 
Marat,ha Language by Capt. G. R. Jervis. vol. ii. 4to. 

Bombay, 1827 

Murray (Lindley), Abridgment of English Grammar, with a 
Marathi Translation by Raghoba Janardhan and Ball Gun- 
gander Shastree. 4to. ... Bombay, 1837 

Tracts, a Collection of Educational, Missionary, Sz;c. Tracts, in 
the Maratta Language. In 3 vols. 4to., 4 8vo., and 5 12mo. 
12 vols. ... ... Bombay, he, y,Y, 

Tracts, viz. Mathematical Geography, with an Essay on the 
System of Bhaskeracharya, by Ball Gunhadhur Shastree, 
1836. Marathee Atlas, containing Nine Maps by Dadoba 
Pandurung and Nananarayun. In 1 vol. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1836, &c. 

Wilson (Mrs.), Account of the Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, 
and Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Athe- 
nians, in Mahratta. 12mo. ... Bombay, 1838 and 9 

Wilson (Mrs.), Account of the Assyrians and Babylonians, 
Medes and Persians, Ancient Grecians, and the Athenians, 
Marhatta. 8vo Bombay, 1835 

Wilson (Jo.), Idiomatical Exercises, illustrative of the Phraseology 
and Structure of the English and Mara'thi Languages. 12mo. 

Bombay, 1839 



Advantage of Knowledge (A Treatise on the), in Goojratee. 

{2 copies) 8vo Bombay, 18S0 

Atlas, in Goojratee. 8vo Bombay^ 1838 

Berquin^s Children's Friend, in Goojratee. vol. i. 4to. 

Bombay, 1833 
Dialogues on Geography and Astronomy, translated into the Gooj- 
ratee Language. 8vo. ... ... ... Bombay^lSSS 

Mavor's Spelling-book, Goojratheeand English. 8vo. Bombay, 1837 

Punchopakhyan, in Goojratee. 4to Bombay, 18SS 

Tracts (Three) : viz, Jervis on Arithmetic, 1826 ; Mensuration of 
Planes and Solids, 1838; and Esop^s Fables, in Goojrattee. 
3 vols, in L 4to Bombay, 1825, &c. 


Pocket Dictionary and Grammar, English and Tamil. 12mo. 


Elakkana Vinuvinal, in Tamil. 4to ... 

Karuvikaram, or Spelling-book, in Tamil. 2 vols. 4to. 

Nidimozhittirattu : a Selection from the Writings of Tamil Mo- 
ralists, Tamil and English. 8vo. ••• Madras, 1841 
Ondaatje (M. J.), Lessons of Truth, in Tamil. 8vo. Colombo, 1789 
Persian Stories, illustrative of Indian Manners and Customs, Tamil 
and English, translated by C. J. Pillay. 12mo. Madras, 1840 
Phrase Book, or Idiomatical Exercises, in English and Tamil. 

12mo. ,.. Jaffna, 1841 

Schmid (Bern.), Introduction to English Grammar, for Tamuliaus. 

12mo. ... Madras, 18S5 

Spelling-book, in Tamil. 12nio Cottayam, 1836 

Tracts, A Collection of Educational, Missionary, &c. Tracts, in 
the Tamil Language. In 2 vols. 4to., 2 8vo., and 1 12mo. 
5 vols. ... ... ... ... ... Madras, he, y.Y. 

Watts (Jas.), Scripture History, translated into Tamil. 12mo. 

Madras, 1841 


Catechism of English Grammar, by C. Ramakrishna Sastri, in 

English and Telugu. 18mo Madras, IS^l 

Easy Catechism for Children, in English and Teloogoo. 12mo. 

Bellary, 1842 


Howell (Wm), Compendium of the Andra Vyakurnum, or a 

Catechism of Teloogoo Grammar. ISmo. ' Bellary^ 1834 
Hymns (Select), translated into Teloogoo, by Wm. Howell. 18mo. 

Bellary, 1834 
Nala (The Adventures of), a Popular Hindu Poem, written in the 

Telugu Language, by Raghava. 8vo. Madras^ 1841 

Reading Lessons for Children, in Telugu. Part I. 18mo. 

