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Full text of "A catalogue of the manuscripts of the King's Library : an appendix to the catalogue of the Cottonian library : together with an account of books burnt or damaged by a late fire : one hundred and fifty specimens of the manner of writing in different ages, from the third to the fifteenth century, in copper-plates : and some observations upon mss, in a preface"

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X c^ e^tyi^r/7-^^ ^^-J'S- 




O F T H E 


An A P P E N D I X to the C AT AL O G U E of the 

CoTT ON IAN Library ; 

Together with an Account of B O O K S burnt or damaged by a late Fire : 

One Hundred and Fifty S P E G I M E N S of the Manner of Writing in 
diflEercnt Ages, from the Third to the Fifteenth Century, in 

And fomc Obfcrvations upon MSS, inaPREFACE: 

By DAVID CAS LEY, Deputy Librarian. 

L O N'D O R: 

Printed for the Author, and fold by him at the faid Libraries, now 
in the old Dormitory of JFefttninftet School 5 and alfo by Robert 
Gosling, at the Mitre and Crown in Fleet-Jlreet ; and John 
15RiNDLEY,at thc/Lir;^'j-yfr;;^j mNrJjBoT^d-ftreet. M.dcc.xxxiVIo 

...♦■:— /y* , 



»*?. ff ^4 1M ^2/7 




P R E F A F E; 

Giving an Account of this Work, with 
fome Obfervations upon MSS. 

^^^IS Majeftfs Library confifts of near two thoufand MSVo^ 
lumes 5 many of which contain fever al feparate Books ^ or 
Treatifes 5 whereof no Catalogue worth naming hath hi- 
therto been printed. There are indeed two Catalogues of 
them, in the Volume of Catalogues of MSS of England 5 one under the 
77//^^/BibUothcca Jacobaca, contained in nine 7 ages 5 the other under 
that of Caroli Theycr, in five Tages : but thefe are much the worfi 
in the whole Volume^ and very unfit to be publi^ed\ as plainly ap- 
pears at the fir ft fight of them. Hhis^ together with a T)efire tofbew 
that I have not keen quite ufelefs in my Station, hath induced me to 
publijb the follo'jjing Catalogue : wherein the Public will be ap- 
prifed of fome thoufands of Books, or TraEis, which were never yet 
known, by any printed Account^ to be in this Library i andfeveral^ 
which are not known to be extant. 

* A 2 


iv The PREFACE. 

The difficulties andT>ifcouTagements that attend any Work of this 
nature are fuch^ that Librarians themfelves are Jeldom ^uuilling to 
take pains to make good Catalogues of AISS. For^ fome Volumes 
contain a great many fmall TraSis^ or Letters ; the Contents whereof 
cannot bedi(lin£fly fet down without reading over fuch Volumes. The 
Beginnings and Ends of fever al Books or Treatifes are worn away ^ or 
have no Title affix dto them*, which confequendy muft be read over ybef ore 
it can be known what they are\ and after thaty make but a poor figure 
in a Catalogue. Others are difficult to be read for their bad Writings 
or the Variety of Hands ^ or the Fading of the Ink. And, after all 
thefe difficulties are fur mount ed, when a Catalogue is fnifhedy few 
wtll be at the Expence of buying one, when it's \nowny that the ufe 
of it may be had gratis at the Library y for which it is made: Nay^ 
few defire to come to fuch Libraries^ except now and then^ as they 
goto a Shew y to fee the Rarities ; or to ask for fome one Bookj they 
happen to want : for which fuperfcial purpofes the Catalogue at the 
Library is fufficieut. And it's the lefs to be wondered at, that it is 
fo, if we confider the T>ifficulty of reading MSSy and the little Im-^ 
provement to be expeSied from the Contents of moji of them, when 
ready in comparifon of the Generality of printed Books. Such a Cata^ 
logue therefor Cy tho^ never fo well and exa&ly madey is only defired by 
the few, who happen to turn their Studies that way : and who are fo 
feWy that the Sale of a Book to each, will not pay the Expence of 
printing. 1 am fo fenfible of thisy that to make the Book more 
acceptable, I have added an Appendix to the Catalogue of the Cot- 
tonian Library y beginning at Tage 313; not fewer than an hundred 
and fifty Specimens of the manner of JVriting in different Ages, from the 
third to the fifteenth Century after Chrift^s Nativity y at the End of the 
Catalogue ; and a fhort Account of MSS in general, in this ^Preface. 

When part of a Title onlyy or one of fever al Titles, is entered 
in a Catalogue of printed Books, the reft are commonly known to be 
thercy by fome other Book of the fame Edition. But in a Catalogue 
of MSS, the fame method is to be takeny as in making Indexes to prin- 
ted Books : for if each ^Particular in a Uolume be not dijlin^ly fet 
down, it will be loll to the IVorld. The Reader therefore ought Jiot to 
think that Examine fs impertinent hercy which might deferve that Im- 
putation in a Catalogue of printed Books. 



Neither is the Reader to be furprifed^ where, in giving the Titles 
of Books in this Catalogue^ he finds a departure from the prefent 
eft abused Language^ or Methods of Spelling. For fuch Words and 
Spelling-, as are found in the Titles of the MSS^ are generally retained. 
And every one knows y that Languages^ like Fafljions and CuftomSy 
are continually changing. From the Obfervation of which Changes or 
Alterations of the Significancy of Words ^ another ng/.i'ne/.t^v may be 
obtained^ tooe added to thofe^ which will be hereafter fuggefted^where^ 
by to judge of the Age of MSS: and by which there have been made 
notable T>ifcoveries of fpurious Authors. Buty as to Spellings t ho* I 
retain that of the MSS^ I do not fee what ufe can be made of it f 
nnlefs it be to Jhew^ that^ before the Invention of Trinting^ there 
were no fettled Rules for it , the fame Word being often found- 
in MSS varioufly fpelled^ even in the fame Tage ; efpecially in living 
Languages, Which^ by the way, may ferve to Jbew the Abfurdity of 
pretending to publijb Books, &c- exaflly with the fame Spellings, Point- 
ings and Abbreviations, with the Copies from which they are printed y^ 
fince the Writers ofthofe very Copies had no Notion of that Exallnefs^ 
There are two Originals of King John's Great Charter of the Liber-- 
ties of Enghnd^ in the Cot tonian Library , both written by the fame 
hand: and yet, even in them^ the Writer is far from obferving fuch 
ExaEinefs. See a Specimen of the Hand in Tlate VIII. 1 have in-- 
deed often found in MSS the Tracings of fuch Abbreviations as the 
Copyifts could not read 5 by which I have df covered the right Read--^ 
ing : but, when that was not the Cafe, fuch Cot)yifis wrote in their 
o'jin Way, without minding to abbreviate the fame Words that were 
abbreviated in the Copy they wrote after. 

The Authors and even the Titles of many MSS are not known : in 
which cafes a few of thefirfl Words arefet down in Italic Char a£f err 
after the Title, which I have taken the liberty to give -, that others^ 
who happen to have a Copy of the fame Book, may thereby know that 
theirs is the fame *^ and may perhaps in their Copy find the trueTitle^ 
and the Author s Name. A few of the firft Words of fever al other 
Books or TraEis, or Epiftlcs^ are alfo addrd after their Titles, in Ita- 
lic ; as, of Jerom's and Augufiiris Epiflles^ &c. which may be of 
great fer vice to a curious Collator or Editor. 


vi The PREFACE. 

There is a great T)efe5i in almojl all Catalogues of MSS^ hitherto 
fublifbed, in not telling the jilge of them : "uyhich has often canfed a 
needlefs Search. For a Terfon having found in fiich a Catalogue the 
Title of a Book^ 'H'hich he wants^ end concluding^ it may be oldy be^ 
caufe it is MS^ is often induced to take a Journey to the Library \ 
and almofl as often returns vexed at his T> [[appointment^ after he has 
found it to be modern^ fuch being a great deal more numerous than old 
ones. This TiefeSi I have endeavoured tofupply, by adding^ in Caps- 
tal Numbers^ after the Titles of the Books ^ or of the firft Tra5i in 
sny Volume^ at the end of the Line^ the Centuries after Chr ill's Na^ 
tivityy in which I imagine them to have been written : ana if there 
happen to be any Trails in the fame Volume of a different Century ^ 
that is alfo dijlinguijhed. This moreover may in fome meafure remedy 
that general TOefeil in MSS s viz. the want of a T^ate. In (borty 
1 have endeavour d to give as particular an Account of each Volume y 
as I would or could doy if 1 were asked to give an account of any one 
fi'igle Volume. 

I own indeedy I may be mijlakenifi afflgning the Century^ in which 
a Book was written i and, inftead of the wthy may have fixed upon 
thewuth or nth Century. But^ is it not better to be toldy that a 
Book is 900 Tecrs oldy when perhaps it may be 1000, or but 800, than 
to be left quite in the darky as to its Age ? And yet y I have flu- 
died that point fo muchy and have fo often compared MSS without 
^atey with thofe that have happened to have a T>ate^ that I have 
little doubt as to that Particular. Nayy as by looking in Peoples 
Faces mojl Men are able to gnefs right y that this Terfon is about 
forty y that about fftyy and another about fixtyy without being able 
to give any reafonfor thofe Gueffes 5 foy I thinky that by frequent In- 
Jpc^ionSy I have attained the Faculty of gu effing the Age of MSS ^ 
and that even be j ore Ifearch more narrowly J or certain x^tii^x of 
sJjeir Age. 

And yet there arefeveralxe/'fie^^^j whereby to judge of the Age 
of MSS. For injrancey Thofe that are written in Capitals, or have 
I ever al of their IVords joined together without any dijiance between 
themy are a thoiifund Tears old or more : end fuch as are written in 
Capitals y without any T>iJiin^ion of the IVords at ally are twelve. 
hundred Tears old i and fome of them much older. 


The PREFACE. vii 

Greek l^fSS without Accents are not lefs than a thoufand Tears 
old. For Accents 'ivere not commonly ufed till thefeventh or eighth 
Century. But they were not then fir ft invented i the Alexandrian 
MS, '•j^hich i;i:as undoubtedly written before that time, having its fir ft 
^ age accented. It may be objected indeed^ that this is one ofthoje 
Yages that have been retouched with new Ink, {by Vatric Toungy as 
it is /aid) to make it frejher ; and that pojjibly thofe Accents were 
then fir ft made. But this is extremely improbable. And befides, the 
three fir ft Lines of this ^age are written and accented with red Ink ^ 
which happened to be fo good^ as to have no need of retouchings and' 
appear never to have been retouched with new Inkfince their writings 
the Ink being manifeftly of the fame Colour and Sort with that ufed 
at the beginnings of fever al other Books of this MS. 

Saxon Characters were in ufe in England from the feventh Century 
down toWiiliam the Conqueror's time. A fmall Alphabet feems to have 
been fir ft contrived in thefeventh Century : and the writing whole Books 
in Capitals was left off not long after. See the IVord manenrium at 
the end of the fir ft "Plate, and T late 11, and XIL MSS that have 
feveral of the T^iptkongs ac divided, [pr, in very few, as,) are not un- 
der f even hundred Tears old 5 but commonly eight hundred, or upwards : 
except in fome Books written about the time of the Invention ofTrin- 
ting, when the Scribes began to imitate the Hands^ of the Books, 
which they copied : and thefe may be eafily diftinguijhed, by thefrejb^ 
nefs of the Ink and Parchment, and by their Defe£is in their imita-^- 
tion-y and are generally written in a fine Roman Hand, moftofthem- 
having been written in Italy. Thofe MSS, that have the T>ipthong 
?, and never ac, are generally from five to feven hundred Tears old : 
and Books under five hundred Tears old {except the Imitations above 
named) have no T>ipt hongs at alU but tfingle. Alfo in MSS above 
fix hundred Tears old, the Wordt^ is often written with a 7)ajb be- 
tween two Tointsi thus, -f. And in thofe, that are eight hundred' 
Tears old, or more, the Word autem is written with a particular Ah^ 
hreviation, for which there are no Types. Examples of both which 
may befeen in Tlate IV. Alfo where & is made part of a Word, as 
P&itc in "Plate XIV, the MS is above fix hundred Tears old.. MSS 
above fix hundred Tears old have not many Abbreviations: but thofe^ 
of three or four hundred Tears] age are generally f^ll of them. The 


viii The PP.EFACE. 

Letters /, tfiy n and u are ufually 'izritten^ both in old and modern 
MSSj fo as not to be diftinguifhedj when they come to^ether^ but by 
the Senfe. Thus the JVord minimum is written with fifteen parallel 
Strokes^ all alike joind together. This might eafily occafion the mifi- 
take in reading uncialibus j^r initialibus: of which fee below. For as 
to the difference of t and Cy mojl Writers from the twelfth to thefif^ 
teenth Century made very little ^ and fome none at all: and event hofi 
who did make a difference^ commonly wrote inicialibus with c. In 
the twelfth Century fome Writers began often to make afmall Hair- 
firoke over.the i j fometimes freight^ but oftner a little bending : which 
dwindled into a fingle Toint in the fifteenth Century. All MSS have 
fome of thefe xe^r^e^^y tho they may fail in others. But when all is 
doney the beft x^itqjlov is the feeing and nice comparing of MSS 
themfelves. For there is fomething in the Vellum^ the Ink, the View 
of the wholcy which cannot be defcribed. And yet even for this I 
have provided, as well as the nature of the thing is capable of s by a 
vafi variety of Hands ingraven on Copper Tlates^ at the erid of the 

Monfieur Montfaucon reckons the oldefi Books, whereof he gives 
fever al Specimens in hisTalaiographia, to be about 1200 Tears old ^y 
as being written in Capital Letters, without difiintlion of Words : 
andgives no probable Account why there are none to be found of an older 
^ate. He had been in the right, if he could have proved, that the 
writing of Books upon Leaves, bound up in the manner they are tranf 
mitt ed down to us, was then firft found out \ and that before that 
time all Books were written upon Rolls, which are much more fub^ 
je£f to be worn out. But if Books were written long before that time 
in the form thofe are, which happen tobe ftillprefervd^ then, as fe- 
ver aU that he owns to have been written twelve hundred Tears ago^ 
may probably laft fome Centuries longer^ foy no doubts fome of them 
were written in different Centuries before. What^ can all MSS of 
preceding Centuries have per ifbed for Age, and fo many of that Cen- 
tury remain \ and that fo founds as that, with care^ they may lafi a 
great while longer ? The Book of Genefis in the Cottonian Library ^ 
lOtho B VI.] which was written in Urge Greek Capitals, without 
^iJlinEiion of Words, and had the Hifiory painted on mofi oftheTages^ 
is almoft all defiroytd by the late unfortunate Fire: and the Leaves 



The PREFACE. far 


'^wHdt fefHAms^ mi confequently the Writing in d jufi proporti&n^ 
4tre contraEfed into lefs Compafs : fo that now they are fmall Capi^ 
tab. See a Specimen inflate XL In the beginning of this Book^. 
Thomas James^ Librarian at Oxford^ wrote with his own Hand^ 
that two Greek Bijbops brought it into England, and made a Trefer^t 
of it to King Henry the Eighth i telling' him at -the fame time^ 
that they had an old Tradition^ that it had been Origeris own Book. 
If it was fo^ it was fifteen hundred Tears old j and pojfibly older. 
And there was nothing in the Book to make the Tradition appear inp- 
probable. The Charatlers indeed were much the fame with thofe that 
are but 1200 Tears old : but fo are thofe of Inscriptions upon Stones^ 
which are known to be much older : and will therefore only prove, 
that Hand Writings of different Centuries before the fixth^ varied 
little or nothing s or^ that the Scarcity of them^ and T^i fiance of time^ 
makes it difficult to diftinguifh them. There are four Leaves of the 
Gofpels in Greeks in the Cottonian Library ^ [ Titus C XV. ] which 
may be as old^ or older ^ than the above-named Book of Genefis : where^ 
of and of the Alexandrian MS^ fee Specimens in the fame Tlate. 
As to the Age of the Alexandrian MS, fee Tage 6 of this Cata^, 
logue. The Venetians boaft, that they have the Original of St.' 
Mark's Gofpel in their poffeffion: and it's not improbable^ that it 
might be written in the Apo files time. But it cannot be the Originaly. 
if it is written in Latin, as Montfaucon, in his Travels y afferts, a^ 

fainft a namelefs Author^ who maintain d^ that\it was Greek. For^, 
e fays^ the Leaves Jlick together and are rotten; by reafon of the 
damp Room it is kept in ; fo that very little of the fVriiing can be 
dtjiinguifhed. The Greek and Latin Copy of the a£Is of the A^ 
pojtles in the Bodleian Library^ feems to be the very Bookj which 
Bede made ufe of athoufandTears ago 5 having all thofe lingular La^ 
tin Readirgs^ 'mkich^ in his Commentary on theAifs^ he fay s^ were in 
his Book : whereas no other MS is now found to have them. Andy 
how long before Bedes time^ this Copy mi^ht be written^ 1 le^va the 
Beadtr to imagine. 

At the Beginnings and Ends of fever al MS Volumes are rema^ii^ 
hie Oofervaitons , nh/ch I have not failed to tranfcribe into thcr Cr^- 
talogucy :r of .n as thy occured: and which are oftent^t cut aus than • 
the. Booh 'thtmjelves where they are found. Tarticula ly^, ihers 


jtrie Memtrinia infeveral Books of their having been put to T ledge 
in public Che/is 9 and for how much Money : for which fee Ciltac 
publicae in the Index. 

From the Nature of MSS, it is impojpble to fort them into Claf 

feSy according to the Sciences they treat of as Libraries of printed 

Moots commonly are: becaufe federal AJS Books or Treat ifes of diffe- 

jrent Subje£is are often bound together in one Volume, rlay, before 

Jbe Invention of Printing, fo fcarce and dear were Books ^ that fuch 

erne Volume might have been the whole Library of a private Scholar ; 

4tnd had need therefore to treat of more Subjects than one. Tet not^ 

withflandingj 1 have had feme regard to the SubjeHy or at leafl to 

erne Title in a Volume y or elfe to the Language wherein the Books 

Mre written^ in placing them. Accordingly j the firft Trefs is of 

£ooks of the Holy Scripture: and is the fine fl in England, The two 

highejl Shelves of the fecond Trefs are filled with Tfaltersj Mafs 

Books y and Trayer Books : wherein are three Mafs Books ^ formerly 

4tept in ^een Marfs Clofet. The reft of the fecondy together with 

the third and fourth ^rejfesy contains Commentaries and Glojfes 

<^r. on the Holy Scripture. The fifth andfixth are of the fVorks of 

she Fathers ; moft of which are very old. The fevcnth and eighth aljo 

contain Theological fVorks : but more modern. The ninths tenths and 

eleventh are of Cafuiftical divinity y and Civil and Canon Law. 

The twelfth is of Thyficky Aftrology and Arts. The thirteenth and 

JShelfQ tn the four t cent h^are of Hiftorians. The Shelf ^ in the fourteenth 

contains Rolls of Genealogies ; Kings Lands^ Ships y Expends d^r• 

The upper half of the fifteenth is filled with Books ^ written in Greeks 

Hebrew^ Arabic^ Chinefe, &c. The upper half of thefixteenth with 

Claffic Authors. The upper halves of the feventeenth and eighteenth 

with Books written in the Englifb Language. The lower halves of 

the lithy 17, i^y I sand 14 Tre(feSy and the whole 19th and 20th 

contain Books written in the French Language : moft of which are 

finely illuminated. The firft Shelf of the fourteenth Trefs is of 

Books in the Italian Language. And the Treffes are marked 1,2, 

3,4 e^r. to 20 ; there being Co many of them: The Shelves^ A, B, C 

^c. The Books of each Shelf l, II, III, IV &c. And the fever al 

Contents of each Folume^ ^ i, 3> + &c. 



Bef§re the excellent Art of Printing was found out^ copying of 
Books 'ivas a Trofejfion or Trade ^ and the illuminating or painting 
them another Trade : both much praEiifed in Monafteries. For it is 
noted in fever al Books j that they were written in fuch a Monaftery. 
The Writer ftrjl finijhed his Tart 5 and the Illuminator imbelUfVd 
the Book with fine Capital Letters and Tiifures, more or lefs^ ac^ 
cording to the Trice of the Tur chafer. This appears from fever al 
Books y that have Blanks ^ or elfe a fmall Letter for the ^ireiiion of 
the Illuminator y where the Capitals fbould be 5 viz. where the Illu- 
minator had not done his Tart : and more Jirongly from fome^ that 
happen to have fome times a wrong Capital put. iiay^ I have feen 
the fir ft Letter in a Book wrong: which could fcarce pofitbly be by the' 
Error of the Scribe 5 but might happen by the Illuminator's not at ten* 
ding tOj or not under fianding the Senfe. The firfl T rimers alfo ufed 
to leave a Space for the Illuminator to make fine Capitals:^ and for 
his T>ireifionj put thofe Letters in fmall Characters. 

And it is very obfervable^ that they generally took great care to • 
have good Ink and Colours for their MSS^fuch as perhaps now can^^ 
not be made\ and which ^ in Books a thoufand Tears oldy appear as 
frejh as if they were under an hundred. Alfo they laid on the Colours 
fo thick y that they might be felt as well as feen \ efpecially the Gold' 
Colour^ fuch as is now loft to Tainters. Sot hat j whatever the Mo'^ 
derns do as to TroportionSj the Ancients certainly exceeded them^ 
either in the Goodnefs of their Co lour s^ or their Skill in preparing 
themy or both. 

It is even wonderful alfo to obferve how durable Vellum is 5 fome 
Books of a thoufand Tears age having no figns of ^ecay 5 which^ ^- 
bating Accidents, may laft to the end of the World. But they made 
better Vellum a th mfand Tears ago ^ than ever was made either before; 
or fince : as may apear by comparing Books of different Ages. 

There are Iri fiances to be met with of the Frugality of Writer s^ ifi 
writing a Book upon the old Vellum^ whereon another Book had been 
written ; firfl taking off the old Ink with a certain Liquor made for 
that purpofe : notwith (landing which^ the old Writing may be read 
under the new^ by holding the Leaf between your Eyes and the Light. 
In this manner are Ephraim Syruss Works written upon a very oW 
Copy of the New Tejiament in the French King's Library. There is 

xif The PREFACE. 

sOn Evangeliftariumj 600 Tears old in the Library of the At chhi^op 
i€f Canterbury J written upon the f^ellumy on which anjther Book, not 
above 700 Tears old, had been written bejore. 

St. yeromy in his prologue to the Book of Job, fays 5 Habcant qui 
volunt vctcres libros, vcl in mcmbranis purpurcis Auro Argcnroquc 
dclcriptos, vcl initialibus, ut vulgo aiunr, litcris, oncra magis exarata 
^aam Codices; dummodo mihi mcilquc pcrmittant paup^rcs habere 
Sccdulas, ctnontam pulchros Codices quam cmcndatos. From whence 
it is manifefty that there were in his Daysfome old Books very pom^ 
foufly written, in Parchment of a Purple Colour, in Characters of 
Gold and Silver , and the whole Books infuch large Letters^ as were 
€ommonly ufed at the beginnings of Sentences. The aoove named 
four Leaves of the G of pels in Greek I Tit us C XV.] have all thofe 
Salifications \ and probably were in Being in St.Jerom's time, and 
ferhaps a Vart of one of thofe Books he fpeaks of There is alfo a 
Book of the Latin G of pels in the Kings Library [ i E VI.] of the 
eighth Century, which has a few of its Leaves of a Turple Colour j 
and all the fVriting upon them in large Golden and Silver Letters ^ 
and alfo Illuminations of Gold and Silver. See a Specimen of the 
Hand in Tlate XII. In the Cottonian Library [Fefpnfian hWlll.-] is 
a Book of Grants to fVinchefter A^'bey, written A. D. 9^6^ ai in 
Golden Chara6iers. And the Book of the Latin Gofpels, [Tiberius 
A II.] which King Aetheljlan appointed for the Saxon Kings to take 
Pheir Coronation Oath upon, has two or three VagcS in Cj olden Ca- 
ff it al Letters at the beginning of each Gofpel i and the two fi^jl 
Leaves y at the Beginning of St. Matthew's, i^urple. See a Specimen 
of the Hand in Vlate XIV- The Names of the Benefa^vrs of the 
Church of Durham are regiflred in Golden and Silver Letters^ 'till King 
Aetheljlan* s time ; and after that are continued with common l»iky 
\jnT>omitianN\\r^ The famous St. Cuthbert's Book of theGofpels, La^ 
tin and Saxon, iNero D IV.] ^ which fb many Miracl s are related in 
the Tiitrham Annals^ has the fir ft Tage of each Gofpel and of the 
preface in large Chara6lers^ very finely written \ and alfo a very 
fine Vage of teffellated fVork before lach. There are alfo {as there 
Are in mofl old Copies of the Gofpels, according to the Genius of the re^ 
Jpeilive Times) the TiSlures of the four Evangeliftsy each before his 
pwn Gojpel, with the living Creatures apply d to them out of 

^ Ezeki£ 

The PREFACE. xiii 


Tzeklel t, lo ; and the TrotheCs Words written over the refpeSliv^ 
Creatures. This gave octapon to the J eft made on the Ancients^ that 
they painted fo badly ^ that they were forced to write over their 
paintings what the Tifiures were:^ as^ The Pidure of a Man, The 
Pidurc of a lAoviy&ic.w here as no more is meant here^ than to quote the 
^Frofhet's Words. A Specimen oft he Hand of this Book isin Ttate XIII. 
The famous Book of the Latin Go [pels at Aix la Chape lie ^ given by 
Charlemagne ^is written in Golden Letters upon Purple Vellum without 
^iftiv^iion of Words. In John xxi, 22 and 25 Verfes^ this Book 
reads. Si fie cum volo mancre, donee xtmimy in both V laces ^ whereas 
moft AISS read only fie, without fi. See a Specimen 4>f the Hand^ 
which was drawn from the Original by ©r. Walker y Tbean of Boc* 
king, in Tlate XII. The Voiage Liter aire de Benedict. Tage 17 Sp 
^art 2, tells us of another fuch Book in the Abbey of St. Riquier^ 
which was given by Charlemagne to St. Angilbert. The Earl of 
Oxford has in his noble Library a Book of the Latin Gofpels^ all writ^^ 
ten in Golden Characters. 

But long before St. Jeromes time^ Ovid takes notice of the Turple 
Chart a, made ufe of for fine Books ^ which alfo were tin£d wtth an 
Oil drawn from Cedar Hcod, to prefer ve them from corrupting i and 
whofe Tills wire written with red Ink 5 in his firft Elegy ^ ad Li^ 
brurny in the Volume de trifiibus. 

Necte pur pur eo velent vaccinia fucco : 

Non eft conveniens luifious ille color. 
NfC titu'us minioj nee cedrocharta notetur : 

Car^dida nee nigra cornua front e ger as. 

This laft Line proves, that Ovid wrote upon a Roll. See Vagevui 
above. Aljo in another Tlace of the fame Book : 

Sunt quoque mutataeter qumque \o\\im\mformae. 
And hence comrs the Word Volume. 

Varro \in Tliny^ Lib. XIII, Cap. XI.:\faySj that^alm Leaves (or 
Mallow Leaves, as Me Ic hi or GuiUandinus corrects the Tlace) were 
at firft ufed for writing on. From whence the Word began andcaU'^ 
tinned to ftgnify the Leaf of a Book, as well as nf a Tree or Tlant. 
Mexty he fays, that they wrote on the Bark of Trees. Hence the 


xiv The PREFACE. 

JWbrd Liber, Bark^ come tojignify alfo a Book. Tl>en^ that publtck Mo^ 
fiuments were written on Lead] (Jce Jobyiiyi, 24.) and that other Affairs 
were written on Linen^ or Wax. He alfo fays ^ in the fame Chapter^ that, 
the firfi ufeof Cbarta^ made of the Mgyptian Reed^ Papyrus^ {from whence 
comes the Word Paper) was at the time of Alexatider' s conquering /Egypt : 
and tbaty when Ptolemy ^ in emulation of EumencSy would fufir Pa-- 
pyrui to he carried out ofMgypty Parchment was invefited at Pergamus : ' 
from whence it is called Pcrgamcna. But thd the ufing the /Egyptian 
Reed and Parchment for writing on, might at thofe refpeBive Times begin 
ta be more univer/ally kno^vn andpra^ijed; yet there are Injiances of their 
being ufed fooner for that purpofe. That the Ancients wrote or engraved ' 
en BrafSy is mantfejifrom fever al Ittftances^ that may be produced. The 
Laws (fthe twelve Tables^ and fever al other Monuments were kept in the 
Capitol^ engraven in Brafs. So Livy^ Dec. i. i, 2, JaySy that the Con- 
federacy between the Romans and Latins was engraven on a Brafs Pillar. 
Al/b^ iMac.YiUj 22, and XWj iSy the Romans and Lacedemonians 
wrote to the yews in Tables of Brafs. And as for writing on Marble^ a 
grteiat many very old Monuments thereof remain to this Day. But it is 
aardhftoSeexpeSledy that any anciefit Writings upon Leady Linen^ fmooth-- 
edWood*^,WaXy Barks of Trees ^ Reedsy or Palm or Mallow Leaves Id 
be found now remaining^ thePraBice having been fo long difufed^ and the 
Materials being fo perifhable. There is a fmall Fragment tf Writing up^ 
en Barky near a thou/and Tears oldy frejerved in the Cottonian Library. 
[Titus C XV.] And there arejiill remainifig a few old Books in Libraries 
4ibroady faid to be written on the Egyptian Papyrus. Of which forty 
Montfaucony in his Travels y fays^ that the old MS of St. Mark's Gojpel at 
Venice is. 

He Art of making Paper of Cotton was found out in the eleventh Cen^ 
tury : and then the Papyrus and Cortex began to be out of ufe for writing 
on. And ifs obvious to imagincy that the Invention of making Paper of 
Linen Rags could not be long after : tho there are no MSS onfuch Paper 
near f> old; and itfeems to be of a lefs durable Nature. And yet Linen 
Thready which is made of the fame mattery will laji a thoufand Tears \ as 
may beprtroedhy the StitchingSy ftill remaining in Jome Parchments of that 
Ag^ wherewith Holes are Jewed iipy that happened to be cut in the Skins y of 
nvhicb the Parchments were made. 


The PREFACE. xv 

^€ very Covers of a great many MSS are Curiojitiesy there having ieen 
-different ways of binding Books in different Ages. Andfome have happened 
to have been bound with fo good Materials^ as to have lajied a great while : 
which may be proved by fever al Books ^ which upon Examination appear to 
have been but once bound : but more plainly by the Memorandum written on 
the Cover of the Book^ 6 D II. Though Parchment was not ufed by the 
Ancients for covering their Books j yet no Binding is comparable to it for 
lajling. Each Skin of the Vellum of Books aljb is generally marked for £)/• 
reSlion of the Binder ; and that oftentimes both on thefrji and loft Leaf 
Andthofe Marks do?iow^ by Accident ^ often ferve todifcover if a Book be 
imperfeSt^ and how much is wanting ; and thatfometimes^ when there are 
no other means of knovAng. 

Imprcffons on Wax^ or Seals^ are very durable : and our Ancejlors 
^xcre curious in having them finely done\ whereof many are fill remaining^ 
St. Aufiins Church at Canterbury^ St. Andrew's at Rochefier^ and Trinity 
Church at Norwich had their Convent Seals lettered round about the Edges. 
King Edward the Confejfor feems to be the firjl in England that made ufe 
of a Sealy hanging to his Charters or Grants ; fome of them remaining at 
this Day : whereas, amongft the vaft number of Charters, written before 
his time, which are fill preferved, there is not one Seal to be found \ nor 
any Sign, that there ever was any. All thofe Charters have a great many 
Witnefj'es to them, whofe Names are always written in the fame Hand that 
the Charter is : and Croffes are prefixed to each Name\ yet for the mod 
part fo alike, that ifs plain, the Witnejfes did not make even thefe Croffes^ 
{unlefs perhaps they traced the Strokes with a dry Pen :) notwithfiandit^ 
ifs exprefiy faid in the Charters, that they did fign them with the fign ^ 
the Crofs. Some will have it, that thofe are the ASls of the Parliaments 
^ thofe times. T^at they are mofi of them Originals, there feems to be no rea^ 
Jon to doubt. Hew elfe Jhould fo many of thofe ?^emain,with all the Char alter s 
of the times in which they are dated, and not one true Original of thofe 
ti?nes be found ? This made it an eafy matter to forge fuch Charters : 
which the Monafieries were jufily fufpeSled fometimes to praElift. A nota^ 
ble Infiance hereof is in the Cottonian Lim-ary ; [Aug. II. 4.] by the Con^ 
ients appearijig to be the Foundation Charter of Peterborough Abbey ^ and 
dated A. D. 664: but that it was written after the Conquefi, is eafy to 
prove by comparing Hands : and probably was done to fave their Lands. 
^e Charter next following in the fame Book^ is a Grant of King Ec^ar 



to Perfir Abbey ^ A. D. 972 : but no Crojfes are prefixed to the Witneffes 

Names ^ altM after four of them ifs nvrttterij that theyfigfid them with 

the Sign of the Crofs : which makes it probable^ that it was never execu^ 

ted. To this is join'd a Letter of Godfrey Arch-Deacon of Worcefler to 

Tope A.folemnly affir mingy that there were three Seals to it; one ^ King 

Edgar y another (f St. Dunjian, and the third of Al fere Duke of the Mer-^ 

cians. The Regifier of the Church of Canterbury tells us, that one Godfrey 

was made Archdeacon of Worcejier A. D- 1 148, and died A. D. 1 167. The 

Pope A. therefore in the Letter muji be Adrian the 4//^, who was made 

Pope A. D. 1 1 54 ; and before that was called Nic. Breakfpecfre, and was 

4inEngliJhman. That the for ef aid Charter was written A. D. 972, there 

is no room to doubt : but there is a great deal of Reafon to believe ^ that, nean 

200 Tears after the writing thereof this Arch-Deacon affirm da Faljhood. 

He kneWy that Seals were common at the time of his writing : but did 

not inoWy that they were not in ufe in King Edgar's time. The Charter 

itfelf does not mention the Seals ^ as was ujual, when they came into ufe. If 

toe Seals were there ^ why did he not Jhew them to the Pope^ and to them. 

tiat dijputed the Tttle to the Lands named in the Charter ? JVhy muJl a 

Matter of FaSl^ and of fuch Confequence^ be believed on his fmgle Tejli- 

mony\ when it was capable of being proved beyond Dijpute, if true ? This 

therefore may be reckoned another Monkijh Forgery. And f'ch flly Evi^ 

dence is not jiifficient to make us believe^ that Seals were ufed before Edward 

the Corf effort's time. There are in the Cottonian Library four other Char^ 

ters of King Edgar ^ and alfo four of Edward the Confefjbr^ all without. 

Seals ; and yet all Originals. They had indeed^ long before the Confeffbr^s 

time^, an effeSlual Security againjl forging of Leaf es for Years ^ and fome 

ether Inflruments, by writing the Word C IRQ G RAP HUM in large 

Capitals between two Indentures or Tallies^ which were written on the fame 

Parchment^ and cut afunder in the mUft of that Word^ Jo that the upper 

half of its Letters Jhould go along with the one^ and the lonver bal with the 

ether. Of which fort federal old ones are ftill remaining \ particularly Num^- 

her 31^, 32, and 65 of the laji named Book. 

But I am obliged to take notice^ that in the above quoted Sentence^ from 
St: Jeromes Prologue to the Book of Job^ Page xii, is commonly read 
uncialibus, ut vulgo aiunr. Uteris: and /bit t^ pri?tted, afid always quo^ 
ted. inprint: and not initialibus, as I have put the Word^ by the Autho^ 


The P R E.FA CE xvii 

rity if Jeviral MSS i and h the kfmon way of rtaitfig jucb amii^fm^s 
Wvrds^ which is^ to take that Readings which agrees bejl with tefmfftm 
Setfe. See Page viii ahove. By initialibus Uteris it's obvious to under^ • 
fiand fuch Letters as are wont to be put at the beginnings of BookSy ot^ 
Chapters^ or Paragraphs : wherein if a whole Bookjhould hi written^ . it 
would be indeed rather a Burden than a Book, as Jeromfays. And fever at 
fuch old Books are /I ill remaining. But what can be made rflAlttvi xktizi^ 
alibus \ Letters of an Inch length? Who has ever read ^ the Ancients 
writing Books injiich monjlrous Characters f And how happens ity thai 
no Scrap of any fuch Book isftill remaining^ if ever there werefucht Ayy 
but this was not their length neither : but it was a frand Secret^ like fame 
of the Jewijh Cabala. For Monfeur Peyraty in his Hi/lory of the French 
King's Chapel, page 525, faysy Scriptof Regius, BercauAtt, didmr all*-- 
quarum Literarum, duntaxat earum quae maxknae funti et unciales » 
quibufdam vocari exi(^imantur, habere menfuram defcriptim : May mH 
we fancy y that the Writers of Popes Bulls, andfome other public Recordt^. 
know as much of the Secret as Bercaud? at leajl they have given a mora- 
confftent Interpretation of the Words, than any that have hitSertQ in Print 
pretended to know the meaning of them, by their common PraQice for fonut 
Centuries, of writing thefrfl Lines {or fever al Letters of the frjl Lines) ^' 
thofe Bulls or Records, in Characters about an Inch long. See Plate Vlli 
and IX. But it may befaid, that the Addition, ut vulgo aiunt^ in Jerom^i 
Sentence, wiU not fuit initialibus as well as uncialibus. // is true. ^ FoTp. 
the more ab/idrd the Word is, if it is ufed at ally the more it needs that Aa^ 
dition. let, fuppofe a whole Book to be written in larger Letters than 
ordinary, if all thofe are called Literac initiales, the adding ut VulgO^^ 
aiunt will not be unnecejfary : which is< enough for my purpofe. 

yujlfuch another mijtake happened, when,, upon feeing in a Calendar^ upon ■' 
the I2th of the Calends of November, Undccimilla Virgo & lAikttyVyJdme 
Blunderer read undecim millc ; and then of courfe the Words follenxH: 
ing mujl be changed to Virgines & Marty res : and fo has been raifed the 
Story of the eleven thoufand Virgins and Martyrs. Undecimilla, a Dimi^ 
nutive g/" Undecima, was a Womaris Name: becaufe, I fuppofe, Jhewai< 
the eleventh Child of her Parents. But I will not fay thejame of Priftilla, 
in A£ls xviii, 2 and 26, and Romans xvl, 3 ; for the true Reading, thererf 
is Prifca^ as in 2 Tim. iv, 19* 

kviii The PRE FACE. 

^his fame JmgU Sentence ofjerom has been very fruitful ef Errerg^ 
ToTy befdes the Litcrac unciales, which firfi fprang from it^ and have paffed 
mufter fo long andfo univerfally \ the Litcrac minutac, or fmall Letters^ 
have been found to be couched in it. For by Litcris initialibus {or uncialU 
J^ttSf if you pleafe) thev would have Capitals to be meant ^ in oppofition to 
linaU Letter Sy which the paupcrcs fccdulae were fuppofed to be written in*, 
end which were imagined to differ as much as the great and fmall Letters 
do now : whereas it's obvious to /ill who are converjknt in Books a?id In-- 
fcriptions uis old as to yerom's time, that fmall Letters were twt then found 
cut I and thai there were tw other CharaSlers made ufe of for writings but 
dapitals. ^is being matter offaSl, it is afuffcient Proof, tojhew, that 
nil the old Books and Infer ipt ions of thofe times, which happen yet to remain^ 
are in Capitals ; and that there cannot be produced one fingk Lt/lauce to the 
wntrary. But it may be al/b proved from old Authors. Pliny in the ^Sth 
Chapter^ bis jth Book, dc Litcris antiquis, fays, Vctcrcs Graccas fuiflc 
<afdem paene, quae nunc funt Latinac. Afid Tacitus, Lib. xi, Formae 
Litcris Latinis, quae vctcrrimis Graccorum. A?id aljo Prifcian^ Lib i, 
Apud antiquifllmos Graccorum non plus quam fcdecim crant Litcrac ; 
quibus ab illis acccptis, Latini antiquitatem fcrvavcrunt pcrpctuam. 
Ifs manifeji, that the Letters here fpoken ofmuji be Capitals \ ichich fill 
have a great Refemblance : whereas the fmall Greek ana Latin Letters are 
Jo little alike, that the above Sentences could by no means be true of them. 
jfufusLipfus, de pronunt. Ling. Lat. Cap. \iu, /peaking of the Letters, 
fiySy Nam hac minutac ignotac olim. By Litcris initialibus therefore 
yerom can mean no more than a larger fort (f Capitals : for his paupcrcs 
Sccduhc were written in Capitals too-, but of afmaller Jort ; and, abating 
for the difference of fever al Hands, differed from the other only in Size. 
Though the Alexandrian MS is all written in Capitals, they are much 
Jmaller than thofe of the for efaid four remaining Leaves of the Greek Gof 
pels : and all the Letters of theje are of equal Size with the initial Letters 
of each Paragraph of the Alexandrian MS-, as maybe feen in Plate XL 

But it is fill objeSled, that thofe CharaSlers are fo inconvenient for dif 
patch, that it cannot be imagined, that fo many Volumes as were publifhed 
by fome of the Ancients, could be written in them : and that they could not 
mfs the finding out a quicker way of Writing for ordinary Bu/inefs,. This 
fuppofes, that they had fuch Pens and Ink as we have. But J anfucer*. When 
«?. Ujf^^l thing is firfl found out. Men generally wonder, that it was not 


The PREFACE. xix 

mnitmtjooner. And the Argument is as^rong^ that the Art of Printing, 
mnd mo/l other ujeful Inventions muji have been found outjboner ; nay^ even 
that the fTorld muJi have been madejooner^ than it really was : but it does 
mtfrove^ that they were Jo. But further y the Ancients had a way of no* 
ting things down quick tn Hieroglyphics^ and Shorts-hand -, notarc as well 
as fcribcre ; an Iliad in a Nut-Jhell ; to be written at leifure in the Cha^^ 
rasters that are tranfmitted down to Pojlerity. 

From fuch fmall Err ours of Scribes ^ or mifconjlruing of Authors Mean^ 
ingSy havejprung many grand Errors in Hijtory. I cannot refrain adding^ 
the following, which I pad in conver/ation from my worthy Patron^ the 
truly Reverend Dr. Bentleyy that great Injiance of the vajl Capacity of 
Human Mind. In St. Aujliris zd Book dc Do£trina C\m&mi^yjpeakir^ 
of thefeveral Verfons of the Holy Scriptures^ is added i In ipns autem 
intcrprctatitonibus Itala caetcris pracfcratur : nam eft vcrborum tena* 
dor, cum perfpicuitatc fcntentiae : ct Latinis qmbuQibet cmendandis 
Gracci adhibcantur. JVhich the Doctor correSls, ilia caeteris preferatur^. 
cjuac cjl vcrborum tenacior. Which, orfomething like it^ muft be the true 
Readiftg. For had there been a Verfion in Aujiiris time, dijlinguijhed by[ 
the Name of Italic, to which he gave the Preference, for itsJlriSt Adhe^ 
rence to the Words of the Original, how comes he never to name ity but 
this once-y and that in the Poetic Word Itzh, and not Italica i Howjhould* 
all other Latin Fathers beflent about it ? How could Jerom in particu^ 
lar mifs naming it, who wrote fo much on that Subje£l in feveral of bis 
Works? and ejpecially in his Preface to the New Tejlament\, wherein he' 
fays^ that Pope Damafus ordered him to compare thefeveral Latin Ver^ 
fons with the Greek, and to make fuch a one asjhouldbe Authentic ? or in 
his Epijlle to Pdmmachius, about the beji way of tranjlating f where he 
fays; Et ego enim non folum fat cor, fed libera voce profiteor, me in in- 
tcrprctatione Graecorum^ abfqiie fcripturis fanftis, ubi et vcrborum or- 
do myftcrium eft, non verbume verbo, fedfenfum cxprimercde fenfu.^ 
In a MS of Soo or goo Tears Age, in the Bodleian Library, \Laud D 

loo] it is ita ^*^^ caetcris pracfcratur : nam. In another^ of about the 


fame Age, \LaudD/^o'\ i^l^ czctcns i^t^cfctztut : nsim : And in the mar-^ 

gin of this, vel 'u Both wrong. . And it's no wonder, that MSS vary one 

from another, where there is a Fault, Errour being endlefs. From the 

Readings of thefe two Manufcripts, . // feems not improbable y that it was at 

*Cz Jir^: 


ffjl lUa Latina taeterls fraeferatur : which Mfig chaffed to Itali, 
' quae mujl be changed to nam of conrfe. And this is the more probable^ 
p-^W/i&^Latinis quibuflibct/?/ inofpofition to it in the fame Sentence. 
The fe are the only two old mSS I have fien of this Book. A modern 
erne in his Majefifs Library^ and another in Merton College^ ^g^ee 
toith the printed Editions. IVhat now will become of the Labours of 
thofe Benedi^ine Monks j who for federal Tears laft paji have been 
£mployedy and have made a great Trogrefs^ in preparing an Edition 
of the Italic Verjton? and for a Specimen have printed St. Matthew's 
Cofpel and St* James's Epifile at Tarts ? Shall we not fufpeSt, that 
they know J that they are publiJbinF the true Verfion of St. Jerom? but 
Aare not give it outfii becaufe the Tope's and the Council of Trent's 
Jnfaltibiltty areftampt on theprefent St. Jerom's Verfion^ or the Latin 
yiilgate i whicby from the Nature of copying MSSj muJl unavoidably 
harue fever al Variations from the Original : tho* it is ft ill the beft La- 
Sin V^erfion^ that is printed ; being {what Auftin gives the preference 
So) verborum tcnacior j keeping clofer to the IVords of the OrigiruU 
Shan any. 

lam again obliged to acquaint the Reader y that the above quoted 

Sentence out of Jeromes Epifile to Tammachius differs a little from the 

printed Editions of it ^ which have ubi et verborum ordo ct nij ftcrium 

eft : the Meaning whereof let them find out that can. But that it is 

the true Readings appears from four very old Copies of his Epiftles in 

the King's Library^ which all agree in it s as well as from common 

Senfe. And that the Order of JVords is kept in his Verfion^ is a matter 

of fa£fy which plainly appears from old MSS thereof. Andfuch as 

nave the Latin Verfion tn the fame Volume with the Greeks not only 

nnfwer Word for PVordj but Line for Line: as^ the old Copy of the 

jt£fs of the Apoftles in the Bodleian Library ; and the two Books 

whereof Mont faucon gives Specimens in Tage 2 1 6 and 119 of his Ta- 

laiographia 5 and otijers. Which alone is a fufficient Confutation of 

5Dr. middleton's two angry T amp hie ts again ft "-'Dr. Bent leys Tropofals 

for print inga new Edition of the Greek and Latin Te (lament. 

Thefeventh VerfeofthefifthChapterofSt.Johnsfirft Epifileisnow 

generally given up^asjpurious 5 being inno Creek MS:, fave one at Berlin^ 

which is difcavered to have been tranfcribed from the printed Biblia 

CQmplutcnfia 5 and another modern one at ^ubliUy probably tranfiated 


The PREFACE; %u 

4jf eofuBeiff^m the Lutin VutgaU. See h$w the eight firft Vetfi^ 
4>f that Chapter are read m the Alexandrian MSy in the Specimen 
thereafy in T/ate XL But haw ta atcaunt for this Verfi's being firfi 
inferted, is the Difficulty : and fame hot Heads have notftuck toeali 
it a grand Forgery. But I hope better things ; and that it may be 
made appear to have happened by a Mifiake of a Latin Scribe^ in the 
eighth or ninth Century ^ on the following occajion. St, Cypriash ^ 
famous Latin Father ^ has the Words of that Verfe in his Wofrks : Und 
it's no wonder y if they were tranfcribed thence into the Margm^ or 
between the Lines of the eighth Verfe of a Book of fbme aney wba 
had a great Veneration for that Fat her j as a Glofs: which isverf 
eommon in MSS: (as it's not improbable, that Caffiodoriu, in his Com* 
plexioncsin Epiftolas, and others who have the IVords^ took themfrom 
Cyprian.) Nexty aCopyi/l, being employed to write out this particular 
Book, and finding the tVords fo inferted, imagined th^t the former Ce^ 
pyift by Miftake had omitted them ; and therefore put them into the 
Tesrt. Such Infertions of explanatory Words or Sentences pom the 
Margin into the Text are common in MSS. Jerom^ in one of his Let^ 
terSyfaySy that an explanatory NotCj which he himfelf had made in the 
Margin of his Tfalter^ had been incorporated byfome Tranfcriber inte^ 
the Text. ^r. Bent ley, intheg^thTage of his Epifile annexed ta 
Malalds Chroniclcy has proved Sircc ^o^ Wtv Iv r} 'KftL^if^ inGsUm 
tians IV, 25, to be of the fame Stamp. And thus thislnfertianmi^be 
reft till a long time after 5 when being obferved to be in this C^y, and 
perhaps in others copied from ity it might in thofe barbarous Ages be 
thought to be genuine ; and to have been omitted by Miftake; er ievero 
onpurpofcy in the other Copies that wanted it. And then ofcamfe the 
[bam T re face to the Catholic Epiftles niuft be madcy complatmng of the 
unfaithful Tranftators for leaving it out : which fays i Ab infideltbus 
Tranflatoribus multutn erratum efle a Fidei veritate comperimus s trn 
um tantummodo vocabula, hoc eft Aquae et Sanguinis et Spirlras, ia 
ipfa fua Edit ione ponenti bus, et Patris Vcrbique et Spiritus teftimoniuok 
omittentibus. fVhereaSy it being matter of faEl, that no Greek Copies 
of this Epi file had that Verfe j neither the Author of the Treface^ net 
jiny Friend for him^ fear ched for it in any Greek Copy. And ifs not 
4tltagether improbable j that they coiUdnot do it % the ^ reverb y Graccum 
ift, nan potcft Icgi^ being remarkably true of thofe times. Nay^ long 


xxiv The PRE FAC E 

imfiwrsl Hfhiw Names ; tke Maforites having corrupted themy ma^ 
king XcrveSy Ahafueros, Ncbuchodonofor, Nebuchadnezzar. The Name 
Jehovah was never heard of till Luther* s time. It is Jao /;i Hea- 
then Authors. 

Bnt^ to return to i yoh. v. 7. when the fore (aid Treface to the 
Catholic Epiftles was made^ then was alfo the Text mferted into 0- 
ther Copies J that had it not ; feveral of which are now to be found 
in Libraries. See an Inftance^ in Tage 1 5 of this Catalogue^ of a 
Book that has the Verfe infertedwith a different Hand: ana that af" 
terthe eighth Verfh\ becaufe there happened to be left half a Lineun^ 
written at the end of the Paragraph. And feveral modern MSS have 
the Witnefs in Heaven after the fVitnefs in Earthy as being copied 
fromfkchas this. And yet this very Book has the Treface in the 
original Hand\ and that with fuch falfe Latin^ asfmelh rather of the 
Author of it^ than the Tranfcriber j which has fnce been correiled. 
Con^are the Sentence quoted there, being the very fVords of the MS, 
with that above. But it may be asked^ how it happened, that the 
Prologue is in that Book, and the Verfe originally wanting. lanfiaery. 
that it was a very rare thing to have the whole New Tejf amenta 
0Hd much more both the Old and New, in one Volume and one Hand 
m tbofe timesi as they are here r the four Go/pels generally making- 
«M Volume^ St. Taul's Epijlles another, &c. And fome T.erfon, de^ 
firing to ha^e all the Books of both the Old and New Teflament in one 
Vabmo and the fame Handy gives the feveral^ arts to a Writer^ to be 
aopiedi and dire Us him alfo to infer t the faid Trologue in its place. 
But the Copy of the Catholic EpiJileSyfrom which the Scribe wrote, had 
mt the Verfe. 

J wijby that the Infertion of the Article of Chrift's Dcfcent into 
Hell into the Apojlles Creed could be as well accounted for as the hh 
fertion of the faid Verfe. The bejl that can be faid for it is, that it 
wujght pofflbty have come in in like manner ^ not long before^ from a 
GIo/s or Varaphrafe, that was at fitfi put in the Margin or between 
the Lines. For it is not in fome old Copies thereof. See one in ^he 
King's Library \ 2 A XX 3 i and a Specimen thereof inTlateXlU : and^ 
another inthe Cottonian Library 1 Galba A XVIII 21. 


Librorum Manufcriptorum 

I A. I — ^X. X2*% »^ & 4'*- 

I B L I A latina : fcripta Saeculo xi v 

II. Ziblia latina s cum interprctatione Nominiya. Hebraicomtn 
^phabctidL xiv 

ni« Bibiia latina. xiv 

IV. I. A Rule^ pat tellip in whiche- Chapitris of pe Bible Je may 
fynde pe L^ouns, Fiftlis & Gofpels^ ^t ben red in pe Chirche aftk 
pe u^ii of SaUsbiri : Or^ a Kalender of Leflbuns, Piftlis & Cofpels of 
al pe Zecr. xiy 
2. The New Teftament of John Widif 's Tranflation. 

V. Bibiia latina § €um interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum al- 
phabetica. xiv 
In hoc Codice funt quidam verfus technici, ad juvandam memoriam. 

VI. Bibiia latina s cum interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum al- 
phabetica. xiv 
In initio Codicis eft Aquila aurea depida fuper Scutum nigmm. 

VII. Bibiia latina; cum interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum al- 
phabetica. xiv 

VIII. I . Bibiia latina. xiii 
2. Corredtorius Bibiiorum: Libellus ii foliorum. Xiv 

IX. Danielis Prophetia ; Gracce reddita per Hugonem Braughton, & 
Elizabetae R^inae Angliae infcripta. In Charta. xvi 

X. I. A Rule, pat tellip in which chapitris of pe Bible new law 5e mown 
fynd pe Epiftlis & pe Gofpels, pat ben rad in pe Chirche at Mafle, aftir 
pe vfle of Salisbury. xiv 
a. The New Teftament of John Wiclif 's Tranflation. 

B 3. The 

LiBRI Mss. 

I A. XI ^XVIII. 8'»- & 4*^ 


3, The Ten Commandments, with a Ihort Expofition.' 

XL Biblia latina 5 cum intcrprctationc Nominum Hcbraicorum al- 

phabetica. xiv 

XII. The New Tcftament of John Wiclif 's Tranflation. xiv 

, This was prefcnted to Queen Elizabeth, by John Bridges, her Chaplain. 

XIIL Ev^ngelium S- Matthaci 5 cum Gloflfa in locis aliquibus. xiii 

/ XIV. Evangelia quatuor 5 in Lingua Saxonica. xi 

XV. I. Solomonis Proverbia, Ecclefiaftes & Cantica Canticorum; 
Gr. & Lat. In Charta Goffipina. xiv 
2. Expofitio Canticorum Solomonis 5 Gr. 

XVI. I. S. Pauli Epiftolae. xi 
2. Conftantini M. Imperatoris Donatio Silvcftro Papae & Succeflbribus 

XVII. I. Biblia latina; cum interpretationc Nominum Hebraico- 
rum alphabctica. xiv 
2. Sybillae verfus de die Judicii. 

XVIII. Codex Evangcliorum latinus, 9 Sacculo exaratus manu Ita- 
Hcai 4.(0. In cujus initio, literis Saxonicis, fcribitur ; Huf$c Codic§M 
Aethelftan Rex devota mente T>oTobernenJi tribuit Ecclejuu. Et in 
fine manu 400 Annorum fcribitur, ^e Clauftro Cantuarie. Alteram 
Jatus Operculi antiqui excavatur, ut ctiam Codicum i D IX, 2 6 iX & 
X; foitaflls ad colligendas Eleemofynas, aut Imaginem aliquam facram 
ibi infigendaxn. ix 

Sequentia in Codice continentur. 

1. Eufebii Canones Evangeliorum. 

2. S. Matthaci Evangelium. 

3. Prologus & Capitula Evangelii fecundum Marcum. 

4. S. Marci Evangelium. In cujus fine fic fcribitur i Explicit Evan^ 
gelium cat a Marcum. Aliis etiam in locis hujus Codicis fcribitur ri2/4 
pro fecundum. 

5. Brcvis Evangelii digeftio cata Lucanum.. Sic Codex. 

6. Argumentum Lucae Evangelii. 

7. Interprctatio Nominum de Luca. 
8* Evangelium cata Lucam, 

9.L Brcvis digcflio Evangelii cata Johannem.. 
10^ Argumentum ejufdcm. 

II. Evangelium 


I A. XIX, XX. 4^0. & I B I VI. 4^*- 

11. Evangclium fccundum Johannem. Deficit in Cap. XVIII, v. 21. • 

12. Scquitur alia manu, fed ejufdcm tcmporis, Prologus quatuor Evaii- 
geliorum, qui caret initio. 

13. Eufcbii Prologus & Breviarium corundem* 

XIX. Biblia latina; cum intcrprctationc Nominum Hcbraicorum al- 
phabctica. xiv 

XX. Bibliorum fccundum Volumcn j incipicns a Provcrbiis Solomo- 
nis 5 Gallicc. xiv 

In hoc Codicc, ante libros Xlaccabacorum, inferitur Liber Alexan- 
dri Ma<;ni. 

In fine etiam He fcribitur, Anno millem tricenteno duodeno hoc opus 
tranfcriptum eft a Roberto de Marchia ClericOy Tarifius m carcere 
mancipato : a quo velit de liber are ^euSy qui eft retributor omnium bono^ 
rum in fecula feculorum. Amen. Te \Deum laudamus & cetera. 

I B. 4^^- 

I. I. S. Pauli, Jacobi, Petri, Johannis & Judae Epiftolaci^Gr. xiv M, 
2. Euthalii Diaconi Prologus. In Charta admodum lacera fcribitur hie y^^ 
Codex. Huic etiam. Codici decft verfus i Joh. v. 7. 

II. Prophetarum minorum & majorum Prophctiae 5 Gr. Qiiibus accc- 
dunt Notac marginales ufquc ad finem Efaiae 5 Gr. xii 

III. Biblia latina 5 cum intcrprctationc Nominum Hcbraicorum al- 
phabctica. xiv 

IV. Solomonis Provcrbia, Ecclefiaftes, Cantica, cum Prologis ; ct Sa- 
pientia. xiii 

In hujus initio fic fcribitur. Liber de Clauftro Roffenfi per Jjhannem 
Trior em : quern qui inde alienaverit, alienatum celaveritj 'vel hunc 
titulum fraudulent er deleverit^ Anathema fit. Amen. Et hujufmodi 
Anathcmata in plurimis rcperiuntur Codicibus. 

V. Biblia latina. Deficit in XVI. Cap. Apocalypfeos. xin 

VI. The New Tcftament, in old Englifli ; not of Wiclif s Tranfljtion. 
Before which is A Kalender of Lejfounsy TiftUs and Gofpels of al 
yeZeer^ aftir ^e ufs ofSalifbirie. xiv 

In the end of this Book, is written, as follows. This Bookefolowithe 
to moche after the tranftacione of the leter^ and not after the fence and 

B 2 meaning 

• • 

4 LiBRi Mss. 

I B Vn— XIL 4^0. & £o!. 

meaning of the fentence : and therefore this old tranjtdcimu is mtjh 
goode as the tranfiacione at this daie^ 25 Marcii^ i $69. Avery e Vnedale. 

VIL'Quatuor Evangelia} cum Prac^tionibuSy & Eufebii Canonibus ; 
Latine ; Literis Saxonicis. viii 

VIIL Biblia latina. xiii 

IX. St. John's Gofpcl ; in old Englifh and Saxon : with a Preface, and 
the Contents of the Chapters, in Saxon. In Paper. Folio. xvi 
The Saxon Veriion is tranfcrib'd from the famous Book of St. Cuth- 
bert of Durham, now in the Cottonian Library : Nero. D. IV : which 
was made by Aldred, a Presbyter, the Son of Aelfred ; about the end 
of the ninth Century. And the Englifh Veriion is that of John Widif. 

X. I. Biblia latina. J^to. xiii 
Infunt etiam, recentiori manu fcripta, Saeculo fcil. xr« 
2. Genealogia Annae, matris virginis Mariae : unica Pagina. 

3* Tabula Scientiaram: unica Pagina. 

4. Tabulae Virtutum & Vitiorum. 

$. Petri Pidavenfis compendium veteris Tefhtmenti: pulchre delineatunu 

6. Cotationes Epiftolaram & Evangeliorum per totum annum, fecun- 
dum ufum Sarum. 

7. Commemorationes Sanftorum per totum annum. 

8. Tituli & initia Pfalmoranu 

9. Tabula Concordantiae fuper Evangelia. 

xo. Interpretatio nominum Hebraicorum alphabetica. 

XL I . Evangelia quatuor j cum Prologis & Atgumends ufitatis j La- 
tine. In %vo. forma oblonga. xii 

In fine additur, alia manu, 
2. Rentale Monafterii S. AuguAini Cantuarienfis^ 2 foliis. 

XIL Biblia latina s cum interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorom al- 
phabetica. ^0. XIII 

In fine ftc fcribitur, eadem manu qua Codex $ Hunc Likrum fcfipjit 
WilUelmus de HaUs^ Magiftro Thome de la Wile^ quern vocavit Magifter 
Radulphus de Hehham tunc Cancellarius Sarum ad regimen ScoUrum 
Sarum : quibus T^eus in hoc Secuh & in futuro proficietur. Amen^ 
Faifus fuit Liber anno 1254 ^ incarnatione Domini. 

L Biblia 


I. c. I — ^ix. FoL I a I — wm^^ 

I. Biblia latina. xiii 

Accedunt in initio & fme^ alia manu. Loci communes qualcs qualcs, 
ex S. Scriptura. xiv 

IL Biblia latina j cum interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum alpha^ 
bctica. XIV 

m. Bibliorum prius volumcn ; Galilee. xv 

Liber erat Monachorum Clauftralium Radingie. 

IV. S. Lucac Evangelium. xvi 

y. 6c VI. Biblia i^ina, in 2 Tomis. Finita AD. 145 1, in dome 
Clericorum Zwollis. xv 

VII. Jofuae, Judicum, & Regum Libri. xii 

VIII. The Bible 5 of John Widif s Tranflation. xiv 
DC. A Volume of the Bible i of John Wiclif 's Tranflation s ending 

at the Book of Job. xiv 

In the Margin whereof^ are fome of Lyra's Gloflcs. 

I D, 4«»- & Folio. 

I. Biblia latina } cum interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum alpha- 
bctica. Pol. WiUiclmus Devonienfis fcripitt tfium librum. xiv 

Hie Codex, in Apocalypfeos Cap. xxii, v: 3> rede habet, Seiks ^ei 
iy Agni m ilia erit j cum plerique omnes alii legunt ituM. 

II. Liber Ruth, Regum libri 4, Parallpomendir, Efdrac, Aeftherae, 
Maccabaeorum libri 3 ; Aeftherae iterum, diverfus a priore ; & Efaiae : 
cum notis marginalibus, variis in locis ; Gn 4/^. xiv 

YH. Quamor Evangelk } cum Eufebii Canonibus, & Frae&tionibus 
ofitatis. ^to. XI 

Hie Codex faepius habet cata pro fecundum. 

IninitiO) fie fcripmm fuit, 300 abhinc Annos, Textns de Ecclejta 
Roffenfij per Godam Ctmitiffam. Fortafle circa hoc tempus datus fuit 
hie Codex ifti Eccleitae, per illam nobilem foeminam. 

IV. Biblia latina j cum interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum a!* 
phabetica. j^to. xiv 

V» VI9 VII> VIII. Biblia gracca 5 Literis maju(culis exarata ; 4 Tomis^ 
4/^. fcripca Sacculo iv vcl v 


6 Li BR I Mss. 

I D^ V VIII. 4*0- 

Hie Codex Bibliorum, quae nunc extant, omnium antiqui{fimu$,vulgo 
Alexandrinus dicitur : quia fcriptus fuiffe fcnur in Alexandria^ urbc 
Acgypti, per Theclanty nobilem Acgyptiam & Martyrem. Et verifimilc 
quidem eft ; cum, fi per manum vulgarem fcriptus effet & in ufum vul- 
garcm traditus, multis abhinc Annis, vcl potius Saeailis, perditus fuiflet. 
^ Hoc prctiofiflimum Cimelion R. Carolo 1, per manum Tliomae Roc 
Militis, Regis in iftis partibus Legati, eirca A. T). 1628, dono miiit Cy- 
rillus Lucaris, tunc Patriarcha Conftantinopolitanus i qui, relifta Scdc 
Alexandrina, fecum abftulerat. Qiiid refert dc Codice, in Literis pro- 
pria illius manu fcriptis & Tomo primo praefixis legendum clj; quae 
fie fc habcnt. Liber ifte Scripturae Sacrae N. & V. Tejiamentf^ p^ovt 
ex Tr adit tone habemuSy eft fcriptus tnanuTheclaeNobilisfoefninae^i/Egyp- 
tiaey ante mille & trecentos Annos circiterj paulo poft Concilium l^i- 
cenum. Nomen Theclae in fine Libri erat exaratum : fedy extinlio 
Chriftianifmo in ^yEgypto a Mahomet anis, & libri una Chriftianorum 
infimilem funt redu£ii conditionem, ext indium ergo et Theclae nomen 
& laceratum : fed Memoria et Tr adit to recens obfervat. 

Cyrillus Tatriarcha Conftantinopolitanus. 

In fccunda Pagina eft Sententia Arabica, quae Latine fonat 5 Memo- 
ranty hunc Librum fcriptum futjfe manu Theclae Martyr is. 

Qiianquam non tantac prorfus vetuftatis fit Codex ifte, quantam refert 
Cyrillus 5 cum Athanafii Epiftolam ad Marcellinum Pfalterio (ut hie eft) 
pracfixam fuiffe, co adhuc vivente, vix credibile fit 5 ille autem juvenis 
27 Annorum fuit tempore Concilii Niceni, & mortuus A. D. 3715 
cum tamcn Evangeliis tantum praefixa liic fint x^^aAcua, quae quidem 
compofuit Euicbius Cacfarienfisj in reliquis autem N. Tcftamenti Li- 
bris nulla hie adfcripta hujufmodi xgfaAcaa, quae non extabant ante 
A. p. 396, compofita fcil. per Euthalium Diaconum, qui hoc tempore 
floruit, probabile eft, aut hujus faltem tempore, aut certe non multo 
poft fcriptum fuiffe. 

Variac illius Ledliones accuratiffime funt impreffae in Bibliis Polyglottis, 
per Brianum Waltonum editis Londini, 1657. Johannes Erneft Grabius 
etiam Codiccm hunc verbatim edendum curavit, Oxonii, annis 1707, 
1709, 1719 & 1720; 

Hi vcro irifunt Traftatus. 




I D. V Wm. 4!"' 

In primo Tomo4 

Pentateuchus Mofis : qui incipit 

folio 1 
jofliuac Liber. 125 
Judicum. 141^ 
Ruth. 158^ 
Regum I " Liber. 161 

Regumi. i8z 

T-; 3. 199 

4. 222 

Paralipomen^n Liber i. 241 
- 2.256^ 

. . J . » 

Hofeae Prophetia. 
Amos. 281;^ 
Micheae. 285 
Joel. 287^ 
Abdiac. 28 S 
Tonae. 289^ 
TTaum. 290 
Ambacum. 292 
Sophoniae. 293 
Aggaei. 294^ 
Zachariac. 295^ 
Malachiae. 300^ 
Efaiae. 302 
Hierimiae. 331 
Barach. "iCib 


In fecundo Tomo. 

Threni. i<S4^ 
Epiftola iHierimiae. 16%:' 
Ezckielis Prophetia. 3 70: 
Daniel. 403 ^! 

Acccdit Vifio 12"** .4^* 
Eft her. 418 
Tobit. 424 
Judith. 429 
Ezrae Liber r. 43S 

2. 447^ 
MaccabaeorumLiber i. 470 

■ 2. 491 

- 3. 506 

'- 4. ( Jofepho 

In tertio Tomo. 

S. Athanafii ad Marcellinum Epifto- 
la, de laudibus Pfalmorum. 5 2*3 

Capita Pfalmorum, per Eufcbium 
Pamphilium. 531 

Pfalterium. 533 

Cantica quatuordecim. 565 

Scil. I . Canticum Mofis, in Exodo. 
2^ ' in Dcutc- 


3 . Preces Annae Matris Samu- 


4. Preces Hezekiae. 

5. Preces Tonae. 

6. Preces Ambacum. 

7. Preces Hezekiae aliae. 

8. Preces Mannaflis. 



LiBRI Mss. 

I D. V 

9. Pieces Azariae. 
I c.HymnusPatrum noftrorum. 
1 1. Preces Mariae Dciparae. 
i2.Hymnus Matutinus: qui 
ftc incipit; 

AOSA EN rpiZTOiz eEn 

Job, 570 

In quarto Tomo. 

VIII. 4^. 

Proverbia. 585^ 
Ecdefiaftcs. 599 
Cantica Canticorumt 604 
Sapicntia Soiomonis. 607 
Sapicntia Jefu filii Sirach j cum PrcK 
logo. 616 

Evangclium fccundum Matthacum. 
Deficit ab initio ufq; ad Cap. 
XXV, V- 7. 
— — — Marcumi cum Capi- 

tulis Contentorom. 30 
' Lucam ; cum Capitu- 

lis. 44 

— — — Johanncm j cum Capi- 

tulis. 66 

Defunt z Folia, a verfu 50 Capitis 
VI ufquc ad vcrfum 52 Ca* 
pitis VIIL Duo, dico, folia $ R 
omittatur hiftoria mulieris in a- 
dulterio deprchcnfae. Sic enim 
per circinos menfurando folii 
hujufce Codicis contenta, & cum 
imprcflfo Libro conferendO| ad 
amuflim convenirc comperi Sin 
hacc hiftoria adelTer, duo folia 
cum quarta parte abefle debe- 
rcnt : quod eft abfurdum. Hinc 
apparet, banc hiftoriam huic 
ctiam Codici femper defuiflc. 
Vide Eufe6iiHx({. Eccl. Lib. UI, 
Cap. 35. Vide etia^n Millium in 

Aftus Apoftolorum. 82 


Epiftola Catholica S. Jacobi loz 

Petri X. 104 
■ z. 106 

I Johannisi.107^ 
■ " ^ 2.109^ 


Judae. no 

Epiftola Pauli Apoftoli ad &om^ 

nos. Ill 
— — — — Corinthios i. iiS^ 
-— —-^-— -——--— — 2. 125^ 
Hie defunt Folia 3 , a verfu 1 3 Car 
pitis IV, ad verfum 7 Cap. XII. 
I Galatas. 127 

Ephefios. 130 

Philippenfes. 133 

Coloflenfes. 134^ 

Thcflalonicenfes i . 136^ 


•Hebraeos. 139 
Timotheum i. 144 
— 2. i4tf 

Titum. X48 
Philemona. 149 

S. Johannis Apocalypfts. 150 
S. dementis Epiftola ad Corin- 
thios I. IJ9 
■ 2. 166 

H jjus 



t D. V — ^Vm. 4»' 

Httjus pofterioris Epiftolae duo tantum nunc extant prima folia.' Has 
duas Epiftolas, hie fort^ & non alibi repcrtas* qfuantum quidem ex illis 
reftat; ad amulfim edidit Patticius Junius, Oxonii, 1633. 

Non poflum non addere Codicis hujus Alcxandrini Contcnta, ut Tunt 
faipta in prima Pagina, & jam paene dctrita. 


esoaos AirmTOT. 






I1P0«^HTAI "B" 

asHE "a^ 

InHA a" 

lONAS ^ 



20<t>0NIAZ e 













EnirroAAi xiataot S" 




OMOT BIBUA. . . : 

Hi Pfalmi i8, Solamonis didtU qui olim in fine hujus Codiois fbcnsrtv 
)am prorfus dcfunt pec tempus rerum edax deperdid. Si wn id PfiiloM 
hie non fuiflent, admodmn verifumlc eft, quod de ClencMis EpiSolig 
lam prorfus adtum eflfet j «««n sf^ioitn illarum quod reftac exempl«r MS. 
proxime ante hofce PikUnos c(Akicdbatur, & abfque illis detrituni cflfix 
6q periiflet. 

EC. I • Evangelia 4> l^tina j coin Prologis ufttads s at fine O^M^ntHia 

Deeft ultimum folium & Jobmnis Evangelii. s 

2. Index Ledionum Ecdefiae fer totum Annum. 

Hujus ctiam Lihri Operculum antiquum eft altera paree c iuvamm ; 

yide I A xvm. 

Ante initiom MaTCi £vtingdti icribitur, In mmme IEImmv wM 
Jefu Chnfti. Ifejt if wpjoccn CN VT£ S Ktn^naoHi, yeif ujie kof« 
hlajx>j«> xoji )q|rtifec> 1 vgit safcKca bjio^ji jcoji jsti^^ J J&^jiolb 'Sjcf 
kinscf bJK)^6ot^ id eft^ Hie iji Jcriptum CNUTONIS Re^is Nometb 
qui eft mfier d$k&us 7)M$inus,fna Mundo, & nofter SpirituMlis JFrm^ 
terpro T)eo ; & Haroldi Regis Fratris. Cnutonis etiam Cfaartae JMC 
occurrit examplar, in Lingua Saxonica fcriptae, confirmantis Cibemtts 
Ecclefiae. Hujus forte Regis Codex erat : illius certe len^pore tide 
fcriptus. «i 

X. I . PiAnrat {Acfres EvangeKcae, auro fpiflius obdudae* xiii 

2. Kalendarium, 

3. Pfalterium. 

4* Pfalmi Poenitentiales i Te Deum $ Quicunque vult; Sec. 

XI, XII, XIII, XIV, & XV. S. Pauli Epiftolaej cum vaciis T^^^s^^^iayoj 
jQOtabilioribus inter Textum Atramento rubro afcriptis. 5 VoL jcvx 

Haec 5 Volumina pulcherrime funt fcripta, per Petrum Meghen, JMo- 
tioctilam Tctttonicum s ut patet conferendo cum Codice^ i £ V, ubi 


I E. I-^V- FoL 

huios fttiptori^ nomcn additur. Novcm tantum funt Lineae in qualibet 
Pagina^ & quinque plus minus Verba in Linea $ ut Locus reiinqucretur 
Gloflae, quae tamen non adeft ; \xt nee Illuminatio, quam deitgnatam efie 
apparet ex Literis initialibus Epiftolarum omiilis, quae (blent dfe lilumi^ 

I E. Fol. 

\. Biblia latina. xm 

IL Biblia latina ; cum interpretatione Nominum Hcbraicorum alpha^ 

betica. xiv 

ilL Pfalterium; cum Hymnis Ecdeiiafticis : per Pctrum Meghcn fcrip« 

turn. Vide Codicem, t £ V. Gloflae adduntur, ufque adPfalmum 51. 

IV. Pentateuchus Mofiss Libri Jofuae^ Judicum & Ruth. Xvi 

V. S. Lucae & Jotiannis Evangelia \ S. Pauli & Catholicae Epiftolae : 
in duabus Colunuis per iingulas P^^inas defcripta \ in quanun una fcri* 
bitur Veriio S. Hieronymi, in altera Crafmi Roterodami« xvi. 

Hie Codex vegrandis pulcherrime fcriptus eft per Petrum Meghen i qui 
ad finem D. Johannis Evangdii fie fcribitj 

Sumrne & individue Trinitati, Tatri & Filh & Sfiritui fsnClo^ Jit 
Laus & Gratidrum Mo : T>i$lciJ[lim quoqw Virgini Marie Dei Filii 
Cenitricij cum iotius Celejlis Curie exercitu : £lfwum adjutorio opus 
hoc duorutn Evangeliorum^ Luce wdelicet & JohanniSy canfcriptum efth 
Juffk & impenfii reverendi domini & venerapilis Vtri 2). Joannis Co^ 
/ettj Ecclejie Cathedralis Divi Vauli Lmdim Decsnij /acre quoqus 
Theologie TrofeJforiSy pie metnorie egregii Viri Henries Colett Militist 
^pukntiffime Civitatis Lmdini qtmdam Senatoris^ ejufdemque bis Con^ 
fuliSy filii i Arte vero ac induftria Tetri Meghen Monoculiy Theutonis^ 
natime Brabantini^ Oppids Bufchiducenfisy Leodienfis l^iocefeos % 7^ die 
Menfis Septembfis^ A9 Dominice Incarnationis 1 5 09 i Regns vera it^ 
biftrjffim Regie Henries pffavi mno prime. 

Simile ad finem Epiftolarum fcribit, fcriptarum A.D. i$o6. Kdl. No^ 
vembris^ 2i H. 7« £t fie peigit. Eodem annOy nobiliffimus Trinceps il^ 
hAriffitimfijpie^ ¥hilippns Rex Csftilie^ Arragonie^ &c. Archidux Aujlricy 
H)ux Bwrgmsdie^ Brabsntie^ &€. Tempefiate eswfellentey in Anglsam 
appUcuit : j^gim fereeesffixms Rix Henricus 7^ inpfodUius^ ut Tater 

C z Filiumy 

iz Li BR I Mssl 

I E. V ^VIII. Fol. 

Filium, recepity fumma humanitate tr'a£tavitj m4ximis htmaribus deco^ 
ravity plurimis muneribus dotavit : ^i K. O£iobris viam univerfi 
camis ingtejfus eji : Cujus Anime & omnium fidelium defunHorum mi-^ 
fereri dignetur Altiffimus. Amen. 

Scriplit ctiam hie Pctrus Mcghcn Codices, i D XI, XII, XIII, XIV, & 
XV, & I E III. 

VI. Quatuor Evangclia, Latinc. vii 

* Hie Codex, milk abhinc Annos exaratus, poftulat, ut particulatim ex- 

1. In primo folio, manu 400 Annorum, infcribitur. Liber fanSli Au^ 
guftini Cantuarienjis : Unde patet, olim ad iftud Monafterium pertinuiife. 

2. Seeundum folium eft eoioris violaeei, (eu)ufmodi plura per manum 
facrilegam exfefta funt :) et in eo literis uneialibus, aureis & argenteis, 
fcriptum eft, Haec ejl fpeciofa Quadriga luciflua aiae j Qi. e. animae 
Spiritus gratiay per os Agni ^ei inlu^rata : in quo quattuar Tracer es 
ctmfona "voce m/^nalia ^ei lea.... lege] eanunt. 

3. Hieronymi Epiftola adDamafum Papam. 

4. Capitula Evangelii feeundum Matthaeum. 
$. Etifebii Canones deeem. 

€. S. Matthaei Evangelium. deficit ufque adv. 19 Capitis I. 
7. Capitula Evangelii feeundum Marcum. 

5. Folium coloris violaeei, eum Pi£tura S. Marci. 

9. S. Marei Evangelium. deficit ufque adv.^ Capitis I : etiam a Cap. III> 
32, ^ V, 14 : et a Cap. XV, 39> ^que adfinem. 

I o. Capitula Evangelii feeundum Lueam. 

I I • Folia duo eoioris violaeei : in quorum uno S. Lueas ftngulari modo 

1 2. S. Lueae Evangelium- T^efunt 4 primi Verfus. 

13. Capitula Evangelii feeundum Johannem. 

14. Evangelium S. Johannis. ^efunt 5 primi Verfus $ &a Cap. XI, 37, 

VIL&VIII. Biblialatina. IX 

Haee Biblia latina, plus 800 abhine annos manu Itoliea fcripta, omnium, 

quae in Anglia habentur, funt antiquiflima ^ ft exeipias unum exemplar 

nuper ad Bibliotheeam Harleianam aequifitum. Pauea quae defiderabantur 

folia reeenti manu fupplentur. Et in hoc Codiec infunt fequentia : fell. 



1 E. VII, Vni. Fol. 
la primo Tomo. 


1. Fofterior pars Prologi Hieronymi^ de omnibus Divinae hiftoriae 

2. Pentateuchus Mofls ; cum Capitulis (tngulomm quinque Librorum. Fp- 
Us 8 prima funt manus recent is. 

3« Liber Jofuac $ cum pracfationc Hicronymi in hunc Sc % fcqucntes, & 


4* Liber Judicum ; cum Capitulis. 

5. Liber Ruth. 

6. Libri 4 Regum h cum Prologo Hieronymi & Capitulis. 

7. Ifaiae Prophetia ^ cum Prologo HieronymL 

8. Jeremiae Prophetia i cum Prologo Hieronymi. 

9. Lamcntatio & Oratio ejufdem. 

10. Ezekielis Prophetia ^ cum Prologo Hieronymi. 

11. Danielis Prophetia i cum Prologo HieronymL 

1 2. Aceedit ad finem^ ex Theodotionis editione, Hiftoria Su(annac, & 
Idoli Bel & Draconis. 

1 3 . Prophetae 1 2 minores ; cum Prologo Hieronymi. Triores 4 anti-- 
qua manu ; & inde ad finem hujus prior is Tomiy omnia recent i manu 


14. Prophetia Baruch. 

15. Efdrae liber i^ & 4W^ 

In altero Tomo. 

1 6. Liber Job s cum brevi hiftoria illius Pamiliae. Trimum Folium eft 

17. Pfalterium, in Verfus, quales hunc in Liturgia habentur, divifum : 
cum Pracfationc Hieronymi 5 & alio Tradatulo, difto, Origo Trophetiae 
^avid Regis y Tfalmorum^ numero 150. 

ji Tfalmo CX ad CXLIII recens eft manus. 

1 8. Solomonis Proverbia \ cum tribus Praefationibus^ & Capitulis : Ec- 
clefiaftes & Cantica Canticorum. 

19* Liber Sapientiac 5 cum Prologo & Capitulis. 

20. Liber Jefu filii Sirach, qui dicitur Eccleftafticus ^ cum Prologo & 


ai. Libri Paralipomen«n duo $ cum Prologo Hieronymi* 

22. Hc«ac 

14 LiBRi MsSi 

' I E Vni. Fol. 

2 2« Hczrae Liber i cum Praefatione Hieronymi. 
as. Liber Hdler) cum Praefatione Hierony mi. 
24« Tobiae Liber ; cum Praefatione Hieronymi. 

29. Libet Judith $ cum Praefatione Hieronymi. 

26. Maccabaeorum Libri 2 ; cum Praefatione Hieronymi, & Capitulis.* 

if. S. Matthaei Evangeiium 5 cum 4 Prologis, Argumemo^ 6c Brcviarid 

five Capitulis. 

28. S. Marci Evangelium $ cum Prologo £C Breviario. 

29« S. Lucae Evangeiium 1 cum Prologo & Breviario. 

30. S. Joliannis Evangelium ) cum Prdogo 6c Breviario. 

31. Aous Apoftolotum; cum Argumento^ Prae£ttionc Hieronymi, A; 

3 2. S« Tacobi Epiftola ; cum Prologo EpiOolamm Catholioanmi j 6c Ca- 
pitulis cc Argumento tiujus Epiftolae. 

33. S« Petri Epiftolae 2 j cum Capituiis dc Areumentis. 

)4. & Johannis Epiftolae 3 ) cum Capitutis ad omnc$, Ac Angumentis ad 2 


35. S.JttdK Epiftola $ cum Capiculis. 

)ff. S. Paul! Eptflolaad Komanoi: eniprae%tttr, 

1. Argumcntum cjufdem. 

2. Praefationes duae Epiftolarum Pauli. 

3« Argumcntum folius Epiftolae ad Romanoc^ 

4. Aliud Argumcntum. / 

5^ Damaii Epifcopi urbis Romae Vcrfus* 

€. Capitula Epiftolae ad Romanes. 
S7. S. PauU Epiftola ad Corinthios i« § cum 2 Axgumentis, & Capituiis. 
f<. ■■■■■■ la. cum Aigumcnto & Capituiis. 

39. S. Pauli Epiftolae ad Galatas, Ephcfios, Pliilippcnfcs, Coloflcnfes, TheC* 
falonicenfes, Timotheum 2««, Titum, Philemoncm, 6c Hebracos i cum 
Aigumentis Ac Capituiis ad finguias. 

40. Ejufdem Epiftola ad Laudicenfes; cum Capituiis. 

4 1 • S. Johannis Apocalypfis s cum Prologo Hieronymi, & Capituiis. Hu- 
jus ffmrnn fikmmodo F^lhim eft 4mtiquae mmus s reHqus recent is^ 

Huic Codici antiquo> pluribus in locis inferuntur Corrcdiones & Ad«* 
ditiones, altera manu. Exempli gratia 9 in i^Epiftola S^Johannis, C^P*^^ 
jWff^ 7^.^ Ac fcriptum erat a prima Manu> ^ma tres funt qui teftimo^ 



1 E Vlil. FoL 

nhm dant. Spirit us y Aqua et Sanguis: et tre$ mtum fimt. Qijod a 
fccunda Manu fic coirigitut j ^ta tres jftmt qui fefimonium ianlt 
IN Terra; Spiritus, Aqua & Sanguis: & ni tres lamm funt* 
£t tres sunt qui testimonium dant in Caelo \ Pates. ^ F(- 

hW9 iC $fVUrVS SMiSTV$ : et m TREf VJiUU SUVT. VqX (^Icf^ 

Spiritus eraditur, in cujus locum Tcribitur in tfAjp: icc ;r(IiqtHun 9d- 
ilkamcntuai paotim inter liaea^ paxtiin in M^i;gine iiajjbuymr. Pro* 
logus nihiXomtnus Epifiolanim Caidttolictruai, wtiqvia wan^ in jbK:ip 4;;;^ 
^e fctibitur : ubi AJitor fi^idus, (Hiproo^ou teaim &i0c vjx cricdi^uip 
4cft) <)uereiK de jnfidcJJJCate Joytc^cmm, Julc pcnpt i lUoprofcspiu ioc^, 
ubi de unitate Trinitatis, in prima Johannis Epijiolay pojitum Ugimuf : 
In qua etiam ah infidelibus TLranjlatorUm enuiff/m jerr^um effe, Fidei 
veritate comperimus $ trium tantummodo vocabula, hoc ffi^ AMt^f Sash 
guinis & Spiritus y in ipja fua editione ponentes ; ^ T^rtf yfrhiifue ^ 
Spiritus tejiimonium omittentes. Et obfervatu dignum eft, 9up4 Tfjl/r 
numium in Caeh in hoc Codicc poftponitur tefiimpnia m Terra { a^ja 9^ 
finem Paragraphi fpatiuiB crat jvU^uxn* i^ i^up pars Claurulaf Tefkmn^ji 
in Caeh fcribenda crat. Aliqui etiam rccentiores .Coc^sxxyicm iQtdJjBP 
habent haec Tejiimonia, ex huiufmodi fctlicot Codijcihvis ddlfidpti. 

Alius Codex eft Bibllorum Latinoniai, <am ye^aa^is, iit ia Abacufi 
poni non poffit i pu irhfffig i ff iCc^ciptjis jk iilnmia^m i .cyiaciicodiis inter 
imprefla. xw 

Fracttf £aet(;ris ^QKiOMinJM* h«b<;t fiif. Qatieji, pqft Jqhamu^ j^Jtan^ 

2, A. 

i6 Li BR I Mss. 


a A I, II. i2»^ 
L I. Calendarium. xr 

a. Horae fanftae Cracis. 
3« Horac beatae Mariae Virginis. 

4. Pfalmi 7 poenitcntialcs. 
5; Litania. 

6. Oratiuncula pro Pane & Matre, una^ & alia pro omnibus fiddibui* 
Codex minutiiCmus. 

II. Manuale Devotionis, faftum per Willielmum Tumoat, fratrem 
minorem, in proprium ufum : In quo plura continentur $ viz. 
I . Formae Abfolutionis, Fratribus in extremis conftitutis impertiendae. xr 
2: Indulgentiae^ 7 Eccledis Romae per totum Annum conceflae : & aiiae 

3. Tabula ad Inveniendum Fafcha^ 
4* Calendarium. 

5. Pfalmi 7 poenitentiales. 

6. Litania. 

7. Vigiliae Defundorum. 

8. Horae (five Curfus, ut hic^) beatae Mariae Virginis. 
9- Quindccim Gradus. 

10. Praeparamentum Miflae. 

U.S. Ambrofii Oratio ante Miflfam. 

X 2. De Virgine gloriofa, quaedam i dicenda ante Miflam. 

IS* Gratiarum Adio & Orationes poft Miflfam. 

14. Johannis Pecham Archiep. Cant. Meditado de Sacramento. 

15. Tabula de Dominicis vacantibus: quae Rubrica Tarifienfis dicitur. 

1 6. Modus intonandi Hymnos per totum Annum. 

17. Ordo ad bcnediccndam Menfam per totum Annum. 

1 8. Cantilenae quaedam piae. 

19. Breves horae de Sanda Cmce. 

20. Compaflio Virginis gloriofae. 

2 1 • Breves horae de S. Francifco bis $ & de S. Katherina. 

22. Virginis Mariae Litania^ Corona & Rofarium. 

2 3 • Oratio, de Compaflione Virginis Mariae. Alia de Salvatore noftro in 

Cruce pendente. Alia de S. Michaele. Aliae ad plures Sandlos. 

94. Anfclmi Oratio pro venia impetranda. 

25. S. Edmundi Remedium contra temptationem Carnis. 

16. Vcrfus 


2 A III-— VI. iza*- 

26. Vcrfus pii rhithmid. 

27. Orationcs S« Bernard! rhithmicae. 

28. Dionyfu Carthuliani tra£fcatus de Compundione. 

29. Rcgulae Fratrum minorum. 

IIL Pfaltcrium; cum Oratione ante Pfalterium dicenda, Galea-* 
dario, Hymnis Ecclefiafticis, Litania> Sc Oratiooibus in VigUiis Mortu-- 
orum dicendis. xiv 

IV. I. Caicndarium. xv 

2. Memoria de S« Barbara. 

3 . Horac B. Mariae, fecundum confuetudinem Angliac. 
4* Pfalmi 7 poenitentialcs. 

5« Litania. 

6. Vigiliae Mortuorum. 

7. Commendationes Animarum. 

8. Pfalterium S. Hieronymi. 
Codex bene fcriptus & illuminatus* 

V. Pfalterium } cum Calendario & Hymnis Ecckfiafticis ; pidanu xiv 
VL Pfalterium Graecum. Xi 
Huic etiam infunt, ante Pfalterium, Graced j 

1. Prologus in Prophetam David. 

2. Methodus, ex Jofephi Hiftoria, quomodo compoiitum eft Pfalterium ; 
& quomodo Pfalmi funt expofitij & quinamLibri memorantur in Scrip- 
turis, fed non inventi ; & qui deniqiit per David funt fiidi $ & quinam in^ 
terpretati funt Pfalterium^ & quot, & quando. 

3. S. Athanafii ad Marcellinum Epiftola, de laudibus Pfalmorum: fed 
curta eft. 

4. Oratio ad Dominum noftrum Jefum Chriftum. 

5. ' ad fandiflimam Deiparam. 
Poft Pfalterium, item Graced 5 

1 . Pfalmus David, cum pugnavit contra Goliath- 

2. Canticum Mofis in Exodo. 

3. ■ in Deuteronomio« 
4* Oratio Annae Matris Samuelis. 

5. Oratio Prophetae Ambakum. 

6. Oratio Efaiae Prophetae. 
7« Oratio Jonac Prophetae. 

T) 8. Oratio 

i8 LiBRi Mss^ 

2 A VII ^XIII. ia«^o. 

8. Oratio trium Pucrorum, & Hymnus corundcm. 

9. Magnificat, &6cnedidus. 

VII. Horae Doloris Virginis Mariac : quas compofuit Johannes Papa 
22 $ & conceflit omnibus dicentibus eas quotidic, 40 Annos Indulgen- 
tiarum. xv 

VIIL I. Calendarium. 2. Prcccs ad plurcs Sanftos. xiv 

3- Horae B. Mariac, fecundiun ufum Sarum. 
4* Pfalmi in honorem Paifionis Domini 5 & Pocnitcntiales. 
5. Litania. 6. Vigiliae Mortuorum, & Comfticndationes Animarum. 
7. Pfalcerium bcati Hieronymi abbreviatum. 

Variac infunt Pidurac. 

IX. I. Libcllus ad Sandti Spiritus invocationcm mctricus. xiv 
2. Salutatorium B. Mariac mctricum. 

3* Pfalterium Sandtac Crucis rhithmicum. * 

4. Orationcs ad Virgincm Mariam rhithmicac : & plurcs aliae. 

5. Pfalcerium a S. Hicronymo abbreviatum, 

6. Prcccs ad Virgincm Mariam rhithmicac $ in Lingua Gallica. 

X. Brcviarium : fcil. Calendarium, Pfalterium, Litania, Hymni & Lee- 
tioneSy abbreviata. xii 

Hie Codex, hujus generis antiquidimus, in Pfalmis tantum habet cu« 
juflibct Verfus, quantum in unica Linea fcribitur 5 & fines Verfuum de- 
funt, quos niemoriter repcterc potuit Congrcgatio. In initio, manu 300 
Annorum, fcribitur; Hsc eft Liber Sanifi Albani: quern qui abftulerit 
cut Titulum deleverity Anathema Jit. Amen. Et in Operculo j Jo* 
bannes Wardur. 

XL Brcviarium. xiii 

XII. I. Calendarium. 

2. Brcviarium fecundum morem Sarum. xvi 

3. Ordo Pfalterii fecundum Ritum Ecclcltae Sarum« 
4* Litania. 

5. Forma Dedicationis Ecclefiac. 
<S. Scrvitia Sandorum propria. 

Pulchre fcribitur Codex, & pingitur. Et in Corio Opcrculi odics fie 
imprimitur, Anthoninus de Mauere^ ob laudem Chriftiy Librum hunc 
reife ligavi. 

XIII. Martyrologium, cum Collet & Precibus per totum Annum, xiiz 



2 A XIV ^XX. 8V0. 

XIV* i» Brcviarium fecundum ufum Sarum, &c. xiv 

2. Commemoratio B. Brigittc. xvi 

XV. Exhortationes B. Mariae variac, cum precibus anncxis. xvi 

XVI. Pfaltcrium, in ufum R. Hcnrici 8 pulchre fcriptum, per Johan- 
xiem Mallardum, B.egis Oratorcm & a Calamo. In hujus marginc funt 
Kotulae Regis propria manu fcriptact Duae ctiam infunt Pifturac Regis 
optimae. xvi 

XVIL I. Calendarium. xv 

2. Horae B. Mariae* 

3. Litania. 

4. Pfalnii 7 poenitendales. 

5. Ordo Mortuorum. 

6. Pfalmi Paflionis* 

XVIII. I. Obituarium breve Familiae de Grandifone. Hine conji^ 
cere licet ^ hunc Codicem pertinuiffe ad aliquem hujus Familiae. xv; 

2. A Medfon for the M eigrem i and for a Purgacyon. 

3 . Preces ad plures Sandos, cum Piduris eorum pulcherrime delineads.' 
Hie occurrit Pidura duarum precantium ad Virginem Mariam s & alte« 
rius> ad Angelum proprium : Perfonae force funt de Famllia de QrandifoneJ 

4. Calendarium. 

Huic inferuntur^ aliamanu^ memorabilia quaedam. 

5. Horae B. Mariae. 

Hie eft Pidura ejufdem precantis ad B. Mariam, qui fupra pingebatut 
precans ad Angelum proprium. 

6. Pfalmi 7 poenitentiales. 

7. Litania. 

5. Vigilia Mortuorum. 

9. Pfalteriums cum Hymnis Eccleftafticis. 

io« The Life of Saint Dorothee. 

XIX. Oificium de immaculatd conceptione B. Mariae. xv 

XX. Manuale Devotionis. viii 
X. Lediones quaedam ex Evangeliis. 

2. Oratio Dominica ; cum vcrfione Saxonica. 

3 • 5y mbolum Apoftolorum : ubi fmguli Articuli ftngulis Apoftolis in lin- 
gua Saxonica aferibuntur : & Articuius de defcenfu Chrifti ad Inferos abeft. 
4. £pifiola Jcfu Chrifti ad Abagarum R^em. 

D » 5'Hymni 

20 LiBRI Mss. 

2 A XXL 8^0* 

5 . Hymni Ecclenaftici ^ & Orationcs ad Deutn & Sanftos : qtiorum ali* 

quibus afcribitur Verito Saxonica. 

€$' S. Auguftini Hipp. Orationcs zt Sc alia alibis 

7. Litania. 

8. Hymnus Angelicus i qui incipitj Gfyria in exceifis^eo: cumverfione 
Saxonica. Hie Hymnus eft etiam in Codice Alexandrino : ubi dicitur^ 
Matutinuss & in longiorem frotrahitur. 

9^^ Fides Catholica : quae non amplius hie habet quam ^ Credimus in 
mum 7)eum, Tatremy Omnipotent em $ & in unum Dtminum noftrum 
efumChriftumy Ftlium^eii &inSfiritumfan£tumyDeum: nontres 
^eos ; fed Tat rem & FUium & Sptritum fmdium^ unum Deum^ coU-- 
mus & cmfitemur. 

10, Vcrfus 14 de S.Trinitate. 

1 1. Pfalmus 84, &c. Carmine Elegiaco. 

1 2 • Sedulii Hy mnus lambicus de Chdrifto s Opera ejus fuccinfte compleftcos^ 
1 3 . Hymnus lambicus de Caclcfii Hicf ofolyma i et alia» 

XXL I. Ordo Baptifmi^ 
-%. Bencdi^io Ignis; 

9. Ordo Matrimonih 

4* Ordo ad vifttandum infirmum«. 

5. Mifia pro defundis> & in Vigiliis mortuorum. kit 

In principio hujus Codicis ftc fcribitur. ^ Memorandum^ quod Anno 
^ Domini 1408, Johannes Popham miks de Comitatu^Souttumpton com- 
^ paravit & libere donavit ifium librumEcclelte parochiali de Southcharde- 
^ forth^ in fefto purificatibnis beate Virginis Marie. Pro animaejus fuo- 

* rumque benefadorum omnes hoc Volumen infpicientes Deum pHflime 
^ exorent. £r> iftum Librum qui alienaverit| Anathema Dei^ beate Marie 
^ & omnium fandorum ei contingat in pcrpetuum. Amen. Amen. Amen* 
' per charite/ £t in medio fie. ^ Memorandum, quod tarn Ecclefta Pa- 
^ rochialis de Southchardeforde quam Cymiterium> in Dyocefi Winton.. 
^ & in Com. Southampton, in fefto fande Agnetis Virginis primo, A. D. 
< 1404, dedicabatur per Nicholaum^ Dei gratia Criftopolicanum Epif^ 

* copum. Qui didus Nicholaus plenariam habuit poceftatem a Thoma 
' Arundel, veherabile in Chrifto patre ac domino> tunc temporis Cantu^ 
^ arienfi Archiepi&opo, eodem tempore fede Wynton. vacante poft de- 
^ cefTum Willielmi Wigham^ venerabilis patris, quondam Wynwn^JSpiC- 
^ copi : U hoc ad inftantiam & fed^nir Johannis Popham militis, domini 


2 A XXII. & I B 1,11. 8va, &4to(. 

^ de Southchardcforthci (uis propriis (umptibus & expenlts^ aflrenfu SC cod^ 

• fcnfu fratris Johannis London, tunc tcmporis Prioris dc Bremmorc, SC 
^ ejufdem lod Conventus. Etiam didus Nicholaus conceilit omnibus 

• vcrc contritis & confelfis prcdidum Cimiterium devote intrantibus & 
^ circueuntibus ac fPater nojier & Ave Maria pia devotione dicentibus 
^ pro fidelibus defiin^s 40 dies indulgentie> totiens quotiens hoc opus 

• (andhim inchoarerint & pcrfccerint^ Infuper didus Johannes Popham 

• miles dcvotiffimc dcprecatur, ut omnes & finguii pro falute fuc Animc 
< & animanim hujus loci Benefaftorum, preteritomm, prcfcntium & fu- 

• turorum, intuitu caritatis, Deum devotiflime perorcat.*^ 

XXIL I. Auguftini Laus Pfalterii. xus 

2. Calendariums cum Regulis invcniendi Gydos,^ &c;. 
3* Orationes ante Pfalterium. 

4. Pifturac Chrifti, V.Marfec & Davidis. 

5 . Pfalterium i cum Hymnis Eccleiiafticis. 

6. Litania. 

7. Orationes S. Auguftini, Gregorii & Berengarii. 
S. Plurimae aliae Orationes. 

9..Pi^ra cujufdam, cum Corolla iA Gapite^ Sceptre in Dextra, Scm 
Vcfte, Iridibus & Variato. 

Pidura alterius, armati, cum parvis Cmcibus in Tunica- Pidhira & 
Cliriftophorij & Epifcopi cujufdam. 

Imago Chrifti, per ipfum^ (ut dicitur)^ Veronieae, Sudario^ impreflk 
Pidae fimt Tindura (ut vocant) Aquea. 

2 B. 8^0 & 4to- 

L I. Calcndarium. xir 

2. Pfalmi plurimi fclcdi^ cum Titulis, Sc.Orationc antfc Pfalterium dp- 

3 . Litania in 7 partes divifa, pro tota Septimana. 

4. Septem Plalmi^ cum Litania in honorem V. Mariac : cam Antiphonis 
& Orationibus die S. Chriftophoro, Georgio & Urfula. 

IL I. Calcndarium.. xiir 

Huic inferitur Obitus Clemcntis EyfFyn & aliorum ejusNOfflinis, A- 

D. 1450. 

z. Pfalterium^ cum Hymnis Eccleliafticis^ 

%^ Litania. 4«. Otatio^ 

2Z LiBRi Mss. . 

2 8 IIJ— Vn. 4to- 

if. Oratio ad B. Mariam, alia manu ejufdem facculi 1 3 incipkntis fcripta, 

III. Pfaltcrium, cum Calcndario, Hymnis Ecelcfiafticis & Litania : In cujqs 
initio funt fcx Folia^ in quibus Chrifti Nativitatis hiftoria pingitur. • . xi 11 

In Calendario> inter alia, manu faeculi 1 5 . fcribitur, Miffa Botulphi : 
& alibi, Exequie Walteri Nele in Ecclefia Botulphi : Undc conjiccrc licet, 
jad hanc Ecclefiam olim perrinuilTe Codicem. £t hinc ablatus & R. Ma- 
riae datust per Radulphum Pryne Aromatarium Londinenfem, videtur, 
«x Infcriptione Anglicana in primo Folio, quae Ac fc habct : 

Godjdue the mqft vertuus and nobull §luene Marys gras : 

Ana fend her to in Joye the crowne ojEyngland Umg tyme and J^ as. 

Her ennimys to confunde^ and hutterly to defacer 

And to folo her godly procedynges God geue vs gras. .i, 

As euery fubyegte ys bounde for her gras to pray e 

That God may preferue her body from all daungers both njfght and day e 

Codfaue the ^ene 

Be me your hunwull and poor e Orytur Rafe Tryne Grocer of Loundon, 
^J^fijm^ jour gras projperus he It he. 

iV. Liber Hymnorum pro fcftis Diebus, cum Notis Muficis. xiii 

.. V. X. Prccatio ad Deum^ B. Mariam^ S. Machutum & S. Eadburgam 
4direfta« ix 

z. Oratio pro peccatis, in Lingua Saxonica. 

3. Pfalterium, cum Glofla, & verfionc Saxonica intcrlineari. 

4. Cantica Efaiae, Ezechiae, Aonac, Moyft, Abbacuc, in Dcuteronomio, 
trium puerorum, Zachariae, Mariae^ Symeonis 1 cum verftone Saxonica 

5. Hymnus Athanafii ^ & Gloria in excelfis 5 cum verftone Saxonica iiiter- 

6. De trimoda incarnatione Domini, dc Pafcha, de aetatibus Mundi, de 
menfuris variis, & Prognoftica ex tonitru. 

7. Orationes 2, Saxonice. 

VL Pfaltcrium, cum Calcndario, Piduris, Hymnis Ecclenafticis & Lita- 
nia. In cujus initio He fcribitur. Huuc Librum deditfrater Johannes 
de T)alling^ ex licentia Domini Johannis Abbatis^ T^eo ^ Ecclejte 
S. AUiani: ita tamen quod habeat ufum tantum in vitafua. xiii 

VU. I . Hiftoriae V. Teftamcnti^ coloribus aqueis depidae 5 quarum Xi-' 
tuli func Galilee icriptL xiv 


2 B VUL 

2. Pidturac plurimorum Sandorum, Auro fpiflius circundatac. 
3^ Calendarium. 

4. Pfaltcrium, cum Hymnis Ecclcfiafticis,Litania in 7 partes divifa 5 cum 
plurimis Pidhiris dcauratis : Et in margine infcriorc cujuflibct Folii funt 
Pifturae aqucae s & aliquac etiam fatis ridiculae. In ultima hujus Codicis 
Pagina fic fcribitur : Hunc Librumj Nautis ad Ext eras tranfvehendum 
datum J JpeStatus & honejius Vir Baldwin^s Smithus Londini a Torto^ 
rtis & Veifigalibusj retraxit j atque Mariae illufiriffimae AngliaCy Fran^ 
€iae & Hiberniae Reginae donavit, Menfe Oifobri, ^. 2>. 1 5 53> Regni 
fui prima. 

VIII. Pfaltcrium, cum Calcndario au6%iori, Hymnis Ecclcfiafticis, Lita- 
nia Sc vigiliis Mortuorum 5 in ufum Johannae, Regis Ricardi 2 matrix 
fcriptum, A. D. 1380. xit 

Quae continentur in Calcndario hoc curiofo, accipe ex Canone, Auc-» 
toris ipHus verbis. 

Ad honorem Dei & virginis gloriofe, nee non fandorum Confeflbruny 
Francifci, Antonii & Epifcopi Lodowici $ in opufculo tertio Kalendarii;^' 
ad inftantiam nobiliflimc Domine^ Domine Johanne Principifle Wallic, 
Ducifle Cornubie, Comitiffe Ceftrie, & Domine dc Wake, ac matris illu- 
firiflimi Rcgb Anglic & Francie Ricardi fecundi poft Conqueftum, ad me-- 
ridiem tamen Univerfitatis Oxonic, ex precepto reverendi Patris, fratris 
Thome Kyngesburi, Miniftri Anglic, compoftcoa fratrc Johanne Semour, 
Ordinis Minorum, A. D. 1 380, iftc ordo obfcrvatur. Primo, premitritur 
Tabula, docens Algorifmum Icgcrc. Secundo, fequitur Tabula, docens 
quis fit Annus biflextilis. Et habet ftc cognofci in Tabula. Ubicunque 
due Littere Dominicales, una rubca & altera, ut communitcr, nigra, po- 
nuntur ftmul in latitudinc Tabulc, ille due Littere deferviunt partialiter 
anno bilTcxtili : Ita quod prima Januario & Februario, ufque ad vigiliam. 

5. Matthei Apoftoli, ubi eft locus Biflexti ; altera abhinc ufque ad finem 
anni. Indidio autem notatur per Lirteram rubeam, in longitudine Ta^ 
bule inter nigras collocatam. Et ibi habet quotari femper Indidio pri- 
ma, a qua quevis aliam fequens per excrefcentiam numcri naturalem u(^ 
que ad quintamdecimam in diviftone eft denominanda. Quibus Aureus. 
Numerus, Primatio^ feu numerus per quem habet Luna prima illo Anna 
in Kalendariis cognofci, iftis ne£titur in Linea fequenti. Defcendendo 
ergo cum annis Domini^ a nativitate Regis predidli^ coUocando cam in 


24 LtBRi Mss. 

I B VIIL 4^0. 

prima Littcra Tabulc, C 5 ubi a ftniftris ponitur quinariU5> notans Indlc- 
tionem illius anni, & fiovcmdcnarius a dextris, notans Primationem anni 
^ cjufdcni^ ufque ad annum quern voluerist patchit tibi qualis fit annus illc: 
id c&, quotus a Biflcxto, que fit Littera Dominicalis, quota fit Indidio & 
quota fit Frimatio. Cum quibus Fefta cnobilia fie habebis in fecunda 
parte Tabule. Aureum numcrum anni^ cujus voluetis, in prima iinea 
queras, & Litteram Dominicalem cjufdem anni Sc menfisy proximo cum, 
fequcntem in fecunda iinea invenias : in cujus diredo fingulafub fiio ti- 
^tulo reperies ordinate. Prima Linea Kalendarii oftendit quantum Clocke 
vicinius ortui Solis previe pulfabit de mane : quas horas cum minutis ii 
duplicaveriS) habebis quantitatem Nodis : et quibus (fimplis non duplica- 
tis) fi 12 Horas addideris, patebit tibi quantum diftat ortus folis a Diet 
meridie precedentis. Sequuntur z Cycli Conjunftionum> oftendentes 
Diem, Horam Sc Minutum Conjun^onis veriflime Solis Sc Lune 5 in* 
choando Diem, cui infcribitur conjunAio ipfa, a Diei meridie preceden- 
tis s Scpofk meridiem ejufdem Diei| cui infcribitur Conjundio ipfas toto 
tempore, id efl, tot horis & tot minutis poft meridiem ejufdem Diei, eft 
complete Luna prima : et ab illo inftanti, ufque ad tempus confimile in 
craftino, incipit efle, & erit fecunda : & fie etatem Lune numerabis ufque 
in finem Lunationis. Incipit autem Cyclus primus A. D« 1 387 : et ter- 
minatur ultimus A. D. 1462. Poftea infcribitur Altitudo mcridiana, cum 
qua poteris horas artificiales in Quadrante fie facilitcr invenire. Pone 
perpendiculum in Quadrante fuper tot gradus & minuta, quota illo die 
erit altitudo meridiana ; & fitua Margaritam fuper ultimam Lineam ar- 
chualcm, vcrfus dextcram : & Margarita, fole per ambo foramina pin- 
nularum lucente, oftendit horam prefentem ipia die. Et horas dc Clocke 
conformiter in Quadrante invenies ad hoc fa£to. Ut autem altitudinem 
mcridianam ad aliam rcgionem habeas, fi ibi fueris, obferva quacunque 
Die volueris, quanta fit in meridie altitudo Solis : que fi cqualis fuerit al- 
titudini meridiane, ifti Kalendario pro eadem Die infcripte, Kalendarium 
iftud, quantum ad hoc, illi regioni dcferviet^ fi major, difFercntiam ad 
illud iMiiformiter omni Die adde $ fi minor, fubrrahe : & habebis in ipfa 
regione mcridianam altitudinem omni die. Habira autem meridiana al- 
titudinc, fclicitcr poteris decHnationem Solis & altitudinem Poll cogno- 
fccre. Scquitur gradus Solis, Kalendarium conmiune & quantitas Horc 
artificialis s quam fi a 30 gradibus fubg^axeris, patebit tibi quantitas hore 



2 B VIII. 4'"- 

Tioftumc inequalis. Adneduntur duo ultimi cicli conjundionum, & 
medietas diei artificial is, indicans quotiens pulfabit Horologium propin- 
quius ante occafum Solis : quas horas cum minutis ft duplicaveris, pate- 
bit tibi quantitas Diei arti^cialis. £t ex ifta linea cum prima & aliis 
pre vie diois faciliter patere poteft advertenti, utrum Conjundio quam 
queris fit diurna vel nodurna, & quota fit hora Diei vel Nodis, Sc cu- 
jus fit Dieij inchoando Diem ab ortu Solis« Ad Meridianum autem 
occidentaliorem Meridiano Oxonie, minuas tempus diftantie a tempore 
Conjundionis vere ^ & ad Meridianum orientaliorem adde : & habebis 
inftans vere Conjundionis> ubicunque fueris. Sequunrur Tabula Pla- 
netarum pro horis, Tabula Lune, Ymago Signorum, & Figure Eclyp- 
Hum : ubi fupra Figuram ponitur tempus principii Eclypfis j quod erit 
eodem die, ante occafiim Solis, vel ante mediam nodem proximo fe- 
quentem, tot horis & minutis poft meridiem, quot ibi hore fuerint cum 
minutis, ft hore cum minutis ibi pofite ftnt pauciores 12 : ft vero fuerint 
plures 12, ihcipiet eadem node Eclypfis Lune, vel in craftino Eclypfis 
Solis, tot horis & tot minutis poft mediam nodem, quot fuerint hore 
reftdue, cum ab eis ablate fuerint hore 1 2. Circa Figuram vero in prima 
parte, notatur quantum de diametro Solis vel Lune eclypfabitur. Eft 
cnim eorum Diameter in 12 partes equales divifa; quarum quelibet vo- 
catur Ftmdum, Digitus, vel una pars 1 2\ Pundumque hoc in 60 partes 
equales efl divifum ; quarum quelibet dicitur unum Minutum ; cujus 
pars 60* vocatur fecimdum. Punda igitur ft 1 2 pauciora fuerint, Eclypfis 
partialis erit, & lux in aliqua parte corporis remanebit : fi vero precifc 
X 2 fuerint, Eclypfis quidekf^ tHiiverfalis erit, fet moram in umbra nullam 
habebit : ft autem Pundorum numerus excedat 1 2, corpus ipfum, etft 
tantum proportionaliter elTet, quantum foret, fi haberet tantam dia- 
metrum, quantus cfl ibi cum fradionibus fcriptus numerus pundorum, 
totum elTet edypfatum & retinens quantitatem propriani habebit in um- 
bra fenfibilem moram. Cujus temporis medietas communi nomine vo- 
catur Dimidium more. In parte fccunda Figure ponitur tempus cafus, 
in quo Luna in fuam vel Terre incidit umbram, vel excidit a fua vel 
Terre umbra : quod tempus, cum tempore dimidic more, in tertia parte 
Figure pofito, ft aliqua mora fuerit, ad tempus principii Eclypfis addi- 
rum, reddit tempus medie Eclypfis : ad quod cadcm addideris, habere 
finem Eclypfis. Duratio vero in ultima quarta ponitur, Littera domi- 

E nicalis 

16 LiBRi Mss. 

2 B IX— XV. 4*^- & Fol. 

nicalis ejufdcm Anni a Aniftris fab Figura (cribitar, Aureiis vero nume- 
rus a dcxtris collocatur. Et fic patebunt Edypfcs, cum omnibus fuis cir- 
cumftautiis & fuis temporibus, five quinque habeant tcmpora, five tan- 
turn tria. Sed utram tota Eclypiis vidcbitur, vel folum pars ejasj 6c que 
crit ilia, faciliter habcri potcfV, comparando tempora Eclypfis ad boras 
dc Clocke, in dircdto Dienim vel No^tium Kalendario fignatas> in qui- 
bus accidit Eclypfis. Que omnia poflunt per hunc verfum rctineri. 

