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Full text of "A comprehensive medical dictionary ... with an appendix, comprising a complete list of all the more important articles of the materia medica ... with the necessary directions for writing Latin prescriptions, etc., etc"

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AOTBOS or TBK mtmx or rmovoncixTion in Lirrixcorr's rioj 




... . • ""twv 

In the Qork'B Office of the Dittrlot Coart of the United States for the Eutern Dbtrlct 
of Pennsylvania. 


The present work is designed to supply a want which has long 
been felt by those commencing the study of medicine and the 
collateral sciences. 

An acquaintance with the dead languages, or at least with Latin, 
was formerly, and in some parts of Europe is still, considered 
absolutely necessiiry for a graduate in medicine as well as in the 
other learned professions. Although in the United States a clas- 
sical education is not made an indispensable condition for conferring 
a medical degree, yet, so long as the great majority of professionaJ 
terms are in Latin, some knowledge of this language may be said 
to be absolutely requisite for the medical student. The fact that 
multitudes of our young men commence the study of medicine 
without any previous acquaintance with Latin or Greek, renders 
it important that the elementary works intended for the use of 
students should be adapted to meet this exigency. 

To supply the want above indicated has been one of the chief 
objects of the present work. In fulfilling this object, the editor 
has aimed, — 

First : to give a full explanation of the etymology of the various 
words defined in the Dictionary. The importance of etymology 
in furnishing, as it generally does, a sure clue to the true sig- 
nification of scientific terms; in limiting and fixing their mean- 
ing, thus guarding against looseness or vagueness of application ; 
and lastly, and not least, in assisting the memory of the learner. 


since, by acquiring a knowledge of a comparatively few elements 
or roots, he is thus enabled to determine the signification of a 
multitude of compound words, — can scarcely be overestimated. It 
is admitted, indeed, that terms not unfrequently occur of which 
it is difficult or impossible to give an entirely satisfactory etymo- 
logy. In a few of the most doubtful cases of this kind, it has been 
deemed best to make no attempt to explain the derivation, since 
an etymology which is purely fanciful or speculative, seems far 
more likely to mislead or perplex than to instruct the student. 
It may be proper to add that, in fulfilling this important part of 
his task, the editor has not been content with merely following 
the generally received authorities in etymology, but has made it 
a rule, in every case of doubt or uncertainty, to examine the sub- 
ject anew, and particularly to consult the best classical and modern 
(foreign) dictionaries upon the point in question. 

Secondly: to give, whenever practicable, a literal translation 
of the various Latin phrases, sentences, etc. occurring in the work : 
such, for example, as Extensor Digitorum Oomniunis, Motores Ocu- 
lo7'nm, HydrargyrxL'in cum CreiA, etc. etc. The importance of such 
explanations in giving clear and definite ideas to those who may 
be unacquainted with the Latin tongue, is too obvious to require 
to be enlarged upon. 

For an explanation of some of the most important elements and 
principles of the Latin language, designed chiefly for those who 
have not had the advantage of a classical education, the reader is 
referred to the Appendix, page 660. Connected with, and imme- 
diately following, this portion of the work, will be found rules 
and directions for the writing of Latin prescriptions. 

Another feature in the work, and one which it is hoped will 
prove of great practical importance, is the pronunciation of the 
various terms given in the Dictionary. What correct spelling is 
to the writer, correct pronunciation is to the speaker. If cither 
should be wholly neglected, the most perfect language would soon 
become a babel, and fall into utter corruption. Every one who 
takes the trouble to reflect on the subject must be aware that if it 
were not for the constant effort or aim to conform our speech to a 
common standard, the language which we call English would in 
the course of a few ye^ be spoken so differently in different parts 


ortte world, as to be with difficulty understood, anfl in two or thred 
centuries it would, in all probability^ become wholly unintelli- 
gible, except to those few who might liappeii to ha familiar with 
the local di.ilect. He, therefore, who is willing to take the pjiina 
to speiik correctly, not only acquires un accomplishment which 
will raiae him in the estimation of all educated men, but he con- 
tributes his portion towards exuUing and extending the incalculable 
blessings which language, the great vehicle of thought and know- 
ledge, 18 capable of conferring on mankind. 

The yarious terms employed in medicine may be divided into 

Itwo principal classes. The first cla^s consists of those which are 

Pproperly English or have an Anglicized termination, whether de- 

rived from the Saxon, as, Blood, Forearm, Nvffhtnmre^ RvckeU, «tc*; 

L from the French, as. Bandoffr, Viable, etc. ; from tho Latin, as, ^4 &- 

fdominal (from abdomhioJiJi), Abortion (from ahortio), Astringent 

(from a»in7%gen8), Fcmiginmis (ivom ferru^nosus)^ etc.; or from 

the Greek, as, Apoplexy (from dxmkr^^ia)^ Artery (from dftTTjpla)^ 

Adhniutic (from an0^'taTtJL*Vz), et<\ 

The second class comprises all such terms ajs are Latin or 
Latinized Greek, as, uAhdom*^n, Amaurosw, Armnonui, Asthma, 
CcrebriLm, Lciryn^itk, (Esophagus, Stenuim, Vertebra, etc, etc. 

The pronanciation of the former class of words is attended with 
no particular difiicalty. Those of the second class, however, 
though usually very easy with respect to the accentuation, and 
perfectly uniform as to the sounds of the consonants, present a 
very serious difficulty in regard to the pronunciation of the vowels. 
At the University of Oxford in England, and at Harvard in the 
United States, it is the usage to pronounce all Latin words with 
the English sounds of the vowels: for example, a when long (as 
the second a ie amafrc, anw'barn, ama'tmn) has the same sound 
as our a in fate (never liko a in far); long i is pronounced as in 
pin€; and so on. But many of the institutions of learning in this 
country have adopted what is tenaed the "continental" pronuncia- 
tion, according to which, the vowels are pronounced, not after 
the Ent^linh sound, but according to that of the languages of 
♦ ital Eorope, A«, however, tliore is some diversity re- 

fi-- 3 ^^^ vowel sounds of the diflVrent E>irop<>an tnnL'Ur'j. tho 


Italian, which of all the modern languages is perhaps most nearly 
related lo the Latin, has generally been adopted as the standard. 
According to this system, a should be sounded nearly like a mfar, 
c as in lhcn\ or like a in fatc^ i as in vuxrine, or like c in vwie, u 
like on, and y like /, that is, like our e. In some portions of 
our country, particularly in the Middle States, there unfortu- 
nately prevails a third system, consisting of a sort of mixture of 
the other two already described. According to this system, — if 
such it may be called, — the vowel a is sounded as in fast or fat 
(never as in fate); i, when long, is usually pronounced as \n 2)in<% 
though sometimes as in marine; all the other vowels being uni- 
formly sounded as in English. The improper diphthong cp, which in 
every other modern language corresponds in sound either exactly 
or very nearly to c,* is on this system sounded like our a infafe. 

As may readily be imagined, these three different systems ex- 
isting together in the same country, have had the effect to intro- 
duce almost unlimited confusion into the i^ronunciation of Latin 
words. Those who aim at correctness or propriety in speaking 
should, we think, adopt either the Oxford pronunciation or the 
continental; and whichever they adopt should be carried out con- 
sistently. It is greatly to be desired, however, that some common 
standard of Latin pronunciation might be fixed upon for the whole 
United States: it would be of immense advantage even were its 
application limited to scientific terms and phrases. 

Under the existing state of things, the editor has not felt justified 
in attempting to lay down any positive rules for the pronunciation 
of the vowels occurring in Latin terms. He has, accordingly, for 
the most part confined his labors in regard to this class of words, to 
marking the accent and syllabication, and to indicating such vowel 
sounds {e.g. short i and short y) as are essentially the same 
whether they are i)ronounced according to the continental or 

* That is, to tho souml of e in tho ro8])octive languages; cc in Frondi being 
equivalent 'to tho PVencli r, cr. in Spanish to the Spanish e, and so witli ilio 
rest. To Eound cc difTerontly from c tends to great confusion, inasmuch as a 
niuhitudo of wonls are now written almost indilTerently with tho diphthong 
or the vowel: a.^, yF.ddc or Eiiile, JEtiologij or Etiology, ct<;. However ."^ucli 
words may be written, the pronunciation ought, unquestionaVy, to remain 
the same. 


the English mode. The most important point of all is the accent, 
which can, for the most part, be readily ascertained, and, depend- 
ing as it does upon the quantity^ (not on the qualUy) of the 
vowels, remains the same under all the different systems and in 
all the various tongues of the world. The principal rules for 
Latin accentuation are the following: — 

Rule 1. — In trisyllables or polysyllables, if the penultima be 
long, the accent must fall upon it: as, Abdo'men, Conium, Duode- 
num, Porrigo, Scapula! ris, etc. 

Rule 2. — If the penultima be short, the accent must fall on the 
antepenultima : as, Aifidurti, Abdom'inisy An'ima, Assafoet'ida, 
Chhnaph'ila, Cimicifuga, HydrocepKalus, Pohjrfala, etc. 

Rule 3. — Dissyllables always take the accent on the penultima; 
as. A' cor, Coma, LHquor, &c. 

It may be observed that whenever the accent of a Latin word 
falls on the antepenultimate vowel followed immediately by a 
single consonant, the accent is usually placed after the conso- 
nant, and the vowel is made what in English we term "short." 
(See examples under Rule Second.) Accordingly, we pronounce 
Abdominis — abdom'inis, Assa/ostida — assa/et'ida, etc., although in 
both of these instances the penultimate syllable is long in Latin. f 
The only important exception to this rule occurs in words having 
u for the antepenultimate vowel; as, Alu'miyia, Suliyhu'iicus, etc., 
in which case the accent should always be placed before the conso- 
nant, the vowel retaining its full or long sound.J 

It has until recently been the almost universal usage among 

♦ The quantity is determined chiefly by the usage of the Latin poets, and 
certain recognized rules of derivation. 

t It is very important to bear in mind the es.<»ential diflference between a 
long vowel in English and a long vowel in Latin or Greek. In tlio former 
ca.He the word "long" refers to the qualily of the vowel, in the latter always 
to the quantibj. The pronunciation of a long vowel in Latin or Greek is 
estimated to occupy just twice as much time as is spent in uttering a short 
vowel. In the present work, however, when the term " long" is employed 
in reference to the pronunciation of a word, it is to be understood in the 
English sense, if the contrary he not distinctly stated. 

X The plural of Greek nouns in -oma are, by common usage, excepted : as, 
aro^mata (from aro^ma), not arom^ata. If the penultima be a vowel followed 
immediately by another vowel, the antepenultimate syllable is usually made 
long : as, am-mo^ni-a, ci-ne're-us. 


classical scholars to pronounce the ancient Greek (like the Latin) 
according to the quantity of the vowels ; but within a few years 
some institutions of learning of the highest character, both in 
Europe and in this country, have adopted the modern Greek 
accentuation; that is, they pronounce according to the Greek 
accent, without the slightest reference to quantity. For example, 
co^ia ("wisdom"), and wXixpavov (the "elbow"), formerly called 
Bo'fe-a and o-le-kra'non, would, according to the new mode, be 
pronounced so-fee'a and o-lek'ra-non. How far this new system 
should affect our pronunciation of Latinized terms derived from 
the Greek may be considered an open question.* 

As already intimated, the accent is the chief, if not the sole, 
point in Latin pronunciation about which there is no dispute 
among the learned. It has accordingly come to be regarded as 
one of the essential tests by which a finished scholar may be 
known. Our readers need scarcely be reminded that many Latin 
phrases and sentences have become, so to speak, parts of our own 

♦ While it must be admitted that all, or nearly all, the best English autho- 
rities on classical pronunciation recognize no other principle than quantity 
for the accentuation of this class of words, it may be observed that in Italian 
and Spanish, — languages much more nearly related to the Latin than ours, — 
words and names derived from the Greek almost invariably follow the accentua- 
tion of the original, while those of Latin derivation are as uniformly ac- 
centuated according to the quantity of their Latin primitives. Not only 
is the name Sofia (from the Greek ao^la, whence our Sophi^a) pronounced 
so-ftt^a (though in Greek the penultima is short), and its derivative filosofia 
('• philosophy") /c-io-«o-/c<j'a, but the numerous class of Italian and Spanish 
words ending in -grafia (Greek -yfyai^ia), and -logia (Greek -Aoym) always 
have, like the Greek, the accent on the penultima, although this is invariably 
short in the Greek; as cosmografi^a (cosmography) gtografi'a (geography), 
ortografi^a (orthography), Ac. ; and analogi^a {analogy), filologi^ a (philology), 
etc. etc. Insania takes the antepenultimate accent, because the penultima of 
the Latin {hisa'nia) is short; while mania, with the same termination, has the 
penultimate accent (ma-nee''a), simply because the Greek (jiavia) is so accented. 
JQl®* Tlie remark made above, that words in Italian and Spanish derived from 
the Latin follow the Latin quantity, while those from the Greek conform to 
the Greek accentuation, should of course be limited to such as have not become 
materially changed or corrui)ted. It will be seen that in the examples above 
cited no change has taken place, except substituting / for ^, whicn does not 
'm the slightest degree affect the pronunciation. 



lan;:ftiape. He, tborefore, wUo aspires to the character of a correct 
and pulbhod speaker, can not, without ecrious danger to his n^piita- 
tion, Degtect this important branch of orthoepy. It ifi true that a 
vcr\' few words of Latin origin (a« Au'dUor, Orator, St-n'a' \ 

have» on becoming Anglicize J, without any change in th».' ^ ; 

lo^ the original pc^n ultimate accent. But the large majority of 
Anglicized worda retain the cla^aical accentuation, aa Acu*fn^n 
Ailu'm^m, Arorna, Cj^fu»'m€fi, Dtco*rum, Dicta(<*r^ FarHna^ Far^\ 
rd^o, jrurHzan^ &iUua, Spi'c(a*tor^ etc., all of which have resisted 
the ge^neral tendency of oar language, which is to throw the 
Accent on the antepenultima in ^uch worde: iudeed, we not unfre* 
qnently hear tmeducated people eay, A/onui, Cot/^mmen, SaFit^a^ 
etc. lf» then, Anglicized Latin words, which are in everybody's 
month, are generally pronounced according to the original accentu- 
ation, scientific t lit unqueetionubly to bo always so pro- 
nounced. This pi L ^ . - ic. indeed, hilly recognized in the accentu- 
ations given in the last edition of our Pharmacopoeia, in which, we 
belj ' ^ ' — ^ not J 

coLi' , ' " ■ ' .-.-',.■ ' '^'-'gr 

were allowed to have any influence, we should scareely pronounce 
Ccmlum, Mati'co, etc,, with the accent on the peuultima. 

Of euch Latin words as were used by the aucieuLs, there ia 
generally no difficulty in determining the accentuation. But the 
cane ia diiTerent with rf'speet to Latin terms (consisting chiefly of 
botanical and other scientific names) of modern origin. Among 
t]ies4£ there are a number of which the etymology is obscure or 
nncertidn, and the accentiuition ie, in consequence, more or lees 
doubtful. In such cases, the editor has not only sought to avail 
himself of the light which genoral analogy might shf?d upon the 
point in question, but he has carefully consulted ;Ul the best works 
accessible to him, relating to such subjects. Among the^ he 
would express his particular obligations to Orays "Manual of 
Botany," Mayne's *' Expository Lexicon," Wittstein's "Etymo- 
logisch-Botanisches Wdrterbuch/" and, above all, to DtnrGLisON'a 
** Medical Dict.ionary ,'* which in relation to these difficult questions 

^Am^mo^ne, whea used a« &d Eoglisb word, ib silwiiys proaoanc^d anem^om. 


exhibits a degree of accuracy, as well as judgment, unsurpassed, if 
not unequalled, among scientific works of reference. 

Those who take a particular interest in such subjects are re- 
ferred to the ** Table of Disputed Pronunciations'* (see Appendix, 
pp. 698-9), containing a list of the most important terms occurring 
in medical works, respecting the accentuation of which there is a 
difference among the best orthoepical authorities.* 

Respecting the plan of the Dictionary, it may be observed that 
immediately after the term itself, if this be English, is inserted 
the Latin synonym, then the etymology, both being enclosed in 
brackets. If the term be Latin, it is immediately followed by the 
etymology, enclosed in brackets. (Compare Ablactation^ Apoplexy, 
Artery; also. Abdomen, Ablcpsia, etc.) The French synonyms of 
important medical terms are also given, excepting such as are 
essentially the same as the English or Latin : for example, Ablacta- 
tion ("ablactation '), Bandage (a " bandage"), Uttrus (the "ute- 
rus"), etc.; or such as differ only very slightly, as Apoplexie 
(" apoplexy"), Art^re (" artery"), Hepatite (" hepatitis"), CEsophage 
(" oesophagus"), etc. As these would, for the most part, be readily 
understood without a dictionary, they have generally been omitted. 
By adopting this plan, the attention of the student is particularly 
directed to those French terms which it is most important for him 
to acquire ; that is, to such as are essentially different from the 
Latin or English, and therefore not likely to be understood unless 
explained. Of this class of words the following examples may 
be given: — Coiur ("heart"). Clou ("clove"), Cou ("neck"), Main 
("hand"), ffii^ (" eye"), Powmons ("lungs"), Tbi^a: (" cough"), etc. 

A considerable portion of the Appendix is occupied with the 

* In speaking of •'authorities" in regard to questions of this kind, we do 
not, of course, allude to those persons, however illustrious, who are merely 
distinguished for their scientific attainments or for their general learning, but 
to such only as have paid particular attentian to the subject oj orthoepy. It is 
not to be denied that some, who are justly regarded as ornament* of science, 
either from pever having given any attention to such subjects, or from mere 
carelessness, are most untrustworthy guides in all that relates to correctness of 
language, whether written or Bi>oken. They seem to forget that thoughts are 
like jewels; the greater their value, the more important it is that they should 
bo well set, that their beauty may be exhibited to the best advantage. 



*' Tubl* of Materia Mediea/* containing the names of all, or nearly^ 
all, the medicnual articles of any importance, arranged according 
to their medical properties. Such a clasKification, it is believed, 
will he found extremely useful, at least to those who have not had 
ae or opportunity to make themselves thoroughly acquainted 
irith the vast resources of our Materia Medica. 

sides the articles already mentioned, included in the Ap- 

lidix, it contains a tolerably complete Table of Doses, prepared 

rith great care. It also contains a Rynopsia of the respective 

Nosologies of Cullen and Good, Although at tho present time 

aeither of these systems is generally followed, both have exerted 

eat influence upon medical nomenclature, and may, therefore, 

tly claim some notice at our hands. It was believed that in no 

ther way could an idea be given of them so clcailv nut] <u ]>i fi Hv 

as by means of synoptical tables. 

A I ' ' multitude of works which the ciiitur iia^ had occ.i- 

eion lit in the preparation of this Dictionary, justice re- 

qoires that he should express his great obligations to a few to 
LWhich he is especially indebted. His acknowledgments are pre- 
ptmineutly due to Mayxe's " Expository Lexicon*' (London, 1860) ; 
a Dictionary of Medicine, originad in its plan, and evincing in ita 
execution much diligence, learning, and research. He would also 
expref^ his important obligations to Gray's ** Structural and Syste- 
matic Botany," and ''Manual of Botany," to which he has gene- 
rally had recourse as his chiof authorities on all questions relating 
to botanical science. To Hoblyn's "Medical Dictionary'' he is 
indebted for tlie matter of a number of articles, particularly those 
elating to chemistry. The notices of the natural orders of plants 
and animals have mostly been taken from that justly popular 
work, Bra:nt»E 3 ^' Encyclopedia of Science, Literature, and Art/' 
Nor can he omit to mention his great and im|Kirtant obligations 
to Wood and Bache's ''United States Dispensatory," a work 
rhich justly ranks among the first of ita kind that have ever 
een published in this or any other country. 


h, f*, !, 5, n, 7» ^^^ ^""K* ** in/«/«, m«/€, />in«, i»ol<», tnht, /ly. 

ft, ^. l» ^>f fi. f, are nhort, »i« ia/at, mftf piUf not, lnhy mifittic. 

&, kt And /^, ftr<t like 31, Tr, and o, excc|»t that the ffouml is* less prolon^d. 

f, 9, lire obfloare, mm in the Bnal ajllAblei of America, tcriur, etc 

^ - // hard. 

y irt to he fioiinded liko « or «f ; <]( and g like// i bna tbe sound of z. 

4fh ia to be sounded liko k; but ci witbout anj mArk should be pronounced as in 
chill or r hi 1*1. 

n, m, And »• Are used to represent the Freneh naMJ soond, somewhat resembling 
that of m/ in long, n (small capital) implies that the r should be trilled : U denotes 
tbe sound of tlio Fronch 11; v, that of the French eu, similar to the sound of m in 
tbe Kngilsh word/«r. 

An asterisk (*) affixed to a word or phraae denotes that it is either Latin or Latin- 
Ixed < I rook, oto. 

r^ signiflos "equivalent to." Thus, Cath, t=a Catharticus implies that CatL is 
equivalent to, or stands for, (^aihnrtivM ("Cathartic"). 

|| plaood Nft^^r tbo phrase " Pharmacopoeial name" denotes that the name belongs 
alilce to tbo Hritish and Unitod Htatos Pharmacopceias. 

v\n aouto accent denotes a primary, a grave a secondary, accent. 

^i^^\9 a gonoral rule, no marks have been placed on the vowels in cases where 
these Would iiuturully bo pronounced correctly without any mark. 

r«^ When a reforenoc is mado to S(»mo other part of the Dictionary, the word 
referred to is put in small ouuitals: hence, if small capitals are usod, a reference ia 
always implied. Hoe IlKinaUati; JiieMatopuitniit, etc. in tho Dictionary. 

Ahl Hblmlr*. 

Aoc ii«Tii«Nllrf>. 

tir. nr tlilt. Briiiiili. 

lUl iliiil««>. 

Hub Dulilln. 

Kil K>liiihiinili. 

*M- {frrm'§tH urti'ti.i) Tor ^tHiu|il«. 
I*, ur IviM (vniluluv. 


Tr Freneh. 

()i>n ttcnltlvc. 

(Ivr (}«rtukii. 

Ur Orwk. 

U. (M Ml) thatt*. 

IrftU L«lio. 

I.itnil I.oadoD. 

M.or uiMO. 

N. or neat 

Nom DmnlDAtlrc. 

Ph. •r Hharm. .... Phftrmaeopoeta. 

PI plomL 

Proo iiniDiinciatioD. 

8p Bpaiti-h. 

U.8 Uultod Buta. 

VoQ. Voea'.lv*. 

Tu render these explanations complete, a tabic of the Greek alphabet is subjoined. 

I.rlt«»r. Nsme. ' Powrr. lH>tter. 

Nnme. I\>wer. 




. tt 
























1 ivn« 










' » sh,tti 









1 a 








• Kti% 














Xamo. ; Power. 1 



' l*p*noo 




' nwy 


■ rb hard 

oW I 

llv%i\aK!t.-'r ft>llowe«l tmme«tUtelT by am>ther >. by c. or by \. MHindfi like a: hence, my- 
}tt«r, « -' t'OKH'U" hIhhiIU Ite reiKltTiHl by imprnm «w m^f^m, if Riwmh lHter» are iw«ed: d|«iXef 
\' U»«f "V bv nnlytvt xvr ^m-f^v : Ij \a» ih» **ob»4te"\ bv rtiN^^efo. Y. Ibi^vich imMlly ctMstlderra 
ht lie equivalent tn ik U slm^wl hivuriANv nrnderiHl b> jr. in Latin. See 4} *<X«s, abow frivvn. 
K i» »«»«*U> ivpliK-e*! in \A%\n l\v <".a* h^-^Aa^ «^r vc»^<h«. cifmtnt xvr rimnnt ;• kin«1 ikf "artichokv*'). 
A« lu l^tin «^M^I« M <«nvK <)oHv»tKm y ii* MHin«W^) likV t. an«1 ittMi like «k *^ k* r »boald in 
»H«b t»\Nol* l*i» p»»«»H»no<sl >»ilh (u w>^|w>r l^lin >t.»un*l. — «l«a>-» Hk** * heft^rc <, i, an*! jr. 

• 1^^ Si Jn <%r«Hok^ xtben dwmiriM inf<> I.*t4n. N^^^m1Xfk «.- and «i. 4P; a* «i9i«;U jKAiifMt, 
e{/rii4. •»**# IW.1, *»lo. 

•^* W *• »v|>^»v*nr«sl in rtrw4c by \ oaI1<»i4 the **r>>«|rti brwilhinf" [tfmr^Cia 4V>^\, a* in 
♦ r*v **nn>l^r." aipa. "UK^'».t" <»fr AH i«re«»k wi«m\I« N%inninc «ith s ^vm-rt Hat^ <-iilKr tbe 
r»>«ic^ iM- *tn»'».>th hrmtbins: t xr^V'»1hitf ^'*i>v i\^««pArf' *t$4*>\i^. "h}*(\,^ «<r»*. "osaMi'" etc 
Tlio it«*«>«>lh brentbia^ i^ltestet Mmplt ibo natwrsl eeoaJ <4 \h< tv^^ii. 




Ai or on bcforo n fror'1 ticj^innTng wit\i 
H rowd or wilh k. [a <tr ^v.] A i*Tvi\x 
(n cuia|i<>iiti4 vfofib Mf Orick ikiriviitii*n, 
hiiTr - • -itivis cir privi4.liv*» furce: «»•, 

iml |itMt]0['tiuQ ;" (titi-hjfiirvti*f "without 

A b ftlea • Prcnoli pre|i>ts!ilt<»ii, nigni- 
fyUiJC **t*>" or *'ut," tttt^l IformiDg % |i»rt 
of ctrrUiu Niirgiiial and itiodictit p(irii5G«. 


0«rTl ■. 

diiirili); thn Mut»|kiirjihfi.5 alii-rtt. whim ex- 

I ok 




•* M i 

(«ii ' r thci nnnicft of 

f«v -. tu iloniiita iin 

4%.W A*ibrcvi»li«ii fur AuAi.Ri«» 
Al». A L:Uin purtklo figtilfying 
*'ff»io." ''oT,'* " jtwi*y." 

Alkmc'Mltt** [Fntm nft, ^'frtun/' iukI 
4*/^a, n/tuttf to 'Slrive.** to '*forep.") 
LU^'fo'W, » " So\Iy rxpoIlwV* or mn^tiifoj 
Wjb- " ni!»^ A tcriij ■ *" ' ! Jii. 

ft* I ftVtortiftn I irt. 

A [From ' .. h 

ttiJiiii<!iu»tiLal t<iKt«* on wbo'b Wm^a mii<1 
n;itun)>4 were tlrtiwn.] An uhi iii»me fttr a 
u!bUi u«*4 Tor mcJicliiul prcpnmtJone. 

[Al»Ntlettn'li€iw«»''>f'*.' from nh,**tr*im,*' 

Forraurly iij»erl for decjijr of f' .^i. i.. ,.r 
piirt of the boiiv: rI*o, lo** t 

tliL* Misuse* or uf f>H' [ijiiiihil i 

AiNlHfrii. I Ttio o^ioi^uniiu 

fruit "I n |i >f int; in »h<^ i«l<*ii'i 

of i5l. TUrnn..^ I 1- <-L i ..aie^J. TUc* *r«»is 

I ftro e<Mi?iirlc<red rtsty useful ili didcmaes of 

til*! cbo^t. 

Ab-4ifl><-tic>ti-IJi'«loit. [Atifirtintlik'jJ^ 
tll», o'xi*,' from <i'»t ** from," ami ttrt' 
' ' . '• in*tieulftti«n»*'J A kind of 
ficm arlmltimg of fn»e motiitti. 

Atft*i»r«»'«l-jlt*e><l. [Abtirrrlfi'lii 

ffiMfi ithhr/citi, fthhrcvtit'tUiti^ to *' .<!|t» 

on."] Sh"rttMnM» m^ when the eu|» 

Ab-brc-Tl-ii'tloii. [At>l»rr«iit'llo» 

n'ntu ; from th«< jfimin.] A |mrt of ii wor4 
«hortcnml hy cutllng off «mw or inure of 
it* Inttor «vtlii'h|c«i. A]>pli>'l to tnnny 
iiiitint njn\ tiitMlisil h'tt t*. aitd iMjiitnir- 
ti(in!», of t«i»4lcnl t(<rin«» whicli will 1>o 
Hturni in tltcir HlpU»U»tttt»1 iml«r. 

AtH*^4•« Sfo Ati^i'r^ft. 

AlNlonu AH'hnivialirjofmr AitiH.'wi •«. 

Ab««to'nif*n«' gtn. Al^lom l*ftli«, 
[Frtun rr^'r/o, ft*,'A.,'r, »♦> ""] Tho 
Ur^e'st eiiTJty of tho ^t^Jy ; tho K^lly. 
Th« snmfl rt^ifton in thn Veiwt*r nn'tttiutn. 
Po« Arvrs, Ivirs Vf:N i 

AtiMloin'l«ttHl, k I I !•« : 

fr'UM <■»/'<'"' m'rr.j !ichnj_ _ itk.-t.. 

tnt'n: vpntfwK 

AMmu'lnia Afir'fit., Thnt |ifirtiftn of 
the fttirtii «i(uiit4^il hclow the itliifvhrilgiii* 




Abdom'inal Ai>K>si-^n-ro'Hf»« The 

conjoined tendons of the oblique and 
transverse muHcIes on the anterior [)or- 
titm of the abdoiueu. See Apunki:- 


Abdom'liBMl Oanic'lia (gang'gle-a). 
The Hcmilunar ganglia, ao named from 
their nituntion. 

Abcloin'iiial Riit|r« [An'nnliM Ab- 
dom'iniM.] The fancied ring-like open- 
ing OD each §ido of the abdomen, ex- 
ternal and superior to thopnbeg. Through 
it. in malej^ parses the vpcrmatic cord. 
It i."* al.Ho called the In'glixal Ring. 

Ab^Klom-l-na'llM.^ [From abdo'- 
m€it.'\ Pertaining to the abdomen ; 
abdom'inal ; ventral. In the plural {Ab- 
domina'lcH) it forms the name of an 
order of fished having the ventral fins 
under the abdomen and behind the pec- 

Ab-dom-l-noH'co-pj^. [Abdomlno- 
floo'pia; from ahdo'mtttf and aKonioj^ to 
"observe."] The examination of the 
abdomen by percussion, inspection, mea- 
surement, or manual examination. 

Ab-dii'coiit, [Abdu'ceiis ; froraa6, 
"from,** and (/»iVo, due' turn, to "lead," to 
"draw."] Applied to muscles by which 
the mombcrs or limbs are drawn from 
the mesial line (or axis of the body); 
also to the sixth pair of nerves. 

Ab-«luc'tioii. [Abfluc'tlo, o'nfa; 
from the same.] That movement l)y which 
<>no part is moved from another, or from 
the Jixis of I ho body. 

Ab<4liic'tor, o'r/V.* [From the Fame.] 
Applied to a muscle which performs, or 
assists in performing, abduction. 

AbclniofK'liiMV'- &-bel-mo8'kufi. [From 
the Arab. ub-el-mnnhJc ; literally, the 
" father of musk."] Alusk-seed ; the 
specific name of the IfibiHrus ahehints- 
chiiK. The seeds of this plant, called 
yrana mo»chafn ("musk-seeds"), are 
employed in the East in forming the 
Pniuh'f de Chj/pre, or Ci/pnifi poicdei-f 
use<l for flnvoring coffee. 

Ab-^p-I-tli5'in1-^«[From a6,"from," 
"off," and ivtOi^ftia, "desire."] A faulty 
term (partly Latin an«l partly flrcck) for 
paralysis of the solar plexus, cutting off 
coinniunicatiim between the nervous 
system and abdominal viscera, the 
Hupposed seat of the appetites and de- 

Ab-cr-ra'tloiB. [AI>orra'lio, o';im; 
from nb, "from," and i/m, emt'lmHf to 
*• wainder."] Applied to a disordcrtMl 
state of the intellect. Ap|>Iied also to 
the ravs of light when refracled by a 

lens, or reflected l^y a mirror, so that 
they do not converge into a focus. 
Ab*e*%'a4>u-a'tioii. [Abevac'ua'tiOy 

O'nin; from ab, "from," and evac'vo, 
eravuu'tHui, to " empty out," to "empty."] 
A medical term usually applied to a par- 
tial or incomplete evacuiition, but by some 
writers employed to denote an immode- 
rate evacuation. 

A'bl-eA,^ gen. A-bi'e-ti«. [Supposed 
to bo from a6, "from," and c'o, t<» **go," 
on account of the great height which 
it goes or extends from the earth.] The 
specific name Of the PiuuB Abieuf or fir- 
tree. See PiMS. 

A'bieM Ex€Pl'Ma.« One of the plnnts 
from which the 7'/tM«, or frankincense, is 

A'bii^M La'iix.^ The tree which 
affords Venice turpentine. 

Ab-l-ot'l€. [Ablet'icufi; fn m rt'6i>«.] 
Belonging to the fir-tree. 

Abletiii, or Abietine, a-li'9-tin. 
[Abieii'na; from a'6iV«.] A resinous 
substance, alfo called the resin (Icnnuaf 
or third in order, obtained from Stras- 
bourg turpentine. 

Abi'«tiM RcA-i'n^.* The resin of the 
fir-tree; the rAi/*, or common iVitnkin- 
cense; spontaneously exuded by the 
Pinu» Abica. See Fkaxkixcknsk. 

Abietiie, ^-bi'^-tit. [Abiptl'toa ; 
from ahieMf nnd \iOoi, a "stone."] A 
genus of fossil coniferous plants in the 
Wcalden and (ireensand formations. 

Ab-Ir*rI-ta'tion. [Abirrlla'tlo, 
o'ui»; from ab, "from" or "away." and 
iiri'to, iriitu'tum, to " irritate :" denoting 
the passing "away" or abscnt-e of irrita- 
tion or of vital irritability.] Diminished 
irritability in the various tissues, and so 
slightly distinct fn.m Astiikxia. 

Ab-iac-la'lion. [Ablacla'tlo. o'n!ii ; 
from fi/», " from," " away," and /«r, fnv - 
</*,"milk." SeeLArTATiox.] The wean- 
ing of a child. Some writers make a dis- 
tinction lietwecn ablactntiou and ^rtauivrj. 
By the former they the termina- 
tion of the period of suckling as regards 
the mother; by the latter, the same 
period with reference to the child. 

Ab-la'tioii. [Abla'lio, o^lf>; from 
an'/erOf nhln'tum (from «6, "fniin," 
"away," and/cVo, la'titm, to "carry," or 
"take"), to "take away."] The re- 
moving of any part by excision, extir- 
pation, or amputation. 

A-blcp'Ml-^'^ [From a, priv.. nnd 
0\cru)f to "see."] Want of sight ; blind- 
ness : ablep'sy. 

Ab'lu-eiit. [Ab'IaenM; from ub. 



^«i*b/*J Ttint whiyti W * 

JtlM«t*ilttit. rAl>lii'll«.<»W«/ rrfim ! 

uipc/'j A term fur iln^ i^artiiil 

^ 1 rolltlllltlt. .^s.'<i AK(t(rCo>it M. 

Al>r4>tuiiiint. tSco AiiTi:in«n. 

4b-iii>r'iiiitl. r Ahitor'iiii*; frMia ti'j, 
111 otu/n'^ir, It '*ru)c;" <lcntitink; 
t' from ibtt " ru/if/' cti a rni'. or 

t iiiAtuii7,J L'tjMitriiry to tliu im- 

tiir>M «<H)4htion ; iinntiitirnt. 

T' . •■Urotn." »H'l fMri *>*»», i\w 

] Tliti fuurtti Htmuiifb of Iho 

!*. Fr«ti(i lU\« \u\ri oi GiUvej}, 

IjUillliy. »la,» temurt U t»ri}iltrctL 

1*1 " in thii 

A»Oli. . : ,, , ,, , 1-. 

A^'<»rtl-4«d«w [.%1i«»rtlf*taiiiin; 

fffYtfj fthrfrtnn, Alii ei*'4^». lo " ktlK"J Tbo 

<»f the /trU^ ii# t#/«r*^. ike 

Ab-or IJiiti. I \bur lio« o i>. » / from 

tth/rinr, iti'ttrtH*, w " 111 ik: liny."] The 

f,,i.rh;,< . ■ tiiil«utu iif lui imutatuju/crliit* ; 

i;;*. In Uutnu^', uupvirotit dc- 

AUur Ui»n. CmyisAu. FuHiiido. 
Al»*f»r ll«r* [AlMtririruj»; from tlit^ 

a>lo|itv4 f**r pre- 

4xi iJ: 

Jl>» ' Fn>m thti mmdo.] See 

4 .. . , 

ikliw*nb-n^-kTV [Frninf,pHr„ 

, I bo " iwrm."J A aorl «if uhjii^ 

g ftUo-a^. uuii»litiJi|C ill tbo »bdei2ct> of 

A»*r-"r-v»v' * ^' 1. [From «. 
pri» -I** or *'ns*|»i- 

f^i' , iHivm^ no 

rmn by 

AIh iU. 

A-**' • * , , ' ^.' from 

I f Iff, 

«, I'l 

"* break, J Aj«pUc«i to i n>nt« 

that M'HR'in brikff! «*tr nt ' iiUv. 

A IvriwPi. 

"lUilii in." 

wh^l J»Itt,V:*, ^ . 

^urieM.] CiiHcrl hImi WiM Lt(i»4»rio«i Lt> 
r|ii(Mico Biiith< Red Bvmm, «rr>«l ntb^T 
iiUtiK'A. A jtruall »(bru1i ' j 

Vyt^L ludies. l\ lit nil .\ 
in Ei;>*j>t, bating bvimh 
«rbicb m*i «iin»lojifOiJ li*r ru^ 
M*»f"«, etc. Tbo roots Rti<l Um • 

iLTii, »iiil Jirtt aauietUiiiv^ um-iI ua 
' III*. 
4.-JH« A Uikliu ititrticlN bavlnj^ tho 
same lurct tiii An. wbieU »ch% 

AhWe4(M>«, [AtMKW«'«iti«i$ from rf/t«, 
"(Voui,** ami rrV/o, ett'rtttu, lo "^u;" lie- 
c;in»<e ibo matter "j^i"** fmui" *>r M-f^ci- 
<ati['a Itself froiM Uw rest of the b*'*ljr,] 
f I*r. .if*t^*t Aib'aA\J A tutu»r ur ?w4!Htfit; 
{ usually Idr^e nutl c)e«^|t) contain tng ptiA, 

AltNrlMhM, V«»X. Sor \f\\ AdSi 15-SA. 

AI»*«k4'iwMiofli, [Al»*rlM'i«it», 4^'uitf 

•f dn'^rii/^, to *'cuU*"] Apptbiil t*» a frrt<?- 
lurid botK^i vrbcn a |iiiit of it i« cutoff 
uiid ristutacU, or tt» tbocnltit)<{ u(T of any 
&uft |Mirt, II li of A iicrvis >»( the prcpMeu, etu. 
Ali«Mr4»iiiilis* (»b-iik«m'^Ue-f«K o'«h'«. 

[FruUl tiOt, ^'flWiiyt" liiui vundtff (t> 

**b«tlc.'"l A lerto romierly iioootii)^ Ibo 
jijuiin iiL:f Slntm: un jib^coiriiii.)!}, 

AIM. f^hr. = J 0*f'H*tr/f'trrA *' Fcvof 
bt-iri^ iibMial," or, III f be «biii''Mfi» of f<*v«»r. 

Ab-«iiu'llirile. [AlMlu'lliitii, ii'n'*.] 
A cnmliiriutioti uf iib^itilbic atrid with a 

Ab-«ilti'ttiie* [AlMiti'ilttrtiii; from 

Qfiplird \f* lift noi'i 

AlMilit lliln^ Tho 

biriei' |iriDt'j|.dcdi«c<acn i m Ai^^mthtuttu 

Al»-«»lit'ttii-iitii.^ [tir. a^.^tfiai'.] Tbo 

pi " t ij|] tiuiiiu < Lornh niid K«L 

1' iDMriHid. the* At'itHm*i*i ah- 

I (l',S, I'b/i fur itii tu|ii and 

lo.»Vv«> See AltriiMlSl H. 

Aliiilii'Uiliini i^tn-tiin'ii^.' Aii^ 

olhiT rirtmo for die ,1(irrM*»*»«»i ol**iHtkfMmf 
or WoniiwoiHl. 

AtMilit'lliitiiii Hi»*rll'l-iiiiiin** An- 

Miii«r uoiiio for J/yc«Mi««ti M(iri><«i*a. 




AlMilii'itafnin Pon'tl-cnm,* Ab- 
Min^ibiniii Ro-mn'mim.* Other names 
f<»r AuTKMisiA PoxTicA, which ?cc. 

AbMln'itaiuni Man-ton l-cnm.^ An- 
other name for Arlnnitiin HfiHtninai. 

AbMln'ihlam Ynl-Hra're.* Another 
name for Arlemiiin ali^hithinm. 

Ab'fMHlnte Al'co-liol. Alcohol as 
free from water oa it can bo obtained. 
See Alcohol. 

Ab-Mor'bent, [Abiior^benii; from 
«6, " from/' and Morbeof Mui-j/tHHif to "s?ip 
or 8uck."] Sucking up or absorbing. 
Applied to the lacteal and lymphatic 
vessels, and to the origins of vessels on 
the roots of plants. Applied to medicines 
which neutralize acidity in the stomach 
and boweKs as ma;;nesia, chalk, etc. 

AbNor'bent HyN'tem. A term used 
to denote coUcvtive/i/ the vcasels and 
glands which perform the function of 

Ab-Morp'iion. [Absorp'tio, o'um; 
IVom the same.] The sucking up of 
Bubstunces tipplied to the mouths of ab- 
sorbent vessels. In Chemistry, the suck- 
ing up or imbibition of a gas or vapor 
by a liquid or solid. 

AbiiorpUon, Cntaneooa. See Cu- 


AbMorptlon, InteniUtial. Sec 

Intkiistitial Absorption. 

Ab-Mte'inl-ooM. [AbHte'minA; from 
ah«, "from," and teme'tmu, an old Lntiu 
word for **wine:" others derive it from 
o6«, "firom," and ten'eo, to "hold" or 
" keep," n being changed to m.] Strictly, 
abstaining from wine ; but generally ap- 
plic<l also to moderation in diet. 

Ab-Nt^r'^nt. [Abitt^r'frenmen'/i* ; 
from ubMtei'^yeo, abHte/Hnin, to " cleans^e."] 
Clean-^ing; abluent; abstersive. Applied 
to medicines which cleanse from foulness 
or sordcs. 

Ab'MtI-nenc«. [Abfitlnen'tln ; from 
oft*, "from," and ten'eo^ to "hold" or 
"keep;" to "abstain."] The refraining 
ftom, or sparing use of, food, liquors, 

Abu- 1 rfM^ilon. [ Abntmc't lo, o'ti t« / 
ttoxti «/*(», "from," "away," and f/-«'/io, 
ttitrtitiH, to "draw."] The separating 
of a fluid from a salt, etc. That mental 
power by which one particnbir idea may 
bo tlwoH upon to the exclusion of others ; 
also, that by which general idcns may 
be formed from those of particular ob- 
jects. Applied also to the drawing of 
blood from a blood-vessel. 

Ab'NnN.* A species of Cassia, the 
seeds of which, being powdered and 

mixed with sugar, are used in Egypt as 
an application to the eyes in ophthalmia. 

A-bn't9.* Another name for the Pa- 
REiKA Bit A V A, which sec. 

A-bn'tll-on.^ Called also the Indian 
or yellow mallow. It is mucilaginous, 
and sometimes used for diarrha'a in 

Abvacnailon. See ABKVArrATiov. 

Acacia,* a-ka'she-^; gen. ^caclir, 
f-ka'she-e. [From oKn, a " sharp point ;*' 
the name having been given on account 
of the prickles or thorns with which the 
tree abounds.] A genus of the Linnscnn 
class Polm/nmin, natural order Leijumi- 
nmie. Also, the Pharmacopoeial name [| 
for gum-arabic. 

Aea'da Al'iera Trifolia'ta. See 
Spartium Spinosi'm. • 

Acracia Arabfca. See AcAriA Vera. 

Aca'cise A-rabl-^iP Gnrn'ml.* The 
Pharmacopoeial name (Dub. Ph.) of gum- 
arabic, obtained from Acacia vera, and 
01 her species of Acacia. 

Aca cia f^t'o-^'hw.* The systematic 
name of the plant which affords catechu. 

Aca'cia In'cllca.* See Tamarindi:s 

Aca'rtaTe'ra.* [From vc'nm, " true."] 
The " true acacia." The Egyptian thorn, 
or gum-arabio tree ; called also Aca<-ia 
Arabica. Also, the expressed juice of 
the unripe pods of the Acacia vciavel. 

Aea'cla Vcr'a-vck* A species afford- 
ing the juice called Amcia rera. 

Aca'<^a Zcy-lonl-c^* A name for 
JIhihu fnry lo n Co tupcch ia uiim. 

Acf\|on9 &'k&*zhoo'. The Axacar- 
dii;m Occide.vtale, which see. 

Ac-a-le'phc* [Gr. diroAil^ii.] The 
nettle. See Urtipa. 

Ac-a-le'phu«.* [From the same.] Be- 
longing to a nettle. In the neuter plural 
{Acale'jtha) applied to a class of the 
Jtndiata^ from the stinging pain felt on 
touching them. 

A-cal^j^-Vinc. [Acalyd'nna, A- 
cal'y^^t from a, priv., and ca'lyi.}^ 
Having no calyx. 

A-camp'Ml-^* [From a, priv., and 
K&fiimi, to "bend."] An inflexible state 
of a joint See Ankylosis. 

A-can'tb^* [Gr. aKaiOa; from iidi, a 
"sharp point."] Applied formerly to the 
spine of the back, or rather of a r* rtebra, 
by the regular arrangement of the series 
of which the former is constituted. A 
thorn, spine, or prickle. 

Acantliaccic,*ak-an-thaVhe-9. The 
name of a natural order of plants re- 
sembling the AcoHthnt. 


t/Mli||»vr HtHll ^\Cittt fftftim. 

A-«iiii'UiliMX. L%eiUi llillia*; tnmi 

I ii4 V, ft "Mln'ni'J lJ(.l'U^iug to a 

A*4*nn llil^iiiii**^ [I'Voin ttio j)Aia« ] 
Thv^ i|<frUl(] «vr Iriviiil uame fur ibu 
l/Hnffvr'iiimi Acittt'fhitim, 

1. The 

U ik luJiiiii^' vf the 
I It 

lC*ini.i»* f.v-., ,-. «• AriVTIUUH, 
.4-«^ut ttiuitl. |,ic4t4«iti«»iiJe9i; frt<ia 

i; r>riu t»f a tlivrs ur Apiiio ; 
l^ri). • I i ', ti> " bear. "J Uc'j<<;t 

A*«IM>-IIi«»*|M>'«IIh>0«. [AC4%UtJltf* 


A** i. I, j>ic*-i-* [Fruwi'^"*'- 

#«, m ^^lliwru," iUt<i vrtf^y'iov, a '*JitLU 
»ili|f.*' n "Tm/'J Th« nam© *>!' uji ordvr 

••fli-' ' - ^ 

A-t r) <Scd.^(^ a 

Ihriruj*. iir uftiKuim wl i*utiU« bouoi Gic^ 
ln»iii wr.itn»U, 

"Lh" A ^^ouus t»r 

ilu) 1 ^ ( '<i«i, uutur^ii 
oniei ,4c<iM*/*>"i'^ 

xl«mii^l^o<« n«»t'lf«.v Tha igrsiumalk 

.Mlua uf r>' ' ir 

Ahw^cM m it, }>riv«, aud 

atfid. tht I hf I •indtiiuii ot a 

ni'tn i: a hi*irlH, or, 

talhi wiiulg tUo' 


Arar«li«»lttriiliM. n kar-'fc-u-bo'- 

otiil diMtt, *' bti*<Hi.**} A dofiuicutiy uf biotid 
iu Ibi' lit-nff 

A-< .. ; 1 i-<|u^ [Frtrni a, 

pfi\ . 1 1," an>l Jitr'rtf*. a 

•• iif > ; , , . . -,. - ..^> i»f ucrv wUi* litiUun 
iit tbti lit)«ri. Keuio«d bjf Ibo suuDdf 

A-t ! I fiI-^» [Fruoi a. 
priv , **inmriiihmeDb"J 


AieHii*raNl'<l^iit.' [Fruni a/fi(ii«, an*) 
t'4»},t a ** f^«rtU'"J KtsMJiubUiig tbo Areifti* ; 


iS from a, 
llavitig ua 


A-carptiaa. fAtiAr'im 

jjiiv., aud triviiffdf. ••l>uiL"J 

Ac>^risnu'^ (Frotu aritpi^,, Ibat which 
catiiiot iiu cut uo jurcuiitit uf lis siiialJ> 

ArifcruM Ats-lntu-ftJi'llii.*^ Tho faar- 
%'Uj4l-bug; this wbeuJ wurij], 
Ac'i»rii» l»o-nit!4i'U-vwia.* The do- 

inc'tilio tick, fuiind on the huniao bodj. 

Ac'nrn** niv'l-taui*,^ The dt^g-liok. 

Ar 'nrum Hiu: 'c*hit- ri. ' ( ' ' A earn nuf 
8u}^iir.") Aa auimalculo f>«utid in tiugar^ 
causing " proccr'fl itch/' 

Ac'arua S>ci»-l>l-e'i-* t'^AcaruB of 
Ilfili,") Tlitj itoh luiimalcule. 

A>«At>-l«l»-pt5 . [ Amlatcp'alift | 
from »i, prtv., and *f<]iraXd||i?uwa, to " appro- 
beud/'J [Jnti«<Ulntj in diiiguciiU, et«^ 

A*cifcl*»|i o-Mla.^ (Frota 4, priv.t and 
««(ruTiVfj. to " awiillow."] Difneulty in 

A-cMiu'llil.<* [Fruuia, |jri\\,auil<'aii7i«, 
a "•stem."] Ilavins ti*> sictn : aoaulmo* 

Ar*^f l-o-rn'li«». IiicTi'tw«cd raptdit/ 
i*i I hi' pfil-c% K'r-iMrntion, cte, 

Aoi[,'i4-e-rt«'lor, oViV.* [Fr>u» «c- 

crtrrti^ urerUrit'tutH, Iq *^Uu^U'I1/'] A|»- 
ptipd to a tiiUKcld of fhi» fttMiin lAt^cti^^ 
ffi'Uir /. ' ! '- the 

urtiie; la/'i 

from a - i. 

Ac^H^ai^Ui I^Aceei* alo* u'^mu/ 
frotii uccf'fiu, a<Tr«**«*)iij lt» ♦' |fn t«," to 
'Vup|*io(ich/' tu^ "be addi;d to/*) Tba 
,ijii|ir<hi»'h, nr onfr*tj of;?, or 
of liU^ purox>j»'tua or «xac»rba(juaai lu 
feTcr*, etc. 

A«rfw«M>ril Willlall,* ak*ie0-aii'r«-f 
wil'liii'ci* The " aocuijory iicrvf* wf 
Witliis/* HO named fmiu the disco^urer. 
The fuperiuf iei<|njulory ucrv&f, a pai? 
arising frnin (be vfiiiial cord ftud JMiAtag 
ihu ynr v*ttfUHt, 

Ar-^twao-rj^. [AcrrMto'riiiiis from 
thr {<iitiiiLv] Uauall} :i|»|ii]>cd fu tjiu:?t:uhir 
appi'iiJui^ori that amiat the actiou at 
biri^er uiiiJ<L'lef. 

Ae^l-<l«»it. [AeVklrflis; from ac*- 
^iV*>, to "hajnit!iii/*J A f40iiliar word 
uivA by thi; French us »,va(ttiym*JUi with 
»tfuffttinn* 8L»e At < f t>t^ Ml n » 

A<s^1«4en'liiJ. [Ac<?kltf'iitii'llii% frtim 

fhc •ninir] A i(\ rtif i? fiHii ; h/llH^t^^tng 
tn ( hy Fix'nch aiid 

- reAtiircs result" 

Arvlclt^ii tjtl triiiloni, A »cricf of 
o})tical {dicnoiiti<na« Ml nattUMl Uy UiilToiit 
uiiJ nuiff kii i»uti by thu uaui« of Ouular 


Spcetrn. If the eye be ateftdily flinM*tcd 
fur i««'tQi» timo to n wlttte wsifvr upon a 
durk j^ruuihl, iiihI )»<? thvu ttiriit:d luttdi', 
II vrc4l'ilt^ftt]«<l iiii)i||^(? f if the wtii'tDr will l>ct 
purci'ivcil, wilh l!i» oIoik ruvcrK4''il: fhe 
wuR^r will ik|»iicnf ilnrU, th«> grrouutl 
wliiiis, TU\^ iiL'W appt*ur,4ncc i* titiut?il 
tlio accidental cottir, or oculur ffpccliiiiu. 
hy using (tiOfc^rL'tilly et*l<>r«tl wiiJera wo 
ohuiri the folluwlu^ ror^uttii: — 

CUtlor ur akJItr. Cul«r of >[<fr<tn. 

Bhick., „.WUit«, 

Utiil , »... ^Bluish'^roen. 

Drnnge ,.......T)lutt. 

Yellow .„...,.. ..Indigo. 

n J Violet with a 

°*^'''" "1 Httlcred. 

lilue ^,,,<...>.,.r. Oruuge-red. 

Indigo Omniso^yellow. 

Viulct .-.t,,..,...t..,.t..,..BIni»h-^rct'0. 

Darvrtn cli%9sea the ^pt'etra under tUu 
tvtit heud^ of flit ft and ftittivf; the 
furumr depend ln>5 on thv perm»acnee of 
the impression, the latter upon oxhuutt' 

Arrlttentlf^^^ak-^c-ficn'she-^, [Fruin 
nc'cuio, to "hup|jeii,** ftc'cititnut " http- 
pening,'* **thjit whieh happni!)/'] A 
tjhiiuetf or occurrence hiippening to one 
unvxpecledly : uii (te'eident. 

A<*-^I|>'I-I4*r,» [Froui aceip't**, to 
"*] A biid of picj. tu thu [durnl 
{A'efjjttreitf nk-sip'e-ticK) npplicd to an 
order of birils. Inclndiniic the hawk, 
4>iiigle» oto., catled uUu httpnef^ and 
Riffiti/t'trM, from I heir rupaoioaa or pre- 
datory ehnra^'ler, 

A<«-rli*tufkt<p«4l. rArrllniit'ltiit. Fr. 
mttinuiti, nk'klu'iuA tA.',J Thitrotighly 
ttcr'n.^hnni'd In n cllniiite. 

Af*«*li-itii!^lt-«it'lltHi. [Af^ellmtttl- 
«a'lio»o''4'«J The prue«»« ur otMte of 
beiu;; itrclunnfed. 

A<>«11'v1a.* [Fronn ati, "to," and 
eN*i'H*t 'he '*Btdn of a hill."] ♦*Slopiniy 
anwarda/' Applied to a niuHL'le of the 
aod<»mcn. from the uldiipie as<^cnl of ltd 
flhie^. tht; Of'fiU^utin ititer'nttm. 

AFmnvtiomotit ( I r. i, ak'koMfh'moM*', 
fFroin accouck*-! , ^k*koo'<;h&^ lo "p«! in 
ned/* to 'Nleltver."] The aot of tK^ing 
delivered; ihlivery» 

Ai<roiiclBt*iir, iik*ktmVhrri'. [From 
the aiiinej A uiiiu-tnidwire; an ohaletrl- 

Aivrre'tiofi. f Accw'Ua, ft%M> .• frMm 
n'i, "to/* «nd ii'iit'to, f.rv'futn, to *'^r*>w/*] 
The pnmitins hy whirh nntnf»n( partielef 
are odded to the various tis^uo.ii. The 
atlhoHng toffcthor of part« naturally 
Aeparate. ur the frnjct^r^ ete. 


An^phnlfk. See AcvpnxtVB, 

Arcfpltnlia,* a» e-fa^le-a. [Frnrn «« 
priv«, »ud Kt'^uXr}, the ** UunA."] A form of 
tfttid uKtHittroHity, eonsfiftiing in the wont 
of the bend. 

A€4^pltal€»l>ra<'tila«* a^cf^-Ui^br^' 
ki'iu [From a, \\n\., *fr^a^f|» the ** head," 
and /?^a\ta>^ the "arui/'J A forai of 
fictal inonetrositj, eouHiMiiug in the ah- 
fence of head and urnifi. 

A-^*«pliV-B<^K>i'9-4'>>''A«i.* [From the 
»uuiL'.J A iuoobter'ru„'tii>, having ocither 
head nor arm?. 

A-«<^pli>-lc»-rar'(ll*^* [From », 
priv.j Kb^Kfi, the "head," and icap^ia, (he 
''Iveurt/*] A fonn of monptroBity, eifn- 
ftit^tin^ in the ab-cnec of head and heart. 

A-^:<^li'^-lo-<^r'flil-iiH.* [From the 
»nme.J A mounter- foL'tui!, without head 
and III' art. 

A€^)»h«ilorlilmM«" or Act'ptinttM 
riifHrttM.' n-i?crt|-lo-ki'rQe* [Fn^m u, 
jiTiw, Kt^aXft, the "head," and xeip, the 
**httnd/*J A moQ.'ftcr-rcietfti^ without 
bcjul nod hands, 

Ae4»plt»U>cJ^«l,"* a-iera-lo>»^|;>t, 

[ Aee|ili'itlo«.*>'N'lffi; from <r, priv., trrfoX^, 
the ♦*head/* und *Tcrfj, a ** Idaflder/'] 
The headlesn hydatid, formed like n 

A-^l»li'^lo^n»'U*r.* [From •», 
ptiv,, npuXr), tb© "head," and yam^p, the 
♦♦stomach" or " belly/*] A inonNter- 
ftrtu!!, without head, chevtt and upper 
pjirl td the helly. 

A-^|ih'i»-lo-icw«'<rl^* [Frtimthe 
same. J A fi»rm of monKtrosityf o« mriBt- 
inii ID the want of head, ehe^ti ntid 

A-^pb^^lo-po'df-^* [From ««priv.^ 
tuluiM}^ the "bead/' and vnt^, ™X% the 
^'foot/'J A fi»nn of moit^trtri»ity, eon>i.«;t> 
iitp in the nbi*< nee of hend nnd feet. 

A'^iTcpli'^loit'cMltm.* (Frowi ihe 
Einmc] A uion^ter-ftet UK, without head 
anil feet. 

Aet'iittnlomrlilfi** ■ 5efVidO'ni'' 
ke ^^ [From <j, priv,, ifttp^Mi^ the '^head,*' 
ftnd i*»xti, the *'!<p(ije/*J A torni ut ihob. 
Atrocity I cont^iaiin^ tu the want of head 
and ^ptnat oolurnn. 

A-^pliV>«^*^'«'>iV-nM** [FfTitn the 
fliiine.J A uion^ter-fu^tus, without head 
rtnd "pinfti o.'Inmn, 

Ar«*|iti»l4Miloi»ft, See An^fiiALOts- 

TOWI «.. 

A-^r^pii'it-lfHmUfr'iiil-^* fFr<^m a, 
prh., ^fi»^'*, the "heiid." and crOfMti, n 
**niiouth/*] A form of monstro^^ity, e^ n- 
fiittin^ in the want of a head, but with 
an ;k[ie)tttre like a iiiui^th. 



9*t{M lo-niit.* [I'otiii tbo fliiiiir J A 

til .n trr fiT i:r^, ttittitul a h ml, but 

A- --ilM»-ri»'rlHi, [ Frnm «. 

|iri^., - ,■■• " lu'iul," ttii'l '^'i-rtf, the 

■(i|jn«L") A fiinji ttf mmi.<iruj»ilv, 
euQikatjiig in thu want uf bivid uud 

A-f«l»1lV>^ttlO*nwi.* [FrtMjt tho 
cBiDv.} A m<vnfftor-fa*ttiA, iritbout ti«a<l 

.%.<'r3>l*'ii*ttiii.* [Fmm a, priv, «nd 

i' •• lii'Wil/'] Witlnail a hciuh 

i*» In the DHUtcr pldijil 

tri*tTt httvu)^ no apiusirMQQO of a licjid. 

A'ti*r,* Thy iiuiplu. 

Ax^rn,^ tliv plural of A'rrn. a "mil- 
pie t^^•^/*^^»rmMIf; the .Iit?i?teu»vn nnmo 
uf a niattiral aider vi plmita. Sec Aci;- 


Ar«*riirf?«r,* a*-e'ra**ho-C, or A-^fi^ 
lii'€^ir«* [ Kmm ti r"/-, thn "tunpIe-tiTO,"J 
A iiitiir»1 onlar 0f pLinU iucludlni; tUo 

tu t|l|tf. 

A^>-rMp. [A««p'ri»»s i»*<<V] A coni- 
bitt'itiim of 6w?uritt uciil w*lh it salilluUto 

A-«t*r'bl^tj^. [Aeor'biUiA. nVf* ,* 
fruui Hr<. V»M*. **eni>1r/' '* iiar*.h."J Snur- 
ii6(i« With lrM'sbii(^'<9. 

A*e«r'le. ( A#»i*r'lrti<t fmin #fV»fr, 

4c. <mI Cnuti 

Af^rln*a\ [Fmm tho asimc.] fn'e 

A<*Kt( Vt Ir'. K. 

ii/#o*, " ohsilT "1 < Itiiirv; like cUttlT. 

9H^t u "h^.-vp"] The 0o|lci5lii»u **f (HiikI- 
tUcr partii^len ruujid iu tbo |iinvtil n^Uud: 
mi H'H'rVnl^. 

AHS#«'%rtil* [Ar«'i*on»s rnun firnr'- 
#0, to "^froiT »<»ttr/*) liiK'iiinmjj; »*nr, 

A"««'t^.* the pluml c<f ArE'Trn, 
"vinca^r," rtpjiliol in Fhanjiucy to 
|m!r|it/>ri<nM nf viiK'i^tir. 

Af^^e-tAb'u-ltifii," . [Frutn nrf'tttm, 

**rin«*j^4r"j \ little r«p iinvH by thnntt- 

^ff-nt* f'^r hobliu^ viueA^nn Applied, in 

tn thf r »ui*d unvity in the 0* 

■ >in wbicb rt'celvi^fl iho htttd of 

Av>-t»l« A CMiittwtnid n( tildtihyd^d 
with ether; formed by the action orpiit- 
t tuittt blank un this vii|M»r i>f alcubol 

I with I bo presence of *ixyi^en. It is n 
ci'K*rlc^#, very tlind Uipiid, hnvUi;: a 
I jitscutiitr iidiKf Migg«i«ting thai uf Muu- 
I gnry Hlnr*. 

I Ac-4^-tn'rl-iini,* plural A^Np-tn'rlx;.!. 
I [Fruiu uttftntt. " vme;;iir.'*) A lalud 
, inadi! f>f riMitH or berh« tniscil with nil, 
j mil, und vint'^ur. 

ArrlMVIiiiti ft<wr-bn''tl««*fiiti*'^ A 
kind ul' pickle for *tHirl»ijtic puticttt^. 

Af'n-tfitf, [ At^'tJiw, »•/»*.] A e*>m- 
biuiitjon of iir(.<liij iii'td with a ha;<in 
A-rM'Ir. [4c<»ficiiJ*; fi^ini otxVrfMi, 
1 *S ine^ijar/'] llehnij^ia^ to vinc^jriir. Ap- 
plied to tin lie id thi' pruduet vl aeotou« 
I A-<^t'l-4^* [From the mmo.] Phur- 
I m.tcciitical prenaritlioTim nf vin«fC)^r< 
I Acsf^'lo AcKI. [A^'lduiii Ace>t'l« 
mtti.] The totir prJninplc Avbicdi KKt^lin 
in %inej;nr. It <•- - 'v-foiitivd tu 

I *e**enil pn^liua* kbit* kmti^- 

I dt^ui; it U al«*» duriug tbo 

' ppontAnonun; feriiKMiUiaou ol many vi-j^ic- 
tub!e and nujuial juices. Twu kiiidA 
lire known in Phjirmney, — vi ' ' ' 
wef'irum ftthi'tttm, *' dilute ;- 
or coioinon dJ»ttlkMl viiie}«rir 
minute p<nti<«n«of iiueutabincd luuc^litgoj 
ticid cJilnHJtivo. Ai^titnm ttr4t^icHM fur** 
t< ■ - t." Thi* vnVtetjrj 

i- it(n from wood,] 

i:' .oiiiMCO deprivo<l 

*»f iu biifk, ituiL la lliL'ii loruied pyroli^- 
iicoui iioid: at^^ by dtuonipof^iug l\m 
ji ' ■ ' ' ' ' it in then 

I V bni mixed 

V. J f-ilo. it irt 

eallcil ^*Hvnty'i Arutiiaiut Ei^sttuce of 
Vinoi;nr/' iind Mfirseillcd or Thie%C'j* 
Vine;^jir, or VinnitjCff th* Qmtttf Yulrum 
tv^ucgn' d4 kutit \Vluit'). Soo U LA- 
CIA I, A«*ti>. 

A*c«lf.n-M'tJon. fArc>tifl<^i'tlo. 

o'»H«; fr.«UI ifrr'lHHi. (Ifld /tt'nii't to 

•'make."] The iH't or proces* of making 

A^'«*-tf t«^ [Aro'tto, I'f/* ,- from rr^ '* 

riij*!-] Ad erroneou* nauui fur tbo f-nlt 

of nrffmttt fH^'tf, Irt di'^tinction fmtn that 

of riihet^eiitiuUwcro 

rtt The proper 

A^-4^toin ^•M'r* [ AcpiofiK^ctrttm : 

from **rf*tifm. And ^f?*». , fi ** tneri-itue/*^ 
An lus'tttiineut for ii^t?frlaiuiu^ the 
ttn-rv^tb nJ vix^ejjor, 

Av'*^t^Mf'. A .•tibst«n*e ftmnd, U9 an 
impurity, a^i^oo uted with p^o-tujolio 
fpirit, or n3i|>b(1nt. 

AvHsUi'mi.^ [From </tv**. tft "bo 



aour.'*] Tho spocifio namo of Jinmcx 

A-oe-to-nel'la.^ [From nrcio'sn.] Tho 
former Pbarmucopcriiil namo (Lund. Ph. 
18.'iO) for tho Oxtt/in nretuMrlla» 

A-ce'toiiN. [AcetONiiM: from are'- 
tittii.] Pertaining to vinegar; acetic. 

A-cc'tuin.* [From a'cen, to **l>o 
sour."] Aeetio or acetous acid in a very 
diluted i<tate; common vinegar. Tho 
varieties of vinegar known in commorco 
arc three: — Win© vinegar, Malt vinegar, 
and Sugar vinegar. The strongest malt 
vinegar is termed proof vinegar, and is 
called by tho manufacturer No. 24 ; it is 
estimated to contain 4.73 per cent, of 
real acetic acid. See AtETit- Aciu. 

A^'e-tj^l. A hypothetical radical, 
produced by tho abstraction of two 
atoms of oxygen from ethyl, by oxi- 
dating processes. It pervades a series 
of compounds, including acctio acid, 
from which it derives its name. 

Aehipnliiin,^ a-kc'ne-um ; written 
also Avlie'nlniii. [From a, priv., and 
Xa(Vb>, to "open."] An indehiMveitt fruit: 
it is one-celled and one-seeded, dry, and 
having tho integuments of the seed dis- 
tinct from it. 

Aebeir, a-kir', or Achelrtis. See 

Acliillea,* ak-il-lo'a. A genus of 
syngenesious plants. The A, atje/atitm 
has properties similar to those of tansy. 
The ^1. iniUefo'linm, common yarrow or 
milfoil, IS sometimes used in dyspepsia, 
flatulence, etc. : also in haMuorrhage. 

A-4>hil'llM Toii'do.'» (Tho " Tendon 
of Achil'lcs.") The strong tendon of tho 
ycmtrorneiin'i, orfftittntcue'inimi and «o/ie't«« 
muscles. Also called Chorda Mauxa, 
or the *• great sinew." 

AehlroiiN, a-ki'rQs, or Achelrouii. 
[Aclil'ruM,orAcbcl'rus;from a, priv., 
and \cip, tho " hand."] Ilaving no hands. 

Achlainydeous, ak-Ia-mld'e-us. 
[Achlamyd'enfi; from a, priv., and 
X^a^t''*-, a ** short cloak."] Without calyx 
or corolla. 

Actiiie,* ak'ne. [Gr. Sx^n.] A shred of 
lint. A flako of mucous-like substance 
on tho cornea. 

AcholoiiN, aVo-lus. [Ach'olns; 
from a, priv., and ^0X17, "bile."] With- 
out bile ; deficient in bile. 

A'cbor,^ plural A-4'lio'rM. [Gr. d\'pj 
"scurf" or "dandruff."] A small pus- 
tule containing a straw-colored fluid, 
and forming scaly cru]itions about tho 
hca<l of young children; a sjiccies of 
scald-ho id. 

AehoristnH,* ak-o-ris'tus. [From a, 
priv., and X'-^P'^'w, to "separate."] A 
sign or symptom which is inseparable 
from (or which invariably accompanies) 
a particular state of health or disease. 

Acli'ro<^^ [From a, priv., and Xf^t 
** color."] A colorless state of the skin, 
caused by tho absence of the usual color- 
ing matter of tho rete Mucotum. Com- 

Acb'ro-mal'ic. [Achromat'lciM; 

from a, priv., and xy^^fta, "color."] That 
which does not admit tho colors of the 
solar spectrum. Lenses in which the 
prismatic aberration of light (caused by 
refraction) is corrected, are termed achro- 

A-4>hro'ma-ti6in. [AvhromatlM'- 
mitM; from the same.] Tho correction 
of tho aberration of light arising from 

Ach-ro'in^top'sV-9.^ [From a, priv., 
XpcJua, "color," and o^pti, ''vision."] 
Inability to distinguish colors: achro'- 

AcbylOMiM,* ak-e-lo'sis. [From a, 
priv., and X"^<V, "juice," and hence 
"chyle."] Deficient chylification. 

AchymoHiM,* ak-e-mo'sis. [From a, 
priv., and Xi'n^s, "chyme."] Deficient 

Ada,* a'she-%. [From acntf a " nee- 
dle."] A word used by Celsus, sup- 
))osed to mean tho thread in a needle 
with which a suture is made to join tho 
lips of a wound; also, the .^uture itself. 

A-elc'o-l^^ plural, A-€*i€*'ii-l«p. [Di- 
minutive of ncfui, a "needle."] A little 
necdlo: an a9'iculo. See Spici'LA. 

A-rie'ii-lar. [AflenlaVli*; from acic'- 
!(/«.] Like a small needle: spicular. 

A-eic'o-la^tetl. [Aeieula'tiuu] 

Ilaving HcicuifF. 

Ais'UU [A^'ldiiA, A^'klnm; from 
a'ceit, to "be sour."] Sour; sharp to tho 
taste, like vinegar. As a noun it signi- 
fies a compound substance which unites 
in definite proportions with alkaline 
bases, and has the property of turning 
vegetable blues to red. 

Af'Ma,^^ the plural of AcinrM, an acid. 

A^^I-difer-oiui. [Acidlfems; 

from «f'i'(/M/M, an "acid," and yeVo, to 
"bear."] Bearing or containing acid. 

A-eldI-n'9-ble. [Acldiflab'illH: 
from u'/iduMf "sour," and Ji'oy to "be- 
come."] Capable of becoming acid. 

A-rid'V-n-ra'lioii. [Avidlflra'tio, 
o'«/«.] The net or process of forming, 
or impregnoting with, aeid. See next 



'imSM4^. [Frnm a*f%Hu», ''aotir/* 
an J /'•»*.'. i«*'jmike."] To miiko »uur 
ift A>ii4: Ut I'unvort \o,Xf* urn m«id* 

Mv'*V/*««. «inl /tiVffs to "muko/'j Makinif 
meiTi • ^ * itito nil iu'id» 

A< rrtii>l>|»lc^ TUat 

Af^lit-lttt 4^ic^. [.tckllroWniitt: 

ftotn ns^'uiutti. &ri *'Jioi4.** ami m>-|»>''» a 

or Iho 

Ac-l«l*linV-tf^. fA<>tilimri^frliit 

1, or l»y 
wLiK uC ui uijcoijibiiitiil or free 

A-t»i u I . I > . [ AHil'lt m, »!fU : fnym 
wt't'iw*. '**Mur.*'] Tin* «(u<*iity of uour- 

Aeldomrtt^r* See Ar iniMi^Trn, 
A-riil II-I&-I4M1. [AcUlitlJi'taA; from 

tti'it jtitly jiL'iiJ.'J tilightly 

JI-« < I ' » ^. [Ael4l'atii*i; from 
the »i«<nr. [ cSiigtitly ftoi'l; snlmci<^- 

A<c'l-4|lint«*p1ariLl Acl-4l|^- [Theneu- 
l^T fono f»f «v*ff/fp*, ••*ijor."J Au At in, 

Arli^* it^nhe-ix or «'a«-?«. [From J<^, 
• "sUitrii |ioinL"j A name lor irvD or 

At*I*itn<'Y*<^^ii^ [A<*liiiU'SD>i^n&l»; 

frt>m «i.H/-<rt*, ^^ " n<4initnr."J In tl»© 
fortii of a «(iinnU«r. 
4<**l*ii^'»l*^» or Ali*I-n«»*f*I^^* 

[Prom ■, |iriv,j atiiI ttWnuu "uiutiiiii/'] 
\tf>SA of mulioQ in tho whole ur purl of 

Afl^iil,* Ttic pliiml of Art^rs, which 

A*4*ln1-rtp»ntt< f AHnlfbi^mhi; fmm 

](fO uf A ^n4}j« *>r 

A^i*i90nr« or Acl*»*»n«^ [Aellt*'- 

mnmx fr -m thw tanir.] Ilatrin^ •#*'^w*, 

A* Acl-iiSM.* [Gr. Avi>^, 

Hi" ,ii, - ' LI •■ cfrjii»ft."] Aji- 

to tho «inall 
li<* suWjin<?o 

»y lij ifi^notfi 
P du ..;,.. i„ ...iii Lhu fmlL tif 

(1i« hr4inMe» rupi «t^ Also i tp^^cks 

wf I hymn. 
Afi-l-pi.'a'«cv,* Tho irtUfg«on, a 

gctuis of lUhci fr'»tii ffbicli Uinglois b 
propiirf^fL Hiitt I«'urMV«*rtii.t.A* 

Arm<>.* [»ir. u«^i. tile •'jioiut.'* 
" t<fp," ** pf ri*Ml »*f gfifjiU'si V Igor-* I Tbo 
hi^he«^t Ui^grut;, t*r lacigUi;^ ol m ditotuc; 

Ar ite.^ [Su|i|»«'fe!ti ti* b«i ilvrni^il fnun 
ttr^tn'\ \*vi}Mi&e it i» fipt lu iitlccl ihus«» 
wli(» Are m l\m htoum i/f lik* ] A [mpii* . 
Iiir eriiptjuii, luoitlly act-urriji^; uii th 

fiioo, il»«t f tii' »■ - I'vtvi^iLiug tu the 

nvok, «>hou]H '"L 

Ae'uc Ro MtM^bc'i^). Pitn* 

ii m, (if M bright rosy K110, on tho tioso 
iinil c!f»iiti>;uoii4 fmrtdi of th(» ftt«<!u ui ^ 
WninkAnli;. Cullotl atao ftnfra /£o'«r(if ( 
lio«y droji. 
AcHPlliis^* f'Sc'ic Qji, or Ava^'lto*.* 

SFrittii d, |jrivM ».o*l #»iXjrt, the ''litlly/'] 
Inv in^ 110 IhtIIj ; WAiiteti I0 9Uch a df^reo 
A« to Uuvf* thii* Ap|ti«nnin^o. 

A*r«»l tv^^j^. [Aeolo'Ktnt frMtn'tMiv, 
A " n-moily/* Atifl >«y<v. a *Mii»co«r*e.*'] 
Tb<! tlmofriiio or Bcirnro of remtnltciA. Hy 
iomi^ the *crTn i^ Ui»itc«( f ' 1 ,, 

tlon of suri^uriil iiitJ nxa . 

A-r«»n'«l5''^l«Miai, fli I 

vdnH-iXat,, a '*ji»inl-"} Withuitt jnintiv 

A«'o*iiil€s The eoiumou oAUie fur 
Ae^isirVM NAi*i:Li r«^ 

Aranltlit^ uk 0'iM«h>-A,or A-con'V 
ll». [A4M»«tlirims f^ntn n*''ttti't**iM.] 
An AlkAlMiiIe4iti5titutinf:thf^ Aotivo fjrjnot- 
plo nf im-^tiite. It i§ n powvrf%i\ pvhou. 

Aoc^nit'le A^'lil. Au acid ubiaitic^l 
from i%niu>iris 

Ar'^t-nril ro li-ittn.* ("LoAf of 
Af^onife/*) The Phutuiiieo|juftiil aAiiiQ 
{{L^. Ph.) for »h« Ieti%e« of A^imt'tttrm 

AcDoril Rn'dlx.* (*' Rortt of Ado« 
ntfe/*) The l'tiuriuiieojiii:<iji1i namo | fur 
the root of A**nnitnm imfMtitm^ 

A«*i4^ill 'twill** [ Krtrin A <^*o«ir, n pInoQ 
in' vhrrnMt wov^f'^minon,] Tho 

I' I ill iiaiiu! I Br. Ph. » for tho 

Ic' ' i|t* nt A *'»!'» iUt lit tmjt^rl/itmm 

Aroiii tiiiit ^i»-|M*l'litM,' The eys» 
tetnAtio na^tnus of uconite. 

A''<*or, n'ri0* [Frnm rtVi»o, to "bo 
iotir/*] Aoulity. m m tho S'lotuitch from 

A««*'^rl*^' [From «, pHr.. »nil xayi^, 
ti> ♦•Rrttijity/*] Iii.'^ftfiAl*l«thima;er. 

A-ear^tU4frin«. | Aeov^miia: from o. 
|tnv., iin«i •^'/'/♦•K, tho 'Miank uf a trte."J 
JI»vinir no Mt^m. 

Ac'*>-rtiA,» Ac'o-rnin.* [Gr *lwir<>%l 
Th(t rhiirtiiiim)fia>uil numo (L<in«i. Ph. 
IS6CJ for .If f/*i»4 rn/£iJin«tt. A Lii 



gt'Oiia »r the t])i3i fh'jruHiirtn, ordcT 
Ac ariiM A-Al-nl'l^ruM^ A€*>'arudi V«'* 

AvuruM t'Hl'i»-mni«»'* TJji.' ^ysltiitiultc 
naiuv of the cuiniiiuti bVfvmi ting. 8c«o 
urcce<liiig nrltcle. 

1kvol> ledou,* ri-kciti-lCAloD. [i'>oiu 

i |>laut liiiviij^ uo ^i'cil-hfbc: withuuL u 
ootylciioD. Ill Itie piiirul, i^pplitnl io a 
d'lvis'um of Ihtj Ju»«iiviiiLa *jijlum» £f«tj 

A.C4>l>leil«»n«%* a-kot-l-li^do-nffs. 

[Froui ihe suiiio.J Acot,vledi)iioiiM plntitB; 

tyMon». The tcrni ii» u^uiilljr u{t}))icd 
Ui what arc moro cdiiimoul/ tiitfiteii 
ei7ptO)(aiTiIc pInnLti, ^tuch &« tenia, tnuvi'i j«, 
richf«ti^, «>tc.,iii which Lht?i'e jire nu tef<1p;, 
prupvrly »<* ohIUmI, hut which hiw \it^*\ni~ 
g:iiteil hy nndtvidcd <<i[iheriuul bodie;j 
uitllcd H|»i'rr«. 

A-<N>t-^-i«l'i>»iMMi». [Awjtylwlo'* 
Ii4*»ii. AiH»t3rlc*'ilanui«; fruut theKRme.] 
lluvja}^ iiu cH'tyliMjon ur »ccd4ubG. j^ee 

Arciiitiirlcv, riliMo'm^'ter or a-kow'^ 
Tti^-trr. [Ac'utt'inotntiai; frotii 4iin>^tij, 
tt» •' Uwjir/* Muil ^fp/wf. ii " iiUTaiiiir«v"i Au 
tn»lrijmeiit f^r c^titiiatmg the <?\i«ut of 

Aeoao|»hoitlo.* a-koo-o-fo'tie-^. 
[Fnmi *iffoij<a, to *'htsar," hihI 0«i»^, » 
♦*vm«'o" or "sinind."] A rootta of hiip* 
ettltttrion in which the ohnfrver pliw^fj^ 
hi» eiir on Ihu rhi^Ht iin*! iiiiuljrxus Uju 

A^^i'UH'nin, «//».• [From ilM^tif, to 
**heftr.*'| \ f[a«i'ioi of ife|H{ived hear- 
fni^t in which souudd ure itiitiiriiiud iia if 
rcAtlv liPEif'L 

Acmi*itlr« (i-kor»fr'tik or ii-kow'«tik. 
rA«*»iii«'l jeiin; frcin dieonffrAf, ji*'henrcr/*] 
Pprliiiiiinji i*> ^uuikI, or the iwn^^c of Uciir- 

aenituttf'ti fttftiif*ttm*-nlti) fur iUMifuv««. 

AiH»nMit* Oiirip Bee Mkati-h Au- 
nitoint *. 

A €««•!' I Ir Serf i». Thfuiinlitory nenrc*, 
or l*»rttn ntulli* i»f thi* iSiTVciith [n\\t. 

A-4*4Miii''tlf*«i» [Artftvtiii'tl^it; from 
Ati*{*h$^ Ui "hmf."] Tht" dootrtiio i»f the 
thiMiry find prinei|»lc» of «.>uiiili the t^ci- 
cinM* * f !i(MiniU 

Ar^iiWl*Hv«*-iie^«i. Ac<»r>rdlnj? to 
PhM'tntJoiry. Ihiii fatMihr or projunniiy 
«fhirh impoltf to the ncquUiiion of pro- 

,%rrH»|Mi1n^,* ft>kr^f/(i-)Ti^ or A* 

iTiiXij, "drunUon or gluttonous circerp.**J 
I'orrcpring the iifl«>ot« of cxccfc in cnUii|^ 
or diiiikiiig. 

A*4*ra'itf-^' I Fioiu a, priv.i untl 
irpuHo/^ I ho "craEiiuin."] A epcc^r» (tf 
dofretivc iiovoUp|>iiii'i]it ttini^irlvii;^ in pur- 
tiiil or I'ltnl iihrtiiacc yti the cniitiuiit/ 

Armlin," ti-ktu'(c?-)^. [Frutii d. priv., 
ttiid ir^ir*., *• (jtrL-ogtb/'J Wcftku*ie^, Im- 

Ac'Vkl. [From rt'crr^oraVrM/'^hiirp/'] 
A Urm ujipHc'ci to i^uhFliincvi» prutjuc.iig 
a d]t«iigroeuhlo ttfusv of irrUfltit ii or bum- 
injuf on tht' tongue or in the fnuec**, 

AcVl-nio-iij^. [AfTltiio'nrAs futn 
« rfi«, '• jfhurjj," " jicrid/*] A ^liwrji. rcriii, 
c«rrotii%r qiitirit)-, hitiiij^ to ihvttnituo* 

AeVlniaiix «»!' the llititttini. A 
change ^niiposed to taUi" plueu in th« 
fluids of thf hodv, cntij^iog dirtcane. 

A-orln'1-9,^ [Fruui u, priv«.itod »/kVw, 
to "discern," to *"flecrt}te/*] A dinii&n- 
lion or total ^upprefeiun of the aocrretiona. 

A-crl'al-9,^ [ F ro m « , pt i %' . ^ a nd rpie»c, 
n *'ju*%nicnL/'] A slate of di^eaMii in 
wlirch there i*i cilln r no cri**is, or in w hich 
no jiidirmcnt i>r opini' n can ht fi* 

AcVl-f^* [Frnni a, priv,,nnd *^H*ta^ 
U\ **dif»c«irn/' to " prrei'ivis" t" ''jiudjcr."] 
A j=uhdivi!«ion <d the lOtdtutu ot Cnvirr, 
iiududii));^ titiimnllf which have no traco 
of imy orpifiF of per«c*pti<»n or «.f awjr 
nrrv'otm m f;tetn. Jt comj^rohmdi? I'olypi, 
Infusoria, and i>ther iiniuiaU of the very 
lowo-^t tvp<?. 

A-<<rfl i*eMl. [Ae'rIlttNs frntn a, 
ftfiv., itJtd ^nr'i, ♦• judged, " fiofn ir|<iitii^ tu 
**jnd;;f»."] Ilnvin^' no rrgulur cneiat 

Ae-ro-h^Mll-n.* [From «*/w. "rx- 
trcmityp" and M**,*, to **covcr.'*] The pre- 

Ar'rcHtlont, [Ac'rodoii; from 

JU'p^i '* extremity" or "Mimmit/* and 
tkVtf, «rVjiKT-«<, a *'to«itb,"l Applied by 
Owen to itoaly ,S'***rii Kariinif tttdh an- 
ky lotted to thu «uniniit of thii ahtnjiar 

Ar-rik-ilj^nl^qu* [Fr«jn» ttr/w, *'rx- 
trenjily." rmd el'V.t^Ot "pain/*] Aaut« 
rhiuunati'^ni of the nxlrt'ittilicd, Uvad, 
hiuolf. or feet, 

Ar'r«t*Ai^*ti, An ncrof^(*noua plant. 
See iii'.vl lutioh', 

A-er«»^'cvtaati«, [A<*roA:'<*ittimi froin 
StKint', "*uininit/* iind >i.i.>, to " hv hofn/*J 
Growini^ from their U*\>^, The Latin 
it^nw m the pluni! fntninine (,4f?rm/*a*r, 
a-krnjV-»ir>) '\» appMi.d to plimli whteh 
jfr-'w from tlieir it\lvrna1 pf>it}ti4, and 
wbofe inorea^e \^ In lenvrth moiiily. 

Ar-tv-ifiii'iil^* (From ^k^u **ex- 



A«ert»'iii1-?it' 1^ t«*rf>ti»lii'll«*} Per* 

4*m»tM Km to S^¥f "ex- 

" '- k ..ij^uui,** add (Vi'fi llio 

|t»t>. * i4>*ri*ni-t*liu U-tlUiH, Arntiu- 

r*"^^-^-". ' '■ '-■ '■ -"■'^'rat" nr 

] Tbt' 
cord itt 
iktU<i*tNj ill cUm I>*u;.4. 
A«rt»tt > rwl* Sic Arirojirrfnrs. 

\p{«li*>4 »H >riM ft]»jji?unrr| 
• •I .<««)U!ntsl ami '^ ^ nl Aunrixu 

I trvmttied **( tbu in::rjii r : m Mther ivi»r«l4, 
«tiar9 i*t ptntieti whea 4>{i|^o9it«i tlio 

A«*n»MiSMrvw [Aer«Hn>l'riij fnim 

" - _ liir] rtKiutI juiulhiir.] A 

from the end uf secU^i 

ri J. 

A<«r«*<l i«£. LArrol'l<ni«s from ''rfwf. 

A4K'r>».flAin. TArn»IJii'iiitui; from «« 
l^riv , rlji? "jt«iLif."J A tietcct 

c-f II 

A** ! ' I 111*,* [From thrrif, i*r 

^ert«^ • "rny, j Kvhibitiii«» ihv form 
or mjipiptjiniticro «f rnji'A. The saino iia 

AvCfsi-IAtn. [ArflnU'ntiiii; rrt>in 
«n%.1 'I'IjJ linHM'ti ..f NtitHfal IMiUoft.M 
pIlT tt)«3 ritelmtinii of 

!j<"jf »v*jf fff'fD iisfinlty 

i ', MM*™ I*''- 





T %rn 

. -ilfiio^'cruw: rruiii 

♦to*jr».*'J Uu\ ing purt^ 



. Tlir* "ntni* n?* ArTlJfcun^ 


[Arllitwl*!!'^: fnim 


il ^r.^.. n ■*f».riii,"] Kc. 


1 11 fuy. 

A.'-.-. . 

. . [ AftliiaiCihiiMS rroui 

iirtU, a'Uj 

>/' liijj ^tft*,. u "ntumn**] A 

'Ae-tliiH»m't*-tpr« [Actlo«iu'<>« 

•ruiiiii Iri^m tf*r( , o "mr/' uiiti /"rp»>» u 
**inei4i(iir«/'J Au iustntmtuU fur ludi- 
oa(it)^ tli^ iiitivij;etli iii tb«' f\}ti't mji. 

Ac«tlii-«>-»f»'utii,'' fir Ac^■tin•o-m»• 
on^ (l>liirnl Actliioso''»K [Fr<«in airn*'. 

t!<?rhil« Afrphf.ttft (iHtitriru hn\'\\x^ ftp- 
iK'nJu^'f?, MPi'l '4trn tin* iidtm uf tU« sur- 

fjVCiS niflijl^'rl. 

Ac'lloti. [Ar'tio* o'lnV ; from aV'* 
w^-'rfjw*, to *Ni»i/* to *'»ct/'3 Tbii excr» 
CM© of an iicti*n power; » fmsuUy or 
luiicMKn nf the linfly. 

Ar'flvt*. [ Ifli'mxi; fntm th«j«ain<'.] 
Actid;^ Hlib I'tiiT^y, Apptiod to trout- 
tnmt i»f tUf e^ick, to fM*rtAtn tneilitftnei^ 
and t't nuf jiUnil rcintniits^^ 

Ap'ttt-nl ( 'jui 't«*ri^< [From t^tfat, io 

"bran'liiig-inin. "J A red-hot irnrit f>r 
fir<% uj?imI by aur^ts jo* a* u cjiutwry* !k>- 
cnttao it r^ttlly hmm afriiv the pnrt or 
*iurfrtr«3 t<f which it ** iiff ' ' fitra* 

liliftinctlon t<» <'iiu?*ti(? >mi iiu'd 

pii{i«nttnl C3itit(*ri(^", win ; « » 

liiimiUr result wilhifuC ticiuiU t>urnlnK< 


r««, [Aeul<*A'tn«: frotn 
; rirklr^} Iin v lit ^ prickles. 

\ |M-ii"k)0 ftjrisinif from tb«j Kftrk «r «pl- 
il iff of :» phi lit, find 

^% 4 otl wJ«J» fl'i* bnrk- 

from u'tt'irir/f, «»'«*>rfrM>», « ** point," 
" Khiirpnest/*] Pointed; bLperin^ to s 

Ac-»n-|iiN*%'*tfon. [Acti j>iH«%'*tlc»; frotn 

#»'cu», u '*iicctlh'," und /trr'jrti*, firm'^ttm^ 

t<) •• prew."] Dr. .T. ^ . Simpson's pl»ti of 
ji^cf^urifig N^3itn>«t h:t<itit»rrh»^p in wtiutnU 
or ope nit ion?*, }ty in,-;rrting li ti^i^dlo 
fhrmtiih I hi' i»Uiii In tow Hm* divided vhii* 
i^i 1. iia I K'tuniin;; il^ (Miint to the ciitn- 
iiKoijit iitirnit'!«> np^ain, ihf!i cndii being \vft 
futi to n ^iiffieteiit e.\t«rit, 

At^-a'piiiifltirt*. [Aent>tinrttt''rai 
fnun '(V«*, II ^* ui't'^iWot*' iim\ fjutt'ffitff/itnr'' 
tHut, to '*pri<d(/'J A inmll puuitum 
mii'lc with a ti'M^dl*^ 

A'mM niri-tin-la'r^* A Lmocbaf : il 
cikiiniihit'd urrdlv {ii>v>\ iit ^iK'^c-ry. 

A 4*ii« f it*i«''r-|»iinr-Cf>Vi-^.'' A 
iioudiin'^ uredJc, lifted ill t»[ criktiiig on 
tbi' < \ 1% 

A'ciim l>|tti-flsArrn]-e9.* A c{turdtit)g 
or iiphthaluiiti ncvdle. 





Sterility in 

A Vim Tri'^a^*'tnu* A fcrooliMt a 

A«*fil-nn'Kii-i4%rt or Ai^-fil^nn'ipif 
lillr. [Ac'ut4iii^ulH'rl«i« AniiMiicfii* 
Ilk tiiJt; IroMi tutt't***, "fliiiiris" timl 
*fji'«/"/M*> » **ot»nior/"j Having uli^rp 

A^e^Vt', [ArH'lwmt from nf<'uo,nf>tt'- 
tttm^ 1(1 " .^Uai'^^ciii," tu ** ])oirit/'J Kiidiiig 
iti n |>Hiijt* A|*p]io«i Hljfo in (i]J!M>)ii)<^t<.^ 
hnriti^ vinlunt M)'tii|»tutiitf tiUt'utteii wilb 
ilun;;vrr uiid ttTtu muting withiti a tow 

A«-ti-tc»u«bc'ii-1iim«* [FrniQ a'<*K#, i^ 
^'iiumJto/' iMiU lemit'tilum, ft **bfiiiill0."] 
A bnnrno for a Deedlo. AUo e*lle«l f* ^r**- 

A«fy>*n«»>l>tepSl>iik* [From «.priv„ 

irfariv, ** bltic," jiij<i jJMsrta, to ** look." tt 
"mms"1 T>l' ' ' ' , which Muo 

color (]»i}u<<t 

Ail. A Lnlin pn?jiosUion nx^mtytntf 
**h\" *'i»t,""by," 'UMWurili"," '"iii'iir," 
•'with/' etc in oompotinii wi>r«l» thi^ 
1/ i» iiiititny ohAiit^nd to CMrrifi»|i<»iid with 
th« rftUnwing l<jtt«^r, Thii?. nd becomes 
nr bvfuro f, nl bcfuri! f^ up bofort' p, etc. 

A*l. «ir All<l. -= A*i*tlr, ittittn'tutf^ tslc. 
"A<bh" or**]t't (hero hv^ Ofidcd." 

All VH'it Attfiitl => ^^ df/rHmn^^w 
iiffiVu* oiil (lo-h'keltC'O'neiii iiaViut)* 
*' To fniulini:/' 

All I>«*ll(iiilniii* (•]i>'1ik'wo-Qm)* or 
Ad f»4*tl4| uluan Ati'tntL* 'To fumt' 
iug." IJMid til UimotioiiA lur voiiv«eotiun, 

All a Vi*. = Arf r/u'ff* riVr*.* "At 

two titnc*.** or "*»t Iwiro uklng/' 

Atl I jli, ^ ylr^ tihi'tHm* ''At jilea- 

A-dftf'r^f*^* fFrom <i. ftrW., iihil 
Ai«|.'».v ■ "imr*'] A ih^flt4cn«y of iho 

I'brymul MMfrtioti. 

Aiiirnittiiia.* MHle-mo'ne-ii. [Froni 
, pn\r, niid i>tiftnn; " f**rtiifi**/'] Tteillt.iS'a 
or unhn|if»v ttumprhti^ iinxietv* 

Ail'Qb*miint. f A«f'nirtn«. A ff nmnn** 

IWn from a, r, 
Lilvrallv* " t 

h»irdfif?«^] fiinu* ;..i -,,■., 

tbi^ hnidi<<t of nil ^ub'liiDCi.v 

Ail-^tnnii'llni*, [A4lntii*ii'tlfiii«: 

0(-*<> nT Iti-trr of nilntiimiL 

A<lMm*« A|»|»lf>. -; r'— * " !«,»»., 
Ad^ftft'lor. ^ ! 

_ftir iuor^'[i*iafj tb" 

n^tofl, or for coniuu-.titij; the retort 
tth fho rvHJvivtfr, wtivrv tbo ofifloo «)l' 

th« lot In r is not lurg« viiougli io Admit 
thfl lioak of tbo n^tort. 

AilfU^plm'Irt*^* IFriiui iLVf or 
uiVf/ir, **ubundjintiy»'* nn<J "/'tfyii*, to "•out,"] 
I ViPi iicjuLifl iippu^titi;, or /iuhniifi. 

Atl'<ll*«M)ia*» l>liM4Mi«M''. The J/r/ctaifui 
: 9itjtr4i'rrmiU^ (irHt rlt'^cribod by hitIK 
A«l-<ll*t<t*ntcii'tiiin.* [Fmiii fif/'tloy 

ntf'dittim, It* "tttid" ur **«<^oin/*J A 
j HiottU «uturc ^•»iijulimc« t'uutiit nddtnl to 
tbv hiiubdoid and »<« in din on ft 8iiturc4. 

Aif-^ln'cftra,^ [From tt«i, **tu^" audi 
*/«'eo, to "lead,'* tw "drftw/'j Drftiving 
together: nddu'ceiiL 

Acl-4ltic'llon, I Afkliic'tio, o'fit«; 
from the «iiime.] Tbnt rtiov* tiu'tit by 
which one }i>ort, tie a hiitb or litic«r« ut 
^ dmwn to itniithfr, or to the tner^in) lino. 

Ad-<lac'tor«»'rit,« [Fruui lhvrjtto«.] 
Apfdieri tjt tiuirrte^ tbut pi^rforiD Addue* 
t i(iri . 81^? A Mil Ut.yA u. 

A'clf'ii,**' pe»», Ail't^ltlM, [Or. liM^, * 
"gliiiid."] A irbunb A l)ub*n 

A«l*4*n«l^rtl««u* [Froiii d/K*s % 

"^liiud," ««d «\)*s, '*[»»»«/*] !•«»» in a 
glimd; iideowl'^tiy. 

A4l'«^ti-c>iii-t»tirvuc'liiw* I From aintf, n 
"jrliiiMl," nod «>;fHC*<i '* oh#lrut3tiim,"] 
inundiilitr obAtniiititto, 

Ail-cMil-fbrtn. [AiloiilA»mi'l« t 
fr«ni uiiiu, n "f*lnnd.'*j l\.nni'tl tikes 
j^liitid; glniidiroDii. 8t}C Am xoih. 

Afl-t^M'liN, Ui*^ [FP'tD «.i4*, » 
''^laud."J Iiiftuiiitnutiuti of ji gliunl; 

AiT <*ii<««>lf ai 'I-^* [ From dihv, «Ai*^, 
ti *'gbujd/' And ikW^. *'}»ain,"j Pain in A 
gliitid. Sec At>r^Ai.fliA. 

A«l»mt-<iv'r9»|kM% |A«lriMiirnt|>ii'« 
In: fr-^m m<^^ % 4* "jrlntid. ' »nd yfr^yth^ to 
♦♦i»nte/'1 A Irrjitbu or diii»vrtiitioti UD j 
the irbtndiilnr ty'^ti-tn. 

Ad'i*nH»lil. [Afleiior<l«ii| from i»^4v, 
% '*gbiiid/' ttnd <hW^^ a "form/'] Kesoiy- 
blin^ li ^IrttirK 

Ad-c>ii-«l'o*|fef. [Ailetiol<»'iclii;frum 
M'V, n 'jflttini/' nnd AA)«k, n *Nlo*eouiTMj/*] 
The d>'otrini^ of tho i;ltinduUr ^yHmn. 
Tbf 'Hprf*** whif»h trrnt* of glonda or 

I kt«*-titt.* [From 4i^\ 

.. ^... — >(, JI '*mrM»bran»."j 

I Applied Io tnucoiH or |vituit^ius rev^r 

f AV^rft ffffr-ftftttraimfrrt b brCNUttt^ lb© 

I folUeutur elnndtf ol the 
held to W tbe ohief ee«tl 


A«l>n-4»n-n»'i»lii,* or %fl>ii-oft«k4»** 

«ll«,' { From ru^'iir. II *' ^lillld/* «tid ^v6at^ 

j to •♦puflf up** or **«weU/'j Swvlliog of ft 



ADKvo.%i.cit>i^rif, vrhioh f«o 
AilriiHi-»«'*i'r«»«»ii«-* [From Mnv^ 
*' i;lttii(l/ . n " nerve") Ap- 

an), b«t > < 't in Uji« Oervos 

I ftnl (yiiipi' *>t Uo ftxilU Mid 

I [FririD ii^iT^-. t» "jfluiiil,' urni f^itf^yf, tho 
**iiliirvnx^. '] hidaifiuijihua af tb« itm- 

A<l>n*«»pta-tliAl'iiil-i^' [From ti^^^, 

« anJ */"^«V^ii4, the "eye/*] In- 

I I 4»r the MeilMoiiiu gtaDds; 

ii, .. ., .,... . 1. vt'iur- 

Ail'«n*»*|ih^'tit9.* [From i^f, a 
••gUn*/* Hint yV** » **t«nior."] The 
r*v*^liui4 of n ^iMtnt. Wlicu it uttaui-j iu 

• ", TiAi^t*, to **bi*r4cii/*] 

A b^ L tfwtflling uf » kIhu«1^ 

not *>{ a lijirrh'iu* ^liurnrU^r. 

AilVf9-4trtM«. [AitPttoSitti; frmn *%'H*tt, 

Atf*«n-ocWmi^. [Adenc^to'inla; 

to '*<:^nt."] D.iACdltoti of lb« ^Isinitri. 

All4>P^lfeltSi*- ^*^^ A (HI IS Pit ,1 1)1 A. 

A'«i«|M«<eit. Ad'WpiM.* A Liktiutcnn, 

ttgniryiuj^ fat, nniriiitl *ti\. 
A'ilVp« .%ii-^»r-l Hit^* Gort«e (jrvo^i?, 
A'llefM 4Ki U'laji.'' Fat of tUti febiiop; 



A'd91i<» Sn-ll'lit».* ITog'^ Ijirri; A^- 

Ad«lie'«j«in. [AilUtr'«lu, i»'niM; 

from *itf, *' lt(." ami k.^'if^^, fnr**nm, to 
**tttoW."J TKftt priipnriy by which oor- 
taitt I»i4i»!» nUr^ujt otburs, ur tboir par- 
tiet«i ft'lWrfl to cAob other. Ono of ibe 
lennin^iiotif of iiiftftmmtitirin. 

Ad-bt*'Mv4% [Adht»iil'%'ii«: from 
lhi« name.) Havui^ (h« pruperfy of »•!* 

AdlM''ftl«^ ln<ltii«n*tnA'fl4»ti. [In* 

fT MM.M ^ '■',. -■rr,-,r. f . - -^ 

lYfttai : viim.] rontiti'in nnm« 

f-jr I i I m Id Ki'.Jtix c. wbn?b ^CHJ. 

Ad-I««ut in«it«" [fir i*'V<i»'r««'i frtiin «, 
pflT.- Afi'l ^rtMfj, tn •• in4tii*tcn ;" *« nMincfl 
IfMSjUi^ Im>^ jul'V thjiii III. my olhcr 

ftsms, ot ber 1111*50 th« h?aT«is nfw not 
oft!^ily inc»i?tciie»l,J A ji^cnue ol lerrw 
CMJIe*) miildeii bill ft from which tixyruf 
tt^riricil ctip^ltnirt' \s prcpaiHid. 8eo 04 

A-di 9-ph«Hr«'iilji.* [Fi'om a, priv,, 
nnd Ai(f^|ktu»„ to ** |M]r#pire.'"J Tlenciisiit 
9utitii»ttu» pur^pirfttiou, 6eo Apui*- 


A^clI-Aikti'aKntii.* [Fnitn a, prtr,, And 
i^i«;»c^, to "(iitTvr/'J F**rii»rrly aftplirnl 
to iiio»lioiti«i which Jitl ouitbur k*>^*^ «*»r 
hnnu; aI»q Io ooutrAl cmlU: AdiApbV 

A-dri%|HiiMi»'t1-fk* [Froin «. priv«, 
Miiil f^iarfita, \Q ♦' brc:tthc thmiigh/* ic» 
•*or»p<>rfttc."] Tho ahsorio*. ob«tfuetiniS| 
or tliniiniifioii uf |>«3r$)piruttirQ. 

Adlpoerrt"^ "t AdlfMM*lrfls tufc-po- 
sZr\ [AdliMtcc'rn; from »i'f^y»*, "if/'frtM, 
*' fal," Ami t**-'*'!!, " wux/*] A peculinr 
sulMtrini^c liko fia, nr iipontiACK'th fiirm««i 
by lUe »(H»jttai)uoU4 euav«r?ion of tlip 
fleah of innn or otbir Atiimnlf whoa 
pbicietl ftir ACon.Hjtlcrnblc pcrioil iu moiht 
jiituiitlim^ or uDilcr water; Alao called 

Ad'l^pofMv [ Adl|>o^»it« t ^romad^p^t 


ii/%>(t, "fat/'J or tbo tiAttirQ of ftktr 

Ad'IpoAe Ar'lo>rl(*ii. The b.-;tncbt^s 
of itio irnfrphni<4iiiitti'\ eipiiilur, atj'l 
rciml Aftoriea, beona^u tbcy supply I bo 
fat round tb^* kMffirv*, 

A<1 ' I piwie M c-^tn'tir Aiie, Ad I |»oin> 
Tl»'«iic* Celluhir meusbnine with fat 
04.)|bHiir'i irii itn rcIJs, 

Ad*l-pa'i»l«b** [From rt'rUjm.] Tba 
growth nf rAln<^94 *»r olw>ity. 

AfllpMlHRk* [From <t^ pnr.. And ^icjE^a, 
•'tbif^t."] Abetnco *>t thirst; a ^iiua 
«f lb« order Z^y <«"<*(? j*i>, c1a"*« Lnr**U*t 
of Ciillcira nris doi'y. 

A-41 Ip'fMttiMk. [ AdI p'wnii, nr Ad Ip'iMiei) 
from the fliiitie.j AllAyin^ tbir*l. Ap- 
p'i '■ " it»e3 And fruit- tibicb *oftft, 

>*v [A<Ueirll>fiA3 futto 
M , I'f^wi^ to ** (idd to."] Ap 

pliui to tjijlorifig KUiHcrn which requirs 
tn Kp fitud tbrntijrb »bp l^ddttioii »d AD- 

• iiAt fri>iffl 

, '^ <dherrc- 

Ad*tiit&'lfirfs [Adifiinto'iti; ham, 
»jt/. "to" or *' with,** und )«»%V»o, «irf«V»fJM 
v.r ftn'x'titm, to "iiiixw"] A muiu); «t 
bbtidiiij^ one mi bounce with AliMbcr. 

AdiiM»V. = AtlMu'*t* *'iipidy," Of 
Atlmoftit'fui'^* "let Ibore be iippliedJ* 

Ad Hill M. He© TtmjCA AsatAtJi. 



Acl'nj&fe. [A<ln»'fii»; from ar/, ''to/' 
and nan < or J mitn», to "bo born," to 
•*grow."] Cimnected or gn»wn together. 

Afl-o-l^'o«iftee. T AdolettceiiUa, 

ad-o-lei»-0cn'tihc-}}i ; from <i (/•//«■«' co, t«» 
"grow," to "grow up to maturity."] 
Youth; the |icriod between puberty and 
fulldcvelopmout: from fourteen or fifteen 
to about twenty-five in males, and from 
twelve or thirteen to twenty-one in 

Ad-op'ter. The same as AnAPTER. 

Ad-ofi-«u-la'tioii. [Adoscula'Uo, 
o'uis ; from od, "to" or "towards," and 
oBculory OMcnlatutf, to " ki»3."] The im- 
pregnation of plants by the pollen coming 
in contact with the pistils; the joining or 
inserting one part of the plant into an- 
other. AUo the external contact of the 
genital organs of the opposite sexes in 
birds and U.^'hcs during impregnation, 
instead of the insertion of that of the 

Ad Pon'dus Om'iil-nni.* " To the 
weight of the whole." Used in prescrip- 
tions to indicate the proportion of some 
particular ingredient. 

AdrafSk. nihln. Set Tragacanthik. 

Adfftt. Fe'bre = Adatan'te fc^bre.* 
"Fever being present," or when the 
fever is on. 

Ad'iilt. [Adnl'tas; from adoleo^ 
ndnttum, to "grow up."] Applied to 
animals arrived at maturity ; also some- 
times applied to plants. Sec Mtah, 

Ad-nl-te-ra'tion. [Adnltera'tio* 
o'ln**; from ndut^tcm, aditifertt'tum, to 
" adulterate," to " counterfeit."] The cor- 
rupting of pure ingredients with others 
resembling them, but of inferior value. 

A-diiM'ilon. [ A<liui'tlo« o'iii'« ; from 
adn'i'o, ftduHtuin, to "V>um," to "scorch."] 
A synonym of cauterization ; the appli- 
cation of the actual cautery to any part 
of the body. See Ambi'stio. 

AflventltlonH* ad-ven-tish'Qs. [Ad- 
ventl'Uiui; from adic'ulo, adren'tiun, to 
*'como to," to "come to accidentally."] 
That which is accidental or acquired, in 
opposition to what is natural or heredi- 

Ad-ver-nl-fo'll-ate. [Advenilfb'- 
IIim; from odrer'^uft, "against," and./V/- 
iinm. a "leat."] Having leaves against 
or opposite to each other. 

A<l-5-n»'iiiI-^* (From a, priv., and 
i^i'rttf«$, " power."] Lojsg or deficiency of 
vital power: adyn'amy. 

Ad-j^-nani'ic. [A<lyiiaiii'l<mfi.] 
Pertaining to Atii/immin. 

jUdwiiiH (e-d*e-i'ti.«), idi" * [From 

aiSoTaf the "parts of generation/' the 
" pudenda."] Inflammation of the pu« 

iKdcMMlyiiia,^ e-de-o-di|i'e-^ [From 
ai^ia, tho " pudenda," and AJi>i/»», " pain."] 
Pain in the genital organs, from what- 
ever cause. 

.£-dce-o-firi^'phI-^* [From ai'^ra, 
the "pudenda/' and ypai^y to "write."] 
Description of the parts of generation. 

^£-d<e-o-lo'g:i-^« [From wioXa, the 
"pudenda," and XiJyuf, a "discourse."] 
A treatise on the part« of generation, 
their structure and functions ; also that 
branch of Anatomy or Physiology treat- 
ing of the same. 

.S-dce-op-fto'pliti^* or JB-dop-«o'- 
pbl-n«^ [From ai(V>ra, the "pudenda," 
and xl/ot^u>f to "make a noise."] The 
^ound caused by the escape of wind 
from the womb per taffinantf or from 
the blad<ier7>er urrtkram, in females. 

JE«-d€e-oii'€m-pj^. [MkHoMmco'pitL, 
or ^Edopop'sia; from aiSola, the "pu- 
denda," oKotriui, to "see/' &//ij, "vision."] 
Examination or inspection of tho pu- 

j£-doe-ot'o-inj^« [JEdneot»'miH% 
from aiVoFa. tho "pudenda," and re^ioi, to 
"cut"] The anatomy or dissection of 
the parts of generation. 

.<E-fpi«r-r(»-pl'luN.* [From oTyay/iof, 
the "wihl goat," and riXo$, "hair wrought 
into felL"] A concretion fonnd in the 
stomach of goat«, deer, cows, etc., com- 
posed of hair collected on tho tongue of 
the animal in licking itself, and swal- 

.a:(lilop«(ej'il-ops),o'p/«.* [From oTf, 
fiiydj, a "goat," and totp, the "eye."] A 
sinuous ulcer under the inner angle of 
tho eye. 60 called from its resemblance 
to the larmier or infra-orbital glandular 
sac of goats: now considered to be only 
a stage of tho^/itfii/ri lavhrymnii*, 

.J^^XObroiichopboiiy, ego-bron-kof. 
o-no. [^Xipobroncbopbo'niA; from 
(u^, a "goat." and bromlutpho'uin.] The 
bleating and bronchial voice ; the prin- 
cipal symptom in pleurtr-pneumonia. 
See BHONcnoi'iioxY. 

.<K-Ko'nI-^« (Contraction of ufCfjo- 
phtt'uitt.) A minor degree of a?go()hony, 
or a resonance of voice intermetliate be- 
tween well-marked bronchophony and 

iE^ropbony, e-gofo-ne. [.A^iropbo'- 
nla: from oT^, »iiy<if. a " iront," and 0<j»'»7, 
the "voice."] In auscultation, a strong 
resonance of the voice, jerking and 
tremulou:<, like that of tho goat or kid. 




i>1l|»ll4o, f-or^-pil, [Pmni ^K*.^/***, 
"• gml of Ihr wind*." uii4 pi'ttt, o 

b^ilittw \rA\i <*r irtrltit nrttli liiii'» oritlco* uii 

Mtc •ldi'3. rr wi^frr l.»- |«Ia^«| in 

I hull »nil III. ilit* 

|i*f Ihi' Itttt. urniO' 

I iDiy I'O i» ■ f ..^.^..uicjito u 

S* e tt'rey, [PnMii iuoi|ifj4« to ** rftt^c 

* Mil*] (i'iitft^ t<' 
"] f.itrf-nllir. ft 
r wrbn h 
(r> tlio 
■.iiit^ 4< . ( 1 M,. la Mi'- 

Hi'inr i( ^i„ tiiuu]i uAtiou 

J!?'i|lil«%'«Ui4'tl* ^.ll^itJtAf vIm; fntm 

H • - ^|♦pllV^ 

d- ] \\kv iuaur.Al i4;r wra brellUie: I 
hliitrb «ir. 

■--' "-■- -...^..-] 

A Vr nm'mi.* f\i^A air^ or o^rbonie 

A-4^>l-a1 A^'lil. Carbonic iu<id ^as, 
Ac^Hl»l PIftnta. Ceruiu ptitiit!; whU'h 

eun 1iv« »iv ab»4ii|i(i>tn rn>m tb*» ntiii'*- 
r. quiring Ihoir rt>»U (<* 

I ! loe : iu the /VtM tif^iU, 

fftrkfn *fV'. "nif/* nn.t /'/>'», in "bi^nr," (ri 
A|»f«lknt Ut »b« 
• ipf*, bronehi, f»i*i. 
lfm*t irom *t'it% **»ir'* or *'gtt«," mi«l 
Al^CvV, to j-tm-k**."! The uunrorUn^g of 

[Afrift^r'itiU? from 

^ .,. . _;a-."l llti* iiig Ilio form 

% . f t r -i* < l jp rt'itwft^i^f . [A<* Ftlj i i ftin'l- 

li TrhcAir. 

:.j .. :-», [Af^foHjrtt* 

„ .-Jl« If urn lb** •Ufie.] Tho ili»<-trim? 

th« ttir ttnl it# |>r«ip«rri«tf «rbik in 

A-^r-«K^r^|»lif . [ Af*ftl«Tm>ll'lil t 

,fciai J»Vr, " HIT/* ilft'1 **J'v''*.* to *• nnli '*J 
A ilrftfiptmii tif lb« J* It 

Af^M^IMc^ u'er i»-llt : wfittAn also 
A'f^rcKlltli. [Kroiii 4^^ tb*» "ntmf*- 

inot«urb« tfUitia wbii^h fmlln fr»fUi IIih 
li«tfv^nft: fill it^'nttite or AiToUUi. Wtut 
(iMttic^l ii Xt*tf ytuiitt>, 8<*c Rmontoi.itii* 

A-<*rMil'€»-|^^. [Aerol»'|pli»; from 
a»t^ *'ikir,*' nrul Ajy*;, o »* discourse."] A 
trpAtiK! iif cousitleraltoo of llie |irnp«r- 
iXtn *»f (lit, 

A^^'r^ni'cwfpr* (AonHiiVlmiai 
from .i.^>. **nir/' ntid t*hin>*, ii " luia^utc/'l 
An iii.'^trwtm'ut f*»f nst^irt^iining thp 
Ittcnri balk (>i ifu?^<'«. 

A*«r-«iil'«^trj^. [A«tffM»iii4«'lrlii; 

from tbc *sntn»*.J Tbt* ii«ocrliiiiiin^ at 
Mie pbvffioil I tr<» portliest of utiiiofphcrio 
ftir, tbeir nuhiitt tiiht history- 

A-t*r-<»-|»ho'hl-^* [¥\''>m .|/;^**Air/* 
And if'*dfK, " rtiiir/'] A 4Jn'ad nf nnj cur- 
rciit c>f liir ; (wfBuip.^' in bvdf i^|»bobbi ftod 
Mtmo utbiT ittrriffcs it intluctiA & p4UX>X- 
ywtii : ni^rnph'oby. 

At^ru|*li^t4v ft^r-n-pblL [A«>«H>|»li'* 
jrtlltli; Iron) firii/«. **aiir." und ^tmi/, iik 
" plMiit"] A ptnnt Ihot lire* in tb© air 
tnrifti.iut bi'iiij; routed iu the «sirlb. H«e 
Akium, Plants. 

A-4wriM'euN»|>j^. fFmm «4p, " ftlr,** 
niMt TV- . Ui '*KuiTeiir." to '^cxummn."] 
Tl ^lonofibonir 

'*. f-*r«»w»ii frt'in irf, 
m***", ro[ [^ir* or "* l*riv-'i/*J Of Ibe 
Qiiturr of roppfr; cupfery* 

AM'r-4»>^tai.t'le« [Af'ro^if«l'l4*iifit 

fruHi fih\ "iMr/* «ntl ffTit*;^ , no© 

of m^ijibt*,*'] PrrtAiniti n»o 

of Ihe itiM^rUr i.f tiir, or 

AH* r oomt'lfti» (fft; 

frtiui I be iminp.] Tbr • air, 

rt» ppoctUtr ^ravUjr, uud propoiticw In % 
ftiilc of fv#t. 

A-erMMk-fii'llcin. fAprontn'llo, 

4>%rM ; h"*n\ M'r , , HTid «''•, ttt/ftint, lo 
"sLutid/'j Lilt'.nilljii,, " nfjui'liri L-- itirhfinif 

iiMpciidc*!) in the Air/* i utid 

fupporrSng uf henvjr bmiji .my- 

AA^y o( bcuUnl tir or li^Mit gn'r.« ««. 
eeived into » tphcrical btig caMoU ft 

.l>-r^'«i>« l^>K.* ("rnppprj 

Ptone/'i A t>niite ("T /ri^.»# fff(nf*»utun«, 
from the nrd Jon tiT i .r*. 

^l^ru'|tlft-oii»« 4*ii«. 

riirt:ittiifi^ to <roiiprr-ruHt. or %'nniiprta, 
\p^dt»*d ro A !dni»b-{rr«*m «nl<ir lik« 
verdigris, or Hke tbt* tpAVts of smxw yinur 

.fi*m'fi«K* i;eii. Jl^m'ic^t»*%m, [Coa- 
truotiua of v'rtM tftbt*^, tbe '*ru«t ofoop* 



per." Sco ^s.] The rust of a metal, 
especially copper. The Pharmacopoeial 
name (Lond. und Ed. Ph.) of the impure 
Bubacetate of coppvr. Bee Verdigris. 

JEh^* gen. iCrin. The Latin term for 
"c«»pper" or ** brass.'* 

.«» C^rin'UftI-aiii.« [^«, '"brass," 
and rofHi'fAiN*. beb^nging to "Corinth."] 
A kind of brass produced, as it is said, by 
an accidental mixture of metals at the 
burning of Corinth. It appears, how- 
ever, from Pliny, to have been in use in 
Corinth long before the burning of that 

.fill Us'tam.* [.Es, "copper/* and 
v/fiM, "burnt;** from «'rf>, Ms'fHm, to 
'* burn."] Burnt copper ; a preparation 
consisting of equal parts of copper and 
rough brimstone, laid in strata, with a 
small quantity of common salt sprinkled 
on each layer, and exposed to the fire 
till the brimstone is burned out It has 
been called -fJ* VeHertB ( Venu9 being one 
of the ancient names for copper ), *£• crt- 
waVNM, Ci^Htt «•>»•, Cto'cM» \ em'erUf etc, 

^fi»ralln« or ^GaroUne, d>'ku-lin. 
An alkaloid lately discovered in the bark 
of the »K*tHlH* IlipfMcanttaHMMt or horse- 
chestnut : suppo9e<l to be a febrifuge. 

JEnUU^u^* Os-ta't«s. [The nominative 
plural oftr/ia*y "summer."] Heat-spots; 
frei'kles; sunbumings. See Ei*helis. 

^BrtlMsIm* «^s-tho'se-^ [From dtaBl- 
Myt-ii. to " perceive," to " feel."] Per- 
ception; feeling: sensibility. 

.fiOlMiin,* 6s-thc'sis. [Frt^m the 
same.] Fccliug or sensibility : also, sense 
or sensation. 

JQi*tlM4'iC!. [.£«UM«'i«w; fn^m 
the same.] Pert.iining to the under- 
standing, or mental perception. The 
Latin term, in the plural neuter (.i^«- 
tkft'ica), forms the name of an order of 
the cla^ .VrnTbiica in Dr. Good's ar- 

.£»4lMC'le». [JPaUigt'twi; fW»Bi 
the same.] Literally, the science of the 
sensations <»r perceptions. The science 
which exfdaias the can^ of the pleasure 
or disf'leasure derive*! from the conteai- 
plati<>n of I he works <tf n.ttare or art. 

.fia-tt-vaUMa, or Ba-tt-«i^'llMa. 
[.IMIva tittw •'«!« ; from if»ti't^ jr«r;. 
r.t'tmi-, u» "sfiend the summer." t«> "re^- 
tire f'r ;h< summer s««ajM»n."j The state 
in «hu r. :>.e -i^fferent |iarts «'f the flower 
anf f ! u-ii .n the l<ud: prefl««ra{i>in. 

Tm f Si'ri ■I * {FiXim tra'tMK 

"bejii," ~VK.-.;inc water," the "tide."] 
LitersllT. a place where thene is U^ling 
or ra^iag wal«r: hcDce, as ttstaaiy {i.c 

an arm of the sea, or part of a rimr in 
which the tide rises). A stoTe for apply- 
ing dr>' heat to all parts of the body at 
once ; also a vapor-bath. 

JEmtwm^* ds'tits. (8ee preceding arti- 
cle.) Heat, as well natural heat in in- 
tense degree, as that which is the eifeot 
of inflammatory disease. 

JEm'twm Vo-lAtH-cus.* The sodden 
flushing of the face; also Stropknlua 
ro/<ilf CMS, or wild-fire rash of children. 

.£'t4M,*gen..£-t«'tta. ''Age." Differ- 
ent writers have designaUd different 
stages in the life of man; bat perbapa 
the most usual diTision ia into §▼• 
periods, as follow : — 

1. I.NPANCY (ift/aN'ft'a), generally eon- 
sidered to extend to aboot the seTontk 
year, or to the second dentition. 3. 
CniLnnooD (pMerCtia), extending from 
the seventh to the fourteenth or fifteenth 
year, the period of puberty. 3. Adolbs- 
ccNi'B {advlrarrM*tia)y or Youm, reaching 
in males from the age of aboot fifteen to 
twenty-five; in females, from thirteen 
to twenty -one. 4. Adult Age, or Max- 
HOOD (ririi'ita* or sr'fas riri'lit, tha 
" manly age"), extending from tha close 
of adolescence to about the fiftieth year. 
5. Old A«e {•emtc'tm*), which rompre- 
hends the declining portion of life. 

The Roman writers again subdivided 
Manhood into differait stages, as ^'tas 
FiRMA'fA. the prime or full strength of 
man, — the age from thirty to thirty-five; 
JK'tas Matu'ra, the age of matoritj or 
prudence, — the age of fifty. 

Old age was variously suhdivided, aa 
£'tas Provec'ta, advanced age: ^'tas 
Ingraves'crns. the age when the weight 
of years begins to be sensibly felt : ^'tas 
Dkcrbp'ita or Crep'ita. decrepit age: 
reckoned from the sixtieth year, and ead« 
in;; in death. 

>-^* [Xeoter ploral of srfAe'- 
etheneal.**] The Pharmacop«ial 
(U.S. Ph.) frir prepa^^Ok'ns of 
ether. See Etrkr. 

.C'liUi.«pa,* or E'flil-«pa.* [From 
art) •« , ** black."] A r.ane anciently givcm 
to «everjil black powders. 

JS'Uitopn A»-€l la w i^lio^* A 
term appHenl t«> a compi'und of JEthiopa 
mir.enl with the soli hvrct of antim^nj. 

.Cflitopn SarlteL An tdd name 
for tho deuti»\ide .f ir a. 

.CIlitopnMUi>-««l. Theblseksol- 
fhuret of mercnrr Hr/i'^^'frrJ S^-lfJim' 
rt'tttm Xf'jfitim w As aa aaheiasiatae. it 

hss b««ia called Aw-z^rr Vrr»yfr^ Mrmt* 

ritiU (poodRT^a^BMTaah'm^a^'iVe-^'). 



»4->, Tbc 

ti»ft of uior- 
• ir. 
*,♦ A nninc 

|»jr tiuniitt 
pen ftir It 

^S«b^-4«'«t. (Frtiio mK^i, 

OZltl I 

n t,r,i 

'fire*** or 

iiU of th' 

1 in i« 

ji I to A 

from it ii«44ti|>oit miiidivr hiiiI (lia tuiu- 

J r ' '^ I t>p ft ffloti*!, tho 

Ji Jiuti thcro ii no 

.«'l}iti«»^ 4>-iia'p]*nni,* f^n^.^rr 

r ' ' ' '^/r»^w, piif*e*iiin); prii- 

^•4W»a4Htf. [.CtloIo'clA; fmm 


' '.lion. 
}»t n'nh i fmm 

I ' l» "dia* 
Brk-") A«*rljf 5.vriiinyiu4JU4 with, " ilis- 

I to tUu trmphaiiu 

Aff^»ri»Tilli»,' nf-fof'pn*«1n* »t tlitt |i||t- 


. \iry i" 

"on ih(» botiTi'trtrjTt" **r»isHr," 






. r, 




.!<? jirr- iij 

• •1 ahiirrcnt 



MatU'Vil *»f tliil xit* 

«(iL'ilirie<i: ' f/ lioA 

Hfilh II t'luntKtf'jfilr, nti I till 

ftCKl. ut<3. Affinity \* > -^ixti, 

i.iif leif ii|>t))M(>ri«tdy» I u ....... ..Uriw 

( iti a iQuro j^iivrnl 0oik»o. 8ce Ap- 

, SiiroLti tut ^ntf'KK Xwrtsiif i» ibo 
I p«iirer l»y ubiub two clciocnUiry bodii>» 

MVii AmiriTr denotes the pr*- 
Mrbioti OQQ Hotly nittiiif«f$L4 in 
cumiiiuUij^ with aitoth«r rftthor Iban 
with a tUirtl or f mrtlt, *^l4i. 

OoiULii ELErriVK AmTtirr oGcari 
whtiti two omtipxmtiili^ deootufm^r^ i-mth 
uLhor mi*! twu r><aw cuni|*<ititids furo 
frinnoU hy no cx^^hnrtgc of <*lcirn?tit*. 
Thtti!, whuti »ul[jiUHte of Ktiitt )in»l rarhon* 
ate of )ittta;84tt arc mixcdi tho fiili»burio 
Mciil lenrf?9 the tintii ntid iinUe« with tbo 
potii5Jiii. fiiruiiit}; !>ul|»hutt] of |iota«»ii| 
while tba OMrbonic nuid cnmbiticfl with 
tb<3 litic, producini^ eiLrUuiiute of %'mo, 

QKnKn'ctnr XrrtHtrr ip tbut whiob 
lr»dM to iji:iiiit(Lin the •Uuiuinti* of n 
ponipouftd in tbdr prcj!!iont fftftto» prevent- 
in^ rlri7oi]i|ioMit.iQn» 

Hn'KLLicsT AfriitlTr (from *fjrr)/*/o, 
to "- *' .rf/' to "wp- ' "' i thrtt 

wli ii lirnuiy;!'' ' -^ of 

rv < lu a now i ing 

deyoiuiKi^tUun. lo tntitii 'to-' 

pouQd«, if the «iijn tot ml '^t*t*t 

br iiii»r«* piiworful ibim tii.u <m toc hwj- 
emt'cui atHuiiicjA, docoiupusitioa takkuM 

Di^rosiya ArnxtTV w thnt wMcb 
prnmotiii* tb* tcii«lpn»^y nf bmlio^ to 
coinbtriu in » \mr\' . by pre* 

fpntiniii; to tbiMn \k i > -^r* wbleb 

ex^Ttij n i^fruii^ «Mr the cotu- 

poiind th<*y form: whcu tb© <>ombinii^- 
lion hoM iwt^n «fr««<»ri*d^ lb#'. third nub- 
ftdv '■ ' ■ ■"'■' ' " . ilef* 

«/ <ity. 

Berth. illrt ntylr^i it ** rmi]trf>rfti atbnily/' 

AHiiiii.v «»f As^crtN'Hr^'ilofi* Aforoo 

by whi' 1) i to com- 

binD :ir< , wltbmtt 

th«ir I'! . ^ ^*'l. Ah- 

otb^r terin Un tho utir-vpii iti of oob<*s<i<in. 

Aflln'lir« Chftm l-«*?*l, '»f Aftlfi'Ify 

■:■ „l,y 


,.. ., . .. Sot 

Ainnltsr. Inff rmedlAl^* Scq Ap- 

PI 'I IT r (tiLHI'41)4l»(«ij« 




Tbo 6f»t product of ilialillation is Icvll- 
liicdly callvd fmit win^t Mtid ia ligMU 
aubjeotmli I'Mlbttillntuiu. TUu lullvr iiur^ 
tiiiii-t of \rhiiE fl mie* ovtjr ftfo c»lloil 
p'ttttn, III) i (H'o roaervtfil for a furtltfr 
lifiHiii-^ in lint wiifi^li siill. Tlip soeotnl 
pniduol h tormod rum Hptril, itml wlieti 
Hi^itifi ilistined is enlliMl rtfetijit"i tpirit^ 
The ttmnLfost iilofihol whieti eiiu b« pro- 
cured Is Ivrmn'l Atttohttf Al*'oh'*f, or 
Attk\filrt,Ht Af'-fhttt^ t4i deuottt iU eQtlro 
frtiMluiu (Vinji water, 
AI«Nt»liol« .Idbmolnl^w »S»ii» Ai.ooiit>i» 
Al'«M»hol Aiii-iii4»<-n1-n'liiua,* 'llio 

Sfji/itit* iiMiwn/iiiVr «o»iit4afSc4j«. A C«Pi- 
hiuiiitfin of tilcoliol and uinmunia. pre- 
pared by |Mts»ing itmtut>nifiuuJ giLS ioto 
&l{}oh'>li which iiiii.'^t ho li;i.*|tt ciio\. 

Al««li4>l Ainyllritani. ^^ctt Ft^sEL Oit„ 

AI'i'0-llfvl-At4Hik \ProLuiti'rofn*L] Ap- 
plied (o offieinui inedieinfis, difTeriu^ fruin 
iJcMihtditi ttuct<iro8. first* iw the men- 
klxuiiui coutninin^ :.*io vtilMil*? |»riiicipk<s 
»f tnodicintd aub^H^itoois, «nd, i!i*t'Oti(lly. 
In tliinr mode of eupAralion^ wlii< h ctui- 
twists in itu|ire^natjn|,' the wle^ihrjl wi(h 
roedHrinal prinrijdL"^, flrM by innccraticjti 
and then by diritillutlon. 

A1-r«*lBol'lc. [Alc^4>lEol IfUft; trom 
tit'e'ihfU.] I'ertnioing to nlcohuL 

AI'co-llol-IAni. A dii-eiisiMl *oii- 
ditiun ni I tie fVAU'in rvAuIting fruiu tb« 
ujstt of alcohol i(.« ilriiik^. 

AI«<N>-tH»l-l-sA'tioii. The ciev^clop 
mcnt of ftlcf'hul in a Ikiuid. 

AI*C)0-hc»-loiii'fN'ter, [ Aleoliolont'* 

sure."] An iiMtriiiiicnt for u^evrlitiDin^ 
the qiiimiit.v of ulcifhol iu nuy fluid. 

Alroli4»jii *ler« Bi^n ALrouotovcriLii. 

Alet^ratkiiM**, »rk()u^ni>k''. (Fr.) The 
bark uf th« Ah'hunnn InttMin, sf'wmj: 
in tho VVt'-it Tivliofl and b mth Atnyrioji. 
It i* bitter and tuniu, nnd htvt l»y ^omo 
bo*?fi regarded as a uppoirto in phtbMis. 

Ar«]r-i»it.* g«5U» Al*^::r'<»*nlJ». [Gr. 

'^- : from r»X(. the "»ett." and <t5.», to 

. ivu,'* bi^;ntuso §«id to hatch it-ic,f,t« 

^fiq^l A bird of tho rwalluw kind, 

iauji*! in Ciii^hin China and tho Philip- 

jiino T^lunds wh"fi(» ntist. Qnnipojiid 

chiefly of n " 1 '1 ■ :; .i ^ . ,^nrAAf?g 

lUtriti•m^ i »;«« an 

ftrlleto of .|i 1 a» «vn 

Itnilfrotifi HO 1 a^^lir ' U.'iai:. 

Al'ilo-lil'ilo. I V,'*m lit, flr^t svUqHIo 


ttod leilily Atb3K>ibiAg i>JK>|^uu ii^ia U^a 


F'ertaiDing |4> i 


froiu ttl'dikfftU,\ 

Akier* Se« At^yiTB. 

Ale. Th« fcruieutcd infueiitn nf j 
intdU'd hurley, ujiuatty combtnvd with 
infiiHibju vtf hopt- 

Al-ec«-trn'r4»ii«. [Alfctrn'ritu; 

from t\\'j:rut^i^ a "cock," tmd 4 ^wi, a 
*'lnil-'"] UiLvi«»; a liiil Ukt? Ihv e tek'n. 

A-l^inbJe. J Aleni'lilritMi fn>tu fhe 
Arabic *«/, and 4*''»f> f» "nup ' or "pot."] 
A |!flasj«, raciaK or c^iirUtenware ulonsitt 
tittod t'j rec'eiv« volatde |»[\*duet« from 

A«l«'9i»' Urolith [Said to ttjriiify, m 
ChabJttio, tho •• key toiirtorknoMrb*dge,"] 
Th« isttit of Wi^dc»m of tlie Atohcuiina. 
A mnrintf- of mtroury nnd atnttiotiia* 
0-1 1 . s to the ihfti mr* tj^r^m 

t"- nVliHh* of tho Loudon 

Pit: j.-. .a. It is A {Compound of 

bit'hhjndu ot niiTcuiy iin<1 Ptii ummt>riiiifl< 

Al'e-lriM riir-l-Mo'f>Miu^'* Htar-v;raMi. A 
plant of Lhu ntilnrni otdor Ai'phtnl*tim. 
It id ttitoi«»icly bitter* and io y«cd a« ft 

AI*ex«4Mt'ilrI-fk,^ fNnincd from tho 
pb^oo of iu growth,] Th« mime for (he 
Ptt4*ft^9 i*mrucvr'atHt/ tho Aloxandrian 

Alexiptiarmnroii. See AtAXi- 


A-lf^x-I-phar'nilp, [AlexljilMir'« 
tnieiMf trotn dXti^K to *'ward off/' to 
"pnitci-t/* tkud tfHipftttfiiy, m '*p«tj*f»ii/*l 
Antiphannic; ueutrftliiing tho vfleota of 

A*l«x-l'|>3r-ret'le. [Alexip.Y««t'l* ^ 
4^iiM) from rtA'tui, and ^fptr^f a "fo%*er.T ( 
lirivin^ off fevnr*: fclirifugre. 

AKm-, or Al»«c>, riA?,'. [From .*«?«, 
to ''protccrt/'j A cloth foble<l several 
tiinea in order to pr<«t«M;( tho bod from 
di^ehaririM of bb>od, otc. 

Al'it^' An herb or wo«d grovriiif Cia 

tbr • - ' - ■ - - \ 

\ \ An irrdrr of 

pl;ii ' or r^ea-weedi. 

Thvy oondirt U kudcsi, (loworleiiij 
planMi withotit nnv di«tinL«t nxii uf ] 

\r: ■ ■■ *'' ■ 

V Ai/(iA» Ik I 

**-■>■ _ I rinin ttnmo i 

of a naturni order o* plant*. 8m PuQJb- 

VfTmut, \ ■<• of 

h ' form of M . , V Icr. 

AlHpe «io, el n»iJi,*| Fnun iAy*,-, "*p*iio," J 

Vtolunt pain about the urethra. U^teit 



nhitlof. |>efiiniMim, ttii<t ^ ■■ "'--nil hy 

.%! trMi- lAI |ftau% ; r '/. to 

•' i>a etliU*' to ** fttttttfr Innii t.ilJ. j l.liiil*!d 
wkiti .'•iM. 

n. tuns 

il»M ULTitt;^ wue al U^ 4iUiU^i44iUrUlio 
■vrn fit •*»!#. 

^. ,,-_,_. ^ T'. ,-,.-!;_' ^ -- : 


11' ' ' ■ 

I ' l>inn."J Itejitiinhlitti 

I _ I. 

At «i»r, t»>i«.- [Pfatn ^il'f«n, ti ** bo 
i*>ttl."J Tim 9«nt<ti of oj|4it»4ji in tho 
«ii«i^t of fevfr; cUillnff*. S«? Rinnn. 

Al'l-I»li*. |AUb'ill«i; rrom ti7n, to 
**ii >iiri*lj."J NiUiitiJua 

Al l-«^^ [Prom Iho iKitmn ] A Winil 
of v^taUx Ukv wheat. $ti[>p>>pctl to hu jf^telt, 
fmoi iTht(*h the anpi«nti< miMlo their 
tMrt<i<t|r aU'J • ktiii af imjUa^v luiuic of 

41J«9«,* 111'* «?*. fFrntn aX^j, to 
** #|jrtTiKlr."| i>|»'»lj on tbu akin pPc- 
~ rii|ition of Miaall-pov. 

T'. ur A'll«^iiH&l«cil. [AH<-- 

lf»nj|eu *lo " withilniw/' lt> "]mt jiwny."] 
A|>tillel in B<>Un>' f-^ ft ft frjivos, iwhich 
gift* wjiV io olhr-r-' 

AtlMiiitlOTi« ). [Allr* 

n»'il«K tf'riM; Ir .i^ine.] Anv 

iitrvitt* of tioran^mcTit ur w«iitl«riO]^ of 

I Kiffi of Hlnrl. A|t|»)ictl 

Mthf*r I II > ot*". 

Al'l-i 1 " \ I ' •• aiii%: from rt7«, 

pU'frv 5f o Ul. 

Ari'iH'^iit* fAllmimi'tum: from 
«*'/*, to **n'turinH."] Th-it *rhi«^h nffoffU 
ti'>uri«hintMii. J^i^e it\, FviM i.t'w. 

AtM^iiif^it'fn^rf'. {Allin<*nfit'rltiii% 
frtim fi'lt, to " luiurioU/'] rcrlji»»iujj 
luafirn^nt: iionrUirin;;. 

Allttii*i«'tii.rx I'fi-tiMt'. Thi» Ftitins 
pum^ tfr'uii the iiinutU to tUv Jknii«) 
tttrriti;;|i wiik'h tho ntimont or ffuitl 

f • r-T -7 T nrjr nn<*l. [nne'Cnn All- 

j.; MMirm'ii" 4*H?t. 

Al4-4»i*a*t*'tl4»tt. [AllmenlA'tlo, 

o'n,", i ^ ■''■ — '' 1 Thrt net of 

AKI-iwp'mo^ ^riimii,* [Fruin 

Ai^ifilteil to very ktiti |Hin>oiis; »I«u l<f 
drv cvtt<rnn1 rpiiiHio*, «»< [lowlorii^ oto* 
AII|M'«lf*, ut'e-|it*tl, [Art|M^; from 
ri7i»»<i "wi!ig» " »n<i it^ft,jtf'tfi9^,n "foot.**} 
Hjivtiif^ wiriji^isd ftttst. Son CKt:iiiui'- 


A-llM'nnn l*li%n»tA'i^.* 6r Ftftit* 
<«i'lli» A-«giisit'l-4v>.^ L'h^* *r4itfr itlmi- 
urm, n Tu«.'.|n_'i»iaf limit f'Ttncrlv rc^nri)<!d 
;i < !fi 1 i^'u*, iii rHfiii:* of hyrlr4j»phi»i>lii. 

Vli-«^«iiitft'<*«'<uu«* [AllaiatinVt*tK*i; 
tr iriii unit' /u>^, fhi' '* w,<f ■ m/*J 

Uitvitif^ II n nrraii(^iroieiit - <'ij|t 

in Ihti tdit'tntt* Iii the |' ' miiii» 

{Ati^mut^rtt^ d-b'tiii'Kh«-^) ftppUod to ft 
n»ttir»t order of {»lniit«. 

A-li!l'iti«l4l. [Al bailor <l«9 4 from 

nl%*'mn, Atltl (I'ifcCi J* *"tV*llii-"] lleseill- 

bliit^ the iifUttttt, 
AI-l-«it»>*t''nol4. [AHnfilK'nordcoi 

from oVft. A " *f ili^f/' nnU os »/thf>ttfi'fle4f 
thn "iphonoM liune."] Ap(tlicd by 
OiAreii lo the ittt<}(llu or groat wing of th<i 
»iphriiioM bone. 

Al-l-fu'rA.^ (From a'lo, tii*itum, to 
" iionrii^h/'j The iiri»oo"A qf ntf^itnilntion 
or rtiitritiun; food or QuurUhnicitt; »U> 


AliEiirIn* nr Allstirlite. il UkV^*"- 
fAllMirrun,] A coloring innt tcr m* 
lr.»cl<vl fnun imnMcr f ffif'^f-t t>iirt{/vutn)f 
culUwl in Fmncc ♦♦/t- m'). 

Al'li^-llf!«l. Thi :ritvor«nl 

*f>kvnt or in«*tjjttriHnM . ,t.t tiiiuimit 
uhttui'mt^. Butt «r it iliMolv^ii liM rub* 
^tnnoc^, in vrhnt vessel » oati it bo cun* 
tiitni^d ? 

A l«k^l#i»'^i»t. [ AlkfOvA^eHfi ; 
rrotii *i/'Ao/»', nn)t -<»'**i, f» I ' - ' - iniv* 
tiofi pij^iiiryiitpf to *' n:ro^r,' /*] 

lltivltiff ■li;rhtly (ilkarinr m h©- 

euiiintti; nIkaHric. 

Alkoll« nrkn^lo, fPrrttn the Ambie 
tif, (liiUiiite articl**, and kft*H^ (h« iilanl 
from ivbich norla wiw first ^rtlitninc*!,] 
A »iiii»trtnctt e»f tt(*r*iitinr j>ro|>*»rtli^Wj 
iinitit);^ with ii«id« in tieflnttr pro]ior- 
tioutt, thus t'ortnitiir ^ulN, nn'! hnrin^ 
the iHJWiir to ehiitJirr vtijfctn!»|o VdutjK tn 
jrrcont \l mny h« Hiud t^* lio the revcr** 
of iin iicifl, tho propiirtieit of wrhitdi, hy 
comhinatioii, U n«'i}trftli«c4. 

Arknll, rjMiM'llr. ( Ariimll rntii*'* 
tleuin.ll ' " *i ia a piirt? kLitr: in 
which it ( 'iigcnitMio pffW^rs. 

I'^natly. • i-ih. 

At' kill 4« ('LvimI. A|*pti«d tu potiutb 




lAd 01x1 m ieeau«« thejr 9f9 p^rtnancntljr 

in a Koiici «tiile. 

.il Uall* Fm'iiII; A1 kali, Mls'c* 
rtti* Utiiur nitiiii':^ fur Mmht. 

Al'kfftli. l»lil«^lM'tl*Ctti'«dt At- 

alkiiil wlicti juixo^l Willi »u tutiuiui *itih- 
|Ptuno«. liiitJ lixiviiitcil» li«i?uuifio it i* thuii 
I fuutitl tu bd i!!«LiurM.teil with Prtitt.'^io m^uI; 
[ autt I'rtim A fiirujcr ltic(<»ry ol this ouiu- 
I biiiiitioii it npccivtMl iliu lirnt uumo. 

Al'kitlltVed''4?-t4P'blc* Aitutber Urui 
for putHtk, 

Ai'UtUU T4>i'9*ille. Another tinmo 
for n$nntu»tttt given on itvoMiint of iu 
Vul utile niiliiru. 

AI-Bcn»li|r'ctt»ou«* [AIJiali#'i^ntt«ii 
r fruui af'katif ami Y^ft^u, to "genur»Ut/*J 
^PrtnliipinK ulkalinc qutiUti<>-#. 

Al-li^lliii'«*t4>r» [Alknllm'r* 

Iruiti; from nt'ht/i, ami i*f^ff>f, » 

'int^nsurn,"] An iii*itruiJiont for i^fpvt- 

I tiitiiin^ Ibo quiiuiity ulT Alkali in iiiipura 

l^^tftili or eotiik. 

Al-k^llm'e-lrj^. [Alktillni«'lrliii 

fruni tti'inth', tiiiil fv.Tptut, lo '* muasiur*'/'] 

The pmcodii hy which the nm»tu»t of 

rfrvc alknU ia various ■ubgt&m^yd is il«- 

' lenniniMl, 

Al'k^l1ii«» [AlkaU'fiiimi frr>in 
ttt'ktili.] J laving the |irojiCi tii'd of un 

Al'k^-lln'l-tj^. [Alkatin ItAA, 

m'H*.] The i<4}«uriiLr protcrtieB of nti 

At-knl-l-sn tliin. [AlkitllKii'll4i^] 

Tbi« net t»t iit4»arliii^ i.lkditiic i|U&litii^^, 

ArF&9-totcl. [AlkMkil ilrft; fnitii 
ttV knfi\ »n*i (iiA, a " fortiu'J K«'>einlilins: 
bn Klkali. Ap]>Iic!d a^ u intun to th^ 
uikulinc prinoiplos* romid iti vi-^ttubU-s. 

At'k^^itfi, or Al'€i»-ii|!k« Tho nntiic 
nf tht) root »n4 k-ave-* of thi* Ltuim/Htf* 
iru'i'mi\ n pliint i^nipliiyrd in thu EA*t 
for iljn^iMng iho nailiti tccth^ h&ir^ gnr- 
iiitJiit^, etc. Sop Ib.NTfp. 

Al'kn-nrl Root* [ Prom the Artihic 
nl'ktttntk, Ji "rv<>tt/'} Titfi Tiutl uf tbo 
ATiriM sA Tr?f< Toni\. which »^oo. 

Alk«<*k««nK«»« alMo'-kt'hj. Wintr^r- 
t^Hprry: thf iniit of tho I*htf*'ttfh Atk^- 
Lkn/tji, umtk itt mvphriltji, ttyjiuriii« lus- 
flUc-, etc, 

Alkobo>I. fk'o Al.rorfnu. 

All^nilfv Th<? nnmo uf n minpral 
cimtn'tnin^ reritim, found in (irwnlitnil, 
«n«l ntunotl in (i<Mior of Mr Allnn* who 
fir*l diHlini^'tiixKuil \\ ha a >»prf^i«»<. 

AI*liiii-lo'l<'t I AllAailo'lciuii fnirn 
fittmtUtti^.] UtAvngiu I tu tho itUtin- 


Allfinla'l«* A^'lcl. The fiutivtftDee 

Al-I»«i 'i4>kl» (Allitnloi ilMi| frt'tti 

w>.Ad\, <iAAi*.TV». HiiU «<''V*5, It •Morui."j rte* 
eciiililiii:^ ti f^iiui^nfrv. 

Allun'tokl M«<tti'br«Mi«>« A mcm- 
Itrtine c<iMtini>uiiieiitnng tvilh thti Matiittr { 
hy the nnjt:hu0, Mtii vimtnminfi tht? fu'tnl j 
arinfi il o«i»H in uttnimi mi) Ihti MftM* 
nut tin, Alwf* turincfl .IZ/tftr/**?*. 

AI-liin'eo>lii. [Allnntttl'itns f^nm 
ttilun'Ut'**,} The nitrojicnouci ci n.^titui lit j 
of the urine of the ftrtuet of ih« ovw* | 
Also tinned Atfmttmr Acitt, 

Al-lnti lo-iA, |V/t>,» [From .lXX*f, 
dX^BitTOv, ft •' *'{HJ>'ii^T'/* nnd tcOKtt* '* form."] 
Tht" huinnn litlnntois i^ i» ^ninlL rcry 
voi^cnlfir vustido, pprttuting frimi th*> «M»d ' 
of tho imbrjo. At^io ^yuon^lnuiui urilb , 

Attunft'ifl ui^iithrnne. 

AUIan-to-lox'l-«tii!A.« [Froin oX- 
>nc. o"*l roiikj^i, li '♦ pfiiKrm/*] A pmivn ] 
di'Vil^ j'C'd in putrid «niTMi|:rt« nmdci of 
hlood mid Jivcr, often proving speed it jr 

Allinrcoui*. AMe-ii'e'bnF. {AllUi^ 
^cuiv; frunj aflwm.] Of the nulurc of 

Al'tl-nm.* [From dkivitm, to <'iiti^ ;*' 

beetMifC of its offcnfive MStll.] Tbel 
Phiiriiirioopaiiiil nnuic (KtLnnd t'..S*Pht)i 
of Attuiw tiutivum, A Liniiii.«fiti gt'HUi ] 
ui the etiMS lifsFvudriOf ucttiriil orrlerj 

Al liitnt €>'|i^i.* Thecouimoijotiifm. ] 

Allium l*«>rmin.* The leek, 

AM ill 111 ^iri-li %tiin.' it^irlio. 

Al-laM>iii9i.* [From ctXAodw^ !«►] 
"alter "J A poiistiUitionit! rHiM>(fe. 

AI*1o.|»nlli'lr. (Altc»|intlfe'lrttii.] 
Hflon;;tn ; to nflt<pnthy. 

Al-lo|»^lhjr [Alloimtlii'fit froin 
'»A^^ "other," iiini r;u(h^, *'Hfffctioii"^; 
wriitcn nbo Al-l<p-4»p'^llij'. Tbo j 
oiirtnc: of n di?icMt^cd oetioQ hy indllcin); ^ 
n ditTtrent kind of »(<tion, ytt not necw- 
«!iArily dj^pa^fed. Set' l!oM<i:o»'4Trir. 

Ai-lo-fri-oph'^-Kj^. [Allolrif^ 

pli»'i;^la; fn?m dk\ap,Q^, "atiolh(<r\" 
'*r»n*i^:n/' ♦♦nut projier." and i^'i^, l«* 
"emt/'l Depnived Mp[>t*l.ite, cr m timni ^ 
for imprnpor food. 

Alolo-lroik'le. Pertaining to Allo^ \ 

AI*lofVo»plMii. [AllotroptM'nifMit 
fr'tui ''*^>>»*i, "'oihrr/' wild ff*fr/i, "ciit»^i*r* j 
»(ion."] Tho «'xiHlin}f of iIm- »nntveom- | 
pound ill two or more p"nd it ion»<, with «i»f- 
ferent phyi«ifMl mu\ cbitinicnl projii^rtict; I 
{L« ?<iitpinir nurlted lit n hi^fh tcHiipifMuret 
whiehj Ufforf« bright yeUow und tirilUiv j 

riArk* tcnfteloup, and m»y he 

itrmwti out mi.i ttir<iii4{i llko 0lV(>ta«l10lu^ 

Al-tox'nii* A 111 w (iiotluut uLitttitK^I 

bi Hii« uxtUjatitn at itnij a«id Uy nitrto 

lA CiimUufttiua i>f iiil«i&iuiiu uoid with s 

.41.|ox-iiii'lc*« [.il1oxitii'lcti«it frf>tn 
k «47,i,* '.*,<.] Ui or lit'Iiriij^fihi; (m tlj..' jir.*- 
|duct AUrixan. Aptvtioil t«i mi hcuI iiitii 

|IbiI'» c:mtriiil Willi Mdltibtu iv! kilties. 

AMov-Jiii'lIn, [Alloxuiiirott,] 

All iiffiee* l'li« iruii u(( iiiu Mgrlm 
At-ltl'vl-tim.* [Fr*nt» nVtfin, tn 

•wMh/*] Tiif r ' 1^ 

or ntot< hjr th^ • 

AlitKtfifl. I'm^inl. f4iit;rs^Vtttlfi. Fr. 

V frnin im'. 

i k tiyilruutu I r 

..r l.y IIMJ.0 4 nf U^t ifoii i.l n.t'-.. 
AJ 'MtltUll-T i*r4V Tho ^imyr/tiafn« 

Al'ntund>i «*r Itic Ciu-». The am nil 

AilV«it».\l. »:. 

AI'ittoii4l» 4»f ili0 Ttir«ial« Tbv 

At niiA^^ Tho Alilcr; a tree of tbo 

Al'itti% ClUi'll-no'MQb.* A trt« grow- 
ng rn w m* jmrt* <»r EurMpp, Th** 
ttuU it4*rk ;Lrv bilUr itu4 Ji^tria- 
pd tta » loQio *ro UAcd ia intorttiiU 

fii«p>rtti'tt*l^^ The A men- 
no »lUt'r, t>oa-nrAjiuj; |iru|>eTti(.'o like tho 

Al «i-4'** grim. Ar«»-^ In En^linH 

'mv a izi-Tiv r.f |ilnata «f 
|||l^ or ..1 ),y 

i»K to 

^^e 1.' *• r , a«atttrul 



orrlrf L!thmm (or AmphndtUm o( tooM 
Al <»^ lliirwlN^loti '«!».• Tho Phar 

tiiitei>|i<LM]Ll tkuiUKf ( Lurnl, IMi. > of Bnrhii' 
dfHM iitoci*, or n>i»iti*?«iU'4 juico of tba 

cut leaf uf tho Ai*>* i'ult/ttriw. 

Alo*^ l^|M*ii'iiltt.* Th<< PhAnuiico- 
\ia*\tt\ nuiDv I U.H. Ph.) for the iti«|i>taAntf«l 
jiiU'o •>F thv' loi»vr'(!( i*f i:IA«f A^iiW^u* ativl 
cif iplh'-r Jtjtci'ii^ of A fur, 

AVo¥> Il4^pnri««^" The onnie of ib 
k'iii-t iif alues lb« fource itf which ii un* 

Altttf Per.ft».U-A'lii.> Tho rrc« 
f'krtnQriy hvliviuni to y'wld B«>cutriiitt 

Ar4»« S«KN4^lrl'iii^* (*' Sooolritto 

Alo««."| Tho |:*hMnuiM.'itp(9i»l niim« || 

of Soc< T ! tho 

Ai't'c S nd- 

Ar<M^ »l|>i-ca'Ms« Tho trvo which 
yielil'i a kitnl uf iklueji uu»v<l in ptnce vf 
the S<'c.ttrino. 

At'«>lr Vul-frn'rln.^ The Iroo h(>licvcil 
to ttflortl oouinioii hcpatie iiltre% bul 
tHiid (Lc^ad. Pb<, l^ol) to bo frou iMi U1l« 
trerUm specie-*. 

A1<N>«, II J 'ok. Tbo EnsU**» ni»oi*t for 
(hti juicu of ihc several ^pecio* t>l ^i*^^, 

Aloea, N«MM>lriiie, 6c« Ai.aa Soco* 

Al'4»c» WomI, A fragrant resinous 
Kuh«tu.ucc, coiisixttng tif ihu iitterior at 
the trtiok of tho A<iuiiMftu vtata and U. 

AI*i»K*l'li?. [Aloet'lcfUit rr'>in J/'f^f, 
"»it(i€?."] AjipUctl to liny inetli^utic con- 
taji)itt;{ u liir^o pr^tpurtioti i»f uloc.^* 

Al-it-fie^ti'ro-iilij^. [Alct|^|ri»'|thlA; 

from fU^.»)Vi, '' vfilhiMit i>rofM)rii<»ii/* niiil 
rpi^i. to "nourish."] Appticd to tho 
luurltiU or «xae&fliir« oatritioa uf any 
At'o-lfi. [Alol'iiA.] Tht» oathiutUi 

pritKiipIo of Jl1r»C!«. 

AI*o>|M»'vl-^* fFrora dV 'fw»f. a 
*'foi;/' hiCAUfto flubjeut to hts« <tf huif,] 
Tho fnllitij; off of batr from iho i)Ciinl 
an<l eyebrows. Hi well «« thu i-eAtp; 
li:ihtncits tho ttffoci of clUrn'*(*t luid «o 
di^titict ff'tiu (^'iitutir^: ftlop'i'ey. 

Atmtchf, iil-l'io'ch<». The fnim<« »>f % 
gnm ohiuititui frinu thii trvtJ of the f'li- 
ruth* ittf.ti. 

Ar|»til-I^* [Ihf] pitiral of ^^wv, 
''nuiil")^ Atiotht'f tirtiiiu fur biiflf^- 
meah hwrlry-iuiMil friinj. 

Al'|»li«l4i. [.il|»ti«>r«lvwt froui ttt*' 



pho*f a "skin -disease," and ci.'of, a 
"form/'] Like Atj)hos, as Lepra a/- 

AI-plBon'nlii. [From Alphon'to 

Fer'ri, of Naples, its inventor.] An 
instrument fur extracting balls from 

Al'phfM,^ Al'plms.* [From nXpdy, 
"white."] A species of leprosy; the 
Lepra aljthoa. 

Al-pho'slft.* [From the same.] 

Al-pl'nl, Bal'i»9*fnnin.« [After 
Prosper AlplnuH.] The "balsam ( f Al- 
pinus." The balsam produced by the 
Aiitt/rf« Gileadengii. 

Al-plul-^^ [Named in honor of Al- 
piittuJ] A Linnican genus of the class 
Jfonandri(tf natural order Scitnminea'. 

Alplii'la Car-d^-mo'main.* The 
plant said (Lond. Ph. 1836) to produce 
the Ic'S.^er Cardamom seeds, formerly 
referred to the Ainnnmm carffamomniHf 
and now to the Elcttnria carifamoinum. 

Alfrerantla,^ El-tcr-au'she-:^. Sec 

Alteraii'tia Ner-vl'n^* ("Nervous 
Alteratives.") A cla^s of substances, as 
spirituous liquors and narcotics, which 
produce gradual changes in the brain, 
attended by disturbance of the intellect- 
ual functions. 

Al'ter-^tlve. [Al'tcrans; from 
al'tcro, altern'tiiM, to "vary."] Applio<l 
to medicines (Lat. yl//('rM;/fm) which re- 
establish the healthy functions of the 
system without any sensible evacuation. 

Altcm. Horto = Alter' nia AoVi«.* 
"At alternate hours/* — that is, every 
other hour. 

Al-ter'nate. [Altcma'tas; from 
alter'nOf to "interchange."] Applied in 
leaves or branches recurring by turns 
with those of the opposite side. 

Al-thie'^* [Gr. SXeala, from S\$(o, to 
"heal."] A Linniuan genus of the class 
MnnnifeiphiGf natural order JIalvacea. 
Marsh -mallow. 

Althie> <^r-fl^I-na'liii.« The mnrsh - 
mallow, the root of which is ordered for 
use in the Pharmacopoeia (Lond. Ph.); 
the leaves and root (Ed. and Dub. Ph.); 
and the flowers nnd root (U S. Ph.). 

Al-Uie'ln. [AHhiPl'iia; from al- 
thft^a.] An alkaline substance discov- 
ered in the marsh-mallow, t^imilar to 

Al-tiin'e-tr5'. [Altime'trla; from 
nf'tii9, "high," and ficrpiu}, to "measure."] 
The art of measuring heights or alti- 


Alndel, nl'oo-deP. A pear-shaped 
ves^iel used by the earlier chemists, re- 
sembling the head of an alembie, with 
the exception of the beak, etc. A series 
of these vessels, joined together, is used 
for distilling mercury in Spain. 

Al'a-1%.* [Diminutive of a' la, a 
"wing."] A little wing. Applied in 
the plural (atulte) to the membranous 
scales above the hallcren in certain 
Dipterat and under the elytra of some 
aquatic CoUoptera, 

Al'am. [From alu'me'n.'] The Per- 
milphaa alamina: et puta9tne» See Alu- 


Al'am, Am-nuHiir^^-cal, is a doable 
salt, consisting of the sulphates of am- 
monia and of alumina, in which ammo- 
nia takes the place of the potaesa of 
common alum. 

Al'nm C^rd of Ri-ve'rl-nn. [Al- 
bn'men Aluniino'Nam.] A cooguium 
formed by briskly agitating a drachm of 
alum with the white of an egg. 

Arum Olni'menC A preparation 
consisting of common turpentine, lard, 
and powiiered alum. 

Al'um IVa'ter. A solution of alnm 
in water, used by painters in water- 

Al'nm lilliey. [Se'rnm Alnmiii- 
o'Miim.] A whey made by boiling two 
dnichms of alum with a pint of milk, 
and then straining. 

AI-u'meii,*gen.AI-a'mln-lii. Alum. 
The Snlplnttt tilnmime et potuHtitr, a double 
or sometimes a triple salt, consisting of 
sulphuric acid and alumina, with either 
potassa or ammonia, or frequently both. 
The alumen of the Pharmacopa*ins ifl 
prepared from schistose clays. In Italy 
this salt is procured from alnm •tonCf a 
mineral substance occurring in most 
volcanic districts. 

Alii'men Ex-nlc-ca'tum rel Un'- 
tnm.* Dried alum {ur burnt ulum) ; the 
PharmacopaMal name of alum when it 
has undergone watery fusion and parted 
with all its water of crystallization by 
the action of heat. Its chief use is os 
an escharotio for destroying fungous 

Aln'men Ro-ma'nnm.* Roman 
alum; the purest variety of alum, con- 
taining no ammonia in its composition. 

Ala'men Ra'p«-ain.* [From ru'pe; 
a "rock."] Roche or rock alum. A 
variety of alum brought from Roceha, 
formerly called Edessa, in Syria That 
which is sold under this name is common 
English alum, artificially colored. 



A-la'oil«lsa|.* [From titu*ttteu,**al*im.''] 
Tbe i*ii o 'xi .ii'mnirj*?, 

A-ln-ntl-it*'tl«A.^ L'MiiUtniug atu- 
mrn: iiiu'LQiimU'<i. 

A-lai>inln-lf'ciM>iiJi. [Aluinlnir* 

rr«Hll nfti'mrit, and /rrr,, to 

M*bf'ar."l Hearing or huviuj; »lum. 
Aliiitiliilttiu* SiH* ALimxru. 
Al*ti •tiltt-uniib [Aluniliio*ia»; 

from *tl»'aten,] I'ertiiiiiinu: io uluiii. 
A*la'ti«l-tinm.* I'H " 

At'miiA. [Alu'miu^ 

iCvtuUttiLiuu aimilAr tu tbiU of Cfttnmoii 

in« 41tij<«'. The Frooeli torm for 
, SfN* Atcifiiv, 
A'lll'ili*#.* [Fnitu (i^t'*^. to *' become 
lin*4ne>/'] Knnnt^itiAiion; tUtijiioa; mt^n- 

Alit*«lit il,rf»-4»-«'li<»n*<trf'9ri«f«.* 

L*»w s^iifit'. t>r )i ■ ■ i,ioif<ni> 

Atfttn<*f>«»i4*», [Alain* 

I^ptte4 1 41 the Ivftvp* oi pUnto roaom- 
Flittnx * *'*^- i tnniul ukUi. 

Alv.A«l»l. = -UVo .iii-inc'ld.* "The 
bow<«l« h(»kU4 K iiiiitl.'* 

Al-vtvfi'rl'ttin** [From nhca'rt, a 
^b^iphitre."] Thiit {iiirt <»f llie external 
ftoftiua uf th« imr wlivr© iho ccnuju^-w i.^ 

^ ^ire'o-lftr. [Alveoln'rlM.] !!<•• 
ipini; to ibc ntfr*th\ rtr aockcta uf lUc* 

AI-Tt»'«Hliir fitnie'tnns A tertii 

n 1f»«W4aFi Ui iiiitiiUp t«q|M?rnci[il 

lul ill ti*« uioemi-i ini'Jo*»nin«* 

I M W .. - rJi i^ii*, unit srnuW 
|iArc"l to ttit* 
aro iliAtiitcl. 

AM-e'<»*liit4*. ^Tin: fmnifW- 

vrWi'i*.] Hiivinj^U .. ■■■ '-rtriticj*. 

Al-ve'^tl.' [Sw : Tbe 

ftlvfi >lAr firrn?<[?€>Hfn» t>r i of the 

Liceth. Jl"nt'M the tctiu 'tli-'r-'..(ar us fl|.t- 
fl^ltod to th«i nrti5riej4 and velna of the 
^ iOQkeU of fli<s t -clb. 

AI-v«»'«»-tl-IVir3a. f Alv«*«llll»r'inL%i 

■ ■■ " *ii«** plurnl Al-vf*'o-ll. 

*.r rf/V^f*«.) A little 1»1*1!<.VF. 

A I 

A ir- 

portion«tfhroa;rtii ^ luM Huwf. 

Alvefin Atll-p:; -. .>*.^ [Sec 

Ajil*tTLt,A*] Tbt' tUUUia t*«irLU»u uf I be 

Lit ^raiciis iltivi tU itn c^iintiicnefiiicut frooi 

Al %'oiiM C'oiu-inti'nift** Ttio euio^ 
muuiuuti •ii uf fbc ttittpuUftt of iho eemU 
etrciilar cnniils (nf the car. 

Al vl«<lu'c^* [From al^miMp ihn 

' ' ' IMJil ilnru, ti) *'|e4lii/* to 

^ Mc^diinrivs wbich |troniot(» 
1 1 'II of tbo euntcDU of ili« ioC««- 


AI*rI*llajK'iuiL* [From crfrM^ tbo 

"bully/* hitd Jl ft' a, jttijf*Hm^ to "How/*] 
DiurrbcL^a; a Au\ or tJL*Hchargo wf tbe 
conletit:;! of tbc iutvstineR. 

Ar«'ln<^ [Alvt'nua^ frooi arm*.] 
llcl ntring to Ibo boUy, «tomarkt or in- 

rif* C*oft«ert*'llott* [Ent4*n»l'* 

A calcuhtsi lu tlic itumiuib «r 
I. SI ft. U, SScc I^nzoiu. 

Al'vuift.* Tbo bdly,#tr<ffiiutU. fttiiifieh, 
or itjU'i*ritica. Siv AiiJtM ' , u, 

Ar%UM A»-lri<- ta.^ .V^n, 

*\wt(**'tnm, lu *'biuil/*] ' -lato 

of dio b'tvrds. 

ArvnM C'4»<4K!'I9.^ Literatly, kftrd- 
hoiind biJiy. Tbe btiit« of 04i»Uvonoc«. — 

AI'vu* ffltil-d#** A loo«e fUtc of 
tho bowoL*. 

AoMMlon (Fr.)J'in&-<loo'. LiUmtl^, 
**tour'b-wnf><l/' iL kln^ of fllIl;e^U». A 
Siibi^tiinco u.(4im1 in ^nt4tiiito*rcuiu|ires5e«; 
ali)o t> MH>juirt V4ric<»!<v \(iii!i, ntnl pto- 

A-tnAl'is^uti* [Amnl'icmiiii; from 

r^i^, '* tM2«tbtjr/* anti yA^-r-t, V* *'««fHiuwM.**] 
A r>>tnbtiiation of mercury with uny utb«r 

Aviunl-a^-niii'lloii. [AiiiAUriunii'* 
il«i« »'«*».] Tbc pr*>cti?.s **f i^^tuibinitig 
(ncrcury with m mcta), or luruimi^ %n 

A-ESiatil-flfi* [AitinnltriiAt fmni 
*f>(*i '♦>*♦, "fungi/* or " tniu^hrooaitt/*] 
Tb*» p»isonoii6 principle *T/frfi7*» 

A«mn'r^* [Xeutcr pInnU of ajv>»'« 
rM«, "bitfrr/'J Biltcra; uic*iUo{noA with 
n K >'. r ii., ,. „,,,| tynie property, m 

rr«f(frrij/fA»«, or a:r»#t^ri'tt 'f <'«'.] A flAtllral 

■'"'"'' '*" ■' '• ••• ■*\v tfOpHMlL It 

rM* ami oih«r 
: dry nod not 

i Imbiw ly r^Uc, 



Am^rMi'tlil,* tho plural of AniA- 
ran'thiiM. A natural urder of plants. 
Koe AMAiiA?fTiiAri:^. 

Ani-^r»n'thiiM.^ [From a, priv., and 
ftopaiyat, to "wither/' (r "fade."] A 
f(unuM of plantfl with unfading flowers. 
Writttm also Amaran'tih. 

Am'^rln. [Amnri'im; fruin nnin'- 
run, "hittvjr."] The bitter principle of 

Ain*»-r.f l-ll-<la'e«ie^ (-da'«ho-e). A 
natural order of plants, including the 

AiUAtoriR Febrifi. See Chlorosis. 

Am-^lo'rl-nii.* [From a*mo, ama'- 
luNi, to "love."] Belonging to love: 
am'atory. Applied to tho oblique muscle 
of tho eye, used in oglin*. 

Am-RU-ro'Nifi.* [From dita piUo, to 
"darken.**] Partial or total loss cf vi ion, 
firom paralysis of the retina, usually at- 
tendoil with paraly^^is and dilatation of 
tho iris, though occiisionally it is rigidly 
eiuitnu'ted. It is also tenned (ittt'tn 
»frr*na. The term Amaurosis was origin- 
ally used in tho scnj^e (»f obwurity or 
dimnosii of vision; but now it is em- 
ployed to denote a particular disease. 

Am-nii-rot'ie. [AiiiAvrot'icnii.] 
Belon^^iog to umaunfi*, 

Am'b^* [Or. Jiftfti, a " risin'pi*' " some- 
thing elevated."] .An old machine for 
reducing disU>cation8 of the shoulder. 

AmlH^r. [Nue'^lnam.] A trans- 
parent bitumiuius sulvstanoe, of a yellow 
or orange co'. .r. having electric pn»i>er- 
ties; anciently called nXt^rfy^ whence the 
wonl rtirtt^ritif. 

Xnk'ht'r^ At'M of, or fl«e-^l»'to 
AeM, is obtaineil fnmi amber by dry 
distillation. It is a delicate reagent 
(Vtr se|wirat)ug re^l oxide of iron fr\«m 
eompoun T metallic solutions, 

.4111 %rr 4>un'|ilMu\ A yellow, light 
•uMimate, obtaiueil by the destrvetir* 
distillation of amber in a reti^ or 
alembic. It has be«>ii termed ru/ttl«y« 

.iHikMnvrta* or At tumii m n ^ am'- 

b^r i;r\'S, [ Aifcrimrl urm x fr\^m the 
Frvnch i%mt>rrfi* ^\\M^br-i;r^*\ v»t "gray 
aa»b<»r/*1 A c-ucrete bituwinoos suh- 
stawo-.\ of a cravish \»t a.<h c\»K r. intlam- 
vt^'ib'o* anvl whv-'n beate^l e^nittin r a 
l>;»;raMt vnlor. It i* f «nd ab«»ttt the 
sr-.-c-'4>! of warta c »ttntrt<^. »r fi»v»tin» 
on :N.* -iurtaKy of the vx*e«n. a''sv» in th* 
i»t "^riae* of the /H -'ffr •*••»• —^^c^.l*- '«*. 
ai* I ^ - mj*«v>*«>.l t«> bo a ia^»rbi I «vfv*tioa 
«>! th^t JA i p«riiaiv» o«h<r <i«<vm^ v^f tb« 
tij^w . Ch^<ii\ \alua^!«x»afstfka[hK 

Am-bl-dex'ter.« [From am'ho, 
"both," and (ter'ter, "right -banded," 
"skilful."] One who uses bis left hand 
as well as his ri^ht. 

Am-blo'siM.* [From d^i^X^, to '* have 
an abortion."] Miscarriage. Hence the 
term amblut'ic {ainhlofivH9f plural omi- 
blot'ica)y as applied to medicines sup- 
posed to cause abortion. 

Am-bljp^-R'phl-^* [From diSM^f 
"blunt," and «i^/|, "sense of touch."] 
Blunted or dulled pense of touch. 

Am-blj^-o'pl-fu* [From d^vp, 

"blunted," and <5i//, the "eye."] Im- 
paired vision from defective sensation of 
the retina; incomplete amaurosis, or the 
weakness of sight attending eectain 
stages and forms of this disorder. 

AmlMii.* [Probably from dn^tUva, 
to "rise," to "ascend."] Literally, an 
"elevation." The margin of the sockets 
in which the heads of the large bones 
are lodged. 

Ainl»re-ate. [Am'breiiK, a'r>«.] A 
combination of ambreic acid with a base. 

Am-bre'lc A^'kL A peculiar acid 
obtained by digesting ambrein in nitric 

Aiii'br9-iii. [Ambrei'BR; from 
the Fr. amhrtf "amber."] A fatty sub- 
stance forming the base of ambergris, 
and diflcring slightly from cholestenn. 

Ambra w lR,* am-bro'she-^ [From 
Sf»Kf»70(, "immortaL"] Literally, the 
" food of the gods," that which confers 
immortality or life. Applied to several 
plants, on account of their good quali- 
ties, as tansy, wormwood, etc Applied 
also to several alexiphnrmic medicines. 

Ams-bo-te'rrvmi.* [From am'hnlo^ 
to "walk."] The space between two 
•trvfie, or each Btriya, formed by the 
small holes on the shell of tbe Eckintu, 
as of a walk or path. 

Am'b m iRsi e f . [From the French 
aw^M/imf. ** ambulatory .**] The kind of 
movable hospital »cei>mpaaying an armj. 
In p<«pular langnage, a wagon or car- 
riage for e*mvevinr wounded voldicra. 

A i bw ^i^m, ^ [AMbmtattow •'■'«; 
fV\>m itmf^'r%»^ mm^»*'tmm, to **bum.*^ 
A burn or seald on aev rart • f the body. 

AmV-ltm. TAaaelimsi.] Ancwbttso 
piviMniiale>i in the alkaline s^-h-ticn frrnn 
vbioh melamia has K'«b dcfositrd. on 
beinc *ii»vrNitun:te^l w:th accte acid. 

A If • S M U isK^* 'rr n tfw'nm*^ 
"p^^wA-^anl/* and * •■•-;«." A hyVri^l term 
^half Latitt an I hji!f i^rv*^ de«o:uig n 
p%y or che^Hfkl ^^raa of csaaia. 

I —sm T i bw »»a-mmVrrf, [Ftni 



^v., ft^^ » "month/' ftnd pt**, to 
i<|||iiir."J Ali««iic« ur ^ta|t|m|c^u **f iho 

• tiil of AuiiXrDJift 

AinetftlaeitjiF** itiii-eii-ta'slic>£. [From 
^ti*r0>n, S<w nc.\t nrticle.] The 
uiu uAtoc of «u V filer of pUulfl 

latrrhutrt lini in/ difff'foTit ofilcr*. 

jiHnifiii-tjieeauK. [ i%ii»i*itli%>vfi-« t 

AlttirHtlN,* 1^ 1a<ll1'^h(•H^ [Froia d, 
if,. udI «<rMt, tho **minil.'3 Mi'J*?y j 
^tuiiy; ituh.'otlity *i( miml. A |ff>tiuj» of 
k^ finltT ^'p•»noH•. «»liii* AVMrotrtp. of Cul- 
Qs Nii^ol is^y. Sop UtiHlSTtTIA. 

A-mMt'lnin.* (ilurul A^mon'tA* 
[Fr«ui J^,.*ii, n "thnri^' 'J A cfltkln« or 
iruinirfej!t H pwr, rtti, vrh;it fikt h rt>p« t»r 

Olt*fi I*IL ' ,!<♦. 

JUM»r 1 1 I Tho 

'''"■ " ■ ■■•■ y '*>jiti3tms 

> M . . .t. nil. ScO DlLftAlt 

A-nM*r l*r:«n l^cit'tia. The cutnuivn 

Ain'r-Ili^i*l< [Ampt!ijrM'Cii«: from 

f prif.^ mi 1 |icJ<W«'>i, to "tntkko drunk.''] 

t vtolot'Coloro 1 irciii. li sfH*oioii 'if ri>ek 

' ^' ' I from ita 

*n the liJiHit 

iL luttu ite&tkt. It tian- 

'y of sUi^A. 

%t»i J, or Ani-1-i«Ti'to1tI. 

