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H lii.lii-s- 













With the Cooperation of Members op the Library Staff 




The purpose of tiiis list is to indicate the material on the European 
war to be found in the librarjr of Congress. Besides books and 
pamphlets, it indudes periodicals and newspapers, broadsides, 
posters, prints, photograpns, and music. Maps nave been omitted, 
Decause a special list of the maps is in press. 

The material included relates strictly to the war. The absence 
of certain items, relating only indirectly to the war, but which have 
been included in a number of printed classified lists, will probably 
be noted. In a classified list the reasons for the inclusion of such 
items are made evident by the classification. In a check list ar- 
ranged aJphabetically by authors such items must necessarily be 
excluded, or there woula be no limit to the size of the list. 

Publications which have appeared as a series have been kept 
tog ether alphabetically arranged under the name of the series, 
miere the series publication was not evident, the item may have 
been entered imder the author, and such publications should be 
looked for in both places. 

Prints, posters, and similar material with indefinite or no titles 
have been broadly classified by subjects arranged alphabetically. 
Music has been subdivided by country. 

The titles of broadsides and poster broadsides were furnished by 
the Manuscripts Division; of picture posters, prints, and photo- 
graphs, by the Prints Division; of periodicals and newspapers, by 
the Periodical Division; of music, by the Music Division. The 
material is coming into the Library so rapidlv that it seemed desir- 
able to include items for which aefinito oraers have been placed. 
These titles have been supplied by the Order Division and are gen- 
erally starred. 

The addition of the call numbers makes it possible to use this 
compilation as a finding list as well. 

H. H. B. Meter 
Chief Bibliographer 

Hbbbbbt Putnam 

Librarian of Congress 

Washington, D. C, June 29, 1918 





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[ ] L'exode. Par.. 1914. DD801.A56A7 

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Abbey, X. A. An American soldier. Bost., 1918. D640.A25 

Abbot, W. J. Aircraft and submarines. N. Y., 1918. UG630.A3 

Nations at war. The 1917 ed. N. Y.,rn917]. D522.A2 1917 

Nations at war. The 1918 ed. N. Y.,[n918]. D662.A2 1918 

Nations at war; a current history. N. V., 1914- D521.A2 

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Aberdeen university review, v. 1- [Aberdeen! 1914* LH5.A3 

Academla de gcienciag de Portugal. As academias e universidades das na^Oes 

civilisadas, a proposito do manifesto dos intelectiiaes idemiles. Lisboa, 1914. 

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After two years. Lond., 1916. D525.A3 

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1915. S535.G7A5 1914 

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C, Ist B. S. D. 443). UA23.A55 

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["1915]. ' D639.S2A6 

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vol. 60.> HC106.2.A5 

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war. [N.Y., 1914?] HE5903.A54 1914 

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N. Y., 1915. D511.A72 

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* The annezatton of Alsace-Lorraine . . . Far. 

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1914 1 D515 A79 

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2. 6d. Pto.,jn915]. DC387.A6 

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Nouv. W. Par., 1916. D515.A8 

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PS3501.P65W6 1917 
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AnqtdBtain, L. Polemica de la guerra, 1914-1J915. Madrid, 1916. D523.A7 

Aicher, William. Colour-blind neutrality. Lond., 1916. D610.A7 

India and tho future. N. Y.. 1918. DS448.A76 1918 

Shirking the issue. Lond., 1917. D615.A59 

Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other. Lond., 1917. D525.A66 

The thirteen days, July 23-Ausust 4, 1914. Oxford, 1916. D511.A76 

To neutral peace-lovers. Lond., 1916. D525.A65 

The villian of the world-tragedy. Lond., [1917?] D515.A6 

comp. Gems (?) of German thought. Garden City, N. Y., 1917. D515.A58 

romp. 501 gems of German thought. Lond., [1917], D515.A57 1917 

Architeotnral rev. Louvain and Reims cathedral .. . Lond., [1914]. DH811.L7A6 
Argentiiie Bepnblic. Min. de rel. ex. y culto. El apresiamento del vapor ' ' Preeidente 

Mitre.** Buenos Aires, 1916. D582.P7A6 

Arizona. C. of d. Comm. on pub. Arizona C. of d., its purposes . . . [Phoenix, 

1917.] D570.8.C8A7 

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[1915]. D668.3.A7 

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[19141. D517.A73 

European war. Reportof a speech ... 6th Aug., 1914. [Lond., 1914.] D517.A75 

Free future for the world. A speech . . . 9th Nov., 1916. Lond., [1916]. 


How do we stand to-day? A speech. . . 2nd Nov., 1915. Lond., [1915]. D517.A76 

''The justice of our case" and "The duty of every man." Loud., 1914. 


"To a victorious conclusion! " Lond., 1914. D517.A78 

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war . . . N. Y., [1914.] JX1907.A8 

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JX1907 A8 

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Le caoutchouc. 

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Berthond, J. La bijouterie, I'ori^vrerie & la joaillerie. 


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Lingerie, fourrures, . . . 

La mode. 

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DalK>i8, M. Lee cuirs a peaux et la chauaeure. 
DulouimanteUe, B. Les eaux min^rales . . . 

L'industrie hoteli^re. 

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L'induBtrie du coton. 

Le lute. 

Le lin & le chanvre. 

and L. Coquet. L'iudufltrie des tulles, . . . 

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La p^ches maritimes. 

Hitler, H. Les c^reales. 

Le commerce ext6r. des prod. a^. entre la France et I'Allemagne. 

-- — Entre la France et TAutnche-Hongrie, . . . 

Entre la France et la Belgique. 

Entre la France et Tltalie. 

Entre la France et la Roumanie, la Serbie, . . . 

Entre la France et la Russie. 

Entre la France et la Suisse, TEspagne, ^ . . 

Entre la France, TAngleterre . . . 

Entre la France et les Etats-Unis, . . . 
Enqu^te sur la prod. fran^. et la concurrence Strang. Ri^port g^n. sur 

la sect. agri. 
Lee plantes industriellee. 

Lambert, M. Lee engrais chimiciues. 

Les produits de la grande mdustrie chimique. 

and B. Leb6e. Les mati^res colorantes artificielles. 

Lapparent, H. de and B. Berge. Lee produits de laiterie. 
Lucas. Le march^ de la viande en France. 
MerckUng, F. La r^sine et lee produits r^sineux. 
Morel, J. Les reseources a^. de la France coloniale. 
Monssu. L'^levage colonial et ses possibilit^s. 

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[Pai-., 1915.1 HV79.F8A5 1915 

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1916J IID9012.6.A4 1916 

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contribution extraordinaire sur les h^n^ficos except ionncls ou suppl^raentaires 
r^alis^ pendant la guerre.— 2**. (-ertaines mesuros fiscales relatives k la K»5isla*ion 
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— Rapport . . . chaig^e d'^tudier les conditions actuellcs de not re com- 
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Rapport . . . charg^e d*examiner: 1**. Le projet de loi d<^terminant les 

conditions dans lesquelles des avances pourront 6're faites aux armateurs fran^is 
pour Tachat de navires k propulsion m^anique provenant des pavs allies ou 
neutree . . . [Par.. 1916.] HE833.A5 1916d 


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Comm. des pens. civ. et milit. Rapport . . . siir les peDfiions des armies de 

terre et de mer. Par., 1916. UB375.F8A6 1916s 

Comm. du com. et de Tind. Rapport . . . relatil k rinterdiction des relations 

commercUdes avec I'Allemagne et TAutrlche-Hongrie. [Par., 1915.1 

HF3556.A5 1915f 

— Rapport ... BUT TOffice national du commerce ext^ieur. Par., 1915. 

HF3556.A5 1915 
Rapport ... charg^ d'^tudier les mesures propres k faciliter la reprise 

de ractivlt^ &x>nomi(^ue dans les regions qui ont 6i6 momentan^ment envahies ou 

tions commerciales avec I'Allemagne et rAutriche-Hongrie . . . [Par., 1915.1 

T271.T4 1915 
Rappokt . . . relatil k rinterdiction des relations commerciales avec 

TAllemagneet rAutriche-Hongrie. [Par., 1915.1 HF3556.A5 1915£ 

Comm. du travail. Rapport . . . tendant a assurer Temploi obligatoire des 

mutil^s de gueire . . . [Par., 1916.] UB365.F8A5 1916 

Comm. sur le projet de loi autoxlsant le gouvemement i prendre toutes mes. 

de la d€fense natlonale. Rapport. [Par., 1916.] D505.F8 1916 

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HD9562.6.A5 1915 
Projet de loi tendant k modifier la l^lslatlon des pensions des armies de 

terre et de mer. Par., 1915. UB375.F8A5 1915 

— Projet de loi portant conversion en lois de d^crets pris en mati^re finan- 

ci^re du 12 aoit au 16 dficembre 1914. fPar., 1914]. HJ1091.A5 1914 

— Projet de loi . . . de credits additionnels . . . [Par., 1915]. 

HD9()42.6.A2 1915 
Projet de loi portant ratification de d6crets pris du 31 juillet au 3 d^cembre 

1914 et ayant pour objet d'^tablir des prohibitions de sortie ou de suspendre les 
droits d' entree sur diverses marchandises. [Par. , 1914.] HF3556. A5 1914 

— Projet de loi portant ratification de d^crets r%]ant diverses mesures 

d'oiganisation militaire n'ar., 1914.] tJB615.A3 1914 

— Proposition de loi ayant pour objet Tacquiaition de navires de commerce 

et la constitution d^un chantier national de constructions mari times. [Par., 1916.] 

HE833.A5 1916 b 
Proposition de loi ayant pour objet Tattribution d*un prime de 3 francs 

parquinUl debie rdcolte en France en 1917. [Par., 1916.] HD9049.W5F8 1917 

— Proposition de loi ayant pour objet d'autonser le gouvemement, les 

pr^fets et les communes k taxer le prix de tous lee objets et denr^es de premise 
necessity. [Par., 1915.] HD9012.6.A4 1915 


F1U106. Laws, statates, ete., 1918- Proposition de loi ayant pour objet d'6tablir 
one taxe sp^ciale et unique sur les bdndfices nets t^bSib^ sur les foumitures de 
guerre. [Par., 1915.] HJ4717.A6A5 1915 

Proposition de loi ayant pour objet d'^tablir une taxe sp^ciale sur les 

b^n^fices industriels et commerciaux extraordinaires du temps de guerre. [Par., 
1915.] HJ4717.A6A5 1915 c 

Proposition de loi ayant pour objet la protection dee prodults d'origine 

Eran^aise: 1^ sur le territoire national; 2^ sur les march^ Strangers. [Par., 1916.] 

HD3626.F8A5 1916 

Proposition de loi concemant Tactivit^ ^conomique des Strangers en 

Prance. [Par., 1916.] JX4270.F8A5 1916 

Proposition de loi instituant Tobligation de I'^ucation phjrsique, de la 

pf^pftmtion au service militaire et oiganisant leur fonctionnement. [Par., 1916.] 

GV249.A5 1916 

Proposition de loi portant application des articles 23, 25, 27, 28, 44, 46, 

47 des conventions Internationales, sign6es k La Haye les 27 juillet 1899 et 18 octobre 
1907, concemant les lots et coutumes de la guerre sur terre, . . . [Par., 1915.] 

UB615.A3 1915 

Proposition de loi relative k la cr^t. d'un office national de la main- 

d'oeuvre agncole. [Par., 1916.] HD1536.F8A5 1916 

Ppqposition de loi relative k la mise en valeur des forces hydrauliques 

de France. [Par., 1916.] HD1697.F8A4 1916 b 

Proposition de loi relative au recrutement de la main-d'oeuvre 6trang^re 

et coloniale et au regime des Strangers en France. [Par., 1915J 

HD8438.A2A5 1915 

— Proposition de loi tendant k garantir le b^n^ce de Tassurance contre le 

risque d'invalidit^^ et contre le risque de maladie aux militaires, marins et assimil^ 
ayant 6tA r^form^ pour blessures, infirmity ou maladies contract^ ou ag^^v^es 
au service de la France depuis le 2 aoQt 1914 jusqu *k la fin des hostility, ainsi qu' 
aux victimes civiles de la jg:uerre. [Par., 1916J UB375.F8A5 1916 

Proposition de loi tendant k instituer, pour la dur^ de la gu^re, un 

regime sp^ial de Tindustrie des transports maritimes. [Par., 1916.1 

HE833.A5 1916 a 

Proposition de loi tendant k la cr^tion d'un Office national de la produc- 
tion industrielle. [Par., 1916.] HG276.A3 1916 c 

Proposition de loi tendant k la cr^tion de conseils 6conomiques r^onaux. 

[Par., 1916.] H0276.A3 1916 a la guerre. Bulletin officiel ... 2ao(it 19 14- Par., [1915?- D505.F65 

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1913. Par., 1916. 

Jurisprudence relative k Tapplication de la Loi du 3 juillet 1877. Fixa- 
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ions and colonies. Lond., 1914. (Cd. 7646.) D629.G7A5 1914 

— Oorresp. regarding the nav. and mil. assistance aff. to H. M. govt. 

by H. M. oversea dominions. Lond., 1914. (Cd. 7607.) D505.G7 1914ca 

Same. [Melbourne, 1914.] D505.G7 1914c 

Oorresp. relating to gifts of food-stuffs and other supplies . . . from 

the oversea dominions and colonies. [Melbourne, 1914.] b505.G7 1914d 

— Oorresp. relating to the occup. of (lerman Samoa by an exped. force 

from N. Z. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7972.) D578.S2G7 1915 
Oorresp. relative to the alleged ill-treatment of German subjects 

captured in the Oameroons. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7974.) D627.G7A5 1915h 

Oorresp. respe^^ting military operations against Gennan poes. in the 

western Pacilic. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7975.)' D577.G7 

Further corresp. regarding gifts from the ovorst* dominions and 

colonies. Lond., 1915. (Od. 7875.) D638.(;7A5 1915 

(xold c<mst. Correspondence relating to the militarv operations in 

Togoland. Lond.. 1915. (Od. 7872.) D576.T7G7 1915 

Papers relating to German atrocities . . . in Africa. Lond.. 1916. 

(Cd. 8306.) D626.G3G7 1916 

Union of South Africa. Papers relatiiii? to certain trials in German South 

west Africa. Lond., 1916. ((M. 8371.) DT714.G7 1916 

Empire settlement com. Report of the com. app>int«d to consider the 

measures to be taken for settling witliin the empire ex-service men who may desire 
to emigrate after the war. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8672.) UB365.G7A5 1917a 

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8669.) HD8381.03 1917 

Summarv of the reports .. . hv (J. X. Barnes. Lond., 1917. (Od. 8696.) 

HD8381.C3 1917a 

- Com. on alleged German outrages. Evidence and doc. . . . containing details 
of outrages on civ. pop. in Belgium and France. Lond., 1915. D626.G3G7 '1916f 

— Evidence and doc. ... on alleged German outrages. Being an appendix 

to the report of the committee . . . presided over bv the Ri^t Hon. Viscount Bryce. 
N. Y.,[1915?] ' D626.G3G7 1915f 

Report.[ and Appendix]. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7894-95.) D626.G3G7 1915 

Report. N.Y.,[1915.] D626.G3G7 1915a 

Com. on comm. and indnst. policy. Imperial preference. Copv of resolutions. 

. . . Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8482.) " HF1534 1917 

Com. on employ, of oonsdentlons objectors. Rules. Lond., 1917. (Cd.8627.) 

UB345.G7A5 1917ab 

Com. on the adminis. of the order in CotucU of March, 1915. Report. Ix)nd., 

1917. (Cd. 8469.) D580.G7 1917 

Court to investigate loss of steamship "Falaba." Shipping casualties . . . 

Report. lx)nd., 1915. (Od. 8021.) D592.F3G7 

Court to investigate loss of steamship "Lusitania." Shipping casualties . . . 

Report, l^nd., 1915. (Od. 8022.) D592.L8G7 

Dardanelles commission. First report and supplement. Ix)nd., 1917. (Od. 

8490, 8502.) D568.3.A3 

— Defence of the realm losses rojral commission. First-second re[K>rt8. Lond., 
1916-17. (Cd. 8359, 8751.) JX5326.G7 

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tion of iron ores . . . I>ond., 1917. TN405.G7A5 1917 

— Fuel research board. Report on their scheme of research . . . Lond., 

1917. TP321.G7 

— Dliector of army contracts. Army. Memo, on War oflBce contracts. liond., 
1917. (Cd. 8447.) U0265.G77 1917 

— Dominions royal oommisslon. Memo, and tables rel. to the food and raw 
mp^ntlrequirements of the United Kingdom. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 8123.) H0245.A7 


Of. Bilt. Forelgii office. Apreement between the Brit, and Ger. governments concern- 
ing combatant and civilian prisoners of war. Lend., 1917. D627.A2G6 1917 

^ Agreement between the United Kingdom and BYance respecting the 

liability to military service of Britiflh subjects in France and French citizens in 
Gt. Bnt. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8«91.) UB345.G7A5 1917h 

— ~ An agreement concluded between H. M. ^vemment and the provi- 
sional government of Rus^ relative to the reciprocal liability to mil. serv. of Brit- 
ish subjects resident in Russia and Russian subjects resident in Great Britain. 
Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8688.) UB346.G7A6 1917e 

Austrian and German papers found in possession of James F. J. Archi- 
bald. Falmouth, Aug. 30, 1915. rx)nd., 1915. (Cd. 8012.) D619.6.A7A9 

The case of the allies; being the replies to President Wilson, and Mr. 

Balfour's despatch. Lond., 1917. D613.G7 1917a 

— Collected diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European 

war. I^nd., 1915. (Cd. 7860.) D505.G7 1915 

Collective note* addressed to the Greek govt, by the French, British, 

and Russian ministers, and the reply of the Greek govt. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8298.) 


— Corres. between H. M. govt, and the U. S. ambassador respecting the 

release of interned civilians. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 7867.) D627.G7A5 1916b 

Corres. between H. M. govt, and the U. S. govt, respecting the rights of 

belligerents. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7816.) D636.G8 

— Corres. between H. M. govt, and the U. S. ambassador respecting the 

treatment of German prisoners of war and interned civilians in the U. &. Lond., 
1915. (Cd. 7815.) D627.G7A5 1915 

— Corres. between H. M. govt, and the U. S. ambassador respecting the 

treatment of prisoners of war and interned civilians in the United Kmgdom and 
Germany respectively. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7817.) D627.G7A5 1915a 

— Corres. respecting events leading to the rupture of relations with Turkey. 

rx)nd., 1914. (Cd. 7628.) 

— Despatch . . . summarising events leading up to rupture of relations 

with Turkey, and reply thereto. I^nd., 1914. (Cd. 7716.) D505.G7 1914b 

— Corres. respecting the employment of British and German prisoners of 

war in Poland and France respect. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8260.) D627.G3G7 1916f 

— Corres. respecting tile European crisis. Lond., 1914. (Cd.7467.) D505.G7 

Corres. respecting the relief of allied territories in the occupation of the 

enemy. Ix)nd., 1916. (Cd. 8348.) D638.P6G7 1916a 

— CJorres. respecting the transit traffic across Holland of materials sus- 
ceptible of employment as nulitary supplies. Ix)nd., 1917. (Cd. 8693.) D621 .N4G7 
Corres. with H. M. minister at Berne respecting the question of reprisals 

against prisoners of war. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8323.) D627.A2G6 1916c 

— Corres. with the Belgian minister respecting the deportation of Belgians 

to Germany and the forced labour imposed upon them by the German authorities. 
lx)nd., 1916. (Cd. 8404.) D639.D5G7 

Correspondence with the German government regarding the alleged 

misuse of British hospital ships. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8692.) D681.G8 

— Corres. with the German government respecting the death by burning of 

J. P. Genower, able seaman, when prisoner of war at Brandenburg camp. Lond., 
1918. (Cd. 8987.) D627.G3G7 1918a 

Corres. with the Netherlands government respecting defensively armed 

British merchant vessels. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8690.) D621.N4G75 

— Corres. with the Swedish minister on the subject of the detention by 

the Swed. govt, of the British transit mail to Russia as a reprisal for the search of 
parcels mail by H. M. govt. Lond., 1916. ((M. 8322.) D635.G8 1916e 

— Corres. witli the U. S. ambassador regarding the relief of allied territories 

in the occupation of the enemy. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8295.) D638.P6G7 

Corres. with the U. 8. ambassador respecting conditions in the intern- 

ment camp at Ruhleben. Ix)nd., 1916. (Cd. 8161.) D627.G3G7 1916 

Corres. with the U.S. ambassador respecting the execution of Miss Cavell 

at Brussels. Lond., 1915. (CM. 8013.) D630.C3G7 

— Corres. with the U. S. amb. resp. the safety of alien enemies repatriated 

from India on the S. S. '*Golconda." Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8163.) D590.G7 1916 
Corres. with the U. S. ambassador respectinj? the "Trading with the 

enemy (extension of powers) act, 1915.*' Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8225.) D635.G8 1916b 

Further corres. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8353.) D635.G8 1916bu 

Corrett. with the U. S. ambasntdor respecting the transfer to Switzerland 

of British and German wounded and sick combatant prisoners of war. Loiitl 
1916. (Cd.8236.) l)627.S9(i7 


Gt. Brit. Foreign oAce. Corres. with the U. S. ambaaeador reepectiog the treat- 
ment of Biitiflh priBoners of war and interned civiliana in Germany. Lond., 
1915. (Cd. 7959.) D627.G7A5 1915c 

Further correa. Und., 1916. (Cd. 7961.) D«27.G7A5 1915d 

Gorree. with the U. S. ambanador respecting the treatment of British 

prisoners of war and interned civilians in Germany. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 8108.) 

D627.G7A5 1915g 

Corres. with the U. S. ambassador respecting the treatment of mails on 

neutral vessels. Lond.. 1916. (Cd. 8173.) D635.G8 1916c 

Correspondencia do govemo britannico relativa a* crise europea. Lond., 

1914. D505.G7 1914 

Corrispondenza sulla criai europea. Roma, 1914. D505.G7 1914 

--- Despatch from II . M. ambassador at Petrograd enclosing a memorandum 

on the subject of the temperance measures adopted in Russia since the outbreak 
of the European war. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7738.) HV5080.G7A4 1916 
Despatch to His Majesty's ambassador at ^''ashington respecting the 

allied note of January 10, 1917. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8439.) D613.G7 1917 

Engeland in oorlog voor de gewaarborgde rechten van kleine naties. 

's-Gravenhage, 1914. D505.G7 1914 Dutch 

European war. Despatches between British government and ambassa- 

dors. Ottawa, 1914. D505.G7 1914f 

— Further corres. between H. M. govt, and the U.S. govt, respecting the 

righto of belligerento. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8233.) D635.G8 1915b 

I.ond., 1916. (Cd. 8234.) D635.G8 1915c 

Further corres. respecting the conditions of diet and nutrition in the 

internment camp at Ruhleben . . . I^nd., 1916. (Cd. 8296.) D627.G3G7 1916d 
Further corres. respecting the conditions of diet and nutrition in the 

internment camp at Ruhleben. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8262.) D627.G3G7 1916c 

— Further corres. respecting the proposed release of civilians interned 

in the British and German empires. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8352.) 1)627 .A2G6 
__ — Further corres. respecting the proposed release of civilians interned in 

the British and German empires. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8437. ) D627.A2G6 1916b 
Further corres. respecting the transit traffic across Holland of materials 

susceptible of eraplovment as militarv supplies. Ix)nd., 1918. (Cd. 8915.) 

D621.N4G7 1918 
— Further corres. with the German govt, respecting the incidento alleged 

to have attended the sinking of a German submarine and ito crew by II . M . auxiliary 

cruiser *' Baralong" on Aug. 19, 1915. Lond.. 1916. (Cd. 8176.) D582.B3G3 1916 
— Further corres. with the U.S. ambassador respecting the safety of alien 

enemies repatriated from India on the S . S . " Golconda. ' * Lond . , 1916 . (Cd . 8178 . ) 

D590.G7 1916a 
Further corres. with the U.S. ambassador respecting the treatment of 

of British prisoners of war and interned civilians in Germanv. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 

8235.) ' D627.G3G7 1915e 
Further corres. with the U. S. ambassador respecting the treatment of 

British pristmers of war and interned civilians in Germanv. Ix)nd., [1916] (Cd. 

8297.) * " D627.G3G7 1916 

Further (orres. with the U. 8. ambassador respecting the treatment of 

British prisoners of war and interned civilians in Germanv. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 
8477.) * D627.G3G7 1917 

Great Britain and the European crisis. Corres. and statements in 

Parliament. Lond., 1914. D505.G7 

Intoxicating liquors. (Restrictions in foreign countries during war.) 

Ix>nd., 1915. (Cd. 7965.) HD9350.6.G7 

Italian decrees relative to enemy merchant vessels. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 

8104>. JX5261.I8A5 1915 
Korres. der Kdniglich grossbritannischen regierung betrefifs der euro- 

p&ischen krise. Bern, 1914. D506.G7 1914 
T/otter of July 31, 1914, from the Pres. of the French Republic to the 

King respecting the European crisis, and H. M. reply of Aug. 1, 1914. Lond., 

1915. (Cd. 7812.) D505.P6 
Libro bianco; correspondencia respecto A la crisis europea. San 

»Seba8tijin,ri914]. D505.G7 1914 Spanish 
Memo, addressed by the French and British govto. to the U. S. govt. 

regarding the examination of parcels and letter mails. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8438.) 

D635.G8 1916ab 


Qt. Brit. Foreign offloo. Memo, of the German govt, in regard to iucidento alleged to 
have attended the destruction of a German sub. and its crew bv II. M. cruiser Bar- 
along." Lend. 1916. (CM. 8144.) ' D582.B3G3 1915 

— - Memo, presented by II. M. govt, and the French govt, to neutral govern- 
ments regarding the examination of pan*el8 and letter mails. Lend., 1916. (Cd. 
8223.) D635.G8 1916 
Memo, respecting the treatment of belligerent submarines in neutral 

waters. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8349.) D590.G7 1916c 

— Note addressed by II. M. govt, to neutral representatives in London 

respecting the withdrawal of the Declaration of Ix)ndon orders in Council. Lond., 
1916. {Cd. 8293. ) D580.G7 

Note addrt«sed to the U. S. ambassador regarding the examination of 

parcels and letter mails. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8294.) D635.G8 1916a 

— Note communicated by the V. S. ambassador, Dec. 12, 1916. Lond., 

1916. (Cd.8406.) D613.G4 1916 

Note communicated by the V. S. ambassador, Dec. 20, 1916. (Cd. 

8431.) D6l3.r5 1916f 

— Notes exchanged with the Chilean minister respecting the sinking of 

the German cruiser "Dresden" in Chilean territorial waters. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 
7859.) D582.D8G7 1915 

— Note fn)m the Russian provisional government an<l the British replv 

respecting the allied war aims. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8587.) D505.1185 1917 

Note from the V . 8. ambassador transmitting a report, dated June 8, 

1915, on the conditions at present existing in the internment camps at Ruhleben. 
Lond., 1915. {CA. 7863.) D627.G3G7 1915 

- Note form the l. S. government regarding the e.xamination of parcels 

and letter mails. Ixind., 1916. (CM. 8261.) 1)635 15 1916 a 

— lieply of the allied govts, to the note communicated by the I' . S. ambassa- 
dor on Dec. 20, 1916. Lond., 1917. {Cd. 8468.) D613.G7 1916 

— Replv to the German peace note . . . Limd., 1917. (Cd. 8467.) 

I)613.F7 1916b 
Report by Dr. A. £. Taylor on the conditions of diet and nutrition in 

the internment camp at Ruhleben. Lond., 1916. ((M. 8259.) D627.G3T3 

Report drawn up by the Com. on the administration of the order in 

Council of Mar., 1915. j;i9l6.) Lond., 1917. ((M. 8469.) I)580.G7 1917 

-^- Reports by U.S. officials tm the treatment of Brit, prisoners of war and 

interned ciN-ilians at certain places of detention in Germany. Limd., 1915. (Cd. 
7861.) 1)627 .G3U6 1915 

— Reports of visits of inspection made by officials of the U.S. embassy to 

wious intern, camps in the U. K. Lond., 1916. (Cd, 8324.) D627.G7U6 1916 
Reports on the treatment by the (lernians of British pris<jners and natives 

in German East Africa, Ijond., 1917. {Cd. 8689.) D627.A3G7 1917 

— Selection fn)m |)aper8 found in the pf)s8(>88iou of Cai)t . von Papen. Lond . , 

1916. (Cd. 8174.) D619.5.P2S4 

— Sworn statement bv Ilorst von der (ioltz, alias Bridgeman Taylor. 

Loud., 1916. (Cd.8232.) * D619.5.G6G7 
Statement of the measures a<lopted to intercept the sea-borne commerce 

of Germany. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8145. ) D58] .G75 

The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman empire, 1915-16. Lond., 

1916. ((^d. 8325.) D638.A7T6 

— Treatment of prisoners of war in England and Genuauy during the first 

eight months of the war. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7862. ) D627.G7A5 1915e 

— The war. Corres. between 11. M. govt, and the U. S. govt, respecting 

the rightfl of belligerents. [Melbourne, I9lb.\ D635.G8 1915a 

— The war. Correspondence respect mg events leading to the rupture of 

relations with Turkev. [Melbourne, 1915.] D505.G7 1914ba 

The war. Peace note from the U.S. Reply of the allied governments. 

[Melbourne. 1917 ] D613.G7 1917b 

War with (Jermany. Correspondence, <&c., respecting the £uro])ean 

crisis. [Melbourne, 1914.] I)505.G7 1914*> 

— QoTt com. on prevention and relief of distress dne to the war (1914). The pre- 
vention and relief of distress. Memo. Lond., 1914. (C'd.7603.) D638.G7A2 1914 
Oovt. com. on treatment by the enemy of British prisoners of war The horrors of 

Wittenberg. [2d ed.l Lond., 1916. , 1)627 .G3G7 1916 

Keport . . . regarding the conditions obtaining at Wittenberg cami) 

during the typhus epidemic of 1915. I^>nd., 1916. ((M.8224.) 1)627 .G3G7 1915 k 


Qt. Brit. Govt. com. on treatment by the enemy of Bnglish prisoners of war. Re- 
port on the transport of British prisoners of war to Germany. Aug.- Dec., 1914. 
Lond., 1918. (Cd. 8984.) D627.G3G7 1918 

■ Report on the typhus epidemic at Gardel^egen. Lond., 1916. (Gd.8351.) 

D627.G3G7 1916 L 

High court of justice. Appeals from munitions tribunals ... v. 1- Lond., 


High court of admiralty. Prize droits. Lond., 1915 JX5^1.G7A5 1915 

Probate, divorce and admiralty division. Admiralty. (In prize) The 

Kim.... Lond., [1915]. JX5261.G7A6 1916 a 

List of contraband (3d ed.) rev. and brought up to July M, 1917. 

Lond., [1917]. JX6231.GV 1917 

Home dept. Alien enemies in prohibited areas. Report ... to review the 

permits under which alien enemies are allowed to reside in prohibited areas. Lond . , 
1916. (Cd. 8419.) D636.G7A6 1916 

Aliens restriction order, 1916 . Alpha, list of parishes included in the pro- 

hibited areas of Eng. and Wales. Lond., 1916. D636.G7A5 1916 c 

— Hereditary honours. Lend., 1917. CS421.A28 

— Liquor trade. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8619.) HD9361.6.A5 1917 b 

— Licensing of partially disabled men as drivers of public motor vehicles. 

Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8314.) UB365.G7A5 1916 

— Munitions of war (amendment) act, 1916. Rules. . . . Lond., 1916. 

HD9743.G6A5 1916 

— Provisional rules for constituting and regulating munitions tribunals . . . 

Lond . , 1915 . HD9743 .G6 A6 1915 a 

— Report of the com. appointed ... to conduct experiments to test the 

value of dry powder fire extinguishers. Ix)nd., 1916. (Cd. 8250.) TH9338.G7 1916 

— Rules for constituting and regulating munitions tribunals. [ Lond . , 1915.] 

HD9743.G6A5 1915 

— — Clerical and comm. employments' com. Report . . . with a view to 

advising what steps should be taken, by the employment of women or otherwise, to 
replace men witharawn for service in the military forces. Lond . , 1915 . (Cd . 8110 . ) 

HD8p39.C55G8 1915 a 
Coal mining organis. com. Report . . . into the conditions prevailing in 

the coal mining industry due to the war. Lond., 1915. *(Cd. 7939, 8009.) 

TN808.G6A4 1915 

— Second general report. Lond., 1916. (Cd.8147.)TN808lG6A4 1916 

"Shops' committee." Report ... to consider the conditions of retail 

trade which can best secure that the further enlistment of men or their employment 
in other national services may not interfere with the operations of that trade. 
Lond., 1915. (Cd. 8113.) HD8039.C55G8 1915 

— Summer time com. Report . . . to enquire into the social and economic 

results of the Summertime act, 1916. liond., 1917. (Cd. 8487.) HN49.D 3G7 1917 
War charities com. Report. Lond., 1916. (Cd.8287.)D638.G7A6 1916 a 

— India office. East India (Military). Papers relating to Mai. Gen. C. V. F. 
Townshend's appreciation of the position after the battle of Rut-el- Amara. Lond., 
1916. (Cd. 8253.) D568.5.G7 

— Papers relating to the support offered by the princes and Deoples of 

India to H. M. in connect, with the war. Lond., 1914. (Cd. 7624.) D505.G73 1914 

Same. [Melbourne, 1914.1 D505.G73 1914 a 

— Inland rev. dept. Excess profits duty . Statement respecting I . Proposals as to 
valuation of stocks; II . Allowances for wear and tear, depreciation and obsolescence 
of assets. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8623.) HJ4708.A6A5 1917 

— Laws, statutes, etc. Air force act. I/)nd., 1917. (Cd.8800.) UG635.G7A3 1917 
Brit, and Canad. food regulation. Wash., 1917. (U. S. 65 C, 1 s. S. D. 

47.) HD9011.6.A4 1917 b 

— Courts (emergency powers) acts 1914-1917. 4th ed. Lond., 1918. 

— , Defence of the realm acts and regul. passed and made to July .31st-, 1915. 

Ed. by A. Pulling. Lond., 1915. D505.G79 1916 

— Made to Feb. 15th, 1916. Ed. by A. PulUng. I>ond., 1916. 

D505.G79 1916 

— Excess profits duty at a gljance. Lond., [1916?] HJ4708.A6A6 1915 

— Exemption from mil. serv. in Gt. Brit. Statutory provisions and regula- 
tions relative to tribunals and certificates of exemption unaer the military service 
acts, with a digest of appealed cases. Comp. in the Legislative ref . div.' L. of C. 
Wash., 1917. aU. S.] 65 C, 1 s. S. D. 62.) UB345.G7A5 1917 

Fooa profits acts. (Defence of the Realm.) Lond., 1918. 


Ot. Brit. Laws, statutes, etc. Guide to the exploeive act, 1875. 3d ed. Lond., 1917. 

TP299.G7 1917 a 

Manual of emergency legislation to Sept. 30th, 1914. Ed. by A. Pulling. 

Lend.. 1914. D505.G77 1914 

Supplement no. .. . 1914- Lond., 1914-. D605.G77 1914 

- — Mail, of emer. legis. Financial ed. Ed. by A. Pulling. Lond., 1915. 

D505.G77 1915 

Defence of the realm manual, rev. to July 28th, 1916. Ed. by A. 

Pulling. Lond.,1916. D505.G79 1916 c 

- — Same. <2denl. ed.> rev. to Nov. 30th, 1916. Ed. by A. Pulling. 

Lond.,1916. D505.G79 1916 d 

■ Seme <3d.enl. ed.>rev.toFeb.28th,1917. Ed. by A. Pulling. 

Lond., 1917. D506.G79 1917 

- — Same, <4th enl . ed . > rev . to May 3lBt , 1917 . Ed . by A . Pulling. 

Lond., 1917. D505.G79 1917 a 

- — Manuals of emergency legislation Defence of the realm regulations made 

to May 23rd, 1916. 2d ed. Ed, bv A. PulliDg. Lond., 1916 D505.G79 1916 b 

Defence of the realm regulations <monthly ed.>. Lond., 1917- 

» D505.G8 

Military service acts of Great Britain, 1916. Wa«h., 1917. ([U. S.l 65 


C, 1 s. S. D. 9.) UB345.G7A5 1916 f 

— Postponement of pavments act, 1914. Lond., 1914. (Cd. 7633.) 

HG2988.A5 1914 
Legation. Austria. Despatch from U . M . ambassador at Vienna respecting the 

rupture of diplomatic relations with the Austro-IIungarian government. Lond., 
1914. (Cd. 7596.) D505.G76 

War with Austria-Hungar>'. Despatch from H. M. ambassador at 

Vienna, respecting the rupture of diplomatic relations with the Austro-Hungarian 
government. [Melbourne, 1914.] D505.G76 1914 a 

— Belgium. Behaviour of the Germans in Belgium, let report, Aug. 25, 

1914. Lond., 1914. D626.G3G7 

— Oermany. Despatch from II. M. am])a98ador al Berlin respecting the 

rupture of diplomatic* relations with the German government. Lond., 1911. 
(Cd. 7445.) D505.G75 

— - Despatches from H. M. ambasesador at Berlin resjjecting an official 

German organisation for influencing the press of other countries. lx)nd., 1914. 
(Cd. 7595.) HF1545.G7 

— Bussia. Despatch from II. M. ambsussador at Petro^ad, enclosing a 

memo, on the subject of the temijerance measures adopted in Russia since the 
ouMireak of the European war. Lond., 1915. ((M. 7738.) IIV5080.G7.\4 1915 

-— — - The war -Tem'nerance measures in Russia. Melbourne. 1915. 

(Cd. 7738.) IIV5080.R9G7 1915 a 

— Switzerland. The reception of wounded i>rLsoner soldiers of Great 

Britain in Switzerland. Lond., 1916. D627.S9G8 

Local govt, board. Infant welfare iu (irermany during the war. Report. 

Lond., 1918. 

— Military service act, 1916. Lond.. 1916. UB345.G7A5 1916 b 

Report on the special work of the liocal government board, arising out 

of the war. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7763.) D638.G7A5 1914 f 

Com. on the welfare of the blind. Repo^^aIul ... Minutes of evidence, 

appendices and index. Lond.. 1917. (Cd. 8655, 8659.; HV1941.A5 1917 

Disabled sailors and soldiers com. Report . . . upon the provision of 

employment for sailors and soldiers disabled in the war. Lona.. 1915. (Cd. 7915.) 

UB365.G7AO 1915 

— Mil. service (civil liabilities) com. Regulations. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8249.) 

UB375.G'7A5 1916 
Heso^tamia comm. Report. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8610.) D568.5.G7 1917 
Ministry of food. Defence of the realm . . . Statutory rules and orders. 1917. 

Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8471.) HD9011.6.A35 

Manufactureoi flour and bread order, 1917. ... Lond., 1917. (('d. 8464.) 

HD9011.6.A4 1917 

Ministry of Ubour. Industrial reports. Lond., 1917. HD8381.A3 

Ministry of munitions. Appropriation account, 1915-16. Loud., 1917. 


Clyde munition workers. Report .., Lond., 1915. ((M. 8136.) 

HD9743.G8C5 1915 


Ot. Brit. ICtnistry of munitions. Minutions (limit at ion of profits) rules. 1915. 
Lond.. 1915. 1ID9743.G6A5 1915 e 

Notes on the employment of women on munitions of war. [Lond., 1916-1 

UF535.G7A5 1916 

Report ... on the output of munitions in France. Dec, 1915. Lend., 

1916. (Cd. 8187.) UF535.F8G7 

Restricted occupations order. Lend., 1917. HC256.2.A5 1917 

Schedule of protected occupations for men employed on Admiralty, 

War office or mun. work, or in railway workshops. Lond., 1917. Ufe345.G7A5 1917 c 

Same. Lond., 1918. UB345.G7A5 1918 a 

Health of munition workers com. Employment of women and juveniles 

in Great Britain during the war. Reprints*. Wash. . * 1917. IID8051.A62,no.223 

Hours, fatigue, and health in British munition factories. Reprints. 

Wash., 1917. HD8051.A62, no.221 

— Hours of work. Lond.. 1916. (Cd. 8186.) HD5119.M8G7 

— Interim report. Industrial efficiency and fatigue. Ijond.. 1917. 

(Cd. 8511.) HD7269.M8G7 1917 a 

Investigation of workers' food and suggestions as to dietary. 

Report by L. E. Hill. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8370.) I?i)7696.A4 1915 App.2 

— ' 5aj?i«. (Rev. ed.).I^nd..l917!^(M. 8798.) HD7696.A4 1915 App.2a 

— Memorandum, no. 1-. Ijond. 1915 — 

No. 1. Report on Sunday labour. 1915. HD5114.G8A4 1915 

No. 2. Welfare supervision. 1915. HD7269.M8G7 

No. 3. Report on industrial canteens. 1915. HD7696.A4 1915 

No. 4. Employment of women. 1916. HD6073.M8G7 

No. 5. Hoiu-8 of work. 1916. HD5119.M8G7 

No. 6. Appendix to memorandum no. 3. 1916. IID7696.A4 1915 app. 

No. 7. Iniaustrial fatigue and its causes. 1916. RA787.G7 

No. 8. Special industrial diseases. 1916. IID7269.M8G7 1916 

No. 9. \entilation and lighting of munition factories and workshops. 1916. 

TH7684.?^2G8 1916 

. No. 10. Sickness and injury. 1916. nD7269.M8G7 1916 a 

No. 11. A second appendix to memorandum no. 3. IID7696.A5 1915, app.2 

No. 12. Statistical information concerning output in relation to hours of work. 
Appendix to memorandum no. 5. 1916. IID5119.M8G7 1916 a 

No. 13. Juvenile employment. 1916. nD6250.G7A4 1916 

No. 14. Washing facilities and baths. 1916. HD7269.M8G7 1916 b 

No. 20. Weekly hours of employment . 1917. HD5119.M8G7 1917 a 

No. 21. Invest*. . . in the causation of ind. accidents. 1918. HD7262.G7 1918 

Welfare work in British munition factories. Reprints. Wash 

1917. HD8051.A62, no.222. 

_... Military service com. Report ... on the headouarters' staff of the 

Ministry of munitions. Lond.. 1916. ((M. 8411.) UF'535.G7A5 1916 a 

— Munitions inventions dept. The nitrogen i)roblem and the work of the 

Nitrogen products committee. I^nd., 1917. TP245.N8G7 

— Ministry of national service. General directions for the guidance of commis- 
sioners, deputy commissioners, and members of medical !)oards. fLond., 1918]. 

ITB335.G7A2 1918 

— War work volunteers. Notes for the guidance of employers to whose 

emi>loyment war work volunteers are assigned. [T.K)nd., 1917.] IiD8381.A6 1917 

— Ministry of pensions. Draft of a royal wariant for the retired pay of officers 
disabled, and for the pensions of the families and relatives of officers deceased . . . 
Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8631.) UB375.G7A5 1917 c 

— Drafts of a loyal warrant and of an order in council for the pensions of 

soldiers and sailors disabled . . . I^nd., 1917. {Cd. 8485.) UB375.G7A5 1917 
— Instructions and notes on the treatment and training of disabled men. 

Lond., 1917. UH365.G7A5 1917 b 

Instructions for the assessment of alternative pensions, 19f7. Lond. 

1917. UB375.G7A5 1917 d 

— Soldiers pensions, 1917. Lond., 1917. UB375.G7A5 1917 e 

— Ministry of leconstmction. List of commissions and committees set up to deal 
with questions which yriW arise at the close of the war. Tx)nd., 1918. (Cd. 8916.) 


— Com. on the chemical trade. Rej)ort ... as to the procedure which 

should be adopted for dealing with the chemical trade. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8882.) 

HD9652.6.A5 1917 

— Beconstmction com. Coal conservation sub-com. Interim report on 

electric power supply in Great Britain. Ivond., 1917. (Cd. 8880.) TK57.A5 1917 1) 


Ot. Brit. Munitions tribunals. Koturn of cases . . . Lond., 1915. (Cd. 8143.) 

HD9743.G6A5 1916 d 

National health ins. joint com. Medical resc-Rrch com. Bar- oriolofiiral 

« udie? in lhe})a holojyy- and jjrcven ivo ron'rol of rere' ro-sj»inal fever among the 

forces diirinJT 1915 and 191C. nxind., 1917.1 Rri24.G8 

. _. Tn'erim repor' on the work in connection with the war at present 

undertaken 1a- the Me(L re?, com. Lond.. 1915. ((M. 7922.) rH256.1914.G7 

_ - . - - Re] or' u])on soldiers returned as cases of "disordered action of the 

heart " (D. A. H.) or " valvular diseaae of the heart " (V. D. II.). [Lond., 1917.] 

— — Reports upon InvesMt^tions in fhe Tnited Kingdom of dyBenter>' 

cases received from the Eas'ern Mediterranean. Lond., 1917. RC140.G7 1917 

Parliament. 1914-1916. Parliamentary history of conscription in Great Britain. 

Ix)nd.. 1917. * rB345.G7A5 1917 f 

1917. lesolutions passed hv British Parliament . . . relative to the 
entry of the V. S. into the war. [Wash.*. 1917.] ([V. S.] 65 C, 1 s. H. D. 154.) 


Parliament's vote of thanks to the forces: speeches delivered . . . Oct. 

29, 1917. Lond., 1917. D517.A3 

— House of commons. Explanatory statement on the French tax on 

luxuries. Lond. 

Commercial com. Govt, control of trade. [L..1917.] HF3506.2.A5 1917 

- Tran.sjmrt reform. Report. [Lond., 1918.] 11E243.A7 1918 

— Select com. on nav. and mil. sery. Special report. Lond., 1915. 

UB375.G7A5 1915 

Special report and second special report. Lond., 1915. 

UB375.G7A5 1915 a 

— Select com. on Mil. scrv. (review of exceptions) act, 1917. Special 

report. Lond., 1917. UB345.G7A5 1917 d 

Report. Lond., 1918. UB345.G7A5 1918 

— Select com. on national expenditure. Special report and reports. Lond., 

1915. HJ40.S35 1918 

Select com. on premium bonds. Report. Lond.. 1918. HJ8627.A5 1918 

Joint com. on organisation and methods of the Central prisoners of war com- 
mittee. Report. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8615.) D627.G7A5 1917 a 

_ ._. Ifeport. 21 June, 1917. Lond., 1917. D627.G7A5 1917 

Privy council. Aliens restriction (consolidation) order, 191 G. Lond., 1916. 

JX4270.G7A5 1916 

- - At the court at Buckingham palace, the 1st day of June. 1916. The 

Military service regulatirns (amendment) order. 1916. Lond.. 1916. 

rB345.G7A5 1916 h 

Mil. serv. act, 1916. Order in council, dat-ed 3rd Feb., 1916, making 

regulations for the tribunals established under the Military service act, 1916. Lond., 

1916. UB345.G7A5 1916 

— Com. for sclent, and ind. research. Report. Lond., 1916- Q181.G62 

— — Science and industry: a series of papers bearing on industrial re- 
search. Lond., 1917- T175.G7 

— — Beconstruction com. Agricultural policy sub-com. Report . . . upon the 
methods of effecting an increase in the home-grown food supplies . . . Lond., 

1917. (Cd. 8506.) HD9011.6.A4 1917 a 

— — Sub-com. on rel. between employers and employed. Interim report on 

joint standing industrial councils. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8606.) HD5545.A5 1917 

Boy al comm. on rebellion in Ireland. Report. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8279.) 

DA962.A5 1916 

— - Boyal comm. on sugar supply. First (interim) report . . . Lond., 1917. (Cd. 
8728.^ HD9111.6.A5 1916 b 

Sovereigns, etc., 1910- (George V). His Majesty's most gracious speech to 
both houses of Parliament, del. on Nov. 11, 1914. Lond., 1914. I)505.G69 

Stationery office. List of publications issued ... in connection with events 

arising from the state of war. Lond.. 1915- Z6207.E8G9 

T^de advisory com. Reports upon openings in industry' suitable for disabled 

sailors and soldiers. Lond., 1917-18. UB365.G7A4 

.\o. I. Attendants at electricity sub-ntations. 

.\o. 11. Employment in picture theatres. 

So. in. Tailoring (Retail bespoke). 

No. IV. Agricultural motor tractor work in lOngland and Wales. 

No. V. The furniture trade. 

No. VI. Leather goods trade. 


Qt. Brit. Tzade advisory com. Reports . . . — Continued. 
No. VII. Hand-sewn boot and shoe making . . . 
No. vin. Gold, silver, jewellery, . . . 
No. IX. Dental mechanics. 
No. X. Aircraft manufacture. 
No. XI. Wholesale tailoring. 
No. XII. Boot and shoe manufacture. 

No. XIII. The basket-making trade incl. mfg. of cane and wicker furniture. 
No. XIV. The building trade. 
No. XV. Engineering. 
No. XVI. Printing and kindred trades. 

Treasury. Civil servants of military age. Return. Lond., 1916. JN441.A5 1916 

Government assistance to credit and business. Further papers . . . 

Lond., 1914. (Cd. 7684.) HG2988.A5 1914 b 

for the award of add. allow, to old age 

Old age pensions. Cop^' . 
I suflfenng special liardship c 

pensioners suffenng special hardship owing to the war. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8373. \ 

HD7106.G8A5 1916 

— Treasury assistance to banks and discount houses, . . . Lond., 1914. 

HG2988.A5 1914 a 
War charges . . . Return showing (1) the estimated amount of wat 

charges incurred up to the 31st of Mar., 1915; (2) how these charges have been met; 
and (3) how the money borrowed has been raised. Lond., 1915. HJ40.D4 

— Com. on public retrenchment. First, third, and final reports. Lond.. 

1915-16. (Cd. 8068, 8139, 8180, 8200.) HJ1023.G7 

— Com. on war loans for the small investor. War loans for small investors. 

Lond., 1915-16. (Cd. 8146, 8179.) HJ8627.A5 1916 

- — Treaties, etc., 1910- (Qeorge V). Agreement between the U. K. and France 
reap, the liability to mil. serv. of British subjects in France and French citizenB in 
Gt. Brit. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8691.) UB345.G7A5 1917 h 

— Agreement between the U. K.. and Italy rosp. the liability to mil. serv. 

of British subjects in Italv and Italian subjects m Gt. Brit. Lond., 1917. 
(Cd. 8694.) * UB345.G7A5 1917 j 

— War cabinet. Report for the year 1917. Lond., 1918. (Cd. 9005J D506.G66 

— War office. Army. Memo, on the censorship. Lond.. 1915. (Cd. 7679.) 

D631.G7 1915 

— Army. Report on recruiting. Lond., 1916. (Cd.8149.) UB3?5.G7A5 1916 

— Army. Memo, on the Off . press bur. Lond., 1915. (Cd. 7680.) 

D631.G73 1915 

— Bayonet fighting. 1915. Lond., 1915. UD400.G7 1915 

— Bayonet training, 1916. Lond., 1916. UD345.G7A2 1916 

— Bayonet training, 1916. Lond., 1916. UD345.G7A2 1916 a 

— Cavalry training, 1915. Lond., 1915. UE155.G7A2 1915 

— Cyclist training. Provisional. Lond., 1917. UH35.G7A4 1917 

— 18-pr. q. f. gun. Gun drill. 1914. Lond., 1914. UF234.A5 18 pr. 1914 

— 18-pr. q. f. gun. Gun drill. 1916. Lond., 1916. rF234.A5 18 pr. 1916 

— Engineer training, 1914. Lond., 1914. UG234.A35 1914 

— Examples of ranging to sup. those given in section 227 of Field art., 

1914. Lond., 1915. UF800.G75 1914 

— Field almanac. 1915- Lond., [1915- U10.G7 

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UH415.G7A2 1914 

— Field ser. man. 1914. Inf. bat. (Exp. force"). Lond., 1914. 

UD445.G7A2 1914 

— Field ser. man., 1914. R. eng. Lond., 1914. UG234.F4 1914 

— Field ser. man., 1914. SLe. ser. Lond.. 1914. UG575.G7A3 1914 

— Field ser. man., 1915. Div. ammunition col. (New armieB). Lend., 

1915. UF355.G7A4 1915 

— Field ser. man., 1915. Field art. brig. (q. f. 18-pr.). Lond., 1915. 

UF405.G7A24 1915 

— Field ser. man., 1915, R. eng. Bridging train. Lond., 1915. 

UG515.G7 1916 

— Field ser. man., 1915. R.eng. Field co. Lond., 1915. UG234.F4 1915 

— - Field ser. man., 1915. Sig. ser. Div. sig. co. Lond., 1915. 

UG575.G7A3 1915 
— Field ser. man., 1916. Heavy art. Lond., 1916. UF355.Q7A4 1916 


Gt. Brit Wax ofloe. Field ser. pocket bk., 1914. Lond., 1916. U175.G7 1916 

Field aer. reg. Pt. I. Operations. Lond., 1914. U175.G7 1914 

Field aer. reg. Pt. II. Org. and admin. Lond., 1914. U175.G7 1914 

Field ner. reg. Pt. II. An addendum. Lond., 1917. U175.G7 1917 

15-pr. b. L gun. Gun drill. 1914. Lond., 1914. UF234.A5 15-pr. 1914 

16-pr. q. f. gun. Sect, gun drill, 1912. Lond., 1915. 

UF234.A5 15-pr. 1915 

16-pr. q. f. gun. Sect, gun drill, 1916. Lond., 1915. 

UF234.A5 16-pr. 1916a 

File man. for hutment camps, 1916. Lond., 1916. UC426.G7 1916 

5-inch b. 1. howitzer. Gun drill. 1915. Lond., 1916. 

UF234.A4 5-in. B. L. 191& 

5-inch B. L. howitzer. Sect, gun drill, 1912. Lond., 1914. 

UF234.A4 5-in. B. L. 1914 

4,7-inch. q. f. gun (heavy batteries). Gun drill. 1916. Lond., 1916. 

UF234.A4 4.7-in. q. f. 1916 

Garrison artillery training ... 1914. Lond., [1914] UF485.G7A6 1914 

Handbook for the 8-inch r. m. 1. howitzer of 70 cwt. Lond., 1916. 

UF565.G7 8-in. M. L. 1915 

Handbook for the 6-inch b. 1. howitzer. 1915. Lond., 1916. 

UF566.G7 6-in. 1915 

Handbook for the 9.46-inch b. 1. howitzer. 1906. Lond., 1915. 

UF565.G7 9.46-in. 1916 

Handbook for the .d03-in. Vickers mach. gim. Lond., 1917. 

UF620.V6 ,303-in. 1917 

Handbook of artillery instruments, 1914. Ix)nd.,1914. UF830.G7 1914 

Addendum. Ix>nd., 1916. UF830.G7 1914c 

Appendix. Lond., 1916. UF830.G7 1915 

Handbook of the b. 1. 6-in. 30-cwt. howitzer. Lond., 1916. 

UF665.G7 6-in. 30 (1-1*) 1916 

Handbook for the b. 1. 6-in. 30-cwt. howtizer. 1917. Lond., 1917. 

UF565.G7 6-in. 30 1-1* 1917 

Handbook of the b. l. 60-pr. gun (1913). Lond., 1916. 

UF566.G72 60-pr. B. L. 1913a 

Handbook of the 18-pr. q. f. gun. Land ser. 1916. Lond., 1916. 

UF665.G72 18-pr. Q. F. 1915 

Handbook of the'q. f. 18-pr. gun, 1913. Lond., 1915. 

UF546.G72 18-pr. Q. F. 1915 

Handbook of the Enfield pattern, 1914. .303-in. mag. rifle. Lond. 

1916. UD396.E6G7 

Handbook of the 15-pr. Q. F. gun. Land ser., 1914. Lond., 1914. 

UF565.G72 15-pr. 1914 

Handbook of the 4.6-in. q. f . howitzer. Land ser., 1915. Lond., 1916. 

UF566.G7 4.6-in. Q. F. 1916a 

Handbook of the Q. F. 4.7-in. *'B" guns. Land ser. 1917. Lond., 

[1917.] UF565.G7 4.7-in. Q. F. 1917 

Handbook of the range-finder, Inf., no. 2. (Barr & Stroud), 31-5 inches 

base. 1916. Lond., 1916. UF850.B3G7 1916 

Handbook of the Ross mag. .303-in. rifle, mark m. 1915. Lond., 

1915. B UD396.R6G 

Handbook for the 2:95-in. Q. F. gun. Lond., 1914. 

UF665.G7 2:96 Q.F. 1914 

Handbook on military bicycles, 1911. Lond., 1914." UH36.G7A6 1914 

Handbook (prov.) for the .303-in. Lewis mach. gun. (Pt. 1.) 1916. 

Lond., 1916. UF620.L6 .303-in. 1916 

Heavy pontoon bridge for use of mech. transport. Lond., 1914. 

UG336.G6 1914 

Infantry machine-gun company training. Lond., 1917. 

UF620.A2G7 1917 

Infantry tndninff. (4-Co. oraanization.) Lond., 1914. UD234.A4 1914 

Instruction in telegraphy andtelephony. Lond., 1916. UG590.G76 1916 

Instructions as to fixed electrical communications. Lond., 1916. 

UG605.G8 1916 

Instructions for armourers in the care, etc., of small-arms, etc. Lond., 

1916. UD386.G7 1916 


Qt. Brit War office. Instructions for practice. Horse, field, and heavy art. Lond., 

1914. UF234.A2 1914 
— — Instructions for practice seawards. R. garrison art. Lond., 1914. 

UF346.G7A2 1914 

Instructions in pay duties for territorial force during embodimeiit. 

Lond., 1915, UG185.A35 1915 
Instructions for the working of defence electric light apparatus. Lend., 

1915. UG629.G7 1915 
Instruction in army telegraphy and telephony. Lond., 1914. 

UG590.G75 1914 
Instructions relating to the pay duties of officers commanding squadron, 

batteries, companies, etc. Lond., 1915. UC185.A35 1915 a 

— - — Lists of military and other terms. Lond., 1914. U26.G7 1914 
Manual of army postal services. Lond., 1915. UH85.G7A3 1915 

— Manual of army signal service — war. Lond., [1914]. UG575.G7A4 1914 

— -— Manual of coast defence range finding. Pt. I. Lond., 1915. 


— Manual of map reading and field sketching. Lond., 1914. 

UG470.G79 1914 
Manual of military cooking and dietary . Lond., [1917]. UC725.G7 1917 


Manual of military law. Tx)nd., 1914. (Rep., 1916.) UB625. 1916 b 

— Manual of physical training. Lond., 1914. GV461.G77 1914 

Militarv electric lighting. Lond., 1915. UG626.G6 1915 

Musketry regulations. Ix)nd., 1914. UD335.G7 1914, pt. 1 

Musketry' regulations, pt. 1, 1909. Rep., 1914. Add. no. 4, 1917. 

Lond., 1917. UD335.G7 1917 
Musketry regulations, part 1, 1909. Rep., 1914. Add. no. 2, 1916. 

Lond., 1916. UF620.A2G7 1916 
Musketry regulations, pt. 1, 1909. Rep., 1914. Add. no. 3, 1916. 

Lond., 1917. UD415.G7A5 1917 

Musketry regulations. Pt. II. Rifle ranges, [etc.] 1910. Rep., 1914. 

Lond., 1914. UD335.G7 1914 pt. 2 

9.2-inch b. 1., marks X, XV and X* guns on mark V mounting. Lond., 

1916. UF565.G7 9.2-in. 1916 

— — — - 9.2-inch b. 1. *'("' mark IX gun on marks Va and Vb mountings. Lond., 

1917. UF565.G7 9.2-iii. 1917 
__ 9.2-inch b. 1. mark IX gun on mark IX moimting. Lond., 1917. 

UF565.G7 9.2-in. 1917 a 

_._. Notes on electricity. Lond., 1915. Q0523.G78 1915 

^^ote8 on map reading. Lond., 1915. UG470.G8 1915 

Notes on pack transport. Rep., 1916. Lond., 1916. UC305.G7A5 1916 

Ordnance manual (war). Lond., 1914. UF555.G7A4 1914 

The portable sub-target, 1911. Rep., 1914. Lond., 1914. 

UD335.G7 1914 a 

Priced vocabulary of clothing and necessaries. Lond., 1915. 

U(:465.G7A5 1915 

Promotions, appointments, etc., Ist to 30th Sept., 1914. 

U11.G7A1 1914 Aug. B«p.2 

Railway manual (war). 1911. (Rep., 1914.) lx)nd., 1915. 

UC315.G8A4 1914 

Regulations for army ordnance services. Ix)nd., 1914. UF57.A3 1914 

Reirulations for anny veterinary ser. 1906. Rep., 1914. Lond., 1914. 

UH655.G7A3 1914 
— ^ -— Reffulat ions for engineer serv. Rep., 1915. Pt. I. Lond., 1915. 

UG234.A2 1915 a 

_ — Regulations for magazines and care of war materiel. (Rep., 1917.) 

Und., 1917. UF545.G7A2 1917 

-. — Regulations for recruiting. 1912. Rep., 1914. Ix)nd., 1914. 

UB325.G7A3 1914 

— Recrulations for supply transport, and barrack serv. Lond., 1916. 

UOI84.A2 1915 

_ — Regulations for the allowances of the army. Lond., 1914. U(U85.A26 

Regulations for the army med. serv. 1906. Rep., 1914. Lond., 1914. 

UH257.A3 1914 

Regulations for the clothing of the army. Lond., 1914. 

U(:485.G7A3 1914 


<H. Biit War oflloe. Regulatioiis for the issue of army aeparatioii allowance . . . 

1916. Lond., [1916]. UC185.A35 1916 
B^^fulations for the officers tndning corps. 1912. Rep., 1916. Lond., 

1916. n549.A4 1912 a 

Regulations goveming the formation, [etc.] of cadet units in the Br. Isles, 

1914. Rep., 1917. Lond., 1917. U510.A6 1917 

— B^ules for the management iA garriscm and regimental institutes. Lond., 

1916. UC755.G7A5 1915 

— Short histories of the territorial regiments of the £r. army. Lond., 1915. 


— Short vocabulary of French words and phrases . . . Lond., 1915. 


— 6-inchb.l.(30cwt.)howit»«r. Lond., 1916. UF234.A4 6-in.B.L. 1916 

— 60-pr. b. 1. gun. Gun drill. 1916. Rep., 1916. Lond., 1916. 

UF234.A5 60-pr. 1916 

— 60-pr. b. 1. gun. Mark II, 1916. Carriage. Lond., 1916. 

UF234.A5 60-pr. 1916 a 

— 60-pr. b. 1. gun. Sect, gun drill. 1912. Rep., 1915. Lond., 1915. 

UF234.A5 60-pr. 1915 

— Standing orders, Salisbury Plain. 1913. Rep., 1915. Lond., 1915. 

UB626.Z2S2 1915 

— Standing orders for a brigade of mounted artillery. Lond., 1914. 

UF234.A2 1914 a 

— Standing orders for a lieut.-col.'s command, r. garrison art. Lond., 1914. 

UF234.A2 1914 b 

— Standing orders for the Aldershot 'command. Lond., 1914. 

UB626.Z2A6 1914 

— Standing orders for the Br. force in the Sudan. Lond., 1914. 


— Standing orders for the R. a. m. c. Lond., 1914. UH485.G7A25 1914 

Standing orders for the territorial force nursing serv. Rep. 1914. 

liond., 1915. UH495.G7A8 1914 

— — '— Standing orders of the a. ord. c. 1912. Rep. 1914. Lond., 1915. 

UF57.A4 1915 
Standing orders of the western command. 1910. Rep. 1915. Londi, 

1916. UB626.Z2W5 1915 

Statement giving particulan regardii^ men of military age in Ireland. 

Lond., 1916. UB345.G82A5 1916 

— Territorial feroe regulations. Lond., 1914. UA661.A5 1914 

— 13-pr. q. f. gun. Gun drill. Lond., 1916. UF234.A5 13-pr. 1916 

— .303-inch machine guns and smaU anna. Lond., 1915. 

UF620.A2G7 1915 

— — r- Training manual, R. f. c. Lond., [19141. UG63h.G7A4 1914 
^— Tndning man., R. f. c. Pt. 1. Lond., 1915. UG635.G7A4 1915 

— Training man.— Signalling. Pt. 2. Lond., 1914. UG585.G7 1914 a 

— Training man.— Signalling. Pt, II. App. I. Lond., 1914. 

UG585.G7 1914 a App. I 

— - — Training man.— Signalling. Pt. II, App. II. Lond, 1914. 

UG585.G7 1914 a App. II 

— Trumpetand bugle sounds for the armv. Lond., 1914. UH45.G7A4 1914 

— - — 12-iiiCft b. L howitaer, mark I (E. O. C.) Lond., 1916. 

UF234.A4 12-in. B. L. 1916 

— Veterinary manual (war). Lond., 1915. UH665.G7A5 1915 

-^ — War establishments, part V. Lond., 1914. UA649.A3 1914 pt. 5 

— WarestabliAments, part VI. Lond., 1914. UA649.A3 1914 pt. 6 

— War establishments of new armies. Lond., 1915. UA649.A3 1915 

Yeomanry and mounted rifle training'. Pts. I and II. 1912. Rep., 1915, 

Lond., 1915. UD234.A43 1915 

— Women's war work. Lond., [1916]. D639.W7G7 

— Com. on promotion of ofllcers in the Spec, res., new armies, and terri- 
torial force. Army. Report. Lond., 1917. (Cd. 8642.) UB415.G7A75 1917 

Com. OA the admin, and com. of the B. f. c. Army. Interim report. 

Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8192.) UG635.G7A7 1916 a 

Army. Finalreport. Lond.,[1916]. (Gd.8194.) UG635.G7A7 1916c 

The Great war . . . Phila.[n916- D521.G7 

The Great war and how it arose. Lond., [1915]. D511.G7 

66539—18 5 


The great war book. Lond., 1914. D529.Q67 

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Qreeiii H. The log of a noncombatant. Bost., 1915. D541.G65 

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The present military situation in the U. S. N. Y., 1916. UA23.G8 

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Gregory, T. B. The foreign exchanges and the war. Nottingham, 1915. HG8943.G7 
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"Grenadier." Notes on elementary field training. Lond., 1017. UD445.G7G7 
Some notes on artillery considered from an infantry standpoint. Lond., 1915. 

Grenewackt; der schweizerischen armee gewidmet v. Schweizerischen schriftsteller- 
verein. Frauenf eldj «1915] . D621 .88G7 

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European war. Lond., 1914. D517. G7 

A free Europe; being an interview. Lond., 1916. D525.G75 

Great Britain's measures against German trade. Lond., 1916. 

Sir Edward Grey's reply to Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg. L. [1915]. D511.G76 

Why Britain is m the war. Lond., [1916]. D525.G78 

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Women in war. Lond.. 1916. CT3280.G7 

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Germany's annexationist aims. Lond., 1917. D515.G76 

Germany's annexationist aims. N. Y., [®1917]. D515.G75 

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Guaranty tr. co. N. Y. Digest of the U. S. ship. act. N. Y., [1916]. HE746.G8 

Digest of the United States shipping act. N. Y., [°1917]. HE745.U6G8 

Mobilizing money for war. N.Y.,[n917]. HJ8117.G7 

Trading with the enemy. N.Y., n917. JX5270.G8 

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Aires, 1915. D52S.V45 


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Pages d'hlBtolre— 1914-1915— Continued. 

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D509.P25, no. 64 
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[1915.] D509.P25, no. 63 

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24juil.-29ao(it. n. [1914.] D509.P25, no. 20 

10^3 iuil.-24 juil./6 aoftt. ni. [1914.] D509.P25, no. 21 

16/29 juin-3/16 aoftt. iv. [1914.] D509.P25, no. 22 

24 juil.-2 aoat. v. [1914.] D509.P25, no. 25 

19 juil./l" ao<it-19 oct./F» nov. 1914. vr. D509.P25, no. 38 

(29juin-24aoat.) vn. [1915.] D509.P25, no. 47 

3 aoAt-4 nov. 1914. viii. [1915.] D509.P25, no. 51 

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r)509.F25, no. 67 

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(2 a vril 1914-6 a\Til 1915) xi. Deuxi^e livre gris beige. [1916.J 

D509.P25, no. 100 

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(1" ?anvier-30 juin 1915.) 2. v. 1915. D509.P25, no. 68 

(1« juil.-d6c. 1915.) 3. V. 1916. D509.P25, no. 94 

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Pigea d'hlstoire— 1914-1916— Continued. 

Voiz am^ricaines but laj^uerre de 1914-1915. [1915.] D509.F25, no. 36 

Nouvelle B^rie. [1915.] - D509.P25, no. 37 

1914-1916. [1916.] D509.P26, no. 90 

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, O. Les pr^ctions du brahmane indou Raya Andra sur la fin de la guerre. 

r.,[1915?] D524.P8 

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: que nous devons faire; le remaniement de TEurope. Par., 1915. D610.PS 

s colombianas en honor de Francia. Bogota, 1917. D516.P3 

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The last shot. N. Y., 1914. PZ3.P182L 

':ond year of the war. N. Y., 1917. D640.P32 1917 

r of the great war. N. Y., 1915. D640.P3 

ond., 1915. D640.P3 1915a 

faces in the light. N. Y., 1917. D523.P3 

-id., 1917. D523.P32 

ew army on the Somme. ' Lend., 1917. , D640.P32 1917a 

\nny of the people. N. Y., 1916. UA23.P25 

-. de rel. ezteriorea. Documentos relacionadoe con la actual guerra 

a, 1917. D506.P3 

^ oiA iimencan union. La4n Amer. foreign trade in 1915. Wash., 1916. IIF3376.P3 

Pankhurst, ChristabeL America and the war. [Lond., 1914?] D525.F25 

The war. [Lond., 1914.] D525.P27 

Panorama de la guerre, v. 1- Par., 1914. D522.P^ 
Papers for the people.. Lond., 1914- 

Borne, C. S. Playing the game. Is Ger. warfare civil, warfare? D509.P27, no. 1 

Might gives right. 1914. D609.P27, no. 2 

— — King George or Kaiser Wilhelm. 1914. D509.P27, no. 3 

A scrap of paper. Why Great Britain went to war. 1914. D509.P27, no. 4 

Papers lor war time . Lond . , 19 14-15 . 