Punda cadente mora, duratio^ tempus & hora. 

Explicit Canon. 

IX« Pfaltermm cum Canticis Eccicfiafticis : pulcherrime fcriptum Sc 
piftum. In Charta. xvi 

Petruccius Ubaldinus Florcntinus Henrico Comiti Arundellio, Mccas- 
nati fuot fcribebafy Londini, 15^5 : J^cfff in fine Codicis additur. 

X. Pfalterium, cum Calcndario. xr 

XI. Prior pars hujus Codicis eft exlcfta : & indpit in parte Vifitaii- 
onis Acgrotoram. Inde fequuntur Sepulrura 8c Vigilia Mortuorum. xv 

XII. Xni. Evangclia & Epiflolae Dierum fcflorum in Ecclcfia Icgenda j 
pulchf e pifta i & cum notis muiids ad eorum aliqua appofiris. xv 

Hi duo Codices nitidi faabent Opercula antiqua ex altera parte exca- 
Tata. Vide Codicem i A XVIIL 

In primo utriuftjue Folio, una manu fcribitur r Orate pro bono fiat u 
Stephani JenynSy Militis & Aldermarmi LondonenfiSy & ^i^mine Mar- 
garet e uxoris Jue^ dttm vixermt ; & pro Animajms ipforumy cum ak 
%ce mlgravterint haci nee non pro Jlnima tf^illielmi Buck. \^i quidem 
Stephanus & Margaret a Liinmm dfderunt ifium Ecclefie Beate Marie 
de Aidermanbwj^ ibidem irmerpetuum permanfiirumy Anno Domini 
1508, & Anno 2+ H.7- ^0 tempore five Jlnnoy diltus Stephanus 
Londonie prediBe Major fuH. ^ibus eternam ^eus det Luminis 
claritatem. Amen. M. E. E. 

XIV.. Pfaltcrium; cum Calcndario^ HymnisEccleliafticis ScLitania. xv 

Hie Codex nobiliflimae Bourcheriorum Familiae olim erat $ ut apparet 
ex Komine St. Bourgchieu, ad finem aCcripto 5 & ex Obituario Bour-. 
cfaeriorum^ in Calcndario ab A..D. 1458 ad 1488 infcripto. 

XV. I. Calendarium. xv 

2. Obituarium Familiae Buttclerorum> Comitum Ormondiae^ Ccriptum 
eadem manu qua Codex. Ibi ^icirur R.Hcnricus VI obiiflc inter 2 1 & 2 2 
I ' Maiis. 


2 c I — m. Foi. 

Maiii asm alia Catendark ponant illius obitum ad 4 Martii. Unica 
Pagina tft iftad Qbkaanam. Scptimo cdatn Polio fequentc, eft Scutum 
Buttelcrorum, quod eodem tempore, quo Codex, pingebatur. Undc 
parct^ hunc Codiccm in ufum hujus Familiae olim Nobiliffimae ferip^ 
ttun fnifie. 

3. Orationes ad S. Trinitatem i cum Fi^ris cjufdemtribus, fatis aaffi5^ 

4. Hocae B. Maciac. 

9« Scptem Pfidmi poeciitCAtialcs. 

6^ Litania. 

7« VigiUa Mmtuonmu 

^ Commeiidattoibitmaruiiu 

^. Pfalmi de Paflione Domini. 

JTO* P&kcniim S. tiicranymi. 

Mvc CadcKy Pifturis (catens, K. Manac qoondam foit : >ut patct el 
Literis M. K. inLamiim<^perciiU fculptts : at etiiam Codex^ a B III> & VU. 

2 C Fol. 

L Petri Comeftoris Schdaftica Hiftoria, S. Scripturac Icrietn eiFpo^ 
nens. xhc 

In Mafgine primae Paginac tfft faaec N^tula : ^^r Hadnkhum 4e 
Stok Monachutny Liber &iji9riarum Stholafiic^rumy 4e Claujlr^ Ruf^ 
finfi: (jmem qui alietmverit, Mienatum ceknferit, vel hunc THutumin 
psmdem deievmt y Ana9htmafit. Amtn. Et in ultimo folio Ik fcri- 
bitur: Cautio Thome ffybarMn,exsepPatMCtfin deChithele A. ®. 1468^ 

ao Se metifis Augmfti: & efi Hber 'M. Teffiy &c. Eijacet fr^ 2^6$. 

"fan St plorcs 'hiijufinodi Ciftas publioas fuiOc in Anglia circa hoc 
tempus patet ex pluribus hujufcc Bibliothecae Codicibus, qui in iis op- 
pfgRerati fiiifle mamorantur. Vide Indicem. 

XI. Commentarius in S. Pauli ^fipiftolas. xm 

Incipit : Trincipia rerum tnquirenda funt prius. In Operculo, manu 
aoo >Annonim, arcribitur Pctro Con^ftori. 

III. I . Gregorii Papae I, -Homilia in Lcdionem Evangel ii Domtnicac 
in SeptuageHma: quae inciptti In explanati^ne fua multd ad Idquen^ 
ifam S. Ev^gelii leSth peftulat. x 

•2. .. ■ Homilia in Ledionem Evangelii Dominicae primat poft Sep- 

tuagefimam : quae incipit 5 Le£iio San£ti Evangelic qudmmod^y Fratres 
kmiffimi^ Mudijiis^ expofitione nonindiget. 

E 2 3. — — • 

z8 LiBRi Mss. 

2 C III. Pol. 

J. ■■ Homilia in Lcdioaem Evangclii Dominicae fecundae : quacr 

incipit; Redemftor nojier praevidens ex paffione fuaDifcipularum anU 
mos perturbanaos. 

4. Homilia ia Dominica i Quadragenmac : cujus initiun^ 

eft 5 Traedicaturus vobiSy Fratres deUdlyJimh facratijpmum maxinmnh 
que jejunium. 

5. -— — Homilia in Ledionem de Temptatione Chrifti inDeferto: 
quae incipit; ^ubitari aquibufdamfokt^aquoSpiritufitJefusduSlw: 
in T^efertum. 

6. Lconis Papae I^ Semio in Quadragedma : qui incipit ^ Licet vobiSjDi^ 
leSiiJpmi^ appropinquante Tafcha^ jejunium ^aaragejimae ipfe legi^ 
timi temporis curfus indicat. 

7. Homilia in Lcftioncm in Dominica i Quadcagefimae j ex Matt. 
3CVH: quae incipit ; Efvangelica LeEHo^^ileSiiJJimiy quae per Aures cor^ 
pnris interior em mentium nojirarum pulfavit auditum. 

S. Ex Commentario S. Hieronymi^ Scrmo, in Dominica 2, in Ledlonem. 

ex Mat.. XV, 21, &c. qui incipit; Scribis & Vharifeis Calumniatoribur 

dereliffisy tranjgreditm^ in partes Tyri & Sidanis. 

9* Ex Commentario Bedae Presbyteri, Homilia^ in Dominica 3, in Lec« 

tionem exLucaexr, 14, Sec. qui iocipiti ^emoniacu4( ijie apud Matbe-- 

urn nonfolum mutus^fed & c^eeusfuijfe narratur. 

xo. Bedae Homilia, in Dominica 4, in Ledtionem fecundum Tohannem s 

Cap. VI, I, ^c. quae incipit j ^ijigna & miracula Domini ch Salvatth- 

ris re^ey cum- legunt vel audiuntj accipiunt. 

XI. Ctegorii Papae I, Homilia, in Dominica 5, in Le£lionem fecundum 

Joh. Cap. VIII, 46, &c. quae incipit 5 Tenfate^ Fratres karijjimi^ manjue- 

tudimm. TDei., 

12. Bedae Presb. Homilia, in Dominica in Paflione^ in Leftionem ex 
Mat. XXI, I , &c. quae incipit \ Mediator ^ei & Hominum Homa Chrijius 

13. Leonis Papae I, Scrmones 5, de Paflione Domini : Quorum i incipit t 
^efiderata nobis ^ ^ileSiiffimiy & univerfo optabilis Mundo, adeft Fefii- 
vitas:. 2. Gloriay T)ile£iijfifniy dominicae Tajftonis. 3. Sermonenh 
^ileSUffimiy de gloriofa TaJJione Domini. 4. Sacramentum^ DUeSiiJ^ 
fimi, Dominicae Taffionis. 5. Dunk multis modis^ DileSi^mij Ju^ 
daka Impietas labored. 

14- Jcrcmiat 


2 C IIL Fol. 

14. Jeremiae Lamcntationum Cap. i, i— 17. 

1 5. S. Auguflini Sermo in PfaLLXiv, i : qui incipit i^ Sevierunt Inimiw 
in Maf tyres., 

1 6. De Epiftola ad Corinthios I, Cap. xi, 20, ad xii, 6 \ Ledio«. 

17. Bedae Presb. Homilia inLedionem exjoh. xiii, i. &c 

18. Leonis Papae I, Sermo in Cocna Domini : quiincipits Scio quideml, 
"Dileaiffimi, Tafchale feftum. 

19. Jercmiac Lament. Cap. II, i 14- 

20. Serme in Pfal. lxiv, 2 : qui incipit s No fits ^ qui Conventus erat ma* 
lignantium Judeorum. 

21 . Lcftio dc Epiftola ad Hebr. iv, 1 1, ad v, 14. 

22. Leonis Papae I,. Sermones 1, dc Paflione Domini. Quorum i inci^ 
piti ^ecurfis^ ^ile^iffimij Sermme proximo^ iisy quae ad comprehfn^ 

fianem 7) (mini praecejferuut. z. . Sacramy T^ileSiiffimi^ T^mmicae Va^ 
fimis Hifioriam. 

2 J. Jeremiac Lament. Ill, i— jtf 

24. Tradatus fuper PfaUxxiv, 3 : qui incipit; Arcumdicit Infidias. 

2s Ledio-5 ab Hebr. ix, 1 1, ad x^4^' 

26. S. Auguftini Sermones 3 in Natali S. Stephani : qui incipium j i^S^a^ 
niam ^videa nofiras ^ijput at tones Graphio Ceraque ligari. 2. Gkrioji/^- 
fimus & in Chrifia beatiffimus Martyr. ^ Jefus filius Nave in Here--- 
mo pugnabat. 

27. Sermo in Converfionc S. Pauli: qui inzvpityVideteyfratres:} 
karijfimi^ Omnipotentis Dei divinum Myfterium. 

%%^ Ex Cdmmentario S..Hteronymi^. Homilia in Mat. XK, 27. &a quae 

incipit; Gratidis fiducia. 

29. Sermo in Purificatione B. Mariac ; quiincipitj Si Jubtiliter-a fideti^ 

buSf quae fit hujus T^ieiftfiivitaSy perpend^ur. 

IQ. Bedae Venerabilis Homilia in Luc. 11^22^ &c. quae incipit i . iSW!fimr«» 

tat em nobis hodiernae celebritatis. 

3X. Leftio in Cathedra S. Petri : quae incipit; Infiitutio fefiivitatis ho^ 

diernae a fenioribus noftris Cathedrae nomen accepity ideo quod primus^ 

jdpofiolorum Tetrus hodie Epifi:opatus Cathedram fiifcepiffe refetatur. 

3J,. Bedae Presbyteii Homilia in Mar*, xvi, ij, &c» qyae incipit i. LelUa^ 

S^ Evangelii^ quam modo, fratresy audifiis^ 

33^ & 

]0 LlBRl Mss. 

3 cm. Fbu 

33. S. Auguftini Scrmo in NaMii Sk MftthiOfCy in Ledionefn tx Matxi, 
iji >kt, ^ tnef p(t > ^imehim £vat^tiii4M turn hgentm. 

34. S. Ambrofii Sermo in Adnunciatione S. Mariae : qui inoipil) ^diii 
nobis y Jratm vRle^ffinu, Ppftttus 'iliet. 

3 5. Sermo ex Obnfmcntar«b 'Bedae ^vekL in Luc. t^ ats,&ic. 'qiniodpiti 
hvim fft^i f&fioMiii nomhf/im oirfintun, 

36. S. Auguftini Sermo ex Commentario ejQk^ In KdTali S. jitaeoi, ia 

Ledionem ex Joh. xv, i, &c. ^hI iticipkj f^iotiu 9vm»iHaa^ 

|7j(^« tem^miMu^flbiiMia ill 'Ltaioneoi in NataU S. FUflppI «: fatobi, 

«xJoh. xiy> I, &c. quae incipit; Erigenda eft nobiSi fr»fr9ii, md Wmm 

major intentio. 

5%i ^irfllO^ ConEffficntKAd ^. Jktigdfttni in Joh. inct, ^, &c 

tt. "BlSttM -^sbi 4«omilia 4t 4j6ftiMft 411 VigtMa >S. |6teiimis .B(i{Kiftae> 

tor nofter. 

.40. Scrmo in Nativitate S. Johannis Biii{>eiftae : Cfii l&cipits Njifmf/kit^m 


41 . Bedae Presbyteri Homilia in Luc» i, 5>^ &C i|UaB ititijptit^ ^taecur- 


iliv^MMiiii TBUrittedfo E^lftopi $c)-mMts<»,^e S. foha&ne^Bapetfta-: 

^ioMA I Ift^it^ mC^mR^jkm qituhffif 9**9jiibiffaHfli». <a. :fkftivip»ttm 

frefentis 'Diet. 3 . Solennitatem nobis diver forum Martyrom, 

4^. !^iA6 '^k ^mrmhttErlo Bedafc Von. >ln I^uc. i, lis, 4oc 

44. BcdaeVenerabilis, MomiUa rtiJok.XKi, i5>-&c 

|j$^. C«^is^pare I, S^iChioin Naran % Piitfi '& >Pttuli : X3}A ineiplt;; KOm- 

nium quidem faniiarum Solenrutatum^ ^ileSitj^^t itMu iMMmkis :eft 

fistikf^s. , 

46. S. Auguftini Sermon«s 3, in cotundieni li^iati. ^ inciplt $ i^r/w/r 

m^^Amiditenos^ & iibir^e tvos, a. tSDiwfim fatiUrMm JUpoftfloretm 

^etri&Tauli. i. AudiamuSyfratrfsitiriffimiytmK^ifiatwem. 

.9^. 'Mfttittii T^ttrlntiiffs Bpifoopi S€prax*its 3> iti Katali ^. Lauttntii, 

IIMi|»lt t i Saitifjhtm'^tfrdrresy ac fE^ -fUcifam. ^. -Simt pBtfmm'W' 

ftfUNtm. t.'BeMi Lmmtii. 

^^. ^ Aaguftbii ^etmo {h Ledion«mi in Aflfutnptione S« Mariae, ex Luc. 

», 38, &c. 

49. 'Scrmo ex Commcntario Bedae Venerabilis, in Luc. x, 38, &c. 

$0. Homdia 


z C III. Fot. 

jO. Homilia io Mat.v^ i3i &c. quae incipitf Sal i^pettantur Apojlglt. 

5 1 . Sermo ex Commentario Bedae Vcncrabilis, in Marc, vi, 1 7, &c. 

52. . S. Hieronyqii in Mat. i, i, &c. 

53. Homclla cxcerpta ex Comm. S. Aumftini In Joh.xii, 31, ficc 

54. Sermo ex Comm. Bedae Venerabills, in Luc* v, J7, &c. 

5 5 . Sermo in Feftivitatc §• Matthaei : qui iocipit \ Sanlfn quatuor /f»r^ 

$6. Bedae Venerabilis Homilia in Mdt. ix> 9> &c. 

57. Maximi Taurinenfis Epifcppl Jermq In Pi^ S. Mattljaei : qui UJ^ipft > 

Gloriofiffimos Chrijlianae fdei Trincipes. 

j 8. S. Auguftini 5ermo in Cprnmemoratione S. Pauli : qui inclpit j ^r^* 

cedat nobis y Ft aires kar^ffimi^ beatus f^aulus. 

59. Leonis Papae I, Sermo dc Nativitatc S. Tojuonis : qiji in^iplt;. 
¥0/1 ilium facro'fanifum Domini Nata/em. 

60. Homiliae *, cxcerptae ex Commentario Origcnis in Maf^ xyi, i j^ 9f£^ 

6 xix, 27, &c. 

1 Maximi Taurioenf^ Epilcopi Sermoncs, 4. 

Incipit I. Apojlolici Hdtalis gaudio. 2. Beatifflmorum^pQjtQforunt' 
Tetri&Tauli. 3. BeatiJ^morum Apo/fohrumTaJpa. 4, fPi/t^torh^ 
& Terpcutoris facratij/lmum Diem. 
6z. S.Auguftini Sermo in Mat. xiv, ?2, &c. 

63. Sermo in Mat. xx^ 20, &c. qui incipit j Haerfnt JS^r ^ivM4f 

64. Leflitoin Fcftivitate S. Petri ad Vincula : quae incipit j J^atandutf^ 
eft J Fratres karijfimi^ qua de Canfa celebratur. 

65. Leonis Papae I, Scraiojn candem Feftivitateni : quiiocipitj E:ful(e^ 
mus in Domino. 

66. Scrroo ex Comm. Bedae Venerabilis in Luc. ix, 23, Jkc. 

67. Sermo ex Comm. S. Auguftinl in Joh. xii, 24, &c, 

68. Homilia in Feftivitate S^ Michael is' j <:5^ccrpta ex xlivcrfis Tr^filatibiis : 
8C incipit; ^otiens legimus ^omivi Difctpulos de or dine prior atiis 
inter fe contendijfe. 

69. Sermo in Feftiyitatc 6. twae : qui i^icipit 5 7^^ fifk^fim prophet 14^ 

70. Cjeg;orii Papeel, Homilia in Luc. x, i, 5cc. 

71. Sermo in Fcftivitate omnium Sanftorum: qui incipit i LegmffS^ 
in Eccleftafticis Hiftoriis. 72^,Bedaa 

52 LiBRi Mss^ 

2 C VIII. Fol. 

72^ Bcdac Vcncrabilis Homilia in Joh. i, 3 5> &c. 

73. Grcgorii Papac I, Homiliac 2 in Mat. iv, i8,&c & in Job. xr> 

12, &ۥ 

74. Homiliac 2 ex Comm. S. Augufiini in Joh. xv, 12, &c. 

75. Homilia ex Comm. Bcdae Venerabilis in Luc. ix, 46, &c* 
76^ S. Hicronymi Scrmo in Mat. x, 34, &c. 

77. Grcgorii Papac I, Homilia in Luc. xiv, 26, &c. 

78. Scrmo ex Comm. S. Hicronymi in Mat. x, 26, &c. 
.7^. Grcgorii Papac I, Homilia in Luc ix, 23, &c. 

»o. Homilia ex Comm. Bcdae Venerabilis in Luc. xix, 1 2, &c 

81. S. Auguftini Scrmo in Natali plurimorum Martyrum : qui incipit; 
TfalmuSy qui cantatur ^ominoj videtur fan£Hs Martyr ibus convenire. 

82. Bcdac Venerabilis Scrmo in Luc. vi, 17* &c. 
? 3 . Leonis Papac I, Scrmo in Mat. v, i , &c. 

84. Maximi Taurincnfis Epifcopi Scrmo: qui incipitj ^i Sanliorum 
merita religiofa carltate miratur. 

85. Grcgorii Papac I, Homilia in Luc xxi, 9>&c. 

£6. Maximi Taur. Epifcopi Scrmo : qui incipit 5 Sufficere nobis debermt . 

87. Bcdac Vcncrabilis Scrmo in Marc. XIII, i, &c 

88. Fulgentii Riifpenfis Epifcopi Scrmo : qui incipit; ^ominicus Sermo, 
quern debemus. 

89. Homilia in Mat. xxiv, 42, 8cc ex divcrfis cxcerpta: quae incipit i 
^erjhicue oftendit ^ominus: 

90. Maximi Taur. Epifcopi Scrmo.* qui incipit 5 Ad fanSii & beatiffimi 
patris nojiri N. 

91. Grcgorii Papac I^ Homilia in Mat. xxv, 14, &c. 

92. Scrmo ex Comm, Bcdac Venerabilis in Luc. viii, 16, &c. 

93. Bcdac Venerabilis Homilia in Marc, xiii^ 33, &c. 

94. Grcgorii Papac I» Homiliac 2^ inLuc. xii^ 35, &c. & in Mat. xxv^ 

I, &c 

95. S. Auguftini Homilia in Mat. xxv, i, &c 

96. Grcgorii Papac I, Homilia in Mat. xiii, 44. 

^7. S. Auguftini Homilia in Dedicationc Tcmpli : quae incipit ; ^uo^ 
tien/cunque, Fr aires karijfimi^ Alt arts vel Templi Fejiivitatem colimus. 
98. Scrmo ex Comm. Bedac Venerabilis in Luc xix» i, &c. 
99- Vcrfus Riiythmici^ dc Corporc & San^inc Domini 5 & de Ploratu 
JPeccatoris. xii 



2 C IV ^XII. Fol. 

Hie Liber Homiliaram in fingulas Anni Fcftivitates, pcrtincbat ad 
Clauftnim RofFenfe, ut fcribitur in prima pagina, manu recent i 5 & in 
fine, manu 500 Annorum, 

IV. Maccabaeorum Libri 2 j cum Glofla. xiv 

V. Nicholai dc Gorram, Poftillac in Pfalterium, xiv 
In initio fcribitur alia manu ; Lii^er de Clauftro Roffenfi^ per fratrem 

Robertum de Gelham : & adliuc alia 5 Accommodatur tfte Liber Ma- 
giftro Thome T^umunt /acre Tagine Trofejfori, pofi fefium S. Tetri 
Cathedrey Anno Chrifti 1334 incompleto. 

VI. I. Radulphi Nigri Monachi Flaviaccnfis, Commcntarius in Lc- 
viticum, Libris 20. xiii 

2. Anfelmi Archicpifcopi Cant, Libri 2 contra Gentiles: quos, Cur 
^eus HotnOy nominavit. 

3 . D c Incarnationc Verbi, Liber i . 

VII. Poftillac fuper Ifaiam, Threnos, Ecclcfiaften & Adus Apoftolo- 
rum. XIV 

Liber quondam Ecclcfie bcatc Marie Wigorn. 

VIII. I- Gloflac fuper Genefin, Exodum, Leviticos & Deutcrono- 
mium: item fuper Libros 4 Regum&Ifaiam. xiii 
2. Petri Cantoris Parifienfis Gloffac fuper Jercmiam & ejus Lamenca- 
tiones, Danielem, 1 2 Prophetas minores & Parabolas Solomonis. 

Probabilc eft, hunc Petrum (qui floruit circa A. D. 1200) Autorem 
ctiam efte Gloflarum reliquarum hujus Codicis. 

IX. I. Unumex4Evangeliis: quod Tatianus Graece cdidit i &Vidor 
Capuae Epifcopus in linguam latinam tranftulit. xiii 
2. Petrus Cantor Parifienfis : fuper Unum ex quatuor Evangcliis, five 
Harmoniam Evangeliftarum. 

X. Claudii Scoti (qui fcripfit A- D. 815) Expofitio in S, Matthaei Evan- 
gelium ; 3 Libris. xii 

XL Alcxandri Neckam Expofitio Pfalterii. xiii 

Ifte hStMS eft Abbas Exciftrienfis, in Devonia, A. D. 1 21 5. 
XII. I . Conunentarius in Cantica Canticorum : qui incipit ; Sciendum 
eft imprimis, quod Auitor hujus Operis Spiritu Sanito repletus. xiii 

2. Ifidori Hilpalcnfis Epifcopi (qui claruit A. D. 630) Commen- 
tarii in Pentateuchum^ Jofuam, Judices, Ruth & Regum 4 Librof. 

3 . Liber de Natura quorundam Animalium & Lapidum, & quid figni- 

F ficetur 

34 LiBRi Mss. 

2 C XIIL Fol ^%I> I-^-^VI. 8^- 

Sioctwfci cam. Incipit «uteQii ^^JSlatma Iu»m$^ B^wwmfm mi- 
makum Regis. 

Liber quondam Thome de Bredy Abbatis Qimt^rk^ £t 9\» mum 
Ibsibitur s Liber Manafierii S. Vetri Gkw^m. 

XIIL Evangelia Matthaci dc Marci (j^koflata. xiv 

l SaaMfiw^CQfl»pUafciQJMMifkau> ^Oqmk qiiid conmuMNtt 
continetur in unoquoque Capicub^ KCMHA BiU^e^ X¥ 

II. Sapicatiaa SotomQDi&Lihfti^ a J«»Ik)» C^hitta Oif miiie redditas : 
com Praefatione Profaica, ad R. Elizabctam fcripta \% CaL* Mau A^ EX 
M5SK ki. Chafta. XVI 

IIL Ecclcfiaftes & Cantica Canticorom SoIomottMW El^tKft Carmiiu 
reddita |>er Martinum Brionarnim PaciAcaftai^ ^ %.. Bdvardo 4 ior 
ieripia. xvi 

IV. I . Interpretatio Nominxim Hebraicoram quae in Bibliis occurnuu: 
alphabetica. xiv 

^ Gbk Kynftan tcAuraQ fiipfit Bcclofiaflicum- :. ^ wcj|^ s Otimit Sa^ 
fkntia ^c. Notay quad nu^ enMmenan /Mtfii 4Metum Maris .^ KU 
darait circitA. E>. 1^24^;. ^ouMtun Pitfcuvi^ 
3. C oaim e niori us ki Bcctefiaftcn>: qw iodpsk:; ^i*^ Eedtfi^lfieSy^ ^. 

4« Robert! Plplkotc, qui claoiii^ fteuodjjmi Pildfetim) A* P^^ 

in Libram Sapkmiae^: quit uiaipii>^ ^Dil^ike: Juj^itfa/m &«. lOdmius 

en/my quod id quod eft amuamnu EoL 5i4u 

V; eremcmis V^csttjrtcn LaMbooiaMfis Ov^ duniitit ib 
Ad^ Apofto^Qf urn Conunentarius. xs i 

VI. i. F!ofM PftlMMwn^ uTque ad l?£di S«^ locipiiim; Bfiotusfvir 
&c. ^e domino noftro Jefu Chrifto accipiendum eft. Vidftj^EXI. xiii 

2. Verborum plurium Divifia. Categoiicai Impcrft 

3. DeSi^u Tefrae AijgareQorum.1raAa«w;. 4t(fe SabdioD dfi SiqirfiadilK) & 
Ails ejus: Per Painjircham loBoibl^iiiittfljim^ est: naodato. ImiQcontii 
fftpae. Ibcipki T tmmnm 9uf^ I n mim f i k S ' k§mtf9immei. ^io/im. 

4. "Fraaatus ^Fdlii$ qui incipie^ Ihc i^ eMmfiHiet} Likrk jfilik Ak^^ 

5. Compotus : 


2 D VII XIIL 8V0- 

5 . Compotus t qui incipit ; Antequam principale ^rapojttum aggredia^ 
fMUfy trimo videamus^ quid Jit hiC ArSy que Compotus nominatur. 

6. Eamundi Cantuarienits Archiepifcopi Vita : apud Pontiniacum eciita. 
7* Momiliae five expofitioncs in varias Lc£tiones Ecclenafticas. Impci:* 
fcAac. - 

8. Traftatus Impcrfcftus, qui incipit 5 ^e Sacramenfis JSccleJtdJlicis M 

Liber olim erat de Clauftro fi^offenKt, per G. de Stratone Monachum. 

VII. Expolitio in primum Caput Epiftolae Pauli ad Cphefios ; cum 
l0ng& PriefationCy quae incipit^ i^/ ad res fact as actedunt pertraC'^ 
tandas. In Ghana. . xvi 

VIIL I • Alexandri Ncckh&ni Ifagoge ad Artes : quae incipit ) Perrum 

Jitu Tubiginem duett. Vide 5 C V. xiii 

2. E lucidarium Bibliothecac : quod incipit 5 ^efingulis Likris 

Bibliotecc. Per Bibtiothecamy Autor intendit Biblid s quae fie in illiug 

tempore vulgo di^ erant. Deficit in £piftola Pauli ad Tbeltalonicenfes. 

IX. I. Tradatultts Juris Canonici imperfefhis: qui incipit s ^|S[M Tir- 
diciorum quaedam Junt praeparatoria. £t alius; qui incipit r^r§tlc- 
clefiarum canfecrattaney procurationem tnoderatam aceifi fojfe. Item^ 
Capitula Juris Canonici. xiii 

2. Capitula Librorum Veteris Teftamenti. 

3 . Obfervationes plurimae ex variis S. Scripturae loci^. Incipiunt $ ^ro^ 
fojkefam a prUiino. 

4. Tradatus Logicus de Fallaciis. tncipit; Ad majorem foHaciarum 

5. Tradlatus de Juris A^ione inchoanda: qui incipit $^ Olim edebatur 
Adio per Scripturaniy & Jsne Scripturd. 

X. Adus Apodolorum i cuni Expofttione. xiri 
Liber olim Canonicorum S. Auguftini de Briftol. 

XL Bccleftafiicus, Prdvcrbia Soiomonis & £ccleiiaftesi cum Notis 
Mai^alibus. xiu 

XII. Petri Pidavcnfis Allegoriae S. Scripturae. Incipit y Primus Li- 
ber traifaf de Myfieriis. xiii 

Xm. Johannis Apocalypfts ; cum metrica Traoflationc Gallicana^ & 
Pi^lurift in qualibet Fagina oidibus. xiv 

f 2 XIV^ — XDt. 


LiBRI Mss 

2 D XIV XXIX. 8V0. & 4*0- 

XIV ^XIX, Vetus Teftamcntum, in Carmen Hcroicum tranflatuift^ 

per Johanncm Epifcopum Oxonienfcm, A. D. 1612. 6 Tom. In 
Charta. xvir 

XX. Caroli Widcman Medici Rcipub. Auguftanae, Interpretatio Myf- 
tica in quartum Librum Efdrae; Oblara R. Jacobo i, A. D. 161 9- 
Charta. xvii 

XXI- I. Rabbi Davidis Kimhi Commcntarii fuper Hofeam, Toclcm, 
AmoSi Abdiam, Jonam, Micheam^ Nahum, Habacuc & Sopnonian; 
Latinc redditi per Thomam Nelum, Hebraicae Linguae Profefforem Ox- 
onii; & R. Elizabctae infcripti. In Charta. xvi 

2. Rabbinicae quaedam ObCervationes ex praedidis Commentariis ^ per 
cTiftum T. Nelum. 

XXII. Origenis Homcliae 16, in Leviticum. xii 

XXIII. Petri Rigae Liber didus Aurora. Eft ParaphrafTs Hiftoricorum 
y. Teftamenti Librorum, & 4 Evangeliorum 5 Carmine Elegiaco. xiii 

XXIV. S. Marci & Matthaei Evangelia, gloffata. xiii 
Codex olim de Communitate Fratrum minorum Cantuarie. 

XXV. Harmonia 4 Evangeliftarum, fecundum Ammonium Alex- 
andrinum : & Aiftus Apoftolorum. xiii 

Liber quondam M. Edwardi Lupton 5 emptus ajohanne More^ Statio- 
nario Oxon. 

XXVI. Jacobi, Petri, Johannis & Judae Epiftolae; cum Glofla. xiii 

XXVII. S. Bernardi Abbatis Clare vallenfis^ Sermones 54 fuper Can- 
tica Canticorum. xii 

XXVIII. Expoittio in Pfaltcrium : qui incipit 5 Beatus Vir (^c^ 
Chriftus^ qui Vir dicitur ve I propter Excellent iam. 

Henricus Parker Equcs, Baro Morlcy, hunc Codicem Dono dedit Do- 
minae Mariae R. Henrici 8 filiac. 

XXIX. I. Expofitio difertiflimi Rodbcni fuper Canticis Canticorum. 
SicTitulus in Codice: Imprimitur tamen inter Gregorii Papae I Opera.: 
Caveus autem attribuit Radulpho Nigro Flaviacenfi. Septem Vcrfus 
ultimi dcfunt. xi 

2. Expofitio brevis in Orationem Dominicam: quae incipit : Sicvos ora- 
bitis : quaji dicat^ non debet is ut Ethnici or are. 

3. Libeilus de altercatione Ecclefiae & Synagogac : qiiiilncipits TeSyna-^ 
gogay quamagnoRegi olim eleifa fueras. 

XXX. I. Folia; 

BiBLiorHECAE Regiae. 57 

2 D XXX ^XXXIX. 4^0. & 2 E I. 4^0- 

XXX. I- Folia 12 in initio & fine Codicis Tradatus cujufdam Juris 
Qvilis. XIII 

2. Ecclcfiafticus & Sapicntiac Liber 5 cum Gloflis. 

3. Summa Magiftri Rodbcrti Blundi in Arte Grammatica : quae incipit'j 
Jufiaf parit petentium preces necejfitas. 

4. Scrmones varii. i. In Cantic. iv, 7. 2. InGaL vi, 14; dc Grace. 
3. In Apoc. VIII, 3- 4- in Luc. iv, 24. 5. Contra Mundi Vanitatesi 
in Eccl. I, 2. 6. De Periculis Mundi: in Pfal. xlvi, i. 7. In Deut. 
xxviii, 12. 8. In Ifai. lx, 2. 9. In Pfal. lxxii, io; io^ In Zac 
IV, 14. II. In Mat. x, 16. 

Liber quondam dc Clauftro RoflFenft,. H. de Stokes. 

XXXI. Liber Job ; cum Glofla. jnii 

XXXII. I . Ailredi Abbatis Ricvalleniis, Homiliae 31s de Oneribus 
Ifaiae. xiii 
2. Gileberti Londonienits Epifcopi Homiliae 9> de Laudibus Petri & 

XXXIII. S. Hieronymi Breviarium majus fupcr Pfalmosv xii 

XXXIV. Evangelium S. Johannis 5 cum Gloflk. xii 

XXXV. Evangelium S. Matthaei ; cum Glofla; xiii 
Liber quondam Joannis Leylandi Londinenfts. 

' XXXVI. Petri Aurcoli Compendium S. Scripturae; xv 

Liber olim Fratris Thome Wicham, Ordinis beate Marie de Monte 

Carmeli. Etaliamanufcpibitur Conventus Londoniarum Librarie poft 


XXXVH. I. Colledio Textuum S. Scripturae Tub variis Argumentis. 


2. Stephani Langton Cantuarienfis Axchiepifcopi fuper 1 2 Prophetas mi- 
nores Commentarius. 

3. Scrmones 14: forte ejufdtm. 

XXXVIII. Solomonis Proverbia, Ecdeitaftes & Cantica Canticorum^s 
cum Gloflis. XIII 

XXXIX. Librpjofuae, Judicum & Ruth 3 GloITati. xix 

2 E L 4^^- 

1 Liber Job r cum- Gloflk. xiv 

Olimdc Clauftro Roffenfi^ 
t IL Ffaltcrium^, 


LfB&i Mss. 

z E II— XI. ♦«>. 
JL VQiitcfmm / cum Qiottk. tiy 

III. Evangclia4, Gloffata. . jciv 

IV. I . Prophetae i z minores t cum Glofla* xiv 
z. lob i cum Clofla* 

3. Homilia in Prov. iii, 20: quae incipiCi Abi£i inqiiitplufditer. 

I{i initio fcribitur^ cadcm manu qua Codext Memoriale Fratris Johannis 
4i Wf9th4m : ut & initio Ubri X^ fequeatis. 

Vf !• Praltcrium} cum ClofTa. xixt 

a« Sermo in Qcn. xxviii, i tf : qui incipit s l^um ex inceptimt mes can^ 

VL I. Homiliac 56, in Mattbaeum; quae incipiuntj Liher GiHera-- 
timisy&c. Liber y quafi ApothecdGra$iarum: cum ladice Alpbabctico. 


%. Sermo in Apoc. xxii, 7. 
I, Clofia in Pfalmos 2s priores. 

Liber oiim Monaftcrii Wigornie. 

VIL I. De Fidei Charitate & Spe TnOatus. Incipit: ^nu fi cre^ 

iHuTy tnerito invocatur (jr quaeritur. xiii 

a. Gilleberti Folioth Gommentaiius in Qmtica Canticonun. Incipit : 

^ae eft ifta tarn inclitM fefwm. mii 

Liber dim de Clauftro RofFcnfi. 

VUL IFafckulus ObfervatioQum in Pentatenchum^ Jofiiam, Job^ Ifai- 
tm^ J[«r«mi«m» Ezechielcm & Ubiras Regum. Incipiant : In pf'meipio 
creavitj &c. Celum ftgnificat fumma^ invi/ibiliay fpiritualia. Alia mann 
Opus afctibitux M^ Gj^lts cukUm : fed qua rationc> &: quifnam ific fit, 
ncfcio. XIV 

IX. Jobsnutf de A)ba ViUa HomiUae in Epiftotas & Evangdia in Do 
minicis. Incipit : Cum facrthfanCla Mater EccIeJuL 

In initio fcribitur : Hunc Librumjecit fcriki Gnida ^raeiemtmty. quern 

X. Kaiae Phophetia GlofTata. xiy 
XL Prophetae 12 minoies & Liber ^ob^ cnniGloffis. xiv. 
In fine manu recenti fcribitur : Ltber Ecclefiae beatae Mariae Wi^ 

gorne^ teftejcriptore Guil. ThtMmkUl Eb%racenfi^ ejufdem Ecclefiae Tre- 
lnudario oaavo. Idem reperias Scriptum in fifljc Godicis. a^ F Ij Ac j A 
Vm, & in aliis. 

xn. I, 


2 E Xn ^XlV. 4**' &. a E I.— .VII. Fol. 

XOl. i« Poftilkkc fopei Gene&i^ Dcuteronornhmij Jofuaaiy Ju^ikes^ 
Ruth, Jcrcmijm & Baruch. xll^ 

X. Scrmc ia Mar. viii s ij, 24 : & ia Mat«sry> 21^ Su. 

XIII, XIV. I • S. Hierony mi Comificnraiitts in Pfatuofr 1 od pctof es^r 


2. In initio prioris Tomi, occurrunt 2 Folia Sedulii Poeaiack In Lac k 

3. £t in fine hu)us Tomi> funt altera 2 Folia aAitqaiifioui ComtbeAtariil 
alicujus in Judic. vii. vi 

t R 161. 

L I. S. PauliEpiftolae; cum Commentariis ex Orig0i9^ AjoteolSid^ A(»« 
gufiino, Hieronymo & AimMic xii 

^ De Saa»Dcnt]» N. ft V. Tefiamcsiii > 2 Libtia inxti^cuitt 1 ^^jmiam 
ihmaf^icmuh tsmvchmUte qtmm cpeiFe fimm ojfemlit Cmi^tm^im.^ 

II. u IMjKchii Prcsbjrtcoi Hkrofaljrmoatti Couunemanu^ in IxnUiSh 
cum; 7 Lib. ttA 

2. Sexti Pythagorici Sentenliae > em Prrio^Htcmisylwdfeltufiiail 

UL &adiUlpiM Bavtaaanfia MonaohL Cdfluncataoua^ \a> Lcaiiiciicun v 20 
Libds. tilt 

iV« Timiprlm 4u Qeflbtsai^ X3[:aF 

LihcB alfl» d£. Glaufiio^ KofFen^B«aiiuiplii; Ailesberi.. 

V. Magni Aurelii Cafliodori Senatoris, Expofitio in Pfalnioa ^ m^ 
dios* XI t 

VL Efaiae Prophetia ^ aiiii> Giaflat^ xiii 

Liber de Clauftm* KoiSSbifiv^ perPJuiftimrPinlareni^ 

Vlli Uu^iis CodiciB^ Titttlttm dabo ift \Rerbis taoj^tom* xv 

Hunfir Librumi fifiii fecit DkHnpnuK J<diannes* Btaucr^ Mbntfehirs M<y<^ 
jttflerii Sandis Albani : quern. LilMua)> ex licentiai venetaGiilis Mi^fhtjis^ 
kannift WhathamfiiQde,. facre Thcoi^ia Biofeflbris' ejufdemque Monafierii 
Abbatis, contulit Deo, Beate Marie & Ecclefte Sandi Albanii. 

Qtiiaimquc hunfiXiibonmi a predid&iEcGleluhfraudulenter abftukrji^.in- 
4ignationem Omnipotoacis^ Dd,. fanftiilima Made & be&tUiittii^ Alitemi^ 
Angjienum Prathoinaain% Qt: noMtie iaaucfimun.. la qiM LiiMtt'^COmi- 
aracur fubfcripta 5 

I. la 

4o LiBRi Mss. 

2 F VII XIIL 4^^ & Fol. 

1. In primis, Liber qui dicitur, Exemplum facrc Scripture, tarn contra 
Vitia quam pro Virtutibus. Incipitj Creatio rerumfuit it a tnirabiiis. 

2. Item, Liber Magiftri Robert! Holcot, fuper Librum fapicntiac, abbrc- 
viatus 5 ; & hoc per modum Alphabeti. 

3. Item, Doftoris Ringftcdc, fuper Parabolas Solomonis^ abbrcviatus per 
modum Alphabeti. 

4. Item, Tradatus Magiftri Wilelmi Kyngcftoun de Ordinc Predicatorum, 
fuper Librum Ecclefiafticum, 

Thurifices Chrifto, qui Codicc cernis in ifto, 
Ut Precis incenfum : bene vivat Faftor in evum. 

In prima Litera initially eft Crux Sandi Andrcae aurca^ in fcuto caeru- 
ko : x:ui rircumfcribitur , 

Beavir ab adverjis AWon tueatur in Armis. 

VIIL Gulielmi Paris Archidiaconi Commentarius fuper Pfalterium. xv 

Hunc Librum dedit Frater fVillielmus Varjs T^eo & Ecclejie San6ii 
Albani : quern qui alienaverit vel Titulum deleverit Anathema Jit. 
Amen. Sic in initio Libri fcribitur. 

IX. Angelomi Explanationcs in Libros 4 Regum. xvi 

'X. I. Commentarius in Pfalterium: cui primum Folium deeft. xiv 

2. Traftatus metricus dc Calendario, Terminis Temporam, Ciclis Solis 

& Lunac & Epaftis. Incipit 5 Aureus in J am Humerus Clavefque mvantur. 

In primo folio fcribitur reccntl manu : Tretium 10 s. quint die Men^ 
fa Februaru. 

Offendit Chrijium^ librum qui furripit ifium : 
Et maledicatur^ niji pretium refiituatur. 

per me Edmondum Cecillium. 

XL Pfalterii Flores, per Lethbertum Abbatem collefti s cum Praefa- 
tionc Walteri Magalonenfis Epifcopi. Incipiunt 5 Bedtus vir^ &c. l^e 
"domino noftro Jefu Chrifto accipiendum eft. Vide 2 D VI. xiii 

Liber olim ae Clauftro Roffenftj per Laurent ium Epifcopum : ut alia 
manu fcribitur. 

XII. Prophete 1 2 Gloflate, per Magiftrum Richardum de Grauefcndc 
Lincolnicnfem Epi(copum. De Clauftro Roffenft. xiv 

Sic Titulus in Codice, alia manu 5 fed ejufdem aetatis, qua Codex. 

XIIL Liber Genefeos Gloffatus. xiii 

^8?^ 3 A 


3 A I— — X. 4^0. 

I. Liber Numcrorum Gloflatus. xiv 

Liber olim S. Auguftini Cantuariends* 

IL Leviticus GlofTatus. xiv 

III. Haymonis Commentarius in Apocalypfin. xiii 

IV. Pafchafii Radberti Expofttio Lamentationum Jeremiae, Libris 5 . 


In prima Pagina fcribitur, Hie eft Liber S. Marie de Rading $ quem 
qui celaverit velfraudem de eo fecerity Anathema fit. Et fie in Libro, 
3 AVI. 

V. Gregoriil^ Papae, Expofttio in Ezechielis Prophetiam; 22 Home- 
liis. XIII 

VI. I. Michaelis Meldenis Diflin£tiones fuper Pfalterium* xiii 
2« Abbonis cujufdam Verfus 100 barbari Latini: quibus immifcentur 
plurimae voces Graecae : & incipiunt : 

Clerice l^ipticas Lateri ne dempferis unquam. 

VII. Ifidorij Hifpalcnfis Epifcopi^ Expofttio in Pentateuchum Mofts & 
Librum Jofuae. xiii 

VIII. Jeremiae & Danielis Prophetiae, gloffatac. xiir 
In Operculo duo funt Folia Bibliorum^ ex Num. XI, 900 abhinc annos 

exarata. ix 

IX. Johannis de Abba-Villa Sermones fuper Epiftolis & Evangeliis 
Feftivaubus s cum Indice Alphabetico. xvi 

Liber olim Domus SanAi Thome de Aeon Londini ; ex Dono Ma- 
giftri Willielmi Pyknam, Archidiaconi Norwicenfts. 

X. I. Clementis Lantonienfis Presbyteri Concordia Evangeliflarum. 


2. Petri Cantoris Parifienlis Verbum abbreviatum. 

3. De Oblationibus Judaeorum. Incipits Inter OblationeSy quas ^eo 
obtnlerunt Filii Ifrael. 

4« Homiliae variae. 

5. Stephani Abbatis de Stanlow, Speculum Confeflionis. 

6. Epiftolae Catholicae & S. Pauli, Apocalypfis, & Prophetae xninores. 

7. Fragmenta quaedam Evangeliorum. 

8. Quaeftiones de Caftbus Confcientiae : quae incipiunt j SiueritWy utrum 
Sfiritualia vender e fit Teccatum ? 

XL u 

42 LiBRI Mss. 

3 A XI ^XV. V"- & B I ^III. +to^ 

XL I. Hiftoria Vcteris & Novi Teftamcntii a Magiftro PctroMandu- 
catorc edita. xiii 

Hujus Petri Epitaphium ftc fcribitur in initio Codicis. 
Pctrus cram, qucm Pctra tcgit, didufquc Comeftor : 
>Iunc comedor. Docui vivus : nunc ceflb docere 
Mortuus: ut dicat, qui me videt incineratum, 
Quod fumus, ifte fuit : crimus quandoque quod hie eft. 
2. De Mahometa quaedam. 

XIL Bedae Presbyteri Expofltio allegorica in Prophetam Efram. xiii 
Liber olim Sande Marie de Cireceftre, D. Andree Abbatis fecundi tcm* 
pore fcriptus, per Manum D. Fulconis Canonici, poftea Prioris 5 D. Alex^ 
^ndro dc Weleue tunc Cantore. 

XIIL Scrmones Dominicales, & B. Marie, & aliarum Feftivitatum. xiv 
Liber olim S. Marie de Gyfeburn, aflignatus Armariculo Clauftri ; ex 
Dono Fratris Walteri de Hemmyngburch, quondam Canonici ejufdem 
Domus, Anno fcil. Domini 1307. 

XIV. Magiftri Willielmi Kyngufhome, Poftilla fuper 7 Capitula Libri 
Ecclefiaftici. Morte autem preventus refiduum non complevit. xiv 

Hunc Librum Clauftralibus Radyngie dedit Frater Johannes Bokyng- 

XV. I . Paterii Liber Teftimoniorum Veteris & Novi Teftamenti. xiv 

2. Johannis Caf&ani Liber de Inftitutis Cenobiorum, & odo principa* 
Hum Vitiorum Remedio. 

3. L iber de decern Collationibus Patrunv. 

Ifte fuit Liber de Domo de Sempringham, ex impetratione Johannis 
de Glynton, Canonici dide Domus. Pretium Libri 13 s. 4 d. 

3 B L 4*- 

I. I. Iftdori Hifpalenfis Epifcopi Expofitio in Pentateuchum, Librum 
Jofuae, Judicum & Ruth, 8 Lib. xii 

2. S. Hierony mi Presbyteri Expofitio Epiftolarum Pauli ad Titum & Phi- 

Liber olim de Clauftro RofFenfi, per A. Priorem datus. 

IL Radulphi Nigri Flaviacenfis Monachi Expodtionum lA Leviticum 
Libri 9 pofteriores; fcil. a 12 ad 20. xiii 

IIL I. Concordantia Bibliorum» xiv 

2. Interpretatio 


3 B IV ^XVL 4to- 

2. Interpretatio nominum Hebraicorum in Bibliis^ iecundum ordinem AI- 

Ifte Liber Concordantiarum fuper Bibliam fuit de Domo dc Sempring- 
ham, ex impetratione Johannis de Glynton 5 & erat pretium Libri 1 00 s. 

IV. Rodberti de Brellinduna, Expofitio in Leviticum^ ex Patribus col-- 
Icda. XIII 

V. S. Lucac Evangelium gloflatum. xiii 

VI. Expofitio Libri Job compendiofa, Profa & Carmine 5 ad mentem 
R. Levi Ben Gerfon. fn Charta. xvii 

Elias Levita Grammaticus (cripHt. 

VII. S. Johannis Chryfoftomi Homiliae fuper Matthaeum i cum In- 
dice Alptiabetico. xi v 

VIII. Ammonii Alexandrini Concordamia Evangeliftarum s cum 
Gloffa. xiT 

Liber olim Monafterii Spaldyng. 

DC. Pfalterium Glofiatum. xiii 

X. I . Gervafii Presby teri Cicefhrends Editio fuper Malachiam Prophe- 
tarn, de Ordinis Sacerdotalis Inftru£tione ; 1 3 Libris. xiii 

2. Homilia in Ezek. xliv, 17 > de San£titate Ordinis Sacerdotalis. 

3. Homilia in Laudem S. Johannis Baptiftae. 

XI. Excerptum cujufdam in Pfalterium, ex Didis Sandorum. Incipit; 
jtpud Heir f OS Opus iftud intitulatur Liber Tmnorum. xiii 

In prima Pagina fcribitur eadem manu qua Codex 5 Expofitor hujus 
Vfalterii fuit Magijler Ricardus de Sanilo Victor e^ ut creditur : fed 
prorfus diverfa clt ab hujus Annotationibus in Pfalterium imprcflis. 
Liber olim Monafterii Ramefeye. 

XII. Thomae Dockinge Expofitio in Deutcronomium. xv 
Alia manu fie Titulus fcribitur 5 Liber Magiftri Thome Gudey /. e. Bo-- 

niy ^oiforis Sacre Theologie Oxonie^ & Ordinis Minorum, vocati ^oc- 
fyngj eo quod natus fuit in Villa vocata ^ockjng. 

XIIL Efaiae Prophetia gloflata. xiv 

XIV. S. Pauli Epiftolae gloffatae. xiv 

XV. Ammonii Alexandrini Concordamia Evangeliftamm 3 cum Glofta. 


XVI. S.Hieronymi£xplanationesinJeremiaeProphetiam5 6 Libris. xi 

G z XVU. Aurclii 

44 LiBRi Mss. 

i B XVII, XVIII. 4'^- & C I — XL Fol. 

XVir. Aurclii Auguftini Hipponcnfis Epifcopi, dc Concordia Evangc- 
liflarum Libri 4. xii 

XVIII. Paraphrafis Chaldaica in Librum Jofuae 5 Latine s cum Anno- 
tationibus. In Charta. xvi 

3 C. Fol. 

I. S. Pauli Epiftolac; cum Commentario, ex Auguftino, Ambrofio, 
Hicronymo, &c. xiii 

II. Liber Gencfcos gloflatus. xiv 

III. S. Pauli Epiftolac ad Romanos 5c Corinthios i cum Comm. ex 
Auguftino, Origene, &c. xiv 

IV. Liber Job 5 tranflatus a B. Hieronymo dc Hebraco Arabicoque Scr- 
mone ; cum Gregorii I Papae Commentariis in eundem $ Libris 1 6. xi 

Liber olim de Clauftro Roffenlt, per R. Preccntorem datus. 

V. Pfalmi 51 priorcs, cumGlofla. xiii 
Matchaeus Paris propria manu in prima Pagina rcripfit $ Hie efi Liber 

Sanili Albani s quern qui abfiulerit aut titulum deleveritj Anathema Jit. 

VI. Liber Job, Parabolarum^ Eccleltaftis^ Canticorum^ Sapientiac & 
Ecclefiafticis cum Gloflis. xiv 

VIL Zachariae Chry fopolitani Comm. in Unum ex Quatuor i 4 Libris ; 
cum Indicibus & Canonibus Eufebii. xi 1 1 

Acccdit Tabula Alphabetica Fratris Williclmi Thornham. x i v 

Hiiber olim de Clauftro RofFenft, per Alexandrum Priorcm datus. 

VIII. Leviticus, Numeri & Deuteronomion 5 cum Gloffa. xi 1 1 

IX. Leviticus, Numeri & Deuteronomion : cum Glofla. xi 1 1 
Liber olim de Clauftro Roffenfi, per Radulphum de Ros Priorcm 


X. X. S. Tohannis Evangelium. xii 
2. S. Auguftini Hipp. Homiliae in Tohannis Evangelium. 

Liber olim de Clauftro Roffenft, per Walterum Epifcopum datus. 

XI. Evangelia 4, Adus Apoftolorum^ Epiftolae Catholicae, & Apoca- 
lypfis ; cum Glofla. x 1 11 

Liber olim Communitatis Fratrum minoram Conventus Cantuarie, ex 
Dono Fratris Radulphi de Maydeneftane^ quondam Epifcopi Hcrefor- 

3 D 


3 D I ^IX. & E I ^III. Fol. 

I. r. Tabula fcptem Cuflodiaruni. Sic intitalatur Codex^ qui enu- 
merat omnes Commentator cs in qualcunque partes V. & N. Teflamenti. 


2. Colle£torium Nominum DoAorum & Operam eorundem. 

Ad finem alia manu fcribitur s Hunc Librum dedit Convent ui f rat rum 
minorum Lichefddie magifter Radulphus Collynwod^ quondam hujus ve- 
nerabilis ClauJt^ecanuSy qui eratfamofus predicator & (acre Theologie 
^o£ior. Verba autem Convent us f rat rum minorum Lichefeldie iu abra* 
duntur^ ut vix dignofei poflint $ a fore viz. qui Codicem abllulerat. 

II. Frophetiae Ilaiae, Jeremiae & Danielis ; cum GloITa. xi v 
Liber olim dc Communitate Fracrom Minorum Cantuaric, ex Done 

Af agiftri Ade de Rychemund. 

III. I. Fratris Alani de Lenna Carmelite^ D.D. Tabula alphabetica 
fuper Redudorio Morali. xir 
2. Petri Berchorii Redu£torium Morale Bibliae^ Libris 3i. 

IV. S. Pauli Epiftolac gloflfatae. Xiv 
Codex quondam fratrum minorum Cant, ex done fratris Henrici dc 


V. Bibliorum Tomus prior % cum GloiTa : fdt. ufquc ad Ffalterium* 


VI. Petri Comcftoris Hiftoria Scholaftica. xiii 

VII. Nicholai de Lira, Poftillae fuper Pentateuchum Mofis, Libros Jo-^ 
fuae, Judicum, Ruth, Regum, & Paralipomen#n. xiv 

VIIL EzechieiiS; Danielis, 1 2 minorum Prophetarum & Maccabaeorum 
Libri gloffati. xiv 

Codex pertinebat fratri Johanni Fantyng, ordinis S. Augufiini> A. D. 

IX. Radulphi Nigri, Flaveacenfis Monachi, Expofttionum in Leviticum 
Libri 20. xi^ 

Liber olim Monachorum Sandc Marie de Kyrkeftcde. 

3 E. Fol. 

I. Genefis & Exodus 5 cum Glofla. xiv 

II. Leviticus, Numeri & Dcuteronomion j cum Glofla. xiv 

III. Libri Jofuae, Judicum, Ruth, Efdrae, Nehemiac, Tobiac, Judith, 
Hefter & Maccabaeorum % cum Glofla. xiv^ 



Li BR I Mss. 

jEIV ^XI. Fol. 

Liber olim Fratrum Prcdicatorum Conventus Londoniaram. 

IV. Proverbia Solomonis^ Eccledafies, Cantica^ Sapientia^ & Ecclcfi*- 
afiicus; cumGlofTa. xiv 

V. Ezcchielis & Daniclis Prophetiae, glof&tae. xiv 
yi. Evangelia 4, Gloffata. xiv 

Liber olim Domus Jorevallenfts. 

Ad fincm fcribitur, Mr. H^tUiam Willee T)cin ofMydilham^ AfD. 1538. 

VII. Pfaltcriums cumGloffa. xiv 

In hujus fine ftc fcribitur ; Memorandum^ quod die Lune^ infejio heatt 
Marie J videlicet 8© ©/^ Septembrisy Anno Domini 1326, ^ Anno 
R. R. E. filii R. E. 20^, ijie Liber impignoratur Magiftro Jacobo delf^ 
pania, Canonico S. Ta$di London, per Fratrem fVillielmum de Rokejle^ 
de Or dine & Conventu Tredicatorum Londoniey pro zos. quos idem 
Prater Willielmus recepit mutuo de prediito Jacobo^ ad opus prediHi 
Conventus^ folvendos in §luindena S. Michaelis proximo ventura. 
Condonatur i quia pauper. 

VIIL Evangelia quatuor Gloffata* xiv 

IX. Genefts & Exodus i cum Gloffa. xiv 
laber olim de Communicate Fratrum minorum Cantuarie. 

X. Glolfa in Evangelia Matthaei &Johannis^ Apocalypfin & Epiftolas 
Catholicas. xv 

Liber olim Domus S. Thome deAcon^ Londonies ex Dono Magiftri 
Willielmi Pyknam Archidiaconi Norwicenfis. 
XL Glolfa in Evangelia Marci & Lucae. xv 

Scripta eadem manu qua pracccdcns Codex j & per pracdiftum W. Pyk- 
nam donata Domui de Acon« 


4 A 


4 A I ^XIII. 4«> & gvo- 

L Hopeman Commentarius in Epiftolam ad Hcbraeos^ xiv: 

Hoc eft Nomen Autoris^ ut patet in folio Codicis 138, CoL 2 : Licet. 
Jo. Baleus afcribat Thomae Walleys. Et in fine Codicis fcribitur, Com^ 
tnentarii ifti in Epiftolam ad Hebreot per Thomam Walleys videntur 
effe colleEli 5 qui incarceratus erat per Johannem 2 3 Yapam. §luum 
prediilus Tapa claram wjionem ©^/, ante T^iem ultimumy in Beatis 
pemegajfet^ idem Thomas in Chrifti verbo potent er obftititjperferens 
& opprobria ^ Carceres. Et alio Attramento, fed cadcm manu, fequi- 
tur I Sed in Folio 138 hujus Libri invenieSy Cognomen ejus ej[e Hope 
lAzxiyficut defeipfo dicit. 

In prima Pagina fcribitur, manu cjufdcm Antiquitatis, cujus>Codexi 
Ifti tres quaternionesftint fratris Nicholai Wallejs^ 

IL Liber Gencfcob 5 cum Glofla. xi 1 1 

III. Epiftolae Pauli i cum Glofla. xiii 

IV. Concordia Evangeliftarum Ammonii Alexandrini; cum Giofla. 


In fine fcribitur ; Ifte Liber conftat Ecclefie S. Marie de Tupholm. 

V. Liber Job, Gloflatus. xiii 

VI. Laurcntii Dunelmenfis Coenobii Prions Hypognofticon N. & V. 
Tcftamemi, Carmine Elegiaco ; in IXLibrisj. incipiensj Yrincipium re- 
rum ftne tempore temporaformans. XI I 

Ifte Laurentius eledus eft Prior Dunelmenfis A. D. 1 149 $ & obiit 1154. 

VII. Lucae Evangelium gloflatum. xi 1 1 
In prima Pagina fcribitur i Liber de Clauftra Roffenfi^ J. de Glan^ 


Vin. Pfalterium gloffatum. xiii 

IX. Leviticus gloflatus. xiii 
JVillielmus Hanbury perlegit yf . 2). 1 5 27 : ut faibitur in opcrculo* 

X. Genefis gloffata. xiv 
XL Efaiae Prophctia gloffata. xiy 
Hi duo Codices quondam fuerunt S. Auguftini CantuarienHs. 

XIL Evangelium Matthaei & Epiftolae Canonicae ; cum Gloffa*. xiii 
L^ber olim de Clauftro Roffenfiy per T)ominum Benediiium Epifta^ 

fum : uti fcribitur in Principio. 

XIIL I. Willielmi Wodeforde Commentarius iaquacdam Ezechielis 

Loca.. Inci^it y Tor ta hec claufa erit* xly. 

48 Li BR I Mss. 

4 AXUI ^XVI. 4** & 8^^- & B I- — IV. 4^- 

2. ia Ecxrlcfiaftcn. Incipit; Verba Ecclefinftes. DiviJitur 
ifte Liber. 

3. in Lucac Cap. vi, vii, viii & ix. Impcrf. 

4. in 8 priora Capitula Epiftolae Pauli ad Romanos : qui inci- 
pit i Fans OrtorutHy Tuteus Aquarum. 

5. ■ Philofophia Naturalis: quae incipit; ^ueris^ Venerande 
^ux Normannorum. 

XIV. I. S. Hieronymi Commcntarius in Pfalmos 41 poftremos ; Li- 
teris Saxonicis. viii 

2. Homilia in Num. XX, lo. Incipitj Audit e me, incre^ 
dulij &c. 

XV. Nicholaide Lyra, GloflraruperPcntateuchum,Pralterium& Job. xv 
In prima Pagina fcribitur fuifle de Clauftro Roffenji, per Johannem 


XVL Glofla in Evangdium S. Matthaei. Incipit j Cum poft afcenfio^ 
nem Domini. x 1 1 

Liber quondam de Clauftro RoffenH^ per G. Archidiaconum. 

4 B. 4to^ 

L Gregorii I Papae, Homiliae i b in pofteriorem Ezechielis Prophetiae 
partem. Incipiunt a Cap.xL, i. In vicejjimo^ &c. ^aniam mult is 
cur is prementibus. x 1 1 1 

Liber olim de Clauftro RofFenft, per G. Eplfcopum. 

11. Epiftolae Pauli & Canonicae, gloftatae. xiii 

Liber olim de Clauftro Roflfenft, per Fratrem Henricum de Mepeham. 

ni. Bedae Commentarius in Epiftolas Canonicas s & in Librum To- 
biae. xi 

In fine fic fcribitur : Ex dono Magijiri Edmundi Cartere^ quondam 
Vicar a & nunc Canonic i hujus Collegii Regii, 27 die 0£f. Anno Chrijli 
I J03 , & Anno R. R. Henrici 7^^ 1 90. 

IV. I. S. Pauli Epiftolae 5 cum Gloflis Lanfranci & Auguftini in 3 
priores. xi; 

2« Cantica Canticoram s cum eorundem Comm. 

3 . Apocalypiis i cum eorundem Comm. 

4. Attici Epifcopi Conftantinopolitani Epiftola^ de Numcris in finib^s 
JEptftolarumper Literas graecas cxprimendis. 

5« Caii 


4 B IV ^K. 4'°- 

5. Cati Sollu ApoUintf is Sidonii, Avcrnonim Epifcopi, Opera. Ubi, 
praetcr imprcfla in Editionc Parificnfi, 1 609, occurrunt Vcrfus dc i a^ 
Caefaribus & finibus eorum ; & Vita brevis Aotoris. 
Liber olim Monaftcrii Wygoinic- 

V. S. Mard Evangctiuqft i cmoir GioSk. xiv 

VI. Pfalterium 5 cum G1q(&. xiii 
VIL I . Pfirif crii Florcs» pee Ltthbcmun Abbatom ccdlc&i : cam prac«* 

fatione Waltcri Magaloncnfis Epifcopi. xu 

Vide z F XL 

2. Dc Evangcliis Litrl 45 (iifti lO^, n«», ix^Sc 13^. lucipiunt j Ts^ 
rentes primi generis hummk 

3. Tabulae genealogicM Jwlaeorum. 

4« Cfaromcoa (ucdndiim ab^Aibai ad A.D. 11184: quod incipitf 9#^ 
vinarum Scripturarum expofitio otnnis^ 
Liber olim de ClaufloroKoffctttL 
VIIL I . Jercmiac Laincntadimca^ Sotomoms Provcrbia, Badcfiaftc< 
Cantica Canticorum & Sapientia ^ cum Qo0b. . xiii 

2. Sermones plures de Purificatione 6. Mariac Incipit primus y &Mem^ 
flit as inftanSy quam Candelarism mmimmms.. 

3. Alii de Nativitate ejufdem: quorum primus incipit; Mulierem firtiM 
quis inveniet ? 

4. Sermones in die Epiphaniae. Incipit primos j jfyeftis Thefiamsfins^ 

5. Sermones de Converftone S. Pauli. Incipit priflms^ Benidmm Liifus 

6. Sermones de S. Gileberto, OfwaLdo, omnibus San^tis^ Manino> Cle* ' 
mente, Eadmundo, GeciiiasCatbcrina^^DioniiiQ) Matthco^ Andrea Crucc^ 
Laurentio, Michaele, Angelis, Johanne Baptifla, Apoftolis« 

7. Sermo in i Tim. v, 17. Incipit 1 Treskiter Grne, Semx Latme Si^ 
citur. Ubi traftatur de Fide, Oratione^ Virtutibus & Viiiis. 

8. Sermo de Virtute S. Cracis St Sacraoiento Altaria, 

9. Lotharii Diaconi Sermo in Ju.xXf tS : De milcria Bominis. 
I o. Loci Communes ex S. Scriptuni» alphabetic^. 

1 1. Sermo ia i Cor. xxtr^i la^ Ioci|)it.;^ Benf dicitj Enmi^tores. 
IX. Khabaoi Maitti Exfefitionii m Matthacam Libri I. xvi 

H X. Hec 

?o Li BR I Mss. 

4 B X. 4^. 

X. Hec funt que in hoc Lihro continentur ; ut inprimo foli0 firi^ 
buntur. xiv 

I • Epithoma fuper Yfayam. 

2. Scolia fuper Librum Machabeorum. 

3 . Sermo de Villico> quomodo placavit Dominum fuum flbi iratum. 
4« Sermo ad Clauftrales : Ecce^ quam bonum. 

5. Scolia de Libro Bernard! Abbatis^ intitulato> De 12 Gradibus Humi- 

6. Sermo in Afcenftone Domini vel in AflTumprione Sandc Marie : qui 
iic incipit ; Malarum Fitiarum Mater eft futerbia^ &c. 

7. Sermo de eodem : qui lie incipit : Secunda Filiarum. 

8. Sermo in die Pentecoftes. Spiritus l^ei re^ &c. 

9. SermOy quomodo Spiritus Spiritualem facit : qui ftc incipit % Spiritu^ 
alts dijudicat omnia. 

10. Sermo de Grace Domini. Circuire poffum. 

1 1. Scolia : id eft> excerptum de GommentoBede (uper Ezram^ 

12. Excerptiones de Tullio^ de Oificiis. 
1 3 • Excerptiones de Muitca Auguftini. 

14. Excerpta de Libro Anfelmi, de Veritate^ 

15. Item s de Gafu DiabolL 

1 6. Item I de Monologio Anfelmi. 

1 7. Item i de Proflogio e^ufdem^ 

1 8. Item s de Libertate Arbitrii. 

19. Items de Incarnatione Verbu 

20. Excerpta de Cur 7)eus Homo. 

2 1 . Meditatio Redemptionis humane. 

22. De Gonceptu Virginali : & de original! Peccatow 

23. Tradatus de Spiritu Sanfto. 

24. De Prcfcientia Dei^ & Libero Arbitrio^ 

25. De Gratia & Libero Arbitrio. 

2tf. Breve Gapitulum de pluribus AbyfCs. 

27. Sermo: Sint Lumbi veftri precinBL 

28. De immobili Veritate Prophetarum. . 

^9• Breve Gapitulum fuper, ^eus mens ^ pone ittoSy ut Rota^ 
30. Probatio, quod beata Virgo potuit condpi fine Peccato*. 
3 X. Breve Gapitulum s quod Saaamcntum poflit repeti. 

J2» $cQUa 


4 B X XIV. 4^0. 

32. Scolia fuper Parabolas Solomonis. 

33. Brcvis Traftatus de OfFcrendis ad Miffam. 

XI. Pfalterium Vcrfionis S. Hieronymi 3 cum Expofltione Petri Lom« 
bardi. xiv 

XII. Exodus & Leviticus i cum Glofla. xiv 

XIII. I . Beda Presbyter in S. Marci Evangelium. xii 

2. Pfeudo-Hieronymus in S. Marci Evangelium. 

3. Vifto cujufdam, propriac illius Animae: quae incipitj Incendio 27^ 
tnus mea corruerat. 

XIV. Hec funt que in hoc Volumine contincntur } ut in initio firi^ 
bitur. ziii 

1 . Pauca de EccleHaftice tranfcripta. 

2. De Eccleitaftico quedam excerpta. 

3 . De Libro Sapientie aliqua. 

4. Scrmo : Cum fort is armatus^ &C0 

5 . Scrmo de 7 Plagis Egypti. 

6. Quidam Flofcuii : qui fic incipiunt j 7)uo/unt Altaria^ &c. 

7. De Auguftino, de beata Vita. 

8. Sermo de Spiritu Sando : qui lie incipit; Si non abiero^ ^c^ 

9. De Libro Auguftini> qui intitulatur^ ^e vera Religione. 

1 o. Quedam exccrpta de lerarchia. 
1 1 • De Epigramatibus Profperi. 

12. Item, de Libro fuper Eccleiiaften. 

1 3 . De Aratore cxcerptio. 

14. De Epifiolis Hyldeberti. 

1 5 . De Libro Sedulii. 

1 6. De Didtis Sandorum pauca. 

1 7. Sermo in Die Pcntecoftcs : qui fic inclpit j Siqms diligit me^ &c. 

18. Defcriptio Locorum circa Jerufalem. 

19. Quedam Queftioncs & Sententie. 

20. Tradatus de Voluntatibus Chrifti, fecundum quod Deus & fecundum 
quod Homo. 

21. Tradatus, utrum Poteftas Dei major fit quam Voluntas. 

22. Sermo, qui fic incipitj ^luodnatum eft ex Carney Caro, &c. 

2 3 . Breve Capitulum de ^eus eft ubique. 
24. De Auguftino, ad Paulum & Eutropium. 

H 2 25. Dc 

^% Lib a I Mss. 

4 B XIV. 4^- & C I ^VIII. FoL 

25. De Auguftino, ad Timafium & lacobum; dc Gratia* 

26. DcEpiftola AuguOini ad ValentinumMooacbum. 

27. DeAuguftiaOt dcCoriuptionc& Gratia 5 adeundciti. 

2i. Auguftinus dc Predcftinationc Sandorum s ad Profpcrum & Hylariinnv 

2p. Auguftinus de Bono Perfevccantier 

20« Bernardus Abbas^ de Gratia. 

3 1 . Exccrptioncs Florum, 

3 J. Colle^ncs Fragmexitorucp^ dc Menia Mactliei Evangcliftc*. 

4 C. Fol. 

X. Evangclia S. Lucac &Johannis, Qoflfata. xiY 

In fine fcribitur $ Sit T%omas fanus. & fuafana Manus.. Amm. 

II. S. Hicronymi Explanationes fuper Naum, Abacucp Sopboniaai & 
Aggeumi ad Paulam & Euftochium. xii^ 

Item, fuper Zachariam Prophetam^ ad Cxupcciiun Tholoranum Epif- 

Item, r^pcr Malacbiam Propbetam/ <ad Mincrvium .& Alcxaodrum. 

2. Cantica Catiticorum, in Laudem Dei Genctrlcis fempecque Virginis 
Marix allegoricc •expofita^ Incipiunt 5 Gkriofa Vkgo Maria Typm Ec^ 
€lefi£ gerit. 

3. Bulla Innocentii Papae pro Canonizatiouc Wulftani Wigarcuea& £- 
pifcopi : data Anno fexto. 

in. Expofttio in Epiftolas S. Pauli & Gtthoiicas^ xiu 

IV. S. Auguftinus, in S. Pauli Eplftolam ad Romanos. xii 

V. Leviticus, Numeri&Deutcronomioni cumGlofla^ xiv 

VI. GlofTa fuper Sapientiam Solomonis i cum Indict* xv 
In initio fcribitur 1 Hunc Librum dedit Fratir Tb§ma€ Besfordt, 

Manachus Radinpe^ Fratribus Clauftralilms^ odBudendum : auem qui 
alienaverit vel fraudem de eo fecerit vel vialavtrity Anattema fit. 
Tritium 60 s. Orate pro Anima ejus. In fiac v .Sju firipfit firiptum^ 
Ion Lutt4nm ejlfibi Nomm. 

VII. GloiTa fuper Pfalterium. xvi 
In initio fcribitur alia manu; Liber bourns jSauffi Thome de Acov 

Ltmdmie^ ex dono Mt^gifiri H^Hielmi Tykaam Archidiaconi Norwicenfis.. 

VIII. Oaudil Clementis Scoti Expofitio xx S. JMatthaci Evaqgelium : 
3 Libris. xiijl 

EC In; 


4 C IX ^XL & D I ^IV. Fol. 

IX. In hoc Voluminc contincntur, (ficut in initio ejus fcribitur) Orac- 
fie Origenisi in Gcncfi, 163 in Exodo, 14 s in Lcvitico, 16 j injcfu 
Nave, 26 5 in Libro Judicuoi, « i in Rcgnorum, 1 5 in Yfaia, 9 > in Jc- 
temia, 14; in Ezechiele, i. xir 

X. Pentatcuchus Mofis ; cum Gloila Haymonis Archidiaconi Angli. xiii 
In initio, alia manu fcribitur 5 Tentateucum de Claujlro Roffenfiy Ma- 

giflri Hawonis. 

XI. I . S. Hieronymi Expofttio Danicli^ Prophctae : ad Pammachium 
&Marcelhini. xii 

2. Explanationcs in Ofeae Prophctiam 5 Xibris 3 : in Joel j 

Libro I : in Amos ; Libris 3 : in Abdiae i Libro i ; in Jonae s Libro i : 
omnes ad Pammachium. 

3. Explanationcs in Micheam 5 Libris 2 : in Naum j Libro i : 
ad Paulam & Eudachium. 

4. Explanationcs in Abacuc ; Libris 2 : ad Chromatium, 

5. Explanationcs in Sophoniam 5 Libro i : in Aggeumj Li- 
bro I : ad Paulam & Eullachium* 

6. Explanationcs in Zachariam y Libris 3 : ad Exuperium To^ 
lofanum Epifcopum. 

7. ^ Explanationcs in Malachiamj Libro x : ad Mintrvium 8c 

8. Galfridi Moncmuteniis Hiftoria Britonum* 

9. Hiftoirc d'Anglcterrc en Vers ; par Maiftre Wace : que commence j 
Tur remembrer des Ancefurs : Les Feiz^ Us ^is$ e les Murs. xin 

10. Hiftoirc du Charlemaj^e : que cojnmences Veirs eft que liflufurs 
tmt oi volentierjs. 

4 D. Fol. 

X. S« Matthaei Evangelium > cum Gloila. xiy 

IL S. JMarci Evangelium 5 cumGlofla. xiv 

III. S. Johannis Evangelium $ cum Glofla. xiv 

JV« I • Bf^rtrajDbdi Cardinalis Expoiitio Evangeliorum per totum Annum, xv 

2« Fratri^Johannis Walenils Tra&atus dc Vitii^ & Rcmcdiis eorum : qui 

indptfi ^icendum eft deVitiis. 

J, ■ dc Pocnitentia: qiji incipitj ^oniam provida Solev'- 


4. w^gidius 

54 LiBRi Mss. 

4 D IV ^Vll. Fol. 

4. ;^gidius Romanus, dc Rcgiminc Principum j 3 Libris. 
Liber olim dc Convcntu fratrum minorum London. 
V. Petri Praemonftratcnfis Expofitio in Pfaltcrium ; cum Indicc alpha- 

betico. XV 

VL S. Pauli Epiftolac 5 cum GlofTa. xiv 

VII. I. Forma difpofuionis Arcac Noc, fecundum Mofcm & fecun- 

dum Jofephum. xiii 

2. Petri Comeftoris Scholaftica Hiftoria, S. Scripturae feriem exponens. 
In initio infcritur folium, dc Candelabro & Significatione ejus, adden- 
dum ; propria Matthaci Paris manu fcriptum. 

3. Ejufdem Petri AUcgoriarum S. Scripturae Lib. 13. 

4. Tefiamenta 1 2 Patriarcharum : tranflata per Robertum Groflcteft Lin- 
colnienfem Epilcopum, de Graeco in Latinum : fcripta propria Matthaei 
Paris manu. 

Ifdem autem Matthaeus in fine lie addit : ^^ Hec abfcondita & celata 
*• fiierunt per longa tempora : ita quod noftri Doftores & antiqui Inter- 
^^ pretcs hec non poterant invenire. Et hoc fadtum eft per Invidiam 
^* Judeorum ; propter manifeftas de Chrifto Prophetias, que in ipfis fcrip- 
^^ turis invcniuntur. Verum Greci omnium vetcrum Scripturarum dili- 
^ genriflimi exploratores hec omnia Invenerunt, & de Ebrco in Grecum 
<< tranilulerunt : que diu, quad Igniculus fubcineratus in Grccia latue- 
^' runt. Noftris autem temporibus, vcnerabilis Lincolnicnfis Epifcopus 
^' Robertus fecundus. Anno Dominice Incarnationis 1242, illud fcrip- 
** tum, quod conftat effe de Subftantia * Bibliothccc, ad Robur fidei Ghri- 
" ftiane, a Greco in Latinum, (in quibus Ydiomatibus fuiffe perhibctur 
<< peritiflimus) affiftcnte eidem Clerico Nicholao ab Ecclcfia beati Albani 
^< beneficiato, natione & educatione Greco, diligenter tranftulit ac fideli- 
<< ten Et fie manifefie ac exprefle Prophetic, que in hoc Libello rcpe- 
*^ riuntur, in majorcm Confufionem Judeorum & omnium Hcrcticorum 
^< & univerforum Ecdefie Inimicorum, ad Honorem Dei, in Luccm feli- 
*' citer proruperunt/' 

5. Narratio, qualiter probata fuit Virginitas B. Marie. In cujus fine ftc 
fcribitur : <^ Explicit Tradtatus, quem Epifcopus Lincolnicnfis Robertus 2 
^< tranftulit de Greco in Latii^um, de Probatione Virginitatis beate Marie 

* Biblia vulc^ quae &pius hoc Nomine notantur> circa hujus Autoris tempora. Vide 2 D 
VIU 2. 


4 D VII. Fol. 

•' & Sacerdotio Tcfu. Cujus notitia ad Dolores noftros non pcrvcnit 
^' antiques. Ablconditus enim extitit per multa [Secula,] exinvidia Jude-» 
^ Oram blafphemantium & dicentium, Jefum non fuifle Virginis Filium* 
^' Hoc quoquc (criptum adquiiivit frater Mattheus Pariftenfts ab EpiP- 
^^ copo memorato ; 6c> ad ufus Ciauftralium^ manu fua (cripitt : cujus 
" Anima in pace rcquicfcat. Amen." 

6. Signum, quod viderat in Caelo Claudius Senator* 

7. Labarum Conftantini M. Impcratoris a Lcpre Contagio curati & ad 
Chriftum fcliciter converfi* Hi ctiam duo TraAatus Matthaei Paris 
xnanu fcripti fuerunt. 

S. In hujus eximii Godicis initio^ in Pagina vacante^ repcritur fcqucns 
Frophetia^ manu recentiori fcripta. 

Anno ab Incarnatione Domini noftri Jefu Chrifii I37i> Indidionis fe- 
cunde anno quarto^ litera Dominkali per £ apicem curfum agente, & con* 
currente numero decurrente binario, anno videlicet tertio poft Biflextum, 
in menfe Augufti, fuit inventus quidam Lapis marmoreus & quadratus, 
fraftum Flumbi in fe claudens^ quadratum^ & in eodem Plumbo Verfus 
qui fequuntur defcripti. 

Ambros Aurelii conjunAus ntmc annus habetur, 
Ncdaree gentis mee dum fata peroro. 
Nobilis iiinc Princeps furget de femine Berig^ 
Omen ac nomen cujus pandetur in orbe* 
Mafpiteris oves tondebit^ ut dominator 
Impenfurus erit, faciet quia digna relatu. 
Reges ac leges tranfponet omine fortis. 
Equitibus multis calcabit horrea Jofeph. 
Nomen in numero trino cooftabit & uno. 
Oraatos Reges feptenus erit & inter, 
Tener tirannos feroces dum fuperabitt 
Extcrnas genres miro componet amore, 
Rapiet & reddet cuique jura parentum^ 
Colliget & foivet que debentur fine dolo. 
Emporia ponet telorum in domo Themao^ 
Kepharie geotis toUct hie optima rura. 



LiBRI Mss. 

4 D VII — EL Pol. 

Tunc ibit ad montcm metropolim Melchiaiadech 
Exicialc snalum pellcrc cum fooim : 
Nivcas bloc acics fccttm deducct io acmis 
Obfeptam rapcre {dcmwaa (anguine pocto 
Sarca difponcns Atropos venict lefoliitoc 
£t tunc gens alma difcet alticre caput. 
Parce fata tua crcmizant cnim capita oietri, 
Ter dcnis datis vcrAbtis ad carmca 
Vati$ eft iarv que vix valent fpcrari, 
Ac ego. Mcrlinus ifta difcutiet unus 
Gcmi& fiibaAe» tc ob hoc confurgct in hora 
Eventus hujus, ut fiat Archia confuL 
Nooacn ac ftatunoi iftius ne lateat iiib 
Ordinc finali jocaium, £ic reperixL 

Hujofinodi fiebat una pars lapidis, in quo Plambum iaventmn eft St 
ia Plumbo Verfus predidi 

Lapis ex alia parte continebat foraiam pranooftratam dc hoc ftrtptum ; 
videlicet, Cane. Vale. 

VIII. S. Pauli Epiftolac § aim Glofltt. xiii 

IX. I. Poftilla fuper Evangelia DomioicaJiia f cdita. a fmore Fhilippo de 
Tanua, Ordinis fratrum Minorum^ tunc LqGLok in Padua. xv 

2. Tabula 


4 D X— Xm. E I III. Folio. 

i. Tabula pet Alphabctum compoika fupcr totum Opus praedi£hiin> 
per Audtorem ipfios Opcris ordinaou 

X. PfaUerium; cumGloflk. Xfii 

XI. Alexander Ncckam in Caniica Canticorum^ Libris 6. xiii 

XII. Concordantia Evangcliftarum ^ iive» Unum ex Quatuori cum 
Expofltione Zachariae Chryfopolitani. xiv 

Liber olim Monafterii Wigomie. 

XIII. Ifaiae & Jeremiae Propbetiae^ Gloflatae. xiv 
Liber olim de Claofiro Roffenit, per G. de Siratton. 

E Folio. 

I. Ifaiae Prophetia, gloflata. xiv 

II. Willielmi de Notingham Expoitiio Evangelioram ; cuxn Gano- 
nibus & Tabulis repertoriis. xiv 

In fine fic fcribitur : In hoc Volutnine contmetur Eicpofitio 1 2 fartium 
t$tius proceffus Evangetich fecundum Ordmem & U^tJUnHimem Cle^ 
mentis: quo qui uji funt^ rqgent pro Anima Domini Johannis Ley re ^ 
Reiforis Ecclefie de Codington \ qui diSium Volumen ad fuum profi-^ 
cuum & Honor em ©^/, quoad omnia^ fecit parari : pro Anima etiam 
Fratris Willielmi de Notingham^ qui Jiudio labor iofo predict am Expo^ 
Jitionem ex variis compilavit. 

§lui me complexity non tot a No&e quievit. 
Hoc Opus e/f factum: Script or tenuit bene TaSium. 
Non petit Incaujium^ fet Vint nobilis bauftum : 
Sorte beatorum Leifor Libri Potiatur: 
Morteque Malorum Raptor Libri moriatur. 

Anno 7)om:ni 1381. 

In initio autem fic fcribitur: Notingham fuPer Evangelia: ex T)ono 
Reverendtjjimi Tatris T>ompni Johannis fVjkwon, Abbatis Monafterii 
Evefbamie-y in fefto S. Augu/lini DoiforiSy Anno Domini 1458. 

III. Strmoncs S. Auguftini, Maximi, Leonis I, & plurimorum alio- 
rum anonymorum, in Evangelia & Epiftolas in Ecclcfia legcndas, a Do- 
minica Advcntus ulquc ad Palcha. xii 

I IV. Zachariae 

^.8 L I B R 1 Mss. 

4 E IV IX. Folio. 

lY. Zachariae Chryfopolitani Expofttio in Unum ex Quatuor, five 
Concordantiam EvangcUftamm j Libris4: cum Canonibus. xiii 

V. Concordantia Bibliorum. xiv 
In prima Pagina fcribitur; Liier de CUuftro Rcffh^, per frairem 

Thomam de Horfiede Monachum. 

Hune qui predantur L'tbrumt rapiunt neque rite, 
Horum tollantttr de Libro Nomina Vite. 
Fiat, fiat } Amen : habeant nuUumque juvamen* 

VI. PfaJterium gloffatum. xiv 
Vir. Matthaei 5c Marci Evangelia, gloflata. xit 

VIII. Commcntarius in S. FauU Epiftolas; ex AuguftinO> Origenc, 
Hicronymo, Ambrofio & Haimonc. xil 

Codex dim Monafterii Ceflrie. 

IX. S. FauU Epiftolae> gloflatae. xiv 

5 A I. 


5 A I IV. 4^0' & gvo. 

I. I. D. Aurclii Auguftini Hip. dc Spiritu & Anima, Liber, xiii 
Deficit in Capitc 33 Editionis Lugd. 1586. 

2. — — - de Cognitionc Vcrae Vitac. Deficit in Cap. 19. 

3. Traftatulus 2 foiiorum; de Cafibus fortuitis, qui in celcbrationc 
Miflae accidere poffint : qui incipit ; Si per negligentiam evenerit^ 
uty perleSio Canone & pera£ia Confecratione^ nee Vtnum nee Aqua 
reperiatur in Calice. 

4. Tradatulus de Virtutibus & Vitiis: qui incipit; Odium fufeit at 
Rixas. Et alibi, in hoc Codicc. 

5- Traftatus de Mifla & Sacerdotis Indumentis: qui incipit; Tria 
funty in quibus preeipue Lex 7)ivina eonjtjiit. 

6. De Confeflione, Simonia, Matrimonio, & aliis CaHbus Confci- 
cntiac. Incipit : ^alis debeat ejfe perfcrutator. Et in aliis hujusCo- 
dicis locis. 

7. S. Ambrofii Mediolanenfis Epifcopi, de Conflidu Vitiorum & Vir- 
tutum. Liber. 

8. De Exemptionibus, Difpenfationibus, Relaxationibus^ Ele£tionibus> 
Irregularitatibus & Excommunicationibus. 

9. Johannis de Deo, de Penitentia Libri 7, 
Olim de Clauftro RofFenfi, per Rad. Aylard. 

II. I. B. Auguftini, de Mendacio Tradtatus. x 

2. Homiliae variae. xii 

3 . Commentarius in Magnificat ; axg^ctA®«« 

III. I. S. Auguftini, de Vera Religionc, Liber. xi 
Deficit initio ufque ad medium Cap. 3 : & in fine caret folio. 

2. \ — Soliloquiorum Libri 2. 

3. ■ Dialogus de Natura & Quantitate & Qualitatc Animae; 
ad Adeodatum. 

4. Aurelii Caffiodori Senatoris, Liber de Anima. T^efunt 6 Cap. pop- 
trema ; fcil. a 11 ad iS. 

IV. I . Lcdtioncs paucae Ecclefiafticae ; cum Glofta : fcil. i Cor. xiii. 

2 Cor. VI, I 10. Thef. iv, i — 7- Ephef. v, i 9. Gal. iv, 

22 31. Heb. IX, II 14. I Cor. v, 7> 8. i Joh. v, 4— -10. 

I Pet. II, 21 25. I Pet. II, II — -18. XIII 

2. S. Auguftini, de Cognicione verac Vitae, Liber. Deficit in medio 
Cap. 18. 

I 2 3 . Diftinfti- 

do LiBRi Mss. 

I A V, VL 4^- & 8^ 

J* Diftindiones Thcologicac. Incipiiint ; Trima fDiftinFtio. i . 2)^ 

Linguis igneis fuper Apoftolos. 

4. Praftica de rara & abftrufa Grammatica. Incipit: Ad evidentiam 

huj us partis Grammatice Art is. 

$. Chartularium parvum Monafterii S. Andreae RofFenfls. 

Liber olim de Clauftro RofFenfi. 

y, I. S. Auguftini Liber de Spiritu & Anima. xiv 

Deficit in Cap. 33. medio. 

2. Hugonis de S. Vidtorc Liber, de Laude Charitatis- 

3. — — — Soliloquium de Arra Animae. 

4. Egidit Komani Liber, de Peccato originali. 

5. Speculum Incluforum. Incipit 5 Vulfatus nuper precibus Caritatis. 

6. Humberti, Magiftri Theologic Ordinis Predicatorum, TraAatus de 7 
Profedibus Rcligionis: qui eft tertia pars cujufdam Libelli, qui intitula- 
tur, Formula Noviciorum. 

Hie Liber olim fuit Domus S. Andree Ordinis Cartufienns^ juxta Co^ 
ventriam i ex providentia & Dono Domini Roberti Odyham. 

VI. I. Tradatus, qui incipit 5 Subtraffio Vtiius Anime efi omiffia 
predicationis Verbi. xv 

2. Tra^atus, qui incipit 5 Tiuo funt necejfaria ad Salutem. 

3. S. Bernard! Regula, de modo pfallcndi in Ecdefta. 

4. Expoftrio fex Notarum Mulicarum. 

5. S. Ambrofii Oratio apologetica. 

6. S. Bernardi Tradt. de Dignitate Sacerdotum. 

7. Alius Traftatus de Sacerdotibus 5 incipicns, Bartholomeus in fuo Ro- 

8. S. Edmundi ConfefToris Speculum. Incipit 5 In nomine Domini 
noftri Jefti. 

9. S. Auguftini refponfioncs ad Confulta Orofii. Incipiuntj Licet 
multi dodiijjtmi & probatijfimi Viri. 

10. De Compofitione Symboli per Apoftolos, 7 Sacramcntis, 10 Man- 
datis, & 7 Mortalibus Peccatis. 

11. Formula honcfte Vitc. Incipit i ^htatuor Virtutum Species. 

12. Peccata Britonum, & caufa dcpofitionis eorum. Incipit: Negli- 
gentia Tretatorum^ Rapina Votentum. 

Anno Domini i44<^> Johannes Cclfton fcripfit iftud Volumen. 



A VII, VIII. 4^<^- 

In fine Libri fcribitur alia manu. Memorandum^ quod Dominus Ed^ 
mundus Kellett donavit iftum Librum Domino Johanni Baker de 
Solyhully fub conditione ut prediifus Johannes oret pro anima Domini 
Roberti Kellett. 

£t in initio Codicis manu recenti fcribitur ; Liber Roberti Taylor^ 
de Wick Cur at or is \ Novembris 17, 1623. Et infra,- Liber Roberti 
Lark J ex dono Roberti Taylor^ amid met charijjimi % Maii 13, i62<j. 

VII. I, S. AmbroHi Liber, dc Conflifl;u Vitiorum & Virtutum. xn 
a. S. Ephrcm Syri Oratio, dc Compunclionc Cordis. 

3. Juliani Toletani Epifcopi, Prognofticorum futuri Seculi Libri III. 

4. S. Furfci Vita: quam Vcn. Bcda compofuit. 

5. S. Auguftini Scrmo de feipfo moribufquc Clericorum fuorum. In- 
cipit : Caritati vejira hodie de nobis ipjis Sermo reddendus efl. 

5. ■ Sermo dc Advcntu Domini. Tropitia Divinitate, /ratres. 

6. Scrmo dc Nativitatc Domini. Rogovos,f ratres. 

7. Scrmoncs 2 in Natali Epifcopi & Confcfforis. Incipit i : Gaudea- 
musy dileifijlimi. 2. Ecce Sacerdos magnus. 

8. Scrmo in Natali unius Virginis. §luia hodie y dile^iJJJmi, Nat ale 
Sacrae Firginis N. 

9. S. Auguftini Scrmo dc Advcntu Domini. Sanffam & dejiderabilem. 

10. Pafchafii Ratberti Monachi Liber, de Corpore & Sanguine Do- 
mini in Euchariftia. 

Liber olim de Clauftro RofFcnfi, per Askctillum Monachum donatus. 

VIII. I- S. Auguftini Liber de Spiritu & Anima. Deficit in Capitc 


2. Ifidori Hifpalcnfis Epifcopi Epiftola, dc diverfttate Canonum. Fo- 
lio 17. 

3. ■ 3 Libri Sentcntiarum, live dc fummo Bono. Folio 19. 

4. Innocentii Papae III, Libri 3* de Mifcria Conditionis humanac. 
Folio 87. 

5. S. Bernardi Abbatis Meditationum Liber. Multi mult a fciunt. 
Folio 108. 

6. Tradatus dc Virtutibus & Vitiis. Incipit : Sunt plura^ per que ad- 
quiritur Humilitas. Folio 122. 

7. B. Mariae Miracula quacdam^ cum aliis notabilioribus Thcologicis. 
Folio 144. 

8. Liber 

6z LiBRi Mss. 

5 A IX, X. 4^\ 

8. Liber Scintillarum : qui incipitj Initium Sapient ie Timor Domini. 
Folio 248. 

Lil]cr olim Monachorum San<fli Edmundi. 

IX. I. Petri Comcftoris Allcgoriac breves fuper Vctus Tcftamentum 5 
8 Libris : & fuper Novum 5 unico. xiii 

2. S. Auguftitii Sermo de Fide Cliriftiana. Locutus eft Sermo Dei 
ad nos. 

3. Traftatus dc Amorc Dei. Incipit : O mi frater^ fi cupis fcire 
{quamvis ego nefciam) quam ferfeiiijftma atque plenijjima eft Jufti^ 
tia, TOeum tot a Corde amare. 

4. Petri Blcfenfis Liber, dc vera Amicitia. 

5^ S. Auguftini Sermo, de una Trinitate & trina. Evangelica Le^io 
pTopofuit nobis J unde. 

6. Diftindiones fecuodum Alphabetum. Incipiunt: ^are Anima 
Chrifti dicatur unica. Deficit in Litera F. 

X. I. S. Bernardi Florum Libri X. Dum non ejfem alicui exercitio 
magnoopere occupatus. xiv 

2. Tradatus de Laudibus B. Mariae. Non eft quod me deleSiet mor 
gis. Folio 129. 

3. Ifidori Hifpaienfis Epifcopi, Sententiarum, five de fummo Bono, 
Libri IIL Folio 133. xiii 

4. S. Chryfoftomi Homilia, de Muliere Chananea. Multae Tempefta- 
tes & inquietudo Aeris. Folio 222. 

5. S. Auguftini Sermones 2 in Gal. vi, 2. §luia Lex Veteris Tefta^ 
menti cuftodia. Folio 231. 

6. Homilia in Joh. xiv, 27. 2)^ ^ace di£iuri. Folio 233. 

7. Homilia. Licet noveritis^ Domini mei & fratres^ qualiter vivere 
debeatis. Ibid. 

8. Homilia. Cum in omnibus ABionibus noftris^ querendum Jit^ ut 
boni ftmus. Folio 235. 

9. Traftatus de diverfis modis Laborum & Meritorum Hominum. ^i4 
in prefenti Vita. Folio 236. 

10. Tradlatus de Voluntate propria. Voluntas eft velut que dam adult e^ 
ra Regina. Folio 238. 

11. Queritur, Cur S. Benedidtus aliter Monachis Horas ordinaverit, 
quam Mos Ecclefie habacrit ? Folio 240. 



5 A XI, XII. 4^0. 

In prima Pagina fcribitur. Lii^er de Clauftro Roffenji^ per fratrem 
Thotnam de Horftede Monachum. 

Bernardi flares^ pro Thoma^ qui legis^ ores. 
T)ic etiamy Thomas placeat, precor^ tile T^eo^ mas. 
Gloria fit Genti^ flores cum Corde legenti: 
Tartar a tollenti Titulum ve Librum rapienti. 

XL I. S. Auguftini Enchiridion, dcFidc, Spc & Charitate, ad Lau- 
rcntium Primiccrium Notariorum Ecclcfic Urbis Rome. xi 

2. Milonis Cenobits Pocma hcroicum de Sobrietatc j Libris i : Ca- 
rolo M. Impcratori infcriptum. 

Liber olim S. Petri de Gloeceftria. 

XIL I. Liber de 4 Virtutibus Cardinalibus : in quo continerar fire- 
viloquium antiquorum Principum & Philofophorum. Incipitj ^a^ 
niam Mifericordia & Veritas cuftodiunt Regem. Fol. i . xv vel xvi 

2. Bre viloquium de Sapientia Sandorum. Cum vani fint omnes Ho-- 
mines. Folio 21. 

3. S. Bernardi Tra6tatus fuper Pfalmum Mitgnificat. Folio 26. 

4. S. Chryfoftomi Opufcula 2 fuper Pfalmum Mifereremei ^eus. In- 
cipiunt : ^i£iores imitantur Arte Nat warn. Folio 29. 

$. — — Opufculum i quod nemo leditur niiia feipfo. Incipit : Scio 
quod crajfioribus. Folio 46. 

6. ' Libri 2, de reparationc Lapfi : ad Theodorum Monachum. 
Quisdabit Capiti meo Aquam? Folio 57. 

7. — — — Epiftola ad Theodorum Monachum. Si Fletus pojfet & 
Gemitus per Literas nunciari. Folio 77. 

8. ■ Libri 2, de Compundione Cordis. Cum te intueor, beate 
Demetri. Folio 82. 

9. -— — Sermo, quomodo primus Homo praclatus fuit omni Crea- 
rurae. Mignitas humane Originis. Folio 99* 

10. — — — — . Sermo, de Lapfu primi Hominis. Nemo eft quinefciat. 
Folio lor. 

1 1 . ■ Sermones 2 contra eos qui praevaricattonem Adae im« 
pucant Deo. In Veteri Teftamento leginms. Folio 102, 

12. ■ J Sermo dc Cocna Domini. Taucis hodie neceffarium ejf. 
Folio io>. I J, ■ Sermo 

6 4 LiBRi Mss* 

5 A XU. 4^- 

I J, ■ Scrmo dc Paflione Domini. Hodierns Die mfler T)o- 

minus pependit in Cruce. Folio 1 1 o, 

14. Scrmo dc Parafchcvc. ^id dicam? ^id loquar? 

Folio 113. 

1 5 . Scrmo dc Ninivitarum jcjunio. Clement iffimus Domi^ 

nus Deus. Folio ii7* 

1 6. — — Scrmo dc Militia fpirituali. Bona quidem funt & uti^ 
lia. Folio 119. 

17. ■ Scrmo dc Militia Cbriftiana. Omnes Homines, qui. 
Folio 121. 

18. — — — Scrmo dc Mulicrc mala & bona. Hen me! ^id e^ 
gam 7 Folio 122. 

19. S. Auguftini Liber dc Agonc Chriftiana Corona Fifforie non pro- 
mitt it wr. Folio 1X6. 

20. S. Hicronymi Tra&atus dc Mcmbris Domini. Omnipotens T^eus. 

Folio 135* 

21. B. Anfclmi Archicpi(copi Cant. Libcllus dc 14 partibus Bcatitudi- 
num. Nunc invejiigare Juvat\ Folio 140. 

22. Hugonis dc S. Vi&orc Ubcr, dc Virtutc Orandi, ^w ftudio & 
quo affeiiu. Folio 147. 

23. Ailrcdi Abbatis KicvallcniU Tradatus fupcr Luc. II, 42, &c Te* 
tis a me^ fit. Folio 152. 

24. B. Anfclmi Homilia in Luc. x» 38, &c. Quid ad glariofam Vtt- 
ginem. Folio 163. 

25. S. Auguftini Libcllus dc Aflumptionc bcatac Mariac. Ad Interr^- 
gat a. Folio 165. 

26. Argumcnta quacdam de Affiumptionc bcatac Mariac. Sciet ex Voire. 

Folio 169* 

27. S. Bcrnardi Sermoncs 2 dc quadragcHmali jc)«inio^ Rego vor, 
^ileftiffimi. Folio 173. 

28. ■ Sermoncs i5> in Pfalmum xc Scioy Fratres^ fcio^ 
Folio 175. 

29. S. Auguftini Liber dc Conflidu Viriorum & Virtutum. Afofio^ 
lie a VoH clamat. Folio 208. 

30. Liber dc decern Chordis, 2)ominus dr Deus nofter. 

Folio 2i4« 

3 3 1 • S. Bcrnardi 


5 A xm. 4^- 

SI. S. Bernardi Meditationum Libcn JMuUi mult a fciuni^ & fiipfos 

nefciunt. Folio 223. 

3 2. Profperi Aquitani Liber Exccrptionum ex Libris S. Auguftioi. In 

Nomine Dei. Folio 233. 

33« Tradtatus dc quinque Septenis. Inclpit : ^mnque Septena^ JfOtetj 

in S. Script ura. Folio 295. 

34* Robert! Groftete Lincolnienlts Epifcopi Epiftola ad Dominum Fa* 

pam. Noverit Difcretio vejira. Folio 297. 

In fine hujus Codicis fie fcribitur : Orate pro Anima M^iftri Willi^ 

elmi Neel^ olim Vicar ii de Blokley\ Tojfejforis hujus Ltbri^ cjr- pro 

Anima Hugonis Noryfe five Spcer de Cycettur^ hxecutoris ejuJHem ; 

qui hunc Librum deait huic Mon^fterio de Heyles^ 26 Die menfis A* 

prilisy Anno Domini 1 5 3 }• 

XIII. I. S.Auguftini^ deMendaeiOfLiberuhusi & alter contra Men- 
dacium. xii 

2. \ Dc Natura & Origine Animae j Libri 4. 

}. ■ ' Sermo Arrianorutni & Liber contra eorundem per* 


4« ■ ■ ; contra Adverfarium Legis & Prophetarum, Libri 2. 
5. ■ — Liber ad Paulinum Nolenfem Epifcopum, dc Cura pro 
Mortuis agenda. 

S. De Viitcatione Infirmi, Tradatos 2. Vijitationis gratia Nepotimeo^ 
Inter Auguftini Opera imprefli. 

7. Sermo contra Judaeos. Afcribitur Fulberto Carnotenfi Epifcopo^ in 
Editione Operum ejus Paridenfi 1 608, Folio 157. 
%. Tradatns de Vita folitaria & adiva. Ufu par iter & necejjitate didi-- 
9. TraSatus de Trinitate. Verbum Dei Spiritumque Legifer in Geneji. 

Imprimitur inter Fulberti didi Opera, Foliis 163 170: excepta prima 

Pagina, quae omittitur in Libro imprciro. 

I o. Fulberti Carnotcnfis Epifcopi Epiftolae aliquot : fcil. ImpreflTarum 

3tf> 72> 73, 95^ 96, 95 b. 108, 68, 34 & H- 

II. Petri Portuenfis Epifcopi Epiftola ad Guliclmum Prencftinum, 
Mattliaeum Albanenfem, Conradum Sabinenfem &; Johannem Ofticn* 
fern s de Papa irregulariter eledoj fcil. Innocentio II. 
i2« Anadeti Papac Bulla contra Schiftnaticos Gallos. 

K X3« Innch 

66 ' LtBKi MsS/ 

5 AXiv, kv. &5BI, II, 4f-.. 

1 3 . Ihnocentii It, Papae, Bulla pro protcftione Xandavenns ICocIcIUq. 
Liber dim S, Marie Wigornie. 

"XIV. I. S, Auguftini Rctraftionum I-ibri 2. xjil 

2. — — dc Utilitatc Crcdcndi Liben 
i . ■ de Gratia N. Tcftamcriti tibtr. 

4, Caput 29 libri 22 de Civitate Dei: fcdla de Qualitate 

Vifionis Sanftorum in Saccule filturo. 

XV. I • S. Auguftini Enchiridion de Fidc^ Spe 6c Charitate i ad Lau-^ 
rentium. xii 

2. S4 Ambrolu, fpifcop^ Liber de Bono Mortis. 
^ » Lal^nci Arcbiepi^opi Cant, dc Cor^re & Sangpine Domini^ Li- 
ber, contra Bdrengarlum. 

Liber quondam dc Clauftro R.offenit| Laurentii £|)ifcopi. 

5 B. 4**^- 

.L I. S. Auguftini Liber da Quantitate An^nae. %iu 

2. • Liber de Vera Religiohe. Folio 20. 

3. ■ , Libri 3> de libero ArbitriOw Folio 41. ..^ ^ 

4. 1.. I ■ ■ Liber Rcrponiionum ad Q{)as(lioQes Janu^viia .dc RJiUbuj^ 

tcclcfiae.' Folio 77. 

S,. ■ .. Liber Refponitonum ad ofto Dulckii Quasftioocfi. tiy 

lio 85. ^ 

<Jc -r- — — - : P^ina unica. (e^ufiicmut dldtur) dc Rcfurre&ione. jR?r 
runt autem^hyfici. Folio 93. Jf 

7v ■ " t " Liber jde Natura Boni, contra Manichaeo^. Ibid. Dcfiptia 
Cap. XXIII. . . 

». ■ Liber de Spiritu & Anima. Folio 96. Deficit in Cap^ 


9. Hagortis Pariltacenfis Soliloquium de Arra Animae. jLoqaar fectctw 
Anime mee. Folio 107. 

10. ■ Liber de Opcribus txlum Dierttm. Invifihilia ^eL lE(y 
lio 11^. 

IL X . S. Auguftini Sermo de Paftoribus. u 

2. -' ■ Scrrtto de Ovibus. 

3 . * ad vcr'fus DonatiAas> ^ BaptlTmo Libri 7^ 

4^ m^ de Baptifino Parvulorum Liori 3. Au- 

^, — ^^^ — * . . 

J. S. 


5 B III— V- V^- 

5 . S. Augufiini dc VtMO BaptiitnQ Libcf t 
(J. dc Spirita & Litcra Libcr^ 

III. I. Fulgentii Afri, Rufpenfis Epifcopiy EpiAoU ^ Dooatum, dc 
Fide Trinitatis. Multum benedico ^tminum. Folio i. %i 

2. — — — Liber dc Fide Trinicati^, ad Pctmm P^aconump Efijio- 
lamy Fill Tetn. FoUo. 8. 

3 . £. Augufttni Scrmo dc Utilitatc agenda^ Poeoitemiac. Folio 30^ Eft 
Homilia 50' Tomi 10 Opcrum imprcfloruQi liUgd. 158^^ 

4« TnQzxm dc Poenitcntia. Incipit ; Tsenitmfes^ pomitmUs^ p^em-- 
tentes. Folio 40. Vide 5 C VI 11: ubi S. Auguftini cffc dicitur.* 
5* S, Auguftini Diiciplina ChriftiatipruQi. Folio 4r« 

(J. ■ Liber dc Decern Chordi^. Folio ♦»# 

7- Liber JBsbortitionis ad Comitem queadapi iyialerium, ut alia. Mapu 
fcribitur.] O mi Fratety Ji cupias feire. Folio 59. Deficit in finp. 

8. Gennadii Presbytcri Maflilicafis Liber AecdeiRafticorum Dogqaatuia. 
Folio 81. 

9. CapH^la dc gencfaiitnis 4 GoneilUs, Canines gepnalium Cmicilh 
orum. Folio 87. 

10. Pafchalis Papae Bullae % de Digoitate Cantuarjenfis Ecclcfiac ilipr^ 
Eboiiiccnfcm. Folio ti. 

IV. S. Auguftini de Trinitate Libri 15. xn 
Liber olim dc Clauftro Rofienfi : quern in eodem Claufiro fcrip^ 

fit (bunfridos Praccentor. Piures libros fcripftc hie Humfridus^ etiam ia 
hac Bibliothcca repertos : viz. 5 B XII, C I, D III, 6 A I, B VI, D V, 
& VL 8 D XVI, &c. 

In folio ultimo fcribitur : Cautio mihi Job. Kyrkby, expofita ia 
Cifta dc Gilford A. D. 1468, « die Mctxfis Julii,— fifjacet pro 30'* 

V. S. Auguftini Epiflolae. ;cill 
I. Ad VoluAanum* Ue Salute tua. Folio i« 

1. Refcriptum Voluftani. Vetisme. Ibid^ 

3. Ad Yolttiianum. Legs Latter as. Ibid. 

4. Marcellini ad Auguftinum. Vif illufiris V^lvfianus. Folio 5. 

5 . Refcriptum ad MarccUinum, lUuftri Firo. Folio 6. 