[Ami ' ^« or ATtiiTintoi <P^i 

^Jrynu .tJUMi.-i'ifH*, a fi>s!ijJt 

fthr^ut Blrtnv. j Hi^neiiibliii); 'ii'nt tfif^M*. 

Ani'loiiit'lhii^.* [Frnni •!» pHv,, i^nd 
M II -n I'* **ilril«!/'J LiUrritly. "tL:it 
w hi 'H <?*tin'»r >>i^ ilo^fil«»<l ;" heoaii«co olorh 
riM ti) of it fviiili alMMYM he iMtrilici bjr 
t>nr!iin?. Miinnutin Hax; an incomhu*- 

hT*iru;:^ria o.^rur^^ contain in^ na Mam 
lc*« "f Huf-lrM/vt ttt<iti nmiii'inia. 

' ■' J •" ' I :irni»$ frm tho 

ii/'l A still -fTiif^r* 
. i^urn and 9t*rt'H» 
I by tliti •otutiun of the ]MtCT in 

Kni]l«*n Viii ij'tii?, Ain'O'U'n. A 

i^ui'l liyi l.iliiiiiivt hy dis- 

rtillinij hytlr i^ in «f Muy\ rapeut- 

fitlly villJi uuhyiirijuj* pbo«pburia aoitL 

Amml. S«e B(«o?r Aim?, 

Atn-ti»a'nl>^* The vuhuilo atkiutf 
amuiottuicLii gu:^, A tniiiBpurvnt. culur- 
k'sij, pun^ont pi»^ furtuod Ity ihii untnH 
uf uilro^cti mid Uvilrogfii, lly k'm^ticy 
it wiii* o^itU'd n/L>iittHf nil ; it u uulleil 
**lhQ ^olutilu iilkuli" to diet ill ^iiuib it 
from Ui<j tUrd nlkatic, — ^rtdn mid pol- 
Jt5b. iLf present iiittucr it diHtxtsd from 
Aiil Ammonino* oi which it c«tn!4littitt«f n 
hiu^tJi, Had wUtch teec«v«d tti» npficJlatioa 
fruiii hciR}; tir^t pn?pu.rcrd in tho Ui«- 
Irit't of Ainamtyitit in Lihyn. 

Aini*-ni«Mni AM7al« [ AiMimoitliiefi - 

Aifiiiif»ni'ii«»l Al'nin« A duublo 
»iilt. o<m»i?tiTiic: 'd' th** liiilphnto of jitii- 
tU'triia and j«1uitiinii. thr potH(i**a af com* 
luuij (ilitiii hritjt; rt-filnood liy iiuim<iiii»< 

AitimonI t«enl fJtiM. jimmuMiiVt^ tbo 
voUtilt) nlkiiU. 

Aiii*tn«»«nfXk-c*tiEii'* (From ^^pkfMVf 
ji natuo <*f Jupiter, who hud hit temple 
iii fl pftft of Ijitjva, whiro tbr* trcf nhiolly 
grttir.J Thti Phanuucijiptviid muiin jf ot 
a^UTO rosin, frnm thu U^r €*»>*% it*tnniiHi*a- 
cttiti ; iiuim t'uLtK, vr i::utu-nmmi.t'mnou 

AttHmo'nl-a; fil'qii<»r.* i/* Ijiqiiorof 
Atnmoittrt/*) Thousiuiuofth' e iiiriotitrntf»d 
El dutioD of atumoinn. One ndumo of 
irntcr tfkko« tip fttMiui TfiO tiittt^s Ub hulk 
uf the ;;aa« fomiiii^- a Itifiiid po^POftacd of 

Avr tiiccd by 

dv-r . .■. 

AMi«»iHiJt«(|it«^, ikui mo tie-Ak'. Tho 
FrtMx^h icroi I »r Au^iojiriA, which rc«. 

Am intHiiiCf^. [ Aififiioni'tcM; frfittt 
Jui«ifi*r Atn%*t^>n ; W'-r^hippod od ft ntiri.] 
A kind of petrified ^thtrlU liko f% horn or 
Rtiiiit«. From it* r«Hf«foldAnuo to the 
horn» of tlie ftutuo* of jMpif««r Ammcttit 
it U trailed Cnr*nfi ' . ' hwrn « f 

Aminttij." From ' rm it \m 

pi»piil]irly known n> nc, 

Am>nio'iil-nm.^ The «up|>os«4l me« 
t^lio b:t.^ of ammoiiiii. 

Anttnoniiiroi, ^ ■ ~ ^ < rvL 

[ AiiviittHiiitrt^'turai.] 'ton 

of uuiHioniii with a mcta 

Am-ne'fil-fk,^ Ati>ne« tlo^u-^ [ Fmm 
«♦ pr»v., and ft-'i^Hi "rcm«jiMbninee."| 
Wnit of memor>'T for||;«triilnesj. 

\ni'it1-l, lirquor.^ Tho fluid crosj- 
tjiiucil in rh*' aTuiiifn. 

Aiii'ittKifi,* [From fl^*-^, ii *'liiinh,**l 
Thi^ 0itft, nto^t int'^rnttl mefubrano. con* 
tuiiilnir thiT waters whi^h surround tho 
j\tt»» in nturn. \[Mt cnWrd Afttiftf* iunti'tt, 

Ain'oI-OAlAltv [Aiiinl'olfM« fiV^*.] 
Aniiiiulio mcUX utimbinv^d with a liii:«. 



Aifi*iil-4»t'ic« [Amnlckl'lenii.] Tor* 
tjiitiiuj^ to tho iiifiut(»u. 

Aiitnlot'lo Ac'ld- t^atno ai albn- 
toiu mini. 

A*mo'tiip-a]».' Haviii*^ an arrange- 
Otint H'* hi the .ItJ'ioMMi^i ; luijn'uitious. 

A'-ino'innm.^ [Fn m o^Mfiu^. *' bUtuio- 
'J A Liuiuenn genu« of the c1u»ii 
. ^tfHiimiri't, nuliiral onliT St *fttmin(U\ 

Amo'miiiii Cnr^l^iuti'inuni.'^ Tbd 

nvcd \Asxt\i; now ai^cortaiticd iu be tho 
Atjiimti rtmifrmitmuM, 

Amo'ittuiii C^m'm^ Piu-*^^l'»l.^ 

Gniiu$ of FttruilitKT Aiimmiii» : a plimt of 
fchc order Scilamittf^^, the fruit of which 
itf WttU known under the name of Gtuinn 
yf Poradi4« or Mollegctla IVppor. 

Aano'oanm Re'pevui.^ Tho plant 
l^nrducing th« Cardamoui sood; but thiM 
itf idtkdly obtained from th« Atpiniu ear- 

Anio'ninmZln'ijti-tM^i'-* Tba ginger- 

A-tiior'plklAtii. [ADHi<ri»hi«i'tnii«i; 

from «. ]>nv., and ftof^it, '* forui/'J The 
«tnto of i*eing ninorphfUiB. 

A-tiKir'ptioiiM. [Alit«r'f»liii«; from 
a, jiriv.. tind ftofpnt ''form."] Wuii'ing 
f*nn: Khapik'-*. 

A-tn«r'|»hou« <|nl-ititie'* Tho »al>* 

■taiiee <J«tHoidin€ ,- *<* named bucaasw it* 

IsallJ cannot he crysiaJUxvd. Bee Qvi- 


Am-|ierte A^M. An acid ftbtAined 
by huiirvnt from thtu f>ils of bituminnuN 
fif^jift. Th'-' tc'iui tuMpf'fin \\nn Keen nlwc* 
ap|dii<fl tiu> jiti fitly itialtcr prijiarvd from 
the yauif 5nt»ftrtnefi, 

Aiii'p4«-li»i»>n'lfrl-^* [From t^trtXofp 
ft *' vints" iind ny^H'H. "wild.**] Tho liry- 
vHitH ttfhn, <>r wild vtnp, 

Ain-i»ltent-4^rl'n^* or Anfe-|ililtii* 
iwrt'ii^.* I Vtum ti^'jfi, ** on'* or " U.v.'* and 
il*':fn*i a "day.") Applied Ui a f^vl?^, 
KUeh «i a tpiotidtan a^^ttc, or hectic, oo- 
c«rrlng **dtty hj day/' — that i*, every 

Atn'liliKrJ^^O- A Gr<H^k ^rcpo1ritic•n, 
^i-rnifviiitr *'"o li«dh !«id«^8t" "»htjiii;" 
omiMitic^ "on/* "at," or "hy/* It i» 
Ti«*aTly allird In Sfifna, "liotht" and to 
'ip>u, "on hnlh tidoj/* "in both direc- 
tion*'/* *' nr^'UfHl.'* 

Ani-lilil-nr-flirci'flla.* fProm 4/iM 
**lHjtb/' f*nd A,¥}po\\ H "jrdnt,** an **ar- 
tifulrttion."] A uiovnuH-nt ptirtnkini;; 
both «d fJii^rthinmiM ntiti StfmirthrntiM^ h» 
in the tar^nl and vjirpul h(jnA?>, imd tiui 

Am-ptHbl-o-liliS or Aiu*pllll»l-o* 

nth. [Aiii|ilill>lo1'itlioiit frritn <tai- 
jthiL'tUM^ and A-fA*,, » *♦ titutiij/*] A foMil 
rclio id' tin utnpltibiouji imimiil, 
Am-pltil*-i-^l ti-^. lAtnpliiJM- 

"«.ptctli/'J A trcvti^o on amphibir«M« 
nninmU; thu Fcivuce of ainphlbiou* 

Aiii-phlbT-fM.^ I From u^M »*!»* Ih/' 
or iiit^i, "on b*»lh »^idv?/' and ^*a*,i, lo 
**liivv."] Amjdiitiioufi. Apidi<nl to plant* 
and iininiiiU thut livv in b^dh clcmentf, 
— on laml <*r in the watt'r. In the ncntvr 
p1ur:il {Anfikhilt'tit} it form* thu mimu 
uf th« e<econd claHi* u( th« En^rj^kfiioto^ 
or Vcrtcbmtfd aniuifilt!. Thu aniinah 
of thiit c1a(<s <^iinimpn<^e their Inrvn iit«t« 
B9 fij>)iL'p, and undergo viirioni* ilej^ftH*a 
of nictamMr|ihi)»iM In ftdvuncing to tha 
CDnriition of reptiles- 

Aiti-ptif*cii.iir-tlir4i'alii.* [Proni i 
A^fii, "on liuth t»idie/' and ^oi^^ptiffif, an 
"artieulalion."] Afplted to the artieu* 
latiun of the lower jjaw with th<? Ifm- 
poral bone, because partiiUiffjer botb of 
tho nature of f/Mi7(p/WJM« nud atthtotlia. 

Am-phl-en'mi-iH.* [Pr'in «(H^r, 
**iin holh liitle.T!" (and heoc?<* "doubtfnr')^ 
and ytf^'Sy a " ninrr;a>,'e.**J In the nenter 
plural {Antphign*mt*t} npplied tu plant • 
(the tVii^jfoT/rtmMi) >vho«iti frttctifleatl&n U 
un»5"cerfained and may be of bfdh mr%i $, 

Ani^ptilp o-4loiia. [Aiii|iliip'otlti»: 
fnmi 4»^><, "nbont," and tuw*, -rof^H, a 
''foot/'] Ha%in;[r feet njund aboat. 
Apl^Hed to certain r"rwW«ee(». 

AniphUf'litM*^ flm-ft^ib'c-fiifc. Tit the 
pinnil. AniplitM^jt, sim-fi^U'e-b [From 
<i|r^i', "on !*• th f-idc-^/' Modrt<ro«,n***'had*»"or 
"shadow/*] Ha^in^ their ^hiidow to the 
north on© fwacon. to the jionth unnther. 
Applied to the penpb* wtthiu the Torr«d 
Zone. Amj hTf'eiiin*. 

Atti»pltla'tf»-inoiiM. [Aiiiphla't*^ 
nitin; from tififu "^>n boih tides" or 
*• holh ends/* and (tt^*i, the " numth/'] 
Applied to ( ertain EuU/xtm, havinfC a cnp 
at efieh extremity, by which they adhem 
to tho intesdtineH. 

Atii-ptilt'r«»-l»n1. tif Am-pkll'r*^ 
fMiiUU [Amptilt roptta: ln>ni ufff't., 
♦' abont/' iind rfitrrfi.t, to " turn/'l Applied 
t« the embryo of imy Boc<i iwhwu it ex- 
tcndi* round the albumen. , 

Aiti'plio*n|.* [Frnm *»^/, "oti both ^ 
fliden,** Iind iAV»*t t<* "carry/* beoAnse 
earried by two hftnd1<*f>.l An anelant 
winfr-vejiml with Itflfo ikurieteR, eoiitaiDing 
filiout niio» I'njrli^b ynllons. 

Am-pliAr'ic% [ Ampliwr1cii»»] Bo- 
luugjag t*jt the 'ffM/'/oTrr ; retoiuhling that 



i»ti . ' 


lli-n. I - '.— ----^ — '■■■. 

Am^itli'^'k-^"*''!'!^* [From ttm- 
l^fUe'Btift ttMjtUur'tu^ to " ftuf r •und."' aniit 

- • "' V ' r tiiit)ikvticu»rtknc. 

I Atn-ptirine* A 

alio u^ctl b> tbi' 

I i}i>t>(.M.uiing «viue. In Aunt- 

•m1 t> the* trum|iot>uiiiuUie«l 

lihc ear, AUo 

9tOJiJI trh lied to 

i'the rutitst iiu<i auijjcrat.''J l«»»vud uf o«rtAijl 
■•aiiUAtio plant 4, 

.linpiillfie^aitii, am pul l&'ahuA. 

I {Ainpiilln'eoiiK.J Appeartni^ like an 

AiiB-|»iillp*l^* (The drminutive of 
^fMtftmi'l*!.] Atipli<»(l to n eiuial or hikg 
tli'^Htly t iilnfitnl id the CMntrc, 

Ain-pn^lAllitti. (Aiii|*iilA'tl«B, 

#'nit r ftoiij itm'fuuto, ittupttffi'tumt to 

"cat itflT") Tbp »pcrifc.tion t»f cutttu^ 
filT A limti, or fir<ij«>etiijig part of Ltie 

) ' , ^' ' ■ . f.\ 

1 -tich are nnt>dyiie 

]li'<'iciii04>f« u>ed in twtliitiiL; of inrnjiU. 

A«ttiy-«'ll*^* [Frtim «, prtv.. and 

p-^XH, "'iJiiirr«'W,"* **-pinnl niJirT<>w,**] 

I Tlt«i condition oT it iuuti»itcr firtti?. burn 

Itttioat the Fpiniil nuirrow. 8»i(di a 

llirtuN w «aid to be nmy'fUm*^ When 

Ithc ftoeenhaloo n)^ i*' Bl»?f*»nt, the f*i»tiit 

iff (rriticti nm^fi» There muy 

||m ab^enee of t Uin, — of the 

»'0crvl»riim anrl tt.. "ly j in this 

Ctt^fl ibe firtuA i« culled ttn^nrrrpK^tifott: 

Of th^ fi«n*V>ntm fin*re!r nmy he in a 

Mi'ltt, «r afro* 


A.ii> 1 itiii 1. .^. ,; _nn^ article, 

fmit fif J rNv-T'r^rfiic coniiHu'iiM, tbo ffweet 
^ftUdl d. 

A-«i 1'* itbe plural of the pre- 

eiilin>^ . .; {. ;dilar Daino for Uie e$tO"^ 
llicfr icIjuiiU oI the neck and for the 

el til- 
• d' the 
tcr al- 
I i entere 

hit ! thi! iimiur iir ccMii{M<iiiLio|i oallcd 

Amf ff^4liil4t> Plft-t^tt i«.* ''Alniond- 
«tkr;" the »uli5laoco lefl after ibe ex- 

II of tlie oil. wliieh viben ^ronti I 
i„nin>t'puirtirt ^ 4(» geufsnilly u<ed 
...I .T..-uinj:: (lie Iii4ud«« 

Attt«^ic^ltt'l«*>ttii.* tinrini^ iin ar- 
rutigvtiutikL an III tliu Am^ytittit*** Amyg" 
dti'h oiM. 

Atn'fK^mX'ie, [Ajik^-|rilnf'lcii»i 
fr-t f'thij an "alniundJ'J Be- 
lt: . nimond. Apfdicd to nti 
M" I i \'ruia nmy;L;dftlin, 

A>ni3 u-a^-iir«Toitii, [Aiiijrj|«lia> 
lirvrtM; Iroiii Hmtf^'tfutu, nn "utiiMntd/* 
tmdjVro, to *'beiir."} Bvmrin); :diiii»nde. 
Applied ioa^^de with a iiiovubjitt ki'nicL 

A-iaj^^d^llii. [ AmyKvlfill'iiai i 
from umtfij'tfttia^ an "ftlin*>nd/*J A 
white cry«iti»lUno mibituaue obl&ined 
frotn the bitter nJrnnnd. 

A-ni j^ir'4lA-l In4*. [ Amy ipilniriiitiK ; 
from tUf i'Hinp. ] Iirl{»n^iti^ti< Ihculnmuik 

A-mj^K^l^ll'llM.*^ [Krt.nj rtmtft/dttijr, 
the '*t«inj*il-<,'* und i'tiM, dvtinfing inflatn- 
tiiati^n ] i^Jtitie i»,K ToNMi,LiTis, 

A«tiii tr 'ili^lokl* [ Amy iritHloi'flf^ t 
frmij o»ti/>/'itol*t, AtA "idnioud/* And t?^» 
a *'forin."] Having the farm of mu 

A^mfvd^larfliiL The sjime m the 

A-inffT'd^tnik^ [Gr. <l^yiVX»(, Ibn 
**ftluic»nd-tn.*e."] A Litin.ttui;i {^rnu£ of 
the cla^i I<!o**Miidriff, nnturtkl order J7o-> 

Amjj^K'dnlas rom-tiiu'nia.* The 

tree which yields the Qluiond. both bitter 
and Tweet. 

Am^g^'tlnlfui Per'al-cs^* The poiieh- 

Aiii'j^l. Thp hyp'jthrtJrnl rridip1ef>fa 
sericw of compound*. »fwbirh thn hydrate 
of the *»xlde hiw bnif been Kh'iwti m 
fnnA ftit, or a# th« of/ nf tjrtttH-nfiirit or 
pottttofm, M it ifl prodn^cd in the fcrtnent- 
Atinn of iinmiilicd jrrmji nml poltiloeft, 

Afiiyliaccn C4»r|M»m. .'^ee NstJRO- 

Antylare^n*. fttn-p !H'''h?l'^, fAwi|r* 
lll>l*rui; fTiiriiniJ^' like, 

Amjr-Ien* A I by 

di^tillin^ fusel oil h.u v»m — ^ -. tine. 
It irt It naroi>tic poison, 

A'tnftir, [Amyl'lem; frnm ffm'- 
f/Mrtj, "jtarch."] Applied to an mcid 
obt/iine I from dtarch. 

Amvlltt. Thf ' - *Mmiii, 

Am jr44»l4l. ■'i*^t from 

f»v/7/,f>..| !i'*emf rorslarfdi, 

Amylnld ri>cv«*iK'rution. SeeLAtt- 
iiir ;o' t In :iir>*.n vTio>f, 

Ain .?-lnfn»* [Ur.i^ Xo , •' (Ine tneal/1 
The t*tijLnnaeopa»ial name i| t»T (tiaroh, 



being tho fc4;ul;i of ihti ic«dii (tf TntfCHm 

Vttft/fHt*; (Dub. Pll.) the; tSriHfHtm/^tttf^r, 

Ainyltiui Jfl^ran'lw.' Arrows 
rottt,'— -a uuiiitivt' .-^tiircb prcpiired fruu 
tbu MttruHfo urtuiilimtt-t-iv, 

Ain'|M>tui. [Atn'j^iuii frcnn «, priv., 
iiniJ /*'*r» ^"<^, a "imiuftji'* nlso o **tuu8- 
olc.'J Witbuut HiU!*ul«s; iici'hicfa. 

Aiiij'rlili«tf«>it>,* sim-ir-eHlii'tshC'C. An 
or*l<pf »*t <ikMjiyli'iliiiii>ujj pEuutA) ftboimd- 
in^ in fni;i^r!i«L ixisiii. 

Ani'f'^riii.^ [l'>i»iti a, uitcnsive^ and 
pO^j', » ''tfwet-t SCUD ted juice."] A Lm- 
na'AO gcniiMul' tUeclaJS UvUmttria, natu^ 
rill onlcr Amyrtdiwcx (formerly ft divi- 

Aiti>rlM £l-«-tnir^f^» Tho irya- 
iciuutii! jjuujc LtC tb« tro« which yields 

. Ajii>ri«Oil-f>nHt4*ii'M|4i.* The itya* 
U'umtiu nritijc tf ihu tree wliJch itfford* 
Wtin nr bale^um ul tiiload. i^ce Alpisi 


An (nv). A Greek pRttiole biwing n, 
privative force. Sco A. 

Aim {ttifa), A Greek portictf . dgnt- 
fy\n% "through." "up tbrtuigb/* **Mp- 
wardji/' "again;" soin^ttmctf ''According 

For the UJ(o of unn m medical formu- 
tnric»t» see AA« 

An-nb'9H«liii.« fFruin aV<4. **up," and 
^tuiM. tn "i?"'/"j Likrully, nn "ftjicrnd- 
inp/' The iticn*a#e of a di«vafo or of a 
pamxystn* ^chj Acwk. 

An^-bnt'lc. [AiiitlnU'lciifc] Pcr- 
tnitiinp; ta jin»ihM^>5. 

6«- lliivinjif im *»rrnT»i^'inMit a^ in the 
^^naenrdhtm (iT»»hew-lnte:) jiiiiicardiii'- 
(k^6Uf. Applkei in thi* fnninino ptural 
{Aitn^^nnfirtrrir^ an-ii-kjir'di?-ri'j«hO'c) to 
an order of dicotjK^dorious pl{int«, iii'^ 
ctudtng tho€»i;»bt'W-trc«, th«« Attniach, etc, 

AB*4]l««ar'ill*ttltl.* Auttcitnititm Oc* 
rtihuittlr. ("u^bt'M not, uf inurkiiig-nui. 
The nut t'otiUiiii.^. l>€tw«?eii it?< rind and 
aholl, a red, int].iininitt>|<>. and very eaus< 
tie Hquur, or oil, Suf L'ahiiiiw-Tukk. 

Aii'^Mp^lliiiijr'MlM^* I Prom i>'<^ " up/' 
niid *rt9i»tVf'i, to " pnri^o/'] IJliTtilly. a 
"pwrpiflfian npwafdi." A term Vfed to 
dtrnotp i*iii)|£h with cxpfftoriili")n» <»r 
exp^<'t',rrtti-»Ti ^iin|"ly|hnr'llr. [AntfCAtlmr'tl* 
ۥ11^: from ihti ^ftiot' | Trfunidinj; ex- 
liri-loriiliiiii *ir viuniHni*. 

A 11*0^5 rliut |>:|r'««>lliniin.* Jha 
rUrirttjaropuMul (l.ofid. nnd Ed, Uh) 
niinr fM^ jN'ArtJKK Piftffftrum, 

Aii-fwt'fu-tntMiH, [Aiinil'roiuaiii 

from riwf, "tq>," and ^^, « "oouTfo,'*] 
Swimniiiig^ up iij(i> rivtifi from tho F«a. 

Aii-<c nil-^^* [From a^, priv., and 
0i(jiti, " blo» *|. 'j Dcticicncy of blood: 
m re corrrc'lly Mnittt-it Amij^mia. 

An^ivm'lo i^r Anemi'lc), or AnMe'- 
inl-^l. [Atttrtn'leni».^)rAR»iiilfi'll!i3 
fr«m thy ?<itmf',J In n ^ta^^^ nf c*Mvr/<i/rt. 

Aii-iP-nHit'r€>.|>tt5. [Fn»ni mim'*.mVi, 
and rj^/ij, "nijuriihuirnt."] iJy t>»i« 
term wnd k4i'tuott ophtf uni implii'd »ifiip!y 

A deficiency uuil ' u» 

Doiirii^hiiient. J */, 

Aft coturnnnly < ■ rh« 

idea of dim i nibbed nnd itiereiiped magni* 
tudc ; while rririrwm and Jti;jH-tinnirt huv9 
referont^e only I" the i]i)iim»ly of blood 
prcMn(, *»itht III teju;Ard to ilt nuintive 
prl^perlie^.~f I'liot T. ) ^ec AHJKiiiA* 

Aiin4''roC<L Sie At<iricrtotn. 

Ati» Klli«»hii«,'^ ini-ci'the'Mj-'f. fFnm 
ut', priv., iioil awOaniftai, to ** iictrcive," tO 
"fcoK"] L<r«t* of itiliniL' or pciviptic^Q: 
^n'iL*«thery, A firnits ot the rrder hytm^^ 
thttiir.vUifp A^ro/rf.uf Cll)!vn'frKoi<>iilti|ry. 

Ai:tfatlt«<fU% nn rrthirlk^ fAfiw** 
(liftifiiHi: iiotii tiutf*tfif'th^] liaviuj; 
n»i p*rr(pliti(i ft<-r feni'e »»f tduch. 

Anvallirl Jen. [Fr* m the iinuics.] A 
tcitn npplied to certnin tnedieine?. titeh 
jia chlorofotni, ether, Ae„ hiivi|i|; ih« 
power of rendering Ihc ft-vipiint inpan- 
«.ilde to patn, 

Aitnl. [Aitnlltt.] rcrlnitiiiig to 
tho nttttw. 

Ali^-I^p'tilai.^ [Fr< in fJ^'aXo^'^iim, to 
'*t!ike njinin/* t<» " rceit\cr."] Beeoter- 
Snj? id' Hrcnp:lh nfu-r ftckiirPH. 

An*^-I«^p'lle. [Aiinlf^ii'ilritiit fn m 
thf mmr,] flidon^in;: t<* nuftUitntn, 

Atsiilop'tlcw* [FnjM the f lime) Ro- 
Itortitivr niedlfine*!, 

A«iui I 'o-K«i tiM* [ A ti nl 'fM^A ; fr oni 
orrS, '^neeordmg to/' nod Mjih, "rfitio** 
nr **pr*>portion/*] Literiilly, "propitr- 
ti<na(c:'* hence, oorref^ponditif; to In a 
pin era I wny« 

Aimlfiiciip, an'94<Sf», {Frfifn the 
j«aim'.| Applied in Cowparirtirr A ti<<lrTny, 
by Owfn, to n part or or^ui* in one iini- 
iiiiil hiivini; the rnrue fimctifun n»nii(dher 
part or nr^nn in a diflrn-nt DniiuaK 

A*nal'<»«ftrjif'« [Aimlo'irliif Iron) the 
enme.] The rrlnti<tn ^f filing's or ptirtt 
of a different nutitre, but i^iftiiltir in their 
font'tknn, nnd 5o contrndjrtingiiished 
fr<»«i tlin t<'rni lft,mofttffy. 

A>iiiil'j^«Ml«,* [Frotn rtpuXttki, to **oii-< 
do/'] The proiiej"!* ttf nepH rating nny efim 
]>oiind ful !<tiitice iritn it^r «>ori}«tituent}<^ 

Aii«9-tnlr'l9 4*or>ti«lmu* tho 



pisnt whi<^h alfnrtlrt th«> O". tr n* htn'tru^ 
ffuii (K'L Vh.j, 

.%i«-aMn*n«^'li4^« 4%tt>fin^iifm'lt-fiiJ. 

"rt'i'dll t,jmiii'l- "J Kceiillinj^^ to memory. 

AnH»n'ilroa»t ^'f Aji-nn'drl-miv. 

[AlUUl'dl^r, ur AiiAn'driu«i: linrrt <« >, 

"mnie"] Applied to plAiiU whicia Uavc 

AnAiihtHMlliiliu* aii-iirru-<li«'f>^ 
[Proai «*, jtriv,, and *i-^^i»Mmts, *Mhit»j:i 
|tert«ining to Vcdiijl**] iiiipMipucf ; 
incAptibility of B^xaaJ intercuur^ fmu 

Of or b«l«j»nKia|i; to anapliustj. 

Aw^pttiMi tf. [Amaplm'tin; frotn 
fd^if *'«^am," &ad »Xi«ntr<j, to " fc»nn'* or 
1 *«f«.«hWin/*] Li torn 11 J, forming on<*w; 
■ 'im? for tb' i 

r fur ihe v 
• rioj* or nntur 

liitt tiructitri? itf tUo 'jutjy, 

f ill/* to "•upjily/'J The sn;i- 

I pcirt^do'trnjodtOdiD wound-s 

A«i-^l»le^r<»tic. [Aita|>1<>rc»t't> 

«•«.] iiiMmgliig l« anaplerosia; ^up- 

.iii*^^-«nr'€^* [From A**i^ *' throw jh/' 

and '--i * Hi. flush/*] l>rop?y io tbg 

rintiv iiob'jdy* General dnpsy. 

Pp.' *l I from dropsy of anno 

I partir-nLri 'n^Mi or part. 

Aii'^^'-Hmrtle. [Aiinjitnrtieii<i;rrata 
i»*i» •* u|jwtir'ls/' and ari^Xtn. to ** iset/* 
••i««nd/* "cuntnwt-"] Puridcrly applied 
to tt)i?dierii4'< thni were ^typlio. 

An*nH*ti*'mo'ni*u* [From nii>a, •*by/* 

*• ihniti^'h/' and iT^V* n> '* tnnilh/'J Tlia 

comroiiiilMitioii of Urancbos of voffteli 

with <?*t'!i niUpf. 

Aii-iiA>lo-mat'le. [Anivitoiiiot'l* 

Cl».] Of iUc n itiire uf anrt»forno«/4. 

An-f^loiiil-vnl. [An»t4>fnleas.] 

B'doti^itif tit ttttiUoiny^ 
A*iiAf o-mlst. [Kroni *Jrci» " tlironj»li/* 

••ttp," .lit r 'i r, til "cut."] A di.MfOtur 

- i*beth<»r lintitiia* 

I li^il Zrtijtotni^t), Of 

. _, , - .-, . ... ,, . ,1 , kt.iiiit^t). 

A«m»lio*ni^. iAti«t4i'mLii« froin 

^tftr fttinr ? fJ^tiMrnlty* llie »t **o.iL*tS«in of 

, whothr-r lntinuQ. Unite- 


^t. *,.*..*,. ir^il-fl<r*Ut* r.lnato'- 

tlM <%njiicifli'li%.] tinitAtcd dlsj^o- 

Antii oiiijrf tVnm-pHr'iullTf * [Aq«> 

141'nilA CV^mpnrAtl'^ii.] The diPFee- 

III ilhiT^'trztti! l!t"!<f gcn«':ntl pnnotplt!'^ uf 
<ir(;iMiiifiiiiioii whii^h nm coDifnoii to an 
ordirr. clu;^i«, ^ruuil di%i}ti(itit *ftc 

Annl'cftiny. I»**-M'rl|»'ll%i% fAnit* 
to liilii l^i'^rrlpfl «».J tHi'taiL^i uf tUv^ 
^auniUm, (linn, (4Ui| rcturiVc utta*. Imiciiti) 
uf the tiiriouf) p:irl{<^ 

A n i»t 'cittiy • CiMi '<^rt»1. f An itto'iii In 
fJrnerti'llA.] {}< J (b» »*rrin»- 

t»in^ find iiaturt' • -ih ti^sitcji, 

upart fnim any r ^»a of tho 

organ I* they coinpufmr. 

Avml'ottty, lln'mnn. [Aitnto'inlii 
IIilfl14i'iin.{ FM-.-OLtiMfi oi tttnti. 

Anal'oniy, M<><I'I-ch1* [Avinio'ntln 
ffcHlicn.J Kmljrm irig />r*r rt/>rii« , /^Ay. 
aiultttfi^nl, imd {*(ith*th>tjit ttt Atttiiofttiif, 

Annt'omy, Piitli'4»^lA^'l*«wl, f %f«f»- 
f^. nua rnfl»olo^'fea.] TIm 
if chanjcfJ! in tbc i-i 
by discti^c, or fri.»in <_ . ,, : . 1 

[Atiiito'iiila Physl4il«i^'t«fi,j Tbo 

c.\iiiiiiliiitiiiiti of the orj|;:iii»' cf iLnttriiiU ta 
iiU'lcnitanil their rctpteliTP fuiietioui 
in the hciiUhy ^t.-itc. 

Aitttt'cimj', ^prc'tnl. [Aniito'inlA 
Spf!«ln'lli«.j Properly, tho tinKtotny of 
a j»iii;:k» *p«'cU'H, m the liMutuniy of niMn, 
of the horse, elc. — Car v>^iL.iiiru. In 
this ff^TtMe it i* pontmdUiinguEfthed from 
Conipiirntivo Anatomy; hnt, dccinrdin)^ 
to moat ijrnters, it is thiit bnintdi ut 
A a Atomy wbioh trc^nt* nf the p«rtir^tiliir 
organs or [turti (in ji nlntv of health) us 
roDtriwliitiiig:«ifihedrrr.>m treMcrnI Anato- 
my, which treats of tho tt^-uca, cttn, 
common tit the viirir'H!* urifun», 

Aiiitt'oniy, NnriBt'l^***)- [Afi»t©'- 
■nla diJmr'Klcii.] The cxniuinutiua 
of the various or;tr»ii»« nmN*lci«, nerves* 
nnd blrxMl-voist'ls, their procijn? 5ttiia* 
ti« n and rcltitioni* t«j e<ich r.thor, with 
a »{Mvriii) reference tn Ktir;:err, 

Aiint'<»my, Triut-<»ret»««1en'tik]. 
if AliTitnmfit TnMl«H*cnfl('iifn1t«.] 
TUuL brunch of Anatomy «))i<di ircrtta 
of the devcloponent of pnrt;), thctr initio. 
j^i«^*, lh<?(r pnioary U)n«tet r»r typp, i*p- 
pru\fni.itii(n to, or di^vidtiou fn>m, thai 
iii«*dci ; idijo termed PititoKoi'titC'iL 

An-iif'ro-poti%. [%nitt*ropw«jfrom 

.b<jr,.'^i.|i, t'l '' f<ubll.'rt/'] At»lilir.l IQ 

B'>tJiny to the ovule, in which th^ ht'fam 
imA liitiTuul MJHhiliciu nro opposcl to 
cttch othor« 

Aii-Au'dl-^* [From av, pHt^., aud 



iK^, ^'8p«rch/'] DumbncM; ptirAtion 

Aa«f^-tM^ln'ri-^* [Frurn dr, priv», 
ff^o'CMrt*, "tt»oto,'* uiiil «i^i', **urlru\"J A 
vnnVty nf ohionic tfture^t^t ia wliieU thuno 
in u tUfHt^ioncy of tnoiw 8f*p fn»:A. 
, Ail'ee|i«.* [Fri*iii om, eonU'ncliiin of 
Oft^^ "on tK>lU siilo^/^ 4iii«l ca'piut to 
**tAkc/* to **comp»M/'j Ajjui[/itnl. 
SjLviijg the fi\(los «h«irp liUc n iwo-cdgcil 

Ifi'TiJ. A tt'nii iibtil ill Dul»nj. 

An'chl-I«»piu' [Frutii iyxt, "near 
to," and tiipy ihii *'vjc,**] 8u]»posu<l to lie 
n stfigo of jiMtiitn inrhrjfniah'9 b«*fiir«> tho 
iiiltiuued «weUing bur«t«; nftc^rwunU 
called mfiftiit^^ 

An'clM»*no.* [Froin ayxt^, to "»tran- 
g\v"] Tho sr.ti£iiit]ou of itrunglingj in 

An*cli<^r«i'llM.* [Frfin if^ViUra, an 
"iiiiohor."] Ajrplicd to the cor»t!f>i«l pro> 
cc«* of rho ^eii|iiiliL. {^eo A*<< vnoiniCH. 

Aiwrliii'HQ.*' [ From tiyXt^* t« "cUokc/* 
to •'ounstriii^a' tlio fanccsk''] A Linnroftn 

fTCtlltS of tbu cltl^A PuitHHilriiif UatUtttJ 

Aiie3lll'MHTItlC*ta'rl«9.^ [Froin tin'~ 
fffi, tinc'tumf tu '*d>'c/'J UyvTB' iLlkdiict; 
a plant of tbo »»rd^r Jin»afjinnn^„ tbo 
root of wbicli ubtittThb hi I bo red o<dar' 
in;;:-in«ttcr cwllvd nlkti>trt, iif,t*d by dycr^; 
jil«*» for iiupurling & dvcp red to uib, 
oiiiiii^odt', iiiid pU.'^ti'ra. 

AncliiBPilai, jiii'ku-^in. [Aiietiii»l'- 
Itn,] A ii'd-L'ubired principle uhtained 
froin AttthiUHi ttni'ttn'tttt termed by »ptiio 
Aiu'Iih-hIo itrid, 

Atii'itillltiis* ttu^t^^'pUbVoB. Tbo 
panic III* Axrrri. 

An'rwrt. * [ t*!^"*" ^Y^ *'t tbc " elbow/'] 
"J 'bo vlintMs ; tbv oleeranoB prwcA^ of the 

An-ea'iifld* Applied tbo aame ab 
anc4*niil ti-*inl ndvrrbiully. 

Atl-4^»'lml. [AHCOun1l«»] Hebm;;- 
iii|^ to i)w utn'oH. Apjdied hy l)r. Bur- 
oUy* iif Rdinbur|j:b, in biM pro|jo?vd no- 
inciielaturc^ ojn oivauini^ tuwftrd« tbe 

An€«»n«*nfH* iing-kO'tie'Qa, or an-ko'- 
no-fj?, [Vmuii* n'rtm,] Pejliiiiiing to Iho 
tdbow. Formerly i^pplii'd to vnrioiisi 
iinudo^ nt»>tcbed to the tdt^Tanitn ; now 
1hnit<'d (o **n**. 

An'et^nnlfl. [Atteoti«»rd«iiS from 
owV^m, II ud tn'oi, *'a lorui."] KebC'inbUtig 
lb*' titf'nn, 

Aiiejhtfflo'woitu 9ec AxKTT.rvciLOSstA, 

Anr.TtfiH>tl*t. i^Mfi AvKvi tihiM. 

An^'i^rif^ViMH^' [From iy^f*, an 

*'ancbof/' urid t7^, a "ftinn,"] Reiuni' 
blin^ nn anrAbnr. Sec A?<<noniM*. 

An-clr%-iMit'f»-iii^. [Afiaimtuklo- 
flfiin; fiuiu df/j^, <ii^«H, u *'mun," and 

d>'art^\ui, to "cut 0|»."] l>i.«'f(«sil tt»n «f 
the butunn body, |iurtieuliuiy ibu uinlv. 

And n»^y <»>*'»• an-drojVnun. [An* 
drogr'j^niuH <*r Anelroiorn'lpi*; from 
aei\p, d*tl^, a •"man,*' intd yr*'^, » ♦•wo- 
man."] Partiikin- of lnjtb sfxci; bur- 

A n 'a rold. ^ A nd rot '«!<«» ; fr* i m ^i^^ 
a **man/' and tii^, a **forui.'*J Ec«em< 
bling a mnu. 

An-dro-infi'nl*^*^ [From 4»4^, » 
''tmm" or *'inalct"' nnd /Ni»ia. *'inaducs«*/'] 
Sunic as Niftaftitij HOttinuT Furor titer inn$, 

AtiHlropli'o-rtiit.* [From d**^ a 
"man" or "mule," and i^fof, to '♦lusar,*'] 
Tbo silecdcr pillar ivbit^'h fiup|K)irt« ib« 
nnit<?d anthtiri) in uionuddphouK and 
diadclphoii;^ i^lnrttf. 

An-4lrot'o-naj^. [From lit^r.p^ n ''man*' 
or "male," and -i^* *'t'Ut,"] Tbt? s^imo 
as AsnuAXATOMV, wbicb it'*, 

An'driiin.* [Probably denr«Hl from 
«jo/, a Ijicidoo word »»i;.nifyir»g **tc*' 
tkdo/'] A »f>eeH79 of liydiucfU*, peon* 
liar to tbo south of A»tii, and dc^eribed 
by Kivmpfri'. 

An-4'i*lo|»'f c^r-iiM,* [From u^riXtw, to 
** nuroll," luitj jTri^Wf, tt *' win|f."] Ajijilicd 
to ini$ocf49 with fftor ^inge. tbe two sui*o* 
riorofwhudi ari^ flexible; ai>«'»lo|»'i#«r<i.iin. 

A-lirMii't^'^orA«il«*rn'^T ^ lu 

ancf'tt'M, n '* littb* rintr/'J "< ms 

of the iJfiiiftttnita or lf*tiii wn- 

ni^tinj^of long, cylindrieab moetty nquallo 
wonnit, with red bhwHi, rovi'n'd wtlh • 
t*oft and more or lef^jt rio^imeiTtcd and an. 
Miilatod tfkin« Tho earth-worm belongs 
to thf« cla#H. v\l»o called A->«iir* 
AsxiJj.rnAt and ATiiVKi.lOAKd* 

Aiimnln. ^^ce A V nil A. 

Ant'iiiiiN A nc^sti ^ Jtl. .Si»t» -\ s- 1; v u:, " t o, 

Aii-4'-m<^ir'rt%-pli5^> fAnffii«i|titi*« 
phlit; frota Mint's, "winil/' aod TpiV^s 
lo *' write."] A dij^eription of the wiitdt. 

An-p-mol'o-ltl'- [Ani'fn4»ltf|rlii| 
from ^t'/«K, the '*wind." iiud X'VytKi a. 
**diseoiirst."J Tbo d<»ct4-iuv or fcicnee 
of tbe wfndt*. 

An-c>-iii(nvi'<^lcr« [An4*iti<ini'€^ 
trniii: ftom riir^c»;, ihn "v» trill," and 
^*rT/j/w, to 'MncaKorc."] An inMnimcnt 
for nirflijunng Ibo »(rungtb or wlncity 
if fbr wind. 

An-<«-inani'«vtrj|^. jTAn^'nififti^*'* 
Irlfi: from the i<iim«u] Tb« art *<( ik»^ 
rrrtaiwini; rb« rapidity and dirvQtioii of 
tbe wind?. 



ttmt ffoiu a»</*^i, tht- " wiii'l," it>n( T*crT' .►. 
to " i/jtjinitn«s/"J An in*iruiuvwi vdiicli 
fttiJivt Uio diro«Uoo of tlio win4i a 

♦ n-riir :TT'n tT "t ■ [Fronni*,pHv„ 
!i."j A kiDtl uf 
1 > rictvritvd i»y ub- 

«^i*w t'( ttiv I'iuMi. 

An-«n^vf>liAl'iie. [Anriiec|»liiitl'* 

.%n*4>j»Hfeph>-liiii.' A iQOQatcf- 
r-4»ttM, [.inen'tomfi; rn3n]« tnrm. mo&nUig '* without itir/* 
vv ucAt mtiulc. 

tt-r. Ar. ii|L»|ii|«r»tUi ciiiiyiE^tiii'^ of n. Itnf, 
• >f stttuG vrhlt« ini'tAl. having 

ri lu enria«<i giving it 

.ill <<*^i»^ ' ^ I roiTj li'i'pj/ii, to "rplnx.**] 
A n>mt>-tuii t>r rolux:«liuo of « tli:Hnts« 

A-it4* aiMin.* [Or. S^ytfO^f.] The 
rtiirTH »f'>^fMiMiiJ imiiiic (lir. l*h.) uf Jnc'- 

• at r«r«i«lc:'u*liBm,* SwtN^t 

. Fw Vniy^^rt or Ojjfiriiinfr, 

Aii«*Miiiiit tiPllv'4wo•lel«i^* AiM»'» 
btttii %ial«ip* rv,' The ciiimuii \\\\\ 

A<iHi*tlcu [Anc^tirtvi; rrtMit a>t£r<(, a 
irmuji«>ti."] Alipliad U iMulhiii); inctli- 

A-ii«'fl*«<«** SoolbtUg uedlGliiefl. 

• '1 J Ajiplii**! hj Pr- Oortd M » g«- 
gAttii^ f T intoriuUtifiit ffvuf, 

** ii(*rvi.i." un4 iiA>*f. "pnin/'] 
arntu* ii*cd i»y Ur. I>«»wiiinjj: for 
_Rff WArmtIt fttiil «cHtttti%tt VMpor (or 
' uf uvuralgia. 

AtiVn-rl^nl* [Aueiirtat'iiiA, atta f 
ff«uii 4i»f |<*ni». to ** bixUw^v." \ Fr. .4m/- 
rr»«jiFfr^, n'tiA'vr^^m'. A tumor f) I lol with 
Liluod« fiuiii the rupture*. wi«ui)d« ule«rtt- 
(ioh, tir f itn|ilt; iliUlttiuiQ of nci urtirrjr \ 
ftlfo tipplicd to dklatatiuu of thii fjeurt 

The old distim'tion whs Urtwccn iiu* 
iKl\*{ f^tU-r i%tunrifm : tUti fonni:r coiufiro* 
hcttdt dilat4itjon wUh'vttt rti|»liirD of uny 
uf tbti urtviriiLl ountf: tba Utter dUal»- 
tion with mprn . - -i j,^ 

FAL>r A>i ( iic* 

tin1"^^•«l*^. WIp i U 

diiTuped* (he di»o4t««) htka heeti t«ftu«d ft 
dij^iftti /ttttf aiii-urUiij. whun eiroum- 
p<tr'ihiid, ji Ihrii faUt fttifiiirtsm. 

Thts Fri * tcriM the foruii-f 

ftnitUtKitt' ^'i/j thts lattt^r iiMt'r- 

ritntf f'ttttx r:t*um4^rtfU/t 

AnVfirlnin li^ An«ii»'t<»*ni«i'ii|4v 

A tnullxTf^V-i*' * ' : ' ' ' ' M t'«, 

rjimHt».l hy nn uto 

tirunics- It f ; lie, 

and H lit h n;:Th nttrinirill Hilb (•llt»|* 

AnViirNni <if ttii' llt^Hrl. Enlurge- 
nicut ur dilti ration i>f the heart. 

Aii>n*rl^ iiiitl ^e^'illf^. A *lc<n der 
irijktrnmi'ut for |nt!^siiii; a li^uturu under 
an artery in order tu tie it. Uftod in 
opcrntifmi for nneurlsiii, 

A 111*11 rU'iii»l Vn'rix. [Vartx 
Ati«^tiri9tnin'tiH.] Tht* dihUatitm iind 
[liihat ii>ii u< a vein fr»»m the jm^'^^in;; of 
blood into it from an artcrv; both,, with 
ibo fascia, baring: been wiundvd in th« 
net of bhiiKl-lettini^, ull lbi» opi^tiitigs 
huvinj;: hfC'ime urtited into one by a4bc> 
fkvo inflaniinatiMn^ 

Aii«Mtr^%i«ni« Sw Ajfrv'Risv. 

Ai«4*^TrNtiifs R«>i» AtmtiitM. 

Ati-lrat I ij. [Auniielaoii* 

f|4l*t; It . rt *' wiu-liiiii:. ht'ind- 

in^, or u _ a wny/'j A tcnn 

applied t» the tiirrwws or *f*hi between 
the corn o|nttf>ti» *>X thr hrwin. 

An-fVfir tfi«, )diir:il Ati^fVsie'la*. 
The <in\m* II •< the |vrrrerllnf!:. 

Aiiff<*l<Mtp«*riiiiA, - aii'j t o-«p4?r'ioe-4. 
8<*o A?<«ir«»*i*KK«i*. 

At»*4**n*<^* [From an\jttK», %n 
'*nn ' I from its virtucf,] Oar- 

dv'ij A Linnii^an irenns of tho 

clu' - , , ; »'i, Tiaturtil order i'mMft^ 

hr-m, AtsOi tbe Pbarmaoopiftii^l umne 
if US. and Ed. Ph.) f r tho ii*ot of vlw- 

Afi|r«'licA Arch«ati-^*1Y-ca,* Th« 

pliitit rsiHcd purdon «n2<"Hf:u 

Atiirt't'lni A-fr»-|Mir-r^ti'r«*-iMu* A 

^^prcictj. p«?*c-*«iiii; thij sauio pri>piirtivs bj 
tb« giur^cn angolic*. 


Aii"^>4^'t9-«l«i«^ [From Ayytlev, a 

An-gl*l'tla** [From dyytit^ it '*vc«- 
sol,"] Pinrry's tidrin for iuilumttiuti •{! 
rvr vvfl«oI», fmrtleularly uf (be oiipllU' 

Ao-irrii^** [From «y^t^^, tft "fitriiiii- 
gl"'."] Aiiplicfl tt> <lii5ea9c*ii aitoiKlvcl l»y 
11 seij«c of fiitfl'ti'Oiiti'iii, or by i'Tu-lliroiit, 


AnirfiiA ParatlUieA. See Pa it oti- 

Afiirlnn Poctorl*,* ttn-ji'tti) i»ok'tn^ 
f\9, 8|i2Lsm of lU« fliest* A lUsea^o iiU 
ttMitlcil by jteuto itain, f^c-ntionf ^u^oratii^n, 

i«f( tlt'htr'/'ivumt Sfrrttnf%fiti, Strtttmt^ti'ni 

Aiiirlnai Ton.<illlnrlii. ^co TosistL* 


Ati-A^-iiA'Miiii,* [TromtfiHji'mt.] Hnv- 
in^ viftyfMff, or itconinjititiiecl hj Attyhtn. 

An"«rl*o-«nr'pt.* [Frt>m liyytro*', n. 
"vp)*}»<«l/* luitt ttapiT*^, "fruiL"] Th« iiMinu 
of tt triho or <iivi-;if«ii of Fuufji whieh 
bcnr their pi'«?<1.<* inb'rnalljr, 

Aii-^1«OK>««-i»hj^. [AtlirlOKnt'' 
I>tiiit{ from (iyytifl:', n "vcdftcl," jiii«l 
y/»*tv-.». to "writc/'J A du^onpUojQ of ibo 
yosmIs of (ho 1> nly. 

An-^i^k-lcn-^fl'tln.* [Frim oV)^(r<»«'« 
a"v«8SL'l/' Hud Xftwcof, '* white.*'] Lilc- 
nilly, **iDl!ammation of tlio whito («r 
lymphatic) vo«cl5." A diseiisod condi- 
lioii of the lyrnphutir ves^fis. 

An*^-ol'o-^|* [AnKiola'^Ji; from 
Ayy-diff a. *' vt'jJtt'I/' and Aiijof, tk "tlia- 
courui?."] Tho doctrine (*r eei«occ of ilu 
IjIoo*! v(».«.<c!? and i*lisorbeDl*. 

Ani!rif>Hpi*ratifiloiifi, or Aii9«»lo- 
M|ii*rtiinfou««. un-ji-O'Kpt'T'uiu-tu.-s. 

[Aiii&io»|>omi'n(iiM; fn^m dyyiioi-t a 

in^ i>i!cdA in A Riipiiultv tir frcd-vv^trU 

An|rl1Mi|M*rt■lll^*^ liii-ji i>-Fr|i(.'r'tiic-^. 
[Krutn liyyfi'n, ri**Vu'B*et/' iind o^ifjint, a 
•v^o il/*] TU« nutce uf tiu ordur or Uivi- 
th»n of pill lit <>. 

AitHs^l-o«U^lt*e-t4%'«il-^* Ati-^*0*t4*" 
lc«c'tiiH«l».'* [From tiyyuo •, A " v«*«id," 
TiiV's, «in **c?(lromity,** ftud Urattti, "e.\- 
ItTu^iuu."] Hitufiiiion 4»r ditatntioii i»f 
TcS'CU^r Iht^ir tr-riniiwiHnt; rapiHunt-'i. 

An-ftrl-cn'o^iuf. I Aiiftittta'mlit ; 
from liyyrUv, n *"vegaf*K** nnd rfn^ut^ Ui 
"ritl/*J hi^.^f^etitiu of tUc bluud-voisatiU 
and iilMHrlK'nln, 

Aa'iplc** FfM^lal (fllL'idi^l), [Au'ipti* 


Inn FurlAlta.] A Ptmi^lti liDO ^01 
tbc mupt iihiinincnt part of the furcht^ad 
Uk thu imnt tidge of ih« u .ind 

flknathiM li'ucn the cxtcnml ta- 

tiit'ti tti thu «^amc' puint. iij^pp 

tttlucb great iuipurtuiicv !•* ilit^ l«c«ul 
itti^rlo nji II lueii^urti uf the hrnio a* m*til* 
purctl with the tost vt the hi'tid. If the 
for^ purl of tbf tninniuj (it) which tho 
intuUect i« euppofted to i«'.*<ido) be vrr/ 
fiill, th<] Uvial niigb iwilt he inrgt*; if 
that part be wry dcGcicul. the fiietiU 
luiglc will be proportion Hbly irrmiilb 

A n irlfs 4lti tl«; An'itl«^*»r> lA'tun. 
That foruied by two ruy?» ol light pro- 
ceeding from dKTurT'nl idijLCtp, nr opfio* 
«ito e^trctnitief of th« ntnuv: object. Hud 
tiic*eUn;: in Ibi^ pnpii. 

All'||l1-<'IIM Na'flor** [An'ytirv9, 
** Et*gli«h;" iind 0»f'tior, "*twpnt/'] Tho 
Enj^ltJrh Kvrtjatinj^-fevcr, or the hfttirm'^m 
wMi/>»/«rt tif BtirMrrinn, Hf*»w*ribrd by I>f* 
Cuiuii ai *'ii (.'utitiijji' ' -itiyl ferer j 

of on« ftny/* It i' r lipp^ar- 

ance in London alii i , r I I***). 

An'trtHiiiv* [1 roni Hj-xtu^ t<i**ehcfk«."] , 
A fteni*e uf ftrunf^ulittlon imd cfulToca- 
tion. Mort* pniperly written AircttoJrt. 

Angror Pectoris. St^- AniniJiJi Pec- | 


AnifOMfiirfi. Scfj Aflr«ltRTTr|iA. 

AliKulllilbrfiit'll,* ■m-gfririo-fdir'- 
niT-it* [Fmni auffuii'ift, an *'«»d.**] Tho 
iittLoe of a faiaily of fk»hej teiieiiiUbiig' 
uu eel in form. 

An^ul'119.* [From rni 'j7« I •,«•* ser- 
pent/*] Th«' n;4n>c of fnmily of mptflea, 

Aiifsriilni^lits** jm-KwinV de. [Fr'>tn 
ftt*';ftt,ti, a "Mr|ont/'] The name of a 
fuutily of Hic hjikidia havinff tho ^n- 
ijnit \uT \Xh type. 

Atiifiititr {%nff^Aif^) Ar*ic>*f|F, 
An'ftiilnr VpIii. Term innt ions uf iho 
fiiiiial itrlcry ttnd vein ueur the intier 
an^lo of the eye. 

AMk'^nlnw Vr9^'9mm>-4m, Thoorbitary 
prucc-^fCJi of the tVfO'tril bono. 

Aii*in>-t»'>'i** Ncnfk iMir.^ Another 
n:iuiv for the iiiujicit^ culled /rtfttnr tttujnfi 
Mctijtniir, iho *'olevtttor of the angle of 
the »'ca|aila/' 

Aii8rtilnl«S anfr'jni-lXt. [Aitsttlii'* 
tlifii from utt'(/ttiua^ an '*ang1e.'*j Hav- 
ing aniflrfi. 

Atl'irii'loiiiH nr An'irti-UhiP. (Aa* { 
gti1«>'«nai i^'Ui ntt'tftittf^ an " angle/*] 

Full of JtflJftoH. 

AflMriia-H-roJl-Af«v or Atii«n*^ll« 
Ib'll-wM*. [Antc-ii<«iiro llii«* from »» 
tfH*'Ut9^ "narnjw," igkiui f*t'thtm^ a "leaf.**] 
JtavluK iinrrow 1f«;ive», 



I. 11 **|ittfti- 
iMMntM-nn* miti f^UEi'toii'n}^ wriltcn 

, 1 , ^U.S. Ph.) 

.%i«icii«iturin^ im-jcu^'liiu'riu, or An* 

[^o^tn'rin. A tiQiitrrtl pnni?ipl<^» «*h- 

iiliruitilng lUc nicoholic tine- 

t .-Lsturit bark to 8|»otiUtief>us 

|>»»tj»'l|im, [Antlrlll'tl«lsO'rr/«; 

Rim. til. 

%'• I : .ih^'diH* (9«o 

I *<*»»». a "iloiie,"} An- 
\ I* of linic: IV tiijiicr4l. 

i>li> «iroit«. (.%iili3r'clrti«i; rrorti 
Uu a« oi, jiriv-t iin^i '^^i '*w»Ior."] 

WWt WAttf. 

«%ti-lHlrtt Hi*.* [Fnitn av^ )>riv., itnd 
I^^Vii, (<j "3inre;it.'*] DiuiiutlUOQ or SUp- 
^rc*^ion of the i>rrfpirftrJoti. 

%,..4f If. ,,1^1,1^11.^^1 'Ic A^'ld. Ati 

] by the iictiun of nttrk %eXd 

.In 1- Slut?. [From «ii'«7, **indtgo/*f 

Ati oily Uqiii4 fMnui'il by tho acti'n of 

r "'•' ' ' ' " ....%..... ti.„ rtppTicd 

I I fnjiti 

I. >\ fiCVC- 

An'lotn^** [FfOiD ilvr^, "wiDd," 
"breath," - - • - - ■ "^ ^n?lontly, n-ny 
fiiapte ir> ' aIj^o. the 

^unpfll |>*r* ■ The vita! 

rrincipl* of uuihkLiln^ '>r k t i:ctfit«lc3, 

An'lmit Ar-lir-ti*lo'rtttn.* Lite- 

■fr" . ' ' ■'■ ' *' ''-■■' " ■ ■■ -Mt 


:i. sncH ai ihts puhtt 
ttt And the Vienna guut 

Fr "Fh rn/r,r'.». the*'9pirit/' 

r^Hfr") An > : ij^eudowod 

lltb life jirnl >••' ; »n. 

Animnl, [,%tiiiitii |i«k; from nn'- 

tiutft* 'Miftf,"] 11 tit tug life; perinhiittg 

► ilf*. 

laniil A^*lil. [Av'i«l«ini AnI- 

w( Af» lu'id rTi«.tiTiLr hi ittilmal 

■ ' ' \ trm 

r. I lev 


fiil.i Ai Thu -vstrm of iiU 

<»ii*t^'i i nniiual lilo; phyii* 

».lilgV- >*^v iii OXUIJl . 

Attlniitl He«ftt« See CAtoit Aki* 


A 111 I nil I Jelly. Sire Gkkativ. 
Au'lniMl Ktiitr'iltitu IRiifunm 
AiiiiiMi'l«o, Fr. /t^tiftir: AitiiHitt,Trri A* no". 

tilAl 1 tj*^iniritf»-, f»olUkrli*'f!y» i»1| t^^f^i* b©- 

itn iv of 

W IT, 

A » I itiAl Ti*if t|>i*r» la re. S«e €▲ lo k 

AnI*1 At l)i. 

AtitrtiitlriilR. Bt*c acKi nrtide. 

Aii*l-iiiiil eiilc, [ AnlimU'culom 
(ptuml Aialiunrt*ulMji, ithic h i^fc] A 
mtcTu«i'opic niaxuuL Thc^v animnU 
dMubtlciitf <5xipt in th^ Mmn-phi^rr, »if»d 
in nit rivi'n or poudfl, Thu«.ij bcjit 
known ft re — 

1. InjHtMrtf Ammnhttht {AmmnVfHia 
lHfu*t**nt\, oftcin CAllcd nituply i(^n*rtrtti), 
QliBvrved in nearly itll lluid* itrjpreg;- 
naled with uny uiiiiuBl or icgvtaDe Bub- 

2. Sj*rrmttffc AntmntcuU*, Supp«»ird 
to hiivo been distcovered 10 tbo nciutsn. 

Aii-l-tni%l en-tniit,* plttrAl An-K 
mfU'c*!!*!^ (Th<« diminiiftvc (*f mi'r- 
HtaL] LiitfTftlly, a "«ntnut«> AniumL" 
A croMtirr whf''»o true fl^juro cnnnut bo 
lUrirrtnintfd without u inagfiifying' glass. 
See Axiv \Lrt IK, 

\--* "V'»''---' ' **-«"'"•'!-•"-. rr'fMi.] 

l^ii iiCi- 

An*I<nifkKI-sJI'tNm. [ Animnl Isn*- 

§•<»» o'ot* ; from "M'f.rtffA] The prwc?** 
by which ftMid is n^Niiuilnti**! i*t tho va- 
rious? fiib<it&nc<!« of iht* body. 

An-l-niA'iAon. fAnlfnn'llfKo'iiiV; 
from ntt'tno, ni*i<nn'tHni, Ut " tjivtii life."] 
The effoct pn'duced by thi* »••* »>?>*' 
("piwrr fif lifr"), by nhich Ufe is be«rttn 
und mruntiiinrd. 

Anlmikllon, Snspenflc^, l^c« A»-> 
ni Yxi ^. 

Anlntp, anV-t&<^ A rrHinnti!* n\\\u 
«tnncr. improperly tmllctl ffwrn rtM/fN/. t-aid 
to be obtAinrd from tlic ff^ftttt-Httui (\*»r. 
htirtt. And u#i5»l ill ]t«rfufnf0, v»mii*hef, 
uml rcrlrtitt pliii^tur^. It n>»t«iiibli'^ oopal 
ill »i(*pviirujici% ai.nd ia ofHeti r*dd nnd^r 
thai nutne. 

Ait'l'4iilBls. fPritrn tin*fntn, tbtt 



"iioul."] Thoiie phyfioIogi8t8 who refer 
all the )ibcn(iiiicn:i of the living body to 
the direct a^reiiey of the soul or a prin- 
ciple dii'tirict from the IxmI^'. 

An'I-on.* [Ur. liAto-t the present par- 
ticiple rf a^eifiif to " nj<ccnd."] A term ap- 
plied by Dr. Faraday to the body which 
paseeri to the poi»>tive pole — to the umxle 
of the decouipoDing body — a« it ia ncpa- 
ratcd by elcc ricity. Hee Ration. 

Au1m«« an'ifii. The Pimi'Inklla An- 
IHTM, which see. 

Aii'I-«»eo€l,orAii'liicHieed. The seeds 
of the /*iwjn'iiil'lu ani'titiiH, much used as 
a carminative. 

AnlMf^tto de Bonrd€M%nx« an'ni^- 
zet' dyh boouMo'. A liqueur made by 
distilling anise, fennel, and coriander 
seeds, previously steeped in brandy, 
with su)<ar, and one-half water. 

Aiilnl Nemlna. 8ee Anihkkd. 

An-I-iio-p<»t'9-loufi. [AnlMopet'M- 
InM; from miao;, "une(|ual," and ptt'a- 
linn.] Having unequal petals. 

An-I-no-phj^l'loiiii. [AnlMophyl'- 
liiMi from uyiffOi, and 0vXW, a "leaf."] 
Having unequal leaves. 

An-I-MO-Mt<>iiB'o-iBonii. [AnlMO- 

Mt<»iiB'onlN; from iu/iao^^ and an'inot^, a 
"Htumen."] Having unecjual stamens. 

A-iiI'Miim.* [From (!.'i»?/ii, to •'emit."] 
Ani.<*e. The Pharmaoopa>iiil name (U.S., 
Lond., and Kd. Ph.) lor the fruit of Pim- 
pinrl'ln uui'mnn. See Aniskkd. 

Aii'ker. A liquid measure ufed at 
Ami«terdam, containing about thirty-two 
gallons English winc-ineasure. 

An-kj^-lo-bleph'^roBi.* [From 
aywvAfj, "noose," and /iXi^a^v, the "eye- 
lid."] A preternatural union of the 
two eyelid.**. 

An-kj^-U»«irl<iM'Nl*^* or An-<*j^-lo- 
frkm'Ml-^'^ [From uyKv\tt, a •♦noose" or 
"bridle," and yX'.wa. the "tongue."] A 
natural defect termed ttonjur-tir, 

An-kj^-lo'MlN.^ fFn)m dYKv\rif a 
"ela.xp.") The eon«olidation of the ar- 
ticulating extremiticM of two or more 
b(inev>« that previouitly formed a natural 
joint; 8tifl-j"int. 

An-ii€^rinfr. [From the Saxon 
OH -n fan, to "net on file," to "make 
hot, " to "burn."] The |»rocei«s by which 
tiubiitancos naturally hard and brittle 
are rendere<l tough. It con^ihts in rait*- 
ing the substance (glai«j« or n»etal) to bo 
annealed, to a high teuiperature, and 
then oauxing it to cool very i«lowly. 

AiBiielkltP. See Anki.i. \T.\. 

ABB-iiot't4K [ Derivation uncertain.] 
A kind of reddish dye. obtauicd from 

the Dixn Ortlfnua, or Orlea»»a; the 
Terra Orieana of the sho))S. 

An'nn-enw,* plural An-na-en't^A. 
[From an'uuof to " nod."] Applied to the 
muscles called Jiecti uutici capitis, be- 
cause they are employed in nodding the 

Annnlar Bone. See Og Annilarb. 

An'iin-I^r CMr'tI-lii«e. [CarUla'so 
Annnla'rlM.] The cricoid cartilage. 

An'nnlar Llip'^-inent. [Ui^finieii'- 
tnm AniinlR're.] A strong ligament 
encircling the ankle; also, the wrisL 

An'nnlar Pro^'ciw, Au'unliur 
Pro-tn'tK^ranee. [Proc««i'Nna An- 
nnla'rlfi, Protnbcran'tla Annnla'- 
rlfk] The Pont Vfuolii; also called 
Tuber nnnnlarey and Corpus annulare. 
See Pons Varolii. 

An'nnlar ¥eln. [Annnla'rto 
Ve'na.] The vein between the little 
and ring fingers. 

An-nu-la'tnn.* [From an'nuiut, a 
"ring."] Having rings: an'nulate, or 
an'nulated. Applied in the neuter plu- 
ral {Ainiuhi'ta) to a class of worm-like 
animals. See Ankli.ata. 

An'nn-lld-^* The same aa Anbl- 
LATA, which see. 

An'nn-lufi.* A Latin word, signify- 
ing "ring," forming a part of a number 
of anatomical names. 

Annuluii Abdominlii. See Ab- 
dominal Kino. 

An'nnlnn Cll-I-a'rlii.* The ciliary 
circle or ligament ; a white ring foiming 
the bond of union between the choroid 
coat of the eye, the iris, and the corona 
ciliaris. It is the annul um yaiigfi/ormit 
tuut'vtr chorouieif of S< euimering. 

An'nnlnii IJfr-^ni«n-to'f»ns.* The 
ciliary circle or ligamenL See Amkulus 

An'nnluH O-valin.* The rounded 
margin of the septum which occupies 
the place of the foramen ovale in the 
foetus. It is also called the nn'uulM 

An'<Nle. [From aV.I, "up," and i«Mj, 
a "way."] In electro-chemical action, 
that ))art of the surface of the decora- 
po.xing body into which the electne cur- 
rent "ascends" or enters. 

A-no€l'lr. [Anod'lenMi from the 
fame.] I'ped by some writers in the 
same sense a.'* Anastaltic. 

An'o-d^n<>. [Anodynnn; fn m a», 
priv., and «)«'t'«ifr, "|)ai«."] Applied to 
medieincM which a.sttuage pain : antal'gio. 
See i^oiMKNS. 

A-nomVlI-lto'rous. [J 



from ni»<iiu*rt/ii«, «nil ftn^^ n. 

,%.1t«ttll i9-ll*|H*«l«% [ AllOlli 'Alf|M«t. 

n ^ to-^|>i« >4nw. * I Rroni 

[ Due wiiu^o Ucfwl is dcfonotnL 

|¥., ftO'i iftii\K. "k'Vol/* "tVCti," 
'*J Applied Ui dif«tt^H}(i or 

I •' Imwt" of " riilo." ftOil <r«,ta^ ), 
O.ift whf>so h« i<l 14 dororuicil ; 

Au^iu iiUy-loii*. [Ancftipbitlfipc 

ffiJiti 3't |l>rn*- unit d/i>tiAi^, iha **imv«L"j 

A-jii»u'Jf-iMit(u* TFr nil «% j>riv., »ii4 
4#v4, u " .'.") Lit«'raUy» tmtHfii*«', 
Imria form rty n(i|ilit))l ti» the critioid 

^ rt -^r^'T-fltAI'iMl-^** rFr.ini ay, pnv., 
. ihrj **eyo,**J The ondi- 
' j; If lib nut ttytisn^ 

AM*<»j»«lo-llii''ri-ntn.* [Frinn «/, 
|»flf..*?^»/Virrii >r.'*finiijm(*irt#'.a"beast."j 

t^riv., und 
#JtH, *'vi**«ii."] Ik'iccL or *i^hl. 

AnH»relioii«u ( Aii4»r'f<lttt<«; fi'om 
|< ! 'Vl's* * *' t«Mtlclo/'J Uaviuj; 

l-^* [FnitQ «% prtr,, aii'l 

I 'itvty. A jrv^nu;! of the (inlcr 

!ii -^ L>*f^rh^, of C'lilton*-* 

^ , i . 1 4l, >ct. Al?Col11tAT,. 
4i«-it% ••ti-4^'' [From a , |>riv., nni\ w'tJ, 

Hi-, ifi^, ,* 1 * fFrc^m ay, jiriv., 
^ffmoU.") Lu«« 

AWM* iti%,- [f fMiti mi-, firiv«, ftnd p^;, 
li #.. thw •♦<«ar"^ Wit tin lit oin^. 

Tn Ili6 |>lankl 
||( 1 If* nn nrdor i-f 

Ati^»v^l*iiw^^ fFr »tti 

^n«» Hotf Pies AssKUm-n. 

Aiif-ft'j 14. [Fr"m •»•"-(, **afn»in»*/* 
1*1 % tin **ncid.'*] Destroy inij 

f«r Hi>); iB«idity, hy ci^mbitiiQ^ 

Wit'i -n I rif-ntmHiKUi'j: it. 

A«t«*o*rlil« [AHt4i«'rMa»; from 

i"<irrocUn^ «n ocrid conditiuQ of the •©- 


AntH«ir'<^nl6in. [Aiiiiiir<»til»'iiitDit 

fjutii <itri, '*upiiiihl/' lUid ii^i.v<5tJ, U* 
**c'«ntcnd/*] Tlio uotttjn of tiuifctcs up* 
I»it««vl to tsach ntbcr in fhrir f>fnfr, 
Ant**ii^'€»*nl»t. I Aiitj*;. ' • - • rum 

<hc i<auiu.] A|»|i)icd t>> uk^j 

l'liUctii>tt it u|mo»<^d tU th;;. ,< . >^, SJ 

iilMlitet>>r< imd tuldiicloMy Dxionaors and 
U«5x riP» tile, 

Aiit^l'itfc** [Aittal'irieisii; ftotu 
rf^^rf, *■ u^jun^ I." and ♦i-'^;''\f '■ ptiiu/'j The 
»ftnir iif A^(^^V!^i^ 

At«t-Ml'k^-I1ti«^. [Atit»1kftll'tiiiM; 
fVom f '(, ** n^niitiJti" mud utAittt.j N«u- 
tr.i ■.!*'*. 

ttk. ;....'.,,, ii rt»-<|H'|<?. [AnlApliro* 
itlMl'Hi'Uit, Anlitt»lir4M|||''irtt«it from 

ttjfTt, tin I \ jjoJ.rfj, tbi> niuncf •• Viuu<»,** 
ulso " v^nenuil de^'iro,"] Tit«dhig tii Mib- 
duo nmonms dfJiirc: nnti vencrcnl. 

Ant-Mrr'tlr. [AitCifts^'Clcfii*; frnm 
arrf, "u^.iitif'f/' nnd «i;*rT«*<fcf, " pcMtiniiln|^ 
to tli»ii nnrtji/*] Oppuiit© ike nurihj 

AntArc'tlc dr'c1«. A circle extend* 
intr ' ' *'--*'-■'«**' nnd 
in rn 

liiMi, . ,. 

■ i»l2»tiou tLt' £iUli doi'a It^'t D^^. 


ftmil i ri, " iig>iiti»t," and 'if^^fin^," ^ouU**] 
Hr!i»'\'^in;^ ^otit, 

A i»f -HMl ti-iiiMl ' le* [An taMt liaiiil** 
fctkv) fr«ini urn, "og^amst/' ftud Arf^a.] 
lidit^viiig nJtthniJi. 

Aiil*»-f ro'plile, [An<3itr-^*- *,7=n!*8 
from uKrt, ^'ri^ftinj't/' nii'l • ny- 

f'hy/' **doJl>ct td' aliment, dig 


Antell^xlo,*ftn-te<fl«k'fh«*o. [Frutn 

*'Licnd/'] A Iirri'liiiuf 'rwupl : iiiit'll'vifin. 

Ant<*il«*ic'i<* l"tor-l.* AnU'flciidii 

iif tUw vrunilj ; llio fimdiisr sfnkiii ; f^T* 

wnril h*^twp*n it* «»mx nnd the nctik 

. ftlural An-ten'iMP. [A 

fH»f'lic«i u> iliv h-tnin of f« -e, 

cstiindinw nn vjtrh n'dt^ o! ' Ih»jf 

fiTO . . I ■ ' ' ^ rrni 

|»r < » 

ill*!'., '■■!«- 

jiprte«l in thf» hvsids «if tho Cruwtftern nnd 
fntrffa. peculiarly d*»Tut©d to ft den<!!iil<) 
nfintoi Iif loueht Th«j vi» popniarljr 
cftUed horH9, or/Vtf/er«. 




An-I«n'nftte« [AnWntin'tiifi.] 

Having *u»t$-ttn*^^ 
An-i4^n-iiif'€>-raH««. [Aiil4>iiiBir'e- 

lJ«nrlii|5 If tiff nu/r. 

Xn'ipn'uUfamk, (Aiil4*iiiiiror'- 

wl ttutritttif : TVisvittihUug nttteitttif. 

An-(t^|iee'iuM.* [ Fr»«u a(t*t>', " h«- 
fure." un<J jnfr'tHH, tlio ''brcost."] Th« 
jinterior sej^uu'titof the /Wf«», or inferior 
eiurtiicc nf the trunk in intsec't.^, 

Aiit««pb*l*Al'ile. [Anl4*t»lilnl'tt« 
eiln: fmio d\r'ri, **ujfam!'L," «tnj itlNaXr^j, 
^'irti;bt mtirc/'J Efiicucioud agiiiust 

Anf-eft-I-lep'tlr^ [Anicpilcp'tJ- 
etifi; frotu di^tt, und tnif^itii, ** epilepsjr*"] 
J'jlfiLMiciouii agitinHt cpilcpfjr. 

An<-U'Vl<er.* Beforo, lu applied to 
mttM-le-, muX iiervtiv. 

AJi-io-«l4?r'iiuiii.* [Frr*ra nn'tr^ 
**h«faro," atid A/ci'i<«im, the "broast- 
booe/'J In Entomology, tbo first or 
iitit4>rior divi^^ion of the sternum. 

Aulworalfi,^ nn-te-ver'uhif-o. rProra 
ati'tc, *' before^" and rer*to, vcr'niHtf to 
*'l«rti."J A turtitfi^ ftinvard. 

Anicver'fiiio f > 'ier-l.* ( " AntcvemioD 
of iKfl Wtnuk") DiHpliii'oaicint at the 
utertiM, the fundu* being tbr«wn forwtircj, 
eo ih» tw comprt'fs tlic neck of the blad- 
der, ibd month being tonifid to the 

Aiit-liirm-or-rhA^lc. [Antliirin- 
OrrUBN^r'tCHH; ivm «i -i. '•ngaiiiwt,'* and 
'* /wi/VMyin, " htriuorrhai^c."] Checking 

Aiil/he-IJx.* [From t»t^(, *'ftj?ftmit." 
"«ippitHitc to," nnd f^*l, the *'Ktdijt/*] 
Tbti inner circular ritlgc of the eJitorniil 

4n*fliH-inin'fir* [Antlirtmlfi'* 
tleiiMt fntm ri^n, **airJiiMst»" »nd fAiut^, 
}\^n(fiti^ 5 "worm,"] EJCpcrtlin^ wurioai 
from th<i tntiiMtinal I'lumJ : vr-rmif'ujsro. 

An'tf - ■' ■ '*' ' ■■" "flow- 

er." j i tia of 

the el I i ' ! r t^tW- 

fHmtm j(»uU-t#riivr CV»^.yW#'/rr«'), The 
PlMrm loojjuiiiil ii4uau il si tbti AxTiiKifis 

KotIM i ' ' iL 

All t .oti'Mln.* Tbo herb 

whitdi inomilo (b'Wi-rp; cnHeU 

.ttt'lliemift P|rf»-llir«tii.« Th« 

p4iHitr>rv f.f Spjiii. The I .*,t ..f thta 
pbitit.oalbd P)rrlbniin by tlir Plmrni/*- 
Oi)p<ria4, in M piiwcrfiil ittJiIii^o<;ue, ()» 
•ecuuiil of ttM acrid nnd sti mulcting 


propcrtitrs^ it i» med os n mnftiontoTj 
in tb<« toolbiiehc^ rhoiitiauti«m of tbo 
fiu:n, i'te. 

An'th«r, [Antlfe^'ni; frrun «*i^, n 
*' tiiiwcr." j Tbc p«rl of Ibti flower fibii^h 
t'tailuin.^ tbti potlvu, or tbe mnlu fccun- 
<tsihtjg pnnr<l{dc. It ijs tb« bcml aiitl 
estirciitiiLl ynTi of lUi' Htimcn. 

An-tli«*r-ld'^l-iiin«* [Th* dhninulive 
offlii^Ac'ra.] Apidied In (' tive 

plural {Auihrriil\n) to of 

ctdls found in cryptogiitiii L ^ . „ cua- 
tai&iDg bodicft analugoit» to Iho Ape/'ma- 
tiHifit of aninialfl* 

An-ther-lf Vr*onik [Atilltt^rire> 
riMi; from au'thvt , tiud /*■%«» to '* bcftr-") 
Bt-nrinp; nntliurtu 

Aii-Uu*'iilii.« {From h>U*j, to "flow- 
er/'] The tiro<lueti(iti *A lluwcrA, 

Antlilnrin, an-tbc'fi-nn. Tbts scliYo 
principle of a ^um rvniti obtniticd (ri»m 
the Am hi (in* tij-icariti, 

An-tlil-iiVl9 (or Aii*tiM»'rlB) Tax* 
t-tfv'rl-a** The nrjenliftc nutiio of tho 
Vi*A« TfiKi:* which itic. 

Aii'tlio-rnr'poiisu fAntliofikr'* 
pitii; Irt'in u^Goi, a. '* flower," tiiid «i|^r^ 
"fniir."] A tiTin applied to Iruite pn>- 
duccd from mir«^cs id' lluWDrA ndberiug 
to eindi o(her, likci I be fMn^-npplcL 

An>1lio-^5'>-nutii.* \¥nim Mq(^% 
''flowir," and tvao^, **bluo."J A aub- 
jitimrc t brjiint'd frf^in t\w blue of flowcnw 

Aii*tlso'4ll-titti.* [Froia &%» n 
**fl(.wer."J A kiodofctil^x, coiQtnoti to 
Timny fluwerf. 

Atl*ai<i|c'r9-pli#. [Atl||l4tipv»** 

phlA; fn m avVoi, n " flower,** nod 
)/vJ.;ht. to "write."] A description of 

flow ITS". 

Aii'lli«ld* fAntliol'll<«; frotn ■b'flbt, 
n *• flower/' *md tiroj, a *'forin/*] Rr- 
■erublin:: ii dower. 

An'tho-lifiv fAtitltotl'lf*; fWm 

fi^fts, n "flower/' imd Xift^-, ji *'8toiif/*] 
The fHPeil iinprej'pion of n flower. 

An-lhol'o^itJ^. f Aitlhcilci'Arlitt ^m 
<^0£^^ a" Dower," iind -^uvi;, ti *' dmeoutiMi,*'] 
A trcntT{=R on flowers*, Lbeir iiiilurc» qiinli- 
tipf', jippenrnpfc. etc^ 

An'flMNiiy'ti Flre^ HainU [Is'oIa 
fflnnr'tl Anla'iif I.] Aikothrr tittmct for 
Euvsifi t AS. whi'b ^t^e. 

An*lli«»pli'l-lti«u^ [Fnni a»$»(, i^ 
** flower," und i^'Xaj, m "lover/'] Iiii»« 
mllTt *'lovtnif fldwiirs/* Applied in tb^ 
ni ( ' ' ' ' ' ftk'*ft») to A fjitnily 
ot «tH t anlh' pb'iloue, 

\a ^ itlli.* A||*lllOtll|'0* 

riiiii.^ ji*roin •i'i^, A ** flower/* nnd 
^ii^Ka, to " b(Mir>'*] A prolongnlion uf tbo 


uIb, EitAmen, And 

t" -': iii*M. [AltlllOX«4t- 

I I ^> tt ^' tl'mvr» " iiml 

Jin«4:lirA>l'«4pu* [Frum ii^^f* ft 

> ;A3tf chIIimI "tho yawA.*' 
AlMllt»<iter^4kun* [Anllinirir* 

ii«k«iii|il with ' >. 

Aii'llir^-rANI. [AtiflifMroI'dc^S 

^tc^cmUlinj; r'ai^hunele; having Ibo na- 
i*tiin* of cnr^Mn -Ir' 

AH"ttir*> The rvAttio ^ir«?n 

in ft r»Tfrflv '-I-'vimI \u v^Ttflln 


All- 1 I utii. [From 

f^k.M .r..,.i.. .1 ID oonl AiifJ in 

^•I'tlir^Y, »^-f*»,* 1 1, Tit. f^rbttfi 'co- 
fit.- ■} 


I 8^'mIii.; fruiu <i ^-^ '^^ » miui/* nnil 
"* g«ncr^ioii«*'J Th« gi>&MiUioQ 

Ait-tltr«»*|K>K*V9*pl|f. [Aofllro* 

I fill Ln a imni Mfmtt^, a "innn," 
t^i^', ' --'r '•] X hlntorr or 

•Jjit^rv %till»rf»|M>l'dra; 

" iniifj/* nod I'Apf, A 
Minor mfifii 


de»ertplion (if edah ;^ ttlio, 1h« felencf 
wbich tt<»D(9 n( fW ph^sienl und infd- 

Aii-tliro-|»orit cwfr:t' [AnlhrtlfM^. 
iiM'irlM; ft •til irHfnj-iy^, n "mnii/* fuul 
ft^rt*^, a. " wvasurv" \ MnAJtiarvoieiit of 
the dtmoitsiotiM of min. 

An*thin(»-p»*iOAr |»tM»i»«. f AtiftiM^ 

atiii f^i^ftu " ^Uil|HJ. "J KMriitrd hkf i««« j 
Ait-ilin»*|Mif»h'^Hr«M,^ ptiiml JUt* 

'•num." ikiid f«r''». ti' "cflt."j On* ivbo 

An-ihro-impti'^A:/, [Anltir«»|io> 
l»lin'|tlN; from rhv eamp.] The iriiMtiif 

of Itltlilllll f1l'«]l. 

An*lt«r«^p<Mi'r<Hti2l^* [Anflir»|io- 

iM^'ltlA: fr'»ii» «^^pt.j*t»f, a "man.** aad 
iniont*^, tin "ob-orve'."] An intp^etion of 

Ati*ttiro*tKi-M>wti>!»>tol'o-#jr* \An* 
tlirt»|MiiM»nifilo|o'K^in; fr^kin I>i'V>*n>,, » 
"nifUl/* «pf.ya, tb<! "liud^V," atid Ai>j«|, « 
**diit<;»< iifv«t."] A df^scrifdlon * of th© 
strucliirt" t?f tlif htitTjftn lusdy, 

Ati-ftir«»*P<' I ' s. |Atttlin»« 
IMHirO'ptilM: -OS', a •*ninn/* 

aiul etK,''<4i, "u. ,,.... J K|}uwk<d^. «f 
tb« DAlarv unit g^iieriil irhjiriieler of 

A u -t J M 111^, [ A nl hrtififito'* 

•tilft; li ..1 ''■tttitu,** imii *t^iitti^ 

It' " eiu i >it'eting of timn : bu 

man aitfttcmy 

Ant-lftlii-iiol'k*. |Attlli3^tiii4>i'i» 
Cti«: froni rt-r<, •*nps^UJ^^," nn^) ♦"*»*<» 
•*^lr«|t/*) IlttHU'Hrii; ?bnf». 

„n,| ,- ,.',: "V: ,..;•) 

Anl-1 («<r'l4*ii«t 

Ovrreomltig *y*/f*Vn. 

Ami-. [Hr, tirrLj -^ pnfi!? Mgftiiy- 

tap " njjrniTiJ'f," •'*'[ or **eor- 

rwrirf of r" »f ^Mfr ^'/ifiiiV, eic. 

AiMl'fM^lrriL* ii.r. , MM,r,l of <*«^45, 

^VrrtV. a **toosil.**j An(»ilicr naioe for 

thf rOMHtllt. 

An-ti-^^rr tA(^, 

m •' ti»nMl/'l I 'lis. 

A tt-tltrflKIMil'^-^jlF . [ A ft III r(»|N»1i»'* 

"4^1 fr"in ••-•k-vt^wr. a "inrni;'* an«l ^*y*;. 
a "dUcoon*."] A treatia« o« mauj a 

AsaittrlliHlIf^ S«? AKT*aT«KTTtc. 
Ai»*il*ti««* The sMiguUr of AfTiAtiRS^ 
which frr. 

AlttimMlinMlllC. 6o0 ANTASTflWATIG. 

Antlairo|>tilc. Bee AxTATnonnrc:. 

Aitiilinu'lilal, nn-te-brH'ko-al. [A^n* 
tlt»irfi«*lila'llm,J liulun^ing to tlno UHti- 
Oriuftiiiui, or lore-rrui. 

Aii-tl-i»nt'ctil'-aiii.^ [From dyri, 
*• ftr^uinst," and Lra'tfiuim^ iUt\ '*firm."j 
Thu lurp-armt ilk ufiposcil to, «vlicn Lm^oI 
upon, the prvpcr nnn. 

An-tl-m^'hiH^'tlc [AjtUCMCliec'* 
tJeuf*; from d^ri, "agnintit*" and nt- 
iht^'ifi, a "biKl habit of hoiiy."j Op- 
po»eil to caehcL'tia disuasoa. ^co Ca- 

An*ll-«!fir'(ll*ain.* [From Avii, 

The uttrttttie'titiw twUH; vt pit uf lUc 

Antfrlielr,*' sm'te kin [From ^"n, 
*'it^ainpt,"' nnd \npj tho '*bftnd/*J Op- 
posed l(» Iho hand. A name somoiiniua 
iip[iliivd to the thumh. 

An-tl-vli'nal. [AnCldJnn'lls; frDiu 

di/ri, "ft^ahist, " lUld rli'tto^ to "ItClld/'J 
lioudiiig ill (ippoxJo dirticLioDjL Applied 
111 tJctdo^y t'j (itrutn wUieb dirulinu Ivttb 
vttxyi from n. longitudinal ridge, otvllcd 
tU<] sniM'Tlinnl ifniiu 

An«ti-din'ie, [ApfkUn'leiiN; from 
d^ri^ "'u;;:vin:tt" and ^r-oj* '^githlmiaita/'J 
Reliovinj^ fr^iii giddint'*^, (*r vc-rtljijo. 

Aii'a-fl4ite. ( Antid'ottiro, Anfld'* 
Ot-U«; fnnu tiiTi, *'ii;;nintf»," nud ^fii,tfu^ 
I* *»plvo/') A incdicino giron toooun- 
tcraol thj cfTpcts of poison. 

AitildoinN. Sfso A>ti[»otk, 

Aci-tl-tlyN-cn-tor'ic [AntJilyiiira- 
fler'lcuH; fivnii *'* W, " aj^aiiu^r," und 
<J «:*,-->'*♦" dy cutury/'J Pruvvntiug t^r 
oiirin;: d>(*cii(crj. 

Antli^]v?iiiill[r. Sc& A^trpiimltic, 

'Alltli'f»lto|»lic% .'-^CU A!>4TKi'1I.KI'T-U;, 

An-tl-ri«l»'rlli«. I A»Ur«tlirt'liM; frntQ 

iii'fi, "ri;;uinjit," un I /VtifiiV, a *'fiJV«r»*'] 
SuV>.hiir\;f lover; rofnifvigc. 

An-tIs$<*^t<M''<-i<*- [Anliv>iiiM3'ti- 
en*; fniiu ti t«', "u^^jilnst," atid yai^ii, 
"fiidl;/'j Lcg.^cnin^ thu wucroLioi* uf 

An- ll-titM?' t J V. f Ji n tlli4^ ' I lettM ; f rnm 
fivi, "iiy,'MUBl" and icruvdf, '^hevtio/'J 
ABHnii;;inj< hootid fcv*<<r, 

AlltIllCl!%^ ?4r' \>tllRMX. 

Ati-tl-li>Klrap'U*. [ \iici1i>dn»|»'* 

leii»; from liW* "ngains^** nnd MfMut^^ 
"drof»fly/'1 ritrutivo of dmpKY, 

Aiifitiy|*ii«U4r. Pt^o A^fTtirrxoTlc. 

A>*flli.r|MH*li4iiidriac. Sdu AiiTtiri'* 
OcnoM*ni u\ 

Aiiilti3M<(*rlr. St-n Axthi stkiimv 

Aii-4l-l<»>M^r'le. [ Aia&l*l<!t4^r'iriiB ; 

from ami, "ngiiinst,** nnd r*?*^*^, the 
"jjitiiidicw/*] Ciirutivo i»r ictmi^, »r 

An-tl-llUi'lr* [AnUlltli'li'fui; from 
li^T-i^ •*tt^ftiiiat/* «ind Atf%, a "*»t«-u«3/'J 
IVt^vcntitig the furmutiuu of {stuno, ur 

Aii-il*lo'bl-iun.* [From «lvri, **||. 
gainst,'* uiid ^4m, the ^'luhuof (hottar/n 
The trtigufl^ or part oppcmilc the lobo of 
the ear» 

An-tl^loi'mter of Aii>li-l«c'ittl«. 
[Aittlloi'ifiteviM; from ditrt, " »c;)iitiiri,*' 
and Xi^rft'yi, the "plaguo."] Cuintivv of 
plaguti or pestihmce of nny kind. 

An-tl-lj^s'iile. [From rit^ri, " *|j|;iilni*t/* 
and Aiwtjo, "fttninc madtices.*'] A re- 
medy au&iiii't hydrophohin. 

An-il-nia'tii-^1, [Aiif Imoiiitt lis; 
from atifimuHtuut^] refUitniug lo atitl- 

Anlttito'iilAl Pow'tt«r. Tho Pulrit 
atitinwitnitii |,Kd. nnd Dnh. Ph.), or Put' 
rU fHititiKmii ri*Pififififu9 ( L< nd. l*h.)t UiOdi 
a» n ^uhstilute fnr Jiimva'» Po*dc>r 

AnlluHi'nliil Wln«», ^Vl'iitim An* 
tlnio'iill.] A iiohniiin mV tjiitar nmrlie 
in t'hv^'rry or othrr winp; *wo gfnjn« of 
Lho tiirtiir rinctie hcing contained tn 
every tln'tchoinM' of (he pre|'Hrntii n. 

Ait-II-ino'Hi*4ll<** [Aulltiio'nliin, 
■p'fi"*/ fnmi nHtim*t'nir>tm o^iitom.J A 
aoiald nation of tiuo nit; tieid wirh m 

Ati-ii-ttictii'fc Ac'f<l> [AntUuo'nl* 
c*nni A^'Aditin*] A Huhstance idhor- 
wi-o colled I «noxiOo i>f aiitimoDy. 

Aii-tl-tiit>'nl-otti» A^'id* Formed 
l*y cxfiofiu^ the white hydrate t*( the 
peroxide of antimony U* « rml hcaL 

Aii«llin'<»-mt«* [AntJin'onlii, i'tivj 
from onttmo'ttHtvt nfiid.] A eomtdtiiitioii 
of anlimenioua utnd And nn ti1kji1iD« 

Antiinonfniit. ?ec Avjivuhy, 
An-a-iiio'ii1>iitn Ti»r-lfir-l*aiA>^ 


Itllll.* Thn IM 

itnl fhih. l*h I 

iariiied rtntiftnooy 


minjtxdored to hm derived fiotn <i*tij 
*'i*};ain'«t," an^l tniti'iufn, **%timiUon t 
hnfiitifc iistvl in aid of rt^it^e fur Itetgltii* 
ctiing tho c<>uiplexiori.] A metal of wbieb 
many of the cim pounds »r» ngtd in 

Ati-tl-n(*-|»tirll''lt*^ [AnlltK^plirlf* 
l^lUi; from ^i n, '"nj^ainfltp" and n^frrif, 
^Slii'c^i'M oi tho kidnoyM **] ClirttliT* of 
dbva»ts« of the kidoe^'ft. 



4ii>ilfi1i-ii4. A|TpH«<l the tnme as 
§tut*ttml UA«)<J ftdverbtutly. See (Jla- 

.%n*tlnl*«hl« [Ffttoi drri, "nf^n'mft." 

iiciei{mt- Aiiitlioii l>y lir, Hiircljiy h» 
lii«*ntnjc U>ir(iril$ the ^htbeWtt vr epBco 

Aolloilifcnt«l|rl«. Stm Airroi>oxTA.L- 

An*(lH»r>Kii«'tie* [Antlervnii'ti* 

m«c fp'in uVti, •♦ in Hit," mnJ «¥r)Js<*», 
l(t ^'ctcitij-*'] All.iviug eKciiiiUivnt { sy- 
nonym nis wi^h !*Hi»tirp. 

Aii'U'imri^-filj^ll'tlft.* [FroiOfiA- 
ftpi'ri«'M/jr, <Viw|ter& ^IwurU] In- 
I iiimniation of f'owprr's )*lumlL<, 

An-lli»>-tlit. [AntliMiltil'n.* Gr, 
\i»^i^,iSt,a; from .i.n, ** a^uin-'r," and 
I «ti(Wv. " fci'liijjr." '* flfffulion,"] Any «p- 
i|tci«iie jimp<?rtic« in tnnttcr; aJ»o, ftver- 
I ■i'jn to fiArticular ohjeitU, 

An-tl*|i«r-1-«ua'tlo, [Anflpc^H- 

I atal" I !<*««»; from i-V. **;t^^ruri!ir," an«l 

\ jt^umfttfU.e,] Apiitie*t to iovertcfi pori- 

^ttJiltic motion of tho bc^wtils. 6e« Pisiti- 


1 1 c* - TM I riwl. [From tLrri, 

ii"*!/* pestilence."] 

Ata-tt-|ila«r tnir. [From Avri^ **t^ 
lfin'n«t/* m^i\ a.Ja.,ito.., ii " puifon/'] The 


Aiuyw, tu " burn."] A| Atrnt'ttt 

1 * tiju ^ystcbiu 111 iiHlutumutory 

V;ii.;iii(lil»H'. an-tetiz'ik. [Anti* 
kf»lilblv'l4?D«i: i'roiD drri, **fi^Ainft.'' uml 
lilrWm;, ••rMr,*«»rn^fion."] ChocktngphthiB- 
|:ii. oi n. 

A 11 ■% [A n t l|>liyii'lm9 j 

Iflrouj : , ^ , iij^t," iin<l <pwrftj. to ** in- 

|iiit<^."j lh«poHin;f fltttuleney. Alto, 
g;a«ii5f fift?tif«' [fv^m f^'*<;, "njituft!"!. 
" IT. ' wouM 

t ■ - . ,-i ■ f. --f ** eor- 

ri*ri ttffy," 

%T» ^Antlptitii'tlrfiii: 

f ftfxl rAiiTjd), to 

>3 to bealiu^t or 

g ..,. :-i*ifi^. 

At»^it^fil««f|.HtJe. [Antl|>l^aHl'. 

ir^tnz 'r TTl J*r»^ " jUJJIiin-t," iin'l ■^Juu^^n^, 
il funilivo of ijilf'urixir, 

' Mliia^'rte. f A ti t i iNxlnc^rt* 

ib« **t$out'*J Camtive of j^ouL 

AiKfl-pmii'l^tiP Gbm'dti-lir.* 

Thv Mlttlp^•»^t,ltti> i^tiiri^?; u iiuiitc ftrr 
dutrpeia iflnHiU ,' At»o ctiUotI ..iHf^^^Mf^u*- 

An-il-prfMKlnt'ir. [ AttllfinMlat'- 
lcttas from ajTi, *♦ ingiiinsit," ttiid /ir*^/- 
/Hffi gUn'ilulck, the **pru*tiitfl gUod/'l 
Oppoflitr thp prostAto gl&i)iL 

An-^tl-proii'l^UMk* The umo i 


An>tlpHM»r'lc. {AollptM»r'lniii9 

frurn n.Ti,. '*apnnst,*' ami ^'p**^ l^o 
**itch."J Cnnttivo ol' the iich. 

An-^-py'ic. [Aiillp>-'l«*nf»3 from 
dt^ri, ** jigftMitft," auii irwsf, "pus. "J Pre* 
vcntiti|f f«ippuniiii»n, 

Aii*l I*pjf - rpt 'If. [A II t Ipjr ret 'letw s 
from tittit '* d^pAjfiHt,** imU rtytttiq, ** icver."J 
CTti rati V e afie vera, Autifch'ritii : febVi- 

Ai>»il-pjSrDt le. [ Am llpy r<»l ' ic>iui % 

frunn d**r«, '^jvgmiist," aud rtip, "iire."J 
Cumtivc* nf liurns. 

Au-li-4|nMrw|jt-n<t'rI^ii, An* 1 1* 
qanr'insi. [AnilquartniuhVliiJi^ rVum 
am^ ^'au^aiust," and quarti/ua fo'bris, n 
"quiirtAD fever or ague/'] Curative of 
quartiin n^tte. 

Antlrftchltie^ nn-tc-r^^kit'lk. [Aa- 
tlmeltlt'leiui; from d^ri, *' ngiHtat," 
ini*l rndAi'n«, '* riokttU.**] C^rructive of 

AtitisHJ.* An-tUh^oi, th« pinrtti of 
Anl^MfliiM* nn tUh'i*'(i». fFrt>ui atrt^ 
** njfiiiiist/* unci ffna^ a '*!iha'lc" or 
•'*hrt«U»w/'] Uikvmg thtfir ihrnlow in 
cippo*ite ilirectionn nt n-^on, n» ih© pco- 
p!;*3 fiorth and eouth of the t»iinAt(ir; 
nil t i j'^M ou s : n n f i^ 'ei n n . 

An-tl-neol'kv rAottoffwl'l<»w»; frntn 
drTi, ** Attain fiU** and <7r -A-jf. h **w»rm/'] 
Aj^Binft worm^; eapiiblc> of ci[p<«lliQ)i; 
wnrnij?: Vimurnffe: Hntbr'tininti^^ 

An-tt-4M^r>tiu'tlr. [Antf«cart»ti'- 
ticnis: from ai'^-t, ■"■ ftpaiiiitt,** liud •<>'***- 
Itu'ttM. the di»e*se " Rcurvy/*) Corrcot- 
ire of Sfttrftuftt*, or wunry, 

An-tl-«irror'n-l4»n«. fAntKerorki* 
lo'»ii»; fmrii ^tff*, *' :i^»»m8t./' iind *vto/- 
w/rt, the *'king^'e cvtl/'j Cnnttive *jf>p't«c. fAntlMep'timit 

thna lirt, '* jiiraiott." nnd ff^iri.», to " ptt- 
trefy/'l Prevent Intj vHitriTfHtrtiun. 

Ao-a-«|»n^m«Ml'lr, rAnlNpnii- 
nMMl'irttfi: ln»m ^m, *' rij^iiin^/' and 
cri^fjtMK, ft "Fpnuni,*'] Allaying #p»»' 
QiT«>li4' piiin«. 

An>if-«iptM'tle, fAntlffpMi'tleiiiat 
ft<*m <tfn, '^H'rainst/' and rr^M, to 
"dniw-"] Liromlly. 'Slrawin^* njsraiait 



or in an opposite dinetion.** Connter- 
tici'ing a state of spajun. Synunymous 
with Antinjuitmodic. 

An-U-Mj^ph-I-Ui'lc. [Antlsyplil- 
llt'lcns; trum drri, <* again 8t," and 
»yph'{/iM.] Curative of syphilis. 

An-ilih'e-nar.* [From dyri, **a>- 
gainst," and Oi^apf the ''hollow of the 
hand or foot."] Applied in Anatomy to 
the muscles Adductor ad indieem of the 
hand, and Addnctor of the great toe. 

Antlihom. See Amthora. 

An-U-imft^I-ciiM.* Belonging to 
the nntitrayuB: antit'ragic. 

An-tli'r^-ffiM.* [From drrif "a- 
gainst," and /ra'^ff«.] The thicker part 
of the antihelix, opposite the tragus. 

An-ili'ro-poiM. [Antii'ropiu; 
from dvri, ** against," and r^oni\f a '* turn- 
ing."] Applied, in Botany, to the em- 
bryo when the radicle is distant from the 
hihintf the cotyledons being next to the 
latter; inverted. 

An-tl-ve-ne're-^. [AnilTene're- 
mi; from dvri, "against," and vene'reut^ 
" venereal."] Curative of venereal 

An-tl-BJ^m'ie. [Antlsjrm'lciui ; 
ftrom dvriy •' against," and ^«m^, to " fer- 
ment."] Preventive of fermentation. 

Antll-^* [Fn)m AirrKla^ a " pump."] 
The Mpiral apparatus by which certain 
Insects draw up the juices of plants. 

Ani'llR Lne'te-^* Ani'llA Hiuii- 
nm'rl-^* An instrument for drawing 
milk from the brvust: a milk-pump; a 

AiiC-o-doii-tAl'#ri«. [Anfodontal'- 
irlriiNt from lim, "again.-t," and (kW- 
raXyia, a *' toothache."] Curative of the 

Antonll, Iirnls NiuieU. See Ert- 


AntoririMtlr. See A.vTioROA8Tir. 

Aii-trl'tlM.* [FninifiM'/miH, a ''cave" 
or "cavity."] Inflammation of any 
cavity of the body. 

Att'trnm.* [Fnnn lvrfȴ^ a "cave."] 
A cavity. Applied i(i>ociaIly to one in 
the upper maxillary bone, termed Ah- 
tntM Hiijhimn'ia'num, 

An'tmm BnrrliMMMiiiu* bQk-sin- 
o'silni. [From tmv'cinr, a ** trumi>et,*'] 
The trumpet-like cavity, or ct>ckie<i of 
the car. 

A n't mm ^^'nir.* According to 
Quinoy, the name jrivcn by Cas.^oriu* to 
the Antrn'n Hiifknorianhm before High- 
more dijvovereil it. 

Anlram HtjrliiM€>riaii«i. See 
HiQBMORiAMi'M, Antrum. 

An'tnun M«x-U'Ue»« A 
Max.U-la'r<s* An'tmin of WUgh'' 

more. The Antrum Hiyhmoi-iauum, 

Au'trunoL Pj^-lo'ri.* The small 
extremity of the stomach near the 

AnlM, A«id of. See Formic Acid. 

An-a'ri-^* [From a, priv., and 
evpowf "arine."] Defective secitrtion of 
urine: an'ury. 

A'nwuk* [From an'itM, a "eircle."] 
The extremity of the rectum: the fun- 

Anus, Artlflctel. See Artificial 

Anus, Imperfi»tmto. See Atbesla, 

Anx-i'e-tj^. [ABzi'ef«i«aVi>/ from 
anjc'iun, "anxious," (from iyK^i to 
"choke," to " dihtress").] A settled 
expression of anxiety in the features 
forming a dangerous symptom in acute 

A-or't^* [Gr. dofm^, from dtipt*, U> 
"raise up," to "support," to "suspend;" 
because it is supported or suspended 
from the heart.] The large arterial 
trunk arising from the left ventricle of 
the heart, and giving origin to every 
artery except the pulmonary and ita 

Aort«ary Mma,* or Aort«ai*iBiBa,* 
a-ort-Q-riz'mi).. [From aoprn, and d^twfmni, 
to "dilate."] Aneurism of the aorta. 

A-or'tic [Aor^tlcufl.] Belonging 
to the aorta. 

A-or-ti'tis, idi»* [From aor'taJ] In- 
flammation of the aorta. 

A-pn^'j^-nouM. [Apajr'yBiMi; from 
ifa^t "once," and ywiiS, a "woman," 
" one who brings forth."] Applied to 
plants which fructify but once and then 
die. See Gvsjeroi-ooy. 

Ap'|i^th j^. [Apntl&l'R; from a, priv., 
and rdOos^ "feeling," "passion."] Ab- 
sence or privation of all passion, emo- 
tion, or excitement. 

Ap'^tite. A phosphate of lime. 

A-pep'Ml-^* [From a, priv., and Ktrrta, 
to "cook," to "digest"] Imperfeet 
digestion. A term formerly used for 

A-pe'rI-«iit, [Ape'iienai fr«)m 
a/K-Vio, to "open."] Opening. Applied 
to a medicine which gently opens the 

Aoper'tor, •>»>.* [From apt'ri; 
nprr'iHm. to "oi>en."] Literally, "that 
which opens." The L<Tator palpthrm 
9Hp<riuri9; Otherwise, the Aytitor ocmti 
("opener of the eye"). 



A-ftrC'^UMKn. [Afvetii'leiiit: from 

tiiff|ti««etl to roMiitihle A citrin, iti ibu (ip«K 
of the beftfU of th« toQ^utv otc. 

.», i«> *'t:»kt\"J A term 
J H> lb 4a Umnob M' .Sur- 

», ,^, , , ^ ,ra»ia«?i»» it i» to cwt uflT or 
rvmnve ^ny ^*rti *f tb«? IwHly, 

i9HPfiM»* [ From dM'^'kp **mvij»tblo." uqiI 
i"*in^-'*J In the tieuior f>1unit 

( A/fkf«v-ift'*>rrn^ f*r t .A 'frm) applied 

to a funiil/ nf . 'teDtly witb- 

OOt wtn;£«: »ph;M 

A|»]i-e'll-oi».* [I'uiia '««*, "flrom/** 
fen>l flAi«;. cho "sun/'l A lerm uwud in 

AHr»'" "■^- ♦ ■ ■•—■•- *''■■ M,t of a 

flmti in. 

»of Ttiinrl; AphfLriit itttrHttt^ahslrsuS' 
tiufi: Apkti^ft oiicHifi, ruveiy or brawn 

A|»lil«l««, Sco Ar«npK. 

bfttid ,Aaj^#i., to •'tj'H'*] AppUtHl in Om 
iplutMl mi" U'hifiijfihn'ji} to a 

imaBilj of ^ wbitib fcutl on 

A*|t>lllll1l*UA>> [From ft'pkin.^ B<5- 
tctna^inrr tit tbn AphifU**, In tbo pluraJ 
' ' ' : ' ' ■ i laiitilv 

■tr'! i\ ■' ■ Ml -. ^ \ >;'i,, ,»: v'^trwtt 
• . tkuti ihtf^i lu "tli;%i»ur/') 

' ^ " -'--"i\ Ap1ilil«ii, afV 

.', rho typo of a 

o^Im fvuinrk.thlu f<»r tU Uostruotivo 
I ' n, 


f , * "tlaiiio."] Willi- 

<»a4, Until 1% 

A-pliA'nl<^ • { Fmm <•, f»rt^.. kikI ^(ua^, 

. cbL^<i 

/ . ' ''r^^^'- Sec 

AjiArillA* Vox AM»rfMSA^ 

Jt-^»'ri-^* [Frnni s. prir., ftnd 

, ti> " hcuif/*! Bamsimcajv ; sterilitjr; 

abftitr Uy ctmijoivn nffspriti;^ 

Aiill'o-rldhiii. [From <i><it(HC<^ lo 

*Umit,** i«> "deftn'v'*] A mjixtfEi. Tbo 

AphurwiDtf tir Htpp<^niie». n (tel«hra4«(J 

caDUiniiig variooB niAiiiuA or 

•hortr P*thj nentenoc* rcUtlait lo modi- 

nti9; ' .%i/^^4fcitff»af , '" \' '■ '■oas," 

" v«?u«r«iil/*] Mur ,' do- 

*»»r«» f»i vt'ovry, Tlu ^. ■..,.„..> ..^^.. Also 
trrtuc^V ArtritooiKiAMmi :4. 

ApHroitlwIftr, ulra-dixh'v-^k. [Apli- 
ro«U9iriM*tM. AptirfMllm'litis; ^roiu Ibo 
ffMnc] Applied Ui uiedioiov>i» or fo4Kl 
FBppos«d t.t i*xc»ilu .ifiufvl di«dLro or iii 
iiHTiiirfc tbc iiru^ruli^i^ power. 

AplircMAjLiiliMiiniuii. Sij^mo as Ai^nnO'^ 

MM A. 

A|»li'ili^* plurid Apb'Uur. [Fruiii 
*Vjrn.i. to "jivt ou Drw/'J Lilc«ir» of tho 
itiduth, bogiiiDiaj; with Qumt^roud mi- 
nuto vi')iifit!i{$ ii.ud tcrminnttiiif 10 whiio 
bloii^Kh^ Aphthm ooQ^tttuto Ibe ubarnc- , 
leriiilte ^yuiptoitta ut 'Hhruih," nud alio 
ocoiir in other dit^i^oai, 

A|»lithol«l. [A|»htlM»l'dr«i; from 
iffih'tht*, nod euV^f, ti, '*fi>rui.**] ReA«iii- 
Miti^ ft phi i*^, 

A|>ti'ili«ti«. [Apbtlto'wtuis fh>in 
*%pk'thti.\ Of tbo iLppciLfuucu ur full uf 

A-ithjrrioBM, [Aphjl'tivi; frow «, 
priv., imd ^«A>At<, a *'loaf/'J Without 

A|»li»p(«i»fi«« ft^pe-u'ehils. [hptn*- 
ipeoa.] llMviug an arraugeuiciil a^!^ tn 


Ai^I-cwIIm.* [Fnim ft' p^Jt^ ftj/jfTM.] 
Bclong^mj Im the apfx: ap'ical. 
AfHl-cit Cti«,* Having A cHiospioaoai 

npir: iiii'iinihnl. 

A-|»i€' ii-luAk* [Tho dftninntivQ of 
ti'prx,] A Lorui iisihI jn Botany lo denote 
the project ioii of the midrib beyond the 
end of the loaf; a eiuallt aharft, »hort 

Tttrt, *'bom.'y." nnd /a'ria, to " Oiakts/'] 
The h«nry-hee, alforrling hc^ney i^t%t\ wn%. 

A''pt*uni..* A trctius of Itu ' 
cl»*!S f*f,it,t,tth til, niitur;i1 ord« 
/terj*, iitnluiliti;; tbu gnrdi. ti-plu . , 

and pnr^loy. 

A'plttm flmi-'e-w-lt-fiji* (or p^ra- 
To'M-lonsf. The m I.-ry* (Pr, 

Arfif, Ax\i/\ When ti^ In wet 

place*, it is fM-rid in; . , . .r-ua: when 
Hultiiratt^d in dry pnuind and parHally 
blarjdbed. it in used a« tatad. It la 
ilifthtly HpoiirfTf luol <M»r»r>i native. 

A'ploni IV^ttHP-fM**!! iinia,* other- 
wi!(« oulbd l*««lroKclJ ■mill Mift-ll'- 
vntn. Cnnitnoti |»ar»(ley« th« root nnd 
secd»« of which arodiiirr^ic; and aperient. 

A|»>l^iiat'lt*. |At>liWBi«l.'totift« ftotn 

«, pHr., incl irXafibi, to **waotlcr»" tn 
"i'rr.**J Citrreotivc of tbo abermtions 
of iho rii;vn of Hfjhl, 

A-|»lflM'tlr. [A|»liM'tleiiiic from •« 

AplonriH,^ a|ihi'rc-n. [Frnin i^prW.f 
Bnii wXtvpa, u '^rib."] Au urgaiiie duvia- 
tioR obiinvct^rlrM \ty tb^* i^UaotK^e of ribj*, 

A|i»neu'rl-^w^ [From a, |>riv.. ami 

titiii ehuniolcrtite!! \>y IhuahMcncijof lung*, 

fFrnm a, priv,, iiti*i ir/lw, to **breiith(j.'*] 
Piirthil privatioD or entiro ^uippailoD 
iif tho hrtMith. 

A|>i»» [Ur* uw(.] A prefix signify- 
ing "frnin*" **ofl," *'tkWAy.'* Before a 
worit Iwginiiinic with A tbe o ia dropped 
anil tbo p bleiKli'rl vrilb the following 
IrlttJr: tbu?, ojur^hftku (frt>m dw6 anil 
SXcw), to *"«lmw awny/' i« contractci 

A|i«'0-mr'tM>nji* [Afpoeiir'piiai 

froui jiir^>, " from/* ami *<^-iif» "fruit/"] 
lluviu*^ cMLfkf4iilt!H iligttinrt fi oiu vnAi other. 

A|»H>H?e^iio'a|ii,*|>lnril Ap-4*-^<e-»o'- 
lw4* [Fpom <iir(>» "from/' and "lii^is to 
♦• caipty out/'] lQGroa«<KJ disobftrge. flujt, 
or evcicaiition, 

A^HH-ynmcvwt^* f-ptts-e«»-na'»hc-i'% 
An onlcr of dicotyledonoui plants In 
aotiio rcspectij rojMtitnbling A*vlrpinti(tf0ir^ 
but of rather luaro suflpiciuui pro(>crtiuH. 

AtM»rytia4MHm«, 9-po«'iC'nK'flbri5. 
[AiMK'ynn'4*cii««j Appliert to plunt« 
rvyi:|jibliiij;r lUo AjmcyHHm^ or dog's baiio. 

Aif-o^cf'ii'c^ttift.* 8atii« at ArocvXA- 
cm s. 

AiMiryttlii* or Apo<*yitln^« a-poa'- 
AC-nin. A bitter prlncijiU'! obt-iiinoil fn«m 
the Aim*'yHUHt tuttmttbinumt Of Indian 
faeittp, nr (jn|?'< Imne, 

A|MM*>iiutti,* H-pon'mi-nrim. A plant 
onlb'<i ib«^'S* luirii', the r<H-t of which ia 
Motui'liiiu'p tiy^ "■ "►' ' ii]<»ti<?. 

Ap'«-d44, rr thvplaratfrom 

a, pnv,, nil*! . "ftol,"] Ltt«» 

roll>\ "without Icct/ A tonn appiiod 

to flnhe*! wtlbimi vinitrtib. or Rns which 

t»rri*4pond to Ic^jh nnd feet. 

A|>'«iHiltiM.« [Frtini tbo same,] With- 

_ ttt r«vt. itp'i>d4itif. Applied ia thv plu* 

ml ntniter (.1i/i«/ri) i't an ordsr of Hn- 

Ap'<HNN«. [A|Mivn^'iiint from nnA^ 
*'fntra;" and y«l. Ibi« "utrih/*] That 
point of 4 he orldt ol th*i foin« or of a 
plAfH^l. tijtv,*t diMfjint from lh« <i(tr(h« 

Ai»-«w«trih>rD'alfl»* [Frt^oi 'itr^i '* from/' 

and MtJ^if, a "nerTO,"] (Fr, Apon$vrM9^ 
A'pr♦"n^^'l^ox^) Expanititm of a toodoo, 
or tcindouR, into a libroitji iiieiitbrHUu. 
A-pvpli'jf-Mla,^' plural A-p4»pii'j^<«M, 

I Firoui 'iffO, " irum/' mid y'^if, to " proilu(s«/' 
to *'grow/'J A |>vo*M»Sfl or protiibi ran«>o 
of bone. Abci appliett lt> o&rrii>iuencfUi 
growing from Ibo roovpiaglo ^t Q«ri«ln 

Ap-4i-plcH*'tic. [Apoplfl«'tli<tUi.] 

Porta in in iu' {v a[»oplcxy. 
A|*'^>-plc-x'l-9 i*ut-Ri€^nfi>l«,* 

(** Pulmouary Apoplexy/') Kxtravana* 
tion of biuod in tbe lunji^A frutn lb« rup- 
(nro of ve^^cU. 

Ap'o*ple3iL<5'. [Apopt«^m*liii rrtiin 
dird, **troni/' *'awny/' and nkiimoia^ to 
"strike/' Uenco aTnnXffsvt^ F^ignifiee to 
"fltriko atttijK*' — Lt, to *' strike into nn- 
oonecifiusnesH or in>cn(«ibdity /' »o to 
<* faint atctitf" means i<* Uiiut ao eoiu-^ 
plctdj ns to beeome iinconMrious.] A 
diaea»u produced by o<ingi'ftiub nr mp* 
iure of t,he vu^scU of tho bruin, and 
{!ii.u>iDg a pud dun arrest of Ben He and 
tnoti*!!. tbe pcri('<ri lyin;; ad if adeop* 
ni.'^piruLion jind tbo hcarltf action o«ia- 

Ap'oplfnc|r,€^n-lA'iMSttim. A Fivneli 
term (0/>'7./r^ jV- t uifiutr. h'\tv')Ai\ ts' kU'- 
l&'ni') fur 8iidrlcu detenu itiitt ion of bb^od 
to thu «Uiu and adjaovut ecllular mvm* 

ApMM-le'm^ mil.* [From di^mnfu, 
to '^depart iroui/'j An abacot«i an 
ap'o^tt'Uie. 84?e Aft^rtiHS. 

A-potJi'e-c^rf . {Ap0tlicff«k'rliifii 
from «nt«0i»*r9» a *'repoftii«ry" or **»t^*rc/'] 
Orto who keepj) a ntorv of dnigt; una 
who BcUi dru^a and put^ up pre»cri|>- 
tjoriit. In (Jf'eat iiritain un itputhecary, 
bi^jtideA Milling iind eotn])ouftdiiig drug*, 
la entitled to prm.<ti»e tuedtcine, and la 
in f»et a ••ort of «ub-pbyf.ieinn. 

A |N4i- llio 'v1*m* A |»-«>-llie'vl-iiiii,« 
[Fruiiii ,irm'}it^t,,] A boiunieal torm Ap> 
pliod to the recepiiiole ennU»in^ tba n- 
productire eurpueielvA in the liehime. 

A-pf»tli'«s.|fi^ nti/i* [Fr4>m «irt», und 
^ifia, a "deposit/*] A brown (><iwdor 
{Icpoifii.od when ve^etHble extraet is sub- 
mitted to pridoi)<L?ed etiiporiitutu^ 

AP*l>V**'**'ii>M- I From ^i/Z/^trci. on. 
pttrii'tum, to "prepiiro/' to "arrangiv'J 
In»tftitnent4 or mecbanieul arrauga- 
uientt( fiir experimrntii^g, opcrniing, oU>. 
Sonietiiin"! applied to ttrgiinit in aniinaU 
and platitK. 

Ap^pc'u'fll-^M ff:p-l-plc»'l^>!fr.« lo 
Anatomy, n term applied to proti'nga- 
tion a of the pcriiomtumf filled with m 



-ittiiciljed ftlaiig Uio 

M*-. ' ' [TUo diminotivtj 

tu'j*a.j A iiUlc a|*|H^n^Uge« or 

...^*ti#.Mif% V^malCoritils* Soo 
if <i-iAte^ [AfPiH'iulleo* 

In ,ju apfifHiitW ylti.j liaving 

*Uuu^" tir "jtitiii;"] A |mit of ur <MlJi- 
li«»n t<» i^ tiling: hn nTa|»on(1ni;v. 
Aiipvn'iUx Ver»fitl*l(ir'iiitak* or 

t'dl^ ''—>-■ Vr-T-T? 'H-'~tK.^ 
woi ■• 

' en ciilliid llie A/f^miit*uta 9«rwit- 

Ai»|»ert*« (ftp^iiiiu') Prc»«'«wi» A 

I |> -ticlcji of fu4)'i un> 

trs. Tbo artioliM 

I tbe tvp with It 

)tXito» filled WttU v-'iiil wuler, i*t»ii eult* 

r'l^ or Ap'pe*l»fli«4*j^. 

Birr »n** iip|iropriiit« subflUinii'* 
I lit ll»(«)r M»||»|».»HL \l**t ji»i itrtltMit 

iire or t 'I 

A|i'fM^ti I in tlio 

u by wbu!h 
iiftte doiirvi 

Appofltc, I'nnlnCk Sec DrLnn^i. 
ApjH^lir. l>0|ir«v«d. 3e« Pic<v« 
Apfi^lUc^ LuMtlintile* Seo Utt- 

App«tll«<. I4011M 0C Sco AxRi'i* 

TiJI 4 1,4. 

4|>|M*tlle, VivriKrlAiUi. Sea Bu- 

Ap'|M«<«. Ac'i4t of- Bt»« Maiio Actii. 
A|»-f»«Hbl'liaf». [A|»|MMitlos IYkid 

|r.' ► '..r ..,,Lm^p./-] LiUirnlK '■ -.1,.. inir 

' or "in * 

I A - rr ttt Ihe r t 


ii/i^Aoent laiegiiinGntK, otc. Iiti contitai, 
Somctitncs used fi>noiiytiiou!<ly wUti 
pRij««riii«Mia (whi<'lt ;•(*»), AUo ti|ipljc<f 
to tbo <i«fK«ii*i(jin t>r fitatter wbb'U Uikv» 
pltujc ill iht? ftowtb of Ibr nnn-viinoiiW 
tUiuci« ^uoh ttt born, ibv iiails, oic. 

Jik|M|>rp«'MtBM. * [From op*fh*iH'u 'W-^ 
pr*:*'itHiit, tu *']*'*c4* <,*k«»**/'j A L nil lu 

Ap't*"* 8H,tu a, priv« mud wrt- 

ft&¥, vk"\h,u^. J ;;t*pli''U ui I ho |iiliirii.l 
neuUir {Aj/tfrn) lo a faitiily of UiqooUi 
whVeh Uitve no wiajrit ; ii|»'t«*r<>Uit, 

A-p^-w»t'ir, [A|>yrf*i'lc«a«t froDKi, 
priv,, mid T v-fnk, "ruvcr.**] Uiivttig uo 
fc'vor or fV>>irjtc t^TEcitviiiicnt. 

A|»-jf^-r»»m'l-fl>,* [Fri*m s, priv., imd 
TiV'fK. ft " rever" or ■*piiJH)xyani/'J Ab- 
«iftiico uf (isveff or intermiMiiiit of ita 
piiroxysm*: ttp'yri'xy. 

At>'|<r«tni* [Kr* - --^ rSp. 

"lire."] A term iiv licb 

^UMtinn the* (k<*>tn»n II nta 

bmg Umo vrilbuuL ^Uo-Ui^o oi U^urv or 
other proper! ieii. It U eynouyinwiLs with 

Aq.-^ A*^Ha,* "Wfttcr/' or A\imt 

" Of wjid T." 

A^.nulL^A'^»abMnimm,• ''Bull- 
ing WHUr." 

Ar|. IhwIiK ^=^ A'qttm dr»i*fttt*lm,* 

Aq, F€*r¥. = A'tjun /•r'reiiii,* •• Uot 

Aq. Font, ^ A't/Mit ftmUU »r fania*- 

»(/?.• '• F'oinfiin i>r ipriDg water," 
Aq<i 3liirltt# = A'^tta iiianf' iio,« " Seat- 


Aq. Pttr.<^ A*^tm pu'rm^* **Ptiro 

Aqtiii^ ' '^ .;--:i - ''oyS. 

[A. if ■<..] 

VVttH'r: s nd- 

und Ki' Pb.) iV»r !<| Aoo-jrd- 

\n£ lo tlie LuS. Ph^ii ^tintufnl 

WivttTf in Ibi? pun k" Atntc." 

Tbtt priru'ipi*! vnn iter (owt 

tiled icMlcd) jirt* tbu I 

Itavitig H Viipid tust9 fr"! > tico 

of nir, juid iirtgbtly itj , in 

cNountHjUi'uee^ probiibly, ■ ' uco 

of A «aij»H i^tiiintHy of c?;: <Mer 

wliit^b Uaa uDdorgoDo piif ("ii- 


A'^gr* KX Fi.tT'Miyc.» [Pnmi^M'nwrti 
^ji'mu'wi*, » "river*"! f-ii;. iiliv. "winter 
from tU<i i»T«fr.** 11 :dly 

of considerable pur I lold 

La «u«|»eu«i<^u pariiolun uf curthy oi:tttttr« 



Wdii^h tmpntr ir.t tmnerp&reney nnd eouiti- 
(■im«» its «alul*rity, 

A'mI'a kx LaN'I'.* [From ?«V»(*, a 
'•Iitko."| Liik^ vrnt&r. A miDcatioa nf 
ifi rtri'l rivrr WftJors". !*i.ijiutiiat!i 

\^ hep, t^hieht frum lla stag- 

Haul hiAtujo, btivv umlergotio putroftM- 
tion in it, 

"•jitniw."] Siiuw-wjit-cr, ditVuriij^ iLp|>tL- 
rcTitly frono miu-wntcr only in \^ving 
«k*slit.ttr« of «ir, to which »»ter ia iii- 
ilfchttnl for its briakncsd imt\ mnny (tf it# 
good «(!«oU upati aDluj&lfl utitl ve^tii- 

A'urA KX Pamt'de* [From fWUm, 
nadt^tlliiy s "marsh" or **awQ.aip/'] 
Miir»li-wiit«r; the must impure, a» being 
Ihn most tttugnunt, uf ilII wnler, nntl 
gfncrfilljf Injifled with dcootnprteing 
vegetahlo matter. 

A'grA MX Pr'TEO* [Frr^m pu*ten*^ 
n "well."] VVcll-wjir.ffr; usBtmtiiiltv (ho 
flAum as »)»riftg'Wfttor. heing dcriv*'*! 
frr»m i\w *<niTte wourc*', btit inuru liiihle lit 
iitifiiirity from iU glagtiiition ur rtlow iu- 

A'gi'A Fo»T.4'nA.» p'rt>lil/fJiM,/rm'fiV, 
II **f mil lain.*'] Spring- wulcr; fontiiLn- 
i»g, itj MtMitioQ t'j c»rl>rmic iicid and oar- 
botiute o^ Huie, a small [lortion of mu- 
riat« <»f aodtt* nnd frequently other sails, 
fspring-«ut«r whu'h di*(!!«Ivc* eoiip is 
tennc^d nufl; tht%t whit^U din'ompose^ and 
curdles it i? calltMl hanl. 

A'qi'a M\ftt';*A-* [Ffotn flmVr* Ihc 
**miC*\ Stsa-watcrj containing sulphate 
of soda, the muriatca Ki\ «oda, mMg- 
niv-iia, Mud lini«, a minute propor1if>n of 
)iot(i4i,and variuiionoiuial and v^gctiil»t« 

A/*jUA Pmtvta'ij».» [From n*qua, 
*'waicr," liltd ptuUun^ "rain.**] Eain- 
water: the purest form of natural water, 
yrl hidding in 5fdutii«n earhr.nic ncM, a 
minntt' ]»orti«n of carbon uto of limctand 
tnii'fft id mnrirttc of lime. 

A€|itA Ammonliv. 8ec Liqpor Am- 

MOVt »". 

A4|iiii Amyvilnln* Antane. Bee 

Btmcii Ai.woMii?*, Watkr oi\ 

A'qun lll-n«*l'll.^ An Italtnn qnnck 
nnt^dictne, Mippitsc'd t'l be a d dntion t>f 
crettv)te, nnd t'elobrntrd at Nriplos for 
jUTt'iMling bivmorrbagi*. 

Aqtm riilHH* Srf ttQi or r*i.ris, 

A«i««ft 4'iiiii|»liom>. S«>e CAUPrtoa. 

A'i|ii» 4"lin-lyl>-r-n*tif-* An nrtifl- 
cial minenil walur, titaihii*ting of a ^Aw- 
ihm ttf ettrato of iron highly chnrgcd 

with carbonic acid gas and flavor^ I17 
a little arv»aiaiixcd »VfHp, 

A'qiift For'ito.* (" Strong Wat«f/*) 
A name formerly applir d to nitric aeid* 
im iiyonint of its ji " ivo 

jjropvrtics. It if di lie 

lennii duuhtt and *hj j -tig 

only half ihc strength of tiK* furitter. 
Ctmc'cntratttd nitric acid, bowcvor, la 
much stronger even than double (litrio 

A'qns Re'tf-^' {** Hoynt Watar.*) 
A mixture of nitrio and muriatio aoids> 

A'Hun Vi'tir.* (•* Water of Life.") 
Ardent i^ptritis of the tlrst dt.^ii11atWm. 

A«|tiip«^a'kw»l, gen. A^nn'miii, the 
plural cd' A 'qiin. "Water." 

A'qiiir Mlii-€»-m'leA.* [From bmW- 
ro'fiif, ix tuodern Latin icrm for fuir word 
"mincniU"] "Mintirat wal^^r^^" a tvrm 
conventionally afiptiod to fnn-b wntem 
aa are di<*tiitgui*hed frtmi spring, lake, 
river, or other mnien by pcenliaritictf 
of color, taste, ^niellf i>r real or ftupposed 
medicinal effeete. Mitioral wat«re mm 
of four prinrtipnl kiods:-— 

Aoin^i'tovs. Owing their properUfii 
chierty to carbonic acid: tbey are tonic 
and diuretic, and in large dt^§ep pruduee 
a trttn*iirMit t^jthilamtlon. 

CVnALYn'tcATt':. (\m(ainiug iruti in ih« 
form ol nulpbitte, earbotiiitcr or tnuriat«: 
tbvy have a styptic, inky laflt«> 

SA-\Af<r/, Mofftly fmrgative, and ad- 
vjintjtgctiuwly employed in iboitr bypo- 
chonilriftfAl iind uscernl diMnisrcji which 
re4]uire continued and moderate relaxa- 
tion of tho bowdi. 

Bi i.fittf'uEorn, Deriring thdr eha- 
racter from snlpbtirt'lted bydro^'cn- 

Aqn«P milliitltlav^ ti kwt^ f^tWA^ 
tilth 'e-e. liUo called A'qtur DvnlUla*- 
tjr.^ Dis^tillcd Wfttort: wBler» impreg- 
uat4'd with the e^fieutial oil of vegetablea, 
prtneipnlly designed ai grateful vohMef 
fur the exbibttion of more active remo-^ 

Aq'ue-tliirl. [AqnifMltic'ttiat frftva 
a^tffia^ " wiiter,** and thti^Uum^ a "canal** 
or "passage."] Lii^riilly, a " pa^ffig* 
for water/* though applied in A»att>itiy 
to eevernl cinnfil* in the body not alituya 
conliiining fluid, 

Aq'if«*«llirt offlii* C^iK'ti'lr-qu |Aq« 
uir«1iir'l»iM 4^M-lt'lofi*.] A foriimen of 
tbe tciop<<riil bottv. fi«r the trNn»iiitaalun 
(>r II Hniiill vfiti froui lb*' cocdib^a, 

Aq'ii4*4liM*t of Fiil>lo'pl*ua« [Aq» 
ii«r«lur'fti«i Fnll«»'|»II.J The cfinal by 
ivbicb the portiu dura windn thniti^h th« 
petrous portion of the tcmporoJ bono, 



a»f tun Nyl'vil.] Tku; ^nnil wU^>'U 
K ' '■ • kwanis imdur the tulMTt'uU 

M nn tnt<» thi) fniirth vontriotts 

<' 'fi. 

rjr »f lli« V«<«'ff-bftlo I 4f|fltir4lur'liiii 
VcMtfll'Mtt %i| it<Htiirl 

ill], ' IllCtlt tlf u 

[iYUAll QfiUfil wlurli i»{ien" iifH»li Uii* p<*«- 
^ti^fHir -ttTfi'-r uf Mit' {vntrutiH portion uf 
I the omnium and 

lu^jLi^ - 1"^. A term now 

into tise itn ilnti^iiJitui^ dofiuito 
hstiona irUh wnt«r. Tbo term 
h»« long bttcii «mp!oTi>£i for tho 
J puf|vu#CL A pic Hi is u.--Oil vrlu'ii 
i!« m »riT tbnij ono tt-toai, a* La ^mi- 
||bi{ttiikMi«» lrr-hydf»io. 

^fi'n-r^ntm Mn'moiv A c^torlrM 
f antunar jitid pojtLorior ehiitn- 

I ..jc. 

A*4ij;i.t,' ak'wT'tf. LitoritHv, nn 
'AAjfte," A tenn nrhieh hnii formerly 
Br fipi»hf*t!t joined with it to tUoioto 
1 1 1 ces : tti tifl . 'i y M ifn n tha, 
'^ ono of the fanoir»l 

A4|aiili%..* ok'wiij-ij, [The rliminntivo 

of .i*jTr-r "wjiter/*) LiU>r»llv, a " sinnll 

I t WfttiT." Apptk'd to iinj 

•«• titmtir^ iiiid «>ru« lint 0.4 to 

i» i.t ' ^ i.iiuur under the akin uf the 

I0 the eu% il^ <>f th<? vratilml© of the io- 

Ar'9*l»lr, fanm* !^ ft rirjtt Ar^n r. 
^Tht* wmhI i?" vary udtt'ii pronoumcd 
#'&»>» • fmnit in ho wioflt onreffjlly 
hy tttl thua« vrUo doaire lo apettk 

dec. Tin 

iinif til fM*me c'lti^c 
I f rtnclplc. 


|«ljt«« of Iho // 

U'*iti4i^ comprifin^' ui 
F|e(«n<»r»nr with four i 

out »i ' 

Thi!» ^h\r^\ 

■ '■'1 iinirnnls. 

'I i. ■1'^, yrlth- 

H *' H WMh,"3 A 

. Wtn^tHifi ifitUmtnAtic^D of 
otl tiHruihriLni!, 
,4-n(»ris aoM. [AnM*liitot'«li>«; 

frum d|yii*trir^ • "apiderp wch/' ttud ri*!^,-, 

"form" or 'MojicmhlaiK^c.") Hc^j^mbtin^ 
a spidiir'" w*»h. ApptiiM to tho pcciond 
or tn id 'III' liH'tubruiii' ctf the bnuu. 
AriM^hnitlff InitaL !?eo HtctiATf 

C V^AL 0»\ 

Arncti'ttolfl .^em'limtiis Mtninx 
mrtftrt. Tht< Ituv f*»Lrtth'ltkr luonihrtono 
••i' !' H •-'ii th<*d urn find pU m liter, 

1 1 1 - uietu hrnno of the crrcbn*- 

A-rtM*lt ncKlHirUM^* ar A-ntrti-nl'- 

titiu* InlUmiuiutlou of Ihu uracLuoid 

AriMrltk S&0 Anuvi ic. 
Aiv|i^.Ofn>.|<»]', itf Ar-fMNii'^lerw 

[Frwwi «|ittiA{^, *• thin/' *' liKhtt** u-ud ft^^f, 
A "tnc»!«fir«*/*] An ilii*rn»iopfif fur d*v* 
termini n 
into w^ 

to whic^j .. .^'... - : . 4, . .; 

them. This ioittrumi'Ut if njeo trmicd ft 
hjftlmm**ti*f* The nfl *jr procesn of 
inLMduriii^ (he ih^ti^ity or g^rnvity of 
lj([ilidA \* trrtnrd iirH't>i**ttr^y 

A*r»'ll-^ dMi-^Micii'«lik.* Au^tber 
nnmo for iho Pmnxje QuinifHt^oHum^ or 

Arnlln Uin^pU'dtk.^ or f^wArf Eldur. 
A pUnJ siMiif'timi'' iiMd in dro|i»y in iho 

furui of dro^K'tiiptl. 

Arii'llfiSii-<l1*r(*ii'll«,* orWlM Sar- 
sjipariHii. \n n !>(ituiil3Lul lonii' nud dia- 
phoretic. It i< iionietinie* u?ieil uj* a aub- 
Btituit! for the tnt« fOirioipaHIIiu It f* 
known aho hy the nitint*^ of AmuHciu:! 
Spikenard (Sni^tittt AmrrHa^u*] ftbd 
BtanM Spikenard, vie. 

Am 'I lit Um^-^f*mWm^^ or Amcrten.n 
iSpikctiurd, \» ituiilugous la it« medical 
propertte* t" (he preceding. 

Amllit«t*fr,* nrii-lr-a'i«hc-e. A natn- 
rnl itrdur uf plnnta of the Ant I {ft tri!>o. 

A-rJi-ll-«'er<»ti«t, [Armllai'f^iiPi,] 
llav tii^: tin itrrHncrintient u^ tu thti .Iro^'n, 

^ r •i*tM»l«<|ir,* [Frf»n» aro'wi-o, n 
'*] A ftttuily of the Araekntde9 

A*r»'ne-oct!«. f Antneo'iiaw: fn>m 
ttn/Hruitt, u *' fpidei'? wtd>,"J Of tho 
nuturn of spider*? woh. 

Ariknill (jfc'fim'nhe-i). Cor'p4V-rfi.* 

Hmall t«»hcrf*lc», one in each semilunar 
valve of th«f nnrta aiitl pnloaooanr arte- 
rie** ; called tkho C>trpnra »r»amen'<fea tmd 

Ar'iMir, orr*,* A 'Hrte'* A plant 

havin^f a -tniflc tntnk+ n.-^ing high, dura- 

hie. woody; and divided into hranchod 

which dn not perinh in winter. In 

I Chemistry it i» applied to miy cryst&Ui* 

I tat ion which ratnil)e4; liki^ a tree. 

I 'bar DI'A'nic.* A ** nWvtt trtt." 
[Frutn I^iti'un, the ^'niooii/* jind benoo^ 
like Itttitt, doootiDg " Rilver."] A be«ii> 
lifQl wboreijccnl prcoipitnto ©f •tUcr 
f>rottucc*l by throvrin;; mercury into ai 
ililutc fulutioD ai lunar c»ui»ti<s (uilnttu 

Ar'bor Ma'rln.* [From wfi'iv, grii* 
mnrU, the " nea "J TUe '* Irue of lite 
Heii." A name irlven ^' oi>oil, 

I'K^^ Ar'bor Plil-lo9i«H|>lio'riiiii«* 

Ar'hor Ti'im.^ [Wrom ttta, *'W9,"] 
Lkcrftlly, ibe " tree ofiife/' Ai^|»l»f>J lo 
the Ihifjk moAA of whito aubstjiiioo in 
eitber bomlifphGro of tbo ivrrMium^ 
This ma^ii, when cut parnllol to th« 
ini}«li;iLO lino, prt-^ent^ an nrbftrefpfnt or 
trfo-likc ftp|i€jiranoo, tsn; lin ia- 

Lerniixtnru **( tbi? \vhit> witil 

Iho yinenliitns. AIki* jip; :,. . ., .uu tree 

Ar-tK»'fH«H>iiJ!i. [ArlH>*reu»3 frc»m 
a/httrf a " lrett,"j Belonging tu » tdpu ; 

Ar-lM>-rM'c<^nt. [ArtHtrea'ceiM; 
from uri^»^rc*Vu^ to ** j(row Liku a Iree."] 
ilr^'Wing Hko • treo; roeembling n 

Ar*t»ii»>a«l9k>* [The rliminutive of 
n/f**i>\ u 'Hreo/*] A|J>|»U<ad to iJiiO <*raii- 
oAt« of eortttin An«Uiit<i: bd iir'bnicule 
_»r nf'buKlo. 

^ Ar'1»tt*ltts IT'irik rr'iil.^ Thvtrailliie 
jrbutuft, or bciif'H wbortleborrjr; n»w 

Arr. [%r>ii«; »vt? Ancii,] Any pArt 
of the csircumriTfijec of a circle. 

Ar'ril Ar-t^na'riim.* I.it4'runy, n 
"tibcut of fecn?tjt." Tb« iiUtb«iuk<:iil name 

of I lie I^ ' ' ' -'* HtiU*'. 

Ar-4.« Ar*4>^-ua'mna< tbt' 

plural • ' I, wliitth h'v. 

Ar»e» itutu*- [ From a/t>n, & " cheat*' 
iir ••ouffcr" in wbinb prociowa tilings 
w - .i 1 - ^1 j^ ;*evr©t. A iic*|i- 

f' the aniupujiitioti of 

u ' I 

ArrU. ^Ar'*'it»i.l Fjit^iriiUy, n *'b«Mr/* 
A bi^mlinv; in tbe form uf m. (hiiv. Any 
nrn, itr part of tlit^ mrrunif** fence *«f n 

Arelt, FcftiVr^l, [Ar'ciw Frw* i 

arn 11a.] TUt* nmme of a coiutbltiriftble ^ 
rvfob (orinpid ov<p.r tb" oono»vp brtrH^r of ^ 

Ifi ^ ' • '' ■ • '. ^ .' ■,-> by 

r ■ uh^T 

ui 1 , ' . ■ , ...I the I 

ururitl iirvii. 

Arrh or Use A-itr^l^ 

The curved 

pMte b^lwew tht MModiiif ntid d«s 
idiu|i( pfirtiuoc, 
Aff«lt«ift«epliiilaa,* Ark-^n'^nfi^ldji. 

fFr»*m <»f\'V. ■•ch»«!'f, ' din*! tynM^lk^tf^ tbi& 

■ " ! ► WJin, 


AirMrtkc-«»rfHt^« (Arpticroto'icfat 

frulu df>xitt«|. "^KlMMcMt^/* mid X(>j<K, n 

*'tii«coiir»u."J ' tri'AtiiNr 

on uui^tt'Qt tU;! M«. The 

wjlcDco f»r kiitii,* ; _ ;..,.i[ie3*. 

A*^«lie<^fp«. [ArrtM^t>piMs froth 
o^^, " ln?;riiining/* "ori||fin/* and t^mc^ 
a "iTpe/'J Tbo origmHJ type on irhi«li 
utbrni nrv forintnl. 

Arehll (f A ns in chibl). A violet red 
piM^te, pniparcil from ifef* Littben litHh 
cclltt, or UrMjJllp, nn^l other gprcie* of 
licbcn, iind Mi»cd in Uycing. 

Tbo piftfjl (Tik'biij Rocoeiln). reulnrrd 
lo » piitp Rnd treated vritb impUfO um- 
nionincitl licfuor, yiubl* a ricb purpt* 
ttnrtttrr, rnlb'tj ffftuu*, or ttimaolo, naed 
ill «■' -(. 

A I nr Ar><|lO|Nt4»'» 

Milk. , r, >. ...*' "»]11*- " I — >*» 

fif irrf.vit, V *' tailing/'] ) Mt. 

A di'»ci«nl of the n^cttttn. u«- 

Ar-eiiiv-NjiNK'lnx.* [Frnm 4ft\4i^ tb(!» 
♦•unufi/* uml <?'7M)'f. 11 "pipe," **flirtul»."j 
AnotlH^r icrtti (or jtMtnlit i» n»n, 

Ar't;I-i*orili, [Arclfbr'itiii; fmm 

rt/'VH*, it "bow" or "arch, "J Furmed 
Uki; II n iirvb. 

Ar'rifkiriii Fl1tert«* A term ftppH«9d 
by Mr, ^oily in a «i*t at fli»rr'* wbioh 
ptoec'fd frtnu the C'^rpii!^ pynimidiUe 
/ind paM otttwiirdi: bnnc^Mik tb^ corpus 
uliviire ti) ibu rutuVttrUntti. IJi" dtMliti^ 
guiisbf**? ihcni inti* fw' '-'— *• . ^^r* 

jiriul rft I hrthtr und • ' r§, 

«ir«-|a'f«iiM, to *'biud c.lo<ytfly/' in "ta«ke 
narrow*"] Conitipatlon of the iitto»^ 
tlDe« ; ubo, a preicrnainml contmi^tioQ 
of The vatrtUB. 

Arr 'tic** fx%rr'Mrt»; Or. AfitntiAi,^ 
**^b«|oii^iii)r to thiT ntDrtb." IVom '.Ifwfvi, 
the conntclliition flallo«J **Tb«« B«»aT/* 
situated near tb« North Pide,] North, - 

Are'lli* CIrVle. A ciiele frxtoudiiij^ 
2IU dfgn^e* hoiii the Ntirth l*ok. mark- 
insr tbnt portion of I bo nortbwrn hrmi* 
ppbirr within wbu^b tbf finti iit the in in* 
nn.'r ^"l^tire »l<>t«!« n^if !<o<. 

A r<* 1 1- II in tiMp'mi,'* Tbr brrb culled 
biirdnekt b<*b«np<;inj< to the Kinnii'iLn claioi 
S^mjcncaia and tu th«i uatfral order 



' ' "^^ ' Bi;cil,'< art 

Arr>U»-«i»t*^ j^'^*>*** [ Fr«»m Jipmrmf^ m 

Xb« I*' ' the siuiiD tta *iria Hrm%, 

iL*. "). 

^ (at I be Arl^MYut ura Hr*i, 

jkrHm-Mliii.* [From n/cmu lo "Iwnd 
liVp 14 *>*»w "j A|ipliod lo the coroiml 
n a rrufi 7< <■, tttiiJ (ti llio 
r (}/*!* mrntt'lm. 

rt'ii iiiij* ..: ku-a'slie-n, [Frum rtr'. 
vifM riuw, ti> '* buuiJ liki* ft bow/^] 
*»)^«fy. or enrvutiirr*, of iti" flursal 
• fltitfuum. i»r th« tiltlji. 
\ linw, itro. or ft roll. The 

1-. .., ;!«¥ |i4rt «»f a cin^lo, 

Ar'rit*! iKi^nl'll«^' A pociilihr nrohivt 
««r ain*uL»r, itpaquv Atipcttriuiot^ nn iho 
»jc« «*l 4»I<1 uico. round tho uiarj^in of 

%>^tle'MI»i* [From a/tkv, a 
• "I A famitj Uariiig tho J.n/r«i 

^llt ^i "- ' fFroiB a/thn; 

i>( ariifOt, iit •♦lie 
. . iiu »[}|>littd ti)4if' 
|l("^>Ht>tJio liqilori. 

~»r, oVit* [From «/i/#*j, to 
L**] Intense or tnorbidlj ioari'ii^cU 

i*o-tkrl'tla** Ferofiflli or 

Ir'flcir t^'rlnn*.*" A •c^nsAlimi io 
1^ <' if llio paii»tii^ 

A >«»•(**• An opon ?pnpOo. The m- 
[i%) capacity <^r uty gtv^n buufi<Ury 

r-ttil-nii^ll'i:^* An flpw]n<» 
b^i«ito t<J Uio lABcrtiun of th« 

thtr tiuulrti^ t>«ii pri^kiiiug «ri4i>^«i 

A^re'r^* The betpKnnt, tho fruit of 
the Are'f^f f\%t'ri:hn, XmVm^ux^ In tho 
ntttiiral oriU<r i*<tfmif^. It i» Ionic «nd 
iifllr»n<?cnl. iintl funttH <mo nf ihc pritipi* 
pal iiiprrtolivfiL^ of the lirttl^ »» vxCon- 

4 ju rhu EmI tm II ttiMtiofttorjr« 

I I.. 

i riM'tlon. [ArcOM'ite» ttW* ; 

fnitti rt'm», "in hn dry,'* mtd yrtViVj, to 

*'innko,"] A iiumIc* of (Irpiiit; inoilieiti&l 


Ai ■' n v. KM.. ^ I •'unWitti; from 
nr« nttp '*»«.oci.' J Ot iho oiituri! uf iftnd; 

Ar-e<-nA'rf^>tt«. [Arviii»'rli»: from 
*if/tvtt "siind/'J Uruwin>; lu :iantly 


Ar><Niile^<^l^'» And ArM^nlc'iK 

liw," [From ntt^nn, *' ?*iid/' and t^uiu, 
tti " tnh.'ihiil/'] luUiihilin^ ^Jiriily pij|jR4»a. 

Ar'f^nf»«e* [Arptio'na*: I'nuaa^'/jMi, 
•*pnttd. "J Full of smad^ iandy. 

A*re'<^H^* [ThcdiminutlTo ofn'rwi.] 
The lt»lu, or ^qibU roddiiih ur hmvrnlnh 
otroiitcir fpace, round tho nippt« of 
fomiilt^s AUo applied lo the oiroli^ mur- 
rtiimdio^ certain pii*talc«, tueli ju Ibo 
mmi'ine pustules. 

ArK'otH Pitft-ll-ln'rln.* fFram 
pftptYhi, a '*iii|fple."] Thu areoln rnund 
the f»ippl«». Sen Art rot. A. 

A*rr'<»*lir* (the pfunil of ufr'^uta) \§ 
WBcd hy ftnnlf>miffl« to doiioto lh(> in- 
ter»li(^tT4 hotwt:N)n tho fibro* of mi i»tiK,mn, 
or between v^avob tntcrlacing with e»oh 

A^re^^^lnr* [Arcoln'tibis from nrr*- 
tt/«t^ a "itniilK op(*n tfpaite."] Containing 
atf^tiltr^ or emftll fpueoii, -li^'*/*i/' /•••»« 
is the 0f)11ul»r ti#*iie of toino writers* 
niimcid from thv ititcr5(irc9 which it eon- 
tain «u 

A*re'«-l«kt-«d. [ArKiU'ltw.] Uay- 

AriH>mefter lUid AnMiiniary* See 

\r -Tfiml I«ittiip. A nAui«i Mpplieil 
with h'tllow or rircului tvirks, 
ont<»d by Arg'nnd nlnmt I7t*2, 
T1k> iiUiMiLii^n (»f th'^in \* tu furnish » 
more rapid supply of o-ir to tho daioei 
and to n" ' " ' " *' '<'niro aa 

wpII n* I mo. 

Ar'lt**-^ (From 

'Vy*v. •• whi«v, J A ak't*r of 

tha eye, desarih^'d I* ''""• 

*" "r- -^-''Tic.* in ,11 

'■■ oye/'— i'.:i the 

,< * of one »|" "lUg 

di>oi^ci» of the cyo*l A genua (d |d«ntt 




helofiglniz: to the [Hipfiy tri1j«, or Papa- 
rtttucrft. The J(i*»/'"w«/Mi! J/jf;j-tVa*»ii», nr 
TUurn P"pj>y» ct>nUina n juic« tfliivb, 
when <irit»U, re»«mble* gamb<»|if<», »Titl Uius 
1j4!«ii iiKod OJi II hydra^oij:uc oaUhnrtic^ 
The «ecdi* are ^onK'thiic^ coiployed as » 
euhMiiltitc for ipt^cuciuinhu. 
Ar'lren-t4li« of Am-uio'iil-^ Thv 

/%r^|t^ii'U ^I'tmn.* *'Nitra»B of 

' Bilvi<r," or hmur caufltio; otio ^r the muft 

itnfiortAni uid ooe of tbo mnst ex- 

tcnMVi'ly ufiL'd of all cau»tio ffuhftuncei. 

Ar-^^n>ltr>r-oiiJi, [Arfc«tttlf^> 
^rilNt from ntycu'btmf "ailvL^r," and 
/r'ttf, to "bear/*] Bearings cr eon- 
tntntnjE silver. Applied to minenil;^ orores> 

Ar'lpfxii-liiic [ArK«ntl'niiiii Frum 
nrtfcn'ttnu, "silver/"] lljiviij;^ the np- 
pcaniiiotii brigblnciid, or clear dotitid uf 

Ar'i^iiflnc Flaw>n» of An'll- 
tii«Kn5'» The i!(osi(U)o:ikto of Aiiiiiijuny, 
frrqnontly occumnjic in the form n{ 
BUmW, ^hinifii^ nccdioa of silverj white- 

Ar>|t<*n't«ni-* [FromtipY^, "whUcr/*] 
Silver; tht whitest i>r mctJiil». It ocour^ 
native, — that ti, in the mctiiilio statLs — 
and is uljju obtained froxji the i»n.>i uf 
tciid. It is cuiployed in Phanu&cjy 
ohir'fly or B0I0I7 in tho propanvtioa of 
Ihc nitrate. 

ArRV^n'tnm Fc^-llHt'tiim.* [From 
yu7M«i*<, a *■ Icttf/') 8ilvctr-lenr; ri!»t'd for 
covfrinif pilN find itthor piil»(HiJinoi'i». 

Arifi^nliittB Fii-^I-ti'%'Ulil,* Ar^ 
|C«*l»'tlllli .^i»b'l-l€'.'^ The Arfjtntum 
t'icKut, or quick -silver. 

Anrc^nfunt Nanlvmn, Boo Mosaic 

AriTpn'tum Ti'vnm** The metal 
Hifdtn/ifffntHi, or rourcury; quicksilvor. 

AiHtll'l^* [From M'k* "whitc/'J 
Afuntinn^ nr pure clay: ur'iril* 

Ar-<^IKlM'f<eoiiii. ' [AivlllH'rf'nvs 
from ftfffil'ia, **i!lttjr,"3 Of the nature 
of clny. 

Ar-ilrll-UfVr'iOiiiii. fArs:llllf>r«iii; 
from nftfil'{a. "chty/' and /r'n>, to 
*'hear/'l Containinjf clay aa an aoei- 
di^ul il in-jTuditnit. 

Ar Aria*l«l<l, fArir1llol'4<m; fVom 
r*fit'fn, "olay/* and u6»i, a "ftiriii/*] 
fteiemMint^ nrgil. 

*•"'"'■ rAr'iTftl* [Vr. Trtrtia hmtt 

[♦ '*r«Mr'* or "et^arje lartar/*] 

V , t*r i!ru I0 tartar; an ftcidti- 

\nui. i <.(H ri (o «ait» depoii^ito I by wine, and 

ttiOtl bv dyure na a inordiint. 


Ar-lrJN-'l-^' [Fr«nn^>^'pos, "ftilvw."] 
Diseas^e euuf*ed by the Use, or abu»t», df 
tiaU« of **il%'er. 

Arliyfbtnonii* a-rith'mila. TA* 
rlijrUi'iiiaa; from m, priv,. tind ti*>t^^t 
*M»nnjber/'J Without rbylhui or rugu* 
hinty of the f)ul:*e, 

Ar-l-9l'fi^.* An alkaloid found in 
ciachon;i bark, iiud vrry Hnalot;(»u» in 
iii propcrtii':* to eioLhouia Hful f^uinia. 
These three alkaloids may bo viewe<l ua 
oxides of tho jiame oomptmnd radicle. 

A^'il.» or A^rll'liua.^ [Troin a*fr*t, to 
"be dried op.*'] A botatiieal term, sig- 
nifying a peculiar exterior coat of liome 
seeds; thus the mace ii the aril of the 

Ar'il-lAte or Ar*ll-16|.<^l. [Aril* 
lA'CfiH.] [laving imU; formed like an 

ArlllrtPi. See Ahil, 

A-rlw't^^ t^'rom a'rrtt, to ** be dry. 
A ti^rui in Botany, denoting the 
of the husk of gnumcfl: the nvrn. 

A*r la 'tJtt^. [Arlmtnlniii frnm 

arin'tn.] Having an ann or long rigid 
rapine: awnoil; boarded. 

A-rl«i-t«*lo'<'ti1-9.* or A*rl«*ta*l<^ 
chl'^'^ |Fr»ru om**^-. the "bo-t/* and 
fatxuii, or XiYifi, '^childbirth:" al*o, ♦♦ Ln- 
c«i\'* {which ffcc); hocauso it pr^tmotei 
rocoFcry alYer ohiVdbirlb.J Birth wort. 
A Liiinnean genu» of the elnfls OgHnmiria^ 
natural order At'iitU^fochiitfir0L 

ArlMtoto'elila ner>|»en-tii'vl-^^ 

The Srrpfntfi'rifi Vityittiit'utt, or Vir|ri- 
nia Snake 'Root; ito njuued bec»ii>t«i «iip^ 
po^ed to bo an antidote to the poif^ou of 
serpents. It i^ a f^timulanl and t<^inle. 
and \» ^livon in cAi>e» of debility, and 
eapeeittUy in iiitertnittentn. 

A-rf!!»*Co«lo''4*tilMr,* (he plural »f 
Ari«tal€»cliln. The ,J(i«>^iiMian name 
of a nadiml order of ptant#. See Akiii- 
TOLoriiiArr r,. 

Arl«it4»l4N*hln^('ir.* a-rie-to-1o-ke- 
a'shec. or 4-rij*-U>-lo'chl-ir.* A 
natural order of pUntii resembling tho 
Atiiitutochitt, They arc tonie and stimu- 

Arm* [1lrA>lilfiin.l The nppor ex- 
trotnity from tht* Nhouldcr to the writt, 
dividcni by iho ejiiow j^dnt into the ana 
proper and tlie fore arm. 

Ar-iiin'rI-itni.* f From «***«#«, "arm*" 
or '' imidfMocntji/*] A »tore of medioiliei^ 
in^trttmtMUH, .tc. 

.4 r-nic' Ill-nil Ik>l«w [Bo'los Ar^ 
m4*'nli«.} •\ pale, r<'d-oolored enKh, 
aaod ail n rcmody ti'^ainflt a^k^hm s aI«o 
in tooth-powdorsi Qto. 




■II*lf**ptiiral Aj^-mtllir. fPfom 

'7.^, M '• |>fn***']rL"J Th« tmme of 

iijvnli ettfilhilu^; the 

U .- >^. ,.%j'ntliln'rl9i£ from 

AUd A lorui AppliotI to (tiaiilA UiivUtg 
tcAVof like KfiK^ieri. 

l,BAntA AliMOUACI4. 

Ar'mitM.* [Fruia ii^, a ''joint"] 

I «iho(ililt«r ur artti. 

^•i&l dl«4^* A ilL^«A«e foriuorty 

in ill Kut^1»n<l, ftuti nit^ndaii witli 

cm, ur tiiiltinei"!. 

Ar'nlHfi^* [ From h(, <^w4f» a •' IaihK ;" 

from thri HDfLuir.^fl of Uji luaf.] A Liu* 

A«riiJ )i!cnu« of the tit»K:< Sjfn*fet*i$in^ 

DAtnritl order Cnmpnrifw. AI^t, tbr Phftf^ 

bttii" ''•"- *.. 

Lhu iLtilive priuoiple of XmiVti 

»rafvoit«. FAn>rdetii*; from 
,"VVi*kn niMih 'iin'l»t«V»>.a"fMno.'"] 

ippr«»'ntt^** ifnn. A-r«»'trta*llit« plurtti 

^'■n^t^. :"l'--i •■ '■■ --^ .'--. in- 
tefipivo, »n I *' kot 

[lCi|»lo of I ; <io* 

' 1 from tlii ui, 

Kiiinl'Ic. [Art»t»i«<'lcaiit froiq 

riNirt ] Odoriferi'us; having an uk*^^- 

at)l«k »inal1, aj spicoi and «uob puti- 


.4i-iniit'lHMiM r«r'tf»x.* ("Aro- 
borU/) The btii'k uf C'«**/(ii rt/6«, 

ul«\Ei«i«INFr.^j5 iU'ik'- 

jfc'j ^i yfita I'li/iiera'rirt. A lot inn 

po«fl of Hnc^&r, salpburlc »md, 

^ K »t»fl viiHmik ar^ifidt^c;; 

liinj tu troiiiith itiAiGUsiil 

IJ r iiK. 

Pk. of Ar-rHfc', writii^n aUo 
i*k. An iniovitifl^rinj? bcrcrii'^'o 
tft India hy di-itiUtitft ferin«ut<«d 
juio9 of Tanoim kuiilfi. hat e^pcemlly 

from ^H^(y, thA«w<«4tt nftpofrtiu pnlmare^^ 
Ar'nji-«[t**v*it<*« A efrvciot 'if carbon - 

Arfvcl«>rii» Pllorum* 8oe> I'lLORm 

Ajn-mMt'ed. A l«rm uttt^d id obeUlricJi 
wb«n lb<i bvad of fhv iliild is hindcrrd, 
6wi fn»f iMpntUit, tti tbti |iih it? envity. — 
a dijfttiietbin *>f tbu |rTioiU\«f iuiportaticn*. 

Ar'mm*KnoU 1 he UouU or tturfb 
frulii tbu rool iif the Jll'tr*tRta arttntUuni' 
r#i and Jf, /»(/ir'<», named from it* 
9iip[HOied elBvacj in poiP'oncd wouimU 
(wuiitid« from |Kd^«*nod i*jt<»wb). Ar- 
row ntot IN aifo oblniricd f r* a» fh« root 
of thc^dfwfrt mmtt^utitm itid ttther pb*nt«. 

Arruw4ilmp«d. ^ee ^ ag itta rr. and 


Ar-iM'^'nl*«te. f Ame'nlHii, tt'tit ; 
from t]»iirrt«'iVur» ac'iilutn.] A tH>mliJiia> 
ti<>n f.>f nrjcniouf acid wi(h nny bai)<^ 
Ar'aetflr* [AinK'ti'lcutu: from 
* iiiosciiliTie/' "vigorous*:" in nllu- 
> ill* ftn n^' niid acrimri'Diouf^ pro- 
, v.,,.,-\] A mttal plentifully met with 
lit nature, grcnurally m union with ital- 
j fiiir, or with otiier metate. or with o\j- 
' »<5, Thouph arfcnie id \U moUllio 
lA not dan^erouf, it u rcjidilj eon- 
^■ ini*> » poi^tinonn oxide, nod all 
of its ioUiblc o< ni pott nil. <• arr more ur 
]i^9 pcdfionouf. Ar^ornr i^ nt^o the com- 
mon name for m iJ. sonntimes 
Cftlk'd white osi >■, tft^uirttm 

^^ rn ("white n.-, ,Mv . i " ' • "id 
liiiluc-!'. Thi:* !!* thl* II li 

m wliieh nri»onic ii« ti i mi- 

ttuucu. Tbu only kn^wn tiuuUuiv fur 
thU poiBot) i« the bydrnted fiet«|iiioxide 

bitiip y 

pro|KM ,. ; . , . ■ -v 

a truti^fiif tfl M p4»ui«'i< ul iLi) vxjbgen 
from tbL> iron to the actdl an inKoliii»?o 
fyH,[ i« -, ^- ■ - '■- ,--* -■■' ---r ,..:-^-. ,:*' 'ho 

pr«>ti' lo 

iniiy ^^ ; i'O 

preeedi-d I '1 (tuiiticc^f <jr I ho 

«t"miich-ri i^nsosa. 

Af- :' Tfti.] Be» 

Ion- id. 

At- 1 . Akskk- 


Avwenlralisi IJ<|oer. See Liquor 
AkajieJfi' AtiB. 

Ar*9i^nl>cl Al'bum Ox'l^-nm 
V«*oil'i«»-* (The *'whilo oxide of iir- 
Jtt*i»ie of coronieree,**) The PhfiTDMieo- 
pa»iftl iiftin** f D«K Ph.) nf arwnioa* acid, 
or MiMimo*l i*itidi? of urfonic. 

Ar^MMi'l-eam Albitm.* {*'Wh\io 



en id ") Tl3e Phftrmacopa^iAl name 
Bfl« \'i\,) of ar«euiou« ncidf or fctqui- 
oxide iif iir«eiiie. 

Ar<««*'ttl'4»n« Aig'id* The Atuinm 
arnminmttt {V. S« Aud Britlili Pti.)* Ar- 
wtHirHM lUltHm (EiL Ph. )> t>r Be»r|tijuxide 
of 9ir»ui)»e, Artmiri nlOfim ttx^dam rettttU 
<l>ub. fli-u .SvtJ AitsKivir. 

A.r'iie-iiil«w [Ar'iieiilM, l'^**.] A cohJ' 

Armenia ret, aT'aea'ja-reU [Ar- 
•eiiliftre'tDni.j A i^ombiniitioii of ar- 
aetiic with & tiivtjiltic or oilier bMe. 

Ar^tten'o-vfn'lc A^'kL Ana4;idpra- 
ducol ti v tht> action of iirji«nio on alcohol. 

Ar-tJiu'tli« £-loii-|cin'ti|** A Dame 
of the }fntir** (»laat> t»ee Matico. 

Artemivta,* ar-tis-mishVa. [Gr. 
'A^T^dfTid. |>erbapi bccaate ^aored to Dt* 
onu, iu <}rcek 'Aprtfttf.] A Linnasan gentui 
of the natnraJ order t''imp**miut. 

Art«flBls'lit A-brot'^-nima,* or 
Soutbvruirood, foriDorl; ased b» a toaic 
and anthulmtntic. 

Artemlfi'lji Al>-«lii'tlit'-fiiii«^ Coni' 
itiiin Witrmwuitd. also called .(/'«MiMmMi 
CitmmHHe and JA»n#//i/iiffl rttdfftrt^ 

Ari«fiiJs'lAriii-ii4*n'Ml<».^ The Chi- 
me wumiwood, or mw^'wort of Chitio, 
r Arl4^iiite'ift ^m-runc'ii-liu.* Tar- 
on : a ptatit which i^ u^scd to itupart 
ipcL'iilIar i«tiriiuhitin<r Havnr to Tincd^ar. 

Ari«*iiilM'ln lii'fll*c*A.'*^ Indian wono- 
Wood, II ^-ed s-irnilrirly ta (hiint\%mf9^ 

Art4*iiilH'ln Jo-<Ia1-c^* The aame 
a« Aht£«i,hia Bavto^ha. 

Art4*nil«»'la I^nf-Kfo'II'-^.'* ThoBiUDC 
aj* AuTfMisiA CmNtv^'iis. 

Arl«iiilii»'ln f4aii-t4ias'l-ef«* Tar- 
tarian »ou them wood, wormwood, or 
Wunii'it^ed plant 

Arp|«iii'l-«in< [Art^fialitl'iaik] ThA 

bitter [trinojplo ot Artrutin <i afnnnthtmu, 

Art^rp. Au'taiR', the Frunuh terra fur 
AKtKKVt which »e«. 

Arfp^rlit, S»?« AuTitfir. 

Ar«t«'rl«M AM'|M*r'Hjk,^ Tbo ^* rough 
arli'r> ;" (he tniohi-a <ir win'lpipe; Mn 
cjallcd iMMiftiiKc of tho inc<|ualititt« or 
ruU;;;lmr.Hi- iif it* surface. 

Ar<#»'rl« lti*tff*tn-l-nn'ln,* The**ttii- 
nn *ir:inch sfivcn *»ir 

\f : 'mt«» th*^ right 

c.i. .. ..:... »rt«riiu. 

Ar«4» ria Hiuc'ii^" (The ''icn^al ar- 
twy/'J Tbo jKirtm 

Ar^tr'rl-iMr. m Ar-t4<^ri'qMp!iil, [A^* 

t*H '«U»lt«»* I IN'rtninJh^' tn tho Jr/^-rt*? 
cf«^M*r(t« or wiij'l|ii|i4i« Atipliiid to nivdi- 
einc* for di>inrdorB of the voiw or diseatiof 
of the wiudpiite, 

Af^t«'H-«r«« jfen, Ar-t«-H^'inKiit, 

the plural ut Arterial, «n irtery. 

Aurterlir VettiiMr.* ar^le'rv e ir«- 
tirj'f<i>, rbu plural uf Arle'rlai W^m^'mm^ 

LitortUlj. '*f-«.'tit>uj arterio«/' — a nmne 
Bomctimet jB:iv«a to the four pultnonanr 
vcnn.% beenuMothcrjrcimtiiifi arterial blood. 

Ar-fe rl^iO. {Art4*rln'll»; lr«*ni nr- 
f«V»«, an '*artcrjr/*J Beluogiag; to an 

A^t«rlftl Dact. Sec Di ctua Arte- 


Ar-te>rl-os^'rfk-|»lij^. [Aptcrl»* 

iTi^'piiin; from nrWrittf en "arterjf," 
and yfiw^, to ** write."] A defioiiplion 
of tbe arteries. 

At^i<^rt-ot'4Htf. [Arf^srkOo'Kto; 

from (tfU'rift, ttij *• artery/* und A*y«(f, a 
'*di»cour»e/'] A treatise on the arteriea ; 
the science of the urtprieB, 

Ar-KsrI-o '»■■».« [From mrtt'rivi «■ 
** artery/'] Iluviti^ natoeroua aiterlea; of 
tht! naturo of an artety* 

ArAerloMua, Ovctm, See Drcrvs 


Ar-le-rI*ot'€»-in#. f Arterlola'tnl*; 

fri»m (iffTftfiin, nn " »rt«ry." und rtfm^^ to 
*Vul/'] The cutting into, dt% idiug^ ur 
upcninj^ an artery. 

Ar-ie-rl'tte.^ [From ttrtt'ria,mn "ar- 
tery/*] Inflamniiition of an nrterj, 

Ar'ler-jf- [Arl^'riik, phi ml Arl#V 
riae; from #i»T/». "eir f>r ^piHl/* and 
mt>a>>t to '*kPCp" or '"pn^trr^i*/' th« arte- 
ries harini; been tuppftiMMl by the ao- 
<»t#nt«« tn <H>ntnm air.) One of the vea. 
I i«eu«veyed (mm 
various organ* and 

Arftealan, iir-tf>'ihfn. [Frwin Arftn\ 
Lftt. A f ****»*», a province of Frano<i. in 
whit^h th^^y Wi»ro firs^t fortnod.] A tarw 
Hp[»lic?d til I'crtuit) Mv\\» **r fotiPtaliit 
proddcod by bo ring through varum » 
litrtitA dfK^p enough to reiich a ptihter- 
ranis'nu body of water, the »ourcc* of 
which are higher tbiin the tiiuutb of the 

Ar ' ttini*«rr^« [Prom ofAf^, a "j o( n t/* 
and ''iypa, a ** Fci^ure."] Batne aa An^ 
TWRtTiR or (jout 

Ar-tltrAI'^lN^* [Fri>m M^'i ft 
*'jf»inl/' nnd iV)-!*?, "pftin/*) Ch route 
pain of a joint; ^ont or rhonnrntinm* 

Ar-tllHtlr. [Artlirll'lrttn.| Be- 
Um^ftni: U* Arthrifh^ ur to (jout. 

Ar-thrl'Ifm i./,V» (Frtmi ip&fmp, a 
♦*jnint/'j liiteraUy, "inflaitiDintlon of a 
jrtint:" ^oTit. 8ec Pnrnaiu, 

Artli r i I L«i PI a-n «»l ' I -c<9.« A r til rr • 
Urn itli<>a*inHt'i-r^« AKIirt'ClB 



!■• Otbf>T fiflmet for trnnderiog or 
|lio gt>nL Srr l'aI»AiJtlA. 

[From Sf/6f>tir^ n 

li».*uAC."J An uk't«r- 

lit .Mc* nf the cnvily «f 

Aiau UBtiU «« »yuou>uiuut with 

^-tlkro'ffl*^* [Pri»iu Af^ffny. ii | 
nt."l All uitiuuUtioD iiilinittini; «4 
bon on 111) fiiilud; a radut)/ ut Vinr- 

oibL," «fiit IriiM, " imiri."l Piiiii ID ft 

^^b; from 'VV«^ a ** joint/' «tifl ypa- 
^^Pto *'iirrile."J A tletfcrtjUtuu of iUu 

Ar*iUn»%'0'tf' [Artl»n»lo't?lft: 

^^Mo/'J A inaatisa on the joUiU; tho 

^^■Ico c»f jt>inU. 

^Hr"llii>»n'«tt«.* [From ^^pfi^t^. m 

Hp*'] A flistmrt cftmUgrinntif hrifiy 
fiihe of luoru) wUtitb fiuittotiuivs fanni* 

1 In ' iiiiii of a joint 

^tli r rju* [From tt^fof^ a 

itit.' ^.. - ,, *u "•iflTootion.'J An 

|>tji>n Ml tlic jihuuMor joial^ with viu- 
pain and twoHiiig of tho bracbiul 

tin ti . 
'*«tir<Hpttlo»ir4»'«la.« [Proin«^f»^»«', 
uitiL" HttU t^i'bbi^ U> '*tnilaiti«i."j 

ftminjiUon of a jainU See AaTiiiti- 

■^Hiro-jMi-o'alat* [Prom itfJii^ir, a 

int. " mill Tvj'. " |uis.'*l Pii* in n jf»'tnt, 

^tliru'al^^* [From V^oft a 

||>I'"J (Icjicriti name f'lr anion I fir 

amaUoo, aooi>ri1iu>^ t<» t)r. 0<m>i1. 

••Uiro'Mla.* [ Fritm if^ljAit, to ♦♦fn#itf*n 

viiiij,"] ArUeulattuii^ iir cotmtKsiiun 


rtleli«»k4\ 84i«CiniAiiA Srocrvrst 

4lrHi*l»'rl«k* [From iti tiv' H(*i4, 

oint/*] Hr<]jilni|f to jfiinls; articular^ 

klird V* tirlvriu^. muBclcd* ctc.t cua- 

f Ub lite jnmtjk 

■li% rbi '^c'nii.* Tbi» and rbi> 

wnvif* buve bocti appliml to a 

Bu^ciititr niirt-'a frc(|iteMt)y 

IrtWrr I** ft r»f tflC cru- 

ebi:il ti> ibc capsubj of the 


•lA'rln If or bus.* The lamc 
iiru, or K'^ut' 

Betj ARTirTKATm. 
^u*l&'tliMi. [jU-tii*nl4i'IJ«K 
1/ frtMu arfic'iihuf^ a "JQtnt,'* a*'- 

Hr^nttt^ itrtfrnfft'tNtn, to "jolot." lO 
"nink<> a joint/'J Tho fasli'mtij^ to- 
gether of (he various^ hutirj u| tbo 
D^kclktoti in their ntttnraf fjltniiM'ftit a 
jiiint. Xlm thu dijitiacl ultisraiictg of 
(fiylliiblofl nr W(*rdA. 

Thu artitiuhitiona of the bimoi of the 

\hh\\ life rl ' ' : ' -' Ml- 

imtviililc ill ii 

itiuViihlu ui I ■"? 

Ar-tlr*u*lit'tiuu* [Fmm lh« fatti«.] 

V- ' .-. ' ■ — , ! r'-v '-, ' ', ",.d 

•ioui, UI ti'hiui4 iirLiciiJMtcnl rin^A micircte 
the httdy, and fivijucntly the limh**, 

.%r>(ir'ii*ll, K*Mi. Ar»4lr«a*l4»'rtiiii* 
jditral I Arllr iiiu)i»* 

Ar>tlc'ii-lii«t«^ [The i1iuiiriutiv« of 
nr'riff, a^'joinL"] A jctni. otnrtirnliatioo; 
a member, or limb. Ati|»Ue<l in Botany 
to that pwrt of (he «tutk bet ween tw« 
knolls nr joints: also, a knot or joint, 

At^tt-ri^lAl A'liaii. An (*\H'Q\ng 
matie in the |mrictefi of the ahdoinvn, 
through which the feces are di#chiir^'(*tl 
ibtrinft Hfet iiUiMiiinptniini; niiHle in the 
natural situttlion iii t:a:^v»< of utipfiftorato 

Ariili'rInI E>«. A hotUiw bci* 
a|»h4?r». uiJUiiUy inaile of cnntn'*!, nr* w^ to 

Arlia>lalJ«»liil. A fr I 

by tho broken vmU of the i a- 

ing rountled and smooth atitl ot«iinuctcd 
by a tlhroits, ligamentoits «»ubstatioe; a 
falae joint. 

Arllirclihl Pii'|»ll. The reitilt of an 
nperaliun ftir overttntniii^ the eifeel uf 
ntlhcjjoua or iiortoanent cuntmelioii of 
the iria. 

Ar«*l€»-enr'|iita,* [ Prttm^friKt "breml/" 
and *q^*rAv, ♦'irnit-'*] A ji^'n**'^ "f pl»nl4 
^rimiuj; In ^Sonthuni liitlia and Polyae- 
ifia. The Artftmr'pina iftrri*0n is the 
breatUfruit proper; the Artornr'pHti in- 
tinfft/f/fim \\n» a *'cry ri»at*ee fruit, called 
Jack-fruit, ctimmon lu the South of 
Imihi. See BniCAtiFntJiT. 