Adams, W. Q. S. International control. 1915. D509.P3, no. 22 

Betan, E. Brothers all. the war and race question. 1914. D509.P3, no. 4 

Peace with empire: the pro})lem. 1915. D509.P3, no. 33 

Cairns, D. S. An answer to Bemhardi. 1914, D509.P3, no. 12 

Clntton-Brock, A. Bemhardism in England. 1915. I)509.P3. no. 2& 

The cure for war. 1915. ^ D509.P3, no. 18 

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The war sjnrit in our national life. 1914. D509.P3, no. 7 

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Pharisaism and war. 1915. D509.P3, no. 37 

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Oldham, J. H. The chiu-ch the hope of the future. 1915. D509.P3, no. 36 

The decisive hour, is it lost? 1914. D509.P3, no. 5 

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The removing of mountains. 1915. D509.P3, no. 21 

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Pap«n but wu time — Continued. 

m. — .. m /-i,^-:™!tyimd war. 1914, U509.P3, no. 1 

hoUc church. 1915. D509.P3, no. 19 

V and war. 1915. D609.P3, no. 24 

;■ Iho Bishop of Winchester" 191&. D509.P3, no. 25 

gin war time. 1915. D509.P3. no. 14 

I church in the proeent crieis. 1914. D509.F3, no. 9 
redauke. Frank, a. M„ 1915. D524.P35 

UBt he hattles. Loud.. [19161. PZ3.P212I 

I the Russian armv. 1914-15. Lend., 1915. D551.P3 

the key to the future. l.ond., 1917. D4(i8.P3 

hdad and SiTia. showing Cermaov'H hid for the maatery 
]. ■ D465.P3 

mmaninR. I'^rank. am M., 1915. DQ10.P35 

pollt. Soc. des anolena UBvea et tltTei. I* guerre. 2. 
Sconomique . . . Par., 1916. D635.P3 

lucation profemionnellc dea mutji^s. Melun, 1917. 
al.etrSpar.dcfidomm.deBuerre. Par..(1916]. JX632e.P3 
part of a system ot nat. dei. [Chi., 1916.) UC313.P3 
iiBt., dipi..andcQm. 2ded. L.,1917. D8706.P23 1817 
a England apathetic? A reply. Lond., 1915. D517.P25 
and., 191R. P525,P35 

>r: a word in eeaaoD. Lond., 1915. D«19.P3 

hEng.? CriticJBmandareplv. I>ona..l915. n517.P27 
. Lond,. 1915 D511.P3 

D511.P3 1915 a 
lOok as bearing uii national defense and the European war. 
I h^emonia univ. . . . TruiiUo, Peru, 1918. D526.P37 
itheSomrae. Lond,. [19171. PZ7.P246W 

international law. [.Nflddlebury? Vt.. 1917?] JX1311.P3 
la Gr^p. Genive, 1917. Deia.PS 

in8beig.4iahimi&redw.doc.allem. Ear., 1917. D639.D5P3 
lor." Loud., 1917. D515,P3 

Lond.. 1916. D626.B4P3 

Ig. during the Ger. occup. Lond,, 1917. DG39.D5P5 
1 Paris. 1914. Par., 1915. 
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N. v.. [1916]- D568,3.P3 1916 a 

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Peaoe— "made in Germany;" . . . Lond., 1917. D613.P4 

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Lile ol Abdul Hamid. I.ond., 1917. DR871.P4 

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[1914]. irG470.P4 1914 

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— ~ A national ayatem ot cronomica. Loud., 1917. 1IF1534 1917 e 

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1914. Par., 1915. 
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Spiritual wickedne^ in hi^h pkcee . . . [Phila.? 1917.] D524.P5 

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A second diary of the great war, . . . Lond., 1917. D526.2.P42 

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Peregxinas Vistnlensis, pseud. Russia and Poland during the present war. Lau- 
sanne, 1915. DK439.P4 

P^ret, B. La population, le budget, la fortune et la dctte publiques des divers pays 
* beULg6rants avant leur entree en c^uerre. (2. ^.) Par., 1917. HJ236.P4 1917 
P€rez Trlana, S. Some aspects of the war. Lond., [19151. D523.P4 

Pergler, C. Bohemians (Cfzechs) in the present crisis. Oni., [1916?] D520.B6P4 

Heart of Europe. Ohi.,[1917]. DB47.P4 

Should Austrla-Huneary exist? [New Haven, 1918.] D512.P4 

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avril 1916, art. 1 et 2). Par., 1917. UB785.F8P4 

"periscope,"' pseud. See Duval, M. K. 
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Lond.. 1915. D530.P4 1915 a 

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crisifl financiera. lima, 1914. HC227.A5 1914 

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deaux, 1916. 

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1914A5. Stuttgart, 1915. D627.R8P6 

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N. Y., 1915. PR5172.A8 1915 a 

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Question of the Boephorus and the Dardanelles. Lond., 1917. D371.P5 

Termination of war and treaties of peace. N. Y., 1916. JX5166.P5 1916 a 

Phlllpotts, Eden, numan boy and the war. N.Y., 1916. PZ3.P547 

Plain song, 1914-1916 . Lond . , [ 1917] . 

Philosophus, pseud. The war; what is England doing? Lond.^ 1916. D517.P5 

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^Yi Help the work for humanityl 


Bed Crost. V. 8.— Gontinned. 

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Red cross for our allies. May 10, 1917. 

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1916. UD373.A4 1916 

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Manual for commanders of infantry platoon. (War dept. doc. 626.) 
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gun. Rev. Jan. 2, 1917. Wash., 1917. UF563.A5 

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Kan., 1916. U167.U6 

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from books, periodiotls and other sources. Fort Leaven., Kan., 191&~ Z6723.U4 

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equipment. Wash., 1917. UF533.A7 1917 

Bur. of educ. Home economics teaching under present economic conditions. 

[Wash., 1917.] TX173.A5 1917 

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war. [Wash., 1917.1 L111.A55 

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Univ. organ, for natl. service and defense. [Wash., 1917]. D639.E2U56 
Work of Amer. coll. and univ. during the war. [Wash., 1917- L111.A56 

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States and in leading foreign countries. Wash., 1916. HC54.U5 1916 

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1918. HC286.2.U6 

Position of U. S. in world trade. [Wash., 1917]. HF3030.A5 1917 

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Wash., 1915. ' HD8051.A62, no.l70 

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1917. Wash., 1917. VG463.A2 1917 

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Man. for Med. dept. of the U. S. navy. Wash., 1917. VG123.A3 1917 
Medical compend for masters of the Naval auxiliary service and others. 

Wash., 1917. R0986.U6 1917 

— Nomenclature of diseases and inj. . . . Wash., 1917. VG123.A5 1917 

— Report on the medico-military asp. of the Europ. war from obser. taken 

behind the all. armies in Fr, by A. M. Fauntleroy. Wash., 1915. UH256.1914.U6 

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of the U. S. Wash., 1917. D580.U5 

Aviation circular — Bur. of nav. Courses of inst. and req. qual. of per- 

sonnel . . . [Wash., 1917]. VG93.A6 1917 

Circ. for inform, of persons desiring to enroll in the U. S. Naval res. force 

as medical officers . . . Wash., 1917. VG123.A24 

— Circ. for inform, of per. des. to enter the Chaplain corps of the navy. 

[Wash., 1917J. VG23.A5 1917 

Circ. ... to enter the Civil eng. corps of the U. S. Naval res. force. 

Wash., 1917- VA80.A453 

— Circ. ... to enter the Med. corps of the U. S. navy . . . Wash., 1917. 


— Circ. ... to enter the Navy as acting ensigns for eng. duty. Wash., 1917. 

VM623.A6 1917 

— Circ. ... to enter the Pay corps of the U. S. navy. Wash., [1917] 

VC65.A6 1917 

— Circ. rel. to enrollment in the Naval coast defense res., U. S. nav. res. 

force. Wash., 1917. VA80.A5 1917 a 


U. S. Bur. oX navigation (Dept. of conun.). Information rel. to the Naval coast de- 
fenae reaerve . . . Wash.. 1917. VA80.A5 1917 

Information rel. to U. S. naval reserve force. Wash., 1917. 

VA80.A5 1917 b 

Instructions for commanding officers of the Naval reserve force, 1916. 

Wash., 1916. VA80.A5 1916 e 

Landing-force and small-arm instr., U. S. navy, 1916. Annapolis, Md., 

1916. V175.U6 1916 

Lect. del. to civilian volunteers. Wash., 1916. V19.U6 1916 

Record of medals of honor iss. to the off. and enlist, men of the U. S. 

navy, . . . 1862-1917. Wash., 1917. VB333.A5 1917 

Reg. govern, the org%n. and admin, of the Naval reserve force, 1917. 

Wash., 1918. VA80.A55 1917 

United States navy. Wash., 1917. VB263.A3 1917 

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— Important inform, for all industrial managers, . . . Wash., 1917. 

VM623.A4 1917 

— 110-foot U. S. submarine chaser. [N. Y., 1917]. VM770.U6 1917 

— Bnr. of supplies and acoounta (Navy dept). Manual for supply officers afloat, 
U. S. navy, 1917. Wash., 1917. VC263.A38 

Bnr. of war risk Insnrance. To the officers and enlisted men of the army and 

navy. [Wash., 1918]. UB373.A45 19 W 

— Memo. reg. life ins. of men in act. mil. serv., Wanh,, 1918. 

HG8811.W2U6 1918 

— DiT. of mil. and naval ins. Uncle Sam's ins. for soldiers and sailors. 

Waan.,1918. UB373.A424 no.4 

Children's bureau. April and May weighing and measuring test. Wash., 

1918. HV741.A325 no.2 

Child labor in waning countries: a brief review of foreign reports. 

Waah., 1917. 1106231. U6 1917 

— Governmental pro v. in the U. S. and for. count, for members of the 

military forces and their dependents. Wash., 1917. UB370.r6 1917 

— Save 100,000 babies. Get a square deal for children. Wash., 1918. 

HV741.A320 uo.l 

— Coast and geodetic sttrvey. Instruct, as to proced. in procuring propos. and 
in award, contr. f or . . . vessels and equip. fWash., 19171. QB296.U846 1917 

— Coast gnard. Appointment of cadets and cadet engineers. Reg. July 1, 1917. 
Wash., 1917. V437.A5 1917 

— Handbook on care and oper. of gasoline engines. Wash., 1917. TJ785.U5 

— Inform, rel. to enlist, and promotion in the U. S. coast guard. [Wash., 

1917]. HJ6645.A57 1917 

— Instructions for U. S. coast guard stations, 1916. Wash., 1917. 

VK1323.A53 1916 

— Telegraphic instruct, for the U. S. Coast guard, 1917. Wash., 1917. 

HJ6645.A64 1917 

— Comm. on training oamp activities (War dept.). Com. on protective work for 
giris. Wash., [1917?]. HQ798.A5 1917 

— Smash the line! (N. Y., 1917]. UH630.A5 1917 

— War department commission on training camp activities. Wash., D. C, 

[1917]. U293.A3 1917 a 

— Com. on public Information. Official bulletin. [Wash., 1917- D370.A2A3 

— Inform, cone, the making and distribution of pictures that show the ac- 
tivities of the army and navy. Wa?h.. 1917. 1)570.1. A5 1917a 

Prelim, state, to the preafl of the U. S. Wash., 1917. D632.U6A5 1917 

- [PubUcations.] Wash., D. C, 1917- 

1. Red white and blue series. D570. A2A4 

1. How the war came to America. 
O5mo entr6 America en la guerra. [Spanish ed.] 
Hur kriget kom till Amerika. [Swedish ed.] 
Jak wojna przyszla do Aaieryki. 

2. National service handbook. 

3. The Battle line of democracy. 

4. President's Fla? day address. 

5. Conquest and Kii It ur. 

6. German war practices: Part I. Treatment of civilians. 

7. War cyclopedia. 

8. German treatment of conquered territory: Part II of ' ' German war practices. ' * 

9. War, labor and peace: »Sonie recent addresBes and writings of the President. 


V. S. Com. on public Information — Continued. 

II. War Information Series. D570.A2A36 

1. The war message and the facte behind it. 

2. The nation in arms. 

3. The government of Germany. 

4. The &reat War: From spectator to participant. 

5. A war of self-defense. 

6. American lovaltv. 

7. Amerikanisclie Btii^ertreue. 

8. American interest in popular government abroad. 

9. Home reading course for citizen soldiers. 

10. First session of the war congress. 

11. The German war code. 

12. American and allied ideals. 

13. German militarism and its German critics. 

14. The war for peace. . . . Comp. by A. D. Call. 

15. \Miy America fights Germany. 

16. The study of the great war 

18. The activities of tne Committee on Public Information. 
III. Loyalty Leaflets. 

1. Friendly words to the foreign bom. 

2. The Prussian system. 

3. Labor and the war. 

4. A war message to the farmer. 

5. Plain issues of the war. 

6. Ways to serve the nation. 

7. What really matters. 

e4th Cong., 1st sess., 1915-1916. Peace or war? The groat debate in Con- 
gress on the submarine and the merchantman. 1916. D619.A4 1916 c 

Sftth Cong., Ist sess., 1917. Senate. Visiting war missions to tho U. S. 

Proceed, in the S. and H. of R. Wash., 1917. (65th r., l 8., S. D. 87) 

D570.8.M5A5 1917 

Cong. Conf. com., 1916. Preparedness for national defense. Report. [Wash., 

1916] (64 C, 1 s., S. D. 442) UA24.A7 1916 k 

To incerase the efficiency of the mil. estab. of the U. R. Conference 

report. [Wash., 1916] (64 C, 1 s., H. R. 695) UA24.A7 1916 1 

Conf. com., 1917. Espionage bill. Conf. report. [Wash., 1917] (65 C, 1 8., 

H. R. 65) D619.3.A5 1917 f 

Distribution of agricultural products. Conf. report. [Wash., 1917] (65 

C, 1 8., H. R. 118) HD9006.A5 1917 g 

Espionage bill . . . Conf. report. [Waflh.. 1917] f65 C, 1 s., S. D. 37) 

D619.3.A5 1917 g 

[Wash., 19171 (65 C. 1 p., S. D. 44) mi9.3.A5 1917 h 

Espionage bill. Conf. report. [Wash., 1917] (65 C, 1 s., H. R. 69) 

D619.3.A5 1917 j 

_^ — Food-control bill. Conf. report. [Wash., 1917] (65 C, 1 s., S. D. 70) 

HD9006.A5 1917 q 
Revenue to defray war expenses. Conf. rept. [Wash., 1917] (65 C, 1 

s., S. D. 115) HJ2379.A4 1917 g 

Revenue to defray war expenses. Conf. rept. fWash., 1917] (65C-.,1 

8., H. R. 172) HJ2379.A4 1917 h 

1917-1918. Federal control of railroads. Report. [Wash., 1918] (65 C. 

2 8., H. R. 376) HE2705.1918.B 5 

War finance corporation. Conf. rept. [Wash., 1918] (65 C, 2 s., H. R. 

448) HC106.2.A3 19181 

— [Wash., 1918] (65 C, 2 s., S. D. 211) HC106.2.A3 19l8 g 

House. Com. onagri. Cons, of food and fuel. Report. [Wash., 1917] (65 

C, 1 s., H. R. 75) HD9006.A5 1917 n 

— Food prod., cons., and dist rib. Hearings May and June, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. 

Com. on appropriations. Council of national defense. Hearing [May 

23-25, 1917] Wash., 1917. D570.8.C7A7 1917 c 

— Deficiency appropri. bill, fisc. vear 1918. Report. [Wash., 1917] 

(65 C, 2 8., H. R. 212) ' HJ10.B8 1918 

Suppl. Urgent defic. approp. on acv^ount of war expenses, 1918. 

Hearing [Sept. 7-17, 1917] Wash., 1917. HJIO.BB 1918 a 

— Com. on eduo. Vocaiional rehab, of ret. s. and s. of the U. S. Rept. 

[Wash., 1918J (65 C. 2 p. H. R. 697.) UB363.A5 1918 e 


U. S. Cong. Honse. Com on for. affairs. Comm. for enduring peace. Hearings, 
Jan. 11, 1916. Wash., 1916. JX1965.U5 

Conj^ress of neutral nationn. Hearings, Feb. 24, 25, 1916. Wash., 

1916. D613.U5 1916 c 
Drafting subiects of allied countries. Report. QVash., 1917] (65 

C, 1 8., H. R. 115) ' UB343.A6 1917 b 

Eraergencv peace federation. Hearings Feb. 22, 1917. Wash., 

1917. * D613.U5 1917 b 

Exportation of munitions of war. Hearings, 1915. Wash., 1915. 

JX5390.U6 1915 
Referendum on declaration of war. Hearings, Feb. 17, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. D619.A4 1917 d 

War with «the imp. and royal Austro-Hungarian government. 

Report. [Wash., 1917.] (65 C, 2 a., H. R. 203) D619.A4 1917 j 

— W^ar with the imperial German government. Report. [Wash.. 

1917] (65 C, 1 s., H. R. 1) . D619.A4 1917 c 

— Relief of Armenians. Hearings, June 21, 1916. Wash., 1916. 

D638.A7U5 1916 
Supplying merchant ships with defense arms. Report. [Wash., 

1917] (64 C, 2 s., U. R. 1594) JX5244.A7A4 1917 b 

— Com. on immig. and natural. Registration of aliens. Hearings, Feb. 28, 

1917. Wash., 1917. D570.8.A6A4 

Repatriation of cert, fnrnipr .\mer. citizen.*'. Hearings, Wash., 

1917. JX4266.A41 1917 b 

— Com. on inter, and for. com. IVireaii of war risk insurance. Hearings, 

May 4, 1917. Wash., 1917. HE966.Uo 1917 

— Bureau of war risk insurance. Report. [Wash.. 1914] (63(\,28., 

H. R. 1099) HEy66.1 5 1914 a 

Bureau of war risk innu ranee. Report. [Wash., 1916] (64 C, 1 s., 

H. R. 804) HE96H.U5 1916 

Bureau of war risk insurance. Report. [Wash., 1917] (65(\, Is., 

H. R. 130) UB373.A43 1917 b 

Bureau of war risk insurance. Report. [Wash., 1914] (63 C, 2 s.. 

H. R. 1112) HE966.U5 1914 

— Direction of export* in time of war. Hearings, April 23, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. HC106.2.A3 1917 c 

Discrimination by common carriers. Hearings, Aug. 16, 1916. 

Wash., 1916. JX5316.U6 1916 

Fed. oper. of transportation systems. Hearings, Jan. 8-29, 1918. 

Wash., 1918. HE2705.1918.A15 

Extracts from Hearings. Wash., 1918. HE2705.1916.A14 

Operation of railroads in times of peace and war. Report. [Wash.. 

1917]. (64 C, 2 fl. H. R. 1434) • HD5503.A4 1917 

Shipment and storage of explosives. Hearing. Aug. 16, 1916. 

Waah., 1916. HE2321.E8A5 1916 

To define trading with the enemy. Report. [Waah., 1917]. (65 

C, 1 fl. H. R. 85) JX5270.U6 1917 b 

Trading with the enemy. Hearings. May 29, 31, June 4, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. HF3030.A5 1917 c 

Com. on iiilc. of arid lands. Stimulation of food prod, under reclam 

projects. HearingB. Apr. 16-May 16, 1917. Wash., 1917. HD9006.A5 1917 v 

Stimulation of food production. Report. [Wash., 19171. (66 C, 

1 8. H. R. 107) HD9006.A5 1917 p 

Com. on labor. Priaon labor for production of war supplies. Report. 

[Wash., 1918]. (65C.,2fl. H. R. 336) HV8923.A6 1918 e 

— To provide housing for war needs. Hearings, Feb. 11, 1918. 

Wash., 1918. HD7293.A3A2 1918 d 

Com. on mer. mar. and llsh. Housing for employees of shipyards build- 

ing ships for the U. S. ship. bd. emerg. fleet coiporation. Hearings. Jan. 25, 28, 
1918. Wash., 1918. HD7293.A3A2 1918 

Radio communication. Hearings. Jan. 11-26, 1917. Wash., 1917. 

HE8670.U6A4 1917 a 

Seizure of the German interned ships. Report. [Wash., 1917]. 

(65 C, 1 s. H. R. 37) D570.8.S4A4 1917 a 

War emergency — admis. of for. shipping to the coastwise trade. 

Hearings. Sept. 6, 11, [13, 18], 1917. Wash., 1917. HE751.A6 1917 c 


17. 8. Cong. House. Com. on mil. affairs. American purple crosB aaBodation. 

Hearings. Sept. 5, 1917. Wash., 1917. UH570.U6 1917 
Army approp. bill, 1918. Hearings. Dec. 6, 1916, to Jan. 15, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. UA24.A7 1917 
Drafting aliens into military service. Hearings. Sept. 26, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. UB343.A6 1917 d 
Increase of military establishment. Hearings. Apr. 7-17, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. ' UB343.A5 1917 b 

Increase of Signal corps. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (65 C, 1 s. H. 

R. 97) UG573.A5 1917 c 

Increase of the military establishment. Report. [Wash., 1917]. 

(65 C, 1 s. H. R. 17) UB343.A5 1917 d 

Investigation of Aviation service, U.,S. army. Report. [Wash., 

1916], (64 C, 1 8. H. R. 369) UG633.A4 1916 

Military training schools. Report. [Wash., 1916]. (64 C, 1 s. H. 

R. 243) U408.A5 1916 

North Amer. Indian cavalry. Hearings. July 25, 1917. Wash., 

1917. E98.M64U5 

Selective-service act. Hearings. Apr. 7, 14, 17, 1917. Wash., 1918. 

UB343.A5 1917 a 

Vol. and conscrip. s>'stem. Hearings, 1917. UB343.A5 1917 c 

Com. on mines and mining. Regulation of the use of explosives. Hear- 

ings. Apr. 20-21. 1917. Wash., 1917. TP297.U6 1917 

Com. on naval affairs. National adv. com. for aeronautics. Report. 

[Wash., 1915]. (63 C, 3 s. H. R. 1423) TL521 .A5 1915 

Com. on roles. Alleged divulgence of President's note to belligerent 

powers. Hearings. Jan. 5-Feb. 24, 1917. Wash., 1917. JK1369.64th(2).U 

Alleged German corruption fund. Hearings. Sept. 27, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. D619.3.A5 1917 1 

Creation of a committee on aeronautics. Hearings. June 29, 1917. 

Wash.. 1917. TL521.A5 1917 

Invest, rel. to alleged adv. knowl. of the President's note of Dec. 20, 

1916. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (64 C, 2 s. H. R. 1580). JK1369.64th(2).I/4 

Peace propas^andainveetiiration. Hearings, 1916. UA23.A4 1916 

Com. on the judiciary. Soldiers' and sailors' civil riehts bill. Report. 

[Wash., 1917]. (65 C, 1 8. H. R. 181). JK1745.S6A5 1917 

To punish espionage and enforce the criminal laws of the U. S. 

Report. [Wash., 1917]. (65 C, 1 ses. H. R. 30.) D619.3.A5 1917 c 

Com. on ways and means. Emergency bond issue. Report. [Wash., 

1917]. (65 C, 1 8. H. R. 3). HJ8117.A5 1917 b 

Second emergency bond issue. Hearing. Aug. 28, 29, 1917. Wash., 

1917. HJ8117.A6 1917 cb 

Second emergency bond issue. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (65 C, 

1 ses. H. R. 132). HJ8117.A5 1917 e 

War finance corporation. Hearings. Feb. 18-22, 1918. Wash., 

1918. HC106.2.A3 1918 c 

Special com. on invest, of charges made by J. Thomas Heilln. Inquiry 

into chaises made by Hon. J. Thomas Heflin. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (65 C, 
1 8. H. R. 201). D619.3.A5 1917 o 
Senate. Com. on agri. and forestry. Control and distribution of food sup- 
plies. Hearings. Wash., 1917. HD9006.A5 1917 r 

Prod, and cons, of food supplies. Hearing. Apr. 23-May 10, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. HD9006.A5 1917 t 

To stimulate the prod, of food supplies. R^ort. [Wash., 1917]. 

(65 C, 1 S. S. R. 44). HD9006.A5 1917 1 

Com. on approp. Urgent deficiency bill 1918 for war expenses and other 

purposes. Hearings, 1917. Wash., 1917. HG573.A4 1917 d 

Urgent defic. appropr. bill, 1918, on account of war expenses. Hear- 

ing. Feb. 23-Mar. 1, 1918. Wash., 1918. HJ10.B83 1918 d 

Urgent deficiency bill, 1918, for war expenses and other purposes. 

Hearing. Sept. 19-21, 1917. Wash., 1917. HJ10.B83 1918 b 

Com. on commerce. An act to define, reg. and pun. trading with the 

enemy. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (65 0., 1 s. S. R. HI). JX5270.U6 1917 d 

[Wash., 19171. (Go C, 1 8. S. R. 113). JX5270.U6 1917 e 

Creating a sliipping board, . . . Hearings. May 29-June 24, 1916. 

Wash., 1916. HE745.A2 1916 g 


V. 8. Cong. Senate. Com. on oommerce. Creating a shipping board. Report. 

[Waah., 1916]. (64 C, 1 a. S. R. 689). HE745.A2 1916 e 
Trading with the enemy. Hearinga. July and Aue., 1917. Wash., 

1917. HF3030.A5 1917 d 

U. S. ship. bd. emerg. fleet corp. Hearings. Dec. 21, 1917-Apr. 5, 

1918. Wash., 1918. HE745.A2 1918 
Com. on flnanoe. Revenue for increaaed army and navy appropr. Hear- 
ings and briefs . . . Feb. 6-9, 1917. Wash., 1917. HJ2379.A4 1917 c 

Revenue to defray war expenses. Hearings and briefs. Wash., 

1917 HJ2379.A4 1917 d 

Revenues to defray war expenses. Report. [Wash., 1917]. 65 

(\. 1 s. S. R. 103). HJ2379.A4 1917 e 

— Second emergencv bond issue. Uearings. Sopt. 11-12, 1917. 

Wash., 1917. ' HJ8117.A5 1917d 

Third liberty-bond bill. Report. IW'aah., 1918] (65C.2s. S.R. 

351.) 1IJ8117.A5 1918b 

— War-revenue bill. Report. [Wash., 1914]. (63(\,28. S.R.813). 

HJ2379.A4 1914 

— War-riak ins. Report. [Wash., 1918] (65 C, 2 s. S. R. 428.) 

UB373:A43 1918d 
Com. on for. relations. Looking to the enliHtuieut of certain alien res- 

idents in the army of the U. S. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (Oo (\, 1 s., S. R. 93) 

rB343.A6 1917 

— War with the ini))erial German government. Rep<»rt. [Wafth., 

1917]. (65 r., 1 8. S. R. 1). I)619.A4 1917f 

— Com. on immigration. Ameudiug ihe natiralizatiou lawn. Report. 

[Wadi., 1918]. (65(\, 2 8. vS. R. 388). JK1801.1918.A3 

— Com. on inter, com. Daylight 8aving. Re{)orl. [Wash.. 1917]. (65 

C\, 1 8. S. R. 46). Hi\49.D3i:6 1917b 

— Daylight saving and staudarti time for the U. S. Hearings. 

May 3, W, 1917. Wash., 1917. IIX49.D3U6 1917a 

— Federal control of trans. systemH during the war. Report. [Wash., 

1918]. (65 C, 2 8. S. R. 246). HE2705. 1918.( 3 

Price reg. of coal and other coramodii iop. Hearing. June 22-July 

16, 1917. Wash., 1917. nD954G.A4 1917d 

^ Price regulation of Bleel. Hearing?*. Wash., 1917. 

liD9516.A5 1917c 
Com. on mannlactores. Shortage of coal. Hearings. Coal [Dec. 12, 

1917-nJan. 23, 19181. Wash., 1918. UD9546.A4 1918 

— Shortage of sugar. Hearings. [De<'. 12, 1917-Jan. 18, 1918]. 

Waah., 1918. HD9106.A4 1918 

Com. on mil. affairs. Defective ammunition. Hcarinofs. Sept. 5, 

1917. Wash., 1917. UF743.A4 1917 

— Department of aeronautics. Hearings. [June 12-29, ) 917]. Wash., 

1917. U0633.A4 1917 

Hearings ... on S. 2717, a bill prem\ rules for the govt, and 

reg. of the land and naval forces during the period of the existing war with Germany. 
[August 31, 1917]. Wash., 1917. UB343.A5 1917v 

— Investigation of the Aviation service, V. S. arm v. Repori. 

[Wash., 1916]. (64 C, 1 s. S. R. 153). UGG33.A4 1916a 

Investigation of the War department — aircraft production. Re- 

port. [Wash., 1918]. (65 C, 2 s. S. R. 380). UGG33.A4 1918b 

— - — Preparedness for national defense. Hearinga. Wash., 1916. 

UA24.A7 1916ba 

— Swne. Report. [Wash., 1916]. (64 C, 1 s. S. R. 263). 

UA24.A7 1916h 
■— ' Reeerve officers' train, corps in natl. guard organizations. Hear- 
ing. Feb. 13, 1917. Wash., 1917. UB412.A4 1917 

— Revision of the Articles of war. Report. [Wash., 1916]. (64 C, 

1 B. S. R. 130). UB500.A3 1916 

— Selective draft of aliens. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (65 C\, 1 s. 

S.R. 94). UB343.A6 1917a 

— Service of persons drafted into the mil. serv. of the U. S. Adverse 

report. [V^'aah., 1917]. (65 0., 1 s. S. R. 125). Un313.A6 1917c 

— Temp, increase of mil. establish. Hearings. [April 21, 1917]. 

Wash., 1917. UB343.A5 1917e 


V. S. Cong. Senate. Com. on mil. affairs. Universal liability to military service. 

Report. [W^aflh., 1917]. (65 (\, 1 s. S. R. 22). UB343.A5 1917g 
Universal military training. Extracts from hearing. Wash.. 

1917. UB353.A5 1917d 

Universal military training. Hearing. [Dec. 18, 1916-Feb. 1. 

1917]. Wash., 1917. UB353.A5 1917 

Universal military training. Report. [Wash., 1917]. (64 C.,2 

8. S. R. 1024). UB358.A5 1917b 
Univ. mil. training. Statements made bv Maj. Gen. L. Wood. 

Wash., 1917. * UB353.A5 1917e 
Com. on mines and mining. To control and reg. the manufacture and 

use of explosives in time of war. Hearing. Waph., 1917. TP297.U6 1917a 

Com. on naval affairs. Boilers for battle cruisers. Hearing. Feb. 10, 

1917. Wash., 1917. V800.A7 1917 

— Casualties aboard steamship "Mongolia," and premature- explo- 
sions of shells on vessels. Report. rW^aeh.,1917]. (6r)C.,ls. S.R.69). VF23.A6 1917 

— U. S. naval reserve. Report. [Wash., 1916]. (64(\,l8. S. R. 

412). VA80.A5 1916 

— Urgent need of more officers in the navy. Hearing. Feb. 20, 

1917. Wash., 1917. " ' VB313.A5 1917 

— Com. on prlv. and elect. Speech of Senator R. M. La Follette. Wash., 

1918. JK1197.66th.M6A5 

— Com. on the judiciary. Soldiers' and .>*:iilorH' civil rights bill. Memo 

rauda. Sept. 14, 1917. Wash., 1917. JK1745.S6A6 1917b 

__ S. and 8. civil rights bill. Hearings. Sept. 22-25, 1917. Wash., 

1917. JK1745.S6A5 1917e 

— CoTincil of national defense. Annual report. Wash., 1917- D570.8.C7A4 

— Commercial economy. [Hartford? 1917]. HF5761.U5 

— Council of national defence. Pcrsunner, etc. [Wash., 1917]. 

D570.8.C7A6 1917a 

— Directory. Wash., 1918- D570.8.C7A46 

— Food administration. Wash., 1917. HD9006.A5 1917o 

— Inform, reg. the correlated activities of the i\ of n. d. and the Adv. 

comm. . . . [Wash., 1917]. D570.8.(7A6 

— List of staple medical and surgical supplies selected to meet war condi- 
tions. Wash., 1917- UH443.A5 
— Adv. comm. Com. on labor. British labor's war mesaaipe to Amer. 

labor. Wash., 1917. (65 C, 1 s. S. D. 84). D635.U5 1917 

— Organization of the committee, scope and objects, . . . (2d ed.) 

Wash., 1917. HD8051.E3 1917a 

— Seotion of cooperation with states. Report on organization and activi- 
ties of stiitc councils of defense, June 18, 1917. [Wash., 1917]. D570.8.C7A5 

Woman's com., Mo. div . Mother Goose in war time. 1918. 

— Dept. of commerce. Estimated population for draft apportionment. Wash., 
1917. (65 C, 1 s. S. D. 64). HA205.A35 1917a 

Exportation of munitions of war. [Wash., 1914]. (63 0., 3 b. S. D. 

660). * HD9743.iy6Aa4. 1914 

— Dept. of justice. Directions to U.S. marshals . . . fortheenforce.ofthePree.'s 
proc. of Apr. 6, 1917, as to alien enemies. [Wash., 1917J. D570.8.A6A4 1917c 

.__ Emerg. legir*. pau^vd prior to Dec. 1917 . . . Wash., 1918. D570.A2A65 1918 

History of laws prohib. correap. with a for. govt, and accept, of a com- 

mission. Memorandum... by C. Warren. Wash., 1917. (640., 2 8. S. D. 

JX1670.U6 19i7 

— Interpretation of war Stat. Bull. no. 1-50. [Wash., 1917-18]. D570.A2A6 

Memorandum on the hist, and scope of the laws prohibw corres. with a 

for. govt. Wash., 1915. JX1670.U6 

— Supplemental brief in support of the power of the executive ... to pre- 
vent a breach of inter, oblig. imixwed upon the U. S. by the law of nations or by 
treaty. Wash., 1915. JX1416.A4 1915 

Suppl. brief in support of the power of the executive ... to prevent a 

breach of neutraj oblig. imp. upon the V. S. bv the law of nations or by treaty. 
Wash., 1915. * JX1416.A4 1915a 

— Suppl. brief of the U. S. in support of the plenary power of Congress over 

alien enemies. Wash., 1018. D570.8.A6A4 1918b 

— Dept. of state. Articles who^e export is prohibited by the neutral European 
countries. [W^ash., 1915]. D635.U5 1915 

Compilation of certain depart, circ. rel. to citizenship, registration v( 

American citizens, issuance of passports, etc. Wash., 1915. JX4265.A5 


XT. S. Dept. ol state. Diplomatic corresp. with belligorent governments rel. to neutra * 
rights and commerce. Wash., 1915. D619.A4 1915a 

Same. Wash., 1915. (European war no. 2.) D619.A4 1915b 

Same. Wash., 1916. (European war no. 3.) D619.A4 191«) 

Same. N. Y., [19151. JXl.A7,v.9 Suppl. 

Same. N. Y., [1916J. JXl.A7,v.lO 

Emergency appro, for diplomatic and consular service. [Wash., 1914]. 

(63 C, 2 s. H. D. 1158). JX1706.A3 1914 

List of articles embargoed by neutral European countries. [Wash. , 19141. 


Negotiations for the shipment of relief supplies to Poland. Memoranda. 

Wash., 1916. (64 C, Is. S..D. 540). D638.P6U5 1916a 

Neutrality. Correspondence . . . Wash., 1915. (63 C, 3 s. S. D. 

716). D619.A4 1915 

Neutrality and trade in contraband. Wash., 1914. (63C.,2 8. S. D. 

604). JX5371.U6 

Note . . . regardingthe exam, of parcels and letter mails. Lond., 1916. 

D635.U5 1916a 

Papers rel. to maritime danger zones . . . Wash., 1917. D5i50.U6 1917 

Papers rel. to the torpedoing of S. S. Sussex. Wash., 1916. D592.S&r6 

Status of armed merchant vessels. Memorandum. Wash., 1916. (64 

C, 1 s. S. D. 420). JX5244.A7A4 1916 

Trade agreements abroad. [Wash., 1916]. (64C., Is. S. D. 490). 

D635.U5 1916 

Transportation of relief supplies to Poland. [Wash., 1916]. (64 C, 1 s. 

S. D. 494 .». D638.P6U5 

Director ol tank service. Duties of ofhcers on tank ser\ice. 

Sngineer dept. Ennneer field manual. 5th ed. Wash., 1917. UG360.U6 1917 

Instruction book no. I. Installation, care and operation of 25 Kw. 

gasoline-electric generating sets. Wash., 1916. TK2441.U6 

— Ponton manual. Wash., 1915. UG335.U6 1915 

— Ponton manual without appendix. Wash. ^ 1916. UG335.U6 

— Board on engineer troops. Engineer training manual, U. S. army. 

Wash., 1917. UG153.A4 

— Engineer school. Engineering instruction manual. Wash., 1917. UG153.A3 
No. 1. Map reproduction in the field. 

No. 2. Military photography. 
No. 3. Camounage. 

— Lessons in fortification. Wash. Bar., D. C, 1917. UG1.U5, no. 53 

— Federal board for vocational education. Annual report. Wash., 1917- LC1045.A2 

— Bulletin. Wash., 1917- 

Agricultural education. 1918. LC1045.A25, no. 13 

Emergency training in shipbuilding. 1918. . LC1045.A25, no. 3 

Emergency war train, for electricians . . . 1918. LC 1045. A 25, no. 9 

Emergency war train, for gas-engine, motor-rar . . . 1918. LC1045.A25, no. 10 
Emergency war train, for machine-shop occup. . . . 1918. LC1045.A25, no. 8 
Emergency war train, for motor-truck drivers and chauffeurs. LC1045.A25,no. 7 
For use in training conscripted men for service. 1918. LC1045.A25, no. 2 

Mech. and tech. train, for conscripted men (Air div). 1918. LC1045.A25, no. 4 
SUtement of policies. 1917. LC1045.A25, no. 1 

Training of teachers for occupational therapy for the rehabil. of dis. s. and s. 1918. 

LC1045.A25, no. 6 
Vocational rehabil. of dis. s. and s. 1918. LC1045. A25, no. 5 

— Circular of information. Wash., 1917- LC1045.A3 

— Voc. rehab, of dis. soldiers and sailors. Report. Wash., 1918. 

UB363.A5 1918b 
Federal trade comm. Extracts from the Trading with the enemy act and ex. 

or. of Oct. 12, 1917. Wash., 1918. JX5270.U6 1918 

— Food investigation . . . flour . . . Wash., 1918. HD9(56.T'45A5 1918 

Instruct., rules, and forms con. patents . . . under sec. ten of the "Trad- 

ding with the enemy act." Wash., 1917. T223.T4 1917c 

— Food administration. Bulletin. Wash., 1917- HD9006.A4 

— A bulletin for speakers. Wash., 1917- IID9006.A44 

— Bulletin for the clerg>'. Wash., 1917- HD9006.A43 

— Enlisting the food merchants. Wash., 19J7. HD9006.A5]917S 

— Food conserv. bibliography. Wash., 1918. Z7164.F7U4 

— Food news notes for public libraries. [Wash., 1917- TX360.U6A4 



IF. S. Food admlnistntloii. Graphic exhibitfl on food cooflerv. at Cain and exposi- 
tions. [Wash., 1917.] HD9006.U6 1917 

I natructions to volunteer spec, repres. Wash., 1917. HD9006.A45 

[Report] Wash., 1918- HD9006.U5 

Report of Fed. trade comm. on bakery busineBS in U. 8. Wash., 1917. 

HD9(>57.U59A4 1917 

Rev. rules and reg. govern, licensees manufacturing bakery products, 

effect. Feb. 1, 1918. Wash., 1918. HD9057.U59A4 1918 

Ten lessons on food conser%'ation. Wash., 1917. TX360.U6A5 1917 

Ten things Americans should know and seven things Americans should 

do. Wash., 1917. TX357.U6 

War economy in food. Wash., 1918. TX357.U6 1918 

Weekly bulletin. Wash., 1917- HD9006.A42 

MUk com. Prod., distrib. and food value of milk. Wash., 1918. 

8F257.U7 1918 

Fuel administration. Publication. Wash., 1917- HD9546.A3 


General staff. Cavaby drill r^., U. S. army. 1916. Wash., 1917. 

Facts of interest con. the mil. resources and policy of the U. S. Wash., 

UA23.A4 1914 

— Provisional machine-gun firing manual. 1917. Wash., 1917. 

— Rules of land warfare. Wash., 1917. JX4521.U3 1917 

— War college division. Changes in organ, found necessary during progress 

of the European war. Wash., 1916. IJ A10.U5 

— Coordination of the mobile and coast artillery units of the army in 

the national defense. Wash., 1916. UG410.A11 1916 

— Fin. and cost of the present Europ. war. Wash., 1916. D635.U6 

— Fortifications. Wash., 1916. UG405.U5 

— General staffs of cert, bellig. powers. Wash., 1916. UB220.U6 

— Military aviation. Wash., 1916. UG633.A4 1916b 

— Militia as organ, under the Constitution and its value to the nation 

as a military asset. Wash., 1916. UA42.A3 1916 

— Mobilization of industries and util. of the com. and indust.ree. of 

the country for war purp. in emergency. Wash., 1916. UC263.A63 1916 

— A modem organization for the r^^ular army. Wash., 1916. 

UA24.A7 1916J 

— Motor transport in campaign. Wash., 1916. UC340.U5 

— Organ, and admin, of the War dept. adapted to a change from 

peace cond. to a state of war. Wash., 1916. UB23.A7 1916 

1. Organ., train., and mobil. of a force of citizen soldiery. 2. 



Wash., 1916. 

Method of train, a citizen army on the outbreak of war to insure its preparedness for 
field service. Wash., 1916. UA42.A3 1916a 

— Organ. , train. , and mobil. of a reserve for the r^^ular army. Wash. , 

1916. • UA42.A3 1916c 

— Organ., train., and mobil. of volunteers under the act of Apr. 26, 

1914. Wash., 1916. UA42.A3 1916b 

Outline of plan for mil. train, in public schools of U. S. Wash., 

U408.A5 1916a 
Personnel versus materiel in plans for national defense. Wash., 

Proper relationship bet. the army and the press in time of war. 

Recruitment of officers in time of peace in the prin. armies of 
Europe. Wash., 1916. UB410.U5 

— Sanitary troops in foreign armies. Wash., 1916. UH215.U5 

— Standardization of methods of mil. instruct, at schools and colleges 

in the U. S. Wash., 1916. U408.A5 1916c 

— Statement of a proper mil. pol. for the U. S. Wash., 1915. 

UA24.A7 1915f 

— Statistical comparison of univ. and vol. mil. service. Wash., 1916. 


— Strategic location of mil. depots, arsenals, and mfg. plants in the 

U. S. Wash., 1916. UF543.A3A4 

— Strength and organ, of the armies of France, Germ., Aust., Rus., 

Eng., Italy, Mex., and Jap. Wash., 1916. UA15.U5 1916 

— Study on educ. institutions giving mil. train, as a source for a 

supply of officers for a national arm^. Wash., 1916. U408.A5 1916b 

— Study on elimination of unnec. expense from army administration. 

Wash., 1916. UB23.A7 1916a 

': I 



XT. 8. Qeneral staff. War college division. Study on places of origin and ability 
to procure supplies needed in vast quantities in time of war. Wash., 1916. 

UC263.A63 191 (in 

Study on the cost of the army of the U. S. as comp. with the cost 

of the armies of other nations. Wash., 1916. UA17.U5 

Study on the develop, of large caliber, mobile artillery . . . W^ash. , 

1916. UF560.U6 

Study on the util. of our resources in various means of transp. and 

of the serv. of trained specialists. Wash., 1916. UA24.A7 1916m 

— Training of forces of belligerent nations of Europe. Wash., 1916. 

U405.U5 1916a 

— Universal military training. Wash., 1917. UB353.A5 1917f 

Interstate com. comm. Spec. rept. with ref. to trans, cond. as affecting and 

affected by the war. [Wash., 1917]. (65C.,28. H.D.503.) HE2708.I 8543 1917 

— Judge adv. genl . ' s dept . (Army) . Revision and codifi . of military laws. Wash . , 
1917. UB500.A2 1916 

— (Havy). Genl. instruct, rel. to prisoners. . . Wash., 1917. VB893.A5 1917 

Manual for the govt, of U. S. naval prisons and detention 

systems. Wash., 1916. VB893.A5 1916a 

— Naval digest. Wash., 1916. VB360.A5 1916 

— Laws, statates, etc. Articles for the govt, of the U. S. navy, 1917. Wadi., 
1917. VB360.A4 1917 

— Military laws of the U. S., 1915, with suppl. to Mar. 5, 1917. 5th ed. 

Waah.,1917. UB500.A2 1917 

— Ley de comercio con el enemigo. Manila, 1917. JX5270.U6 1917g 

— Revenue to defray war expenses. Wash., 1917. (65 C, 1 s. S. D. 74.) 

IIJ2379.A5 1917 

— Revenue laws. Wash., 1917. (65C.,ls. H.D.379.) HJ2379.A5 1917a 

— Selective draft law and the President's registration proclamation. 

[N. Y.], 1917. UB343.A4 1917 

— Trading with the enemy act. No. 46. Manila, 1917. JX5270.U6 1917f 

— War revenue bill. Wash., 1914. (63 C.,2s.S.D.597.) HJ2379.A5 1914 

— War risk ins. laws and instructions. [W'ash., 1916]. HE966.U5 1916a 

— Legation. Belgium. The deportations, statement by the Amer. minister 
to Belgium. Lohd., 1917. D639.D5U5 

— Qt. Brit. Reports by U. S. officials on the treatment of Brit. pris. of 

war and interned civil, at certain places of detention in Germany. Lond., 1915. 

D627.G3U6 1915 

— Reports of visits of insp. made by offi. of U. S. embassy to various 

intern, camps in U. K. Lond., 1916. (Cd. 8324.) D627.G7U6 1916 

— Lib. of Cong. Div.ofblW. List of ref . on embargoes. Wash., 1917. Z7164.C8U67 

— JJst of ref. on Europe and inter, politics in rel. to the present issues. 

Waah., 1914. Z6207.E8U5 

List of ref. on the work of the Amer. Red cross in the European war. 

[Wash., 1917]. D629.U6A3 no. 156 

The United States at war; organizations and literature, i- Wash., 

1917- Z6207.E8U6 

— Militia bureau. Manual for farriers, horseshoers . . . 1914 (rev. Jan. 15, 
1917). Waah.,1917. UC633.A5 1917 

— National guard in federal service. [Wash., 1917.] UA42.A2 1917 

Report on mobilization of the organ, militia and natl. guard of tiie U. S., 

1916. Wash., 1916. UA913.A5 1916 

— Mounted serv. school, Fort Biley, Kan. Manual for army horseshoers. 1917. 
Wash., 1917. 

— KTaval consulting board. Bulletin. No. 1. The submarine. N. Y., 1917. 


— Kaval war college, Newport. Inter, law topics and disc. 1914. Wash., 1915. 

JX1295.U4 1915 

— Same. Doc. on neutrality and war, 1915. Wash., 1916. 

JX5205.U6 1915 

— Same. Neutrality procl. and regul., 1916. Wash., 1917. 

JX5371.U7 1916 

— Navy dept. Directions for obtaining tactical and steaming data for vessels of 
the U. S. navy. 1917. Wash., 1917. VM880.U5 1917 

General specific, and instruct, gov. submission of prop, for furnishing 

machine and woodworking tools for vessels of the U. S. navy. Wash., 1917. 

VC279.T6U6 1917 



U. S. Navydept. Preparedness of the navy. [Wash., 1916.] (64 C, 1 s. 8. D. 
413.) VA53.A7 1916 

Smallarmsfiringreg., U.S. navy, 1917. Wash., 1916. VD333.A5 1916 

Specimen questions asked in the exam, of candidates from civil life 

for appoint, as asst. paymaster in the navy. [Wash., 1917.] VC65.A6 1917a 

Uniform reg., U. S. navy. Wash., 1917. VC303.A2 1917 

Dlv. of naval militia affairs. Naval militia. Wash., 1916. 

VA80.A5 1916d 

— Office of Internal revenne. Excess profits tax pfimer. Wash., 1918. 

HJ4635.E8A5 1918 

— Reg. no. 41, rel. to war excess profits tax imposed by the War revenue 

act, app. Oct. 3, 1917. Wash., 1918. HJ4653.E8A5 1918a 

— R^. no. 43 rel . to war tax on admissions . . . Wash. , 19 18. HJ5797. A5 19 17 

— Reg. no. 44 rel. to war excise taxes . . . Wash., 1918. HJ2379.A5 1918 

— Rules and reg. for coll. of taxes on transportation . . . Wash., 1918. 

HE1071.A5 1918 

— Ordnance dept. Care and repair of small arms. Form no. 1966. 

— Colt auto. mach. gun, cal. 30. Form 1758. 

— Definition of "cost." Wash., 1917. HD3858.U6 1917a 

— Description and instructions for care and oper. of firing magnetos. Wash., 

1917. UF780.U6 1917 

Desc. and instruc. for the use of hand grenades. Wash., 1917. Form 

no. 1741A. 

— Desc. and instruc. for the use of rifle and hand grenades. Wash., 1917. 

UF765.U6 1917 

— Desc. and instruc. for the use of the Bouleng^ chronograph. Wash., 

1917. UF830.L5U5 

— Desc. and instruc. for use of 3-in . Stokes trench mortar . . . Form no. 1744. 

— Desc. and instruc. for the use of V. B. grenade, mark 1. Wash., 1917. 

Form no. 1743. 

— -J — Desc. and instruc. for use of the 360® mortar plotting board. Wash., 
1917. UF853.M6 1912a 

— Desc. and instruc. for use of Weldon range finder. Wash., 1917. 

UF850.W5U6 1917 

— Desc. and rules for the manage, of the U. S. mag/ rifle. Wash., 1917. 

Form no. 1920. 

— Desc. and rules for the manage, of the U. S. rifle, caliber .30. Wash., 

1917. UD395.U6A23 1917 

— Desc. of azimuth instrument. Wash., 1917. UF860.A9U6 1917a 

— Desc. of 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 in. sea coapt guns. Wash., 1917. 

UF453.A4 1917 

— Desc. of Lewis depress, position finders. Wash., 1917. UF853.L5 1917 

— Desc. of Swasey depress, position finders. Wash., 1916. UF863.U8 1916 

^ Dejc. of the Colt's doub.-act. revolver. Wash., 1917. UD413.A45 1917 

— Desc. of the Ord. dep. type Ford truck. Wash., 1917. Form no. 1791. 

— Desc. of 2-in. telesc. sighta, model of 1906. Wash., 1917. UF855.U62 

— Model of 1907. Wash., 1917. UF855.U65 1917 

_ Desc. of 3-in. gim, model of 1903. Waah.,1917. rF563.A5 3-in. 1917a 

— Desc. of 12-in. mortars. Wash., 1917. UF563.A5 12-in. 1917 

— Gun materiel table. Wash., 1917. UF553.A4, no. 1971 

— Hdbk. of fire-control equip, for field art. Wash., 1916. Form no. 1796. 

— Handbook of range-finaers 70 cm. and 80 cm. base. W^ash., 1917. 

UF850.A2U6 1917 

— Handbook of sights for field & sea coast carriages. Wash., 1917. 

UF854.U6 1917 

— Handbook of the auto. mach. rifle, caliber .30 .Wash., 1916. Form no. 1926. 

— Hdbk. of the Benet-Mercie mach. rifle. Wash., 1917. 

UF620.B4U5 1917 

— Handbook of the Colt auto. mach. gun, caliber .30. Wash., 1917. 

UF620.C64.30in. 1917 

— Handbook of the 3.2-inch field battery with instruc. for its care . . . 

UF563.A5 3.2-in. 1917c 

Wash., 1917. 

Hdbk. of the 4.7-in. gun materiel. Wash., 1917. UF563.A5 1917b 
Hdbk. of the Gatling gun, cal. .30. Wash., 1917. UF620.G34 .30 in. 1917 
Handbook of the Maxim auto. mach. gun, cal. .30. Wash., 1917. 

UF620.M44 .30 in. 1917 
Handbook of the 3-in. gun materiel. Wash., 1917. UF563.A5 3-in. 1917c 




U. 8. Oidnanoe dqpt. Handbook of the 3.64n. and 7-in. mortar carnages. Wash., 
1917. UF643.A6 3*6-in. M1917 

Handbookofthe3.8-in.gunmat^riel. WaBh.,lfl|17. UF563.A5 3.8-ln. 1917 

Handbook of the 3.8-in. howitzer mat^el. Wash., 1916. 

JJF563.A5 3.8-in. 1916a 

Handbook of the 4.7-m. howitzer mat^iel. Wash., 1916. 

.UF563.A5 4.7-in. 1916 

Handbook of the 5-in. dege gun battery. Wash., 1917. 

. UF563.A5 6-in. 1917 

Handbook of the 7-in. siege howitzer battery. Wash., 1917. 

UF563.A5 7-ia. 1917 

Handbook of the 6-in. howitzer mat^el. Wash., 1917. 

UF563.A5 6-in. 1917c 
: Handbook of the Vickersmach. gun. Wash., 1917. UF620.V4U5 1917 

Horse equipment Wash., 1917. UE443.A4 1917 

Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for disappearing carriage for 16-in. 

guns. Wash., 1917. UF650!U6 16-in. . 1912b 

Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for 8-in. disappearing carriages. 

Wash., 1916. UF650.U6 8-in. . 1894d 

Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for disappearing carriage for 6-in. 

R. F. guns. Wash.. 1917. UF650.U6 6-in. 1905d 

Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for disappearing carriage for 10-in. 

guns. Wash., 1916. Form no. 1692. 

Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for barbette carriage for 10-in guns. 

Wash., 1916. Form no. 1700. 

Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for 3-in. 15-pdr. barbette carriage. 

Waah., 1917. UF643.A6 3 in. B1917 

Instruc. for mount., usmg, and caring for 4.72-in. gun, Armstrong, 40 cal. 

Wash., 1917. .UF563.A5 4.72-in. 1917a 

— Instruc. for moimt., using, and cairing for 4.72-in. gun, Armstrong, 50 cal. 

Wash., 1917. UF563.A5 4.72-in. 1917c 

— Instruc. for mount., using, and caring for 8-in. disappearing carriages for 

8-in. gun. Wash., 1917. UF650.U6 8-in. 1896c 

— Ilistruc. for mount., using, and caring for 12-in. mortar carriages. 

Wash., 1917. UF643.A6 12-in. 1917 

— - Instruc. for proof of guns and carriages. Wash., 1917. Form no. 1091. 

Instruc. for the care, preserv., repair and adjust, of instni. for the fire- 

coutrol systems for coast and field art. Jan. 4, 1916. Wash., 1917. UF848.U6 1917 

— Manual for the use of inspectors of ordnance. Wash., 1917. 

— Manufacture of guns. [Wash., 1915.1 (64 C, 1 s. H. D. no. 105.) 

— Method of invest, and test of smokeless powder. Wash., 1917. 

TP273.U7 1917 

— Oils, paints, and materials for the cleaning and preserv. of seacoast guns. 

Wash., 1917. UF553.A4 no. 1869c 

— ....^ Ordnance department correspondence file . . . classification . . . 
Wash., 1918. nF23.A25 1918b 
_ Ordnance property reg. Wash., 1917. UF553A6 1917 

— Price list of mobile artillery material. Wash., 1917. UF553.A4, no. 1904 

— Price list of ordnance and ord. stores compriamg 2.95-in. V. M. mountain 

gun. Wash., 1916. Form no. 1891. 

— Price list of ordnance and ord. stores comprising mach. and auto, guns 

with their carriages. Wash., 1917. UF553.A4 1917 

— Reeuiations for the adminis. of the dv. serv. in the Ord. dep. Wash., 

1917. UF23.A22 1917 

— Special specifications gov. the manuf. of antiaircraft truck mounts. 

Wash., 1917. UF643.A8, no. 543 

— Supply and allowance tables. Wash., 1917. Form no. 1970. 

— IWgets, coast artillery. Wash., 1917. Fonn no. 1991. 

— Treatise on balliBtios. 

— Treatise on the magazine rifle. 1917. 

— Trench mortars. Form no. 1744. 

— Pay-devt. (Hazlne ooips). Manual of the Paymaster's depart., U. S. marine 
corps. Wash., 1917. VC53.A4 1917 

— President, 1918- (Wilson). Address . . . Congress, Dec. 7, 1915. Wash., 
1915. J82.D23 Dec. 7 

66539—18 ^10 



65 0., 2 8. 

U. S. PresideBl, 19ia- (WUson.) Addresi . . . GaDgrwB, Apr. 19, 1916i Wash., 
1916. H.D. 1084,64 G.,ls. J82.D24 Apr. 19 

Addpeae . . , Senate, Jan. 22, 1917. Wash., 1917. D619.A2 1917a 

Addreea . . . Congreas, Feb. 3, 1917. Waah., 1917. J82.D26 Feb. 8 

Addreee . . . CJongreas, Feb. 26, 1917. Wash., 1917. J82.D25 Feb. 26 

Address . . . Congreas, Apr. 2, 1917. Wash., 1917. J82.D26 Apr. 2 

Address . . . Congress, Dec. 4, 1917. Wash., 1917. H. doc. no. 468, 

J82.D26 Dec. 4 
Address . . . Congress, Jan. 8, 1918. Wash., 1918. H. d. 765, 65 C, 2 s. 

J82.D26 Jul. 8 

— Address . . . Congress, Feb. 11, 1918. Wash., 1918. J82.D26 Feb. 11 

_ Address . . . Congress, May 27, 1918. Wash., 1918. J82.D26 May 27 

— America and freedom. Lond., [1917]. D619.A33 1917c 

_ i American neutrality. Wash., 1914. (63 C. 2 s. S. D. 566} D619.A2 

— «_ Executive order . . . establishing defensive sea areas. Wash., 1917. 

D570.45.A4 1917 

— <Existence of war — German empire. > A proclamation. [Wash., 1917.] 


— Foreign exchange. Ex. order Jan. 26, 1918. Wash., 1918. 

H63836.U5A5 1918 

— • Government control of railroads: a proclamation. Dec. 26, 1917. Wash. 

1918. HE2705.1917.F4 

— In our first year of war; message and add. N.Y.,[1918]. D619.A33 1918 

— A league for peace. Address . . . Senate Jan. 22, 1917. Wash., 1917. 

(64 0., 2 s. S. 6.685.) D619.A2 1917 

— Mensaje de guena y Prodama: O>ngreso, 2 de avril de 1917. Guate- 
mala. 1917. D619.A2 1917 ed. 

— <Neut»Llity — Panama (3anal Zone.> A proclamation [Nov. 13, 1914.[ 

[Wash., 1914.] JX1398.5.A5 1914b 

— Note communicated by the IF. S. ambassador, Dec. 20, 1916 . . . Lond., 

1916. DG18.U5 1916f 

— Pourquoi nous somaes en guerre. Par., 1917. D619.A313 

— Prayera for peace. A proclamation. . . . Wash., 1S114. J82.D22 Oct. 4 

— Ptes. Wilson's address ... Apr. 16, 1917. Wash., 1917. J82.D25 Apr. 16 

— Pres. Wilson's addresses. N. Y., 1918. E766.U58 

— Pres. Wilson's for. policy. N. Y., 1918. E768.U56 

— Pres. Wilson's great speeches. Chi., [1917]. D619.A3 1917a 

— Pt«s. Wilson's new decl. of freedom. [Lond., 1917.] D619J12 1917d 

■ — Relations with the German government. Addzess . . . Congress, Apr. 

19, 1916. Wash., 1916. D619.A2 1916a 

— Relief of American citizens abroad. Message. [Wash., 1914 J (63 C. 2a. 

H. D. 11370 D638.IJ5A2 1914a 

— Relief, protection, and transportatiaB ol AmisiicMifl in Europe. Message 

[Wafdi., 1914.] (63 C, 2 s. H. D. 1136.) D638.U5A2 1914 

— Reply of the U. S. to the communicatJon of the Pope to the belligerent 

governments. [Wash., 1917.] D6L3.U5 1917c 

— Rules governing the granting and issumg of passports in the U. S. 

[Warfi., 1917.] JX4253.U6A5 1917 

;. Trading with the enemy act; ex. ord. . . . Wash., 1918. 

JX5313.U6A5 1918 

— War addrenes. Bost., [1918]. D619.A33 

— The war messiu^e and facts behind it. Waidi., 1917. D619.A2 1917f 

— What we are fightinR for. Hartford, Cooin., [1917]. D619.A2 1917h 

— Why we are at war. N. Y., [1917.] D619.A2 19il7b 

See also Wilson, Woodrew^ 

— nrevost-marshal-geneial's bureau. Bull, of infor. cone, appeals fov discharge 
of persona eng. in ind., incl. agric. [Wafldi., 1917.1 .UB343.A5 1917u 

— . . . Bull, of inf. for persons registered. 1917. Wash., 1917. 

UB343.A5 1917q 

— Compiled rulings of provost mairiial general, no. 1- [Wash., 1917- 

UB343.A5 19178 

— Distribution sheet, diowing . . . sixteen nat.aiiny camps . . . Waah., 

1917. U293.A3 1917 

— Explanation of the drawing [lor mil. service]. Wash., 1917. 

UB343.A5 1917r 

— Important instruc. to boards relating to the selective service reg. Wash., 

1917. ITB348.A5 1917x 

— Manual governing the keeping of records. Wash., 1917. XJB343.A5 1917t 

— Questionnaire [for use ol registrants in mil. oerv. Wash., 1917]. 


v. 8. PtOTOil-manbftl-seaezal'B buMaa. Report. Wash., 1918. nBa43.A5 ]917y 

Rules and regulatdons ... to increase temporarily the mil. establiah- 

meni of the U. S. Wash., 1917. UB343.A5 19171 

Selective service system. Wash, 1917. UB343.A5 1917z 

Quaitennaster corps. Extracts from Manual for anny cooks. Wash., 1917. 

UC723.A3 1917a 

Handbook of transport, by rail and com. vessels. N. Y., [1917] 

UC273.A3 1917 
Harbor boat service reg. Wash., 1917. 

Manual for army bakers. Wash., 1917. UC733.A5 1916 

Manual for army cooks. Wash., 1917. UC723.A3 1916 

Manual for the Q. M. corps. Wash., 1917. UC32.A4 • 1916 

— Manual of pack transportation. Wash., 1917. U0303.A3 1916 

— Memo, showing action required by q. m. of a mobil. camp to provide 

blank forms. Waeh., 1917. UG403.A3 1917a 

Memo, showing action required by company commanders to provide 

blank forms. Wash., 1917. U0403.A3 1917 

Regulations issued by the Q. M. G. governing the purchase of animals. 

[Wash., 1917.] UC603.A4 1917 

— Regulations (tentative) for motor truck transportation. Wash., 1917. 

UC340.U6 1917 

— Specifications for horses and mules. Wash., 1917. UC603.A4 1917a 

— Specifications for tentage. Wash., 1917. UC673.A5 1917 

— Standards of employment in war work. Wash., 1917. DH7653.A5 1917 

— Table of fundamental allowances. Wash., 1917. 

Transportation of troops. 

Bailxoad adminis. Bulletin. Wash., 19 18- HE2704.A3 

Ballxoad wage oomm. Report. Wash., 1918. HD4966.R12U4 1918 

BeUefoommlasion in Europe, 1914. Report. Wash., 1914. D638.U5A2 1914b 

Shlpplnf board. Annual report. [Wash., 1917- HE745.A3 

Disc, of cood. aSect. ship prod. Wash.. 1918. HE745.A2 1918a 

Rules of prac. . . . under ... act. Wash., 1917. HE745.A35 1917 

Shipping act. Wash., 1917. HE745.A34 1917 

Tann r^ulations govern, the publication . . . rates, ... by the U. S. 

shipping board. Wash., 1917. HE597.U6A5 1917 

— Sigial corps. Aiz division. Photographic section. Eyes of the army. 

— Signal ofiLce. Equipment for aero units. Wash., 1916. 
Radiotelegiuphy. Wash., 1917. UG610.U5 1916 
Regulations for U. S. mil. telegraph. Wash., 1917. 
Si^book. Wash., 1916. UG573.A65 1916 
Signal corps . . . correspondence file . . . dec. classification. Wash 

1918. UG573.A5 1918a 

— Technical equipment of the Signal corps. 1916. Wash., 1917. 

UG590.U6 1916 

— Special diplomatic mission to Bnsaia. America's message. Boet., 1918. 


— Superintendent of documeBts. Army and militia, aviation and pensions. 
[9th ed.] rWash.1, 1918. Z1223.A191 no. 19 

Navy, Marine corps. Coast guard, Rev.-cutter ser., armor-plate manu., and 

battleships; list of pubUcations. [3d ed.] [Wash.], 1917. Z6835.U5U7 1917 

— Snxgeon general's oflloe. Circular of information concerning the army nurse 
corpe. Wadi., 1917. UH493.A5 1917 

— Circular of inform, in relation to enlistments in the Med. enlisted res. 

corps. Wadi., 1917. UH223.A34 1917 

Drill regulations . . . sanitary troops. Wash., 1917. UHd9S.A4 1917 
Lab<»itory methods. Fhila.; 1918. RB37.U5 

Officers of the Med. res. corps, inactive list. Wash., 1916. R11.U57 no. 10 
Review of war sai^Bry ana medicine, v. 1, no. I- Wash*, 1918- 
Sajiitary conditions at army camps. [Wash., 1918.] 
Vensreal diseases. Chi., 1917. RC201.U6 

— Tveasnry dept Family allowance, indemnity, and ins. for o€F. and enlisted 
men Of this axmy and navy. Wash., 1917. nB373.A3 1917f 

Increased ocean transport, rates. Wadi., 1914-15. HE597.U6A5 1914 
Liberty loan bonds. Wash., 1917. HJ8117.A5 1917c 

ReUef of off. and enlisted men. Wash., 1917. UB373.A3 1917e 

Report of Liberty loan conference. Wash., 1918. HJ8117.A5 1917k 

Save money and you save lives. [Wadi., 1917.] HJ8117.A5 1917k 


U. S. Treasniy dept Second liberty loan of 1917. Wasti., 1917. HJ8117.A5 1917f 

U. S. govt, bonds 2d liberty loan. Waah., 1917. HJ8117.A5 1917g 

U. S. govt, bonds 2d liberty loan. Manual for boy scouts. Wash.. 1917. 

HJ8117.A5 1917J 

National war-savings committee. U. S. govt, war-savings stamps. 

Wash., 1917. HJ8117.A5 19171 

Meth. of selling W. S. S. through retail stores. Wash, 1918. 

HJ8118.A5 1918b 

The war saver. Wash., 1918. HJ8118.A3 

War-savings societies. Wash., 1918. HJ8117.A5 1918 

— Treaties, etc., 1913- (Wilson). American peace treaties, full texts. Kristiana, 
1915. JX1987.A18 

— War. dept. Anal, of the Armv reorgan. bill. Wash., 1916. UA24.A7 1916q 

— Aviation school ... for the Signal corps . . . Wash., 1916. UG633.A4 1916c 

— Cavalry drill regulations. N. Y., [1917?]. UE160.A2 1916 

— Coast artillery drill reg. Wash., 1917. UP453.A2 1917 

Combined inf. and cav. drill reg. for auto. mach. rifle, cal. .30. Mena., 

[1918]. UF620.U6.30 in.l917a 

— Description and instructions on the use of signal rockets. War dept. 

doc. 718. 

— Drill reg. for signal tioops. Wash., 1917. UG573.A4 1917 

— Extract* from army Reg. ... for newly comm. off. Mena. ,11917]. 

UB501 1917a 

— Extract* from Manual of phys. training. Wash., 1917. U323.A52 1917 

Extract* hom U. S. army regulations, prepared for Officers' reserve cor]>s 

(including changes no. 52). N. Y., [19171. UB501 1917b 

— ^Field service pocket book. Wash., 1917. U173.A6 1917 

— Field service regulations. Wash., 1917. U173.A5 1917 

— Home reading coiirse for citizen soldiers. Wash., 1917. U113.A5 1917 

— Infantry driUreg. Wash., 1917. UD160.A6 1917b 

— Infantry drill regulations. Menasha. Wis., [1918]. U160.A5 1918b 

— Infantry drill reg. (including Manual of the bayonet V Mena., [1916.] 

UD160.A5 1916c 

— Infantry drill reg., corr. Nov. 9, 1917, App. d, U. S. rif . (Enfield). N. Y., 

[1918]. UD160.A5 1918a 

— Instruc. local boards ... to increase mil. est. of the U. 8. Wash., 1917. 

UB343.A5 19170 

— Manual for courts-martial . . . Wash., 1917. UB853.A3 1917 

— Manual for noncom. off. and pri. of cav. Wash., 1917. 

— Manual for noncom. off. and prl. of field artill. Wash., 1917. 

UF153.U6 1917 

— Manual for noncom. off. and pri. of inf. Wash., 1917. UD153.A4 1917 

— Manual for stable serg. Waflh., 1917. 

— Manual of interior guard duty. Mena., [1918]. U190.U58 1917 

— -: — Mobilization regulations. Wash.. 1917. UB343.A5 1917m 

— Outline of the proposed military policy. [Wash., 1915.] UA24.A7 1915e 

— Provisional drill and serv. reg. for field artill. Wash., 1917. 

UF403.A32 1917 

— Provisional drill . . . (6-in. howitzer). Wash., 1917. UP403.A35 6-iii. 1917 

— Provisional drill reg. for 75 mm. field guns. 

— Provisional mach. gun firing manual. Wash., 1917. UF620.A2n4 1917 

— R^ulations for the army, cor. Apr. 15, 1917. Wash., 1917. UB501 1917 

Menasha, Wis., [1918]. UBSOl 1917d 

Regulations gov. disbursements incident to the registration and selective 

draft. Wash., 1917. UB343.A5 1917p 

Regulations gov. apportionment of quotas. Wash., 1917. UB343.A5 1917n 

Regulations gov. physical exam. Wash., 1917. UB333.A5 1917 

B^Ab. and voc. reeduc. of crippled s. and s. Wash., 1918. 

UB363.A5 1918 

Secretary of War Garrison's explanation of the mil. policy. [Washington? 

1916?] UA24.A7 l916c 

Selective serv. regulations. Wash., 1917. nB343.A5 1917W 

Small arms firing manual, 1913. Ooirected to April 15, 1917 (changes nos. 

1-18). Washington, 1917. UD333.A2 1917a 

Specml regulations. Wash., 1917- 

Allowances of ammunition for mob. artil. inst. 1918. No. 82. UF343.A4 1918 
Appointment of chaplains, 1917. No. 3. nH23.A4 1917 

Aination section. Signal corps, 1917. No. 50. UG633.A4 1917c 


V. B. Wu dq^. — Continued. 

Course of instruc. for med. off., 1917. No. 49a UH398.M5 1917 

Custody of war prlaoners, 1917. No. 62. DC27.U6A5 

Officers* reserve corps, 1917. No. 43. UA42.A5 1917 

Price list of clothing and equipage. 1917. No. 40. nC263.A55 1917 

Reg. for bakery companies. 1917. No. 64. nC733.A5 1917 

Reg. for the enl. Res. corps. 1917. No. 48. nA42.A4 1917 

Reg. govern, the duties of the personnel. No. 68. UB296.U846 1917a 

Reg. govern, the employm. of the Amer. Red Cross in time of war, 1917. 

UH535.U6A66 1917 
Ree. ^vem. the use of rifles. 1917. No. 37. UA42.A55 1917 

Relations bet. representatives of the Am. railway asso. and the mil. authorities 

incidental to the mobilization of troops. Wash., 1917. No. 63. nC313.A5 1917 
Relations bet. the sub-corn, on mil. trans, acct. and mil. authorities. 1917. 

No. 63a. UC273.A3 1917 

Sanitary regulations. 1917. No. 28. UH623.U6 1917 

Specifications for the uniform of the U. S. A. 1917. No. 42. UC483.A2 1917b 

ining camps for reserve officers and candidates for appoint. Wash., 1917. 
No. 4$. 
Uniform regulations, 1917. Changes no. 2. 1918. No. 41. UC463.A4 1918 
Statement made by the sec. of war, Jan. 6, 1916. Wash^ 1916. 

UA24.A7 1916d 

— SmKestions to local boards as to the method of carrying out the prov. 

of the law ofmy 18, 1917. Wash., 1917. UB343.A5 1917v 

— Table of fundamental allowances. Wash., 1917. nC263.A6 1917 

— Technical notes of coast artillery target practice for 1916. Wash., 1917. 