6. Auguftini ad Italicam Viduam. liw folum Litter is. Folio 9* 

7. Ad MarccUinum. Epiftelam tuam. Folio 10. 

8. Hieronymi ad Auguftinum. Cum a fmSif FrMrt nojtra. Folio i^^ 

X K 2 ' 9. Refaiptum 

68 LiBRi Mss. 

5 B V. 4to« 

9. Refcriptum. Jampridemtne Charitati. Folio i2« 

10. Alipii & Auguftini ad Aurelium. ImpUtwn eft Gimdh. Folio 19I 

1 1. Auguftini ad Longinianum. Sokre aiftnt. Ibid.. 

12. Rcfcriptum. Beatus Jum. Ibid. 

15. Auguftini ad Longinianum. CepifrnSium. Folio 20. 
X4. ■' ad Boni^um. Queris a me utrum. Ibid; 

15. Paulini & Tiierafiae ad Auguftinum. Char it as ChriftL Folio 22. 

16. Rcfcriptum. G bme Fir. Folio 23. 

17. Fkulini & Thcraftac ad Auguftinum. Jamdudum^ Frater in T>efmn§^ 
Folio 24* 

18. Rcfcriptum. Cum Lift eras me as. Folio 25. 

19. Paulini & Thcraliac ad Alipium. Haec eft vera Karitas. Folto 2dv 

20. Paulini & Thcrafiac ad Romanianum.. Tridie quam has danmus^ 
Folio 27. 

21. Scvcrt ad Auguftiiium. The GraPias, Fraten. Folio ^. 

22. Auguftini ad Lctum. Legi Epiftolam. Ibid. 

2 J. ■ ■■ ad Liccntium. Vix reperi Occapmem. Folio j^r.. 

24* Rcfcriptum mctricum. Arcanium Varrenis. Ibid. 
45^ ' ' ad LiccBtittm. Si Veffiu tvus. Folio 32. 

26. Maximi Madaurcnfis ad Auguftinum. Habenscrebro tmis AffeBi* 
bus-. Folio 33* 

27. Rcfcriptum. Seriumne aHquid. Ibid. 

28. Auguftmi ad Armcntarium & Paulinam. Viregregius^ Films meus. 
Folio 34. 

29. > ' ad Valcntinum & Fratrcs. Venerunt ad nos dua Juvenesi 
Folio i6. 

30. —— -— ad Valcniiinum & Monachos, Crejcanium. Folio 37^ 
ji. ■ ad Vinccntium. Accept Epiftolam. Folio 38. 

32. ' adDcograrias. §hieftianes tibi propofitas. Folio 48.. 

33. ■ ad Bonifacium.. Laudo & gratulei^. Felio si^ 

34. Macedonii ad AuguAinum. Miro mode afficior. Folio 62. 

35. Rcfcriptum. §uamvis Sapientiam. Folio 63. 

36. Macedonii ad Auguftinum. Optatatus admodum. Folio 66.. 

37. Rcfcriptum. Negocioftffimum in Repub. Ibid. 

38. Diofcori ad Auguftinum. Troemiari apudte. . Fplio 71. 
3r9. Rcfcriptum.. Tume innumerabilium.. Ibid.. 

i^ • 40. Auguftini 


5 A V. 4»' 

40. Auguftini ad Dardanum. Fateor^ mifrater. Folio 78* 

41. Paulini ad Auguftinum. DepoMcis, que. Folio 85>. 

42. Rcfcrijptum. j^md de tarn f toff era. Folio 88. 
43^ Ncdarii Auguftino. §iuMtafit. Folio 94. 

44. Refcriptom. Jam fenio frigefimtibus. Ibid: 

45. Auguftini ad Maximianum. Triufquam ad rem veniam: Fo^ 
lia 96. 

46. i ad Dbnatum Donatiftam. Sifojps vrdere. Folio 98. 

47. — — ad Euodium. ^eftioy quammihh Folio 99. 

48. ' adProbam, dcorandoDco. Et petiffe te. Folio 10 j.' 

49. — — ad Paulinaniy de vidcndo Deo. Memar IDeiiti. Fo* 
lio 109. 

50. — — — ad Viftorianum; Littere t$ie HMlevermtt. Folio 119. 

51. " adOrontium. Jlg^gratias. «)lio 121.. 

52. ■ ad Olympium. sl^icquid fa. Ibid* 

5 J. ■■ ad Cornclium. Scrippfti mihi. Folio i%%. 

34. — — ad Donatum. NoUem quidem. Folio 123. 
>5. ■ ad Olympium. ^uamvis mex: Ibid. \ 

S6. — — ad Seleucianam, Litteris tuir leSfis. Folio i2i ' 
J7. — — ad Circcnfes. Si id quod hi veffra. Folio 125, 

58. — — — id Memorium Epifcopum. JxuUus jam dehui. Fo=t 

lio I2tf. 

59. Hieronymt ad Marcellinum & AnapHchem. Tandem ex Africa. 
Folio 127. 

60. Auguftini ad Hefichiumy de Die noviifimo. Accep Litteras Ve^ 
nerationis tue. Ibid. 

61. ■ ad Florentinam. San£tum propofitum tuum: Folio 116. 

62. — — aditalicam. Trei Epiftolas tue. Folio 137. 

63. — — ad Pammachium. Bona Opera tua^. Ibid. 

<4. ■ ad Severam.. Epiftola mea, quam. Folio 138, 

6i. — — — ad Felicium & Hylarium. Non miror Sat anon. Ibid. 

66. ■ ad E^clcfiam Hipponcnfcm. Utinam S. Scripture. I&i 

lio 139* 

67. ■■ ad Hipponenfcs. In primis peto: Folio 141. 

68. ■ ad Poffidium. Magis quid agas. Ibid* 

69. Audacis ad Augufiinum. Hakea Gratiam. Folio 142. 

70. Re- 

7P . LlBRI JSfeS; 


5^ y...4^. 

70. Rcfcriptumf Brevjim BfiftoUm tUAmr Ibid 

71. Maximaxxu Sljumtum nos^ Folio 14). 

72. Alipii & Auguftioi ad Juluiaam. Qrste adimdum nokif. Void. 
7^. Auguftini ad Anaftanum. SalatajUi Sinceritaiem. Folio 146. 

74* ad Sebaftianum* ^m»vis ab 4Hinu^^ FoUo 147- 

7JJ ■ ■■■ . ad. Coqicncittflu ^^ntym ^ Qcuios. Ibid. 

76. > ad Proculcianutti. !Pr^//^r imperitorum. Folio liO. 

77: n ; ' ; ! . ' T ,ad Valcriuxn. Ante (fimmspets, folio 1 51. 

7%\ ' ad Pf ofUmruiBu Sectmdm» Spiritum. Folio ij 2. 

yp, , ■ adDooarum. ffijfod u iubmuiftramtem. Folio i j3« 

j0^ ■ ■■■■■■ p ■ ad MftdauKnfcs. Si for (e illi. Ibid. 
81I — — — ad Hclpidium, Quis noftrum erret. Folio 154. 
*^ - ' .!, ; .td N-ebridiuo)* Uftumnefm ff^* 5olip 1 jo.^ 
83'. ■■ ad Cdfiftiiium, O utimm pojjem. FoUo 16a 

84. ■ ad Antooiuiiu Cum a duolms. foUo 161. 

85. ■ ad Gaium. Of sbt U ab'cejimuf. ibid. 

86. ad Rofljianianttnu Nwkec Epifi§U. Ibid. 

89. Reicriptum. ^roimio Juptrfidavk Ibid. 

jKX Aagttftiniad Nchridiuni. Siuamvis mei Ammi. Folio i<4* 

jpi. - ad Ncbridium. fJunquam eque quicquam, Ibid. 

P^^ ^ ■». I— ad cundcra. Mirum 4dm$dum. Folio 165. 

93- - ' & alioram Epifcoporum, dc Goncilio Zertcnfi. Cum m 

A^riifis upjiris. Folio 1^5* 

94. Publicohc dd Auguiftnum. Scriptum eft. Folio 16 8. 

$15. Rdcriptuoi. Eftus Anim tui. Folio 169- 

96. Auguftini ad Marcianum. Ampusp vel petius ai^ripuL FoUo 170* 

97- ■ ad Probacn. Eft quidem it a. Folio 17 !• 

98. ad Optatiun Epifoopom. ^uamvis tue SaufiitatU^ 


^^. ■ ■ ■■■■■■■■ ad quoidam Epi&opos Donatifiarum. T^ixit quidam. 

Folio 175* 

100. / ■ ad Donatifias. Karitas Chrifti. Folio i8i* 

loi. — — ad Boni^cium Comitcnu Qmet m§m. Folio 185. 

102. RcfcriptuixL Tue SanQitatis. Ibid^ 

103. Au- 

• ^ ^ > 


io|. Auguftini ad Bonifaciutn cundem. Ego quos diligo. Ibid. 

104. > ad cundem. AprUf littus. Ibid. 

105. Rcfcriptum. Scio quod fit. Ibid . 

106. Ausuftini ad cundem Bonifacium. Miror quomodo. Ibid. 

107. Rcicriptum. Humilis faluto. Ibid 

108. Auguftini ad cundem Bonifacium. Vir illujlriffimus. Ibid 
109* Kcfcriptum. Grave nobis efi. Folio 18 6. 

1 1 o. Auguftini ad cundem. Gravi de Vugna. Ibid. 

111. Re^iptum. Manus JUperba. Ibid. 

112. Rcfcdptum Awguftini. LeBome. Ibid. 

113. Rcfcriptum. Numquem ^ivinitas. Ibid. 

114. Auguftini ad. cundem. /i)um quodam. Ibid* 

1 1 5 . Boiiifecii ad lAuguftihum. Funns farato. Ibid. 

116. Bonifacii ad Aug. Ca^inus tile. Ibid. 

117. Auguftini ad cundem^ jam refcrifferam. Ibid. 

118. ' » ad Euftbium. . Scit ^eus^ Folio 188. 

1 19* ' ' ' ad cundenai, Non ego recufanti. Ibid. , ,,, 

120. ■ ad Sevcrinum, Lift eras Frafernitatis tue etfi. f^l^or 
lio 189. ■ .^ ^ ' . }., 

121. ■ ■ ad Domtiftap. , VoblSyS)onati0f. Folio 190. 

122. ■ ad Januarium Epifcopum Donatiftarum. Clerics & CiV'- 
cumcellionf^ vejlri, lii^l^^ ^ . ,, 

1 2j . " ' ad Cypnaham fchlfmaticum. G^i humilitatem no^ram. 

rOlio IQ2. '• 

i24. ^ ' ■ ad ciiridcm. ^eum quidem iimere. ^oli^ipj, 

125. ! II ad Pafccntium, ArriajQum.. jf^oJufram qii^i^ :?oliai9V* 

126. ' ad cundem/, ^J/ didst e. Folio xpJu 

127. Rcfaipram. jOftaveram te. Folio 199. , 

12I8. AjU^uftini ad cundem. Litter e tue net. Ibid. !" 

1 29. ad Probam & JoJianam^ dc CaavcrfiQiui Dcmetri^di*. 

Im(ltftisGa»dio. Ibid, 
130: -;— — ad Honoratum. Karhati tue mijfo. Ibid. 

131. • ad Italkara. CumfetiviffeSk FoKo 202. 

132, ' ad Marccllinum. Gefta que promifit. Folio zo|. 
yil. . ad Apringium. Kor^ dubito in hac. Folio 204. 
^H. — -— tt: ^ Marccllinum. Circumcelliones illos. Folio 205. 

135- Silviani 


yj . . L.t B II I Mss. 

» » * 


5 B, VI, vn. 4*«»- 

* • * 

13 5* Silviani & alioram Epifcoponjm ad Pap^m Innocentium. ^ms 
te ^ominus. Folio 206. 

136. Auguftini ad Honoratum. Confilium tuum. Ibid. 

137. — ■ ad Emeritum. Eg^ cum audio. Tofio 207. 

138. -^ -ad Elcufiuiti, &c. Fortunium ^juem. Fojip 209. 

I J 9. ■ ad Gcncrofum, &c. £luoniam ndhis Mtain ejfc. Fo- 

lio 212. 

140. ■ ad Fcftum. Si pro Errore. Folio irj. 

141. ' ad Fortunatianum. Cmamtorium SanBo Fratri., Fo- 
lio 215. 

142. ■■■ ad Edidlam. Leitis Litteris. Folio 218. 

143- ■ ad Afcllicum. Lit eras SanBitatis tue. Folio 220. 

144* S. Auguftini Exhortatlones ad qucndam Comitcm fibi pracchariflt- 
mum. O mi frater Ji cupias. Folio. 224. 

Liber olim de Communitate fratrum minotpm Wigornie. 

VI. I. S. Auguftini fuper I Epillolam S. Johannis Sermones^io.^ii 
a. ■ Scrmo coiitra Arrianos, Judaeos dcPaganos/^/^/r^f^ 

raj atque an£ufiias^ T'^JL 

S-'ApDcalypHsS. Johannli. ^ - . - - • 

4« Cantica Canticorum Solomonis. .^ . 1 

Liber olim de Clauftro Roffenfi, pet Laurentittm £pii^<^um do^ 

VIL I. S. Auguftini Liber contra quinqaie Haerefis. ^etitor Jum^ 
Fratres. xii 

2. S. Ambrofli Sermo de Obfervantia Epifcoporum. Si ^MS fra$er 
OraculufH ^opum: * 

}; Didimi Alexandrini Liber de Spiritu Sanfto ; tranflatiis' a B. Hiero^ 
nymo> cum ejufdem Pracfatione. Cum in Bafyhne verfarer. 

4. S. Auguftini Scrmo de Muliere forti. Vraefiabit nobis ^ominus. 

5. Manfueti Mediolancnfis Epifcopi Epiftola ad Conftantinum Imperar 
torem. Si Apicem Imperialis Faftigii. 

6. Bedae PresDyteri Expoiitio triginta Quaeftiotiuni. Slfae de Likro 

7. ' Expofitio dc Tcmplo Solomonis. Hortatur nos Vas 

S. Bedae 


5 B VIII XI. 4to. 

8. Bcdac Expofitio fupcrCanticutn Abacuc, Cant if urn Trophete Abacuc. 
Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnfi, per Askctillum Monachum. 
VIII. I. S. Hicronymi Catalogus Virorum illuftrium. xii 

2. S. Auguftini Retrac^ationum Libri 2. 

3. Brevis Annotatio Epiftolarum ejus & Tra£tatuum & quorundam Libro- 
rum. G^ueftio de credibilibus . 

4. S. Auguftini Liber dc Haerefibus j ad Quodvultdeum. 

5. Gennadii Maffilienfis Prcsbytcri Catalogus Virorum illuftrium. 

6. Aurelii Cafliodori Senatoris Liber dc Inftitutionibus divinarum Lire* 

7. IHdori Hifpalenfis Epifcopi Liber dc Ordinc N. & V. Teftamenti. ©^ 
Librarum N. & V. Teftamenti. 

8. ■ Liber dc Ortu & Obitu Patrum. ^orundam SanBorum. 

9. Liber dc Significationc quorundam Virorum illuftrium* 
§luedam notijjima Nomina legis. 

10. Catalogus Virorum illuftrium. Ofius Cordubenfts. 
Librr quondam Ecclefiae beati Petri Weftmonafterii. 

IX 1.6. Auguftini Sermones 10 ftipcr i Epiftolam S. Johannis. xiii 

2. V iredi Abbatis Rievallenfis Homiliac 31, dc 11 Oneribus Ifaiac. 

3. ■ de Spirituali Amicitia, Libri 3, 

4. ■ ■ dc Speculo Charitatis, Libri 3. 

Liber olim S. Marie, de Coggcftialc. 

X. S. Auguftini, contra Fauftum Manichaeum, Libri 2. xi 
Hi 2 Libri in Impreflls dividuntur in 3 3. 

XI. I . Florilegium ex diverfis Libris S. Auguftini. T)a mihey ^omi-- 
ne, fcire. xiv 

2. Florilegium ex Operibus S. Bcrnardi Clarcvallenfis Abbatis, Libris 10. 
^uis eft t>eus ? 

3. Excerpta ex Operibus cjufdem de B. Virgine. Non eft quod me deledet. 
Deficit poft fccundum Folium. 

In principio fic fcribitur : Hunc Librum emebatWillielmus Bedeford 
Canonicus de Newenham^ de Magiftro Roberto fVarrExecutore Magiftri 
Johannis Bryan^ tempore quo ftudebat Cantabrigie^ f. Anno Domini 
141 5, die S. Martini. Si quis eum injufte det inner it ^ vel iftamfcriptu- 
ram maliciofe deleverit^ anathema fit. Amen. Tretium 1 6 s. 8 d. 


74 LiBRi Mss. 

5 B XII XV. 4*°- 

XII. I . Catalogus Libroram Mqnafterii S. Andrcac RofFcnfis, fcriptu* 
A.T^* I202. Fol. I. XIII 

2.. S. Auguftini, dc Doftrina Chriftiana, Libri 4. Folio 4. xii 

J. dc vera Rcligionc, Libcn Folio 102. 

4. -..-^— — dc Poenitcntia, Homilia. ^am fit utilis & neceffdria. 

Folio 150. 

5. Tradatulus dc Pocnitcntia. ^oenitenfis, foenitentes, poenitentes^ 

Folio 1 64. 

Liber olimdc Clauftro Roflfcnfi, fcriptus per Humfridum Praeccntorcm 
ejufdem : excepto Catalogo Librorum, qui fcriptus fiiit per Alexandrum 
c^ufdem Ecclefiae Cantorem. 

Humfridus Praecentor RofFcniis plures etiam hujus Bibliothccae Libros 
fcripfit : ut, 6 B VI, 6 D V, &c. 

XIIL I . Sentcntiac cxccrptac de Expofltionc beati Auguftini fupcr Jo- 
hanncm. xi 

2. ■> ■ ■ de Libro de Trinitate^ 

3 . — .-— dc Libro de Civitate Dei. 

4. ■■ de Libro dc cura pro Movtuis gcrcnda. 

5. — — — dc Libro ad Renatum, dc Natura & Originc Animae* 

6. — — — dc eadem re, de Libro ad Petrum Presbyterum. 

7. ■ de eadem re, dc Libro ad Vinccntium Vidlorem* 

8. ' dc Libro dc Vera Religion c. 

Liber olim de Clauftro RofFcnft, ex Dono Siwardi EpifcopL 

XIV. S. Auguftini Cpnfeffionum Libri 1 3, xi 
In fine faibitur: WiUoehnus Binky Ecclefie Cathedralis Bathonie 

firvusj anno nojire falutis 1 502. 

XV. ic. S. Auguftini Enchiridion dc Fide, Spe & Charitatc, ad Lauren- 
tium. Folio 1. xii 
2. Leonis Papae I Liber dc Conflidu Vitiorum atque Virtutum. Fo- 
lio 49* xi. 
3^ Johannis Chryfoftomi Scrmo dc Mulicre Chananaca. Multi quidem 
confligunt Veriti. Folio 57. 

4. Lcdtiones de Miraculis S. Lethardi Epifcopii. Tiignus ^eo Antifies^ 
Lethardus. Folio 62. 

J. FulchcriiCarnotcnfis,Itinccarium Chriftianorum, cumExercitu magno. 
in Jcrulalem contra Paganos cuntium. Folio 65. xii 

6. Johannes 


5 B XVI. 4*^. & C I III. 4to. & Folio. 

6« Johannes Jofcelinus propria manu unicam paginam addit fuper eodcm 
Itinerario, ex Simcone Dundmenfi & Henrico Huntingdonenfi funiptam. 
Folio 134. XVII. 

XVI. I. S, Auguftini Confeflionum Libri 13. xiii 

2. ■ de divcrfis Haercfibus Liber. Symoniaci a Symme Mago. 

Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFend. 

5 C 4^^- & Folio. 

L S. Auguftini, fuper Genefin ad Literam, Libri 12. xi 

Liber olim de Clauftro Rofi^enfi. 
Liber etiam olim Elye Precentoris ejufdem. 

II. I. S. Auguftini Sermones dc Verbis Domini. xii 
Conveniunt cum Impreflis. 

2. Sermones, de Verbis Apoftoli, 24 priorcs. Reliqui 9, qui 
imprimuntur, hie defiderantur. 

3. Tradatulus dc David & Nabugodonofor. Inter Jerufalem & Bafy* 

4. Tradlatulus de 4 Temptationibus & 4 Vigiliis. §luatuoT funt Temp- 
tat iones generates. 

III. I. Liber dc artificiali Scientia Docendi. In Doiiore requiritur 
Teritia. xv 

2. Aegydii Romania de Regiminc Principum^ Libri 3 abbreviati s cum 3 

3. Tabula fuper Aphorifmos Urfonis &Problemata Ariftotelis. 

4. Fropofitiones Meraphyiicae, Phyficae, de Anima^ Ethicae, Politicae, 
Rhetoricae ScPoeticae, ex Ariftotele$ & Fropofitiones de Libro Senecac 
ad Lucillum ; cum Indice Alphabetico. Omnes homines naturaliter fcire 

5. Concordanriac Materiarum Bibliaci Alphabctice, pro Praedicatori- 
bus. Tanta pollet Excellent ia. 

tf. Profperi Aquitanici Liber Sententiarum, ex Operibus Auguftini col- 

7. Tituli Librorum Auguftini^ & Sententiac ex illis fumptae i fcih ex 
Libris dc Trinitate, dc beata Vita, de vera Religione, de Dodrina Chri- 
ftiana, de Libero Arbitrio; ex Epiftola ad Honoratum, Enchiridios ex 
Libris Soliloquioram, dc Bono conjugali, dc fanda Virginitate^ ad Inqui- 
re 2 fttioncs 


LiBRI Mss. 

5 C III. 4^. 

fitioncs Tanuarii, dc Praedcftinationc Sanaorum, dc Pcrfcvcrantia, dc 
Corrcptionc & Gratia, dc Natura Boni ; ex Epiftolis ad Volufium & Pau- 
linam j ex Libris dc videndo Deum, dc Quantitatc & Immortalitate Ani- 
mae, dc Fide & Operibus, fuper Gcncfin. 

8. Thomac Aquinatis Compendium Theologiae; Libris/. Defunt Ca-* 
pita 2 1 primi Libri. 

9. Excerpta ex Opeiibus Roberti Groftcte Epifcopi LincolnicnfisT" Exem- 
plum ejio Fidelium. 

10. Ejufdem Roberti Liber dc Ceflfatione Legalium abbreviatus. 

11. Commentarius in Boetium, dc Gonfolationc Philofophica. Intentio 
Aulforis in hoc Libro. 

12. Extrada <x S. Auguftini Speculo Peccatorum. 

1 3 . Bonaventurac Cardinalis Meditationes dc Paflionc Chrifii, &c. ab* 
breviatae. « 

14. Extrada ex Horologio divinac Sapientiae. Heu modernis temporibus. 

15. Simonis dc Gandavo^ Sarum Epifcopi, Meditatio dc Statu Praelatu 
Solus aliquociens fedens. 

1 6. S. Anfelmi Meditatio, cxprimens Defedus noftros & Bonitatcm DcL 
Si ante Oculos tuos. 

17. Carta Rogeri Fretoun, dc Stauro Dccanatus Cideftriae. 

1 8. Liccntia Papae concefifa R. Regi Angliae, ad acquirendas Pofleflloncs 
dc Religions Gallicis, pro Collcgio per cum fundcndo in Regno Angliae. 
19- Bonaventurac Meditatio dcMiferia Animac abbrcviata. AnimaTDei 
injignita Tmagine. 

20. Traftatus dc Elecmofina. Sciendum eft quod. 

21. Ricardi Rolle, Hercmitae de Hampole, Libellus delncendia Amoris. 
Admit ahar amplius quam. 

1 2 . Forma Praedicandi. Tredicatio eft Thematis ajfumptio. Dicitur eflc 
ejufdem Ricardi. 

23. Sermoin i Cor. 1, 16. Ifta Verba Apo ft oli pertinent ad vos. Di- 
citur S. Edmundi. 

24. Scrmones 32 in Cantica Canticorum. Vobis^ FratreSy alia quam 
aliis. Dicuntur S. Bernardi. 

In fine fie fcribitur : Liber T. Eyburhale^ emptus a Johanne Tye prg 
27 s. 6 d.. T>o Henrico Mofie^ quondam Scolari meo, ft contingat eum 
presbyterari j aliter erit Liber Domini Johannis Sory^ fie quod non ven-- 



5 C IV, V. 4^0. 

datWy fed tr an feat inter Cognates meoSyfi fuerint aliqui invent i ^^ Jin 
autem, ab uno "Presbytero ad alium. 

IV. I. S. Anfclmi Libri 2. Cur T^eus Homo. xiv 

2. Mcditatio Animac Chriftianac. AnimaChrtftiana^ Anima 


3. — — de Conceptione Virginal!, Liber. 

4. — — dc Proccffione Spiritus Sandi, Liber. 

5. — — Oratio ad concitandum Timorcm. Terret meVita mea. 

6. ■ Liber, qui dicitur Monologion. 

7. — — — Liber, qui dicitur Profologion. 

8. Johannis Presbyteri Damafceni Liber dc arfta Traditionc orthodoxac 
Fidci. T^eum nemo vidit. 

9. Logica. ^eEnte&SubJiantia. 

10. — — — Traftatus dc Sphaera. Ex Greco plures. 

11. S. Auguftini Liber, dc Opcrc Monachorum. 

12. ' Liber dc Moribus Ecclcfiac Catholicae* 

13. Liber de Fide, adPetrum. 

14. ^ Sermo dc 4 Virtutibus Ciiaritatis. 

15. ■ Liber dc loChordis. 

1 6. Sermo de i o Plagis. Nonjtne Caufa eft, Fr aires. 

17. ■ dc Anima & cjusOriginc, Libri 4. 

18. S. Hicrony mi Presbyteri Sermo dc Eflcntia, Invinbilitatc & Immenft- 
tatc Dei. Omnipotens Dens Tater. 

19. — — — Sentcntia dc Mclchifedech. Mififti michi Volumen. 

20. S. Auguftini Liber de vidcndo Deum, ad Paulinam. 

21. Liber dc Fide & Symbolo. 

22. Sermo dc Pcrjurio, Trima LeSlio, que nobis hodie red* 
fata eft. 

23. Liber dc orando Deo, ad Probam. 

V. I. Promcthei Corrogationes dc Grammatica & Rhetorica, cum 
Expofitionc Vocabulorum S. Bibliorum. Ferrum fttu Rubiginem ducit. 
Forte Alexandri Ncckham. Vide 2 D VIIL xiV 

2. Hypognoftic»n contra Pelagianos & Caclcftinos Liber quintus, Impri- 
mitur in Appendice Operum Auguftini. 

3. S. Auguftini Rctradationum Liber : qui in Operibus illius impreflls di** 
viditur in duos. 



L I B R I Msst 

5CV. v^. 

4. S. Auguftini, ad cavcndas divcrfasHacrcfcs, Liber, ad Quodvulrdeunu 
3 . dc quinquc Haercfibus, Oratio five Liber. 

6. Hypognofticwn contra Pelagianos &Caelcftinos Libri4 priorcs. Yidc 
2 fupra. 

7. Traftatus dc Symbolo. Sicut nonnullls fcire permtjfum eft. 

8. S. Auguftini, dc 10 Ciiordis, Sermo feu Liber. 

9. S.Cacfarii Epifcopi Arclatcnfis Scrmoncs 3 dc Pafchatc. Bene novi-- 
PIUS J primum effe ab origine. 

I o. S. Auguftini Liber dc Spiritu & Anima. Deficit in Cap. 1 3 . 

11. 83 Quacftionum Liber. ^eTrinitate^ idefty deTatre& 

fiito. Multum dilcrcpant ab Impreflis. 

12. dc Mirabilibus V. & N. Tcftamcnti, Liber In Imprcifis 
ejus Opcribus in trcs dividitur. 

13. ConfefllonumLibri 13. 

1 4. dc Doftrina Chriftiana, Libri 4. 

1 5 . dc libero Arbitrio, Libri 3 . 

1 6. dc vera Innocentia, Tradlatus. Innocentia vera ejl^ qui 
nee. Eft Profperi Aquitanici. 

17. dc Immortalitate Animac, Liber. 

18. — — — dc Magiftro, Liber. 

19. dcQuantitate Animac, Liber. 

20. Enchiridion dc Fide, Spc & Charitate; Libro i, ad Lau- 


21. • dc 1 2 Abufionum gradibus, Traftatus. 

22. dc Natura & Origine Animac, Libri 4. 

23. Liber Retraftationis, dc divcrlis Quacftionibus83. Con- 
cordat cum Impreflis. Vide 1 1 fupra. 

Liber olim de Domo dc Scmpringham, ex Impetrationc Johannis dc 
Glynton, Canonici didae Domus. Pretium 20x. 

In the end of this Book is the Lord's Prayer, thus written : Oure Fader 
pat art in Heuencs^ and in alle holy men | haliewed be pi name in us $ (b 
pat wc be holy in pi name ] come pi kyngdom yntil us $ fo pat wc parunto 
come I gcfustodopiwillcinErthcS alspin halwcsit donineuene | gcuc 
us to dai and eueri dai' al pat wc to mifter hauc | and forgif us oure mi(^ 
dcdes' als wc forgeuen hem pat us mifdon | and lat us nought be fouded 
of finne' bot pu gif us por gein to ftandcn | deliurc us out of pis wikkc 
wcrldc s and tak us to pi fclf into Hcuene j Amen j VL 


5 C VI. 4^0. 

VI. I. S. Auguftini, Muficac Libri 6. xjii 

2. dc Hacrcfibus Liber, ad Quodvultdcum. 

3- HugonisdeS.Vidore SermOy dc Subftantia Diledionis Dei. Cotidia^ 
num de T)ile£iione. 

4« S. Auguftini, de Praedeftinatione Sandorum^ ad Profpcrum & Hila- 
lium, Liber. 

5. dc Natura Boni, adverfus Manichacos Liber. 

6. ' dc Gcncfi, contra Manichacos Libri 2. 
?• contra Acadcmicos, Libri 3. 

8. de Symbolo, ad Catcchumenos, Traftatus4. 

9* Innoccntiilll, Papae, de MiferiaConditionishumanae, Libri 3^ 

lo. S. Auguftini, dcFidc & Symbolo, Liber. 

1 1- Sermo dc Pocnitcntia. Voenitenies^poenitentes^ poeniten^ 

tes. Alia funt Excmplaria, 5 B III 4. 5 D X x i . 6 A III 4. 

12. Sermo dc perjurio. TPrima leSlio Thobis hodie recitata ejl. 

ApoJloU Jacobi. 

13* ■ ■■■ de Afliimptionc Q^rporisVirginis gloriofac. Liber. 

14. T ra£tatus in Jac. II, i o. §luod ad te fcripfi. 

1 5 . Epiftoia ad Italicam. Non folum Litteris. 

16. ad Caclcftinum. Outinam pojfent. 

17. Profpcri Aquitanicj, deVita contcmplativa & adiva, Libri 3. 

18. S. Chryfoftomi, in Pfal.L, Homilia. ^i£fores imitantur. 

19- Sermo de Reparatione Lapfi. ^ds dabit Capiti meo. 

%o^ Sermo de Pocnitcntia. Vura mente ^. 

21. S. Auguftini, de Difciplina Chriftiana, Tradatus. 

22. S.Ambrofii Mediolan. LibcUus de Confliftu Vitiorum atque Vir-- 

23. S. Auguftini, dc Vita Chriftiana, Liber. 

24. Liber ad Comitcm Julianum. O mi Frater^ 
2 5 . Tradatus dc Laudc Crucis. O Nomen Crucis. 

26. S. Auguftini Epiftoia ad Probam 5 deorando Deo. 

27. Trad, dc Pocnitcntia. ^amjit utilis ^ necejfaria^ 
2,8. — — dc Vifitatione Infirmorum, Libri 2. 

29. contra Pclagianos & Caelcftinos, Hypognofticwn Liber. 

Continct 4 Libros priores imprcflbrum. 

JO. ad Simplicianum, Libri 2, dcSolutionc quarundam Quaef- 

tionum ex Epiftoia Pauli ad Romanos. 31. 

8o LiBRi Mss. 

5 C VI — XI. 4f • & 5 D I — ^IX. FoUo; 

• • • • 

ji. S. Auguftini contra 5 Haerefes, Liben 

32. ad Quacftioncs Orofii, Liber, Licit multi doRtffimi. 

3 3 . ■ Epiftola ad Maccdonium. §luamvis Sapientiam. 

34. contra Julianum Hacrcticum, Libri 2, ad Florum. Adver* 

Jus HaereticosTelagianos^ quidicunt. 
Liber olim Monaftcrii Wigorniae. 

VII. I. S. Auguftini, dc bcata Vita, Liber. xiii 

2. ■ !■ contra Fauftum Manichaeum, Libri 33. 

3. ' contra Advcrfarios Legis & Prophetarum^ Libri 2. 

4. ■ contra Felicianum Haereticum Arrianum, dc Trinitatc, Liber. 

5. contra Maximinum Arrianorum Epifcopum , Libri 3. 

6. ■ Epiftolae : quae eadem funt cum 5 B V : exccpto, quod deeft 
^S 9> 49> 59> 144* Et fubfinem additur Epiftola Auguftini ad Paulinnm 
& Therafiam. Kariffimusfrater Celfus. 

Ifte Liber erat dc Conventu Fratrum Pracdicatorum Lond. affignatus fra* 
tri Johanni Beauchaump. 

VIII. I. S. Auguftini Sermoncs 64, dc Verbis Domini. xiii 

2. Sermoncs25, dc Verbis Apoftoli. Defunt fcil. qui in Edi- 
tioncLugd. iii6, numerantur, 25,26,27,28,29,30, 3i> 32, 33 & 35 •• 
& adduntur, 

3. Sermones 2, dc Concupifccntia Carnis adverfus Spiritum. 
Lelfio divina, qua de Tauli. 

Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnfi. 

IX. X, XL S. Auguftini Expofitio in Pfalmos. xiii 

5 D. Folio. 

I, II. S. Auguftini Expofitio in Pfalmos 1 00 pofteriores. xi 

Libri olim Ernulpiii Prioris RofFcnfis. 
Ill, IV, V. in Pfalmos. xi 

VI. S. Auguftini Epiftolae : eadem fcil. quae in 5 B V habentur 5 ex- 
cepto quod deeft 30* & 144*; & in fine additur ejus Epiftola ad Paulinum 
&Therafiam. Carijftmus ft at er Celfus. ' xi 

VII. S. Auguftini, de Civitate Dei, Lib. 22. xii 

VIII. S. Auguftini, de Civitate Dei, Lib. 22. xi 

IX. S. Auguftini, dc Civitate Dei, Lib. 22. xii 
Liber olim dc Clauftro Roffenfi, per Magiftrum Hokoc donatus. 

3 X. I. 


5 D X. Folio. & 5 E I. 8V0 

X. I. S. AuguftinU de Confenfu Evangeliftarum^ Libri 4. xiv 

2 . dc Mufica, Libri 6. 

3. 83 Quacftionum Liber. 

4. dc 12 AbufivisTradlatus. 

5 . ■ Hypognofticfl»n^ contra Pclagianos & Cacleftinos, Libri 4 pri- 

6. dc Cataclyfmo Tradatus. 

7. dc Cantico novo Traftatus. 

8. contra Fclicianum Arrianum Altcrcatio. 

9. — — — dc Symbolo, ad Catcchumcnos, Libri 4. 

0. dc Agonc Chriftiano Liber. 

1. Scrmo, qui incipit, Tcenitentes^ pcsnitentes^ posnitentes. Dicitur 
cffc S. Auguftini in 5 C VIi i . 

2. Johannis Damafccni, dc orthodoxa Fide, Libri 4. 

3 . Dionyfii Arcopagitas, dc Angelica Hicrarchia, Liber. 

4. dc Ecclcfiaftica Hicrarchia, Liber. 

5. dc divinis Nominibus, Liber. 

6. dc myftica Thcologia, Liber. 

7. EpiftolaadTitum. 

8. Abbatisdc VercellisExpofttioin Dionyfiumdc divinis Nominibus. 
9* L. Annaei Senccac Naturalium Quacftionum Libri 7* 

20. Excerpta dc Libro Ciccronis, dc Divinatione. 

21. L. Annaei Senccac £piftolac7* ^cil. 89% 90, 9t> 92, 93> 94> & 

pars 95- 

22. S. Hieronymi Presbyteri, dc Hebraicis Quaeftionibus in Gcnelin^ Liber. 

23. dc Manfionibus Filiorum Ifracl. 

24. de Hebraicis Quaeftionibus in Samuclem. 

2 5. de Hebraicis Quaeftionibus in Paralipomena. 

26. Bedac Vcncrabilis Prcsbyteri Epiftola ad Nothelinum, dc Tcmplo So- 

27. ^ dc 3 o Quaeftionibus ; ad eundem. 
Liber olim Domini Simonis Abbatis dc Ramefeye. 

5 E. 8V0. 

L I. Ifidori Hifpalenfis Epifcopi, Synonymorum ftvc Soliloquiorum 
Libri 2. xii 

M 2. ■ 

8t LtBRi Mss, 

5 E II V. tblio. 

i. ■ Scntcntiariim, five dc Summo Bonoj Libri}. 

Xiber dim de Clauftro RofFcnfi, per Jofephum Monachum datus. 

In fine tranfcribuncurBrevia duo Henrici fecundi, l^egis, ad Priorem 5c 
Convcntum Roffenf. de eledione Epifcopi HofFenits. Item R.egis Johannis 
tpiftola ad eofdcni, pctehs ut ficclcfiam de Derteford conferant Petro dc 
Rupibus; de cujus advocatione contentio crat inter ipfbs & Epifcopuni 

11. Gregorii Papac I, Liber Paftoralium. xii 

Liber olim de Clauftro RotfenH. 

in. I . Ordinalium Ecclelia'e Sarum Examination per Succentorem e- 
jufdem fafta A. D. 1278. xiii 

2. Ephracni Syri Li\*i 6. fcil. i. qui in lEditione Vofliana^ Folio 539^ 
dicitur, Sermo Afccticus^ tie Vit^ Religiofa atquc Monaftict. SedVerfio 
eft alia, & prolixiorquaminEditioneYoillana. 2« t>eDi€jtidicii& Re* 
furrcdione Mortuoruni, t5c de Hcgno Caclocum. folio 617 Ed, Voff. 

3. Beatitudines. Fol. 17s Ed. Vou. +• Dc Poenitentia. Fol. 144 Ed. 
Voir. 5. Dc Agone, iive Ludamine Spirituali. Fol. 48i.Ed. Vofl'. 6. pc 
Diejudicii. Fol. 233 jEd.Vofl! mi 
3 . Excerpta ex Patribus, de quaerendo t)cOf Orationc, Hoftis infidas^ Coi> 
verfionc, Confcmone> Caftitabck Charitatc. 

IV. I. Iftdori Hifpalenfis Epifcdpi^ Sententiftrum^ five de Sommo 
Bono, Libri3. xiH 

2. Martini Dumienfis Epifcopi Formula honeftae Vitae ,• five, de4Vir- 
tutibus Gardinaiibus. 

3. Bafilii Magni, Cappadociae Epifcopi, Admomtio ad 61ium ^iritualem» 
^udiy fili, Admonitianem. 

4. Alcuini five Afbini Angli, ad Guidoncm,iJeVirtutibus Liber. 

V. I . Ifidori Hifjpa;kiilis Epifcopi Liber dfe Diflfercntiis Spiritualibas. x 

2. Fulberti Carnotenfis Epifcopi Epift6la ad Deodatum. Unde snt^r h^f- 
terna & fecreta Colloquia^ 

3. — — — ad Finnardum. Novitj & verenovit. 

4. Ivonis Carnotenfis Epifcopi Epiftola ad Galoncm. Nuper cum ejfc^ 

5. ad Hildcbertum. Sluoniam u principio. 

6. Extrada ex Beda, Gregorio, &c. de Tabernaculo. 

I 7. I-ixr 


5 E VI IX. 8V0. 

7. Liber mifccUancus, dc Deo, Creationc, Libero Arbitrio, Lege fcripta. 
Fide, Providemia, 10 Praeceptis &c. Incipit; Vrincipium & Caufa 
omnium T)eus. viii 

Vide aliud exemplar, VIII u infra. 

8. Anfclmi Cantuaricnfis Archiepifcopi Liber, dc Proccflionc Spiritus 

9. Epiftola, dc Sacrificio Azimi & Fermcntati. 

10. F/?r^/// Martyrii Hiftoria, imperfefta. 

VL I. Lanfranci Cant. Archiepifcopi Elucidarium. xis 

3. Signa 15 ultimijudicii. xiii 

3 . IHdori Hifpalenfts Epifcopi Liber de Numera domino n$ftfO alttffi^ 
mo adjuvante. xiz 

4. Giflcberti Abbatis Wcftmonafterii, Difputatio Judaei cum Chriftiano. 
Deficit in fine. 

VII. I . Homiliae variac in Lediones Dicrum Dominicarum totius Anni $ 
pleraeque Bedae Presbyteri. xi 11 
2. Summa Theologiae, Capitulis 1 3 6 comprehenfa. Nunquamnimis 
docetUT aut fcitur. Folio 102. 

Liber olim Sandi Dionyfli juxta Suthhanton. 

VIII. I. S. Hieronyml Presbyteri Epiftola ad Amandum Prcsbyterum, 
de Fornicatione. §luaefifti de Apoftoli ^auli I ad Corr. Eftftola. Spu* 
riaeft. xiix 
2. Liber mifcellaneus, de Deo, Creatione, Libero Arbitrio, 10 Praecep- 
tis &c. Trincipium & Caufa omnium T)ius. 

Liber olim Ecclefiae Sanfti Swithini Wintoniae, 

IX. I. Willielmi Dean ad Pajpam A. literae i petentes vindidam mor* 
tis Thomac Cantuaricnfis. Veflro ApoftoUtui^ patirfan£fe. xh 

2. Thomac Cantuaricnfis Epiftola ad Regem H. II. ^ejtderio defideravi. 

3. Profperi Aquitanici, dc Vita aCtiva & contcmplativa, Libri 3^ 

4. Bernardi Abbatis Clareval. Sermo de 4 Virtutibus. 

5. S. Auguftini Sermo dc Obedicntia& Humilitate. Nihil Jic ^eo 

6. S. Caefarei Epifcopi Arelatenfis Sermones ;• Incipit i. Saniius ac 
venerabilis pater vejier. 2. Ad hunc locum. 3. ^odfupplicante&. 

7. Eufebii Emifleni Epifcopi i velpotius Eucherii Lugduncnfis Epifcopi ; 

Homiliae p- Exhort atut nos Sermo^ivinus. 

M 2 8. De 

84 Li BR I Mss* 

5 E X XIV. 8V0. 

8. De Laude Ffalmorum. Nullus mortaliumpoteft. 
Liber olim S. Auguftini de Briftoll. 

X. I. Profperi Aquitanici, de Vita Adiva & Contemplativa, Libri 3. 


Liber olim de Clauftro KofFenlt. 

XI. Aldelmi Schirburnenits Epifcopi^ de Laude Virginitatis> ad Hildeli- 
tham &c. Liber profaicus. ix 

XIL I . Sermo in die Pafchae^ ad i MilTam. KaftJJimiy propter 4 
ibimus ad Ecclejiam. xiii 

z. Gregorii I^ Papae, Liber Paftoraliutn. 

3. Concilium pro Ecclefta Anglicana reformanda Oxonii celebratum a 
Stephano Cant. Archiepifcopo, A. D. 1222. 
4* Concilium Lateranenfe 1. 

5. Homiliae 16. Incipiunt ; Mtrabile in Oculis meis. 

6. De Vcftimentis Clericorum, Notandum ejiy quod trio* 

XIIL I . Tra£tatus Theologicus, qui incipit $ In nomine SanSiae Trini* 
tat is. Amen . . . .onin ebreica regula ingraca. Deficit in fine, viii 

2. Cyptiani Carthaginis Epifcopi, Tcftimoniorum, ad Quirinum, Liber 

3. Quaedamde Libro Synodali dempta. Epifcopatus autem nomen eji 
HoneriSy non Honoris. 

4. Bedae Presbyteri, de Remediis Pcccatorum, Tradatus. 

5 . Bonifacii, Moguntini Archiepifcopi^ Edidum de Poenitentibus. 
tf . Prophetia Enoc, de Diluvio. 

7. De Vindiftis Pcccatorum. Initium omnisTeccati Superbia. 

8. Paflio Chrifti, fccundum Nichodemum. 

XIV. I. Anfclmi, Cant. Archicpifcopi, Liber de Similitudinibus. 

2. Dc triplici Silentio, Tradatus. Cum quietum Silentium tenerent 
omnia. xiii 

3 . Leonis Papac I Liber de Confliftu Vitioruni & Virtutum. Sic Co- 
dex. Inter Auguftini Opera imprimitur : fed ncc Leonis eft nee Au- 

4. Hugonis de Sanfto Viftore, Pars expofitionis fuper Lamentationibus 
Jeremiac; hiftorice. 

5. Anfelmi Cant. Archicpifcopi Monologion. 

6. Difputatio inter Chriftianum & Gcntilem. Majejlas divina 
cur ad dolores. 7. Anfclmi 


5 E XIV. 8^^ 

7. Anfelmi Epiftolac quaedam. fcil. i. ad Fulconem Babvacenfcm Epif- 
copum. Audto^ quod tamen. 2. ad Lanfrancum. Gloria in exceljis. 
3. ad Robertum Monachum. Inter f and e converfantes. 4. adGerber- 
tumAbbatem. Sicut nobis credendum. 5 . ad Rodulfum fratrem. Ut 
non taceam. 6. ad Gundulfum. Cum tibi propono. 7. ad Henricuai. 
§luantOy dileSHJJime. 8. ad Hugoncm. Liter is vejirae. 9* ad Ar- 
nulfiim. ^od vejira petit, i o. ad Herluinutn. Incepifti. 1 1 • ad 
Frodelmum. Odoremveft re bone fame. 12. ad Fulconcm. Cogitme. 
13* ad Gundulfum. Et meus Gundulfus. 14. ad Lanzonem* Cum 
meum & tuum. 15. ad Odonem & Lanzonem. ^luoniam verus A^ 
mor. 16. ad Henricum Regem. Legationis tue. 17. ad G. Epifco- 
pum RofFenfem. Ubi & qualiterjtm. 18. ad Henricum Regem. ^od 
vis per fVillielmum. 

8. Fafchalis Papae Epiftolae duae. i. ad Henricum Regcm. Regi Re- 
gum^ domino. 2. ad Anfelmum Archiepifcopum. Non ignoras. 

9. Anfelmi Tra£tatulus5 CurDeus magis aflumpferit homincm inunita' 
tcm Perfonae Filii, quam in unitatem alicujus aliarum perfonarum. 

10. Pfofologion. 

11. — — Alloquia Caclcftia, vcl Liber 10 Meditationum. Omnipo^ 
tens ^eus e^ mifericors Tater. 

1 2. dc Vcritatc, Dialogus. 

13. dc Libcro Arbitrio, Dialogus. 

14. — — dcCafu Diaboli, Dialogus. 

15. de Incarnationc Vcrbi, Liber. 

1 6. —— Cur Deus Homo, Libri 2. 

17. dc Mcditatione Rcdcmptionis humanae. AnimaChriJiianai 

18. dc Conccptu virginali & Pcccato originali, Libcr« 

19. dc Proccfiione Spiritus Sandti, Liber. 

20. Epiftola five Liber, dc Fcrmcntato & Azymo. 

21. Epiftola five Liber, dc diverfitatc Sacramcntorum.. 

22. dc Concordia Praefcicntiac & Praedcftinationis ncc non 
Gratiac Dei cum libcro Arbitrio, Liber. 

23. Prccatio ad Sandlum Angclum. 

24. Hugonis dc S. Viftorc Liber, dc Difciplina & Vita Clcricorum 5 vel, 
ut aliis^ dc Inftitutionc Novitiorum. 

XV. Profpcri 

86 L I B R I Mss. 

5 E XV ^XXI. svo. 

XV« Frofperi Aquitanici, Ex Auguftini facris Epigrammata diAis. xv 

XVI. I. indori Hifpalenlb Epifcopi) DifFcrentiarum Spiritualium Liber. 
Inter T)eum & ^ommum. x 

1. Liber dc Domini Nativitatc, Paflione, Refurredione^ Regno 

atque Judicio. 
y , ■ ■ ■ Liber dc Gentium vocatione* 

XVIL Gregorii, Nazianzeni Epifcopi, Theophaniaj five dc Natali Ser- 
vatori3 Oratio $ Latin^ reddita per Antonium Cooke, A« D. 1560. In 
Charta. xvi 

XVIIL T. Ifidori Hifpalenfis Epifcopi Epiftola ad Mafonum Coepifco* 
pum> dc Lapfis. Veniente adnosfamulo vejhro. xii 

a, ■ ■ L ibri 3 Sententiarum. 

1. S. Auguftini Liber contra 5 Hacrefes. debitor fum. 

4. Dc 7 gradibus Confeffionis, Liber. ^a9k magna res fit Cmfejfio^. 

XIX. I. Ifidori, Hifpalenfis Epifcopi, SynpnymorumLibrii. x 

2. Homiliae duodecim. Incipit i. Nimefi grave. 2. Prat res KariJ^ 
fimii habemus a^omino. 3. Saepeves aam^T^o. 4. Vrimum omnium 
oportet nos memorare. 5. ARum eft autem, cum iimleta effent omnia. 
d. ^otiefcunquey fratres kariffimiy Altaris vel Templi. 7- Oportet 
hoc fcire &. 8. yidete^ fratres kariffimiy & confiderate. 9- Scitis, 
fratres kariJJJmij quod iftos 4 dies. 10. Legimusin Trophetis. Hacc 
eft B. Maximi in tertia Feria. 11. Ecce dies Confeffionis. 12. Oportet 
nos J fratres karijfimij adpr'tmum. 

3 • Alcuini Expofitio compendiofa in Canticum Canticorum. Deficit in 

XX, I. Anfelmi Cant. Archiepifcopi Orationes 20, ad Deum & Sanftos. 
Nomine Jefu ChriftCy Redemptio me a. xiii 

2. Petri Damiani, Ofticnfis Epifcopi, Traftatus dc Anima, <:um egreditur, 
quibus dolorum anxietatibus coartatur. 

3. Sentcntiac Scripturarum dcDicTudicii. His addendus eft etiam. 

4. Dc Suppliciis Damnatorum. l^ed utitiam. 

Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnfi, per Leonardum Monachum datus. 
XXL I . Oratio ad Chriftum. Adoro te, T)omine Jefu. xiv 

2. Hymnus ad Chriftum. T^ulcis Jefu memoria. 

3. Innocentii Papae 3, Liber, dc Contemptu Mundi. 

4. Anfclmi Cant. Archiepifcopi Libri 2. Cur T^eus Homo. 

S. Anfclmi 


5 E XXII. 8V0. & 5 F I, IL 4^0- 

5. Anfclmi Liber, de Conccptu Virginali & Pcccato Originali. 

6. dc Proceffionc Spiritus Sanfti, Liber. 

7. de Fermcntato & Azymo, Epiftola five Liber. 

8. de Veritate, Dialogus. 

9. de Libero Arbitrio, Dialogus. 

10. de Cafu Diaboli, Dialogus. 

1 1 . -de Incarnatione Verbi, Liber. 

1 2. Expofitio Orationis Dominicae. Sept em funt Vetitimes. 
I J . Oratio ad S. Nicholaum. Teccator homuncule. 

14. a d Magdalenam. SanHa Maria Magdalene. 

1 5. De Virtute Crucis, Tradatulus. Si noffe dejiaeras. ' 

1 5. Flavii Vegctii, dc re militari, Liber. xv 

XXII. I. Grcgorii Epifcopi Nazianzeni Liber Apologeticus. xii 

2. de Epiphaniis, five de Natali Domini, Liber. 

3. de Luminibns, Liber: qui eft de fecundis Epiphanns. 

4. de Pentecofte & dc Spiritu Sanfto, Liber. 

5. de femetipfo dc Agro regreffo, Liber. 

6. dejcrimix Didis s praefentc Imperatore, apud quern intcr- 
cedit pro quodam pcriclitante ; Liber. 

7. — — — — dcReconciliatione Monachoram, Liber* 

«. de Grandinis vaftitate^ cum pater Epifcopus rcticeret, Liber. 

Omnes Latine reddidit RufBnus : Et funt iidem, in Editione Opcrum 
imprefla, difti Orationcs, fcil. 1% 38, 39,44> 2:8, 17, 12 & i$\ 

Liber olim Sande Marie dc Bcllalanda. 


I. I. Tradatus. ^uibene prefuntTresbyteri. Fol. i. xv 

2. Traftatus de Ira & Invidia, &c. Fol. 26. 

3 . Dc Matrimonio, Ordinibus, Unftione extrcma, &c. FoL 47, 1 1 6, 11 7. 

4. De loPraeccptis. Fol. 52. 

5* S.Bemardi Abbatis Clarevellenfis Epiftolac. 

II. I. Athanafii, Alexandrini Epifcopi, dc Humanitate Verbi, contra 
Gentes, Libri 3 . xv 

2. de Unitate Subftantiae Deitatis, Dialogus. 

3. Sermo in Mat. xii, 32. 

4. ■ Rcprchcnfio Hypocrifis Melctii & Eufcbii, de C^fubflantialis 
nomine. 5^ 

88 LiBRi Mss. 

5 F III yil- 4^^- 

5- E piftola ad Scrapionem, contra cos qui diccbant, Filium 

Crcaturam cflfc. 

6. dc Spiritu Sanfto, Epiftola feu Liber. 

Omnes ex Graeco in Latinum vcrfi, per Antonium Bccariam Vcroncn- 
fem, & Humfrcdo Glouccftriae Duci infcripti. Et in fine, propria Ducis 
manu fcribitur 5 Cefi Livre efi 4 moy Homfrey Due le Glouceftre : le quel 
Je fis tranjlater de Grec en Latin par un de mes Secretaires^ Ant oy tie de 
Beccara^ ne de Verme. 

III. Aldhelmi Shirburnenfis Epifcopi, de Laude Virginitatis> Liber 
Frofaicus, ad Hildelitham virginem, &c. infcriptus, literis Saxonicis exa- 
ratus. Deficit in Capite 46. viii 

IV. I. Ambrofii Mcdiolanenits Epifcopi, de Virginitate^ Libri 3- xii 

2. > dc Viduitate, Libri 2. Folio 20. 

3. de Exhortatione Virginitatis, Liber. Folio 46. 

4. dc lapfii Virginis confecratae, Scrmo. Folio 57. 

5. ad Violatorcm Scrmo. Folio 6\.b. 
6^ Lamentatio fuper eis. Folio 62. 

7. dc Myftcriisfivc initiandis, Liber. Folio 64. 

8. dc Sacramentis, Sermoncs 5. Folio 70. Deeft Scxtus* 

V. I. Grcgorii Papae I Speculum. Nonnulli namqueita. xiii 

2. S.HicronymiPrcsbytcri, in Vitas Sandorum Patrum, Liber. Trimum 
tgitur tanquam v ere fundament urn. 

3. Heraclidis, Cappad. Epifcopi, Liber dc Vita Sandorum Patrum. Inci- 
fiens igitur promijfae narrattonis. 

4. S. Pauli & S. Antonii Hcrcmitac Vitac 5 per S, Hieronymum. 

5. Aftus Monachi captivi, quern didavit B. Hieronymus. ^i navali 
ffoelio dimicaturijunt. 

In fine eft hoc Difticon, cadem Manu qua Codex, 
Scribitur hie Codex: Jit Script or jugiter odex 
Frater Ranulfus^ quern nobis mijit Ofulphus. 

VI. I . Bedac Presby teri, dc Tabernaculo & Vafis ejus ac Vcftibus Sa- 
ccrdotum, Libri 3. xn 
2. Dc Trinitate, traftatus. Omnipotens DeuSy Tater & Filius & Spi- 
tus SanSfuSy unus at que trinus. 

VII. I. S. Bernard! Abbatis Clarevall. Apologia ad Williclmum Abba- 
tern Sandi Theodoriti, dc difcrcta varictatc ordinis Monaftici 5 & dc non 
judicando altcrius Servos j & dc fiiperfluitatc Monachorum. xiii 

2. ■ 

so ^ Li BR I Mss* 

S F X- ^XV. gtp. 

9. PoflfeflioneS) quae pertinent ad Eccleftam Sandac Triniraris, in VilU 

XL I • Profperi^ Aquitanici Epifcopi, dt Vita contemptativa dc ac* 
tiva, Libri 3* xii 

2. S, Auguftini^ de Dodrina Chriftiana Libri ttrtii Cs^nt }0| viz. de 
ieptem Regulis TyconiL 

3 . S« Bernardi Clarevall. Abbatis Sermoncs 4, la Salntationem Sanftae 


4. Scrmo in conccptionem S. Mariae. 

XIL I. Lanfranci Cant. Axchiepifcopl, de Corpoi^ de Sangutoc Po 
mum^ Lihtti contra Bcrengarium. xl 

a. Guitnmiufi Av«r(ani Avchiepifcop CoiiftfiGov de Trinirate. J^etiens 
IDeum cogitare volumus. Folio 25. 

y. Faicdufii Radbcrti iM>batis> dis Corpefe & Sangaitte Domini, Liber. 
Codex tamen falfo tribuit Rabano Mauro. Folio 29. 
4« S. Ambrolii> Mcdiolaoftnlis lptfeopi> dePoemrentia^Lt&ri z. Vol. 70. 

Xin. 1. S.Ambrofii, MediolanenfisEpifcopi, Epiftolae 72. x 

a. n III contra AuxcntiiinH dfi Baliliciii tradendiSy TraAatw. 
3 . de Obitu Thcodofii Impcratoris, Sermo. 

^. ■■■■ . , . f de S, Martyribus Gervcfio & Protafio, Traftatus. 
J. de Naboth Jcfreelita, TraOatu^. 

XIV. I . Johannis Chpy ft^orai CimftaminopoleOT Fatriarchae, de Com- 
punftionc Cordis, Libri 2. xvj» 
z. de CO, quod nemo lacditur nifi a feipfo. Liber impcrfcQus. 

3. Roberti Holcot, Dicta feu ViaSalbt4s^ Libre i. Hec efivta^ ambt^' 
late. A Johanne Balaso intitularur s ^e^eeeatismorfa^ibus. 

4. johannis Sowle Themata Dominicalia, Libro i. Abjiviamus opera 
Tentbrarum. ABalaeo, ^ivifimes Themaium. 

5. Roberti Holcot, Tabula, & fecunda Dicta Salutis. 

6. Ariftotclis Liber Moralium, de Regiminc Dominorum ; vcli Secreta 
Secrctorum, ad Alcxandrunii 

7. De Geftis & Tranflationibus fandorum trium Regum, Liber. Qufit 
'venerandorum trium Regum. 

XV. I. Literac Protcftationis Simonis de Monteforti Comitis Lcy- 
ceftriac, Gilbcrti de Clare, &c. ad R. Henricum III j cum Regis Refcripto, 
& altero a Regis fcquacibus. xii j 

2. Prophetia 


5 F XV ^XVIII. 4^0. 

2. Prophetia c)uacdam« 

3 . Regula Sandi Bcnedidl> cum expodtione in partem. 

4. S.Auguftini, de Splritu&Anim{t> Liber. 

5. Robcrti Groftetc Line. Epifcopi Summa i five, Tcmplum Domini. 

6. De Fcccatis 7 criminalibus, cum eorundepi Remediis. Triplex genus 
Teccati mortalis. 

7. S. BernardiAbbatisClareval. Mcditationcs. Multitnultafciunt. 

S .. a d Robertum nepotem fuum, a Claravallc ad Cluniacum fu-t 

gientcm^ Tradatus. 

9. Pocnitentiae tres partes controverfae, & de Excommunicatioac. ^lue^^ 
ritur, utrum hna Opera valeant. 

I o. Definitiones aiminalium 7 Vitiorum, cum Concordantiis. B. Au-' 
gufiinus. Teccatum cum Defperatiane. 

1 1 . Petri Cantoris Pariitenfis Excerpta de Canone Miflae. Species Vanis 
& Fini n$n funt duo Sacrament a* 

12. Vcrfus de Articulis Fidei. Hec Jknt precipue. 

XVL I . S. Bafilii Caefarlae Epifcopi^ Sermo de eo quod fcriptum eft, 
Attende tibi, ne forte fiat in Corde tuo Sermo occultus^ Iniquitas. xiil 

2. Hexaemcron, Libris 9* 

3 . S. Auguftini Libri 3 > contra Epiftolam Parmeniani Donatidae. 

4* R efpohfio ad Quaeftioaes Orofii, deFidc Catholica &Librp 


5. Profperi Aquitahici Epifcopi, de Vita contemplativa^ Libri 3. 

Liber olim Coenobii de Merton. 

XVn. i« Bedae Presbytcri Homiliae de Tempore^ five Dominicales, per 
totum Annum. 7)icite filieSyon &c Verba ifiafumpta funt. xv 

3. De Pedicatione, Sermo^ inMatt.XXI, 13* §luam diu homo eft im 
has Vita. 

3. Expofitio Salutationis Angelicae: Ave ex Eva formatur. 

4. Collediones variae Theologicae, in Initio & Fine Codicis. 

In ultimo Folio fccibitur : Orate pro Anima Vatriciiy qui JbuHc Li- 
brum contulit domino Thome Eggerton^ Canoni Ecclefie de Ledes. 

XVIII. I. Q. S. F. Tertuiliani Prcsbyteri Cartliaginenfis Apologeticus 
Liber. Deefl primum Folium. x 

2. S. Methodii Epifcopi Patarenfis, de principio (aeculi Liber. Sciendum 
mamque eft. 

N 2 6 A 

92 LiBRi Mss* 

6 A I— IIL 4*^. 

I. I. S. Ambrofii, Mcdiolancnfis Epifcopi, Hexaemeron. xii 

2 . Dc Situ ] crufalcm. jib Oriente eft introitus. 
Liber olim de Clauftro RofFenit^ Gognofti Cantoris. 

II. I. De inventione SanOae Crucis, TraAatus. Anno tucentejjimo. xii 
%. S. Origenis Adamantii Homiliac 8^ in Librum Jadicum. 

3 . ■ Homilia in i Lib. Regnorum i de Elk^na fiC Phcninna & 
Anna & Samuel & Hell & Hophni & Phinees. 

4. Homiliae 9 in Efaiam. 

5. Homiliae 14m Jeremiam« 

^. HugonisdeS. Vidore, Tradatus in Antiphonam. Tota fmkbra es. 

III. I . Tradatus a%i^\^ de 7 Sacramentis, 2 Mandatis Charitatis, 
I o Praeceptis, praemiis Tufioram^ dotibus Corporis & Animae & eonim 
miferiiS) & de erroribus Laicorum. xiil 

2. S. Auguftini Liber feu Epiftola Exfaortationis ad Comitem quendam* 
O mi fratevy fi cupias fcire. Folio 1 4. 

3 . Homilia de utilitate agendae Poenitentiae. Suamjit utilis 
& necejjaria. Folio 27* 

4. Sermo: Toenitentes^pomittntes^ foenitentis. Folio 3 2. Vide 5 CVI 
II ; ubi S. Auguflini dicitur. 

5. S. Auguftini, de Difciplina Chriftiana, Tradatus. Folio 3a. b. 
C. de loChordis, Liber. Folio 35* 

7. Juliani Epifcopi Epiftola ad Demetriadem Virginem. Folio 41. Ih 
Appendice Auguftini Epiftolarum, N017, imprimitur. 
«. S. Hicronymi Presbyteri Epiftola ad Nepotianum, deVi{a Clericorum 
Monachomm. Folio 51. 

9. Gregorii Papae I> Homiliae 40^ de diver/is Lcdionibus Evangelii. 

Folio 55- 

10. S. Anfelmi Cant Archiepifcopi^ de SimilitudinibuS) Liber. Folio 131. 

11. S. Auguftini Epiftolae quaedam fequuntut': quarum aliquae Hint 

1. Ad Volufianum i», Hortor ut njaleo. Folio 158. 

2. Ad Volufianum**}*. §lMis autem veftrum. lb. 

3. AdMarccUinum. Ego in Epiftola tua. Folio 159. ^» 

4. Aditalicam. Nanenimtedeft^taiam. Folio r 60. 

5. Ad Marcellinum. Epiftolam tuam. Folio i#o. b^ 

6. Ad Boriifacium. ^aeris ame. Folio i6i. 

7. Ad 

94 Li BR I Mss. 

6 AUL 4to 

43. AdDonatum. A tnultis aMem^ 

44. Ad Madaurenfcs. Nunqmui nm fiUim. Fdio I79» 

45. Ad Hclpidiaiti. ^ssmftrMmtrret. 

46. Ad Ncbrkliuiii. ^r^ferfma^mhi. 

47. Ad Caelcftinum. Utiniun^ fofftm. Folio tso. 

48. Ad Antoniuni. Gratuifr tHi. 

49. Ad Ncbridiiun. Memtria tHi vsdemr nulU. 

0. Adeundem. Si^idatiudhictibidic^im. Foiiorst. - - 

1. Ad eundccn. Tnfwpimts qims quietus. 

2. Ad Dontdfias. SjdJ^mis a cat Attica. iFdio i St. 

3. Ad Publicolam. M&wtUtertc. 

4. Ad M artianum. ^ixit qmdmH moxkims* 

5. Ad Probam. ^ quidamita. 
tf. AdOpratumEpifGopum. Retulit mhi quidsm. 
7. Ad quofdam Epifcopos Donatiftarum; ?tfra» ;9M v&4lj^ Foltlj^ 
S. AdDonatiftas. SimeiSy qm. 
9. Ad Bonifadum. Omet mores tuos. 

i6o. Rcfcriptum. Si Torus ilie. 

CEgo qubs aUgo. 
61 y 62^ tl 3 ^ Ai^ulHm ad Boni&dinnL< i^rrf^# iMm^^w 

; iMdhii alisfnid fefikkjmter. 
tf4. Ad Pafcentium. His Uteris accipe. Folio 184. 
65. Adeundem. Si autemfic n)is. 
€6. Ad Probam & Juiianam. Qnis verbis ex^licet. ' 
<$7. AdHonoratum. Recolimus verba. Folio 18$. 

68. Ad Marcellinum. Sokomi^re^ 

69. Ad Apringium. CircMmcelliones quofdam. 

70. Ad Marcellinum. Noli atrodus vindicari. 

71. Ad Papam Innocenciumu Novahaerefis &• Folio 1 80. 

72. AdEmcritum. Non eft tacensbim. 

73. AdFeftum. Sifr^errore. 

74* Ad Edicciam. Le£iis Literis Reverentiae tuae. 

7 5 . Ad Afellicum. Illud miod in Lere. Folio 1 87. 

76. Ad Paulinam & Tberaitam. T^Jet aiiquantOs 
77* Ad Paulinum* O bane vir. 

12. S. 

^6 Li BR I Mss. 

6 A VI IX. 4^^/ 

2. — ■ dc laudibus Virginitatis, ad Hildcliiham Virgincm, &c. 
bcr profaicus. 

Ad finem hoc Difticon addit Scriba : 

Tres V^igiti fcribunt^ totum Corpufaue laiorat : 
Scriierequi nefiity nullum put at ejfe tahorem. 

3. Ricardi Wigorniends Carmen elcgiacum Rhythmicum in mortem 
Henrici Regis I : unica Pagina. xu 

VII. Grcgorii Papae U Vita, per Johanncm Diaconum> Libris4^ x 

VIIL I. Athanafli Alexandrini Epifcopi^de Unitatc SandUc Trinitati^ 

Liber. In Charta. 3cv 

2. dc propriis perfonis & dc unito nomine Divinitatis^ Libcn 

3. dc Affiimptionc Hominis, Liber. 

4. d c fingulis nominibusadverfusHaereflmPotentini^ Liber. 

5. d c unita ac fempiterna Subftantia Trinitatis, Liber. 

6. > debcatitudinc Fidei, cum Perfcriptionc Scdae peffimac. Liber. 

7. ■ dc profcffionc Fidei Catholicae> cum increpationc Hacrcti- 
coram Liber. 

8. dc Fidei unitate unius Subftantiae Trinitatis> hoc eft Patris 3c 
Tilii & Spiritus San6li, Liber. 

9. L ibcllus Fidei Patris & Filii & Spiritus Sanfti. 

10. ••——Liber de Trinitate & dc Spiritu Sando. 

1 1 . p- E piftola ad Luciferum Epifcopum. Etji credo, feroentjfe 

12. — — SolutioncsObjcftionum Arrianorum. 

13. ■ A ltcrcatio, contra Arrium, Sabellium & Photinum Haerc- 
ticos, cum ScBtcntia Probi Judicis. 

Compievit hoc Opus frater Francifcus Frotune Novitius ; ad iaudem 
fanAae & individuac Trinitatis, & ad utilitatem San£tac Matris Eccicdac ; ad 
mandatum rcvercndi Patris Johannis Tritemii Abbatis fecundi dc R^for** 
matione BursfeldenH, Anno 1497* quarto Non. Martii. 

IX. I. Ambrofii Mediolancnfis Epifcopi Hexaemeron. xiii 

2. M. Aurelii Cafliodori Senatoris, de Anima> Liber. 

3 . Exccrptum de Libris Auguftini contra Epiftolam Manichcoram» de 

4. Bedac Presby teri Expolttio in Cantica Canticorum. Deficit in Cap. VIU. 

-r. II. 

X. I. 


6 A X ^XII. 4^^ 

X* I. Chryfoftomi Conftantinopolcos, Patriarchac, dc future Judicio 
Oratio ; ex Scrmonc, quod infinitum eft Supplicium. xvi 

2. Francifci Arctini Pracfatioiii Johannis Chryfoftomi dc Pcccato & 
Confcflionc Orationcm, ex Sermone, dc pcrfcda Dilcdionc. 

3. Praefatio in J, Chryfoftomi dc Morte, ex Intcrprctationc E- 
[Mflolac ad ThcifalonicLnfcs, Orationcm. Hac duac Praefationes inicrtpfae 
funt Cofmae Archidiacono Terraconcnfi & Domini Papae Datario. 

4. Oratio contra Iram (J. Chryfoftomi, ut videtur.) Fertur beat us Con^ 

5. J. Chryfoftomi Conft, Patf . Oratio dc Veritate & Malicia. 

XI. I. Ambrofii Mcdiolanends Epifcopi, Liber dc divinis OiEciis, qui 
Gemma Animae intitulatur. xi 

2. Alcuini Epiftolacad Widonem Comitcm, dc Virtutibus. 

3. Ifidori Hilpalcnfis Epifcopi, dc Numero & ejus myftico Myftcrio, Li- 
ber. ^0mino nojtro altiffim^ adjuvant e^ de Numero. 

4» ExcerptioDCS dc Aninulibus. Igitwr Animal eft. 

5. Dc4generibus precioforum Lapidum, Tradatulus. 

6. DeAntichrifto, Tradatus, Reginac M. infcriptus, per G. quendam. 
Excillenttffime & regali T^ignitate. 

7. S. Auguftini (ut dicitur) Sermo dc Collationc 10 Plagarum Aegypti 
& 10 Mandatorum Legis. Nan eft fine caufti. 

%. Sermo dc Fide. Cum ergo quaeritur quid credendum fit. 
9. Concio ad Clerum. Aulforitate Sanlforum Tatrum fancitum 

eft. Liber olim dc Clauftro RofTenfi, H. Monachi: fcil.Donum. 

XIL !• S. Chryfoftomi Conftant. Epifcopi, dc Rcparationc Lap(i» Li* 

bcr. XII 

2. de Compundione, Libri 2. Folio 36. 

3. dc Pfalmo quinquagcfimo, Libri 2. Fo. 61. 

4. dc CO, quod nemo lacditur nifi a fe-ipfo, Liber. Fo. 84. 

5. - Sermo, cum de Expulfionc ejus agcretur. Fo. 100. 

6. Sermo, poft Exilii prioris reditum. Fo. 102. 

7. Sermo, quando dc Afia regreffus eft Conftantinopolim. Fo. 

S. ——Sermo, dc Proditionc Judac. Fo. 107. 

9. —^— Sermo, dc Cruce & Latrone. Fo. 113. 

10. ■■ ■ ■ Sermo^ dc Cruce. Fo. 119. 

O II. 

$8 LiBRi Mss. 

6 A Xin — ^XVL 4^- 

1 1 . Scrmo, dc Afccnfioftc. Fo. 1 2 j . 

11. S. Auguftioi Sermo, de Symbols Sacrofan&i Myfierii Symhhm. 

Fo» 129. 

13. Scrmo, de Oratione Dominica. Bedtus Af§ftolus^ 

14. Dialogus inter Hugonem Archidiaconum & Fulbcrtum Epifcopom 
Carnotcnfcm, de quodam Miraculo B. M anini, quod contigit in Fcili- 
vitate Tranflationis ejus. Fo. 139* 

1 5. Fulbcrti Carnotenfis £pi(c(^i Libel*, de eo, quod tria maximc ne« 
ceflfaria funt ad PerfeAioocm Chriftianae Religionis. Fo. 145. 

itf. de quadam Confuetudine Hoftiae, quam accipic Sacerdos, 

quando ordinarar ab Epifcopo. Fo« 150. 

17. Alcuini Abbatis TuronenfiSy dc S.Trinitate, Libri3. Fo. 154. 
Liber olim de Clauftro Roflfenfi, per Askctillum Monachum datus. 

XIII. I . Gregorii Papae I, Homiliae 40 in Evangelia. ix 

2. Sermo de Mortalitate. Oportet^ Fratres karijpmi^ ut Fkh 

3. D ecretumy ad Cierum 5 five^Gefta Synodi, habitae a Gr^^rio 
Papa^ in Urbe Roma, tempore Mauritii Augufti. Deficit in fine. 

4. Homilia in Job. I, i . Intuentes^ qwm^do audivimus. 

5. Homilia in Pfal. LXXXV, 10. Iftae funt ^virtMes. xii 

6. Bcdae Presbyteri Homilia in Evangclium Dominicac in Ramis Pal- 

7- in Luc. I. 

8. Homilia in Pfal Cum hoc dicer et David. 

p. i n Mat. I. Hoc exordiofatis ofiendit. x 

10. —in Luc. I. Nato m Bethleem Domino. 

XIV. S. Ambroiti Mediolancnfis Epifcopi Hexaemeroni Libristf. xi 

XV. I. Firmiani Ladantii, Divinarum Inftitutionum, Libri 7. xv 

2. ■ ■ ■ d e Ira Dei, Liber. 

3 . - dc Opificio vol Formatione Hominis, Liber. 

4* fexti & feptimi Libri Divinarum Inftitutionum Epitome. 

5- —— — Vcrfus de Refurredione ChriftL 

XVI. I. Ambrofii, Mcdiolancnits Epifcopi, Epiftolarum Libri 9. 


3- ■ 


«AXVI. ♦". 
— Sermo, dc Obini ThcodoHi Imperatoris. 
— TraAatus, dc San^is Gervaiio & Frotano. 
— TiaQaciM, dcMabothJcficcUta. Deficit in fine.' 


O 1 

100 LiBRI MsSt 

6B I ^VIII. 4*0. 

I. Grcgorii Papae I, Homiliae 22» in Ezechiclem* x 

IL Dialogorum Libri 4. xil 

Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnfi, per H. Cantorcm datttsJ 

III. Epiftolarum Liber 8, 9, lo, 11, 12, I3&I4« XI 
Liber olim Sanfle Marie de Vaile Sanfti Salvatorif. 

IV. I. Pammachii & Occani Epiftola ad Hieronymum dc reinterpret 
tandis Libris Oiigenis ^^pl eip^oor. p xii 

2. Inicronymi Refponlio. 

3 . Ruffini Praefatio in Origenis Libros 7r$pi olpx^r* 

4. Apologia, ad Anaftafium Papam. Audivi quofiam. 

5. hlierony mi Liber, contra Praefationem Ruffini. 

6. Liber, contra Apologiam Ruffini. 

7. Epiftola ad Ruffinum. 2)/« te Romae moratum. 

8. Ruffini Libri 2, adverfus Hieronymum. 

9. Hicronymi Epiftola contra Ruffinum. Leiiis Uteris. 

10. Sententiae diverforum Patrum, de My fterio Corporis & Sanguinis 
Chrifti. Sicut ante nos dixit. 

11. Altcrcatio Luciferiani & Orthodoxi, edita per S. Hieronymum. 
Yroximeacciditj ut quidam. 

V. I . Grcgorii Papae 1, in diverfas Evangelii Lediones, Homiliae 40. 
Dcfunt 2 ultimae. xv 

2. Iftdori Hifpaleniis Epifcopi, Sententiarum five de Summo Bono, Li« 
bri }. 

3. Acgidii Roman i, dc Rcgimine Principum, Liber abbreviatus. 

4. S. Bcrnardi Abb. Clar. Speculum Con{cientiae. Prctium fuit 20 x. 

VI. I. S. Ambrofii, Mcdiolaneniis Epifcopi, dc Myfteriis five ini- 
tiandis, Liber. xii 

2. Sermo de Sacramentis Ncophytorum, habitus in Synodo. 

3. Braviri, Signienfis Epifcopi, de Sacramentis, Liber. 

4. Ivonis, Carnotenfis Epifcopi, Epiftolae. 

Liber fcriptus in ufumEcclcfiae S. Andreac Apoftoli de Roveceftria 
per Humf:idum Praecentorem : ut & 5 B XII & 6 D V. 

VII. Aldclmi Shirburnenfis Epifcopi, Liber profaicus, de Laudibus 
Virginiratis, ad Hildelitham Virginem, &c. infcriprus. x 

Vni. I. Ifidori Hifpalenfis Epifcopi Liber, de Nativitate Domini, 
Padione & Rcfurrcdione, Regno atquejudicio. x 


101 L I B R I Mss. 

7. S. Bernard! Abb. Ricval. Mcditationcs ; five. Liber de Anima. Fo- 6$. 

«• Epiftola ad R. Nepotcm fuum, a Claravallc ad Cluniacum fli- 

gientcm. Fo. 69. 

9. Martini Poloni Epifcopi Confentini, Chronicon Imperatorum & 

Paparum, ufqucadA. D. 1300 continuatum. Fo. 74. 

Huic Chronico, in margine Folii 90, ad A. D. 850, inferitur alia manu^ 

non nainus antiqua quam qua reliquum fcribitur^ Narratio fequens de 

Johanna PapilTa. Tofi hunc Lemem^ Johmmes AngUcuSy Natimie 

Marguntinusyfedit Annas 2, Menfes 5, 5)/Vj 4 : & mortuus eft R^me: 

((r ceffavit Tapatus Menfem i . ///r, ut ajferitur^ Femina fuit ; ^, ig 

fuellarietate^ a quodam fuo Amafioj in habitu virili Athenis duRa, fie 

indiverfis Scientiis profecit^ ut nullus fibi par mveniretur : adec ut^ fer 

trimnium Rome legensy magnos Magiftros ^ifcipuUs & Auditores %a- 

beret. Ety cum in Urbey Fit a & Sciential m/^gne opinionis ejfety in ^apsm 

concorditer eligitur. Set in Tapatu per fuum familisTem imtregnstmr. 

Verum tempus Tortus ignorant^ cum de SanSto Tetro in Later anum 

tender ety anguftiata inter Colifeum & San£li dementis Ecclefiamype^ 

peril : &y poft mortua^ ibidem {ut dicitur) fepultafuit. Er, quod^o^ 

minus Tapa femper obliquat eandem viam^ creditur aplerifqucj quod ab 

deteftationem fa£H hoc faciat. Nee panitur in Cathologo SanHorum^ 

propter muliebris SexuSy quantum ad kocy deformitafem. In aliis tatnen 

hujus Chronici excmplaribus occurrit haec Narratio i prima Manu fcripta. 

10. Chronicon Anglorum, ab A. D. 1066 ad 1268. Fo. lo^, 

11. Provindac Romano Pontifici fubjedae. Fo. 109. 

12. Mariani Scoti Chronicarum Recapitulatio. Fo. m. 

13. Nicolai Trivet Detcrminatio Quaeftionis, de Ordinc Praedicatorum. 

Fo. 116. 

14. Bcdae Presb. Epiftola de Termino Pafchali 5 ex Lib. deGefiis An- 
glorum. Fo. 117- 

15. .. -Narratio cujufdem de mortuis refufcitari j exLibro5^dc 

Gcftis Anglorum. Fo. 1 1 9. 

16. Anfclmi Cant. Archicpifcopi, quaedam, de Monachatu. Fo. X2i. 

17. Johannis Gualcnfis (feu Wallcys) Floriloquium, de Fhilofophorum 
Didis, Excmplis & Vitis. Fo. 127. 

XII. S. Johannis Damafccni, Orthodoxac Fidei Expofitio, Lib. 4, xiv 
XIIL I. S. Athanafii, Alex. Epifcopi, dc Trinitat^ Liber. jtii 

104 Li BR I Mss. 

6 B XV. 4'^ 

j^, < Epiftola ad Pompcium. ^uanquam plene ea. 

15. Epiftola ad Magnum, dc baptizandis Novatianis^ & dc iis 

qui in Lcdlo gratiam conlcquuntur. 

15, . Epiftola ad Clcruai & Plcbcm, de Numidico ordinate ia 


17, & aliorum Epiftola ad Clcrum & Plcbcm, dc Bafilidc & 

Martialc. Cum in unftm convenijfernus. 

ig, ■ & aliorum Epiftola adFidum, dc infantibus baptizandis. 

Legimus litteras tuas. 

^p, . Epiftola ad Euchratium, de Hiftrionc. Vro diU&ione tua. 

20. ad Cornclium in cxilio, de ejus Confcflionc. Cagmovimus^ 


2ri. •- ad cundem, dc pacclapfis danda. StatuerMms quUUm 


22. - ad cundem, contra Hacrcticos. Legi UttetM. 

23, — ~ — ad cunicm, dc Novati Scclcribus. Et cumiili^ 


24. > ad cundem, dc Ordinationc ejus comptobata. ^uod 

Servis 2)^/. 

25^ -I ad cundem, quod Ordinationcm Novatiani non rccc** 

pcrit. Venerunt ad nos. 

z6. ■' ad cundem. Et egiffe nos & agere. 

27. ■ ad Rogacianum, &c. dc obfervanda Difciplina. Et jam 

fridcm nobis. 

28. ad Plcbcm, dc 5 Presbytctis Schifmaticis. ^anqttam, 


29. ad Epiftetum & Plcbcm Aflfuritanoram, dc Fortunatiano 
quondam corum Epilbopo. Graviter ^ dolenter. 

30. ■ — ad Clcrum & Plcbcm Furnitanorum, dc Viftorc qui 
Fauftinum Prcsbytcrum tutorcm nominavit. Graviter commoti fumus. 
31^ > ad Lucium Papam rcverfum ab cxilia £t quidem 

nuper tibi. 

32. " ^ad Confcflbres Romanos; ut ad unitatem rcdeant. 

^um frequen er^ karijftmi. 

3 3 . • ad Florentium Pupianum, dc obtrcftatibus. Ego te^ 




6 B XV. 4^0. 

^4. ad Pomponium, de Virginibus. Legimus Utteras 


3 5. ■ dc Idolonim Vanitatc, Liber. 

3(5. * fipiftolaad Fortunatum, &c, de iis qui pertormcn- 

ta fuperantur. Scripfifiis mihiy fratres. 

37. ad Rogatianum Epifcopum, de fupcrbo Diacono. 

38. — : ad Stcphanum Papam, deConcilio. Ad quaedam 


39. ad Thibaritanos, de exhortationc Marty rii. CV- 
gitaveram quidem. 

40. ad Caccilium, de Sacramento Dominici Calicis* 
Gluanquam fciam^ Frater.' 

41. ■ X — ad Rogatianum &c. in carcere. Saluto "voSj 

42. ■ ^ad Nemefianum &c. in Metallo conftitutos. 

Gloria quidem 'uejlra. 

43. ad Jubaianum, de Hacreticis baptizandis. Scri^^^ 

Jifii fnihi, frater. 

44. ad Quintum, dc eadcm re. Retulitadme. 

45. Concilium Carthagincnlb, dc Hacreticis baptizandis. 

46. S. Cypriani Epiftoia ad Moyfcn &c. de Confcffione eorum & Lapfis. 
Cloriam Fidei et. 

j^j. ad cofdcm, de eorum Confeflione. Et cunSlos 


48. — — ^ — » — ad Clcrum & Plcbcm, dc Aurelio Lcdlore ordi- 

jiato. In Ordinationibus. 

49. --— — .—— — ad cofdcm, dc Cclcrino Lcdorc ordinato. Ag-^ 
nofcenda & ampleCitnda. 

so. ■ ' Scaliorumad Januarium, &c. dc Baptifmo Hac- 

rcticorum. ^um fimul in Concilio. 

51, Traftatus dc Alcatoribus. Magna nobis ob. 

32. Liber dc Laudc Martyrii. Etji incongruens eft. 

53. Felicis Jaderpoliani &c. apud Mctallum, Epiftoia ad D. Cyprianum, 
Refalutamus te. 

io6 LiBRi Msst 

6Ci — ^vn. 4*^. 

54. S. Cypriani Epiftola ad Clcrum Romanutn, dc Epiftolaram fuanmr 
Excmplis Romam miffis, ^oniam comperi. 

55. ad Clcrum (uam^ dc miflis Romam, & acccptis 
indc LittcriSt Sludles LHttras ad. 

I. I. Ifidori Hifpalcnfis Epifcopi Epiftolae 5, dc Libris fuis Etymolo- 

gtaram. x 

X. Originum five Etymologiarum Libriio. 

Liber dim S.. Auguftini Cannnaritnfis. 

IL I. Grcgorii Papac I, SymbolumilliusFidci. %!- 

2. ■ Epifldarum, ex Rcgiftro ejus, Libri 14. Ordo eft diverfus ab 

3. Concilium Romtnum 6, dc reali praclcntia, contra Berengarium. 

4. Htftoria Concordiac inter Fredericum Impcratorcm Sc Alexandrum i< 
Papam inkac. xu. 

Liber olim dc communi Armario Clauftri S. Edmofldi Regis. 

m. S. AmbroiRi Mcdiolanenfis Epifcopi dc Eide^ ad GrattaAumlmpc- 
ratorem, Libri 9. xt 

IV. ' ■■ ■ a lter Codex, dc Eide* xn 

Liber olim dc Clauftrq RoflTenJi, per. R. dc Gcftom datus. 
. V. I . Johannis Chtyfeftomi Homiliac S7f fopcr Matihacttm.^ av 

2. dc Compunftionc Cordis, Libri 2. 

j^ ■ ■ ■ ■■ a d Theodoram Lapfimi, dc reparationc cfufSem^ Libcn 
4. Traftatus, quod nemo lacditur, nifi a fc-ipfo. 

Acceduftt Indices 2 J alter alphsfbeticus. 

Thomas Valcntius hunc Codiccm Etonenfi Collegio dono dcdit^ BiEk 
Uotkccac rcftkuendae ergo r 20 Augufti, 1361. 

VI. I. Pars Libri Job, a Cap. xxiv, v. 20,, adfihcm. x^ 

2. Grcgorii Papac 1/ Expofttionis moraiis fiipcr Libram Job> Libii 20 
pofteriores y fcil. a Libro 16 ad 35. x 

3. Grammatkac antiquac P^ha* 

Libet olim: dt Claoftro Rolfbxfi, per RadUl^ltam ArctuepifccpuBi da-^ 
VIL u Grcgorii Papac I> Symbolum EideiilUus^ x 



6C VIII ^XL 4*«. 

Epiftolarum, ex Regiftro ejus, Libri 14. eodem ordine^ quo 

-Dccrctum dc ConfecrationePresbyteri &Monachi. 

4. Grcgorii Fapac VU Bulla, qua cximuntur quidam a Scntcntia Excom- 
municationis. xi 

5. Henrici Wintonicnfis Epifcopi Literae ad Simonem Wigornicnfcm Ep. 
mandantes ci ad refjpondendum in Caufa Prioris S. fiarbarae. xii 
^. Lucii Papae Bulla, fuper Ecclefta dc Warwic. 

Liber olimEcclcfiae Cathedral is beatc Marie Wygornie. 

VIII. Pauli Orofii Presbyter! Hiipanici, Hifioriarum contra Paganos Li- 
bri ?• XIII 

2. Daretis Phrygii, dc excidio Xrojano Hiftoria s Cornelio Ncpote inter- 
prete. Deeft ultimum Folium. 
Liber olim S. Mariac Ryevallenlis. 

IX. Bernard! Abhatis Clarevalleniis Sermones t6, fiiper Cantica Gan- 
ticoruix). XIII 

In fine fie fcribitur : T^retium hujus Libriy quod filvit Prater Nicholas 
Stremerapud Evjjbam, A.fD. 1488, tunc curfpr Ltmdm ibidem^ fuit 

£t proximo folio ftc : Cautio Thme mylfyng^ inppfita Ciftede 

Robury 10 die fDecefBb. jf.7). 1491 : & jacetpro zox. 

X. I. GregoriiPapacI, Symbolum Fidei illius. x 

2. Epiftolarumy exRegiilro ejus, Libri 14. 

Liber olim de Clauftro RofTenii, per Alexandrum Priorem dattis. 

XL I . S, Hieronym! Presbyter! Epiftolarum Godex. 1% 

I . DamaA Papae Epiftola ad Hi^ronynium. ^ormientem te^ 
z, S.Jiieronymi Epiftolaad Damafum, de 7 VindiftisCain. 

3. ad eundem, dc egcefHanc Fillorum Ifrael ex £^pto« 

4. ad eundcm, de igjQorantia Ifaac in benedicendis Filiis. 

5 . ———ad eundem, in Homilias Cantici Canticorum Origcnis. 

6. ■■ ■ Vcrfio Homilarum 2, Origcnis in CantkaGanticorum. 

7f ■ ■ E piftola ad Tranquillinum, quomoda Or^enem legere debet. 
8. ad Damafum y dc Ofanna. 

p^ ■ a d cundemi i deFide, cui ia Antiochia communicarc deberett 

10. ad eundem $ undefupra. 

11^ -««"*•*— *ad cundemi de.5ei:aphin.&Calcula.^ 

P^ 12; 

io8 Li BR I Mss. 

6 C XI. 4^0. 

X 2. ^ — Scrmo dc mortc Oziac Regis, & Scraphin & Calculo in Efak 


13. EpiftoIaadDamafum, dc Filio prodigo. 

14. S^Auguftini Epiftola ad S. Hieronymum. Audivi pervenijfe. 

15. S. Hicronymi Refcriptum. InipfoprofeSiionis articulo. 

\6. ' Epiftola ad Auguftinum. Anno praet exit Oy per. 

T7. S. Auguftini Epiftola ad Prcfidium. Sicut prefens rogavi. 
18. • -ad Hieronymum. Cur staque conor. 

ig, . -ad cundem. Nunquam me quifquam. 

20. S. Hicronymi Epiftola ad Auguftinum. Crebras ad me. 

21, S. Auguftini Epiftola ad Hieronymum. Habeo gratiamj quod. 
2 2 . ad cundem. Ex quo coepi adte fcribere. 

23. S. Hicronymi Epiftola ad Auguftinum. Tres fimulEpiftolas. 

24. ^ ^ad MarccUinum & Anapfychiam. Tandem ex Africai 

25. S. Auguftini, ad Hieronymum ; dc origine Animac. 

26. ——ad cundem 5 dc co quod fcriptum eft in Epiftola Jacobi» if, 


27. S. Hicronymi ad Auguftinum. Vtrum venerabilem fratrem. 
x%. ———ad cundem. Omni quidem tempore. 

29. a d cundem. Multiutroque claudicant pede. 

JO. adxundcm & Alypium. Saniius Innocentius. 

SI. ' ad eofdcm. Explanatio Eidci itlius. 

3a. ^Difputatio, dc rationc Animac. 

53. Epiftola ad Hcliodorum. G^uanto amore & fiudio. 

34. ^ — ad Ncpotianum, dc Vita Clcricorum & MonachorumJ 

35. ■ a d Paulinum, dc Inftitutionc Clcricorum vcl Monachorum,' 
& dc divinac Hiftoriac Expofitionibus diverfis. 

36. ' ad cundem, dc omnibus divinac Hiftoriac Libris.. 

37- adAmandum, dc diverfis Quacftionibus. 

38. Epiftolaris Refponfio, ad quern fupra. Tropojitio fuit deeadem. 

39. S. Hicronymi, ad Pammachium Epiftola, dc optimo gcnerc intcrprc- 

40. Pammachii & Occani Epiftola ad Hieronymum. Sanifus aliquis 
ex fratribus. , ^ 

41. S. Hicronymi, ad Pammachium &; Occanum.. Scedulas. quas mi- 




6 C XL 4^ 

42. — — ad Occanum, de Vita Clcricorum. 
43* ad cundem, dc unius Uxoris Viro. 

44. ad Evagrium ; qualiter Presbyter & Diaconus difFcrant, 

45. ad cundem, dc Melchifcdech. 

46. ——•ad Marcum Presbyterum Cclcdcnfem. iCalcide m lAS^ 
hoc & 3 aliis.3 ^ecreveram quidem utendum. 

47- ad Avitum. Quid cavendum in Libris ittf\ i^^^v. 

48. Definitio Fidci Symboliquc Niceni Conciliu. 

49. Epiftola ad Exupcrantium. Inter omnia. 

50. ad Rufticum Exhortatoria fupcr Pocnitcntem. . 
5 1 . ad Dcfidcrium* Le£lus Sermo. 

52. Tradatus dc tribus Virtutibus. 

53. Epiftola ad Dardanum, de Terra Rcpromiflionis. . 

54. Epiphanii Cypri Epifcopi Epiftola ad Johanncm Epifcopum Hicrofo- 
lymorum, a S. Hicronymo tranflata. Oportekat. 

55. S. Hicronymi Epiftola ad Lucinium Bctkum. Hec opinante. 

5 6. contra Hcividium, dc Virginitatc S. Mariae. 

57. advcrfus Vigilantium 5 ubi ejus arguit Blafphemias. JuJIum 

quidem fuerat. 

58. ad Riparium Presbyterum, contra Vigilantium. Accept is 

primum litteris. 

59. advcrfus Vigilantium. Mult a in Orbe Monftra. 

60. ad. Magnum Oratorem Romanum. Sebefium noftrum. 

61. ad Rufinum Presbyterum Romanum, dcjudicio Salomonis^ 

in fcftionc Parvuli* 

62. ad Vitalem Presbyterum, dc Salomonc & Achaz, 

63. ad Florentinum, deortu Amicitiac. 

64. ■ ad cundem. In eamihi parte. 

6 5 . ad A bigaum. G^uanquam michi. 

66. ad Caftricianum 5 ut dc Cecitate, quae ei contigit, non dc>- 
beat contriftari. 

67. ad Sabianum Diaconum Lapfum. Samuel quondam. 

68. ad Julianum Diaconum Aquilcgiae. Ant iquus Sermo. 

69. ad Niccam Hypodiaconum Aquilciae. Turpilius Comicusl 

70. adLaurcntium Diaconum. j^Sic Titulus in Indicc, fed 

abcft a Codicc.2 



L I B R I l^Jiss. 

73. — 


74. — 

75. — 
7tf. — 







9.1. — 
92. — 

93- — 


^4. — 
95. *- 

9<S. — 

< • 


6 C XI. 4Jto. 

ad Rufticum Monachum. Nichil eft CbrifUmfo. 
-adPauluni Monachum^Concordicnfcm. Hnmanae VitM. 
-ad Chromatium^ Jovinianum & Eufcbiuoi. Nandektt 

ad Chryfocomam Monachum Aquilciae. ^i circa te. 
-ad Antonium Monachum. Daminus mfttr kmmilitatis. 
-ad Thcodoitum & caetcros Anachoricasdmrinfecas commo-^ 

rantcs. ^am veltemnunc. 

wi I 

ad Mincrvium& Alcxandram'Monachos, dc Rcfarrcdione. 
-ad Cyprianum, dcPfalmoSS. Frater kariffime. 
-ad Pammachium ; Apologia proLibrisadvcrfusJoyiQiaaum** 

- ad eundem. ChriftUni inter dum. 

-ad eandem & MarccUam. Rurfum OriifrtsUhs. 

-ad Domnionem. Liter de tuae, £t. 

-ad Euftochiam Fitiam S. Paulae^ dc Yi^fiitate fcrvaodtf^ 

-ad Aitllam. SitibiMttem. 

ad Vti^ncs Emonenus. Cartae exfgmtds. 

-<id DcActriadcm Vii^inem. Si JkmfM.ingem^. 

"ad eandcm. Inter ornnes materias. 

-ad Aletatn, dc inftitmione Filtac. 

:ad Fabiolami de Vcftc Sacerdotali, 

- ad Matrcm cum FiHa* 

-ad Caftorinam Materteram. Johnnnef^ idem Apofhlui^ 

-aaBuriam/ de Vkginitate icrvanda. 

-a4 Salvinam,, confolatoria de Ncbridip & Viduitatc fer- 

—ad Agerachiam Viduam, de Monogamia. 
-— > — ad Hedibiam, (^aeftiones. Ignatdvnbi$. 
-^adAlgadam, cmh foititioiie allius 1 1 Q^acftionum. 

-ad Marcellan^, de 5 Quaeftionibus Novi Tcftamcnti> yA 

de his qui Domino occurfuri funjr. 

98. ■ a d eandcm, de Onafo. Medici ^es vacant. 

99. ■ ■ ' .. a d candem^ dc^Hcbraici^Nominibas As Verbis. 

1 06. ■ * " ' ad candem^ dc 16 Nominibus^ quibus apud Hcbraeos 
.Dcus vocatur. 

\Ql. — 

ad eandcm de Fide nofira & Dqgmate Hactttico. 



iiz Li BR I Mss. 

6 D I VIII. Folio. 

J. S. Hicronymi Epiftolac 5 cacdem fcil. & eOdcm brdine^^ quo in 
^Codicc praeccdentc. xu 

JI. S. Hicronymi Epiftolac, itcrum cacdem,. xj 

Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnfi, per Bcncdiftum Epifcopum datus. 

Irtc Liber ligatus crat Oxonii, in GatHrcte, ad ixiftanriam Rcvcrcndi 
Domini Thome Wybarun, in facra Tlicologia Bacalarii Monachi Rof- 
fenfis, Anno Domini 1467. 

III. S. Hicronymi Epifloiarum Codex alter. T)efunt sprimae. xi 

IV. Jo. Chryfoftomi Homiliae in Matthaeum, tradudtac in Latinum 
per Georgium Trapczuntium. • xv 

V. I . Profpcri Aquitanici Epifcopi, dc Vita adliva & con tempi ativa, 

Libri 3- xil 

a. Liber Scintillarum. ^otninus dicit in Evangelic. Fo. 45. 
3 . Odonis Abbatis Ciuniaccnfis, dc Virtutibus Vitiifquc Aiiimac, Li- 
bri 3. Fo. H7. 

Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnd, per Humfridum Fracccntorcm fcrip^ 
tus, & ex donoHubcrti Archiepifcopi. 

VI. I. S. Matthaci 6c Marci Evangclia, cum Commentario S. Hicro- 
nymi. XIII 

2. S. Hicronymi Catalogus Virorum illuftrium, feu Scriptorum Eccl^ 

3. ■ Epiftoh, dc loTcntationibusFiliorumlfracl. 
Liber olim S. Mariae dc Cogge(halc« 

VII. I. GregoriiPapael, Moraliumin Job, Libri 3 5- xr 
2. Thome Horftede, Tabula fuper Moralia. 

VIII. I. Anfcl mi Cant. Archiepifcopi Monologion, Liber i,. 

2, ■ Profologion, Liber i. 

3. ■ — -dc ProccflioneSpiritus Sanfti, Libcc 
4.. *-- dc Incarnationc Verbi, Liber. 

5. ■ < — Cur Dcus Homo •, Libri 2. 

6. ' dc Concept u Virginali, Liber. 

7. — -de Veritatc, Dialogus. 

8. — dc Libcrtate Arbitrii, Dialogus. 

9. dc Concordia Praefcientiae & Pracdcftinationis, nccnon 

Gratiae Dei cum libcro Arbitrioj Liber. 

10. •; --: — de cafu Diaboli Dialogus. 


m-'-.n t 



6 D VIIL IX, X. &6 E I, II. Folio. 

IX. dc Similitudinibus, Libcr. 

12. dc 7 Ccatitudinibus, Libcr. ^uaeritur infer. 

1 3 . Meditationum Libcr. Orationes Jive. 

IX. I. O^bcrni Claudiani (feu Gloccftticnfis Monachi) Dialog! dc 
Qaacftionibus in Pentatcucum. xir 

2. Commcntariorum fupcr Librum Judicum, Libri 6* 

3. dclncarnationc Domini, Liber. 

4. dc Nativitatc Domini, Libcn 

5. dc Paflionc Chrifti, Liber. 

6. — — — dc Rcfurrcftionc cjufdcm, Libcr. 

X. I. Nicolai Raddyf, Monachi S. Albani, Dialogus dc primoHo- 
mine. xy 

2. Dialogus dc Dominio naturali. 

3. dc obcdicntali{Dominio. 

4. — -de Dominio rcgali & judiciali. 

5. dc Potcftatc Petri Apoftoli & Succcflbrum. 

0. dc codem Argumento, contra Wiclcvum. 

7. Viaticum Animac, Libro i,quod eft Difputatio contra Wic^ 

Icvum, dc Euchariftia. 

8. dc Votis Monachorum, Libcr. 
p. dc Imaginum cultu, Traftatus, 

10. dc Schifmatc Papali, Tradatus. 

1 1 . Utredi Bolton Trad3tatus contra querelas Fratrum. Codex olim Mo-j 
nafterii S. Albani. 

6 E. Folio. 

L I. Gualtcri Parker Summa, quae vocatur Oculus Sacerdotis i j 
Partibus fivcLibris. xv 

2. Guliclmi dc Monte Handinio, Dccretorum Dodoris> Sacramcntale 
Opus i Libro i , 

II. I. S. Ambrofii Mediolancnfis Epifcopi Expofitio fuper Lucamj 
loLibris. xil 

2. Anfclmi Cant. Archicpifcopi Homilia in Luc. I, 22, &c. ^idjibi 
voluit Evangelijta. Deficit in Fine. 

Q. 3. 

114 LiBRi Mss. 

6 E II. III. Folio. 

3- Honorii Auguftoduncnfis Prcsbyteri Gemma Animac, 4Libris. Agmen 
^n Cajtris. Tradat, i,clc Mifla, Ecclcfia & Miniftrisi 2, de rcliquis Horis, 
quae luntdcbitum noftrae Scrvitutis 5 3, do Solcmnitatibus totius Ami; 
4, dc Concordia OffiLioriim. In fine, alii manu, dicitur Amelarius qui- 
dam eflc Autor. 

4. -^ Traftatus de Obfervationibus Romanac Ecclefiae. 

5. Homilia in Exod xvii, &c. Rex ijie ^Paganus. 

III. Colleftionum Thcologicarum Liber. Scil. i. S. Auguftini Hip. 
de Cognitionc verac Vitae, Liber. xv 

2. S. Hieronymi Presb. contra ClcricoscurialcsTracV. Fol. 7- 

3. , ■ , , ; , — dc Ortu Marie &InfantiaSalvatoris, Liber. Fol. 9. 

4. Venturii Epiftola contra Temptationcs. Fol. 16. 

Et deMifcricordia, Veritate, Jufticia & Pace, Tradatus 16, b. 

5. Petri de Alliaco, Camcraccnfis Cardinalis, dc Reformationc Ecclefiac, 
Tradlatus. 1 8 

6. ■ de Potcftate Ecclcfiac, Liber. 22 

7. ' — de Lcgibus & Sedis contra Superfticiofos Aftronomos, Liber. 


8. Bonaventurae, Itinerarium Mentis in Deum. 38 

9. Gulielmi Parifienfis, dc Gratia, Tradatus. 44 

10. De 6 Aetatibus Hominis 46 

11. Contra portantes Scripturas circa Collum. 47 

12. Ambrofii, de honeftis& juftis Moribus, Traft. 49 

13. Aurelii Theophrafti, de Nuptiis, Liber. 49 

14. Valerius ad Ruffinum, de nonducenda Uxore. 49. b. 

15. Bernardus. De Familiari re gubcrnanda. 50 

16. Hieronymus. De Membris Domini noftrijefu Chrifti. 51 

17. Gulielmus Parifienfis. De Faciebus Mundi. 5 3 

18. DeAdorationc & Veneratione Imaginum. 59 

19. Dc Peregrinationc ad Loca Sanda. 65 

20. Dc Oblationibus facicndis in Locis Sandorum. 70 

21. De Imagine Idoli. 72 

22. Gulielmi Parifienfis Detcrminatio dc Pluralitate Beneficiorum. 76 

23. Parifienfis Univerfitatis Compilatio, de Unionc in Ecclcfia facicnda. 


24. Oxonienfis Univerfitatis ad Rcgcm R.II, Epiftola, dc cadem. 80 




6 E III. Folio. 

2j. R. Ulfifton, Traftatus, pro Rcformatione Ecclefiac. 83 

26. Ciprianiis. Dc Contemptu Mundi. 90 

27. dc Elcirofynis. 92 

28 dc Done Patientiae. 94 

29. Pracfatio lupcr 7 Pfalmos Poenitcntialcs. 9)5 

30. OrigcnisHomiliafupcr il/^r/jy?^^^/, lOj 

31. Bcrnardi, Speculum Peccatorum. 105 

32. Monita, de Verbis B. Ifidori. 107 

33. S. Auguftini Ammonitio ad Populum. 109 

34. Ephraim Diaconus. De Die Judicii. no 

35. Dindimi Epiftola, dc Scfta Bragmannorum. ni 

36. S. Hicronymi Inventioncsdevotac. 112 

37. Walteri dcHylton, Epiftola dc Confolationc in Tcntationibus, 11 j 

38. alia, de communi Vita. 120 

39. Epiftola ad qucndam Rcligiofum, ^ia vero ex tenor e. 


40. Ambrofius. De 3 difficillimis Solomonis. 128 

41. Difputatio inter Militem & Clericum. 130 

42. Difputatio Abutalyb Saraceni & Samuel Judaci. 13Z 

43 . Juliani Epifcopi Liber Prognofticorum de futuro Scculo. 138 
4+. Hicronymi & Auguftini Dialogus, dc ratione Animac. 153" 

45. Ambrofii Camaldulenfis Pracfatio inVcrfioncm fuamLatinam 3 Libro- 
rum Athanafii, contra Gentiles. 156 

46. S. Athanafii, contra Gentiles, Libri 3. 155 

47. Inveftiva contra Judaeos. 179 

48. S. Bcrnardi Epiftola prointrantibusReligioncm. 197 

49. Formula honeftac Vitac> 198 

50. S. Ambrofii Scrmo ad Virginem, quae Corruptioncm paflfaeft. 199 

5 1 . Matthiae dc Cracovia, Confliftus Rationis & Confcicntiac. 200 
$1. Tradlatus contra malas Cogitationes. 2o5 

53. Pogi?ii Florcntini, dc Nobilitatc, Liber. 208 

54. Hugonis dc S. Victorc, dc Confcientia, Liber, 214 
5 5. Robcrti Holcot, Moralitatcs. 218 
56. Eulcbii Epiftola ad Damaftim, dc mortc Hicronymi. 


Q 2 57. 

lid LiBRi Mss, 

6 E III. IV, V- Folio. 

57* S. Auguftini Epiftola ^ad Cyrillum, de Magnificcntiis S. Bicronymi* 

5S. Cyrilli Epifcopi Hicrofolymitani Epiftola ad S. Auguftinum, dc Miror- 
cuKs Hicronymi. 2+0 

59. Defenforium S. Annac, deunicoSponfo. 248 

€0. Herbert!, Sccrctarii S. Thomac Cant, dc Nomine Salome, Epiftola, 


IV. Gregorii Papae I, Moralium in Librumjob, Libri 19 pofteriores; 
incipiendo fci). ad Librum 17. xij 

Liber olim Canonicorum S. Marie de Bradcneftofc. 

V. I. Roberti Groftete, Lincolnienfis Epifcopi, Didamina 147. xiv 
2. Sermones 18 : qui ficincipiunt 5 i. Tauperet ino^s. Fo. 7%. 
2. Erunt Signa. 3- Egredietur Vtrga. 4. Unguent um effufum. $. Spi^ 
fit us Sanlfus. 6, Convenitis ex. 7- Beat i pauper es. 8. Tot a pul- 
chra. 9. ^ui autem Chrifii. 10. Amice ^quomodo. 11. ^remonitus 
a. 12. Cum lavijfet. 13. Exiit edi6ium. 14. T>omum tuam. 15- Le- 
gimushodie. 16. Et fe debit. \7. §lu(miamCogitatio. 18. In Libra 

3. Traftatusi dc Officio Epifcopi. Beatus Taulus. Fo. 109. 

4. Sermo Pafchalis. Ecclefia Sandla. Fo. 115. 

5. Serrao ad Ecclefiafticos, deVita& Inftruftionc corum. Scrips 

turn eft de. Fo. 117. 

6» Tradatus, quomodo examinandus eft Poenitens, ^eus eft. 

Fo. 120. 

7. • Sermo. Exrerum inttiatarum. Fo. 127. 

«. ■ de Cura Paftorali, Traftatus. Natis & educatis e^. Fo. 130. 

9. Proceflus quidam jn Curia Romana. T)ominus nofter Jejus. 

Fo. 134* 

10 Parabola, paterfamilias pre dives. Fo. i}6. 

n . dc modo Vifuandi. It aque poft prima. Fo. 137. 

12. cxEpiftolis exccrpra. In ftcunda Epiftola. Fo. 140. 

ij. - fupcr Prologo Bibliorum. Prater Ambrofius &c. Fo. 144. 

14. • Hexaemcron. Omnis Scientia. Fo. 148. 

15. ■■ ' dc Ceffationc Lcgalium, Liber. Fuerimt plurimi. Fo. 193. 

16. - ■ dc Oculo Morali, Liber. Si diltgenter. Fo. 219. 

17. fupcr 10 Maiidara, Liber. Sicut dicit. Fo. ^316. 


ii8 LiBRi Mss, 

7 A I, II, III. 8^^ 

I. I. Capitula Concordantiae Evangeliftarum. xv 

2. Homilia. ^ico 'vobis, ne Jolltciti fitis. 

3. Homilia. BeatiTauperes SpiritH. 

4. S. Edmundi Confcfforis, (five de Pontiniaco) Speculum Ecclcfiac. 

5. Anrelmi, Caiir. Archicpifcopi, Meditatio noftrac Rcdemptionis. 

6. dc Ploratione Virginitatis. 

dc Terrore Judicii. 

8. Bonavenrurae Cardinalis, de Vita Chrifti, Liber Aureus. 

9. Dindinii Epirtola ad Alexandrum M. de Sefta Bragmannorum. 

10. Bonaventurac Card. Stimulus divini Amoris, j partibus. 

11. Anlelmi, Cant. Archicpifcopi, Oratio ad B. Mariam. 

1 2. Oratio ad Angclum bonum. 

1 3 . Oratio ad Deum. 

14. Vifitatio Infirmorum, fccundum Auguftinum. Fili amantijjime. 
Liber quondam B. Marie Ovcry, deSouthwerk. 

II. I. Johannis Cafliani Presbyteri, contra Neftorium, Libri/. xin 
2. LeonisI, Epiftola ad Flavianum, cum illius refcripto. CumChriJiia'- 
niffimus &. 