A ru iMlififMreisa,*^ n ^rfin-ileoa'fiho-il^. 
[ Fn»ui *if M(/rA^ a '• reed/'J Bebinging to 
a rw?d; rPifeunblinff a reed. Applied in 
the fetninine plnrsil ( ArttiHiimtcrff, a-rtlu- 
de-na'yh(^-P) to n trihn of pUntf h-ivini; 
the Artnttfiy fitr U*ly\^-^: nrundinn'evoua, 

ftdluwiti^ artioh!*.] Ui'loti^iiii;; to thu 
arytenottj eartihij^ei. The ffn/tfni,off,rt,* 
nutbftltt h a uiui*tde eAlnntlini; from one 
of Iho arytenoid eaititai^es to tho <4h(ir. 



A-rj^t'e-nold. [Aryt»nol'd«A; 

from df/VTati^a, a "pitcher," i\ud ttcoff a 
"form."] Kcvembliug the m<mth of a 

Arj^t'enoifl C'ar'tV-la^-eM. [C^nrtl- 
laK'lHt*H Aryta'iioi'deH.] Two curti- 
luginouH bullied of the lurynx, which, in 
their natural fitu&tiun, reticmhle the 
mouth of a pitcher. 

Afli^irne> or-flc'I-na'lla.« The 
name (Lond. Ph. 1851) <»f the plant from 
which Verntrin is obtained. 

A-Mtpta'^tAm.^ [From dvapfK, "ob- 
scure," " uncertain ;" named- in allusion 
to their deceptive appearance.] A term 
applied to the collections in the sebace- 
ous follicles of the skin, which, when 
pressed out, appear like little worms. 

A-Ma'phl-a.^ [Gr. daaifific from a, 
priv., and aatpin, "clear," "plain."] De- 
fective utterance; a want of clearness of 
articulation or of Hpecch. 

A-fiar-4^l»ac'C9.^ The Alarum Eu- 

Anarl Folia. See Asakuk Euro- 

Anarin. See A sari Folia. 

AN'^ruin faii-^k-den'^e.^ Canada 
snuke-root, or Wild Ginger. The root 
is sometimes u.^ed as a substitute for 

AH'nrtiin Eu-ro-pie'ain.* The plant 
Annrobnrvn. Tho leaves (An'nri fo'liu) 
abound in a bitter principle called Aa'aiiu, 
and are uned as an orrhine. 

Aw-b^H'tOM.* [From n, priv., and 
c'»'f*'>'o/ii, to "e.xtin;;cui«h."j Literally, 
"inextinguishable," "that which cnnnot 
be extinguii>hed or dentroyod." A mine- 
ral ^'ubstancc of a fibrous structure from 
which an incombustible linen is made. 
The ancients are said to have made use 
of iloth of aslKJstos to wrap the bodies 
of their dead before i)lacing them on the 
funeral pile. 

AncarldeH. 8io Ahcaris. 

Att'c^riN,* plural AM-cAr'I-deA. 
[Supposed to bo ilerived from aoKaftista^ 
ti» " letip." to " kick."] A genus of worms 
found ill tho human intestines. 

AM'carlii Ijambrl-co-I'dM.* [From 
lutitbri'mM, an ** earth-worm."] One of the 
mo^t common of intestinal worms, re- 
soHiblin^ the earth-worm. 

AM'oariN Vor-niio-u-la'rin.* The 
thread- worm, now called Oxviiuis. 

Ai»^4*ud'inK Ax In. Apiiliod to tho 
stem of plants, or that part which grows 
in an oppo-^ite direction from the root 
(which is the (ieHrcndimj axis). See Axis. 
I'muk* [From tptcen'do, a«- 

cen'num^ to "climb," to "ascend."] Lite- 
rally, an " ascending," or " ascent." Ap- 
plied in Chemistry to the procen of 
sublimation, formerly termed DftUlatio 
prr nnce.vntim, 

ANcen'Man Mor'bi.* The "ascent 
or increai^e of a disease." 

ANCia,* ash'e-^. [The Latin term for 
an •* axe" or " hatchet."] A bandage, to 
called from its shape, and de^cribmi by 

AMcian. See Ascn. 

AH^id'I-iltow [AMCidla'eass frcm 
ancid'ium.^ Shaped like a small bottle 
or pitcher. 

Aii-^id-l-ror'niiii.* [From the name.] 
Formed like a small bottle or pitcher: 

AH^id'l-iiiu.^ [Frcm aaW^iw( dimin- 
utive of doK^i), a "small leathern bag or 
bottle."] A hcdlow leaf resembling a 
small bottle or pitcher, as in the Sepentke 

Aa-^ilr'^r-nfl.* [From doKdf, a "bag," 
and ye' to, to "bear."] Bearing or con- 
taining utricles. 

Aiicii,* osh'c-i, the plural of iwfii, 
ash'e-iis. [From a, priv., and ««'«, a 
"sha<le" or "shadow."] Literally, ''with- 
out shadow." A term applied to the 
people of the Torrid Zone, who hare 
twice in the year the sun perpendicular 
i:bovc their heads, and are without 

Aft-^i'tM.* [Gr. ArWrnr; fVom livc^r, a 
" suck of leather," " something swollen or 
l>uffed uj)."] Ily'ilrojtH utn'rnla'nuBf or 
dropsy of the 1 elly. A genua of the 
natural order lutnnienrentiiry class Cnr- 
vhexitty of Cullcn's Nosology. See Hr- 

AH-^it'ie. [Aarificna.] Having or 
pertaining to Ant iten, 

AnelepiMlac^ar,* aa-kle'pe-f-da'- 
she-o. A natural onler of plants re- 
sembling the Anvfrpiiin. The milky juice 
formed in plants of this onler cftntaini 
caoutchouc. It is emetic, and is some- 
times a dangerous poison. 

AM-cle'pI-ajt, adia.* [From 'AmcXim^, 
the Greek name of Aisoulapius, tho god 
of medicine?] Tho n;ime of a genua 
of plants belonging to the Linnican clan 
Pi'nton(iriny natural order AncUpiuda' 

ANolc'pinM Iii-«ar-na'^u* The 6esh- 
colored A»r/<fiiffH, a plant whoso medical 
]M'o]iertios appear to be similar to thoat 
of the AscLKiMAs Tf'DKRosA, which see. 

Aucle'piaa Hj^i^ffiPC^* The silk- 
weod; called also milk-weecL Of thii 



b<t hwk "f tho root ii jariTen \n 
^f-T Hji«LLiiiii& ihkI uiUer puiiiiumiry 

:«* Tii-btvro'n^* 6wal- 

mi fiUiJt, iht rtiul uf which t4 
Mil r'lpi^ytt'nirtf i+n'i <iiliu[»hMrutic 

I i<IIW It 13 pvco 

t: I ur inliisiuii. 

i«<n. III "|iuinprv." I piiiWstancea fni« from 

V, t . r .- . r. [Frcna«,priv., 

» 'rti» tu "heiu-."] 

^V.. ■ . .. ♦^ eriJUii. Appticd 

in the iifiitef plural {Atteti</ern) to a 
fiinillj of A'iif-tttntu attmui'hhittu 

A^i«x'ti^Kl. [AiieiKnaltM; from <i, 
prir., Aorl »r^'i«», **»ex" or "K<'n<lor."] 
A ht»i«iiie)il t(?riu aiifilifMl tu pt&uU httv- 

Afili. Th«* cotujunn tioinc of HevoriU 
tree? uw\ iiU(\x\t*. The trua Mb iiie)ad«.*H 
»U#< vftfiouM rtpi'cirttiif Ihip Linna^nn gcnn« 
Frtix*iHHii. Ihtter Atih \$ tUtt |iOpuhir 
QtvtDr f If A npiviio* of Quii«4ift growLng 
ill the Wovtt Itiilm UIiiiuls. 

A.«li*C'o1or. .S<*f t'lVKiiKrs. 

Aiili>*. [Ci'uK €ln'«>ri«.] TKo 
retidii&l *»ib-*tiinoi.' oftor hiirninit uuy 
Ihtnj;: more iistiit.ll,v, iho rc»<jilunni of (Uo 
eonitiusltun i»f ict^ctMhlcs. rMfiLiiiiin*^ 
tkUtra und a\kttUtw ttidU. The c<t Damon 

bie t**t thu vt3];^vLii)»1o ulkitli potAih. or 

'9t ft m*fl, 

A^niUi fn'jihv itt'tk) B^'ftani, [A- 
»l4i4 leiim BuI'Mciiuittti.] 'l'h(> Tl,Ur8A- 
MMi i^tbic ior'cii:, which «4K^, 

Aikltlll.* aci'lr-i^ [From a, priv., 

irrppt, "hxi^l/'J Ahinfinooeu from 

alau, hiMfi uf appettio. See A^fo- 

[^A«-t*Ar'»-fcl^* ihn plurul of AtttMfer- 

«^ riruiifi^ tho Ji)«»>ir>unii niiino of 
Ur of phinti) now tiioluded 


N-i i'- .'■'if'in. [AMpitniiicl'na.] A 
ptiutiliAr ^i*;;t)tiibIo priuciplo ubUiinod 
frotn iht* Aitftfii>ttf*t9. 

l-i. f'duitnnu A 

ji .1 I 111^ tii thi' t'lji«!i 

iie^nnfi>tn,t\»tnrH\ order /**f'M'r<r. Th« 

root an*! yittin^r #huott iiru diuretic, and 

arc MAO I lo lOEmt a scdiitivo iiif]u«nco on 

thn h"itrt- 

\%-pA«>'iikt^ I AniMi^'iiMk n'r^.] A 

>'vn\ t'f «»pnrlic! nvr\ with u hasi". 

I ^ i .« rn AFtc>r lA« Sec A iitk ni a A s - 

AA-^ef^ril-rtu-nu iA»i>«rirUll* 

[ mr^mffis from a*jnTffti*tuw, u. '^hmstji'T 

JJrofh'hkc; diTid«*i1 iritij uiinnlti raiuill- 
cati-Mi't. us ihv v(i;^inu» of gnif(i««M, c«r» 
tniu hair« nf the outiMc* He. 

Am |M*r*l>r4» ll-ui^* [Fmm nn^prr, 
•• rortph," nioi/r/i'/M^/i, iv ** k'uf.**) Kougli> 
Jrjivcd: ii«p<.'rin*'iiuui<. Apjlitd by Lio- 
niiMifl, in K\\v plural friuintuo {Atprnffi*- 
iiir) tu nu «frd<?r of pliinM now «»Uk'd 

A«-|»rr'ma*t4*iiM. [Aji|#ei"tnntiimi 
or A»|M*r'iniiH: fioni «, priv., and amp. 
^it, '*MQf\/'] Without *iicd. 

A*-|M*r'iiil«iit. [AflklKT'iUo; fniTii nn- 
ptr^'/iu vfftr'tumt to •*»prinkle."J Tho 
irprinklio^ of the \H>dj with % inoilicijiAl 
liijOtd ur powdcr« 

AM-|»liJll'fiuu.^ [From 4, priv,, i^nd 
ir^iAXh^ to "i>lip/' tu •Mail." buc<»Ui>o 
wh«n tixt^d DA a cement it prrvcutf«d the 
itoiic« fruui slipping; or i^iviujt^ way.] 
Xativp birumeu: a solid* brittk' bitumci!* 
found print^ipoUy on ihc «)horcs ititd on 
tho (tartace of tho l>Ott*l Sen. which wim 
tuuiifd Aivphiiltttifi from tht^ MtbHlimee. 
A brown eolnriQii; muttor u fomiud fjrotn 
it. which, whtMi divaolvfd in oil «f tur- 
pontino, if $euii'truDspareni,iuid i» a«ed 
nfl a IT I arc. 

Aji|>lio«li^leflP** a«-fo-do'UT-<!, A imb> 
divi>-fiio td (hi> nniiiral i»rdor Lititufir, 

A»*pliuirt^ll.* the pbir^il of A». 
fihmi*elttMt forming the JoHsieunn nniiio 
of a oiitural onler thu *amo »» Ami'IIuoe- 

LK r, which "rr. 

Ai»-phyK'I-<n.* [From «, priv«, And 
<t^p»l*i. rhi" **)'ul*c-'*J Litoratiy. thu'*»iat« 
of bt-iap without pulnot" iMphyx'y. «Suiir 
peudod imiuiAlion .* that tiluto to which 
there in total m- ' "^ ■•« 

uf hiniy and n I'V 

intcrnivdcd rt>| . .. i^g 

or drownin^r. 

Aii|»liyx'lii Al'irl-d^* [From iiryiN»» 
tw "b« (told.'"j Ai^phyxy frrno Inlcnificrotd. 

AHpttjiL'tn E-lc<*'trl-<7h' Asphyxy 
c»n»t'd by liffhtninj; or tdc^liicity, 

A«|»liyaK'ij|i«l-l-o-piil1»'1-c9.* T'ld- 
iopiithic' A'phyxi««"> A riphyxy» or sud- 
den ' M out any manifctit eaueo* 

A^i ; 'It'-plillT-^'ji.* A?-iihv.%y 

by inhdatiou vt son* u* 

hutiiu acrid, or other i. 

Ali|»liy«'lfl ^'c-opli ->•!«» riifik,* 
[Froui iu», ''yoonff," ''luiw/* and ^■rd>', 
tt "ptuitt," al^o a'* child. "] t^/iUcd alto 
Atipti^rx'ltt Ar<*-<»>nii*ti»'riint.<^ [From 
tt**'fit9, "born/'] Deficient respiration lb 
new-b:irn children. 

Aaplkym'lA flitabcAUo^iil»«(*uf>fo- 



ka-sho-o'nis). (The "asphyxy of inffo- 
cation.") Asphyxy by hanging or 

AK-ph5'x'l«at-<Hl. [Anphyxla'tiUL] 

Laborinfx under asphyxy. 

AM-pkl'I-um.^ [From doirK, a " round 
phield."] A Linna^an f^cnus of the class 
Cnfptoyninin, order Filiren. 

AHpid'liini Ath-a-man'tl-eum.* 
[Etymology uncertain.] A species of 
fern growing in South Africa, much 
used as a rctncdy against worms, espe- 
cially the tape-worm. 

AspM'lum Fl'Ux Mas.* The male 
fern; c.Tlled also Poh/pofUmn jUijr. mat. 
The r«>ot of this plant is considered by 
many to be nn eflicacious remedy against 
the tape-worm. 

AN-ple'iiI-iiin.* [From a, priv., and 
vit\f\v, the "spleen."] A genus of fern 
called spleen wort an<l milt waste, from a 
belief that it removed disorders or re- 
duced enlargements of the spleen. 

Ajiple'niam €'ot'ariu»h*(set'a-rak). 
A species of fern much ut<ed as a remedy 
in nephritic and calculous diseases, also 
as a pectoral. 

AHplo'niam Fl'llx FoPin'I-na.* 
The female fern, a plant possessing 
medical properties similar to those of 
the male fern {AnpidiumjUix man). The 
A»plt'nium ni'ta mura'rin, the A. tt-olo- 
pcn'dnumy and the A. trirhomnuoi'dei, 
have properties similar to those of the 
A. rrtarorh. 

AnnaroPtUla,* as-sa-fet'e-da, written 
alxo ANMafcUda,^ and Anafvptlda.* The 

Pharmacopieial name || for the gum resin, 
or concrete juice, obtained fn)m the Sar- 
thex (iMHit/tftidd^ otherwise called Fer'ula 
uKHo/tft'idtt. It occurs ma{*sive and in 
tears. It w:i8 used by the ancients as a 
condiment, and at the present day the 
plant is eaten with relish in some oountries 
of the East. Assafd'ida is a p<)wi'rful 
antispasmodic; it is als > a stimulant ex- 
pectorant and laxative. From its uniting 
antispasmodic and expectorant Wrtue-*, 
it often proves useful in spasmodic pec- 
toral nfTeotions. 

AM-nay'lngr* The operation of ascer- 
taining the proportion of any metal in 
an ore or mixture. See Ui'pki.lation. 

Afi-Miiii'I-1ato. [From nd, "to." and 
niiii'i'li'M, ••liUi'."] Literally, to "miiko 
like." In rbyj^ioloixy, to ch:in::o the 
food into a .''ubstance like the livin;; 
body; to eonveit the food into nutri- 
ment, — in other words, into ehvle and 

A»4liii-l-»'Uon« [AaHlmOa'yo, 

o'ni*; from the same.] Th« Mt or pio- 
eesd of assimilating food. See Alitvra. 

AsMM>'de6,« or AHM»'d«A.* [From Imr, 
•'disgust," "nausea."] A oontinval forer, 
attended with a loathing of food. 8«ii- 
vap;es calls it Tri/tttophya aMtmdtt, and 
Cullen arranges it under tbo tertian re- 

Aji-fiar'Ireiit. [AMnir'g«iMi| from 
a*»ur'f/Of to "rise up."] A botanical 
term, signifying bent down, then rising 
erect towards the apex. 

A-Mtai'le. [ AntaA'leiui ; Arom c, priv., 
and iar)7/i(, to " stand."] A term applied 
to a magnetic needle when its directire 
property is destroyed by the proximity 
of another needle, of equal magnetic in- 
tensity, fixed parallel to it and in a re- 
versed position, each needle havinj; ita 
north pole adjacent to the south pole of 
the other. In this state, the needles, 
neutralizing each other, are unaffected 
by the earth, while they are still subjeel 
to the influence of galvanism. 

As'ter.* [dr. darUp, a "sUr."] A 
genus of cryptogamous plants baring 
stur-like flowers. 

Antemeen,* as-t^r-a'she-S. A name 
given by Lindlcy to a natural order of 
plants. See (.'oMrosiTjB. 

A-«iier'iiI-^* [From «, priv., and 
gter'umn.] An organic deviation in the 
fiietus characterized by absence of the 
•fern ft ui. 

AM'ter-old. [AMterol'dew; from 
dffrnp, a "Htar" or ** planet," and ticos, a 
" form."] Resembling a star. As a noon, 
the term is applied, in Astronomy, to 
t-everal small plnnets, including Ceres, 
Palhis, Juno, and Vesta. 

AM-tho'iiI-^.^ [From a, priv., and 
ffOc Of, ••^^trength."] As'theny. Want or 
loss of strength : debility. 

AN-tli«n'ie. [Ant hen 'lens; fh>m 
agfhe'uin.] Wnnfng or deficient in 
strength; adynamic. 

AM-the-nol'o-|t5'* [A«Uicnolo'||im; 
from tt, priv., aHiivi, "strength," and 
Myoi, a "discourse."] The c« nsidera- 
tion (or science) of dii-eases arising from 

AMth'ma, HtiH* [Gr. aoBfia; from 
d<TOfi.L(o, to "gap for breath."] A dis- 
ease attended with diflicully of breath- 
ing and a s('nsnti<n of constriction in 
t'le ehe!<t, whee/.ing. eough, and expeo> 
t'>rati<»n. A genus of the order Spa$mi, 
elasss Xeiim^ett, o( ("'ullen's Nos«»logy. 

AMtli-mnt'lr. [AMthmatJeoM.] Be- 
lon<rini; to, or laboring under, asthma. 



A «l«jfoi't in ihn vyv, in which Un 

but CODVC'rgi' vidVM, ^» Uh& 

Lu fiirtu two riekit an- 

«'- •■ •' , 

^ lOlU 

faiitilv nf ui»U*ntiiA i£iaiC>ct«>. 

ff ' a 

If root uf 

m '' 

ii( thti 

AM-Cn»a'*-ini^. r *^-^„.^. .^^|^^ 

I'ru m ^T^t^ •« tt ■* 4 1 ki r / * ] 

LitcrnJlyi tUnt ickuil' it© 

li&wa wliieli ^ui'tjia tiui hv . ^; 

liiit» niore i^Pticralljr^ it n ry 

A-U^m'S-O." [Froio«. Iir||r*« iinil ruo*n.». 

t-i "order/ J Literal i.v. " wxni ft iinlir/* 
trmguUrit)'. A turm uiipHtxl lo 6aiii« 

A-tnm'ic. [Atnx'levMitVotiiala^r'm.] 

Jkt'woKy* Bae Ataxia. 
•Aitfu A tefiuifiai tfllnhlti frhtcht 

- '' ■ ■ " -■- -" - -'-' -"^^g 

tho ;£iiiu irii.i{'»r«LiitJi i>l cMninvioui, 

A^tj-itscfUfiift i^irtiitttiab iiise AsTliAG^ 

JLl ■ '1. 

'. ^tv^-f^Aii'tli^* The 

f»l /;p<j>mmI to jj/itild jcuni 
trajCki^ftDtlu riuvr kiiovrti to be chk'flj 

ohlitMt*'! fr<»rti t1j4a .i*li'ii^«i/tt« t'ern* and 

tJi' r. 

'. 11*1 l»u«.* A idaot itf 

Uj -!;i-^ fii't*Ufphttt, uatuml 

or rrnm whii^h gum 

A^trlr lion. [Aatrlr'tlo* ©'m^*; 

trmu ri*lf "(<!»" liJid »<# ii*'|i^r>, ittir.'inm^ to 

•*bliii| "j Tht^ fitate |,»ruduovd by u^lrin- 

A«*trln'i^ffit* f AMrln'svitat tnm 
III* M!tif*n »tid 

t"! ; -. (borvbi^ 

t\r -ei, 

)•! i*rln cl*|Mi". A vo|cc* 
ti. ► f'Mtdtl in tbc bark of 

til kits. Fnitn it* nue in 

tAi - obtAiDCrd the iioJUtt 

MiA. A namo apptie4 to 

ni' -b jw alum tnTunln. Hi^) 

ha'>iu:; tiki.- ]i'iwi«r to i-U. 
wMlHrr *jf bt'Mid, of mm 

•««?f*U.*n. T*.- 1- ,......,; u.,. I 

iri{^niaHo» ill ,,<««. ge« 

AsfRtrri'isr ^^ 

Alid V^'/"«7f » ''i dMtcri|>- I 

tr -F! ■■'■ '»■■■ •■■ •■■ *-^runs I 

a)> imn* j 

i.ij ■ . ' ' .1 |«» I 

uxitl« of ail%'er. 
Al-i*-lt*4>'c^-i^|»,« nr Afr<l(^'l4iiila 

p«Tle<,^t ,' Htiii iVj-aTff, ''eximu^ittn/'] A|»» 
plied 111 H {»tAto t»f ttiv lm»g» iu u«^*'born 
cbiidr^MT "O iiAMiiint of «"mo ub^tii^tv to 
the ' -LabUshmeMl of jfs^ptfU' 

lion « 

.4-3 .1 ; .^'ttl«. [AlliitriuitiM; 

frtitn <if priv>. uud (^i^af«»^, a "tnt^rri(i^«' 
bodl/'j ^itptiod ti) plaittfl wbicb biive 
no 1'' 

A I ritii.* (Fr6m *iOnp, tbo 

'*p<«u (/■ and *i7p^i *>I<^ndcr/'] 

A|)}ikt«(i in tbc nnttiinti.tii'e |diira) ti«iitcr 
iAth*'rtcr*rti) to a family ''f diptcroiitf 
tnsoei*, in whieh tb«* 1rnn>r um\ wide 
|»i<*oojtt of tbo nuokcr art* liuoar and 
poitiled, or ^Uiici^kii!* : atbrrif c'nms. 

A*lher'm^noii«. [ Atli«*F'ntfuifli«t 
froui «* f»nv., and 0«p^nit^\*, to "niako 
If aroi "] Not t'oinmUMicatlDir be«t. 

Alll-«r-o'iii>v ••''•* f Fr»itn «ifff/w, 

**irnicb"| An r •■' *"■•■• ' •• ••^' lin- 

inp ft»^ori !»nb«it;i: id 

tib*crv«# tbat lii "11 

ns tbo vnrirtUt* tvriiKd ui^ ^nd 
ffi'Htitmn, ar« nw^ndy iKibiu'rouA foIltr?ft>s 
cnortnou^lv d tin ted- 

A I li>« r^«»f !■ >i-t4»tiM. r A ff i^rwmn* 

Aill-l«M'lr. f Atltlc'l'li'itia: rmtn ^^ 

>t'*^ . nn "nthU*tr." *'orin wbo ttnivo for 

n (»-!«<*'* »f-'" -''•• '-- " ■■ " - -n- 

tePl'l.l 1; 

vebtHmrnt , «n 

tbe aneient gaiU4»«* 


At«lftii'laiL Some qj Atla^vtal usiid 

Al>liin'ial. Applied t>^ Dr. Bar- 
elny us mcunin^ towurdei lUo ittlnm, 

aui^iortt giant, fnblcd to hoar llii* hcjivetis 
up •» la8 ahouMcr^.] Tliu first c«rvioiil 
vtrtcbra, so tinxDcd^ it would stem, be- 
cAusa it imnicfliatcly suwtatu* tho liead, 
A burden imiiien&cly tliaproportioned ti 
ilsjlf ill frizu. 

At-nilHlaiu'e*ter4 Al-motn '<>*t«r, 
[AtTtildoin'eCraittf and Atmont'e- 
tmm.] [From drjwjt, or drft&;, ** vftimr." 
atnl (trTfOf^ a '^inesistirc."] An iiiPtru- 
nioiit 1/ Mihicb llu> vupor exhaled from 
n liijiuid fiurfjioo in a given timu majr be 

Af'uio-«i|»lterv, [AinioAphw'ra; 

from i*r/iis, "va[M>rt" and<y;'«ir^'q,a "fjlobo" 

[^T "i»idioro.''J Thu tbiii, olufitio iliiid 

9lio<i]D|j/v!igin^ tbo cnrtli to n bvijjfht 

iudj^cd ti> bo about forty-five iiii)e«^ tho 

Natural air w<t breathe, 

At*m(»-«i|ih^r'lc. [A<>tKJM|>lia*r'l- 
Ctii**l Heli>ni:irtz l'* 'Ui' ni Jinj>|ihefu. 

Atin<M|»bc*r ir Pr<?^'Miirf*,*>r woij^ht 
«d' tbi^ iuino6phert!« im tnea^urcd hy tho 
Jcnijtb of a culuiiiii of uierciiry, A tnor- 
OuriaJ U'dumo thirty iticbc^ in lemgth 
||ircA8«s oil li piven i5urfac« with thcsamo 
i*>rei> as the rttmofiphtri? in it* oniinary 
elato; and hi;ne» the force of a sixty - 
inch cuhtuin i.'; cijuat to the prei-sure of 
ttro nfmonphrrrn, \\\m\. of Gftocn iricbef 
to hnlf nn (ktnMJppherc, fhat of one inch 
tu ouothirticth of tho atinosphcrio pros- 

A-lA'^1-9,* or A-I«'kl-^* f From a, 
pri%., Hud r.i*t\, "Mffisprirt;;.''] Sterility, 

Ai'om, [Al'oniuat from <i. n^^n^.r 
and fr^^'a^ to "cut/* tu "dividu."] Tho 
[imallcft particle of inatt«rp tncapnbl(> of 
fiirlhcr divi(*ion. 

Al'om, roftt^im'nenl. That whicti 
uniteH with another of dilTert-nt nature 
to form a third fir •^imftnttttf^ wt<im, 

At'ain, C'oni'poiiHdI. That formod 
by iwo Mlont?" of diffort'nt nutorn, 

At'otn. Kl-«^iiirii't^rj^. That of a 
tHjbHtunen not flrnioin posed. 

At'oni, lli^irnit'le. Thut of a nnh- 
^i^no^* iViuod i-nly in ««rjjnnio bodies. 

Afam. Krl'tti^r^. Samv as Atom^ 


At-at11'l«^ f Atom'lrrait.] Belnnfr- 
Int? to iitni}j*i or pnrlUdr«. 

Alf»tti If* Tlif»'<>-r.f, A theory intrn- 

il»if'4M| hy Onk'^ti fur iv\pUinin"!' lln^ btw» 

of dfUnilo iifoporiionp in cboniinul oom- 

hinalionM. It h fuuuded on Ihu eup* 



position that matter cniifbt^ of tiltlmottf, 
indivifiible p;irticic«, called ntamn, that 
thc'ito are of the mnn» the and thapi; ia 
the Banie body, but did'cr in frtt\fkt io 
different ' ' nil thitt bodie?' imho- 

bino io portion* with refer- I 

encc to n Jirw, which arc hetica j 

called rrtt'^Mi Ht-ujUin* Tb<^ tnnrti fcnturei I 
of \k\'i§ theory are briefly tialed in tlhe I 
fnlbiwiufT i»iira^rrii[th«<. 

In bodiee ciptiblf of aitsutninjr the 
giiji'onit form, tho w«'i^4it of the atom t« 
obtainod from ibn iutamrT fhui, water i 
being comnoj«cd of one volume of oxy- 
gen unitca with two vrilntnei* (nr ofi«l 
nfntti) of bydrojien, Hie relulive weighta] 
will be — oxygen^ 8, hydrogen, 1, audi 
water, 9, 

In bodies which d*» nnt a«piifne> thtt4 
giiHeouM f'unn in thidr ^ili ' ■ , the 

weight of the t\X*m\ is d« rhtit 

of the rttMjituitut : tho tivi i^^ \ \iftn^ 

for in^tiinee, ie obtnini^d Irotu tb;tt of J 
carbonic acid gai*. one vohiue of whicll'l 
weighs twenty-two tiinef n« mtirh nil 
our fetnndard of unity; fif the twenty- 
two part^, liixtecn ure bydr<>gtin« leavincl 
(^ to i*epruiient the pritnary motocule ofj 

In the e«*e of bodies whieh nn inan*! 
joibUi of iM!^uinin^ i\ gii^r^n*! lorrti, nitbef I 
nbmc or in vonibtntition* the weight niustl 
be obtuined by anuf^^mta: thuB, tnarldc» of I 
the enrbonnte of Hmc, is found to t>o| 
ci.mpoMed of twinly two pnrtt of car-] 
Inrniu acid »i)d twenty -eight of limer 5!*iu 
therefore, represents tho atomic wtil^hti 
of lime. 

The atomic weights are generally i>ti|>^^ 
pound Ui bo rt'laled to one another hy 
Mttttififvz henoe this law ia often eidlrcl 
th« ffttr *>/ $nuittp/r0^ OT of combinfltiitTls , 
in mufftfttr ftrvftfirtton. This will lie eitfrily ! 
seen by referring to the enniponent parts] 
of thi'* following tubi!ituncei< :«— 

NilruuB oxide 14 M 

Nitric oxide 14 H 

Hyp^^nitrutiii acid,,.,.,,,.. 14 2i 

Nitrous add 14 :?2 

Nitric acid.,.., » * 14 4(1 

When only on© eomMnfttion of uny] 
two elementnry bodifn exiwt*, r»r. Pnltoo ] 
av'^nmeA that it-^ element'* iire tiniled, 1 
atom to atom ?ingly. by wbr»t he calldi 
liinnrtf combinations; if neveral coin- J 
pound? can he obtained from the f^unial 
elementj*. they conib;ne, nti he Mippo/tf.^^ ] 
in proportion* expre*j»eil by nome «impl<n | 
multipb* of the numher of atoiUB^ ta ill! 
the following table: — 



p Mf A + I of B = 1 of C, hlnnrj, 
i of A + 2 of B =^ I fit IK tcftinry. 
5 of A ^ I »if B = 1 of K, UrtiJiry. 
I of A f t of B ^ 1 h( F, ijimtcmary, 
3 or A + I of IJ _ \ o( U. 4uat ffittry, 
A ton In* 8 m? Atuxt 
\-iiiti if. [Alon Icoiit fn>in a, priv.y 
I >ne."] Without^ or baring 

f * n ' in\ 

Alr-i:j-!: ,i -.. [At- 

fi»lfttlli» r4n«: frnm ntfttii,'iU, "blaok 


I VIS ins by whieh tlivy nvc 

<.'tta>t' thoy wiTi* foriucity 

Bj- ..*".' ? In prrxlucti lilaok Ijjle, See 

Atml»llt«»M«. .■it-r..-i.:i'v.-^, rPr..,.» 
^niiip. } ^ 

li iiu 
»>« >» 

^ ^..,. ^.4UStJ of 

^f^'Tfii*. fFrnm o. 
ptiv,. ,"] Willi- 

aat » i|t noL'k. 

Al-ri^-— vv.i ...*«i. L i rorn a'/rr, 

Pblnek.") A Liiliti term tlcuntin-C th<* 

' 'ting m»ilcT fe«rrcU«iJ by tbe cuttle^ 

»h KSV'/n'rt); ftU«i. iiik. 

A-I'V' «il*^* f rrom <t, |irttr,, Mid rfi- 

■r?r " ' 1 *,** » • j»offMr»tio*i.**) IfD|»er' 

ii&lly Dpplieil tu the rvctuiiii 

i.vlii.«it* A«tretH>« 

Afriplox r«rtl<la, 8vvt CuR!4<>^o- 

Tlio Jussivuafi uamc 

i<vf S«>Ciiisxor*ot»iAc«.i:, 

At r<t»>|Myk- [From 'Ar/wifs^, of lUo 

thtvc Ffttci^ that QUO vhwMi «vooial duty 

y^yt, **i t "] Atrophy. A 

Al'n»-|»liy. [Atro'|tiil«t. ScuAtru- 
rilii] lt*(»: 't til' autritttiii. wasting of 
ctimctuliun, Willi Ifiss of i«lrt!ngtli, unac- 
comtninie^l I y lever. 

A-tr4>'|il-f;.v A pccnlinr iilkdlDo 
principto founi in uW purluif tbo AtmfM 
BrifmiouHtt, ll \i* hiirnly poi 'nn mit, niid 
in thv uioNt ml i irtiuii Uam Uih 

profK'fly t'f dii ipil of the eye. 

At'rofiltt* : i\, 

Al'r«»>pUini, [Atrt»|»Wntu«*] Tho 
rmvli'i 'n I'f tilt! «y«ftMti |ir'»ln<«c I by Uie 

Hi at* tar, 

i ., , . . , A phrAJO 

tikcn Irom the t'cr.-'i.iti, at|i) tft^rntfying 

Altur *>t Rciwi, ur Otto of Uaao». Bcc 

next iiff irio. 

At'lnr or Ro'ttCM [poo prc^oding otj- 

tujii'v] iV Oil of rio«««. An <?#««nnj© 

1 fruwi the i>rtt:i!s of l\w UiikUtiutk 

I pro1»»lily fr<»ni uth<^r F{^eic9| 

Vi, Iuril;t(ii>ii witU water. TUu uil cul* 

t':^t« nnfl Uo its on the aorfliice of tho 

wa cr when U onols. 

A l*tcn ' n -ii^ii t, [ A ( t^n ' ttiMts, An 't!t; 

thui,"] * ,,«il 

i« iiiipa* I M ir^ 

At<leti'u*nt-r«l. [Alt4«fiiiii'tii«| 

fri*ru tho « Jti»y.] nccuitii' ^ tender; lliitu 
AtlfMi-ii-a'tl03i, [Attriin«'llot 

from tU<; h;iuhj.J The l'**i'=i^Tiin ^ of wi-i;^bt 

Mf uf euu^!-!LUi.*y; n. Tho 

temi U iipi>Ut»d to » tthlch » 

fluid bcooini?*) of li . nvily, na 

irhcD it tint- vuUtioQ aad 

pari* with ent' 

At«li»rif*ti>^ , I ( 111 ff Hut' kit la 

" riii u tip/'] IlnUui;^ lip. 

Attoripiiai Aii'rem.^ i,** KQistti^^tlio 
e.%r/*) A mujii'*is whi>s(9 ctfReti ii imli- 
cAted Lj it? niKtiG. 

Attt»lli*ttii Orall. Seo Kecrus 6v* 
M:ittt» : U« ILL 

At'trarlV [From ric/. "tV* w "ta- 
wrinK-^/* »ul trn'im, irnrUttm, to *' dra**.**) 
To dritw to Of toWttrJjii. S'ce rirtif'e* 

AI'rop« ll4*l'l3M«loit'n^* Th« 

dr^'idlr nJi^liLsiliiido, or beili^lotiniA. a 
pfuui bcic»ii|tiD^ to rho tmrontioo-ik'vid 

- A^iV^'pM*^* I V^nm *», \*t\v^ And 

towiLrd^ nnolhcr. 

del 10 

com'' ^ m/*. 

8w Ai'riAiTv. 



Attrac'tioh, Cap'illary. The power 
by which a liquid rises in a fine tube 
higher than the surface of the liquid 
which surrounds* it. See Capillary. 

Attrac'tion of Coiik'hion. The ten- 
dency of the mu/c' ules of a body to 
cohere, to form iuat>ses. It is antagonist 

of AfF!NITV. 

Attrac'tion, Elec'tricaj.. The prop- 
erty di;?i)laved by certain >ubstanee8 of 
attract n«5 certain (»thenH on being rubbed. 

Attrac'tion op Gravita'tion. The 
tendencies of mniftrg of bodies towards 
each other. See (Jravity. 

Attrac'tion, Maonet'ic. The tend- 
ency of certain bodies, chiefly iron, 
towards the north ptde of the earth, and 
towards other bodies possessed of the 
property called magnetism. 

Attraction, Double ElectiTC. See 
Affinity, Dotblk Elkctive. 

Attraction, Simple Elective. See 
Affinity, Sinolb Elective. 

At'trft-bens.^ [The present parti- 
ciple of (tt*trnho, to **draw to, or to- 
wards." See Attract.] Applied in the 
neuter plural {Attraheutia, at-tra-hen'- 
she-a) to medicaments which irritate the 
surface, thereby attracting the fluids to 
the part, as blisters, sinapisms, etc. See 


At'trahens An'rln.* [Aftmhenn^ 
** drawing*' or "drawing to," and nn'rhf 
** of the eur."J A muscle which draws the 
ear forwards and upwards; also called 
anttrior niirin, and prior anruulte. 

Attrahentla. See Attraiiens. 

Attrition,'un. [Attrl'tio, 
O'nitf ; from nt'tcm, nttri'tiim, to "rub 
against," to "wear away."] An abra- 
sion or solution of continuity of the 
cuticle ; also, a severe kind of Cardinhjia : 
sometimes applied in surgery to the vio- 
lent crushing of a part. 

An'«II-to-rj^. [Andito'rlnn; from 
nii'dio, oitUi'tHm, to "hear."] belonging 
to the orjjnn or the sense of hearing. 
Siinio as AcorsTic. 

Au'ilitory ^Torvo, The Portio Mol- 
lis of the seventh pair, which see. 

Aiis:lto, aw'jit. [From avy>'i, " bright- 
ness," and \i06;, a "stone."] Pyroxene. 
A silicate of 11 mo and magnesia. 

Aii'r^* [A TiUtin word signifying a 
"breath." a "gentle breeze;" from u<i», 
to "breathe."] A subtle vapor, or exha- 

Ar'iiA Ei.i:«''tri<'A.* Literally, the 
"electrical broe/.e." The sensation, as 
of cild air, experienced when electricity 
is received from a sharp point. 

Au'ra Epilep'tica.* The pecaliar 
Ben.<'ation felt by epileptic patients, as 
of a cold fluid rising towards the head. 

Ar'RA Hyster'ica.* The sensation as 
of cold air ascending to the head, said 
to occur sometimes in kyuteria. 

Au'ra Semina'lis,* Au'ra Sem'iicis.* 
The supposed vivifying principle of the 
iSemcH virile, believed to a'cend through 
the Fallopian tubes, thereby impreg- 
nating the orum in the ovarium. 

Ar'RA Vita'lis.* The vital principle. 

Amrantia,* au-ran'she-a, the plural 
of Anran'tlnm, forming the Jussieuan 
name of a natural order of plants. See 


Anrantlacese,* aw-ran-she-^'she-S. 
[From aurou'tinm, the "orange."] A 
natural order of exogenous trees and 
shrubs, natives of the East Indies and 
fther warm climates. It includes the 
orange, lemon, lime, and citron. The 
leaves and rind of the fmit abound in a 
volatile, fragrant, bitter, and exciting oil. 

Anrantla€^«>onfi, aw-rnn-sho-ft'shils. 
[Aurautla'cenn; from aNrnn'tinnif an 
" <»range."] Having an arrangement as 
in the orange-plant. See AfRAjcTiACKiis. 

Aurnntlnni,«aw-ranVhe-iiin. [Sup- 
posed to be derived from «w'rwVw, " gold."] 
The orange. The fruit of Citrmt hit/aro' 
(fia and C. aurovfitnn (Lond. Ph.), of 
Citrus niff/aiit (Ed. Ph.), or C aurnntttim 
(U.S. Ph.). 

Au'rate. [Aa'ras, n'tin.] A com- 
bination of auric acid with a base. 

Au'rate of Am-mo'nl-^ [Am- 
mo'nlce Au'ras.] Film in atino Gold, 
which see. 

An-re'U-9.* [From au'run^ «*gold."] 
A term for the chrysal-s or pupa of in- 
sects, often adorned with goldon spots. 

An'rlc A^'ld. [An'rlcam A^'M- 
ant; from tin' mm, "gold."] A name 
proposed by Pellet ier for the peroxide 
<if gold, on account of its property of 
formint; salts with alkaline bases. 

Auricle. See Acricila. 

Au-rlc'u-l^* plural Au-rlc'n*lir. 
[The <liminutive of an'riti, the "ear."] 
The auricle or ex tern nl portion of the ear. 

Anrlc'ula In'fl-m^.* Literally, the 
"lowest ear." The lobo of the ear. 

Au-rlc'u-lie €'or'dl«.* [From nn- 
rir'iiln and ror, fuu'diii, the "heart"] 
"Auricles of the heart." A term ap- 
plied to those cavities of the heart which 
lead to the ventricles. 

Au-rlc-u-la'rlN.'^ [From nvrin'nla, 
an *'ear."J Belonging to the ear: aa- 



ffijtu »♦«'»>' »»f*i, an **oifcr/*J A|>|4ie«i i:i 
l^.Mny ti t frsT whrni it Inu* n l**l»u ♦•n 

TImi FrtJiK'h 

^.. , ,1 , . , ., .. ,. . h »•«?. 

All I vctitrifllc 4»r each Ri'tc mT lliu hcarL 
Ait*rir vrnijit. I Aiiflf'oru»; Irnn 

ti,'itnu4 nr c*nf lining «i>l'J. 

A'J rl-r«>r Jt. [^Ini'il'ir mU; fnMU 
a4V'4. Did **»iAr/*J P-iniu? I tike Uii: oa.". 

Aia^rl'di.* '»t Aa^rn'iriK* [Fnu 

n .^..11 1 'k- , f,, akin. A tertu 

t>i Ml ^kiti in tickv- 

baru ^tifiuU; S^u^ 44*^4 tiafiti ' it tpke'f n 

4a*r]-|>ljr-(i>*3 t^tt'tt* [Froui u,i*- 
rn w, " ji5 iM." AH I /»' / »ir t'tHH, ** pAirit '] 

At'rUh* Th} La^Ui term for tha 
*'«»4r.'* It U t1l«li»«;i«iiliHj ill la the t»3- 

[Frtim •«? */'/io. 
t iiiieut f iroloaii^' 

A<t'rl«««*np^. [Aarlii'fvit]*!!*!; frtttu 
a . ' 


V «i -^, 
Att ram,^ Thv Liifih forOuLt*, wLleh 

AttrxtM riiUnliinns, Si?3 FtLVi- 

A««.fi«l«l^'lt«». [Ait:»4*iilti»*ilit« 

^. ■ ■• 

: ruck, cir tj * 

Itn-iia ydl'ttt s. 

. u fleetly Uy till Cir <( 
nor witlioal tbo iM of an 

|i»rririi'l ' 

«I1-Al% Ttiat 


An^KHT^'fttfrn^ [4ulwrftr'|»f)is«, 

*'] Appiit5<i t:» 

-Lulif£litU^Jii>« Liu u>k'th>ii, plural 

An*t4Hrli'lli<»*ti^& J From iar^c, "iU 
fc^^llV*iHmjiim*f»"vcry/"aii«i X^ •»/' huid,** 
wf *'i.*<*iiilirv/'J A tiumn tri^'Ti, hy ihitm 
vthtt ttuM tlio ilMctr' »iis 

r.ii>4 Hi>t t«i«(^i)kirii) viti <ci, 

Li lIiu lii.-^t itibiihitiiiiL-^ . .. < >,i . riii|»« 

pii^cij (u have bcvii imulucttd ia tUe 
"vnrj' tvminlry «>r |tl»i"»<i it? If/' 

Ati<«>rlillioiifMi«i« ♦S'' 1'mioMDi s. 

Au-lii^i( f**naiii». [Aul4i4 t*itttM: irt'm 

to "lui bum."*J A|)jihi*<| ill to((t}mr;ittie 
Anutomji', Uy Owt-ri, t** pftft* tl^^vduputl 
frum ilistiiict and indcinmlcitt ci-utrc*, 
Ati-I^mikt'le. [Antomiit iffOfti 

from aCr'jfiUri o*, t^i "»M.'i ejmr ' ■ ■ Vr.**] 

A|,lf«li<^tl to fuiiutiouA «»( 1 .'f< 

fortiictl without ihc wilL >», 

Lbe hc4rr'?< jtrli m, vtri. 

Aii-t<Kp1iM'tlr* [ Aatopltkii'tlriiM.] 
rieltui/iii;^ (it ^ttlti|>lu.'4ty. 

A«i'li»*ptii«-tj^. [Aiilopla«'t4i»; 

friitn av.*6i^ "imc's Jiclf,'* nrt<l rAiffffM, t«« 
■^rofui/'j OjKirtiliuiis by whirli I«*<i'»n« 
nrv rtrf»4tr«<i Itv itic»ns uf bo/iUbv parts 
' ■ ' ' '^ '^ ^ 'of 

* If. " Mv\ ip"fa, the "iteb."] Thiit 
wrbish fa given uinlcr iUo ItuiniiLiupathtts 
tlo^frlno of diUniaTAterine; a putk^iit's 

Aa 1 9T^^f* [^alop'nim i froiu aifrAf, 

"ont?*^* self,'* auil 04^^% I hi? "mil i>f ii«*e- 
iujc/*] U-u! I 0. 

A-vi»'n>,* rho Phnrma- 

cjpi'iU It rni! I I r the i^vtah of 

Aiv4«'^ urtfiVfi. fc^ee Avi;jt.K Slf¥iK.4, 

Avt^'nn S^^ll'i'^.'* Tho o»t pUat. 
Sc€ A V »:>",« Skmiva- 

A-vc'iire l>-ri'ii9,* ("Mcttl of*.") 
The I*tioniiacLip«'ia.l tiuiut' iT for 
u&tmtriit, preparcil froiu th< ,m 

•«iif/fii. Uiieil for grueli, ^J r<!, 

A \C'2I V f*?TlJl'l-II^» I, 

***.?cl," plural -r/rt'TM f.] iia 

♦'seols itf th^ rtftf* OAt .«r 

tho Arfnn *<TfiVrt| of tKo or«l»«r «/ viw ne*^ 
yjfMinrf » n 'nr or m-jil ffln^'H fnrmi A 
c nil ' ' ' ■ ' f»f 

Eur >m 

ther . . ■ . ; - ■ . . .I'^ift. 

A-vo>3»nr?oaM. [Airciif* rt»ni».j Be* 
lofifjifi'^ to the* J'T'*'*. 

A-ven-l>for'ntt«.* J From nrt'tift^ 
ruid fvr'iHtt.] Like n gr.iiQ uf antit 

A-vi*'tt]-oii9ii. [Air«'iilii9i frum a, 
priv., mill <'cV«t»«i ** voio."] AppliH to tbo 
ioiivf}4 of plants without rmns^ gr ntfrvtsf. 




A'v€A,* the plural of Avifl, which see. 

A-vic'a-lfur. [Avicnln'rlti; from 
arir'ntn, a "little bird."] Pcrtainiriij to 

A'vIh.* a bird. Applied in the plu- (.r »•<•;) to ji cla?8 of ovipjuMus W- 
tehratu including all birds proper. 

Avoin?, i'vwiu'. The French for 
'*()at-<." Sec Avi:na. 

A-vul'Hion. [Avnl'Nlo; froiaapc/7a, 
uvnl'miin, t) **tear iwjuuder."] The forci- 
ble reparation from each other of parts 
of the body which were previously more 
or IcsH intimately united. 

Awn. See Arista. 

Ax-ifcr-oiM. [Axif'ems; from 
ujr'ii, audyr'/o, to "bear."] Applied t) 
plants having only a stem or axis, vari- 
ously modi !cd. 

Ax-ll'l^"^ The armpit; the cavity 
un<ler the upper part of the arm and 
shoulder. Applied in Botany to the 
angle formed by a branch and the stem, 
or by a lo if with either of thcje. 

Ax-ll-lA'rlf«.=^ [From axiTla, the 
"annpit;" Fr. Axilla ur, dx'cMaiu'.] Be- 
longing t'.» the axilla: axillary. Applied 
also to branches and leaves t!i::t f^rm an 

Ax'll-la-rj^. Belonging to the arm- 
pit. See Axillaris. 

Ax'lllAry Plex'ns. [Plex'ns Ax- 
Illa'rtH.] The brachial plexus formed 
by the three last cervical and the first 
dorsal nerves. 

Ax'lH.* [ Perhaps from a'yt, to " act,*' 
to "drive."] Literally, an "axle" about 
which any revolving body turns. A 
right lino, real or imaginary, passing 
through the centre of any body. The 
name of the second vertebra of the n'ck. 
its tooth -like process serving as an axis 
on which the ntluM, and so the head it- elf, 
tnrn.^: also termed Ver'teUrn di-nta'tn. 
In A 'tronomy, the axis of the earth is 
that diameter about which 't performs its 
diurnal revolution. In Geology, npplicd 
lo the centre of a mountain-group. In 
Kotany, the stem and root of a pl::nt, 
termed, re."<p etiv;.ly, the ascending and 
dv•^cen^Lng axis. 

AxIn, AiitSclinal. See Anticlinal. 

AxIm, Myiicllual. See Synclinal 

Ax-i»t'o-Bii»iiH. [Axoi'omn'4; from 
u;<.>', the "axis," and Tin>u}y to "cut."] 
Ap]»li(Ml to minonils whieh are cleavable 
in cue dire<;tion, i»erf)ondiculartotheaxis. 

Ax-an'Arl-V*^ [From ax' in, an "axle- 
tree," and un'jiio, to "anoint," to 

";" Fr. ^j'om//**, ix'ixzh'.] Hog's 
lard. The Pharmacopoeial name (Ed. 
Ph.) of the fat of the iSut tcro/a, the 
AdcpM (U. S. Ph.), or Adtp9 «mi7/im 
(Dub. Ph.). SeeAnEi»s. 

Axan'isrlM Porel'na.* The Fame as 
A OKI'S SiJjLLirs, which see. 

Ax-e-ta'lc Ac'ld. An aoid obtained 
by treating oleic with nitric acid. It 
closely resembles suberic acid. An- 
other acid, the Azoleic, is procured ly 
the same process. The terms are derived 
from the words azote and oleic. 

Ax-o-ben'sidc. A new substance 
obtained by heating a mixture of nitro- 
benzide with an alcoholic solution of 

Az-o-lii'm^n. A pure coloring ma- 
terial, of a deep blood-red color, obtained 
from litmus. 

Az'ote. [Aso'tam; from a, priv., 
and stio), to "livej" becaute unfit for sus- 
taining life] Nitrogen gas. 

A-aot'lc A^'id. Another name for 
NiTRK' Arn>, which see. 

AB-o'tOHH A^'id. Another name for 
nitrous acid; the hyponiUous acid of 
Turner. See NiTuorH Acin. 

As-oi-a'rl-qu^ [From axo'ttim, and 
hpov, the "urine."] A ela.^s < f diseases 
characterized by a great increase of 
urea in the urine. 

AsE-al'mlc A^'ld. The name given 
by Boullay to the black matter deposited 
during the decom]>osition of pruseic 
acid. It is very similar to ulmic acid. 
See Ulmin. 

Asare, a'zhQr. A fine blue pigment, 
c(»niuionly called gutnltf consi»ting of 
glaiss colored with oxide of cobalt and 
ground to an impalpable powder. 

Ax' are Stone. [lA'pln IjRx'qIL] 
An azure-blue mineral from which the 
unehan reable blue color ultramarine is 

AmygoH Uvalie. See Astgous Mus- 


Am'f'-Kowm, [Ax'yipofi; from a, priv., 
and v')A:, a "yoke."] Without a fellow, or 
corresponding part. 

Az'y((oaN Mim'cile. A muscle of the 
uvul I. 

Az'yiroas Pro^'eMk [Proecs'sm 
Az'ytcoH.] A process of the sphenoid 

Aw/yts^nn Teln. [Te'na Ax'yiroa.] 
A vein formed by the union i»f the lower 
intorc tstjil veins of the left side, and 
ascendin t in front of the spine on the 
right side of the aorta. 

B^Am'^Bai'mmmAi^'mx,^ A BiOkd- 

kli'titfi. Th« riud tir nbcll which 
r^iutiUs ihis fruit of tiie M(Mv*n anr- 
It U brmi{ht fruui Uie Ea«t 
Bi«f, ao'lor tbti uauiv of H*bu*tt, aa<) is 

e'«^* A itatry ; HQ iuTcrtur, inde- 
touut« |j^utfij (ruit, lu this i^uo^mbcrrj^'* 

; rmie. ' • ' turn* frc^m /#*ic'rfl, 

*'jf«| tif wtue "J Uutta H'tamnU 

I |»tiQj'lcd oijiiUitiua of the fiu>o d^u 

kucat oil bjiril driiikitiif. Sou Ac^nk 

f»A« ICA, 

rif-rrr-" It lk-«if Vra*- [IliMP** 

PWrr U *. 

ptrarm. bftJi'M-furm. [BimwI- 

fi v'o-ru», [Bne- 

»; is^im Utu '<*i, a " htirrj." niitl 
«^ to "da/uitr/'j EaIiq^ or livtuj; 

■eliioe^Ajipljo 1 ^» Ni \ V'uniCArWhiob 

r*^^ T««'l« Ptlla, Rittrucc 

H " ' > ' ' '■ . ■ ^', with 

., til 

■illCiMfircw dee U<»i'n^Tijittril. 
4»t hri^if. The Fmiicb word for 

V rpjcies of l^»nrVn- 
"I'j^ fr*>in tho irriUtJA)^ 

lihSi^i^ H*H, A nftiTM* ff»v<*fi t4t the 

klnr M« 9l*c>rtt-rrpli>>1ii«.* A 

Wbleh ■»«. 

I •* «li«l«.*M A fttittil F of the £ic:iic«i. 

Bill 'anee E-te«» t roin 'e-^i^^r,. A tj i u • 

strum<:ti[, Ciiti?4iruL-tt.Ml till tti id 

of Ihe cuiuiiion bulaiict: AtJ to 

e«ttU)&(o tbe iButuriJ attnici^ ,. . ,^nj' 
ffUetj t'h'-ctritif'i^t ourfuces, 
ltaiJ*^alf>r-ooii, [B«liiiiir'erii«i 

from Jd\iiyiii, Uil "ikCOfO," ».Ui\je'iU, t« 

**b««r,'*j Bearing Jic^ MB s. 

lli%l'v-i>M>tt- iBMliuila'it»n«$ fnim 
/iitAa^-if, (fc "|ies*lLrjr,"J Tb« iiJil>Utiiii4otl 

Bfklo^tirilA.* [Prnni /7aX4i«^s tho 

***j(mH* /*fM««."J lilClllUUUIltli'U of IJlfl 

.■/.,n. .^.Mj# luid prp|»iire, coinmoulj 
<{ Mitli phjrtuueid: Mlhernrisa 

/Ai nA, ;iii<i punt hit in, 

BftlVu^M* [BiilniiorUc»: froiu 
^'Ua «*i, ttu "iic.»rti."J Ke^eiubluig fui 

sbif'C. [XaiJic'l from flntitunfih'fit'af «iii« 
of tb« tt'»*'rii.1 A ttdlurui urtlcr of 

'■■ '^' ■'■ ■'' ,' ■' They 

^ t - . fFrom 

" pnqnieii/'] Thv siuise hk BAi.AHiTifi. 

B*l>-Baiw* [lir.jC/aa <>v. au **acnni," 
II " |;^UjiiL"j Tbo Ulattm ptmU ttuil ittamm 

R^liuui'll-tstii.* [ Fntnt i^aXii^^ ** va- 
rttHi^/' J Tbu diivc'r of the (iuuicf^nuiftic- 

BAtbutl««i** bM-bit'!ibi< en, [From 
ftnihH*4t>tt to ** ittnmtu cr.'"] Htuitji^ttoti 
of 0|t«ooh; ifliuiiitMiring* Soo Staumkr* 


Bal'IIA'tufiA,* tFr«*m 4?aXXi*w, to 
'^diiaocw^'J A uaoio for CM^fr**, or SL 
Viloa'i! ttntieo. 

BAKIoon'* T ■ •] 

A irphrriciil ^l "f 

tVffJ fuckii for u ; . ' _ : . I t«r 

ittlinr v<«*«i^l, 

Bnl-lo'l^ I^tm^l^* A pUnl ifidi- 
iM In J^»i».Ti»t, rvmsotnincnik'*! by 
c ill theum^iic aitii £tiitly aITco- 

l5Till«»lt«iitetii, biiriiiti'iiiATf*'. [From 
thtt riiiiuh f'it{f4>atf, buV\<iti\ to **to«i 
«• M balU" t I ' i^hnkfi nhniiU*'] Th« |>tt«i- 
five tiui>v«9iueti(fl (»f ihti fi«tu» in tb« 
kiqttur iiutMii, ftsit bjT «ppl/LTie thf* fin|;«r 
t4j U)o etrvU ut^n »iid rabmg ii «ud- 



denlj upwards, when the foetus will 
strike on the fin^^cr in its descent. 

3i%lin, l»iiu. [From hal'sumuni, "bal- 
ar»fn."J A soothing or healing medicine. 

Aalm of Ollencl. See Balsam op 

Ralnt Tea. An infnsiin of the leaves 
of Molln'tKi (tfficiint'lii^ or common bnlm. 

Bftl-3i4M>gr'ra-pl*i^« [BalneogrrA'- 
pltla; from bul'iienm, a "buth." and 
YpHfOf to "write."] A dopoription of 

B&l-ae-ol'o-A^jp-. [Bidneolo'irla; 
from h^fl'ucitiiiy a •'bath," ahd Xtfyoj, a 
"discoui&e."] A treatise on baths; the 
science « f bnths. 

Bftl'ik«-o-tli£r-9-pt'9.^ [From h<d'- 
neuntf a 'bath/' and Oeyantla, "attend- 
ance."] The proper omplovmcnt of baths. 

BAl'iu^-niii.* [Gr. d'aKavuo:'.] The 
Latin teriii for Bath, which see. 

Bal'n^^uin An-l-nm'le.* Any part 
of a newlj-killed animal, wrapped round 
the body or a limb. 

Bal'ntfnin Ai^c'nie.'^ {" Bath of 
sand.") See Bath. 

Bal'n^^ain IWa-rl'a*,* Bal'nenm 
Ma'rlH.^' A water-bath, a vej»sel boin;? 
put into mother cont^inin? water, which 
is pbieed on the fire; heat is thus gra- 
dually conimunionted. 

Bal'nffnm lllc><l-l-ea'taiii.* A medi- 
cated bath ; a bath impregnated with 
medicinal Mubs'iinces. 

Bal'nenna Mic'cum.^ (" Dry bath.") 
Iunuer!*ion in any dry fubstiince, asasUci', 
salt. Hand, etc. 

Bal'nenmftcnl'pSiu're-uiii.^A bath 
containing !*nlphur. 

nftl«. Abbreviation for BaUamum.* 

RnlMnon. ScoB'.lsamuh. 

Bai/sam (banrs'im) of the Att'oia 
Sinkn'sis. or Ciiinkse' Vaii'nisii: it 
drio-^ into a smooth, .sfiining l.c, used for 
lacvjiiorin'^ and varnishiiip. 

B\Ls,»M oi- Coi'AinA. SeoOoi'ATnA. 

Bai/sam or LiQiinAM'nAH. Balsam 
which fl w? incisions made infr» 
the trunk < f tlio A/V/h 'danthftrittyrnrtfliKt : 
it dries up readily, and thus occurs in 
the solid form. 

Bai/s\m op Mec'ca ("Mecca Bal- 
sam"), or O'l'onA I.SAM. Bals:im < btained 
by infi.sions of, and by boilinc, Mio 
br:inch(!S and leuve-* of the Amt/rfti (»iien- 
f//j/«/* ( otherwise called n<th(tm<nw tulmu 
(ti'frnfienMr),(\n(] the A. Opohahamiint. It 
Incomes eventually solid. 

Bai/sam ov Peut?'. {IhiVaamum Pe- 
f¥via'nuni.*) A balsam procured from 

the Myroirpermum Perviferum. There 
are two kinds: the broirn balsam, ex- 
tracted by incision, very rare, imported 
in the huiik of the cocoauut, hud hence 
called bul-o-am e» coque; and the bht<k 
bals; m, obtained by evaporating the 
decoction of the bark and branches of 
the tree. These are semi-fluid balsams. 

Bal'sam of Sto'rax. Balsam s>«id 
to be pnjcured from the Liquidamhttr 
atfi'na and On'efttnU, The substance 
sold as strained ttorax is prepared from 
an impure variety of liquid storax. 

Bal'sam op To'lu. {Bal'mmum To- 
liita'nvm*) A balsam which flows spon- 
taneously from the trunk of the Ifyro- 
ttjyermum toluiferum and dries into a red- 
dish resinous moss. 

The folb.wing artificial balsams may 
be named: — 

Bal'sam of PIoRR'norND. An aqueous 
infusion of hoiehound and liquorice-rooty 
with double the proportion of proof spirit, 
or brandy, to which are then added 
opium, camphor, benzoin, squills, oil of 
ani>-ced. and honey. 

Bai/sam of Liq'uortck. This con- 
sists princijmlly of paregoric elixir, very 
.strongly impregnated with the oil of 

Bai/sam of SrL'rnuR. A solution 
of sulphur in volatile oils. 

BalMiinn«<>a»«^ b^l-sa-ma'she-S, or 
Bftl-M^-mff lu-«.* A natural order 
<.f b.ilsamiforous trees, consisting of one 
genus, the Liquidnmbar. This order is 
termed by Lindley AlthujinceK. 

RalMamailo (bJll-s^-ma'she-o), 

o'n'tH * [From bnl'tinmnm.} The process 
of embalming dead bodies. See Eii- 


BAl-«ia'in€sas.* Of the nature of a 
balsam. Also the s[ ccifio name of a tree 
which produces balsam. 

Biil-Main'Ic. [BalHani'lciis.] Per- 
tainin:; to balsam; of the nature of hal- 

BAI-Hani'lc-^* Balsamics. A term 
gener.illy applied to substances of a 
smo'th and oily consistence, possessing 
emollient and generally aromatic pro- 

BAI-n^-mlf'csr^ Bra-Kl]-I-<>ii'ala.^ 
An t!:cr name for the Cnjxti/em offici- 

IV&l-K^mflf'or-oiiM. [Ralsamir* 
emn: from ba/'namum, a '* balsam,** and 
/r'ro, to "bear."] I3c ring or yielding 

BTlaamlnaceae,* bal-sam-in-a'she-S. 
[From Baltitmi'na^ one of the gnnera.] 



itatnnil oHer of herha^^e'^nfi filants 

Thoy nrv pnxcd fur their ibuwy 

BAI«i«^i4n<»-4lcn '4lroa. * [ Frxim ;?4X- 
»id*i » a ** Imls.^in/' uikI ii^rfo.-^ a **trt*,"] 
A LiOiiicaQ goaua uf the clri^n Octandrin, 

■■■i»tniMl4*n'clr<kn>lk9.* Tlio 
tfwi ta^iix'^nl t" ywU\ myrrh, 

BM «^Hiviff»i.« [dr. daXanfiO^; from 
llch \u*i/ tuH*"*, the "|»ritioe of oiU."] 
A faftUam. A vo|fetft1>]ci jiiic«, liqiiij, r»r 

DtftoiiU ctr ffponLinc^>uBty bcooming 

Bnl'vnimiin rfin-^^cii''iic* Cnnft- 
Ui&n Wlsam ^ ohl^inofl from tho PiuH» 

^^BAUuuuunt €dll«4i4linM<«. See Bal- 

iin Jn-dn'l-pitiit.* An- 

bt! I the /tufuKiitinrt (/iUaiirn*r, 

ItMl^Mitiiitiii fH^mirln.tiiirti. Sc« 

r : s:i|KmH'r«»uin*niip-n- 

Ti imf^h^mlc^l atMiji Uiii- 

llTit imtiiniit M^r-I'^^^niiu* Tbo 

r T I ! Mirn Ti^iiiiattatti. S^^o B\t.- 

i; -Jim V^^'rnm.* t**Tni«BiiU 

An«! D«H«'iiii%, I Out" ^ umni 
ftifieof iif C'tt-'tj, lin-n. 'T fl-niii'l. for 
lffm|ipinj; r»>iiii'l any [ifirt of tbu htniy; 
thf*y urv ^impla, fts th» eireulnr, RpimL 
Btiitin.:* He,, or cr>mprtufi(l, as uie T 
' ftlkttm;;*?. theftu^(>eR«4>ry, eighteen -tfliUfid, 

* 1tfii*-'tn 

it'f*, A 4t vli> uf cnltea-pririt- 


iti which white 


i" »ft} proilmwi 



r » 

1. [ftrtnrltf is a c^r- 


*i<?h pfvrtteipic A/iMr//, 

1. 1 

% t'l "h<^n<l/*] H*iv- 


jf whiuh a.r« curved 

mJ^^r*^ l. 

^■.^^lo^1TTfc<*, 8*'e»nKV*I^.ATrH. 


>r Rnnffiie. S^ Cxx%xiit^ 

!-U., . r,,, 

' HttiNfJ. 

•. aifit'iii«*nt. All (i!nf inent 

Ui\]t' n ponntl *>f MttHvnvet 


hum I :tlutt]. i»!n* iiutirfi tiitit 

« ' 

nrl. halt n p mrnl of Veriie« 

l»l. ..i.* 

..inl ima imumU i>f inul iif*U 

ruiflic4 together. It U uii^d tti Horrigo. 

13%!>1»ii:>, hjlo-hAh'. The ArrlcAti tiftine 

iii;^ iiati\*i in West Afrii:ji uuA cnUU sk^ied 
hi E^^pt uiui Ai>y»*«inifi. Ttif trunk if 
aniti to (itrAirii la ^ume iti^tiLiR'vf, thi) 
viuimiou» thiektieBK i»f U«ti yurda, Tb« 
Icikvfii*, in ttie fMrm uf puwtler, iiro »Htui«- 
liiiu"* uneil ill Africiin eonktry. The 
fruit hii^ a iniLiucrul jtune, iwhirh reudeif 
it %iituttl»le in t\*vers. The Imrk »»f iho 
BRohiih fthotiriJst in tuucilnge. It ia euid 
t<» hiive Pi>tnetlin<*" l'«eTi tthvn in fevenn 
04 <i "ulp'ilitntf' ii. 

nnphiciTs V Ba|>tilentn 

II»fHtll^l4»>i-UIII.* [ Fr*ini /?rtirr/<4>, to 
"dip,'* to **Wthe:'* Fr. /ifOyworVr, hifi*' 
wArt'.] A huthtn^'ph^ce, 

nniitorrhfpn,* hn|i'tu re*'*. [From 
fiaim'K, *' tufectcdt" nnd po^i, to "fl.>W.**] 
A term intended tu doj«i^tmtu irttnnrfhu^n,, 

Ilnr>bA'4ltK'« Iah:. A c]i!<>eikK« of Hot 

ciiinUf-'- : tin* t'ltrph,tut(<in,. i,Mht*m, 

iH MliMi 'iM»m] The fruit of the Jiftr^jtht% 
cHrra», The Bewla iLru ettlted ftltffwh 
nut* See .lATRoriiA. 

II«irlMt'flrM*« Tnr* The fiiiHHirH fUtr- 

IJnin, rV vnriety "f gui' td 

t'> h ' pr-Hlufed hy Uvf .t*".i' (i^ 

Ritr'lmle. [tiarlMt'tu*»L int, 

II *• l»f iiH "j B«mrdtMi. 

Dnr bM-1at4*. [ Bnrhr tin' f im t fr j m 
httrUt'hf n **littl<* bonrdt'*] Having 

Biir'1il#ni« A diiwiiiG of loftia and 
the MNLliibar otiiuit; » |i»eoa1itir wintcien of 

Bnr*l»lit>r-oiti^ [llMrl»l#'<»rtiiis 
frooi hm'tm, \\ *'l*cai'f|/' nnd 'fr*nt, to 
"Muvir/*] >lavtni: !i lujurd; hwiry. 

Ilnr^irik^ K&'rAyh'. written alpt') Bur* 
r^fS*. A viUajfe jtihjfife'l ^m the French 
9vh* *y\' the Pyreneiv J for its 

ihetnnn) wiiter^, A , ►iflfimoo 

hiu* hrtui ohiiiined fr ' "hrr 

Wftters nnd termed '- i 

Il9*t4rti^ [Frotn ' '.», 

hnr ri^I'vA. Ik pliint • '] 

Ttiiipttre cttrhonrite nf ni 

Spin Biid the litniiuL i.«iu-i. ...ilU, 
oht'itnitd hjf biimiot; »cii-w««cl9, i* eallod 

llfi'rt-nm," I '] 

Tho metiilfiu 1 j,i, 

«n nrvmed frtiiw t... -<. ii cm-hj ui at 




Burk. [Cor'tex.] Tn tlic plural. & 
|if4jMiltir t<>riu IVir IVr>kVian biirk. or tliiit 
oriitiy flpeoit^-iorohichtniit, i^ert't.vtuovA. 

Bark* rur-I-tM^'nn, ••r^inlnt I#iiel'ik 
B»rk, >otjictiiuew itM]<n>jii>tl.v culled fill- 
eliAiin C'ltrtbo^'ii.'' The dark ut thu 
t^jnitU»i»*m\t Cat ihr'Hut, UJiU |ii-rb44|>s of 
j^oinu other trticj. It is u ut><irtil fubitti- 
tutc for omebittia, nnd, tboiigb conUiti' 
injx DcUhor 4|iiiiiiii tiur ciiicbon'ta, ii ojiu 
itrtb«» iint^t \ jiliia)>ie«»rtboi<|iiiri<iii5bjjrkH. 

Bi%rk, E>»-ti«n'llnl NfttI of. TUi» m 
mort'l)' an cxtraol, [;rcpJvrtU b>' tuAco- 
rnting Uio briiiscd iubatuuue of bark iu 
co}4l water, und i^ubmittitj;^; tbo miuAioo 
to a very ?low t'Vfi|HJratiori. 

Biir'i4*y. [ilfir'flt*iifii*] Tbe HQcih 
of /fuftifitm iii9tiriiOH or rutf/nre, 

Bur'le^T* TAiui'lie. Tbu seed a of 

Bartti. Se*? Fkuvikntim CituKvitii.f.. 

ISnr-o-iuit4'-roin'«>-t«r. [Bitroinni** 
roui'eCriiiii: from iiafioi^ ** weight,'^ /ttnt- 
(Mii, "lengtb." and fi*Tpov, & "mcttstiro."] 
An instrument fur ajscertauiiiijj; tho 
Hi'ijuhf and k'li^th of iiM»-l>orn infuntiii. 

Ild,t-ri»in'«^1er. [Lai, itaroni'ftrnoi: 
Fr. tUititMiltir, XA't^^'taHv' \ from 0*ifoi^ 
**woi(£bl," mid ifirrfw, n " mi^iuHuru.*'] An 
ih.xtriiinctit fwr j^ffeertniMiuK the weight 
nr pre^fluri) of tbe iitiiiut)|iberi] ; u wewtbcr- 

BMr'fiHiifW|»e. |DnjN>«ir«»'|»liiin; 

froiu ii't^^i, "weight," and ii««»^/m, l^ 
"oh<iervi»."J A bji.roni»^ter sensible to 
the *ili^blcHl aimo.«|ih«Ttc vjirmtion?. 

Bit^row'iiHi.' [Fruui /?*v^Vt **hoflV>'/* 
»nd <*J/<i*r, "od^ir,"] A gt^niiij of phuit^ 
of tho order litttnettr, Tbe tcave* rif 
Bcvenit gntsci«a uontftttute bu^ikH, For- 
morl;V eiiUed Dtotma^ 

Itjir'rtiA (Frtnoh pron,, Id'itA'), An 
olcu-rrj»iMuu,« tiiibstaDCG. See (JrALiroT. 

lliirrt*iinc*4M. ^om SvHUiurr* 

lli»rrlii|irtoiiln4M«ir,* bfirVing-Lu-no- 
R'slie'4l, A naiurjtl order of troc4 or 
fbnilf*. found in the tioinc!*- 

itiurllMillniitnir. <^lnnOii]n*,* t;] n n '- 
rtn le liar'tu-le lie a'nr, Thu ,iubU»jrual 
glnn K«, nnnvH uftcr Uartholiu 

Aiir'wofMl. A red dy<swor)d hrnuf^ht 
frun Afrioii, nnd used with 9ul|ibiit« of 
iron fr>r f>rodnriniff I ho dnrk red tij'on 
JJrlfi^h bninhmti liniidkerobicf^. 

Bitr;r<^«>i»** h*r'ij-c ko'y». fProtii 
^iifj*'^, 'vbe/ivy/* ft»id atrtt^, "hcuring/'J 
I)ulnf«'«:a of hi'nring; denfno**. 

WUy^ r^ pit 'cKii .f * [ ltiiir> |>ti4» ' n J » ; 
froMi )i>i}'*\. **hi*ttvy/' nnd y- • *». the 
"vojui',"] DttKoullv of ♦<jK*iidi. 

Bv-rt'Mk" or B<^r^'«M.» (Froin 

0afl6i, "heavy ;" on Kccnuni of its weight.] 1 
An (tikaline enrlh. the htiiviei^l of tkU Ibo j 
cnrths. it ia il viruh^nt finticton. Th#l 
iiibtivv Mil(*hiil« of burytn U li^riiimlf 

hritvif hfifit^ 

Biiiwilt^ b^-suuU', [From tbp Latin I 
litmnl'teK^ di*f^oribi'd by Pliny ii» u ktitdJ 
of uiiirble very hard nnd of uti irfm 1 
oolor.] A ooiutnoti siteeiuA of trap roek, | 
iiN^eutially tiomfMtfed of ftddftpaf and ] 
iMijifite. It i* of a coDjpjuiet lecture ami 
of ii dark-green, ^Ti\y, it black eMlur, 
It U olteo found in regular tHduttian, of I 
which the ttliirii«' ('au^ewny itiid ttiei 
i.-lnnd of Stalfa fornij«h ninv't*^^^*^"^ et- 

B^HHHl'tl-rortn. [IliMitlliror tnlMi] 
from fnt'^tilt'.] FoniH d HKo bjiatiU, 

B^^HwUttilcl. (ili»i«j«lt«rcl«M; froatl 

blia^r b;iMitf. 

Bfifft'^-nilc, [From ^iip«i«;. » Lr-J 
diuti ttfone*] A eort of louchftrioe 6/1 
whirh ihv purity of gold was tried, end} 
of vibich medical tnortQr« wcm inadccj 
It con}«ii4ti< of aiiica, Uitie, magricsiai 04r- 
l»oi>, iind iron. 

BfiJH-cii-lii'tlon. [From the Freneh! 
h*t*tnltt\ to " tte-i^iiw,"] A term ubwI in ] 
exnutiniitti n^ of tho uientit In rclrov«r- 
eion r tbe fuuduA i£ pie^j<ed upward*, thej 
cervix dciwiiwardt^. It ii hulf iht? Mr^ 
«utp moVf^Uii^nl. 

BafH*. [Ra'pilfi; Gr. ^tto<f^ & *' found*-! 
titn/'J The «urlh, AlkuH« or tnK^lAlllol 
oxide which* coniliiiicd Hith ati acsid^i 
fornjs a Kolt, In Hiummvy it dcoot«4J 
tb« prineipiiLl Ingredient of njiy «< 
pound prepuriitlon, 

Il;HJi«*llnr<'iP,* biii-td-Ia*fhe-f. A J 
oftturnt I'vdir of herbiiectjiu» plMtits^fouftdl 
in tropiral rugion§. 

ll«M»l-ii'tor, o'ru.* [Frtmi A«i'*t(vl 
h*ii>\ft'itittu to "kifiH/*] A muffrle whoMJ 
offit'ti it ]« to contract the oioiuh. Bc« ; 
Oniiti I i.Aui!^ Oui«*. 

Biiii«l-limia'cia^1. [Iliiail»niii<>Bil*J 
h'IIk; from hu'tin und htnut fn\t'fi».\ I 
Applied by Owen to tHrtuin part« of th«J 
braneViiul on'h in fi^heH. 

njl'Mle. [IltM'IfiM.] Belonging 10^1 
or like, ii ^>a?e, 

llMM-l-lijr'nl. [ltniiili^'f»ll«t; fruml 
Itti'ttn, *• biij^c/* ujid ft^i't'tiift *'hyoid,"l| 
A term in Crttnpnrntlvt* Aiifilomy applied j 
to Ihu two ftmall aulH>uldeiil boiiv« im | 
c i ' ' ' rnnn^' lln' l»ody of the in- 
II irch. 

i> Tbe f!ame sa , 

Ufit^d iiilvtiiioHny. 

Bmi'I-Um^* Applied hy Df. BartiUjl 



Of in««iirns "towania the bMe nf tho 

A«n/» "km;;/'] 


l,!h^il In 


*• tbu 
it b«- 

I', i* ( I 1 ;- % i*tti. A litr / 
At I • I I r the fUH.u 

b^iiit t.lI .irti.;fjr» 11 Wu- 
«ftUJ» tfflMl OfWIKMl in OlftM 


B^i11*cr»ti CItiit'tiMntf, tninctlmcs 
»n*.tcu IlJtMill Ircitu. [ Fro 111 thr CJrcok 

jJ^rrXrciv. Lit, hftmfC ii^t*, **n»yiU;" 3«> 

rt .'d of five piMts itf resiiit 

ti. L, lUitl IW6 i»r jc'HtW Will, 

It >*d ms tk BtimnUfiu^ ^pp^'^- 

eatmn to bUdtored surrAoeii, inilgleaC 
liloer*. born^ etc. 

Va'Hla. [From lUo Fruncli tmtf'wtn, » 
*• wij' d^xjk.") A i;u'»l">;L;i''ul torra »io- 
ii'itiitij; ilic hIujmu^ vf slrnta tn flovtrnit 
dirnetiuiifl tuVTiird:! n cviitrg. 

II«'mI-0«. a {irofljc dunoilfi]^ outmiH!- 
tiriti vf'iiU the bi^Uiir prutjcii!* oT ihn 

ll«*«l4>-CJIni«'i«tiJ«.* [Fr^in Lfi'mi^f mml 

)rV^74, iho ** Luu^tic."] A muscle mfi- 
nitl t fmoi lh«« huae of thfl 4»h hjoldea tn 

II,., f .U,M1.. 

fit., - , ,.kir« li«: rr.»tn ^rr'*f*, "base," 
ftOl :_.■•.. -^.(^» /. ' ■ ' Hij.*'J 

Applied in I . hy 

Otrt'ii* t> II i' ,, .. .. -<.ii the 

Ba '«!«.* [llr. i^tvi^, Trora jiitiiVt^*. to 
**^^i'* to **iit«p." tiotimi, "Hiftt on wliirh 
OH« ftopn ur iflt.iti 1^/' n ^* f lurtdiiitiou/'] 
Thn -i.K-t ..,,». wrifh whiob an ncid iacotn- 
Mi , t. S«j B4*ie, A mortiftiitf 

or iMi'1 in d^fcln*, «rhioh hns 

ftfi aJlmitv h'tth fi>r the dolb nnd tha 
eoUrln; m4tC«>r. ALio^ tlio |)riQeip«l 
fn<>lir<rii:iii 111 a rirB*cn[»lirtti 

BamIsI Cordis.* [C^r, e*,r'di\ tho 
**b*»«l/*J Tli« "biv*»o "f tho hcmt/' 
The bfOttd |>:irt of tho bcHrt if tbua 
railed, M dUtmgtiiithed from the ef/tejr 

^ lHkflll4*'vt<»ld« fDiMl»|«tlei|«»l'* 

^) A|t|>rKid in AnHtomv »»d Com- 

IftTattro Aimt^'iny. by Owen, to & h«>nv 
ainalopmii «rUh the baso erf the {t|dio- 
auid bon^v 

Ban'fi^rd, [Wo'ltimi.] AfiptM to 

a ptiiiit: or K diseiLMi oEn^rty mifmblin^ 
hut rii»t rtTdt.v ivhml if H;'|Har» lit bo, 

Biii»'l«u^l Bit ti>-tt|'. The rwMt ot thtt 
J*ti tnmu* jrti.ii*utti',uoVii fulluu iulu dU* 

Ba'«jflcN [Prtmi ^'w<i, a "Iimo," and 
Af^. "j<iuff,** *' ««h?^ttttir**/') A tcfiii nn»- 
|m>m:^4) tiy 5tr. (Jriilmia t(» Orti«>lr the ine- 
taJhc riMlieivl af « >tilt. TtMi>. sodLutn b 
thij futmiffr of (,'ulph;iUt of utida* 

Bnt«'ttifMi'te l^M*'l4»-ml BrofiM. 
TIir?«tJ <:on»i.«t [irincipttlly i»f ihr tihcfuro 
of castor, with porltou* of " und 

opitnit, tliiv»r«i<l with iiuise< id 

by cocbincab Iscd in cm ^ u-. 


BAt^^ Al'ffim WAt'er. Thfl Li'qm»r 
-1/" i"i»'tti4» of ilic Louduu 

i'h:i n powerful n«tnngt«iit 

H'lliLi , ;^«m1 for «liaiulating and 

cIcinMii;; Icful ulcers. 

Bail!. I BiU 'u<*niii« pi q rn t BiU ' itcA.] 
A tcriit tifiplivd tio Mtiy ytcldinj; nieflmnn* 
huob ng Wittier, muA, vie., io wbirh a 
bortljf io imuiencd. Bftlbs ari» eommotiljr 
dn idicd lutu yrncrnl and j^artini: they 
mii.v con»i«t of i^implo wntcr, or he irr<^ii'- 
rttifU. As thij I iiil ntirl ihem- 

|<eutIo efl'eeU * modified by 

their tem|>«ratui . ,, iv be arrotigcd 

uDder the foUowiu}^ hcrad« : — 


ARrrFrc'i4i. Bfa-Wa'tkii Bath- ( Wa^'- 
neum tifn*riM /*ieti*iiutn,*) A f^ulution of 
ono puH of oftmnidii salt in thirty parU 
of %v!ittjr» 

Coi.ti Rath, (/?** rJ«if».») 

Tlie (iimponvtiir« f«n ^ In ftO** 

Fiihr. ]ielow5tl° ili^iM ., . .. i ,crycidd. 

C<«»L Bath, f Sf »<"'»» niwi /.Yv'iVm «*,♦ J 
Toinpt'iatunj From (i»^ to T5<> Fabr. 

Hot- A in Bath, {fiol'nfum Budnto*^ 
rt'uHf,^) Tho"*Wfttl4iijr biith," Tfmpcra- 
ttire frnm 100*^ t^^ 1:UJ« Fnhr. 

Hot Bath, ( Itui'neitm rcrTiViiw,*) Tem- 
perature from t<S° to lis** Fdhr. 

TrM'i'rn.^Tit Bath. {Bnt^tn^um f^m- 
prrn'tum.*^ T«mp«raturo from 7ti^ to 
85° Fiihr 

Tr.p'iP Bj^tii^ (Utii'nruM trp'tthim.*) 
Tcmpcruture from Sii'' to 92** Ffthr. 

Va'i'oh B^Tin { Tint* Ht urn 9iif>o* fin ;^ 
hffV nntm Inrnn* irum^* \ Tcmr enitnre frofli 
122* to \H'->^ Fiibr Wh*^n ii xnpat 
bath b applied only lo n partiritlur piirt 
of tho b>Mly, it i» en lied tk /Hmujnfton, of 
T»fMtr dourh«, 

Teinperftlur« frrmi 92^* U* 98<» Fahr,; Ihat 
ia, about thai of the body. 




Sakh Bath, {Bnt'ufHM ar<* »«■,*) 

fliici sanri, I'hiceU on a fire. A glaj^s 
vvawcl may Ijo iminersnl in this ftittl 
j^railujilly hcatcJ without dftiigor uf 

B»t'nt-4'hit4*. [Batrnirlil'leMS (Vom 

A Htonu lik» CL fro^f ; the losKt-Htotic. 

Iln-trth'4'h1-nfi.^ [From /i<iT/.a\rtf, tt 
*'rro;;»'*] Apptitxl m Lhc jiluntl iteuler 
. t/latin^tfiiti) to an order of lifpriiin', 
\ Wtru'tihiiin, 

B«l'r9.elioi«l. [Itolira/Pliol'tleM; 

•"fv^nii/*] R'-^crmljltJig a froi?. 

"frog."J TUu (•iLtue iw Rani i.A, wUIbU 

itnl't^rjf, l>lc«'Crlc-Jil< A scries 
of CMiiti'tJ juTH, or of |ik'Ct'« of c ippor and 

, i\nCf tuT proilui-iiig electrical or Qlc4:tro- 

r<6hi'tnii.*ril ni'ti^^n, 

Bni'terjr* C9al-Ti»ii''ic. A oombina- 
tion of scvofiil [nViTB of line and euj»pcr 
|>latnH (tnldcri'd tf^^clber, tiii*l xo aTrangml 
tliiit the iianio inrtal phall jilvrLi;t^t« bo on 
tho fMnc «<idf3 of tttn Ci)ni|iiouhi1 (»lrite, 

ISnulBlH (U<VuPf'). TAl'viilc «r. A 
valve in tho c[reum, wh'^fp rflreo it i* t'> 
pn-veiit the return of the excrcnienti- 
tioii9 nmttvr* from the eivciiin Into tho 
vtnall inteiEtiine. Thu cxtroiuttica of iif 
two [\it» i'untx rujra* in ihu fit might part 

I of tho rri) II uj, called hy M orgugui /*'jr?»a 

t^ th* vah-uir u/ tinuhifi, 

ni»um4«» buniG« Tho Frcneli fbr 
Hai.kam. whuiU isco, 

BAUtiK* €lc Vlc« hom tlvh \h, (** n&lm 
' ©f lift.'.") Thr- euuipound decoction of 

IlHjr B<>r'rlvM. [Bitc'eir Xjtti'rl,] 
Tht' herricjttif the AaiirMTiio/ji»7/», orSweet 
Bay. A «iv»lid ^uKstnnco i* citmctcd 
from th(?m, ciilled taurin, or camphor of 
the hay herry. 

Bay t'iM*r'r^, Buy I^n'r^l, The 

Bajr Nnlt. rhU»r^t<» of i<ndium. or oftpi- 
muti i-n\i. iiit olMjitucd hy Bohir evjipor^i- 
tion nn Jhi? dhnrcfl of tho Mediterranean. 

lt«](>llH. Seo Itifvirno. 

IkU'l'tl-nm.* A nnme applied to 
two j;;iim-ref»innn« ^uhMtHnrieJi* One of 
^Ihene \i th<^ fmftttn t'lr/tntm, or /r'l/**' 
ni/rrA, prneurt'd from the Am'^fn'" rom- 
mifih*nrn. The other t^ eftlled Afrifnn 
inif^ttium, and i* ohliMued froin the //*«- 

ttrfx'tiit A/rirtt'tttt, 

Hd^^llmiirler, dol'lnm'r-t^r, [BfSrl* 

lom'elpniii; from 0*\^\a, k **I^ocli,** 

and ficrjn#*% ti •'numsuro."] An ioMtru* I 
meut intended hum a stihittituto for tKa| 

Binkd'ecl. [Gntfinln'tmuJ Amdicd | 
to roi t.>« Uouttcd, like hvnde cUiitig ciOArJjr t 

R«-«Hl^-Prf>or. A ler: ' tho J 

Etrenj^th of apiritiioni^ 11 •!%»» ( 

hy the contlnunuce of liiu p.t*.-..kd or J 
heads on the jfurface, 

Benk. [B4Mi'trtitii.] Tho tubut&f ] 
portion cif n rtitort. In Ornithologj*, th« 1 
proU>ti|*iition of tho tnouth« *>t fub«t4iiieo 1 
inve}4iiug the insindihlcs. nimr ' 
horny, «n<l of viiLrions rrmf. 
to tho kind of fund used hy etii i 
the bill. 

Hi^Ait or At. I^nalium, See St^tc 

3fOS« Igi^ATIA. 

Bcnuml'cHl. [BarlMt'fft«u] Hnrin; 1 
a hoiird, or (iotnt^ heiirJdikc Kppeniliif;^. 

tu»t($f,ttffl,t4 unt ut»t\ lonnerly called] 

AfftUtti* UVit *un{. 

Berber* rln*. [BctM^rl'na,] Avoge-J 
table iilkiiU discovered tn the Brlte«rmt\ 
or procD -heart tree, of Eritiyh GuiuitK, 

Bcbceru, or Bil»lru, Vi«-be'roo. A I 
tree of Critisih Guinnii. the titiiber uf i 
which is knowti to wooil -merchants hf\ 
the name of Green -heart. It yield* a 
Hubjitancc, culled hfl^ftrin, of antlpe* 
ri-idic properties. 

B<*c'c^i-ba»'i|^^ [Frtim th« Qvt'i 
uiJiti lift, hf nut jfn^ *' water-herh."J B|.^«.l 

Cific hulJH-* of Vm>n*irtt fUcctthuti'tfn^ W 

B<H*fIc^4'nill4>r(rr.],brk d^b kw*>4^J 

An iii>tritiio'(Ll for cxLriietinj^ bulfft. 
B«»r di? IJdtre« S< -^ II vnr Lip. 
Beelilc. bt^k'ik. fRt^b'tfilM; f^OU 

0'ili ffnx'k, **cfiugb."] Belonging U^ w J 
relii'vinp, a eou^^b. 

B<»«'lileii,* bfk'e k^ [?e* prtredingl 
artiflo.] A ^enernl Irrm for nitfitieirica ] 
temiint; to relieve crugh of any kind. 

Be«l«f^r, or B«^riettiir, brd'^'^iir, 
A remarkabio ga}\, tefriuHl ^tr^^rfi 
MjitMHff, found on viiri'vi- " r7(>*»i,T 

fmd produced hy the po». cml I 

aipecie?? of inacet'^, inon . j ih«J 

B«wr, [Cerpvi^winf *Fr. (Vm*im 

aPn'vw&i'.] The fermented infufion nf 1 
mnlted barley, flnvitred with bopM. Tbfl j 
term "beer" is ali^o n|ipfied to bevcragt^d J 
ron'ii>i(inj^ of a ttaecharinc 1if|Uor ptf'^l 
tially advimeed into the vinous fertnoq* 
tntion and flavored with pf)<^iiliiir ftib- 
(<taiiee8, ftB epnice hour, gingvr-beer, B(e..j 

»'tiiic«* The first milk tukm 

l*rri thf ' "W »flur c^fttviug. 
Bvm* Was* [C^'r*,] WmX t>btiiiije«l 
(rf*m tbo comb of lU" A//** m^HiJiti^, Sec 

ll«*Xf»fili»«c«v,* be-grt nc-»'sbe-<'» A 
nriiurnl ortl«»r of f>Ififkt». mo^Uy herbji- 
c< 1 in tbo tropins, lnclii»ilng 

ti Tbey are |>nKU(l for ibeir 

Ur-liftik nile. [Il«l«iiinrr«a; frum 

f,,. ■■,■■■■■, ' 

•ii_- .. ,.- .■ - :,. ,. ^, ... . 

ulruUcr, #tntiKbt. atid crniicitl or Bhiir|) at 
one end. Oft«»n fr.nn'l m cbalk. 

B4'l<I^Ml<>ti It. rt '*b»o<lsnmo 

tlj:" iho Used nj ii eofl- 

dtir.] Tin . ^ [Kt^ial tintiielBr 

l*h. ) for tht* kifcvi-f oi At*ttt/)ff ht I la dtp*** no, 
II i* w [vr»wf»rfii1 tirtrentic. Wbm nppiU'd 
t*' I ft'iujifkftbIepro|H'rtjr 

«»t (bo mn iL 

' I- .i.r ro'll'iiiit* i'"Lf«nf 

«>f j.audltellMloii'iiirltn'- 

«ii^ I- iif Btflbiflontm";. ^Lt-llKL- 

Bi>11-M«*i'^t. An ulToy of eoppcf, 

■ ir.i. .n<t titi. tixrti fur brlb, mfrtjvr!*, etc. 

3ofr»''«K9iitMl. Sec Bnt*rT UK 

.**«'<» A KTiovrx^ A 1. vr*» Vk !<TKn, 

ttokL [Brlauol'dr*! : from 

nlkin," and c-Voi, n **forin.**J 

1 butlkin. Afipned U t>r<'- 

[1 'I, one of 

11..; i ijf ex'i|ei*Urt..^, ,..„.,,. ^ ,,,,, 

onljr in Arrico. It iocludcf tb« Napo- 

Ifktntt imprriftt^M. 

Bi»n, Oil of. I od oil of 

n T not bcGomtng ranold for 


Il4'it'4?*ilir'tniu* [Fmm ht*nf*Ii'eOf 

hrrf'/ir'tittn^ lit " IiIpm/'] LUmiHy^ 

aUI ntij^: ^ro^ Icruic;! i^cut^dii 

nf their 
I', untlrao- 

ll;m'}>ni]ii. A rurnjptfftn 'tf ffc«- 

'«^^, See Hr.s^rtivrK, 
ll«^n'|rtTnlit i*low>mi- Bentoic fteid. 

I0rnnr I««HftVC«» Fen L^KNAMl'tf. 

(*n«lt*i^. ,S*'c MixKiiALTi'MPKi^TrirK. 

»*le. fBenw»'lc*iui*] ApplieA 
to un mnd -iHf allied from ^ntu lt«^u«i*iu. 

Bf?|l*«0»tf '«*>I7^* [KfifUl itenzn'irtftnt, 
nnd ff'rtt, t.f "beur*"] A niitn(^ iif>p1ied 
to thii tree cominotiJj kuuwti nt tb*j 

Bensoln. See Be^zoiTtrn, 

llrll'E^lll« BCfl'aO^IJMS [ffll»tllM»l'> 

HI*.] A t'ompfiund obtaitivd fruru oil 
uf tiitter almonds. 

Dcn-Bo'l-nnm.* [Arab, /f#ii^o'al,.] 
Tbo t*h!»rmfM-"|>*einl nnine of gum »>en- 

i from tilt-! .S>yr.l.f AfTH^Cfl'lt, 

f nod ix|te"('*niite. Tbe 

l!n« vnpor of btm^oin bi*« 

b<'rri rrconniu'iidcd in obr«'iiie b&ryil|;iti0t 

II«*rt»rr4ie4*at*. See B>;«iif!»ti»A«f .«. 

ll«''rtM-H<tii€M*«r,* tier ' v, 

or ll<*r-iM*r-l«l'i»-<iP.* A It^r 

of plnnU, atiii!i*d tiflfr thi' / ILtr- 

berry, or It'-rberrr), which is the toort 
iitiporUint favuti^ it oontfttiiik. 

nrr'bf^r-lii. [Berttorl'iiA.] An 
nfkalino i<tjbsmuce obtiuu<id inun tbu 
ISinrhr.i'i* vtt('f'*ri*. 

Wi^fW*%^tn*%U An essence prepared 
from tbe rifid of the Vifm* hfrffttmit*, 
otherwise cul1e<l f^ttrun mriin rn^\t, 

BrrnFTitt^til (0«>r.), brMui'mril, Llte- 
riitlj, '*n)ouii(;ttri tuciil;" nn enrth, f*'iind 
io Sweden, reneniMin^r fltie flour, iind 
eelehnited A»r it« nut ritioitii qualities, U 
15 round to be composed entirely **t tho 
«bt>lTs of rrnf7roHr*f>pi<* nnimuiriutes. 

Ik^rlbfrl, ba-re-bu'rr. A spu^mmlie 

ri;;idity of tbe Jowor limba, etc,; an 

rirM»ti- (!i':fl;ipo o(*«*urrinff in Imlia, imd 

considered tbe mime nfl Hnr- 

^ fhelntter 19 ft ehronir di-^tenMo, 

. ,. -> r,i hrrihrri in, - '' luibtlity, 

derived from the r* of tho 

IfifhliM) trivfd ^<*rf'. >i _: irons of 

fr^ned to the lcK« of criminnls. 

f'te. A person nfllii'ted with 

iriiH M-.M-f i:« literolly **fi'ttered," 

Berlin BItifs 9<itv X*m^*<i\^ Rtris. 

Ber'r.f. A ptilpy. ind(dii:»et*ot pert- 
enrfi, bflvitii^ the soedw snuttere*! b»ose1y 
in (be pnlp: n^ thoirr«ipe, ifo»t«ebrrrv,rto. 

«r. Two Fmall. trinnjrwliir. hitbtoated 
bone*. nOen found benenHi tbe ?miill 
ojML'ointf ot the sphenoidal Hnus. 

il^r'jri. [(Jr. 0ii(^ \U;.] A vnricty of 
the rmfi'itfJ, n minernl t»r irom uiiuatly 
of n i^rren c*olor of rnrionn shftd**s, pussi- 
inc intrt honey yelb»w und -ky-bltio. 
Whcm md«»ret| je^reen by OA»d<» of chro. 
rnJiim. it fonoi the true emernbt, tind 
when eulDrU'si^ iind trAfispftrtiut, a^tfo- 


filiij'utl tn tlt« Kant, ootifitijting ohiclliy 
r of thv <ir«i<'i, Itttvlp t»r [ftHUug nutt the 
I prociuoe fit' lliii Ati-ttt C^tf* Am, or (Jnleclm 
iFjiliiK A |M*r(iun of tL Uut it rullvd up 
Itrith ttlititti \uiii! iu th^' i-nf of the Piper 

lln'«'<««r,* [Frtiini 6«/'«/fi, a *'tiir<r]li> 
trt'o/*j A nahirnl r.ider of tr, ' 

I ing of (J*o vurioi]» ki»iU ol i 

AUieft TUtPiSfj trec»< tortnt^'l ^ o 

Ju34riteMiin urtler Ami.uituum, 

Bel-u-l lit '««-oiii*. [ B<>lttli»'<^iiik, Bet* 
t nliii'viiii; from Acr't^^t* ttio "Itirch- 
trt'v."] Ilavitii;; ilo iirrtiugvuienl at> in 
till- He t ft /it. Set' P KTr LA ricK. 

Be-3n»'(4r, or iU'^jevtAnl* [Pcrs. Pn- 

Mulntt ; {ToUi p'tt " a^uiiipt,'* Jitld t*iit*H\ 
\% " piMBufi/'j A otilculows coDcrettuti 
IfoiJR'tiujUA fouud ill tlie »tiii)Rch. io- 
ltetttii>««* ju)d Ul»4ti0r of oerlaiti Ijnid- 
|ftllilU4ilJ> eueli im th^ ttx, linrj^c', di-c^r. 

ThfM* TODor«-diotta Wci> 

Tilta«l« Mltl to he COI14 

not only again nt poinona* buLjileiONgiiiiiBi 

pc'6tik^ntiiit Hnd othc^r disc>iwMe«, 

JB4.*B'<»-ar'4tl«^k A Ldju^s of tnedictnca 
^8U|>p<>!>td t*» po-sc»4 viftUi'0 tieiilaf ttr 
th*'So ot tht' ln*!toaf, 

Btiitttir* hliMitji*^, or b&ng. Thf:» Can*- 
nttiiB /tt'dicti^ or ludittii ll^mp. A phvtU 
. eoinm[>n in In Ihi, contniiung powcrfal 
||litn^>aie propftrtijep. It tp um-d in vikrtotis 
fonri* hy tht* p»_'ti|j|p of India fur the 
purpoific of intoxic(irif>n. THc top* nnd 
tender pnri^ of lH« phmt, mheit dried, 
cotifttituti th'^ hn«Ui^U \iih fihocsti'^oi tbei 

lti-% [From /'»«, "twice/'' ^ ..-<.▼ 
in certain t?i»n[ipi>imd niirao 
Iwo. or iwi<^i«; nn &iVr|r»#, " tn 

Rlb,^^ ftiU* " Driok" (uuiitrutivo 

mood of t\>e VCTVi hiUtt), 

lli•lljk'ftl<^. [IlilifHi'lciiMt frotn hi-^ 
*'two,"(ind ita*ti*^n''\MV9v"] Hii^in^tifo 
biiM's. |L« t!ii' fitittnt*? of p'ltimli «tid »<f>da, 

BilM«Co'rt*iiii.* [Frrtin Ai'io. /-(fc'*'^ 

fitwi. to "drink/*) A former name of 

t' ' • ' ' ariJ*', from Uf dniwJriij 

tnwitfds thp n^-"!?. nnd 

itro the nip ui «)Hnkinu:, 

lilU i».t4>UM« [BII>'Ullt»$ from hi'bn^ 
tt "ilrink."J Altmclin^ inotnturo; »h- 

Bi-rn|>'»li-lnr« [ Nlrii|Muln>lA : 
€rinn /i» , "two/* iind fitp'*uf*f, a "ot»p- 
*ult' "1 ltnvlii(7 Iw cflpt-oh"*. 

lli-ntr'lM*-iif%l4*. [Olfwrlfo'ttjus 

«*ft«; from hi-f "two/' and i^arh^^moi^ m i 
"carbonnlc'/*] Twa (iquiviUontji tif r»r- 
bonic iLcid coiiikiDcd vtitb * m- of brnm, 

Bi-citii 'tl^l* [ Bf m ii«lii ' lifk t f roia 
tf'-, "tW'*/' rtiid r*fn'fiu, a "Iwil."] Jl»?* 
ift^^ two tiiif' Ap|iti(d to • uiumIo* 

Bi-^e-ptmll-iiin.* [Frotu &«\ 

*'twicL'" or •* twofold," and vrV«Aiit, the 
"bi'ttd/'] A InrgC narcoma uu tlit" Lt»d^ 
tt.-^ if AtiiNlhir were proHti 

Bi*ve|»ti ^-lottM. I IIS s 

fr Hj tin Bttini'.J Mdvjin. 

Ble^ltM,'' gtn. Bl-ci|» l-lliw [From 
hi-f "two/* nud tu'fnit^ the "h<ftd/'} 
Ihiviti;; two h( Jid«. Ap[iti« d to n muerdtf 
of till' umj, and to ono of th^ lh>i;b, 

BK^Imt (l^\^hA'), Cn-nAI' c»r. A 
fitDAll round hole above the pineal gland, 
openioji; into the third vrntrlcle of th« 
brfiiu: i^:illed iitfo the orDchnoid eanai. 

Bi-ch]«»'rl<le of Mf*r'ru-rj^. C<«r' 
roni^e MihtlniHtL'. 

Bi-cf|>'Ktnt. []li«*i|tltJiltN.] B*- 

likHtrinL'' <0 the hirrjut ItUlftie. 

r ' ckii'jtt-iriur. [Bft^cUven'tiM; 

"l\*n/' jjud it>ii'Jitijtt^ to "yokii 

^ '] In I Mirs. 

Hi-rtir'tMiitM. [BIntr'til*; from U, 
**two/'iiiid < 'N 'MK,n *'hr<rn/'J I'vPo-horaed, 

Bi-riifi'|ifd, nr ni*cv«i'|ii-4lJlt«^ [Bl* 
C>n«i jii^t ltlriif«|>i4tii'1iiw; rn>iu ii-, 
••two/' iind lUM'^.iu, (ho "jHtint of a 
»ppar/'] Ha%'tQgtvr<> poiotfl. ?ec TooTif. 

Bi«deti'tal. [Bl'«l«*ni», enVt*. Bl* 
fl«*ntiillft: f n m /j*-, "iw ," und «/rni<, a 
*'to<it!i, '] Hnvin;; two teith 

Bi-4i4*it iMt«'. [BI<l€*ittJt'tait|i from < 

the .-Mine.] Ilrivini: tw*' teeth* 

Biill«r'l-tnt<*. [RUIieUnMMit nron 
h'-^ "two/" imd dit/ituM, n '*firi4jer/') 
lluvin^,' two finirers, 

&i-fllft-l'll*Plii-iia'tii».* [FrotQ tb« 
tnnie, and fituHtt'tti^^ " pinDatc/*! A|»<- 
plied to M pitiitHto 1e»tf with two kafloti 
lit the en'l f'f the eonini(»n petiole. 

lti-c*ti'til-^. [Bh^ii'niM; (rom U*\ 
m'uium (/»t /'two. 'Rudoii'«tf*,ii'*>'Car**)g I 
the " ppacf* of two y«^ari»/*J Of tw* | 
yeurx* dtirnltoii. 

Bi«lil'n-oti«*. [BlfkiVinw: from h^^^ ^ 
"two/* and /ViiVr. t ' "(I'eMk/') Ijfiviit^^ft 
dnuhlr- nionnin^; point mtr two wny*. 

Bir«*rMnMi. [Brfer*Bir«niiit fr«)iii 
t,i. (ur l"f, *' twiev. ' (in f| /*%•*, to *'be«r/*] 
Benriotr twite tn the year. 

Bi fitl. I B I r k1 a» : from h{-, ** two/' 
Iind jhi'itfu to "cleave/*] IMviiled into | 

Bi*llo'roiii«, nr Bi-no>fit«. pBI* | 
lUi'riiJi) frvfii hit "two/* and /Toi^ a 
*'thiwer/*| llaving two (liiwenii. 



Bi-fo'ntlis or Ml*A»'ron«. fitlfo* 

r*, i4 " ii'wt." j Uaiiu^ LlVIJ t-niriua 

ri," tiij 1 /ur\Mt. u "rr'fk- "J Dtvlidod 

|||^ltor-«s»'Uon« [Blfliroii'Clo,<»'H««/ 

Ir.itit iH) flAiucJ A diviiliiag into two, 
I A fork into xt» pnings, 
Ili.9««'i«r«« [From ^t-, **i«o/' and 
>^V> tile "b«Ujr/*J Tbn suuo oj} Bi- 

Bi*#v*ni'Ufii»f«> [Rliremlisfi'tnii) 

/, Tint jent'int. * lwiH?«."j A|J- 
-, Gnoli of wIj it'll liriji a 

lliKTi«»iilit«ftie** ht^-u«>-ne-.i'sUa<e. A 
iftiaml onUr of fibinU^ iu4>ltidiiij^ tho 

igno'ittti 4[triiin{ti>t-tfr)wor| iin«l €'»it;iJ|uk. 

mny of them Jtns trtjcs ur tirlntng 
iUqU rommrkftblo lor lUo beauty of 
thwir fli>ira<ni. 

lil«iionlA«»«>ii«* lnf(.n<>^-tio-{i>hil«, 
[BIjfMonijft ri!»ta«t fmta Rirfum'nitt, tho 
" trutu|nt-fJii«Tcr."l Uubviii)^ ah wrr^nj^c*- 
m-iit iM in Ibo ftif/tufma, 6?v« BiaNo- 

■iffiMNilfVw* hijt'an'tif-9. ttio pittrni 
<ff Blipiw'niti, furintng the Jutflcuan 
nun* af ■ niLturiLl order uf {iliitit4< Seo 

T^i - - ■ r,. 

ti»,« [From hi., **iwo," ntnl 

tt4ii«.ttj%t«** [llliiiv»'tn«« nr BU^n- 

BH*; fr-MIl hi-, ♦*tl»ll, " Jin>l Jn'tfHM, tt 

ir^k»r.'*J U Hjblivyokod , in two piiir*. 
*BJ'l«be* [U*ifi'f*i»ttn f pnilt;th\y i'r*Hti 

Up/') An in»iruin(;ril frtr txlrjictin^ 

lij^fi bndieiNi nf .tulDrttunltr mnilcfittu 

[»« from tbu bliidJor through thij uris- 

Bi*l«lk>1*iit«v [Bllntilfi'Cu«; fn»ni Ui-^ 
\ ht'hiffm. n '*lip"j K'lvtn J two ll|>*«, 
B t.liMel n 1-4II4S [ B llikel n In ' I iin : 

^ < i<s [BllAiiaHIlk fit«; 
friui fM-, mnii inmvll<A*t*iJtt "burttiif little 
|d*t««^"] Ui^vio^ two Incurs of Uctlo 

BM»t>r4»L [Bllnt^rfilU: fnun 

J>»f-. mi f>f'*iFi\*h*, " ptftiiltlinK tn tbf* 

I'licil til lfuVi-< fiftjrt'odin^ 

< (t points Ju- troH 11^ ditTfrrnt 

Br I I 'u eumvvrbsi dii!li»t;t from 

title* [Blllii*Mr rels Or. icaX*^; Fr. 
6^, bdl, and Pith fon^V.] Tbo gAtl, or 

py<'iiHnf flcci^ptlntl of tbo li%*cr. It ffl » 
\ ]-vvl tliiiij, iif u color, 
atiii i-'Sicoodiiigly I'ltUT, >«h<jncM Hto pn*- 
vcrlj <* bitter iw g»M/* Tlio ItUc *»r 

Ilh' 1 ally M n ttmie unii 

U UxAliVe III cix^^ts 

- " >' -:iU.. 


[BU In rill.] Bulonging 

iirtu.- w'i<v i 

t-« tb*! bill?, 

Bi Ifn, or Bi lint* . [::aritn» from 
In'iiw.] A gtimniy» (»ft1c-jc loir iiia.«f, 
cntiKiiierc^d to be tiie }*rindp&t coiiiitUu- 
ciit of (ht» bilo. 

Btltoujft, birySit. [BIllo'Mnit fmm, 
hi'Ntt.l llnvin;^ tmich bile, full of bilc^ 
or rrleitifi^ io the biU?. 

Bll«V-|*h4' In. [ Bli I |>hir I 'nn ; from 
bi*(»; iHid <pntiSf 'Sff tt brnwti co!or.'*l 
Tbc moBi, iinpvrtant ci^iluring iiifttt«r of 
th« biln, 

nilfii. Soe Brt.!?, 

BllU ,%lr«t. J^CH* MEL.«xrti<>t!A. 

Hi IN Bo«ti'nn,« Tbo Liiiiii term 
for ox'f- ^'jill, rifv HfUs, 

Bl|.l.icr'«lln* [Blllvcrvli'iin; Fr. 
Itif* , ftnri fv,.7, "gr^cri eo|or/'J A grrvn 
subxtjinco iibluiii«d frutu tbd jtt(b»Mri«h 
o<i*lorins^ nititfer of bile» 

Bi-tn'lmtt*. [Fnnn h*-, 'Mwf^/* (ifil 
Xo*fi^, n "ItlH. '] lliivifiir t*ro lohvn. 

Bi*lc»«'n-t^r. [8llo4»ntn'ir|«t from 
hi', "two," HUd foe'nh*, a **JtUlc C©U."] 
flttvii*(* two orllj, 

Bim '^11 utiA. [Bi m ^ninni t fro m 
fii-^ ♦*lMr«>." nnd mn'mft, n ''hund,"^ 
l[ji\iri:j^ twi» hund:«. AppH«rJ \n tbt? | .ii- 
rnl m^iitrr to au order of JVoHnwtff/ «, ^tf 
M/birh limn eon^^tUitlos tbe only ^txkxr. 

BI-niiHi'trlw.* [From hi'-, "i»^ii" 
srid wi^fi'*!*, II "montb,'*] Oi twii 
mnnth^: two monlhii old* 

Bin*. Tbe sAtnti tk« ^/-, tbr n being 
nddi'd fur tbii' aiikv of cii phony bcfotxr b 
vowol ; n", lilHoxn!;it<\ t-io, 

Bi'n^r^. IBIiin'rlitw; from hiUtm, 
^"by eicuplcs/j Con-'ij'ling of two, as 
two H«^m«*f»ta* fwo tiirrt-^unif, *jtc. 

Bi iint«, [Bitin'tDn; fr riai^M'*/* tw j." 
fltid Ha'fw*, "burrij" "pff^duocd.*'] tJr<*w- 
ing ill j»!iir.« it couples, 

Bt-n««r'viif4*« BI-fi«'r'rf-oiin. [Hi* 
tM'r'TnttUk BltiC'r'TlcM: f^om /(/-.mid 
Nr/ **»'/«•. " ncrvc<l."| Ft II V in* two ncri'c** 

Bi-ocir'u-li^r. [ BlnncitlitVln : friMii 
h*ti^ **lwi>/' and o,'ir/„,, tlio "cyo/'J 
ll»vi«^ tht» IISI0 of buth (cyc*. 

Bi-ii4»o'u-tmi** [Froin ^m-, naid ik»'- 

uluM, fho "oyo/*] Applied in Surgery 
tu u bandngc (or mtiintaining dress in ga 
on both cy*s8. Also ihc num« of an luii- 
mal reeeniblinjt: the king-orrtln 

Bt-iiox>-li%l«. [illnam'aliu* n'lit/ 
fruiji Uift'^ " twu,'* or " twicv/' un<I p^'m/*i*, 
ati •' oxaljito/'J A coriiLiiuiLtiun of mi ex- 
Ctsftj of tjxalio ifcoid with a liiiso, 

Ba-o-4lj^n-iuu'lcit. [BicKlj^nikiu/leni 
froiu idii^. 'Vlifc," iind ^mjtti, "jiowcr."] 
Tlio dootrinc or M]iciiiC« of this viittl 

Bi-ttl'<H^. [Blol4>'irln; from /J(«,-, 
**Ufo/* mid Myfii, u "cli.-cfmr»c,"j The 
docirini* or .>iciciico of life* 

Bl-c»l'|^-«tla.* [From piH, "lifo." and 
Xttii, to "diAaolvo,*' U^ ** destroy/'] The 
dcNtrnclion of life* 

Bi-o^lj^t'lc!. [Biolj't'lciiii; from tho 
pan J it?. J licMtroyiui; or iuj]»ikirmg iifts. 
A|it>liod to ngciuts of a dck>t(?iioufi 
quatily, n-s iho more [lovrerfut msids, 
nurrotiff^, etc. 

UM»*innK-tie>tl4'ittii]ft.* [From /?<«(« 
"lifts" nnd mn'jn^tiit'iim*^ '* iiia^:netiaitl/'] 
Aitothor niiiiio fur nniuuil ina|L;tieti!$m« 

Ri-|)iu*'lil«* [Bi|Mtrfl'l«iM; froiu 
hi', "two," un<i ftftr'tfti, to **dirid<j."J 
Divided deeply inlo ttfvo. 

nt-fM*l'liif<>. [Bl|»erintiiit ; from 
hi-, "two," Hiid prt'ttt, 14 *'l.iirKct" or 
"liiii!kler."J ltiivui)j; two «hivM(>. Ap- 
plicr) fo II family (if th« (7i*itf«l4]Vftt Sttt- 

Brppfi,* gon. Blp'ert'-lit. [From fn\ 
**t.w», " nod /IP*, a ♦*fooL"] llavtMg two 
fe«t : M'|ieil, 

Bi-piu'nnie. [BIplniin'ltiM; from 
hf-, "two,'* ;ind piu'naj u **lcul!ct."J 
Hn^iTjp doiiMo Ivml^i't^, 

ni-|ihi*t>firKIUI. [Blt»innaitir- 
Irtiiw; fpMii /*/-, "two/' n,ud /^t ft mUij"**' 
</««,) flonidy pinnntifid. 

Blnftimc, [Vto'^iui.] A gluUnnun 
onlftriroc prfpftTpd from tbo bftrk of th© 
h'dly. It coutjiiui! roiiittt whicli hm beun 

eilltrd tu'^rf'nu. 

Rj-r«iM'tnit«. [Birontj>A'lii«i« Bl* 
rom'triM; fp<iii hi-, nuil rct-t'trtnn, a 
*'\iv\k."] Ifavini: two lin^ks. 

Bi-*it*x 'a-^l. [BI»o.^ftit'll»i from 
6/'t «tid i»rj-uo7i'#,] (if both Jcjsc^. 

Bl«i liid.»l/tf m <ii«ii.« '^ Twice 
dnilv " 

BNiuiitli. rn s : r ;,iiii. Orr 
fi;.\„ur] Xvill*^ ijd, found 

gi'iipijill) ii:ifivf I Iwllio fltpito. 

Blit>i»n'tltJ Sitlvnl tniii, 8«o next 

BN-iiiii'thiintAri»utii.* Tho Phar- 
Hiun»P<i"ir^l riutno ( Hr. I*h,) ^f the tris^ 

nitrftte of Idimiith -. flnke- white, or penH- 
whitCt Bninclimca flailed ihv Alilinttr&t« 
of Uiftmuth { limmmhi mthttitruM), 

Blit-ior Cn,*^ or BiM'l4irt, [Frumit^i*, 
*Mwicc," and tor'qum, io "iKriBti" iio 
mimed from tbo form ul tbo fool.] Sea 
next article* 

Bliftor'tv Ba'dix.« Tbo rout ciT 
ihn t*olit*jouutn (uttorta, Greal Bi»tort or 

BlAtourjr, bis'triru* [Fr, iiUPmtif 
from i^itfttru 11 town wbeni tl wn* mnuu* 
fjicturi'tJ,] A Ftnall knife-, fur 

surj^icaj purposei, Tht?r<Tai iht^ 

(ho inrrcti, nnd tbo |^r'«&e-/rv'rrr,, ,«, UTiucb 
is n|yo curved* 

BtMire. A brown ooldr, made of 
wood-^oot iioiludiind pviiportitt'd. Ucoch^ 
mtvt U said to uiiiku ti\v hetft, 

Bi-Mul>lmfe, [BlMul'plti«im»'r«>; 
from (ti; "t\<>nt/* und »m//iA<j«.J A eom- 
bittiiiti^n of two 4H|uirnlcDt<^ *A sulpfaurio 
ttL'id with ore of tb«j biisc, 

Bi-«»ul'plii|«, [BUiil'pblil^ IVr«; 
from f*i-, ''two," und nMt'phi*.] A eom- 
liitiJiti<*n of two triTiivnlcnts of »iilpbur- 
ou» »M'id with imi* of the batte. 

Bi-liir'triit4*. [BItnr'troau fi'#«*; 
fmm hi-, Jind <rtrr''^rnr^,] A Mip* r^-all with 
twice ai« much tartarie acid lu this uurt«« 
gpoiulini;; iKMitral phH. 

Bi-ter'nAl^. [Bll(>rtia'liii*$ frt»fu 
hin^ •'twice." and terttn'tu*^] Twioc lof- 
nato, or doubly threefobh 

Blt'tf^ Alui'on<|i», Wtil'er of* or 
Bit'tfr Aliii'oiid Wal><r. [A'qiait 
Amytf'fliilir ,%»iH'nr. <<r A'tiuii 
Ani^i^irtlnln'riitii Aitiiirtim.] In lliia 
pii'parution ibtTr mo sixteen mittimM of 
ibi^ oil of bittm- almoioU to two pint* of 
watiir, or bsilf a miitim to n Otiidfiun^iiu 
It i.^ t'rTV|doyp<l u0 a vehioln f<*r otlier 
mcdicincft in nurvoun oougba hhiI Mprnw* 
moilU* iilfectioni. 

WtWt*»r Ap'pl«*, Bll'fftr CtiVtifn* 
iM-r^ BJl i<^r fJuiinl* I'hv pJiait und 
fniit of f'ttfuftti^ ttifui't/^fthi*. 

Bll'l4*r Prill 'cl-pl««. A f>«^tmlt«r 
priueiple< on th(' |>rcM'ncv of nbicb tbo 
1itiu<ir qttality of oiTtatu vegnlabliM dc- 
[icndii; an in tb« wo^d of i|Uaf£la* gcii'^ 
tiiin riot, tbc bop. utc. 

Bll'i«*i%Mw<wt* The 8oL^jii:if Dili.. 
CAMAUi, wbiob ec«. 

BII't^r-itiKr. rorruptly called Hii' 
tf.rtt. A prcpfinition for ndultcrnlinj; 
bpcf. oon^pot>cd of roccuhi.*= Indii'uii, Hq^ 
iiurttti^, iobucco* ({lui-^^iti, itnd nujpbnto of 
iron nr copperan* A i*itnilur prrpHralion 
in Motd under ihvt name of "Idrier fiatla." 

Bii'i«rii, The w»ti>r rcmatning »fti?r 




nllitation ut enmnton sfilt fW>m 
rr or j»rtlt fprmiTff. 
1if4^ t-^in4>A»j A twrm up- 

*' % i-r^'^'ini jn llicir ({tiJilitv 11* |*jirli«tiinrly 
t ' ► tlip ttt'*t4>. fti><i whiub an? 

i ii ^Mii.4|iicitl irili* tiroinntju, j)t»re, 

Ill-Ill fiipn, miHiK* [Ae if pittn'mru ; 
fruiu wt^<^>*. *'(nt<'li.") A nATne for eer- 
tiiii intlAinmrtbii^ miti«>ni»l suhi^tAticeii. of 
liifTornnt C'lnMiJtcjjoitJS rjtiij^iri|; fram fluid 

itttn'uit^ii Iliirol:M^<4lcn''«i«t.* The 

/*- >u/r,iu III Iho l*b iruiftrii>p(rijin ( I^itid. 
an i El. J, tit " H:irtm(l.jr;* Tur " 

Bi-lfiinlii-l-SA ii<>ii. [Riliimlal- 
BJt tlf», o'u<«.] The I.r:iiii4ririimtii>h of 

int > ni^tfcl, iiii4 the romaiti'^ of ivjfftalilc 
Ai|lMt.ini-*Mj uito \wk\U 

ni'tti inilti-i»n«. [Itltfiiiiliiv'iifiPi; 
frutn hitit'in^n\ Of tlic iiatutc of tiiLu^ 

Bi valv«^ [Rlvia'vtat from li-^umi 

Ill-v«ii^ii»r.* [Fn»in fct-, &tir| rtnUrr, 
X\i ♦•b^rllj/'] Dimlib^hoUjr. A faulty 
U»rni ii*©J for fhjinfrivH* ; *l*0 i^alled 

BJitiiCc«Pft* biX'ii'fili(*-p. A nftturAl 

or !f«r **f »r»]rortl lfi*t»* ^jtiI HhriitM, iu- 

Icl lii-'Cf anu4tt t 

ii. -r.. !»;.■[-«. '1 .»r* ^I'lym, 

or PV<l a* ^1 irrn; Vr. t*nit:r N^.lr, |».}?t. 

, ^ ^" . > ' i , ■ ' , i 

^kiii. xtvix- 
In Itftly 

I'ity.** In 1 -. ohn- 

. pn.t I M ,i th« 

««ant bubo \i\;\ lO&ievl wUli 

- J* ' ' itlar pqrpa- 

ti of i«nua 

■Inek Dri>|»* [OnC'tiB IVrcYiv. 

titi<tr»1| v. *' Mack »lrop»*/'l A "oltitton 
i»pium in v^rjiuiec, CMrrf*ponflia»j 
if>*r1r in itx ln^»^^i^il•ml proportj-x \<\ tli«* 
i|« Ufiii of lh« U. S. Pbfttttinoopivitt. 
rift of lhi« .^ftJutiKU U oiitiril to 

flbr«« of 1i»[irt.itMim. l! if Itfsi apt 

I tlUtiirb Mf fxoitv thr iicfvou* iy^tcuj 
_.lliafl lU(? luttor |ir4^p!triittoi), Scu I'. S 

BlACk FIttx. A misturu of ehareoul 

ami narbon atfi of potash, ohtftinnt hj 
d^^flnsrmJmg tnrt^ir wiith holf It* wdjijht 
of uWtw 

Itljtrfe f,rf»4* Sco PLnrnAcJO. 

Th0 thiftwini: up, Hi wrt iin fovcr*, of a 
(tjirk ooloretl (liiiit ir»i<m1tliti^ coflVti*- 
jgrr ' ' ' '" fltii'l oo»>i>t* flliH'rty of 
M i >ty th« morUiil secrrtioiis 

of I ik. It i.<i onv » f tb» iuu»t 

fnljii »ympL4«mj!t nttonfl^n^ ytllow fevor, 
whtoh ill Spunifih U often callctl Huiply 
Et ium/ttu ("th« t'omit"), or Kf ro#»/rio 
nc'ifto l^*'tlio bliick Voinit"^), 

Blnek Wniili. [Ixi'tio Xi'|p9« or 
E.o'Uo flydrar'iori Xl'iprn*] A lo* 
tion made with enl"»ni(?l in limc-Wfttur* 
miioli iiaid forsjphUitic soren, 

Bljtd «ler. [Ve«i*e».] ttencrally, 
thf rtvfptucle of tht^ uruiu in man niiU 
otU'T nnimnla. Applied tfi Botany and 
Xatunil H^^Urry Ut various "bj^otn iii»d 
l»r iductiona of ginjilar afipearanrts. as 
th"»o of eca- wrack, tbo air-bagf of 
II.'* hen, etc, 
Bliid '«l<»r* Fit ' rttiKBtaMl 'd«*r-li" nwU * 

Tht' t*nrum vntlrttlnnnit, 

Blfiil (If'r. CJnll* S(^c> (j it.L-Ut.Ai>nt:n. 
RIniMor. VHtiary* Sco Ujuhaiiv 

Bl. UtHI :»t. 

Bl*ifltlc*ry F«*vt»r, [Pf'brli* Bill* 

lo'iMt,] S<f Piiiitniors* 

B1ir« l-tnitM, i*'r/-> [From <?Xrt»ff^-, 
" ont' i*ho liii« <?rooknd Icj^f :** rIj*o "«uo 
who •itiimmcr*,"] The d*>fccl of ipocuh 
N*rmLMl nhtttcrin*^ or sinniinorin^. Borne 
wrilcrw undonttand hy it the fiibstttution 
of unfr ron'i<»n'%t}t « for har»J, — ukA tt for /, 
h t>*r jK «^t«% H»'« l*MKi.rj(^Mrs, 

Btnln. A p\iMtilo> blotch, or sore. 

SfC Til ) Lit I, AIM. 

BlNfic* d<* Trojr**)*, blff^ t1<fh trwL 
SpJvnifib Whtlf, pr»»piirt' I i th« 

Tr*- ^*jr^m^KHff'/ti ofthc i in*. 

Rlll<ft-t4*'m^ HdV* [] ■ -u , ro'uj, 

to •'irt'fiiiinuti*,"] A terra npplicd to iho 
riidiiiif'ntnl ma<<« of an ovgnn in <he pro- 
cc;«s of formntion, 

Bliifi't<o-dpnn. [Blit.iitcKl«»r*fnA, 

tht>» ,- from /Aiam-iitfaj, ti) "gtjriuinutu." 
anil ^pfM, the *'^kifi/'] A tniniitt*. thin 
mem bran© on that surfactc of the yelk 
whidi, whatever be tlif position of the 
**S;!.ir', by ttppcnlinr arrnn>r*'rtinnt,ftJwiiy? 
uppC'nno.'^t; tliu jrenninn! tui'iiibratio, or 

Bltm-to-dor'fftilc. [BlfMt<»4f»r'« 

ltilcii«ul B< iMOLtintr t* tbf bln-^t'idr'nii. 

Rlai*to<Ier'inir V«^'l-rl^^ F*>«iil«'- 

itlf» Bliwtoiier'iiilom.] A flii^tioct en- 

rolopo ii&tuodmtely surrutinding the 



yelk. And covered by the yitelline mem- 
briine; afterwards called the umbilical 

»lfiM-«4H^n'e-sl«.* [From ffXamAf, 
a "sprout," and yitftetf, ** generation. "J 
Thu multiplication of plants by means 
of buds. 

Blearh. [From the German hlei'chen^ 
ti "whiten. "J To whiten by the re- 
moval of, or by changin)^ the nature of, 
the coloring matter in any substance. 
See next article. 

Bleacb'timr. [Deallm'tlo; from de, 
intensive, and aVbwi, "white."] The 
chemical process of irhitening linen or 
woollen stuffs. Linen is usually bleached 
by means of chlorine or a solution of 
chloride of lime. Woollen stuffs are 
bleached by exposure to the vapor of 
sulphurous acid. 

lii.K.vcii'iNO Pow'pBR. Chloride of 
lime, formerly called oxymuriate of lime; 
prepared by exposing hydrate of lime 
gradually to chlorine gas. 

BlkA(Ii'ino Liy'rin. [Fr. Eim de 
Javtliero dvh ih&'vdll'.] This is the 
preceding compound obtaine<l in stdution 
by trnnsmitting astreiim of chlorine gas 
through hydrate of lime ^'uspended in 

Blear'-^e. A chronic catarrhal in- 
flammation of the eyelids. 

Bleb. See IJri.LA. 

Bloedinv. 8eo Bloud-Letting, 


Blondes blvnd. [Perhaps fn>m the 
Saxon ht'it'dait, to "mix together."] 
The native sulphurt»t oC line in black 
orvHtals. and called by miners black jttrt. 
The term is sometimes applied to other 
ore-*, a* iMiiM7«iM»<«f hfrtrlv, etc. 

BlonniMl-e-al'tte. t'/i«.* [From 
,»\« .a. "mu.-us." and »d Ni'rijr.] luflam- 
m.ition of muoou.'* glands. 

Blon'ne-I j^ t 'rl-^* [ From ^X^i i^, 
"mueus." and iVvr^o.. a "sheath."] Same 
as I.KrroRiuitR V. 

Blrn'neii-le"H-^* [Fn>m tiMvi^, 
"nrion*.** and «.**.»».. an "intestine."] 
M : • »n> rt »w from the intesiines. 

BKMi'iio-^n'le. [Blen'iHi«rni'l* 
rtm: fn«m JXr j, "mufu*." and yf'«.iw, 
to "cenoralo,"] licnemling mucus: 
nuioii .ir.'us, 

Bleit*uoilr o-noK,* The same as 
l»\ • \\.>t;» Nji . iwhii^h <eo. 

Blm MO-mr-trl Ita. l/i».* [ Fr m 
»*\ .1. -Mttuou*." and s^rf -I'f**.] \itt«.v'U» 
fl .« noo mp:^n\inc V-lnf*'*. 

J\f 14. -- mucus,** and <7^iA<irM«.i, j In- 

flammation of the maeoiu membrane of 
the eye. 

Bleii-nor^riui'#l-^* [From ffXbrva, 
''mucus," and ^nyntnh to ''break" or 
"burst."] Literally, a "bursting forth 
of mucus :" hence, an excessi%'e diseharfre 
of mucus, or muco-punilent matter, 
more especially from the genital organs. 

BlennorrlMra,* blen-no-re'f. [ From 
PXevifaf "mucus," and piu, to '"flow.'*] A 
flowing, or excessive eeoretion, from mu- 
cous glands in any situation ; sometime! 
applied to the increased secretion in the 
urethra and vagina of an infeetionf 
purulent or muco-pumlent discharge^ 
and called Gonorrhoea, See Baptob- 


Bleiuiorrlice'aCbron'1-e^* Gleet; 

also named CuUtrrkna vrethmfi*. 

Blennorriice'a Slm'plez.* In- 
creased secretion of mucus from the 

Blen-njr'men, eniV* [From ffXiw, 
"mucus." and »/!''*'» * *' membrane."] A 
mucous membrane. 

Blcn-ny'ine-iit'tlii, idit,^ [From 
fiXevwa, "mucus."] Inflammation of a 
mucous membrane. 

Blepb'^r-iMl'e-iil'tia, idi:^ [From 
/ffXc^ipo.', the "eyelid," and d^, a 
"gland."] Inflammation of the Meibo- 
mian glands. 

Blepb^^r^l'tia, Mi*.* [From 0\i^ 
pov, the "eyelid."] Inflammation of the 

* Blepb'^r^Hi'ciia.* [From fiXi4>^tr, 
the "eyelid," and i)'r^, a "tumor."] A 
tumor i'Tk the evelid. 

Blepb>^r«pb^b*l'Ml^* [From 
ti\e,*^^f, the ** eyelid," and ^;4«X^i«, ** in- 
flammation of the eye."] Inflammation 
of the eve and evelids coexisting. 

Blopb^r-^pb-UUa'HBie. [Bleph*. 
aropbtbai'milmn.] Belonging to 

Biepb-^ur-^-plMi'ticw [Bleph^M^ 
plim'tlnia.] Belonging to blepharo- 

Bl»pb»r • pi— tf, [Blepli'M^ 
pliM'ttex fn>m ^\i^m, the "eyeUd," 
and *Xkt:j(. to "form.**] An operation 
fi»r ref^iring any legion of the eyelida, 
by takinc a flap from the sound part* 


Blepbftf'^plo'ftf.fu* [From^AN- 
fv .the ••cve'iid." and rX^jr, a "rtn>ke."l 
Tho fa'.ln* down of the upper eyelid 
frN-m f "^ralTsi*. 

Blepb ^ wi p f aim,* [From SXt^ 
AW. the "eyelid." and Tr-Twif. a ''fiaUinf.*'] 
The Muneas BLsriAioPLBQiA. 



iSll^lil, btlU The pri|mlAr name of a 
U^hl ^iiltiy, mu^cxl Uj furtilen culd or 
■mil. "UHirbf ill tlie ffv«i" U noothcr 
till fur L-uLirrlirtt <>t>liUaititiiii, 

nunilnrapm IM^. ^cu Nvitaloi'tv. 

llliiiaii«'MK ^' lie lit t ttllnilnetn, 

HJt<t l«tr. • !-:ir. \>%l<''nlft; Fr. TV*«4V. 

v?v-..k J s fluid 

Ixf^ne^th tb< 11 tan- 

ft'- , ..•.,. , .-..^. li-^leiM 

< i/oiVet vis^'kA iwlk'] 

11-' blister. Sec Bi lla< 

lUUtfr-IkH' tic, BliAler-Fljr. 8«c 

?A% 1 riAHIS. 

llliw l4*rc<i. ?ce Br LL ATI' PI. 

Btin'lern, WJy Inw* [Fr. IVtiVafofr^j 
te/iur* vA'T^'kVtTrAu' TirJuji*',] A iDOfJe 
*>i ■r^ by tbi» cnnii- 

I r the |Mirp»iffo of 

I ., .., ..M.-iid ciniiitpr-irrttHH- 

t hui; to thtf I J All. the bli:»ter 

I ^ nU It |iro<liicf« u njl»ol\v- 

< I -' i-Kinii blifltvr b tbeii «i[t- 

l tUcr piirtf and so on in 

ill<M»ll. [Liit. MADK^ta. I«if« ; Ur. Qinn ; 
Ft v,,,,,^, .-,vv1 Tlic rod fluid wbich 
f 'I the cjiritjcfl of tUo 

I T and vciusi. Evorv 

iit»U* Kitt isnhl tttid while fur lh« muxl 

p — - ... ,, 

n in three statf < 
o1 . fitlinmrH ftra|»- 

«rty <iti (Miiledt /i*''4 rM» iiQc) ivtl pnttirlm*^ 
On eumctiJari-iii it «>6r>«ratci \nit* — 

■ ' h liquid, poiitnin- 
i* .saliiiD m.iUi3r.«i 

CKA)t!»*tlK5i tt It.' CjAlUrd JllflO rKt'oR,* 

A nxi 9otid» oousi^Cin.^ of fibrin nnd red 

ilicK>d^l.rl-tln«. [MlV»la Hiui'- 
iriiliil*«« ^'i' r^pf r)«c'll«ft Kiui'icmIiiIa.] 

- cfcty nrlifieinl di*- 

.; mmI'^IiwI. a 4tHr<Mm»on or prettfr- 

Mnod'V<psvle of 

1 iiifttiuti «»r other 

tlhwt vtotif*. illM*fUittl'lrft.] A 

t|HKUCM of cbithfcnliinv 2)U[ipu»cd tti bu 

uteful iQ flopping ft bleeding from Iho 

BIlMMly I turn, 8lN* DYBUXTMItY. 

BloHBKitfl. &t"0 CofiiilX4. 

BI«w'-PI|>^ A »imptn. tApcring, 
Cube-iik< iuMruuieut uf ^iH«r t*r brM«!i« 
a4ie«l fur the purpose of iiiiliUii»D: iil5a 
fur dirvtitiitj^ a i9lr«iiui of nir intu the 
flatne of « Idiap. which thu.-« ii»Miiue« a 
(Sonical form. >it tht* poiiil uf whit^h the 
beat ie o^uftl to thut of « powerful fur> 

Tho &rff-hff<ifr*tfff* bhrtf^-ptfif i^ nn ap- 
pMra(u9 fur inrndncinif itn by 

supplyiuir it ftrfiim of i vtth 

pure oivgcn. n^ thftf the tv^. ^..,. t..*uo 
togrthcr ill thi> ft>rm of A jet fr>an tho 
riDiile of lh«^ tifaw pipt?. The hr-nl pro- 
duced by thi.^ -h it «is«» 
enllcd the vi>*- U 90 in- 
icoiit) ii« I'i qui^..^. ■ ...-^ -., . . ,,uce» cntu- 
pltfttily iiifuMblc hy any other mciuif 
except M powrirful ^nlvjinio buttery or m 
?er> tiir|t;e hut ti tug lofie. 

Blur Blnftk. Another naiue for 
iv«frj*bbiek, or the clxir H*tHm ; i'txim its 
hloitih hut'. 

Bltic* ItlfiMMiv [3Ior bttfi €lH>rii'* 
leati.] See CvAxufcjfl, 

Mini* Joliii. A nittne «;iven by mincri 
lu Huur fpar; aUo t]»llotl Derbyiihini 

UlneMtyiM, f ^VUMi'im «■€« llrHntr'- 
tSjn^,] A «ub9tt»ii<]c f »rincd by nib- 
binr iniytjillip n»t»ir<*iiry wtth eunmtirvit 
of rtijttii' 11. ' ■ ' " ; ' . ' ' ^ ' ' ,."»ir. 
Of this 1 1 hi0 

is rt'i^ftrci' , ' im- 

mtifO:* t*f mercury, b^v Phavm 11 v. 


Dine 01nt'ni«ut« Tho Untf^^tum 

Blue Pill». The PtM» h^fl^ft^^ri, 
%Sf0 M *HH, 

BInp IH»I. Another term for n bliiek- 
l«?iiil crtjoiblc, rn;i(lts of tk toixture «f 
cuiT'^c pIutiiKjii;n mill etay. 

Bine, PrtiMMlMKi, i^ve PiirfiKtAii 

Bitir »Mm^ Blni* Til rl-oU (t^iip* 
rti'leun lin'|»i«k,] The ralplioto of cop* 

Blmil llwok. [fiiiibr|ml^«flikl An 
in«tnimeiit tined in Ubtternrn) Surgery. 

n. 91. =^ H^tu€Mm mtiri'm.^ A *' Water* 

Bniil '•MliA|»eiL See NaviCC7L4Jt and 
SrAfii ir>. 

Bo4'#. [Lat. Civr'iMiiu cy»r'|N»rlitt 
Or. ot^e; Fr, (XrpMf kuH,] Any iiiasa 



or portion cif mititer. In a ntorfl re- 
llf^jriuttid ft'iir^c, tho tnntcnnl part uf mao 
f of tuny Anituitl. cim)ii(J<!red separately 
'^firom tliv fuut or life. The L«ria in 
^ftt^n t)Uiployt)d «ytioiUjmuujJj with 

B«i|t-B4*nit'* Tho cotnmoti name for 
Mi iii/'tu t/*r0 tn/ftdn'ta, 

B4»>li^i«'. The The'ft ui'tjrtMf uT black 

no'hfiti CpiiM* A bitter gum-rc^to 

which exuded Iroui ii]cii>it»nif in this Unrk 

of A large tree, in Java and tbc ni>igh- 

■ lN»riDg islands, culled A ntmr, or Autiiitr, 

f the Javanese; the Anfitnin tojttttttkit 
ffio tojricttriitf of butaoiiit^. iL in a 
d«!&<ll.v poi»on. 

BcftJI. S*fc FuwfTifciri.Vfi. 

Ik»ll'liiffr Paint of H'i»*t«r, near the 
level of the aert, lit '^\2° •» Ftthrtuhtit ; 
in rue HO, 67'^; under iMtlYiciciit pri'sj*ijre, 
wnter m»y Ho raised aInio»t to u. red 
bent. Acu jnliitg to the Ccntignido tber- 
mouieter. tho boiling |it>iut m 100^; b4i< 
corilinjr ti) tteiiiimur't), Sii'^, 

lk»lA, hwd, the Freneh word for 
"wood:" bailee Ifiotti Ain«r, bwAf k'- 
mmii' (**biUcr wuud'*K aoulher name 
fur QtAsifi^iA. which fcv. 

Wt»im de €'{ n|»^4*ti€*, bwA dyh kdw'- 
p^eih*, ("Ciuiiiniudi^ Wuiid,") A nuoe 
iot Lo<;wood. See Uamatoxvlvji. 

||«»|. = ftatuM.^ See BOLVt. 

It4>>l<* I^IC. [ Bolf^'fJUi, n'l/*.] A 

conilpitiHiiiJU of hnU-tic^ ari<l with ii bii#e. 

llo-lcl'l<? Af 'f<l. All iicid di««overod 
in Iht' ti'tlttu^ ft0furift'iyniat-iu*, 

Ili»-l4>'ln9.* (Prom /j<i:)>A^». a^mae^t/*] 
A kind of funj^us referred to the ^enus 

Bal4*'Uiii lir-nl-fi'ri-ii'i.'* (From 
iyi'ittit, "liro:" bcruui-tji ^iCltsu iiei'd a« 
I in dor.] Tho nijnrio oT the "rtk, f»r 
toijidiwoiHt. ,^er AoMiii I H CJ|ii».ia'ifS» 

ni>l#'tiui Pur'sniifi*' Lnrcb a^iiric; 
forioerly eiii|ih»yed a« a druatie purj^a^ 

llo'lft«.* {(It, /KiA«<, a "liiuip" or 
**iimss.") Aii> iHiiii.My tViriiiO'l iflcdi- 
oinct litr^er than an ordin:ir,v shed pill, 
^oC i4io:in evtuuxb tu he swafluwcsd* A 
kind nf flri,''i^^l<'t'olt^ enrth : hide. 

BoliM Ariiii«iilv. Swi AnMKtfUTS 

BonilMiccap.* 1u»m-LiiiVdie-e. (From 

l}nin'btt,t, the "oottnii tree/'] A naturni 

order ut tr*e»> tficltidin^ the giiKuiitic 

**(ffh nriii f(*tt**ii tree uf Indiiu Thoy 

r»w tu triifdeal rountriri. The t^otton 

^9i Iho f^.wfittj lA iiju Aliurt for textiio 

ti9!fao«. TUii order lucallvd Slf9imlim«m 
hy LiiHiUey. 
niiin Imjc, ii'rfV«< A Linntt^an gtnat 

of the v:\iAf « JHonmfetpfiiint nm^tund order 

Ifftuitiftft/r, The C'ittori-(Tee. 

It4iui'bi-at4% [»wiii htiM,«'r«#.] A 

comhinidtuii ol hMmbie u«:id wilb a baM. 

BCMu'ltlc. [Bcini 1»lrita» tri>iii ik^~ 

iii, a "silk-wumi/'J Fvrtaittiair l») Iba 

Bom't»l« A^'141. An ncid obtained 
from rhe !<t]k-W(jrm rhrysalis. 

lkim'buM.<^ [tlr. A^tV^* Ilia '* batt- 
ing ot iieeii/'] A r - the 
CiirH; iilm«. the emn vug 
through the inttfiin iti:» 
Acini u. Rud liotii t»H)i.Hitt. 

Bone. [Lot.<ft«*€ki'iiliit Qt.htrim^i fr. 
0)1, o.] A sii^ ' -Hy 

ol |»ho£(jhiite ' I lU' 

inj: the »v\\d ii n in 

vcrtcbrated atiiii^iilB. See Uatiiwuo«Tt { 
and Sk^lktci^. 

Bone'-Blftfl*er. The O*fr0ro//«, 

lloiM> ilnrlti* I'ho^phnte of lime; 
the iiirlttjr' baesus of (he bonee of aiii* 

Bone Hpir'll. A bfuwa, nmionniardi 
1iqu> f» ••I'hHiHd III the 111' uaa* 

fticiuriii^^ nniainl cbiircor:: 

Iton-iilnn €ll«i^ If ; .ii ; i^** 

[Named trotn J/. HuHjMitui, the dia- 
cuitrer.) The formir unnie of the %\t^ 
aAoTdinjir Amtrnt^rn bmik^, now relu^iyd 
to the iJahprn imifmrin, 

B4»*rii^l<! Ai^'id. An acid ubtaiord 
from 1m -nx. 

i,*ho-rnj'e-n«*«he'll< A 

naturiil order of p!, 

tiWBtng mucilajitiuou 
flo-m«fC^ln '«-»«■ 

tinme of iin order of ptutiU. 


Bo'rnic [Bo'mn, H*tim ; 





frrtin (««> 
rrrr'«'''<»' n^'idiim.j A eoitibinaltuii df 
boraoie acid with n hime. 

Bo'mm, *%!•.• Then . iU 

name {hr. Vh.) for the \ da 

of floda ( .SV/«//v /?ii hu'fif), It^i rii x i«« a mild 
refri^erniit and diiireiio; in tha form of 
powder mixed with eutcar. it U often 
Q;<iod fi» a remedy for apbihiu in ohd- 

Bor-lN»-r|'tcr'niui«** [From /^iCt^^s*^ 
to "proijnoetl lUiiihliuK tu llie bowel!i.J 
Tho iinr^'lfrijf noiFC pr^dueed by lii« 
aii^vcmeiiti' of fltitdji III the mLiuliue^ 

Bor'nc^n. The name giv* - •- >+ 



nd fif carbon ap4 bv^lro^ftn fnund 

cacn|thf>r H* 

ttw\ it ti* i 

■•■* ' » |H.«suru 

jiuiiiiif. The 
< tht* uottmi of 

llor'iie-19 C'tiiift'Rhor. oitllod fkUi 
^(ijuilfA Uii.nii»hor. A <irysU.lHue loliij 
fttnu'l in i>rf^\'io0<< nf tha vruuil uf tbi) 

ito'poii. [Bu'rtuin.] Tbo bnais uf 
b^rtoU? uctAL 

llDr'O^rel* [Bomre'lomt (ram 
ft '*c»t>t.) A fiitttitituUitiou uf buruQ with 

n ■■ ' ' 1v, 

i le 4c'l<l* A stnmfif, oulor- 
h arc I fnim fiiDeib L^ivr-diinx, 

1*4 4f*.44 ♦iiJioicv tn (larifvinsf im»ril«utc<l 
eoti >ti. A bettor tcrui wuuld be hm^\jt*ii^ 

BttVwHlf-^ S4»r-r«'t9** The treo 

iliotti. ( rtirn'men Bc»tiil4^.] 

^<il'««i^#. [Biiiitiii»lo'g:ii«; 

f^W ifi^il* »u "b»rb»" Hhtnl AOiyt*,, a 
•*diio<»iar««/'l Tlie wieneo of plaiiU, 

Pl«kt'i!^nf. f flotitn'leii; from /Jbna^iT. 

ari '! it bntnab of Ni%luriil 

1 1 iti ofiiUnti^ or of tho 

T« .. : . 'li. 

Botli*rl-«-rcf>ta>-lu«.* \Yt^i\tidt% 

fiar. m "liHlr pit," nu>\ CiWi^i?, tbc» 
, I >lhii!r iirime fir tLe T.*^fl-\ 

I I'L [flt»lrjrol'ilt>«; frtmt 

.'inpei.'*] R4J«9mblibf 





llMt«b ^fti^M wrtfiTt* whi"!i Krwul in 

tl ^ . i ... tl thti h«r*«, 

A'' liittifig^ of lii« ftit^tniiJ they 

•a -l. 

B4il-a*lla'lp f' <f. a "#.iu- 

stCiT] Aftd. A I rn fiutn4 

>• rtt»ii!»n t 
I, juiti > 

. [A ''wax eiiii- 
,- fonjiorl/ h«kpn 

<.] A aloruler 
!i lino into the 

for Ibo rtriMtn, 

Ikici^^', Ann««l* or ltoiigrli»'*OuMi'' 
tie* A htKigie wtlh n jnt^uu nf lUAAf 
onu-ti(' fliin?il ill it* ostrciJiUy* 

ll4Kiill4»ii {h*T.), hoi>"yfijfi\ A broth 
v<r 9>»up iiKKifi by bull i rig I bit flesb of 
nriiiuiU in wjittir* 

llo-%*l ii<» Fa'iii#4,«' Tbe daneaiii! 
BiLitu^, n JiicU 5f»c. 

Itrwct'cat'r* [Itmc^^'liM; from 

Bp»-etie'rl*itlti.* [bVum tun'^hium, 

tba '*nrm."] Scu s- • ■■ - - 
Bm^h'^l-w'iw.* u' II t A 1^ 

Bnk'«lil-aL [ii* . < i frcun 

hni'rktHMnf ib<» ^'artu."j iiuiotining lo 

the artn. 

Brttfli-I^l'l:!-^* [Frnm bm'i-hiHm, 

lb« " Sinn/' ttinl 'i^yvs, **piiirj/*) Pain «f 

thf ftrm, or of ttiiy pHft of it. 
Bnk'vlil-AM'. [BnirlUA'Inns rr<iin 

hm'thtutt*. the " ttruK"'] llftviu^ brandbv^i 

in piiir^ lit rif;hi KU|^lti^ with ihnnts ubovo 

Bn%'4-lil-o-. [From th«i fniDcj A 
prcAx ill t!uiii|muuil iiiiiuee of Ta«:«i$lti« 
It^ uncnt^, eti^, fonticc^tr^d with the Ann, 

BrtM'lilfiiKKtA. 8ie Bic^nniironnrH^ 

Bn«-4'li l-i>p o-flouM. [ Bmrliloii'* 
ixlitM; tnnn /i'/jii\.i<.i/, au ^'nnii/' iintJ 
Twj. ft *'rui»t"] AppHcd bi tlio |t*timl 
Q«at9r (iii*tnhir,f/„fin) Ut ft cIa«# of V'*^- 
la*r-tt with two flo^by urnia iti.MttfiMl ^^ffuel. 

nnft>tit-ctm.<' [iU, ^i^^\^^.l-; Fr. 
Hnt)i, hrii.] Tbe »nn, fnuii ^houhler to 
wridt; Pthctly, frotn tho i»hoitUicr in Ibe 
Hi'ixfw, fitrmin^ »bt» proper nrm. 

Bi^^-«hjr|>'l»»r.ii»,» [Fnuu tifM\6^, 
"rtbort, " aihi rrifi^r. II *'wiii^.'*J Hrft- 
tibyp'tcr<tufl. Ai»pticM] ill thv ucul«r filura] 
{Itntchif^i tern) to ft fktuilj of birds vrilli 
siui^U wini^. 

tlri»rli-j^«a'rtis.* [Pr i ud 

oifuj, II '*(uiJ/'] Hjiviu^^ fl ; 

bim'^hyu'rotiA. Applied u. , aioj 

n«Hii<r I f9t'tt*>ht it' fit) la » ijuuii/ ol tV«»#- 

tatv^ IhtrttfMJiiftm 

Bme'lc*-^* plnrrjl Brmc'te^ns. A 

T^ntit) tonu, ilrn<tlin^ ri thtti UmI ctt pbilo 
uf »iny ttietAL It ii op|<Ui'"l tn llotitiv 
to fill OK»*e iniKlifiivttionp* of lenv^t whioli 
lire ftnind upon tho tnfl ■iv**"*^!^** nnd 

(ir«* fitMllltod hot W I' ctt tb*»lri lul 

th«i rftlyx nf thr fluwer, i '5© 

the turti>fu''r*tm i«f C'** ,..,^ifM 

of <^minino?o, th*< *i 



frorii ittnf'ti'ti I , 

I III, eio. 

» ; from 
»r iikl*$ 




llnMi-i-^kiker-iii^llA'iTiiiii.* [From 
0iMi'4ti^ *'ili>w» " niKJ ofl-r/^tf, *'«4M)d»"J Too 

Itrnlii. A word generally deDoting 
thi> vvhulti ncrvouii masa withiD tbo 
cfwi^Hjfr^, or fkuth Seu L'EiiRBatiM. 

Brf&iti, LItlle. iSee UKitRBEI^LUit. 

Br»ll. 8oti Fl KKLR TlllTlCI. 

Bmacti, [Lat.lla'matt; Fr. liranckst 
br0>;ihj In Anulomy, ap|)licid to the 
injvernl [KtrticiQj^ of bloud-vui^acls, etc., &a 
tiK'y divif^k, like the bninchea of ii tree» 
Rrnni'litHl. S. r Kaiiosi s, 
Itrnnrliln. Si o iipxt Article, 
lti-niifltiti*i.^ bruok'e-i". [Or. ffp^- 
\t<t.] I'be pill?*, f*r brRrilbinj; iipf>jirKlus, 
in fi=he», uniloj^^ou* to th«? Ittiij?* or laiid- 
tiniiiiiil". Alnri, rbi- nr^raii? of rc^jiinttitin 

Hraiielilopodti* Sco Bi(AXciiit»i*o- 

Dran€h-I-o|>'»-4oii.* [Frotn 0tt^Y- 
3tf«, *' ^ill*." uud wf {, a '• fdol,"] Applied 
ixi ZiMilM^y C«> an ordijtr {Hnturhutpoda^ 
britnk'c-ap'fi-da) '»f rrtiWficrte Entowta- 
tntcft, in wbirb tbe hrnuckitf (loiistitulD 
pftil nf thoir ft*i?t. 

Until ch«T-<M't^«inil* [Brnnrlifoit- 

t4^fiJlM; ffittu /iVi^iytti, "^itli<," mid 

tfrfycj, til *'o<>ver,*'J Covcrinj? tbc jirilili*. 

J Applied in Coin[»arfttive Anntitmy to 

i append age II of the )iytt\d and iicft|iular 


Ilniiirh-l-oA'tr-oiiii, [llmneliU 
OM'ltmN; fr<«tii y/p.ivvi*t. *' |j;ill*'t*' mil 
<kinV» a **boiio."] Unvttig gilU wlJb 
bony r»y«. 

"f 1%'qiici %ri4ir: Fi*. K'ut lU 1%', r» drh 
v<^; Oor. fiiithnttr/<*n, UrAnf i^Tn* Hie- 
fully, '*bijrnk wine."] Tbe eptrit di#- 
t^ll^d frum vrinc t»n« of ib** m«*t popti- 
liir forma in wbicb ttlouUiiUo spirit i» 

RniJw Sec BnAi'mrit. 

ItrfWMitir, bm,«k. A French torm 
it^t'd by itiut:ilhtrLM9li to rlenure tbo 
lining f>r n onietble ur ii TutnA^^o with 

nraiiii. {hnt.M^Ml'rHt Ft. Alrfsin, 
K'rhn*'.] An n\U*y nf luippi^r wnd wino. 
Common brnss eonntiitt of tbi'«« part* 
of c iiip«'r Mtjil 0110 of itine. 

Brriv*lcfir*»ft*.* briw-Htf^kH'-b**-?'. A 
nnmr pivi»n by LlndU^y tu nn nrd«r of 
p]siht>, iii4*hiiliuir iiiiD'lurdt citbbngei etc* 

llmjrc'nt. Set' Koriiso. 

Binuftil'-Nfit. A iriunguliir nut 

Iprowiog in Brazil; the frtiit of 

Iiir$'thf*ttetiii cjrve('*f», Of crv^lLin tttit 

Braxil'-Root. [RjmILk BrvisUiMi**^ 

■i1m*J A Uiiuie fouiciimct gi%ca to th» 
root of the ipt.t *n nuultn, 

BnuKil'-WcMM]. Tbu nood uf tbe , 
Cfttiilpi'nti ISraztiien'mn, wbti'b vield* i 
red coloring^ multer ufed by dyet& 

llrfUB-i-lt't t4». Alt iitfrriur ^pfofi^el 
of liruitil'wuiid, brou^bt U%ni Juiiiiii^rs.] 
It in one i^f tbe ebcupeiit niid Icott 
toemcd of the red dyv- if nuds, 

BrtiMl-Friilt Tnw* The ^«r<#cf}«7iM#] 
incim^ a trvti of the order TVOmr***.! 
It bu8 broud, lobiid lenvrf nnd Inr^re^^ 
giobiilnr bead.i of fruiL "Tbt» fruit it] 
to tbu inhabitrmtM of IVIynr^in what cura 1 
i« to t\w inhMbtlunLs of otUar pmriw of I 
tbn wofbl." — (Iloiii vxj 
I Bmtk*Bon«» tVver. Si^9 IiKKcrs. | 

BriMiikit. The Kuit**ma Qf tKmn\v«;l 
Wftttiitntlii of nitttdj ; atni, poptilarlj^ tlio] 
thorax, or cbc«t, .<ee Ptt tus, 

BrraKt-Brini^. i^eo ^ihXX^VM, 

BreiiMt-Fump. The »iiuje nn A%ruk I 

Ma MM A HI ^, 

BrpAttt. [Ilai itilM and lilpirUuK.] 

Tht* iiir received ntid dipt^hnr^cd by c*» 
pan**!*^ n and eonlriM^tiuQ of tbt; lutij^v. 

Brt'C^Im bfjM'chA, fK a "fr»^- 
nietit/'J Kuck Tritb frnpnetitnry ftrue- ] 
inxv, the ttL'gb'nurnted f:niiui« of Mbii.*h 
Arnin^MjbHiF fnij^mt'ut^Mritb tib»rp **djjesL I 

Biv<"<" f ol Af * b re tc b ' o - l^r. [ nr«t<w I 
el»lM'riift.| Applied to roeki buying J 
i^urtouf bfxIitiF in tbvir piule or tub. J 
iitnnof . 

mON*'. A dofeotivii utterance, in itbleh | 
only n )>;iri of the wtird» xn prniiotificed* | 
It dilferti from «tiimfnerjng in b»in|;j 
prndnced xolely by n too great rapid il y | 
of jipereb. 

Rr<«fC'tit^ «^'|..• [Fiv>ni iipb(fit^ to 
*' niotsLeti :** *o niiined becitusc it wo* 
dteuved to cover the infant bum Id |»iirt 
of (be brAin,] An antit< tnic;il tf^rm for 
tb<T «ineiput> or top of the bead. Bee 

Bn'|»ti-o-fro'|iltl*-iini.* lFn>in ^ 

(h'^,'"., nn '* ifjfjtnt/* sni'l ^fi't't, to "noii- 
rifb "] A foundlinur bospital. 

Brr»litii i*c>'vrr. An epidemie 
which broke mif In tbe Prniteinn tinny i^t « 
Bre-Inu in the iiiiddk> uf the lu^l eenlury, 1 
end nbieb bns naminl by Snuvngce 

Bri*v-f*p«*ti'tiiiff«. [llrt*vl|»Mi'iil»i 

fmm 6rt>*ri% '*«b«rt,** and prn'tM^ nj 
** wing."] Rhnrt-winged. A ierni apphod i 
to certain hinU. 


f _' tUe *'0tiurtiut [iQiivcktJ i>f 


ml <.r-l«^i ..rtrt'***, i%\\\t^i ttithe Sixirrii;?f», 

<'V»o, which is a 

Hrt^ i«liii« iii« itj&iiio fa|tpJiod to 
tb<t 0"i<>rkn^ mnttpf uf tlrntil-wociil ob- 
lAitiinl l'r>jm irvrfal fpiu'ifii uf Ctfutfyinia, 

|oc*l tciter. or inijioligu, proUiiuoil uti 
the hamU of briokhijrere bjr th« contact 
af liitii*. 

Ilrlielif*ii I>lft>f<iMi»% [UTor'Imii 
liriicii'UI.] A itrmun ur jj:r«>iit> t'l dif> 
cu>«*<« of tho kiilDcv, Crtl il«<ichtcd Ijj 

IIHai'^t4»n4s f Porhnpi a oorniptioQ 
of " ' lOis ri«rt?rriD$f lii 

il I A nftinu for 

Hi , 1 I »ttl[ihtir of the 

PhaTiua£0|ia!iii is tarmed Jtuw^rt o/britn^ 

Iirlii4vpl«rr«, hu^f.' pe-ni«'. fFrnin 
Ihtf Frtui«*h ^*r»Wr» to "t»reftk." nriil 
fn*:t rn, A •' nUiito."] An iu«iruuien£ for 
brLMkiu^ •tuQcis in the blaildor. 800 

Ti ; ' > <^> 11^ A U-nn npf>lied to 
♦■I hJ to A 'fum-itkf MjUv! 

hj, -, .. ,vL II Iheu became^ 

~ tt brown oojor. »nil in th»t utiiUi ui 

ploTi?4 by «ftJut.*-|irint»T?». 

Bfll t«li*i»il. An M ]i(ira- 

lion. i^iim|»ii<i4'il itf< Toll |ilif»r, 

uiiv uiiticu : rtH-'titic'l }>|tMa ;. , >. i,.., IVmr 
tfliDO^ti N«ri«»it oil, twt^he oitutiei< ; i>il of 
bnrtjihijrfi, (}\r uimcv^: b4»ik*il l^^^ftiCher. 

'J' I I ftlsi* ^ivpo to \\\v O'if^itu 

/' rt>, or uuiuiuuu uU uf iJvtrtJ, 

n ■ ■•^-- - 

ifjTiui)^vmc»a9 in 
1' s or br.'th. the 

l< ii;r 13 h4>ileil; »■ 

f I III nf nnh. 

1. . ^. .i+ *_ I : . ., , iV wcij, to " eiit,**] 
F»»J , HIV !liiLij< rhiit i* niti^ tic tiled. 

ttrn tniitp. ( ttiHt itti«it, a'/m.] A 
iTj 'II 111' liroinii* iii:iil i/^ilh 1* hjise 

jr t»^ §tUUnx Irom (liftw*. " rivn)!/' ttiid 
)|My^«, to •'il^'orib^."] A fririitjjtc ftfi 
fint* ; nr a tlffticripthm (»r K.hffcruiit kinds 

**d*»etmnii/'j Tha OdDAidemtiou of food, 

it* nnfotv, qtiality, iind hbm r fhe «oi«nco 

of food. 

Itrotti«*, or Bro'tnltitv [ llro'nil«iiii» 
or Itrwiiilit iiitn; tr^m ^^^v*^, n 
•*»iiMoli, J All i-k'UKMitiiry b"djr ii-urtlly 
obiHtu^d I ruin the ri»Midti«» nf Auu-wttlttr* 
ciilted Ititt^'in; nuiniMl uq aetioimt mI' iU 
powi rl'iil, fiiOitciilinj^ inlor. Jt in a Ibftiid 
of A deep red color, find \a vur^ pui»un- 


RrorncllACfM*.* hro-mt'-lo^tt'sbe-S. 
[FrtJtn litumt*lia^ »»«« «f tb«i pftn^m.] 
A iiiituriil tjrdi^r uf r ! -u, 

found in trnjiu^nl r< 'to 

of j^owiiig in liirwi* Mth 

tbf c«rlh« U inobid^Mt tbt? AiinnA^» nr 
I^incApidCf Htid other jdAitta prtkod for 
thf'ir flower*- 

BrMSii^ltir,* brn>tiie'le-o, the pin nil 
of Bi^iiip'llA. formtn;^ the Jn.^jiicuikn 
nainn of ftu order of pltuiU. B<»q BuomK' 

Br«»'iiil4*. [Broin'teias.] Belong! ag 

to lir'Oin-v 
Bi<«>'iiiir A^'lfl. A cotnpound of 

bfomitK" iind oxystcn. 

Bro'tnldf. [Bro'ttilfi, i*4i*; from 

Aro'miHm.] A eoiubinfttioD of bromint 
with » luftiillic baM?, 

BrfHfuln'l-taiii,* Tb« ?hikrtiiAco« 
pnniil tiiiiuo (17. H. Ph.) of Bkmiiic, of 
Hnitur!«R» which m». 

Bntiiiiuni. St'o Buovh. 

Bni'tKio-n»nii. [Prtjtn ht^*miHmt 
anil /itt'mifi*.] A peouliHr »ub!ftAn<«e 
compounded of droininc nnd fonnic acid, 
ti(inK''wh»t nnab>p>tia in tt* i^KoGis in 
ebb'T'doiiri uail soduform. 

Bro'tiiit-rot. [Bnkintirr'liint : 

ftiHii t/ift'ntnirn,] A cuutbtnutiou of 
lifoTui* with <v hiiJ^r, 

BraiirlK^tw Th*s Frvtiob term for 
BnoM UM. tthi« h hoo^ 

Bronrlil.* hronk'i (th« pltirnl «f 
Bronvli'mi). The siirno mf hnoncmkt 
which xmi. 

Brottrtilai* brrmk'o-^ ^<^n. Broti* 
rHt-o'rum (ftmiid only tn the ptttrAl). 
Fi. //ro«*'Artt briv^b. fFrom /V'yVH^ 
tUt3 ** windpipe/'] The firttt two hriinohL^ii 
of the /fmnf'AiMi or windpipo: otherwise 
Oitllt^d hf finish u 

Bmiivti'l-Al* fBranclilii'lliKt from 
hr'ut'rhut,] Ibikmi^ing; to the hrtmchint 
at (tn>ttt'fti. 

BiHMiirliin't TulMMi. Th(« minnio 
rAniinLMti4>ii<> of tht* hroufhi. tcrminiLtinji^ 
in tho hr>jffhmt rrtU, or «kr-oell« of Iho 

Bron4*lillJ»,* bfonk-i'tis. [From 
hruWthitiA lufljunuiAiiim of the brwitkitu 



Broiteli-l«tn«iitl'ilfi.* A membrane- 
like lulliituifiatiuii nt the (m^nthia, 

Itroflieli'o-v^le.* iKr<*m ^^tAyx^t, tbo 

** wiiMl|ii|jt%" ntitl KnXii. ii "luinor."] An 

inilolrnt fewellin;? at the thyr«iid i^lunrl ; 

[goitres triicliuoeclo. Culled « I so Derby - 

ihirt' iicc'k. 

|]r«*ii4*hoh«'iiH>rrlijm:lA,* brorik'u- 
bciii'u-ru'Ji-'-if. [Kruin itt'ott'vhtt^, nnd 

[ fffc^nlty jtri>postHl by Aniirul ti> tlosi^- 

rfiiite tbu exbulatitjti of bb»ud Trctm flie 

I lining moinbrunc of ihu bnxiubiiil tnbc^, 

RcfOtnm*>ulT eiillo'l bruncliittl hiMrtorrhiip:e. 

Bron^'ti-o|>ti'o-nlArit. Itr^indi* 

opli o<ii.> . [ lir<iii(*lio|»tioniM'iiiu«*« 

Itront'lioplio'iiin ; fnitti ii^».<y\fn, ami 

0.j/»f, the ♦♦vuittc.'] Tht> Bound of the 

vdIco, beivnl bj laeaniB of thti fll4itbui»ci>[U', 

ill the hronc/tu^. 

Broneborrhcpn,* bronk-o-ri^'i^ 

[Frii»ni Unju'chi, and /liw, to "flow."] In- 
crMMod diacharge of mucus frooi the 

Broil cii-ol'o-nij^. [Brone1ftoflo'> 
mill; frnin iii>'*y\v>;, tbo " wind]ii|iv" nr 
**lir<»rii;Uii(,'* and ri^w, to **eut. J The 
optsmtioD uf cuttiDg into the itt&uthu^^ 
or wlfjdpi|»e. 

Broti VhiM,* [Or. /?f«iy\i*t. tbo " wimU 
l»i|ir/*] 8jiint> us Tuvtmea, In tht? 
jdnrni, fnitntfn is used pyuotiyiD'uisly 

Wilh hronrhia, 

Uron't4»-lilc« or Broii't4»-11fli. 
[Un»iil4»li'ti:w; (mm 0ftivTif, 'Mbunlur/' 
un*\ *i<^i's, it^Bfoiif."] A tbuudtT-t^tont' ; 
AD^'ilkur imme fur Atruiittf or tnctcoriu 

Urt&tLBe« A enifipoutid m«ti^). cnn- 
flhtim* id' «nj|i(MU i*ifb u «*miill projuir- 
tbm of tin ; .^innlmi to boll motiil, 

BiMMtkllm*. The Vet'tni'ha tteectt- 

Brofnn. Tbo Spnr*tium 0c*TfHt' rium. 

Brawn liiir* A pri'pjiralmn ot eu^nr, 
port-wjnc^ npi>?t'K. ctc-» for coloring iind 
flavortn^; nuiitt etc. 

Brown 14iti, The theory or doc- 
trinctf *»r John llrovrn. Sws lli*i:i«oNtAS 

Brii\'ln. or Brnrlit««« bn^oVin. 
[BrnVln. or Bruci iitt,j A voirclnblc 
[/ilkiiU dist'uvored in tbo fulsm AiijeruMiir}! 
' liiirk and in ib<? AW v>»mti'tt. It i* of a 
|»onr!y-whilr robir* very bitter nnd *'lyp- 
tio i it t> pobonuut* but loitu uotivo I bun 

ilral*«M*iiieiit tFr.), btiw^Av'in^v*', 
rorviftjirt'ii itrni for (he p¥trri'H*i trt^mo*; 
0t/r/f'tnmtirmfHt catnirr, of Ljicniii'ti. 

|2mli* Ijitw^. A FroQch t«rmi nij^ni* 

\ tying '^nobe/* Applied to the diff«reiit i 
I eotidiliuiiji of the tftjuud peroeired tf 
I uiL-auKi of tbo «leihuiiiik.pc<, tu^Cftrdiii^ m 
the tbcirnx or ttx (»r}:iin$f iirtr HfTeett^d* 

Bruit «1« C*rfuiii«*tii<*nt, bnw* d^h 
knik nioA'*)' ("I'liu klioj; ^toiiud"), 
Bmll tie rnir %4*uU l<itvir^ d^b kft^ft i 
uvl' {*'»ii»mi of ocw leiilbrr"), A Noond ' 
0AU9ed by friction of the perienrdium in 
certAtn di$)cuj<ed condiiititia. 

Bmll <l« lion filet, \hiih6 d^h *wt1ii* 
(**bLdlows-iii"iitni"). A ^oiind «ii>otrtitDe« 
heiird diiring the fiunlmcttcD (»f tlitf| 
anric'lew nwi ventricles of tb© heart. It I 
i?t Jil.^o termed fiiuit d* Snu^fr. bitwA ' 
di.h ^'M.fl, itr "hlitwin^' stmnd.'* 

Brnlt l>nipNni€|n4*, bttw^ lav'pA'- 
n*k' C'tympttuie tound"), 6oeTv«r4 ' 


BrnnliiCNpap«* broo-no-ft'jibO'i. Al 
nuttind order of eXM^ccnmf "hnii»s, foitlid | 
at tho Cupe of (iood Hope. Their prv« 
pcrtit'fi ure iinknf^vrtu^ — (Lt>nLi:r.) 

Briiii'n«'r*» C^IhimI*, fCdl»ift'4u> 
Itr Brunne'rll.J -'#/*- 

tft'riir, r»r inueotKii t' i hy | 

, iinnnncr in the uiU' i :. f Ul«| 

itonll inle^tiikos. 

BrnnonlnrtMr^* broo-QO-iift.«'fbc-l»1 

I A nuturiil ordor fif hcrbiineoutf |ditit«,l 

found in New Hulland. It coit»tJ*U of | 

one penuf*,^ — firunn'ttia. 

I Brn-no'nt-an Tlie'o^rj^. A Ibvory I 

I or ^y*ivm lound**d by John Urown* whal 

. tuiiintaitiod that nil di.^ioii^es ntf tbo I 

' result either uf an e\ee^* or defieiciicy | 

of <ji'ihthi\t}( m the iiti'tniHl Fystrtn. 

Brniili'wlrlc lir#"<«ii. An nuiitici^j 
Tiiiicft-nmriiiitQ of copper, used for oiU| 

Br 5 ir'nin**." [ (4 r. ihny^i^ \ frran 0fi\*^ I 
to "gtiHflh with tlie lt*eth."j <?niii»binfp] 
or Kriitrri^ with the teeth i one of tbo | 
MymptrtitiN oeeurrini! in cerlnitt diMen»<«>ii« 

Br5'o-ii|^. [Brjro'nlA^ troui i^/'<^ti», 1 
to **«hiimid.") A Lionrt'un ^:cn(«^ of thir I 
cIdn!! Xtftturcin, titiliitnl order i'ucurLi''\ 

Bry«o'itl-9 Al'll^** Tbo BrguninA 

Br.v<»'nlJi in-oreQu' TU© wild vine; 
lll«(u iniMed /ttffnMtn *tih*t, wild bop9, ttlldl 

Bu'bfitO'Mt*.* Bn't»on*o'iira> f From I 

(Ui-4lt i¥, the "^Toin,**) Tbo infbnnittntcfry | 
#wettiijur of a lyiupbutie ^liind, pnrttcu- 
lurly in the (^roin or u&illA. A geuuti uf J 
the ordi'f Tumoret. clnnjf f^ncnUn, of fuU 
len's Koxo|ni;]r. Adrni'tlM. In Botunyc | 
H LinntvAii ffeno!* of thi; eliuis Ptfninndrin. 
nntariil order VfnMi\f^fw* 



Bii'bvfi Oi«rb<9-nnffn.* The former 
naitKi ul' llw pludt Hliich violnl? ^iLtl>ji- 

"^►mtn/* mi** ■i^r*'', **|»ftiiii'*J l*MQ in 

Ssi^bou'o mm Jllfft^w, the 

<*r bnroui in wbioti |iart of I bo boifeU 
pr>rni«1r'» i^^ i***- ril»f1«imiiiJil riiigi ajr- 
fi t Uurtiiii. 

I' i-^i from /*M€*Vn^ 

tis ..a^lutUe cbt'vk, 

• r tbc eliook. 
^ t^rvi*, tsttlknl uIbu the Bac - 
.4 LiM*' A nerve j^oiicnUy 
•ruiii;; Trma ibe inforior mAXillury: tt 
«Hi>n<l4 its bmniiliea to tbv bueoitintor 

•lt»<M:i-i*»'**r» <»>»«.• [Fruin hue** 

T '-olo 

ftn.Ei- 1 Jri'iik ii ' liciii^ much u^cd m 
||ln witter ihi'* tiuuipct. 

Bu««illOifl^ 'I..L -f^tin'l-rl<?. f From 
iku^'% t.4Mwt, H - ^' )i trutii|ii;< or 

htifii.l A li 1 i "i^y jfivcn to a 

Imi t, buviu^ the for 

P:»m»-l*:%biitltei ?(i»r%<^» Sou Buc* 

Vlirrfi*!^.* rritts ttimintif iro of hur'. 
eit, til.- 'vbevk.'j The fle^by part umlor 
» pbin. 

lilt** bo(>'koo. The l*harmii6o> 

\r (fi.R. Ph) ctf thL» t{ftrf»**mn 

rrrmnHn, ftinl other S['eciej4 (*) fUrrt'^'mti: 

th* ffucK** «f tltc British rhurnmcipirin. 


1 P! ."t 

\ (*liini 




"iM'ii 1 

»y bn 

woiK In 


mmy a 

' It ?i 


f^ ii. 

•4*3i» fS«.H> 




r - 

* ^^nm 

. The 



.. * *- 


- i<?fl 


'■ ^rt'ou, uatii 

. nliiT» 

Bitek'n.* The PluirmiustiiicKlal ui&me 
fBJ Pii)f'>ri^ r jiei'criU «pct?i(!« 

af Vi .. Mr. 

fill r- II r* lilt .1 III (hn, a pn.r- 

litr i-wj itrnl ifi/tiT, the "Ici?.*'] 

A the tc^* iliAtin^^ul^hcd b/ 

ti>ti*r 'iiT l«^ iitRiiuimitorr swi!l]«tif;« 


Unit. [LaI. Ci4^in'uui; Fr. Umtiott, 

hr>o'tAr«',] Th«' «n 

It tuLelit f< titer, ' ;,f>f 

K^nij^iin mill *•; ui-.t 

tUkf if C<Mii« (C'o'rlttm Ptilo^U * 
llniin^j Thu i&rlumiruti if 

buif' c'olorinl vuljittiilivc uii ^ >( 

thtt c**i*iK'ri***ji/w<« of blit 1 ,111 

persons laburifix umlvr iiiUaiuuitttiuu, 
wht>n coMtCiilfttion ii* outnplrteil* 

Ilu-litiii' iV'ver* A tiumn (^ivrii hy 
this itnttvpi un tho Afrirati ouft«t to tho 
ycUu« fmcr. 