Bellary, 1840 
Ricketts (J. W.), Exercises on the English Irregular Verbs, Eng^ 

lish and Telugu. 8vo ... Madras^ 1840 

Scripture History. New Testament, translated into Teloogoo, by 

W. Howell. 12mo. Bellary^ 1839 

Stevenson (J. W.), Catechism of Geography, in English and 

Teloogoo. ISmo £e//ar^, 1838 

Theology, Syllabus of Lectures on, translated into Telogoo, by 

J.W.Gordon. {9. copies) 12mo. ... Ue/Zary, 1837 

Tracts, a Collection of Educational, Missionary, and other Tracts, 

in the Telegu Language. In 1 vol. 4to., 2 8vo., and 6 12mo. 

8 vols. .*. ••• ••• .•• ••• ••• ■ V. Y. 

Tracts (A Collection of Educational), in the Telegu and Tamil Lan- 
guages. In 7 vols, 8vo., 12mo., and 18mo. Madras^ v. y. 

Vocabulary, in English and Telugu, translated by C. Ramakrishna 
Sastri. 12mo. ... ... Madras^ 1841 


Easy Catechism for Children, in English and Canarese. ISmo. 

Bellary, 184g 

Esop's Fables, translated into the Carnatica Language. 12mo. 

Help (A) in acquiring a Knowledge of the English Language, 

English and Carnactia. (2 copies) 8vo. Bellary, 1835 

Tracts (A Collection of Missionary), in the Canarese Language. In 

1 vol. 12mo Bellary^ 1839, &c. 

Tracts (A Collection of Missionary), in the Carnatica Language. 

In 1 vol. 12mo. Bellary^ 1836, &c. 


Tract* (A Collection of Missionary), in the Malayalim Language. 

In 2 vols. 12mo CottayaniySfC. v. y. 

Watts (Jas.), Scripture Itistory, in Malayalim. 12mo. 

Cottayamy 1842 



Arithmetic, An Elementary Treatise on, in Hindoostanee. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1880 
Bird (Miss), an Easy Introduction to Astronomy, in Hindoostani. 

12mo. Calcutta, 1833 

English Instructor, with an Interlinear Translation, in Hindustani. 

12mo. Calcutta,19S& 

Geography, Hindustani. 12mo. ... 

Hindostanee and English Students^ Assistant. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 18^6 
Hindostanee Reader : a Selection of easy Sentences and moral and 

entertaining Anecdotes. 3 vols. 12mo. Calcutta, 1834 

Hindoostanee Spelling-book, 18S9 — Pleasing Instructor, or a 

Selection of moral and entertaining Pieces, in Hindoostanee, 

1888 — ^Elementary Treatise on Arithmetic, in Persian. 3 vols. 

in 1. 8vo Calcutta, 1828-30 

Moral Maxims, translated from the English into Hindostanee. 

8vo. ••. ••• ... •.• •.• Calcutta, 1836 

Park (Mungo), Travels in the Interior of Africa, translated into 

Urdu. 4to ••• ... Agra, 184^ 

Pinnock's Catechism of Astronomy, translated into Oordoo from 

the English, by Lieut. Fr. A. Miles. 8vo. Lucknow, 1832 
Pleasing Stories for the Use of Children, in Hindustani. 12mo. 

Calcutta, 1838 
Solar System, A brief Account of the English and Hindustani. 

(2 copies) 8vo Calcutta, 1S36 

Thompson (J. T.), English and Oordoo School Dictionary. 12mo. 

Serampore, 1836 


Arabic (The) Reader, or Select Extracts from various Writers. 
8vo. ••• .•. ... ... ... Calcutta, 1828 

Astronomy, Plates illustrative of, in Arabic. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Calcutta, N. D. 
Euclid's Elements, translated into Arabic. 8vo. Calcutta, 1824 



Ramdbun Sen, Dictionary, in Persian and English. 8vo. 

Calcutta^ 1829 
Ramdhun Sen, A Dictionary, in English and Persian. 8vo. 