— U.S.A. Harbor boat service reg., 1917. Wash., 1917. UC323.A5 1917 

— U. S. army infantry drill. Rochester, N. Y., 1918. UD160.A5 1918 

— War trade board. Directory of the War trade board and its bureaus. Wash., 
1917- HF3030.A43 

— General rules. [Wash., 1918?]. - HF3030.A42 

Journal. [Wash., 1917- HC106.2.A2 

Report. Wash., 1918- HF3030.A2 

Rules and regulations . . . Wash., 1917- HF30.30.A4 

Trading with the enemy. Enemy trad. list. Wash., 1917- HF3030.A44 

United States and the war. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1915. D619.U6 

United States army and navy pictorial. N. Y., [*'1917J. UA25.U5. 

United States shipping bd. emeig. fleet cozp. Construction of concrete ships. Wash. , 
1918. VM148.A5 1918 

Regular construction— steel steamship. Wash., 1917. VM296.U3A5 1917 

Specifications for the constr. of a stand., com., single-screw, freight steamship. 

Wash., 1917. VM296.U3A73 1917 

Unwln, B. The war, and what after? Letchworth, 1915. JX1953.U5 

Upton, X. The military policy of the U. S. Wash., 1916. UA23.U5 1916 

Epitome of Upton's Military policy of the U.S. Wash., 1916. UA23.U75 1916a 

Usbome, Mrs. H. M., ed. Women's work in war time. Lond., [19171. HD6137.U7 
Usher, B. O. Pan-Geimanism. Bost., [n914]. Di)119.U7 1914 

Winning of the war. N. Y., [1918J. D523.U8 

Pan-Americanism. N. Y., 1915. JX1416.U7 

Ussher, C. D. An American physician in Turkey. Bost., 1917. BV3170.U8 

Utah. Conn, of def. Hist., appoint., oigan., work accomplished, 1917. [Salt Lake 

City, 1917.] D570.8.C8U8 

Vachon, M. Les villes martyres de France et de Belgi^ue. Par., [1915.] D530.V2 
*Vai88idre, M. Le travail agricole des bless^ k Thdpital de Martillac. Bordeaux, 

Valentin, V. Die m&chte des Dreiverbandes. MQnchen, 1914. D525.V3 

*Vale&tini, B. Letters and draw, of . . . Ital. volunteer and soldier. Lond., 1917. 
VaUe Xberlncea, B. del. La guerra eur<^)ea y la politica intemacional. Buenos 

Aires, 1914. D511.V25 

ValloC-]>iival, L. Vive la Pologne. [Asni^res (Seine), «1916.1 DK415.V3 

*VallottOB, B. A travis la France en guerre. Par., 1915. 
• Ce qu'en pense Potterat. Par., 1916. 

L'effort alsacien-lorrain. Par., 1917. DD801.A57V3 

Heart of Alsace. Lond., [1918]. PZ3.V245H 

Potterat and the war. N. Y., 1918. PZ3.V245P 

*Valots, O. Le cheval de Troie. Par., 1918. 

Van Antwerp, W. C. The war and Wall street. [Rochester? N. Y., 19147]. HG4572.V32 



Vance, L. J. False faces. Garden City, 1918. PZ3.V277Fa 

Lee vandales en France . . . Par., 'lOlS. D527.V3 

Vandercook, Mrs. M. O. W. Red cross girls in the British trenches. Phila., [''1916]. 


Red cross girls on the French firing line. Phila., r°19l6]. 
Red cross girls with the Italian army. Phila., ["iSl?]. 
Red cross girls with the Russian army. Phila., [1916]. 

1 stripes. Phila., [n918]. 

Red cross girls with the stars and 

Vanderlip, F. A. An economic analysis. N. Y., [1915?]. 
Need for a united nation. [N. Y., 19 16 J 



PZ7.V283 Res 




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le b< 

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See also U. S. President. 

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for a license 

1915. 17. 




. . rWaah., 



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The War; Nelson's picture weekly. London, 1914^15. D501.W3 

War and peace [a Norman Angell monthly]. London. JX1901.W3 

The War budget, a photo, record of the great war. v. [1]- Aug. 22, 1914- [London], 
1914- D601.W4 

War chronicle. Berlin, 1914- 
War library bulletin. Washington, D. C, 1917- 
•War pictorial. London, 1917- 

Westermanns monatshefte. Braunschweig. AP30.W5 

Wicl, organ K. O. N. Chicago, 111. DK401.W5 

Die Woche ; modeme illustrierte zeitung. Berlin. AP80. W7 

World peace foundation, Boston. A league of nations, v. 1, no. 1- Boston, 1917- 
*Zeitschrift fttr KrQppelfdrsorge. Bd. I, 1914- Leipzig, 1914- 


Alexandria. Egyptian Gazette. 
Amsterdam. Algemeent Handelsblad. 
Athens. Akropolis. 
Buenos Aires. Herald. 

Calcutta. Bengalee. 

Cape Town. Cape Argus. 

South Anican Review. 
Chrlstiania. Aftcaiposten. 
Copenhagen. Politiken. 

Dublin. Freedman's Journal and National Press. 
Edinburgh. Weekly Scotsman. 
Geneva. Journal de Geneve. 
Genoa. Coniere Mercantile. 

1 »> 

1 i 



Oeofgetown. Daily Argofly. 
Olaifow. Henld. 
Havana. Diario d^l marina. 

HoBi^oiic. Telegraph. 
Kobe. Japan Chronicle. 
Idabom. Jomal do Conunercio. 
LivezpooL Daily Post and Liverpool Mercur>\ 
Iiondon. Chronicle. 
. Clarion. 
Daily Mail. 

Daily News and Loader. 
Independence Beige, 
liloyd's List. 
Morning Post. 

Westminster Gazette. 
ICadrld. Epoca. 
Manchester. Guardian. 
Mexloo. Liberal. 
Milan. Corriere della sera. 

II Secolo. 
Montreal. Presse. 

Daily Star. 
Moaoow. Russkiia viedomosti. 
Pails. Figaro. 

Journal des Debats. 

New York Herald. 
Fetit Journal. 
Petrogtad. journal de Petrograd. 

Novoe Vremia. 
Bio de Janeiro. Jomal do Commercio. 
Borne. Giomale d'ltalia. 

Santiago. Mercurio. 
Shanghai. China Press. 

North China Herald. 
Stockholm. Aftonbladet. 
Sydney. Morning Herald. 
Tokyo. Japan Daily Mail. 

Japan Daily Advertiser. 
Tokohama. Japan Herald. 


(Complete files of these papers are very difficult to get; in some cases we have only a 

single number.) 


The Camouflage. Key West, Fla. 

Camp Cnster bulletin. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Camp Devena news. Ayer, Mass. 

Gamp Dlz pictorial review. Wrightstown, N. J. 

Camp Dodger. Camp Dodge, Iowa. 

Camp Logan Beveille. Camp Logan, Tex. 

Camp McClellan. Anniston, Ala. 

Camp Meade herald. Admiral, Md. 

Camp Sheridan news. Mont^mery, Ala. 

Camp Sherman news. Chillicothe, Ohio. 

Leatherneck. Quantico, Va. 

The Slars and Stripes. The official newspaper of the A. E. F. Paris. 

66539—18 11 



Trench, and Camp. Pub. weekly. 

Gamp Beauregard, Alexandria, La. 

Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Tex. 

Carlstrom Aviation Field, Arcadia, Fla 

Gamp Cody, Deming, N. Mex. 

Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Camp Devens, Ayer, Maae. 

Camp Dix, Wrightstown, N. J. 

Camp Doniphan, Fort Sill, Okla. 

Camp Forrest, Chickamauga, Ga. 

Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, Cal. 

Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kans. 

Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. 

Camp Grant, Rockford, 111. 

Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C. 

Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. 

Camp Jackson, Columbia, S. C. 

Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Camp Kearnv, Linda Vista, Cal. 

Camp Lee, Peteisburg, Va. 

Camp Lewis, Tacoma, Wajsh. 
Wheel and Beans. Camp Jos. E. Johnston, 

Camp Logan, Houston, Tex. 
Camp McArthur, Waco, Tex. 
Camp McClellan, Anniston, Ala. 
Camp Mcpherson, Atlanta, <3a. 
Camp Meade, Admiral, Md. 
Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark. 
Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C. 
Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Miss. 
Camp Sheridan, Mont^mery, Ala. 
Camp 2Sachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky. 
Camp Trarvifi, San Antonio, Tex. 
Kelly Field and Camp Stanley. 
Camp Upton, Yaphonk, L. I., N. Y. 
Camp Wneeler, Macon, Ga. 
Charleston Naval Station. 
Buffalo Military district (embracing 10 

Jacksonville, Fla. 


A la Fonrchette. 

''Ahbar alharb." 

L'Ancre Rouge. 

L'Anti Cafard. 

L'Artillenr I>€ehain€. 

La BaXonnette. 

Le Bataillon. 

Le Baton PUote. 

Le Bavazdar de TA. O. (Arm€e d'Otient). 

Lee Begonais. 


Le Bochofage. 

Bonm! Vollft. 

La Bonxgnignotte. 

Les Boyanx dn 96*. 

Btise d'Bntonnolrs. 

Le Caiard Bnfthain6. 

Le Camonflet. 

Le Canard dn Bnyan. 

Camet de la Semaine d'un Poilu. 

Le 120 "Court." 

Le Col Bleu. 

Le Craponillot. 

Le Croissant. 

Le Dernier Bateau. 

Le Diable an Cor. 


L'Echo de TranchCesvllle. 

L'Echo des Cagnas. 

L'Echo des Dunes. 

L'Echo des Qourbis. 

L'Echo des Onitounes. 

L'Echo des Marmites. 

L'Echo des TranohCes. 

L'Echo dn Boyan. 

L'Espxlt dn Cor. 


L'Europe antl-Pmssienne. 

Face aux Boohes. 

Face aux Boohes illuBtr€. 

Le FUon. 

Fourbi et Qourbi. 


Le Qafoullleur: 


Gazette dee Ardennes. 

La Oaiette dn Poiln. 

Le Oroapdie. 

La Qnexre Joriale. 

Le Htotnt. 


L^Invalide beige. 


Le Lapin ft Pnmes. 

Lettrea d'nn Poiln. 


The Liateninc Post, Britiflh Expeditionary Force, France. 


Le Midi an Front. 

La MitraUle. 

Le Monchoir. ^ 

Le Moucholi de boohe. 

La Mnaette. 

Noa mienla. 

Notre Bire. 


Nnm6ro de Piqnea. 

On lea ania. 

Le Palx-P§re. 



Le P€xl8cope. 

Le Pettt Boho dn 18*. T»>. 

La Petite Xarmlte. 

Le Flna-qne-Tozial. 

Poll et Plnme. 


Le Poiln dn 6-8. 

Le PoUn dn 87. 

Le Poiln: Jonxnal dea tranohtea. 

Le Poiln Xannite. 

Le "PoUn" Saint-imiUonnais. 

Le Podlu aana Poll. 

Le ponda dea traneh^ea. 

La Premiere Ligne. 

Lee Qnat'z 'Arta dn Front. 


Lea BigoloB. 

Le Bire anz Bolata. 

Le Sac ft Texre et . . . 

Le Scbrapnell. 

Le Son dn Cor. 

Le Sonvenir. 

Lea Tablettes d'nn Poiln. 

Taca Tac Tenf Tenf . 

Le Tadeblafnes. 


TitU k Totoa. 

Le tord-Boyan. 

Le Torda-Boyanz. 

Le Tortillard. 

Le S^me Bataillon. 

Le Yer Lniaant. 

La Vie Cbftre ft Berlin. 

La Vie Ganadlenne. ^ 

La Vie Poilnaienne. 

La Vols dn Paya. 

La Yoix dn 76. 

T^e Wipers times; a facaimile reprint of the trench magamnefl^— the W^Pfi^ times— 

the New Church times— the Kemmel times— the Somme times— the B. E. F. times. 

London, 1^18. D526.2.W6 

Ta Bon. 


(The tenn " Poster " in the following list means merely that the broadside is printed in 

colored inks.) 


Department of Agilciiltaie: 

Fanners! Housewives! Children! 1917. (Poster.) 

Farm help. 1917. (Poster.) 

Special appeal to farmer patriots. 1917. (Poster.) 

Help feed yourself. 1917. (Poster.) , 

The Nation needs com. 1917. (Poster.) 

Pbint com. 1917. (Poster.) 

Waste no food. 1917. (Poster.) 

Cultural directions, 1918 Home Garden series. 

Bnrean of Animal Indnstry: 

Have eggs when eggs are scarce. (Poster.) 
Department of Commerce: 

Two things the country needs. 1918. (Poster.) 

This is not the time for knocking or growling. 1918. (Poster.) 

Don't think that. 1918. (Poster.) 

Not every one can go to France. 1918. (Poster.) 
Department of Labor: 

America first. October, 1915. (Poster.) 
Department of State: 

Circular, October 15, 1914: Neutrality and trade in contraband. 

Telegram of Sec. of State to Amer. Ambas. at Lond., Dec. 26, 1914. Detention of 
neutral cargoes. 
Marine Corps: 

Badge of courage. (Poster.) 

"Do you know the U. S. Marine Corps?'' on verso, "Do you know the Star 
Spangled Banner? " (Card.) 

"Do you know the Star Spajigled Banner?" on verso, "The Marseillaise." 

Fight firstl (Poster.) 

Important! information for registered men. 

Letum to serve America intelligently. (Poster.) 

Life aboard ship with Uncle Sam's Marines. By Private E. F. Nye, U. S. M. C. 

List of recruiting stations. (Folder.) 

A man from this house is serving in the U.S. Marines. (Poster.) 

A man from this house is fighting in France. (Poster.) 

Men wanted for the (Poster.) 

Men wanted. (Poster.) 

F^roclamationl Citizens of Philadelphia. 

U. S. Marine. Service on land and sea. (Small label.) 

What is this? (Poster.) 

You must know the words. 

Your country calls. 
Navy Department: 

The Navy League. (Poster.) 

The Navy needs you. (Poster.) 

Your CDuntry needs you. (Poster.) 
Treasury Department: 

Uncle Sam's insurance for Soldiers and Sailors. Bulletin No. 4. (Leaflet.) 

Bnrean of Publicity; Ist Liberty Loan of 1917: 
Buy Liberty Bonds. (Poster.) 
Do you need to be urged? (Poster.) 
Every man and woman in tne country must get behind this loan. Card D. 

Saiest investment in the world. Card F and Card G-R. (Poster.) 



Treasmy Deptrtment— Continued. 
Borean of Publicity—- Continued. 

Pomerene, Atlee. United States Liberty Bonds. Special press matter. 

Circular letter to the Editors of America, May 16, 1917. 

Weekly press matter, No. 3a. 1917. 

Weekly press matter, No. 4. 1917. 

Weekly press matter, No. 5. 1917. 

The Liberty Loan. Press matter for immediate publication. 

Press matter for immediate publication. 

2d Liberty Loan. 1917— 

Buy U . S. Government Bonds. (Gummed labels.) 
Buy U. S. Government Bonds. {SmaUgummed labels.) 
United States Government Bonds. What they are and how to buy 
them. (Folder.) 
3d Liberty Loan of 191&— 

Buy Bonds. (Gummed labels.) 
Ring me again. (Poster.) 

U. S. Government Bonds of the 3rd Liberty Loan. (Folder.) 
U. S. Government Bonds of the 3rd Liberty Loan. What tjhey are and 
how to buy them. (Folder.) 
War Department: 

Enlut for the war only. (Poster.) 

The Father of our Country. (Poster.) 

The Regulars are in France. (Poster.) 

U.S. Army develops all a man has of courage. (Poster.) 

United States Army wants fighting men. (Poster.) 

U. S. Army wants youl (Poster.) 

Wanted, fighting men. (Poster.) 

Wanted for war only. (Poster.) 

Wanted, men for the 23rd Engineers. (Poster.) 

Signal Corps : 

Notice! There are vacancies in the Aviation Company, Navy Yard, Phila- 
MisceUaneons : 

American Electric BaUway Association. War Board: 

The Motorman and Conductor of this car are 
Aaiexlcan fted Cross- 

Baker, Newton D. A Red Ooss fund of 1100,000,000 would pay war*s expense 

only a day. Address May 25, 1917. (Leaflet.) 
Davis, Marian Bonsai. The little citizens of Nancy. (For the press.) 
Davison planning a campaign for Bed Cross. (Reprint from New York Sun, 

June 4, 1917.) 
Malcolm, Ian, M. P. The terrible realities of war as found by the British Red 

Cross. Address May 24, 1917. (Leaflet.) 
Pershing, Maj. Gen. John J. People not awake to the real seriousness of this 

war. Address Mav 25, 1917. (Folder.) 
Accountii^ manual for the Red Cross war funds. Red Cross Week, Jtme 1^25, 

1917. (Pamphlet.) 
American Red Cross needs. (Poster.) 
Book of instructions. Red Cross Week. (Pamphlet.) 
Circular letter for publication on Sunday, June 10, 1917. 
For humanity's sake. (Poster.) 
Give more. (Poster.) 
Help the Red Cross. 
Davison, Henry P. The call to raise a war fund of $100,000,000. Address 

Mav 24-25, 1917. (Pamphlet.) 
Memoership campaign records and how to keep them. By Mr. C. C. Ely. 

Oiganization and activities. May 24, 1917. (Patnphlet.) 
Our Army and Navy and You. (Les^flet.) 
Plans for the Red Cross War Council outlined by Henry P.. Davison. 

The Red Cross Bulletin, May 31, 1917. (Pamphlet.) 
While you hesitate, thousands diel (Poster.) 

Why ttie American Red Cross needs $100,000,000 war funds at once. 


MlBoellaiieoiis — Continued. 
Food Administration: 

Food. No. 1. (Poster. ) 

Save. No. 2. (JPoeterO 

Save a loaf. No. 3. (Poster.) 

Why ifi it neceesary to eat less meat and lew wheat bread? No. 7. 

Why loyal Americans are keeping the pledge to eat lev wheat and meat. 
No. 7 revised- 
War Finance Committee : 

Circular letter. New York July 2, 1917. 

Official Bulletin, 1917. 
Liberty Bonds, MayLl917. (Poster.) 
Railroads and the War. August, 1917. Editorial comment on the way the 

railroads are doing their bit to help win the War. (Poster.) 
The Republics of the United States and France. Louis A. CuvilUer. « 1918. 
To Shipbuilders! 1918. (Poster.) 


Statement of Public Policy, by the Committee on Public Policy. January, 1918. 


Committee on Public Safety: 

People of New Hampshire, wake up. 1917. (Poster.) 
Public Safe^ Food Committee: 

Starvation! is a possibility to be reckoned with. 1917. (Poster.) 

Wanted— 10,000 home gardens. 1917. (Poster.) 


Conference Committee on National Preparedness : 

To public opinion. 1918. 

What does )t profit a man? 1918. 

What does it profit a man? (In Magyar or Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Portu- 
guese, Serbian, Bohemian, and Polish.) 
Mayor's Committee on National Defense: 

Don't enlist without thinking! (Poster.) 

Who told you you couldn't enlist now? (Poster.) 
National Amerloanisation Committee : 

A war policy for Aliens. 1917. 
National Association of Manufacturers: 

Conservation of American Industry. (Poster series, A, B, C, D, E.) 

America for Americans. A, 1. (roster.) 

Industiy. A, 2. 

Every business has three partners. A, 3. 

We are vitally interested. A, 4. 

Success in Industry. A, 5. 

Safety first. A, 6. 

Get busy. B, 1. 

We have in America. B, 2. 

The United States is the only Nation. B, 3. 

Some business is necessarily Dig business . 6,4. 

Stop and think! B, 5. 

Constructive public opinion. B, 6. 

When you attack men who maintain payrolls. B, 7. 

Would you l^iislate industry? B, 8. 

If industry makes life worth living. B, 9. 

Industry and commercial enterprise. B, 10. 

The best form of monopoly. C, 1. 

Stick to your job. C, 2. , 

The man at the bench. C, 3. 

Good business law teaches. 0, 4. 

Criticism is often due. C, 5. 

The success of this busiaees, C, 6. 

Boost your job! 0,7. 

The efficiency of thii qiaaDization. 0, 8. 

National prosperity, c; 9. 

Mr. Consumer. C,10. 

67,000 Lawi. G, 11. 

BBOADaiPSd 167 

Vattmftl Seouity Loacue : 

Defonae or diflMter? (Poster.) 
Natioiial Spedal Aid Society: 

Giye ua aomethiiig to meltl 1918. (Poster.) 

Aviation Committee. 1918. (Poster.) 

Help the Wings of the U. S. 1918. (Poster.) 


Ceaualttee of Pablic Safety: 

Drive an ammunition transport. (Poster.) 

Fanners. The world-wide food shortage. (Poster.) 

The headquarters train. (Poster.) 

Volunteer now for the Regular Army. 1917. (PoflerO 
Department of CiviUan Servioe and LabM: 

Mothersl Fathers! 1918. (Poster.) 

Serve to win without a gun. 1918. (Poster.) 

25,000 boys wanted. 1918. (Poster.) 

President Wilson's message to the boys of Pennsylvania. 1918. (Foster*) 


The Anti- War League. [191671 
War Registration. 1917, May 20. 


muiazy Hospitals Commission and Board of PemsUm CoMmissioftfln: 
' What every Canadian Soldier should knoiw. (Poster.) 



Black list of German bustneases in the Republic of Salvador. 1916, August 23. 


Message du Prudent Wilson. 1917. April 2. 

PkuiB. Chamber of Commerce. Bulletans, 1915, February- 


Das Greheimnis von LuUich. [The 42 centimeter shell.] 1914, September? (Poster.) 

Auf zum Endkampfl [Protest of labor against the war.] 1917. 


Republik bedentet Friede und Freiheitl 

Des Genossen Dr. Karl liebknecht. 


17th November, 1914. 100,000 men are needed at once. 
A German victory. [1915. The Lusitania.] 

A Manifesto of the Indian National P^urty. 1915, July. (German propaganda.) 
Another half million men wanted at once. (Pester^ 
Britain's new million army. 1914. November, (roster.) 
England expects every man to do his duty. 1914, September. (Poster.) 
Enliflt for duration of war. (Poster.) 
Enlistment in the Regular Army. 1914, November 5. 
Every fit man wanted. (Poster.) 

Go today to the nearest recruiting depot and offer your services. (Poster.) 
Join the army today. (Poster.) 
Men of London. 1914, November. (Poster.) 

Notice. Ex-noncommissioned officers urgently wanted. 1914, October. (Poster.) 
Rally roimd the flag. (Poster.) 

Rally round the flag. £very fit man wanted. (Poster.) 

SmMiKtion allowanoe for wives and dilldren of soldiers. Revised to March 1, 1915. 


Serve with your friends. 1914, September. (Poster.) 

The new army terms of enlistment for the present war. 1914, September. (Poster.) 

The late Lord Roberts* stirring words. (Poster.) 

The War. Men of London. (Poster.) 

To Arms! 1914, August. (Poster.) 

Your country needs you. Fall in! 

Your King and country need you. Join the army until the War is over. 1914, 

September. (Poster.) 
Your King and country need you. Another 100,000 men wanted. 1914, September. 

You're wanted. Sonny! (Poster.) 

We appeal to the manhood of the three kingdoms. (Poster^ 
National War Savings Committee : 

A woman's appeal, 1916. (Pamphlet.) 

At Fechgyn a genethod Cymru, 1916. (Handbill.) 

Cynhildeb Rhyfel 1916. (Handbill.) 

Friends in Council, 1917. (Handbill.) 

General rules for war savings associations, 1916. (Handbill.) 

Goods and services, 1916. (Handbill.) 

Home truth and hard facts, 1916. (Handbill.) 

How to form a war sa\dngs association, 1916. (Handbill.) 

How you can help your country, 1916. (Pamphlet.) 

How we use our savings, 1916. (Pamphlet.) 

Model schemes for war savings associations, 1916. (Handbill.) 

Model schemes for war savings associatioBfi, Nos. 2A, 2B, 3 and 5. 1916. (Hand- 

Notice of meetiog, 1916. (Poater No. 26.) 

124 cartridges for 15/6. 1916. (PoetezB Nos. 13, 16 and 20. and handbills.) 

£1 am 1/56. Trwyddedan cynhildeb rhvfel, 1916. (Handbill.) 

£1 for 15/6. Up to £500 for £387 10s'. 1516. (Posters Nos. 14 and 15 and 

Save your coal. 1916. ^Handbill.) 

6 reasons why. you should save, 1916. (Poster No. 21.) 

The Nation's drink bill, 1916. (PoPters Nos. 23 and 24 and handbills.) 

To British Boys and Girls, 1916. (Handbill.) 

War savings certificates, 1916. (Handbill.) 

W^ar savings, 1916. (Poster No. 32.) 

War savings for soldiers, 1916. (Poster No. 30.) 

WTiat do 1 do with my over-time money? 1916. (Handbill.) 

Will you help? 191&-17. (Handbills.) 
ParUamentaiy Becmiting Committee, London: 

Your King and country need you. 1914, November. (Poster No. 5.) 

Offer your services now. 1014, December. (Poster No. 6.) 

A call to arms, 1914. (Poster No. 8.) 

In her hour of need. 1914, November. (Poster No. 9.) 

Fight for King and Empire. (Poster No. 10.) 

Why are you stopping here? (Poster No. 27.) 

Britain's strong arm and yours. 1914, December. (Poster No. 28.) 

If you cannot join the army. 1914, December. (Poster No. 32.) 

Germany's battle cry. 1915, January. (Poster No. 39.) 

Help to end the war by enlisting in the gallant British army. (Poster No. 42.) 

You're proud of your pals in the army, of comwe! (Poster No. 43.) 

Help to end the war. 1915, January. (Poster No. 44.) 

Halt! Go into training. 1916, January. (Poster No. 4&.) 

What in the end will settle this war? Trained men. It is your duty to become 
one. (Poster No. 47.) 

Pi^ht for freedom. (Poster No. 48.) 

Britain is fighting for the freedom of Europe. 1915, March. (Poster No, 49.) 

Stand not upon the order of your going. (Poster No. 52.) 

If this cap fits you. (Poster No. 53.) 

To the women of Britain. Some of your men folk are holding back on your 
account. (Poster No. 55.) * 

4 Questions to men who have not enlisted. (Poster No. 62.) 

Answer the call right quickly. (Poster No. 64 A.) . 

Why aren't you in Khaki? (Poster No. 65.) 

Wliat in the end will settle this war? Trained men. It is your duty to become 
one. Enlist now. (Poster No. 66.) 


PftrilamenUry Becniltiiif Committee, London— Continued. 

Men! To delay is dangerous. (Poster No. 67.) 

Who made the little islands? (Poster No. 68.) 

To the women of Britain. You have read what the Geriaans have done in 
Belgium. (Poster No. 69.) 

3 Questions to employers. (Poster No. 70.) 

Soldiers' separation allowance. (Poster No. 72.) 

Each recruit brines peace nearer. (Poster No. 86.) 

Remember the "Lusitania.'' The jury's verdict savs. (Poster No. 92.) 

Remember the Lusitania! Enlist to-day. (Poster No. 95.) 

Cold-blooded murder. (Poster No. 97.) 

Let there not be a man among us who. 1915. (Poster No. 98.) 

Your country wants you and 300JOOO more men like you. (Poster No. 102.) 

There are three types of men. (Poeter No. 103.) 

It is going to be a long drawn out struggle. (Poeter No. 110.) 

Remember the Lusitania. (Leaflet No. 40.) 

Britons! Remember the Lusitania's last message. (Leaflet No. 41.) 
Pabliclty Department, Central London Recruiting Depot: 

Any of these posters may be had at (Poster?) 

Another half-million men wanted at once. (Poster.) 

Avenge Scarborough! (Poeter in 3 sections.) 

Be a sportsman. (Poster.) 

Duty calls — you. (Poster.} 

Men joining the colours before Christmas. 1914, December. 

Our new armies. (Poster.) 

To the recruiting office . ( Poster. ) 

"Wake up England." (Poster^ 

"We want more men." 1914, December 10. (Poeter.) 

"What are you doing for the Empire? " (Poster.) 
Beyml Prodamatioas : 

1915, December 22. Exports to Switzerland. 

1917, July 17. Relinquishing all Gennan titles and dignitiet>. 





B. OAETOOVg (mostly lithographB) 


I. WAR SUBJECTS (geneml). 
II. WAR SUBJECTS (itereoflcopic views). 

III. WAR SUBJECTS (panoramir viewaV 


A. P08TXB8 

Each section is subdivided by country. Under each country the entries are airaoged 
alphabetically by artists, with anonymous roatenal at the end. 



Aderente, V., and Halsted, F. A. Columbia calls. N. Y., F. A. Ha^sted, 1910. 
Armstrong, B. Your country needs you. Wash., D. C, Navy lesgue, 1916. 

Baboock, . Join the navy. 

Bancroft, M. Enlist in the navy. U. S. Navy Recr. sta. 

Benda, W. T. Armia polska we Francyi. Polish army in France. 

fblacy! Kosciuszko, Pulaski, 
ladami ojc6w naszch. Following the paths of our fathers. 
Brangwyn, F. Help jrour country. N. i ., Am. litho. co. 
Brey, L. Enlist. Que, Nat. lunnt. db engr. co., 1917. 
Britton, L. K. The navy is calling. N. Y., W. F. Powers co. litho. 
Bull, C. L. Join the army air-service. N. Y^ Alpha litho. co. 
Carleton, C. He is keeping the world safe. Erie, Pa., Erie Utho. co. 
Ckiisty, H. C. Gee!! I wiSa I were a man. U. S. Navy Rccr. sta., 1917. 
Congtaiin, J. A. First in France. 
Cos, K. The sword is drawn. U. S. Navy Recr. sta. 
Dangher^, X. Follow the flag. N. Y., Carey print, litb., 1917. 
B. L. First to fight in France. 
FaUs, C. B. E-E~£-YAfi-YIP. Go over wit)i U. S. ManiMW' 

First to fight. 

Join ipe. 

Flag! , J- M. First in the fipht. 

1 want you. N. Y., Leslie-Judge co., 1917. 


ne navy needs you. V- S. Navy Recr. sta., 1917. 
, C. '^All in the day's work." 


Oibson, C. D. U. S. Navy, ''Here he is, sir." Brooklyn, lAtham litho. A print. 

CO., 1917. 
Gordon, W. Polacy! Idfcie. Poles! under the Polish flag on to the fight. 
Haselton, X. B. Men wanted for the army. 1914. No. 403. A. G. 0. 
Leyendeoker, F. Z. These men have come across. 



Leyendeoker, /. C. U. S. Marinos. 

— — Semper fidelis. [U. S. Marine inaigaia.J 

Mathews, H. B. On^uard. Wash., D. C., Navy league, 1917. 

Moore, B. U. 8. Mannes. "Soldiers of the sea." (2 sizes.) 

MaeUer, J. C. Special ed. of universal current events. N. Y., Hegeman print. 

Nuyttens, J. P. Your country needs you now. Cine, U. S. Print, a litho. co., 1917. 

Pans, H. Help deliver the goods. N. Y., Am. litho. co. 

Preissig, V. It protected you. Wentworth inst. poster no. 1. Slav press bur. 

That arm. Wentworth inst. poster no. 2. Slav press bur. 

Find the range. Wentworth inst. poster no. 3. Slav press bur. 

Come on, boys! W^entworth inst. poster no. 4. Slav press bureau. 

Benterdahl, H. All together! N. Y., Am. litho. co., 1917. 

U. S. Navy. Help your country. Brooklyn, Latham litho. d ptg. co. 

Biesenbeif , S. H. First to fight. 1917. 

The marines have landed. Vallejo, Cal., U. S. M. C. Recr. sta., 1916. 

Rally 'round the fla^. 1916. 

U. S. Marines. Active service on land and sea. 

• U. S. Marines. "The marines have landed.*' N. Y., U. S. M. C. Recr. pub. 

bur. , 1915 . (Calendar for 19160 
Bogers, W. A. Be up-to-date. Be a U. S. Marine. N. Y. Hemld. 
Shafer, L. A. U. S. Marines first to fight for democracy. 1917. 
Underwood, C. F. U. S. Marine. Be a sea soldier. 
Vohn, F. O. U. S. Marines first to fight in France. 
W. P. Do your duty. Join the U. S. Marines. 

He did hi« duty. 

Welsh. Pro patria! 'N. Y., Hegeman print, 1917. 

Whelan, M. P. Men wanted for the array. No. 401, A. G. O. 

Men wanted for the army. No. 402, A. G. O. 

Men wanted for the army. No. 404, A. G. 0. 

Wright, G. Follow the boys in blue. N. Y., U. S. Navy pub. bur. 

Anonymous. Czechoslovaks! Join. N. Y., Czech, recr. off. Wentw. poster no. 5. 

Eager to fight. U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

First to fight. U. S. M. C. Pub. bur. 

First to fight! Waco, Tex., U. S. M. 0. Recr. nta. 

Give the guard a fighting chance. Phila., Comm. pub. safety, Dept. of mil. serv. 

He is.gettin^ our countrj^'s signals. Wash. D. C, Navy league. 

Join the air service. 

Kdojste bo4£boiovnice. N. Y., Czech. Recr. off. Wentw. poster, no. 6. 

Manifest. N. V., Czech. Recr. off. Wentw. poster, no. 8 

Men wanted. N. Y., IT. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

Men wanted. Flint, Mich., U. S. M. C. Recr. sta: 

Men wanted for the U. S. Marines. N. Y., Sackett & Wilhelms. 

U. S. Asiatic fleet. Marines visit Philippines. U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

U. S. Marine corps. 

U. S. Marine gun crow help win trophy. U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

U. S. Marine recruits learn field cooking. U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

U. S. Marines. U. 8. M. C. Recr. t>ta. (2 sizes). 

U. S. MarineH. Soldiers of the sea. 

U. S. Marines. First line of defense. N. Y., U. S. M. C. Recr. pub. bur., 1916. 

(Calendar for 1917). 

U. S. Marines defend public buildingn. U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

U. S. Marines hold unique boxing contests. U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. 

U. S. Marines serve America on land and sea. 

U. S. Marines visit Egyptian sphinx. U. S. M. 0. Recr. sta. 

The U. S. Marines want you. 

Urgent. Phila. , Comm . of pub . safety for the Commonw . of Pa . , Mil . service . 

Ui Slovenskovstdva. N. Y., Czech, recr. off. Wentw. poster no. 10 

WTio are we? Cincin., U. S. M. C. Recr. sta. Rctg. 1. 

ZsL naM samostatnosti N. Y., Czech, recr. off. Wentw. poster no. 7. 

FBnm 173 


Muid, B. Venez en aide aux soldata. Un. amicale rAlaace-Lorrame, 1916. 


Bftdea-Powell, Sir B. B. 8. Are you in this? Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 112. 

Basaano. He did kit duty. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 20. 

Btaagwyn, F. Man appe«dB to Vulcan. Lond., Daily chronicle. 

CaHyn, W. H. Come along boys! Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 22. 

Collett. Rally 'round the flag. Lond. publicity arte. 

Dadd, P. The veteran'fl farewell. Lond. Pari. recr. comm., 1914. no. 63. 

B. T. At the front! Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 84. 

Ttf, W. A. There's room for vou. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 122. 

XohiiMm, Biddle k co. Daddy, ^hat did you do? I»nd., Pari. recr. comm. no. 79. 

K. B. Another call. Lond., Pari. recr. depot. 

Kealey, B. J. *'Fall in." Lond., Centr. Lond. recr. depot. 

Women of Britain say *'Go." Lond.» Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 75. 

Ltpsoombe, O. It's our flag. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 107. 

Low, B. Everyone should do his bit. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 121. 

Oakley, H. L. Think! Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 88. 

Wardle, A. The empire needs men! Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 58, 

Wright, B. A Britien training camp. 

Anonymous. Boys, come along. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 80. 

Boys, come over here. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 82. 

Britain needs you at once. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 108. 

Britons! your country needs you. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1914. no. 23. 

Come and do your bit. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 107. 

Come into the ranks. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 74. 

"England expects." 1806-1915. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 101. 

Fight for freedom, Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 48. 

Go! It*8 your duty, lad. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 109. 

Halt 1 Who goes there? Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 60. 

"A Happy New Year." Lond., Centr. Lond. recr. depot., 1915. 

Is your nome here? Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 126. 

Join at once. Lond., Centr. Lond. recr. depot. 

Lend your strong right arm. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 26. 

Line up, boys! Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 54. 

Lord Kitchener says. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 170. • 

Make us as proud of you. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 119. 

Men of the empire! Lond., Centr. Lond. recr. depot. 

Rally 'round tne fetg. Lond., The Haycock Cadle co. 

Remember Belgium. Lond., Pftri. recr. comm., 1915. no. 16. 

*— Single men. Show your appreciation. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. 
no. 120. 

Step into your place. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 104. 

Surely you will fisht. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 83. 

Take up the sword of iustice. Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 123. 

There U still place in tne line for you: Lond., Pari. recr. comm., 1915. no. 35. 

We're both needed to serve the guns. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. S5-C. 

What in the end will settle this war? Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 34. 

What will your answer be. Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 61. 

Who's absent? Lond., Pari. recr. comm. no. 125. 



Cesaze. Bonds— which? N. Y. Evening post. 

Christy, H. C. Fight or buy bonds, Boston, Forbes, 1918. 

Collin, H. Joan of Arc saved France. Wash., D. C, U. 8. Treasury dept., 1913. 

Czalf, W. 1918 Spring drive liberty loan. N. Y., Greenwich litho. co.. 

Be Land, Bngenie. Before sunset.' N. Y., Sackett & Wilhelms corp., 1917. no. 2. 

Dewey. Our daddy vs fighting. N. Y., T. F. Moore co., 1917. no. 6. 

Oodwin, F. This is vour war. N. Y., Liberty loan comm. 

Oreea, V, H. My soldier. Buffalo, Mathews-Northrup Works, 1918. 13-A. 

174 UBtJL&lt Of COKOBE88 

Qzeene, N. B. Back up our boys with youf liberty bond. N . Y., United cigar storeB 
CO., 1918. 

Bring in yoiir $50. N. Y., United dgar stores c<J., Itfl8. 

Don't dream of victory. N. Y., United cigar stores co., 1918. 

Qroesbeck, D. S. "Shall we be more tenaeir.'' C^ic, 111. litho. co., 1917. no. 1. 
Xer, B.. For the safety of womanhood. From the Delineator, Apr., 1918. Wash., 

D. C, Liberty loan comm. 
Key, W. Q. Don't be ''a man without a couAtry." Wash., Nat. war sav. commti 

Macaoley, C. B. You buy a liberty bond. 1917. 
Pans, H. Save vour child. Wash., D. C, U. S. Treas. dept., 1918. 

To make the world a decent place. Buffalo, Niagara Utho. co., 1918. 5-A. 

Pennell, J. Provide the sinews of war. N. Y., Hey wood, Strasser A V<»gt litho. 

CO., 1918. 

We must have the sinews of war. Study for poster. 

Porteous, B. H. Women! Help America's sons. Chic, Edwards & Deutsch litho. 

CO., 1917. no. 11. 
Stem. Are you 100% American? N. Y,, Sackett db Wilhelms ciH-p., 1918. 10~A. 
Treidler, A. Have you l^ought your bond? 
Anonymous. Are the folks at home backing us up? card no. 7. 

Bring them back victorious! card no. 2. 

Buy a Uberty bond. Chic, Edwards & Deutach litho. co., 1917. no. 10. 

Buy liberty bonds. [Relief portrait of Lincoln] N. Y., Am. litho. co., 1918. 


Dig in ... dig to-day — ^reap to-morrow. N. Y., H. F. Rawll. 3d08N4. 

Do your d uty . 

Help our town. 

Help our town to win the right to fly this flag. N. Y., W. F." Powers co., 1918. 

IF you don't want this over here, card no. 3. 

Lend your money to your government, no. 7. N. Y., Am. litho.. 1917, 

The liberty loan is the cash register of patriotism. Phila., Comm. of pub. safety. 

Liberty loan of 1917. 

Make his dreams come true, card no. 4. 

My daddy bought me a government bond. N. Y., U. S. ptg. & litho. co., 

1918. 11-A. 

Official badge of honor, card no. 6. 

Remember your first thrill. N. Y,, Sackett & Wilhelms corp., 1917. no. 9. 

Ring it again. N. Y., Sackett & Wilhelms corp., 1918. 8-A. 

Ring it again. Phila., Ketterlinus, 1917. no. 3. 

Second liberty loan of 1917. no. 5. Wash., U. S. Treaa. dept. 

^' Shall we be more tender with our dollars." card. no. 9. 

'* Shall we be more tender with our dollars." Chic, Edwards & Deutach litiio. 

CO., 1917. 

"The time has come." N. Y., Am. litho. co., 1917. no. 8. 

Two million reasons, card no. 8. 

Uncle Sam is worth. 1917. 

Uncle Sam needs money. N. Y., Chriatmas club, 1917. 

Where's your* 'liberty button"? 1917. card no. 4. 

' Which will you wear? card no. 5. 

YOUbuy a liberty bond. 

YOU buy a liberty bond, card E. 1917. 

YOU buy a liberty bond, card E-R. 

YOU buy a liberty bond. 


Adler, J. Emprunt de la defense nationale. Paris, Un. des soc de tir de France. 

Chavannaz, B. Vous auasi faites votre devoir. Paris, Credit comm. de France. 

Faivre, A. Pour la France. Paris, Soc. des amis des artistes, 1915. 

L., T. B. L'emprunt des "demi^res cartouches." Paris, Agenda flnanci^re. 

L6andre, C. Joum6e du Calvados. Paris, Devambez, 1915. 

Lerouz, A. 3-emprunt de la d^nse nationale. Paris, Impr. J. Charles. 

Kaudin, B. Emprunt de la defense nationale. Paris, Un. des soc. de pr6p. mil. de 

Poulbot. Emprunt de la defense nationale. Paris, F^d. nat. de la mutuality fran^. 

Bobaudi, A. 2me emprunt de la d^ense nationale. Cannes, Robaudy. 

Soitoni. iC. Prestito nazionate. Berguno, Ist. ital. d'uti giafiche. 


Amuiukll, V. T. Buy H % wm- botub. An »bunAince of tlMlb. Peiragnd, 

P. Golike, 1916. 
Bielfier, B. 51 % w»r loan. The purpose of Qie loan ie to hasten tfte victorv. 1916. 
BucUdB, F. Liberty loan. War until victory is oun. Petrogred. F. ZiotDlltov, 

ChqitoT, B. Subscribe to the Uffwur loan. "More money, more sHellL'' 
OctUac, t. StibecribetDthfl5i% warloan. Pftve the path. Petrogiad, Kadushin, 

LankOTsKQ. &f% war loaii. Our brave soldiei 
Kustodler, B. Loan for victory. Fettntritd, G 
Ol'kose, H. Buy bijt war bonds. All lor wt 
T. &i% war loan. The participation in the la 
Yaralianskn, T. 5*% war loan. The more mc 
Teiesholuclii, T. (Uft war loan. All havin( 

Petnwtad, Guveiaken, ISIG. 
TUdlmooT, I. T. Evervthing for victotr. Petrognd, R. Golike. 

b^jt war loan. To eu&ribe is the duty of averyone. 

5i!^ irarloan. Your participation in the war loan. Petro«ad,Go^-t. print, off. 

Anonimoiis. 5j$ war loan. [Knsgiansoldieis, with bayonets, advancing on Uie run.] 

5i% war loan. The aim of the loan is to hafiten victory. T. Kibbel. 

- 6iSt war loan. All tor victory. Petn^rad, N. Kadushiu, 1916. 

bi% war loan. It is the patriotic duty of everyone to subscribe. 

Ru»ia for liberty. Moscow, 1. M. Uaeliisto\\ 1914. 

Snbocribe to the 5|$ war loan. Petrogtad, P, T. G. KanonerskTE, 191C. 



Aper. Your money or his life. Committee on pub. safety, N. H., 1917. 

B., P. J. Men wanted. Chic, «ti:., Nat. print. A aagt. co., 1918. 

Bhtton, L. IT. Eat more com. Wash., D. C, U. S. Food admin., 1917. no. 6. 

Th«r are lookiiw to us. Brooklyn, N. Y., lAtfaam litbo. & ptg. co. 

Cesue. Now loc the Red cross. N. Y. Evening post, 1917. 

Cluv^i H. Help youf Red croai. Fed. council of the churches of Christ in AnutiGlt. 
Dunn, H. Victory is a question of stamina. Wash., D. C, U. 8. Food adm., in?. 

no. 10. 
Flshei, H. (Red cross nuree pleading for fundsj 1918. 
rUcK, J. H. Boys and girls! Youcuibdn. PotmA-fil. 

Sow tba seeds of victoryl Wash., D. C, War garden Commiss., UU. (2 


Totincer, A. ■. The greatest mother In the world. Form N. Y. 31. Second in» 

fund. 1918. 
Grant, O. 'What are you doing to help? American red cross. 
Qreene, N. B. Victory! Congress patsee dayh^t saving bill. N. Y., United 

cigar stores co., 1918. 
nilut. Cardinal Uercier. Brooklyn, Latham litho. and print, oo. no. 10. 

Ke^ it coming. Wash., D. C, U. 8. Food adm. 

Klag, W. B. Holdup vourendl FormN. Y. 18. Second war fu&d. 

L., P. A. Yerdun-Yorttown. 

Leaoh, B. A. Halt the HunI 

Lore, C. W. If you can't go across with a gun. N. Y., 0. S. Print. A litho co. 

It vou can't go across. N. Y., U. 8. print A Utho oo. 

KoCoy, A. G. If 1 fail, he dies. Duluth, J. J. Le Toumeau pr. oo. 
Ibngan, W. Feed a filter. Wash., D. C., U. 8. Food adm. 

IConli. A shot at American industry. N. Y., Nat indus. conserv. mofem. 

K., 7, l. To the miner. Wssh, D, C., Dept. of int. 

B., P. Industrial war bread? N. Y., Nat. indust. conasrv. movem. B-5. 

Our good mule "Industry." N. Y-, Nat indus. conserv. movMn. E-8. 

20 at nome to 1 in the trenches. N. Y., Nat. indus. conserv. movem, E!-7. 

1(11. Blood 01 bread. Wash., D. C, U. 8^ Foodadm. 
Hunger. Wash., D. C, U. 8. Food adm. 


Bapello, A. Hero land. N. Y., Hegeman mint. 

Benonf k (Hosflman. I need you too. Fhua. , Gomm. of pub . safety of Penna. , Bept. 

of food supply. 
Bieaenbeif , S. H. Over the top for you. Phila., Ketterlinus, 19X8. 1-A. 
Roberts, H. War cloudsgather! Wash., D. C, Navy League. 

■* Women awake! Wash., Navy League, 1916. 

Boeg, H. Help the Red cross. 

Sesser, W. Q. They fi^ht for you. Brookl., Latham litho. oo. (2 sizes.) 

Shezidan, 7. 7. Food is ammunition. Wash., D. C, U. S. Food adm., 1917. no. 5. 

Sindelar, F. Uncle Sam needs that extra shovelful. Wash., D. C, tJ. S. Food adm. 

Stahr, P. Be patriotic. Wash., D. C, Food adm. no. 4. 

Vezrees, 7. P. Can vegetables. Wash., D. C, Nat. war garden comnuss., 1918. (2 

Anonymons. American fund for French wounded. Paris, H. Clarke. 

' ' Food from your backyard. ' ' Wash. , D. C. , DepL of agr. , 1918. Home gaxden 

ser. no. 16, 17. Sheet 5. 

Have e^ when eggs are scarce. Wash., D. C, U. S. Dept. of agr. 

Help him win. NT Y., Am. lith. co.^ 1918. 

Honor roll of women. Phila., council of nat. defense, Woman's comm. 

Jan. 30th. Tag your shovel. Wash., D. C, U. S. Fuel adm. 

Just one extra litter. Madison, Univ. of Wis., Agr. exp. sta., 1918. Emergency 

poster bid. 8. 

Make every egg count. Wash., D. C, U. S. Bejpt. of agr., 1917. 

Our part in feeding the nation. Wash., B. C, Dept. of agr., 1918. no. 26 a-d. 

Pegasus at work for the allies. American poets' ambulances in Italy, 1917. 

Produce infertile eaal Wash., D. C, Dept. of agr., 1915. 

Prosperity town. W. Y., Nat. Indus, conserv. movem. E-11. 

Raise more poultry. Wash., D. C, U. S. Dept. of agr. 

Remember 1 The flag of liberty. N. Y., Hey wood, Strasser & Voigt litho. co., 

1918. 6-A. 

Sir^-don't waste. Wash., D. C, U. S. Food adm. no. 20. 

Uncle Sam says. N. Y., Nat. Indus, conserv. movem. E-9. 

What can you do? 


Flot, L. Matinee populaire. . .au profit des orphelins. Paris, FM. mut. de la Seine, 

Foxaln, -: — . V^tement du prisonnier de guerre. Paris, Soc. des ^tablts. Minot. 
Fouxnier, L. B. Metz. Pans, J. Lapina imp. 
QxoQz, H. de. En>. de Toeuvre de guerre de H. de Gvoux. Gal. La Bo6tie. Paris, 

H. Chachoin, 1916. 
Jonas, L. Exp. des oeuvres des artistes originales. Ec. des beaux-arts. Paris, 

J. Lapina, 1916. 
Lemaiie, Q. Fr^ree et sceurs de guerre. Paris, Devambez. 
Heunum, M. Joum^e de Poeuvre nivemaise des mutil^ de la guerre. Puis, Devam- 

bez, 1915. 
Pdioe, W. Croix rouce am^ricaine. Paris, WalL no. 7221. 
Ponlbot. Exp. de tableaux de maitres modemes. Gal. G. Bernheim. Paris, Devam- 

bez, 1916. 

Exp. de tableaux. Gal. G. Bernheim. Paris, H. Chachoin, 1916. 

Joum6e de Paris. Paris, H. Chachoin, 1916. 

Roll. Les blessds de la tuberculoee. Paris, Com. centr. d'assist. aux mil. tuberc. 

Steinlen, T. A. La triennale* Paris, I. Lapina^ 1916. 

Tinayre, L. Pressant appel k la solidarity. Pans, Cantine refuge. 


Baemaeken, L. In Belgium. Help. Lend., Nat. comm. for relief in Belgium. 
Wright, B. A typical hut in Flanders. 

A Y. M. C. A. cellar in Flanders. 

A Y. M. C. A. "dug-out" in France. 

The Y. M. C. A. A du£^-out in Fnuice. 

The Y. M. 0. A. motor kitchen in France. 

The Y. M. C. A. services for relatives.^ 

Y. M. C. A. 3 a. m. in a London station hut. 

Anenymoiu. The wounded sower's return. Canada Military hospitals commission. 




Baker, S. H. Fill them up to the top. no. 8. 

Have you read bulletin no. 12. no. 3. 

Locomotives and shrapnel, no. 2. 

Protect our children, no. 7. 

Put the railroads ahead of the game. no. 5. 

A speedy termination of the war. no. 4. 

Your nation's needs. 

Boofh, A. B. No days are bookless days. 1918. 

Dodi^e, Wm. de L. Defenders of democracy. Glevel. O., Otis litho. co. 39406. 
Tails, C. B. Books wanted for our men. Wash., D. C, Am. library assoc., Warservice, 

Books wanted. N. Y. Gill engr. co. 

This device on hat or helmet. 

Fancher, L. U. S. Official war pictures. N. Y., Hegeman print, 1917. 

Qfeenleaf, B. Many peoples one nation. N. Y., Nat. Americanization comm., 1917. 

H. Stenographers! Newark, N. J., Ordn. dept. U. S. A. 

Homer. They signal "Send books." Wash., D. C, A. L. A., Library war service. 

Kerr. Unitea States official war films. N. Y., Hegeman print. 

MacKiniioxi. If you can use tools you are wanted. 

Morris. The iron heel. N. Y., Nat. indusLr. conserv. movement. E-1. 

United American mdustry. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-3. 

Mueller, J. Hero land. N. Y., Heeeman print, 1917. (2 sizes.) 

Palmer, A. H. Not just hats off. Wash., D. C, U. S. Army ordn. 

Peckner, B. Our three lines. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-d. 

Philer. Agitation which delays. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-9. 

Dr. Uncle Sam. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-8. 

Go over the top. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F.-7. 

The hand that threatens. Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-6. 

The shot that will win tlie war. N . Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-10. 

— — Team work, N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-2. 

The test of our loyalty. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-12. 

Which bridge do you want? N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. F-11. 

Will you co-operate? N. Y., Nat. iudastr. conserv. movement. F-1. 

B., P. America's success in war. N. Y., Nat. induotr. conserv. movement. B-4. 

Don't blame it all on the war! N. Y., Nat. indus. conserv. movement. E-10. 

Stanlaws, P. Belgium. "Girls of the allied nations.'' N. Y., Hearst's mag., 1918. 

France. "Girls of the allied nations." N. Y., Hearst's mag., 1918. 

Great Britain. "Girls of the allied nations." N. Y., Hearst's mag^ 1917. 

Italy. "Girls of the allied nations." N. Y., Hearst's mag., 1917. (Two sizes.) 

Japan. "Girls of the allied nations." N. Y., Hearst's msig., 1918. 

Russia. "Girls of the allied nations." N. Y., Hearst's mag., 1918. 

U. S. "Girls of the allied nations." N. Y., Hearst's mag., 1917. 

Tabor? The alUance of two glorious flags. From U. S. issue, Dec., 1917, " Philippine 

W., B. Insignia and devices U. S. M. C. 
Welsh, H. D. A messai^e fr)ni the president. 
Anonymous. The biggest gun. N. Y., Nat. industr. conaerv. movement. E-12. 

The children's year. N. Y., Nat. child welfare assoc., 1918. 

Don't blame it all on the war! N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. E-2, 

For democracy. Boston, Forbes litho. co. 

The four-leaf clover of industry. N. Y., Nat. industr. conserv. movement. 


Has your community an infant welfare station. N. Y., Nat. child welfare 

assoc., 1918. 3. 

— Infantry pack instructions for the U. S. M. C. 

— A living wage. N. Y., Nat. child welfare aaaoc, 1918, 8. 

— Make the Fourth of July Americanization day. N. Y., Nat. Am. day comm. 

— Milk is the best of all foods. N. Y., Nat. child welfare assoc., 1918. 6. 

— On the job for victory. Wa«^h., D. C, U. S. Ship, board, Emer^. fleet corp. 

— Patrioti««m Americanism Service. Wa«<h., D. C, Nat. serv. sch. inc. 

Proper care before birth. N. Y., Nat. child welfare assoc, 1918. 2. 
Success in war. N. Y., Nat. industr. con-^erv. movement. F-4. 
"Taking an inventory." N. Y'., Nat. child welfare aasoc., 1918. 1. 

66539—13 12 


Anonymous. Through a baby clinic. N. Y., Nat. child welfare aasoc, 1918. 204. 
Trained health oflacers. N. Y., Nat. child welfare assoc., 1918. 7. 

United States official films. N. Y., Hegeman print. 

Official United States war films. N. Y., Hegeman print. (2 sizes.) 

" WTiere do I come in?" N. Y., Nat. child welfare aasoc., 1918. 5. 


Fonqneray, C. Journ6e de I'Arm^e d'Afrique. Paris, Lapina, 1917. 

La journ^e serbe. Paris, Devambez, 1916. 

Boy, J. La route du 75. Paris, L' Information, 1915. 

Scott, Q. Our Chasseurs in Haute- Alsace. Haute- Alsace, 1915. 

Smid, T. Tabl. d'hist de France (S6rie: la guerre). 

Attaque de nuit, Champagne, Sept. 1915. Paris, A. Colin, 1915. 
Le General Joffre; L' Alsace reconauise. Paris, A. CoUn. 
L'Infanterie coloniale. Sucrerie ae Souchez. Paris. A. Colin, 191€i. 
Steinlen, T. A. Journ^e du poilu. Paris, Devambez, 1915. 

Journ6e serbe. Paris, I. Lapina, 1916. 


K., Q. The war of munitions. 

Anonymous. The British navy at war. Lend., G. Pulman <& sons, Ltd. no. I. 

Public warning. I>ond., H. M. Stationery off., 1915. 



Blashfield, E. H. The sisters. The three great revolutions. 1776-1789-1917. ! 

Gepliart, W. S. Who the **H— *' tied this knot? N. Y., A. Brenner, 1915. 

Baemaekers, L. Barron Collier series of patriotic cartoons: 

After a Zeppelin raid. 


Kultur has passed here. 

A toast to Kultur. 
Anonymous. Stars and stripes. Eockford, G. D. Roper, 1917. 


Foiain. And to think that there are still neutrals. Postcard. 

Don't come out of the trench. Postcard. 

How did you get that one. Postcard. 

If only they stick it out. Postcard. 

In France the women aren't starving like this. Postcard. 

A listening post. Postcard. 

Mummy — are those the ones that killed daddy? Postcard. 

The other king of trench. Postcard. 

Slavery. Postcard. 

This. little lot? Postcard. 

Thus far and no further. Postcard. 

You see, darling, I'm not carying. Postcard. 

Heldaiioy. La reprise des afEaires. 


lUemaekers, L. [The following cartoons, pub. by G. Pulman & sons, Lond., for 
" Land and water, " are additional to those in his Tne great war and his War cartoons 
see p. 115.)] 
The Belgian refugee to his Dutch brother, no. 51. 
Bluebeard's chamber, no. 13. 
The broken alliance and Italy, no. 84. 
Christmas eve. no. 73. 
A conflict of testimony, no. 14. 

The Crown Prince: "Isn't it an enjoyable war?" no. 99. 
The Dutchman: Down with militaiism. no. 67. 
The envoy to Her Majesty, no. 42. 
Parsightedneas. no. 50. 


The free sea. no. 62. 
The friendly visitor, no. 49. 
The Grennan loan. no. 90. 
Holland to Belgium, no. 64. 
The holy war. no. 134. 
Idyllic neutrality, no. 52. 
If you won't let me have your com. no. 166. 
Jackals in the political field, no. 60. 
The land mine. no. 114. 
The last of the race. no. 111. 
Little Red Riding Hood. no. 70. 
Mater Dolorosa, no. 165. 
Misunderstood, no. 106. 
New peace offers, no. 147. 
The next to be kicked out. no. 109. 
One of the ferocious bellicose party, no. 65. 
Oranje boven. no. 45. 
Our candid Mend. no. 59. 
Pan Germanicus as peace maker, no. 145. 
A pitiful exodus, no. 20. 

A political and economical rapprochement, no. 63. 
The raid. no. 78. 
gpoila for the victors, no. 15. 
War and Christ, no. 24. 
We don't understand this loan game. no. 92. 
Bobinson, W. H. A machine for Hcrew-stoppering the enemy's rifles. Loud., 1915. 


B., S. Husarz polski. 1917. 


EnlesUn. Your work here la only to scare the frogs. Moscow, F. Chelnokov. 
M., K. What a crackling, what a thunder! Mo/icow, S. M. Mukarsldl. 

Wilhelm's merry-go-round. Moscow, S. M. Mukarskil. 

Anonymous. Beasts of Wilhelm. Moscow, I. D. Sytin. 1915. 

European kitchen. Mo^ow, F. Chelnokov. 

If we only could cUmb up everything would be ours. Moscow, A. B. Krylov. 

The kaiser's awakening from his Napoleonic dream. Moscow, A. F. Postnov. 

Soap bubbles. Moscow, F. Chelnokov. 

Wilnelm II. In my rage I slew multitudes. Moscow, I. D. Sytin. 1915. 


Sections i, n, m are subdivided by subjects arranged alphabetically. Under each 
subject the arrangement is by nationality with those of unknown nationsJity at 
the end. 


Artillery, American. 

Fort Totten target practice— 12 in. guns. N. Y., 1916. 9.9x14.3. 


Austrian big gun. N. Y., 1915. 24.4x19.3. 

Austrian mortar breaking the Russian line. N. Y., 1915. 12.5x16.6. 
Austrian skoda mortar in action. N. Y., 1915. 17.7x22.8. 
Heavy Austrian artillery. N. Y., 1915. 19.6x24.3. 


Belgian artillery exercising near Ostend. N. Y., 1915. 10.2x12.8. 
Belgian artillery incident among the dunes. After S. Wright. 1914. 8.8x15.2. 
Effects of the deadly fire of the Lioge forts. 1914. 11.4x20.1. 
Artillerymen surprised by Germans in a fog. After R. C. WoodviUe. Lond. Illus. 
News, 1914. 17. 9x25.3. 


British artillery observatory wrecked by Grennan shell. N. Y., 1915. 13.2x10.8. 

British artillerymen working their guns. 1914. 8x24.9. 

British guns in concealed shelter. N. Y., 1915. 11.3x13.4. 

British log artillery in action, 1914. 25.4x20.3. 

Feeding a British gun in concealed shelter. N. Y., 1915. 13.4x11.1. 

The fierce fight for Dixmude. After S. Wright. 1914. 9.1x15.5. 

Ciennans mowed down by quick-firers. After R. C. Woodville. 1914. 12.2x21. 


Artillery, French. 

The big " 155" French guns sheUing Weinbach. N. Y., 1915. 9.7x15.6. 
Explosion of a 240 m/m shell in a trench (Mame). 15x21 
Famous 75 m/m gun in action in Argonne. N. Y., 1915. 10x13.7. 
Famous 75*8 in action under a shelter in the Vosges Mountains. 15.8x20.5. 
French heavy 320 m/m gun in action at*night. 1918. 14.1x9.1. 
High angle French howitzer. 11.4x16, 11.6x16.7 (2 photos). 
Station loading empty shells of 75'8 (Meuse). 15.7x20.7. 
370 m/m gun. 11.4x19.4 (2 photos). 


Big German howitzers bombarding Russian batteries near Lodz. N. Y., 1915. 

German artillery becoming bogged in flooded area around Antwerp. 25x18. 
German artillery with gunners. 1914. 18.9x23.9. 
German field battery in action. N. Y., 1914. 18.7x23.8. 
German field guns in action. After H. W. Koekoek. 12.7x20.7. 
German howitzer of 105 mm. captured on the Aisne ridge. 15.5x20.5. 
German machine gun detachment creeping into action. N. Y., 1915. 9.3x12.6. 
Gigantic German siege guns. 1914. 5.5x21.1. 
Six German artillerymen servings field gun. N. Y., 1914. 19x23.8. 


Blowing up houses to increase artillery range. 1917. 12.5x9. 

Effect of large calibre shells on railroad near Gorizia. 1917. 12.2x8.8. 

Entrance to concealed gun emplacement. 1917. 12.1x8.8. 

Explosion of large calibre shell. 1917. 11 .9x8.8. 

Italian army working the big field guns. N. Y., 1915. 9.8x13.7. 

Loading a 305 mortar. 1917. 12.2x8.8. 

102 gun on motor tractor. 1917. 12.3x8.8. 

Result of artillery fire. 1917. 12x8.8. 

Transporting a 305 mortar. 1917. 12.3x8.8. 

A 280 mortar on Mt. San Michele. 1917. 11.6x8.8. 

- Japanese. 

Anti-aircraft gun in action. 1918. 16.6x21.9. 


Siege gun surrounded by Montenegrin soldiers. 20.2x25.3. 


Batteries are often hidden within stone's throw of a cottage. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Light artillery is effective. 1918. 18.4x23.4. 

Machine gun squad. 1918. 19.1x24.4. 

Machine guns packed on horses. 1918. 19x24. 

Military authorities hide their ammunition wagons and artillery in the vards of 

the peasants. 1918. 19.1x24.1. 
Rumania is well equipped with machine guns. 1918. 18.4x23.4. . 


Captured Russian guns. N. Y., 1915. 18.7x24.8. 

Cossack light artillery. 1918. 7.9x13.9. 

Russian guns exhibited at Vienna. 1915. 12.8x19.7. 

- Serbian. 

Serbian guns captured by the Austro-Hungarians. 1915. 12.2x19.8. 
Serbian heavy artillery in action. N. Y., 1915. 10x13.4. 

- Turkish. 

Turks hurrying reinforcements thru Jerusalem. N. Y., 1915. 9.2x14.2. 
. Unknown. 

Explosion of shell. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.8 (2 photos.) 

Deep hole made by bombs exploding in the air. N. Y., 1915. 11.7x17.6. 

Dismounted guns. N. Y., 1915. 18.4x24.5. 

Mountain battery on the march. N. Y., 1915. 19.5x24.3. 

Projectile in flight from "7 " howitzer. 15.5x20.5. 

Screened howitzer. N. Y., 1915. 17.6x22.9. 

Shell in distance. N. Y., 1915. 17.6x22.6. 
Aviation, French. 

French aviator Lafarjjue in his latest model. 16.7x21.7. 

French dirigible lea\ang its hangar . 20 . 2x25 . 3 . 

French dirigibles and areos. N. Y., 1915. 10x14. 

Georges Carpentier, champion boxer, serving \^dth the French flying corps. 
N. Y., 1915. 18.1x9.1. 

New deadly weapon used by French aviators. N. Y., 1915. 9x12.9. 

Pegoud starting on his last flight. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.4. 

PBINTa 181 

ATiatton, Qerman. 

Armored Zeppelin starting for a raid on London. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

German aircraft gun firiufj on a British bi-plane. 1914. 24.3x18.6. 

German aviators measuring velocity of wind. N. Y., 1915. 21.7x18.4. 

German dirigible bomb dropper. 1914. lt.3xl(r.6. 

German military balloon ascending. N. Y., 1915. 24.4x18. 

Moving army balloon after filliu^gas tanks. N. Y., 1915. 17.5x24.4. 

View of Zeppelin shot down on English territory. 14.5x20. 

Zeppelin ready to ascend. View of front gondola. 16.2x21.5. 

The Nieuport machine. 1918. 19.8x24.4. 

British aviators who were sent to Russia. 1918. 19.5x2;i.3. 

Graber Vlinsky getting in a Xieuport machine. 1918. 7.9x13.6. 

Russian aviator and machine. 1918. 19x24.4. 

Russians practice daily. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

The scout machine. 1918. 19.1x24.4. 

Wheeling a Nieuport on the field ready to fly. 1918. 7.9x13.8. 

Bumintj of the new Zeppelin shed at Dilsseldorf. 23.7x20.8. 

A duel in the air. 23.5x19. 

The flghting ''drawn-fly " attacked. 1914. 24.^x19.5. 

Shelling the steel ^' Dove." 1914. 12.2x8.6. 

Udine as S3on from aeroplane. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.4. 
Awards of honor, Austrian. 

Archduke Frederick of Austria receives order. N". Y., 1915. 12.7x17.4. 

French officers decorating the brave wounded at the African hospital. 15.5x21. 

General de Castelman receiving the military medal of honor proffered by the 
President of France. 15.2x21. 

General Garibaldi reviews French troops in Paris. N. Y., 1915. 9.7x12.7 

General Petain decorates regimental standards. 16.5x22. 

Guynemer's memorial. 16.8x22. 

Heroic airmen honored . 16.7x2 1 .6 . 

Review bv General Michel; decoration ceremonies of a division of Chasseurs' 
standard. 21x16. 

Decorating heroes of Fort Hansel. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

German imperial chancellor delivering a speech on the inauguration ceremony 
of the "Iron Uindenbur^." N. Y.,^1915. lS.7x2t.4. 

Inauguration ceremony ot'Iron von'llindenburg." N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

Parade of victorious WUrtemberg regiment. N. Y. 1915. 8.8x12.3. 

Troops passing before Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria. N. Y. 1915. 18.9x24.3. 


Japanese cavalry on review. 1918. 16.6x21.9. 

Decoration ceremonies. 17.8x21.8. 
Battalion of death, Bussian. 

After the fatigue of the day's work. 1918. 18.3x23.3 

The cooks have troubles of their own. 1918. 19.3x24.2. 

Group of women's regiment in camp in Finland. 1918. 7.9x13.6. 

Lining up for soup in camp in Finland. 1918. 7.9x13.6. 

The peasant type has its advantages. 1918. 18.2x24.3. 

Rest and relaxation. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Rich soup made in the regulation army kitchen. 1918. 19.3x24.3. 

Soldier on guard. 1918. 13.6x7.9. 

Some hungry girls waiting their turn for the noonday soup. 1918. 19.3x24.3. 

Soup kitchen. 1918. 7.9x13.6. 

They have the same love of music as the men. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Types of faces and footgear. 1918. 19.2x24.1. 

Winners of decorations. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

The women camp out in the open. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Women in front of dog tent. 1918. 7.9x13.9. 

Women preparing dinner, camp in Finland. 1918. 7.9x13.6. 

Women's regiment in camp preparing to go to front. 1918. 7.9x13.7. 

The women^s regiment of Fetrograd. 1918. 19.5x23.4. 


Bombardment of cities — ^Belgian. 

Antwerp aflame; crisis of siege. 1914. 14.4x24.4. 

Antwerp truly a city of dreadful night. 1914. 15.1x24.6. 

Ruins of Antwerp after German bombardment. 1914. 11.1x16.4. 

The great Zeppelin raid on Kings Lynn, England. N. Y. 1915. 9.9x12. 5. 

Burning of the Hotel de ville at Arras. 25.5x17.3. 

Cathedral of Arras in ruins. 22x16.5. 

EffectsofGermansiegegunonbuildingin Albert, France. N.Y. 1915. 9.4x14.1. 

French fortress at Montvillier destroyed. N. Y. 1915. 8.7x12.3. 

Hotel de ville at Rheims in ruins. 15.5x21. 

Rheims cathedral. N. Y. 1915. 9.9x12.4. 

House in Mossa destroyed. 1917. 8.8x12.4. (2 photos.) 

House near Italian first line. Gorizia. 1917. 8.8x11.8. 

Interior of a house near Podgora. 1917. 12.2x8.8. 

Interior of the church at Mossa. 1917. 12x8.8. 12.5x9. (2 photos.) 1 

Iron bridge on the Isonzo badly damaged. 1917. 12.1x8.8. \ 

Observation post in breach of a wall near Gorizia. 1917. 11.8x8.8. 

Palace near Gorizia destroyed by Austrians. 1917. 8.8x11.8. 

Railroad bridge destroyed by Austrians. 1917. 12.4x8.8. 

Ruins of Lucmico. 1917. 12x8.9. 

Savogna, August 1916. 1917. 8.8x12.6. 

The church at Marasesti. 1918. 19.2x24.3. 

Interior of the church at Marasesti. 1918. 24.4x19.1. ! 

Marasesti, the real Verdun of Rumania. 1918. 19.2x24.6. 1 

Palace at Marasesti. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Railroad station at Marasesti bombed by the Germans. 1918. 19.1x24.6. 

Ruins of Marasesti. 1918. 18.4x23.4. 

Artillery duel across a cathedral city. After H. W. Koekoek. 14.8x24.8. 

Broken battlements. N. Y., 1915. 17.7x22.6. 

A city aflame. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

A destroyed bridge. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

Destruction of a civilian hospital by German aviators. 16x21. 

Effects of bombardment. N. Y., 1915. 18.1x24.5. (2 photos.) 

A road smashed up by shell-fire. After C. Guneo. 1914. 4.3x16. 

Scene in the church of Novgorod. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 
Camouflage, French. 

