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Jrom a book in the hand- 
Tri'itins of Hiss Kary lliisfjoll, 
who died in 1806, and from 
other Caiaily reoords in pos- 
sQssion of Richard Sullivan, 
of Boston. 

Noveriber 12, 1904. 



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■^ Page 1—9 Riohard R>.jsgell, his children. 

^3 An Qooount o.C his eon, Daniel. 

4-3 Copy of Jiis i^rill. 

Jaraes, ^on of Riohard. 

10 Names of his 

10 Dani'31 ^ssell, son o£ James ^losell. 

11 Obituary notice of Daniel '^ssell. 

18 Obitnar^r notice of Rebecca Russell, wife of Daniel RusBell. 

13 C/iarles Charters, father of Rebecca Pentfield Russell 

wife of Daniel Russell. 

13 Chambers, son oC Daniel Russell. 

14-16 Obituary notice of Chajnbero Russell. 

17 Janes Russell, son of Daniel Russell. 

17-18 Obituary notice of Katharine Russell, trife of Janes Russell. 

18-31 Obituary notice of Hon. Janes Russell. 

31 Extract frojo letter of Jajnes Russell to T:hoi3a8 Russell. 

ii9 Richard Russell, son of Daniel Russell. 

33 Cliaz'les Russell, son of Jaiaes Russell. 

34 Obituary notice of Dr. Cliarles Russell. 

25-26 Obituary notice of Showas Russell. 

37-39 Memo.fron Eulogy of Thomas Russell by Dr. John ~arren. 

20 Obituary notice of Aliss ilary "hissell. 

30 James R'lssell, son of Jaraes Russell. 

31 Names of his children. 

31-38 Obituary notice of Urs. Sarah Sullivan, wife of 

Hon. Richard Sullivan. 

33-34 Rebecca Russell, hfiv desoendrjits. 

35-30 Descendants of Jolm Langdon "ullivan. 

37 Desoendants of Richard Sullivan. 

38-38 Sketch of xlMMaas Graves. 

40-42 Desoendants of Jo3m Corljnan. 

RiohaT'il Russell, ".on of Paul Ruassll, of the City of Hereford, 
was bom in the year 1C12. His f-^ther havinc lenignecl that he should he- 
oone H nerohant, plnoed hln with Mr, i^obert Elliott, of Bristol, to whOB 
he was bound. October 4t}i, 1638, beinc -^lesoribed in the Corporation Reoorda 
oi" Bristol, aa the son of Paul i^oRell, of the City of Hereford, G'^ntlenan, 
and a bond was Given upon J'snes Lane, of Hereford, for the stun of one 
hundred poun;"is for his service and truth. 

Ur, Russell oontinued to reside in Jlristol, engased in neroantile 
pursuits, until towards the end of tlie year 1C30, vhan, in ooapany vi\h 
saveral listin.'^ished persons of the City, anonc \7hori were the Lorries, he 
embarked for New Ensland and vook \xr> his residence at Charles toim, in 
Massaohusetts, ^here, in 1643, he was electe<^i a seleotnan, and from this 
year until his deatli was constantly cnc'Sed in the public service. His 
name <3t«nls at the head of the board of selectnen seven^;een years, and he 
was on it twen'oy-six years. He was elected representative first in 1G40, 
and for ten years after^rardsj was an assistant sixteen years from lo59 to 
1876: a speaker of the House of Bepiitlen in 1040, 1G50, 1054,1055 and 1058 
and for tisrenty years treas^irer of the colony. Though t]ma onsaced in public 
duties, he fotmd tine to embark, larcely for those days, in oonneroe. He 
was deeply interested in navifjation and real estate. He built, in Charles- 
town, Tvharves and storehouses: piwchnsed one quartfir of the Penaquid Patent; 
and 16o0 he bought of Tildwr-ird Collins the greater part of wliat, at tliat data, 
was Medford. 

Mr. ^snell opposed the san^xiinary edicts asainst the Quakers, and 
was ever roady to afford substantial aid to the oolony. Hie son, Junes 
T^i88ell, in a letter to the Oeneral Court rer^arding a settlenent of tlie ac- 
counts of the late treasurer, dated the twenty- fourtli of May, 1C7C, says: 


•I hope you fill plaase to take oara for the reiwbursinc Jii^^ ontate for 
what he has expended In the oiiintries service in tliis »ar and otherwifle, 
and those personal ens^seiuents he lias passed Tor tlie ooimtries use and 
benefit, 30 that Ma children may not suffer for hie love to the country. 
Thus, not doubtinsjljut yon will in some measure consider tlie oaae, and 
take care not to injure or oppress the widow and fatherless, v/hose loss is 
so CT9at already, rmd that there nay be ordered a speedy settling of accounts, 

I ara &o" 

}fr. T^uesell made Ms will July .10, 1074, in which he distributed 
Hore than 55700. in special bequests and the balance of his ^roperty he 
divided between his two sons, James and Daniel. 

Mr, nussell was twice raarried, Cirst to liaud Fitt in June 103C. 
She was da^jghter of Villian Pitt, Sheriff of Bristol. Ilia earliest nane we 
)iave found recorded in the Vitt ancestry of ;.Iaud I^isnell, if; that of NioJio- 
laa Fitt, of Blandford and Winborne, Dorsetshire, "uncland. His son ?illia» 
Pitt of Blandford married the dato^^hter oC Janes De Jlaviland of Foole, Dor- 
setshire, "hey had five sons, of whom the eldest, John, vras ancestor of t}i« 
:^]arl of Chathan. The second son, Ihoraas^'Jliaraberlain of Bristol, wa^ the 

father of 'filliam Pitt, Sheriff of Bristol, T/ho, by hie narriace with Mary 
Cibbs, was the father of Maud, >vife oC TULohard Russell, and Mary, who mar- 
ried in 1C32 Andrew Newell of Hristol. Wira, Mary Newell was admitted to 
the Church in Chsrlestcwn, Hassaoliuoetts, 15th Deoeriber 1G4C. She died 
in CiKirlestown, in 1G84. In his will iiichard ??U8fjell left her a lesaoy. 
niio loft two sons, Jojot and JosepJi. 

On ?wiohard lius^ell's tomb was written "Here lieth the body of Richard 
^^tusf^eil >7'io served )iis country a Sroaourer nore tiuai a treble apprentice- 
ship >m,l wns - nac.'iitrate sicteen years, w}io departed tiiie life ;>y 14th, 
1070, '^ed 04 years." 


Uaud, the .first wife of Rioli&rd rJiissall. and nother of nil his 
children, died in 1C62. His Beooncl vdfe was Uary, widow of Leonard Chester, 
who Burvivod ]iiw, dyinf: in IflSS, Ghe 3i«d oliildren by lier first np.:-via^ 

The children of Richard Hussoll and his wife, Uaud, vreve 
Kntlierino , horn in JSisland, married Villiajn nOBvell, of Chai'leatoivn, Mfiss., 
She died in 1068, 

Janes, box*n October 1st, 1040, }Ie enojeeded his father in most of his 
public offices -nd died in 1700, 

Baniol , o graduate of Harvard in 1609, Studied Divinity. Died January 
4th, 1070. He ra>irried Mehitabel, dauglitor o" Dnniel Willis, Esq,, of Con- 
necticut, He l»^ft one daufOiter, Uehitable, w}io married Woodbridco. 
Elisabeth , born October liioh, 1044. Iferried Auc^ist 24, 13G4, Mr, 
Nathcjiiel Graves, of Ch^riestown, Mass. 

D«miel '^issell, sor. of Richard "^ussell, in his t^ill loft to H«rv,tLrd 
College one thousand -iores of land in Winter F.wbor and to Chiirlestoivn 
ninety fiva ^creo of land lying in Charlestown Corainon, toward set^-4ng u? a 
free so]iool "upon condition it be elected in « year's tine after my deoaise" 
and other bequests to virious persons. 

Copy of Richard ^^uasell's Will. '*• 

■It being ac^ordijis to the wind of God that man »ho is appoynted 
to dy should reasonably set his house in order fop the preventing of trou- 
ble and disoord enon^ surviTins relations after his decease, I do therefore 
ordeyn 4 declare my last ?ill a.nd Taat&meni; in nir^jiner and I'orme followins. 

Laps., I do throii,'^ the ^aoe and atrenjth of Cht. Jestis, 

resigns ray imnortall Soul into the everl^iating aarmes of God, father, aonne, < 
Holy ghost, trusting tliat tjirousii his grace I nny say whose I an. and de- 
sire to serve, & being perairaded that Jeans Ciirist-s iaade of God a oonpleat 
objeot for faith fiilly to r^ist Ts rely upon for justifioation to etemall, 
into Those bosauBe 5: bowell Heroyea I desire to rovl and oast cyaelf . Hy bo* 
I do ooait to the earth by a decent and ooaely (but not over costly) burial!, 
at the discretion of ny loving rife and c}iri8tian friends. And ^.t for tliat 
portion of Tariporall good tilings wherewith the Lord hat]i been pie .sed to 
bless Hee (ny just debts and fun 'all axpenoes being in the first place sat- 
tisfied & Fayd, woh. I order to be fully done wthout i>aud or delay ftocord- 
ing to every man's just due) I do give and bequeath unto ny loving & deare 
Fife its. Mary Russell, and to her children, fifteen hundred pounds, and is 
(with her consent) to be divided anong then to eac}i person as folioweth, 
namely. To oy dear wife, her parte tliereof shall be eight Jnmdred poiinds. 
To her eldest da'Jghter the "rife of }ir. Sanuel 'Jliiting of Billerio:', one 
hundred pounds, and to ]i.^r seven oldldren Ten ryjunds a peece. To her 
second daughter the vife of J^Ir. Thcnas Russell, one hundred pounds, and 
sixty potmds, and to her tiro oMldron ten pounds a peeoe, and to her 
husband Mr. Thonas Russell, 'ifty pounds. To her third daughter Bunioe 
Chester Two himdrei pounds, and to hor sonne Mr. Steevan Cliester, as an 
addition to what I have fomeriy given hia. One hundred pounds. To ny 
eldest Sonne :ir. Jamea Russell eiaht hundred pounds, and to hia three ohil- 
dran two liundred po^inds a peece, the whole legacy to liin and his children 


beins fourteen liundred poimds, and it is lay inll that eicht hundred pounds 

which I have lately aflnigned over in debts and otherwise delivered to Mm by 

a late contraot, shall bo accounted as a part of the al'orssaid lecaoy to him 

and his oMldran; also I do give and bequeath, aa a token of ay deare love 

and reepoot to his wife Upb, Mabell RuBBall, one hundred pounds, "o ny 

daugiiter the wife of Mr. Willian Roswoll, I do c^ive & bequeath five hundred 

poiaids, and my will ies that her liusband upon the reoeite tliereof shall give 

sufficient seoTirity, by bond with euretyes, or in otJier reail estate to juy 

Executors, with consent & approbation of ray overseers, for the leaving the 

like valine to her and her oJiildren in case of her decease, or else ny will 

is that it sJiall not be by thera delivd. unto Ma, by tliera kept & improved 

for her Qood, 

To her sonne Williaia Koswell I do ci'o one hundred pounds to be 
payd in two years after pty decease to his motlier, and to my aonne-in-law Mr. 
¥ja, Roswell I do Give & bequeath one hundred potxnds. 