Calcutta^ 1833 

Aboo Talib Khan (Mirza), his Travels, abridged by D. Macfar- 
lane, in Persian. 8vo. Calcutta^ 1821 

Anecdotes, Moral and Entertaining, translated from the English 
into Persian, by Krishna Chundra Ghosa, Persian and Eng- 
lish. 8vo. ••• •• Calcutta^ 1832 

English Grammar, the leading Principles of, English and Persian, 
translated by Auzeemoodeen Hussun Belgramee. 12mo. 

Calcutta, ISS3 

Euclid^s Elements, Six Books of, in Persian. 8vo. Calcutta, 1823 

Ostervald'^s Abridgement of the Bible, Persian and English. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1792 

Persian (The) Reader. 8vo. ••• ••• ... Calcutta, 1824 

Primer, in Persian, 1825. — Tujnees ool Loghat, or Discrimination 
between Words similar in Form, but different in Meaning, 
1896, &c. In 1 vol 8vo Calcutta, 1826-6 

Quwaidi-Farsee, or Rules on Persian Grammar. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1819 

Missionary (Six) Tracts, in Malay. In 1 vol. 12mo. 1820-22 

Budd (Hen.), The Church Catechism explained. 12mo. 

— 1837 
Carpenter (Thos.), English Spelling-book. 12mo. London, 1826 

Class Reading-book. 12mo Madras, 1837 

Clift, First Geography for Natives, or Guide to the Map of the 

World. 12mo Calcutta, 1836 

Corry (Bp. Dan.), General Outline of Ancient History for the Use 

of Native Youth. 18mo. Madras, 1838 

Educational Tracts, in English. 18mo. Bombay, 1837, &c. 



Elements of English Grammar. 18mo. ... Calcutta, 1S36 

English Instructor, No. III. 12mo Madras, 1SS8 

English Instructor, No. III. ISmo. ... Calcutta^lSiO 

English Reader ; a Selection of Pieces in Prose, suited to the 

Capacities of Indian Youth. 6 vols. 12mo. Calcutta, 1830 

English Reader. Part III. 12mo. ... Madras, 1837 

English Spelling-book, calculated to assist Indian Youth. 2 vols. 
12mo. ... ... ••• ... ... Calcutta, 1829 

English Spelling-book, enlarged by J. H. Williamson. 8vo. 


Euclid's Elements of Plane Geometry (the First Six Books), with 

Notes by Play fair. 8vo. Calcutta, ISSS 

Exercises in Geography. {2 copies) l^mo. Madras, 1835 

Geography, A Compendium of, in Hindostanee and English. 

Calcutta, 1824 

Geography of Hindostan. 18mo Calcutta, 18S4i 

Goldsmith (0.), History of England, abridged. (2 copies) 8vo. 

and 12mo. ... Calcutta, 1828 

Greece, The History of, from the Earliest Times to its final Sub- 
jection to Rome. 12mo. ••• ... Calcutta, 1833 
Hindoo Traveller, or Geography of Hindoostan and View of its 

History, &c. 12mo ^. Manepy, 1839 

Joyce (J.), Dialogues, illustrative of the first principles of Me- 
chanics and Astronomy. 8vo. ... ... Calcutta, \8\9 

Mahon (G. W.), Tutors' Assistant, for the use of Schools in the 
Madras Presidency. 12mo. ... ... Madras, 1842 

Marshman (Jo. C), Brief Survey of History. (2 copies) Part I. 

12mo JMadra«, 1838 and 1840 

Murray (Lindley), English Grammar. 12mo. Calcutta, 1829 

Murray (L.), English Grammar, abridged. 18mo. 

Calcutta, 1825 
Murray (L.), English Exercises. 12mo. ... Calcutta, 1834 
Murray (L.), English Reader. 12mo. ... Calcutta, 1825 
Murray (L.), English Spelling Book. 12mo. Calcutta, 1828 

Murray (L.), English Spelling Book. 18mo. ... York, 1840 
Nicholls (Geo.), Grammar of Geography for the Education of 

Indian Youth. 12mo Calcutta, \8&8 

Poetical English Reader, a Selection of Pieces in Poetry. 4 vols. 

l^mo Calcutta, 1833-7 

Poetry, Selections of. 12mo. ... ... ... Ja^a, 1841 

Psalms and Hymns (a Selection of), for Public Worship. 18mo. 