Ammunition depot roofed with green leaves and \dnes. 15.5x21 . 

Camouflage in the Aisne district. 16x21. 

Straw-covered French sentry-box. N. Y., 1915. 14.1x11.2. 
Camps, Ameiican. 

Camp Douglas. Mad., 1917. 11.8x33.1. 

Camp A. Merritt Taylor. 3rd Penna. Inf., Upper Darby, Pa., 1917. 15.9x41.7. 

Bomb-proof shelter in the mountains. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 

Rumanian soldiers in camp. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Rumanian soldiers in camp near prisoners' camp. 1918. 18.2x23.3. 

Rumanian winter quarters. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 
Commissary, British. 

Capt. Buzzacott's army kitchen. 1917. 16.5x24.5. 

Feeding the British lion in his den. 1914. 7.7x25.1. 

Scene xn commissary department of Kitchener's big army. N. Y., 1915. 

Feeding the firing-line. 1914. 20.2x34. 

Ratiomng the troops in the Aisne quarries under fire. I^ond., 1914. 11x15.5. 

Geese by thousands commandeered by the Germans in Russia. N. Y., 1915. 

Hogs for the German army. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

Kaiser orders bread his soldiers eat for his own table. N. Y., 1915. 10.6x15.1. 

Victualling German army. Granary. N. Y., 1915. 12.5x17.6. 

In each town the oflicers form an officers' mess. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 


Hand-to-haiid flglitiiig, Austrian. 

Austrian Uhlans at the Vistula. N. Y., 1915. 18x24.6. 
Austrians advancing in Russian Poland. N. Y., 1915. 9.3x14.6. 
Austro^Crerman advance guard inspecting Russian battle-front. N. Y., 1915. 



Bel^an armored motor car going into action. 15.8x23.8. 

Belgian dead in a church. 1914. 12.6x10.3. 

Street fighting in a town on the Belgian border. 1914. 8.1x25.3. 


British armored motor cars. 1914. 4.3x16.1. 

British army horses in the war. N. Y., 1914. 12.9x35.1. 

British cavalry action against German cavalry. Alter R. C. Woodville. 13.4x21 . 

British cavalry engaged against German infantry. Alter F. de Haenen. 1914. 

British cavalry making a reconnoissance. 1914. 16.9x25.3. 
British dislodging Germans at Morin. 28x21.5. 
Charge of Indian troops. 1914. 15.2x25.3. 
Chaige of the Liond. Scottish. 16.53t25.7. 
Cha^ng on foot with the lance. 1914. 4.2x15. 
Combined artillery, infantry, and cavalry attack. 1914. 13.4x23. 
A gallant Irishman's splendid stand. 1914. 25.3x19.9. 

Gurkhas, natural fighters from Nepal, India. After R. C. Woodville. 9.5x24.2. 
Highlanders charging at St. Quentin. After D. Bowers. 24.9x38. 
How British infantry advance against a position under the covering fire of the 

field artillery. After H. W. Koekoek. [1914.] 8.9x34.5. 
Indian troops turning a tidal wave of men. After R. G. Woodville. 1914. 

Mounted Senussi on their way to Suez Canal. N. Y., 1915. 12.3x17.8. 
9th Lancers recapturing British artillery. After R. C. Woodville. 15x24.5. 
''On Britain's roll of honor." The return from the charge. After R. 0. Wood- 
ville. 25x19. 
Remarkable encounter between Highlanders and Germans near Ermenonville. 

Saving a stricken comrade. 19J4. 25.3x20.3. 
Saving the mechanic whom an airman had to leave behind. Alter J. deG. Bryan. 

Senussi patrolling Sinai peninsula. N. Y., 1915. 12.3x16.5. 
A Spahi exploit. After J. deG. Bryan. Lond., 1914. 17.8x11.4. 
The struggle for the Yser. After S. Wright. 1914. 8.9x15.3. 
The taking of the guns. After R. C. Woodville. Lond., 1914. 20.2x25.8. 
The thin khaki line repels the Corps d'^lite. 1914. 9.1x15.7. 
" Uhlan-hunting as a form of sport." After G. Scott. 1914. 13.4x16.5. 
When the Territorials met the Bavarians. After R. 0. Woodville. 1914. 


— French. 

Battle of the Meaux. 21x34 . 

Dead horses and men strew the streets of Lille after hot engagement. N. Y . , 

1915. 10.5x13. 
Detachment of French 2i0uave6. 20.2x25.4. 
End of encounter between French infantry and the Prussian guards at the 

Chateau de Mondement. After R. C. WoodvDle. 1914. 14.5x24.1. 
End of the four days' struggle for the Chateau de Mondement. 1914. 6.3x24.8. 
The famous turcos. 1914. 5.6x20.3. 

French-Algerians help defend Franco-Belgian coast. N. Y., 1915. 10x13.1. 
French dragoons with guick firing gun. 20.2x25.3. 

French infantry storming Chateau de Mondement. After D. Bowers. 24.9x38. 
French marines advancing near Ghent. 16.8x21.8. 
French naval brigade charging. After C. Fouquiran. 1914. 13.1x9.8. 
French scouting parties meet m woods. N. Y., 1915. 8.4x13.5. 
Impromptu leader. After J. Smith. 1914. 21.4x29. 

Scene in the devastated town of Senlis, France. After F. Matania. 22x35.5. 
Struggle for the Chateau de Mondement. 33.8x26. 

— Qerman. 

Attack on Fort F16ron, Belgium. 18.5x33. 

The battle of the dunes. After H. W. Koekoek. 1914. 9.3x14.5. 


Hand-to-hand fighting, Oennan — Continued. 

A charge at St. Quentin. After R. C. Woodville. 1914. 20.5x15.7. 

Defeat of the Prussian guards at Ypres. 1914. After R. C. Woodville. 3.8x14.8. 

During the fiercest fighting the world has known. 1914. 8.8x20.1. 

Fight m a village. 1914. 16.3x25.3. 

Fogs of war. After S. Wright. 1914. 8.5x15. 

Forest figh ting near Ypres. Lend . , 1 914 . 13 .7x17 .5. 

German Hussars crossiug a river in Macedonia. N. Y., 1916. 15x20.5. 

German infantry advancing in massed formation. 1914. 14.5x24.2. 

German trap for British military motor cars. After J. deG. Bryan. 1914. 

German troops opposing French attack. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

German troops pursuing Russians. N. Y., 1915. 11.8x16.5. 

Germans caught in a wine-cellar. N. Y., 1914. 24.5x17.7. 

Germans rallying for further advance. N. Y., 1915. 12.7x17.4. 

Germans routed and their guns engulfed. Lond., 1914. 11.9x17. 

How the Germans advanc^ in the Battle of the Dykes. After S. Wright. 1914. 

Last stand of the Germans. After H. W. Koekoek. 15x24.4. 

Motor-cyclist in action. N. Y,, 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

Patrol of the Uhlans. After J. Ryszkiewicz. 1915. 10.7x15.2. 

Retreat of the Germans at the Battle of the Marne. 1914. 16.8x24.6. 

Snipers at work. N. Y., 1915. 9.9x7.3. 

Tree climbing tactics of the German sniper discovered. After F. de Haenen. 
Lond., 1914. 17.8x12.8. 

Turning the Germans out of their cover. After J. Price. Lond., 1914. 13.6x17.5. 

Taking down Russian wire. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.4. 
Italian. J 

Italian cycle corps advancing in Austrian territory. N. Y., 1915. 7.6x11.3. I 

ItaUan infantry advancing to the attack. 1917. 11.6x8.8. 

Italian infantry crossing Isouzo under heavy fire. 1917. 12.2x8.9. 

Italian infantry on march. N. Y., 1915. 9x12.6. 

Italians charging Austrian infantry. N. Y., 1915. 9x12.3. 

Troops massed on the banks of the Isonzo. 1917. 12.2x8.8. 

The charge. 1918. 18.4x23.3. 

Rumanian cavalr>'. 1918. 19x24. 

Cossack and infantry advance. 33.8x25.7. 

Cossack soldiers at Pavloak. 1918. 7.9x13.6. (2 photos.) 

Cossacks and weather worn roada. After F. de Haenen. 1914. 4.1x15.6. 

Co«acks swimming their horses across a river. 16x24.7. 

Cossacks using their steeds as breastworks. 1914. 7x24.9. 

How Cossacks tricked German cavalry. 9x14.5. 

Russian cavalry retreating. N. Y., 1915. 10x12. 

Russian cavalry retreating before Germans. N. Y., 1915. 9.9x12.2. 

Russian troops fighting at close quarters. 1914. 16.2x25.3. 

Ru&sians killed by own wire entanglements. N. Y., 1915. 13x17.5. 

Serbian sentinels in the snow. N. Y., 1915. 9.4x13.6. 

Serbian sentinels on guard duty. N. Y., 1915. 9.4x13.6. 

Serbian soldier frozen to death on duty as sentry. N. Y., 1915. 9.5x13.6. 

Turkish marine infantry. N. Y., 1915. 12.7x17.1. 

Danish schooner blown up by a German mine. 32.2x16.6. 

English ships trying to avoid (Jerman minos are wrecked on coaHt. N. Y'., 1915. 
Missions, American. 

Members of the Hpecial diplomatic mission of the United States to Russia. 1917. 
8.8x13.9. (2 phot03.) 

Belgian mission. City hall, Aug. 21, N. Y., 1917. 19.3x23.8. (2 photos.) 

Cuban mission. Wash., 1917. 10.8x15.9. 


Missioiis, Frencli. 

Arrival of the French miasion. 12.5x17.9. 

French aviation misadon. Wash., 1917. 12x17.1. 

French bluejackets in Norfolk, Va. Norfolk, 1917. 11.7x16.7. 11.7x16.8. (2 

French misdon at Navy yard. Wash., 1917. 10.8x15.9. 

French mbdon pasdn^ Capitol. 12.5x17.6. 
Munition works — ^American. 

Drilling holes for caps in cartridge cases. Wash., 1917. 16x11. 

Examining the muzzle of a gun. Wash., 1917. 10.9x15.9. 

General view of a cartridge shop. Wa'^h., 1917. 11x16. 

Gauging cartridge cases. Wash., 1917. 16x11. 

Machine used for washing shells with oakite. N. Y., 1918. 19x24.5. 

Making cartridge cases. Wash., 1917. 11x16. 

Testing high explosive sheila. N. Y., 1918. 19x24.2. 

View of a room in a Yankee gun shop. Wash., 1917. 11x15.9. 

Washing shells with oakite. N. Y., 1918. 19x24.5. 
Naval battles, American. 

Gun crews readv for action. Wash., 1917. 16.1x21.1. 

Arrival of British cruiner squadron off Heligoland. 20.5x16. 

British naval patrol on duty. After G. Dakin. 1914. 8x13.3. 

Decisive moment in the naval engagement off Heligoland. 1914. 21x15.9. 

The destroyer flotilla torpedoing a German cruiser off Heligoland. After N . 
Wilkmson. Lond., 1914. 15.9x19.9. 

Destrovers coaling and landing German wounded from " K6nigin Luise." After. 
N. Wilkinson. 19x32. 

Destroyers goin^ into action. 1914. 11.5x19.7. 

End of the British cruiser Amphion. After N. Wilkinson. 12.9x21.2. 

Faithful unto death. After W. Hatherell (photogravure.) 33x48.5. 

Fight between the Kaiser Wilholm der Grojie and the Highflyer on August 26, 
1914. After N. Wilkinson. 14.7x24.6. 

French aircraft and British war ships guarding the English channel. After N. 
Wilkinson. N. Y., 1914. 9.6x17.5. 

Rescuing German crews. After C. N. Padday. 1914. 16.7x13.6. 

Sinking of the Aboukir. After N. Wilkinson. 15.5x24.7. 

Survivors of the * Amphion.*' After S. Begg. 1914. 19x33.3. 

Torpedoing and sinking of the Hermes. After N. Wilkinson. 1914. 13x10.1. 

French torpedo boats entering Calais harbor. After S. Wright. 1914. 8.5x14.2. 

Terrible effect of our naval q:uqs. After A. Bastion. 1914. 9.4x16.3. 

Sin king of four German d estroy ers . 19 1 4 . 7 .8 xl4 . 2 ( 3 photos . ) . 

Sinkingof the German cruiser "Mainz." After N. Wilkinson. 1914. 12.1x19.6. 

SiwkiTig of the Mainz in the battle off Heligoland. 19x24.7. 
Naval ships, British. 

Britain's new 15-inch naval gun. 13x21. 

British cruiser convoying five merchantmen. After N. Wilkinson. 24.5x19.5. 

Capt. Finch and chie'f officers abroad the S. S. Arabic. N. Y., 1915. 12x10, 

Destroyers foiled by searchlights. 16x24. 

Dischwging torpedo. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.6. 

Pishing craft called into port. N. Y., 1914. 24.2x16.2. 

Flag parade of battleships and cruisers. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

H. M. S. Veribus Unitis firing broadside. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.7. 

H. M. S. Veribus Unitis firing guns. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.6 (2 photos.). 

Picking up torpedoes. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.8. 

S. 8. Arabic reported sunk. N. Y., 1915. 8.6x9.8. 

German cruiser "Karlsruhe" in South Pacific. N. Y., 1915. 9.9x13.7. 

Germans and Turks aboard cruiser ''Hamideh." N. Y., 1915. 10x14.3. 

Launching a Grerman ship. N. Y., 1915. 24.3x19.3. 

American destroyers in British waters. 16.6x21.5. 

American sailors. Wash., 1917. 15.7x21.1. 

American sailors preparing to strafe Fritz . 15. 6x2 1.3. 

Drinking fountain on American destroyer. Wash., 1917. 16.2x21. 

Fritz and Bill still refuse to make friends. Wash., 1917. 15.6x21.1. 

Gun crews ready for action in foreign waters. 16.2x21.5. 

The navy lookout. 15x20.7. 


Naval ships, American — Continued. 

Officers of U. S. Navjr with correspondents. Wash., 1917. 16x21. 

Officers of U. S. ship in British waters. Wash., 1917. 15.9x21.5. 

Officers with correspondents. Wash.^ 1917. 15.8x21. 

U. S. destroyers alongside a depot ship. Wash., 1917. 15.9x20.9. 

Who goes there? After P. Newton. 1917. 17.8x26.5. 

Burial of Lord Roberts. After A. Forestier. 1914. 8.9x15.7 

In the midst of life: The field of honor. After G. Scott. 1914. 18.7x25.4. 

Lord Roberts funeral passing through London. N. Y., 1915. 10.6x13. 

Funeral service of two aviators. N. Y., 1915. 12.7x18, 11.9x17.6 (2 photos.). 
Occupation of cities, Austrian. 

Archduke Frederick, Prince Franz-Josef, and Archbishop of Przemjrsl reviewing 
troops. N. Y., 1915. 17.7x22.7. 

Austrian officers in Poland. N. Y., 1915. 

Entry of Austro-Hungarian troops into Tomacheff. 1915. 10x19.9. 

Polish legion in the streets of Vienna. 1915. 9.8x22.7. 

Questioning wandering Jews. N. Y., 1915. 17.7x24.6. 

Telephone division of Austrian army on the march. N. Y., 1915. 17.7x24.4. 

Town officials of Wolce in war conference. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.5. 

Billeting troop in an English village. 1914. 13.5x23.2. 

Bomb-proof cellar used by British officers as bedroom. 1914. 24.1x20.1. 

British artillerymen passing through a town in northern Belgium. 16.8x21.7. 

British soldiers in a loop-holed farmyard. 1914. 24.5x20.2. 

British troops in Bruges. 18.2x26. 

General Allenby, on foot, leads British forces into Jerusalem. N. Y., 1918 

"Tis a long, long way to Tipperary." 25.8x22.2. 

Where British, French, and Belj^ans meet. N. Y., 1915. 11.1x13.4. 

Anniversary of conquest of Constantinople. N. Y., 1915. 19.5x24.3. 

Belgium. After the battle of Flanders. 16.7x21.8. 

Children in Russian Poland fed bv Germans. N. Y., 1915. 12.8x17.3. 

Church bell taken from French 'village. N. Y., 1915. 19.1x24.6. 

Citizens visiting Brussels art museum on day of opening. Stamford, 1915 . 16x21 .5 . 

Entrance of Germans into Antwerp. 1916. 11.3x16.4. 

Fire and sword in a village street. After F. de Haenen. 19.7x15.7. 

German army in Louvain. 1914. 15.8x20.7. 

German booty in the Russian theater of war. N. Y., 1916. 14.9x20.6. 

German defences at Liege. Ait^r H. W. de Koekoek. 20.5x16. 

German infantry taking quarters in a captured village. N. Y., 1915. 15.3x20.6. 

German orgy. 1914. 24.3x19.1. 

German soldiers driving the inhabitants of Louvain before them. After E. 
Matania. 25.6x20.3. 

German soldiers in Belgium. Stamford, 1915. 16.4x21.5. (2 photos.) 

German soldiers visiting art museum of Brussels. Stamford, 1915. 16.4x21.3. 

German soldiers with machine guns in Li^ge after occupation. After A. Forestier. 
N. Y., 1914. 23.8x17.4. 

Guard mount in the principal plaza of Lille. Stamford, 1915. 16.4x21.5. 

Havoc wrought by the enemy s raid in C'hamry. 15.5x21. 

Interior of church at Aerschot. N. Y., 1914. 25.6x19.4. 

Memorial stone erected by German troops. N. Y., 1915. 13x17.4. 

Prince Leopold of Bavana entering Warsaw. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

Prince Leopold of Bavaria passing through the streets of Warsaw. N. Y., 1915. 

Senate chamber of Bel^an Parliament, Brussels. Stamford, 1915. 16.1x21.2. 

Young men in Polish city who have volunteered to join German army. N. Y., 
1915. 18.6x24.6. 

Gorizia seen from the castle. 1917. 8.9x12.1. 

Italy's king in conference with clergy and laymen. N. Y., 1915. 12x8.6. 

Piazza grande, Gorizia. 1917. 8.8x11.9. 

Road near Gorizia immediately after the occupation. 1917. 12.2x8.8. 

Company of soldiers on the way to Winter palace, Petrograd. 1918. 7.8x13.6. 

Cossacks passing through a Galician village. 24.4x18.9. 


Oocupatton of cities, Serbian. 

Servian infantry on their way to the front. N. Y., 1915. 9.7x13.9. 
Portraits, American. 

Benson, Admiral William S., and Admiral Henry T. Mayo. Wash., 1917. 11x16.9. 

Billings, Colonel, and members of Japanese Red Cross. 1918. 11.9x9.7. 

Boder, Mrs. Bartlett. N. Y., 1915. 14.4x10. 

Gerard, American amb&ssador. Stamford, 1915. 15.5x20.8. 

Jackson, John Brinckerhoff, American envoy. Stamford, 1915. 15.5x20.7. 

Lay, James P., American consul-general to Germany. Stamford, 1915. 15. 6x 

20.6. 15.7x20.6. (2 photos.) 
Pershing, General, accompanied by a British general en route to the office of 

foreign affairs in Paris. 16x21. 
Pershing, General, and his staff. N. Y., 1917. 10x13.5. 
Pershing, General, at his desk (headquarters in France). 16x21. 
Pershing, General, visiting the Re<l cross. 1917. 19x24. 
Happy warriors- (Major General Pershing and Marshal Joffre). N. Y., 1917. 

Sims, Admiral, at the Admiralty house, Queenstown. 20.5x15.5. 
Sims, Admiral, playing with his dog. 16.6x21.9. 
Sims, Admiral, and group of officers in grounds of Admiral tv house. Wash. , 1917. 

Sims, Admiral, with British and American staff officers. Wai«h. B.C. 1917. 

Sims, Admiral, with American correspondents. 16.2x21.8. 
Taussig, Commander, and officers. 16.6x21.9. 
Officers of U. S. ship in British waters. 15.5x21.5. 


Charles Francis Joseph, Archduke. 1915. 13.4x19.7. 

Charles P^rancis Joseph, Archduke, inspecting the fortress of Przemysl. 1915. 

Frederick, Archduke. 1915. 10.1x19.6. 
Hetzendorf, Conrad von. General. N. Y. 1915. 24.3x19.5. 
HCtsendorf, Conrad F. C, General. N. Y. 1915. 7.7x10.5. 
Ludomirsky, Prince, ci\il governor, a Polish prince. N. Y. 1915. 24.3x18.4. 
Pilsudski, Josef, commander of the Polish legion. 1915. 10.8x7.3. 
Austro-Hungarian army commander of 12th corps. N. Y. 1915. 24.4x19.3. 


Albert, King, and General Antoine. 16.8x21.5. 
Leman, General, defender of Liftge. 


Edmiston, Lieut. Kenneth, of the 19th Alberta dragoons, and his bride. N. Y. 

1915. 10.5x13.4. 
George V, King, and Queen of England leaving St. Paul's Cathedral, London, fol- 
lowing the ceremony celebrating the entrance of the LTnited States into the war. 

George V, King, and Queen of England returning from St. Paul's. N. Y. 1915. 

George, David Lloyd, prime ministi^r. 15.5x10. 
Haig, General Sir Douglas, after J. St. 11. Lander. 43.5x33.2. 
Howard, Sir Henry, received at the Vatican. N. Y. 1915. 10.2x13.3. 
Kitchener, Lord. Lond. 1901. 36.5x30.3. 
Kitchener, Lord, at work. 14.9x24.9. 

Kitchener, Lord, in8|)ecting British troops. N. Y. 1915. 10.2x13.3. 
Wales, Prince of, leaving Buckingham palace. 13.9x10.6. 


I>^bri, Colonel, the ^'Blue devil" and Lieutenant De Tessin, aide to Marshal 

Joffre. 11x161. 
Joffre, Marshal Joseph. 23.4x18.6. 
Joffre, Marshal Joseph. Chic. 1917. 33.5x15. 

Joffre, Marshal, and Admiral Chocheprat, of the French navy. 15.8x10.8. 
Joffre, Marshal, and Ambassador Jusserand. Wash., D. C. 1917. 17x11. 
Joffre^ Marshal, Commissioner Vi\'iani and General Barry. 31.1x25.8. 
&^gin, General. 25x18. 

Michel, General, military governor of Paris. 15x10.5. 
Pepetin, Lieut., marries at St. Jacques chnrch. N. Y. 1915. 10x13.9. 
P^tain, General, President Poincar^ and King Albert of Belgium reviewing a 

squadron of aeroplanes in the Mouse district. 15x20.8. 


Portraits, French — Continued. 

retain, General, reviewing American troops in France. 15x19.5. 

Poincar^, President, at the Palace of the mvalides, N. Y. 1915. 9.6x13.7. 

Poincar^, President, Generals Paul Painl^ve and Pershing with staff, reviewing 
American troops in France. 14.9x18.5. 

Poincar6, Preddent, reviewing American troops in France. Generals P6tain and 
Pershing at right. 14.3x18.3. • 

Viviani, head of French commission. Ohic. 1917. 23.8x18.2. 

Generals of the Marnb. 1916-1917. After F. Flameng. 35.5x51. 

Biflsing, General von, in Brussels art museum. Stamford. 1915. 16.1x21.4. 

Bisiing, General von, and his staff. Stamford. 1915. 16.1x21.4. 

Bisnng, General von, military governor of Belgium. Stamford. 1915. 16.4x21.5 

Biasing, General von, military governor of Belgium, and staff. Stamford. 1915. 

Eitel Frederick, Prince. N. Y. 1915. 9.4x12.8. 

Emmich, General von. N. Y. 1915. 19.3x24.5, 

Falkenhayn, General von. N. Y. 1915. 9.5x6.6. 

Gallwitz, General von. N. Y. 1915. 24.5x19.3. 

Helfferich, Dr. Karl. Stamford. 1915. 15.5x20.8. (3 photos.) 

Hertlinc, Baron von. 1917. 23.7x19.8. 

Kestrank, Fieldmarshal. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

Linsingen, General von. N. Y., 1915. 24.5x19.2. 

Lumm, Dr. von, director of banks and finance for Brusseln. Stamford, 1915. 

Lumm, Dr. von, and his staff. Stamford, 1915. 16.1x21.3. 

Mackensen, General von, at the front. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.7. 

Mecklenburg, Duke of. N. Y., 1915. 18.8x24.5. 

Rupprecht, Prince, of Bavaria. N. Y., 1915. 8x13.4. 

Sanclt, General von, and staff. Stamford, 1915. 16x21. 

Sandt, General von, civil governor of Belgiimi. Stamford, 1915. 16.4x21.4. 

Stahl, Gustav, German reservist. N. Y., 1915. 12.4x9.8. 

Usedom, Admiral von, inspector-general of the coast defences of the Dardanelles. 
N. Y., 1915. 24.3x19.4. 

William, Crown prince, and staff. N. Y., 1916. 15.6x20.6. 

William, the German crown prince. N. Y., 1914. 18.9x23.9. 
. William II, German emperor, and Prince ileury at front. N. Y., 1915. 12.4x17.6. 

William II, German emperor, with General von Emmich. N. Y., 1915. 12.6x17.3. 

William II, the kaiser. N. Y., 1915. 10.2x6.9. 

William II, kaiser, consulting with his officers. 1916. 23x31.7 and 7.9x12.9. (2 

World -war imperial family. 36.9x48.1. 

Woyrsch, General von. N. Y., 1915. 24.5x19.3. 

Wurm, Gen., and Prince Parina. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

At headquarters. N. Y., 1915. 19x24.6. 
- — Italian. 

Marconi, Signer Guclielmo. N. Y., 1915. 12.8x9.4. 

Porrio, General, Italian general staff . N. Y., 1915. 9.1x5.7. 

Akiyama, General, Japanese anny. 1918. 16.0x21.9. 

Otani, General, Japanese armv. 1918*. 16.6x21.8. 

Li, Prince. 1918. 15.4x20.2! 

Angelescu, General, and some of his regiment. 1918. 19.1x24. 

Bunescu, General, and staff, Rumanian army. 1918. 18.4x23.3. 

Ferdinand, king of Rumania; Col. Anderson, of the Red cross mission. 1918. 

Iliosku, Sergeant Ignatius, Rumania. 1918. 24.5x19.3. 

Istrati, General, General Paul Angelescu and General Bunescu. 1918. 18.4x23.4. 

Rumanian cavalry officer. 1918. 19.1x24. 

Nicolas, the Father of all the Russians. N. Y., 1915. 12.1x8.7. 

Nicholas, Grand duke, of Russia. 13.5x10.5. 

Nicholas, Grand duke, of Russia. 40.8x29. 

Nicholas, Grand duke, supreme leader of the Russian forces. 1914. 13.8x11. 

The Cossack. 1914. 20.3x12.7. 

Cossack officer with a Don horse. 1918. 18.7x24. 7.9x13.9. (2 photos.) 


Portraits, TnrklslL. 

Eesad Pasha, commander of 19th Turkish divifliou. N. Y., 1915. 6.6x9.1. 

Merten Pasha, consulting with Usedom Pasha. N. Y., 1916. 6.7x8.9. 
Posters, American. 

American ambulance in Russia. 21x13.3. 21x12.5. (2 photos.) 

Don't let this happen. After A. H. Roos. Wash., 1917. 23.8x15.8. 

Give my love to sister (Y. M. C. A.). 23.5x16.5. 

Hold my coat. 19.5x15. 

If you want 'o make a feller smile (Y. M. C. A.). 42x29. 

Knights of Columbus. 23x16.5. 

'*Laiayette we are here" (Major-General Pershing). 42x29. 

Men wanted for the Army. 21x14.2. 

The Sammy in France. 25x16.5. 

Come on! 14x19. 

For the glory of Ireland. 21x15.5. 

Forward! 18.5x12.5. 

If you are an Irishman. After D. Turner. 19.5x12.5. 

Plain duty. 20x13. 

** I am the Good Shepherd." At the outpost. 15.5x20.5. 

"Lo, I am with you alway." In the trenches. 13.5x20.5. 
Prison-camj^s, American. 

Interned German prison camp, llot Springs, N. C. 14.5x21. 

German civilian prisoners at Dahomey. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

German prisoners of war. After S. Begs. N. Y., 1914. 19.8x34.8. 

Alten Grabow near Berlin. French and Belgian prisoners of war playing cards 
in the German military prison camp. Chicago, 1914. 15.4x24.8. 

Alten Grabow. German prison barracks. Chic, 1914. 16.4x24.8. 

Alten Grabow. Prisoner? washing up. Chicago, 1914. 19.6x24.7. 

Alten Grabow. Three prihoners of war: French and Belgian. Chicago, 1914. 

Alten Grabow. Waiting for mess in the German prison camp. Chic, 1914. 

British, French, and Russian oflScer prisoners in garden of Mainz castell. N. Y., 
1915. 18.4x24.2. 

Camp barbers at work. Stamford, 1915. 15.7x10.4. 16.3x10.8. (2 photos.) 

Camp library. Stamford, 1915. 15.5x20.7. 

Camp shoemakers at work. Stamford, 1915. 10.3x15.6. 

Camp store or canteen. Stamford, 1915. 15.7x20.6. 

Camp watch-tower. Stamford, 1915. 20.5x15.7. 

Cans^ian wounded prisoners. 16.5x21.9. 

Captured rifles. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.7. 

Dwelling house of officer prisoners. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.4. 

Fire department. Stamford, 1915. 8.1x13.2. 

Food cooked in big kitchens in background. Stamford, 1915. 16.2x20.6. 

French and Russian prL*oners placing cards. 16.7x21.7. 

French artists, who are prisoners, producing works of art. N. Y., 1915. 18.7x24.3 . 

French, Belrian, and Turco prisoners at German camp. 18x25. 

French, EnglLsh, and Russian prisoners. Stamford, 1915. 8x13.3. 

French, English, and Russian prisoners enjoying paper. Stamford, 1915. 8.1x13.2. 

French prisoners eating beef stew. 16.6x22. 

French prisoners receiving their rations. 16.7x21.7. 

French soldier receiving parcel-post package containing bread. 15.4x10.2. 

French soldier receiving post-package from France. Stamford, 1915. 15.6x10.6. 

French tailonj. Stamford, 1915. 10.2x15.6. 

Fried potato merchant and his stove. Stamford, 1915. 13.3x8. (2 photos.) 

Group of French wounded prisoners. 16.5x21.9. 

How food is cooked. Stamford, 1915. 15.5x20.7. 

Machine used to help work in kitchen. Stamford, 1915. 15.1x20.7. 

Poster for foot-ball game. Stamford, 1915. 13.3x8.1. 

Poster for foot-ball game. Stamford, 1915. 13.4x8. 

Prison church. Stamford, 1915. 15.7x20.6. 
. Prison hot shower. Stamford, 1915. 15.5x20.8. 

Prison merchant selling French fried potatoes. Stamford, 1915. 13.8x8.1. 


Pilson-oamps, Qerman — Continued. 

Prison school. Stamford, 1915. 10.8x15.5. 

Prisoners enjoying illustrated papers. Stamford, 1915. 8x13.3. 

Prisoners looking at Collier's. Stamford, 1915. 8x13.3. 

Pri<)oners receiving parcel-p03 1 packages from France . Stamford ,1915. 15 .5x20 . 7 . 

Relief committee at work. Stamford, 1915. 15.7x20.6. 

Kuasian prisoners waiting their turn at bath-house. Stamford, 1915. 10.8x15.5. 
10.6x15.5. (2 photos.) 

Russian wounaed prisoners. 16.5x22. 

Type of barracks in which prisoners are housed. Stamford, 1915. 15.5x20.8. 

Typical barracks — ^interior. Stamford, 1915. 15.7x20.6. 

Wash room for prisoners. Stamford, 1915. 8.1x13.3. 

Youngest prisoner 14 years old. Russian. Stamford, 1915. 13.3x9. 
Prisoners, Austrian. 

Group of Austrians. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 

Prisoners captured near Gorizia. 1917. 12x8.8. 


Bringing in French prisoners in a suburb of Verdun. N. Y., 1915. 14.7x20.6. 
French prisoners. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x23.6. 


German prisoners of war, building camps for American soldiers * 'somewhere in 

France." 15.5x18.5. 
German prisoners protected by British soldiers from indignant French people. 

After F. de Haenen. 1914. 
Picturesque Spahis of France's army escorting German prisoners in France. 

After R. C. Woodville. 9x34. 
Sortie by the poilus nets the French a conglomeration of German prisoners. 



Montenegrin prisoners of war. 1915. 14.6x20. 


Capture of Russian spy by Germans. N. Y., 1915. 10x14.4. 

Germans escorting Russian prisoners. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

Russian and Siberian soldiers captured by Germans. N. Y., 1915. 12.5x17.1. 

Russian infantry and Cossacks captured oy Germans. N. Y., 1915. 10.4x16.1. 

Russian prisoners. 1915. 12.9x19.9. 

Russian prisoners cleaning up East Prussian cities. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

Russian prisoners escorted by Uhlans. After J. Ryszkiewicz. 1915. 11.9x14.6. 

Russian prisoners in Galicia. 1915. 9.3x19.9. 

Russian soldiers made prisoners in Galicia. 1915. 9.8x19.9. 

Russians taken prisoner by the defenders of Przemysl. 1915. 15.2x19.9. 


Serbian prisoners. 1915. 14.4x19.3. 
Serbian prisoners of war. 1915. 11.9x19.4. 
Becreation, Belgian. 

Belgian soldier in surf at Ostend. N. Y., 1914. 20.4x15.8. 
Wounded Belgian officer at Ostend. N. Y., 1914. 15.4x19.5. 


Football within sound of the guns. 1914. 9.7x16.8. 

The fortune of war. After F. Roe. 41x51. 

Members of Kitchener's *'Big army" seem efficient. N. Y., 1915. 12.9x10.2. 

Opera house at Le Mans, true theatre of war. 1914. 15.6x25.4. 

Tommy Atkins indulges his sense of humour. 1914. 7.2x24.5. 


Military concert by a Bulgarian band. N. Y., 1916. 15.6x20.1. 


Amusement for German wounded soldiers. N. Y., 1915. 12.1x17.5. 
Bathing. N. Y.. 1915. 19.3x24.5. 
German soldiers Dowling. N. Y., 1915. 18.9x24.5. 
Bowling alley in German trench. N. Y., 1915. 12.2x17.5. 
Human music racks. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 
Landsturm interest camps. N. Y., 1915. 17.8x24.3. 
Landsturm regulars at rest in forest. N. Y., 1915. 17.8x24.3. 
Soldier showing toys to children. N. Y., 1915. 19.4x24.3. 
Soldiers* orchestra. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

PBIKT8 191 

BeereattcKB, Serlkian. 

Serbians quenching their thirst. N. Y., 1915. 9.5x13.5. 

Soldiers and their sweethearU. N. Y., 1915. 17.8x22.8. 

The American Y. M. C. A. work among the Russian soldiers. 1918. 18.4x23.4. 

Y. M. C. A. shack in suburbs of Moscow. 1918. 7.9x13.6. 
Befngees, Belgian. 

Belgian armv retreating from Antwerp. N. Y., 1914. 15.8x20.3. 

Belgians in night before the Germans. 1914. 14.9x23.2. 

Belgians passing through the gate at Bruges. N. Y., 1914. 15.8x20.2. 

Engines with retreating Bel^ans. N. Y., 1914. 15.4x19.9. 

Exodus from Antwerp mto Holland. 16x21. 

Old woman refugee. N. Y., 1914. 20.3x15.3. 

Cave dwelleiB of the Aisne. After H. W. Koekoek. 16.1x24.4. 

Galician Jews fleeing from Galicia. N. Y., 1915. 10.1x12.2. 

Interior of a Polish hut. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 

Jewish refugees from Lublin. N. Y., 1915. 9.6x15. 

Jewish refugees of Poland. N. Y., 1915. 18.6x24.3. 

Jewish types in Russian Poland. N. Y., 1915. 12.9x17.6. 

Misery of Polish fugitives. N. Y., 1915. 19.4x24.5. 

Type of Polish peasant huts. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.2. 

The wandering Jews. N. Y., 1915. 19.2x24.3. 

Refugees who have been taken in by their friends. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

The Rumanian refugee. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

The whole family is compelled practically to live in the open. 1918. 18.4x23.3. 

Russians evacuating Warsaw. N. Y., 1915. 8.5x12.5. 
Belief work, American. 

Dawson and Red cross nurses. N. Y., 1915. 17.8x22.7. 

Evening with our American Red cross in FrancOr 21.2x15. 

French mothers with infants at lied cross canteen. 18.5x23. 

Mackay unit of Roosevelt hospital. N. Y., 1917. 18.8x23.6. 

Medical staff and muses of the American Red cross hospital at Roman, Rumania. 
1918. 18.4x23.4. 

Members of the hospital corps of our Army in the first line trenches rendering 
aid to the wounded. 15.7x21. 

Miss Maxine Elliott fitting up her barge, distributing food and clothing. N. Y., 
1915. 10.2x12.2. 

Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt and wounded French soldiers at Neuilly. 22.3x28.6, 
22.9x29.1, 23.5x29.3. (3 phoios.) 

Wife of U . S . Ambassador to Russia aids Russian wounded . N . Y . , 191 5 . 8x1 2.1. 

Woman's committee, Council of national defense. Wash., 1917. 10.9x15.9. 

Belgian chaplain en^^aged in Red cross work. N. Y., 1915. 10x13.5. 

Belgian first-aid station. 16.5x22. 

Belgian soldiers removing comrade overcome by gas attack. 15x20.8. 

Stretcher-bearers removing the wounded to stations of first aid. BatUe of Fland- 
ers. 16x20.5. 

Two little baby shoes found in wounded Belgian's pockets. N. Y., 1915. lO.lx 

Rescue attending Lusitania disaster. 21.7x15.2. 

Chaplain and stretcher-bearers searching for wounded and dead soldiers [Beau- 
mont]. 14.3x20. 

Exchange of surgeons and attendants between France and Germany. N . Y. , 191 5. 
^ Fraternity. After J. C. Dollman. Bristol, 1917. 55.5x68.6. 
^ French soldiers seriouslv wounded being sent home. N. Y., 1915. 9.5x13.7. 

Probing the woimds of French soldier. N. Y., 1915. 10.2x14.5. 

Reconstructed home in a French village (Matigny). 15.7x20.3. 

Transporting wounded French soldiers to their barracks. N. Y., 1915. 9.6x13. 


Belief wof k, Qennan. 

Courteey of war. 1914. 8.9x34.7. 

Germaa wounded Boldieis being taught to earn livelihood. N. Y., 1915. 12. 2z 

Interior of German hospital ship. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

Soldiers enjoying afternoon tea in the Berlin home for the blind. N. Y., 1915. 
— — — Romanian. 

Ambassador Vopicka (U. S.), Plrincess Elizabeth of Rumania, and Col. Anderson. 
1918. 19.3x24.2. 

Hospital at Roman. 1918. 19.1x24.4. 

Princess Elizabeth of Rumania distributing tobacco to convalescenta. 1918. 

Bringing home Russian wounded. N. Y., 1915. 17.9x24.3. 

Kiev department of repair. 1918. 18.4x23.4. 

Milk is as difficult to obtain as bread. 1918. 19.1x24.4. 

Soldiers in armored cars with their diarity colled ion V>oxes. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 

Storehouse of the Russian Rod cross outside of Moscow. 1918. 13.6x7.9. 

Red cross train at Trans-Siberian elation. 1918. 8x13.6. 

Drill of Japanese Red cross nurses. Tokyo. 1918. 12.2x9.3. 

Red cross nurses and officers. Red cross ho8i)ital, Tokyo. 1918. 9.3x12.1. 


Bringing in their wounded. N. Y., 1915. 9.5x7.2. 

Field ho8i)ital scene. N. Y., 1915. 10.2x15.6. 

Red cross ambulance train. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

Red cross bringing in slightly wounded. N. Y., 1915. 17.5x24.1. 

Red cross train. 1915. 13.4x22.7. 

Wounded on sledges of skis lashed together. 1914. 12.6x15.8. 
Religious subjects, Belgian. 

For the brave Belgians at the front. Af^er A. Forestier. N. Y., 1914. 22.5x15.9. 

Religious observance of King Albert's birihday. 21.9x16.5. 

"Preserve thy body and soul." Afier W. II. Y. Titcomb. 41.5x35. 

A rabbi, a priest, and a Protestant clergyman minister to the French soldiers. 
N. Y., 1915. 7.5x10.3. 

Blessing the colors. 1918. 19.8x24.4. 

Blessing the tjoops. 1918. 19.9x24.4. 

Prayer with the gosj)el resting on crossed bayonets. After F. de Haenen. 1914. 
4.4x16.1. I 

Russian priest on the field blessing the charging troops. 1914. 7.4x25.3. 

Field maas. 1915. 9.7x22.7. 

Prayer before battle. 1914. 6.9x24.9. 
Sanitary measures, German. 

Drying the laundry. N. Y., 1915. 13.7x18.5. 

German soldiers bathing in large French laundry. N, Y., 1915. 12.4x16.3. 

German soldiers entering disinfecting plan (. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x23.3. 

German soldiers making microscopic examination of slaughtered pigs. N. Y., 
1915. 18.3x24.7. 

Germans burning their dead at Esfernay. 1914. 33.1x24.7. 

Preparing mineral water for use of the army. N. Y., 1915. 24.7x17.4. 

Russian soldiers before being cleaned. N. Y., 1915. 8.9x11.9. 

Russian soldiers after being cleaned. N. Y., 1915. 8.9x11.7. 

Wash women at work. N. Y., 1915. 10.4x18.5. 

Rumanian sanitation. 1918. 19.2x24.6. 
Submarine warfare. 

Admiral Gleaves boarding U-53. Ne\\i)ort, 1916. 14.8x20.2. 

Captain Rose of the U-53. Ne\vport, 1916. 14.9x20.4. 

Grew forward German U-53, Newport, 1916. 14.8x20.2. 

Crew of German U-53. Newport, 1916. 14.8x20,2. 

A destroyer escapes a torpedo. 1914. 8.9x15. 



MbJBttiae ««fue— Contmued. 

Deatmctioa of the German subnuhne U-15. After N. WiUdneon. N. Y., 

1914. 13.8x24.7. 

Figjit <^ H^i«ol«Dd. 1914. 24.6x18.6. 

German crew and sahmanne, which surrendered to the U. S. S. ''Panning.** 

Gennan pilot leaving the aibmaiine tender to go on board the Zaanstran. X. Y. , 

1915. 15.1x20.2. 

Gennan submarine tender F. N. Y.. 1915. 15.2x20.2. 

Gennan submarine U-26 cfaading and bringii^ up the Zaan^trom. N. Y., 1915. 

Gennan submarine U-28. 1915. 14.7x20. 

Gennan submarine U-53 at Newport, R. 1., Oct. 1916. 17.8x22.9. 
Gennan U^53, port bow. Newport, 1916. 20.4x25.4. 
Gennan U-53, starboard bow. Newport, 1916. 14.9x20.1. 
German U-53, stem view. Newport, 1916. 14.8x20.2. 
Model for submarine. N. Y., 1915. 19.4x24.3. 
Newest type of German submarine. N. Y.. 1915. 19.3x24.3. 
Officers and crew of German submarine r-53, Oct. 1916. 17.9x22.8. 
Submarine coming to the surface. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.3. 
Submarine detector, No. 1. After F. D. Lane. 1917. 14.4x23. 
Submarine detector, No. 2. After F. D. Lane. 1917. 14.5x22.9. 
Submarine detector, No. 3. After F. D. Lane. 1917. 14x23.2. 
Submarine detector, No. 4. After F. D. Lane. 1917. 14.3x23.7. 
U-36 and its tender, the ^'-2, N. Y., 1915. 15.2x20.2. 
U-36 and its tender leading the wav through the mine fields into Zeebrugge. 

N. Y., 1915. 15.1x20.2. 
U-Se signalling *'stop " to the Dutch liner Batavier V. N. Y., 1915. 15x20.5. 
Training can^s. United States. 
American gas mask. 17x12. 

American soldiers practicing the use of gas flappers. 12x17. 
American troops off the train in France wlutuig to march to their new camp 

' ' somewhere in France . ' ' 14x19 .2 . 
Attacking a trench. 12x17. 

Bayonet exercise in an American camp. 15.6x21.2. 
Bayonet practice (disarming and throwing the adversary). 12x20.5. 
Bayonet training in the open field, ''somewhere in France.' ' 15x20. 
Bndge building. Wash., 1917. 11x16. 
Browning machine gun, model of 1918. 15x20.5. 
Browning monhinft lifle, model of 1918, as fired from the hip, during advance. 

Browning machine rifle, model of 1918. 16x20.7. 

Browning machine rifle, model of 1918, as fired from hip position. 19.5x16. 
Browning machine rifle , model of 1918 , as used in the shoulder position . 19 .5x15 . 
Camouflage (sniper donning his dii^g;ui8e). 13x20. 
Camouflag^(Bolaier's disguise). 12.8x20.8. 
Camouflage which perplexed President Wilson. 15.2x20.7. 
The chaige (camp drill). 15x19. 
Close quarters (bayonet practice). 20x15. 
Eliminating the horror of German gas attacks. 15x21. 
Field-telephone and operator receiving orders to fire. - 14.5x18.9. 
Field-telephone receiving firing orders from officers on observation platform. 

Firing at will (artillery practice). 15.5x20.5. 
First aid to rauroad congestion. 15.9x20.8. 

Frcmch instructor training American soldiers in the use of hand grenades. 12x17 . 
Full recoil of gun (artillery practice). 14.7x18. 
Gasmask. 12x17. 

Guns of victory (artillery drill). 15x20.4. 
Hurdling to victory ^bayonet practice). 15.6x20.7. 
Leaving camp for firing range. Tobyhanna, 1914. 12.2x16.9. 
Lieutenant Campbell, British aviator instructor. 12x21. 
life for the aeroplane. 15.5x21. 
Loading gims (artillery practice). 15x18.9. 
T<nading pans into oven . 14 .7x18 .4 . 
March to glor^ . 15x21 . 
Military £>ming pigeons. 15.5x20.4. 

6663>-18 ^13 

194 UBBABY or 00KQBB8S 

Tnlnlng oamps, United States— Ck>ntiiiued. 

Motor truck crossing ditch . 12.2x21 . 

Mountain machine gun squad. 15.5x21.2. 

Officers of our Allies. French, Scotch, and English officers as instracton in the 
training camps. 15.5x21. 

Out of the trenches (camp drill). 15x21. 

President and Mrs. Wilson witnessed the presentation of diplomas. Wash., 1917. 

Receiving billet orders ''somewhere in France.'' 14.7x19.4. 

Secretary Baker presenting diploma. Wash., 1917. 10.9x15.9. 

Smoke biombs (practice in trench warfare). 14x20.5. 

Test of skill (bayonet practice). 13.5x18.5. 

Testing the motor of an aeroplane. 21x15.7. 

Trench sharp-shooter. Wash. 1917. 16x11.1. 

U. S. Marines in Fiance ''digging in" (training for modem warfare). 12.2x20. 

U. S. Marines in France receiving instruction in the use of hand grenades. 

U. S. Marines off for camp in France. 12.5x20.2. 

Unloading supplies for the American army in France. 14x18.7. 
Camp Custer. 

United bands in front of "Liberty theatre.'' 1918. 25.3x34.1. 

Y. M. C. A. Auditorium. 1917. 22.9x34. 
Fort Myer. 

President Wilson reviewing Reserve officers' training corps, Fort Myer, Va. 
1917. 11x16. 

President Wilson and Secretary Baker reviewing graduating class, officers' 
training camp, Fort Myer, Va. 15.6x21. 

Secretary Baker, delivering an address to graduating class, officers' training 
camp, Fort Myer, Va. 15.7x21. 
Camp Hancock. 

Cold steel. Non-conuniasioned officers at Camp Hancock in bayonet practice. 

Over the top (bayonet practice). Camp Hancock. 15x21. 

Setting-up exercises at Camp Hancock. 15x20.5. 
Camp Upton. 

Service records of Camp Upton, N. Y. 16x21. 
Harvard university. 

Review of Harvard R. O. T. C. by 3iarBhal Joffre. 1917. 11.8x17. (2 views.) 
Great Lakes. 

Great Lakes naval training school, marching. Cleve., 1918. . 24x19.1. 

Drilling Belgian recruits in bayonet charge. N. Y., 1915. 9.6x13.4. 

Dununiee used by Germans in rifle-practice. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

Physical exercise. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. (2 photos.) 

Training German in&mtry before the war. 1914. 25x20.3. ^ 

Great Britain. 

Canadian recruits training at Salisbury. N. Y., 1915. 9.8x12.8. 

Pkying the war game "Bellum." 1914. 12.4x15.4. 
Transportation, Austrian. 

Austrian ammunition transport crossing temporary bridge. N . Y. , 1915 . 9 .8x14 .6 . 

Austrian soldiers crossing pontoon bridge. N. Y., 1915. 17.7x22.7. 

Austrian troops crossing improvised bridge. 1915. 12.9x19.7. 

Pontoon bridge across the mud flats in Flanders. 16.8x22.2. 

Pontoon bridge 120 miles long. 16.5x21.9. 

Alaskan huskies transporting ammunition. 15.5x20.5. 

Hoisting cavaky horses about! a transport. N. Y., 1915. 9.4x13.6. 

New Z^dand in the war. Transport leaving the dominion with reinforcements. 

River Avon overflowed, hindering progress of military supplies. N. Y., 1915. 

Crossing pontoon bridge. N. Y., 1915. 17.3x24.7. 

Field railway used in advance on Russians. N. Y., 1915. 12.3x17.1. 

German engineers transporting a locomotive by raft. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

pBum 196 

Tnuuportetton, Oennan— Continued. 

German motor-cyclistfl. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.7. 

German troop train in Carpathians. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

Germans building pontoon bridge. X. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.4. 

Pontoon bridge. N. Y., 1915. 18.9x24.4. 

Raila are laid at the slope of a hill. N. Y., 1915. 11.7x18.4. 

Transporting ammunition and supplies. N. Y., 1915. 12.8x18.4. 

Tnmsporting aircraft equipment. 1918. 16.6x21.9. 

Military trains composed of oxen. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 

Russians use wagons for emergency transportation of troops. N. Y», 1915. 

Train at Yassi about to leave for Russia with Russian troops. 1918. 18.4x23.3. 
Trench warfare, American. 

U. S. Marines in France. Gas mask drill. 12.5x20.9. 

Polish legion in the Carpathians. 1915. 16x22.8. 

PoUsh legion in the Carpathians. Alter J. Ryszkiewicz. 1915. 11.2x14.8. 

Adjusting gun for firing grenades. 20.8x16.6. 

Belgian trenches in Flanders. N. Y., 1915. 7.8x12. 

Concrete observation post erected by the Grermans. 16.7x21.9. 

Shooting at airplanes. 16.6x21.9. 

Advance in shell cratero. Battlefield of the Somme. 32x47.5. 

Ann<»red motor-car or tank used by British on Somme front. 8.1x12.6. 

An assaulting wave. Battlefield of the Somme. * 32x47.5. 

Australian finn^ a trench mortar. N. Y., 1915. 9.5x12.7. 

British officers in splinter-proof resting. 24.7x19.5. 

British soldiers as cave dwellers. 1914. 8.6x16. 

British tank approaching a German trench. 24.9x16.8. 

British tank forcing its way tlirough obstacles. 12.1x24.8. 

Canadians at Ypres. After W. B. WoUen. Lond., 1915. 38.5x55.5. 

Defense of Antwerp by the British. After S. Wright. 1914. 10.2x15.5, 10x1 5.9. 
(2 photos.) 

German deserters approaching. After F. Villiers. 1914. 9.9x15.9. 

How the British faced the Germans. After R. C. Woodville. 1914. 6x21 .1 . 

In the trenches at the Aisne. After R. C, Woodville. 23.9x19.4. 

•*The mud bath." 1914. 10.7x8.6. 

Surprise visit of Gurkhas to a German trench. After R. 0. Woodville. 1914. 

When British soldiers were once more winning uudyinjz ^ory. 1914. 18.1x24.9. 

Where the Germans tried to gain ground. Alter F. Vflhers.' 1914. 9.2x15. 

Where the Germans were flooded out. After 8. Wright. 1914. 9.9x15.7. 

With face blackened, that it mav be ''inviaible'* iu the darkness. After H. W. 
Koekoek. 1914. 4x14.6. 

Bags of earth and timber as a footway. 1914. 12.2x9.5. 

Detachment of French infantry with two quick-firing guns. N. Y., 1914. 20. 2x 

French artillerymen protected against poisonous gases. N. Y., 1915. 14.2x9.6. 

French attacking party charging enemies' position. N. Y., 1915. 10.5x14.4. 

Rrench infantry attacking German trench. After R. C. Woodville. 14.5x24.3. 

French machine-gun readv to repel German attack. N. Y., 1915. 8x11.7. 

French soldiers in Vosges hurling stones down on German trench, 16.3x24. 

Gas flappers used to fan poison gas from a trench. 17x12. 

In the French trenches at Soissons. X. Y., 1915. 9.9x13.9. 

Liquid fire brigade on way to scene of action. 16.7x21.8. 

Modem battlefield. After C. Clark. 1914. 9.2x28.5. 

A night in the trenches at Mons. 1914. 13.3x19.6. 

SeeinK the enemy without exposing themselves. N. Y., 1915. 11.7x8.7. 

Trench in the cemetery of Arras. 21x15.5. 

Trench observation post on the summit. 15.5x21. 


Trench waxfare, German. 

After the Gennans had stormed the RuBsian positions. N. Y., 1915. 13.7x10.9. 

Bedroom in subterranean bomb-proof shelter. N. Y., 1915. 24.6x19.3. 

Carrying compressed gas by field railroad. N. Y., 1915, 19.2x24.5. 

C!ompleting a German trench with wicker work. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

Defences the Germans smashed through. 1914. 15.3x24.8. 

Division chief in the trenches with his men. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.4. 

Field telephone. N. Y., 1915. 19.5x24.3. 

German bush-screened trenches at the battle of the Mame. After R. G. Woodville. 

German field-wireless communicating with trenches at the front. N. Y., 1915. 

German gas shells. 18.8x16. 

German reserves digging trenches. N. Y., 1915. 18.6x24.8. 

German sharpshooters using armor-plate protection. N. Y., 1915. 17.4x24.8. 

German shell-proof dug-out. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.6. 

German shells unearth graves. After S. Wright. 1914. 9.3x14.2. 

German soldiers gathering saplings to reinforce trenches. N . Y. , 19 15. 19.5x24 .4. 

German soldiers operating field searchlight. N. Y., 1915. 24.6x16.5. 

Germans reinforcing trenches with sapUngs. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.7. 

In the trenches. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.5. 

Liquid fire used in trenches by Germans. N. Y., 1915. 17.8x12.6. 

Result of explosion of gas bomb. N. Y., 1915. 13x17.6. 

Trench holes. W. Y., 1915. 17.9x20.8. 

First line Italian trenches. 1917. 11.9x8.9. 

Fortified road on the slope of Lucinico. 1917. 12.5x18.9. 

Italian eneineers division. N. Y., 1915. 8.6x12.4. 

Italian soldiers hastily entrenching themselves on Austrian frontier. N. Y., 
1915. 9.3x13.4. 

Italians in trenches. N. Y. 11x7.8. 

Recaptured first-line trenches near Gorizia. 1917. 8.8x12. 

Road to observatory. 1917. 12x8.9. 

Advantage is taken of ravines to hide reserves. 1918. 18.4x23.3. 

Holes made by shells are large enough for a man to stand in. 1918. 23.3x19.4. 

Second line of trenches. 1918. 19.1x24.3. 

Trenches taken by the Rumanians from the Germans. 1918. 18.3x23.4. 

Interior of the Russian Fort Vibia. N. Y., 1915. 19.3x24.4. 

Turkish soldiers under German command. N. Y., 1915. 12.3x16.6. 
MisceUaneous, American. 

American troops passing in review before French officers. 16x21. 

Declaration of war. 1917. 24.5x16.8. 

Drawing numbers for the draft. 1917. 17.8x23. 

President addressinfi[ Gonjgress, Feb. 3, 1917. 17.9x25.5. 

President Wilson delivering his message to Congress, Dec. 4, 1917. 15.8x21. 

After the tide of war. Belgium desolated. 1914. 17x24.8. 

Harvesting in the valley ofdeath. After H. W. Koekoek. 1914. 21.1x15.8. 

German spv-hole at the front. After H. W. Koekoek. 1914. 12.3x9.8. 

Rcarimental barber at his business. N. Y., 1915.- 9.9x7.3. 

S. §. Ryndam showing hole on side. N. Y., 1915. 9.6x12.1. 

Still treasuring his trophy of war. After H. W. Koekoek. * 20x17. 

The tale of a glorious end. 16.3x25.2. 

Warlencourt. Final resting place of the British heroes. 15.5x21. 

Welsh horses and their cartridge bandoliers. N. Y. 1915. 10x13.7. 

The cemetery of Moosch. After C. J. Duvent. 32x48.5. 

For freedom, with helmet on the cross. Lond., 1914. 17.5x10.7. 

France pays homage to composer of " La Marseillaise.*' N. Y., 1915. 10.2x14.3. 
13.9x10.6. (2 photos.) 

French children welcoming our soldiers by covering the roads with flowen. 


Xiioellaneoiu, French — Continued. 

French soldiers saluting a British general and staff. 1914. 14.7x20.7. 

French troops on the battlefield in full equipment. (Mame Fere Champenoise.) 

Heroic act of an eighteen-year-old corporal. After H. W. Koekoek. 24.5x20. 

LumberLoff scene in the Verges Mountains. 16x20.5. 

Meeting place of two of the seven rivers. 15.5x24.5. 

The " Poilu '' of 1916. After A. Lalauze. 26.6x19. 

Regiment of infantry resting in the Aisne district. Soup time. 15.5x21. 

The soldier's dream. After A. Faivre. 17.6x25.9. 

Stable at the front in Argonne. N. Y. , 1915. 9.9x14.3. 

Trunks of dead French officers sent to their widows. N. Y., 1915. 7.8x11.5. 

War demonstration in Ostend. After A. Forestier. 1914. 21x15.9. 

Children collecting bronze household goods. N. Y., 1915. 17.6x22.7. 

German field smithy. N. Y., 1915. 12.8x17.3. 

Solitary sentinel. N . Y.. 1915. 10.3x15.8. 
— ^ Japanese. 

Japanese infantry. 1918. 16.6x21.9. 

Men of Imperial guard division. 1918. 16.6x22. 

Regiment of Transylvanians transferred to Rumanian army. 1918. 18.3x23.3. 

Gralician oil wells fired by Russians. N. Y., 1915. 8.4x14.6. 

Two young Russian boys going to the front as mascots. 1918. 13.6x7.9. 

War automobiles used for selling the Russian loan. 1918. 7,9x13.9. 


Size 8x18.5. 
ArtiUexy, Belgian. 

Belgian field artillery. 

In defense of their country. Belgian field artillery on the firingline. 


Bringing up reserve ammunition for the guns. Some of Lloyd George's shells: i 

the Huns. 
BiitiFih infantry Maxim gun in action. 

Hot work. Aitillerv bombardment all along the German lines. 
Interior of gun emplacement. 
Our artillery in action. Gun in recoil. 
Our artillery prepared against an attack. 
Seaforths firing a trench mortar. 
South African artillery in German West Africa. 


Auto truck taking a heavy gun into action near Verdun, France. 

Awaiting the sigmJ to Gxe, French 120 gun trained on the enemy's position. 

Battery of French artillery taking new position. 

Famous Oench 75 millimeter guns in ambush near German trenches. 

French anti-aircraft gun in roofless railway car, preparing to chase an enemy 

French artillery in the village of Perthes lee Hurlus. 
French battery of artillery in wooded position. 

French gunners adjusting large cannon mounted on railway truck, France. 
French guns, Paris, France. 
French 155 gun in the Champagne district. 
Hifh power guns mounted on railway truck and under camouflage protection, 

Hurried emplacement of a field battery at Paichaho. 
Modem artillery transport by auto in France. 
Most kmous weapon of the allies, the wonderful 75 centimeter gun. 
Off for Berlin! High power auto truck delivering large cannon to the firing line in 

One of the famous French 75 cannons elevated for firing at an aeroplane. 
Itfdning death and destruction on Prussian ranks. French 75 gun concealed to 

cover advance of infantry in German defenses. 
Training a French trench mortar. 


Artillery, German. 

(jerman heavy shells bursting in front of British trenches. 

Kaiser William's soldiers studying the mechanism of a captured Russian machine 

105 gun that has fired its last shot for Prussian autocracy, captured in recent drive. 

With the Germans on the Belgian firing line, operating machine guns. 

A pioneer of the Kaiser's forests shattered into toothpicks by a shell from the 
Russian lines. 

Bird of prey. Zeppelin flying over a Grerman town. 

German taube captured with wings damaged by shell fire, Paris. 

Haiding down French dirigible balloon for ofiScers' reports. 

Shooting German aeroplanes. Aircraft gun concealeci in woods. 
Awards of honor. 

Decorating with medaille militaire Adjutant Dambrine, severely wounded at 
Ablain, France. 

French general decorating ofificers for valor on battlefield. 

Sir James Willcocks talking to native officers. 

Survivors of the 21 men in the Seaforths who have received ttie D. C. M. 

Barbed wire entanglements cut by the German soldiers to hasten their attack on 
Russian lines. 

Battlefield after the charge. 

Battlefield in northern France strewn with German dead. 

Casualties after tlie charge. 

Grim horrors of war. Bodies of men and horses amid wreckage of French city. 
Bombardment of cities— -Belgian. 

Altar of Malines cathedral wrecked by German shells. 

Damage wrought to interior of Malines cathedral by German shells. 

Interior of Msaines cathedral wrecked by German guns. 

Havoc caused by second Zeppelin bomb attack at Antwerp. 

Tragedy of Louvain. Famous university town destroyed. 

Wreck of beautiful Louvain, Bel^um. 

Wreckage of Antwerp houses by German bombs dropped Sept. 2, 1914. 

Ruins of the docks power house; destroyed by German bombs, Kings Lynn. 

Zeppelin raid on Kings Lynn. W^reck of home. 

Barricade in streets of Eclusiers, France. 

Bombarded bum buildings in France. 

British ''Tommies'' amid the ruins of Senlis. 

Church square after bombardment; Albert, France. 

Destruction from modem artillery fire; ruins of Sermaize, France. 

Devastated section of Creil after the bombardment of the German forces. 

Evidence of German '^Kultiir.'' Church at Ecriennes, France, shattered by 
a German shell. 

French factory destroyed by Hun artillery fire. 

H. D. Gridwood looking at the ruins of the shell-wrecked Richebouig church. 

Hurlus, after terrible bombardment by French artillery. 

Monument to German ruthlessness at fiethincourt, Yerdim. 

Ruined mansion at Crell, after the city was bombarded by the Germans. 

Ruins at Creil, France. 

Ruins of a mansion in the pathway of the German ^[uns, Senlis, Franoe. 

Ruins of church at Hurlus in the Champagne district. 

Ruins of famous church at Albert, France. 

Ruins of Senlis, France. 

Ruins on Rue de Paris, after the bombardment by the German forces, Creil, 

Scene on Rue de Republique, after the bombardment by the Germans, Senlis, 

Senlis after the German bombardment, Sept., 1914. 
' — Russian. 

German look-out guard in the loft of a wrecked Russian bam 
— Unknown. 

Effect of shell firo. 

French troops entering village captured from the enemy. 


BombaxdmeiLt of eitles— U]ilaiowii--Continued. 

London territoiial regiment paaeing a d^ell-wrecked house. 

Ruins of a sugar mill; bombardment by the Germans. 

Terrible work of high-explosive shells. Officers examining shell craters. 

Belgians defending bridge across canal in Flanders. 

French engineers buildine a pontoon bridge for the great advance. 

Inspecting a pontoon brl^e in the French section, nearing completion. 

Pontoon bridge built by French engineers, northern FVance. 

Preparing for the great advance. French engineers building a pontoon bridge 
across the Mame. 

Tangled ruins of Mame bridge blown up by (Germans, and Xted cross train wreck. 

Wooden bridge built over River Mouse by Germans to replace one Allies destroyed. 
Burial grounds. 

German soldier marking a tombstone for fiedlen comrade 

German soldiers' graves and crude monument for the men who fell on the eastern 
battle lines. 

Graves of French heroes within the trenches. 

Graves of Turkish soldiers beneath barbed-wire entanglement on the Dardanelles. 

Interment of the fallen brave in the cemetery at Villers au Bois, France. 

Last resting place of many fallen heroes of the allied armies. 

New burial ground for French heroes, near ruined cemetery, France. 

Answering the Nation's call: part of the artist's corps. 

Carrying branches of trees to screen our artillery. 

Masking a battery. 

Alarm in camp: Approach of enemy aeroplane, France. 

Botha's successful campaign in German South West Africa. 

British camp in Prance; mess tents and cooks section. 

Temporary camp at a base town in German East Africa. 

Gavalrjrmen from Morocco with the French troops at the front. 

French cavalry horses swimming river in northern France. 

French cavalry ready to follow an infantry attack. 

French dragoons proceediiM; to the front, each with spare horse . Bourget , France. 

Gallant bui^hers of Gen. Botha ready to invade German West Africa. 

King Edwanl horse guards, London, England. 

King's dra«:oon guards charging. 

Russian Uhlans riding through the main street, **The Tachsen Place." Warsaw, 

Scouting for the enemy. French cavalry passing through village. 

Troop of cavalry crossmg stream in France. 

Types from France's colonial troops, Spahis from Algeria. 

Army kitchen behind the firing line. 

Army mess wagons serving hot coffee to a battery of artillery after a forced march. 

Comnussariat train leaving supply station. 

Cooking an eveninfi^ meal in tne heart of German East Africa. 

Food for the British army in France. Herd of sheep for the front. 

How the British force is fed; bread ovens of the army in France. 

Like mother made. Field bakery; National army cantonment. 

Lull in the fiehting; French colonial troops, the jovial Zouaves enjoying a meal. 

Making breaa for British troops; camp scene, France. 

Meal tmie at the front* Belgian soldiers receiving their meat and soup. 

Mess time; French soldiers sheltered in factory, ruined by artillery fii^. 

On the firing line at meal time with Belgium's brave defenders. 

Provisioning an immense army; British transport wagons in France. 

Slaughter of goats for Indian troops in France. 

Unloading bread for British soldiers near firing line. 

Zouave and Moroccan sharpdiooters taking meal. 
Bngineers. * 

American enfi;ineers' first contingent of the army of the Great republic. 

Inspection of the '* Royal engineers" in London, prior to their depattuze for 

Royal engineers leaving England for the front 


Hand-to-hand flghtiiis. 

Driving out the invader; fighting the Germane houae to house. 

Soldiers of the Allies tracking a sniper. 
Infantry, Bel^^n. 

Belgian infantr\'men on the alert for the German advance guard. 

Some of the re-formed Belgian army at the front. 

With the Belgian army at the front: inspection of rifles. 

British infantry marching through a French town. 

Part of England's cosmopolitan army. 

Lord mayor's day; Canadian troops and Red cross car. 
Bast Indian. 

Typical Garhwal riflemen. 

Jat h^ulquarters group. 

France's sturdy sons still roll forward; on the way to the trenches. 

French aeritd scout watching the enemv while infantry takes an advanced position . 

Regt. French infantry crossing over Mame on pontoon bridge. 
South African. 

South African infantry on the march. 
- Turkish. 

Mobilizing the Turkish army; Asiatic troops marching to the Russian border. 
Turkish army at drill; preparing to fight the Allies. 
Turkish infantry being rusned to the front. 
Turkish regulars at an outpost in Syria. 

Mine exploding. 

Elks' war commission to raise 11,000,000 Red cross fund at the White house, 

Wash., D. C. 
Heroes from the trenches; British non-commissioned ofiicers here as instructors 

in trench warfare. 
Naval battles and ships. 

Chilean sailors learning to operate submarines; U. S. frigate ^'Constitution" in 

Life on a British battleship; wash day on H. M. S. Prince of Wales. 

Burying brave ofl&cers of the French army in cemetery; Champagne district. 

French soldier decorating graves of fellow soldiers; Neuilly, France. 

Frencik soldiers carrying their dead officers into a church. 

Funeral of fsJlen heroes at Villers au Bois; leaving the church. 

Sacrificed on the altar of German militarism. Arrival of the dead at the militar>' 

cemetery, Villers au Bois, France. 
Occnpation of cities. 

Crisis in Antwerp; crowds of non-residents awaiting leaving ^nnits. 
< . Old town hall at Lierre from which Belgian ki^ and chief officers directed 


H. R. H. the Price of Wales at the front. 
Prince of Wales talking to Mr. Girdwood. 
H. n. the Maharajah of Barwani at work in France. 
General Botha talking to some of his officers. 

Lord Buxton, governor of South Afi&ca, talking to an Australian V. C. 
Mr. Girdwooa entering a car. 
Mounted gendarmes and Mr. Girdwood. 
Mr. Girdwood talking to Gen. Sir James Willcocks. 
Lt. Col. Gordon, Capt. Romjjly, Capt. Weir, Lt. and Q. M. Brodie. 
Capts^n Hallewell, the famous quarter miler. 
Prince Hitendra of Kuch Behar with Major Stewart. 

Marshal Joffre and other high officials of the French army at sheltered head- 
quarters near the front. 
Marshal Joffre, Viviani, Chacheprat, and Fabrey, French war conuxuasion, with 

Gov. Xx)Wden and state officials at tomb of Lincoln, Springfield, 111. 
Prince of Rapurthala at the head of military police in France. 
Major General Joseph E. Kuhn and staff, Camp Meade, Md. 
Lieut. Wm. L. Robinson, V. C; Lieut. Frederick Souerey. 


Poititite— Continued. 

lieut. Robinson, V. C, Lieut. Souerey, Cu^t. Soxnmen. 

Some of Lieut. RobinBon, V. C.*8 bfotner omcen. 

M'lle Semmer decorated by order of President of France for heroic actions under 

Sir James Willcocks at work. 

Sir James Willcocks reviewing Gurkhas on their return from the trenches. 

Pres. and Mrs. Wilson, Sec'y Baker, and Gen. Scott, Ft. Myer, Va. Granting 
commissions to reserve officers. 

Britiph and Indian officers of the 58th Rifles. 

Generals on a visit to an outpost held by the Black watch. 

Group of British and Indian officers of the Sikhs. 

Group of officers of the famous Jodhpur lancers taken in France. In centre the 
Mawaiah, Sir Pertab Sindi, and the Maharajah of Rutlam. 

Indian officers of the Garhwalis. 

Officers of the 3rd London raiment. 

Gennan prisoners. Captured by the British at Bouvigny, France. 

German wounded prisoners succored and tended by the Allies. 

Russian officers as prisoneis. 

Soldiers of the Allies shooting a spy. 

Under arrest near the Danul]^ River. 

American troons being entertained in park adjoining Buckingham palace. 

Camp of French artillerymen, enjoying well-earned rest from trench warfare. 

Comradeahip amidst Bntish and native signallers. 

Fishing in a Flanders canal. 

German soldiers on the eastern front enjoying a brief respite in the forest. 

Gurkha pipere playing the Marseillaise before an audience of French villagers near 
the firing line in France. 

Halt in Brittany; British force on their way to the front. 

Heart of the nation. CaUsthenics in the army. 

Jatsatplay: a wrestling match. 