To my daughter, the wife of sir. Nathaniel Graves, I do give & 
beqyath foTire liundred pounds, and iijy >?ill is that her husband uT>on the 
reoeite thereof shall give sufficient security to ny Executors by bond with 
nuretyes, or in other reall estate, to the content and approbation of ny 
overseers for leaving the like vallue to her, and in case of her deoease to 
her oMldran, or eloo the sane shall be kept by then and improved for her 
good. To her oMld that she now goes with or shall be borne of her body be- 
fore ray deoease, I do give & bequeath two hundred pounds to be payd videlliot 
Katharine Graves or sorae trustee that ny daughter Elizabeth Graves shall 
appoint in two years. 

To ray sonne-in-law Nathaniel Graves I do give and bequeath one 
hundred pounds. To ny deare sister lira. Elisabeth Oorbett, now living at 
Bristol I do give and bequeath two ]nmdre.i pounds, and to ray sister Mrs. 
Sarali Russell, widow, now living at Bristol, widow 8s to her children I do 


give and bequeath two Jnmdreil pounds, and ny will in tliat after tlie de- 
oease of ny sister Corbett, That shall renayne vmospended by hor of the i 
legacy -^riven to her, shall be gi^on to my sister Riwell and hor oliildren. 
To my siatar-in-law J^s. Mary Newall, widow, I do civo i be- 
queath Tor her use and oonfort duraing her life one h\mdred pounda, and 
after her deoeaee so niuoh aa shall renayne luiexpended to be for aonnes 
John -yid Joseph Newall, to orhorio also as a furtlxer expression of my lorre 
to then I do give ten pounds a peeoe. 

To Mr, James Gary I do give and bequeath fifty pounds, and to 
his fire children twenty pounds a pe«3oe, so yt tlie whole legacy to hin and 

hia children ohnll be one h^jindred and fifty pounds. 

To Harvard Oolle<lfie in Canibridge I do give and bequeath one 
hundred pounds, and lay will in tJiat it shall be improved for purchase of some 

reall estate, or otherwise, no aa to bring in an annuall revenefr, and the 
principall not wasted , and the said amuidl revenew shall be allowed to two 
poore studts yt. ra^^ need the sane .?or t]ieir fiirtheranoe ir good literrture, 
and before paymt. thereof seotirity shall bo given to my Executors for the 
fullfilling of ny will in this natter, to yt, content & approbation of ny •• 


lo the Churcli of Clirist in Chariest own with whoa I liave been 
in sweet Xian fellowship Cor many years, I do give and bequeath one hundred 
pounds to be payd by my Executorn to the Dertoons for tho use of the Church; 
al30 towards the building oC a house to reraayne to the use of the ministry 
in that place. I do give and bequeath Cifty poiinda upon condition that a 
comfortable h use be bouglit or built and legally settled for ihat end within 
two years after my decease. I do also give and beqiieath Two hundred poiinds 
to the use of the Poore in Charlestown, to be payd. by my EreoTitors unto the 
selectmen of the PI ice, ani ray will is that the same sliall be layd out in 
house and land, or some other way disposed of , do as that the lecjaoy nay 


not be wasted, and yt annuaH prcfit distributed to the Poore of thst Towno 
as the f^electraen and Deooonq of tha "hiiroh for the tine beinj shall order, 
and before _ ayt of this lozAoy, security shall be civen to ny Executors for 
jB lerfomins of ray will in t)il3 n^itter , to ^ content and approb^itlon of 
ray overseers. Furt}ier I do ^ive and bequeath to sundry of the Lords servants 
in the lainistry of his ev-jrljistinc Cospell, as a toaken of ny deare esteem© 
of the l-ords f^ithftill mesf!en£;ers and sinpatliizeinc Kitli then in their nany 
straites and wants, as followeth, naraely.- 

To the Reverend Ilr, Sanuel Tliiting -senr. Twenty pounds. To his 
Sonne '.'r, Sajnuel ""hi ting of Rillerioa, Tiiirty pounds, ^Jid to ]iis sonne }Jr. 
Joseph Whiting Twenty pounds. To the Reverend Jlr. TJiomas Shepard Pastor of 
this Churoh whereof I ara a neriber, Forty pounds, ond to Jir. Joseph Browne to 
whome the Cliuro]i hat)i siven a oail to joyne with hira in that worke of CJjt. I 
do cive and bequeath Ten po«3jids. To the Reverend Mr, Brian Oakes Pastor of 
Cliuroh of Cht, Canb ridge Twenty pounds. To the Reverend Ilr. Jno Shearnan 
Pastor of t};e ClTuro}; of Cht, at T.'atertoivne Teii poimds. To the Reverend Mr. 
Tlionas Carte* vastor of the Churoh at Obume, Ten pounds. To the Reverend 
Ilr, Sajauel ¥illard I-astor of the Ch\!roh at Grotton Ten pounds. To the 
aeveren'i iJr. ^-'ioGleBW-^rth Jastor of the Churoh at liaulden Ten poimds. To the 
Reverend Mr, Cobbitt Factor of the Churoh Ipsvrioh, Ten potmds. To the Rev. 
lir. lolin Ward Pastor of the Churoh at Haverhill Ten pounds. Also I do ^ive 
and bequeath to ny household servants as followeth, i. e. To I'ary Clieater Ten 
pounds. To Mary Golden Ten po^inds, md shall be in full of wt. shee laay 
olayrae on any promise or oovent at th and of her tine. To Eleaaer Allen 
Twenty pounds. I o ordeyne ^ oonstitute wy deare wife Mrs. Mary Rixaeell 
and my sonne Jaraes Rixs^ell Exeoutor.^ of this ray will ^md Testament 77or the 
paynt. of ray debts & legaoyos a.g is above naned h >:y nee ijivan and be- 
iueat];ed. And I do intreat ny lovelng nrid C3iristian friends Ilr, TJionaa 

DaftfortJi 0.7 Caubridge, .'.[r. Thoracis Ohepard and Capt, Lairrenoe Hamond of 

Chfirleitovne, and Mr. Oamiel Whitlnc: of Bill^rioa, to b© * perfonne the tnist 

or overse^ra to the h««i9, to wlioae adrioe & ootinsell in any natter of Imibt 

or '-liBhcreenent betwe'Mi piy ^Sxa-Tutora or between ny Exeoutors and any of ny 

lecateee ag to the trtio ne^Jiinff of t}il3 ny will, I do appoynt ay Exeoutors 

at all times to attend, >=in<\ for that en\ to repayire imto them from tine to 

tine as t}iore shall be need, and in oasa any legatee will be troubleaono 

and no*; ?)et downe qnietly with the deternination of those ray overseera as to 

tlie true meaning: of this ny will, I do hereby utterly null ^x: make voyd the 

le{:;aoy to th^^n ~lven and beineatlied. And as a t oaken of ny love to my sbovo 

naned overseers, I do give and bequeath to eaoh of than Twenty pounds a peeoe. 

Purt}ier I do hereby deolare that it is my will that ray Exeoutora shall pay 

all the aforenamed lerjaoias within two years next oonein^ after By decease 

and for specie proportionably as the estate will arise. And if the Lord shall 

in his infinit'3 wlsdome se-^ raeet to exeroise me with losses either by sea 

or I'md as that my estate will not hold out to pay to eaoh legatee as is ab^ve 

by mee iriren and bequeatJaed, I do order and appoynt that eaoh one shall be 

abated proportionably to his legaoy £:iven. And in the deoeaae of any of my 

owna children before the pajment of their legacy I do order that their 

ohilflron sha.! have it paid to them. Purtiier I do ordeine & appoimt unto ny 

sonnes IJr. Janes Russell "c Mr. Danlell Russell the renainder of ny estate 

that shall be left after all ray debts and legaoyes ard payd. To ny son jMiae 

I jive *£ bequeath one third part thereof. To my two daughters Katherine 

Roswell 4 Klisabeth Graves one tMrd, and to my son Danlell the other one 

tlilrd. Dated the 20th of the fift nonth 1074. 

Witnesses By mee Riohard RviBsell. 

Daniel iusaell 
El lexer Allen. 



JaneB Ihiasell, eon of "JLoliard rjusoell, was bom at CharleBtown, 
October 4th, 1840, who was married to four wivea. 

The firat was Mable Halna, daucliter of Governor Hains, of 
(Jormeotlout, September 14, 1664, by whom he liad eight children, 
the firat a daiig.'itor, liable , bom May 1CG5, died when a oliild. 
The seoonl a eon, Richard, bom 1666, died when a oliild. 
The third a son, Jconea , bom 1667, died yotuic* 
The .votirth a aaiighter, liable , bom J>miiary 1C89, was married to Captain 
Thomas Jenner, of Charleatovm, by wlion ahe had several childrer. Died in 
a "ood old age. 

The fifth was a son, Rlol.ard , bom liaroh 1071 , Died youn^. 
The sixth a son, Jolm , bom October 1374. Died when a ohild. 
The seventh a daiif^liter, Riith . Died when a oliild. 

The eichth a daviehter, UoMd , bom Jime 1676, was EiMrried to Ifr. Daniel 
Lawrence. She died in a ijood old age, beinc 72 years. 

His second wife waa lira, j'lary Hoililioke, to whom he waa mar- 
ried February 1C77, by whom he liad one son, named Eleazer , bom Jrjiuary 
1677. Died when a ohild. 

hifl third wife was Mias Mary Woloott, bom 1651, dauchter of 
Kenry Woloott, of Oonneoticut, to wjiom he was married Jioiuary 2, 1G79, by 
whOQ he had one davifjhter named liary , bom October 6, 1680, was married to 
Captain Jolin Miller. .She died in a good old ace Novenber 21, 1768, being 
78 years, and had no children. The said Captain i'Uller in his laat will 
Gave the Greatest part of his estate to ssid Russell cre-t-cranlcliildreai^ 
which waa very considerable. 

The fourth wife was .'Irs. Abigail ilathomo, a widow, her m'iden 
name waa Curwin, to whom he .vaa married Aurust 28, 1G84, by whom ho had 
one son named Daniel , bom !Jovenber 30, 1C85, who lived with liim in the 

mercantile business, in wlxioh he was largely oonoemed,ancl fjuoceeded him 
in most of hin pwhlio o.frioes. 

This inscripiion ia on his tomb, "liere lieth the body of 
JpineB Russell, Esq., Jw wfts born in tliiR town October 4, 1C40 and was elected 
a Councillor for the Colony In 1080, from w]uo]i tine till hia death he was 
annually chosen, savine in the fe\7 years of the Reign of King Janes, when 
the people wero deprived of thfit privilege. He also served God and his 
country in atjny other eminent stations as a Treasurer, a Judge and ot]ier 
places of the greatest trust, all of which lie discharged &3 becane a faith- 
ful steward." 