Bellary, 1838 
Tassin (J. B.), School Atlas. 8vo Calcutta, 1835 


Tracts on Education (a Collection of), in English. In 2 vols. 
18mo. ... ... ... ••• MadraSj Szc.^y.Y. 

Universal History, Introduction to. 12ma Calcutta, 1831 


Carta Para Meus Filhos. Svo. Bombay y s, d. 

Conselhos amigaveis aos Pais sobre O. Governo e Educacao de sens 

Filhos. ISmo Bombay , 1835 

Dezeseis Pequenos Sermoes. Svo Bombay, 1835 

Erros Communs. 8vo. ... Bombay, jn. b. 

As Flores do Bosque. 12mo. Bombaim, 1835 

Moore (H.), O Pastor do Campo de Salisbury. 8va 

Bombay, n. d. 
O Gentilismo do Papismo. Svo. ... ••• Bombay, ^, d, 
Tratato Sobre a Oracao. Svo. Bombay, v» v. 



Abbott (Capt. Jas.), The T'Hakoorine, a Tale of Maandoo. 12mo. 

London^ 1841 
Asiatic Miscellany: consisting of Original Productions, Transla- 
tions, Fugitive Pieces, Imitations, &c. 2 vols, in 1. 4to. 

Calcutta^ 1785 
Baptist Mission in India (A Narrative of the). Svo. 

London^ 1810 
Benfey (T. und M. A. Stem), Ueber die Monatsnamen einiger 

alter Volker. Svo. Berlin^ 18S6 

Beke (Chas. T.), Origines Biblics ; or Researches in Primeval 

History, vol. i. Svo. ... London, 1834 

Bellew (Capt.), Memoirs of a Griffin ; or a Cadet^s First Year in 

India. 2 vols. Svo. London, 184S 

Bengal Annual and Literary Keepsake for 1S30, edited by D. L. 

Richards. Svo. ... Calcutta, 1830 

Bengal. The True Alarm ; on the Importance of Bengal. 12mo. 

London, 1770 
Benna (P. B.), Lobgedicht auf jetzt regierenden Sultan-Abd- 
ul-Medschid, und Trauergedicht auf den Tod des Sultan 
Mahmud II., iibersetzt von F. L. O. Roehrig. 4to. 

Breslau, 1844 
Boughton (Sir Geo. B.), Military and Political Considerations 
relative to Great Britain and her Oriental Colonies. Svo. 

London, 1808 
Boyce (Chas.), Memorial to the Court of Directors of the East- 
India Company. Svo ... London, 1817 

Briefe uber den Fortgang der Asiatischen Studien in Paris. Svo. 

Ulm, N. p. 
Briggs (Lieut.-Col. Jo.), Letters addressed to a Young Person in 

India, {^copies) Svo. London, \S9S 

Brown (C. P.), On the Creed, Customs, and Litterature of the 

Jangams. Svo Madras, 1840 

Brown (C. P.), Account of the Basava Puran of the Jangams. 
Svo. ... ... ... ... ... Madras, 1841 

Bryce (Jas.), a Sketch of Native Education in India, under the 
Superintendence of the Church of Scotland. (2 copies) Svo. 

London, 1839 


Buchanan (Claudius), Memoir of the Expediency of an Ecclesias- 
tical Establishment for British India. 4to. London^ 1805 

Buchanan (Claud.), The Star in the East ; a Sermon preached 
February &&, 1809. 8vo London, 1809 

Buchanan (Claud.), Christian Researches in Asia ; with Notices 
of the Translation of the Scriptures into the Oriental Lan- 
guages. 8to. • London, 1812 

Buchanan (Claud.), Apology for Promoting Christianity in India, 
in Two Letters concerning the Idol Juggernaut, and a Memo- 
rial in Defence of the Christian Missions in India. 8vo. 