BQIIiv LUt.Bitl'bnai; Ur (9«X<^.] let 
Djlmi^, H gtobtilur, et»i»!«tl body, a*ilU|, 
or ctMfi|iii4cd nl l]i>«by foitle^ «r beycni, 
cfiai»tttuliii>; thi> lower \unt of notuis 
[>tAiit-» uad ic-niling uQ^riulictfji from the 
flftltencd liairiii. Also ti|iplicil in Anntoiny 
to part iu us of tbo body rveiciiibhjt<^ ti 

Bnlb or a»€- r-ro'tlif^ Tho bulb- 
like conimcnovincnt of the corpus *puD- 
giiiiruttj ptsrut* : bfiice tho tncluilod itre- 
Ihrrt ii* veiled rbc ^h/6um* ft*,>rtiim. 

Ilnl-bll"vr»<»upi. [BMlbU"«ntn| 

fiijin bnt'f*t**, A ** liulls" tiin\ .AV% In 
"bojir,'*] Bcitriii;? l>«lhfi, 

Rurbil. [ntilbiriuM, or Bnl'bii* 
llifi; the ditiiiiiotivo oif it,^V(>tt0,\ A 
Km.tllt f»olid^ or ecjily bii<i, which hoing 
di'tiitihcd fr'»m u |>hiiiit bveoiiica dtt- 
vt.dcjp<v| i\n^ jHTfrctly fJitTtilnr to it. 

Btirbo*€'ii%'-<'r»no'iiufi.* fNufncd 
from ill coniicetitin with tho bulb of I he 
itrtithm uf*d tho corpus r«vfm"»»»nn,] A 
iQU^i.'k of the at'i?thnt« Tbu kiuuc iu 
AtTKr^^it iT<»it Itufv r, which "f'^. 

lluriM>u%. [Bulb4>'^u«; frnm }.*tt*- 
hu*, II '♦bulb*"J Having l.utV^, .i full 
of bulbi*. 

Bulbfilitft* 8f>o BfTLun 

Bui ' bii« % r-t ^ri-o*«av, 1 1 

T5uU>/') The i]um« of Ibc :i o 

ihr*?-© eavitic? o! the heart ■ -^ 

brntifc, n^ exhibited in the eiuly pori<fd 
of th<*ir devclopriK'ur, 

Bul'bfli« 1il-iU<*-foVI-iiii,* I" \i\tvkQ- 
toy Bulb/') That j. .rti-m of lUo i>lf:io- 
tory uor\ o wbii-h «'\p«tid!< irit'> n hw!b- 
like foriu luid n?'** upon lh« crnirlfonn 
plate of tho r'tbmoid hritie. 

Bu*lliii'l^!i.« Bii-II-iiil'^«li»,« Bii* 
II siiitit.' 1 Kri«m .'7'% n pnriiolt' *>( in- 
(i.'r\-ri?*j, luid •^'/jj';, '* hiJU;x<-*f-"l A <l'-i ;i»(«> 
eiiU9tn?zri<'at voracity or it! i- 

ser: cnnincbtiniTi'r. A jfcnn t 

fi f^'irrj t.t, t|nf*$ LttvuU*,ot' ^ iillrti *■ Aoa- 

Bii'llUl-tllii** [Frtnii 0»'t, nn "cix," 
iMid Xifhif lib ^'fitpno, '] A bMDiir Atontt 



found in the kiMncy t*, tho gall, or arimirsr 
liUtlder t>l th« ox» Sou He^oah, 

Hull. — IM'fiutJ "hifi it UoiL" 

Bill la." Llt.tully. a 'amt.bks" A 
truii*|.tiir«ut \cfiolc civitsicd hy burns 
Buaklti, or otherwise; n bleli; » Ulietcr. 

Bul'lAt^* [BullA'tiiA, Ilnllo'»ii«; 
fr">m huVltif a "MistL't."J Muvui^ tuiiitr, 
or Tun uf hndifj — un Mj.i|jetirjinu(r pru- 
duovf] by ihtt surlHuu of « luaf boing 
ruidc«t iibovo iV* vuiiid. 

]]iuilaii« ur Btinyon, buD'y^ti. 
[From /Jvit'tof'^ the "oarth-nut/'J In* 
^ntntuatfon (or rather itw cflbctpj of tho 
6ur*<i r^Mcot^i, at the ball of the great 
U»o» imluratioTi of ttdjaeotit partd, en- 
litrgtimcnt of the jciiot, etc. 

Ba'nl-nm.*^ [Fruin tho e»nic.] Tho 
gonuriu name oflho pUiil [rroiliiciDg the 
ijartb-n<it. It hiij u tubvrou<i R#ut, whiuh 
is fiileii roswtcfl or raw, 

llii|»liitiiilniiit.* hnf-fhnl'me-fiv Mr 
ltii-€»pli-lliAr»nl-Mk,* or ita|»h-lii«lE • 
liiij«* ' [rmni iSot'i, ;m '^ox," uij'l t)^hi\- 
(4iX, tho *'eyc/'J Tho jfirjftt ^agc of iA/- 
Urojthlkuimifif or ox -eye* 

R(Lir'il<iM*k. The m>ianinn Rn/;;r)»h 
nutnti of thu Afp'iitim lujt'pa. And Lnp'pm 

Biir'inin-cl,t Filrh. The AV HHr- 
j/Hfi'f/MVf uf tlnj Fhurumc^ijJU-'ina, 

liiirmAi>tiiae«>fip,^ hfir-mnn-oc-a'* 
Fhfl-t-. A natural onler of tfitilugenotis 
|flarit)i relatpfl to tho OtvKid^^, 

Bam. [I'Ki'tio and Aittl»iitt'll«, 
tk^ntn.] A k'siun eati^cd bjr the aptdiea* 
tjou nf heat. 

Boml jiluni. 5oa Alumrx Exstc- 


Rumt Npons^ [Hpioii'irla ITs'fii.] 

Thiv MiVi-vfnnoe i? prepared by cutting 
ft}Hin;fe into f*m»11 pieces, and btirnin^ 
it in a covered ve»*fcl until it bcp4>m«:« 
Waek and friable, when it lf» rubbed 
into a tino powder. It is employed u^ a 
remedy hn goitre and lerofulous swcH- 

Biir'nt^ft* plural Biir'iur* [QT.$i*pi9«, 
A ♦'loaf hem h itflo."] \ war, or pur>»e, 

Bur'wn Mu-c^'miji.'' [ditnJ Bur'iap 
!Vtli4*i>''MN*. A iijtonbrauou^ riic fr>r 
jHiMTi'tin^: a ^ubBtaijL'e (•ypiu'itVi) to lubri- 
Ciito tendotiM imd joi&ta^ rendoriog their 
mutlon eubsy. 


Bar^snllt,* [From ^ur'm,] B^| 
longing to a puffe ^^r b«»r r h«r'*Hl, 
Bor-MiI'o-ilrt* ^ 

The coDtfiJeri^tioii . .....,, ... 

Intrtir umt-tn,fp* 

Ba'te*^ Gam* A gum proenrwlj 

fnait nuturad fi^ctures nnd ifouii{l# tnailt^ 
in the bark of th« Iht'teu /rv**«itt'»t$^ \ 
lej^uniinuus plant of Inijin. 

Biil€ftniA€*eir.* hwAo-tun'thm-f, 4l 
natural order vV arjuatic plunU, liietud 
ing the //«'fom««. 

Bii t ' t« V. [ La t, Bti ' trrttW £ ^ r* /!«^ j 
T'ftfi'J An oil, more i»r le*s« con<*retet 
vbtuined from the milk of nnUunlB, i|j 
can be »op&nrted froiu mitk or vneaq 
by ulinost any kind of violml and 
tinueil af:itnti>»ni Tbif pn«oeM of ee(4 
nition IP popularly termed "churnmif." 

Butler of C'iM-tt'o. An oily, con 
orete. while ni fitter, of a llriii«r cooidtS 
enee thnn puct, obtjiined from the Tartio] 
or Coeoanut. c*f whbh ebocfdat& in till>d« 

Blil'l«r-lljr-Mliit|»«<l* See l^AI'tUO 
NA' fil 8. 

Bntiia. v^ee pArniinA Biiava. 
B»-t,f-rfi'f*fHtiiiU [nfit9't>fi'«<<»Mii|| 

frolu hu't^ruth, "buller,"] Of the Ap 
peorimt-e i>r oim*«i»tenoe of hntter. 

Bit'i.f.mi«* [Uii'r^rfitt, m'tU.} A| 
eomi*i)>uti*»n of butyric aeid with a ba!>e< 

Bti-M'r'tc Av'NI. A volatile 
oMflini'd frniii butter. 

Bn'lj^-rln, [BiiljrI'na; from 6tr^ 
iff'ittut, •'butter/*] The c^^^l^^ittI faft| 
matter uf butter: the butyratc of gly^ 

Biix'In. [Biixi'n*.] An nik^lln 
sub^'tanee obtained from th«« o^nimcy 
box-tree {Itux'nti vrmprti'i't'rnt)* 

B. V. =^ liot'ututu y^fpo'n^^ A "Vi 

Bjfii'fittm«* n.f«'«iitift.* fOr. 
a kind of fine flax,] !» ' ^ 

to a gilt) HI of lichens. 

append af;t< by which th» i/u^/iMcv »Ua 

thoU)Mtdve« to rofkii, ftp, 

B^rfttifrlfMHiir',^ t'!' ' he < 

A ti at unit nnUr ot cN' 
^limbM, including the 
Tktufitft'mn Oti'cdo, wtii«h prvdu 
cwlalu ur cooum 

C An abbroriftiiofo for C^Mf//if«»* a 
|aUoo;** ftUo for ''cuiiiptmnd," or 
^ttRT**Mil4»,** (yar^amtHm,* cn^tpifviti,^ 

lite. [Ci»lNUll'iia«; from 
I "tior^fo"] Appliud ti> n 
§kr*vi k(in<i "t »ti»os fit unlj fi*r horses 
' f^ft1»'l»«*C**-T*'**^ The Uf^fiitn iHtr- 

' om-bik'she-?, or 

ru i\thtttn'htu the 

< t^cnciik.} A mitural 

i,f|ttJiiic plnnU with 

vus. It ij hIau called 

€'*cni*«tlr. k^-kok*tfk. [Ciielioc'il* 

'I'lP'lHew'iii^, »fiV* fPftiffi ttuti^f 
.... ., itnJ iSrfif ola "ulcer. 'J A malig- 
ini ulecir. 

ii.**] A depravcfl 
li 1 tu UiL* pliirrtl 

lu .. , , . . I Noaolagj. Ca- 

C^le^•e1lfml•9^* [Prom m^^, 
JJ5^ji4/* fciid \T'i>Art "JMtci*/* ♦♦lioinrtr,"] 
i fiepniTCil oontltr.ion *^t f.btf humors, 
C^M*»OK>i»l'pl*^* [From tfa*fls, '• bad," 
anil c<iiX?t»c» a "ilouR," alfo* the "worab." 
_or '* viilvju**j A putrid eoniiUioD of the 

; €>e'«>-ft^l. [ FfMdi *ri* -cWf, " fetid."] 
*" 'i-rid odnr» dcrivod 
r- ucid it furtued 

1 .*r*«*i' tUt"*!- [Fiom «4UrAt "*bttd/* 
au i <?'*i.. *'ifMii"ur*' or "disptjaition.'*] 
* ' ' 'i tUlC ftr dt«)iO!*itioii. 

•**«(»'int*tim.* [From «4«^-, 

:if> J ? "i J I, .1 *"h tdy," rtlso. *'fltale 

ul Uj1v/*| ft»r leproaj and 

ol'»«r inf^ktr I 

f t-f T ' - f - » "■ntnriil 

i , re- 

l> HTCr*. 

Tti If- lir*'. .^iijviuluat ^hfuUs, fuund wild 
iu li"f, drv e-untFi^ii. 

^ --*! *' . i.-..,t ,»r f*fiv*ttt9 fa 
■^iotmn rirtmi^ of 

The **lup" ui my (Iiitjjt^ Iu riuirum 
i^Mln^ i*r«l4?« [€*iii|M««»i* IriM^ from 


f^4tt*Pfrt a ''corpftQ,"] Belottg-ing to a 
dvad brjdy. 

O^^Mv'cr-otu, [Frura Iho aaiii«.] 
IVavtn^ ihp H|»|«oHrnt]ce iif a dead b(>dy( 
porta in in.; U* n do:id body* 

€'iwfl«>t', Ij|<t'tior ttf.' A )i«|uid iib- 
tained by din lilting iu>eU(v of putMsh 
and iint**n}ou«! acid, and r«riiurknbbT fur 
'Ur I '' lu fHli>r Aud ^pDntntiiMja* 

in (I in u\r. • 

4;. I : ;, nr €^Ml*llll'«. fUr.*«^ 

ftiift ur ic0rf)tna, "ealHiiitue/' or ''ead- 
inta/'] A name af^ptiod to several 
mvtiittic »ttb!itniie<9e, <ir orew* — ^^tbiminn* 
ciid>»iU, iMify, vXr^. 

€'Mfl'ntf*uui,* or t^Ml-iiiroiii. 
[From '-«!*/ »«*>». **calftmitMr' «tr "lulty," 
in wbich it waM fimt oh^torvcd.J The 
name for a muttal, roi««!mKl)u^^ im, foutid 
in nevontl fd tho f»rc* of zHio. A dilute 
fotiititug of thti traljibiitc at cadtnitim b(i^ 
htmn ttiM ix» a oollyriuin for spots ou 
the curnca, aad for chrunie inflivtiirna- 
tii>ti of the conjuuciliva. See proouding 

e^Hlli>fk,* [Beo next artidt*.] A 
name «otiicriitic'-a gtvcn lo the deoidtious 
mi'iiibnint^ of tint utcrtiB, 

C'^-4lii>tti«.* [I'Vom efiV^», to "(all.*'j 
Fiilliri^^ *t\\: tuidircniiif. 

rittloqiM* {Pr.), kd'dUk'. Theiainoaa 
Caoi t'A» vrhtcli M»»- 

C^'etiK or O'Mit. fC^rea'lla; from 
rjr^<mM, llio "blitid gilt*"J Bi,i(in^lif; 
to tho drrftm, 

CJwetltn* (ads'o-tiui), m'th,^ [From 
c^rH9, 'Mdiod/'j Bltiidnti^, 

t^ie-cl'llN.* [Frntn itr'euut,} liiHam- 
anttiuii uf (he eiM'tim. 

C'tp ruitt,^ (XoiitfT sinirtilar of c*V«*, 
"blind.'] Tbe \Avv\ ••»• ■f'r«Vj««-M 
bfiiti>r uodt^rAlood), iM ,n ,j,t tbu 

lar(»« iul49Htitic; tbo ' 

t'^^ru lc*ci«i Mi»r bu».' iTba '^Uqo 
di»o»i*p "^ Blhj! Cv 4\o<Hi«. 

C«*riallnit. J^nc CKinaiKf, 

frtun I'nutfpi'nai.] A fttitiUft of Irons »if 
tho ordcir L**jHmfiHfM. S^e UnMiL 

€'ir-fc^ rr-nn 0|»-t*i^fl'tf4ii9» f*«Htii'- 

iiatd Ui b<ivo b<^*n bom tlitix; mure 
pmbably frmn fit^tio, ^tr^iitM, l» ♦*ciil,**J 
Tn Oh^tetrird, tbf» opi*rAt'.«»n of i^uttins 
into tbtf womb tbruugb tbu p^imtei uf 



tho iitwlomt'ii when nniuriil delivery la 
ini|irurlie!iltiu: hy*!k»fot««(iiy. According 
to &*litiy, jioraoud tUuj* bum w(»re viUlud 

CiOV^Cfifin (FrO, 1tA*f4' p*s'truii«'. An 

ifnritston t f uiiruiiitttiU c^'tlve : eo uiw\t>ii *.*n 
Aociuiiit 111' iU yailovt or citriuu coUir. 

Cnrr>9,^ lUu rhiAriuucujKCLiLl aame 
(lu:^. l^h.) of tuo aocd <»r tbc Va/'/m 
Arttf''i< i [ tho (loiTcti'pl lit). Sc« Co^FEK. 
€»r ' f e-i n. ^lt»«ifl ' na ; i r* . ui t tiu Frc nc U 
CV»/f, "eulloe J A bitter prinoiplo ob- 
taincfl fr-iiu cfftc. The sump iik Tiieik. 

CliiH»-eiM?!'cc«* a I'Icnt of tho order Ru- 
hitiftH-, tlio ruot f.f whicdi has retsenUy 
lieuri employed Jis a Ionic ami diuretic. 

Ci^opnl^ luV)'(L'-puot, written »,\»o 
l'iU'c*ti>ttt nud C'i^'tt|iat. [Cf^npu'- 
tiiin*] SiM! CvjrcrTi t>Li:i;M. 

C!|^-u-pu'tl 4VI«^am.* (*'Oil of 
Ciijt'put.") The Phnriimcu paint n»mc 
(Ed- Ph.) for Cnjuput ur Ciij<?jint "dU 
ithtninod hum lh« .^hhlrn^cn ti»Jupu'iL 
It is stimulant nnd iLTomatiCt and is 
cttnsidorc4l very efficacious in flnmofonuis 
of rhcuinatiim. 

4*nl-^tmr' Beafi. A incdlcicAl isuli- 
it nice ha\ injr tbc roiimrkcvhic prMp^rty of 
caw»in*^cfmtnictionorthopnpilof theeye, 

CiiJ-9-utl'n».> [From eatl'ruuM injtt- 
d>**»»it »ti i»ro (if xino.] Tho Plir.r- 
ttuoopiL^inl name of a niUivo impure 
Fearlicmiitij of fine. 

C>i^la«n-l-na'rlH.* E«Ii>ni;i(\5j t> 
C:it.'iuiino, ur L'tftiu ftifftnunnnm,'^mi R)« ctlx.v (^' lUmt of Cala- 
in ij *i / ' ) »Sl- c i! \ L , V M I r a. 

C*iil'i5-intiM.*^ [Wmi tho ArniKio A'n'- 
/>iwr, tho "iftullt of a plant/* a " nwd.") A 
L itin word «i;<:nifyiinii;fii.**rT«cd," and b«rntio 
a " pt^n." Tho niiiuo of f% ].itm;i%'ikn gciitj,i 
of tlu* cities f/cifKitdtiift nuturnt orrlcr 
A^n'ti^-uT f rls » tho rh.irmjir.apu!»jil numa 
(r.f?, Vh,) f tlio rhiioma of ^c'«rTi# 

f'^rrtttitiM Ra'td^iiv*" or ral'Amiui 

l»n%r<»,' A plnnt gi?ncn*Uy fciipposod 
t> vK'ld the >uh9iL»ijiii^ kitnwn n» t)rii|^un'8 
I'tMiid, 9ntd likfiwtMi" to bu obtained frotn 
the l*ift'n'*^' ' fm» dru'vu, 

Cil'nintiM Mer1|Nl«»'rT'tui.* A 
" writ njjrpcn." Ap^ditd in Anatomy to 
o nnrrciw fiH^nro « n the haolc rmd \ \ tho 
niodi:tn lino of the /W* Ym'ul.i. 

i*^liitft'p]tct I rr<«ni the Malay Cu* 
/ ■' ' 1 trn*^."l Aft 

€'^il^«^li«i«l'l-iiiii.^ [PriHU *Mhik%'i^ M 
''lltllo banket/' j A Kind of inltorvflo^iit^o 

c«mp«Fcd of ^Msilotlowors tbieklj {iW6l 
upnu a cM^intuon involucre. 

C'nl-C4i'iie-nni.* [From fo/x. Iba 
'*bo*fl/'J The lArj^eMt hone uf the taniti; 
the hevl-b(ine« or »#* rj^hU, 

iJkl'e^mtcu [t'Alr»nt'tti»; fh m 
crt/'crjr, a "■ tipur,"] lluviiig erpur»; likv 
the flower of the larkspur. 

€«]<-cm're-oafi. [C^alen'rlcist froia 
tttt^, *o/'ci#, •linno/'J Bdongiog to 
limp; contiiinin^ liiue, 

i'alci!it'r«oufi Knrlti* Lime. 

ralca'reouN N|Mir, Ciy«> «ar- 
buntila of Jiuie, IcelutiU fj»ar is trne of 
it« puroyt vurietic.** 

Ciir<*i^I-rorni. ICal^clfttr 'm In \ 
from ''nf'ccutt a "shoo/ ] Like a (ihoo. 

CAl-eir'eiMH]^ [Cnlc*ir>msi fWtm 
rrtfc, **limo/' and Ji't**, Vo *'bear/'] 
Cofitnitno^; Hints or rarhounip f»f jiine, 

CaU'Jltciiti4»n. i^*v lV:ri;iKA< Tluit. 

CM-cl|if'e-iioitM. [i'alefs"«tia«;t'rfai i 
rnfj^t ''iimp/*iind >o'»'ifIfti, to **gt wer»i«."j 
Applied to metfvia which nilh oxyfr^n 
form a c.'ilx or eiirthydoiikinjc »'iib»'lHfic«v < 

4'Al-cl-na'fioii. [f'atrina liosoSitV, 
/'CO Cai.cixk.] The uppticuLiuii u( ht^t J 
to ^ullnCp metiillic, or other »ntffafteeii»| 
to d-prive them of midsturr, eto^ 

€'Al*c>l*-na'tlli>i** Reduced to powder I 
tiy tii'nt ; Ciklcinrd. Sec i' u,f i\ATio>i» 

from ctftj't t^-rtit, "lime/'J To hnrn tt \ 
lime; to rediico to a powder, or to an j 
oxi do, by hejit. See C.vucrxAnoN. 

C'alrlutn,^ kSl'eho-iim- [Frfm e<ii 
"iinifl/"] Thcj inetulH<! Lu*o of liin«.>ii-li,* the plural of Calccu 
whiidi 'CO. 

4\'%l-c^i>llf'r^»-Nrw«-* (From r«/'rit-l 
/iM, and /Vf»n*n»s tj " itrojtk.*'] Breakni^cl 
i\T roducUi}^ ittJt^ti/i : euloulif 'nijcoii^, Se<il 
LiTnornifTir. As u noun, (hfc*ifi/*ri.^l 
fjtt* form* tho name of a ^ur^^ical ttistru*! 
raent fir hrnnkitiii; d wn ealenli In tbo| 
hladilor. Sen LmtinifUMtHi. 

€'Ari^ii*lo;i!i* [(*t%lriilo'tiiiii; f^om | 
enl'iuf.i ,] of (he nature of ttone or 
ciih'itlu , iri^fii;? a cak'Uluff, or full of 
enifih\ A^ipllol to Iho^e alHictiHl wifU I 
st nc in th« lludtk-r, 

rArrii<lit%,* plural <*al>ti*ll. TTho 1 
dujiitintjvo of ri/j-, "Uui«;etojie/ i r 
'*oh:irt/* .'^coCai-X I Fr. fa^r*/. kArk»r/g | 
lUjd Pierre, pe-»in', A Ft<tne-lik« oon* 
cretion in the urinary b!ad»lof, kidtiey, 
- " ' '- Iclerp inttmtines, < r in uud about 

ttr nAi.rri.i, commonly call«d 
'»ti*n«/*or ♦•rfR^'olp" \nry in eompu^ * 
tl-^ri nooordia* t*j tho *iit*(h€^iA of the j 

|uifif«l. J?«in«»tim«'« I hoy are ^f a rod- 
di«h iir brick cnlm. ri>ti<tblin^ u»imlly 
w{' hthaU< rtf AintiiMOitL, *m •»! tTyjlal* at 
Iir hie »o<1 uric urtit Ai utbcrs, th^r-y 

wv whir.'. .>r whiti>h, nr>l ivn- for the 


Bl\L'I iiM.. uji- [.•^•i-jin.m.r 111 iiujr- i >U,tC> 

or iiuicu Jiiia ftDtl oxtilatu **( liiue i}i>ae<^ 
tinictf o<Krur m n ory^iAilitiu i\>tm> 

HiM4MT CAU'Ltl {Cni'rufi ifiiin'^i 

or fiiiitt't^i) %n a«uAily fotrnd m the 

of ' ■ ' _ . . 

•c«tn Lo bo Httle mnrc than h\\e in a 

«*» * thein ftre i»*iii- 

|i' rio. 

' igjis, (Balled <ii*- 

A in Uid n>;;iiu<!tit«, Mil J irithm 
mie* of tho jnints iii p^r^mis 
uritii tbe ^<ju».. These *rB fur 
t%« Hiojit |i&rt eoinp*>4«(1 uf uric noiit nnri 
sotlA ctuiahinod with a vmitJil j>ortiuu of 
aoiniLiLl tuAttcr; sonietLmrs of urate uf 

Calculi fuund in the inteitinet of 

rAl-<^fli>Jc<i«t. [C^lerit'eleitu; frum 

E inth : m^ikin^ wartti. A|>- 

l»l . iK-ine* or t'Xtonml it^pplicii- 

iiufiji (ieuivia^ n ^vris.: of warinMi. 

C^il-r« lk« ' tlon. [C4«lf*fhe ' tlos o ' u ' « ; 
from lUe wuue.j This uot itf i%{>p^ying 



\ violent Ccvur, •ttouttcU 

», in4«M**n». t f p*'r?i>fii in liot 

. .all 


. _ ... ..i_ iato it 



'^•a' J I>in]u«<j^ lit 
Dt.if no withoni t. 

Rrrmiffrr nf. 

IV df 

:l>t uriiiti^ij 
or aoijiii- 

rt." ("'Obicnrity 

rn1*l-Mi>^ Biirli. The Vi^chm%a 

Jlar It. 

C'.iil*l«*iticii'lc^ [('ftlliifliMi'Iriifind 
4'itliiiCtir> uifi: hi«fii ii'i'^is, " licituliful,^ 
itut) itff.,^,, " Mtn nj;lb,"J An exiirct»c (or 
»««rcn;;thi'riiug ihi* Uiniy uikI f;i>iui;; eH«<o 
nljil cLe^jiucu to iliu fUitVL'Uionts of tho 

f^lHlrlrlMM^eir,* kiii'ii? tpc-kn'sihc^^. 
[Fffiiii irdAAe^, •*hrt:auty/' uinj fl^(, gent 
Tp*^, "biur/'] A fmttinil onlcr ur 
(titnily ot [.L|uiitic phioU. liy some they 

' • ' itUiiK* <jf Vrtiencem, by 


« 1 1 > j» .' [C^ltOI» ttlM, aViA ; 

Iruui <.<(rr/w«,] A pretvrtiuluDtl imr(lxic*«« 
111 th(> »kiii or tiftiynvlly *»*(( finrt*. 

€**l'liiii.* Th*3 i>.^ !<♦- 

pnBitcd bttwoen the uf 

tt rrnetured tone. A I i»l- 

ueM ur indurftCioa uf miy soft |j»rt, ura 
tbicketi'iifz: of the ciitiol*, <;iba6od by 
jjrt»i>!*4irt' or Trie I ion, 

CRl4iiii4>t. See next ftrtiele. 

C^-lom'e-liia^ nuftt* [From ««X^, 
*' iHMkuUlul," ** good/' nod ^^«(« "bUck;" 
ci»iiji.'<e[iir«d tu hfirf^ bei n i«o nstriM ln»- 
ciii^t? it u J ' ' ' ' . . 1 ;. J 1^^ 

oi«?i, Th 1 1.) 

r*r thy pr I of 

tint ran ry. ticm lirnaAUoriii Ciii4iittt>uii 


C^'lor.* The Lot ill term Tor beat 
t'n/of /<?.*rw* dctiotcs boiling beftt, or 
IVl^ Fiihr.: C«^.r ^«.tt, jjcnUe bwl, be- 
tweiMi yu«> and liwl^ Fiihr. 

€'4»'l4»r Ait-l-«kA'IM»** Atiftnfil cl^- 

lorir. " ' lUTll 

t« ! rn 

thij li X. _ _ _. , ' .liJa, 

by tnouQS o» wl nmi is kept ni 

no»^rty » auiftin rr^v Thjil of 

tbe tuamuiAlia t'l 

lOCo or iiir '.- ti0 

wotC and tiM'f >'^ „ ^ ?« 

that iiAVfi thtf hii;h«ri!t Lvm|.»cnitiiiv. The 
ftTiimft! tR'Bt of hirdH nuipf!* «ont«>whai 
i-an that of tbu tj ibo 

re of several m|» 

:-^\ while th»t <: .li« 

tinr^h {J'^-iufpUti ArtUcii)^ ihc rcdbrc<i«t 
{Ktthrr'ifn), And ^otnu otbcn is «aid to 
reiMih J IP, 

Tho teiuperiitart* *>f those anini jiIh cvph 
whttsh are oijitno> imIv ftni...l . ,.1.1 1il...i<|, 
cd.iji often fouii > \o 

thfif tvf Mte Kiirr . ug 

(, buoh 

ind the 

, .,,j. „.:,,.. ,„. . i blood, 

i CWIor Mor^)' Literallyj a 




"biting heat/* A term applied to a dan- 
fftsroui* fyrnptom in typhus, in which 
tb<;ri: i» n liiting and ;un;;ent bent iiiKin 
the Mkiii, ifraviu;; a fuiartin;; ceniiation 
on tb<: fin;;erit for several minuteii after 
Vtuvh.U'^ It. 

<:9<-l«r'ic [I'alor'imin ; from ea'lor, 
"hca.t. "j Thu uiutter ur cau?e of the 
5en^a.Ion of beat; ijpieous fluid. 

.Si.Ns:ui.K or Fkkk Calukic is that 
wh.':h pro'iuce-H the Minsatiun of beat or 
afiecU the thermometer. 

IsAKSHiULi: ur Latcxt Caloric, for- 
merly Hiip|M>0ed to bo in a i*tate of com- 
binuti'in, iH which jiasMfl into bodies 
durin;; a cbun;;e of form. Thus, it may 
]}siAH into ice at 32°, ehanf;ing it to water, 
btit lint inrrcHKintj the truiperature (it has 
hence be<-n termed the mtoric of Jluidity), 
or int'> w.iter at L'12°, converting it to 
vapor (and termed, in consequence, the 
caloric o/" eFajioralioii). 

Si't'.ciFic Calork; denotes the unequal 
quantities of caloric required by the 
sr.nie quantity of different bodies to heat 
tbein to a f^ivcn temperature. Thus, if 
ecpial weights of water at 40° and mer- 
cury at 100° bo mixed together, the re- 
sulting temperature is 4b°, showing that, 
computing by weight, water has twenty- 
three times as great a capacity for caloric 
as men-ury. 

VHi'O-riv'l'tf. [<:alori9'itaA,a'/i/f/ 
fnim ra'ior, "heat."] The faculty of 
generating the beat necessary to life, 
and iiiJiiiitaining th« proper temperature 
of the body in all situations. 

4*Al-4>-riric. [<'«loririciiM; from 
ra'for, and /.t'n'o, to "make."] Ileat- 
protluoing ; beat-creating. 

4'-«l>o-rlin'<>-t4»r. [<!aloriin'otrain; 
from rn'ftir, and fiirpovf a "measure."] 
All inntrument for ascertaining the 
quantity of caloric disengaged from any 

<*^lor-l-ino'tor,o'rM.* [From m'lor, 
an'l iir»'t>r, a ••mover."] An electric 
apparatus whioh produce;* by its dis- 
cliar .e hi'jbly elevated temperntnros. 

4*al-ot'ro-plfi ^l-ffan-t^'a.* An 
asolepiadaceous plant introduced from 
In lia !in<ler the name of mmhir^ or 
i/i nlar. IH an iiltorative and sudorific. 

I'H-liiin'b^'* [From (\>hm'hn, in 
Ceylon. wImmiit tli" dniir was once snp- 
poHcd to bo derived.] The Phannaeo- name || for the root of Hor'rulua 
fKtiintt'iuf, or MrninfH'r' Ilium jmtimi'tum : 
tbi' Cotuinhir liiuiij- (Dub. Ph.). The 
name is often written Colomba, See 


Ctel-Tn'rl-^* [From cnVrto, "to be 
babl.'*] That portion of the eroaivn 
al^iie the orbits, temples, ears, and oc- 
cipital pro:nberanee. 

C-al^-itlM,* k2l-Tish'e-$z. [Fn>D 
cal'rnm, "bald."] Want or lo» of hair, 
particalarly on the sinciput; baldocM. 

C'«lx,« gen. CAI'ciik The heel. 

C^«ljc«» gen. C'AI'cta. [From \a>((, a 
"small littne," •♦rubbish."] LitcrslJy, 
"chalk," or "limestone." The Phanna- 
copeeial name for lime, or calcined car- 
bonate of lime. 

CMx Chto-rl-iiA'ty.* ("Cblorinsted 
Lime.") The Pharmacopocial name fcr 
the preparation popularly known li 
chloride of lime. See Limb, Chloripe or. 

Calx Yl'^-a.* QuickPrne. 

CalyrantliMeeap,* kal-c-kun-tha'- 
she-e, or €al-j^-«iin'tli«*ap.« [Fitm 
Ciijcftn'thu0y (.ne of the gei era,] A 
natural c.rder of exogenous shiubs, found 
in Japan and Korth America. The 
fl: wer.x have an aromatic odor. 

Calyreraecap,* kal-e-se-ra'she-C. A 
small natural order of exogenous herba- 
ceous ]<li.nt8, including the genus Cafy- 

<'alyees,* kaFe-fez. [The plural of 
ta'iyx, a "cup."] Small, mi mbranouf, 
ivp-fike pouehec, which invest the points 
of the papilltc of the kidney. Their 
union forms the in/undibula. 

<'al^-cI-flo'rap.* [From ca'fyr, a 
"flower-cup," and ^o«, a "flower."] 
I'lunts which have their flowers fur- 
n'shed with both a calyx and a corolla, 
the latter consisting of distinct petali 
and their i*U mens perip^'ncus. 

<'al'j^-«I-flo'rat4>. [C^lyclflo'nn; 
from cu'lifx, nxnltli.9, a "flower."] Hav- 
ing the stjimens inserted into the calyx. 

C^I'j^H^l-forni. [Calyellbr'into; 
from ca'lyx, and /o/'tHo.] Formed like 
a calyx. 

Cal'j^-cinc. [Caly rl 'bus ; from ca'- 
1y.r.] Helonging to a calyx. 

ral'j^-roid. [C?alyrol'd<w; from ca'- 
/r/j-, and tldoif a " form."] Resembling a 

C^lj^c'n-late. [Calyciila'tiisi;from 
cafyr'uhm.] Having calyculi, 

i^ife'wlvm^* plural C>.|j^c'n.ll. 
[The diminutive of cn'itfx.] The mem- 
branous margin surrounding the apex 
of a seed : also, a little calyx exterior to 
a proper one. 

4^.|j^p'tr^* plural C^lfp'tn^ 
[(Jr. KiiMnrpa, a "veil;" from ffoX^arft*, tc 
••cover."] A niombmnous covering orer 
the antkerae in mosses ; also, the proper 



o<>vttrlBjt <^r oi«t of tb« m«^t whioli ffttlf 

ciAf, a **a 'veriii^," tho **ou|» «f n flow- 
er."} A OitfuibraqifUA ctip or AVk/a tur- 
rmotliogt an s ur Iwu of tho p*tftiiUf of 
th« kiilnej. 8m CAt-rcif*. Applied Iq 
BctUajr tt» tho Dijwor-«up, or «iii)t»1o- 
jb»at« which oor«r tbo ^»wfir, fur th^ 

9*t piirt |^n9«ti AQ4I surruuttdiui; tlio 

ro^'n. Alio the Phjait»K>^ioal «5ttii« 
«f tbo Tcrjr TBjfcsalsir dApfulo oocloaini^ 
IH« reA'Ae, ur yalk, fi^rmod of ttio Ihroii 
J;*/er» ftf tliv f*pai^M*/** 

C«»'I>l»aJiU^ [Probiihly from t^tut'- 
lit ', t» "chiiij^e."] A gliittitij4Ki flitiil 
Wiif(«(tn I be b»ric »«! i/Afcr/tnnt of crcud, 
#ur»|4 i#i»d by torao phy^lijUi^i.^U tn fur- 
111 iK thi» m«t«niil oat of whicb Lbe u-'W 
w*» t'l l« forrtii?L 

€'Aiti-1>o'4:l-^-* Tho Phftr.naoopiei J 
ntizie (Bril}»b Pb.) of gamboge (ff^m- 
hutjia)f gbtamed from an undelflraiiDtad 

Cam ti-rfiv^ptar&tCnin'e-rw. [Frtm 
w^i'tMi, ftB ** upper j^i4ltHry."J lu tha 
pltt.-*!^ ili»&nt«rior aad pustorlur ob^m- 

b«r« of tllA BJO, 

«!Ani*|>j»'fl^* [Prnm CtmpVnx^ in 
Ilitv. whtjrw thoy were? rtr.4t us«tl in 
rhnr^h"*] A boll. Aptilioi 10 *^bv- 
mt »ry t.i a dhh (»r over 6h:ip«i1 like % 
boii. employe 1 in mitkinj? dufphiirio aoid. 

[Kr»n r i'*i^» i'«'i.] Like a bolL Applu* I 
ifi flh! p!ural forainine ((?'ifli/»f«*«*n"#'r, 
I ' 'k>-«1i to *Q order in Lm- 

« mill jp vu l-form. [€nnipi%iiiri»r'« 

Bi \\ r> 'Xn ranpi'na, «, '*beU."J ForiHQ 1 
it i.'; I boT. 

C*mp»nntmft^m^* kAm-pan'U'lft'- 
fhi n or CTAtn*|»»n'n-lti*.* [From 
(f7i ■«/» in' tif /I, the narai? of on© of UnJ 
ir«n If A,] A nAtar;%l •^nler of herb Msootij 
f>Tttfi*4. found iQ t«(np«iritfl ulimmteii, and 
pri^n 1 f If th« Iwnitty of the fl ivrcr.< 

€?AnB-|iii»*ii*l*>i^nu^ [Ctajupmno- 
Iw- ^ r'n/o. a " little 

t' \tor"] Uiiviu;; 

•1' ttio (-ump tnutii, 

rj»ia*]»afi'a.latfe. [rftintvKiiiiln'- 

* . (, .('hjf w«»t»il« Se% Ummm.- 

CSnonplieiiCi, or €:«iii|^mjio» kajn- 
— U* 

fun'. [From cam^pkorn,] A sobaianof 
prooured frtim oamui<'ii turpcutinc; with 
»n oi'iuivttkitL of «ixy gou it fonu^ cam- 
phor; alfto entlcd Crtiu'phijiftN {t\e.**pro- 
du<iitvtr camphi>r"^. 

C^un'ptio-r^.* [Or. na^p* /'s '^oim- 
|jbor.'*J Thtt Pbiu-uiitA;upu>iii.t ttatuc |( of 
**a pocutiiLT Ouacr«t« 84ih«tiiiK)« doriied 
frum Cfttujikjitrtt tt^ctm trum lujd purififld 
by i^ublituatioii" (U.S. Ph., 1800). Tho 
cffoot of fl.itnphor iu iu(>d«2r4.t<j doiws ia 
lu allay Qervtjti^s irrittttiua -, but in ovor- 
douM it itf (»oiionouii aod may produoo 

€*4Mn'pherfi Of-flc-'-iin'riim.* Tbo 
phinl which yit.'1'ls th*..- 'ilJM.MnjLl ii.uiipliur. 

C'fiSi'plMHrip ll«>'r«iA** f'Fluweri 
of CibUiph^rH,") A tiiiino soiuoiimcs Kitrtin 
to sublimiitcd camphor 

diin'plio-rate. [C»ni'plionifi.»'ri>.] 
A oiiuibiaattifii of oampbunu auid with a 

Citiii'plio-rJkf-cil. [C'amphorw'lisa; 
from rMui'pk^^rn.] )la?ii3>; uiiiiipbur, or 
eombiti«d with cumphor. 

Cifeni-'pli or' te. [Camptior ' Irn* | 
from v'Uft'pLtrn^ **Cikw\ihor^"] liuloog- 
in^ to camphor. Applied in an aoid 
obljiinud from ctrnphor. 

C*tiip*TIn''<*-frMr h prepared bb tnU 
lowfi. t^ttrp ill ihu bc^t \ inegur fur a 
month onQ drAt'Hm itf emycnnfi popper, 
twti tublt*«pi» mluti tif f) >v» uiid four of 
wtilnut k<>tcbnp, MK nnob tvii-^i ehoppod, 
and n amull elovo of garlid miiiceJ tine, 
t^b.iko it fn>4)ucntly, strain through a 
taiain, and kcicp it woU eurkod in Btaall 
butt I I'll. 

r»ni*pj^-loi'rc»-fMiii!i. [Prom cd|i' 
ir#Wf, *' curved/* and rfjivcj. to **liirn,"] 
A term appfie I to Ihe ovule of plants, 
wbou lie ' * ^ ^ . ^,,(j, 

tiliiicfir, I ho 

biva« of 1 1 I j: t<5 

bo oonli|;uim.s to liir IhJuhj, 

f^Ain'wmMl. A rrd dyo wr»od« prin- 
cipally ohtain«d from the vjuintty of 
Sierr-i Lconc* 

C!^-fa^r« f Prom c«»«'f7i», n ***?hnfiTiot/* 
or *'pipe.**J Applied 10 Aaalomy 1'^ any 
p494 1^ in tho body. 

CA^fAt. op Fo?«taS*. a .is- 

oular ciunl nit.Utttcd wit' tj 

liiramtiut, ttnd »« ni^metlli ^ ctj- 

vorer, U 19 also termed the otiiary 

C, . '^ ■ ■ ' ■*■•, ^ Man. 

iriii od 

tbi* . aai 

00 Dimmed from it« disooveror. Whcin 
dial 'o led wtth air or sUa-injonttuo, \i 

prc^ntitd a pToited appoaranoc, ami has 
bt^tMie hcfn called by the Fnsnch tnnui 

€iui^i^lfe-n-l»'tiiM»* [From enn<t- 
tie'ttlitm^j I la villi; a Ijttte tJuiial ur 
ttUaiiiicil: filing no! Unl ; eaiittlm'iiliitinl. 

l'4in-^tfe'ii-lL,* thi* [ilaial of r4Uf 
n-lk'u-liiM. Tile tixmo ^iviui by Mur- 

ui I u * in Uh.< ♦i.iniil wl ibu urcthni. 

t*i»n^-ai« n-livu* [Tbi* rliniltintiro 
<if 4' ^fi r'^M. I A nfriiall trtjafinot ur vi.'»8oU 

Cl'ip^^A'liM,^ pliiml iV>iiAJe4. [I'rutii 
criHSM» a '*bolbii¥ rfutl/'J A c lunl, or 
ohautii'U Applicrl to liluod-vcBAelft, euvi- 
liiM, otj, S«^o Alvklts. 

Unfiiil Catisil/'^ A bhMHUvGBStjl which 
lutitej tb€ pulmoniiry artor) imU aorta 
in Uio fa^tufl. 

C'4iiiA'llfft Ve-D«»'i»im.* CVcnoue 
Caiml/') A ciinal which conveys tho 
lili>oiJ from tb« rTHvr pttrite of the liver 
to the fusconditi)^ rfmi e<i(m in tbcr 

C^i*Uo«i^l-lA'tiis.* [Prow tnnM't*.^ 
}hi\\t\^ a liitttecd lijipoariinQO! oauoul'- 

f!»ut-«&l'ti,* i^en. dtnc^llo'ram* 

liHttif^cii: iiiiiiiitu iliviRions in thu reficn- 
llUu I »trMcf3H^r\ of hinic*, 

«Tpr-iH, A crab. A ji^otius of (JruH'^ten 

C'lUi'^cr-* [Llttii-nlly, a *'cmb/* tbo 
turgid Yi'in» around it httirig 9MppO(t\<»d 
to rt9.<^eitiblo a crab'ts daws.] A painful 
soirrboujj turnip l^irrDiniitinj* in & futxil 
tifoc'r. See C^ROixoHA. 

C'ltn'eer A«'t^ftHruN.* The oraw-fjah, 
an'<rd)n)^ th« L-ipiUi ifancrommt or 
erati** eyof*. 

r«n'«?rMini.4fl-t(»'mai.* ("Chim- 
ney -Swucpor'e Cnear.") 8*ms Caspkh 

C!»ii'«*<>r P^^p^nt'cmi,* Thocrab>fi6h> 
afFi^rdiiig tbo Vhefr cnnerttrmH, ur orahn* 

C»n>i»r fik*ro'ti»» "'", »r thu 

8cri>tijrn"), calU^d uIko ' i-vccip- 

orV Cftiieur (<'-*f»Vrr .U , i. A 

form of eaO'OOr to whiiih obi]:iiiioy-9wcHn>- 
(iTJ* tin* «iii>t»<dhl1y ftvpoMKl, on account 
of fh< ^ i.r)«<»or- 

Vikvi • rro'rnin. Tbo 

idnnt , . raU." 

<?ttil'cvold* (€'Anrrol'fl«^; from 
c'ii»%'*tj', and t7A»i, n "f nn/*] Rcsom- 
Id It*; imnrHT. 

rKiirr«>1<«l4', ItOw^kn/Ad'. The Frenoh 
form of ihii proctMiin;; torfiu 

Cnn-cro'rana {tee {^Ancnt} €li«l».* 
(**rrah.V rUw».") The iduw» i-f thn 
Vftneer pn<funt9, thv bltuuU cluwcd, «f 
UrgiJ, cdibk* crab: tbc^» n Leu pn ti^r«d 
by {frindin;^, aontttiluiis ihi» | reparvtl 
rrabs' cUwi* of thv »hiipt. furtmrljr ii*ni 
tu curniut acidity in tbtf ttoiiijivb Lsd 

Ctencro'rutii lJM»pt1'tl* {''Crsbt* 
Btonoe"), atid 4'9iAm>'riim 0«'ii*|l* 
(*'Crabp* Eye*''), aro uptd for the £iittiis 
piirpoi«i-jj as \\w preceding. 

Cnn'erom.^ Low Lutin fur "eae- 
ker/' it np]>eiars lo bo used cnly in ib« 
folluwinji? ph^l^e. 

C^nn'eriuu O'riii." (** Cnoker of f b« 
Mouth,'*) A deep, fniil, rclid, trregil* 
lur ulcer ini^idcMbi^lipH nnd checks i uii. u 
attcn»lud with n di^ebargr uf blnod 

rnrt'dl^Troo <llt. A «iolid oil ob- 
tftintnl from the m^imI id tbu CWfon trht/*-^ 
rnmf or Candlc-trec* a nativci of C'hiti&. 
Il ia ii»ed by the Cbiiieeu far making 
can d I CM. 

Cij^nel'l^* [From r«n Vnh " rwd."l 
A Linmivin p'titiH of the ctuE« lK>€trni^ 
it. i't, inLtUFdl order A/rfntf,fr. Tbo 
Pharmac tpaMiil nikino for tbo bark ol 
C'ittfttit itfh J : (b«i VnneUit ttthge *-<r*ri§g 
of the* IhilUn riiitniiiicopociiik. 

l^iMiPl'la Al I19.* (*• White rttnoUtt."*) 
Thu Itmret-U'iivod eaiMdla, yiiddinf a 
hark rtutTifwhut rcHcmhlirt;; oTniiansntii, 

a "litlle Jo;:." the "don atar/'] Ap- 
plifHl to iho hrdtert daya of tho ycAr,, tbo 
l}i't» r*»tticul*i'rrt, it do ^ -day a. 

C'iMi'ino. [Catil'nuMt from on'w/«v 
a'Sliif/'l Ri lon^jin;,^ tn f1 ' 

€^4»iilii'* Appt^ltte* > \. 

HI A. 

linti'int* Te<»IJi. [n<*fi'f«^4'fftiil'al 
or i'UM^Iclu'ti.] Eyvtvttb- tbu font 
teeth which imm* d lately iMljoiti Ibe in- 

AlWi'oltf. The Lrrttttir ttnifuii 4triA, 
f^fuil'niSMRi'MUS,' It.") 

An inviduntary r.r t\ ' n^n 

of the ciinino inw>i _ r in 

pop«larly knturn '" ti •iirddifie kauith« 

fy« CUM. 

dMftltJfl^^ k»!-niBh'e-eiE. fFrom W- 
H*"», **(:riy-hatrod/'] Orayncaa of tho 

CuTi'n^, *^r nun*nn Stsrcik. Tbt 

fi^mtf L pn^niriid fimn iho rtiiiouiB i»f Ml 
nndfteriniiiod B]M'otr.4 of orvnna, and un4 
for tho etiuno purpoeu as arniw f^Mii 




is Inctudtiig the liL'Uip Miiil bijf^i. 
htiire tmrcotio Mint iuto3C((2utiu<; 

mtft*l»Ttt4'. (Cnttimlll'ttit; fmm 
"1 A reiiji «xira«Uil 

' <*JUi'«lttlilji I|i'4ll>««.^ (^'Tntlinn 
Hi S>ulh Aitii>iicru Tin 
an iat'tilcxltii^ dni^ t'lilioi iJhtmf, ur 


' eolB- 

-■■'■■', , ' Ma. tl 

{^tv«ul«" Innoia;; the Jun*%vttnn immc oF 
^i>ril*r"f f4»fttj. Sea ZtsQihtniALRM 

.1, A hitnmin )i]0 *iib« 

^ti»tr4* without ffmitko. Tb« ton» 

^i*U^ in til tt TUtvitjr «)r Uttuor, fur draw- 
~ liui.l. 
h1ta<ir*l-ile4.« Ttte pturiJ of 

m^tlMlr'lHtln. fl*JUttbRr1ill'iiit; 


jHnrtift% of ihe cycKall to the external 

rnn'ltiuM,* \l\uru\ Out « til. [Ur. ««»- 

of (he cvtli*!? i th«' InicrTimt Itcirijf Uio 
tfrt ,lft', tin* OAtcnial the; /#r»*fr, rrf»i/il#r». 

4'iui't4»it*ei PlKi«'|ilio*rtl«. A •iib- 

#tuiiev iuaak* hy vi^ini»\ngcn\\nn*fd oyitcr- 

Eihellii tiufl »i»l}»bur Ut ft rcil h^aL On 

I it acquires the jtro- 

rhe iltirk. 

i4««iii4'lioiic%- koo'c'hmlk. or kii>oo*« 
t>houk, Ki»it<li<? et»iu, or tmlin mhber; 
the eon« I . [ the Httun* Vnuttl* 

trhMtc^ ./ f/rrr, fWtt* tmdiptt, 

[t'lUHifrltoiirl'iiti.] The principle • n 

wbteh tbo projj«Hie« of camiteliiitto Uo- 

€'*»!>.= rVt'iw,* 'HaJtu," or Co'ftiau 
**Ut him tttktO' 
Clil'pvirii, Thfi pi<tkl«H l«ijd« of the 

C**r^ ' ' '' ^^rowiu^; 

mi' ,1111(1 tiif, 

fi#' irql'eaiid 

in i^vnft. 

C'Apf tliitr<». kA>^nam\ f From Oi- 
jtit'i"^ Vtn'rrtM, '*\enut*» h./ir."] A 
cynip miuJe with sngnr ur b<in<?y 'I'mm 
the fern fprtnod Aifitn/tvut ttiyii'fnm Vnm*- 
#ri« (| up:iUrly knuwn a* ^^MuhlenV* 
hair") Tb«i nin»>c if alto itomviititei 
" 1 1 ;* mitdtj in intitiitittti 

'iHJn* i« viii|kluyeii a« 

ln|» ll-li^rl^. [Capillar In; froia 

cotpti'ltit, ♦'hiiii'.*'] Iti'i^emttlitt^ a barr 
ID »i£c. Appltt<d to the Uiinute rujiiitieti- 
tiintie nf arU'ricff terminnriu<T '<n fh<? -ur- 
faces of tho hod^?. i*U%, — in uther word*, 
tf> ibfi vcjMsele which intcr\*t»iio hQtwi»eo 
the minute arteries and vcin^: uftco 
Ciillrd r>tfttfl<trien, 

€'a|*'ll»llc'ii>l iiw,* plural C'tiip-IMIc'* 
11-11, [T^iiuinutive of r*ipil'ln», Oiv 
''hair/'] Applied in Anntoin^ to the 
nftf-rml ftnd virion "I ri^iliii*!**- pf>rv*Aditif;t 
I 'jirie*. ihu 

, §im»t>tmtlm in^l^Aiariii. S«e pra- 

I nrt1i«le. 
flll'llA." fFnim ri «•/*«♦.) In- 

aif lull of vini» ' r biifh mnthL 

Vmm tlit>-plfvfr>iir- riMLfithvpliM'- 

tilt: tV'iin *H '*-K. ttu- " uj 'I*.' ttf I tie e.vr." 

«li<l -f^ '«^T>^, t*« "form,"} The uperation 

(if truo^plaAllQf a p Jilion tif the run- 

I ; .: : . .. x : iplllllh'. 

UiiiiS Iroin fnptVtH*^ " hair/ iin«t /«//<fiM» 
a "leaf"! Mav?n>; bjiirlike teavef. 

4^plt 11-ronti, rt'iMtilliror itilM ; 

frotn.'ir^ii "'t./' hriir/'i Futiiu'li likubuir. 
rii*|>l«'trilttt,^ [Fr'un r-'f,iu^ to 
♦'take.'*]^^rally. a "liridl^/* The 
•fnLHe tid*t-oliith handajcci <«* called 
(mm itJi Ixjinf:? n«tid ta suppuri tbe tuwer 
Jaw tike a hri'llc. 




CM|»l-t^* gen. CA|i'I-iDiB, ihd pla- 

r»p'l-tAL [CrapifAliji: from ctt'pnt, 
tlwt "lie.Kj" or **U:u."j Ltuhtujriug to 
thu Head or lif«s, — aud, Iil'Iich, of grcui uf 
vtHil iiuparLiUtic. Tbu ujiiiur of hh 
alewlik*. Applioii in tbo |4ur»l rioutiT 
to mc'licinci for tlio heiul. — (\tpit<i^U*t 
luc'lif-ittucu'tti. Al^o lipplioii iu iyurgorj 
to tlio more imfv^urtAnt tipcnilitins. 

Ci»p'l*tMt«. [Cnpiin'tttiit fromcd'- 
put, a "HjL'tid."] (Jruwing iu beadj; a 
tcnn uh'u«l in Bot^iny. 

('itpli«l|jitiiji. Tho Biiiiio ma Ca.pitu< 


Cji|>l-ll-la'¥l-uia.* [From en'put, 
the "hcinl," iind /ii'o, Iq ** wiith/'J A 
liulU lor tlio hctul. 

tVip't^tla,* lli J* g«oilive of Cn'pat, tho 

CVpH'n-lnCp^ or C^ptt'ii-lAt*C4l* 
[rn]»itiitn'UiM.} Uavii]^ & cn^ituluMf 

or kiHib Mil Iho t ip, 

t*^l>it'a-luiu,* [Tho dirainutiro of 
ca'ffui.] A lUllfl lie ul» or kuub. A pro- 
tulicrpVQCo of bone rweivod inlo a, holbjw 
pi>rlum of jinuUicr bone. A kind of in- 
florc^eonoo ouii-^iiiitiiij^ of u ii umber of 
llowersi iu u globular form uu ii commuu 
pe tiiiielo. An aletubiu. 

Cnplvi Oil« Seo Capj^fBA* 

Cj»|i'ii<»«iii«ir»* [From kojtv^, 

'*siiii<»ko/' und jM'ijM, *'pnrt;" no 0AU<»d 
from its bciuj^ ool; of the in^edicnta of 

iokc] A oolorlcsi, tnitii^piirunt liquid^ 

■tho oily tngredttinl lit lar wbicb e»n 
dl.i-iilvG ca lUtehoiit!. It oocur^ aloag 
witb crettsote in the h Avy oil of tar 

A natural order of plants, ijjclu ling th« 
Cttfi'iHtrtg (capL-r). Thry hnvo all a 
strong (lungiQt, or evvn Acrid, ta&ta, 
and b»vo been nwcd iih u nabHtilute fur 
muiitard. dome of tbem are poi^oDout. 

C'ftji*p^ricl>*iv.^ the .Itt^sittuan 
T»i\mo of a niiturnl order of plants. Boo 

(? tl'JMlcmAi-EP. 

«*ftp'rJilo. (rjt'prn*,«'^V] Acorn- 
bin ition of e;if>rio ucid wilb H b:|»e, 

priMihk'tns, C'jipreola'rl*; frt»m *^f»- 
ftri-'t,t»H^ a '* tendril."] Applied to tbti 
8|MtnitatiG %'0«Hel8, or f'»i<'i e'lpfenhtriaf 
fratn thfir tvrii^lcd iippmiriinco. 

TitpVlcr A^'l«l. [From t»rtj?Va, li 
'•♦ho goat/') A vobktilo msid, a eon- 
iiLituotit of btiHor from the milk of thu 
g.iftt "r *.'ow, 

I'jtp'rI-dnv* [ Prow 0n'pt>f\ m "goat,"] 
A fftLudy of aniiualj uf whlob Ibo goat 
ii tho typc« 


€ap-r1-fo'lI«9,^ the plura] of CofiH* 
fo'tium, tbo ' iiuiuysweklc/* formlofi; tba 
Ju^tiieunn nunu* of u tiatiiral order of 

p1utl(5. Sui^ CAI'liU'OLlACllJt, 

€!tiprirolli%cf4P,* kap-ro-fo-lc*»« 

«bc-i'. [Frtiuj r'i^i^(^Vj7r««^ tho 'Mu'Wiiy- 
eucklo.'J A natural order of [ laotSi 
eompri^iog tbt; houeyfluckks f' *t n td 
viburnum, Tb« kav«5 of ti»c ^ art 
umiilic )kDd cathartic; und tbu!i4 proper* 
Ilea uro poB««a«od in «iotiio d«gr«o bjf 
most of thfl genera of this order* 

Cap'ro-nte. [Ct»p'roii«, wVm.] A 
combination of cuproic acid with a htum* 

a^j^m'ie Ac'i^l* [€'«kpi*o'lcam 
Ac'i*iuiu; prabikbtj from atp'tfi, a 
** iihc-goat/' the milk of w' ' Heo 

ut<ed in milking butter.] v }»id 

lit|uid, olft^ined from tin < of 

baryta, and coteiiiig iuUt tb» ^uusiilu- 
tioo of butter, 

C^p'Ml-^iti, An iicrfiT ^la, 

obUuxicd by diptsting tb* x. 

tract of the (^<*/ntu.'iiHt u**" tlnjr 

and eyiiporiLtiui; the etheriiU e^nludoti. 

Cttp'Ml-ruui.* [Fr»lii «.iir«a, tu ••<!•* 
Tour/' to "bite-"] A Linri .-. of 

the claaa PruUtuti***!^ i\m< S0* 

lanticrx, AlsOt the Pharnj;ii _ jij|# 

|[ of thu capaalea and lieedn of Vuit*icnm 
ttHHHttia, and other species of capiit«iifnt 

Cttpitieum la a powriTtful »tiiuulaal 
without, liny narcotii^ cflVei^ Whetbar 
tiiken int<» the utomaioh or a[iplied «a- 
ttirnally» it onuses a decided teuMs (»f 
heat or burnmg; but it* influenf^e tipon 
the general tystem 1 ' tHiti 

to it« local aetion. ' ttj 

o*ed in mcdieine a; .^ _ .„.„ j., ^u4 

Oiip'iiicnni An'nti-titn.* Th« Cap- 
iiicumi Cayvnijc. or Oninea-pcpper plant. 

Cnp'wiciiiii l''rii«l^9i'^*i^tiii.* Tilt 
fiyteclc^ which yteldc* tho eup«uluit Diiu»tl| 
sold as Gtiini^H peppey and Lint pfjt^n'fm 

€'4ik^' mn»h$m* [Diminutive of cttp*mtt 
a *'box.''] A capifubv A niemHranfiu^ 
bug, containing xome part^ or orgun, tiw 
theextremitie-t of bones forming a joint 
A in cm bran on pericarp whicb iplil^ ttl 
a determinate manner. 

f'iip'Mn-lf%r f4gr>-nt^itl« [1Jk»> 
iiicii ttiiii 4'iipanlHi rt*. j A kindofijgu 
rncnt'>u.i but^ ffurroiinditt/ itvery tuovaldti 
(♦rtic^ultttion, urnl containia^ the •^n^Wi. 

f^Apaiilff^ or GllmM»ii. See GLN»uy, 
CArwri.K OK. 

<^p'iinl«t, Re'iiAl. The Renal Cap- 
sule* (C'tf/itftlir rrnn'f*") are two yellow- 
ish, triangubir and fliitlened bodies* iyiog 
over the kidneys in tha ftctus, in whkib 

4tn|>»t t^li.* TUo "boad of tho 
^. CA'|i«t» nia*ii . Vt'- 

rL klVi^i^r. Tbo Fr«aeh 

(•' ATinruil rhar- 
^"Cliarvrtnl of 


•I.") Tbr r^ 
u) fur Hiix 
■tic. t^«^ ^ 

Ifvod/*) The Plmrinncnpa^iti) ti»itii«|lof 

[ C^N^bo'n I u 111 s fi^ m 

>:t\."} Ttivt XuiMiS uf I'lllir- 

>vil U»'clf. CA.rboti is 

^ aI«o prt^parod by oal- 
"I, horn*', biififj^, clip- 
tc!.» in cutiUtet with 
^ : « 'ht Bii'l washing th« 
caieiiicd tiiiM(« &tM3>rwitnl9 wilb vtaUt. 
AnimnI *»l4f Iff Mini i« |»Hrii"jpally ««imI to 
t1 " iTn^ipleB, such u 

jf ' rin, i'te. 

< : ->l* A turtw ap- 

|iiffft tnr nhvijniil wiih vftrioui JifOpor- 

lti.n» ttf Mrth iind Iroo. without Kitn- 
in<i»n. It hftj* jt filky Itt'trc, nnJ Ibo 
fl1mm<i tcAtiiru uf wood. Ft "KHjure 
ftfutiWiMl wt*h v*ri'*u» ktmU "f rM>nK 

4>r*lMfe-nfl'e<<oi»u [f*iirb<»tti*'<*«^«i; 
fpv>m ««ii<^^>, ♦*co»|/' '*ijwrbuii/*] Of tho 

" nhuu, 

!fr' I r.] A couilviuutiffii of c»r- 

tKmiQ acid wilb a baaa- 

Ci»r-lM»n'f« Av'iil* [CurtMMi'lvitftt 

A^fitlntta; from ntr'ttu, '*coiiK**] An 
iu.'iil ruriu«xl iti thi' (mnirftL' "' > --mijiI, 
And vrry ahiin>Uttt in Yuit< \i%^ 

M. U of ihc wingbt of Huh Uht^ 

ct<?- Ill rhc» forlfl Ot* riirV.rtuji (*im/ yr»« 

it LMiitsiiditoA n iiinfill pro|M»rtiuti of tit mo- 
apbrrit' air* It U iitton foiimf in muu'fp 
dry wwHh, cU\ When uuniixin] or nitftrly 
«o ((V9 it rTCi|ileiitly b ill uiiiivi', JLtiil in 
iU-vuntUiititd riH>ai4 whcrr uhiirO'^ul Ib 
burning), brrathinitr it pnj>ri's oAtniiDCily 
dcIetorttMi«i, siml oft) n fittii) |o amtLiat life* 
Set* riitTKi. l> \vi'. nbd PuiHoyjH. 

l^nrtMtn'lr <»«'lile. A iMih^rle^li g«f, 
for" irlMHi is hurord wUb an 

im| ! V u( uxygciii. 

4 «^. .*,^t-„*i «>rM»nii, [f>»rlionir«rw 

•"bt'tir."] Hm ?n^ tti* roDtnSning cont, 
€*iir-t»oii«-1»aa'ti<iit. [<'iirlioiiliii'« 

<»'«*/ f r- m c'rr'/io«,] Thi pr<jrei*i 
©f converting or^fttiic iiibatan«f3J into 

f^itr'bun*«le« [Cnrlmttyiilii*: the 
diuitnutivD of tHrLo, "oobL**J TU« Ubtno 
of a com of a docp bright- red eolut. 

t*f . \^ » 

Cnr'1»u-rt*i. [C^JtrKisf^'lttint hvm 

cn.r'bifn.'l Tho viL»Lubiiiiitiuu uf carbon 
with nnttthi't wubptnticc. 

a "rarburet**J Of the natart; of a r«r« 

culorlt^sf, iiiUjiuiuiabUi gji9, »hittMhtt)tljr 
jli>rTiKnl in nature in bthgtiiiut po<il», 
wb«njver v«gt!tiiblrit iir?* utidvrgtting th© 
f»rocv«9 of putrcfiiclkuu : it hIbu fuiuiii tliv 
gr«alcrp»ift of i! '- ?- u.!. 

Of this gn* fhr' muii 

tcrmtHl JIgbt r . I if 

found iibundaitLi> m if**m*: cunl-uiinaB, 
whcrci titidrr tbc name* of Amii-diiiup^ il 

WUN tht> eilU^V '1 ' ' .11 , i^ploj^Jojjg 

which wi ri» no ,. iavt^m. 

titju of the ««( , y. Tb« 

other kind.catlod hfin^^v cutiiurcMcd by* 
dr*jf«''n or alefiimi gaw. fori«<» I hit r<tji«!i}iia1 
pnrr " ' n^cd to li^-Ii' l*. 

an '• 'f/n A n ' --cr, 

€^tM^*l-ttfMti' A*t<iifa. [C>irrlit«i tti «<■ 
tliw; rri<m rurfifo/rrKi,] Bidohgilig to 

Cnr-dAinl^nr PrH*t«*ii'«ta.* Tbo 

cuckoo ttonrnr. whif^b yt<'td«( eordamino 




Cvir'tC^-nioiii, [f^arflnnio'iiiniiii.] 

Thi' fruit **( fcievivral e|jecic<* f»f EtctUtriit 
and Amutnnm, tb<* cnjt.^ult'c oT wbich fur- 
aiiih a warm and i^kni.-'Miit arumatio. 

dir'tll-^* [*Jr. *«f*i<rt.J Tht? honrt ; 
AlftM \Ui^ AU}^orii>r tjpeniii j^ uf Mie Nt4«in(ii';h. 

ditf.\ Uclnn|*iog U> tho bvuri. Afi|jlied 
to the tfutjorior DfwninK <*f thfl atomaeh. 
Al«'» Miqiltrd tu iiivijToratinK' mclicinca. 
Cjtr'ill-Me l*lex'u«. [Plrx'nM l^r- 
dlneaii^] The prinuifial canli^u; plvxiid 
b Bitueiterl on the bifurcatlim of the 
tntcUvii. [t ia frjimod by tbo meetings 
oftno mirMlo ii»n<l Inferior oarilitic necves. 
Then* *irp twi othor cardiac plexuses, — ■ 
the Olio termed auterittr, and the other 
/i'i*Crr/or,— aittiatcd roapoofivoly before 
and b^bini tbe ft^oondin^ ^orta, near 

C'-nr-tl i '^m:r 41* * [From tta^A a, n n « I ti y/io, 
M " ecixiiix/'J i*rtiii ur (j;out of tbc beart. 

CiiffMlI-AI'A>l-(^* [From raft^itt, tbo 
"beurt," ami 'ts^-o;, "pain/'] An iin«iMy 
ur pain Tut soiimtii»u in the itomoob; 
bunrt loirn : ear'dialji^y. 

CnnllAnaiilroplic. Seo Ectopia 


Cnr-ilJ-4w't9'«iiii.* [From xapSia, tbo 
'*h(*ar(,'* and zKraat^, "extension** or 
"dilaialion."] Dilatation of tbe bi«aru 

€«r'<il-«»-^lc* [Fruin Kopita, and 
<i^A»}, a "tumor,"] Tbo prtitmpion of th« 
heart rbrougb a wound of thi> diapbra^nn. 

C^wr'dl-4ft-4l#iil-^* [From ^•^ir'flfia, 

itj M<^K^, ■' p.iln."J Pain in tbe heart 

C Ar-4ll-4»ff iiiiiA«* or KiUMli-oir'- 
tii<»H.* Anotbor terra fur eurdialgia. 
8tnuo.imi'!« ii}»|>lit]t to palpitation at tbo 
boart ami to Antp'tini jtrr fotiv, 

CMr-dl*o«|iAI'oiUii,« [Fr<»m •afJ^d, 
the "hfart," nnd troX^dii, *' pulpUatioii/'J 
See CAitnMiTHoiit'ii, 

€i»r'(tI-4H|»#r*l-<>AtMll'tl«, tdiit* 
[Frotii cfir'ittft, and )m tvnrtti'ti*.] In- 
Paiiniiitl'm of the bcrnit nnl jifrimrtfittm* 
€>ritl«rlit»*ln,*kar'do.n-rox'ln, [Kr»»m 
*«iifA.i, thi" "iKMirl." and ffc){»t, a 'Mireak- 
In;?*' or " laoeralton/'J Rupture of tbo 

€*fitMlI*ol'ro-niii«,* [From m^^ia, 
K\\v "hoart," atiil ri^-t^t, a **ireiDbling/*] 
Flithtrin^^ of ibo boart. 

<'i»r-<tril««» ( From KUf^^a, tbe " beftrt.**] of tbe hiairl. A j^jnus of 
tbo MfiU-r t*hfrymn0iw, o)a*i« f^rej^t^^ of 

ClllU'tl'N Xu»tMlit;;;y. 

i^ar'tlo,* pen. €'4»r'4I-iitm A hitii^©. 
Applied in Anatomy to tbc articulation 


Carlbeifcn Diirk^ Gee Baaic* Cahi* 


C'ArJ-c^ Pib-p«i*y^» Th« P«pa«. 

tree; the milky juire of wbi^h roiitiiln* 
nn ahunilanuii of ti brill n^^jmblini; animal 
matter. • 

rAr'l-v» Fme'tiw.* Th« pr«i6erved 
fruit of ibts fig. St« Fi<iit8 Caiiica. 

CA rl-«sft.«» (Literally, "rotten iiea.n 
A diiteaso at' bo«e«, annlogouf lo uieem* 
lion of tbe ftuR partR. 

Cn-rl'n^* ( I^it^rally. tbo ** keel of * 
sbip.'') Applied in Botany ta the Ivirtr 
p.t .1 ' fthii papilionucotjus curotli^ 

A\u A-nate, or CAr'l-niU-eil, [C^btI* 
natiiH; fiom enri'Hn.] Keet-«lia(»«d* 
Applioil to lea r 00, petal «, ate. 

C^'ri^ouM. [€^rlo'«i»N; ft-oai ca'n'ec] 
Havingt or affected wiib« emiet^ 

dhi^mlwiV^Kv^* [C'ikPiitlflioAi'viiiii 
from cfir'M^-n, a "sonf?" or *^ charm.''] 
Applied to medicint)!* which iimttJigw 
paifi and relieve flatulence. 

l^r'mine. A moat iMiautifiil oo1or> 
injf matter or pi^menli prepared frum 
CQcbtnoal combined with alumina and 
the ox idu of tin ; also calked CA>cr«Mcf« 

Cinrncw C^lumiui*. Seo Vouvmum 

Cap'tt^im.* [From enVo^ ent^m*, 
"^fleAb,** '*i]ef«by."] Hdongiog tu fletb: 
Gar'neona. See Carmo»iih, 

C^AfN^I-n^A'tlon. [cnumlflcia'lto, 
o'ttUf' from e//'ro, *'fle»b," and ^X to 
"boeomo."] The ebanj^o of any teituro 
of tbo ariinial body iotm Me^b. The tnrtn 
bun bcL'n nppHed by Lai'nnocto a diivajod 
emdition of the lun>:M when they hive 
beeomc converted into a eub«taQoa f»- 
Ktmblin;; mu^eula^ fliii^h, 

CAi^nl-ftir'niki.' [From «aVv 
"fltidi/'J Hti^enibling fl*.^b» 

flar-fil v'o-r^^ [ From ca*rti, "fle^h.** 
and vu'ro, to "d* vuur/'] A term apptioil 
to animalo whieb feed upon fle-b; moni 
especially to that tribe *i\' i\iv Mam^ttiffia, 
.^acli an tbe wolf, linn, «te., whose li^cth 
ftro peculiarly adapted fi*r selling and 
dcitroying livinif animnli^ 

flKr-nlT'o-POiu. [f^mlv'orast 
from the ^amo.] Ploob -devouring, or 
feoflin^ on fii"*h. 

fnr-tio'AOfi,* [From eo'ro, "ftMh."] 
Fle«by | fnll of flejib r car'noan. Appliwi 
in the plural to an order of Pofffftt. 

C!ii'ro,* i^en. Oir'nlM. Tb<« red AKmut 
part, or b.^lly, of nHi^el< § j tbo fleih. Alio 'j 
the ^foft portion of fmitu. 

dirpo-li'n^ Pink. Tbe SptiftUa 


The French 

(Lain I. miti L.^. l-b.; lur Uie rovt of 

€>-r^l*rti*.* [From cj^-fc>. to "itn- 
|i«.'l_v.'"J ifuvinjf p!»w«r to uhiiHorv : cs- 
r<tritl. A|pf>LiC'i in thu plumi uetitcT 
(<\irof'>ff#i) Itt ttarcniioM. 

fM *'hriii>€fv."] ApptiwI tn an 
Icry on eikch hWIc «»( thu »t-i*k, carrying 
i1f» '<1 t4» tbfi l)t*«ti, Tbu^r neru eo natuH 
fVuiji na i(l«A tbftl tjlu^ ilium ivoald pro* 

Cnr'CNtln* [C'hm.t': , , -. from {.n. 
rf''/.f.] A pctfuli L .1 principle 

of {\w eiLrr«>t. iir /' rf*. 

Vmw'ptn.t, [I'luim y>.j Belonging 
t>i Ihvi fftrjiUM^ or Kvriiil. 

«'nr'|irl. [€»r|M*llltini* or C^iir- 
IM^IUMI: fmm raiwrfit, "fruit"] Ap- 
pllel iu iJMtiiny to a Ainiplc pi*<tit. ur t'l 
en« of I be «t«ui«niB of a onmpouad putlL 

IttcL^'] The inovDmcrilj; *tf tk'ltri<'U,'( pji- 
tientfl in eoArching for or f^raapinjc at 
imiixiiXM'X obJQ«U. iJickiuj; lh« Insrl- 
, ^lothe«. «t4%: fluccitatioQ, It it cuntit- 
II rrr^r unliivorttblft eytiiptom in 

l'«H^* [Oir|iolM'|fti» t fnntt 

i fru'tU nr fta>eiJH; that 
i licit Imatf uflho fruitji 

C*«r-|M»I Infill.* [Frot««tifrp<it,"frnit." 

if»flr,^,rtnj» "j ApplivcJ in rhu plural 

1 1 lo att lifflwr of Dr. 

'!>♦», uT tliMciKies iiffool- 

: carput'ie. 

liW.^aprt^.] Th© Latin 

iena lor tbr Wkist, wbicki fee. 

\ r\^Mvu :^ uf mu«<!t, or sutt-wfTcd, 
)HiJUi| '»n Hio rin.'kK aiMi 'horvfl of N<*rtb 
orn i>iirof»«, nnU tn Camigbfea, rnuur 
WiittTfi«rH. Ireland. 

t'nr-n^^'tilii. Tl u 

hv t»r. I'lreini lo ibf d 

|pf ouII(mJ V>y <<otiio writt-i. . -^ . j.. .,, 

V»V «'tli<'i« ft^ctifu 

l^rriant (kar-rA'rA) W»'t«r. The 
onirii^ of n litiuid (irvpiit'.^l in iinitntlnn 
*if tb<« ♦^oaliii"" of fcrdiin i^prin*.'** "f 
'"■nrmrj*, iu iLtilv. faiiioUiii fur its aiarbjo- 

,M ■ ■ I H'«. 

I itr rott OIL Sr» railed h&f!atiMe used 
At LbL* CarrvD ]rou-Work«« iu S<>otUiid. 

The Linimrnhim A'ptt^ (\ifrin, or LlJff' 
li£?(Ti M Caia IS, which Mor. 

l^tr'ltHk-nilii, Cftr'tli^tnliin of 
C^r'lliMiii-ie Ai^'ivl* A red o<»lf»rtng 
uiahvr oUt^iiiieil fr^'tn f^afnower, 

C^f»r'tlu»*>aiiui Tliic*t<»>t*uit.* Th« 
isafflnw«?r, or funtt'tnf «Difrr<iiK A plant 
of the or<lor Vomiionittt ; the flsrwrr^ uro 
uMd hy dyon* The ieedi are eatharlie 
and diitrctio. 

C'iur'l|-I|iff«, [Cnrtllii'sro, inin. As 
Lf f.'tttnilwjr. fmm rti'tut^ "ileth/* tflid 
ri'^o, to "yithi"] A piiurty irhite, ^Im- 
toning. i!lN^tic, uniform euhritntice, ad- 
faoritijir to Briieukr ^urfHCv* of bones. 

C'nr'tl-likk'1-nuuM, or C'4U-*II-Im* 
|^ii'eH»f|4i. f4firtilniKlii>a«« t>r i'nr* 
tlllHrino'wiiat.] or ihi" tmturc of cut* 
tilttgc. Applied in Botany to learoi 
having a hard tiinrgtn of diflcrent tab- 
stMnee from thv dit-k. 

I'Ar'ia-l.* The PhnrmnoopuMn] natnt 
(Bfitij^h Ph.) for tho fniit ef the Cu'mm 
cut *ui. 

ni'ruin.* [Frum the Araltio Cnrw', 
or Cuttitt^^ A LiiiUii'un i^cuun of the 
oliiMis Priitnntlria, nut unit fufhr Vwhttd. 
/trir, AUci tho PbttrutacojHi'Inl name 
(U.S. Ph.jl for the fruit of the V^rum 

CiM'raiii rilr'ti*!.* The caraway 

€'4k*rtiii'rti*l^** plural rn-mfi'ea* 
lir. [I>iwiii»miv« of rrt'ro, '^iieith."} A 
liltk' flcHljv cxffcflccTKif : n car'uade, 

C^iritfi'rulit l^i«ti-r#-ftifi'li*i,'* [Vr. 
t^ti'ituf ti/i' f<*t , iftHftf,-, ]\h if^s-' k\'i\' lA'kre*- 
mAl'.] Th»i atuall, rrd h*«dy tiUtnUi'd ill 
Iho iuni^r nnirti* of the eye, 

4'«-riui'cu-lw JMjrr^tUf^r itlC<4«* 
Thu r«.'nii>aiit> *>f tho liK'tiijatti'd hiftk^n, 
tnro^ thrre« itr four in nimiljcr. 

€^'rii»,« [iir. ttuf^H.] A deep, beavjT 
flecpi lothnriry, 

t'l^rj otklk.v ilnmr,* kar-e-oMI-la'- 
j(hf-rs A nnturnl order of plntiie, ili- 
c I It ding ibt' iJiitttthttt, <;amiil}{tn, nnd 
pink* and tuiitiy wh*<I«<, Nauicd from 
Cnrtfophjfttu*, the fpecific Datue of the 
earimtion or eloye pink. 

C'fkrywplijriliatfi.* TFrom eat-jfO' 
^thyrftt*, the 'olove-trfo. ') Sfto Gstm 
UnuAM V. 

€'lkr-j^Kk*|»tl,f ri<N4P** The Jtijivt«ritan 
name of nn onlrr of pUnt*. Sec CAwr- 
oi'HYLi.irr. i:, 

€Ar-J^*<».|>lij^l'llc* Af Id, [From tbo 
name.] Kiiireuic actd ; clntv aciil, or 
heavy oi) of eloveif; one of thu two oili 
componinK oil of elorea : ihe other U 
light oUt called dure hgtin*-carhnn, 




rftr.j^Hi-|»lij^t'lln. [From til osa mo.] 

C^Ar-j^-o-phj^rtitni.^ [Fmm the 
eamu.J The I'liuruiue >ptuia1 mtme {ririt. 
Ph.) for fho unoXfianrltMl flower of tary- 

C*Ar*J^-ci»I»li;Pl'luib* [Kroiii Kiipn^Vt a 

" nut,'* lin<l r/.ii\^ii^, H " leiif» * LlltlKlUfU JS«J>- 

^ojsicil tt> he tho Itfiif i>f tho Iti<1ian nut 
' phitit.] A Liniii0:in gvnue o( itm ohu^j) 

PuttftifiHruu niitural onler Jf*frf,tfe», 

AUo thf? Pharinacopcriai D»mu tEit< f^ad 

U.S. Ph^ of th- Clovk, whii-h sico. 
(Taryopliyl'liiN Ar>-o-ifi»t't-roii.* 

Thi' ?y?leiujttic tuime of I ho •.'T"Vt'4nx\ 

Alfl'tthe Pharmuoo|nttia| a»4tne(Dub. Ph.j 

for the ch»ve. j^ee Clovk. 
l'Ar*j^-«p'»li».* [ From « ipwur, a •' nut/* 

mill 'JO!/rv. iti( "in)j>L»Birauei'."] In notaliy^ 
' A cmrj-rtL'CfJtjil poficnrn, «clht?riii^ clfufit'ly 

to the jritfgtiuieiit of the ^i?4}dt na in ontj, 

riePi et43. 
C*a«i^^riri9.* [Diminolive wf (•«!■'♦ 

tnm, tho Sjoiuish worfl for **b»fk-*'] 
J The PtinriinttMi|ioMnl njirni* j] of the h^rk 

Of tht^ (''''*' f''ti thntHt'ti'i, 

t'lMPJkHtliv I'wrtfx.* (^'Bark qf 
CfifLniritlii.'*) Si?c »Vvst'jiiiin>i-A. 
4'&'Me-lti, Cii'iic«-I»«v or t'it'«M*-nfii.^ 

I |Truui cfi'^fii^^ "i'hi^estc.**! Tht* itlliuiuvn 

Lpf luilk; tho cuni ^t»fmriit4iil from milk 

Jby th** ii4t(lilion of ail ocitt ''T rcinnvt* 

bonf t ittiting the bojia of oboo4o in tv etuto 

[»f iiurity. 

ff^aii^tt'itUM t from cn'tenii, **ch<Hjjio.*'J 
Jltt^intf. **r full of. ehec*o: oheosy» 

Ctj*-»h«*w'-Tree. Th« ANncfii'fitNm 
. Oct'idrMfit'fr, a tr«o bcl »iij:inff to thu 

iQjituril onlrr jtno^'rt^r/r-tf<w, rmiul in 

^|h<! West Inclie«. It pniilucc» n, kMuoy- 
^liiipc^d mtt, yit'Ulitij; a cntistic oil, wbieh 

lis a*»il H* n iimrkiu^-iukf ttnd ul^o uji a 

Iroii^v'ly for war(f» clc. 

i'ii.%«iJtVJ«-* kft? fti'rft, A foctiln. {^cfia- 
rnlr4 from ihu juice of tho root of the 
JutripKn JfiiiiiAof, nml gximibciI to h«fit ; 
» |itinoip(il Artielo of 4iot in South 
Amorioa. Th« jsjiiiie sultatanco ilifrnrontly 
vparoil nnti i;ntnit!ftt«d eon^titiitea 

C'luiMiirlAii itituiictlon)* Bee (Ivift- 

€*»^*»- '1 

A Li»' 

.|iat»i«k. 1. i .'.-:/ - • : ..- i'i,.4i- 

«op<i»i»| inmc (lini, Ph,) of thti 
nit of fitif'Mi'n fi<*ti*tn, Scvoml ipi»- 
Clfi of Ibi? i;piiiia (^i*«/»i— «,g. t\ ttf*»ti^ 
/*'it*tt ^* rlnnff^tttt^ nnil fX o^jiw/w^ 

prodiK^o tUo ednna of oommoree. Sft| 

C^JDinln Ptin tiM^.** Theiuir;fi«|rea#-I 
ftin trt'e. Th(* PH<«rrui»oopfT?^iil Dunie( II.S,| 
Ph,) for tht' fruif of ibu (^mnin jfimt»ta. 

C'iMNiri ri|?n4''t%* Soi' I.Ai Ht*«iC/i«»iJul 

PbArniucopci«iiit name ( l\S* Pb.^ for th«j 
lesivcH of Cn*»ia Mattlnudiit^a^ or Aiaeri-i 
can S<nnn. 

C'iM'fiia OIL Thi' cotntuon oil nf ein^J 
Damon, prf»cnr«il fi+mi out^^ia, 

CfumlR? {k4»i<h'c-^) Pnl'iB^* (^Pulp 1 
of rfiiiijin.") Tho PhurmiMsopfi^lal oamtt | 
(EfL Ph) for f; \ (\i**nittfU*fuLt.\ 

CfimilnM \ I i^ur'pl^ oC A ( 

purplo-tiolori I . . .1.% MhtaioiMl hf i 
mixing the pruto^cUlurtdo uf tin wUbai 
dilute *t»lufion of gold, I 

trAWH»ltlWl4- (Fr,). kftS'MO'l}4«P. B»«| 

Fupnr: fi»c cry^taliiKocl and dried |»of- 
ti;»n iif *ui:nr, 

€'fiM«.rthfieMt>,* kAE Be'thQ'ibC'^ A j 
nntural onler of e\o)?ua«>t]9 panMiliejbl I 
p]'int4. cou^LstiriJi of one gcmiSf tlio ^W* j 

' CfUiliineiF.* knj-ta'QO'C, Umi plural j 
of t*iMi-li»'nl*ii, ft "cheNOtit.'* A fiftvoe j 
^iven by some botiuttnU to % n»ltinit j 
|»r^^^^^ mcludinj? tho cbesftut^ oak, vie* 
Sci-^ <'i iMi.rrFB,*:, 

€aii'M»r. Another nAtne for Cjisto- 
RRi M, whioh sei', 

CAs'ior Oil. (O leimi BIc'InL] 
An oil extraciot) frnoi llio ««^d« of Iho 
fiictHttg Vftmnttt'ni^i * out} of llio llit*|it 
valuablr of pnrjjMivr*, Wiri.» nt rK^ i«>im« 
tiuiu mtid iiii4) !ipf*ci1y in i a, 

Ciu^l4*'iH*-nm.* ' ^ F ' the' 

"bfiivcr/'] Thr Pii 
of » {mculinr csinen i m 

from tbct foUiolc.M l . ^ . , , .. , . i 
i\\mttf- jii**r^ nr heaven it i« a modomto \ 
ftiuiiiUmt and nnltupiMtsrodio. 

CMM*i4irl<dfr.* { Prom eam*tnr^ tha j 
^'hviivtir **J A family iff aiiiinalis of 
whi^«h th'" (\»('if i!* the typ«. 

i'lMlcKrln, or 4^nii't<^riite, fCn 
lorl ntt: fnua '-rf*ro'i('4><n. | The a«Ui« | 

mMfHf^r nf rfniNt/VM»J. 

Caa-I rn I lon« [ Cnat nt ' t l«ih fi'ii *• i i 

frotn rtm'hit, f'^H9trO*ti*m^ 1o **<f«lt off/' to | 

"eniiuiculAte."! Thv n'UutVA] uf a t««ti' 
cle, nr both; nrchnt<«tny ; fmiU)eitlafiftii« 
Applie'l In Botiihy to thr ru moral of tlia 
nnlhcrsi *>( a flnwrr, 

€'iiii*lr»fi'Al».^ [Frt'Tt. -.-.'^-.r a 
"eamp/'l AppliM to iiioh i 

SfthlinrH riirriinpeil under ir- 

ettm^tance.-i iire partieoliirty IhtUic to, at i 



*•■■■*- i^ii. A Ur. ■- r - ■: -'^■- n 

Xi*," llllt h 

^tliiWU," ii* in catttrrh i;r*<»m Hiiruf^M.i^)t 
cr&liv* A "fl'wiiiir r|.»im/* It i? "ftvu 

■- ^ - - '■'■-• "' ; . Tata- 



Mt-|K'U t^»'t' < Aiii»:», C\Tik>i*ii, etc, 

C^att«»-«iin'filii.* [Frnm cui^iitratdiif Itt 

•T .... ••] A term 'Iceirttfiig 

|t> ' prcterusttiral or 

pi ' • . , 

ti«V»^o«, t ♦ '• ililiftrlutu."] A ^tvlllgC, or 

[If - ■' ■ ^ ' " ■ 'U. 

■r pronunciation 

|f' *o^'i, **ii^;f«in«tT" 

,1,' j Tlittl Urranoh of 

f^r* of nprt"cl'Mj«iiiMnci9i 

rj»t'9*t«*|H«|^. [danlep'stAiAndt^it' 

^1antji.rv tn<itiiin. sn^t, for thi« rno^t 
■ r the 

.• -1 i- ' ' . 1 1'-' ikro«.] 

iC'i'ilil]H>9 '^l b^V cvutuu'i Witli |»lnt^iulii, 

biob i» t>rino«l^ in cif»n>t«t]u<Mii;^'s tlio 
' rttl'tlfttf n-rnL 

C>»|.^ljft'l4*, Citi^ii^l.fl'1-enl. [m- 

-•.>meti«ne*< npfif»^4 to » tncdi- 
I r.-4| tf» ikvtr v a uiorhiflrt 

the MihiHil. i54jc nrcc«»'ling 

I .^if^ n1*|fc,* gen. C^t*^iii4Vti1* 

, fuutid ^tnly in tba [ilurul. 

nfn aa^ii "i»#iiv»r«1in» t^'* Atid j-v., a 


"ir . '^, . ^ 

f)»t«^|>fl4>«'li-i«tt,« fFt<Jin «artf, •*». 

Ma«t/' »' r I"] Thr^t 

It'll «f .» I i'nl« tff tUo 

I <*.tinn «1 "I'loK. 

The ff/pntfi fttfttntjfrtt'titm of itiMny wriUT< ! 
" ^ ' ' ' toil witb 

f JtllpCf' 

froui K'rtritAr/jfli.*, to "ovrrtriv Willi plA»* 
Iff/*] A »oU R|i|<licMriim or itiiiiltiec of 
brt«mt, tmseod^inviU^ out tn«Jil«4.l4^.,tu«!tli> 
cutcti i.r i>'it. 

C^tn|M»triim,* knt j^|to'ihtr-Qm. 

[Frwiu •'ir.iTm,!, to ^'Jrtnk/' Jo **g«l|»/* 
ti> ♦*aw»*Uow ilown,"J A i>ll) ur loeiliumv 
to bi* Mfftll'iMrcd vtiti xit ulic'wiog* 
Wntton nUn Catafuttiun, 

i^t'^rvkicu fCntiiriic'lJi; fmm 

f^ri%(ytiftK^^ f(i ''conftMlTHi/'l UliAtrUctltd 

ffjrht, pr-Mtuecd liy •tpnctly of the cry*- 
tulliiie len* or \X^ Crtjiifulc 

€>^lii'rl-^* Tlio rhiinnAc*u|>a'iAl 
nfin«9 (IKS, PS.) frvr ibc leaves of the 
jVtp'rt't etttn*rta^ or iTittneiv 

C^f4ti>rti'< [f*tilAr*rhiiftt from 
«»ini/^w*s to ^'i!<*«r down/*] A cr»fnmon 
Oidd in i\w h*^nd >>r **bi>^t ; ribo, ft^jfutnxa ; 
likcvrijco tliM TfitioMu? fluid imtirvrl out hy 
llir bhiddf»r \\t\Mr di^^cflFP or eatarrb of 
thftt orjrnn, tbc dircharu't* tn ^.r nrvr* Aad, 
or »^uf?«rrb i.l toe viiirinn. 

(\ti.tarrti'Hl. [n»tii rr liu'llmj Be- 
longiniy to tvitAfrh, 

"Mown;" and o-r.V;*^!, to *Slro|»/' to *'<!ow 
by drops," I A term nppMiMl bjr ?otjio 
tnf>dlical writer* to ii def!u\i«iti fnrn tb« 
fmiL't**, «itc. Tbe Mriitie n* <'VTA»niif. 
C^I-M^tAI tl**, [«^ttt«itMl'llCfiii; 
"■ 1'-n.|5 

„ i ' '"un- 

tlulip. lid MJ»trili;;^^iit fUid 91^ pile HllH- 

0(nrM^««1>; ihi» »ntn<* ft? AifASTAl.Tic. Ap- 
plied hy M. Fliill to tbi« iictioii of tbtt 
r»* ii^fToitiT, frotn nbiivp doirtiwnr^lfL 

Calo«lili. kurr ka. [iSiiid to \w d«- 
rivcd from ihn Jiip»ni««4* AVfr, n**tft<<*/* 
and tA«, **jni<*e.") Tbe Phnffrinf^iptidlit 
nnme f^T ftn rxtr; ' ' t^v 

from tba w<iiijd of .1 rh(^ 

term 1^ applied too I . fjr 

ct(rfi<rt«. wbirh uru inipuHrd iitidcfr tbit 
nnmef ftf t*rt'n /^pnm'm (Japnn cnrtb). 
cttfffi, find ifftmftir^ 

l^ml-4^«'bH'le Ac'M- An neid (»otrte- 
wbnt r**»'mb!inji; -ztHlc »u?iil) «»Utiiiii«nl 
bv Biifibnnr from <«iitechii. 

[t'ftlliivwl Irii^i: frin • rv* 

ni<»v*'. '; M III filly oiMJ-«tic, (|j=: ! \ ut* 



"purge.**^J Pui-gation of the excrements, 
medically or naturally. 

C^thar'tlc [Cafhar'ticus; from 
the sumo.] Applied to a medicine which 
quickens or increases evacuation from 
the intestines, or produces purging. 

(^thar'eiii. [Cathartt'na; from 
KaOaifXi), to "purge."] A peculiar princi- 
ple obtained from jalap and senna leaves, 
on which their purging quiility depends. 

C9-thar*to-car'piM Fls'tu-1^* 
Another name ft»r the tree producing 
cassia. See Cassia Fistula. 

CAth'c-ter.« [Gr. KaOtrfip; from 
KaOinfit, to "thrust into."] A surgical 
instrument like a tube, closed, but with 
several small perforations towards the 
extremity, which is introduced into the 
bladder through the urethra for the pur- 
pose of drawing off the urine in cases of 
retention, etc. 

Cath*e-ter-IA'niiifli.* [From eath'- 
eter.] The operation of introducing the 
catheter ; cath'eterism. 

(^th'ode. [From «rora, "down," and 
hiiii, a "way."] In electro-chemical 
action, that part of the decomposing 
body which the electric current leaves. 

C^th-«Nl'l(^ [Cathod'tcuM ; from 
/coni, "downwards," and o^<%, a "way."] 
Proceeding downwards. Applied by M. 
Hall to the course of action of the ner- 
vous influence. See CATASTALTicrs. 

C^thol'I-con.* [From KaOoXucdf, 
"universal," "unchanging."] A pana- 
cea, or universal medicine. 

C'a'tl-on.* [(3r. Kan'w, the present 
participle of Karetin, to "go down," to 
"descend."] Literally, "descending," 
or "passin::; down." A term in electro- 
chemical action f«>r a bo<ly th it passes 
to the cathode of the decomposing body. 

fnt'klti. The same as Amkntum, 
whi"h see. 

("nt'IliijiT. A double-edged, sharp- 
pointed, straight knife for amputations. 

<'Mtne|». Sec Catauia. 

<'wt'o-€'ho,* or (!'at'o-4»hnsi.* [From 
Kar- u). to "restrain," to "retain," to 
"keep."] A kind of catalepsy in which 
the 1) )(ly is kept rigidly in an erect pos- 

<'nt-op'trl<*, Cat-op'tri-cal. [Cat- 
op'trlriiHt from «r.irojrr/»', a "mirror."] 
Belon«rinj: to a mirror, or to Catoptrics. 

<'at-op'trlc». [Catop'trlca; from 
the same.] That branch of Optics which 
treats of the reflection of light. 

Cat*A Eye. A mineral broujrht from 

Ceylon: so called from a peculiar play 

of light arising from white fibres intor- 


spcrsed. The French call this appear- 
ance chntoytint (shi'twi'yOii*'). 

ChVh Purr. A characteristic Boand 
of the chest, heard by means of the 

€arn TatL The common name for 
the Ti/pha. 

Cm'd^ E^int'ii^* ('< norse-tail.'*) 
The termination of the spinal marrow, 
giving off a large number of nerves, 
which, when unravelled, resemble a 
horse's tail. 

Cau'daL [C^uda'lla; from eau'cfo, 
a "tail."] Belonging to the tail. 

Cau'date. [Cauda'Uis; from the 
same.] Having a tail. 

Cau'dox.* The trunk of a tree. In 
Botany, the stem, or ascending axis of 
growth, is termed camlex ascendeM; the 
root, or descending axis, caudex dewtm- 

<?aa-dte'u-l4u* [Diminutive of can*- 
da, a "tail."] A prolongation in cer- 
tain plants in the form of a filament, 
which bears the masses of pollen: a 
cauMicule, or cau'diclo. 

(^al. The epiploon, or omentum. 
Sometimes applied to a portion of the 
amnion which occasionally envelops the 
child's head at birth. 

Caii-l<H«'^oiit. [C^ulea'eens; fh>m 
cnn'lh, a "stem," and -etco, a Latin ter- 
mination signifying to "grow.**] Grow- 
ing to a stem. 

Cau-llc'u-lua.* [Diminutive of can*- 
Itn, a "stem."] The intermediary part 
of the embryo which has germinated 
between the cotyledons and the root; 
a cau'licule, or cau'licle. 

Cau-ll-flo'roua. [Caallflo'mii « 
from ran'lh, a "stem," and/fo«, a "flow- 
er."] Having flowers on the stem. 

C^n'U-flow-cr Ex-crAi'^cnee. A 
disease of the os uteri, supposed bj 
Gooch to bo cncephalosis. 

C^n'll-fbnn. [(^ullfor'nila: from 
rmt'liit, a "stem."] Formed like a stem. 

Cau'Iine. [Canll'mui; from rrfN7f«, 
a "stem."] Belonging to a stalk or 
stem. Applied to leaves which arise 
directly from the stem. 

€^i-lo-car'poiifi. [Cauloear'pciM; 
from rftu'/in, a "stem." and «(i/Arof, 
" fruit,"] Having persistent stems, fre- 
quently bearing fruit. 

Caa'nia,a//«.* [From «fai'w,to " burn.**] 
The burning heat of fever. 

faoM'tlr. rc^nM'tlciM: from rai'u, 
to ••bum."] l*osse.<»sing causticity. As 
a noun (Lat, CoH^'ticHm) it denotes a 
substance which, by its chemical proper- 

jri tlic texture *A 
uru lilt* |iuio 

<^rt«t'ttr Allcst-n. Aft atkrtM r^m- 

witti i I, ur with oiL 

€'*u*>t i . ^ i..uvr-S«?LriiAitCArsTic, 

ClM1:«il4' fNjIIIMb. f?€C PoT4S!sA. 

C'»u«^U^ l-ljT. [tiuuitic'ifw«« nVM ; 

fr\ftu <r^»«*'f»« Ml.] Tbu (|ualitjr whkh 
diftinjnitali«4i o«iajti« BulMiiiiLUces. Bco 

I M -. :i c ni AHNpr'rl-aniuB* (the 
'-• uf aVcr, "nhurp"^. 

] T cwistio fwtjwbj^the 

liiuiuD o*astio. 
' .1 . -., [tir. «aN>«(^ ft •M>urnmp 
Ki Al, j A \ urivlj q{ m»lt)fntu}t rfmiltint 
fef«r: BO muuvJ on a^'coiiitt of iti» cx- 
(B«*v(ive facAt- It bits been termctl yV'/irt* 
i0>Wnw. "anient** ur " burntui; fiviT." 
C^M l « l€ < F 'l*«» Mop* [C^tuilfrlsit'- 
, 9*hU,] The ftct of iijjplymg the 

f — Tt > r-T- 'P . ^ f -1 -T f f • -♦ — TTi : fritm t<« tj^ 
i| lioni tfrt <Tn- 

or of ■ h*«t in>n : abt*, the IjiH inm or 

I. [€'aiit4^'rlai» 

.\f Ki :r ivmcat uf ftclUHl 

tjufutii^ in*^. liet^Li^i ir^n. Gre. rtc.) for 
ttk9 ean> <>r rcmnviil of u iltiiCMMfl imrt. 

OMi'l«*rr<. r«-f<««'fii»l- [<'i»tii<»'rl- 
rt»i«-ulia tl«.| Tho pppliciitioii 
pr ubttADcea* m» potujsiii lanor 

r^**r'a*i^ H**em^»Tn."] Uuvtrig celts or 
(^t^'^nifififi PH'mm* A tiaui on the 

, T ' ^.n hi 

,-:,,,.- :■,.,;...-, The 

€V € /,*r'«iirt f>Mem'4ff.« A 


C'r'enl. [fitHMi li<t,j Bdoogitig ** 

I he I'ltrnm. Si'O (^|Cl•Al„ 

tcciiiii. J^co <^ii» rM, 

4'<<«lr«*liir«*ir,* «eU ri«-K'ghe-g. An 
imfM^rtuix iMiiural oitki «»nrvL*B (iiiclud- 
III jj i'nirfin ati«i MiiUo^iiri,v t lintnd in 
tbo tropks (if America (tbO Ibdiii. Jn 
gent^nil tL<]' hark 19 n |«uw<^rful «Btrin- 
j;i,-^ui, iiD<J the wt>ud fVii^rntit. The Uurk 

of Ihc* tVtirr'fn ffm*H,i fiinl of Mnlut^'lltiy 
i« 4' r i« &i»Lriti|j:i«iit, 

•til ! u lite for Peru- 

fiiia 4..,rv .iv..»..,v.a ifjvers, 

re'iUp<m« The e<*iuinoti tinine of ih« 
Siwa'tttt (V'f/roM, o trt'fl gr«>wrio|; in 
Scmtb ftnt] Central Aiuerico. The feeds 
are c<mf idered to be a remedy fur snitkts 
bite.i and other animal TMtis)uQ«. The 
rai<f tinge uf the ir(H»d bnve been uied in 
int^^^runttenta ns a ^iibttttutt; fori|uinine. 

Olnndlnr. 8ee CHruiioTdtii^ 

1 <«lni^l racfw*^ »el 'iLff*tra'«h«-tt. 

[Fr*tui f V/M»'r» M4I, onn of thw peturrn*) A 
nuluml itrtltTr of »hrubi, which hnve' 
ai rtd i»rn((ertie*t fv.metiioej^ sitiuiitliint. 
Tb«« Kviniifmtiw (.^|iiMdlc-Tre«, or Burn* 
JniT linsh) 19 II n e7iKni|ii]e, 

i'twIiM'trvM.* The ()aiu9 c»f » (cvnui 
4<f |i1tiii1^ uf tbu clatf PrMtftntlrin, nala* 
ral nrdrr frtnutrfw^tir^ 

€>ln«'lrnft ftran'denii" ( the " Clinih* 
infT <'eln?trn<<"l, pomctiuie* culled the 
riimVdfii: Stuff- Ime juul Faltic Btlter« 
pweet, A climbing shrub conitnon in 
the rnitecl Btutes: the bark iv »aid la 
f>i>j>M'»« narcotic a» well as emotie and 
diatdi4»nr>tii* |»ro|»eTti<*», 

V<* !*#• [Gr. njX^.] A wt»rd forn^crly 
used Utr h^tttu : now» a^hied n* n *i4ffix 
tt> nnnthcr vrord. It fii^nifSii* a tutuor 
enui-ed hy protrnfioti of i»oine i»*tl |iart 
or part« denofrd by (he lirf^r fMirltun uf 
the temi, a« T - • . > ^^ , 

ftJ»o» 9wrUtit|;r '*,♦ 

or itt eniarvr* >i ^ ■ of 

fltitil« a* Ifyftitionvie. 

t'^l'^A^tliiis [From et'lnm^ tli# 
*• sky.'*! >?iil|>bate of iktrtintfan ; s« named 
frt»m itdi fr(H|uent!y presenting a hlun 

€1*11. [on#it tappogiml to be d«- 
rivwl frrtin r*>'/«t. to ♦•(*nnf»»»i»l/'l Lite- 
rally, a "wlUr** *i " ■ rjre, 

iny hcd)ow fpnre, i ■ rin 

19 av^pltrd (*i the err f a 

p^fieiirp in which the »reil» are liidic«d, 
Ar«(tuni)in? tn lh*» fii»tn*»#»r **f ih*-*** f<^arU 

ollh«tfni«r i/t/anr Acrcr*, bva V itaAtl&tA. | a wll or odiule wvOBUtotoB the origin or 




eommcnccmcnt of every plant and ani- 
nml, and the elementary form of every 
tiitsue. In fact, the entire orji^anized 
body, wrliethcr animal or ve;;etable, may 
be considered to he made up of a oon;re- 
Txca of ccWs, each avi having its own 
approiiriato endowment or function, as 
nutrition, secreti .n, abrijirption, etc. 

OIl-^'iideuH. See Cvtoblast. 

Coll-The'o-rj^. The theory or pro- 
position that there exists one general 
principle for the fonnation of all organic 
producti(»ns, — i.e, the formation of cell." ; 
also, the conclusions drawn from this 

C'ell'a-lar. [C4^11alA'rl»; from cel'- 
IhIii.] Having, or consisting of, cells. 
Sec Crlli'lar Tissi.k. 

Cell'alAr PlAiiti* [termed in Latin 
(Vllala'r<w]. A name sometimes ap- 
plied to cryptogamous plants. 

C'ell'alar TiM'Mue. [Te'la Cc^lln- 
la'riM iind Te'la Olliilo'»a; Fr. Tixtu 
cllnhtirr, t^'.-ii' sr*rii'laiii'.] Called als-i 
(Vll'alar .Hem'brane. The most com- 
mon of all the organic ti.'^sue.-), c<»n!<ti- 
tuting the net-work which connects the 
minute parts of most of the structures 
of the body. It has also been called 
Are'olar TiM'Mue, on account of the 
urt'(»h\ or interstices, with which it 
abounds. See Aurolar. 

Oll'ale. [Ol'lula. the diminutive 
of'WAf, a'*cell."] A little cell. J^eeCKLL. 

Cell'u-loHe. [Fnnn rtt'Inht.] The 
substance of which the cellular tissue of 
plants is chiefly comp<»setl. 

Ce-lot'o-in.f. [<'eloto'inia: from 
Kfi\T}. a **tunu>r," ••hernia," and na-ut, to 
**cut."] The operation for hernia. 

O'ment. [t'tFinen'tain.] Any 
substance u-ed for cementing together 
what may have been broken, as lute, 
sidder, etc. Also, a c-mposition by which 
metals are cbanired. See Tooth. 

Oin-cn-ta'llon. [C^menta'tlo, 
o'nii: from f.timn'tnm.] A process by 
which metals are purified or change<l in 
their qualities by heat without fusion, 
by niein>* of a.coui]tosition, c.illed a ce- 
ment, with whirh they are covered. 

^'o-not I-riiu* [Fnun Kt orrfc, •• evacu- 
ation."] Moibi.l [flui'l] evacuations or 
dischar^res. The name of an order in I 
I>r. (r M-d's flafs <t|'.\kthv. | 

On-taii'ri-l t'a-cn'inl-tia.* The ■ 
tops of the Ki'ifthntft rt utnurittni : <li- | 
rcttfl for wrv by the I'ollcgfs tif London 
and IM iibur;.b. Sre Kn\ run, fa. 

<Vii-lau'rl-uni. "^ [Front ki rd>,«v. a 
**c. ni..ur.*] The Pharmacopu'ial name 

(Ed. Ph.) of Enfthnra centauntim, the 
medicinal properties of which aro similar 
to those of Gentian. 

Cen-tl-fo'll-oott. [Ontllbliiiii; 
from rtn'tHM, a *• hundred," and/<//fnM, 
a " leaf."] Having a hundred leaves. 

C^en'tl-frriide. [C>iitl«r'rMln»; 

from veit'tHiHf a " hundred/' and tfnt'tlut, 
a '* grade."] Having a hundretl gmdvd 
or degrees. Applied to a French ther- 
mometer thus divided. 

Centtfrramme, sen'te-grftm. French 
pronunciation, so?i«'t^'grAmm'. [From 
cen'tuMf a ** hundred/' and gram'mn^ a 
" gramme."] The hundredth of a gramme, 
e<iual to 0.154 of a grain avoirdupois, or 
one-sixth of a grain troj. 

Centilitre, s6N*te-l^tr'. [Fr. rtuU % 
"hundred," and li'trtJ] The one-hun- 
dredth part of a litre ; equal to 0.6103 
of an English cubic inch. 

Centimetre, sen-te-me'tr. or s5N*te- 
mOtK'. [Fr. tenU a "hundred," and 
)/(^/rf.] The one-hundredth part of a 
metre ; equal to 0.394, or two-fifths, of 
an English inch. 

Cen'tl-pMe. [Cen'ttpem p'e^r't; 
fr«>m cen'tuM, a " hundred," and ;m-«, a 
"foot."] Having a hundred feet, or 
many feet. The name of an animal (or 
insect) having many feet 

On'trad. [From ad, "to" or "to- 
wards," and crn'trum, the "centre."] 
Ap))1ied the same as Central used ad- 

Cen'traL [OntraliM; from <vn'. 
tntm, the "centre."] Applied by Dr. 
Barclay to the body and organs gene> 
rally, as meaning towards the centre. 

Cen'tre of Ora^l-tj^. That point 
in a body about which all the parts 
exactly balance one another, so that, if 
that point be 8upporte<i, every part would 
be in rt/uilibrio and the whole body be 
at rest. 

Cen'tren, Ner'FOoa. The brain, 
spinal cord, and svmpathetio ganglia. 

Cen-trira-ft9l. [CeBtrtriiKviii 
frc»m rrii'trHM, the "centre/* and /n'yio, 
to •• fly."] Flying from the centre. 

Centrir'nin«l Foree. That force bj 
which a body moving in a circular orbit, 
and striving (according to the laws of 
forces) to proceed in a straight course, 
tends to fly off* fmm the centre in a 
taniient ti» the orbit. 

Cen-trip'e-t^l. [Ontrlp'etsat 
fn>m c^H'tnittif the "centre/' and jtt*t», 
to "seek."] Tending towards the 

Ceatrlp'etai Force. That force by 



which % body tonvtn^ r<t»iind mouther 
Umila or »/• tiii|ivlkfl to the ct'Dtro. 

<'«UU ll«. [CVntriMlal'Cf* 
c«iAS iri«ru vfu't>nt*t, ih© "Oi.ulrt%" uml 
.f ■ ."J Ai.iiliea by AI, 

^ I of tho IV# fferro#rt In 


Oil Iruwi.' [Gr, thrrfia*; from wv- 
Ttai, tij *' j*riek'* or •♦ptcrce."] LiLcrnillyf 
A "crntrr." A|>(>liiud by Owen, in Com- 
|mr%tive Anj^tiktuVi In the hatiiQlugtiuH uf 

iko U'^dy uf a r*tU:hru. 

C^en'tnsia i'otu-ttta'iie.* Literally^ 
the ***:t»iutu'j'u ctiitic" [of a«r%'tfi or of 
ittj^Lia]. Th<i i>viUr pll:^XtJ!«, 
€ riitrtiin «>%'itlf \ t^i Tfc4| D*A«yr ). 

\ iry l> A/vn, c^c- 
C'«^utr<itti 0%Al«' (of VleiiMieti*), 
Se© ViKt ssKK>. etc 

i^'IIhw* a Liniin&»n jioniia of 
be elAj9> J*c0ttmdriti, natural onlvr CVm> 

, €'«piutif'lHt^-^'-cnf>n"au'Ut^* The 
'frnl fruui which i}>ccacuaQhaia ubtAiDcd, 
^pe|lla«^br>.* (From m^kn, ihe 
pll«.'ad>"J A t«frui iVif dijiit Me^ of i Ih In ti«L 
(^li>4flp-im^to'iii9^* or i'e|>l)V 
M^lur^inf-Uft'Ui^* [From nt^Xh, th« 
•*Ii»!mI/* nw*i «iM» '* UIocmL"} a (Hitl- 
er 'iiiietuEic^ oecunia^ to 

nf tbcr head or of thi? brain. 

^<^|ilMU'«««Kt^* [Fri>m tt-f-tiXft. th« 
'* hcjid.** and **>!«, » " ticiturts"} (.'hrooio 
pain f*( the head. |{:<>uty or rhmiiiiatjc. 

V«*plv-^tAI'|d-^* [Ffvim «>^Mi the 

*'hrud." uiid •«A)«i^, *' ipaid/*] IJisadiiche:* 

r pjnin in fho head! roi*b'nl«l;;y» 

^'r*t»lkiaie* [C«p^liiU'l4^ii«& from 

4^0. the "bcoil."] Bclougitig to the 


^l»iMl'f4« T4»lti. The anterir>r vein 

l^r u'fly opened in dtiur- 

t ' ;. 1 .'til ■:-. .-4.-e Ew F.l'll U.tTtS. 

V^'pli n-io^ ^Frtiui* id.'*] 

Th»*. »?» f**»fti|>'iinnd it'irtK .-.etc., 

[Fr«»m jrt^ioXn, 
»li*^ - pain."] Uead- 

•be V T*"in ill ^^f" ht*ad« 

\ "bwd/* und vf'Of^i. "fff^nenitiLon," 
^ «4fmiiijiQ,*'| The doctriuo uf the 
IbrmftttiiTi of thi» ♦ rnin. 

(Fvi iiIiImi If -m •' 'i'"!, the " head/' uaA 
m^^, Uf "urite."! A doveriptiuu of 


** hmdf and ai/ie, *• Uood."] Congest 

f^^lilialoliirniHtwmn. See CiPit* 

At ,rVAT0M\. 

V<«|fth'^loi«l. [€>|fltiitoi'dr«it from 
Ki^'iuXn, the "head/'J lU'?oiuhling the 

V<plk*<9^1<»l'<Hir.f. f C>|»ha|oto'irt« i 

from Kt^aXiu (hi.' " heiid/' uml hiiyiti, a 
"dl»eour»u."J A treatii-c on the hciid ; 
the scicuco of the head considered in iti 
itnatoiuteul uml |<hy$i(dujictcei ii:-{i(H'Ltf, 

V«*pl»-^-l<»'ni9.*' (Frnni afV**^'''^ the 
"heuil."] A nivdullury tumor; ii mor- 
bid iiriHinct reseiuhlinf; hriKn, i»*>inetimc0 
eailod fnvtphitfttui, or eerchriforiu tuioor, 
toedullury ^Jl^comH, etc. 

Iniin; troio ircyuXi), the "bendj" and 
(tirf^tf, m " lueaiiirts"] An in^truiiient 
for MH^ertaining the siie of the f«£tal 
bvad durihic pari iiril ion, 

*f./«i.\r>, the ** h*^!td,'' And iPufit-ylt the 
'*f»hiirytiJt."] A de^i^nntioQ ot the «>«- 
ttrkhn' nftperior pharittujiw mtiNclv. 

V>pti-^lopb'o-t^* [Fr«mM,aX^,tho 
" ht-'ud." und^^'f^'b}, t<> *' bear;" heeau-"i>t'nb^ 
jntfiid hy their bcadA.] S«e Cki*ha- 


C'i'plkfalop'ocltik or €«pli filopods. 

*S*o'Ohl s, 

^'«>piti,i-l«ftp4>-4lii«u* [From cniM^^, 
the " hriul/' lihd t^i/w, a **foot,'*] Cc|ih* 
ftlu|i'udou8» Ai'|divd in the neuter plural 
{Vephftiop**tfi»tt or Ce|ih'alo}»oda) to a 
eIiti-« of Motfumn ill whieh Ihe »trt»iig^ 
flc*thy mc«al>er# by tneann of whk'h they 
uniwl proce*;d from the head, — ^in oUier 
words, the bead is situated beiwoeD Ihd 
body itrid the iWU 

V"'-*' ■•■II *' ' "'' '''\ <»>4X<J, tno 
''h Hi] in the brain, 

C'lti - , . i sulphur. 

%Vplft^l«>-llio riui..* [Frufn *t^«\<, 
the **hei!id/' tiiirl t* fAif, the**the»t."] The 
firj'f f the AinckitutniLUfi Cnt»' 

ttn I : iu otie whut in iniieotf 

\^ il head and thortix. 

^>ph >*lu*(ume. [Opltnlol fiiniiftt 
frt»ni w^aAM. the " he»d," mid fiiaw, to 
"cut"] An inK^itrunicnt for oulting or 
breaking down the head of the futuii. 
There are various forms and nduptutiont 
of it. 

i'cpti^l(vt'o>iii.t. fOptiiiloto'* 
niln: froii in '''head/ itud rtHibi^ 

to "cut." !i of the heud , lUsa, 

the rnH5 M^ .uiking down uf the 

foftul bwad. 

I'cpli'^lo^trilMS* [Fn>m ««^a^6, 
the '*hcad/' and rpi^, to '* break donrn.*^ 
An ioi^trument intended to iuperM^do tho 



bet and perforator m the operatiun 
«r cmniotoQiy. 

CV>^» [tlr. wnp^, "wiK; Fr, <7/ir, 
sAr.J W'jtst, The I'hiirmrt^jopa'iiil ninac 
^Brit, I'lu) of hkiiL'lioU y«liow wnx, A 
ucihHrnuii covorin;; tlic hnto fjf I ho boak 
ol btrdei in whii-h the u iJflrilH arc piuicuil, 
t'e>H AI'bA.^ (*■ VVhiU' Wait/') Vel- 
io w Wdx blci^elio^l. 

iVm ri«v^» ("Yellow Wax.'*) 

Dot's' wiLK in itii ihitum) Mure; **ii pecti- 

iiiir (fiHifjotti hmIjsLiiuco prepared by Aj>i9 

%*ftijlin' ill S. Ph.j. 

4?««pjl P4?i»iiH. [Ccnt'cciiiit from 

ce'm. **w.iA,"\ or tho appodmseo ur 

con»l*tcnop of wax, 

fVrmiilitceJi*.^ le-mmo-a'^^hfl-?. 

Prom ('r<i'it't»in,n, c»no <*f the guneni.] 

, iitilural unU'f uf eryptti^am ms p]iiDti(« 

uiisiistiug iif #i>J'Woe(l8 ( Aftjitt). it in- 

llluilca !4cver4l 9peetc< which ii*ro gelatt- 

notu and vuluahlij fur iiu»\, Atnon^ 

thoi!«j nro tho Dtilfe of thu Scotia, ami 

Carrageen m^t^*. Tho esculent ti»*t* 'if 

fiho Chinu.^o swallow are fuppusaJ ti 

^derive their value from a plant c*f thi« 

order.— (LjNUtEr.) 

C^rnl, *i"rA'. Tho Preoch t4jrin for 
CKJtAiK, Sea CeHATdH. 
C'<^-ril't4^* I ho planit of OsBATiTir, 

which Jiee. 

CVrnto. 8cc rHiiATrm, 

^?or-^ll'l|ji,* [Fn>m «^,% a "horn,"] 
Th« waiuo aw« Corvritij*, which spo. 

^f»-ri% !»-• [From «^^i. a "hHrfi/'l 
A pri'fjJi clonotiii^ connect loti with llic 
rutm* '"r h irn ul tho hyoid hcmo, ar with 
the ejonioa. 

^i^rnt «»-fori«n'cti1^l« [f>riit«* 
lyritfiHiiil'llM; fruw fmiUo, and 'i/ity- 
\e ^ thd * ;;i1 !■•/'] Applied in Comparative 
Aualoiny to th« li>n<i?r h««>t pico«jj. sup^ 
portu I hy tho bones which form the 
jowi^r oxtromitius of the braut^ial aruli«9e 
111 riMUi'!». 

^?i»«ri%t'c>-cWi*.* fFrom*in*j;f^a"horii/' 
and *<^\% A *'tumur.''J A heroia of tho 

^^iwritt«i*ffloa'aii»." [Prom f<r*n*t'K 
and v'l'iM.j, fhc 'Mon^u«/*] A namu for 
Ihi' ff/'*'*fft**tt iQU"»ckv. from it5 Appear- 
ftnc»> und jop*ortion : cisr«t't)|flosj»iit. 

Vi^-rnt o-ti,f' n1. [€>riil<»li,riill«t 
fr'ffn €Cfht,, [| •■horn,*' and Ayiiu'Vc*, "liy- 
oiil "] A{>plicd by Owcq to the lownr 
Mod ii\rj:f>t I'f tho »wi» prinnipni parts nf 
tho rnrtut of thti hyoid bono. 

^'£r>'t«»lil* fonttui ileMs from 
c/f»i*, II '*hi*ru." and tiAtt^, a **foniiL**J 
Ki'.t iihhiit' a hotn. 


Ortttcmjrxlti. See Khhato^i 
^erul «» ji 1 1> 1 1 ««»€*»», • 
»hi! c, t»r V^^-rj^l i»-|»lk 

uatunil ftrdur al ^dnttt^, l 

dJti!he» and ciMintuuUy ml 

**hi>rti," and -rktaaui^ to 'Murm/'j The 
urti6c!ial tormatiou of lUv cornea / eer'* 
V^r-^to'iiiM.* [From rfpnr, ti** hf*m.*T 

Hj4V in>;. 4»roMUtainmj^.h>'f iM>rii« 

from <ipt»i, a " horn," and , , . ^ uU*'J 
A kulfc for dividing the corn> a. 

^« r-9- tot 'o-nil-. [€ 'enUwIo' mill ; 
from »Tjjrtv, H *■ httru/'aa4l ri^^w^ t<* *'cul,"J 
Ciittin;? of the cornea* 

C'4>rii'ttiiii,* jdurn) C^>^'<9* [Froto 
e«'t'fu " wax/ 'J Cc'nittv A c«*in(K>U0'l 
oifitmeot in which wax prt^dotninute^ a» 
Hit ingredient, and which is, th«r«fofQ. 
of a (loraewhat Hrmcr coitxratvovy thaji 
eommm ointments. Aliift applied to 
compouada of a bfitiilar oouHivtoaey^ 
though not contain iit^ wnx. 

Ora'tiim Ad'l.pU,* (''r<trat«i of 
Lard/') fhe IMumtiacoprr^iiil nmne 
(U.S. Ph,, iSftO) for *» i 111 piocw rata, i^ 
CKruTiH Stur-i.KX. 

r«rn'tiim C')iit-lliJlr'l>4llii.» (''Co- 
rato 4>f Tantharidc?/'^ The voiitaiun 
blii)turin^ pla.^ter (or ^iilve) of tho fhnp«L 
It is composed of twelve \mi'U of pow* 
dt^r^d c intliiirid<»a, i»f yplww wax an*! 
resit! eatdi »ev«ii parts, and of lard ti'ii 

«Vnt'lfiiii Plnm'bl Kiib^^**9-|«* 
H*,^ ('f ' ' '^ulwieetate 4»f U*»d/*) 
The Ph I name for what U 

common '<oirLAUti*9i CuHAtn, 

wHi*rU ,*IM3. 

Orit'ttim Itc^rnn*** (" Cerato af 

R"?iii.**) Thii PbHrnin^ fipii*ittt «iini>* for 
what is popiitnrly kn^wn a« Ua»titcon 
Ointment. See Bisii if om* 

C>r«i'1itii» f«lm't>lox* C^^iinplo Co- 
rate") is prcpured by nieltini^ toj^olK^r 
C'i^ht ptirin ««f bird iind four of wHita 
wax. and ^tirrinp the in} \ to re until it \b 
oool, I'lsed lis II iiiild iiud (outdlietit ap^ 
plie:ition to inflnmed narfucee. 

iVr«*linilM.* scrk'tifix. (tir, utpt^tf; 
frnn •inu*, to ••fi'itdcr ho«r*e.*'] A nuUf 
re^pii'att4»n : wheoj'.injj. 

CVrt^iit. fCVr*^ lla: fram Ont*^; the 
1ifodile><a of Tornj Pertatnin^ In oum. 

0-r<^-<ill-^,* TFroin tr *yiV*». •*!»«- 
bm^jfinjr to ("Vrr*/') Ail i»ort* t»f eoTii 
of wU'u'h bread or a,uy tiutritioui oub- 
■lance ii made. 



0*v>«>^llliw [€*4*r««ll*iUI| from 
C-^r*. the >r.-^MMf «ii iorti.j The nii- 

Dlijill.irti 111 LtiC KitrhrfhtM^ 

>*tiH luiit." I IHiinntitivo of 
Kft*, (lie " Itfiiin/'] i Fr, tVnrelcf, 
iltr*l4',) Tim Iitlle brrtin, tiitii4iU<r| nt 
lit,* luwvr Jiii«l back {Mirt of tliu cruoiuiu, 

! 1 i»y Ottll tn bo thoe. at 
' ; bul Uiia view i« Cou- 
kV fiict:^ 

'wt*n»t, tbci "brain. "J Iklimgtng to 
fit ' iriitu-lild-, 

. i r, [ f *c r<»b ' r ii*n« % f rc» m 

' ■•*■ "brajo/'j Aji|»ltetl t« a 
14 Id tho bmiii id coin- 

C«r^e-ltain, or 4«r>-brlti«. {r^r- 

bri'nit; fruiii tr/VAmN, the "bruia/'] 
^ reil4if itf f»ll/ tfubsljuica fuuiiU in tbc 

C'l^r'^^tiri'tfM** {Ffoto crt'tfuttui, 
be*' briLiu/'] tuflaiumaliuu uf ihc brain. 
I Kk* KiMtAlim- 
lwro-. A profits ill cumpoQml 
•Ifnuling oouiK-ctioti with. Lbo 

t>frr>»l»rokl. [Or4«l>ral'dciii$ fTaim 
#r%/j,Mi*sthc"hrftiik. "] lU'^cmlilitii^bniiu. 

t^r c-lnrot.* I Fi >Ui *t:''rUfum, ibe 
■brnin. "] The i»jiiiic rts rErli\LOT. 

lV<r>*l»Fiii»«'* ( Fruio «iip«i, the " boail ;" 

iiir] Ti - 

b<^ eiihrc I 

Pit svpMr^t -- — - - jr 

h« tt»t*tnntii. It i« fhTtfieU 4m itK upper 

II' ' " - . ' • ■, 

is;y«frt. The iowiT siiTliicc of the cere- 
it ftiVfflM M\tf* thrf<? lolxes^ oblkd 

i - - ■ ' i'ln 

I Mined of two 

. -..- .- , meUtDnry, 

llbr*iii», iMnfititiitiD^ the in(i'nr)r 
n, \hv> rvtlirr r'*«y, "r cin«ritioiiJ$t 

, u^iii »r cum 

Ifl WAi<T."J Anjf liquor brvwod from 

Orrrlsi'lir rt*0^-ni4«n'tatn«* (** Lc»- 

rwq or Yfitt!<r of lloiir/'jf Vciwt, nr barm. 

€*;T'ie A^lil* [Fiiiui f cVcf. ** iKn%:'\ 
Am ncid pri'tlitof")! hy tlio ttctiuD uf lb* 

JiXcd Alkuhvft I'll WHX. 

i>'rlii« Mr 4'«* rlnt*. f€**«<l'nii: Onm 

e*V^», " WMX/'J At i I iiHMi 

wnx which ili'<M4iUi -^ itm 

ireij^ht uj' btnUii;^ ;» iirw' 

]iortfc4 *tln»u«t «A)M»U> liiv AMitiM n* Uicitf 
of nr»ji. 

€>'fi*ittn,* A whito Oictiil found is 
• SwcUisb uiiiirrH.1 cnltol ceritr, i»l«ijt in 

«ik*» to **b4»iir duwuMnrd.'j ^t^Kldiog, 
or .^tot>|iiiiii;. 

4'e«r4»'riuv* [From ff^i^. "itii."] 
Anolbtn oututi fur Cklratk. 8<>isiutinii}» 
uplkliiMi t(t nu adipose tutunr ot tbc brain, 
from \U viiixy Mitpfrntuiwc ; culled ttln^ 

€'i^r'u-lin. [ilpriiirnA: frctnj tw- 
tti'iH*, •'blue/*] The nmuc ^iven to tho 
colnrirt^ tDHtirr of a {icLniUttr iiiib>tiitic<} 
obltutti'd fr<*iu iadigo by iba •t:t^i>D of 
sulpbiiHr »v]<\, 

€V*rit'iiien** ^eti. €^e-'Pii''niln*lfi. 
[Frtiin fr*ttt, **wnXr**} Knr-wjiJt. Tbo 
wiuL'lik« fee«rt*liota uf lb« i*»r |ci%-cti out. 
bjr fulUole* of iho tuner sarfuc« of tho 

t'«»«rii iiiWii«»lii»* (Ortitiilno'iiliJ ; 

from iiirt*' h>fii.\ Diilrnvsiii'tr ♦*» U»c ecru- 
lueii; of the iiulutie of ecruaiciK 

frn; " V" or "poi- 

(p. Icr,] Tho 

swi , ■ . , ■■■ . '^'aU. 

CVrvt'sw.t, «.«*rveiic>* owm i'i;nKafiiniii. 

l'«rvrl«»t. S(.t9 UmtKiiKU.L'ii. 

Or vl -*•«!. [IVrvlrnlln: ir^nn rrr'- 
%ij\ the " luck."] DrlMitiiiiit; to (hclioek. 

CVr vl«*la%* [l- r<»m • f *'• f**, n ''BlBg,'*] 
A fiitntly of ttDiuiaU bavidg the Cerrut 

Ti ; ■. ■ . r ■ The rifck* ninr« 
k |iArt* Aim iipplicd 
J organ* U»ut are unr- 

rt»wrt'ti like 11 neck. 

C'errof«r« v^n'TwHt', TH* Frtoeb 
term fur init. ^ 

Or'Yiiii.' ''horn."] 

A "l^tHK^' A! J g^roUBof 

Or'viiM ElV^iihiiH** The 8yBi«^inA»ic 
name of the fitu;;^ thii hom» <if whieb 
nlfi^nl (4aiii« iruluAbto tiietiiciQeft. Sc« 


t'«ii>1-liiiiri. [r«>«|»lff»'aa«% frv>tn 

er»'pci» re#7>f>M, A "turf."! Produfitig 
omnjr items from one root furoiing a 
surface of turf *tr fod. 




it!-trt>tiilii3<. [Pniui ctf'fM*. tt "t*lial«."J 
All ui'^ler of MiiiiitutiHjt li^'iu^ in tli'} »ob, 
intilii<iin^tlio tirhaU%dL»lpbiij,|ii>rptii!(i*,i;to. 
Tliuy brcuttiQ iiir, hjivo wuriu blif^il. midl 
CJD Niiiiiirj liiit a Umite^d time tmder writer. 
Ail thvy .kro ufturi ooui|>> " ' ' mc tu 

til J (n»rU4o« for uir. io !.■ r m-- 

tjeit imd <i«,-ot?nt, Lhoy iii^ i willi 

n horunntii.1 iail-fiut and Hi« ibua ob- 
V bitiiy di^tiDvuiahed frciui the true fishoe, 
111 ^li^di the taiUfiiD ia vcrticnL 

C'L*-|ik'cpoiiB. [CTctA'eeiiB; froiD 
^^^ te'titu, A *• Brb&lo.*^] Ileliitijirinif to the 

^^ft wh iW; of the oaturo of tho whale. 
^^ Oiacenna** «« tn'»hti-um. [From 

^^^ ri?'r.(», a •* whftlc."] The Pb'iriiia*;o|»<eiAl 

I tl»iiie Ij of ppcnnflcc'ti, an oily, concrete, 

I oryatJiilmo, *cmi-tratiistiur<?tit tnatti^r «b- 

I tuined froiu eeveml ipecios uf whalo, 

L Uitt ohjofly the Fk^§e^t0>' ma0t*»*'fpk'ftU$, 

^^m Ce'tic Ac'l«l« A !4upiH)tird peeukmr 

^^H A^i'i rc<»uhi[nj; Iruui tb^ jiaponttioj^ti^'n of 
^^H cetin, found to bo i>nly a laixturo uf 
^^H mnrj^iiric aoid utid R«/('fi. 
^^J^^ C«'tln, [OH nn; fmin ri»'iit«, & 
^^^H^^wImIc^J An<dher name for ifperm iceti, 
^^^^HB €T.?-tnft'rl-^* Tbo PhtinuucDfuviAl 
^^^^HmiaiiM: fl uf t))irCVfrari« Itttiittiica, ot Ju«- 
^^V tirid 

^^ Olra'ria l«i-lnn'il1-«^« The By!(> 

^i t«m.itio nuniQ nf I<?Qbinfl iii*t»8, or.horwi*e 

«jillcd iLiV/itfii luttindicHit and Lhkeu 6*<- 

<*otiw'rlii. (Otrnri'n}!.] Tb« bii- 
lisr i<riiioitdo id' tht' Ortttt' in /»/'iw «/«>«, 

€*I^-Vf»ll ic A^'l<l. An lutid proditircMi 
liv tUo .tjijtnuifh'uti'in of tbo tdl uf thu 

limo4 (rallud SnttnifUie nft'ti, 

€*t^ylf»n NiiiM. 8«mj J a mi Moss. 

€*lifUr» Soo Pa UP. A. 

t'tmillH Inflow,* kil-lMe-n'sho-c. 
fPVuui ChitifWfui, thn Riiinixif onouf the 
genera.] A naturul order of oKi^j^ciious 
levm* ur iihrub«, ftuind in hot clittialQ?. 

Cliii«l|p «!«.* Thu natnc^ ifivcii by 
Sii n \ ji ifi*'^ In t by jMjrrMnu «i|»ccit»» of surofutfi.* j 

Clif%*lns^* flir. X'i\a\ii, A "hftil- | 
nlMtir "] A dmitil lum'ir or hibortito i 
found Ldiiulty on the oyeHd. SceCitAi,*- j 
iiti>N. Tn Uf*U\uy, itftplied to mn cnlur^* i 
iiittnt of thu i'nphi», where it JotnH thu 
hiivo of the nuctvuj. hi tho plural 
{t*httf'is:r\ it denote,-* two spiral bod'tca, 
•Hiuit^d nnc at osicb ttnd of the ol;^i the 
api'X iif oiu'b julbrriu^ tn Ihc yv\k, 

dtift^lAxl-oit*" Clii»*lJt'»l*nnt.* 
|FrMin the ^^imn] A «tiuill, Iranjip.irent 
f ubcrrlo »m the ed^o <'f tho cyoUd ; called 

din>l^eii'slflk* [dr. ta^%A»iC.] Tht 

aaniw aa Uu vlaaa iukI Ciiaimcio»« 
CbAI-Citia ill II III. * [ F n J m ii«Mk( 

**briisi»»" and ***!*»»»♦ a 'Mloittir,**] TU« 
"ttowor^ of brrti*»." or the aulphiitc *>f 
sine; Pliuy'd term fur (}op[i«r»ur, ur lh« 
flul|diute of irm. 

nl-oim. (€'linle4Hl ofiiin, Cliiiieisloii « 

IruicJ Kavinit;^ tht; c»xtortiai oharvistora 
ur It p pea ran CO of chaleodony. 

[Fnitll ('hit/rr'dau^ilUfWXi " irf 

where it wo.^ originally t" ii- 

eeoiii* -"stont', iiuich u»»d in juwoiry. 

C*linlear, §h4k:H^ The French word 
for *"cnb>rio" or "heat/* H v CAl.ukic. 

C'hnlk, chnw^k. [LuL (r«'t«is Fr. 
Cranf ki)A.] Carbonate of lima ; wbtt«Q- 

itimlR, BlarJE. Dniirifig'^liitc ; 

a blui.ob-hluck eluy, eotitjiiiiinj( mhoul 
twclvo p*T c<,'nt. of c!irlion. 

Clinik, RfKl. A !)[)OcieH uf argUlAoeaui 
iron <tre, 

CliRlk, Mpiui'Isll. Steatite, at «i«^ 

Chntk-Ktonf. fCnlrfilii^ Artlirit'- 
lcil!t« "r C'aI'cuIuh Po4ll^f rldiH.J A 
oimciretioo dept>.-<ited iu the haad« and 
feitt of tbone afHieted with ffont, r«>#eTa- 
blingohalk, tbooifh I ii " ot; 

(fout-.'^t'tnc. They t rio 

aeid and soda, noinetiiL^. , ^-i -^- ,.ii .ly, 
of urate of lime. 

Cltiir-ljl^b'c^itte. [riuiljbrit'tiiiit 
from V'i* •*^. uoo. X'»^ ^* *• iron" or 
"i^teet/'] Cooiaining irou ; hti|ffvgnaCe<l 
with inm. 

<lial:rb>>i«t« WAlcnft. Mitieml 
wraTorit whose predomiimtinjs: nr activd 
principle in iron. Thi^'re are two ktndi: 
tho pnrltonfitt't, eonftiininB: enrbonatc of 
tho firoioxicld of in»n : and the wulphtt- 
rat<'tt, oontAtniu)^ ftolohiite of iron« 8oai6 
of the bilier eoutain snlphate rif ikliitnina, 
aiol iirv> called ttfuMimm* ttttftHattd i*kti^ 

CliiMuncr^r.* ka-ma'ihe-^. or €%•- 
ilttM*i*lUtJi« ka-inri'>hatia. [Fr>>m rha'mn, 
H "elam/'] A family of aeti'phaloua 
inolbi^kft. of which the oomrnoa qImh li 
the type, 

Clifi*ititr'lf^oii.* A nanio sfivt/n lo 
a^ruun tbialetr, frtou tho variviy and 
tincertainty oC thc?ir eobin, like |h« 
pbsniirinir bin^* of the rbiitt»<>ki(n. 

Ctift-itup'tO'Mkiil-dfr.* (Prom eAa- 
mfv'ir>tH.\ A fiiniily of ii^'ptiUtt .Vrti«W<p, 
having th« rh:iinoh><tn t*v it* ty^w. 



liett to t 

^iiif Intn.* fPfoin %»*ttifi, 

m "aiji|>liB;" 
*uiie <»r Its 

rie-4>» Ifln'^ral* A cou- 

di«m'«»-iiin<s. [Reo Cu^M CMKU'v.] 
be jiufiiuliiir tijmc for ihts An'thrnHw 
uf/ihf. An iuru^itin of Uic tlowors of 
hi* ^IttUt r*«rm- .in G.voollcnt bitfi'r Ionic* 
-CtiiuiirHi-fiiillJt Il4i-ma'nn.*> Ad- 
it t|jAtIl>- ' ■ ' • '"*. 

Clianrrv. utiont 

Itkti.' \ Litm 

:jpf friim Ibe 

«i t^ltirii aU 
c LueiisLnuil 

IlK^rfwr ' I'sbce. [From 

ia'iHa^ nti« ^Tii.] A natural 

fcbln 1 ir ', 

f tlifJ ruLttli' 1 
ittntJcT a 111 , _ \ 

CtiAr'ii^lf»r«<4^1ti>nt*f-4ti%1, Vwriftn* 
f«4r:m*of thit>i' 1 1. 

it Are n«iw nlh' i 

«*#. AUlir-. - 

im ftf* cmiitoyed inflteii4. bv« Ap- 

' ■ ■ . 1. 

B'Vll IIlM't*) 

, btjiiithi 

maf miiisAJ tif veg«)tubl« ojiil of ms^uy 

! inill|c*rii1 inhftnticc'* yihon hmntml In m*' 
nc*f to i!l<Me ve^tM*?!*, Tb^rc nw ^cvcr*^ 
vaneticfl of chnruonl, ti^rtned ^a^-cjiflHifi. 
turn p- black, w«»od-ohim»o»l, eokc, and 

i*tii»rpl4* (Pr.). iihiir*r««'. A «ub- 
I niiLiico C4<izip'*»rcl of n Cdlttirltofi nf Al«'> 
m»nf- ;4i^|i>trftt(»<l from tnoitcfe <tf ol*i 
Hiirn r:i}7, u*<'4 :l.« liitL 

ahiiH'trt h\ Seo K»:i(kkh Miykhau 

roi* ' ' " ^' f.ntuH'fiia MN«/j«i!/ri'fit« need 
fcM li«j bcmutiAii re^ uf Ul« 

4'll4•4^k. 8co Brer A, QritA, Mala. 
t*li«N>^K'-Iloiie. Tho 0« Jt*ipi'U, (h 

' ■* : Fr. f^tr^nna^^, 

limpmri (] fmiu 

iiiiik. tMmiiiocCtI clii^'t1> MJ rnaciM inTxocl 

wirh » umiill but THrinbltt proptiftiun of 

oi! Mmttci), ^' " 

€tie<e*<» R< ' poptiliLr uamo 

fur (iVLM H Vr ll *cc. 

ruf - y 

loi»i - ^I'l^-'t, the "lip.** unci 

rAdonnu, Ul ** t«riu. j The <iptir7iti<iii wf 
Mipplyinff rJefieicnciep of the Hp* bjr *p- 

|iiM|^ri itinj^ n sttifficicn! pnrttoti of the 
I :' liiii^ honUhy enbntiiiice to that 

1""! ■-• . 

€'h4*lrc»|»trnt. .See CnrtitoPTKiit^s. 
4'tirlr<»|»l<'riiit,* kT-ri»p'l«<r-Qi. 

[FruUI \ft/t. tllO ■'hlllJ'l/* nUt\ »rrf^-'*r, Ih 

*• iring."] Lit«Tnlly, '' hwatl winjtr^'il/' — 
that \n, hnvitji^ iMith Htii;^:: iiU<i bnn(lii« 
Appli«>rl in tbfi phiml nmirr ('^e»Vr>|i'- 
fern) to « fnriiiU of tf*fm*f*»t(i'* thttt htive 
a fi.ld i>r ■ i^-nk 

between i mg 

certain •>; .. al>c: 


Cli4>'ln.* fir r*T>ff T A Lmtlfi wArii 
(fiitnifjiti : ' " ' ~ T in th« 
R«iraj»n •<■ 'I Clie** 

Ur* It ; , il History 

e«|K»oia1l7 i*^ the claw*i ot tho vnibi Uib- 
ster, nnrl other Crupiiicfana, 

<^Hm C^ncroriifii* S*e Cakciio- 

l{1 H. li trMJ.I t t i Hi L ♦ - 

"cJitw.'* nntl «i\p«<:, » '* honi."l Tn th»f pln- 
fjil (f^r/*vv*#-* nf^f•|^el| tn fbo prphoftftUo 
orsjiin* 'I irhntiia^f (i^rttitiiAtod 

by twtr t »tDj(le one re»«iii- 

bling; » ll ^T, 

cSt<it*l«ilii iil^um.* [From xiX)4>, A 



"swttllow," beciiu*c its flowering coin- 
fli^k'si rn time with tbo appeuraneu i»f the 

a };eou5 uf plants ht>l<ingii>g ivt Ibc Liu- 
nji'ntj clft.^!' /\,/^auttrittf iwktitriit arU«r 

C^liellilu'niniwi ^liijuii.' (Tb<9 
'MirtJttttT L'6ljiii<line/') An borb, tbo 
j'vllow juitic uf wbicb biu bctsn euiplujetl 
fts iin e»t.'hi*rutiu to ilcHtmy warts. 

Che-llfer-ouiu [€thctir'«rn»; rrom 
chi'ln, a "clow." and /eV*>, to *'bcttr.'*] 
JJo^irinja:* or bavmg, clawsi, or ptmttjrs. 

C^liell-form* [ClM*Ufor'niliij from 
fhr'tt, a "clriw,"] F"im<>"l like u oluw. 

Che'loifl. [Clic^loi'clim: fruio \^Aws, 
a "tortoise," and tjeo^, a. "torm."] Ap- 
plifcl ti» A »ikin-diaea«e ; reaoiubUng tbo 

Clte-lo'n¥-9.* f From x^\ iW, » "tor- 
toisEc/'J An itflor i<f iirittHin, includini? 
ibi' arvcrnl varieLten uf too torttiisfl. Sco 

Clic*ni'i-«Ml. fCheiu'leiui; Uameh^'' 
mtti.] Of, or btdoti;i^in>f h.t, ohymi-'trT, 

Clicm liMtr.i'. [ \M. Clie'iiila, Clil'* 
llllit. or t'liy inln: supposed hy sorno 
to bo fj<)rived frt*m tbe Grook xiJ^j, W 
**pour cmt," or to "mdt:" ♦>th«rs derive 
it frmi tlie Arabio, Fr. '" 'f^'mi^',] 

•*Tlie Koieaco wbtch -i Ibe 

cunipa»tttHti of natural > ^, and 

tbe peruinneni L>Hiiii{i:cii of Ltouj»titutioti 
wbivh tbeir mnlual lusliona prodtiue." 

€7ie*ino'tiK* or Ctiy-ino'iilfl.* 
[Frin« t vAt A "bwiiior," or x^^tn^ an 
*'iipf?rtnre/"l Triiljuiiniurion of the ton- 
jnntdtn. with tyiiiph or bbntd efTufied in 
the celbibir stibAtaueeooQReclinjr it with 
the eyt?hnU, so that it is jg^rcutly cluvati*d 
and the cornea i^eeiii^ to furLu tbu iioitom 
of H cavity. 

C'hrnr tFr.), pH4u. See Quhrcc;!. 

<'lK*iinfMMlliit*««r.* ke-no-prj-do-a'- 
flbo-f'» (From ('hrmtpit'ftittM. t^a^i o{ tU» 
Hrenera.) The Alrip'iir^rn of JiM«icn(, n 
natural order of phiu*^, et^mpHttiug iipiii-^ 
aje«, heel* and nmnv weeds found in 
ticitrly nil purt^ of rni' wurld. 

4:'li<*>iitM|M»'ilI-iiin.* [From tfl**, a 
*• jfofk'jie/" nnd jto'V. ff*l.iy» a " fij(>t.'*l A 
pluiif cutliMl (looHefot»t, belonjtJQf; in the 
Linnieati cla«4 P^ut'ttt'triti, uAlnrni tmiar 
tVttitopotitftrftit, Several (i|K»nie^ of thid 

t'lli»«ii>|M»'illitiia Aii<l]|H-illlii't1« 
€*iinti ^Vitrm«'ft"l ; n plimt crowtntf in 
ditforent parU of the United 8ti»te». The 
set'dsi ur« tfivt-n in powdt^r, as a remedy 
for woniiM, in the floHo of one or two tea^ 
flpouufulA to a child three or four yoari 

old* Of tbo oil, tbo 4o»e k from foar to 
eight dri>pfl, 
C'lier'r5'-l'>*n'>^t« ^^ Cbcrrjr, ll«|r. 

The /^rn'mut iiti*r4tevf'*)im*, 

t'lii^vc'tttiw, i»hv-vc*'ti '^-''- ' ' fnin- 

eiatiuo, sh^h-vettt'), [J- ««, 

I !.«« a '* halter."] A duubN ;>rie«l 

to the bead in cafca of fntcLurc us iu%^ 

tion of the lower jaw, 

in farriery, com pox iht 

bay and Juniper tr< - Mvof 

of antimony, and pillilury ol ^.|t»ia. 
Cli4>winif th« CniL Kee Ri^ifixanos. 

*Mnak« the Icttvr X.") Tbo 

crossing of tbo fibres of iJi erve. 

See IxTBirATrRA. 
Clil««tep«* kH'M'U^T, A band«f« for 

stiippin>i^ biiimorrhn;' ■- ■ *^ t - - -' 

artery, and named i 

like a eross or ibe ' 

Written rtbo A7 ••(<*- 
Cliltf k Vii !'«» X. The pop ular EngUab 

name f<>r TcnMt/Af. 

CliMCiHS ehi;;'i;er. ClliBA, ohee'iro, 
' (Fr. Cftiotir, fth^k.) A M»ii1i vand-flea 

of the Wetit Indie«, which infuiuaUa 

itself into the 90ft and tender parU uf 

the finire-ii and toeii. 

i'liil'blAln. (IV^rnlo, c»'u»Vl Bf«e 

Blain. a piiinlul intlanitfuatory fwett* 

iog utt the lingers, tf*e«t ur heel a. oornic^ 
I ijueiit on e)jt|io3(ure to se%'ore eold; n kibe. 
' C'liUa-Uect F«*irer. See PvturnnAh 

Fkvi u. 
Cbl-iiifiplil»tQi.' fFrom\cr#i<i, "win* 

tvT," and ^iAru, to •More-"] The Phar- 

jnueo^Hrial nauiu r>>r the fhimttpk'ilti 

c/trt/Rtf>n*itfi, A Linn wan f^enas of the 

ol*j««t DtTttnUtinf natural onler pj^roln- 

er#. !*oe Pvnr>f A. 
j <lil«n»i|>h'lln t%»r^.f m-lMi'«^* €HI* 
I in«t»li'llii I'liMtM'l-ln't^* 'ihv i*j/*'*vta 
, umft' Iftt'ta, or Atueriean winter jrreen. 
I ililnilo^ ««h^ in^'. The French tonn 

for rn»:Mr*<Tuii', which Hce. 
C1iliii'ncy-Mwec>|»>r''«i f^n'ef^rw 

[Cnn't^e^r .HuiicllloVttiii.j @ee T a Hewn 

Si R<tTl. 

Clirnt^ CIIUM^, A preparation for 
print inir blue frit^ madu frtiiu ten ftiu'U 
of fflaioi, two pflrt« uf iejid* nnd t.bre« or 
tiiorc **f blue ealj(. 

I'hinn ?lov»,* K<«'t>A no'vA, The 
nriino i^ivcu in iicriaituy lo ibe rod bark 
known in France a«^ i^ntuq^tutft «»#»*•*• {at 
Qttitttf*t{»ut rrtwfi!)i It i» the proditoe of 
the (V»r>Aoi»ri ottt*mi*fifni*n. It i» worjr 
different from the red bark of Enj^liih 
eotDmerec^ though they have been eun* 



%^ Hm LondoD College. — (tloii- 

L,* kid kcc'nf. Citiirhona, 
^ |*<'rurtiin Itfti k. 
I Cillnritonii. See Ci^ riio» k. 
^€liiii*€'oii8rti. i?«* rriiTt f«is. 
(jf*lil-nr>»e W«»nn'wi)4Ml. Tb« Artt* 
■*•' ». 
iin* [ChlnoliirnA; from 

|i4ir1i"n tir jn 

\ sciitiirci/'J 

*; A. 

ii.f*. »oiJ Ed. PK.) for the herb 
muti t"ii| of (he Atinthotf* eftitfi^in, ur 
Or.%1tK\X VtUUAVTA, ^\U(}h 9<i<S. 

€*lii<n»'itl«9.* [Fr. 'fii f7ifV»M, tho 
phjrfft«iiin.) A L^ ini« nf tho 


CTiirHi'nlik On-tiMi'rl-tint.* An 

li- ' i^»cr iViitnnrir. (Fr, 

r N-'tu"rA' p5jh4Al\) The 

r ^^ r'(cu'iffmu) arc mruumttfi 

€ lii-nir #rr*f'. [Clilrnr'ein' trrttn 
Xi*f>, tMf " hunt*/' aihI /^'« , n **i»itrk."] 
hlicTiiV ' rt:" hfiiL'C. 

IhfM f -4 hc:iU with 

Ibr hi! deluiiing 

€l«i-nir'^»«itL |<1itnar'trlriM; 

fr 'n<t.] Beiooging to eur- 

< 'l ■ ii till*.* (From Xfffii ti»o 
" KiMKi/ nnd rV)«% m "w«rk.*T| A sur- 

dit-irnii. ''Tf?t/*] 

Th«^ hurl rr I lli- 

) urine, 

klf !»i>h<*-^» [From 

*•• \nT having 

iTi 'f oxogen- 

nfi in Mii(U|i*^f- 

" - "Iv^wir flowers. 

in x^*^'**. to 
arcreTi(»n cx- 

t t»C9 it( ft V«^ll"W- 

,. I'li rr "porn'*!, frcnn a 

r thill th"*v Hfv eniis^Cil hy 

di^.. ^ . :.^c liver. The /Vf.K"*-'- rrr.;^ 

ff*/nrvf WlUna. 

Ch1orNnp.<>«»l 'le A^'ld. A remnrk- ' 

ahle n«'M. «ii whii'li (ho ihrce iit(tiii!> nf thff 
hytlrngr'u of iiceltc iiei<i tire r«k|iiUeGKi by 
Ihrf'e nt^'m-? ttf chlnrifK'. 

Ctilo rtii. Thiis term, ilerh'cd from 
the tir»t »>niibte t*f the irtfrtb vhh>iiu« 
an it tticohof, h»^ iH^n ii|<p1kMl by Llvbij; 
l4* (I DCW eofiipuitDtJ (»f chlorit3«, eMrhf'tt* 
Mmt oxrgt^n, p:r|>»T('ri by the mutua] 
action of iiltv b^i] :.nii rhh»rmp. 

[Fruln fU*lt,rrtti'fhut^ ti»)« <*f the gGOcri,] 

A Tintiiral ordor of p ' ■ • '^ n I in th« 
b»il fjiirt* uf tiitUm :n They 

hnvi' fit imiiln ting pr* * .-""fnt \m- 

porlrmec. The ntot ♦( ('hi.,*iiu'tku» *jft- 
tiit*t't4» is priEctI in Jn? n ft« a rcnicdy for 
typhus fi'viT 

* Ctilo'rnlc'. [Ctilo'niA, m'tU / frtjin 
rhtof' irttm nij-'iituitj.] A c^'iobiuatiuii of 
eh h trio ueid with a h»»ic« 

4li lo' rl^, [ C'ti Ii» ' rlrmi ? fVom pA lu ' . 
rfM»p. *'ehlnrinr."] Ik-rirrd fmm chlo- 
rinr: «*t Ibr TiMturc iif ehh riiie. 

«^lo>lc C'tlic*r. CnHfT tbie nnmo 
twi't compotitifl^ have b€*i«a euufMtrnd«d. 
Que »r (hesr rvfitdtii fnnit th^ netiim of 
chl« trine on olcflaiit ga?, jid f lly 

known o« the >ut •/ fh* h n,. 

Tb« t»tfiit*r is ohtutntMl hy | iri*- 

fhloricv iMJid gn* into iilc<<lii>l l-.t anlura- 
lion anil «l»5(illing the prcjitnct: this ii 
gonorHlly culled bydrochl' ric t'lber. 

4^1 li»' rUI*". [ f 'h to ' ri4l ti in i from 
*kif/r'i»m. Fr. ('A^/wrf. kfrjriiit'.] A 
eombtnittioo of chtoriott with dEfTercnt 

CTilArlttf' or Siemirj'. See !fr- 
niiAiMJ VIII rniJMaiti M. 

Chto'ritte. [< hlo'rlntn; frf^^l\X4k>« 
P^» "groeo."] An elementary h€»dy, for* 
iflf^rly f^olled oxy-njarintie acid. aUu dr- 

dilci*ri'«>-<tnl<>. [Clilorl'«Mlii«i.iiVf«,- 

frt»m thl(,n>>4i'i*uHi n^ttlum.j A combina- 
tion of ehloriodie aeid with a h>i-p. 

Chlo-rl-cMl'fe. [f1il<»r1<»<rieii«*, 
from rhft,*,fum, "chlorine," and tnc/«rt*- 
rMi»j, "iodine,'*] llelonging lo chlorino 
and iodine. AppliM to an auid i<b» 
tnincd from thli componrid» 

Clil«'r»>*4 A pnQx rit fnTw^tfunnd 
t*rj / that chl' I ..f 

the !^ of the 'o- 

nor. : il.tvctl in it. , , ... i; a. 

«'h lc»>rcKf*Mr>lM»ni Ir, [t 'li lorocnr* 
iMiti'lcilHi fr*>!ii rAiforo-^, and m.W* 
MM*»i.l Aprdi**d to f^n iirid obtolnt'd from 
ehlorino nnd earbon. Sr>« Piiumgkivb 

I €li1o'r«»-rorm. fir Citlt*-ni-f»r** 



wajti^* [C*liloroltor'm«iii; fram fA?*>'- 

riit*, jitni/«i '««///«•. 1 A cnl»rloft* volutili? 

ri.> to I 

It i^ H p'^vrcti'ui lUimotUcHirit ugutiU U id 
u>ui%tly ftdiiiini«tvrv(i in the i»no nf 
Vi\\mr, Ileitis*; ialuilixt intu tbu \mi\sii. It 

is ."iOltietilUC^ tllkc» IDt*' th« JDtiMlllV^bt IL9 

ftn litio'lyuti or soiwirifiti, in wtiioh ritftw ii 
flniitnicLLui t9 Gi|iiiviiltint tu abuut tliirtjr- 
fiv<^ ilr»|>i< of liiuiliiiium. 

Ciilo*rc»*ror'iiiiiiii V««iia'Ip.^ 

("ComriiiToidI riilumrorai.") Thu l*U;ir- 
liijti'i>|)anid Diiino (li,S. Pii,) *>* the t<?r- 
ehlariilo of formylo. Be« t»roc«iJiug 

€*lil€»-iH>tii'o>ti>r. [CIiUm^iii'vp 

truin; iVdU rkfn'rtHm^ iiu<l >if''p»<, tt 

" mL'tKiur«/'J An npintnitun fi>r o«ii- 
matin i; the rjiijtntitjr at oUluritiu in ogiu> 
liKtittMii writb tvutor. ur « Imiiu but 
4|t«pt.ttiiii1ty for ii!«truiiJiiutiijjj ilm bloarhitig 
Iiowor of A iioliitiitu of obl'irino. <»r ohlo- 
ri4e of Hmc. otti, 8«c next j*rticUn 

trf» [Ffojii tbtj Kifctuu.} Tb« |tnicu*<i 
of e-iirnritiiii; the blejvbinjj power of 
' oh]ori<lo of liuiit, |,y Iho i|iiiiiilil)' of tt 
Botution uf "ulpbatc of imli^o whiob ii 
known woigUt of obbjiide ewa liLsoulur 
or rnn<ler y^ilhfvt. 

Chill' ri>*|tliftU writton hUa Cltlo- 
tNiph.rilr. [From x» J -**);. "'grcciu/* 
ami /.«AVj., u ♦'U'lf.'*) TU« grvoQ ualor- 
inij tnjtit«r of tviiveiu 

Clili»*f^*iil«*' {Krom x^»»iiAj **^rp«ii."] 

A il'xo.tse [wmliur to ^rouug foM)»leii 

uti'lcr rctontim or ftUppro*j!)lt>o of tbu 

IPim^truftl liisabiirj^ii; gnHutijlokui^SH^ X 

Iff«ntt4 of the*' order Adi/ttntHttt, cIm« 

'5r*rtiVHrii*, of <^nitMj"n N'»5oioj;fy. 

€'li1c»*n»i'le. [€'lilurot'l«?iiii,] Be- 
loniiin^ I » r'lionntfit. 
Clilo'roaii A^'liL The [lurtixidti of 
|#litorlnn, bfs^iiu^') npproiohini; lu an 
|«cM in U« nfttur*% 

C1il<>r'll»f*et. |l^hlt»rnrr*'tum; rrotn 
l^i./fttifH. Ft. Cfiff'ttr, !di»raie.J A 
• ipornhHniiiin of nhlorlti ^ ivith a metAU or 
hi Titii'ii ible U'Ay, ^co riiM)R}hK« 

t'tel^r-^'ilrlff At'ld. Tii« nniuo 
jfivtsn by TbrjiarJ to luuriAlto, ii"W 
t^iiMuil hv*kovhlono. Aoid, 

p »r,"l A n lOK? dppli'^^i bj uiiuors to 31 1: 
irren|i{r»f»fn tf'«HWii, but more t?Mpe*^biJl.v t" 
curb .11 Ir" ftck'i L'iv«, 

4'lii».tit>'m1-^.* [From \o\(>, "hile,*' 
mn<\ nift'K "btoofL") Tbc proeonM of 
bjlo'pif^mimt in lb« bloyd; obulc'my. 


fmm XitSn, " bibt,'* anil iyc*, to 

IV t>tr/'] Apphet) to 6 m«<ilcine 
L4 thu pro|H!rtjF of iiiere%Htn|^ the 

n ot biks 

di» l«*.^ [Ur^»X^.] Rib'. Hn«?RitrtuJ 
Clio'li^^U*. [ 4 !!■ a' ■«*»«, •»'»;•,] -x] 

coif] I ij nut i' til «if ob ' ' 1^^ 

Irf 1/11' tin, llm **gttli ^ 'lu| 

taut 4 n of the gnlJi'Mfol<J^'r« 
Cli»lV«l<>elu Se» t'ntii,iiii«cMiTii, 
Ctiwle4l t^ittum* 1 1 

jj fV\f>p<i(, to " rcccivu/'] , I 
kit'lA btk'.) lU»tv* ivio«; it; 

jDl1*'TrK CoMMl'MIf* i'llorKlK»r»trn, 

Clio-lp'lc. [€'ti(ilcJ€*iiJi| from t^Mfl 

"bile."") ll.-biim^. to biW, Applied to' 
an Mci'l obLiiiticd rnou bilo, 

ClicNl^'ln* [t'tiolfriitii fmro >i^^^ 
"bile/'] Tbi* pct'iiUiir |iriiH'i|ilt* oC l»il» 
Clio1*««*|»,f r rliln. [€*b4»lc*|iiyrrlir# I 

n»i frum XjuM^ *'bib%" nml «^ yVW, "jrd-l 
low."] A Wrm aynvnymttuA with iiiTt*| 

Cliol'*^!^* [From \uM. ••bili?," anit 
^>tw, (u ♦"Uowj'* t»r v^'ij, tHf» *Mt«t<**Mn»»»/* 
und ^'m, t'i *M1mw/*] .\ .ind ^ 

purfjing of bibi (H»i» i» t, 
ep^Ctilij^ Buiv|u:ftii t'bobr 
jffripin^t rnl Apa#iu] of < 
lh« ftbdoiiuiii ninl f"^Tv♦*- 
A gonu« of Ml "u^n^ iin.^ 

rttnim, of Cull' . v\ 

(Vm*] A rttmiirk4ibli:» ftpi4iMnici di»«m»«i ] 
ooQsijitini^; in a imi^S'^rtnni fnrrn of chol- 
era, in «rhtrb all tb> nkrr> roueh ^ 
uiorv «L>\ trro jtiiil r pr<jjrrt«ttt 
to A too ^<'n(*riiHy la; 

C((t>t'l;iiA*M4.* (•• Biiioud Tbol- 

©m/*) rripiiKT- pir<l fffHiUfTlf VtrtrrfflTT^. ' 

tit flr^i i 
tor-i* wit 

of thn h - .,.,^,. , i,,.^ .-^ ^ 

mt»ro tbtiD A fitrtn or variety of Ktitvpuan 

Criot/KicA. I ^♦. 

ro/>rr''f } At !• II 

umiully iipp' Ii .| 

cpidcmli;, to i r f«i. 

dimiia and m dj«> 
cn^o known > 

r'(i»i/«fM I h(dprt of 

i iimoii r i^biblncn in t 

luring lh« stimor?r tiv 
hi »»" r r.illrd tb«^ ' ut" 

It {$ fttlondod wllb '■ sxnt 

of tfrtH«n or yttlbm u.>»..i:. ..'iiv»« uiijieU 
witb •Umti or blood. 


, ntc j 



r iiwn*epl*lcinic cbolcreu i^cv t*iiui.t:uA, 


jtg to ch<ilcm. Alstf^ 
' Cti«4>f^4»t4. [rHulrffwi'fliMis from 
i u Applied to diitoil«€<i nf 

til -.T. 

4:.lM»i«?r-4^|flHll»f*^" [From fhof^ 

*<^*«, und f^'tit "fi'jtr/'J A dr«i:ul «f 

jui k ■ ■:. i\m.* "tok't*.") Ttle r".*" fh^' 
it. wbi/^riug V4}io««>f clitile- 

J thebli^od» 

or Ae A^ id. Aii ucid lurmcii 

Clioti '€t r<HI«fi. ( P roni \^ nV^?^ . ** c ht- 
lilagts" itnd yt/>*iiJ, t«i •' |in».lnti./ I Til* 
base oT truo i?urlihi|;o Mii'l i i4. 

By b'lilini it in rcHoh*(nl ii i?i. 

Chon-c!-^ - -' -'-. ho 

Ch«»UH; :, II fi- 

de, or rtaliK'i 
flbn:«f ruitiari^ 

€'ttoii-<ln»^ « , _'■' J, 
ypi;t^, t«j "wpite/'l A 

i ■ -■ ' :....^' ■ . thO 

»cicucc ui nil tilnvr^. 

dM»ti-cir«»'iui», »tf»>^ fFrv^ni x^Mn^H^f 

'*eiirlilnsci*/*| A cm ' ,rr*>wUi. 

ClMMi-4lr<t»|»^(4>^r 1 [Fr«>in 

tlowiiig"] ^^Cnrtita^u-ttttrifrtl/' Applied 
in fhf plurni iiin^<*iil(tiio ( f^hnmtlntpt9- 
■ \i trilj*' nr M ' " ' Jn'p, 

Tmiiu iLe enrtibiire («f ttoo 

I _ _ . : • _^ . . - M • - , t ro- 

hisloi^ tit (111- 

•li. u "form."] 

: wbioh butuui biliary 

^1 hoi h% [<'tiorieii«: fr**ni \»\ii, 

PLll*'-'*j Iljiuli :iti^; to l>|li ; hiijntls, 
'— III S.^ 1. ill f 1. 11. Mil 4'll4»ri- 

1 f rum bile. 
*? *-*» Ji'ftV.] 

^.^-.i -. j^ ..., - k- ob- 

I ivMii bllu, 

'i4»li4', Sr*r Cii«Mc, 
t h4»t-ife-llf Ii l4>. [4l»Alolllli'lrmi; 

€lM>*lol'l*«lm».* [From \«X.,,"hil«f," 
Dd i'tb., a "H*.|nj."J A gttll-stono, or 
liHtAry i;ii)riiliis, 

Cli«>*lo'«t<i*« fFfwtn Mt\\ ••Kile.**) 

^" ►'n' ftluTAl {Chvi»»»»), bttinry dii- 

^ iionHlrftritV-9** [Fr«mi x^^A^i, 

And 4X}ti;, "pain/'l Piiin 

n^ii^ nrrbrilio, or titflAiuinAtar;; 

CtH>ii'«lrlo,>'rCl«Ofi'4lrfii«^« [llic»n* 
firl'iin: fr <m in'.*V*.t " furtiljurr/'] Hi? 
I 1 frMin the pt^riiiiioenl cnr- 

t en, etc. B<?e C'liuitilroifrit, 


: :. : 4!rt>'i»i».* ^ . ;^TV»s i»f 

t/iutuhuMii, Tbe loromiian of e*itl> 

Cltuti-tl rot 'o-iti3l^. fClioiidrvttii'* 
tiiifi: (run T[(i.f'f<H, "furfLipr', " and 
Ttft ^,^, t*t "cut."] I)i!«M*e(iti& i>rdi>i«itin 
of ruitilnct'. 

Clmn'ftriti^ €> Mp'tiii^* Curniifivn, 
or Irish ini.^s, A p (lit bcJi fi|^tng to thv 
liutiirril hitIi r Afuft*^*!'. 

Oiitril^.^ I (f r, \«f^''. un *♦ inti'^ritm." 
II "cbord/'] A el»» i<l ; urijfinAUy »be 
ftritif? of n harp: ht'iit'e, iiny "trfnif: n 
ikiiK'W, «»r in*rvt«, Applirii in *»l»<t«»etfy 
t'» II rig;bt line eKteitdiii>: f'roui ifti(?r3l- 
trctiiUy of nil nrrh lo nno(bcr« 

Cli4»r'4la JUih; ffifi*'^ [The "Clrriit 
Cord, or Sin *♦*.'") 'I h'^ T*mh* Arhifti*. 

diMr'iln T> m '|i4in-l.'' ( Tlr^ ♦• Toid 
of thi> Tyinpiihiiiii.") A briiiit!h of (Uc 
Bcv<mth prtir of nnrvm. 

i^hor'ilA l>ii*irfc'n*ll.' (" Ncrvo 
of HiH ^t oiinrh "I A drt ij^nnfiou of the 

pijtlrjc ptirxu* i»f rlir jtftr rtufmtK 

4^lHkr'«lf» Trn*4tliiN 



ilior'itar %'OHCik Iciih.' 

Cliords.'*) Th© tbjro aryteooid 



mciit« of lUe Inryux, ^r the inferior 
ligiuiiuntf t»t' tlie glottUi an tmitiGd be- 
cause" th<\v werts «ui»pt>sfd lo produce the 

dii»i^<lnp'wu'i.* [Frt»in W*?, "in- 
tostints" rtO'l <iTrrij, tit ** binci,'* t« '*»0l1Si*/* 
to "jittuck/'l A Itiiisl ul' viulwat *pn-s* 
iitijilio oboliu, tu wUiuh the Ur^fo in- 
(oitiijtfs sfto.n iitf it w«r« iwtsted inlit 

Clii»r-ili-(«'. [Lit. Cliantii'tA; Pr, 

tViirtU, koit'id' ; lit<'r,>l!y, »'cirrliMl/' or 
•Hwietfoil'I'j A pLtnful r«fi.'iiofi tmd 
duwjxvfurd i^arvnituro af tho penis, oxpo- 
ricnc'ccl in f/an«»r* A r-i. 

ClBO«re'9^* or Mt. Vl'tn»* I^anec* 
[Kr'>m voi-f'-^t H "djincinjc;."j A ctmvui- 
j'ivii (lie»<'iL^Ut ehnruoti^nrtid by irrtjj^uliir 
and Inviduntury inov«»mcnt?of tbolimbK, 

C'tld^re'lc Pcrt;nninK t** ClluREA. 

**lei*tbor/'] TUo ^pyiind or mtst «3ttop- 
niil uioinbriin© liivalvini* the fnutti*. Air*) 
th«* MrpihtaUm fmtnm'utia, or itiombriino 
of th»3 iht'll ui the e<^t». 

4'lio>l-itin,^ or Clio 'rf -CHI.* [Frrun 
Ibu J!uiiJi).] Tbci ili^rtjii^, or innermui^t 
Ittvor o(" the *kin ; itip (rite idciri. 

'ciii>'rt>iit. [l'ln»r4>l'd<Mii from rA».*- 
n'o<^ tuid inV\» II • ffitni/'j Hc^oinbtin^ 
(hf* fh*>riod, 

Clio'rold .Hctn'ltrAtM*. fMc-m- 
l>rii'ii]% rtiftrMl'ili**,) Tl I 

(TK'tnlirutie id' 1)11? tiyohnvlU 1; 
I'lruitli iho ^flendio cmt 

bfftiu* of thi:* hfiin. 
4']i»'ri>l(l l*lP^'n«. [Plex'tiM I7i<^ 

rolile^l A [tlcviii^ of vossids, -r f'uld 
ot thio vfii^ittiliir mcTiihr.tnc, diirivod from 
the Aa matrr, siituntcd til tlio Uturat 
ventriclfSJi "f the brrtiti. 

4:iirli«l'ntt«M Romo. Tho Ueftrbttru* 

ditNf'tiialc. [4'lir(»'iHi«M. A'f<*.] A 

<.'>»!uliiiiiitt "II of I'hruruit' tioid wifb n hnsc, 

4 Ji r4»«iit»ii ' i V. [ C'h iH>ifij%l %vun ; 

froiu g:»'Vri. x^r-V'^t '*eo|fif."'J Kolnt'mg 
f o p ilnr^ ut coUtre J httv'mg color. Sets 

dirtft'iiitf-tli^tn. [41irotisfttl«»'ttiit««: 
frniii the ffiiiie.] Th*i |<ri9iuiitio ulii'rru- 
\\u%\ itf th«.' rrvy? nf li','ht, — i'f, tn of her 
word;*. Iho iih«rrftlit>n ornsfrafiifihilily. — 
LMiu.^cd hy the dilli^reui klntls of myip 
heinj; refruetrd ojvrr(ririlly» 

dironi^foAr't^iicftiiA* [riironiiM 
i4>|r't'itti««; lYrtrn \p>vjrt^ ♦'<*idor," irnd 
y^^iHjut, to '♦go«©rjitc/*] Gcncriiim^ or 

forming eotor. Ap|di<*d ebiefly to Iho 
fitncttoita of tbe iWrnttu 
€^lin»-iu^H^''^^* [ri>n»isialoto'* 

Iflit; Iroui ,^^^*^, •tn^lor/' iiud \<*y^i^ a 
*+di*o<Mjrac/*J The? ^tuoni?*' of i^*di.r», 

Cliru in^-top »j^« [I'lirwntntafi'- 
Hlft; from \y>*ft**^ "eolort" uud «Vh» 
" vision, **] ColuHid vtpiim, 

4:lir«>'in»-lr6|>i^. [f'Hmniat'n^ 
pti«. i • r I'll rotutil ra'plusit ; 1 r oin xy V<^ 
"color,'* and r^*?fw, lo " luni/'J An tn» 
ftrmiirnt lur fxh^^r^in;^. mi, th*" jThiciplo 
mI J Ion 

hClklUll M I ,1 II'. .1. - Ml_> (-1 V . 

4*11 rOttif* V tnotnh «. 

riirtinit* Al uiQ. A ilrl«. 

ihitihlu ijiilt. f»rutcd of the Aul|>Ui^4:!:tt v( 
Ldirifinidm ntid of potaith. 

4'hroiiii* YHlciif, The cfaromiito of 
loivd, mm Hi iHt-d jw i% jMfftn«*nt< 

dir«>'fulf. [f'lir«t'inlrii»*] ll<itciiif> 
m% to ilin,tfii»fm. Sei> rmtuMir A<>tf». 

Ctiro'nili* A^'lil. f A^'fclnm <'ltro'« 
ttileiini.J A icr" ' ' iim 

lortiiirii; n. vnliiiihio < re- 

iiio\;itl (d' uiorldd . ' ''i'/ 

tho-^o of »yphililio 01 ^^lu. it k^^ l^t^n 
nfiMiftind n ftlnci* on X\w pnrna.ry Uiit nf 
thi^ ^' ' ''' licii in the I1.8, Phiirm*- 


*<tfnd«*r, " mill M'ptkj, lo *'iiwtN»t,"] Abat>r- 
loal eolorittiun of tbn pcrffptt-Hfion. 
Chro'iiiMiiti.^itr^lir*" r, -tu 

\ j^ "ruhit/'j A iJi '.*t! 

frun iiutive chfiiiiitt! m| I "ii, 

U t« wbitiMbf liriitlr* urid rvwy titdiquH 
to fit**?- Thif w^eritto j^^rnvify \* S,%^ 

Oin»'iti4Ht<*n< f41in«a; tsi; 

ffiiii x/» *jiia, tl **ei,d'*r/' Tv 

"i^'tii^rtJc"] \>j;t'tiihlr' '. . 1' 

wbmb, net«Ml «»t] tiy ncidi niid aJkaiia 
prodontny T*'<i}, y«>lh»w. or 5*1^*^11 tinf4. 

*':< ., . .- \ , - .■-.' 

4 le. 

[Fv . . , :, , __._. a:* 

"'PO^*t.iTMn', J <uber luviii'?* tor rAf^fv- 
phffff, iiT lh« colr»rin>r inntfer «if plunU* 
^'liroii'le. [I'tiraii'fMM; fromXHtt^Ti 

^'tinie/'] Long-con t.tnuL'd ; «ppuMo<l la 

4ti r«ti '«Nl ti<*r'fni>l« [CTi fwnot lirr* 

••h"nf/'J lU'ltitinj!: to tin f-e- 

nitiirK. Aiiplind to n il all 

dij-eftaci hi»VL* poriodic i, n.ttA, 

with nltcriinto oUiHi^ rtnd hfJits. 

4*liro«»|>''MfI*^,^ wHttc;!) uU'i Clirfip'* 
wifi (by A i«»»iit motion nf the Oroek 
\fmftpnt into ^ipi«^ which in Lukiln be- 

camcc f^kra^fa). The Hame »a ClUtO- 
M4Tt>l-SiU, 8v« CMK<ittATot'P«V. 

€lm»l'le. [t^roi'leiiii; ttom %fi>x, 
♦' *kii«»-*'] fif «»r Kridmi'Hii.' tt» Ihrt tfkiu. 