G&orge Curwin, fr-.ther of Hrs. Janoc :\isfjell, :rao descended froci 
an ancient family of ^orkin.'^tonj County CtTiberland, England. He cane to 
Hew EnglfUid in 1G3Q fir>d se^.tled in "alem, -hoi'e he held nnny important 
offiocB. Ho died Januarj' 3, 1(383, leaving no will. Itis second wife was 
daughter of Governor Winslow. 

Daniel Riissell, son of Jftaes Russell, was bom llovenber 30, 
1C85, he was married to two wives, the first was Uiss Rebecca Chambers 
January 9th, 1711, the only child of Honorable Charles Chambers, Esq., of 
Ch'^Tlestown, by whom he had nine c3iildren. The first a daioghter named 
Rebecca bom May 19, 1718, died «n infant, July 1". 1712. 
The second a son, naned Chambers , bom July 4th, 1713. 
Tjie third a son named Janes, born August 5, 1715, 

The fourth a son, named Daniel , bom January 27, 1717. Was educated at 
Harvard College. Had his degree 1736. 

The fifth a son, naned Charles . bom JJovenber 25, 1719. Died April 25, 1729, 
of ^ Quinsy . 


The sixth a daughter, na^iecl Kabeooa, bom liny 1721, savl laiaried to 

Captsdn David Wyer of Char-lestoim, by whom alie ]iad several oliildren. 

She die<l at Frilraoiith, Caaoo Bay. 

The fjeventli h son, named Riohord, horn February 21, 1723. 

The ei^bt]! a dmifi-hter, nvjned Ab igail , born Jsnxiary 2, 1725, and married to 

Sam;el C?tirwin, Esq., of Sjilen. 

The ninth a son named George , bom October 30, 1727, tlie da>- eifter the 

terrible eartlitniake. Died April 2, 1729. 

The seoond wife was lira. Faith Sava^o, a Tridow, T.'hen lie 
married her. She died June Hji, 1775 suddenly, ace 84 years. 

On TTiesday, "tli of Deoenbor 1763, df^parted this life the 
Honorable Daniel rJiis«ell, "Jsq., vr'ixo for upwards o. twejity years was a 
Eejnber of liis Majt^sty's Coxukcil lor th:'.3 Frovince. He -.r^^a "reasurer of 
Middlesax County for nore than fifty years, in ^hn diacharce of ffhioli 
office ffi:oh was Ids conBoientioiia fidelity ;jid unjml*ied integrity as 
]ir'jou;->ed liin universal ;-.:"'i'!robation end ostaec in public oaid private life, 
his Tholo cond\iot was nmh r.b evidently showed iiis invc-jriable desire and 
ondeavor to pr'^serve a conscience void of o.f fence both toward God and nan, 
and by the rrtotltude of his behavior to adorn and roooiiuend the holy 
religion, \Thich ho profostsed, and to ■ pprove hinself to the all-searching 
oyB of tlic Fathor of spirits , his nanory is greatly honored by all who 
were acquainted with liin, in whose esteen ho rus tnily that noblest work 
of God, rji lionest nan. 

It is obaervable tliat in tho several offices "liioli he sustained, 
he succeeded his rorthy f ether and grandfat]ier, botli of wlion held and 
discharged tlie sarie for a great nunber o-' yoro's, vith unspotten reputation. 
He W58 78 years of ego. 

"The a-flfeot remonibrar.ce of tiio just 
Shall flourish wlien he sleeps in duet." 


R'jb'^ooa Riissoll, wife of Dnniel Riiflsell, Esq., doparted tMo 
life March IVaO, nf^ed 3C years. On Sabbath day «veninc she called her 
children an<\ aix of then being present, Hi'ter taJdn,-;- thoir hajids and 
prayinr; for tliori sho said , "0 t}iat I may meet yo-u all at -he ricjht hand of 
JesuB Chricit, F]iat an lionoi' then ?/ill it be to r.e that I lu>.vc been an 
inctruraent in bringinR you into the world. " 

Dr, Graves CGllin,'; her the oonoern he was imdor tliat I-rovzdenoe 
had denied a blessing to all ncar.s used for her reooveiry, slic suid, ulie 
Vielieve<L the Doctors had done their best and that altlioiich a blessing was 
deniod ynt n}ie desired to blesa God, that she had not one repining or regrot- 
fixl thoiight in her heart for she had now done with tlie lYorld and cotild free- 
ly part with her cliildren and all friends for Jesus Clirist. 


riHARLns GiiA}ffl;':R3. 

CJiai'les Oranbera wai horn in Linooliialiire, in Eji^-land, in the 
ycnr ICGO. He oane to Nrfrr Jiii;layu.l and settled in Gliariaato'WTi and there 
.married Hiss Rebcooa Pant field, by waon ho had one dauchterCwho was nar- 
rieci. to Dfjiiol !-~.ii3nsll, .Hsi. ) tj;ey '.ived tnjetiier i^bovo fiTty years, his 
wi.?e lied in a ijood old esfje* J^cih 14, 1735, beinr, 7V yewa old. A sJiort 
tine rif ter he narriod Vers, ^Irxrcaret Foyo, a widow, with -dioni ]ie lived until 
April Pj'f , 1743, rhen lie denartod tiiis life, acel 33. He followed tlie sea 
for nany years ix liaster oj? a vo3^;el,in v,]iich biiBiness he cot a )iand8one 
fortune and the:i errj.loyed it in a r.3r>3antile way. He i?&s er;ployed by the 
tomi in 3iany offit?es. He was thsir roproe-sntative for raforry years in the 
Groat ioi'X General Cotirt. K<5 Tri.s e'eotsd one oi Kis ilajesty's Councillors 
and 'ji]n-)ointsd or? of the Jv.stiooa o,r the Inferior Court of Co~^::on Fleas 
for t})e Ooimty of Hiddiesex. An he £;ot to -.Ji advanced a:;o ao resigned the 
several ercyloyironts rrith Yhioh he 'tvas trusted. He left uost of his estate 
to Chambers J^isr^ell, hif? ci'^'dson, v^ho was broivjht up and oduoatad at liis 

Chanbers Russell, son of Daniel Riissell, Esq., was bojm July 
4, 1713, and was narrie<l to liies Mary W<\inwrif]:}it, dauehtor of lir. Jolm 
Wainwright, nerohant, and gr^nd-daushter of Governor Dudley, April 2^ 1738, 
with whon he lived until August 13, 1762, rhon she departed this life, aged 
4o years, riuuh ifiwented. He was educated at Harvard College, had his degree 
In 1731. After he left the oollene ae lived with «Tohn Reed, Esq., an eni- 
nent lawyer, and Traa verj' early enployed in public business. As he had no 
oMldren he left his estate to Charles R\ias«ll,( eldest son of Jumea Ruaaell ) 
his n'^pliew, an-l to Mary Russell Atkins, daugliter of Dudley Atkins, nleoe of 
his late wife. Having been some time in a poor state of health he was ad- 
vis jd to cross the Atlantic, and s-dled for London in Ootobor 170G. He 

diecl abroad Noronbor 34, l''CO. 

Ronton, Jfinuary 15th, 1VS7, 

By Captain Tixey .fron London 770 lircvo r«ooiv(-id tlie iinlojiolioly 
nCTTf! 0? tho death o? t}ie late llonorftblo Clxanbcra Riinsell, Ilea., vho after 
a nhort illn^RS o? tJirno dayn d.iii.--rtod t]r.n lifo at O»iild?o:-d in oir.^y on 
t)w PAth day of Novenh^w .1 t«t, in 'he r)4th yenp of ]ds aco. A fyontlfozcji 
whofjc upright and tr'tly ani^i^^ilc olir^rrioter in public ond privr'to life 
had on'loarerl hin to flX who hnd my xno;T.lof1{:o of ]dn, but noj'o ns- 
pooiftlly to thoBG yrhn wer-ft favored with Mn parti ciiXriT friondsliip ar. in- 
tinrc^'. In the yerjr 1?4<5 he received, unexpected end imeolicited Hie lia- 
jesty's r;nnT"i«f?ion appolntinc }u;i .Tudge of tho Cowt of tlic Vio© Adniralty 
for t]ie Provinces of the Hass-^iohiisotta Bay and How Kaiapoliiro and t]ie Colony 
of Hliode Island, v/hioh he hold until t\ fe-7 yonrfs ar;o, when Rliode Islrmd, 
boinc made a separate cLiBtrint, he 'fr-ji oomifleione'l for tho two iVovinoes 
only, in \fMoh station he oontinuod '.mtil Mo dooeaae. IIo was for severed 
yor-To one of the Juatioea of tho Inferior Court of Coniion Ploas for tho 
County oC JttddleeeK and in the yoitr 1'5?? ho wan r^irwved fron tliat Bench and. 
appointed one of the Juntioea of t]io :aiporior i"Joiart of Judioatiire of tlus 
Province, VThioh iii^portant ofloe ]vs stiatained till it pleased tlio GovcroiKri 

Jndse "Ti'X Ibiior of t.he Tlniversii to ronovo ]\in "try deat]i. For V.\q ;)paoe 

Of about tirenty-aix years Jxe v'an alxioot unV^rruptodly ohonan by tho Towna 

of CharlGstoim, Concord or J.inooln to ropresant thon in the Groat ani General 

Court, 'ind in tlie year 17W .ml XfHO he -^>i« eleoted one of the n^nbora of 

His *iaj93ty»8 Ttonorable Coi:noil, after which he vo.b>r.tarily resi^nod Mn 

eeiit at tho Board end wr-e a^aAn choseri ^Jid returned a representative for 

the "on: of Linooln, Tn the »ftv<=tTi'>l itatlona lie d-i'^oliarG®'-' «3^e trujt 

r«poBe<'. in hln with .Teat ability ro^d the noflt unsullied integrity, frror 

maihttiinine ^ saort'd ree&rd for the laxfh and Conetitxition of hia Country 



and tjio rigiite and libertioa of his fellow subjects, rivoidinr: with a 
Boruji\ilo«s oon^o! ' »jntiou6n«3fi wh^.t^ver nijht have the leust "oosslble ten- 

denoy to wwrp o>' "iiIhb )iiB jnrlfiment, and always ^i^infT ''^bo surest evidence 


of his \jnfiite)''!i'''le intentions ^nd endeavor to make rule of ri^ht the 


/jovdrninr; prin'^ipal of all hifi actions. Tn private life hi? character 
«hcne with ili6tinc'»i3b'*<l lustr*. Ho a-)iibited en exftrrnle of tlio nost ten- 
der oonjuj^al «f "notion, diyinr a riourRe of nnny years, i-.r. Thioh he was 
haiT*y in a nof^t aijreoable, nensibie !:»nd virtiious fjonnort. 

He w<38 an imoorjnonly kind ancl indiil/^ont master, cfver con- 
siderin- and treatlnj: his slaves as entitled to the ri-Tht.i of humanity and 
meJvin" th.^:: in f>ll respeota as ha-f);;)y as was oor^aistant 'rith their 3t3ito,s.s 
a proo.? or his jnst and huKane aentir.enta in thin respect, it nay not be 
asiss to mention t)i>^t in "'lis lant will he hss made spocisl provision that 
none of his slaves shwild be sold, b<i'. in case ♦my of ther., through ac© or 
other bodily infimitieu, becane ^Vielesp they shmO.d be confortably sup- 
ported out of his estate durinrr their natural lives. 