London, 1813 

Buchanan (Claud.), Address delivered before the Church Missionary 
Society to the Rev. Messrs. Greenwood and Norton, Mis- 
sionaries to the Island of Ceylon, &c. 8vo. London, 1814 

Burke (Jas. Hen.), Days in the East, a Poem. 8vo. London, 1842 

Bussy (Le Sieur de), Memoire Expositif de ses Creances sur la 
Compagnie des Indes. 4to. ... ••• Paris, 1764 

Butler (Chas.), Hors Biblics. Notes on the Koran, the Zend 
Avesta, the Vedas, the Kings, and the Edda. (2m2 Part) 
8vo. London, 1802 

Campbell (L. Dundas), Letter on the " Articles of Charge'' against 
Marquis Wellesley, before the House of Commons. (2 copies) 
8vo. ... icmctow, 1808 

Campbell (Wm.), Decline of Hindooism and Progress of Chris- 
tianity in British India. 8vo. ... ... London, 1839 

Chapman (Miss P.), On Hindoo Female Education. (2 copies) 

London, 1839 

Charma (M. A.), Essai sur la Philosophic Orientale, par J. 
Menant. 8vo. Paris, 1842 

Colebrooke (H. T.), Miscellaneous Essays. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1837 

College of Fort William, The Proceedings of, during its First 
Four Years. 4to. ... ... ... Lowdtm, 1805 

College Examinations, Fort St. George, from 1814 to 1817. 
{^copies) fol. •.• .•• ... ... ... N. D. 

Cormack (John), Account of the Abolition of Female Infanticide 
in Guzerat. 8vo. London, 1815 

Graufurd (John), An Appeal from the Inhabitants of British 
India to the. Justice of the People of England. 8vo. 

London, 1839 

Cunningham (Lieut. A.), The Ancient Coinage of Kashmir. 8vo. 

London^ 1843 

Danish Missionaries. Thirty-four Conferences between the Danish 


Missionaries and Malabarian Brahmans, translated by J. T. 

Phillipps. 8vo London, 1719 

Danish Missionaries. Conferences of the Danish Christian Mish 
sionaries and the Heathen Natives of Hindostan. ISmo. 

London, 1811^ 

Diez (Hein. Fr. von), Buch des Eabus, oder Lehren des Persischen 

Eonigs Ejekjawus fiir seinen sohn Ghilan Schach, aus dem 

Turkisch-Persisch-Arabischen iibersetzt. Svo. Berlin, 1811 

Diez (H. F.), Denkwiirdigkeiten von Asien. 2 vols. Svo. 

Berlin, 1811-15 
Domestic Guide to Mothers in India, containing Instructions on 
the Management of Themselves and their Children. Svo. 

Bombay, 1SS6 
DuiF (Alex.), India and India Missions, including Sketches of the 

System of Hinduism. Svo. Edinb. 1839 

Duff (A.), Missions, the chief end of the Christian Church. ISmo. 

Edinb. 1839 
East Indians : Agreement of their Customs with those of the Jews 
and other Ancient People. Svo. ••• London, 1705 
East India Year Book for 184j1. 12mo. ... London, 1841 
Erdman, the Persica of Herodotus, derived from Persian Authori- 
ties, in Russian. Svo. Kaaan, 1840 

Essays by Students of the College of Fort William, to which are 
added the Theses pronounced at the Public Disputations in 

1802. Svo. Calcutta, 1802 

Frank (Othmar), Das Licht vom Orient. Svo. Nurnberg, 1808 
Gilchrist (J. B.), The Oriental Green Bag. Svo. London, 1820 
Goodhugh (Wm.), Lectures on the Motives to the Study of 

Biblical Literature. Svo. « London, 1838 

Grant (Asahel), The Nestorians, or the Lost Tribes, with Evidence 
of their Identity ; an Account of their Manners, Customs, and 
Ceremonies; and Sketches of Travel in Assyria, Armenia, 

Media, and Mesopotamia. Svo London, 1841 

Haughton (Sir G. C), Reply to Col. Vans Kennedy on the 

Vedanta Philosophy. Svo. London, 18S5 

Hindoos. Essays relative to the Habits, Character, and Moral 

Improvement of the Hindoos. (2 copies) Svo. London^ 1823 

Hoffmanni (Chr.), Consensus et Dissensus Religionum Profanarum, 

Judaismi, Samaritanismi, Muhammedismi, .Gingis-Chanismi, 

atque Paganismi, praecipue Moderni, cum Veritate Christiana. 