>tntt*ftnnjft one of 

r of fihnibjs 
• . 80 vera! 
. . . . _L--' IVuiU. 

^^ulil," an 1 ,i/ii^«i •*.. ft "cwrni**J Lit©- 

"f»llj* the '*>f'»liten Mf^ni" Of ♦*tnit-" 

A uainn Huiiit't itiiiiM givDti to tho tJUtmu^. 

^tkfS • o*lMl^r '$ U [ I'rori] v <r<^, 

tiftit r**rr> t>f n prtlf yrlltttr ttr rn-rn color* 

, ^ . . ii.jia." 

^'f homjt- Hut it ilupi* 
t. rav wpt- kniiwii l«t the 

4 in jBtiitl fu 

!j ^nlmlAiuri;, 

1. - fMW 

i: M ]ij or 

11 * Tii'."] A m'r; — ' ■ ' - 

i ! utmti* of til J 

ir ■•n of Vk gnl''! " ^ •. 

C'4'*r, 44>4 U *ji» ^l in ipwrlry. 

fiii ' . "" ' ' ' " ' * - -- .. .-,|' j^rtlc- 

, ; bril- 

Ctii*j^ii'o-tiii*'l1-^' f From v «'*,-, 

So^ill J. r Uio ,4Mro«r»/ Rffi'n* 

€"i»r; i-tifl^** A fumily of 

eohrt]> -, of wUiciU Iho Chfff- 

(|iM*iwc it'll iiueommMti tttnnni? the 
(if l|)« BiiUth. ncHDoidiiMnitn} hy 

LliQ )iicU-iili \ '_ 1 », 

" boar," tu "curry," to "cQiivey,"] Bear- 
in IT or (^(inreyitii* tfhyh. 

4ii^ •ii.a*«A'(iofk. [ciiy iiarit'tio, 

o'<«*A ; lVi*iii fUjf i»*, " chvlct* aiMl yn'f iV>, 
(o "ittuke."] TUu jutK'Cfr l*v wUioli iho 
eh>l« f^ ^cfinrat^Hf Irniu the cli^uun 

4lijP-li»-|iol-«l Ir. [irH^iop^ieVh 
fivin 4*A^V«»<i> *'ch3Jc," Rtii) ir«<iit», 
if» **ui»ke.*'j ComicctvU with Ihe form- 
lit loll of chylfi, 

« tijr-io iilMu* [From X"**^, "Jmcc."] 

TIk' *aiiir H.^ CiiVMKtrATTON. 

41iji'*lii ' ri-f.* [ Front rA^v'^n*." chjpic/* 
and 9ifM^i>, "urinr/*] A diarhiirii^v of 
ch>lc witLi tbo uiine. 

Ch.tiiir. [LnL i'lijr'mfi«; Or. v^f* 
♦Jtik'tv"! Thf [vitltt> uiii*¥ fortncit hy 
the ffM^d ttt it« Itre^i grout chmigc in tbo 
[irocc^ii of di|;;^r^tion. 

4*lt.viulit uiui €tl^'tnl<^• S«c CuR- 

Ctij^fii-l-fl-ralfoti* (OiymlOcA'* 

liiK t»'iMf ; frf m rAy'^n**, ntiil y#r*W<i, to 
"uitikr.") The eoiivt'tiiou of ilie fiitid 
into rhj'tiir. 

€li> uilnlfy* 8ce CitRiri^rtiT. 

4'|l»»itt4K* M»4ia'fhc-n. [FrritTi v^^tnff 
'Mo4mI ' 1 The «ct nf irtkini; fumh 

fio^jHlrlr'n*]^.* [LMmiuutire of 
ri'nrfj..r.] The btuntt'fUum* 

d-«h'lflx, %'tf*.^ [From ciefitri*e»^ 
trt **hcrth Ic4;vin>f rt s<tnf/'J '|h<* pour or 
ri'jiiti Cut u hi']) lid Houud, fvrv, or ulci^r« 

4*lc,^trl«sil'iiot>. [CtontrlMi'tks 
n'ui»; fruiii lUtt iiiirjiv-] The t^ru««ej^ hy 
which ii oieflitrLv u forraod. 

€i<'^-lrl-»i'taM.* [Fr - ^' mc.] 

Ciciitrit^'d { «L*i(if rvd. Id 1 tug 

A inrjir, or the ii|(]>eftntnc« < 

€Hr''^lri«ce, [Fiom tbv ^uuitw] Lite- ' 
rally, to *'foriii n io»rj'* tii«ncc, to heal, 
or j«kiti ov(»r* 

€'li*li<»r«t4*rir.* fik-o-ra*8ho-$. The 
.Tut».Hiijunti luiuic of » Qafiirttl oriler of 
p! Aiitfl, or of 11 lection of tbo order C*>m. 
pfHtitm, \i tftctitd«9)> lettuoo, endive, rti}. 

i.*l-<Mi't^« A Liitin I tUu 

n«»xn'M M A<'tn,,iinMf. Ti uj- 

cji/u'/ 1, ht>wi*virr, of mod' : , I4 

a ditr<«rMil fjlant. 

ri«iiUm. Att« Co.tKifi. 

rn'! :t - 'f' ' } uf Cil'I-tim. 

'•^, or h.'iir^ I 11 
applied to mi- 
nulc. irkndvt oiyjci-LB nUn^'hed to eerfniu 
NniniiiK-4. thut have n vihriirile inntiMii. 

C'lri-^rj?. [t'iti^. ^^ ' .utt, 

the **cvoI»i?«h/*J Ite tm^ 

at rynliush. AUo __ raX 

\mt\s corr<r^pon<lui}( tu the juunituli of 
thi> oomoa to the aclvrotio coAt, 




nil-9te. [€:illn'tait; from rtTium^ 
Mftecio^ **f ptibc9ocQ<?o« on this iiitirgia of 

c'lruttm*' \y- '" ' ..■'-,» 

tu •■twlnkly'J 

th»» o)'«jli*l, t»r mill '^ 

lt«l tint of wbioti U»*> li^Mi* jtr*'* ; i*-*-*** 

th«!i 4$jfiU4h. UaiJil mi»atly m tlic piufAL 

8ott **ii.l V- 
ni-lo>il«i.* [From tbtf iiAine.] Sptt§- 

tniitJiu Lrcuitjliri^ ur ngiuttou of thoi«yu- 

4Tliii-lH*ir'a-4C9** [From r »''.••#'*» r»«'- 

tVi». It "luijf," or **t»>u*<j," ii ' 

■ '^piit lo flijht"] Th« Fh 
■«ftmo (rr,S. Fh.) of tlio r£»o« 

iri/'Hffa rtfiyrmft'iig^ uttlorwiiio uctnoii ^i-* 

^d pUnt h«'l ■ ' r 

pdurniulii], tan J Uai boou oinpiojuii with 

bU)rino conviibl'iiM. 

C7i-n*o'll-^ Tor'iTju* ('*Cittic*Jinii 
'Bxirlli/') Tho Httiiiu ju CmoLlTK, ifUiuU 


ClIiii'fKlIte ffnim Oimn*lm, nn i^lnnd 

wii«'ri' it wiji r»iiii4l< Eiii^l *♦'*«.> i. 

[or €'l-in4>'ll*4«Ji Ei«rih. 
Turlnfj- of futli^r'.i varih. ciu ..,. jL 
ii «Ai4l. nf HitoXr ftltitnioA, Dsiiio uf mmy 
AUfl WAtor* 
C^ii»«llo'«|^* [Nam 0(1 fmm tbo 

I7tmtlt«i!t'< dft ilhinrhun or Ch%>hf>ii, tig-- 
uured by it< ujiu.] A LitiasriiQ 
^tina nf thn oliMS pf>Htnntirift^ nnrumJ 
rJcr (Jinekonncex, Huino rtiieiit writcihg 
B^ixt rhit thcs propnr spt^liinj? o( tho 

^^ffirtbri various upcoio* *>!' Fcnivian bark; 
inchtilmg tbv fall(»wiu|if ki«<lM: — 
CiJfoiio'WA Fi.a'va.* {''Yellow Cin- 

•.Ilofl in i>oiiiraerco '*t*jtlt«aya Bark/* 
til ontitjttntnir noi Iomh Uian two p«r 
out uf ftlkuloidfl jieiaiog erj^tAllUaMo 

C'»Mrno'!«A ?Ai.*t(nA,* ('*PaI<t Cm- 
chonit."! Tbu bjtrk of t7iit*'Ki/nn (*itm(it' 
miti't'H im<i! of f\ Mferan*thft. 

Cl?»*'M«>'?»A Ru'llin,* C'Uc^l Cifi- 

ell till a/') Tbe burk of iin iiiidrrerminorl 

p^^ii^>4 of cinobnna. ptillc^i in eommenw 

l*R*wl Uark/' ami ciMiUinitu? not \f*n» 

ft' ■■ *■• it. of iitkittoitiH yinMli)!; 

! *, (8cMj ihS, Fbarm*. 

Tu Mliich mu> Ih< ttddoci tbo 


of which y trrtncd in ^omtnfsroo *" Brown 
Hark'! am) ** IhihtniiStss Bark/* 
The V I rf no* of F*>i ii v i an hn r ' 
cowry *if w hiith foniii* an <*m in 
f*f incMli , * 

f^rtMjt ] 

impurlaul, U«»(b t>t (bo8u ara m a tlf|rll^ 
Jvij^rtHS lun\a Aiiil fifbrifa^n; hiit tticr I 

are o-f^ ■ ' " *■''•'■■:,'• ^J 

cbarac'i I , rw, 

lk*nt'o lbi»m« nlkaii.»MjM, as weit m» thai 
bark in rMil*fitaiJuc, have basil t«nire«i] 

t(ln-krt^t]tt*ib«'?. 1 

niosl itriifortjttit i»f I 
r uf I 

lllO j^frnvf!!.] A ).. : 

i»xo^<»t»oiin ^inf^i«, u ^,|.« 

fiminl ill ' 

tho t'or 

pbint*, i'uwortui jubnlui;ai i 
in tbo burk, *»r P'fmrtiA iti th- 


frram?o ot tbo tlowcr^ «>i eoiuu planu f^f^ 
ibtii onlor (for tsxantpli** ibc CrW (/mtW | 
II Oil /r*4i'ir')) is UQsurpaHOcil iti ifae vogf* 

Clii-cti<»^tia'root»a. r<^i»«»li4iini»** 

<»t*iiM.] Ilnvm»; nn nrraoicttOH^ul an la 

4*lt|i^llCMl i r r^n 

\t\liid to ttU ;i .,.,.....,<. .«w,,. ,«,! ijbe 

*fjt<v:!M»s. See Kisir Aruj, 

€'lR>lif»-nln« itr C*frt'ni(witt«M^t 
{4^ti<*lionrnii; frota ' < A 

pc-i^iiltHr rrj;<'lrihlei' pritr aJi. 

dis<r(»v<'ri*<l in tbo CVh^Aj-i". - > i ,? 

<'ln'cr-M.* the j»liirol of CJi**-. 
iiifyiiig "a*bus." Usually ftj-ji i. i r 
p'lt- or po.'irl 'fishes, 

€^lti'«*rt«i» €;t»%'*«»l-ti»'tl.» fProin 

ri*nit, fibtriil r.iu*9rif»^ nr- ' -' '- - ^ 

"nail/* a **wcd;fo/*l l*< ' i 

Faif%nin% imparrt, TIlO n- ( . .1 

fff^m tbo littl«r wred^cK ur bilUie itit> 

wbirb (bi« wood wn<i (^iit to niako puta^h, 

*■' " > ' T»^.» Tbe Miiuo an Ct%ti* 

K« I Kl'C, 

nny burnt duY^Mtancitt.) ; 


(•rii»i'tti. ^^|jipliod to ibi^ filttrnl ncut'tr 
{ Cinrfi*^ti) tc an <m dor of tbo AVarwtiVa 




T>r. OcHiiI, Incluillng diMmxcs whluh 

Hi*** c*'" CtnVr^fa*. Tho Latin 

' (fcfii" or ""ii^lK.-." Sfv < iNr.i i>. 

^iMur. [LaL i:iiini»t»'Hrl3i ; 

1$^.] Tb« rvd 0uJpburct or bi- 

ii*u# fobjiLiuiec of II l>ri^bt red 
btAiaetl from tho jubo of ilu Iq- 

[ to cimmhjir; cooluiuing cin- 

f^lm m fc r c, atn'a&hit'. Tho Frenolj 

r CiiTNAJiin. v^tiit'h M'c 

CSn-iuua'lr A^'l«l. An tin id pm- 

f iif*'"! ff« »f<f *h*' M) 'tf riftti milieu. 

i a nn-nton. 

[[ The IMiur- 

i^kiuiM>«r>'ii<ri«itf ^: 


^3^ thf* l^»' 

WMW, The 



^^^p t 

n, till? 


.. .1 Oi lllti 

^^H|p|«i S f r« M. 

IS • 1Ui>5C 

^^Pit out! t*ni 

»tK li U 

mitm jiiid 

u car- 

iniuarivp i 


tilfiillc-l ti, ...... i. ..... 


- ..^i flttlit- 

Ir -III r. 

C4Mn»Jsi9ii. See Or ?f ?i t vn v r v , 

^Htti'«i»^ilioii 9iii>l, 

.\ ^ ■ n 

^^^■<t«itu»iinon-trc^% u«r< 

I 1 

i«or c<>i>U uf 

•llidcr U a v^A\^ ^'iiu .iplei which 

r'nnin<<i>ii-Trcc»* Tlio Citmnim*'mtim 

%'i^t^.ui'iyi, l./iV* ITrom «irff, th« 

•uviiIsl"] ' " ■ ' ■ ' *' " Ttvttl», 

hf "uvnh* j Tho 

f;f-4^ttot'o«t]i#. [C'loitol4»'niiikt 

fr •' "uiitln," aivd re^w»j» U> 

'^JT uf a |>iirt of tho 

i if*o-lii»* ^From rifn>tLt, the Ttalhin 

nH for "onion i*' tL»jD<Hl in nltiisiofi t« 

■j|on»«t iU|>pi>^' ' ■ / ' ' r tiiyemf 

|[<*JM ntil<m.| .with 

tuoirn. br r^e. ll 

l^iTGf fim with *t<i?««U Ihuu^h wUh dlffi- 

» r»rp-fi*fe/*J A f»oi»ljr «f Mnht,n,ptr- 

ry^/iV JA{/ajM(ii<if/t, having th« CgpHnttM 
for it* tj|io, 

Clf^'l-nAllii.* Tho Ktimit a» Cruei- 
\ \jt:. 

f'Ir'fWiiiUcw [lUrclfiMlitii; from 
cir'rtHiA, rifTi»<i*tHm, to " etiiii|7n«a uUiut/* 
tti *<iutikt) iDto II cirelts"] LUcriilly^ 
"mndc into • oin^lc*.** Appli«5d in Bt»- 
ta.tiy to Uuvt^fl ruUcd uiwiird? Inui tha 
puint U> the Lu^e. 

t*lr'€?l^< (From r»»V«/«*, m "ring/'] 
A plauc tt|;ur« bounded by » cunti'd 
I, lit?, ti> vrhLch all tlu* rifiht liucii Ibut 
con be dritwii fn^m u pitttil hi (he mUidIo 
nf it, culled the ecu t re. ale ci:|UttK 

C'ir*rtt*l»b'll<iit« [<1rptili» i|«»t from 

tuM, til "movw round/* to *'nni%'«» in tt 
eirclc/* tt "tlvnUtc/"] That vital ac- 
tion by which tho bU»ud %» fi<^tit from tho 
h*}iiLTt throiijfh the mU rlt^f, dtruint^btn|; 
tn (^itlibro till they riid in minute mmi- 
fionli^iitijf on thi* entire xiufnccs wh«r« 
thr»y ;ir*i r*Mu.f'< tc^d *>» e<>rTv»)^oi»dini;ly 
taiiiiitc vtMns. which. incrt»»^ing in siic, 
return tho blr>nd t« the* heuj-t, 

dr'm-IUA.* A <;ircl*, nr rinjc, Ap- 
jdiod to any part ol the b^idy which in 
round or c'trrulnrt — eg. ftt'*v(u» vr'ttti, 
th*j "orb of thv tyc/' II h 0ornvliin(«« 
n-^cd to dcno|« « i^'nnectton of fmrtii 
through whitih thrro i» it itirculntioit ; 
AS tho f'if'tui»0 li%//»*'»V (■■ Circle* i>f 
WiUip")* An anci^tomoitc circle formed 
by tho antorior lUid |»u^tirior ctTchntl 
Arteries oonncctad by the urteriei of 

C'ir'fmliiM Ar-te-rl-o'ntiii tr'l-dla** 
("Artenail Cin Ui ol lh*i lri*/*> An »r- 
tory of I he eye whioh cfieifele* Iht* iri«. 

f *lr''fnni. A Lutin prtiposttion fig* 
nifyin^ "nund," or "«bw«t/' und form- 
ing th« prvBjc of 11 uuuilicr ttf coaifMiu&d 

f^r'r>ifii-^^-jbea't«^* [Thr prrftcnt 
piifclticiplu of t it\ >ft»'i'fjtt^ to "dxive** i»r 
**movc roand/'J A Unu upjihed to tho 
ob]ii|UC itUlrirU'^ t»f the <i*yc, 

Clr-r«itii-rt^'foti. [ilrpuntel'tKks 



f-tiK «»'im'«; from rir'fi'nj, *vnboiit«" and 
*/ ' ' '. to "luftd/'] ('irt?ttliir 

n> 1 iimb, 

% fH^m* [Clrrt]itifl<>x'uii; 

from *••%.«♦***. ^'ftbont/' iLndy/tf'/o. yif«4'- 
wwi, to "btmd/'l Bent nbout; minrtHl 
like n bow or part of » eircti]. Appliiid 
in Anatomy to vimuus? iir1«ri4M<, veinit, et<t. 



It 1:1 also ascd to dosignato a particular 
accent rcpro.<«tin ted in La^tin and French 
by thiH «i;;n [>^], as miiHdf leinpPtc, the 
term denoting; that the accent, instead 
of beinj; strai;5ht like the other accents, 
IS bent over or around the letter. 

CUr-cnm-j^j^-ra'tlon. [Clreamgy* 
ra'tlo, o'iiM; fr.»ni cir'nth-, "abour," 
an«l jy'fu^f a "circle."] Mo. oment in a 

C/ir-eam-syiM'Mllc. [CtrcaiiMeto'- 
Mlll*i; from cir'rmn, "about," "around," 
ail Htnii'dt^ Hf.iH'nwnf to "cleave," to 
*-.livilo."J Applied to dohi.'Cent fruits, 
the upper part of which opon.<« 1 kc a lid. 

C'ir-ciiiii'M^LH'MiiH.^ [From tliesanie.] 
"Cleft, or cut around." Applied in I5'»tany 
to parts having a circular cut or fissure. 

Cire, s6ii. The French term for 
"wax." See Ckra. 

Vlr-rtaon'o-Mos.* [From «r(^p<%, 

"tawny," and I'Aro;, a "disease."] A 
gohlen -yellow appearance of the pleura, 
peritonaoum, ntc., in the fwtus. 

Cirrhopofln. See Ciruopoda. 

^r-rho'HLH.* [From «'/>^^i,, " red- 
di;ih-yollow,*' or "tawny."] A name 
pr<»pi»scd for granulated or tuberculated 
liver, as designative of the npjicanmco 
of the organ in that diseased state. Also 
oppliud to a dise:i>o of th" kidnoy. 

<'lr'rl,* the plural of Ciuriis, which 

C'lp-rir>r-ons <^f Cllp-rlfr'er-oiw. 
[<7lrrif'eru»*, ur drriAr'ortiH; fn»m 
rir'nn, and /''ro, i/e'ro, to **boar."J 
Bearing or producing cirri. 

Clrrl-j^rrailo. [C-irrlfp'rndiiH; fr<>iu 
cir'rut, and (jrn'ilior^ to "walk. "J Pro- 
gres-<i.i;^ by mo:in>< of cirri. 

Clp-rl-pp'di-^* or Clr'rl-peilM. 
[From cir'ri, and pes, pr'tli^y a "foit."J 
The sann u^ Cirroi'oi>a, which see. 

€^r'ri-|ie*, p'o//«,=^ or Cllr'rI-pcHl. 
[From r//''/«i*, and />?*, a "fool."J The 
same :m OiuROi'onrs. 

4'lr-r»|i'»-tli%,* or Clr'ri-po<L««. 
(Se" Ciimoi''o!>i's.] A cla**-* <»f the 
D.'fii >ii •t.<i { )r MoHntC'if) c(»nsisting of 
a'pi'itio !»ni;nvls. having multivalvo 
Hluills, aul famished with a number of 
I ni :, curli'd, arti(*-»ilatod, setigorous pro- 
co'i-so? (called cirri) analogous to the 
fet of the Crustacea. These animals are 
popularly called barnacles, and acorn- 

CTp-rop'o-dwM.* [Fr»m cir'rut, nnd 
roii, a " f«»«»t."] Cirrop'.Mlou-*. Fring-- 
foot.«?vl. Ap|)licd to a clas.-* of animals 
having cirri instead of feet. See jire- 
mvliu'^ article. 

Olr'roiui, or Or'rdse. Sometimes 

impnipeily written Cirrhou^and Cirrhote. 
[€ 'irro'MUH ; from ctVnc*.] Having 
cirri, or full of cirri, 

Cir'mfu* plural tlTr'ri. [A Latin 
term signifying a "lock of curled hair, ' 
a "fringe."] In Botany, a cIusikt it 
tendril, one of tho/u/cra of plants; aUo 
termed Ctaricnla. Applied to a peculiar 
set of organ.* found in certain a4|natie 
animals. (See Cikkopoda.) The term 
cirrna is also applied to thin, fleecy 
clouds, floating in the atmosphere at a 
great elevation. 

^r'»o-vele.* [From nportf;, a " vari- 
cose vein," and /ri?\i7, a "tumor."] A 
varicose enlargement of the spermatio 

^r'sold. [CIrNOI'des; from npo^, 
a " vuricifse vein," and uiog, a " form."] 
Resembling a varix. 

^Ir-Aoni'pli^plOH.* [From n/mS;. a 
" varic me vein. "and diifa\6(, the" navel.**] 
A varicose condition around the navel. 

^'ir-Nopli-tliAI'inI-9.* [From KiptrA;, 
a "varicose vein," and d^aX/i4;, the 
"eye."] A varicose condition of the 
eye : cirsf)phthal'my. 

^ir'woM* (Kif^irSi). The Greek term for 
a vari.x, or dilated vein. 

Vir-MOt'o-nij^. [C'lmoto'mla; from 
KtfiTd;, a "varicose vein," and rr/nna, to 
"cut."] Extirpation of a varix. 

^'iN-»ani'po-lofli.^ [From c;inr<V , " ivy/* 
ami afiTTeXoi, the "vino."] The wild vine. 
A Linnunin genus of the class Di<rtitt, 
natural order Mcninpcrmacstr. 

CiNMMn'|>oloH C^pon'nlM.* A spe- 
cies founil in Cape Oniony. The mot is 
u^cd by the inhabitants as a cathartic 
and emetic. 

C'iMMiuii'pelos Parelrn* (pa-ra'r^). 
The Pun irn f/rnrn, or American wild 
vine. See Parkira. 

€'lHt«co«»,* sis-tu'sho-c*. A natural 
order of shrubs or herbaceous plants, 
including the rock-rt»so. The CiittH* 
(.WtiviiM produces a resinous balsamic 
8ub-taTi"!0 <»:illed Lndu'nitm. 

ClM'il,* the plnrul of (^'tim. form- 
ing the .lu'^sieunn name of a natural 
order "f pbints. Seo CisTAcr.^:. 

C'JH'liim/^ A genus of the natural 
order Cxt 'crr. 

Vin'tiMH <'rc»'<I-i»iMi.* Tho name of 
the plant which produces a sort of gum- 
rosin callrd Ladn'mim or Lahtin'nutit, 
This substanci' hm a wai-ni and bitter 
taste an-1 nn agreeable odor. It is 
sniiu-times u>e I as an ingredient in 
pi ...t.,r... 




] A coin- 

\; Hint €*lt'ri* 
An njtid tU)tiuiit!U 

i "* I from 


l^u 111 ^oWutt* and otltcr eatikDcoas 

In,] Ttto fniii of ih« CitrtJiw, t>r oittvn- 
trcr, n ^atirty of I ho Citru* m<fftica» 

< rmi«.> [l''r>»in *jr;Mrt, tho "Icinoti*' 
1 J A Ltti} irvnua ol" the 

F«l /' ^/iAmj. niitnrul oriler Auruu- 

Cl'tra» Aumii'llliiii* « ku-ran'^hc- 
Qm ). The Mj £ti?in»itic tiamo«»f the omtiji^o- 

%mi> for the Cfttum tturttnttuHtf ur ornn|^e- 

- € t 'trUM lU-nic»t ' if BcrsjiAiu t^UMtu* 

The tree fruMi (!jt) rind uf iiliu:e Umt 

< i I rttP f J*tiio ' u ■! rti, * €'1 ' I rw» W«hI '• 

>* Naiue^ ot tilt? j.Niuts whJ.ti lt«-j»r 
M^- ' ....... 'i..Hii.iu?, or UmcvH) of ilrn 

I trliu Sec CiTurs Ar- 

€1ir>l. [Ctirct'tJii.1 Anunctuous^nb- 

' • • ' » k-r the tiiil 

1 pf*rf«ine. 

Liur^il;*, iH.lnc>M," or 

^vImmj," u citiJitltiun 

' ' , . '* ^g^,. 

i(^(^, in 

'I j>cr- 

it thtt 

[1j ^(jof 

ui ui>>ujktji ill's. 

licTi " . Ii .uv.' rtir in^>.' uf dA^^Tuji^- 
- one wbo iM 

♦**, public Nliopj! 
1 A lenn for 

(mvvl.flK^ lion. [Ctnrifiea'tlciw 

o'fri« ; riittii r7'i'*'««, "t'lcar/" uuil ftt'ftot 
til ♦■»n.i,L(/'J Thti {»urif>iu^ ur frct'iui;: a 
Uuiii h>m li<,»terMgi'C]eiiiia muttcrr fir Im- 
pur t C-. 

ClitNiM'r. 8i»o r»nRL'S Ci.Aviri.e. 

CtMsnu [Clit«'iil».| A jjrtumtj' ilivi. 
dtiiti of hutii«»i hiiviuji; ^oino i;<TiK'ral re* 
»cmhljLiicc t«i each <>thcr, hut furtbur ili* 
vUihlc into <lMiiticliv«i itr^lcr*. 

Cliiiip«l-ll»f!a'tlon. [From r/ria'«i% 
itii'l j,t\i„, u* ♦*ifM)U<^."] The h^B\ia* 
uXic iwTJiUji^eiiit'ut iuUi cliu«»r5 uf uiitur. J 
prtuludtiotut tind phcnotnonft, incladiti^ 
the ilii'uiii^cs uf the nttlmal htul^, 

tlnv'wtts [i'1tt%'i%'lii»i; ffum rftt't^o, 

ft "dull,""! rUi!i-.*hi||»rr| ; clut>h« (2. 

C'luviilio*-^ li1.i'Vft'.^hi'-o. [Fr*>inr/«'* 
ruD, a, 'Mmil/'J The stutici ua Oouritoi^ift. 

tlii\*'cl-li»tc* [flniplln'tii* iitid 
CTniHItt'Mttui; fn>tn cht'in, & "oluh.*'] 
iliivih:;. ur rormi-J Ukv. t'lubs, 

t'ln% 'l^clc^ [daiic'titn* orC'Imrlr** 
111 119 ; tbc il £ luiu u tt V o o (' cht * tV#^ ti " k c.v ^l 
Tho rallnr-hone, In Botany, u tendril, 
filftj'pi'r, ur rifrv*, 

€1»%'«l*«op iitii4?. [tlJirlcor'nlsi; 
fi-iim r/'a'r«, a "uluh," i^rtd ^-oi'iiw* ii 
"|i"ni."J Applied ij a r.iiniljp i»f ool*. 
ttpl«*ru«* ini<c€t», hi wbieh th© nnttuHfr 
lim thtok nl the wxtrcmily, fretiucntly 
f '1111,171;^ IV s<iil»(l club, 

* 1 --^- "ijir. r€li»vi«atnVlM% 

ft' . the "eoiltir hvne/'J Do- 

i.Uv'Viv U'lni^, (Claw It'll In 'I ant 

QiMii and the AVntrV. 
tlaY'I-fomi. [<*litvlfter'tiibii fruoi 

ettl'va, A "clult/*] <L'luh-?«h«plMl, 

€1n%o, klA'vi), Th<r SpanUh term for 
Clovk. whu'h Mre. 

i'ln'niM.* I ;. ..,11.^ ^ "nair* or 
•'spike/' Ai'i *rn, ur huruy 

r<)*jod cutrtTM n, the tficet of 

r<:iitiniir t iitr:il1>' tm the pro- 

mincitt j tocj. Alsit^ » ver^ 

aciule pfMii . . iiiiin-il to u dittuH part uf 
tJu' head, a^ if A Dull wcffl hcin^^ driven 
intci it, — crtlted Clti* t n>i htfnt*i* hun^ Al««, 
cuud^^huiVii uf tho titeruM. LSkvwtiii»v & 
tuhr'.rrlr> on the whiu' of the eye. 

Claw. fl'ii'iriiU,] ThiJ nail or lAloti 
f.f hmis Mid other nniiuaU. Tb« h»wer, 
fifirrow part of a pctaL 

Clny. A"tif'l<i, ' r iiri;illiioeoui< earth. 

Clii^, Piir^ Th© enrlh eallcd AIh- 

I'UMvnii Ingii. The stnmo ns Lorn r a, 
wtikh n« 
Cl«i»% 'MiCi*, Thr proi«rt7 of tplittlng 



*>r rtf b«ii)g i^tlit in oertnin <li5tcrmioAto 
llirtititioas a?) niinornk: TjliaUMl fnu^Uiie, 

4*1^1 'do- [tVom *\ii{, cXpAiv, a*' key," 
tU« "cliiviclij"], in coiupuiinil tiamui^ of 
inti^ilcHt, ctc,» <tcn >tc$ attnchiuciit t» or 
c>itnucrion with thi: uluvicU^. 

Clcin'A-ftr^.' [Frniii(rA.i(\% "olasMolo/* 
nml 'typa, u "sieiaurc" or ^'ulUok."] 
Tho gout in the urtiouUtiua uf tbo 

Cl*p-«y^'iiri^.* [Frora cVorrw, to 
"st.Mil," aa*l ivUp. '* wiiU^r,'* — uafned in 
ri[|u^i»a to tbu water jjtculiiig away so 
j^ridlually tt«! to bo uJm'>iet uupcrccivcd.] 
An idiatriiUK'nt for measuring linits lijr 
allowing water tu <irop thr<«ugh a « in all 
hulo IVorn one vessel td ani>tlier. 

Cll-niite'ler,* plural Oi-iiiiM;*U»'- 
p^^ik [Or. teXtftctKTnp; from ^r^r^iyj, to 
•*procood li>.v <legrt'o.'*/'j LUorHliy» tho 
*' stL'p ijf tt Btfiir** or a "hulik'r;" licncc, 
ap|ilio>l to I lie etngc't of human life, 
n3iikoiii;tl hy penoil.i of auvcn years* 

l-ll-mav'tor-lc^ or klim-ftk-tor'ik. 
[CllmiM'ler'leufi; from Iho game.] 
Appliufl to a particular C'|i>K>li uf llm 
onlinary term of life, markvtl liy iioriod^i 
of ^ttViiii years at vrliicU tijo liody wa^ 
liv the anoiunt? <uppo«o«l U> ho peculiarly 
aiTctctLMl }m«l lu ^'iitfur uonfiideraMvuhan^i}. 
Tho niDth perioil, or 5ixty-thir<l yQt%r, at 
which tlic^ mtttft iltitiidoil change takes 
plaee, waj regarded ad the "grand cti- 

niittfte't^^rtfi DIft-eiisc', That ftud- 
den ohnit>4«* whioh ocu.'ur** in many in- 
Hlaneoi^ of a>Uatici;il life, giumnillv at the 
gnind cliiuiioterio, that iw, ah nit thv> <*iid 
of tliu jii.vty-lhii'd \iiAT, .«i\ty-thr*in hoiug 
nine tiKn-» ?i»»ven. Soo i-i,i*f ACTtmo. 

dlinnr'leric T€>^lb'liiic. The pro- 
dttijition of teeth at a vt-ry luti- pcritd of 
lifo^ after iho h»i4'< **f th« piTtuatiuiit 
teeth hy aeeidcnt or natural doe:iy, — 
o^nnionly hetwecn tho (*ix(y-thinl and 
njiirUty- first year, or the interval whieh 
fltlft up the two ^ranl elimaetoric ycAr» 
of tho (}n3i*k phv3io|oj{;istj?* 

Cllinitt. kli^ reir. The Froncb for Cti- 
II ^T^.. whitdt foe, 

C'li'ntnt*'. [Lnt <Tii'inift, nini'ii* 
tlm; tir. c>i><f, a •* region," '^tdimu/' or 
'*elimrtlo,"] In a hygienic point of 
viow, the term denotes peculiarities in 
tontpcrrtturoi i|Uality of air* etc,, with 
retjwft to whieh ilifferent eouutrii'i* of 
nvi-tuf dilfer fr "in eieh other in their 
f»lTi'.it^ H\i>*n th«» liPfilth of lhoi*<> who in- 
habit iheiM. Atii4jn;x the various iufln- 
cnee* wUidh lend lo pr uiiiite hvaltb or 
proditet* dJi4u;Uo, there is purUup.<i wnm 

more dcsterving (he atteatiArt of tbii i 
Qicdieat student tbiin the pueuliftrititui I 
and varieties of cltinate. Bui thi> lituitf I 
of the preA«nt volume irill permit ouly m \ 
fow geutrul remarks; for a thorough 
cun.'^idcratiun of the i)ubjt3ct iu all it* 
details, tho reader U relorred to antn | 
extonsive and vbLhonite works. 

In recommending u eKfl«j^f» f»f roiJ. 
donco un account of ilMi< uidi- 
oimd physician will tak* .ra- 
tion not only tho charat.^. ,.. di»- 

ease^ hut the peculiarities ot the patient** \ 
couatitutiou. In general terms, it may 
be ftta,ted that difie^iscf of the Junj;« ur i 
pleura require a lutld or warm ehmat«; 
and fovcr», e^pecially wbt^u couiplianted 
with visceral derangemeuti ^ eor»l or 
eold one: yet it will often hr fttttnd that 
por»on» laboring under h' lint* 

arc more injured than v « 

warm climate; fur, ihiiu^.. .k ..^..i air 
and unchecked perspiration are very 
decided adrantage* in tbcinf<elici« tho 
debility re«iuUiug from a le»!f l^racinj; 
atmoetphero will freipieutly provu uiur^ 
than a aoun tor balance to ihn^io ad- 
vantuji^cs Miuintain air. which ii g4'ii«* 
rally pure, light, wnd exhilarating;, wJl 
be found beiteneial iu certain «a!««^M, 
whilo j»ea air, nhioh U Wss rarefied and 
l«*a dry, will bo better adapted to 
others. The nir of a iunull inland oom* 
pletely aurroanded by a wide eApatiaa uf 
»eu, like Ma'leira or the rtermudtut, (h»^ 
Bcm^fiti the groat advantage of hnvin)i( • 
more oquablo and unifottu temperatur* 
than can ever be found on n eonltnent 
or on any cxteasive tract of iauil^ It t4 
aearcely neco6«iary to remark that tho 
purity or impurity of thts air ttiUMt, in an 
e*pccial manner, never be ovcrUtokod. 
Vet it 1^ Kaid that (he itupttre air ^f 
certain dlittrict^ wherv tcrtinn^ are oiu* 
tuon, bait been found emlnoully Wncfi* 
cial iu Hume forma of pulmonary dis< 

«'li-mr]^toK'r^pltf^* [fllnmUiirnt'- 
ptilnt tiom tii'm^t, ••climate, ' and ^t^^^ 
to "write," to "describe."] A de^rip- 
tion of eitmates. 

ClI-m^i-lol'iHk^f. [riimHlolo'slifes 
from iti'tit't, an I Vi^^*,-^ a "di^ti'Mirse/'] 
A treatise on climate; the Ncicncv of 

Cll-nitnclrl-iiinu.^ fFrom ^rXiMf, a 
"bed," an(i li^tff*, a " * '" The pari 
oi the oolumn of i n of tlie 

Orrkidrit tn which f i (ixed. 

Cllii'I^nt. [Tiut tain ieu»| from 
K\i.ft. Fr. araiYue, kk^'n^k'.J Pertain- 



t m hv*i; &# cHnipnl Irottircf, which 
firth rrciil \ty tucdhiikl atk'Dti- 

Cll: The Frftich *f»rm 

tiT ^ '•*. A" ri n«iuo. it 

V 1 11.1 • /j« 

is' H^h 

,ii ..,..,.....,, ,._ . ,., I'liwteal 

chiH'l •'! irhc 11<»)«|ittiiJ| Lit rharlt^." 
Cli'nc»l«L [Ctluoi ileal; tmrn irXiVir, 
K, a"frtriii."J Ke9cmUliii!£ a hc«L 
tn foil? prucrtiscii t>f the itphe- 

4il-ti«tiii'e-Cv!i'. [I'lln4t«ii'«*lr«im; 

if»jui t\<ni.i» to "* iiicPu*.'." titid fii^ty^ ii 
*in«'ft*nr«'J'] An «|*in»rntn» r«r mcn- 
itrin^ tho iiicliual»(iti iiT n Unv in tvln- 

t'- ■■ ^--..-^.1 '■■ r>H f-.r 


iintt.**J An ttist!umi»nt f^'f idpo- 

the itTtfrle If hjch th«i iki.ia of the 

ftttle |»clti9 mitkos with tUat of Iho 

(llf^lflir. The Arttium tappa ; alio 

11 --f- ■ -: Ti, CII-t4l«^*l<4ttm^ [flr, 
M, tiJ "shtit up," to ci'tiemlpil hr tho 
A fiuiitilU eluu'TfltLNJ, 
it the liiitTior pnii of 
fui^!!, T^ .^t'liiMtng^ ill lU intoriiiili 
DCtnfQ th« cMfjtMt* cfimTio4«ri» i»f tho 
en 15, 

rtlC-«»-riii'iiiiBb* Morbid swolling 
tiiT. »A"», 


' an antu|iio 

forut l'*r tiW /*•.*. 4i* ''Wi*-!!," io ** devour,'* 
or ^* m tike claim. "1 Litirfuny. u "4«iuk" 
[t*i ■' " •--'■''' ' .V tt* ft 

^ii In the 

llitrfti </.VimV-*), th*? t*|iviiitij^3i through 
llo Ikew Inmnv fthnil I in oiuvpjt i^t iic<*ro«i:s 

rill ' .1 -.;-.. 

OiM^itis klAlli'. Tb© Fronoh f<ir 

PA. which reft, 
ri*. (€*l»ii'lrti«; from »X/i*«v, 
Dtiti>in."1 Hfl* njjiiifr t«» iin nffi- 
it«d nf Irrc.'ulfir uiovt-mont. Applied t/> 
IfituriTtii in wh»<»h r*'»iirrnr«inii:< mu\ ro1:»x- 
lintii ar© 11 ' 'ilrpf^y, 

r<#mii«^ of Hi The ^Vci#- 

MltlMfWfll of thp h|oo4„ 


ri4il>llar. Sec CLir-Cirn. 

ri6vr. (From the hnim CAr'i'Wjj, a 
"fftiir* or *'r|*ik*«;" Fr 'Vmiij kkm, fc'i*. 
Ortrij, kl&'to, hnih sl^nir^in^ uniriaally 
A niiil or iipikc; i^in calh^t inym it» re- 
souiblADec to u tiuiL] Tht; cnlyx, or un- 
e&pncKlcil &(»wcr, nf tbo i'itt^tntk^l'fn* 
tttnmift'it'n*^ olhorwiMi ciiDei! &>»</*"*>» ki 
e*frifr,phjffln'Hi, The* elovc i» n Wuim.puti- 
(fcnt, uiid highly 'Miitnulnting: amtntttic. 
ii \» i^otnftimcH cmphfTt'l (o rflkvo 
nnttjitiA or vnmititig; \mt It in chiefly 
n«tecl to lusi^bt or modtf)r Ibo ttftioa uf 
U'thcr tiiivltciurfi, 

€ '!«» vcH,^t I II - flaw •er, do « <^ Pink. 

Vlowr'Trr^, The C« - '■■ ''^--^ rtrn- 

mnt'i'rum (or Etlffr'ttfn ri> )^ 

C*k» VMi Mplni*, Th« MIB* 

1'iliKKll\4 UJH. Wbic?h IWO* 

€'1tit»-F4M>t* See TAlirrs, 

l'la-pc'l<4tir.^ (From Hu^pmn, m 
snittll Li^h t»r the lifrrin? ktiul.] A 
fninilv of fish(?# huving Ihc ('inprft for 
thfir typo. 

lliiMlMr<<«r,« klu 19-11* fh ft- ^, OT Gift* 
lir€*r-ir»* A n:iluml order of inrvf nnU 
shnih-t, found in tlie tnip'H-Mi. fucltidmg 
tho <Vm'W«^ the Mauf^osfv^nr nnd mhcr 
i*xcellcnt frl1it^. Miiny »^>oe(v« of ihin 
orilfr !«(xirf5t»! An neriit, purguLiv« |pum- 
T«4iri, a» ^Hinbojjc. 

ilniifcr, 8ee RACKuiji, and Tiirit- 

n^p'e>Al. [fl^|M*i»'IL<i9 fVotn (fff'^ 
prttn, n *'*hicid/'J Biilt«u(^tng lii a 

€'lj^|>'<^f»l^ [il,TP«^'tn«*s ftt^m this 
tiunio,] Ik'nnng a ^hivkU or ft^rmud 
lik« A shield. 

€ljht'«ti«.* fProm wXil^, lo 'MaaH/' 
to *'wn»h/'J A term f r ' ,J t<» 

drnoti" the vnpor prM<lii, de- 

tonation of nitre with aij < i m^Io 


to •♦ wtv«h nwwy. ] An lui*«tS«n into tho 
re'tt'm : tin fu'r-m** t ii plysttT, 

t", JH, :^ Crri* Mif'iir,* "Tomorrow 

t*. M. ^= Cf<a» iPAjT'fr,* *^ To-mc^ntiir 

I'tilrtm ltc*n-4'-*lic'tit«,* f»r Cm* 
tnn ' ro-A Rrit-c^l le Mk * ( * ' B lc^''lH| 
Thistli?.") A cniopaMite jdnnt, r»»giird<?d 
a« " hlc«»i»d** on nottount of ilj niedicintU 
vfrfne^, U 'ontrtins a hrowii, bhtef 
prinripU^ nitliid rntVi'n. 

|1». i^*»c Con. 

C'o-iiiil'Ki*tiAl<*. [C'AiMlitiia'Inn: fti^m 



fttndft*Ho» to "join together."] CIus- 

r«>*iidr'ii-l9'1»l4^. [€'oii|iriilnl>t'll<i: 

from ,,ttitf*tiiotffHujittn'(umtU* "cunile/'j 
linviuj^ t\uf property uf oouj^uhttluQ. 

Coio'i i,ADi<ic Ly'id'ii. a ivrm JA])pl1l^d 
tu thu tiliriri of tlie bl^iuti. 

C'4]Niii|p-ti-ln'll<»ii« [C'oajEriila'tlfK 

oSnw; ft o 1 11 iIk' vauto.] The tliioki'tjod 
it».to itf the ttjbuunniui* fiortir»ti of ccr- 
tuin auim:it nrnl %'ogeUble fluids oo up- 
l>tvin;C uci'i-ii or he-aL 

C'4i-aK-'it-ltiiii.* [Fnim the naitic*] 
The jvlly-liko eoii^ij^tcncc aBJ^iiiiiuti hy 
l#lliiitiiiiiou> fluli>jjUxtc0pi| blooilf otc.^ wlion 
f Ii4'tc I on )*y huat. 

C'OIlI ^mtl'4«-ntl). A nnjubujurihle 
IfntntTut, L-t}»!(ii«tiii^ iif two principnt vu- 

licfic^i — Kut/tiUtrttf ami fiitH»%inuitn rmtf> 

The fiirmer burns with little or no dmoko 

or flume; in ihu taltur, n^ iLa rmitie iiii- 

plles, bititmen U nn ifiip«irtfl.ut in;4ro(nei}t, 

■producing vnpor and gjiki wbttii «xpi>»<;wl 

' tu heut* 

€*o-|jk-l4^'^i*iit* [Oml«'*i'«H»M«ii from 
fifntirw'r,,, lo "^row togt'tbor.'*] Grow 
injj: tojrofher* 

C*4Kn|>-tn'll<»n. [€*4Niplfi'tio, oSi>« / 
from c^> for t-ou, 'Moj^clbcr/' And oft'tit, 
apti'tum, t'> "fit.*'] The fitting toguLhor 
uf thu ends of a fracturvd bojie. 

C^ftre'tiiic* [CoarctA'tim; from 
nitre' in^ funn^ta'tum, to " ;<truij^htefi»"] 
Pro?sod cbiflc t«>]L;etUt^r- 

C*4»•llrc^-tA'tlf»■■. [ConrclA'tlo^o'it)'',- 
from the siimo.j A ^trAti^htiMuiiiji;» or 
pnv^f*rn^tt>;;eiber. AppluMl to Hlrlciunsfl 
[t-Hf tho iuto^liiio or iircthrik. 
%'i»¥iU Sb«« Tr?()i a, 
C'OAt><l« (Fr. /jHf/r^t^ oN«'dwi',) Ap- 
plied to tho ciotiditian of (be tottguo, 
, |la indioHlivtr of vij-(?«nil diiotiirbuniir. 
\ €'4>t»nlf, ko'bHiilt. [Liu.rahnl'lniii; 
!Vo!u the 1iL«nuiin K'l'tmUtt i***gi>bliu" or 
♦•dumori;" noeallol bc^otiuso U;9di'4oovvry 
WAS roifarJcd i*y niimT* »•( »n ill oin^n, 

nioro valii i 

rulljr futiii'l J I :, 

Tbct Halts of coUulL »ro irritant pf)ii«o||H. 
Tbti itxide U cniplojrml to itopAft ft blue 
C'dor to porceln^in uiid ifln»«rt, 

€*«-biVrtle, [€'4>l>ni'tlriis,] Belong- 
\\\: to cobalt, 

CVo-lm'litv*' Tho «amo ai» Kof^ftlth 
tho demon of m intern, from which oobrtlt 
IN Rfud tu Uuv<' bi'rn iiiimiol. 

C'ubm «le 4'tipi«l1o, ko'bril *\k kh 
nfil'lo. ('*Siitiko with a Hooib") Tb*j 
rortu|fiiv«<« naiuG for the hoodol #nnko, 
ibis Na'ja vnUjii^rU (otht!trwiii«) o^ilW tho 

Na*JQ trtpu*dmH§), n very poiionotii m 
pent common in Indiii.. 

Cob'wc^b. [.Im'iieam.] Tho web 
of the Arunecif ur ispidtjr. 

Co'c^,* called. al:*o YpAdii, e-pi'dl 
Tbu leaf of the Ett/thrna'tfl^m r*>Va, 
plu^t in c}(tcoslvo u#u *iUioti'4 llt« tii4iait« j 
of rhcn Ande#, a» a. atimtiUtit, l^oo Km7- \ 
iinio\vt.(is Coca. 

Coc'^1,* the pin nil of C^ocViin. Tiu» \ 
Phurmiicop(riiit natnu {Ed. l*b.) fuf J 
corhfncMil insist*. 

Corel fcro 11% kok aif'er-aj, £^^^**^j 
cirr*rii«: from roc'f^um, n ** btjrrjr, ifcii4 I 
jVnn to '* bt'si.r."J BvaHtig bcrtioe, ur ] 
objwtjs Ukc Ibem, 

C«»ci'ltivll«,* kok-MJ-neriiL M ' ■ 
tivo of IV -*►'*'««, li " borry."] I 
nual Lusoct; cuitibinca). (Sti < 
CATxr.) A ;;oniid of cok*upt»ruu* lUiMH^Ui ^ 
the liMly-birdi or lady-bug. 

I'oc^lllcriA ftclf-tcnt-plllMvtu'l;^* ^ 
(Lr^ •• hnvin;!;; ifcvtin p<^inli' >ir spt»t>i"), or 
Liidy-bug. Tbit* inn ret, if brutsed a pun i 
an aohing tooth, i« «<ud to cur*; it- 

Cor-«l-ti«rtiii. [t^oeriiMtliriiA.] \ 
The ootorinj; principle ut cocbitieAl; i 

€'€M*'eii-lii«,* [Diminutiire of «ue'< 
eiiJ*. a *' berry,**] A genus of thtf iy\um | 
l)ftt*'t'it, natural order JH**»i*pffirit$f€M^ ] 
Tbu Pbitrmacopoilal nurae (Br. Ph,) for j 
the fruit of the Atmmii'Ut coccatu*, iir | 

IVw'ralitM, An^i^nilr'Mp.* ThcpYiwl I 
which prudut'cs tho (\>ctutmi /n^tfttm, \ 
Ainuviimes termed Lmmttuit, of litie**** 
Onnifa'lis I, '• «)rk ntul Uitry**)* 

CXie>itlii« In'di '%r*«>*mii>tlp«iiii.» 
or (plural) r4»r'ca-IJ tit'dl Ar-i»-ifiAtV 
l*C^L Other nniues for the J/y/-tM« /n« 
iutH'rt, or Jumaicii pt'ppor, , 

Coc'calM<* lu'^l^um** Tbu Wrrifl# | 
of tho Anitittii^in co<*viilH» (tho Jtfrii 
tprrutum rorr«(/«t of l^innaitta). Th» I 
k<^rncl? of tliopc berrioa nre whitish and ] 
oily, Hud have iin intijuHidy billiTr tj«itU. 
They contain a pcoiilltir Idtter principle* 
enlb'd ^turftiujrin^ which is very poi^onouK 
Tho Cnf>tutn» /Hfiit'u* btdottg* to thi- aero- 
nurcoLin claj!* of pot«onJi^ A- >* ufrdimntt ( 
it IP never adraini^itcued i In i 

In din it ^ employed t<> li in i 

order thiit thoy may I ^ .aWj i 

caught. It in Nair) (bat thu hfb ihu 
taken are not polnonous. An (ttntuiiini \ 
mtnln of tho powdered bi^rricK Ik «oni»- 
linied u^ed in mtrtain eatanuuuii ill»- 


f^K^'eultui l*Al*nii>'tu«.* The plan! 1 

which atfurdK i'aluinba. Culomba. ur C^- < 



cjiiieU, iiUo, Mrtairptrviutn 

ID CI »i«.'rTjr- 
4 tMpVfM,* fFroifli *^tvH* ft "gmlii*" or 

U.S. Ph,) 

or eft{i]»t]lfr» Alfu ih« usaie uf ii gvaus 

t^M^'ruM <*«ir ti** t^Coecnn of ilio 
Cactu*.") TLe tVcrVwe/^a, or eochiociJ 

C««>iui tii-fbe*t<i'tf-ii».* Iho in- 

i^P«.t wH»*"iH firt'ilucof the kcrmcsj gnviu» 

tjv'rv.* The In^cci wliieb 


i»g tu this cDccjTc: coc- 

t''i>r^^<4»-«lyiil<4^* [From tn^'ryx* 

"! "'" "] Piiiii in thecoccjs^ 
ifjr ill women* 
rx, * Cv»e-cy'|H*»- [Frt»ni 

«Ai^. thr ' Lijckw/' t>ionu&c like iU 
hitl.] T>io •nuiU tri:inpitrtr bono aj>- 
^' ^ I tn tilt* |»«jiul "f tJn" *firrtitn. 

I k..t- 

r I ho huO|niJH- 

,. M .... vriis Deflect irtOA. to 

^ b usvd to isolur tlxiotur($«, 

. miitU^r obtnineit 

1 1 -Mil 11 u. It cnn8tituoul of 

».• i***t»Ll«?f|jooii.* 

I A Cf^nlonl cftvTty of the 

c:««aKt4Mi*l^* [From e^h'teot % 

**fcbt'U/' i ■ illy »**isniiil shetL**] 

Tbt' Lot I ^[M>on." ^^ uamiid 

from ii* I c to fi t^cll. It ie 

eumiDuDly usvd in uiudicai prctcripiions 
fi>r **»j>o<nifuL'* 

<^o«li«listt'rI^* [From cuchttitUtf 
• "s|nioti/'i A Linnarnn pcnu* of' the 
el*** TitriitUfMatnin, niitiiriU urJer (Vu- 


Cochlen'rln AmiomVlit* (tr-mo* 

rnVb.-ii). Tic 1 t ; cnlU-d, 

^^9Ki, the //fry .. Tbc 

rotit of this p!u! h'ntiU) \» 

piiDgcnt nud pi^wedtiUy Ktimntnnt. tij 
virtnef depend en im e»»£iitbl nil ivUich 
ij" di^.^iiniUHl Ity drying, 

f'«H'ti-lc-llr'l-rorni. [f'o^blMirl* 
for'ntln; fr< m ctrhfta'ttf n ** spoon."] 
F< rnicd liKi' u sumujk 

C^Mrhle^alf, [4'oirtilrii'tiifi; from 
t'otrh't*'*!, n "i^nnil hliidl/'J lo Brilntiy, 
BplraJ. or ImvinR n i^nrni forin. 

ri»»eo'». TliQ fruit of Thifohroma 

C^o<^ooti*. [Etymology nneertalii.] 
The cilkcn cn?e *>f ccrtuin J rrtr A »»>/«•«, 
lite*, In which thty dnpofit thi-ir I'fifT^, 
chnn^o ihvir icguiutnt?^ or rctiru fi^rUie 

efif*ttm^ to ■'etMtk." to **di|rc«t."] The 
procrsa of reducing thf* vlimcnt to 

C.'tcMlf«]fa-l*»1n Bnrlt. Set Kvtittrit 

AMlt»Y.<l STI «ll 111. 

f'o'df^titr, [t'n'clrti*, Ji'n>; ffcni 
t-u*it',rum ur;' II til to.] A combiitiitioti of 

0O<|(MC n^T«l Wlfb il fMlFU. 

€'o-de'lr. [tadte'lpim.] AppDii^d to 

nn i>cft ofitrniml tr- ui Lcdidn. 

ri»'ii«^iti, « o'ltr-iiie* "f c<Mieii^,» 

[Fr*tn« *Mf^'i. oi 4i<j*rV «, A " fujpjiy-ltend."] 
j^n iiikAloid ditic^tvrrH by Tt<'l'ti.|iiH in 
opiiiii). A^ ft ft«t|>tinti<T tl lp con,«idpreti 
t.i po!<scp& nbout bilf Iho ?eiciiyth of 

roiI'-Liv>r Oil, or C'od'glwli Oil* 
f.1f0r'r!icsif? it'leant.J Olitttiticid fniin 
tUn U\cr of the fjtt'dti* f.^o^'rA^tti, or 
cndli**b, i^fto Oi.Km AfoKitHU:. 

Ctrrawii. Siic CMvni, 

€*arlUi.' K^'lc-ij. [C r. <k"X*«, the "VUy ;'* 
fnuii «or\?K. '*h<dlt>w."] Thf belly. i}#|i«« 
cintl.v tbe lower portion; tiUo. the «to* 

^irll-nir. [drlt'nenn; from f^^r'ffn, 
Ihti '*bf*!W/'l UrTntufini: tn the ticllT. 

am,] tbc nit' 

nvrnl i> U'd; tho 

iltVi ^A«r'u vurii't»v0 ill i'ulWi4. 




^'ce'llae Plex'tm. A namo for the 
SoL\u PLKxrs, which sec. 

^'flP«ir^-ca.* [Neuter plural of ccr^i'- 
oc-x. Sec CcEMAc] The first claas of 
Dr. (food's Nosolo^ry, embracing dia- 
ca.-«e.'< of the dige«tive organs. Some- 
tiiiiOH iipplied to medicines which act on 
th(>>e or;fana. 


^'ap-ll-&l'^I-^« [From corVm, the 
"holly," and oAyoj, ''jiaiu."] Pain in 
the belly. 

C<]enic»th«il*,*85n-c3-the'8is. [From 
dfrt *'<V, "ciramou/' and diaO/jaiif "percep- 
tion," "feeling," or "sensibility."] A 
term expressive of the general feeling or 
consciousness in the entire body; con- 
Hciou-'nexg of existence; Some writers 
h;ive termed it a sixth sense, not limited, 
like the other senses, to one particular 
p.irt. but common to the whole system. 

^'op-na'riif«.^ [From Koivi;, ••com- 
mon." and ojpi, a "tail" or "hinder 
part."] A cije'nitre, or hydatid, contain- 
ing several animals {Entozoa) grouped 
tog.-ther and adhering to its sides, which 
thus form a common base or termination 
of many heads and bodies. 

€'4eriilcu*i I^nplH. See BLrK-SroNE. 

<*opriilciiM MorbiM. See Cvanosis. 

CcBiir, kill. The French word for 
"heirt." See Con, and IIkart. 

Cof'fe-^* (See Caffea.) A Lin- 
niran genus of the cla^s Prntamlriny 
natural onlcr (according to 
Lindley, though formerly ranked with 
the li iht(icrfr). 

C'of'fpa A-rab'I-o?.* The plant 
which affords coffee. Sec Caffea Auad- 

Coffee. [Lat. Caffea, or €of fea ; 
Fr. r,»/Vf, k&TA'.] The seed of the Cn/- 
Aa Anih'icdf a tree from fifteen to 
thirfy feet in height, growing native in 
Southern Arabia an«i Abyssinia, and 
cultivated exteu-'ively in Java, Ceylon, 
nnd other parts of the East Indies; also 
in S Mith America ami the West India 
isl inds. The infusion of the roasted 
see is is exhilarating and tonic, and has 
been used, it is sail, with the most bene- 
ficial results in cases of poisoning with 
opium, and chronic asthma. Coffee ( ('"/- 
fea) has been assigned a place on the 
PriTuary List of the .Materia Mcdica in 
the editim of the US. Pharmaco- 
p(eia (ISOO). See Caffkih. 

Co-hab-I-ta'tion. [<'oliabita'tio, 

O'nin ; from r« for com, "together," and 

bn'/itt), hnhitn'tum, to "dwell."] In 

Medieal Jurisprudence, the dwelling to- 


gethcr of two persons of opposite sex, 
including the habit of venereal congretWy 
without the sanction of marrian. 

Co-he 'Alon. [Cotae'slo, o hU; fmm 
CO for cox, "together," and kx'rro, A**- 
•iim, to "stick."] The power by which 
the particles of bodies adhere to each 

Co-ho-ba'tlon. [Colioba'tio,o'Nt«; 
from co'hoh, used by Paracelsus to sig- 
nify repetition.] The pouring of a flaid 
again and again on the matter from 
which it was distilled, and as often dis- 
tilling it, to render it more efficacious. 

Coitlo,^ ko-ish'o-o, or C^o-l'tton. 
The same as Coiti;s, which see. 

<'o'I-tufi«* [From co for con, "to- 
gether," an<l e'uf x'ttimf to "go" or 
"come."] The coming together of male 
and female in the act of procreation. 
In Chemistry, the union of substanees 
by incorporation or mixture. 

Coke. The charcoal obtained bj 
heating bituminous coal with the imper- 
fect access of air, or by its distillation. 
The former is usually called oven coke, 
the latter yr/ir coitre, being abundantly 
produced in gas-works. The weight of 
coke usually amounts to between sixty 
antl seventy per cent, of the coal em- 
ployed. Coke is a valuable fuel for 
many purposes in the arts. 

Col. A French word signifying "the 
neck." See Colli'm. 

<'ol'^to'ri-ani.* [From ro7o, cola'- 
tmn, to "strain."] A strainer of any 
kin<l; a sieve. 

<'ol-9-tii'r^* [From the same.] Any 
filtered or strained liquor. 

C4>rclil-ci Cor 'mas.'* The Pharma- 
copocial name (Hrit. Ph.) for the bulbs of 
C'ilrfiicuin autunnmft . 

ColVhlci Ra'dlx.* ("Root of Col- 
chicum") The cormus of Col'chicnm 
autuiiiiKi'f' (U.S. Ph.). 

Col'chiel Se'men.* ("Seed of Col- 
chicuin.") The sceil of Cofehieiim nu- 
tinnna'h' (U.S. and Brit. Ph.). 

<'ol'ehlcl Nem'l-n^* ("Seeds of 
Colehicum.") The PharmacoiKteial name 
(Ed. Ph.) for the seeds of the Col'ekt- 

cuin milHuiun h; 

€*olchicia,* kol-chish'o-a. The same 
as rot.i'iin IN. 

Col'chl-oin. or Co1'cliI-«Ine. [<^l* 
chierna.] An alkabdd substance ob- 
tainel from Ci>l'rhtcinn outttmnu^lef of 
which it is believed to bo the active 

Colclileiini,'^ krd'chc-ktim. [From 
CuVchin, a country of Asia.] A Linnnan 

me u oflcn 

I* III' vjirLuus prv- 

€^'clil-euiu Au>liiitt*tiit 1^«* Tlic 
|ie»4ow HtitTr<^u. Tlitn rui»r nnil xhts *f«n\* 
p)»«'iif tt» |«osi9i?»* aiiiii! II 

«lic. oiitt c.-illiartit.*. I 

UUt »Hil rliittMnnliirm, In WD i>iir«tT-tl«*r(, 

tT«TIt^ iin'-trntiiin, iitnl ntn^v j'rovr IMul. 
• '^ i tlic> pvreul(tbrttet ne<cil ut a 

, { i-rini«,K''»V*<.€'i»tiir>liiu.l 

l*rajK'riy, the privalton of het^U In 
|Mjputur Iiifti!:uti|t^> it dcJit»t«!« K eiaCArrb, 
rou^ch, or wthtT effi'ct* fnotti 0K{K'»uro U^ 

I*«-I«*^»p't4<r<i^* An order of inetelA. 
He* ut At urttcle. 

lllii^» luv r t hfljn like »h6Atlia 

r*nM>wi r . 

41llN|«^i4•-rl|| iuft.' [Frtnti «uXiAc. a 
'••beiifh/* »iiiiJ /' -J, a **roor;"J Ai:»plir «l 


no or lli%« |irnl(*» 
0»rir. (Fr r^/»-7«^. ko'lAk'.) (6<« 

ivlit. 80 natuotl 
. . .^ m - u ^uppoiicd to have 
' Mc>ii.t in lh(t (til III a. 
*t>M-nt." [Fpirn cHf**en§, "pcrtaifl- 

\h /' jMlm*mia, ♦* HllfToriOiir/' 

1^ UiiUiill^ uuik'i jitouiL 

.» i I ;t.,....i! ... r... ;. ,.j 

roi.'ti?A A. -...• *^-^ I .v« Colic in- 
teed hy -9 of diet 
kin mtty I ctdte. S«c 
oLtr.A Flji^ti 
Cot.'|t:4'HA.* BittuUH colie, (mch- 
Montd by an osee^i of bUfi in Uic 


foi/rrA CALcrtii'iiA.* [Prom rftVew 
/«#.] Colic cim?r4 hv int4r>i'finttl rnleuH* 

(.01/ 1* A Fi.ATrT,i:y'*TA.* [From /In' tn^, 
**wind."J Fltitnlent oolici catiicd \>} 
wind in the tntc-ititivs. 

Ciu/nA M¥A'i>ni. s'un^* Colle restiH- 
inir fmm retention of the mccontiiiu in 

i P A s ' SI ti» ( f) ik^h '«»-o ) . Annt lier 

i'oLit A Fic'T«\r»»» The ♦♦fnljft iif 
lliM Pi«f(»nf»M," n nnrrK* for fh*' f«*'*>]fde «f 

" ■' ■ ■ ' ^ • ' ; ■ . • , h an 


^ i'lU'trtM f.Kn ti*' rvm ^ t tti»H ini iftt ttttvmi*' 
tin, tia bt^tng |imt|ueed hy thvi poUon of 

CoL'irA Pri'To'urw.* fProin ;>»V*iar, 
n " painr^r.'*] " Paioicr's Colio/' Rwi 

Cfll.t<r4 PlVTOJIUlf, 

Coi/irA f^tuMro *«!»*• [Fmm •fi'r'- 
ri*^, ^ lolie jirisinK 

ft' Htlalitm of lh« 

C^l l*c*«iH,>- hclon^inf^ fo the mlan, 

'*<?(4,-iud«*r," <ir 'Sti "Mcvc/*] 

l.\>ririirm. Rc«?i|i1 , t«r #it>ve- 

like. Applied to ti.^ , *"*"' («• 

roii«|fi«u 8o€i rotir 

€'o>IJ tU.* [I J inlhiiu- 

tnn^itMi Iff the inur the t*Unn^ 

of Fi>h<*!*." See liiiTiivtHoLLA. 

r<>l'lrt«^t»* ( Fnim *oXXi» *♦ glue,'* and 

I I " jirodtK^o/*) Tho uUlcf CUD' 

of bone, ciirtilttiiro, ligwtiK'iitv 

.^,. . .. , etc. ll,v boiling it furm» glue 

or pcljii'in* 

Col*ljkpM«'. [€'olli%f»''m<i; fmfn«»r- 
iatiurf Fultifft'mttm^ r I A 

etiite of uxiruiU'i d' i let© 

hrnsitrfttion <if thi* vi..:. ^ _.. — !_-'iir» 
in Asiatic oliolu'ru, etc, 

Col'tiur. [Ctolln'rei from co/'fiiiM* 
thf* "neck."] The /iivf***^*!^, or ant*. 
tior !'e;;fiic:nt c>f the tniok* iu in^ctits. 

r4»t'lftc^iloiic>. Thtj chtvlelo. 

l'al*lc'%l».- [ Froui roW ^j. tu *' glue,"] 
An old term ft>r AG»n,T Tt\ ^tion. 

Collet, UollA'. S rm »ignU 

f^l*llr'll-laii.* e "f f-'^f*' 

/m, n "hdl/' or ' . A ratio 

hilt, or trinioenc'e, \nal*'mj 

to rarioa? coiaU ckviitiun^ nr proiube- 

C^tllr'iiltiii 7tfir'%l .Ctli-iiHil'i^lit'* 
11b.« (" Protubcfanco of tUv Bthiooitl 



Nerve") Tho anmu us the Corpus 
Stui iTiM, whieli i*qo 

C*4»llici'filfm ^er' VI 0|>'tl-ri** ( " Pro- 
tiibiTnuec o( tlio O|itio Norvc.") Tho 

n|Hin fh tin HI lit. 

€*o1]lc'iiln« HMit-l-iiA'lls.* {'* Sonii' 

ill till* |»r<J!it:ilo ;;!rind. 

C'l^l'-llil-nf^iiirit'tiiiti.* [Fmra eat- 
f»^'«Tr». to '* im?lt;" »n oilloii, prul>ikbl v» in 
JiUit'nii to it* cxoci^iiinj? Hjflnc^^t or 
Wiint of firm c maiBtcncy.] A (crm up- 
]iMori hy Ilfirvi>y to the Hmt nidimotitA 
of the einhrvo in gfttior.vli<»n, 

t.ol-lli|'iiA*tIv<H. [€^UIqn«itl>n«s 
from c>*tfi>f'tt>t, to "moU/*J A!>|»lio4 to 
ft»V o.vt'oji.-ivo ilis^chjiri^o *?r ovji«ujition, 

r<»1-lfi'clUiiin,^ or f'ol-lw'<llH»u,* 

[Fr-ou c'JAAm. " ffhie/'] A pceulijir »ub- 

ilsincci impurr'l by Uij«Bnlviu;r giin-oottoti 

[Id sul[jriurio olbcr, F^r |i»rliouliir tlirets* 

tiona in iU propimtion, »cp IhS. Phttf- 

iiLicopuiia. IHldO. p*gu IL'5. It ifl mticih 

ajrnl UkA Jin nppliontinn to ahrutIM fturt'ttooa 

ftnt! si4i|K-»r(ii'j)ii wtmnJs, Whi'ii appUoil 

♦ r) It ptrt. tho other cvaponik**, mii ii 

«i4iil iilhc^iivc initoriil h Itsft, whicli juils 

■ liko aflhosive pliwter, keeping the parls 

*to^|i:«^^t^J^ and oxcliKiiaj;; tho air. 

rollo'dtiini f*nni Oin*tliftr'I«(tcv* 
("CiWliMUinwithCiiurhanac*." US. I'Ju, 
18'^li.) A propiirutioQ of L'nUrjtJion and 
MAnFh&riilos. nm\\ a^ a V>Ui4tcrinflr tippji- 
*^*tfori. It produc^t)* n. hlhicr tn lib mt 
th*» *niae tim& a§ the ordtojiry oorato. 
nnd hri* the gre;it mlv^Antitir^ of being 
cn-<ily Hpplitd fn uneven flurfiiuus, 

Ctal'lolA. j4*c»llorcliMi; frQin triWm, 
"j^liio," and WtW, a "Torro/'J Runuiu- 

€i»l-lo-np'fn>, »</#.♦ [From ttikXa, 
'*ghw"] A vi*ry Boft ttimor. oontainin;; 

ulear* irruytMb yuHow lulMiiincici liko 
TiHoliitlnc. or fre-^h jjluo. 

t'ollniit.* [Diminntivo of cnfttm'- 
Htt. 11 •♦nillur">l ( Fr, Trr/, kol, and Coh^ 
kn » If Tho nook. Applied to nny part 
whtidu from \tt Ailttrtlii)n» fortn» or tion- 
nnr^ilon, r(*^otnl>l("'« i» inwk, 

C*»Ultl*lA>l*iim.* (From coVfu'f, 

fnffn'tn^^, t't ^'Wil^h/*] A g\Tg\ei A 

Mil^iid fipjdJcd t'j tho uiuntb or ttiront for 

i •I'll piirprn^c*. 

C'oI.|,fr'l«nm** [Gr, wXXAp'*', n 

' n<ikc»;" diminutive of ««XXii^, i^ 

I' lottf** ur ''rull of bro»4l."] 

' " rtn cYfl-«Alvfl mn.d« ftp jin 

. or, iitiy eitlvci. Now iinunlly 

)M I 1 wush or lotion for Ihr* oyo*, 

<'4»-l«»-iM»'iit9, »//*»' [From KftXtfUui. 

to "utntilatci/'] A loutiliiiioDr or dofoaL 


€'o1obo'mn Ir'I-flin** fMutil» 
©f the In^,") ^A uiiUH' applied to I 
of (hu lovrur portion of U10 in» wUh 
a proloogntion of tho pupil Uf th« «df« 
of flic iMirima. 

Ci>i(K\viif tt* .^0© Coi,ocryriii«. 

lt»l-<»-c^n Itiim li/iV« [Fnim •«¥> 
n^vdii, a "gounJ,"] Col^oeyotb. Tha 
PhiLrmiu}opi£ijt1 nuntt) {] of tht* dnrd pulp 
of the Litter eueunjUer; mi ' ilo^ 

ifuin'titiiu The pulp oi an a 

powerful hydrft;su;,'ao esiili. . -, 1, m 

atiobr \s sotnctimes ^tvt)n m firoft<iy. !■ 
liir;jc dosi'5, hoi*»'ver. it i*i a tiitni^^croui 
|H)is<in. It j« m i^d 

in i?oiit\i>iii2iti'M 

uop<i.uHl niiuie ( iJ.B. Ph.^ or Lh« rooi qC 
the C'n 'enfut putma'tiAw, See L-Al*i'llt4f 

ILUil OflLlTMnO, 

f'41'loti.* [Qr, v'TiXotf,] Thut pttttion 
of tho Ur^e intcstino oxtetiding from tht 
ejrt^tint to llio rcrUitn. 

ri»-l«ipb'o«»|^* [Colopho'nltt; from 
fW'f»/iAr>rt, II city of ioniji, whcncMin it w«» 
oriji!:iii(illy obtaint^d ] A dMrk-ndorod 
n^^in, pn'pjired from ib« di<itilltbtioil of 
rouj^li hirpciititiu iivilhout ivu.ror« 

€^n1oi|ululr, ko'lo kA^f, Th^ Pf^meh 
term tnir t:i)!o[.*ynth. See >: ui* 

rfttt»i|ultilltliW j^ce ^ iH. 

Colorpil. [4*ulorjt'lit-<i >. mh r-v/V- 
rri, o'*^o/'f('f(fMi« to "color."] A|ipiitid in 
Botnny to ohjoct* *f m\y other ooluf 
thun c^roen. 

Cnl^o-riric. r^^lorirfenat rrm 
c't'titr^ nnd /'iV»f>, ut ** umk**.*'] M»kiQ|^ ' 
or produeiuj]^ colonr. Applied to tho 111* 
mi noil M rnyn. 

f^ror-'iuff M.M't0^F, A eolitrinf | 
pfinfiiplu rxixtin/*' in Vf^^etnldo nob* 
ritjincfii). Colors are lunii ' ' ' iftr# 
when thoy »dhere to the it « 

bnMia : rttZ/rrriVr, when 11 : r«» » 

biw<ifl or mor.lfint. 

o^»M,] A term for thu dic^eiusoa of aww* 
l^orn infuutSf tMinrtud liy th« et^^- 

4 "«»- 1«}!« ' lrl«, [f\»|4M ' I r lfi|i«. ] lie. 
lontfinjj to the ctfoffrum, 

TttlAii'irlc na'IcL Thp impcrfcel 
pceioiiurk i»f milk ont (h*^ niothnr tftM 
riwottM-Mtl (noil delivcry^on neenunt (tf 
tho prufsvrme of onloMtrwrni fHf^uha\y, 
•*j£r*»«n indk." 

€^<>loei'fpoit«. rcVitiMU«'ivn«i Uvm 

f>f i't,ftnttr*tft^ 

V^t'lfm'irntn.* | Perhup* from *»X4r, 
"food."] A ^ubifLanctf in the Qnl \ 

'r, itirin^ to it A {|»reei»ijih or 

*%f» f C'4>lolo'lll|ji ; frutn 

,i*.'u, la "cuu'J Cuttinj^ 

' ar •" ragiutt,'' mad irnkif, » " tu- 
//. iiMi rfigimr'iUf or livrtiia in 

t'<il.|M*|»-to'iilsL* [From «^Xwftf, thi* 
•*wi»ruii*" of "vtt^inn," ftittl itrwtf, m 
** fuiriQf .") FatUug daiTD) or proiapsM, 

Coir« I'mii. Seo Tciisil.4Go Fifi- 

C^(»l'it*b<^r Br'niB." The fvftcniatle 

' ' id. An ttci'l*»Ktain«*cl 

h} ^ _ l lo/itm^fttwi Willi Ibo 

€«rr( iiifttc or (lie hi«iitpbrvtc of [>nrnif«a; a 

HI - • cipitatmJ in thu form 

■e iir tiio tinmc^ ol Amorien.J A 
si foanil (tt« l^*"*!) in n mtMt'rnl tlti- 
eovi]F««4l in M ' 

b<K«n finin*! I 
Twttnlilc; l.i.. ... ... ...V .... 

fVfr-liifti'bo^* Tlif fommfm ■ 

for the TMjt of illO ^.VjrV«/«i» pntrnu'h!.. 

(S.««« C^i.i'VtiV.) Thix mot. »* oac? nf thf 
i>«t vjfclfiElila of th« iQiliil t(i!iirn. l^t;\n)c 
'"Houf jMitfinffpnoy, h i« crn**rfllly i%c- 
p* iK'e' tfi thi' ^hiiititi'h. nu<\ is hu fx- 

lAk :■ .►...» .v^.i i.n^ .. .«• whAlcver 

€>>liraiHtii* Foe CoLrir?rKf.nA. 
f^nm f«lllj»c«m%* kul-u-mel lo-a'- 
thtS'f. [Fr»*m f^'tHmft'ittt^ ono of lh« 
cm.] An ohsoiifc natiirnl oril<*r nf 
:i»l^noitfl sljriiH.4 »n<l trv'tis, fixuiJ in 
xicrt nud l»cni. Alli«'t| (o tho Jiwi- 

fnttin^** rvlufAl r<Hlnfii'iUF, 

. koifiim'/' ' -^ ' M>% K 
"T*llli*p." 'i in 

Ar f»iirt« Silplii luMn 

» o^iluiaii. •!.< tlmto of (Jiv i«7f^tv» ftittn'ti, 
»nij th<? f.t/umHiF f*arttrir^ or mn)>(Mil)tr 
Auirtcull uf ttio iatonittt imJlt of tho 

C^olism'n* !Ti»'Ai.* ("Column of the 
Sfrrt«s'*} Til*' flo.-hjr UniiliiiLtioti of iU«» 
ai;{ittini of ihr ititt*. 
> 0»laai'fii» 0>ta.* ('^Coluran of the 
outb.") Tlio uvqIii. 

■ pMicn 

f^m'im Tc^r-t**-!*!!*'!!*** (**Ver> 
t«briit t'Mlaiun.") Tbo jtpttial ri*tuiiiti 
fol-iimnw 4'jfcr'iie>ir.^ ^'FUvnUy 

CiillitUllM ") 1^ Fr* CtiiiHiHfM t'ftut tnnx, 

J«etHin« in th" vvnlrii'U»* ui the heart* 
C^liimunr. [tolntnno'riii: frutn 

CfJtifH'Hil, (i '*|uilfir."J |t^>t»Mtgill^ tv> A 

pilliir or eultiinii r pillnr-liki'. 
€^l*titii>iirl'M^* or t^l-u-m^rtv** 

ri)iuiitiittiv« of rttttim' ttn,] AffplifMi in 
Botdoy %'* n 'uti^tuncv fiu2.>.ii^ Lbn>U|;b 
tbt« ^ iiTiccling the scvernl iior* 


« «»: , ; 1 iji ei^-otuft, [rolnmitir* 
«rui»i troKi cuitim'mt. » " column, *' and 
yV'nri, to '*boi*r,"] A|if>Ucct in Uritiin^ 
tti \tlm»ts tbftt Ujive the fltninenB iintl 
fiistit like a column in the tiilddlc of tbo 

€^liifn'iin-l9»" [Dimiuutiyo of 
rnltitn^fi-t.] The tthitnctit whirh piix$t4 
thr"< n«t(llu uf ibu enpj^ule of 


<Vii-. v^i„. dc Vlriflfttc*. ku'Iii'vrio' 
d^b v^ii'f,h^'n«\ TUo Frcoch iVr Vir- 
^iin!i Snnkw-root, Si'u AutJ^ToUM-nik. 

" 'i '4 Oil. A liquul cxtmctcd from 
r f ho /?nut'*4co ^4 /*»'•»«*#('*, uiH'd 

-..iij. H*i>n POHp. 

" -Irrp .«!rrit.'*] A i>liilo 'tf U^thnrgic 
I hy ^'otnprratiifiii of 

\ *r ..*.,- I ., -,-r. the "hftir nf tho 

I AppliiHi in !i trusy to a hash or head of 

I lenvr* t*'T -tt'ltl- 

i 44»'iiiii WfttebfUl CoiOB-") 

The- Icthu ., .h»n t»l th** pntU'fit in 

Imd crt.«e- »»f ryj^hii.-p iti ^hitih he Is 
Witlohfol and ouitlennf^ in ddirinni. 

t^'m^f^' tho fvliiral of C^'init. Ap- 
jjlit'd t<t *^'n Morose dist'oser An order nf 
thnida-iH^ AV«ff>«ff# uf Colli'n'j^ N'oflolttpy. 
C^'ut^toiM^* |C^in»»lo'«i««i; from 
t>*t*mn,] ITttviui; » coiksLjuiI pro]»c«i'it.y 
to sil«*op : fuH of slocfj. 

CV»rvi*tftg«na'ti4iii. [C'iivinblttfi'U«H 
o'ni* ♦* from /•f»«('/tr«o, cofi\(itii't'tmnit Itt 
"8ft in eonploH t*»>jetber" (trmu rvn, 
"loi^ntber/' nn*l /^j '««*,»'* two hy iwo'*),] 
A truo ehemieat nnion of two or more 
HiittMtfincoM, »ft oppo.Hotl to uu-ro ItitKrhjitii- 
ciil inixturf*. 

C*4Miil»rf*f.iM>eip,* kom -hns-tn^ilitt-f * 
fFi'*>lii ^ ''•mt'rttttm, intv MfTlo' ;^*£it^lilL J A 
niititriil oriTur of «3t < iK«i and 

trc»os, all nAtWes of mo)*t1jr 

Hytrin jn»nt». i5f>mo ..*|"'< ir;- m u pfodueo 
iTttlunhlo dyftttutTw, 



C!oiU"l>iKi'tl(»n. [l'onil»iifi'tio,o'M/« ; 

, Xrom t'itiuhu'in^ fitntltHH'tHut, tn "■hnva*"\ 
Uata\n)s* Tha ovolutiuii uf beat and 
itght during ohomionl n^^rion, )»y liWAurb- 
>ti)j oxy^iiii frnin utnioi-jitin'rii' iiir. 

8poNTA.\ituLs CrjjKiH srnj?t. 
C4»»i>i, [€4»nie'C4i^ or Vome'Umi 

I'rinii tlio Uruek •fl,u»jrjjg, "long-biufcti ;'* 
froui the t$tro;4La of Uj^ht usa^iJly up- 
pc'udc'i to tlietii^ like a, itkiL] Tbo naioo 
nf II tieuvcDly b>>fly, AUpposird to be 
plaudtary. formirp^ n purt of our system. 
4*4ftitiiuttiiiliT*M fl.t.liiaiii. iSeo TiNc- 

TUIIA 11k\/aMM. 

C4»niiiielyii»c«4P,'' or Commell- 

|lliM*ejC',^ kuui-iiiti-IO'iiii'sh«-e. [Fi'Mii 

^0(i*/fiw«r'/y'wu» uae of tbc {jenura.], A 

niituriil t*rdv.r t>r C'ii'lo;r<.Mnm,'> borbri^eoua 

pUtils. iuijludinjr tbo ^{lidtir-wort, Tm- 

€*4»]]i'i]il-nal-eil. [€*4»iiiiiiltiu't4iJt; 

or ^'tjrtiiiih itiri» imull |}io<M>!i,"j Applinl 
to frauturci* in wbioU the bono is broken 

<\»iit*iUl«Miiii>a3k* [From ttuit, "iti- 
gothcr," iiUiJ mit'ft*. mtVtrtiH, to "put.") 
A joining tu^olber; couietbitiii; irbicb 
|join» ti>;{ctlier; a uuiu'tuii^iiiru. 

€.'4tm ni i%>4fi ' ra yimx lut* * ( " U reat. 
Cocomlr* ^litL'.") Tbu (.*in'ftttM rtt(iu4rtut, 

€*4^mtni>mu rtt 3fol'ljM.> ("Stuft 
I^oiiJiui-c.nifu."} Tlitt iijuiia of (b« j^ray 
|l]i«i(i.4 nnUinjf tbo tbL>1aiui of tbo Ijruta. 

r«iiliillwitlir4\ Sod rauuiiisintA. 

4*OTiafiiv»» Itiip^attlciitj** See iH- 

niii-nl-tMu'ltVi* [The pro^^xit piirn- 

uiplo ii\ fiti/t mt'HiVfit ffHttttotittrn'tttiH, tu 

^'ooiumuntttu L*/'j Gumuntuioniiug; tb»t 
irhli^h e^tiiblnbLM oomiuunictillou. 

mtiuicatin^ [\trvc] of tbo Tibifi.") Ap- 
pliftl I. J tb 1 exWrual i»apbeijal braticb t>r 
thtt tibial iiervu, 

C4kmniti'aieAi»ii WIl-Un'M.^ 

(^'tNafitniinictitm^ [Artory] uf WiIUb.*') 
, br4ucb of tho intcrunvl oarotid urtery* 
' pii'fiiii'^ t<» the |M^-<t^rior cerebral iirti*ry» 

C'oiii*niu-ni>r4i.i'(v.;» Jir^tc'rl^fr.* 
("Cutitiniiuicitliitij4 Artcriort,") Ui'tbc'wo, 
thoro aro Iwi^ vritbin ibo oiuntum, tUe 
Hrlihiipiil of wbiob \» ibo CoMiit xicass 


«'»iia|M%riai«^AniiU»ttty« SocAkat- 

4\»tu*]»l<*x'itM»*' (From con, '<to. 
^wtb<-r/* ritiil pferUo, ii(e a:' uin, t«^ •*ptllit|" 

to ** woiivtC*] Lit«rA)ly« ** wdrcn t 
gctbc'r/* Applied to a iBiiMcIf iiUuM«4 
at tbc) biwk pnrt vt the tiin^k. It ii to 
uiuntM) from tlie iiicri<^ai« niiltturB of tts 
io*i-+oular and fx'ii 1 tt t» 

uttiubcd to tbt? o- I In 

thi? L-ernoal and «i'l n«. 

Com plf-^wl-eii. [C<Miii»tlC4i MMt 
fruru rou^ '*toKt?t.hi«r.*' and jil*'r*^^ pliist** 
tion, to "fcdd," to "knit/') Applied l& 
rruetuix'si tbat are combined with othrr 
oiruuinstiinei*^ that OMiko tbisir irvalliiffSII , 
difficult ; lu A woumkd urtery, diflloci 
tion* injury of tho vixct'ifi, •**«. 

CV»ni-|ftll-cft'tIoit. jf .. ..^^< /tl< 
o'a/*; fn>tjj tho r^aiur] i < um 

of two or uiore diiit!aj«t;>, iify 

each otbpr» witbout hvkng iu tbmriuUxirc 

euHt **li*g«tbcr, " ao , f'fVMfi^, ill 

"pat."] The large iMtwil iia- 

lurii) groups of plartlAf n.ud tu iIa.U<^d 
bctmuHii tbo obi botaiiiflts who invented 
tbti iiamo rt^^ardud thii Aower-bti4it|# a« 
compound Uowurs. It aa^wer* to the 
Sif»;fritr0ttf p<i,ttftj*%>tkin ui LuuiJ,nu.i. It U 
cb»rm;tori»vd by bavitiK^iupitnto llMWvr*, 
sytii.<.;cnt!>4iou9 anth^r^* tttid uti infomr 
ovary, with a ?iin.i;lo iirutrt ovule. Tbb 
iirdcr inehtdcii ribaut nin<^ tiuudrcd 
jfcuijra and cit^Ut thctaiiarid •[tpcms. 

C'4»lll*|M»4'l-lllM.' [From rM4l* **|o* 
sjctbcr," antl ^m'lii, puM'itam, to **|ml.'*J 
Ci>mpo«nd; oppowod ti •* simple," Ap- i 
plied in tbc pluri^l^f^ininuii* to » uiUum j 
ordi'r of |i bulls. Soc Lluwj'usiT.r^ 

t^oiiipikie (Fr.b ki'Mpot'* (A oon* 
fraction of t'uu('0!«rri a, which niMt.) I 
Fruits pruMurvcd with tiugikri gonofiUijr 
i^Umi^ fruitJi. 

4'i»m'tMkiiiKl, \C&mk^inm'%twm% n I 
oorruptiHU of rontptmeiit \tnjti\vis pArti* \ 
aipUs from tbu u\iaole(« verb cmffrmf-, to i 
*'put to^^thon" to "arrange." Soo j 
CoHruiiiTdM,] AppUod in Mtuomtluj^j i 
to tt form cont«lnod tiwdor pl'tni«« net j 
b(»ui^»lo^tiu:<it or ei|uaU flimtlikr, mnd \ 
vtmaily liidpoiied to c.^uh c»tbi;r. In | 
pliannacy and CbisiniJtlrVi appiiud to 
a inixturo or dubstanoci onmp^^ned uf two I 
or inuro iuifrfdicntt 4tr eb«muitt«. 

Compound lllowg»|pe. Seo Blow* 

t'om'sioiintl f nkr'ture. A t«nn in i 

Surg4^ry 'iiMi'tiii^ .t cik^i^ wherein th# i 

fratturuof tbo bo«r * ■ ■ \ •tUh i 

Uu;frati«i[i nf tlu« > ^ag \ 

an esttcrnjil wtuind. 

Com'p rw w. [i'viiiikriMiMa*; irom 
C'"if *• logetlif.^r/* and jtrc'M**, ^>r«**M«i, tv 



. OS 

ivh!'' lutu a kind 
I imru* wliicb 

fkoB Uui aaoff.j Fi»Ucui:ii iu u bicraJ 

l<t«tt-firv*-«l*llin*f#. [Fmta the 

^taiii'. I A hr'ipoTTr rif Tnii->f= iff nuitrrr. 

< 4*au-pr4w'!iloii. rCooipres'ftlo, 

o'rii*; Truui ttiti lanuL*.] The net of 

'• ■■- ■ — ■■- - M" 

I I {mrt 

1 , ujion 

It ; g^uetitil/ u*4Hi iu (vl\if^u*M Ui tilo 
f'4»ni-]>rrti*«Hir, oVi».» [From thu 
uiie.J TUat which cjin|*rt?**cs, Appju-l 
A miiifclic which pr«««e» ufxtu juiy 
|vart. In Surgery » it denotos m dertAin 

t'aflsinrt«i«»r of 0npiijrtmi* 5c« 

r«>ni i>rcx«'i*«»r l*ro*» t^lJi-,* ("The 
■ ( <>r thu Pruilftto iGUfidj.") 

Hit'-li rUii'liU!t] III' ■ ■ ■ '-1. 

Vftm. A T. •; -fymif 

"t^i^thtsr," iint) - . . U."* It 

u UsaoJliy ch(VDg«ii to atm l»r.h»re It, m, 

ir ., ' ., . ■, • ' 

^at^1ltttllC£l (Ton ttf lUtutisiYc, ma 
fiiM, rttttcu&'wuiHf to "shake ria- 

«'o*iiA'rl-uin.^ [ From ru#«;, ft '*o-)tie/*] 
I'thor nmne for <he ii'meftl ^tiuitl; to 
MvA <iti ttccuLtut uf U« eonicHl furiik 
fVM«-<*«»t'4*»f«i«l«tb (Froi»» *-««, "If** 

uin;^ fntm behind 

'\ and 
1 1 awo*l 



ron%'(*x'n».] ]liiviiii;i;; unu fac«i cuncitvt!, 
thw +*iht}r o»idvoJL 

)jfCtl»er»" reuti •vn'frMiw, il "centre"] 
Litcfiillv. to ** briii^ logtithcr [ils u%\ 
uruiy ] t«»wttrd« a roinmon ct-nirtj :" heneo, 
til eouden.HN ttf Ktreitiitthf}!!. 

4^»tt-c«u-tm'tloii* [l*oiiceiiuni'« 

tia* o''it« ; friim (h« AHiitcJ Applii^d in 
C-hi-uiij'try to the o|*criiUoii of rcfidcrinis 
n HiiUl ?tn)n<«»r hy uvu|Miriititig a |*or- 
tifUJ of the WAter it e'ltthiiuji. 

C'<»ii-c^u ' I ric, [<*<! itren ' I r i vhm ; 
from t'fMt, **t*»^clhcr' or " willi/' And 
cen'triimt a "centre,"] Uavitig imo 
comQi4«a centre. 

Itllli; fri>in r^tHnp'io^ t<i 

"(H»ut'eive-"J Ai»|»lkMl in tho 

cttse or Vtti^el cnmtAttiini; l^t» reitr^Hjuo- 
tivo corpuscles in erypt HtfuuiMiirt fdonts, 

Thr ' ' !;o lertDcd CrJjp- 

* ' « ; I " 'k m tho fam^.] 
Thti iiu||^iv)[(UMliuii (W Uitt ri;ntii.l^ orit/fijw 
in the fttarium hy thr sMQen of (he mule, 

* All imperfect 

iiii; ivtini. 

LitL*mll>% » **iihetl/' Api>ltt*d in Annto- 
my to the hallow portion of the enicmid 
ear I'll!. 

CVm ' ctiir sr n ' rKn HI. * t T h u " S hi?lla 
of the NoMriU,") The turhinntrd por- 
tiuti uf the ethmoid bono, iiud the infe- 

[ From trtn'pkttt n 
'* ticar." U» " curry/*] 
Tlio RKMfid uine^n of the ^ 'tfciu^tptu^f intft^ 
or hfntiu»r^n, eouipnsin); nevphiLUiua 
IW[ ' . LTOil ivi(h M l>iv')ilvo 


1 I 1 : I 11%, [€^(»ti4*liir 't'rail! 

frim iius Bmuc.j lioaring, or havini^, 

c ' . . 1 4. h ^old. f Cla«ieliol'«lMi \ f mm 
♦*i^hcll, ' And a-^, n *Morm.'*] 

CJOg»>«l««»i'<lwl« Tho tintno a a Co!r- 

c\ [Cjotirliolo'lrin t 

fr ' Hnd A^>i»;, a 'nitj^- 

01 ! , ueo of ahi'ltf; that 

hmnch ot ^Atural Hislory which trvnt« 
nf thf form* strueturo. and f^culiAriiies 
■ •r hriiM. 

4 oiM-ti'tiiu* [Frt>m itfyn**. n "ffholl/*] 
Tin cijiuimn. In the plnrikl (0>i»VAi*) 
it i« BppliGd to the e*vitie» of the nyo. 



C'aii^.tijF1-4^nin 'o-t«r. [roneliyll* 
oiia>lrntu; trnm Kayxif\tai>, n "sboil/* 
unit /icr^oK, It " iiiL'ui<un/'3 An iiistruiuont 
fur mt'Ui>iirinjK MhtslU. 

C'oii-4^^l-l*<i*lo'||rl-9i,* [From «oy* 

cour:^e."] Tlio siimo a;* Coivriiof.oGV. 
€ *on-ecM* ' t ion* {C<»n«H»c ' ilo. o' a m ,' 

Iprocoj*^ wUluti tUti fijuil II nil I 
•torniLch anil bowiila: tlio «<hMi 
tunt, iKciugh the latter is by soui© uiuUi- 
<i>l writen limitod lo tbc f«roc«s9 in tbo 

t^n-fret«\ or kon^if'krOt. [Con- 
cre'ttiM; iToin non* " together." imd rr**/- 
e»^ rreVwrt*, tti *V^row."J Applied ti> »uh- 
stunces cunvDrtod froiii a tluiil lu » tut>r« 
aoliil conj*i:itcnoe, 

i'on-cre'tion. (Concro'lio, tt'm'm ; 
from the ^nmc.} Tbe i^Mwiii,' together 
of partly ttutunillr 8cparttte» im thv Ikigers 
or toos. A]*plietl in Chciiii*itry to tlio 
ct)nden?4;it]ou of n, fluid, or othur «ub- 
Ptrinoo. inttf 11 inure a tlid ennsi site met', 

i'lHi-cu'bi-tiiii.^ [From f**#ii, "to- 
llcthiT," iind t'»'fKtt cH'^itttMt to "llo/'J 
Thi» ^itniL^ na Coitiir* 

€'0]|*4*UM'«1u 1. f€\ifieii«i'^t ^ 

to '*«Ufkki» vidlciitlv.") A di.- 
IfriftiuiVini]; uUriniit^ itytnploui4», uuu.^od 
by ii^rrnl vuAviwn olfuroil to tho haadt 
th"UL:h no tb^nro, fnicturis or ^txtraviiiok- 
tion tMii hv disi<ovcr(<L 

€^]i«ilMiHi«'liojt» [ronileitwi'llA, 
o'ii'it ,' from ri>ij, " tu^^vtbwti" uud drN'''tr>, 
deu9n'fitm, to *'tbi0kon," tii "make 
tbiok") Tbo pren!rFjt tf briit^iui^ the 
e iin(»ririent p*irM of vnpor or >?«< ncj*ror 
t » fiidh oilier by prussurv or mdd. Ap- 
pliol to in«reiMFe<l dcusily or inlidily of 
the blduri f»r lifi-ues, 

€*4»n-ili*n'»rp. or €^ftHtMt««A't4>r.* 
(Ffion tilt' ;<itjjt'.] A Vf?i-*^l or jiproirsiltM 
(or e ^nditu-^io;; j:ai, v«ipt»r, or uir, Ai^o 
Jin triKtminont fur ronderinw: Munaiblo 
tho wenkcst qHnntUiefl of pitwtrtrity* 

€74»ii-ill-niiui'tA** [Tbe plurnt of 
fittiiliunnt'ti^m, a *' «.iuoc" <tr ** nciitiHnnin^ ;" 
frutii rnn'ilin, tit *' seii;*on."] Coodi- 
nir*iit«: Miub<itmi<;0H Iftkriu with thiii fnod JU) 
ifiifirovu iti lliivoi*. to promote it* di^vA* 
tioii, or i** r«"trrnpt tt<* injiirioin f^OAlitifVii. 

C'4>ll-aiie'tlOII. M'OlKlltc'tIO* o''Mr; 
from rtmdu'ct, ruHfiuf'tumt lo '* b.tcl ffi- 

gi*tber/' to **condtiet.*") Tho p.i^ftriif 
of ctitoi iti or Hiwilrifiily from one fwrtielc 
of ID ktter to nnothcr, im» in nn iron rod 
bo:tti.ol Ht ofi« iind. in whitdi i^»j*c lh«i 

OAloric u condnotod grnduAUj along tlw 
pariioleA of th*3 troiu 

C^ii-<lMt<'lor, o>i*.* [From tht 
SAiue.J Applitid to n body wkicb rtuMilj 
traii(4iiiil*> ebvtrioity or civb»ricv 

l'«M-il n ' pll-rsil t>. [ l'ofk«ltt|>llfii'* 
tn»^ tioui tftu "tojr«tbor," ttnd owjfWi- 
vn'tHn^ "douljled.**] FoltU'd lu^cLbtfr. 

Ooii'dj^le. [i^fi'djrliin; from 9^ 
i'Xo^, II **knnokl«," a '*kDub/*] TIm 
round vminenuu &t llio end of i^ boiie IB 
II jiiint. 

€'4»u'«l|'«lolfl. [CofMljIal'diw: frum ^ 
«4^ <Ao;„ a •* knob," a. **ci*iidyb%'* and tlim^ 
a "form.*'] Bo?*i'mbliii(f u cuiidy Ic 

»**knttb"ttr " iohcrclc."] A (ntuiLll. hnr»l ' 
tumor, or wart-Uke exoreiftcene*, »botit J 
the »»iii^ ntiil pudendnta of buth »csAii«. 

r4iiie« [Lat. Cto'tum; Mr mtl**^.] K < 
»<Avl liirmfd by tbo rolittiou of a rt^rlil- 
nntcli'd trtanij;ie iibimt itf porpendieoUfj, ( 
oiLlled tho axia of the c<ii»e. 
€^ne-Nhiipc!>d. 8c& Co!itrAl,i 
Co-ne'l n, or Co-ne'lsti^ f C^oal'm or ] 
ConfiA, ko-ni'ft; from nnti'tim. *• houi- 
liick."] Thi' ttttivc priociplf? of foni'ttm 
mncwiu'tum j ol^u tenited f'lentln* 

i \»f»C =f (^m fur ' t in. • A ' ' c oil fiHt^tlDia.* 

I iotM'^, ki'h 

' 'S^W,) A - I ■ I 

tbid iiilv tho L<*ndon t'oliiioec i»nd {j.ieL 1 
PhAmit»copivm (Miiiipreliend ttie trotmtrve* ] 
und I Irrtudiirs of itf former PhjkrttiB- 1 

I'onf^e'tio Ar-o-ftint'I-c^* {" Aro- 1 
mtitic Confection.") Tiike of liroiuntio 1 
powder, four trttyoim'H**: ♦j'inrifii**'! h^uipj* j 
four troy^ ■ i'lty. 

Hub thv rifd j 

btmey u»ii „ i uofd 

ofthoproprroonsistt-nee, « li.sS.Pb., iSflO,) j 

C^nfH>'tto AnPMn'lll (nti-rn^rii'pHe li) 

|if^fL"j Take of »u re- I 

eently siHMtriitodfrouj i _: iiujf^l 

twolvo triymineesT siiifriir. thirty »ix | 
troyouncc*. TUml lh« ornn^^r p»^i^l with ( 
tbo isu.frtr. (rnidufilly nd'led. winil ibcy 1 
lire tboroiL'bly niixt«l. (VM. Ph., iHflO.) I 

€'4iiif(*r'll4i O'ploM ("Confftftiimof 
Opium.") Tnkr of opium, in fln« |miw* 
der, two hnmlred tind seventy emma; 
nromntit' ftowdcr. ^ix troyoiiuctf^y ; olnri* I 
fiinl boiievt fonrti*i»n fPoy«oifKHj«. Hull 
rh^ ofkiinn with the uromntio powder, 1 
thuTi ndd Ihi^ bonoy, niid boaf llic «btd« | 
toi*|tt||i.r until thuM>atphTy mirtcML ( U.8* I 
Ph„ HflO.i 

«H»ttrf^tfo Ro'iur.* (* Cinlbufloiil 

I Take of n4 roee^ tn flnii 
liowdcr. four troytmiiov^ ; ^tiismr, in liii«> 
|tuiiiiii>r, thirty Ir • - • oUnlit'd 

flaWlr-ttnci?*- I'nK I iiitheroav- 

H , tlitit ^luiiuully uitd 

II V* Had belli thf] wbulo 

* -J 1 -it* ^ti'iiir* p' Coufijetloa 
of kititia. fimr ^4 enriifctultr. bixtrt^i uf 

p„. .;.. .,,--;.. .... ..* .,.,,...-,,,,( ,^^^ypn f^f 

|i «if 8ujt»r» 

■ I ihtj. (Kr»f 

eer r.S. i'hArmnoo]>(pi(i» LStSO, pp. 11*'J 
and ir'.o.i 

C>>c»-Ci*r %i^.* (Fn«iti f€ju/cr'r«f*, to 
••Iwil to^»t?lh»*r/' to •"boil up;*' n* uoiucii. 
|tcrh«p#» in altuMHin to itn (loaiiug likc^ 

»|Nit«<i ul -. tbii 

C\niifrmiiv«r,^ koti-fcr va'^he-?. 

|»l«nt*.] A QAtiir^l Mrdor of fl<jwcrl««.'* 
iM|tiiitie plftDU, comm^iii in fro^b wntor. 
At nti^ pKrirH] of Ihwtr exiiftpuoij t\wj 
h ' ssor of iii))id aod qnnj-i'Vol- 

« 'M . ion* [Conllji'tfiii from 
v*m'M'*t nnt/iti'tHm, in " blc*w lu;:el.bef," 
to *'f«r(t».** to "melt,"] The easting or 

'4tn'ait-4*nl. [€'€Hi ilweititj from 

» •■t'Vj^ether." Miii /^i'", <o "rtow," t" 

♦^mn/'l Applictl in HoUny in leATp« 

oourn^'tod wt »bfMr b«**». A}»|ilicd nbo 

jitid jionie 

I , w|ji>n tbc 

Apitfionng liko oqq miuw of in fl Am mic- 

»'»i»: rr'fn ^'*>»/<>f'n,'->. »•> *• nbniMi"" or 
**form tocethitr/' to "ndapt onw ihiuj? 
or finrt to « not her/*] Th« astural hna 
of ft pwrt. 

< '•„ Mi.* A ''nxflinon," 

o .. . iotcn*ive» unrl i/r'/M» 

^i>ln'«r*M, tf> *• <rNT»«^t**] Thcs prti«esj« 
Wbvrrhy Ibe change uf a titjuid to ji ahIuI 
ly ^ti produi^fifi by the lo^tng of ita 

1 €>9fi'Ae*ti«rtCP»X* [From ron, "lo- 
f filbwr*" an«l 9«'fiMir, » " kiiiU" ur *' niM.*'] 

k^M' tt.TtR\t Liternlljp, 
" *i\ in<l witb iifiotbcr,*' Afi- 

p)iv<^i .<r Lij,.-. M..!^ whii'b |»t.>rlonrt tli^< ^nmc 
iwLi«iU. Applied tu t^»n«i ticurly ii)U«Ht, 
nr to Mpvcicit of tbc Kume tftutUt 

Coii*^i>iil-tji], [4'oii««n'lttt»; from 
ruu^ "Untcihar," r>r *'wilb/' uiid f/ttt'i'" 
Cm*. ♦* burn,"] ( Fr, Cumj^tttfil, k6*\^'jtb4'- 
no-Ar.) Doro witb a ptrion; eAintlng 
from birth: connate. 

f'^n*4«'rt-eA.* (From t'oM#^r'ro, to 
"pitrry totrethir," to *'bciip «»p."] A 
coricchon (if a number of piirtk'ltri into 
ont* ttin^A. 

€*on<^rc«' t Ion. [ C'onfS'CA' t la* a V i> ; 
from tuHtff'fi, eov^et'tHm, t« "" carry or 
boftp lojiether."] An exocwtit© lu^cuinu- 
li»iioii of tbc contentii of iiny of the 
blood- vci**el» or ductii. 

f>>n*^pii'llire. [CotM(«*1l'niii; from 
tbe Rume.] (Capable of prrufuciiig, or 
tending to produce^ eonjtestion, 

<'oit'41.iiM.* A gliltoti. 

f 'n tt 'fi lo-hnf e. j C oiiff lolin ' I un % 

from rotutfii'hu, rmujtfyhn^fitm, to ^'giubcr 
into (I biin/'J FoniuMj into u biUb 

Cv^n'frloliiite Ivlntid [frnm roii» **to- 
pctbi r," rind ff/t/tint, it " biiir*], or Bimplcw 
A jrlfiiid ^iib»:i<itio>; by it^cdf; ii« tbot« 
of tbw iiljHorbt nt i^v^tctn* 

tClilt froru romjiuiu'ffiu ri4nifl.,ttn 4 n'tttmt 

to " VI iiiib" as oil a bull/ to " bt-np to. 
m»tbcr/' See AciGiovF-UAyr*} Irregu- 
larly crowded together. 

l'oii|rl4»iii'i*rfiU^ fa1iLn«l [from eop^ 
" tojiiethtr,** Jitid *flif'mtiii^ ijifim'friMf a 
*'br'up"|.- ' iiid» A ^Innd eom- 

puj-ifd of \ , Is; aa tbe saiivary, 

pnrotiflj I' . ri\ 

t'aitirlullfiiuilitt,* kon-glii-le-Dati'* 
Fho'f^ fFroni rttuifWfht**, to "gltm to* 
getber/'j Tbo *fm\v. a£ A<j<;LrTt?( a^tia. 

C'on-irrvw'wnii,* or l^n'ifrf**- [ From 
rtm*f**''i(i*tHt ef*tt*fte§*»u»t to ^* mcM?t lo- 
gctbt^r/'] The meeting of tbv male and 
fern ilk' in tho act of procreation^ The 
siuni'^ as (Nmtitj*. 

Co' 11 1,* tbv plural of Cos is. wrbkdi fee. 

Co'nl VwiKm-lo'iiM ( ** ^*«»«'*tiar 
Cone,*.") Tho fontciil uotiv<duiion4!i of 
the to-trt " f iho tcitii* They 

con:ttUot^ fjirt. 

€'<»-ialXt- i. uic tta CfM IV, wblr-h 

4'oiife. See CoxicAi.. 

C'oiB'l-ral. fC'on'IraM,] r^iiini^ing 
ton tv>it»v: !abu|tr<l lilii:^ fi one. 

€'«*» i-rin- [('Mtilcl'iua*] The satnu 
at t:^i»xiiT!f, which s4-c. 




€'mm gfa#l f oai'<'»trr. [ronehyll- 
oin>tmni: fr<»iu co^tOof. a **>hvli." 
iiii'l fi'i9., a"iiif:a>iirc."j Ad iiiMruucnt 
for iii<-.t-iiriiif; •'hf^lln. 

('oii-Hijfl-I-o-to'^-9.« [Fnin «»y- 
XtJ>'c , a ";-beil," aiiil ><>««, a **di»- 
cour>c."] The (>aino ai< Co5<:h«il»>cv. 

€ *on-coc ' I ion. [C'oncoe ' C lo. o' n » • ,* 
from roH, iii(c-n>ive. ami c^ //N", r'Hs'luM, 
to "cook/* !•* "«lipc.-*t.'*] The chaiigin^j; 
pr»cei'.'« which the food undcr]i^>e8 in tlio 
Htoiiiufth hikI howcl:»: tho Piiinc an JJitft»- 
li'fH, thou;^h the latter in hy mouiu 
c.-il writerd liiuitud to the iiroci^sd in tho 
atom tch. 

<'on*cr^t«', or konj^'krJTt. [<V»n- 
vre'tiiMs from roii, '*to);ethcr."and rm/- 
r«, cre'tHiHf to *'jrrow."J AppHod tJ aub- 
BtuneoH converted from a fluid to a mure 
Molid C'lnsitttcnoe. 

<'4»nH>re'tion. [roncro'tlo, o'ni'«; 
from the nume.J The ^rt»win^ tof^cthcr 
of parti) naturally xepanite. art I he finKors 
or toe.i. Applied in Chenii!«try to tho 
condoiiMation of a fluid, t»r other sub- 
Btiince, int(» a more s tlid citnMiritenco. 

<-onH*u'bI-tu«i.^ [From ntn, ''to- 
p'thiT," anil fn'hi,, cn'ltitiun^ to "lie."] 
Tho name a« ('oiTis. 

<'on-4*nN'Nh) 1. [<'onviM'Mlo, o')i}« ,- 
fr<«m riHif'i'tiii^ run i'un' mint, to "shake," 
to "ulijike violently."] A di^iMise I stito, 
produi'in:; jilurmin;; symptom.'*, oausi.'d 
i>y vre.-it vinlciico on'orod to the head, 
th'»u :h no fisyuro. fracture, i»r extravana- 
tion o.m be di"*i'<»verfil. 

<'oxi-<lon-Na'lio:i. [CondoiiHn'tlo. 
o'»j'j*; from r„n, "together," ami f/»ii'ii.», 
itriiiti'tiim, to "thiiken," to " ni:ikc 
thii'k."] The proiM'j*-! uf brinirintj the 
c »inp'»nont parts of vapor or aa^ nean>r 
t > i':ii'h othrr by pressure i»r coM. Ap- 
pli<> 1 t» inonviseil density or 8.>lidiiy of 
the bin . i iir tis«sue-J. 

<'on-il4»n'Hi»r. or €'on-den-«Ator.» 
(Fruu thr simo] A vcm-I or ap-taralu:* 
|..r I- .n.l.'u-in:: x:\*. v:ip.»r. .»r air. Also 
an itj-Jtrunii'iit t'.ir rrmliTin:: sensible 
\)w w.'iko-* .|!i:i-ititirs .if eUvtriiMty. 

4'(»ii-ill-7iieii li».* (The .if 
, . , / ,, I f .1. :i •■ :-.»u«"i'" "r •' M'asiininir:** 
! I •••.i-:i'.»n."'' l'.ii»«li- 
V;. I ikrii with tbf f >' d t.» 
•r. «'• ]-r-'-n "te iJ"* -iij**- 
H. -n'iLi : '!!' .;-i;ri;!:r«. 
I'oniliir lio, o < : 
,,.. • .. ; . ••:. ;1 : .- 
. ■ T.. ■'. 1 1 J : ■ r:..- I- -.!ij 
•.• . 1 « l'- '■■•'■ J^ ;' ■ '* ■•■'* "■»^'-- ^ 
,-i.i ! ■ ni mV-.t. :.- .V ..:i ir.-i. ri 
1 -,» ,^^,l' »'i.l. r» »b' h I'aM' thi- 

h •■n ■ • ■" ■. 
in-'nt-sr «.iib»raiiiM*- 

t; .,. .1 I . .■ > !i T 
<'4»ii-il^ir tioii. 

IV -11 ■• 

■ caloric ifl condacto<l grmduallj along tka 
yarticle« uf the irun. 

(*on-dav'tor« o'ri«.* [From th* 
[ rame.J Applied to a IkkIj which readilj 
j transmits electricity or oaluric. 

C»n-da'pll-c«t«^ [CMMlnpllai'. 
tim; from cum, "tugother." mod dmjUi' 
fi'rii*. "doubled."] Folde<l together. 

C'on'dj^le. [<^Mi'dyla»s from «</• 
6}>os, a "knuckle," a ••knob/'J Thi 
round eminenco at the end of a bone in 
a joint. 

<*on'dt-lold. [CVMMlxloi'dc»t fruB 
k6^ lAa;, a "knob/* a "cuudylo." andci^, 
a "form."] Ro^enibling a condyle. 

(>>ii-dj^-lo'ni^ a/i«.* [From m^-dUc 
a " knob" or " tubercle."] A Kmall. hard 
tumor, or wart-liko excrencence, aboot 
tho anus and pudenduu of both sexes. 

rone. [Lat. C^'nniis Gr. «bw«s.] A 
solid formed by tho rotation of a ngbt- 
any:led triangle about it.i perpendicnlar, 
called the axis of the cone. 

<^n<»"» h »ped* See Coxical. 

ro-n«'lii« or CTo-ne'Ine. [CuU'a, or 
<?onelM, ko-ni'a: from roni'itm, "hem- 
lock."] The active principle of ( oai'Na 
inariUa'tHm ; also termed CIcatlm. 

t^n f, =^( \fu/er'tio.* A " oonfertion ." 

^'onre^tkft,* kon-fck'the-o. plund 
<'oiifW>tloneii, kon-fek-she-o'nes. (Fr. 
Coiijit, kbyo'f^'.) A confection. Under 
this title the London Collofro and U.S. 
Phannacopueia comprehend the mmaerM 
and I lectMdi'iet of ltd former Pharma^ 
I <'onft«'tloAi^«-Biiit'I-c^« (''Aro- 
; matic Confection.") Take of ammatie 
)Miwder. four tntyounees: clarified honey, 
four troyonneen. or a sufficient quantity. 

■ Kub the aromatic p4twdcr with clarified 
b'lney until a nniform mafs is obtained 

I tifthc]»ropcrconsistcniH*. ■ U.S.Ph.. iJ'fW.) 
I <'onft»c Cto Anmn'tll (an-ranVhe i) 
. C^r'll-^lfk^ ("Confection of Orange- 
peel."! Take i»f swi-ot orance-iievl. re- 
' CO II 1 1 y sep.i rat ed from the fruit by grat ins, 
twelve tr y mncoji: snirar. thirty -six 
tr.iy..;ini-<'>. Uo-tt the or.inge-iieel with 
the ''urar. ::rudually addeil. until 'hey 
are th t -u jhly mixe^l. \ U.S. Ph.. ISiW.) 
4'onrrr tto O pl-t.* ( " Confection of 
'"^i'.inn." T.ike of opiara. in fine pnw- 
diT. Tw.» hu-ilrel and seventy irrains: 
ar M'.:.. y -wder. jix tniyounres: clari- 
*. I li !:.«v. f'lirto^'n tr»'yt»nnrc*. Rub 
th' ■ ■ ::.ii wi:h the ar -malie powder. 
:V.i" n i i ih«* h ney. and beat the whide 
! ^ ••;•: - •.;r.::J :h"r..arh^y mi-'LiL (U.S. 

«'anr^ lA* K* fo^* (' C .nfection 



' cs in fin© 

ir, ill tide 

_ ; {thtrttivd 

■ with th«* ro-**-- 

•'tlo ften'oR** f"Conr««tioj) 

•") is eitmtK>Bt.Hl of ei^ht |»(irU 

four of vnrittiidcr, itixtrcn ut 

|fiii«sia, ten of taiuarttid, mjvvd of 

polvo uf lift*, thirty ot ilU|;Ar, 

Kcr » fofltcieot qtiautitj* (For 

•r directions in the iirep»n»tiuit, 

U.i^. Pharniaei)|j(i?ia, IbW, ]>|>. 11^^ 


C^o«irretiaii«tk Sec CoxrnrTlo. 
€>»fi-rr'r'%n-," [From etm/er'rto^ In 

^Br !k to Un flimtitif^ like 

flfeuw .... .,„ f'hvwutff.] The 

Am/rr*'* nr* h- water ]iliintj$, 

I uf I iSl»r3^ tulrtw. th*3 

, , koii-fcr'Tft>hP'5. 

fPh^m Ctt»/rr'to^ n p:ctitiii of nqiuiktin 

-. eomnrin in frr*b wur^cr. 

iif ibc'ir v^tintimee tUej 

' rapitl aoil qim»i-vt>l. 

[<^iifli»'ik»; fntm 

I/' tn •'mutU*'] TUc ca.4tinjc; or 
i»f tnctnL 

[(^<»n'fiueD»^ from 

Iffcthcr/* ftnd //«'»*, In **flow." t« 

1."] Apf*ti«»<1 in Boiuny t«* IftAVia 

bl^eted ikl their bnae. A[i»|r»ii(04l n\i*o 

n Vfiri'ttfit iinil i>oiiic 

I- dircft^t"*. tihvn the 

k aj9 (o run tojfetUer, 

ttu^ iiktt ouu QiAJiB of inflniuioa- 

•-iiiA'Ummi. [€li»iift»nnai'tl<K 

from *»«w/*A^«*#rt, t*» "^hn|»c*" nr 

tairethfir/' to •*)ii<Jiipt oii« ihitij; 

1 to Bfiother."] The tttilural furta 

'•.♦ A " gallon/* 

nlMifirCt B,n*i '/"'''». 

t'tftm, itf *' inimte.**] The pr«(U'<«^ 

r thech«ft»c«' of A iii|in<l to n nilid 

pppoNlcuMMl Ky the losini^ of it^ 

_ !.• [From fart, "Ui- 

' 1III41 ^'fiitr. » '« kiii4** Of •* rmo9."] 

(Fr ' , rc\) LitvruHjr, 

** ul r "Chvf/' A\f 

pHeti 1 .^ .. , ji.irm tU<} »atno 

action. A|^|iiK'tl tu ytuffu ii^nrtjr ulUcil, 
or (■» ii)t4«cieM of the famv *jetttt*. 

€'oii<^n'Mal. [i^nippii'lliiN: from 
>"Ut " tivijcthor," or "'with/* un*\ ffm'i^ 

tie-hW) Born with n ptnonj «&l«tiiig 
fruiu birth : coonste. 

Can*#«>l-i'A,* {From emtffr'ru, to 
•*ciin'y toirt'thtr." to "heii|> uit.") A 
collect i«»n Itf ft number uf iJiuticlef into 
ont' itift«», 

Coti-^<>«'flon. IVon^vn'Ua^ o'nit; 
frotn ffonjr'fu, r*tn^ftninn*, to " eurty <»r 
hej«p toi!cther."J An cxci'««ite ntrcuuiu- 
Inlion of the Cf>ntrt>t« of nny of the 
blo*>tl-ve*NJlf or diu'tn. 

€'oii*|r«««'tl¥«** [<'onirc^li'Tii»; fnjm 
thi> R4imt\] Ciipiible «f iirodiioing» or 
tending to produtie, conjeettioii, 

i'oit'Akl-tm.* A gftllfitt. 

fr(»iu rt/nttfto'htit ruHTfiitha'Him, ff* "giuher 
into A bnIL "] Fornrcd into u hnJI. 

€'fifi'c:l«»l»n.1p Ulniifl [Iroti] tutu **iQ- 
Ucthcr," and fi(WU*in, u " bull"], or iRimpIv. 
A ginnd HiibMi^tiog bj it«clf; a« thuso 
of the jibflorbcnt pyittctn. 

4*on-itlcitn>iN4»t«. ft'oiiielaaiprn'* 

IU«i: frntu rofjj//oM»'fro, n^fnil.M, , tt'tutiu 
to "wind/' A« on a bAlt; to "heii|i to« 
icether/' f^et* An<3i.(i¥F.RATr.j Irregu- 
larly erovideil together, 

C'oti8:l«»m>rftl« fJInntI [from eoM, 
•* loptdhur," ami iti**'tH»iti, tjfttm*rriii^ u 
"henp"]^ r.T r r,,!. A glond com. 

p4r«ud of \ l^ : a« the stUivnr}*, 

parotid, | > r -, 

CcifiirlutiuiuiUii,^ kutt-giU'^f^-tiaD^ 
Khe-iju IFrom <*"n*/ht'filHtf, tu **(»ju« tw* 
|f«?ther/*J Tho same o^ A<7i;MTrtxAtTlA* 

.See AcJ«r t TLVAVT. 

t 'oiiMrrtM 'iintt,* o r I'oit 'irrfwi. [From 

tHititjif%ititUf fOM*/te»'mH9t to '* Uieut t«- 

jECQtlK^r/') The m«i»(tng of thtt male and 
ict of ftrocrcittiotu The 


the »*!**( f 

, I urn I of Cost *, vliteb ?eo. 

V4iM-<*n-l<ft'ti|,* t**Vnp«!«lftr 

Thu i^ooiLMil cttfivoltiLioiiN of 

r the testis. They 

>o ae Coxet^^Hliioh 

t*cftn Ir * 860 Co ?tic A t*. 

C'on'l-nit. [r«iii*lrn«.] Belonging 

to Ji t'*.mi': *lju|MMt |jt.;e n t'^ne, 

Cofi'l-rin. [«'oiitc*l'riii.J Thts niinto 
M Cum Kill, whioh *oe. 




i^Dn*) /^'r**, \o **bcor'*], or Ftilit<M»ir,* 
Jll-njt'fhc'd, A iiiitiinil or4er «f t?X"- 
fcnnuA In-p* iind ^hriib?, r'Uiid in ncjidy 
nil [ijirla of tlic WL*rlH, mul ussiiallj rvor- 
gfncn. It ineUi<lc*:J the* iiints enlitr, 
*ipnji^C!, cy|jntf.<8, jtmijicr, tltui <illicr trees 
f*f greftt vnliie n>r timtkor. K«» oidni" cnn 
l»c iinined of more univcmml miportPlrtiee 
\f* i»aii» wluth. r we \ k-w U with rofpr- 
cnco t<i its timber or its srcrotinne, 
ntuoti^ wliieh nro turfmen tine, rcsiii, biil- 
Siui), ami [Hjteb. 

C'o<itir«)r-f»afi. [Conlf 'crnii; from 
fu'tiM*, a **cono," and yVm, to *'bear."J 
lio^vi-iti;; oonc'). See Conivkiik, 
4^nirorm« Seo Cum«»ii». 

C<»*lll'l PO'II'^* ("I«<!AVCS of Co- 

Diain") ?;t'C C<*vi»'M. 

('o-iil-iHM'irlii^* [From rv'tmw, » 
**eijnu," nnul run'tt'timt It. **b«ak."] Ap- 
pliod in ihu plitrtil rominiiiu to h nujuly 
•d' birdi h living n strung oonicul bruk : 

CSo-til'uiii.* lOr. tta***w.] C»TM in 
UiigUih li'-tnfo*;k, (Fr. 6Vt^i»*f, s^'gir.) A 
LiiJHiuJiii i^unux of thci cUnM fi^tttnn' 
ffti'ft nn^tiinil order Uwh<Ui/rr}r. The 
Hhnrinai<ro|.HKi]tt nitmo f^ufthc frcsh-dricd 
loivoi of Cituiwn mieulittioH. lltimiook 
i.i nitrcolic i*iid acdative. In hwge duiio:* 
it cjiusoji vcrii^'f*^ dirnnv^a of vittton. 
iDtttMiiJi, niim)mei)s in tbo li)iib;4, corivuU 
ait*ii!». atid doiitti. rtnuu'limes deatb cn- 

43« friitu p(vr<ilyj»ii* wiibouL oomii or 
kanvulMiuiiHi. It in uinploycd mcdiciniilly 
'Bs ft piilliittivo in (tftiicoruu.^ uluont, jmin- 
fill itcrofiibiu.H tttmufji, via. ; ithtj In 
uUronlc rhiMimiitlMu, oouralgla, iMthino, 
litnl fdifhi-i^. 

C'Oiiruin nit4^*ii*ln'fiini.* Thosys- 
(omitin nam I of tlie hemlock. li.»ruiefl 
f:if't't'i by Ih t fiAtin ftuthirs; Init it is 
iphto difltinvit fmm tho fSeatn macudtta 
of litoduru b(»t«ni«t<. 

Ci»igoiiftlvc« k6?f«'Bh&)tk'Ur^ The 
Fi'ctjch for O 'Hjiinf:ttci$, 6e« dm^vsC' 

€'on'jii-jrnlc^. [Coi^iifpt'tiim : fr^m 
vtutt " lajjutllO'f/* And J»**f'K jtujti'inm^ Mi 
••yitko,*' to *'j*un,"j Tokod ; jointed in 
p;iir.4, Ai*|diii*d t'> tho h'iivo« of plsititini, 

€'oii-Jiiiif^-ll-vrtlji, ii/«»,» InflAm- 

mitl'Ml 'd the t'tnftnrtirtu 

t?i»ii-Jiiiie-U'vii««* [From e»i», **to- 
Ifcthor." unl JttH*(jff, Jnnf^'inm, to "}rdn/*] 
Aftpliod to It dolieiitt> mitiuiuii nKiiiihrane | 
{M >nh ft'm Cmtjum'ti'i^n) wH^oh lines' 
b<»th tiydida mul t^oror* lUe oxtenial j 
|iortioa ni' thr ey^balK 1 

[From ('uu'*n*ru4, obp **l the gvnor».] 
A nuturiil ordt^r ol trct^ and fhnibs 
fotuid in the tropiOD, Oitv *|iccjeMi pro- 
iltu;Gt< thu i^cnutifui aebrft-WtkQct of ih« 
Cftbint't miikerai. 

C'on'imU*, [lloiatiii'ttMt ttom rom. 
•Moj;rthi'r," iiiid rnitVor,, un'ttta^ to ••bo 
born," to **grow."J Born witki udc< o-m- 
g^eniuK In (li>tjtiiy« |^rt«vrn tugvLbtfr, 

Cc»n*nec live [i^vti next nrtiole] TW* 
«a<*. The sume ju CKLLn^Aii TiM«rit. 

Con-nt*c-tl'viiiii.^ rFroni #*o#i, *"W>- 
]Br»thi'r/' uitd .**•€ '/w, to ♦"Koit" or **tln.**] 
In Botany, tbi* tranavomo body by wliJcb 
th« \ohef 'd' thu iinthcrr are united. 

€*4»ii-iai>f»KUik,' fdtiriil 4'4»n*iil»v«ll^* 
t«i« [Frotii t'fo*. ^' to^rlbcr," iind nrrira, 
to *' wink."J C*>nvcr^in>f* im iheeyeli«lj 
in winking, cl«. See VjU,VIJI,jB Oovbi* 

r4»'itold* [Conot'dCiit from w^mu 
6 "CM me," nnd «rA»„ a " farni.^'J iiofuiii- 
blinm^ u oon<»: ^onUornK 

€"ti'iiol<t l.l|ir'^i«tt»ciit. [l^tK^iti^ii** 
Itim C'«»ti«»r<l4L*M.] Ttiu li;<^timL'iii wliioli 
l*ttf^Hi.<ii truiii tilt" loot ui tbti uuriMcoul 
protifss to tb*.* cUvicIc. 

C4in«|ii€** k6yk (Pr.), Bco Co?rcaA. 

t'€»ti-*««r'vnu-FJ^. [From ^rmtri-'wi, 
amtrrt'tt'lHm, to *' pn?!!\«r* y.**J I*r«Mrt'fr- 
tioQt A|i|dte<l in mudicinu to th« ftrtw 
Tentiim of dccMiy tn c*icreift, etc.. wLtb a 
viciw t«> profiuitin^ bcAlth. 

(^«»i''i»pr-ir»'lrix.t l'f«,^ [From tb* 
snmc.J Prf:*orvinj?. ( Uai'd only in tb« 
forniniti*^.) ^^ec Vih Co^siiiivjifHi*. 

€'4»ii tM^rvr. |C'«>n«M*r'irii*] A com- 
positinn of some vc>j:i<t.i1it<] ?nbAUititi«» mad 
Du^Mr. bt<int«n into ft iiniform tnift4«. 

€^n«M»miit^ (Fr.), l(A3(**«oiti'aii% £4^ 
"eomplcte," '^porfwt," fT ^i*- 

ntf>'; lit^nUly, tn •*ii«m to 

** finii'h/'' to '' perfect,"] A h or 

6oup conttitnini^n large pMpMi tii^tfi m1j*vU- 
tinn. Namtfdt it wouid fitfvtUt on iMiciouiit 
of i^ u'i up, or ooiituimnff In * 

ofMi i^rm, nil tbe rtfihiwl an4 

bi "1 M -J of tbe meat. 

€'%9n-ni««l-lA'tloti. [t^onml^llti'ila, 
©'»(■'«; from '""", "tOL^ethwr," nnd •/«/'(*•, 
H "stur/'l A colbetiun of liicfl fi&n 
ri'pnr^cntinn an nnimnl '»r nibitr figurv, 
flCc^rdinjr t*i tlieir j*rmng».'ment. 

€?«>»i*4atl«pil'ttc»ii. f4^in%tltin U«i, 
•'f»f»; from ^'MM, ^MfiLtdber,** nnd •j^i'jmo, 
»tip**tftti, to "«tiiir.** to "crotn pIo^h?/*] 
(Fr, Er'kiiHff,^moui, A'«hnf'ntoir«',) 0«»- 
tiven4.*.^.'4; ttirdinci^if in eviiusuatitiy; tho 

ti0ii-iitlft'ti*f»u4.* [PreMnt pafti^|>lo 



' f^ftikBiifttn, tft ♦•coai>titiii«,'* lt> "com- 
■|»o*i«>," fa *'fii9l(**,'* »tr "fiirui.'*] Llk'- 

1 111 jkHfl wf & 

iBictiiciuiU furtiiulK, ttt/iuujuuly ^'ignifylnj; 

IHml whi"** fiirui*fa«i« • riitivviitfitit ami 

>uv Pki.s.1 iiii'TH>!<<. 

inn, [<^llllliftl'tlO, 

J #(11' no, (*</ii*(»li#'fwin, to 

^lorui, t© "oonalitute'* (ifum wM»f 

"togvlher***^ iLod •iMf'tftf, !*> •*iM»f" or 

i*|*>»tH*"i] Ttio j^oncnfcl iml»it or tcin- 

l|^nim«ns: of the boiiv. lS<'« l>HT(lKHt>i, 

CoiMlltn'tlou of tlie Air. Thiit 

vtilisr «aiHiitiita nt th« ntr which cHU!«v;!t 

|iitljcuiic«» t>r vihtch iuj[»rv>»ej upuu 

et}iti^ or 5iKirA4i(« ili2sci»»c-« Iheir 

lilar charnctcr. 

or ilepi'titioiit tipotii UiK f*'<D:>tUuii(»ii. 
€>i»ii«tttrtc'f4»r.* plurnl <^4»««««»trlr» 

^f0^r<M. [Fmai row, "ingeiliott" iui<l 

K^riu'tj'*. %tfi<UuHK tM •' rJruw/' to '* biinl.'j 

l{^l ill II muisctlo that ilmwt) t(ig<!iber 

fttHM'ti m^y i>p«DUi|g of the l»u<ly, 

I thu pharynx. 

CW»tiMlrk-i<»r Ami. See ^iiKcrTKR 

llwn*itrirtt>r t»Ha. Sec OiiiticrM- 

Itt4 <N(iS. 

rfie-ik. [Tho iioiitf'r ]«lurnl cif thr priv^ent 

iirfiri|tlc iif eutt^tntt'^it, tn "h'lud lu- 

letJirr."] V-^ii.-^* • .■ .J..^...... ,.-w,.w 

Etun«. etc. 
ihl»"H •fr. 

' •wuy."j Any 

m fMMlv, htit USUtlHv 

•ifilMtirtHntifL," ktm^tiib-l's-fcii'- 

itlr-i^ [ tV' TH i-"t*, iiitt''n»'ivu, «ijtl iuLrn'^ 
jiti " rt.k-fi .niiTiT/'J Alrvphy, nr eou- 
^t fig uimjr f»i' the whole 

1 "II uf iih *ii- 

klrenilT alTet (lmI ; uftvit iMe<i as synu- 
u,<4 with Kri:<"^i»i'^, whifih hvu, 
I'^lottMi. [C4»niii|f lo'MiiAi tft>m 

l\w tamo.] AppliQil l« dipeo^o? whieh 

t'cin-lifi'opt} rc*'ver, [F^'brto 
C«^ntlii iiA*J A (»>v<'r in which ih*r 
Mm|jlMtnf i^u out itilcriiiK till iu tci- 

ic»|j^. {A\mUnwk*%imm\ 

fr*>i« c«*"l#*i'nLi, 111 *' hold" ur ** kc*ep tu- 
^eihcr"J A imiun "f piulf po oompUte 
thiit ihuy eaiiuut he ncpjirttU'il withi>ul 
tttoenttirm or Imcfurt*. 

t^tiltttu Itj^, ll<».^lu'lloii of. The 
sejtwriiti'Ui I'V tnictiiri' ur Inocmttou of 
patL- pn-^ tuu^ly c-tiuliti«ouj«. 

C'oiilorwtfN or C^onti»rtlo (kotutor'- 
«hi>-«»),i»'rti*.* (Fritin row, iiittruniv^, fitid 
for'tfue**, h*r'»ntn or tttr'tum^ to "lwiBt.**J 
A t*»i*titiif or ct)iit(»rtion. 

Coit-lArt', [From I he yftuic,] To 
twini, «tr twial logi'thcr: thui», (ho leiiveB 
ur pctuls of cvrtiUtt pliiiits, uiul fuine* 
tiiiu-s nrtcHf?^* atirt vein?, ttro 6<iul to bo 

€X»ii'tr^ A Latin prcpositiou, iig> 
nifving "»giiiiit»i/* *'ovcr ngtiinsi,'* or 
'*o|>popito to/* 

Oujr*TKA AfKKTii'inA.* \¥u%m <?ft»V#^n, 
••oppusilP," unci aprrfH*tn, ufi ")|p»«r- 
tiirc."] A cnnnW-oiioninir. An opi'U- 
iij|* is)»4lo in iiti uhijce^d i^ppu«ittt to one 
nlrcmly ^•^i^ttUf; in it, lo filc^llitAte the 
f!:Mr'hnri;^f:t of nuitler. 

uA-EvTr;?«'.^io» ( i^x-fr*n'phe-oK 
pKieiiJiiori, The hohliug of Iho 
-t , - . inTi of 11 broken liinh t»f 11 itiato' 
etitcil joiiit towarilfe thu trunk* while ex- 
tc»n>ion la being eiuplioycd wuh the tower 

CoJl'TUfc-FlSSir'ilA,* (Pr, f/onfrrroufi, 

L A.. V L^„^^ UjlfJ tWfrr/rM/r*k6?rtVffi!rr.) 

lie in II pnrt opposite or ilititiint 

I it in which the hinw U rvecivr^l. 

<'o7f'Tiiii-lj*'iMrjkTK- [Frrttn fftm'tt^. 
Untl iit*li*rtu to "iinlieatc/* to "»fhow/*J 
To pri»hiMit fir prt- wot th<< ubv of 11 p^jr- 
tipnUr rfiiioUy. ^t'o next iirUcle, 

l'oji'THA-I?<r»trA*TniN» i(.»«'rr*i-i#»rf»* 
fni*titt, o'ntM; from tbo «aiue.] Tb»t 
^h- '. ♦ v" -u the ire© of n pnrticuliir 
m ii olhurwifu il woulil ho 

pi' ' >iUit. 

I uii-triiA' lll«. [C><inlnir*tflJlii| from 
CMO, " tif^f^f thtr/' rn»J fro'A**, rf-ac'iHm, to 
**rlriiw."] I'okcCJfA-tllg CojiTKAlTILITI", 
which ?c4\ 

1'oiiljr9i4rlltll#. Pe<* CoxTtiACTit.trr. 

Con-lrnr-lll l-fl". [C^>filrsi«tU itiin, 

H'll*.- rrmtU tin.' *Uint'. 1 r. **ittttfHrf«ftff, 

kAsi«"tMk t^l^U'J A projHsrtj hy which 
the pnrticU^A of UiHlie4 roannie their 




orij^innl po«itif»n when tlio power ap- 
|i|io4li t«i rtcparRlu ihvm in wilhdmwii, 
AU\.t, that vHul property wbit'h ^.iws t» 
corUiii purLs (mu-tula^. ri>r uxiuuplu) the 
puwur ol* ti lUtiactMi;;^! hy mt!ivn» uf 
^ rljich ull Ibu vurt iUA triWa iif uuiwulfl 
p«srft>ria tlietr motiuus. 

Cuutnwiiility i« lUt/uHtar^ in wbiit are 
lorinuU ihii irrj^juiJi of aHimnt tilo (iiaclj 

[ptifuntui'i/ in LlitMu ol' itnjuniv fit'o (ajb tbo 
begirt, tlic stoiuttob, Bt<3,). Cuiilr»ctilily 
b 8<iti]«l.iine;] ufloJ Aa ^yrionymous wUb 

X klllTAlK LIT iTt which i«-3, 

C'on-I r j%«'tJun. [C'4>iitrj»e'ili>«a'/i <•' ,' 

fr-au tlio ?itijit',j Tho shi>rlcfjJug: *«f Uv- 
tn;X lll»re on tho app))*-*^^^^*^^ '^f wtimulUM. 
At!«o, ihu shorLeiiiog ^if » iiiua«ie frotn 
eoinci morhiil ctiniie. 

Cvii-lrae-tii'iHyN,^ [Fmm thosnriic.] 

Litorrtlly, "cmilnttiMon." Th« mvmv^ uf 

jigitnuH II r the onlor I)'/irintniie, cIilas 

L^"r«f#^c*, of Cullon'H Ni>aoh>jify. A dii*»MWc 

Aitiii'lod with pttrmeuivtit rigidity uf iho 

ffle\or lUQjioli?*** It ij< Motnotiiuei tlio re- 

[full of rhi'UiiiMLi3«m, cutiea yiitotttw*, lutd 

other ilbcNk.<^oi^ 

v^^ A furujor name for thv inat of the 

T It A - F t >i M It A , w h ii'.h BtV, 

fpona t'>trttun'd<t, rtnitu*Mttut, tk *' hriii«tn**] 
{Fr. M'ut'hi»9titt; iniru'tr^'!*ii(iM Injury 
by an uhtuso wuiipoi], or violent L^unUtDti 
[fticaiu^lu hard hnAy, without brciuih of 
thn intt^Kuinciitx: a brttidt). 

4*o'nti«i.'' {{it. iruli^jy.J A i*onc. Ap- 
plietl in Uoiuny (n a portion tar kii]<l of 
I mo till cat ion, oa the Hr-top. Sve S t Ro- 
ll it At s, 

l*oii-v^l#^i'C**n€»r» [C'oftvuiiwecii'- 
lltt; tmm iiiH>''ryt''»'rOt to "grow -itrMnx" 
or " W(^IL"J The "itatj* *ir jwriod Uetwccti 
tbo rntn'»Viiil of iiMuaI i1iM<:ii5C mid tbo 
\n\\ ro*:" "Vttfv «>f iho uin nirih 

C*01|-V1piA!l'(CI*tll« [€4lill Vli|f»l|'OCIlA % 

th'< priMt^tit p:irtiei|iUt at tbo buiuc,] Litc^ 
fj^Uy, ' Krowiri)^ »triiii|$" or **wi'II." He- 
turn in;; to full heiilib aft^rr ft dieoiuio is 


C'«u-vi*l-l»>I-^*' [Frf»ni ronton I' t ft, 
A ' vritli'V '," riAJiu«*l ffMiJi it^ abimticlin^ 
in v*il)*^vr<.] A jieiiiiM of pliint«» of which 
rr ' nn«* wort* furinerly iiiwd in 

ii Tbn ll*»wcr*i »nil mot of tho 

f '■' ttntin'tt* (iff tttiijit'ti*) havo 

U^iu 4 atpliijriMl HM An orrhtne* ftod tho 
furtiic^r H* a oiitbiirtie. 


to "carry."] Literally^ "bruafibt lo- j 
jf^etber;" buuce, bcapvU up, AwelUag; up | 
like u bcup i>f grain or like chv part til4 j 

Cox VEX, 

€)D»«-«x'iifi.] Ilantig bath «tiif*oM ' 

€'«tti-v<»*lll't^ €lti'«^* {** Coc VdlotM 
BuQca.") A term nppliuil to the up|w<»r 
aiirl lowor turbinattHl bk*nc> af Lbe oot«. ' 
Set' CiixviiLiTTrs. 

C^ii-to-lii'tloiik [€'onv«itti*IJiiv 

o'ikm; from co», "tO{!^t;ibcr/' und rwr«*»| 
vufu'tuttt^ to "roll," tu "wnip,"J Any I 
thing' wbioh i^ roHod toother f*r upon i 
itxulf. Hence the lisrui ift iipplitjil Ui iko 1 
tf»rtnoU'< otniin*nnr» of tlu'i vrtrhrumi 
aUti, to thu tirt-guUr fuldmgt of th«i in* 

Con-vo^lit'tn*.* fFroni ihv wamnJli 
llollod up; I'on'voUitoil. 

fi b ir r , o r I 'o n- vol ' vn-l I** f Ff om Com' ] 

ro/'rw/ioc one of thi) gcnrra.] A natQ' 
ral onicr of herh:iouou» or ^brubby Iwi* 
ninf? plants, yicblinj^ a milky Jniee wbrtr 1 
W'PUtttloil. They artj alttniiliint in lUv 

tropics, and [^■^-■'^^ ..Mi„.t.. - iUtii«» J 

in thuir n»ot>. nUnr | 

resin, of wbi« 1 luay ' 

be tnkon as exaiijjlt s. 

C'oit-vol-vu-lil>i'«u«. [€^nvc»lvi»> 
In'ctfttift.] Having an arrangcin«ni l^ko 
tbf» f*ini"'titulii^. 

VQn-'Vol'v%%*\U* the plornl of Cos* | 
vol 'yiiIiuu forming th«< JittMiii!U.-in tianiii ] 
of n ntitural urder of pbint«. See Coa- 


Coii-vol'vii-ln«.* [Prom etmr^'i'vtt^k 
to '*wrap ti>^tber,** to "<n»twi»o,*1| 
BindwcotL A Linii^Pftii ly^otiiis nf Iho I 
eU»s Htttumtlriat natunU vrdor €imrfU^\ 

ronvorvnln*« Ja^Ia'IM^* Tbennin«] 

givun i>y Linnuoi* tu the Jiibtp plant;] 
now referred to tbi* gona» lf*Hm**(^ S«#| 

1^0«V0l'vtllW«»s""'-" tt"Vti1<^» Tli« ' 

ij'styiualir nam*' <'l ov-pUoL 

Coii%ii1f«ia. r^» ' -\y*s, 

€%ii%ialttlo€^Jimltt4t. Scu Hi«|t9dAn. 

UOM( T j». 

C>Mi%'ul'«la (kon-vftl* ^ ^^ 'iTr- 

ti-n'li«.« ("Hithittiyl 
One ol tb*5 namc^ ^if /'A<n > , 


€^ii*¥iil'9loii. [cyMiirtLl'aN»«^'ft»«f] 

ftm «v>Mi*e77-, " , rn, to "|Hi3l Ii'- 

i}injim«» Sec ^^cAsMt a. 
C^ofMUttt. k.i'ftA'ii', The Frenfh term 

f,M- ■■ '■ '. 

i prrtttuticinHon 

k" . , i). [Fri>iii (.v. 

tmi, tu$ uilurilvrttMP gnini nod i*im or 

Tt.^ ■ .. ^. , ^ . ■ .. „.: . : ... 

It is muoh 

Qibor Uueai*«« ut th« mucous utoui- 
bnuie*, i3»|i«ei»lly ili«iM3 oS a clirguiL* 
chA meter. 

lo^Mi'lvn? 0'l4*-iim.* ("Oil of Co- 
|nmIiiu") All inl tli.-tilkMl j>uiii tUo iil»u- 
renin of nopnihM^ ( Luncl, Ph , lri3] ^ 

/#'r»>, to ** l»e«r."J A UiiininNMi gc^niip uf 
lb« (siiLM UvcHHtirin, Uiititml t^rdcr /,*yr(- 

t'o|iJiir'<^r» WttMy'tf*<r»«* Tb<* 

ly^'etfiiitir MJiffir of thf «'»'f ««ttieb firo- 
dii . rn V'(<n<?- 

lu ihw \V«?t 

lii 1 ,.,.- . |,i , ,, ; . aiiihi)! Afiil 

MurtiuUiuifft. Ji te A lia»il)'**tne Uihs nitli 
A lofty iKtem lunch linuiobo*! at tin* tujii 
iU)(l itruwnuil with a thick ciinu|»j of 

rofMtlf'i^m 4»r-flc-l-m«'liJ«.* Out] 
!»t thr iiljilkti' wtiicti iiUnrtl co|JUjba. 

4>t>|Biii %^ Thi' satijc* as CgiMiit4» 
if hich rixn. 

€*o'|M^I« (Sp, 0»p«/, ko-p4l'.) A rpnin- 
iittM HuhKtnnre ohtiiiri«^il Irora %\n» fl>j- 

Itgmfntrtt, DieiMolvtMl in iiloobifl, it biLts 
btfvu VL*^^\ iUi » rcutv'l^' fMr ^nm^y tfuuif). 
It i« lit {triwrut irbicltx ur salely cm- 
|Uftr<^l lu n vitmieb. 

< -"Tii^r. Sff Ti rnt'%1. 

• r*erHiM. A tijinu fiirthcsitlphntej^ 

'<» rc«pt'ot- 

h 1 1 ti5 vitriol. 

rt4 ^'t Eki' k«4, .* « .')i{»or-cii)i.>rcil miuitruJ 
fijuuti in Wc^tphtdift. 

cfwiiii'iit/* nriit 'iy^t. lo **i'u,rfy" ur *" hnujj 
awAT,"] Applic^l rn th<* pluml iihut<'r 

me'licinrs whiL'h bring Awfcjr tbo fkccQi: 

< 'o|i ' ro*li t<s €op'ro-UUi» ( €^|>rot '• 
iiliiuii tVouj wkpos, **dcivitivi*l," timl 
At'i»i, tk •• ptoiifjL*'] A bull of huriti'Qcd 
ra-cf> ot tither iitti«P lu Ww Uowds. 

€*o-|>rfl»«i't»-«|ii.« [From Hw^, 

♦•lWo«*/' i»u«i liTi^'jpf, to "ftjintl/' to "bt» 
«liili(»tiiit7."j t'o*tiv<?«cMj itnduo re 
tcnliun t*f th« f»3««fi in the inle^^tiiie^, 
HeniM? the tertiif ('*}fnttif<>'j*i aw Et-ropttt- 
(iia^ ilenofiitf; puri^Httvi!*, 

€lo|i-u- lA ' iioit. I C<lptllft'll4»» o' n i> ; 
fr<nn fuft'nt**, ruputnUffm^ Ui **crni|ilo to- 
gether. "] Thti ttiiiue BJi Coj(nrti:ii.*4tT8f 
1« biicb («oe. 

€^r," ^t*n. t'or'dto. [Gr. t^i^; Fn 
rWur*, kiriij This Latin term for tb« 
bi'itrt. the ircutriU orgfbQ of oircuUtiott. 

iRi!<< lltAltT. 

€'4^r'^efl»^ A prefix c!c>noiing Ml* 
tvirhinr<nt to th«i ooriicotfl pfooc^s of lbo 

f'4i>r'^^-C4»lil. [f^Dmeol'ileii; fr^tin 

iri^fiu^, 96(ia*»i, II **rnvL'«" or ''cntw/* aqU 
it^i ti ♦*form."] UfKJDihlinu a crow's 
lit!Ak. ApitlitMl to tt )irt(C<9S« t»f tho 
^cApuln; ii1f<i> iippliod by Uwcu to th« 
botucilopues of the aofKooid proouaai of 

tbt' E^ClipUlll. 

f'f»r'Hcoi«1 l.l|s>>^ffnent* [L.t|ci»- 
iHon'liitii C'omv<»i'tloiiin.] A i<iimll 
lifZimicnt uxtt'Uiiiog from tbo (lorneoid 
priuMi«!< itcrosii the Quteb of tbu ^cHpula, 
c«»nv.'rttnR the notch iuto a forntrnii* 

f'4»r'a«-oM Pro<7'f>M». [Pr(K*«'»'«iit« 
€'omc«4 ileu"*,] V projection or pioee?* 
on Ibci HUteriur nud oppttr mnrp:;!!) of tho 
80 A put lit iiiippotod to TeivoiihlQ the boAtt 
of A crtiw. 

Cor*9-r4»>l'«tf>-ii»** [From ctfrarm** 
fie*,] lSolf»n^JH'4 to the o^irtUHijd procoPt 
of t\w .4ori|»ulA. i^vc\ Cguac'oiih Ljoa* 
iiKNT «ti+l Ci>ru<'oii» r*»<»'r«K. 

I4^r'i%l. [h»U <^nil'liuin ur «^ 

ml'ltmi: Or, vapaXXie^; i(uppoN<ri ill h«i 
dtTivctl from «iV*f» H "(iAUjthter." find 
uA|, tb« *'5eo/'] A ntuny or h«rtiy siib- 
iFtAticc jffowidjr in the *t3a, oin'c fnipponwl 
to b«9 A pl»Qt, but no ft resmrdcd 00 tho 
i^kclcti^ti <*r «hell of a ttoiifoneH of a mull 

<''«ir«iiJ*lif"f'rHmiii. fr^twllir'ertMt 

fr«i« nn'tl'iu,itf iiu4 yWo, to *'bc»r,"] 
i'.Tftl bcArlnu. Apjiliftd in the pluml 
mn9c*uUno {CuritUif' t ri) to ah order of 

t ?or-iil ' H-fbrm« [ OomtlMMr 'mlii t 

from raftfriittm or atraVhrn*] Fc*fta«(| 
lik** <^or»l. 
€^r«Al*ll|^or-iu.^ [ Frnm euraV- 



tnm, nod </*•' A, to ** boar."] TUo SAtne M 
f'Ar'vl-loM. [C<»n»tlot'4l<>!i; hum 

bliii^ ooruU 

C'ornllnlcliil, Sc« Ci»ltAl.Lrttii» 

C*4>r'cu-liiTii<i'^ [Diminutive tif cor, 
the *■ heart,"] The hourt and ojisenoD t»f 
the* «aod: the eral>ryo. or ;?erui, 

Cor'dntc [C'ordA'ttui; from eor^ 
cut'^iiim, rhc "hysirt.'J liciirt-phaped, 

t'i»r<IJiicpjPV^ kor-do-irsho-e. [From 
Citr'dia, onu of tho gcnenu] A natural 
urdvr of BXof^euous irccs, iiativoa of tho 
tropics. They ara the kSulmatuus of the 
ELirojM' in MaU'riii Mudioti. 

C-onllMl, kord'yal. [Conlln'llm 
from i-ttr, thu **hotirt."] Any jstiiuu- 
lAtln;^ medicine which rnlnv* llic (<|tiritfl, 

I'or'dl-rcirm. [C'<»r<liror'iul»; from 
ctjr» rhy '•hi'irt "I r^'riij*?f| lik« n henrt, 

OiftNion tfmliillenle, k<>H'd6jf»' 6m'- 
b&1^'kdl\ Thu i<'ruiioh tcroi for FuNtcu- 
I.I1H, whi<!h soe. 

Core. [Finn ctr, the "heart."] Th© 
honl jii>rlitjii of sloughy or punilunt 
m,itti«r I'lnind in ht>il«, 

i'«»r*««ct-ii>mLl-^* [Fram t(^n, the 
"pupil/' iiud i«foi>ij, to "oui '»uL"J The 
c*lir<nirtiitn for nrlilJci^nl pupil by rewov^Ml 
of H p irt of tUu irint: corvc'touiy. 8c>o 

C0PIKT"»VIA and luiOKt'TOllV, 

Ciir-e-ili*nl'|'-iil».* [From t^mi, the 
" pupil," ftnd tliiiA»«nj.] Tba opLTiili'Hi fur 
Rrrllifiiil pupil* pppsiriitiiic; part oC the ox- 
IttruAl ujjLrj^iti -d thuirij^ from t)\^t%trpHn 
iM7/fnf. Si'e iRinoniALV.Hts* 

dir-i^-iiior-plio'MiN*^ [From «*pfj, 
thi* '* pupil," iifi'l fi6p(tuui^ "fornisition/'] 
An oiKT-itinii tor funnin^c im artificial 
|iiipil. Soo CoRKcrowtA, IniiiKrToitv, 

l?Ar-iMi*el«^i'!»iii.' [Fntm '(^^pn^ the 
'* pupil/' lind fy«X:if4>, to '* include/'] An 
opf^rMtioQ for artidchil pupil hy drawing 
jt pirtiun id" thy irtn thr«'U^'h an tnd^iou 
ill the t?i>rnoJi, imd cmttioK it i*(T. 

l'f»-r<M>n'(cI*4»iit^ t'«>-r4M»ii'e1*iiin,* 
or ko rc-wn'»ho-am. [Fruwi nV'^i, thu 
*' |)upU/* mitl <iy«»;, ii " h'»nk/*} A kind of 
hiMik the rjponttion for arti!i<itrtl |>npit. 

CortvpliMtl-c^i'' C-«r>*i»li*»'H- 
^P.* [Fri>i« c»ji»r, tho "pupil/' ntvl nXacr- 
rtjr^, the "art of nuikioi? itnaJl^c^."] Upc- 
ratl'^Di for ttrtilVtiiul pupil in general: 

Cor<-c«tn'nil*9i.* [Prom v6p% the 
"pupil/* tiiid r;>i fit, to "cut/'] Opuru^ 
tion for Krtiricial pupil by nitoply cutting 
throiiijfh lh« trio: cor«l%*my, 8«c Iri- 

C4»-rl*A'c«oiui. [ITorln'eeiiiii froui 

eoVtrtwi. "lenthpf/'l or tho nmtiitt <rf 
letithvrt ]i»uthory. 

Co-rl^nn'druni.^ [Frtioi 
**hug/' from tho eiti^U.j A l.innirtal 
gcnuf of tho clfiss Prnfandrin^ natural] 
order VmbttUtVuBt, Ah" the F'hRrtnttoo* 
pociat name \\ for lh« fruU of V^'nttntimm 

Corian'flniiii AM^tl'vtiiit.* Thu 


I'^'rl^nin.' [<_Jr* XV*».] Liter»]tT,| 
the "skin or hide of iinimAl«/' 
VuHh. or true skiu. 

€4ir'iniiM.« [Gr. «po^*f, « •"trunk- 
a "tuil/*j A oorm. Th(< b<M|y, or Lraok 
of a troL*; »1«q the balb of balbv 

rorn. [From r«r'««, a *'h«m. Vr*\ 
Cor, ki*H.] A horny hur<lncft» of tb 
skin, occurring chiefly oii th«9 join If ««f ' 
the toes, and oau»ed by oontinued pres- 
sure or friction, 

f'oriiHCCfP,^ kor-nn'she-e. or Cof<^ 
ne-fc.^ A uutiiral order uf tre«tt 
Khruh!<, found in leDip»*rrtte r 'u ■ 
eliidiuj^ the 6W«ii-, or Dot; 
bark of which \» paid tu uti 
the het^t tou it-it in North AmeritJik 

C4»rn<«. .See CoiiKtJ, 

f'or'iif?-^* [Fr*iin cor'wM, « • 
A ttuuNp.ireut. convi'Jtu-eoneavef 
oifdulnr ."obshmre, fortuiug the and 
part uf the eyebull. It i» ofleti 
the Corntn tt^'clriot or C tfatntjmrrftu, 
Ihc "transtpiircnt doniea.'* 

CorucA 4K|»ii'«9,* The 86le 
coat of tUu eye. 

Cor-n^l'f la, Ir/tV* [From rAP^nM.]' 
Inllanitualittn of the oornesL The i 
a« Ckiutiti«» 

€*or'H4*-4»iut. [Vnr'w^nm; from cof^4 
nu.] Dvloa^iu)!^ to horn ; hwrny. 

f'ornlc'lf!* .^en CoiiMcrt.iTii. 

€'or-iiie'u-lRM»* f4'4»rtilrtilii'l«H»|J 

frniU rr,f nif'titit'if, II ' ' tla 

iu^ honij' or i>urt^ 

4*vr-tilc'ii-lani ■: i^t 

Hif^ a "horn"], or I'arnir uliim 
r^-n'^kn^ ("Cornicle of Ihv Laryni' 
A ^uiJi^ll curti!a^ini»U!i body «!uriuoufit< 
inp thu arytenoid ffirtitaifc. 

Cor'nl-foFtu. [Cortiirbr'ml*; froa 
eor'nti, a "hjirn/'] U«trn-5ha|»vd. 

CTorvuMr'cr-oiM. (€^riiate>rtiii 
from €*i>i'HNf and |^«^V<», to " bt>ar/' 
Iluvin.; h'lros. 

Cor' n in, or Cor'tiliMS A lefi 
applied to a pocuUar bitUif princrtpH 
said to have boon fo«ind in the bark vf_ 
tho Vnn*HH Fi'iri'lrt : \U propertkif i»* 
^eujbic tbo«e *^( quininot 



Ow'itii,* plurnl C^r'nn*^ (Fr, 

(Lvtiti, »ini IvU. ¥h*i Ml barUbiitrtt* 6«o 
CoHNfi r«titvi. 

Coti'sJtiA T" " '"Hnm4 of the 
lTtl^^^s,*') I t.f Lh« iiltTu* 

wlMTOtbul- I "^ are glvifii "It 

til J "-< hi^.tpti- 

till ti«r'vi*i*' ^"iioin «»f tu« 
The horn of thv Ctrpt*» fl^hn*: 
liLri imrn. An iiti|iiirc cat' 
aiiiuiHiiiA wn» l*»rinvrly r4.t 

t^uniiu;; the whitvings of I 

irtiilfl the rpfitlnvi called Vunu* H»tnn4t 
(♦•buml horn"), coniiiAtinif chieO> tif 
pho«|ibiLt« of lime With ft cnmU pro- 
pf<riif»ri of froo lime, frn£ usml ns au 

Jiff Ftt'tiim.* [Tniin M^m, imi^i'nm^ 

•^.'*< A iiTiiiiu fir the |iti'»spbitte 
rofJ fruiii born by fin*. Sec 

t .i, 

J r w i . ti 11 ' f ji.^ 

itt tb«j North • 
Thrtr hiirW 

eimiUf I*J ti, 

^nVi, iitttii- 
in tt!! ftiM 



(Lis. I'U.) rtf \hv ImtK <>f Ibe CVi^»«f 

t' tonic 

Convrs i'Mtt ii^ata, 

C^r'iiiit^ I€'4>mn'fit«: fmmrur'iifi, 
|"h«*rn'l Ilnvnur h->ms : fiirtuMl. 
] C'4»*rol'l^ * ( !»iiiiiiiiih\ *' nf - .r//N«»» 

(••crf<wn-"| » '•■■'■^i'-- ■■ ' '-"!■ ■ '-^wrn." 

UwittHy thi II of 

fhi' fl >w.-f ' ^vhlch 

i»4 liciivicn thr 

I -If ,.f ;. ,■.. 

€'4»r-4>t-lir>r«4ifiii. lC'or«»lllf>rtM; 


from <v»r<»/7ii, And /-'w, to **boftr/*j 
Hitntitii!: n ttorutl}i» 
? . . V .1 IT-fbrtn. [C^rolllfbr'nite t 
'^'i.] li:i>i»g iho n|ipooriiOoo 

i;o-n»riii«l^* [Dtintnitti^'c off-^ro/'- 
fff,] Tilt: puftitij Uurt't of u ciutiiKmud 

C^ra'nfu^ [From *rop .>ij, the ** criwl" 

or *• ill! mm it" «f nny thing.] A eruwn. 
A['»pt»(;«l ill AmiUmty and Natiiml Ui*- 
tory to cinincncea of hone, or uiiy oli. 
jtfcti* nr I'jLTt* ht'uritig rt5fii^nil>hitic:o to 

4*or<>'ni» <j|na'ill!i.* {'Trown (if 
Ibc? Uljiue.**) Th« riii^ or rim rnnulng 
r«utifi th0 biiiie <iif tlir fiV* nt « ;♦»■ w »V 

C4>r«»'iii« V<*it*c»H»,* (jf 

which oltcn cxtond &mutiii tiio toreheBd* 

Ukt' n rrftwri, 

4*4^ro'niMl. Afplkrt tlic nifnc as 
Conns H. Uf*«."<l ml\erliinliy 

€'ori4>'iiiil«orkur'* -u^t |^r«i mnnUft; 
from rooi'H«, tt •*crt»wn.*'1 Ap|»lk>il by 
Pr, Udretny in rvfeitnce to iUv mf[wvt» 
«if tho hwul; towurds the crown of the 

Cartft'nnl Wii'lifrr. [Kotn'm C<^ 
n>itn'lli».J Thi* tfttlnrt; tormed hv t\m 
liiii'ii Mf tbe fmodLl Hith the two puric- 
taX horn'?. 

€*0r'^^nn»rf, [Corottn'rlnft; thtm 
,..,..',,.. ,1, **t-r*'Wn,"J (Fr. V**ruu0ir*\ 
.) Aj'fdicrd t*t vt!!i?ffa. Ijgo. 
d ncrv* " which rn*'irct«t purls 
like u i-ruwn. Hi* Ihv "fur'Jiiiiry urtcritTji 
«>f »ho boi»rt/' tho "c«*r*«iniry nrtiTy of 
I be iitomnch,** <*»t% 

C'ori^o-tin'ltiii*^ [Fr«^<n» tonf*m%t 

rurnnn'ftiitu tn *' rruwnJ'J Litfirully^ 
•'crowned." A(tp!ic?d in the plicml rciiii- 
nine (f '<>r*m<i'fvr) to n rlnsw or diviMion 
u{' pUnU hMvin^ the «i?cd-bud ervwneU 
by tho flnwtr-rup* 

OKro'ii**.* lilr, Kuprnq. « *'cr«w/* 
npy tbin^if curved like n crowds hirnk.] 
The n<.'iite priM*c«fl of the tower jaw- 
bone, — fo named from its euppo&wd re- 
tirtuhhini^A t«i u rrow'n bill, 

r«r'»»ti«*r, [From c#<ro'«f», rj".:fr,tvn/*) 

I V nn f'fficcr who f. tly 

Crown <o mak*' '<r© 

. .1 twctvc, wd tn <h« «>f 

h, in evtrry ca^tr of m iis, 

word wftf f'^nni'ily vrr "*', 

4'or'<»-nolcl. [<'4»rf»iiiki <lc«; Truisi 

imp-Hfi, a "cr^jw." jittd nr'ts. n '^ form/*] 

AppUod in procie»M*?( ttf httnr^ ill any 

way like a c*rowV be»k, Applwd by 




Owen to i\w BttlHUviMmn in tlui mundi- 
bl«* of repttloi. into wUieb the crotnphite 
iuii<4c)c' I* iilwaya more or \v»» instsrlBil. 

Cw-ron'ii*!^* [DiiuiDutirc ot frr/^ 
»m, tt *'crown/'J A coruntjl or downy 
tuO: siurroundiii]; the socdg or oertain 
llower5. A tior'oniiTo, 

C"«r'p<>-n>.' '^cn. <'or'|»o-rwni, the 
plural i»f Carti't H, which .-I't, 

Cor'porii Alblcaii'ttii' (uMw-kftii'- 
i-hu-it), (The*' Whitnh BodiL'i*." 6c« Ai.- 
hK v^fn,) Two j^iuiill proltuUtruJiues uu 
the hatfii ur the bruin. Culled nlno 
MammUlary Tii>»(5rGtu:!i or M»minilUry 
Bodice, fro oJtll1-i^^o^lMnhUncct<^u[tipplv. 

C'or|Mkra A na,> Intn^iu Sao Nbuko- 

OTTn»»i3 Hoduw;" wi* callfd Irom the ojivi- 
ties or colls fonod in fhiiin.) The mun 
of the punU. Alrt's tho suine juirt or 
pfirt* of tho Cittonn. Af* iho Coipnnt 
(•ttfcfmmn arc only pjtrlmlly soprinitt'd. it 
ii more corroot lu cull this portion <d' 
the organ thu (■t/rptm cRt'tttnttttim {*' Vv^y- 
vrnnws Fhiily"), 

ijruiettt^t*Ui*, "juintod'* of "bent like n 
knoo.**] Two L liberies, tnttrmtm and 
trieittntn, oil the inferior part yf th«j 
ikpiio ihittami. 

t'or'|»orit l^i'te-^^* ("Yollovr Bo- 
dica.") Yellow sp^li* foij«d in tho lOvirMi, 
hi plwse of iii'H, rttm*ivi!d hy iu,iprc;[;uti' 
tion or fdhorwi-^o. 

«'€»r'|K»rik Mniii-iiiil-ln>l-4ju* Tho 
CoiU'iMiA Alih' VMf V, whif.'b *«'i'. 

«^r'|M>rf« UI-l-vaVl«H^ (" Olive- 
shft[»ed tii*diLv»*'), C'or'itom CKvii'M^* 
(*' Oval Bodies"). The two cxtemii.1 
ova) protalnenc^i on the ,}htluUa oLlun- 

ror'pc»rAl»irr.itiiil-an'II>A.* (*' Vy^ 

rimiiliil Hodji'-i."^ Thi' two ivntcrior 

l'4>r|mi*i% l|iimlrt(£-i«fti|iiiii* See Tr- 

UKUn |,V Qt MMU1tt:3tllS \. 

Cor'|»or»i Kp4i-II-r»r'iiil-^*( '*Ro|je- 
likd rt<>dit*5/') Thu two poMtoHor ovi^l 
ciiilrH»riL'«'t \m tUo Mtiiufht ofthntf/nht, 

«*i»rtH>rnMfmaiiii>l<len. Seu AitAltTtt, 

€*4»r'|>i>ra Hlri-n'l^* (**StriAted 
liodii!*. **) Twii »fiiootli cineritiouit con- 
vgtitio^, ttn*? oil tho f'To pivri of tvnoh 
tnttTiil ventricle id' thr hrsiin. Wlif*n 
cut. n mixtnre of griiy nnd white miiHer 
in siUoriiiite layera h i^^hibittjilr cikuiiinj^ 
u srr(rttod iippmnince. 

t'iirticilrii<>y. See PoMHiinn* 

I'ov |»ii«,^ gen. €'4>r>o-rfa*« (Fr. 

Corpi, koR.) A LbIIb word ti^ntf^ring 
Ut»hr, whitih seCt 
Corptui A II -nil -In' re,* Tb« P*n%» 

Cor ptiM rnl*U>'miiii«* f" Cnlluuo 
Bfjdy" or f5UlMt4iuce,) The wbit« mc* 
diiHary fulKHtttmu jcduitin^ the htjuii- 
epheros of the brnia; tho Citmmi*9mrA 

C'orpnjftCiivcitioiintti. S«oCorpoiu 

CAVKIiSO?-! %. 

Car'|>ii« Cl-fie'tf^niti^ f^'Aah-cv- 

lored Body"),orC4Mr'|MiN tK^ii-tJi'ltini* 

C^Deutntod Dodv"). A (•taull ovul m;u«i» 
of gr«y j*n^ ' " If n on u eeetiou of 

either h .f the r*rrhfUnm^ 

iibout un I he me<H<kn lino* On 

i(^ cirrumfii tvucu urti u uuittbor t^f ift* 

C«r' fttDi Fini-t»rl»n'l ii ns - ^ i^ 
Body,") A iHirruw whit ng 

the eoiieuve odgo of fht: ■ -j^t 

of the UUorat ?«>ntrlcle of lUo bn^io \ t^m 
Ttrniit hipfptfutttft!. 

C*f>r*piiM€aitn*4lii-1o'iinin.* (** Hliui- 
ditiJMWri Ibolv/") A Kpon-v nuincncu 
Mirrotmdiiij; the orifu'e of th« fciimla 
nrethru; »onietitue5 ealled tbo "fetiii^a 
proi<tji{o fj;liind" [(tltniUhtta /m*#*Mfa 

CMiritiiM .lluctMiitn. 8co Rktk Mi7< 

i'4ir'tiii«i l*niii-|tln>l-fl»r'tiie,* l/'Tcn- 

dril-likt' Uudv,") A* forwied bj 
the ^pernmtic rcios, iibfrvc the U^tU. 

i'«r|HiJ« PtuilulilvM.' The Furmixm 
See FoiiKix- 

€^r|iitit Fy raniltliile. Sou CoKPli 

4'or|»u>« R<'>'liru1iire*orl*4»f7»tttt WLt* 
llcnlarv 3Inl|iiKVkl* Svxs Ui.ik \\v* 

CHS! M. 

i'ftrpitJi Rlif»uilHil€lruifei« Son Can- 

n s Dkntatth. 

C^rpiin M|M»nii:ioNiiiii Peniak Seo 
next urtido. 

4'or'f»iii» K|M»ii-^l-c» Nitrit I *r^*m 
Itinr.* ("Spongy Uod;> -i*| 

of tlic rrethrii/*) A et^lli, 

tbirk-rtid, or pnrplu ful^LiiK.'. nliicb 
oovors the nrethni, 

Cor'piiPi VAr-l*r«i'innw.* (" Vjui- 
oo!*e ll<tdy ") The .-pvnnftfir plemi^ 

C4»r'|»iii»-«t4*. [C'ur]>a»>iiliiiiis di* 
initaitive uf c-^m /en*.] A suiilII body; mi 

€'<»r>piiii>ii-lQr. [€*orptiM*nlii rl«| 

fr«l« C'tnit'f'rttfttm, ft *'ir.»rpti*cl«»" «ir 

"minnie body/*] tteltai^fius; to m e^r- 
ptHole, or to tho doctrine of iilom6« 
Ctpr'rl^ai)**'' [The preient pmil- 



^Ir tifrnr'ritfft, rtirrtr'tuM^ li>"cf»frweL"] 
, miD^iitut'iit yuirt of n mediiMUAl IVtr 
iu'a; 'Mlittt whirli crlrre^•t^ jj» uja-rn 

Br>r«ili ii^rjuit, [t>»rml>'4tn«tiii ; 

t4j "ftrcii«;tlien/*] 

fi! r giving »trfnj.'th. 

ftr-r^* 41%*^ J'iorrwfcrviw; fnun cor 
(Tor *>"fj> iiitcnrivr., ,i»«l /r/r/.-. ,.l^f^>,^ t^ 

^ ■wiiy." Ih?f Imping tbo ft-xtnro 
rtunpt* **f « botly, more c^spvciuilji' 

€'«f ; (ibliiiiAlo. I?«e Ht- 

|kllll:i I ' *' t'onHO^ivifir. 

Wr'rm'i^ »rriieik'lfM; frtiui 

fur ro'>. "r intensive, tnii 

rn'vo, rw^fiV iirr, t> " wrinkle/'j Wfin- 

€'»r^ ru-IEM ' ti<»it. [ €arruic«*llo ; 
rhtin thf »ante.] The Crjntri&ohon of iIil* 
unrftK^p tt( n l»«ily tnti» wrinklvs* 

»in*vj l#it*.'r3ill_v, » '* wrinklfjr." Ap- 
'. lu tt uin^ele whtek cuiitnicta lim 
llt<i wrinkk'*. 

I'tckr »o.|>rr-<*lll-l.* 

iki^r of the BrDw/') Tho inu^olr 
f lifiiti or iK>Btrac!U the brow iulo 

0»vvivl««C, knrw'^t* fn EnLf^tnoTn^y, 
Ibc /'r •♦^r^rrrr. t'ullar, or anterior wg- 
lentil t k, 

t<irf > • ''Bark/* 

•••■ <'«»r-H»5;|ii, [An if 

Lo *'cuv4!r«jvcr/'] 

m; ul tUti fLcm aJit! hr8.n<.*li(.'.«; of 
ntj, i,nttlogoud to the skin of 
p't*m C^r'e-Url.* (The -Ccvricx, 
ti»TiiJ StiliwtnTirr, nf tin* !4nim.'*) 
iiy *jir r-inri I 


9. crlvcrill^ i.M .T,,,,,:-u .,,v ..,.:,, ,i_y 

Battpr Kenonth mi Ibo bark of ii tn>o 

t»rcr!< the alluitiium. 

€*ar'1rx ( tt-IMn'iran,* Th<r nittne 

br thf? luirk "1 Ihc Lunrttit cntilntcun^ 

€*«»r*t<»* E-l^'ii^thi^'rl-a?, Tbt h»rk 

^f ihtf /V-ifon rnm-ifrifl.i. 

roF'tl-*"!!!. [C'ortlcit'lta; from rai*'- 
' «. "bulk."] Uoloujring t« 

' H* iiahiro of burk. Apitliivl 

1 h ^rtvtir* ft piir** n* tbo c?tir- 

! , iifrhv Jmijii nr the kiilucys. 

'- J ' Ml4ft» (<^arll«»'l^lH: from 
rt t.^, 'Ujvrk/*] Hi4vitii; huik; loirktMl. 

from r*tr*t*-Ji "li»rk/* iiii«l /rt^tf 111 
**\t0%t,**] Bearing, i»r prodaoing, bark. 


C^or>tlfl*fbrni. [rortfrlfhr'mlift; 

fritm f»fUn\ "brirk/'j \p]*rtninj,' tike 

€'or'tl«<^*«Ns [r«»rlirtt'%niii fnjfu 
enf'tts. *' bark,**] Having bjirk, or fuU vf 

l'<oryl»e<4e,* k$r-«-1a'»b«>e. [From 
C<,r*>iit\w^ tbo **har,et-trcc.**J A iiumo 
^rtvrii by LimUey to a nntnmi ortlor of 

J»l«ilt . * fc^lT C'l I'riJFKtl.t.* 

4'Ar'j^fiilk [f'firsmi'tiiui; from f^fir**^, 
lb<i "iT"**!* 4'f Ibr bt'ud.*'J A ktriil of 
ppi' iiial tbiwvr-^tdka «.>f which 

ai< }c»ngcr, ^o tbut All Uic 

fl'-v arly "0 u level ut the t<*p* 

tor jTsn-bif er-fe.'* [From roriptt*- 
fc»M, A ••c«»ryiiib»*'ttnd /<Vv» lo •'benr,'*] 
A nnine givvn by Juwrcu I«j » fijiviititin 
of thcr oMor V*mf¥t»itift iodudifig the 

ftor^l'in-blf'cr-oitA. [t'oo niblf' * 
ertiw; frirnu far^m'ifUK, n 'Sm rvTiib," 
:in»l /Wo, to '* bn-ni^"] Jt' uib*, 

€'fiNr3r'«^» [SuppoM .ve<J 

frtiiuwiitHi. the " beuil;" oud „ : . i-iitS/*] 

A (itiipbl. ropy* mucous detin^ton f>om 

Lbe n4»»itTi1(i. 

('4>i4i«*>tiiit. The ^ecAiii of tho com- 

pUiiucnl ^it itn arc* fc^cc 8tn i^r, 

Co»*iM et ' le« I Cosmel ' Ir list t from 
KQcrjih^i^ Ui *- rtilorn."] Applktl to tncdi- 
eii»e« •ttfip*i«it*«l to bnvo Iht powtir of re- 
lui : <vd mid bbit«ilii>«. Mutiy 

t>ii^ ' il uy eoeuirliiti — bUvU )is 

Iv-^jii iitid orsonio — ^Fomoljinci 

j^ivc rise to euljtneuiii^ iirfpctbinjr, nnd 
*ifteii ennjic n j'cnnnneiil dctiiri oration 
tn rh<i k-xtoro of Ibc sktn. 