3. adeundcm. Leftis dileStionis vejirae. 

4. adjulianum Epifcopum. Licet per eos. 

5. Eufcbii Mediolanenfis Epilcopi Epiftola ad Lconem I, Papam. Revet-* 
Jisy domino anmiente. 

6. Ravcnnii&c. Epifcoporum Gallorum Epiftola ad Leonem I. Fer/atd 
ad nos Epiftola. 

7. Leonis I, Papac, Epiftola ad Palcftinos. Sollicitudini meae. 
8. ad Lconem Auguftum. Tromijijfe me. 

9. Anfclmi, Cant. Archicpifcopi, de Incarnatione Vcrbi, Liber. 

10. Hilarii Picl. Epilcopi, do EUcnria Patris & Filii, contra Haercticos, 

11. Philippi, (Prioris Pracdicntorum Tcrrac Sanclae) Epiftola ad Con^ 
ventum Parillcnfcm. Bencditius 'Dens 'Pater. 

In Opcrculo fcribirur, Scherborfie. 1498. ^ 

III. I. Radulphi Monachi W'cftmonaftcricnfis, dc Peccatore Libri 3. 


2. Dc 8 N'onachorum Ofticiis. O^o fufit^ cjuae ft. 

3. Dc Vcriiatc Corporis & Sanijuinis Domini. Credoy quod Tapis. 


■ .■ « 

' m, ■ 


7 A IV VI. 8V0/ 

4. Mcditntio dc Fide. Ouicunqne in Santlitate. 

5. Guimundi Avcrfani Epifcopi, dc Corporc& Sanguine Domini, Libri j. 

6. L. Annaci Scnccae Provcrbia, Ordinc Alphabcrico. 

7. Marriani Ndinci Felicis Cnpcllae, dc Liricris Alphabet], Trad, 

8. S. Julia ni Miracuia. ^eum in SarMis. 

9. Somnium Pontificis cujufdam, Verlu Mctrico. Nuper hujufccmodi 
Vijionem Somnii. 

Liber olim Sandi Ofwaldi dcBardcnay. 

IV. I. Hildcbcrti Epifcopi Ccnoman. Epiftolarum Liber. Conver- 
Jione ^ Conn; er fat io7ie. xi 

2. Sermones4. Spirit u San&o Ifaias. 

3. Chrifti Genealogia, cum Noris Muficis Icripra. xiii 

V. Hugonis Prions S. Laurentii, dc Ciauftro Animae, Libri 4. xn 
Liber olimdc Clauftro S.Andreae Roffcnfis, Fratrisjohannis de Sottone* 
VL I. Marialc : Pocma Rhyiiimicum, in Laudcm Mariac Virg. 

Utjocundas Cervus Undas ejiuans depderet. • xiv 

In a void fpace at the end of this Poem arc the following Verfcs. 
Lex islayde and Icthyrly lukys. 
yujiicia iscxylde owtof owre bowkvs. 

Patientia is plucky t, pat mony men hym * lukys. f CcrreB islcthju 

Fides is fyblcs and goys in toryndc clothys. 
Caritas is lowkydc & knokytt fulle fmawylle. 
Ferusis noght vfydc nothyng at alle. 
Humilttas is iiyde, he wyllc noght be feync. 
CaJHtasis pi ioadc, as mony men wenys. 
Vifitas is dem) it ro hangc onn the ruyde. 
Vereciindia'^^s drownvtt at pelade fluyde. 
So that few freyndys may a mann fyndc. 
For return judicium commyslo farrc be hyndc. 
Fraus is fykylle, as a fox, and renys in pis lande. 
Furor is hys freynde, as I undyrftande : 
Deceptio is his chamcrlanc, haif hcirc of no dowttc : 
T>etra6iio is of hiscownfelle : (Ibefchrcw patrowttc.) 
falfum judicium is a lordlchypc of hys : 
Violent id berys hys fwerdc, he may noght myflc : 


120 LiBRI MSS. 

^ A VII XI. 8^0. 

Invldia is als vmpeirc, qwcn pai be gyn to ftryfc. 
Sychc anothyrc fclyfchype god latt pam neucr thryfc* 
a Oral ionum Liber. Omnipotens^eus &. 

3. Virginale; i.e. Liber Prccationum ad S, Mariam, 

4. A Direflion how to make Mithridate. xvii 

5. Hymni quidem Muficc notati. Hodie nobis Celorum. xiv 

6. Medicines for the Ciaticaand Dropfy. 

Fuit Codex JohannisPilkingtonDunelmenfis Epifcopi, A. D. 1596. 

VII. Petri Lond. Archidiaconi, Remediarium Converforum $ Li* 
bris 12. XIII 

Liber quondam Ecclefiae S. Fclicis Philchcftouuyc. 

VIII. Homiiiarum Liber, pro Dicbus feftis, ax i(p«Acf: cum Indite AI- 
phabetico. xiv 

IX. I. De Aniculis Fidei, Pracccptis & Sacramentis, Liben ^i bene 
praefunt. xiii 

2. Robert! Groftete Line. Epifcopi, Sermo ad Ecclcfiafticos, dc Vita & 
inftruftionc corum. Script urn eft de Lev it ids. 

3. Roberti Bacun, Sermones 2, in dicbus Rogationis. ^eprecemur^o^ 
minum hodie & eras. 

4. Beneficial i. e. Indulgcntiae, Ecclefiae Line, conceflae. 

5. Poenitentiam agcndi modus, ^enitens ingrejfus Ecclejiam. 

6. Modus alius. Secundum uniufcujufqueT)eli£ii modum. 

7. R. Londonicnfis Epifcopi, Prohibitioncs & Praecepta obfcrvanda ab 
omnibus Rcdoribus Ecclcfiarum, Vicariis& Saccrdotibus. ^ia in iS*^- 
cramentoTum T)ifpenfatione. 

8. Homiiiaes inAdvcntu. Sicut in Evangelio Matthei. 

9. Obfcrvationcs quacdam Thcologicae. 
Liber quondam S. Marie Overcy. 

10. Petri Comeftoris, HiftoriaScholaflica. xiv 
Iftiim Librum dcdit Dprninus H. DccanusSanfli Barcncoti cotr*a:uni- 

tati fratrum minorum Bodmun, per Procurationem fratris Sandla 
Columba ct fratris GaJf. Wcrdour : itaquodpredicfli fratres habeantulura 
ad tempus vitc. 

XI. I. Le<5tioncs in Acla Apoftolorum ;VTgAfr«*« ^nno nonodecimo 
imperii Tiberii, )cil 

2, Invcntio San<Stac Crucis. Anno ducentejirno tricefimo tertio. 



7 B IV — VII. 4^0. 

IV. I. Feftivalc & horarum Canonicarum Scries. Ubi hacc occur- 
xnntj in Charta fcripta, xvi 

1. Calendaria duo Lcdionum Eccleliae. 

2. Prologus in formam Prccum Publicarum. liibi/ unquam si Jbomi^ 

i. Prccum publicarum Forma. 

4. Lcftioncs quartc, prout Fcfta, quibus quartas Leftioncs duximus affig- 

nandas, in ordinc Mcnfium emergent. 

5* Horarum Canonicarum Scries. Ante pmms horas, tarn. 

V. I. Ivonis Carnotenfis Epifcopi, Panormia. xiii 
2. Pranciac Regum Privilegia, a Papis conceflfa ; & Genealogia eorum. 

Liber quondam Convcntus London^ ex aflignationc Fracris Williclmi 
Sutton Cantoris. 

VI. Petri Comeftoris Hiftoria Scholaftica. xiy 

VII. I . Difcuffio Quaeftionis, An uxor licite facere poterit eleemofi^ 
nam fine confenfu Mariti^ unica Pagina. xv 

Dcindc occurrunt Verfus fequentes. 
Si rota Fortune tc ducat ad Aftra, quid indc ? 
Dum rota fc vertat, petis infima, fit nichil indc. 
Si tibi purpurea veftis pretiofa, quid indc ? 
EXim rodit tinea vcl vermis cam, nichil indc . 
Si tc magnificct vcl laudet turba, quid indc ? 
Dum vox pro vento fit, iiinc fit laus nichil indc. 
Si tibi forma decens, acs vcl dodrina, quid indc ? 
Dum pigrcas femO) marccfcunt, ct nichil indc. 
Si dbi progenies fucrit gencrofa, quid indc \ 
Dam fub mortc ruis, tc refpuit, ct nichil indc. 
Si tibi fltconjunx vcl fponfa decora, quid inde? 
Dum femel egrotat, decor cxulat, & nichil indc. 
Si fiivet impcrium tibi totum, qucro, quid indc ? 
Dum tibi bclla vidcs mortis, ruis, ct nichil indc. 

2. Quacftio & Solutio fupcr Michi autem ahfit gloriari &c. 

3. Dc Redcmptoris noftri Forma & Stnrura. Legit ur in Ann alibus. 

4. Dc Forma & Statura B. Virginis. T)e beat a Vjrgine. 

5. Qiioddam notabilc dc vera flirpc virginca. Refert Jofephus. 

6. Grcgorii Turoncnfis Epifcopi, dcJcfuChrifli ir,cftis, Libri 14; ex Evan- 
gcHorum & S. Patrum Libris exccrpti. T^omino igitur Salvatore. 

7. Scrmo in Paflioncm Chrifti. Ut ergoChriJli. S. 


7BVin— XII. 4t«. ct Folio. 

8, Traftatus contra Dcfpcrationcm. ^are trijtis es. 

Liber dim fuit©^w/»/ Will. Rous:, pret. 51 J. J d. Et Jhnt 17 ^a- 
terniones . Et alibi fcribitur 5 Ifie Liber efl ex dono Magijtri Robitti 
Rowsy dudum Relfjris S. Stephani in Walbroc. 

VIII. Liber internac Confolationis 5 qui vocatur Mufica Ecclcfiaftica. 
^i fequttur me. xv 

In Opcrculo fcribitur i Johannes Guillebert me tigavit. 

IX. I. DionyfiiAreopagitae, de divinis Hominibus, Libcn xiii 

2. S.Auguftini Enchiridion, ad Laurentium, Liber. 

3 . Soliioquiorum Libri 2. 

4. ■ ■ dc libcro Arbitrio Libri 3. 

5. dc natura Summi Boni, contra Manichacos, Liber. 

6. dc Anima & Spiritu, Liber. Deficit in Cap. 3 3. 
7. ex 83 Quaeftionum Libro excerpta. 

8. JohannisDamafceni, dc Fide orthodoxa Libri 4 5 tranflati per Burgun-* 
dionem Judicem, Civem Pifanum. 

9. Anfelmi Cant. Archiepifcopi Monologion. 

10. dc proccfllone Spiritus Sanfti, Liber, ' t^inf 
1 1 de Fcrmento & Azymo, Liber. 

1 2. de Concordia Praefcientiae & Praedcftinationis, ncc nbn Gra? 

tiae Dei, cum libero Arbitrio, Liber. 

13. —— pro infipientCj Liber. 

14. de incarnationc Vcrbi, Liber. 

1 5. de conccptu Virginali & Pcccato originali, Liber. 

16. dc libcro Arbitrio, Dialogus. 

17. ■ " ■ ' ■ de Cafu Diaboli, Dialogus. 

1 8. Cur Deus Homo 5 Libri 2. 
19. dc Veritatc, Dialogus. 

Liber olim Monachorum SanftiEdmundi, dc procurationc & doiio Do- 
mini Will. Henre, DodorisThcologic& Monachi S. Edmundidc Bury, 

X., I. Johannis Borough, Pupilla Oculi; Liber ficdidus, 10 partibus 
conftans ; cum Indicc Alphabetico. Humane Conditio Nature. xv 

2. H. Chichley Cant. Archicpilcopi,ConftitutiodePondcribus&Mcnfuris. 

XI. XII. T. Cranmcri Cant. Archiepifcopi CoUcdiones ex S. Scriptora 
& Patribus, in varia Argumenta Theologica, propria illius Manufcriptae, 
inCharta. Folio. xvi 

R 2 Scil. 

IZ4 LiBRi Mss. 


7 B XI & XII, Folio. 

Scil. I . Dc S. Scripturac intcllcftu & militate Pagina 9. 

2. Quod Autorum Scripta, fine Vcrbo Dei, non funt acciplcnda pro Ar- 
ticuHsFidd. Pa. 15. 

3. Conciliorum decreta, fine Scriptura, non funt accipienda pro Articulis 
Fidei. Pa. 47. 

4.. Dc Traditionibus non fcriptis. Pa. 75. 

5. Ncc Miraculancc Clirifti Profcffio ncc Locus ncc externum aliquod 
faciunt hominem fandum^ aut Deo gratum : Sed Obfcrvatio Mandaio- 
rum Dei. Pa. 99. 

6. Dc Sacrificiis Chriftianorum. Pa. 10 j. 

7. De Sacramcntis. Pa. 115. 
«. DcCharaftere. Pa. in- 

9. DcBaptifmo. Pa. 97>&i47- 

I o Dc Euchariftia. Pa. 211. 

II. De Poenitentia. Pa. 303. 

'12. De Confcffione. Pa. 351. ; 

13. De Satisfadione. Pa. 363. 

14. Dc Matrimonio. Pa. 397- 

J 5. De Ordinibus Ecclefiafticis. Fa. 417* 

16. DcUnffcione. Pa. 48 3. 

17. Dc Confirmatione. Pa. 502. 
It. De extrcma UnAione. Pa. 519* 

19. DeLotionc Pedum. Pa. 537. 

20. Dc Aqua Benedida. Pa. 541. 

21. De Fcriis. Pa. 545. 

Here are inferted Articles about the Church of England, allowed by 
Mr. D. Fccknames in one Page. 

22. De Sandorum invocatione. Pa. 1. Tomi fccundi. 

23. De Imaginibus. Pa. 18. 

24. De Divorum Rcliquiis. Pa. 59. 

25. Dc vera Rcligione & Superftitionc. Pa. 67. 

26. Utorcmusaut Peccatorum indulgentiamconfwqaamur, non eft ullus 
locus, pracalio, Deo acceptior; ncc pro hiis opus eft longc peregiinari. 
Pa. 71. 

27. De Ecclcfiis cdificandi?, dcdicandis &c. Pa. 85. 

28. Dc Horis Canonicis. Pa. 87. 


U6 LiBai Mss. 

7 BXIII, XIV. &7 CI^Il. 4*0. 

3* Liber commonltorius dc Conttmptu Mundi. Optatusmibi ^iesad- 
XIV. Speculum Spiricualium. Hunc Liirum fequentem. x v 

7 C 4*o. 

L 1. De Oculo morally Liber. Si diligent er volumut. Fo. i. xlv 

2. Dieta Salutis. Liber. Hec eft via. Fo. 31. 

3. DcVeneno, Liber. Ratio Veneni. Fo. to. 

4. Dc Converfionc, Liber. Convertiminiadme. Fo. 9t. 

5. Exemplorum dc Animalibus, Liber. Ateriamos. Fo. 119. 

6. Bernardi Abb. Clar. Meditationes. Muhi.muJta. Fa 129. 

7. Meditationes aliae. Vigili curaytnente. Fo. 135. 
S. Declamationes. Fertur^ ut reperi. Fa 146. 

9. Stimulus Amoris. Lii^er ifte^ qui. Fo. 1 5 7» 

xo. IfidoriHifp. Epifcopi, Synonymomm Li. 2. Fo. 193. 

11. Brcviloquium Philofophorum. ^umiam Mifericordia. Fo. 265. 

12. Tradatus dc modo facicndi Sermonem. Oftendendum eft in primis. 
Fo. 212. 

13. MoralitAies fupcr Ifaiam. Beatus qui. 241. 

14. De AnirnaUbuiS. ^ms fecundum ApeftQlum. 251. 

15. F. Vegctii Rcnatiy de re milirari, Libri 4. Fo. 2^3. 

16. S. Attgnftini Sermo> dc S. Jofcph. Slfotiensvobis. Fo. 30S. 

i7# In Fulgctttn Mythologiam Comnientarius. IntentiovenerabilisViri. 

Fo. 3^1* 

18. Al^i dc Iftfal'i$> dcPianxau'^ Liber. In latrimaiy rifus. Fo. 338, 

1 9.. Dd Virtiitibus 3c Vitiis> Liber. ^cminMs dieif. 

20. Cbnfti Gcftoffum & Miraculorum OrdO> Iccumfum 4 £vangeli(ta5. 

Fuit in diebus. 

21^ Petii Wcfenfis;, Bachon. Archid. Commcntarius in Librum Job. 

Tria hiepoT^neut. 

22. ■ ■ >dc vcraAmicitia, Liber. ^Demini ejiy qttod. 

23. S- Bernardi Abb. Clar. ApoIogctiGus. Ufque m^do^Ji qua. 

24. Traclatus 5 Audi^fili, ammonitionemTatris. 

Liber quondam Domini W. dc Kcturittgg Monachi Ramcfcye. 
11. I. Robcrti Melundincnfis, Epifcopi Hereford. Scntcntiarum Liber 
I2U«, 1 5"% & 14"^- XII 


iz8 LiBRi Mss. 

7 C IX— XVL 4^- 

'4. Arnulfi RofFenfts Epifcopiy de Corporc Cc Sanguine Domini, ad Lam- 

bcnum Clericum, Tradatus. 

DC. Ricardi Lavynghami> in Rcvclationcs S. Brigittae, Libri 7- xv 
X. I . Vinccntii Fcrrcrii Monachi, Sermones 1 7 in Orationem Do- 

minicam. In Charta. xv 

2. Liber de Scrvitio Divino, Obfervantia Senfuum &c. Li6er ijie dividi- 

tUT in partes 0BO. 

XL I. Argumenta Theologica varia, in 102 Capitulis. ^od brevi^ 

tati Jit infifiendum. xiv 

2. Alani Porrei Tradatus de Virtutibus, ad Epifcopum Novicomenfem. 
Pldit Jacob Scalam. 

3 . Fratris Colcheftre, Sermo in Unufquifque modicum quid accipiat . 

A^ 5 H. 5. 

Liber dim Monaftcrii S. Edmimdi Regis. 

XIL I. Homiliarum per totum Annum legendarum, Lib. Saxonice. 


2. Jcfu Chrifti gefta, quae invcnit Theodolius Impcrator in Codicibus P. 
Pilati fcripta. xii 

3. M.Aur. Cafllodort^en. Com. in soPfalmum. 

XIII. Petri Londini Archidiaconi, Pant hcologi pars 2* & j\ xiii 

XIV. Pars quarta. 

Libri olim de Clauftro RofFcnfi, per Alcxandrum Priorcm de Glanvill 

XV. I. Johannis Hovcdcn, Speculum Laicorum ; Libro i. xv 
2. liidori Hifp. Epifcopi Synonymorum five Soliloquiorum Libri 2. 

XVI. I. Relatione dcllo Stato prcfeiitc dclla Corte c Regno di Siena 
I'anno 1661. xvii 

2. Several Accounts of Jewels, Plate, Houfhold-Furniturc and ready Mo- 
ney of King H. 8. 

3. Some Accounts of Workmen of H. 8. 

4. Accounts of feveral that hunted, without leave, in the King's Forefls. 

5. An Account of Harncfs bought for the King. 

6. An Eftimation for Vidualling 5000 Men upon the Sea. 

7. VVaees of feveral of the Houfhold of Kin? H. 8. 

8. fcoda Ducis SutFoIk, in Bromfcldc, Yale & Chirkeland, i6 H. 8. 




7 C XVI- 4'*'-' 

9. Provifion of the King's Wines, 30 H. 8. 

10. Valuation of the Lordfhip of Southwell, Parcel of the Archbifho^ 
prick of York. 

11. Sir William Eurc, his Account of the Agreement about the middle 
Marches of Scotland, A. D. 1539. 

12. original Letter, upon his Converfation with Mr. 
Bellcndync, about the Scots inclining to the Reformation. 

13. Richard Pollard's original Letter to Lord Cromwel, that Mr. Moylc 
and he had furveycd the Lands of Glaftcnbury- Abbey, and were come to 
do the like at Reading. 

i+. John Foftcr's original Letter to Sir Thomas Seymour, containing the 
particulars of the Valuation of Romefey-Abbcy. 

15. Lord Cromwel's original Letter to Mr. Sadler, about the entertain^ 
mcnt of the Prince of Salcrn, at his coming into England. 

16. Burials and Chriftnings in London, from the 8th to the 15th of A-' 
pril, 1618. 

17. John Dee's Trcatifc, of the Jurifdiftion of the Englifli upon the 

18. Dcfcription of the Voyage of Sir Francis Drake and Mn Frobifhcr, 


19. Panegyric upon King H. VIIL Where ly as one beinge in a highe 


20. A Sermon on Matt. xxi. i. 

21. Dc Articulis Fidei, Tradacus. Ecclefie magno confenfu apud nos 

22. The Opinions of feveral Bilhops about the Articles of the Church, in 
the time of King H. VIII. 

2?. Thcfis. quod Status Chriftianorum in refta Fide &c. morientium per-] 
fcdior eft quam Status Adam in Paradifo. 

2 4, ]ahn Green, his projed for converting to tillage, much of the Lands> 
V hich feed Sheep. 

25. Articuli Pacis inter R. jacobum I Angliae, & R* Philippum III Hit- 
paniac, & Archiduccm Albertum, 18 Aug. 1604. 

26. Forma proccflus ad citandum Regcm H- VIll & Reginam Catherinam> 
ad comparcndum coram Papae Legatis. 

S 27. 

130 Li BR I Mss. 

7DI X. I2^ 

%7. An Order of Council, 30 H. VIII. to hinder Adam Damlip's preaching 
about the Sacrament. 

7 D. 120. 

Li. Elucidarium, 4 Libris. Saepius rogatus aCondtfcipults. xiv 
%. Poema Rhythmicum. O T^olor in magnis noftris^ in rebus & annis. 
3. Adverfaria cujufdam. Fili conferva tempus. 

IL I. Solomonis Philofophia. tianc egotriplicem. xi 

2. Fulgentii Afri Rufp. de abftruds Sermonibus, LibcUus. 

3. Experimenta quacdam Alky mica. Alumen fcijjile in Aqua. 

4. Aur. Cafliodori Senatoris^ de Anima Liber. 

5. De Genealogia Patriarcharum. Abraham genuit Ifaac. 

tf. Origenis Adamantii, Epiftola ad Cicricos, de Cuftodia Caditatis. Mi- 

feram quondam vpbis. 

y. Expofitio Orationis Dominicae. Ad duo nos invitat. 

t. Quid faciendum fit in habitu Rcligionis Fofito y Epiftola. Injipientem 

ihiius mterrogas. 

UL Inftitutio Religioforum. Relinquendus eft Mundus. xv 

IV* Agapeti Diaconi, Documenta quaedam admonitoria: pet Arthu- 

rum Yeldardum verfa^ & Mariae R. Angliae infcripta. Cum T^ignitas 

in te. In Charta. xvi 

V. I. Frandfci de Meronis, Doftoris Pariflenfts, Ordinis Minorum 
Fratrum^ de Virtutibus, Liber. Fo. i. xv 
%. de Indulgcntiis, Liber. Fo, 1 24. 

3. ' Utrum Apoftoli habuerunt Bonorum Domi* 

nium in Communi^tLiber. Fo. 145. 

Liber olim Domus S. Thome de Aeon London, ex dono Magiftri Wil- 
liclmi Pyknam Archidiaconi Norwicenfis. 

VI. Diadema Monachorum. Hunc modicum Operis noftri Libellum. xv. 

VII. Petri Remenfis, Ordinis Praedicatorum, Scrmoncs. Charta. xvi 

VIII. Prcces, Feftorum Gradus, & alia ad Ordinate fpedantia. xvi 

IX. Catherinae Reginac (Uxoris H. 8.) Precationcs feu Meditationes : 
ex Anglico in Latinum verfae per Joh. RatclifF. Chart. xvi 

X. ex Anglico, in Latinum, Gallicum & Iralicum Scrmo- 
nem verfae, 5c Henrico R. infcriptae, per Elizabctam, poftea Rcginam. xvi 



7 D XI XVIL 8v^ 

XL G. Spalatini, Quam nihil in rebus fit Purgatorius Ignis, Liber Char* 
taccus. XVI 

XII. Jo. Gordoni, Sarisburicnfis Decani, Aflertioncs& Probationespro 
ufu 5 Ccremonialium Articulorum, quos Jacobus I. R. injunxit obfervan- 
dos Epifcopis &c. Ecclcfiac Scotiae. In Gharta. xvil 

XIII. Johannis Mallart, Elegia in Precationem Dominicam para« 
phraftica. xvi 

XIV. Argumenta in varias Quaeftioncs Theologicas. Utrum Incama^ 
tto Jit pojjibilis ? 

XV. I. Roberti Groftete, Epifcopi Line. Scrmones 20. Erunt SignSt 


2. Nicolai Papac 4 Literae 2, dc Captione Aeon. 

3. Conftitutio Capituli gcneralis Ordinis Ciftercicnfis in Dioc. Cant, ut 
Monafteria, quae 20 Monachos &amplius habenr, unum mittant ad ftu- 
dendum Oxonii, cum Burfa Integra 60s. Sterlingorum. Dat. A. D* 

4. Sermo. 1ft i f ant due Olive &c. 

5. S. Bernardi Meditationes (impcrfedac.) Multi multafciunt. 

XVI. Galfridi Burdon, Pacitica Interpretatio de Sacramento Eucha- 
riftiae : fecundo Capiti Libri Tecundi Parsnefis Johannis Barclaii rcfpon- 
foria. In Gharta. xvn 

XVIL I. ChriftiVita, fccundum Bonaventuram. xv^ 

2. S Bernardi, Canticum dcjcfu. 

3. Innocentii Papae 3, dcContcmptu Mundi, Libri 2, xiv 

4. S. Bernardi Mcditationcs. MultitnuUafciunt. 
.5. dediligcndo Dcum, Tradatus. 

6. Anfelmi ArChicp. Cant, dc Miferia humanac Conditionis, Traiflatus. 

7. iHdori, Hilp. Epilcopi, Soliloquium ad excitandum timorem. Reluc- 

8. Anfelmi Cant. Archiep. dc plandlu amiffac Virginitatis, Traftatus. 

9. Alexandria Prioris de Efebi, ad excitandam Compundionem, Mcdi* 

10. HugonisdcS. Vidorc, de ArrhaAnimae, Tradatus. 

11. S.Bafilii, Cicfar. Epilcopi, Ammonitiones ad Monachos. 

12. Caelarii Arelat. EpiTcopi, dc tribus Habitaculis, Sermo. 

13. De Pocnitentia, Trattatus. Ut narrat divinaScriptura. 

S z If. 

132 L I B R I Mss. 

7 D XVIII ^XXIV. tv«. 

14. HilderbcrtiCenoman.Epifcopi, Rhythrnus. Alpha & m. 

15. Exultatio Animae rcdemptae, fecundum Anfclmum. 

16. Dc quindccim Signis, ante Diem Judicii. 

Liber oiim DomusJcfudeBethlcem, Ordinis Carthufienfis, per Johan- 
nem London. 

XVIII. Sen tcntiarumTheologicarum&Moralium Liber: cui dceftlni- 
tium&Finis. XII 

XIX. Precationum Libellus. In Charta. x\ i 

XX. Gualtcri Delocni Commentarius in 3 prima Capirula Gcncfcos, 
RegiE. 6 pro Strena datus. Charta. xvi 

XXI. I. Innocentii Papae III, de Contcmptu Mundi, Liber. xiv 
a* Tohannisdc Sando Edmundo, Summa. 

3. Dc Articulis Fidei, Tradtatus. 

4. Dc Vinca Juftorum & Malorum, Traftatus. 

5. Dc Deprecationc Jufti aflidua, Tradlatus. 

C. S. BafiJii, EpifcopiCasfariXi Amnionitiones. 
7. De introitu Hominis & exitu^ Tradatus. 
%. De 12 Gradibus Superbiae. 

Intra operculum, fie fcribiturj Ifle Liber conjlat Fratri Thome Champ- 
nefj Monacho IVeJlmonaJlerii. Item, alia manu 5 funt in Anglia Ecclejie 
^arochiales 4501 1 : Item, Ville 52080. Item Feoda Militum 60215 i 
de quibus Religiofi habent 28015 : Item^ Comitatus 16 & dim. Vide 
S B XV. D IV. 1 7 B XLVIL 

XXIL I. Dicta Salutis s Liber fie didtus^ qui incipit, Hec efiviai am-- 
bulate in ea. Prima pars hujus Codicis vidctur cflc Robcrti Holcot Liber, 
dc Pcccatis mortal ibus. xv 

2. JohannisSowle, Divifiones Thematum. 

aXIII. Henrici Rooke, Difputatio dc Sacramcntis, quae clicitur ex fep- 

tima Seflione Concilii Tridentini. In Charta. xvi 

. XXIV. Guitmundi Averfani Archicpifcopi, de Corpore & Sanguine 

Domini, Liber. xii 

In fine deftint Folia 3 8, fecundum Librum Imprefium. 

2. Aldelmi Sherburncnfis Epifcopi, dc Virginitate, Liber profaicus, ad 
Hildelitham Virgincm &c. Literis Saxonicis. viii 

3. Epiftola ad Ehfridum. Trimitus pantorum. 


134 LiBRi Mss. 

7 E IV X. 4*^ 

IV. Johannis Bromyard, Summa Pracdicatorum, ordinc alphabctico.xiv 
In initio fcribitur ; Liber de Claujiro Roffenji, per fratrem Thomam 

Horftede Trecentorem. In fine : Orate pro Colleiiore. 

V. I. Joliannis Borough PupillaOculi. xv 
2. Guilielmi de Monte Handuno, Sacramentale. 

Hunc Codicem quinquies oppignoravit Johannes Corfce, ut patct in 
primo folio, fic : 

Cautio Domini Johanins Corfce, excepta in Cifta dc Gylford A. D, 
i483,5**dicMaii : ct jacet pro lo j. 

Renovatur Cautio hec 24 Januarii A. D. 1485 : ct jacet pro 16 s. 

Cautio M. J. Corke A* D. 1488 in Cifta dc Wagon : et jacet pro 

26 s. 8 d. 

Renovatur hec Cautio per manus Magiftri Johannis Corke A. D. 15 10, 
22 die Mends Maii: et nunc jacet pro zos. 

Item eodem die renovatur per manus ejufdem Magiftri Corke } et nunc 
lacet pro 16 s. id. 

VI. I. Formula adorandi Jefum Chriftum. xii 

2. Martyrologium Romanum. 

3. S. Benedifti Abbatis Admonitio ad Monachos. 

4. Initia Lcdlionum inDiesDominicos& Feftos,et£xpofirionumearundem. 

5. S. Lucac & Johannis Evangelia. xiii 

6. S. Pauli Epiftolae. 

VIL Rogcri dc WaUham, Compendium morale, dc quibufdam Didis 
& Fadis Antiquorum. xv 

VIII. Petri Londincnfis Archidiaconi, Panthcologi Libri 12. xili 
Liber olim dc Clauftro RofFcnli, Alexandri dc Glanvill Prioris. 

IX. Rationale Divinorum Officioruni, Libris viii. xiv 
Liber olim Monafterii B. Marie Radingie. 

X. I. InnoccniiiPapac ni,dc niifcria humanac Conditionis, Libri 3.XIII 

2. S. Bcrnardi Abb. Clarcv. Speculum Monaflicac Profcfllonis. xiV 

3. Dc Caufa Monachiad Bdlialcm vitam dcvoluti. 

4. Dccbratio dc qiubu:> rebus fratres minorcs habent u(uni, 

5. Qimlucr Pocniicntiarius debet intcrro^aria Confitcutc. 

6. Alcxi!Klri dc Sando Elphido, dc Potcftarc Ecclcfiallica, Libri 3. 

7. Qiacftioncs in 4 Libros Scntcntiarum. 

8. Errorum & Concordiarum circa fcnfiim Scripturac, Liber. 

9. CoJlcdioncs ex S. AuguUino, de vera Religionc, bcata vita, duab is 



7 EX. 4^0. & 7 FI ^V. Folio. 

Animabu^, Doftrina Chriftiana, libero Arbitrio^ Bono conjugali> Virgini- 
ratc, PcrCcvcrantia, Ccrreptione & Gratia^ Natura Boni, Anima, Fide& 
Opcribu5, Hacrcfibus, Trinitatc. 

7 F. Folio. 

I. Alexr.ndri Canonici Circceftric, Speculum Spcculationuiu, 4 Libris. 


II. I. DcVcncno.Lihcty Ratia yeneni canvenitTeccato. Balcusdi- 
cit cflc Robcrti Lincoln. xiv 

2. Robcrti Groftctc Line. Epifcopi Scrmoncs49. 

3. S. Auguftini Sermo, ut res commodatae vcl invcntac rcddantur. 

4. i Sermo, de pcriculo Saccrdotii ct dc duobus Divitibus avaris. 

5. Robcrti Groftetc Line. Epifcopi, de ccflationc Legalium, Liber. 

6. dc loMandatis, Liber. 

7. Scrmoncs alii 2. 

Liber quondam Ecclcfiac Beati Petri Weftmonafterii. 

III. I . Petri Comeftoris Hiftoria Scholaftica V. & N. Teftamenti. xii 
2. Expofitiones de V.& N. Tcftamento, 9 Libris. 

Hunc Librum fcripftt Robertus filius Radulphi^ Oifcipulus & Scriptor 
ultimus Magiftri Robcrti Boni dc Bedeforde. 

Scriptus eft Liber ifte Annotertio Coronationis Regis Ricardi; quern 
fcriberc fecit C. de Chanville, bonac memoriae Abbatiflabcatac Mariae de 

IV. Petri Londini Archidiaconi, Pantheologi pars 3* & 4*. xiii 
In hujus Cod ids prima paginaJfic fcribitur diverfa manu: Lihr Van- 

theologi per fratrem Thamam de Horjiede Mmachum de Clauftro Rof- 

Huncfi quis titulum toHat radatve dolofe^ 

Eterne (iimulum pene fubeat tediofe. 

V. I . Gualteri Mapes, Plandus fuper Epifcopis^ Tradatus metricus u- 
nicae Paginae. ^ xil 
2. Hugonis de S. ViAore, Annotation es elucidatoriac in Hierarchiam 
Diony fii Arcopagitae, Libris 15. 

2. Gualteri Mapes, Apocalypfis Goliae Pontificiss Traftatus metricus. 
Liber erat fcriptus in ufus Monachorum S. Mariae dc Kirkftcde. 



L I B R I Mss. 

7 F VI XIII. Folio. 

■ VI. Patcrii Liber Tcftimoniorum V.& N.Tcftamcnti, qucmdcOpuf- 

culis S. Gregorii Papae cxccrpi curavit. xii 

Liber eft Marie de Circceftre, D. Andrcc Abbatis fccundi ejufdem Loci 

tempore fcriptus, per manum Walteri Canonici & Diaconi> D. Adam de 

X»amora tunc Cantore. 

VII. I. Q^HoratiiFlacciEpodoram duo Folia, OpcrculoCodicisaffixa. 


2« Rogeri Baconis, de poteftate Mathematicac, Liber. Manifefto quod 
multae praectarae Radices. Pa. i . 

3. Defcriptionum Locorum Mundi, Liber. Pag. 82. 

4. de Vifu& Speculis, Liber. Pa* 125. 

5 . d e utilitate Aftronomicae, Liber. Pa. 1 3 j . 

6. de laudibus Mathematicae, Liber. Pa. 141. 

7. Compendium Studii Thcologici, 3 Lib. P. 153- 

8. P. Ovidii Nafonis, deVetula, Libri tcrtii Pagina. Pa. i64« 

9. Rogeri Baconis> de Naturali Philofophia, Libri 4. Pa. 165. 

VIII. 1. — — de multiplicatione Spccierum^ Liber. xiii 

2. Pcrfpeftivac, Liber. 

3. ■ Compotus Naturalium, Libro i. 
De prctio horum 2 Codicum, vide 7 B XII. 

IX. Syncdi Dordracenx Judicium de quinque Dodrinx Capitibus in 
Bclgio controverfis, autogra'plnim. InCharta. xvn 

X. Petri Comcftoris Scrmoncs 80. xii 
Liber olim deClauftro Roflfcnfi, per J. Priorcm. 

XL Bartholomaei Florarii, Florarium. xvi 

XII. r. Guliclmi Ockam, dc fauroribus Haeretlcorum, Libri 7 . xv 
2. decrroribus Johannis Papac 22, Liber, f^erba oris ejus iniquitas. 

Liber Domus dc Balliolo in Oxon, ex dono revcrcndi in Chriftopatris 
& domini, domini Williclmi Gray, Elicnlis Epilcopi. 

XIII. r. Expofitio in 4 Libros Scntcntiarum Petri Lombardi. In Li- 
bro primo de my.'terio Tr/ ait a: is n'iquid dixit. xni 

2. ExtrAcla ex lloberti Mcludcnfis Scntcntiib. T^e quinque Studiis cog^ 
nofcende v-ritati^, 

3. Q.ucftioncs & Solutioncs Tlicologicac 71. ^are Lex ante Evan- 
gelium ? 

4. Joiunaii Cornublcnfij, dc Hominc afllinipto. Liber. 



LiBRI Mss. 

7 F XIV. Folio. 
Ai. InTcntory of the Wardrobe of the Frincefs Dowager in Baynard's 
Cafllc, 26 H. VIII. 

44. Charges of the Navy for a Month, in the time of H. VIII: viz. Ships 
135, Mcni07JP» Money 3775 !■ 19 s. lod. 

3$. Viftis ezpenfarum Hofpitii R.egis in annum 1 3 H. VIII : quarumfum- 
maeft i29i9l<2 s. 6^. 
2tf. Redditus Hcnrici Marchionis Exon. 

27. Caidinales omnes, vivcntes in menfe Aprili, i $ jo. 

28. Pcocuratorium Cardinalis Julii de Medicis pro epifcopatu Wigorn. 

29. An Original of the Grant of 45. in the Found to the King, 
by the Convocation of Yorfc» A. D. i s^o. 

140 L i> R I MssJ 

« A V XI. 8^*. 

V. Homiliac in totum Annum. ©^ Adventu. ^ominuf prope efi. xiv 

VI. I. Expofitio brcvis Orationis Dominicac, i o Pracccptorum & lo 
Pligarum Acgypti. Tater &c. Hoc nomine. xii 
2. Formularius Curiae Rothomagenfis. 

3* Colledtiones plures aliae, Theologicac, Philofophicae, Logicac &c 
Liber quondam Willielmide Clara, quem portavitad S. Auguftinum. 

VII. !• GualteriHylton, dc militate Religionis, Liber. xf 

2. Ricardi RoUe^ Heremitae de Hampole, de emendatione vitae, iivedc 
regula vivcndi, Liber 5 five (ut Baleus) de emendatione Peccatoris. 

3. ■ Curfus dc eterna Sapientia 5 five(ut Baicus) Officium nomi- 
nisjcfu. Lib. i. 

4» in Lcdiones Mortuorum, Liber. 

VIII. Petri Comeftoris, Ailegoriac V. & N, Teftamenti. xii 

IX. I. Speculum Eccleftaei feu^ Gemma Saccrdotum, cum Glofla. 


2. Expofttio in Oratidncm Dominicam & Symbolum Fidei. 

3. Cantilenae ad Deum & Virginem Mariam. 

4. Sententiae ex Patribus cOUedae. 

5. Summa brcvis in foro poenitentiaii, extrada ex Summa Raymundi de 

6. Berengarii TufcuIahenHs Epifcopi^ Cafus, in quibus Sententia Excom- 
snunicationis major fertur ex jure. 

7. Toharinis dc pulchro Rivo, Diftinftio tcmporis fecundum motum Solis 
& Lunae. 

8. Petri ValriaciClerici, 80 Hymnorum Liber 5 cum GloflTa. Complevit 
ipfos Tholofe A. D. 13 11. 

Iftc Liber quondam pertinuitPrioratuideBufhmedeinCom. Bedeforde. 

X. I. Didtaminum Liber. xin 
2. ExpofitioinLaudes B. Mariae. Ave maris Stella &c. InhocVerfu. 

3 ^ De Peccato, Liber. Trimo videndum eft quid fit Teccatum. 
4. Homiliae in varia Anni tempora. 

XI. I. Sermonum Liber. Veccatamea. xiii 

2. S. Hieronymi Epiftola ad Rufticum Monachum, de forma vivcndi. 
Nihil eft Chriftiano felicius. 

3. DcHominc, & ejus partibus, dc aetatibns Homini5, dc Portcntis & dc 
Transformatis, Liber. Natura di£ia ab eo quod nnjci. 

142^ LiBRi Mss^ 

8 A XIX XXL 8^". 

i. Auftoritatcs Libroram Philofophiac Ariftotclis, Commentatorum, 
Thcmittii, Scnecac & Boetii. Cum omne movens. 
J. De Anima & ejus potcntiis, Traftatus- Sicut dicit VDamafcenus. 
4* Dc Sphacra Traft. Tra^atum de Spaera in. 

5. Termini Naturalcs. Natura eft principium. 

6. Proportioncs. Omnis Vroportio eft. 

7. De Officio Judicis, Traftatus. Videamus qualiter &. 

%, De clcftionibus Praclatorum & Abbatum. Cum Ecclefie Dei nil. 
9. De forma vifitandi &Reformationis. 

XIX. I. Juliani Pomerii, Archiepilcopi Toletanij Prognofticorum fu* 
turi Seoul i, Libri s* xii 

2. Hymnus ad Deum. Alpha & m. 

I. Hymnus Ave Maria, cum Notis Muficis. 

XX. Jo. Gordoni Scoti Parsnecicon^ ad Ja. Davium Cardinalem^ contra 
Fapam & Cardinalcs. In Charta. xvii 

XXI. I. Alexandri Ncckam, dc vita Monaftica, Pocma. ^id de^ 
ceat Manachum. xiii 
%. Dc Chrifto, Pocma. Matutinali damnatur tempore Chriftus. 

3. Dc Poenitentia, Traft. CircaToenitentiamquatuor. 

4. Collcftioncs Thcologicac, ex Patribus. 

5. Innoccntii Papacs, dc Miferia Conditionis humanae, Lib. 

6. Vcrfus varii Argumcnti. Verfificaturo quedam tibi tradere cur0 

7. Liber SciniUlarum, five Scntentiarumde divcrlis Voluminibus. 2)^- 
fninus dicit in Evangelio. 

8. Dc Pcccaiis, Tratl. Omnis Tlaga Trifiitia Cordis eft. 

9. Expofirioin Orationcm Euciiarilticam ; §luiadignum &juftum eft.\ 

10. Dc divina Scriptura, Tract. Accedentibus ad divinam Scripturam. 
n. Martini Bracarcnfis Epifcopi, Formula Vitac honcftacj five, dc dif- 
forcntiis quatuor Virtutum, Liber. 

12. Expofuio variorum Noaiinum Vctcris Tcftamcnti, fccundum ordi- 
nem Librorum. Dccft primum folium. 

13. Ifidori Hilp. Epifcopi, Synonymorum five Soliloquiorum, Libri z. 

14. DcDcotScc. Trad. Omnibus omnia eft. 

15- G. Abbatis Gloccftriac, Litcrac quacdam. 

16. Diftin£Honcs iccundum Aiphabctum, ab A ad C. §^are Anima 

Chrifti dicit ur unica ? 



144 L I B R I Mss. 

gBV VIII. 8^0. 

8. A.M. T. S. Boethiiy dc Confolatione philofophicai Liber i^ & pars 

2^K XI 

Liber olim S. Edmundi, de procuratione Fratris Henrici de Kirkeftcdc. 

V. Liber Moralium Job> fecundum inftitutioncm aliquorum Patrum. xii 

VI. I. Difputacio inter Vinum& Aquam : Rhythmic^. F. i. xvii 
2. Ludus Fortuicorum. Rhythm. F. j. 

|. Difputatio inter Mundum&Religionem. Rhythm. F.7. 

4. Virtutes&effeftusCrucis Denarii. Rhythm. F. i6. 

5. Difputatio inter Corpus &Animam. Rhythm. Fo« 18. 

6. Nomina Pontificum Rom. qui fuerunt tempore Regum AogliaCi ab 
Alfredo adRic. 2. F. 24. 

7. Nomina Sandloram Regum in Anglia. F. 25; 

8. Nomina Militum Cuiielmi Conqueftoris. F. 26. 

9. Interpretatio Nominum Apofiolorum. F. 27. 

10. De vanitate mundanae Gloriae. Rhythm. F. 29^ 
ir. Difputatio inter Cor& Oculum. Rhythm. F. 29, 

12. Lamentatio pro morte. Rhythm. F. 30. 

13. Speculum Miferiarum fencftutis. Rhythm. F. 31. 

14. Philippi Etoq, de aetatibus Hominis, Trad. Rhythnu lb. 

15. Quomodo GradusCaloris&Frigorisfunc diftinguendi. F. 32. 

16. Flos Medicinaeabbrcviatus. Rhythm. F. 3 3- 

17. Fr.Petrarchae, fuper Hiftoriam Waltcrii Marchionis & Grifeldis Uxo- 
ris ejus, Traft. Fo. 3 3 . 

VII. Dc Regno Chrifti Liber 5 qui Strcna datus eft R. Edwardo 6. In 
2 Vol. Charta. xvi 

VIII. I. Stimulus Amoris divini : 3 Libris. Currite Gentes undique. 


2. ExpofitioOrationisDominicac. O immenfa dementia. 

3. Bcrnardi Abb. Clarevallis, de Lamcntationc B. Mariac, in Paffionc 
Filii fui, Trad. 

4. BonavcnturaeCard. Meditationes. Anima^ei. 

5» dc Con tempi at ionc, Traft. Ecce defer ip/t. 

6. Bcrnardi Abb. Clar. Meditationes. Muiti multafciunt. 
Hie ciiam Codex igne nupcro pcriit. 



L I B R I Mss. 

8 B XV^-^XX. & 8 C L 8V. 

mI c 

illra quinqtifcs Vigihti xii Lctrcc. Sdmrnac Lcucartitri a trtra tifquc ad fidcra 

c. M c 

tea ix Milia jcix nit. xxxVtt Lcace. 

Sunt in Regrtd Anglic ExrcVcfitr par6chialcs 46100. Sunt in codcrti rcg* 
nb VWIatt jioXo. Sunt in t6dem Regno iPdoda Milit. «o2i5. Dc quibus 
fttat fcoda Rcligiofomm 2801 5. Comitatus 58. €oteitcs 19* Epifcopcitus 
17. ft^obitur pdr ScSccatiuAi 'Domini Regis &c. 

In fine fie fcribitur 5 Ego habui ijlum Librum de Johanne FoUrde : Et 
ilk habuit de me 12 T tiles Tergameni ; que vnlebdnt^ Het efHino, 2 s. 
Et etiam Gener Jhtls habnit tinum ffdr Mdtutinm^UfH, IfHevalebknt zod. 
Ety fiprediitus "binir^ vik;. Williehnus Scarche vult fefiituere inihi pre^ 
di^a^ vel AJJignatis meis^ habeat Librum iftum^ in nomine Domini. Et 
alibi : Ifte Ltt^pirmet UxWi Willielmi Scorche.filie Johamis Fovfrde 
de ^orchejler 5 qui Johannes Fowrde debet mihi 1 8 d. 

XVI. De Arte Morichdi, liber. Cum de prefentis. xv 

'XVn, Dc varriis If^cccaforum gcncribus & rcmcdiis coram Liber muti- 
1ns. XV 

XVIII. Scintiilarum Liber> dc divcrfis colleftus. Dcfunt 4 'Cap. ulti- 
nta. XIV 

XIX. Ca^fliodori Senatoris, Epiftolarum Liber 9. xiv 

XX. I. Argumcnta pro Concionibus per totum Annum. InCharta. 


2. Colleftiones ex Libris imprcffis, Theologicac & Hiftoricae. 

8 C. 8^^ 

I. I. JohannisWaldeby, inOrationem Dominicam, Liber : qui & Zf/- 
nerarium Saint is d'lcituv. InCliarta. xv 

2. in Salutarionem Angeiicam, Liber. 

3* in Symbolum Apoftolorum, Liber. 

4. Liclifield, on the 5 Senfes. 

5. Jolin Waldeby, of the 7 deadly Sins. 

<5. Qiialitcr Horae canonicac funt diccndac^ & dc impedimcrttis earum% 

Hore canonice prvpter. 

7. Of Charity. Of alle Virtues. 

t. A Rcule of the Liifofourc Lady. 



8 C II ^V. 4^«. 

II. I. Guliclmi dc Pagula, Speculum Rcligioforuno, Lib. i. Accipite 
vos religiofi, xv 
a. Oculi Saccrdotis prima pars. Cum Ecclejie. quibus. 

3. . " dcxtrapar5u Multi funt Sacerdotes. 

4. ■ finiftra pars. Ignorant ia Sacer datum. 

III. I . De gcneribus Inftri^mcntorum Muiicorum in V. Teftamcnto, 
Tradt. Ttbi^ T^ardane^ de aliis. ix 

2. Expofitio Miflae. Trimum inordine. 

3. Quaefiiones de ordine Baptilmi. Jornada infifntes. 

4. Dc ordinc Miffac, Traft. Ordo Miffae a S. Tetro. 

5 . Pifputatio Grammaticalis. ^id tibi mdemur. 

IV. I . Roberti Groftetc, Line. Epifcopi, dc Saccrdotali Officio, Diftinc^ 
tiones : alias vocatae Templum Domini. xiv 

2. Nicholai Ambianenfis, Ars Fidci Catholicac; cumQofla : Clcmenti 
Papac 2 infcripta. 

3. Johannis Garlandii, dc Miraculis B. Mariae, Liber Mctricus: cum 

4* M. T. Ciceronis, Epiftolarum Folia 4. 

5 . Sententiae ex Patribus colledae> in varia Argumenta. 

6. Algorifmus. Metricc. Hec Algorifmus Jlrs preCens. 

7. Poftillae in Genefin & Exodum. Inprincipioi iaefty inVerbo Juo. 

8. Commentarius in Secundum Librum Scntcntiarum. 

9. Moralis Philofophiae Liber. Moralium dogma ^hihfophorum. 

10. Poftillae fuper primum nodurnum Pfaltcrii. 

1 1. De Mifla & Horis Canonicis, Tradtatus. 

12. Glofla fuper Prognoftica Hippocratis. 
^3, ' — tfuper Theophilum, de Urinis. 

14. — fuper Philarctum, de Pullibus. 

15. fuper Aphorifmos Hippocratis. 
Liber olim Coenobii S. Edmundi Regis. 

V. I . Petri de Riga, Speculum Ecclefiac j metricc. ^eeft initium. xiv 

2. Sermones 14 variorum. 

3. Colieftionesex Patribus. 

4. Expofitio Epiftolae Pauli ad Romanos. Sicut Trophetae pofi Legetn. 

Deficit in fine. 

5 . Expofitio in Symbolum Fidei 5 dxifoL^ios. 

U2 6. 


LiBRi Mss# 

8 C VI, VII. 4^^ 

6. Expofitio variorum Noniinum & Phrafium linguae Latinac 5 praccipuc 
Juris Civilis. Exacts a Romana Civitate Regibus. 

7. Dc peccato Tradlatus. T^uas regiones commemorat Sacra Scriptura. 

VI. Exhortationes S. Patrum ad Monadios i ex tranilationc S. Hicro- 
nymi. Interrogavit quidatn. xin 

VII. I. Regulac dicendi facctac J Metricac. Non unus Laqueus nee- 
tit J non una Cathena. xv 

2. Calendarium. xiii 

3. S. Heldcgardis Prophetiea dc quinque futuris temporibus, queceperunc 
A. D. 1 100. XIV 

4. Dc Salucatione Angelica, Trad, ubi notandae func Caufae, quarequod- 
libct Verbum in ifta Salutationc, Ave Marie, difplicct Diabolo. xv 

5. Commcntarius in Ave Maris Stella &c. 

6. Confcflionis forma. Canfiteor tibi, Tater. 

7. Dc Officio Saccrdotis, TraQ:. ^Ah ! Nomine, ^eus. 

S. Dc Adorationc & Confeffionc, Trad. In Oratione^ quefemper. 
9. S. Bcrnardi Abb. Clar. dc Plandlu B. Mariac, Traftatus. 
1 o Mcditationcs. Multi multafciunt. 

11. Ifidori Hiip. Epifcopi, SynonymorumfivcSoliloquiorumLibri 2. 

12. De 14 BcatudinibuSy quas habebunt jufti pod: judicium : & dc 14 mi- 
fcriis Reproborum. 

13. Dcfaifitatc hujus Vitac, Trad. O Vitahujus feculu 

14. S. PauUvifio. Vidit^aulus ante Tort as. 

15. Dc Contemplationc Vitac humanae, Tradatus. Tria funt genet a 

16 Gulielmidc Montibus, dc Pocnitcntia, Traftatus. 

17* Dc ncgligentia, quae potcrit accidcrc circa Sacramcntum Corporis & 

Sanguinis Domini, Trad. Cum de Corpore vel. 

18. Innoccntii 3 Papac, dc Contemptu Mundi, Libri 3. 

19. Dc imitatione Chrilti Liber. G^i fequitur me. Deficit in Cap. 


20. Vitae breves Sandorum Francifci, Thomae Hercfordenfis Epifcopi, 
Dcodegarii, Germani & Sociorum, Melori, Fidis, Marcii Marcel li, A pu- 
Jei, Nicafii & Sociorum, Edwardi Regis, Kalixti Papac, iilfrani, Lucac, 
Romani,Simonib & JudaCjCrifpini ct Crifpiniani,Quintini,Leonardi,Claudii 
& Sociorum, llicodori, Lucii, M«tuti, Edmundi Archiepifcopi, Hugonis, 



t C VII IX. V. 

Aniini, Edmundi Regis, Lini, Saturnini & vSifunni, Andrcie, Sulpitif, 
Prilcac, Wcftani, Pauli, Matildis, Juliani, Brigidac, Blafii, Vcdafti&A- 
mandi, ScolaQicac, Valcntini, Perpctuac & Fclicitatis & Cuthbcrti. 
21. Forma Dcdicationis Ecclcfiac. O quam metuendus. 

VIII. I. Elucidarium, 4 Libris. Sipius rogatus aCondifcipulis^ xv 

2. Flos Thcologiac i five Argumcnta in 134 Subjcfta luoralia, ordine 
alphabctico. Triplex eft Abfitnentia, 

3. Thcmara dc EpiftoIisDominicalibus. Abjiciamus opera tenebrarum. 

4. Tabula alphabctica Argumentorum ex Bibliis. 

IX. I. G^nealogia Patriarcharum, ulque ad Chriftum. Ex horum 
Yatriarcharum. XIIX 

2. Vitae breves Apoftolorum, & Patrum paucorum. 

3. Petri Comeftons Hiftoria Scholaftica 5 ufque ad Librum Ruth. 

4. Origenis Adamantii, Gloflarum in V. Teftamemum partes^ pro quibof 

5. Differentia inter Angeles, Homines & Dcmones. 

6. Theoplirafti & Hieronymi Argumenta de Nuptiis. 

7. Scntentiac ex Auguftino. 

8. S. Cypriani Garth. Epifcopi, Epiftola, quod Uxor non eftducenda. 

9. De quinquc Senfibus, Trad. Ver 5 SenfuSy quafi. 

10. Dejcjunio, Traftatus : ex Hieronymo. Hec ex Arjtumentis. 

11. De Accentibus, Fundis, Notis & Tropis, Trad. Figure Accentuum 
decern. / 

12. De Naturis Herbarum, TradL Cum omnis fuper fides. 
II. De Steiiis, Traft. Inter luniutn Lune eft. 

I4« De futuro Judicio, Trad. Age j am cum ad ultimum. 

15. Dc Gula, & Incontinentia, Trad. Hicfuggtrendum. 

1 6. Plalmorum Davidis initia. 

17. Odonis de Temptatione, Trad. Autor& Judex. 
IS. Petri Comeftoris^ Hiftoria ScholafticaNt Tcftamenti. 

19- Cafuum Confcientiae, Traft. ToilutiOy que ex. 

20. Quaeftiones, ex Libris S. Auguftini. 

21. Scriptorcs V. & N. Teftamenti. 

22. Petri Gomtftoris Scholaftica Hiftoria Ad uum Apoftolorum* 
Liber olim S. Marie dc Rading. 

i^O LiBRI Mss. 

8 C X— XVII. & 8 D I III, 4*'. 


X. JacobldeVoragineJanuenfiSy Lcgenda San£toram. Deficit in Cap. 
«a. XV 

XL Cau(a inter Moyfen Procuratorcm Jefu, et Belial Procuratorem in- 
fernalem i eixi^ho$. « xv 

XII. I. Jacobi de Voragine, Sermones 98 quadrageftmales. ^uamvis 
S0lemnitds quddragefimuUs. xv 
2. B. Mariae Miracula. jid omnipotentis 7)ei. 

Liber quondam Johannis Brifto v Monachi de Hales. 

XIII. Hymnorum Ecclefiafticorum, com Notuiis Muficis^ Liber. Clare 
Ssmff^Mm Senatus. xii 

XIV. H. Monachi dc Salteria, de Purgatorio S. Patricii, Traftatus. 
Juffifiis, Voter. xiii 

XV. Meditationum deVita Chrifti & Mariae, Libri5* O T^omine, 
fanBe ^mter cmmifotms. xiv 

XVL I. Licentia eligcndi Epifcopum Ciceftriae, Data A. D. 1253. xiii 

2. Flos Theologiae ; (tvc, Argunventa in i jc Sul^eda Mocaliat ordinc 
olphabetico. duplex tft AifiinentU. 

3. Gulielmi de la Furmenterie^ Pharetra i 4 lifaris. A Cmnvtrjionis 

XVII. Prophctia Johannis Brydlyngton. xiv 

Liber ^im S. AugoRini Cantuanonfis. 

8 D. 4to. 

I. I. Johannis Btirougli, l^illaOculi, 10 Libns. »r 
2. Johannis Lynwood, Tabula tflphabccfica xn eandcm. 

II. I. Argumemam*3^ Sdbjeftamonalia. yirtusfic JUffmtw: xvi 

2. Johannis Soulei, Divifioncs Thcmttum, Lib. i. 

3. Argumenta in varia Themata moralia, ordxne:alphabctij0O) in literal, 
B & C. ^[yofn^mmtJ^ierJ'eJmsCkrifiusttkit. 

III. I. Brcviloquium Pauperis; 7 Libris. Fle£f0 gmiumia. xw 

2. Bartholomei 03c©n. fipifcopi, Liber paftoralis five pocnitieotialis. 
Nunquam nimis docetur. 

3. Forma eligcndi Abbatcm S, Albania 

4. Rabani dc Corporc & Sanguine Cliriflj, Lib. Quifquc Ca^ 

I?Z LiBRI Mss. 

8DVI IX. 4^. 

VI. I . Hugonis dc Operibus trium Dieram, Liber. Invi^ 
fibilia T^ei. xii 

2. Commenrarii in varies Pfaimos, ex Patribus exccrptL ^Q^ine ex^ 
audi &c. Titulus^ Oratio. 

3. S.Johannis Evangelium, 

VII. I . Ricardi Ck>ortefii Epifcopi Ciccft. An Corpus Chrifti fit ubiquc. 
Trad. In Charta. xvi 
2. Johannisjewel Epifcopi Sarum, Refponfionis ad Hardingi Confutatio- 
nem, prima pars. 

VIII. I . Exccrptioncs variae ex patribus. xi 

2. Kalendarium. Fo. ii. 

3. Hildeberti Cacnom. Epifcopi, Poema, dc MyftcrioMiflac. Fo. 33. 

4. S. Auguftini Regula, de vita Clcricorum. Fo. 41. 

5. — — Scrmo. Propter quodvolui & rogavi. F. 43 . 

6. Scrmo. Karitati vejirae hodie de nobis. F. 45. 

7. S. Macharii Monachi, Epiftola adfilios. In primis quidem. Fo- 47. 

8. Hcraclidis, Capp. Epifcopi, Epiftola ad Laufum Pracpofitum. ^«4- 
fropter hoc fciens, Fo. 49. 

9. Martini, Epifcopi Bracarenfis, Epiftola ad Mironcm Sucvorum Re- 
gem. Continentem fidiligis. Fo. 50. 

10. Cacfarii, Arclar. Epifcopi, Sermoncs 8. San£fus ac. Fo. 82. & 133. 

11. Eufcbii, Emifcni Epifcopi, Sermoncs 4 ad Monachos, Exhortaturnos 
Sermo. F. 89. 

12. Ivonis, Carn. Epifcopi, dcSacramentis Ecclefiafticis, Lib. 4. Fo. 94. 

13. ■ Scrmo dc S. Crucc. Fo. 108. 

14. Sermo dc diftinftionc utriufque Adventus Domini. F. no, 

15. • Scrmo de Naiivitatc Domini. F. iii. 

16. S. Bafilii Mnimi, Rciiuia j Lcctionibus 19- F. 125. 

17. S. Cypriani, C IT! Ii. Epifcopi, Scrmo de Oraiione Dominica. Fo. 136. 

18. — dc Morraiirarc 5 Scrmo. Fo. 147. 

19. S. Anii.uftini, Hip. Epifcopi, dc Dodrina Chriftiana, Liber primus. 
to. 141. 

20. ' Soliloqiiiornm Libri 2. Fo. rw. 

IX. I. S. Columbac Vira, axgf<xAc$i 3 Lib. xv 
2. br. AuL.iiC!;. , dip. hpiicopi> Kci^ub : cum Floribus Hugonis de S. Vic- 
torc 6c Nicohi '1 iivct in Cv.ndcm. 


8 D X XXIL 4^^ & 8 E r. Syo. 

X. Guliclmi Parificiifis, Scrmones per totum An^um 5 cumlndicc al- 
phabcrico. In verbis iftis habent. XV 

XI. Jacobi dc Voraginc, Scrmones quadragefimalcs. Xv 

XII. S. Auguftini, dc Scrmone Domini in Monte, Librii. xm 

XIII. Smaragdi Vcrduncnfis Abbatis, Diadema Monachorum, Libre i. x 
Liber olim Ecclefic Cathcdralis bcate Marie Wygornie. 

XI V. I. De ConfeflioneTraaatus. Confeffio debet ejfe. xiy 

2. Compotus Manualis. Intenti07iis inhoc. 

3. Dc 7 Sacramcntis, Traftatus. Not andum quod 7* 

4. Petri Comeftoris, Allegoriae V, & N. Teftamenti, Lib. 14. Impri- 
muntur inter Opera H. dc S. Viftore. 

5. Breviarium dc divinis Minifteriis & Ecclefiafticis Sacramentis 5 cxtrac- 
tum ex Libro Rationalis Divinorum, Willelmi Durantz. 

XV. Petri Comeftoris, Allegoriae V. & N. Teftamenti* Libri 14: 


XVL Johannis Cafliani Regula, Librisiz. xii 

Lib. r olim de Clauflro Roff^enfi, Silveftri Prioris. 
XVIL I. Tcrcntii, AndreaeFolia 4. XV. 

2. Sixii 4 Papae, de Chrifti Sanguine, Liber. 
Liber quondam B. Marie dc Hayles. 

XVIII. I . Dc inventione S. Grucis, Tradatus. Anno 233^ xiii 

2. Actuum Apoftolorum Hiftoria, Anno 19 If^p^riiTiberii. 

3. Rabani Mauri, Opus in honorem S. Crucis. Defunt 3 Gap. prima. 
Hie Codex per nuperum igncm confumptus eft. 

XIX. Dc Contcmptu Mundi 5 five Paupertas. Lib. Optatus tnibidiei 
advenerat. xiv 

XX. Innoccntii 3 Papae, de Contemptu Mundi Lib. 3. xiv 

XXI. Argumcnta ex S. Scripturis in varia Subjcda, ordine alphabetico. 


XXIL T. Petri Chryfologi, Raven. Epifcopi, Sermones 52. Hodie 
nobis T^ominus 7 at rem. xil 

2. Scrmoacs aiii plurcs. Beati pacificij dicit. 

8 E. 8^0. 

L Argumcnta ex S. Scriptura in varia Subjefta. §luod miffiis eft a 
Tatre. xiv 

X II. 

1^4 LiBRi Mss. 

8 E II X. 8v^ 

11. Connabium Jacob, )Libris: adLaurentium Monacum. ^um ad^ 
k$K ScoUris xir 

HI. Scrmonum five Lcdionum fupcr Evangel ia, Liber. Ecce Rex 
tuus &c. in iftis verbis Trophete. In Charta. xvi 

IV. Epiftolac dx^i^aXat. xiv 

V. Johannis Morris WalliciS pc culum Chriftiani 5 partim Anglicc, par- 
tial Latine. lufrittcifnocujuflibet. In Charta. xv 

VI. Pharetra, 4 Libris. Incipit, Gregorius in moralibus. Et dcfmit, Con- 
tinet hec pharetra demones ferientia tela. xiv 

Liber quondam Monafterii de Spalding. 

VII. I . Rcpertorium Bibliae. Sic Titulus in fine : fed eft Diftionarium 
ktinum, quale quale. In Charta. xv 

2. Literae in laudem Johaanis Montagu, ad Academiana Oxonienfem fcrip- 
tae A. D. 1446. 

3. Chronica, de Univcrfitate Cantabrigiae, ab Anno a Mundi crcationc 
4321, adA. D. 924. 

4. JohannisdeRupe Scifia, Prophetiac Liber; qui vocatur, Vademecum 

5. Johannis Pauli dcFundis, Quaeftio de duratione aetatis; A.D. 1433. 

6. Thefis in Quaeftionem, '* Nunquid Eccleftarum Cathedralium & alio- 
^ rum Beneficiorum Proviftones pertinuerunc originaiiter & immediate 
" ad Summos Pontifkes." 

Totus Codex tam male fcribitur, ut vix legi poflit. 

VIIL Hadriani Saraviae, de Euchariftia, Liber 5 Regijacoboprimoin- 
itriptus. In Charta. xvii 

EC. I . Alcxandri Ncckam, Laudcs divinae fapientiae, Libris 7 5 Me- 
tricc. xvi 

2. Guidonis Mcritonenfis Ecclcfiac Canonici Vita. 

Liber quondam Ecclcfie S. Marie dc Mcrton. 

X. Liber Monachorum S. Edmundi, cmptus per Dominum Joh. dc 
Brinkelc Abbatem, in quaternis-, & per fratrcm Robcrtum dc Bcclcs 
colligatiis : in quo contincntur Mcditationcs devotiffimc. xv 

1. Dc AmorcDci, cum aliis. 

2. Dc dilcclionc Proximi. 3. Dc Amicitia. 

4. De Angelis, ct coram rriplici Icrarchia. 

5. Dc Offivio Angclorum, 6cc^ eo;um bcatitiidinc divine vifioais. 



8 E X XIL 8VO, 

€. De Anima, & ejus Nobilitate. 

7. De Afcenfu fpirituali & humiliation c, 

8. De Fide & ejus cffeftibus. 

9. De Caritatc & ejus cxccUentia. 

10. De Afcenfu fpirituali. ii. De Beatitudine SanAorunu 

12. De Corona Sandorum* 

13. De Corpore Chrifti, & dc Converfionc Animc ad Dcum^ 

14. De ConfefTione. 15. Dc Gcnatriplici. 
16. DeOratione. i7. De EflcHominisa Dco^ 

18. De adnuUationc Effc Hominis. 

1 9. De exaltatione Hominis. 

20. De Gratia & ejus effeftibus. 

2 1 . De Gloria, & de Corpore glorificato, & de Refurrcdione Mortii©; 

22. De Signisprccedentibusgenerale Judicium^ &dc loco judiciali/ Scdd 

2 3 , De Igne fpirituali. 24. Dc Lege Chrifti, 

25. Dc Luce fpirituali. 

26. De Lumine & ejus proprietatibus. 

27. De Miferecordia in general!. 

28. De operibus Dci& Hominis. 

29 . De operibus humane Reparationis. 

30. DcPcccato & ejusefFcdlibus. 

3 1 . Dc Pcccato Blafphemie & Ingratitudinis. 

32. Dc Pcccato male Concupifcentic. 

33. Dc Divitiis, & carum contcmptu. 

34. De Comparatione Pcccatorumad Crcaturas. 

3 5 . De Peccati rcmiflione. 3 6. De Penitentia.^ 
37. Infomniorum interpretation ordinc alphabetic©. In Charta. 

XI. Gulielmi Farificnfis Scrmoncs Dominicaies, per totum Atiaum. 
In verbis ijiis habent. xv 

In fine fie fcribitur : Ex dono J ohanne Jordan vidue^ 14 dieFehuarii, 
Anno Regni Regis H. %fexto^ & anno fuomini 15 14. 

XII. I. Formularium praedicandi^axsfaAwr. XV 
2. Thematum divifioncs. Ad, quare^ per, propter ^ not at y in^Jimulantque^ 

X2 il 


LiBRI Mss. 

8 E XII — XVI. Sv-. 

3. Colucii Fieri, dc Seculo & Religionc, Lib. 2. 

4. D cclamationcs 2. 

5. Eufebii (vcl forte Eucherii) Homiliae 17. 

6. Dc membrorum Thcmatis fubdivifionibas, Notandum eft quod. 
Liber M'^L T. Stcvynfon, ex dono M. T. Gray, Militis & Executoris 

M. Wiilielmi Gray nupec Epifcopi Elienfis, qui obiit A. D. 1478. 

XIII. I. Scala Caeli 5 Liber ficdidus. In conftru£fione Tabernaculi. 


2. Scrmo dc Latrone bcato. ^eus erat inChrifto. 

3. S. Hieronymi Sermo, de vcfpere Sabbati Pafchae. §luomodojuxta, 

4. Maximi, Epifcopi, Scrmo in die Pafchae. Kon itnmerito. 

5. Leonis i,Papac, Scrmo de afccnfionc. Sacr amentum. 

6. Scrmo inPcntecoften. Hodierna, 

7. Scrmo de S. Trinitatc. Audilfrael&c. in his 'verbis. 

•8. — — — dcFcfto Corporis Chrifti. Tranftturus de Mundo. 

9. 'dc Nativitatc S. Johannis Bapt. Hodie, dileEiiffimi. 

10. ■ dc AffumptioncB. Mariac. Inter pre cipuas. 

11. dcDccollationc S. Johannis. Hodie nobis. 

12. S. Hicronymi Scrmo in Nat. B. Mariac. Adeft nobis. 

13. Scrmo de vencratione Rcliquiarum Sanftorum. AudiftiSy Fratres. 

14. in fcftivitate omnium Sanftorum. Hodie. 

1 5. Leonis, I, Papae,Epiftola ad Flavianum Conft.Epifcopum, dc incarnati- 
oncVerbi. LeiiisDileifionis tue. 

16. S. Auguftini Scrmo de Dedicationc. ReUe Fefta. 

Liber Richardi Smithi M. D. ex Dono Patrui Wiilielmi Smithi A®. 

XIV. Odonis Abb. Clun. Collationum Libri 3. xii 

XV. Flacci Albini, five Alcuini, Epiftolae 66. i ad Edilhardum Archie- 
pifcopum. Incipit, Audiens ueftrae. viii 

XVI. I. Quaeftionum in Gcncfin, Lib. dxi(p(x?ios. xii 

2. Intcrprctatio Nominum in i Cap. Matthaci. §lualiter per. 

3. Quaeftionum in Gcncfin, Lib. §luid eft quod in Genefi legit ur^ quia 
cum ejfet Moyfts in T)iverft>rio. 

4. Profpcri Aquit. Epifcopi Liber, contra oppugnatorcs S, Auguftini Libri 

5. Quaeftionum Thcologicarum, Trad, ^are fecit T^eus. 


8 E XVI XVIII. & 8 F I. 4'^ 

6. Qjiacftionum dc Opufculis S. Patrum cxtraftarum Liber. Utnmfofi 
Bap tifmum. 

7. Excerpta ex Patribus, in varia S. Pauli Epiftolarum loca. Nolumus vos 

XVII. I. De Confcflionc, Traftatus; quomodo fc habebit Confcflbr 
& Pocnitcns, Cum venerit. xm 

2. Martini Dumenfis Epircopi, de formula Vitac honcftac, ad Mironeoi 
Rcgem, Lib. 

3. Hugonisdc S. Viftore, dcinftitutionc Noviciorum, Liber. 

4. Inquirendorum in Confeflione Tract. Si fcienter © eum 

5. Dc illufione nofturna, Trad, ^luaetitur anpoft. 

6. 0(flo a Monachis obfcrvanda. Oitofunt que Ji. 

7. Scntcntiae ex Patribus collcftac. 

8. SolomonisProverbia, ordiiie alphabetico. 

9. Un Eftoire dc Sein Julicn, en Vers. Sicunieaien. 

10. Un Eftoire de Antecrift^ en Vers. Si de Antecrift. 

1 1 . Robcrti Groftcte, Line. Epifcopi, de Confeflione Trad. 

12. Mnximi Taur. Epifcopi Sermo. Fratres mei karijftmiy quiajejunattu 

13. ]ohannis Chryloftomi Scrmo. ConfiteminiT^otnino. 

14. Lconis I, Papac, Scrmoncs x. 1, Hebreorum quondam. 2, Mojffes qtta^ 

15- Provcrbes, en Vers. 

16. LaPlcincc dc Noftre Dame, en Vers. 

17. Raimundia Pcniaforti, Summae de Poenitcntiis, Lib^ 4^". 

18. Hiftotia brevis Adami & Davidis. TPoftpeccatum Ade. 

19. S. Pauli vifiopocnarumlnfcrni, 

20. Nicodemi Evangelium. 

21. De Pilati SC Judae Originibus & Penis, TradL 

22. S. Cluiliophorivita. Chrift ophor us genet e Chananeus. 

23. S. Brcndani vita. S. Brendanus filius Finlothi. 

XVill. I. Smaragdi Abb. Verdun* DiademaMonachorunw xa 

2. Cionicon breve abA° 1066 ad 1187* 

8 F. 4^^ 

L I. Aelredi Abbatis, de fpirituali Amicicia, Libri 3. xm 

2. Scntcntiae ex Antiquis Autoribus excerptac.. 
J. Petri Commcftoris, Aliegoriac V.& N. Tcftamcnti, Lib. lu 4- 


L I B R I Msi 

8 F II VI. 4*«. 

4. Benjamin Adolcfcentultis in mentis exceflfu : Liber Tic di&us. jfuJianS 

5. Hugonis Carnifiac Prioris, Mcditationcs. Bonum mi hiy Nomine. 
Liber quondam S. Marie de Laurentio de Ravcsby. 

II. I. Commentarius in S. Johannis Evangelium. Rarijfim au^ores 

& XV 

%. Ledura fuper Ecdefiaften^ Libro i ; forte Gulielmi Encurt. Solent 
hominesy cum aliquid. 

3. Rogeri Bacon, dc Morali Philofophia, Liber. 

4. Sermoin i Reg. xix, 5. Sicut homo can^onitur. 

III. I. Catonis Diftica. xv 
2. SermonesCatholicorum 7j. l^icit Apofiolus. xii 

IV. I. Sermones in totum Annum. T^icite filte Syon &c. Verba 
ijia affumptafunt. xv 
2. Liber Scintillarum. ^ominus dicit in Evangelio. 

3« Bernardi Abb. Clar. Meditationes. 

4. FlacciAlbini, HveAlcuini, de utilitate Animae, Liber, ad Guidonem. 

5. Leonis I Papae, dc conflidiu Viciorum & Virmtum, Liber. 

6. Expofitio fuper Ave Maris Stella. Incipit, In hoc verjk. 

V. I. Miraculumdcquodam Fabro. Noviautemipfefratrem. xiv 

2. Miraculum de Simulacro Chrifti. lllud quoque. 

3. Miraculum de Arbore inclinata in adventu Chrifti. Fertur etiam eo 

4. Ephraem Syri, de Judicio, Refurredione, Regno Caclorum, mundi- 
cia Animae &c. Libri 6. 

5. Bafilii Magni Admonitioad filium fpiritualem. 

6. Caefarii Arciat. Epifcopi & Ephraem Syri, Ammonitiones 2 (J, dc j 
generibusElemofynarum &c. 

7. S. Silvi Vita. 

8. Johannis, Alexandriae Patriarchae, vttac rclwlucim jper Lcontium Neap. 

Liber quondam S. Auguftini Briftoll. 

VI. I. Sermones varii. In Gharra. xv 
2. S.Pauli vifiopomarum Infcrni. 

3» Dc diei Dominicae obfcrvationc. Incipit epijlola de Chrifto filio. 
4. Expolitio allegorica Vifionis Ncbucodonofaris, in Dan. 11 5 32, 33. 


i6o LiBRi Mss. 

8F XII XIV. V^- 

3. Galfridi Hardeby Monachi, Scrmo in Rom.xii, 2. 

4. Recantationcs Ricardi Wiche & Johannis Purvey, VVicleviftarum. 

5. Wiclcvi Articulorum Condemnatio. 

6. Coloniac trium Rcgum Hiftoria. Cum venerandifflmorufn. 

7. Ofwaldi Kyrkc, Brcviloquium pro falfa & vera Dodrina cognofcenda. 

8. Quaeftiones quacdam Arithmcticae. 
9v Calendarium. 

10. Articuli inquircndi in vifirationc Ecclefiarum, 

11. Lircrac Regis H. 7, An^ R. 7%deduobusDecimis&Qtiintisdecimis, 
quas Parliamentum fibi conccifit, colligendis. 

XIII. I. Thomac Chabham, de Cafibus Pocnitentiac, Libri 7. xiv 
2. Audoritates Theologicae in varia Capita, ordine aiphabetica 

3* Guliclmi Cancellarii Parifienfis, Sermones fcftivalcs. 

4- Audioritates Theologicae in 153 Capita. Ver bum abbreviatum fecit. 

XIV. I . P. Virgilii Maronis Operum, duo Folia. x 

2. Grcgorii I, Papae, DialogorumLibri4. xv 

3. Hugonis deS. Viftorc, de ArcaNoe, Libri 4. Fo. 48. 

4. de quinque Septenis, Trad. Fo. 65. 

5. Roberti Holcotc, Philobiblon 5 quem Librum edidit fub nomine Ri- 
cardi Aungeruglc Bujienfis, Epifcopi Dunelmenfis. Fo. 69. 

6. Hugonis de S. Vidore, Didafcalicon. Multi Jimtyquos. Fo. 83. 

7. Speculum de Myftcriis Ecclcfiac. Fo. 106. 

8. Ricardi de S. Vidore, Libri de Contemplatione, compendium. 

9. De 7 gradibus Contemplationis, Trad. Contemplativorum. Fo. 132. 

10. Bernardi Clar. Abb. Formula Vitae honeftae. Fo. 1 34. 

1 1. ■ ■ deDiipcnfatione & Praccepto, Liber. Fo. 135. 

12. Hugonis de S. Vidore, dc inftitutione Noviciorum, Liber. Fo. 


13. Bafilii Magni, Regula virac folirariae, ad Monachos^ Fo. 151. 

14. Rcgula& Vita fratrum miiiorum, F0.155. 

15. Cypriani Carth. Epifcopi, de i 2 nbufivis, Lib. F. 156. 

16. Moralitatcs fupcr llaiiun Prophttani 5 impcrf. Beatus^ qui cuftodit. 
Fo. 159. 

17. Intcvpretatio Nominum Hcbraicorum 5 alphabcticc, F. 166. xiii 

18. Concilium Londmcnl'c autoriratc Ochonis Legaci ceicbratum A. D. 
1237. Fo. lyz. 



m '^ > w 

t. *- 



8 F XIV XVII. 4'^ Sc 8 G I III. Folio. 

1 9. Innocentii 111 Papac, dc mifcria hominis feu contemptu Mundi^ Lib.' 
primus. F. 174. 

20* ImagoMundi, Lib. 2. Septiformi Spiritu. Fo. 178. xiv 

21. Edmundi Cant. Archiepifcopi Vita. Fo. 192. XHI 

Liber olim Monachorum S. Edmundi. 

XV. I. Petri Abclardi Haereitum Capitula. xii 

2. Bernardi Abb. Clar. Epiftolae 74 i quarum variac contra praedidas 
Hacrcfcs Abclardi. 

3. Apologia, dc vita&moribus Rcligioforum ^ ad Guliclmom 

Abbatcm S. Theodorici. 

4. ———Epiftolae 9 plurcs. 

Liber. quondam Sandae Mariac Bdlc lande. 

XVI. Joachimi Abb. Florcntiac Librorum cxccrptionc9« xy 

2. Vita Adc ct Eve; dxitpa^^os. 

3. Paflio Chrifti, fecundum Nicodemum. 

XVII. I. Petri Blcfcnfis Epiftolae xoo. 

2. Compendium fupcr Job. 

3 . dc convcrfionc S. Pauli, Tradatus. 

4. dc transfiguratione Domini,Traftatus* 

5. ^ Sermones 47. 

8 G. Folio. 

I. Tabula Originalium Sacrac Scripturac, ordinc alphabeticb. ziv 
Liber olim Domini Ricardi Bcri, Epifcopi Dunclm. qucm fcribi fecit 


II. I. Robcrti Groftete, Line. Epifcopi, Liber Diftindlionum 5 ordinc 
2. Fabulae quaedam moralizatae. 

III. Petri dc Aureolis, Breviarium Bibliorum. xv 
In initio fie fcribitur : Ego Thilippus de Repyndon, Epifcopus nuper 

Lincoln, dono tftum Librum^ vocatum Tetrum de AureoliSy nove Jji^ 
brarie infra Eccltfiam Lincoln* de novo conftruende j refervando ufum ^ 
pojfeffionem iftius Ltbri Ricardo Fryfeby^ ClericOy Canonico & Trebenda^ 
rio Trebende de Miltoun, in vadium^ ad terrninum vite Jue ; & expoft 
ad ipfum Librum furfum reddendum & rejiituendum eidem Librarie feu 

Y Cufto^ 

i6z L I B R I Mss. 

8 G III VIII. folio: 

Cufiddibus ejufdem pro tempore deputatisifideltter & indilate. Script, 
manumea propria A.D. 1422, MenfisFebr. Hie 6. 

IV. I . Thomac,Abb. S. Andrcac VerccUenfis, Commentiriusrn Diony. 
Hum, dc Caclcfti Hicrarchia & Ecclcfiaftica, dc divinis Nominibus, dc 
Myftica Thcologia ; & in Epiftolam ejus ad Titum. xiv 
2* Ricardi dc S. Viftorc, dc 6 gradibus Contcmplationis, Lib, 

3. GuHclmi Altifliodorcnfis, Commentarius in 4 Libros Scnrcntiarum. 

Iftc Liber crat Ecclefic beatc B. Marie & S.Egwinide Evcfham; qucmad- 
quiiivit Ric. Pcnbroch,Monachus ejufdem, pretio 3 Marc. 6 s.Z d. 

V. Johannis Friburgenfis, Summa Confcflbrum, 4 Libris. xv 
Liber qui dicitur Summa ConfeJQTorum, bene corredus, de Domo de 

Scmpryngham, ex impetrationc Johannis de Glynton^ Canonici di^e Do- 
mus. Pretium 40 s. 

VL I. Rogeri dc Waltiiam, Compendium morale, de didis & faftis 
Antiquorun. xv 

a. Dc Cantu Philomelac mortem appropinquantis, Tradatus Rliythmicus. 
Philomela previa temper is ameni. 

3. Orationis Dominicae cxplicatio brevis, extradta ex Didis Sandorum. 
Secundum beatum. 

4. S. Auguftini Symbolum. 

5. Hugo dc S. Vidore, de % Bonis, quibus Deus placatur, & per quae homo 
Trinitatis imago efficitur, fie ait i Indicabo tibi &c. 

6. De Concordia Mifericordiaect Veritatis, &c. 

7. Bernardi Abb. Clar. de triplici mifericordia Dei, Traftatus. 

8. Paflionis Chrifti 7 Portiones. 

9. Bedae Presb. Rhythmus de Lapidibus preciofis. 

10. S. Francifci Vita& Miracula. 

11. S. Auguftini, de aflumptione B. Mariae, Tradatus* 

12. De affumptione B. Mariae, Traftatus. Sicut ex Tatre. 

13. S. Furfci Vita. 

Fuit oiim Liber Collegii de TatediaJe. 

VII. Hymnorum Liber, cum NotisMuficif. xv 

VIII. I. Commentarius in primum Librum Scntcntiarum. Utrum 
homini pro Jiatu ijio. 

2. Johannis Duns Scoti, Qiiacftioncs quodlibcrales 21. 

3. Commentarius in Diftindioncs 6 ultimas quarti Libri Scntcntiarum. 



8 G IX XI. Folio. 

IX. Dc diverfaconfuctudine legend! S. Scripturam, Libct. Nonnullo' 
rum fcribendi confuetudo eft. xiii 

X. Thomae Waldcn, contra Wiclcvjftas, Lib. 2. xT 
In primo folio fie repetitur fcriptum : 

FratTtlms Oxonie datur in manus Liber ifte 

Johannem fVhethamfted 
Verpatrem pecorum prothomartiris Angli^enarum : 
^uemji quis rapiat raptim titulumve retraffet, 
Veljude laqueumfurcas vel fenjiat Amon. 

£t in fine fie : 

Hunc Librum ad ufum Menacborum ftudentium in CilUgio GUueeftrit, 
Oxonii, affidavit venerabilis 'Pater Johannes Whethamftede, Abbss 
Monafterii S. Albani : vtncuhque Anathematis inmdavit illes omnes, 
quiaut titulumiUtus delere curavmnt./tut adufus applicare prejkmpfirint 

XI. Johannis Fributgenlis> Summa ConfefiTorum, 4 ^1^ 
Libct olim S. Albani. 



LiBRi Mss. 

9 A I, IL 1 2^ 

I. I. Magna Charta R. Ed wardi 3 ; five Charta dc Libcrtatibus Angliac 


2. Charta Forcftac. 3. Provifioncsdc Mcrtonc. 

4. Statuta dc Marlcbcrg. 5- Statuta Wcftmonaftcrii prima. 

6. Statuta Glouceftriac. 

7. Statuta Wcftmonaftcrii fccunda. 

«• Statutum, ^ia emptons Terrarum. 

9. Statutum, ^n/^ Fiws. 10. Statuta Eboraci. 

11: Modus facicndi Homagium. 12. Judicium Pilloriac. 

13. Aflifa Panis. 14- Dc Forcftariis. 

15. Statucum dc Lege Angliac. 16. Extcnta Mancrii. 

17. Vifus Franci Plcgii. iS. Statuta Lincolniac. 

19* Modus MenfurandiTcrram. 20. De Wardis& Rclcviis. 

21. Dc Bigamis. 22. Statutum Hibcrniac. 

23. Statuta cdita apud Weftmonaftcrium^ i £. 3- 

24. Statutum dc Armis. 25. Diffinitio Confpiratorum. 
26. Lc Scrmcnt dcs Vicc-Comptcs & dcs BaillifFs. 

2j. Modus calumpniandi Eflbnium. 

2 S . Statutum dc Attornatis. 

29. Compofitio Monetae. 3 o. Dc admiftis ad dcfendcndum. 

3 1 . Dc conjunftim feofFatis. 3 2. Dc protcdione. 

33. Statuta Wintoniae. 34. Dc Quo Warranto. 

35. Statuta Mercatorum. 36. Diftridioncs Scaccarii. 

37» Devocatis adWarrcntum. 38. Dc Militibus. 

39, Dc Recognitionibus* 40. Dc Religiofis. 

41. Statutum de Anno &Dic. 

42. Statutum dc Prifonis. 43. Statutum dc Confpiratoribus. 
44. Dies communes in Banco. 

Ignis abforpfir. 
IL I. Placita de Murdro, Coronatoribus, Vcrbcribus,Dotibus, Halcmo- 
tis, &c. XV 

2. Charta R. Johannis, de Subjcftione facia Romnnac Ecclcfiac, &c. 

3. R. Hcnrici3, de Libcrtatibus Angliac &: dc Libcrtatibus Fo- 

4. Statuta edita apud Mertone & Marlcbcrge. 

5. prima Wcftmonaftcrii. 



9 A II, III. I2^ 

6. ■ Glovcrniac, cum cxplanationibus. 
7. dc Rcligiofis Viris. 

8. de Scaccario Regis. 

9. Wcftmonaftcrii fccunda. 

10. — — — faftum apud Wintoniam. 

1 1 . dc Mercatoribus. 

12. dc Prohibitione rcgia, 

13. de cmptoribus Tcrrarum & Tcnemcntorum^ 

14. de Confpiratoribus. 

15. de Militibus faciendis. 

16. -de defenfionc juris. 

1 7. de vafto fafto tempore alienor 

18. dc Coheredibus filiabus. 

19. de Tcrris amortificandis, &c. 

20. de Efchaetoribus Regis. 

2 1. In quibus CaHbus Duellum & magna Aflifa poffiint jungi- 

22. Ordo de Wardis & Rcleviis habendis. 

23. Modus faciendLHomagium& Fidelitatem. 
24* Articuli Vifus franci plcgii. 

25. Compodtio de Ponderibus & Menfuris. 

26. Aflifa Panis & Ccrvifiae. 

27. Judicium Pilloriac & TumbcrcUi. 
2 8, Officium Coronatoris. 

29. Confuctudines Comitatus Kantiae. 

30. Expofitioncs Verborum Antiquorum Anglicanorum^J 
3 1 • Hofebondria pro Manerio cuftodicndo. 

Partem hujus Codicis ignis voravit: reliquum laceratiun nuUius cfli 
III. I. Ricardi de Montibus^ Summa. Slui bene praefunt . xiv 

2. Scrmoin i Cor. iii, 17. XV 

3. S. Auguftini Sermo in Orationcm Dominicam. 

4. Summa abbrcviata fuper V. & N. Teftamentum. 

5. Qiiacftionum Thcologicarum Liber alicujus tertius. Utrum divifM 
Natura potuerit uniri cum humana ? xiv 

6. Athanafii, Exhortatio ad Clericos. Etji qmdem. 
Hunc & fcquentcm Codicem abforpfit Ignis. 

i66 LiBRi Mss. 

9 A IV —VII. 

IV. OrganonRei-pub. ^elmperiis. In Charta. xvi 

V. I. Guliclmi Lyndwodc, Conftitutionum provincialium Libri 5: 
cum ejufdem Concludonibus in eofdcm. x 

VL I. Petri de Urbc, dc ordine judiciario, Liber. xv 

2. Termini judiciales. 
VII. I . Statuta Lincolniac. xv 

2. G>mmunes Dies, & de Dote. xiv 

3. Calendarium. 

4. Magna Charta R. Edwardl 3 • 

5. Charta de Forefta. 

6. Provifiones de Mertonc. 

7. Statuta de Marleberge. 

8. — — — Weftmonafterii primum. 

p. • — Glouccftriae, cum explanationibus. 

10. Weftmonafterii fecundum. 

1 1 . Quia emptores Terrarum. 

1 2. de Mercatoribus. 

1 3 . '■ de Rcligiofis. 

14. Wintoniae. 

15. dc Scaccario Regis, cum diftridionibus ejufdem* 

1 6. de Quo Warranto. 

1 7. de Moncta. 

18. de Anno & Die. 

19. faQum apud Bcrewyk de Champarturs. 

20. de Williclmo<lc Botcler. 

2 1 . •— ~— dc Lucro Piftoris. 

22. Oxonii. 

23. ' dc Ragcman. 

24. dc Turnis Vicccomitum. 

25. §luia Fines. 

26. de Juratis, A(Iifis& Recognitionibus. 

27. Judicium Effoniorum. 

28. Tradatus dc Corona. 

29. Magnum Hcngham. 

30. Fctaffavcr. 

jr. Summa Baftardiac. 
3 2^ Parvum Hcngham. 
3 3. Exccptioncs pro Brcvibus caflaniis. 



9 A VII — XIII. 1 20. 

34. Judicium Pillcriac. 

35. CasdcDemaundes. 

36. Circumfpcftc agatis. 

37. QualiterLaiciimpctrant rcgalcm Prohibitioncm. 

38. Modus calumpniandi EfTonium. 
39* Dies Communes de Banco. 

40. Statuta de Militibus. 

41. Modus faciendi Homagium & Fidclitatem. 

42. Statuta de Gavelctto. 

43. dequo Waranto, cum brcvibus. 

44. CaMt A£ifa. Trad. 

45. Modus componendi Brevia. 

46. Curia placitata. 

47. Inquirenda de Ballivis, Praepofitis^ &c. 

48. Articuli de Traylebaftoun, cum Brevi. 

49. Pracrogativa Regis. 

VIII. I. Diftindionum juridicarum Lib. 10: ex Dccretis Gratiani 
Monachi, colIeAi. xiii 
2. Johannis de Deo, Libri 4 judiciarii. 

IX. Sandi Compendium Veritatis Thcologicac i 7 Libris. 

Veritatis Theologice fublimltas xv 

Poft San£ii in Codice nomen autoris eraditur : Et ad finem Codicis 
fcribitur % Saniie Thoma^ or a pro nobis. 

Explicit Summay que vocatur Veritas Theologie^ fecundun SanBum . . 'I \ 
..... Unde conjiciOy Thomam Becket Cant. Archicpifcopum putatum 
fuiOe hujus Codicis Autorem : cujus nomen deleri mandavit Rex H. VIII 
ex omnibus Libris in regno fuo. 

X. Gilbert! Theologi, cognomento Magni, Diftindioncs Thcologicac f 
ordine alphabetico h dxi^a^cu ^ iriXtq^oM. xv 

XI. Quacftiones fuper 4 Libros Sententiarum. Cupientes aliquid de 
penuria. xv 

XII. I. Calendarium. XV 

2. Ledioncs 4, ex Evangcliis. - 

3. The Oath of the Mafters of Ships, charged with V7ooll and Felts to 

4. The Oath of the Tellers, Porters and Weighers of the Cuftom-hoalei. 

XIII. Gulielmi Lyndwood> Comm. in Conftitutiones Provinciales Ar-* 
chicpifcoporum Cant. Imperf. xv 


l6S Li BR I Mss. 

9 A XIV ^XVL & 9 B 1, 11. 4*o. 

XIV. I. Expofitio in 4t"°* Librum Dccrctalium. T>e Francia. xiv 

2. Librorum Decretalium Tituli ficRubricac. Fa. 13. 

3. Ricardi Wcthcrfet, Speculum Ecclefiafticum. Fo. 18. 

4. Extrafta de Diftis Catholicorum 5 dc Articulis Fidci, i o Prcccptis, 7 
Pctitionibus, 7 Sacramcntis, 7 Virtu tibus, 7 Donis, 7 Bcatitudinibus & 
7 Viciis. Ad Infirudiionemjuniorum. Fo. 113- 

5. Secundi, Philofophi, Di^a. Fo. 130. 

€. Pocma in Biblia. Excipit A Byjfus, & ab hiis generatur Abyffus. 

Fo. 131- 

7. Compcndii Thcologicac vcritatis partes 3. 

FleSto Genua mea. Fo. 146. 

£. Excerpta deLibris 18 Arifiotelis, de Animalibus. Fo. 225. 

9. Henrici^ Salterienfis Monachi, de Purgatorio S. Patricii, Liber. F. 2 3 5. 

10. Vitaej I, Mariae Aegyptiacae 5 2, GcorgiiCappadociss 3, PontiiPi- 
lati 5 4,Judae Ifcariothi 5, Marthae. F. 241. 

11. Guiielmi de Conchis, Phyficorum Libri 4. F. 245. 

12. Bcrnardi, Abb. Clar. Sermoin Converfione S. Pauli. F. 265. 

13. S. Vinccntii Vita & Miracula. F. 267. 

14. S. EufrofinacVita. F.271. 

15. S. AfFrae Vita 5 mctrice. F. 275. 

16. De Thaidos converfione, Traft. Fo. 280. 

17. Dc direptione Hierofolymac, Traft. In diehus imperii. Ibid. 

18. De Poenitcntia, Trad. Non tardesconverti. F. 284. 

XV Johannis Morys, Wallici, Speculum Ciiriftiani Libro i. Hierony^ 
rmts in principio cujnjlibet. x v ^ 

Ignis abforpfit. 

XVI. Antonii dc Bntrio Cafus Summarii in 5 Libros Decretalium, xv 

9B. 4^. 

I. ]acobi Com. in4. Libros Scntentiarum. xv 
In fine ; Explicit hie totum-, pro Chrijto da mihi Totum. 

II. I. Odonis, Lcgati Papalis, Statuta ada apud Londonias. xv 
1. Ottoboni PnpacLcgati in Anglia Conllitutioncs. 

3. Goncilii Oxonicnfis Conllitutioncs anni i 222. 

* Item, poft lex folia occurric aliud exemplar, dimidia parte curtum. 


9 B II IX. 4^0. 

4« Bonifacii, Cant. Archiepifcopi, Conftitutiones. 

5. Johannis de Pecham, Cant. Archiepifcopi^ Conftitutiones apud Re* 
ding, A.D. 1279. 

6. Thomae Aquinatis^ Saiptum in Diftindiones 4^ Sentcntlaruin> ab 
8* ad 22*". 

7. — — — Sccunda fccundae Summae Theologiae. 

8. 3^» & 4*' Libri contra Gentiles, EpitomcJ 

9. Expodtio Miflae. ^uia nimis periculofum. 

In fine 5 Orate pro fratre Willielmo de Keynborm i qui forte eft Autorr 

10. Ariftotclis, de Regiminc Principum, Lib. 

11. Bonifacii^ Cant. Archiepifcopi, & Innocentii Papae 4^i Statuta de 

12. Decretalium 5 Librorum Epitome, d%i(pa>M. 

III. Egidii Roman! Commentarius in 2^ura Librum Sententiarum* 
Scriptus per manus fratris Johannis Fabri, Conventus Rothomagenfif^' 

A. D. 1427. XV 

IV. I. Nicolai Gorham^ Sermonum Dominicalium &c. Liber. xv 
2. • ^Diftindlionum Theologicarum Liber, ordine alphabetico* 

V. Gulielmi Antidotenfis, Comm. in 4 Libros Sententiarum, fcriptus 
A. D. 123 1. - ^^^^ 

Liber quondam Monafterii Wigornie. 

YI. I. Petri Lombardi, Sententiarum Libri 4^ xiii 

2. Gradus varii Confanguinitatis. 

VII. Petri Lombardi, Sententiarum Libri 4. * xin 

VIII. Petri Lombardi, Sententiarum Libri 4. xiii 
Cautio expoiita in antiqua cifta UniverAtatis, in vigUia nativU 

talis beate Marie virginis, anno Domini 131 19 pro jure continuando ia 
AulaRaginaldi Bedelli in Schidyard,et pro totali penfione pro anno fiituro. 
fil. pro 4 Marcis ct 8 ^. 

IX. I . Petri Lombardi^ Sententiarum Libri 4. xiiz 
In initio fic fcribitur : Ifte Liber Sententiarum efi Magifiri Rogers Ar^ 

chidiaconi Lincoln, quem epfit 4 Galfrido CapeUanOy fratre Henries Vi^ 
carii de Northelkinton ; prefentibus Magiftro Roberto de Lee^ Magifiro. 
Johanne de Lirlingi Ric. de Luda Clerico^ Ric. EkmofinariOy diMo H. 
Vicar to & ClericofuOy & aliis. Tre4i£fus vero Ar^hidiaconus prediffum, 

Z Librum 

170 L I B R I Mss. 

9 B IX ^XII. V^ 

Librum dedit Tieo & San£fo Ofwaldo & Abbati Tetro de Barton & 
Canventui de Borden. Poftca crat Coliegii de Tatejhalle. 

2. Vifio Monachicujufdamincivitatc Tripoli, A. D. 1287. 

3. Vcrfus 3 2 dc originc & varia fortuna Rcgni Scotiae, 

4. Tranfcriptum Cartarum 3 S. Johannis dc Bevcrlaco, conccdentium cc- 
clcfiae S. Mariac de Bridlington 2 Travas dcqualibet Caruca in parochia 
de Bridlington & Huramanby pro annuo rcdditu 11 s.^d. 

X. Petri Lombardi, Sententianim Lib. 4. ' xir 

Hie Codex per igncm prorfus inutilis rcdc itir. 

XL Innocentii Papac 3,DccretaIium Libri 5. xir 

XIL I. Alcxandri Papac 3,Epi{loia ad Archicpifcopum Cant, de fua 

in Papatum clcftionc. Pag. i. xii 

2. Friderici Imperatoris L Epiftola ad H. 2, Regem Angliac, de indicenda 
Concilio contra Alex. 3 Papam. P. 3. 

3 . Grcgorii Sabin. Epifcopi &c. Literae de eleftione Alcxandri 3 • P. 3 .* 
Pagina haec tertia amiffa eft. 

4. Concilii Nicaeni i, Regulac vel Canones. P. 1 1. 

5 . Lconis Papae i , Epiftola ad Flavianum Conftantinop. Epifcopum fe* 
cunda. LeSiisn^ileifionis tuae. P. 27. 

6. Excerpta ex Dccrctis fcuEpiftolis Papalibus i fciL dementis i, Ana* 
cleti, Euarifti, Alcxandri i, Sixti i, Thclefphori, Egini, Pii i, Anicii i, 
Sotheri, Eleutherii r, Viftoris i, Zepherini, Califti i, Urbani i , Anteri, 
Cornelii, Lucii, Stephani, Sixti Zy Dionyfii, Felicis, Marcelli^ Eufcbii, 
&Melciadis. P. 31. 

7. Conftantini Magni Edidum. 105. 

8. Extrafta ex Dccrctis Silveftri Papae. P. no. 

9. Athanafii &c. Epiftola ad Marcum Papam, cum Refponftone ejus. Ad 
n)os perveniffe. P. 112. 

10. Synodus Romana, habita a Julio Papa i. P. 114. 

11. Julii Papae i, Epiftoia ad Orientales Epifcopos, cum corum Rc- 
fcripto : cjufdem Decrcta ad cofdem. P. 116. 

12. Athanafii &c. Epiftola Synodica ad Liberium Papam, cum ejus Re- 
fcripto. P. 127. 

13. Fclicis Papae 2, Conciliique Epiftola ad Athanafium&c. Pa. 130. 

14. Liberii Papac Decretum. P. 135. 

15* Damafi Papac Epiftola ad Paulinum* Toft Concilium. V. 116. 



9 B XII. 4*^ 

1 6. Stcphani Archiepifcopi & aliorum Mauritaniae Epiftola ad Damafum; 
cumillius 2 rcfcriptis. P. 137. 

17. DamafiPapae, Profeflio Fidei^ quam deftinavit ad Paulinum Antio- 
chenum Epifcopum. P. 143. 

18. Siricii & Innoccntii I, Paparam, Dccreta. P. 145.' 

19. Concilii CarthagincnAs Epiftola ad Innoccntium i> cum ejus rcfcripto. 

P. I6l. 

20. Dccreta Zofimi, Bonifacii, Cclcftini& Sixti 3. P. 175.^ 

21. Leonisi^ Epifiolae 29. P. 183. 

22. Decreta Silverii Hilarii, Felicis 3^ Geladi^ Anafiafii 2/ Simmachi^ 
Fclicis 4, Johannis2, Pelagii, Grcgorii 1, & 2. P. 237. 

23. Canones 80, ab Hadriano Papa i colle£ti> ingratiam Ingclxamni Epi^, 
copi. P. 299. 

24. NicolaiPapac 2, Dccreta. P. 304* 

25. Bcrengarii Rccantatio. P. 306. 

26. Canones Apoftolorum. P. 307. 

27. Concilii Niccni. P. 311. 
28^ Anciritani. P. 314^ 

29. N coccfarienfis. P. 3i7. 

30. Gangrcnfis. P. 319* 

31. Sardicenfis. P iio. 

32. Antiocheni. P. 324. 

33. Laodiccnfis. P. 328. 

34. ——————— — Conftantinopolitani. P. 331^ 

3 5 . Ephcfini primi. P. 3 3 2. 

36. Calccdoncnfis. P. 339. 

37* Carthagincnfis i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6&7«>*P.347." 

38. Milevitani. P. 375. 

39. A rclatcnfis i^ 2 & 3. P. 379. 
40* — — — Valcntinii. P. 382. 

41. ' ^Taurinitani. P. 384. 

42 . Regincnfis. P. 3 8 5 . 

43. — — — — Araufici. P. 387. 

44. ■ Vafcnfis. P. 390- 

45. Agathcnfis. P. 391. 

4iJ. ■ _ ■ mi Aurcliancnfis. P. 398. 

Z 2 ^7, 

< ■ 

174 LiBRi Mss. 

pBXII.'&CI — VI. Folio. 
47* Canones Goacilii Eliberritani. P. 401. 

48. — — ^Tarraconcnfis. P. 406. 

4P« i Gcrundcnfis, P. 408. 

50. Cacfar>auguftani> P. 409- 

51. — — — Hitcrdcnfis. Ibid. 

J*. ■ ' ■ V alcmmi 2 P. 41 2. 

S3* * ■ Tolctani i, 2, 3, 4, &c. ad 13* P. 41 J- 

54* ■ ■ '' — :>Bi»carenit$, i,2&3* P. 513* 

55. Hifpalcnfis i, & 2. P. 534. 

, (Ubcrroliin Monaftctii Wigornic. 
yidc aliud Exemplar, 1 1 D. IV. ct 11 D. VIII. 

9 C. Folio. 
1. 1. Decretalium Libri 5 : cum Gloflis. xiii 

2. Innocentii Papae 4, Novarum Conftitutionum apparatus. 

3 . Gregorii Papae X^ Novae Conftitutiones, editae in Concilio Lugdu- 

4* Fortunii Garciae^ LL. D. GloiTae in Conftitutiones Gregorii X. 

n. Decretalium, cum Gio0is, Libri imperfedi. xiii 

m. I. Gratiani Monachi^ Decretorutn Canonicoram CoUeftanea; 

five, Concordia difcordantium Canonum : cum Gloifis Bartholomaei 

Brixienfis. xiii 

2« AfEnitatis Gradus varii. 

Liber olim Monachonim S« Marie Radingie, ex dono Magiftri Ric. 

de Ciceflria quondam Abbatis ejufdem. 

IV. Thomae Aquinatis, in quartum Librum Sententiarum,fcriptum. xiv 
Liber olim de'Chauftro RofFenfi, per ThomamBruyn Monachum. 

V. Tho. Aquinatis, in 4^""^ Lib. Scntentiarum, fcriptum. xiv 
VL I. Azonis de Riamenghis, Summa in 9 Libros Codicis & 4 Libros 

Inftitutionum Juftiniani. xv 

2. Summa adPandcftas. In nomine Tat r is. 

3. Hugonis Summa cxtraordinaria juridica. Traffatum eft 

4. Johannis Commcntarius in Libcllum Novcllarum 5 cum 
additionibus Acurfii. 


174 L 1 B R I Mss. 

9 E XII XVI- 4to. ct F 1 — IV. Folio: 

XII. I . Simonis Tornac^fis, Inftitutionuixi Theologicarum Liber, xiv 

2. Quaftiones in 4Libros Scntentiarum. 

3 . Quacftionum Theologicarum Liber. 

4. in Symbolum Athanafii, Traftatus. 

5. . Commentarius in Boetium, dc Trinitate. Omnis Scientia. 

€. Willielmi Fallaciae. Fallacia apud Logicos. 

In prima pagina fic reperitur fcriptum. Hunc Librum dedit Magifier 
^avid LondonienfiSy Ecclefie B. Marie de Merton : quern qui abftulerit^ 
n)ei quocunque mcM alienaverity vel pignori fubpofuerit^ vel extrafipta 
Ecclefie commodaverit^ vel titulumiftum deleverit velmutaverity Anai^ 

XIII. Durandi dc S. Portiano Commentarius in 3«« & 4^tt» Librum 
Sententiarum. xv 

XIV. I . Robcrti dc Curtun, Summa, de moralibus Quaeftionibus The- 
clogicis. TotaCelefiis ¥hilofopbia. xiv 
2. Abendon^ Quaeftioncs Theologicae. QMefitum eft de 

3 • Summa : quae incipit, Invifibilia ^ei. 

4. Pracpofitivi Summa, de Theologicis Quaeftionibus. ^uiproducit. 

5. Decretalium Liber tertius. 

XV. Henrici Brafton, de Lcgibus Angliae Libri 5. xiii 

XVI. Efdrae, Nehemiae, Tobiac, Judirh, Efter & Ruth Libri 5 cum 
Gloflis. XIV 

9 F. Folio. 

I. I. Martini, Papac Poenitcntiarii, Margarita Decreti ; ordinc al- 
phabetico. xv 

2. De Elchaetria Carucatae Tcrrae, apud la More, infra Prebendam de 
Erdyngton, juxta Briggenorrh, in Com. Salop, tempore E. 3. 

3. Copia Talliae Tcrrarum Petri Frcman infra Dominium, deAthcrfton 5 
tempore E. 3. 

II. Decrcralium Libri 5 : cum Gloffa. xiv 
III Innocenrii Papae 4, Commentarius in 5 Libros Dccrctalium. xiv 
Datus erat Liber Ecclefie S. Marie de Radyng, per fratrem Henricum 

de Grayc. 

In fine ; Explicit iffe Liber : Sit Scriptor crimine Liber • 

IV. Gulichni Sudbcry, Tabula Alphabeiica iuper Libros Thomac de 

Aquino. xv 



S> F V IX. Folio. 

V. r . Guidoiiis dc Bay fio, Apparatus in fcxtum Librum Decretalium, xiv 
3. Decretalium Liber Scxtus; cum Glofla. 

3. Johannis Andrcac, Apparatus in rextum Librum Decretalium. 

VI. Gratiani Monachi, Dccretorum Canonicorum Colleilancaj five, 
Concordia difcordantium Canonum. xiv 

VU. Guidonis de Bayfio, Commentarius in Decrctalcs. . xv 

VIII. Julliniani Impcracoris> Digcftorum ilve Pandedarum Libri 12 
poftrcmi : cum Glofla. xiv 

IX. Anconii de Butrio, Commentarius in Decretalium Librum ^^'^ Sc 
jtum ; Sctiptus per Dominum Joh. Roricii dc Hibernia. xv 


LiBRI Mss. 


10 A I — V. 4^&8^ 

I- Petri Gracilis, fuper Scntentiarum Libros 4> Quaeftiones : Scriptae 
per manus fratris Johannis Fabri, A®. 141 5. xv 

II. I. Alexandri III Papae, Epiftolae Decretales : xii 

1. De Statu et Jure con) ugii, live contradli five contrahendi. 

2. Dc ftatu Religioforum & eorundem priviicgio. 
3* De ftatu Clericorum. 

4. De ftatu & jure Ecdefiarum. 

5« De Cafibus Appeilationum. 

6 , Ad informandum Judices in diverts cafibus quandocunque emergen^ 


In principio Codicis adduntur, 
2. Urbani iii> Papae, Epiftolac 3 ad Baldwinum Cant. Archicp. et i ad 
R.Hen. 2. 

Et in fine Codicis adduntur, 
'3. Lucii m, Papae, Epiftolae 3 Dccrctalcs : et 
4. dementis iii^ Papae, Epiftola de fua eledione. 

III. Commentarius in Gratiani Monachi Concordantiam difcordantium 
Canonum, dKi(pa?ioi. xiii 

IV. Petri Comeftoris, Allegoriac V. & N. Teftamcnti. xiii 

V. I. Hcnricis, MagnxGarta. j xiv 

2. Carta de ForeftS. 

3. Provifiones de Mcrtona. 

4. Statuta Marlebergie. 

5. Glouccftrie> 

6. Wcftmonaftcric la, 2^, jag^^a. 

7^ — — — Armorum, propter Torniamenta, 
S. Diftridtionum Scaccarii ia& 2\ 

9. ^ de Quo Waranto. 