^lO* ••• ••• ••• ••• .•. ••• .^— .— ■• JLOO f 

Hoppner (J.), Oriental Tales, translated into English Verse. 12mo. 

London, 1805 


Hutchinson (Jas.), The Suneyassee, an Eastern Tale ; and other 
Poems. 8vo Calcutta^ 1838 

Julien (S.), Simple Expose d'un Fait Honorable odieusement dena. 
ture dans un libelle recent de M. Pauthier. 8vo. Paris^ 1842 

Kaempferi (Engelb.), Amoenitates Exoticae Politico- Physico- 
Medicae. 4to LemgovuB^ 1712 

KalthofHi (Jo. Hen.), Jus Matrimonii Veterum Indorum cum 
eodem Hebraeorum jure subinde Comparatum. 8vo. 

Bonnae, 1829 

Kings (The), of the East ; an Exposition of the Prophecies, deter- 
mining, from Scripture and History, the Power for whom the 
Mystical Euphrates is being dried up. 8vo. London^ 1842 

Elaproth (J. von), Sur les Boukhares (Extrait du Journal Asia- 
tique). (2 copies) 8vo. ... Pam, n. d. 

Klaproth (J.), Memoire sur les Sources du Brahmapoutra et de 
riraouaddy. 8vo n. d. 

Klaproth (J.), Archiv. fur Asiatische Litteratur, Geschichte und 
Sprachkunde. vol. i. 4to. ... Si. Petersburg^ 1810 

Klaproth (J.), Recherches sur les ports de Gampou et de Zaithoum, 
decrits par Marco-Polo. 8vo. ... ... Paris^ 1824 

Klaproth (J.), Observations sur la Carte de PAsie en 1822, par 
M. Arrowsmith. 8vo. Paris^ 1826 

Klaproth (J.), Tableau Historique, Geographique, etc. du Cau- 
case et des Provinces limitrophes entre la Russie et la Perse. 
8vo ... Paris^ 1827 

Klaproth (J.), Antwort auf eine im Hermes Abgedruckte Recen- 
sion meiner Tableaux Historiques de PAsie. 4to. Paris ^ 1828 

Klaproth (J.), Rapport sur le Prqjet de Voyage, de M. Bucking- 
ham. 8vo Paris^ 1830 

Kovalevsky, Precis de Plntroduction et des progres de PEnseigne- 
ment des Langues Orientales a PUniversite de Casan, traduit 
par A. de Plancy. 8vo Casan^ 1842 

Langles (L.), Sur sa Maniere d'^orthographier les Mots Orientaux. 
.4to. ... ... a*. .•• ••.. ••• JrciTtSy li«^«/ 

L'Or (Louis de), Lettre adressee a la Societe Asiatique de Paris. 
8vo ... Paris^ 1823 

Macdonald ; Proceedings of a General Court Martial at Bangalore, 
9th March, 1812, on Mr. Assistant Surgeon Macdonald. 8vo. 

London^ 1814 

Madras Comic Almanac for 1843, or a Year's Encyclopaedia of 
Wit and Humour. 8vo. ... ... J/adra«, 1843 

Mahn (E. A. P.), Ueber die Modalitat des Orientalischen Studium, 
nach den Fordernissen der Gegenwartigen Zeit. 12mo. 

Sulzhach, 1821 


Mangles (R. D.), Vindication of the East-India Company^s Grovern- 
ment of Bengal from the Attacks of Messrs. Richards and 
Crawfurd. 8vo. ... ... London^ 1830 

Massie (J. W.), Continental India. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1840 

Memoirs of a Cadet, by a Bengalee. 8vo. . . . London, 1839 

Milne (Wm.), A Retrospect of the first Ten Years of the Protestant 
Mission to China. 8vo Malacca, \S9Q 

Mitchell (John), An Essay on the best Means of civilizing the 
Subjects of British India, and of diffusing the Light of the 
Christian Religion. {9, copies) 4<to. ... Edinb,\SQ5 

Moor (Edw.), Hindu Infanticide. An Account of the Measures 
adopted for suppressing the systematic Murder by their 
Parents of Female Infants, with Remarks on other Customs 
peculiar to the Natives of India. (2 copies) 4to. 