All inliabitants of the woun^-.y en''. Towns in which he resided 
are witness of his mmerous acts or /^-enerosity and benefloQrice, both of a 
public and private nature and it nay be said of iiin in an eninent sense 
t.hat lie delivered the poor tliat oriel and the f^itherless and Mm that had 
none to ]»olp Ida. 

The blesftintjs of liin that was ready to perish oane upon Mm, lie 
was eyes to the blind, feet to the larae and a father to the poor. 

His hospitality ^r.s such that friends and strannoro wlio visited 
hin wert; received and entertained with a oheorful open liberality whioh 
denote 1 a real sense of obiirratlon on his part. In bin friendship he was 
warm and sincere and suoh ^rei'e tlie favorable allowanoes wliioh his candor 
n.-ide for tJie frailities of huiianity tliat even (>n injury never prevented Ills 

')oimty and. kind offioe« to th-s Kutlmr of it. To oonolude the outline of 
'his truly trortliy character, it rany with justice b« said that in the 
^leftth ov" Jiwice T^.i8«ell his nountry aaa lost a disinterested patriot, his 
intimates an rjuiahle conppjiinyi ejid ntmkin^l h atwe find iiecrty i'riend. 

The nan vho by h5.6 steady 'iovxee 

Has haiJpinesB insiored, 
Vhen worth's fmrnrlations shake, shall stand 

By Provldenf^e eeoiirod. 

Meno. By the inventory o.-C his estate it arioimted to fAP.OF,, 
His wife was Hpry, dwicrht^ir of 'ohn ?/aimrric:ht, by his vifo, Hary, da^iG^iter 
of Tfovernor Joneph ^odJ-ey, Mnry Diidlc^'^ riarrled eooondiy Joseph Atkins 
and had a eon, JVidley Atkins, hftlf-brotlier to !Ir^. /hiap.ell. A niece re- 
ferred to rras » davchter of this Ihidley Atkins. She married George Searlos. 
Her sister inarried f?rinniel Kliot end hvir brother aided the name of Tync end 
iras eallod Dudley Atkins Tyn^:. 


Hon. tT-aiefl ^wBell, son of Daniel 'Rusneli, Esq., was bom 
Aue^ust -^t ."L715, and narriecl April 1'^, 1738, K&tharina, dauchter of Hon. . 
Thcnas Ciraves, wlion he «'irviv©d by twenty yoars. lie died April 24, 1708. 

The followinf: in a list of his nine children w1h3 siirvived tlieir 

nothor. 71^ other two died in inf>^oy. 

Char len, bom Deo. .17, 1738 r< diod Jiay 27,1780. JJarriod Elizabeth Vansal. 

" ,T;ii.;cxbeth Renloy 

Thonas. " Ai^r. 17,1740 « " Apr. a,l700 •• 

rSorali Scvor 
(Elizabeth Fatoon 

Cfttharine " 


Janea * 

Uary " 

Uarsaret * 

Hebeoca " 

Ojianbors * 



Oapt, Hcailey. 


Miss Leotaere. 


«To]-Ji Codnan. 
Edward "ync 
Jolm Lovrell 

1741 " " AiJS.10,1818 
I7f)0 " " Qot. 4,1810 
1749 •» " 1832 

1758 n » JiLly 24,1800 
1757 » " j!ar.l4, 1783 
1747 » " Sept 5,181G 

17R5 » " Ufor. 10, 1700 at C3iarlnntown,S.C. immarried 
A soal rins, upon wliioli was (^ncraved tjxe ams of ';he f5trent)iam 
Huosells, s?ld to liaye been brouciit fron Dnglond by Ricliard rhisnell, tlie 
enigrnnt, was civijn to Mn aon .TariieS; w7;o lived in En-;land, by bin fntJior. 

KatJiarin© Ritssell, -.Tife of Jftjnos '"hisnoll, departed this life 
very stM "only, after only ',]iree days' illnoss, Sept. i7, 1773, aco 01 
years. r,he wa« bom April 2, 1717 and narriod April 1.", 1738. 31ie ]iad 
eleven oJiildren, five s'sis and six dftuchters, two of whoa diod in infrsncy, 
a son and a daugliter, and nino siuTrived her. 

Septenbor 21, 1778. 
I-ast Thursday (\i.f>d at Linooln, 'Irs. K.>t]:arin© Riiasell, v.-ifc of 
the Hon. Janes ^lusfjell, late of CiiarleGtowT, cind last sur/ivinr; dfriJC-i^er of 
tlie Hon. "hopx-.Jt Qr«ye8, age 01 yrga's. 


A life of Tjndiaer-.'hle'i piety rmd the exeroiB« of the most rtniable 
social virtuop fixed ]wr fltrongly in the af-Ceotions of 11 her friends end 
has rendered her loos severe indeed to those nost nearly conrieotod witli her, 
on T'hose r.ird hor o}iaracter is indelibly narked. Her f^.ther was Nfttlianlel 
Craves, a dcaoendant of TJiomap f.ravsB tl\e first settler of CharloHtown. 

For an aooormt of the Graves family, see page 32 of the book. 

Obituary notice of ilon. Jaraes Russell. 

Died on Tuesday, April PA, 1798, at CharleetOTrr, in the 
eichty-tliird year of his a^e, the Hor. Janes Russell, second oon of the 
Hon. Daniel Russell. He was born in Olxarlestown, Jiass., Au^upt 5, 1715. 
Ilie ancestors for nrxxy procedins c©"®^'^^'''"-'^'^^* both in the nale and female 
lines, were renarkable for their talents , intecrity, usefulness and re- 
apeotabiiity. They succeeded eaoh other in several elevated .-jid reRponsil3le 
offices in Civil Govemiient, th^-; diTties of wliich tliey disoharfced with 
fidelity and acceptance. Their worthy descendant, of syhojii we now spea}:, 
was in no r'vsi>eot behind Jiis ancestors in ;>oi:its of t.^lonts, irte^rity and 
weifjht of o]iaraoter. Ad led to •^■n e-.rly anu {:ood education, in the comnon 
and. useful brsnc:>eB of knowledco, he liad tlie inestintablo;go of er.- 
cellent parentrj. ir.sf; ruction, jovernraent and oxairtple* ivhinh, by the bleas- 
incs of 'lod, Tonned hira to tho«e habits of inte£;rity, industry, bencivolenoe, 
hospitality and profoTind veneration for the institutions oi" relijjion and 
cherished in hia tiiat patriotian, love of ord-^r aaid ijood (j'^vorniAent TTiiioh 
etroncly ra'^.rked }ii«j c)iaraoter throut;)i life. Ilo was the husband of one 
wife, and excellent "onan, the dauf:hter of the Honorable Tliomas Graven, with 
wliora he lived, in tiie enjoynent of fin iiuch domestic hjoipinoas as fal^.s to 
the lot of nan in t}ie present life, nearly Torty years. 3ho was the notiier 
of oloven children, nine of wlion a-.irvived her. 

He Bustained in succession all tlie respectable ofiices in the 


gift of the Town. He wp.ft <;heij' rsprf'santative ir. ■t;)ie I.e^jislntxire for a 
minber of years, wr-.s "re'-.p^vrer o.f ^.hp Co^mty, cTiidno of the Court and 
member oT the Covjioil and :'.n f'.ll thoao offioeB he deneaned hinself as 
heoaiie an ftblo, G^od wnd f'\it}if>il nervrint. Ho poasossed e. -^lear iind^r- 
st^mdine and indeiiendent spirit, <^ fsoim.-' jn^cnent an' retentive neriory. 
Integrity of heart fon^'^od h proninent feature in Vda oliaraoter. Tliis die- 
poaiti'^n diacovered it«»elf on rdl nrjo^^ni'^ns and in all hlf? oonoerns. \7ith 
hi8 inriOTt soul lie abhori-ed def^elt and falsehood. In t}ie cause of rielit- 
eotianeas he was vigilant , indefaticaWo and severe against intrigwe, arti- 
fice and treaoliery. "hn last and not leaat xisefiil p.iblic business which 
he pei'forr.ed and which was not corrpletr till the corj-enoenent of his last 
sickness, wus to di8enbar:-.<3s sor;o vpJ.nablo lerjaoies bequeatlaed to the 
poor of the xown, w}uo}i had beoone perplexed p-n-' nixod i7ith otlier Aaids 
during the war, ^nd to place then on an intelligible and safe footing. 
In aoooapli;^}iing this business, for irhioh no otjier person possessel the 
competent inforKation, and in -^hich }ie exhibited decisive proof of tlie 
strength and '-ric^or of ?A>^ mental power, he restored and secured to the poor 
a handsome and regular income. To the poor indeed, in imitation of his 
ancestors he ever distinguished }iir.nelf as a steady, able and liberal i'riend 
By hiR oliarities he hap op.used many a widov/'s heart to sin?: for joy. His 
attacliEont for hi a native tovm was lingular ly great. He unremittingly and 
with ardor nougjit to promote its lienor, prosperity and welfare and tlie plans 
h© wrs continuflly devising for the se p\xri:o»es v.ere genera] ly disinterested, 
judioioua rjid practicable and many of tliem have been carried into effeot. 
H*; ffafl in great truth t)\e Father of tlie 2own and r,uch was tlie strength of 
Ills p*-renl;al affection for it, that in sone striking instances the interests 
of nil own family -rere made subordinate to those of the Town. His great 
object w-^-.B to do good and )iln heart was aooordingly continually devising 


liberal tliines* He o-inBidered r.ood ednoation as of the hi,";]iest inportance 
to youth and t)iere.Core uniformly exerted. Ms influence to promote it both 
in the town and state, in private schools and public seminaries. He was 
a Great advocate for t'nn social libraries, particvLLarly for the use of the 
Clercy in the country and he often e.vpres8ed a wish that eentlemen of prop- 
erty ;md benevolence would bequeath lagacies for establislinents of this 
kind, w]uoh he conceived woiild be productive of /;reat nood to the oon- 
piunity. Llr. ^is ell was tniJ.y a peacemaker among brothers and from the 
confidence reposed in his jud^Taent, candor nnd intecrity lie was often 
called to arbitrate difffjrences between contendin-^: parties and to aid in 
ecolesiastiord ooimciln invited to heal divisions in Chtu'ches. 

he was a profefisor rmd a siroere influential and 'iniform friend 
and supporter of the Christian religion, "lie relicious duties of the 
Sabbath and of the family he re£:tilarly &nd devoutly performed. He not 
only believed but he exemplified in liis practice the rsli^ion which he pro- 
fessed and he experienced its oomforts in every period of his life, par- 
ticularly in the loss of beloved friends and in liis Ir^st sickness, which 
he enduro'l with a calmness and resignation \Tell becoming a good msn. Two 
things he patticularly desired, that he might not outlive his usef'-ilness 
and tliat he might liave an easy death, in both, his desires were oompletely 
fulfilled. His judgment, memory, health and social powers continued, in 
a remarkable degree, till a few wc<?k8 before his eath. Ho died 
in t}ie eighty-third yefcc of his age, and of him it nay bo said, as it was 
of Moses, und -s'ith as rauo3: truth per]iaps as of any man oi' JJr. ^scell's 
age since that Patriarch, '•His eye was not dim nor his natural Toroe abated." 
Hln lust flicknaso '.vas short r-j\'l •vhen the tine of his departur« arrived, 
without a groan or a struggle, he fell asleep. Ue lived to a more advanced 
age than any of his ances'^^ors in this cotmtry. This may be ascribed to +.}.e 


bleasiriG of God on his flincTular renil'srity of llrinc and to that aootliing 
quiet and peaoe of mind which were the fruit of hia intefrity and uaeful- 
noBo. In Mr. JviiRi^ell, ^.hourJi an old nfiji, his ncnmtry hf-.n lost a firm and 
usafiil oitisen, one wJio wrb partioiilarly interested ir. its vrelfare; his toijn, 
a father, the study of whose life w»^s to promote its prosperity, the rain- 
istsrs of relicijion, a steady, sincere ^nd hirhly valued friend; the OJmroh, 
a firra pillar; th.e P'^^or, ?v liberal benefactor; tht^i cause of acienoe and 
literature, a zealous patron; his friends, a frank, social and iraprovinc 
oorapanior. ; iiii? ohildron, the b.^st of fathers. 