Jats performing their native music in France. 

Lull in fighting; Bel^an soldiers taking a well-earned rest. 

Meal time with Bel^iun's brave soldier boys. 

Sturdy Belgian soldiers enjoying a rest after a fierce fight. 

With the French army in the Dardanelles; preparioK an early morning meal. 

With the Indian army in Flanders; preparing breakuist. 

Belgian refugees housed in Alexandra palace, London. 

Although wounded, one of our officers assists a casualty into the stretcher. 

British Red cross ambulance in French service. 

Casualties arriving at regimental aid post; a walking case. 

Checking wounded French before removal to base hospital. 

French field hospital; locating bullet with X-ray machine. 

Heroes from the front; French wounded delivered at hospital station from Red 
cross train. 

Horror of war; ghastly glimpse of Belsian wounded, Antwerp hospital. 

Interior ot Alexandra palace occupied by Belgian refugees, London. 

Prominent Washington women that will help feed the armies of the nation by 
organizing kitchen economy. 

Red cross workers from India ^ith troops in France. 

Repairing Red cross ambulances. 

Tenderly they lifted him; hospital train, Trekopjee, German West Africa. 

Wives and daughtera of U. S. senators serving at Red crojas headquarters, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Bellgioas subjects. 

Devout Mohammedans at the hour of jprayer in France. 

Gen. Botha's bui^ghers attending service in Dutch reformed church, Cape Town^ 

Sikhs singiiig religious chants outside their billets. 
Signal corps. 

Artists corps learning signalling in Russell Square, London. 

Busy field- telephone during an engagement. 

Cable section laying line. 

Divisional telegraph operators in a French town. 




Slfnal corps — Continued. 

Indian armjr corps signals, lorries^ cars and motor cyclists. 

Laying an air line beside a Flanders canal. 

Laying telegraph line. 

Signal section at work near a French tower. 

Signallers established on a French farm. 

Signallers putting up a telephone wire, communicating with headquarteiB in a 
French village. 
Spoils of war. 

Gannon abandoned by Germans in retreat at Acy, France. 

Kaiser William's soldiers studying the mechanism of a captured Russian machine 

Pile of rifles captured from the (Germans during the fight in the woods of Cham- 

SpoHs of war captured in the Russian retreat in the E^ast. 
Submailne warfUe. 

British submarines on the Thames. The latest types. 
Training camps. 

Answering their country's call; students drilling at Wesleyan univ., Blooming- 
ton, 111. 

Firing squad taking aim; naval training station. 

Machine gun target practice at a southern cantonment. 

Making soldiers of British raw recruits, artists corps. 

Meas time. Company of our boys before barracks; street scene in southern 

Meas time on the rifle ran^ of a southern cantonment. 

Naval commander inspectmg rifles at a naval training station. 

' ' Paiade rest " ; naval training station . 

Present arms. Students of the University of Illinois at drill, Urbana, 111. 

President Woodrow Wilson reviewing re8er\'e officers graduated from Ft. Myer 
training school. 

Rest period in company barracks in a southern cantonment. 

Rifle exercise; physical culture, naval training station. 

Southern cantonment from watch tower; new national army training camp. 

Target practice with rifles at a southern cantonment. 

Touch of winter in a national army cantonment. 

"Volley fire! " by tw6 student companies of the University of Illinois, Urbana, III. 

Y. M. C. A.; with our bo3rs in service, naval training station. 

Anxious to come "in touch'' with the enemy. French infantry on their way to 
the front. 

Auto transports. With British force in France. 

Battle of the Aisne; ammunition wagon shifting to new position. 

Briti^ royal engineers transporting cavalry horses across a river. 

Cavalry machine gun being carried across a river in France. Aerial railway 

Cavalry machine gun being carried across a river in France; trooper swims 
stream with rope for trolley. 

Loyal Kaffirs in German East Africa hauling big guns. 

Modem artillenr transported by auto in Fmnce. 

More pills for the enemy. Arrival of munition train at the front. 

Motor vans of London; conveying troops and supplies to front. 

On a canal boat in Flanders. 

Supjply wagons ready to leave for the aid of troops at the front. 

Tramload of armoured motor-cars in East Africa. 

Transport leavine a South African port with reinforcements for East Africa. 

Transvaal Scottish troops leaving for German East Africa. 

Troopship leaving Capetown for East Africa. 

Union forces building a railway line in German East Africa. 
Trench warfare. 

Allies building shelters in the trenches. Western zone of the Euroi>ean war. 

Allies digging trenches in the Western zone. 

Allies in possession of the trenches among ihe dunes on the coast of Flanden. 

Allies takmg poasession of the trenches on the coast of Flanders. 

Belgians constructing trenches on the coast of Flanders in anticipation of a Ger- 
man attack. 



Tre&eh waifm — Continued. 

Belgian oflficen and men imtixng in trencheB between aaMoHB. 

Belgian diarpahooten in tJie trenches firing from a dnin-pipe. 

Belgian sharpehooterB repelling an attack on Flanden. 

Bellas soldiers taking possesnon of the trenches. 

British ''Tommies" dig^^ing the second line reserve trendiee in France. 

Glearine out the remaining portion of tiie trench by hand grenades. 

Consolidating the trench. 

Consdidation nearing completion: sandbags, parapets, etc. 

Creeping on the enem^ over the sand-dunes; British contingent in Belgium. 

Dav guftfd doing duty in the (jennan trenches. 

Defending their country; brave Belgian soldiers firing from the trenches. 

Easv time in the trenches; sentry keeps lookout through periscone. 

Fightng the invader; Belgian shatpshooters firing from the tivnclies. 

Fine shot; a well-placed bomb in a trench. 

Fizvt-Kne Gurkhas capturing a German trench amid the smoke of battle. 

French breech-loading machine gun; the mitrailleuse in action. 

French in£imtry excavating for trenches. 

FVench redoubt in woods, with entrance to bri^dier general's quaiteva. 

French troops entrenching in the Aigonne district, Fnmce. 

Garhwalis ready to repulse an attack. 

German scout watching in anticipation of a Russian attack on the trenches. 

German shell bursting in front of our trenches. 

German soldiers occupying trenches on captured Russian lands. 

Highland battalion holding a trench. 

Highlander and Dogras in a trench, with dugouts. 

Hussar firing througn a loophole in the French trenches. 

In the French trenches. 

In the French trendies; infantr>- soldier on obswation duty. 

In the French trenches, showing a cross erected over the graves of heroes. 

In&ntry in the trenches prepared against a gas attack. 

Interior of an ofllcer's dug-out in the French trenches. 

Just in from the trenches for a well-earned rest after days of ceaseless fighting, 

Listening post leaving the trench. 

Listening post waiting in the open for an- opportunity to advance. 
Looking across No Man's Land. 
Off day in second British reserve trenches in France. 
Officer's dug-out in the French trenches. 
On the battle line near Antwerp; Belgian soldiers ready to fire. 
On the coast of Flanders; wounded soldien in a bayonet charge. 
*'Over the top;'* American soldiers answering the hn^^ call to ** charge." 
PathftD bombinjf P^^y hurling hand grenades. 
Peaceful scene m the trenches at the front. 

Post in the trenches held by Dogras and an Indian cavalry. gun section. 
Ready to charge the Rusnan lines. 
Seaforth bomb section firing bombs from trench mortar. 
Seaforths filling their water bottles at the town pump before going into the 

Second line coming up amid shell fire to win the trench . 
Shelters with gardens behind, in the French trenches. 
"Sniping'' at the enemy from the French trenches. 
Soldiers of the Allies ming from the trenches on the western battle line of the 

European war. 
Terraced trenches in quicksand, built by German soldiers in a pine forest in the 

eastern front. 
Trenches of the Allies among the dunes in the midst of brambles on the coast of 

War among the sand-dunes; Belgian frontier sentry on duty. 
Where bowling tells; Gurkha bombers at work. 
Troops marching. 

Company of Sikhs under Lieut. Sm^-th, V. 0. 

Contingent of American troops on the way to Buckingham palace to march past 

H. M. the King. 
Enthusiastic welcome to American troops in Trafialgar sauare. 
French column of Zouaves (Algerians) in march througn fersst of Argenne. 
Halt in Brittany; British force on their way to the front. 




Troops marching — Continued. 

Highland reg;iment croesing a canal to their billets. 

EUghland regiment of the British army marching through Boulogne. 

King's Liverpool regiment off for the front, England. 

Last march out from 8 months* camp at Homchurc)i of Ist Sportsmen's battalion. 

London Territorials resting on a march, in France. 

Old Glory borne through London streets by American ei^ineen. 

One of New York's military spectacles when 38,000 men parade in honor of her 
citizen soldiers. 

Seaforths crossing a canal bridge on their way to the trenches. 

Simal section about to commence the day's march. 

Soldiers of the Great republic on their way to join the fighting forces in Europe. 

Splendid Turkish infantry marching to fight the Allies. 

3rd London Territorials on the march in fYance. 

TurkiBh troops on their way towards Egypt. 

WsJdorf- Astoria hotel; Fifth avenue and 33rd St. during patriotic event. 
War In Oerman colonies. 

Blockhouse captured from the Germans by General Smuts' advancing forces in 
German East Africa. 

Burghers arriving at Swakopmund ready for general advance. 

Burghers receiving their pay at Swakopmund. 

Examining guns captured from the Germans in East Africa. 

Morning bath by Gen. Botha's burghers after ni^ht march. 

Our South African troops under General Smuts m East Africa. 

Preparing to invade German West Africa; Gen. Botha's burghers, Jan., 1915. 

Some of the German trenches captured by the South African forces in German 
East Africa. 
War In the Bast. 

France's colonial troops at the Dardanelles; African cavalry at dinner. 

Grecian soldiers on tower at Acropolis, Athens. 

Infantry charging over pontoon oridges, Persian gulf. 

Machine gun section crossing a pontoon bridge in the Persian jnilf. 

Mobilizing the Turkish army; Asiatic troops marching to the Kussian border. 

Our gallant fighters in Persian gulf. 

Turin huirying troops against the Russians in Armenia. 

With the French army in the Dardanelles; camp of the African cavalry. 

Abandoned German battery commanders. Station at Acy, France. 

Always busy at the barbers' tent; British base camp in France. 

Ambuscade. Belgian soldiers awaiting the approacii of the enemy's ecouta. 

Austrian building oi)erationB; women mixing mortar. 

Barber with the German army serving his patrons in the open. 

Behind the firing line; Scotcn and British '* Tommies" at the wash tub. 

Bel^an officers and corporals studying maps in Flanders. 

British infantry Maxim gun ^ing into action. 

Death dealing devices oiancient and modem times captured by the allied forces. 

Dispatch rider in difficulties; the snow makes it hard going. 

Dispatch rider repairing his motor cycle. 

The end of war; arms of many battles at last stacked in place. 

French scouts in a vineyard' in the Champagne district. 

French troops awaiting motors for attack on Hebuteme. 

French wounded convalescents nicknamed the "cripples" about to return to the 

German look-out guard in the loft of a wrecked Russian bam. 

German naval shell which failed to explode. 

Germans injured by French shell exploding their own gas cylinders. 

Gurkhas at kit inspection before moving into the trenches in Flanders. 

Indian cavaliy horse hospital in a French factory. 

John Bull wakes up; acres of men answering the nation's call. 

Sepoy at a P>ench field post office reviewing parcels from far off India. 

Troop of French cycUst scouts in the enemy's country. 

Troops bathing in a French canal within the shelled area. 

War m France; first contingent of British troops. 

With the British force in France; French maid visiting camp. 

With the French army cyclist scouts leaving for the front. 

Wounded French soldiers (poilus) on the railway returning to Paris. 

PRnrxs 206 


United States Axmy. 

23rd Regiment. Syracuae, N. Y., Aug., 1917. 
102nd Regiment. Companies A-I; K-^. Twelve views. 1917. 
102nd Regiment. Macnine gun, officers, etc. Three views. 1917. 
Sanitary detachment, 102nd Regiment. New Haven, Sept. 10, 1917. 
Ambulance oompanies. 

Ambulance co. no. 1, W. N. G. Captain A. A. Mitten. 1917. 

First ambulance co., N. Y. National guard. About to leave Bingham ton for 

training camp at Spartanbuig, 8. C, Aug., 1917. 
4th Ohio ambulance company. National guard, U. S., at McKinley monument. 

Canton, Ohio, Aug. 10, 1917. 
Nttiomal Army Camps. 

Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Three views. Nov. 23, 1917. 

Base hospital. Dec. 31, 1917. 

Bird's-eye view. Oct. 27, 1917. 

General view. Dec. 29, 1917. 

Field artillery section. Nov. 23, 1917. 

Military review. Nov. 9, 1917. 

337th and 338th Infantry sections. Dec. 29, 1917. 
Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. 

View. Nov. 6, 1917. 

Infantry quarters. Dec. 6, 1917. 

Quarters of 303rd Infantry. Dec. 6, 1917. 
Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Three views. 1917. 

13th Natl, army cantonment. Oct. 2, 1917. 

View. Oct. 27, 1917. 

Main street, lookine south. Nov. 12, 1917. 
Camp Funston, Fort Kiley, Kans. 

Officers' training camp. 1917. 
. Two views. Nov. 6, 1917. 
Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. 

Home of the all American division. Apr. 25, 1918. 

82nd Division review in honor of Mrs. j! B. Gordon. 1918. 
Camp Grant, Rockford, 111. 

View. Nov. 12, 1917. 

Two views. 1918. 

Camp Grant's welcome to Gov. Lowden. Nov. 1, 1917. 

Officers 86th Division and part of 92nd Division. 1917. 
Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. 

View. Jan. 17, 1918. 
Camp Lewis, American Lake, Wash. 

View. Sept. 28, 1917. 

View. Nov. 6, 1917. 

Ronount station. Oct. 31, 1917. 
Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark. 

Two views. 1917. 

Two views. Nov. 6, 1917. 

Four views. Nov. 30, 1917. 
Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio. 

View. Sept. 20, 1917. 

View. 1918. 
Camp Tavlor, Louisville, Ky. 

Five views. Nov. 80, 1917. 

View. 1917. 

84th Division commander, General Hale, with staff and attached French officers. 
Nov. 30. 1917. 

Review of the 84th Division. Nov. 10, 1917. 

Review of the 84th Division by Commanding General Harry C. Hale. Nov. 23, 
Camp Travis, San Antonio, Texas. 

Bird's eye view. Oct. 1917. 

Camp Travis from wireless tower. 1917. 




NatloiiAl Guard Campi. 

Gamp Greene, Charlotte, N. 0. 

4lBt Div. Oct. 12, 1917. 
Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. 

Baae hospital. Feb. 1918. 

Looking down Pennsylvania Ave. from 109th U. S. Inf. quarters. Feb. 1918. 

Looking down Tyler Ave. from 108th Field artillery Quarters. Feb. 1918. 

lllth-112th U. S. Infantry, Machine gun battalionsana Signal coips. Feb. 1918. 

28th Exhibition bayonet drill in honor of Sect. Lansing. 1918, 
Camp Johnstcm, Jaclsonville, Fla. 

Two views. 1918. 

Members of the camp. 1918. 

Officers of the Quartermaster corjM training & mobilisation camp . Mch . 5, 1916 . 
Gamp Kearny, Linda Vista, Gal. 

View. Jan. 23, 1918. 
Gamp MacArthur, Waco, Texas. 

View. 1918. 

Base hoepiUl. 1918. 

Officers 32nd Division. Dec. 23, 1917. 
Camp McGlellan, Anniston, Ala. 

View of 29th Division. Mch. 11, 1918. 

104th Motor supply train. Feb. 27, 1918. 

110th Field artillery. Feb. 27, 1918. 

110th Machine gun battalion. Feb. 18th, 1918. 

112th Heavy artillery. Feb. 23, 1918. 

113th Infantry. Feb. 26. 1918. 

114th Infantry. Feb. 9th, 1918. 

116th Infantry. Feb. 5, 1918. 
Camp Sevier, Greeneville, S. C. 

106th Ammunition train. March 2, 1918. 

105th Engineers. Mch. 7th, 1918. 

105th Field signal battalion. March 1, 1918. 

105th Supply train. Mch. 13th, 1918. 

113th Fidd artillery. Mch. 16, 1918. 

114th Field artillery. March, 1918. 

115th Field artillery. March 9, 1918. 

118th Infantry. March 9, 1918. 

119th Infantry. March 8, 1918. 

310th Auxiliary remount depot. March 16, 1918. 

Training battalions, Depot brigade. Oct. 18, 1917. 

4th-6th Training battalions, 55th Depot brigade, 2nd Div. Oct. 30, 1917. 
Gamp Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala. 

Base hospital. 1918. 

112th Military police. Apr. 12th, 1918. 
Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga. 

Artillery hill. Oct. 2nd, 1917. 

106th Anmiunition train. Jan. 26th, 1918. 

106th Engineers. Jan. 18, 1918. 

106th Field signal battalion. Feb. 9th, 1918. 

106th Sanitary train. Mch. 11, 1918. 

106th Supply train. Feb. 10th, 1918. 

116th Field artillery. Apr. 6th,1918. 

124th Inf. camp. Dec. 10, 1917. 

117th Field artillery. Feb. 7, 1918. 

118th Machine gun battalion. Feb. 7th, 1918. 

12l8t Infantry. Feb. let, 1918. 

123rd Infantry. 1917. 

123rd Infantry. Mch. 11, 1918. 

124th Inf., 2nd Fla. Oct. 28, 1917. 

124th Infantry. Jan. 16, 1918. 
Other camps. 

Gamp Greenleaf, Ft. Oglethorpe, Gra. 

M. O. T. G. Aug. 20, 1917. 
Naval training stations. 

Great Lakes naval training station, Great Lakes, 111. 

Bird's-eye view. Oct. 27, 1917. 
Newport, R. I. 

Gommanding officer's inspection. Jun. 19, 1917. 

Naval training station. Jun. 19, 1917. 

psnrn 907 

Nml tnlBiag stettons— Continued. 

Pelham fifty naval training camp, Pelham Bay, N.. Y. 
FirBt training regiment. 1918. 
View. 1918. 
State troops. 

Co. K, 2nd Ind. infantry. Aug. 31, 1917. 

Co. G, 2nd Minn, infantry. Aug. 28th, 1917. 

Co. H, drd Minn, infantry. Aug. 19th, 1917. 

Co. G, 4th Neb. infantry. Aug. 21, 1917. 

Co. C, 6th Neb. infantry. Aug. 21, 1917. 

Battery G, Ist N. Y. field artillery. Aug., 1917. 

Ist Regt. Ohio engineers. Co3. £ and Fhdqrs. Aug. 10, 1917. 

Co. C, 8th Ohio infantry. Aug. 17, 1917. 

Co. L, 10th Ohio infantry at McKinley monument, Aug. 21, 1917. Canton, Ohio. 

Auxiliary remount depot, Montgomery, Ala. View. Apr. 3, 1918. 

Cavalry camp, Pawnee Flats, Fort Riley, Kan. View. Nov. 5, 1917. 

Madiflon barracks, N. Y. Graduating omceis. August 14, 1917. 

Marine barracks, Quantico, Va. View. 1918. 

Polytechnic institute. Auburn, Ala. Apr. 15, 1918. Drill. 

Pontoon bridge. View. Aug. 27, 1917. 

Reserve officers trauungcorp"), University of Maine, Orono, Me. 1918. 

Shipbuilding, Seattle, Wash. Shipyards. 1918. 


Arranged alphabetically under names of camps, grouped under NatieMbl Army 

Camps, National Guard Campe, 


National Army Camps. 

Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Charging desk. 12.5x16.5. 

Charging books. 12x16.5. 

In the alcove. 11.5x17. 
Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass. 

At the desk. 16x20.5. 

At the round table. 15.5x20.5. 
Camp Dix, Wrightstown, N. J. 

Exterior (winter). 17.5x22.5. 

Exterior (a). 17.5x22.5. 

Exterior (b). 12x16. 

Exterior (c). 7.5x12.8. 

Exterior (d). 18x23.5. 

Interior. 15.5x20.2. 

Changing desk (a). 17.5x23. 

Charging desk (b). 17.5x22.5. 

Charging desk (c). 15.5x20. 

" Busy comer. '* 8x10.5. 

Grood things for soldiers. 25x17. 

Two interested readers. 20.3x15.5. 
Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kan. 

Exterior. 19.2x23.5. 

Interior. 19.5x24.5. 
Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. 

Exterior. 19x23.5. 

Interior. 19x24. 

In the fiction alcove. 19x24. 

In the periodical section. 19x24 
Gamp Grant, Rockford, 111. 

Exterior. 7.5x12.7. 

Exterior (night). 7.5x12.7. 

Interior. 19.8x23.6. 

Alcove. 19x24. 

Delivering books. 19.6x24. 

Soldiers shovelling snow. 7.5x12.7. 
Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Exterior. 19.8x24. 

Delivery counter. 19x24.3. 

Qange. 19.8x24.2. 


Cuaps— Continued , 
Peterabiuv, Va. 
(ft). 9x15.5. 
(b). 11.3x16. 

desk. 11.5xlG,7. 
lelivery (ft), llxlS. 
ielivery (b). 16.2itl0.2. 
the dfty'a books. 11x16.3. 
o"inftil. 10.7x16.2. 
ift, Americ&n Lftke, Wuh. 
(ft). 11.2X1S.2. 
fb). 10x16.5. 
(c). 11.5x16. 

I's office. 16.5x11.5. 
desk. 11.5x17. 
ftlcove. 19.6x24.2. 
ie, Adminl, Md. 

ftnd KBtiDg in bviftck. Il.&xl6.5. 
I, Little Rock, Ark. 
befi»e palntuig. 9x11.5. 
(end view). 8.5x11.5. 
(showing aoldien drilling). 9x11.5. 
(entrance). 9x11,5. 
:de^-(ft). 9x11.5. 
;desk(b). 9x11.5. 
ud nrage. 9x11.5. 
dnlf. 8.8x11.5. 
man, Chillicothe, Ohio, 
(ft). 9x11.5. 
(b). 10.5x15. 

ibrary building showing chimney. 8.3x11.3. 
(unfurnished), 8x10.5. 

• desk (a). 15.5x20.5- 
-deekfb). 8.8x11. 
leove (ft). 15.5x20.5. 
lcove(b). 9x11. 
action. 11x15.5. 
» section. 8.5x11.5. 

amer" (s.). 19x24. 
■ner (b). 8.3x11.3. 
si section. 11.5x19.3. 
t. 9x11. 

deUvery (a). 8.5x10.3. 
deUverv (b)- 8.6x11.6. 
ng boo^. 8x10.2. 
[«adiiig material. 8,3x11.3. 
staff. 8.5x11.5. 
a). 8.3x11.3. 
b). 8.6x10.5. 
on, Yaphank, I. I. 
■. 8x13. 
e. 10.5x15.5. 
;dMk. 10.5x15.5. 
ftl section. 10.5x15.5. 
mer. 10.5x15.5. 
1 Oampa. 

rie, Fort Worth, Texas. 
■. 19x24.5. 

, looking east. 19.3x24.2. 
ftnd garage. 19x24.5. 


National Guard Camps — GontiBued. 
Camp Ck>dy, Deming, N. Mex. 
Exterior. 11.2x16. 
Interior. 11.5x16.8. 
Delivering books. 11.8x16.8. 
Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, Cal. 
Charging desk (a). 12x17. 
Charging desk (b). 12.2x17.2. 
Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C. 
Exterior. 8x13.8. 
Delivering books. 11.2x16.5. 
Camp Kearny, Linda Vista, Cal. 
Exterior, east front. 19x24. 
Entrance. 19.7x24. 
Interior (a). 11.5x15. 
Interior (b). 19.2x24.5. 
Chaiging desk (a). 19x24. 
Chazgin^ desk (b). 19.5x24.2. 
Delivenng books. 15x19.5. 
Fiction and periodical sections. 19x24.2. 
Periodical section. 14x19. 
Returning book at the desk. 14x19. 

Solid comfort in the tent with A. L. A. Library books. 13.8x18.5. 
Camp Logan, Houston, Tex. 
Exterior (a). 16x21.2. 
Exterior (b). 16x20.5. 
Chaiging desk. 16x21. 
Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala. 
Exterior. 19.5x24. 
Interior. 19x24. 
Chawins^ desk. 19x23.5. 
Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S. C. 
Old white church, temporary quarters for camp library. 11.8x16.5. 
Interior of old white cnurch, temporary quarters for the camp library. (Two 

views.) 11.8x16.8. 
Exterior. 12.2x17.5. 
Interior. 19x24.5. 
Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga. 
In course of construction. Exterior (5 views). Interior (1 view). 7x12. 
Other camps. 

Chattanooga military branch, Chickamauga Park, €ra. 
Exterior. 19x24. 
Interior. 18.8x23.7. 
Chaiging desk and alcove. 19x24. 
Fort Oglethorpe, Chickamaufli Park, Ga. 
Library and post office. [ ¥. M. C. A.l 10.5x16. 
Auditorium and reading room. [ Y. M. C. A.] 10.5x23.4. 
Y. M. C. A. meeting. 14.7x21.3. 

Writing home on improvised writing tables. [ Y. M. C. A.] 14.5x21.5. 
Fort Thomas, near Newport, Ky. 
Y. M. C. A. Ubrary. 1U15.5. 
Camp Perry, Great Lakes, III. Naval training station. 
Exterior (a). 21.5x28. 
Extaior (b). (2 views.) 10x17.5. 
Interior. 10.5x15.6. 
Charging desk. 22.5x29.5. 
Ho1>oken (N. J.) dispatch offioe. 

Books ready for shipment. 12x17.3. 
Collecting books preparatory to shipment. 12x17.3. 
Int^'eetlng books for soldiers and sailors. 12x17.5. 
Muine inspecting box of books. 12x17.3. 
Material arriving and being sent to the transports. 19.7x24.5. 
Preparing books for shipment to our men in France. 19.5x24.6. 
Soldier and marine pacMi^ books. 12x17.3. 
Soldiers reading before A. L. A. dispatch office. 12x17.3. 

New York i)ublic library, New York. 
Book "drive'' for camp libraries. 12x17. 

66M9— 18 ^14 




iia partial list of music of the European war was compiled under the direction of 
W. R. WhittleBey, Acting Chief of the Division of Music. The items are arranged 
under country. Songs with piano accompaniment , unless otherwise stated , are entered 
under the name of the composer of the music. The author of the words, if other than 
the composer, is mentionea when possible. 


Aaxonson, B. The flag of my heart and home. N. Y., Pfttriotic Pub. €k>., 1917. 

Abbey, X. B. Battle hymn of the Republic. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 

Abbott, 8. Slc^ soldier sleep. Pt.-song. Best., Thompson, 1918. 

Abom, B. B. We are fighting for humanity. N. Y., Oondosta, Mitchell Mus. Co., 

ibiabams, B. B. Stand by the President. Pittsbui^, Abrahams, 1917. 
Abialiams, M. There's a million of heroes in each comer of theU. S. A. N. Y., ^ 

Kalmar, 1917. 
Acres, Q. The Patriot. Chi., Nat. Mus. Oo.^ 1918. 
Adams, A. J. Bottle your tears up and smile. By L. H. Walker. Los Angeles, 

Hatch, 1917. 
Adams, A. H. Soldier boy. Ms. 1918. 

Adams, B. J. Unfurl the flag of freedom. Bayonne, Adams, 1917. 
Adams, V. 8. Farewell. Gom Luck to You. Ms., 1918. 

We'U all do our bit. Ms., 1918. 

Adlef , K. The passine regim^it. Providoice, Adler, 1917. 
Ager, M. France, we nave not forgotten you. Ms., 1918. 

Tom, Dick and Harry ana Jack (Hurry back). By H. Johnson. N. Y., 

Feist 1917. 

Aide, H. The call of the flag. By L. D. Westfeldt. N. O., Grunewald. 1917. 
Alexander, J. Q. Democracy. By B. Croesland. Los Angeles, Jessen Mus. Ent., 

Alfred, D. B. Democracy love song. N. Y., Blackman, 1918. 
AHeman, J. H. The passing of the Kings. Song coll. Hollywood, 111. Author, 

Allemong, J. B. Somewhere in France is my daddy. By 0. H. Adams. Roanoke, 

Va., Imp. Mus. Co., 1918. 
Allen, B. I'm a regular daughter of Uncle Sam. N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 
AUen, W. X. We are all Americans. 1917. 

AUman, J. You're the son of the U. S. A. Bridgeport. H. A. Mus. Pub. Co., 1917. 
Ambrose, P. Our flag is there. Phil., Amer. Mus. & roetry Co., 1918. 
Ames, 9. On our way, we're going somewhere. Bost., Birchard, 1918. 

Our souls are thine, America. Pt. song. By F. Manley. Bost., Birchard, 


Ames, W. C. Our soldiers. 1917. 

Andersen, A. O. Sammy. By R. Western. Chi., Mus. Pr., 1918. 

Anderson, Mrs. J. A. Rally to the colors. Rosebud, S. D., Anderson, 1917. 

Anderson, J. 8. Parting. San Antonio, Anderson, 1917. 

Anderwm, H. D. Soldiers of a new day. N. Y., Amer. Song. Co., 1917. 

Anderson, B. W. Hark, hear the bugles calling. By Mrs. J. Anderson. Plymouth, 

Ind., Univ. Serv. Bur., 1917. 
Anderaon, W. B. Bring me a letter from my old home town. N. Y., Witmark & 

Sons, 1918. 
Andino, J. X. Hoe your "little bit" in srour own back yard. N. Y., Great Aim Soc., 


I'll soon be coming back to you. By £. M. SoUoway. Phil., Swisher, 1917. 

Lasi nig^t as I lay by the camp fire. lios Angeles, Ballenger, 1916. 

Loyalty is the woid to-day. By D. D. Cahifl. N. Y., Great Aim Soc., 1917. 




Andrews, H. F. We're in the war to see it through. Alb., 1917. 

Ansel, A. S. Stars and stripes for U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 

Angelino, A. N. The big boy blue. By J. J. Donovan. Oakland, Jerome Pub. Co., 

Anthony, C. S. That's what we're fighting for. Providence, Anthony, 1918. 

The whole world is calling you. Providence, Anthony, 1917. 

Appleton, B. Q. Fairy dream, ibeaver Dam, Wis., Appleton, 1917. 

Homeland is calling. Beaver Dam, Wis., Appleton, 1917. 

Archer, W. C. You've gone too far with Uncle Sam. Hopewell, Va. , Hopewell Pub. 

Co., 1917. 
Axmstrong, Q. W. Old Glory will be there. Pt. song. Lisbon, O., 1917. 
Arnold, N. C. " So long" old Uncle Sammy. By L. D. Skelton. Cent. City, S. D., 

Skelton, 1918. 
Aznott, J. The Crisis. Oakland, Amott, 1917. 

The song of Uncle Sam's boys. Oakland, Amott, 1917. 

Amt, C. S. Saving the world for Democracy. By H. S. Whitney. 1918. 

Artell, L. D. The U. S. A. honor song. By Mrs. C. A. Grassell. Chi., Amer. Mus. 

Pub., 1917. 
Arthur, A. Q. Haill American soldier. Lowville, N. Y., Composer, 1918. 
Ashford, £. L. Old Glory. Unison chorus. N. Y., Flammer, 1917. 
Ashley, Q. W. Americans, get in this fight. N. Y., Fairchild, 1918. 
Ashley» L. With Pershing in France, 1917. 
Ashworth, V. Peace prayer. Paterson, Vine. Ash worth, 1915. 
Atkinson, D. T. Have you seen the lad called a slacker. Cin., Willis Mus. Co., 1917. 
Atwell, P. Her country's call. Schenectady, Atwell, 1917. 
Austin, M. D. The song of the Allies. Louisville, Smythe Mus. Co., 1918. 
Auten, E., Jr. Good bye William good bye. 1918. 

I work for Uncle Sam. Princeville, 111.. Dart & Auten, 1918. 

We're here, Lafayette, we're here. Princeville, 111., Dart & Auten, 1918. 

Avery, S. B. The sign of mercy. Minneapolis, Schmitt, 1918. 

B., C. S. We'll send our yankee dollars. By T. D. Oakley. 1917. 

Bach, H. We march to victory. By F. C. Young, Milwaukee, Mil. Con. Mus. Co., 

Baokherms, L. E. My heart is in the trenches of France. Lockney & Backherms, 

Bacon, Q. Q. We are on our way to France. Chi., Bosslter, 1918. ^ 

Bacon; L. M. Our flag. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

Baer, C. J. We will make the Kaiser wiser. Chi., Am. Aviation Club, 1918. 
Baetse, B. Sons of America. Ms. 1918. 
Bagggett, M. The American flag. Bt^gett, 1918. 
Bahr, C. W. Put on your uniform of blue for yoiu: country is calling you. Quincy, 

Mass., 1917. ^ 

Bailey, J. £. Victory. Lynn, Mass., Bailey, 1918. 
BaUey, B. M« Red Gross. Ms. 1918. 
Baker, C. L. America's slogan. West Grove, Pa., Baker, 1917. 

Soldier boys. West Grove, Pa., Baker, 1918. 

Uncle Sammy's boys. West Grove, Pa., Baker, 1918. 

Baker, Q. C. Sammie. Santa Barbara, Liberty Pub. Co., 1918. 
Baker, M. B. The motto of Uncle Sam. Barker, Tex., Baker, 1017. 
Baker, T. I didn't raise my boy to be a slacker. N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 

Bakez and Blink. Abraham Lincoln, what would you do? Milwaukee, Met. Mus. 

Pub. Co., 1918. 
Baldwin, A. L. Raise the stars and stripes. By M: M. Mills. Pt. song. 1U18. 
Baldwin, E. X. Do your bit. N. Y., Lawson, 1917. 
Baldwin, H. 7. Old glory. N. 0., Grunewaid, 1917. 
Baldwin and Newton. Standard patriotic songs. Bost., Ginn., 1918. 
BaUe, M. W. The brave and true, are love's inspiring glory. Chula Vista, Cal., 

Parriah, 1917. 
Ball, E. B. Our hearts go out to you Canada. By J. K. Brennan. N. Y., Witmark, 

Baltimore, D. Q. Peace and liberty. Chi.^ Bait., 1917. 
BaltzeU, W. American thru and thiru. Chi., Wallace, 1917. 
Bantock, Q. Men of America. Pt.-song. By H. A. Clarke. Welsh air. Bost., 

Ditson, 1917. 
Barker, H. Here comes your Uncle Sam. By G. S. Nickels. Trenton, Nickels, 1917. 
Barlow, a. 8. Comrades forever. N. Y., 1918. 

Comrades in arms. (Let's rally, boys.) N. Y., Barlow, 1917. 

Mtrsro 213 

Btrlow, O. 8. Let's rally boys, comrades in arms, ftfs., 1917. 

Let's rally boys! (our allies' deligb^. N. Y., Barlow. 1918. 

The world must be made safe for democracy. 1918. 

Btmes, B. S. The Cross. An^hera a caT)ella. Bost., Bost. Mus. Co., 1918. 

Barnes, H. W. B. Three flags. By J. F. Davis. 1917. 

Bamett, C. A. Ill take a gun and fight for you. San Fran., Bamett, 1917. 

Barratt, A. Sister. ("What was nurse to do"). N. Y., Franklin, 1917. 

Barrett, C. W. When we march down through the streets of old Berlin. San Fran., 

Barrett, 1917. 
Barrington, T. R. That little bit of bunting. N. Y., BamngUm, 1917. 
Barron, T. S. Let's help the Red Cross now. N. Y., Met. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Universal peace. Met. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Barry, T. J. "Faugh a ballaugh." Bost., Ross, 1917. 

Bartlett, H. A. For thee, O dear, dear country. Pt.-soxig. Bost., Ditson, 1918. 
Bartlett, H. H. Old Glorjr. By T. J. Duggan. N. Y., Fischer, 1917. 
Bartiett, M. L. Consecration hymn. By 0. W. Holmes. Des Moines, SmiCh Pren, 

Stand by the flag. I. B. Bartlett. Des Moines, Bartlett, 1917. 

Barton, a. M. Kaiser Bill. 1917. 

Baztosh, L. J. The spirit of America. By W. J. B. Shanahan. N. Y., Bartoe & 

Shanahan, 1917. 
Baskette, B, Each stitch is a thought of you, dear. By A. Sweet. N. Y., Feist, 


Good-bye Broadway, hello France! By C. Reisner and B. Davis. N. Y., 

Feist, 1917. 

Take a letter to my daddy over there. By Lewis and Crawford. N. Y., 

Feist, 1918. 

Bassett, A. M. America calls. Wahpeton, N. Dak., Composer, 1917. 
Bassett, J. E. Take me along with you, John. Ms. 1918. 
Bates, A. For U. S. A. Honolulu, Bates, 1918. 

Soldier Bill. Honolulu, Bates, 1918. 

There's a little girl back home boys. Honolulu, Bates, 1918. 

U. 8. Khaki song. Honolulu ^ Bates, 1918. 

Batt, J. B. Airship "CannonbaU" is leaving. N. Y., Bohrer, 1917. 

Battle song of America, 1917. By L. B. Couch. Tune: Maryland. Nyack, N. Y., 

Journal Pub. Co., 1917. 
Battle songs of liberty. Chic . , Rodeheaver, 1918 . 
Bauer, B. F. Our flag in France. N. Y.. Crown Mus. Co., 1917. 
Bauer, J. Goodbye my soldier boy. Juasonia, Ark., Bauer, 1918. 

Our Uncle Sam. Judsonia, Ark., Bauer, 1918. 

Perfect Peace. Judsonia, Ark., Bauer, 1918. 

Bauer, M. M. Don't marry a slacker girls. By G . Dattilo. Louisville, Dattilo, 1917. 

Bauman, B. O. U. S. A. we love you. Dayton, Bauman, 1917. 

Baxter, I>. When the stare and stripes are planted everywhere. Wash., Atwood, 

Baxter, B. Tramp! tramp! tramp! boys! Phil., Baxter, 1917. 
Baxter, W. E. Pwd-nere of Uncle Sam. Louisville, 1917. 
Bayha, C. A. Every girl loves a soldier. N. Y., Stem, 1917. 

I'm in the army now. N. Y., Stem, 1917. 

"If we had a milKon more like Teddy." N. Y., Kendis, 1917. 

Beach, Mrs. H. H. A. A song of liberty. Pt. song. Bv F. L. Stanton. Bost., 
Sclimidt, 1917. 

Bost., Schmidt, 1918. 

Beamgard, B. M. Don't forget the girls in U. S. A. Chardon, Kans., Beamgard, 

Bean, B. 1. libertv song. Phil., Hall-Mack Co., 1918. *" 

Beaslejr, H. A. We'll meet them over in France. San Antonio, Beaslejr, 1918. 
Beatty, A. Kaiser Bill. (You've got a lot to answer for). N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 
Beaufort, H. Take me along with you. Ms. 1918. 
Beaversoii, 7. H. Then up with the starry flag. By J. Oatman, jr. K. Y., Beavei^ 

son, 1917. 
Beck, L. Our flag. St. Louis, Kunkel, 1918. 
Bee, H. S. 'Till the world is free. 1917. 

Beecher, B. We'll bring him back to Tipperary. Cin., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Beeeher, B. W. D. "Song of the Freedom." By F. F. Brumback. Kans. City, 

Brumback, 1917. 
Beegau, B. 9. Hats o£f to the Bed, White, and Blue. By C. R. Hovey. 1918. 



Behr, Q. I'm coming Uncle Sammie. By H. G. Hill. Glaaqport, Pa., Hill, 1917. 
Belfoid, V. L. Do your bit. Chi., Belford, 1917. 

Goodbye Autocracy. Chi., Belford, 1918. 

Bell, C. M. Gamp Grant march. Rockford, Bell, 1918. 

Beniield, Xn. A. Q. JuBt the glorious U. 8. A. N. Y., TuUar-Meredith, 1917. 

Benke, H. Uncle Sam did I hear you calling. Ms. 1918. 

Benn, A. H. Dixie Doodle. Ghi., Benn, 1917. 

We'll keep flying. Ghi, Benn, 1917. 

Bennet, C. W. Salute the fla^. By E. G. Coley. 1918. 
Bennet, J. Q. Swing on to victory. By F. K. Hufifer. Ghi., Bennet, 1918. 
Bennet, L. Abie, my soldier baby. By A. Olenick. N. Y., 1917. 
Bennett, M. C. My son, your country is calling. Hartford, Bennett, 1917. 
Bennett, W. H. Kjss your soldier boy goodbye ere I go. Los Angeles, 1917. 

When the stars and stripes unfold. 1917. 

Benoist, A. The freeman's hymn. N. Y., Fiacher, 1918. 

Benton, T. Guard of the U. S. A. By H. G. Creel. Fort Worth, Quartet Co., 1918. 
BeKg6, 1. Si le Kronprinz avait voulul Par £. Villemin. N. Y., Eureka Pub. Co., 

BeKg6, Ir€n€e. True to the flag. Chorus. By E. S. Tillotson. N. Y., Schirmer, 



Flander's fields. Col. J. D. McCrae. Chi., Gamble Hinged Mus. Co., 

Flag song. Chi., Summy, 1917. 
Rally around Old Glory boys. By W. Corbett. Oakland, Corbett, 

Bexgen, A 

Bergen, Q. U. 
Bergenholtz, B 


Beqth, A. Red White and Blue. By S. Fay. Bost, Birchard, 1918. 
Berlin, I. The devil has bought up all the coal. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

For your country and my country. N. Y., Waterson, 1917. 

Over the sea boys. N. i ., Waterson, 1918. 

They were all out of step but Jim. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

The voice of Belgium. N. Y., Berlin (Inc.), 1915. 

Berliner, A. L. The men behind the men behind the guns. Ms., 1918. 

Bemiath, W. H. Then our boys will come back to Yankee Lajid. Schenectady, 

Bemrath, 1918. 
Bertelsen, B. If someone only cared. Los Angeles, Ballenger, 1918. 
Betten, B. M. No war for the U. S. A. Oak Park, III., Betten, 1915. 
Bettray, 7. Going on and over. By P. R. Minahan. Fond Du Lac, Minahan, 1917. 
Betts, M. Your country is calling. By F. P. Patterson. 1917. 
BickerstafT, J. L. The boys in khaki. By J. A. Rutherford. 1917. 
Bickford, Q. F. The spirit of '76. N. Y., MiHtia of Mercy, 1917. 
Bigelow, 7. B. The battle song of liberty. By J. Yellow. 1917. 
Bllhoxn, P. P. All hail to thee America. Chi., Bilhom, 1917. 

Brighten up your journey with a smile. Chi., Bilhom, 1917. 

Billings, B. W. Sammy's got a Little French Doll. Milwaukee, Billing. 1918. 

Billings, T. Don't turn your back on Uncle Sam, boysl Los Angeles, Billings, 1918. 

Blmboni, A. The sacred ledon. By M. Tucci. N. Y., Carmen, 1917. 

Bingham, W. W. The new Red, White, and Blue. Ms., 1918. 

Birch, B.M. Old glory. 1917. 

Bird, P. D. Brave Hearts of the White and the Blue, or, The Trail of the ... Ms., 
i918. . 

BisohofT, H. 7. Mr. Wilson president of our nation grand. Hoboken, Bischofif, 1917. 

Bizby, M. V. Build a brid^ of shi^s. Ms. 1918. 

Bizby, M. Y. The Kaiser ndes in his armed car. Plattsburgh, Winsways, 1918. 

Black, 7. M. There will be no Kaiser anymore. Williamsport, Black, 1917. 

BUck, X. Q. America's rally song. Quartette. By M. C. Martin. Seattle, 1918. 

Blackinan, S. A. Keep the home fires burning for the American soldier boy. Port- 
land, Blackman^ 1917. 

Blaine, B. America! My home. Pt. song. 1918. 

Blake, T. The ballad of Hiram J. O'Swatter of Punkin Oklahoma. Sidney, O.. 
Blake, 1918. 

Blanchard, W. H. The wings of the TJ. S. A. Sacramento, Blanchard, 1917. 

Blankenhom, E. The farmerette. By C. B. Nielsen. Ms. 1918. 

Blankley, X. M. Off to the Front. Toledo, Author, 1918. 

Bleeker, H. M. Dear America. By L. D. Faulkner. Buffalo, Faulkner A Bleeker, 

Blenler, J. All for America. N. Y., Bleuler, 1917. 

HU0IO 215_ 

BUsf , O. Our country's call. Pt. eoog. Wore., Maas., 1917. 
Blomqiiisl, B. To the flag we love. Loe Angeles, Blomquiat, 1917. 
Bloomlnier/J. N. Strong and steady, rough and ready, sons of Uncle Sam. 1918. 
Bloinit, J. K. A battle hymn of democracy. Wash., 1917. 

Bljlhe, K. H. 1 raised my bov a soldier to be. Chi., Natl. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Book, W. B. Freedom for all forever. By E. F. Gogley. Omaha, Ph)nto Pub. 
Oo., 1918. 

Glory. (Glory and liberty.) By E. F. Coriey. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 

BoekSna, 8. A. BL brave soldiers of America. Ms. 1918. 

BoUender, A. A salute to Old Glory. By Mrs. D. R. Campbell. St. Louis, Bohl- 

eiider, 1917. 
BoUer, X. X. That little boy of mine or the cry of peace. BoUer, 1917. 
Bollom, J. H. The song of the hoe. By A. B. Croft. Toledo, Bollom, 1917. t 

Bond, C. J. His buttons are marked '' U. S. " By M. N. Bradford. Chi., Bond dc 

Son, 1918. 
BoBaell, M. B. The call to arms. Los Angeles, 1917. 
BoueU,B. H. Oh, hock the Kaiser. N. Y., 1917. 

Oh, ye heroe. N. Y., Bonnell, 1918. 

Bonner, J. A. Good bye m^r baby good bye. Eans. City, U. S. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Bonney, W. Men of America. By F. B. Taylor. Jamestown, N. D., Col. Bk. 

Store, 1918. 
Boroh, Q. There waves the flag. By C. HorwiU. N. Y., Beig, 1917. 
BosoluBn, J. H. Mjr country and my home. N. Y., Fischer, 1917. 
Bossert, H. Faces in the camp fire. W. £. Davis. Santa Cruz, Davis-Bossert, 1917. 
Bostwiok, 7. A. For mother, nome and country. N. Y., Bostwick, 1917. 
Botefnhr, C. The Flag of libertjr. Httobuig, Kans., Botefuhr Mus. St., 1918. 
Bonnd to win. Anonymous. Fairchild Pub. Co., 1918. 
Bowe, P. P. The Irian volunteer. Waterbury, Bowe, 1918. 

When we come marching home. Waterbury, Bowe, 1918. 

Bower, B. W. Your country needs you. By E. Waite-Colson. Binghamton, 1917. 
Bowers, P. V. Buy a liberty bond. By J. Mahoney. N. Y., Bowers, 1917. 

Good luck to the U. S. A. By A. J. Lamb. "N. Y., Bowers, 1917. 

1*11 do without meat, I'll do without wheat. N. Y., Bowers, 1918. 

'~— I wonder if she is waiting in her old New England town. N. Y., Bowers, 1917. 

Let me kiss the flag before I die. N. Y., Bowers, 1918. 

We're going to take the germ out of Germany. N. Y., Bowers, 1917. 

Bowes, A. I love thee Old Glory. By J. A. Murray. Pt. song. Chi., Cloister Mus. 

Co., 1917. 
Bowman, Ur%, P. B. Honor to our soldier boys. 1918. 
Boyd, Q. Z. Our soldier. Cin., Willis Mus. Co., 1918. 
Boyd, J. H. I didn't raise my boy to be a slacker. Chic, Song House, 1917. 
Boyden, Q. X. There'll be iiothing too good for the boys. Bost., Boyden, 1918. 
Bc^en, Q. L. If I am not at the roU-csol kiss her boodbye for me. Bost., Boyden, 


We won't be with you to-morrow to-day we march away. Bost. , Boyden, 1917 . 

Boyds, K. P. "She is my IJ-Boat." By 0. St. Clair. Colville, Wash., West. Mus. 

Co., 1918. 
Boyle, B. I. The call of a nation. Wore., Mass.. Boyle, 1918. 
Bmder, W. B. Hinom of allegiance. Author unknown. 1918. 
Biadlord, H. D. The boys in brown. Rutledge, Pa., Bradford, 1917. 
Bradley, B. 7. Won't you breathe just a prayer for the boys over there. Ms. 1918. 
Bradley, J* Speed up America (You're going to win). By R. J. Beckhard. Bost., 

Beckhard. 1917. 
BnAley, K. H. Patriotic songs for patriotic people. Phil., Bradley, 1917. 
Biady, M. T. We're ofif to-dny for the mighty fray. By J. E. Wall. Quincy, 111., 

Wall, 1917. 
Biady, P. P. Democracy. By P. T. Allen. Best., Allen A Brady, 1918, 
Bialiam, B. Do your little ''bitty-bit." By F. BelohUivek. Chi., Frances-Clifford 

Co., 1917. 
Biaham, P. America's mighty army. By E. W. Delacour. Lond., AscherbeKg, 

Braneh, B. Good-bye, sweetheart, good-bye. Des Moines, Branch, 1918. 
Bxannan, B. L. A bondman in the land of liberty . . . Brooklsm, Sdmore, 1918. 

Good-bye boys come back soon and bring back home the bacon. Brooklyn, 

Selmore, 1917. 

Bnnsomnbe, Q. Hear the tramp of marching feet. Pt.-song. 1918. 



Braun, C. B. Cheer up^ America. Detroit, Braun, 1918. 

There's not a place like the U. S. A. Detroit, Braun, 1918. 

Brenmer, B. I. Our United States. N. Y., Tarn's Mus. Lib.. 1917. 

Brennan, J. A. Good bye America. By W. J. McKeever. Camb., McKeeyer, 1917. 

Mister Edison is working on it ndw. J. Caddigan. Bost., Daly, 1017. 

- She'll be there. By J. Caddigan. Bost.. Daly, 1917. 
Brennan, J. F. We're with Mr. Wilson. Ms. 1918. 

Brennecke, E. Sailor lad! By H. P. Nelson. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 
Brennen, B. H. All hail to our flag so grand. By J. E. Cooley. Marshfield, Ore., 
Cooley, 1918. 

Along comes the Yankee soldier. By A. P. Thomas. Phil., Swisher, 1917. 

Among the other flags. By E. B. Zanen. Chi., Zanen, 1918. 

-^^ — Attaboy. By B. C. Wilson. Clarinda, la., Nodaway Mus. Co., 1918. 

— — The boys from the U. S. A. By Mrs. D. Croesley. Buffalo, Crossley, 1917. 

Come boys come let us rally around the flag. By F. M. D'auby. 1917 

The flag of liberty. By K. Oruikshank. Glendive, Mont., Cruikshank, 1918. 

The flag tliat waves on high. By G. Schott. Alex., Ind., The Composer, 1918. 

Gallant Jim. By J. Bassett. 1917. 

Honor the red, wnite and blue. Union City, Tenn., Coulter, 1918. 

— ^ i did give my boy to Uncle Sammy. N. Bloomfield, Conn., Speck, 1918. 

Our boys at the front. Marblehead, Broughton, 1918. 

Our country's call. By W. Blackshaw. 1917. 

The star spangled banner for all. By J. L. Perry. Indianapolis, Perry, 1917. 

Teeth ana toe nails for Uncle Sam. Union City, Tenn., C<ailter, 1918. 

U. S. A. khaki song. By Charl Alman. Holyoke, Alderman, 1917. 

We're the Sammies from across the ocean. Detroit, Seller, 1917. 

When the mysterious aviator flies o'er the sea. M. McD. Cobb. 1918. 

When Uncle Sam gets ready. Union City, Tenn., Coulter, 1918. 

Breuer, E . That's the American plan . By N . Irwin . Chi . , La Salle Mus . Pub . , 191 6 . 

When the boys from Dixie eat the melon on the Rhine. N. Y., Richmond, 1918. 

There's a vacant chair in every home to-night. N. Y., Richmond, 1917. 

Briant, S. When we go to Germany. Ms. 1918. 

Bridge, C. Remember boys your duty when you're on the firing line. San Fran., 

Philpott, 1917. 
Briefer C. J. Give us the days of eternal peace. N. Y., Learner & Briefer, 1917. 
Bi\ggs, I. M. We are soldiers of the U. S. A. Roxbury, Brim, 1917. 
Brindmore, 7. C. When shall we return from France boys. Minneapolis, Brindmore, 

Britten, D. A. A soldier of the legion. Jackson, Mich., 1917. 
Brobst, S. I'm proud to serve the land that gave me birth. Pittsburg, Liberty Mus. 

Co., 1918. 

Somewhere back there. Pittsburg, Liberty Mus. Co., 1918. 

Biockman, J. We're going to hang the Kaiser imder the Linden tree. N. Y., Ken* 

dis, 1917. 
Brockton, L. America — first. N. Y., Fischer, 1917. 

My soldier boy. NY., Fischer, 1917. 

Bromby, W. "Pass it along." 1918. 

We're the boys from the U. S. A. 1918. 

Bronfln, B. We're fighting for liberty. New Haven, Bronfin, 1918. 

Brooke, B. E. J; Victory. Ms., 1918. 

Brooks, C. M. America "Home sweet home." Painesialle, O., Brooks, 1917. 

Brooks, H. L. Our General, over there. By M. I. Osmun. 1918. 

Brooks, B. The wide world must be free. Gloucester, Felicity Pr., 1917. 

Brooks, S. Somewhere, somewhere in France. By W. V. Dunham. (3ii., RoisBil^r. 

Brothers, J. S., Jr. Nebraska over all! By G. H. Harries. Ms., 1917. 
Broonoff, P. Tlie queen of the banners. By H. Bernstein. N- Y., U^v. S6r. Pub. 

Oo., 1917. 

To Free Russia! By G. Hurvitz. N. Y., Intemat. Mus. Fest. League, 1917. 

Blower, B. S. Hail America. Ms., 1917. 

Brown, A. W. The bravest battle of the war was fought in a mother's heart. N. Y., 
Morri8,-1918. ' ''- " 

• Jackie Boy. By T. P. Hoier <t E. West. N. Y., Stem, 1918. ^ 

-• — • There's a service flag living at our house. N. Y., Morris, 1917 

Blown, C. B. It's so hard tolbe happy without you. Chi., Jansen, 1917. 

Brown, O. 8. What ard we doing for our boys? Morland, Kans., Bondy^ 1918. ' ^ 

Mtrsib 217^ 

Browft, D. O. C. We love you, 'deed we do, Uncle Sanunuel.' Tulsa, Oila. , Meredfth' 

MuB. Co., 1917. 
Brown, B. The call to arms. By E. T. Glynn, 1917. 

In the service. By P. A. Earle. Waverley, Mass., Brown, 1917. 

New America. By C. B. Martin. Waverley, Mass., Brown, 1917. 

Brown, J. B. Camp life. By J. L. Kipper. Wray, Colo., Ripper, 1917. 

Hats off! salute old Rlory._ By J. L. Ripper. \Vjay, Colo^, Ripper, 1918. 


Sammy's going to get you if you don't. Wray, Colo., Ripper, 1918. 

Brown, X. C. We're coming millions strong. By 8. J. Bassett. Best., Ross, 1917. 
Brown, L. Daddy's boy. Lowell, Brown, 1917. 

I want him back again. N. Y., Bdway. Mus. Copr., 1918. 

Brown, M. B. When you kiss your soldieivboy goodbye. 1918. 

Brown, O. B. For the flag and Uncle Sam. Wenatchee, Wash., Mus. Co., 1917. 
Brown, B. A. Our magic flag. By L. Hill. Spokane, Wash., Amer. Mus. Co., 1918. 
Brown, W. B. Our flag. By C. L. H. Wagner. Best., Paramount Co., 1918. 
Brown, W. G. We hear you. Uncle Sam. Raton, N. M., Raton Pub. Co., 1917. 
Brown ft Berl. Wlien the boys come nuirching home again. Scran ton, Munn & 

Berl, 1918. 
Browne, B. Loyalty to the Stars and Stripes. Chestnut Hill., Mass, Browne, 1917. 
Browne, J. L. tJ. S. A. Chi., Gilbert Mus. Co., 1917. 
Browne, B. A. General Lafavette, we are here! By J. J. Fearon. Ms., 1918. 

'*Hata off to every mother of a soldier! " By G. M. Orme. Ms., 1918. 

Knitting song. By L. C. Albinger. Ms., 1917. 

Let's be prepared for peace or war. N. Y., Howley, 1916. 

Marching thro' France. By Dr. B. H. Ms., 1917. 

Soldier boy. By C. Hawkms. Ms., 1917. 

The soldier lad in khaki clad of nineteen seventeen. By C. N. Young. Ms., 


The soldier's farewell. Wash. C. H., O., Old Reliable Mus. Co., 1917. 

Sweet Liberty. By F. Chumley. Ms., 1917. 

There's a sweet little girl and she's waiting for me. N. Y., Church, 1918. 

There'll be a hot time for the Kaiser. Cleveland, Popular Mus. Pub., 1917. 

When the war is over. By Lulu Evarts. Ms., 1918. 

Yankee Doodle go to France. By Wm. Newell. Ms., 1918. 

Browne, B. S . Here 'a to the land of Uncle Sam . By G . F. Jordan . Bloomington , 111 . , 

Mod. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Browning, H. B. It's up to you. Toledo, Liberty Loan Com., 1918. 
Bmce, A. It was a German dream. Jordan Spring , Va., Mono Pub. Co., 1917. 
Brace, H. B. America! America! The best land on the earth. CM., Bruce, 1918. 
Bruce, M. Knitting. Lond., Chappell, 1918. 
Brace, 4r. Good-bye United States. Olympia, Rabeck, 1918. 
Bnxen, B. C. B. Freedom of the seas. N. Y., Bruen, 1917. 
Brnlins, G. F. W. Prayer. By D. M. Henderson. N. Y., 1917. 
Bryan, N. Sernce song. The spirit of the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 

The spirit of the U, S. A. By A. L. Murray. Ms., 1918. 

Bryan, V. Jerusalem is free. Rensselaer, Ind., Reynolds & Donegan, 1918. 

Bryant, L. 1 want to be a soldier boy. Chi., Bryant, 1917. 

Bnehanan, C. Your flag and my flag. By W. D. Nesbit. Newark, 1917. 

Buchanan, B. W. Mother Americans. Stanford, Conn., Metz Mus. Co., 1917. 

Buck, C. M. A pledge to the flag. Ms., 1918. 

Bnck, G. B. For the world and the U. S. A. Chi., N. W. Mus. Co., 1918. 

Buckley, P. A. If you do your bit they'll never put America down. Los Angeles, 

Brophy, 1917. 
Buckmeyier, B. V. We will all stand by you Uncle Sammy. Zanesville, O., Buck- 

meyer, 1918, 
Buford, J. W. Over the sea to Black Jack. Sani Antonio, Buford, 1918. 
BuU, C. B., jr. The army of the air. By E. Brown. Ms., 1917. 
Bullock, Q. F. America to thee. N. Y., Bullock, 1917. 
Bullock, 8. When Teddy ledds the boys. Cleveland, Bullock. 1917. 
Bundy, B. F. When Yankee Doodle goes to France. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 
Bunn, F. B. Just because we know we're right. Ms., 1918. 
Bunting, J. J. The call to liberty. Spokane, 1918. 
Burford, M. O. Great Qod of Liberty. 1918. 
Burs» C. Everybody has his troubles and Tm having mine. Ft. Smith, Ark., Buig., 




Biidke, J. ▲. If I had a son for each star in Old Glory. By J. E. Dempaey. 1917. 

- A soldier's rosary. N. Y., Staan^r, 1918. 

Burke, J. N. My glonoui stars and stnpes. S. Bethlehem, Pa., Burke, 1917. 

When it's Chiistaia3tiine on the battlefield. S. Bethlehem, Pa., Burke, 1917. 

Bnrkhardt, A. Lat's bury the hatchet. 1918. 

Burns, B. Bound for Berlin. Milwaukee, Amer. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Bums, J. P. God and country, U. S. A. Pt.-song. Phil., Phil. Mus. Club, 1916. 

Bums, M. America land of my adoption. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Burtoh, B. When the bugle calls. Indianapolis, Halcyon Pub. Co., 1918. 

Burtoh, B. L. Angels guard thee I pray. Indianapolis, Halcyon Pub. Co., 1918. 

— : — Bye bye baby dear. Indianapohs, Halcyon rub. Co., 1917. 

Peace on earth and liberty. IndianapoUs, Halcyon Pub. Co., 1917. 

Burton, G. W. A Yankee message to France. Rockwood. Mich^ Burton, 1918. 
Bu86, W. Aren't you glad you're living in the U. S. A. By C. M. Levett. N. Y., 

Bohrer, 1915. 
Bush, J. G. Hail to the flag. Cin., Bush, 1917. 

Bush, L. Preparedness. By F. Shoemaker. Tulsa, Okla., Bush, 1916. 
Bnfler, B. F. Join hands across the seas. Denver, Butler, 1915. 
Batter, £. Farewell, soldier boy. By W. D. Totten. 1917. 
Batter, H. B. France, we hear you caUing. Ms.. 1918. 
Butterfleld, C. France, America loves you. Phil., Butterfield, 1918. 
Bywater, M. S. America'll win the war. Duluth, Bywater. 1918. 
C. J. E. The great crusade. (Mus. after Sout-hern melody.) N. Y., J. E. C, 1918. 
Cabello, F. C. For the soldiers and sailors hold. Ms. 1918. 

Peace peace reechoed cheer. By J. Schmidt. N. Y., Cabello, 1915. 

Caflero, Al. Let's give a little credit to the hoys. Brooklyn^ Carroll, 1918. 
Cahan, M. M. The fall of the Russian Czar. By M. Zavodnick. N. Y., Schenker, 

Cahill, G. His daddy's sword. By M. A. Kieman. Salem, 1917. 
Cahn, E. B. We're coming. 1918. 

Caittiness, J. Awake America. Everett, Wash., Caithness, 1917. 
Cake, L. B. My soljah soul. 1917. 

Uncle Sam's glories. 3918. 

Calahan, G. M. Lilerty. Bv S. E. Keese. 1917. 
Calhoun, J. C. The beast of Berlin. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

War brides. N. Y., Shapiro, 1936. 

Calisoh, J. H. Do we rememher Dewey? N. Y., Greenwald, 1918. 

Hark to the country's call. N. Y., Calisch, 1917. 

Calkin, J. B. Vexlllum gloriosum. Pt.-song. By J. F. Genung. 1917. 

Call, Guy. Our Sammie ho vs. By G. A. Rockwell. Westfield, Mass., Encore M. 

P. Co. 1917. 
The call to Peace. N. Y., Walton Fenn Co., 1916. 
Calmoutter, G. American war march. Bv S. J. Treitel. Woonsocket, R. 1., fVench 

Pub. Co., 1917. 
Cameron, J. "The hovs of Uncle Sam. " N. Y., Collins, 1917. 

Uncle Sam will he a father to us all. Ms. 1918. 

You don't always have to fight to be a hero. Los Angeles, Heaton, 1915. 

Cameron, L. ft L. Come rally. Brooklyn, Chandler-Ebel Mus. Co., 1917. 
Camilieri, L. Freedom's battle song. By L. L. Bates. N. Y., New Singing Soe., 


Hymn for America. By W. A. Slade. N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 

Campbell, C. B. I'm sure I wasn't raised to be a soldier. Erie, Pa., Losey M. P. 

Co., 1916. 
Campbell, £. Old Glory. Ms. 1918. 

Campbell, H. M. We're all alike in Khaki. San Diego, Dale <!c Grenols, 1918. 
Campbell, B. T. Our native shore. By Bert Platte. Omaha, Platte, 1918. 
Cannon, E. C. That red cross girl of mine. Columbus, Buckeye M. P. Co., 1917. 
Cannon, T. Y. America army song. By Mrs. L. A. R. Clark. Salt Lake City, 

Held, 1917. 
Capen, B. C. And they went marching, marching, marching. Ms. 1918. 
Capen, E. M. Back home I'll come. Marlboro, Mass., Capen, 1917. 

Three cheers for the grand old flag. Marlboro, Mass., Ci^en, 1917. 

We are going, Father Woodrow. Marlboro, Mass., Capen, 1918, 

Carey, de Fslc and Lwoff. America. By Rev. S. F. Smitn. Pt.-song. 1917. 
Carelton, C. Uncle Sam's boys. By H. B. S. Short. Minneapolis, Short, 1917. 
Carlo, M. Ev'ry Sammy needs his smokin' overthere. Delta, Mich., Delta Pub. 
Co., 1917. 

MUHO 219 

Cailfoa, B. M. Give a little credit to our Red Gtosb nune. Mb. 1918. 
Cadion, D. A. I'll be waiting for you dearie. Chi., Amer. Mus. Pub., 1918. 
CandTii, H. Some day we're oack to dear old glory. St. Paul, Bramwell A Ragen, 

Oazf, A. I have come to aay— "Good bye. " Ilion, N. Y., Carp, 1917. 
Gaipefttar, J. A. Khaki Sammy. N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 
Can, J. The eagle. Sioux City, Cazr, 1917. 

CanoU, C. A Q. We are off to the war, boysl N. Y., Carmolo Mus. Ag., 1917. 
GazioU, X. So long Letty. Play. ExceipU. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

When Pm thru with the arma of the army. N. Y., Feut, 1918. 

CanoU, J. A Waltera, B. Old glory. Kans. City, Carroll A Walters, 1917. 

CanoU, M. H. Credo " God is marching on. " Pt.-aong. Boet., Boat. Mua. Co., 1918. 

CaiToU, W. We shall fight for our ridits as we fought for liberty. 1918. 

We'll follow Pershing into old Berlin. By R. C. Young. 1917. 

Caxrefli, W. W. " Owed " to beans. By W. Camith. Oakland, Sierra Mus. Co. , 1918. 

Carton, C. X. In the ranks of the U. S. A. Atlanta, Ind., Carson, 1917. 

Carter, M. J. Song of victory. Lebanon, N. H., Carter, 1918. 

Cazflege, X. D. Let us fi^ht with all our might. Phil., Patriot Pub. Co., 1917. 

Carly, N. A. W. The nation's call. Lawrence, Mass.. 1918. 

Carnii, I. J, Sons of liberty. Berkeley. Talmacraft So., 1918. 

Camao, Xnilco A V. BeUeiza. Liberty torever. N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 

Caruso, J. A. N. Boy of mine. By W. Creager. N. Y., Alliance M. P. Co., 1918. 

CaiTliii, M. We'll socm be sailing away. Cm., Everett Mus. Co., 1918. 

Caiy, X. Great is the life of Jackies. Ms., 1918. 

Old glory will be flying over no man's land. Ms., 1918. 

Red Cross. Ms., 1918. 

When you come back, my Sammy Boy. Ms., 1918. 

Casolo, M. L. L. Our boys. By K. M. Florini. 1917. 
Caae, Anna. Oiu* America. T Uin.] , Chiu'ch, 1917. 

Caae, C. C. I didn't raise my boy to be a coward. F. G. McCauley. Wellington, 0., 

Sons of FreedcMn. By F. G. McCauley. Wellington, 0., 1917. 

Up with the flas . By J. H . Johnston. Cin. , WiUis, 1917. 

Caaey, J. W. After the war is over. Seattle, Echo M. P. Co., 1917. 

Casey, 7. W. Ev'ry time she hears the band play ... N. Y., Echo M. P. Co., 1918. 

Caai idy, 7. P. The Red Croes song. 1918. 

Casto, LeX. H. Johnny Jones is a Sammy now. Ms., 1918. 

Cater, V. "Somewhere in France." Ms., 1918. 

Take care of Mother for me. Greenville, Ala., Cater, 1918. 

Cavell, L. B. We're coming! Woodrow, Coming! San Di^o, Stanford A Cavell, 

Chadwick, O. W. The fighting men. By M. A. De W. Howe. Bost., Birchard, 1918. 

Here comes the flag. By Arthur Macy. Bost., Birchard, 1918. 

Land of our hearts. By J. H. Ingham. Boet., Bost. Mus. Co., 1918. 

The new Hail Columbia. By W. M. Lind. Bost., Wood Mus. Co., 1917. 

These to the front. Chorus. Bost., Ditson, 1918. 

Clialmen, A. M. Our country's flag. Bost., Chalmers, 1917. 

Cliainpagiie, X. L'orphelin de la guerre. By A. S. de Pierreville. Lowell, Cham- 
pagne, 1917. 

Caunpagne, P. La guerre d 'Europe. Par Pierreville. Nashua, Vt., Champagne, 

Cliantereaa, V. C. International march song of the allies. Ms., 1918. 

Chapsnaa, M. X. Heroes or fools. Chi., Bergman, 1917. 

Chase, C. A. Flag of my land. By T. A. Daly. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

Chatham, L. C. Betty my own. Pueblo, Colo., Coop. Union Mus., 1917. 

Cheer for the colors! Anonymous. Ms., 1918. 

Cheney, H. H. 'Neath the lanterns' glow. By A. Fyee. Waltham, Mass., Cheney, 

CUaflsrelU, A. She'll be waiting when you come back home. N. Y., Rega', 1917. 

Clavp€, A. A. Hymn for .\merica. By W. A. Slade. 1918. 

ClMtk, C. The AlUes are going to win. N. Y., Harris, 1916. 

Clark, C. F. We'll ShoutI Shout!! Shout!!! . . . Hartwick, N. Y., Clark, 1918. 

Clark, X. X. Loyal scouts are we. Newark, Scout Pub. Co., 1918. 

Clark, X. 8. Camp songs . . . Wash., Evening and Sunday Star, 1918. 

Clark, L. A. Call of the U. S. A. 1918. 

I can't get 'em up. 1918. 

rU tip my hat to the clothes you wear. Chi., U. Song Writers Assn., 1918. 



Clarki L. A. The messenger of universal peace. By G. R. Sinning. Pittsburg, 
Sinning, 1915. 

My little lad in khaki clad is coming home to me. Regina, McOuire, 1917. 

Clark, S. M. Our boys in Khaki. Ms., 1918. 

Clarke, H. A. The battle song of peace. By C. Porter. Bost., Thompson, 1916. 

Clarke, W. B. We are coming. By I. D. Wall. Baton Rouge, Authors, 1918. 

Clarvoe, K. We belong to Uncle Sam. By L. J. Leavens. N. Y., Pouker, 1918. 

Clawson, W. M. Hark! I hear your country calling. 1918. 

Clay, W. F. Sammies lamentation of the girl I left behind me. Camden, Clay, 1918. 

Clements, H. L. The angel of No Man's Land. By H. M. Barr. Ms., 1917. 

Clewell, B. There's not a bit of yellow in the old Ked, White and Blue. Ms., 1917. 

Clews, Wm. Cheer, Boys, Cheer. Ms., 1918. 

Cliff, H. Battle hymn of the Allies. Ms. , 1917 . 

Clifford, D. The boys of Uncle Sam. Rockford, Clifford, 1917. 

Clifton, C. Avec leurs fusils. By Lt. Col. Paul Aean. Bost., Ditson, 1917. 

Clifton, J. Put by my old Tuxedo. Ms., 1918. 

Clique, F. H. The bravest heart of all. By A. J. Lamb. Chi., Root, 1915. 

Clunet, M. S. Can, can, can, we all are canning. Phil., Swisher, 1917. 