€'<»4-itioir o-it^. I C'oatihoiro' nto t 
from KMftoi^ ibe ** uni%*er«r/' »lMi t*!*-*?, 
'* birth/* "origin/*] Thjit eeiener tvtiich 
tn5»t« of the nrji^rin *'f the utiivcr^c 

('«WUiiiok; ' rfjb- fitij^^. [4 ^DrntMifcm** 
pliin; iVotn •'W^i^, tbo *' utiiVf-rK*/' tiud 
yp^-i4>**K lu "wrilt."] A UeMrftptiuii uf the 

Cfk^mol '€H£f* [€o»iitol«» '|^ i 

from *4i^i', I he **tittitrn<Ct" fttid A4)Of, u 
»• tlijfct»ur^e/*] The doetrinc or fix;ienfti» 
of the iinivente, its fortniktioii und ar- 

tW't^* A rib. (Pr. fM/e. km.) Th« 
ribft lire twenty- four itt niittibcr, — iwclvo 
'•11 eoeb ffide. The ^pueee) botwocii theiti 
»rn caHe«l inlcrctisiuJ irpiu^cdu Tbe nbi 
arc div'idod iulo — 

K The fruf^ ur wtrmo-vertthi'aL The 
first >ifvt'H pair* : #o ciitled because lhi?y 
arc uiiit4>d by their eartilaj^en to tho 
liternuui: thv^e arc* called ruMtuH!e9, or 
pretcrrtrs of ifa<» heart. 




2. The faUe, or rertebraf. The re- 
maining; five pairs, which aroiiaccesHivoIy 
united t>) the lowest true rib and to each 

The vertebral extremity of a rib is 
called the head; the contracted part 
which adjoins it forms the neck; at the 
back of the rib is the tubercle; farther 
outward the bone bends forward, pro- 
ducinj; the '»«♦/'<;, from which proceeds 
the bodif, which passes forwards and 
downward^ to the sternal extremity. 

The term r«*<n, or rib, is applied in 
Botany to the tapering, nerve-like sub- 
f«t«inou extending from the base to the 
ai>ftx of a leaf. 

CoM'ial. [€oM(a'llM; from cot'ta, a 
**rib."| Belonging t) a rib or ribs. 

€o.H'tnte. [VAtHta'tMMHi from con'ta, 
a "rib."J Furnished with nerves or 

CkMitiveneflH. Sue CoNSTirATiON. 

Con' to-. [From rot'tn, a "rib/'] A 
prefix in compound names, denoting 
connection with a rib or ribs. 

CotanKont. See Tangent. 

C6to. See ('oSTA. 

C4>tt4»n-l*lant« See (tossYPiUM. 

<'ol ton-Tree. See Bomb ax. 

Cotula. See Mayweed. 

C'otannll AqusediictiiM, or Cotan- 
nlwi, AqniHliict ofL See Aquhducf 
OK TIIK VKsriBrn'M. 

<?o-tnii'iii-iiH, Nerve o£ The na^io- 
palatinc uorve. 

C'/Otiiii'niiiM, Wn'ter of. A fluid 
within the membnino lining the vesti- 
bule and semicircular canals of the 

<'ot-5'-le'€lon, o'nii* [dr. KorvXrii V; 
fn»m Kor6\n, a ** cavity."] In Botany, 
the seed-lobe, or seminal leaf, of a young 
l)lant, perishing as the plant grows up. 
Tn tli nti/frdiuum ])lants (in the bran, 
for example) the cotyhidon consists <>f 
on" half of the seed, which, on germi- 
natin:C< diviilc* into two equal partn. 

<^»t.ylo'doniiH: fr mi cuti/fe'dmi.] Be- 
longing to cotyledons ; having cotyle- 

<'ot\f-lold. {rotylol'd€»»; from 
#ri-i5.\;, a ''sma'l drinking-cup."] Re- 
Hcmbling an anrient drinking-cup. 

<*ot'.yloifl <*nv'I-tj^. The same as 
Ai'::T\iiirn;M, which see. 

t'iMi, koo. A Fren<rh word signifying 
'*n«>(k." See ('oi.i.rM. 

<'oiiclie, koosh. [From courh'-r^ to 
"li'5 down.'* to "g* to bod:" also, to 
•• put to bed."] A French term si^nify- 

ing "child -bed," "confinement," « 
"delivery :" e.g. nnc eouche hcureu9c, fin 
koosh uh'ru*', "a happy delivery." 

C^oaeli'lng:. (Fr. Couc/ur, to "pot 
to bed," to *• cause to lie down;" beeaiiM 
the lens is pushed down from its apright 
position.) The operation of pattinf 
down or displacing the opaque lens in 

C^aeb'lng^Nec'dle. The instni- 
meut u;£cd in couching. 

Cousrb, kof, or kawf. [Lat. Tos'sIb; 
Fr. TonXf too.] A sonorons and violent 
expulsion <tf air from the lun^^s. 

Conlcnr, kooMun'. The French word 
for Co LOU, which see. 

Coamarin, or Ooamarlne, koo'- 
ma-rin. The odoriferous principle of 
the Tonka bean, the produce of the 
Coumaroi/na udota'ta. 

C^nnter-Exteiifdon. See Coxtba- 


Connter-Fiasiire. See Coktra- 
C^ounter-Indleatloii. See Contra- 


Coun'ter-Ir-ri-tH'tion. [Co]i'tr»> 
IrrltA'tio.] The application of a blister 
or other irritating substance to one part 
for tho purpose of relioviu": pain in an- 
other part, usually beneath or oi^aoent 
to the irritated surface. 

<'»anter-Openlnfir« See Contra- 

4';>untcr -Stroke. See Costfrb- 

<'oiBp de NRii|r« koo d^h 8o:««. Blood- 
stroke. A term used by some French 
j>hy.-icians to designate an instantaneous 
ai)«l universal congestion without any 
esc.»j»e of blood from the vessels. (Sc« 
Ai'oi'LKXv.) Some authors havo applied 
this name to luemorrhages occurring in 
diflerent parts of the body. 

C'oup de Noleil (Fr.), koo d^h 80*12l 
(or so'ldl'). A stroke of the sun ; gene- 
rally. :iny affcctiim produced by a scorch- 
ing sun. 

<^aB» de Vent (Fr.), koo dyh v6b«. 
A stroke of the wind ; an affection cause I 
by exposure to a keen wind, extremely 
coM, or with rain or sleet. 

<^onperoM^ ( Fr. ), koop'ro'zA'. (" Cop- 
per-colored") A term applied to the 
Ariir ronacra (or carbuncled face); so 
named from the redness of the spots. 

<V>iimp, koo'rAp'. A form of im- 
ptigo iM'culiar to India, described by 
Sauvagos under tho term Scabict In- 


<'oaronne« ko.t'ronn'. Tho French 

wvr4 fbr '^ofovii**' 8m Corona, mad 

< li^Jf. (Litc^ 

tertnia fumu vf bAodagu itj^iliud ti» Llic 

Oow'*tieli. The doira 

4»OT«Thlg liio po*l# of ihc i>f*r«>A"f /Mw'- 

liio cow, fmm wbtch the yu: u 
derive* ttj c<h^iii. 

€>»wf»<*r^ ^llnailii. 8eo AjittproS' 


«*»«'«». (Fr. Hnnrh^, 
t , , hiiuiicli. ur hi^i-jottit ; 

sl»", tfa« hfhttiiu Atlil f/ocryj-. Apjilivd 
In Zo*4o|5jf t»» ilic flfTl nrlteulAtiuij aC 
tUv f*M?t of Ui« C'i'^*#rat«(p<i, ArtMfkmd^^, 

ttta il lumrrtft. 

€%«•«• I n'lrMmi.* [Pfom rfxr'fT. liio 
"Hip," »Hti ^fl'ro, or /«'o, l« " wiMh/*j A 
hf>»h for thi? lower p'jrtion of die bad/: 

n ' " 

»"•.• [Ffuiforojr*tt, tllv"hiv.'" 
uj, - , ,, i-Ain/*) Paiii in fho ij*[>- 
j<iiot: liiji-joiiit diacaac, or Mot^hut cur- 

' »' - I'll*,* [Fmtn cfis^tt^ llifc 

njring t/t ihr hip-j'>inr, 
4„i,,^-,i . ;^m»* the gcnitii^f} |jlunii of 
irtiieh 9MU 

litti «rpcrnliu>«!4His Instiifinri ot tbtt hotio. 
TCttrn'o^* A prelii dcuoting connett- 

Wllh rhn fHvhhnn. 

^ 4>iick H'll'1«w. »Sw isALix PttAdi- 

4>»'itl<N [Ar'eatim.] A kind of 
fhim«r fiir kf" ' ' '•'' ^t*dcloihe.4 off a 
W4itiTi<1fd or '\K 

ftTtnifi* ^ ■ nun 't>ii*t Oer. 

~~ :rrt4l,ry 

t>hf. [C>ii3ilo«rr«k'- 

**irri!*/*] A dnTfiplion of ihf skull. 
r T». ttl »4 ii '41-^* [C'riftn i€>1o 'ftin ; 

I a* 

Tb« feienee whkh tntLlB of ikal!^ in 
roganl to their v&rictj of «httjif9, sixe, 
pp ♦portion f, etc, 
f >il*fiI-otii '€^t«>r, [OaMi too* ' <»• 

triiiti; fruto <'r%f*uiHmt iiud y^^fx*** a 
"iiie;ufur«."J An inBtruilMlit unr lli«lk- 

?urilf^ the rMi|ft#tiw. 

fn>m cm I Thfli 

<>p«iiin]f ^ ic ueccs- 

«>(»'flt*Ufll.* I IS f . ^^J'f*)' t fV<»l!l «4*i«» 

. the «he*ul/-J T" 'or 

K or the bcuili L h« 

• ■ i jU c<>nuc)ctH>ti&, uj^ 1 : iug 

lit VX^ilX i^'UtiM. 

t'nu|n«4iM^iii Ptilniotmlre (Fr.)p 
krAk'muic^ t^ulixiu^ncir. A crarklinn^ 
eattnd olti'U hriird af Ihn top of ih« 
luu|(i« itt lUc curljr slago uf pliUndt. 

rFiyi,=* 6Vn4r'irfJMiN,* or C'r«i«'#fii«».* 
*' F<»r to-morrow** 

t'arnsM^^iven ' (tiin.* [From c r«#'*w*i 
'* thick. *'j The soft, nliiiio;<t »oli»K mtisSp 
of B dcop brownish rtd. formed by ve- 
il mis blood £ooo afber it ba« been tax- 

rniMinljieew,^Vr ' ''"in 

Crum'mut'i. una \>{ \\\< ■■!• 

IH'r^ii'vtr^^ A ruj^ . , -.uitJ, 

jrruwitij;? tu bt»t iitid dry cktuiiti<ii», P»- 
iriMrkaldft frtf the «Tici~ttVnt nnktorc of 

jt**, t>r > rtvcr"), 

is * IfOod I .....,,,.. .. .,.,. .. . J, 

f.ilpmHy, n "cMip** «r "bowh" ai»uiilljr 
' the ntouth of a vu|*.*fiio>. 
r l-f4»rtii. [€>«il4>rilii>r'inlM ; 
... .->niiu\| FMi'uicd ttkc li buwL 

fntw. Tile crop of a bird. R«»c CftoP. 

€Vafi'-ri«li« or 4>»^'.ri»li* Tho 
i^nnftt'^y^tftiun, or (\ jtm-muii: 

4>^in of liluiC!, A utixturc of 
iimo iind vrivter n#.f*d for puHfyirp coul 
gajj. by it* pniporty of uti:»orbiti)r or 
coiubfniti^ With »nor*'f»f«Tminnltng (fnirp, 

Cr^antofTar likr. [€ rf^'morTiir'- 
tmrL] l^iturtmect or fniprrturfnit*?, of 

so<'tiiin; from *rpii»t, "H'^b/' rmtd ? ^w, 
to "prcftcirc/*] A ■ tly 

triitif^pttrent 1ifj|Utd» <\n 

pTf'^''-"'- -^ 'H'id, i»i.-i ..•■,(, -, , tur. 

It L rmrcoUct ityptie, pi»w«r- 

fulL . ftitd «ntiicwhfit cschoro- 

iir, ll.-^ J]:^t> intfsrnidlj' hii« brc^n rfkcmm- 
rnrndod in rbolcm. Mft-aickDv53r» and 
other aff<^<^tir'ti» of (b« irtomBch nr»d 
hnwclB. In largtt do»c9, tl is » dani^r* 



ouD poiiifiti. It has btien cmpUijod c%' 
U'tn^Uy wkti g^rent uttlvantai^u in some 

uutM^umU uk'ur!i. Tho c<liiur ot this 
tti^rk \uiii UHOtl it Kvith Ihc hHfipk'Mt I'lTtcta 
in tntlolunl anil iii.tli;:iirLnt ukci.^ ri.'>>ii1l- 
iiig from rhilblain, niXvr all t-h« ulliir 
Tofttcitteu usually rooutuaioiidod is iuflh 
OA^e-i had railed, 

C;riVaii«ft»u* W»'t«r. [A 'qua Creii- 
•M^'IL] Tciko iit {.'TOiiftAo u lliiidracbm ; 
dinLilk'd w;itor a pinL iMis lUciii, and 
iL;^ thti (iiijctiiru till the ar&udoto in 
dixaolvcd, (U.S. Ph., 1S«0.) 

t*t^'tv-f Jii* or <^r>wi;]ii4*. [CrMkti'* 
nit; O^m *f'r*i.\ ruar^j.,, •• Itt^fih,"] A uiLru- 
f^mhcii rr>\itj*lli*nblti flubtstunctj. A iioii- 
tml b'»dy cibtainod from n lUii'l produood 
by mixlnf; chopped nniiual mns^cto with 
an vquaX bulk of nra-tor, and subjpotins^ 
thifi, iu ft bug, to atroii;? proi^Mure. It 
d»*<!ft not oi^iobinc with oil her acila or 
alkuUoet. AUi> spelltid Krratin, 

Cre-fftil-iilim or Cr^-ai'I-nlni*. 
[4*reHtinl'iiJiL.} Ait alkali no base into 
^vlii»'h Crrttiit 19 ehiin^u L by bftititr^ 
wiih bydroohlorlc or other ucida. Also 
Bfi^rdlod KtTtttiinH. 

Vrec^i'Htx HlvU'nmiaw (Gor. AViV- 
Mkrankh'it, ki'cM»sjl-krAnk hit,) Tho 
nutiif* by which tho gnn^ronuM I'urtn ^4 
Kriruti^iu id knoivn iu iSunu^tty. Set; 

C!n*-in»^'ter.* [Fmm fpti^St^ tr» <* sob- 
|viTid/'] A fniiiikc'lc which fUp[^ortj Atul 
ennipro?Hi*M flm l^jsttrUi imd epcrtnutic 

^.. »^.l4, U^cH" SlT.ilVATlC Coiio, 

i^itt»r, eVtit.*' [Frtim rrpr/iKnif, tbo 

jtiioo of hu-rlpy/*] Urvam; any 

|.n)»-l:inuii Mkiniriutd from flit« »urtac<] of 

\ fluid : f4l?«'», II think doi^'M^ti iii of barky. 

l*rL*'fiJ«if«. lOtutii'liu*: from •Vfj'nn, 

n"not<'h.'*] Nulohed; dn^dlipod. 

l^rMa*ia-lilC-4Hl. [f!r(tni«li»'|.uM$ from 
ri't-w't^/ff, a "littlo iiukih/*J Uaving 
umall tif>tclii'5. 

ttrtiolc.] iVanliliii^, lyr itttUinj;. 

C 'rc>p-l-tA'il«»ii* [i*cv|»il4t 'il», n'nif$* 
fr mj ctf/t'tt^, fff/iut'tuKt, to **rrackU'/'l 
Tliy sound vutifrtid by prvs.^iti|ir ntiy por- 
f»i,,, -J - . ilular tiK«K», in whith air h 
V '^%iHi« Iho fninjcM. Aiau. tho 

n d by tho act ofrratrng ihu 

I'U l« jf :i rruotursd Iminj tngether. fc?«> 

t«» ♦* mako a noi^r.'*] The* dt»charp' of 
fCaa or flntnn rroin thu bowcR Tbo 
itfiMikMai; \\^*lm oocnjtrnDod by prus in r a 
part whon air ia i?o1)iwtQd in thn relinlar 

ti55uo. The jE^ratlti^ «on«atloo prodaocd 
by itic Duib of a rrHr.tiirod bone being 
rubl»ud a;:;ainEi( vueh vtiier. 

l*r«'«M*en UiiCfMi?,* k t&% * sen '••b«-4&*- 
?hr *'r krr!-ft-*cn-tr -' - ? >#♦• 

^•u-flii'oNii.s^ A 1 X- 

ogiTtums trt'L'^ nuti-' ; i"-*J. 

ffgjnns of Asia, AlrtciH aud Aui«ftc»t 
Tho chief plant of lhi« unlcr ia tha Cala* 
luifhtfrt " ' ' • ti'alic^) 

rUjV'/r, |;i irUit IU A 

cvbt'll whi I 

4'r«»t. li'rln* iM.] Applied in tcivofm] 
obj(M''t« which FuriDuunt utbgra. 

C'rf!fit'««l. [I'rititA'luift.] IlaviDg a 


i'ro'l^* [Trum ('n-'vi, thi» Ultuid of 
Crwtc] (Fr, CV,/i>, kts4.) Chalk. Tbt 
Pbaruiacoptvlal narau (Ed. and U.S. Hh,) 
for native iViablo earbonat-i^ of lima. 

Chalk."'; Tht^ Pbariuiioopadal uaUM 
(Br. Ph.) for chalk finely t*ulr«?riftr«l bj 

rre-lo'ecom. fCr«Ci»'«^iws froin 
c/r'M. "chulk/'] Of tho iiattiro of 
chalk ; t'halky. 

rre'tl-iiiilfn. [Oc^tftibi'tntiiit clj< 
Toolct^y tinticrtain.] An ♦■ndrtTitf d^t«fiii«o 
cominitii in S*v it na- 

t>(ithti(H count! i< '"r^, 

i^tiatod growth. win- 

kicd ikitit wan comptt.'Xion> vacaot ODd 
iftiipid ctmuk'nanue, miiebnfrrTt t*mPttMtii, 
idiocy, and compurativ*' in 

from cii'hro, r'n'ttrri*tniitf I ■ .... ., .iiiii) 
fiib'vtimf a " «icri>").] Tho act or pro- 
cess of sifting, or pniuiing through • 

CVibVf .roriti* f CVilirl f)>r 'inln; 

from ttifi'fMmt a "slovo."j Pciforatod 
like a ^icvu. 

Oi'tHK* A prefix donotiii^ jutnoh- 
mciit Ut iU(5 cri<.'oid e:ir(i1ni;c*i. 

('ri'cy>l€L [rrlc4»l «l«i and Crlcol'* 
«l4^iiM% Unxn nr/tkAd., a ^^rin;;/' and i*Ui, a 
"lorrn/'] Kisrtnlilinj; a rtn^, 

C rl'mld t^r II-lttKtu [f^iirtllii*e<» 
f Vlt^il <lc«^] Thu iianof giri^ii tu i>n«t 
•if (tut onrhlrijfo.H of tho lurynic. 

C*rlitaiu»l AlM»rll4iii. Hco F<KTfcMiK. 

Oi'iiitt<^. fCrlnn'tuiit fVotu ent*«f«i,} 
Jlavioii hair. 

4'rl'iiiM.* fFroio ^irt*. to "dinHlt- 
(rini<h"?] Tho hnir of tho h'*atl, c«|H>* 
oinlly of the back pnit. P*?e CAi'tlULir*. 

rrinold. i$'rin4»i'irt<>«i; fl-otn «r<- 
n»", ft *Mi1y." and c^\M, n **Corm.'*\ R^* 
Homblin^f a lily. 


■"Mia,* [Ur. t^W: fn:»in rpifw, to 
pnj7ti(th,'' t« '*}ii*igc,'* to " «JeeifIe,"J 
^fi. ,. ' ''.J.^tnttui/* '^liecifiitii/* or 
■I [n tbo CMUii^e uf a 

|i' III or iJertoii whuih tic- 

II cfiiiiiituti lujigimgey itjBi 

C>i»*l#.* A cresL Apfilktd in Anato- 

'*- '-^ ^'^ ■"-■'- -' '--nr-f fe- 

: I ttu dci^v^tiucu itbuut 

fbe pcetilkfir proot^^s utt tlto I'thiuuttl 
nun U( which tiiti ^Vi/4: crttbrt is si- 
Oi» tmi^, [rrftMln'fiiB } Crom ertVtii.] 

'Vl^oil. [Crli Icii*: rrom er-t'*t>, 

■ r " ^kftrminattejn/'] De- 

F'lt <iic of a tliJcBAe. Also 

I • af llfi* n* *1<?ci«irp "jf 

f L'uttstifulituu hftLit?, 

rri« ' ^.c. [_«'tiw rril'iPii.1 

mtttrnt-i^if* li«w*fHTiw irrf^L'tiUft iirnl uUi- 
ph ' ■ ■-! with 

-•, nt\(\ 
I fatul 
di«eftjirf. ^«'<? i ii4» or hirs. 

t>«»c>-n-ilil')Hliif»* ( Fru itt tcf tuf't^' thh;, 

tl»o **er«iftHlilis,**J A family of i^^Mifinn 

i|r|itit4>i> linvitig^ Uim cracuilik fur tbctr 

l>o>it»p* fOr. */*<«;, "Fnffrrm/* I A 

I. / »»/--jr. The 

J lie prvpArpit 


tirorvi*! N9<-tl AiiA." ih« »^t>tein:itin 

Bsmf "f fh*' "nfTrun-pljinitj iii»o culled 


iti'«io4i»] An enlnrtri'- 

u. 4.j;mi« in KinU: the i^niw. 

iiroiM liirtlB. | Pnrodjrn'lJi Per- 

1 kiud. 

la ir|i*a'4Xa/, a ♦*rttt' 
....:,t'i II ^<«fiii» of poi- 
iin*J in N"rih Amr^rifia, 

I A !>>• nitil ; 

'' ••iit^lr. iic'i. „,. J .. .;, 


Oof'rh^l. (Ff, Crne^rt, kro'»h&\ a 
•*h<Kik/*) A ci»rv«tl ttitflrutnent for ex- 
ir&elii);;^ thr fn^tUf. 

tiok." nlmh the k'o<Is of souto pUoU of 
thiii genu;* Arc r»ttiic«it lu rrMsnihlc] A 
l.ilitiii'An itetitifi of the gIoiss J/onorMt, 
iiuf'""' ■ •■'— '•' •- '■ ' -^rem. 

' " ur Clio 'tow 

Km I TK'mA*). Tho 

piaiit tcUii^tU U* tiiiuid CuKcurlila hnrk. 

('iuii'io?( Tiii'iiiM * n h«' plntit rn»in 
the »ce(ts<>f' which ^rototi oit i.x ohtniuirfl. 
It is » jsnmll tref or »hrnh, j^nififnn^ 
liiitiTc in Iftiido«(itti aihI tLu Kii&t ludiii. 
iAlunti*. i^cc Olki M Tun in 

€'ro'toii*j||<^, [C'rtito'iiaA, a'/i>,] 
A vomhititttioti of crutMOio aeid with ft 

o ^'kitid iif lick."] • afungttufl 

excrc»cotiee on trci* ^ tm wfinorX 

(■|eT.»). ><ow ilEUumv ' iiiaII 

ruii)f«»iii^ *?Acrc^e*'riei's uis ' uin* 

l>«^to»'lc A^*lil* 4\\< iiilmI 

fn'iu the t«crM mutter of cruli u tit I, 

m»f«in iHV 8n» Oieitm TmLtn 

rnilc»|iliiift. Pee Cikitu iir. 

(roup, kn'op. [(>uitnVli«' Trn- 
cti«'fi'lt$t.J A (U^vitra uiurkcfl hy hiiliori- 
oils uiid sufTitcatiTQ bmilbiuiitf wiib ii 
utrMiiiotiM n«n!»e, «bortf ilry ortuph, nnd 
iv\ ; II < f u coficii'iv tiiiiithraiHiiii* 

« rOitclfkJUi from er«ar, 

a "cn^ft/ J Fii-hai-ing to a cfuii* 
Oft'eliftI IffeiM'twii. Two incifictiit 

inifiTe <u ertjf^ enoh othrr, 
€'rii Viable. [< riiclb'tilttm: frr^in 

c^n'*-*", t« ** toit\irc/'J A Vi'f*<4 inadi} 
of b&kMl earthy ut wtt^U titett af a rv- 
ccptiielc for fiub^tjnccf ta be fuvetl ur 
c'Xp">tnI to n trrrut he»l. 

Cf tt»ril"er-jr,* | Frrw rrMj*, rriiVi**, 
a *'erof«,'* ntul /ff**o, to '♦Knar'* f^ce 
next arfirlc] A nntiiral i'fUer iif Kx« 
offn* • *boy »r*» *nitt tii poB.*:#»Nti ff nher* 

e:iI1 ■ ^ ■ ■■■ |it*r- 

ti toil 

Mu :.-- _. - :.,.-;_„ t .^i . ^eain- 

tive ot ihv!i urfiiT, 

I'rn-rif Vr*»iiii,* [Frr^in <»»i*», fTi»*f»«t 
a **cri't*,'* aii«| /r'ft*, lo "brar/'] Cm- 
cif 'rro«i*« Litrrnlty, '"henrini? m rrndn.'* 
Applied to plant* wbont* Howent ure in 
l}i«» form ^»f n orowp, l?*-e **fTi f-frru.«. 

€>?t'rl-f«pni* [Crta«lft»r'fliiiii; fmio 

t '♦cni#»','j i,U,K* *) CTO»». 

[Oti'fiilJiM. n'f*^ ; fr«iini 
...A. "J Kitd di^vjition : raw- 




•*#en*fiili.") l^tt|mlfirlyt f'tofulciu*! awdl- 
iug9 of tlju gluu<J»< of the neck. 

Ott'or, •>»"■.• The red or purpUsb 

C'rii'rqk,* ;r«ij. On rum, tbo plaral 
«! CitiiM. wliirh #ec, 

Cv^'rn C^r-e^-lM^l'U.' (The <' Lcf^e 

or Litulii uf tbc Ourubcllnm.") Two 

. Iirhito enrds, ext-etidirtfi^ ouu &1odi; th« 

tftirciiiniruroQoe of eiLob bfoibphoro uf tho 

(V /-*•!/# //#»«*. 

rm'rn C#r*e-I>H,» (Tb« *'L<!>e9 or 

Limb* ttf tho Ccrobruin.*') Two thick 

wltile /aatiruli, one fnnti tllo infcriur 

|#iirriice uf ciLoh bemisphcro t^if tbo cttt- 

Crn'raDI-^-phm^r'nt^lis." ("L«;;« 
«il fbu I»i i|iliraictu.") Tw « ivftpeniltctts 
j^Utiiitod bt.'hiu<] nu'l Itelijw tbo central 
[tend tin ut ihr iliaphr^ii^m. 

€Vli*m>'ii»." [Fruiii rr««, ^riiVr#, a 
**I«*^.") U(«tnni:tn)r r<i the log, Tho 
iimuiv tjf fi mui^rk* of the lei^, 

frti'ml. [OiirM'llii: frofn ttnn^ 

Iraj: niipHofl (%Ni> to the onirn^u* tnti^ele, 
On'nU Areb. OUitTirUo ualk'<l 

FftJIopiu*' *ir P'Mipnrts tigucnonU Sco 

Piuii'JUit'h Lku^ikxt. 
C^nirnl Il4*rtiii«. Sec lI«tt!riA Cntr- 


i'rna.* ^en. Cm'rln^ pturitl Crtt'nt. 
[From *p9P.*p to **kifk."] (Fr Jnmhr^ 
-thrtub. mjd fill^is. ) Thu Ion?, Ap- 
rptiiMJ ti «jrninu'tric»l projootirm* or ap- 
l,]>ouili»gVji, «M the L*/Mt or t'itbur beroU 
Ifphert*; in other wi^ris, tbo C7*ii»^ of tho 

C'ra«'li^* (Lit<?rnlly, ft'^nMt") Tho 
i?.xt.erii»l inivrr or «<h«?l! i» Ibu Motttffct^ 
CtH^tiXKKix, find in oortain iQiAuotf. Aleio, 
n i»firib. 

C*rQ<itiiei>n, krn« f n'sbo-n, orCriMta* 
ri*?*it«, kfN Pre nrtt lirttiilo* 

4'ritHliiri » t:i's*ii?-ilM, [From 

rf*(«'ru, ri ". *.. i- I " M-tiVsoiifi, lluring: 
tt hftril Nb»lU Appliud iu I ho plttrul tit5ii(i*r 
{C''H^tn*<^f t) to a of tst of Artyr^tthft'i in 
wbirh the imvoT*»p. or orii«l, is tisujtllj 
«i(hd mid morn or lr»f> ctibmiH^ous. 

4*r9'*apti'a*rti«.* {From*- ■ "- ' ' ' 
iind y^'**, t'i ** bear,*' to ** pn* 1 
nillj, "i*ob|-prod«irinsf/* An 
in whii>b wrvtcr i« mjide to IVct/.c l>> the 
crdd produced by itw <jwn ^iviipnrfttinn. 

€^r#p't^.* phim! €>jfT»'t!r, fFr»m 
«p<iT*tj, to " bi(b',"| k^okall rniind pojntjt 
fit tbf? t'liil of the iniDole itr<rfi4j« of tht> 
otirliniil KitbHtaniMs of tbr> kidneys t 11I0O, 
A fo1ttr>k. or fotlicolur gbiiid, 

t4s, "eouoealwd," "**b!!cnir«»." Hftd 

« 'vhoftd/'J A U]oa-»(i*r'r<«tu*« iti whkh 

lite bosd U itery iiuitll mid doco not 

pr ' -1 iiiik» 

< ^>«^ [S««iicxt«nifile.] 

Tl; ias* iif |d»ttt* in lb* j 

pyttvm ui hiHttiMiiiA. It euTupriMi ftll | 
fto»f<?rl«?8* pUiit«. {S« Cnti*mQ4itivft.l I 
Alt t«fbcr p1iint« iir« ioclDdrU umlor « ' 
^oc'ond grand division^ c&llcd PhtttiflffQ- 

*' hidden," or "wbacure" (Imtti «p*rT*», 
to *'bidc"), and yif'H, *'uiiptl»li/*l 
Literrilly, denotiiij,? pUnt* ♦• who-e mur- 
riage is ob.4cure or doubtful," Applied 
by Lini}t«u« to a ci«Jii whn^fy parti of 
fructificatioo have not bocu irofliAictiily 
&«ccrtuiiicd to refer tbctn to any clftut 
ttocordin^ to the ."iexil*! ifj*tm», 

Vrfp'tor'tHiM** [From «P^^, 
"concfAled/' and «pit*t. a "lettlirli^^'j 
One whose tcsticlod havo not doi^ended 
into tht> j><*rutntii. 

Cr^p'toiiA. [Oyp'tuft; from ffinSvTai, 
to *' hiile,"] lliddti'ti, or roix^caUnl* 

rrir«i'iaU [Lai. rrynuaittin, or 

porly, "t^ttMiLr ictu"] A hard, brifbl, 

truni^pnr^nt Kubirfnnoo, liki* ice or tht 

cb'^arotft glasi; Tb*» ,». mn, 1 rr. r.i Oftirr* 

a99iitficd by cry^tti lira 

tbey pass from a llu N'. 

f>j^M'tnl-llii« !•; 4 . < lin»t 

tab"] A p^ctil-- -1-' - ..u^tbtt 

baiii of the 11 irn?* «.f the cyo» 

Aifto, one of n 1? uf tb*i disiiU 

biti*m td' iiidii;i,r- 

rr^ii't^l-liiip. [0;>'i«liUirnti«; from 
tYia liHmivJ BcdoD}cUi|j; tu cry*tal; Uko < 
^Cryii't«IUi»r I^fia. A tmnsparont, 
doable QonveA Icim i«l(tifit«d in tbo fnro < 
peirt of tbo viLrc<>u>4 bumor of tho «>yc« 
It wnit forujerly ot'len colled the tcj/atnt' 

BA'iicN c»'irr*r ; from rrrr I't^ 

tftl."l A property hv wi if*- 1 

^■'- -t'- -' — - rr.^ 1...M. i.t a 

i< terminafct 

« ry Miul 1 1 Kit I l«»n. Wit ' l4*r of. Th al ^ 

portion of ^Tfit^T whu«h rombiiiD* wilh , 
!«iilL«f in tlio Ki'X '■■* ■• •'!i ' ■ fiad 
whiob eannot b** r doi« 

»«ri»ytiisf thoir ery«< i 

Ul|;rti'pl||jt; rn»m fryWoT/HiM^ a ^'firtV 

'•/^ to ** wtit*>."J A ilescrip 



t . ^ ;. ^^* loM. [€Vyi»tiaior4l4M; 
from rtyntiiVlnm. n "crr?tnl," iitnl i/r^^ 

A "fr.rrr' "] Hrtf-mMuii: cn'ptal, 

< I' 'L« I'l III.. [<'l4*niol'cl€*ii; rri»iii 
• - '/'nliJ ft'rVs, 14 " forni/'j 
Jl' ^. Ap(>licil ti) Ml tftdcr 

L tleolAtcd ecuk'8. 
ii, Sw Alcla. 

< .U €*ii'li«vi»: llr. it*<!o*.] A 
V '^ ^y >iiJ^ CMiiiikl tquarefl at 
n^ w<_. - with Lju'h ofb*!r. 

ra-tor'lN^" [Fn.m Ihv Amlrio TtfArt'- 
lwiA»j I'tilteli, Mr CulH'Uii. The i'barma- 
«o(»aMttl litLUic fur tbc burrtisa of tbu Aju^r 

Cti'br'iMP* ("Culvcbe"), llic |>larftl of 

l'ii-l»^ bin. (inbebl'mts fntm C«- 
b*'Un.\ A ei j6tallUio dubdtanco tibiaioinl 
Chilli (^uWbs. 

Cn'teeb*. Tij tbo ptuml, tbe Etif^iijih 
I«n2t }'ur I be berries of I be Piftft' eHttt^b*^. 

Fee Cf'tlMlA, 

€*it-bl>ft»r^iii|i«.* [Fr<tfn #•«%#«,] 
HiM tiiLC ^tii' foriti uf ti 4;ubft r cii'bif<»nii. 
^ n bi-iip'nn.^ l^^nuining to tbo 

( u bi-tnl. [4'iibifn'llM; rrotii ttu'- 
Ititu*.\ Bi<liiii:iri4 to (be fori^Artn. 

Cil'bl«tu«.* (Fnjiii en' ha, tu "litS 
doi^ii/'] iKr ' ' ' ►nL) The ff*r\^' 
mrm. exivmlu [be rlUow luii} 

writ: oln", II ihrnhitL 

Co b<»l«l» f 4 'ti[liM»i «!«» ; from «rT'(<^^ » 
"c«b»»*' BD'l i«t»A. tt '*fonu/*J Likt n 

n /<->«« I fl« 

€*a«nil*li»'rlfk'* [From t^ncutHmt a 
•*hoo4L') Ltk« a b'KKK 
I €'ii>iit-liit«w |f>i«al1a'tn«$ from 

^€*ti rnm-brr, Tbu fruit uf diffwrwot 

nit't^f*. Tbo fruit of 
f't'^ntiiM fulutjfttth**. Boo Coi.o- 

I t'a>iitnb«rr, Kqitlrf'Inir, Cn'i^iiin- 

ftOTn milll. Tbo Mnuntrtiirtt ctiitrn'nHi, 

4*M>H*fni»r,* c^Vn-miM.* A Lin- 
n .Ifffturcta, aatu- 


i . - .'• -r- _-^^, -. tiil,^ C^o'Cttlttlft 

A»***Pi uu«^^ Tiia JIu»utfdict9 elatv- 

r€^*emmtlm r4»I-4»^i^n*t1il»,» Tbo 

uvr umito ('f tbn jil^nt wbicib ymUKt 
Sloffjrntli : now fulk tl t'itt u/liiw cufi*. 

Cnturt^m* t'ruent*= Cvpuhhift't.A 

I'li-ciir'bl*!^* [Kn»m ritr'ro, fn 

A disiilUug vi.*]iMel jsbtice'l tike a i^uurd : 
n dii'cnrhit. Alau, a vup^jiug'^btfc. 6vv 


t'litftrbl inecir,* k u k ur- be- to '» b«« «. 

[Frt>«« rHc$4r'ln'fi%^ ii *'p»urd,"J A until- 
ml order, cocipri«itiit the mrkm, cucum- 
ber, gourd. And (iihcr vnltiable v^AntA. 
"Hhvy ore tui»»i iiburjd»»t in bot Mud 
(ntpico) dimtUcB. The fruit* »f many 

*|itHMCi of ruritnitA JUii pultttrfuUj ('•I- 

tiiAitie. Tbc ruAnr-VMiA i« in»c of (ho 
tuoi^i vsiluablui mvdictucif durivod frnin 
ibii ordor. 

€'ii-i>ur-l»l-tJl'€«oii«. [Ciif'tirbll«'» 

flavitije; ttu nrrHo^fmcnt ne in ibc ('khjiii*'' 
tnt'f, St'L' Cl CI ItinTAt'H J^.. 

Ca-ciir>>bif'ii-l^* [iHminntivo of 

curur'tita, J| "jKuUrd,**] A <!U|»|>ing- 
(:l«i(*i. ( Fr. VritiuHn*, \uii*>\nu%\) 

Ciiriirbit'tiln€*niMrii'f9* (m ''BlMody 
Cuj»ping-Ul»*»r" or * oe intfiitUMl lo 
dm«r bltM»d)« Cu«iirbll'ulii cuifi Fer^- 
ro-* ('*Cuppmi;-(tU?^» [n' ' . 'tli 
irrrn'*)* A ('n|t|iiti;;-;:lMi»i, n- 

ti*in. Tsituir- itfiplivd li. II III 

cufif a^i.Ml i*'t drnwiu^ itlomt, 

fw 1 I from tbo*« employed 

lo *r 

€i U% Riccfv* {A *'nry 

Cm}'! « fM»e ii»ed for dry 

l'mi|>iu;; i%ilkiJUt ftCiirlfiCllttUQ. 

Ciilwie yl^rA, kw^ks. f^« Frirriu 

Culvre I- , '. ' ' ' -■ ''rrjciTM. 


CliJtt»K any/' or 

**of wbub >f-u p-vii^v. * 

Ciil^caftac^Fr I.LUU^bi'dk. Atub« 
or crtvily olusicd fit nno vxA* 

Vikluu [€'iU'iiittM| rroiri #iAit^«c. n 
**re*ni/'J A reod, uv s^iriiw; the* prupcr 
Bt«m i>r trunk of gra«M4i<. tushes, etc. 

i'lil^ntirrr^iiiM. [rnlmilVmii; 
fr iia rvVmut, ***trikw," » "culm," jind 
y'V'i, to **bGiir,"J Boarin^ ur biiviiig 

fnl'ml-tivt-lng. (Cul'mlmtmii 

fn>m cij/'fiMrio, lo *'nrrivtj ut iho rcip, nr 
hivhoct paint, "] Applied piutTCulftrly la 
eion when ut tboir bi>:b«Bt point to ibo 

riil«IH-mr'flnl*».* [Fr«tn rviUer, a 
•*kiiii*e,**] Forujod Uko a knilb: cul'- 

C'li'iiiJ'iiitilt.* [Or. *i>iH»K-] A Ltn* 
iirofto gfrnjs <tf tbii Hasf ftrtttanfiiiu, no- 
turul ortl«r [i'mMii/9rm, 



Cnifil^uiiiii fy^-mt'nnm.* The 

plan! (''tirtiu, ur f'trn**' nhttt* (}fitt%tH*h'. 
€Hi'li«*-al. [ruuea'ltfn; fiom nt'iirKN, 

C*n'n4<-al4V [CaiuMt'tii*; fr.^m rw'- 
w*'^*, a '* wuOpij/'J Wti*lgc-Hhti|>e<l. 
Cii ' n IT- 1- tbr Of. [Cuuelf^r'mtM: 

Cunoitii»v««r,* ku-Mo-n»-a'ghc-5. 
[From Ciinn'tiin, uno uf the ^ncra.] A 
tiiiturui MfiiT cf oico^rennriii trt'««i nud 
ihriilis, fniiiKl in IiidiJi, J^otitli Arnoricai,clt% 

4!a'|krl, [FfMii t'M/>^/'Ai, « "cup."] A 
■mall vr'Mcl \i\ whtoli j^olU nn<l j-ilvtr 
' lrttl\mii| Uy m Itirtp thfm witfa lend* 

€^u*|»i*]-lA'tlfin. [C"u|M*ltni'llo,4>''»f M ,* 
from the t»jimt\] Tlu* |pii>oe!»# nrrefiiiiji^ 
gold nnd ^ilvnr l>y ueltln^ tbuiu tn it 
cufiol with UmmL 

€^ii'i»o-l^ Thft <lomc-Uko ejttivmlty 
of tlio (i^itiy^l of tin.'' t'ocMi^a. St'C rorili.iii. 

C'^up'liPfL Applied to the Iv'dlownd 
siirf.Kit! M' th^1 i.^t'fittntiiHrtitam of bluod 
euLt!<"d by iutLim Illation. 

€*tl|»'|»in^. Apjdiotitian of Cucur- 

4'tti»plnx <«1*iJ^M. E^ec CtriTUBiTrt*. 
C'u.]«rir >r-oii«i. [t^uprir'ern^ ; 

from fn'prn>ti, "Vit\>pi'.r" mid fr'rt), lu 
*M»«ftr."J VI*: iritiif or eimlsiinitiii eopffcr, 

C^'priim.* K**n. rn'|>rl. [From 
Kitf/^i, lliu ixhind of Cyprus* where Hio 
ftftoiontt pr><^nr(*d thf bo^t popper. J 
(Fr. Cnii^rf, l{vr6vii, ) TiPppt^r, n ri?d uietnU 
iD»tleabIciindduiHiU\ S|ieoifi<? gravity 8 A 

Cv'i'ui At-B'^fAs.* AtH'tnto of oijppur, 
irapr kpvrly oallo I dUtitltd or t^nfntat- 

Otf't'lll i^rDAt'K'TAS.* (**PllbjM»crftt'? 

of Copper.") Vordigrin, Tljr» ttruffit of 
thcs LoLfdun Phnrmaoopcciru It i» ^^otiu'- 

[tiino>< us»od iw Hti npplit'siUod lu nmtij?' 
fiunt tibters, and na an osehnrntio for 
▼ouero il wiirt*. 

C»it'»mm Hri/pitAH* Tho Pburnmeo- 
I ' ' \ (to r»f oopppr, or 

I ri Eiiiitill dimrs huii 

^ : I dirtrrbu'ii: hut it 

u uhiotly tiiuplitycd o!> till cxtorDul up- 
filioAtfon for in-<M»ndUtii>ni?d n1c«rs, nnd 
HM » «lypf"u' f 'f Meedinif Murfinn's. 

Cli'|ftl4ii^** {Tjilerully, fv**riip/') Ap- 
pTirtd in H'ditny t<j rho I'np or hgnk of 

rD«riulti phtntji, — i,'j, thp cup of iin acorn. 

Pl>rhtiiik of ibti hakKDl'Dut Alsti o»nt!d ti 

I'fl-ltn-llf 'i^r-w.* [.^»u" next tirtltd >.] 
A uiUiiiiil ordvr **f urh iic^e^nt or phnihby 
Rxojion«» prod«<^ing fnilt t nclon^d >n iv 
cup or htiflk. It compriici thu o»k, 


[From tH*p\tU%^ 

lumt dna^dly I 
ta u plttiii I 

ti t<i pr>l«uii I 

(Tram cii%, I 

heeeh, chn»innt» hutd. etc. Tli^y ubitttBil 

In itlb or U0:irly ii!?, ••■" •- ,•■—■'' 

An Hjttringent i«rii 
order Thii ordt-'i 
by Lindlcy. 

aiid/V'ru, to "bcar.'*J 

poMon, obtttined, i« 
belonjj|;inj^ to llie f n 
8of(th Aincripftn lifimn-' i 
ihntr Jirrown. 

<'nnitfOt* ku-m'iho-o. 
ttttut'tum^ to *'l»k<! our©** ttf, in ''ettrfc."! 
The (t'*^ttfffifi*r of a dl»c(|ji«. or vruQn^. 

C*iir-4fii'iii^* A LitiTi 1 - lit of 

the tdiiss Motttturlrin^ ii:i Ztm- 

*jib*far*fr. The root !a Afo- 

tnatio, s<«rnc?whj\t rpsri'ml' It 

\» mneh used in Indin irnt, 

and is one of the ir n entry. 

Also th» Pharmt)' lO for iko 

rbJ7orn:L of the Cttr> j-t, 

Vu r-cii 'tn^ I^n ^^ - T b«» tumi«rlo- j 

^'iirrii'mrt Pn'r - 
with :i deooftiori ni . 

dir-cii'inlii. [ i 
th« *' turiui*rie plant. "] Tlie eolvnug • 
Eurittcr of tiirtnerifi otdiiincd in a etitUi of ] 
pnriiy by i!t»|.: froTn it# eombl- 

nntion >«ith < : i. 

Turd. Ti urn which iepA* 

rfitcM frum mtlk upon ihe ftifditlon if J 
a«ld« r«nnot. or wine. 

€*arW»r,* ptiiriill.'iir-Mci'rM. fProml 
f<hi''fu, *'tn*»utn, Xi* "run/' I Applied to 
fjtmily of birds which ran alon;; tfia | 

€*ur4iff»'rl-iiM,* [Fmin thu immoul] 

Applii-d ITI the plural ntMitcr {raf\*ria\\ 
fo a imnily of nrthoptcn»u« \ntirtitfc Witk j 
legs «itlely iitbipttHi for innnint;. 

C'ii»eiti:M*4Mr^* kus KihtnVtie-H. A | 
nntdntl nrdi^r <d' *»^ntf«in*«ii«t pim<*]>t{mi| j 
p' I . Ctf^u^t^u \ 

h r. 

f .' . 'cottn f»f 

tlic ciiias i^0ntnn*irut> tiim i ' ^'f>», 

tfw'/r. Abo the Phuriv iinm 

{Wni. \*h.) of l!ir? b»irK . i»»- 

fmrin, or ^#. o/A'r ffi'n/o'. i a. 

Cii«|M»' r I » F«^l»rl r u — a, . i.: litre J 
KUppoacd by »oiae tu yicbl An^uiitani| 
bfirki tiow f*nllf*d n*tnphyti4in lr^/5>/t''flt ; i 
fit 'I t'» tho (Jittijtta eunpti ri lit Of \ 

» "point**) OuM'pidute. Hntinjj I 


fi polnlotl extremity* 

Applied In tbej 



OttJk'lMKMW i 

to cortain 

' ' '■ ' ' Tk^pa' I 
the I 

■' 'ilj.| 

oni/ m m ivMM iic^tvc^ IIiun mercury, ; 


- )«jiil 

t u>tf» u«<^tt»MiiM rit-IOA.-' I lie Pitt- 

iruDi'c t>f 11 very tliia CliM^hy 

<i : [Ctatle'ulAf dimittutivo 

oT fw'ri., liic **«kiii."] The Kyidtrmi^, 

m'tlM.* [Frum cji — », ft 

**tkiii" **r '*lii*lo»*'] Tl' ting 

of tltc Vntig rcro, Jietc jjjj; , ..i.d t*U- 

r*i' II* 4ft-*4*r-i'ti^*'^ ( "GfM w-*kiii/*) 

T!> ■ " .''il by 

c I tbo 

■lit);; tttf mIhih n| u pl(]i^ki^(i giHiJKti 

to aa aoitl cnuipuf^uil u( vyuaogca uiid 

^ «rtfi'*»-4rrfi. [ Frr-m «<apo^, ♦* btao/' 
»i. : A [tf^culiivr 

jir ii uu<l 0)4r- 

1^ It i« iutuotinivtf 

> i«o-|»ii^lbl'qu [From "rv«trt»f, 

, .... , **Uluc 4U$<iii»u>;" ttJiulhur U»rtu 

rFr, r. 

> vt« rO'***i***«^'l tints from 
^ r-timtiinotkin gf «yiui- 

c>iiaii'rlrii».] Bc< 

■iiijgcti liatl uriudj ttppUed 

..:„ "- rintirl'ii»; from 
. tbt? " urijio,"] 

ii**ru|>,"j i*huj»o4 like a cup: oy'nllii- 

i>>-tlilut,« ( Froiii «ici%. ji " drink 
iiig*cup/'] in iynecr\pittmt, it iigni- 

C.> . cik-i|^-dK'iliG Cii or Cy* 

ol Uie graem.j A #iiiiill Duhirni order 
uf v^jLugcUDQfc (rt'i^M nttd >liHihK, hi^nd in 
the tro|itc«i. Si ^ Avr 

fiiinUh Alarch ■ i| 

for foruL Thi . . .:..,.ily 

oluj<3i'd with the Pulmit. 

O'eiM llr.<<Miii'llm« Aw K*f<i In- 
dijtti ti"l**>'l^^'^'i t^u tieu. trill |MiKU.«tk tif 
viliich yifld^ h kind <»r ira^o, 

VJ-VIc*. (<>'rlwn5 from «w»^, n 
"circle,"] ApptUd t<» a r«vcihtli«n uf 
tbe Biiti c»f iwcuty-eigbt ycAfw^ ntid of 
th« moou of uiinitci'n jr^uni- A iH>niiu(]jil 
r(?v<>bitiriii of uuinhere wKich \so on 
withotil intorriiptiiiii tu thii Ubi, utid Lhen 
roUim t*» tlio fii?t. 

Vj^dl-eiui.» [From KPii>9i, n •*Hrf1<»,*T 
rU'lonjiin^' (•♦ a cyclo or ■ lie, 

Aptdied in Lht* idnrnl nr' «i) 

to ft ftiimty of oolcuptiTi^i.:, ..v.. m 
which tho body U g«oerAllj orbieuiu? or 


|'|'f*-i«k.i»rti»irii-i««i'iii4h» €':fe*l«»* 

liriiii4 li l-utk,' [Fnin ni'cUim^ uiid 
^r/iti. Am* r***, "' hinUig fttfun-hitt,"] Ap- 
plJod in lh«« pltiml ii«iiU'r {i\/cffthrmtckt- 

«'/«) to lin ttnJcTftf fff /'ffirrff fitftfi'rttpittfnt 

itk viUicU ihii hf • M to: cyc!' 

hibriiiich'iiitii, ' 

a ''circUu" and (fantjfin'tNt, ^Tomislicd 

with gntisrlift/* «r ''having ;^ai)gHn/*J A 

lirm sippliiul hy ?ouif nnfnnLli>l« l« lh« 

fourth iub^kingdom ff anitiiiil««or ^/m/- 

Ariiirfi, coitiprbinj; NniitiiiU uitiplly tti|itulic, 

f<low>tnovLn»f m filed* wilfatiut iutertfnl 

hkclctnTi. rnvF rotl with n piumtttu'tit chU 

IIP ehclL nnd di*^ 

i:h <1f^ t»h»j»m^^iit of 

M - If. lib Hiid tht'ir cirenlftr 

<T) nrftunil ihu (r)i'(*phiiKttt^« T))fl 

III' the Tt'ttivato, Concfiijttn, 

^ c tokl. I € y riol '«l4w s frr nt «^>ef , 

n ♦'oircVij," and cJwi, u "ft»rai.**] Kcceiu- 
ldii]i>; II olfck'. 
f*|^c-l«^iieui'r^^ [Froai *^fAcif, •"cir- 

cle^" ttUd ^H'liO.^. A " 

npfiUcd It - ' 


I'oiint <d (' 

■jil JO llilt^dUUivu* 

A tcmi 

ft rut #Mb» 
'. on nc- 




^^j^r-]omf^it'rii!i.* fFrotn tho snm«,] 
Ifjivtnjr n firr-iibir riervnua iirningL^motit. 
Sue rroce«liu;j urlickv 

^j^e^lfm'lfHiiiuM.* [Frutn ciirXi«, itnrt 

<rrAfitt^ n " tinHith/'] (** Iluttiitl-ui'<ulh(Ml,") 
Af^plioi) in th<* jiltiral tnn^culinr [(yf,iutt'^ 
r*i»it) in a, tnuiily of Tn^hca. Alau tmmcil 

^•flo'ttl*^^ [Frutti fytltm, \n Crete, 
wlipru ir lit nuM t*> 1>P tirttive.] A Hn- 
' Iliitiiij |*i'Mit« uf tUo cliuta Ictuumdrutf 
nnturii>t <^>f4cr fi"i*t*rrfr. 

Ctfttnttin, or qnlni'o rroo. 

^y-fltt'iil-nm.* Tht3 Uhiirmiicoposijil 
tinijH' l'(*r ^|uitH"t."-icLMl*, vvhich lire iftniu'- 
timcs UHCil in uK^'liciue f(>r tbiiir luiioi- 

V^ffiy'nlnni Mn'lnm.* ('^Oydoiifftii 
Appk'.") Th« «|uinco: tbfi I'liiU of fho 

€'j^*lln<1rl-t'iii. [C^lln'dricitM*] 

Shnp<.Ml liko II rylin^lor. 

€'j^*lln-4lrl-f«»r'iiilib* [From cyh'n*' 
ft'-if9, IV ♦'o>'li»<ler,"] Shiiped like u eyl- 

€*tt'lii-clr«ilfl. [Cytlnfln>lilo9»; 

frnm ev/i«'*/r«s ft **(iylifi<lor/' nnil ^rJo,', 
a " f<»rm."] Bost-mblinn: a fvllii'li^r. 

C\f ni'bl-fbrin, | C>inbirr*r'ttitfi; 
ftam i'lfftt'l'^t, a '*ht*sit,"] Blniptnli UIco a. 
hunt, ^cc X.wif II, vi(ii*» ScAr-itoin. 

^jpme, ur V^'m^.* [t*r. (r*Va, ft 
'^itcm »►!" c'oJewort.'*] A kind f*f inflo- 
IV«i5 'HOP, likis l.hrif, uf (h«» dih-r* rnKeju- 
blini; « coryiiil". iiinl I'oii'^ir^tiij;; of sU'Vorul 
flnw(«r-KrNlk;s Kprin^Miirr frmn uue cvuLtc, 
isjirh irrf^^iilriity «nl»*livi'1i'iK 

(l\f*ti«ritiini.* Tho rhairntA4jf>p(pifil 
iiiittu' (Lonil> Ph ) Tur l!ic fruit of Cttmi- 

^^•iiHii'clii?,* [Fnmi f<wy, R 'Mo|r,*' 
iiTnf 4)(^h»» tn "^irHnjjIe.'*! (Fr, AH'fitir, 
fin*'%Mn*.) luf\itu\nxi\lhm nf tins tbronf ; 
•rtr« Ihront. A jrt'uit:* of iho orelor f'htttf^ 
mn»m^ ahtitn l^i^itwjritr^ of CuIIlmi'ii NoboU 

Vyiiii'i'Hi4* nii'llK-n^.* Putrid 
prin* itiriMit, "ften »n att<L'ndant un iCAr- 

^>tinn>tM« l*Hr-<i-ti<l'c^*^ This 
•aino »» pAininriK, 

Cynititrlie FhrtryiiK^iw Sec Pra« 

%ynt%n'rh** T<iM*><tl*ln>l«." T^^tt- 


croup; <ithorwi»C cAllfil Cynitttehw tarft^^^ 
€*3'niiiif*tir rir<»r«im. SoeToif 


**d«t^," i\[\ii >u(i'{'ij^i , n *• nifin.") A kind 1 
of Mrf'iu(f,t,(i(*, in wittnh lh<p pnlinfit 1 
fnticics hinijiclr chnnj;cd ittto s difg, ftntl'J 
hniliitps )l» Imrk and urtiont^ 

Diil niimc of thii |ri*riirt» ni* 

thltitle like plnnt iciowin^ In 

of Eurftpe i»nd eiilt»v«ti»<l f^r the tivhjrj 

iwcet ri'cfptnek' of its t!«wcr«. It 1rir1«ior» I 

U> the l.innifim cli' ' ^ 

mixed witb wiiMj 1 

ilrivpffiefi. (Fitr luilur inlurnmtM*n mt 
BiiAynie'ii " IHctionnrj of J^i<M>ee.") 
V#n'l-<*«»»** { Krum rtw*-.] Ltkv »1 

opterons insect fi»u!»d in the jniH < 
ottk. The »rj*n il8«lf !:» Prtll^d r> 
»ff^/N«. ur lJ)C'"ne't »»r tt 
V,f "-o-llw'i*^.* [Ft' 
and \wrTu, '• iutidm''tK"j 
tice^K. Sec HviviHii'iioiiu. 

nnd rtji*(K. *' appctit**."! r 

€> pcmo<*ii*.* ?ip*er 
o-l'<te«ttt%* [From ^'y^' 
gencni,] Scdg«?, A iiahirnl (♦rtiur ofi 
rndtt^cnou" pTtt«<»-likf pl«n»-. found fll" 
niarj'hi'H, ditcht»s, njcjid^p 
from the Arctic to t!i*' 
Si>inc upccioK «f it ttrc .. . . 
Th« Egyptiai] iStjtyru* belougB to tlii 

i>p«*ror4l<>fp,* Tbo Jctr^luiiKii nitg 
of II nntuml urdor of pliintn. See Crr-j 

KRAri J.. 

i*y-prl*|>e*«ll"Miii,* [From ic««i«t« 
nnntu of Vt'iniK, ui*d rnW, n "ullpprr/ 
"Vi'nns'si Slippi»r/' The Ftmrtnai 
pcpial ni»i«€? \V.'^. rh.) of ihti riHJt of 

lh«* (^^firifJfr'tfittlU pttt*f*'rtinwt 

CyprtM Tiir'|H»ti''^liii«*- A limpid, 
fraprntit «nh,-t«nci: nlttiiincd frt.fii tb( 

€>filli%«'« J' I *ho-?, A naffl^j 

nil nrdiir ul < rnhft, nMite» 

North Arnrrikiv, iticludiHjt the VyrtH* 
and two nthiT t«:i'ii^*tt« 

A li^riii dutit^liiije nttum^ the 
reciirvAtlon of the »piiMs *»i 
firn«krdt»ttf». It baa moi* n'« 
tvruivd r^r(<^(M'ci«fi« or «*«'<^i" 



»>* Srt' LltM|:< r,«8V. 

the ** til»tlal(ir. 'J Bulougitij; to tku urU 


lj!__ . ^ . ■ 

dwty iortam titOi^HCliM cuufmHiti* vrkuiw^V' 

!■■ -:-.■ ^>- M '^ "/ iS. 

lailtsU bia'idvr'vriirm. Ap|:flie>il to m 
fh^r\%%n of K-it.ii.u% pnf«fnrkyMntn^ other* 

I 4*-in#. [4yjiliri>lle< 

oil! -'ii . -'-. It "*lild ltlL'r,'\A/, 

thtf "j^ftti. 1 '♦oulL"J Op>«r»- 

ti>*i hv whi i\0 l» extriKJUnl 

T : fniDi wvrrtf, Hw 

. , - , ■ jnbftanoc* very 

. II uriftAiy ct«)ciiia«; aUu lormod 

ii>f| or inut'tiA. 
C/^^ilr-rhir I*.* fFr«m Atnt, th9 

fl >w/') Atna- 
^'ii«lil«r; vciskMil 

. '- . -.liKV. 

f «'l|ji** [Ur. tci'tHu the *' liltt«iaer,*') 
^HfMrtWii. TU« iiuiniHiranijili b'l}? in vrbicli 

,,,„ r , - ■ ' ■ . . 1..- ^r.iili," 

Mi'l c^M* » "iKtonr."] A ntri^ kin>1 «»r 

rHe m;*tihi«l o|K'niti|i;, 

"iiituftr-"] Uor 

, blAflittr U pro- 

itl dHmf, •' jiuin/*J Pilin in 

the tij«u?A^t, n-^forni.'T 1# 

■01II or bluililt^r. 

^^j^«.f«^|ftljtM'il«%[i>t«io|*1iM ilriM*] 

Lleiitrif^iii^ >'• 1.M ?!"i(,.t-iv. 
Vi« t«»-|>liMt-C^. [4>i«10f»1il*»||lt; 

ttitai «itf<mi:, tbr " blmltlL'r," mtU irXiisv««p 
li> ♦♦ fiihriojdir/'] iipnn^ti^n f'«r Vi»<iG>n« 

vnr"' / - ■ ; Ing 

li ll rt, 

by -' „ , ^ '.f 

tlUt fine 

^^i»*»a*|ile'i(tl-^« 4\f«>t«>.|ftl^«l^« 

|(> "*#lnkt?/'] I r. 

'* blii4«Jor,*' untl vnnw, t<i "Imii. i He* 
la.xtktlon of tUo intonittl eu«l of tho 
M)i«blcr, vfhioh jir»truilv4 tntu tbc tir«- 


i 1'- rti, the "blatlbr/' anil 

'] UctoQi^iijg lu »piutm 

A knitv or iu?trumont t^ttijiluy^od in C^** 

• > slt-^ft-no'ebc-f, fFroui 

f-^ii,--. ... ,1 Ibc '_*"" ' 1 ^ ♦^^*Mriw1 

ortii«r nr pnm^itleAf i-i, 

found in Hmithftm I r||« 

I'nwof Ooo.l 1 1. ►I,... 

Vjri1*«ilit. {otiHl'iiM,] A bitter 
pniK'ii'lolMunil m thunuvUj'uf Ibe Vytimuw 


Vj^t l-nfifl.* [Or. w^piwfj A Lifl- 
nwHfi jKtMiti*< of (bn fW'fH Di*tt1tt^iat 

%*fH%Min K«^»-|ui'rt««iM,* One of the 

u»tM*>J *»f flic brootn-|iilut]L'«»«l»li«4it. (t'^'twhlii^tat frrdn 

(T^rv^;, Ik *'i'uvit^v/' and ftXacrjrcu, t«) **biid'* 
or **bqn»t iVtrth/' t« "produfc."] Tho 

'■'"" ■-'■ —■"'■'■*■ •■' -1' •"■■-;fury rutr- 

iiiri! tis* 



[rjr»Ukl'«l4-«« ftwm < 

I ittttiou of morb&il i^iwlhfr 





^'^^t-CKHlAM-le'iii^ tk'tln* Till! fluid 
tilt ttiotluT lu^unl iu HiiicU tliooulld eun- 
tftinitig the uuoktu^ or vytttblaittt tirtgi- 

**c'ttviry/' or "veil/' lujti yi#«|Miu tu "W ' 
or colli ; c»U'4uvclu|j|iicoU 


IK ^ Do'tU* A ''do»<j/' 

%%t%^'rfH>*, [ Vn>m f'.'up***', n. ** tonr. ' '] 
A iifc-flx ilcnotiuj; i^utinei^tiuD witli Ihe 
laehrirninl iifkpumtun. 

I»iMr>y*««-iHlcii>l'll«* %diti.* [From 
dur'ttfii, ttiid fnifHi'tU, " mflaintDAtioii of 
I » gUind."] ludiimtimtum uf the laebrj- 
mal ^Ijinil. 

fri'iu i itpivift i% ** tcftr," und <7/*'rt», ik 
**Wj4:" f>r "sac.**] Thu iHohryinal mm. 

l>ae-rjf-o»^.t«*-ti<l*H I*/m.» [From 
tb^' osiiud.J InMammution of the lachry- 

UUll «JIC, 

I>j%f-r^-o-^j|^pii*io-'blm*ttr»r-rh«c '9- ^^ 

IFrom t5.i*pw, 11 " t*'ar/' and tfUnnnrrhtt^ft^ 

• tliiw of mufMi«i/'] A disehargo of uiu- 
' Qus from the Inchrymnl euc. 

»ftc-rjf^-o-hiPiii-«r-rha*>,» [From 
tycipuiif, a "tear.'' and hirmat'rhtm'tt^ a 
"fl.WHfhlr.od.-V ' ' 

l.if»nt nra (lownf 1. 

^n4•'rj^-<»-litc^ ^ 
dttiptytt't litid X<^, tt *'nt*»ii«. ' [ A uuiou- 
lou**i3Mne.rc)({on in the l:udiryoiiil pasi^n^u. 

Iliic-rj^«4>'iu^ a/^.« [Frmn Aw/w^.i, 
to "wet'p."] An iili-^truetiun in t>o« or 
lM»th Mf thf/MMi-fM httkttiumimt QiiWAXW^ 
an ovorrt'tw of I curs. 

l>4»«-t^*lir>r-u».* Boiiring diitcs. 
8er» noJtl arlk'tw. 

I>i»e'l5'-l«w.^^ [Prom AurXo^, a *' fin- 
ger;" n "dale," from Ug reAi»mldi%nc0 to 
A aioiill lj»;;i!r.] Tho ^itmo aa I^ioiti'm. 
Alfto, the diifr, or fmitof PhtrnU^ dttrt^/^ 

Itn^'nifi-no-itiA'nl-^* [FromAn^»'i 

tlio "dovilt'' und ^lUicia, "• maUiU'Ss/'] A 

Krlcty (»f MftttMeLtiiti in which the p»* 

^ipiil ftinrien himnidf |Mii(w«<wd by devils. 

l)iliriti«mHitjp<**iii> ^«r'ni-ti|t. [Kroin 

M. ihitfUf n-f, «IA t^iiiu', tlin di^ctivtimr, 

ttiMl f't'ftn*, It "Hki'iiv?",'* or "figuro" of 

way thirty.] The riVi'Join or proc*!** «*f 

IpT^t-livMii* fiioroi*^ liy thu nction of l<)fbt 

rod niot:iJliti |ihiNj«i in- 

I I jneu by M. Uflxiicrrrv. 

ll'ilhJln«*. A voirrtuble f>riuniid<J db- 
ciivf rfd IT* th** dafiHi^ «iinJtrir lo M»roh. 
Ilnltijl *» (dnwl'br'n) C'nr-mlti Vtlvis 

A popniar empirical ourininutivu lor 



«dl ul' pvppurmml, 4Udb>ou^ Miiil uUudr 
uroutiUiu oils. 

ttikl l4Mvltoi. [Billion!' -rr' la. 
AblHty to di«tiTijLrni-li u^i i'al- 

toiir the cebjbratud vh- ctifd 


Dniti'fwli-Itove. Tlus /feiMt ccttl»A^i(t, 

Omni*. (<H.r* !)****> ftj\ ♦•vjn>ur/') A 
term applivd (o iiojii<Hts {ruM't^ fumid 10 
miiU'Mt Scfl CfioitK-D-vnr otid Fim- 

niuii'M»ii. [A cQrmptifin of hamm*- 
crSojiMs "bvb>tiKitii( itt Dtti, "1 Tb«» 

t^nit of IV vuri* (y <'l Iho /' ' .n 

llftn^l«>-li'«»n. (Fr •on, 

duip»'dvh'i^'6ir>\ lik« Utut*$'»d"Ht •ignifj- 

inir ** LioM'fi. Tooth/') Tli» Lrnn^Utdnm 

■ >ntu tSco TAIlAXArrH* 

^iriir. [riirrtir, ttriV] The 

/ 'itt/riiftm Cttfnttr. 

UHMttter «lt^ Nitlnt tinjr, dOs* d^h 
*ftM ^^, Tl>t* French naniu for (.'hwrtt, 
llitpti'nc«^ [ t^*iV'#ij.] A Linntciui 

f^t'tHl.*! id fhi* cbitttf Orl»tr$firi»f, umtUftd 
ordir J'/tt/mt loi'tir. 

tN«|fb'M«!> Al-t»l'n^^ A dw»rf g^m* 
oicii of I.hiftftfu, fruin whicdt ha^ bevfi oU* 
tiiincd nn arrid ulknlinc prioriplf^ called 
Dapjimm, whirfi fn'i'. 

t»tiph'n«* CJitMlant* (nid'c-aii)). 
Tbtr bftrk of Ihitf tivu b imiptoyvd io 
Ffftnoo as a vtaiojitdry under *be ti»iiio« 
of iMphtu Gnrftti {ilMHk' ^k'nm-j, 

Iii»plin<* M^mtfr^Htn, Sc« tioKi iir* 


Ilii|rb'ii« M«^^*rc^mn (or 91^>««> 
rc'ufni.^ Sl»«rj:<»-idivi!L Thu |d»nt 
wliich iill'un.Ia nii*f<jrt!L>ti bark< Bins Mn- 

llNiM»ti'nlu*t»r Ikaiiti'tilntfv 1 lMii|il|* 
iil'iiM.] An Aorid, v<>l mv 

prfni^ipto. obtnitiud fr<mi i the 

Ihtfih'fH' Alffi'nn-, U i* ilu- pnuoipW 
(iM tA euppofic'd) to vthic-'h (hu diHiTi'Dt 
*pceiei< of I/nphnv owii their Yc«iciktlng 
puwi r. 

INir'KMi.* [Or. Mf^^ *'«kinDeii/* or, 
fwrbiip8, '* ni^do Ukn skin," " mt^i^ttiblijtg 
(ikiii i" from ^t**t, ft " ekiii/'] The 


ctvlfiiliir tt»Qtf utibjiieent to tbc nkin or 
whu'ii, (tiirltiji^ lif«;» Lhu lutti-T ih inirrQ- 

«p|ili««l by Ptviicli Aiittiorr tu ctilfV<a<iit 
to ftijno f»rpUy U'-iifly \\ '" 

Xt,\ Ttie ff*iit «jf til' i , lu, or 

lNiti»«'Arar,* (lAt-!9-1iii'*l)c«-?. A 

iil> iiJi)»irnl ur<l'*f of «^ 
ftiuiifl in Ktrrii|H\ !ti 
AmprioA. It incJti'lc* tliv 
18 tf«5«l us « fmr^iittre in f*»Tcr 

BUHtw'ry,* A Liiitijviio (rcnu.s nt ihc 

lliomffp|>fr, fir J.uuty^iuvrn wecil. Sec 

> >i. [It»ln'rln.j Ati iilkii' 

1' ., . >li«euvcr(!<J in £hUu*iM Hrtt' 

»• t >l Rii'<llY*« f"Ro«>l of the 

i" ' r\. 

g« ;. , .t, nntfinU 

Ilrttf run CH-ro'tjm* The pystemAtIc 

«> 1' t'linimon g»rflei-ciwTot 

i- . . ....uiltti*««. S«*^ NvrrnTtir'TA. 

i»u> ..ilAr«». llit'ritlinA VIiHIm«i'* 

IHtr?*,] S spr-r^io* of intMihu* o.H'firrin^ 
ill! -. jui 1 »ttcn<l*?<l with 

ih ! «*e^-iiro on the chest 

ir Im , — « niirhiraare. 

II. IK — />• r-^' '"/ V Let it n- dvrn tn." 
He. A hiit\t\ rmrtri'ld Ui-m 

I? -'--■- * • --■•"- , 

»>r Mcftrly th« 
for N' Mu: e.g. 
drt'ttutii*, tii fi **boil tho- 
rn Mr nl 7 j" ''• f'tr'mti, *' fonn/* 
♦«l?nM?p,*' *M »«,..,., ,, \^* "rJenrirc of 
pTHf»fi Mr Iwautjcj" rferofl</i«»»<, lo **««- 

• MubfuliiMle. The ^f'royj** 

■^» TMimhnt>RBiir{ffing 

»« 111 Df»#ilbnlk»n. 8<f6 

" Let the T**n Iw ^hl<jcl/* 


[r^nil'ltjui^ from 

<ifh*itm^ "WHilk. 

n iFr f\nLl,MM«, fk*- 

hl^^f'.) ^v 

; «k'e»Jf 

Uf J^trvUf;! 


D«-lft. Si ' 

, .*rM'f/o,* 

thb*itK iSjtinnitu'dim*, "of « due Ctiuvitf* 

IK«r* = Dfrnn'tti.^ ** Ponr ^tflf/* 

l»4<«r'^-lC4»ii, [iH*r«Ht«>'f»itm« f^m 

''T r ^:r'o-l»Al. [li<*<M||f>'iili».J Be- 
ll (iecdi^Qii ,' bnving the rortu 

I»<*rfiirmtitnt<'« '^ek'^-frrAm. [IkM^A* 
lE^rani ' ntm *»'»«,' from iotm, "ten/' liltd 
I Tr Ten grftramc^, of|aiit to 

l.^^. I roy. 

I>i • _.^ I. Sfi* DucAGVjcrrji. 

IH<r-iHni' ■» !-«»• * [ F r< 1 m <W<i, * • ti?n ," 
nii'l yi^n. » ** wrkuutn** or**ftiiiiiile.*'J ItMV- 
tnij ten f. lived to n tiionn^nn 

rrritcr coiK )l« with Icii pJAltU. 

ItMMtliti., . k^tr*. [Frtj>m ^W**, 
••teii,"im<i (Fr.) i*tix.\ Ten litr«w, iit|Uttl 
to «1*).2J^ English eiibic inch<>9. 

nemmotrp, fJek'ft^me'fr (Frt-nch 
|tn>tiuii4<liitiott, (lAkdmiitr'). [Frfrn tW*«, 

**lcn,"rilt'l I l^*^ i..r,>., ^ T '"'rf"<,in|UJll 

ro3«ri.71 1 t thirty- 

Iwt an! (i li'ct, 

l>e-mu tiri'ij. [Ki iiu 'mu, "ten/* 
flnd rif^ip, •*rnft»" or ''inale/*] A cl»i«a 
<>f plant?* in the Linnivuu fystcin. char- 
Ht!li;rif.i'<| hy huvln;; tt?ri .■^lumnriii, 

D<*-t^ii'ilrt-on«, [tli^nii'flrliiMt] 

I>t*-c*nn-la'floci, [llrcanm'tlo.] 

Th<* jHiurin;^ off of cletir tluj<l from ?cdi- 
f»f<(«-9^phj^l'l(»Rft. [Ilemplijrl'lttM; 

fnmi '*"M. *' Ujo/' nud y'^,\>ity» «. "le»f.**J 
Hnvin^ ton leiive*. 

nocn|fltnll«»ii« Sec DrmtL VTtf>H. 

I>«^>(*Jip'«>-<l^* or I^cT'^-fiOfte, 

[From /«rj, *'t4»n/' «ii»l ffon, ir^'iii, u 
••foot,*'] A ttntne ^iven hy Cuvier to 
nn ortl«r of Criistnccftuw httvini* ton 
tht.r - *, • A" i: .1 . .^11^ 

of < vo 

fmni the Le;id, <v*n •>! wiii^^lt, < ,iU*Ni foi- 
f or frit, liTv AlwHy.i lonj«:«P than tli»^ re»i. 
ne-rfi|»'«»-<loiii«. fl>«*<*tt|*'oifii«; 

rp"m f'f«;«, " U'ti." ftml -viV. !T*»^. 3t *' fo<»t/*J 
tlternlty, •' Imving t<ni feet.'* Hce Du* 

"ten." Atil /ta'^Of to "«lenvo,**j Cl*ft 
into ten paH« : deeom'fidous, 




IW>«-<»<p>m-lor'ii-li»r. [I^c«<>^iiilucn- 

lik'riM; Iroiii ^/i-'fr^n, '*teii," uikI ior'nftnt^ 
A "litttc! pookot'J Mikviug tou litllo 

t^c-cl«l'ti-9«° [Scfl DKCiTiPrs.] A 
Bi»nnjify uifiiibruiiei »»r vhui^on, proilueed 
at tliu period of cooocptioii, and thrown 
i*lT from the uioriiH nder peirttiritiui), 

C1411 Kt'>-at^x'^* Thu siium lis Di!:ciLii.'A 
Ri.iJ.r.V I. wlni'h t-eo. 

DiH^IU'uii .Hc^ffubra'uit (f>r Tu'nlcm) 
D'ti^rf.^ ('* Uecjtiuou.'* Mrmbratie ut thu 
Utcru!*/') Tbe same a* DKCiJtrA Vkr*- 

l>«M*f«ruA Rf>ao3i'^^* Tluit portion 
ol tbo lU'oiduu wliioli id rcdccted over, 
Hud <^m ri^und.i. the ovuro. 

D^^lil'un ¥e'rfi.^ That portion of 
the deeidiiii wljkt;li lines the iutcrior of 
lilt' otunir*. 

iK*-c 111' •■•«».* [From dti}*idu^ to 
*♦ IjiU d.iwij," to '*falt off.'J Fttllmg off: 


U(H*i|;:rAiniiie, dos''sa-gi*jiin. (Fr. 

'inuun, *Mi}iilh," and (Kr.) fjmmmff.] The 
'CenMi (itirt of II grtitutnc, o^ual to i.;»41 
Igmius nivoirdupoiii, or yno Aud a liftlf 
'frnins iroy. 

f«*M*. "" tt'jjrli.'*iiuil (Fi. )if/^' '- 

pnrt of rt litr.', ci|UuJ t<i fl. I' ^ ii 

ciihic I II id I OS, 

tNH*lint*irfS dowii'e-roiS'liV (Frvnoh 

Iinitiiiiit.'iuliim, dAv<i'm*'tn'). [From (/c»/- 

|f^ji#*, *'lvnlh/' mid {Vt.) uiitrr.] Thy 

%(^^\i\ |Hirl oC 3k nielro, oquitl to IJ»\)^7, uf 

B^jtrly rotii% Kai^lii^h incbos. 

l»4*-vli'ii»l. [From fW/t'iio, to "tvetid 
dowiiiviiid3«/'| Applied tu tho F)opi» of 
nttfttn Irnin sin n\'\^. 

IH^ ll«iiitt«>. [Dc4?lliiii'Mui; from 
till' diinjfi ] hotiiliti^f ilf»wn. 

l>f**cirvlM*^ [From c/r, "down," and 
e^^'f^*, thu '•de<<L'piit of a hill,"] De- 
[ •o«>iii)in^> 

l^r«*o4*1, -= fhi^ffUam.* " A dccn(?tli>n.'* 

IJ4«-<*tMi ti^,' this pliinil of Dkoooti M. 

lli*«4M't4^« dA kidi'tA'. The Frtfotdi for 
1>K( iM-TiM, ifliifh »e«» 

IK»-«aetlon. [tle<<oe'tuitii or I>^ 
i»t»r'i|i>, o'iiM / froiJi lie, ^'dc^wti/' nrid 
f'j'^-io. t*itc'tttut» lo " bi>il."] A continiied 
ehiillitioti with waicft t*i (^rparuto sucdi 
|iarlt uf budiva hj^ are iiuluht« only nt 
I iKnt di'>frp<? nf hiuii» A niodirinc rond*^ 
hy boHiu)? Moiiie mi'diiunid »((ib^L:iiK<<3 ia 
II wutvry fliild. In tbi« Urtir f-ignifimi- 
litJii It correKpuuds to llKLOitUM, whicdi 


pi II ml lK*-«<tK!'l^ 

[From the inmc] A dwwtiftii» Th» 
IMuirmiioopan^d term for a tnwilictiiul J 
pa*|iiiriitli*n mudv by iKjiling •nmo v^|;«- I 
tablg suhAmiK^e in wjUt'f f«*r th«* purpoM I 
of vKtructiu;; the ^^dohEi 1 1 -. 

Dei'w** I mil ( ^'•■.irn'r i «iie- 

liimtil Icchuid M03.S/') I iaihl ] 

Mosb hiUf »i Lroyouiicc: waUr, » «u(&' ' 
eicut quantity. Boil the It^iilnnd M<««i | 
ia a pint of ^ " ' Mtji**^ 

ftruin with njf|, 

ciinit Wtttcr till niftka 

tho deiMoGtiori lot-nroiu u pint, 

Decoc'InmCliI-fimpli |.|w^« f'^IV. i 
eoelion of Pipitirsewa. \| Tnk' ' 
i-crta, bruisedt »* troyoumu? : wjh 
cit'iU qimntity. I)4»il Iho pip*i 
pint of wiitcr fiftct-n nutiiit4 s, »irnin« and < 
add sijffictteut water through the straiu«r { 
to n»3tkc thv ih^'iieliun itua^urc n pint, 

(" ItecoftitJii <*f Yiillow fiiicbMUii.") T»kf» | 
of y tallow cinebunH, bmi^cd. a trt>yitniic«<( { 
water, ft ^ufTti'iunt i|tmntity, Htdl ihn 
yiillow oinrhonn in h p'l 1 fnr | 

(IfttM-n iiiiuuti'it. strain, in iont * 

wjitor lhriUip;h tho f*iniliM :. : lb« j 

d(HTO{.''ltt)0 iiit'it.^tiie » pinl^ 

I>r<*<i€?'Miiii C'itt*rli<*'ftat> Rii'Im«n* | 
(••iJwotii'.n m: :; ' ' , honii*") Tak© ' 
uf led ciiudii I. a troy*4un«. 

wiitur. II suHi lily. Hoil thu ^ 

red rinohoDM in a pint fvf wottr for { 
litUeij niiiintt ti, Ktmin. and add KuflOtrifiiil 
wiitiT throu^di the ^^traincir to uiuku the 
(]lc*CHVotii<n int-n-^UiiH a pint^ 

Becoe'tum Car' 11 Am FUtr'l^iti.^ 
('* IliK?<*ctiii'0 of l)*'gwofML"ji Tokc of 
duj^wmtd, hrui»od« a troyonnre; wttt<^r, a 
»uflru'i<»nt qujUMity, Doil the dtiavi^^d 
in a pint of wilier for fifu*rn niinulr^ 
Ktmin, iind iid<l t^itftloicnt natvr thruii|;h 
tbu struiuor to uiako th« deomstion iiif»* , 
Bare n pInK 

C" .r^wcH.'*J Take uf hilttff- 

*\^i , 1. {i tioyonnoc; wiiter, a 

tiufhcient quantity, iloil thir hittert<wr«( 
in a pint of wjitt^r fikr fiftcin iainutf«« 
iitrtiin. nnd iidd #u(ficit'tU watrr lhri>ugh 1 
the Htminur to mako ibv di'eoclion Uica- ' 
?uii> a pint. 

I»4*c*«M^'Uin] Ittriif^lox'fai** | 

(" tliLMTi.L'ti'll (if LiigHuoiL "f Tak* of lift 
wood, niMpod, a troy'iinoc, water, ti mili- 
cientquuntity. lioil thi^ lop^wtiod in iiptiit ' 
of wntor ri*r fiflton niiinn- - >». ■■ Mid 
odd >-uniuJt3ni wilier ihro* »|] 

to tuuko the dteootion i»i' 1.1. 

lH«r«>«*'tuiii Iit>r'«l4»-f. ^ L»tc<ioti<^il • 
*>i Li fir lev.") Ttikc of hrirley :wo irwy- 


frutfrTf ft #tHT" 

BtiUlttr> ttrliik'li jiilHrrv hi .... ;. I 

U Willi h.4lf a iiiia ui wittt^r for & »b<>n 
liittc. rtn I thr 'W aw^itv fli« nivulltng 
ti ' iti^f ffurvtl on ll four 

I auff Wtl Uown iu twt» 

m «|u««rV«W Alliir.* 

( Wliito Oiik Jiark/'i Tiilio 

1 H UiU u-ik b»rk« bnnKaU m. tro>'wmi(^0; 

water, ft JufficicDt quunrity. Uu\\ Ibo 

f an.iilitl ii<ltl .«ufttrk'iit 

-tratrurr Uj tiiftku tbo 

:ir»-rilliir t'fittt- 

II* ' »» I'lioti 

• i Imrk 



i|Uttrter of mn U»mr. ^triiin. auJ nUil 

'■-■'■-''—■ '*■ '' ■ ■' — -nrir l*t 


.., '; hik.. «.» b^iit^kj*, luui^ilf 


water, II lufficicnl quiiiitily. 

• ■ '.r iv.r 

I tent 


^irl'r'iil.* ("Diw»«* 


. 1^1. ) Ti^ko of urn ^ - 


fviiltir^ tt Milfu'itsnt <|tiM i 


ur-i Ml .» i-iiit «i( wftt. 1 

nr| n^iil jfiiflickitii. 


iicr tit luakv the 


'*] A]»pU<*<l to 
i Mf th« eliitil ia 

l»4'M lUifHNMUpflHur* 

tii>,«» Uv<% or ■•fnniu 

ttiid c V 'III, to " (>ul to 

Kother*") TUo Ktt'^iiiirAtiui) of eortipoiiml 
baliui tutu their eojifitilutaut parts or 

' ' ^^, 

ia*,* [Fruuj the 

Hm- fL^iMiiiiiii' iilurul 
■■>n of 

vr I' ;iv» •, cmtli 


•y irufii niV-, prir . of "from/* nuti 

«>i '<#ar, " luifk.^J Tli« reinoYal of liatk, 
husk, or »*hpU, 
INw'rf^Oftfriit* " l»-*»***»f«f n'tMWii 

fn»m W^r^'rtV-^, to ■ J Thfl 

de(*n»Hfo af pf u|HirtUi 1 1 my Ihiiig 

iioi- MC'O 

'*Lvin>f fiown/' vf. Uu ._. uig duwu'* (i.e. 

I>ft-4*ii l»l-liii«.*' [From ft-,um*ht>,tU- 
ro'fcfViti**. to *'Itc drtWn/'J ^ vn, 

or r<»clinin;f in t!t« borir^ n. 

Au imporCiint nj iii|it<*m in ^.-i Hit- 

tMi#<'» ii^i to liv ob!»ervi»<l frotn llio nianii«r 

uf Ivtll4f in lK?il. 

IHH<*tini'lM*ii«.* [From tlio •niaa.] 
LyiiH^ ilttwn : (Utouiu'hviit, 

IW»^«r'rrtt«..» [From Hf*Hr*r**, d#- 
rur'ttufttt to "run tlowrt/*] AppUod tu 
liMivoK which run 4i>*wrt tho <«(Gtii in m 
Ifttfv hurtlcr or witii;: tlct*ur'ri*iit, 

tNx<ttr'«l«'r. [Il«s*iiffi»l'vu«: frnm 
thi* Mume,] Applu'l »rt biivr* th»t r«n 
(lowti I he iilutii, uttuehml hy ihrlr mitlilla 
in?n'<» only. 

M'titm, t'» "cpoci*' (l'r<»m </*'♦«#'•*'•, tb« 
rtumWr ' liou," ri*prtfjie»to«l bjr « cruRK, 
X),] To croM each otbcT. 6«o ii«Kt 

Dv^e-iiM-Mi'lioit* [IV^ii«Mii'tl<ii, 

o'tftM ; friitn Ihc Hiuii«>,] Thi? ir.^i-fing 

" ' " ' ' v*arl iiJi^ 

hiu tli0 

n<*'<ii»-«o'rl*mo.^ Au luiftratimDi 
far rl(«prp»ti&g th« Ultra tn&(ct nfler ire- 

IN* lA. flii I». ^ f>« /)»> in iii'w.a 
**Fn*ii» tliiv to djiy," 

IM^DiiliAtlf^ cl&'f&'TAlv«i»\ Tho 

'^ ^/' Like the 



I>c*f-«>rn I kMi. [ IN^fiVCil ' ttow <»' n f • ; 

from fi^fiw*tsi, fi*f^r>i'tnm, tit *' flnpHvn c»^ 

thr ■! -.-■.--.. ,,^1, 

of M- ' ■ ^ ' - _, I' of 

ly^rf^rilou* eb f*ik*»he*o. (Troin A^- 
»*»w. to ♦•liM^k" or "fill!."] A fMlUnc; 
o fHiling of he»ri« 9lr«nglh, or mtu-^ 

l><»ft«'llo An 1-iMl.* ytpmtlv. tho 
157 ' 



**f]itliiig or IbemiiK];" hcnco, fiinting^ 

Iftc'f'rr'^iiflu'' I^ItmiJ iieutor Iteff^r- 
«tStljiH» ilef-or-t'Q'Hhu'*** [From ti*/%ro, 
to *• carry tlowu," tu '*cwnvt'y/'l Ci»n- 
y^yiu^z: iU'r'*'ri-nt Sec Vas iH;n:iLKNs, 

rierii^ltr»'llan4 [IH^llni^ra tlo, 

O'm**; froiu iit'/i'l'ffi'Of dejlHtjrtt'Uimt U» 

l«o ''pet on llr«/' to *'bo uttoilj cud> 

•iijiicfl/'] The burning of iid itiHamuia* 

[b!« t*nb«t}inco or tni-Ul with nilr«, chlo- 

*rftto *»r potaih. etc. 

Dc'IIpjc. [f>eflf>x''iiAi: from tirjitv'itu 
to " Ijorni tlowii/*] itending a little 

IK*-fla'r»te. []^cil<«rit'tas; from 
df/tf\*j,df;futt/tHm, fy *'di'llower."] A|i- 
plieii In juithcFB thnt ljav« aliud tbolr 
potk'iK Jinrl ftUritii, thvir t^ower*. 

D4>r-t4»-rn'tion. { l^^ll«»rl•l ici* o'nin ; 
from t1iL> «.'ittic } In Mr li«.nl .Uiriapru- 
dc^mts t'odiu'ction without viokmfe, in 
C<*iitriidi#ruiuiiun frum ra|io« Lobb nf 
tbtt rnnrk^ of virginity hy cooui^ctiuD 
with II iiiiilt:* 

Df'lliixit>n» do-flilk'tihiin. [Hv- 

flam'io, n'mii; from f/c» "down/' mud 
jUi'tt^jitij-'nm ftrjltn'tunh In ♦♦flow,"] A 
flowlnt; of hiiinori^ downwjirdft* 

lle-fo-11-n'4 *4>1i* []»proU»'tio, n'nfa; 
from flf, priv., mid jWiinm, :i ♦'U'uf."] 
Tile full of luiivcf, ns etuitradiptii);,'!!!?!!!*"*! 
fnon trniHli'SL'tmc*.', or their rftHfvutioii. 

Df-ror-nin'lloii. (Ilof1r«riatn'(lo, 

oSm# ,* from fh/tn'mn^ iii/>iirit>t/(unt, Ui 

**tyj%r" or **disli|fTiri"/*l L)i^tt»rtiou of 

ftoy pnrtt or jijonpr^il defwrmily of tUo body, 

DiH^n^c'r-A'tiwA* [L;it, D«ir«>iiem'- 

tiO»4i'M/tt,* from driji'ft'fftsfifttfrtfriui'lunt, 
lo bo ♦♦ worrf« Ihnti one's nnoyxfors;** Fr. 

»4 rS, r.Hi.n Ap|diodiii Pathal u^y t» 5 
I ii|^tf in thu I'ti'UcturL^ uf purLi; 

r «ii>Ari:oi ». DrnnxKriATiOH, 

lHu-lii>t1'tion. [ l>f{cliiti'*l<Ki»'i**'ii/ 

from ft^i/Zu'tin, th'rffftt'ftHK. to "-wftllow 

dijwn."] Tho lift of Mwnllowinc'^ 

Vkr^rt^f'm [Liil, Gr»'<lii«i» u '*ittip/' 
fir "iiink.'"j Thii ;t<ilMh part nf n oirclo. 
Ali't, the raiik or litki of Ituchtloiv Miiii* 
i«r, or l>u«tor, oonfi^rrtMl hy I ho Fiiptilty 
©f u iiiih'frislty ur e'klkf^'e. See Dch ti*k. 
lHp-lilt4'v«*itcHs [I>4*tili»r4^tt'iint from 
e/<*&r«%it. ti* "j;tipe'* or ""loir>l opt-ii/'] A 
hnr«( ni: t>\vn, Apptiod to oapfuTc*. 

i>«'->lil«i'v<*ll'- f From thl^«ililU1.] Opim- 
iog or ApUriingi »« ihi^CApsuksoroortAin 

•* Alvinn ilnii'ctifm*/* 

dtji'eiot ti^Jrv'tttm^ to •'throw ilcfWU."] 
The di#ch»rg:ii uf nny itxcrY<tn««nttti»«i« 
timtti^r; aIi^u. the* timtt^r dbohari^Mt ; • I 
»tmd, or cravutttiun of tho lurwcH. Abo, 
doprc-=^i«m. e\H ' e pruj^lmUun. 

iN'ltiyikiii. The Frrneh 

term iMf l"!!* T-ec, 

Hel-e-lc'rl-ouM. ili4'>t«*l4*'rltiii; fr^m 
ttrUtio, (trlr't»itt^ to " dr^trr*y/'J Lflt- 
Tti\[y\ ♦Muatroying," Jt^itriuUf; fM»U 

I>el-I*ira'li«ti. [Drlfcu'iltK 4»'«if f i 
from drVitju, dttlvfttUnm, tii '*biinl Wjf,**\ 
Tho act of Hftplvinie- a bnndRe*^ 

W^^l-\ t y <; -:. '■ 

CO, to * 

b4>die£< ill cuii:>vhu(7u«« ui their ■lixvoUiig i 
water from the nir. 

I>ctl<|aluiii«'» di)4lk^we-nm. fFmra j 
fir lift' ipttt, to 'M'uih'j A fuiliii^: m tmwt' 
in;; or t<wooniit|;, 

Dellq'tiliani Anl-nil.^ ("Fotllof J 
of tht; Mind/') Swonnmp or fwinttnj;; ] 
(lyn'copo; aJror enlk-'d i^' f. 

D<sllrl-iiin.» [1^1 t«i 

♦•ruvo."] A ^ytoptom oi . __ m hn* 
ui|r fit fid Mnd wtmikrinc in tnlk^ 

bin :; 1 ►, r r, />r i, ff Ttrmhhmt, \ 

dA 16it' An jLtfiftfoti n»* 

riidtitij^ t Lc?*ivc indiiljtetuf tm | 

ittrtiiiji^ Jiiinura* or opttuu. Se« MAKtA 4 i 


n«*1-l»f^iK''^>«»ii<<f<w [Trtnn liefftf'nu ' 
to " Wv hid."^ A ffrm uprd prmeifnilly 
hy Ihv French ]diy!*iolog^irt!i toexprvM l» 
inorw sudden dii4«ippr*nr»n<te of t\w «yi»p' 
(otii9 of iulbmmiition than civcari} to 

I»o«llV'cr*f , (Fr. JUiitter. di i^vn&V 
to **frrf».") Thm («xpu1nion of n ehihl by 
tho mother, or itt dxtrnotion by «h« o|w 
fitetrioAl prnctitiointr, TU** oxpuUbiii of 
thft phiecitlit und mciidit-nmt**, howirr^fi { 
u iieoc»s.*!try to ooTnp)«tc tlo« delivery. 

tH'^l-phiii'le A^'lfl. An sold iiro- 
€iirrd from the idl of the lMfjhf*H»9iti*' 
fflttm, or do||.hin. 

D«>l-|ttilfil*ftiti** I From ^A^^^t^. th« ' 
"dolpbin/'l A Linnn^ftn ^rnnn of tb" 
oht"* PttttffHtftrut, v^* '•• -^ ,...»-.. f'^tttrn* 

rufufrfi'^ A'pio the ' ' .'Otl* j 

iV,S. Ph„ IMOi f,. fhl 

fthiiiiHui *'uf(Hntith9. Aft u dti^rtlio, it J* I 
itomidiitie»« jriirn in dropj*ir, 

nct|»hlii'ltini H|Afft'li«f*«ii 6«f*f'^ I 
The phint stuvio^jonf*, 

Dcl'tolil, I l><<llof 'fit's; from ^, (bo | 
Or<M»k trinnentiir Ii»ttcr. nitd >'.Vk. *j 
"form/*] Shaped like the Gr<K-k Ut'ir j 



' tiittaole < iint. 

filif 1 1 Ihc (li-lt^i'l luustilc. 

/' -) Wjuil «»f iutoil«CJt; 

» M".' .V - -..-»ity., 

D««-«ner'»ia«k.* ^From demur' ffn^ tir- 
mrr •4«i. to "ilijt in Winter.**} Oruwiiijif 
Wtit'iLili the -•arfrn^c<>f w»»tr, Apfilict] to 
l«tti>c« iintur.illv «•* >ituttte4l. 

rN^tnl-Bnin, <1iu^ h'ln*. (" Hnlf- 

iIc^-iuQ.Uikiu'aIiU'^ ; fruiii JfiHHt'cr.'^ (o 
"inothc,"] (Fr. A >/**»»- ia^'ttttm, X\l,u f^\ 
ton*',) "Soatliitjg [in«iricin«5*]/* Ap- 
pliexl to [QcilioinoB uf » muoilogiuuus or 
oily tiun«i»lt*ii<tc. 

U«u 'tf rlwfomii. { D<*iMlrlfor 'mlii ; 
frnm Af><S^i, A '• lree."J Forujeil liko » 

filTurf of t iri*c t»r *lir«K obsorvcd iu 
i^i»-ilrlt'le. [llMiclrUiean; frnin 

,J Ik'lotjj^intf ti> n fn-o or •liritU. 
II>riiHil«ti<x ra^i^li j^ > j l>rnf I rog^r A '• 

to * write/'] A hbtofy af ir*.'*3» ftiiJ 

tl<e»'arold. [I^'tMJrfil'dfMt rr<»rii 
«V-^W, o *'lriH'," nn«l *'An, ft **fonn»"J 

D«*n'tlr<Hlilc. | l>i«ii«lrotl't«#i; from 

' , »"tniv," iiwil XrAc,-, « " »t«mt'."] A 

t<tttp<l tri'e or <ihruli. 

^ lNm-«lnftl ti-ltf • [ l*fudrwh»'|rln ; 

fium ^'^r, ft *'(rc«,'* ftii4 ^'iy9r, a "dij-^ 

IMMHWE)."! A trv«ttJso ou trvMs; thid «ci- 

•miiti froui tVyfrt/. ft *'trtt>/' mid itifpat, 
ft "id'>a'ure/'j An iuitruincjat f«r to^o- 

I> _ " 'A, A fever i^f 

^ liy fh»ir|» jMiiis 

ti> _ ';;•. and geiicrul 

n^rti'f -in^' t ton. f i>4*n tittHt ' tk> : 

li in."] 

A fniiu 

it- ,L, , . .'., . >i^, 


uplift lA>M»'iilm* T'LionV Tooth.") 

Tbo WUno lt#>livluiti, t»r Lrun'tudmk 

Befits fU.jr*'. Tbo Friineh far "loolh." 
Sec I>ic\s. 

I»en'iii^pv^^» [Frotn d^-n*, nnd iSyya, 

Alst», n kint] of foiccp*, or twoth-key, 
fur CAtrsii'titi^: tirth, 

I>ettifilr«s i^vv DtCVTAI.* 

Dfii'tAl, [Dt'fitM'lIsi: froui ^tmn, 
f/«i*'<M, O ♦'ti*orh.'"] (Fr. iJrutturr, dOv*'- 
tt^itMi PtrtJiinioi^ to (ceUi. 

IN^ifWt^* TUo name of tbo n^uoud 
vritt*ltrJi, »u uullt'il fri»m iid i)ri»jiiH?titig 

lN*ti'|*fe. [I^entn'tiui; fTx^mdeHt,] 

Ilcn'l4'4t^ f;L'n. Dcntiitm, d<Mi'idtc- 
uTii. thu plurftl of Dt^:NN» u "t<.'uUi.** S«e 

D«^it'f4^ CiiMviil-dffc'll.* or ^ituply 
C'it«f»lfl» tL « Four pointed t<?cth, two 
iu civcli j»wr. (iltiiAlvd iMljoitiitig: Atid pos- 
terior lo tbo latrra) incieor*. Thc« two 
cMi.'^lMrlnti of tli> - - ,v ai-e »u pupu- 
Inr IfttijiuniTc > rli. 

IN^ii't«*M^iA|»M r I, ipe-mj'aliP'V*), 
The *'Te«.tb <•( W ^MJ^iii/' or wbdutru 
tucth. A nttuie i:iv«n to th« Itist irrind«r 
It'fth. I'C' iiti-e they oonit* ies " nii, 

ikf'ii->ll<''li-l»t«». <»r !>' 'ill- 

ctl, [IH^nllfuln'liui: fr •\*0^ 

dirnihuttvc ol 4/rM«.] IIaiui:; iitt^- Uith. 

Den 'll-frle#. [IN^nlirrlVlnwis 

from */<***, tt "tooth," and //'*'«*, tit 
"ruh/'j A m{>dlcinftl fHnndor fur iUu 
tc^Hh: tooth-powdtT. 

Ilen'llfll4^ or i»4*ii lln* [Dc^lFnAS 
from d*H*, « '^tifoth.*] Th*j hone-liki! 
^iittotunco loruiinii: Ihc inner p.irt <«(' tho 
budy, in ok, uiid ri^ots of thi^ ic^ilh. 

Dt^ii^tl-roft'trift.* plural DiMt^- 
roM'ireAw [From c/rfi«, ft "ifmth/* nnd 
ro#'/fii«»i, ft **Vt«ftk."] Applied in Iho 
pltinil lo It ftimiiy of hiriL-« h:ivinjj^ a 
tooth like* Im* tk : iteolir^i-'triili". 

ilc*n-ll-MM*ill'|»1-uru.^ [From thuM^a 
*'tootli," und vf^nCftit, to ''tfctftpc/'} All 
il}««tniment for ««Qaling tCM^th, 

Ileii'll ilon. [IH^tall tt«»tO'«ifA, from 
dtffi'tio, iitiui'lum^ to *"hretd or produce 
treth.' j Tho driit Appearing of tho tooth 
in infivnry: Uwtbini;. 

HeiBtinm. Soo Dk}vtba. 

I>i'ii'fiiitii Cor't^'iL.^ (''Bark or 
Rilid »i the To^'th.") A nimw appltml 
to the ouftmcl vrhlch forms th« roo^t im- 
portant imrt f»f ihn oovrring of llio 
rt^cth. F* 

I>«'n'f» .I'.* ("Pftinoftbo 

Ttv'th.") ; UvfJi*, 

D4»ll^t4»l<i« jlN*tl«Ol'llCtt$ frftm ^rHA, 



Oo*nn'«bit«* [ll«HMli*'fn«» ftam 
thttuUfuf ii'ruutin'tnmf to ** luako bans"] 
MjuJo ii»rc, 

lK<ii-n-4lJ»'tloii. [D«nii4lJ»'ft«»,o')ii«; 
twm the i^iiuicj The hiding hiire of imj- 

IH^-ob'fiti^-eiit* [1>«<»l>'ntm<^ttii; 

»trufit/'] A|i|ilieii1 to invdiciu«ii for re- 

tfO« o ^r* .- n-nii) <h, \\x\y., ftjid tf'dor^ a 
"^iiiuV ' ' " iny foul 

Of iji ^U tbo 

iln^iiiifnfl ' " 

lfC^|MI1 I'. ^ - ■■ ■ ■ >'.■ 

traj(iv0^ iktiitl jtwtH ftwn *'|MMir* ] lu lio- 
tAity. iiJitH.'rrt«lly dcvcU»]»c(l^ f-hrivcUed 
^5 from i*cii«ly iiii»rlmfni. 

1<K •**♦# ^ from *iu priv,, nnd pUt^'m'*^ 
** pblcirm*' or **hmitor/'J The M-pftrmlitif; 
©r ihe trtitcr fr*»iii clicniteal liqtiui^ 

l»i«t»lt-l4»-^li»'li-«iU*t^l. [Vnm </', 
I'fit., ttiul /*A/*'yV»'/.,M.| rV|>ri'k<rd of 
HHI»>Li-i"i i «her ijroH*, oiidiird. 

« vitinto** or ** dijpmv^") DeteHiinrtWo 

or ciiuti|ru f**r the iiv«ir«e, 

I*Ei*K>;iji<h>%.) A Uoliuiicttl fcrm nigni- 
t'vlog •'|m»«»ti dnwtr" 


'fjttf »Htf 



!■ .ri. ...-. .1" L'l -. r.. •'f.iTi|*tr,'*] 

l>« I t. ffrtifli the na^e. iV. 

sVT) C«ttMsg or ffm- 

r«n«t V j^"" fr«a 4r, 

. a*e (Nbilitv*.'' Ap- 
art^ t^^lM* fa 11IM1 

« J W-*a ;* tkr»«« 

^ * llfvU te «%&ei II lift* k»m 


duwn.**J LuwuvM i»r »<piritit. Tliv •Ut« 

of a part which i» favFMrd duvm. Alio. 

A Itrtn for uue of the tipttratioiiM far j 


Applied to a tnuxcUs which dnt«t 
pre>•jH^« down* 

prt'«i'*r of <hp <''«nn r ot / A J 

niD^de whi>«>c oftic* i» 1 i_v ili) 

' 'S fl. 

t n«i Orti>iL' (Tlie **I»^1 

-oU] of the E%v.") A J 
given to th^ ifrtm* tit/etutrt fr^in ibtl 
actiufi of thuf uiuDck m dra»iii|r «l(mii' 
the cjehall. 

#^(V' M. <♦» "i*iirify.'] PttrilyiiiK. 

DrfMirAHllM,* d« pu mu'vhp f (lh«i 

iJiMter pl«rfil '"f n» ?•«•■*«», wH'(''h ••^^l 
I >| pik ■ ti»«r| 

I lh»- p*v 

I f p m the ^jiute. J i h« '^f •] 

I 1k|iiid: *J^fwiif»«»o= Th< I hat- 

purilH ■ 

Hm* *•«. 

flsmmaiK ti i*t a ri»i'*i f't th*- 

fi^ Bit' 

•firi 1 nr. ,*fe Ft ( «i« SPAt.1 

fr-.lii #., .«;" 

*f# ,•♦*»•• (l«T( 

at fraiB A ij - irti* I 

me fitifaoii* 'It* 1 
l^f— - ■ •' 

t I .«.« (t»r.^«pa,J ThaaMaJ 

► ■- I 

iN-r tmid. Avipll»4 iba Mua« aa Ds»* < 
Hit k«ra a4r«HiMllj. 

^7 l»r, Bftftri^ w OMHitaf ** towatib lh«( 

IN a m » •M%i » .» [ft«aiA^|pa»%] 

»*r««r^«^i^iliiat pain «ir Ilia aklB* ' 
HM. flNMI 
vanuUiv *'altin.'* 

(film r'-|lJM'»i tllf '••IkiTt,*' IM»«i •^">'»**, It 

*'M .. ■-. ^^^ ^^,-_ 

Mttii; Uoiu t4i>/if4f, tbv "skill," iiH\i W^ifti, 
t<» •'cut.") Duii^urioii ur cuttiug of tlie 

riM . 

!>«' r ' in^t l4l t n r I»*»r ' ttui- twIil. [ IH»r- 
niol'iJi'^fr l>t*rni;felM| tl«*«i li'uLU(V^i/i'4. 
Ihc "*Khi.'* iili'l ''"W, I* '*f«triil."J H<>- 

l»4»riii«»l4HBy. 8<<« DietiVArotonY. 

eftMt: fr<<ta <ctii.i, Ui«^ "^kin," aihI a«rA'- 

mg (»f RlHiiY iuvurtrhrnlu nuimcLb* flOeli 
lyr thie lol>st*T. thr Iwotlo, t't^r, ; nl?i> in 
•criiiii r«Tl*hr«tetl uiiunttl^, ma lli« tt*r* 
Iui««. the iirmiuilllo. e-t^i. 

Tb'- u|t[>3iniht« in irhicU (tNtilUliuo by 
'le-^Tfit {n porfortnod, 

|l«h.«^fin'iiltii.v nrpn!<ntive I K* ii C <*lt'- 
uttllt* fFnjin tlie s 1111*'. I [>i'^tttliiTioii 

f^'-' ^ -' • •'») iH |u rii>rin«u1 by [ilHuvrif; 
II. II uii'l uruuiiJ ttft^ vt'iH^r'l t»r 

• I ' •f-(*ii*ftrN*o4), iho i»riftf»c of 

« III !i i ■ :\i [hti Itiittotiu 

lli*«erlt»ll%'<» AniU4»nay, Sw Axat- 

♦»«*, Il»;«<4 liM'TlVK* 

frs>m ^/'. iul«'n>»iv<<. am J ^iVV.*, «i>r<j'/u«rt« 
to *'<li7."l Tlji» rtet t»f 'fryiHs;. 

fr<rm tbr tfatiiu.j j\|ipl}ei.l to «Mt»4tantM3« 
that 4inr nr iQMeit tho moUluro of ii 

IH<^nil'llw« if//** fTrom ^^^, a 
"li_'"iiit'tiU"] Intlttiniuiltloii uf A ligA* 

Uri^iflio-cl^til^t.* [Fri>m iW|ii^, n 
"lirftim-nt." riml ••^*i», *'piiin/'l I'nin 
iti a liiTiiinent, tir in tlio ligiiiiuMitK: tkj5- 

IN««i-nii4ii|r'nt-plij|^. flNT^tufHrrfi'- 

l«t fi'iifi ''-/ffii's, Ik *' li);jiiiirrit/' iiikI 
^*, to "writo,"! A hifilnry or dc- 
(itnuj .«f thr lltjtifiionti*, 
tir^'molH. f tN*Hnt«»i'«lc^i frnm<^/iiif, 

' ■ ,iu4 irrW. 11 "ftpna."] Ap- 
Y in tihroiu tumors whioh on 

11 r nnmrMMi- vshir^' fihrcs 



^jKfV^, a •- R pi uu' lit/ 

III u- 


coowe.**] A ircjitieti* on tho ti^ninetitj; 

I^fw-pii-iiift'tion. f IW-»|ififiiit'tl4lb 

"cturifv/'J The procc-ix of clniir^Uig 
Advfluiil; dcfrentioii ; (ti^purnrinnt 
l»eM-t»u*mt»'tiiii,* Frocii from tiu- 

tlOi* o'mi#; from tirmjitu mt-it ta *' ^"1110 
rtxhe?/'] The ^epnnitiou of /'^tmii^jr or 
Moale^from iheskin or bone*; f»xtV.|i*itt'*ni< 
D««quAiniKtliro Sf^ptirltK. 


|>e«illlllttli». f\cn t>|gTrLLATtO?(. 

Of^iiclitllo (ilu tta-dii'aho-o|, o'mV* 
(Froai lif, int.etiKtr<s unci mt'tio, tutin^tn^tt^ 
to " swejil."] E3tt;*?*-*ivt? fwt^iiting: nlso, 
itn eruption fn chUdrmi- Hc-t^ 8riiAilK!t, 

nAtiir<il onb'f of riolo'^cnouit brrlmeiMitid 
|i];uiti>. fiTiititi ill Aiiiitmliiiii.iul (ho 8outb 
.!>eii i'lnrtd*. 

IH't, ^ Jh*hir,* ♦*Lcr If. 1m» jfivcn.** 

iii(cni*ivL\ nnd ter't/t^n, rfr'm*ii», to ** wipn,*' 
ti* "cU'unHt'/'] Ap|iH4M| tit iniHHcinM 
wbi«*h elcm**' wiotioU and ulcm*. 

|lk(*.eftr ' niKiBfktc. [ l>eiennltui'« 
titfi; frtilO ilftrr'nttH'tt *itlrriHh4tt'tn\Kt t<k 
"tcnnitmtc," to '*litnti,**J Appr»t»<l to 
brattr-lie§ iiihI atoms that couiiiiciiuo or 
tintl jibntptly. 

D«o»tf r*iiiI-ntl'tlon* fIK*lmnliia'« 
tii*^ n'uiM ; frr»in Ihti tcftnic] A tbiwing 
or rii^hin^ to ti piirticuliir puff, •» btui»<l 
to «h«* h<'««K 

from iUt'i>ttt0, tttf>mu'tit,u, to **thurtf!c'r/*) 
!ti^t»tiitaricoii5 (oinbtinliou with bmd ex- 
pbjfiofi. ^ee Ti t.MlXATiox- 
l^Pi r^lieiifi** (From tlfi'rnkn, tit 
**<lraw away/' to "dfimr fn»tii-"J l)riiw<^ 
tnjif Rwnr* 

Hc-trrtnl. f IK^tri'lllw; fTOiii ntrf'rrn, 
lirtrt'tujii, tn "■ wear hwiij'/*J Hcluling 
to Dim ITI'!*. 

fl«^lrl'fitfi.* fFnim thij wvitic*.] Tb« 
tivii>ie niib.'ttiitiop foriiivid b<^ tlm Aft ion of 
froi«t or rftit>< on tht* tcitlot* of niU* the 
netiun of rivttrw on lb(;ir biinka^ etc 

IN*-*ru'«i*r, «>♦•.• fFroin dtttyi'fftp, 
ttrtvn'mftin, to "thrnst doMrir* <ir "foreo 
out/'] A|[iplied to the tmiitciilaf pont of 
tbt^ bbnldrr* by fbo fKOitriM'tilo powtsr of 
which tho urine U c^pfltod. 

Ilrtm'i««»r l'-H*tiir.* (*" En|:ell«»f 

of the Ituu' ") The n Jirrei^titc 


inuMoulAr tiftnrs cif the bladder which 
cj([jcl tho urine. 



fK^ii''l4^r-o-iMilli''ic. [IN^nlcro- ' 

|Mail'lcii«i,j l^-|Mi»j;ingti>flrnlon>jni»ljy. | 
ll«iVl«^r-op'n-tliil^. [O4^tll«>i-o|»»'- i 

ttiiti; from inv-i)^^ '**e<3(tn<l/* imH wiiftii, 
♦'iilitL'u«i3."] A sjunpatlietie jiffectiun, or 
om* e<'Ust'»|ii<»iit tipoD another- I 

Ueu-tox'ide. [J>ei«l«»3E>iluiii; , 

from t'^'ir*^4is, "ttcoond," 3«otl *<r'.v''"»''t »"i 
**tt)ii<ie/'J A teriu iippIkO ti» astibatiuicu 
which ia tn t!»o ^tcmuf ih-'/rve of oxiftft- 
tlow. Thia U'rm is ollori u!«o<l to iii'uote 
K nompouni^l .u ^ LhrDu atuoi.^ of oxygon 
vrlth two i>f inctnl. aa m deuioxide of 
lli5iti(riitM.'i»P, of Je:n]. vie. 

lH^\M*igikt^ [Ii4*irail|£ti'itift; from 

(ff, ttltl<tlJilV4.%nJHl val'tfVH, '♦ l)OW-lp^jfOll,'*J 

I>e-%4*l'o|>-atic^iif. (Fr. I/* rrfi.pp/^, 
tit " iiufiphh"} Tht' t>r>ftiijif elninijo fhim 
the f'lulirv" *t,itc to TOiihinty: prowth. 
De^vc^l-op-nteii'tiiU [.Hfiantor'plil- 

Clltt*] Herlnii^injif to, ftr cnm * ' ■■'hi^ 
developxnenU Applit-il toei;i : 

IK^VuuiilLtrr €«llc*. J^e« ' 
TO Mm. 

I>«ir. [LnL IUi«»* Bo'rfii^ Pr, /?/>•/<», 
ro*»A'.] M<>»«hjrc prrcipitntod at ni^ht 
fntm the titiii<'<«p(K*rc upon the nurfHi-c 
of liodt<*i« who*t« tcinpcrnliiTO hns heeii 
duuinifthcd by the* nhf^'nuii of the #un, 
Cl'tud* pn*vt*u( tbo frtll of d*'w. hoo«n«o 
thi! mdiatluu «»f brat, by wbifh lMiflU'.4 
Wroiue e<*ldor tbnti th*? »urr"t»ridin>r nir, 
dorv nut tilikt' pbice to atiy };n;mt cS(ttnit 
uiil<Mt tbc iky i» elear. Thnu;;b dew 
tnuv fall on » windy ntifJil, it iff soon 
11 ' ' * ^ V the ffvsU dry aircontiminilly 
ontacrt with the moist tturfiieo 

ll^*-^ Ut^rrf^ The common na-mo 

of tbl' Itoffi* t,itiniU, 

Vt^>m'\*>^rty Plnnt. The eominon 
flftute i>f the Jittltuo mstii/*, ur heath- 

IH>i«lnti. Sen Paleau Laxtth. 

tN'w'|i«ifnt« Th<* totDpc?»tiiit« of 
IhM «tmoj«phenis at wUloh tho m«i?itafiT 
Itrg^ibj to coDdcDM? tund dcpofiit itself •» 

llfv'lrln. [1>4*mtrt'fiiw1 Mucilitj^i- 
naitpk ttiitvh, prt«|iiiivd hv hoilin^f » urdti- 

..f mU 
• I from 
I . of th* 

polrtriiMdMU «jf hirhl t«» tiin rijarhk hnttd. 

III. Thi* fHitiio AM Dili, Whii'ih «4Nt, 

I>f',' ^ t: ^ , ■■ ■ ■ '"v. 

Uil ! 

CN'tiipouudvd witb vui (flleQ un|dy m;|i»- 



an^l ^>4o<»r, to ^*go/'] An ttiiinf>d<!<rttia 
and inoi'bi'l IK'W of iiritjcL ]| t^ tetmM 

rotitirtH iff m 

iti the ChUltKlVJ . ... ,..jri,rU.. ,» ^. ..Mn 

(>f the «»f<1er S}f»9mu e\hm AcNfOaM, of 
Culleo*? K«>m)U»|yr, 
1*i.^.lH«tJc, ( mitbef Irtn.] V^ 

Ion {Tin tr *'► rUnhfifM^ 

I>i-^«-«llllM't(f'. [l>lllC««11»'f|«lM| 

from ooicd^w, lo "burn,**] Applieil to %. i 
double rofiYcx lens used to cualcrfie j 
pnrl^ of the hinly, 

l>i-n^'c-tiit<' of €'o|p'p<>r. ^fCrwyOf 
or vrTiliprix, 

fllHI-rliy"1«kii.* [Fn»m(^a/''liyineiiiD« I 
of," und r'M', "jniee "] A nniut* ftti- 
merly pi%'en to fdnrti r» preptit>d fr»«iii I 
e.xpret" j^' 1 —nv nppfiiMt to the Km- 1 

plitktm i omL JMu), or Entptn*- j 

^/«M /»/ I nnd I Mil I. !*h,). 

**r"ri'y-bend."J Th* old tiMSie of tb« ) 

*'di?^tiog'l'i«'l'-**J ll I ;: nf I 

(liM'(k»eB by II cont-itIi5i,.tu»ii **( ilidlrj 
ffyniptonis. B«»r I>iAr;%o9tft. 
* l>l*9^rl'|tKI-^.'^ * ' ' >i<ie/' 

rtnd .J.A/ov% H •' In tell, 

tfciilh flikKS of ]ilf r »yf 

lem. in whtrb the ttSt»toriit«f t«f |||« j 
ntiimeniii ara untti*d into twn piirc«1f or I 
br' " 

f r- I - " tnktf •part," to ♦♦ divide.**] ] 

A divMiMU of i}nrt# rtsiiltlnt; rrutm i] 
wound, nWr, or lotni, or the like: k\ 
fioltitinn of coiititinjty 

IftliPiH'ilr. di-v-rV^t')l(< [nitrrrf'f- j 
tfnmi from the fttrne^] llAtini; pov^rr ti« 
dividir. diBtfolvd, of eorrodti^ oncharvtkr* J 

t»lirtfu Fe<^ PtKT. 

''ilimfrii/'j Thr Noii;<nce of fty^nfl wl 
fynifdom?. hy which one dlatwue i« d'tf-J 
ttn»?"i''hr*d frimt uti'ifhr-r, 

r; __.-■': . ^-:r.v ; -, ..-;■, r The! 
*l fen- 

l« itiie 

ny ni pt oini bet nn ^ t o t w < : j #»H 

of df«eii»e. an rWumpiti-i Hf, * 

^ui, *' throo;;h." m 

Applied to ji rl;;lu _. i, .,,. . 

ftny two opiiofite angtcj of a fEmr.«iiM j 



t'titnu r qiuuco 

t tM)«l iwu | ul t>L«UHta4^aj; fur* 

Writkne«s» of thtt linibf, ma if 


t*J .V iouii 
n li-ryo or 
iu iii3>;Qijiit: )>rMJ,ic?. 
».iai'«^ti*r. rillAnt'4^t44r, or Hi- 

' :M 


' 1lAl;«<l uii kn>Ui fit«lc9 l>jr tho (.-Lrvuiufcinciicv. 
The iinntntl titnl *hi.irtisj*i dimcaaiuu of a 

ftjiti ' ' llT. 

S^ >. (Fr. Piamttnt^ a oor- 

rv|» i'lUA\T« whleh sin;,) A 

pnpeiuu^ etuDe; tho c^J^tall(iJle(i imd 
piiret ntattf of ettrbon ; (he hnrtlevt lusj 
11IO0I liritli^Fit lif ii!l «4il<>tujit:'>i>s, 

&l-nn'tlrl^^^ [From i^t, •• twice" or 
« m1 .i.rf^k, ftwys". a "liian" or 

i>ntnc iif a LinnAmtt cIajis 

\*nn ilttiH.* [From iV*. "twice/' 

A-<|j^, » '♦llutPi»r."J A l^inna'iin 

r*f tho olijit* f>*ffindftu, iiBtiiral 

i'*liu?i € »»r-,f-i»^liiH'ltw,» Tho 

i-I»itik, *K rjf. The 

brs of thi-^ r flavm- 

♦iVfup cmj . ; - .- ., . chicle fgr 
utucr 111*^1 tritn'*, 

l>lM|»t*»«ilii>r(Mr«* ili-^-IK^n-^ho-ft'- 
fhe G. [Ff»iii iJHtfffH'tt't, itQti of Ibo 

lAui* u»<k*r-Mhruha, fuiutU in Etiraj)e 


[Or. itif^'ftii ifrom 

it ^OpCld, t(» 

"eiirry (nff."] Litc- 

off through [lh<9 

A iitalo of 

ty fhr iu>f b." to 
b]"* or by |wrn|iipatioii. 
Hit rat ii Ml. 

k-r<>t'|«, fPtnplftor^t'l- 
LJ A|iptio4l tu nnvlirtnoH hnvitji? 
U) pro'lttcr> r1irkfiborv)ii». When 
fo |»uwerfii! as (.0 oeeaifioii 

p. noun mi;.';, {hvy iitiVC Ijcvij oriiM-'-i .>rr.n<- 
r^/t ,. 

l>ftt|»tinic:tii* (IV^'frum. [IMn- 

pUrM^ ntA, iMi«/ from ^ii^iirDU. to 
"tlivi^le iu tho mitiillu hy a |»ur(i(iuri/'J 
A t;irg« uiUTH!hj »<*j»aVrttmjf thti thr*rux 
iiiid :ilMlLiiiicii : thiT luiiirifT, 

l>l-4»-|)lirM|;;^ntlll|t$, [I>ln|>liniff* 
tnal'CEla; from iUHphru^* ma^ tiiv "ilin* 
|ihm(;m, ' nvki\ Sky^, ''pttin."] l^in io 
thi' dii^ihrtiij^tn. 

]>l«R-l»liFng>iiiHl'te. [IHllpillnli^ 
iit3%A'U>tiii*] yulimgiti*^ U» the ilia- 

DlapHnMrtniAt't^ Oowit. A tarm 

i ^;*,» [Protn 
I'tn of tho 
(iutfihnigm. A tnrui BfitiuttirneN: jL|iplicM| 
to thnt variety "f pariial nUi»fi«v in 
which the cffu.-v ' " ' u 

tht, J.jiM^ ►r the 1 

lintjihrutj'uta, finU itiAji^ a *' tumtir."] 
Uertiiii^ or tiiinurt tn'iii s-tmc portlou of 
Ihr rtwrrrn cs»c$ipit]g thrtmgh the illn- 

[FrottiiVai,ViJ<rf, U» *«h« pr , <'»»ll-"J 

The cylindrical or pri - . ^f thn 

Ii>iiji Injiifs bctweun the .ju^./.i/***. Al»n, 
a fl!*i*ufc. 

l»l-a|k*|M»|ftli'f^lik* [From i5i<l» •'be- 
tween." and awt}ii^, to ** arise frt»m."] 
Applied by Ovron to tho hotnolo^© of 
the upper txxuifverw proccan of a t?«r- 

m^'rt-iiiw* f iv,.rr. , /;, .^ a " fluf."] 
Liuftin*;; one day I, 

lM-ni^rti«r'^ ,"t)irmigh/* 

and ^j^» t>» ''flow. "J A j.uiffinjj, hmiM*- 
luv-s. or too fn<i]uctit pii>9iinir of the 
fo^cea. A |?eMil» of the order Spatrnf, 
ch»si? AVfiroa**, rtf fiillcn';^ yojitdoiry. 

Dlnrrlia* n €'Mr*tu>'N^* UvAnntery 
in which llt'-^h-lik'* fM>rr't'>ii"< iir« voided. 

l>liirrii«r'A 4ti.T.|f»'ii^t Thw flf^ic 

Dl-Af^thro'rtl-i*!. fDliirfHroillii'* 

li%*\ Beloiiirin^ to f)t%irthif»f'ti, 

IH-MP*llir<ii'Ml»,* pi ft ml Dl-fir-tlim'. 
iw*. [Frniri f^ui, ♦*thronifh." us iri>tdvlriir 
tn> impodiinfiit, i ' '"' - "] 

An iirt it'll hUi<in, 1 
tnnv© fr<»olyon o > 
tinn, like the ^htuild* f oud hip i-.iiitt. 

See EfTTKtirM t. 

l>l-iM.cor'cl|.nm.« pFrnm ^«a. **hy 
nie'Atkf of/' mid *rcti|«'^rtt', tho"Wj|lcr ger- 
mander/'] Alt electuary ao ti»mod bo- 



oiiiise tliii platit forma ciu« of the tngrfi- 

IM-i^-MlAl'tic. [HiiMljftl'flriM; from 

prjsc/'j AiJpljL-cI hy M. 1L;I1 I J Ibo rt'flcjt 
okvttim uf tbi; excito-motorj H^item uf 
ncrvtii, ti4M3attB0 jtijrfurttic'd through the 
»|iiual itiurruw. 

OiiiMliU'lIc Afv. Applied by M. 
llali ti> thu eouriiV of the I'm tttrvota, in 
crnnploio or nninterruptvil rcflox or dm- 
AtoJtio artiuti. Almj culled Hrfh^ nrtt, 

INwMlal'Ur ^t^r'vmiM >ljpfi'l«tii. 
A tcnit ?.ul.Hrj(u»tMl li) M. Hull lor bis 
furtnor ouc of the Sptmil Sifnftm. 

Di'^.«1i1illK^. [Fn>in ttiffrnftit to "tut 
aprt rt." to " i-au*e d i vipiMn <^f «cpfimt!rtn/*] 
Litcrnlly. that tfvhiuh p n 

ur di'i'i^uipuailiMU. A l 

diiriiif; tho permiiinlu.^ : ....... ,.iiil 

hudm. Uuvin;: the prupony ot cuoroning 
etnrch into NU|;iir, 

OI«iiM'Ci^«l»*" [Froiii tiie a&mt'.] A 
foroihk* «<'pjir<itinn **f b^muB withuut Tiiic- 

IHHM>t«'iii^iix/*.* [From ih« fniino.] 
A aprttt© or eliift. Applivd tu miuiy turitiN 
like Ihc [••Hin«'in>;. 

ditjtsir'mti^ jiud ^Airr^^v, the "Vagina.**] 
A mikirrrinatluri cuiii*btiu{r in a tunjg^i- 
tudintil Hitjfure \*i \h^ vug inn. 

lU"ni«'t4>-l4*.* fFr<tiii Aio^triXXLi, t« 
"dilulc,*'] Th«' r1iliit(Ui.>n uf ihu huwrt. 
by whioht with il^ A>Uern.Tt4i oonirttctiion 
{SifrinU), I he fiiroul&Uoti tif the blaod b 
ciirried on, 

I>l-iy<-tli«>r'lli^nwMii« [Fn>m inaOtp^ 
^«niM. t.. "wurni Ihnnt^h/'] A tcrio 
denotitif^ free permcjiliility U> hunt. 

)tanii«.] Tiiii t run it "f the n*v** of hriil^ 

tH*Atll'«>«i!ik»* [Fntlil i^tariOfftt, to 

*'arTnnfff/M'> **di*ipo«c.**] A parttruhir 

huhit or dii'p^'iiitiun of tUii hmly; thus, 

w« day, " no influmiuitt*>ry diatlie^is," ».*•. 

n h(thit or dinfuiAttir^n *^( body potiulJArl) 

itriiKtDprihIij To iutlrinirtiriti'ry dir<f^^ll?i<». 

IM«p.|jB9l Ir. Ik'lonjyriutc to diathttsi!!!. 

•^*-'-^"T~T-— T- ' ■'■ ■ '■■ ^-I'shr-iF. 

r.u] A 
i planNt 

tiMiud ilk "UU H.kli'M AVtd »*>ty idmirn. 
Thn f rc«n mucouji •lime 10011 «o* 
And wtiMf* whifli nrt* jilwrtyn diunp ctm- 
iii)>t< t f ihr^r^ i^iiint^, 

|»|<«i|/it-ifi«itii. [lFlA4'«*mti«% fruiu 
ii\ •" thruuji:^!»." nn<l t^'m, to "cot/*] 
ClecirftMo thron^houU Applied tu 

l^l««'Eilaiti-#d'c*«iiim* [From iif, 


♦* twice" or *'two," Mit\ *>«^<s, * " Amt 
cloak,"] Appliiv] tn pi nil to Id the fluwrn 
of which ttuTt! »rr- twa tthnrU. 

IM*4'llOt'0*UK»IIM. ^ ttlelKlt '( 

from fi\ti, "duuhk'/' and 1 .^ 1- • 
Twice divided. A tc-ruj 
or branohi'8 fvbich bifui 
tiDuaUy dtvidfvl into \nih* . 

Di '«liro-l4iii. [ n Ir ti rf»l»' 
from &.i, "iwke" or 'Uwu/' i^' 1 ^ j 
"eolor/'J The pr«»pMty by ^^ 
min«rub, wbeo f^xuttiincd by ) 
Uuhl, exhibit 'liffcncnt ooUiri:. »<< <a<l ug 
hi tbfi dire«liiin in nhirh th»! r»yi itt 
VmUl pah^j through tbtin. 

lll-c«»e'rofiH. [ l>ic«i€«>itii ; froia A'l, 
"twiev" or "iw**." uiid ttWcw^, 1* **brrry.'^ 
Il2i\iiig twc cupHolfs united^ unc evtl to 

VJK"b = 

Oi-ccil-j^-lc'iloii,* plurnl IM*eai*|« 
l<>'tl(Kii^^ [Fiotu cV(, 'Mwiiv" i'T **t* 
nnd KtirvXTjA v, » *>otyledou.**J Onruf* 
clasi* of |)lnnis h^ivinjj^ two e**iyUdons 
or seed -lobe*. Apldiod to 11 Ju^»«i«tll.a 
disi-i-n <»f pbifttff 

llt^M)l-5l*4'«l'<Knf>ilVfc* fI>lri>Cyl# 
43oiiii«^ Kle«}fyt«>fl4* ii^iiiiS In Hi th*- 
funi'v] rii^l I ho diviiion 

Vll^mr'U'k, |, , u .'*(, 'Hwiwr op- 
"Iwo," and ttpa.ii, a "hinid."] IlarliiK 
two h<?*dft; iilso, bifid; elovcn. 

ni-erol'lc. [I»lrrot'ictt«it from lt( 
"twioo," iind Mi>0T(i0, t«» "ttrikii."] A: 
ptied to tiiL* piiinc wbfn there in 
buuft'ltii;; like II d uible puUntiun. 

l>l«'ro*Uin«. [IHc*'roMt»,J 
fi^utc nn hi('uoit«\ whiuh Af»tt. 

Dlr«l4im ttii«.* [From //iVi«, 
tuounUiu <«f Crete.] A g^mtuM *>f th« ob 
fft^'^fttt^LtiA, natural order Ji**tacfi^. 

Applo'.l to till. tr^tU'W 

lil-4lj^ni 1-ttni.* [Fmtti 

*'twui."j The iiHini" oj " *•"*■' 
diMcoveri'd unitid with 
(ind iro cntled from it? ! 
fht' twin brorb^r of ! 
pri3viou*.|y bain<l n 

hie/* *'twhi/"] rty two i»nd twoi did^ 
ym^Hix. Ab ft n<mn it drt^otr^ thr r* 

or "t«of<»!d." jn 

two kindw." nnd *> f v. 

fonrleentb c1nH« of Linn rn ol 

] lutitf*, 4 bnrKcU ri/ed b.\ te of 

four Mtutni*tii«^ of which tmu urv loii£ 

two fihort. 

alturnutif dayfl." 



' ink* \'l 'na* 

nl tin-. Vh I IS. 

111 '*r«UHl."| BvluuLTiutf to th© 
»1 ' ' r iM .let. 

rirH: fruin tho 

LJ I'll 2t.<ittUOU) ul' 

^I^ifft^ri»ntinl DlaictiiMfji, i^eo DUG- 


VTI M.. 

Hllti*MU> ol Hrii%lliittjr. Seu 

tmtiliiiiL; itntl /»r*mrt, 

"•linj»<i."] ' f .*hii|jic«; irrt'gii- 

|»r!v Tonnwl. 

fr ■ , ■■ 


mr.fii'4|.t»l<^ [mmi«ilb illn; from 

il ' " ' I, f I " piinir iilpiiut." tu 

^vhicli may b*? «pr<?ari 

(ij - 

Uir-in «iifin Tnbt^ An instrument 
fr>r «!♦■! 'rni'Tiin? lh** ritf i»r flifl'iij'i«»n f t 
ih - - . . - ^ 

1" . .L ., ,. ::, _:.^ . ^ 

I <i thi} r^'f^uisite prjfo?ity. 
I t V*>!'ifiH#*, A t'-rm uscmI 

1 -11* or 

tJi ■. . ^.i ijumK 

I, tiwit .s;s. 

i'»«fn. lii ' 'prcad. J WiJely «prvod : 

flMir*= ^':?*rffVMr • "Lot it 1»e di- 

IH-ffiw'tH*'* [I^Uriw'lrletip; from 

•f tt lllU^T 

■ Y it IK somciui.. - . ...,t.i 

iiciw'ter mtUtiVtm inftrriu^rit, Tlio lurm 

19 ulifo njiiplid^^l to ono of tlio intfHor 

f/ru/uiufi of Mcukt*}, given wtT U^ lliO 
i.. ; ,1 .,rrv« i iliti Mtliur l» CftllW tho 

->: JH irlr Cirmtvo. fSoe Digas- 

lun.J A I'liigUudiEi I) of tho 

miiJ^UtUi |froo<?#«, ftu « ' ■ trivin^ 

uttitcUmiHit tu Ihc ti] ' 'nimi. 

Applied ill the Ucutur |>UniiI « Z>^^/< i^jd^'u* 
dij-c-r«M'Mh*»-a) in tucdir inch's «-h»oh pro- 
Ul>>(C thv ^ctu^tiuti of Uciifthy pus. 

OI-^«9t't«*r. [From lU*^' sunn?,] A 
Mr^iug iron of «iipj>rr kttlks with a 
sftfcty-vilvo, for «iibjc"eriu>; bodies to 
\'ntt>or ttt ft h%iih tcjiipcrtitum iiaU under 
^r. ' 

fr-it ] 'I lie t<lo\v stc'tiun fit 

uiuUwj* ..u t-**ch olb^r, by subjci'tlnii to 
beiiL Tbu couvc9rj>ititi of fmiitl iriLt cbjttt 
in fV ' 

I' [Oiieviitl'vn«i; fVom 

lb* "lijri(|^ tn iii;:;i>tioU. AlsO 

Kpplttsd to dtiUMtutime wbirb pr^itDotO 
vifppurntion : »it ovrtiU**, p>*i»Ifu'»'M, rti«j. 

IH. . '-:- --'^ .: -, A 

mil ^ rjf 


Iifftr'll. [From diaHtuM^ a •* flDgcr/'] 

"' Tih part of the aun'it nr innnti*« 

oiu|dojc<l to dco'*t€ tUu CAti'iii 

IHl^ it-«i*lili.i)r mri'-t|ulftt«*« ff>l9^ 
ItAll'iini from i>: i x- 

jirl*»Vf*/'J A (iubFtin ip* 

po,s«i<J to bo tht* iictj . ^. -,._ . tbv 

Di||-l-tit ' I !». « [ F rn tn rH^yimMt A " fi ti - 
gtr/'i Didnti^iii^ lu ti fii]|rcr ; t)ig'it»l. 
I>i|rlin'li*t.^ [Frrttn rf*;/»>.i7r. the 

'Vfin^tir of » L'1" 
TfinnccaA (Ton)) 
natunil ordrr - 


driM Ion 

I MXi'Unc, A 

\l«>t>t the 

111 of (bo hliji!rtti» 

pfir-purrit. ,», . ,r.s..Ui; to ibc \'.'^, VUlkf' 

raaeopopitt, *'Tli<* Icnvc.'^ of the />, futftu- 
r&fi fritm pbiutd of iJic »*M5onii y«ttr'« 
Pijfitttlifi U nar«otif** wdatlve* ttnil 

ditiNTtiw. rt has u r .i -t t- «cdAliTtt 

cflTwt on tho hvnTt. ifo forcc^ 

Jind i!«pt«ciHlly tbf of Uie 

puUc: hcneo it is frcqmoEJ;, ifivet* to 
nio<)i^r»t«! (he* it<4)t>n of Uo- bftttt iind 
Art«Ti((^5 ill phtbiiii'', luid ttspmntlv in 
ciL»eft«)f h«*nii^rrbiige. Ai ti dbirctic, it 



18 sometimes f«.itii«l very nsoful in ilrop?y, 
J» lurgo Utiiicg, il is (>oitciM<>u», j^iruihiciiig 
verli>;o. n^u.?tfa, itml vutinitin^, tiyuc^pc. 
convuWioi]!f« iin<J doiith. Fur do«!e, bob 

l>iKltj»'IL*t I>iir-t>n^r«*-^* The syBte- 
juiilic tiiiiiii'oi ibt^ f^liiiil ctLlted fu\g](»v<!. 

f»i^.i-L»lp. [IMi^tM'liifi; fniin 

fd<i*/ft"*> il " flriK'-T/'J llsivui;^ linger*. 

AppUcil Lo the ttiftvud i>f plutitn tiu ilU 

\UiLtl M U» Uav* tbo ftppeurauoe of 

m^l-tii'l4Hinn-iii«'tniu<^ Applied 
t't A trigilutvd leui II living pinnntiril \ca£- 

IM^'MJ,* i^eu. Ufi^-MoVnifi. Thy 

plnnil fT l>ii;iTi ««, wli^h t^cc. 

IHit III IVtllvi.' ^en Ill|plt4i>ni1l 
Fr'^IU. The |iUniit of Dionii* Tkius, 
which .*<'«. 

I»i^li-l-ft>rtn. [Dl^itlfbr'inlfi; 
from f/!f/'ihnit ii " finjrtTt uml foi'ntit, 
**lik»'in>*< "] t'ormcvl lik*^ n fiiijcvi. 

11% ll-|.|criMlc. [ 1»%I tifr' riMliiti ; 
fruiii i(h/iht9t a "tt>t%" ;iiul *f>n'tfitis, n 
'*»tlip.'*] x\pplio(l tti rnruivorouH M«to- 
uulh, whirh i^jieii stjitiilitig ur wulkin^ 
hnro thi' liiM'il Ml(*vnff*iL 

DI^'Ma%« pluml I»li^1.tL (Ff. 
/>'ut/r, dwil.) A rtiitfcr (ur » toc)» Tho 
liii>!;i»r? 4if rh«? huad »rc the tu'titr, or 
(■mic fii»{for: lh<? mi 'din*, or ttiiddk* 
fin^or; thcj nnnuln^nut or rinii'iJngcr ; 
mid tho nttricntu^rh, »ir little finder. 
Thf? bone^ of the fln^^fTJ* nrn tvilhtl ph«- 

1un^t«M. 8f"C PllAt.A.'tlX, 31 fid Fl\<4|.K, 

I>IAr'ltti» WH'ntii*.'*' {*' Finder «f tbo 
nand.") A rtn^rer. 
nUt'lf iiM IVtfta.* (Litcrftlly, " Fin- 
^gcr .-f the Fnrjt/') A rot^ 

IH-isioA'wittti,* [From t^<*. "dotihle," 

r^fid yAuwjrt, a •' totijtiii^ ," hot^atiso a s'mnU 

h'fif jrrnw^ itbtivo the ufdiimry one, luol*- 

ioij like two tonjjuo!*.! A H'dainionl 

l»i-^|-|i'I*^" fSiM' ' -.] A 

Linnu^nn ''rdcr "f p'" ,4" Iwo 

|!t^il'fii*i: from r*u, '*twi>," itml yrfr. ii 
*' ivxfnruj" nr *' fcvmalv."] Uftving two 
►"tyli'*. Applied to n LmnuMin urdor, 

nil. = /)f7'ii#,* " dilntis" «r //i7«'fiM,» 

l»ll-^H\li«Mi. [ Ollillli llo, 4>'r> M ; 
fVuiu dfftt*ot, ffifttftf'n'intt Ut **eiihirjc<>/'] 
An rnUr^omi'ttt r»r rxpnnaiun, »« uf the 

IM*li»-tn'ior, ttViV [Frnm tho 
Kjitiic.j Thi' Mtimu iiA UiUATou, which a&c. 

fH-liil'c<t. [ItUntn'liM; lh>A i|a] 

xatuc] Etilnririjd. 

l»l-lii'tor.'[ Fn^iu du " flpurt," Aitd/r'' 
ra, lit'tiiin, to "CArry/'J Lttcrtilly, " ijitl 
which uurriv^ •»r druw* apart" A t*na 
iipplJLMl to muHcIv^ whcii^c offict^ U trt I 
dilate ccrtuiti pjtrl*, rurh «» fh* iTisptrn* 
tfiry mil so ]«>»*, which ilihitc i»r I'Jtf «ml 
the chc j*t ; ul*«. to inHnnimciitd uird f^*r 
dihiliii;^^ w<>uudK, euimls* etc. 

0111. Tho Euglitfli tiftniD of Uie iii^f'* 

mi U'Ti liter ft^* <t, 1,^-5, 

[I'r* Til ////I'^'em. unc of f I A 

tu'iliinil tifder i>f cx'>. ♦■ 

uii»5tly t(YC3, fuitnd iiJ 
Home .^pecifK nf thf** t^rt}v. 
X^it iJnj Ijcjuily 4.f H ' lliCil 

I rujMrnc# art- ;rci)« 1 .cjtL 

IHim^^ ihfu'ii., ,. ,J..ytftBlt/* 

ltii'ii>ent* [Dll'ticiin. rn'/ra; fn^m i 
f^V'im, tf,tu'hiu», to »'diUiiit-"J (Fr. />^- 
tt*/atif, dAlA'yt»»'.) ApplJ€4 t« «iiV i 
»<tiinceii ihiit incroiice ih<p (Iniditjr itt lti« 
hlMfuK ^ 

in-lul <cl, [Dllii'tutt; rrcm the 

Dl-lii'vl-vl, [t»ltii«iii'll»i^ ftrmtti' 

il**tititn, H *'f!Md/*j i>C>|(^flgiTlg Ift •! 

flor»d, or to the IkohiRc. 

IHm*— html*ViuM* "Oii0-h<ilf/' 

I>lin'i««riMi«. [Frrun ^V* ''two," ami 
^quo;, a "purt."] Ifjivinjp Iwn part* fn 
Diirh ivKorl. Soc TriiMi i<«c «. 

B>1-mMl-tM4*. f l9iuil«l|fi'titPi; ft^ui 
tfimn/'ni',, th«' •Uriir/'l IHvicled uir.»rw»i, 

IHuitifiM or mu^ttU Sou t'Aua.*. 

I>i-iii<»r'|>lilAiu« [ lllitMir|*li1«'* 

miiw; tfMni ^v. "twice.*' nr "t^vu." axid 
/(0<jy/i, It " r<»r»n/') Thu (iropr Hv of iTHLoy 
stolid hoditis tu a^iiiiiiie Iwm distin^-l «ry«- 
tiilliTio form*'!; us Mulphur, nirhon, etc. 

IH-ttior'photiK, [From ihn Mmcj 
Ifjiviu/i two lifrmtt- Pti' TM^oiit'tirvii. 

Diiti-j^-n'rl-9*^ [Fr-iifii t^ ^, "lwir«" 
or "two," and ft^s, |0»<s» » *Mntifck.'^ 
Ati ordur of IdviiUc MullufltB hnvitijf 
sh* llr« Dmrkrd by two hiipro^iorii ur 
iiidoniHtlon:4 for the nttnchuieut of aiU9» 

iiin'l-Cfil. fl>ln'imii; frvtm ^imi* 
** giddint'j'!'.") rtob'iijifn^ to giddlli«9Si 
App1w<i tit toedieitic»ii tUnt rvoior* gldd^ 

Iti'iiim,* [Or. ^r*«f: fVom ^<i^/.», I0 
"whirl round,") \>ftlg<»; discincHs; 

Dl*o-ftofi*cop1i'^loii>«. [~I»l«>d«>t»- 
ef>|»it'iiin«; rrfnir t^u^ " twice/* •• douM^/" 
Mn'tj, u "t'Mith," ii«»d «^aM, * *♦ hf lid ;"] 
A tnoostcr with double rotit of teeth. 



fMirHfft.^ il|.r»*ili^ 4. The nmmc t»f a 
lithM.i' IK i'\A** lit plonU Itntrtn^dtu't'ttiDA 

l>Ja*rlc»il«« «ii «. ^Hiir=, [DIti* chi«i; 

(>. Ik ,,. "iwi<*v' ur "lwup**ii»i| dt«*a, ii 
" or " hututiliuii/'j Lili'nilijr. 
r^ turo liiij*«f," bctiiuso ttic mnlc 

fftmilj^. occrnty *cp,irj*t« liubilutiunr. A 
t«fria :»p|>Ue»i by LlnQitMiic tn jilttnis 
li'tviiij^ m il^ tlr>«fr*r* on «d« and roiuAlu 
fliKr,ir« <tti nnwtthur [»taiit of tite siime 

Uj>f»||;:>nH&l' l*u|». A numa n|)]tliin1 
t«i tliu cu[j-liktf Ciivity of Ibe hao<t fiirmd 

Im- "i ruwtl 

ur. s his 

hu., : .-.- I'Mty. 

lhn>*isflii;"l An in- inng 

Dl'Citi'lric l»l*op tri(<*i%t. [lltO|t'- 
trirnti; lr«tui ih- e^:nu,] Bolon^iuji; Li 

lil«op'lrlp«. fl>l»;»'lrirsi: frxi-m 

IrcAt* of t%'\' 

uf rt'lli^ to I U^Ut. 

lll'Cir-llm'Ht*.* fFn»m onp'h)o$, to 
•♦rt'^tiUle.") Thu fotorntion of imrt-i 
to t^irir imtpff 4iitu^ti<tii ; ««« of the 
.... ;....» f1ivii«i>>]H of turjiTCfy. 

c»f itnil ij^Mii Ml!* ftlinU. fimiiil In thm 

frttpie*. If ■■ ! '^' fhuM^itrrn 

(Y-»tu^ Ui" I " of which 

f*>nu« lin Im I food. 

If i'ltVmijii. ' [Fruiii Ji.^u, "t>f Jovin," 
ati'l -M f, /in *' od»f,** the cfMnpoiiml ^i^ui ' 
fv - " * • -nq «4"r <»r frmi^frtnce/*] A 
L I AS of tLo clttSf /VjtfnW'Vw, 

II r Hn^nf^ir. The fanner 

V il iiriino n.outU I»b., irnd) 

ui <^5: but iLond. Ph.t IHSI) 

ri. . .■•.._-,,,^„^( t;re<**lf<l, /jf. 

." The \Ami 
llii.' .* . I bn<?hu, 

IM-i> r nuiuu uf 

J,.fce, liful /?*/^TWi. ft "|H3nr true"j Tha 

iU i^* Ph.) i^f the unripe fruit if tbts 
Vk^pyr€r9 Vir^ihtin'mi, 

**!«■♦>.*' hjmI ttrUii*,\ A<H*iir(linif tA fH<) 

» c:iitii}>iM Hill 

<ilbt?r l>e r lie; 

the ec|ijiv)il4L<!iilis ■»! tdo tfrynffr^r vi^uictii 
tnnjy then 1x7 (li^ti(tj;<;in.'4hfHl liiy L»tiD 
iituttitr^ib, tbo>it; of tl.> 'v Greek: 

ttiiiai^ a biii-MXx^c *l uipiiuriil 

which (}imt:iiuit twrn • , - ♦>!' tUo 

ncgutivQ (tk'meiit i%\y^Ai^ whereas ttdi- 
nxu\n iniliniLtiMi thfiLt oiKt eqtiivulcat of 
' t with two of i<[>ij)<i 
i eo of the 6i-cUlu« 

l>i'i|H*t>-lotij». [Dlpet'iUnttt from 
<^4V. "twice" fjr "I wo,'* (tiid irfruXflv-, Dk 
*' potJiL**] Fiftvin^ two ]tt'iu.l((. 

I>l|»tl-«h^'r1-^* [Frjtti kf^i^^, 
'*wkin/* "lctiibt.%" or ••meiiibrnnOi'*] 
Ititluiumfitory tltttetisn t>f the Ihrrmt «.iid 
pUmitt, in whic>h ftiho moiolimniM aro 

I»i|»ti-ilic*rl'tl», UU,* [yrom tbo 
tfjifuo.J A vuritfty «f t*^>trifittfiti*t 'n 
which A fahn luembruiJCf ij furtciod^ ftiid 
fir which thi* word Diphtheria ha« of 
\%l¥ bt'cn Vtfry i^tu^raUy PubMtihitfd. 

IH-|itijrl'lou». [tHpliyllu*; from 
tVi, *Mwit'e*' or '"(wo," junl ^AW* u 
*Me(»f/*j Huviiii; two Iriivif*, 

Dip'liM'nr'dt-ite. [Fr'in k^Xio^, 
" double," ntid n^ipSa, tt ** h«tKrt«"] IliiV- 
in* it d'ltihle hofirl, piiUnotiio »nd ifjf*- 
tutuitf, Itko tiiuinmu):^ »iid Uird:«« 

Ofp'lo^ie.* [From JfTA*a, to "dou- 
ble/'] The ecllulur o»»eoiia tittsao be- 
tween tb«* two rnl*lf5 i»f the *ku1I, 

Dip'l«»-C4itn;r-ll-i'i'l^-* [From Atrt- 
X.ta;, ♦doiiihle/' and y<i>7\to-, ft ** norvc- 
knot.'*] A tnrm upplicd by Dr. tlnmt 
Vt th<* third (tub-kiii^'dom of nnimMl», or 
E'ttomit'ifla^ ron^iftttni^ ehietly of tirticii> 
lilted auiitiiiiM with articohiietl jiiember§^ 
the fntieet* of TatiniruM, hnviog ih*^ir n^T- 
¥ouii eohimtifl iirniiijrinl in this »iiujo 
relutivo ponition lui! the diplo-ncuni, with 
the |j^iiii|;li:i ineren<ed id nive. corrusputid- 
ing to their higher dorelopniooU S*e 

Dl^plo'tn^, «*.'•.• [Fmio itrXit**, to 
" fold.** to '^ double.'*] Liiernlly, n " r<dd- 
ing** or "doiiblift^/ '^foini'tbing doo- 
bV'L" A double vessel : a wntcr-baih. 
Tb*^ ' - - - ■ "■ -^ '' ' ' ^tPr) 
by ^ U 

(bn't'M ■ ; — ■ ,- ■!.»«* 

Hi j>n. AUo. A cvrliJliLi.ito t^f ^ft^dui^tion 
j^ven to every mw who hm FUdceAiifully 
pjtMttiMl tbrougti ft ttniirersitj vr col1ogittt« 




0lft-la«injrf^ ll-nu* [From ^wX&x, 
*'«l'>gUlc,'" iiml K'fAsj * lunrruw '*] C«.p- 
l^itnitttJ tlivi^iuii uf the ¥|ituul lUHrritw 
long 111 wt^e. 

IMp'li^Svu'r^.* A tcnii nppltetl by 

of JMiimuls* uT Htiiitiufhoifhif namj>ris.iD;^ 
the vitrioua furuj^i of wunii» in whieh 
tliu uerviiu^ columns huvc tb(fir ganiu;^- 
lioliie L'tihrrguuiciitf vivy i; t.r«- i^- 

tnl«rtil jsepiLrniion rrnio eucli >l^ 

the ni<Mli»n liuo tbaa ie oWcsr^tHl ui ilio 

IMp-lo'pl-^^ [From ^irXdv^, 'Sluu- 
l»k'," and orrw^iar, U> **««e.'*i An Jiffc«tuiD 
cotl^iKtinr; in dunlde vijiion : Uip'inpy^ 

IHp-lop'ieiMHiii^ [l>i|tlop'l«>m«; 
fri»ui t'lT^«ls, '' ilotiblc/* and irrifiO', a 
** whiii."] AppHcsd tij iii»voi4 litiviii{^ 
doijUIod or TiMcd win;j«- 

IM|i'|M*rM Oll« An Hnimnl uW pro- 
enrv<\ b>- rlu* dc«lnietive dLHtilUtioii tif 
juihiml in»ih*r, «*H;potna1!y t>f ulbiiuiinous 

l>i. ka'.-hc-c* ur 

IHlfs i , A ii&tumi 

firtlvr ot borbacroiis) |dantjt, inoliidio^ 
l>ift^ »"*•**" iTvn*i*'\), iis<'d by falb'r«» 

A n 

tho tl:., .- .... ..... ...„ .; 

Morbid thtnt; cxecssive or impiiirLHl 
dr*«irc» (n drink. 

Dlt»'l4*r<9.* An »^rilor wf ins4K3ts. 
So«i iJti'TKin s. 

Dipl4?ri»c««ir.* di|»4vr-»'«bc-tf. [From 
lh'fit4-rttf^t''fn»', rvf}^ of tbp cncni.] A 
niitiind «*i of ifi- 

i«lf in TV:.. J. :. .,, .ide* Iho 

fbr bnrd f.imT>b«»r of Sutnatrn. A »po- 

*t finHluet»s Ibe *Vaw/, or 

1 modt C!j(,tvn«ivcty used 

IMfi frr-tm.* ( hVna i>u **twic0** or 
**lKi ' nloji/*] linking: 

t»o V A|i(diod in the 

idtu. ; . u) to m) urdvr of 

tW4' ' i*tp, sueh •« ihi> «»»mmuEi 

dinr^tuwf^ \tt **t!uid«'/"] A Lri'^^'V^il in- 
•ijiitT"" ' -- -'■■' '■ ' ': ^ '■-!u«ry» i'tc.» iji 

tH' - F»nip.| An 

»litdtul L ii:.Liiacul tu rt |tn?Picri|*lk»n, 
ttti^n ti ; tbtit wbich dirrcU tho o|*orm- 

fion i»f ibe HK^ociiitcd tnWimnvm* lliu^^ 
Hthk iti cMi^junttiiun trifb 9tfH*it t$ Ul 
rcfic; with i/tnuafttm It b diil|jb<>rvUe. 

IMr, Pruf*. ^ th'rrt flu' ifff p4<t'jtritL* 
"AVitli n jini|>or dinvtitii, * 

nirl-C4iliii|r. J^**' CtfiiluMoi-iiACi** 

IH«,*.r Ol. A Ljitm particle Ufutl)/ 

riguifying •^u|mrt,*' iuiiiljitig »v|iiir«£u'ii 

or divifliun, i^ in dirrlUuf, U if »« ui*- 

timeg tifguUre or privuthc, a<i in i^*« 

j pittlltf {IaA^ l/M1>//'f . m). 

ti:t'viiH. u '• diak/'] KvMitibllfig m dbkj 

niai'eukl. [t1gwe4»r<le»; frum 4if«c»' 

blin^ :i tuiod, or didk . .jtiHit 

IHliM*lif», Pc© l>\fi%. 

DlimciMin'. [Fr 

*ni**f, iitt^rtilly, to ' 

to "jJCJitivr/* tu " J J 

nvdo or ciTQCt tbe ruaoiutiiiii of tiuui 


DiMniillciir i^i^r 

lit^'iiH; h'> '. , ij t4| 

SUbt-lKiiuc^ h ^ I I • I Bit* 

miitinj; I lie rvroiiiUon r*! tniootii. 

l»li%-*Mi«N»'. [From t\\ti b>ci)i>]i 

Vd*',j ,\ny d».l 

i . . L 4 b«ftllb. 

I»i9»4ti*fc«i n«ilA. [From f/ti^ »<*lp*«l 
tiv<s nnd iw/^Vm*, i«yV#'fMf»r* to ♦'ctirrtipt.*' 
t«i "inlVntt,**] A|ij.(lied to ug^^^ntf wUif^ 
dc^tr*>y the cnUM** ol' inlVc{iii.ti* Am ti£' 
iht'Ko iigetiiK, cblcrinc im one id' tii 
efl'tt init, 

I>i««.iti-fW^'lpr- [nt4|fifl'rlri«t|] 
frum tbii fianic] Paiil ituifM| 

BiiMii-rcr'iivii. ,... 

0'<»t#; from tbc ^llllii^] Tbt 
'fyrnjf the lilititispbtiti; frtm 
iitthtfuefsi by rvarwinji; tiiu uii, ux L|. 
cbotniiMil Actbtn. 

l>lMti. [Dln'ctuit 
"<|Uoit.*'] Tb#» round, 
oointjound ti'fwrr: nf« 
tac*> wifhui 1 


fkotu C^4« 

m<)^iib1e arf 1 ^ 

yiinntinn ; 1u\,iiiua. 

IM«ppniMkln>. 8ce Di9Mt»iiAKi, aad 

Th^r'! SMAtojiV, 

rfuni; Vx. j[h»j**'K,*nifr, tl^'gpt.iii* »4kii(' 
from dtvpfu^ti^ tii»p«»0n*tum, tn *' rlij 
piti?c," to "diiitribntr/'] A idftoo trbti 



im* arc nn?|i!ire<l uml flispcnser!. 
• Ifjr uppHcU t"» 11 chnrUitbU^ insti- 

I fi J p repairing 

It-. : ---, --. ----„ :--- ^^ -. 

IM»*|»lwrc nii*nt. A prrk<7r«!<9 nppUfd 
I* phfirmFi-Kiiftr it prnpiirationa. And 
f ^lJ'^^fn faot tbut 

f. i with whiuh a 

p -- i it' J»wlK'n put into 

A pmpivr tippftrHtu«, m^iy he diHpl&oi^l 
trp AQ iifMtli *nftl 4|UADtity of thut or of 
iiiti<>tHc«r 1i>|tiifl. 

I>H^i>rt>d. (flia<if^'fiu»» St-m Dis- 

from <l'f, *• ftp.irt," tttitl ■'■V"^ tfi'^rum, to 
1 Tbii cuttini^ tipof jifi tii)i(ii»t or 
5'1« in nrd<?r to A^^oertniii iU itruo- 

■ or **twro,*' iiiid ff7^;/ii, ft "seed."] 
: two doo U. 
u^w^i^l>'1-mt>]it. [I>|ii«if^]iliiii^ii'- 

mm: fmoi >iiiM,'pi,t, 1 1 "•sppurdtp/'J j\ 
r-.pir^ion. tjr pitriitioD, that diridctf th« 
erit- '»f fi rnf»<iitt'. 

lli»>ff*n'tloii. [I>l«itpn'il«i; Trom 
f/*#, *'ttpift." ikud Uii'tt t, feti'ittn or 
r«H't4«i, In '*«tpeto!h."J The flitiilAfiou 
»f a h'tllow vi-T^u* hv tr»a groat u^cumu- 
Ijitlto of it< fintr'nl^. 

DU^f Ir hl-i^«* l>l^ll-eli I ii-mI«.^ 

f Fr »li| »if, *'"' "f *'lwi," rtnd a-iVK, 

j» " ftm.") An ftfiecttun in wbidi tho 

frT.frif hit & di)ilhlw r"if of c^'cllishe?, 

■•rjirdji ttgftin^. thn eye, the titbcr 


I ^i^ iUeDonm. [DN'llcliitM; frntn 

I the •ftiiHL'.] l>Mu3jlf runltod: riiijjrcd in 

f «w» rotr«. like tU« k'avcjt of cortnin 

fttlfillo p^r lipiif«eii<iiiiiu 600 

IM«.tll.i« Hon. [ItUUIIJi tl<K e>n 

n ,r. • '<r • t!y. I>f*if1!l|n'1l»: fmiu r/**^ 

''<•«» trt "drof> hy little and 

d-.. irkl! In drftpK.") Th« pr(H.*l!^($ 

of »itp3iritiii'z !hfi vfdntile frtim th« tnoro 
fine J p(»rt* hv hofit. 

nutllln llAin Df^lrar'Hrr. THc^ 
d«*«? •»npM4>Tij»ti of b'ii|li'« liy nXrmt'z liital 
in »»nc vP9«id« itud onllisntj.m tif tin* pro 
dn<fU In Another. 

0N'to-mn lf<»>fiAl'l*«iiiii.* [From 

A\. ^'tWkOC" mT " tW'S* <rT/yn*» || "IJldUth." 

and fl-(r-*icrtf, "lu5to(ityif)g to thtj livf«r."J 
"I'ln* tloUij* (Fr. (h,Htf, doi»v), M wonu 
i*onictimc-t found \n th«i liver iind gaU- 
hhidd«r of tnanp hut nioru oomiotinly in 

LtlQ!(|9 of sbfH*]>, |ri}t|ts^ KsUi, It \g AD Ob- 

QViUc dat worm, notirly im inch in Wni^tb 
»tid >ihoitt the third of on iiteh broad. 
Fri»iji the ;>iill-l>1iidditi- it ucoti^ioajtlty 
ptifi^tH into lhf» intestinal eunnl. 

l>|j»*l€>r'iloii. [IiJ«ief>r'ti(t, o'nt'ip; 
from flU^ "apart" or "ftWry." urid /or'- 
<y(i<*f>, tor'tHM^ li* "twiat,/'J UnQatuni.t 
direction or dispisitioa of purU, us cur- 
vjittire of the' Mpitto, cti3« 

DU-C4»r'tor.^ [Proru tbeffAaio.] That 
w hied I di.-!toft^. SO0 next artiole. 

I>Ulort4»r 0>Im.« ("Dtntorier of 
the M'Ojth/*) A Oiiue kivc-ii to ono of 
lh« T.yjKO»safic miiifolo?. from if a uc^tinit in 
difitortiog: tb« mouth in ragc^ j^rioning, 

III#-tii«h'I-9. Tho sAmc a« D18- 

IHii'trls.* [From AV, ** twice," or 

"dotiblc," aBtl <^ff, the **balT,*'j FoTky 
huir; it di^eiise of the hair In which it 
i=plit? at tho end. 

ni-fi-re'siai.* [From ^li, "iHronghi'* 
sind oftffJ^ut^ to "pn§f water. "J In<?rea««d 
dtweharffe of iirititJt from whntev«r CHiise. 

I>i-o-rpK'lc« [tlliir<*t'l«ini; from 
the Mamt'.} Bf^lonetnfif tr» diuf^^nU ; tiatid- 

inif tfitrrffiti. 

Dl-ur'«in1« flHnr'nn*!: from f/fV*, 

a "day/*] lJ<'1'asi;in;; ti> 'H' dnytiiuo. 
Applied to n family t.f r idi 

wbifh fly chivfly hy dny, i^h 

tbi-ra from othcn, Hioh li^' ..n^-. iit il fly 
hy ni>rht. Also mppliett to • family of 

Al>iir-n^'tl4»n, fFrnm liiur*^*^^ 
"dsiily.*'] A term ifitrodm'cd by M. Uall 

to cxprc** thi? Rtntc of •' ■-■ '"'ilii, 

thr h^t, fijr flJtrimfd*), t\v iiy, 

eontrnftttul with tboir ncti . jt. 

IMf . -. fh't'ifi''* -DUnK.* 
l^l*vAr'1»eate» flll%iirleit'tfi«) from 

dit'nr'irn^ tfttftl/'ii n*lHm, i'* "ftrid«** Of 

*'iftrjiddlt?,*'] St Middling J diverging at 
nn ohtn-i* nn-^l*?. 

IH*vftr«l-<9^'llofi. [From tho anm^.] 
Tbo" bifurcation, nr pj^pnmtini; into tw", 
of nn artery, n nervi', ctr 

til - V «*t ' 1 F>if i. f in *'«»r l<»M* ; from rf »>, 
"iipurt/" «iiid rJ'h,, vuVnmH, Ui "pluck," 
\*i *'piil1.**] Pulling liditndi^r, or •<?p»- 

tlivHIcni Afllnlty* Sec ArptKtTT, 


lll-T^IMil*f|<»>llii.^ [From ilnrt'*u9^ 

inii tJilTcront llitwrr*: (Uvcrsillo'rutc. 

lll-T«»r-tie'ii*litni«* [From *iit!m'*M, 
to "turn a;5ide.*J A vuriutiun of dc- 
^^ttrluro frum tbo uiituml conrtiiiotia; it 

m-Tiil'ftlofi^ or IMvuliil4»«' (li-vitl'- 

nho-o. [SOO IMVKLLKNT.J AlJpllC'd ill 

.JBuru:vry to the furcibte •cparutiaQ or 
Iflof'iiiti'in <.f ft part. 

Itlacjciot^in. See I>i\'t .s, aiul VpjiTir.o. 

A nioihiKl of pr'Mlurtri';: an m''tnn<f^fn'l^fl?^ 
U*rUt by Ihr 

»o metal ist;..,,,..^ — .i>- ■- . ..■• 
len sets fire to the (?»«♦ Thus ihsfttjvory 
ui mu'Ja liy Prufcsapor Dolorvlaitr, of 
Joii.t, if} 1..2i. 

tH»^l-iiitt'i»l<^« [From StfxinHbi, to 
"UiHt/* tt» **cxiiminc»t" to "pfftvo."] 
JJt*<;''imjM!)', The iirt of cxuininin;:? f»is- 
«iU or tnotii.]3 to a^o(?rt4il& llioir coiiipa- 
witi m. 

INM^inisv'Klti ri«l«tiit»'tllTin,* or 
IHMTlmn'iUH 1^1-BMt-fiit'li^* ( " Tfnt- 
\^ of tlK* Lun;:;!.") In MeiUeal Jiiriii- 
|intilcnf**\ the loiiiEutj of ihu hingi* *>f a 
diMMl tii>vrl<orfi elii!*l, in aHcr t* DJcer- 
hi in wbf«tn?f it tiM ffr'T rcHpirod; in 
oHnr Wfordi?, whoUier it wiw liotu altvc 
or tU'iul. 

IkH^I-ninm'tliv [DocifiajiA'tlenA^] 
lU.litti^iifjtr I * If 'cinKt>4itt. 

IHtrltitNM'Uci Art* The lATt of awi]^- 

l><H*k, Wit't4^r. TLio cufitmua itiim«i 

for th*? litiiHf r fii/dt'tifuft'a(fi»int 

tHie^U»tr^ «>/«,* [Kr«>iu dtM'rru, i/nr'- 

fM«i, to "tcrtoli/'J Litorully, » **t^,■M?hor'* 
^©r '*iMi!truclj»r/* A diii^rot* *ir tilloiion- 
iirretl by ibo Modiciil I'^a'.'iiJty ^'f » laii- 
^fcfuity, nr ooU^gc, on **tboji«« who Imve 

>iC>. t U^ M||*|*t'lbiliMii uri^i- 
d lliai bo who boro it wa^ J<n 


4u»IU .' *-*i*i ' i»\Uii." iiiitl j,4* ,a, 410 

i^aAirlo.*'! A figure Uaving twelve ndlcu 

fur ' - ' 

i»-'0^|||%|. [IHH|<^C«|CO'flll«.] 

I . I " o diMb'O'.tju't'n. 

f ;*i 

mntl r^ps, tt *'biiL>fv"j A »uliil dfnire i«r 
twi4v«> Oi^iial ti(i*:4'i <ir tiilei. 

l>f»-<lc*-riui'<lrl-^« fFrwm >-- , 

" twifl V I*.'* miJ »t''»ii*, li " ijt , . 
Tbc clti^vtilb cAitnM iif 

Litiiiuuui eygtem, chwrat i ^ ^ iiii 

piOMcitico tff from twotta to ttia«if*ii 

iKMitM^oti 'd rl>€>iiB, : ' ' , . rn9' 
tlrliiM; fro in c •Wa, art , i 

"luau" *>r "mule.'] i. ^ .-v|i» 

Ilo^Roibe. The J{o0tt etiiitno, m Itifl- 

j tree. 

I lulu; it 'la tiuf,th'r>t, i "bAiLliti" nr 
*'a\c.**] Ilavititf^ the form of ^ bnlcbti. 

ci»it/'} Apf>lic<i in Mix -iifi*. 

(Ivtitto to a criuiiiml f<>r vk i ;v u 

libadeil tn pxrn^T', wbrn **. i ,>,. .- ui«<k 
Mh to brKUitrtiUl cftpiicity whitn tb« orunr 

i* v." [(Jr. .vXi\v» "lc»fi(f/1 I 
A i < nns nf the «U«t ihndrU | 

j^A unhir f^rffttmintuw, 

Ool'i«*ticMi Pru'rt*enM.* ^"It^rhtiif | 
D»lti'bos/M Tbt< ('owhag(«, tir co«<i(c4|i 

now C'UllC't J/»*r«*Mf| ^rN'ffi.NC, 

|i4il'4»-ittil«. A £rpoeic9 of mftj(tie#lAfi I 

INk'lor,* plnru! I><»>to'r^4* [Frvtn 
tl <'ir<f, lo " bii in pttitit* to "uolio;'* Fr* 
Ihtftirit*-, iloolrn'.] Pttio, 

Oo'tor <iif»l.|f»,* C'PftlA <if I 
Ucud,") >■«'♦ ' ' 1 ?:|A. 

IK»'l«r II* (*'PiilIi of I 

T«c(b/') Sir .t\. 

Dtil«»r rn-cU' J, ('* P&iii of 

FllCt% 'j Srir NkI KAl.€tU. 

ll4nii-lHr3r''qi f^it-^4'ft|i. * *-- r 

in^ in iSoufL AnKrivii. i« 

clntin^MiM, milk likt fluid . i»< 

bcyu Turpitiliiitv 

TH»-r«*'m^ a/m.' fQr. 

"*rin/1 A f - - - ■ 

Dorv iiin .* - 

My^teiiiutie nwui* <4 thr ^ 

i>{tif'r jiunii' 1 

tbii *'UM:ik/'] Uolnngitig to ibn baok. 
A|t|)lic 1 (ty l)r. Harclay u» muunioj; '*lo* 
warrU tb« butrk,** 

MH»r'mU^ tbu ginitivo uf Jioiuiiir«J 
l»birb *»!'*'. 

IlorM*t»nui4*li-l««i'i«NkV [Ji 

llt»r«H»-. \ jirtsltA UeuiiUi»|f uotinec- 

having connccliun with tlto Imck imd 

iior-«lf nl^;i.^ A muus «f iirtien- 
tlin (liJW4;9rii uro 

I tu* 

'e v( uiber parti, iit ot 

II*.. ■,,'•'.— _-ivo."j 

, "* I iiuin- 

Th , t>uf.i 

dicinti («rc!i3onli»tl tir ji^ivcn to niiti^utf 

^ uni? tiifl«» It i* .ihvi'Mitt tlitit thii smno 

"Iju >l:t^ h1|0(1|(| tint Im) 

v'l ' la ri'liill. Tho 

ill . , iritu?<« i»f cnti^ti- 

tuti<»u, au4 thi' })ruvi<»ii9 UlUUs of rlio 

•Ut>ai«l not tHi 

« 'U : fur a cli ' 
•ixthi fi>r 

tU,t I Hi, I » 


-li F.J 

Ui ill liimut I 

ftf n ':t->iwr\ 


T tomiioino 


I>i>«'«ll* A voiiU roll or plc^scct uf 

D<»tli*lii-«ii«lor*ril«.* nr, iqito fim- 
p«*rJy, l>i»-tli1-i*nT»*li«r-l'li».* [I-V.^ni 

tin^."} Biilihrg«:>iitvat >iiuJ inllaminati'U 
of thv j^taadulftT ftklliobii uf Ibo iuteslioHl 

"rinaeiiU, iini »o cuutrivt'i! 

iMc^l uutil 
«»" nf nn " 

■. i)4Hti!ijii A'ui.' n . I i- 1 

I nm^r," [iiuar"] Tbo 
'i^R*» will 'h ►*>*% 
ii*>"-h. Lf(«^f.At!y, n 
liu Imlii/' Tlift tfthtiirn 
II .M . -11. .iii ori*«>himD itf watur. 
ii«JI|r «ol(|, 1)11 tht) hmtil, nr (kthiir fittrt. 

The doHtht is uftcra ftmnd irt l>o »n i»x- 
ccUi^nt m(inti9 n( tituiio^ n fuhoud mv 
II me. 

•>itiit<»tir. 8w DuLoa. 

llon«<«, do<»% Tlio Frenen nftit.o 
for tb^ n **&!>, m\ intcftitiAl worm. &oe 
DifiTtiMi HiiiMiTicrji. 

lH>**«»r^ ff*ow'd<*r. The /'u/rtj /jp«. 

Uo^^'mil Joint, Tbci auiurt or 
•errtitoit urltouliitiuu, as Hkf th« bvoeit «f 
tb«* hoft<l. 

l>rH€*li. r>,o,Vuu,.^ A 'Nfrorhm/' 
ItriM'hni. •tiiiM [ I»m4-li ttiitt imtn 

0ix jt^raitis avuirdupitit,] In Pbunuacitjf 
% weij^bt of ^i:*fT •rrnin*. of thf<*<* f^era- 

I»m^ I - "] 

A prccii^! . ::.. . - ^. _-: .„ .ulil 

wntcr with a conecntralcd {Lleobolia 
it<:*litt]cin of ilrafCon'M blood* 

Dmronllltm..'* dlrM-kou'»bt9-u»u A 
l?ciiu,.« wt jjluqtK of tbf Liiinsi'aii c-la** 

Tttftmiriit, niiturill unli't ^^irtirrjt:, Altta, 

tlui PharruiitKfpafimI tmin© f U.S*. Pb,) of 
the niot of the Dmr'ttntmni /ttitftHm^ t| 
11 tftitntiJatit, ftiiti»pn>taoc|ie. &iid nur- 
potir: mid it baa h«cn highly reo'til' 
tnendod in ii<tbituu 

Drmrtm'lium rcvl'tdram* (fH'^- 
dfim). The «>y(ctMaUo nntu«3 uf the 
8ktink-cul>l»aLrr, a pbmt cmw^iup ahtio- 
dantky Hi uj;triy pxuu v{ Uitt Nufiburn 
and Middle UtiiU'd Statce. c^eo t>f«c«>d* 
tniir Aftielv. 

I>f\i*4*tire'n-lti».* [Dlminutko of 
dnt'c**, H *' ill ji|^. n ;" ilr* ^^ku*v.\ Tb© 
(jiiincn-\N'"iiii, wh ch ^^neda liiidftr tbo 
Bkiii« and b common am(»n^ the natives 
of Ciiiinoa, It is aUu termed iLic Utn- 
PHnrutH* ffitrtiiHt, Sofi (if nrA-WortH, 

nr^-flrnn'tln. <*r Dm^-Kaii'tlnr. A 
mucila^n ohtatned lr*im ^um trnjcftt- 

llm«r'«tnSi BIocmI. [Ptefi'iriiia Il^iu 
cn'iiK."' Till' -IrirK? eoiiL'rrtr, ir«^<<tttoiiii 

L' to srnuit arfiCvri, 

,.,.,..,,,, ,,,,..,. t*tt r^ifti*'ftu» }it\iCi*t 

aud tlit) J^frrornrptiM *mtt<thnu»^ *\itL 

DriMi'lle. [Ilmw'tietivi rr.n. V«Tri- 
irAf, ♦• workinfft'' "active," "] 

A term Apfilied to purpn- lea 

wbirb are powerful or \u>.'ii>. .■■ .tttdr 

ilriMiirliU drilfY. flli»fi«'fiiii.l A 
jMilimii. or what ti p«rsan drinli.'^ Ht otice. 

Ilirf«n««h, A form of tnrdit^i^i* ui^^d 
in fuvrivr/.tiniiUt^uu* lu adraughL 

1>rl'iii5«.* f Fr<(in A'W* " p"Oi!«iil/'l 



A Linnocan ^^nws of the di)(*it Ihtdacm^- 
ilrtfi^ II ii hi rill (tnItT tftf)nt>fti9frff^ 

1lri'iiiy« lViii*i4^'ri,''' riilUnl t%\Mit 
l>ri'lli>'M ArHi>-innl l-4*J4.* Th» rys- 
teiU'ttii: Uiiincftf tlif th.*' which priMliKv? 
Ihtj Winror'!* hiirk. Sof WiVTisrrA, 

Uriv'el-linic. Fnvoliiiitnry fl*»w of 
the shHvji, »» in old a^^e, iufiincy, mnl 
i(lio(.\v; pljnerinji*. 