London, 1811 

Moore (Major Edw.), Oriental Fragments. {9,copies) 8vo. 

London, 1834 

Morris (J. B.), Prize Essay towards the Conversion of Learned 
and Philosophical Hindus. 8vo. ... London, 1843 

Morrison (John), On the Advantages of an Alliance with the Great 
Mogul. 8vo. London, 1774 

Morley (Wm.), Letter to Major Gen. Jo. Briggs, on the Discovery 
of part of the 2nd Vol. of the « Jami al Tawarikh" of Rashid- 
Al-Din. 8vo London, 1839 

Nabob (The), or Asiatic Plunderers, a Satyrical Poem. 1773 

Nabobs, Enquiry into the Reason why Persons are so called. 
2 vols, in 1. 8vo Zowdow, 1773-83 

Notice de quelques Ouvrages de Literature Indienne, publics en 
Bengale. Paris, n. d. 

Oriental Annual for 1837^ 8, 9, and 1840, containing Lives of the 
Moghul Emperors, Scenes in India, Tales, Legends, and 
Historical Romances, by H. Chaunter and Thos. Bacon. 
4 vols. 8vo iowcfow, 1837-40 

Paravey (Ch. de), Documens Hieroglyphiques sur le Deluge de 
Noe et sur le Tems qui Pont Precede. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

Pardoe (Miss), City of the Sultan ; and the Domestic Manners of 
the Turks in 1836. 2 vols. 8vo. ... London, 1837 

Pareau (J. H.), Commentatio de Anrulkeisi Moallakah. 4to. 

Trajecti, 1828 

Pauthier (M. G.)„ De TOrigine et de la Formation des difFerens 
Systemes d'Ecritures Orien tales et Occidentales. 8vo. 

Paris, 1838 

Peregrine Pultney, or Life in India. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1844 

Philoxenus Secundus; Persian Recreations, with Notes, and an 


Account of two Ambassadors from Iran to James I. and 

George III. ISmo. London, ISli 

Postans (Mrs.), Facts and Fictions, illustrative of Oriental Cha* 

racter. S vols. 8vo. London, 184t4t 

Poynder (John), On Human Sacrifices in India; Substance of 

his Speech delivered at the Court of Proprietors in 1827. 

Svo. London, 18S7 

Primitiss Orientales, containing Essays by Students of the College of 

Fort William^ to which are added the Theses pronounced at 

the Public Disputations, with Translations. {2 copies) 8 vols. 

in 2. Svo. Calcutta, 180^ 

Prinsep (G. A.), Sketch of the Proceedings and present Position of 

the Saugor Island Society and its Lessees. — Report of the 

Committee of Public Instruction, Fort William, for the Year 

1886. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo Calcutta, 18S1-7 

Ram R4z, Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus. 4to. 

London, 1884 
Remusat (J. P. Abel), Observations sur quelques points de la 

Doctrine Samaneenne, et sur les Noms de la Triade SuprSme 

chez les differens peuples Bouddhistes. 8vo. Paris, 1831 

Remusat (J. P. Abel), Melanges d^Histoire et de Litterature 

Orientales. 2vols. 8vo Pam, 1843 

Remusat (J. P. Abel), Nouveaux Melanges Asiatiques, ou Re- 

cueil de Morceaux de critique et de Memoires aux Religions, 

aux Sciences, etc. (2 copies) 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1825-29 
Richardson (D. Lester), Literary Leaves, or Prose and Verse, 

chiefly written in India. 2 vols. Svo. ••• London, 1840 
Richardson (Capt. J. G.), Trials, with his Notes of Reference 

and Explanation. 4ta Bombay,18S7 

Road-making in India, a few practical Hints for the Use of Tyros. 

(Z copies) Svo Madras,184S 

Rose (Carl), Ueber die Muhammedanische Religion. l2mo. 

EJberfeld, 1800 
Rosnel (P. de), Le Mercure Indien, ou le Tresor des Indes. 4to. 

Paris, 1667 
Sacy (Silvester de), Expos^ de la Religion des Druzes ; avec la 

Vie du Ehalife Hakem-Biamr-AUah. 2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1838 
Sleeman (W. H.), Ramaseeana, or a Vocabulary of the peculiar 

Language used by the Thugs. Svo. .... Calcutta, \81B6 
Sleeman (Major), Report on the Depredations committed by the 

Thug Gangs of Upper and Central India, from 1887 to 1839. 