Extract Cron letter of Jameo Russell to hie son, "homas. 
"our family has great reason to bless God that the reputation of it 
has been preserved. You are in the fifth generation. In the year 1046 
Rlohard Russell entered into public life: from that tine to tlie present 
I may say the family have had every office of profit and honor which the 
people could sive then, in the town of Charlestown, in the county of 
Middlesex, and the State of Massachusetts: and I do not find that there was 
any one left out of ofCioe for raisb'ihaviour. Let our hearts be filled 
with gratitude to Hi» who has thus distincuished us,- never to be oblit- 
erated j."rom any branch of the family: and let us evilenoe this gratitude 
to our Jlaker by making a ;:ood improvement of our talents." 

ric}iar:j rus^jELL. 

Riohnrd Russall, the eon of Daniel Russell, Esq., was born 
February 21, 1723, and wfis educated as a nerojiant by I.ia father. Afterwards 
he went to sea and was master of a vessel. 

He married Mary, dauchter of S&nuel Gary, Esq., by whom ho had 
nine oMldren. 

Rioliard Itarried I'iss Brown and lived 

at Lincoln. 

Charles Chanbers 


Abigail Married Edward Gary of Nan- 


Elizabeth l-Iarried Capt. Stevens of 


Jolm Miller 

Durinc the war before the Revol\ition he oommanded u vessel 
beloncins to Antigua. On a passage horae from I'ladeira he engaged a French 
priviteer and defended hinaelf witli great bravery. His vessel was taken 
during the Revolutionary War and he was carried to Horth Carolina, from 
thence he got to PliiladelpJiia and died Uiere May, 1781, aged 58 years. 



Charles Riiasell, eldest son of Janes Riissell, Esq., was bom 
Deoeriber 27, 1738. He was erlnoated at Harvard College and took his decree 
in 1757. He studied nedioine under Dr. Ezekiol llQarsy, an eminent physician, 
at Hinelian, and began to praotioe his profession at Charleatovm, in t}ie 
year 1765. He went to jun^land to pursue his studies in nedioine. He 
studied there at St. Thonas Hospital for a year under the instruotions of 
the most eminent pliysioians of tlie ds^, Dr. Colin ilaokenzie and Dr. ffilliam 
Hunter and his instructors were so pleased with his proficiency tliat they 
procured for hin from the University at Aberdeen a Doctor'.: degree. On 
his return to New England he practiced medicine at Lincoln, in which town 
]iis uncle, Chanbers ^issell, Esq., had left hira a farra, where his skill 
was held in high esteon, as well as in the neighboring towns. 

He narried Miss Elizabeth Vassell, only dai;ighter of Henry 

Vassell, Esq., of Cai:ibridce, by whoo he had foiu: da'^ighters. 

Fenelope bom Mar. 17, 1769. Died liay 18,1827. Harried Judge Sedgewiok. 

Elizabeth Vassell born Jfin. 10, 1771, died Aug. 22, 1824. " Fredk.Degen of Leghorn 

Katharine bom Jwi. 0, 1772, died Sept. 5, 1847. Unmarried. 

(Harried David Pearoe 
Rebeooa born Feb. 20, 1773, died Dec, 10, 1825. ( " Josep:. Ruggles. 


Obitnary Notice of Dr. Cliarlea RudboII. 

Anti/jua, June, 1780. 

On .'5atTirday, 27th May, died, after a Ions and painful illness, 
Dr. Charles Russell, leaving to lament their loss, a disconsolate widow and 
four yoiaiG dauchters. 

He was eldest son of Hon. James jRussell, Tor rasny years member 
of His Majesty's Coimoil and one of the Judges of Coranon Pleas in the 
Provinoes of Llassaohusetts Bay. The Doctor to avoid the oonfusion of the 
tines sought an asylun in this Island, where h© h'-is resided neor five 
years past, with an inoraasing reputation. The natural oheerr\ilne88 of 
Ids disposition and benevolent nind endeared hin to ©11 his aoqu-jintanoes. 
IU« professional skill was d^dly iinproved and rendere'^l. useful to society 
by a steady application to business. T]ie goo'lness of his heert was con- 
spicuous in lb tender solioitude for his patients, guided at once by the 
irapulse of humanity and a wish to establish his oharaoter v.pon the basis 
of uerit. The raonmful respect iiaid to his nenory by a general attendance 
of all rrinks discovered an honorable testinony of rmblic esteen, which, 
liaving deserved while living, will follow hi- beyond the grave. 


From tlie Sentinel. 

With \mfeicned regret we announce to the putlio the death of 
that truly cood and honorable nan, Saonao Riissoll, Esq., wliioh took place 
yesterday. It nay be nee<lleB8 to r^nBB any enconiiaiia on the charr.cter of 
this ^en^JLei'ian to those wlio knew liini the fair, iionorabie norohant; the 
cen'jlne disinterested patriot; the iiumane, benevolen';, charitabio nanj the 
generous pnbiio spirited citizen; t]ie easy and ao onpiished i;L,ntierian, and 
above all the serio^ia, devout C]iri<?tian shone y/ith distijicuighed lustre in 
his '7 hole oonduot. i~\ his fanily and amon^; hie frienc^B he displayed the 
milder, hwi not le«3 estinable, virt'ies. Thd Tvorld f.nd hie rriondfl did hin 
justice and loved and eBtee-wd hiia. "lie n-OToro;is i5ooiatio3 , v/ith 'hich 
he was oonnacted, took plsasxiro in piacinij lJ.ia at their head, wliore ha al- 
ways npnsared r?ith ease ?md dijnity. 

He had three wives. The first lass Elizabeth Henly, daiicj^-ter 

of Sanuol Henly, >Jsq., was carried liay (5, 17C5 and died ^ay 2, 17S1. 3y i.or 

he had six c.'uldren, f'-nr sons and two d)^':^-hter3. 

ThOKias L-r&vea born "'an. ^^,1707. Dibd Feb. 0, 1720. He iicxz betrothed to 
'JeMtable, daughter of Hon. JajncB Sullivan, afterirards I'j-b. Jona. 
f^ory. Died at h;ri5tcl, in rJn;;l&nd, diere iie v;ent in pursuit of 
health, /fu^t^i,^ i/\^ /ij%.i/yhl U-h^CU^' 

John Miller , born Jan. 4,1708. Died Sept. 1840. UnniLirried. 

Daniel bom :.:ar. S, 17G0. Died Got. 1804. Unnarried. 

James bom Sept. ?,7, 1770. Died Jan. 14, 1777. 

Elizabeth , born Jan. 14, 1772. Died July 1772. 

Elizabeth bom Auc.17,1770 . Died 1850. Married Jolm L. Sullivan. 

His second Tife was Sar^i, dr-.uchtnT of Hon. iVillirja Sever, of 
Kingston, and a de.TCondant of Y^f^hv^ '^inplow, flovornor of the riynonth Colony, 
to -.vliiclx place he caroe in tho S)dp "Ilf.yfiower" in 1020. She ^.^ married 
Aug. 12, 1784 and died Novenber 24, 1787, by \7hon he had one daugliter, Sfirah, 


bom Deoenber 1, 178fi. Died Jime 7, 1331, uarriecl Tiioliard Giilllvan lley 22, 

His third vdj?e was E.lizabeth, daii^jhter of Oeorijo Watson, Raq, , 
of Plynovith, r>]w v/^s ma-riad Noveiabor 13, 1788. Aftei' his death she mar- 
ried Sir , Grenvillo Temple und die;", at. Rons ir. ':he yaar 180 j. 

He died suddenly, intestate, leavinc two sons and t-Rro dan£;^:ters 
to divide a large estate. He had just finisliecl building a large houoa in 
Charlestovm, near the bridge, where he intended to live. The house v:\a 
8it\iated between the old bridge and t]m place wliere Warren Bridge .•■fterward 
entered Charlesfcown. At the tine of Jiis death he Pi'osidont of the 
Society for Propagating th-j Gospel araong the Indians and Others in ]«orth 
America, of the Ihmane Sooiety of IJassaohusetts, of tiie Agrioiiltural So- 
ciety of Boston, Chamber o? Coimneroe, Society for tiie In-ormation and 
Advice of Enigrants, and of tlie Branch Bank of the United States at Boston. 
He WHS distinguished for hospitality, generosity and oliarity. 


Mono. i*ron the Tmlof^ of TIiobhs Riissell 
'.■'Jr. Jolir Tffirren, in May. 179G. 

See Volime of ?r ota B. 051 at Boston Atuen&euai. 

lir. '^lOBoll TTP„«» bom in Charieatown, .iimn., April 7, 1740. He 
was odnoated at tjie private soJiool of llr. Oi.ishin,'^, tlio ^biest prooeptor of 
that tine. He Fas then placer' in the oo'Jtntin^^ honae of tjr. Tiiomas Greer, 
one o£ the b<3at ncroliantn of Boston, ^^nr. an excellent and }ionora11e ^lan. 