Droit, dnwh ( '■ rii^ht." or •• »traig:ht'*). 
Tht; Fruiioh tonn fur /Urtum, ti^^plicd to 
vnrious musclt?s uf tho Uody. 

Urop, [Oiit'lfi.] Tht.' KiuuUest quiu)* 
tily ffl 11 liiiui'l. I?yc Mt?<iM, 

llr«f p, m' rvn e» f^i^' ( ? 1 1 rr a 8 k r k s \ . 

l>ro|»'pi5'. [Lftl. ily'flrt^iw; Or. 

^V'*'>'t'i from ri-kip, *'w3ilor.**J Th« tJiPtiiiMe 

lif^yt^ro;.*. viiritfUtfly ili.«tingui<'b«4t neeord- 

OfwpMj Of Ili4> ll4>tt}. Bee As- 

I>r4>|M>' of the Itmln, See Ilr- 

tmoi'Et'llALI s, 

DroiMy of llir Clifwt. 8ce Ilvrmn- 


UrotMy of the Flemli. See A>^v- 
Iin»|My of the Joint. See H yurops 

' AllTHl I.I. 

I>r4ft|i«y of the f>l|*li>ew B»e llrr»ito- 
UiNip**^' of the T«Htlrle. See Ur- 
t>rt>|»«i^' of the fTferufi, B^ya llv- 

t»UOVtf:TI< \. 

t*r<MM*rnr«i»,»ilroii.eT'a'iihe.?. f From 

l^rwu. A nnturnl nfvlor i>f ox'^jrfinMii 
|%erhai'.fruu«r [»biiitA, i'umul m nfarly nit 
"tf vt the vroflct whore there iiro 
Rr»b4U). Ii lUdluiles fhe Ditmnt (FI.V- 
Clit'Jlicr). retnorknlile for ihe irrit»hilUy 
the hairs with which iU Imivo* are 

nmunlntr. 8ee Srt»Ml^ns»«. 

KCilrXTfA. ' 

Itriift-' (Fr. DnyffN0<, flrofj.) [Pro- 
hii}t]y imm the An;?li*-l^i»xon Dfufttu, to 
"dry," ur frtmi ifxMonltJilly *ho eunie rt»ot 
Iff wrifnA **r>p^nn»«* l4>ri?fi««>viv n* n Inr^e 
u ■ ' ' ■ ■ "i- Fiiii- 

I U-r Tri 
j ^_ - V, nnd 

jitili mopt t'reiftiently^ (ipplied to lucdi- 
fltiif^M in their Kitnplo fonn, \n\i iilnii imH 
ttt ifiohhte till jitihj'tiinei.'fl wlth?h nro eiu- 

iVnim of the Gi&r. Bee TYUTAyiru, 
lirtinlAetiiMiM^ 8ee TKiiri,r.xTtA- 
llru|Mierit^' *in - iu%ho-<*, [Seenaxt 

iiTtictc ] A tiiittir»j nrder of ^lo^^tnem 
trircii and «!irnli#, fatnd tn cuKl aotl 
trtiipcrnle cUhikIi^*, tneluding the firui^ti, 
I tiim. ahiioiid, mid chL'rry, PruHH^ or 
Ii5«lrwyaine ki^hI aU^nutU tti tiio l««»a 
and kniit'l?' td' iUi^ fruit* 

ltni«pH'ec*ouii. [Itm|iii'c«rtittt fhtn 
(/**«';#«,» "drupe. "J iiuvin^ drttpcin. S*» 

DRlM'Af K-li, 

••rill© 4flive."J A tU*l»v ' rung 

Ii fit(me or nut, u.s, thi* rh* 

DFn'itj^, Applied in v tfl 

a Piirftioc coated wUh ix ium rtut* 


Dry Betly-AelM*. The CA>/tV<i /^e- 

DrjT €^p'|»ln|r. The nftpUrulton of 

the fillppinp-giilS*! %rithunt mr^i nJirfttiiM^ 

in (<nlcr to prcMhire rvviittii*ii of Llo>u4 i 
frotn Hny pnrt iif tJiii body. 

Ilry i*llc. The nuiiui of n jsr^itvanle 
uppnriitttji. fonnod without »ny opid or 
lu|iti(l. iiRUnliy I'onxli ttrh'd with fuit' «if 
metnUie plnt^K ftepnrntrd by liiyerM of 
finirincvou« pBiito luiAvd with cominou 

Hry Rot. A epccie* of dtMrnr Iw ^ 
which wood \» Rihjcct, The wofNl la*** i 
fill it? cuhe«ion, and Iweorne* fri»lde, nitil I 
fiinKi generiilly appear on it. 1'lie Arfl • 
(If'xirfiottvc fdiiitige let pr^diaMy t*( a 
cheinioiil kind. 

lir;i.^».i»AIXD-ti*>|*^ Ar-o-miiif«r^* 
A trf-e of the order Dipitrnrtm^ ytclding^ i 
■ li«|tiid enlled totffuhor fH Mnd a cf^a- I 
tAllinc Solid tiinoi"«l Snvutirn or Bffrw»«t \ 

l>rj4>l»nl'nito|fw ('ntfi'|»hf»«t^,^ Thif j 
tree wUieh nlTordi eatuphor itt g:te»ta»t | 

Da«nl1-tjr. rilimt'lt«ii,A'r/#; fmei | 

ftntt'ftA, **pcit;niung to two. "J A tvnii ^ 
u«id in rcfinTfn II to a (hrttry Ihiil lh« j 
two fa(?niir)phereci of the hriiiM mto oapa- 1 
bic of iiciiiij* in«lt?pt"ndi^iitly ofi'iich other. 

I>iiet of ^le'no* The eiteretory duct I 
of tUi" pjipifiil f^fiiriKi- 

tliict of Willi r' ton* [l^ue'tiia i 
Wlinrtonift'tittPi; lliir'ittMKiillitt'rla \ 
Iflfc'rlor.] The rXi^rttiiiy ditrt of tha 
^iibtTtfiAlltnry j;;Und. Thei^e two laiil;. | 
with tho »^uidin^nuK eon»Utilte Ibe Mil/* | 
»'or?/ dnotiB. 

nnr-tllLtf . fonrtjl'lfmi. m'tU^ I 
froni tfn'i<i, lUr'tum, fn *'dri»w") AJ 
proprrfy l»y whirh hodie» ciin Itr dniira I 
out <iff inttt uiii> 

UiM*lMof Hiailiti (M 1ii«'ne). fDia 
ttt* Il*»l11nlti'iil.] The orVntn.** « f iiis| 
tirintft^rou^ riiiiiilM of the kidneys 

nt r 


t'c\ tiur-'tuut, to "iiJiul,*'] A c:iunlt tT 

l>D«'tiia Ml BTa'AitttiV (" iJue* [leaiU 
mi] t" nHn N*>Kt/ K .4h(^rMrjp44> failed 

T..I ',■',-'■ " ""'f'-; . ', ■ . . udioji^ 

1 - into 

I ' . . .- . 

Utfteto* A*<|uo «••*- ("Wdtory 

h«iiV»' ") Lym^ilmlio ir(!isit«Ii»; Lho a<xue- 

■ ' :t». 

^: tnai .4Lr>te-rlKi''itisii«* ("Arte- 
... :M:t/') A bluxl-vo^fui peculi»j- tn 
thp l'Hj»tii«, rmamnnicftJtoi^ dirirttly bo- 
tifvoa Uitt j»iiliJJouary artery ami thu 

n^tr'iUM Catit-ma'ui!* €ti«»l««!tl'o- 

rimsi** I * j: .11.1,., o liilc ict'uiviuj; 

Daoi.*') Til formml Uv the 

li li' ir>m thu liV9r into 


.^_i4 ... - vW'^'t^'^-n^* ^"I'v.i.,'. 

Utl^L') TUm v.\criilt»(y Jtiet V 

f r t'H t^ir. FH-ir^k f>f tJtrt cull 

V, .til it LJJU 

..,^ -i. - «i1icr niimo 

t^nr f ti^ .t-l4>'rl<-iin* 

,<' 'TV Du'll 'j, ttiujri! I*ur'tiift 

iT>'rl*l* \ lim^i withiu tbo 

'I- ' '■' ' '■"'' ■ "•■■ "r thm, 

i* It id 

tir«r-l.» or Milk- 

1>«. I . . ..%. tltidi^hJ'^- ■- ' '^M hy 

|Ji9 nniifu of the (ira|>ir ; iiv«r. 

!?e«' F»rrrrfi Comui'hj*(; < its. 

M 1,-tnM In«ol-'M»'rI-u«i. ^ A cou^ 

l»4r iA«.« f.^i»-plU»t't-CiiB DeSE*- 
te^T,* i'K'iihi l-MiiiihiiliL- iJiJoL") A 

tl-i - "" —• * ' ■ "• - '. '--''■ -f tb« 

ri picii- 



' C'Lutiicr 


- I'l 


from twk'uly 
cuvh > ilk* of t 




tiuu of the ri _ 
f'-rmcd uf Ij jti I 
tliv^ uxillmy ^ 
Duc'luM V 

l>MOt.") A b« 

fis^>iit< t « t > til- 1 ■ .Ui 

by Van I', f -^ ' 

wtiioh till 
yttivn it t 

"tWt'ct." tLud trtmtWtiM^ "blltiur, 
Po «f r-- j «ir r « , cioti .' * ... 

Bwt'rt TU« rhnni 

the stulkf of the ,^ 
IhilciniQaru |ioi!'*»i?f!ie'x uuii. 

axui Jiuk hori^'ttu iiru^iertics, 

en)! '■ ' '' " '" "'■ ' 

ldtilei«'do Mi>ii-to'r 11 1 • - 1.« 

Sin TA,] Litviiilly. "Mwt.cij*'»> '" lUe 
npiiti, t>r «pit4lG." Tb<* littfuc i^utni liy 
Frank to thtkt farm of ptyntUru tii irhicb 
tlio saliva hiut a »wcc( ar iiiiiwkicU iiMsla, 

INlHtlly S«« Ml^TK, 

lliini9l»ni««M, Swi Ai'tioxrA. 

llta-iii4W«r'. [ From iiu*M*i*f n ** ba&h.**] 
Bu0|jy <<r Mltrubby* 

l>u-a^o'itittit.^ [From dund**'Hi\ 
"twelve."] The flrtt p'irti»>n i»f tbo 
,^,.,it . , i . . jj^ laj3;j;fb being Ab(»itt 
tw- iremi<h. 

i^:- *►, [E»iittll«ft'ittM; from 

ifn'ftin.*.'t uH^iica'tutUf to *'* doiiblu.*'] 

Bii'plngii.* [Ft' ' ' ' tnf»/' liiid 
/j/i'.*i. & "folil."] I of any 

tbiap As a prtHx, li mk •' t»(i*>- 

foM i'* 4isip dnph-csithuii*iiit i¥i*i>(M OAT- 

M- <»r. An I uvi-r-tcd 

Mytrvn, hM i;^ tht 

ftiUM^riil ttrtery. 

ilau no 

vnry l>aot.'j cmjq l>i;0T 
JSeo TnoiiACic 

I fCuliAr to tbo 
I ho r/H«i«arrA 

A tcniii omiiloyod 


'1 iPr. 

It bcbk»ily 

'^' * of tbo 




IHt'ni Ma't*r,« (The "nnttl M<»- 
tlmr/* Fr. Dute Mt-/^^ 'lUji moiij Thi' 
tou^Hi t^xUTHdl rnembmiio of I ho hrAin, 
i>iw*i fitt[i\io»M\ (o give i>rigin to ftll the 
wtht r iiirtnl'niuo-i uf I his hotly. 

ltn-ril'til4Ptl * [Frytm du'ro, durn^tttm, 
to •'hurdcD,'* c»r f/«'rwji. **hiinK"3 Thu 
iotcriur, iii»»rv tleeply-ooloirU.nn'l hnrdcr 
portion of tli© trunk unci hr«nche» of 
trees, tu'tnttnitily ciiIIlmI h^airt-^etmd^ lif 
[ dt!>ttiij;riii»}itHl IfoiQ till) exterior porti<jtt), 
aUmrfinm or xtip-wnmh 

D«l<*l» G<»l<l. An ttlloy of cupi*er 
anil rJne, in which the eino is in great or 
proportion, thtiri ir. t.*xists in bras** II ia 
ftlUed to (tifufi tt^ and pfinftbtik. 

]>utrli Liq'tikl. The chloriilc i»f 
olefiiiut ,.'fVi!; a}?o ciilltMl fhttrh oiL 

nulf>h 3f ln'«untl. Mf^UilUo cuppor 
Imtiitt'n oul in \ cry thin h'livei. 

IHiU'h Oil. Sf« DtTrti Liu<^n>. 

I)!!!^!! Fliik. Chnlk. or vrhittM,>r, 
rlye<| yd k»w with w floiioclioii of l>irob- 
IcavL'*, FrtMich ht'rrica» and alum. 

toy I*, 8c c* ]>rrH. 

B>>'i*r»* A11i»n<^U 800 A j« furs A 

f»yt<»i«* Brooon, «r Dyer** Wccit. 

Bee Or.siST.v TixrToniA. 

I>y<»rn* Oak* 8oe QirERcra Tiwc- 

C^NBH. Cohirinu mtvttcrii. whether 

I ve^elrihle, untniaL or ruinvral. used ttt 

impJirt to rhtth, yum, e.ln., ti ^lohir dif- 

[ibrent frt«ii that which they nlrwndj 

l>ilf-nii'ml-iv* [From (^iJ.»<i/ifk-, "pow- 
er/'] VUa! powrrr. '»r rtrcn^'tli. 

t>:^-n{ijfi'lr. [ftynnnt'lriiffi; fram 

tho liftuje.] BeUingiog to tho vital 
powrr. or siren p^th. 

t^jr-nnm'lcii, [1>yiinfii'i«!ii; fnira 

I ih<' 't.iun'.] Tlio *'cicn<'o of (hi* forcPM of 
1><idir3« 111 Halation to euch tdber, Yiittt 
IfpttHittc* U tho ideiicd which trettts of 
vitnl foixies. 

««fntni% from rir.aiiii, '♦puwor,' unil 
ft Y'*^. A " li)ea,«ure.") An in*lTonitnt l>y 
which to mettKurft Htr«»«)j:th and power. 

Q]r«. fGr. ^''cO A iJr«'»'l( purtiele «!,;. 
Utfyin r " difncult." or"w.t}i diffienllj'/* 
I ••lifid.'* or "Viadl.v/* •*]»uinl'nny." et«?. 
Hj^ n ici * HM*'iitl-^* fVr"»m (^% **dif. 
Heult," and ah(hif«ini,u t to "pftri'ulro.*'} 
nit1iie«ii of nnv of ihe ftef|A(^# pnrtiefi- 
^ ' ' ' ■ • ' = of the 

,-. . ■■-;-, .. - ;. ■ ■ .:,"dir 

DrilU, " l*t>d ^wtj inw»t, lljc "ft*?! tif RWrtl- 

lowioji;.'^! ]>i|ljru]ty uf ewnTluwIng 


lir|tiid^, A term opplt»d hy Dr M«*Bt1 
tN hvdrophfd>ia. 

ll5i^>l*ii«^«lMh* [From Hi, *'tim 
enit/ (tnd »*^^(i», In "tnovo.'J IMmiuD 
tion of lU*' power of itioii^rn. Ap|dli»<i 
in the iluriil { i**/*riut>*ti») to an on!«r 
uf tlic ciii^d LocuUn of CuUen'i Kotot«> 

Djhb-rr»'Ml^« [From *r. *li»<i,- 
and r/<fofi, a "teiuj cri«|f" or ** Ufniifrnk- 
tnent/'j A fnwHy state vf tho e«o»titii 
tion : dyp'oruFT, 

t>^ii-«<><^'l-9.« [Prrtt /<^» "(hffitiilt.' 
and aWn "hearing."] Dtiutnt»becf in t 
iiupiiirvd lietinn^': dinftictf. A ^ruiii 
of I lie order lh/tn*(htHim, tiitufn jLmitiJm, ^ 
of t'uHen'f XoM hj;y. 

(9it. '• difficult. ' or *' J iMiifftl, ' ; t!'! "r-t,t^-, 
a '*howel."] A di^cjtce n 
prriping, («ne(*niii.*, iind 
chirflv of rnui^tiR, ofli n n 

I»#i»liii.ifi. IFr^m uur 

and X»'t*,, "pohitii n,"] 1 dlf- 

fleiilt of solution," Af n in* 

grcdtcnt of bilin whieti odl*. 

solvcil tis n rei<in*iUF 1**..^^ ..^ th* ] 

jiolution and digestion of hitm in tlLlutt 
hydrocMorie neid. 

I>ji'i»-mcn^4»r>rlra*'9,'* [Frtiin «'*r, 
**di(fii oh," fif]i\ n -liiitith," and ahm, ia| 
"(low/'] (Fr. fr 'A. did'tni*- 

no'iA'.) I>iflieMlt ' fi. 

4ri<ii, to '^Hniell.*'] IJuuii!^ a bud vtnell. . 
A term applied hy lUppnernteB to a fetid] 
diwnrder of 4h' " " -'is;, 

I>3«-0|i'M-' diffirnlt,**! 

or "{lainfiii/' ij *] t^iti* 

fill or dcfeotivu \ ifvitrn. A |^«nin^ uf lliol 
order If^Kfrtthmur^ claw Ltrnf*^^ of Tiii- 
len's NofolocT. 

or '* dlttieint/' niid •5f*(t^. "appetite/*] D»>l 
praved aT>pelit««. Applied in th«»f*litnl| 
to an j>rdt?r of tho cla«« l^veulra of Cul- 

l(?n'* Kojtolngy. 

I>jr**o».|»llr<*'«l-«.* [Frf-in M\, "dtf. J 
fifulf;' nnd Atr*7'-'ff'c. **»mrll/'J IrAp&irt^lJ 
eonditioii (f the pent r f:f MUvIL 

cull/' nnd r Vnj. to "ctmeoct/^ Iftdhi 
^tesrtion : dyspep'sy A gennM of tbo] 
order Afft/nonii/r, elnea I^'ntrtmrttf cif (>bJ- 
lenV Nofohijir. 
i>5>«-f*ti»'«rlHu* fFr'^tn ^V. *'ilMHJ 

enli/' iiii ' ' " 4'flt/'] T" ' ' 

dilfvuli^ sintj. A ;•' 

order /J 1 limi Aorw/' 

lon'^ No,,(.|,.^fv. Sf« ArATAnoritt. 
I»J^i»-plu>'lil-p.* [Frum ih, **dlft 

mad ^*t^f!^ " voiec,"J OifljeuUy of 

V" . 'J tt]«pi»(*tu4ct 

M ^ "HiC • *ulf. It 

»**-v"M.n,» fliff|i-n^>, [Prom /{•*, 

' ilinicult." aijti 
nil or iiu^tuticct 

aiitJ riOifii, lo " ])lft<3«i," to " mtikp/* to 
" cii>npiiiiit«."J Tho Dniiiv of till <»rtl«r 
hi Ur. (jutul's X"»*tii1«j;yt "ifnotitlg rJi*- 
oMod dc|»tTiiil<:tit up'jti tt bad hubit tir 
oun«titu(iori uf flio b"*ly. 

Il|^»-ii'rl-^.^ [From ^, **ili(ric«1l,** 
anil 9vpu¥^ iko *'uritir."] I>ifi]cul( or 
ixiiiiful untl iuQOuiplott) (iibcliuri;^ of 
urine, A gcnttH f>f th-.- v ) - f ' 

It^n'u-rt, The -V I 


IL or Cs« A Ij*t!fi x»fttti«1e •igrnity- 
in* "out/* **r«it of," It \b ^omotimos 

T; f UiiMriu;;. cfMiif>n*hcii(liu<i^ 

11 Mii'liik'. m\*\ interunt oar. 

r.iiitiiiitJon wf. 8i*tt Otttrs. 

k.l\T' \Vi*i\ *>■-■■ 

I'Ciirtli [T4*r en\, in |»>|juifir lfin(;iini;c 
iiitif* Ihii Trialile mutter or ftuit on ihu 


imtti thu ciMii|f<irjrttiiuii itt iho iMiuer<ii 

ftralAi «n«.l int^t l* <nv(.'rtiMA iui'i iiH<tiih 
hy wijr of the onliodrv i I 

dll«ti<tn. MaUV of tliVir 

in».:n»"ia, haryfji, nt\>i 
a^' * ia«' with uuiila t'> furui wticii 

lit > uri? kinoeil fait*. The 

iiiiiuni urv t'lillfij alkalifio 
th<jy h>iv«' 'ill alkulinc 

SSiU oUtiiigc vo^iHuLlo btuoA to 

f Aronit^tlo.] A n>m- 
of n hath of 
f thot) with vrliich 

r ' ^ -r %tttm. A |..-, , , - ,, , ' 

til tnl'*. :t|»d f ' 

Cii ^ 'J iiluiuina :. — 

|l|ive4 in waier, bjr utldiii^ luuuiouitt ut 

iiii'lini'* ' 



r4»fi, 5, Thij Flinch lerxn for '^ w*i«»r j" 
the iijiino oi a ilisiilkHl wut«r« 

Enu «l<< Rjibnlte, o <l^h 1i&'l41i'. A 
TqiiiiT inunuftiutured iu Barbmiutif from 

Caii cIc C'oloKikf*. r> (li^^d UiwlAti' (nr 
ktrloil'), [A'cinit f'olffttik-'n filnij Co^ 

(oxQv-HHi»r : » jiprfiiiiKs aii<l iiu t\ npurti- 
ting lotion often it^c'd ia tiuMdiLctir, fvvor, 

Emu dc JUTCltf** o dt'h r.ltA'M^l\ 

ninachin^ lififuil. i»r lh*i A'rtua AUutf/ini 

.ftiriMf%',ii uf tlio l>ubhti PlmmiiMfO* 

raa dp l^uefs o il^h UW. The 

Tturtw'tt Ami4ivHil» 1\impiMitfM i«f the 
Phftrtii»ecnnr|j5», The Frwneh niittie ii 
' K*\ from that of an »tMtth«ciury vt 

fail <t<^ Xnpht^, o J^b tifcril'. 
A bittflr nnittiulic wal^'^r, prcpnrvtl hy 
<\i*tl\\\ng the Iciived of lhe> fckvUle omoge 
with water, 

dnn cl<< KniM*!, m d^h r^lu'l', [Jt'qiiA 
RnbrltlAiin.] So tmni«»<l from it^ in- 
vi>ntt»r, tho vmpihc Riibvl. It (Ht|itiist« 
of on*i T»«rt «if jiulphuric uoi«l tttitl thrcH) 
of n it 4»f wide. conAtilatifip; » 

Kort othrr. 

till. . _ . [A'<ini» Tl'Inu] f^ne 

VSnti Hf^dlf-lnnlf**!' Ifn«nif»m. n niA'> 

■ '■■■ " '^f 

init in niior*!, in four titiii<loune««ii of 

iUan iuiti lr<i|>ioibl. bomo tf|H)(tio» iixf 



renmrkjihto for tho hnrdtios.* ftn4 btntrk- 
uoff »*f the wuofj, tm ebony aiitl iti'CWiiod* 
Thi« JnsKieuiia aama of thi« uT(l«r is 

Eb'I^nln, or filil^^nliie. Pi/trhe- 
nnfhf'uj ri f^ubeif tilled ultuiucil froln TttW 

i>l>ra« 'te^at^ [Cbmelf'it'tiiii; 

frniu »\jfriv.,unil ^rrt*'Vr*Nn" tloriilleiiL**] 
Wittir.tJl II fl -r ;l l» ilf. 

ffDJU thul'fii), io " iiubbio U|>" or *' boil 
up/'] The fict or »t»to nf bviling* 

El»*iir^tt6'eion*[Fr<ime' //or," ivory.'*] 
A ^tato til' the nt"wmi8 f;yj<rcin in whioU 
Iheria is an iuorcni<4.'tl uml m<»rlud depuj^it 
of phuifphnto <jf lime, ospccially on the 

tiaHilii;;r'» of llm) j'imts, 

KUamifientlan. Sec E^rRTATiox. 

K'bur i'»i'luiii XI'KV'iinB'" ('Ivt^ry 
lloiul Hill 'k"). Lulled r..|i.piv lilrtcTv. *.'r 
Ivury-hljAck. riiniroal prtji&rcd from 
robtirixMl ivory sahcivinjutf. 

¥j6 it^), nnd Ex (f'f) bf?f«rw & vowel. 
A Crt-ok pio|jupifiofi Rigrjilylng **oiit/* 
"iHit of/' ••fi'ftin," oto. 

£cAllle. iilJtV. Tbc Froijch tcno 
for !^«'AT r. wh>'-b ^co. 

l>pill-«^ri» 'tUM.^ [From r, i>riv„ 
lind vttf'viirf n "spur/*] Withoi*! a Ei|rtir, 
or Tioru, 

I>c«fiii^iliit4s [EcAtiiltt'tawt riH^m r^ 
prlv,, ftnd rnu'dtit n •*lail."J Wilhout » 

Kr»l>ti'lf-tiiii ar»ll^l-iiii^1««.* An- 
other nrmiu f'lr M'utifr'tKra AV<av'r«ttiw,«r 
Hitd oitc'iinibcT. 

Ec*lM»rifv [£elM»l'i<»i9K: fronj t«^JX^ 
Xrj. til "on*l "III, "J ApplU'd to mcilic^mpA 
wh'fb itidtirc' nlinrfion. 

<*, "out ml," *'fr*ifn,*' Hnd *'jf'tum, the 
*'oriilrti/'] Awnv froiii (he rcnlrt'. 
E«»M*ii*«rf^ 1*t j^* [Eeeenlrl^'fin*, 

Jt'r**; from thy i^tirat,] In AslroHoiny, 
Ibd dititHiicv l»t-tWL'('ii the ecntro of n 
plunotV orbit and tb» centre wf Ibo 

ttAi', lu "jMuir Mill."*] A t'^tX blue swell 
inij from a ImiisiT; 0\iravHiiittii<n of 
blooil into the ecllnlAr liffliirT. A j;enii» 
of the of'b^r TumrirtM, oliMit jL«r«il<»«, *»f 
Ciillett'^ X'tf^oloRy- 

l>-rb|^-mo'nta.* Tbo wmie lu Be- 
rtitifo'i V. wbkdi p©o. 

ttr-cc^ftritf ' Ir . [ EcMH>|>rot * l<?ii* : 

fVolii iV, '*oltl,*' uttd nWj-^i^t ''iloiit:/ J 
Kvrn'nrrtln;? fbc* r^olrnt' <»f thf Imw^)-*, 
r^»erf .fiol '4H^5 • [ Viv^ri n«»lo'|cln : 

ffvni »»/'Mi.i, to "i^wrcte," rtnd X*tj«^, a 


'•dbcciorBc."] Tho (]itotrino or •ei«oet 

of rh«' acrfi'tions, 

EorrHl-c^,* [From <*fpfr*», to 
" Ptn»iu oir/*] Di^oatiQf nf th« ustc^miml 
funtit'tit. Th(* nMiDO of » elAts in iJr. 
UoitdV No^'dojyry, 

Ec-^jf-e'»l*i.» [Fff'in 
•* without." liiid 4rff](rt(f 

Kx<rn-titmn«!i froiotyon, 

f A»li luirrit rp» A% 1 1 1 
Fr<Hjrh Hrui denoting 
notch ill the bones. Sttr 

^liiu-pc, &'«h;inp'. 
the Hiirtri^'.tl apparnttis •. 
iprhicb Hcc. 

E<'h I-nnU\ or E>4lu'fBni4^ [6t<ll* i 
nn'tim; fioiu tx^ •<<>», tLu ** bi:dge*ki«|{."] . 
B«?sct with prickles. 

E-p^'lilnHMrtM^'rim.* [Ftom t^y^^ | 
the " iKMljj'o-hoj;/* iind «Acto(, a **borrjf/'l ' 
A iipecie** "f hydrttid. | 

nK^HATI'!.} Thfi f'fJflb f'H^ rtf tilt I 
Cffvfi>nt'urti, tJT A'''' ' : of 

*iitiipk n^trntb im ih * 

bpiny p|]fll or J% rt" 

]v^*hltt'«»<«t<*r'tii r.'i^, 

E<'biTr»"i Hit" iug 

the /;.>/ i ed to a cl . 

rhf "t 'l^k/'ll 

Tl :'»«»> *>r«lcf I 


E^«i*/i.,.»< I he *'MB- { 

nrc^liiti/'] A tonn : rLlttiirmi'it* | 
pfilrifiicHott nf th 

lfim|»'i>»l«t t fn»m 

^4X<iy«Trj, tti *' fchine, '*) 
t,i<eml]y» "tiur<liiQ>; of light ;" ***>ff«l- 
;»onec/' A ctinnilsivc di>rfu*M »*f in* 
f*»nryj hU% epilct'-y. runl i|n« ripp«»nr- j 
ni«io of Aitcthctf of ! uj of 1 

its FyniTitoms. B> < 
form -T purrpenili^'n . Mj'i ri- ir 
(•pilL')i.*y ill -I'l.i'rity. 

"out," iiioIXj . 
.^i:»li*rt<^d, or 1 

Appit<'«l to un :ni<- < IK ^ - i in |ifi 

(it# wtII a4 »rt A school itf pbiVi 

who held that wo oii;^hl ti t t' 

oiirwtlvoa to one nin^l<j •■ ^ 

but to R«]cei vrhnt ii b< I tb«| 

t"', - 

niodern t«idii*i'l o( r^.*. tiii (>rt^iii. 

Ce-lcir'ni^,^ or l^-tclsr'iM^* [Qr. 



■: fVom Uh 

(ftf A C«fta'»' '• Ml) 'I >J4 U 

|p«M»\ ff . . s|«; (Jr. r*- 
« ■ u U^ " UviL"J In A»^ 

iimtiriii »if the li;»ht of 
Bi«Uh.nT ifniy hy the iiitcrvcutiou 
E-rllittlr. C£pllp'tlrtui.] BrIoii<;. 

DUTY r\rAi> in the h^^art'tisi. which tbo 

t' 'O nnmnl 

"r 11 uheu ih" 

tfk'liMM', Akli^-f'. Tho Prcneh for 

hT.jVT, which r(»c. 

ifi. w *' hon^e," omi -^^^ ^ ti* "' ill hilii'i." 
" ujrangB."] LilrDtHj. ' 

iler or <iming;ctii#'nt." 
hlcr or jmijier mnu ngiimc 11 l m u :ug 
fry ib\ng. 

A^iMAi. Eco^rnwv .ti-iiirr-i; polle^tively 
■" the In Ws or n I ^ whLoh are 

ct^HK^rv tt» the 3i riu 

f;c«^-~ ' ' , ijii.' i^runeh term 

br "I ''otiTKX. 

K<p-i*:f»;; [FruiO rr^Xtftu, to 

|l»uhhli} ti|». 'j Vc^ionlar rnjjiti.rri e"n- 
«il in iLi ««i¥mn to th« iurfiicct. This 
* ' ' '♦'Vonil « pecks of 

i)4^|*lin* ni-^^* I^Frtun t«f^jf, *'nnt 
of rme's rain J."] iDSHiiity ; orii(iuc»9 ; a 
oi»iu|in5lii|; mel&ucholy »ad ai«J- 

Kc^plijr'nifu* [From ift^^w, to '*aprm5r 
Ht/'l A eatnucuus ci(.'n;5cciiu4»« in- 
*Bldin£r *^h« jsiMnriil sppciy^ rtrruenf ea- 

t itryhit, to **«ilp- 
fl, i»0l tiding the 

i ^mft'ittff*, fmrrtt/'tt v^^tktfMO, iLtl*! 

r iUprwn»«r, A'knAVr 11'. fT ^' 
"cruah/'j Ltfcrrttlv, u 

_^. khul mC ntcel cb[tiii liph: . 

korvw. UMjJ ft>r mmcivin^ |)ilofl« pvijfpi, 

**•-*' " " H'. TheFrunoh 

C^' J i*r. 

lc» ^-W .Mil «>f oT>»*'« -«»fijw ? /•] A trttui 

|\» voluntjifv «i'i- 

-I , ! anil iiiflcxiUhi, 

thp |vttl<i»tmn uid breatbiug not iiirMted. 

r, . .^|«.# [From ftr, •*otit."iinc1 ftr*w, 
liv"| Extension or ct(»afi^toii. 

■ • —r'. n' * ' rrdin Uil^j^ to 

"1 Mil »jf ph\ftt^ 

ei«' r, 

K<>(4» l»l-4j^ ' [I'loui ' " af 

plaec."] Protrusion, or nt* 

ApplioU ir ' ' " ' I he 

Erlo't'- "lent 

of Ihu Ili:4-it.' jl Ai<|pUi;^iI li* i*ii| 0ȣ0 

vrhvTii th<* heart Is r*ut of iti ptopef 

: ' - - ■ "■-■ ■- •- " ■'' ' • -•' n. 

-• ' ' : i.r/' anil 

-ri|,^^, .i,», '• j.u ly^AnU* "J A U'ftu pro- 
jMi^cd h? 0«rtu f'T tho irttwtt<>jrfte lipiif) 
of iuvK-r in rcptilcf, 

"»W»l«aL"J Tho*tJ |»ri' crtS 

(?uoh lb? llec) llint iiifc t of 

tho ho^ljir, tit cjoutrmUaLiiKjiK)]) mam tho 

A'Mfr«E'>ff^ which nro found withio tho 

I>*tro'|»1-iifii.* [From J«, '*wat/* 

nn*i Tf^TTSJ, to *Mttrn."} Evwraion cjf the 

K^c-lmt'le. [f><*frot'leiiti; from U- 

TtTp iSKtti, to ** v.tiU'i- 'A ftj; --'ui r ij^iT."] Ap- 
plied ta tho tc • the *to- 
velopiuftnt uf t. 

"I of 

Fill , , 1 l0- 

gttther, wUhuui Ttit^vr, luid Itut «»oalft- 

r^ f onu, fKesPtii'atltM-] B*- 


' ' ^><' [i^«« next nrtiulo.] 

TuulbiiTf^ MiimaU; «4ua4rupctlfl withuttt 
fr^iit irf»th. A# tho ttrrtin'riH**, 

E-<lcii-l4i'fiiii,« I riv,, nn«l 

fffna, li "tooth/'l ^V I,: rik^l*- 

tnto. Applied to 9111 . Jamwalitt, 


T' '^ , riio- 


- . .: ^ ...., ^ .. -- ,,.^-.,.. - :.iIK*0 

from OQf! I but i» ff>iuhle with ilifhcultj, 
hr lUR^rn? of dijrtilled wjitcr. 

E><lal-co-rji'lor. [From the «»l^lc^.] 
A drniiprn^j'hitttle. Au fnj«trum*!iit, for 
fii|4pU'lrii; irixivkW 4{iimntiti(?« uf fweetctied 
liiHiiifK Wilier, etc., to any miittar«» or to 
tt*>r !ijl»c>t. wHteh'LrU^Acs, (»l#. 

f>l Oil. An oil prwcuffd from «eli» 
hr nijihline: itnipjoyrd ii.# sn o»tit«imt 
f^nr »tifr jninti*, and by ifuum^ii^et^ fur 
preser?lug itti^cl frt>ai rusi. 



to **enrry out."] Effcrtint, Currjing 
or ^'ohvcyin^ uut, Ap])Uud in the plural 
to r,«»rtmn vc^ss^a of lliv lc«<i«. See Va»A 

Kf-fer- vte'^nee. [ Ef fe rvvscen '• 
tin; from tj^'tnts'co, to '"boil tjvef<*'J 
Tbo ugitniktu product'4 on mixlug ccr* 
tain 0ubgtAncoi«» ciiummI by thu Buddvn 
e»t*H]»e of a jrn.?. 

Ef»f%*r-v<^'0iiK llrun^lil. Dissolve 
a tcruplo of cukrlintuiU'! t>f *oda (jf pottus*- 
fii in fiij oiuieeofwtitcr; mix twodmi^clims 
of riiiiijiiiion water witli a dniclim iittd 
A hulf of eyrup of oraujie-pt'cl ; wdd to 
thoHU a tftbk'eipo'niful of fryeU lenum- 
jutce^iitid drink llieruixturcimuiediatcdy, 

FJ'*ffl4»-r^!^'4;^euv«. [ ilfllt^rvticen ' tin ; 
from *^/ru'r«'rf», t^> "llowur," to ** tlou 
ri<!ih,"] The liloomtuj? of tlowcra ; tbe 
time of flowering. In Clji^iiiistry, tlio 
fpoattineoua con^'ersion of cry^tiilA tf» 
powder in coiiNcqut'nrc of tlie luus of 
their wftter of crys^talliifttion. AlaOj n 
nji>H>id redness of the »kiti, 

i:f-lln'vl<^* the plur&l of ErrLv- 
\1VM, which se<?* 

Kf-flii'vi-iiMt,* plurnl Ef-llti'vl-^ 
[From f/'jfuo, tu "flow out."] A term 
Appliud to exh{ihi>tioii» or viipnr? (tiKpu- 
cifflly thoae of n morbific cbiirjurtt'r) pro- 
cifdiDK from iiiiy body. It is lUis" flc- 
qiienily »pplii)d to uiiiaial or vcgetub o 

Er*fti'AloD. [KIHi'hIw, <»'nr«.- from 
tffnn'ilu^ tffu'*»m^ to ** pour iiul/') Tb« 
ffenpi? of liny fluid out of it- uMurnI 
vei«HuU or Tisous. into unothtsr cjivlty, 
or int" tbo conulm" tvxturc or aubat«uic*j 
of p»ri«. 

Eiri^^ttn, 8e«* EcjiiSTtiH. 

i:-^«*»'filii.* [From (jJVro, rf;«**f»rff», 
to "onrry out," or "otitft out/'] Apidiod 
in lU«! plural neutor {E*j*itUn) to the 
Riitnrnl viceTftiorifi or cvsictintioas of the 
biidy, stioii 11*1 the tirino. flt-epa, oto, 

l>Kfe* ^(Hi (t\ (TV. 

i'^Kir-'Nhnp^Ml. i^ro Oval. Ovat^^ and 

IC-|{rli«ii«l'ii*loiiM. pEg'lAiiflisl4i'«ii«; 
fr«»m t\ [»riv., iiiid ijhtitt^ u "gluud.*'] 
]lrprivi*'l of ^•^Innilx. 

l-litf>l*tioii,v> t*t'(» ^finoniow. 

Cltrt*f iitr4*ir,' 5 ro*ti'-ii>hp-i\ [From 

^ ' ' ' Mie ^M'B«:rii.] A nntunil 

!s plnntii, inoftly tropi- 

-. It mcludcia'lbij t*t3- 

ruAUiii llrlininifici, 

El^litti Pnlr of Jtervttu Snu 

K^fte'ti-liMtA.* Fruia f, "out/' itnd 

j%ic*ttti*f'tjucttUi'tH9^t<i ♦* Uifow" or ** cajil."] 
Throwing forth, nr c^ftHmg oitti S«i 


i>Jfic-n-ln'lor« o'riJi** [Pmin tiM 

fiumv.] Applied lo & muecle of tla« jioni*. 

f^t'tfi ArCKLKUATOR. 

£-Jiie'u-l^^o-r|^. [13Acaltit4»>tiiiis 

from fhe ^^ume.] Ejcrtuig, ur Iiavid^ 
power t'» eject. 

i;|fu;ulniory tlneltk See Deem 


E-Jcc'tloii. [FJv«'llt>, o'««; fR'Bi 
fji'vio, rjtt'tuttif to 'Mb ruff ur tbruil 
out.'*] Tne act or pmec** of di»cLargiiig 
atjy thinif from the body. 

Eli. Svv El\ 

HI-R^itKr'nl.'^ A nattirni order of ei- 
ojK^^^uous trecF nnd j-hrub«t UiKpcrKd 
<brou>!h the wh'de N-'rthen\ bctuldphcre* 
ll inrlnder< the L'ftrnynu*, or tUcji*>t«Tr. 

EI-fT^tiA'til^^^ thcpUiriilof ¥A*mHm'* 
non (" Oli^ttsiiir *), forming (h<r Juneicuiui 
nutiic of n luituml ordf>r of p)«Lut«, Bvt 

£l*iisop'1rti. [Fn-m i>«ia*, ••oil,** 
un<l 7rTfrir-*i%, *' flying" or " floC'tutij;," t)«nc« 
*-volfttile,"] T^e liquid portion of a 
voliitile oil. The i'tujctcto p^i^^^**! i* 
culled *t*uiu^iUu, The v<''>»'' ' '^1- wljifn 
cxp(»i;ed tif t!*.|d gtncnili rtlo 

A «olid nnd lif|4iid poftit.ii hut 

they lire tniAlurt'ti of two oils dillniUg in 

"oil," nnd Buic'rhtm^m^ "tiiijfar/'] The 
mixtures or compoutidii of vidftiUe vdl 
And f-ugar. 

la'n-ln. [Elnl'nfitfrriinf>«iM'»''ott/^ I 
The oily [principle of polid fnU, 

Kl-^nl-onti'e-l^r. |[Clt»l«iin'«*tfitim.] 
An instrument fur dctvutin^ tbv u«lul> 
tt rntifiti of olive oil. 

El'n-ift Uuln<^it'Mii« (f^in-o^^n'jiit). 
The (tuineii |>alm-trrc^, which vitbU tfl« 
pnlmoit. i&fid, it in iftid, the tivtit kiml 
of pftltii-wino. 

EliM»pt<»ri. >^ee Fir Koi'TfTV, 

i:-]nii f Ic. [Elii»'tl€*ii«i. Sci; £m^ 
TTi n V.J JtiM'iti^ Ih*^ propufty of elai^ 
tioity, or JjpriiiKincpp. 

EliiJillc €«iiin, or lticllt%it ItuliWr. 
See rAoriJ norr. 

E-lnm'fl-rln. f Elitnllf rnn ; frtun 
ttrWiicif*, "eUntio. ] The peetiMur i»Hd 
m«!erinl of tb« olmnio tim^-up. ll i| r^ 
Duirkiible for it^ in»otubitUy in nil otdi* 
nitry tnenstttm, 

f:i-A»*tl«'Kt|'. [^Ffotn i\m^uit la 
"drive," to "wtrikv" or "imp*!/* m ib« 
etriog of a bow imp^li llic lu'row ] A ! 

pi¥\p«fty by whieli bodied r^tnm forei)<ly 
ttmi of thcniiH'«lvtii« Ui Iho «nm^ form «»r 
ilitfiettpioii^ they pM#»o**ml hfforc ih'ir 
«ltiif»t;ui«ment or oniiiprr»«itiii by exii*n)uJ 

i>|j«t'rr-lii. [E1nt4*rrtiA.] A cry»- 
tullir.itl»k' miittvr. alirtit^'t fr^'iii EUttint 
fciuinl in lb«' jijir*« of ElMtrrimn* 

Cl-q»'t4*'rl-iiiii.'' [t'r<nii Aif«»iMa. to 
*'«lri%'e," tf» ** drive tbrmij:;!!," reiferriiig 
tu iu violent oirtion un thi? alimtiilary 
©nnnl-1 Th«* Ph>tniiA<iii|in«iiil ti»ifii«» ^ t>f 

rv..- , .. J, -.. . I. 

i£)At4»nutn ij> a |ic»w«rfu1 Kydrajfoffiie 
ciAhftrlie. In «»vrr<io»0A, \t opertttes 
with •xtri»mi» »t iI^ik*^ both mo the wto- 
li>«eh liDil Uowcli, And Auiiiutiiite* eaiiAca 

eiVtftn. [Elntl nn.l The setlvo 
prtnctiplc Qf fcV.f/n »MiJ», 
^^^djUlMficf^ir," id a A 

^^B^iiTnl MrriiT oT Hiiniiiil hc) tn 

^P^ianh*-^ til thf fmir t|uur! , f^luhe* 

W It ktin1»d<it £/rtfiS« ( Wtitf>r-l>pp«rr), 
m Kl4MClab* I'-tfi'shi'-o. [Frtjiu rf'frrv, 

I ffld'r«i0i, t«i ♦•cttttry out. " tn "curry b<»- 
I ytmd bound*/' to '» tr»n«port/*J Quix- 
p r.ti^ifi « viMciefl of iDt'Hnljkt eictruva- 

5H. f PrrtiB Aa,^. «(dl," and ^% 

The namu u^ivtip by Her- 

Irund or U'^i-tyl. othonTisio 

.t;L STMK flttd rthiritiO^ 

Ell»aff. |L.t <'w'tHl«*; Pr. f*oMffr. 
Itmid.] r)ritfiii;i.!ly, tUt* jimrlc forminlby 
iho ftfin whtn bct>r *<n the f«inv ftrm, 
C*»mttt«mly amiliod lu the articnbilion 
of the tiim wSfli tbo r^irennn. Miirc* 
f^arliftiilttrly il dcnoUsft l!i« pnijitoliou uf 
tbr rd**cniiiun. Sc« Asco?i» mid Ulk- 

Irr-Tror* The *y'fw/>««'w* wff^r»i. 
la 4'^]uii>|Mikae'. The Inula ifttr- 

Klerf. ^ /?' f rr h n'ri «m.« An** eleotu - 

>lf«r>trf^l-tjP, [ K1«rlrf^'lliv«.a'r;«; 

' - , "oiiibor/' In which it wns 
l.j A Rubtilo fluid or f^rin- 

-d by tht^ frirti'^n 'if rnftnin 

u,T, Uiftlriutiff, or V«llnle. 


p* uro • Cli4«in ' l<iiil 


Chetni^nl iMtioo Induced by cl^etfteiU 

i'1 ' v> -tiitm^lett* The iciMieff 

wbi rbi< t'fr«n3ti Of fthenoiaenft 

of v: .11 motion. 

£le<-'tr»-51ii|c'tiet>lNiii* MagntiiKtn 
oxcitod or iJnMlucLid Uy eliHjtrtcity, — asu- 
ully by ptlvstnic elcclricity, 

C-lre'trmIe, [From iiXcrrfoy, *'nm' 
Htr,*' tt«d «>>n, a '♦ way."] In cle«;tr<j' 
ehemieui iictiun the o{e<?trod<?i Arc this 
iurfiideci by wh^ch the HtNTtrieity pajtuea 
ID to i<T out t'cum other medm. (iiry bcdojic 
rt?it»irdcd 11-9 thp rniidf^ or way<t «|ong 
whioh the clcetiie iluid tnivul-. 

C-t^M'-trfHtt^ti'r-ttla.* [Prtini ffXurrpor^ 
♦♦nuilx-r/* iitid yr»M, to **hv IfOtii."] The 
proibirtjon i»f ol(s^lrttMly. 

K-lc^-trtHfcvii'lf^ [Elc^ctrofpen'^l* 
Ctm.] liobiiifilirt;: it» rJufttrtirffttf*!*, 

C-le<**tro*C«^'iil-nni«* [From ^Aor^ 
rp0*, ** amber,** iind yr^nUa, to *• Jw^jr^U**] 
Thv uhkitown citiiso r»f Lhi! pbcitoincna 
of elofitriritv : c'lrr''tn'^<'iv. 

frtiin ^Atrr;*.', •*ninb<*r,*' and A*y«H, i^ 
*'di«cour»e/'] A trvntijio un elrctricilyj 
rhc s^cif'tiw of elect rMty. 

K-lt*e-tn»l'jf^-«iJ*t.^ [Frt^tn ffXi»T/»>, 
"ciinbcr/* nnri Af*M, |r» **bio*eri." to "dii- 
fudrw/'J DtMfinnpo»itbm by electricity^ 

■S*l«4*'fro*lyir«. fFp'in the »«im«u] 
Applied to bMdie,<4 which ciiti Uv dccotti- 
pnsc'l ilirf'iitly by I'lt-ctni'ity. 

i^lc><vcr«»nt't>-l«r« [eiv^rom'f*- 
Imm; intra ')X»*7>o*', *• umber/* nnd fii-^ 
Tfuff n " tneusuriv"] A^ in«trtjinrm f«r 

rt»*XMlOilllll>^ th I illtit^ wf 

♦:'Iot'lrici(y in ;.; 

Co|<>«*-lrf»|>li 1^ . ,i^. I . , til /JXrrr^fli', 
•'ftml»«*r," nrnl i^^/tii, to *'b«iiir.'*j {An 
"cbwtricitybertix'r/') An iipiKiriLtaa em- 
ployed in I'lectrit'' i"X|«;rlnu'ttt5, 

l»iii», or £lf^lr4iMi*o'plum: fn^ui 'Mm- 
rpi»^ "umber," und itfo^iut, U\ "fj^y "] An 
in«<truui"nt for x^ct^riiiittifig th« presenco 
cif clfoM'ioity. 

£-l4»r'Cr<t>f j'pf-'. [Frnm fiXatrpov, 

•'ftfri!>or," or '*cdoctrieHy.'* ftnd r^wr, H 

**tn'HM" r>r ♦•mould/*] Thu pri»c*i«a Uy 

whbdi f'Vrr rtmrVr tTtfd^i!* nr^ f*T rented in 

It con- 

vo fdato 

; *......._, :.c' uftpiodi 

i in »f* urrAni;iui( n bAttory or uppti^ 

M which <?<'n«»rnri>'* tbf* rnlfttlu ciir- 

rt'iil H» to deprii^il M n n din- 

)mci form on ih«i mi m<mlt1. 

Eli'orr*dypc Is ul}»i» u. : .,, ., , i b. 

rMn^'tr^WiMa < or Nv^'r** B-Uh?'- 




trtr) Cwr'iviits. The name of two elec- 
tric eurrfiits supixjyed to exist in nni- 
luals. — the one external and cutuneou:*. 
moving from the extremities to the 
cerebr«»-spinul axis; the other internal, 
jcoiug from the oorebro-fipinal axis to 
the internal or^ansj. 

E-lc^'truDi.^ f(ir. tiXcxrpof.] A term 
used hy the aiieient;» for ninbrr ; also, 
f »r a mixture of four parts of gold aud 
one of silver. 

fJt^etanrlnin Aromatlcoiiii. Sco 

Ci»NrK« TM> Am>MATirA. 

Elevtiiarlam OpII. Sec Confectio 


Elertnarlnm Menme. Seo Con- 


■v-lcr'tii-M-rj^. [ElM»taa'rtain; 

from '/'f';/«», */tt''tiiM, tt) "fhiMi^e" "T 
"pick out," heeause s.»me a^rreeahle i«ul»- 
st;iu c is ohoson, us a vehirlf for the 
mo.livino.] i Fr. K/trtunirt, i'l^h'tii'vu.) 
A ivmfeotion, or c«»nser>e. See 


fU'e-mentn. [Elemt^'ta.] Ku- 

dinients. or first principles : suhstanoes 
wlii -h cannot he further dv'composcil. 
ri-<^iiieii'tiini«'' plural Kl-e-men'- 

t^ Sic Kl.KVKNTS. 

IllV-ml.'" The IMianuacopifial name 
(Br. Ph.^ i»f a eonca»te resinous exuda- 
ti-'U. prohaMy fi\«m the <'u.i.i#-»«.i* cm- 
Ml • : ehiclly imported from .^[.luil!a. 

KlK^phan-tr^-^lN. ( Vr> -m i\: :• k. 
A. ii:-t>.. :in ••ru-ph;in!.**] Applied t't 
tvK" iii>linct 'liM-a-o "f i|uit'> difurcut 
charai-tvr, n -w di«'i,-n:itcl as /.*" *• .«- 
t' {•'!•' .li-.i' .1 an I K''^-', :.i'i-i''* ff',-;:i-... 
ri, ■. 

Ki fpii vN*: v*r< An' \i.\ m the " E!o- 
]-h .'..!i .>".^ t :" t!:c Arai'ian-" . "liicrwise 
••a'.'id r.i ■ \r ':i\. l»v::i'. v •.'■■r-i Li«;. au^X 
K. iiM' \NT-l.i.-.. A r.M'i-r i'h:iraotrri/cd 
hy :hc Ici: hc:!:^ rn:.h ."Wi'llcn and mi>- 
sh;i] 1 11. u'.'.d thus >;npt?cl ti nsv-mbie 
th ;: ■■!' ;;u tic ha:it. 

K'jiiivNTr v^K^J:: K ■ r,;M." " K'e- 
ph.;:iv »^ :'::.•. ^JywV"." Aiia:y*-.t n 
nc.r'y .". i I t \i r »v. i;' u l thi- s.r.Lo 
• li^^: I'C- 1: •.-*..: I : 1 I* ch;iractcri-c i 
1> *': :: j 'u^tr^s -i the t'.uv. Oiir:*. 
ar ;*\:'«.: .■.:;*!*. w ::'.■ .i :"»■. 'kint i. ruj-us 
>:.i:»- r' •'.,%- »'-vi-. «' ■. '.;.'o i: h-i"* h en 
tor- .. i /*■ I ' •-.; : .. - . :.- J ■■■ .1 - 

rj^«t-t:« H-«. V- ::;, M .*.iv T"- 


Icoscr cardamom -plant, formerly referred 
to the genu^ii Alpinin, 

El^vatonr, &'14S&'tUR'. (*'Rlert. 
tor.") The French for IjRVAiOR.wbichMCk 
EI-e-%'a'tor. [Elevato'riaHi; froa 
el'tvu, rUrn'tHUi, to "lift or raiae up*'*] 
(Fr. Eftratnhe, 4M4^-&'tw&R^) All IB- 
strument for raiifing depresecH portioni 
of bone. 

K-llDiK-nAte. [From e. *<niit of,'* or 
''out from," and li'mrti, a ** threshold.*'] 
Literally, to "put out" or *'expcl:" 
hence, to *'scnd forth/' to ''throw off," 
to '^act free." 

El-I-qoa'tlon. [Ellqam'tto, •'»! « ; 

from e/'if/ffo, c/iynn'/Ntft, to "melt 

down" or " melt out"] The proeeM by 

which one substance more fnsible than 

another is separated from it by applying 

I heat in a sufficient degree. 

I E-llx'Ir. [Sttid to be derired fh»m 

; the Arabic KI-*k»*r, or ^1 ^-« X'lrtr, " quint- 

! essence."] A prei>aration similar to a 

I ci uipound tincture. AUu, an extract, 

; or (|uintcssenc<e. 

Ellx'lr« P*r-e-irttr'ic. The TYiicfii'ra 

! cnit'fhnrfr vuMfntM' ito. See PaRBGORIG. 

K-ln-tri4i'tloii. [ FJatrto't to, •'«!«; 

j frtim » /w'/ri'.*, Wffrri'fr'/NM, to *' waah iMit,'' 
! to •• p*iur off."] The pnioeH of pnlver- 
I i/.in^ metallic ores or other suhttanoet, 
; anil mixin;; them with water, so that (he 
I li^rhter parts are separated from jibe 
I heavier. 
: i:i.Ttra. See Ei.ytrox. 

IJ-j^-trl'tlH, lf/i».« [Frvim Avr^r. a 
" >hiath." the " vagina."] InflammatioR 
' I'f the va-rina. 

l-:i'|'-troii«^' plural El'j^-tnfu [43r. 
'X -»o. : fr.iiu '\\o. til ••'wrap up," to 
"c .vcr" or "conceal.*'] A sheath; the 
h;ird ca^e or shell which covers the 
winjs of c<.>lc«']>tert us injects. Also, ibe 
\ a jina. 

KI t-tro-plan'tlr. [EljrtvopfaM'tl- 
cn%.' lUI' n^ius t" elvtr-tplastv. 

VX^^v^j^lm^tf, [klj-lropUM'itai 
fr-ni i'» -.». . an-l rV ;.~q,. to •• form."] The 

• pcra:i>>n of closing a veficti-raginal 
i:«tul us i^p^ninj by iK^rriiwing a flap 
:V -su tl.c ■* •' r 1. I r it'iff*. 

tJ-j^-trop-tOMla.' [From cX-ryer. 
and *-'«.-.;. a* falling down."] Invention 

• f tlic vujinA. 

Fl^-tmm,* plural D'#-t«fL The 
>Aiv "«s Km ti;.\. whieh see. 

i:ni.-««*intion. e mi-^be-i'sban. 

i^ninrla ti*.o • .- fn^m ''w«iV|V». rma* 

.«. t - - :uakc ican."] The state uf 

'v v^ : ^- .' rS'.nz lean. See Atbopia* 

Jl. ^'thTit'. The Frctteh l»rm ftir 

^ e«»>^ttA tioil. [f:niilflfft'tl«»«4»'ni*; 

PfD ^f. '*i»iil" or *• fr\»ni," »«•! »«*/«•«» 
puii'lrtin, to "ft'iw."] Thfil wUtch duwi 

H.jit" or "iih- 
HL"] Litcriaiy. ''nbtosoe** W "■««;- 
f •wny." !^c«» n<?xt ttrtiolt. 

I). Uctcnti'nn of tho riiia^^furrt. St5« 

111 VM) not tiff \. 

K-mnr'glii^te. [Kitiitr^iin'tufi : 

frttfll ratnr' tfintt^ tO '*tjU(6 I^WBy ^^e 

fdjge."] riarJt)^ » notch nt lb** iimrg^iti. 
e-niMM cn-likt«. [EnijiAewlA'iiiik; 

fh>ai #«»*»#'ri«M^ ^mnsfuWHim, to "tnako 
imfTuirat.'* 8o« Mas.] Dv]»fiif»4 of ti- 
rilityr Innr^pn^in nf ^cncrAting. 

f^^itk ^ ' H«Mi. [i:miifi«ati%'tj4K 

»'«•'•; mvl rite (K't nf rcn- 

' ■^' ■ ' ^ ■ (Mirj Of reiauv^jd 

•n rTi. •*Tn," iiiid 
I y far 

>. rioti. 

Tl n im- 

tirv,;na.tiiig liio bodj Ytitli Ljil^u^uis or 

CtlltM»li«*fiirat (Fr)» Aw'hvr&t'tnnN^'. 
\ytmn h»itf, m " iK^Jt/'] The iktUAtiiiii 


hr,x withtn atiTithpr. A term 

Is rtf 

■' Uv : rtilhiO 

lag a compleN) 

ui» 11*^' I, Ffoiu i», '* in" or 
»n»l i/aXW. to "throw/* to 

•■' ■*';' liivcfi l>r V'ir«ihf»w 

I of an artery or 

1 yiiece or ol"t rtf 

Indited in it. 

..t*.>»ii*l iriu.] Pertain- 


u] Tht 

4411(11.1 A.] 

ruin tf^*if.t'^iL^. to "noiik "] A fluid 
upplienrton fi>r ru hbiM|j; t»n ntiv pjirU 

l^i'l>r|^««, o'^x*,^ [i«r tVii^i'O*', tiom 
tr, *' %rithm,"nn(l ((^<u>. to "mwi^II »> hucis,** 
!(} **growr."J I.iuriitly, *'thttt which 
grows frithiu," Thti/'rhit in uUrot h^-^ 
fore th<< fitUi month of pn^gniiuc;. Also, 
th« jurerm ttf u phL»l : tU« torru/unt^ 

'*f«i'iUH." , tu "km."] Tho 

r>-s^v.*>. [F- '^-^rt, 

and j**-^, tu *' Im> Imrn t»r |>r< > llj© 

forninti<»ii <»r prorluctkiu o( 

l?iti-l>rjf-4ii|p'r^phjp'. I t:ialir^A* 

gm'ptiln; linn r^>> v., a **fvrtu<i/' and 
yjKupikt, lo " write/'] A ilcrfunpi^utt of lUo 

£iii-tir3l^-ol'<Hk^. [l!:mbrj^«>la'iclAt 

from r/#^> <?>•. 11 "licliis/* nrjinl A4>)«y, » 
"iliscoarBK?."] A tr«jiti>e «to lI»o fuHus* 
Eiii'lirj|^<o»nfiU'* [^nibryotiii'tiiiit 

from i«m '/^rvrt-] llnv iiig An cmbr^'i** gvrna. 

or rttrt'ittHm, 

Ka»*l»r|F-ot'«ih-iii5. [Emhrf^oto'* 
milt 3 frv>ui l^Kpr9/^, CI *'l'a?tu*/* uij<l rr^nti^, 

tf»'*iiuL'*] Tho H....I.-... '. r .....urn^ 

tioji f»f anr pnr' /n 

«/c'0, whcru eir' i ro- 

vent *l*1iverv iti ilu \\.i\, 

"fivtui*/* aniil lUut. to "tlniw/'] Tho 
drawing; or cxtineting of Uic fcctua, 
peniTullv hy ilcslruottve tnelnioients, in 
onltT t4» cffcet ilcllrcry : ciabryurcy. 

•M»w, tn •* ri-*© out," aj from wiitvr.] 
Applted in IcurQK nad flow on tJi&t btq 
nb'tve tho vurfEUHT of tho wjitof. 

dit'vr-5'. A viirirty ^'i. 

The powdef, Attntihi'd to i r, 


• tt\ 


dltiati9, ami 
into nne i>f 1 1 

Plufiipiie«!^B or iuinc^ <ji llcih. 

for I 

til i Ai'^* fFrnui 

i)»ff0. l>f * ViJiiut. j TIjc ,n:i of vniiiiting. 

&ni€4*i«. ^ [euK-t'k>uiii; fr4»tii tho 

fftiiie.] iFr. /i^.'^'' \'...>.tAi,' ^ n-v 

ing power to < 
fiiodteiite vvhictt 

E>iiirt-l-«i»*Ui ^t<<9. [Fnuu mtLii- 
*•«•, "etfiutuj," niKl X<fy*t, a *■ di*eoQr«."] 
A trciitite on crtirticB. 

Kiii'e^tlii* or EHi>»tln«*« [Cmell'* 

nriT from ,wrt'ieu%, "intMetic."] Tho 

n which the cmctio virtan of 


Kiiihm'I-oINdm^. Th«i duclriue or sci- 

OfiiL"" of ruictic^i, 

l>iitiM'%i<iii. [Knilii'iila« «•'«»«•/ fVuiii 



e, " out' ' or " forth," and mit'to^ mit'num, to 
"aeiid" or "thn)W."] A ^endinj; forth. 

ICin-inen'9«|co|piie. [KuiDM^nago'- 
ICUm; fruiu iniAi'ivtu, tbu "meu.xctf," and 
aycj, to "lead or carry away. "J Hav- 
ing power to excite the diachar^o of the 

Km-me'iil-^^ [Gr. iimfivia ; from tp^ 
"in/' "at," "by," and ftriv, a "mi»uth."] 
The mcuse:*, or oatuiuenial discharge. 

Ein-ni«-noro-ArJ^- [Eminenolo'- 
Kla; fr«.m imv'uiaf the "uiuntics/' and 
Xiiyoj. a •• discourse."] That branch of 
Physiuloj^y which treats of menstruation. 

f>inolJi-ciit. [Emol'llenti, plu- 
ral Emollleii'tla; from tMoi'lio, to 
"soften."] Softening or toothing an 
irritated surface, or one harsh fn^m 
dryness. Emollient ajiplications consist 
chiefly of oils, fomentations, poulticc8,Qtc. 

Em-p^-the'ni^ atis.^ [From eftiraOfK, 
** in a passion or violent emotion."] Un- 
governable passion; including excite- 
ment, depression, and hair-bruined pas- 
sion, or the hniuir hhuh dtlirc of Pinel. 

EmpetracM^H',^ em-i>e-tra'she-e. A 
smull natural order of exogenous shrubs, 
found in Kuro)K> and America. 

Em'phlj^-MlM.* [From iv, "in" or 
"on," and (/.At'/j, an "eniption."] A 
vesicular tumor or eruption on the skin. 

Em-pliy'm^ a/i'*.* [From iv, "in" 
or "within," and ^Ow, to "j)roducc," to 
"prow."] A tumor ori;;inatinj^ below 
the iiit<'gument.4. 

l-!:iii-pli:l^-Mo'in9« tktin.^ [From iivftv- 
(t'no, to "inflate."] A collection of iiir in 
the collnlar tcxluro under the skin, or 
beneath the pleural and interlobicular 
cellular tis-uo of the lunj:«. 

Eiii-pli^'-Mem'^-toiifi. [Emphy- 
fiemato'NUN; fr(»m #/i//;//y«c'/Ma.J Uf 
the nature 'jf emphy.*enia. 

Em-pir'ic. [l^inplr'lriin; from r/i- 
irn/>«.J<. "e.\]ieri(!nccd." "t-xperimental."] 
A practitioner whose skill is the re>ult 
of mere experience. (lenor.illy used 
synonymously for a ''quack." 

Eiii-|»Ir'I-€iil. [ Eni|»lr'lciiH.] Lo- 
lonL'inir t ) nn empiric, or to a (juack. 

Ein-pIr'I-viAin. [ EinplrlclM'niaM: 
from i/iTCf/i/nt, "ixperiencc") (Fr. /-Juipi- 
riniif, oM'i»^"r^/.nil.) The knowledge of 
phytic aci|uired by experience alone, as 
contrailistin^ruislicd from that in which 
n thorough acquaintance with g«'neral 
principles (snch as the great laws of 
physiology, rhemistry. etc.) is combined 
with the knowlrdgc derived from expe- 
rience: commonly applied, however, to 

Em-plas'tmni** plural 
tr^. [ G r. tnv\ttcTiMv ; from ci^, *• on." ind 
7rXiinao>, to "form," to "mould,** to 
"^pread."J (Fr. Emp/dtrc, uM'pl4lu'.) A 
pla.ster of any kind : usually f< rmed of 
a solid tenacious compound, adheeiTett 
the ordinary temperature of the hamtn 

^S)*" The limits of the present work 
forbid the insertion of all the Emplottm 
of the U.iS. Pharmacopoeia. Only a lev, 
the diR'ctions for the preparation iT 
which arc comparatively simple ind 
brief, are here given. For the utben 
the inquirer is referred to pp. 135-142 
of the I^harmacopoeia. 

EmplaM'tram Ad-baenU'iiiHi.* 
The Kmi'Lastki'm Resin.i:, which fee. 

F.iiiplaN'trani Ar'nI-^».* ("PIti- 
tcr of Arnica.") Take of alcoholic extract 
of arnica, a troyounce and a half, resii 
plaster, three tnyounces. Add the ex« 
tract to the ]>laster, previously melted bjr 
means of a water-bath, and mix them. 

EmplaM'trum PI cla Bnr-fpin'A- 
C».*' ("Plaster of Burgundy Pitch.") 
Take of Burgundy Pitch, seventy-two 
troyounces; yellow wax, six tmyouncu. 
Melt them together, strain, and stir con- 
stantly until they thicken on co< ling. 

Eniplan'trnm PI'rIs €'aii-%-dcB'> 
«!«.* ("Plaster of Canada Pitch, or 
Hemlock Pitch.") The direetiona for 
preparing this plaster, and the propor- 
tion of the ingredients, arc the sameu 
the preceding, with the single exceptiun 
that Canada Pitch is substituted for 
IJurgunWy Pitch. 

EiiiplaH'iniin Rc-nl'nap* ("Plaster 
of Resin"), commonly culled Adhesive 
Plaster, or Resin Plaster. Take of rcitio 
in line pt»wder, hix troyounces; planter 
of lead, thirty-six troyiunces. To the 
plaster, melted over a gentle fire, add 
the resin, and mix them. 

Einplatre, onrplatu'. The French 
wonl for "plaster." See EmI'LAKTHI'M. 

l-:in-pr<>M'in9, a//«.* [ From iv, " wiib- 
in." and tt^.^Wm, to "bum."] Internal in^ 
flammation : a term employed in its sim- 
ple ^ense by Ili]ipocrates, and revived by 
Dr. (lood as a generic t^^rm for all those 
vifC(M-al inflanimatii ns generally distin- 
guislied by the suftix -I'tin. 

Ein-proH-thol'o>noH.^ [From ffi' 
iTfioaikt'^ "forwiirds," and Ttmo, to 
"strt'tch."] Literally, "a strelching or 
bending forwards." A variety of 7V/ri»i'«> 

Eni-p5'-<>'nii.i, a/M.* [ From /» . " with- 
in," and rrOoi, "pus."] A c: llectioD <f 
pus in the cavity of the chest. 



It iiuTuiunL tiuid: ju 

A ocillcc- 

nw.v "jiu.s/' ftiid ki/i^i.Vs, the 
i-ttl/'] A ctilleutiMU vi iHA uhuut 
r navel. 

hj»#*r«<«'iiii9« n//«.* [From f/m*- 

'. «iffMM Mf firnfTirrl stiiM v»".'«'h+Mf' mat- 

to "milk i>ut"j 
IT* tliu vea- 
i to 

,.. ---," — > ■"<■ 

l>-iniil «*ln« rir K^mal wln«. Tbo 

ti 'CJ uill of 

>(];;liw liter 

I I^itiftiiclu'rlufi; 

' '/<! rt. tit "OUIIV ".ll. 'I 

- .iLTctorj tluflU of the 

• i> i<^j>)» A Grvok prcpfiflitloti ^ignU 
fjfiui^ "in/* ur "wlthm/* B^ftjio b, «», 
^«i /«. it if pticmsvl to w*/ -ls. L aKalu*^ 
»,*r, H, ,,- - r I, ii "Llfci'tjwa iulo" tbe 

tj 'H -It, j Thd nnbet^Hla wlil^jli 

iViL ( Fr. Shuiil. i*mkV.) A rory 

ft jtit^'t. wM»t* fsiK'^ritiff, investing 

— , -. .., ...., iii- 

■: «wjrl«t l«vor, meiidIcA, mui tmitX^- 

;ir»*iil%»* [Profn Lff "tn/* 

A viiriiity uf liio cTlu«fl 

'tf**.* rPrrtm h, "In," iu»d 
1 A pmiill 
>t M,/ i Tar A- 

^^ ' - - uf lbu^^>«^ 

" ^»r/!Lin/*J A name Bonictitnujt 

► ibu r»f(/t/^j'firff^ or bi>^h(.'8( uf 

^. ill «liv iniuiiA of uiiituiils, com- 

prtMiu^ riucli iM b»vtt ft bnuD co«tiig«4 in 

ft cfti(o nf boDe. 

Kn-iTvpli-^ll'iiii, lfii«.* [From V 
*icV'»'^'^* tlui " In uill/ ] InUumiuM^tioti of 
th\t bijuii iiu'l \i» mruil»r4ri(<«. 

Kli-C<^|»h'^lo*v<^l<% ' [Froitt lyKtif/*- 
Xo(, Lb«! *' br»in/' auU h->)Xfit ^ "tuiDor/'] 
Protrusion of ii poitloii uf tb« braiti 
tbriiui^b u jirBicrimturnJ 4<pi;nui^ in tlio 
ekiil^: Hernia ttnsbru 

Eii-««|»h>->oi4l- [C»e»«Jialal'- 

«le»; rri»iii 4y«TyaX*j. tbc '^brjitu/'j Re- 
iiouiblinff iht Hiili^tiiueu if tbo tiniiiit 

£ii-^l»ti-9-l4>>lo l^l-iji.^ iFntm lym 
KtfutXoi, tbe ♦•brjiin." and Ai»j«f, ft •'di«- 
coiirse/'J A «lc5crijiti€in i»f tbe bnitn ; 
ultiut tbe Boietio^ ol tho brain: ciiecphok- 

i:n-5.'4*|»lt-^l«»'ni^ !»(«'«,« ^Frum^y- 
<c-l>iX'».. tbo " bruiu,*'j Tbo Jfrrmo wiy/iW. 

Eii-<^*pli>«loii,* [Or. i^'ACfWAdioj from 
iy^^-h^v;, tlu. "iMuiu/*] Tbu brsuu ; tbe 
coil M ekull. i^on <i«iiii^ of tbe 

f'f" (Itim^ mrdHlla ublomjiUtM^ 

£n-^v|»ti-9-to'Mii».* The pni^ress of 

i^i*cli«»»-€lrir'fia9, mii*,^ [ From iv, 
'\x\" Mr "wirbin," uo«l X'.iV-*** »» "earti- 
U^u,"] A curtilagitiuus Uuitor or growili 
l>ro«c«iliiig from tb« booea* aad^ there- 
foro* <IiJt4t '■ wilbm." 

Eii-vlioii'druii.* [From i^, **iii,*' 
uml \;o. fV^,u" *Mtrlibi|fB;*'alji"ift*'grMint"] 
Cftftii iMH,. I'licbou'tlmjiw. AI<o^ 
btt'L ifrftntilar. 

1 • [ Fr .iu i' ', " in," wiU «*:r- 

rus^ A " K.i^ ] IjUi'li^fftl in a cy ;t, i if 840. 

En-tloin Iv, Eii^lo'iiil-f^il. [£n- 
d«fii M'^i*^. "r Eiiflc-'tniitM; frutn ^* 
•* io t " (>e(vpk'." It •' «ii*tf k't,"] 

Be! . |ntrHt*t»!«r tli?trt».'t. 

|>n-«f4*i' iipilr. Ell-' i<s [En* 

«l^r'«>iiciiM, or Etui h; iVom 

tV, "iu" '>r "*tu. " ^iiu ,, I' ill/'] 

ApifUoil to the ni4*tbo(i nl i <U~ 

einc*" \n*n tbr !»!(in, «tr *i ' m 

b:i^ I. 

i:^. ..., :.; ...i : ... ,. i,^^^ [Frv^m f*- 
^/. " witbia/ »inA ^fmy\ia. '*j;ill^/'] Eo- 
ib>brriii'fiihbLt«. Ap|vliecl in (iif> |iltiral 
lu-utcr i fJitd'fbf'itncJtin'fai to ft fiuiitly of 
^1m#>// r^1 whioh Htivt? no ^xlfiriial /^/'oii- 

E»-<t«»*«iftr'4lAs|^J. [KtMl^M«i»t<«llitliM; 

frotu iVVi^x, "witbiu/* ittol v^rnt, tbta 
'♦bo iri,"l Within ib4.i Uo^rL 




Ei»-4llM!<i»r^t'liA, itif»>* rFrom the 
friiuv.] liiflomtiiAtiQti «f Uic liuitig 
iut«inl>rMno o( the tiGtirf. 

l£aHli»«4ur'«li*itiu,* [Frota tlioRMbmeO 
Thy litaiiit; iiifmbriinL- ai' thr hvnrl. 

Ell'tlo<4^«r|iw [Kii«J«H*JU-'ftiii»; (mm 
IjiAh', "within/' anJ ««> " fruit/'] 
Ap[>lied in OoUnjr to tlitt iiinor inem- 
briLnii of a |«.'riciirp; the /m'tfwi*-". 

Kn^lo-it<u*-trl'tl». !(//•,* [FrotD h- 
iv.', " w lib in/' und yatrrrj/j, tbc")^loniaiib/*J 
Itiduminjttiuij uf th« lining mciubraoc 
oi the atnnuicb. 

En/tlo-lk^n. An cndo)*enoui) ^ilntit, 

Eii*4lfmr'o-n«iiiN [i:n<l4i«r 't^n tut : 
from tV^^K't '* wilhin," iiiiJ y^f^t, t*» " Im 
bom/* itt '*gTOw/'] Applied to tiJcmf in 
whk«h the new umttor b^ which tliey 
ti>(M<ca«o in diomct<?r ti A^lilcd at tho 
€?eutro. The p«h« tre« is an examplo 
uf ftn *'n<lop'non.= plimt, 

Kii-4|<»-ij^ai'pl»9,* [From W<y*'/* with- 
in/* nn'l hfm'phn, *• wnter/'] The umall 
portion «f fltticl in Ihc lahyrinth of tlio 
f?nr: onMulymph, 

Hii '«Io>|»IiimI* I EndopliM'ta % fro m 
?<*,"«', "witliin/' aiol irXiliHTw, to **form/'] 
The Gonteutji at :u/ituiiJ ftml vesotjihlo 
cclU. conpiifilinjit of veaicnlftr bwiic*, into 
whitih inuoh nitro;^in» »-iitcrfl. 

Eii*4lo*|>lrti r^.* f Fririn ewW^ *• with - 
in,** auii ttXcvpi'i^ Iho •* side/*] Cidh-oUvtily* 
thp thr<*o wttit» of tho poe«l, which in th" 
oviito were Ihe Tyrcih«, Qimrtiiie, untl 

Eit-4lo«rlii'»oiiii. fEn«l«»rtit'stiJi; 
from tt>^?', " >4ilhlu." and fulmt, lu "tuko 
r<iot.*'] Hnvinj^ the rftdiole onctoseci iti 
H flheuth. 

Eii*fltNAIi4<l'r-tan. (From l¥.V\ 
*'wllhjn/' utid er«ifXiftV, a " fkt'lclon/*] 
Thp orriinary >ikt.'lrtt>n <«f Vii^trhmfn. 

En^doM'ntlc, [i:nilo«'iiilMis*] Be- 
loii|ifio:u' 1o i ufht0nt"i'p. 

E»-4l«p*-i»cini'c-t«*r. [d«do»m(»in'« 

♦' mtM-^itrc/'j An inj«lrununt for kIi iw- 
iDff tH<? t?rii<liir>1 i>ri»|,»n5ft^ of ,nii*>*mt.Mf<, 

Kii*4]<]«»*lli<«Mf'* [Etifl<Miiio'Al«i 

from T'^'i'^'Mn" or "within," nntl /ji^A', 
** impitljt'm/*] A peeiili.if inovoineiit hi 
1ii|m(U fcparntf*<l by ft moinhTaiip. by 
whidhthe ninr fluid paniiRHi lhi''iii;;h tho 
tncmhrnnniiH partition itiio fhe rjiviiy 
contji'uiin^ the (b.^n^ur fluid. Thi«< term 
\n pnvn tri tho artion «f the liqnid nb- 
finriu'd intrniii!ly. 

En^d4»H«|»4'>mi. [ EniloHfM^r 'itii%, nrZ/^ ; 
from iVVo', " within/' nnd fl^r/^^fi, ii <* f-wd/'j 
Tho iilbnmen Iwtwccu tho iittcgnmotite 
mid tho ombrTo. 
I i 

from i^iVjf, *■ within/" unit «T«pi, • 
'^nioiith*"J Th« inner optumg of tbi 

En '«l«Mi-l<ii»e. [Enilotilo'ntiu arft ; 
frrim orwi^ ** within/' itnd o#^<o'«<a,j 1 
chroiiitf luuiur within » bunc, 

EMdiiil, Sco CoATKD, 

Enrelit,'^ t>'n«?Vb^'». (From 
"continiKiup/'] A :. tld 

by Dr. iJool to ih 

£ii'«-nt^ nfi». 1 . ,. 

jtjot."] A inodi(nn« thrown into Ifci 
rc*ctum ; a cljfter, or j^lystcr: im ifuo»< 

Eii-<'p-I-4l<^r'nif«. [Frwm i»» "our 
and f;»'c/<'r'iiiw, tho "cuticli?/''] Atvrtdl 
di&otiQg tho npplieation uf oimlte'iDC«i I 
I'.Lioh uji pluirtern, bli^ierii^ eie.* to thr 

Bliil). Pw ENn^ttMIC. 

Eii>i>#,f. fEncT'ieiit; frniti HP>*^ 
to '♦bt' iiL'tive/j The force cxerrifcd by 
nny powt»rr tkn, nervuuA entirgj, 
ent*r}:y. ete* 

Eon^^r'vill-liiir for on%'r 
[Eiicrvitit*: fr- in '»irrV«, 
to "weiiken/'J ntoitroying ii,^ . 
of the nervoii5 t,ytUim, 

E-nrr'vlitt,* E-iM*r'v1*tt«.* fFr»if| 
^, m,t;allve, iind n^VTr Mt"' 

Havin:^ ii«» rib, iir ijervv i- 

Enlhut, Eiifknce. .... i . 

E«itf«»lfire« 5N£h4UR\ Thif ¥n 
term tbr, whiidi tee. 

Kn-fror^t^'menl, [Fnrm ilifr Ftvoeill 
rntjtirtfer^ to '♦tdiukc «p/'J A utatip off 
vit»«<tdji[r ronffcistion* 

Eik-n<M(^Arj^ii'l-<iu*ft, or Eti*ti«-ai'*J 
.f n-oiM. ( En nfiNry *•''»*: ^tttgn i 
"nine/' nnd >'-Wji. u ''w<*m«n" f«r **f#^ 
nmlo/'] Applied to nn onlor uf |iU 
brivin;; nitio |pi»tit«. 

Kn«n«*-au '<lrl-^* f From *r»^, « trhie,*' 
un«l ii fi;*. '• nion" "• niivllt^ 

i'bu'JH of pbmts tn ]- '*'»w 

prt^in'pj th-jsc vihlcii. : . — ui« n*. 

En*nc^*^|M'f'n-lon«. if9«««'4kpel'* 
alutt} from i^rU, *'ninc/* mid »<fr*x«.>»J 
••p<*Utb"l Ilfvvin^ ntno |n.'tftle. 

Ennui (Fr.), An'w*'. WoAfinv**; Iri-i 
Konif^ne.**^ ; Inn^inor of utind frtils thtf] 
Uek of oeeupcittot). 

E^niMli*', [Enn'diai fK^m r, ai^ 
(iMv iiiid ro/(^(•, a **knot."] Ilarinf I 
knniK, or joints. 

Eit-<M-to'Mlfi,* (From h, *Mn/ 
Arr^i', n *'b»>ne/*] A lumor ucNourriHf t 
tht' mrdulbiry canal «d' a bftnf. 

En«. {Tlie preftnnt partielplouf**'*^! 
to "be/*) A firm (ii rrh*«mt*.lrf 

1 I be virlii«K of iU#« 
ij»;;T II' II - II (I '>Lir'li it L* i:xlrat'U?'L 

fUt'MKC«. [EiiMt'tit«ts irmn *!H'»tM^ a 

' '♦* iif .I_"J lias m^ tinr laifiu i.*t' II iwitrj. 

' to nn i*r<k«r rir lijvijiion uf pluiiU. 

i-fiirn<« [IviiMror'luiit; fT^na 

rM i ., Ik '*fw«»r<l/*j Liko a vw^rd. So« 

Cn ttiritrm C^r'H-ln^t^s Th« narrt- 

lA^fl«ia4 tfXtriiiUKtjr uC tbti ir^rr-jititfi, ur 

f'-'--^ '*^^r'^.' ■•-rr-"i .Vm*III4k- 
■ I >. *>r KMT- 

ti • aiuuiuuia 

Aiid il^>u. 

Kitii-phri'atuiit.* A ntuon fElven bj 
ttt'^ T* tu u tiiiuturu wbmli lb(*J 

^*4 i »ro tho power of tmiistnii- 

V«»4i>»r1ik* tfr"»'> r* '«»»#, nn 
i-.ii fiiiinu fuf •'i!ti[)pc'r."] Tb« 
' ri of the raiiriato of 

' r. 

I )ty Cloud QA II 

, <«tAf1UI>. ctCL 

■ ■ • -.h."] 

, r;mi|i, 

'inlo^iijic*.**] Tbo bowel ^i 

i--'- ■ i ^"if^^ [From ivTtfMf, an 
**ittt*uiii*»c, iiiiU i\>«t, •*|iiiin/*] Ko'- 
lantlrr. X(>n-f»ui% |iniii in tho Iil>W(»1«. 

r: >'r^"-^ ' ?-- -■'...,. = '- „ :„M- 

ortlcr In (itMMrit Nt»>iitt>ury» auujpriaing 

4,Uf»m^ of tlo^ aliiiM ;i;il, 

en-t^r-i'tlfl. I" liopatne.] 

loQttnimAhiHi of i A £(cnu^ 

of 4'*uU^n'« Xo>i kloey. 

1* ; ■' r- i , '■ ' ■ '^' - ■ ■ , iin 

•* I rniifc 

it) jjfO' 

f:a».CJ^r»oir'rM-til^« f£iil«MlfrirA'- 

|>Tt' , nn '' totostinc," and 

7. ""j A dftacripiiun of 


i;4A*4«*rMi»-li-llii'j|'-«tiii.* [From ivn- 
pm , a.n "hiti'Oiiii:'," and \t^*t**s', *• farmft- 
ti 1 Tbr formnttiiii of ittttfs- 
ti »iM. 

1 1 i , r ,1 i-lSiii«.* [From twTtpenf, an 
" intoaiuacb " aji4 Ai%, a "iUjoo/*] Any 

kind nf en n(*rrt ion gci]i»riited in tli* 

fr'»rii tPtcfinf, tin "i«ti r* 

(3tniti()tni<9iil or (tby^iuiofjicu!!; wkieh 
trcntr^ of tbe intestiucs. 

fruiii }*'Tt^*t^, nil :i 

^'aiittirc.'*] Till ; »- 

ju;etbtir of tho di^uUJ i:il|^t:«> uj lUu iutu*' 

un **intCi<iiuo," mni |f1/?y.i^^u. to **buril 
foitli,"] IiitA?f<tliiiil Un tnorrbugc. 

Ell l4»r-4* r-r tier '^*^ [Fmui /*t#()o»», 
lut "iulc»eitn\" iind ftitit, to '*ll«w."] 
rndiie inrrcjwo <*l the tnitcuUM *e<rrctioa 
t>f th<? inlep(i«ef*. 

ilii-t«»r-«»>lio-o-^l«s* [From Irrt* 
pov, UM *' itit«5#tiui'/' 4rt«*'» *b*!( **#crntnm," 
uiid KMX17. ih *■ luinttr/'] Scruliil horntiL. 

Eii*l<*r-4it'€Niitj^. [Kitf4*ml«i'nibi: 
from ivTif*tv, liji *• iiiioytin«. ' nn'J ^tii'-"** 
to **c<itJ*] Any ouiting oj»(?rrUiim wn 
lh« iutc*liiic«- 

Cti*l4''r-4»-Mi'oii.* fFrom ttn^fmv^ nn 
"infvijiiijc,*' and v* unal."] 

An nniatnl Itving in > 

Eti-tlit'C'i4\ (£11: fr'iii 

^^*'i -i,to"|.iu.. li 

to cll I '4 f JMtn A I ^9 

htjim; r i..i«MMir (lUliljiljtfMl ill 1,1 •,y;^n.'xil^ 

Sk» !«y|»nilix, k«|>r<, \U\ 

WLn't^l*'tni^^ ny\%U$. [ EnCoiiioirrA • 
I>Ii4as U*im i'"'^''t un "iiiti<K<t« " iind 
yi«f'jSM.i. id "write.'*] A deooripluin of \t\* 

En't4ft>tuolft. [f!ntoiiuii'€l««i; fnitn 
/'-ftf/itf;-, {III •* rn*vct/*aud <tV«»k, ti "foi'iii."] 
rtoMMOhliiitr an innor^t. 

F«uloiii4>llti€u Stw TniTiXA. 

f;il-t<»*IKinl'o^jf. f'^'"*^***^^'!!'^- 
fro£i» *Vft*^« . jin • itJ!i<'»'t, ' And *"7i*;, 11 
"di*eoiir»*^ "1 Tht' i»f*ie«cei td ini^tvd^. 

Ett-to*iiM>nt>*f^r* [Eiitoifi<»iit'* 
etrilttl ; froai l.roMv, nn " in:!<<Ma/' itnd 
^frpoi, »i ' ' ' 'nino^iit 

for iniMiMi *• 

En*iift->ii . nopli'* 

•irilAt fruiii trrMfp*., t»u iii'^tTtitt ' and 
.^lyw, to **«U.'*] Kattni;. or fcudiuje on, 

Rt%-f4>-fn(Hi'lnk-coii». [f^wlowitfm'* 
IrnciiiM; from /t-rv;** . an 'Mn**''^*." niid 
diTrF^vcx, 4 "i»h«)l,"] In-wU with sUellsw 
A(>pli<*dt/Miflln**«»rdu1sioM(»f ^>»*'of r^, 

Eii-t4»-in€»l'o-m,f . f t:iif onioto nilfi; 
fritrii {.Tiifft* . ail "uif^»'or/* and -ifi.i*ty t« 
**«sn»*"l Th(^ dif><-t«tian of i«iJ'C<'ti«, 

Ril^topti'f -touM, [Kiil4^pla>tii»; 



f f<ttn hr6i, ** within/' j*Ofl ^i»t4*, « " plun*^**] 
lirowiitK wiUiii] ii fliifit. Ap|.(tu*d to 
l»iira(fiiti«^Al fungi. 

£n»t4»|^l«r'>*«roHI« [Kntoiktery* 
Ij^rdcw: Iri'tii iym^, "wiibiH, " im<l;>/'iy^ 
ffwi'dfM.] A{>[ilieil lij OvriTi Lo I hi" intpmul 

£n-l«»-so'n,> t.h« |>lttiiii) uf {:i<vToJlcM>^^, 

Ku>(«i-jH>'4»iu* [From ^*rt)f, "with- 
in,*' and >um^t i>n "»itiiniiil/'] An nuiiuiil 
tljut livoft wiiliiii Hnotitor. A[)|k1ic<l in 
I be jiluntl iEntuzi/it) to u vliijs or tli- 
visiou uf rudiiitcil iiiuilJlil'ls. Aixir^tix tbe 
most impoH-utit nuU cuinniiiD Eiitoxon 
arc the Tii*nin •o'dum (rl>e oiditutry 
tft|»c-w«rm), thu A*'ccirt* tttmbn'i'u'drm, 
Iho 4*Vfrr/* t'frtnirufu'rf$ (of thrcftd- 
worm), ori I tho Din^hunn hrpat'itnm. 

£ii-|j^'|>l*uiii. ' [ From /«', ** in/' nnd 
Tj»£T(i% to 'Muni/'j A iHj«€nif!» iD wliieh 
thct cv^diiiih nud ryciid arc luruod in Co- 
ward fi tho cyoimll. 

&nii'rle-f»t4». [Cnnclen'tnii: froitj 
<, "out iti\'* nnd HH'i7fiiJt> a "kcrufl."] 
A(>fi1icil to iituir»rji tiiUrii from tho ^uh- 
urimto in whioh (liuy wore imboddetl, 
iikts tt kwmol from if;* phtdl. 

Cn-ii>pf'iiJii.* [Fri>in iyo^^t, to **bc 
inr*ouitnc&t of iiri»«,"] Fneoitlincnuy 
of urino. A jzrcnu! of tbv t*rdor J/*»jrr- 
Hp'nr*, ctnts LocoUm, of Cullcn** N»»y*>loj^jf« 

E'<»K!!eiiCt [Frum i^^, fho **d«wij." 
»nd «4*r*f, ♦* irc<3ent."3 '^^*^ lower turtiitry 
flfiila. r^^jifti'dctl as the Wj?iiiniii|? or 
tltkwn utlhi^vjiiHt'inf* fi>r n-ceiit i eondilirhu 
€»f «in*iilion. <*n hccooiiI oI the snmll pro- 
portion of living H|H!otcft of it^oijnal# found 
11) llicin. 

A until ml order of Kxoi:oi>«. niMitly 
«hruh*i. found in Aii!!<frwli» find PfdyniisiJi. 
Thiiy »ri> rDijiiirkinblo for llic beauty of 
th<' llowpr»<. 

Kp-ffin'c«tiiti,« (From /iruMf •»»*<» U* 
"ndiiit/' to *'romiL"] A turm dc^notint? 
•''rnmitti'nt.'" «iid ]tfi|dii'd by Pr Ooi-mI to 
rt'ttiittrnt fcvor^ inohidinff tlio mild ffirm, 
t\u* niAliifTwifit fonii, ninl Uvvlh* f*ivi»r. 

r.pHr'ii-^*<^|iil»%ri^» [f:p««ft«^|ttml'* 
feii«; fri»m m, "« [!*'«.' utid ([>«♦;«%. 
1h<? "brain. "1 Bitonted ou or over lUu 
cutilpnts of the hiad or thi^ brtiin. Ap- 
|dl#»d the "tiinu* iih Krrmwi'iriTAI« 

Et»*«*ii'<li^-iitmii'^>.* ( Ffora /^w'N&fti, to 
*«oliithn uiion," t.t» ''rovwr/'l LUoriiHy, 
Hh '*intp<M- srnrfiifnr." The Hninif nictn- 
brnnf* of tho vrntrirlrw of thi* hnilu ; iiUo, 
tbiil i>f the eciebrotpitiiil n%\n. 

F.pli <»*lftt,^ pluid £^|tli««l'l-4l«4. 
[Froin ''jTi, *" n;nin/* nnd kX on, thg '*iiiD."] 
FreokIi?». See ^^HTAreii. 

futd iijitftti^ A "duy."] A frver ivltkli rnd* 
itjt course of the eoldt hot, iklid fWltllig 
nidfiKS in twelv(>i hourfL 

Efihemerfl I ' ' 
of irijjccts (|i 
fly")» the enf - 

eoce, in tbeir yMirfect sioie, tp onlj dbmri^ i 
twcnty-four hours. I 

E-pli<*iii'e-ml. [Rpli^iii'4>r«ti|fntiB i 
the »iinK*.] Endurinje; oiiv \i»y. t$«« i 

Epll-1^l'tc«.« [Frf^in i^kht^*, to 
"leiip niion,"] Kip;i»ttn*>r*» r»f mriilmi: I 
A di^tn'*^ifJ^•• iitlltC of i^i'UiifC 

^Ifep, vitu cd' Iri^ht, ntid nU| 

for help : Ontrtyin^^fn'in . 

Cf>h>l-ilro'HlB.* [Frnni i««, httfo* 
five, and itV-^< to "tw«»t,*1 TUdtfit, | 
morbid |veritpirAtiou. A g«*nm< of ih^ ] 
order Afn**^^H^)9^^^, elnta lit^cnUg^ of <*«!- 

i:|itil|»|»liitn* See 8»:Lt.A Trttrii i, 
Kp'l» A f»r«'i.k f»r^|n*BJtion •if^tfyinj^J 
**on" or *' ujKHi/' "o^cr/* "at," •■Vf**' 
**for," "jiftpT.'* It is Hotnftitrir* intrti- 
a\ve. The llnul i In f!encrti1ty dnt|»|«r4l 
before a vtonl begtnninf; with n %'niicil ( 
or with ft, »* Eprnr^rphittic fi»r ^f.imw^* 

rpl-^ii* Thu 8ttimi UK FiiAtimXMti^f 

whieh ffre^ 
i:|Nl*l»nui'(<li1-^t, [f:|»lbniftflilii'« 

llti; from <Ti, ** npt.n," it»*d /< #ifM At'.fVM, 
**bnituhiii]/*] A| rii lh« ' 

fjpp, r j.i.rfi 'T> oi ti i, 

K|>-I*c»ti'lltBiiii« ujon/ 

tind i»*#*f%, the "corner <if the cyc.'*| A 
fohl of Mkiti t*civt?ftn|t the inner ftiitlbiif^ 

Kp ' l-m rfft, [ Kfilm r ' |>tiii i f r o m H j 
"tipott," nnd Kiiifn\, •■fruit."] Th^ »»• 
ternril C"vcrin;e of the p'.TieiLi{),roititniintj \ 
cttlkHl the Nkin of fniits. 

i;tM*€*nr'|tt>fitii«* Tb<! *Bi»e »• Bn» 

fAill\ wllirh M*«S 

lv|vl-rhr<» '(•!».* [From M, ** \i\mfL,*- | 
i»n*l xp M, in "p»ini,"j A niii«ul«r «ii I 
ffuttf'd atutc of the •kin« or % ataipl*) 
dii^roionition of tt# Mirfacie, ' 

Kp-lK^ol ' Ic. I Kplrol ' Irttn s f runt 
h\. "optm," and %*<^\»k\ tin* ^^C'd^B*"] 
0%'*'r the I'MOiiir of the cob«ii ^<u itHch wM^ 

from ^Tt, ♦*upoii/* mid «'WV^»k. n **miii« 
dylp."] The extrnuil protnbonin«e «f 
the otforior end of the 0# humrti. 

f«|Kl«ro-roric>-ii«i.* [Froin J»/» 

"upon." litid **<#fv»/7*«. ii**eor*d."l Ap- 
plied lo ttionoptdftloni^ di^tylcvl'tion* i 
plntilK. in vthieh the ft^mpUK are vplg^o- 
c>it«t oT Inrrrtcd ubuvi> Ihc ovary, 

il-^t* [Eiilem ttittii*] 

K|s-i-«'rii uUiaui.,* [Frummf '*upc»ii/' 

: !, • .1 '» uHs from 
•J Ap. 

ia4 to ho 

M of tt aouttUy 
• 'I, "O tbo ooo 

';:it which 

I, on tho 
BUi , vtwLliL^h 

Wj A 
[ i:|i-l'«lMn*l*ol i*^^. [(;|Mili«|nt«»* 

K^'i-«k»ii»-|'* [^l»f<lt< iitijt; from tn^ 

**m».m/' ritt I *Vf^», li ' |jc<>i»lu/'] An 


I. : y.iu [ K|»liler 'mlcu^ ] 

Bei'^ - . »0 npMt'rinin, 

flpUli'riuUlwiil* S^M BiMDRRWutit. 

ClHl-der'niN, I/m > [Frr>iii ir'u 
*'u|>-m," I the "'skin."] Tho 

frlt'*rn»l <be h'»4y ; Hn» cusi- 

^\^^ ..r . \....r.,^,l in li,.|.,M.' 

«f 1 1 . 
ttra*it u 

K|»>l««lrr'innl«l. [ i^»liili-rtn<»l '<lc*^ t 

fr'itt ' J '•>, a '♦furut. ] 

f rFfum rr{, 

^•ai I *>"] All 

obi iiiui«rua.s 

«4J0. '«'<«• .■'-- ■■■ i"- ' ■■ ■ ■■- "' 

iMb»4 ta Ibe upper part 

the ' < »^'*. 

V u ft-i-i^* [From «7i*//o#'- 

f^i'" .. '*i>iUD/*] Pttin iu the 

K|»-l-|riM'tric. [EpItrnMirlriBii.] 

K^f <^Kiui ' f rl*nin.^ ( From ^t . 

"mt- ■ " ' y«j-«<|i, th« "slomBch."] 

Tb Im nhdtiniuti iiiiiui!i]tii(Ji>Iy 

Of! T u'h. 

*»inl u|>(^wnr ilk IS kmvva. 
K|Hl*giw >^l«.* [From mi, <>iiU" 

"oil," <ji' "iiflir," nn^i yint^m, io *'b« 
^itrn," iu»i»lyinic that the v]iUicDoe of 
lUv M«Mr hmiig coiaiueiicvfi nX «r iUU«r the 
lict* Qf o(«tiovvtioD ; irlliil« th« pre-vxiiii- 
onoa c»f th«* I***!!!! is iinplit*'! rn i\%^ «Ch««r 

iliq litwirtuv thiit the umla purvi 

uiurciy quickeofiU \»y tbo infla«tto« ut ibo 

tt».\ Tbu- fttlllie ur lil'ittLOTTl' 

"rnfninco to the wlmlpipf^. 

tiUge At tbo ruot uf liic* toii, .. .... .1 

fi*rxa» A lid or ««Yor for tb« aporturo or 
tUi: win<lptp«t. 

Kp-iAr'i-uoiM* [KplAyitiw: Trum 
iiri, "iiUove/* i^U'l y«'"), 11 *' ftjujalc;" re- 
ferring to t»w, t-o,,.art portiuu af the 
flower.] A; Jimetia wbeu in- 

sert ud ikbov^ 

(^p-l-llf 'yiL i^i roiii hi, "upon" or 
•*iil«ove,** »ii<l ^,vi*r</r#. " hyoiil."] Ap- 

i.lM.i l.v ni^t'll to A trrnn.i-r.i.Lr ^,',.00 of 
> eoD^tiiiit wlhrh 

.!irrVt? to tin 

El 1.01 ^ 

i:i».|>l4 1> Ky, [E:t»il«|»'Ml»t from M- 
X.ifj[i';jiru», to *'»ci[Q upon,"] A *Ji«o«Fe 
tfhkb nttiu^ks pMrMoiia jiarldettly* coti- 
M is ting of Qonviilitiotii^, iprjlb oiiin», aii<l 
jTcnftruUy frtttbin^ nt tht uiuulb; tho 
r,.iji^., «i0kt)»»», A gptius of the ordor 
s d&w A>tirt>*«j»^ of CtiUon'i Mo* 

I l>.|.|«>t»'tlr. [^flep'llen*.] Bo* 

]oo-iji^ to (>piti<p0y, 

Kt»ll«*l»U«v Aum. Bee A 1:11 a Em- 

EI|»-l-le|i-l¥-for'inl«,* [From *pi* 

hfi'*i*i.] Like t'pitrp^v ' epiU^p'tiffTiH. 

f:p-l-le|»'l«»|fl. [ Rt»lti>|»l«>l €!>•« I 

from rf/t'rf/9*fi, and **^<I«i, * "iwrm."] 
Bc^fnnh|t»i( (<pilcp«y. 

i;p*l-iu«^'riiM,* [From M. **OtoOD/* 
»ncl t^fipH, tbo "ibi^b/*] Otie 01 iba 



lutcrDl ptoees of ihn thnmx in inicou. 

Icpln4^ (Fr,), A'|k4n'. Buc Si'f!«r. 

i;i>-l*tt,fc'llN,* pium! Kp-f-n^e'lK 
iK<w. [I'riMii fwi. "on." "ill," ur '♦liy/'] 
linii4lou,s whl<^h iippcnr on the? ekin t>y 
night am] <lis<i()jnj(ir durtnp: fhi- duj, 

l^l*<l'|HH'f>-lon«i, [i;i»liH*tAJ»a%t 
K|Bi|N!*C'i«lli»$ troio iVit. "upoHp" iijwi rr- 
TrtAoi', ft "\ivt)\\."\ HitimUn! on rh<» pcinlH. 

K|i<1-filil<t>'tiiii.* [ From iV(\ " u[i»n,** 
ARil fWt\-. " hurk. "J The layer Qf bark 

IS-pf|»ti'cwr^* [From twvfi'ifMfiaK to 
"lie Imriie iipoti/' Ui ''ruph ujion ftK a 
fliio»l,"J A <»U|»t»mbiifi«lnnt Bcci'dion of 
tcnr?, A pi'inus <»j the i^rdrr Ajtoct^tisfit, 

an overflowing ol teur^ in con *ir«{ nonce 
of >in !)!»*• I ruction «»r lh« laclirymul tluct, 

E|i-l-i>liira«r'Mi«* ttfi"*.* [Frt'in t'vi, 
*' upon/' and </pi;,i"^» » '* jmrtition."] 
TIjc ^len^K•r inL-ujIjitino which fiometimcs 
nhutti the fitri»tomn of inOM^t^fl. 

Kp-Kpli.f1-lo-iip4^r'iii<»n»i [E|»l* 
|»ll9'llo#«|>t?r'iaiuii; from ivi^ "ttpttn/- 

llitvin^ *;ec'«lH on the k'j>vc*» 
f^<mii. [Kiilphjl'limi 

frniti iiri, "•upon/* uro^ fl'i'AXoi., n,"lc«f."J 
Applii'il ttj fli'V, ' I (»raw on Ihi'^ 

Hnrftice of n !*' to fmrndilital 

funifi on t!tc! li Ml- p1im(<?. 

[From iiT(, "upon.** iinU vi'^'S *<♦ " |iro- 
dnuc." lo "firow/n A pii-cc of hone 
|Kn»winjr upnn anoihor, ns fht? hulky ex- 
ti<3untle9 of long Imncii^ whuh c^ffit^ for 
n time, et4.'p«r»tt> l'n*ui I he chaft, 

Epl-pbytc. [Eplplt>'i4Hit TrotQ 
hi, "upon," and ^/»B^•i^l^ a "phint*" or 
"jTonnrn/'J A |iiirii*itic |>Iant or fun- 
i;uf>, which grows ou thu luuvett of other 

•!p^lp'l4>-^l«w* [Frofu iMirXwv, the 
"om«'ntutti/' Miifl r^Xi?. a "tumor/*] Ilcr- 
iiht in which a portion of the omoutnm 
U prkinohid. 

iSp-l-pl4»'l<>, fKplplo'lfifiw] Bi»- 
hmsTtni; M* tJie efuploMU, or ofut'utufit, 

i>plp«lo<*t«'«'lil-4K^«44*. * (From inl' 
x\mt.', (he "ouionhim/" t'^xmv, the "isdn- 
nm/' Mn«l ••X't, "hi-min/'] iri^rnin in 
which the omentum protrudcn thru'Ugh 
the j*ehin«li'^ fonmn'n, 

£p-l-pl«Kri|A« Ir^'ir.* ITrom /TlirXdar-, 
the "on>eniTim/'] TndatnniMiiioi of the 
rpi^18on : hIj*o iiTUierl Omffth'fi*, 

Kp-I-pla-ili^'r'o-^*^!**,*' [From M^ 
ithnVf the *' dno'utum," fi'^fk, thf» " thJs;h," 
unti irfr\i7, "licniln."! Fr>ra«ra1 hernia, 
with protnj(*ioii of the otaentum. 

i:p*lp-loiti'ph^l€»-cHr.*« [frtut 

htnXito.^^ lite **omrntuot/' v.«*^C, \h 
"inivd/* nnd «»»A»r, *'h' 
with protnixioa uf the 

Kpap JoMm.* [Or. ^rt-)U*. ♦•ihit 
which if /"/f/t(/ «/H/(i the hitnttiiiMf 
alUiil to airXuOk. *• wtth<'Ut UU,*" i»l 
^x^VjOj:, "iwofMUl/'"! Th«i omen torn, or 
epiploon, i'- "' r VI. 

Ep-1-pl4>v , i«.,* fPrniB to* I 

irX»tf% the "<' <\n*r, the *'MitM I 

turn/' im<l (ir*yA*f, "iHtfoia/'J Ilrrulji, willl ] 
II portion of omentum, in th*» wrwlnnu 

E-pl<»'clio-«ilm* pli.' ' r. -. ^^ . 
«•€-*, [tJr. /:Ti<rvifl''< ; fr^" 
up/' to *'clierlc/' to " r* 
pre 5« ion of excrcffona. An tirticr *d i 

Kp.T.-: .'- -.- "• 
lillll c- 

tjiiu tcroitniiltti;L£ t^u tio u 

i:mi-Mpit»»'iie« ir 

fritni innmuiMi, lo "draw 
(•I "drnw/*] (Fr. i:) 
j«prtj«'ti^k*.) Lit€rall,T. 
duitngi a ferouM c«r pt; 
hy exeitlup furtrvh'nt* n 
thi' pfiUciple ofderi^dl 

#^p|t«|MI)Nlit|tltV .^1 

E|il-«prriii. [i:pk^_ m 
from m, **upon/* nml Enrt;<|i<i, n 
Tli^ whole intt'gumvntt of * tefd tak« 

Fp.i^f fipli-jf--irnttik.« [From 
**npon/' ftn<l ern.jViAii', the "uvuljiu**] 
loni^iut; to the nvtila: rjtii^tJiph'jrline* 

Ep'l-Mtll X ' IW, « I F M » m fTWTfl 'm, 

"(lif*til.*'] ri rlkettouc* A f^ol 

of the tirder .% rUH» jPyi cun^ 

of Cu11«n*« > 

E|M-«t4*rn^* [i:pliil««ni«llB^ 

from (Sri, ♦♦uiion/* md t>trf'*fftmi^ ihf 
'Mmniftt*tor»e. ^J TTpoii (tr ahova 

Kp»I*ll|(*'ll^1. [f^ltlN*'llUlu} 

lonpios io ihr fjitifn ttum, 

I^NKihr'll^iitii*' [Fwiin It<, •*uimiii«^ 
ant) flpjA*f, th0 ♦•ntpple.'*! The cotirlr 
eovurin g thu iiipplit, or any in net at iiirta4 

£pl •ilK^iii* \ l^»lili Vtitft, ii/iV; frrid 



to "pl-O-f/'t 


|j.- _ .; _._: i : , ... , 

piMiltl'T^ totTiMiriition^, etc, 

rp-i.i^iti'|i9-tiic!. [r.pti.Tnipiiii* 

IriiM; fr<»m ^wi, "upon/* anU iy^N7«fM«J 
w^rt.] Apfdivil hj Owcti Ut the iipppf 

, EpiiUkt'tla*] Kt>i< 

ttn, whit'b §««, 

l«)ttl<k. Tho sQlph&Le of iiia,^- 

Il«« |ifi».* [From rri, "upon,'* 
*be "gum?/"] A amall awoH* 

|iH*tr, fEwnlftl'Icut; frt»in 
to **cie»lriie. 'J iluviiig power 

f9^ &*pUiuh\ Tho PPDneli tprm 

lORBti L^TtfTttr ■•■, whidll ^i*«, 

i*f4»r* [.Cqiiti tor. o'rV«: fruin 
iN'i'rri''«, to '*tiiikii (MjuiiL"'] A 
via Mf till' ciirtU. tt<|iii4tHtftnt 
two |«'k*i, itnri «f*p«mting Uiu 
^ uvrthoro mud fluutUcm h«iiii- 

\n 5 r.iTuiIy of MiiiuiJi-df Unviuj 

4lli rT T -T r f^ iiiiiih'rlitmi 

f«<?, in I fi'iuM, |o 

^1 t» rho 
11 fluid in 

ii . 7 **<*,)% ♦*li'ir»,n*'l 

A disc 1*<J of ht*r:<i.'S 

St*fi Fitt'V. 

itt^'it. i^itiliKtr'tlnni: frmti 
^ftml/'ftiKt Mr**-, "'ni-fJit.' I Thxj 

'if J oru ijf 

I she-?. A 
kt»ril«r Qt orypto^nm >MS plfttit* 
tm*), round in dtl*"!ip- utid 
• It include- ■ 

urnititrc. !•: -^ , i . 
in iliM eattnlc. 
ftc*iii>i>oit^ [E<|tlt*»f»tit'« 

^0*«*tot)lfn;| ihe EjniMiffttm. 8ei} 

ipt. [Ec|'ultiifM& frtim 


nntoHl; rulin;;, or folded ono apnn nn. 

Eq-ul«t4k'»losu [£4ttilln'ao,o'fiM; 

Iruni thv Kivme.J £x«ri'istt uii liurfidiuok ; 

ffitlU (iyjtum'tfit, to ' "J 

The RTMtcui of trdUi.: .hjU 

olfitnents nlwjiya eon»bjno. rvlcircd t j fk 
LMMUfH'111 "trjirflnr'! rrrk 'tn-r! unttr. Tfinjn, 

I U M. -,.14^ 

8 of- 

iS u: J.-,. ^* :-. -i,.,.. .,..,-.. ...,.; 4tt 

of HiiViiiiiric ivcid: lieuttCf il' hydrogf*n 
eamtdiKM with oxjfc^'n. it ifl iijivujrji iu 
tho prfi>j>orhiJti of I tit 8i »r» i( nitrio 
acid i:i s.ilurittcd with Uuie, tho eoni« 
{Hxtnl (tutrato of litiu) will H iti tho 
pruportt n of U\ of tliti iicid to 2$ of 
htno; tho ti it rate of niiiiirticMii, in tho 
luoportion "f ii \ of I ho u\\<\ to *0 u( tung- 
uc^ir^t etc.; »o likcv^ivc wfieii i(til|djurio 
jictd <<c)mbinc.'< Wifh niucncfli*, it in olwitya 
in Ibc propurliinj of 40 to 20 j if With 
l«it»%.b, of 40 to *S, etc. 

Kr'bl-utn.-* A iit^wly -dii!covered 
inotnK occJirrin? nloni: witli yttriii. 

IIIIm, ^oo tttixt Jirtielc] S i-i* 

snr, rn.*U3ept.ldn of eroctinn, ir- 

gtsaaonuu, by lui incru^jiscd iK«w i>j UWul 
tj the part. It i« ch cfly c<»iup'»sod of 

drU'it * - ■' 1 .. - ^f^j^^|J 

prct teoAVi. 

tit*s •.• ■ iber. 

fHin, to *'ori?cL"J Apfdifid to ccrtuin 

Er<«Miin-eiiti'iibi.'^ [From iV**^«« by 
"ih^grec^/* und jrntiffic, a *'huniiMg:,**J 
Tho 5h>w combustion, or oxidiUiutif to 
which arpunio bodi(»»i nro liiihlc, 

Cr'c-lhlAiti. ( i:r«^ihK'inu« : from 
tprfli.w, to "irTit'>to/'j Tho 4tjUc of 
incronscd ^anpihltlty nnd irritrihility 
iittciidiD'* the cikriy atagp of until o t\\»- 
eiupo^, or tho vxc<<fiii%o UMt of mt'fforv. 

Er<^ttil»'tnii» T in.* 

("Triipifii! Krr'(hi«m/') n- 

pliinl \*y reciuit writiTg l* il 

oondilioti of tho tystQigi whieb rD«iiit« 
ffiMii « ftin stroke. 

Krirot. ,'^*»i» E no OTA, 

fr^rvKo'li*. * f Fr xn the French Errfnt, 
.rr^'f-', " f pmrrd lya/'i Er'pot, Tho 
PhHnniuioptritiJ numr |! of the ©cod, dis- 
on^-ied hy n parn* t> fuotro*, "f >'*f-»»7# 
cirrft'tft t>r rye. "" -t- 

nhle pn»r*«»rty d 'i« 

coQtriiotile force : .^. i. - i : ii 

«bietly employed for ibis parpo^. ltd 




lotig-coDUnued Ofo, however, is highly 
dau^proua. Uroul iwuiJc of fioiir ci^n- 
t3iiiiiii;4; vf]£«it* hiie uot uulri.-4]iK'ntlji' ucvii- 
sioued, tn Kuroj^u, (nlni v\*u{vmm^t u»u> 
ttlly uttctiiJc«l Willi if TV j^Hhtritue. 

Cr'trtHtlihtii. [Kii^ollHinuik] The 
pui*oii.-iLH ctlvttsk * t ti;; I ot rj'o. 

KrlciM'ett*,'^ cr-b-ku'dhc'e, or Erl- 

htirtiix iir umlcr-shrtjh.^, fivnnil in Luraffc* 
A.^tu. Aiiit-TiCii, tiiul ^t-HitU AlVica. It iu- 
clu'l<.»» I \w A thutuH.AmUift iiV( t'rt(Uviith), 

A'u/jgUMt. iihtHliHlttiiifUH. ttlld itlbi'r gt-'liirritt 

jiriied it>t tUo beauly ol their flower*. 
The tilntila uf thi^ order in'e gentroll/ 
iL.itriu>.M.tit imA dmn tio, 

yijDUf;', iLO *'iilil mutt)" hceiuiie it ii^ hutiry 
in spring.] FlcrtliAoo. TUo Phannii- 
captrio.1 Djuno (U.v^. Vh,) fur lUc hrrli ^f 
Ertyrtou fifttrnjt/itff'lum, ami of i-VtV/*- 

rroji Phiiatifl'yihitvm. 

Crlg^'eroii C'«ui-^^1ctt'i»e.* CAOAila 
Fle.ihano. The riiiu'UJU(<]|iu'ia) iiamo 
{ U.S. Ph.) for the herb of tit'i*jfnju Ctniw 

KrloraalncKfp^^ e-r«-i»^k»ii« U'whc-Ct 

rnu'tmif tmfl of the jjenonu] A iiutunti 
oHer of cndoponous phmtivr foitud in 
iimrabea in Australui nud Iroptctil Atiio- 

E^ro'ded, [Kro'^fittn; frotTi r, " out/* 
uniii-'i'dtf, rt/wmin^ tu •" jltiiuw,"! A hotiiJii- 
cnl tenu nimmifvinj^ *" ii<i(t'lio<U" 

E-ro'fll^nf. [Kr«»'<l(<ii««t trttui tho 
Bniue.) Knting o\,t, uf cutid'^; (way. 

the Biuiie.] All etitiny it ^.nawiiig away, 
8itiithir (o Tbri K triox. 

i>T4»i'lr< (Erot'l«'UM; from i/»if, 
rpfjrai, *'hnc\"J I'ertAiQitig to lovoi 
uriAttijf from ha e. 

tUrowfo-fiin'iitf^** {Frolii iVt^^/^loro/' 
nod jfrt^'tff, *'nuultio^_*."J MeUiiGlii.>]jp or 
m»dne>4i§, oniwcd i*y love. 

Kr^rat'le. [I^rriit'lctiiit f^rtm rrSo, 
m'n'tum^ lc> ♦'WMiid^r.*'] Wtiiidering;; 
uit^viri;; from one pine? to nn- thcr- 
Crreiir «f«? IJpti. HiMt Kititou Lon. 
Er'rliinc. [l>Hti'tiitiM; from tv, 
** ill,'* rtTnl fj*^^ Ihe " iio?e/*] A ineilieino 
wtlieU iiieie«.*ci the natnrul Pocretinti r»f 
ilip luomhrniin lining the ruaq: at4$rnn* 

l£rr<»r I;^>1 • (*• Ml^iiikc of TIiK^e w 
I'ofilion/*! (Kr- AV»v»r' */<• /,»>**♦ i^r'rra' 
d^h le-rh'.) A tfrm f^^rinfrlj^' upphinl to 
citrlttin (hiruntrmneiitf in Ihu ira|<tllur>' 
Hronliition. IfiH^rhnnvn c<»nf«QiviH) thsit 
tlio ve*'«'Ii for tUta ctrLUlatiott of bluod, 

fymphf uuA F«nim. w^ro ^f diftfent 

^luhulcji pji^tcil i> ! Ill 

Che olK^iruciiiiti euii u 

fratii trt\r'fo, trvda'^HUt, to '*itcl<^h/') 
Any iuthieii tfurst of wiii<.U ^t Uquid* j 
fi'oui the xtomach, by the mouth. 

£-ni|»tV [8ro oexCiirtlitltx.) Toliatitj 
through; iw » toolb Ihr. ' ^ 

I>ru|i Hon. [i:ni|> iri>ia i 

or ** break/'] A tlincuU.rntitin, wr I 
ing oivt i>f pitnpkN on thv «kin, 

K^rn !»' tl ¥€» Fc» ' ve rn, i , litliifi | 

n| pficd ly Ih. ti'ir^i l* luj»|- 

itip lo his «jr4lir tljouti" 

Er->'9-l«*ii'lfi.=p A I uwUcr uf 
cihtatue^i ('rf»m ^-'» row /r «•, of tit) 
h tUil, 1 hi ilieU'licnl Uti« tif it i» Ntiil to] 

Krviifii l>«*u»* i^ee EitVAlKYTA. 

C^r^ii'l^o. Tho ettodieil root 4if tbttl 
Ett/ft't/iuui t.'fimpf^Urt^ rt^gnrUcd by Ib-fT-J 
himvu u« the tlift nl Mt'i'rirnl dturdi^ 
rouUt. it iw mm litjt liftl«* us-ed. 

^'re<L^ Itnd rfJUii, t»r irtAAa^ n *'»"]^ 

ItcdncKK tir it>tlairit]itttif.|i i.i 
of the t^ktn, nilb (i'l rr, it,i 
cif typhoid, ttiid, t<'inially, \ 
cm tlio itffe<;ted purl. And #ytiipt4 
lever. It ie alro vitlkd b'L. A all 
lire. /v'lM* .VoV.r (*'f^ncTed Kirc'* 
Itoye. ittid vlhfT [iiituft. 

Ivr*jr-$*t|>^-lii*lc-r«lc4,* [FnviD rr$A 
nfji'rlaM^ itiid ti'/tK^ » ** ftirni/'] llefi«ttibli«| 
cry/if elii* : erys>i|»*clito d. 

Er-> -tlic'lli^ ntif, aim _ 

to '' icddcn/'J (fr.i,\iy J» tti'.),l 

Uedue*i of A piutj H uiim rtub ur iHI* 
re«eenec »ii»t tieeon^pntiitd by fUelhitfiJ 
Vc?ioJ4ltoii, or ft'V i;r. 

I^;r> ttii^irir, See KttYTiiJtvJt. 
i:r-,f-iltrir'^* (From fprOfitiwf,*' red."}! 
A K^uiiA ipf phint^ uf the cImm iVKf<iiM>| 
f^r»o, ruttnri*] <inler tAuiitt$uirrm 

£rjrttirxp'A Oii*liiii>l*tiiiK.* Iliff 
eoimiiion eintiiiiry, or CAiVi'inu i>fNMii- 

F^rfth'rie Ac'Id. (Fntu f^-^l^l 
**rrd/'] An ueid obLnincd b\ the a«'-tiiill| 
of nitrie uoid uij lithic (ieid« ycti«)ir ill 
ftrtt. but !)t*eotuing red by being rikpuw ' 
to tb»^ fin/s fins. 

!> j; tli-rf u, Mr r.r |ili-iti»^ f I 
fttriiiti; trom -/* <H. " rinL"] Tb« 
<9iduriu|; mutter vf Lhis LUh%'U nie«<ril 

Sc« AlU IIIL. 

lH!!OUUfO it 

L : ' *itlim% from 
^ "rpi/* Miil *i'*v, u "fttrm.** **ro- 
Unfii*,"'! Of nr»dcu)ur: rvtliHish. 
■'i i>Id C4Nftt. Thtj VHgiUttl coftt 

'14 Vwi'l-*!^* An eiilftriti'- 

((Tviiurc} utttbiliC'a] o«>rf{ in 

<it lacMt of iho itttmimtnttn, 

^iJi ro-plljFIt, or Kr'jr.ilirci. 

fffitn, f^\* "'ffil,'* ami i^i-X^o/, u 
A icrm i«itplic«t hv licnrelitji tu 
rn oriii^ lUAtter of fruits tiDti 

ttiroi'oilji.* [Prom if f4»«^'» **«■<?' I. '*] 

h*rn ttrUrio*9tK A fwCllI <*f |»lftUoril 

I toll thp hi»m*l i^ r\i<^\ 'tt (lltrin »i>'l 

i;jrhl nl 

liii^ ill 

l^ifini* i : . „. . . : 

Iierii^J A uiitiinfcl unlcr uf vxo- 
^reei ftml «hr^)l«<, found in Hottlli 
II anil I he Wi!»t i till bed, 

ill IT Ts Soufh Atin'tfrii, Mi'* IfriTf 

I (IrtY ivirhttltt iotiil. 

[Frtjm E'^»Ut>*uin^ onri f.f l>ii> 
I A tiiiturifcl i^Nlff (»f^cnou* 
fmntl in t'lnfkcnitf^ oltinat^?^, 

... - .,..,,.....■ .. ...>.;ij3J na 

l^lflttl. lK«ettlentiui9 from 
w *' f(?«<l npou » lhliig.*'j Pit fur 

n»t-'r,f. rVr. 1 rnf1:ilT1Mi;tti,in of lIlB 


.i ./r,.r, . ..,, j illUI.'lllnilMMll Of 

|t>u4 mitnihrHno t»f IH0 almiooU. 

E9-<l-tl^r'l^< [EMoter'lnmi fWiin 
/tr .«,*».♦* vfirhin/'l Ap|»l5t."l <,'> II frnf A 
tiif i)hi nrtmL-niiiir chun^eK, n*flnltifij;rri.iiii 
oito.4c9 intcrtinl »ml |»rop«f to tbi* or^aii- 

Eiiprlt, cs'itr**. Tho French term 
for •' spirit" or "^Mcno:/' Any sabtito 
uil«t v«»hitilc ^trotluct of iti^tin.'Ulon, 

Em 'Ml* net*, [f>Meat'lli%: fVnin r#W, 
to " bts/'J Tho chief jtrojuTMe* or rir- 
t«pi!t cxtrupk'fl truni lutjr f*krt»^lanc?o, 

EM'fMpiici* of Hu *mn ■■• < > * 'i io A<*i«l. 

KJMetl'IfA • ' i%.» 

Iv^^yiioc uf Sj u^ 

in water the v 1 , iir- 

uiti! jilttiit, »« lilt? Ah*t'9 nir/rtt, or itlAek 
Bpmt*o. Mtid rtjuiurntrfitlug tbe decoct ioti 

hv i ■ ■ '.. 

I .»i'it^^ A iiti1>5tanc:o n^«(l 

U* > /. p 'ttrr, ct<?.; f'^'P'^Tt''* 

b;if builtnj^ coAfse ^ugnt till it b ttlitek 
ittiil *'it»«(»r ? it ii tbcn toailo into a isyrHp 

' OllH, iy\\3 obtulnitl I1J 

ni oilorifercMii rcffctahio 

They arc Also eftllod vota^ 


tilo i.ilii. 
r. :i ciikl BaU or l^nn'wuu A 

r c<r.iuxi of tartar utt^l liltittjrftl- 

Ili'»r-r^k.* [Fnjm the Arobifi.] An- 
other Miiiup fr»r K<^itlo-Iiiuh, t}T th«i t'rt%~ 
cM^f't m| WiThin. 

E<«fivHllon. S^c -lisTir^Tio. 

lli4tofiiiii% r^^'tu^mi' or ^/to'm4U\ Tho 
Frcnrh t^rij* for Stomicu, whivU i>m?. 

£t«xf. A iAih% Tho Frirnch terra ftir 
ISt\*;i:. whitoh rvo. 

f:i»lii, A'lfij***, The French Icrm for 
Tis ("r pewter), which ae©. 

E^tli^l. A pooiiliiir uWy enhstanoci 
obtaincMj frotu njicrmcieitl; Also tonued 
hijdrntft ftf ftj-ifir ff/ r^tifL Thc term U 
foruK"! of tho llr<st (tylhlllcs of ethtr luid 

E'llM^r. [ JB'thct*, rri* .- from iir9^ 
**mt"\ A votatili* lifpior ohtMinti!*! frrnn 
nlc'ih'tl ftfitl ft ('Mni'cittrutcd tioiiL 

C tlt«*r,^l'Cn»it«. [.E'tlM^p !f itr<»'- 

»ii»*J Tiir I'tber ubtiAincU by ilii»t tiling 
(Kjiinf w<*ighu of aleohol nnd concco' 
trAttril nilri« »ciiL 

Ocit'tiitiul 8tii|ibMrie rliirr fr«-*<l tr^m 
Ibc i^niiill fMiftiou of iilcohot AUil eul|ihu- 
ri*ns Aiii'l wh'eh it contam^ by tho ]>ro- 
ci?si* *jf r<*cJifitTttti4m, 

K'tli«'r, ^nl-ftttn'rle.- ^ »!• 

|»llii'r1-rft».* Tht^ iMisinri ino 

(Etl An.ll>»ib. IMuiofi'ihvt . i:,,r,. V .rom 

A miJitiirL* uf roclititfd jfjiirU and ntilphuria 




■'■■■.■... ■" ■ ■"'■ VhnT^ 

• iiiii 
It 1» 

r^ rouivU V in (in>f>«>jrt utul 

h the viftiif?« of II louie 

f:iitM«t4»lri*. i?*^ Et'rArotiit*«. 

r ' t»" I o rl-ti fa. * ( Kr, £*«/>« AoiV^f, 

jiiAi'u|>u[«t»l itJime (U.S. I'h.l for tlio l4i|>8 
■Ad lAAfOi Oi' tlto Ii^upuliyrittm /Mrf/vfi- 

t:tir»liorl»f. Soa EttrnnnniA. 
t:ii-t*tii»r l>f«».* [From h'»fihor*h$ni^ 

in.] (Fr. 

t h'fauh'.) 

1. .,; , .. . ,,3 Ifudecatt-^ 

r • . ' ci. ) fur tUi? f U'Ol uf Ku^ki*rLm 

l>iit lp-««-e;»Ofi-usilvn.'^ 

1. .,,.... .,i., iif.ri^^l-nfiltm* ISn- 
t»lii»r bin or-riv*l-'-*M niftu^ r*^*i^' 

j.h ri i t ftp <h pi/") Tl>c pluQt which 

[^ " '^ — ^ 


r'- ■ ■ ■ 

oH pL»nt), .SifJtuul^i Hho CAfuitfliionc. or 

In ' >^ ,1 " ' I #^ ' which 

\ I n»f 

il.r nrm*. 

miATii, whifh whoii rnw h u i inlt'iit jtoiann, 
h.; • 1, . . ►. fiMij* foo<i 

t . ' *. 

i;u«l»li4»r*lftl-(» re«»UH. [£npltcir^ 

f- ■ ■ ' ■ ' 

rt«^ A rcstnouj) fiib> 
»i na tho KHfthftihin o^- 

c»»i.t«i*i^, 44rtJ .*k t.niictermtiiiMt sfi«Gtc9 of 

' fFrotn *^ •' well/* or 
.1 ^rtliitilltttUn from th« 

rjl' Jiiiutjjer iin.i- ..... :. . .. . lu'jr 

tip wtiAib t« ^uitvuiug ami *h»(*rgaiiu»- 
lloii : thiB he terms earopUt^ttr. 

Kti-|>j^r'l*4Mt.« (Friah Iv.'* 

f»litAiriing jin iii'^taritnncou;; -e... , -^^ Li»e 
{jhi»><[iihurti^-tji:<tti4\ 4it(9. 

[or Cotttlttit, kii9i*\{w^'] *i Kilmtftfhr, ttfiUp 

I fhffli^h*.) A t^l^*o or cuniil cvlf'it<lui|;^ 
fruiit bobmr) tbc Kofl fiahac in the Xym- 
paiiiim tjtt the ear, tkr^i deieribvd bjr 

^ Eit^'tachiiis. 

KitMlti'rlilihii VinlTe. The nuiillutiitr 
f'oM tjf tlitf Unitiv^ nii^mhriirkc nj the hc^nrt. 
fLixtorior tu the iijiuuiny; uf tlio iulcnor 

in^ (h« |»rt>T erty of iiicivtufiug eriiouik- 
ti<»na from I he l«f»vreh, etr. 

' ffiDJ tho *«niie.J The tu'l ol 1li!^thar^;tng 
thu <tont4»ii},i of I he Iiowv1j!I| «r cihfipniiHnn; 
ul«M, the dbchargo iUvIf ; a tlvjoetiun or 

£vanoulfifiemenl« &'v&'nw^ffj'moir«', 
Tho French term for Sv3f(«>Ms, whioh 

£-Tiip-o«rik'lloii. [1i:%'iipom'tl(K 

o'«M ; trutn r, "imjI/* find i>*^iu%*ii„ mtftu^ 
r*i'i<i«i,t'» *' fltcnm*" to " Bi'iid out vajjor."] 
I'htii oonvcTKN n of « 1U|tt)d rni:t vupar, 
In M«(]ieUi«, tho Iniuf forma (ion uf » 
liflUKl into mpur ta order to nht^i^itt th« 
fl.^od mftfttr* c">nlainod i& il iu ii dry 
iind srp»rnt«> ►tritr, 

^'ui*; fr<'tn r, *'o»t oC»" did tui'f^f, thfl 
** belly."] Thw condttion of n xaoostrr- 

Ic^rm fr the IWttlty «d" uid 

E«M>-la'iiint, fCToln'ClA, 9*nUf 
froiu *■» ''umt." iktid tWtrp, nthtUtfHt, to 

^ From tf, '^wcll,** ntvd 

» * ' ] A U'rm »f »plied 1 » y 

LuUiQija to Uii elithoratvd or^ocitab c 

'*rt»nr Ai^ 


"roll out 





Di:v>;i Of 1 

Cvblfi tloii. 





t«n« afivlic'il tM 



vnAc* w 


in rti, ■ ■ 






• iM *>i l#fL-t^h'|*rv9«»Jitfiiiuii, 




E-ml'Mon. [Evnt iilt»« o'hm t from 

to " jiiiU/"] Till? net ur |ir<jc«ei?« of Jmw- 
irii* out lorotbiy, 

E«, or E. A Lutin proposition eignt- 
fjring '*otit/' or "forth/* "out of," 
*'rn»;u," "hoyond." li oft«n hus thu 
force of ♦• up :" oa K.imicfutitm, a "flrying 
up.'* f^omvtimtia it b privative. ^V is 
uAiially chitni^Dd toy'b«foro il wort* lio- 
gi lining witli /'; vir»K^'trm%M for fj^/ff^n< 
\iii\\tTii tlie liqriiils^ /, Ml, rr, r, ttud al»U bo- 
f iri* h xitn\ I*, e \» used instead uf fw', 

Kx {i(L A (Jrct^k preputiitiuu^ aigni- 
fyin;; "^ml/* Sep lOr. 

0'm*«; from r\i'(t'^r'/*ai rtrnv^lift'ttiHtt Ui 

**b«cotno Jtivertiur <<harp."] An iticruuii&d 
furco ur ifoveritjr of the ^jriuptotDs of a 

E!Kf«rc«ilii«^ eX'i^r'o-^tA. [From 
ifii^K^j, to "take away," to ''remove."] 
Outs of llit> old dtvbiimd of Surgery^ im- 
plying the removal uf parti. 

£]i.«al*bti'iiiI-tioii<«, [E3CJilbii'iiil- 
niMt fr«*tii '■''t '* with' Hit," und afhx'tHctt,] 
Without nIhuTuon or poriRpt;riit. 

Ex-nn*#iH\k,* or Em-aii-^'^^,* 
[From i^t '*tiiit," iiind rfyytro', ti. " vcp(i*id/"] 
A terui fl.ii ■ i[*liod lo discrtffo-* in 

which th< n are ruptured^ or 

unniiturtil; I, 

Ex-ifc'iii*^' [Irum rx, *'oul," mmi 
a'ntt*. ] A pndupiinA* or fullinit^ dvwu, of 
tho tinii.*. ?^tM> \nCHMl'Tl>?ilS. 

E3c-»ii-llic'mi^,'^ pUinil Kx-«irt- 
tltrfii'i^lJ^ [Truo i^a^Ji'.i, to "bur-t 
forth xtf flower^^" to " bUioiti/'-lo ''brtink 
ont in pufttihjf/'l (Fr. Bj^^tHthlnir^ rst . 
ii»*'tii^m\ or El^urr^ h'W\\W,} A m><h, 
or oruption on the ^skin ; (ib"» enllod /:,'«■- 
t\Hthiitii\*i. Applied in tho j>]nnil to nn 
order of the dAt^i P^re^tm of CuUeo's 

EK'Aii'tlif^niat'lei [Emimllie' 

ns^i f<*ii^j l^chtnglng to oxntithcuia; 

EiL-iiii-tho-»inr]*e9«'^ [Tho neuter 
p'ttral «d Emanthi'iiiiU'lert*. i^eu Kx 
A?«T«r.\i VTU'.J A naiuo gtveu hy Dr, 
llmuX t4Min ordor comprUia^ td\ eruptive 

Ex-]tTi«f lit^^ii'^-torfH^- [ExiMi<ll«^ 
niTttillo'iEiits fimu r ratttftr'ntft^ "erup- 
tion/* nrid K'yvi, it ♦♦dln<iiu»rRo."] Tho 
cnn-^ideiiitt^tn tfC Iho I'Vimtheinintcu 

E»-«iii>tlic3»'^1oiiii. [ExAtitbctnit* 
l4>'Ailii: lium *ritntf*r%tntf "I'ruption/*] 
r<*rtainrn;C In vxaiithi^iuatr*; having e.v> 

Emi«aitH4^]ia«» Boo ExAifTUtcMA, 

Ex-nn-lho'ttls,* and Ex-tttt-CU*'* 
nt^^ Nearly tho siitiit) un KxAsrutaK^ 
which f^vv. 

E3t«iur*tliro'iiifi,* or Em-i«v^Cltr** 

m^"- [I'Vitu ff, "out." ' ■■■"•♦,* 

*'joiDt,*'J The paaie ■• 

Ex-«ip'l-CQt. [Ex-: rroi 

tfjrti f/i'o, to "receive/*] 
tuh«tance u»ecl for nx< i 
or hidin;^ thptr naui^nin i^.imm ><!< ui i^ 
mure pUtaAuut taste, a« the uuttfeeiinni. 
o<mnervee, etc, 

Ex-cift'ion. [ Exci 'mS«h o' uU / fnioi , 
r.r, '*out'" or "off," and »cht'ii**, •rt>*«ow, 
to ''cMi."J The eutling' out, or c«attiujf 1 
uff, uf tmv p5irt- 

Ex^c'i-b^tftil . [Emrltalill l«aft» i 
nVrM ; fruui fx'cftit, tutCftn'tiim^ to **faU f 
forth/' tn "raise pp/'] The eaf«aciiy «f j 
cirganizod bciog? to Inj »fffkntvd liy enr-l 
tain n$;ent« termed »timttft\ ciciUatf, ut] 
excitiniT i>ovrers. 

EK-ci'tniit. [Ex'cltitimi frem iht] 
same.] Exciting; » titnu latin ff^ 

£x-cI-|jVtloii. [ExoaA';* 
from thu came. ] Th'' .^'^t «'( 
quirki'niug int4i nt^li^e exn 
power or »n$eeptil>i^ity* 

Eiic-4*it«»'in^iit. (FruitilHeBJime.] TU« 
stiite of ln»inj^ excited. 

E%-ci'1inft f'aiiiM^. That which »x-i 
cites, or ti^ the imuicdiate entitre of* AtUf- 

EiE-<*i't«l-lf«i'ioisj^ (dr £x-^'il 
M&toTfPow'er* A \' ' 
property seiited in tlic 

ni;rve«, hy whiirh^ if th« m 

excited^ the itnprrKsioti in ef>tiTeyr«l i«^ 
the spinal iniirroiv, and rrtleetnd fitMl 
it tit the part «*r linih oxritrd. 

o'wf*/ !r<"Ui er, "from/* imd coV(«««i] 
tho "aUtii/"] Ahra^iun nr mmuvaif paf«^ 
tin! or complete, of the t^kln. 
Ex >r«-iii«nt. [ Exrr*-! t . 

to '*void by «tofd."] The aU ,,. 
or wa«te matter fli^iehargcdi trom 
howelK ; dung ; crdnre. 

Exemnmitll loiii»,i'X -krc- lucn-tUb^*] 
il^. [EKCrt^'tiietiti'llUM.] !Sr|f<r>£ritig (4iJ 

Ex-<*i>#ii-7f^ce* [Exmtvr* 
from t^etftt^-tit to '*grow out of/*] <Ff«j 
Kxennuttatut, ^x'kRveik'iontis\j Any pr 
ternatnml fomiiitioii tin tatj finrt %*( C 

Ex-crf*'tlou. fExrw'Uo* €»'«<! j; 
frtnu i j-trr'no^ ^-j^crr'ttitt*, to"fifl i>ui,**t<l| 
"'epnrntrv"] The tioptmitiMn if ih>*'% 
fluids from Ihe hlo'd wMeh Ate t-r|i* 


ll» rre-lo-rjf, » itti*; froTO 

tlifuwiiig tiir vvtiAl In Aupviiluoaa; be- 
irrTisrinjsr *-' r^froM <ri. 

er*-e'»'rtL' ?<iiin|[ v^ri^viei thi*t o«>utluct 
1 1: '»»». uf A gtatid. 

^ ' . "eat 

<^«ltt' to '*47iit ii4» » wurui t>r isui^. 'j Kiit- 

Ej(-4<tti-1»f^>0*tiit'fn«<* [Frutn **>r, 
ifriv^.utHl *t,i'f^t Iff*, Ihi' "gi'tjn it( 11 |ilnnU") 
UAftn;; no dobrjix Ax'plio<t in tho 
Itlurnl iVtnuimis {Ej-rmkr^onn'iMr) Ui the 

Ex- Ai^tfi i " i' ■ ; > "'^ r I tn I'.r , ** o« t ' ■ or 

fa.'f»tiMti, Of 1 , iiiitiun in fioioo 

Wgim exlorlur lu tito ucorus. 5ee Eccir- 


lU-fkft-fr<JI'll« u. [E;x ftfti f A'ticK 

♦*»/•'; fr'iij r^. " fn»m/' iir 'Ntfl.'' utnl 
f*t*iinitt, n " le 11';"" whcin'o r.ffn'iin^ tst'tt^ 
l«Vfifi«r, to ••fhe*l tli« l<?iif."] Tho ^ttfrn- 
ntinn <»r H?iilinj; off of it dentt picco "f 
Hfibe frum thw Uviii^: alis«, elit* i«L<|Mirn- 
tJon cif ivaled or iBmina* from any fub- 

\ v-tiA latit. (Exhn'lrittii; frnm <^X' 

I A^|7... r.r/<r<>f/ff'fffjjr. to I ll & 

I bff-nlh,"] tiiviiii* riff fi injf. 

L f'»-»*"-i'">'ih»fi, ,:. it llrt, 

^^|x A vjijHir, fitiuf, «*r Alrittn. 

A -'!ii«!i> rjiirit nr viipor, frmu tho *af- 
facw of the i»fnjjr. Fv«pi>rnM<jn f>f m<>i«t- 
nn* or wnt«'r l>v the iom's, clc. 

Km.Klb'li. ' [F^'tn rrhit/rfi, fjthih*^ 

tf«*i., f ' ■• '.!i nv" or **f vliiljit/* tci ''|rrv«»."] 
T . n |mli(tnt »ol»o 

til ih'^t'ince. 

' rartii-lc^ Mgruify- 

r t : r.x«»rnrflla'1lfi; 

fruiu H-^i "v^.tb^Mii/' mid m.afn^m, the 
•fcciirt.'*! Ett*^^!] tn thf^ hr'nrt. 

^^ — ■tt'M^I. r£xo4Mrl|»lla'lli»; 

fr ATthont." nn<f *M^rii\\tn*ii», 

' Applii*«l l»v Hwi/n Ici th© 

1 ! thf" •""(*! pit bI hone. 

cfnl fl<>ti««. Tn Antiitn- 
pniiii. rn»' ooiiflyhiid |rr«>eeA« of tbe 
iMrrijit'al lioftG! 'lU tii'tianU)};no in iJie 

e%-«Ml'lr. [CjKiMl'lritiit fritm /(tu. 
"withuut," ttuU (*-<)*% n **way,'"J I'ro- 
Gwediiig nut of the epitmi tiifirrtitr. A 
t«rm proposed by Dr. M. Uidl u prafct- 

ahlo to HrjitA timfltf, 

CiK'«Mt«ii. An t V ijint, 

Ex-A^>ti«ou«. ' :*^; frfiin 

/(w, *'*ithriiit^" and ^ .- hurii," 

to "irn»w/*l ApplUtl Iw »ti TDH of piimtff 
Id whieli the wm mntler. wlifir<«hy Uii:y 
incrciiM' in diiruitUr. h .•uhlcfi i»t the 
cxlcrn^t Mirfacc, Appltoil Uy Owvn to 
those part*, prtjp cHy called prorp*iPi««, 
tif bone. i»hiuh fh< ol f>ut ax euntinuAlion« 
«f prcct'diijg clcDiiuQtfl. St« AktauK' 

Kx-fv'ti-nnm for'n^* One nf the 

nnmc^ t<f th« jalnp-plant. ^^fet^AlAl^ 
i:x«onn'|)iui-l«Mt,^ Ex«4im'|ilui*lii«.* 

[Fntin ♦(. ***>ul/* ut)(l 6fnfaSin, the "na- 
voK"] ( Fr. //*'' ♦'»* f*mt*Hirfht (-iiii6' 6u** 
U'l^kAP.) Umbilical hernia. Hoe (hi- 


Kx«opli-lliAI'itil-^.« f Frtim i(, '* out," 
nnd dyVii<iA^jj^, (he "eye.*'] A «wp}liii|f 
nuil prntioKion *J iXn" i*ycl«tll; the liitiQ 

IU« Ol IITIMt Mdl^OllA.. 

■IiLHyr'iiil*^,* [Frctn /(, "out/' nfiil 
<jrvi»i, " ru^hiitv!/*] Litvinilly, a ♦*Fii»hinir 
or hrcakin;! oof " A *rrm ti«fd hy the 
ilii'rk.^ jj' hvnia, or 

paptihui- i-h.ettf, 

i:x-<»r-E:., - .1-. , .. -xi.i iltl'xiiitt 

from i(('U " without," nnd tni^a, a •• runt."] 
Applk'tl tn plutit^ huxiuf* the mHiclv 
fiev aivl naked, thut \», nut i!nch-ftd in 
any i^hMith, 

Ex'a-Mltc<re*fon* [i:ito«rt*l>loii ; 
fr*im /(<♦», "ifithoiit/* nnd e^tXtr^, a 
" >kcl<»fon.**] The ►kdrton in Fuch sni- 
mnda bp h<»ve n hnrd ur hnny eafo. or 
rxlornnl hkMrtiin. Ftrr 1t>^rriiM>»«Ki;t.KT<>w. 

C3K«4M'itilc« [f'.Yoii natonit.] Bt^- 

tr>1||;in^ *o cr* ^H-«*r. 

Rx-4»»*liio9it>'. f Cx<Mmio'fil«i ; from 
ffft*. "withmii," and Caf'-i^ '*«mpu!iti*>n/'] 
A tnov<*nieiit in linu\di» ."Cpaurtcd by a 
mtnilTJiiJOos pniiition, hy which tbcir 
prHioi|iUi* nre intrrrhnnurd, Thi# teitn 
\n pivrn to tht* ll^iind puf^j^ing oiitwnrdd^ 
See F'jnctswoMK. 

■:K«Hit«*titufta C'nrll»euiii. SccBAnK, 

Ex-cM'to-^nii^* [From ff<j, "with- 
oni," £ind arryta, a "mouth/*] Bv.e Micito- 

Em<iiiti»'mii.* Ki>ai1y tho Mine &■ Ex.- 
ubiOHiK, which fee. 
KmHM-lo KIM.* [Fnim /Cuf« ^^witb- 


out/* anil AsTt^if, A "bone/*] An oxnlio- 
rftnt i^roMTth of bony mutter on the »ur- 
frttie {if a bone: lb« en!ar^oui«nl «f n 
part or t!ic whol& of n hone* 

tfi'rrt/JOf. tho C'ujipurativo degree of *'«fu.j 
Appii(i(l to a 90Tiiis of pt;ri4Hlio, \'itiil 
pbenomona, hoJii); i^ueh as i'e«uU Iroui 
cauAOB external to tho ori^rnntMiu. 

ISxotlfteelani.^ evo-tbe'rh^rim. 
[FriiUi t|<»J, " witbout/'iinil67n'fj,u**ciuit».*') 
TUn niviifv icivt'ti by Purkinjo to tbo cunt 
of tlie nntbor. 

ExH»t*lr* [Eicc^t'iriis; from l(u, 
•'withotit/'] FoiN'ign ; lik^longiiij^to what 
i» without, or buy Olid tbu limits of, our 
own country, 

r*3K.|»i»n^|.lill M j^. [i:x peinhlHil '* 
Hnm^n'tft : fmm rr. "Nnit/* on<ljf*H <*''/», 
pnit'tHuu i* "j*i>rprt4/'J Tbc tmiiaUilitj 
of bcln^ expnntbtl nr ililiiteil. 

frotn tha ^uintv] Tbt* nitjTi'jif.o of bulk, 
or of j^tirfttcf, of wiiicb uutura.1 bailitis 
Art) ><ui^cc|»tibli\ 

Ex-pce' to-mitf* [EmpecioraiiM ; 

from (fFuer'tnt'ft.rj'jyfrbtrii'tum, to '" diS' 

oliinrgo from tho bronut" { (Voni ee, " out," 
**frMD/* nnd prr'fM, the " breast'*).] 
Fiioifituting or pronv»tin'^ the ojcotion 
of muout. or oth«r fluidis, from the lungs 
nnd trachcAi. 

Rit-|ipe-t4Krn'(loii. [£z;peefl4>m- 
tlo, o'iti'*: frtni the? s.tmc] The i «• <if 
tjectinR from ihc luu^jt, or iriiehi'U» by 
ii|iUtinj;; fttrio, (ho '«ubF»tAneo <'jt't!lt'd, 

Em*|trlJ€^Mt. [£x|>^l'lt*nM; frt^tn 
tj-jirf'tn, to "drive *»iiL"] Driv'injj out, 

Ex»|»l-m'l|4»xt* [Ex|>lr»i'li«»( n*ni» ; 
fruill «.r|>r«'*>, expii-n'tttm, to "bri'uthu 
forth/*l Tho »et of breathing out, or 
©XTwdlin'<f air frt>m tlic lunn-^. 

Kx-|»l(t-rn'tioii. [ Emptor A' tlo. 

^'utM ; tl**>in tirftiu'f'n, exfthn-rt*(nut^ U> 

''««:ir(di dilijjrmtly/'J Th« tnvostii^ntion 

of the pfi^mWtf »t%pi» iittf?ndini; iiii*<^na<*, 

* ' t fruni vr hut lire eoniin'»M!y 

r I ion. mcuauriitiontjiuViiu-^ 

tmn, **iid |»*T. MHsiun. 

K«<|irf^«H*«r OJIa. Oil* Abtainol from 

bodtci* by priM<r}rc<, "^^ ' ^|0?f, 

ffoni rr, •Niur/' lind y M»tH, tt 

" |irnii!»/*J The procrn^s? (pI fumnjx *^Mt 
tho Juices nnd oHi of pLiint« by uicAn» 
of ft proMn. Also, lh« miinifr<tntion of 
Iht^ fuctiii^^Jiy thQeoiintcnutiecstiltitudi'i 
tir 'jt^^ltin*. 

Ej|.*|»ar»loii* |E«|ftnr«l<ft. ^'nUj 
tt'tm fj", **titii/* uud ptl'Utj initU^m* to 

** driy©,'* to " fare*/') The act of tt^ 
ing the bckwfrit or Uiiddcr. Tho d*divrr? 
of rht* pUccntA ; nUo, Uuv CXtrueiufi al 
Rb iminntnrv fa'tii^, 

tb** ?«junt',] fFn £.''/*' 


Apt^titni to the pnir- 
of Ldiildbirth, by v- 
pidlfd. Applied in 

so iidjiu^trd Or* (rt fjtjicl ^lUr ur -jtlivr II...1.L 
EK-fMin'irulne^ Em-^in-^nln iMiiw. 
[Ex.fui.n|tiiiii>tifi; from rr, (iriv., sjitl \ 
9(nt'ijiti*^ **l>l{>{ui.'"J DcfifiirfHl of bWod; 
anuMnin) : ann>mlc, 

Ex:.4in«i<'«^iif>i'1*l|'« [Ex«afifftilii'l« ] 
lAM, nlUf from tlic «£imc.) TU*» t*M$i ] 
uf beiti)^ withont Idoud : niiiriutn. 

Ex-f»prl'c<l, [ExMer'tttMi front tr**! 
mertj, rj'trr'tttnt^ to "tlu'U^t <*ut/'j Frn- 
trtidin^ )>«yrind,» nt tUv rlMiueoii *iul of ^ 
tbci ciirona. 

Ex-«ioe»'tlon. [En*k*n'f T""*' 
froitt f'ritW"", r-Jttirt'tt'fttt*', tt> 
Th« pro<!c88 of drying moi-it 
npf»l3in<^ heat, or ntmoqihvriu an, 'if . 
nb)>r«rbiu^ tbo moi^tttro by 8cifl •|tt}(tt|/l 

EK«i«tl|»'n-lnt<>. [ ExmtJiHBlit'tlifct 1 
from tr, pnv.. and ttip'uhi^ a, *' itipiilc/*| j 
WithMUt stipule*. 

Em Mt rcMphI'. [ E jCnC jro* plllm 
E«'«tr«»pti«i from ti, ♦*otii/' ■ \ -* 
to "ttim" or "twfif^l/*] Af 1 
cofig^Qital malf'irmatl'iq. in n 
deficiently in the* ubdttcniniil WiiU, tU* 1 
btaddar appeiirn to ho turned ioAtd* tmt* I 
hnving tho intornnl ^urfn(,^u of the pn)^ 1 
(4iri tr puir» (-ihiafed outwiurdty uu iht J 
bjwcr p«iri t»i th 1 i»<'V' 


Emt4^f«««'ifr, > 

Em*lv>n'«Uifi. [ ^.xtrsi »ti*>, 
frohi tr, ♦•out,'* and i» m'*/^*. i<** 
'**trotf*h.'*) Tbp ptitlin^fd m fn 
liutb in a tlir^ution fntin the trunk, to 1 
virtte fftrnntion of thtt lotri^r fra^tn^iit*! ] 
nl««i\ s«»iil:ir troittii ' ' «•. 

Em-I «»ti ' tMkr , 41 r lac] j 

(Fr. A'rfrfMf ♦»,'. V ■. , ii «ii« 

tender. Apfdied I « «*i.'Vrrrii mo!*i-ir(i. 

Emtrii nor Rrr'^lM Dl^l.lo'rtilH 1 

Pi^'ais.'^ ('*i?hort r 

Toc4«/') A mii>*rle &ilii 
if the foot, haung f^r H 
th<^ first four toon, 

Emt«^tt 'M»r rom- 111 ••'»!<« IM^IW*^ 
mm P<**«ll(ii,» (■•t'of 
<if tho To«»?«/') A mo 
tho iirderiorpart t'f tho I ^ i 

to ttio phabinireii iif the lm»i ivut 1 
which tl oxtondfi. 

Kt^n'M^r Utiritv'roni Comma ^ 

i**Comroi>n txten^^'T of fKc Fin- 
'J A nrnsclc "f tl. . the 

tctittontf r»f which aro n <ii« 

ttLm^ei of uU tlie 1^ u^ .ich it 

Kl«*n'M»r Rre'fiH-itii Palll*€rtii 

iii«<6 f/ Mr /V-*f, or Gniit T»'r,") A 
bvcle en ilie anterkir part of tlic leg : 
ICfflTicc b tn extuud the tue. 

^llr>|*JI'f Ion. I t:3iCir|l«i'tto,o'llt4,• 
The e« t val or cradicsitiuii tif 

art, 1 ., .. :c uf cuus^lie. 

Cii'lnw" A Latin prcpoeitifii BTif;n\- 

jkii "without/* "oil the lutsiiic," "be- 

fvnih" "*t\vT und " 

Km t ran. ICxIrnc tutu; from ^x, 

11*/' niiti t/n*ht'. t* a* 'ttttn, t«i " dltiw,"] 

Kjfmift Cxtui'.) LiirrjillXp "that 

|l«ih is dr»wn out «f i?*tnielcJ" fhiiu 

r thin^. Tho boIuMp part* i>f vcit «**»!» Jo 

«t«ncp?» 4if -uUftI in jpirit. or water, 

ruduceJ tu the ennsi^toQco of n. 

ftp or pnnto liy tvnpitmtuin. AUu, 

» priHluct of ati iiti(ie«>u» ttco<iottoii. 

K«tm# t9«* tbo plural c»r KxTUAc- 

Cm »t rat' 'f loll. ' ^^^••— ^ tin^ «>*i»m ; 

I til'' Mtiu 1 T' Is* lootb, 

Mukitii: rtrvijcti -ul *'f the 

llyV» t-r a tuini*r out ^-i i:.. i. -.viivt c!c. 

Cs.Crae'lli'e. (ExlrArtl'tinit troni 

f taiuc ] tFr. £- * ■ ' > f^f.) 

Applied to ft pei II of 

▼©gctfllilo matter t itu- 

^^£p^rt of cotuuinu X xitiiicu, 

^■^TnAc^rtTir Ftt{;tViPi.r,s. The de- 

of which cr}»t«<lue, pmhI linve n bittrr 
, but nauiiot be rt'tvfifdi to uny p*ir- 
' -a. 

the uanies nnci pivituratiun 
* ' *-. *• llic U.if, 

i Ex-lrttc'l^ 

All extract: a prcparatif^ii obtained by 

-■f fi vt'pftttbJr ' :' 

julep, I 

1 extractiv' i 

i^Umc' C4iniCaa'fi9-l»l».~ |" EAtriitrt 

llc'tttp."! Tbt^ Fliaroiacoptriiil nunic 

^, rh.) for the uleobt/Uc ex t met of 

driflil top* of th© t7ttvunbi» wttflra 

iriet^ /rtr/ycff). 

^KtPftr'tfint 4jlJ^i-il^r*rhi'«a*.* 

5xtr:o'l of LtnUMricc/ ) The t'har- 
r-pirini nanif (U.S. Pb.) for the ex* 
L Hf the ruul iif (gfycyrrhita ytn^ra* 

Tliii extract li the **liqntjr!c«" uf (bn 

lla'rvnMi iVoui r^'tui, '* without." itiiil 
julmttu i» *Mv4iI/'J Eitcftinl ta tb(} leaf* 
Applii'«l to miipnftt bfib>w tbc> foi t^talk* 

Kxfndt* £& trt4'. A French trrin 
fwr ExTUAiT, wbicb *v^. 

Cx'tr^r'for^iHv* [From r^'iiw, 
"oil the outside/' and o'ttrN*.] Applieil 
to tho»c ca««vi of |>r«|rn»iicy in which 
tho tirtnt is conlnit>cd in poiud uigun 
uulfftdii of tbt' utt'TUH. 

Ex^triiv^-fta'tlonk [Eiktrfi^naii'- 
tlo, a'liKT; from rj-'ort, " with* ut/' and 
ffi*. B "Vo#iel/'] 'J bv rfTupii u of » fluid 
(i»r its ttliito whcii i'fTtit^rd) out of iti 
pn>|icr vessel or rccrptiif J*% 

l!x-lrem'l-lf . [Extrrinltnii.ii'rr*/ 
fruiii vjrtrt'ntttM^ tbf ** i titt'iinoht part" 
tr •'«>ud" ftf iiiiy thio^.J Any of th« 
ft. ur tiiiibf of iidimald* 

Ex«Cro*Vt'r'«iiOII. [Frrm rJ'trvt^fttm^ 
** <>utwnrd^.'* iiud ttr'to^ rrrVrrm^ to 
'Mum/'] Tbnt kind of ntfllforitiAtiuti in 
wbirb a piirt i* turned itii«id« ciutir«rfla. 
The sKine bs Exj^Tiiopiiy. 

lls-n lM*r*t&.« [Ff*'tn #**, prir*. and 
ii'^'^. " psip" If "uddcr/'J Applicil to 
fr(>uii(*il iTifr.nt*. hm r j pmed to AN^it^crt^** 
or iho^o bi iiiif >ucKUhK 

Hx* (• i4{ it t i^ n • [Km it<t n't lo« «!'»«» ; 
from r^ii'f/t*. «-j^Mi/c('^Mii«f to ***w«?at nut" 
(cuntrncted Ircm trt**oui" and «iWo« to 
*'«weal'*)/] A sweating; the pa«»»*ing 
out of any \u\vtk\ tbrtn^h thu walb (or 
nifmbrttnc.*^ if tbr< V4<f«cl Cfititainin^ if. 
Atao ijppltcd ti» tl <* 4Lo;rJiiju^ of the Ltiinur 
mauffi*u*ii* thiotij^b tlf vn'ctllnr Wnl1#. 

Cx'il-dJI-II%t% lEstieclAtl'viias from 
the pjuiie.j Li'l<rging to ciudation ; 
pri'iiioTiii^ t^Audutit'C. 

Eit*u1*err-» ti«ifi< [Exutiwrii'tlo. 

O'mi*; from rrtti'ftt'f}, rj-iifrmi^ttitt*^ In 

*'innke sorc/'J A sorciicM: tlie etirly 
BtnU', or r^ouiuu'iK't^irrnt, of ulerralii tt. 
Ex-uVI-ir,* gen, Ex-ii<vl*4i'riiMK 

found inly iu ibe plural. [Fmjw tjr*tu>^ 
to *' .strip." "»potl." or **put oir."| Iho 

lo tlii^»i« tbeia oO at tHitiiiti «-• H^miici. 
Kjk-u'vI-^. [Kmavtii li*.] B«^ 

loDieing; to rj'trpijr. 

Efo- [Lilt CK^'ntiM; Gr- M'l'^H*; 
Tr. <'^//. ly'or ill: Gtr. Aufjr, r»w*ij^h.3 
Tbii orean uf rUif.n, The tj*t ueeup> 
two otivUie*. cabled orhtti, sit naif d in 
tbn b.wcr anterior part of cbo crnniuui; 
tbtjr «omtnUDiefiti} with thv bmtn bj 



miMini of the oftltu iiiirr«9. Tbft ori^jin 
eotuiflta of a ball or glohc contuinin;? 
within iL^elf tbf} irL't, LenH, Ihu nquvou^ 
uiiti ntrtruud humor*, tlio retina, etc, 
Tbis bull tttove^ freuly lo « socki^t., ii.nd is 
readilj turned iit ^ill iii cvi^ry dircc- 
tinu by six niMs<ik'si i«itpcci»Uy appro- 
prUktd Lo Lhii^ pui-puflc. It is covered 
antiMiciriy by » dolionte tiiuoous luoiii' 
br»nti, termed tbe cohjunctt'rft, and 1* 
prutcotod i'mm external iujtiry by ihr 
eyidAJ^bit« iind «sy«Ud», At the very fruiit 
fiVrt ol' thv ball, is^ situiLtod a iruti«paroni, 

horny iDt^mbmoc termc>4l tb6 tfmtA. 

The vit' - "ft t,t tb* fryfl will U 
miTc ; tiut^cml, uaurb ui ill 


Ky<* «>l" 1> |»li<Hi* Tbe tny»-|j(j tiauie 
(five II by tbu Egypt ia.ri» to tbc S'^tnU^ur 

Kyebrfww. See Si'rintciUtTlCt 

Kyc'lHMti. Sec CiMim. 

Eyc^licl. i^ce P.iiiMnnA. 

Eyti'-i'eciti- TliL» ti)T|M«r Pu^pidaH, 
or ciutiitiu t«<]tb. the f&n^ **( wbieb tvuM i 
titmo^t to tho orbits «f the cyo. 

F., or rt.= Fi*at» or Fi'&nL^ "Let 
Ihvro he iujuIi"." 

Fa'bn P4iix'l'o^* The fruit uf 

JltfUHf if* mnitn Iii' Iff f. 

Wn'hn Piir-nrn'IrliK.^ Tbe boAil of 

FA'lm Knnc'tl l8r^na'tl-l«« ("Bean 
of St. I;^nutius.") Set' lusfATlA. 

Fa'bn Nii-illQ.* Tbe fruit of Htfo- 

tri/nftitt* MM/*'** 

Fnt»iu>pip. S«?e LForMiMoa*. 

FA*ha ceoaii. |Ffit>it'€<*nM; from 
f<\*h*u f^ "Ix^sin."] Jluvin^ beuu^f of 
the nrilure uf brtin^. 

Fni'*** [Fn'ri€*«.] The unterinr nnd 
lower |itul of tbe beft4» The varioitit 
«urra4i(*«. or plaoct» by whlob » aryatal 
ii( bf>ttnded. 

Fiicf A'lgtii*. A f-»nn of nonralpriiit 
wbn'h oi-i tu->" jn I ho inrvr;* of the fuee. 

Fiici^ <irl|>'|MPt*, fVpr >:r^|)'|»4'. The 
*' ptnehod or e'>ntrncfed faee ;*' n pec.iitinr 
expn!.<*Hion of Irtiturt'i IVjrming ouo of 
tbe ^ym)il>«m^ lo iM'ritritiltii*. 

Fi«^'ct«^ or l'Ji'tH*t«, [From tbe 
Freoeh f-'tetrire, 1%. *' >mxkll »urfj)Oc/'j Tbe 
tdtmi) eiriHim«i?nlH!id unrfnf^^s" of n. h\mii, 
AppUed hi 7.ot>h>j?y to tbe differefit bit+es 
Inio which the wiirtnori of the n<iti]|i(>tsn(l 
«yf» of the Antrhnttim^ (^ruwtnffn, and 
fn^crUi iH ditriiledp Also iippliei in 
Mtneriilugy to tbo pUood or tmcB of a 

FJI>lAl« ri^nfln'llii; from /«'efV«,] 
Ilolon^iniZ ti» the fm^e, 

FiM^liil Anirlc. He?- Asoif. FAotAt- 
Fitelitl >>rv«*, |3f«»r'vii«t F«rii»'- 
1J».] The /"ottio flttrtf of tbe sevtiuth 

FaVlttl %>in. A rein whleh omu- 
ment'cs ul the -nmmit of tbe fiirehend ; 
It ero^cf^M tlM> Uif*' oblitpielvt and Jednn 
ihp< iDtero il Ju^ului. See Anoi LAit. 

Fiicif*4i. S<»<» Faci. 

FHei<>9i {ftt'{«h«-rx) lltp-iMi-cmi*^ 
riju* lb<i peeuliiif iMpre-?i<»n of tfii* 
fejititrc* tnitiied lately before d<tiith, nb 
called because br>t dcioribcd by Hf'fqM* 

Tn'ialtm Rti'lir^* Tbc r^d fi^e^l 

another nume fuir the Otiitn ffnntetn* S«<t| 

Fm*- 11 ' t f cittM. [ FiM* II ' 1 1 iwi ; fW>m I 
fa'ru,, jtic'ttitH, iu "iiittke.**J Made hfl 
art; nrtificiaU 

Foc'uMj^. [FaeortRii; fVons 
ee'M', to "do," to ' tuftke/*] Tlje jiOW 
or ubllity by Mrhicb mt action i« (•♦'f*! 
formed. Alsto oiuplo}ed to denote enUl 
lectively tbe |iiri>fcfisnr% or thM#«| 
of any other depnrttniMit, in n nnvver«iff.^ 
The nhrfi,"^e 
Ofied ill a m ' 
tho^tj pkilleU L 

Fiif'wA.* [ (he pJurnl of ./*j. Jfr**^Hi 
"nedirnent,"] tlrt'if^, or fcdUiuniL TbtJ 
ttlvrue ^'xoiotiori'' or excrotnciitst. 

F{t*«'iiln. Sec K^ri t.A. 

Firm lien t. See Frrri,i:?tT. 

Fn'^iii. [F»irt''nn.j A n&rpotlfti 
Mih.Htiijice ohtitiridd from tbe utiti of tbt| 

Fnli rt*ti h r 1 1*» Tli4*ritioi»^t ^r. Sm ] 


FntblcaiM'* Fee lUlfllLrTr. 

Fului. S(0 FAMKfS. 

Fnlni'lifttf* S«o DBt.fQttjrif Ainin»f 

an<l svxi oi'rj. 

FnKcrftii. f&'slV', The French ten 
for FAmrrt I IS, whieH wa. 

Fftim, fh. Tbe Fnocb !«nn f«rF«xtn^ 

which ^•'C. 

FAr^l^fbmi. [Fnlrtn»r'tnl«t fhn 

/itfr, h "scythe*' or "«iekle.'*] He-' 
r;ettib1in^ n wry the in fbNpn. 
FAl'clfbrm Prfftf 'maw iPn>«e 

1 1 1*.] A process of the dunt 
*'■ >\ititc tlic lieinicjtlii'rc'^ of 

lit* i tiUiiiu^ in thv trnturitnH^ 

i*i«lllni;^ MckttcwM. Si*r Ei'itKi'.«T. 
t*ul*lf» pl-tyij. [i*iillo|»lii nuH.] Ap- 

|ihi t » ' ' ' i ,1. - ,,, uttualt^^ ami a 
iiL: ut b^ th« <3i»le- 

Fi«lt»'|>li»fcii Tiiltea. Two cu»nU on- 
cht^C'ii in the |*t'rit4jiui2i)ni»iiiitt uxtctitJitiii^ 
fnun the tsUics nf tlio FnufinM utifti in 

i'i«ttc»t»io'«« AqU4sluct Of. See Aqcs- 

fAI«h*, [Fnl'mms from /nVh, fnl'- 
anutf tci " tlvvutv*?/'] I Fr. FttuXf f?>, *>r 
FttHifi't to*^) A term oitoD Diiplicd in 
mrtlleiiiff to ttii oniiJiluriLl ur •liiH'asuil 
ontlUiMn ftf rj'crJairi (jaiU, «j Fii/«e 

Fnliie Ancurlwtn. Siht A?(]ernisii. 
i'i«i«M? (Oiiei*ptiutu f^co CujtCKr- 

mi*^ <l<»iitf. J^t*c Annricui- JorxT* 

i^l«tf> liriit bmttf. Thi? U nlwuivj* 
tbe (vmHC uf ihtliuiiiniitiwn. ii^ that |tru 
iliiHisfl in pletiri«j, In p«riU»tiitui^ m 
eruup. cte. 

r ^ '' '^" * ^ire fortned 
L^ >n „r rbu 

tr» thm, frum 

f I L iuuliun uf ii«0lruuiol)U iu 

• lion. 

1 «!»**' tiil»%. |t*t "':- *' w'rin*,] The 
fivo ink'ritjp ril<4. . t liui lui-l 

f.w<N t>r fl<»nlTri;< n meil nntc- 

riotty to ciLcli othvr Mtd iv iti« «<LrtiIiig0 
«>f ibp Ittwt fr«^ rib. 

FnHc TUlOQ. Bce'PAKrPonuici** 

M \. 

rnlAC %Vn'i<»r*. (Fr. Fauimr* Emtx, 
fo«tfl 6.) A trnn RppMcl by tb<* French 
to » *»*f«iii» lltn4 whi<^b »i'r*tirno1nt*>a bf?- 

ttith the /*^«foi- ff-mntt, ithlob tbvj Icrio 
Nni|>li^ the "wufcrv*' fc"»fx), 

r^ix €i^r^€*-tK»l'll.» C't^i^ytbi? nf 
the (vn li>cllian/' Fr, Ffinx tin i'mrtt^^ 
f5 flu •fitv 1A\) A trjan^^iJar portion 
of Ibv diua w-ftf, i> fvfmratini^ Uiu two 

rulx r*r'4^1*H.» ('S^cythe of ^11* 
CcToliruiiu" Fr, Ftmr Jh ('-inrtm. fu 

PnufK»s, wbi<?b «i^ 

FaIjc IWiyor. 8efl FALCifonii Pt(0- 

F»l« JVliior. See Falx rrriKtiKi u. 

Fii'lilM.^ (Fr. F»un. fTk&v) A Iititio 
lorin at^^nifviii}*^ "bwngvr." Ilvvco \ht 
terms cUfu /o«fir«« ab:<iiiit'ncc fluiu ftmd; 
Ifctld /am>€H cfinthrit VorACiaUS Of catijtiv 
apptitile. 8t;ti Hi ljiiia. 

Fiwn'1-lj^. [Fiitui'ltn,] A DUtnbcr 
uf guiiurii bu\iiig aoiuv urgauiu re^vui^ 


ttikttm* [Ger. Fnu*4fm, to *Miik«'* trr 

the in 

tbt» - I ' (IS 

e€rpc]4Ut thruti^h vi hiob u puieou^^^ub lliitd 
floiivt into tbc* wouml luadi; bj it, AI^ 
tb<s root at a tuotb. 

Fiirt'liiicii. i^vc FAitrr* 

FitrM*lui-l-nfi'tl»t.^ [Fmin farti'mtn^ 
" ■An^uj;ir.ujci»t."] Tbi! emDe m Alla^- 
TO IP, wbirb i-ffi. 

Fnrc'tw*.'^ [From A r' " ''mn, 
to "Ttuflf."] Ptijtb'l, filb i 

Fur'ci', or FftrK'i'fii4*ii* i^n, 

Eqnl'olM* and Ctltin'itf'rto). [Fitita 
fnr'rto. t<» "aluff."] A dii^riLfifr in which 
— i<tnAll tumur« ^ ' nd 

I >. It oeouib in 1 *, 

; und i* ofU'n . r..<| 

by iiiui^Utgion to men nttondiiiK <•» tboso 
fuiiuinK In llM iiggraviitfd ftirm it bi 
gen«*riilly fainL 

F^^-rt'im.*' [Frf>m /«»r, till kinds of 
com J Wheat flour. The Pbnrgmicu* 
pwi»\ niiine dtr the flour fruia tho t^di 
of Trif^t'UtH VHttftirv, 

F*r>l-iift r4'<»tM. [Farfim'ct'fift.] 
B«It'ij;.riEj;,' ttMrr iiontttinin;^'^ faikuii; i>l the 
nflt'ir<' ''I fjirin:!. 

Fttr^lKihUMltteiiifi. Sf^e Pirt^MtivopfA^ 

FMKrfn,^ lasli'cj^ [Frvm /c#»V«t* % 
"buudlv,"] Orijciiiidly, a, "^irutbt*/* 
"bnndagc," or "roller." Tb« tcudrooua 
expansion of mitiNrleit; an siponfuroMitt. 

Ftw'eln €'rll»-rt*A>r'inlB.* (*'8iev(;« 
llkt' Fj*^**^!.*'^ a wob of oi<11tt1«r unb" 
M the loHer ed^v cif 
oviT ibo in^'^Miiinl 
^ ' iittMi it ia pierred 

with iiiniiirroiK« oprnintf* for the trAOft- 
Utia^i'*fT of IIm* IviiifdiMfii* Tr^i-^'l?, 

Fn ■.::-!: :■; ■ :•• ' ..^,.") 

A H ;,.r 

flUrf'! : , . r-. 

Fnn rill I n-l n a-4l it* n*l l-for ' Kti liw* 

(*• Fiinner pimped l'nheift."t A pniiiua 
rif c€llul»r mettibr^no which pn^^fos 
down on the Aperuiutii' cord, wbtirc it 
p»fiir(r)ii<^s the Fn*fi» itntttittn^ttt*, 
Fon'ciii tfS't^* (''Broad Ftt^cta.**) 


A hrnnH t(^n<lmottJ9 L^iit>Ah«jinii enutiimed 
friiui itiQ tuuduiiB of tLo ('foUi Mit'l 
tiei,;hb<tirinjj<: m inidlotj, nnrl main tut hin|^ iij 
thtiir propur pui^iUaa ibo vikrioui mu Rules 
of tliQ tbijifb, 

FiHriA Lata is n\»o tho name iff <\ tiitii* 
do nt tbc up|)Or anii exti^rior part of tho 
ttugli. Sec Trnsoh VAfli.'i.K Fiviiofits, 

rfiM'clii Prtt'|>rt<^* The jir<»pcr 
OttUular t'TiroIo|i€ of n lierDiitl Hiio, 

FiMt'cin fipl-ra'll*,' ("Spiml 

RiUor.") A uiiwti for ihtj comumu roller 
which \< vtnund fipifally rmind u liiiib* 

Fiii»'«tl» 9»ii-|ier-llv^iH«'liii.« ("8ii- 

pcrfioiiil Ftu^ola.") A Viry thin ltty«r 

[of oelhihir tiitimltrnno, whir«h covorn the 

nhilutuiiiAl itiUi!iola:» ituiiiuditiLcly pndcir 

FnM'ela Tor'U-li*.» A RiUde for thii 

i'aM'riii Ti'f»ii»-Vfr-«»«'llj«.* Tho 

Golliiiiir iiuuibr^Liio Ihiiitg tbc iiinor «itr- 
Ifiteo of tilt 2VttK«r«r«fr/f'« tthditmtnU 

FfMi«ltftl, fnsli'tjl. [FAi«elt%'llM,] Bo- 
bjiit*Mit; t'> a Jtt'ivut^. 

FwiteijftttN fnj^hV nt, ^r Pi)*6clnf^1, 

FH«(M««tlon. r;i>h ti-rrnUun, or Fi»»- 
rfiittw, ' t'ii'h-«-fi'^lH^ o. [rnitn /ii»'rt^t, 
a " barMlu^^v/'j Th« liiiulinii; «p «f a dis- 
i*ij>«<l nr w^'Unik'il part; rule's n bandago* 

Fi«iK^iel<% Soo F.isi II I't.i'fl. 

Fna-^lr'n-l^r. iFiiM*ifuli%'rlfi; from 
I jf«itt ii'uitta, a "• littlii bundliv"] liundlud 
Itogothor; ulii"«tc'i\Mt. A[kftlto«l to rttot^. 

FNn*5jle'a-lj%Cv. [FMiirl«iiilM'tii«i; 
r*mi /*tt*'iv'tffiu, a " tittJu btiiidto/'J Dun- 
dli»i! tr>;fblbcr; olu^fenoii. 

Fa«i^l^ u-liM." plural Filii*i(lc'ii*1l« 
[niiiiMiijlivo'ff y'iL*'«i/*, »'*bundk«/*] i t'r. 
J \t<*L*nK, filV)',) Apptiod to a little biiii- 
<ll' "f niufculAf or nc'iA'uus fibres, via. 
A rt^cioln or c«ompa^t oymo, nn in Iho 
" "C Witliaiu. Alio, A h»iijdfuj of 
JtM% <'■>, rttcif^, Dt<i. 