Svo. ••• ••• ••* .•• ... Calcutta, \S4X^ 



Steuart (Gen.), The Ladies^ Monitor, being a Series of Letters on 
the Subject of Female Apparel, favouring a regulated Adop- 
tion of Indian Costume. 8vo London, 1809 

Sullivan (John), Letter respecting the Circar of Mazulipatam. 
4to. ••• ••• ... ••• ••• ••• London, 1780 

Taylor (Serjt-Major), Life in the Ranks. 8vo. London, 1843 

Tennant (Wm.), Indian Recreations, consisting of Strictures on 
the Domestic and Moral Economy of the Mahommedans and 
Hindoos. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinb. 1803 

Thornton (Edw.), India, its State and Prospects. 8vo. 

London, 1835 

Trevelyan (C. E.), On the Education of the People of India. 
8vo. London,\9&S 

Tychsen (O. G.), Abbreviaturarum Hebraicarum 11. Supple- 
menta ; et Opuscula quatuor, viz. Antiquitates Orientales illus- 
trantia. In 1 vol. 4to. Rostochii, 1768-94 

Vieland (M.), Le Miroir d'Or, ou les Rois du Chechian. 12mo. 

Paris, 1774 

Walpole (H. D.), The Overseer's Vade Mecum ; or Book of Re- 
ference for the Overseers of the Department of Public Works. 
8vo. .•• ••• ••• ••• ••• Bombay^ 1841 

Ward (Wm.), Farewell Letters to his Friends in Britain and 
America, on returning to Bengal in 1821. 8vo. 

London, 1821 

White (Capt. W.), Mirzas Eaiwan Jah, or the Dethroned King 
of Oude, in Chains ! being a Letter to Lord Viscount Mel- 
bourne. 8vo. London, 1838 

White (Capt. W.), The Prince of Oude, or the Claim of the 
Nawaub Ekbal-ood-Dowlah Bahador to the Throne of Oude. 
8vo. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• London, 1838 

Willard (Capt. N. A.), Treatise on the Music of Hindoostan. 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1834 

Wilson (H. H.), Miscellaneous Tracts, viz. Notes on the Indica 
of Ctesias, 1836. Essays on the Puranas; Account of the 
Foe Kue-Ei, or Travels of Fa Hain in India; Historical 
Sketch of the Kingdom of Pandya; Translation of an In-^ 
scription of an Ancient Hindu Seal; Observations on some 
Ancient Indian Coins, 1836. T^ieory of the Sanscrit Lan* 
guage ; Ram Comul Sen^s Bengali Dictionary ; Education of 
the Natives of India. In 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1836, &c. 

Wilson (H. H.), Two Lectures on the Religious Practices and 
Opinions of the Hindus. 8va Oxford, 1840 


Wilson (John), The P&rsi Religion, as contained in the Zand- 
Avastd (unfolded). Svo. Bombay^ 184S 

Windischmanni (F. H.), Sancara, sive de Theologumenis Vedan- 
ticorum, Dissertatio. Svo. Bonnae^ 1832 

Wujra Soochi ; or Refutation of the Arguments upon which the 
Brahmanical Institution of Caste is founded, by Ashwa 
Ghoshu, also the Tunku, in reply by Soobajee Bapoo. Svo. 



^41* All anooymous Works, Translations (except of portions of the Scripture), and 
Memoirs are placed under their respective subjects. The East-India Papers form 
a separate article under that head. The various heads of the Catalogue are in 

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2 p 

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Cases. See Las Cases. 
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on the Central Doab Canal, 114. 

of the Cainatic Commission, 


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of Committees, 110 — 113. 

from the Committee of Secrecy, 

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Saltpetre, 110. 

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2 a 



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^.) ~ 

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of Chinese Words, &c, 24S. 

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— (H. H.) Observat. on some An- 
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— (H. H.) On the Education of the 
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— (H. H.) On the Puranas, 282. 




Thii book ia 

en from the Build 

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