In 1702 Mr. Riia.^ell enharked for the T/est Indies witli e. carco 
in his ciliCTca, Ho v. s ■•irfted to take a letter of introduction to a c^ntlenan 
o" MfiTtinioo, then in possession of the Frenoli, but ns he did not In^^end 
to go v'lora, beinr; bound to fsiother port, lie took tht; lazier reluotaj-;ly. 
lo tills Island, howeT^er, he ws c^^rriod by a French criiiser, which had oaptiired 
Ids va.ssel, and all h^.s little property and even Ms bjiGga^c w s taken by 
the Captain anrl ho was treated with r^ent severity. On landing he was 
ordered to prison nnd on the way thither, in oharf^e of an officer, he re- 
nenbered ]i.\s letter raid asked leave to call on the contleraan, to wJiom it 
wfts addra3i3ed. This r-^i"-e8t was /3T'iJi^'Od. On readin,': tlie leter t}ie cen- 
tlenan recoiled Idn with cTOAt cordiality and bein^j in a position of author- 
ity ribtnined liis liberation and offered Mn his liouse as an asylun froB 
injury. He sdso furnished }iia i^ieat with noney, Trith part of which Mr. Rus- 
sell relieved the reed of his fellow prisoners and his friend then prooTured 
hi;i a pasaafje to "t. Enstatiiu? in a Dutoli vessel. There he remained till 
Martinloo was taken by the Knf;linh blockadinc squadron, when he returned 
tliither and with sone noney beloncin^ to his father, which he collected 
in the V/est Indifjs, and with some f^irt'ier aid and a warn recoDf.andation 
from his friends in i^artinioo he was able to enter upon a very Inorative 
b'oainess, -vhioh laid the foundation of his fortimo. He however cane very 

r. hn..r 

near losinc hia c&in. Ko nacl soi:. t}iu corco of 5a vessel oonsisn'3«i ^'« 'lira 
from New En^larid .Cor draft on a London house. Soon after his rettirn to Ko^ton 
he l(?!imeo. t}\at these drafts hf^A been protested, tend r-.a he had indorsee", them, 
he was re-.:>on3ible :ror tiieir Z'o^T.ont. v»iiich rotdd take all ]i« hr-d r^ii^^d. 
He 'Tont H'. onoe to London, wJicre he 3:"oun.i the drawer of the drafts, who had 
be-^n a friend of Idn in tiie -.'est Indies, find ]ie rin&lly procured tlieir ray- 
nenb, t.ijua rtiiievin'-.: Mr. Ruc'^eil. "hif: bu3ir-G':5 lod hin to raaho the actiutln- 
tance of h house of .;reat oz-edit and owinenca in London, with --vliich he ever 
after oontinueu to do buflinens with nnch profit to hir.3eli'. At a later tine 
when the partners of this hoiiso had net i-rith her-.vy .oa^ea and were in diffi- 
culty he 'iihCl the pleaBuro of £;ivinc then natorial aid in sustaining their 
credit ►aid tlnis retTUTdn^ the favors he had received fron then. At the 
beijinnint; of the Revolutionary "r/ar he w^g poocescec'. of a larce fortune, a 
part of which was lost bjn the burning of Charlestown by the BritiaJi in 1775. 
He then retired to Eimstable till after tlie evacuation of Boston by tJie 
Briti.ih -iroopa, wlion he bec'in buain-isa v/ith a nuoh reduced capital. 
He t^as th.-: Cj.rst person to en.'::aee in t)io dir'^f^t trede with Rupeia snd waa 
largftly rjnr^od wit3; the direct !;rade with the ISrest Indies. The prodtict 
of ';hote countries iiavini; boen previously received indirectly tliT'-'U^^h England. 

In 1788 ho waa chosen reprosentative of Bo»ton in the Leciala - 
ture and the sinrae yaeo* delegate to Die convention engaged in forming the 
National 'Constitution, in which he took a proninent part, especially in ad- 
vocating a ^inifonn flyatera of" oormercial regulation. From 1789 to 1794 he 
waa a meiabor of tlie State Council, an ]ionor held by jjeraona of liia family 
for five aucoeBsive generabiona. He was both prudent and enterprising, avoid- 
in,; dfingerous speoTzlation and giving hia peraonal attention to all hia 
affairs. He waa liberal, benevolent and hoapi table, car; fully avoiding 


onijfjntfition, public .'>;-irited and patriotio, ^iviri': mioh tine r.s ^rell as 
money to clinritfible objef!t3. Ma i(\b kind, '^oi'.rtBO'Js «nd asnoh beloved. 
Ai; the tiire of b.ia deiith h"? Tas rR^arded as tho noat prominent ond wei^dtiiy 
Berohsoit of Boston. 

)Ilcs Uary Ruf3<-,ell. 

Hies Ifory nn^iell, dr^iT^rted this li.Cc July 24th, 18CG, need 58 

"el.loa havo rrfl "been ricinaintfid '-Tith a Toraon tjio, in tn^oox- snd 
condTofc, ji'Jitj ne>rly rofl'.'nbled Kin, w"\o >noff no sin, n-jivher was 5~iiii8 
.Coimd in Ilifi nouth, Ti':io w-is Ivily, hiyrnlena, tmicfiled r-nd 7<5nar'ite .fro-iS 
ninners, T^io npent His li?e in doin?j PTcid, Vlio .''ejoioed with the happy 
and v'opt with tlae sorrowriil . Fer^ have ever lived nore iiseful in tlieir 
sphere of action -.r ror«; r«ithfnlly snd ftCfjeptably disohixrcod the various 
inoiJr.bent ■••nties -^f life, I'fone pi';rhapf; evor had ferror eneiriies, nona liad 
frl«ndR 'noro sinoere. In tho ntr^rsth, tendsmsss and ardor of her af'cctioo 
for he;' kindr'^d '.nd friondn, she F«n dis'^in^^iir^liod. Hor doli2:r, ras in doing 
cood. rJie 'Toll kri'STT from ^xperienoQ that "It 1b more blessed to five than 
to rooeive." N-jne perhaps ever exoeedec'. her in disint-?reated affection. 
Her charities to the poor, for hey rtiroTjn.fitfinoae were vnry liberal, were 
be^tow-sd without o^tont-itlon, C8nor»\lly in a private way, f^.pparently in the 
Rpiri*; of her Divine Mastsr and in \ iQ^vtner so delicate and tender as to dou- 
ble t]w value of the C'ift. Oho aninrivad nany doar kindred w.d friends 
whose fieatlva offc^otuaily Tfo-^nod lior from t]ie lovo of Ufa vJid for nnny years 
e'ae lived only t}iat mhe nicht ae.-'^'e said honor God in boin'?; useful to ho- 
frienrlB and to the poor, \nd ^e h»^ye evidence in her life njid in the tem- 
per, v/hioh she constjintly exliibitod, that she vrua a Christian of the ohar- 
aoter of that Ilary whom JesuB loved. S]ie has left that cood name which is 



better than precious ointment. 

Sara)! Ruasoll. 
Sarah RiiB«ell, bom 17JjO, died Oct. 14, 1810, dauchter of 
the Hon. Janes Riissell, was hieMy eatoened by all her neichbore and rtuoh 
beloved by her f easily connections. She was a lady of nuch capacity and 
efficiency. She was the Treamirer of t]ie corporation which built and oTmad 
the first bridge between Boston and Charlestown. S3ie lived in the Mansion 
House on Charlestown Square, wliich had belonged to her father and which she 
left to her niece, Urs. Dutton, for her life, and after that to her son, 
James R. Button, provided he ohaJice<i his nane to Jr-mes D. Russell, which he 
did. By her will she left nany charitable bequests and one to her brother, 
James, and the rest of her property alia divided anong sone nephews and 

James Russell, the t];ird son of James Russell, was bom at 
Charleatown in 1749 and died at Bristol, in England in 1832. 

He was a merchant in the ^est India trade, in which he acquired 
some property. Being a Tory he left this crAintry at the time o£ tlie Revo- 
lution and went to the West Indies and went to England afterwards, where he 
married the daugJiter of Richard Leohmere, w]io formerly owned that part of 
Cambridge known as Lecluuere Point, whi >h was oonfiooated w]ien he left the 
country as a Royalist. 

He had four children , Ifary, Lechmere, Elizabeth and (Hiarles. 
His son Leoiiraerre was educated at a Military School and served 
in India many years tnd reaoheii. the rank of General C. B. Having had some 
civil appointments he acquired a fortune of £50000 to £00000 and had in 
1850 a retired pension of a Colonel's pay, ammmting to about £1200 per anniim. 

'J "xK'fteid 


■!} oiiE .v> 



He lived at a ooun^ry :>la06 cftlled "Ashford" on the borders of Wales. He 
had eicht ohildren. The oldest son, Gener?il "ir Edward Russell, K.C.S.i., 
was a distincniished officer in the Indian array. He was bom in 1818 and died 
at Bath, Encland, on Jfmuary 39, 1904. The other nenbers of this fanily 
are Mrs. TJiurston and Mrs. Ihaina nc\ Colonel Leolaaore Ihisncll, vrlio, with 
Jiis two other sisters, Miss Katliarine E. Russell and Lliss Gertrude live at 
Ycrpole near Leoninster, England. 

On fjattirday last the reinalns of J^rs. Sarah Sullivan, oonsort 
of the Hon. -d chard Sullivan, was carried to the grave. She was the youns- 
cot ohild of Thonas Russell, Esq., Ion,™ and extensively known as a very 
liberal and opulent meroliant. Left an orphan at an early age she was oom- 
raitte' to the care of her excellent relative, tlie late Miss Sareili Russell, 
of Charlestown, a lady eninent alike for the strength of hor nind and tlie 
virtue of lier heart. Under her naternal roof she renained \antil her raar- 
riage, which took place in 1804. In a little more than a year after tliis 
event, slie went abroad with lier husband and after spending three years in 
r'^sidence and travels through the most interesting parte of Europe, she re- 
tixrnod to the duties and pleasures of home. In early life she became deeply 
iiapressed with religious truth, and its influence over her nind and heart 
was visible tlu-ough the whole course of her life, her intellectual powers 
were highly cultivated and Inproved, not by reading only, btit by constant 
intercourse with other gifted rainds and nuch reflection upon tlie gTeat sub- 
jects of Inunan interests ruid duty, iipon '■Jl such her perception of truth was 
eminently just anil )ier resolution, when once formed, was steady and firm, 
"here was a practical wisdoa, a i^ervading good sense, in all her opinions 
and conduct in life, tliat secured for her confidence and respect and yet in 


^he ateroioo of theoe faCTj.tiea t};oro ffore ninded as naoli c:entlenosB and 
for^eoranofl nnd tflndoj'Ji'viSH 7:or '3ie reelin^B o.f othsra t)iAt tlie in.Cluenoe 
fllae exerted over t]ien Be-ffiwl to bo ^]ie er.-eot of tlio natural af ""ootlon site 

S)w wai? tnily .Vinintor^fltod, rocardloas of J»ar own peraonal 
o&ee ;;nd oven }i<?alt]i, nlm flnirj-endere'l n>-irnel.C to tlie olainn o.C ;".oneatio af- 
fection, of friendship nnd of oliarity with c; porfeot ainclonoBB of heart 
and entire 'levotion of fee.linc. Tiith a rr»lia)i .Cor nil tliat vi-jb fair reid 
bQa\it.\.i>iX in nntiire an>l art nhe did not pfOTiit oven the pie- miroa of t.-jjte 
to '.yoakan the sonao oC h'ar owi responeibiiitieo, or to interfere with tho 

Oonscienti'Tixfl 'dROliarse of f^iy of ]if;r dntiea. Fidelity to t)iese seonod to 

be living;, ever aotin-:,- prinoiplo of hor life- '.iho lived Ion," enough to 

beoone tlie liappy *ritnesB of the sTioceso that rewarded her efforts in the 

bleB«in,^8 she )iad sfither^^-l r\b<rnu lier. IIok rvicih wid liow tin:ily alie wan loved 

and })ow deeply ]i«r lose ifl folt nrji o;"ily be i^iown by those r/ho were tJie 

objecto o her oonfidonoe md affection. 