10. contra Regis Prohibitionem. 

11. dc Anno biflcxtili. 

12. dc Confpiratoribus. 

1 3. - dc Extentis Manerii. 

14. Mercatorum. 

15. dc Moneta. 

16. ■ Religioforum. 

17. Ragcman. 



LiBRi Mss. 


10 A VIII ^XI. 4^. 

10. tpigrammata in Hcrtnophroditum, & contra Fcbrcna, Fo. X50.b, 

IX. I. Johannisdc Walcys, Summa dc Pocnitcntia. xiir 

2. Duodccim Gradus Supe biac. 

3. S. Auguftini, dc^vera & falf a Pocnitcntia, Liber. 

4. Johannis de Walcys, Summadc4 Virtutibus cardinalibus. 

5. Hugonisdc S. Viftorc, dc Mcditationc &de5 Scptcnis, Liber. 

6. Dc cognitionc vcrac vitac, Liber. SapientiaDei^ que. 

7. S. Auguftini, dc vifitationc Infirmorum, Liber. 

8. Unde Malunh Liber. 

9. dc 12 abulivis, Liber. 

10. dc beata Vita, Liber. 

11. Tradatus introdudorius in cognitioi>eni S. Scripturac. Scriptum eft 
in Eccl. 

12. Index brcvis alphabeticus in Gregorii Paftoralcm. 

X. I. ViHtationis Liber, pro Archidiacono. Chartaceus. xvi 
Aut periir, aut loco motus eft. 

2. Nicholai de Articulis Fidei, Liber: confirmatus aClcmcnte 

3. S. Auguftini, Florum Liber. 

4. Dcfinitiones variae ; alphabet ice. 

5. Maccabaeorum ScJofephiHiftoriarum Epitome } metric^ : & alia Foe- 
xnata ac Epigrammata Sacra. 

6. Dareris Phrygii, dc excidio Trojano, Hiftoria ; Cornclio Nepote in- 

7. Scrvii in Virgil ium Commentarii Folium primum. 

8. Verfus dc rebus mcmoria dignis, unica folio. 

9. Summa fuperXitul is Decretalium^ a%i(f<tKo9\ per Magiftrum G« xiv 

10. Cafusvarii Juris Civil is; ax«f aAoi ^ cti A6ro«« 

XI. I. Sermones ad divcrfa Statuum & Officiorum genera, aWf^aAoi. 


2. Hcrcfordcnfis Ecclcfiae Statuta ariAer^a^. 

In prima pagina fie repcritur fcriptum. Liber M. Willtelmi Reed Epif* 
cop't Ciceftrenfis 5 quern emit a ven. Vat re domino Tho. Trylbek Epifcopo 
Roffenfi. Oretis igiturpro utroque. Et infra. Liber Ma^ijiri & Sacer- 
dotum Collegii S. Trinitatis Ccejirie, ex dono ven. Tatris Domini 
Will, tertii^ Epifcopi Ciceftrenjis $ ^ii idem Collegium^ a nobili Viro 


i8o L I B R I Mss. 

lo B II IX. 4^<>. 

IT. I. Summadc Virtutibus 5 5 Libris. Trefins Opus BaBct $ parUr. 

%. Dcobfcrvandis & cavcndis, Liber. Signdculum Apaftohtus. 
3. Expofitiobrcvisin Orationcm Dominicam. 
\, Scrmo in Matt, vii, 16. 

5. Ricardi de Montibus, Summa. 

6. Traftatus dc7 Mortalibus, 10 Pracccptis, 10 Plagis, 7 Sacnmcntis & 
4 Virtutibus. 

Liber quondam de Clauftro RofFcnfi, per fratrcm Hcnricum dc Mc- 

III. Contra Poteftatem Papalcm, Liber. Cum ea Jit dignitas. In 
Charta. xvi 

IV. I. De Jure Civili, Liber, ^oniam ea quae acivilibus. xin 
a. alius Liber . Judicandiformamin utroque. 

3. Epifiolarum Decretalium Colie&io. ^oniam inbac. 

4. Cafus quidam Juris Canonici. Judicium eft trinus. 

5. Concilii Latcranends 3, Decreta. 

tf. M. Aurelii Cafliodori Senacoris, Variarum Formularum Libri 3 prto- 
rc«i Et Liber 10, 11 5 Et Libri duodecimi Epi:lolac 105 Et Libri quarti 
Ep. a 5* ad 39^i Et Libri oftavi Epiftolac 12. 

V. Roberri PuUi, Scntentiarum Libri feu Partes 8. xiii 

VI. Bernard! Cafus fuper 5 Libros novarum Conftitutionum, xiv 

VII. Fiflchar Commentarius in 4 Libros Scntentiarum. xiv 
Liber olim S. Marie O very : qucm ligari fecit fratcr Will. Rcdymere. 
Vin. I. Placita communia, 8**& ii*'H.4: Galiice. xv 

:2. Placita varia : Gallic^. 

J. Placita communia, 13 R. 2 : Gall. 

4. Placita, 4S 14'' & 1 8° E. 2 : & I E 3. xiv 

Hie Liber liabuit Dominos, Edm. Semare &Tho. Vaughan. 

IX. I. Formulae Literarum, Tellamcntorum, Praefcntationum, Infti- 
tutionum, Excommunicationum &c. In Charta. xv 

2. Laurentii llatholdi Hungaricnfis, Vifitatio Purgatorii S. Patricii. 

3. Ifidori Hifp. Epifcopi Rhetorica. 

4. Ars Vcrfi^icandi. ^oniam Verfus. 

5. Joh. Pcckam Cant. Archiepifcopi, Olficium DivacTrinitatis. 

6. Xcnophontis, Tyrannusi ex tranQationcLconardi Arctini. 


i8z LiBRi Mss. 

lo B XII XVIL ct lo C I, II. 

Afllimptionis S. Mariae^ Bernardi, Timothei, Simphoriaii & Barthola. 

XIII. Davidis 0\ven, Deteftio Calumniarum Dialog! Papiftici, didi 
^eus & Rex. In Charta. vxii 

XIV. Johannis Dumbeltonc, Summa ; 9 partibus feu Libris. xv 
DeLibrarioS. Auguftini extra Cantuariam, Diftindione 12, Gradu 3. 

XV. I. M. Aur. Cafliodoriy uariarum Formularum, Libri 9- Defunt 
cnlm EpLftolae> a 3 9' Libri 4" ufquc ad Libri 8vi initiuni; Editionis For- 
nerii. x 1 1 x 

2. ■■ ■ dc Inftitutionc divinarutn Litcrarum, Liber. 

3. Verfusdc rebus notabilioribus ; unico folio. 

XVI. Mauritii Monachi DiftinAiones ; alphabetice. xiv 
XVIL I. Libellus, in quo continentur fub paucis verbis omnes Diftinc- 

tiones prime partis Decretorum: et omnes Caufe, et omnes Queftiones 
Caufarum et cujuflibet Queftionis folutio regulariter determinata (ccunde 
partis Decretorum : et omnes Diftindiones de confecratione tertie partis 
Decretorum. Totum in 3 foliis. 
2. Gloflae in 5 Libros Decretorum. SacrofanSte Ecclejie regular is injii^ 


10 C. 4to. 

I. I. Johannis dcStretford, Cant. Archiepifcopi, Conftitutionum fo- 
lium primum : quod 2 folia continet imprcflarum. - xiv 

2. Conftitutio fada in Concilio fupcr habitu Clericorum, apud London 

A.D. 1348. 

3. Sacerdotum inftitutio brcvis. In nomine Domini. 

4. Simonis M>ephan% Cant. Archiepifcopi, Conftitutioncs Anni 1328. 

5. Concilium Londinenfc, Anni 1237. fub Othone Legato. 

6. Orhonis Lcgati, Staruta fupcr Statu & Rcgula Rcligioforum. 
7. Conftitution sAnni 1248. 

8. Johannis Pcckham, Caat. Arch. Conlticutiones apud Rcdyng cditac^ 

A. D. 1279. 

9^ johannis Andrcae Bononienfis, Summa fupcr Dccretales. 

10. Galfridi Tranenfis, Summa fupcr Dccretales. 

II. I. Bonifacii 8, Dccretalium Liber fextus. XIH 
* 2. Laurcnrii dc Sumcrcotc, Summula, dc formis Eleftionum, pcrfcda 

A. D. I2j4- 



LtBiti Mss. 

loDI X. ct E I. Folio. 

L I » Actcrrfii Apparatus ad Inftitutionesjuftinianu xiv 

2w Juftiniani Imp. Inftitutionum Libri 4 : cumGlofla. 

3, J NovcUarum Conftitutionum Libri 9 : cum GlofH. 

4. ConTiietudincs Feudorum $ cum Gloflis ; 5 Libris. ^tiia de Ftudis. 
%. Jpfiiniani Codicis Libri. 3 ultimi ; cum Accurfli Apparatu. 

U. Gulielmi Durantis/ Speculum Judiciale. xrv 

Deficit Tub fincm. 

IIL Iniij0tcntii 4, Papae, Commentarius in 5 Libros Decrctalium. aiv 

IV. SummainDccrctalcs. Alpha &m. xiv 

V. I . Decrctalium Libri 5 5 cum Gloilis. x i v 
Fraemittitur Arbor Confanguinitatis & AfEuitatis. 

%. Innocentii 4, Papac^ Condlitutiones in Conciiio Lngduncnfi compo- 

VI. Dodoris folempnis Summa. xiv 
IfteLiber cratEcclefte S. Marie & S. Egwini Evefhamie, quem adquifi- 

vit Ric. Penbrock, ejufdem Monaftcrii Monachus. Pret. izs. 

VIL I. Gregorii9> Papae^ Decretalium Libri 5 ; cumGlofla* tvi 

2. Gf«egdni i6,Papae, ConftitAitioncs ^ cum apparatu Gar(tc« 

3. Nicolai 3, Papae, Conftitutiot>cs ; cum apparatu Garfte. 

4. <}onftitii^M]fes Alcxaiidri 4^ Cl^mentis 4, Urbani 4> & Simonis Car- 

VIIL Gratiani, Dccrc tor um Cafnonicoram Call cftanca ^ five, Concor- 
dia difcordantium Canonum j cam Scholiis Bactbolomei BrixianL 

/ - ■ .XIV 

IX. Juftiniani iltfperaiperifei Cddicis Libri ppriwcs; cumCJofla. xiv 
X.' 'K'Sj^ecuKjflfh^is^ah^ Snmma- 

rum: 5 Libris. j^cl bono fern-. .xv 

2. Traftatus contra opinioncm Lcllardcrum, qui dicunt^ Imagines in 
Bciltfta^HOh'aiteWndos : tribits foliis. VJ^mimftt licitim. 
^J'Johannis Brut, Lollard), Conclufioncs damnatac, A-'D. 1393 : uni:a 
pagina. .;.... 

Liber olim Clauftralium de Rcdyng;* 

10 E. Fblio. 
\. r. Johannis Andrcae, Apparatus in 5 L'brcs Decrctalium. xiv 




LiBRi Mss. 

10 E VII 

-Com.ia i" 

■IX. Polio. 

° S: 2"" Librum Decrctalium. 

liber olim Monafleru S. Albani. 
Vm. Snmma in Dccrctalcs. Alpha et «. xnr 

Ifte Liber erat dc fpcciali proviiione Fratris Thome dc Aylesberi MoiU' 
chi S. Albani, ad ufum perpetuum didi Monaftctii. 
XL, Giegodi 9, Fapac, DcccetaliuntLibri $ ; cumGlolTa. xir 



1 1 A I — VIII. 8 ^ 

I. Thomae Beckct, Cant. Archicpifcopi, Caufae Martyrii brcvitcr inti- 
matac. xiv 

2. Thomac de Cobhani, de Cadbus & Pocnitentiis fecundum Canoncs^ 
Libri 8. 

3. Dc7 Sacramcntis, dc mortal ibus Pcccatis, Virtutibus, Gratia, OrationCj 
X 2 Articulis Fidei &c. Liber. Infirmitatem contraSiam. 

4. Dc 7 Sacramcntis, Tradatus. Sequitur de. 

5. B. Mariac, Laudcs fui-ipfius. Egofum Celt Regina. xv 

6. Hcnrici Chichclcy, Cant. Archicpifcopi, Epiftoia Roberto Gilbert Lon- 
dinenfi Epilcopo mifla A.D. 1434 ; ut Articuli Concilii apud Kedingj An* 
ni 1279) legantur in Ecdcfiis, ftatis diebus, in lingua vulgari. 

II. Johannis dc Deo, Brcviarium fupcr Decretales. xiir 

III. I. Diftinftioncs Thcologicae. Introducendis in facultatem. xiii 
2. Willielmi Lincolnicnfis Cancellarii, Diftindtiones Theologicac, al- 

IV. Alberici Gentilis, Difputationes 2, de regia poteftate abfoluta, & 
deconjundionc Regnorum Britanniae, In Charta. xvii 

V. I. Argumcnta in varias Thefes Theologicas. Ecclejiajiica correBiOp 
que Jit. XII 

2. Ifidori Hifpalerifis Epifcopi^ Expofitio in Geneitn. 

3. Petri Abailardi, Pars Libri Scntentiarum, Sic& Nan di£ti. 

4. Pars difputationis inter Chriftianum & Fhilofbphum. 

j. Bernardi, Abbatis Clarevai. de vita religiola, Traftatus. Vohmtariefih 

Liber quondam S. Marie Merton. 

VI. Thomac de Chapham, Summa dc Cafibus Poenitentiac. xm 
Vn. Elucidarius, 3 Libris. xii 
VIII. I. Magna Carta R.Ed. 3- xiv 

2. Carta dc Forcfla. 

3. Staruta dcMertonc. 

4. . Marlebcrge. 

5. Wcftmonaftcrii primum. 

6. Glouccftriac $ cum explanationibus. 

7. » Wcftmonaftcrii fecundum & tcrtium. 

8. • de Rcligiofis. 

9. • Quia Fines. 

la de Attorn, rccip. & dc Flnibus. 

Bb2 „. 

i88. LiBRi Mss. 


1 r. Modus faciendi Homagium & Fidcm. 
ijL« Statu turn Wyntoniac. 

ij, Oxooiac, 

i+. dc Scaccario; cum diftridionibus cjufdcm*- 

15. Citcumfpcac agatis. 

16. dc Rcgia prohibitions 
I7» ■ ■ nc quis ponatur in Aflifis. 
18. — — — dc Jufticiariis affignatis. 

19- dc Rcligiofis^ apudKarliol-um cditum- 

20. dc Tcrris amortuandis. 

2 1 . dc modo calumpniandi Eflfonium. 
2z» dc Militibus.. 

23. dc Bigamis* 

24. dc vocatis ad Warantum. 

25. Articuli apud Wcftm. per Concilium cditu 

26. Statutum dc pracrogativa Regis. 

27. Vifus Franci Plegii. 

2 8 . Communes Dies de Banco. 

29. Dc conjundim Feoffatis* 

30. Statutum de dcfcnfione juris admifli. 

31. Expofttioncs Vocabulorum Juris. 

3 2. Scatuia cdita apud Wefltnonaftcrium, 5 £. j. 
33* Formulae Brevium &c. Gallicc. 

IX. Statutorum, Placitorum, Brevium & Formularum variarum Liber 

X. I. IvonisCarnotcnfisEpifcopi, Epiftolac 267. xii 
2. Fulbcrti Carn. Epifcopi, Epiftoiae 15. 

XL Formularum & Rcguiarum Juris Civ. & Can. Liber dxi^oL?\,oi. xv 

XII. Petri de Vineis, FloresDictaminum. xv 

XIIL I. Johannis Lathbury, Diftiiidionum Liber, alphabetice. In 

Charta. xv 

2. Sermo in Cantic. II, 5. Reverendi Magiftri. 
Liber olim Colicgii dcTatefhall. 

XIV. I. De officio J udicii circa Inquifitioncm faciendam, Tradt, Vi^ 

deamus qualiter. xv 

2. De Rcfcriptis, Traft. Refcriptum non valet. 


II A XIV— XVIII 8^ ct iiBL 4^''. 

f. DcCalibus rotius Jijris, in quibus quis excommunicatus eft, Tradt. 
Cum Excowmunicationis. 

4. Pro dcfcnfione Subditorum, Trafl:^ Cum ad Traelatum. 

5. Dc cleaioiiibus Praclatorum, Trad. C«»i^ jErr/g/J>. ^i^Qutafepe. 

6. Dc Vifirationc &c. Trad, Cumfacienda. 

7. Othonis Cardiiialis, Conftirutiones ia Concilio Londincnfi, A. D#. 


8. Ottoboni Cardinalis, Conftitutioncs in Concilio Anglicano, A, D;, 

1248. n 

9. Johannis Pcckam, Conftitutionum Provinciaiium Lib. 3, 

10. Cafus, in quibus Ecclcfia eft rcconcilianda. 

1 1 . Cafus, in quibus Pocnitcns ad Epifcopum eft mittcndus. 

12. Cafus , in quibus folus Papa difpcnfat. 

13. QuacflioncsTo8,de Cafibus Matrimonii. 

14. Vincent ii Bellovacenfis, Speculum doftrinale, de Criminibus quae: 
funt inter hominem & proximum. 

XV. 1 . Summula, quae vocatur, Ut nos minores. Incipit ^ Rix pa^-^ 
eificus. XVI 
2. De procefiTu Judicii, Trad- Antequamdeproceffu. 

J. Opus aureum pro Curiis cotidianis, tarn in pradica quam fupcr arte 
fpeculativa. Johannes Boteler. 

XVI. Rerum& Muniorum Clicntelarium Liber Chartaceus. 2)r ori'^ 
gine T^orninorum &. xvi; 

XVII. I. Thomae de Capua, ArsDidaminum. xvi 
2. Epiftoiarum diffinitarum, Libri feu Partes 10. 

Liber quondam S. Marie Radyngie. 

XVin. I. Dc modo fervicndi & gubernandi Familiam. Initium Sa^^ 
pientie. In Charta. xiV 

2. formula CompotusServientis in Manerio, proA. D.. 1377. Sedmo-*^ 
do defidcratur. 

II B. 4^0. 

I. I . Roberti Cowton, Quacftiones in 4 Libros Sententianim. xv 

2. Tabula in cundem, compilata per Petrum Partrich Canccllarium Lin-> 
colniae, qui hunc Codiccm dcdit communi Librarie Ecclefie Lincoln. 

3. Qiiacftionts 2 1 Thcologicae j cum Indke alphabetico. Utrum in 2)^ 

Liber olun B. Marie Lincolnic. I£l 

ipo Li BR I Mss. 

II BII — ^V. +^. 

IL I • Expolttio fupcr Decreta. ^oniam in omnibus. xiii 

a. Leges Anglo-Saxonum & Normannorum. Fo. 103. 

3. Sepcem Miracula Mundi. Fo. 167. 

4. Poema elegiacum, in Laudcs MifTae. Scribere propofui. F. 168. 

5. Odonis Cameracenfb> Expofitio Canonis MiUae & £vangeliorum. 
F« xsz. 

6. Com. in quofdam Pfalmos. Be at us cui omnia^ 
Liber olim Monafterii Wygornie. 

IlL !• De Euchariftia, Traft. Tranjiturus de h$c. xiv 

z. SummadeVirtutibus. Cum circa uti/ia. 

3. Summa dc Vitiis. Trimo videndum eji. V. 196. 

4. BonaventuracCard. Lignum Vitae. P. 505* 

5* De cuftodii five dofhrind Cordis, Lib. Treparate cor da vejira. 
P. 523. 

6. Sermo in Mat. V. Videndum^ quot. P. 586. 

7. Robcrti Groftete Line. Epifcopi, dc ioPraeccptis,Lib. P. 597. 

5. Temporis Compoti Ratio. Compotus ejifcientia. P. 651. 

9. S, Pauli Vifiolnfcrni, P. 673. 

10. Forma confitcndi five interrogandi de Feccatis, fecundum Robertum 
Line. P, 676. 

11. Senecae ex Libris extrada^ de Paupcrtatc> dementia & Bencficiis. 

P. 683. 

12. Excerpta varia. V.697. 

13. Hymnus adChriftum; Galilee : cui infcribitur 5 Frater Martinus me 
fcripfitj cui Chrijius fit prapitius. Amen. 

Liber olim Ecclcfie S. Edmundi Regis. 

IV. Petri Pidavcnfis, Scntentiarum Lib. xiv 

V. I. Roberti VVinchelfcy Archicpifcopi Cant. Conftitutioncs. xiv 

2. Juris Canonici Pars, cum Glofla. Cum in multis. xiii 

3. Gofridi Subdiaconi & Capellani, Summa Tupcr Titulis Decrctalium5 4 

4. Concilium Londinenfe 5 fub Othonc Card. A. D. 1237. 

5. Concilium Oxonicnl'c, (ub Stcphano Langton Archicpifcopo, A. D. 

I 222. 

6. Concilium Lugduncnfc, fub Grcgorio 10 Papa. 

7. Dc modo cligcndi Epiicopum, Trad. xiv 



II B V XV. ct n CI, 11. 4^- 

s. Dc Rcgnlaribus & tranfcuntibus ad Rcligioncm,Trad. Ntmfolnm in. 
Libcr olim Ecclcfic B. Marie Mcrton. 

VI. Robert! Cowton Qiiacftioncs in 4 Libros Scntcntiarum 5 cum In- 
dicc alphabctico. xv 

Libcr antca ColIc2;ii dc Tatelh.ille. 

VII. Illdori HifpalenfisEpilcopi, Sentcntiarum Libri 3. x 

VIII. DccrctaliumLibri s- xiv 

IX. I. Prioratus S. Andrcae Northampton, Spiritualia ScTemporalia. xv 
Igne nupcro abfumpta. 

2. Chartac, xiii 

Igne contraftac, ut parvi (int ufus. 

X. I. lohann is Borough, Pupilla Oculi j loPartibus feuLibris. Hu^ 
mane conditio nature. 

2. Modus pronunciandi fcntcntias Excommunicationum. Sacerdotis pa^ 

3 . Conftitutioncs Synodalcs. T^ebentes rationem de. 

4. Walter! Hylton, Conclufiones de Imaginibus, contra Haercticos. 

5. S. Pauli vifio Infcrni, 

XL Belli & Alani Dodorum, Opinion^s contrariae circa verum ^cr^ 
fum Cap. Romana } de ccnfibus fcxti Libri Decretalium i A. D. 15 26. xvi 

XIL Baconis, Compendium Legis Chrifti et Canonis facri^ fuper 

quartum Sententiarum. xv 

XIII. I . Ivonis Carnotenfis Epifcopi, Panormia. xiii 
2. Remenits Ecclcfiae, Ordo legend! atque cantandi per totum annum. 

XIV. Summa fupcr Codicem & Inftituta. ^ia inter ceteras. xiv 

XV. I . Juftiniani Imperatoris, Inftitutionum Libri 4. xiv 
2. De Regulis Juris, Liber. Regula eft que. 

Liber de Clauftro Roffenft, per Reymerum Monachum. 

1 1 C. 4*^- 

I. Petri Lombardi, Sententiarum Libri 4. xiii 
Liber olim de Clauflro RofFenfi, per fratrem Johannem de Weftcrham 


II. Johannis Monachi S. Marcellini & Petri, Repertorium fuper Librum 
fextum Decretalium J compoiitum A. D. 1298. et datum per Domi- 

num Thomam Chilcndcn — • Ecdcfie Chrifti Cantoar. A. D. 1 3 84. xiv 



tygL . : LiBRi Mss. 


II C. n— XI. ct M D I. Folio* 

Pofiea fult S. Marie Radyng, ex adqaificione fratris Thome Chit' 

III. Juftinianilmp.Digeftorumfeu FandedarumLibri 24priores. Decft 
Tit. 3 liibri 24. 5ciii 

Iftum Librum Oxonie ligari fecit Ric. de Redyng, in ufum Monafterii 

IV. Thomae Aquinatis, Prima fecundae Summae Theologiae. xiv 

V. I. Guiielmi deMandagoto, Decretum Elcdionis ^ ftve^ de Eleftio- 
nibus novorum Praelatorum, Liber. xiv 

2. Laurentii de Somercote, Summa de forma eligendi. 

VI. Johannis Bacunthorpe Com. fuper i ««*, z & j » Lib. Sentcnti- 
anun. xv 

Scriptus eft Liber per fratrem Ric. Hadley, OrdinisCarmclitarum. 
VIL I. Calendariam. xiu 

1. Bernardi Papienfis PraepoAti^ Breviarium 5 Libroram Decretalium : 
cum Gloflfa. 

3. Decretalium fecundi Voluminis, Libris : cum Gloffa. 

4. Decretalium Innocentii 3 j fecundum Pctrum Beneventanum compilap 
tarum> Libri 5 • cumGlofla. 

5. Dccretaliums Librorum CoIIedioncs 2 aliac j cum Gloflis. 

VIII. Guiielmi Lyndwood> Provincialc, five Conftitutioncs Afl^liac, 
'5 Libris. %v 

IX. Innocentii 4 Papae, Com. in 5 Libroj Decretalium. xiv 

X. Henrici Tornaccnfis Archidiaconi, Qiiodlibcta 15, in 4 Libros fcn- 
tcntiarum. xv 

XI. I. dementis 5 Papae, Conftitutioi^cs*, five DccretaHuni Liber fcp- 
timus i cum Glofla. xir 

2. Guiielmi Durandi, Repertorium Juris, 5 Libris. 

Hunc Librum dcdit Clauftralibus Radingic Dompnus Thomas Erleyc, 
quondam Abbas prcdidi loci. 

1 1 D. Folio. 
I. I. Juftiniani Impcraroris, Iiirtitutionum Libri 41 cnm Gloffi. xiv 

a. ■* ■ ■^■■ i i» > ■■ Cddicis Lib. io«% 11 & 1 2usj cum Glofla. 

3^ — ' ■ ■ ■ ■ NovclUrum Conflitutionum Libri 9. 

Liber olim dc Clauftro Roffcivfi, coUatus per Magiftrum Thomam 
BradcwcIIc. IL 

IP4 LiBRi Mss. 

II DV IX. ct II EI IX. Folio. 

3. Dccrctalium Lib. 6 : cum Apparatu Johaonis Monaclii Cardinalis^ 
4* Johannis Andrcae, Com. in 5 Lib. Dccrctalium. 

VI. Juftiniani Impcratoris, Digcftorum vcl Pandcdarum Libri!24 prio- 
res; cum Apparatu. xiv 

VII. Ivonis Carnotcnfis Epifcopi, Liber Decretorunr. xii 
Liber dim B. Marie Lincoinic. Pret. 30 j. 

VIII. Paparum Dccrcta & Concilia Gcncralia [ut ri D, IV. & 9 B. 

Liber olim MonafteriiS. Petri GIouccAric. 

IX. Gratianiy Decretorum Colledtanca j cum Scholiis Barthoiomafci 
Brixiani. xiv 

Anno Domini 1 3 3 6 magifter Rogerus de Sarum facre Thcologic Pro- 
feflbr dedit hunc Librum Deo & Ea:lcfie S. Albani. 

II E. Folio. 
L I. Gulielmi Lyndwode, Conftitutionum Provincialrum libri 5, cum 
Commentario. xv 

2. Gulielmi de Talia, Tabula Alphabetica in eofdem. 

II. Innocentii Papae 4, Com. in 5 Libros Dccrctalium. xv 

III. Juftiniani Imperatoris^ Pancfeftarum Libri 24 priores ; cum Com- 
mentario. XIV 

IV. Johannis de Imola^ Com. in Lib. Clementinarum. In Charta. 


Scriptus erat Codex per Rudolphum de Saxonia Capitun, Anno 1472 ; 
Expenfis Magiftri Thome Langton, Juris Pontificii Doftoris. 

V. Barbacii Opera juridica. In Charta. xv 

VI. Eufebii Caefarienfis Epifcopi, Hiftoriae Eccleftafticae Libri 12. 


VII. Andrcae Abbatis de Sicilia, Lcdura fupcr quarto & quinto Dccrc- 
talium. In Charta. xv 

Michel Nycolai de Villa Elwoudsdyk fcripfit A. D. 147^* 

VIII. Andrcae de Sicilia, Com. in quintum Lib. Decreralium. In 
Charta fcriptus A. D. 1452. xv 

IX. Johannis de Anania^ Con. in Dccrctalium libxoj. In C ana. 





Li§Rl Mii. 

i l^d. MartiS l^orfetclic, Schtcnfiac ex variis auftbrfbUs collcaac. 

CHllta^ ^^ . ^ ' ai 4u •; *i.» i a^ ^^^ 

Marlae AruTi^cii, Sirfiililuaihcs ex vanrscollcaac. Ctiart. xvi 

'. Alcxandri Scvcri Scntcntiae & Res gcftae, ex Anglico in Scrmoncm 

Latinum verfae per Mariam Arundel! & Johannem Radcliffum. xvi 

V. Jacobi Coningham, generis Cognationumque gradus R. Jacobi L 
Chart. xvn 

VI. Douglae Caftillion & Richardi Worfclcy, Carmina in advcntum 
Henrici Frincipis. Charta. xvii 

VII. Nicolai Denifoti, Carmina ad Edvardum 6 fcripta. xvi 
yill. Roberti Twifti, Carmina in Natalitias R. Elizabetae. Charta. 

lie. Tohannis de Cirellis Beneventani, Oratio ad laudem Henrici 8. xvi 

X. Bernardi Andreae, Strenft ad H. S» Charta. xvi 

XI. Johannis Stratii, GratAhithiL 'de nuptiis R. Philippi & Mariae. xvi 

XII. Viola Martia, R. Cti^MkiMtri> t6 Cal^ Apr. 1636, decantata a 
MuHs Schoke Weftmonafterij&filfSy Chel^ci icxtilibus. Charta. xvii 

XIII. Genethliaca Ducis Ebif^tciS^ cdebma a Mufis Scholae Weft- 
monafterienfis. Chart. xvii 

XIV. Jodoci Harchii, Oratio inobitum R.Hen. 8. Chart. xvi 

XV. Roberti Oweni, Carmen gratulatorium in reditum D. Henrici 
Comitis Arundelii. Charta. xvi 

XVI. Stephani Baronis, Tradatus de regimine Principum. xvi 
XVII & XVIII. Fr. Hering M. D. Poema in Conjurationcm pulveream. 

Chart* XVII 

XIX. ■ ejufdem Pars fecunda : Charta. xvii 

XX. CoUegii Wickamenfis Puerorum, Carmen nuptiale ad Philippum 
Jt4llariamR. 1554. Charta. xvi 

XXL Georgii Tuke, Regiavenatio, Poema. Charta. xvii 

XXII. Arithmeticae Regulae 5 priorcs. Charta. xvi 

XXIII. Galfridi Ludovici, in adventum R. Elifabctac, Carmen Lat. 
& Oratio Gr. gratulatoria. Charta. xvi 

XXIV. Axiomata quacdam Chriftiana. Charta. xvi 

XXV. Gul. Buklaei, Annulus horarius. Chart. xvi 

XXVI. Joli. Dudlaci Northumbriae Ducis, jam tum fecuri pcrcutiendi 
Concio ad Populum. Chart, xvi 




liAXXVII — XLIIL 4**^. 

XXVII. Job. Gordoni Pocmation dc Nuptiis Frcdcricl Prmdpis ct 
Elixabetac, jacobi i R. filiac . Chart. rrir 

XXVIII. Wickamcnfis CoUcgii Pttcrornm Carmen ad Hcnricuin Wal* 
liac P. Chart. xrii 

XXIX. Petri Carmcliani, ad Edwardum Atigliac Prmcipcm, dc Vcrc 
Caftnciii A. D. 1482. XV 

XXX. Actoncnfis Sdidac Ovatio dc ad\'cntu R. EHzabctac ad Arccs 
Vindcforcnfcs, A. D. 1563. Charta. xvi 

XXXI. The. Ptmbridgii, Pocmaad R. Eliiudiftnin, Mtttmis auxiHis 
ftMtdmnia. Charta. xvi 

XXXII. I. Gualteri Dclcni, Dc tiniorc Domini, Traft. A. D. int. 

!• ' ' " ■ ' dc Praccmintntid pnblica &civili,Traa. 

3. ^ * ■ - dc Ccrtitudinc Rcligionis Chriftianac, Traft. 

XXX HI. Wickamcnfis CoUcgii Pucrorum Carmen gratulatorium in 
advcntum R. £doardi6, A. D. 1552. Charta. xvi 

XXXIV. I . Urbium & Rcgionum quarundam Elogia. Charta. xvix 

2. Compendium Rhctoricac ; Mctricc & Prof. 

3. Compendium Gcographiac. 

XXXV. Guliclmi Alabaftcr, Epithalamium in Naptias Robert! Carii 
Comitis Somcrfetiae & Francifcac Howardc. Charta. xvii 

XKXVI. Thomae Baftardc, Jacobo R. i. Carmen gratulatorium; 
Charta. xvii 

XXXVII. Strcna. Charta. xvii 

XXXVIII. HuiccicujufdamPocmataadR. Eliz. Charti. xvi 

XXXIX. Thcophili Fcild, Thcfis in Quacftiones 2 inScholisdifputan* 
das; fcil. i. NulliGUdiopermiJJavitaTrincipis. 2. Haeres T'^tri nan 
eji haeres Gladii. Chart. xvii 

XL. Thcfis in Quacft. Ordinate Epifcopi GhrU 

difpar. Char. xvM 

XLI. Weftmonaftcricnfis Scholae Carmina Elizabctae R. confcripta, 
A. D. 1597. Charta. xvi 

XLII. Infignia Nobilium Ordinis Pcrifcclidis A. D. 1603. xvil 

XLUI. GcorgiiCarleton^CarmcnPanegyricum^ad R,£lizabetam. Char** 
ta. XVI 


198 LiBRi Mss« 

1 2 A XLIV LXV. 4^^ & Folio. 

XLIV. Robert! Puci Oratio & Carmen Pancgyricum, ad R. Jaco- 

bum I Charta. xvif 

XLV. Hcnxici Wottoni, de Quadrupcdis, Liber. Charta. xvii 

XLVI. Nicolai Grimoaldi, Archiprophcta, Tragoedia. Charta. xvi 
XLVIL Oxonieniis Acadetniae Gratulatio de adventu R. Elizabetae ad 

aedes Comicis Leyceftrienfis. Charta. xvi 

XLVIII. Petri Perufini, de Principe> Liber> ad R. Elizabetam. Charta. 


XLIX. Bexalli Oratio in Laudem Regis Hifpaniae. Charta. xvi 

L. Tho. Wilfoni Oratio Panegyrica ad R. Elizabetam, A. D. i$66. 

Charta. xvi 

LI. Thomae Butler, Strcna, adR. Eliz. Charta. xvi 

LIL Collectanea quaedam, de Confpirationibus Papifticis^ R. Jacobo i 

infcripta. Charta. xvii 

LIII. DeUnionelnfulaeBritannicae, Traft. fecundus. Charta. xvii 
LIV. Petri Olivarii, Ratio Icgendae Hiftoriae, R. Edvardo 6 infcripta. 

Charta. xvi 

LV. Ifraclis BrimcUi, Poematia, Henrico Principi Walliae infcripta. 

Charta. xvii 

LVI. Poema hcroicum in R. Jacobi i introitum in Londinum. Charta. 


LVII. Weftmonaftericnfis Scholae, Pictas in R. Carol i i Coronationcm. 

Charta. xvii 

LVIII. Carmen gratulatorium in cjufdcm e Scoria 

reditum. Char-ta. xvii 

LIX. Gul. GagcrijPyramisquinto Novcmbris 1605 facra 5 Pocma fcil. 

hcroicum; fcriptum A. D. 1608. Charta. xvii 

^ LX. Wickamcnfis Scholae Mufac in Adventu R. Caroli i ad VVinto- 

niam. Charta. xvii 

LXI. Carmen Pancgyricum, ad R. Jacobum r. Charta. xvii 

LXII. Pocma in Strenam Tho. VVullco Card, oblatum. Charta. xvi* 
LXIII. jLiliiC'nudii Iguini, Oratio ad H. 8, ad facicndam cxpcditio- 

nem in Turcas hortatoria. Charta. xvi 

LXIV. Oxonicnlis Charitcs in adventu R.Chrifliani 4 in Angliam. 
Charts. ^yjj 

LXV. Actoncnfis Scholae A! ufaccdR. Elizaberam. Charta. xvi 


• « 

LiBRI Mss. 

laBXI ^XXI. 4to.&8^^ 

XL Richardi Forfteri, Pracdidio Deliquii Solaris^ quod incidit in A. D. 
1567. Charta. xvi 

XII. I. TradatusMedici4|Incertorum Au£lorum. xiii 

2. SummadcAnima. Animafenjibilis eft. 
3« Johanaicii, Ifiigoganim ad Galieni microtednum^ Liber. 
4* Hippociatis Aphorifmi. 

5. Ptognofticarum Liber. 

C Aemilii Mtcri^ de viribus Hcrbamm, Liber. 

XUL Gualt. Dclaenij Liber dc 3 Hierarchiis i ecclc(lall]ca> politica 6c 
oeconomicd. xvi 

XIV. I. L'Expofition du Pfeaulme 8, en Vers j apliquc a Roy H. 8 & 
Eoine Catherine lyEfpigne. en Chart. xvi 
ju S. Catherinae Vita^ Carmine Phaleucico. 

!• Arifloceiis Oracio ad Alezandrum M. de Vttae infiitutione^ 

XV. Johannis Robyns, de Comet is, Commeataria* Charu. xvi 
XVL Conftantini Monachi Viaticum racdicunu xi 1 1 
XYII. Johaonis Milkr» Prioris quimi de Ingham^ Rhetorica. in Charta. 


XVIII. De dignkate Status rcgii, Liber dxi^eLXo9. xvi 

XQC. I. Johannis Chylmark^ de Alt^atione, Liber. xv 

2. Gulielmi Mylverlay, in univcrfalia Porphyrii Liber. 

3. Walteri Burley, fuper Porphyrii Ifagogen, Liber. 
4» Rogeri de Wfaol|palale» ile tmiverTaJibus, Liber. 
5^ Watoeri Biifky» dc potentiis Animae, Liber. 

6. Johannis Scharpe, dc univerfalibus, Liber. 

7. Aoberti AJtngtooi^ Pr aedicamcma. 
ft. Culielmi Mylvcrlay, fex Principia. 

0» JolMtfmds T«rts»t Pxoblemata Capers univcrralia. 

to. Walteri Burley, Expofitio fuper Librum poftcriorum Ariftotcis. 

at. de Seitfihilibus, Tra£katus. 

XX. I. Traftatus Medicus. In Charrd. xvi 

a* jaoohd de Arte Memoriae, Traflatus. 

1, De Memoria, Traftatus alius. 

4.. MatcoliPcrufinj, dcMciiiori.i,^ mcdDftudcndiiTraftatus impreflus. 
XXf. I. Acgidii Roma«i,dc Rcgimine Principum, Libri 3. xvi 

2. f iavii Vegetii, Rci niilifaris Epitome j Libris +. 



rZOZ Li BR I Mss. 

12 C I— VII. 4to. 

I. I. Rodulphi Weftmon. Monachi, dc Pcccatorc, Libri j. xir 

2. Dc Odo a Monachis obfcrvandis, Tradlatus. 06i» funt. F. 59. 
S; De vcritate Corporis & Sanguinis Domini, Trad^atus. Credo^ quod 
fmiis. F.tf4- 

4* De perpetua virginitate S. Mariac ; Sc de veritatc Corporis & Sanguinis^ 
Donoinit TraOatns* l^e mjha fDwmim. F. 6i. 
, S« Dc Fidt» Mt»litatio. F.72. 

6. De proceflione S. Spiritus, Tradtatus. Supefius dixi. F. 89. 

7. Quare Deushomincm fecit, quern pcccaturumfcivlt, TraCtaras. F. 91. 
S. De Trinitate, Tlradatms. CfVi^y tfifrrtf. F. loi. £taUi Tradatus > forte 
onanes ejufdem Rodstphi Monachi. 

9. Guimundi Averfani £pifoopi,de Gorpore & Sai^uiae Domiai, Libri 3;. 

10. L. A. Senecae, Proverbia. F. r88. 

1.1. Marciam Mktci felicis Capellae, de Litteds Alphabet!, Tra&atus^. 

Liber quondam de Ciauftro Roffen^ B. Cmnerarii. 

U. Roberti Flud, M. D. Declaraiia de Operc •quodatti e^ medico. 

Charta* xvii 

ML Hierogtyfhicoriuiiquoruiidxniexplic^io. xvi 

IV. I. C. JttliiHygini, Poctic^^A aftronomic4»n, Libri 4. xii. 

2. Pauli Winfridi, Diaconi Aquiltgienfis, Hifioria Loagobardorum, . 6 

3 . Alexandri M . Res gcftae. Egjpti fapientts. 
4* Epiftola ad Arifkotelcm. 

Liber olimde QauftraRoffoifi} per G. Cclerarimn dktus. 
..v. De Aftrologia>iidtciali, Liber; quem fieri fecit Rex Ricardiis fe--* 
cundus, Anno Regni fui I4^ xiv 

VI. I. De Arte notariS^ Tradatus. ^uodnotarigmfcien. xiii 
2. Secundi Sophiftae Atiienienfis, Sententiae. 

7|.<!il)yrrftotcHs, Liber Moralium, ^ regiminc Dominorum; five,, de fecrcr 

4. — — Phyfiognomiac, Liber. 
.5. Tfajfibtus M<ufici 3. 

Liber quondam Monachorum S. Edmundi. 

VII. Petri Barrocii Fpifcopi P^a/vini^ de fiadiombos cxtingueaJis, et: 



1 2 C VIII ^XV. 4». 

Civibusin gratiam priftinam rcvocandis continendifque, Libri 3. xvi 

VIII. I. Pandulpht Collenucii Pifaurenfis, Apologi 4. zvi 
2. Luciani SamofatenHs, Dialog! 3 s Interpretc Livio Guidolofto Urbi«- 
nate. fcil. i. DeRaptu Europae. 2. De Difcordiae Porno. 3. Dc Pari* 
dis judicio. 

Hie Codex pulchre fcriptus & pidus oblatus eft R. Hcnrkp 8. per Gaa« 
fredum Ciiambcr. 

IX. I. Johannis a SacroBofco, Compotus. XIV 

2. Traftatus Gcometricus. Geometrie due funt partes. 

3. Dc Sphacra, Traftatus. T)ebes fcirej quod. 

4* Aftronomiac Canoncs dc Tabulae, ^oniam cujufque a^imisl 
5 • Traftatus A ftrologicus. Sol in Ajjuario. 

X. Henrici &PhiIippiCaryei Aphorifini Ethici, Politici et Epiffemo- 
nici. Chart. xvi 

XL Traft. Aftrologicus s qui dicitur^ Introdudorius Hifpalenfis j com 

Tabulis. Cinifura Firmament i. xiv 

XII I. Hymnus, ad Thomam Ducem Lancaftriae. XiV 

2. Charta Regis £. 2, confirmans Libertates Fratrum S. Johannis Jeni- 

3. S. Edmundi Hymnus ad B. Mariam, Ave Virgo virginum. 

4. Aenigmata quaedam. 

5. Exiraftaex Mcrlini Prophctia. 

45. Cement home dcit regardcr fun eftat. Liv. 

7. Hiftoria rcrum Anglicarum, aW. i, ufqucadRegcmJohanncm: Gal- 
lice. Ubiplura funt tida \ precipue deFulcone quodanu 

8. The Hiftory of the Kings of England, down to Ed. 2 : in Vcrfe. Herk^^ 
nefe hide^ward Lordinges. 

9. Hiftored'Amyset Amillyon 5 envers. 

10. Infomniorum fignificationes. Etalia. 

XIIL Onofandri, de re n)ilitari> Liber: Nicolao fecundino Interpreted 


XIV. Lanfranci de Mcdiolano, Chirurgiac majorisLibri 5. xv 

XV. I. Conftantini Africani, Medi'cinae theoricae Libii 10* xiv 

2. Glofla in Galeni Anatomiam. 

3. Galeni, dc intcrioribus, Libri 4. 
4 * Mcgatechnon 

D d 2 j^ 

Z04 LiBRi .Ms&, 

12 cxvi ^xx. 4^^ 

5. Alkindi, degradibus compontarum Mcdiciuarum, .Traw\atu5# . 
<5. Aipharabii, dc Tempore, Traftatus. . 

7. Ariftotelis, dc Animalibus, Libriip. 

8. De Anima, Tradiatus. Confiderate animam. 

9. Dc Variis Vocum gcneribus, Tradatus. Vbx ejfl 
io« Dc Subllantiis. Tra6):atus. Cumaliis. 

XVI; Artis Gcomanticac ad Aftronomlam rcdaft'ic, compilatio. -^r- • 
tern Geomantie. 5wr ^ 

XVII. I. Calcndarium. F. i. Xiv>. 

2. Algorifmus. F. 9* 

3. Johannis dc facroBofco, de Spacrai Traftatus. It. 17.. 

4. Compotus. F. 3 3 . 

5. Johannis dc Monte Pels. DeQuadrantc, Tradlatus. F. <yi. . 

6. Frofacii Hebraei, Dc Quadrantc novo, Tradtatus. F. /i-- 
7« Algorifmus dc minuciis philofophicis. F. 83^ 

8. Turketi, Tabula. F:8i?. 

9. Dc Cylindrd, Traftatus. F. 92. 
ID. Dc AftrolabiOy Liber. F.95* 

1 1 . De Thcorica Planctaram> Tradatus. F. 1 1 8 . 

I z. Dc Sphaera (blida» five de Aftrolabio^ Tra£tatus. F. 1 2 S< . 

X 3 • Kalendarius Beccenfis. F. 1 6 

J4» Johannis dejanua, Canones Edypdum. F. 213. 

1 5 • johannis dc Saxonias ad habendum diverfitatem afpedos Lunac^Trada- - 

tus. f.2l6. 

XVIII. I. Albohaly, de Nativitatibus, Liber. xiv 

2. Thebyth Bencorat, de Imaginum fcicntia^ Liben 

3. Baleni, dc Imaginibus, Liber. 

4* Exaphenon prognofticationum tcmppris. 

5. Elcdioncs Abraham. 

6. Hermetis Liber, dc 15 Stellis. 

7. Hippocratis, dc acgritudinibus cognofcendfs per aftronomiam, Liber/ 
XiX. Dc Naturis Bcftiarum, Avium, Rcptilium ct Arborunii Liber. 

cumPiduris. Beftiarumvocabulum. xifi 

XX. !• Ariftotelfs Ethica. xvi 

2> Aeneae Silvii, dc duobus Amatoribus, Opulculum^ 



LiBRi Mss* 

1 2 D IV ^XIII. 4'". 

3. Albrici, dc compete Lunac, Liber. 

4« Bcdae Prcsby teri, de Tcmporibus, Liber. 

5, dc Equinodio, Epiftola. 

V- I. Hieronymi Colaflaei Parificnlis, dc Rc-publica, Loci communes. 
Charta. xvi 

a. Epiftola pracfigitur Thomac Cranmcro infcripta, A. D. 1 548. 

VL I. Tabulae Aftronomicac^ abA. D. 1400 ad 1600 s cum brevibus 
carundem Canonibus. xi7 

1. Johannis Walteriy Canon in eafdem. E. 81. 

3. Gulielmi Rcede, Canones in eafdem, &c. F. 85. 

VII. I . De cruditionc Principum, Libri 7. ^um pars illujlris. xiv 
a. Dc regimincPrincipum, Liber. F. 75. Cogitanti mihL 
3. Robcrti Groftctc Line, Epifcopi, de Oculo morali, Liber. F. loi. 
.4. AlbcrtaniCaundiciBrixiennSidc doftrina dicendi & tacendi,Libcr.F. 1 34; 

5. — — -' Confolationis> Liber. F. 140. 

6. ■ dc Amorc Dei & proximi, Liber. F. 160. 

7. —— — Sermoncs 5. F. 203. 

Vlll R. Caroli i, FlonrmcxvctcrumPoetarumfloribusexccrptorum^ 
Liber Chartaceus, propria manu fcriptus, & in Strcnam Patri datus. xVii 

IX. I. Conftantini Africani, Montis CafinenfisMonachij Brcviariumj 
<flO:iim Vtaticumj de morbis Corporis iiumani 5 7 Libris. xiv 

2. Ifaaci Solomon is filii, deUrinis, Liber 5 ex Lingua Arabica vcrfus per 
Conftantinum Africanum. F. 6r. 

3 . Aogrdii dc Urinis, Liber metricus, cum Commentario ; axi- 

X. Jacobi, ni^ni ordinis S. Auguftinifmtris, Sophologium, 3 Lib. xv 

XI. Fornrolae Littcranim, Brcvium, Obligaiionum, Acquietantium 

&C. XIV 

Xil. Mctfrcinalis Liber. xv 

Xlll. I. Exccrcitationum medicarumLiber. xV 

2. Gloflac fuper Johannicium, dcxc medico. 

3 . Gloll'ac fupcT vjaleni Microtcdhnon. 

4. Gloflae *ftrpcr Hippocratis Aphorifmos. Et itcrom in fine Cc- 

5 . 6k>fl>c •fiipcr'Hrpfrocratis Librum PrognofticOrum. 

6. Thcophili Medici Protofpatarii, de Urini*-, Liber. 


12 D XIII ^XVir, 4to. ct I » E I IV. so. 

7i Ariftotelis, Anatomiae, Libcr. 

8. Acgidii de Urinii^ Liber nwtricuSf cum Gloflt. 

9. dc Pulfibus, Liber mctricus. 

10. Dc Vnnis.TrsLGtztw.^eJ/rinsrumScifntiSi, 

i;i« Glofla fupcr Gakni Lib. dc rcgiminc Acutanim. Afi qut nttdum. 

XIV. !• Ariftotelis Mctaphyficorum Liber: cum Glofla. xiy 
%. ■ ■■ dc Gaufis, Zuibcr : cimi G\i^. 

1^ ■■■ " ■■■ ■ Edacorum Ut)^. 

XV. I. ■ Sccrcta Sccrctorum 5 five, dc rcgUMae Priocq^fUB, 
lUbcr. x¥i. 
z. Dc ad miniftrationc Principum, Liber. Regnabit Rex. 

XVI. Excmplaria fcribendij variis Charadcribus cc Linguis. Ckarn 

ZVII. Medicarum Praefcriptionuin^ Liber. Saxonic^. x* 

12 E. I2^. 
L I. Algorifmus; five ArithmecicacTradattis : Scriptus pcrmannsM: 
Aw, A.D. 145 1 • XV 

X. Frecum Enctiiridion. 

3. Dc generaii judicio, Cacloy Ihferno, Pcccatis &c. Collc^hoca ex V^^ 

4. Herbarium alphabeticum. 

5. De Aqua vitae,mirabili&c.TradiituSi^ 
<S. S. Alcxii Vita. 

7. S. Katherinac Vita. Xir 

S.. Horac de S. Cruce. 9* S. Dibayfii Vita.' 

10. S. Barlaam Vita: cum aliis Vitts, & Tradatulis Theologids. 

IL Ricardi Forfteri, Medici, Tabcllas cardinales jfive, 4 Caeli Cardl* 
num : referenrcs partes Eclypticas, cum quibusFixxoriuntur, culminant , 
dccedunr, ct L C. poiTidcnt: confedx ad cam Caeli divergenciam, quas: 
procumbic in Septcntrionem, 51, 34 V: quarumope^quas 5tellx iint ia4 
Angciiis, omni tcmporis momento, uno intuitu, deprehendatur. . 1 5 69. 
Liber Chartaccus, in gratiam nobiliflimas domins Lumleyc. xvi 

IIL Dcproprietatibusrerum, Liber, jiquilavelud Regina* xv 

IV. Aftrologicarum praedidionum, Tra^tus metricus, Tuum ind^ 
mentumdurabit tempore hngo. xv^ 



"ZoS . 'Li BR I Mss. 

I 2 E V XIII. 80. 

V. I. Mcdicinarum Simplicium virtutcs, ordinc alphabctico. xy 

2. Dc mode medcndi, Tradatus : €x Johannede Platca &c. collc£tus.ib 
medendis Corporibus. 

3 . Flos Dietarum, Liber fic didus. Corpus Hominis. 

VI. Albcrtiy de modo fignificandij Tra£tatus Grammaticus. In Charta. 


VII. Schola Salcrmtana i feu. Regimen Sanitatis, per Doftores Sjilerni- 
tanos. Aliter dicitur, Flos Medicinas s per Johannem MediolaacRfeqi 
Salernis. Chart. \ xv 
2. Summamagiftri Girardi, de modo medendi. Fo. i,z. Etafia medica 

VIII. I. HippocratisAphorifmi. xiii 
2. De variis Morbis, Liber. EJi autem cardiacapaffJo. 

'3. Compendium Sc hols Salernitanx. 

4. Excrafta ex Libro Conftantini African!, de Stomachi compofttione & 

5. Pharmacopoeia alphabetica. 

^. M . Bartholomxi, Pradica Medicinas. 

7. Archimath. Salernitani, Traftatus Mcdicus. 

8. Conftantini AfFricani, Liber deUrinis. 

9. Acgidii Verfus, de judiciis Urinarum. 

IX. Sententiae ex variis Autoribus Claflicisco'leftae. In Charta. xvi 

X. Cyclopaedia omnium Scicntiarumj adR. Catisbcium, A. D.. 1604, 
per T. S. Hac Litterae initiales forte funt fiditiac, & nomen Autoris vc- 
rumH. Grenvil. In Charta. 

XI. I. GalfridiVincfauf, dc novaPoctria, Liber Mctricus. xT 

2. AlaniPoctae Siculi, dc planftu Naturae, Liber : partim Carmine, pariim 

3. Placiadis Fulgcntii Grammatici, Mithologiarum Liber. 

4. Fiftionum poet i cam m & earumcxpoficionum Liber: partim Carmine 
partim Profa. Parvus majori paret. 

XII. Argentariac Britannicac Cribrum ; R. Jacobo i infcriptum, A. D. 
1608. In Charta. xvii 

XIII. De SignisCaclcdibus&eorumproprictatibus, Lib:r« Initio totius 
freationis. xv 


BlRLlOTttiCAk RfeGIAE. fdf 

tlV. I. FoAhuIac frociiriiSre^d A(>^tlatiatt'Sfi£ttIfcIi fAAf^Ae- 
riodc Hales. iW 

2. {)cOffeidJu(rids, clrdiinq'tfili(ion£$&r6rMiltl^<i(:6teifdi. xT 

3. Littcrae.& alia Infttumcnta, praecipue ad Monafierium, d$ Hales Aeo? 
'antia. _. . . . a 

4. Atticuli irtquinndi a jefordatoM Oivdtnt!Ci(:efirre£lu.i'&jSi f^Soli 
Appcllationis. - . . 

i. Dcftatu Mcwachbriim & CaiiAaiciSniim /^glAlAToiii,. (^alffS^filit, 
«. Statuta Mohaltnii de Haici s OOa A. b. I2<i : Ka&i'fiaa A..IX' 
ij!H.i Etuos i Eti4+i. , . . ■- X. . 

XV. I. DeVcnic-rcaioiic&c.lib. r/epHUitii^XSfa^l^Sn-iiit 
I. Anatomiac Traaanu. ^fmUlll XtMUf^vM/. 
f. DcColoribus, I'rSaafus. . _ . ' 

4. Atilloiclis, SftTeKSccrrfdnShiifKc, d< lliMffi&TmicifuH^ fiBS^' 

5. CI. PtolemacF, dcritUbijuiutai 'iiVc; dffn^Xn^r'oroinguik , xH 
4. Planctantm diftantiae. 

XVt u InterprctandndflSKraVKi jflKMOdi: ' '.rf 

B. Prognoftications on Chnftnias-Day, aN^^aXw. . i^' ' 

|. Solutiones 16 QuadUomun. liaa'eWlifftMiifi. 
4. Calcndarimn-. . , . ' ', 

s. JohannisdcSiadfercd; <ffSpiSa5;tiatfaus, 
•6. Prognofticationesaftrologicac. 

7. Vcrfus vaiii, de <ioinpbtcs tZ^ea^mo iaC , . 

4. Waited Biirlc;, in Atlllotclis ^robl'cin'ar^ Cominartalfail 
■9. Eec^payal}lcat tlicC^burt'oti^dine, upbnlevcral'6ccafibn»: 

iViL DcnaturarprarojLibri i* Liber i cftdcAnatomia. i, de jCiS 
aaa. ?, de monitions l^omitMbus. 4, de Qil'adrupcdltjus. ^, de AviBus, 
.fi, de Monftris marinis. 7, de Pifcibus. 8^ de Serpcntibus. (ijdc Vermis 
b^ I o, de Arboribus. 1 1 , ^« ^tboribus' arpmtticisl iV,. de rtcrbiir 
ijjdcFontibus. 14, dctapidlbus. ■i'5,de7 Mctallis, 4 fii de 7 r<^0nK 
bus Aeris. 17, de 7 Flaneiis. 18, depaffiomlias A«ri& .ijV)de4rEIc^ 
mentis. iiSt 

XVin. Explicatia Annul! a Jbhanne xlc I^orfhamptoHt inVchtC) p«? 
.qdcm variac (JuaeUicncs AQionomicac Jc Cbioiwlo^qK iblvanhit.' 




12 E XIX XXV. 8«. 

XIX. Ifaad Cafauboni^ Notae in Ariftotelis Analytica priora & pode- 

riorai propria manu fcriptae, in Charra. xvn 

.. XX* I. Aptalionis Expofttio in 7 Libros Aphorifmorum Hippocratis; 


2. Galeni, de curatione Fcbrium, Libri6. F. 29* 

^. C Plinii fecundi Vcronenfis fcnioris, de Medicina, Libri4« F« 1 1 j. 

4. Atcxandri&c. Liber Dietarum. Cibos accipiant. F. 140. 

5. Proprietas Art is Medicinae. Medicina dicltut amodo. F. 145. 

XXL I. ExcerptaexVegetio, Macrobio> Seneca, Albino &c. xv 

t. Jbhannis Galends, deVlrtutibus cardinalibus, Liber. 

3. Johanais de Rafibus^ Ludi Scaccarii cxpoficio moralis. 1 

4. MbdusLudi Scaccorum, Metrice. Egregium Ludum. 
^. Robert! Groftete Line. Epifcopi, dc Oculo moraii^ Liber. 

tf . S* Bernard! Abb. Clar. de re familiari gubernanda, Epiftola. 
7. Expoiitio brevis Orationis Dominicae. Orath, Tater wjier. 

XXIL t« Medicamenta varia. xr 

a» De cura pauperum^ Liber : five. Speculum Medicorum. Cum ammad^ 
3. Medicamenta varia^ alphabetic^. 

XXIIL !• Simplicium Medicamentorum defcriptio metrica. x\v 

2. Quinti Sereni, Liber medicinalis, metricus. Huic infcribuntur vartac 
Leftiones, ex Libro Cbttoniano. 

3. Aendiii Macri) de Herbarum viribus, Liber metricusv 
4* Com. in Antidotarium^Librum medicum He didum. 

XXIV. JoHuiae Mene> de Unionis firmiute & Divifionis vaftitate^ Liber 
diactacieus. xvii 

XXV. I. Propofltiones quaedam Philofophicae, Eariitis & Oxonii re- 
probatae. F. r. xiii 

2. Qoaeftiones variae Philofophicae. F. 4. 

3. johannis de Sicca Villa, de Principiis Naturae, Liber. IB. 37. 
4* Quaeftiones de Principiis. ¥.6$. 

5. De Ente& Eflcntia, Traftatus. F. 99. 

6. Thprnae Aquinatis, delntelledu. Liber. F. 103- 

7. Gbm. fuper Ltbrum de Morte & Vita^ Senfu St Scnfato, Memoria St Rcs^ 
itoinifcentia. F.nj. 

S, Dc Articulis Shilofopfaicis Oxonii condemnatis> Traftatns. F. lao. 



12 E XXV- 80. ct 12 F I— IV. 4^^ 

9. Dc motu Cordis, TradatusL F,i25. . 

10. Auguftini Hip. Epifcopi, deSpiritu&Anioia^ Liber* F» 127^ 

11. Quaeftiones morales. F. 138. 

12. Dc Quadrantc & Cylindro, TradatuJ. F. 147. 

13. De NumtnSy Traftatus. F-, 1 5 2. 

14. Tabula ad actrahcndos Annos Arabum ex Annis Chrifti, et € OOiw 
f rario. F. 1 54. 

1 5. Tabula defcrviens compofitioni Quadrantis. Ibid. 

16. Tabula Declmarionis Soils. F. 155. : . • 

17. Dequadratura Circuli, Tradatus. Itnd. 

18. De Geometria, Tra£lacus. F. 158. 

19* De Planetarum locis, Tra&atus. F. i02. 

20. De Herbarum, Stellarum, Lapidum atque Figuranim yirtutibus^ ie* 

cundum Hcrmctem, Tradatus. F.i 66. ' 

21; Pythagorae & Platonis Sphaerac. F. 170. 

22. Roberti Groftete Line. Epifcopi> de Aeris dilpoiitioae pcaenofccildat 

TraAatus. F. i8i. • . 

■ t 

23«'De Nubium cognhione, TraAatus. F.i85^ 

24. Dc Stellis comatis, Tradtatus. F. 187. '- 

25. De Aftronoinia>Tra£tatiis. H>. . • ^ 

26. DePlanetis, Tradacus. F. ip^u 
0)ncluditur Libct hoc Diftico. 

De Niveconceptumqucm mater adultera fiimty 
Sponfus cum pendens liqoifadum foierefinxit. 

12 F. 4«>. 
I. I. MctaphyricorumybriiTj cum Glo(&i. C&n/Uerstio qtiidemy xlu 
2. De Caufis, Liberi cum Glofla. Omnis cauja frimaria. 
Liber quondam dc Clauftro RofFenft, G. Supprioris. 
fl. I. Hclperici Compotus. kll 

2. Bedac Prcib. dc T^mporibus, JUibcr. 
3 — Chronica. 

4. - Epiftola ad Vifthcum, de Equinodio. 

Liber aliquando Monaftcrii S.Albanj. 

IIL Galeni» de ^efinitionibus Komfinum mcdicinaitufiit Lfber cKar- 

laceiis. xvif 

IV. I . Remigii Com. in Phocae Grammaticam j cum Testa fere 

MtoPhocae. ^ xa 

£ e 2 z* 

%tt Li 8 8LI M68. 

12 f IV^^XV. ♦It 
a. Siaori Hifp. EpiTcopi, Epifto^ae i ad ^(gi9l«yiei|i %tfcppmm \ 


I. II. ' " E tymologiarum ITve Origii(.i)i{i| Lib4 ^^ 

4. AUcgoriap §. ScRipMiC|c. 

V. SimplicU Com. in primuin Litxipfit Phyfj^praai ^rj^^KM^Ht : ^ 

Arl. De Natura rerum, libri 1 9- vide i xE. XVIL mif 

Libcc olim de Dg{iip>d| ^^U^yr 

VII. Claud. Ptolemad,. (^ai^ijjai^tuin ji fc^, Ai^«l«(4MM|^4f Pr^^ 
di^onibus Aftrologids^, 4 Li^is;, cusfi (alqills )jaly AbcfKlu^i PiiiUv' 
ibphi. Lattn^ vtrttt Lomtardus dt f 9nna. xiii 

VIII. Jobannis'Sarisburienfii, Cftriu $j|^qpi, Polricn^ippo, 6 Libris. 

lid>erdc Clauftro Roffenfi. 

IX. t« OHbafii Sardiani, Mednrin^c <^ompepdfum^ ^SiarUt xvp 

3, dc GuratiooibuSy Libri 2^ 

X. i.Dc PhUofophia mw^^U)Pf^ m*^^ i ^i^*^^^' ^m 
T Herbarii fragmcntum. 

XL. Gulielmi Gilbert! Colceftrenfis l^t^jn^ 4f. MiM^ npAfP S«blu-- 
siari» Philofophia nova ; 5 Libris. Chacf xvi? 

XIL I . Vcrbum abbrcviatum^ : Liber fie 4l^^ I^C^pIt : Vnlnm §b- 
hteviatum'ftcit T^Mff^fi^ xiir 

a. Txopus : Liber ficd^Uft. Vi4(fm^imK f^ Sfitc^Uum^ 

XIII. De natura Pecudttm, (cum P^yris) Volucrum, Reptiliunii Ar- 

Liber quondaoa *P CJ^«ftw S^^l^fenfi, per R. Preccpwr^nL 

XIV. Alexandri ^fp^m^ df Nifitu^ rerum, Libri 5* xiii 
JCV. I . De Naturis rerum Liber. Tropofitumfft circa isf^ans. xiit^ 

%. Diftinftiones bonorumTerboruqi^ Qfnts^'vivuf df^ 
S. Sermonesvarii. 

4. Koberti Groftetc, ]LJfiKX lEpijQsqp^ 4? S;?ccrdot4i Qlg^o, Liber. 
Liber quondam Domus S. Edmvm^ R^gM* 

HVL i^ydfc^ 4b S;«v^c^ IIi^o^s^'I^ j fiv^ Sc«i»tia arcanorunu 
||«|crioruci; Thomac Woolfey. Cardinal! ioicripta^ in Charta. pi^ 

■» • 

filBUOtffltEeAB ; ReGIAE. JgM^ 

1 2 F XVn-rrS^v <|t 1^ Q I, U. 4V 

XVII. I. Hcrfordenfi»^" iJBiJida Ai^ro^PflU^U .^, ,;.^ w |«lix 

2. Haly Abenrachcl, dc jUdicii*.,^ftrpjjTijifiy ..JUIS^ ^v\ 

Liber* ' • ,, *.,.*: T p •'.. f'l ' — 

3. Johannfs Efchcnden, def{gn{6c«tiQQip.CQpij|^)^^ij:^!$j^ 

Tradlatus. :. • - 

Intra Operculum fcribitur : 'Die 'lLmif,:^imf /^ip^m^tff 

A,V> HOi mt0 ertit ^mm M>firjm'eim04im^ 

Campo ti—cimtii rTarwiti M/^iutbde/Pp. ^ - "^^ ^:;; : ; ff ., 

XVlit Tl)Qinj»c.TpnXi<ii, Dc Aijjalo^ /tOjjJtffWf ,SfflfTOni^' 4)^ 

Crapttnaticus Chartacciis: Tri&'dpi Fkdmco inferiptiis, A.p^iff^%^ 

XIX. I . Waltert de Burley Com^ |q AfjQotdi^Prac^tlctwncAtlu xjyr 

2. — - — : Com; in cmicm^0Jl^t<;^]^9SM^^ .^cujii 

aliis <;jii{a?m Traaatibuj.LpgicK,.A.a .ijp^. .' ^';., ,"^., . . ^,. .;,,'.;^ 
J. Verborumformatidncsi'oiiwheaijioabcticQ.' ' ' .. i 

4. Ricardi de Kilviodomi; A!#C^Q99II^J^^(;glMiVI9l^;(i^<- ^ 

1» Johannis de Sacro "Bofco, Cofinpoews. - . • '•• 

Liber quondam S. Mari&Radyng. - 

• I - * . 

• . * ' * 1 1' ' t " f■ 

I. Ludovicidc Caerlcoir, TabvUpRclypl^Dt^ 
Piamctros Ricardi dc WallinigfM^k r Aftw -■ ./k«r 

Nota, quod poft compofitionem ifiarum Tabiikuwii^ ^v^ JQIM^^ 
expoltationcm Regis Ricardi }» incarcciatiis in Tttfrc LoirdoisUriBB^^ 
pofuit alias Tabulas £dypfom9qQa6^<liliQor4aw abiftfe yi4ex 

pag. Codicis; ,- 

II. 7)e l^cCodfceyJn prims ijiufii^ Y^VLmmffc 

Katuralibus Ariftcitcli^ dc Clauftro Koficoti^ pcrJobaimcmPiiorcmRo^ 
fenfeni. Hunc Librum quicunqac alkmvcrit ab hoc Clai^97Q« aUcsaatuV 
cciaverity vel hunc titalum in fraudcm delevcrit^^ danipnationem ioaorit 
Anathematis, lati itnguiis Annis a Friorc 6c toto cetu Capitiili Rofiotfit^ - 
Quem Librum fcripiit Hcnricusdt Rcuiuinf & audivit in Scbolb ,QxD- 
me, & cmendavit&glolavitaudicndo. - . « jujf. 

<ln hoc Voluminccontin<mturbec: 
u Fhy ficorum Ubri 8 . 3 • De VcgctabitiboSt I3bd ft. 

2« DcCdo & Mundo» Libri 4. 4«^ . Mcteonua Libci 4^ 

I* ' 

i n 

lIlERI i^MsS^ 


ji pc Generatione & Corraptionc. Libri 2. , . . 

"il. l)c Memoria & Kcmini(ccniia» Liber. * '. 

7* DcAnima, libri]. 8. Dc Morte & Vita, Libc^, 

•jr. De differcntu Spiritus & Anitfife, tibeh ■'''"..'"..■ 

lo. De Sompno &yigUia, Libri a. . , .. . . .- ! . 

M. Dc Scnfa & Scdlato, Liber. ' ', . --• 

^ ' W. lideiii Llbrily ciim' codcm AnathcinaMre^ in tibb Cbdke cohtincntur 
*C in priorc 

IV. • t . Pracrcriptidnes Mcdicie .ptia:imisre> "Lat* 6c Anglic^ j ubiqi le pec. 
Coaiccm. - -^ XV 

i. <)ilbcrt Lcglci^ Compendium Medidnae^ libris 7« ^ - 

3. Meditinae Simplices. Alpliabctic^. 
li^-i&riftotelislPhyiiognotoia, ' ' 

5« De ponderibus & menftjds^incdicinilibtts/ cum Medicinarum qualitatc. 

^. Johannis dc*^i^ftdia;'<^htra Pettilentiam^ Tradatus. ' 

7. Tabula ad fcicndumy in quo *%he fit Luna, & quae Planeta regit fin- 

S« Modus Regiminis tnfirmoram. FortajQTe Johannis de Grenborough% 
^anda aliqui infirmantur. " * . 

^.^ *dWrdi tJ^xoteicnfii^^^t^^ 

''V. I. Ariftotelis thyfic45 Cvstix Glbfla: 8 Libris. xiil 

^j, P n i H ' ^ * de'Generiltio^e &* Coriiiptione, Libri 2 . 

^, ir I ^ dcCoclp & Mundo, Libri 4. 

^; I I I f I .i ■ , ^ Meteorum Libri 4. - 

J. ■ ■ ■ de Vcgctalibus, Liber. 

^ '; ;r . - > : — ~^dc Anima, Llhri 3. ^ 

7^ ^^i I ■! — deMctnoria& Rcftiinifccntia Liber. 

^. . . ' I ■ ^: etc diifFcfetitia SpiritUs & Animae, Liber: 

yi. Albohaly Avicennae, Canon Mediciriae, 5 Libris: Latirfc pcrGc- 

tardum Cremonenfcm. xif 

' Memdriale fratis Nicholaide Wygornia, in Convcntu fratrum prc7 

ditatorum Londini. 

Vll. Aihacenhiii Alchaichem, Optieae Thcfaurus. xv 

Vin. Liber novcm Judicuai: Qucmmifit Soidanus Babilonic Impcra- 


V ! ■ EpiftolaadAriftotelem. 

1. •«-— ^MrAcPhUsTophia, ooUidaiKi Ijwrav >xt<c can & Dindu 
nuin Bracmanaotom IbagoK- , 

iL. '*. Imfnmmm. RaBUndnimt ab AK!a4ii» a^iK. 'al Ludoriciun 
Bhm Fianccnim Regtn^ Jiiftoifa flily ii1r«fc- ' x 

>^.'. i »iiii ' I « Jpte uliiTw atf Marcm AonMuknoHy HMoii. ftnhi 

III. I. GalfiMkAiitnaWMMaoBMBfi^ teOi%iac*ffic«*'BrltaRno' 
'SMIcIiWijI. «I 

2. HymnusadB. Vir^nfliA. 
). Proph«tl!wMn*caiimlM' '' 

».S.Hugonis Line. Epiropi Vita i Mcnilck. >4«nr«MnflHr<M*K 
S. ycrrusRIijrtliiiiicide SaniiitoTniftHni. Vtlgtmtjt. rv^, 
4. JohaimisHanvillcnlu, A(chithrcniaii« liBn* fi. Vftltimftt.- 
'S' Dc Excidio Trpjano, Libri 2. .^ivitiu, fnuy 

-«. VcrfiudeVocibushomtHiyiMis. 3)*lHU,JiudUtrttt 7 
:7. Argumcnta de Virtudtms & Vitiis. 

V. I. AleiandiiM. B.cruingefiaiaiB, Liber. Trimi ftpimtis Sgifti. 


hi. E|^ola ad Ariftoteleiti. 

}. MartiniPoldni, Epifco^'.Coafentini, CStronicon. 
.4. Darctis Pbrygti, de exciiltftTrojanDr HiAorifl-.i 
$f Galftidi Arthurii Monemtfteali% dc OngjH^^ CcHis Brit<nuni> Libli 
S priotes. , -.v-^ 

-e. CoUcOioaa Theoloi^ac. ' ^eitStiAfitec*. , 
7. Albcrti de Miuei^bus, -Libri j. 

VL Rogcri Howdene, Chronicorum Pars prior. ,«n 

VIU I. De MendaciOt Sortilegis^ Feriis &C. Liber wtf^X«. -xw 

X, -Mtttini Poloni, Epifcopi Conlcntiai, Chronicon. 
I. Riftborci dc Calwardeby, de Confeifionc, Mifcricordia* Otadooc ta^ 

■I^^Mfclai m Papae, Novae Quaeftioaa. 
$.,.Viriitaiiitra.CaBlslatiOiUf. i^Mnianr, «r«r> 

9*1$ LiBRi Mss. 

I, A XIV ^3CXII 4< 

t. De SybUlis, TraQ»tus. Genersiiter trnius Fmme. 

9. S. Bonardi Abb. Clar. Meditationum, Liber. 

10. De Chrifti infantia. Liber, jitms <^ Emerhu. 

SI. Fresbytetijohannis Epiftola ad Emanuclem Imperatorem. 

Ltt)er olim ConvcDtus fiatcum Fracdicacorum Limerid. 
' XV. S. Guchlad Vita. vnr 

3EVI; Thomae Elmhaoi Prioris Lcntoitix, C3ironiooa R. Hentici 5^ 
lletrioe. In Charta; xv» 

XVIL X* Martini Poloni, Pontificum Romaflorum Chronicoor. xf 
a. Excerpn ezPdychronico Ranulphi Higdcn; 

XVIU. Ivoniiy Camotenfis Epi(copi^ Epiftolarum Liber. xiv 

a. Henrid HuntindonienfisArchidiaconijHifioriae Anglorum,Abbreviatiot 
f . R. Gnlielmi r, Decreta & Einendatione»'Leg;aiD. 
4^ ^Muni Miwemnrtwaifis, Chronteon Rc^m Ang^nt, ab A. D; ijofv 


^ Tnr^Ai Rcmcnft E^ftop^ de Rdtas geftis Garoli M. Poema; - 
itf . Ao^iae R^um Chtonicon, u^ue ad H. r. Gallic^. 
7. AngUae VillanimNoini|M,ft^d^ntiaaLandino. 
•«*.lwad'Tabttlaa orniTaxiUiSy defaiptio s \<#i|f/f<«nmidiftL 
I«tt SdlVOCllll^dfercriptio ! Gallici I G«0^f»riaii dial 
>4 A.M. T. S^Boetfiii, de Confolatione PhUoibphiae, Libri^. 
* 3CEK. OhfoniconRegumAngliaeaW. i.adH,^ rrr 

JEX. ^VtaUOroO^ <le- Onncfta Mnadi, Libri r- laa* 

jbU. I. Henrid Imago Mundi,Libro-r. tin? 

a» , " Ghromcarom,.afqqc ad> David^Ifraditardiii' 


f » Lc Brnt^ke Maiftre Wace tranflata de Latin en Franceis^ dctm les Rcir 

lipBrittai^e. en Vers. A. Bruto itl.'ad W. 2.. 

4; S. Hicronymi, de Viris illuftribos> Ltbcr. 

%: GenMdiiMftiliiienib, iUuftriomViroruni Catalogos. Deficit in Cap.^ $a? 

4«. IfidcMriHifp. illttftrium Virorum-Catalogus: Defunt ai.Caprfwiota; 

7. Caffiodori Senatoris, de inftitutionibns Divinanim Littcranmr/ Liber. 

XXII. Pauiide Monte Gaflini Monadu» Hifioria Longobiarddram, C 
JUbxis. X 

Itibci^lim S. AugnAim GanittiRcnRs.-. 








U AXXm. et 13 B I— ^VL 4^ 
XXIII. I. OdonisAbbatuauniacenfis, Chroiiiooil$i 
2. Franciae Rcgum Gencalogia. ' .' 

Liber olim S. Augoftini Ganf. 

U B. 4«. 
1. 1. Littcrae inter R. Elizabetam aceneras Prindpes ftrfpiM^ ^ A^ 
D. 1558 ad 1568. InCharta. . 1^ 

2. Compofitto inter Vicariutn perpetnniii fc lUdoitiil BcfkiBac ic 00) 
^yngton, SarumDioccfts> fadta 28 Aug. 1540. 

3 . Articuii Haercfcos, quibus acai&ti X condcmnati (but Cctatguoh ItSd- 
leyus & Latymcrus. 

4. ChartaR.Edwardiv., confirmans Ub«ttC8 Iirfulanim Jd%^ Ote, 

5. Charta R. Mariac, pro uAJein^ 

tf. R.Hcnrict t Commiffio £ifta Bioberto SootlMrcIl Bteiftrtf lUNttlttran^ 
Johanni Tregunweli^ohaom Oliver & Antonio BcUafe MagUbis Cfn^ 
cellaris, inabfentia Tbomae Wtyochdlcy CmcirilariU Qwftt is. c0eai 
Coria determinandi. 
7. Licentiae et Literac ceffimooialef Kavirdib«0Mdlii6 ftd 

II. Litterac imcrR Jacobiim4.;$ootiae ftaltM ftripac^ caoi' I^lfifitiar 
Painter erat Seaetarins,' ab A; D. 1 505 4ul t »X4« to 4teci» ' tv# 

UI. S. Ladovid Ffaneomm R^ ^fcPbifippi ci«i>yriSK^^GQ|il0B9it 
•per Guillcrmum dc Nangis. mw 

Philippi Regis Litterac^ 4e ttanflatioat LadOfH Ule btbcatftry^ilbie 
funt in Codice impreffi>. 

IV. Ettfebii PamphiliCaeikr.EcdcfiaftiGaeHifloiittUbtftii tfpimS^ 
latione Rnffini : qui in Prologo didt, fe dedmum Eufebii tSbamaea& 
conjunxiflc, & duos poftremot ex ptoprio tddidifftf. . ^ 

V. Aiiud ejufdem Exemplar* -■'■'•'■mi 
Olim Monafterii S. Albanu :v 

VI. Henrid Hunting^doa Atdiid.HiftoriAegniBAag;kMiBiMO tftrilAl? 
In ultima hujus Codids Pa^iaa adduoMtf qoaedam tatxta^agjoikj %Dafe 


Verfus Brad odlXaiiani: 
fDivapotens nemarum^ terror filveftrikns Afriu 

Nunc die quas terras nos hafntoKre v4$$^ 
fDic rertam fedem^ qua te venerabar in evm% 
^m tibi virgiueis temp/a dicah ♦ meis. ^ tmn miM i 

Ff2 le. 

ijtd ' -L'tBRi Ms& 

13 BVI. 4^. 
■ Rcfponfio Diane. 

JBfUte^ fub occaju SoHsy trans Gallica Regna, 
Infula in Oceano efi^ undique claufa mors ; 
Jnpua in Oceano efij habit at a G^antibus oJim, 
•'* Mlmfiie^ei^^ quaji gentibus aptatnis. 
Wmefete: namquetibifedes erit ilia per hennis ; 

Hie ae prole tua Reges nafcenPur : & iUis 
' Sami HrrtJUbmtks orbis erit. 

' firnota, quod quando Brutus regnavit in ifta terra, Britannia videlicet;. 
Heli Sacerdos judicabat Ifrael, anno fecundum quofdam Hiftoriographos- 
|U)te incarnatiqnem Domini 1 200: undc metricc diditur ^ 
< VSiS annos mitte diicetitos nafcimr ille, 

Qai> ipittiite Patre, firondet de virgine Matre. 

(Tkerius fiota^ ^od 397ahnisfegfiatcrunt Reges in Anglia, amequam^ 
Roma fiiit coodita. Anno quo Chriftus nafccbatur^ Kinibelinus regnavit 
iiiifta Infula.' Eranno ab iricarnadone Domini 156 Chriftianitas primo 
,li^ Jh i^A^h^ tem^e Li^ £lcurherii Papc. £t anno 390 

ttiSa^us BrkO'Hereft' fua. eandem teiram it^ecit, tempore Arcadiilmpe- 
^jtobris. Et peft annos ah incamafidnc Domiai 469 S. Germanus Epifco- 
llib cum Lupq veniens ad iftud Regnum diftam Herefim fedavit. Sed 
fwSca^'ir'ith&^hdbus Virgtttrispfef^^ Herefebs, idem GermanusAitiifiodo- 
renfts Epifcopus cum Seyero, condempnatis vcl emendatis Hereticis, gre& 
"AttiT'RdcirccttperaVit. ^Ft-poftea beatus Gregorius Papa A. D. 597 mifit 
AxtgdRSiium 8c Socios fitos in Angliam ad convcrtendum populumSc pre- 
ttibanddm Fidem. 

Paflio S. Albani & fociorum ejus fa<3:a tempore Diodeiiani, A* D*.2S6. 

A. p. 605 GrcRorius (anftus Papa obiitJ 
*'- *A. jy, 449^^ Sastbncs & Anglic a Britonibus acccriiti^ Britanniani adic- 
ront> praauxilio fcrendo cohtra Scotds & Pidos. Advcncrunt aucem de 
tribus Germanic populisfortioribus 5 i.e. S.ixonlbiis, Anglis, Vitis : quo- 
rum Duces fucrunt duO ftatrcj;, Wcngift & Horla. //. Huntingdon. 

Li. 2. 


Nota, quod Normaani vcricnintin iftam tcrramA. D..1066 ; ctvicc* 


iXl LlBRT Ms|. 

1} B XnL— r-XXI. et I) C I. 4*> 
-Topographia eiufilem*^ a Libris. F. 94. 

JCUI* I. Ivonis^CarnotenftsEpifcQpi^ Chronicon. xm 

S« S. Urfini BituriccnAs Epifeopi Vita. . 

r XIV* Dudonis Neuftrii^ fupcr congrcgationcin S. Quintini Decani, de 
jDOcibos & aftis primoruin Normancuac Ducum^ Libri $ : parcim merri- 
ly partial. folutl . XX 
. ZV. Gii<Ue Saftois, Dc Ge£tU Britcmum, liber. Ctiart. xvt 

XVL NicoiaiTrivet^ Anoajlesab ortgine Mundi ad GiuriftunL xiv 

. XVIL Gmlielmi Matnic^barienfis Monaclii, de Geftis Regam Aoglo- 

VUSkf Libri 6. Charta. x?i 

. JLJofQ. XgLti Xibri, ia Q)dicibiis impreiC^ ponitur Hiflocia flovella^ Li- 

ftdi 2. 

.XVQL I. Siunmula mcttic^ exceipta de Librp^ qoi intituiatur^ de 
.^ii^ Afng^ni|ii%-^^^^M/^^^ canieptus virginis Jtfm^.] tw 

j« Bedae Br€sb. AnglofiuoQum Hifioria s Libris 5. 

XOL i.GiiliclfpiMa)me^>urieaiis9 de Geftis Regam Anglonmiy Libd 
#. Vide pOI inppi, „ , r xar 

a<^ Tctne.S^uidac Defc^iptia Siiendum eft qu^. xw 

.|^ fdqvtfil^ Ab(blatipni$. . \ 
.4, P* OvidiLN. r veL alterios, ut ikifcriiitar) De Pliiloqaela^ Elcgia. 

ZX« !• Antonii deMufica, Commentaria rerum ab Imperatore Cardio 
;f geftamm apiid Sanftntn Digeriam : R. Henrico t inJcripta, A. D. 1 544. 
fn Charta. xvi 

a. Catalogus & Ordo Militiae Carol! 5> in expedicione contra 

Francifcum I9 Gallorum R. A..D. 1 544* 

XXL Jac. Uijkrii Aimach. .Epifcopi, dc Chriftianaram Ecdefiarum 

Succefllone ^ Satu> Capita 7 prio^ : ^uac definunt ad Cap. |. §« 11 Co^ 
.4tc}sinipreffi« ... xvu 

^ Vi C. 4^ 
J. I. Rannlphi Higden Cefiricnfis, Folichronici, Liber 7 mritf^^?^^ 
cbntinoatus ad A. D. 1361. Charta. dnri 

x^ Chronicon breve^ ab A. D. 469 ad 1 5 1 2. 

^. Nomina EpticoporumCancuartenflaai^VVciJlcnfiuni, Hrofcnfiam, Ct* 
jccft. Dorccft. Wmt. Sarum dc Font. 
4. Regum Angliae Profapia, ab Adam* 
/|« Rcgum Francorum Gcnealogia* 

1 3 q IV.,,, — ^xi. 4^. 

6. Jcrcmiac Prophctiac Expofitio. Verba Jer emie &c. Frequens & So^ 

7. Etymologiarum Liber. ThiUU^ inferpretatur. 

%. S. Hieronymi Strid. Commcntarius in S. Marci EvangeliuixK 

Liber olim Fratrum Carmclitarum Lincolniae. 
: Vj'Bedae Presb. Hiftoria Eccleitaftica Gentis Anglorum ; Librls5 x 

Liber Olim Monafterii S. Petri Glouceftriae. 

VL I. .Martini Poloni Chronicon. xiv 

%. Hiftoria AnglMom. ex variis coileda $ ufquc ad A- D^ J 289. Nonjh^ 
lum audien^s. 
I.e. Julii Sbliiii Polyhiftor, 

4. Thomae Becket Vita, ex pluribus collegia. 
5/ Aniftotdis'Sccreta Secreroninu 

4i S. Pauli Vifio Penarum Inferni. 

y. GulUelrmlTripotitani, de Saraccnoraoi Statu, Liber. 

t. ' Hbquliac 7 : quarum i * de Pelagio Papa. 

* . YU. . K Bcdaa PresbTteriy Hiftoria Gentis Anglorum, Libris 5 * xv 

»;> £iifet)li Pamphili Caefarieo. Htftoriac Ecciefiafticae Libri 10 j ex iftlH 

%vVlIS»'H^9tici« AaglariBnRjqgis> Miraculorum Liber, in Charta { per 
Rieardum Gombe. xv 

DC. A^nglicanae £ccldiae Hiftoria, per 10 Secula prima. Hrfhriam 
EccUfie mjlre Anglicane. Chatta. xvi 

Xa. Magni Aur. Cafllodori Senat. Hiftoria EccteHaftica tripartita, 
ex Socrata; Soccomeno & Ttieddorito colkda $ x z Libris. xi 1 1 

2. Egefippiy de Bcllo Judaico & Urbis Hierofolymorum excidio^ Libri 

5. LatineperS.Ambrditum. 

3. Chronicoa fuccinftum Regum Judaeac. 

T JCL CKsbnica ab Abraham ufque ad A D. 1 168. fil. 

■ I. Eufebii Paoipiiili Caefarienfis Epifcopi. xil 
■■ ■ 2. Hieronymi Prcsbyteri. 

^ 'm J, Profpcri Aquitantci Epifcopi. 

4. Sigisbcrti Monachi Gemblaccnits. 

■ 5. Roberti, S. Michaclis de Monte Abbatis. 

Liber quondam Johannis Pyke,MagiftFiScholarum Sandi Martini mag- 
ni Londoniarum: ct poftea, Dotnus^ San&i Thome de Aeon, cx<lono 
dimini Taoobi Comitis Ormundic. XIL 

^ Li BR I Mss. 

14. Signal 5) Diem JadtcUpraecedcfltia. 
Liber dim Ecdciic $. j?etri fuper CornehtU Lpndiiu. 
11. I . Aq|Ji^ Rcgum Ptolapifu a Nqe ^que ad Bdvardum 4. xv 

2. Gulielmi Afalmesburienfis^ dc Oqftis R^gum Anglorum, Libri 5 . xir 

3. Novelty Hiftomc> labri 2. 

i|^ (^alfridi Atthurii Mooemuteiliis, dc osigine ei geftis Britooum, Lihi^i 9. 
, |Qiba ^iModain MosAchorum S. Marie de Mar^aq. 

SlL M. Amu l^aiSodori Sjen. Hifioriac £jccleAafti£ae iz Libri : ex So^ 
<^c^ SozoQXiK) & TheodoritQ colledti^ xiii 

IV« I. johaxui^ SaresburieailUf Tolycraticoa^ ilve de nugis Curialium 
Ik vciftigiis PhikiTc^^ ^11 

|jl, i ^' i ■ ■ I ■■ L Mctalqgigon^ five deLQgica^PhilorQphia>&c Libri 4. 
1^ i^iii p w,!, . E atoc i Qw, ilvcdc Phik>rQphomm dog pn^e> Liber mctricus. 

fihwu: libcum-ftcxit dooinus Syxxuxn Abba£« S. Albino : iiuem, pgdea 
Tenditum domino Ricardo de Biry'^Eptfi^QjpiO PuooJmenn, emit Michael 
U^bhtl -Sv AHaaat-ab eMCiitoribusptricdiiSli Epifcopi, A. D. r 34$; 

V. I. Galfridi Arthuriil^^onemutenlis, de origine & geftis Britonum^ 

f^. Gildae fapientisy deucfiU BritoniHn^- Lihcr. 

3. ^hurkiiliEftfexienftsVinO) quaipvidit A. D. 1206. 

4« Gulielmi Malmesburienfts, Dc Geftis. Regum Anglorum, & Novellac 

f • Ealrcdi Rhicvallehns Abb. Vita Davidis SlcDtoram ^.. 

«. dc Regibus quijbiiiHamAjogtoiu Liber. 

jf. 'Galicimi Matmesb. dc QsAh ^ontificum Apglorum, Libri 4. Deed 

ultima Pagina. 

Liber olim S, Albania 

VI, & VIL I. Flavii Jofephijudaei, Antiquitatum Judaicarum, Libri 

20. XII 

2. d e Bcllo Judaico. Libri 7. 

^Libri pHim S. Albam. 

VIII. Vincemii Bcllo vacfnfis Epifcppi, Spcculi hiftorialis Libri i? 
priores. ^ xiv 

t^. XjuidQui^ $. Dion'y^ Abbatl^^ Sandilogiun-'y (Ivc Speculum Lc* 
gcndarum, 14 Libris. xiy 

Hunc LibrumprQvidit.ycnorfbllis Patc^rdotnpnusjohnnhcs Whetham- 

fl^e, Abbas Monafterii S. Albaol, Sacre Theologie Profcnbr, Prioratut 

ikcdburnc & Monachis ibidem curfum capicntibus. i j C^ 


2X8 LiBRi Mss. 


«iintbilibusfa£^in€iyitateEdeflacpcrS. Thomam, Saltu5t StataaDo- 

wkkif Prophctia Merlini, & OlcoUndionis Regum Angliae, S. Thomab 

Cant, per S.Mariamrevelato; Tradatus. 

5» De Mirabilibus Mundr, Liber. Ifi T^r&vinciis. 

6. Johannis Mandeville, Itincrarium in locos orientates. 

7* Gulielmi cujufdaoi Speftri apparentis A. D. laxi &c. Hiftoria* 

J. Contra Mahomitiftas, Liber, §lu$t fum dies. 

9« Richardi Heremitae, de regula vivendi, Liber. 

:i«t Martini Poloni Chronicon. 

1 1 • Johannis de Ty nmouth, Excerptiones de fua Hiftoria aurea. 

I^. Chrofiiicon Angliae, anatoGhrifto adA.D. 1393- 

11. Britanniae& Hiberniae defcriptio, ex Chronicis Ranuiphi Ceftrienfis 


14. Chronica Regum An gliae, aBrutoadE. j. 

tf$. Thomae Waliingham, Hiftoria i)(ngliae, ab A.D. iiTsadrjp^r. 

J|C. ^Scoticronicon : inceprum por Johannem de Fordun» Aberdonen* 
fern Capcilanum, & complctum per Walterum Bower^S; Columbae Ab^- 
lwcm,A.D. 1447* XV 

Huic Exemplari) (olim difto, The Black Book of Faflay) omnium 
jqnac extant optimOi haec infunt. 

.1; Indoc Alphabeticus in totum opos^ iatis magnus : in* cujus fine funt 
Vcrfus fequentes : 
ffk Opus hoc finite \H firtbere definit Au6iar) 

Sfiod ScoHcromQenjure voeart filet. 
Cmtinetifti Liber Aifus^ Geftus venerandos 
. Megum^ Tontifirumy fie Trocerum Topuli. 
t^inqui Libras Pordon, undents * Auliararabat r * Bower, 

' Sic ,tibi^clarefcity .fimt Jedecim numeral 
Er£opr0precibuspetifHus te^ leHor eorum ; 
Utfint Rtgnical^fcriptor uterque Toli^ 
%. Scotiae Monafteriorum & fundatorum coram Catalogus. 

In fine hujus Catalogi fic fcribitur : Notanduntj quod qualibet Ekcle^ 
'S^. ^ArothtaliSf inmaffiis ViUis^ {ut Edinburgh) eftLolUgium: ut ac- 
€ipi ex relatione Magifiri Jghannii Adam font ^ ^Prafiili Coll. Edinb. 
i«iO. Fairfax. 


.i .• 1 * 

1. 1. GuUclmi-ftb lliypf, 06^k^i$^^V!h^Ib^maSeb(^ 

fie fcriptum re 

WilUelmtu de 

Aumo grstiae 

WM'dtquhaus^hMlmimofdme^i simosy &ii$^efiitii*6i.ifMibs'^ " 

Hie eft liber fanaiMiim. . ^ 

5. De Tempkriis, Tradhtus. 

5. ^llafl^niKftoni Chrbiinii. 

IL*i, Rogen life lrtWrc<»<i, St^itfes-^^li^lWte 'tt^^ A.T>. tm. 
ni. I. EufeMmifAkte^ nt 

2. S.Hicronymi Strid. continuatio cjufdem. 

3 • Profpcri Aquitanici Epifcopi, continuatio ulterior. 

IV. I. Haitoni Monachi, Flos Hiftoriarum Terrae SanAac* xiv 
2« Johannisdc Rupclla, Suaima^dcAAntma & viribus ejus. F. 23. 

J . Petri Blcfcnfis, EpiflWi^ffltti^^ %6; *J>. 

4. — Expofiti<i^<t%iiW(iflf^ 

5. " S. Bernardi Clar. Epiftoiarum Liber. F. 1 66. 

6. Hildeberti Cenoman. Epifcopi, Epiftoiarum Liber. F. 207. 

Liber erat Monafterii dc Ramiey, ex procuratione dominl Jo. Watc^c* 
boys S. T. Baccalaurii. 

V. Chartac 5 Gcographicac Littorum Maris in Europa. xvi 
VL I. Romae defcriptio. Habet autem url^s. xiv 

2. Ahgiiae defcriptio. Anglia habet in. 

'LiBRI Mss. 


14CIX ^Xin. Folio. 

^ftegradum, noftth ocnlofque infige Sepulcris^ 
Jfiic qui ttmRs^ Watboys memorare Johmmis. 
^ro mi funde puces y Ji tu pietati mover is. 
CorfMS terra capita reauiem mens. Sijpectikris^ 
Bcce Mmsfterii prejentis ReBor & AUm 
IdarteJMet: Naturajubet^ fie pofiuka etas. 
Iftafjptrafefuens Atmum moriftratque T>iemque^ 
Om ^ater mfignisfiagiU difcejfit ^ Or be. 

In Arnibftjipra: 
^^afieris HeUaCorvis^mandanteSopbid. 

Cbrifte^ tuis merit is Waribofs miferere Johanmis. 

Hie^ quipertrsnfis^ H^arJboys mememto Johannis. 

5cd f igaia^ofiendcns mortb illius tonpuS) 'deeft. 
.X f • De Situ Tcrrae Hicrofolymitaaac & habicacoribus cjuSn Tradatus. 
.TirrAlerpfilimitana. xiii 

i. Golielmi Tyrii Archiepi(cOpi» Hiftoria Belli, per Occtdentis Principcs 
ChriftianoSi in Terra Sanfta totaque Syria gefti, Libris 22. 
|. Hiftoriaeejurdcm. continuation Libris 3* ' ' 

4« Catalogus Magnatum, quotum mentio fit in Hlftoria praedida. 

XI. Godefridi Viterbienfis, Pantheon s Chronicon ill. univerfale, ^c 
didum ; partim profa, partim carmine. xiv 

Liber quondam Ecclefte Conventualis Satldi Petri dc Markeby. 

XIL RanulphiHygden Ccftr. Polychronicon^ 7 Libris : cum Indice AI*- 
.phabeticoy & CfaartaGeographica Orbistcrrarum. xiv 

Liber quondam Domus Sandi Thorite de Aeon, Londini, ex dono do- 
mini Jiicobi Comitis Ormondie. 

XllL I. Ranulphi Hygdcn CcRr. Polychronicon, 7 Libri$i cumlii- 
. dice Alphabetico. xiv 

2. Giraldi Arthurii Cambrenfts, Hiftoria vacicinalis dc conqucftu Hibef - 
niae. F. 157- 

j% . De mirabilibus Terrae Sandae, Liber. Mekhifedech T)el altlffimi So- 
cerdos. F. 183. 

4. Oderici, Hiftoria peregrinationis fuae per varias A(7ae regiones. F»205« 
j. Gulielmi dc Rubruk, Itinerarium in partes oricntalcs. F. 1114. 


Z34 LiBRi Mss. 

14 B. Rotuli. 

Q^ feqnantur Rotali font Chartacci. 

XViL A Copy of Letters Patents of H. 8, appointing Sir T. CrumwcII 
and Sir K. Riche to fell Crown Lands to the vallue of 6000 /. per An- 
num. XVI 

XVin. Copia conceifionis Maneriorum de Stillyngflete» Rynghowfes^ 
Upton & Brian Askam^ Roberto Clyffbrd Arm. pro 40 Marc. Annuis : 

1 H. 8. XVI 

XIX. Expences of the Princefies HouAold for a Year and a half; 1 8 H.8. 


XX. Forma Commiflionis ad Homines arraiandos &armandos. xvi 

XXI. Extortions of Harry Uvedale of Corffe Caftell & Wm. Kaulyns 
alias Baylc of Wareham. xvi 

XXIL Names of the Kings Ships i 17H. 8. xri 

XXIU. Proviiions for the Navy, remaining in the hand of Wm« 

Pawne* the 1 5th erf* July, 15 H. 8. xvi 

XXIV. Claim Lands and Tenths, in St Laurence Lane^ Water Lane, 

Brokenwharf Sc St. Georges Fielde, 2 2 of July> 1 1 H. 8 . xvi 

XXV« Charges of the Navy, cxifa^oc. xvi 

XXVL An Eftimate of the Expencc of the Kings Houffiold, the 1 8 H. 8. 

milfm?m. xvi 

XXVIL StipendlaMiniftroramtnPrincipatuWalliae,«ic<9«Xo$. xvi 
XXVIU. An Eftimate of the Charges of 3 « Ships> for a Month, 3 1 H.8. 


XXIX. Roger Bafthgs Expences upon two Ships &c. in laying m for 
Ac King 1)2 Tonne of Gafcoign Wines 20 H. 8. xvi 

XXX. An tftimate of the Charges of an Army of 20400 Men, ta 
be rab'd in divers Counties* xvi 

XXXI. A Lift of the Kings Navy, out at Sea. xv» 

XXXII. Sir Anthony Poynts's Bill of Eipences on the Kings Navy in 
Aelrilh Seas^ for half a Hear : 14 H. 8. xvi 

XXXIII. A Remembrance, about fetting forth the Kings Ships upon 
Toyages: and the Caufe why they be not (et forth^ xvi: 

XXXIV. A View of Charges upon the Fortifications at Gravefend &c. 
6)13 Months: 31 H. 8. xvr 

XXXV. Papers of the Accounts of £dward Dukcof Buckingham^ in. 
Henry the 8ths time.. xvi^ 



LiBRi Mss^ 

15 A I— X. I2^ & 8*. 

I. Ifod'itis Orati<S ^liiac Archidamus infcribitur ; Latin^ vcrfa & Patri 
Hfcata per dominam Joannam Lumleyam, jfiliam Comitis Arundeliac. 
Ghiaita* xvi 

n. — — 7— Euagoras, Oratio quarta ad Nicoclcm : Latin^ per candcml 
CSi&rtftft XVI 

»!/ Plutafitehi Chicitthbi, dt militate ex h6ftibus capicnda, Liber : Lat. 
f^]o. Rainoldum, & R. Elizabetae infcriptus, in Charta. xvi 

lY. Com. in Juvenalis^Satyros : ^txl^Ao* & charafterc pacne evanido* 


V. I. S. Lucae, Hiftoria Aduum Apoftplorum. xr 

2. Aratoris, Subdiaconi Card. Hiftoria Apoftolica, Carmine confcriprn. 

3 . Xjlofla in candem. Arator Subdiaamus fuitfan^a Remanae Ecclejiae 
tempore Vigilii Tapae. 

VI. M.T. Ciccronis, dc Officiis, Libri ?• xii 
Liber olim S. Auguftini Cantuarienfis. Poftea Linacrus emit 8 d. 

VII. I. Dionyfii Catonis, Praecepta moralia& Diftica. xiii 

2. Thcoduli Presbyteri, Ecioga. 

3. Aviani, Aefopicarum Fabularum Liber. Carmine. 

4. Maximiani, Poema vitae faae curfum defcribens. 

5. Pap. Sure. Statii> Achilleidos Librt 5* 

6. Q.Cloudiani, de Raptu Proferpinae, Libri 3* 

7. De Poenitcntia, Poema. fPeniteas citOy peccatar. 
Z. iEfopi Fabulae. 

VIIL I. M. T. Ciceronis, de vera amicitia^ Liber. xi 

3. — — — dc Seneftute, Liber* 

3. — P aradoxa. 

4. dc Officiis, Libri j. ' 

5* A« M. Severmi Bocthii, de differentiis Topicis, Liber quartus. 

6. M.T. Ciceronis Orationes Ptiilippicae 14. 

7. Pub. Terentii Afri, Comoediae. Dcficiumt in Seen, i, Adus tertii 

IX. I. Ifocratis Oratio 2*, 3" &4"ad Nicoclem, &illa in laudem Pa- 
ds : Lat. per dominam Joannam Lumleyam. Charta» xvi 
2. Euripedis, Iphigenia : Lat. pereandcm. 

X. I. Ph. Guaiteri Caftellionii, Alcxandreisj Libris 9, xii 
2. M. T. Ciccronis, Liber ad Atticum, de amicitia^ 

^38 LiBRi Mss. 

1 5 A XX XXXI. 8^. 

7. Elucidiarum ; 3 Libris. Septus rogatus. xii 

p. Ivoois, Carnot. Epifcopi, Epiftola, de Confeflione. 

Liber quondam S. Marie de Bellalanda. 

XXL Pap. Sure. Statii^ Thebaidos Libri 12. xiii 

Liber quondam D. Roberti CottonL 

XXn. I. Julii Solini, de mirabiiibus Mundi, Liber. xii 

'a. Daretis Pnrygii> Hiiloria Trojanorum : Latine per Comelium Nepo- 

3. Dionyfii Alex. Periegefis, feu fitus Orbis deicriptio : Latino Carmine, 
per Prifcianum. 

4. Sybillamm Prophetia. Sybillae generaliter. 
5« Segardi Verfus, de miferia hominis. 

XXIIL UL Annaei Lucani, Pharfaiia ; Libris 10. xn 

XXIV« Aiiud exemplar: fed nunc defideratur. xiii 

XXV. Ratio inveniendi Argumenta : ex Rod. Agricola acconunodata. 

Charta. xvt 

XXVL M. T. Ciceronisy Rhetoricorum, feu de inventione Rhetorica, 

Libri 2. xiii 

XXVIL EttcUdis, Elementorum Libri 14. xiii 

XXVIII. Aefopi Fabulae ; Mecrice. xiv 

XXDL Pap. Surc« Statii^ Thebaidos Libri x ) & Verfus 140 undecimi. 


XXX. A. M. Sev. Boethii, de Confolatione Philofophica, Libri 5 : 
cum Nicolai Trivet expofitione. xr 

XXXL I. Theoduii Prcsbyteri Ecloga. xiix 

z. Alani Parabolarum Liber. Deeft Caput ultimum. 

3. Dion. Catonis Praecepta moralia & Diftica : cum Gloila. 

4. Theoduli Presb. Edoga s cum Glofla. 

5. Avianiy Aelbpicaram Fabularum, Liber metricus. 

6. Grammatica mctrica. Ecclefie facte modulans. 

7. Statuta varia, fciL 

1 . de Marlebergc. P. 1 8 u xsv 

2. de Mcrtone. P. 187. 

a. Weftmonaftcrii primum. P. 189* dcfccundum. P.20f. 

4. Glouceftriae. P. 201. 

5 . Diftri£tionis Scaccarii* P. 2 2 5 . 


?i40 Li BR I Mss. 

15 B V XIX. 4^ 

V. CPliniiSccundi, dclaudibus Trajani, Pancgyricus. ChartS, fcrip- 
tusPapiac, 147 3. xv 

VI. Pub. VirgiliiMaronis, Acncidos, Librii2. xiir 
Dc Librario S. Auguftini Cantuarienfis. 

VII. !• Q^ Horatii Flacci, dc Arte Poctica, Liber. x 
a. — — — Scrmonum, Libri 2. 

3. — — Epiftolarum, Libri 2. 

4. Vita, unica Pagina. 

VIII. Pub. Tcrcntii Afri Comoediac. xv 

IX. I . M. A. Scv.^ Boethii, dc Mufica, Libri 5. xi 
2. Hcrmanni Contradi, de componcione&unbus Aftrolabii, Liber. 

X. C. Valerii Maximi, de Geftis Romanorum, Libri lo. - xv 

XI. ^ Dionyfii Alexandrini, Pericgefts, feu ittus Orbis defcriptio : La* 
tino Carmine, per Prilcianum. xiii 

2. JuliiSoliniy dc Mirabilibus Mundi, Liber. 

3. Daretis Phrygii, dc Bello Trojano, Liber. Latincper Cornelium Nc- 
potem. Deeft Pagina in fine. 

4. DeSibillis, TraAacus. iibillegenerdUteromnes. 

5. Jeremiae Thrcni 1 cum Commentario. 
Liber dc Ciauftro RofFcnfi. 

XIL !• Macrobii, dc Somnio Scipionis, Folium. Pag. 77. Edit. 1628. 


*. D;. faifii JtfvenaMs, Satyrae : cum Gloflfa. 

XIII. Plutar<:hi Chcronaci, dc virtute Mulicrum, Liber : Hcrmanno 
Crufcrio Intcrprctc. Charta. xvi 

XIV. Prifciani, dcofto partibus Orationis, Libri \6. xi 

XV. M. Tul. Ciccronis, TufculanarumQua'cftionum^Librii. xv 

XVI. I. Eutropii,RomanacHiftoriac, Libri x. x 
i. Pauli Diaconi, Coniinuatio ejufdcm, Libris 6. 

J. Victor»> Uticenfis Epifcopi, dc Vandalica feu- Africana Pcrfccutionc, 
Libri 3. 

XVII. & XVIII. D.JuniiJuvcnalis Satyrae: cumGlofla. xi 
Duo fil. Excmplaria. 

XIX. r. C. Sedulii Prcsb. Pafchalc Opus ; five, mirabilium Divinorum 
Libri 5 : cum Garmint Dominico. ix 


Z42r LiBRi Mss. 

X5 B XX— XXn. ct 15 C I — ^vi. 4*: 

ij. Sifnpofit Aenigmata. Dceft primum folium. F^ i99» xi 

x8. Bonifacii Epifcopi Aenigmata. drixtT^. F.iojr 

XX. Alani dc Infulis, Anticlaudtanus de Antirufino s Libcritcdi&uss; 

Metrice. xia 

XXL Pub- Virgilii Maronis Opera.. xy. 

£x libris Claudii Expilliiy i592. 

XXII. Aelfrici Grammatica L^tincHSaxooica. ^ xi 

I s Q. 4^'. 

I. Petri Olivarii Valcntini, inTrogum Pompeium five Juftinum> iCt ia 
Epiftolas £amiliares<3iceronisr Chorographica : Alphabetic^ : ad Edvar- 
dum Principem Walliae infcrtpta^in Charta, A. D.. i ^ 46. xvx 

II. I. L. An. Senecae Epiftolae ad S. Paulum. xiii 

2. Epiftolae 88 prlores imprefl&rum. 

3 . I ■ dfc Clemenria Libri 2 abbrcviati. 

4. d e Paupertate, Traftatus. In operibusejus impreflis dickurj. 
Excerptum e Libris Senecae. 

5. Martini Bracarenfts Epi(copi| Formula honeftae Vitae. 

^ L; An. Senecae^ de remediis Fostuitomm^ Tra^atus. In. impreflT. dicL* 
turj Excerpta alia. 

7. Excerpta ex Libris de Beneficiis. 

8. Moralium Liber. Extradus videtur ex iHius Operibus. 
9% Petri Alfonfi, Dialogus contra judaeos. 

III. C. Suetonii Tranquilli, devitis 12 Caefarum^ Liber. x 
ly. I. C. Suetonii Tranquilli, dc viti$.X2 Caefarum, Liber. Dceft ulti- 

mam folium. xii 

2. Acthici, Cofmographia : ex verfione S. Hteronymk- 

3 . Elavil Vcgctii, Epitome rci militaris, 4 Libris. 

V. Johannis Hantivillenfis> Acchitbrcnium s £vc de Antiquitatibus 
Angliac^ Libri 9> metrici.,. xv 

VI. I. Paparum Catalogus. xir 

2. Eutropii, Romanac Hiftoriae, Libri ro. 

3 . Pauli Diaconi, Continuatio e>u£iicm, Libris 6. 

4. Pauli Warnefridi, Diaconi Aquilcccnfis, Hiftoria Gentis Longobardo^ 
rum, 6 Libris. 

5. Alcxandri M. Rcrumgcftarttm, Liber. Egipti fapientes^ 



1 5 c VI XIIL 4^ 

45. Alcxandri M* Epiftola ad Ariftotclcm* 

7, dcPhilofophia, per littcras faftacollatio cum Dindimo Rcgc 


VII. I. Swithuni Wint. Epifcopi, Vita & Miracula: per Lamfridum 
Monachum Wint. . 3^ 
2. • :Vita -& Miracula, Mctricc : per WoUlanum Wint. Mona- 

VIII. Valcrii Maximi, Didorum & Faftorum mcmorabilium, Libri 
9. Et dccimus abbrcviatus, per Julium Paridem. xv 

IX. I. L. Annaci Senccac, Controvcrfiarum, Libri 9. Chart. xv 

2. - — ' —Vita. 