Coates, A. Bury the Hun! N. Y., Harms, 1918. 

Night sea song. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 

Cobb, Q. L. Mississippi volunteers. By R. Levenson. Bost., Jacobs, 1917. 

Send me a line. By I. Crocker. Bost., Jacobs, 1917. 

Cogswell, H. E. The message of the flag. Wash., Cogswell, 1917. 

The spirit of victory. Wash., Cogswell, 1918. 

Cohan, Geo. M. Over there. (Eng. & Fr. text.) N. Y., Feist, 1917. 

Over there. N. Y., Jerome, 1917. 

Their hearts are over here. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

Colangelo, N. Victory. Providence, Colan^elo, 1918. 
Colbum, F. S. Our boys across the sea. Cm., Lewis, 1918. 
Cole, E. A. The lily and the rose. Toledo, Toledo Mus. Col., 1917. 

Your country needs you. Toledo, Toledo Mus. Col., 1917. 

Who'll keep the glow in Old Glory? Ms., 1918. 

Valparaiso, Ind., Cole, 1918. 

Cole, L. £. For you and dear old Uncle Sammy. 1918. 

Cole, B. Q. The shrine of peace. By W. C. Kenyon. Part-song. Chi., Summy, 

Your lad and my lad. By R. Parrish. Bost., Schmidt, 1918. 

Colgrove, L. W. For the freedom of the sea. Cin., Willis, 1917. 

God save America. Minneapolis, 1917. 

CoUctt, F.J. United . By H . 8 . Thorpe . 1918 . . 

Collins, Sergt. C. T. For a girl like you. Chi., Rossiter, 1918. 

Collins, L. S. Salute to the flag. «1917. 

Colvln, D. Freedom's victory. Wichita, Kans., Colvin, 1918. 

Come si canta in guerra. By Nat. di Palma (?). N. Y., Matacea, 1917. 

Comm. on Traing. Camp Act. Army & Navy. Songs of the Soldiers and Sailors: 

U.S. Wash., G. P.O., 1917. 
Conant, Q. W. Freedom and Peace. (Order of service.) Bost., Pilgrim Press, 1917. 
Congdon, C. H. The Battle-Cry of Peace. By Earhart. N . Y. , Congdon, 1912. 

Uncle Sam's Laddies. By W. H. Slingerland. 1917. 

Conime, C. New America. Wash., Anthem Pub. Co., 1918. 
Connolly, C. M. Prove you're a Yankee too. Ms., 1918. 
Conor, J. D. Preparedness. N. Y., Heil, 1916. 

Conover, H. You're either for the U. S. A.— or you're not. Chi., 2(>th C. Pub. Co., 1918. 

Conrad, C. Oh! Prenchy. Ms., 1918. 

Converse, F. S. Under the Stars and Stripes. By M. Cawein. Bost., Birchard, 

Converse, M. P. Apostropho to America. By J. G. Whittier. 1917. 
Conway, C. A prayer. 1917. 
Cook, F. That's what we'll raise with Germany. By C. Higbey. Redlands, Flinn, 

Cook, F. E. America (My country 'tis of thee). By 8. F. Smith. (New tune). 

Warsaw, 111., Cook, 1917. 
Cook, J. H. When we come back. Des Moines, Cooke, 1918. 
Cook, Mrs. W. Then fight, fight, fight! 1918. 
Cooley, L. M. When you come home. Ms., 1918. 
Coombs, C.W. Flag of Freedom. By O. W. Holmes. N. Y., Flammer, 1917. 

Patria. By F. Van Cleve. N. Y., Schirmer. 1917. 

MXWO 221 

Cooper, B. While you're awav. Ms., 1918. 

Cooper, F. T. The regimeixtal greens. By W. F. Thome. Los Angeles, Hatch, 1917. 

Cooper, O. Do your bit for Uncle Sam. Hammond, Ind., Cooper, 1917. 

Cooper, J. Yiddisha army blues. Los Angeles, Quincke, 1918. 

Cooper, L. V. My country needs me. 1917. 

Copeland, H. W. Und ^ah, der Kaiser too. Pendleton, O., Copeland, 1917. 

Copeland, L. U Sammies of the Red, White and Blue. Cleveland, 0., 1918. 

Copp, F. S. Over the top. Ms., 1918. 

Corbett, J. 7. All that's mod in life. 1917 . 

Cordy, W. H. Good bye U. S. A. 1918. 

Corliss, B. M. The girl that he loves best. Bost., White-Smith, 1918. 

Coxmack and McConnell. Your country needs you now. By A. Dubin. N. Y., 

Witmark, 1917. 
Connay, W. J. When the Yankee boys go marching through France. Waltham, 

Mass., Cormay, 1918. 
CozneU, L. J. " Wear the khaki. " By W. D. ComeU. Ms. , 1917 . 
Corpus, B. When Pershing leads them over. By R. Thorboum. Bost., Coigan, 


When we parted that day. Bost., Coigan, 1917. 

Corte, M. The flag. Ms., 1918. 

Cortelyou, W. Soldiers of the sea. By W. C. Duncan. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 
Cossar, B. When the Stars and Stripes are waving in Berlin. Phoenix, Cossar S^ 

Egan, 1918. 
Cotts, L. DuB. We're With You Uncle Sammy. Ms., 1918. 
Conntryman, C. C. The flag— our flag. Peoria, 111., Countryman, 1917. 
Court, Q. The leading man to-day. Bv T. M. Robertson. Ms., 1917. 
CovxviUe, V. Three great big cheers for Uncle Sam. Punxsutawney, Pa., Cour- 

ville, 1918. 
Cowart, M. B. The boys who fought in the trenches. By T. L. Jordan. 1917. 
Cowles, B. Laurels. By A. Coll. Bost., Ditson, 1918. 
Cowles, H. The farewell message. By One of the '^Boys." Saxonville, Mass., 

Cowles, 1917. 
CoK, C. B. The U. 8. A. will lay the Kaiser away. By J. Dettling. Columbus, 

Buckeye M. P. Co., 1918. 
Cox, Mrs. B. The call for volunteers. Bellefontaine, O., Author, 1917. 
Cox, J. The great war. Cin., Willia, 1914. 
Cox, M. E. After the war. By C. S. Black. Cin., Black, 1918. 

Peace, sweet peace. .By A. E. Lloyd. Cox & Lloyd, 1916. 

Cox, 8. B. When Woodrow Wilson Takes a Hand. Nashville, Dixie Mus. Co., 

Coyle, H. V. God has blessed you and me when he gave us liberty. Phil., Key- 
stone Co., 1917. 

Ciaae, O. B. The flag of our country. By E. G. Braselton. Monticello, la., 
Brazelton, 1917. 

Cianston, B. A. The old flag's calling you. Providence, Cranston, 1917. 

Crawford, C. The National Army man. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 

Crawford, B. T. Liberty. "U. S. A." emblem song. [Melody only.] Pelham, 
N. Y., 1917. 

Tlie Red Cross meesage. [Melody only.] Pelham, N. Y., 1917. 

Crawley, A. B. Soldier boy. Gladys, Va., Crawley, 1917. 
Creagei. J. D. I love m^ liberty boy. Ma., 1918. 

Cretie, B. B. Laurels victory. By A. G. Corless. Pittsbg., Emal M. P. Co., 1918. 

Crews, W. D. The patriotic triniUr. 1917. 

Cxews, W. D., and Janes, B. C. Respoiue to liberty's call. 1917. 

Crittenden, F. B. "Go on, Uncle Sammy.*' Rochester, 1917. 

Crooker, Bay. " I want to be a soldierette. " Bv G. Davis. Photogiaph, 1917. 

Crockett, A. S. Bill, you won't get off at Heligoiuid. 1917. 

Defend our land. 1917. 

Till aU be freel 1917. 

Ci«okett, L. M. Qood'bye soldier boy. Walla Walla, Crockett, 1918. 

''Motiber dear, they are calling me." Walla Walla, CrockeU, 1918. 

Croese, D. "The Liberty loan Pep. M^., 1918. 

Crookbam, D. America, we'll stand by you. Sioux City, Crookham, 1918. 
Crosbie, A. W. We are leady. By J. J. O'Brien. Worcester, Crosbie, 1917-. 
Cross, H. Sailor boy. Seattle, Cross, 1918. 
Cross, H. B. The pact of peace. 1917. 
Crow, J. For you and the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 



Cnunp, Q. ** Smipy soupv soup. " N. Y., 1918. 
Cnunp, Q. B. Enaki ana navy blue. N. Y., Crump, 
Cxyan, J. H. Onl onl to Berlin. Cin., Willis, 1918. 


Cni, C«sar. War. By J. Joffe. N. Y^., FraAlin, 1917. 
dinntngliani, P. A. Sammy boy. Chi., Cunningham & ^y^r. 1917. 
CnimliichaTn, T. The eagle and the dove: A call to anns. By M. Longfellow, lis., 

CuRie, B. W. Flag of freedom. By M. J. Simpkins. 1917. 
CuRie, J. B. Drop a line to mother. Ms., 1918. 
Curtis, J. A. That's what America needs. Newark, Curtis, 1916. 
Curtis, W. H. Good-bye little girl for awhile. Williamsport, Pa., Casale, 1918. 
Cutty, W. Oldglory. N. Y., 1917. 

Dailey, J. O. Hats of! to the flag. Phil., Dailey Mus. Co., 1917. 
Dallas, B. When the eagle screams hurrahl Providence, Dallas, 1917. 
Daly, A. J. Gunner Jim. By H. L. Cool. N. Y., Daly Mus. Co., 1918. 

A mother's prayer for her boy "Over there. " N. Y., Daly Mus. Co., 1918. 

Daly, K. America's call to arms. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Daly, L. Have courage Illinois. By E. Swaim. 1918. 

Damn, A. ** Our country's flag. " By J. C. Bramwell. St. Paul, Bramwell, 1917. 

Fighting for our flag on the fields of France. St. Paul, Bramwell, 1917. 

Danforth, H. A. I am a real American. Lynn^ Danforth, 1917. 
Danmark, B. America prepare. By E. H. Childs. N. Y., Remick, 1916. 

When we take tiie germ out of Germany. By A. C. Ammenheuser. Ms., 1917. 

Dannie, M. B. Some one will have to answer. Brooklyn. Denny, 1918. 

They are fightlnjg; for liberty. By A. F. Dannie. Brooklyn, Denny, 1918. 

Dappert, M. L. America, you for me. By A. J. Stevens. Chi., Stevens, 1917. 

When Uncle Sam gets fighting mad. By A. J. Stevens. Chi., Stevens, 1917. 

Darewski, H. Sister Susie's sewing shirts for soldiers. By R. P. Weston. N. Y., 

Harms, 1914. 
Darling, M. Cheer our Sammies, cheer them. Ms., 1918. 
Darlington, J, H. War-ship & Trench song. Ms., 1918. 
Dart, A. A. America lead the way. Pt.-song. 1917. 
Davenport, B. H. America united. Arr. by E. C. Mazham. 
Daum,.B. M. Do it now. Ms., 1918. 
David, S. C. Forward American soldiers. By L. McCurdy. 


Old glory— the red, white and blue. N. Y., David M. P. Co., 1917. 

Davidson, C. America for me. 1918. 

Davidson, W. T. Let the stars and stripes be leading. Evansville, Ind., Harding, 

Davies, A. V. The Red Cross song. Cin., Willis Mus. Co., 1918. 
Davies, D. O. U. S. A. for me. By Tom Morgan. N. Y., Haviland, 1916. 
Davies, P. H. When our country calls. By C. S. Davis. Munde, Ind., Davis, 1917. 
Davilla, J. J. America will forever be . . . N. 0., World's M. P. Co., 1917. 
Davis, A. S. When the flags of all nations unite. Thomas & Davis, 1916. 
Davis, A. T. The patriot's call. Cleveland, Davis, 1917. 
Davis, C. B. Here^B to the boys in Khaki. Ms., 1918. 
Davis, B. B. Fill the flag. 1918. 
Davis, M. S. Hurrah! hurray I for Uncle Sam. Los Angelee, Ballenger, 1917. 

Our own beloved America. Lros Angelee, Ballenger, 1917. 

Davis, W. B. What do you care? Pt.-song. Santa Cruz, Cal., The Song Mart, 1917. 

When the boys come marching home. Santa Cruz, Cal., Song-Mart, 1917. 

Dawson, A. P. Don't you hear Uncle Sammie Calling. Cin., Dawson, 1918. 
Dawson, B. K. We are a peaceful nation. By D. MacBoyle. Newark, Wallace, 

Day, A. Let's be neutral. Beet., Day, 1915. 
Day, A. F. Get the Kaiser. Ashtabula, Assoc. Mas. Pub., 1918. 
Day, B. de S. America prepare. By N. C. House. 1916. 
Day, L. F. I belong to Uncle Sam. Seattle. 1917. 

Day, O. OhI my Minnesota. (Gopher battle song). Minneapolis, M~B-Co., 1917. 
Day, Mrs. O. The star of peace. By Mrs. Z. S. T^lborn. Okla. C&ty, Jodyn Basr. 

Co., 1917. 
Dealy and Kraemer. After the war is over ... N. Y., Dealy & Kraemer, 1918. 
Dean, B. Come on boys over the top. Detroit, Dean, 1918. 

Sammy boy. Detroit, Dean, 1918. 

Deamess, W. Lead Oolumbial IMelody.] 1917. 

Ms., 1917. 
Pittsburgh, McCurdy, 


Dt Beii7» J. F. Wh«Ei the buid ptovB dixie I'll be there. Orleado, FU., De Berry, 

I>ehovy, C. La R^publique d'AloM^. N. Y., Debouy, 1916. 
l>e Ceeta, H. He <&«wb no color line. By V. Trainor. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

Hello central, give me France. By E. Benham. N. Y.. Witmark, 1917. 

If you fight for your country (like you fou^t at home). K . Y., Witmark, 1917 . 

Never try to steal a soldier's sweetheart. By £. Benham. N. Y., Witmark, 


We want our daddy dear back home. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

Oe Costa, L. I'm neutral. By H. Gantvoort. N. Y., Karcsag, 1916. 

TUl the work of the Yanks is done. N. Y., Intematl. Ed. Pub. Co., 1917. 

Oegflagery L. A. Come along boys. By A. Hughes. Cin., Liberty Pub. Co., 1917. 
Oe Xoven, B. The battleH»n of alliance. By P. Mackaye. N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 


I>elaaey» T. It takes the 9th and 10th cavalry to make the German . . . Ms., 1918. 
De Laoa. Good bye, and good luck, boys. By Hassall. Phil., Swisher, 1917. 
De LvM, J, Stand by our Wilson. Phil., De Luca, 1917. 
Demamrt, L. F. Soldier boy. Joliet, 111., West, 1917. 

Ye have heard the call. Ms., 1918. 

De Komiaioia, M. That's whv I want to be a soldier. N. Y., Treisalt, 1917. 

Uncle Sam (is a peaceful man). 1916. 

Dempaey, T. H. Uncle Sam we're strong for you. Chi., Dempsey, 1917. 

DenUnger, C. K. America's Slogan, Fall In, Fall In. 1918. 

Dennee, C. For the flag and America. Boet., Schmidt, 1917. 

Dennis, B. F. Your Uncle Sammy now is calling for the boys of the U. S. A. Lynn, 

DenniSy 1917. 
Denamore, J. H. Friends of France. By M. Gardenia. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

The unfurlinff of the flag. Bv C. E. Sears. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

Dennfido, T. The dear old fls^ of tne U.S.A. Peoria, 111., Crescent Mus. Co., 1918. 
Derensy, £. L. We'll fight for dear old glory. Lownman, N. Y., Composer, 1917. 
De Bose, P. That's all one mother can do. By I. Reid. N. Y., Haviland, 1918. 

That's why we love you. Betsy Ross. By Ivan Reid. N. Y., Haviland, 1917. 

Deapard, H. Verdun front. Ms., 1918. 

DeVillar, J. M. The Tezans are ready. Laredo, Tex., DeVillar, 1918. 

Dewey, J. O. Over the top, the top, we go. San Fran., Dewey, 1918. 

Dible, B. H. Freedom for all forever. San Di€«p, Dible. 1918. 

Dioey, B. Our lone pet mav be a soldier yet. Pittsburgn, McGinn, 1917. 

Dlok, B. T. The emblem that set all men free. Ms., 1918. 

Dick, J. W. I'm soing back to Tippeiary . N. Y., Dick, 1915. 

Diok, W. In the land of the free and brave. By E. E. Davis. Bost., Quigley, 1917. 

DIoklBSon, C. For all who watch. Pt.-floiU'. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 

DlcUason, L. T. Thespirit of '17. Chi., NatL Mus. Co., 1917. 

Dloksott, B. M. Oarry me back to my home across the sea. Union City, Tenn., 

Dickson, 1918. 
Dieter, H. That Yankee drive. 1918. 

Digiozgio, I, In peace forever and ever. N. Y., Digiorgio, 1916. 
DlUon, J. A. For defence. N. Y., Dill(m, 1917. 

For the honor of Uncle Sam. N. Y., Dillon, 1917. 

There's a service flag in the window. N . Y., Dillon, 1918. 

JHrnmrnafn, H. A. For flag and country. By Mrs. E. Clarke. Skowhegan, Me., 

Milbum, 1917. 
Dinwiddle, P. Let peace go marching on. By L. C. Shea. Wash., Marks-Gold- 

omith, 1915. 
Dtonae, A. Don't lose your heart to the lilly of France. By £. Le Doux. Leo- 

minater, Mass., Wore. N. P. Co., 1917. 
Dlzon, A. Come on boys. Chi., Dixon, 1917. 
Dlzon, H. Ghin— grin— grin. St. Louis, Dixon-Lane, 1918. 

We're goingto get to Berlin through the air. St. Louis, Dixon-Lane, 1918. 

DobMns, M. B. The khaki bo:^s. Sedalia, Mo., Kauffman, 1918. 

Doolor, O. I'm hitting the trail to Normandy. N. Y., Snyder, 1917. 

Uncle Sam please keep your eye on that gal of mine . N . Y. , Snyder. 1917 . 
, O. I'm not going to buy any summer clothes ... N. Y., Granville, 19 

,-. - „_ , , . 1917. 

Denahne, J. J. The call of the U.S.A. Lawrence, Mass. , 1918. 

The flag of the U. S. A. FkUmer, Mass., Donahue, 1918. 

Just for the sake of gold . Lawrence, Main. , Donahue. 1915. 

Doaald, D. Marching aong. Holyoke, Man., Clark Pub. Co., 1917. 



X)«ni|ld8on, W. Are we downhearted? Nol no! no! hy R. Shemood-. H. Y., 
Haviland, 1917. 

The army's full of Irish. By B. Hanlon. N. Y.> Witmark, 1917. 

Prepare the eagle to protect the dove. By IJ. T. Bunce. N. Y., Haviland, 


We're coming back to you when the fighting days are through. N. Y., Witmark, 

Donnelly, S. J. The service flag. (Air: The top of the morning. ) 1918. 
Donovan, A. Cheer up Tommy Atkins, Uncle Sam is on the way. Ms., 1918. 


Plaza Press, 1918. 
Dopp, Q. Q. The Sammies of the U. S. A. lx)s Angeles, Dopp, 1918. 
Doppler, K. Young America (The world has got its eyes on you). Cin., Laag- 

Doppler, 1918. 
Doran, J. P. Our gallant Sammies. 1918. 
Doiia, F. P. Victory. Ms., 1918. 
Dorsey, A. A. After the bo vs return. Ms., 1918. 

Dorsey, S. H. I wish I could be a soldier boy. South Bend, Ind.4 Dorsoy, 1918. 
Dory, Andrew. Our Sammies in the trenches. By J. lleaney. N. Y., Heaney, 1917. 
Botzler, A. Stars red-white & blue, ('hi., Cardot Mas. Co., 1917. 
Dover, K. S. Answer Uncle Samrav'8 call. By C. M. Martin. Providence. Kay & 

Eddy, 1917. 
Dow, I. L. Our Sammies of U. S. A. Woodhaven, L. I., Dow, 1918. 
Dowling, M. I. In the harbor of hope. Chi., Dowling. 1918. 
Downer, B, J. Everybody works in the land of Uncle S^m. 1917. 

The low down, dollar, Yankee nation. A few remarks by Uncle Sam. 1917. 

Downing;, L. J. Our great land. By H. Bagg and .T. Bonstelle. N. Y., Bonstelle- 

Downing, 1917. 
Downing, S. J. America it's up to you. 1915. 

Doyle, J, P. When they tackle your Unele Sam. N. Y'.. Doyle, 1917. 
Doyle, K. L. Come back my eoldier boy. Boet., Evans, 1917. 
Drennen, J. F. When the devil gets the Kaiser won't he jump. Lima, O., Dreimen, 

Drew, E. T. M. They knocked the helm from Wilhelm. Ms., 1918. 
Dreyer, D. When I send you a picture of Berlin. N. Y., Von Tilzer, 1918. 
DriscoU, C. Sammy is coming lor you, Bill. Ms., 1918. 
Driskell, C. H. Good bye — Farewell, raus mit Kaiser Bill. Akron, O., Success Mas. 

Co., 1917. 
Dmmm, H. A. Sammies, fighting Sammies. Boulder, Colo., 1918. [Blue print.] 
Dnckers, L. Dontbe a slacker. N. Y., Ducker, 1918. 

Dudley, B. M. Come, boys, the bugles are calling. Richmond, WMtmore, 1917. 
DuFrerre, M. Honor the boys who are down at the front. Ms., 1918. 

Started in to win. Ms., 1918. 

— ^ — To make the world safe for Democracy. Ms., 1918. 

To our boys in Khaki. Ms., 1918. 

We will be loyal. Ms., 1918, 

Y. M. C. A. sonff. Ms., 1918. 

Dnimage, W. B. A laddie in France is dreaming (little girlie of vou). Detroit, 

McGrath, 1918. 
Dunn, S, C. The Sammies are coming! Ms.,' 1918. 

The Sammies are coming. Pt. song & solo song. St. Louis, Lincoln, 1918. 

Durham, O. k K. America we come. By C. Durham. Roxbuiy, Mass., Duriiam, 

Dutcher, A. C. For the glory of Yankee land. N. Y., Laahier, 1917. 
Dykes, J. B. A prayer for victory. Hymn. 1918. 
The eaiplcs of the west. By L. Arbor. Music by '* An Irishman.*' Riverton, N. J., 

Arbor, 1917. 
Earl, D. O. Peace. Long Beach, Cal. Thompson, 1915. 
Bail, M. Cheer up, mother. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 
— r— GeeJ what a wonderful time we'll have when the boys come home. N. Y., 

Shapiro, 1917. 

I'm proud to be the sweetheart of a soldier. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

Lafayette (We hear you calling). N> Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

My sweetheart is somewhere in France. N. Y., Shapko, 1917. 

There's no need to worry at all. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

MXJ8I0 225 

lail, B. Your Mother's a soldier, too« By M. Fans. Bloomington, Ind., East* 

Fans, 1917. 
Xbel, O. Our country's voice is calling. Brooklyn, Chandler-Ebel, 1917. 
'X bena^ere 'e Newark. By G. Camerlingo. Sul motivo di 'E TripuUne. N. Y., 

Mfttaceft. 1917. 
Xblinc, X. F. We'll be true to the Red, White, and Blue. Cin., Wiliu, 1918. 
Bekerle, C. F. Cincinnati's own march. Cin., Eckerle, 1917. 
Xddy, D. United States of America. By L. C. Eddy, ir. Blue print, 1917. 

America's awakening. Van Nu^-s, Cal., Eddy, 1916. 

Xdmoads, A. When my laddie went to war. Buffalo, Clef, 1915. 
Xdofuaxd, X. The spirit of the U. 8. A. Far., Edouard, 1918. 

XdsoB, C. F. Hold 'em, Yale! By D. Runyon. Los Angeles, Hart, 1917. 
Xdwazds, A. The sailors of the U. 8. A. and The soldiers farewell. N. Y., Luck* 

haidt, 1918. 
Xdwards, C. T. Echoes from the front. By W. M. Smith. Wilmington, One Price 

Mus. Co., 1917. 

Only a soldier's widow. Wilmington, One Price Mus. Co., 1918. 

Xdwards, O. Laddie boy. _By W. D. Cobb. N. Y., Edwards Mus. House, 1917. 

Mothers of men. By W. Robards. N. Y., Stem, 1917. 

That giand old gentleman (Uncle Sam). N. Y., Song Rev. Co., 1918. 

Xdwards, O. T. Liberty, sweet liberty. Pt.-son.:. Portland, Me., Underwood, 

Xdwards, J. C. The £haki, The Blue & The Gray. Los Angeles, Edwards, 1918. 
Xdwardt, B. F. The boys and fla^. Clinton, Mo., Edwards, 1918. 

The Kaiser condemn'd. Clinton, Mo., Edwards, 1918. 

Xgan, J. We'll do our share. Ms., 1918. 

JUcer, J. T. The boys in brown in every town in U. S. A. Ms., 1917. 
Xlsmkramer, Mrs. M. You can count on Uncle Sam for victory. Pine Bluff, Ark., 

Eisenkramer, 1918. 
Xlbett, C. We want a mi^ty navy. By H. Wesley. N. Y., Feist, 1915. 
XldKldce, H. C. America my homeland. Franklin, 0., Eldridge, 1917. 

She wears a cross upon her sleeve. Franklin, 0., Eldridge, 1917. 

The U. S. A. will find a way. Franklin. 0., Eldridge, 1917. 

Xldridge, J. C. "Let's go." 1917. 

Xllershaw, X. Some war songs. 1917. 

BUerton, H. W. God bless the Yankee boys. Lake Wales» P'la., Ellerton, 1917. 

Xlllotl,B. The Sammies are off to war. ByH. L.Brown. Atlantic City, Du Quesne, 

XlliotI, K. X. Singing as they go. Haverhill, Elliott, 1918. 
XUlott, M. T. Our nation. By B. B. Uasher. Bost., Homeyer, 1917. 
XUiotl, W. T. The marching song of freedom. Ms., 1917. 
Xllis, X. A soldier's good-bve. Colo. Springs, Ellis, 1917. 
XllisoB, J. On to Berlin and victory* Omaha, Neb., Patton, 1918. 

"Who's Who in Berlin." Harmonized by L. G. Katz. Ms.. 1918. 

XUtworfh, H. C. Come, join the causel Salem, O., Ellsworth-Bare, 1917. 
Xllsworai, W. W. Salut a la belle France, Hats off to noble France. Ms., 1918. 
XIrod, B. W. Only one land for me. Sedalia, Mo., Perry, 1917. 

Bmma, P. When the boys come sailing hodie. Alb., Emma & Mantica, 1918. 
Xmmet, D. All aboard to can the Kaiser. By C. E. Little. Chi., Hack A Anderson, 

Bmmett, D. America's battle cry. (To the tune of *' Dixie"). N. Y., Kendrick, 

Bsness, D. B. Where are the brave boys marching. N. Y., De Vinne Press, 1918. 
BnsUy, M. The boys in blue and khaki. Knoxville, Ensley, 1918. 
Bntwlstte, M. A. The Victory Song. Ms., 1918. 
Bnsenbeif, X. Stand by the flag. Los Angeles, Ballenger, 1918. 
Brd, D. M. Uncle Sam's ships. 1917. 

We'll oury the Star Spangled Banner. Bost., Dist. Welfare Aide, 1917. 

Bmst, H. Liberty waltz. Piano solo. Ms., 1918. 

Bsperti, A. The boot of Italy. Ms., 1918. 

Xss, J. Young Democracy. 1917. 

Bstabrodk, P. Then I'll march right back to you. Grand Rapids, Nat. M. P. Co., 

Bates, C. B. If I'm captain in the army. 1918. 
Bmi, A. H. B. da. Our dear old flag is calling. Brookline, Mass., da Eva, 1918. 

Our dear old flag is calling. * rt.-song. Brookline, Mass., da Eva, 1918. 

66539--18 ^IS 



BV8118, E. J. Defend the red, white A hlae.^ By L. Michael. 1919. 

EmblemB of Uncle Sam. By M. R. Meyer. Brunswick, Gra., Meyer, 1W8. 

For our dear Old Glory. Long Branch, Keith's, 1M8. 

For the caufle they think is right. Warren, Pa. Jokanki, 1915. 

Stick by your Uncle Sammy. By A. D. Minnick. West Haven, Conn., 

Minnick. 1917. 

There's a pretty brown eyed girlie and a soldier boy in bine. By A. 0il* 

Patrick. 1918. 

Everett, G. L-I-B-E-R-T-Y . . , Rochester, Everett, 1918. 
Bxton, W. O. Flag of Liberty. Ms., 1918. 

B. H. X. Him of nate. By J. G. S. Portland, Me., Creasey, 1918. 
Fahr, F. The boys of Ammca. N. Y., Fahr, 1917. 
Fainnaii, O. Here's to Your Boy and My Boy. N. Y., Fkirman, 1918. 

Hello, America, hello! N. Y., McCarthy, 1917. 

I don't know where I'm going, but Vm on my way. N. Y., Von Tiiaer, 1917. 

Faliweather, H. F. Peace songs. Berkeley, Fairweather, 1917. 

Falvo, B. Toma, Garibaldi. Versi di L. Bovio. N. Y., Blarinelli, 1916. 
Farmer, H. For my country and my flag. 1917. 

The great defy. 1917. 

FaircU, W. When I get back. By DeW. H. Morse. N. Y., Haviland, 1918. 

Fkrwell, A. Hosanna. Pt.-song. Cin., Church, 1918. 

Fassnacht, F. G. America Aw&Jce. Ms., 1918. 

- — The Red Cross Drive, Ms., 1918. 

Faulkner, W. J. I love yoii, dear Erin, . . . Chi., Florentine Mns. Co., 1917. 

Liberty's battle song. Chi., Florentine Mus. Co., 1917. 

Our gallant sammy boys in that sunny land of France. Chi., Fl(ventine Mus. 

Co., 1917. 

Fawcett, A. The lillies of France. Ms., 1918. 

Fay, L. J. For "God," America, & you. Bost., Fay, 1917. 

Fay, M. Hurrah, hurrah, we'll set the Belgian free. N. Y., Nolan, 1917. 

Feather, E. H. Let's all go over to France. By J. W. lUingworth. CkA Mills, 

N. Y.. Feather, 1917. 
Fecher, J. J. Our soldier boys. By M. MacDonald. 1918. 
Fegan, W. J. The Motherland. Brookline, Mass., Fegan, 1914. 
Felngold, L. Tell me soldier how you feel. 1915. 
Fennell, T. Can the Kaiser. Kans. City, Fennell, 1917. 
Ferdon, J, When the boys come marching home. Cin., 1918. 
Fezguson, 0. B. The boys from the U. S. A. Hutchinson, Kans., Ferguson, 1918. 
Feringer, F. G. I'm fighting for the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 
Fenazi, G. Flag of my heart. By W. F. Kirk. N. Y., Harms, 1917. 
Fenree, A. A. Battle march. Rosemont, Pa., 1917. 

Soldiers' marching song. Rosemont, Pa., 1917. 

Fettinger, F. A nationiu anthem. Unison chor. 8t. Louis, Wagner, 1918. 

Fields, A. Pay-Day . . . N. Y., Feiat, 1918. 

Figg, W. H. The reveille. Chi., Figg, 1917. 

FiUmore, H. Our own red, white, a blue. By E. A. Schroll. Cin., Fillmore Mns. 

House, 1917. 
Finok, H. Around the map. Operetta. Excerpts. N. Y., Hawkes, 1915. 
nak^steln, C. F. Gt>d save America. By S. H. Boroffty. 1917. 
Finney, G. W. Do your bit! By Gertrude W. Finney. Ms., 1917. 
Flah, J. C. Victory. Phil., Fish, 1918. 
Fisher, A. A. Prepare 1 1 San Fran., Jackson, 1916. 
naher, F. Lorraine (My beautiful Alsace Lorraine). N. Y., McCarthy, 1917. 

Mister McAdoo. N. Y., McCarthy, 1918. 

Fisher, L. L. As her soldier boy marehed by. Cleveland, Fisher, 1917. 

Fisher, W. A. The freedom of the seas. Words written in 1813. Author unknown. 

Best., Ditson, 1917. 
Flsk, A. Soldier boy and sailor boy. By D. Ayer. Ms., 1918. 
Fitzgerald, M. J. Good-bye, Mollie May. 1917. 
Fftz-Gerald, Z. "For Him." K.-C. Grand Rapids, Fitz-Gerald, 1918. 

It's a long, long way to the U. S. A. . . . N. Y., Waterson, 1917! 

Fltspatiick, M. The Irish vdunteers. N. Y., Fitzpatrick, 1917. 

FitzsijnoAS, H. T. Our colore. By C. R. Fuller. Chi., Lyon & Healy, 1917. 
Flagler, &. S. America goes forth to war. Poughkeepsle, Flagler, 1918. 
Flanders, J. A. Our Yankee boy's victory. 1917. 
FUikett, W. B. On the Vimy Ridge of mnce. Tacoma, Snidlh-Digby, 1917. 



MX78IO 387 

fM0«,lMi. It'a A long tray to Berlin, but well g^ therel ByA.Fieldi. N.Y.» 

Peiat, 1917. 
Ileleher, H. B. Hip hip hoo-ray for the good old U. S. A. Indianapolis, William*, 

Iletolier, J. Hear your co«mtry*0 call. P(.-eong. Words anon, and by J. Fletcher. 


My country Ameriea. Pt.-aong. By B. F. Smith. 1917. 

Iletoher, B. L. Bring it back without a stain. 1918. 

Keep the home-firea bd^t. Pt.Hieng. 1918. 

The march to victory. Pt.-eong. 1917. 

Flint, L. The ocean must be free. Obi., Ideal Mua. Pub. Co., 1917. 
Flint, M. It 'a up to us— -America. By H. 0. Roaaman. 1914. 
Flraniee, M. Ill fight for my country and ^ou. Phil., Burkart, 1917. 
Flynn, A. BingI bangi bing 'em on ue Rmne. By J. Mahoney. N. Y., Remick, 

There'a a green hill out in Flanden. N. Y., Piantadoa, 1917. 

Flynn, A. J. Oh, moon of the Summer niffht ... N. Y., Piantadoei, 1918. 
Fobea, W. K. My country callal I come! I cornel Boat., Fobea, 1917. 

OurWaahineton. Boat., Fobea, 1917. 

Foehr, C. Let ua fight for our liberty . . . Pawtucket, R. I., Globe M. P. do., 1917. 

Foote, A. W. The Munater Fuailiera, Pt.-aong. r<)at., Schmidt, 1918. 

Foc4, A. J. Battle hymn: Unto d^th. By J. G. Nomua. Pt.-eong. Chi., Xu-Cro«a 

Pub. Co., 1917. 
Ford, C. America it 'a up to you I Newark, Ford, 1917. 

My country I'm for thee. Loa Angelea, Hatch, 1917. 

Waen you write aend a letter of cheer. Newark, Ford, 1917. 

For^ F. I want to be a soldier. Strong, Me., Chandler, 1918. 

Ford, F. J. I'll come back to you dear Mother. By W. A. Lee. Bait., Lee, 1918. 
WotA, F. W. Xust a little orphan boy. Perth Amboy, Hansen, 1918. 

We are goin^ to whip the Kaiser. Detroit, Chapman, 1918. 

Ford, O. M. I'm in love with Unele Sammy. Chi., F(h4, 1917. 
Forrest, L. Kanaas hymn. Pt.-eong. 1918. 

Feadlck, A. Our Countnr ia calling. Ms., 1918. 

Foster, A. S. The boys m>m the old home town. (Going "over the top. ") 1917. 

Feater, C. W. We want the Kaiser'a helmet now. Champajgi. 111., Foater, 1917. 

Foater, E. B. A song of peace. By W. H. Neilaon. Plainfiela, N. J., Foster, 1915. 

Faatcr, B. L. The only atarry banner in tbe world . Windaor, Vt., Vt. Mua. Co., 1917. 

Fonxniev, A. M. We are the Camoufieum. Los Angeles, Creamer, 1918. 

Fowlei, A. E. Betsy Boea dear Mother of our flag. Newbur^^rt, Fowler^ 1917. 

Fowler, B. B. Freedom's flag. By Dr. 0. T. Dozier. Birmingham, Doner, 1917. 

Fowler, H. H. ColunJua's call. Oakland, 1918. 

Fowler, M. K. The fighting First. Minneapolis, Fowler, 1917. 

^^^ of allegiance. to my flog. 1917. 

FOz, O. There's ten million feathers in the eagle over there. . . Los Angeles, John- 
son, 1918. 

Fox, Lt, O. H. America. (New tune J 

Fax, I. On with the flag boysl Cin., Elrolage, 1918. 

Fax, 8. J. Well fight for vou old glory. Chi., Revnard, 1917. 

Ftanoesoo, L. B. de. Grido di Guerra. Veisi di E. Flocco. N. Y., Cardilli, 1915. 

Fftaak, J. O. With liberty bonda. Cin., Frank, 1918. 

Frankenatlen, A. F. Ia your blood red white and blue? By W. R. Cushman. Loa 
Angelea, 1917. 

Franks, H. B. The boya from Yankee land. Brooklyn, Carroll, 1917. 

Fraas,A. We'll knock that Uttle *" U-boat" high and dry. Phil., Elf reth, 1917. 

ftaxer, Mra., A. H. They have to thank America. Detroit, Fraaer, 1918. 

Fnsier, A. Won't you buy By S. L. Frazier. Los Angeles, Hatch, 1917. 

Ftaiier, A. MeP. Flying the red white and blue. Lo8 Anj^lea, Frazier, 1917. 

Freedom's land. Air: Dixie land. By A. £. BroomhaU. Troy, 0., 1017. 

Fradette, J. A. Loving thoughts to Mother. Holyoke, Mass., Conway, 1917. 

Fradriok, H. A aoldier'a Mother's request. By C. L. Hayes. Oaklfmd, Ro^ Mua. 
Co., 1917. 

Fteeman, B. G. A letter to Dad in Fiance. Northampton, Pa., Haael Mus. Co., 1918. 

Fteeman, O. B. The world's war son^. ^ftlilwaukee. Con. Mua. Co., 1917. 

freeman, H. Shout hurrah for Ameuca. Providence, H. Freeman Co., 1914. 

Freenum, H. B. It's a long way from Bedin to Broadway. Providence, Freeman, 

Ftaeman, B. Song of the regiment. Milwaukee, Freeman, 1917. 



Iteeman, B. and L. Uncle Sam and Aunt Columbia. Pt.-song. Hanisbuig, 111., 

Freer, E. E. For the freedom of all nations. Chi., Roaedter, 1917. 
Freese, B. S. Uncle Sammy well be there. Bloomington, 111., Freeee, 1917. 
Freise, W. A. When will the war be over? N. Y. Preiae, 1917. 
IFrench A. E. International hymns. 1917. 

French, E. W. The flag of liberty. Nowtonville, Mass., French, 1917, 
French, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Hats off. 1917. 

French, Mrs. Q. B. Over here when we get back from over there. 1918. 
French, K. a. For liberty. By C. W. Gordon. 1917. 

Liberty anthem. By C. W. Grordon. Ft. -song. 1918. 

Frey, H. It's only a star in a service flag. Ms. 1918. 

Look out for squalls Kaiser Bill. By E. H. Fitzpatrick. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 


Frey, H. A. Everyone can lick the Kaiser if he wants to. 1918. 
Frey, P. B. Keep our boys. Richmond Hill, N. Y., 1918. 
Friedland, A. After the battle is over . . . N. Y., Gilbert, 1918. 

Camouflage. By L. W. Gilbert. N. Y., Stem, 1917. 

Set adde your tears (till the boys come marching home). N. Y,, Stem, 1917. 

Who's afraid of the Kai^rll! N. Y., Friedland, 1918. 

Friedlander, J. Marching on to victory. Chi., Friedlander, 1918. 

Friedman, C. The soldiers farewell to mother. By C. Petersen. Chi., N. Amer. 

M. P. Co., 1918. 
Friedman, L. America's call. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

The boy in blue. By Mtb. J. Smith. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Boys of the grand old U. S. A. By R. Creswell. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

The boys of the U. S. A. By F. J. Boyer. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Brave boys somewhere in France. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Did you ever stop to think, what America's done for you? Chi., N. Amer. 

M. P. Co., 1918. 

Far aw*y o'er the deep blue sea. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

The flag of our nation. By J. 0. Bums. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Hurrahl for our Sammies. By S. J. N. Brock. Chi., N, Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

I 'm g[oinQ: to raise my boy to be a soldier. Chi. , Root, 1916. 

Leaving the old home. By Miss W. Anderson. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918, 

Lets all fight with all our might . . . Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Lets cheer the bovs along. By A. E. Lenard. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Let's smoke the fod'^er out. By J. Anding. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Never let America desert her post. By E. EbUng. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 


Onward, onward we are marching. By W. H. O'Connell. Chi., O'Connell, 

Our banner. By E. E. Hahn. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Rally boys who's going to France. Bv J. P. Hart. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Sammie of the U. S. A. By B. H. Wilson. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

A soldier of Uncle Sam. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Some-where in France. By J. R. Schroeter. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Sweet land of liberty. By Mrs. I. Hodlmair. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Three cheers. By P. L. Haims. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Uncle Sam has called his boys. By C. Calcote. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

Uncle Sam I am sure strong for you. By R. H. Perrett. Chi., Perrett, 1917. 

Uncle Sam is asking for your hand to-day. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

United States, America. By H. A. Pooch. Chi., N. Amer. M. P. Co., 1918. 

What we do when we know we're right. Chi., N. Amer. Mus. Pub. Co., 1918. 

Friedman, M. Our own American boy. By W. C. Wilbert. Pittsburgh, Fnedman, 

Frisbee, Q. B. Hurray for thegreat U. S. A. Best., Thompson, 1917. 
Frisch, B. I'd like to see the Kaiser with a lily in his hand. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 
Fritts, J. W. The mystery anthem. Unison cnor. 1918. 
Fritz, L. In time of peace prepare. Manchester, Mass., North. Mus. Co., 1916. 
Fritzsche, C. Love and war. [Piano, added text]. Los Angeles, Harding, 1917. 
Frost, F. L. America we'll fight for you I By D. F. Rose. 1917. 
Fryzer, Max. The liberty's prayer et The War children. Drama. Ms., 1918. 
FnUer, C. W. My soldier boy. Best., Thompson, 1917. 

Fuller, S. When the old boat heads from home. N . Y., Douglas & Newman, 1918. 
Fuller, F. a. The Red haired soldier boy. By F. J. Clemon. Detroit, Fuller, 1918. 

Musio 229 

FaUer, Q. Are you thinkins of your soldier boy to-night. Ms., 1918. 

Uncle Sam's boys. Ms., 1918. 

Fuller, M. M. America is calling you. So. Haven, Mich., Fuller, 1917. 

Fulton, M. For flag and country. 1917. 

Furth, S. Neutrality. Bv W. A. Heelan, N. Y., Fryer,^ 1915. 

When the "Yanks''^ come marching home. By W. Jerome. N. Y., Jerome. 


Finn, A. J. Brother Jonathan leaves home. Denver, Composer, 1917. 

O, C. H. We're goin' ter git th* Kaiser — we, Yankee Doodle Yankees I Chi., Patr. 

Mua. Co., 1917. 
O., W. American national anthem. By A. M. D. G. 1916. 
Qable, O. B. True to my soldier boy. Hagerman, N. M., Gable, 1918. 
Oabiiel, C. H. The colors that will not run. Chi., Rodeheaver, 1918. 

Should the stars in your service turn to gold. Chi., Rodeheaver, 1918. 

Sons of America. By F. F. Clark. Ames, la., Clark, 1918. 

They have called us to the colors. By J. R. Clements. Chi., Rodeheaver, 


Oabiiel, C. H., Jr. Keep the glow in glory. By A. H. Ben-Oliel. 1918. 

Oaertner, F. The war of 1914-1915. N. Y., Hall, 1915. 

Gkige, B. Uncle Sammy's ''Sammee." By H. R. Parsons. N. Y., Peckham A 

Parsons, 1917. 
Oalanter, H. When we get over there. Louisville, Smythe Mus. Co., 1918. 
Gale, F. B. The Khaki boys. X. Y., Huntzinger & Dil worth, 1918. 
Oallo, 8. 11 riflveglio d'ltalia. Boet., Gallo, 1915. 

OaUoway and Topping. ''My Soldier Boy." By T. Galloway. Ms., 1918. 
Oaloway, F. Over there. Ms., 1918. 

Oantvoort, A. J. They eo to end war. By C. B. Galbreath. Cin., Willis, 1918. 
Oardley, A. L. Land of liberty. By E. A. Bowman. Cleveland, Bowman, 1918. 
Qardner, B. W. The girl 1 left behind. Scottsburg, Ind., Gardner, 1918. 
Gardner, J. Old Glory is the aignl Bv J. G. MacDermid. Chi., Forster, 1917. 

There is glory in old glory. By Mrs. L..M. Sligh. Dallas, Tex., 1917. 

Oaxner, W. L. Camp Dix. Newark, Tower, 1918. 

Oarren, B. Do your bit (The patriot's cry). By M. Freeman. Ms., 1917. 

"Columbia victorious!" BvM. Freeman. Wash., 1917. 

Oarrett, B. Our answer to the call. Laa Cruces, N. M., Williams Duo Co., 1917. 

Qanett, H. Stand b^r the President. Dallas, Tex., Garrett, 1917. 

Oairett, L. The rookies lament. Chi., Reynolds & Garrett, 1917. 

Gartnez, A. The Ruasian revolution, 1917. Chi., Gartner, 1917. 

OartoB, T. Belgian Rose. By G. Benoit and R. Levenaon. Best., Garten, 1918. 

OasklU, C. I thank you, Mr. Hoover. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

That's a mother's Uberty Loan. By Mayo & Tally. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 

Gaston, B. I'm all dressed up to kill. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

Gates, G. W. Liberty and peace. Ottumwa, la., Gates, 1918. 

Gates, H. P. The call of Uncle Sam. 1917. 

Gaul, H. B. O Lord God of hosts. Collect in time of war. N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 

Gay, B. A soldier's dream. Ms., 1918. 

Sons of Libertjr. N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 

Gayne, A. A. Our Liberty Land. 1918. 

Gebhardt, B. W. What if—? By R. B. Leach. Paris, Tex., Gebhardt, 1915. 

Geddes, A. I'm proud my boy's a soldier. Bait., 1917. 

Qelger, H. W, O Lafayette, we're here. 1918. 

Qeisler, W. My American girl good-bve. Chi., West End Mus. Co., 1917. 

Geneva, G. di. Viva I'ltalia. 1916. 

Geneva, J. di. Glorious flag. 1918. 

Gensbuxfer, F. X. Let us boys fight for our nation . . . San Fran., Gensburger, 


WeVe got to go to France. Ms., 1918. 

Gerber, G. We're waiting for the call. By J. W. Metrie. Milwaukee, Sillaway, 

Gexioke, H. Wm. Off to join the Army. By Mrs. Selena Richardson. 1918. 
Gerke, B.C. The corporal's call. Berkeley, 1917. 
Gerzish, H. G. Led oy the red white and blue. By £. Jensen. Seattle, Craig 

Mus. Pr., 1918. 
Gerson, B. A- The flag of Freedom. By O. Gerson., 1917. 
Gianni, H. Ten million strong. Ms., 1918. 
Gtaiuilni, B. V. Men of Amenca. N. Y., Messina, 1918. 
Giannini, F. A. A Trento e Trieste! 1915. 



Gibson, B . Every one will say, oh long live the U.S.A. HsnriiAmtgh, Gihson, 191S. 
Gibson, L.C. The flag of the U. S. A. N. Y., McClintock, 1918. 
Gifford, H. S. When my boy meets the Kaiser. Medford, Mass., Gifford, 1919. 
Gilbert, E. O. B. Ni^ht on the field of battle. Hartford, Gilbert, 1917. 

The red cross girl. Hartford, Gilbert, 1917. 

GUbert, F. Your Uncle Sammy want's you. Ms., 1918. 
Gilbert, L.W. Let the flag flyl N. Y., Globe Mus. Co., 1917. 

Gill, k Jack. When you answer to the call. Lockport, N. Y., Pop. Mus. Co., 11^7. 

Glllam, C. L. Old glory. Germantown, Pa., Gillam, 1917. 

Gilllland, C. B. Our sammies. By A. J. Matthews. Mt. Vernon, 0., Gilliland, 

GUmore, W. T. You raised a noble hero for the good old U. 8. A. Lowell, Me- 

Glinchy, 1917. 
Gilmonr, H. L. East Bound. Bv W. L. Stidger. Hymn. 1918. 
GUpin, W. L. Our Old Glory. Wheaton, 111., Gilpin, 1918. 
Gllroy, J. P. When my red cross girl comes home. 1917. 

When the Raiser is in l^ock. 1917. 

Girard, B. Klfis your soldier boy good-bye. N. Adams, Mass., Girard, 1917. 

Lafayette we're going over. N. Adams, Mass., Girard, 1917. 

Gtronz, A. Honneur aux braves qui passent. Lowell, Turcot, 1^7. 
GiChlns, H. M. Over the top with the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 
Glasse, S. B. When it's all over. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

Glasser, E. 'Neath the old Red, White and Blue. Phil., Patriot Pub. Co., 1918. 
GlBtt, A. "The man who put the Us in U. S. A. " By S. Downing. Ms., 1917. 
Glazier, I. O. The call of the sammies. Greeley, Colo., Glazier, 1918. 
Glcissner, B. J. The Boys of the V, S. A. By M. J. GleiBsner. Ms., 1918. 
Glogan, J. All aboard for home sweet home. N. Y., Piantadosi, 1918. 

Here comes America. By K. Rose. 1917. 

Glogue, J. The most beautiful fla;? in the world. Rochester, Berk, 1917. 

Wake up, America! By G. Graff, jr. N. Y., Feist. 1916. 

We all want a separate piece of Kaiser Bill. Ms., 1918. 

Goble, M. M. I know they are waiting for me. Grand Rapids, Nat. Mus. Pub. Co., 

Goetz, P. B. The Spartan Challenge. Buffalo, Denton, 1918. 
Goetze, K. When you come back my soldier boy . . . San Diego, Goet/e, 1918. 
Goewey, C. P. Uncle Sam is calling. By L. M*. Emerson. Pittsfield, Mass., 1918. 
Gojkovlch, G. N. There is faraway, faraway, across to sea. Mb., 1918. 
Golden, E. S. Tm so Lonesome, Awfully Lonesome . . . By J. H. Mears, N. Y., 

Witmark, 1918. 
Golden, 7. L. Fall in line for your motherland. N. Y., Harms, 1916. 
Ooldenthal, C. Fight for the U. S. A. By C. Freed. Ms., 1918. 
Goldman, M. Over the top. By M. Phelps. Chi., Buck, 1917. 

Place a candle in the Window till your laddie boy comes home. Chi., Buck, 


Gh)idman, 6. L. March to the front. 1917. 

Goldsmith, M. Yankee boys. Ms., 1918. 

Goldstein, G. The war. (Yiddish text.) By J. Zilbert. N. Y., Goldberg, 1917. 

Good, W. B. We are ready when you call. Los Angeles, Wolfer, 1917. 

Goodeve, Mrs. A. Now in this our hour of need. liymn. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 

Who goes there? 1917. 

Oh boys; we've got the fighting fever bad. Ms., 1918. 

A prayer. Ms., 1918. 

Marching through Rhineland. Hartford, Goodwin, 1918. 

When the Allies parade the streets of Berlin. New Castle, Ind., 

Goodfellow, H. 
Goodrich, J. C. 
Goodwin, B. 8. 
Goodwin, H. E 
Gorbett, Z. F. 

Gorbett, 1917. 
Gordon, M. Buckle on your Belt, boys, Ms., 1918. 

Down in the trenches. Ms., 1918. 

The soldier's lullaby. Ms., 1918. 

Gorham, G. P. Somewhere in France. Ms., 1918. 
Gorman, B. M. Come across. Phil., B-L Co., 1917. 
Gottler, A. Hunting the Him. N. Y., Kalmar, 1918. 

Send me a picture of baby. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

When the nowers bloom on no man's land. N. Y., Kalmar, 1918. 

Gottschalk, L. F. We*re comiog Uncle Sammy. Los Angeles, Young, 1917. 
Gould, H. Up! up! America! Chi., Gilbert, 1917. 

Gonrley, B. When the boys come home. By 0. A. Newlin. Decatur, IlL, Gourley, 

MU8I0 231 

Qojte, C. F. Come on boys and rig^t for the Bed, White, ftnd Blue. Garry, lod.* 

Reed, 1917. 
anham, A. D. Oh Sammy. Lob .ingeles, Quincke, 1918. 
Gzaham, J. We'll fight tor Yankee Doodle. San Jose. Cal., Graham, 1917. 
Qcaham, W. H. Here comes Uncle Sam. By C. W. North. 1917. 
Qranger, A. J. The flaf that knows no fear. Salix, la, Granger, 1917. 
Grant, C. N. When all the world's at peace. Bv F. J. Brown. N. Y., Haviland* 

Grant, F. W. This meeaaee your Mother sends you. Dover, X. H., Grant, 1917. 
Grant, B. Take up dear old glory. By Mr. L. l^addock. 1917. 
Gray, J>. U. S. A. is calling me. Los Angeles, Ballenger, 1917. 
Gray, E. America first. By J. W. Callahan. Chi., Root J916. 
Greely, P. O Lord of Hosts. Army hymn. By O. W. Holmes. Bost., Boat. Mua. 

Co., 1918. 
Green, A. True s^ara of blue. Atchison, Kans., Abbev Student Pr., 1918. 

You bet I'll 3!Ay in the U. S. A., Ore., Clevenger, 1915. 

Green, A. M. When Sammy comes marching home. Ms., 1918. 

Green, A. N. It must be the 8^)iriJ of '76. By W. Jerome. N. Y., Jerome, 1917. 
Green, B. The Yankeo boys will never quit their duty to the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 
Green, H. The fla^ tha*. sel, us free. Ouray, Colo., Green, 1917. 
Green, M. It's a life for a life. By D. L. Cushman. Cleveland, Cuahman Shop, 

We'll stand by this flag and be true. Cleveland, Cushman fcihop, 1917. 

Greenleaf, S. The light of the world is Uncle Sam. San Fran., Bold Atom Co., 1917. 
Greenwald, M. American abroad. By K. Anderson. Hadcli^e, la., AndeitK>n, 1917. 
Let's get over into France. By R. S. Copper. Wash., 1917. 

We can muster Uncle Samrav ten million men or more. Muscatine, la.. 

Green, 1917. 
Gregg, C. G. Every Mother's son. Indianapolis, Gregg, 1917. 

Good-bvo my soldier boy. Indiana})oIis, Gregg, 1917. 

Gregori, S. \Ve're off to l^ance. Ms.. 1918. 

Grennawald, C. T. Your country calls. N. Y., La Barre, 1917. 

Greulich, M. H. Our pledge to U. S. A. (Hn., Willis, 1918. 

Grey, F. H. Be a true American. Bv J. W. Callahan & F. H. Grev. N. Y.. Shapiro, 

Grldley, C. Over the sea lo G^rmanee. By J. F. Erb. N. Y., Wi mark, 1917. 
Grifin, C. L. Hvmn of pa^rio^ism. By E. Voa*e. X. Y., Verhurg. 1917^ 
Grlffln, Maj. G. E. Ballads of the regiment. N. Y., Harvey, n918. 
Griffin, V. B. The cry of li!,e^^v. By W. N. Garvin. San Diego, Ghflin. 1917. 

U. S. hoys. San Diego, Griffin, 1917. 

Grimm, C. A. Good-bye mo*her! So long dad! Hello Uncle Sam. Chi., Lvceum 
Mus. Pub.. 1917. 

LeL'sfigh^forfheU. S. A. By A. K. Fellows. Chi., Lyceum Mus. Pub., 1917. 

GrindcU, C. Our flag. By M. Gran^. Pla*teville, Wis., Grindell. 1917. 
Grinnell, A. I. Le^'s all follow the flag. Ms., 1918. 

Grlnnell, G. Don't give up the ship. Chi., Grinnell, 1915. 

Grinnell, O. S. Ba'*le cry for lil>erty. Chi., Lakeside Supply Co., 1918. 

Groff, L. C. The boy's from Illinois. Ms., 1918. 

The JackiDs in blue. Ms,, 1918. 

Our interna ional doc or Uncle Sam. Ms., 1918. 

Gross, G. V. Somewhere across iha'. migh y i)lue sea. Ms., 1918. 
Grossman and Kirby. Af er ^he war is over. Chi., Grossman, 1918. 

Wc didn't wan* t-o figh". Chi., Grossman, 1918. 

Grossmayer, D. In Flanders fields. By Lt. Col. J. McCrae. Ms., 1917. 
Grosvenor, B. L. The vow. N, Y.. Ilun^zinger & Dilwor h, 1918. 

We'll lick the Kaiser if it takes us twenty years. 1918. 

Gfvre, D. X., )r. Gran^ us peace. By M. L. Hunter. Dallas. Little Bk. Shop, 1914. 
Grovcr, F. Ba'^er le Sam alone. By A. M. Salyer. Los Angeles. Ha'^ch, 1917. 
Gram, W. Wonderful e:nblem of freedom. Phil., Heidelberg Pr., 1017. 
Qfompelt, W. H. On our way to Germany. Staten Island, X. Y., Amer. Song Co., 

Gnindy, L. Hear a tha' are true. Ms., 1918. 

Liberty. Ms., 1918. 

Gnuin, H. Uncle Sam has his arras around the world. Los Angeles, Grunn, 1918. 
Gmpp, M. S. We're af er you Heine. Spokane. Wash.. Spokane Mus. Pub., 1918. 
Guard, P. Hurrah for the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 



Qnbonlfh. Like your daddy. Boet., Rockwell, 1917. 

OubonoflL. Then thou art my son. 1917. 

OudelJ, S. S. I have nothing else to do but fight for you. San Fran., Gudelj, 1917. 

Oullford, C. S. Old Glory. Shawnee, Okla., Litho-Tone Pr., 1917. 

Qnlnan, J. I'm sending a message to Daddy. Detroit, Guinan, 1918. 

When there's a home sweet home on every shore. Detroit, Guinan, 1918. 

Gulledgc, O. War! War I War! Shawnee, Okla., GuUedge, 1916. 

Oulmore, C. The bugle song. 1917. 

Gamble, A. Over the Rhine. N. Y., Detroit, Remick, 1918. 

So long Sammy. By B. Davis & J. Yellen. Detroit, Remick, 1917. 

Oundy, B. H. When Uncle Sam's brave boys arrive in Germany. Duquesne, Pa., 

Composer, 1918. 
Qashee, B. S. We are with you General Pershing. N. Y., Gushee, 1917. 
Oashee, O. W. Keep the flag on high. By H. P. Tallmadge. N. Y., Tallmadge, 

Ony, H. P. Our brave soldiers of the good old U. S. A. Detroit, Storz, 1917. 

We're going to win for Old Glory. Detroit, Cohen, 1918. 

We'll stand by our flag and the U.S.A. By J. W. Goodson. Detroit, Good- 
son, 1917. 

Owiitz, J. L. Let's have liberty 'till the end. 1917. 

Liberty until the end. Phil., Gwirtz Veo, 1918. 

Haaf, H. For Freedom and Humanity. By P. McAvoy. N. Y., Church, 1917. 

My soldier boy. N. Y., Haaf, 1918. 

Haberstro, A. My soldier. Omaha, Liberty Pub. Co., 1917. 
Hadley, A. Defend America. By R. Sticlmey. Best., Ditson, 1917. 

Defend America. Pt.-song. Boat., Ditson, 1918. 

Haeckler, H. A. Victory. 1918. 

Hager, F. W. When orders come lo go. By R.-Farran. N. Y., Regi, 1917. 
Hahn, J., Jr. Neutrality. N. Y., Hahn, 1916. 
Hainworfh, H. V. There is no other way. Seattle, Simmonds, 1918. 
Hales, W. J. Trusting Uncle Sam. 1918. 

Hall, F. Before the boys leave home. By F. L. Stanton. Atlanta, Union Bk. Co., 

Dear old U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 

Onward. By Wm. P. Taylor. Ms., 1918. 

When our soldier boys come home. Eltopia, Wash., Ingalls, 1918. 

Hall, F. D^ When the soldier boys come marcning home. Bennington, Vt., Hall, 

Hall, O. A. Stand fast America. Dallas, Hall, 1917. 
Hall, I. C. The boys in blue, in khaki too. By Capt. L. Y. Lenhart. 1917. 

A call from iJaFayette. Words by Capt. L. i . Lenhart. 1917. 

Kaiser Bill. By Capt. L. Y. Lenhart. 1917. 

Sky fighting boys. By Capt. L. Y. Lenhart. 1917. 

Wc are lads, just like our dads. By Capt. L. Y. Lenhart. 1917. 

Hall, J. Hock the Kaiser. Chi., Hall, 1917. 

Hall, J. K. Uncle Sammy is a calling you. Los Angeles, Quincle, 1917. 

Hall, J. T. The mother's hall of fame. N. Y., Bizet, 1918. 

Hall, M. D. The sound of the bugle is calling. 1918. 

Hall, B. S. Show me the way to Germany. Bushnell, 111., Hall, 1917. 

Hall, W. Q. Where the stars and stripes are to wave way cross in those German v 

towns. 1917. 
Hall, V. H. God bless our boys, our dear boys. Newport, Ky., Kayser, 1917. 
Hall, W. W. "All the Sammies think a lot of the girls." Ms., 1918. 
Hallam, A. No foe shall invade our land. By Mrs. A. R. L. Pratt. N. Y., Witmark, 

Halloran, J. L. Goodbye my sweetheart. Bost., Halloran, 1917. 
Halls, J. G. Battle cry of peace. By B. J. McPhee. Medford, Oreg., Haight, 1916. 
Hamblen, B. Dear Old Glory. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 
Hamell, S. S. The Sabbath day. Evanston, 111., Hamell, 1918. 
Hamer, O. F. The flag we adore. By F. M. Hanley. Lawrence. Mass.. Hanlev, 

HamUton, A. L. The fighting 69th. Peekskill, N. Y., Greenfeet, 1018. 
Hamm, J. C. Camping on the Rliine. Los Angeles, Author, 1918. 
Hammond, C. A. Liberty bell. Ms., 1917. 
Hammond, G. F. Preparedness. 1910. 

Hancock, M. When the war is over . . . Memphis, Reinhart, 1915. 
Hankins, H. K. Good bye, my soldier boy. Long Branch, Keith's, 1918. 

MU6I0 288 

Hinley, J, F. Good-bye, mjr little lady. By J. Goodwin. N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 
I wonder what he's doing tonight. By J. Goodwin. N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 

A little bit of sunshine. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

The ragtime volunteers. By B. Macdonald. N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 

Three wonderful letters from home. N. Y., Sliapiro, 1918. 

War babies. By McDonald & Madden. N. Y., Shapiro, 1916. 

(We'll be there) on the land, on the sea. in the air. By B. Macdonald. N. Y., 

Shapiro, 1917. 

Hanley, J. W. Yankeeland to Frenchland. N. Y.. Triplicity Co., 1918. 
Hannah, B. 8. Come on, let's Hooverize. Coimcil Bluffs, Hannah, 1918. 

U. S. A. Forever! Ma., 1918. 

When our gallant soldier boys come marching home. Ms., 1918. 

Hanns, W. Q. America, America. Cin., Willie, 1917. 

Hansen, H. To arms to arms. Virginia, Minn., Hansen, 1917. 

Hansen, L. E. Back to my love that's you. Mandereon, S. D., Hansen, 1917. 

Our war menu. Manderson, S. D., Hansen, 1918. 

Hapeman, A. Come on over. Chi., Nat. Muh. Co., 1917. 

Harcourt, S. We'll stick till America comes through. Chi., Harcourt, 1917. 

Harconrt, S. B. Be brave, little girl, don't grieve. Chi., Harcourt, 1918. 

Hardy, J., jr. Boy al Americans. Ms., 1918. 

Harkey, S. L. Unfurl the iia^. Phil., Swisher. 1917. 

Hailing, W. Franke. A prayer iu war-time. By E. Glass. 1918. 

Haniman, A. I'm writing* to you, Sammy. By L. Brown. N. Y., Bdwy. Mus. 

Corp., 1917. 
Harris, C. K. I'll see you later. Yankeeland. N. Y., Harrip, 1017. 

Is there a letter for me. N. Y.. Harris, 1918. 

What a wonderful dream it would be. N. Y., Hanis. 1918. 

Yankee, he's there, all there. N. Y.. Harris. 1917. 

Harris, O. B., /r. The world war blues. Bniceville, Tex., Bruceville Mus, Co., 1918. 
Harris, M. Hail, hail. America and the flag. N. Y., Sophronia Mus. Co., 1917. 
Harris, S. P. Farewell, little girl of mine. N. Y., HarriH, 1917. 
Harrison, B. E. My little Red Cross* girl. Los Angeles, Ballinger, 1918. 

We're going to do it again. 1918. 

Harrison, T. W. In dear old U. S. A. By E. S. Ward. Kans. City, Melody Pub. 

Co., 1916. 
Harsh, A. K. Down with the enemy, up with our fia^. Pittsburgh, Koppitz, 1917. 
Hart, K. S. The flag of a thousand years. Chi., Leslie Mus. House, 1917. 
Hartley, J. H. For the Sake of Old (Jlory. 1918. 
Hartmaier, F. B. Brave soldier boys. Brooklyn. Hartmaier, 1917. 
Hartmann, J. The battle hymn o' the Liberty Army of the U. S. A. 1918. 
Haitmaiin, M. Somewhere m France. By J. P. Sinnott. N. Y.. Schirmer, 1917. 
Hartman, B. F. On to victorvl Ms., 1918. 
Hartman, W. Navy waltz. Ms., 1918. 
Hartzell, B. America first. N. Y., Fairchild, 1918. 

Doing their bit. N. Y., Fairchild, 1918. 

*Ti8 the same Star-Spangled Banner. N. Y., Fairchild, 1918. 

A soldier's last farewell. N. Y., Fairchild, 1918. 

The U. S, A. N. Y., Fairchild, 1918. 

Harwood, D. V. On the battle field. N. Y., Hai-Mar, 1915. 

Hassett, B. We'll conquer in the end. Riverton, Va.. Hassett, 1918. 

Hassler, Q. W. Hurray, America. Chi., Highway Pud. Co., 1917. 

Hatch, C. W. It's your flag and mine. By F. C. Smith. Los Angeles, Hatch, 1917. ^ 

Hathaway, F. B. Old glory. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 

We're coming Uncle Sam to you. ('hi., Nat. Mi^s. Co., 1917. 

We'H keep a place for you. Chi., Hathaway. 1918. 

Hanbxioh, 1i, When the clouds of war roll by. Cni., Browne, 1917. 

Hanens, J. We don't want the bacon (What we want is a piece of the Rhine). Ms., 

Hannschild, J. Give me a girl to love me . . . Chi., Kelly-Haunschild, 1918. 

HanMi B. Over the top. Sis., 1918. 

Hanser, C. Our Yankee Doodle dandy. By I. R. Bacon. N. Y., Hauser, 1917. 

Haven, W. Q. The battle hymn of peace. Ft.-song. Greenfield, 111., Haven Shop, 

Hayden, H. B. Just think what a soldier has to go thru' in this war. Maiden, Hitch- 
cock, 1915. 

Hayden, XT. B. The call to arms. Oakland, Hayden, 1917. 



Hayford, O. W. Ariae America. Bost., Thompeon, 1917. 

Well fight O land for thee. Boat., Thompson, 1917. 

Haynes, C. O. My country U. S. A. By M. Wert. Wichita, Kans., Haynes, 1917. 
Haywood, B. V. For Uncle Sam and you. By J. B. Satterlee, jr. N. Y., Harding's 

Mus. House, 1918. 
Healy, L. Tm rarin' to go. Rensselaer, Ind., Song Shop, 1918. 
Heath, B. M. When the bugle calls. Minneapolis, N. W. Mus. Pub. Co., 1918. 
Heaton, J. A. For my land my flag and you. By D. Olsen, jr. Phil., Hannony 

Mus. Co.. 1917. 

You^ie a Yankee Doodle Dandy now. By R. F. McEenna. Phil., McKenna, 


Hedden, W. B. War song. By A. M. Lyon. N. Y., Lyon, 1916. 
Hediger, M. On to the war. Ms., 1918. 
Heenan, M. E. 1 want a boy in Khaki. 1917. 
Heft, A. Good bye to my brown eyes . . . 1918. 

The spirit of 76. By A. Easton. Sacramento, Easton. 1917. 

Hell, C. Belgium. By N. S. See. Wash., Marks-Goldsmitn, 1915. 
Heiman, L. A message from No Man's Land. Ms., 1918. 

There's a vacant spot in our service flag. Ms., 1918, 

Hein, S. Loyalty. A modem play. Excerpts. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 

Hekeler, B. Anthem of liberty. Pt.-song. N. Y., Hekeler, 1918. 

Held, W. Harbinger of peace. By G. R. SinniAg. Pittsburg, Sinning 1916. 

Helms, P. X. We're going overseas to whip the Kaiser. Port Henry, N. Y., Helma, 

Henckels, T. The battle march of liberty. By VanDyke. N. Y., Story, 1918. 

The land beyond compare. By H. VanDyke. 1917. 

Henderson, W. C. Britania, we're with you. 1916. 

Hendricks, Mrs, B. Hands oS our U. S. A. Pulaski, la., Hendricks', 1917. 

Heak, S. J. The Mothers of our nation crying for peace not war. Milwaukee, Henk, 

Henkel, 7. A. In Flanders fields. Ms., 1918. 
Henkel, O. The lanky Yankee Boy I sent away. By H. Williama. Detndt, 

Remick, 1918. 
Heaiy, S. Star of mine. Ms.. 1918. 

Hepbom, 8. Come and hear tne band play Dixie. Seattle, Ivy Press, 1916. 
Herbert, H. L. Au revoir. In N. Y. Hendd, Jan. 20, 1918. 
Herbert, 7. B. Songs of the soldier boys. Okla. City, Keynote Co., 1918. 

We're all Uncle Sam 'a boya now. Chi., Rodeheaver, 1917. 

Herbert, V. The call to freedom. Patriotic ode for mixed voices. Boat., Ditson, 


Can't you hear your country calling. By G. Buck. N. Y., Harms, 1917. 

The Century Girl. Excerpta. N. ^., Harms, 1916. 

Her regiment. Opera. Voc. sc. and excerpts. N. Y., Harms, 1917. 

Herbert, W. B. The spirit of 1917. N. Y., Fischer, 1917. 

Herman, H. J>. We're goin' Daddy Woodrow. By C. A. Heiman. N. Y.» Luck- 

hardt, 1918. 
Herman, W. 7. America, we are ready. New Haven, Herman, 1917. 
Heron, J. Uncle Sammy 'd calling you. 1917. 
Herrmann, O. B. Is it a loug way to Tipperrary. Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Pif. £. Mus. 

Co., 1915. 
Hertleln, Mrs. L. B. Oh soldier boy. Karthans, Pa., Hertlein, 1917. 
Hervey, F. A. J. A children 'd war hymn, hw Eva Monihan. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 
Herzer, H. The Kai icr and hii ^t. By J. W. Ruasel. Herzer, 1918. 
Hewitt, A. F. E. Made in America. Mt)., 1918. 