Althoiinh bleefled fnr above the oon;;on lot in nil tJio relations 

and ')ir'rir'.Btfnoon of her life, yot nhe was not exeitpt from the oon .on lot of 

Borrow ami bereaveiient, \pit eho bore hor ch,".stonin£: r.oekly and evinoed its 

exaltin£; anrl piri.ryinfj ImMnenee by hor einoere reBi::nation nnd tr^iet in 

tiie wis Ion )ind .oofineea of rjod. 


?3a''^hter o.f .Tr^io.^ fiT-d Katharine (nravex*) Rus^-ell, ivaB born 
?e>)nia-:' !?7, 1747 ard Ated Hept. 14, 181S. f51\e nexrlecl first Erfru'd Tync, 
'srho died Septenber 177C, lonvinc no oliildran. 

In Jr:nnr.TY 177P. si-.i5 I'-^rr^sd Jo}u- Lov .^ll .•3jid ifca Ms tliird irife. 

Their childrar Tsre.. 

Hebegca Hnssell b. Maj' 17, 1775, d.I/ay 11, 1363. :;arri3cl ZeiaiQl Pickering 

C&rdner, who died !!.•?(}. IR, 1343. 

JJied Jf-r.. 8, 18G4. 
•^llg?.beth Cv^t-^a ^>. D.3o. S, T.7.82. Marriod Jtir.e S, 130G Isxrcn Diitton, bom 

I'^xy 11, 1774. Died Mar. 3, i8o7. 

Chg.rles b, Aiis. 15, 178?,, d, Jajj. .?0, ISCl. itAz-rled Oot, 2, 1303 to Harriet, 

dnns'itor of Keith "jptinoe. 

The children of Saasuel P. and Rebsooa K\;ssell (Lowell) Gariiner 


^1 ^li?^ab?th Pio^-.orir.- , b, \l-r. 11, 1700, :. ^xr.e 3, IP.70. :^&:-ried ::ay 25, 

18?!G, John Oray, born Dso. .^o, 1793. 

^?. Mary Lowell b. .T-^ji, 1^, IfiOr;, I. A^i£;. ;3, ICM. "arried J&n.ll,18?3G, 

Fr.-m';i3 LottqII , b. J'-,n. S, 110.?. Died '5a:)';. 9/ 1374. 

^3 Jolir. LoTfgll, b . ?=b. 8, 18C4, d. July PA, 1834. I'lcaTied Got. i, 183C 

Cathorine K, Inabody, b. June S3, IfiOG, disd 3ep';. .il, 1883. 

#4 GarpJi T^s.^ell, b « ^apt. 30, 18C7. Harried July 3, 1337, as oaoond wife 

Horace Orfij', b. Auc. 37, 180G. DioJ July 31, 1873. 

5i*5 George b. 3ert. 1^, 1809, diod Doo. 10, 1334. I'sj-riad Ont. 13, 1838 

Helen M. Read, borr. '.'.Ky IG, 1810. 

t^6Fr>ino?.a Lowell bo m Deo. 38, 1811. Oi'id July C, 1812. 

The children of J^liz.•^b(Jth C. (Lovali) button ar.d Tarrdn 

Dutton, wore- 

John Lowell born Sept. G, 1807. Uod Apr. 2. 184'.. 


Franoig Lov/^l l horn .Time 23, 131^1. die' I Dec. 12, 1054. 

Janeo rbjeBe ll rrho "iook the ntino of (..'vried ;icr.'. 4, 1336 mien Hoopar, 
.Thwefi' Diifcton J^iflflell A» Jime 10,1361, (bom ilov. r;;^, 1810, die<l F«b. «7, ia48, 
born Jan. 7, lolC, 

"he Oilildren o.C Rfsv, Cliarieo Lowell, ),D, tend llarriat 3iionoe 


S»l Cii&rloe Riwsell b. OoU 30, 1807. 'larriad Anna, douchter of latrick T. 

#?, Hebeooa Ruanell b, .Wu 17, 180D, 

^^ ISi Ml.*ll Spenoe b. Gept. 23, 1813. 

^^ -^^obert Trydll Hpflno*? b. Or,t. 0, miO, 

Diod Juno 1, 1003. 
^S Mar£. Traill f'>p»)noe b. 'Jept. -'^, 1010, ;.:arried Saraiol R. Putnnn. 

j*G Htiasell b. FeL. S?,, 1810, Died Aiic* 12, ISOl. .'larriod iXaria 

^dtfi, ATtoiTTard WIab ]>.inlar. 

Tiie Descendants of Jolin L&nc'don Siilliveri. 


Jnlm Lfinsdon f3'0.1ivan bom fJaco, Maine, April 9, 1777 »j 

cUed Boston, Mass,, Feb. 10, 1865. 
UfxTTied 1st Oct. 10, iV07 Eli:?abetli Russell. >■ 
bom Aug . 17, 177?). J 

died Apr. 1(5, 1854. 
2ntl 1861 Gusan Ifacash. 

No children. 


Thoiaas rvtissoil Sullivan 

born Boston, Fab. 13, 17S9. 
died Boston, Deo. 23, 1803. 
Married Jan. 19, 18Sf>. Cliarlotte naidwell Blake 
bom fforoester, Mass., Jf<n. 14, 
died Boston July 3, 


Elizabeth Sullivan 

Emily fJullivar. 

John Langdon Sullivan 

bom Brookline, I'ans., Jon. 27, 
died Jan, IC. 

bom Brookline, 'iinnn., Aug. 4, 
died Apr. 8, 





bom liaroh 8, 1827. 

died ^,ept. 5, ISOO. 

Married Ist April 2, 1843 I-Iary Elizabeth Lynde. 

born 1830. 

2nd F 

died Jan. 25, li3.V/. \ 

'^eb. 1ft, 185Q Helen Lynde 7 

born July 18, 1840 J 

Jiaia Elizabeth Rnllivan born Oct. 3, 1838 | 

died Mftr. G, 18G7, I 
Married 1B56 T']dwp.rd Martin DenrJLe V 
b om 1828 j 
died 1904 _y 

Jonatlif\n Araory Sullivan 
R&rali Dorr rjullivan 

Francis Blake Sullivan 
Henry Dorr Sullivan 

born Oot. 3, 1830. 
bom July 13, 1833. 
died :iay 22, 18&G. 

died in inf^jnoy 

born June SO, 1841. 

died Auj;. 25), 1889; 
George Smith Blake Sullivan bom '^'ov. 11, 1848. 

die d Ma r. 12, 1391. 
ThoBias RusBRll Sullivan bom 'lov. 21, 1840. 

IIr.rried Airil «, 189D Lucy Goodwin ^adsworth. 

bom Aiig. 17, 1809 

1 — 

I'arjr Lyndo rjullivan 
Har ried 
Sot}i JJvireotser Sullivan 

ho-ni Feb. 8, 1851. 

Alexander Go olu'aiie 
l^om 1853. 

died Jar.. 21, i.S{?v. 

BaJSiiie Swastser "'illivfl^ 

Lynde Sullivan 

horn May P.7, , 13(;i. 
dlBd Doo. 10, '.571. 
bom Oct. 1-, iBG7. 

•.lar-rled Apr. ?iO, ISOTTnljlv^riii*) lorrey Baldwin 
Iloion Lyndo !>illivdn )»om 1871 

.Tanea Anoiy Snlli^'-an borr. Amc.» 17, 1375. ) 

l^iirriO'i D«»o. 10, lOQO Laviria Lloyd KmifiianJ 


Hufloell 3iilliV£kii i3e?ini9 
C;i»irlotto o^iiiiva;'. Demiie 

bom 1857 cLlsd 18G1 
born "lov. o, 18i3.^. 

}l9ian /j'iory o'Ulivan 

bom Jan. 11, 1003 


Jolm L-ftncdor. -"iillivan 


Mar. 1?- 1003. 


T]ie Desoendants of .-drjlujd f^nllivan. 

Richard Sxillivan hnrn G.'oton. ;!fiss., June 17, 1779. 

died Coa.hril(;0f .a^js., Deo. 1.1, 18G1,^ 
Marri«2d 2and Hay, 18C4. Sarali Rusnell. 

hr,T7\ De,(s. 1, 1780. 
difed Jime S, 1831. 

iJliaabath Lowell Gnllivan 

bom Brookline, Hass., Auc. 22, 18C5. 

died Boston, Maris,, Apr. 18, 1833. Unnfl.r:'iod. 

hom Paris, France, Mar, 30th, 1808. 
died Boston, 3>Ia8s., jlar. 14, 1839. | 
Married ilo^'. 23, 1831 IJtophan H. rerkins. -^ 

Amia Ca')ot '..owell Hullivan 

horn Brookline, Kass,, Dec. 17, 1810, 
died lirookline, Na.-.s., Sept. G, 1840. 
Married Oct. 3, 1834 Fr-tnois Cimninchara. 

Richard Sullivan 
IJary Russell flullivan 

born Brookline, Mass., ::ar. ^t 1^15. 

died Brookline, liass., Hay 31, 1815. 

born Brookline, Mas.^., J&n. 28, 181G, 

died Brookline, Mass., Apr. 27, 1828, 

Richard Sullivan born 'brookline, Mass., I'ar. 19,1830. 

Harried Bept, 10, 184G Henrietta Gardiner, 

i^nrn Kar. 8, 1820. 
died Frasensbad, Austria, July 17, 1880, 

Fr^^tncis fillian Sullivan 
Janes Sullivan Brookline, iiass., Nov. 4, 1821, 
died. Brookline, Mass., Dec. 2, 1824, 

born Brookline, HasR,, 
died Frovidgnce, '^•"^•^ 
Unmarried , 

June 27, 1829. 
Liar, 28, 18CG, 


Francis u. Ferkinrr bom Dec. 20, 1838. \ 

llarried Jan. 15, 1803 Frfmoes Anne MoDorald l- 

born Jan. 1829. ^ 

Stephen George Perkins 
Richard Sullivstn Perkins 

born Sept. 18, 1335. 
Killed at the Battle of Cedar Mountfedn, 

bom Nov. 12, 1837. ) 
died at Nassau 1873.| 
IvTarried 25 Deo. 18G3 Susiin K. Adaraa, ■J' 

Sara}i S. Perkins bom Feb, 7, 1804. 

Elizabeth Perkins bom Deo. 22, 1867. 

Harried in Hoston Sept, 21, 1893 C. !I, Cabot 

Richard S, Perkins 


Fr-.tnoes Anil^ Cabot 

Janes Elliot CaT?ot 

Sarah Sullivan 'abot 

born 1870 died 1^7]?7 

bom Roaton, July 19, 1BU4. 

born Beverly, Nass,, June 2, 1899, 

born ^oc. 10, 1U04. 


•^ te f; 


.S«8X ,: 


,...,. .>^.c.. 

-u^'-t/Xi^'" s. 