3. -■ ■ E piftolac s ciim Commentario. 

4. M. Fab. Quintiliani,! Oratoriac Inftitutionis, Libri primi Cap. 5 priora. 

5. M. Tul. Ciccronis, dc Divinationc, folia 6. prima. 

X. I. Pap. Sure Statii Vita brcvis. ix 
2. Thcbaidos Libri 1:2. 

Liber quondam de Clauftro RofFenli. 
• XL 1. M. Tul. Ciceronis, Tufculanaram Quacflionum, ad Bratum^ 
Libri 5. Dceft prima Pagina. x 

2. -— — Rhttdriccfrtim, feu dc inventionc Rhetorica, Libri 2. xm 

3. i Rhctoricorum^ ad Herennium, Libri 4. 

4. M. Ac. Plauti Comoediac 8 : fcil. Amphitryo, Afinaria, Aulularia, 
Captivi, Curculio, Calina, CiftcUaria & Epidicus. Laccrata funt aliqua 
folia in principio Codicis. x. 

In fine hoc tetrafiicon quale quale addit fcriba. 
Exemplar tnendum taniem me comptdit ipfum 
Cuniiantem nimium Tlautum eicempl^ier iftum^ 
Ne grafpicus mendis proprias idioia fepertis forte vuk irMfhhusj 

Adder et J et liber hie falfo pair efalfior ejfet. 
XIL L. An. Senecac, Controvcrfiarum, Libri 10 : cum expofitione 
Kicolai Trivet. xiv 

Concludit fcriba : Sumferiptor talis monftrat mea littera qualis, 
q^.^llerker, i.e. quoth Ellcrker, quod Latine fonat r()^w^^/ Ellerkcr. 

XIII. I. Medeae, Tragediae, Folia 4. xv 

2. Com. in 5 Libros priorcs Lucani Pharfaliac : per Conum Florcnti- 

I i 2 XIV^ 

244 LiBRi Mss; 

15 C XIV — ^XVII. 4". 

XIV. Robert! Ciikdadcnfis, Dcfloratio Natunlis Hiftotiae Plinii Se^ 
nloris i 9 Libris. xm 

XV. C.JuIiiCacfarisCommcntarii. XT 
Vefpafianus Librarius Florentinus hoc opus Flotcntie tranftribendum 

curavit: et Julius CdfusConftantinus dmendvit. 

XVI. I. Comm. in Ovidii Mctamorphofcs : cam Indicc Alphabctico. 
'Jtveritatequidem, ziy 

2. Ricaidi Aungcivylc, Philobiblon, libro i. F. 59. 

3. Alani de Infiilis, dc plaoQa Natuiac, Liber, paitim metricus, paitim 
Iblutus. F.71. 

4. GuidonisdeColumnis, HifiotiaTtojac. F. 8$. 

5. Galfridi Aniiurii Moncmutcniis, dcorigine acgeftisBritonum,Ijbri^: 
F. I4«. 

e. Aquilae, Septonie, Hve^Feftonie, Ftophetia. F. [82. 

Liber olim domus San&i Thome de Aeon Londonie, ex dono Domini 
Jacobi Comitis Ormundie. 

XVU. C. Flinii fecundiVcronenns, fcnioris, Naturalis Hifloriae, Li> 

I»i i7. in 

[Quaere 1 s D & E inter Codices in Lingua Callica fcriptos.] ^ 




16 B I ^v. 8^&4^ 

A CATALOGUE of MS. Books and Papers of great Curtofityj 
Collected by the late Reverend Dr. i(r^^, Rfgius-Trofefforx^i^ht 
Univerfity of Oxford. 

I. T. The Book ErJaviraphnama^ /.r.ofthcirlaft Law-givrcr. 
Erdaviraphy written in their old Charaftcr in Black, with the Modem 

^erjian interlined in Red. 

2. The Book Sadder \ or the Precepts of Zoroajlres \ written the fame 

way in Black and Red. 

The Title of this Book was written falfc in India, Zund Taztmd : 
or, A Comment of Zundavaflaw, And the Dodor has written therein ; 
that it was very hard to be procured : for when he had prevailed with 
the Prieft to write it for him, he durft not let his own Caft or Sc(^know 
of it s but wrote it all in the Night, when all eyes were (hut and a- 

II. I. Another Copy of the Book Erdaviraph-nama, in the oldCha- 
rader, and again fubjoind in the Modern Terfian. 

2. The Names of the old Days of their Months. Tag. i8o. 

3. The Names of their old Months, Tag. 1 87. 

4. Part of the Zoroajirian Liturgy ; {viz. the firft Part) moftly not con- 
tained in the following Copy of the faid Liturgy 4 and fo may be a Sup- 
plement to it : from Page 1 88 to 202. 

5. The old Terfian Names and Epithets of the Angek, Tag. 203. 

6. The Names of their old Terjian Kings. Tag. 205 • 

III. I. A Copy of a Samaritan Epiftle in the Hebrew Charadcr, from 
the Samaritans of Sichem to their fuppofed Brethren in £;?^A{;;^ i with 
Dr. Huntingdon's Letter about it. 

2. A Copy of a Samaritan Epiftle in the Samaritan Charafter, from 
the Samaritans oiSichem tojobus Ludolphus. 

3 . The Road from Gombroon to Kirman in Terjia. 

4. A fmall Vocabulary, Arabic o-Terfico^Indicum^ inVcrfc. 

5. The Selan Alphabet ; viz. of the Ifland Zeylon in India. 

IV. The Syam Alphabet, MS. written by the Syam Ambaflador at 

V. Zoroaflres his Book Tezijbny^ in the Old Terjian Language, with 
an Alphabet at the beginning of it. 


in LiNGuis^ Oriental^um^ 247 

1 6 B VI ^X VI. 8^ & 4^. 

VI. Zoroaftres his Liturgy, in the Old Terjian Tongue 5 accurately 
written, withAlphabetsof thcZifw^/andy^^^'w^atthe end of it, with 
iomtTerJian Rules. From this Book (it being curioufly and exadly writ- 
ten) Dr. Hyde chiefly took his Pattern for cutting and cafting the Old 
Terfian Printing-Letters. 

VII. The entire Book iW-^^ 5 * omoufly written in the Modern Ter^ 

VIII. The Book Zeratuflit^ama 5 or, the Life oi Zoroaftres, in Mo- 
dern Terfian Verfe, by an Author called Zeratujbt-Behram. 

IX. Thafes Lunar es^ in the Tartar and Chine fe Languages ; viz. an 
Account of an .Eclipfe; Printed in the Chinefi and Tartar Languages^ 
anfwering to each other Golumn-wife. Printed by Father Verbiefty late 
Profeffor of Aftronomy at . Tekin in Chinay 1 67 1 • This, tho, a fmall 
Book, is a great Rarity, being the only thing of its kind in England. 

X. A C)&/»^ Book or Comme« upon the Zii»/'^/^ /^^i/^»^ i viz. on 
the Myftcrious Strokes or Lines of their Emperor Eoki^ as they appear in 
the firft Page ; which have excrcifed the Wits of China to interpret them. 

XI. A China AUnanack or Calender; where fome of the Sounds and 
Interpretations are added by our Native Chine fe Michael Shin Fo-zungh. 

XII. The Book Tootynama Mythologico-Toliticus % mTerJiam viz. 
avBook writtca in India, czWcd Tootynama, or the Parrot-Book ; con- 
taining many ingenious and fubtic Stories and Counfels, inlinuatcd under 
the Perfons of Beaftsand Birds. 

XIII. A TerJicO'Indian Vocabulary i partly Grammatical 5 called, from 
riieiirft VJ<x6yjimaden^ or (as they found it) Ommadun. 

XIV. Tht^od^Shib-nama-neJr \ viz. the Book Shah-nama, which 
is thcHiftory of their old Kings, done out of Terjian Verfe into Terjian 
Profc, by Churjhid Ibn Ifphendiyar. It's very curious and hard to get. 

XV* The entire Book Sad-der truly and well written in the Modern 
XVI. Several Copper-prints^ /i;/;^-. i. The Weights and Meafuresof 


2^ The ChinaCompzCs. 

3v The Names of their Solar Months or half Months 24. 

4. The CA/W4;. Numbers. 

y. The private Ci&/;?4.Marks or Figures, ufcd byrhcit Merclxanttv 


248 LiBRi Mss. BibliothecaeRegiae, 

16 B XVI ^XXV. 80. & 4^ 

6. Alphabet of the Syngali or People of Zeylon in India. 

7. Syngalefe Months, and 12 Signs ^ and 7 Tiays of the Week. 

8. The Syam Alphabet, with their numbers. 

9. Specimen of the Tartar Language, with its Sounds. 

10. The Ti^r^^r Alphabet with its Sounds given by ^cMendean Lettea 

1 1 . Farther Inftrudions about the Figures and Sounds of the Tartar Let- 
ters, and the various ways of forming them by different Scribes, together 
with a fmali Specimen taken out of Father Verbiefis Tartar-Gram- 

XVII. A Printed Account of the Eaftern Prince Gsolo 5 with his Rc^ 
ligion, which is that of the Old Verfians. London 1692. 

XVIII. Mullerus his printed Account of CJbataia^ with MS. Emenda- 
tions written into it by our Native Chinefe^ Michael Shsn-Fo-Zungb. 

XIX- A Terfian Diftionary, call'd Tbarhaugh'Surury. 

XX. A iy;^^^/^! Vocabulary ; viz. in the Language and Charader of 
the Ifland Selan^ which is by the Europeans commonly cailed Zeylon^ in 

XXI. I. Some Medicinal Receipts, in Arabick^ of the Aleppo Phy- 
iicians, fent to Dr. Hyde by Dr. Huntington. 

2. ATerfian Almanack. 

3. Libellus di&MS Ichtilaginama 5 i. ^. Palpitationum liber, dc Prasj&giis 
cx Palpatationibus Membrorum ^ Turcice. 

4. A China Dhlogac between 10 Perfons. 

5. ATerfian Petition to the King of Cambaia. 

6. Articles between Shah- Abbas King ofTerJta and the Englifb Nation,' 
granting to us for ever half the Cuftoms of OrwwJ^ or Gombroon : and the 
fame was afterwards confirmed by Shah-Sephi. Tranflated into ^ortu* 

XXII. A fmall Book, containing the Sclavornan Alphabet, with Pat- 
terns of that Language, and a Difcourfe about their Original. 

XXIII. A fmall Book, being a Formulary for Terjian Epiftles, by A- 
bul Thazl 

XXIV. Vocabulario Iraliano-Turchefco ; with an Index to find the 
Turkifb Words: By John Molino. 8®. Printedat RonUy 1641. To this 
Dr. Hyde added a Latin Interpretation MS, thro' the whole Book. 

XXV. A MS Catalogue of the Names of many ancient Books, loft 


14 B xxvi-i—xxvin. «o. & 4^ 

9n the Original "Greekj and the fame now focmd tnriiiAlited into Ara- 
bic or Syriac. 

XX VL h China P^fphere^ or Map tX their ConftcHations. 

XXVII. The Arrows of Lottery, fuch in Figure as were fuppofed to 
tfe tifed t^ Hamak and NeiUcaiHefir^ in mmiber i^ with their Arabic 

KXVIf L The Arrows of Lctfer^ for dividing of ShJitts, fiich as 4rc 
9I0W tifed among the ArMiahs and eht 6cfaa Eaftefns^ in Number 7, 
>k^ft!h thdrr Arabic InfcriptMtos. 

The thtcc M particulaft^ <bgrthd: wfth the prttftimg Ty|W5 &c. fol- 
lowing, ^e Vuppdfed to be M 4i B6x ttaiicdtlp^ which \vfts fent withthb 
abtfve Books. 

The L ET TE R S for printing the Old Terjian, &c. 

THefe Printing Letters or Metallic Types of each Letter for the Old 
Terjian Language, after divers Copies of Alphabets from the Eaft, 
firft giving a general View of them, and (hewing their Potcftas were 
afterwards, by more exaft Patterns, cut and taken from their moft curi- 
ous and exaft MS Books, well written and fit for Patterns. And thefc 
Printing Letters, together with their Appurtenances of Spaces and Qua* 
drats, and Orthographical Notes or Marks, arc now forted into a large 
and well-digefted Letter-<>rffe ^^^!»^^ with 

what is for Supplement, may t* t^BSfWtd 1?d *be above the Quantity of 
two hundred Weight of Letter. So that in the faid Letter-Cafe are as 

1 . The Zend or Zund Letters, of general Ufe among them. 

2. The Tazendy not fo generally ufed, with fomc Abbreviatures- 

3 . The Ligatures of the Zend Letters. 

4. The Orthographical Notes or Marks ufed in their Writings. 

5. The ordinary Spaces and Quadrats, of eight Sorts. 
€. Propping Quadrats, of ftven Sorts. 

7. The Indo^TerJian Figures, or Numerical Notes, digefted alfa into 
their Boxes in the fame Letter- Cafe. 

8. The Steel Punches for all thefe Letters and Figures &c. to the Number 
of a hundred and twenty Punches, contained in another fmallcr Cafe. 

Kk 9 The 


9* The Copper Matrices for all thefe faid things, contained in the (ame 
fmall Box, are about the number of one hundred and thirty Matrices i. it 
being a very large Alphabet. 
4 o. One great Galley, one (mall Galley, one Compofing-Stick. 

Thefe Metallic Types are a great Rarity, as well ia regard of their 
Ufe, as the Curiofity of them j they being not clfewhere to be found in 
any Prmting -Houfe in the World : but were at Oxfiard firft cut and caft 
by the Care and Induftry of the lace Dr. Hydij taking Pattern from 
their beft MSS : who was at the expcnce and trouble of above tkirtgr 
Years Correfpondence into the Eajij before he could get a compleat 
Copy of them j becaufe a compleat Alphabet was not to be had from anf 
one Place or Pcrfon ; Different Forms of fome of the fame. Letters being 
lifed in different Places of the Eaft. 


16 Cl 

2^2 LiBRi in 

16 C X ^XVIII 4^- in Charta. 

X. Encomium Aduum & Stratagematum R. Htnrici viii, metricum : 
€t K. Elifabethae inlcriptum : per Georgium Etherige. xvi 

XL Claudii Galcni Pcrgamcni, dc Diebus criticis, libri }• xv 

Ex Bibliotheca Henr. Stcphani. 

XII. I. Nicolai Sophiani, de praeparatione & ufu Aftrolabii an^ 
nalariSy Liber impreflus. Gracce. xvi 

z. Nicephori Gregorae, de praeparatione Aftrolabii^ Liber NL S» 


i. Johannis Grammatici Philoponi, Alexandrini, de ufu Aftralol»i„ Tra^lii. 
4* Alia Aftralpbii explication cum S(diematil?us. 

XIIL I . Procli Chreftomathia poetica. xic 

2. Andronici Peripatetici, de perturbationibus.Animae^ Libe r» 

Hi duo Libri ex Photii Bibliotheca Patrum fuppti, 

XIV. I. TuliiAfricanii Ccfti, capieibus79* xyi. 
Collatusfuithic Codex, cum.Barocciano MSj & variae illius Icdiones 

in hujus margine fcribuntun 

2. Georgii Codini, de origiriibus Conftantinopolitaqis Liber^ e;c antiqpa 
quodam chronico excerptus^ 
i. Nicephori Blemmidac, Geographiae Synopfis* 
Scriptusfuit hie Codex fumptibus Ifaaci Ckfaubom, A. D. 1584* 

XV. I. Gregorii Nyflfeni Epifcopi, de. Anima Sc Refurre^one^ Dia7 
logus cum Macrina forore^ xv 
2. d^ Anima» Traftatus*, 

XVL I. Artemidori, dc Urinis Libers cum verftonc La(ina intcrli^ 
neari. xvt 

2. Hippocratis Coi> Prognofticorum Liber. ^ cum verHonQ Latii^a ioter* 

X VIL I . Harpocrationis Lexicop in i o RJhetores. x v 

2. Heraclidis Ponti^i Allcgoriae in Homerum, feu de Eabujis, Home-^ 

XVIIL I , Joh. Tzet24s&c. Scholia in Epi^ampiata Gracca j Traqfcripta 

A* D. I J 90. XVL 

2. Georgii Codini Curopalatae> 4e Oii^cialibus PalatiiSc m^gnae Eccle-^ 

ilae Conftantinopoleos. Liber drihiq'os. 

J* Tradatus Logicus, «xff aAos «$ dri?if^o$. 



LiBui in 

t tf D I. 4**- 
I. I. GrcgotU Nyflent Epifcopi, Homiliae d pofteriores in Ecdefiafteh. 





BalUii afcriptac 

•Homiliac 1 5 in Canticum Canticorum. 
-Comm. in Hexaemeron, ad Petrum fratrem. 
•Homiiiae 3 dc hofninis opilicio : a quibufdam S. 


6. — 

7. — 

8. — 


9. — 

10. — — 

• * 

-Epiftola canonica ad Letoium cpifcoputn Melitc- 

•Homilia^ dc non lugcndo pro mortuis in fide. 

-Homilia» dc infantibus immature abreptis. 

-Sermo apologeticus pro Hcxacmcro fuo^ ad Petrum 

Sermo contra Graecorum Fatum. 

Tradatus dc Anima, ad Tatianum. Hie Gregorio 
Thaumaturgo ad(cribitur. 

II. " dc anima& rcfurrcaionc, dialogus cum Macrina 


12* — 






-de vita Mods, feu de vita pcrfcfta, Liber. 

dc perfc£tionc Chriftiana Liber^ ad Olympium Mo- 


andriae Archicp. 

'Oratio catcchctica. 

•de Virginitatt Liber. Priora 5 capita defunt. 

-dercfurreftione Domini, Oratio. 

-quid nomen Cliriftiani fibi vclit, Oratio. 

-contra Apoliinarium, Sermo, ad Theopiiilum Alex- 

•de Deitate, Sermo, ad Euagrium. 

Hie Traftatus Gregorio Thcologo tribuitur i &inter ejus opera Graeco- 
lat. habetur, Parifienfis Editionif. 

20. dcTrinitate, Oratio ad Euftathium. 

21. in ordinationem fuam, Sermo. 

22. Sermo ad Petrum fratrem, de differentia EOcntiac 

Divinae & Hypoftafcws. 

23. ■ Oratio, quomodo tres perfonas dicentes cffc in Dci- 

tate, non dicimus tres Deos. 

24- . Oratio in Pafcha & triduanum Refurreftionis fcftum. 


Lingua Graeca Mss. i^f 

16 D II VI. 4^. inCharta. 

25. Grcgorii Nyflcni Epifcopi Scrmo dc Rcfurreaionc Domini $ & quod 
Evangeliftae non fibi inviccm contiadixcrunt^ varie quae in ca acciderunt 

26. Oratio funcbris, habita in funcrc Mclctii Antiochiac 

27- ' Orationes 2 in laudem 40 Martyrum. 

28. Oratio in S. Stephanum protomartyrcm.. 

29. — — — Oratio in Placiliam Impcratriccm. 

30. Oratio dc afcenfione Domini. 

3 1 . ■ ■ Oratio in Nataicm Domini. 
j2 . Oratio in Baptifmum Chrifti; 

33, dePatrc & Filio & Spiritu (ando, Epiftola ad Sim- 

plicium Tribunum. 

34. Oratio in Mat.xxv, 4a 

3 5* Vita Grcgorii Thaumaturgi Ncocacfaricnds Epi(copi. 

j6. ' 'Vita atquc encomium Ephraim Syri. 

37. Homiliac 5 in orationem Dominicam. 

38. 'Orationes 8, dc Beatitudinibus. 

II. Phalaridls, Agrigcntini Tyranni, Epiftolac. Charta. xv 

III. I . Johannis Tzctzis Grammaticij Antehomcrica Gn & Lat. cum 
Scholiis cjufdcmGraccis. Charta. xvi 

2. ■ Homcrica & Poft-homcrica. Gr. cum Scholiis ejuidcm. Gr. 

3. lidcm 3 Libri dc bclio Trojano, vcrfibus Latinis rcdditi per 
Pc. Moraeum Turonenfcm Lochium. 

Codiccm tranfcripnt Jacobus Bartholomaeus Lochius. 

IV. Index Verborum ab Ifacio Tzctzc in Comm. fuo fupcr Lyco- 
phroncm cxplicatorum. xvi 

V. Grcgorii Nazianzcni Orationes 2 adverfus Julianum ; cum Eliac Cr^- 
tenfis Commentariis. xv 

Hoc volumcn, cujus principium dcfidcratur, tranfcriptum eft ex Cair 
dinalis Carafae Libroj ct45 Libris empta eft tranfcriptio. 

VI. I . Oratio funcbris in laudem Cacfarii fratris j cum Eliac 
Crctcnfis Comm. xv 

2. Oratio funcbris in laudem Gorgoniac fororis j cum cjufdem 
Eliac Comm. 

3. Oratio funcbris in laudem patris fui > cum ejufdem Eliac Com. 

4. Oratio in Acgyptiorum advcntum, cum cjufdem Eliac Com.. 
Eadcm manu fcriptum eft hoc Volumcn, qua praeccdens. VII. 

25^ Lifiki ill 

a 6 D Vn — ^XI. 4^. in Cham. 

Vn. Theodoreti Cyri Epifcopi, Hiftoria, quae ^Xodfos dicftur. Cnjus 
meminit in fuae Hift. Eccl.Lib. II, Gap. so. tvn 

Scripfit Pctras Goldmannus Deidonanus Scotus, A.D. itfi^^vt libro 
MS Bibliothecac Oxonicniis. 

VIIL Commcntarius A£korum Synpdi Nicaenae prions, ex ISktffifplin 
vctufiiflimo tranfcriptus. ^ei xotrix rAf^yUf «$ jBttTd'AlO ^ i^CkiiifiMMp ^r 

IX. I. Pub. Ovidii Nafonis, Mctaifloi^ho(ei»n Libri T'5, TSt MaxiMi 
Planudi verfione Metaphraftica. X^i 
a. Epiftplarum Liber> «* verfione ejufdttft. 

Petrus Goldmannus Deidonanus Scotus dtloipltc tH ttbro MS. Bibli^ 
thecae Regis Chr iftianiffimi, A. C. 1 6 1 5 . 

X. Epitome Librorum 1 3 pofteriorum Athenaei DeipfiOfbptnftarum.xvi 
£ Bibliothcca oiim Davidis Hoefchfelii. 

XL I . Gfcgorii Nyfleni Epifcopi, Sertfto apologetic® pw HCiaemwo 
fuo, ad Petrum fl-atrem. xVi 

2. '■ ■ Sernoo Catecheticns. Fo. 46. 

3 . ■Serttio, non tffe dolcndufti propltt cds, ijui tn die 
Obdormicrunt. Fo. 5 3 • 

4. d t vita Mbfis, feu dc vita perfefla, Liber. F. 104. 

5. in Canticum Canticorum, Homiliae ^. F. t88. 
Sex fil. funt priorcs &<>aava : cctcrae defunr. 

6. ' ■ ' ■ ■ c ontra Fatutii, Liber. 278. 

7. de propofito fccundum Deum, dtfcriptio Summaria. 

8. ' ' ■ >dc fugicnda fornicatrofte> oratio in i Cof. vi, 18. 

F. 293. 

9. " ■ ^ ■ ■ tres Dcos dici non oportcrc, ad Ablabium, oratio. 

10. i " ■ '■* ' ■■ ■ dc communibus notionibus, Tradatus, adverfus 
Graecos. 301. 

11. ' ■ »■ ■ ^' in laudcm Bafilli M. fratris, oratio. 307. 

12- ■ dc dormicntibus, vel, non eflc dolendum ob ed- 

l-um obitum, qui in fide dormicrunt, oratio. 320. 

13- de Patrc & Filio & Spiritu Sanfto, Scrmo. 341. 

14- " [ — VitaS. Macriiiac fororis. 345, Capita 15 priora 




1 6 D XVIII. Folio. 
2. dc amoribus Ifminii, Libri 1 1 . 

). Euftathii, Archiep. Antiocheni, in Hexaemcron Comnicntariu& 
In cujus principio, delunt 3 2 Paginae Editionis Lugd. 1629. 

EQiiacrc 1 6 £, F 6c G inter Codices in Lingua Gallica fcriptos.] 

^17 A. 

tiO Msl. Bd6it^0f the 

J7 A KIX.t«iXXXI. $•. «c 4o. 

]OX. tdw»A Wie^l^'s Bbdfc bf Duties : ih Vtfft. ^4t>. kvf 

XX. The fecond Book of the third Punick) titttflkittd iAtdVifft;; aAA 

kifcrib'd to the D. of Monmouth. Pap. iftvii 

XXL Will. tohfft% tranflaitii^ of ftV^nl iPAlfta Utto itttKlr. l^p. 

XXII. SomePfalms, in lliitet» kvi 

dtSlil 6cttffcHfett TellfibKl by Sir Nic. Bireon KM> ahd ftht t(i» the 
LiK)y Lumlcy : finely painted. t^lt 

KXIVi S«ntM«»«»lltA«d ^l Df divm A«H»W9> fot King E.«. ^ap. 


XJtt. I. A TMatilb Of th(i ftv«n ^iieflaraefit^. T^M^ fif^/kdtrer 
fi gimt^ wteJ^Hr ftf»«Mmji^ if *kr* 4e^ ^ Oijh & jt doHtt tf^ 
t/V^UgoaJi be to tou in tP^ & tvif ton* breyeren anafuftren. !KV 

fc; The Duty «£ k QtttftiM. I4 yr #i^Mi^^ & fhHHni^ bfulkgode 

XXVI. I » NHVe y)d«M», tiiat C^rifte a^j^Ung tb & div«tat iMi, ccftn- 
ittftYittdta Kiifl to kttt»v^v xjv 
k<. John Widif 's Cocnment on the X Commandment». 

^. Tift 7 di'dttSyWKfr. ^. \i. 

\\ The Dedisof Merci bodili and goftli. P. 4^ 

$>. f eith, Hope and Chaiitc. 411. 

«. FoiUt'c t<^ilDlg{$> tMit n«d^ to Unah. 5 r. 

^. ThcVifitacioun of fiikmen. jj. 

I. John Wiclif'sVerfion, Comment and Prologue on the Apocalyps. 

^. a . ^Verfion and Prologue of St. John's Gofpel. 209. 

XXVII. I. A Sermon on Mat. XXIV, 3. Saxon. r 
a. The Lives of St. Kateriwcy Sfe. Mai^H*,& St. Julian. SaXbtt. 

3. Verfes of Chilft's Paflfeh, the Vtrgm Mary &c xilr 

XXVIII. Jeremy de la Hay, his Copy Book. xvi 

XXIX. Gcrratd Malyncs*s Royal Marchant of Great Brittaync. xvii 

XXX. Sieneca's 9 2d & 1 Sth Epittlc : trainnatcd by Henry Parker Knt. 
Lord Mcfrky . xvi- 

XXXI. I. John Linewray*s Survey of the Ordnance, Powder, Shot 
&.C. ih the To Vei ^f Lond<)fti A.D. i*«ol. Paget. iviX- 

l6i Mss^ Books of the 

17 A XLIX — ^LVIL & 17 B I — ^V. V. &4V 

XLDC. Erarmas, of the Inftitutionof aChriftUnPrincc: tranflitedbf 
J. Lord Lumlcy : A. D. 1550. Pap. xvi 

L. Ja«ics Colbrond's Scheme for muftering the County of SafleXt 
1599. Pap. XVI 

LI. John Gordon^ Contents of his four BookS| of the overthrow of 
theCardinall See at Rome. Pap. xvii 

LU. John Milwardes Sermon on Ads iii, 26. Pap. xvii 

LIU & LIV. Tho. Pittas New forme ofgreat Artillery,i6io. Pap.xvii 

LV. The Book of Hunting, or Matter of the Game : with Pictures of 
wild Beads : dedicated to Henry the 5 th, then Prince of Wales 1 and 
written by one, who had been Mailer of the Game to K. Henry the 4th. 
Pap. XVII 

There are five more Copies of this Book in the Library. Look in the 
Index for Hunting. . 

LVI. I. Sir Fr. Bacon's Argument in the Cafe of the Poft-nati of 
Scotland. Pap. \ xvii 

2. ■ Speech in the Houfe of Commons, concerning the Article 
of Naturalization. 

3. Speech in the Houfe of Commons^ concerning the union of 
the Lawes. 

LVII. Edw. Wynne's Brittirti India: or, a compendious Difcourfe, 
tending to Advancement. Pap. xvii 

17 B. 8^ & 40. 

I. An Alphabetical Concorclancc of the New Tcftamcnt xiv 
It begins : Mannes mynde pat is ofte robbid of ye trefour of kun- 

nyng bi ye enemy e of fcience y at is forget yng? is greet ly releevea hi to- 
blis maad bi lettre aft it yeordre of ye a. b. c. 

II. The Book of Hunting, or MaftcrofGame. Sec 17 A LV. Pap, 


III. A Sermon on Mat. xxviii, 6. Pap. xvr 

IV. Samuel Lewkcnors Thcatrum Acadcmiarum : or, Account of 
Univerfitics flourifhing A.D. 1599. Pap. xyi 

V. A Copy of Letters Patents, appointing Commifliorers for Ecck- 
fiaftical Affairs, 43 Eliz. Pap. xvi 


RoVal Libraky- 2^3 

I7BVI ^XVII. 80. & 4^. 

"VL George Saltron's fecond Book of the Laws of ancient Britak. j^p. 


VIL Tho. Churchyard's Rebuke to Rebellion : a Poem. Pap. xvi 

VIII. P. S. 's Table-Book for a Prince ; infcribcd to Prince Charles : 
containing Bxmembrances for Government. Pap. xvii 

IX. Will. Crafhawe, B. D. Difcovery of Popifh Corruptions, requi- 
jring Kingly Reformation. Pap. xv« 

X. W. Bragges Grievances, from the Eaft-India Company, A. D. 1620. 
Pap. XVII 

XL Henry Hooke's Treatife of the Succeflion to the Crown of Eng- 
land, 43 Eliz- Pap. xvu 

XII. Roger Hutchynfon's Two Sermons, of Qppreflion, Afflidtion & 
.Patience. Pap. xti 

XIII. Robert Bradrtiaw's Way to Wei -doing. Pap. jcvii 
XIV Reymund Sebundius*s Dialogues, concerning the nature of Man : 

tranflatcdbyJ.R. Pap. xvii 

XV. John Lane's Tritons Trumpet to the 12 Months husbanded and 
moralized. In Vcrfe. A. D.1621. Pap. xvii 

XVI. The Book of Holy Philofophy : tranflated out of French, by 
Tho. Glover. Pap. xvu 

XVII. I. Speculum mile dftiusMundi. An Englifh Poem. xiv 

2. Introduftion to a good Life, by confidcration of Heaven, Hell, Pur- 
gatory, &c. A Poem. 

3. A Treatife of Tribulation. Thou SouJe tribulid and tewptid. 

.4. Ricardi Rolle, Hcremitae dc Hampolc, Speculum Pcccatoris ^ Libroi. 

5. dc emcndatione Peccatoris ; Liber :i. 

6. John Wiclif'sEpiftletofimple Priefts. 

,7. DeAntichrifto, fecundum JohannemEvang. 

8. The Whelc of Fortune, i&c. A Poem. 

9. De Articulis Fidci. XKV 
The Writing of this Creed being almoft worn out, take as follows. 

I bylcue ftcdfaftely in my lord god almi5fty pat is fadur & fone and holy 

.good thrc pcrfoncs and on god I byleue pat his fone tooke flccflche & 

blood in our lady clene modurwiif & maydcn by ly5fcyns of the holy 

,gooft as his willc was I bylcue pat goddisfone fuffryd alfo dccth for mc 

JU allc mankjndc And alfo 1 byleue pat he wasinj^cfepuicur &^pat iiis 



M«s. Boaics of the 

C7BXVII — KKBL. ••.k4o. 

Ibidc wtM dewR to4iclle 6c brout:t out Toulis pat wer en jcntmt Be pat 
iie Toos from decth to lyuc on pe priddc day & he ftey to heuene (m 
fiooly purfday dc fet hy m on fiis fadur ri^c hond & pat he (chal 
<oinen a^cn to pe general iugement to reward y die man aftur his defer- 
"vyng I byleue in ... . fitcrament of hooly chyrch a t^ft of the fadur Cc 
Cff the fon 8c of the hooly gooft thre perfoncs in o godhed I byleue alfo in 
^ooly chirch ordrynge us I byleue in pe (acrament of goddis flefche Ic his 
Mood pat iie (hedde on the bleflid « • • • • rood tre for me and for alle man 

XVfll. Balii's HomilieiHi Dent xv, 9 : tranQated by Mildred Cidl ; & 
dedicated to the Duches of Somerfct. Pap. xvf 

XDL. James Oldand's Sermon on Gowjyes Conipiracy ; prcaehM at 
Canterbury, 161 6. Pap. xvii 

XX. A Sermon on Lam. fv, 20. Pap. zvii 

XKI. J.Hoppe|fs Defcripcion of the 5onof<jod. Pap. xvii 

XXII. I. Frauds Godwin's Catalogue of the Bifboj^ of England: 
Printed at Lcmdon, i6of. xvii 

2. An Index thereto^ M. S. P^p. 

3. An Addition theretoof 187 Pages, M. SL 

XXIII. A Law Common-Place Book. Pap. xvti 

XXIV. Qeorge Boftock'js Account of his bdng tempted to Sorcery. 

Pap* xvi I 

XXV. DnSnoden's Sermon on Pfalm xciv, 205 A-D. 161 2. Pap. 

XXVI. Reymond Scbaudius's Dialogues, of the Nature of Man. Pap. 


XXVII. Sir Thomas More's Life. It begins : Sir Thomas More was 
the only Son of Sir John More^ Knight y one of the Jujiices of the 
Kings Bench. Pap. xvi 

XXVIII. I. Book of the Expenccsof Lady Mary, Daughter of King 
Henry the 8th, from the 28th to the 3 <Sth Year of his Reign: an O- 
ciginal. Paper* xvi 
2. Book of her Jewels. 

XXIX. I.John Mil ward's Colleftionof the Alterations, which have 
^beenmade m the Monies of this Realme^ from the time of E. i, to the 
Year of our Lord i tf 1 1 . Pap. x vn 
2. P ifcourfc touching the 'Monies of this Realmt, and the true 


Royal Library. 2j6^ 

17 b xxx ^xliv. 4*. 

yaiueof all the Monies coyned, /tthence the beginingeof the Raigneof 
Q^ Elizabeth, until the laft of Dec.x6ii. 

XXX. A Difcourfe proouinge the lawfuUnes of the Oathe of Alle- 
giaunce. Pap. xvii 

XXXI. Ben Johnfon'sTwelvth Nights Reuells. Pap. xvii 
XXXn. George Weymouth's Journali Relation of the Service at the 

takeing of the Town and Caftle of Gulicke, i^io : with a Piatt thereof. 
Pap. xrii 

XXXIII. Henrye Weblcy's Exhortation to the daylye reedinge of the 
Holy e Scriptures 5 1603. Pap. xvii 

XXXIV. Anthony Maxcy, B. D. his Sermon on 2 Pet. i, 10 : A. D. 
1604. Pap. XVII 

XXXV. A Treatifc againft the Non-rcfidence, ignorance &c. of the 
Clergy. Pap. xvii 

XXXVI. A Sermon on Luke I ; 26,27. Pap. xvii 

XXXVII. John Mardelye*s, Supper of the Lord 5 Inveftive againft 
Popery r arid other Poems. 1558- xvi 

XXXVIII. Michael Noftradame's Prognoftications of the Year 1 5 <Jo. 
Pap. XVI 

XXXIX. The Bilhops Arguments about the Lords Supper, in the Par- 
liament of E. 6. Pap. XVI 
XL. Philip Gcrrard's Exhortation to K. Ed. vi, for the Reformation' 
of Rents of Lands in England. P^p. xvi 
XLL The Book of Huntings or Matter of the Game. See 17 ALV. 


XLII. John Fawfet's Account of the Abufe of Juftice, with relation 

to the Murther of Alice Lana^aye : 1 6 1 o. Pap. xvi i 

XLllI. I. Sir John Mandcville*s Travails. xv 

2. A Song, of the Duke & Dutchefs of Auftria, and Sir Qowther their 
Son, begotten of the Devil. 

3. Will. Staunton's Vifion, in Patricks Purgatory, A. D. 1409. 

4. Turidalc's Vifidn of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. A Poem, 
made A. D. 1451. Imperfeft at the beginning. 

XlIV. Johii Witenbogardt, Miniftcr at the Hague, his Treatife, of 
the Chriflian Magiftratc's Power, in' Matters Ecclefiaftical. Tranflated 
by J'. D. Pap. xv 1 1 

M m XLV. 

z66 Ms Books of the 

17 B XLV L. cti7CI III, 4". 

XLV. Tho- Lcc's Declaration of the Government of Ireland, A. D^ 

1594. Pap. XVI 

XLVL ThcDutiesof aSubjcft. Pap. xvn 

XLVII. I. Direftions for Health. A Poem. Pap. xv 

2. Formulare Inftrumentorum Juris. 

In hoc Codice occurrunt fcquentesfummae totalesTaxationumAngliae, 
circa A. D* 1450 fcriptae. 

Summa totalis 13* & 10* aLaiciiin Anglia 3S256 i c-^ 

Inde pro expenfts Colledorum 322 6 8 

Et tunc remanct uhra expenfas 3793 3 14 4x 

Summa Decime in Provincia Cantuaric 165 70 ig 2^ 

Summa Dccimc in Provincia Ebor 2305 12 4^ 

Summa totalis didarum Provinciarum 18876 10 61. 

Summa totalis 15*& loc a Laicis & lo^utriufquc ? 

Povinciarum f ^^^'^ ^ ^i 

XLVllI. A Book of Medicins. xv 

XLIX. A Difcourfe to encourage the Netherlanders againft the Spa- 
niards. XVI 
L. I. Vcrfcsmadeby thcEarl of Eflcx, when in Trouble. xvi 

2. Verfes made by Mr. Fran. Bacon« 

3. The Lord Keeper Egerton, his Letter to the Earl of Eflfex : with the 
Earl's Anfwer. 

4. Lord Henry Hobart's Letter to Mr. Fran. Bacon. 

5. Mr. Fran. Bacon's Letter to Q^ Eliz. 

6. Two Letters from the Earl of Eflex to Q^ Eliz. 

7. Lady Ritch, her Letter to Q. Eliz. pleading for the Earl of Eflex. 

8^ The Earl of Eflcx, his Lcrter to the Earl of Southampton j advifing. 

him to a pious reformation. 

9. Meditation. 

17 C. 
I.. 11. Dr. John Gordon, fecond & third Part of^his Antipaparchia : or. 
Of Kingly fuprcmacy above Pontifical. Pap. xvii 

IlL A Speech upon the Proclamation of Q. Elizabeth 5 being princi- 
pally an Invcdive againft the Clergy : & is intitled: ^ Grace of a Good- 
fellow y appointed to have been fay d after a^ Banket atXorke, made upon 


RovAL Library. 2^7 

17 cm — XVII. 4*. 

the good nues & proclamacion thear of the entraunce into Reign ouer vs^ 
of our Sooner aign Lady Elizaiethy by the Grace ofGody ^ueneofEng^ 
tondj Fraunce & Ireland^ defender of the Feyth^ and in earth of the 
church of Englond and alfo of Irelond the Supreme Hed. In November^ 

If88, XVI 

IV. Anthonic Atkinfon's Difcovcry of Frauds and Abufcs, about the 
Revenues of the Crown, 1603. Pap, xvn 

V. Peter Martir's Book of the Eucharift : infcribed to the Lord Pro* 
tcftor. Pap. XVI 

VI. W. E. his Treatifc about true Paftors. Pap. xvii 

VII. John Hare's Ccnfure of the Englilh Language : A.D. 1551. Pap. 


VIII. Richard Rokeby's Poetical Works, A.D. 1+18. Pap. xv 

IX. Caclius Secundus Curio, his Defence oflf th' oide and awncyent 
Authoritie off Chriftis Churchc. Tranflated by Ihon Philpott. Pap. xvi 
X. Jofaphat Barbaro, a Venetian, his two Voyages into Tana and Per* 
iia: TranQated by Wil. Thomas. Pap. xvi 

XL Conftantine's Donation, with Luther's Comment. Pap. xvi 

XII. S. Athanaftus, his Prologue to the Pfalter : Englifhed by Henry 
Parker Kn^, Lord Morley • Pap. xvi 

XIII. A Ladder to Heaven of twelve Staves. Pap. xvii 

XIV. Thomas Hodeve's Heroic Poem, of the Government of Princes. 


XV. I . Calendarium. xiv 

2. A Book of the Influence of the Planets and Signs. 

3 . Which Days of the Moon are lucky or unlucky. 

4. Judgments by Urine. 
5* A Book of Medicines. 

6. A Treatifc of the Parts of a Human Body, and their ufcs. 

7. Lanfranc of Milan, his Book of Surgery: tranflated by John Wyntyr. 

XVI. I. Thomas Aquinas, of the Angelical Salutation. xvi 
2. Anfelme, of the Stature, Form & Life of the Virgin Mary, & our 
Saviour. Both made Englifti, by Henry Parker Kn^ Lord Morley. 

XVII. I. A Vocabulary, Lat. Eng. Paper decayed. xv Incip. 

2. Salus Saccrdotis. A Poem. F. 63. 

3. Grammatica. 77- 

M m 2 4^ 


Ms Books of the 

17 C XVII — XXX. 4^ 

4. The? Penitential Pfaims : in Mecter. F. So. 

5. The Lords Prayer^ & the Salutation, paraphrafed; with other Prayers. 

F. 87. 

6. Several pious Poems. • 

7. S. Anthonics Life. 

9. A Book of Medicines. 

XVIII. I. Of twelve Profits of Tribulation. xr 

2. Ricb. Rolleof Hampole, hisBokeofCrafce ofDcynge. V. 24. 

3. ■ Tretis of Goftcly Batale. F. 41. 

4. Of Bodily and Spiritual Life. 59. 

5. Of 12 Degrees of Mekenefs. F. Jo. 

6. Wi. Hilton's Treatife of Divine Love. F.84. 

7. S. Bernard's Meditations. 92. 

8. Ifidore's CounfeL F. 107. 

9. Advice to Women, Thought etj takehei^e. F. 11 j. 
I o. A Tretife azenes fleifchly affeccyoncz. F. i ij^. 

1.1. A Prayer in Tribulacyoun. F. i j6. 

XIX. Difcovcry ofthe Fraternity of the RofieCrofs. Pap. xvii 

XX. Henry Parker, Monk of Doncafter, his Dialogue between a rich 
and poor man. Pap. xv 

XXI. The fame. xv 
XXII* John Shootes Remembrancer to a General of an Army j i ^98. 

Pap. XVI 

XXIII. A Touchftonc or Trial of Witches, difcovcring them by the 
Scripture. Pap. xvir 

XXIV. A Treatife of Urins, and of common Medicines & Diftempers. 
Pap. XVII 

XXV. Sam. Harfnet's Sermon on Ezckielxxxi 11, 11. Pap. xvii 

XXVI. The Diuyne Clowdc of Unknowyngc. Gooftyly frende in God 
I fteye yee. xv 

XXVil. Thclame. Pap. xvii 

XXVIII. A Sermon on 2 Kings xviii, 22. Pap. xVix 

XXIX. James Bell's Account of Caccilia, Princcfs of Sweden, her tra- 
veiling into Enrland, 1564 : dedicated to Q^ Elizabeth. Pap. xvi 

XXX. Thelnftitution of a Chriftcn Man : Printed at London, 1537: 
with Correftions and large Additions MS. Pap. xvi 



R QYAL LiBRAftn 2(4^ 

17 c XXXI — xxxvm. et 17 D I — ^vn. 4^ 

XXXI. David's Delights : or, a Pf ciident for a Prince : A New Yearns Gift 
lo Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales. Pap. tnt 

XXXIL A4)ifcovery^ whic Ireland was never entirely fbbdaed, till 
the Reign of King James I: by the Attorney General of Ireland. 
Pap- irit 

XXXIII. I. Clement of Lanthofiie's Harmony of the Gofpcis, in 12 
Books : Englifhed by JohnWiciif. XV 
z. Some Chapters out of the £piftlcs> and §omt due of the old Tdtament^ 
of Wiclif 's TranQation. 

XXXIV. Nic. Breton's Inventive agaifift Tseafen. A Poem. Pap. xvii 

XXXV. A Dcfcription of Pire-workes, invented by hfs Mafcftinr 
Gonners. Pap. xvn 

XXX VL A Breviat of Debts due to the Ctown $ ftom }o Elh. ro r f 
J.I. Pap. XVI f 

XXX VIL John Wade s Alarm ro ihe Battle of thte gtteat Day Of Cod 
Alnrightie. Pap. Iti t 

XXXVIII. Sir John Mandevil's Travails. xr 

17 D. 4^. 

I. Henry Daniel's } Books of Judgmcmf by Uriric. xrv 

II. Plutarch's Life of Thcfcus: Englifticd by Harry Parker^Loftl McSr- 
Icy ; and dedicated to KingH. 8. xvt 

IIL Sir Will. Forrcffs Pocfyc of Princely Praaife. xvi 

IV. The Book of Hunting: or, Maftcr of the Game^ See 17 ALV. 


V. I . The Divine Cloud of Unknowing. Pap. xv 
2. Dyucrfc Doftrynys taken owte of the Lyfe of S. Katcrync of ^ceitys.. 

VI. I . Thomas Occlcve's Heroic Potnnrdf the Govemmerit of a Prince : 
wherein is a Ptdture of G. Chaucer. Xv 

2. Poem of a certain Emperefs. 

3. — — Poem of the Art of Dying. 

4^ Poem of a certain Emperour. 

5. HcnriciR. 5, Literac ad Carolnm Regem Francie, qaetentesde ilfiuS 
VIL Hieronymus Safvanorolas Meditation upon the Soth Pfalm. P<tp. 

XV t 


2^0 MsBooKs of the' 

17 DVIII — -XX. 4^. 

VIII. Clement of Lanthonic's Harmonic of the Gofpels : 1 2 Books : 
tranflatcd by John Wiclif. xv 

IX. Reginald Peacock's Folcwcrof the Donct. xv 

X. Edmond Skory's Paraphrafc of the 21 & 45 Pfalms : in Mccter. 
Pap. XVII 

XI. Plutarch's Lives of Scipio & Hanibal. TranQated by Henry Par- 
ker Kn^ Lord Morley. Pap. xvi 

XII. The Book of Hunting : or. Matter of the Game. See 1 7 A LV. 
Pap. XV 

XIII. Henry Parker Kn% Lord Morley, his Commentary on Ecclefi- 
aftes : Dedicated to the Duke of Somcrfet. Pap. xvi 

XIV. I. Sir Thomas More's Letters, during his Confinement. F. i to 
4: and F. 376 to 455. Pap. xvi 

2. hisTreatife upon the Paflion of Ghrift. F. 325. 

3 . A Treaty fe vppon the Paflyon. The glorious blejfed. F. 193. 

4. A Dyalogue of Comforte agaynft Trybulation : made by an Hungaryea 
in Laty ne. Who woulde have went. F. 5 . 

XV. I. G. Chaucer's Tales. Pap. Imperfed at Beginning & End. xv 

2. The Waking Man's Dream. atJciipaAo*. 

3, Articles of Marriage between the Dauphin of France & the Lady Eli- 
zabeth of England^ 1 47 5 • Printed. 

3. Sir John Fortefcu's Declaracioun vpon certayn Wrytingis fent outc of 
Scotteland, ayenft the Kingis title of his Roialme of Englond. 

4. Ballets. 

XVI. Efther Inglis's Fifty Emblems, finely drawn & written : a LiQc- 
bourg en Efcoffe, Tan 1 624. Pap. xvii 

XVII. Tho. Beard's Evangelical Tragoedic : or, A Harmonic of the 
Paflion of Chri(V, according to the four Evangeliftes. Pap. xvi i 

XVIII. Thomas Ocdeve's Heroic Poem, of the Government of a Prince. 


XIX. Another -of the fame. xv 

XX. I. Andrew of Wyntowne, Canon of St. Andrews, his Originalc: 
an Heroic Poem, in 9 Books s containing the Hiftory of the Scottifli 
Nation, to the Year of Grace 141 8. Pap. xv 
2. Of the origin of the Name of Scotland : with a Ihort Chronicle 
thereof, to thcYeari482. 


Royal Library. Z71 

17DXX — xxn. 40. 

3. Prefterjohn's Letter to the Grecian Empctouri«T<Aire«.' 

XXL William Caxton's Chronicle of England. This wants lO Chap- 
ters, which are at rhe end of the prinrcd Edition. xv 
XXIL Reymond Scbaudius's Naniral Theology r or. The Book of 
Creatures; efpccially of the nature of Man. Pap. xvix 

[Quaere 1 7 E & E inter Codices in Lugaa Gallica fctiptos.] 


Z'jt Ma Books of the 

L Articles a^e«d on for tbc Or<i<r of Knights of the Gmtr^ isst* 
. Ad^ Nuipbers^ II> ill 6( IV ace the fame. xvi 

V. An Heroic Poem, of Man'$ Life, the World, Death, Purgatory, 
juclgfloent. Heaven, & Hell. Thimght 0ftbefadfr0f Heuene, xv 

VI. I. A Book of Mediciues. Pap- tv 

2. Of judging by Urine. 

3 . A TiEatkfe DUfacmpcrs incident to Women. 

4. How to* make Aqua Vitae 5 and other precious Waters. 

5 . An Herbal, Alphabetical, to the Letter P. 

VII. I . Ariftotle's Book of the Governaunce of Kyngis ; called, The Se- 
crete of Secretes. xv 
2. S. Bernard's Epiftic, of the Government of a Family. 

VIII. Pfalm 19, 72, 80, 104, 137 & 148, tranflated into Englifli 
Verfe 5 to be compared with Buchanan's Latin Verfion. Pap. xvi i 

IX. A Chronicle of Englaodf down ;o H. 5 : called Brute. Julius Cefar 
a wyfe manne. The fam? i» i • B SI ft IV. 

X. I. A TreatisofthelxiPVCofCSbilr MeJf^aXof. . xv 

2. of the 7 deadlf Sfifs^ aiftiifliciroppofiteVertucs. 

3. The manner of Confe(fi#fc 

4. Confeflfyon of Seynt EdnTaw(f& Jlfci^Wfchope. 

5. A Difputefon betwen the Body and the Sowie : in Verfe. 

6. S. Jerome's Epiftle to Demetrias. 

7. Hiftory of the 3 Kings, or wife men of the Eaft. 

8. Five religious Bailers. 

XL John Rolf's Relation of the State of Virginia. Pap. xvi i 

XII. FlaviusVegetius's four Books of Deeds of Knighthood. xv 

XIIL A. M. T. Scv. Boctius, his 5 Books of the Comfort of Philofophy : 

tranQated into Englifh Verfe by John Ly dgate, A. D. 1 4 1 o. xv 

XIV. R. P's Dialogue of the Union of Britay nej dedicated to K. James I. 
Pap. XVII 

XV. John de Turre cremata, his Expofition of the 36 Pfalm : tranflated 
by Hen. Parcare Kt. Lord Morlcy. Pap. xv 1 1 

XVI. Sir Richard Wigmore's Pamphlet, againft the Spanilh Intcreft 
in Scotland; in the Reign of James 6 : Intituled, An Oulde Story of the 
Brigg of ^ecy written by Guit chard one of the 4 Sonns of Aymon^ 


Royal LibraIry; 273 

18 A XVII. — ^xxxiv. 4^. & r. 

oiffiMtfim J4s«i Teansbtfare that thir^ytWPcfttrity »fMm(itnt Banke 
didfeignoryze over the myghty Mmarcky of Crete Brittsyne. Pap. 


XVI. i; Homilies upon the Gofpcls, for the whole Year. N§t 
withoutecaufeefgret myfierie* xv 

2. Thomas Wimblcton's Two Sermons, at Paul's-Crofs, on Luke xvi, >: 
preach'd A. D. 138S. 

XVIII. A Brcviat of Devotion : Lat. & Eng. 24* Pap. xvi 

XIX. Henoch Clapham'l Apology for preaching againft Watfon's 
Quodlibets. 80. Pap. xvii 

XX. Philip Meflinger's Verfes on the Death of Charles Lord Herbert, 
Son to the £. of Pcmbcook. <<>• Pap. xvi i 

XXI. Ja, Kinvyn's Petition for the encouragement of his new-invented 
Engines of War. 8«>. Pap. xVi i 

XXII. W. Vencr's Poem to K. James i. 8<».Pap. xvii 

XXIII. ]o. Korden's Complement to K. James i, upon his acccffion 
to the Crown ; & Harangue againft Papifts. 4*. Pap. xvii 

XXIV. John Ferrour's Portraite of a Prince : A Poem. 4*. Pap. xvii 

XXV. John Shotbolfs Confiderations for the Wcale publique. 40. 
Pap. XVII 

XX VL Simon Scurtevant, of the nfe of the Mbrva; a Mathematic 
Engine. Pap. xvii 

XXVII. Edm. Dee's Verfes againft Popery, itfoj. Pap. xvii 

XXVIII. Hen. Cock's Difeovery of the defignsof the Papifts. to K. 
James I. Pap. xvii 

XXIX. A Treatifc of the Lawfulnels of the Oath of Allegiance to 
K. James i. xvii 

XXX. Ja. Dackombe's Diicovery of things neceflary for the iCing to 
know. 1603. Pap. xrix 

XXXI. John Marfton's Account of the Spedade, prefented to the 
K. of Brittain and Denmark, pafling through London. Pap. xvii 

XXXII. A Poem to K. James I , about State-Affairs. Pap. xvii 
XXXUI. Gcr. ScroopCs Janus Temple fhut & open'd : a Poem to K. J. i . 

Pap. xvn 

XXXIV. The Earl of Northampton's Abftraft of Frauds of the Offi- 
cers of the Navy : to K. J. i . An Original. Pap. xvii 


274 Ms Books of the 


XXXV. John Martin's Propofal to K. J. i, for faving Expcncc in pur^ 
chafing Arms. xvi» 

XaKVI. James Dackombc's Propofals to K. J. i, for reforming Abu- 
fcsintheLaw. Pap. xvii 

XXXVII. Jo. Lewis's Abftraft of his intended Hiftory of Britain- 


XXXVIII. John Elder, Clerk, a Reddfhank, hisPropofeito K.Hen- 
ly ft, for uniting Scotland with England* Pap. xvi 

XXXDC. A Journal from England to Egypt and Jerufalem. Of all 

Cyttties &Tortes. Pap. xvir 

. XL. Rob. Syngleton's Theory of the Earth.. Pap. xvi 

XLI. G. Cs Book of the approved Order of Martial Difcipline, Pap^. 


XLII. John Phillip's Clofet of CounfcU, out of the precepts of Cato,, 
to John Lord Lumley : A Poem. Pap. xvii 

iOLlII. Plutarch's Commentary, that Learning is requidte to a Prince : 
tranflated into Englifh Meeter, by Thomas Blundeviie. Pap. xvit 

XLIV. Abufes in exportation of Treafure, decoloring, of Strangers 
Goods. Pap. xvii 

XLV. BcnJohnfon*s Mafqueof Queens. Pap. xvii 

XLVI. A Memorial to Q^ Eliz. of the Diforders & extraordinaric ex- 
pence of her Houfe. Pap. xvii 

XLVII. J. Gorgcs's Verfes^ on the Kings Arms 5 1609^ xvii 

XLVHL P. Gafcoigne's Tranflation of the Tale of Hcmctcs the Here- 
myte, into Englifli, Latin, Italian & Frcnche : pronounced before Q^ 
Eliz. atWoodftocfc, 1575- Papi xvi 

XLIX. Ric. Tailcboys's Elegy on the Death of King T. i. xvil 

L. An Addrefs to KingM. 8, for a Body of Laws to be made in Latin. 

Pap.. xvj. 

LI. James Maxwell'* Projcft for a Difcourfc, under the name oiBri^ 

tain's union in Love. Pap. xvil 

LII. J. Hopper's Sermon on Rom. viii, 28. Pap. xvii 

LIIL John Bell's Scheme for incrcafing the Revenues of the Crown, 

by the Firft Fruits of the Clergy, fending Colonies into Ireland &c. Pap.. 


Royal Library. 275^ 

1 8 A LIV LXXL 4% & Folio. 

LIV. Remembrances for the Queen's prefcnt Services, in tiic Low- 
Countries, XVI 

LV. Avery Phillips's New Years Gift to King J. i, to enrich his Cof- 
fers, by relieving the Poor, without his coft or the Countries. Pap. 


LVI. John Do wdall's Letter to King J. i, about the State of Ireland. 

Pap. XV 1 1 

LVII. Nic. Breton's Poem upon the Praifc of Vertuc. Pap. xvi i 

LVllI. Ric. Jobfon's Difcovery of the Country of K, Solomon's rich 

Trade, within i&Dzys fail of England. Pap. xvii 

LIX. Ja. Spenfcr's Difcovery of Frauds in the Revenues of Ireland, 

A.D. 1 610. Pap. XVII 

LX. Scipio's Dream : tranflated by H. Parker, Lord Morlcy. xvi 

LXI. Geo. Gafcoigne's Grief of Joy : 4 Songs : dedicated to Q. Eliz. 

Pap. XVI 

LXII. Mafuccio Salernitano, his Novel : tranOated by H.Parkcr, Lord 
Morlcy. xvi 

LXIIL A Difcourfe of the befeiginge, defendinge and releevinge of 
Bcrgcn-up-Zome i 1622. Pap. xvii 

LXIV. John Leland & Nic. Uvedale, their Vcrfcs Lat. & Eng. made 
at the Coronation of Q. Anne, 25 H. 8. Pap. xvi 

LXV. Ric. Spert's Scheme for the Improvement of Ireland. Pap. 


LXVI. Ric. Robinfon's Eupolemia, Archippus & Panoplia : being an 
Account of his Books printed, his Patrons SC their Benefadions &c. 

1 603- Pap. XVII 

LXVII. Tho. Hunniman's Treatife about the Faults of the Magiftracy 

of London, 1 61 2. Pap. xvii 

LXVUI. APerfuafwc toQ^EIiz. to name her Succeflbr. Pap. xvi 
LXIX. Rob. Chambers, his fecond Nofce te-ipfum : A Poem. Pap. 


LXX. The Theatre of Apollo : AMafquc. Pap. xvii 

LXXI. Propofals for a Cabinet Royal, and for a Hiftory of the latter 

end of King J. i, and the beginning ofK. Charles i Reign j 1627. Pap. 


N n 2 LXXIL 

rj6 Ms Books of the 

18 ALXXn ^LXXVII. et 18 BI, II. Folio; 

LXXU. Sam. Daniel's Panegiric> congratulatory to K. James i . Pap. 


LXXIIL Mark Hoskin's Complaint of Abufcs in the Clergy, Lawyers^ 
Gentry &c. Pap. xvii 

LXXIV. Arthur Hall's Treatifc of tranfportablc Commodities, the 
Advantages thereof. Statutes relating thereto &c. Pap. xvii 

LXXV. David Holand's Account of the lineal Defcent of K. Edward tf- 
from Brute. Pap. xvi 

LXXVI. I. John Ruflcll's Treatifc of the Unioun bctuixt the tu?- 
Realmcs. Pap. xvii 

2. of the Deuty of ane Chriftianc Prince. 

LXXVII. Tranfcripta Chartarum quarundum pro Primogenitis R^om 
Angliae : in quarum 

1, Rex Ed. 3) AnnoRegnl fui ii^ creavit Edwardum (ilium fuum 
primogenitum in Ducem Cornubiae. Charta. xv^ii 

2, Rex Ed. 3> Anno 17, creavit Edwardum filium fuum'primogenitum, 
tunc Ducem Cornubiae & Comitem Ceftriae, in Principem Waliiae* 

3, Rex Hen. 6 confirmavit Edwardo fiiio fuo primogenito, Principa* 
tum Walliae, Ducatum Cornubiae & Comitatum Ceftriae. To this 
Confirmation are fubjoinM certain Limitations and Provifoes, in Eng- 

4, Rex Hen. 7> Anno 5f creavit Arthurum filium fuum primogenitum* 
in Principem Walliae et Comitem Ceftriae. 

5, Rex Hen. 7, Anno 9, conceflit Arthuro Principi Walliae, omnia> 
Caftra, Maneria & Poflefliones, quondam Comitis Marchiac : babenda 
cidem Principi, quamdiu Regi placuerit. 

LXXVIII. The Lord Vifcount Wimbledon, his Method, how the 
Coafis of the Kingdom may be defended, againft any Encmy^ in cafe 
the Royall Navye fliould be othcrwife employed or impeached : 1628; 
Pap. xvii< 

18 B. 

I. A Relation of the State of Polonia & the united Provinces of that. 
Crown, Anno 1598. The Tales have the fame original with the Bo^ 
hetnians. Pap. xvi 

II. John of Arras's Hiftory of Mclufmc : A Romance, Pap. xv 


•J Jl* 


R OY AL Lib R ar y# 277 

1 1 B ni — IX. FoUo. 

III. A Chronicle of England, called Brute^ to the tf Year of Henry 

the 5. ai%i^auhoi a$ dr€\€^o9. Pap. XV 

IV. The fame ; ^xi^a Ao$ ^ eViAf r^. A$ alfo i S A IX. xv 

V. David Owen's Treat ife of the Power of Princes fie Duty of Sub* 

jcdS5l6lO. Pap. XVII 

VI. I. Tradatus Matrimonialis inter Jacobum z Scoriae Regem 
^Ducem Burgundiae, A.D. 1448. Charta. xvi 

2. inter Ja. j Scotornm fie ChrifticrnamDaciae ficc. Regem^ A. 
D. 1468. 

3. • inter Ja. 4 Scotorum fi; H. 7 Anglorum Regem, A. D, 


4^ Schetlandiarum Infularum Oppignoiatio Chrifiierno Daciae ficc. Re-^ 

gi, A. D. 14^8. 

5. Littcrac Jacobi 5 Scot. Regis, abA''i534ad 1542- 

5. Mariac Scot. Reginae^ fie Gubornatoris ejus, ab A« 1542 ad 

1545. Lat. ficAng. 

7. Mariae Scot. R. Ao 1 564 fie 1565. Lat. fie Ang. 

S. - Jacobi 5 fie MariaeabAo 1528 ad 1569. 

9. Mary Q. of Scots, her Inftru^ioos to John Hay, her Ambaflador to the 
Q. of England, 15^5* ^rMiro^^ 

10. Tradatus Matrimonii inter Ja. 5 Scot. Regem et Magdaienam Regi^ 
Franciae filiam, 1535. 

11. Inftruftionsto David, Abbot of Ar broth, fie Sir Tho. Ercsfcyn,] Am- 
baiTadours from Scotland to France. 

12. Inftrudions to the Bp. of Dunblane, Ambafiadour to the K. of 
France, for defence of the Queen's Marriage with Both well. 

13. Infirudions to Lord Lethington, the Scotts Ambaflfadour in Eng- 

14. A Difcourfe about his Negotiations with the Q. of England. 

VII. Titles of 407 Caufes, determined before the Prefident and 
Gounccll, in Wales, Trinity-Term, 1^17. Pap. xvii 

VIII. Wil. Woodward's Analogy between the Sufferings of both A- 
dams. Pap« xvii 

IX. I . John Wiclif s Homilies upon the Epiftles fie Gofpels. xv 
z\ Expofition of Mat. xxiv. F. 1764 

}, Treatifeot the Qmrch. F. ii4» 


28o Ms Books of the 

18CII XVII. Folio. 

II. G, Chaucer's Talcs of Canterbury. xv 

III. Hairs Difcourfc of Gardening, applied to a Spiritual undcr- 
ftanding. Pap. xvir 

IV. Popilh PrieftsPradiccrs of Sedition. Pap. xvji 

V. Dr. Wil. Swaddon's Trcatifc, in defence of Tithes. Pap. xvii 
VL A Draught of an Aft of Parliament, for the avoiding of Beggars 

and Vagabonds, by employing them in publick Works &c. 153^- P^p. 


VII. Cleopatra; a Tragedy. Pap. xvii 

VIII & IX. Polydore Virgil's Chronicle of England s 25 Books ; viz. 

to the end of the Reign of Rich. 3 • P^P* xvi 

X. Bonaventurc's Myrour of the bliflid Lif of Jefu Crift. xiv 

XI. Will. Woodward's Analyfis of the Myfterics in God's Word, by 
natural Theology 5 together witTi the Antithefis between the Fall and Re- 
demption of Mankind. Pap. ^ xvii 

XII. Tho. May's Hiftory of the Reign of King Henry 11, in 7 Books, 
in Verfc. Pap. xvii 

XIII. Wyllyam Foreft's fecond part of the Hiftory of Jofeph : a Poem, 
well written with his own Hand^ and infcrib'd to Thomas Duke of 
Northcfolkc. xvi 

XIV. Willielmi HatteclyfFe, Sub-chefaurarii Hiberniae, Compoms, A. 
.10 & II H. 7- Pap. XV 

XV- Robert Lalor, Pricft, his Attainder and ConTidion of Pr«nunire, 
4 J. t . Pap. xviL 

XVI. John Chryfoftomc's Demonftration> againft the Gentiles, that 
Chrift is God. Pap. xvii 

XVII. The Armoric of Nobilitic : wherein is contained, 

1. The 5 Conquerors of England. P. i. Pap. xvi 

2. The 7 Kings that reigned at one time. P. 2. 

3. Tlie rcafon of the fcvcral Alterations of the Arms of England. 

4. The Arms & IflTuc of the Kings of England : with the Creation of all 
the Noblemen, (incc the CoiKjiieft to 3 2 Eliz. P. 7, to 1 94. 

This Work was firft collcded by Rob. Cooke, alias, Clarenciculx King 
of Arms : and amended by Rob. Glover, alias, Somerfet Herald 5 and 
l^ftly wgmenrcd with Knights of tlic Garter by Tho. Lant, alias Port- 
cullis Purlbivant of Arms, A. D. 1589. xvi 


282 Ms B o o K s of the 

1 8 C XXII. Folio. 

^ Dcrbic Comiti, rccolunt quern laudc pcriti,. 

^ Vade> liber, purus: fub eorequiefccfuturus. 
Then follows. 
^ Epiftola fuper hujus opens vei opufcult £ui compiementum, Johanni 

^ Gowera quodamPhilofopho>tranrmifra.. 

* rQuam cinxere freta, Gower, tua carmina leta, 

' Per loca difcreta eanit Anglia laude repleta. 

^ Carminis atleta faturus, tibi fine poeta 

^ Sit laus compleJta, quo gloria ftat fine meta. 

Next is given a particular account of the Contents of this Book, and 

two more of the fame Author. From which I gather, that either he had 

at that time publilhed no other of his Works^ or el(e he valued him- 

fclfl mod on account c^ the faid three Volumes. The Account is, as 


^ Quia unulquifquc prout a Deo accepit aliis impartiri tenetur, Johannes 
Gower fuper hiis, que Deus fibi intelledualiter donavit^ villicationis ra* 
tionem, dum tempus inftat, fecundum aliquit alleviate cupiens, inter 
labores et ocia, ad aliorum noticiam trcs libros doftrinc caula forma 
fubfequenti propterea compofuit. 

^ Pidmu^ libei:, Gallico Sermone editus, ia decem dividitur partes ;. et 
tradansde viciis &virtutibu$9 necnon et dc variis hujus feculi gradi-^ 
bus, viam, qua peccator tranfgrelfus ad fui Creatoris agnitionem redirc 
debet, redo tramite docerc conatur. Tirulus LibellL iftius Speculum ha- 
minis nuncupatus eft. 

' Secundus enim Liber, Sermone Latino verfibus exametri et pentametrl 
compofuus, tra^tat fuper illo mirabili eventu, qui in Anglia, tempore 
domini Regis Ricardi fecundi, anno Regni fui quarto, contigit ; quando 
fervilcs ruftici impetuofe contra nobiles et ingequos Regni infurrexo^ 
runt : innocentiam tamen didi domini Regis tunc junioris, etatis cau-- 
fa, inde excufabilem pronuncians, culpas aliunde^ ex quibus, et non a 
fortuna talia inter homines contingunt enormia, evidentius dcclarat. 
Titulufque voluminis hujus, cujus ordo feptcm continet paginas, Fox 
clamantis nominatur. 

^ Tejrtius ifte Liber, Anglico Sermone, in o£bo Partes divifus, qui ad 
inftanciam Sereniflimi Principis, didi domini Regis Anglie Ricardi fecua- 
di conficiturj fecundum Danielis ptopbcciam^ fuper hujus mundi Reg- 

' norum.. 


RoYAt Library. 283 

1 8 C XXU ^XXVI. ct 1 8 D I, II. Folio. 

* noram mutationc, a tempore Regis Nabugodonofor ufque nunc, tcm- 
^ pora diftinguit. Tradat cciam, fecundum Nedanabum ct Ariftotclem^ 
^ fuperhiis, quibus Rex Alexander, tarn in fui rcgimine quam aliter, 
^ fuper amorem ct amantum condiciones fundamentum habet : ubi varia- 
' rum Cronicarum hiftoriarumque fines nee non poetarum philofopho- 
^ rumque fcripture ad exemplum diftindiusinferuntur. Nomenquepre- 
'^ fentis opufculi ConfeJJio amantis fpccialiter intitulatur 

At the end of this Book was printed thus. This Bake appertaynethvnto 
the right honorable the Ladie Margaret Strainge. Which being cut out, 
has notwithftanding made fuch an impreflion on the next leaf, as to be 
read backward. 

XXIII. Lord Vifcount Wimbledon's Demonftration of divers parts of 
W:ar ; efpecially of Cavallerye. Pap. xvii 

XXIV. A Note of all the Bills figned by the King and Councel, from 
the 1 9th of October, 4 E. 6, to the 7 E. 6. Pap. xvi 

XXV. Aglaura, A Tragedy, Pap* xvii 

XXVI. Richard RoUe Heremyte of Hampole^ his Commentary on 
the Ffalms, from the 89th to the i i8th. X7 

18 D. 

I. from Pfalm i to 8a xr 

II. I . John Lydgatc's Teftament. F. i . xvi 

2. Siege of Troy: 5 Books. F. tf. 

3. Siege of Thebes : withPidurcs- 

4* WiU Cornyfshe, alias Nyfshewhete, his Trcatife betwen Trowthe & 
Enfbrmacion : written in the Fleete, 1 9 H. ?• 

5. John Skelton's Elegie on the Death of the Earle of Northumberland. 
<S. John Lydgate's Difcord between Reafon and Senfualitic. 

7. Names, Natures and Places of Burial of all thcKings of England^ from 
the G>nqucft to Henry 8 : a Poem. 

8. The Blafyourc of the Armes of Kyngis. 

9. Wil. Peeris*s Difcente of the Lorde Percis 5 in Vcrfe. 

10. Proverbs painted in feveral Rooms, at Lekyngfclde & WrefiUe : Ia 

1 1 . Ariftotlc's Advice to Alexander 5 in Verfe : Two Verfions. 

O o 2 III. 

3,84 Ms Books rftheRoTAtLiBRART; 

I! BJH VL Idio. 

III. Mapsof the fcvenl Counties of England s printed abonc the Tear 
X)7p: paynted. Whereon ate written, the Karnes of all the Joftices of 
.Fcace in England, at that time ; andfeveral other curious things. Alfb» 
Several MS Maps and Draughts of Sea-?orts 8tx. It was Lord Burghley':f 
Book : and fevexal Memoooda arewiitten in it with his own hand. Pap. 

'■ XVI 

TV. John Lydgate't Valion of John Boockc's Bcc^s, de Cafibus vi- 

lonim illufttium. xvi 

V. The iame. ' xr 

VL i .III II h is Vctfion e£ Socctcc's Skge of Tiof. nr 


Le5 LivRES Mss: ib'^ 

X g D VII ^X. ci I « E I — VI. Folia 

VII. Jehan Boccace. Des Cas des nobles Hommes ct Fcmmes 1 9 l^iv. 
arcc Peindurcs. xiv 

VIII. Lcs 2 Livres dcs MaccabccB, ct Ic novcau Tcftamcnt. xv 
IX&X. La Bible hyfioriale, & les Hyftoires Scolafitqucs : ^vccPeinc- 

turcs. Les 2 premiers Volumes. xv 

18 £. 
f I&II. Jean Froiflart. Lc a« ct 4« Volume de fcs Chroniques: avcc 
pluAeurs Peindlures. xv 

III & IV. C. Valerius Maximus. DesDids & Faids dts Romains, L. 9 : 
avec Peinfhires. Commencie a trandater par Simon de Heldin, juf- 
ques au 7« Livre. Et achcve par Nycolas de Gonncflc. [Et 1 7 F IV. xv 

V. L'Hiftore tripartite; de le tcmpsd*Adam jufquesajefu Chrift :avcc 
pjuficurs belles Peinftures : Efcripte Tan 147 3 • xv 

VI. Le 2« Volmne de laPkor.dcs Hyftoircs. Ouqucl Volume, font 
traiftiez les Fais de noftre SiamieQr Jefu Crift, avec plufteurs Miftcrcs 
€le la Foy Catholiqoe : Et auffi k Conception dc la Nativite de la glo- 
tieufe Vierge Marie. £t audi la Legende des Sains, feloncTA, B^ C. . 


17 E. 


zS6 Xes Livres Mss de la 

17 E I ^Vlf. ct 17 F I IV. Folio: 

I. I. Le Trefor, qui parie dc la naiflance de routes chofes : le quel fi^ 
Maiftre Brunct, Latin. ^ 

2. Ariftote. Le Livre d*Ethique. Et eft le 2^ Livre de Trefor. 

3. Le 3s Livre dc Trefor 5 qui parlc des Vices & des Vertus. 

4. Le 4* Livre $ qui eft Rhetorique. 

IL Hercules : i. e. Hiftoire de luy : avcc pcinftures. 2 Livres. xv 

IIL Proprietes des Chofes i 20 L. avcc Peinftures. xv 

Fu tranflatc de Latin en Francois, Tan i37i> per Jean Corbethon. 
rV. I. Pub. Ovide Nafo. Metamorphofe, 15 L. avec Peindure. xr 

2. La Chevalcrie Spirituellc dc ce Monde. O TAea, ^eejp de Tru- 

3. S. Bernard. L'Epiftre au Pr. Raymond, pour fcavoir gouverner fa 

4. Le Breviare des NoWes. 

5. Gomplaintc dez 9 maleureux & des noef Mateureufes. 

V. I . Xcnophon. L'Hiftoire de Roy Cirus ; avec Peindure ; tranilatce 
de Grec en Latin par Poggedc Florence, et de Latin en Francois, par Vafque 
de Lucerie, Tan 1370. xv 

2. Fl. Vegece. de Chevalcrie, Livrc. 

TL Les Lieus communs du Loy, felon rA,B, C: une grand volume 
en papier. xvi 

VII. La Bible hiftoriaus : ou, LesHiftoiresEfcolaftres : avec Peindtures. 


17 F. 
L Quinte Curfe Ruf. Des faiz D' Alexandra, 9 L. avec Peindlures bel- 
les. Tranflatespar Vaf^e dcLuccnc Portugalois. Efcript par la main 
de Jehan du Chefne, a Lille. xv 

II. I. La grandc Hiftoire Cefar; tirce de Lucan, Suetonic, Orofe&c. 
faifte a Bruges, du comnaandcment de R.Ed. 4, Tan 1479. avec Peindures. 
2. Le Sommaire de tous ks Emperears Remains, aprez Julie Cefar, 
jufqucsa Tan 1221. 

III. S. Auguftine, De la Cite de Dicu, les 10 Livres premieres. Avcc 
Pcinftures. XV 

IV. C. Valerius Maximus. [Ut 1 8 E III. IV.3 xv 




17 F V, VI. Folio. 

V. L'Hiftoire dc Godeftoy dc Buillon Roy de Jeturalcm. Avee Peino- 
lurc. XV 

VI. La Portre0e de la Foy : 5 Liv. avcquc belles Feinfiarcs. Faite a 
tiflc en Handles pet Jchan du Quefiie. xr 


^8$ X.BS Xjvrbs Mss de ta 

I. EafiU le graad. L'£piibc a S. Gf cgpic<^ d^la Vifi fotitatf cu TcanjSbte 

par Jan Bellcmain, & dedie a la Roync Elizabeth, en Papier. xw 

IL Traidq idss 4 chofcs deuiieccs. xiv 

in. Dialogue, dclaMort. Pap. vii 

IV. Jcrofmc Julien. Lcs Eftrcnes du Comfortc d'efpoir : efcriptes Tan 
1552: en Vers. Pap. xvi 

V. I. LeMiroir dd'amc. xv 

2. Le Livre des Enfanz D'lfrael. 

3. Lcs Paroles de Jefu Crifta la Sainftc Ame. 

4. LeSeul parler dc Hue de S. Viftor, &de s ame. 

VI. Extraift d*une Lcttre d'advis, touchant Teftat advenir des Provinces 
confcderecs. Pap. xvi 

VII. Inftitution pour lire & parler en la Langue Francois. Pap. xvi 

VIII. i.UAlmere dc laN^itjw do Bcftes^ Poiflbns ficOyfelz. Vers, xnr 

2. Titus & Vefpalianus : ou^ViiKtoKiaI>ofniiH. UnPoeme. 

3. Romanus, UnPoema 

4. Un Poecne, comment Cjliw^Wjdft Hjtmars loiet in Jerufalcm gcc. 
5^ Angliae defcriptio brevis. 

IX. Un Trai£te des Pcches & Veni|0, en vieil Romans Francois, xiii 

X. Rene Le peletier. La Rigueur d!^amours & pitie de Richeflfe. un 
Pocme. XVI 

XL Le Temps de I'annee moralize fur Taige & vie dc Thomme. en 

Vers. Pap. xvi 

XII. I. 9. xiv 
2. La Vie de S. Francois. 

XIII. Le Pafteur Evangelique. en Vers. xvi 

XIV. Extraift desOcuvrcsDefideriusErafmus. Pap. xvi 

XV. L'emoulumen^ du Roy. Pap. ' xvi 

XVI. Ihcronyme Sanovarole de Fcrrare. L'expofition fur le Pfeaulmc 

XVII. Lcs 12 Triumphes du Roy H. 7*- en Vers. Pap.] xvi 
XVIIL Mailliet Francois. Ode a la louange de le Roy & la Roinc 

dc Grande Bretaigne. Pap. xvii 

XIX. I. J Hopper. Un Sermon furGen. xlix. 21. Pap. xvii 

2. » Un Sermon fur Pf cxlvii. 5. Pap. xvii 

3, Un Sermon furPfal. cxlv. 14. Pap. xvii 


29^ L&^ Livres Mss de la 

1 6 E XXXVII— lO-L 4^ ct 16 F I— X. ct 1 6 G I— V- Folio. 

XXXVII. Pierre du Pioych. Rccueil dc I'eftat dcs Princes, des Seig- 
neurs, & du commun Pcupie. Pap. xvi 

XXXVIII. Jacques Cleland. Lc Portrait de Prince Henry, A. D. 
1612. Pap. xTii 

XXXIX. I. 6. de Montague. Louange de la Danfe. Pap. xvn 
^. Une Lettre des Inftrudions d'un Gourtifan de la Cour Francoiic. 

^ XL. B. dc Bcaugrand. Poecilographie : ou, Diver fcsEfcritures : En- 
grave Tan 1624. XVII 

XLI. Gaultier Quinne. Recueil dcs Rcpattics, Rencontres, ' & autres 
niemorablcs du Roy Henry lc grand. " xvi 

16 F. 

I. dcBuciL Lc Jouvenccl. xv 

II. Grace cntiere,pur le gouvcmcment du Prince, en la Rime &Profc. 
Avcc Pcindurcs. xv 

IIL Les Cronlques de Flandres : dcpuis le tenrps de Finard, ^ques 
a Tan i $47. xv 

IV. Martin Le Franc. L'cftrif de Fortune & Vcrtu. xv 

V. I . Le Livre du noble Philozoph Sydrac : appclle, La Fontaine de 
tomes Sciences. xv 
2. Traiftiedes 7 Pcchicz. mortelz. 

VI. VIL La Flcur dcs Hiftoircs. Pap. xv 
VIIL I.. Le Regime dc la Same. xv 

2. Comment la Face St. Jchan Baptiftc fu aporte dc Conftantinoble en 
la cite d'Amiens. 

IX. Guy de la Coulompnc. Dc la dcftruftion de Troye. xiv 

X. Des Sccrctz et Ditz dcs Philofophcs. 

16 G. 

I. Croniqucs dc Prfc. xr 

II. Lcs 4 filz DAyniont. xv 

III. La Vie du Chrift : Efcript par David Aubcrt,] en Gand, Taa 
1479: avcc belles peinturcs. ;cv 

IV. Francois Eximincz. Livrc dcs S. Angeles. xv 
V. lohanBocacc. Dcs clcrcs & nobles Femmcs. xiv 



" i«G VI — ^IX. Polio, 

VI. Chrealquci da B-oyc de France i jurques * It matt dc St. Lojrt, 
I'an 1270. XIV 

At the end is written witii tiie Duke of Glouceftet's own liand, Cefi 
Limecfl a moy Homfrej "Due ie GUmctftri d» dm 4tt Exccutturs It 

VII. La Fleur des Hiftoites Romaines, xiv 

VIII. Julc Cefar. Les Commentaires : Tianlbtez en UUe, I'm 147], 
par JehandeCiielhc: Avcc Fcindutes. xv 

IX. Xcnoption. Hifioiiedu Cjrtus: Tianflatc parVafque dcLlKCne; 
AvecFciuOutcs. xv 

Ppj» fjlh' 

Zpi Les LivresMss dela 

15 D I ^VI. ct 15 EI — VI. Folio. 

!• Lc quart Volume dc UHiftoirc Scolaftiquc : contcnant dc Ic Livre 
dc Thobic, jufqucs a Ics Faiz des Apoftrcs : Avcc plufieurs belles Pcinfturcs. 
Lequel Livre fut fait a Bruges par le commandement de Roy Edouard 4, 
I'an 1470. Efcrlpt par J. Du Ries. xv 

11.^ I . Lucidare, en Vers* Liber Theologicarum Queftionum, fie dic- 


a. Expofition de L'Apocalypfe : avec Peinftures. 

IIL La Bible hiftorialc : ou, Les Hyftoyres Efcolaftres: avcc pluiteurs 
Peindures. xiv 

IV. Quintc Curfe Ruffe, Des Faiz du grant Alexandre : tranflate par 
Vafque deLucene: avec plufieurs Peinftures. xv 

V. !• Gregoire i, Pape. Omclies fur quarantc Evangilles: avcc 

Pcinturcs. xv 

z. _— Dyalogues. 

VL Titus Livius 5 Des Fais des Romains : Tranflate par Pierre Ber- 

theurc : avec Peindures. xiv 

15 E. • 

L De la Conquefte dc Ihcrufalcm^ par Eracles, Godfroy dc Bouillon 
&c. avec Peindures. I. . . xv 

IL III. Des Proprietez dc&'Chofcs;' Livrcs 192 tranflates par Jehan 
Corbcchon^ Tan 1 3 ^ 2 : ct cf^riptcs par Joi Duries^ Tan 1482 ; avec Pcin- 
turcs. •- • ^ XV 

IV. Croniques D'Angleterre, jufques a Ic temps du Ed. 2 : avec belles 
Peinftures. Dedics a Ed. 5 . xv 

V. David Aubert. Des Anchienncs Cronicques de la grant Bretaigne. 


VL I. La Genealogie du Henry 8, Roy dc France et d* Angletcrre s 
pcinfte. Prefcnte a la Royne par le Come de Schrosbery, en habit dc 
jartier. xv 

2. Le Livre de la conquefte du Roy Alexandre. 
4. Les 4 Livres de Charlemaine : en Vers. F. 21, 

4. Le Livre de Ogier de Dannemarche: en Vers. F. 82. 

5. Lc Livre de Regne de Montaubain. F. 202. 

6. Le Livre du Roy Ponthus. F. 254. 

7. Lc Romant dc Guy dc Warrewik. F. 274* 

BiBi,ioTHEQ.UE du Rot; 293 

ij EVL Folio." 

8. Jx Rominc de Herolt Dardemu. F. 3 1 ].' 

9. L'yftoiK duChevalier aa Signe : en Vers. F. 310; 

10. Le Livrc dcl'arbrc des Batailcs. F. 340. 

11. Gillc dc Romme. LcLivie de Politique. F. 374. 

12. Les Chronicles de Normandie. F.410. 

13. La Brcviaircdcs Nobles ; en Vers. F.450. ^ 

14. Le Livrc du Fait D'Armes &: dcla noblcflc dc GhcTalcrie^ F. 4S>> 
I J. Dc rordrcdclajarreticre. F.48tf. ^ 

Les Tous avcc plulicurs bcUcs Fcintares.] 

14 K 

1$4 I^^^ LtVRBS Mss de la 

14 D I— VL ft 14 EI— VL folio. 

I. St. Auguftinc, de la Cite de Dicui Les to Livrcs premiers ; avec 
10 Pcinaurcs belles*- jor 

IL III. IV. V. VI. Jean FrollTart. Chroolqucs tic France, D* Angletcrret 
&c. en 5 Volumes : 4VeC4 Pcio^ores, xv 

\. Le tprelbtet V<ilAme do Mirok hiftdfiid I triuiaa^ de Latin en f ran- 
qois, par Jehan du Vignoy, fi:loii t'opinioh dtt trerc Vincent : avcc i 
Pcinture. xv 

IL I. Le Chemin de Vailknce : ou^ Le Songe dore : en 4 Livres : avec 
belles Pcintures. xr 

2. Le Traittie, O Thea : en Vers & Profe. 
I . Le Breviare des Nobles : en Vers. 
4.. Des 9 tnalheureux, etdes9 maleureufes: enVer& 
5. Le Livrc deTordrede Chevallcrie. 

III. UHiftoire du S' Graal dTiMroi. XV9 

IV. Dcs Chroniques D'Angleterre, troifieme Volume. Comence 
a la Reigne du Ric. 2 : et il a pluficurs belles Peintures. xv 

V. Jehan Boccace, des Cm dcs nobkk Hommes et Femmes. 9 Dv. 
avecPeinftures. xv 

VL Pierre de CreftMkibi te ^lOtttikl champeftres & ruraox : 12 
U V. avcc Peintures. Eftl^Ui fir k mtitk du J. du Rics. xv 


19 A. 


2pd ^ Les Livres Mss de la 

tp A XX ^XXII. ct 19 B I IX. 40. 

XX. Livrc dc rinformation dcs Princes- Stephanas Fortis Clericus 

fcripfit Ao 1395. ^iv 

XXL St. Amant. Ode Royale, au Roy & a la Reinc dc Ja 

grand c Brctagne- Pap. xvii 

XXII. Jean deMeun. LcCodicille, ouTeftament: Un Pocmcdc la 

Paffion du Jefu Chrift : avec Peintures. xv 

19 B. 
I. Lc Livredc rinformation dcs Princes : Efcript en Tan 14^5. Pap: 


II Ubert Philippe dc Villicrs. Hymncs de la Deite dc Pere, da Filz 
& da St. E fprit : Tan 1568. Pap. x v i 

III. Joiinjuell. ApologicdereglifcD'Anglcterrc. Efcript Tan '156J. 
Pap. XVI 

IV. I . Les Ditz Mouraulx dcs Philofofes, devant Tincarnation du noC- 
trc Seigneur. xv 
2. Le Livre de I'argument, que font enfemblc Pouretc & Riches : en 

V. Jehan Jarfon. Lc Traittie pour favoir quant on pefche mortclc- 
ment ou venieiement. xv 

VI. Lc Myfterc de la Paffion du noftre Seigneut Jefu Chrift : avcc 
belles Peintures. xv 

Cc Livrc fut auparavant a frcre Nicole de Montmirel, Commandcur 
de St. Mauluy. 

VII. L'Hiftoire deSainaGraalaxtipfltAo^ >§ drihecros. xiv 

VIII. Pcchdouc. Confolation a I'eglifc reformee dc France, 
fur la mort duRoi Henry lc grand, quatriefmcdunom. Pap. xv 

IX. I . Les Noms & Armoiries dcs Chevaliers dc la ronde Table. Pap. 


2. Confiderations D'Eftat, fur lc Traide dc la Paix, avec les Archiducs 

3. Dc ne point croirefacilcmenta Calomnic, Traifte. 

4. Une Thcoric touchant la Creation du Monde. 
4. Prenoftiquc pour Tan 1500. 

6. Relation dcs Qualitcz heroiqucs du Due de Mcchelembourc', Gcnera- 
liffimcdcs Armccs du Mailbn D'Aullricc. 



Les Livres Mss de la 

19 C II^^XL 4^ 

4. Del Peccat D'adam. i* 244, b. 

II. I. TraiAie des 10 Cotnmandcmens ds la faiote Foy Catholiqiic. 
II n'y a point Ic fccond : mais parte le dixicfino en deux parties. xiv 
a. Traidte des Articles de la Foy Chreftienne. 

3 . des 7 Pcchicz mortels, & 7 Vcrtus. 

4. ■ . ■ i ■ i dei 7 Petitions de la Tater mfter, & 7 Dona du S. Efprit. 

5. dela Vic adive & contemplative. 
#. de Don de Sapience, 

Ceft Livre fift un frere de Tordre des Preebjjteurs^ a la reqoefte du Roy 
Phelippe de France, Tan 1 279. 
7. Les 4 Evangiles : avec une Glofe. 

III. Un Livre des 4 derniers Chofes. xv 

IV. Le Songc du Vergier 5 en 2 Livr-es, xiv 

V. L^Expoficion des plufieurs Pfeaumcs du David. xiu 

VI. Xenophon, de Tinflitution du Roy Cyrus: traduit par Claude de 
Seieel. Icy font plufieurs belles Peinturcs. xv 

VII. I. Le Livre, que fift le Chevalier de la Tour, pour cnreigucmeiit 
defcs Filles. xv 

1. Le Livre de Mclibee & dc Dame Prudence 

3. L'iftoirede la patience de Grifeldiz Marquife de Salaces- 

4, Jchan de Meun. Le Codicille ou Tcftamcnt. 

YlII. L'imagination de vraye NoblcfTe: paracheve le derrenitr ^Mir de 
Juyn, au Manoir de Sliene, Tan 1496, parO. Poulet : avccbd^s Pein- 
turcs. XV 

IX. LcsCraniques D'Angleterrci iufqucsTan ijjo* xv 

X. LcsTrefors: ceft a dire, 

1, De la naiflancc de tores chofcs. xiii 

2, De la nature des Vices & des Vertos. 

3 , De la bone parleurc. 

XI. I. Jchan de Vignay a traduit, de Latin en Francois xv 
Le Livre de la moralite des nobles Hommcs, & des Gens de commun 

pcuple, fait fur le Jcu des Efchcz. 

2. Le Livre de Mclibee & de Dame Prudence. Ad cujus finem fcribitur j 

FinitoLibro, fitLaus & Gloria Chrifto. 
Vinum Scriptori dcbetur de meliori. 

300 Les LivresMss dela 

I J, EI — ^VI. Folio. 

I. Jehan Boccact. Decameron : ou, Le Prince Galeot. Tranflate pte- 
mierement en Latin, et recondcmcnt en Franqois, en Toftel du Bureau dc 
Dampmartin, par Laurens dc Premiei Fait> I'an 1414. xv 

U. IIL DcsChroniquesduRoy Pecceforeft. Le2*& 3tVoltunes> im- 
perf. XV 

IV. La Fortrelfe de la F07. Les 4 Livres premiers. xv 

V. Romuleon : ou,Des Fais des Rom^ns^io Livres : avcc PcinAures. xv 
VL Guillaume Evefque de Bu^ues. Les Croniques du Bui^ues: 

uanflatees par Jehan Goulcin. xv 

ao A, 

ao A XII-*-^=Mt!JC. n 1(5 B t— V. 4^ 

^ La Chartreqe Preftrcjchan maQAtSt li trtdewik L'Eihjpet^Uf dt Mtr- 

vaiMci dc ft Tiir*. 

*. Paflio Pilati, & dc Originc ejus. 

Xll. Scrifecitte. Dcs quatire V Atus Ohtdihatcs. Trttoflatc par hbrcht dc 
Premier Fait. if 

Xfih H»6iifc att Evfthgilte. xv 

XIV. Le Livre des Prieres Ecclcfiafiiques & adminiftration dcs Sictt- 
mens & autrcs Ceremonies Sc ft^ota de 'ftfrt, ttdAt oA nfc tn L*Eg^ife 
D'A^fefetci'rc : tranflate pat jah Bdlcmaiti ; Tan 1 5 3 i. ^^^ tn 

XV. Les Eflfais morales. )cv 

XVI. UVi tivrc at Chaftttftis 5 iVec fes ncrtrft de Mtiftc^ut. xv 

XVII. Lc Roman de la Rofe : commence en Vers Francois par Guil* 
Bftiftit dt Lauris, & ^araclievc par Jehin de Mcuft. t iv 

XVffl, t^ CrdniijuA li'An^lrtfc'rte, jXifquesarc tetatps xttiRdy Ed. 2. 


XIX. Boece. Dela Confolation dte la l^ilbfb'phic : en Vert. xv 

XX. Jaq. dc Bdhjcn. Des DaitttsifttitlfrcS, qui Oht (jft^RoyntS: I\>c* 
iHtis au Royne Eliz. Tan J575. Papt xvx 

20 B, 

I. Flavc Vegefcc, De la chozc dc Chevalerie, 4 Livres : trahflalfcs par 
J.dc Meun. «▼ 

II. I. Dc raflumpcion noftrc Dame $ feloft les dis de Yfldorc. xv 
2. La Vyc dc S. Jehan ; felon le dit Yfidorus» 

}• La Vyc de Marie Magdalene j felon S. Maximltt. 
IIL Un Livre dc Contemplation religieux. Vffs volez qejevous. xiv 

IV, Bonavcnture. Livre d'orc dc la vie dc Jcfu Crift : tranflatc par Jeh. 
Galopes. xr 

V. I. LcNoveau Teftament. xui 

2. LcsHymnes facres« Lat & Fran. 

3. Ariftotle. SecrcdesSccrcz. 
4« Un Traifte dc Phifonomyc. 

i. Hiftoirc d'un Roy D'Inde. Bn la ferredflnde. 

6. Libellus Metricus. SufcifevivendidoSrinamproficiendi. 

7. Clrilli Hierofolymitani Epifcopi, Epiftola ad S. Auguftinum, de mortc 


504 Les Livrbs Mss de la 

20 C I IX. ct 20 DI ^VI. Folio. 

I. Les Pais des Romains j jufques a la fin de L*£mpire Domidcn : fe- 
lon Orofc, Juftin, Lucan, &c. xv 

IL I . Un Romant dc Clcriadus & Mcliadice : avcc Pdnturcs* xv 

2. Hiftoirc dc Appolin Roy dc Thir. 

III.' Quintc Curfc RufFc. Dcs Faisdu grant Alexandre. Compofc par 
Vafque du Lucene Portugalois en I'an 1468 : avec 2 belles Pcinturcs. 


IV. Jchan Boccace. Livres 9 des Cas dcs nobles Hommes & Femmes : 
trandates par Laurens de Premier Fait, I'an 1409- xv 

V. Le Livre dcs nobles Fcmnies. xiv 

VI. I. Hiftoirc dc S, Graal, on Lancelot: un Romain : «KffaAo^ 


%. LaGenealogic desRois dcs Anglois, jufques a Ed. i. 

VII. Hyftoire du Roys dc France ^ apres Philippe 3> iilz au Roy S. 
Louis, jufques a Charles 6: avecpluneurs Peintures. xiv 

VIIL L'Arbre des Battailes ; compofc par Honore Boner, Pricur dc 

Sallon en Prouvence. xv 

IX. Cronicque dc Charles 8, Roy dc France : avec Pcintures. xv 

20 D. 

I. Hiftoirc dc Commencement du Monde^ jufques a la naifance dc 

JcfuCrift: avec plufieurs Pcintures. xiii 

IL LcRomanzdcTriftran. xin 

III. IV. Hiftoirc de Lancelot, ou S.Graal, 2 vol. xii 

V. S. Gregoirc. Ses Homilies. xv 

VI. I. Lcftrif dc S. Perc & S. Pol encontrc Symon Mage. xm 
2. Les Vies des Saints : ceft a dire, 

1 . Marie L'Egyptienc. 9. Phelippe. 

2. Eufraifc. 10. Jaque le petit. 

3 . Pol. 1 1 . Bartclcmiu* 

4. Jchan L'Evangeliftrc. 12. March. 

5 . Jaque U Apoftrc. 1 3 . Longis. 

6. Perc. 14. Sebaftien. 

7. Mathiu. 15. Vincent. 
8 • Symon & Jude. 1 6. Gcorgo 




20 D VI- 

'X. Folio. 

34* Nicholas, 


3d. Bcnoit dc Mont Caflin. 

37* Alexis. 

3 1. Yrine. 

39. Virgc Marie 

40. Andriu. 

41. Mor. 

42. Pliddc. 
43* Euftace. 

44. Patrice. 

45. Forfin. 

46. Markie. 

47. Pelage. 

48. Symeon* 
49« MamcMins. 

17. Criftofle. 
It. Agtfhe. 

19. Lttce. 

20. Agnes. 

21. Felicite & fes 7filz« 
22» Criftine. 

23. Cecile. 

24. Syxte. 

2 5 • Lorenz, 
26. Ypolitc. 
27- Lambert. 

28. Pantalcon* 

29. Climeocrapoftoilc.' 

30. Martin. 

31. Br ice. 

3 3* Marcial dc Limoges. 

VII. Le Romant de la Rofe. xv 

VIII. Monftrelet. Croniques de France, depuis I'an 1428, jufques a 
ce que le Roy Charles de France eut reconquis la Duchie de North- 
mandie fur les Anglois : avec une belle Peinture. xv 

IX. I. Placita quacdam Williclmi de Welle, de Maneriis fuis dc 
Welle, Alford, Hellowe, Swaby, Aby, Wy tham, Graynesby Malthorp, 
& Brunthorp. xiv 
2. Juftinian. Les Livres des Noviaus EftabliiTements, apelez Aafentiques. 
9 Liv. • ' xiiJL 
3. ^Leioc, li^Sc ii^LivredelCode. 

X. I. Tradatus Pacis inter Regcs & Regna Anglic ScFrancie^ A. D. 

I 3 60. XIV 

2. de Belleville; & de deliberatione Ducis dc Berry & Q)mi- 

tis D'Alcncon, Obfidum, Anno 1 3 66. 

3. — — *dc Pontivo, Guynes, Calefiis, & aliis Tcrris, codcm Anno. 

4. Donatio Principatus Aquicanic^fadapcr R. £d. 3, Edwardo Principi 
Wallie, A^ 1362. 

5. Tradatus Cartonends; ex parte Regis Franciejohannif, codemAnno. 

Rr 6. 


Les LivresMss. 

20DX, XL ctioE I X. Folio; 

6. Tradatus de4 Ducibus Francie Obftdibus, A^ 1362. 

7* Rclaxatio fa£ta perRcgem irpanum,Regi Anglic ,de Vafconia^Ao. 1292. 

8. Tradatus Allegantie inter R. Ed. 3 & Rcgem Ifpanam> A^. 1 3 62. 

9. Trcugc Scotie, captc A. D. 1 3 57 apud Bcrcwicum. 

XI. I. Hiftoire de Gucrin & de Mabile. Un Poeme. xiii 

2. de Gyrart dc Vianne & de fcs freres ; en Vers. 

3. d'Aymeri i comment il ot Ncrbonc & Hcrmengart a Mou- 

licr & dc fa Ligne &c. en Vers. 

4. Fouquc dc Candle : en Vers. 

20 E. 
I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Hiftoire des Rois de France, jufqucs a iaMort 
du Charles 7*^ : a vcc belles Pcinturcs; en 6 tres grands Volumes. , xv 

VII. Nicolai Lirae Poftiliac in Pcqtateucum Molts, & Librum Jofuae. 


VIII. Poftillae iiyPfalmos. xiw 

IX. John Rotz, his Book of Hydrography, fo called^ being an account 
of the Compafs, Elevation of the Pole, Latitude^ ScaCoafts&c. finely 
painted 5 A01542. xvi 

X. Several Models for Bortification., xvii. 

14 A. 

I LiBRi Mss. jcy; 

14 A I •XIII. T2*. 8^ 40. 

I. Pctruccio Ubaldino, Un Libro d'Effcmplaru Carta. xvi 

II. Pafquillc divcrfc. Rime. Carta. xvi 

III. Dilcurfo dc la fundacion y antiguedades de Cadiz^ i j9i. Cart. 


IV. I. Ritratto dclla fcrcniffima Madama Rcina d'Inghiltcrra. Cart. 


a. La Ninfa del Tamigi. 
3 . Dialogo paftoralc. 

V- Bao'iAixor S^isfi^: ovcro/ Inftruttioni della S* Macfta dlnghil- 
tcrra &c. al Prcnccpc Henrico : tradottc da Giovanni Florio. Carta* 


VL II Libro di Guiielmo Tindalo, di obcdienza Chriftiana : trandato 
per Sebaftiano Roccatagliata. Carta. xvi 

VII. Lodovico Pctrucci. Rime Al Re J. i. Cart. xvii 

VIII. Petruccio Ubaldino. Un Libro della forma & regola dell* cleg- 
^ere e coronare in Imperadori. Carta. xvi 

IX. I. Originc dellc Cafe di Vcnctiaj Nellc Ordine Alphabetico* 


2. Humfredo Bradley. Difcorfo fopra la Guerra fra la Rcgina dlngleterra 
ct el Re d'Hifpagna : nel Ottobre & Novcmbrc, 1 5 9 1 . 

X. Petruccio Ubaldino. Commentario del SucccflfodeirArmata Spag- 
nola neiraflalir I'lnghilterra, I'anno 1588 5 fecondo rinftruttionc & di- 
rcttionc del grande Ammiraglio. xvi 

XL —- Comentario dclla Imprcfa fatta contra il Regno d*Inghil- 

tcrradal Re Catholico, I'anno 15885 per la relatione & inftruttionc del 
grande Ammiraglio, del Caval. Francifco Drake Vice-ammiraglio & d al- 
tri huomini honorati, che neU'Armata erano : fcritta da Pctruccio Ubal- 
dino Cittadino Fiorentino 5 in Londra, il di 1 5 d'Aprilc, 1 5 89, xvi 

XII. Ufandemar, fu Libro de Racioncs. xvi 

^ XIII. I. Memoria d'un Viagio fatta a Conftantinopoli, ctdi alcunc 
cofe notate a quella Porta, della Circonciftone di Sultan Maumcth fi* 
gliolo di Sultan Amorath Imperatore de Turchi, Tanno 1582. Pa. i. 


2. L'allegrezze fatte in Conftantinopoli perH. Ritaglio di Sultan Mehe- 
mcth, Tanno 1582. Pa. 86. 

3. Relatione altrode Turchi, Tanno i57<5. Pa. 9P. 

Rr2 4' 


I LiBRi Mss della, 

14 A xin-^ — XY. 4^ 

4. Forzc Turchcfchc. ?. i6i^ 

5« Rcllatione di Perfia del Sig. ViceiULO dc li Allc0andri« Pa. iSS. 

4. l^elatione di Polonia del Sig. GuoUmo rofCimano faita al Senato 

V^ctiano, Tanno 1574. Pa. 240. 

7^ Relatione del Regno di MofcoWa. Pa. 391- 

!• Relatione del Sig. Fedrigo Badoero^ ritornato dalla fua Legatione a 

Carlo Imperatore et Filippo Re dlfpagna, t5 5 8* Pa. 450. 

9* Relatione di Spagna del Sig. Michele Soriano Ambaici^dorc al Re 

f ilippo, Tanoo 1 j 60. Pa. 7 J i* 

to^ Svin:)i:n4i:ip dell' Entratcet Spercpaitisolandi faa MacAa Caiholica. 

M- Uinerario^ ovcra DifcrctiiQac di Poriugallo} ct Hiftoffia di quel 

Regno del' 1577. Pa 875. 

iz. Relatione del clairiffimo M. Gio. Michele riftornatoda Heniico $ Re 

4\ Fraikciiv l^aano 1575*^ ?• 9)9% 

^y Le Capitulation! di Sultan Mivad; alo Imperator drFraacia, ranoo 

I %9^\ ; Tradotto di Tuvcq in kaliano,, da Jacha Dragpmaao. Pa« 979- 

94^ Relatione ddloStatoet Forze & Governo di Venetiar al Catolico 

He Filipipo. P. 99 9« 

r 5. Relatione di Savoi^a ^»d^ fiaacKca MqUaOi Vaano 1586. Pa4 


i^ Smnmario dcH^Entvaic erSpczc 4^1 Duca di Savota. 

17. Relatione del Guflfoni ritornato di Fiorenza, I'anno i ^76. 

i&. Relatione deli' FmiliaAO Monolefib ritornato di Fenara^ raono* 


(9. Prcfidenza de Fiorenza ct Ferrara* 

ao^ DifcorfodcH' Ifola de Cipro. 

:;i. Diliorfo di Ragufa. 

XIV. Dichiarationc delGiacomo i, Re dfeUa Btetagna, par laragione 
de i Re & per la indepcndenza delle lopo Coronc : contro Catdinale di 
Perrofta : recitata nclla Sala del tcrze Scatc il 1 5"* di Genaio^ 1615. xvii 

XV. I . Relatione dcU' Impcrio o Ducato di Mofcovia. * xvi 
X. Del prcparamcnro dcHa Caravanna, per il Viaggio dclla M-ecca, 

?•. Difcorfo fopra Tinvcftitura di Fcrrara. 

A. Relatione del Sig. Hicronimo Lippamano Ambafciatore a Don Gio* 

d'Auftria in Napoli, fatta ia Senato, Tanno 1576.. 

LiBRARiAdi Re. 30^ 

14 A XV XVTIL 4*. 

y. Relatione ddl' Emiliano Monoleflb, ritornato di Fcrrara^ TanAO 

I 571. 

6» Relatione del Ga(&H\], ritornato diFiorenza, i'aono 1576. 

7. Inftruttione a Pictro d'Agaftino> della Relatione che ha i faic z fna 

Macfta, delle Cofc di Sicilia. 

XYI. Petruccio Ubaldino. Un Ltbro d'EflTempIari : fcritto Tanfio 
1550. XVB 

XVIL I. Diicoctb del Marcbefe Sforza PallavkiAO, £t ilFieacipe 
debba eflfer lenerata 
z. Del Senfo dellc Cofei Libri 4. 

3. Cento cinquanta Concetti methodici dell'* univeola Scicnza Pblitiea^. 
di Fra. Tbomaflb Canqpanella*. 

4. La Citta del Sole s 6 Dialogo- di Repablica : nel qtxalc il diflcgna 
ridea della Riforma della Republica ChriAiana^ conforme alia piomeflai 
da Dks fstta aUc Same Ciatecioa e Brigida. 

5 . Difcorii 10 a Principi d'Iralia, die per ben loro^et del Chriftiancfiina^ 
Bon debbono ccmradnre alia Monarcbiadi Spagna,. ma^favocirlai. er ciMne' 
dal fofpetto di quella it ponno guar dare nelPapato, & per quelia contra* 
tnfedeli con modi veri et mirabili fiuti per Fca*. Tomaro^ Can^». Dch 

6. Relatione dello Stato, Forze 5c Governodcl gtanDuca dlToicana. 

7. Ragionamento fatto dal Senator cRhi^ al Doge 2c Coafeglio di Ye« 

8. Auvertimento a Cafa d'Auftria. 

9. Compendia della Mouarchia del Meffia^ et delle Ragioni dd Do^ 
minio Eccleitaltico capOi e di tutti Prencipi Membra, di J. C Con. 

xo. Un Difcorfo delle Ragioni clia il Re Cattolica fopra il novo Hemi* 
fpero, et altri Regni dlnfideli, fecondo la Scrittura^ contra 11 Teologv 
che di cla hanno fecitta 

XVIIL I •. Auvcrrimenti dati in voce, dalla Santitadi noftro lignieee 
Papa Gregorio xv^ at Signiore Cardinal Ludovifio fiio Nipotc. Dal. 
quale fono fiati, fcritti &notati in quefta forma, a di i d'Apcile|.i62a., 


2. Inftruttione PoUtica fopra li CoaclavL 
3^. Conclave di Papa Gregorio xy. 


310 I LiBRi Mss della 

i4Axvm — XX. 4*- 

4. Conclave dclla Scdc vacantc diPapa Grcgorioxv: ncl quale fu ere- 
ato Papa il Cardinal Barbcrino, dctto Urbano viii. 

5. Inftruttionc per quelli chc vogliono vedere PHiftorie : et particolan- 
mente THiftorie (acre : nella quale ft fa mentione di quali libri habbino 
a provederfi. 

6. Ricordi dati dal Signior N. al Cardinal Borghefe, circa il modo chc 
dove govcrnarfi con ogni forte de perfoni. 

7. Entrace certe della Sede Apoftolica. 

8* Auvcrtimenti politici utiliriimi per laCorte, del Sig' Conte Verua. 

9. Relatione dello ftato di Religione> nel Regno di Bohemia^ mandato 
da Vienna a Roma, li 8 DiOaobre, 1622. 

10. Relatione del Marchefe di Bedemar, fatta al Re Catolico^ delle ftate 
forze della Republica di Venctia : mcntre chi fu Ambafciadore per la 
detta maefta. 

1 1 • Relatione dello Stato Ecclcfiaftico : dove A contengono molti par- 
ticulari degni di condderationc. 

XIX. Petrucdo Ubaldino. Lc Vita ct i fatti di fei Donne illuftri: 
cio c; XVII 

1. Zenobia Regina de i Palmireni. 

2. Crotilde Regina diFrancia. 

3 . Suanhuita Regina di Suctia. 

4. Jutha figliuola d'Ottone 2 Imperadore. 

5. Zarina Regina de i Saci. 

6. Venda Regina di Pollonia. 

XX. I. Compendio della Monarchia di Spagna, fatta da fra Thomafo 
Campanclla. ^ xvii 

2. Relatione delle Provincic diFiandra, fatta da Bcntivoglio Arcievcf- 
covo di Rhodi &c. nelli tre Libri. 

3. Relatione della Republica di Genoua, con difcorfi delfuogoverno ct 
leggi, fatta deir Anno 1597- 

4. Difcorfo politico contra i deformatori della Sacra Scrittura. Uieri 
fono Andato. 

5 . Difcorfo fopra la fragilita di Venctia . Non deve gia. 

6. Relatione della Corte & Governo di Roma, et dc Riti, Ordini et Pr c- 
ccdente che in cffa fi oflervano. llfommo Vontifice. 

7 . Difcorfo di Mai t a. ^ejla nobil Religione. 



14 A XX, XXL 4^ 

I.. Ihftruttione al Signior Cardinal de Medici, del mode come it devc 

govcrnare nclla Corte di Roma, fiirta dal Lclio Marretti. 

9. Dialogo poKtico fopra i Romori dl Francia, tra il Re, la Madrc 8C ii 

Fratro, Tanno i63i> 1632 c 1633. 

H). Relatione dcllo ftato deir Imperio & dclla Germania, per tutto l'an«- 

no 1628. 

XXI. I . Ragionamento di Carlo v al figliuolo Phil II j confignandpgK 
gli fuoi Statij in pace, Pag. i. in guerra, Pag. 95. 