HewlU, W. N. O stars and stripes. By D. H. Vcrder. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 
Hlggins, H. Van. I 'm for Amenca first. By M. Van-Higgins. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 

Hlggins, H. Over the top to somewhere on the Rhine. Higgins, 1918. 
Hlglabofliam, B. X. The crisis. Chi., Higinbotbam, 1917. 
Hiibert, H. Someday they're coming home again. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. , 
HIU, A. Rally, boys, rally. By J. C. Bramwell. St. Paul, Bramwell, 1917, 
Hm,A.B. "238." Bradford, Pa., Hill, 1918. 
Hill, H. A. That little scrap of paper . . Ms., 1918. 

The shadows of war. Syracuse, Hill, 1917, 

Yes we are going to Berlin, you bet. Mb., 1918. 

Hill, M. Trench! Trench! Trench! Our boys are trenching. By W. Dillen. Okla. 
City, Dillen, 1918. 

MU8I0 285 

H1U» O. A. We will stand by the stars and stripes foreyer. Ravenna, O., Hill, 1917. 
HUl, P. M. The call for peace. Los Angeles^ Hill, 1916. 
Hiller, A. America's proud of vou. Kans. City, Hiller, 1917. 
HilUam, B. C. Freedom for all forever. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

The hallies howe a hawlful lot to hue. N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 

Apais la Guerre. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

Hilton, B. A. America sing. Ft. -song. 1918. 

Our colors. Pt.-song. 1918. 

Himan, A. Unfurl the flag. By J. Butler. N. Y., Gordon, 1918. 
Hinsbaw, W. W. When we follow Woodrow Wilson in the morning. 1917. 
Hitchcock, H. B. It takes your Uncle Sammy to finish up the scrap. By A. £. 

Shaw. Chi., Shaw, 1917. 
Hltt, W. Sammees. Phil., Swisher, 1917. 

Hobecnun, H. D. From Yaphank to you. Brooklyn, Hobh»>Bobker, 1917. 
Hoohbexf, G. S. Awake America awake. By D. L. Kader. Brooklyn, Hochberg, 

Bodgea, S. H. O land of truth and liberty. 1017. 
Hodgaoiif A. The Hun is on the wave. Norfolk, Marshall, 1918. 
Hodgson, T. A. T. All-hail my native land to thee. Ms., 1918. 

Come along. Palmerton, Fa., Hodgson, 1918. 

March of the Pennsylvauians. Ms., 1918. 

Hofer, Mrs. X. I'm just a Sammy, a blue-blooded Yank. Sedalia, Mo., Perry, 

Hoffman, X. Every girl that has a heart loves a soldier. By C. F. Whaley. N. Y., 

Branen, 1918. 
Hofman, O. W. France to you. San Fran., Bofman, 1918. 
Hogan, W. We arc bound to get the Kaiser. 1917 . 

Holbrook, P. We're on our way to France. Raymond, Wash.. Holbrook, 1918. 
Holden, S. V. When Tommy Atkins comes marching home. N. Y., Buckeye Mas. 

Pub. Co.. 1915. 
Holdemess, H. O. One last look. Ohi., Luey, 1917. 

The aoldier's talisman. 1917. 

Holland, 7. J. If Uncle Sammy needs me. Ms., 1918. 

The spirit of seventy-six. Ms., 1918. 

Hollander, N. F. Come across boys. Ms., 1918. 

Holly, F. S. United we stand. N. Y., Schuberth, 1917. 

Holnun, F. E. Battle hymn of the allies. By E. C. Holman. 1917. 

Holmes, W. T. Enlist for the red, white and blue, liowiston, Me., Holmes, 1917. 

Holt, S. When the boys at the front are fighting. Brooklyn, Holt, 1918. 

Holt, a. C. Trench song (of the Eighty-Eighth). Ms., 1918. 

Hooper, C. The Message in the Bottle. Coffeyville, Kan., Sunflower M. P. Co., 191B. 

Hope, G. H. Allied flags and goal . . . (World democracy.) Providence, Hope, 

HopUns, S. S. We'll all defend Old Glory. By A. Clement. Best., Melody Mill, 

Hoxgan, E. D. Goon my boy, your country needs you. Buffalo, Denton, 1917. 
Hofsman, B. Stand, stand up America. N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 
Horton, 7. 1. Beautiful liberty flag. N. Y., Horton, 1917. 

Our God we trust. N. Y.. Morton, 1917. 

Hosmer, S. S. Songs of peace and patriotism. Best., Ginn, 1915. 
Houghton, Inez. We're a part of Uncle Sam. Chadron, Neb., Beckworth. 1918. 
Houston, S. B. Get out of Belgium, *'Bill. " Cleveland, Assoc. Mus. Pub., 1918. 
Howard, 7. B. The bugle calls to clasp the hands across the sea. Loe Angeles, 

Howard, 1917. 
Howard, Q. I'm proud to be of service to my country. N. Y., Howard, 1918. 

ril be a long long way from home. N. Y., Howard, 1917. 

Somewhere in France is Daddy. N. Y., Howard, 1917. 

Uncle Sammy's at the bat. N. Y., Howard, 1918. 

Howard, G. P. The O. D. boy. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 

Howard, 7. X. Somewhere in France is the lily. By J. Johnson. N. Y., Witmark, 

When our boys come marching home. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 

Hiyward, M, N. They'll be needed. Columbus, Composer, 1917. 
Howard, O. B. Hiurah for the red, white and blue. Chi., Howard, 1918. 
Howard, W. B. Hurrah for the U. S. A. Chi., Modem Mus. Pub. Co., 1915. 
Howe, X. C. Somewhere in France. 1918. 

Howell, B. M. On a battlefield in France. Denver, Eissell, 1918. 



HnnLphries, H. B. 
HontiJigton, A. T. 
Huntington, E. D. 
Huntington, E. S. 

Howell, K. B. The service flag. Ms., 1918. 

When our boys come sailing home. Ms., 1918. 

Ho3rauz, E. sr. Le lion Beige. McDonald, Pa., Hoyaux, 1916. 
Hubbard, S. W. In Fiandere fields. By J. McCrae. Chi., Summy, 1917. 

Marching song. By B. L. T. Chi., Summy, 1917. 

Hubbell, B. Hip — Hip Hooray. Excerpts. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 

Huether, E. When the boys come sailing home. By C. Gesele. Brooklyn, Geeele,' 

Huffer, F. X. Salute the gang. Chi., Huffer, 1918. 

Hughes, D. P. A song of peace. By H. L. Stevens. Oakland, Hughes, 1917. 
Hughes, 7. H. I love my home land. Saginaw, Mich., Hughes, 1917. 

One gladsome day. Sag[inaw, Mich., Hughes, 1917. 

Hughes, J. Y. Uncle Sam's dixie. Louisville, Smythe Mus. Co., 1917. 

Hugo, B. Marching to Berlin. Ms., 1918. 

Huhn, B. My boy. By F. T. Breese. Bost., Ditson, 1917. 

Hume, E. L. The Sammies. N. Y., Hume, 1917. 

Hume, 7. When the roll is called in Berlin — we'll be there. By M. B. Marshall. 

Norfolk, Marshall, 1917. 
Hummer, H. A. While fighting for liberty. Brideeton, N. J., Harris, 1918. 
Humphries, H. E. Kaiser Bill will not be there Ms., 1918. 

Our boys. Pt.-song. Boat., Ditson, 1918. 
Soldier boy. S. Orange, N. J., Huntington, 1918. 
S. Fly, soldier boy. Ms., 1918. 

S. Mother's boys are marching to the front. By L. A. Meyer. 
St. Paul, Meyer, 1917. 

Our country's call. By C. L. Smith. Dloomington, 111., Smith, 1917. 

Woodrow Wilson and U. S. A. McKeesport, Pa., Hull, 1918. 

Hupfeld, H. Out there. N. Y., Pond, 1917. 

Hurd, Charlotte. Get in line, now's the time. Chi., 1917. 

Hurd, H. B. What will you do to help your Uncle Sam. 1918. 

Hurley, J. A. A Yankee gunner in the navy. 1918. 

Huston, F. C. When our Doys come home again. N. Y., F. Huston, 1918. 

Hutchins, Mrs. I. C. Our country's call. Rochester, 1917. 

Hyatt, E. The boys who fight for you. San Fran., Fisk, 1918. 

Hyde, H. F. Gooa morning, Mr. Zip. Chi., H>;de, 1918. 

Hyde, W. V. America, dear America. Boat., Liberty Mus. Co., 1917. 

Hyland, E. S. We are going to take the germ from Germany. Chi., Hyland, 1917. 

Write that letter to-day. Chi., Hyland, 1917. 

A hymn to America. By E. T. Curran. (Old Schleswig air.) 1916. 
Iddings, G. H. Hello, red, white, and blue ... N. O., Grunewald, 1917. 
Idoine, L6on E. The Potsdam Dutch. Toledo, Idoine, 1918. 
nifle; C. B. Hear the call. Nutley, N. J., Iliffe, 1918. 
Inch, B. A. The Kaiser will be wiser when we reach Berlin. N. Y., 1918. 
Ingraham, Mrs. Q. H. America is calling. 1917. 

Ingram, G. D. The boys in blue and tan. By £. T. Helms. Hillsboro, Ore., Helms, 

My soldier boy. By R. Allen. Hillsboro, Ore., Amsden, 1917. 

Inno dell' ItaUano in America. Di G. Zarrilli. 1917. 

Irvine, H. V. It's a long way to Europe, but Teddy knows the way. Chi., Irvine 

Mus. House, 1917. 
Irving, W. For Old Glory (Uncle Sam, we are preparing). N. Y., 1917. 
Irwin, J. Good-bye, my sweetheart. N. Y., Irwin, 1918. 
Jackson, D. America, dear homeland. By A. M. Noble. Ms., 1918. 

Ev'ry bond you buy you over here, is a bombshell, over there. Ms., 1918. 

Jackson, E. Farewell till we return some day. N. O., Brouseau« 1918. 
Jackson, H. Our countrv's call in democracy. Ms., 1918. 

Jackson, H. P. Ode to tne flag. By W. R. Thompson. Byesville, 0., Thompeon, 

Jackson, M. Let's all join the Red Cross band. Duluth, Jackson, 1917. 
Jacob, E. M. Protect our flag. Cleveland, Jacob, 1917. 
Jacobs, J. We are ready. Buffalo, Jacobs, 1917. 

James, C. Lay down your arms. By K. Small. N. Y., Cadillac, 1915. 
James, E. H. When the American Army gets the Kaiser's goat. Chi., James, 1917. 
James, J. P. The Yank across the sea. 1918. 
James, W. Let's be prepared. By B. Heath. N. Y., Morris, 1916. 
Jandus, E. M. Good-bye, my soldier boy, good-bye. Lincoln, Neb., Moore, 1917 
Janicke, Q. A. Silence the war. Ix^uisville, Janicke, 1916. 

MU8I0 237 

Jauey, V. H. When the war is over. Ms., 1918. 

/•Biei, S. X. Land of my Heart. By G. E. Craig. Springfield, Maas., Phelps, 1918. 
/arris, S. K. When the war is over, Marie, dear. 1918. 

Jeffoxds, K. L. Gome along boys, we're witn you, Mr. Wilson. N. Y., Col. Mus. Co., 

When the boys come back. N. Y., Col. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Jetlla, J. D. For we are the boys of ''U. S. A.*' Yonkers, Jelita, 1918. 

JeUey, X. T. The soldier* s call , Our country' s appeal. Pt. -songs. Lancaster, N . Y., 

JeUey, 1917. 
Jennns, L. Fi^ht for the U. 8. A. By J. Greg^. Newark, Jencre, 1917. 
Jensen, B. Arise, arise, America! N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 
Jensen, C. H. Are you always on the level with your Uncle Sam? Chi., Natl. Mus. 

Co., 1917. 
Jentes, H. At the Yankee militarv ball. By H. Johnson. N. Y., Feist, 1917. 

Kidt, girls, knit. Feist, N. Y., 1918. 

We couldn't have heroes over there. By G. Clarke & H. Johnson. Ms., 1^8. 

Jerome, K. X. Just a baby's prayer at twilight. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

Jervey, J. W. Yankee Doodle Dixie. Greenville, S. C, Jervery, 1917. 
Jocelyn, J. W. American boys in France. St. Paul, Bramwell, 1918. 
Joliannls, S. J. War song about The steamer of true luve. N. Y., Johannis, 1917. 
Johns, L. C. Old gbry must wave. Los Anseles, Johns, 1918. 

Under and over and through and off. Los Angeles, Johns, 1918. 

Johns, Mis. P. W. Old Glory and The nation's hymn. Pt. -songs. By A. R. Llwyd. 

Johnson, C. H. Uncle Sanuny's sons. Ms., 1918. 
Johnson, C. L. The Kaiser's Military ''Ball." Shawnee, Okk., Litho Tone, 1918. 

Old Gbry. By C. S. Guilford. Shawnee, Okla., Litho-tone Pr., 1917. 

Our boys over there. Nevada, Mo., Ferguson, 1918. 

Queen of our U. S. A. Nevada, Mo., Ferguson, 1918. 

we are all in the same boat. Kans. City, Beck, 1918. 

What Sherman said was right. Kans. City, Beck, 1918. 

When we make the Kaiser see stars then he will respect the stripes. Kans. 

City, Mars, 1917. 

Johnson, F. 8. What Noah Webster over-looked (I found). Pub. by the author, 

Johnson, Q. B. Song of liberty or Hail to the flag. Chi., Edison Bldg., 1918. 
Johnson, H. ▲ Hunah for the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 
Johnson, H. 8. Buy a liberty bond (now and then"). Ms., 1918. 
Johnson, X. Good-bye 111' Liza Jane. . . St. Joseph, McNutt, 1918. 
Johnson, L. Hearts of the World. Los Angeles, Johnson, 1918. 

I hear Columbia calling. Kans. City, Adkins, 1917. 

On to Berlin. Los Aneeles, Crisler, 1918. 

Johnson, K. F. Our boys. Ms., 1917. 

Johnston, B. ▲. Your Sammy or mine. Chi., Natl. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Johnston, H. U. S. spells us. Lott & Stevens, 1918. 

Johnston, 8. B. When we get into Germany. Pt.-Bonc^. Harrisburg. Johnston. 
Johnstone, ▲. B. America's message. Chorus. By H. V. Loomis. N. Y., Archi- 
bald, 1917. 

America's message. Mixed voices. Best., Ditson, 1918. 

Johnstone, J. de St. G. Stand by the fla^ boys. Chi., Johnstone, 1917. 
Jolly, B. B. March of preparedness. Raleigh, Jolly, 1916. 

Jones, ▲. C. The battle hynm of peace. By E. Carpenter. 1916. 
Jones, ▲• O. Just one flag. By L. Bucher, Erie, Pa., Erie M. P. Co., 1918. 
Jones, ▲. G. Peace triumphal. By S. Piatt. Chi., Gable, 1916. 
Jones, C. B. One real hot time. Alb., Jones, 1918. 
Jones, F. O. Soldier boys of the U.S.A. Denver, Jones, 1917. 
Jones, H. I am saving my kisses for some one. Ms., 1918. 
Jones, H. K. Buy a hberty bond. Cin., ELrolage, 1918. 
Jones, H. P. There is a star in Old Glory. Kans. City, Hudson, 1917. 
Jones, I. America won't you take me back to you. By O. Olsen. N. Y., Taylor, 

There's one more river we're going to cross and that's the Rhine. Chi. , Taylor, 


We're in the army now. By T. Taylor and O. Olsen. Chi., Taylor, 1917. 

Jones, J. Boys we're going through. N. Y., 1918. 

Jones, J. H. De world sho is a fightin' mad. Memphis, Jones, 1917. 
Jones, J. J. Come back there'll be a welcome for you . N . Y. , 1917 . 



Jones, P. What the Yankee boys can do. By L. Fendenon. N. Y.» HardiBg^s 

Mus. House, 1917. 
Jones, B. P. The pep song. Wilkes-Barre, Owen, 1917. 
Jones, B. K. The ^lory of the U. S. A. Pkil., Swisher, 1917. 
Jones, B. S. America is calling me. Suffern, N. Y., Jones, 1917. 
Jones, S. Just for baby's sake. Phil., Indep. Mus. Co., 1916. 
Jones, S. O. We're going to see it through. N. Y., Mullins, 1^18. 
Jones, W. S. H. To arms! By D. Eastman. Jefferson, N. H., Eastman, 1917. 
Jonnson, L. When we have peace once more. Roxbury, Mass., LeRoy, 1916. 
Jordan, E. M. Berlin or bust. Ms., 1918. 
Jordan, J. Comrades in arms. N. Y., Jordan, 1918. 

When you're away. N. Y., Trinity Mus. Co., 1917. 

Jonannean, H. Uncle Sammy's boys. Los Angeles, Jouanneau, 1917. 
Jonrdan, K. S. Somewhere in France to victory. By S. Stein. Ms., 1917. 
Judge, S. H. The Sammies aim. Sioux Falls, S. D., Judge, 1917. 
Kailimai, H. Hats off to U. S. A. By H. £. Jaynes. Detroit, Ja3meB, 1917. 
Kaiser, O. B. America, the greatest of them all. Ms., 1917. 

Kaiser, B. L. Grood-bye my boy. Ms., 1917. 

Kail, B. M. Since my bov haa gone away. By A. Rich. Ms., 1917. 

Kalnuut, E. Her soldier boy. Operetta. Excerpts. N. Y., Karczag, 1916. 

Kamerly, E. F. The Irish leader. 1917. 

Kampe, H. F. When my boy comes marching home. From ''Safe for Democracy." 

Ms., 1918. 
Kampman, B. S. Lullaby of war: "While your daddy's far away." San Antonio, 

Goggan, 1917. 
Kanoase,W. H. There is no place like home, dear . . . Seattle, Lyric Mus. Co., 1918. 
Kanrich, A. M. Girl Scout rallying song. Bost., Tremont M. P. Co., 1918. 
Kapner, H. Take me back to the town . . . By P. Davis. N. Y., Tubbs, 1915. 
Kaps, E. P. A Red Cross volunteer. N. Y., Partee M. P. Co., 1915. 
Kara (Pseud.) See Peebles, Mrs, C. 
Karasek, F. Chips of the old blocks. 1917. 
Karle, E. B. Wisconsin loyalty. Milwaukee, Kaun, 1917. 
Kanffman, A. A. For world democracy. Ms., 1918. 
Kay, B. Q. Hurrah for you, SammiesI By F. B. Panhurat. Ms., 1918. 
Kaylor, F. M. Eyes of Uncle Sam. Gary, Ind., Composer, 1917. 
Keefer, B. Hands off the U. S. A. By G. Garrett. Syracuse,- Garrett, 1916. 
Keenan, Ambrose V. Go get the Kaiser. By B. L. Lunau. Steubenville, O., 1917. 
Keilty, J. F. Come over the top with me. By A. M. White. 1918. 
Keiser, L. E. A mother's good-bye to her soldier boy. Pt.-song. Rankin, Pa., 

Keiser, 1918. 
Keith, C. For all the states — one flag . . . Long Branch, Keith's, 1917. 
Keith, C. C. Over the top with Old Glory. Richmond Hill, N. Y., Keith, 1918. 
Keith, D. A. Send love to me once in a while. Ms., 1918. 
Keith, E. A. We'll be there with the red, white, and blue. Bost., Keith, 1917. 
Keith, J. H. 'Twas the Yankee doodle do. By J. A. Kutzleb. Marioo, Ind., 

Kutzleb, 1917. 
Keithley, B. C. I'll be there, laddie boy, I'll be there. Chi., Root, 1918. 

Somewhere to-nieht. By H. G. Frost. Chi., Root, 1918. 

Keller, C. E. Yes I'll help bring peace again. By C. Long. Vienna, S. D., Keller, 

Kellogg, P. It'sgreat to be a private in the army. Buffalo, Keleo-Bay Pub. Co., 1917. 

Our nation 'roused again. By W. J. Coe. Buffalo, Keleo-Bay Pub. Co., 1917. 

When Pershingsays^'Let'sgoI" By W. J. Coe. Buffalo, Keleo-Bay Pub. Co., 


Kelly, £. H. America, Ireland loves you. Kana. Citv, Kelly, 1917. 

KeUy, M. F. We'll never let our old flag fall. Pt.-song. N. Y., Chappell, 1917. 

KeUy, W. A. The flower of the U. S. A. N. Y., Kelly, 1918. 

Kelly, W. T. Buy, buv, a liberty bond. Ms., 1918. 

Kemp, M. E. Go get the Huns. Ms., 1918. 

KeAdls, J. That's what we're fighting for. By M. M. Einson. N . Y., Kendis, 1917. 

Kennedy, A. Follow the flag of the free. Best., Moore, 1918. 

Kennedy, I. When duty calls. By F. R. BaU. Tulsa, Okla., Invicta M. P. Co., 

Kennedy, K. Hands across the border. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 
Kennedy, L. Sammy boy. Cin., Willis, 1918. 
Kennedy, M. W. Yankee maids. Ms., 1918. 
Kenney, E. B. For our country and our flag. N. Y., Kenney, 1917. 

MIT8I0 239 

Xemdnf , R. We'll never let l^e old Amt Ml- Hartford, Kenning, 1917. 

Keongh, J. P. Fall in line behind Old Glory. By G. B. Bartle. 1917. 

Xerdyke, F. Onward, Pershing, forward. Ms., 1918. 

Kem, J. Toot, Toot, Mue. Com. Excerp*«. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 

Kemell, W. B. Buy a bond. Song from "Good-bve Bill." N. Y., Harma, 1918. 

Tetr.lmm, A. A. Tne Sammies are coming. N. Y., Haviland, 1917. 

The Khaki song 1 ook. Bos*;., Di'son, 1917. 

The Khaki song book f6r oor soldier and sailor bo3rs . . . Bost., Ditsbn, 1917. 

Kidd, S. A. Hymn before ac ion. By Rudvard Kipling. Chi., Kidd, 1918. 

Uncle Sam. Chi., Kidd, 1917. 

Kidd, J. M. He'll fight for his country and for you. Ms., 1918. 

KidweU, L. Mother's Commandments. Cin., Fountain M. P. Co., 1918. 

Klefer, J. Redemption of Alsace Lorraine. Ma, 1918. 

Kiely, J. F. Daddy's land. St. T^^ouis, Empress Pub. Co., 1915. 

Kieman, H. A. ^Vhen the flags of freedom wave. Bost., Kieman, 1917. 

Kilpatiick, G. We are coming. France. 1918. 

Klndsvater, B. Our colors true. Pili8'>ur^h, Kindsvaler, 1917. 

King, J. H. Victory. Solo and qt. Noms^own, Pa., King, 1918. 

Kinney, S. National anthem. 1917. 

Kirk, C. G. Your Uncle Samuel's hat is in the ring. Wadena, Minn., Kirk, 1918. 

Kixkpatrick, D. AtU boy (That's the boy). Des Moines, Kir]q)atrick. 1917. 

Kistler, W. P. A call to arms throu^ my brothers. Hamburg, Pa., Kistler, 1916. 

Klages, F., and others. Drink a toast to vour grand dad's dad. Gary, Ind., Klages, 

Klein, X. Oiu- nation^n flag. By C. Kunter and W. Corteen. Oak Pk., Klein. 1917. 
Klem, F. The sisters of Coloiauia aud the sons of Uncle Sam. Scraul^ou, Whitmore, 

Klemi, A. L. Amerikan suomalaisten marssi. Zimmerman, 1917. 
KHokmann, F. H. Lets keep the glow in Old (xlory. Ms., 1918. 

Old Glory goes marching on. Chi., Root, 1918. 

Our flag to the sea. By J. Will Callahan. Chi., Root, 1914. 

Will the angels guard my daddy over there? Chi., Root, 1918. 

Kloess, A. Ropin' the Kaiser. Los Angeles, Ballenger, 1918. 

Kneff, A. W. Don't forget to toll my sweetheart. Janesville, Wis., Means, 1918. 
KnesB, L. In France and Flanders. Ms.. 1918. 

The Kaiser's last, dream. Ms., 1918. 

Over the top. Ms., 1918. 

The t3n'ant'e desiny. Ms., 1918. 

Knight, G. A. I'm goine 'cross to France. Watkinsville, Ga., Knight, 1918. 

Trust in God at all times. Cantata. Bost., Bost. Mus. Co., 1918. 

KeUs, F. F. The spirit of our boys. Aurora, 111., Kells, 1918. 
Knight, H. K. The boys of Uncle Sam. Wash., Eberbach, 1918. 
Knodle, W. St. C. The flag ol the U. S. A. Phil., Knodle, 1918. 
KnoiT, H. F. The Sunmy boys. Ms., 1918. 

niott, B. W. Onward America. Ms., 1918. 

Peace hymn of the Republic. Ms., 1918. 

Knott, Mrs. H. A. Pershing^s " Sammies." Ms., 1917. 
Koch, a. W. Battle prayer. Ms., 1918. 

Kodan, H. America fust. By J. Menown. St. Louis, Biich, 1917. 

Koellhoffer, B. A. Tribute to the national guards, army and navy. Newark, Koell- 

hoffer, 1917. 
Kohlhof, A. A. When the Goddess of Libertv calls. Brooklyn, CairoU, 1917. 
KohlTOsn, C. Help "Uncle Sam" win. fiy W. S. Goslin. Federalsbuig, Md., 

Goelin, 1917. 

France is calling. By H. D. Shaifer. Phil., Shaifer, 1917. 

What have you done to help your Uncle Sam? Phil., Farrow. 1917. 

When our bfoys arrive in France. By H. D. Shaifer. Phil., Shaifer, 1917. 

Kohn, P. Hurrah tor the U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 

Koogle, B. L. War-time entertainment specialties. Lebanon, O., Sch. & Col. Nov. 

Co., 1918. 
Kopp, Delia. Lihertv s tribute. N. Y., Dell, 1917. 
Komblnm, I. B. I'll capture your heart, hoa Angeles, Spitz, 1918. 
Kraft, W. J. Fall in! U. S. A. By A. J. Latham. N. Y., Gmy, 1917. 
Krans, J, Just leave it to yonr Uncle Sam. Los Angeles, Ballenger, 1918. 
Knts, H. H. The Red, the White, the Blue. By W. A. Lewis. Malvern, O., 

Lewis, 1917. 
KmJbt, li. O. PMid«&t WikoB, U. S. A. Ma., 1918. 



Krebs, F. K. Private O'Shea. Sierra Madre, Cal., Garden Soog Shop, 1917. 

Krebs, S. T. The eagle's call. Mb., 1917. 

Krebs, S. W. The read to France. By D. N. Henderson. Ms., 1917. 

Krewson, J. Uncle Sam needs you. By D. M. Thomson. Phil., Swisher, 1917. 

KroU, L. Our Sammies. Ms., 1917. 

Kuester, E. H. On earth peace. By F. Crawford. Portland, Oreg., Irvington Pr., 

Kuhlman, L. (rood bye — good luck my soldier boy. Hammond, Ind., Yarck, 1917. 
Kummer, C. No place like the U. S. A. N. Y., Kcmick. 1914. 
Kummer, L. Over the top. Clii., Lowell Pub. Co., 1917. 

Kurtz, W. The flag of the U. S. A. By B. S. Collins. Lima, O., C/ollins, 1917. 
Kuta, J. A. and L. T. The call of Uncle Sam. Chi., Kuta, 1917. 
Kyle, Mrs. J. Soldiers of the U. S. A. Springfield, O.. Composer, 1918. 
Lackey, V. L. Over the River Rhine, "on to Berlin." Youngstown, O., Lackey, 

Laflferty, B. C. " We're in" " to see it through." N. Y., 1917. 
Lagourgae, C. The avengers! By W. R. Dunroy. Chi., Patria M. P. Co., 1917. 
Lake, C. Our navy boys. Salt I/ake City, Wellington, 1917. 

U. S. marching 9ons. Salt Lake City, Wellington, 1917. 

Lake, E. J. In Dutch. Los Angeles, Lake, 1916. 

Lake, G. Uncle Sam. N. Y., Lake & Deckner, 1916. 

Lake, Mrs. J. L. March we on for America. Photostat copy, 1917. 

Lake, M. L. All together. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

Lamb, F. D. While Uncle Sam sings Yankee Doodle to the Raiser. Rochest^, 

Lamb, 1917. 
Lamb ft Co., B. L. Peace and prosperity . . . Brooklyn, Lamb, 1915. 
Lambert, J. W. To arms ye sons of victory. Birmingham, Chalifoux, 1918. 
Lamkin, C. M. The call to America. Ctu., Natl. Mus. Co.. 1917. 
Lampe, J. D. Over the top with your Uncle Sam. By E. J. Stoltz. Ms., 1918. 
Landry, E. The Kaiser blues. !Ms., 1918. 
Lane, J. Our Old Glory. Independence, Kan"?., Lane, 1917. 
Lane, L. B. Under the Stars and Stripes. Pittsburgh, Lane, 1918. 
Lane, O. W. When Uncle Sam gets ready. Gloucester, Mass., Lane, 1917. 
Lang, M. The liberty fight. Bost., Tremont M. P. Co., 1917. 
Langan, J. F. Her Yankee soldier boy. Scranton, Pa., Langan, 1917. 
Lange, A. America, here's my boy. By A. B. Sterling. N. Y., Morris, 1917. 

'* Good-bye, " that means you. By A. B. Sterling. N. Y.. Morris, 1917. 

In time of peace prepare for war. By J. Branen. N. Y., Morris, 1916. 

Let's all do something (Uncle Sammy wants us now). N. Y., Morris, 1^17. 

Look out for the Irish to-night. By A. B. Sterling. N. Y., Morris, 1917. 

A mother's prayer for her boy out there. N. Y., Morris, 1918. 

Raus mit der Kaiser (He's in Dutch). N. Y., Morris, 1917. 

When Yankee Doodle marches through Berlin ... N. Y., Morris, 1917. 

You 21 and you 53. By A. B. Sterling. N. Y., Morris, 1917. 

We're going over the top. By A. B. Sterling, and others. N. Y., Morris, 1918. 

What shall we do with him boys? N. Y., Morris, 1918.. 

Lanin, J. 'Neath Stars and Stripes. Phil., Lanin, 1918. 

La Paz, E. S. I'm dreaming of you sweetheart. Wichita, Kans., La Paz, 1917. 
Lapey, N. Lend a hand to Wilson. By C. Nye. Buffalo, Nye & Lapey, 1917. 
Larrieu, A. France- America. Eng. tr. by C. A. Downer. N. Y., 1917. 
Larson, M. £. The Little patriot. Madelia, Minn., Larson, 1918. 
Laska, £. Do something. N. Y., Watereon, 1917. 
Lathrope, J, W. Liberty bonds. Chi., Liberty Mus. Pub., 1918. 
Lauder, H. From the north, pouth, east and west. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 
Lauler, C. W. All hail America I 1918. 

When the boys come home. By J. Hay. 1918. 

Laughlln, M. L. Soldier boy's farewell. Kans. City, Laughlin, 1918. 

Lanher, J. B. When the boys come home with glory. Kans., 111., Lauher, 1918. 

Lavtne, W. We'll knock the germ out of Germany. Photostat copy, 1917. 

Law, B. B. America "Our own dear land. Chi., Rossi ter, 1918. 

Law, M. McL. Good bye mother. By 0. E. Law. Quincy, 111., Law, 1918. 

Lawry, C. T. A soldier's reverie. Wiimore, Kans., Composer, 1918. 

Lay, A. Our glorious U. S. A. N. Y., Lay, 1917. 

Layton, I. F. Someone's boy is with the slain. Brooklyn, Layton, 1915. 

Leatherwood, T. L. Americans! Americans! your Country's calling you. Louisville, 

Leatherwood, 1918. 
LeBlanc, M. Come on back to Dixie Land. By J. Marten. Houston, Goggan, 1917. 

Nigger war bride blues. By J. Marten. Houston, Goggan, 1917. 

inmio 241 

Le Gonziadeo, L. II est revenu mon soldat. LoweU. Turcot, 1916. 

Le Sner, F. J. Stand up for your Uncle Sammy. Uaverhill, Hoyt, 1918. 

Lebo, H. J. Shall we forget? 1918. 

Lee» X. J, Johnny get your gun, put the Kaiser on the run. Columbus, Knight^ 1917. 

Lee, H. W. Fight for your ^* Uncle Sam. " Ms., 1917. 

Lee, M. You're my soldier boy. Ma., 1918. 

Lee, M. A. Our heroes over there. Ma., 1918. 

Lee, B. Q. Kaiser man. Aurora, Lee, 1916. 

Lee, T. A. The call of Uncle Sam. Ms., 1918. 

Lees. Down with the Ejuser. By Lees and Carroll. San Fran., Lees, 1917. 

LehAr, F. Maids of Athens. Operetta. Excerpts. N. Y., Chappell, 1914. 

Leibson, M. Buy a liberty bond. 1918. 

Leigh, B.B. What I'll do for native land. 1918. 

Leighton, Z. B. Stand up for the soldier boy. Delaware, O., Leighton Mub. Shope, 

Leinss, H. S. Since little brother Johnnie joined the Aviation Corp. N. Y., 1917. 
Leisher, B. Who will care for me . . . Omaha, Leisher, 1917. 
Lemly, O. W. My Red Cron girl. Ms., 1917. 
Lena, H. America. N. O., Lena, 1917. 

Lendemann, Hrs. D. America, we love you. Westwood, N. J., 1917. 
Lenz, A. B. The U. S. us, all for us. Blue priziL 1918. 
Leon, Mischa. The road to France. By D. M. Bienderson. Ms., 1917. 
Leonard, ▲. To save the world for freedom. By F. H. Martens. N. Y., Leonard. 

Leonard, W. The Red Croas girl. Ms., 1918. 

Leonard, W. B. The brave and free. Glen Falls, N. Y., Brayd^ 1917. 
Leslie, H. L. TuBcania calls. By L. L. Schultz. Dorchester, Wis., Schultz, 1918. 
Lestew, H. H. A message to France. Chi., Wessei, 1918. 
Lester, T. Get there Sammies, and get there quick. By W. L. Colby. Chi., Cole, 

Lester, W. A song of the flag. Pt.-song. By F. H. Martens. N. Y., Breitkopf, 1917. 
Levan, H. C. We^ve got to win, that's all. Ms., 1918. 
Leven, J. Over the tap without a stop. 1918. 

Lefi, H. Charity begins at home. By Moss <& Denslow. N. Y^ Levi, 1915. 
Levy, S. P. America make the world safe for democracy. N. Y., Times M. P. Co., 

Lewi, W. Q. We'll make the Kaiser wiser. Arr. by 0. Krauae. Ms., 1918. 
Lewlnson, L. Democracy. Ms., 1917. 

Lewis, G. The soldier suely home. By J. Busch. Hamburg, N. Y., Busch. 1917. 
Lewis, C. L. Come on you Yankee oh come on you boy. By C. A. Hodges. Bidena, 

Mont., Reeves Mus. House, 1917. 
Lewis, F. B. Answer your country's call. By H. F. Tolman. Boat., Thompson, 

Lewis, J. H. and Glerbois G. The call to arms. By J. H. Lewis. Santa Barbara, 

Printing Studio, 1917. 
Lewis, J, McM. The pride ol our country. Phoenix, Ariz.. Lewis, 1917. 
Lewis, L. B. Three cneers for your Uncle Sam. Tufts Col., Mass. Col. Bookstoce, 


We stand. Bv C. D. Piatt. Unison chor. and other editions. 1918. 

Lewis, L. W. The nour of triumph. Kans. City, Livemash, 1917. 

Lewis, K. L. We'll be happy when you come back home. N. Y., Lewis Mus. 

Museum, 1918. 
Lewis, S.O. Poor old BiU. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 
Lewis, v. B. Your counkv calls you. Phil., Unique Pub. Co., 1917. 
Lhevlnne^ M. Democracy s call: Swat the Bugaboo. Chi., Rayner, 1917. 
Libby, B. Liberty. By G. Bower. Anaconda, Mont.^ Libby, 1917. 
Lillenas, H. Not a streak ol yellow in the Stars and Stnpes. ByT. P. Harris. 1917. 
LUlis, T. J. They're going to fi^t for Old Glory . . . Jeisey City, lillis, 19i7. 
LUly, B. P. Eddie Cassady's neat Wilson Song. By £. Cassady. 1916. 
Unooln, H. J. Your Uncle Sam will get a square meal . . . Stillwater, Okla., 

Popplewell, 1917. 
Lines, F. The land of liberty. Worc^ Mass^ Lines, 1917. 
Lintt, W. F. Farewell, Kaiser. By R. S. Campbell and W. F. lintt. Pt.-song. 

Lippinoott, B. B. Your comrades from the U. S. A. Phil., Myers, 1918. 
Uster, Uxw. B. H. A LitUe Snow- White Cross. By R. N. LiBter. 1918. 
Utttefield, A. C. Don't be afraid. Uncle Sammy. Haverhill, Littlefield, 1917. 

666a9-->18 Ifi 

le. N. Y., Lndogrton, 1918. 

*nt niaria«. Seattle, 1918. 

. Turner. 1917, 

the hand OMtralM the i*^d. K. Y., I 

N. Y,, Branen, 1917. 
im down. By J. Bnneo 
iHUidie. By J. Branea. 

Houston, LlOiyd, 1917. 

A. Midland, Uich., Kerr, 1918, 

n, 1913. 

p. N. Y.. Feitt, 1918. 

Bong. Miil., PtbdUui, 1*17. 

I AnMffica. N. Y., 1917. 

iforlbee! Ma., 1917. 

y Samuel Piatt. N. Y., HnntriiieAr, 1910. 

f. Y., Harding. 1917. 

nerican you're all right. N. EasUum, Hue., 

By J. HacRae. RedUtien. Hb,, 1918. 
lays. Mb., 1918. 
mg. 1917. 

By J. Willud. N. Y., Weiit., 1917. 
:. Baker. Chi., Gamble Hinged Mua. Co., 191S. 

K. Lo8 Angeles, Moa. Pub. Co., 191S. 
. By Whttehom dt Ambroee. Loa Angelea, 

e "aale for democracy." By R. R. DavMaeii. 

I be. Lorenz Pub. Co., 1918. 
ts authors. Tuue: The oM gray mare. 1917. 
imeyer, 1918. 

. lOr America. N. Y., Ooldon, 1917. 
Pt.-aong. By J. D.'EngUah. WortfuuglMk, 

hyma . . . For abaent memben. Pt.-aoog. 

.-song. By D. Stevens, Beaton, DitaSB, 1917. 

irica. Blue-priet, 1917. 

:ixed voioes. N. Y.. Smith, 1918. 

D. U. Henderson. N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 

By D. M. Heoderten. N. Y.,SchiBnar, 1917. 
ping to amiBh tho EaiMf . Ue., 1916. 
ChT, 1918. 

By C. J. W. Mulvey. N. Y., Kull"ey, 1918. 
lounray. ByF.Bmith. 1917. 
, LnA. 1917. 
F.G.Long. Mb, 1917. 
■sabuiger. 'Ms., 1917. 
«n Fran,, Lympero Htu. BxCh., 1917. 
boa Blacker. Ha., 1918. 
e by. YoungBtown, O., Enns, 1917. 
0., FairhaWb Lodge, 1917. 
. 8. A. N. Y., Lyaaght, 1917. 

N. Y., Witinark, 1918. 
the flag. WilahigU>n,'SKiWn, 19t8. 
ry, 'tis of thee. N. Y., Hiuda, 1917. 

He., 1918. 
Bed Oram." By T. B. Smith. SedaUa.Uo., 

8. A. Loa Angdee. McChndleM, 1917. 

MX7SI0 ' 248 

KoCaoon, C. B. Keep cool I Ifie country's savinff fuel. N. Y., Stern, 1918. 
KeCanoa Ik Moxgan. Liberty Statue is looking right at you. Ms., 1918. 

Up an' at 'em, up an' at the Hun. Ms., 1918. 

Your lipB are no man's land but mine. N. Y., Stem, 1918. 

McCarthy, B. K. I remain your soldier boy. Hammond, Ind., 1917. 

McCarthy. H. Hurrah for True Who Bravely do. Ohula Vista, Gal., Farrish, 1918. i 

McCarthy, J. D. Dear Old Glory. N. Y., Dehnhofif, 1918. 

MeOntney, J, America's stand. By G. Blake. Playlet. 1918. 

MoCarty, J. J. Look out over there. Bost., Boet. Mus. Co., 1918. 

MoCanley, T. C. I'll die like a true American. Prov., R. I., East. Mus. Co., 1917. 

McClaimahan, C. L. Spare our homes, 8i>are our firesides. Sedalia, Mo., Perry, 1918 

McCleUan, J. The spint of our flag. By P. Harwood. Ms., 1917. 

McClelland, C. P. The Kaiser will be wiser when Uncle Sam is through. San Fran., 

McClelland, 1917. 
McCloakey, J. M. 7. Flag o' my land. By T. A. Daly. Ms., 1917. 

Forwud. 1917. 

To arms. Ms., 1917. 

MoCloud, B. W. Our U. S. A. boys. N. 0., Grunewald, 1917. 

MacCoU, H. 8. T. The soldier's parting hymn. Bufiblo, Denton, 1914. 

MacComas, S. D. Tell Uncle Sam I'm here. Chi., Otis, 1917. 

MoConnell, a. B. The heart of the world. Phil., Swisher, 1915. 

McConnell, J, X. Goodbye Germany. By J. £. and L. McConnell. Thomaston, 

Ga., McConnell, 1917. 
MoConnell, L. Good-bye Germany. Chi., Browne, 1918. 

MoCormiok, H. T. The U. S. A.'s the place lor me. Wellston, 0., McCormick, 1918. 
McCoah, D. H. Let's got By J. R. Mears. Portland, Ore., Mean, 1918. 
MoCosh, D. 8. Do your best. Mount Morris, 111., McCosh, 1917. 
McCohb, C. I. I'm on my way to France to lick the Kaiser. Ms., 1918. 
MoCowan, J. J. Stand by your Uncle Sam. N. Y., McCowan, 1916. 
MeOoy, SI B. Our country, the soldier boy and you. Ms., 1918. 
McCray, B. The khaki-clad Sammie. Ms., 1918. 

McOnUovffh, X. Dixie-Doodle. By B. Zirkel. Columbus, Rialto Mus. Co., 1916. 
MoGiuiie, C. H. Good-bye sweetheart. Alameda, Cal., Alameda Mus. Co., 1918. 

A soldier's sweetheart. By E. Van Cortebeck, 1918. 

MaoDermld, J. G. Land of mine. Mixed voices. Chi., MacDermid, 1918. 

Womens' voices, 1918. 

MaoDonald, A. Do your bit! Newport, R. I., Studio Mus. Store, 1917. 
MaoDMiald, B. Is that you, CBeiUy? N. Y., Shapiro, 1915. 
McDonald, J. D. A'top of the world, our flag. N. Y., McDonald, 1918. 

Angel of the cross of red. Ms., 1918. 

McDonald, J. H. The little Red Cross nurse. Ms., 1918. 

We're on our way throudi France to old Berlin. Ms., 1917. 

We'll fi^t for each starin the flag. N. Y., Haviknd, 1917. 

lioDonald, J. J. Peace. Columbus, McDonald, 1918. 
MoDoaough, 7. A. America's call. Pt.-song. 1917. 

Ma6XIroy, a. W. Battle bymn of the Republic. By J. W. Howe. Pt.-sOQg. 1918. 
MtteVadden* B. I may not have reared my boy to be a soldier. 1917. 
MoVadden, X. Cincinnati we're proud of you. Cin., Willis, 1918. 
MoTuland, 7. L. Pat the Kaiser down. By J. 8. C. Nidicdls. Bost., Nicholls, 1917. 
M^Vailaitd, F. M. Huirahl for the boys in UuOd. Crawford, Neb., McFariand, 1917. 
Maofarlane, W. C. America the beautiiul. Male voices. Portiand, Me., Cxessey, 

Madee, B. D., Jr. The song of camp life. Petersburg, Va., 1917. Petexsbmg, 

Macfee, 1918. 
MeOee, B. Light our way, Miss Liberty. Ms., 1918. 
MoOlrt, J. B. My boy, ne just canH help from bemg a soldier. Gii., West. Mus. 


The Stars and Stripes ahallnevw trail tiie dust. Chi., West. Mus. Pub., 1917 

MacOregor, C. Via Penhing. Ms.. 1918. 

MaeOregor, O. B. We are coming little peoples. IndianapoUfl, Heachell, 1917. 
Machngh, B., Jr. My God, my ooimtry, and my flag. Ms.^917. 

Stars and Stripes, Red, White and Blue. Bost., White-Smith, 1917. 


MoHvgh, J, Keep Khe love-^ht shining in the window. By J. Caddigan. Best 

Cooper, 1917. 
MoiLitiie, B. ▲. Bona of America. 1917; 
MolBloali, X. L. Oufboys. Ms., 1918. 


KoXay, H. S. Here's to your flag. Cleveland, McKay, 1917. 

McKee, 7. W. When the war is over. By M. B. McKee. N. Y., Bicerdi, 1915. 

McXee, W. W. Battle caU. Phil., 1917. 

McKelvie, J. The Stars and Stripes in France. S. Bethlehem, Batter, 1917. 

McKenna, W. J. The Captain of the toy brigade. N. Y., Shapiro^ 1918. 

Xackensie, C. S. Fla^ oi the Union. 1917. 

Mackey, L. J. The spirit of 1917. LaFayette, Ind., Composer, 1917. 

McLans^ilin, J. When Company B and Company C goes over. Detroit, McI^fflghHn, 

MacLeod, H. B. We will miss you while you're gone. Ms., 1917. 
McHanis, V. C. God save our President. 1917. 

The U. S. soldiers' march song. 1917. 

McMichael, P. Democracy. Wash., 1918. 

Democracy. Ms., 1918. 

Macmillen, F. American consecration hynm. Pt.-song. N. Y., Fischer, 1917. i 

American consecration hymn. By P. MacKaye. N. Y., Fischer, 1918. ■ 

McMUIan, G. D. Sam's about. N. Y., McMillan, 1918. 

McNary, B. S. Since you marched away. Pittsburg, Mack, 1918. 

MacNeal, J. W. Somewhere in France. By D. 1. Thomas. N. O., Specialty M. P. 

Co., 1917. 
McOwen, A. H. In France with Pershing. Phil., Arcanum Mus. Co., 1917. 

United America. Phil., Arcanum Mus. Co., 1917. 

McPhall, J. B. America in war. Pueblo, Colo., Martin, 1918. 

At the call of the bugle. Pueblo, Colo., Martin, 1918. 

Follow the flag. Pueblo, Colo., Martin, 1918. 

Off to France. Pueblo, Colo., Martin, 1918. 

The pacifist. Pueblo, Colo., Martin, 1918. 

Uncle Sam will fight. Pueblo, Colo., Martin, 1918. 

McFhee, B. J. America. Medford, Ore., Haight, 1917. 

MacPherson, D. B. It's a grand old flag to fight for. Clinton, Mass., MacPhenon, 

KePherson, F. O. Dear little Mary, soldiers' nurse. Beav. Falls, Pa., McPhoraon, 


Fight! like Danny Kell. Beav. Falls, Pa., McPherson, 1917. 

The fighting Sammies of the U. S. A. Beav. Falls, Pa., McPherson, 1917. 

Macpherson, J. da B. So Sammy's off! N. Y., Crown Mus. Co., 1917. 

McSlater, B. M. The Soldiers Creed. Ms., 1918. 

McSwaln, M. E. Here's to the Women of America. Ft. Smith, Ark., Souths M. P. 

Co., 1918. 
Mabie, M. E. A war-time lullaby. Boet., Thompson, 1917. 
Mack, A. America made a man. N. Y., Feist, 1917. 

They fought for the Stars and Stripes, 1917. 

Xaok, B. Oh, it's great to be a soldier of the U. S. A. Chi., Raymer, 1917. 

Mack, H. Don't forget the boys in blue are going over there. K. z ., McKinley, 

Mack, B. Follow the flag. By W. Wmchell. Pittsburgh, David, 1917. 
Madigan, E. W. America we need you most of all. By A. A. Foley. N. Y., Silvn 

Pub. Co., 1917. 
Madigan, K. I'm in love with a daughter of Dixie. Chi., May, 1917. 
Madin, G. H. Uncle Sam, Uncle Stmi, I'll fight and die for you. By J. J. QaUa- 

gher. San Fran.. 1917. 
Maetzold, E. F. America my country. By J. E. Grondahl. Red Wing, Minn., 

Red Wing Pr. Co., 1917. 
Maffei, D. Flag of my heart. N. Y., Greenwich Pub. House, 1918. 

I'll care for you. N. Y., Greenwich Pub. House, 1918. 

Magine, F. Bring back my soldier boy to me. N. Y., Piantadosi, 1918. 

Don't be anybody's soldier boy but mine. Chi., Browne, 1918. 

Mahoney, J, Then the Yankee boys will slide for home. Ms., 1918. 

Mahoney, J. F. God, spare our boys over there. Ms., 1918. 

Mahoney, J, J, Dear old France! Uncle Same— he hears you calling. Bost., Liberty 

M. P. Co., 1917. 

God save America. Ms., 1918. 

Maillian, A. Over here. Ms., 1918. 

Mallaby, B. V. To victory and to glory. N. Y., Lehaney, 1917. 

Malool, J. J. Over yonder. N. Y., 1918. 

Malool, J. T. Oh! noble France we heard your call. Newark, Cooke, 1918. 

Maloy, G. A. We all salute and stand by U. 8. A. Ms., 1918. 

MU8ID 246 

__ i, J. L. When the war is over over there. Denver, Landee-Carlyle, 1918. 

ICumlxic, B. W. There's % flag that each Yankee will fight for. Chi. , Maiming, 1917 . 

Maxons, C. A soldier's letter. Ms., 1918. 

Xaztone, B. God's liberty flag. N. Y., Luckhardt, 1918. 

MaitliaiB, B. M. A pledge for freedom. Blue print, 1918. 

ICadley, C. Oh, boys, how does it look to you. Ms., 1918. 

MMit, A. Only a rose in no man's land. By A. JT. Lamb. N. Y., Monm 1918. 

Say a prayer for the boys out there. By B. Groasman. N. Y., Morris, 1917. 

Xaixaok, G. God bless you Sammy boy. San Fran., Forbes, 1918. 

Marahall, ▲. America's prayer. Ms., 1918. 
ICaxsone, J, America is game. Ms., 1918. 

Don't growl but just look cheerful. Ms., 1918. 

ICanoon, W. The famous march on Paris. 1915. 

XaxttB, J. G. You'll be glad that you are the Dad of each a lad. Green Bay, Wis. , 

Hart, 1918. 
]Cazttno,B. Soldati d'ltalia. By L. S. Lo Presti. Boat., Martino, 1915. 
MartoA, G. W. Our country. Pt.-song. 1918. 
liazso, B. In the ages rolling on. By K. Leigh. Ms., 1918. 
Xaslof, I. Send back dear Daddy to me. By A. Sullivan & H. Tenney. N. Y., 

Stem, 1918. 
ICasoB, 8. B. F^ht onl By W. R. Turner. Cin., Willis, 1917. 
ICaaaeU, S. A. ^ght for Mother land. Brooklvn, Massell, 1915. 
XatOiews, J. 8. The anthem of Democracy '^When wilt Thou save the people?" 

N. Y., Gray, 1918. 
MattlMWS, P. K. Uncle Sam's call to arms. Scenery HUl, Pa., Matthews, 1918. 
ICatthewB, W. Someone from this house is somewhere in France. Tri-Link-Mus. 

Co., 1918. 
Xathewson, F. B. Red White and Blue I'll live and die for you. Verona, N. Y., 

Mathewson, 1918. 
Xafhlaa, C. B. By the boys of the Red, White and Blue. Elkhart, Ind., Mathias, 

Xatteon, V. H. The good old U. S. and you. Spokane, Mattson, 1918. 
liaves, V. A mother's soldier boy. Milwaukee, Maves, 1918. 
Mazon, C. K. America's marching song. By M. A. Maxon. Walworth, Wis., 

Maxon, 1917. 
lCazweU,B. My star (Service flag). N. Y., Feist, 1918. 
ICazwell, I. Our flag. Ms. , 1918. 
ICaxwell, M. The submarine-chaser with a Yankee crew. Seattle, Echo M. P. Co., 

ICazwell, M. B. While you are over ''Somewhere in France. " Ms., 1918. 
Kayhew, E. P. We're going to stop Kaiser Bill. Ms., 1918. 
ICeade, K. Service flbag every eye^s on you. Johnson, 1918. 
Keadows, B. Mother will be near you. N. Y., Meadows, 1917. 
Meek, B. B. Grab 'em, stab 'em, any way to hold 'em. Ms., 1918. 
HeeUsh, M. C. Volunteer. N. Y., Meelish, 1915. 
Melnardns, B. We'll do the same to-day. Kiel, Wis., Meinardus, 1918. 
Meissner, W. O. Keep the old flag flying. By F. £. Lord. Milwaukee, Am. Mus. 

Co., 1917. 
Menna, B. Fight for the Red, White and Blue. Brooklyn, Liberty M. P. Co., 1918. 
Henown, J. A real live American man. St. Louis, Syndicate Mus. Co., 1918. 

That old flag. St. Louis, Syndicate Mus. Co., 1918. 

Meroer, J. A. When our boys get over there. 1918. 

Meziill, K. a. Bring back a button. By H. P. Nelson. Ms., 1917. 

MezviUe, A. de. We^re on our way. Ms., 1918. 

Mens, O. The dawn of the peac^ul age. By G. R. Sinning. Pittsburg, Sinning, 

Metoall, J. W. Honor's call. Best., Schmidt, 1917, '18. 
Meti, T. A. America. New setting. N. Y., Metz Mus. Co., 1918. 

There'll be a hot time in the old town to-night. New version. Stamford, 

Metz, 1917. 

We'U come back. By E. 6. Tarantino. Stamford, Conn., 1917. 

Meyer, Sexgt. C. B. The fighting soldier man. Ms., 1918. 
Meyer, Q. W. If he can fight like he can love, good night Germany. N. Y., Feist, 

Just like Washington crossed the Delaware. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 

Meyer, B. The soldier s farewell. Sedalia, Mo., Perry, 1918. 
Mtehalowsky, L. A. PreparedneM. ByE. W. Flude. N. Y., Yound, 1916. 


Mlkesell, J. B. The memory of you will be a flag, dear. Omaha, Patton, 1918. 

Stand behind the man behind the gun. Omaha, Pbtton, 1918. 

MUes, H. The stars in old glory. N . Y., Harding, 1918. 

Miller, C. Hymn to freedom's cause. Brooklyn, Miller, 1918. 

Miller, C. C. We41 rag our way thru Germany. By B. J. Tompkins. Deer Lodge, 

Mont., Miller, 1917. 
MiUer, X. For liberty. By E. J. Gardner. Brooklyn, Fifth Ave. Mub. Pub., 1918. 

Give your hand to Uncle Sam. By W. S. Steege. N. Y., Steege-Mfller, 1916. 

MlUer, G. E. The Flag of Uncle Sammy and The Jack of Johnny Bull . N . Y. , Scribo, 

Miller, J. The message of America. New Rochelle, Bircham, 1917. 
Miller, J. W. Old glory. Pt.-song. Blue print, 1918. 
Miller, L. C. The Teutonic barrier. Seattle, Miller, 1915. 
Miller, Buby. The U. S. A. is here to stay. By Mrs. £. Campbell. Walnut G^rove, 

Ala., Campbell, 1918. 
Miller, T. L. My soldier. Ms., 1918. 
Millhouse, L. On the battle field. Ms., 1918. 
MlUs, W. B. Stand by the Flag. Syracuse, Mills, 1918. 
MUlspaugh, C. 'S. When the Sammv boys come marching home. Ms., 1918. 
MUton, a. W. The Irish flag is flying with the Red, Wliite and Blue. Ms., 1918. 
MitcheU, A. Red Triangle man . Ms. , 1918 . 
MitcheU, E . W. My soldier boy . N . Y. , Mitchell, 1918 . 
Mitchell, S. Oh, Santa Claus, send Daddy back to me. N. Y., Ponce, 1917. 
Moffat, B. N. 1 am proud to be the mother of a soldier boy. Seattle, Moffat, 1917. 
Mohr, H. K. Don *t you go and worry, Mary. By B. MacDonald. N. Y., Shapiro, 


Liberty bell. By J. Goodwin. N. Y., Shapiro, 1917. 

My dream of peace. N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

Paul Revere ... N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

Monaco, J. V. Dream of a soldier boy. By A. Dubin. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 

I'm going to follow the boys. By H. Rogers. N. Y.. Witmark, 1917. 

Torpedo Jim. By R. Lewis. N. Y., Feist, 1917. 

Monroe, D. J. He's marching home to you. Mb., 1918. 

Montague, L. H. The new America. Buffalo, Montague, 1917. 

Montalbano, B. America's voice. (Eng. & Italian.) Tampa, Fla., 1917. 

MonteU, J. B. The reveille. By Bret Harte. N. Y., Schuberth, 1918. 

Montgomery, T. N. Marchin' on. Photo., 1918. 

Montroy, S. The coal miner's battle, war- or peace. Phil., Montrov, 1918. 

Try to be a hero 8er\'e the old Red, White and Blue. Phil., Montroy, 1918. 

Moon, N. She is just a girl that's ser\'ing Uncle Sam. C^n. , Willis, 1917. 

Moore, B. J. Preparedness. 1916. 

Moore, F. F. Wlien our boys 50 over the top. N. Y., Howard, 1918. 

Moore, L. E. Uncle Sam's union suit. Ghi., Moore, 1916. 

Moore, Z. M. Just a vankee lad. Ms., 1918. 

Morgan, B. Thespirit of '17. Chi.. Nat. Mus. Co., 1918. 

Morgan, J. Don' t bite the hand that's feeding you. By T. Hoier. N. Y. , Feist, 1915. 

Uncle Sammy take care of my girl. Chi . , Foreter, 1918. 

Morgan, N. C. For the men at the front. Hymn. 1918. 

Morris, E. Uncle Sam has hit the trail. Ms^ 1917. 

Morris, J. H. The message. By J. W. Van Winckle. 1918. 

Morris, L. They'll make it look like Dixie when thev cross the riv^ Rhine. Ms., 

Morrison, A. H. I will return to you. Ms., 1918. 
Morrison, B. B. We're fighting for the things held dearest. Air: John Browne. 

Words only. 1917. 
Morse, C. B. Liberty battle hymn. 1918. 
Morse, H. Wait till we get there. N. Y., Morse, 19 IB. 
Morse, T. I want to be a soldier like my dad. Ms., 1918. 

If they'd only fight the war with wooden soldiers. N. Y., Witmark, 1916. 

Our lanky Yankee boys in brown. N. Y., Haviland, 1917. 

A submarine attack. Ms., 1918. 

I want to be a soldier like my dad. N. Y., Feist, 1918. ' 

We'll knock the Heligo-into Heligo-out of Heligoland! N. Y., Feiet, 1917. 

Moser, V. E. For democracy. Milwaukee, Moser, 1918. 

Mosness. B. Go, for your country's calling. Ms., 1917. 
Mott, W. A. Uncle Sam marching through Germany. 1918. 
Mowbray, N. B. Welcome to the Y. M. 0. A. Ms., 1918. 

ifOBO 247 

MneUiac, C. The Bed, WbiteMid Bhie. By BCn. J. SurreU. Me., 1918. 

Midlei, B. A. Hymn to Democncy. By J. Milnor Darey. Hymn^ Treaton, 

Mueller, 1918. 
Malr, C. O. The nuui of the hour. Oia., Muir, 1917. 
Muzdooki If. 8. When the Indian goeo to Ptris . . . Gin., Murdock, 1918. 
Murny, D. America thou art first. Ghi., 1917. 
Mwfay, V. H. PreparedneeB (Pacifist ve, Patriot). By A. G. M. 1916. 
Mniiy, M. A mother's explanation. Ms., 1918. 

We're coming light away. Ms., 1918. 

Mnssey, K. K. Right makes might. Woman's Aux. Com. for Naval Recruitiog, 

My Uncle Sam. By H. J. Smith. (Tune of Dixie). 1917. 
Myers, 8. 8. America, glorious land of Freedom. Gin., Fillmore, 1918. 
Kaim, B. Gome, my lad, and be a soldier. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 
Naxdini, B. G. .\merica (National Air). 1918. 
National songs of the Allies . . . Best., Silver, Burdett & Go., 1918. 
Nattonal songs of the United States of America and our Allies. Prov., R. I., liver- 

mote, 1917. 
The Ration's Home Songs. Ghi., Kimball, 1918. 
Needltam, W. L. Who are Americans? By J. L. Gardner. Ghi., Ghi. Song House, 

Neenan, J. J. Figjitin^ for the Red White and Blue. . 191& 
Ketlim, J. Hit the trail for Europe. Gleveland, Assoc. Mus. Pub., 191A.; 
NeUoAt O. W. The boys of libertv. Ms., 1918. 
KeUon, B. I've got a new job. N. Y., Stasny, 1918. 

She'll miss me most of all. N. Y., Staany, 1918. 

When Yankee Doodle leama to ''paries vousFrangaia." N; Y., Staany, 1917. 

XetUeslilp, M. Democracy or freedom for ever. lifs. 1918. 

Xenbaner, L. Who can deny? Ms., 1918. 

He Vllle, M. D. While our banner floats above. Louisville, Smythe, 1918. 
Nartn, G. B. Amoica the beautiful. By K. L. Bates. N. Y., White-Smith, ^918. 
Hew camp songs. By L. B. Smith. Gleveland, Smith, 1917. 
New Golvmbia. By T. J. Mitchell. AdH>ted to the "Red, White <b Blue^" lioa An- 
geles, Mitchell, 1917. 
XeweU, F. B. Victory. Gent. Falls, R. I., Newell, 1918. 
IfeweU,, B. W. Yes, we'll fi^riitt fight! fi^htl for U. S. A. Ms., 1918. 
Xewham, J, Farewell my soldier boy. Ms. 1918. 
Kiohols, C. C. We're waiting the call to go boys. Ma. 1918. 
Niehols, D. B. A soldier's good-bye. Harlowton. Mont., Nichols, 1918. 
Nickerson, W. J. The colored soldier boys of Uncle Sam ... N . O . , (^runewald, J918. 
Nioolai, 8. V. Freedom of the se&s. Jackson, Mich., Nicolai, 1917. 
Nitaohe, C. B. After the war. By W. H. Graft. Craft A Nitsche, 1916. 
Klzon. Old Glory. The triumph of the right. N. Y., Gross, 1917. 
Koel, J. Uncle »un is wiser tlutn the Kaiaer. Ms. 1918. 
Ndlaii, J. C. Three cheers for the U. S. A. San Fran., Nolan, 1918. 
Korfhrap, T. H. Neutrality. By 6. P. Ganung. Denver. Ganung, 1916. 
Kye, J. B. Ustenl Hear the boys in khaki aing. Gamp Hill, Pa., Nye, 1918. 
NynOI, D., U- The old Gontinentals. By G. H. McMaster. Ghi., Fearia, 1917. 

Your land and mine. By A. S. Sherwood. Ghi., Fearia, 1918. 

O'Brien, M. The martyrs of Ireland. N. Y., Nat. Mus. Pub. Go., 1916. 
O'Brien, B. J. For Democracy. By E. Johansen. 1918. 

O'Brien, W. D. Liberty. Ghi., Extension Press, 1918. 

O'Oorman, W. J. The song of the drum. N. Y., Atlas Mus. House, 1916. 

Sustain Democracy. By P. M. Fox. Ms. 1918. 

O'Hara, G. Aw, Sammie. By H. Sanborn. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 

Give ifafee loud cheen. By E. M.Gibb8<& I. Stewart. N. Y., Ghappell, 1917. 

I don't care where they send me. N. Y., Harms, 1918. ' 

£-K-K-Katy. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 

Send me a curl. N. Y., Huntonger, 1917. 

The Woman Who Waits at Home. By G. Johastone. N. Y., GhappeU, .1917. 

O'Keeie, B. Somewhere over there, N. Y., Branen, 1918... 

O'Xeefe, J, Leave it to the sailors. Operetta. 1918. 

O'Maxa, B. I'm fighting for America and you. N. Y., O'Maia, 1917. 

O'Maxa, H. WellhMre to do it again. Ghi., Roasiter, 1917. 

O'NeU, I. G. The record busten. Ms. 1918. 

O'Neill, D. Sammie think of your Mammy. N. Y., ShMiro, 1918. 

O'Neill, F. J, American battle cry. Stafford Springs, Oonn., Liberty Pr., 1917. 


O'NeiU, M. For Uncle Sam. Bv B. Lawton. Topeka, Lawton, 1918. 

O'Bonrke, K. B . We'll be. a big, big, brother to all nations. Loe Angeles, Acme Pub . 

Co., 1916. 
0*Snlliyan, P. America, Oh noble name. By W. W. Thum. Gin., Church, 1917. 
Oates, W. J. We'll be back to Dixie. Waah., Oatee, 1917. 
Old Glory song book. Illinois State Register, 1917. 

Oler, E. Here's to the flying corps. By A. B. Oler. Jjarchmont, N. Y., Oler, 1918. 
Oliver, B. W. America first. By A. H. Ben-Oliel. 1916. 
Olman, A. *' Colleen Machree." By J. Mahoney. Chi., Forster, 1917. 

Pick a little four leaf clover. . . Chi., Roster, 1918. 

Orlob, H. Town Topics. Operetta. Excerpts. N. Y., Schirmer, 1916. 

Osbom, E. H. When my Sammy comes back home. Ms., 1918. 

Ostrander, J. H. Out into the mght. Chi., Ostrander, 1916. 

Overmyer, J. B. Our battle sone. By H. Cameron. 1917. 

Owens, S. W. Some where in France. Ms., 1918. 

P., E. Uncle Sam's gone a gunning. By C. B. Phil., Butz, 1917. 

P., L. 8. Songof Free Germany. Pt.-song. 1918. 

Pace, A. M. When the boys come back again. Lawrenceburg. Tenn., Pace, 1918. 

Pacholz, H. A. We're with you (March into Berlin). Ms., 1918. 

Pafnmy, J. Bring back my soldier man to me. N. Y., Up-To-Date Mas. Co., 1915. 

Paganucci, A. F. Our lads across the sea. Ms., 1918. 

Page, K. C. ft W. Bhys-Herbert. National Anthems. N. Y., Fischer, 1918. 

Paine, F. M. * Our country's flag. By £. H. Hurlbut. Los Angeles, Hodgdon, 1917. 

Paine, H. W. We'll fight, fight, fight for America all right. Quincy, Mass., Paine. 

Paley, H. Cheer up father, cheer up mother. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

When he took a look in his little red book. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

Palin, Q. H. Hall to America. 1917. 

Palm, O., Jr. On to victory. N. Y., Palm, 1918. 

On to victory. Pt.-song. N. Y., Palm, 1918. 

Palmer, A. S. A-M-E)-R-l-C-A will surely stop old kaiser bill then all hoo-ra. 1918. 

Palmer, C. B. Awake, America! 1917. 

Palmer^E. D. Here's to the flag. By K. M. Fargo. Redlands, Cal., Palmer, 1917. 

There's a star for you in the service flag. By G. W. Owen. Bost. , Palmer, 1918. 

Palmer, I. A. Cheer as they pass alone. Los Angeles, Heffelfinser, 1.918. 

Palmer, J. C. We have carried the colors at home. Erie, Pa., Erie M. P. Co., 1917. 

Palmer, S. M. That fighting man of mine. Ms., 1918. 

Pantozzi, S. Altogether. Ms., 1918. 

Paris, p. Sammy of the U. S. A. By M. Hagen. Ms., 1917. 

Park, 3;. S. Peace through victory. 1917. 

Parker, A. Your Uncle Sam. By O. H. Oaklev. Minneap., Hennepin, 1915. 

Parker, C. B. I'm for neutrality. Goshen, Ind., Parker, 1915. 

Parker, H. W. The Red Cross spirit speaks. By J. Finley. N. Y., Gray, 1918. 

Parker, J. L. I want to be a soldier man. By A. Parker. Minneap., Hennepin, 1917. 

Parker, M. M. Mothers of America. Phil., Baker. 1918. 

Parker, W. A . S . We' 11 be there to meet you Sammy. Lead ville, Colo. , Parker, 1 9 17 . 

Parks, J. A. Brother of mine. From London Pictorial York, Nebr., Parks, 1918. 

When the boy comes home. By E. S. Darling. York, Nebr., Parks, 1918. 

Paxiish, B. B. I delight to think of Sweetheart. Chula Vista, CaL, Parrisb, 1918. 
Parsons, A. B. General von Kluck. From **The World." N. Y., Schroeder, 1914. 
Partsch, J. C. We all have to go to fight the common foe. Ms., 1918. 
Paschkes, M. F. America, it's up to you. Ms., 1918. 

Every bond we sell. N. Y., Paschkes, 1918. 

Patch, I. P. Oh: Ye Sammie hoys — its up to you. Blue print, 1918. 

Patriotic songs. N. Y.. TuHer-Meredith, 1917. 

Patriotic songs of America . . Mixed voices. Women's voicee. Boston, Ditsan, 1917- 

Patriotic songs of America for school and home. U. S. Publ. & Sery» Co., 1917. 
Patten, S. N. Songs of America. N. Y., Heubsch, 1917. 
Patterson, M.. Rookie boy. Ms., 1918. 
Paul, C. W. Let us pray. for peace dear old TJ. S. A. N. Y., Mod. Mub. Pub. Oo., 

PanU, B. T. Say Au revoir but not Good bye. N. Y., Paull, 1918. 
Payne, F. E. We're doing our bit. Gouvemeur, N. Y., Payne, 1918. 
Pcale, A. F. "Over here." Ms., 1917. 
Pease, W. H. America is calling, will you go? N. Y., Pease, 1918. 

When I look at this picture of you. N. Y., Pease, 1918. 

MTT8I0 249 

Peck, 8. Hunah for the good old U. S. A. Ms.. 1918. 
Peoklum, D. Buddy. By F. Slack. N. Y.. Piantodon* 1918. 
Peckham, H. D. You're all from the U. S. A. Brooklyn, Peckham, 1916. 
Peebles, Mr9, C. Somewhere in France (Our sword). Ms., 1918. 

Your bit. Ms.. 1918. 

Pendleton, X. H. Onward to victory. Cin.. Willis. 1918. 

Onward to victory. Male chor. arr. 1918. 

Penn. A. A. After the war is over. By F. H. Green. Muscatine, la.. Green, 1917. 

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When the dog-wood blossoms bloom in Dixie Land. Ms., 1918. 

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ville, Reimer, 1917. 
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MU8I0 251 

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ton, lAngan, 1918. 

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Mother I will write to you. Columbia, Reynolds, 1917. 

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Write to friends in old U. S. A. Rochester, Cniser, 1918. 

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Proper propaganoa. 1918. 

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We have heard yo u, Tommy Atkins. N. Y., Triangle Mus. Co., 1917. 

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Why can't we all be united. Barbieri, 1918. 

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262 UBRASY or ookgbess 

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Pub. Co., 1918. 
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War. By D. Burnet. Boston, Ditson, 1915. 