• • 

JT-iotol: of Thoiuas Graves. 
TJioinas Graves, the f^ji^^eator of tho hiclily respeotaibia fanily 
of this name 4?i Char.le.'^toHn, -sfj^s bom >\t Radoliff in the pariah of ",teplmey 
and. County of Miiidlonex, /iii'jl&nvi, ftj-.d 'TriK fcanti.-^Qd. ir. the C'nuroii of Rt. 
DMr!?tan, in tliat parish^ «Tnno I'*, 1G08. Ke was the son of Jolin Graves of 
Ratoliffe, shlpwrigh*. ]I« came -^arly to ;JoTr fln£;iririd and jf&s nada freeman 
in 1050. Ho nad'j r««veral vnyHQfia across tiie Atlantic. Ir. 1331 he was 
master of the "Plouch, " in l''«S8 of t3ie "IThala, " in 1633 of the "Bonadvantijre," 

In ld35 of t]ie "Ja-'^.^R," in lfi43 of the. »^>ial," t}io first ship built in 


Roston, <ind i!7'iif;}i had bQen oo3nr.ftnded by hrother-in-law, Thojuas Goi^nore. 

J>irinr; the Protootorate he set a Dutcii privateer in the Ens- 
lis)! Chftimel and 9n{t'i^'^erL wit]i her and oaptiored her. As a reward for his 
bravery the OTismers of the veggel preaented hin with a silver piuio]! bowl, 
which is still in possession of the Russells of Ashford liall, cjid Gronrrell 
conferred on him a ship of war, and appointed liira a Rear Admiral. 

Adjniral iJrwss died July 31, 1G53. "he followinr: is a cory of 
Ms will. 

"Tills ih ny lant will ruid teptaiient, tJiat I do bequeath unto 
«y belovefl wife KatJirrai C-ravoa ray dueling houso sittTiatt in Charlestown in 
New En?;l?md foi- tlie terrj of h^r lifo Mid also the third part of aii ay 
;^oods,ahipint; e:'id nioneyes rmd plate. 1 rive rmd bequeath my d<^ftur, 
Rebeoka five pounds r^nrl to her ohild three poisn-ls. 

I do bequeath linto ny sonn John ray hotise aetuat in Linehoiiae 
ner uuke "hore. he paying one h'xndr-ed poiaids, to be p5;yed tlie one tJiird part 
of it to his raother, rcy hoiovod wife, the othar- two tjdrds to be divided 
■unto laj'- sonn Thomas, Nathiineil, !^i«ina, fc Josefph. Hj' Trill is thr-t ny land 
at Obome (Vobum) in 'lew Kn^land rmd land in Ch-'irlestov.'n neok© and 
what Floods, household stof©, shipinc plat or monevs I hfive. be at v«<.ixied 


trith one Inmdred po-unds, I apoynt ny son John to pay, .of all whioh ny will 
is that my wi.Ce shall liave t]ie one tliird part of .-ind tlie otlier two tliirds 
to be equally divided between my son Thomas, Nathanial, oiasana an-: Joseph, 
but ny desire is that if the house at linehouse Trh:' ch I doe bequeath unto 
wy son John he paying one hundred pounds, be not valued to be iP'or'-.h so 
Huoh as doble ■^rhat will be of ray estat devidable to ny son Thomas, Nat];an- 
ioll, Susana and Joseph, that then ny son Jolin shall pay lese to be dervid- 
able as above mentioned, for ray desire is ny son Jolin shoiad have twice 
BO rauoh as the rest of my children, fnther I doe bequeth unto ny son 
Thomas after his mothers desese my now dwelins house with all the garden and 
orchard "thereunto belonerins wliioh is settuate in Charlestown in New Encland 
provided tliat ray son Thomas pay imto his sister Rebeoka tenn pounds, I do 
apoynt my beloved wife and son John to be my exsecketors S: doe apoynt them 
to pay to the church of C}iarlestown fourty shilings and I do intrux my 
brother Nowell and brother Feynes of Charlestown to be oversayers of ny 
will & I do Give to them twenty shilings apioe witness my hand this 13th of 
June 1652." 

"This l^nst will of I It. T]iora?is Graves beinc left by Idmself 
sealed \rp and delived to his Bro: Abram Graves and presented by his reliot 
widow before the Deputy Govenor Pii\.d the rest of t]ie Hacistrates, it was by 
them allowed apredi 1st 10t]i no. 1653. 

Thomas Eanforth Recorder." 

"An Inventory of the Good2 and chattell- of the estate of Here 
admirale Thomas Graves deceased the 31st of the fifth mont:: 1G53" mentions 
lands in Charlestown and l?obum, a house near Dicks Shore vaiued at £400 
one fifth of a house at Ham near London part of a ship called "Trades In- 
crease" and nearly nine pounds weight of silver plate." 

Itii'l J,. ',-J Off^ "^C' 


^ « 


,"^i-ty i'ii vJt?:,' 

The DQSoenarjnts of JoJin Codraan. 


John Oodiaeai 

bom Jan, 17, .1755, 

diod iiay 10, 1803. 
liarried (1) Mrirgaret I^iasell July 15, 1781. 

bom Deo. 8, 1767. 

died iiar. 12, 1789. 
Harried (2) Catherine Anory Feb, 11, 1791. 


born Aus. n, 1783 
died Dec, 23, 1847, 

Uarrierl Mary ^TJieelwright Jan, 19, 181? 

born UnT, 19, 170S. 

died Apr. 4, 1^87. 
Charles Huasell born Deo. 14, 1784. 

died July IC, 1862. 
Married (1) Anne :»IaoMastor Got. SO, 1886- 

born July 24, 1797. 

died Apr. 22, 1831. 
IJarried (3) fSarah Ocden Hay 19, 183S. 

bom 1800 

died May 5, 1844. 


born Oot. 10, 1814. 
died Apr, 0, 1000. 
Harried Anna Gartmde Dey- 

Mary Mars^jret 

Harried Ot*;o 
UaTsaret Kus'^eli 

bom Alls. 14, 18S6. 
bom A rr. 13, 1818. 
died 1894- 

, Follitz Mar, 22, 1842. 
bom Hay 35, 181S. 

bom Maj' 1, 1820. 

died Har. 9, 1893. 

Married Rev. T7illiani A. Peabody Nov. 24, 184C 
born Deo. 6, 1816. 
died Feb. 27, i860. 
Gillian Coombs bom Nov. 3, 1821. 

iiarried Eliaabebh Kurd Jiine 23, 1858. 





died Oot. 3, 1896. 
bom Mar. 8, 1823. 
died Jan. 20, 1901. 

M«a*rie<l Catharine Codnan Ilurd 

born Sept, 13 
died A^ic. 2G, 1892. 
bom Deo. 10, 1820. 

Iiarried Charles Kane Cobb Juno 6, 1863. 

Anna Catherine 

born Deo. 23, 1831. 
died Uar. 28, 1833. 



Anne MaoAdajn 
Franoifl Golden 

bom A'ic.''i, 182C. 
died Jan. 22, 1829. 
bom J'-m. 3, 1828. 
died Oan. 31, 1320 

Ciiarlea Riiesoll 


Janes llaoMaater 


born Oct. 20, 1889. 
Luoy Lynan Taine Stizrcie Feb. 38, 1856, 

born Har. 13, 1833. 

bom Apr. 17, 1831. 
Henrietta Grey Snrgent Oot. 10, 1858,'f 

bom J\me 14, 1839. 

Pranoes Anno 



bom Deo. 14, 1837. 
Married John Jftibbard Sturfjls Sept. 14, 1858.^ 

born An^. 5, JL934. 

died Feb. 14, 1888. 

bom fJept. 17, 1830. 
Married Sarali Fletcher Bradlee Oot. 83, 1801.^ 

bom July 10, 1843. 

bom Jan. 31, 1843 
Married oiwqn Willians Sarsont Apr. 10, I865i 


Eraraa i-!ary fJophia 
Johr Codrian 

Herman Wilhelm 
Frederic Hudolf 
Francis Lottiner 
Elisabeth 'RuBsell 
Otto Wilhelm 
Helen Cliristine 

Willi aa Russell 
Mary Godnan 

Anna Gertrude 
William Coonba 

Ernest Anory 

Oatlierine Araory 



EdEiund Dirieht 







bom ;f0T, 13, 1848. 

bom Jan. 



bom Feb. 
born Sept, 
bom Jan. 
born Oct. 
born Jan. 

S, 1045. 


f>, 1849. 

11, 1854. 
15, 1850. 
IS, 1050. 
31, 1800. 

born Au;. If5, 1849. 
born Oct. 18, 1847. 

bom "'ay 1, 1850. 
bom Aiic» (>, 18C0. 
bom Jan. 10, 18G3. 
died Amc* 31, 1807. 
bom Deo. 30, 1869. 

born Jan. 87, 1857. 

bom Derj, 30, 1859. 

born July Sa, 1863. 

died ::ay 4, 1890. 

bom Doo. 2, 1804. 

bom Ma^f 


I ' 







Charlaa Kane 
Helen Kent 
Frederic Codjaan 
Elisabetli Codnan 

born Cot. 8, 1855. 

bom Apr. 3, 1800. 
bom A iic. 39, 1804. 
died Deo. 1893. 


Mary Oreene fJt'irsls 

bom Jan. 30, 18157. 

died Nov, m, 1877. 

Cliaries Hussell 

bom July 17, 1538. 

dJl.»cl Oot. lip 1877. 

hwiy otiirsis 

bom Apr, .'{, 1000, 

dXad Feb . 4. IBGC. 

i^isaell RtiJTcis 

bom Oo-i, J30, 13<il, 

Anne ;lao!iaster 

bom Nov, 11, 1804. 

Susan !?Qil08 

bom Deo. 30, 180C. 

Jolin iHnwsiB 

^)orn Feb. 35, 1808. 


'borxi Sept. fJ, 1870. 


bom Nov, ;34, 1Q73, 


di*^ kna^ C, 1875, 

B H \ 


Jnjnes kor 
Henry Garfient 



»Tuil'a OvQring 

John Hubbard 
Gertrude Gouyemeiir 

Frances Codnain 
liabel I^issell 
Aliotj Um<l TiMnmll 
CJiarles Htisfiell 
Evelyn Husoell 

Alioe ?Ia«rbold 
"horxfxH ile-'^bold 
Bowdoin Bradlee 

DorotJiy Barsai Frano^sB May 

bom Aug. 4, 1809. died i''Iov.ll,l885, 

bo^r, AVT, ^u, imz., 

bom Juno 10, 1804, 

di«K l, Jw. 13, 1803, 

born Oat, 0, 1807, 

died Oct, 38, 1806, 

bom July IS, i;374. 


bom Aiv!. 










» 18C0. 








, 1890, 








, 1805. 





bom Apr, 







bom Jan. 10, 1808. 

bom July fis, 1800. 
bom llf(y 17, ison. 

b om 3eo. a*?, 1873, 
died Deo, 187C. 

"ho rn Apr. IG, 1870. 

Wm Apr. 8, 1883, 

Luoy Sturgifl 

*"n!?an Garment 

bom Peb, 17, 1800, 
bom Mar. 7, 1873, 
bom Sopt. 13, 1874. 
b om Nov, 5, 1083. 

bom f5ert. 3, 1871. 




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