2. Difcorfo del Regno diNapoli. Tratutti le. P. 203. 

3. Difcorfo fopra le potenti cagioni fpingcnti il Re catolicopiu alia im** 
prcfa d'Inghilterra che di Fiandra, & le facilica di quclia^ Pa. 28 5 . Quefta ; 
Relatione fi vede ftampata gia nel Teforo politico. 

4. Raguaglio de i Succefli deila Gucrra tra Paulo ivet FilippoRedi 
Spagna, parle cofe di Napoli, Tanno 1558. Pa. 35 3^ 

5. Conclave di i?apa MarcelloII. P. 383, 

€. Compcndio de Succefli dali'origine del Mondo iino al Anno 1562;.. 
Pa. 42 1. 

7. Delia potefta del Papa^ ct in quanci modi ii puo confiderare. . 43$». 

8. Deirelettione deli' Papa. 438* 

9. DeCardinali. 442. 

io« Del Penitentiero. 464. 

11. DcLVicecancelliere. 467. 

12. Del Camcrlengo. 471. 

1 3. Delia provifione ct clettionc de Vefcovi. 47 «. 

14. DeMonaci, Frati et Canonici Regolari. 481. 

1 5 . Dclla Refidenza dcgli Vefcovi. 497. 

1 6. Difcorfo come llmpcrio dipcnda da i Papi. 499. 

17. Littcra da Venctiaal Gilbcrti Dotario la quale prcdctte il Saccodl 
Roma. 511. 

1 8. Littera di Carlo v, al Scnato di Roma, dopo il facco di cffa, nel 1527.. 


19. Relatione di M. Vicenzo Fcdclc, Sccretario di Vcnctia, ritornatodai 
Fiorcnza TAnno 1 5 6 1 ^ P. 527. 

zo. Commentariidcl Regno di Francia, del M. Soriano AmbafciatorVe- 
ncto a quella Corrc, Tanno 15 6i. P. 743- Quefta Relatione fi vede 
ftampata nel. Teforo poUtico... 


;U ILlBKlMsS. 

1+ A XXI— XXUL 4»- 
21. Infbrmatlone particoiarc delL' accommodamento 6ttto tra U Papa 
&RepubUca di Vcactia, Tanno i6q7* P.SSf. 

XXIL Cinqucota Ffalnioi del Praltctio : cnRjrma y Canto fcgun Te 
cantan en las Iglczias rcformadas de Fnncia j Germania : Compueiloi 
en tcngua CaAellana pot Fcdto de Coder Vandervcn. xni 

XXIII. Kelacion dc algunas cofas hcchas en la Ferlla pot lot padres 
Caimelitas dcfcal^osdcrde el anno 1609 haflaelAnno itfitf. ^ xvii 

XXIV. Giammatiu Cambtobtitannica. ' mt 



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diner ofDublin. 
XII & XV- Lbft or burnt. 

XIII. 26 Leaves wanting at the be» 
ginning. But Richard Greaves 
£(q;of Mickcldcn inGloucefter- 
(hire> had a Copy of the whole. 

XIV. Spoiled : & 3 4 Leaves loft. 

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m. The laft Trad of it, being 5 5 

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Vn* Dceft in Catalog©.. 

X. Wants the firft Leaf & 20 laft : 
& 20 preceding thofe laft fpoilcd. 

XI. 3 2 loofc Leaves remain 5 good 
for nothing. 

XII. I. Forty-fix Leaves of the lat- 
ter end of this Traftrfo fcorchcd, 
as to be ^felcfs. 

2 . Half of this Traft fpc ilcd. 

XIII. The two firft Chapters of 
Trad I, and 13 Leaves at the 
end of Trad 3 i and Trafts 4 & 
5 burnt. 

C. Contains 13 Books. All favcd. 

D. I, II, VIII & IX. Prefcrved. 
III. Wanting. 
IV & V. Burnt about the Edges, 

and fo the Parchment Leaves flick 
together : but may be opened by 
a careful Book- binder, and bound. 
VI. Loofc fhrirclIM Leaves : and 
wants 9. 

VIL Wants 71 Leaves at the bc-^ 

X. Wants 130 Leaves at the be^ 

gining: and the reft burnt at the 

ends into the Writing. 

E. I, II, V, VI & VIL Burnt Lumps. 
IIF. Loofe Leaves : torn and burnt ; 

of little ufe. 
IV. Butnt fo as the Leaves flick to- 

ther : yet half of it m^Lf be made 

VIII & IX. A great part of the ends 

burnt off. 

X. A few Leaves left, burnt round. 

XI. Wanting. 

Caligula A, B & C, contain 57 
Books : which are all faved. 

D. L 480 Leaves remain, burnt at 
the top into the Writing. 

II. 516 Leaves left; burnt at the 
back part and both ends into the 

III. XI & XIL Wanting. 

IV. 72 pieces of Leaves, of no ufe; 

V. 56 pieces, of no ufe. 

VL Burnt at one end and both fides. 

Some part may flill be ufed. 
VIL 268 Leaves 5 burnt at the back 

part and top : of fome ufe. 
VIIL 3 1 8 Leaves 5 burnt at the 

back and both ends. 

IX. 348 Leavesi fo burnt as not 
to be of much ufe 

X. Only 9 pieces of Leaves left, 

E. I, II, III, IV, V, X, XI & XIL 
Bundles of Leaves 5 lb burnt as 
to be of little ufe. 


31^ Emendat & Addit. ad Catalogum 

From Vitellius to the end* 

fcrvcd : but fo much of them 
buriit away, that they are entirely 
XL Saved. 

XIII. The end cbntrafted^ith heat; 
and a line or two of eteh Leaf 
burnt off. 

XIV. Moft of the Leaves prfcferved; 
btat butnt round, and into tht 
Writing in many places. 

XV. A Cruft, 
XVII &XVm. Crufts: but may 

. s VI tb xm, & xvn.J^ ^^ «^^^^ ^^"^^ ^^^ ^f- 

:d. p. I, III, VII, XI, XIII & XIV. 


part wanting. And the i ith, 1 2th 
and 13th arc wanting. 

IX. So fhriveird up, as to t5e Ufelefs. 

B. L Dccft in Cataiogo. 
II to XIIL Prcfcrvcd. 
XIV. A third part of the writing 

burnt off the end. 
XV,XVI&XV11. bcfunt in Cata- 

XVIII, XIX, XX & XXL Part blF the 

Writing burnt from the Ad'cs and 


C. I to IV 

V. Wanting. 

XIV. The end contrafted j iairid part 
burnt off. 

XV. Dccft in Cataiogo. 

XVI. The fore part burnt ; and into 
the Writing in fomcplaces. 

D. I, III to VI ; VIII 5 X to XVIIi 
&XX. Loft. 

IL About 1 20 Lc'avds remain of it.' 
VII. 100 Lobfe L'cives, fo burnt at 

the ends arid fides, as to be of 

little ufc. 
IX & XIX. Dcfunt in Cataiogo. 
XVIII. Prcfcrvcd: but in loofc 

Leaves mifplaccd. 

E. I to IV 5 V^I, VIII, IX, XII & 
XVL Loft. 

V. About 20oLcaves'favcd 5 burnt 
rourici, & into'the Writing. 

VI. About I ooXieavcsfavcd; burnt 
round, & into the Writing in 
fonic places. 

X, About'ijopicccsbfLcavcs prc- 


^L Burnt at the end and itdes, into 
the W'riting, fo as to be of little 

IV. iBumt 2ft the end and fide, fo as 
to be ufelefs. 

V, VI, IX & X. The ends burnt off, 
fo as to be ufelefs. 

VIII. 50 Leaves prcfcrvcd : but fo* 

burnt as to be ufelefs. 
XII, XV to XIX. Prcfcrvcd. 

Vcfpatianus. 134 Books: all favcd. 

Titus. D. IX. Wanting. 

All the reft in this Prefs, being 1 1 3 

Books, arc prcfcrvcd. 
Domitianus. 17 Books. Saved. 
Cleopatra. 63 Books. Saved. 
Fduftina. 5 18 Bdoks. Saved, 
kppendix. 26 Books. Saved. 

There is one Prcfs of Parchments 
and Papcrs,& no certain order : 
whereof fome are damaged, and 
others burnt. 


3 18 Emendat. & Addit. ad Gatalogum 


A. II. i.Corrige^ Bedacde tcmporibus> Liber: i^itfctXQS ^ iT%K^^t». x 
IX. 7. Dccft Piaura. 

B. XII. 63. Dccft. 

C. II. I. Index quorundam fcodorum militarium in Com. Kantiac. 


D. I. I. Gcncalogia Familiac Domini dc Kofs : ut &in Jul.C VL 

FO.226. xvil 

F. VI. 3. Dccft. 


II. 17. Adde, Et, Concordia inter Eadwaldum & Cyncfwitham, dc 
hae reditate terrarum. Saxonicc. Cui tcftis eft Ccolnothus Cant. Archi- 
cpifcopus. ix 

3 8. Adde^ Tcftamcntum Badanothi, filii Bcotae, (five Bcortrin^) con- 
^rmatum per Ccolnothutn Archiepifcopum^ &c. Saxonic^. ix 

41. Addcj Fragmcntum Cartac^de 12 Carrucatis terrac apud Wiltun> 
A. D. 8 $4. IX 

52. Adde^ Hanc CartamS.Dunftanus> tunc Abbas, propria manufcrip- 

fit. XI 

56. Corrigey dc juribus Scdis S. Auguftini," Caxituarienlis ArchicpiIcopi> 
fcil. Ecclcnac Chrifti, inviolabilitcr fcrvandis. ix 

39. Corrigey Tcftamcntum Abbac Vicccomitis. Saxonicc. ix 

6i. Lege, Concordia inter Acgelricum, & Eadfigum Archicpifco- 
pum Cant, tempore R. EdvardiConfcftbris. Saxonicc. xf 

76. Corrigey pcrLcoffi, filium Duddae. Saxonicc. xi 

79. Cartula dc tcrris, donatis Monaftcrio S. Edmundi dc Burgo, per 
ThurkytcUum. Saxonicc. x 

84, CorrigCy per Eardulfum, amiucnte R. Aelfrcdo. ix 

85. Legey Lis & Concordia inter R. Harbldum & Monaftcrium Ecclc- 
liac Chrifti Cantuaricnfis, lupcr Sandwic. Itemy Lis inter Aelffta- 
num Abbatcm ct Monaclios cjufdcm Monaftcrii. Saxonicc. xi 
87. LegCy Lufac, five Lubae, donatio Vidus Ecdcfiae Chrifti Cant, dt 
tcrris fuis in Etmundlingham. Saxonicc. ix 
96. Donatio terrac trium aratrorum, pro 3000 denariis, Aethelnotho 
pracfcfio fafta, per Cuthrcdum Cantuariorum Regem, confcnticnte 
Coenuuifo Rcgc Merciorum. vii c 
98, b. Ciiarta Fundationis Monaftcrii S. Trinitatis apud Norwicum. xi 



Auguftus 11. 

104. CIcmcntisPapac Bulla, conftitucns Robcrtum dc Sranfordia Prio* 
rem Prioratus dc Huntingtonia. xiv 

105. Ccleftini Papae Bulla, confirmans libertates Monafterii de Saltercia, 
A. D. 1 195. XII 

Et iterum, 109. Et Alcxandri j. no, 119, 121, 122, 123, 125, 

106. Eugenii 3 Papae Bulla, confirmans libertates Prioratus de Hunting- 
don, AD. 1147* XII 
107* Bonifacii Papae Bulla ad idem. xir 
108. Confirmatio terrarum in Wodewalton & Huntingdon, 
Monaftcrio Saltrenfi. xiv 
III, Gregorii Papae, confirmatio 'privilegiorum monaftetii de Biflc*- 
mede, Line. Dioc. A. D. 1 2 3 6. xiii 
1 1 2« Innocentii Papae^ Confirmatio privilegiorum Monafteril de Remi* 
faya. Line. Dioc. A. D. 1244. xiii 
rr J. Lucti Papae, privilegium Ordini Ciftcrcicnfi concefliim, A. D. 
1 1 84. xri 

Et iterum, 120, 127, 128. 

114. Martini Papae, appropriatio EccIeHae de Southo et Gapellae de 
Harlewefton, Conventui de Huntingdon. xiv 

115. ■ — Confirmatio privilegiorum ejufdem. xiv 

116. Innocentii Papae, Confirmatio Cartae R. Johannis^ concedentis 
bofcum de Saltereia, monafterio de Saltereia. 

117. Nicholai Papae, confirmatio privilegiorum ejufdem. xiii 

1 1 8. Lucii Papae Bulla, conftituens prioratum Crucis Roaefte, in Com. 
Cantabrigiac^ A. D. 1184. Et Ccleftini. 125. xii 
129. Carta R. Edwardi i, confirmans Edmundofratri fuo & hercdibus 
honorem Leyccftriaci Caftrumdc Kcnillcworth, cum Mercatu, Feria, 
ct Warenna ibidem ; omnia dominica fua in Lancaftria, Novum Caf- 
trum fubtus Lymara, Maneria de Pykcring ct de Scallcby, et villam de 
Gomecefter, et redditum villate dc Huntingdon. xm 
I yo. Alcxandri Papae Confirmatio privilegiorum Monafteril de Hor- 
(ham, A.D. 1163. xu 

A. IIL 17 Rcges Wcftfexonum ab A. D. 494 ufquc ad Eadwardum 
filium Eadgari. Saxonicc. Fo. 175* x 


;zo Emendat. U Addit. ad Cdtalogum 


B. IX. Fo. zii, b. Egldii dc Muris five de Morioo^ Tradtatus ia 
Muiica. XV 

D. X. Carrige^ Glover's Ordinary of Arms. xvii 

A. XVII. An Account of William Dillon's Murder of a Maid Scrvaat 


and himfelf. xvii 

XVIII. I. Les Banicres d* Angletcrrc au temps duEdoard i. xiv 
2. La Siege de Calaverac, Tan 1300 : en vers. 

A. XIV. Jacobi Nicolai de Dada, Poema in honorem Adamari 4c Va- 
lence, quondam Comitis de Pcmbroc, fcriptum A. D. 1363. xiv 

C. IV. in fine. A Regifter of three Perfons claiming a Flitch or 
Gammon of Bacon of the Prior of Dunniow. xvi 

XII. Inquifitiones et Efcaeta varia^ a tempore H. Ill 4d ten^s 

E. VIII. I . Pro Romani lege Normanni. 


C. V. 4, 5 & 6. Hi tres Traftatus fcripti funt per BarthoJomaeum de 
Cotton, Monacum Norwiccnfem, A* D. 1292. xiii 

XL This Volume is only a Copy of Fabians Chronicle. xvi 

D. XI. Add. by Andrew Winton, Canon of St. Andrews and 
Prior of Locklaven. 

E. VIII. Liber Anthymnoruni in totum ap^um » ci}n;i aotis Muficls : 
impcrfeiftus. xiv 

A. XX. I. Phifical Receipts. F. i & 288. 
2. Annales rerum Anglicanarum, ufquead A. D. i/f+7* Fo. 5. 
XXL I. Calendarium* Fo. i. 

2. Annales breves^ a creatione Mundi ufque ad AD. iJ^i6. F. 16. 

3. Sanftorum loca, Mirabilia Mundi &c. F0.49. 

4. De Roma, Stationibus, & Mirabilibus ejus. Fo. 94. 

5. Nomina fummoruipi Poptificumi ufque ad Calix,tum 3. Fo. 119. Et 
itcrum, Fo. 145. 


% ^_ 

322 Emendat & Addit. ad Catalogum 


2. Matthaci VVcftmonaftcricnfis, Floruni Hiftoriarum fragmcntum. 
Fo. 9. 

3. Continuatio cjufdcm Matthaci ufquead annum 1379. Fo. 244. 

C. VIII. I. Provifio de Ronnemcdc, fafta per R.Johanncms cunk 
juramcnto ejus & Baronum. F. i. 

2. Charta R. Johannis dcHomagiofaftaEcclefiae Romanae, F.4. 

3. Confirmatio Chartac deRoncmcdc, per Hcnricum 3- F. 5. 

4. Charta dc Forcfta 5 per cundem. F. 7. 

5. Sententia in tranfgreflbres prcdiftarum Chartarum lata. F. 7, b. 

6. Provifioncsdc Mcrtoun ; cum variis Statutis Hcnrici 3. F. 8. 

7. Charta Henrici 6, Thoraac Draper conccfla,. pro acdificationc Col* 
Jcgii in Ecclefia parochialide Newport, in Com. Salop. F. 18, b. 

8 Charta, qua per Henricum 6 conceditur Priori & Conventui dc Er- 
debury in Com. War', propter depaupcrationcm ex adverfantc fortuna & 
minus provida gubernatione, uc fibi comparent in terris & tenemcntis 
leu advocationibus EccIeHaruni ad valentiam looMarcarumperannum^ 
non obftante Statuto de mortua manu. F. 1 9- 

9. Chartae 2 ejufdem Regis, Willielmo domino de Lovell, Burnell&dc 
Holland, ut afllgnent quafdam terras eidem Monaflcrio^ non obflante 
Statuto de mortua manu. F. 1 9^ b. 

10. Advocatio Parochiae de Preftcote, Dioccfeos Covent. & Lichfield,, 
data per H. 6, in dotem Coliegii Regalis Cantab. F. 20. 

11. Appropriatio Ecdefiae parochialis de Manceftre, ejufdem Dioccfeos, 
Monafterio B. Mariac de Mira-valle 5 in eadem Dioc. F. 2 1 . 

12. Affignatio certae pottionis rcddituum, ejufdem Ecclefiae Vicario. 
F. 2i,b. 

13. EpiftolaEdwardiR. ad fummumPontificem Romanum, pro dccla- 
rationc juris Regum Angliac in Rcgnum Scotiae. F. 2 2 . 

14. Luftratio terrarum & fcodorum in Agro Eboracenft, tempore R. 
Ed. I. F. 27. 

15. Chartae & Monumenta Monialium de Killing, in Com* Ebor\ 
F. 8t5. Burnt. 

Ec XIV. Hugonis dc San£to Vi<Sorc,] dc Sacramcntis, Libri 2. Burnt^ 



D. VII. Corrigey CoUc^anca Johannisjoflfelini. Spoiled, 
VII. 36. Lege, Obituarium Archiepifcoporum, Epifcoporum, Saccr- 
dotum, Diaconorum, alioramquc Fratrum Ecdcfiac Wigornicnfis : dc- 
fcriptumcx Calcndario & Compoto EdriciMonachi, in Bibl. Bodlciana 
rcfcrvato. Fo. 68. 

A. XXIV. Compotus Ecclcfiae Sandli Petri dc Eurgo. xv 

XXV. I. Scptcm Pfalmi pcnitentialcs, cum Lctaniis, vcrfibus clegia- 
cis. Imprcfli. F. f. xvi 

2. An Exhortation to Archbifhop Cranmcr, by the Gommiffioners ap- 
pointed by Q^ Mary for his Examination. F. i j. 

3. A Fragment of a (hort Chronicle in H. 7, and Sth's time. F. 38. 

4. A Prophecy of Marlion of Silidon. F. 47, b. 

5. Poems. F. 49, b. and Ballets. Fo. 136 & i8t. 

6. An Account of Wonders, that happened at Mount Pclier the 5 th of 
May, 1573. F-5I. 

7. Hybcrdynes Sermon to certain Thieves, after they had robb'd him. 
F. 5 3 . Perhaps he is the fame, who is named Clcop. E IV, 3 8. 

8. Rainad'sVifion. F. 54. 

9. Of Confeffion and Penance. F. 56. 

10. The Rule of St. Bennct, in vcrfe. Fo. 76. 
T I, The Method of making a Nun. F. 1 30. 

12. A Sermon on Matt, xviii, 3 : by John Stubs, Anno Domini 1558. 

F. 174. 

13. A Summary of the Chriftian Religion. F. 190. 

D. XXIII. I. S. Auguftini, dcvifitatione acgrotorum. Liber. xv 

2. RobcniGroftetc, Line. Epifcopi,dedotibus, Liber. F. 15; 

3. ^Literac, quibus refpuit conccderc Prebendam Lincolniae, 

Innocentli Papac nepoti. 

4. Contra fratrcs mendicantes, Traftatus. FertUTyquendam fratrem in- 
jiatutn. Fo. 2 3 , b. 

5. Evangcliftarum Concordia brevis. F. 29. 

. XX1V» Monafterii cujufdam Obituarium. xv 

XXV. Pfalmi pSpriores, vcrfibus Alcaicis fcripti. xvii 

XXVI. Liber Precationum, xiii 

T t 2 XXVII. 

3Z4 Emendat. & Addit. ad Catalogum 


XXVII. TaxatioParochiarum in Dioccfi'Lincoln. impcrfefta* xv 

XXVIIU Formulae Pracccdcmium in Jure Gallicano. GalHce. xv 

E.VIII. I. Ricardi Robin fon, Protrcpticus Rcgiae Majeftatis Ciiria- 

pum Rccordationum ad communes Leges Angliae, ab hypothcfi ad thc- 

fin : lioc eft, Libcr inftrudionis ad cognofcenda Curiaruni pracdidanmi 

Nomina, Normas, Magiftratus, Judices, Membra et Ofticiarios, materias 

et proccflus in jure corundcm, ab origine matcric aJ ultimum inftitutum 

kominis: fcriptus A. D, i6oi^ xvii 

Pars hujus Libri per crrorcm Bibliopcgi ponitur in Tit. A XXVL F.Z04. 

F. XIV. Dccft. 

XV. Kegiftrum Ghartarum Monaftcrii de LcweSi iiv 

XVI. Part of an Houfliold Account, Aw D. 15 94 & 5- xvi 
XVU. I. A (hort Diary of puWic TranfajSions, from the Year 1509 

to I 5 20. XVU 

2. A Merchant's Leiger-Book, for the Year 161.6.. 


A. VlUt I ., Sulgardt Monachi Hiftoria WcftmonaftcrienfisEcclefiae: 


2. Wintonienfis Feriac privilegia. Fo. 6p. 

3.. Henrici 3, Regis, Charta magna dcLibtrtatibus,ctdeForcfta. To. 6^ 
4. S.Edmundi Regis Vita^ penOsbcrtum de Clare, Weftmonaftcrii Pri- 
orem. Fo. 67. 

XIIL. 24. Original Statutes of King H. 8, for a Retinue of Mtnat 
Arms to bechofen out of the Nobility. Fo. 182. 

B. VI. I. Colle<lkmea quaedanLhiftorica, et Ep^rammata. Fo. r, 


2\ Summa quorundam praecipuorum Articulorum in Tradatibus Pacis 

Qt Foederum inter Regna Angliae & Franciae, annis 1 5 i4et 1 5 1 5. Fo. 

19. Et anno 1518. Fo. 23. All in Secretary Cecil's owfi hand. 

j4, Articuli Convcntionis inter. Elizabetam Reginam Aiigliac ct Philip^ 

pum Regem Catholicum, anno 1 564. Fo. 22. 

4. inter H. 8, etFr. i^Londint^ 1532. Fo. 24. 

3^ inter eofdem, de redditione Villae Boloniae, anno 1546.1b. 

6. inter Eliz Angl. et Henr. Franc, anno 1559^ Fo. 25. 

7* inter Reges Angliae & Franciae, pro depraccjationibus cocr- 

Scndis^anno * 1.54 S . lb. g^ 

32.^ Emendat. & Addit. ad Catalogum 


■ » 


XIX. A Manual of Devotion. Thefe Aleditacyons orTrayers that 
bene ivriten with in this bokefwjiyng^ bene made to exite and Ji ere the 
mynde of the reder to the drede of Sod. x v 

XX. Dc Statu hominum poft mortem, Liber. §luomodo morsprimum 
fubintraverit in mundtim. xi 

F. XIV. I. Camden's political Remarks upon France, and the Title 
to that Crown. xvii 

2. Duces & Pares Franciae. Fo. 12. 

3. Officiarii Franciae. F, 14. 

4. Guifiorum Profapia. Fo. 18. 

5. Cofmide Mcdicis, Profapia. lb. 
All the(e in Camden's own hand. 

6. Jeanini Praefidis, Eulogium Henrici4, R- Galliac : Anglicc. Fo. 19. 

7. Principum Brandcburgici, Palatini, Saxoniac, Wirtenburgici, Brunf- 
vici, Pomeraniac, etHafliae, Eulogia brevia. Fo. 30. 

Propria funt Camdcnimanufcripta : utetduofequentia. 

8. Antiquac Infcriptionis, in qua L. Scipionis, Barbati Filii, cxpreflbm 
eft Elogium, Explanatio ; per Jacobum Sirmondum ; quam poftca im- 
preflit. Fo. 72. 

p. Ex obfervationibus Peirefcii extrada, de Conftantino M. et duobus 
cjusfiliis. Fo. 76. 

Cleopatra. * 
B. XI. I, Res ab Acgyptis quondam Hieroglyphicis defcriptac. xvi 

2. Fabii Viftoris, Enumeratio i4RcgionumUrbisRomae. 

3. Phacdri Cofmographia. Fo. 23. 
4" Rhctorica. Fo. 77. 

XIV. I. Calcndarium. xv 

2. Pfalterium. 

3. Litania. 

A. V. 10. -^^^(f, Tranfcriptusetcontinuatusad A. D. 1129, per Simc- 
onem Dunelmenfcm. 

X. I. Aelfrici Grammatica Saxonico-Latina : axtfotAo^ >$ aT«Afro«. 

2. Rcgulac Monachorum. Saxonicc. 


jzS Emendat-^ Addit. ad Catalogum 


14. An original Letter of John, Abbot of Fcvcrfham, (hewing the 

Eftatc of that Houfe, and tlie Services he has done, and hopes ftill to 

do there. 34. 

ij. A Letter of John, Abbot of Leicefter, de£ring to be cxcufcd the 

letting out the Farme Yngwordfcyc. 3 4> h. 

\6. ]afpcr FyloU's Inftrudlion for the Ciiarter Houfe, 5 Sept 1535. 55. 

17. 'Wm. Broke & B. Burgoyn's Letter to the Fatiier Confeflbr of 
5yon 5 thanking him for his good Inftru^lion. 38, b. 

18. John Fitz-Jamcs, his original Cromwel, telling him, that 
the Abbot of ulaftenbury defires to be freed from 4 of the Injundlions 
of the laft Vifitation. 39- 

19. Roland Taylor^ Bi(hoj) of Coventry and Lichfield, & Tho. Bedyl, 
their original Letter to Cromwcl, telliug him, that the Francifcans of 
Richmond utterly refufed to fubmit to the Articles fent to them. 40. 
26. Tho. D. of Norfolk, Founder of the Priory of Newbury, his o- 
riginal Letter to Cromwel, about clcfting a Prior. 41, b. 

21. John Elphyn, Commcndatary of Welbck, his original Letter to 

Cromwel, about eled^ing an Abbot of Weftdorham. 42, b. 

zz. Tho. Lcgh and Wm. Pctre, their original Letter to Cromwcl j gi- 

ving an Account of their vifitation of St. Albans, and their Arguments 

to bring them to furrendcr. 43. 

2 J. Cromwcl!s original Letter, againft a papiftical Faction in a certain 

Town ; and ordering 2 Priefts, Minfterley and Richardfon, to be fent up 

Prifoners from thence. 44. 

24. Lay ton (Rich.) his original Letter to Cromwel, defiringto be ap- 
pointed Vifitor in York Diocefs 5 and Blitheman to be his Regifter ; and 
that Dr. Lee at the fame time vifit Huntington, Lincolnfliire and Chc- 
Ihire. 45. 

25. Edmond, Abbot of York, his original Letter to Cardinal Wolfey, 
offering him 300 Marks, if he will not apply the Priory of Romeburgh 
(which was founded by Alain Niger Earl of Richmond, andbelon«^s to 
his Abbey) totheufe of his College and School at Ipfwich. 47. 

26. Ant. Sawndcr's Letter to Cromwel, about his preaching againft 
PrOpery to the Monks of Winchcomb &c. 47, b. 

Z7. Robert Sylvcftcr, Prior of Gysburnc, and Chr. Tcfhc, their original 


330 EmeiKiat. & Addit ad €atak^^ 

Ckqpatra. E. IV. 

43 . A Draught of an -Anfwcr thereto y by Mr. Morifon. 61. 

44. Clopy of a Letter to a Monaftery, promifing Protcftion, aotwith* 
Handing the voluntary Rcfignation of others. 68. 

45- Eliz. Barton, the holy Maid of Kent. An Abftrad of her Propiic- 
cics. 75. 

46. Thomas, Prior of Chritls Church Canterbury, his account of the 
faid Eliz. Barton. 77. 

47. An Apology of the Monks of ChriftsChnrch, for their having been 
concerned in the matters of the holy Maid of Kent. 81. 

48. A Lady's Apology for the fame caufe i and defirin^ the King's in- 
tcrccflion to reconcile her Husband to her. 82. 

49. Rpland Lee and Tho. Bedyll, Commiflaries, their original Letter 
from 'Canterbury, about the fame. 83, b. 

50. An Inventory of Eliz. Barton's Goods. 84. 

51. Wm. FJawkherft, Monkof St. Auftin's, delivers up two Lettcrs> 
which John Deryngs wrote to Eliz. Barton. 84, b. 

52. Mrs. Amadas, her Prophecies. 79* 

53. A Draught of a Letter from Cromwell (in his own hand) to FiChcr 
Bifhop of Rochefter,, about his encouraging the Maid of Kent. 85. 

54. Robert, Abbot of Woburo, his Declaration concerning the accu- 
iations againft him. 89. 

55. The Abbot and Convent of Woburn, their original SubmifGon- 
to the King, and dcfire of the continuance of his protedion. 9<J. 

56. Brethrai of the Charter-houfe in thelfle of Axholm, their original 
Complaint of their Prior s who faid , he had rcfigned the Houfe at 
London, conveyed away the Goods and Money, &c. 97. 

57. Warden of Grey-Fryers in London, his original Letter to Crom- 
wel, for his difpcnfation to change their Habit. 98. 

58. J. Mufard, Monk of VVorccfter, his account of the decay of the. 
Monaftery, and complaint againft the Abbot. 99« 

39. J. Ruflcls original Letter, giving an account of the execution of 
the Abbot and two Monks of Glaftcnbury, for robbing the Church 
there. 99, b. 

60. The Abbot of Brewcrn dc/ircs protedion againft the Sheriff, wha 
profecutes him for ftopping one of his Monks from going away pri- 
vately to London. 1 00. 


33f pmendat. &: Addit ad Catalogaoi 

JClcppatra. E. IV. 

7 8 • Wm. Bartons Recantation of Froteftantifin. izu 

79. Ric. Wharton's rcquefts, that the Calthropcs, founders of Ingham 
abbey in Norfolk, may have the preference in piirchafing it^ 122. 

80. Chr. Levyn's Letter to Cromwel, about the Prior of ChriftsGhurch 
Canterbury, hisCorrcfpondence with the Bifhop of Rome, fraudulently 
conveying away theTreafure of theHoufe, and murdering fomeof the 
Monks. 124* 

81. Tho. Tyrrel's Letter, that the Vicar of Mendilftiam had brought 
home his Wife and Children, which was moft abominable to the Lay 
People in the neighbourhood. 1 24, b. 

82. Ric. Lay ton's original Letter, that one Bifhop of Sion-abbey had 
debauched a Wife and a Nun. 125. 

8}. Inditemcnt of Rob. Vaus, Parfonof Overwallop; that he being no 
Pricft preached, that they tread God under Feet, who refufe the new 
Dodrine ; alfo againft Lights before Images, and offering Candles to the 
Virgin Mary, and Prayers to Saints. He is indited alfo for being married. 
With his defence. 126. 

84. Ric. Layton's original Letter to Cromwel, about his furrounding 
Launden- abbey, and catching the Abbot's Whore. 127. 

85. Ja. Cofyn, Clerk, is indited for fpeaking againft Popifh Tenets in the 
Church of Fryers Preachers at Winchcfter. 1 27, b, 

86. Rich.. Marlhal, Prior of the Friers Preachers at ^flies be- 
yond Sea for denying the King's Supremacy. 128.. 

87. Rob. Dalivyl of Royfton, his Prophecy. 1 28^ b. 

88. Father Raby's Apparition to John Darby Monk of the Charter-^ 
houfc. 129^ 

89. Lord Mordaunt*s Account of his Confcflion to Father Foreft. 130. 

90. Ric. Lay ton's original Letter i that he hadvifited a Priory of Gil- 
bcrdines and Nuns near Lichfield, found two pregnant. Next he vi- 
iitcd the Nunnery of Haroldj where one had two fair Children, ano- 
ther one. They had figncd a Lcafe to Lord Mordaunt, which they 
did not know the Contents of, being in Latin. The Priory of St. Anr 
drcws Northampton is much in debt. The College and Hofpital of 
Newark in good order. Tlie Monks of the Abbey there very ftub-. 
iotn. lUc Bifhop of Lincoln vifits in oppofirion. 131,. 


Cleopatra. E. IV. 
9 1 . John Laurence, his Letter from Richmond, fhewiog that Father Fo- 
reft of Greenwich oppofcs the King's Mcafures. 1 3 2, b. 
91. Roger Hurlton, Monk of Greenwich, his inveighing Letter againft 
Father Forcft* i n • 

93. Ric. Pollard's Letter, giving an account of the Execution of the 
Abbot and two Monks of Glaftenbury. i3 3i b. 

94. John Bale, Pricft, his complaint of his Sufferings and Imprifonment 
for preaching againft Popery. 1 34* 

95. John Barteiet and others catch the Prior of Crowched-Fryers in Bed' 
with his Whore. I34,b. 

96. Thomas Prior of Chrifts-Church Canterbury, his original Letter to 
Cromwell, offering him and his Son Gregory a Pcnfion of 20 1. a Year, 
upon their refigning their Penflon of lol. a Year : alfo granting the 
reverfion of two Farms, at Cromwel's recommendation. 135. 

97. Tho. Legh's original Letter to Cromwel, that the Abbot of Ric* 
vauxwill not ownthejurifdidtionof the Vifuors j and lives an abomi^ 
nable life. 1 3 69 h. 

98. H. Latymer, Abbot of Worcefter, his original Letter, recommen^ 
ding two Monks. 1 3 9* 

99. John Hyliey, Prior of Friers Preachers at Briftol, his original Letter 
to Card. Wolfey, againft Mr. Latymer's Preaching. 140. 

100. SirTha Dyngley's Anfwcrto Sir Am b. Cave's Pofitions about the 
Privileges of the Knights of St. John of Jerafalem. 141^ 

101. Roger, Abbot of Furncys, offers Cromwell to encreafe his Pen^ 
fion of 4 L a Year to 6 1. 1 3 s. 4 d. and 10 1. ready Money, if he will be 
a means of preferving three of the Abbeys Farms againft the. importuni-^ 
ties of the Earl of Cumberland, &c 142, b.. 

102. H.Wigorn, his Letter, with a Prophecy inclofed. i42^c.. 

103. John Fitzwaren's original Letter to Cromwell, to defire to have tho 
preference in buying the Stuff of the Black-Fryers at Sarum ; and that 
M n Goodale may have that of the Grey- Fryers. 146. 

i:04« Tha Burgh of Gaynsbourgh dcHres that. Sir Tho.Royfc may be 
fcnt thither again to preach. 146, b» 

105. Criminacompertain variis Monafteriis; I47« 

106. Ric. Bccrlcy,. Monk of Eerfhor, his original Letter to Gromwcl, 
deTuring to be difmiiTed 5 and (hewing the vices of the Monks. 161. 


1^4 Emendat &: Addit ad Catalogum 

Cleopatra. E.lV. 

107. HchryAbbot of Warden, his reafonS ftJr rcfigniilg j viz. the vvio 
kcdnefs and ignorance of the Monks. 103. 

108. Inftrudions for knowing theyearlj^ liieome of all Monaftcricj^ 
Collegiate Churches, &c. in England i A, D. 1534- An Original, 167. 

109. A Difcourfe for the Deftrudion of Monafteries. i7i, 
no. A Method for augmenting the Royal Eftate. 174. 

111. Earl of Southampton's original Letter to Cromwel, propoHng 
Candidates for Knights of the Shire fdr Surrf and Suffolk, and for 
Members for fome Burroughs ; alfo, giving intelligence of the Re- 
port of a dcfigncd Invafion; and of the behaviour of Lad]^ Salisbury, 
whofe Son^ being a Cardinal, oppos*d the King's Mcafures. 17^* 

112. Ra. Sadler's original Letter about chufinga Member of ParKa* 
ment. 178. 

113. Propo&l for granting tlie King the firft Fruits of all Eccleiiallical 
Benefices. 179. 

114. Draught of an Aft Of Parliament, for keeping Hofpiiality at the 
places of the diffolved Abbeys; and that no Bifhop have above looo 
Marks a Year } and thalt al4 Monks, Canons, and Nuns beclofely coto^^ 
fined to their Abbeys, and have 40 s. a Year, befides Viduals 5 and Ab» 
bots 5 1. and Governours to be appointed to each Houfe, with a Sa* 
lary of 1030 Marks a Year to keep Hospitality, if the Revenues will an* 
fwer : the reft of rhe Revenues to be apply cd ifor defence of the Realtn, 
mending Highways, 5cc. 182. 

115- Form of the King^s Letter for taking the Sdrrcnder of the Monal^ 
terics. 192. 

116. Audley, Lord Chancellor, his 3 original Letters, defiripgto hare 
the diffolved Monaftcry of St. John's of Colchcftcr, in exchange for 
other Lands : adding, that the King promoted his Marriage, and made 
him a Baron 5 and yet he has no more than 800 1. a Year. 193. 

1 1 7. He offers to purchafe Walden Abbey, &c. 1 5^7- 

118. Tho. Bedyll commends the Monks of Ramfey. 203. 

119. Ric. Cromwel's Letter 5 that he went to Cambridge, Ely and 
Ramfey, and found the Prior of Ely froward. 204, b. 

120. \Vni Parrc, his original Letter to Cromwel, that the Abbot of 
Peterborough ofFcr'd a Year's Rent of the Abbey to the King, and 3#o I. 
to Cromwel, to have it fpared^ 205. 


33^ Emendat. & Addit. ad Catalogum 

Cleopatra. £. IV* 

1 1 9. John London and Ric Pollard's Account of the DifTolution of 
Reading Abbey, and of the Reliques there. 223. 
i^. John London's Letter for the Diflblution of the Nunnery of God- 
fiow : and one of KaL Bulkeley, AbbefSy againftit. 227^ b. 

141. Tho.Legfa's original Letter from Ely ; that the Monks in (everal 
places defire to be difmifled. 229. 

142. Account of the Treafurc in the Abbey of St* Edmund's Bury. 

229> b. 

143. Ric. Sowth wel recommends Mr. Beftney . 230. 

144. Account of the Sequeftration of Walfingham- Abbey. 23 1. 

145. Account ofthedemolifhing of Lewes Abbey. 232. 

146. Tho. Lord Lawar> defires that Boxgrave Abbey may be fpared, 
or elfe to have the preference of the farm of it : the later of which 
is granted him. 234. 

147. DifTolution of Battel Abbey. 235. 

148. Inventory of the Goods and Lands of Calwich Abbey. 236. 
X49. Surrender ofKyme, Noncotton, Irforthe, Fofle, and Henenyngs 
in Lincolnihire ; and of Bowvale and Ncwfted in Nottinghamfliire. 

150. Sir Wm. Baflfet's Letter; that he had taken away the Images of 
St. Ann of Buxton and St. Mud wen of Burton upon Trent s and had 
ihut up Buxton Wells. 238. 

151. Ed. A-Bi(hop of York's original Letter ; that he had given order 
not to alienate the Goods of Abbeys under 200 L a Year Rent; defires 
to have St. Ofwald s and Hexham fpared i has fuppreflfed Preachers of 
Novelties. 239. 

152. Arthur ;Darcy propofes to breed Horfcs in the Grounds of Gerneys 
Abbey. And Richard Belycys demolifhes the Abbey. 240. 

153. Wm. Thryske, Abbot of Fountains, has an Aimuity of 100 
Marks afligned him, upon his refignation. 241, b. 

154. Diflblution of Hampole, St. Ofwald's, Pontefradt; Fountain^St. 
Maries in York» Nonapleton^ and Selby Abbeys, &c. 242. 

155. Petition for preferving the Church of Holm Coltram. 243* 

156. Furncs and VVhalleys Abbeys Surrender. 244. 

1 57. Father Copingcr, general Confeflfor of Sion, is defired to remove 
the Scruples of two Monks of the Charter Houfe. 247. 


m9j*^JPT?.^'c^? Cottonianaej 357 

Qcopatra. E. IV. 

158. Surrender of IBridgnorth, Athcrfton, Ncw-Caftlc under Line, 
Lichfield, Shrewsbury, &c. Abbeys. 248. 

159. Reliques. Prior ofMaden Bradley hath Liccnfe to keep a Whore, 
and hath 6 Children. 249. 

1 60. Goods and Lands of Monafteries fecured. Aderfton and Whcych 
Abbeys foiuggled their Goods. 250. 

161. Surrender of Houfes about Briftow, Gloucefter, &c. Debauchc* 
ries and Villanies of the Monks* 251. 

162. Surrender of Glouccfter Abbey. 252, b. 

It I. A Lift of fbme Fry ers^ that de/ire to change their Habit. 253. 
i«4. Monaftery of Hales furrenders in good Order. 254^ b. 
16 $• iU)bey of Evefliam furrenders. 2559 b. 

166. The Nuns of Stixwold defirc to have their Pehfion of 34 1. a Year, 
charged on them, to be remitted. 25 5^ b. 

167. Roland, Bifliop of Co. and Lich. deiires to have the Cathedral at 
Coventry made a CoUemte Church. 256, b. 

168. Tho. Arundell deures to haveQifTe Abbey fparcd j for which they 
offer the King! 000 Marks. 257* 

i«9. P. Edgcombe, Founder of the Priory of Totnefs and Nunnery of 
Cornworthye, deilres to have them (pared 5 or to have the Tempo- 
ralties thereof . 258. 

170. Ric. Zouchc, founder of the Priory of Stavcrdel, defircs to have 
it reftored. 259ib. 

171. Wm. Bilhop of St. David's, tells of the Rudenefsand Superftition 
of theWellh; defircs to have his See removed to Karmardyn. 260. 

172. his Letter about fcizing the Chanter of St. David's 
Chefts of Money and Plate s his profecuting a Canon, who compell'd 
his Servant to marry his Whore, &c. 262. 

J 73. The Surrender of many Convents. The Ear of Malcus, and o* 
ther Reliques. 263. 

.174. HughBiftiop of Worcefter's original Letter to Cromwel, thanking 
him for promoting good Men 5 recommends the Prior of great Mal- 
verneto him, who offers the King 500 Marks and Cromwei 200, that 
his Houfc may ftand, not for prefcrving Monkery, but Religion and 

Learning. 264. 

175. Twynham, a rich Abbey, furrendered. 267, b. 

Xx 175. 

338 Emendat 6c Addit ad Catalogum 

Cleopatra. E. IV. 
176. PenHons of the Monks of Kingfwood in Wiltfhire. 269. 
177* Ric. Abbot of [Royallien, offers Cromwel 100 L to have his 
Abbey prcfervcd, or turned into a College. 269. 
178. John MatheWylate Prior of Cokesford, petitions for a Penftonof 
20 1. a Year. 269^ b. 
179^ The Nunnery of Legborne petition to be prefcrved. 270, b. 

1 80. Parfonages to be impropriated unto Cardinals College in Oxford. 


181. Founders of Abbeys. 275* 

182. Annuus valor omnium Monafteriornm Suppreflfornm^ ad Colle- 
gium Cardinalis £bor. in Oxon. fpedantium. 276. 

183. Valuation of all the Lands, Goods and Chatels of the Abbeys in 
Huntingdonfhire, not exceeding 200 1. Rent a Year. 280. 

184. of the County Palatine of Lancafliire. 288. 

185. of the County of Southampton. 289. 

186. Religious Houfes under the value of 200 1. a Year in England. 


187. Valuation Sec. of certain Monafteries furrender'd in the Counties 
of York and Lincoln. 300. 

188. Officers of the new Eftablifhment of Chrifts-Church in Canter- 
bury, and their Salaries : with A-Bi(hop Cranmer's Ccnfure thereof. 


189. Places appointed for Bifhops Scesj with a preamble for an AGt of 
Parliament, for ereding them, in K. H. 8th's own hand : the Aft in 
another hand. 304. 

190. Articles, wherein the Commiflioncrs for vifiting Abbeys, have 
not made fufficient Allowances. 306. 

191. Stc, Birtiop of VVinchcfter, his original Letter to Cromwel, a- 
bout the Valuation of the Spiritualties of his Diocefs, and allowances 
tor Alms. 307. 

192. A like Letter from the Commiflioncrs at York, dated 1535. >o8. 

193. Objcclions to the Valuation inYorkfhire. 309- 

194. A Letter about the Valuation in Wales. 311. 

195. Nomina omnium Monafl:criorum Angliar, cum eorum valorc. 

196. Abftradof the Valuation of all the Lands, belonging to the re- 



Cleopatra. E. IV, V. 

ligious Houfcs in Eogland s taken out of the Court of Firft Fruits and 

Tenths. 3*J* 

197. Number of all Promotions Ecclcfiaftical, at the Taxation of Firft 
Fruits and Tenths i with the yearly value of the Bifhopricks, Dcanrys, 
and Arch-Deaconrics, and tht Tenths of the Clergy, in every Dioccfc. 

E. V. Several original Writings, about the Reformation of the 

Church, in King Henry the viiith's time : many of which arecorredted 

by the King's own hand. vi2. 

1. Tra£katulide Eccleita, Juftificatione, Euchariftia, Baptifmo^ &Fide ^ 
quos propria manu correxit Rex Henricus viii. 

2. The Credc : or, thexii Articles of the Chriftianc Faithe 5 with cer- 
ten Notes and Observations, neceflarye to be taught unto the people 
for the better inducyng of theym to the right underftandyng of the 
forfaid Crede, Correftcdalfo by the King. Fo. 5* But the Notes of 
the two laft Articles are wanting. 

t. Seventeen Queftions and Anfwers, about the feven Sacraments ; 
with the King's objedtions, in his own hand: together with a fummary 
of the opinions of the fcveral Divines thereon. 3 ^. 

4. The King's Directions what theBifhops and Preachers (hall teach the 
People, touching the Sacrament of holy Orders : written by Cran- 
mer's own hand ; and fign'd by the Bilhops and Doftors of Divinity, 
Gvil and Canon Law. 45. 

5. Fifteen Queftions about feveral Dodlrines, tending to the Reforma- 
tion 5 in Cromwcl's hand. 4*. 

6. Rcafons offered to the King, for fufpending his Determination, that 
i!he Marriage of Priefts is againft Scripture, in A-Bp. Cranmer's hand. 


7. A-Bp. Cranmer's original Letter, (hewing what Progrefs is made in 

the Rcformarion J defiring leave for the Clergy to depart, bccaufe of 
the Sicknefs at London 1 defiring dircdlions how to behave in his Vi- 
fitation, and alfo how to the Vicar of Croyden. $2. 
J. "Anfwer to the fcventeen Queftions about the Seven Sa- 

craments. 53* 

9 S. Heynes's Letter to Mr. Butt, the King's Phyfician, againft the 

X X 2 eftablilh- 

340 Emendat. fit Addit. ad CSatalogum 

Cleopatra. E. V. ^ 

cftablifhmcnt of the dodrine of Tranfubftantiation as an Article of 
Faith. 5*» ^ 

10. Articles of Religion ; ftgn'd by the BUhops, Abbots and Clergy 
in Convocation^ in Henry the eighth's time. An original : but without 
Date. 59. 

1 1 . Opinions of feveral Bifliops and Dodors^ about Confirmation^ in 
their own hands. 73* 

12. De Fide &JuftificationeTradatusRicardiQui2ni& aliorum. 93. 
i3t Two original Letters of A-Bifhop Cranmer^ about the D^rees of 
Kindred prohibited in Matrimony, i o i . 

1 4. Two Draughts of an Ad of Parliament^ about the fame s correded 
with the King's own hand. 103. 

1 5. Cranmeri Literae ad Oiiandrum^ propria manu fcriptae, contra po- 
ly gamiam. III. 

1 6. Argumenta ad probandum quod Matrimonium eft Sacramentum. 


17. Dc Pocnitcntia, tradatus quatuor. 115. 

18. De Sacramentorum ufU| Pagina. 122. 

19. King Henry's Treatifc againft auricular Confefllon, and Pricfis mar- 
riage, in his own hand. 123. 

20. Defcnfe of auricular Confcflion : in the margin whereof are the 
King's objedions, in his own hand. 125. 

2 1 . A Page of a Letter^ that the King is inclined to reftorc Popery. 
12S, b. 

22. A Declaration for Pilgrimages, by4Bifhops. 129. 

23. Bp. Latimer's Arguments againft Purgatory 5 with the King's An- 
fwers : both in their own hands. 130. 

24. Defence of Communion in one kind : being part of the King's An- 
fwer to the German Orators. 134. The whole is in Folio 215. 

25. Another; correded by tlie Bifhop of Durham. 140. 

26. Defence of Communion in both kinds. 156. 

27. Pallavicini Carmclitae Epiftola adH. viiij pictatcm propriam de- 
fcndens : fcriptaA. D. 1535. i59) b. 

28. De Euchariftia, Tradatus quatuor. 160. 

29. Tho. Crumwel's original Letter to the King 5 about the Proclama- 
tion againft the marriage of Pricfts, Mclandon's refledion on the 



Cleopatra. E. V. 
Bifliops, the King's Marriage with Ann of Clevcs, and the Evangelic 
League, 172. 

30. Germaniae Oratorum Literae ad H. viii, contra communionem in 
una tantum fpecie, Miffas privatas, & Sacerdotum matrimonii prohibi- 
tionem, A. D. i53 8datae. 173. 

3 1 • Earundcm Litcrarum Sununa : Epifcopi Dunelmenfis propria manu 
fcripta. 209. Iwni 256. 

32. A-Bp. Cranmcr s original Letter ; that the Bifliops declined anfwcr- 
ing the Germain Orators Letter, having heard that the King would do 
it himfelf; that the Orators were ill provided with Lodgings : alfo, that 
the Abbeys of Tudbury and Rocefter may be fuppreffed 5 and recom- 
mending Fran. BafTet to have a Leafe of one of them. 212. 

33. The Bifliop of Winchefter, Embaffadour in France, his reafons a* 
gainft the Articles prefcntcd to the King of England by the Princes of 
Germany. 213. 

34. R. Henrici viii Refponfio ad literas Oratorum Germaniae, folio 
173 reperiendas: feu potius earundem confutatio. 215. 

3j. Myconii Epiftola ad Cromwellumj petens licentiam abeundi in 
Germaniam s caulans adverfam valctudinem $ et etiam Oratores Germa* 
nos in fummis Fidei Articulis jam cum Anglis convenilTe, & in reliquis 
raentem fuam fatis cxplicuifTe. 227. 

36. A Copy of fuch things as Martin Luther, Philip Melandthon, with 
certain Cities and Princes of Germany, their Adherents, have admit- 
ted. 229. 

37. Erafmi Sarcerii Literae ad H. viii ; promittentes novam editionem 
Method! in praecipuos fcripturae locos, & Pofiillam in Evangelia 6c 
Epiftolas. 230. 

3 8 . Condufions made at the Diet at Spiers, A. D. 1 5 3 9. 232. 

39. A Letter from the Princes of Germany to the Kingj defiring an 
Union in matters of Religion, and offering to fend fome of theur Di* 
vines to confer with tliofe of England thereon. 235. 

40. Philippi Melandonis Literae ad H. viii, 26 Martii^ 1 5 39> fcriptac f 
ei cmendationem Religionis commcndantes. 239. 

41. aliac 10 Apr. 15 59, fcriptaes Francifcum Germanorum 
principum Legatum laudantes. 242. 


34^ Emendat. &c Addit, ad Catalogum 

Cleopatra. E. V. 

42. PhilippiMcianftonis aliac Litcrae, ad H. viiiCaL April. I5 39rcrip- 
tae : contra inutilcsCcremonias, pro Saccrdotumnuptiis&c. 244. 

43. Poftremarum Literarum Summarium. 252. 

44. A Book of Ceremonies to beufed in the Churcti of England. 259. 
4$. An order taken for preaching and bidding of the Beads in all Ser- 
mons. 286. 

46. The King's Injundion to the Bi(hops, in favour of Ceremonies, 
and againftPriefts marrying. An Original, with the King's Namefiamped 
on it, 28 H. 8. 290. 

47. A-Bi(hop Cranmer's original Letter to ; thanking 
him for promoting God's Word j againft keeping the abrogated Holi- 
days r ^nd in behalf of Wm. Gronnow. 292. 

48. An Original Letter of the A-Bp« of York, about his dealing with 
Preachers of Novelties. 293. 

49. Richard Bifhop of Chichefter, his Injundions to his Clergy to 
comply with the King's Diredions in religious affairs, and to pray for 
him and Prince Edward. 294. 

50. i ' Original Letter to Mr. Welles, to forbear finging any part 
of the Service in the Englifli Tongue ; or any other innovations, till 
the King's pleafure be known. 296. 

51. ■■ Original Letter to Cromwel, attefting his Sincerity in the 
Reformation. 298. 

52. ^' ■ Original Letter to Cromwel, to prove, that the Bifliop of 
Durham, and late Bifhop of London, had prelTed him to ftick clofe to 
the old Ceremonies. 3 00. 

5 3. Crumwel's original Letter fcnt along with the King's Injundions 

for uniformity, requiring a difcrect ufe thereof. 302. 

J 4, A Proclamation againft calling one another Papift or Heretic : and 

alfo againft reading the Bible in Engli(h aloud in Churches in the time 

of the Mafs s but allowing the Congregation to read it to themfelves. 

This is correftcd with the King's own hand. 303. 

J 5 . An Aft of Parliament 5 i , for Tranfubftantiation 5 2, againft Com- 

munion in both kinds 1 3 > againft Priefts Marriages i 4, for Vows of 

Chaftity i 5 , for private Maflcs 5 and 6, for auricular Confcffion. This 

alfo is corrected with the King's hand. 31)- 


344 Emendat. 6c Addit. ad Catalogum 

Cleopatra. E. \. 

6%. A Proclamttion, that Anabaptifb^ Sacratxientarics and other Fkfc* 
tics depart the Realm. 357. 

69. An account of the examinatioa of five Perfons for Herefy before 
fome Biihopsat Lambeth, and the defeds of Proof. 359* 

70. Cuthbert> BUhop of Durham, his original Letter, againft a Book 
called Ortus Anime \ for that it is againft the Ad of Succdlioa. 3 60. 

71. Three railing Letters againfi feveral Men of Briftol, for imprifoning 
a Curate. i6i. 

72. Rob. Ridley's Letter^ of faults in Tindal's tranflatiohof theNew 
Teftament. 162^ h. 

7 3 . H. Latimer's original Letter againft Mr. Coots> for preaching Po- 

pilh Dodrines. %6i. 

7 Ac Rich. Browne's Letter, againft Latimer's preaching at Brifiol. 

363, b. 

7 5 . W. Drury's Letter, about Sir John Gale, who is in his Cuftody 

for refuftng to publifli to his ParilhonerSy fuch Articles as were fet 

forth by the King s and alfo for ^^aking againft Popifh Tenents: 

28 H. 8. 364. 

76. Depofit ions againft feveral, for preaching againft PopUh Tenents. 

77. Defence of Tranfubftamiation, againft John Lambert. 367. 

78. Account of Mr. Hicrome's Recantation Sermon, about Jufti- 
fkation and the Power of the Magiftrate. 374. 

79. Rob. Syngleton's Cenfure of Dr. Cottys's Sermon, preached at 
the Charter - Houfe on Eaftcr-Day, 1538, in defence of - Popery, 

80. John Valey, Clerk at Colchefter, againft auricular Confeflion. 
377> b. 

81. Order for burning John Hooper, Bifhop of Gloucefter, at Glou- 
ceftcr. 380. 

82. Opinion of the Clergy in the north parts, in favour of nine Po- 
pifli Articles. 381. 

8 3 . Ro. Taylor, Bifhop of Coventry and Lichfield, his original Let- 
ter 5 that the Welch are quiet 5 dcfiring a Commiflion, to repair 


34^ An Account of the Copper-Plates. 

HERE follow Specimens of 150 fcvcral Hand- writings, very cx- 
aftly drawn and ingravenby Mr.JoHNTiNNEir of C^non-ftrcct» 
London, on ftxteen Copper Plates, in a Chronological Order, down 
to the Conclufion of the fifteenth Century after Chrift's Nativity : where- 
by the curious Reader will be made acquainted with the variety of 
Hands of different times, and alfo of the Fame time ; and may learn 
to guefsat their Age. Thefirft ten Plates arc taken from Charters and 
iingle Parchments, that happen to have a Date, or a King's Name, by 
which the Age may be known : the reft ft-om Books, which ftill arc 
put in the order of time, as near as may be. And the Places from 
which the Ages are proved, are commonly made the Specimens : and 
but a few Words of a Sentence, it being foreign to the prefent defign 
to have any regard to the Senfe of the MS. And the very Faults arc 
ingraven, as they are found in the Originals. 

Having already in the Preface given fomc Obfervations upon MSS, 
it would be needlefs here to add any more, if, upon (hewing Specimens 
of the Plates, it had not been objected, that a great many Purchafers 
would not be able to read them. And indeed it is not my deiign here 
to teach how to read MSS, that being better learned by Pradice than 
Precept. However, to fatisfy fuch Objedters, fo far as concerns thofc 
Plates, they are here reprinted with common Types, and in Words at 
length : and alfo fome further Account of the Specimens is given^ where 
it feems ncceflary. 

The firft Specimen is of a Charter of Berking Abbey, engraved out 
of a very valuable Volume of original Charters in the Cottonian Li- 
brary, named AuguJiusW. And it is the 26th in number there. (The 
following Specimens alfo, that are had from that Book, are numbred 
in the Plates as their Originals are.) This Charter was written about the 
the Year of our Lord 670. For Sebbi, who fubfcribes it, was made 
King of the Eaft Saxons in 664. Bifhop Ercnwaldus, another Subfcri- 
bcr, died in 670 or 675. And Wilfrid, who is alfo a Subfcribcr, was 
A-Bp. of York in 678. It is, as follows. 

Plate L Aug. 11. 26. " In nomine Domini noftri Jefu Chrifti, Salvatoris 
'^ Quotiens fandis ac venerabilibus Locis vcftris aliquid ofFerre videmur^ 
*' veftravobis reddimuf, non noftra largimur. QuaproptcregoHodilredus, 
*' parens Sebbi, provincia Eaftfcxanorum, cum ipfius confenfu, propria vo- 
" luntate, fana mcnte intcgroque confilio, tibi Hcdilburgc Abbatiflae, 


An Account of the Copper-Plates. 347 

^^ ad augmentum Monafteriitui, quae dicitur Beddanhaam^ perpetuaii* 
" tcr trado, ct dc mco jure in tuo tranfcribo, terram quae appcllamr 
^' Ricigahaam, Budinhaam, Daeccanhaam, Angenlabefhaam i et campo 
^' in ftlva quae dicitur Widmundes felt, quae Amul funt conjunda, 40 
^^ manentium, ufque ad terminos quae .... earn peninent : cum omni- 
'^ bus ad fe pertinentibus, cum campis, ftlvis, pratis et marifco : ut ram 
^^ tu quampofteri tui teneatis, poflldeatis, er qi||^ccttmque volueris dc 
<' eadem facere terra liberam habeatis poteftacem. Adum menfe Mar* 
«* tio : ct tcftes compctenti numero ut fubfcriberent rogavi. Si quis 
<< contra banc donationis Kartulam "venire temptaverit aut corrumpere^ 
«< ante omniporentem Deum ct Jefum Chriftum (ilium ejus et Spiritum 
«< Sandium, id eft, infeparabilem Trinitatem iciat fe condcmnatum, 

a et feparatum ab omni focietate Chriftian nc Kar- 

<< tulam donationis in fua nihilominus firmitate. £t utfirma et incon- 
(< cuflum fit donum. Termini funt autem ifti hujus taerre cum quibus 
<< accingttur, ab oriente Writolaburna, ab aquilone. Caentinceftriow ct 
<< Hanchcmftede, ab auftrale fiumen Tamifa. Si quis autem banc do- 
<< nationem augere voluerit, augeat Deus bona fua in regione vivo- 
■"^ rum cum Sanftis fuis fine fine. Amen. 

a -^ Ego Sebbi, Rex Eaftfaxonum, pro confirmatione fubfcripfi. 
« £go Ocdelraedus donatur fubfcripfi. 4- Ego Ercnwaldus cpifcopus 
" confenfi et fubfcripfi. Ego Wilfridus Epifcopus confenfi ct fub- 
** fcripfi. + Ego Haedde Epifcopus confenfi et fubfcripfi. Ego Guda 
« Presbyter et Abbas confenticns fubfcripfi. + Ego Eggbaldus presby- 
tt tcj ct Abbas confenfi & fubfcripfi. + Ego Hacona Presbyter et 
^ Abbas confenticns fubfcripfi. + Ego Hooc Presbyter et Abbas con- 
^ fentiens fubfcripfi. Sig+num manus Sebbi Regis. Sig+num manus 
<« SIgiheardi Regis. Sig+num manus Suebre . . . i Regis.'' 

Indorfedy " De terra quam donavit Odilredus, 4 manentium." 

The next Specimen is part of a Grant of Hlotbarius, King of Kent, 
in tbe 5 th Year of bis Reign: wbicb anfwers to tbe Year of our Lord 

tS79 : as follows. 

Plate II. Auguftus II. I . "Si aliquis aliter fecerit, a Deo fe damna- 
<< ram fciat : et in die judicii rationem reddet Deo in anima fua. 

" + Signum manus Hlothari Regis." 

^ Yy2 The 


348 An Account of the Copper-Pbtes. 

The Dares of a great many following being in the Specimens, there 
needs no more to be laid of them* 

Aug. II. Si. ^^ Anno Dominies Incarnationis 6to^ ego Casd valla 

ReX| a prefato rogatus Epifcopo, hanc donationis meae C^olam (cri* 

bere jufll : et abfque trimoda neceflitate totius Chriftiani populi— — '' 

Aug. II. 77. '^ Manearque nilhominus in fua firmitate hxc Kartula, 
/' (cripta Anno ab incarnatione Domini noftri 704, Indidione 2, terria 
^ decinru menfis Junii, quod eft Idus Junii.'' 

Aug. II. 27. ^^ Anno autem Dominicae incarnationis 7 30 confcripta 
^ eft huaec donatio telluris a me et ab £pi(copi$ ac Principibus meis : 
*< quorum infra nomina adnotabo + £^0 Off a - 

Aug. II. 2. ^^ Scripta eft haec Cartula anno ab incamatione Domini 
^< noftri Jefu Chrifti feptincenriflimo triceflimo vi, Indidione quarta^ 
** + Ego Aetdilbalt Rex Briranniae propriam donationem— — 

Aug. n. 97. " Adum in loco qui dicitur Limen Laee, anno Domi- 
" nicae Incarnationis— 741— Indiftionc 3—+ Ego Aethilberhtus 
*^ Rex Cantiae hanc donationem a me fadam propria——^ 

Aug. IL 24. *^ Dominicae Incarnationis an. 7<S4- Indift. 2. 

Aug. II. 98. ^ Scripta eft haec Cartula anno ab incarnatione Domini 
<^ noftri Jefu Chrifti 773 : his teftibus confentientibus, quorom nomina 
*^ inferius annotari vidcntur. + Ego Ec^berht rex hanc meam donatio- 

Plate IIL Aug.IL95* ^ Anno Dominicae Incarnationis 774 perftrin* 
^^ ximus cum Sacerdotibus et Senioribus populi more teftium fubfcriben- 
^^ do. 4" Signum manus Offx Regis fupra/' 

The Charters, of which the tt^ee following are Specimens^ are in 
the Drawers. 

<< Aftum anno Dominicae Incarnationis 778^ in civitate Dorouerni. 
^* 4- Ego Egcberhtus Rex Cant, hanc donationem meam— — 

<< A£tum Dominice incarnationis 781. + Ego Ethelberhtus Rex hanc 
*• meam donationem figno fande cruris.'*. —— 

<< Scripta eft hxc cartula, anno Dominicae Incarnationis^ 790, 
'^ teftibus, qui haec confentientes fubfcripfcrunt, quorum hie nomina 
« infra tenentur adfcripta* + Ego Aethaelbearht— ) 

Aug. IL 82. ^^ +Annoab incarnatione Domini noftri Jefu Chiifii 
^ 8o2| Indiftione 13- EgoCuthrcd Rex Cantiae cum liccntia Coenulfi 

" Regis 

An Account of the Copper-Plates. 345 

<< Regis Merciae, odabo anno regni mci a Deo conccfli, Wulfredo fe- 
*' dcnti in archiepifcopatus rolio> duorum aratrorum tcrrae in perpctu- 
*' urn donabo. 

Aug. II. $6. ^'Hic funt nomina fandorum Epifcoporam & Abba- 
^^ turn, qui praefaiptum cyrographi cartulam in fynodo qui fadus eft 
*' xt Clofcftioum, anno adventus Domini/ 8 03, cum iigno (an£tx «~> 

Aug. II. 94« '^ Anno vero Dominicae Incarnationi, 808, Indid. 
1 2% & Rcgni mci a Deo concefG 1 2% Ego Coenuulf Rex Merciorum 
^ pro remedie animac— — 

Aug. II. 10. '^ Anno autem Incamationis cjufdem Domini Sal vato- 
^' ris Mundi Jcfu Clirifti, 811." 

Plate IV. Aug. II. 42. ** ~— — Incarn. 8x1. ■ Imperii autem 

«< Coenuulfi Regis 1 j anno.**— 

The five following are in the Drawers. '^ Saipta eft autem haecKar« 
^* tula anno Dominicae Incarnationis 811, Indiftione 4, Histcllibus 
«* ccMifentientibus. + Ego Coenwulf Rex Merciorum banc donatio^ 
" nem meam iigno fanfte.* * ' 

^^ Anno Dominicae Incarnationis 838, Indidione i. Ego Ecgbearh- 
^< tusRex, cum confenfu dilediflimi fUiimei Aethaelwulfi Regis, dabo 
^ debcMiffimo epifcopo."— 

<< Scripta eft autem hujus donationis pa^a anno Dominid Incarna- 
'^tionis S47, Indid. iC. *f Ego iEtheluulf Rex ad confirmandam 
^ banc donationem venerat^iter trophei lignum fitndas crucis exar« 


^ Saipta eft autem ec Cartula anno ap incamacione Domino noftri 
^ Jefu Chrifti, 854, Indidione 2." 

<< Adum eft hec mea donatio anno prefcripta in loco que didtut 
^ Will hereftriOy coram his tcftibus, qui haec confentientes rubfcripfe- 
^^ runt, quorum hie nomina infra tenentur adfcripta. Anno Dominicc 
** Incarnat. 862. + Ego Aethdberht"— — — 

Aug. II. 71 • *^ Prxfcripta eft autem hacc Cartula anno Dominicc 
^< Incamadonis 8699 Indie. 7$ Burgrcdi autem regis regno i ?•' 

Aug. II. 84. ^ Adum eft autem hec donatio anno Dominice Inca^* 
^ nationis 875* ■ Ego iElfred gratia dei Rex banc libertatem."-.*. 

Plate V. Aug. II. 1 5 . > •* 8 8 i'::::^^ + EgoiEthcrcd Rex hanc meam 

«« onem.**- 


350 An Account of the Copper-Plates, 

The fcvcn following arc in the Drawers. 

" Anno • '93 1 h Ego iEthclftanus florentis Bryt aniac monar* 

<' chia praedicus Rex, hujus Indiculi fulcimentum cum figno fandac 
" fcmperqueamandac crucis corroboravi/' * 

^' Adia eft hacc praefata donatio anno ab incarcatione<~93 8. In quo 
'^ anno bellum fa^um eft in loco qui Bruningafeld dicitur, ubi Anglis 
" vidoria data eft de caelo + Ego iEthelftanns Rex/' — — — . 

^< 4* ^gtegius agonifta fermocinatus eft in fcripturis divinis. Omnia 
'^ quae videntur temporalia funt, quae autem non videntur sterna.— 

'' 939." 

*' Ego Eadrcdus Bafileus Anglorum ceterarumque gentium in circuitu 
" perfiftentiuift gubcrnator ann. — 948-" 

" Ada eft haec prefata donatio Anno*— 95 5- + Ego Eadgar Rex 
f ' Anglorum fub figillo fanfle crucis + cor 

^< Anno Dominieae Incarnationis 9^2 fcripta eft hxc carta, his tcfti* 
'* bus confentientibus> quorum inferius nomina notantur. + Ego Ead- 

« gar Rex— —7 

•* - 9 8 7—— iEthelred Rex Anglorum huj us donatio 

Plate VI. Aug. II. 18. <* Ego iEthelred Rex— — - Aftum eft au* 
^ temhoc mee conceffionis donum anno Dominicaeincar-— — looi." 

In the Drawers. " In nomine Domini noftri Jcfu Chrifti, anno Do- 
«< minicae incarnationis 1026. + Ego Cnut Rex figno fanfkae Crucis 
" Chrifti roboravi & fubfcripfi.*' 

** Anno— —1045 haec Regalis conceffio atque donatio fefta eft, 

<^ ftib aftipulatione Primatum, quorum nomina hie caraxata funt.— 
^ Eaduueardus.'* 

** Scire vos volo, quoniam tempore avorum meorum patrifque mci 
" multa ct gravia bellorum pericula afflixcrunt gcntem Anglorum & 
^^ ipfos — Ego Eaduuardus Deo largienteAnglorum Rex Signum 
« 1066." 

Aug. II. 49. *' 108 1, regnt ctiam praenominati gloriofi 

Aug. II. 48. " Williclmus Dei gratia Rex Sciatis, me coQcef- 

^^ filTe & precepto patris mci dcdifle aecclefiae SanOi Martini de Bello 
«<&Mo— — 

In the Drawers. <' W. Rex Anglorum H. de Portu & omnibus fideli- 
<« bus fuis Francigcnis & Anglicis (alutem. Sciatis me dedidifte Sando 


AnAccomt of the Copper-Plates. 5fi 

^^ Pctrode Wcftmonaftcrio decimam dc Rotclanda : & tu Hugo dc Por- 
« ru indc curafaTfias.^* 

** Ego WJftanns gratia Dei Wigorncnfis Ecclcfiac pontifcx ixionaftc- 
^* rium fanftac Dei genetricis Mariae a piae memoriae beato fciiicec 
**'t)fw'aldo praedecefforcmco in fcdc cpifcopali conftrudum,^ majori 
'^ honore & dignitate aikiplificare cupiens, non fblum in AeccleHae con- 

•^ftrudion^&omati^nc, venun io89» — Rcgni au- 

" tcm Regis Wiiiclmi junioris tertio/ ' 

Plate VII. ^' Hi Dei gratia Rcx'ia^Npt^m vobis facio me con- 
^ ceffifiii cis omnes terra s 

-' ^* Hi Rex Angl. '- Sciatis me conciffiflc ccclefiac fandac Trini- 

'^ ta^ Lundon. & Canonicis ibidem Deo famulahtibiis pro animia Ma- 
-thild%RcginaeConjugis meac XXV li" — - 

^ ^ S.RcK Angh — Sciatis mc fecifle Comitem dc Gaufr, dc Magija 
^? vkia- de Gomitatu Effcx hercditaric. Quare vold^-^ 

Kefd Glir. FpL 174. " S.^Rfex — ^anno^^^^iijp, Regni vero 

^ IbktWL i7J^ " H. Rex— Sciatis Dommam & Matremmeam Ma- 
til. Impcratriccni & mc fundafl c t ■ 

lit the DraV^crs.-:**^Notumlit tam pfaefentibns auamfuturisy quod 
pax lliiei Dominiim H. Regem Angl. & fifiSs gus, H. videlicet Rc- 
* gcffl 6l fdC & Gaufr. in huiic modiim, Deo volentCi refbrmata eft^.H. 




. .?v 

■^ '?fl>'RexAngl ^ Notiim vobis omnibus eflcvolo, quOd om- 
" nes donationc$ & conceffiones omnium Maneriorum 6c omnium 
^•rtilfUfUni & omnium Ecclcfiarum cum omnibus rcdditibus-i- — 

Aug. II. 45.. " Eugenius Epifcopus — p er manum 'Robert! 

<>^ftti&e Romahe £cclefiae Fresby^eri Cardinalij et CancfcUarii, vi^ji 
" Idus Martii— -H— anno ii45> Pomificatus vero Domni ^Eugcnii j 

Aug. 11. no. *^ Dati Turott. per nianum Hcrmanni fanfte Romane 
" Ecdcfic Subdiaconi &— 71163. Pontificatus vero Dpmni Alex- 
•* andri Pape 3 anno quarto.**' * ' ' / 

to the Drav^crs.^ ' ** Ricardtis 15ci gratia Rex Angl. — ''^. — -%Dat. 

•• vailis ai die Aug. anno Regni noftri nono/' ^ ' ^^ ' '^ - ' " ' '-" * ' 
(fci^/4 "E^o 

3?2 An Account of the Copper-Plates- 

^^ Ego frater Alanus, Prccqptor fratrum Hofpitalis Jernlkiem in An- 
glia, de communi aflcnfu & volunratc fratru m a nno Ii99> ad 

Capitulum Sandi M ich. apud London. 

Plate Vlir. ''Johannes, Dei gratia, Rex— Sdatis, nosdedifl c ^ . 
Alano Baffet Manerium de Bcrewyc, quod devenit in manum nof- 
tram tanquam cfcaeta noftra de terra que fuit Ade de Portu^ qui a^ 
pellatus de morte 

'' Innocentius Epifcopus, fcrvu$ fervorum Dei, cari ffi J 1214; 
Pontificatus vero ejufdem— — — anno feptimo dec&mo." 
'' Johannes, Dei gratia, Rex Anglie, Dominus Hjlbemie, Dux Nor« 
mannie, Aquitanie, & Comes Andegavie, Archiepifcopis, Epi^ 
pis Nee Villa nee Homo diftringatur faeere pontes ad Ripa- 

rias, niii qui ab antiquo & de jure faeere debent. Nullus Vicecomes, 
Conftabulariusy Coronatores vel alii Ballivi noftri teneant placira Co- 
rone noftrc ■ in prato, quod vocatur Runingmede inter Win- 
delefor. & Stanes, ■ anno R^nino(hi feptimo decimo." 
'' Henrieus~-Dar. per manus venerabilis patris Radulfi Cicefiren/tf 
Epifcopi, Cancellarii a pud Weftmonafterium, decimo fep- 
timo die Martii, Anno Regni noftri undeeimo/' 
'' Anno gratie millefimo ducenteftmo quadrageflmo. Die Mereu- 
rii proxima poft purificationem beate Marie, apud Ware s 
" Reverendis in Chrifto Patribus, Dominis & Amicis a nno 
Domini 1260, Menfejanuarii/' 

** Difcretis ■ anno gratie milleftmo dueentefimo nonagefi- 

mo quinto/' 

" Hoc tcftamentum fuit probatum coram nobis Offic ^ ■ anno 

Domini 1299."———— 

*' Septcmbr. anno regni Regis Edwardi filii Regis Henrici viceltmo 

Aug. II. 102. *^ Iftud Starrum recognitum eft a nno regni 

Regis Edwardi filii Regis Henrici quarto decimo. 

Plate IX. In the Drawers. Anno Domini i30O. 

-Die Martis pod, quafi modo anno Domini i}00.' 

" Dat. in Capitulo noftro die Lune ■ ■anno Domini millefimo 

•' tficentefimo quarto." 


An Account ofthe Copper Rates. )f^ 

*' Anno Domini 1 305. Anno Domini i jotf/* 

'^ •— <ipud Manfeldy 4 Uus Martii, anno Domini ijoS, ConTecra^ 
*' donis noftre 1 5 •** 

" Dat. apud Thdc— anno Domini 13x7.*^ 

<^ — — die dominica ante feftum fande Crads, anno— »IS22.'* 

<^ Dat. London. ■ ■ Anno regni R^is Edwardi tertii poft con- 
** queftum adavo." 

« dwardus, Dei gratia, Rez Anglie, Dominus Hibemie, & Dux A.— « 
^^ Dat-**-apud Ebor. quinto decimo die Martii> anno regni noftri 
^ duodecimo/' 

<' Anno Domini millenmo trecentWimo quadrageRmo--*apud Heng« 
'^ Icy c ' ■ anno regni Regis Edwardi filii regis Edwardi fextodecimo/' 

*^ Menfis SeptembriSi Anno Domini milleiimo trecentefimo fexagefi- 
** mo fcxco, 

<( .-Weftmonafterium, vicciimo quinto die Junii, anno regni didi 
«( domini Regis Anglie, Anglic quadragefimo fexto, regni vero fui 
•* Francie tricdimo tcrcio." 

" Dat. apud Denford-— «— — anno regni regis Ricardi fecund! vice- 
** fimofiniente* 

" Dat. in Manerio noftrode Stebenhith anno Domini I398,* 

<* Apod Spaxton a nno regni Regis Ricardi iecundi viceiimo 

^' fecundo^ 

Plate X. "^^ — ^Monaftcrii beate Marie deFontibus, pater Abbas Mo- 

«* nafterii beatc Marie de Kirkeftall -apud Monafteriuiki— — ^— ^ 

*S quinto die Manii , anno Domini milleiimo quadringentefimo 
^* primo/' 

" Noverint univerfi ■ Nos Thomam Ducem Clarencie — re- 

'' cepifle-Mle domino noftro Rcge Henrico quinto odingentas triginta 
*' libras, trcs folidos & fcptem dcnariosr— Novembr. anno regni Regis 
** predidi Hcnrici quinti poft conqucftum Anglic primo." 

^^ — — domo de Cierkenwcll) anno Domini mille(imo quadringen- 
'* teltmo quartodecimo.** 

*• This istliclafte wii indentid of mc William Mekilfcld,Efquyer,being 
** in good mcmori^ — *-mad at Hencham the 7tc day ot November the 
" Ycr our lord 1439.** 

2i ^Dci 

m Ab Aw;)unt of the CSoppcr-PIates. 

-Dei i«H»ip^, Awf n. vifiefimo die Scptcnibr, »nno Domini 14 31?, 

Ego Wi^Ul»flltS MclMlfcl4 > ' Ww " m m * 

" quarto die Oftobris, anno regni mctucndiflinji Domini noftri 

« Regis Hcnrici fcxti poft C09qiif;ftu(n Anglic viceflmo fcptimo. R. 
« York. " 

" ^ght hye a»4 rnyghiy ?rinf ?, .*^»»--p^Richard Duke of York, we 
" recomaunde us unto theyereof the tcignc of ihc King cure 

** Soucr^yne tof(| that npw i» wim*'. 

*« johwncs, permiiJiQnf divit\3, P^offep. J^pifcppus; falutem in Do- 
** mino fempitcrnam— — viccfimo fcptimo die — MarciiAnno,.^i459t/*- 

r,»xTMM<;hc. U^e fccouAdf V«r? of the 9.?iiiocof the King ourcfouc- 

rein lordfr£dw«r^e thft 4th. 

« Edwafdus^ Pci gr?»|iju R^x AngHe & f r>ngic ^ Dominus Hihcrnic^ 
" Omnibus- ■ fecimus patentes. Teftc meipfo apud Wettmooafle- ' 
** Fium> quinto die M9ii> ^IKto regni noftri fcgu^o." 

'< Henry R.T^fufty Vki w«lbelQayd, V? gr?tc yp^ weU-^— >Maichc^tbc ' 
" firft Yeirc of our Reign. 

" TKe King m^ f^er^igri lord for dyoecs gieat and o apud 

^ Weftmonafierium, 25 die Maii, anno regni noftri quarto decimo. 
PUtcXLcQftcc^nvnSVj^c^ rwtb^Frefwf. Titus C.^rv.JoIlxw. 8% 

O^ho B. V{. Gen. xvi). 27. iw^jn vhv if^nM A» • . . . wf xu^to^* iy^ 

Ex Codicc Alcxandrino, i Jolv y. 1—9. m$ mnvojp on Iwans Irtvo 
X€/^^^h •* '^^ ^^^ yeyiffmcur* a^ mi ayocrSr air ytwrtcttrixt^ ecyair^ ju ' 
To.y yiy^ymiJiiPQy f| «uT«. fr xilTy yivmyco/Aiy on aiyo^inJfji.ip t« t^jcfop -W 
6gil omv Toi^ 6toy 4%(X.,7niij^i9 0^ mii Iri^Aas •vTft ir^f^u" 1$ cu iiMivAfiU ccvIb 
fio^e/LOLi iK «V)y* 0-^ 'ittr TO ^f^ivj^Ufievov ix t^ Qj^k, rixi rov ^(^fJLOv. :y 
iurn i^iP ^ yi^^ fi fixna-c^aoi tIv xo^/^^Kv it 'mi^t'u ifJiSu. w iq^iv nx^Sip 
niv xiojJiOfy ^ i^h 6 'miT^ii^r on iifo-vi i^iv o VfU ii 66b> Wsif-u^ i\%aiy 
fl vJ^xTOi ^ <tl[JLOLl(^ ^ 7rrgJ/^aT©i inavt ^CJi<;o;. «x oif rai uJ^ccTi jtco'fioy, aAA* 
oi» Tw UtTaii, >$ eyr^ ttv^uijlclti. ^ ri Trpsufjioi e^iif to fjLouflypSv* on to 
"Trvgoftdc icg^ip i aA>iG«a. ori^piii tlaiv ii fiaprvpyvTU^ to TrfSfta a^ to ucTwp- 

^ TO ai/4a* ^ 01 Tf&i €ii TO h eUTiV. El TWy f4,CLprVpiCLf tm aUf3^foi^^V>iiaLfJUr 

An Account of the doppef Plated. ??? 

Plate XII. The firft Specimen in this Plate iS taken from the famous 
Book of the Latin Gofpels, all written in Letters of Gold, given to 
Aix la Chapellc by Charlemagne : and is not lefs than 1200 Years 
old. " Et continuo currens unus ex eisaccep '* 

The Hand of the fecond Specimen is about 1200 Years old t 'and is 
taken from a Leaf, that happened to be put by the Binder at the end of 
the Book, 2 E XIII, in the King's Library. " Quid efgo infer duftum 
** ccntinarium numerum dcfignatur, nifi perftfta cognitio' Trinitatis. 
" Curt! hii s > ' ■■ •'^^ 

The next Specimen is of Pfalm III, 2 and J, of a Pfaher in the Cot- 
ton Library : Vefprf. A. I : which Tho. Tdmcs imagined was written 
A. D. 700 J grounding his Coh^efture, I fuppbfe, upon King JExhtU 
bald's grant, being therein 5 whtch \i iitcd A. t>.7t6j and is now re- 
moved to Aug. II. 2. See a Specimen of it in Plate I : which is a 
quite different Hand from this Pfalter, anti might be written a great 
while after it. "Tu autem, Domine, fufceptof rteus esj Gloria mea, 
^^ et cxaltans caput meum. Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi : & exaudivic 
" me de Monte fando fuoJ' 

The fourth Specimen is taken from a piece of a burnt Leaf of St 
Matthew and Mark's Latin Gofpels, [Otho. C. V] faid to have been 
Auftin the Monks Book. Iffo, it was 1200 Years old. Before the 
Writing was contraflcd with Heat, it appeared to be the fame Hand 
with St. Shad's Book of the Gofpels in Lichfield Church. By its be* 
ing written in a SaxOn Hand, it appears however, that Auftin did not 
bring it with him from Rome: but that it was very probably written 
in England. 

" At illc dixit, quid vultis, ut fac runt, cfa nobis, ut unus ad 

'? dcxte • ... ad finiftram tuam fcdcamus in gl . . . • Jcfus iurem ait cis> 

" Ncfcitis quid petitis 5 p . . . . , . caliccm quam ego bibo ^ ■ ' ' 

- Calig. A. XV. Fol. 71. " fiunt fimul anni 688. Ifti funt anni 

''' ab incarnatione Domini noftri Jelu Chrifti* Hoc autem tiAcmor eflo 
**. folltcitus " "' ' ' 


Z z 2 Claudw 

^^(f An Account of the Copper Plates^ 

CItttd. B. V. '^ Per omnia novit vcftra parerna beatitudOy cr plurey 
** — «— ^Scriprus eft— —'hie Codex temporibus domni Sergii, randiflimi 
^ ac beatifiimji Papae/' Sergius was Pope from the Year 688 to 702. 

Galba. A. XVIIL "— — *utputa inprcfcmi i, fiuntzoj. Iftifunt 
^* anni nativitatis Domini/' 

The nine following Specimens are of Hand€ about a thoufand Years 


In the Royal Library. E VI. Mat, xxviii ult. " ego vo- 

" bifcum fum omnibus diebus ufque ad confum— — Incipit Evange- 
" Hum fee 

Plate XIII. 1 B VII- Mat, xxviii. 20. " . docentes eosfer- 

*^vare omnia, quaecumque mandavi vobis : et ccceego vobifcum (iim 
'* omnibus diebus ufque ad confummationem faeculi. An\cn." 

2 A XX. Fol. II. "■ quifub Fontio Pilato crucifixus eft, et 

" fepultus. Tertiadie refurrexit 

NcTO. D. IV, is the famous St. Cuthbert's Book. Joh. xxi. 22, 23. 
^< Dicit ei Jefus, Sic eum volo mancre, donee veniam. Quid ad te i 
** Tu me fequerc. Exivit ergo Sermo ifte in fratres, quia Difcipulus 
** ille nonmoritur. Et non dixit cijcfus, Non nK>ritur: fed, Sic cum 
•' volo manerc donee venio. Quid 

Vitell. C. VIII. 8. Pol. 83. Hereis;a Slip of Paper, pafted to thebot- 
tom of the Leaf, whereon is written, in a Hand about joo Years old, 
** Epiftolae Pauli, de manu Bcdae." What authority the Writer had for 
it, does not appear. However, the Characters are as old as to Bede's 
time. And here arc no more than four Leaves, which, I doubt not, 
were taken out of a Book of St. Paul's Epiftles in Trinity College at 
Cambridge, which arc written in the very fame Hand with thofc 
Leaves. They begin with Vcrfes in praifc of St. Paul. 

-vivitper faecia magifter 

" Verfibus * hiis, breviter fateor, beatiflimc dodor • fd bic 

** Sanfte tuos Damafus volui monftrare triumphos." 

5 F III. ** Incipit Liber, qui dicitur Profa Aldelmi Epifcopi. Jamdu- 

*^ dum ad pontificale proficifcens Conciliabulum, fraternis fodalium 

'* catervis comitatus, Almitatis veftrac fcripta, meae mediocritati allata, 

'' fatis libenter fufcipicns, ereCtis ad aethcra palmis, inmcnfas Chrifto — 


An Account of the Copper Plates. j^T 

Vcfpaf. B.VI. I. Fo. loj. ** — <ictcf nam cunfti cadcftium prac- 
^ miorum ■ ■ ■ Explicit, Domino juvante, Bcdac, ■■ ■ ■ * * 

Plate XIV. 2 E XIII z. " — — Prac natis hominum, cujus radiantc 
«• figura ^ 

1 A XVIII. Marc. xvi. 20. " confirmantc profcqucntibus fig- 

" nis. Explicit Evangclium cata Marcum.** 

In the beginning of this Book is written, '' Hunc Codiccm iEthel- 
*^ fian Rex devota mente Dorobernenfi tribuit Ecclefie, beato Auguftino 
** dicate." Which undoubtedly was written in iEthelftan's time : tho' 
the Book might be written above an hundred Years before. 

The next Specimen is of a Pfalter, written in an Iri(h hand, 
800 Years ago. Galba. AV. Pfal.Lxxvii. 19, 20. " In mari via 
'^ tua, et femita tua in aquis multis : et veftigia tua non cognof- 
^* centur. Dcduxifti ficut oves populum tuum in manu Moyfi & 
" Aaron.** 

The next is taken from the Latin Gofpcls, whereon King iEthel- 
flan appointed that the Saxon Kings fhould take their Coron ation 
Oath. Tiberius. A. II. Joh. xxi. 22, 23. " Dicit ei Jefus> Sic eum 
" volo manere donee veniam. Quid ad te i Tu me fcquere. Exi- 
" vit ergo fcrmo ifte inter fratres, quia Difcipulus illc non moritur. 
*' Et non dixit ei Jefus^ quia non moritur $ fed, Sic cum volo manere do- 
*' ncc veniam." 

" Volumen hoc Evangelii iEthelftan, Anglorum bafiieos, et cura^ 
« gulus totius Bryttannie, devota mente Dorobcrneaiis cathedfe pri- 
•* matui ■ 

The Hands being changed in the Books, after the three follow- 
ing Specimens, makes it probable, that they were written at the 
time they bear Date. 

Titus. A. IV. Fol. 107. ** Anno ab incarnatione Domini nof- 
" tri Jefu Chrifti nongenteflimo feptimo decimo, imperii vero gloriofif- 

" fmVi 

Fauft. B. IX. Fol. 8. '* * » 95<?> Bcatus Dunftanus Abbas ab 
" Eduuio Rege 

Ibid.. " A* 10 16 Rex Eilredus, Epifcopi, AbbateS; et nobilioresAn- 

'' git Cnutum fibi in 

I D; 

3S* An Account of the Copper Plates. 

I D IX, was King Cnuts Book. Mat. vii. 7. ^^ Petite & dabitui 
" vobis: quacritc ■ 

6 A V 14. ^' Anno dominice incaraatlonis 1049, fratrcs] Lo- 
•* bicnfcs , fuum rccenfcntes Armarium, hanc fibi rcpcrerunt • ha- 
'' bcri 

Plate XV. Fauft. B. IX. Fol. 14. " Anno ab incarnatione Domini 
" 1056 fufcepit Malcolmus ■ 

Vitcl. C.VllI. li. ^^ Radulfus de San&o Sanfone tenet I Manerium 

" in Prebcnda* Ccrientone vocatur : et dcfendit fe pro i Solin. In 

*' cadcm villa tenet Williclmus, filius Ogeri i Solin. Ibi qutdani Fran- 

" cigena habct"——— This is part of one of the Rolls, out of which 

jprobably Domcfday was made, 

7 F. III. " — Anno tenio coronationis Regis Ricardi, quern fcribcrc 
" fecit C. dc Chanviir 

Vcfpaf. B. VI. " Anno Domini 1201 fada eft in autupno tanta in* 
^* undatio aquarum, ut pratis omnibus"* 

5B XII I. " Anno ab incarnatione Domini 1202, hoc eft fcrutini- 
** um Librarii noftri. Librarium bcati Andree." 

4D Vll 5. " Hoc quoquc fcriptum adquifivit frater Matthacus Pa- 
^' rificnHs ab cpifcopo memorato : et ad ulus Clauftraiium manu fua 
" fcripfit. Cujus anima in pace" 

I B, XII. " HuncLibrum fcripfit Willielmus dc Hales-— ——-—-1254 
^* ab incarnatione Domini.'* 

lo C II i* "Anno Domini 1254. Deogratias." 

5 E III I. " Succcntor dicte Ecclcfic examinationcm ccrtifi- 

^^ cavit • Idus Marcii, anno Domini 1278." 

9 B XII 2. '' Anno Domini 1287 fada eft vifio mirabilis" 
Vcfpaf. A. II. I. ''Anno Domini 1292 fadus ad meridiem civitatis 

'' Tholcti, que' ' ■ 

Tib. C IX. Fo. 45. " Taxatio per Wellenfcm & Middle fexenfem 
"^' Archidiaconum, AudoritateApoflolica, dcrcdditibus, proventibus,ob* 
" vcntionibus anno gratiac 129 J." 

10 E II. I" Apud Wcftmonaftcrium in parochia Sanftc Mar- 

" garctc, anno Domini 1 500/' 

14 C I. " ego frater Williclmus de Riflunger Cronigraphus- 


I J12 • • 

I A XX. "Anno Millcno triccntcno duodcno" 
3 E. VII. " Domini i j z6 



An Account of ehe Cbpp&r FTarei ^^ft 

tC V- — - " Chrim 1334 incomplete;' 

1 1 D IX. 1' Miilcnmo Trclccntcfimo Trlccfimo Sexto 



Plate XVI. I J D IV- '' emit Michael, anno Domini 

4 D VII. « Domini noftrijcfu Chrifti ij/i/' 

\ 1 7 E III. " Ian 1 372*' 

2 B VIII " compoftto a fratrejohanne Somour, Ordinis mi- 

^ norum, anno Domini 1 3 80.'* 

4E II. "1 381' II CIL " 13.84'' 

2 A XXI. " Memorandum, quod anno Domini 1408 Johannes Pc- 
«* pham' * 

i8AXin. " Uio^perCapclIanum'*- 

5 BXI. '' 1415, die Sanai Martini' 

10 A I. — — " 141 5 Deogratias.- 

17CVIII. " millcfono qiK 

J B III—— " Mcnfis Mail arnii Domini 1427/* 
1 9 B XVI . — — " ran i42»/' 

5 A VI. " Anno Domini 1 44* J<>kdniie$ Celfton fcripfit iftud" — 
I C V. " Explicit ■ -anno Domini millefimo quadringcntcfi- 

" mo quinquagefimo." 

1 2 E I.- " & rcgnat in fecula fcculcrum. Amen. Script, per 

"manusM. Aw, anno Domini 1451-" 

11 E VIII 1452. "Laus Deus. 

10 BIX. " annoverbiincarnati 1452." 

r 5 A XV " Anno Domini 145 3 ." 

12 C XXI — "14 Die prima Julii. Bononiae.** 

This Specimen is of one of thofe Books mcntion'd in the Preface, writ- 
ten about the time of the Invention of Printing j but imitating the old: 
Hands : as is alfo the next but four, marked 6 A VIII. 

2 BXIV. " Obitus Ricardi, Ducis Ebor. anno Domini 1460. 

6 DIL— " RofFcn. anno domini 1467. 

J B ly., " 1468, 8 die menfis 

14 C VII. " apud Bukdene,io"^diejunii,ao i48 8.Jo.Lincoln. 

6 A VIII— -—"anno 1497^ quarto Non.Marcii.Ora, Icftor, pro 

•* utrius*'— — 


i^ommi 1400/' 
11 1407." 

3^0 An Account of die Copper Platbs. 

jBXin. "AnnoDoadiii t|eS,a>iiiioKcgaiK^sHauici 

** ieptimi 14." 

i A XII.^^ " Aprilis, anno Domim millefiao quingentduno trice- 

XT' enrT'vt>ie iut>icu u>moT^ecr> n€'bt)6T"S5 rv^kjvi 


27 A.n no ocur JommiCd- incocnna"aont|- >ccvX;^*conycnip 
ax erir liccec^onocno ceLltauj^ (xme- 6r ccb emy occ pntnapit; 
metr cjuoiium mtncc nominoc ce^nouxbo "t ^co|:|:a — 

TCpISepTlH CeKTlS©lCIX>TttlC€SSl0f>O'ailV&lCTlONe cjuxrtx 

•ft €co XeTt>ilBXl4r RCTCBRlXXMNlNe pROpiUNXX> ^ON^a•^O^MCCO — 

97 x^LCrum IntiTco mil <licirutv liwin lo^ Xwk? Antiinico^ In 

98 Q c^vtottt^ Vutec cd|K^tr|d, ttnno at inOiyvn <xzyime W nyii iKu 

95 Clnw Dmcoe^huxqmo^^ i 


Au^.E. 82. X^Aj(\r\o dt |ti(itfMia2j[()M^ bm n^ iKu^cpi t>ccCtt In^icci 


\\nr\o'z>ommvcJt incttjvntcaowr- 1> ccc>ppc- urn •lnt)icti o 
rl • Cro« fe'TOCtxpJTCUl' yv^ cam conf Oipi ^il|cti|7imt 

Jcf^PVdr^ffCCC^j^zulcLQnno aptncarinaaone^ 

i,nno ^pw^tice- JnCAjtn^ >kccbcii » ^^ jieielhS^Ojc — 

vn<njonip- occclvjc Inifc ^mi- fcuji^pd^i ^f^^ir j\fy\o -^xviif 
j. ctCTU ^VUctbotiano onno^omintcC- InCdjitictT-iomr 

r':- : .. 




-fv^mr vyfz^fmi^ ttiunn^ctiin. tm^^tztir iidc- tiuttir Iti&ictili pud 

(^ €zy^ h>^ <m^ <M,uyfim^:^ 
InCmairm ^tiift6iiiu 3;urfitnacDn — Cinn— "^ccccxLviU' 

-ct^ertrfMft^cdpm^m^ -c^rwuf^ am&fiinftialni^ aiu> 


dp idjeUeb r^ — AAim eJl-Aurem 


mee-concefljlomf Amum* Anno Jnii^e'inciU^— J^Ue-t 

conceffio atxiue domcao feccaeftrfiil) aftipulaaonc pruria 

barttiof nolo* cjm iqwic iuomm mcoium pamjo; met 

f ^ f y 



48 Witt (Jf^|ia 1^ — :^cidaf tne conccfliflcnp^eccpa) 
pamf tna (Jedi(]e^:cd^ Set (f)4j*ani cJtBd[lo^())i> — 

fjuop ^e portu tube ^ fdifiAr* 

O 60 Vtftarf 51& Di gijicoaNEif SIS <cc^ pontifec numaftenum 

odlorctneo mfcber qnfcc|)ali cciiilTUcami.nuion botiore (Scdt^tucact 
ampt^carr cupietCticn lb(u tti/cc^ conlinicnotic ^ cnuucionc. ucru 
— C?).jLjrxrViiii- TcgjaiaircrcfflT ViUcUni luniortf mna— 

1^ MiyC -jcwcoj mt cytvo!(^t jxa^ j^wWxtntaX' Lunoon/7 C^no 

cemMitf oiimisit mdntc^^ otmu xxvi^ta^'^ ^ «dl£a^€a omib) recl^k- 

Utarm. — iniu>.I^«v.jcl^. P<mtmca^ & cUmti luacmT.m. |)apcr 
129 Uor* Lvrcm»per numutnl leriMAnnvTce Mxun cccU jubJutC'^ — 



optan© on Unix fiwu EW^H^^Kveia^ainlim. aomc^f? lonw «\3*^p«iT^«ci3 Ifit^ — 

n — (iXc 

':$ltr^-ai9iiS>€6ra iiu i m os m iiioSiraiarm'/ dmto regm ttrrs>ndSenmo •_ 

4nct^ 8i^)tsm6u6 •j9V-mio ^mtrni »>tffi^/mK) tnomtdtnw (S^AjtlHno fiterto* 
^ng^fSbigKe di]<l^«Aino S)g^>'mm (^^ stniffianat nut(W t^tM- 

O^ta^iKms >i«m«i ee»M>«pnntd tend C!6iMe -txe&loCito i^laMan 9tn»cu3 — 



£ 2? A 
B i 

p - 

2 r 3 ^' 

9 ? fl> ? § 

VS '' ? -■ 7 "' >* — 




I' 7 

«"3 2 ^/ 



' ' J ' (6 i 




9 ?! «z >: KbZ 

-l-l! J. 


y • - 

■« ^ - T 

51 ? 



y I 2 2 


7 J ra w 
■ ^ 'I* A 




. : ■ . XII 

gTcoN-TiNciocuRR&NJsuNusexeis A ccep — 

2£JUir. A^/iwm. qui beR^o iNren^ucTU cewriMMMuViucne' 
RUiT>besi«;M*niR MiS'peRFeoT^cocjKiinOTTHKinafns cumbis— 

Tu^TecDDxie suscxapTORooeus es,q[,oR.i^(D€^. 
er^^cjJa^NS cjcpuTcoeuoo- IJooecD^j^O&NtD 
cl^OT^ui,eT67c?xiaiuiTcoedecooNTescosuo' ' 

6>/^.CK cixiQedjpcKTCTOiDtrataSticpxc tanKroono 

ftiSTtomos aooc^Ke — cxz>»iiii(ijuuiivuani ecoconnis -m^t — 
ih'sV ocKzis Twsoa* qoiopcBiiiM f? -- CcxtKCin quoinc^ bibo 

Oi/^.A.JGrjvf.-r. fionrfimolajjni.^fcWfViit-llbl-l^awii-aii 
< eromnv>- nouir ueftr»^p3aa-m^ o exnrudo-^ plu/tf=- 

- SCRIP Tus eST— V>tcco opt-reMVOiuBaSDOOO 
'wistRctt sossiMi ACBlATi&siau PAi'ar 

\ (Ta//n.j4,XPlII . nr-epuTfi-liiwft'flm-i-pmir- ^egwi-irnrrqiipi fcu i u i uiti i dm.. 

.BM.jtef.j.£vr.Mfif.JQCFia:.ii/f. e^ uo6iscutn 
sum OTnr»6us die6u% usque^ ocd co|jsu 



2£jnff J. pTu6ticn5r hoTwuuy c«inct>icttn:e-piruTUL^ 
pobfptifnri Tjiiburcreccfe* Woxro Auruj^Trino'DiCdr^ 

TiA^ irjhA. JCKI. 22, 23 . Dtcarcit/jf' 'St fie euuoio mAnsTcr 

tfvenmcrfTaxTerp auu difapuiuftlLemonmoprur' 'Evnondpc 
tvsn xHfQuunonnwrtcUr'. ferxiftcevi uoio rnJi:niiyrtrdorwcvusnuJi^n' 

VC ^oLutnfe hoc fauan5^i-/e*>ecs7AN-3.n5lo|tum 

^^^^^^7^^"^^ MHO A&mcA«l42tTtoVE OWl xvn t^a :xpi tum^pi 
-^^. ^/y. y \_ref OttM) feprtmo <Jeciino. im^n ucrtj alononffttni 

jD jx. //m. vn.j. "p ^xa^* ^^dabran*' uobi() (Iv^xwsr — 

feffuumre'ccnfartrifxrmAp.tuhAnc Itht rcppcrerrhAhen - — — 

m oi^TP-Cc A'J> iifiif cCmifVc^tiiim tnanii fua fcpfir. ^ti^^mnA tti paa 

J 3 J^. ^une Ulmim itxc^xi ^(nttis te ^mUs.— aj.c(X^tt4!tto. Ai^tcftrtimon^Xkniniu* 

itSS^cr^ ^icrmt^ oBttoxSibj — 2imio^^-^««c.|lcti9r0;«ntn6 Wto" 

**■ • . . ■ » 

-. -^-lAv .. ...,-A,^ 






The References in this INDEX arc not made to the Page of the 
Catalogue: but to the Place in the Library where the 
Book is to be founcU Thus Abailardus is in the eighth Prefs, 
Shelf A» which is the uppermoft $ and the firft Book thereon. Alfo 
in Shelf F of the (amc Prefs, which is the fixth, and the fif- 
teenth Book thereon. Alfo in the eleventh Prefs, firft Shelf, fifth 
Book| and in the third and fourth Trads in that Book. 

ABailardas (Pet.) SAL F XV. 1 1 A 
V J. 4. 
Abba villa ( 3 A IX. 

Abbo ( ; I A VI a. 
Abdoo (S.; 10 B XII 3. 
AboidoQ ( ) 9 E XIV t. 
Abcorachel (Halj) 11 F XVII 1. 
Abennidiantts (Haly) 11 F XVIL 
Abramius (S) i j B X. 
Abibltttio, a A II. 13 B XIX 3. 
Acadcmiae. 8 A IV 4. 1 7 B IV. 
Accurfius { ) I o D I. 
Achabi filius. a D VI4. 
A^ Apoftolorum. a D 10. 7 A XI. ij* A V. 
Adilbertut Monacus Spalding 8 F VIII. X a. 
Adami Hiftoria . 8 £ XVU 18. F XVI a. 
Adamus Murimathenfis. 1 3 A XVIII 4. 
Addphonfut (Pet.) 10 B XII. 
Adrianus Papa. 9 B XII 13. 

AegidiHs laDIX j.XinS.p E VIII 9. 

Rotnanus. 4 D IV 4. /C III a. 6B 

V 3. loC VIII. IX a, la BXXI. 
Aelfricus Abbu. if B XXII. Fauft. A X. 
Aenigroata, i a C XII 4. XXIII a*— f • if B 

XrX3. I7,i8. 

Aefopus. If A VII 3, 8. XXVIII. XXXI j-. 

Aethicus, if B II 1. C IV a. 

AffiDitatisGradus. 9 C Ilia. E VI a. 10 DV. 


Africanus (Conft.) i a B XXV 1 3. C XV. D IX. 

E VIII 4. 8. 
Agapetus Diaconus. 7 D IV. 
Agareni. a D VI 3. 
Aglaura, a Tragedy. 1 8 C XXV. 
AgricoU(Rod.) if A XXV. 
AUredus Abbas, a D XXXIL c A XII aa. B 

IX a,3,4. 6 BIX 4. 
A'abafter(Gul.) la A XXXV. 
Alain (Maiftre) 19 A XII. 
Aknusflc Bellas. 11 B XL 
Alanusde Infulis. la E XI a. 13 B VIII 4. ir 

A XXXI a. BXX. C XVI 3. 
Albanus (%,) 1 a B XXIV 4. 1 3 A X a. £ I 2. 

Brcviarmm. 2 A X. 
Abba vUIa (Joh. de) a E IX. 3 A IX. 
Albericus (Ca.) laDIV 3. 
Albertaritts Cauiidicus. 1 a D VII 4 — 7. 
Albertus magotti. i a B XXV 1 8. E VI. 1 3 A V 7; 
Albohaly. laCXVIIL 
Akhimie. 18 B XXIV 3. 
Alcoranos. 16 AVI. 

Alcuiottft f EIV4. XIX 3. tf A XI I. XII 17. 

" A a a B 


B vni i— 7* 7 ^ 2CXVI 7. 8 E XV; XVI. 
Aldbdmai. 5 E XL Fill. 6A VI. B VII. 7 
D XXIV 1,3. 11 C XXIII 1. If AXVI ft. 

Alexander Ciaooicus Cireccftriae 7 F I. 

Papa I. 6CII4. 9BXII. 10 All. 

■ ' Papa 4, 10 D VII 4. 

Prior de Efcbi. 7 D XVII 9. 

Magnus. 1 A XX. 8 B IV 4. 11 B 

XIV3. ClVf, 4. ij AI. V. CXIIi. If 
AX. CVIf, 6, 7. i/EVIi. 19 DI. 
10 A V. BXX. 
— — Scvcrus. 1 1 A IV. 

Alexius CS.) II B XII 3. £15. 
Algorifinus. 8 CIV 6. la CXVII a. 7 EI. 
Albacen ( ) 1 a G VII. 
AUngton (Rob.) 1 2 B XIX 7. 
Alkindus. la CXV f. 
Alle(Iandri(Vicenzodeli) 14 A XIII f. 

AlliacoCPct. dc)6E 111^,6,7. 
Almanzor. i a B XXV. 
Alpericus. 13 A XI. 
Alphabets. Tir. B VI ap. 
Alpherabius. laCXV 6. 
Alphonfus CPet.) I5'CII9. 

(F. MadrUienfis) 17 A XV. 

Aoiandus (S.) 8 C VII 10. 1 9 A XXI. 
Ambrofius Ep. Medici. 2 A II 11. C III 34. f 

A I 7. VI f. VII. XV a. B VII a. CVIaa. 

FIV. XII 4. XIII. 6 A I. IV. IX. XI. XIV. 

XVI, B VI. cm. EII. Ill I a, ij- 

BXIX I a. 
Ammonitts Alexandrinas. a DXXV. 3 B VIII. 

XV. 4A IV. 
Amuletum. 8 B I 6. 
Anacletus Papa, f A XIII 1 f. 
Asagrams. 7 A XII it. 
Anania ( 1 1 E IX. 
Anaftafiut a Papa. 9BXII12, 
■ Patriarcha Tbeopolitanus. 1 5 B X. 

Andreas Apoftolus. 8 C VII 20. 10 B XII 3. 
(Joh. BononienHs) 10 C 1 9. E I. 11 D 



Andronicus Peripateticus. 16 C XIII 2. 

Angeli. 8E X4. 5-. 

Angelomus ( ) 2 F IX. 

Anglix Chronicon 6 B XI 10. Vide Chnnic^n & 

> Defcriptio. 14CVI a. 16 E VIII 5^. 


Hiftoria Ecclcfiaftica. 13 CIX. 

Foedera. 7 OXVI 2^. 13 B IX. X. 

18 BVI. 20 DX. Tir. BVI. 

Reges. 8B VI 7. 13 CI 4. DIL EIX. 


14 B V. VI. VIII. 

Angloram gefta. 13 BXVm. 
AtmiMtfS.) SCVIIao. . 
AotfDaUbttsak)7CIf»i4. fAXIVS. ufk 

XLV. EiiLXViL cxnt. rXHI. ,7 

ALV. idEVm. ipAV. aoBXVI|. 
Aaot Mater Virginia, i B X. 6 B XHIff. 

Army. 7 C XVII 6. F XIV 3, 9, 10, la, 14. 

Tit. BVI 10. 
Anftimus Archiep. Caot. a A 11 a4. CVI 2, 
. 4 BXi4r~»o. f A XIIai,a4. C III 16. 
V I— 10. EVf, 9. XIV I, I*,*, 7,9-^21. 

XX. XXI4-.11. FIX. 6AIirio. BX. 

XI16. DVIII. Ella. 7AI>', 6,7, II. II 

9. B IX 9—19. DXVII5, 8, ir. XXVI 8. 

8BI 3. DUIS. 17 CXVI2. 
Amichriftus. 6 A XI ^. 
Antidotarius. 1 a E XXUI 4. 
AntonicCS.)i7 CXVII7. 

Apocalypfis. a D XUl. jAXd.jrBVIt. 19 

Apolinaris (S.) 10 BXHj.* 
Apoftolorum Ada. B D XVm a . 
ApparitioSpeari. 13 EIX 7. tjAXX6. Oe- 

opatra. E IV 88. 
Apulion. la fi XX. 
Apulius (S.) 8 C VU ao. 
Aquavitx. 18 A VI 4. 
Aquinas (Tho.)« cm 8. 6B IX a. 9 B U 6, 

7. 8. C IV. V. E I. F IV. 1 1 CIV. laB 

XXIV 3. EXXy6. 17CXVI. 
Arabica lingua fcripri Codtcet. 16 A. B. 
Arator Pocta, 4^ XIV 13. 7 C VII 3. tf A 

Archidiaconi vifitatia. iaAX« 
Arethas(S.) 13BX. 
Aretinus (Franc.) 6 A X 13. 

(Leo) loB IX I r. 
Argallus (Job) 7 A XH 7. 8 BDC 
Argentaria Brttannica. i a E XII. 
Ariftoteles. j- C m 3. 4 F XIV 6. 9 A XIV 8. 
BII 10. EI. loCIX 3. laBXIVj. C 

iy4. VI3. XV 7. xxi.f,6. Dii. m. 

XIII 7. XIV. XV. E XV 4. XIX. FV. 

XIX. G II. m. IV 4. V. xm. 13 ai a. 

Va. CVIf. irC VI f. 16 C XXI. XXU. 
XXV. 18 A VII. on II. 17 EI-.- aoB 

Arithmctica. 8 F XII 8. la AXXII. 

Aroiory of NobUity. 18 C XVII. DII 8. 

Army. 7 F XIV. 14 BX. XX, XXX. XLI. 