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Onward! Onward! Victory will surely come. Ms., 1918. 

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Good-bye, every-body, we're off to France, Ms., 1918. 

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Chappell, 1917. 
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The girl he left behind him has the hardest fight of all. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

Girls of America, we all depend on you. N. Y., Ealmar, 1917. 

I've got a Red Cross Rosie going across with me. N. Y., Waterson, 1917, 

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Rudolfe,'R. United we stand. Bost., Ansano Mus. Co., 1917. 
Rudolphy^J.^B. To arms for ri^t and freedom. Ms., 1918. 

Rnhlman, J.*^S. Boom-a-laddie-boom. Trenton, Ridilman, 1917. 

MXJSio 268 

Siimiliisky, J. M. Rufldand's frelheits lied. N. Y., Hebrew Pub. Go.» 1917. 

Supeit, S. Gome on boys let's go. 1917. 

Sukln, J. F. Cheer for the boys in the anny. By G. Nathan. Atlanta, 191S. 

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The war of the world. By M. Zavodnick. N. Y., Schenker, 1916. 

We all must fi^ht for Uncle Sam. N. Y., Schenker, 1918. 

BuUiettoxd, A. J. Gmi'me a kiss, Mirandy 'cause I'm goin' over there. N. Y., Wit- 
mark, 1917. 

We'll fight for Uncle Sam. By F. S. Rutherford. Denver, Rutherford, 1917. 

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Ryan, Mrs. L. J. I 'm raising my boy to be a soldier to fight for the U. S. A. Grove- 
land, Mass., Ryan, 1917. 

Ryder, F. L. Your flag and my flag. By W. I>. Nesbit. Chi., Volland, 1917. 

Babel, A. R. We're one lor Uncle Sam. By R. Freeman. Pasad^ia, Sabel, 1917. 

St Clali, F. J. The service flag. Ms., 1918. 

St Qmentin, S. I'll pray for you and you must pray for me. Bost., Bost. Mus. Co., 

Salden, J. Because you love your flag, your sirl and Liberty. 1917. 

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The Sammies are in France. By CD. Brown. Minneapolis, Brown, 1918. 

SamjAtner, S. When Sammy meets the Hun. Ms., 1918. 

Sanbom, S. R. We're on our way. A hike song. Chi., Evans, 1918. 

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Sanderson, W. God be with oiur boys to-night. N. Y., Booeey, 1918. 

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Sanfly, J. When there's peace on earth again. By Lewis, Crawford and iBantly. 
N. Y., Feist, 1917. 

SafP* K. O. *' I 'm off for a place somewhere in France. ' ' Kans. City, Sapp-Fortner, 

Saigent, H. Hurrah for Uncle Sam. Gin., Church, 1917. 

Sargent, M. The Anointed. Ms., 1918. 

Satohdl, W. J. Good-bye my Yankee soldier boy. 1917. 

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Savage, B. S. Uncle Sammie we're with you. Phil., Matt, Weiss M. P. Co., 1917. 

Savage, V. The Stars and Stripes can never fall. Los Angeles, Ellrich, 1918. 

Sawyer, H. S. Hurrah 1 Hurrah for the Christmas shlpl Chi., McKinley, 1914. 

Sazton, J. H. Uncle Sammy wants you now. San fran., Saxton, 1918. 

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SoannoUn, A. L. Well keep Old Glory flying. N. Y., Booeey, 1917. 

Schaeffer, L. We're all with you dear America. N. Y., Schaeffer, 1917. 

Schaeffer, P. Sere. Mike O'Leary. Somerville, Fay-Sweeney, 1915. 

Schaeffe^^ R. S. PepI All pep. Ms., 1918. 

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Sctaaffer, J. H. Are you ready? Bait., Sehaffer, 1916. 

SehJller, J. My dream girl. Words by R. White. San Fran., Sherman, 1918. 

Soliindler, A. J, For God and our country. N. Y., Fischer, 1918. 

8<^eUrar«h, a. ''Too proud to fight 1 " By K. H. Schmidt, M. D. Chi., Schmidt, 

Sohaldt, O. O. United States, America. 1918. 

Schmidt, C. M. We fight with you and win. Ms., 1918. 

Schmidt, 1. Loyal Red Wing. By C. P. Hall. Red Wing, Minn., 1917. 

Schmidt, J. American bugle call. 1918. 

Saint Paul's. 1917. 

Schmitt, S. Stand by the President now. By £. N. Voorhees. Boet., Bost. Mus. 

Co., 1917. 
Sdrndder, C. Ccmie on, rally 'round our flag boys. By T. C. Elmendoii. N. Y. 
U 1917. 


Soliofield, C. M. Land o' glory. Alton, 111., Schofield, 1917. 

" Neath the Dixie Doodle-flag. " Alton, 111., Charmfield, 1917. 

SchoAbeif , C. Sammie's saving souvenirs. By C. Parrott & J. Adams. 1918. 
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The last appeal O Germany. Fort Wayne, Schorr, 1918. 

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Sohnbarth, C. T. For thee America! 1917. 

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Schultze, H. T. In the uniform of Uncle Sam. Phil., Schultze, 1917. 

Schuyler, F. Van B. Fight for Liberty. Phila., Armstrong, 1917. 

Schwartz, J, Hello Central! Give me No Man's Land. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

I'm on a long, long ramble. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 

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The Red Cross girl. By E. R. Greenlaw. Bost., Worley, 1918. 

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Seaborn, F. He's in Uncle Sam's marines. Phil., Seaborne, 1918. 
Sechrist, J. The greatest mother in the world. Ms., 1918. 

Khaki boys march (They're goin^ over). Ms., 1918. 

Remember the Lusitania. Harrisburg, Sanpan, 1917. 

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Seeger, W. T. Republic of destiny. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 
Seely, H. B. Chilaren of Liberty. Chi., Martin, 1917. 
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We're the Sammies fromacroas the ocean. Detroit, Seller, 1918. 

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Sodger lad. By L. de Wetter, N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 

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Selleck, O. Goodbye Grade darling. Keyport, N. J., LawBon, 1917. 
Sells, N. S. I'll return to vou. Ms., 1918. 

Semmann, L. The fairest flag beneath the sky. By F. W. Herzberger. 1917. 
Sensemaa, CM. At your service, Uncle Sam. Ms., 1917. 
Sently, J. When the bells of Belgium ring again. Ms., 1918. 
Serre, F. Our own Red, White and Blue. N. Y., Hinds, 1917. 
Seyb, G. To Mary from Somewhere in France. Ms., 1918. 

Tribute to our soldier boy. Ms., 1918. 

Seymour, I. H. The soldier. By Rupert Brooke. Ms., 1917. 

ShaifFer, H. D. America my home biess'd home. Phil., Shaiffer, 1918. 

Shambaogh, H. A. Uncle Sammy loves the stars and stripes. Ihibuque, Shsan- 

baugh, 1917. 
Shanholtzer, M. When you hear your Uncle Sammy call for soldiers. €hi., Ifiltor, 

Shanks, Mrs. J. P. All hail to thee, America. Oin. , Willis, 1918. 
Shanley, M. L. Buy a bondl Ms., 1918. 
Sharpe, Q. W. Buy a bond. Ithaca, Sharpe, 1918. 
Shaw, A. A. Our flag. N. O., Grunewald, 1917. 

Shaw, H. Uncle Sam, don't take my man away. Los Angles, Hatch, 1918. 
Shawker, W. A. Our country's starrybanner. F1lil.,'Hall-^ack, 1917. 
Shedd, M. M. Lead on O flag. BvH. O'Donnell. Ghi., Shedd, 1917. 
Sheeman, M. E. The call of the flag^. 1917. 

Sheldon, C. A., Jr. Uncle Sam has hit the trail. Atlanta, Oable Piano Co., 1917 
Shepherd, H. L. Aviator's song. Ms., 1918. 
Sheppard, M. Hooverize. Ms., 1918. 

Over the top. Ms., 1918. 

When we come back from over there. Ms., 1918. 

Sheridan, B. M. The banner of mercy. Ventura, Cal., Sheridan, 1917 
Sherman, J. W. Onward to victoiy. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

Shevland, T. When the sun goos down in FVance . . . Tacoma, Pacific Oo«Mt Pub. 

Co., 1917. 
Shields, B. A. Why Uncle Sam is calling. Ms., 1918. 

MUSIC 255 

SMelds, W. M. Your Uncle Sam's Sammy. St. Louis, Shattinger, 1918. 

Shimp, Z. A call to the colon. By H. V. Shimp. Kans. City, 1917. 

Slilrley, Gkne. Ourpledge to the IT. 8. A. Toledo, Shirley, 1917. 

Shoemaker, M. J. The world for Democracy. By M. Ftobasco. Miahawaka, Ind., 

Probasco, 1917. 
Shontse, S. H. Remember boy this land of ours. By J. E. Wall. Quincy, 111., 

Wall, 1917. 
Shore, V. A Love that is red, white & blue. N. Y., Daniels, 1918. 
Short, T. V. Teddy l^oys. By B. Schulze. Springfield, Mass., Short, 1917. 
Sigordson, T. Old Glory, we love youl Ms., 1918. 

Sllby, B. M. Our boys. By Wm. Burke. Waah., Schloa Cantorum, 1918. 
SiUaway, D. Kiss your little ''Sammy" jgood-bye. Milwaukee, Sillaway, 1917. 

"When Sammy gets a-going." By T. Slick. Milwaukee, Sillaway, 1917. 

Sillaway, D. W. "Company M." By M. E. McBain. Milwaukee, Sillaway, 1917. 
SiUlBce, J. B. Oiu- home and country. Lima, O., Sillince, 1917. 

Silver, A. There's something 'bout a uniform that makes the ladies fall. N. Y., 

Shapiro, 1918.. 
Silver, M. The Dardanelles. Brooklyn, Kohn, 1915. 
SUvcrs, L. Root for Uncle Sam.. By J. 0. Havez. N. Y., Havea, 1917. 
Sllverwood, W. L. The stars and stripes is his emblem. Bait.. Fenwick, 1917. 
Simonda, K. C. There's a soldier lad in khaki, "Over there." 1918. 
Simpson, J. O. Thinking of the home folks. Ms., 1918. 
Simpson, M. S. The love he left behind him. Newark, Simpson, 1918. 
Simpson, S. X. Here they come, left, right, left, right! Cleveland, Arrow, 1917. 
Simpson, V. D. Listen to the bugle call. Bait., Md. Mus. Pub. Co., 1917. 
Sims, D. P. Anything for daddy. Hill City, Kans., Sims, 1918. 
Sisk, B. J. lb W. F. James. Hip 'er up keep' 'er up. Cherokee, la., 1917. 
Six, H. Star Spangled Banner of Democracy. 1918. 
Skedden k Pike. Old Glory. By E. Skeilden. N. Y., Pierce, 1916. 
Skelton, O. M. Our tiberfy bell. Exeter. Ont., Skelton, 1918. 
Skinner, C. H. America forevermore. Chi., Monarch Mus. Pub.. 1918. 
Slesnick, B. B. I love you Uncle Sammy true. Oil City, Pa., Slesniek, 1918. 
Slesnick, Mrs. B. X. Peace, O star of hope. Oil City, Pa., Sleenick, 1917. 
Slider, C. Some mother's boy. By J. C. Ecdy. New Alb^ Ind., Slider, 1915. 
Sloane, A. B. It's not the uniform that makes the man. By H. Bkssom. N. Y., 

Witmark, 1917. 

We diould worry. A i^y with mus. Excerpts. N. Y., Witmark, 1917. 

Slotme, B. Our country's ealL Ms., 1918. 

Sloane, B. C. Children of Liberty. By W. D. Foulke. Richmond, Ind., 1917. 

Smitti, B. 8. Our country's call. Portland, Ore., Smidi. 1917. 

Smith, C. lily of France. By W. Weston. N. Y., Richmond Mus. Co., 1914. 

Smilk, C. P. In the dear old U. S. A. Flint, Mich., Smith, 1917. 

Smilh, X. D. United States Democracy March. Chi., Hyde Pk., Mus. Co., 1918. 

Smith, X. L. America for me. By H. Van Dyke. Newark, De Lemos, 1918. 

If you're going to join the Army play the game. Newark, De Lemoe, 1918. 

Smith, B. O. '^That dear old Yankee flag. " 1917. 

Smith, P.M. Our boys. 1916. 

Smith, a. B. Up with the Ag. Frederick, Md., Smith, 1917. 

Smith, a. S. Don't forget the girlies. N. Y., Smith, 1918. 

Siiilfli,' H. A. In no mftn's land. Ms., 1918. 

Smith, H. Ii. The tisLS that frees the world. (4 pt.-song.) Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

The march of Liberty. Boat., Thompson, 1917. 

What General Pershmg* will do to Gtormasiy . . . 1918. 

Yankee soldier boy. N. Y., Wikox, 1918. 

Vttith, J. Allegiance. Best., Arrow M. P. Co., 1918. 

Smith, J. L. The best flag that ever flew. Salt Lake City, Smith, 1917. 

Smith, L. W. Sun-burst across tile wiorld. Gin., Willis, 1917. 

Smith, M. B. Volunteer battle song. By A. J. Hitchcock. Nashville, Hitchcock, 

Smith, K.B. Are you ready to stand behind the gun? Centievillage, N. Y., Smith, 

SmiOi, O. Be neutnd in the U. S. A. By P. J. McPartlin. 1915. 
Smith, B. X. Our heroes over there. Ms., 1918. 

Smilh, B. L. Make the world sale for Democracy. Stanley, N. C, Smith, 1917. 
Smith, W. O. Awake. America. By E. S. PeetE. Ms., 1918. 
Snlthil^ld, Q. Red Cross. I hear you calling. Ms., 1917. 
SiiiethcM, B. A. Where 4o 'wo'go from here, boys? Ms., 1918. 


Smyttie, B. Fight lor the flac; we love. By C. Zollinger. Louisville, Smytiie, 1917. 
Sneed, M. The boys from old Kentucky. Lancaster, Ky., All Mus. Shops, 1918. 

The patriotic mother. Lancaster, Ky., Sneed, 1917. 

Snow, D. C. Buy a bond. Chi., Snow, 1918. 

Soaid, S. B., sr. The doom of Kaiser Bill. Morristown, Tenn., 1918. 

Sola, J. America called to war. Ms., 1918. 

Solman, A.* My Yankee boy. By B. Grossman & B. Frisch. N. Y., Morns, 1917. 

We'll keep things going 'till the boys come home. By A. B. Sterling. N. Y.. 

Morris, 1917. 

Solman, J. Til come back and be your sailor boy. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 

Songs for soldiers. By E. Bangs. De Land, Fla., Bangs, 1917. 

Songs of America ... Ft. Wayne, Ind., Ft. Wayne Pr. Co., 1917. 

Songs of our country ... N. Y., Nat. Com. on ratr. Lit., 1917. 

Songs of our nation. Cin., WilUs, 1917. 

Songs the soldiers and sailors sin^;. N. Y., Feiat, 1918. 

Soul Songs for Trench, Camp, Ship, and Battle of Life . . . Brooklyn, Nat. Song 

Co., 1918. 
Sonsa, J, P. Blue Ridgel I'm coming back to you. N. Y., Harms, 1917. 

Great Lakes. N. Y., Harms, 1918. 

In Flanders fields the poppies grow. By J. McCrae. N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 

We are coming. By E. W. Linn. N. Y., 1916. 

N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 

Souther, L. There's a lily field. By F. R. Mastin. Bost., Thompson, 1917. 

Spalding, P. A. March onl Over There. By A. Bates. Bost., Homeyer, 1918. 

Spaoldlng, H. P. The world's assassin — Kaiser. Sioux Falls, Spaulding, 1918. 

Speaks, O. When the boys come home. By John Hay. N. Y., Schirmer, 1915. 

Specht, P. L. To a lonesome heart, (cello ool.) Reading, Monarch, Mus. Co., 1917. 

Spencer, A. I want to stay in France. Ms., 1918. 

Spencer, A. O. Hail America. Reno, Nov., Spencer, 1917. 

Spencer, M. D. Old Glory's calling ^rou. Chi., Lee, 1917. 

Spenser, W. Our Sammee boys. Phil., Spenser, 1917. 

Spemek, J. Q, The portrait. Minneapolis, Speinek, 1917. 

Sperry, A. M-. My liberty boy. Ms., 1918. 

Splcer, B. Forward march! To Germany. Good Hope, 111., Spicer, 1917. 

Spiese, B. Come boys come. So. Hammond, N. Y., Composer, 1918. 

Splning, O. L. O Sammiel get your gun, right away!! Pasadena, Spining, 1918, 

The Spirit of the Nation. Song coll. Sacramento, Weinstock, 1918. 

Spom, B. There's a gray-haired mother waiting. N. Y., Royal Mus. Co., 1918. 

Spragae, W. H. We all love the fia^. By Rev. F. D. Budlong. 1917. 

Sprankle, L. Its time to get the spirit . . . Cleveland, Supreme Mus. Co., 1918. 

Spring, A. M. Don't trewl on me. 1916. 

Springer, J. A. The United States of America. Alb., Alb. Mus. Bureau, 1917. 

Sprinkle, M. O. Follow Old Glory. Chevy Chase, D. C. Sprinkle, 1918. 

Staddon, W. G. Somewhere a heart is aching. Los Anseles, Hawn, 1918. 

Stafford, C. C. The flag I love. Oneonta, Ala., Stafford^ 1918. 

Stahlschmidt, A. B. The men of '17. N. Y., Stahlschmidt, 1917. 

Staley, B. P. Our U. S. A. boys. Rochester, Staley, 1917. 

Stambler, B. Good-bye boys. Farce. Excerpts. N. Y., McCree, 1917. 

Stanford, DeW. Columbia awake. N. Y., Lea & Stanford, 1916. 

Stanley, W. A. Over the seas for Liberty. By H. D. Axleby. N. Y., Tiillaj>Mere- 

dith, 1917. 
Stansell, E. B. Allies' song of Freedom. Buffalo, Stansell, 1917. 
Stanton, A. Our home guard. N. Y., Tarns Mus. lib., 1917. 
Stanton, H. T. I am lonelv for you. St. Louis, Stanton, 1918. 
The star-spangled banner (J. 8. Smith) and the Marseilhuse (R. de L'Isle). Bat., 

Ditson. 1917. 
Stars and stripes, I pledge mysQlf to thee. (Anonymous). Cin., Cin. Mus. Pub. Co., 

Stark, B. J. We're coming Uncle Sammy. By J. Stark. St. Louis, Stark, 1917. 
Stedman, B. W. Up and at 'em!! Brockton, Old Colony Co., 1918. 

By H. A. Stedman. Brockton, Regal Mus. Co., 1918. 

Steele, P. The freedom of the sea. By M. HilUs. Brooklyn, Steele, 1917. 
Stcdy, W. C. Stand by Old Glory. Chi., Steely, 1917. 

Steffe,W. The world's freedom. By E.Wright. New Haven, Mich., Wright, 1918. 
Stelbeiitz, B. Conquer the Kaiser. ByR. Hurd. 1917. 

Steinert, A., Jr. Star of Liberty. By F. TuGkerman. Bost., Bost. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Steinmets, T. A. 32iid Division March. Maisfafield, Wis., Melody Mus. Co., 1018. 

MUSIC 257 

Stembler, S. Ah don't want to be no slacker man. By J. McGree. Ms., 1917. 

Grab a hoe, hoe, hoe. By J. McCree. N. Y., McCree, 1917. 

Stenson, S. J. There's a red-fajured girl on Broadway. N. Y., Schirmer, 1918. 
Stephens, B. The man in the Battle Plane. By W. F. Boosey. N. Y., Harms, 1917. 
St^hens, Q. E. Do, do your best for Uncle Sam. Keno^a, Wis., Stephens, 1917. 
Stephens, P. A. Why we are in the war; Meet me in France. Ms., 1918. 
Stephens, W. Have you seen him in France? (Brother o' mine). N. Y., Ohappell, 

Stephenson, C. My soldier brother. £1 Dorado, Kans., Stephenson, 1917. 
Sterling, G. We're going. San Fran.. Sherman, Clay & Co., 1918. 
Stem, J. Someone is longing for home sweet home. N. Y., Douglas, 1918. 

When I come back to you . . . N. Y., Douglas, 1918. 

Sterberger, A. L. Girls of the U. S. A. Mr.. 1917. 

Sterne, E. When the Yankees come marching home. Ms., 1917. 

Stemy, M-. Forward Belgium I N. Y., European Mus. Cor., 1915. 

Stevens, D. Carry on! Canyon! Old Glory. By R. D. Ware. Biichard, 1917. 

PftSB the word along (We'll be there). Bost., Birchard, 1918. 

Stevens, F. W. The songs that the soldiers sing. Spokane, Mus. Pub. Co., 1915. 
Stevens, Q. B. They're off to gain the victory. Seattle. Echo M. P. Co., 1917. 
Stevens, Sgt. V. T. Come baick to home sweet home. Battle Creek, Roat, 1918. 

Stand by Uncle Sam. Battle Creek, Roat, 1918. 

Sttnson, J. M. Liberty. 1918. 

Stirling, H. When the war is over. By S. Barrett. Wash., Marks-Goldsmith, 1915. 
Stirling, B. B. You'd better raise your boy to be a soldier. N. Y., Lewis, 1916. 
Stitt, H. Mc-. The Yankees are coming. 1918. 
Stoddard, N. F. Come on boys. Wash.. Stoddard, 1917. 
Stoltz, E. J. Over the top with your Uncle Sam. San Fran., Grobe, 1918. 
Stoner, W. S. Patriotic song book and songs of the Allies. Ann Arbor, Educators 
Ass'n, 1917. 

Songs of the Allies. Ann Arbor, Educators Ass'n, 1917. 

Storer, H. Stick to Uncle Sam. Ms., 1918. 

Stoirer, B. M. For Democracy and You. By M. A. Storer. St. Louis, Liberty Pub. 

Ck)., 1918. 
Story, P. B. The Allied soldiers' anthem. By A. McC. McHenry. 1917. 

America first. By H. E. Winegar. N. Y., Story, 1917. 

America needs you. By C. Kennedy. N. Y., Story, 1917. 

America's battle cry. N. Y., Story, 1918. 

For home and country and the right. By J. W. O'Brien. N. Y., 1917. 

Get a bond, boys and be happy. By J. W. Spencer. Olneyville, R. I., 

Spencer, 1917. 

My boy. By A. J. Cook. Westerlo. N. Y., Cook, 1917. 

Old U. S. A. By M. B. Long. N. Y., Story, 1918. 

The picture that he held close to his heart. Six Mile Run, Pa., Edwards, 


— Stars and Stripes forever. N. Y., Story, 1918. 

— The Stars and Stripes shall win, prevail. N. Y., Story, 1918. 
Uncle Sam is calling. By H. Keller. N. Y., Story, 1917. 

Stofwe, H. B. When you strike at Old Glory. Kans. City, Stowe, 1917. 

Stowe, L. L. Our good old U. S. A. Stowe, 1917. 

Stzassburg, E. von. If I come back again. 1915. 

Stretch, M. The voice of liberty. By E. Biddle. Camden, Biddle, 1917. 

Strickland, H. A. Let Old Glory wave for the world's cause. By H. R. Rice. 

Ms., 1917. 
Stroud, H. The boys from Tipperar>'. 1918. 

Song of the Sammies. 1917. 

Stmb, Mn. M. I want to be a Sammie. Toledo, Strub, 1918. 

Stolts, B. H. Long wave Old Glory. Pt.-song. Phil., Pressor, 1917. 

Sugdea, J. H. When we're marching down the main street . . . Indianapolis, 

Negley, 1917. 
Sullivan, A. S. Song of peace. Pt. song. By T. Taylor. Bost., White-Smith, 1914. 
SoUivan, C. E. Sherman said "War is Hell." Burlington, Sullivan, 1918. 
SoUivan, Mrs. C. S. Oiur boys in the khaki suits. Anderson, S. C, 1918. 
Snllinui, D. A. America united. Lowell, Sullivan, 1917. 

Sullivan, D. J. The redheaded Irishman. By A. M. Grant, Bost., Grant, 1917. 
SnUivan, G. F. Arrah me Kaiser I'm a-comin . St. Joseph, Sullivan, 1917. 
Sullivan, J. L. It's great to be a soldier. Bost., Strand Pub. Co., 1917. 
Sullivan, S. Just tell Old Glory. Lowell, Anderson, 1918. 

66539—18 17 


SnUivan, T. B. I g^uesB that I'll do my bit. Springfield, Maas., Sullivan, 1913. 
Solly, If. America always! First dc but! ("If you're loyal to Uncle Sam"). Chi., 

Sullivan, 1917. 
Snmner, C. J^. Just put us on your list dear Uncle Sam. Norwood, N. Y., Sumner, 

Snmner, J. S. "Somewhere." By J. 0. Spray. Chi., Sprav & Henry, 1917. 

Somewhere in France. Bv M. Greeg. Chi., Sumner A Maher, 1917. 

Snmner, W. C. It's a long way back to the good old U. S. A. Madison, Rosendahl, 

Snmner and Friedman. Sammy. Chi., Amer. Mus. Pub., 1917. 
Surdam, W. M. The Star Spangled Banner for mine. By A. C. James. Union, 

N. Y., Surdam, 1916. 
Snrette, T. W. Soldiers of the Republic. B^ H. H. Harbour. 1918. 
Sntton, T. E. May the angels guard our soldier boys to-night. Ms., 1918. 
Swan, F. C. There's no friends like the friends from way oack home. Boot., Swan, 

Swan, N. B. We'll be with you Uncle Sam. By E. F. Swan. Kankakee, 111., 

Swan, 1917. 
Swarts, H. M. 'Way back home. By I. T. Tribit. Los Angeles, Hatch, 1917. 
Sweatmon, T. B. The boys of U. S. A. By E. P. Atkins and J. E. Palmer. 1917. 
Sweely, C. Liberty that shall not pass away. WilUamsport, Pa., Leechetizky Mus. 

Sch., 1918. 
Sweet, A. There's a picture in my old kit bag. Chi., Browne, 1918. 
Swtft, B. D. The Yankee tin-soldier. By D. Amsden. Ms., 1917. 
Swingle, C. M. Men! Men! and more men. 1917. 
Symons, P. Oh Triune Grod, oh Triune Flag. By J. C. Jones. Brooklyn, Franklin 

Pr., 1917. 
Taft, F. 'Our country. Montclair, 1917. 
Takersley, W. I'm Uncle Sammy's soldier. Frankfort, Ind., Tankersley M. P. Co., 

Tanner, N. S. For you and Uncle Sam. Ms., 1918. 
Tantom, H. Uncle Sam thy boys are true. Ms., 1918. 

When Sambo goes over the top. Ms., 1918. 

Tate, Q. Land of my birth. Ms., 1918. 

Tavema, B. I'd gladly be a wounded soldier. . . N. Y., Jetter, 1918. 

Taylor, O. H. Mr. Yankee Doodle are we prepared. Barry, Malmgren & Taylor, 

Taylor, I. D. Humanity. 1917. 
Taylor, J. I. America, beloved land. Pt.-song. Pittsburgh, Taylor, 1917. 

Kaiser Bill. Pittsburgh, Taylor, 1918. 

Taylor, P. S. America's call. By E. F. Larkins. E. Liverpool, O., Larkina-Taylor, 

Taylor, B. Camping on his trail. By O. Taylor. Cin., Willis, 1918. 
Taylor, T. He sleeps beneath the soil of France. N. Y., Taylor, 1917. 
Teeling, F. B. Every star in our flag tells a story. N. Y., Harding, 1918. 

We'll pay our debt to Lafayette. N. Y., Harding, 1918. 

Temple, E. H. We are Sammies of the U. S. A. 1918. 
Templeton, F. Farewell to fighting Sanuny. Toledo, Author, 1918. 

When we go over the top. Toledo, Author, 1918. 

Tennant, O. C. That's a mother's reward from her son. Bait., Key M. P. Co., 1917. 

When the sun goes down in France. Bait., Key M. P. Co., fel7. 

Tenney L. Come back to Belgium and me. 1915. 

Terranova, S. The volunteers, Pt.-song. Eveleth, Minn., Terranova, 1917. 
Terry, B. H. America's prayer. By L. G. A. Woolfall. Yonkers, Terry, 1917. 

Columbia's Oriflamme. By E. Vangerow. Yonkers, Terry, 1917. 

Terryberry, A. P. When our boys come marching. Grand Rapids, Tetrybeiry, 1916. 
Thaoker, J. The man of mystery. By F. Thacker. Ottawa, 111., 1917. 

Thaler, B. America, my home, oless'd home. Pt.-song. By H. D. Shaiffer. Ms., 

Tharp, G. andU. B. Over the top for U. S. A. ''with the best of luck." Chi., Thaipa, 

Thayer, F. Who's who? U.S. Not you. Mankato, Kans., Composer, 1918. 
Thayer, W. A. The glory of war. Pt.-song. By F. D. Burnet. N. Y., Scbirmer, 

Theimer, E. M. B. America for evermore. Owatonna, Minn., 1917. 
Thiele, S. B. Man the guns, boys. Ms., 1918. 
Thomas, C. Berlin or bust. By W. Addison. Chi., Addison & Thomas, 1917. 

MT78JO 259 

nomM, C. J. We have to pull the Kaiser off the throne. Mb., 1918. 

Thomas, Q. W. Registration day in U. S. A. N. O., Thomas, 1917. 

TAomas, J. B. Sammie on the sea. St. Louis^ 1917. 

Thomas, J. B. The U. 8. of the world. By K. O. McCoy. Kenton, O., U. S. Mus. 

Co., 1917. 
Thomas, L. All we can say is God bless you, America is proud of you. N. Y., 

Triangle M. P. Co., 1917. 

ey're on their way to ksAi the Kaiser. N. Y., Thomas & O'Connell, 1918. 
Thomas, 8. L. Buy me a Liberty Bond. Ms., 1918. 

Thomas, W. Take care of my sweetheart while 1 am away. Phil., Thomas, 1917. 
Thompson, A. L. Stand by the colors. Phil., Thompson, 1918. 
Thompson, C. P. The Sammies of the U. S. A. Jewett, O., Composer, 1917. 
Thompson, J>. We're the sons of Uncle Sam. By H. 6. Fallas. Los Angeles, 

Balienger, 1917. 
Thompson, X. H. Our Red Cross patriots. By W. R. Thompson. Byesville, O., 

Thompson, 1917. 
Thompson, O. V. Three cheers for the army & navy. N. Y., Evening Mail, 1917. 

When your boy comes back to you. N. Y., Evening MaU, 1917. 

Thompson, Q. V. ana David W. When we wind up the watch on the Rhine. N. Y., 

Thompson, 1917. 
Thompson, J. X. Pictures when the war is over. Grastonville, Pa., Composer, 1916. 
Thompson, L. The battle cry of U. S. A. New Britain, Clark, 1917. 
Thompson, L. I. America calls. Portland, Ore., Thompson, 1918. 
Thompson, B. Good-bye my little girl. N. Y., Thompson, 1918. 

Off to the front. By T. Lilley. Cleveland, Assoc. Mus. Pub., 1918. 

When duty calls. Cleveland, Lilley, 1918. 

Thomson, V. Flag o' the world. By W. H. Smith. Kans. City, Kans. City Song 

Co., 1917. 
Thornton, M. C. Will you say to my dear Mammy. New Alb., Ind., Thornton, 

Threlkeld, E. Buy a Bond. Charleston, 111., Erie & Leo, 1918. 

Foiget-me-not. Ms. 1918. 

Tlce, B. M. The cross that stands for helping hands. Sioux City, la., Tice M. P. 
Co., 1917. 

They are tenting to-night in far off France. Sioux City, la., Tice M. P. Co., 


Tidestrom, I. A voice from the aerie. Wash., Tidestrom, 1917. 
Tieiney H. Fleur-de Lis. By S. Murphy. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

Crod save us all. By A. Bryan. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

It's time for every boy to be a soldier. By A. Bryan. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

Jerry mon cheri. By 8. Murphy. N. Y., Remick. 

My little service flag has seven stars. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

What next. Mus. C/om. excpts. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

Tinnette, T. Come on! Come on I they're calling you and me. Detroit, Jones, 1918. 

Working for the Government now. Detroit, Tinnette, 1918. 

Tobin, W. J. Freedom's battle hymn. 1918. 

Tompkins, Q. Where? There! Somewhere in France. By J. V. Blanchet. Ms., 

ToneUo, J. The spirit of 1917. A sketch. 1918. 
Tonks, X. O beautiful country. Wash., Price, 1916. 

Toaimer, P. O. In the land where the cannons roar. Dyersville, la., Tonner, 1914. 
Toolan, M. Uncle Sam will win. M«(., 191S. 

Toothaker, X. O. Soldier lad, my soldier lad. Park, Kans., Toothaker, 1917. 
Topping, J. F. I want you — you — you and you ... Ms., 1918. 
Tozrey, B. He fell in France. Best., Torrey, 1918. 

Tonrjee, H. Uncle Sam's roundup. By W. D. (3oburn. Los Angeles, Balienger, 1918. 
To«n, F. X. In Flanders' fields. By J. McCrac. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 
Toaster, Ben. Dough boy. M?., 1918. 
Tower, J. B. May God bless you and the Red, White and Blue. Portland, Tower, 

. Stand up and fight for Uncle Sammy and the dear old U. S. A. Portland, 

Tower 1917. 
Towner/D. B.* America, aU hail! Pt.-aong. By C. B. Uilton. 1917. 
Townsend, N. Belgium forever. By Y. Townsend. N. Y., Schinner, 1914. 
Toy, B. Hip! hip! hooray (We are marching away). Brooklyn, Wat^n, 1917. 
Tiaoy, Q. L. The boy that went. By K. P. Crownuwhield. Bo3t., Thompson, 1917. 

I had a little dog. By R. D. Ware. Bost., Birchard, 1917. 


Tracy, Q. L. Sons of America arise in your might. By I. Nicholson. Lowell, 
Nicholson, 1917. 

Three cheers for the Red Cross. By M. La Tremoilie-Wells. Boat., La 

TremoiUe-Wells, 1917. 

Tracy, Mrs. M. E. I am the woman. By M. £. Tracy. 1917. 

Trainer, W. J. The khaki and the blue. Perth Amboy, N. J., Trainer, 1917. 

Tremblay, O. F. My country is calling me. Ms. 1918. 

Tremper, B. S. Come thru'. Seattle, Craig Mus. Pr., 1917. 

Trench, B. B. Peace on earth good will to men. By L. G. Reynolds. Chi., Trench, 

Trent, T. C. The boys of Uncle Sam. Springfield, HI., Trent, 1917. 
Tresidder, T. W. Marching through Germany. Seattle, Treddder, 1917. 
Trtz, H. Don't weaken ana stick till the boys come home. Chic., Roadter, 1918. 
Troth, D. A bugle call to peace. By Halbert McNenny. N. Y., Haviland, 1916. 
Troy, H. The sons of Uncle Sam have always brought the bacon home. N. Y., 

Stem, 1917. 
Tme, D. O. Your flag and my flag. Melody only. 1918. 
Tmmble, M. Uncle Sam needs you. By W. J. McDonald. Santa Cruz, Cal., 

McDonald, 1917. 
Tachalkovski, P. I. On, O thou soul. Chorus. By F. Manley. Air: ^'Marche 

Slav." Bost., Birchard, 1918. 
Tucker, F. When Yankee Doodle, Doodle, lands in France. Ghilesbuig, 111., Tuck M. 

P. Co., 1918. 
Tollar, a. C. The angel of No Man's Land. ByH.M. Ban*. N. Y.,Tullar.Meredith, 

Turner, L. A. The new code of honor our world's fighting for, . . . Nutley, N. 

J., 1917. 
Turner, 8. M. All hail to the flag. By J. H. nosterman. Cambridge, Hostetman, 

Tnrpin, T. When Sambo goes to France. Ms. 1918. 
Tnssenbroek, H. The greatest Mother in the World. 1918. 
Tusstng, H. Here we come! ye sons of France! By D. Vroman. N. Tonawanda, 

N. Y., Vroman, 1917. 
Tasstng, J. W. The submarine. By J. W. Williams. Buffalo, Niagara M. P. Co., 


When Uncle Sam maken the German band play Yankee Doodle. Bufibilo, 

Niagara M. P. Co., 1917. 

Tutae, a. A. Freedom's war. 1918. 

Tnxworih, A. J. Good night Kaiser. 1917. 

Twyman, G. J. God save our men. Ms. 1918. 

I'm happy for I'm coming back I know. Ms., 1918. 

Tynan, J. Farewell my sunbeam. N. Y., Tynan, 1917. 

Ulllan, C. Sailor boy. By Henth and Gillette. Bost., Hersh, 1917. 

Ullrich, J. J. Come along Uncle Sam needs you all. By H. J. F. Ratzel. Brooklyn, 
U. R. K. Pub. Co., 1917. 

trilrich, B. A. For our soldier boys. Prov., R. I., Author, 1917. 

Ulp, O. B. Right on to France. Renovo, Pa., Pa. Mus. Co., 1918. 

Ultes, W. On to Germany — Onward to Berlin. Ms., 1918. 

Undexdue, J, H. On to victory we go. Phil., Underdue, 1917. 

Upson, O. S. Get him, "Me und Gott." Waterburv, Truson, 1918. 

Vaaler, L. Will you stand behind the man behina the gun. Princeton, Minn., 
Gamson, 1917. 

Valentine, A. The Red (^ross girl. By H. A. Langslow. Rochester, Flower City 
M. P. Co., 1915. 

Valentine, A. M. The border boys. By £. A. Sneed, 1917. 

Van, H. Good-bye dear old U. S. A. By H. Clayton. Ms., 1918. 

Van lb Schenok. Don't try to steal the sweetheart of a soldier. By A. Bryan. De- 
troit, Remick, 1917. 

Van Alstyne, E. I can't get along without you. N. Y., Remick, 1918. . 

Kaiser Bill. By R. Egan. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

Put your hands in your pockets and give, give, nve. N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

So long, mother. By R. Egan & G. Kahn. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

What are you going to do to help the boys? N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

Van Arsdell, D. Q. Fighting for the U. S. A. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 

Van DerUnd, W. Don't wait to volunteer. By A. E. Vogel. [Melody]. 1917. 
Vandersloot, C. D. General Pershing. Williamsport, Pa., Vandeisloot M. P. Co., 

Muaio 261 

Yin Dontan, A. W. Our country's dream. 1917. 

Yin Dyke, H. B. Give three cheers for our heroes in France. Ms., 1918. 

Just for you I'll be true. Portland, Van Dyke, 1918. 

Yan Dyke, J. X. America for me. By H. Van Dyke. Lebanon, O., March, 1917. 
Yan OiUmoie, Bd. Mrs. Hoover entertains. Play. By Em. Van Gillmore. Words 
only. Mb., 1918. 

Mrs. Jjeftover and the Garbage Man. By Em. Van Gillmore. Ms., 1918. 

Stirring times. By Em. Van Gillmore. Ms., 1918. 

Yan Hoppea, H. L. She'^s an angel of the battlefield. Newark, Petrulle, 1918. 

Yan Nomtn, B. ''Our Sammies in France." By 0. Van Norman. Ms., 1917. 

Yan Note, X. Beyond the top. 1918. 

Yan Bees, C. B. Hooverize. N. Y., Van Reese Press, 1918. 

Yan Sldkle, B. For the grand old flag and you. Akron, Success Mus. Ck)., 1918. 

He's your boy and my boy, daddy. By E. Thornton. Hood River, Ore., 

Thomtcm, 1917. 

The peace cry of the U. S. A. Coffey ville, Kan., Larson, 1916. 

Yan Stavoren, J. O. Everybody loves a soldier boy. Ms., 1918. 
Van Yalkenbnxg, C. We're there. N. Y., Van Valkenburg, 1917. 
Yan Ycghten, J. H. Over the top boys, come along. Ms., 1918. 
YanWoert, B. Hymn. Thy prayer sublime. 1917. 

Yanstmm, O. B. Sanuny's song. Blue-print, 1917. 

Yeosey, A. Pro patria. By O. Yorke. N. Y., Schirmer, 1917. 

Yemick, X. My rich Uncle Sam. Boet., Vemick, 1918. 

Yemor, F. D. See America first. By R. E. Vernor. Albion, Mich., Vemor, 1915. 

Yessella, Create. We are comin', Tommy Atkins. By C. G. Gazzam. 1917. 

Yenve, Q. de. Don't bdl to write to mother. St. Helena, Cal., Galewsky's, 1917. 

Hark to the call of freedomi St. Helena, Cal., 1917. 

Yieh, Q. C. I have a rendezvous with death. By Alan Seegar. Bost., Bost. Mus. 

Co., 1918. 
Yilas, F. Yan Y. Columbia's bugle. Chi., Summy, 1917. 
YlUar, B. The boys of the National Army. Ms., 1918. 

Somewhere over there. N. Y., Villar, 1917. 

Ylnoent, N. Down the trail of the old dirt road. By R. Howard. N. Y., Shapiro, 

Hike! Hike! Hike! N. Y., Shapiro, 1918. 

We're bound to win with boys like you. 1918. 

Yito, Ldi. 'A registrazione America owero Lu cafone e 'a guerra. [Melody]. N. Y., 
MfttAi^o a, 1917 

Yi?lan. F. G. We're coming Fritz! King City, Cal., Rustler Pub. CI., 1918. 

Yofft and Seeley. ''Will you meet me to-night beneath Old Glory." By A. Seeley. 

Yon Hoffman, F. I'm ^lad I live in the U. S. A. Chi., Book & Mus. Co., 1915. 
Yon Tilzer, A. Au re voir , but not good-bye (soldier boy) . N . Y . , Bdway . Mus. Corp . , 


1 may be gone for a long^ long time. By L. Brown. N. Y., Bdway. Mus. 

Corp., 1917. 

I may stay away a little longer. By L. Brown. N. Y., Bdway. Mus. Corp., 


Since Johnny got his gun. By Brown and MacBoyle. N. Y., Bdway. Mus. 


— We're with you Tommy Atkins. By D. MacBoyle. Ms., 1917. 

— What kind of an American are you N. Y., Bdway. Mus. Corp., 1917. 
When the sun goee down in Flanders. Ms., 1918. 

Yon TUaer, H. Batter up, Uncle Sam is at the plate, by H. Tighe. N. Y., Von 
Tilzer, 1918. 

Bring back^ . . . the Kaiser to me. By A. Rowland and E. Moran. N. Y., 

Von Tilzer, 1917. 

Buy a liberty bond for the baby. By E. Moran. N. Y., Von Tilzer, 1917. 

The dove of peace. By V. Bryant. N. Y., Von Tilzer, «1914. 

It' a long, long way to the U. S. A. ... By V. Trainor. N. Y., Von Tilzer, 


— Keep the trench fires going for the boys out there. N. Y., Von Tilzer, 1918. 

— The little Good for Nothing's good for something after all. N. Y., Von Tilzer, 


The makin's of the U. S. A. ... N. Y., Von Tilzer, 1918. 

The man loehind the hammer and the plow. N. Y., Von Tilzer, 1917. 

Wade, F. A. Going to see the Kaiser in Berlin. Gonzales, Tex., McDaniel, 1918. 
The Kaiaer's crazy, Gonzales, Tex., McDaniel, 1918. 


Waggoner, A. B. **We will stand by our President.'* Ma., 1917. 
Wakefield, W. C. America can count on me. 1916. 
Wafdron, F. D. The Kaiser's got the blues . . . Tacoina. Waldron, 1918. 
WaUcer, B. Fall in boys. Indianapoltfiy Beardaley-Wooas, 1917. 

Long boy. By Wm. Herschell. Indianapous, Beardslev- Woods, 1917. 

When Uncle Sam says forward. By 0. E. Broyles. Bridgeport, Ind., Broyles, 


Walker, B. L. The service flag. Ms., 1918. 

Walker, J. H. Democracy and Liberty. Ms., 1917. 

Walker, N. B. The Stars and Stripes are yours as well as mine. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 

Walker, B. Knit, knit, knit, sister Sue. N. Y., Bdway. Mus Cor., 1915. 
Walker and Cassard. When the boys come home. Ms., 1918. 
Wall, H. The loss of Lusitania. By W. Biby. New Bedford, Wall, 1915. 
Wallace, B. McM. Over here. M^., 1918. 

Wallace, O. W. We're fighting for Uberty. Williamsport, Pa., Compoaer, 1918. 
Wallace, M. W. The call of the cross. Columbiana, Ala., Wallace, 1918. 
Walsh, H. O. The Red Cross nurse. Milwaukee, Walsh, 1917. 
Walsh, K. H. My country first then vou. Scranton, Wal^, 1917. 
Walsh, L. J. Cock-a-doodle-do. 1918' 

Walsh, Mrs. B. B. Peace uivocation. Terre Haute, W^alsh, 1915. 
Walterstein, F. We're coming back to California. San Frau., Daniels, 1918. 
Waltner, N. C. Uncle Sam is calling you. Kans. City, Waltner, 1917. 
Walton, W. L. Be-ware, Kaiser Bill, l>e-ware. Ms. photo., 1918. 
Walz, J. Hello '76 Yankee Doodle and Dixie Dix. Bv J. V. Ryan. Rockiord, 

Ryan, 1917. 

Mothers of France. By D. J. PMedmann. Chi., Friedmann, 1917. 

Some^ere in America. Chi., Westman, 1918. 

Wambsganss, J. Soldier, Rest! thy warfare o'er. Long Is. Citv, Wambsganss, 1917 
Wanderaee, C. F. The bovs in blue of yesterday. By L. M. ICulp <k C. C. Harter. 

Photo., 1917. 
Wangenheim, A. The opposite end of the world. Masque Various composers. 1918 
Wannemacher, B. L. Prayer for America. Ms., 1917. 
War-time hymns. N. Y., Revell, 1918. 
Ward, A. I'll say, you'll say *' Uncle." Ms., 1918. 
Ward, B. C. ''Thank God, I am an American." ColumbuH, Ward, '1917. 
Wardlow, A. C. Our guardians on the sea. St. Helena, Cal., Wardlow, 1917* 
Warner, G. To the girl in the U. S. A. By C. A. Wood. Ms., 1917. 
Warner, Q. H. I march for liberty. Boet., TremontM. P. Co., 1918. 
Wanen, C. My country needs me. By A. Kadora. Kans. City, £UHokd Mus. 

Co., 1917. 
Warren, S. Our brothers fighting for the V. S. A. N. Y., Warren, 1918. 
Warren, W. Marching through Berlin. N. Y., Witmark, 1918. 
Washburn, H. C. There is only one flag for me. Clarkson, N. Y., Washburn, 1917. 
Washbnm, J. S. The refu^ psalm. Vuc. score. Phil., Pcnn Mus. Co., 1915. 
Wasserman, H. Columbia s battle call. By J. R. Baunett. 1!U8. 
Waterhouse, J. B. Now we're marching. Chi., Watcrhouse, 1917, 
Waterman, CM. The starry banner of the U. P. A. Ms., 1917. 
Waters, B. Be neutral. Bv W. V. Knowles. Wash., Marks^oldsmith, 1915. 
Watson, B. B. Lend a hand to Uncle Sam. Boat., Thomnson, 1917. 
Watson, F. When the war is over I'll return to you. N. Y., Meyer Cohen, 1918. 
Watson, G. "Fight for oiu- Uncle Sam." St. Louis, Stark, 1917. 

"When the roll is called in France you'll find me there." Ms., 1918. 

Watson, H. L. Khaki Bill. Oskaloosa, 1^., Barnhouse, 1917. 

Walters, F. How I love a soldier boy. 1917. 

Wattis, D. jr. Songs of the Allies. Phil., Wattis, 1917. 

Watts, W. Come across. By M. P. Mills. 1917. 

Wangh, J. B. The Boys in Tan, the Boys in Blue are coming. Arr. by E. Rollman. 
Ms., 1918. 

Way, F. B. On to Berlin. Ms., 1917. 

We light for universal freedom! Tune: Battle cry of Freedom. Pt.-song. Mil- 
waukee, Biersach, 1918. 

Weasner, H. C. Let the lovelight be always shining. Buffalo, Weasner, 1918. 

Will you be one of the soldier boys. Buffalo, Weasner, 1916. 

Weathers, M. I want to be a soldier like my Dad in Sixty One. Ms., 1918. 
Weaver, T. B. Our starry banner. By E. F. Guptill. Dayton, Paine, 1917. 
The soldier brave and the Red Cross nuiid. Dayton, Paine, 1917. 

MUSIC 263 

Weaver, Kn. W. T. Son* of the U. S. A. Bis., 1917. 

Webb, B. H. Take of! your hat to the stars and stripes. Mt. Carmel, 111. , Webb , 1917. 

Webb, W. Far across the Atlantic. By J. Newton. Phil., Newton, 1918. 

Tramp, tramp, tramp. By E. Schlurafif. Phil., Schluraff, 1918. 

Weber, C. Send me away with a smile. 1918. 

Weber, C. H. T«a. Flag of the day. By H. W. Strvker, 1917. 1918. 
Webster, D. America. By Rev. S. F. Smith. (Quartet, mixed v.) Davenport, 
Webeter, 1917. 

The men of the draft army. By R. B. H. Macrorie. Davenport, Webster, 1917. 

Webster, L«^ M. A soldier's vision. Ms., 1917. 

WedcetatlL, L. C. Freedom forever! By F. Smith. 1918. 

Over the top with Old Glory. Ms., 1918. 

Weeks, A. C. Dear land of Freedom. 1917. 

Weems, W. I like ajoke: but this is serious. Ms., 1918. 

Weidemanii, A. L. Three cheers for Uncle Sam. Sacramento, Bullock, 1918. 

Welfuid, L. D. After the war is over. Huron, O., Weigand, 1917. 

Well, W. G. We stand by our President. By E. E. Proper. Ms,, 1917. 

WelUs, C. B. Grood bye Blue Eyes. By L. Kaufman. iMs., 1918. 

We'll jet there. By L. Kauffman. Ms., 1917. 

Welner, H. X. We're all in it (In it to win it for all). 1918. 
Welnstock, I. H. Hoolla La. Gin., Automatic Pub. Co., 1917. 
Wels, E. H. P. America's boys. Bv F. Huber. Phil., Hatch, 1917. 

Weiss. O. I'm proud to be a son of Uncle Sam. Poughkeepsie, Levine, 1917. 

Somewhere, someone is waiting. Poughkeepsie, Levine, 1917. 

Weiss, J. Uncle Sammy needs you all. By S. Finkelstein. PhiL, Patr. Pub. Co., 

Wellenbaoh, B. Patriotic hearte. By J. Martin. Ms., 1917. 
Wellington, G. The horror of war. By £. L. Hunt. Wash.. Marks-Goldsmith, 1915. 
Wells, B. You stole my heart, America. Phil., Wells & Slote, 1917. 
Wells, B. F. Good-bye, France, Hellol Broadway. 1918. 
Wells, J. Joan of Arc (They are calling you). N. Y., Waterson, 1917. 
Wendler, B. B. Over the top. Red Wing, Minn. Red Wing. Mus. Shop, 1918. 
Wendling, P., k J. WcUs. Over the top. By A. Bryan. N. Y.. Waterson, 1917. 
Wenlg, O. K. Uncle Sam we love you. Chi., Nat. Mus. Co., 1917. 
Wenner, P. J. Over the siea. By W. Struthers. Phil.. Struthers, 1917. 
Wenrich, P. A rainbow from the U. S. A. Ms. 1918. 

Mothers must pjfay for all. By J. Mahoney. N. Y.. Feist, 1915. 

Wentworfb, L. Over in hero-land. N. Y., Meyer Cohen, 1918. 

Werner, F. American national war songs and home songs of Old Glory. 1917. 

West, B. War march of our soldier boys. BsOi Fran., Daniels & Wilson, 1918. 

West, F. Beyond the river Rhine. By M. Sweeney. Minneapolis, Sweeney, 1917. 

West, O. A. A. Hymn in time of war. Pt.-song. 1918. 

West, P. I'm coming back to the U. S. A. and you. Ms. 1918. 

West, T. H. When toe Sammies cross the Rhine. Eans. City, West. 1918. 

Westervelt, C. A. Bid me good-bye, Dear. Ms., 1918. 

Westmsn, A. A. What is your opinion Kaiser Bill? Chi., Westman, 1918. 

Weston, B. C. The great rally song. Y. M. C. A. Chi., Eaad, 1918. 

Weston, O. B. Over nere. Brooklyn, Weston, 1917. 

Uncle Sam's awake. Brooklyn, Weston, 1917. 

Victory. Brooklyn, Weston, 1918. 

Weston, H. I'm goine to leave you sweetheart. ... N. O., Grunewald, 1917. 

United States of America. By H. Weston. N. 0., Grunewald, 1917. 

Weston. W. The Allies garden ball. Ms., 1918. 

We're going to take tlie sword away from William. N. Y., Kalmar, 1917. 

Weyranch, H. H. Freedom's call. ''Compliments of Brooklyn Daily Eagle." 1917. 
WlMlen, H. Let's be neutral like the U. S. A. By W. Russell. East Lynne, Bird 

Whealton, J. W. There's a cross in the window. Ms. photo. 1918. 
Wheafley, C. H. From Berlin to Donegal. Hillyard, Wash., Wheatley, 1918. 
Wheeler, O. B. Long live our America. By D. E. Wheeler & E. P. Stretch. N. 

Y., Wheeler. 1917. 
Wheeler, H. O. If 1 only had the Kaiser now. Ms., 1918. 
When Uncle Sam's soldiers go over the top. (Air — Bonnie Dundee), Chi., Aimen^ 

White, C. A. The flag without a stain. Bost., White-Smith, 1918. 
White, J. Good-bye my chocolate soldier boy. Chi., Graham, 1918. 

If they want to fight, all right. By J. Frost. Chi., McKinley, 1915. 

White, O. K. Stop the war N. Y., \\Tiite, 1916. 


WMte, B. Don't forget the girl you left behind. By H. King. Troy, N. Y., 

Koninsky, 1917. 
White, B. J., lb J. Boscoe. I hear them playing Dixie in the trenches. By J. Roecoe. 

Ma., 1917. 
White. T. J. The starry flag of Liberty. 1917. 

The White flag. By N. E. Wood. Portland, World Peace Abboc., 1916. 
WhitehaU, P. M. We come. Brooklyn, Whitehall, 1918. 

Whitely, M. J. For the Red, White and Blue dears, and you. N. Y., Whitely, 1917. 
Whiting, B. A. The bravest heart of all. By R. Egan. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

Dress up your dollars in Khaki. ... N. Y., Remick, 1918. 

Throw me a kiss from over the sea. N. Y., Remick, 1917. 

Whitney, H. B. K. Stand back of ''Old Glory." ByM. S. Grupp. Spokane, Whit- 
ney, 1917. 
Whitney, M. E. For you and me. Boet., Thompson, 1917. 

Pershing invited me. Sioux City, Whitney, 1918. 

Whittlesey, McD. We love our flag. Chi., McDonald, 1917. 
Wickham, F. Everlasting peace. Ms., 1917. 

Wiest, Q. D. In this last great war. By H. Mevers. Bait., Md. Mus. Pub. Co., 

Wigmore, Ma). J, H. We'll see them through. 1917. 
Wildman, F. C. Get up get out and go. N. Y., Waterson, 1918. 
Wilgns, W. H. World peace. Pt.-song. 1918. 
Wilkinson, C. S. Khald boy. Wilkinson, 1917. 
Willard, H. L. Somewhere. N. Y., Church, Paxson & ( o., 1918. 
Williams, A. A. Boy vou want to be a soldier. Cleveland, Williams, 1917. 
Williams, A., k A. Jahnke. U. S. patriots. By M. Cramer. C hi., Al-A-MO Mus. 

Pub. Co., 1917. 
Williams, A. C. Be siu^ to get the Kaiser too! Montgomery, Pried, 1918. 
Williams, B. The man behind the flaj?. Stockton, Cal., Williams, 1917. 

My country needs me. Mother. Stockton, (^al., Williams, 1917. 

Williams, D. S. Guide right forward march. Charleston, Williams, 1918. 

Ocean waves, bring back my boy. Charleston, Williams, 1918. 

Williams, S. Get out on the firing line. Ms., 1918. 

Williams, F. Keep the same old love in your heart for me. X. Y., Williams, 1917. 

It won't be long till the boys come marching home. N. Y., Krey, 1918. 

Williams, H. Our boys. Pittsbiirgh, Williams, 1917. 

Williams, K. America's answer. By T. J. Mona^n. Milwaukee, Monagan, 1917. 
Williams, J. L. Good-Bye Sweetheart I must leave vou. Bevier, Mo., Williams, 

Hold the line for we are coming. Bevier, Mo., Williams, 1918. 

The Mothers of Men or the Mother Prayer. Bevier, Mo., Williams, 1918. 

My Boy. Arr. by M. Van Fleet. Ms., 1918. 

Williams, Mrs. L. S. I want you. N. Y., Williams & Simpson, 1917. 
Williams, M. S. Prepare. By M. M. Harrison. Wash., Armstrong, 1916. 
Williams, M. V. E. A soldier boy. St. Louis, Kunkel, 1917. 

We are a unit for dear Old Glory. 1918. 

Williams, O. On the road to victory. By F. F. Fleischer. N. Y., K. B. H. Co.. 

Williams, B. 'Neath the flaa; of the U. S. A. Cin., Willis, 1917. 
WUliams, S. A. Carry on. Ms., 1918. 
WiUiams, S. W. The stars in field of blue. Ms., 1918. 
Williams, T. Can the Kaiser. Phil., Williams, 1917. 

Ring out Ye bell of Liberty. Pliil., Songwriterd Bur., 1918. 

Williams, W. B. America to-day. By H. Moore. Chi., Rossiter, 1917. 

Though duty calls it's hard to say good bye. Chi., Rossiter, 1917. 

We don't know where we're going but we're on our way. Chi., Rossiter, 1917. 

We stand for peace while others ^^ar. Chi., Rossiter, 1914. 

Williamson, L. V. Don't be the last to go. Seattle, Echo M. P. Co., 1917. 
Willmarth, W. Q. Our "Yankee Doodle" way. Photo., 1918. 

WiUs, B. To the boys in camp. By E. W. Hill. N. Y., Fairchild, 1917. 

Uncle Sam. By E. Lawson. N. Y., Fairchild, 1917. 

Wills, W, B. Old Cornwall. Brooklyn, Wills, 1916. 
WUson, C. **Let's go." Ms., 1917. 

Wilson, D. H. That's why I raised my boy to be a soldier. Portland, Wilson, 1916. 
WUson, B. D. Hata o£f to Uncle Sam. Phil., Hall-Mack, 1918. 
WUson, Col. F. Let the band begin to plav. X. Y., Wilson, 1918. 

MUSIC 265 

Wilson, F. E. Qo teach the KaiMr how to eiog the Maneillsise . . . Columbus, 

Buckeye M. P. Co., 1918. 
Wilson, Q. The boys from our home town. Ironton, Wilson, 1918. 
Wilson, O. A. Boy Scouts rooster march. San Fran., Motintine Mus. Co., 1918. 
Wilson, a. H. Hurrv U. S. A. Waco, WcL^t. Pub. Co., 1918. 
Wilson, I. B. Your flag and mine. Dayton, Lorenz Pub. Co., 1918. 
Wilson, L. J. Bow down to Uncle Sam. Seattle, Echo M. P. Co., 1917. 
Wilson, W. When you c<Mne home again. N. Y., Haviland, 1917. 
Wilson, Capt. W. J. The star-spangled banner No. 2. San Saba, Tex., Wilson, 1917. 
Wilson W. B. Peace univeraal. Detroit, Wolverine M. P. Co., 1917. 

What fight for you? Freedom and liberty. By Rev. W. E. Brown. Detroit, 

Wolverine M. P. Co.. 1917. 

Wilson, W. S. Boy o'Mine, Good Night. By G. Burr. San Fran., Daniels, 1918. 

Wilton, D. T. In my dream of the if. S. A. Bost., Thayer, 1918. 

Wing, Helen. Over the Top. By M. Merrvman. 1918. 

Winge, C. B. My Red Cross sweetheart. Ms., 1917. 

Winlnger, J. A soldier's love song. Ms., 1918. 

Winkler, B. ^Vhen Uncle Joe steps into France. N. Y., Morris, 1918. 

Wtnne, J. I wonder who's knitting for me. By R. Leveen. N. Y., Winlee, 1917. 

Wise, B. Through Germany we will go. By G. Bilbo. Creeton, la.. Bilbo, 1917. 

Wiseman, B. K. Uncle Sam, here I am. By B. S. Tiffany. Seattle, Echo M. P. 

Co., 1917. 
Wissler, J. L. Rally. Ms., 1917. 
Wister, I. ''(irood bye, honey boy, good bve!" Amador City, Cal., Wister Studio, 

Witol, W. Bring us the Peace we Love. Ms., 1918. 
Witsman, J. K. The flag our Bettty made. Bv N. H. Arnold. Ms., 1917. 
Wizom, 2. C. Onward bovs '*Over the Top." Buffalo. Denton, 1918. 
WodeU, F. W. "Our bov's" or For Liberty we're fighting. By E. M. Hurll. Bost., 

People's Mus. Co., 1917. 
W(^, G. B. Our boyn. Indianapolis, Wolf, 1917. 
Wolfe, B. W. We're sma'^hing through their strongest lines. By H. Bochler. Ms., 

Wolfe, H. Sure^ we are some big America. Harrisburg, 1917. 
WoUr, J. Go to It, America. San Fran., Intemat. Pub. Co., 1918. 
Wolff, W. We need vou, God speed you, Sam. Ms., 1918. 
Woller, J. W. It's a long, long way to Germany . . . 1917. 

Where are the heroes of to-dav? Phil., Banner M. P. Co., 1916. 

Woilow, O. Woodrow Wihon and tne Red, White and Blue. Sacramento, Hansford- 

Wollow, 1917. 
Wood, C. Old Glory. By V. Roberts. Chi., Roberts, 1917. 
Wood, Mrs, D. H. Uncle Sam will be right there. By O. M. Jenne. Santa Cms, 

Cal., Jenne, 1917. 
Wood, H. 7. Your flag and my flag. By W. D. Nesbit. Sheldon, la.. Wood, 1917. 
Wood, J. D. Mv country's flag. Missoula, Wood, 1917. 
Wood, W. M. Be prepared, our nation's emblem. Norristown, Wood, 1916. 
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Creery, 1917. 
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O native land. Pt.-song. Cin.,, Willis, 1918. 

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Co., 1917. 

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Zoeller 1917. 
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Chula Vista. Cal., Parriah, 1917. 

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Stars and Stripes we love you. Dayton, Paine, 1917. 

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-: — \VTien we go over the top. Newport, Wright, 1917. 
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Unfurl the flag. By M. M. PaAer. Chi., Parker-Wright, 1917. 

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The New Jersey song. By Rev. H.J. Zelley, D. D. Woodbury, N. J., Zelley 

A Wuest, 1917. 

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Are we prepared. By G. E. McKinney. Fairchild Mus. Co., 1917. 

On the battlefield the soldier lay aeleeping. N. Y,, Fairchild, 1918. 

We have heard our country's call. By G. E. Kales. N. Y., Fairchild, 1917. 

A\Tien the war is o'er Marjorie. By E. McCarthy. Fairchild Mua. Co., 1917. 

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A Yankee came to town . . . San Antonio, Sjin Ant. Song Co., 1917. 

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Yatter, S. Our flag we love so well. Ms., 1917. 

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Yoder, X. M. When the liut gun shot la fired, I'll come, sweetheart. Ma.^ 1918. 

Yoder, J. W. For Old Glory and Liberty. 1917. 

York» H. B. American soldiers in Flunce. By E. Clinton. (Air: Shepherd Boy.) 

1917. '18. 
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Fox, 1917. 
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Zechiel, 1917. 
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MTT8I0 267 

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Stellar. 1917. 
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Ms., 1917. 
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Victory. Chi., Zouboulaku, 1918. 


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Kalfaian, 1918. 
- — Arax. (Chant Patriotic! ue Arm^nien). Bost., Proff- Kalfaian, 1918. 

L'Efip^rance. (Chant Patriotique Arm^nien). Boat., Proff-Kalfedsn, 1918. 

Groung. (Chant Patriotique Arm^nien). BoBt.« Proff- Kalfaian, 1918. 

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The recruit (1916). 1916. 

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Trav. Club, 1916. 
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Ltd., 1915. 

icumo 269 

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^Tialey, 1915. 
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Co., 1915. 
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M. P. Co., 1918. 
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Ass. 1914. 
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M. P. Assn., 1915. 

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When our gallant boys come marching home again. Lona., Ont., Kenyon, 


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Straith, 1915. 

Victory be to you. Owen Sound, Ont., Straith, 1915. 

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Boosey, 1915. 
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<& Trav. Club, 1916. 
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Musio 271 

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There's a Girl in Old Ontario. Oannington, Ont., McLeod, 1914. 

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McNeiU, 1918. 

Here's tae the Kilties. By J. W. Thompson. Vancouver, B. C, McNeill, 


We'll be waiting, boys, for you. Vancouver, B. €., McNeill, 1918. 

ICacNntt, A. S. I'll not forget you soldier boy. Toronto, Anglo-Can. M. P. Assn., 

MoPhee, G. C. Arm Canadians! By V. Wyldes. Toronto, Whaley, 1917. 
McVicar, K. The call to arms. By J. F. Dale. Toronto, Whaley, 1915. 
McVity, O. B. The lads qf. the land of the Maple Leaf. Anglo-Can. M. P. Assn., 

Madden, F. Hurrah for the Buffs! Toronto, Draper, 1916. 
ICadden, F. O. The Irish Laddies to the War have gone. Toronto, Angl.-Can. M. 

P. Assn., 1916^ 
Kaggs, P. A. soldiers of the nation. Chatham, Ont., Maggs, 1918. 
Mallion, J. Hurrah for the lads in blue. By W. Price. Toronto, Musgnve, 1917. 
Manley, M. Good luck to the boys of the allies. Windsor, Windsor Mus. Co., 1915. 

Up in the Air, over there. Toronto, Manley, 1918. 

Marks, S. Kiss your soldier boy good bye. By K. Mclnnes. Toronto, Anglo-Can. 

M. P. Assn., 1916. 
Marples Ml Penn. Fall in! Fall in on the double. Winnipeg, Selwyn, 1916. 
Matliewion, N. When Jack Cannuck comes Marching Home. By J. MathewBon. 

Toronto, Whaley, 1915. 
Mattbews, G. J. On to the fighting line. By (\ R. Tutde. Toronto, Tuttle- 

Matthewo, 1915. 
BCay, A. S. L. Johnny on the spot. By B. Parker. Toronto, Hawkes, 1916. 
MelTille, C. The Red White and Blue. Toronto, ''The Lonesome Loon," 1918. 

' ' Somewhere " our hearts march on with you . Toronto, "The Lonesome Loon , ' ' 


BCercier, Z. France. De W\ Chapman. [Quebec], 1914. 

Meredith, M. There's a picture in the heart of a mother. Calgary, European W. V. 

Assn., 1917. 
Mllea» W. M. The Legions of the Lion. By J. M. Simpson. Toronto, Wlialey, 1917. 
MiUer, B. W. Canada, fall in! Toronto, Anglo-Can. M. P. Assn., 1915. 
Miller, H. I'll be a lone, long way from home. Winnepeg, Stovel, 1916. 
Miller, W. St. J. He 's doing his bit, are you? Calgary, Composer, 1916. 
Mills, L. Boys, our hearts are with you. Toronto, Wnaley, 1916. 
MUo, a. Le 41^me Bataillon. R. C. F. Lowell, Mass., Turcot, 1915. . 
Miner, M. J. Canadian Jack's flag. Newmarket, Ont., Miner, 1915. 
MoxilBQA, X. M. Our golden Northland. By S. M. Baylis. Toronto, Anglo-Can. 

M. P. Assn., 1917. 
Morrow, J. D. Memories of Home. Toronto, Anglo-Can. M. P. Assn., 1917. 

You bet your life we all will go. Toronto, Anglo-Can. M, P. Ajasn., 1915. 

MnUoy, J. Johnnie Canuck's the Boy. Kingston, Ont., Mulloy, 1915. 

Knitting Socks for Daddy's Men. Toronto, Anglo-Can. M. P. Assn., 1915. 

Nuning Daddy's Men. 1915. 

Mnnzo, X. Lads of the ^v cockade. Toronto, Author, 1918. 

Keum, T. We are Colonials. By F. Gordon. Toronto, Mackenzie, 1915. 

KicoUe, M. G. Hurrah! for the front. Toronto, Whaley, 1916. 

Kovello, L Gaidons notre Amour pour le Retour des Vainqueurs. De R. Brisson . 

Lond., Chappell, 1916. 
Oliver, F. Matching to victory. Toronto, Whaley, 1914. 
Parker, L. When justice and honor rule their homes. Toronto, Whaley, 1916. 
Pamnm, J. W. Hurrahl Canada. By £. R. Kerr. 1915. 
Payette, L. 1 will miss you my soldier lad. Montreal, Payette, 1916. 

Mon Soldat. By R. Brisson. Mcmtreal, Payette, 1915. 

Pearce, B. A. B. Your King and Country need you. By C. W. McGee. Moose Jaw, 
Can., Empire Mus. Co., 1915. 



Pearse, H. B. Men o' the North. 1016. 

Penn, A. A. Kitchener. By 0. E. Selwyn. Winnipeg, Selwyn, 1916. 

Peziy, G. H. Our martyr nurse. Moncton, N. B., East. mus. Co., 1916. 

Phillips, B. P. Song of the Saskatchewan. Toronto, Whaley, 1915. 

Phillips, O. Kaiser Bill said Don't come here, but here we are. Vancouver, West. 

Spec. Ltd., 1916. 
Pierson, B. Girls, girls, get yourself a soldier lad! Toronto, Anglo-Can. M. P. Assn., 

Pizer, S. I. A Canadian volunteer. Toronto, Whaley, 1915. 
Plant, F. L. Hip! Hipl For Canada. Toronto, Empire Mus. & Trav. Club, 1915. 
Powell, F. To tne hearts that never waver. By G. Asaf. Lond., Francis, 1916. 
BaiAsford, 7. B. Take me back to old New Brunswick. St. John, Rainsford, 1916. 
BawUngs, L. The bovs in Khaki. Toronto, \\lialey, 1915. 
Bice, Lt. O. Dear old pal of mine. 1918. 

I want to go home. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 

Keep your head down, Fritzie boy. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 

On the road that leads back home. 1918. 

We stopped them at the Mame. N. Y., Feist, 1918. 

You've got to go in or go under. N. Y., Ricordi, \918. 

Biohardson, T. B. Mary dear. Toronto, Whaley, Royce <& Co., 1915. 
Bobinson, O. B. Patriotic song for the motherland and Canada. Hamilton, Ander- 
son, 1917. 

Booth, W. P. The sons of old John Bull. Toronto, Whaley, 1915. 

BowoTih, E. Grit. Toronto, Musgrave, 1917. 

Bnbanni, A. Victory. By A. Long. Toronto, Anglo-Can. M. P., 1918. 

Buff, S. W. The boys we love. By W. E. Turley. Toronto, Somme, M. P. Co., 

Butter, I. King George's men. By J. Blewett. Toronto, Whaley, 1915.