Arnulfiis Ep. Ruff. 7 C Vm4. 

Arras (JohnoQ 18BII. 

Arcemidorus. 16 C XVI* 

Artemius (S.) 1 3 B X. 

Artillery. 1 7 A UII. LI V. 


I N D fe X. 

Aruoddl Familia. 14 9 XLT. 

. (Hcnf. Comes) 11 A XV. 

^J. Maria. 11 A III. IV. 

Afcham (Rog.) 18 B XXIV 1. 

Aftrologia. 11 CV. 1X5-. XI. SIV. XIII. 

Aftronomia. 8BXV8. laCIX. XVII. D VI. 

EII. XXV. If BIV 6. 17 AXXXII 1. 
Athanafius Archicpif Alexand. 1 A\T 5. f F 

II. 6 A VIII. BXin. E III 46. 9 AUI tf. 

BXII9, 11,13. 1301*. itfCIIj. 17 

Atheozus. 1 6 C XXIV. D X. 
Acheiftofidomifiiuin. 9 FI ). 
Athirton (EHz. «C Will.; 9 EIV 1. 
Aikinfon (Ant.) 17CIV: 
Atticus £p. Conftant. 4B rV4. 
Aubcrt (David) 16 G III. ijEV. 
Avercius (S.) 13 BX. 
Augudinus Bp. Hippo. 1 A XX 6. XXII i. 

C III If, a6, 27, 33, |6, 37, 38, 4^>4S* f J. 

r8,6i,67,74iSf,9f, 97. 3 BXVII. CXi. 

4 BIV. X13. XIV 7. 9. 24— lo. CIV. E 

m. s A. B. C. D. EIX f. XrV 3. XV. 

XVm. F XI a. XV 4. 6 A HI a— 6, 

11,11. IX 3. XI 7, 8. XII II, i|. Ein f, 

33,5-7. 7 AI 14. BIX a— 7. CI 16. Vn 

7. DXXVI6. EX9. Fn3, 4. XIV 8. 

8 BI4. CIX 7. ao. D VIII 4, 5-, 5, 19, ao. 

IX a. XII. E XIII 16. GVI4, II. 9A 

in 3. 10 A IX 3,7—10. X 3. CIX. 12 

EXXVio. 17 Fm. 14DI. aaBV9. 

Aviaiius( ) I f A vn 3. XXXI f. 
Aficcnna (Albohaly.) i a G VI. 
AVngcrvylc (Ric,) 1 5 C XVI a, 
Aurdius Ep. Carthag. 11 D IV a. 
Aurcoius (Pet.; a D XXXVI. 8GIII. 
Auftria (Doke of; 17 B XUII %. 19 BIX a, 

6. 14 AXV4. XVU8. 
Axiomtta. la AXXTV. 
Azo de Ramenghis. 9 C VI. 


Babion(Pct.) 8 A XI f . B XHF. 
Bacon (Sir Fr.) 17 ALVI. B La,4, f. 
*— (Sir Nic.) 1 7 A XXJU. 

(ftog.) 7 F VU a— 7,9* Vm. 8 F II j. 

.^Rob.) 7 A IX %. 

Baconihorp (Job.; ^ C VII. 11 C V. 
Baculus viatoris. 8 F VII 7 . 
Badoero (Fedrigo; 1 4 A XUI 8« 

Balletf. 17 DXV4; 8 AK ». VcjTj^fjA XXV 


Baptifmus. a A XXI i. 

Barbacius, 1 1 E V. 

Barbara (Hermohas.) 8 A III. 

— (S.)a AlVa. 

Barbaro (Jofipbat) 17 C X. 

Barlam (S.; laE 1 10. 


Baron CStq>h.; i a A XVI. 

Baronum Remonftrantiain R. H. 3. 8 Dili i a. 

Barrocios (Pet.) 1 1 C VII. 

Bartas(L.; 17 AXLI. 19 AXL 

Bartholomxus Brixieniis. 9 ClU. 11 DIX. 

— Florarius. 7 F XI. 9 EX. 

Mcdicus. laE VIII 6. 

Monacus Dunelm. $ F VII 7. ' 

— »Ep. Oxon. 8 Dili 2. 

(S.) 10 B XII 3. 

Barton CEliz.) Cleop. EIV 4f— ^3. 

Bafilius M. Ep.Cap. f EIV 3. FXf. XVI. 
7 DXVII If. XXI 6. 8DVIII16. F V c 
XIV 13. 10BIX7. 16CII3. 17 B 
XVIII. 16 EI. 

Baftardc (Tba; i a A XXXVI. XXXVH. 

Bath. 5 CXI 3. 

Bayfto (Guido de.; 9 F V. VIL 10 E I 3. 1 1 

BcaggefW.) 17 BX. 

Beard (Tho.) 1 7 D XVII. 

Beaver (Johannes.) a F VII. 

Beaugrand (; 16 E XL. 

Becket (Tho.) j- E IX 1 , 2. 9 A VIII o. 1 1 A I. 

13 A XIII. CVI4. E VI. 1X4. 
Beda Presbyter. rEV.d. VII, XIII 4. F VI. 

XVII. aC III 9, 10, la, 17, 30, 3a, 35•^)j9• 

41, 43, 44. 49, s%, ^4, f6, tf6, 7», 75-, 80, 

8i> 87,92, 93, 98. 2 A XII. 4 B in. X II. 

Xini. f AVII4. BVII^. 7-8. DXi5. 

17. 6 A IX 4. XIII tf, 7. B. XI 14, If. r 

DXXV4. 8O.VI9. iaDIV4.f,Fna. 

3,4- 13 AXI i—j-, 10. BXVm 2. CV. 

VII. If BXIXa, 7. Jul. A II. 
Bedemar (Marcheiidi.; 14 A XVIII to. 
Beelzebubus. 8 A XII a. 
Belet (Job.; 7 C VII 1. 
Bell (James; 17 CXXIX. 
— —(John; 18 A UU. 
Bellas 8c Alanus. 1 1 B XI. 
Bencorat (Theobyth; 11 C XVIII i. 
Benediaus (Renatus Andeg.) 8 A XII. 
— — (8.)^ A Xii. IFXV3. 7EVI}; 

10 A XIII. Vefp. A XXV 10. 
Beniamiii i^qkiceacQlttl. 8 FI4, 


Dentivoglio Arc. di Rliodi. 1 4 A XX i. 

Bercboria»(PwuiO 2 D III t. 

Berengarius £p: Tufcul.8 A IX 5. 9BXH 2/. 

Bergen op Zome. 18 A LXIII. 

Bcrnhardus Papienfis. 11 CVII i. 

Bernhardus S. Abbas Clareval. 1 A II 17. D 

XXVII. 4 B X f. XIV JO. f AVI 5,5. 

X I. VIII I*. XII3, 17,18,51. BXI2, 

3. cm 14. EIX4, r Fif. VII. XI 3,4. 

XV 7, 8. 5 B V4. XL EIII If, }i. 48» 
49. 7 C I 6, ij. II 4. DXV^ XVII 1, 
4,e. XXVI f. E Xi. 8 B I. VIII f, 8, 
CVII 9.10. Dili 16. FIV3. XIV 10, 
II, XV 1,3.4. G VI 7. 9 A XIV II. 10 B 
XIIi,3. iiAVf. 11EXXI5. 13AXIV 
9. EX1Q.15. hCIV/. I7CXVUI7. 
EIV3. 18 A VII 1. 
Bertrandus Cardinalis. 4 D IV i . 
Bible hiftoriale. 18DIX. X. 17 £ VII. ijD 


Biblia. i A.B.C.D.E. 
■ metrica 1 D XIV^— -XIX. 

Blaiius (S.) 8 C VII 10. 
Blaunpayn (Mic.)4 C XIU 7. 
Blcmmidas(Niccph.) 16 C XIV 3. 
Bluodevile(Tho.) 18AXLIII. 
Blundus (Robertus) 1 D XXX 3. 
Bocfacc (John) 1 8 B XXXI D II. IV. V. VI. 
VII. 16GV. 14EV. 19EI. 20CIV.V. 
BocthiusfAn. Manl. Torq. Sever.) f C III 11. 
8 B IV8. 9EXII f. 13 A XVIII 10. 1/ 
A VIII f. XXX. BUI. IX. i8AXin. 19 
A IV. loAXlX. 
Bohemia. 14 A XVIII 9. 
Bohun's Genealogy. 18 CI 4. 
Boiaoree ( ) 1 9 A X. B IX 9. 
Bo1ein(Q. Ann.) 18 A LXIV. 
Bolton (Ucredus) 6 DX 11. 
Bona Ventura Cardinalis. fCIIIi3,i9. 6 EIII 
8. 7A I 8.10DXVII1. 8BI1. vni6, 
7. loCXII. 11BIII4. 18 ex. 10 B 
Bonet (Honorc) ao C VIII. 
Bonjeu (Jaq. de) to A XX. 
Boni^cius Cant. Archiep. 9 B II 4, 1 1. 
Bonifacius Mogunt. Ep. /EXIIIf. i/BXIX 

8 Papa. 9 B XII 10. E 11. loCII. 
E I a. 14 CI 4. 
Boot(GodfToy.) 19 BIX 7. 
Borghefi Cardinali. 14 A XVIII 6. 
l^orough (Job.) 7 BX. 8 D I. 7 E V . 11 B 

Bofhana (H'rebertus de) 6 EIII 60, 
^Qilockc (Geo.) 17 B XXIV. 


BothwdROf. f9 BtX. ?. \ : -v 

Bouillon (Godfiroyde) 17 F V. fsEf. 

Bower (Walr.) 1 3 E X. 

Boxallus. 1 1 A XLIX. 

BradoQ (Henr.) 9 £ XV. 

Bradley (Humfr.) 14 A IX %: 

BradAiaw ( Rob.) 1 7 B XIII. ' 

Bragmannae. 7 A I 9. 


Braughcon(Hugo.) i-AIX. 

Bravirus. 6 B v I 3 . 

Brellinauna (Rob. de) 3 B IV. ' 

Brendani (S.) Vita. 8 EXVII xt. 

Breton f Nic.) 1 7 C XXXIV. 1 8 A LVD. 

Breviarium. lAX. XL XII 1. 8DXIV f. 

Bridlyngton (Job.; 8 C XVII. 

Brigitta (S.) 1 A XIV a. 7 CIX. 8 C VHio. 

Brimellus(IfrOii A LV. 

Brindanus(S.) 7 DXXVI. 

Briooaeus(Mart.)i Dili. 10 A IV. 

Britannias unio. 1 1 A UII. 

Britonum peccata. f A VI la. 

Brokers. 18 B XVIII. 

Bromyard (joh.) 7 E IV. 10 CX. 

Brun (Loys du) ao B XVII.. ^ 

Brunet ( ) 17 EI. 

Brut. (Joh. Lollardus.) loD X 3. 

Brutus 13 A XXI 3. 18 A IX. B III. IV. 

Buckingham (Duke) 7FXIV. 14 B XXXV. 

Bueil. ( ) 16FI. 

Building. 14 B IV. XXXIV. 

Buklxus (^Gul.) II A XXV. 

Bullenger (Hen.) 1 8 B XXVII. 

Burdens (Job. de) 1 3 E X 9. 

Burdon(Galf.) 7D XVI. 17 A X. 

Burleigh CWalt.) la,!!. SXVI 

8. FXIX. 
Burying-places of Kings. 18 D II 7. 
Butler (Tho.) 1 2 A Lf 
Butlerorum familia. 1 BXV 1. 18 CI 7. 
Butrius(Ant.)9 A XVI. F IX. 11 EX. 

Cadiz (Fundacion de) 14 A III. 

Caerlaon ( iiGI. 

Cacfar (Julius.; if C XV. 16 G VIII. 

Caefarius Ep. Ardat. 5'CV9. E IX d. FX i; 

4. 7 D XVII 11. 8 D VIII 10. F V6. 
Calaverac. Calig. A XVIII 1. 
Calcidius. iiBXXlI. 
Calderinus (Joh.) 10 B IX if. 
Calcndarium. iBVI.i D Xi. a AI.II4.nL 

IV. V. VIILX.XII. XIV. xviL xvni 

1 ND E X. 

4. xxn i. Bi.n. m. VL \Ti3. vin. 

X. XIV. XV. F Xi. 7 H IV. « C Vila. 
D VIII 1. FXII 9. pAXU. II evil. II 
CXVII. DIV. EXVI4, 7. ij-BXIXf. 
16CII }. 17 A XVI. C XV. Gilba A XXL 

CalthiUus fjac.) a D II. 

Calwardeby (Rob. de)) A VII 3. 

Cambrorum gefta. 18 C la. 

Camden (Will.) Tit. F XIV. 

CampaDeUa(Tho.; 14 A XVII 3. XX. 

Cancellariae Curia. 1 3 B 1 6. 

Caoubrigia. 8 D III ii. £ VII a. 

Cantia. 9 A II ap. Jul. C II. 

Cantor (Per. ParifieDfis.) 1 C VIII a. IX a. 3 A 

' X a.fFXVii. loCVa. 

Cantuarienfis Arcbiep. f B III 10. 13 E III. 

Capella fMart. Min. Feiiz.) 7 A III 7. ij- A 

Capua (Tho. de) i o B X a. 11 A XVII. 
Carodocus Lancarvanenfis. 13 B VIL 
Cardinalcs. 7FXIVa7. 
Carleton (Geo.) i a A XLIII. 
Carmclianus (Pet.^ la A XXIX. 
Carolus i.RexAnglix^. laAXII. LVII. LVIII. 


magnut. 4 C XI 10. 13 D 1 4. ij'E 

VI 3. 

f, Imperator. 14 A XIII 8. XXI i, 18. 
■ 6. Rex Gdlix. ao B VI. 
7, Rex Gallix. if EVI. 
8,RexGallig. aoClX. 
Caryc(Hcnr. & Phil.) la C X. 
Ci(nanu$(Joh.) 3 AXV a, 3. 7 AH. 8DXVI. 
Caffiodorus Senator, a F V. fA III 4. B VII! 

6. 6AlXa. 7DII4. CXII3. 8BXIX. 

10 B IV 6. XV. I J A XXI 7. C X. XIV* 

Caftellionius (Ph.Gualt.) 8 B IV 4. if A X. 
Catak>gusLibroruni. ^Dl, 6AV if. 

■Arabiconim. 1^ B XXV. 
Caihcrina fS.) laBXlV a. E I 7. 
ato. 7 A XII 8. 8 F 111. If A Vn. XXXI 3. 
Caxton(Wiil.;i7 DXXI. 
Celeftinus Papa. 9 B XIF ao. 
Ccffolis (Jac. dc) 1 1 B XXIII. 
Chabeam(Tho.dc)8FXlII. 11 AVI. 
Chabot (Jchan.) 19 A V 
Chambers (Rob.) 18 A LXIX. 
Chanfons 1 9 A III. ao A XVI. 
Charta Magna. 9 A I. II. VII. 10 A V. n A 

VIII. Tit. A VIII 3. 
Chaucer (Gcf.) 17 D VI. XV. 18CIL 
Chtcus(Job.) i^ClX. 

ChicJbeIc7(H.;7BXt; ii A U. 
Chilmark (Joh.) 11 B XIX. ' 

Chivalric. If E VI. 14 E II. 19 B fit. XVAL 
ao B I. XI. 

Choerobofcus (Geor.) 16 D XIV a. 
Chonchis (Gui. de; 9 A XIV 1 1. 
Chri(liana(S.) 10 B XII 3. 
Chriftianus 4, Rex Danix. la A LXIV. 
Ciiriftophorus (S.) a B I 4. 8 E XVII aa. 10 

Chriftus. a A XX 4. 6 E III 3. 7 C XII a. 
XVII a3. DXVII. 8 B VII. XV a. C 
VII 19. XV. G VI 8. 13 A XIV 10. DI 
10. EIX4. 17 A XXVI. XX VII 3. i^E 
V3. GUI. 19 B VI. GalbaAXXI 10. 
Chroniconab Adannad 1184. 4 B VII 4. 

■ i^8f. 13 D I 9. 
' - a d Chriftum. 14 B9. 

adR. H. 6, 14 B VIII. 

-ab Abraham ad 1 168, 13 C XI. 
-aBrutoadE3. 13 E IX 14. 
^ab A. D. 469ad ifia. 13 CI a. 
— «-io6^ ad 1068. 6 BXI 10. 

ad 1187. 8 E XVIII 2. 

ad 1377. I a C XII 7, 8. 

■a Chrifto ad 1 29a. 13 CI 1 a. 

■ Anglig ufoue ad 1600. 1*3 CI 13. 
Tit. B VI 13. G^ AXX a. XXI a. Vcfv, 

' - a Chrifto ad iao8. 13 Df 8. 

1393. 19 EIX I a. 

— — d'Angleterrc. if E IV. 14EIV. 19 
CIX. ao A III a. XVIII. 

de la grand Bretaigne. if E V. 

Chronicon de Burgues. 1 9 E v I . 

-de Flandres ju^u' a I'aa 1347. 16 P 


Ill 17. 

Judaex Regum. 1 3 CX 3. 

de Normandie. if E VI la. f9BXIV. 

dePife. 16 G I. 

Regum An^iae. i^ C I 10. Tib. A 

-de Roys de France. 16 G VI. ao Q 


Chryfologus (Tet.)8 DXXU. 
ChryropoIitantts(Zach.) 4 D XIL E IV. 
Chryfoftomus (Job.) 3 B VU. 5 AX4. XII 4 

-*i8. BXV3. C VI 18— .ao, FXIV. 6 A 

X. XU. CV. DIV. 8EXVUr3; 18 C 

Churchyard (Tho.) 1 7 B VII. 
Cicero (Marc. Tul.) 4 B X 1 > . 8 C I V 4. i f A 

VI. VIII. X a. XIV. XX. XXVI. B XVv ' 

ClXf. XI. 

CiccRrix Decanatui, f C III 17. 

Bbt Ckifa 


I N D £ X. 


Cipro Ifoli. 14 A XIII to. 


Ciftac publicae 1 CI. 3 EVIL fBIV. 6C 

IX. 7E V. 9BVni. 10 EV. 
Ciftcrcienfis Ordo. 7 D XV 3, 4. Aug. II 1 1|, 

110, 117, 128. 
Cite des Dames. 1 9 A XIX. 
Civitatcs Mandi. 13 D 1 1 1. 
Clapham (Henoch) 18 A XIX. 
Clare ( Tit. A VUI 4. 
Claudianus(a.) ij* AVU 6. 
Claudius (S.) 4 D VII 6. 8 C VII 10. 

Scotut. 1 ex. 4C VIII. 
Cleland (James.) 17 BXIX. 16EXXXVIU. 
Clemens Alexandrinus. 1 6 DXVII. 
Papa 3. 10 A II 4. X a. 
4. 10 D VII 4. 
5*. II CXI. 
Presbyter Lanthonknfis. 1 D V. 3 A X. 

Romanus. 6 6 XIV. 11 D IV 4. 

Cleopatra, a Tragedy. 18 C VII. 

Clergies non-reudence. 17 BXXXV. 

■ ■ ■ Privilcgct. 10 A II 3. i^ BXIX 11. 17 

AX. cm. 

GufinusEp. (Franc.) 10 B IX 16. 

Cbafts defence. 18 A LXXVIII. 

Cobham (Tho.) 1 1 A 1 1. 

Cock(Hen.)i8 A XXVIII. 

Codinus (Gcor.) 16 CXIV 2. XVIII 1. 

Colaflxus (Hier.) 8 AXVI. la D V. 16 £ 

Colbrandfjaroes.) 17 A L. 
Conenucius (Pand)iiC VIII. 
Collynwood CR«d.)3DI. 
Colonix 3 Reges. 8 F XII 6. 
Colores. ii B XXV if. E XV3. 
Colainba(S.) 8 D IX. 
Co]unino(Guidode) laDUIi. 16FIX. 13C 

XII. iyCXVl4.^ 
Coaicftor (Pet.) 1 C I. 3 A XI. D VI. 4 D 

VJI. f A IX I. 7 A X. BVI. CJIa. VII 

6. Fill. X. 8 A Vm. DXIV4. XV. FI 

3. 10 A IV. 17 E VII. 15 DI. III. 19D 

11 VII. 

Comets. 7 A XII I . 

Commandments, in old Eoglifk. i A X 3. 
Commidioners Ecdeiiaftical. 17 BV. 
Common-Place Book of Law. 17 A XLV. B 


Prayer Book, ao A XIV. 
Compafs (Mariners.) xo B VII. 
Compotus. 1 DVIy. 7CXVir. F XIV. 8 D 

XIV 1. 1 1 A XVIII a. B ill 8. laE XVI 

7. FII. XIX f. If AX4: 18CXIV. Gal- 

Concilia. fB III 9. E XII 1. XIUj'. 6 A 

XUI3. fiXV|4j-. CU3. yDXXin. F 


loAVIII 8. BlVf. CI. DVa. iiAI 

6. BV 4. f .6. D IV 3, 6, 8, 10. VUI. 16 

Concordantia Bibliorum. 3 Bill. 4 EV. e C 

lllf, 17 BL 

Evangelilhrum. 3 B VIII. XVIf. 

4 D XII. E IV. 7 A I, Vefo. D XXIII c. 
Confeilio. 8 D XV 1. E XVII. 18 A ^3. 

Vefp. A XXV f . 
Coninghtmfjac.) i» AV. 
Conjurttio papiftici. 1 a A LII. 1 7 B XIX. 
pulvcrci. I a A XVII. XVHI. XIX. 

Conftanf(Jehaii.)ao AVI. 
Conftantinopolis. 14AXIIL 
Conftantinus Cyrus. 16 C VII. 

Magnnt. i A XVI 1. 4 D VII 7. 

9B XHy. M DIV7. 17CXI. 
•Montchus. I a B XVI. 

Conftitutiontt Promciales. 9 A XIII. BIL 11 

BX3. Videetiam G^iTiA. 
Con?ocatio Ebor. 7 FXIV a9. 
Conus Florendiittt. if C XIII a. 
Contra^lus (Herm.) if BIX »• 
Cook (Rob.; 1 8 C XVI. 
Coortcfius(Ric.) 8 DVU. 
Copper Plates. Fo. 346. 
Copy Book. 1 7 A XXVffl. i a D XVI. «8 C 

XIX. 16CXL. 14 A I. XVL 
Corbctiion (Jean.) 17 fi III. 
Coriothut. U DXII d. 
Coiiirtb(Wii.) 18 0114. 
Cornutus (Anncus.) if B XIX 16. 
Cornwal and De^oofiiire Artides. 18 B XL 
Coronationis tnodus. la D.III 6. 14 C VI 4. 
Corredofius Bibliorum. i A Villi. 
Coftcr (Pedro de) 1 4 A XXII. 
Cotton (Barth.) Claud. C V 4, f Sc 6. 

(Sir Rob.) 18 B XXIV 4. Tit. BVI a3, 

Council Book of Ed, vi. 18CXXIV. 

Order. 1 7 C XVII a7. 

Cowton (Rob.) 1 1 B I. Vf . 
Coyo. 7FXIV11. 17 B XXIX. 18 CXX. 
Cracovia (Mit. dc)6Eni fi. 10 B IX 14. 
Cranmerus (Tho. Arclricp.) 7 B XI. XII. i a B 

I 3. VoTpaf. A XXV a. 
Crafluw(Wil.)i7B IX. 
Creed. Vide Sjfmbolum. 
Crcfcences (Pierre de) 14 E VI. 



Crifptaus & CrirplttaoQs. 8 C VII %o. 

Cromwcll(Lord.)7C XVII ij*. 

Crocilde Regina. 14 A XIX i. 

Crown-L4iiuls. 1 7 C IV. 

Crucis ia?entio. 6 A II i. 7 AXI x. 8 D 

Curio CCaelittS fecundus) 17 C IX. 
Curlaukiiae Dux Wil. 9 E V. 
Curfc (Cfeimtc.) 17 F I, i jD IV. ao C III. 
Curtun ( E XIV. 
Cuthbcrius(^S.;8CVII 10. 
Cttttingc f Will J his WUl. 7 F XIV 4. 
Cyprianus Ep. Carth. f E XIII 1. 6 B XV. E 

11126,27,18. 8CIX8. D VIII 17. F 

XIV If. 
CynllusEp. Hieroibl. 6 E III $8. ioBV7. 


Dachuj CAug.) iaBXXrV7. 
Dackombc (>.; 18 A XXX. XXXVI. 
Damafccnut(Joh.)f DXia. 6 B XIII. 7 BIX 

8. 11 B XXV 4. 
DamafusPapa. 9 B XII i/, 16, 17. ii D IV 

Damianus (Pctrus.) f E XX 1. 
Damlips (Adim.) 7 C XVI ay. 
Danchcrcs (Dan.) 16 £ XXXIII. 

Daniel (Hen.) 17 I^ I- 

.. Propheta. j A VIII, 

— (Rich.) 8 CXIX. 

(Sim.) 18 A LXxn. 

Dardcnnc(Hcrolt.) if E VIS. 

Dares Phrygius. 6 C VHI 2. loAX 6. ij A 

V4. If AXXn 1. BXI3. 
Darreford Ecdefia. f E J. 
David Ep. Wallix. i) CI 14. 
D'aymont. 16 G II. 
Decretalcs Litcrae.9 AXIV, XVI.B H 1 a. XII tf. 

8. CI. II. E XIV f. FII. V, Vn. 10 An. 

X 9. Bivj. xvn. cm. xiu. div. 
V. VII. EI. IV. V. VI. u 

BVIII. CVn. DlVf,^. Va, J,4. tvu. 

DoeCEdm.) 18 A XXVII. 


Definitiooes. if B XIX f . 
Dcidoacniis ( ) 1 3 A VHI. 
DelMius(GuaI.) 7 D XX. S B II. 1 a A XXJOI. 

Dcoictrittf (S.) 13 BX. 
Deo Hoh. de) f A I 9. .8 D HI 6, 7. fA 

Deodegarius (S.) 8C VII ap. 
. j>efidirrius. 7 A XII a. 
Devonlhire 8c Cornwall Articles. 1 8 B XI. 

Dial. 17 A V. XXXm. MQlVjir.^ 
Dialeaica. loC VI 1.. 
Diceto (Rid. dO i) &VI a, 3. 
Diaamina. 8 A X. 
Didionarium. 10 BIX '3* 
Didimus Alexandrinus. f BVII 3. 
Dies Dominicuf . 8 F VI 3 . 
— Judicii. i3DIi4. 

DietaSalutis. 7 DXXU. 
Dindioius. 6 £ III 3f . 7 A ][ «. 

DioQvliiuAlezand. i^ AXKII). BXf. i4C 


-Areop. f DX 13— iB. 7B IX. 

-Carth. aAlIaB. 

<S.; la EI9. 

-Tbraz. 16 P XrV3, 4. 

Difcipulorum 7 a oomiiia. 13 C I f . 
Divortium. 10 B I. 
I>ockiage(Tho.) 3 B XH. 
Donatus (Aelius.) if BIV 3. 

(S.J 10 BXIIt. 
Dormientes feptem. 10 B XII 3. 
Dorothsea (S.)a A XVIII 10. 
Dowdall/John.; 18 ALVI. 
DudlaBus(Joh. Dux NorthuoibHc.) laAXKVI. 
Pudo Neuftrivs. 138X17. 
Punbdtone (Job.) 10 B XIV. 
Duncant. if AXXXIU. 
DunsScotus (Joh.) 8 G VIII a. 
Dunftanus, Cant. Arch, ip A XIII. A«g. IL fi. 
Durandus de S. Portiano. 9 £ XHI. 
Diirancz(Gul.)8DXIVj'. loDII. 11 Cl^Ia- 

Ecclefia Anglicaflui i^fbrmat^. Qeop. ^V. 

■ >!■ ds Bridlington. 9 B IX4. 

' Cantuar. f Bill 16. 1 3 £ flL Aug. tl 

■ Dodyngton. 1 3 B I a. 
Rhemenfis. 11 BXIII a. 

—— — de Wallmgford. f f X 9. 
■- de Warwic. 6pVn6. 

Wigorn. 7 F XIV ^8; Vityi, D ¥U 3^. 

Ecdeivr P^dicaMo. > A XH /. 8 C V% at . 
■■■■ „ n rnV ifyztio. 3^ XU xp. 


I ■■ I * >» J*Mg>. i-o A^4. 

Cclypfis. J.8AXI9- 

Edroundus. Cant. Arch, a DYX(^. 8 C VII ao. 
FXIVIi. 48AX4. . 
~-(S.) 1 A J[I af , ^AVI8. CIIIt3. 7 
1 4. BCVHao. iaC«l3. ^^t. A 

VIII 4. 



fiawaiaaf IUf,Coirfcflbr. <BIX 4.8 C VII %q. 

FVII4- «BCl9. 
^ J, Rex. 13BXI. 

_ ;-6,Rex. 12AVlI.XXXin.LlV. 17 

^ ■ OxoDiaifis. 11 G IV 9. 

Egcrton f L. Keeper) 1 7 B L j. 
Egeiippus. 1 3 C X 1. !▲ C VIII. 
ffridius Romanus. 9B III. 
EBar (John.) 18 A XXXVIU. 
Elcemofynt' 7 A VII i. 
Elizabedia Regina. 11 A Vin. XXHI. XXX. 

XXXI. xxxvm. xu. xuii. xlvii. 


i8 A XLVI. LXVIII. 14AIV. Tit. B VI 18. 

— Liteige. 13BI. 


Elucidarium. 7 D I. 8 C VIII. 11 A VII. if 

AXX7. DII. 19CXI7. 
Ely Bithops. 18 CI 6. 

Monaftery. 1BCI3. 

Einpiricus (Scxtus) 16 D XIII, 

Encurt (Gul.) 8 F II 1. 

Engines. 18 A XXI. 

Englilh Books. 17 A. B.C. D. 18 A. B.C. D. 

•——Language. 17AXI. C VII. 

Enoc. f E XII 1 6. 

Ephraem Syrus. y A VH 1. EIII l. F X 6. tf 

£11134. 8F V4,6. 
Epiaetus. i6C XIX. 
Epigrammara. i f B XIX. B. 
Epiaiachas(SJ 13 B X. 
Epiphanius, Ep.Cypri. 6 C XI ^4. 16CII 3. 
Epifcopi eleftk). 7 FXIV 18. 11 B V7. C 

V. 14 A XXI 13. 

Epifcoporum oomiaa. 13 C 1 3. EX 4. 17 B 


Epitaphium. 3 A XI. 14 C IX. 
Srafmus(De(id. Roter.; 17 AXLVI.XLIX. i^ 

£rdaviriph-naina.'i6BI. II. 
Erdyngton Pcebcnd. Salop. 9F I a. 
Efcheodcn (Joh.) 12 FXVII }. 
£ilex(Earl.) 17 BL. 
Eton. (Pha.) 8 B VI 14. 
E?angclia Lat. i A XIII. XVIII. B VII. X 9. 



VI. IX. F IV. 3 AX7. B V. ex. XL E 
VI y. aoAXIII. 

■: ■ Saxonice. 1 A XIV. B IX. 
." " ' . Tabulae jnea. i BX 9. 

Eobnlkii (Mcdioatiit.) 8 F Vm f. 

Eucherins, Logd. Ep. f BlXf. FXi. 8K 

XII f. 
Eudides. lyAXXVU. 
EupbroCoa (S.) 9 A XIV 14. 
Eure(SirWm.)7 C XVI 11, 12. 
Euripides, ly AIX 2. 
Eufebius Emiflenus. y A IX 7. F X a. 6 BDL 

EUIytf. 8BXIV. D VIII 11. EXn r. 

- Medtol. Ep. 7 A II y. 

Pamphilm. i A XVIII 1,13. B 

VIL DIU. EVIy. tBIIi, ioB XHi. 

u E VL 12 C XXIII y, 13 B IV. V. C 

VUa. XL 14 cm. 16DXII2. 
Enftatbius, Arcbiep. Antioc. 16 D XVm 3. 
Eutbaliua Diacoous. 1 B I 2. 
Etttropiuf. 1 3 CIV. i/BXVI. CVI2. 
Excoinrounicario. 11 B. X 2. 
Exoo. (Hen. Marcbio; 7 F XIV 26. 
Exorcilini. 16 C II 2. 
Expofitio Verborum Aati^orooi, 9 A II 30. 
ExtordoDS. 14 BXXI. 

Fabtao. Cbud.CXI. 

Fabnlae moraliracae. & F Vltf. G II 2. ir B 

XIX ly. 
Fawiec (Jobo.; 1 7 B XUL 
Fecname (Mr. D.) 7 B XI 21. 
Fees at Rome. 12 E XVI 9. 
Fci!d(Tbeopb.) 12 A XXXIX. XL. 
Felicitas(S.;8C Vn 20. 
Felix, Papa IL 9 B XII la. 

m. 9BXII22. 

IV. 9BXII22, 


Pelton (Joh.)8BXU. 

(Tbo.) 1 7 A IV. 

Fcrrara. 14 A XIII 18, 19. XV 3,y. 

Ferrerius (Vincenttus Monacbus.)7 C X. 

Fcrrour (John.) 18 A XXIV. 

Fidele (Vincenzo.) 14 A XXI 19. 

Fides Catholica. Vide SymSolum, 

Fides (S.) 8 C VII. 10. 

Finesfaai. 7 FXIV 18. 14 B.VIL 17 A IV. 

Fiorenza. 14 AXIII 17, 19. XV 6. XXI 19. 

Fire Works. 17 A XVIII 3. CXXXV. 

Filber ( )ioB VIL 

Fitz Allen (Hcnr. Earl of Arundel.) 17 A IX. 


2. Tit. B VI 14, 15,16. 
Flocellus Martyr. yE V 10. 
Flos Thcologise. 8 C VIII a. XVI 2. 
Flud(Rob.)i2B Vm. CIL 


i 4 

I N D E X. 

F«lioth fGflb.) 1 E VII 1. 
ForduD (John.) 13 £ X. 
Forcft(WiD.)i7A XXI. Dili. iSCXIII. 
Forcftx. 7 C XVII4. i 3 E II. i* B XKXVI. 

Formulae Litcrarum, &c. ■ loBTX. ti A IX. 

XI. iiDXt. EXIV. i7BXLVUa. 20 

Forfter(Ric.) 1 1 B XI. E II. 
Fortefcuc (Sir John.) 1 7 D XV |. 
Fortification, ao £ X. 
FortrdTc dc la Foy. 17 F VI. 19E IV. 
Fonuitorura Ludus. 8 B VI a. 
Franc (Martin Ic.; 16 F rV. 
Franciz fbedera. io D X. 18 B VI. 14 A XIII 

ia,i3. Tit. FXIV. 

Romori. 14AXX9. 

Regeg. 7BV1. ij A XXXIII a. C 

I f. EX II. 10 Dvni. X. E I. II. m. 

IV. V. VI. Galba A XXI. 7. 
Francifcus (S.; 8 C VII ao. GVI to. 16 £ 

Fratres mendicantes. Veip. D XXIII 4. 
■ minores. a A II a 9. 
Fredericus Impcrator. I. 9 B XII a. 
-II. loBX. 

Princeps Bohemix. i a A XXVII. 
FrobiOj»( ) 17 CXVUi8. 
Frpiilart (Jean.; 18 £ I. II. 14 DU. III. IV. 

V. VI. 
Frontinus (Sex. Jul.) 1 2 C XXI. 
FulbertusCarnot. Ep. f A XUI 6> 8, 9. E V 2, 

3. 6AXII 14,15', 16. iiAXa. 
Fulchcrius. f BXVf. 
Fulgeotius (Placiades. j laEXIj. 

Rvifpcnfii Ep. a C in 88. f %m 

I, a. 6 A V. 7 CI 17. DU*. 
Fundis (Job. Paulus dc}8 E VII 4. 
Furmenterie (Gul. de) 8 C XVI 3. 
Fari«08(S.) f AJVU 4. 8 GVI 13. 
Farcareaitts(LttdoTicus.) 8 A III 2. 

Gagerius (Gol.) 12 ALIX. 

Galcnus. la BXII3. CXVa, 3, 4. DXIII 

J[, II. EXXa.Fffl. 16CXI. 
fridas Abbas Burtonix. ifBIVi*. 

Monumctenfis. 4 CXI 8. loAVm 
3. 13 AIU. Vj-. Dlf. II4. V. 14 CI 
7. ij-CXVIf. Tit. CXVffl. 
■ ■ — Trancpfis. 10 CI 10. 
_ Vitcrbicnfis. 8 GV. 

Gandavo (Sim de) f CUI if. 
Garcias (Fortunius.)9CI 4. 
GarlaiKUtts (Joh.) 8 C IV a^. 

Garcoigne(Gco.)i8 ALXT. ^ 

~ (P.) 18A XLvm. 

Gclaiius Papa. 9 BXII ia. 
Gcncalogia Bobun familiz. 18CI4. 

Brandon (Williclmi)l8 C I. 

— Butlerorum. 18CI7. 

Newmarch ^Bcmardi.) 1 8 C 1 4. 

Patriarcharum. 8C IX. 

Pcrfeioruna. 18 D. II 9. 

Reginarum Angliz. 1 6 C XXXVI. 

Regum Anglix. 18 C XVII. XX 

a. DII 8. 16 E XXXVI. 20 A II. CVI 


-^Varioram. 18 CI 10. 

Genefis. 2 F XUI. 3 C U. E I. VUI. 4 A U. 

Geniiadius Presb. Maffilienfis. f B III 8. VIII 

/. 13 AXXI f. 

Scholarittf, Fatriarcba Coofttnt. 16 

C I3. 
Genoua. 14 A XX 3. 
Gentilis (Albericus.) 1 1 A IV. 
Geograpbia. laAXXXIV 3. E XXV 18. 14 

CV. t6AXU. 18 D III. 
Geomanttct. i a C XVI. 
Georgius ("S.) aB^I 4. 9 A XIV 10. 
Germania. 14 A XX 10. 
Germaous (S.) 8 C VUao. 10 BXII 3. 
Gcrrard (Phil.; 1 7 B XL. 
Gervafius, Presb. Ciceft. 3 B X. 
Gibfon (Will.) 1 8 B XXVU. 
Gilbertus, Abbas Wedmon. 5-E VI4. 
■■ E pife. Loud. % D XXXU a.*] 


■ T hcologus, 9 A X. ^ 

GildasSapiens. i3&VUa. XV. DV 2. 
Giolo (Prince.; 16 B XVII. 
Giraldus ambr. (Sil?efter.) 13 A XIV 2. B 

Girirdut( ;iaEVn2. 
Glamorgan. 18 CI 8. 
Gloceftrix Abbas. 8 A XXI i f . 
Glover (Rob.) 1 8 C XVU. Tib. D X. 
— — Tho) 17BXVI. 
Godefridus Subdiac. 11 BVs* 

_— Viterb. 14 CXI. 

GodericusCS. Hereroita.)5'F VII 7. 

Godwyn(Fra.) 17BXXU. 

Goma(Mat.) i6fiX^X. 

Goroccefter. Aug. II 1 29. 

GonneOc (Nic.) 18 E UI. IV. 17F IV. 

Good (Tho.) 3 BXII. 

Gordon (Joh.) 7 D XII. 8 A XX. 12 A XXVII. 

17 A LI. CL II. 

Ccc GoriiQV 


Gorram (Nic. dc) i C V. 9 B IV. 

Gowcr(John.) 18 C XXII. 

Cowries G>arpiracy. 1 7 B XIX. 

Graal (Sc.) 14 EUI. 19BVII. CXII. XJII. 

10 B Vm. CVI. D III. IV. 
Gracilis (Petrus.) 10 A I. 
Grxca Ljfi^a icripci Codioei. 16 CD. 
Grammacica. / A IV4. 6 C VI a. 8 C lU 

f. IX II. 11 B I. CXV9. £ VI. FIV. 

XVIU. CXII. I) A IV. 1^ A XXXI 6. B 

I. IV. XXU. 16DXIV. 17AXL C 

xviij. i^Eviixxvn. 

Grandifoae.- a A XVIII i. 

Gratiaous Monacbui. 9 C lU. F VI. 10 A III. 

CIV.D vm. 11 DIL DC. 
Gravefcnd. 14 B XXXIV. 
Gmre&adt (Ric. dc) a F XII. 
Green (John.) 7 C XVI 14. 
Greflons/Niaephorpa.) 1 6 C XII a. 
Gre«>rias, Naziao. T £ XVII. XXH. if DV. 

1— Ncoceiar. Ep. 16 C V. 

-Nyflenus. liCV. XV. DI. XI. 


Papa I. aCIlI 1— f, U»7^97}* 77. 

79. 8^9l,94.9<• DXXIX. |AV.CIV. 
4 BI. f EII. V d. XII a. F V ». 6 AOI 

9. VII. xin. B I . D. in. V. CH. VI a. 

VIL X. DVU. £rv. 7 B I a. FXIV a. 
9BXUaa. if DV. aoDY. 
U. 9 B XII aa. 

.vn. 6CVn4. 

-IX. 10 DVU. B IX. 
-X. loOVUt. 9 CI 5. 

-xv. 14 A xvxn. 

-Sabia. £p. 9 B XII 3. 
-Turo«. Ep. f BVn f. 

Grenborough(Job. du) m G IV S. 


Grcy(Cath.) Fauik. A XI. 

Grimoaldus (N'lc.) 1 2 A XLVI. 

Grifildes. 11 C XX 4, 19.C VH a. 

Groftcd(Rob. Ep. Lioc.) 4 D VTtt f. 4^ f A 
XU54. cm 9, 10. FXVf. 6EV. 7 A 
1X2. DXV. En f— 8. FIIl,a,^4,7. 
8CIV, DIV8. EXVlIii. G n. iiBUI 

7. 10. 11 DVII ^ a XXI f. XXV M. F 

XV 4. Vcfp, DXXUIi.9. 
Guarinus Veroocniis. 10 B IX lO^ 
Guerncfey (Infula.) 13 Bl^f. 
Guevara 11 G IX 2. 
Guido, Kb^is S. DionifiL 1 ^ D IX. 
■ Ml >iMfcntoneDris. 8 BIX 1. 
GuiUermui THpolicanus. B D IV a. VI 3^ E 

III. FII. 1} CVI 7. 

Guimuadus Averfanas. f F XII a. 7 A Illr 

GuKcke Town. 1 7 B XXXII. 
GalielfDaa Altiifiodoreofis. 8G IV ). 

Antidotenfis. 9 BV. 

lincokuae CtnGcUariui. to A VIL 


MalmsbarieQfii. 1} B XVII. XIX 

D n a,a. V4.7. 

artfionfii Ep. 6 EIIIo. 17, aa. 

8DX. EXI. F.Xmi, 

-Rei CoBqiieftor. f) AXVIII|. C 
Mflitnni gut Uomkm. 8 B 

II f. 

VIS. ijEIX. 14 BI. 

RhievaUcnfia. i| BIX. 

Gun-powder. 17 A XXXI 4^ 
Gonter(Kdni.) 17 A XXXVm. 
GovfeCQatdiui 0O18 B XXIX. 
Gylci (M.;a E VHI. 


Hackluyt (Ric.; laG XIU. 


Haitonus CXII i. 14 dV. 

Ibks.CAIcf.dc) 9 B XI. 

——{ iBXII. 

Hall (Arthttr.; 18 A LXXIV. 

— 0»«> 17AXLVIIL 

— ( ) 18 era. 

Hamond (Chr.) 1 7 A VL 
Hampole(Ric.cle)rCIII ai. %t^ 
HansTowvs. Tit. B VI n. 
HardcbyCGatf.)8FXH 1. 
Hare (Job.) i7CVn. 
Harpocrario. 1^ C XVII. 
Harpsfcldiua (NicoL) 13 C XUI. 
Harlhet(Sa«.)a7 C XXV. 

Hatci!fir(wii.)i8c xrv. 

Hay (Jer. dcla) 17AXXVUL 
Havmo. 3 AIII. 4CX. 
Hebrajca Linguafcripct Cod. 16A; 
Hegefippuf. Vide-g^ppai. 
Hemetes the Haoiite. 18 A XLVItl. 
HenricusRexI. tf AVIa. 

■ I I. 16 cxu. 

DI6. TituaAVnift. 

III. ir PXVu »Dmia. 13 

V. ifDVIf. 




•Vin. I C XVILFXEV. laA 


I K D E X. 

IX. X. XIV. LXm. B Yt. XfV. i6C X. 
17CXXX. Tit. AXUI. 

.Ill GaUix. i4AXni 12. 

-IV Giitix. 16 E XIJ. 19 D Vlir. 

Tit. F.XIV 6. 

^Princcps Wi?lT«. ti A \a. XXVIIt. 

LV.14BXVI. 17CXXX/. 16 E XXXVIIf. 
. I .. ■■— Huitttntdpn. ArchidJacoQus. 13 A 

Salt^. Mmiacts. 9 A XIV 9. 

T^rnicedfif Archid. 1 1 C X. 

Herachdet appad. Ep. f F V |. 8 VKI 8. 

Poftrieos. 16CXVII1. 

Hcrtkirie. 20BXVI. 
HerbarioA^. i» F X t. 
Herbert (Ltitd) t8 A XX. 
Hercules. 17 E II. 
HerefOfdenfis EccleQa. 10 A XI t. 

i ^ Ep.(Tho.)8C VII to. 

n«riAg(Fr.; 11 AXVII. XVIII. XIX. 
Han]ieas(Amcnoiliuf.|i6 D XIV 7. 
Hermes. II C XVIII 6. EXXV 10. 
Hermogenes. 16 DXII6. 
Hcfain (Sim.) 18 E IH. IV. 17 FIV. 
Hefychius Presb. Hiercrs.i F II i. 
Hibernia. 14CVIC. 18 CXV. 
Hic^El^phica. 11 CHI. Clt^. BXI. 
HieronyilitMi Presb. SOrHloiienfls. 1 C III 8, 18. 

ft, 76.78. Dxxxm. Exm. xrv. ib 

I 2. XVI. 4. A XIV. on. XI. f A XII 

±0. B vm f . CIV »8, 19. D a tt^tf. 

E vm I. F V 2,4, f. 6 AIII 8. B IV. X 
1, 3, 4. C XI. Dl. n. III. VI », ^ E 
III 2, 16. 36,44: 8 AXIf«4. CVI. 1X6. 
10 E Xlil i. It. t> A XXI 4. C IV 8. 
XI 2. i4CIII>. i8AX^. 
Uiet^MmM BeUan. r^ C X. 

> Ddcfiytia. 9AXIV ly, 


Higden(EUn. Cettr.) r^ A XVII 2. CI. 1112. 
D I. E. I. IX If. I4^C1X. XIL XUL 

miflriutf PafMi. 9 hym tx. 

Piaav. Ep. 7 A II 10, 
rii1ama(S.; 1} B X. 
Hildebertus Cerfdm. Ep. 4 B XIV 14^ 7 A IV. 

D XVII 14. ^B Ivj. D VttI t. f^QW 

6. If AXXXH t. 
Hildefonfus. 6 B X r^B, 
Hkie»iees (I.) 8 C VII 3. 
Mlpedctit. I y F IL 
Hilton (Wil.; 17 C XVIII 6. 
Hippocratei Cons. 8 CIVit, if. i^i BXII4, 

f. XVIHy. DXffi4,f. EVIET. XX. 16 

C XVI 2. 

lia. 14 A xmp.XVII 5*. 10. XX. 

Hifpaniae Bellum. ri. A IX 2.X. XI. XXl u 
4. 7 C XVI 28. 

Foedera. 200X7,8. i4A3tlitlb. 
Hifpanus('P.)i3A Vil6. 
Hiftoire de 12 Celars. 17 FII. 
de St. Graal. 14 E HI. .19 B Vfl. 

cxii. xiu. 20B vm. cvi. pni. iy. 

dcs Roys dc France. i6GVi. 20 C 

du Roy d'Indc. ao B Vj*. 
(Flcursde; 18EVI. i6FVI. VH- 


■Scolafliqoe. ifOLlfl. iilYTtl.iS 
blX. X. E V. 19 Oil-— VII. 
Hiftoria Anglictiia aftueadA.D. 1200. 13 B 

■ "lyg ■ ^ I • I I T ■ I » • > I 1289. 13 C 

VI 2. 

. ^H.3. 13 AXVni7. 

ab A. i3oyad 1343. 13AXVIII4. 
■ a Brato ad W. z. 1 3 A XXI 3. 

aW.i.adH. #. i3AXli. 

Britaimix, 13 B VI. 18 A XXXVII. 

— — Imperatofum Ramanortrm. 13 AH. 

*Romanorum. 13 C I9. 20C I. 
^—^Scotiie. i|E X. 17 D XX. 
»«_Unirer&lli. i| C I if. E VII. 14 A 
XXI 6. »oDI. Tit. B VI. 
-—of the holy War. 1 8 B XXV. 

>Excerpta ex )ofepboi£ufebio8cJaftiae. 

13 CIV 3. 

j-VctcriTeft, 13 CIV 4. 

Hobart^'Lord Hen.) 17 BL4. 
Hoclcvc(Tho.) 17 C XIV. DVI. XVffl. 

Holand (David.) 1 1 A LXXV. 
Holcote (Rot) ) 2 D IV 4. F Vll a. f FXIV 

a.f. 6Emff. 7DXXU. 8FXIVf. !• 

mUefAbfs. 148X1^. ^ . 

Hottiltds. 7C VU f. 18 BXXHI. X^V. 
Hon6fto Augttft. £^6EU3. 8 FVlUa. 
Hooke(^Hefl.} 17 B XI. 
Hopeman ( )^4 A I. 

m^Moiki ^»7AXIJII. 

Hopper (T.) 17 B XXL 18 A UI. 16 EXIX. 
HoraeB.Mariae. 2AI 3^II88cc. IV 3. 7 A 

VII. VIII t. IX 2. XVn a. XVIII f . XIX. 

B XV 4. 

S. Cracif. 2 A I 2. II tp, 12 B I 8. 
S. Franciici 6c Katertnc 2 All 21. 
Horatius (Q. ¥\^.)^ ? VU 1. ifBVIi. lA 

Hofkini(Mark.) iSALXXm. 



HoftienfisC )ioE V.VI. VH. 
HoTcden CJoh.) 7 C XV. 
Howden (Rog.) 13 A VI. 14 C II. 

HoTcden CJoh.) 7 C XV. 
;Rog. _ - 
Hubert, alias Paris ('Nic.) 19 B 1X8. 

Hugo Carnifix Prior. 8 F I f . 

Lincoln. Ep. i j A IV i. 
■ Parificnfis. f BI 9, 10. 

Prior S. Laurentii. 7 A V* 

(s.;8cvii 10. 

Haiccus. 1 1 A XXXVUI. 

Humbertus. f A V6. 

Hume (Alex.) 17 A XL 

Humfridtts, Praeceotor Roffen(is. fBIV. XIL 

CI. D m. 6 A 1. B VI. DV. 8 DXVL 
Hungaria 8 A IV a. 
Hunnyroao (Tho.) 18 ALXVII. 
Hanidoa (Lord.) 18 CXXI 8. 
Hunting. 17 A LV. B U. XU. DIV. XIL 

Huntingdon. 8 D III i ;. Aug. II ap. 
Hutchinfon (Rog.) 1 7 B XIL 
Hybcrdincf ) Vcfoas. A XXV 7. 
Hyginus (C. Julius) i x C IV. 
HyQebertusC ;4BXIVi4.. 
Hylton(Gual.)6EIIl37, 38, 39. 8AVIL 11 

B X4. 
Hymnus. i A II i5, 18. 1 B IV. V 4. XII. 

XIII. 7 A VI f.CIL9.8AIX8.XIXi, 3. 

GVIL 11BIII13. aoBVx. iiCXII 3. 

13A III X. 
Hypcrius (And ) 8 A XIV. 

Jacob connubiuro. 8 Ell. 

Jacobus 6 E VL ii B XXi. 

Magnus. iiDX. 

(S.) loBXII 3. 13 B X. DI f. 

Rex AnglixL 7 A XII 7. ix AV. 

LXVIII.G1X. 14 A V. XIV. 1 6 EX VIII. 18 


Rex Scoriae IV. 1 3 B II. 18 B VI 3. 
.V. 18 B VI j-, 8, iQ. 

Janua CJoh. dc) 1 a C XVII 14. 

(Phil, de) 4 D IX. 

Jarfan (Jchao.) 19 B V. 

JcrcmiasPiophfta. 3 A VIII. 

Jcriey CInfula.) 13 B I4, f. 

y:r\i(Aem conqucfte. i f E I. 

Jewel (jo^) 8 DVII2. 19 Bin. 

jewels. 7 C XVII X.14B XLllL 17 B XXVIII 


IgmAiii(JoL Otad.) 11 A LXIIL 

Iroagfoum Scientia. i% CXVUI t,j: . 

Imago Mundi. 8 F XIV xo. to A IIL 

IfDofaCJoh. de}ii EIV. 

Imperatoris ele^o. 14 A VIII. XXI 1^. 

Imperatorum nomiot. Galbt AXXI 6. 

loclofures. 1 7 A XXXVII. 

India- Company. 17 B X. 

Indulgentiae. x A II x. VIL 17 A XVIII a^ 

Inglis(Efter.) 17 DXVL 

Innocentitts Papal. 6 B XII 18, if. 
■ IL f A XIII IX. 

IIL f A VIII 4. C VI 9. XXI 

3. F VIIL 7Dvn3. XXL EX. 8 A 
XXI f. C VII 18. DXX. 8F XIV 19. 9 
9 B XL II C VU J. 13 A XIV f. 

-IV. 9 CI X. IX. X. F IIL 10 

DHL Vx. 11 CIX. EIL 
Inquifitionespoft mortem. Qaud. C XIL 
Iniaiptiooes . Tit. B VI x8. F XIV 8. 
Infignis^gentilitit. xoBXVI. Calig. AXVIIL 
lnromnia.8 EX37. XVII f. 12 C XII 10. 

£XVLi3Dli3. itfCU^iyOXVx. 

xo B XIII. 
Infulii (Alanas de) 7 CI i8. 

(Ric. de)7CV. 

Joachim Abbas Florent. 8 F XVL 

Job. X D XXXL E L IV x. XL t B VL C 

IV. VL 4 A V. 6CVI. 8 B V. F XII 


Jobfon(Ric; 18 ALVIIL 
lohannea Alczandrix Patriarclia. 8P V 8. it 

■ AngfaRcx. 9 AUxh 
Baptifta. xo B IXx. 

-Comubieofia. 7F XIIl4i, 

-de Burgundia. ixGIV ^ 

•de Northaroptonit. ix E XVIIL. 

-de pulcbrorivo. 8 A IX 7. 

-Diaconus Romanns. 6 A VIL 

-Flaventinus. 9 E VII. 

-Friburgenfis.8G V. XL 

-Grammaticua Alexaodrious. 16 C 

XII 3. DXIV 6. 

■HautiviUcnfis. 13 A IV 4. ijC V. 

— Menacus 1 1 C IL D V j. 
— PapalL 9B XII XX. 

Presbyter. 13 A XIV 11. E X i5. 

17 DXXi. loAXI 3. 

-(S.) 7 D XXVI 4. xoBIIa. 

Sarisburienfis Diac. ixDLFVIII. 

13 DIV. EV. 

Johannicius. ix BXIl 3. D XIII x. 
John&n(Ben.) 17 BXXXL 18 ALXV. 


I N D E X^ 

Jofcdinus (Job.) 5 B XV ^ Vitel. D VH. 
fofephus Judxus. lo A X j-. t| D VI. VII. 


Medicus. x6 A III. 
Irclaiid. 7 F XIV i i . 1 7 B XLV. CXXXH. 

Kaacus Monacus. id CXX. 

■ Solomonit filius. 1 1 DIX s. 
Ifaias Prophcta. 1 E X. FVI. ^BXIII. D 

II. 4 A XI. EX. DXriI. EL 7 CI 13. 8 

FXIV 16. 
Ifidorus Hifpalcnfif. a C XII 1. j A VII. 

B I. j- A VUI 1. 3X3. B Vni 7. 8. 9. 

E I. IV. V. VI 3. XVI. XVm. XIX. 6 

A XI 3. B V a. VIII. C I. E in 3a. 7 

Clio. XV a. D XVII 7. 8AXXI13. 

BXIV3. C Villi. FX. 10 BIX 3. II 

AVa. BVH. DIV. la FIVa,3,4. 13 

A XXI. 6. 17 C XVIII 8. aBH. 
Ifocratcs. 10 B IX 9. ly AI.II. IX. XVIT. 

16 E XXXU. 
Judas Ifcarioth. 8 E XVII ai. 9 A XIV 10. 
JudocusfS.; 8 BXIV4. 
Julianus, Tolct. Epiic. f A VII 3. 6 A III 7. 
' 7 A III 8. 8 CVIIao. EXVU9. »2 C 

XXni. 17 A XXVII a. 
J alien CJeroffnc.) 18 E IV. 
Julius Africanus. 16 C XIV. 
■ >> — Papal. 9 B XII 10, If. 
Junius (Patr.) 16 C V. 
I?o, Carnot. Ep. f E V 4,5-. 6 B VI 4. 7 B 

V. 8DVIII la— If. ioAVni4— 7. n 


XIII. 15- A XX 7. 
Jjftcl( )7AXn4. 

Judices of the Peace in Endand. 18D III. 
Juftinianus Impcrator. 9CVI. XI. F VIII. 

16 Di. IX. Eiii. If B XIV. XV. cm. 

DI. m. VI. Em.: aoDiX a, 3. 
Juftinui(M.Juaianus)'ij'AXIII. CI. 
tucha figlivola d'Ottone, 14 A XIX 4. 
juvcnali$(D. Jtinius.) ij AIV. XV. BXIJa. 

xvu. xviir. 

Juvencel. 16 F.I. 
Ju?encus. 1 j" A XVI. 

Kaan ('Grand.) 19 DI3. 

Kalendarium. Vide Calendariam. 


Kantia. 9 A II 29. lul. C U. 

Katherlna Regina Aogliae. 7 DIX. X. il B 

Kaiherina (S.) 17 A XXVII 1. D V i. 

Kcnellewortb. Aug. n it^, 
Killtngworth (Joh.) la GX. 
KilviDgron (Ric. de) 1 a F XK 4: 
Kimhi ('Rabbi Da?id) i D XXI. 10 A IX. 
K!ngcrmil]c(Wiil.; la B XXIV 8, 
Kingflon Rcaoria. 17 FXIV ao. 

Kin?ynO«)i8 A XXI. 
KirkefOfwaldus.) 8 F XII 7. 
Knights of the Garter. 1 8 A 
Kyngfham ("Gul.) a D IV a. 

J A 

Uaantius (^Firoiianus.) 6 A XV. 
Lafor (Rob.) 1 8 C XV. 
Umbard (Will.) 1 7 A XXXIX. 
Lamfridus, Monacbus Wint. ifC VII. 
Lanaway (Alice.) 17 B XUI. 
LancaftrizDucatus. 18 E IT. Aug.U ia9; 

' Dux, laCXII. 18 BX. 

LancCJoha) 17 B XV. 

Laofrancus(Canr. Archiep.) 4 E IV 1, a, i« r 

AXV3. EVIi. FXII. 7CVm a. 

Mediobn.17 C XV 7. la CXIV. 

Langtoft (Pierre de) ao A II a. XI. 

Langton CSteph.) 2DXXXVna. 8FX 3. 9 

BXII 16. 
Lapides prerioii. 6 A XI f . 
Lathbury (Joh.) 11 A XIII. 
Latimer (Hugh.; 18 B XX. 
Laurentius, Dundofi Prior. 4 A VI. 


Lauris (GxiH. de) 19 A XVlH. B XH. XIII. 

ao A XVn. 
Lavynghann (Ric. de) 7 C IX. 
Lefitonarium. 8 B III. ' 
Lee (The.; 17 B XLV. 
Legenda aurea. 10 BXII 3. 19 BXVII. ao D 

Leges. 11 BUa. 13 A XVlH 3. CII f. 17 
BVI. 18 A XXXVI. L. 10 A YU. VUI. 

IX. vcfp. A vm. 

Leglius (Gilb.) 1 a G IV a. 

Lehman (Chr.) 7 FXIV a. 

Leiceftria. Aug. II ia9. 

Lebnd(John) 18 A LXIV. 

Lenna (Alanus de) « Dili i. 

Leo Papal. aCIII6» 7, 13, 18, ti;4r, 59, 
6^83. 4EIIL rBXVa. EXIV 3. 7 
All a.7. 8 E XIII y. 6, If. XVII 14- F 
IV f. 9BXII|',ai. 

Leoinrdus(S.)8CVII to. 




Leomius, Epifc. Neaf . 8 F V 8. 13 A X. 
LethaidusEp. f BXV 4. 
Lcthbcrtus, Abbas, a F XI. 4 B VII. 
Lewis (ja.) 18AXXXVIL 
Lcwkcnor (Sam.) 17 BIV. 
Lexicon Arab. 16 A XIII. 

Pcrficum.i6 BXUL XIX. J 

Turcicum. 16BXXIV. 

Lcybourrc (Ed.) 7 F XIV 6. 
Uberius Papa. 9|B XU 14. 
Lieutenants of Counties. 1 8 C XXI f, 
Lignano (J^bn de) 13 B IX 3. 
Lincoln. Eccleda. 7 A IX 4. 

Parochiac. Vcfp. D XXVII. 

Lindelay (David.) 17 A XXXVI. 

Lindwood (Gul.) 9 A V. XIII. 1 1 C VIII. 


(Job.; 1 DI 1. 

Linewray (John.) 17 A XXXI. 

Liniu fS.)8 CVIIao. 

Lippomano (Hier.) 1 4 A XV 4. 

Lira ( i CIX. jDVIL 4 A XV. 10 

Litania. 1 A I f . II 6. lU. IV f . VIII f . 

XII 4. XV. XVII 5. XVIII 7. XX 7. 

XXI16. B 13,4. Uj. m. VL VII4. 

vm. XIV. XV 6. 

Livius (Titus.) if D VI. 
Loc(Dr. Wm.) 17 A XL. 
Loexcbius (And.; 12 ALXVIII. 
L'Offamano (Giro!.; 14 A XIII 6. 
Lombardus (Pet.) 4 B XI. 7 F XIII i, f . 9 B 
VL VII. vm. IX. X. EVL 10 A VII. 
XVII. 1 1 C I. 
London, Births and Burials. 7 C XVI 16. 

Epifc. (R.) 7 A IX 7. 

Magiftracy. 18 A LXVII. C I r. 

Soldiers. 18CXXI 11. 

Longobardorum HiHoria. 1 3 A XXII. 
Lotbarius Diac. 4 B VIII 9. 
Lottery Arrows. 1 6 B XXVII . XXVIII. 
Lucanus^M. Annxus.) ij A XXUI. XXIV. 

C XIII a. 
Lucas (S.) 8 C VII 10. 
Lucianus Samoiktenus. 1 1 C VIII a. 
Lucius Papain. 10 A II 3. 

(S.) 8 C VII 10. 

Ludovicus (S) 14 CI 3. 
Lumley (Baro.) 17 A XIV. XLIX. 
Luther (Martin.) 17 CXI. 
Lydgare ( John.) 18 A XIII. BXXXI. D II. 
IV. V. VI. 

MacerCiEmilius) iiBlIl. XII 6. XXIV 2. 

E XXIll 4. 
jlklachabci. 2 G IV. 

Machariui (S.) 8 D VIII 7. 

Machutes(S.) 13 AX 4.' 

Macrobius. I f B XII. 

Magic. 1 7 A XLU. 

Mahomtfta. 3 A XI>. 13 E IX 8, 16 A IV. 

Maillct( )i6EXVnL 

Maimonides ("Rabbi Moies.) 16 A XI. 
Mainncring (Hen.) 1 7 A XLVII. 
Mallart fjoh.) 7 D Xin. ao B XU. 
Malta. 14 A XX 7. 
Malynes(Ger.) 17 A XXIX. 
Mandagoto (GuL de) 1 1 C V. 
Mandata X. 19CII. 
Mandcrill (Job.) 1 3 E IX 6. 17 B XLIIL C 

Maoeria dc Wdle. Alford, HeDowc, Swaby, A* 

by, Wytharo. Grayncsby, Malthorp & Bran- 

thorp. 20 D IX. 

dc Styllingflcte, Rynghowfcs, Uptoo 

and Brian Askaro. 14BXVIII. 

Manfuetus, Ep. Mediol. ^B Vllr. 

MapesCGual.)7FV i, 3. 

Mar (Job.) 1 7 A V. 

Marbodxus Gallus. 1 3 A XIV 4. 

MarcelIus(Marcius.) S C VII 20. 

Papall. 14 A XXI y. 

Marcianus(S.) 1 3 B X. 

Marddye (John.) 17 B XXXVII. 

MarettiLeUo. 14 A XX 8. 

Margareta (S.) 17 A XXVII x. 

Maria Aegyptiaca. 9 A XIV i o. 

B.Virgo. 2 AI 3. 118, 8cc. IV 2. 

Vn. VIII 3. 1X2,46. XV. XVII2. XIX. 
BI4. II 4. XV 4. 4BVIIl2,3, X 30. 
CII 2. D VII 4. s A VIII 7. X 2. XII 26. 
B XI 3. 6BX9. EIIIv 7 A VI I. 3. 
BVII 3,4 XI43. DXXVl2,3. 8 A IX 
3. Xa. B VIII 3. Xa, 4. CI 8. XII 
2. XV. IV 3. \ 114,^, 9. E XVII 16. 
FIV6. XILG VIii,i2. 10BXII3 II 
A I^. 12 CI 4. XII 3. 13 A III 2. DI 
10. 17 A XXVII 3. XLVL CXVI 1. 

• Magdalcna. 10 B XII^. 20 8113.' 

Regina Anglix. 1 1 A XI. XX. 1 7 B 

XXV J II. ^ 

• Scotiac 16 E XXXVI 2. 18 B 

VI 7,8. 9. II, 12. 19 BIX 8. 
Marianus Scotus. 6 B XI 12. 
Maronis (Franc. dc) 7 D V. 
Marlha:i(John.) 17 A II. 

(Rob.) I 7 A XVIII. 

Marlilius Patavinus. 10 A XV. 
Marfton(John.) 18 A XXXI. 
Martha. 9 A XIV 10. 10BXII3. 

. Martial 

I N D ex; 

Mirtial Difcipline. i8 A XLI. 
Martin (John.) i8 A XXXV. 
Martious, BrocarcDds Ep. 8 A XXI 1 1. D VIII 
9. ifCllf. 

. Dunclm. Ep. f E IV2. 8 E XVII 1. 

Londini Archid. 6 E VIII. 7 A VII. 

. -Papg Pocniteatiarius. 9 F I. 
Perufinus. 11 A XLVIII. 
PoloDUS. 6 BXI 9. 10 C XI a, 3. 

13 AV3. VUi. XVn. BIX 2. CVI. 
EIXio. 14 CI 6. 
Martir (Peter.) 1 7 C V. 
Martyrius (S.) 1 5 B X. 
MartTTologium. a A XIII. 7 E VI. 
Mafque. 1 8 A LXX. 
Mafd CMic. dc) 8 F Vn. 
Maffingcr (Phil.) 18 A XX. 
Mafterius (Gul) iiALXIX. 
M&fuccio Salernitaao. 1 8 A LXII. 
Matfres(Frayrcs.) 19 CI. 
Mathematica. II B XI. XV. C XVII. D FV. 

Matildes(S.)8CVII ao. 
Matrimonialia. a A XXI a. 10 A II a. B I. 

CII3. 11AXIV13. 17DXV3. 18 B 

VI. Fauft.AXI. 
Matthxus Paris. 4 D VII. 14 C VIL 

Wcftmonaft. 14 CVI 6. 

MatutHs (S.) 8 C VII ao. 
Mauritius (Joh.) 11 B V. 

i^ Monachus. 9 EIII. 10 B XVI. 

Maurus CM.) ii B XXV 1. 

^ (Rabanus.) 8 D XVIII 3. i a G XIV. 

Maxcy CAnt.) 1 7 B XXXIV. 

Maxicnianus, Poeta. if A VII 4. 

Maximus, Taurio. Ep. aC 1114a, 47. n*^!* 

84, 86,90. 4EIII. 8 EXIII4. XVI la. 

16 C IX. 
. (Valerius.) ijC VIII. 18 EUI. IV 

17. FIV. 
Maxwell (Ja.) 18 A LI, 
May (Tho.; 1 8 C XII. 
Mecca. 14 AXVa. 
Mcchclembcrg(Duc dc) 19 B 1X6. 
Mcdicinx. a A XVIII a. 7 A VI6. D XXV 

c. 8 AIV 3. B VI 16. CIV II— If. IX 

12. F Vlf. xa Bin. VII— X. XII. XVI. 



Mil. XV. XX. XXII. XXiH. FUI. 

IX. G IV. VI. XII. 13CXII4. i6B,XXI. 

ciii. XVI. 17 A III. VIII. xxxn. B 

1)1. 18 A VI. 16 FVm. 19 B X. zoB 
IX. GalbaAXX. 

Mediolano (Lanft. dc; i i CXIV. 


Melufine, a Romance. 18 BIT. 

MeoefJoC) 11 E XXIV. 

Meniot (Pierre.) 16 E XXXIV. 

Mepharo(Sim.J 10 CI 4. 

Mcrlinus. 4 D VII 8. 8 D III 9. 1 2 C XII r. 

IJEIX4. 20 A XI a. 
Mean (Jehan de.) 19 A XVIII. XXII. B 

XII. xm. C VIU XI 3, 4. ao A XVU. 

B I. XV. 
Michael Meldenfis. 3 A VI. 
Micheic (Gio.) 14 A XIII la. 
Micrologus. 8 F VIII f . 
Miletus, Ep. Sard. 8FXIL 
Miller (Joh.; i a B XVII. 
Milo, Monachus. f A XI a. 
Milraley (Gul.) i a BXIX a, 8. 
Milward CJohn.; 17 A Lll. BXXIX. 
Mirabilia. 1 3 D I II . EIX a, f. 14 C Via. 

Xm3. If A xxxn J. BIL XIa. "190 

I 4 20 A XI a, 3. Galba A XXI 3. Vefpaf. 

A XXV 6. 
Miracula.8 FV. 11 B II 3. 
Miroir de rAme. 16'EV. 

des Dames. 19 B XVI. 
Mida. a A II 10 Sec. XXI 4. 5- A I 3, f. 7 

C II f. E III a. 8 A XV 3. CIII 1, 4. 

IVii. 9Bn9. loC nia. II BU4,r. 

13 A VII 8. 
Mtthridate 7 A VI 4. 
Modrenna ^S.) i4BIV f. 
Molinet (Jehan.) 19 A XVIL 
Molino (Franc.) 14 A XIII if. 
Monachorum Diadema. 7 D VI. Fauft. A X 


Monafteriade BifTemede. Aug. II. iii. 

Cr ucis Rofeae. Aug. II 118, ia4. 
de Dunmow. Claud. C IV ao, 
— — — deHorfliam. Aug. II. 130. 
— — — Huntingdonenfc. Aug. II. 104, 106, 
107, 114, I If. 

-S. Albani At>batem cligendt forma. 

8 D nij. 

— — S. Andreae Northampt. 1 1 B IX. 

Roffcn.fAIVf. BXni. 

EI 3. 

-S.Auguftini Cant, i BXI a. 

-S. Barberac. 6 C VII f . 

•de Bardenay. 1 3 A VII 7. 

- Bath. 6 C XI 3. 

•S. Edmundi. 7 C V. Aug.H 79 

-Elienfe. 18 CI j. 

-Glaftcnbury. 7 C XVI 13, 



MofitfteriadeHahl, f&BXIV. 

. S. Johaaois de Beverlico. 9 B IX f. 
■ S. Johaooi: Jeruialem. iiCXIIi« 

— — de Lewes. Vefp. P XV. 

— — Norwiccnfc. Aug.IIpS, b. 

S. Petri de Burgo. Vefptf. A XXIV. 

de Retbrmatiooe Montfteriorum. S 

FIX 1. Cleop. EIV. 

— -Romcfcy. 7 C XVI 14. Aug. Una. 
-Saltericnle. Aug. II lOf, 108, 1161 


E IV. 

-Scotix. 13 EX If. 
-Thorney. if A X6, 
-Variorum redditas. 13 E Illi. Cleop. 

-Vifitatio 8c Subverfio eorum. Geop. 

•Wcftmonaft. Tituj. A VIII. 

M^nglanne ( ) ao B XIX. 

Monole(ro(Emiliano.; 14.AXIII18. XV f. 

Monftra. if B XIX 13. 

Monftrelet( JaoDVIIL 

Montagu (Joh.) 8E vll a. 

Mootagut (B. de) 16 EXXXIX. 

Montaulon. if E VI f. 

Monte Calcrio(PhiI. de) 10 CVII. 

- Carmeli (B. Maria de) 10 A VI. 
CaCSni CPaulut de) 1 3 A XXII. 
■ Haridino (Guil. dc)6 E I a. 7 E V a. 

Peif. (Joh. dc) laC XVII f. 

Montibus(Gul.dc) 8 C VH id. 

— — (Ric. de) 9 A III. 10 BII f. 

More (-Sir Tho.) 17BXXVII. DXIV. 

Morrenus(Joh.)i3B X. 

MorrisHohn Waliicus.)8 E V. 9 A XV. 

Mortality-BilU. 7 A XII 9. C XVf 16. 

Mofcovia.i4AXIIl7. XV. 

Mofcs 8c Pelial. 8 C XT. 

Mttlicrus. 16 B XVIII. 

MundaviUa(Henr.)GalbaE XIII. 

Mundi contemptus. 8 D XIX.. 

I Imago. 8 F XIV ao. 

Murder. 17 BXLll. Calig. A XVII. 

Mufica.fAVl4. 7 A IV 3- VI 4. 8CIII. 
XIII. GVII. iiEXI. iiCVIf. 18B 
XIX. ao A XVI, Tib. B IX. Claud. E 


"(Antonius de) 1 3 B XX. 
Mufters. 14BX. XX. 17 A L. 


Naneis (Guillermus de) 13 Bill. EIV. 
Navy. 7C XVI 6. 14 B XIII. XIV. XXII. 

XXXIV. 17 A XXXr 2. FinV la^ ij,a4, 

18 A XXXIV. Lxxvm. c tia. 

Nazarius (S.) 10 B XII 3. 

Ncapolis. 1 4 A XXI a, 4. 

Ncbticodoiioraris Vifio. 8 FVI 4. 

Ncckam (Alex.) a C XL D VIII. 4 D XI. 

fCVi. 8AXXI. EIX. laFXIV, G 

Nelus (Thomas.) a D XXI. 
Nemo(S.; laDIIif. 
Nenningius (M. Chrifiop. Mifhiacns.) 8 A 

Ncpos (Cornelius.) 6 C VIII a. 10 AX6. la 

AV4. If A XXIIa. BXI3. 
Netherlands. 18 A LIV. i6£ VL F III. 17 

Neuf-ville (Nicolas de) 19 A XV. 
Newmarch (Bernardus.) 18 CI 4. 
Nicafms(S.; 8 CVII ao, 
NiccnaSynodus. 16 D VIII. XV. 
Nichodemi Trad, da PaOioae Chri^i. 1 E 


XVI 3. 
Nicholaus Ambieniis. 8 C IV a. 

Papa II. 9 B XII a4. 

III. 10DVU3. i3AVn4: 

.IV. 7DXVa. 

— fS.)ioBXII 3. 

Niger ("Rad. F!av. Monachus) a C VI i. I> 

XXIX. Fill. 3 BII. DIX. 13 AXIL 
Noblcile (Book of) 1 8 B XXII. 

i^ Vraye. 19 C VIII. 

Nordcn (John.; 18 A XXIII. 
Norfblch (Tho. DukeoO 18 CXIII. 
Nornundie. if EVI la. 19 B XIV. 
Northampton. 8 D Ilf 1 3. 

(Earl of) 1 8 A XXXI V. 

Norton (Tho.) i8 B XXIV 3. 
Noftradamus(Mic.; 17 B XXXVIIL 
Notaria Ars. la C VI. 
Notingham (WiL de) 4 EIL 
Novum Caftrum. Aug. II lagu 
Nub'enfis Geographia. 1 6 A XII. 
Nuns. Vefp. A XXV 11. 


Oath of Allegiance. 17B XXX. 8 A XXIX- 

■ of Officers. 9 A XII 3, 4. 

Obituarium. 2 A XVIII. B XV a. Vcip. D 

Ockham(Guil.)7 FXIL 10 XV a. 
OcuIusSacerdotis.8BXV. C II a^ 3,4. 
Odericus. 14 C XIII 4. 



OdoAbbasOuo.^JD Vj. 8CIX17. EXIV. 

I) AXXni. 
— — LegatuiPapae. p B It. 
Ogcr dc Danncmarche. ir E VT 4.. 
01i?arius(Pct.)i2 ALIV. i^-C I. 
Ooo^nder. 1 1 C XIII. 
Ophir. 18 ALVin. 
Oppianus. 16 D XII 3, 4. 
Optica. 12 G VII. 
Orationcs. Vide Prcccs. 
Ordinale RemcDHs Ecclefix. iiBXIIIi. 19C 

XI 9. 
Ordincscdebrati. Galba E X f . 
Ordnance. 17 A XXXI. 
Orcm(Nic. dc) to CVIi. 
Oribafius Sardianus. 1 % F IX. 
Oi igcnes Adamantits. i C III 60. D XXII. 4 

CIX. 6 A II. EIII30. 7 DII6. 8CIX 

Oro'fius (Paulus.) 6 C VIII. 7 D XXV 2, j. 

1 3 A XX. 
Osbernus Claudianus. 6 DIX. 
Otho Cardinalis. 11 A XIV 7. 
Ottobonus. 9 B II a. 10 C I j-, 6, 7. 1 1 A XIV 

Ovidius Nafo (Pub.) 7 F VII F. 13 A XIV 3. 

BXIX4. If C XVI. 16 D iX. 17EIV. 
Owen (David; 10 B XIII. 18 B V. 
Oxonicnds Academia. 6 E III 14. 

Pagula (Gul.dc)8BXV. ClI. 

Painter (Patr.) 13 B II. 

Pallaviclno CSforza.) 14AXVII. 

Papa. 7AXIIf. loBIII. 13EIX. X3. 

If C VI. 17 A XXXV. 14 A XVII 9. 

XX 6. XXI 7,8. 1(5. 
Parca Regis Angiix. 13 EII. 
Paris (Gul.; iFVlII. 

(Julius.) »fC VIII. 

(Mat; 4 D VII. 14 CVII. 

Parificniis Academia. 6 £ III 13. 

Parkcr(Gualt.)6 E I. 

(SirHenr.) 17 A XXX. XLVI. C XII. 

XVI. XX. XXI. D II. XI. Xin. 18 A 

Parronius(Gual) 1 1 B VI, 
Partrich(Gul ) 11 BI2. 
PafchaKJoh.; 7BI. 
Pafchalis Papa, f B III lo. E XIV 8. 
Pafchalius BLadbertus. 3 A IV. f A VII 10. 

FXII 3. 7 CVIII. 8 BXI. 
Paiquill-?. 14 All. 
ratViooaiius. II C XXIV. 

Patcrius. 3 A XV 1 . 7 F VI. 
Patriarch* Xn.4D VII j. ft DI 7. 
Patricii purgatorium. 8 CXIV. 9 A XIV 9. 

10 BIX 1. 13 B Vm 1. 17 BXLJIIj. 
Pauli(S.)Epiftol«. I AXVI. BI. DXI. E 

V. a FI. 3 A X 6. B XIV. C 1. HI. XI. 

Drv. 4 A III. Bii. IV. vm f. cm. 

— — — adLaodiccn. i EVm40. 
in Epift. Com. 1 C II. 8 C V 4. E 

XVI 7. 

Vifio. 8 CVII 14. E XVII 19. F 

VI 1. II Bill. 9 Xf. 13 CVI6. 
■Vitt. 8 C VII 20. xo D VI. 

PauliDus(S.) 1/8X1X4. 

Paulas Diaconus. 11 CIV 2. 13 CIV a. If 

BXVI 2. CVI3. 
—— (Marcus.) dcVcnctis. 14 C XIII 6. 
Pauperis Breviloquium. 8 D IIL 
Paupertas: fivcde Contemptu Mundi. 8 D XIX. 
Peacham (Hcnr.) 1 1 A LXVI, 
Peacock (Regin.) 17 DIX. 
Pecham(Joh. Archiep. Cant.; 1 All 14- 9^ 

II f. 10 BlXf. CIS. IIAXIV9, 
Pcchdouel( )i9BVIII.^ 
Peeris (Wil.)i8D II. 
Pelagius Papa. 9 B XII la. 13 C VI 8. 
Pembroc (Comes.) Claud. A XVIII. 
Perceforelt. 19EII. III. 
Perifcelidis ordo. la A XUI. if E VI if. 
Perpetua (S.) 8 C VII ao 
Pcrfia. 14 AXIILf. XXIII. 
Periica Lingua fcripti Codices. 16 A VII. BI. 

II. Ill 3. IV. VII. vm. XIII. XIV. 

PcrfiusFlac. if BXIX 16. 
Pcrufmus (Mat.) i a B XX4. 
Pettilentia. 1 3 E X 9. 
Pctrarcha (Fran.) 8 A XIII. B VI 1 7. 
Pctrucci (Lodovico.) 14 A VII. 
Petrus Apoftolus. 10 DVI. 
— — Bcnevcntanus. 1 1 C VII 4. 

Bloefenfis. f AIX 4. 7 C I ai, at. 8 

FXVU. 10 AXVm. 14 C IV 3, 4. ij B 

IV 4. 

— ^ Canonicus. if A XIX. 

Londini Archid.7 C XUI.XIV . F m.I V. 

Piaavcnfis. I B X j*. a D III I o. 10 A 

XIV. 11 BIV. 

Portucnfis Ep. f A XII. 

Pracraonftratcnfis. 4 D V. 

Rcmcnlis. 7 D VII. 

-de Urbc. 9 A VI. 

Peverel. i&BI 9. 




Phalarif. tSDH. 

Phaedrus. Qeop. B XI } ,4. 

Pharetra. 8EVI. FXI a. 

PhUaretus Medicas. 8 C IV 14. 

Philippine Iflandi. 17 A XVIII a. 

PhiJippus, Prior praedicatorum terrx tu\6kx, 7 

All II. 

Rex Hifpaniae. 14 A XIII 8» 9. Titus 

B VI 16. 
Philips (Avery; 18 ALV. 

()ohn.) 7 A XII 6. 18 A XLII. 
Philomela. 8 GVI a. 
Philofophia. 7 C 1 1 1. DII i, j. XXV f. 8 A 

VI 3. XI 3. XVIII. B Vlif. C IV 9. 

IXiJ. F Vn8,9, 10. loAXIIf. 12B 


X. XL XV. 1} A XIV 7. If B XIX 8. 

16 C XXV. 17 A XXXII a. B XVI. 16 

FX. 19 A VIII. BIV. ex. 
Philoftratus Lemnius. 16 C XXIII. D XII j*. 
Phocas Grammaticus. iiFIV. 
Phocius PatriarchaConftaat. 16 C I. 
Phyfiognomie. ao B V 4. 
Pidurx. iDX I. E VI. 
Pier us (Colucius.^ 8 £ XII 2,4. 
Pilatus (Pomius.) 8 EXVII ai. 9 A XIV 10. 

loA VIII9. aoAXI 4. 
Pirates. 17AXLVII. 
Pitt(Tho.; 17 A Lin. LIV. 
Placita. 10 bVIH. ao BXVIII. DIX. 
Planetarum di(hintix. 8 B XV. la £ XV 6. 
Piano Capini (Joh. de) 1 3 A XIV 6. 
Plato. la B XXII. E XXV 11. 16C XXV 3. 
Plautus(M. AcciusOif AXVIII. CXI 4. 
PJctho. 16 D XrV 8. 
Plinius (C. Secundns Novocomenfis junior.) 1 f 

B V. 

fVerooenfit.) ii E XX 3. 

Plowman (Pierce.) 18 B XVII. 
Ploych (Pierre du.) 16 E XJII. XXXVII. 
PlutanchusChceron. loBlX 12. i^AIII. B 

Poggius Florentinus. 6 £1115:3. 
Poliokappos (Cooflanrinus.) id A VI. 
Polonia, its State. 1 8 B I. 1 4 A XIII 6. 
Polonus. Vide Murtinm, 
Polyxous. 16 D XVI. 
Pomerius (Jul.) 8 A XIX. F VIII 4. 
Pompeius (Troeus^ ij C 1. 
Ponthus. If E VI6. 
Pontifices Romani. Galba A XXI f . 
Poor employed. 11 A XIII. 18 A LV. CVI. 
Popes Pardons. 17 AX VIII 1. 
Porphyrius. la BXIX a, 3. i5'BXIX9. 16 

D XiV, 

Porreua ^Alanus.) 7 C XI a 

Porta Lucis. 16 A X. 

Portugallia. 1 4 A XIII 11. 

PoftiUx.i C VILE XIL 4 DIX. 8 CIV 7, 10 

Potamius. 6B XIII 11. 

Pouict (o.) 19 c vm. 

Praelatorum Ele&io. 1 1 A XIV ^. 

Praxis (S.) 10 B XII 3. 

Pieces, a A II 13, 27. VI 4, f, &c. VIII a. 

IX I, 4. XIII. XVIII 3. XX f, 6. XXII 
3, 7, 8. B I a, 4. V I, a, 6. XV 3. f CV 
a4. EXIV aa. XXI i, la, 13, 14. 7 
A I la, 13. VI a. BIV. CII 7. D n 7. 
vm. XIX. XXI y. XXVI a. EVIi. 8 

A VI. IX 2. XV 4. XXI 9. B vm 4. X 

3. XV6. G VI 3. 10 BII 3. C Ilia. la 
£1 a. XXI 7. 13 DI a. 14 BIX a. 16 A 
I. V a. CII 3. 17AVIL CXVIIf. 
XVIIIii. i8AXVm. 19CII4. ao A 

Pricfts. 18C IV. 

Principum Eruditto. la DVII. XV a. 17 C 
XIV. D m. VL 18 AVU. 16 F IL 19 
A XX. BI. 


Prifcianus. la B I. i j- A XXII 3. B L XI. 

Proclus. 1 6 C Xin. 

Profacius Hcbrxus. la C XVII 6. 

Prognofticationes. 1 9 B IX j*. 

Prohibitions. 18 BXIII. 

Prophetx. 1 BII. a EIVi. XI. FXIL 3 A 

X 6. 3 DVIIL EV. 

Prophctiae. 4D VII 8. j-F XV a. 8 CVIT 

3. Dili 9. 10. 13AIII3. i|'CXVI6v 
Vcfp. A XXV 4. 13 C II 6. aeop. EIV 
5'i,87, loa. 

Propofals for Hiftory. 18 A XXXVII. LXXI^ 

Proprictes desChofes. 17 EIII. if E II. III. 
7 CVi. 

Profper Aquitanicus. 4 B XIV i f . f A XII 3a. 
cm 6, VI 1 7. E 1X3. X. XV. FXL 
XVI 5-. 6 DV. SBXIVa. E XVI4. »3 
CXI 3. 14CIII3. 

Pfalms in Mectcr. 17 A XVII. XXL XXIL 
18 A VIII. 14 A XXIL Vefp. D XXV. 

Pfahcrium. i DX 3. £.111. a A IH. VL 

VIII 7. IX f. X. XU3. XVI. XVIII 9, 
XXII s. B 1 1. II a. III. V 3. VI. VII 

4. VIII. IX. X. XIV. XV 10. C V. D 
XXVIII. EII V. VI a. FXi. XI. 3 
XI.CVIL DX. EVI. 10 CV. 19 C 

Piilterium S. Crucis. 2 A IX 3. 



r&ado-Hteronrtnai. 4 EXm 1. 

Ptolcmacus (Claud.) 12 E XV j-. F VIL id A 

Pueus(Rob.) II AXLIV. 
Pullus(Rob.) loB V. 
Pupi:ia Oculi. 7 B X. E V. 8 D I. 1 1 B X. 
Pykcring. Aug. II. 129. 
Pyfc CChTiftincde)^^ BXVIII. 
Pythagoras. 11 E XXV 11. 
Pyxis nautica. ao B VII. 

Quaeftiones Thcologicac. 10 C VI 4. 
Quinnc (Gualt.; 16EXLI. 
QuintiliaQus(^M. Fab.) if C IX 4. 
Quiminu$(S.; 8CVU ao. 


Rabanus Maunis. 4 BIX. 8 Dili 4. XVII 3. 
Radclifffjoh.) 11 A IV. 


Radulphus (Monachus.) 7 A III i. la. C I. 

Ragu4. 14 A XIII 21. 

Raimundus de Peniafort. 8 A II. IX f. E 

XVII 17. 

■Turis-Copfult. 6 BX it. 
Rainad( ;Vcfp.AXXV8. 

Ramcnghi (Aza de) 9 C VI. 
R»pin, grand Prcvoft. 16 EXX. 
Rafibus CJoh. dc) 12 EXXI 3. 
Ratboldus (Laur.^ 106 IX 2. 
Rationale. 7 EIX. 
Rcedc(Gul.) 11 D VI 3. 
Regni gubcrnatio. 10 B XI. 
— — redditus & cxpcnfa. 14 B XI — XIV. 

Rcligioforum inftitutio. 7 D III. 10 A II 3. 

Galba AXXI 11. 
Rcni:gius( ) 12 F IV. 

Rents of Lands. 17 B XL. 
Refpub. Chriftiana. 14 A XVII 4. 
Rci-pub. Organon. 9 A IV. 
Revelation ot the Divine Majefty, 1 8 B XXX. 
RcYtntlo CLudcrus de) 12 F XVI. 
Revenues of the Crown. 17 C XVII. Tit. B 

\l 26. Cleop. E IV 1 10. 
Rcuham (Henr-dc) 12 GIL 
Rhctorica. 12 A XXXIV 2, 
Ricardus Heremita. 13 E IX9. 

Rex II. 12 CV. 20BVI. 

Wigorn. 6 A VI 3. 

Rich (Lady.) 1 7 B L 7. 

Richmond (Duke.) 7 F XI7 id. 

Riga (Pcrrus.) 2 DXXIII. 8 C V. 

Ringftedc( ; 2 FVU 3, 

Ri (hanger (Gul.; 14 CI. 

Robercus, Abbas S. Mic. de Monte. 1 3 C XI f. 

Crickelandenfis. if C XIV. 

Melundincnfis. 7 C II. F XIII a. 

Robinfon(Ric.) 18 A LXVII. Vefpaf.EVIIL 
RobynsCJoh.) 12 BXV. 
Roffenfis Ep. f E I 3. 

Rogermus 11 B XXV 16. 

RokcbyCRic.) 17 C VIII. 

Rolandus Medicos. laGXIIt. 

Rolf (John.; 18 A XI. 

Rolle(Ric.) f CIII21. rEIl4. SAVOi, 

3.4. FV112. 3. i7Bxvii4,f. cxvm 

2, 3. 18BXXL C XXVL DL 
Roma, Cortc. 14 A XX 6,8. 
Defcriptio. 14 C VI. Galba A XXI 4. 

Cleop. B XI 2. 

-il Sacco. 14 AXXI 17, 18. 

Romance, 8 FIXf. 14 E IIL if EVL 18 

Romant Pontifices. 8 B VI 6. 

Romanorum Hiftoria. 1 3 C 1 9. io CL 

Romanus (S.) 8 C VII 20. 

Rom me (; if E VI 11. 

Rondc Table. 19B IX. 

Rooke(Hr«.)7 DXXm. 

Rofetus (Franc ) M A IX. 

Rofie Crofs. 1 7 C XIX. 

Rofs (Dns.dc) Jul. CVL DI r. 

Roflindal fjohn.) 18 C XX. 

Rothomagenfis Curia. 8 A VI 2i 

Rotz(John.) 20 E IX. 

Roworth (Rob.) 18 B X. 

Rubrick ( 14 C Xlllf. 

Ruffinus. 6B VI. EIII 14- 13BIV. V. EY 

Rumwoldus (S.) 1 3 A X ;. 

Rupellus( t. 

Rupc fci(ra(Joh. dc) 8 E VII j. 

Rusbrocnoh.dc)6 BIX 3. 

Ruflcl(John.) 18 A LXVI. 

Sacerdotis falus. 10 C I 3. 17 C XVII 2. 
SarroBofco rioh. de) 12CIX. XVII 3, 4. E 

XVI f. F XIX f. 
Sacr amenta. 2 Fl 2. 8 DXIV 3. 



SaUdinus. i DVI j. 

Salcro (Prince.; 7 C XVI if. 

Sakrnttana Sebola. iiB XXIV. £ VII. VIII 

Salernitanus Archimath. 11 EVIII 7. 

Saltroo(Gco.) 17 B VI. 

Saluftius ( ) 17 A XX. 

Samtrhana Epiftola. 16 B III. 


SaoAi Spirirus equitei. 19 BXI. 

San^orum Commcmoratio. 1 BX7. 1 BXII 

6. 10 B XII J. 19 B XVII. ao D VI. 

Galba. A XXI 3. 
Sanao Viaorc (Hugo dc) f A V 1. 3. C VI 

3. EXIV 4, 14. 6 All 6. EllI f4. 7 D 

XVII 10. FVi. 8DIV10. V. IX 1. 

EXVII 3. FXIV 3.4,6,7. G VI ^.6. 10 

A IX ^ 16EV 14. 
. (Ric. de) 3 B XI. j AXII 

21. 8 FXIV 8. GIV a. 
Sanao Edmundo fjoh.dc) 7 D XXI a. 

Elphido. (Alex, dc) 7 E X 6. 

Stravia(Hadrianus.; 8 EVIII. 

Sarum Midilc. 1 A IV i. X. B X 6. 2 A 

VIII 3. XII a, a. XIV i. s EIII. 8 C 

1X3, 18, aa. 18DIX. X. E V. 
SaUercia (Hen. de) 1 3 B VIII 3. 
SaturniDus (S.) 8C VII 10. 
Savanorola (Hier.; 17 D VII. 16 E XVI. 
Savoia. 14 A XIII if, 16. 
Saxoferrato (Barrh. de) 10 B IX 17, 19,20. 
Saxonia (Joh.dc) laC XVII if. 
Saxonica Lingua fcripti Codices. 1 A XIV. B 

IX. a B V. 7 CIV. XII. iiDXVlI. If B 

XXn. 17AXXVII. Fauft. AX. 
Scaccorumludus.iaBXXIII. E XXI 3,4. 13 

A XVin9. 'pC XI. 
ScalaCoeli. 8 EXIII. 
Scallcby. Aug. II. i 29. 
Schcprcus(Joh.) 16 A II. 
Schetlaiidia. 18 B VI 4. 
Scicntiarum Tabula, i B X 3. 
Scintilbrum liber. fAVlIIS. 6DV2. - C 

IV. fAXXI-. BVIIl. FIV2. li B 

Scolaftica (S.) 8 C VII 20. 
Scotiac dcfcriptio. 13 A V'lII. EX. 
HiUoria. 7CXVlii,ii. 9 BIX 3/13 

EX. 17 DXX. 19 B IX 9. 
— — Rcgcs. 13 EXS, 10. 

•Tiaaatuscum Angina 2c Francia. i^ BVI. 

20DX9. Tit. BVI 20. 
Scnbcndi Excmpliiia. i 2 D XVI. i 7 A XXVIII. 
Scrip urac S. Ordo. SGI. IX. 
S;:roopc^Gcr.^ iSAXXXlil. 

Sebaudtus (Rcimund.) 17 B XIV. XXVI.. D 

Seaae Chriftianorum. 7 BXII 4!^. 
Secundus, Philofophus. 9 A XIV f. la C VI 

Sedgemore. 17 A XXXVQ. 
Sedulius CC. Presb.) a A XX i a. £ XIII a. 4 

BXIV if. If BXIXi. 
Segardus. 15 A XXII f. 
Seneca (L. Annxus) fCIIl4. DXar. 7A 

III 6. 8 Bif. ioAXIId,7. II Bill II. 

12CI 10. ifCn. IX. XIL XIII. 17 A 

XXX. 20 AXIL BV 8. 
Sennc (S.) 10 B XII 3. 
Scnius quinquc 8 C IX 9. 
Sciucntiarum liber. 7 EX 7. FXIII. 8 C IV 

8. G VIII. 9 A XI. B I. II 6. 
Scpulchersof Kings of England. 18 DII7. 
Serenus (Quintus.) la E XXIII a. 
Servius. lo A X7. 
Severus(AIcx.) la A IV. 
Scxtus, Pythagoiicu?. 2 F II a. 
Sharpc(John.; laB XlXiJ. 

(Liond.) 18 BXXIV. 

Ships. 17 A XXXI. 

Shootc I'John.) 1 7 C XXII. 

Shotbolt(John.) 18 A XXV. 

Shuce (W.)i8BXXIX. 

Sicca villa (Joh. de) 1% E XXV }. 

Siciiia. 14 A XV 7. 

— ^ — .-(Andicasdc) 11 EVIL Vni. 

Sidonius (Apolinaris.) 4 BIV 5 . 

Siena. 7 CXVI i. 

Si^isbertusGemblaceniis. i^CXI^. 

Sii us Italicus. 7 A XII 1 3. 

S.lverius Papa. 9 BXII aa. 

Silvcftcr (Bernardus; i f A XXXII. 

Silvias (JEnc2i ) 1 2 B XXl\ 6. C XX a. 

Silvus(S.)8F V 7. 

Simeon, Dunclm. Fauft. AV lo. 

Simo. Cardinalis. 10 D MI 4. 

— — Tornaccniis. 9 E XII. 

Simonis 8c Judx Paflio. 7 C VII 8. 8 C VU 

Simmachus Papa. 9 B XII aa. 
Simphorianus(S.) 10 BXII 3. 
SimpLciiis. 12 F V. 16 C XIX. 

(S.) 10 BXII 3. 

Simpolius. 12 C XXllI 3. if BXIX 3, i- 
Sinica Lingua fcr p i Codices. lOB. 
Siricius Pcpi. 9B XII 18. 
•Siiunnus(S.) 8 C\ IJ ao. 
Sixrus Papa I. 10 B XJJ 3. 
111.9 B XII ao. 


Sixtas Papa IV. 8 D XVI i. 

Skalcs (Tho.; 17 A XII. 

Skclton ( ) 1 8 D 11 j-. 

Skorie (Edm.) 1 7 D X. 

Stnaragdus, Vcrdunenfis Abbas. 8 D XIII. E 

XVIII. iiBIV 1. 
Smith (Sir Tho.) 17 A XVII. 
Snodcn(Dr. ;i7BXXV. 
Socrates. 10 6 IX 8. 
Solinus (C. Julius) i ; C VI 3. 15- A XXII. 

Somcrcotc (Laur.) 10 C II *. 11 C Va. 
Somour (Joh.) a B VIII. 
Songc du Vcrper. 19 C IV. 
Sophianus CNic.) 16 C XII. 
Sorcery. 17 BXXIV. 
Soriano (Mich.) 14. AXIII9. 
Sottthchardforth. 1 A XXI. 
Southwcl. 7 CXVI 10. 
Sowlc (Joh.) 5- F XIV 4. 7 D XXII 2. 8 D 

II 1. 
Spalatinus (Geo.) 7DXI. 
Spanifh lovaiioa. 18 CXXI. 
Speculum Chriftiani. 8 E V. 9 A XV. 

. ^^Ecclefiae. 8 A IX. 

>i i' Juris Canonici. 10 D X. 

■■ ■ 'Muadi. 19AIX. 

> iiReligioforum. 8 CII. 

■Sacerdotis. 8 F VII 4. 
— ^pi . Spiritualium. 7 B XIV. 
Spencer (Ja.) 18 A HX. 
Spcrt(Ric.)i8A LXV. 
Sphaera. 7 A XII 1 2. 
Spire. 7 F XIV a. 

Statius CPap.) ifAVllf .XXI. XXIX.C X. 
Statuta. 9 A I. II. VII. 13 A XIV. if A 

XXXI 7. 19 A VII. XIII. XIV. 20 A VII. 

Staunton (Will.) 17BXLIV 3. 
Stephanus, Abbas de Stanlow. 3 A X f • 

-. .—Papa. 10 B XII 3. 

Stimulus divioi Amoris. 8 B VIII. X. 

Stratford (Joh. dc) loC I. 

Stuartorum domus. 16 E XXXIII. XXXV. 

Stubs (John.) Vefp. A XXV la. 

Sturtevam(Sim.) 18 A XXVI. 

Suanhuita, Regina. 14 A XIX 3. 

Sudbury (Gul.) 9 F IV. 

Suetonius (C. Tranquil.^ if CIII. IV. 

Saffoik Dux. 7 C XVI 8. 

Suidas.8 B IV f. 

Sulgardus. Titus A VIII. 

Sulpitius. 8 CVII 20. 

Sumcrcotc CLaur. de) 10 CII a. 11 C V 2. 

Swaddon (Dr. Wm.) 18 CV. 

Swccdcn's Princcfs Cecilia. 1 7 C XXIX. 

Swythinus (S.) if CVII. 

Sybillx. I A XVIIa. 13 AXIV8. le A XXII 
4. BXI4. XIX 10. 

Sydrac. 16 F V. 

Symbolum Apoftolorum.i A XX 3, 9. B V 
4. f A VI 10. FX 8, XV 12. 7 C IT 6,8. 
XVI 11, 12. 19 CJl 1. 7b XXI 2. 8 
AIX2.XV.B XlVj.C V 5.G VJ4. 9 K 
XII 4. 10 AX 2. II A I 3. 17 BXVII9. 
Singleton (Rob) 1 3 A XI\' 6. 

Tabula Scicntiarum. i B X 3. 

— — Virtutum ScVitiorum. 16X4. 

TaiIcboys(Ric.) 18 A XLIX. 

TaliaCGuk dc)iiEI 2. 

Tartarorum Hiftoria. 1 3 A XIV 6. 

Tartasfjoh.; 12 BXIX9. 

Tatianus. 2 C IX i. 

Tatius (Achilles Alex.) 16 D XVIII. 

Taxation.7 F XI V29. 8 F XUi 1 . 1 7B XLVII5 
Taxillorum ludus. i % A X VIH 8. 

Taylor (John.) 17 AXXXIW 
Templarii. 14 Clf. 
Tenths, 14 B XXIV. 

Tcrentius^Pub. Afhis)8D XVI. icAVIH 
7. XI. XII. B VIII. 

TerraSandla. 13BXIX 2. 14CX. 19DI f. 

20 A IV. 
Tcrtullianus. fF XVIII. 
Tcflamcntum novum, i A IV. X 2. XII. 

B VI. 1 8 D VIII. 20 B V. 

Thais. 9 A XIV 16. 

Thematum divifio. 8 EXII 2,6. 

Theodorctus, Ep. Cyr. 16 D VII. 

Theodoras CS.) 8 CVII 10. 

Thcodorius( )i6DXIVr. 

Theodulus, Presb. if AVII,2. XXXI. 

Thcophilus, Mcdicus. 8 C IV 13. 12 D XIII 

Thcophra(lus(Aurcl.)(J EIII 13. 8CIX6. 
Theory of the Earth. 18 A XL. 
Tholetofjoh. dc) 12 B XXV 5-, 9, 10. 
Thomas, Abbas S. Andrcx VarccJ. 8 G IV. 

• Apoftolus. 1 3 E IX 4. 

• Hibernicus. 7 CIII. 

Thornhill(Gui.) 2 EX/. 
TilenusXDan.) 8 A XVIII. 
Tillage. 7 C XVI 24. 
Tindale (Gul.) 14 A VI. 
Tonkifius (Tho.) 1 2 F XVIII. 
Tooty-nama. 16 B XII. 

Fff Taf. 


Tofctna. 14AXVII 6. 

Tour (Chevalier de h) ig E VII. 

Trades. 18 AXLIV.LXXIV. 

Tranentis (Ga^tV.) 10 CI 10. 

Travails. 18 AXXXIX. 

Trcmclius(lniTnjR.) 17 A XLIIL 

Tiivct (Nic.)fi BXl 13. 8 D IX 1. 15 BXVlI. 

Trojanum cxcidium. 13 AIV 3,^* 
Tropus. I ^ F XII. 
Trvpho(S.) 16 Gil. 
Tukr(Gco) 11 A XXI. 
Tumhlus ( ) II B XXIV f. 17 BXUII 4- 
Tarchi. 14 AXIII. Tit. BVI 19. 
Turkctus.ia CXVII 8. 
Turkilluf. 13 DV 3. 
Turnout (Will.) 1 A II. 
Turpinas, Ep. Rhemenfis. 1 3 A XVIII f. D I 

4- 18AXV. 

Tutbery Manor. 18 BX. 
Tynmoutb (job. de) 1 3 £ IX 1 1 . 
T7.etzes(Joh. Grammacicus.)i6C IV. XVIII. 

(Ifacius.) 16DIV. 

Valentious(S.)8C VIIxo. 

Valerius, live Valerianus. 6 £ III 14. 11 D 

III 3. 

■Maximus. ifBX. 
Ubaldinus(Petruc.:) 13 A VUI. 14 A I. Vm. 

Vedaftus (3.) 8 C VU 20. 
Vegetius (Flavius.) f EXXI 16, 7 CI 15'. 

I a B XXI 1. C XXII. If CIV 3. 18 A 

XII. 17 E V2. uoBI. XV. 
Vcgius (Maphaeus) 1 1 C XX 3. 
Venda, Rcgiaa. 14 A XIX 6. 
Vcncnum. 7 C I3. FII. 
Vcner. (W.) 18 A XXII. 
Venctia. 7 F XIV 19. 14 A IX. XIII 14. XVn 

7. XVIII 10. XX j-. XXIii. 
Vcnti. 1 1- B XIX r4. 
Venrurius. 6 E III 4. 
Verbum abbreviatum. laFXII. 
Ver^ii CPolydorc.; 18 CVIII. IX. 
Vcrlcs. 7 A VI, BVH. 10 B XV 3. Galba 

A XXI 9. 
VerusCome. 14AXVIII 8. 
Vidor, Ep Capuae. i C IX i . ! 
--i— {Fabiu$.)CL-op. B X^ 1. 

■ ■■ Ucicenfis. ly BXVI 3. 

Viaray (Philippesde) 19 C XT^- 

Viaualling. 18 B XII. 

Vigili*. a A II 7. HI. IV 6. VUI 6.. XVIII 8. 

Vignay (Jehande) ■9CXI. D I 4^ 5-, 6. 
Villa nova (Arnaldusde) iiGXIIi.- 
Villiers (Ubert Philip dej 19 B II. 
Vincentius Bellovaceniis. 9 A XIV 13. rt 

A XIV 14. 13 D VIII. 14EI. ,9 01 6. 
Vincis(Petr.dc) 10 BX. 11 AXIL 
Vinciauf (Galfr. de) 1 1 £ XL 
Vinucn&Aqua. 8 B VL 
Virgi;ius (Pub. Maro) 8 FXIV. ir B.VL XXI. 

Virginia. 1 8 A XL 

Vifio. 8 F VI 4. 9 BIX a. Vcfp. A XXV S. 
Vilitaiio. 1 1 A XIV 6. ^ 

Vitx Apoftolorum. 7 C VII 8. 8 C IX a. F 

VIII 6, 

Patrum. 8C IX x. F VIII 6. 20 D 

Ulfifton (R.; 6 £ III If. 
Union of Britain. 18 A XIV. XXXVIII. 

Voragine(Jac. de;8 C X. XIL DXI. 
Urbanus F^pa III. 10 All 1. 

IV. 10 D VII 4. 

VI IL i4AXVra4. 

Urfinus Ep. Bituricenlu. 12 B XIII a. 
Urfo. I-CIII3. 
UrfulaCS.) iBl4. 13 A IX. 
Urandemar( ) 14 A XII. 

Uflcrius (Jac. Armach.) 13 B XXI. 
Uvedale (Nic.; 18ALXIV. 


Wace( ;4CXl9. 13 AXXI3. 

Wade(John.) I7CXXXVU. 

Waldeby (Joh. de) 7 E IL 8 CI. 

Walden (Tho.; 8 G X. 

Wal'eysCJoh.) 4 DIV2, j. 6 B XI 17. io"A 

IX 1,4, II EXXIa. 

■(Thomaa.j 4 A J. 
Wallia. Cauies determined there. 18 B VII. 

Hiftoria. 18 CL 

— Miniftrorum Stipcndia. 14 B XXVII^ 

• Principes. 18 A LXXVII. 

Wallingford. f F X 9. 

—-——( II GL 

Walfingham (Tho.) 13 £ IX if. 

Walterus, £p. Magaloaenfis. a FXI. 4BVII 


< Joh.) 12 D VI 1. 

Walcham (Rog. de; 7 EVIL 8G VL; 



\Vif(leboy!(Joh. it) i+ C IX. 
Warnefridus (Paului) if G VI 4. 
Wifwic (Ecelrfia dt) li C VII 6. 

- ■ ■ (Guy de) If EVI 7. 

- (die. Com«) 1 1 F XVII 4. 
Wcbley {Hcn.)i7BXXX.UI. 
Wcllc(Will. dc)ioD IX. 

Welfh Grammir. 14AXXIV. 
WeftmoMftciiiim. If A XXXI 8. 
W«bafctCRic)8A XV. 9 AXIVj. 
Weymouth (Geo,) '7 BXXXII. 
Wdped»le(RogO 1 1 B XIX 4. 
Wicklit(IohLi.) ' A IV. Xi. XU. BIX.C 
VIII. IX. 7 Bill J— 6. 8FXI3. XII4. 
f. GXI. loDXi, 3. 17AXXVI1.8, 
Wideman[Cwolus.) 1 D XX. 
Wigraore [Ric.) 18 A XVI. 
%'igorn EpiTcopitui. 7 F XIV aS. 
WiTfi)n(Tho.) 11 A L. 
Wimbledon (Vicoum.) 18 A LXXVIII. C 

Winchtlfty (-Rob.) 1 1 B V. 
Windley [Chrift.Jii A LXX. 
Wine. 14 B XXIX. 
Wiotmoo fTho.) 7 BIIIS. 
Wintoo (AndrcwofJ 17DXX. Quul.DXI. 
Wintonia. Tic. A VIII 1. 
Wife McD oFtheEaft.i8AX7. 
Wiicbei. 17 C XXUI. 

Wodefbnl (Gut. J 4 A XIII. 7 B III. • F STl. 

Wollaye (Edw.) 17 A XIX. 

Wollhniij Monachus Wint.ifC vn B. 

Woodward (Will.) 18 B VIII. C XI. 

Worall(Leon.) 17 AXIII. 

WoitonfH«i.);ii AXLV. 

Wtcnbogardt (John.; 17 BXLIV. 

Wulfeui (Tho.)ii A LXIl. 

WulftanusEp. Wigorn. 4C II t. 6 CVH ae, 

Wybarom (Tbo.; »CI. fi Dli. 

Wymbitton (Tbo.) iSA XVll 1. 

WyDiie(Edw.} i\ ALVII. 

Xenophon. toB 1X6. 17 E V. 16EXXXII 

». GIX. 19 CVI. 
Ximnez (Franc.) 16 G IV. 

York fA-bp.) 7 C XVI m. F XlViy. 


Zacbuias Chrylbpolinnut. 3CVII. 

Zarina, Regini. 14A XIX f. 

Zcnobia, RceiDi. 14 A XIX. 

ZenobiusCS-Jij B X. 

Zoroaftiet. i6BI». U ). V. VL VU. 

Zouffitu, Papa. 9 B XII 10. 


• .•