Fii%-<>1'4»*1(^ Ue-pntl-c?** [From 
/n#.-/'»j/f», a '*litilo Kti'ip of clutli/'] An- 
oltiMf rmrtu> f<ii tho LhsroMA, which s«4:. 

Fnii«il'4tI-iiMi ti'M.* (" Loathing 
trf J'oid/') Sio A\tjiii:.\tA, 

Fiuk^tl^ 1-nte. Tatilltfin'luMs frntn 

; 111, I .1 '> i,r ^llA.«9.) 

f^o \nf:i"», A\r i Vi M. 

F9i»tii'l*ijF^. It i -, ttVr* ; ffom 
/at'ntt; '•«kllj/'| Wtgikiu^i-i^ of und«r- 
iUudtRfff or tdlrtcjf, Sco Amkntia. 

Afiplie^, Iff I 

Fnn'rM,* gen. Futtrlumw f«u'«lift> 

iim. ITlie plural <j! /Vki^. J Th« cuntj 
tii tbc b>wjk of the mtjuf U fntn wliieii t&e 
pharynx and lt*rynx pm^wvif 

Fntill4 [FrriJi iho Fr 
** error** or **dolictfL*'J A 
lur» of thi» uijiv* of BtniLi _ 
oiil or inclined julanc. fmrtilkM lo inlttch 
tho bcd^ on ono stdri nrv uplifted, «ii4 on 
iho othor il(^ptCJ<KDd ; a W/yf. 

Fnii'ittt,'* [l-'roin /■««'««*, ft i^Ynn ! 
dcilj of Lhi» nnciisnt llino- 
liro n£>iicmbln>rQ of anin 
Miimntiiliai, which tiaturv 
a pjirti<J«iliir coitntry, 

Fntix^* pen. FiMiVlw- 
tnoiillu (Si!ff FAtfr'»;?«.) 
aiiiilu^y. to tbc opening ef th« tub* 9t'm\ 
inonopLtt«1i»us (sorol. 

Fun 1(4 fo» fcitiinino FiMif«»e. 1^*9^ 
The Frtinob for Faimk, which tr^. /*a*«# 
\* iil»ti (ho Frcuch term fur /a/x« 8e» ^ 
next nrtirk. 

Ff«ii3E till €'cr¥««iii« f3 dU »iFli*fll'. ^ 
Thi* Frnnob h^rm for /Vrfjp {V/'^6fn 9tf j 

KAtrHOttM PltOrR<i». 

FrtUTt «lii Orvelel. fn dU irf ityUk*. 

Tbu Frcrii'h t«im for Favx CtLHKMKLUt \ 
which fee* 

F«-voMe*. fF»»v<»*»ti»t fnifn /ii'»»^ 
0, •*h«"t>ryc"»mb/'j I'otonging t«>, of Ukc» 
n bonityc anb. 

Fii'rii«." A honcjeomb. Appliod la 
ft kiml of pitxtiibv 8t«(t PtjfiniGO* 

Fttjr 'ttanlSi IN* w '<l«r. A ^f I i»lfnit cd 

I powitoi' for stoi'pinijf haMnorih:ije;c, tnut 

to havu br.'cn onthitjg more then th« 

chrt'ooril of iKCtdi wmuI, fmcl> -pMwdt'rvd, 

Ff'ntb€*r«l>>lii<*«l« fc^co ViJiXATKLr- 

Fc'br^^ tho phirnl of Fe'ti 
Fovor*. An tir/lcr *-d tho gInss P^ftuim \ 
of Ctti ten's Nosology, 

Fo-brM»'u.|i*,* [T)iminutiv<^ of >'- 
hrti, n " fcvur/ j A ^llpht fcM^r, 

robVl-niffc^ [IVUrir*«Kt»»«: fVnni 
fr'htiu » *^fever/* und /if'»/o, t.i*'dHv» 
:ivvfiy/'l llii\ inj( tho pD'pcrty ct mode* 
rit jut *»'' ftbttfin;* tho vi bMioti i>f f<*vrr*i; 

r>!)»Vtl<% TF^'brriasit from jVUriit, 
rt"lVvi»r."] T^tdnngin^r tofevfr; f^vi*rii»h. 

B>»'brjsi,* [From/T'i'to, to " bo hoU"] 
A fiiviT, Rcfl Fkvkii* 

Fcb'nrp*!! I^'ltoti. A 
bfiittfid rvmody for ■ 
ten fiv«,\'at. of til* fi ' 
di>#ohfld in a pint oi 
to w)Mrh «re iiddf 1 om 
I'.rfrnrtfiiH r^itii, tbrro ' m 

of laudiuium. 



WH^n^m i\kv\-'. The Froncb term 

FiH '^^ tho (ituiiuutivit 

f'f ' ."] Urigfni4tty» 

r lit of »tiy lit|Uor; 


lit ill w»U:ri ii>U(i^ i;ilr«tl>» li d,vl>Mlv«i 
ft^nlmr vi^^fit^Klfl prttioiplu, wbifli^ 

t. ! ^ ■• \' lu 

l''W u-lriit* I i'weulrtl III** ttk^lu 

^; Fr. 

tbv iM>t of iiii[)rfgitfiiiiic. iir (iiit iil»4«> uf 

^'- - '"M (■'''-.. 'T'''-ruo'illtiuiua^r/4/ 

1 il/'j Tba ii«w«r 

4.^: - , . --.... iK"^. 

l^'iH^llil^f^ "-iv lot «'it. 

<' >n fuuiKi in tho 
- .uhl«r t^pc Bn.K* 

4.1 , f liilcs of llie OS, j^i'L* Blf.K. 

Fcl-lirtii*9 Piwi'vlo* (paali^eo), 
U'llujc disease; nn iiiiiMont nainQ for 

r«»l-llf'laHaN*« [From M *'^i\e" 

, n'riV] A 

,, ,., , ,ih I. i,..^,i, 

; l-lln'Ir. [! 

rollln'10 Acid* A |»cculmr ««!)- 

■' 1 ' ' -ewtiog Itiliii with 


i e«l Ui/' Hjjit in', 

"fvnc guilty of 

1 > ' jiittmclf/' A tuna 

1 raiknci} for on© i»lio 

1 i 1 OM, lao tiuino of miLltfrtmnt 
l»hUl<*tr, ill which thu L'tTu^^^i^tu U b«iiO»lii 
■ llli* (If rio^team. 

I>i««lnln«. Sco FoEMfXisirs. 

P<*tiM»i'm»'titt,'* AnorhcrlllLtD^fnrtll# 

rrutnn* inu«rt«. *»« oxtt'tMor *( thi* Icp. 

9^<*it*'4»*r9l* [tViuortt'lliii t>Miii 
/r'mui', ilm " iliigh/'J H<li>tigitig to th« 
thi^h : cnimL 

retii'o-ro-^te«* [Frani /**mur, the 
"thigh," mni •fjAf, » " tinntir,*'] 1 hn 

thi^h. _ jfftl U»tiQ 

of th« Uiigh, ur thi jtmur\», {fr* O* 
*ie tn CuUm^, r. f^h lA kw<^*(i,) TU* 

BC-:. ' '^' ^ tit of Ulft 

t i tijitn'iir. J A wii)dr»w, Api'livd to two 
/.iffimirof of the (wtipiintJtri of the eur. 

roiMw'tr^, ji>iir«iirn'IJ«»t fnvix 
/tnt»'tffK] Bchngitig to windi»wfii; liko 

re-nru'lrtite. (frtimlrfi'litHt 

friiin /rnfi'tifK] Picrti-d with holvf, 
i-r triiti <ipciM>iv?i Hkt« wirjiluffSi 

ftVii'ncI, Nn <*vi|. Tb*j .! nrthumjitni^* 

T*<(ij*tmt'(n /V»'«MfM, u iilkutl rMftuiu|C, it 
i« KJiid, im tir( icio e;f (innl in EiO'pt. U 
)jriL>\rs al=«u io thy !<<>uth of Fninuo. Cicd 
ehi^ily in Vv'tcrinnry mo I lei tic. 

fVr (Fr,), fcR. ??o« iKOff. 

rri^tlK*!! •! j» ' t i«i II. [ tVr tiir It In ' I lo, 

^'nh { from JfHurtn'UK /tt»<mi*\t'(um, ft* 

"k«ftvoTi."j The )<|Kiti(jiMtMiiiff chnrij^es 
whtfb nqtieoiisi eotuhirmtioiKs ot animal oi^ 
vegvtiiblo iikiiMvr undiTi^o whet) exposed 
to !h« nif ft I Jin lirdiiimry lim|u^rahir<». 

Ffr-nimt'liitii** Furm* tit. The #uh- 
jstjincu wlm?h rxiiU'^ fttnu'ittiitioii. Tho 
rhftruuiOMpohil ijRiwfc iT.S, Fh-J far 
"jca*t/* Sets proctMlinf: nitinle. 

rfnitc^'tiim C4^r«*%l'*lii* f»^r*e- 
vi!<h'tt-ii), Tho nonm or fnith of htjcr 
(lurlii|i( formt'ii tilt ion : harm; >eaj^L Thb 
stih^tunuD hnjt hccu phicinl ott tbc prl- 
iiifirv Wsi of tbo U.S. l*bttrmiico|)(uiii fur 
1 Mil). 

rt-nt, MfUc. Kfe AiNj'ii»tri* Fiux 

F«^r(»'nlHjiEl-f^|»liAii'lBttn.* rFnitn 
Ftrtt'ntu, thy mKldc.*?* of frt»vc*.j An 

ItlfliHIl Ifrf 'f ihv nrrfrr Jiirn W^'arri^ * 

it Vi»'' ^ 'iu. 

FerVI, Mt. 

i>r'rl£ v.-,,^-^., i .'f' 

fsH^Vftoidtof Jrim/* ; t»l 

iifiiir- < I'.;?, Fh.. 1S<- Uiu. 

IVr rl ri'liim.* Tiu : tal 

iimtuM f^'i" Fh.) for inn ,r~ 

tUiui iujtla tvfHtHm of the L ..^^.u . ii«r- 




Fer'rl, Ril^ftK-it'tJ^* <" Raspings of 
Irun.") A name ior irun Iilh)j;9, 

rorri »al-r^hu-r<^ tum.» {••»«!. 
phurut tn Iron*'*) Tb«j lHiij.rmn.Au{j4£Ul 
liftiDc(U.S, Ph,) fur llio pnitiixulphurut 
of iron, prop&rod by tucUing to^'tthtr 
nubliinit'l i^itlphitr and iron in nimill jkoc< ^, 

Fer* rir c» r^^iui. [ Ferriferu* s 

tfiiiu /rr'rum, "iron/* ami /^*rtt, |t> 
"hcar,"J Coutiiinlug iron in aoiuc furui, 
U.tajilly in tliu j^tuto uf ojLtdo t»r our- 

Fer'ro-t (From/i-r'nifli, ** m»u/*) A 
profit in O'Jiupvund nfuncrtj doonting oau- 
ni^utiuM wilh irun. 

For'ro-^'^-an'le Af'ht* A com- 

{)iiund of tivauu^cti, nit^liUlic iron* and 
lydrogeQ ; ftl*o Oiklk'il / nufrtU'i vh^o^k' 
affifi* It unntain^ tliu eleujonla of bydro- 
cynnio acid, but diffor^ frurn it totally in 
it« pr <pLirtie». Its saihs, onoetcrtDcd triple 

pru*->i,»ttV'4, fire "njW Oulli.Mi/e/v<i-cy*ir»fifr4. 

<»n*i. [Ftrrrujclu'eiu* or Fcpm-jjl- 

no'fiaji; Crna jerr^t'tjf'i, tlio " ruht of 
IrmJ'j Full of irtm-m^t; Containing 
iron-ruftt: of a yellowish-browQ oolor. 

Forriiiu* f^c-' Itiov. 

Fpr'tilfs [Fer'tllW; from /f*rn, to 
•*brin{; furih.'*] Fruitful. A|>pUod Iti 
d i^ifT* hjL^ing a pistil, or prodticiug ieodj 

eapabl^ of vr^'clltliufl, 

Fori i limit Ion » Svci Fr,cuKp.vT>to?r. 

Fc^r'U'lit.*^ [Fr un/W/?, in **s«(nko»**] 
A ljtunm.i.n ^vuuh of tho «1a ■ t*rntnnUn'*tf 
iiatnrat order .1/> mi r"^^ (»r i'>nbc(f«/ira')^ 

Fc»r'isltt .l«*-M^-f«i^t'l-d^^ This pUnt 
whit'li yuM-^ 't*^ tf'fri'l't^ 

Fcr' vi»r- [Frtni /rr^rm, to "briil,*'J 
A riident anrl jic ►roiling bent, Artior 

loo trratu or nritural bt^at. 

Fe>t,«i«»r, ff'-ii^n A*. Tho French t«»rin 
fjf (If.trii^r. i>r t>Lifr.eiJs, whjtdi wo. 

Fihi'Ci*r-lii|r. A wtnl Applied tn h 
•ores f'iirnifyinjj thts dischn.rj»o ctlbiT of 
p*if itr itf m lU'trUtl iratory flimi, 

F#>ii-la9nptl' R1ii;r<4. A pr>piilttr dc- 
vij^aatiim **t Ih ? QbriHH /.onei* *>r ton din* 
u'JA c'rc!of which flUTQund the or^ees 
rtf *hi? hcs^rt, 

F^ttAl. [Foeui'llft.] Bidonging to 

F4*llelt|p. So PfKTirmfL 

FM'lil* (F<r'tAda«t from /n***!^, 
Ii " b04^itnui pnTMiL'J l|iivtfi(^ a bnd 

F^'tor. [Fcp'iar.o'r/*; from /r' fro, 
tj •••rJnk/"] A bjid «m0n, or stink, 

Fiff'verv (Lnl. Fo'brlM^ Kr, Firrtf, 
fll*^v»^ir ft* dvft'.j A c mditiitti obdriAo- 

tDrizcd by Accclcrat^fl pulnc. iticnm«:'4 

b*'at uf ?nrf;*<x', lo^• '■'' '"' *' ' *, 

lau^n^ift dcbilUy, uua^ , 

uud >ti^lnrbni<' •■ - 

tionij. Sc*o Ft^iiHls, lutii rvut;xi^. 

Fever« MIlKlit. i^ve FLuaicri^JL* 

Fo'%'er-ltelt. [Lilt. r«*i» -"n-- fr. 
/'(V'trtiij-. Ic-A'vitt'b'*] A I 

to tho fitnto of niim Inbt^ring t^j 

al«4j to lUa.t which cuu^ea I'uv^t r. 

Ffber."^ The Latin t«rm for Uif 
'* Ixjaviir,'* 

Fi'bre. [1'1'brH; frum fi'bcr^ "ei- 
trcmcj" bccaute orijitinlly mtnH'l t*i 
tho tbroiid-likc radicles xt *' ly 

of a root,] The min«to iti 
tnvnL$ which iccur in * mv nf" 

imvts in tinimub nml ■■ 

Fibre, Anl-mnl. \ \nU 

ntii'U».] Tbo llluiiji.'ut» %\ 

tbo inn .ocular fasck'uli, tho c- 
brnnc^. fte* 

Fr brt^, Wo<Ml 'f, I V% bm E.£;t <»Mi.] 
Tho lilcinient,-* t,( which any WKfoil^ •iih> 
elancc i« cotuposod. 

Flbreux, f* bnuh', Tho Prcuch tmrm 
Tar FtBiioi M, which fee. 

Fi'brlt. [Flbrll'lot th«i diminnln-o 

jdural lo (bnexl' • 

peon by tbo mi* • 1- 

Iuutlt»n of « nunit>iM ^i w tm h t;i u .Sn ;,(h, 
or *ntt'nht(tin*t, a tnu.iculiir Qbre f f n.ii{« 
ma I life) Lm foimod. 

Fib-rll-lii'Citti.* [Fmin /RrtV /.i. » 
•* little fi*>ro."j Difpotcd In very dciicaio 
fl lumen Ik. 

il'brin, or Fl'brtiic. [Flbrrimi 
fvomji'ttrft, n ••flhrts."] A j*. > i, r wh.t, 
hh, c^ulid, insipidr and in^ l- 

pL>unr) pfubrfjinrc fonnd in <t 

Vf I'^e I n b h' m h f T cr ; (< o a^ ul ii M 

Fib>rliiH*g^'c^ti0nii, [1 *, 

*< fibrin/* and ytyvJut^ to ' j. ,. '] 

Prtrflucinj^ fibrin. Applitd by Virutkov 
(o a aub^rlnnct^ which estistt in lymph And 
is converted into tlbrio by cxpofur* tO 

Pl'br»-. [From/'ftm, a «fihr«v**3 A 
profiv <k<n' tin;; n lUtrtus condititin. 

Fi'bp«»-€'»r'IUlM6:*». Mtnn^*,riTi (fomi 
onrtila^'D. Tb** 
>tolwi»('n prop<5r 
tiou^titotln;;!: tb> o.i 
torniinintj tho form 
coiupu^tntf the rui 
cfpigloitlH, cto. ' 
U wii» tnnu tuil 

ar*t j«ot«i'ii! 
morbid pr • 

f»f that parfr 



Sli««Kplajfe'llr* [frt'brtt-PliMi'tl- 

^ut mtii|; tll>rl}^, Ap{ilitiU Lu na iir^riiiiired 
' *or>f trom the eiiTputelc^ ojLudc^L tui 
FS'tproiUk [F&Uro'niM; (n>m fi'ttrtt, 

■■' '"■• ■■■ '-"- ■■' --' ■■'■ '-'-irs. 

to tile 

^4il4 tllv iUUi'f ^Jilv ui' lU<J leg. 

Il-l^r. [Fn*ii»/i6'M/ci.] Belim;^- 

n ka*»hi!-o, or Ft'viiv.* 

L tt"ii;;."J A lig'likc tMli«} 

Fi'rolfL [ric«ol'<lc<it; ^mm/t'cuit, n 
ii!*fig," ftu4 tTtstt 14 " Wm/'j Kosi^tnliliiDir 

Fl'rii«.<> A Luirtann ^(^nup of tiic 

t^ ' ''' ' . * 1 - |( r(^rri?tirr % 

^ lie |i for ehu 

,fl- - ■ '■ , 

':»•' TUu Hg-trtMi ; ulsu 

I c ' V F* *rtf I 'i'»i» mil t K I ttf^ 
j^t'» #*» 

Flails E^lMi'tt-Mi.* Tlio trvo whu'lx 
ff^i»r*lji ttaiiii' 1 \ k 1 --. 

" ' 1.1 ► i .1 , |„,j,^ 


ri^kfre, ffl-AvR^ or fe-I^R'. The 

|Fr. noli t*.'iiii i^ T F^vvr^ \\\^h^, r.'o. 

Fi^vre Al4£Hl*v :-rii.u<.tm I'r.iiiiT'^. 

Iti'VrC Ilc^llqilC, ;^C0 JI|.LTl€ 


ri«. so« Fi* I'ji. 

ril>-inriNBl. IFtlanien'tunis Trotn 

jV tirci*'\.*'J A fiinnll, (lelicut<»i 

I I *iilMt;>inie; tt Obie. Tho 

Fl^lM rl-^* [Frr»m/7ii<i(,ii*«thniiid/'] 
A thrt-iul-liki* pnrn^Jtlo worm, vrliicli »n- 
P ■ ■' r tin. liorfC. 

TIio fiXf- 

FUicikic** 6^^ Fi|.itr.». 

Flllc«m« HIV »e«, the phiml r*f Ft'* 
11%. IcruK A maiinil unJur *»f «ryp- 
to^:i»mwuK }»lnntp, vi Itk'li aboiiiiU in tviEi]ic*- 
rut«) uiwl friifticiil n*;;ion««. raitittrki^blci for 
tlu'ir heAittUiil plntuv foliage 

FilT-eold. [Fllirol'clcfss frniQ F;*^ 
ILr, nmi tv0., n **l\»nii."J Fern-Jikc, 

Fil-l-col o-ArJ^. [ Fr.>m /'♦V/^, t* ** ftnt," 
hoi A<i)««, a "diitCMiiDio/') Ttiikt bmnob 
of Butiinv which (rmt!! of ferns. 

Ffl'l-forni. [FIlltor'mlM; ftoni^'- 
t$iMf ti " thrtail."] liuvLug tbti! ii[i|»i<>ar> 
i*ni3e of thrctt'l. 

FI'Uji,* iz(u^ ril'l-ciM, Ttio Liitiu 
iroi-il lor •' it'iij/' Aj^iln-U ill ibc plunii 
t« a Liuniuan tinier (if ( 'ii^ffiitfim hr. { Hcb 
FlLK-rs.) Also, llie I'liurmr puptciol 
tmmn fRr. Ph.) of rhc rhizmnii of A»pi- 

tttuvi fVt'j' matt, 

Fi'U* »*»»•» Male Fern. The Phjir. 
innc'pori/il name (ILiS. I'b.) for tbo rUi- 
«iuu:iiif AHiirHi It Fii.ix Mam, hU cIi »nv. 

Fitnt. The iMtpuiar rmmc lur u]>acity 
of lb« ci.)r»c;u 

Fll't4*r> [FU'Ctwm.] Aimpparatui 
of various cotifeirutttioUt fur the |kur|M»!«eji 
uf tilirihtlMn. 

Fil'lmte, [Frnm fVtnm, n "filter/'] 
Any liijutil ^'CiiiiiitHl or fjlttrivd. 

Fl Mm I ton, [Fllirn flo. o%if«/ 
from iiV'/nih^ tt"ftUoi,*'J ' by 

Yrbk'h II tilt id U j^iMliiallv Mria 

' r'l 'U's or impurilu:? min nuiy Vhj 

I -iispcuded ill itj $<fminibg. 
• itm.' Liirruily, a "filtor,** 
^<i»uicti*iic0 ikptdied It* tbi< KUperfietuI 
^'rc«ov6«cror«r< tho ufypt^r lip fn^tn tbe pur- 
tili'iri <if rbo ti ' r ' rU*3 tip, 

Fiui'l*rl«ii. , ein *'cx- 

tr<*unly,"J Ai AppUffd 

in tlio ptuinl {Ji >**'*" fir) tu ibo cxircmiticA 
of tbe Fiilbipuin lubDS. 

Flni'l>rlM«t<', or Flm^tirt-nC*e<l, 
[Fl>»t>rlii lii«i; friim jim't,tui, a 
"'friit;,'c 'J Itiivin^ (1 frii*;re, ^r bofdcr. 

Flii'irer [Iti^'llitM Mn'ntitkJ, in uitii- 
UimiciU luo^'iiiii^t^ cJoni.ti'.H «»ftr id tlic five 
i*xtretnitit»t« of llo< lijiriil ; in popular par* 
liiiicv. r»oo 'd' Ihv Inur b'v<«dr--« luctbuiob* 

FiitKr«'>r(Nl. N'o DiaiTVTM. 

Ftisii. [Fln'iMT.l .Miuibninuiit or> 
%9kn* to (Ub<-ii, «om€Vvbnl ^niilogtiij« to 

ban- '-^t. 

I 1*. A name jrivcn by tnitiem 

lo I ! , (J |;»5, i^ouetBtinji; i^bjcfly of 

ii};bt iTarbufctled bydrc>g<»nt fotmd in 

Flr»1 In-l<>n'tloii. rri'<ti by th« 
fird inlotiiioo oi*nio.-' udhc-ivn inftnut- 
umiiiin wit bout ^Mppurolton, n-^ wbrn 
thf rip» uf a w<»utid ttmdu by n fllmr|» 



kwifo Are brought into immf*<ii»tc <?on- 
tuct. iind tfyickl; bculod wttlioul much 
iiiflanntiiif i<4(K 

riitK-44lue. Sea IcHTHYOOOLLA. 

Fli*]i-Mklu. j<i^c IctfTuroiiA. 

Fbi'tMllt*. [FL% still!*; Irum/fw't/o, jfi*'- 
•irm, til "«leJtvt3."j Ck'uvablu; easily cicit 
wr oliivcQ. 

riii-Ml]>'ar-oii«. [FiflMlfi'nniii; 

from fift'tta, ff^'atiM, in "^cloavo/* aud 
ptt*i'Ht^ to *• pniiluoe,"] Pnrtlacin;* tiff- 
tprSnj? *>y portions being <*i>f>«initcd from 
tlii? purc^nt initividti-il. Sflo next artieiu, 

FlMMlp'aroiis ^n-^ru'tlon. Tbat 
jfcficrntiofi nrliioli i>e«urs iJiLlior by P|vm- 
lane >\in divti^Lm of the budy <>t' tho pu- 
r<?Tit inti> tw » or m(»rc paru, ejujli pu-rt, 
whtiii ^eparatpd, bcoomin^ a di.stiijet indi* 
vidua), ik«s in the m^mad, vorlicdliv, <?(cm 
or by jirtifieiiil division, aia in Ibij hydru, 
plftniirbL^ oto. Tbo propn^raiiin of plant» 
by *«lip(t fiirnishoj^ Jinothor exumptti of 
tbi< kind of n»(»rriduetion. 

FlM-^i-pi«'Uoii. [Fl«!ii|»n'tlc»,a^i'> ] 
A Iftiiliy term for FiasiPAUora (Icxjt- 
HrVTuix, which ><oe. 

FI«»-«I->ro4'lri,H.^ [From Jin'tlo, A*'- 
#11 rw, tfi"cli?ifcvo/*iind rfnt*trHin^ik** bi3iik."J 
Applind in the ptttnil ( t^i9*ityi*'tri^} to 
ft family of birds hitvini? » hnmd •►is.iU 
with lui {extended t3iimmi,"<.iure: flasirtis'- 

FlM-Mi'r^ €31fi^e>l-l.* ("Gtaspr'a 
Fi!!iaure.") A fi6!ittro>ituiited in thodecj*- 
I'nt part of tht^ jjb'Tifdil fo-t,** 

Fiwiii'rA l#fii«-jtrl*tii-itl-ttit'li». ^ 
(*' L'in;fitudinii! Fi.-««nrf?i/') A <\wp ti-*- 
»uni ob;(«rv(»d id lh« median line t»« llio 
upp«r nurr.ioo of the brain* ocoripteiJ by 
Ihti falx ("^i^ndiri itf ttio dura ni]il«r. 

Fl««ti'rit Hj^rvM' ("FiHsiirf of 
PylvinM'l, csiilU'il jtlx ► FiiMu'rit Mi%it:'< 
nil MyrvlH l/Mfreat FlMnrti of SvU 
vim'*). A n*isiir<? whi.'h nop.irft!<»s Uio 
nntoriur tind middle lt»bo< of Iho ctJixs- 
brum, It lodgoff tho middle e«robriil 

ri«i«n'rii riii*l>l1-1-€i«'U«.* V*Vm^ 
bilicsil Fi*^itre.") Thu K''f>ov«» of tbo tim- 
hilical vein» situated holwi-en lUo iftr^ii 
anil mnall tob«4, at. the tippc^r nnd foro 
part of the li\'or. Thin (j^niovu in thii 
fit^hiM tiotUiitnn the untUirK^al vein. 

Flft'iiiire, |F|iiAu'rjit frtrm fia*<in^ 
fi*'9iiHi, It *'(*\\i\o/'] Any cl^ep ex- 
tomlfid dofireuion. 

i^li«'Nrtro»r llii«M|»l4«4*fi« Thu groove 
vlijuh divida.4 tU<) inner i*tirfao« of the 
li.dw»n. tt id filled hy ve-.tela «nd fat. 

FJi«*«ti«.* [Froiu JhiUlii, Ji»'0itm, tti 
**«.o»ivo/*| l>iridt'dr olcft; cdoveii, 

Flat, Armiit. -= F't^i^a <ir*<i'«n« 

** A <jiy.«ter piyw mid bag fit fur nw.*' 

Ftn'tii-l^.^ [Uri^iiiutly, a"fd]>e.") A 
«iiiuuu(« uk'or« having au ^xiernul mim- 
ing often leiding to II ' id 
. «h)w to heal. A fiiiiij J 
\ wben it ha« but one 
pUtaii^ it haKtwo, coiumtiU" :] 
intomal cavity, ftiid with i! 

Fla'tnlAln A'no.« (*' i- mimu4 \it liio 
Aiuii.") A tij-tula in the pvilular »iib' 
Ktanoe abf>ut thi* anus or r<«tiinu 

Fin til- 1 HUM, [Flt»tfilt>'iMii»; (rnm/U- 
tnht.] Of tbe nature' of jintHht. Al»«» »p* 
plied t'j pljinLs haviu>,^ truvny iu^fi, 

FIjmhI Air. Si'e riuimMr Ann. 

Flxe4l Boil'les. [c:«»r'tM»ni FlK'tt*] 
Siit»»lauctf^ which du nut eTjiporutp Uj 
hciit, cj^pfciully those »rhii*b »'ttntif»l \m 
fn^rdor voluLtlrited : n» ' ' n\ 

FIst'M^. I Fix It 
porty by which hM. .; . lao 

action of heat, Sv^ pnHieduiic »ritoi«. 

Yl,^ FtnUflnn.^ **Flnld." 

FtA-tH*l'll*roriii^[FI»i.l>i':' I -..ri^x 
h^im jiMi.<l*thHf, u Mtn. "J 

FIJiconrtliu'«*tf%* flA-k -^ 

[From FfftcoMr'tiot nne o! the i^^ocrmi] 
A natuml uHer of vKogcnouA tn*(^ all*! 
j*hrub«, nathcH »»f th*.- hottest yjurt^uf th« 
Eu-t tind Wt.-I tndit'>. 

riair, N wt^el-H<^ctlted. See Aran 1 1 

C A I. AW IS, 

FlM^H'lI-i^riii. [flnir4*llirof^mi«t 

fntm ti'ujfVhm, u "little whip/') It*- 
nmbUn^ a liMfe whip. A hottini<?ifc( 
ivwn ilonotin>j' '♦whipHko.*' 

FliHtorittiu.^ [Oiminnlive u( f^fv}' 
i'*im,v^." Vi\\\[i."] Applied in llittativ to a 
nioner whi.h i*^ long and alondcr. tike & 

rink«*Whli<*. The ntihtiitrat« of 

Flllni^• fFlniti'miii.] The ^wa* 
tmHti<ni nf any i^ub^tAitct) viddiitj^ an in- 
tlriinninlili* gas, 

FIfiilk. (Fr. /*/«»•-, flnir», th*i ♦♦rfdi»,**) 
That part <d' the body iMitmM'ti the CaIm 
rih-« and the 0**ri xHtwtmt^afo^. 

FliMilt. A proparafi'm ti 
int; brtind>' find rcttn^ nnd p- 
fictitioitu (ttrcin^^th: it cuMJ-i^i- ■ . ..>. ^Jt--" 
tract ofcayonno popper, oroapfioum irltli 
burnt liui^ar. 

FlAC'u-lf^iirr, or Flnt'ii-l' - 
[FlHliil4«n'llf»; fnnn /?«i*rM*, •' 
A ei»lleittiMn of ^n* or wind in \\i< ^-i >- 
in leh and bf»wol<, fmrn rennrntatton nf 
ehorniuul dicoinpOuMiiion of ihu mrctolot 
4if f ir>d tnkcn intfv fh«* pitomrtjnh, 

Flnl'ii-leiit. [Flfiiuif^it'tiMi fhim 



neZTm*.] H atIh f 11 %i u1mo«t »r can sing 


»*1 «*«»•» [FroHi Jfttf /ta'hitn, i«t 
'] Wtn'l, or g]i^« ij] Uio titoiuntfti 
woh: lliiiulcDcr. 
f 'liiLK. Thc! Li'nnm u^itttti/Hiatttm. 

iFt^m. [Flarn'miii^orflMiii'ttiiilii.] 

In Tn»rrttTn«.'n* for t&actn^ the gum<!i »tiii 

Lat, i'n'riK €f»r*fil»? Fr. 

^ Tb*' tiiuiM.»k»«» tiii«i gt'in'tiillir 

iiiH^li.d lu tlif fruit* loftVf*, ot«. of filAnt.«t 

like flpjih. 

Fl<r«li* Rroiid. Fac Phoitd Fukhh. 
Fl«!»Ji^-. See CAnxer^, luid Ca.r. 

^ m'mm, u '^ bend/' J FtcKible; c»-<Uy 

:'l4Mi« [llrx*lo.ii%<r«; from t bo 
The ftiuft' i»f lM*iti|? bent, 
I '%>r# !»>**.• [Fr-iiii the «Jrtmci.] 

'bunilof :" applkMl !i> tnii?.cle», 
riexorCAr|»lIliMli-fi'li«.* ("Rn- 
<!ijil Flexor of the WriaL") See Pal- 

ftr^'or l^n'K^'< I>l|ir-1-C«t'nitn 

IS* *»U.* r' Lim^ Flex*>r ut' i)>v Finirerfl 
uTihp i'»"»t. "I U arise -i from the p*»8l<^ri"r 
" |[|6f Iho tibia, and i» inserted into 
lAnoppv of tbc la^i four loetL It 
iMlic Iuc.5, and pxtcnd.-s Iho foot upuft 
the I(*^. 

(•* Luii^ Flexor of t ho Thumb. ') A iiiu»ek 
wbiAh uriMOM rnim lb« iin(4*riitr [>nrt of 


-til ■ ,.-_;■ : I 


rii»m'«»r l«oit'in»« Polll^N Pe'dlM.* 

• ' ' " \i*r uf thf Thumfi uf thr 

't Tftif/') It »ri pes from tho 

. jf^ ; , _.rl of tb« fibutii, mid i§ iw- 

M mut tbp wr^ond pbalonx of the 

..I , 7": : »H**. fFlem- 
iiijLf luunv 

• liri \,^ A uiiiionit (tnosLst- 

Ip <«r ith, nearlv f>iire. 

illnl^ IJ'I tH»r of, itr I#f<|'Mf»r HII'- 

*«im.* A tminf^ foniii-rlj ^ivcii tt) (bo 
•»Uiti4»M ««f «jhciittiil nlkttJL 

riAHtlliS^ 8<«* >i tt4!rs* 

rioHt ifiir Rl^A. [ron'tii' Fine* 

liiHit («•».] Thts liuit lwi> fiilsii ribs 
^^ti'*!' jiMtvrior (wtrcuiiticii art* iiul iron- 
n<.»<ilt'd wiih th*i Tv^U or with c^uch other* 

Flor'cio' thi< plural ofy/orVn*,!! '« Utck 
or litlli' pjirtidu tij wool, cotton,'* cle. 

frloe'i*! Vol-l-tAn tM.* The tiun- 
gfiwiiry itbjc'clft tbmting before the eyc», 
111 coj^tis ot depraved tij^ht. Bee Mrsrvis 

Fl<»rcllAllo.* flok-fe-U'*he-o, f^eu 
Fi CH « n t. \iiox. 
ii«»e-i ll-ii^ tl4»n. [ Florrilla'tlo, 

the '• n«p «d' clolht»!f«."] The pirkltig of 
tbo bcdebtthcf, — ii ^yriiptom bftokraitig 
oxlrotuc danger. 8t'c C\ifi»Mioi orsr, 

Floc'eii*liifis* otbcrwbi' ciiltrrl l^o'- 
liiiii !lifr'vl Hiifii-tii<fr-^Mii'|rl*ri,* 
("Lobe t>f lb*3 Put'Uiii<tjj;u!itric Ni-r^c") 
A tt»rtD npptietl to the pn<'injioji<a«tri0 
lobule of the cercbclhim ; ifs fortn i? th&t 
ot" II i-miil! b»!inted <vr bmellutt'l iitfl. 

FIfMMl Intr* [lliriR«irrlin'irltt Ufe> 
rl'n«i.J The popular trim fur utvrinc 
btiTtiorrhage ; more p»rtiei))nrly in ovn-^ 
ueetion with parturition. 

Flo'r^,* [Fnni /o*, fto'th, % 
"'flowor."] On^insiily, the tVcwIdi^M of 
Flower*;. Tho Fforu of any country (or 
dintriet) is the entire uffembbif?© of 
plnnt:< whi«:ih natnro h«» a1 lotted to it* 
AJMo, a svfiteuitUic div«cr)plioD of thu^ri) 

Flo 'nil. [Flom'llHt from ^o«« « 
*' flower/'] TJelon^iiip to Howerii. 

FlonkI iK^itr. 8<'e BuACTttA, 

Flor eti'tlne Or'rlN^ The /n* F/or- 

Flore*.* (The pbinil of Flo8» which 
•ee.) *' Flower**" A term formerly u*ted 
to dcniite Kiich bodiesi »m nj»sutae a ptil- 
vrrub nt form by eublimation orery^talli- 

Fuo'fcRR A?fTmo')r!i.* ('^Flower* of 
Antiin«ny/') Tht!>* connittt of ruiidl, 
ttltmgiirffd, and very brilliant orystAU of 
tiie neifinloxido of fintiniony. 

Fli/brs BiHvir'Tiit,' (** Flowers of 
Bismuth/*) A yellowish oxide of bia- 

Ft.o'RKi StTt/Pfrmtp • f'* Flowori af 
Sulphur/') Fi/ " i ' ' ' . 

Fi.o'rkhZin f Zjhc/*) 

Oxi'lf* »*r rJijc, ' , , wfuib 

Flo>r^'^enee, j Flor«ri»cpn'tlit; 
fr'^my/orrffV.n to " flawer/' to " U<iiiTi«h/'l 
The art of flowf;rin|j^, in plant?; also, tho 
fca-^^'U ff flnwt'finj?- 

Floret. *Sco FLOSCiTLr«. 

FtorUl^n. Bc« CKftAiirACtsr.. 



Flo-rif er^nii. [FlAHr«raii | from 

FIcm** gt^n. Wlt»'ryt^ A •* flower," 

TliJit part of JL plant wUicli cjiupfii^cj 

the orjjjuiji of ru|jr(Kiacti"*n» ttie os# nrial 

]iftrt'« ul' wliii}h urn sltimens and {>tstiL.^. 

i7b(»M» In tt oompleio (lowijr iiro ?«r- 

^Ttmnded by tvro eovelopcA^ «f wliuth tUo 

inlorior or c\<oriur U oulloi tUu calyx, 

or cup : the fni|»Mrior or interi tr U tcrtuiiil 

tbo ii»ri>tht, SSi'O (?o«<*LLAt ftii'l Ualvx. 

riM .fi-rii'A:l*n|ji^* {*' VUmtt of 

Vordij^ri*,") C>*pri fii<(!ta«, or tusttlota of 

enpltori tiumolinii-'H uiitltid tlijftitlvd or 

[ et'ifntftffizfd rt^fiiitf im, 

fnti»)i'c!U«Ii»it«* [FtoiiiCiilo'aiiiit frum 
~ w*€it(«itf.J Having luiuy dur«u; Aoit'- 

Floit'ru-lfi».* [Diinmutivo of/«*, a 
'•IIuwt'J a little Hmwim; » fl .ret. 

f*ti»iir. Sot! Farina, and PaLLftN. 

Fli»wpr. So«* Flos* 

Flifrwt^rpi. Seo Ff.onRft. 

Flowrr» of Aiitiiiioiiy, Miilptoar, 
etc, Soo Fi.urn*:^, 

Fill it t(^. [Fl»'a<i. a'lr'f.] A Qombi- 
Dfiti >u *i\' llHi>fM' ju?id with « h,t«l*, 

Fliif*-1u-ft'llfta« [FlnclU(|/llo« 

•'*h'* ; IVuioyftt 'fn't^ JlH^ctutj', I - ** ritn> 
in wnve'*/'] Applitnl it thw un Itiliiliuii 
of u (tiiid ifitfitn th« bady» lM4.serUinl^d 
by til 1 pmpnr iipplioritton uf ibo Uog«r«, 
or ilio li-itid. or bv ffdvrt **/«**. 

Fill IfL fFlii'l«lii«9 from /«'a, to 
** ftow/*J It^ivtit;^ p.irltu'uvj ciiHlly nupii- 
rA^>U\ .yieldiiij^ t i ih** U»iHt prt^nsnri?, iiitd 
movinsriivoreacli olhir in *'V*jry dirtv.rti'Mi, 

Flil'lilorri»-ttlit'nl-il^. IV \\^^ hmm 
nIsi) ciilk-id A'fftvt Lthif'iit'ihi {* Wnl r 
of the Libyriuth**)* and by l4roM.*lu't, 
th'* p^.^ittjHfih. A thin itfwlittinoui tin id * 
fuiiiid in tUo Uoiiy civitiu;* of tli« hib>- 
rimtb nf tln^or^r: hki^IIpiI fruju Hn> UMina 
of I til atiittiimi^t *r!i;j Uvii dijilioolly do- 
•crih J 1 it. 

Flti-ltlf-tjl^. fFliiltl'ltfiA.A'/iV] Tlio 
qiiii'ity uf bt' ri< Hiii I, 

Fln't-ilriifliiit. [Fliiltlmcti'ntti^ 
fr )iu /lf*t''Uvt **tliitd/' luid fintcU*ittu 4 
*'dr»3htii/*] SiA^ly tuiiiiiu^: n fluid 
dfii '\tn. 

rjn*1i|*ttii>lm* (iin'flhcv-t^). [From 
jLt*i<inu JUI I UfiViti. till '• tnmctv"] Eight 
fliii'lriicbm*: A tiuid mince. 

FiitJff*. An intu.^tina.1 worm. Sec 

l>t»T«ilf 1- 

FJ it-U' b a >At o. I Fl ilolM* ' ma^ n V r ". 1 

A inuiibiiiation 4»f fluifburic uciil witU u 

Fla«o*lM>ViP- [Fliii»U]>'rli!xi!i( fr.uii 

JlHoWtHm, **fltiorlii/* luid 

" boron/' J Cc»mpiiMcd of fltiaria waA be* 

roil. Applied to iLO Anuid. 

Fluor, o'rf«,« [From /iM'ei tej 
'*tlt>w."j A llowiEig, or flux. 
ilu«»rin, ft f^itnido lu»dy, tK« evi^it^a 
winch 19^ prediuu.t«id on merta «iii4i 
The tvrm i.s t^oiuotime» af^ihcd u> » 4U 
«ii»«tl oujjdttttiQ uf ibo Rinci>u4 deefetiuq , 

of tiK'' Vll^iUit, SOC Lki iOttRacKA. 

Flu or Al l»tii»,* (>* White Ftn&tn I 
See L^t MjKRHiLA. 

FlM'or Hgrnr. (So culled fruin tti ei- 

■i^tiii*; th<? fu-^iofi f»f <»«rthy onticrmlt j 
in lull i' ' hifo 

i|mi; I 

Fla-i»ii- ,L iu'., ,1... ..,_ . jitititi- 
ing fluijrino: tlu'omtod. liyiin^uorid 
nmd bus be«n eallcd jfHut'uttf^l kfdn»»f*^H^ 

F1ii*4»r'lc. [Flu4»r'lcii«.] lieloog* 
invr t>< tlurHiM. 

Fluor '!« A^'UL An tictd ribtetneJ 
hj troo^ting tluor ipar with ftulpbttrtc 
iiiihL Owing ta ltd dentniettvo prupcr* 
tiOF, it liu9 been tormufl ]thrkt*re (fWoi 
^spift;, *'«'ti?tni\3tivu"). 

i^n'o-ri4lc A combination uffluoriQ | 
with a biiNe. 

Flu'dr-ln, nr Flii'«ir»lji«v [FIom*'* 
rliicn.j The siippoaed prfmnry priiiei- 
plo of hydrortuorit; aoid, found cluafly tQ | 
lluor spar. Soe pLron. 

Flu*c»r'itTrt« [Ftuomrvr'tfinii 

from fhu.'tituu,] A c(»tnbinutit>n of Hb' 
orin with u nimplo body, 

Flo v1-^1.FliiM.«I|tl<v [Fmrtal* ] 
ilL*»t lr**ui/«'i'*>i«, tt*'riyer/'J Uoioiig- 

itIK t'i H rlVLT. 

Flitx, [Flitx'lUi; fnuii /'ti'rn /fur *«», J 
to •• flitw/'j Any i^xc*'- rmrisre 

fr;mi the l>i»wola r»r otic Kp- 

piitid in Ch«!tiiiHtry In ■!.> tv - 

ii^imI to imtfuMtv tbti fuAiiin 
S>er FiJ \, r«rMi«Al.. 

FliiK. tllfi<*k. See Ttr.Ai'K Fi,t x. 

FlujK. C/lit^iai l-«»i%l. A i«nb$;truio<t or I 
iitt ' 'h eiupbfjutl to njiRivt ilia f 

!• rn'«. Alkidine lltixcMi tifol 

p:ri 1, wliii b rt-tidt'f ihi* n/;riUy I 

oiixLuio* lu^iblc by soiivurting ilMim t 

Ft II ]c 'Ion* [Flux'lo. o' 

fiu'n, jfui'uut, to **i[ttW.**] '{'. 
of nimtiiU or other budii*<<i fr*<ii 
fluid hy thu iiirt'iH^y of \tf»t; iitri •!«. 
FItix'tM dt|fil«lo'rtini.^ {" Pluw-I 

ifij '.' ^, ! rh<^ Hair.") ill 

t' it» ehijHjciji, orl 

■^I> l*i»w ti*»r. i Fr, iKmdrw f) JAii^rleg, ' 

p » ]d ^ il ta ^.jrih'.) A bboA pawiler foroiod- 

6&9 Blisteus, 

AppHed in 

CK^vosiirf* of in«t:illic ararrnr' to 
I iDtiift atiiii.'f|>lu<rc till it 1i«cotiK^ purtly 

A^lrxlu^»lJJy t* llu' two points {f'o'vi} 
vritbm th«i i-IUptitinl arl>ii <*( n plauot 
ri»iiii<l tiK' M*ii. In Option, tbu point of 

p. X Icnii, ur bviu}; 

j^am&ttdtftiM« be* Feli .\niTr. 

l*«rtaB-ln''c-a«u* [From /etm'ina, a 
** witntuti/'l l!k!li)tigiuj^ Lo a femAlv; 

t'trvsilrtP'ii-ZttEn.* Fcnni^K Tbc 
l*!iiu-tuiu:u]>uLMii.l iiiiuii' jl for t)j« fruit uf 

Ui« -An " runuui-5ec-d i»' 

lb ICT&t' . iMnUi'li umhI ri-* 

ri I otkvr raciiictiia^ u» ftonaft, 


Uim I>nl'ce,^ FcMile'u- 

l; .iHti l*eu»i.^ The Ati€thtifu 

) r twcct icnuict. 

. ft ' t i-^irt [ F«»tlel 'dluui ; 



or r«'ia«, (Pr. i^atx, fi.) 
utffo (mm lliB Gilh month 
V till birtb. 
I'olt* ! 1 r. j» t wA- J?ce LrTEB. 

ro'lin l'*r-4?-lM?l'H-* [Frnm/oVi'irw, 

iy ForC i»r k'uf.] An u Doiubla«^o of 

IntniTiJi: o^'ttcn'cil an llio ^tirfjico of 

j>«w. [Foll»'«>pi»| from 

_/......,. *».fcf/'J KiiSlntr K';i\(?j»; le»fy. 

Fo UMtUs [F«H»*iwut froiu the 
ftnme.] rliitlsrl wifh lr:Li,r^: ksify, 

F«Hl* '*'ftt»firom 

Uiv fill . uf l>ttvi»:i; 

■riuo^^iu u^ ■• I .."■ - hu<J. Also, 

tho net of btiiktitig ft incttil Lti|.o thio 

r<»lJ<>, ft.lA', Tho Frrui'b terui A>r 

I^j^ANtTV. wbii'li »«c. 

At* fill in, II " leaf/* a«ul 
[karin^ »»r prodiioini; 

iF^lS^le* [FoU'olmn.] Bimiiiutive 
Jf A liiilc liJiif, or lo^lloL 

phirul F.»'2!*i.«. [FrfUji 
ojf.' j TKo leaf of ttpltiuL 

A Uiiti ^tUiu itf Lu«at;ii. 

r«»lll-ek»* [F4ftlli€'nlR»: 

livit oi /i/'/**, li **'J A lililc bug. 
.\|*plic4 iti Aiiiilotii.v it» SI very *tnnll 
^pori'tory CAVtty. lu lioikuy i( tlvnuleif 
1% Htiuplu pmil opi'tiltig V»y fb(< iniiiT 
euturc, tlillcTiU}^ I'luiti the Kgumis which 
«*|H;n* l«y In-ib sutures, 

ri»l-IU*'ii-liit<^, I FivIliriilR'lliai 

fr^'Ui /o//»c*h/m«, • "foilieks"J Uaving 

Fol-ll«*'ti«lo«c, or FoMlc'U'lotWi* 
[FwllirntoMittMi fri'iu jt.ti*ri,>im,, n 
•" IVtUicIt' ') Hitviii^' uiimcruuj} rolUulua. 

F«»lllriilui«. If^ec Fot4,ti tCf 

FoMlc'ti^lMnAVrplii^'' (''LiUlo }S%^ 
of Air/') Tbo i^ ut tbt" br«*iil end of 

Fo*ini*n*IA'tl<»fi. [r<imenlii'ti<», 

oUtim; fmtu /fj'rru, tti ''bttp wi.rni/'J 
The appliodiiion nf oiiy vrurtu. »oft, tne* 
iUciuttl 9tib[»tniico |c» putob pitrt tif fiie 
budy, by flbicb tbi \ci«>i4ii mc r«IriXv«l, 
iLiid their tuurlaU utitiou ^oinotimei rt!- 

Fo'mcA,* prii, Ff»Tn'l-llf*. [Frota 
the rtuiuc] Any (mt <]&* 

bio of abunrbttij; i^i'i . is 

woollen i'lo(liin}r^ oU . ... . ... 

Foiil'l-l«*^*> the pturid of Fo'llt4*ii» 
Applti.M] 111 gii4^(lf), ululbitipf iir other 
miktcrialH iioluK*«t nitb iMtLtoifion. 

FotMrllon, f<'nf">i!'-^»«''. Ihu FneticU 
term for Fr>» tion. which nc. 

Foni^MJt^, f/).r*'^M>'K^ (is Thv Frt'iich 
t«riu for Fi Kr.o^nv. Mfhivh hxM, 

Foitinirux, fA^^'i^t h'. Tho Fri'iicU 
temi for Ft vtior?*. which i»«e. 

Fvii|(ttf«« fAx-'):ii«.'.', Tho Frc&oh 
lunii for Fi \<;i M, whiih ^««. 

Fonii Pnl-«u«' CI !••».' (''PolsiitTiig 
Fimiitiiin."') Thti aulerior fintuiicb l>c- 
cnu^o for ycart nftf^r birth arterial \\mU 
Hnttnn ma J" b« thotu |n*n'i'ivttl. Sio 
Font am; L. 

Fwn'M^-«iel. [F^nfjtnrriik: ifiitiina- 
tiire of /«i/*», u "fount! in:" ni« tiniiic'd 
bci^miHo tho pu1>-alin>!^ of ihc artiTfy wns 
imu/^ititut t.) rc«Liuble the bnlblin^ of a 
fouiitriin.) {Vr. t unions it*^, (dir- lAtiell'.) 
Thu i|Uutlrtiti^iiUr j»ps ce bi'twt'*'n tho 
frontal itii«l two parictMl bonrs in HFfjf 
youn^ ehtblren. A hiiiullur one, trifiti- 
Ifiilar, 0ouiotiinc# oxi^tA hoCWtsvn iho 
o<ft?ipilnl nml piiriut^il bone*, 

Foii-tlc'u*lu«." [iriuLiniittvii rtf 
/mtM, u ** fouiitniti/'] An is«QC, ur iirli^ 
ficlul iileer, Beo lssL*e« 

FimmI. &v« AuMt'.xr, AuTVlUp iind 
Fa ill I.I M. 

I'mtt. Sec Pi:m. 

Fo9i-IliitlE. iSoo Pi:iiti«i;vurM, 



Fo<»l •JiiWfi. The Dxtr«mitic9 of the 
ludt Lhrco |Mtirs uf feet in iut»et LVun- 

Foot-KtallL. See Pedjcbl, pEDunr- 
€LK, PiirniLK, 

ro-rn'men,* gen. Fo-mm'i-nlH« 

niMniuativu plurul Fo-rani'l-D^ [Frum 
f<t*ro, irt *' buPQ » Jaule."] A hole, or 

F<»rA'iii&n ^ro'riim.* {*' Blind 
li'»lo/') Tbr Imle ut th« root of the 
Hpino uf itio frotitul b>>uis #o oii^lliMi from 
iU nijt porforutin^ thw banu or londin;; 
Itj any cavity. Alat> tlm doajjfnation *.f 
& little siileilji of tNo J>r»in, «i»tint<;ti Itc- 
(.wcL'ti Ki(5 (Tjt'pot'ti p^fautitlaUa uiJtl tlje 

Fnrjt'Hien fTne'cnm (<»f MarfcoK* 

111. lu *r-«;in'y^). A *\vr[t iqdooih follj- 
nhs »ituiitcfl nt llu* meutinjJT of f bo impH- 
^'hp I'irvnmvittttittv \k\n.\U. the inidillo of Iho 
root of thr ton|/ue. 

forii'men In-cl^l'viiini.* The 
npiinin;;; imaiojliuitily bebitnl tbu iucisor 

Fnrn'iiii*it liiafp'ntian O^'^-cip'I-llM.* 

(*Miio.M L>jieniiij;j of tbu Oocifmr") Tlio 
grent •*!» 'niiiix at th? iin<li?r Bfi*l f*>ro pnrt 
uf the occtpitid bonujhrotii^h whicb thw 
■piijril iiidrmw paMsiot*, with Ui» vo**ittU 
ftm) mtjriibnintvi. 

Farti'iiii^ii 4»f TWoii-ro', Faro'nti*!! 
<T»ui>iwii'np An-te'rl«n«.* An open- 
in.: unler tlic uroh of tbo fjrnix of tine 
riMnliriuiip by whitiU tbc l;iii*ral VL»ntri- 
r!r* (• Minnitoiogitc mtHIi «*ttch utbcr. wifli 
flM ibini vontriclc, anJ with tbo infun- 

Fi»r»'iiic*n »r Wlii^'low* An nper- 
tiirc AitiititeiL btTliiti 1 lUu onp.Miilo of (1 Hi)- 
wi>t», Hrst rlo-ioribi'l by W inflow, nwA 
fyTtnUx'g u communieition botwu^u iho 
lftr;«o *M of tbo otnontuin luid iho (<<iirity 

of thit nb^lnititMi, 

Fiim'wif ti f>-**i»'li*,* ("Ovnt Open- 
iTi':*/*! An iprai 1-4 •ittnit(*it in ib<3 \m\x- 
t itj. in whit'h .'?<^pnr.iU".-i tin? ri^bf nnd loft 
nuriiL^k'A in tho fncltifl. It iw nUo cnUvU 
tb*^ Ffin^MUt riv iViTvi,. Thi' »iiin<» torm 
I- i]>p]iu!t t'> un oviiil iiporltire cr»iuijiiiiii. 
I ' i k ,' bptwcn th(* tympanum ^ind tbo 
\ I. kiliulo of lh«i pir. 

Fitnt'inpii Ffto«tmnt'£eiitti* (liu- 
m f I ktim). (" PiirttniiUiti Konimyn,") 
^' • rlun» no.'iT oiin enil of tb<?tb»ni; 

" I b ril«, coiitmunicuting with 

Forn nif^ii ffto-tnn'ilimi.* ("HontKl 

OprdttiLr*") The ruun4, t>r, mnnp c*«»r- 

riM^tly, tniMi^nlnr aiwrluns of the liilor* 

liAJ ciir. TliiJi, nnil fba furnm^n oi-n/c, 


arc respect ircly pynonymoas iHJh ^f»«»*1 

Forii'iuen Mifi'pr^ilr-I»11«»'H« I 

lim.* (**;?uprii-Orbit;tl Upctnti^/) I'iwi ] 
0U])ni<<>rbitiii bolo or rx^tcb, ftifufticrl •«» 
the ridge over whiab Ihc of*'bro» it 
pbc^Gil. It gives pa»$ago to tb« vupft' 
eilinry artery. 

Forii'nM^ii Ve4iil'IkL* ('* Fueumtn i 
of VoHalius.") An : " 
iited between they 

/fttHHiCH Of'*l/«i of tl' 

was particulnrly potuieiii i»«tl iiy V«a»> j 

Fo-rnm'l-n^* The pltiml of Fosa- 
lanN, vrbicb -ro. 

F4>-rtuii ' l-ujlt*4><l. [Ftirntniiiiit^Ml 
from /(tt'*t'»trHf iL " bulo.*'J Fi«ro«il «itk| 
isiimll bole^. 

Fo-miii-lr»-ir<pr-<»flii. [1 
irVru^; ir an j'ira'm'-tu ft "hole," i 
/t'r,t, to *'bcjtr/'j Bvuring ur ll»T|^g ' 

^ For'««piS* gt?n, F«ir'f !-!»•■, [At If 1 

Fer'riffpt; frian /VrVwwi, *' iron, tnd | 
ta'jtio, tit ♦♦t4*ke,"j On;riTir»lly, » "pfttf ] 
of torigji or pintrer<«/' A]>plie>fl iti ah* 
utotric* to nn m.^rrnrnent i^onsiatin^ of 
a pair of ouri^eU bltuU**, f'»r I hi? pnrfMMnt 
of grafpiRi!; tb<!i bnni of iiod 

britigiui^ it tbfou^blb« | o*r» 

lain cit>t« uf tlitlletilt 1.4 II. to J 

vurious surgitTiil JnMniiti«'tttA« ot dtrorNf j 
ei>nstnietion, for acijiiuj^ hold of objctftj, | 
i^tc. Appliid in Zofdogy to Iho dttWf vf ] 

frrdiin f^rnnhirrrr. 

Foreov of Mc^dleinm. ^(^o Ilrs-] 

F€ir«»'*,%nn. (Aufltim'rlilifMi*) | 

Tbo ctihittm, thiit portion of i)t<t ■rm j 
lu'(we<n tbo t'tb»*vv niid wfi>«t. In OniI> 
Ibobt^y, ibc ^ecoud pnrt of thu *nt«rtor| 
e&tiTrnity wbivh #«ippurl» thv wing. 

Forf'hi'tul. Si'«? F ini nh, <ind Si^rtrtT. ' 

Fftr'cltrii II4mI f , Any «tib«t»iirtt I 
wiiicb itt Ic^li ill A wound nnd kef-p.H up 
irritutiitii, prc\ i nting ilti cure, »» a Uullvt* | 
n pitfce of brokco glA»6| b fpliotcr, ti«ll| 

Fft-i^is '•«]«« M4*«l T'^lnc. > 
of fmrdJi'ine n« uri^ cotinfclL»<i ' 
t!i:t1 ttii|iiirii«0. See Mudicjil Ji .... 
tn;Mr K, 

Foro-Nkln. Re© PRiil*t?ris, 

Forir<>ifiiiiio<iM. f^ce AwMisiJi* 

ForUe^t. SreFiin'A ic. 

F<»r'mrU4*, For'i«il«Alrb frtop^imw, ^ 
or For'inlnM, n'r/*.] A oomldnutioti «if 
fonnio <H'id with « bft>e. 

For'inlc. fFormt'enm fri»tn /»r» 
wt«^ff, the ♦♦nnl,"] Applied tu oti arklj 

Itiatia to HcrpeHf 
Dtii c'M lt*A liA.- Thv ant, oirimct^ 

.in ] nil «ujt]>ijj:*v(l to puf8i*3A ii|i^hrotJijiiiC 

Vur-nilM^'llon. [Portnlnt'ti**, 

0'nm, II tinji^tiug likf tlir stinging t»f aiiLr; 
fmiii/(i»fi»M'*'f, AH "nnt.'*] (Fr, h\mt'miitf- 

ifig or tfngUng on the 9Uffii«o of the 

Ffir-ml^'ln'. Ttm »orn« nc Formic, 

i*f»r'iiiti-l^* (lliin,n>i»iv^p «jf /r*t^«»rt^ 

• *• r'»rtii/*J A eh'irl furtji i^riun 

in pnMitif«*, in \Aiu^v **{' i I in- 

ilruufioh tn ihf^ Phiii'injn , 

i>r'ii1-ei»tc>. [Foniien'ta«; Trf^ni 

Jttr'ui.r^ n "vault," /;>'ni(fAi\ to ** Ho 

Fii'r-ni^'l-lbmi. [IKornlelfor'tntMt 

an •rt'li. m mult ; vnnltod. 

Fov'iil&,^ pi'ti. For'nlH-lfc An nroh 
4>r vault. A wliito. lihrKiiL^, triitn/^ulftr 
•ttbclmncM; nf the brnin Ui^nc^nth tho 
Corpir* rtitltt0Hm miil Sfptttm Inrutttm .• 
••I i*«J|r{| hr<c5ttti<Hi it hn* la RornewUnt 
arebi'i] i:i)»|>cniuii(»ti; ^bii turiuvtl Cot^^uK 

HA,* [From /o*r/(rt./'*Mf **»!«, t*» 


Al*«, tho pHtitn- 

At^ii».J TIip eiip-tiki* cvt^tvitHinn "f the 

vitr' iTt ' !ii:Tt]',.r, ill which Iho ervi^tiilliuo 

itiiii' . I •/ t Thi' >-|>rii'P h4!»tirten this 
hcfix mtmI tti*" rn»tlii1i^ nf tha t>tkv. 

FiM vn l.neli-r^-iiiai'llM** ('•Ljicb- 

r, \ ' ") A •lci'TciMt<n in tb* 

it for I ho nHBujiliun of the 


nlar ttr Iji'iit ^^hiifniL Ft»«sa.**V The 
^tifHrrrkc^ml »lo|tr*HMJMi which KCjmrtito* 
lb« iwu ruot^ of t1i4» (iiithelix: nUit cAlk'tl 
,SV«'jrjA.i, or *'liti i* l»'4iit." Appliril n\n** 
to till* lUInlKtiMn I'^wanls the c\tr«mity 
yf tt],. . p, ,,.fy pnrtii'fi "f the iirrthrm. 
^ :n? of t^ .«iiiiil1 i'uvUj' iiniuo- 

di lb** f •urrh<»ttc. 

fr <M m« «».«'n'll«.<^ ("Oval Fi»s«ji.") 
Tb6 uval (icprveiiion proeouCevl by tbo 

•eptum of the right Aorlde of Iht 


(4iry Fuxnjt/'i Tbeir/'Ai ttutittn, or cuvity 
in the i4|*hi*»oid Xnwa, (or rt'Cfiving tbo 
]iitti)iriry hotiy. 

FfM'Mt Pl<«-|>tin-l'4l^4,« A t<*rm 

pynHhyui' ; ' is. 

trii'lw of thu brnm. 

FoA'ptlL [Fmi'iillliit tnm/*»*tim,/*»»*. 
mtm^ tti **<li^."J Ibiit which i^ ^big out 
nf tbo C'flrlh- Applii'tl io orjiiinic rc- 
iiifiin«>* uniinnl i»n<l vpgetnMc, UxiTid in 
the fetmttt ut the earth. 

F«Mi-«il|*tr't*rKiuw. [Fomitlir<>rn«; 

IV»*lil /om'Ml/im, <mil f<*tu, to " lu'lirt""] 

llnnrfnj:, f*r rHintiiMnin>.% fo>-il fpt'^'iirfn*. 
f>iMNikl|.1.cA Ihin. [FuikRllijEHilo, 

«»'«!>/ fVoni fij9*vHh, ''foiwU/'J Th« 
j*rii'Ct*»«rt of o<»nvert>ng into » fn^atU. 

F0itl!>* f^^C FoM>^VtAtlil5. 

F»ii, fe»«. The Firncb loria ftir ly- 
PiNi", which »ct\ 

Fonrfli«*tt4« (Fr). fnrvwVh^tt'. [Lnt, 
Fiir'ciita.] Liti^nilly, a *M*>rk." The 
I'os^terior cHnnii^curc* of th«* J.uhin nut- 
J'lrfipmftriiiii. Ill ^oIllpanltiv^ Annf<Tn«y, 
the firotnincnt p«»rtlon in tbr rvnlm uf 
the plnntiir mirfaci* of thi* htirsr** foot^ 
»bii[ii*tl like the letter V, cmIIimI in cvm* 
UHjn lan^Mui^o ibi> *^fTv^ tit Ihe f<Hiit,** 
Apptit^i also t4« tbu bieu^i-bunv (m*irry- 
tboiijrhf) ofbinl?!. 

Fonrnkillf-fticnfi, fooK^>^l'?«<*i>«', 
Th<» Fnrvb term for Foumhatjom, 
whi^'li Mo\ 

Fot««ol Oil. Pcp Fl'SiiT- Ofu 

Fo ' %c-Ml4«. [ Fu 1 en' I iin t I r< * tii /</ rrfr, 
A '*l«it/* n " ih prt'j-sn n," j linking a d*?- 
pr4»'<Micin or «h^prr»f;ions; pittcfl, 

Ff»-vp'c>-l»lc« Fo*^«>-Nn*IA'rl-oiifk 
[Fovv^kitt'liiii*, F«»%'«H»lii ritt**: friitn 
/nt>f%t((t, tliiiiiiititive *>f _/«'f**i, a " |iit,"J 
Uiiving little unequal pU» or (tcpre«- 

F«*%JI'I^« f Pcrbiip* from /oV*^*, to 
♦*fcj»Att^r;** Wchuj^o it ftiHtt*r?i or keeps 
»Hv(^ I he Vital principle lit the )ilaiit] 
The fccuufhiting' li<]iifir ooutauivti in tho 
jjrnins nrpollen 

Fowt«*r^ ifioliiilon, Se« LiQtoii 

AH»» :>H AlJJi- 

Fc»x'-CJl4*%^, Tb« I)i»jitaH9 pnr- 

Frae-f tl ' n^^ • f From /*tin 'fffi, /rtte' - 
turn, to " bf tiak/*] Frartttrtj* A irennii 
nf thn ortlor liintffrt,, eln*» L**€tttr; of 
(%il1fu'^ N'oiioloi^y. Tn Surffurft Ibo bo- 
Intlon of tiontiatiitjr of a buiie. ^«nomlljr 


hy ^xteniiil fc*ro«, but. nona»ioniilly hy 
thu (mworiut action i^r tnite<uUr». 

r nte I u re« C^om ' m iii-u t*e4L A frac - 
tiifu in whiuli ibu bi>iio id lii'uket) ur 
cru7<he.l iiittt sevurtii pic h-**. 

FmetniMS C*oiii|k»iumL See Cum- 


Fnic'ture. ^int'iile. A fracturo in 
whioh the iiimo outy in Uividud^ wlUiuut 
iniv c'\lcrtiEil winirnl. 

Frae o^* tbc jilural uf Fn^xrir, wkich 


of llic; [<]|jtghjllU.") TLri-'u t'tUU uC run- 
ci^\t'i inemhreine ^Tliit^i tinilt.^ thufi|figlr>iliM 
tti tU ) I'.'i hy^»i4(H ikUil tlio t iii>;uo. 

Frir'iiu ttf lh4« Vnii'ule «if 
Bimliiii. TUti iijuuo jL^ivtii li^' Mor- 
ga;gni ti» the tw^rw ^*r Vmttif itbj<orvc*il ftt 
tbf vxlreiuiliiiJ^ oi i\tr \i\t» of the vtilvuju 
of U^mfniK Mr ilo.i-o *iic valve. 

Frii*it'D-liini.- [Iiimttmthu of /rx*- 
HHtH, 11 *'hri*Mcv"J A *• little UridJo,*' 
6iMni3tiiiiC!4 nt*i;d fur /"'jMrMui/n. 

Fmp'iitttii,* pi (I ml Fne'iaij^ (Fr. 
Feein^ fuAjfx.) Litorully, tt " brulJc/' ur 
"tiui'b.'* A pjirt tvbich porfonittt the 
*Mm of li obuok or tmrL, 

Fne'nnro l«itl»-l-o'riini,* Tho 
f>iircbette» ur lower c.itiimii^!)uro of ihti 
intuit ' mnjftrft puitmtit. 

Frn^'iiuin IJit'irnw.* (*'I1ridlo nf 
thi» f v>ngue/'; A i, hi f jriui'd at ibo iiiulor 
Hurriii:c« ut tho t'in^ii» by tbo muedlj 
itif'mhrrtnr Utiinii( the tiiuutht InlnnlH 
nm y»i(| to be toHtjuf-ticd whoti (ho 
frinmm in very -bort, **r pontitmcl t**** 
far forward toirnriU the lip of tho 

FrRr'nitan of tli«^ |Tii'dc>r lUlfi. 
[Frii*'itiiiii l4i«'f>li lnf<«rici'riM.] A 
fi»hl of Ihu iintuotH ijitiiiihruiiu of the 
mouth, furiitc-it ojtpu^iti} t* the fiyrnphyKi/t 
of tbi' ch.u. 

A troini? ihip 1 •hij a.nitipctintr the fnopuao 
with the uiitl 'jr (iirt uf thf jrltui^ (M«hif<. 

i'r^i^ltll l-Ai«'*t <*«'**>-n*n. - A morbid 
*' hritf [iuitiim uf ibu buiiud/* See MoLU- 

FrAMfiiii^nt* [Fni(rtiiMi/liiiii;froiii 

/t'ittt'fjfu t'» ♦* liroAk/'j A t*iopn 4 it %\ Ihinj; 
broken. A ^uWni'.t or dcta^aht'd pi»rtiiun 
of n fn^tJiri.»fi b mo. 

FrfMiitNtfKiilA,* rrAtn-bS'jibo«a. (Fr, 

f-'- ' ■ -■' -r--."i THeyftw.v 

't'ftne*, elftaa 

Frtuftct>ifcf«->u.s friiit-ku-rt''abQ-^0. 

fFfviin Fnut'coit, i>u« of r4j« gt^ut^rtw] A 1 

natural order c^f exogenous litr 
pliiiii^, found hi Chili. 

Fmti-Arl-I»ain\ An («xcni6t or wUk. 

it»r prvfruniit: rirf'ttifutl ntitk, uiiitla htf 
ovnpnrutiii); i.» fiffMrn, 

jxtUcd with :> iT* 

Fr»nk4'ni4t^ v,^ , . ; ^ uv-a'ftlic^ 

[From Fi-ntilr' uta, ociM of the gW'tMca.] 
A Atimll outnrfi) ortler of e.\i>;K«!Q«llf 
planiMj luuiid m Ktirope, Afrbik, aad A«u»-J 
t nil ill. 

Fnui k txic«iiMC. Sen L t B uiv ■ 

Atld Till N. 

Fr^-«M»'r9i.* AtueHciin Colitmbo* Tb# 
Pbiiiiimcu^uemt U4iiuo ^t^S. Ph.) fur ibt , 
rout of Ftunt^ift WnfttrL 

Fntml.nlu^. [Fnkxttil'mk.} A I 

cry^tjilliztihlo hitter prmeiplo obt&ln«4] 
from Ihc Frtt^iuHa ^jeaehiotf a irt»«clet of J 

FrfiJK.l*iiiM.« (Fr. /V/nc, fiiln firl 
fti^iK) A Liiinicaii ^enil* of the itIamI 


yy » 

, tiatarnl order UUnevm, Tki«l 


Fraxinnti Omitn. P^*^ Oic««rs. 
Frnik iiiu«4 Ilo-fiin«ctl>ri»'li*«.« 

tree frotu which muiunt ia niial to be i 


Freckle. Sec iKsT4na, RrRKLlS^f 
nud Ijk.sruiO. 
Frc^'x'iiigr 9[ix*ttip^ A iftlztttri 

M 1 



by ivhitdi uriificial *' 
Frees' i 11$;^ Poj ei ' 

waiter frkr/.t'.s, Iwm 
»t)d tho t>iit»jjrji<li 

Freln« fitu.^^. i 
ril,f;?ii M, which ece. 

Freiii'l-liiM.* [Fn>iii /iv'twi^/rvM^i*! 
<««i, it '•r->i\r." ' ■■)' - to "ittiirmnr/'l' 
All irre^idiii. llutirt)^ eoitmin* ! 

tion *'( tho nil 

FmeneOi B*'i' rK^w The fruit af | 
Bovcnil fitecicfli *'f HUmMtfiMm for Utteli*! 
tUtriO, called by tlm Froiieh </nnWrl 

tln\v yitld ft yi'littw tcil I 

iWiteti l>ol'l»h. auw UndiMal^^ 
in s4|>irtlH of wine. 

Freneli Il<sl. ur floofrr 
Iti^nnine turmtms mi w d wiH» 
;rljirch powder, lU-'e ^rtlitig to i 

Frf^nelt WhiUt. The crtnitaoii d«- 
f^igniiiiufi id t ' ' n,^id tttU\ 


FH-^hll i . t?>iritfiM.ii'r;«; 

from /ri*ii. to "isritJuUt^ '] Th«« 4|Uikltiy 
of bciugeiuily rodticible Uilu small pieueii. 


I *mt^ WUkM^tftn* A n of h er am e f or 

atic Triu-fft'tfi ltr,t3^/,ttt C<'tt>fiti0'uti, fur- 

HiitIv ^-nltiMi tint'*' ' "t^utt'tcnm. 

fVlc'llon. [1 /r^c'tHtfit 

to " rny»."'] A thi MgcDi «f 

gre»t puwcr. V>3' mi^nu^a ui » luch tbe cirou- 
IbUmH m j«tiujtil»lc<l, uiiJ ui«ihciual ji|iplU 
CUflMn^ ruttr Tlif jMiTC^ uf tbc yUiu. 

rrliMtjitiiCt CJnH>i«. Otli^TMi ir<o c»1Um1 
Rmtsii wick Ut^fvn* An iLmiuouima*- 

mur.fitt: ^it t'H<j»er. 

i>||^.|<|M rl-anu* [F rota /riff* iduM, 
"coUL'J Ati'Ltiirr oamo li^r tla« ooM 
l»alh, S<f^ h\Tii. 

fri^'id ftoite. Tlio »pt«« betwoon 
eFi*U l*.*lur eir*;lc iiini the !'«»]'•, 

f *rlK^-o-rif f «. [ f>lic«»r ir lea» $ from 
/W*jt4s^ "cuhl," niifi yc*'<'»'*» to •*iiiiiko" 
or *^*ciiuao.'*J Having |iuw«r to niaku 

fri'^m,* g«ti. frliF'o-rls. [Fmm 
/m yfw» tit '* bv eold/*] lull; trciiililing 
with cold. Thia term tliffprn frivm Ahj*tr, 
wliirU implies fiufi^i^riug ur stiirv Lug with 

WTlvk^t'^ Fo'j FtmiittA, 

FrilA^ffHl. ^CO FlltllUI4T«, L4CUrt- 

A* '\ 

I Httm Tlio lUii^d produced 

h} "'Id of gl^MP, «»n niileihttiioD^ 

l-'nyi^Mftttriil. Bruit d«>« brw6 dyh 
fh^A>-'ni >'•!(«'. f'S\mo;i of Jluhhing.") 
At IilmI tu ccirttfiii flvuudia 

of rr. 

I r ■" ^ I 11 yrfJM«, yrriii't/r*, n 

'* loHf* or ' gtprii i/miu^b/'] A term ii|i- 
fitteri to tbe leaver of fcriif ond other 
et ) |<iuuaiiiii; plMjitjn, ffMui their partaking 
St uttcQ tif lue a»turo uf a itaif and a 

Fir«»ti-4lM'i*i*iice. [ FrotiilcflMMPn'tlit^ 

frt^iu /t>n*, /rvu'tft»t a "*lfuf."J Tl>e dc- 
Vclt^iiDifTit "f tbe leuvo:*, *>r fr»iud* (if 

**nmrdir'<*iM>im. [FrotMttrVruwi 

from /rt*u*»/rn»'Ui% vk "iokf," aud/c'i'o, 
*'i« l»«ar/'l Bearing fronds. 

iViMMW^ gvu. FnMMlli*. IF>«M) Fuoxrr. 

f»*i"» "^xi r;vj, to '*if(udy/') The furc 
1u I irt 'jif iIk' bnui between tho 

c V • 1 oi >iu nir nee luotti i »f t bo bjtiry 

tVdft'li^l* f Fr«»ntM'llii(, fr»m/«'''u«« 
Ibi! " r-Jicbcad/*] Beluugmj: lu Iho furo- 


Pr<i«if '•Hlff^, A fftflif** of numhrif-** f>f 

In ^,.. ,.. . . ..,. '..,'- 


ftud /»'/■**, to 


very imfMiriatit, that h<*«t -*honld not be 
a[>[dird sudficnly. If a link^tr he friiri'O, 
the l)t"»t rfiiUMly in tr» ■ » i- ^^ mitrf 

rt»ducvd atttiui*! to thi MJtit, by 

which mfuiK-i thti fr<<"> wd ver/ 


t€TuJaij; til filing" rubbing." SccFkoiusi:^ 

i'ro«i-ii Mnlphttrle AdcL $cc (J la* 

ClAL hi r LI* lit ill! A« UK 

Fmr^tt r 'c'r-uiiM. 

from yrwf'/Hf, "iiuit," 

'*U«rtr."] Ik'nriiip fruity 

Fm e- 1 l-n-«rji ' I J on. 

turn, t*» •* uuiku fruitful/* to " buar fruit/'] 
Thnt r' ' - r' "^ ' 7 the or- 

gutt- II, niitl 

ci»tij] ini fruit, 

lunniuHliit^ lliti \A^ |dikiii aiid bcginxiing 
the nt'W. 

Fm^lv'ur-oiuL [Fni|sfv*<»m«f 
from /Vm,*, yr»» '.</♦•» "fruit/* or "eoin/* 
iind t«'#*f>, to "rU'vour/'j Eiitiiig Qf 
li^ 'm% on f^riUDjt nr recdii. 

Fnalf. [Krtmi frn'or^ fiw«^tit»t tO 
"i-njov/'J In n ' ' ' .dovary, 

with All it.^ »nir ii:ct. 

Friiil-^ttilK. K. 

Frii-meift-ttt e«r4iH». | Fritiiicntn'* 
reiim; ffnii /j «iHrii'*«Mi, ♦* whont, "] Ap- 
plied to all [iluDU that re»vmblc wbuat 
or corn. 

f^ru-iiieii'tiini** All kibdi of rorn 
f>r grnio fur luaktiig Urtad^ tvpccially 

¥mmi,^ FntriilU'rim.^ "In irmatt 

Fnnt'iitnt.* Tliat part of a p} rafnid 
or cMTiL* whieh retn»in» wbrti any purl 
uexi the vertex i# cut off by a piano 
parallel in the l>»scu 

Fm^l^'^rciK'C. fFntm /rttc'hm^ 
♦•fruit/'J Ihe ripe or mature «tale of a 

Frti '#«*«,• p'niff Frtt'il-f»#P. A #bmb{ 
a ]>]'! I I ' ■ ' ■ ii»l 

and I T 

the tu. :--. -:: --;._, -■::, ; - -^;-, 'U,k. 

Frii-tl«ro*c» (t>nii<*o anv; irom 
ftitU€j\ a '*thr»i>/'j Full of t<brubfl; 
liko a Hbrnlii tbrubbj, 

Fi. = A'rti,* or FVanU* *' Let tbero 
be utii'le.** 

FiirMnw?,* fM-ka'sbee, [Frtiin /%»*««», 
aktttd of ttea-nted.j i^eii wee«Ji. A OfltU- 
ral ordf^r of crypt>»^;fcmuu* pliin'*. 

Fii'4'it'O'rKiiiift. IFlirlw'orfiat 

from /tf'rtii^ a "^'ii-weed*" iiud rti'to, to 
**Uvvuur."] LiriA^ va fiea-weeil. 



A Liontviifi j^oniiM of iHo oIims f'rjifjttu- 
fffimittt natiirui arJur I'^Hrttt:em', 

Fii'^tu* V«»^lo*ii»lo '»««-» The 9fB* 

lumatia mime uf Lltf.UUvr-J'uuuA, smi-oftk^ 
or ^ciJi-wr;i«'k. 

riil'«En]iii4* plurat riil'ei^ A 
**9iAf." ur *'|jrop/' ill tlio plumU tho 
Y]%riuu« itpp«utl»<ftis tjf a |ititut, us Usn- 
UtUm, prioklwi, .flipiiioa» Ij) Natural 
lMiili«Ho|4iy, fupiilied to it. fixcil point on I 
which » liner rijst-i. 

Falfrit*r»'fioii. [Falmrnt'llo, I 
o'hm ; Irynu/ui'ffHff '* hriffhlnteh?»,"** lipbt- | 
Tiuitf."] The vloctricttl pltuiKtiiieitun of , 
tlK^KpM of li^hi in tho iilmoispht^re urt- i 
figcumpnnlDd hy thunder, I 

ni*ii|r'iii«oiifi* [Ftiiii;iii4»'«tiMi I 

(Vom /uii'tfft, *'su«t/'] Full of ftiui; 
utMity; tiiTioky. 

Fn-II'va.* pin. Wn^Hif'UnUu TIiv 
Latin rvrin for **BiM>t.** 

FnlJ'«a IJc'itl.^ ('* Bitrvt. of Wood/') 
\Vuoil.*iMit 19 tho ooiidcne^'d fraoko of 
burnini^ wood. Miidti into uu otnlmotjt, 
it hiir* hut'fi found All idTicftcMoud rumody 
tti inciuie nulcincoud nfffoUima. auoh oa 
tot tor. fi'ttrOt porrt'ifo ftivit^itf eto, 

Fnt'lei^ fiwrill* -A vnrivty «r fUj', 
oohtiLtniii^ uhont tn<: nt, 

of dUiiniU'ii Mixl HO t)i> 11'; 

nwd Uy fulJurs lf> \\.,i. \ ^. a.-o 

IWnn cloth hoforu tho itonp in nppkiH. 

Fiil'ml-iij«l45. [Fut'iiilttfM. n'frt.] 
A oouibiiiatioD of fuhnitiio ncid with a 

Fiil'nl1*iiilt«ln|c Gold* [All 'mm 
Fu I'm In »!!«.] Tho aiirutxi of ivtutno- 
tiiii, or intiunKiitireC of Ihc pcruxido of 
l»uld. It i? produced hy pri^aipiUting a 
loduLioa of p*»hl l>y auiht'MJiai. 

Farntliiutlngc JUvr'^n^rf, A pow- 
der ohtaiiu»il hy Iroating th« nitrntu at 
Utertsury writh nloidiol. It ia cinphived 
ill thr mitnufjtotiiri' of pcrouB^iiou-uup^. 

Fitl iiilrifilltttr MU'vor. [Arfpt^il'- 
tiiifti rill iitlnikiiti^J An nrj^cntitte of 
hmtiiruiirt, prupurtfd hy lonvin); o,\i<lci of 
siKor for ton or Iwclvo honrs in c^ntibot I 
with M i^lr^tn^ K dution of tinimoniA. U I 
b lii thti ftvriii u{' A black powdor whioh 
IS ©vtrumtily explosive, | 

Fyl^ml-nn tlon. [Fiilmlnii'tla, | 
0'm»« • from fnI'm'^Hf "Ihundrr," fnV- 
miitfi, fitl»iinn'tn»tt to " tlitin'Uir."] A j 
qiiiok expto^inn. with fioij<(»{ m of fill- I 
iniijit''-' ' " ^r, orthociiinbii*ititnt of in* ' 
llitoi »th o\yifro* ricdoofitiim. I 

Fill (Fiilmlii'leu*!.] Ap- 

pHctI Vi Mu mA (ibuiiiod frotu tho fulmi- j 
njit« of Milvor. I 

Ffli*E]iA>1*o Of*flvK«itt'l!«.* fiivU> 

tory, {Vr, tH>ttt'ttr4r,fVn\\%vn\ ,\ iJ^mil 

Ciojtiiooii iti £urof»t, lltd c^ 

th» l^iiitvd BUi«». An iu( 

tiriuil Ivrives hut* bnea rDOtmion ihou m j 

loproutf ftffe«tioh9. 

Fuit»firlf»4»e»>,* fn - miu rf«-ir«h0-l4 1 
[From Fnmtt'nu, ortc of tho gunctm.] ,|| 
baturnl order of t^xoT^nonit 'hnrKiM«»nif« ^ 
plikiit#, found til n 
cliioiitOii. It iocl 
fioitio othifrM whi' ' 
thpir btnvity. 

Fa*ml-ini'ti4>rB* fFiintlifH'tl%1 

©'«(».' fn>m/»'ti>t 
fume H pl{ic*?."J 
eertiun f^uivs f»>t tj , 

aotittit contti^ioiit^ efduviiu 

Fune'tioti. [Fitnc'lio, o'ni* ; tn 
fm/'jitt, /ttiK'fiiK, t* "fulfil fiti office."'^ 
(Fr. FuHciittnt fh^tk^vvf^in*',} A pt>in*fJ 
or focuUyt l^y t'o fsf-nd-c f»f which thfl 
vitfil phcnotr)<^nn iir prodiioeil. 

Fiiift^'tfoii^t t>i»ii<*iiiM*\ A dbeiM 
in whioh lUv functi iii or I'wctrcition of i 
op^on it) vi till ted, htit lia rtruoturu it btC 
lit tit) if ill till L'tiunpil. 

Fiine'tlOEifi, Vl'tAl, FuneHofitinttD* 
diatdy iicccff.^iiry to tifii ; \U,t thom < 
tliu hrain« tho hfiirt, thn lunL^y, ^tt^^t 
^thi-nro thtM(o hnve hcoii cnllc'd ih« trip'i4 
t-f life. 

Fitnfl'^inmil, [FnndAitM^fi'lnmJ 
f r^mi j'uu'ilutt^ tho *' hottf»n» nt a ihing* j 
Tho linn?*. 

Fiiti'Kttt4^. [Ftin'trn^n'rM.i Atom 
Idiifttion f»f fUD);i<] tLcld with it tms«). 

Fnn'^i,* tho ptnnil of F»M'K«Ma tt^ 
•*mu!»hrooin/* A lur|r« nmiurnt on tf t ^ 
cryptogftmou? phiiit:^. of h vetr t<li 
gnnixiiVion. They ^mw *fH dea" 
dceftying orgnuic bodiiA, find !rtfc«il 
plants. They nro of jarreat impel 
to mtm. cither for their uwoful 
chl«vou§ r|ualiticfl. 

Blight, mildcir, «nd niM aro 
by tho ras-agc* of ttii*"- ■-'''■ ' • -f,1 
Tho common rauffhrofifn 
URcd Qi food. Mnny 
dangerous poi^itjo*. Tho ruuf;u4 ( 
f?rpot i« a Vftlniiblc medic ino for * 
cifi** ftctinn f>n the titcrun. Socj l*iiii 

Fiin*^lo'o-lPM.« [Frotn M 

n ^'mn-^hroMm." nnd r/i7*», to "ttiW 

Livinsr on or in tnn«hn»otn«. A]»p1{»d! 
I hr* pi urn I nout<*r { Fnn^^fir'via) to & ramUj 
of cMilvopiuron* tnp<!ot0. 

Fttn'tl*flterfti. [Fofiirfftir'i 
from /Vw*»7ff«, !i *• mushroom. "J Kc^' 
bllfitf A niit?hrooin» 

Fun'^lti. [FuiiBi'uKi from/iKi'^ 



f'un'iiolcl. [^l^unirol'Ut*!*; (ntm/MN'- 

n " Tinri-hniom.'* and *iV<»9. ■ "form. "J 

I tDiioKrnfiiu, nr Ibo ilr^eavQ 

.,/*J (Kr. 

>')«C, or irfAyyt; 
On<^ af » iiJttu- 
Ft HCl) Also, li 

tiftTi, I'fO. 1 

:i s i-r ^ ihmIi 

Ami uUii><>l u> 


^ -'. Ai«o» tilt* riiiit4-:^lrthg, 

n '•< the /'i4iif> 

T' ' ' ,' ' •' 


ll CMUai-fi« ul the tniil'ilictit iirk'fkt*-' nii'l 
lviii« witli tfao ciivrlopiug nieiulinuicit, 

ritiinH-fib4i|MHt* Sc« InriT vmur t.i - 

Ffir'eAt^ f¥'ttre»'ln!i5 from/wrVn, 
A »*f#irk "1 t)K iflt^'l into lw*i purt-r| 

CI1 imrr* 

liTftTi, tb*? tiu-K "r akin nf iw.irat. Thw 
fit ,.,.^,1'.n of |l|o h*.n<» <sftHcii 

r " " .'. ''«14lJf. 

M of 

rfjiii Mr th»i"H??titii'5. 
< mr-A'*-*^!!^. [Fvirftonb^ceitv: 

I 1>tiiii or (luiKlnfT. 

i „i ,, ^t'Uf>* tfttr-far a'ilie*f»), 
m*m$s, {h'riaa/ur*/ur, "daiidriff."] The 

?ttit(i nf hciving l*ii^im*i»^ or s renlinets 
ijf tho Mkin. 

Fur'nuecv [Fnr'niiK.] A flrtf^lnco 
f>miiloMjiJ for lihnriitiHHiuiirul i^t^'niliftim 
Furiiiic«« nre U'fiiin*<i itnfn*fu(t„*f whfit 
rUijiUi'Vi'il (ii ro«lnc4» Hulirtnu^op tiit#i viiftur 
[ty heiit ; rrcrrtrtufi'i^t vib«u fa e*>u- 
»«truc(<Hl jia to ftri-vvut tlio tlfiino Crritn 

of jiir if) dp^priiiinf'fl l»v hcllt nsv. 

Piironeli^, or Fi^iirlr. B«e FiRi *• 
cvut !«, 

Fti'r(»r r-l*-ri'niii».» Alt(^ltle^ lerin 
for A'yiiK/iiAojffMitf*!* or li^itftt*mnf*t(n* 

i'iim»m«*<l. J^tc 8rM A1KI>. 

I'li-mn't'ii-liiik.^ <Ff. /VMouVr, ni'- 
l'6^<kl' ) A btalt vr inDuuKuiiUry tuinurf 

rii'i»«'l«>fl. [Al'rfil»<»l Aniyi'l- 

enni.l An Hil3'. )»ob«>ii«>«i» )h||Ut«l, of » 

tiH ' '<nhluiTiiifU /(ntl imtii4roaii 

la.-' <i in ttiv niutidluttturu tif 

• '< • ''• • pirit vh- 

Hic nriitk- 

Fn'M.* The jtluriLl of Fmvs» wbich 

rti^Lbirutf, [ri»iiMiiuift*A/rV] 

Fu'dtl^blr, [rMHlllMi truui /un't/**, 
/«* iw, In **|u>«r,"io "inHi,"] i'ii|ttil>1e 
(jf 1h irig^ tniiLU' 0uiil l>y tlii; ii| (ilicoUun 

Fii%I-ll»mi* fl uHifnr'tnlM; fn m 

/m '•(/«, a *' f / llci^-iitbUti t- 

lion u( liiihf %hi*'h cHintniii wntirofery*- 
tnUunti'ii, Mu (>.\p47Miic U* iocrLAicd tcm- 

Fn'ftlon« l>ry, Thti lsi|U(>f«ctU<ti pro> 
rhinct) )ty bo^l lifter tlu» wsWr lui« 1»mb 

r* " ''r^'ne-cittd. Th<«m«Uir[f of 

nni ^ \*y hrnt wtttiutit utidcr- 

Ftm 4ic« A ycUnw tlj-n-WMrtl, cofi«*l- 

tii|f * 


of 1 

Irr, ., j, . _ : .,:, . . ■_., _ - .:: . .-li, * 
fhrnb f^Tviwrng m Itulj tmd tbviuutb ot 

Fti'aiuM,* ptttml Fn'tii. Liti^rxlly* » 
*»«-pirtll*'." Api'Li'l in llnr (iltiriil tn thii 

Ibe tlelietito tbnrikUt fmi^s. 




Br or r. dfc»not«"lt tirnf'iijr Greek phy- 

€iitfl'Oi*llji-it4^f Till* iiuiJionf a tnitie- 
rn1» 1 1 eallc^i frotii tbu vSMreiili/U chi^mbt 
Uj«d<ftiu, who discavwrud it In tin? wariU 
eiilU")] tfff/ f'l, 

Umi'U'ia, [Qiiilurilill Oirtti £/<t'' 
(/n» j*<»rr'f i^*«**,tlii'**c ^•l|-ti^ll."] A peculiar 
Hulii^tcLiiffu fuuutl m cudOiviTuiL 

^Jii'diM.* A g»'iiu.^ ul' fifihud of tbo 

4iji'tlii» ^lorVhii-Q^** Tbo oo4-fifta, 
ftK ■Minliii^ in tliQ iiii;tiiern rcsut, trrjtn 
thitlivt'r i>r ivhitHi t'lxl-fi^U • il it>' iiL»tuiiie(L 

SIIm; frosu y.iXii, yriXurrw;. " m.lK," mml 
AyM. to **h?ad *>r bring uwn3%*'j Caualug 
Ihc Hi>w nf intlk. 

(iiwltii*'tl-4^* [From yaXfl, yti><Kr«c» 
**intnt "I A p'titiii iu llotnl'ei Ncit;o|og;y» 
<Ti; 1i't't>vo, L'\e»'s'riivc', or 

ir* tlioruilk: tiii(<liictiiLii>ti< 

i..4-:..^ ..:.■. Ttiu iutiisi tis Lactic, 
w hi I'll 1V0, 

liM-ltur'tlit. [diOactl'iifii froinyviAn, 
V 'Aa» r*^. •* uiilk."J The cuiigulntmg prin- 
«iplu of milk. 

€lJ»-lfte*tir'rlici4'||^* fFrmn y^Xa, 
**iuilk/' a-ij'l /i<^"H Ic* **fl«w,**] All ex-"<ivc rtt>w ul' titilk, 

cait^lai!'to«^is* tFrnm ypiXa, *< milk," 
ttHil*iiX*j. a" Mtmuf."] A iuiiiur or i^wcil' 
hi;: f ttiCiiuiii;^ ii milky Hiii<l. 

triiiti; LiDiu yiiV,>t, **milk/' tttul /tT^^^i'. a 
'^ nK'.Muro/'j An iuKtru incut for tnt'tt- 
atifhig ur ii«^*ertiUoiiig tbu quality uf 

linl-iK^lttl^b'^^-^fOfn* [Uiiliict4»|tli% 
fli£ii«i; Irntii y«iA.j, '* mtik/' (tn>i 4^<y«M, t>) 
'*rMil/'] Living im mltk. Scu Lacti* 

4Jnl*ttc^1ivfi1i'<Hrc»tni. [fiit1nrf4»|th - 

Airii)»; from :> r^i*. ^'uiilk." iinii i,'.ir/.^<^», (i> 
"luMr.'l Milk iMMirinj^; ImH^d r 'Uh. 

4Jib*|jM^t4>«|»tfl*4*t l€-« [<^iili«rlii|iol- 
4*tlr«a»; In'iii ytkrt, ♦•milk," uml wn<i(<f. 
fii *■ uiiikti/*] AtilkHJiakin^, ur mitk-|.iro- 

«4»*liMVt4»-|»!»'t»l«^* [From V'iXtf, 
"milk," ttAil m^ui, to "driiik/'J Milk 

ftfctiirMlti fiiitl (iliiippii-'^Ui'pdiCi euiuiMivh«ii i 
tL'uombliui^ luiimouiiui iti tU i^ctiuu. 


C«nl'bu*1ii^ \ I 

ia^ Irmn Uic stro 

I aiiirl uiki hiiviu^ 111 

jiuU uiuch i'uhirgc«L Ihcv ijHili ^, t^M 

juni|i«r U a g^iUbulu*. 

««nl«;, g4U Ibe Frcnc^It tefBl fof 
*' itch." .See IVsofiJi. 

Utft'li«-^* Liivnilly, b ''Uctmet."' 
Iu liiitiiny, Ihe MUpirrior arched hp uf 
rinj*vut ftad p*fr*f>nfl»i' ""f»»Hn«. A h^rm 
uf hcailHtilii4 uxii ,4, 

In Surgery, u i.l, 

iHomcwliNl like ,. - . .. , Li,;© 

Viiii|ltf4 uii3iubrauc» utovuMc, «Uiti tioiur- 
in If thti javr^ of DrLhi^tUsr^iiu imd •.•me 
uthvf iu»L>ct£. 

4«Mi«^Ml4*. (fJnle«t'liiH3 frwm^f*'^, 
a **hi:lmvU"J lurmuil lika « hbiinrt; 

C^*-le'ic^ Vir-A:tti-l-tt'tt^« A pUsfc 
griiwiuj; untivo in tbo L iiiterl Stidei, 
e^iid ti> ho duipborcslia mnd puwerfull/ 

ii}iip|«'ii^* [Frnni yuXri^j to "•liln«*' 
6r "*^Ii*U'r/'] Lcatl-^tunec, tbo itutivv 
f^ul|)hiirft. iff lt»nd. ^mh Moi.vnn.cMtii* 

4«4i^l«>gk'fc. [aiil4*it'ic*u«.j After th« 

manner m1 U(ni ■■ 'i r ..f... „f 

iiioelioine WHS r i j- 

in^ hurb» aud i i u. 


U« lc*ii> Eliui'<lii|E«. A (enn «>otii«- 
tj,i,f.- — I .1 'M tbo loar-talk'd bmuJa^c. 
or- 4h. 

«- « \rh\ Tbo Fiiiach Icrm 

for i'^;JliJl t ivilli^h MCC, 

UiilliMMMT,* ga-lo-a'ihc-(. 
lalMs,^ ctol-la^e (bf«eaudc tl- • 
pluecd roiiiiil tho £t<MJi iii 
KtxrN A ittthiml nrilc^r > 
horbiLi!vouA (ilanU, found iti <u4il 
l>4upi*rn1i« c)imato«« It include fguUttnt 
and U*tbiu iimUn-ht^ whii'h proi)ac«t» 

IcHl-i-pc*'^ C*ft*i-pn'rl-9.' Thx ir«« 
whicdi, aceoi'Uiri); tu (be t. if- 

nuv^iipa^iA* proilui^i*^ ihi* A i > k* 

ii:\^ '-_■■-'-- '^m^i-iin'i <# 

whi' ' X «'» tln> i ^'f 

iiml 1 1 PhiuuuH _ r.>- 

dm'Lv Aii^u-uirti vr C«i»|utiia buik« 
lAnl'l-fMit. All liar then |H>tf pfthitnl 
1 u I ax ml. wboroia oinlmeiiU, etc.. ftro 
I Abo, a rr'.'iin old»itit'd frhin Uis 
fill {<|iiM'icft of t*i*t*m^ 
iiMll* Tbo bllo, or i^arQtioa ot Ibf 
liver. Sou Uius., 






CSittl*B1iMl'der. [htyU T«^i>n FcV* 
itm; ¥t. V,*»iiir ,/n /V,/. *iV.<k kill' UU 

It -«!'.] A •• .,,,ii,M> n<.-<«fi'^<.iir ctm- 

lalnlii^ ttii' \ on the lt»wtir 

iitirrirr tif *: . of Hit liver. 

t i!*. ^CC (.'VJITIC JJI'CTS, 

i. 1141m. The rfiijitrrtil fi'vcr 

I'; m»Tj>h luiiiatMitfn in the 

.^ ; Co nniiiLiI liveaii.Hv acuuiu- 

I' A vnttiilinj,' of liile, 

r <tic« A cttfcftiii* forincd in 

r: Icr. 

« jiliina OiU'lJVw Tlio Pliar- 
iui^u^<M i^J rmmo {{ for tbc ntit^iiH, or 

gttllx, fouu'l on the 1iruni!hu)i of lUo 

V„ , • .' ^ •• . 'f- ,^ -^. ,- .., . 

I, ■ . - 

'J Kv an Afthtt. 

' ' ■ -iieDt. Al- 
tli in I'lir'^iiic 

*ii . -i«t , tljt'.V 

JJ r -J ia 1 XicrhJil uiijtli atl i«*«, 

I'll [i^, giir)?W, oit)titjf»Ti^^» etc, 

i I :t I tafl f. f f Aal IjiR, »'/!%.] A com 

: iif icultic iioiil If ttb II liltlO. 

I ii*», (4Jiti i;cn*»$ from a*ii*r:,7, 

■ ' lo the Frunt-'U. 

<■ i . . ^ ;>; From //^i/'/a* tt 

•^^nil-nuC "J livluni^irij; U* j^ulin. Ap- 
j»lin4 r*» «n iMsitl foiintl ixi tuilriaiirut tc :l»' 

t: ilcs. but ycry nbuiiduDtlj 

II lit. 

ani^ #*/**, tf» *-lnyiiil»it.'*j Lit/TuUv. 'Mn- 
Im^it^'M ''f lily jtnll-nut/* \ t;i1ie of 

V, rtt tlioi^o ^ oti 

tf... . I */.r/y*. L : a|irc- 

tndi ftil the- Inxvcls of tiiii< tribo ixt im& 
gtriU5. Ti«. : ijiu'pw. Bet iJxLLX, 

€iMlf-4-m Worlnin.* ("Fronch 
Di*riL*r-") Aouthcr namc' for SvMi ILIA, 
x%\,]. I, ^., 

• ci><in«. fdalllfifiVoiiA^ 

' embriag Uic Oi>rnr?tic bew. 

'- . ^ .i% 8c« G ALLTl^.e. 

*' i. , I t^iilHrm'rmuM Ulr^lii. A 

-*r lii'b i-i> Miiiiicil Ironi liitir 

4..4>iliiiiisliiJ« C'Ai^fil* Seo Caiht 


fMI*n-nA'(ro« t^o>,* fProlmbly frtttn 
;/it/'/ti4, u. ••cuik.'*] Tbc Lutiii ritinic for 
tbc vvm.mI r«M'k, 

C*ifct-%nii'tr, [f«MKlLti'3«itK.] Trr 

(;»tvnn'l<* BmI l4*-rj^ or TrouKli* 

All upjiiiruliiii ior uinMiitiiilatmg' j^'niVdn- 
ht]}. U4J[|^ luting of i^utf.'^ <tr 7,Uw jjrtil 
copper altermitcly fu^dncd lo^rclber, 
iUitl cciiH'Ut«;d Uitu II wuuibji ori'itrllicK- 
t»»fc tri>wgb. *rt a« t<» f<»rtii a tiimiticr r«f 
nelti^: tbc trough ii theu tilled wi.h di* 
}utcd acid. 

CS nit Alt 'in nos'^ A term npplird 
by Fiibr6 I^itiipriit to tbc <-mplo)'»icQt 
♦>f vulUiici i;lt;L'lnt'it3* f'» » tlu«ni| untie ill 
itgvnt for [uruduelng Ibt; uuutc'rixlfig cf< 
fr*:'t.^ of tbc uioxn. 

tf.Al'van*lAiin fCialinniw'fniiii; 
friim l'rf)rci*:J«'r (ii*frtu*t, of i'.nb i;i|ii. who 
fir^l t»b?i«r^cd tbit iituiuki^tatit.tij!) *if tbU 
fluid fir priueiplc] A lonn nf eU'clricUy 
ujiiully dcVidojKrd or prfnliicid by the 
tiititntil actt n ot \uinuf miilnla ttiid 
I'bL'mleiil it(^cntj( iipoti ta*ih other* 'Hio 
iidditi'»Qal dif^LOVcrktiuf Vidtji Ud lo tito 
term VoltAiirint «r VoUnjc? ElwlHcHy, 
' ■' ' fTret un thii iitu^'cK'.H uf tiitiiiMilt 
iii, t!>nggvit4:d tlw? tvttii Aiiiiiial 

4jiul-t iiit-4>in'«v>tor, [Cnliitfi4iitt*« 

C'friltii: from fjoi<tiit>*^>t, ntul f^.r^ar, ^ 

*' iiit'iisun?,**] An hi ' fMi- iii>ci*r' 

luinmj;; tho tintnrr m 1 cxcito- 

iiirtit pruiliu'cd by ;i;i ; ii. 

f»llN; fi'iwi i/tthntti'titii^ mid cjiwr^w, to 
*'obiicrwc/*J All in»tiuniiiit enpublv i>f 
cxbibit'n^ tjltiitric plxctiouirniu The 
tenu fadi. bei'n applkrd by M. Iliitl tit a 
Iroff |>ro]>i'rly prcpanMl and fitiK<cd usdcr 
c«rtuiu eoudUiuQii for iX|H'itij)i»T^t. 

iJnttihlr, nr fiwunUUt ' <-r\ 

Tht' \riiJ:iy nnuic i>l' im > x- 

inict prr»r!tred fr^m ibc .^ "//- 

Ai> (or i'nrtt'nti ItHmhir^, Tlio »ub- 
Ataneo ealtcd ftquan? cntcehii, itiMl Una 
jrtpuinr^fi, h tUc pnaluco of IbiM {diiiit. 
See rAxrcitr. 
f4jtitibosr«*» See (f A^rn<>ciA> 
€;iini-lMif{«!', A-fiic'r 1*^11* A ?c«re- 
tton itimilAf t't L'umbope, yitkkd by w^vo- 

Ml! X|M'<fU'f of V'«itt*<t. 

name (T.S. and l»ub. PH.) for |{}imtH»f^ 
'►r curab<>px!i; the cuocrctc jtiico of nn 
iitjdt.tlt'^rMtint'il tr*»f. O-tmboj^c t< n piitY^r- 
fid bydrii M Ii 

ufit'n gi\H fh- 

tut^iidcMl ii. 1. ij . . ... ...,w .,wrta. 

In large dOBvt iu ucLion id fxtreiuelj 



niurntnm. as applied t.> a branch of the 
h(']iativ.' artery. lyiii|ih:itie ghiiiiU of the 
ali«l:>ineii. i-to. 

(■nM'troid. [Ca.iNtroi'dcw; fniiii}iJT- 
Ti;,.. the ••>li»inaeh,*' aiul tl'O^. a ••rTm."J 
Ue>oiii)iHiij the lieUy. or litoinaeh. 

<«iM-trol'I-lhiiM.-^ [Frmn ^nrr.V. the 
•'#liimaeh." ainl X.J^;^ a "jstime."] A 
o.iKur.iiS in the >t-iiii:u'h: a ;ra.<'tr«ilith. 

Cfliw-trtkl o-jlr5'> [<"nNtrolo'iria: lY m 
>j— ... the "*!i.'" aii'l Aijo», a "(li>- 
o<»:jr>e,"] A di>serlati <ii mi the >:«iuiai-h, 
it# pt met lire, funetinii. etc. Ai:«o. the 
*.'ie!uv nf the >t'>in:ieh. 

^■ivilroinnlnrin.'^ f;a«-trii-iiia-l:i'- 
^he a. ; 1> <m >i'-'",^ the "p! luai-li." 
mil -i\j*-;. ">.•:':.'■] S.ifu-niiijT '•:' tii." 
st.'in.i-. L: a ■li>eaM* '-o.-urii:!^ i:i i:i:'.»ii:*. 
av. I ii>,i.i'.'.y i-r-v-ele i i-y iiy-iri-co; h^"..;-, 
«*-iite v\.iirlu'!nal ■u>'ii?t.iM*, --r? ■meii:?- 
e.i*i* ••: tin- -I >: ;r .t -ry ■■r^.in<. 

Mi%. ' ^K:- Tu • 1-- .. tlie "s: Tii.i.h." ;.:. i 
i.«-.s. a " *ij«t.ise."] l^ipTur •< ;..e 
>t UM.'h. 
(liiKH-lro-palh Ic. [(■wUropasIi i- 

C«i«h-ln»p9-lhjk. (>it<kiropaihi'ii: 

CaAM lr4»-|»o rl-4>-«lji n l^a. 

I GM^tro'nlM.* [Fruiu ^att^ th« 
".<t«niiakh."J A name ;;iven hy Alibvrt 
t ) a faiiiiiy iii-.-Iu<ling ell ui.-ca.««.s ut' the 

UaN-tro-nplen'lc ^Kmen'ty. A 
ti-rni applie'l !•• the lamiDiO uf the iivri- 
t< :i;vuin whieh aic cuiiiprUcd Urtweeo 
the ^|•!een ami the vtuniacli. 

<«HM-troH'to-ni5'« [CifiHlroHto'nifai: 
fpiiii •.iic-r f.. the ">ttimach," aiul vrOfia^ 
an "(•rirli-.-.'"] The operutiitn of fi>riu- 
in.* an urtitieuil upcning into the etu- 

CSiw-tro-tonn'Ir. [GMMtroUHs'l- 
CUH.' Ile!'n::iiu' t • ^ajStrnlKiiLy. 

<«.i»-lrot o-inj^. [GaMlroto'mtes 
iV'-Li :■!■■•'.. thf "?'" ur "hi-liy." 
.:r. 1 -:j. ■. ti» ••> III."] Tlje I'lierati m nf 
\>u::::. J ti; -i-n thi* uh-l< Uii.-n. u.i iu the 
(':i.mi:oji1 ri,-.t: n: aUo. cutting thrnugh 
ti.e ?: m.ieh iTn'.l". 

C;aik-trj--KftAl ^-^^ [From }hk-jV. 
:'..i- ■• "T .ui.i \i." '--D. "uniUr." '• in ai<ii;;bt 
■ i. jrc-.."" ai i .*•:>;. ••pain."] Sliisht ur 
Ji\:.:':- 1 i":i' !:i t:.e .oli.>ma'-h. 

i^iv»-lO prrwpii-tbl'9. = [Friimyai- 
- .. '.i.\. " <: ui . -l:."" iTf^. ••ahiti'c," "cv- 
.^.?-^-..'" -t i -:••«». •••liseaa*."] St*erc 
.1." . ■. 7. : th'. st'-ma-.h. 

CiAii-tr>-po-iMi-thi'9.^ [From yar- 

'.L\ "?: ::..,v-h.'" v-n. ••liCiler," ami 

-. ' . ■■ Hi- >...'" ^'ijh: axieetii'n of tbc 

':.:.:.:.• : : A_: . • ..:..* h:,jh mc. 

i;U: ■ .. .. 

L i«.iiul-lh«' rl^A.' The rh:ir:.iaC"iKvial 
. S. ../ .. ; > 7. ': : :..v U..^i:> -f fy.iif/- 

^^ * (•.KiiI>th«T ir A^ M. The heavy 'il 

i«.i<kii>ArrhA > ._ r ■ . '.■.*■: ;..-•- 

^: . •...•:>:.. :.-•;; rut • l" the 

..■-■.•.■■ ■' ■ ... I; i-.nn- 

- . ^. . . : ■:_. .-I:. t:.ill -.1 

• . - ... -i: .". : purtriJeC- 

*«^*.lrH%r--r''4.r ^*. 

tm->i .■%«*! nr. * . ■ -..v-iv. 

Ci<9r:forrM. >■ " — v nM. 

i.« i^f ■ \i* ir %^ kl. Tr.-m yf*. 

,..::.y. " A nuino 

. ? • •. . T vejit .l«!e 

: . .'.■>,-. mj- -fit i in 

-p» <. «^}i^« 

(.vl «&•!•£ : a->.»a^ 

■ ■ ■ ; - ;k...") 
,- :..o .:tbtin- 

. jb-4tM^. Ue&a: iaAT :V u .-Vs 

' ' - - r** In "biirilcn.**] 
iiucil fr^m Lone. 
ui. Ilk in* (icUtitur 

Q«>Qtiliaei| luulitjg in wiilvr. Tbo gluo 
1 i«iii|;ljuii ijT Guuiuierv'tf in'« furtas uf 

'^l^'ikiiiM €'Ap'Mtl«M« C»4)ii]lc8 pro- 
pariL«it frutu u concent mttnl ^mtutioD ttf 
fffhitlncf nnil filleii wiLb meiHcncs 
When vwftJIuvrcii, th*> -j ' ' -ulvo 
in the g&stro-intc^linnl ^ ibu 

imuMiouji tftite «>l' tit' le in 


^l^*ttnl-l<>nu. [Ci«lAUnlf;»r'. 

L^#^l«t-l*uw'«iu».* {FrtJiii fieltit'itta, 
Krintiiii/'] itctat'inuuik. Like y^Ait- 
r gclnline. Appltml in tbo 
1^ 1 mc ( Uxiatitvf'»i) tu lui larder 

«^«>-iiit i-ift«>iiA. [OetMllno'iiiui*] 

^•I'lltt'llMiIlN TK'iciMll. Ti 

ittMi-li virll tn I jii;: \> litter n 6ub>l 
wUicb, iJti C'Hi]iTii,% lurm^ a jolly » uv n ^, 
b« ealbd xdatiiie. TUc^,v i^ro cbii-Uy 
frvtinff m tb«? (M-lbilnr mcuihriit)«» tbc* 
m \ Ibw tcu^ti^ite, 

1- —---,, ,. o'i*j«.* [Trom 

ffr'i^^. ^jttn'ttimt to **tree»c.'*J Litt^rnllyf 
n " ffT.*.,|(,j. •* Suni<!timc\<« »i»f)Ht«it Iti tbe 
7i,- i' tho body in ciitulcp^j. 

^ i >.^ (/♦/«<'lll»I-ry«<*'li*»* *' In 

yrl-<iie iniHina*^ Ycllnw jj^minc, 
Tbe Pbuiti)uc>i|»u'ml tinuH] fur tbo ruut 
of tirU^ \tthut *. t/t^i- •r*'tti,«. TbU plant 
lia« b<*«?n |il«iccd in I be ^ctJomUrjr liat of 
%hv r.S, iMiivrmn«^Mp,rut for IStlO. 

C««*iiit'Ili. Sin- i;>.MiiLi.t 8. 

^€^nicMl*iilc» rii». [From ijemtV- 
ln», '*tl"ubl«»" or "twin,' and y/o*, a 
•^fluner."] Ilf»vi»^ fluwiTi disimjied 
two find twi>: jrcmclUilo'rnt«»- 

^f*-titrll»M,^ |. hi ru I ^4*-iiiH IK [Dl- 
tniniltivc id */r*j'nMr«» ■rbublo."] .Ap 
idicd to tbe fimftromimin* r.itrrnu» IllUlt- 

«le. binruiitii* It has n double origin* 
C«4«intiil. .SiMi Gi>'ui?<t R. 
^i-iii Inlllo'riiii,* Sv« QniiicuM- 


^^i^tn'l-nnik.*' pluml^^sin'l-iil. " Dau- 

*lwin." Aijilio'l roocrtNin (wiii^ 

rfiliiulB wb*in ill pttirfr. Applied jiImi to 

^rut'm^* A b»d wbkb t]t»iiliiin< 
tbe nidinujiite of «t>plnrit in a lat«iit ftato 

fn voru itn evolution. AliO» 

Belitfiging ta 

fill t^ 

a pt 

from r/*w<'<iMi, M " Imtl."] 
buil^ ; hnving bttcla. 
^Rk^inA' tlon. [ Qeinmii ' t to, o%r «V / 

from 'frtn' MO^ \\ " bliU/'j ~ 

pri>c«;^? of buddini:; tbc arrungi-nient 
of loftvc.H or pi'tul* in a bud. 
^em-niir'ei^-niiM. [Gc>titftiir'crtiiit 

from tjvttt'iitut, ik **htid.** or '*g«ui/' luid 
/f'ni, to ** \HiiiT,*'] Bearing badi, or oon- 

tuiliifi^^ ^rtn.«. 

^f>iiB*iiil-n«fm'tl<m. ftaemmlflcit'* 

tlO, O'lr/r; Irottl ijriii'mu^ ^ 'M)ild, " and 

/ii\fo, t-* ♦• mttkc,**] Tbo miiu»fr ta 
wbicb tbo bud «r |fem is dmclopci*!. 
Also, *^vnitn,vmoug with R.iKiru ATiutf. 

^ctit-nil-flu'raii.^ [ Frnni r/r ai'mk^ a 
**bud/' rind //**«, a "flower.^*] HiiTin|j; 
flowL^rr^ liki' >(iiits: ^c^ni m it1»' rut c*. 

^4*111 ^111 I^roriM If*,' [From <frm'maf 
A **bMd."J Bud- tT gciii'likc: {(um'ioi* 

f J«*fn-«tiip'^*r<»nfi. f Gctiiinl|»*iiriM ( 

. MOf, a '*!unl/' nnd f«iV/o, ti 

*(h."] Applied to tbe nmltU 

J , I thi* H!pciiic4 by AmW*^ or yrM- 

in th« vcj^rt^iblo kingiluni und in tnunj 
of the Iiiru*oriju 
^4fiii-niii»ta«'«loii. (tik'miiinlii'llo. 

I^'iiTj/ ffui ^rtn'mntfty ii " lilllt? bud.") 
A kind (if reiroduotioD et ti«ii{(tinf^ in 
fliiuplct ^n»wtb urtd dcvt^luprnent witb- 
out tbc ui^cney of »cj(cj. Sec GKWir*- 

^«*fii'iiiiilc. [Oc^ni'iiinf'* • JiinSfiu, 

iwe n\ ^<m' mt\t t% "bud,*'] iit 

of t bit ^Lcm, rtflcrwArdK !• at 
and VfTdU'dioi' : a phiniuU\ 

I he* *"cb<(-.k' 

Tbc chtek* or cbenkf. forming th« Ulu- 
ral walU of tbo mtrnth. Tbey ur« coin- 
pusfcHt nbii'Oy tif mtt&cular tM^tiic, lined 
intcriinll.v witb ft nineoiu meinbrimtt. 

Uf>n«.%wi, jtboxe's^v'. Tbo French 
term t*"i tbe '•HKin*/* St'c th^r.iVA, 

^eii«e«iiii'llir«»*pj^, [Fnitn yf**J« 
"birlb," nnl aH3|firt^?o„ a "m.*iL"J Tbo 

BHtin? 0!* A\TH!'Ol'Of.K?fV. 

^€ti'e.|^,* plural of (h;^rj». wbirbfttttj. 
^cn'cr-f^l Prn«r-irtk>ii>«*r, A torm 

app in 1 tu llr «' jiijo'litii»ntr? in Knirhiud 
tinii ' do not [tr- 1*6 
iti! / >nr, or to ji nr- 
"'■ in fb«^ M 1.11,., ^ -ca- 
ll, wilb IhttBU <if tiio 

\ ^cu>^ 

>r*ik Hull. [<iieii^r»*lk>. o'iii'«; 


fyom gruUrn, ijtrnmt'tHm, tti "begDt/*} 
fleni'rftfftfii, Fl3vii|»Mr4»iui. Svo 

wotiiTLiit Lf>u «xf ;(r*j the Hutti trnrt i*, 
ftihkf, pft'inHtttttf t^htttt'iK, iiimI Hijfntjtfur ,* 
Ihe inlcrw^il tlic ivt<;iM»i| Mfcr«*, m<*ii'»Vi, 
auil I'^tttlfrfihtn tuUi»0 * in man, tim /i^MrV, 
trtt' », trviirufr ^trmiitntet, rata tfi/ct'tmtttif 

^fx-n£r'i<'. [tai-ner'lcna.] Bototjg- 
\ixy^ to tho same gcniis. 

^o-ne'i»l-9l. [Oeii«Alill|jit from 
yivi-TS', '*ohj£(n." " (jen oration/'] J3©- 
|*»n^iiij^ to ^eneratunK 

^H^n««a'le-iiA.* lielongiQi; to iffHr»i». 

i^ievM'^^fmJ* [From y^'"* '*» **^**> 
born/"]^ Birth, nri;?in. or (^cnernti**!!. 

<jMii>t *l*^ TMiitiirlefN. Sua Gk- 

^ivnol'l-c?*.* [.'^e^ OnxnTici*';,] The 
nnitie of r oJhm^ tu Dr, Ooo<ra Xo.wlogy^ 
oouipri^iii^ ilisciij^cj coqiiouIimI with the 
8^X11 nl fund inn. 

^<*M*ct'li*iiiii*^ [From y*-r<rfc. *';yono- 
rnti'm,'* or yu'^itKi, to " hcji^olu"] Belong- 
iii|r to iht' procruitivi? funutinu : gufiwt'ia, 

^i»»iM*'vi|u* [From Genf'%'t\, wh<*ro 
flr.^t m:uk«.] (Fr, fJ^ittffrr, thifh-ne-iyvii' 
or i.U'nu -Avr'.) Oio, ili^tiUod ir-on milt 
or ryts Jiml aflerwartb pubj^cled to the 
frirno proi?OT?i« with jtiniper-itcrriC'*. A 
«pttrioti«( kioel^ from iiirpuutino imd rur- 
diiiit 'in-*(HMU4. MiUh very few, if iiiiy. 
jrioip'^r-l«prrio!«, is (urj*^<ily con«Minc*«l tn 
thn lilhg' luulrupuli:*:, otc, tis Uritinh 

^i»ii4e'ii*l}il ^* [Of*n frill n'ttiii ; 
from ifHn'ultfHi] Bent tike u litllo 
juifitt or liki? tht' knee. 

^i^nir'n-lnm.* ( Diminiitivo of tje'- 
ttit^ ih<! "kueo/'j A »m«iill knot or joint; 
a link* kiir^o. 

I^j4*'ul-i>«. [Frvm yf-'ciov, tho "ohin.**] 
A pri'llx 4lL'ii>»Tiii^ Atttiehmcot to, orcou- 
Tic^'i* "H wilh, thf« «hin. 

^«««til«'lii Tltie-lo'rI-i%.» r*l»yers* 
Bror>ii»,") fFr. fit\,f!f f/f* Teintnnrrn, 
«h*iiA *\i (lijf'lii r«-A'.) A gihriih oulti- 
Vfiioil in Kjtnjjn^ nn'l tho Unileil F:tii(cf)| 
an*! ^noMotidif.^ u^vil m mctlicini!. 

^(•n'M^lp [tJcnilmilM: fn.m 71V' 
no, iff»'itittn, tit •♦In'jjct."] Bd>iuiri»g to 

^MiKli^lit. r04*tifliillf«. plural 
tiiMircr «f tvcitftAlK: ■ -1 ,*nme.] 

Thi* nr^frttin *pr piiM ' n:* to 

^i'ti«f tit <ti in thi« oiNi iUj. Sue 

V«itl*lo^ [Prom yrii»7M'/r«.l A pre- 


fxx dotic»ting oonn«etioii wllh the g«Klt«l ' 

^n'l-t«M'm'r^l» Th<? llHftl^ of 1 | 
n«rv« proc««»ling innu tho firnt tuiahfti. 
aiMl 'llvtitini; into nu > ' 
whitrh ncr'i>tiip9inioM ihc 
ari'l an trtttttut^ whidi 
into riinnii'ntj^ at llto crutaJ nrvli. 

€iJetiii^ti<«iiii. 8ct] Ur.}f i^Tins, 

4;4*nllnii. E^tt' i^i:vTi4!t\ LtTKA. 

CJeiitltuin^* jon-iihv a'ft^ [Frrvni 
C7fit'rMi#. fi king of lUyriit,] TUn l*biir- 
III tu! op (fi'iH I namcj|of tho ri»ot fif firuumm 
(tttra. Gentiim i- '' ' - 

toinc, and h p.-i \ 
UBJ^M of fimpb «Ki . ^ 


<*«iitln'nn 4^t-Mi*liiP'l.* Blue ««0* 
tifvn. Tho I'btkrmueopcrijt! niim«« iW^ ] 
I'h.) for tho ruot of fjinti'tftt* l*nfti,hi»i 

Oi^nllit'tiM fiti't«*^,* i^ntliina I 
Rti'brn." Thu i:fu()»(tp1«uit ; frlwnfL ] 

' fjMltllt'flH Rlt'flllC,* ('*(tCtltiAl] 

Rout,") Si'c »TKsn.*y.i LcTKA, 

€4<*iillriiin«CR*,* jeu «rhc au>«Vb«*«, ] 
[From ftetiftft'utt, *mc of f hn ^I'ti^rit] 4 ] 
nuttiral ('rtlcr uf cjiojrcnuu* hrrbairrf itit I 
pUnt^, fo«n<l !t! nMnr'tv mil ift^-t'^ f^i fV 
worltl, Th* r 
inrcHAo bitt 

tool, stem, k.:, . . ,.. .1 

tonic, Ftomru'htt?. uii^i 1 th^i 

gcntiiin-Tooi iji nn cxnnii ■"I'^I 

Cif^ Hr«? firixt'd fir thrif htulit;; 

^i}CII-f 1-IIU*A>POOW. [OclltlltBII** I 

rpii»*.J itr.^cmhlini; the iirut{int plant. I 

i^ir GlTVTliVACIM:. 

^«*fi>ll-A'ftie t^ii'U^iP nji'dlx.*] 

(" K'i'»t of (]eutiiiiiii Lutca,**) Fee Uir»«- 

Cientlnnln. jcn'^hi^^i^^nfn. [€]4«ltl» | 
i»nt'iiii.| Tb(> bitter priticipU of til* 
plfint tifitttffua httrn, 

CiCfiliiiiililti, or €2«titlfMiliii» 8#| 

^•'nii,v pinrtil *>" t- -t (Fr 6^-1 
11"^', jh<;h-noo'.) 'hif iiTtim%| of the 1t5|f V }u 

^«^n '«-#** tho pUiAl ui ye'nv* iBt] 
** knee." 

**crookciK" or "Imwcfl 
Cr.mkfMl Kn<H!i«/'l Tl:< 

gATly Ci<lld (t'-Mtri /.H*"*. 

yr««?. n ** family,'*] A irroMp or iM«n8 

btag;c of «p«ciefl fiiboriiiri»l« In m «ltM 

or or<liir, 

^tW'O-r^ii'trli'. fcaror^ti TH«»|-jj 

from yl, or )*«, the "crirtli." nU'J ■! -^i^rj 



-rh fttf 

> m whtcli 


lU^ , 

fttjx^ At>t 

»f,ifM.. J I 

injf ft c.."kir> , ...... .:, . 

ory«l4fcl>, but Bi'moutuui ci^utttitjiug hmav 

t#. .vii_v iti-vU- 

t fnm >^), 

1'^ ..• , . '-'tiividt/'] 

X^ i»y wl.icb tti« bxti^ui uuH 

fi;: ■ nrlTli (* r «f a p^[irliou of iU 

y» of*ftwr>.* [Numeil ftft«r Dr. 

cl uiiiuriil unier L^^h- 

" I lu-cr'itttii.* Tbe ftyat«- 

i i*4*itii«* Beiongiug to ge- 

' -^^Ciio'iiiH: from 

i;ii"wle<lp;e or 
i lli0 g^Uit»c. It 
Eiliiilty the fJiruo 

'•ru.**i Tbo dootrino 

Y*\t wr yiM« llio "«»nb,' 

ity »nil extf<rii^i<<ii, \tTfh 


kU r*}^, 

liinii: (bo 
. *«r are 

■ wr I . .1 .... .:aij «f tbo 

«arlb« or tn thu Almo^]»hvrc, 

^re-opti'l^liiK." \Vr*m yiT, ar yfti, 
fb« **eui1b/' to "b^w,"] 

to |tluntii tbut K* '^ •• '"< c}^ith« to dU^ 
tiiigui^fb tbcm intm orbrrv of the •nliio 
gvrju» i>r order i^romEug on Xvvtw^ i<U!. 
Al'^o upplU'd io Lho plunil neuter {(ft- 
ujjk'iif*) to a dtviiiif>ii of t/ttMternpt.tfa thiit 
live itfMm the Innd. 

^<M»r'^<9 Bnrk. Tb(i biuk of Ibci 
Piu*'L»rifu fnittttfw. sin Aliierit^uu pliitit» 
ijM)d ji« A ^titiyfiturr for Ciitfiif.itft, 

^k^m'iil-^^* pltiral of ^^.m'til-iiin, 
furitiin;; tbc Ju»»i(UNn nniiie««l a ii*turikl 
onk'f <'f jlmilM, ^vv (U:uK\t±ir.Jrr, 

€ii4*griuiiiirc4P»* jerK nv*iiSh«j-c, or 
^i^^^m'nl-^* A imturai (^rdcr of cjL»j;e- 
null? pinntjc, iiudiidtiijf tbe (ier^tniitm.. All 
ostrin^tnt prin -i- ' ■ ■ -■ - : '--or 

TfMfllolir tin vol 

^}<*-rit'iil*niit If- 

inSM'o|Hvml nikuiii iL.l^, TU.) for lUu rbi- 

V^ratt-cuR.* [Froiny^ ■ ■ ' -r "] 
Bclongin)? to obt nge. A ho 

|durid, b'crnt'ici) to &ti ordt <'^. 

^mn. [<il<'r'nieti« 4J«*i' iuiEil««] 

Tho first princifde < f nn\ (binjc ihtil bti» 

«nd yi 
uf tlic I 

f r ■ 
|.. ■ 

limitA. Mluuib)n. and hU olhcr reiiinrk- 

pi/ ' ■• ' ■ ^ it. 

icin; fn>m y^^ 
Dr , I ^'^y»fc, 14 "di^- 

Cotirpe. J i'bnt brnDeb »»f K"i«l»e^ which 
tr««tj« itf fhit i»(riicliir«* or foniiiitioQ of 
tl> ' ' ' Uj, i»triitA. 

€i If \» ihn 

til V nintjiiz 

c.i a 10, 

^le-aoi'c^rj^. [CJt^inc'frl*; fntm 

V*t or >!**, tbo *'«*«rill," l\tid ftrriu^^ to 
** mfumtrJ*] Ori'-rtml >', llu" art of 
iiic<««iiriiii; Itie cnrtli. or uny distance t*T 
lilm^mtiiitkM uu it. Ktiw spiilicil in Iho 

puiptfiotsi whudi the life fttiM nfi 

uf the fiitiirp | tn ■ 

^^ff^r'iiiaii Mll'K't Ijf Chi-^ 

nt'ise Pitrlifowfr). i dluy of 

nickel, foruied by fui<iug t«ttt*tbcr •'«*» 
buitdreil part^ of copper, sinly of tiDV> 
II nd fori V * f nirkeT. 

iJrr'iEittn Tln'ctrr, {Fr. jlirmdoi*, 
A'iu&M.»o\) A siibMUtiec prepared from 
tbo f\itjfp'orfiM /utnrnttt*riu» and iijmn*' 
rtHn. by eaCtiDjc tbo firnm into »1i<««i9. 
beatin^v and «o&king tbeiu in » solution 
of tiUre. 

Opr^mc^** Iten. G<^w'tiil*iito* The 
mdittietit i»f Ihri y<iutijar fr«it r.nd teed of 
ve^H'tiiblefi At f be htint^ of (be pifitil ; liUo 

CirrnitnnI !l|#ttibrAtiie« F» Bt.AS^ 
^r>iiit-iift'Uon. [CdftrmtiiJt'ilci, 




l>*fii*«/ from fjfir*wttt*ty fferminn'titm, lo 
** Kml."] Tl»« flirt t>r »(troiitUii{r» 
^i*r>mln'w«t.lv4*. [«l4«rtiiltiitll'%'nM ; 

from I ho J<;imej HiiVing tji^ucr to \nid, 
or iJuvcImJ). 

&*K,*' [Hid KO;iiia, to "oarc lor/*J Tlint 
di'imritDcni t>f bygitjiie which tr«ftt» of 
(liu ru|i^i!riu*n and luodioul uitudntioQ pro- 
|pur f'i*r oil] ji^rC' 

CiF^roflp* The eianc n^ GiRnrLB. 

^rr-<»ii-A4>x.'«»ti.^ [From ytpti*^, y'^- 

T0;» ttU "»ld UliiU." l*nil r<J(«<', li " how/'] 

Tiie »ri.m<j &ri Ainrs Sf *h«.ih, which sim*. 
€i fJWM pfr»c«ni' / I I ' * h o - 1- . [ F ru in 

iirUtT «!' t'.^ttgi , r:^ (^'h^^lhd uv 

hcrhd), jiMiit I in ln>tiA. hiiin>pc» pto. 

f/c*'tut tjemtn'ttfm, to "carry ol'lcn/* t* 
*"ijitrry nlioul" (froai fyr.'ro^ iji-VtHiH, to 
** carry"),] Tho condition f>f a itri*;jnniit 
Icmttel&l prtagntinny ; i^nvidity, ur tttcriiit) 
|,^e]«tiitmti, AUo, upplivl tu a A|Hi:iu!t of 
oSLcruiao without hodily I'xortinn ; hjj 
j^wtitjfiu'j;, ridiiij^; in ii eirrin^e. or ftjiilinj:^. 

^i»'iiiu.' A Linti^vnn ^enu^ uf the 
oltt** te>»<*tttutriif, niitiirul order tt't*trtrrm. 
AUy*i tht* l*h iirmncoptriRl n«inn> < U,8. Ph. ) 
lor thr root of f#V*i/»( Wr«7r( Wurcr A vw»l^^ 

^t^'iitn rr«l»ii'iiuiti..^ Tho herb 
Avon. It i>r hauiirt. 

«!• H* «l, == Gnrn'Mi Unftm Gam'ititt* 
** U»uitiO|u;d " 

*• h(imi> oil tht> huok/'J Kv<iiMDb1ltig a 
hump: tjih'hironti. 

«j|li-liii« Ki5^. [Ciil^hm'llAM, »';«'« / 
ffoiii rfif/fni*, ** urooUfd," or " hnii^tfd/'l 
Til" rttHt • of htifig iiifguhirly tfwtillcd 
ov hiiit(<;h>td : cro>ik*."liit.vHH. 

<ll1i'lM»iiii, (€JlbJ>iM; tVom vto^t the 
**huiitj> iffi » uttuiijl'ti hiii<k,"J CunYoz; 
buri'^hod out. 

tilildlii4*w>i. Bco Vi^iiTtno, 

^11-11^111-9.* The PhnrTi\»<'OpiviiLl 
iiAin<^ ( I'-S. I'h.j for I ho rout of tiiUr''»if% 
Iftjotui't't, und of (JUlr'nut tlipntn'vta, 

IJIIIItMiljtriMr** Jil4o-9Ki-u'ffh««-Cv 

[FiNifii //f7/»>'#Mi, onn ttf Iho jti^nci'nj A 
*timU ttutunii iirdiir of cndo^^en^Hifl Atid 
buttioun [»tanl'i. found in (Miiti. 

€^ll-ll-ll»w «*r, or Oil l^-riow cr. 

Tho //m./fAr*« r^trt/f^ftfuffluM, 

4mi|ti. [From */«7'i. tho ♦•throat.'* 
L«4l. Itriiii>UlJfl%] Thn orjf»n«» of rr*- 
|tlr4(h*ii ill IJ^Io**. Sw Jill AH. iir«. 

VimlM*riinrti {jioi I. 'j B|i. 

|m»n* ii/»m l>rfi iiAt') McVtH^ni* The 
iroi\i|, Hiitu triangutttr iudurtiuti of Puu- 
imri'N lijCHiiioiit 

^ I II 6:e r- Tho mot <if ZhtfiU^ % 

\ilii*«i'fl^* [t>oriv*«t Bumnnliiif l«l 
soiuis from ^ju/ho^ In *" ' ' 
they st'cin to produoi* 1 

bip:hly VA^culiir, n Fftf 

injf th© i*ir*nih\ 41 J ili- 

tho ■' nhfiii "j I111. 

V*"K*y '"**»'•'■ /- '-^ J? 
from yiyyA '^'S^i a " hai^v, muU ««pi|, 4 
'* form/'J Reffctnbliiig o liin^; hcBf 

Vlti'K]^-metPi.« [r.r. m^ r*^ 1 
spcfJc^ (d diarthro?is A liltn-e likf 
timiUtion, in which thi^ * 
rnich tdher in two dirf 
forward* nn ' 
(Mitiur in th* 
tho nriklc< llr . . ., 

^lti'«H*ii|r. [A ChineiNN word, «t^i* 
fyiiiij, it is fjrid, th'" "pf.ivor^.f mnai'* 
ralifod hrenu- 
virility.] 7: 
i}i t\w i'n*n'U -, ^ , i'^ 

4JJrf»CI<*, rU^Voii'. A Frttneti tttrtft 
the "clovo. " Sfv Kffsr^eM, 

«ax'xtirtl. [\^'. 
•iin*. ) '}'lir ftri'i" 

C»la-I*4'l'l^.» |i 

tho Iciiiiuitur of t//«'Afv, )| 

B w ilI I a [mvti hct w ecu « I 
iniiutnliiiLtoly ahovc ft 1 
the other.' »Iw'> cnllrd I 

CJlii-bel'l^r. [UUU^.... .t^i 
Um:x\n^ to the ^jtoUU^, file Ma 

Otn broUN. f01n'lM*r; froni 
p«)«, '* f*iir.'"] With4iuJ biilr^ &t {mU 
cciiou : j^tnoolh. 

«iiiic4s ^\^»B. Tho French 

Ultirlitl, gln'^lio-ijl. [<;? 
fr*uu ifta'tir*, •• ii'o.**] Pcrlnt 
like i«'<?; ley. The term i^ <»t.. - 
to imlda Dxi£liog in acryiitAllinv fonn lil 

€Jlfi>lnlAM»4tt'irA7'liL r 
e^t no olio Hold wh^^h oun 1 
I' -'■-'- ■■ -'•' ■- ■' ' ' .-.■ 

liliifti I *]mv« 1*1 1 orlr Mill I 

A OidorkM. 

titae^iiKcd /• 

hiH hoiMi |il. in 

the Mftt4»nu M<dicii 1*4 I ji« L-;k Vh 

oujKidit for J 4*60, 



i»* |(la'0hc-r>«. (From ff€la»'<^t 

|'«4>iii;c>lI^*I vintvr. 
flliMl'l-Mle. [IJlMdtit'luaii rroni 

tililfe, ur <iUiir. Tlie white of cf^e. 

rcMQ-t #tirio; or Akx. ill SftVnT. 

tiitftri*. Ill BiiUtij'f applied la a ^acre* 

lijr . 

< <iii»r« Sc« Adkxalgia. 
I . . Scfl Fak« V. 

tiilan itl-ionii. | Obimllfbr'myk] 

Forrnf*! ^'■r •hn]«'*l lik<p jt |:UitMl> The 

i lUivcof y/<tii«.J 

A ' - ....... .'.do. 

(> Pv*«i«itJMn Mii]i4*t>rta. 

C.laii a II -Li" *. I »ir,» or 

Ctljfttt duljir fan-- l'*Atj- 

|t*C|J.ttcU Of C'llUttiLJ, l;..") fck'C 

tisti:n > Ui.*>ii)*i. 

Til itic irlaiiilulrf or ^Inniln. 

* BrunnerL See DituM* 

t^ \ti' r- 

< MeilMHOtL Bee Meiio- 


ATitlHMlii, l*lMit«liilae 
dlJMMlitltr Odorlfctiis i>co Tyhomi 
i r«<^llioiiliv. SwPiC- 

f 1' •iiM,.lc. 

NollCmrlww S<^ DitrN- 
«.i'«»i«ti^it* TjtMHil. Bee Trnom 

Oliin'dii'liir* fOlniMlttlii'rlcni 

from iflnHidtUi.] PfrlJMiHnj: t", «*r lik<*, 

Calniiflu-lotiiw [OIuimIuIomum; 

fntni iftunduhi.] Ifftviug liUU dvv** 

€.lAit» C'IMor l-tll»«* A t^rm iip- 
«4lau« Pe'nlH.* Tbo iiut-Uk« bcftd 

oi' tho Jtt-fn'ftnrtt* riri'i*'. 

Cila»«^ff'liiM. 8(1? Fi.HH* JtA Ui-asi:kik 

€Al««M««Nol'u*bl(v itf rutitifti hy <^nni- 
bininj; |i(itA<«h or pimIa with iiilii^io ain4 

or ♦'il' ' ■■■' ■'.■'■'. ' III, 

in t^n ^ III, 

l^lu^vctl n* a KtiiU wl {iMiiti iur pMfier, 
dhtth, wmimI, tiUs tn |iri?vHit or r«iarcj 
tlnj;u' hi Llsiiutniilioi] uu thu ctinUict tT iia 

I j lull bt*r*i» Nwlf *i. [fii&l «j|fiu iN^rto,] 

The «iit|>hiUc of eiidri, 
t«lHii*f*f>'ffi^ n/M.* [Fi^Qi yXftmi^, 

•♦hliiis grccij," ftlM> *' li^jhl limy."] Dim* 
j>c*i!? or <l»'<>Hit uf viniou fA>m t'lfUL'ily of 
lliM VitrtMfUs humor, 
Cllnn-dHnial't-ctt*,* rortaining to 

<4li%ii-ci»ifi'^lon«, or iilnn-rciiii'^ 

l04«4^ fi>ltt|t4M*l3t4»l«»'Cle9i, CaIAII^POIR* 

nio'fitwt rr.'m Iff 'tuff/ itttt,] Jluvlng^ 
glmtcKniiii, i»r kiko gitt(to4'tnft: pn»en« 
€Jlnti>ro'Mtt»^ Atiulhcr driuo for 

Gl-H t Oit \, wbil h Kl'CV 

<j|iku ttntat. {44l»a'rttft; IVrnn 

yXa '*iJi, N •• l>Juc grecij," of ** tt^ht (jmy,**] 
LigUl icr»,r« Ap|tUetl to !«ttrr>A or Iruitfl 
covcretl with » whiii^b bh fiiii whioh ii 
c*jiil> ruht^iwl w(r» M tho «ftbbAgo-leiif or 
tho pill 111. 

<4l«tt»t* [Anglo-.Snxoti fjUdcmt Ua 
"jfUde," to "(hm down gimtly."] A 
thin mrttirr Issuing out *>( tilcera. tint 
^tuifnilly tipp'^^'^^ *^ ** r«auU uf |(^ou(ir- 

€Jl«^'i»oi«l. [fJIf^nolclen; froru )X^»^^ 
A **cnvity/* find nV**,. w **fonn."] lle- 
i^Qiiiblins; (ft pit or rH% ily» 

€J IcnfHMHv Ir^vo ( « t . f mfir,, 

«ll>4ltn. [(4lli»<1i iijtf from yUa, 
**)rliic/*J ihic tif ihu cinifltittjtjtilji of 

Ijliwio'nil.] ^ I t; ^hrulh uf 

prritntiujuta fiiTi u* v«>#fcl« of 

tlic livitr. And •nmiTi.' ibu trnnnrorM 
QaiurcTy tbroagboiit th« eutire ortsan. 



«lo'1>al^. [fdliihn'Ui**; from ^fn^hnu, 
a "liiill. 'j ^^hnp«'l liU«.< H linIK 

Uto'lMiiie* [f^lolM»'iiniii; Imm fffn'huH, 
ft "bull."] UuutJiJ ItkiMi ttidl; ^^lo^uilar. 

U1<*li'ii-l4|^r. [l^lol»til» rln; fhnii 
ffttt'httt, a 'Vtjlobp/'] Likr n jiinbe. 

44lob'iil<^ [Olob'iiltt^' ' < ' 'ive 

|mrtio]e« of iiiiLtter n^ ar- i r 

«ir #rj>bt'Tiii(il flj^urp, HUo the globules cuf 
thr; Wood, or of milk. 

Ul4»U'tt«llii, orfJIob'n-tliirw fOloh- 
tlU'lin: from tjf^ft'nfn*, il "j|;l"biik'."] 
Tlni? o»*|nHc?<s ««r»h^tnn">'^ whirh rt^rnnins 
itflur the ti*i\ <job*nng lustKui bftfl \wt:i\ 
fptnov*cil frtjm tho gl /bote? of tbo 

€tlc»t»'ii-llAni« [Frntn tffnf/Hfft*, a 
"riMle pfl ibn," or " i»nL"J A name fc*r 

icHl Hall/' I A Ki*r>!«iiti'jn ai if a Itnll 
wcr" fk^eonding in the thn>»t^ cituocd by u 
]ii)rLiiui of nir uii.^iii^ in th« *rt''ftfntff*t9^ 
un i pr**vpnt^fi from fsciiMn^r by ppii^tn. 
Ciloilltii^ Mn'Jor.* Tbo hoii<l oi' tb« 

Ciln'biM HI 'nor.* Tho low«r cti- 

€JI(>-vlilii'i.i%ti*. filo'eKln-ntc, 

[0l0Plilffli4'tit«. €^1oi*1tlnni'lii«i; fnoii 

yA iM,, ' ■ ' ' ■ "j A bol-mi* 

C'll fr I," bont biir-k 

nl II, ^ rb tjf » n!»h' 


r/t'ttii'rrtt, tfUiit%«r\t'tuiAf l<i "wind on a 
iir»l|" ifftra f/l'/fHn*, i% "tdMo/' or 
'•bnU").] CiM%riled together; cojij^ro- 
gated. AppHod U glands foriHvd of a 
ffliii*. nx it we^re, of Bi!»n)ruiHoi>u»t ve^•«cll^ 
havln>r i»w ei'-*r*dory dar.;t hot no eavlty, 

€4loiii>*rul(*. [<}|ontorfi'1ii<it di- 
tnitiulho of .//*'»( rr», II " rituj of tbritd."] 
A botEinoAl terra ■n;rnifyini? n. Hmiill tnft 
fir rnptfuhiin, tu latly in ihu iKillti t>f tb« 

<JI»%'iiin«* [dr. yXlTffo.] Tho ton-rtm; 
thi! ' Livf of nun of tastti, fteu T»iKflrK. 

Uili»«'ii9^;;rA,* [Prnifl yX'Sfrd^ iho 
*' tnriHUi'," ttjid ^ypa» ji " fici'nur*',**] Vio* 
b^nt piiri in tbo tongue; nonrly tbo«aino 

»lt>»-«lirtf-^** (From yXamt, the 
*' tottgiifi," iind «\yof, '*p«in/'] Pjiin ia 
tho tonifiie. 8o«5 Oiof^it inrtA. 

|21n4i^mlll^l-rttK.* Bolon^ng ti> 

Cllti»-«;tir(tirii««H"r*.* [From yX-^T- 
vit^ the ''lotijrtjv.'* iind 'I'^-iJ, » **hiirnin* 
eoil/'J Cjirbiincltf of tho lonsK^i *>^ 

rzffi oM*urrenr<i fn litnunn Whi^ 1 
iMft uyfnu|ijcrit ka totnn dtkin^tCte «cti 

€3|o«*H»«T[Hl-s-1of*tf-nts4.» t'^T^^I 

yVrw^ii, tbiii ' 
ik'loij^iiij,' ( 
Afiplltiil fn -* ...,,,..,.,, -,., 

fl|«M»-«il/I'^*u«i«* BeTon^uif to jfLmt 

CJiu<»-«i'tfN, I'/m* n 

"t^ifii;iit'."J Tiitluiurti it 
lai^ m no r »i'o*t *' "- 
the "totitfoe/* r 
dotrn.' J All itipti 
thi* loiijruc. 

**t lUiTiiC," :iT- ' -■*- ^ '■•-.^^ --; 

trn**ttm. or r- 

th«» t*»«|futi, , J 

€4l«»«»»«<M»'o«tnniii.* fFrmon y U wc 

tho 'MouKM*'," !M« ' ' ^' '' 

Fcirtiinrly, u cnx 

httuiboy; I'ut, in- 

of Irtng box vr oa«o for •'*iiiAiiiui|$ « 

friK'tured li'ig', 

Ithln; fr ru >X W^ti, tin 

yp »•..►». t-r "write,"] A 


C«1tf|lP|-4MVtl^ '^%> ' . 1 'vMlilTJili* I 

fr*ioi yWjiffOj tliu " ^ ■ " , 
*'by.'id."l Ap|. 

Ilii^iire to Ibi* jH, ,\ 
hjoid bufic, nn^l l»y Owftt in i|i« i^iv ii*- 
yn/f/i. in b?rd« and ftfhe». 

€Jto«^»*r<l«)l.« [Im ..Hit 

♦•t'-n^^Jie." find U'*^h, u ISr- 

S^'loblitP' the tr.DifllCt gi 

yX"iTTja^ tb<i "toTiptMi/' i»»i«I ' 
o aifse,"] At 
fiineiton^ ol 
♦ ho ton STUD, 

ni oi.^lv with T»:ifMi50Loor, 
« IfMH^Mit ' jr^l««« ( Fr'tfi 
"tun .-(K'/' rm ' " 
ralV'-iHiil fbi 

[Profti yXjwM, tho 
fi '♦divlnntion/'J 
itnte of the tnuiriir. ;-.m t,i 

fjio«j«o*Phtiryiiiref%l, i^ffv Ui 
Pn imvfSirrH, 

An 'I Iter nume for ibn * ijjbth pmr 
Olo*»'i40-PliAr-,f n-ifir«*'«iftw "" 

y^';iTff,*, rb« "tf»0!jo«*." nfvl 
*'|ib{irvnx."] lhl(oii;in^ to 1 1. 
find phurynt. A synonym ^f tti 
Mtrietur nHji/Wor uf (hti idt^trynx,' 




IteOTijf}!! ff» fho root of ihe tontfnei ib<I 
iU tiiscrtion into rh«» Jihar.ttix. 

f JT r- -< ; ^ p I c 'gI-4^ ■ 1^ F r I J til y Vrvrit, 

ial4»«*%(»|»-lA''iifat.'^ [From yXtociriii the 

fa" ' ■ -'' r!Tn;r of tb<f t^Jti-;*!*. 

» ^i^»' [Fn-ru jA'.Vtfff, 

foftii.' J Ah Ioriii» iiitrM<i|pti 

111 »ho fnt»^«p- 

[»'l»|aA. * [ Prnm y>^mm^ the 


Eicifi'ti 4ir ritlirpiifioij nf tin- tnti::tn\ 

fr-jii X-rnwa. tJj*' •'lini;^ilr. " ninl tp *j, to 

^■'iy'p^'r^tro'plil-^* [From 

*' 1 rtfophy of tlio 

t..-. . ,. ,,..., :..y., 

<4l«itHl^ii^|Mui'iitii«.* [Frotn rftuf- 


If/f*,* [Or. yVwric, the 
pTw if »f>«»rl«r« of a iiipo.] Tht 

api*rturv •>{ ttK" Uriiix. 

€j|<»t-li'tiii4* JnfliimmatioEi of lli« 

t^ I ti«v ''**'*** '>r iJltt^clne^ [From 
yX"CPi. **(iwt*uL/*] OiitJ of I he jiriinitivA* 


A .... . . .,_„. .,..;,. i .. 'Ill irrop«i; 

»l»f> trum slArcii situi sulphuric aiErtfl* 

aine. [Lilt. 4;iii'tcti. fif C^tn'tl- 
BVtuf *^r. >Aja» "pui'tc," or " glwo."] 
A jelly utitaint^'l by l> iling tbo poring* 
of hidi's atifi other olTnl. 

»f -» . "Tsnnt.',"] ApfiUcd tu lUo urino in 

. , J, a '♦gtmau.'J llu^ing 

glumci i Ilka a glufnr, 

dlllNM. [<illi'mftt fmm ffln'fi^, to 
"pull i?tt bark.'*] The buik of i?c*nij 
clinfT: n pppctr* of calj » piKfulUr lo 

qi*rtl Bn<l ]CTn>»«*<."i*. 

CtltiniAiiM* fief fiLrHAcicOrsi. 
t J In « t4i* ' iiti, » [ K ro m yX* »'rds, i he * ' Im t- 
took/' i ( t'r />«#(>(". fr*HVfe-A\ i Till* nouio 

*<( t^- ■ ■■■ '. '^ ■- -^ •' . : ■ -, . i -irt 

of «l ,1. 


wi4«« Li«lnii i!:iu If tctlht? buttock i L'litte'aL 

UiH , „r 

tlie : uu 

been lieprUvil o| tL- bUrcb: pisri«». 

i^Hk*tvnt Aii'l»tBiiil, The 011 mo m 
Oiit.ArjM:, whtch XOP, 

4iltll<»tl« TcB^lAblr. 8(0 «f!.t TIV- 
Gln'liti, or f4 lit line. |<;luC|'nii| 
ftoni tftn*tfiu ••glut'."] A r)t«lint.t foriu 
of ^;(*i»tino obtained frotn itouiUHm ^liic^i 
of wliSf'h i( rMttuj. fill' t'likf in;u'n'»lic'iiL 

ldfllfl»«>MX. iT'in Ul.l'TttOl M. 

Olii'lln-^HM* [LiiL li In 1 1 no 'ana 1 

Fr, tJitttittrtutt i^lU't^'urli'.] llnviti^ tho 
pnijn^rtu'^ of Iflntuii : kWu%Vi tt,Uit>«he. 

Iiilufiniiin* ^coltiiK. 

fJln-ll'lia, I /m.« {Frmn yAi>»r4t Ihe 
'* buU'-ik."j ltiflumiiifi1i«>fi irf the bul- 
tocks, or of thr ffhttfft tiiu^ctf^ft. 

€iljf^f^>r*l4t4 '^'^^ €i1#^>r*lclf*. A eum- 
poitnil of I lid, 

eri'nik; I , ^ A ^'cl- 

hfwislj. tniiiapnri'at, fjrup-like fiitirl, 

withonf *tn*'U, avitl of a aweet taift^i 

! I Iho rorMuQ in utuktui; 

, ami \rt\m th<j roliiM? in 

ui^ of foiiysf etc. It ta 

It 1 i iin<\ (JcivQloetit. 

4,Hi -4*r«l n^*^ Thf Pbunwacopwiftl 
I*h.)n.r(t iMnhgre. 

<'**11. \i- i: fr<«ta 

veci/' iitifj * ^ '] Su- 

gar «*f ^laltnc^tibtaincHi i*y l»f»iiliogglut«ll 
ID im of <»««* of f^auvlic »ikali. 
lit, I "v. Sec Tit n^rMffuc. 
4.* [From •f/fiV'***', itnd 

ytk^i , hiee"] lalfrjilty, ♦'pn»* 

ducio;{ irlwcoufi* ' A peculiar «iib<<Tiitic« 
in tji«» fi»«on "f (h« liver, wbic?h maj bo 

Hi [Frcitn yXw^f, 

'*B\M . rtMii/'j Tlio Pbar* 

inacopanal narau |j f'tr I he rw4 <i( Ol^f^ 
i^ri'hiia ;ft'ihrti ; Uie fffi/iyr/'hii^ iiattiM 
of tlu? EdiuburgU and Itiibliti Phami^- 

<a>^i*^rrhl'cii 4ilft br^* Tho 





V^lf'^ft 'rlil-sln. [€d1f esrrrliUI'itit.] 

The BiKitiliariiic juice of the (itycyrrfmaf 
or lu^joriof lilaut 

|»tliA; IfMin yA 1^4, ii "csivving 'ur^grnv- 
itj^," ttud yifJ^J, to *"piiiijL"] A now 
kind uf «n>xravt}d drawing, by which 
prttitd aro produced m colors from the 

i,i\y^i0r, t^ofl ri.rsTKn. and E?{i-:ma. 

fJiiM^ttiAl 1^1-9* (n:t'th:\rj(.'-^), [Friiin 
yt-.ifJu,, tho **jn\f/' or "cheek," iind oAyof, 
" pjtin.'*J pjiin tif the jnw or rhcvk. 

Unn-ttill'l^iiM.* fioloDging^ to 

Onft-tlirttA, IdU. • [From y^e^, tbo 
'*j.iw," or "chook."] Internal iDfijun- 
roaliun of thti *."heok *\t hhwUIh. 

4Jf It t« t li-«»-o efi-r Al '$(l^f>^ ^ f F rom yKu - 

*hu the ♦* jrtw," or '• check/ w^p^p, a 
'* norvu," nnd ii^yo,% " pain/'J Piiin of ft 
n<?rve of ihc? ohoek, or maxilla f maxil- 
lary nounilgio- 

€JiiAfb-i>|»In<i'tle. [Uniilhopliiii'- 
tlriin,] Boloni;in J to pjathopiaitty. 

fjtnalli 'o*plfi%*ti^* [Otiiittio|»taM'* 
I in; frmi yv'tikti, the "'jeiw/* or •^idieok/* 
iind n\Aani^, i{\ " form."] Oj»«rnlit>n for 
repairing anj dofieioney of tho ohei*k by 
iijipropriatiujj; n i!uffiuiout porlLoa of tho 
Bound partf eonti<irunus. 

fdni?ti»epip,'> nista'iibe-e. A nnlurnl j 
order of plants (GymnojjonB), roiiad in \ 
iho tonipprato part* of Europe^, Asia, iind I 
South Amerioit, It i net Indus Un^Hum^ 
ftW'l "no oth^^r ir^nnA. 

Onttil'bj^'MMo-lii'tlon* A prepnrntiou 
for priHi'rvinu; an inn I subs tan ecu, made 
with hiiy-sall, corro.iiiro subHiunte or 
iif!<<'nlrtni4 a<»id, nnd wrttcr. 

UiH%'tr«y*n C4»r'ill-^l< A quack me> 
fl^ Mi .mlmI (if an infitsion of p*.^- 

s. iiidur. uiirawii_v, and auifle- 

>!• I , and laudanum. 

Ut*iire* (Fninoh. prt^bahly derir<jd 
from [ut/ur, thii " thfoftt.") A Swiaa term 
for IJ io^"Miftc»ii.K, whioh «t?o. 

€4o1(l. [Lnt. Aa'riini; PrO**, or,] A 
yctl.iw tn.'ttl, of grtvit inUh-ahitity and 
dutitility. It ia found i^isnti rally native, 
t^tthcrui'iff^ivo.ordiejiomin ttodinthr«adii 
ihrm^^h a roe^k, or in ur r,.^ thu 

fluid^ of riv*>r9. Gold i Ii!' f<*r 

r«titatin^t uudor all etr^ , ^ tho 

ac'tioD of the Air and of tlio ordinary 
ao1d«» II is, however, d{fi«>nlvi?d hy phlo- 
Hnoand by nitronmrintit! at^d^ fomilniEa 
rhioridc of ^old. Thr xp*»i'if(f! gravity of 
l^otd i* \9.'A, it bciii)^, uv.xl Ui pl»tjuuui, 

Uolil-Li^itr C*le«-troiu'«-&er. An 

inntrtiment for detecting tho prewoot of 
electricity by th« dJv«rgcDcc of two itipa 
of gold -leaf, 

Ciionun^s gomm. Tho French teim 
for GiM, which eee. 

Cdfom-pho'iil]!.* [From yff^tiu, U> 
** drive in a noil."] A variety of Afnat* 
thrufia, in which otiis booe i» fixed ia 
ADothor tike a nail in wood* a» tk« t«9lil 
in Ihcir Bueki-t*. 

CSaii-^^r» iUn*' [From yM, **»- 
men/' and imfntrin^ ** iiapotcnt/' or " io> 
conltnt;nt/*] GofUfrrturtf ^ in iti» |>rop«r 
»t^uiUcation« h«iiug the t*uinvi ns Spfrmm* 
tin I htm, arising fmm debility iudaced 
by fXP^H*!, 

^iitn'^^tPPi^** [Frtim yArh» the " knee,'* 
antl oyfM, u " Fi^nxure/'J Goitt in Ikt 
knee, or knee'joiiit 

CU»n-«r-tltH'tlift, l^i«.* C^rom yin, 
tho'*kni.'€/' H»d^p<^»'.»"j«inL**] Lnfta.Bi« 
mation of the knee-joint; «l»o, of Lkt 

€3<»ii-Ar>ttiroc'^!He&* (Prom )(4m, 
the *'knt5e/' *i|pt^>, » "joint/* and 
KQjpff ''evil/* or " disicft**. *'] A aancvr- 
oujv or olocrated condition of the k&9*- 

iion^e^f^n'tim.* [From yM, *'••• 
men/' and Kmr<i, a **bUtddcr/'] AppllsA 
in tho plural {Uon€€ifm'fid**i to Ihoccoii*^ 
nal vc?ieh?a. 

tiaii-<^-tM»lH*'iilii** [From y*#^. "••- 
men/' and notiui, to "make/'] Th© pe^ 
tin^iion of the eemen. 

GOn-e«|MliHD^( 1<*. [(dOiM*|K»lf^l i> 

rm.] Beloniurin^ to <fott'-y 

term for '*flwetlin>;/' Sw i mji, 

C^nK i^ct'Ml. An alU»y of «^ighty 
parts orou|»|n3r ami twenty of tin. 

iioii'^lc. [Lat, 0«it'c|rliiii; Or. 
yoyyiXoj, •' round/'} A roii(i*K hivrd h«Hly 
prolonged frt>m the wood into the bark 
vT tho fdant^ and detached by Ute pro- 
greff-i of aK«, 

©on'ift-in**** [<^T- ynn'*'^' **rottticl,*'3 
Rijuii'l; u:lnh(iKar: t;tjn'ii\ U»us». 

€^o-ul-oni'c-t4'r, [f«oiiloiii>frttmt 
from yw^id, an "angle/' and fttrtm^t a 
" ineaetire/'] An imininumt for inea»« 
nrinij the angles of crystals. 

€io*n«M*>-e^.' [From 

**kinc*^/' iMid dronjt an "evil/ 
flwHItn;! of th« knee, 

Oon'o^^ltv* [Prom >«**r 
and ttt)*i% n "tumor/'] TP 
men out of th" ruptured ^^ 
into th^cotlular teitlurv; iii 

ihv t4i»tieTo and spermatic cord» irolB 
eiuppoeed retention of the 6umeu. 

1 White 




[f^onol'fleii; from yft^ 

€^oit '«»-|iliore, [Gonopb'onui; 

to *' lHsar."J la Botany, a prolongation 
of thfi fMeptacle vhitih prooeedv from 
tbtt boHjom of the odl^Zy axul fiu tains 
tbo vtafueQa aDil f»ii>lil. 

€k»ii<4i»pib|--«c>'niA, afic* [Fnttn 
yirv, lh« ** kiie«/' anil ^!i6i77^a, an ** iulla* 
tioa.*'] Tho saiDO tu* (ruNo*'Arii» tJosvo- 
UF.i.p, <nf\vu;<ioi's. which »eu. 

<j«>it or - rtio * ^l«*pb ' ^r - rlict* ' ^* 

[PrtJin y<»Vj/^jKi, a "flow of Bcmtmt" (i>^fp- 
m^f^ thto "eyelid," oii^l /i'<j, to *' flow.'*] 
Gonorrtia^Ltt LDllamniritiuD, an*! diseharjio 
rtf fmrulent mattor from tho eye imcl cvn- 

il<tiM%rrti«v>ik,^ g«»i>-or-T«5'ft^ [Fmtn 

r*>luntnry 'Hi*oh«r|rc "f *Piiifn without 
cuiiutfttion. The fiiuio »i SrnRUJiTou- 
KiKicA. Aitplittd. hr.w< \*.r fpTToneously, 
if wo rc^anl the • ' tti n di»- 

cKargui»f|m rule til : i;ittcr ftfan 

the* urcthrii uf tiiui^ 7^ .iii 1 li^^iin, hihi;if 
Dyni|dup, clitorU, frcqucutJy the luuuth 
and tiork of the ut«rui*« and eometiDir.4 
ibe rnnethra. urfciuifilvs. A icfnui m1' i!jl^ 

onlvr ^!// Vt-rwrwiM, class Lni'i\tf*^ of Ctil- 

Ooit«»rrtia;'at Itnl'^nL* [Frnni 
hnVn\iuit, the '* jcUii* jlt■ni^,"] A])is.u- 
lent diiH'hargc fr"nj the surfiwc itf the 
entirr tflitn* pmiM^ which Is lli«n Lu n 
highly inrtfiinfd nuA mw *t«te. 

€i4»norrliu'4» l>ortiil<>titiaiti. 8ce 
SvriTM ^To»(HlMl: \ i^utiMn.sTicv. 

ti«»n-4>r.r1]4v'^l. [C^inorrh«»'l4*iiM,] 
llel 'iiqriit^ to tf"u<*t I ftft'i. 

<J -1 «.- rn4»*|>r4fM't<i-ll'llM, lii/*.* 
I1 <d tho jjruMtutu gtoitd pro- 

•"om^m." ir\M»., thr- "i?arntum/*and c'iX*!, 
lm»jur/*J JiwoUtn^ of th« teHltcIo, or 
idymiff, fn>ui uecumalation of the 
L'n : «i>(}rtiirit(ice1t!. 
Oon««MM|M?r'iiioim, [CHMMiii|»er'» 
•utts; from y^iiit. &q **^aug1t>t'' and 
v^if'ftH, a " ieL»d/'J Havinjf angular seeds, 
fji4>n«oi»>lra lu^ a/M.« \lrnni y^ha,, 
*' Mff»|iriij|;/* and 9'ji''<;ifi, a " ?tr:iliiiii,'" ur 
*• bed.**] A gon'ostroine. Tho ^efminal 
l^ypr or Und in ihQ uvulc* of }fnmmtttitii ; 
th" Sft'ntu*,* ftriJitift'i M!»t of I'iicr. 

f^'Qf-Ar^l*^.'^ [Fr m y4f^ ihv 

*' kiier," and 'i'^>«Hi " pfkin. J Pain In 
the knee. 

!•<» n^-o-nuni'imlii.* [From y4>v, ih« 
"kuec/' uhd ^ttft'^n, a ''currnttirc."} 
Curvature of the knooti. 

4lo'tij^-€»*^el«.* [Frotn y*»^, tho 
"kneu/' and c^Xij, a '*tuuiur."] Wbtto 
rwelltn^. t»r what ha^ h«en oallcd borniA 
of the kneo. 

donj-'^n'enii.* (From yA»v, tbe 
*'kuec/'and iJ>wiiff, a *^ tumor/'] »Swe1Hng, 
or tumor, ot the kuee. See Oo^tToixtM. 

Oon-l^-lj l«-* [Fnm yiw, tL« 
"knets/' and ritXtj, a *-cRlhi(.") Ootlue^ 
ur a hiird thick ^kin, of tb«> knee. 

f ««MMli-itlnc*c*«r-, * gof >-d - 11 v -a ' ih e- jif, 
A n.iturii! otdiT of c*xo|fiii<*t»H plantAj 
mostly h'THjtocoUF. fotind lu Australia. 

Ci<M>M^N»kt>i. Sec i'l Ttj< A?(Mt iiiy^. 

0<»r'«ll*ti«,* odlled iilM»f$4«'t9 K-<|iir« 
!•#«* or "hor»e-hiiir." Tlie httr^r-hiiir 
worm of the oM ifritcre>. It i.i »u|»(M»FCMt 
to oc'trnjiion fnkfttHitt r/tWrrjir, *K'C'Urfing 

nrnfinfi: the |ifa!«uniry i*f Lnpland fntm 
drinking water coutiiinfttg thi« worm; 
nud Vuti^niar dhentr vvhen it if) lodged 
under the xkin, c^nKtituting the murbnt 
ftituri* of llofj^t, iind the maiu (2 crimtm^ 
ha 9 of Sjiuvwjri'H- 

€«orilln» ABeilln^anla. ^oeGnxKA- 

CJor'A?Pl* An inf*triim«nt. fhr tho 
operatitm of lithotomy. forutH like a 
knife, with a heak which iHd the groovo 
in the «tal}', 

fitw-M^p'M R<i'«llit«« (-R^»ot of 
Goj«.>yjduin.'") Tht* rhMrmncoftanal name 
(IL8, l*h.) for tbo ro*it of the (h*»»tfi*u<m 
krt'h*t€ttiHm ami rtheripei'iesiif f/n*»yj^»M}iri, 

C»<MMRfP' 1*11 III.* [€>4MIKlt»l0tl.] A 

Lititoean jEreuiis of cotton 'producing 
pliint.*. elaiiTi M*in(idr/jthtu, natitrnl itj'di^r 
Jlf<tfta4'rif, Ah{t, tbo Phurm^^eopa^ial 
n^Huo ( V,S, Pb. ) for cotton, a fdaineiitous 
suhetanco Bcparattd from thr tfc*'d of 
ftttwmiffthin* htrtt wriimf and of other J|»eetos 
of iiunHiipiam* 

fa€mei,Tp''liiiii Itorbfi'ccnni* fher< 

hn'^he-um). The sy!»(t'niu.tic name of 
thv cotton-plant. 
<^ou]Ar4l*«« (gooMardis') Ce'r«*«». Tbo 

Orrtttiimplumfji tittuwettttit. It rt ceived it* 

name trom Goulard ^Fr. proii. i;ik*'Iaa'), 
a Freiichruatt. hy whom it wa« intro- 
' I "' • ♦' , puhlie, lit 

I nnder tt a 
i«[<fdicnt»oii lo 
hiifiiered Mtrlaeee uidii!i]ot«cd to heal; 
a)#o, ti>biirri#.cj(cnriaiinndi, aiidoutaucoua 
eruptinu^, e.«|'Oi*in1tY tf iittrnilrd with 
mind) heat t»r irfitutiou of the ^urfneo. 

f^«ii'liirfl*H' tlJL' Intel. Thit LufHur 
nlmitbi tub^cttatit, 




fiiVurfL [rnmr'liltiw] Tlits fruit of 
Miu Ciicttrfiito /Hf*ft / iihu, ilio |i|aiit iUelf, 

Oonnt, UWter. Tin* CVcmiiic <»/o- 
pjuthi'*^ pi a lit an<i tVuil, 

laaut. [From thp L«tin i/nt'ta ; Fr. 
GuHth, ]rmiiU lA "<irf)i>:" so it)tuiu*J fruiQ 
tijo iJea thiit the (IL'sva^o wa^ pr'uhiftecl 
liy d murbid fluiil j^radutilty di^Lilliujc 
iiiLo tho purt.] Arthri'tit^ charflolenwl 
by iiiiin Iti tlie j*»ijit?. chiully of tho t;rvM 
I ftitt or uf Uiv fcut uJiii liiindij ; ilio toruicd 
Por>Ai3RA> wb'ijli see. 

4i4»U I '* -NMtii f \. Tho i'lt l*c iUu* tri th rk*- 
iriiJt, ur ff"*int/*n'rnit. A atony conori'tiun 
dcp'i,>iit,-<l ia tho »HW!t(Hl f>art tu gunt. 

Clmifte. 8effl Gont. 

CJr, == Grti'ntim,^ or Oftt'Na,* A 
**j|Crnm," "t *'prii'nis/* 

fJriUi'nHNiii roril-rlM [Folllr'utl 
, Griiiiil»'til% « r CirHft'flnn V€*m1*4*14'm 

ilmill *i>hvricul hndit -tloiiml in tin? j-ttiunu 
f»f Ihe tjvary. They coimist uf twu ecmt^ 
or Iriyew. Tho interior, imniHintoly cn- 
. ehitilii^ tho ftvuM, is tt»rme<l ihe oi'j\f*r. 

fl.»li«tjiler tuii>!olof»f tho tht^h.^iinl hm pri>- 

Gc^a of tho Nfftlhim, AD Ms^iolo ot tho cnr. 

4JriMl'u-At-4Hl C'oiit'|ir€*'MM. A com 

jjrc'^s fitnuol uf u 11 urn tier of eirciil ir 
I liiuoLiti of coltan olnth, prnjiireisively ilo- 
^ruii^iu;^ in sJAe, thu wholo foruiut^ ii 
I5.»rt of pyr^irnil, the upcx nf whiou «^ftii 
be applteil I.IU ibe (irct't«Q poiijt ivUhcd, 
, in cmQ» of w niii'U?i| nrlcri«?s cto. 

CJraiii. [Lit. 4^r«i'niiHi; Vr.fttftlnr, 

' grioij ttr jr"^"*] hAarnWy, '* a ^ru'in or 

I iurti of wheat. huHoy,*' ct<j. In Thfir- 

' HKwy, the twentieth part of & tfcnipU% 

or *'t>crirth of 11 4lini-hni. 

fJrAlUMi flMvlKiioo. Sco FnicHea 

CJriUti^ of FurtMllAc. Sc« AMout'v 

4Jrftli«Hiv jritiK-H or >;iti5^. The Fr«««h 
term fur "fat/' Sec Amci'H. 

CjriUlsp,* ^vru C#r»l-lM>niii. iij^ihI 
uiity Iti the plnrol. ( Liternlly^ '*»tiU9,'') 
Aftrdh«*r ti»nn f"r Qkali^atokkm. 

([iritl-1ii»lo'r^4«* [Tho pfurn) of 
nrttft,$'t„r, "on« whn |{;«hj«» on i*tiUg/*] 
The uinni of iin order wf wwder», or 
WiKling hirdM, h tvinir Umi; fctCH and hilla. 
by whieli tbvy w>idc and catch ibeir 
|ir^y in the wntt^r. Aluo termed (?r»if/jr, 

(irftffti tt.>r r>^ fJ'-rtifiiftK, 

4«piil*1i%-t«>'rt*ii«L.* fFrnm fji-at't/r, 
"ulilb*.' J Hoi utrinjt tti iitiit<«i"rcni(ohc>*. 
^•iinotiine* a^'plied ill the pluml fcmtrifinc 
{f2tt%ttt,t,i*tiif) Ui an order «f birds* 8«o 


Urn'meii Cn-iil'nittn.* The fnf^ 

owM ftf»nn, p'lftch-^rjiit*, "T tlij.^** 

tafiitii'Una^^ th<j pill: 
"grusi^." r<<rming th« J 
of 11 fiittmiU ufd^r of piuutj. .-^ci 

CJrHiiiliijic««e,* fTTHm 1 na'«Ue-<. ] 
[ From ^ra* meHt " grajf«. ' r 1 alrt 

natural order t»f *rmii 
vury widely df " 1 
grttH!*es, wheii 
kindH of cxiii i i 

Oaiic, and tho b»Lmbi»v», Tbf^u bwbiU OT^ 
jk^regariouH or xociui. Suiint t^riipic^ •pn. 
eict" iLKtuuio the f^rni of t- 
tho lici^rht of fifty ft't^t. 
ral product of tbi# or»l. . 
found in th« iiuticle of luntiy «piicii«i«. 

4*raiii-l-im'rf>i»iif«4 4*r^nilii'e*4Niib 
[farnniinii CH'i&PN tJrttmJttVuw; tnttn 
vr'*'wi#-M, "i;ru.'?*."*J JieloU|;iijji; Iti gT»*&; 
^rtit'.'' like, 

€itrniii-l-iilc*'o-lQ«i,* (From frrti'mtm,, J 
" graH5/' MUil iN^'/w, lo " inhi»hit/j Groir- 
in;; iiioon^ ^ru."**; ».», A*fiiricuM fjrum' 
miy'fn, ei(\ 

tJniin*I-nl-l^'ll-i»it«. [Clntiiilal* , 
fb'ltiiwt truiii tftu^fUfH, **gra»«(." and/w"' 
tiinM, A "lealV'} Httvinf^ lttare«» Ukm\ 
thtt-e of (;rft5*. 

4«miii l*til-riintt. [fJriMttltilAM^* J 
■ltl«: fi<tiii i/f t/'r/»c !•*«** fKHLKa/'J U(i»cui« 
hliii}; IfrajiK^ 

(Arain-l*iil¥'o*roiiii, [€4rAmlttlv* I 

Lo "<levour.*'J Fc*tlln^' 

Gi*iMii>l-iiol'«»*^j^. ,. .i. 

I^»; from «//'ri Virii, '^^rriKii,'' and M/e^, * j 
"dir<eour»c,"J A treati^iiu uu thv grtteMitj ] 
the Hnif'Ofe td irrnstnA, 

<inMii'ui0« •/M* [From yp^% m\ 
" Ifcttpr. " a "tioio" or **|mitit'* In roti^bjl 
ftnd, b<'Qoe, A iicmplu. the iiiuiiU«v>t uf ftti^ 1 
man weijf^ht^J A >icrup!r>- tht^ twtoty- 
foutth pai t of un t>ituer. :- t i n*. | 

4«rttiii'tiii%^ [From) or/* 

or "line/'] Another nuii., ... .,.., iri#rl 
Uc<(?«tiii« it hnfl the appenrAnee of ralotital 
line;* drawn upon iU See lut^« 

fiirniiiine, uruitu A Freacb wnigbt^ 
etpoil to l;», I'M |;r(iini* troy. 

€Jra'ii^» thu plural of UnA^tuu, wbioH I 


fiimnn PAriMlfia* Boo AHiiami| 

tltUSA I'ao M>WI. 

CJrn'iiA ^«-r»'lls IHN-#«>ii-<>rMi'il.»l 

(**J^ee*l« of l>e|*cnenLlo lor Utft«»«etl] ^ 

Hve/) 5^1 e Kiti^JT. 

ara'iin TlKT Il.|.' The avedt of Uit i 
CrotdH ti'ffli'tm, 

GrttnniliA. Sea noxt ftriide. 



fSntn'^ln, or dmn'tHiliic^ 

neither lUku' I J mm 

tike ruot ul iL. ; - r ■ '^"f« 

^ntiia'fiiNi / luiii nuw decideU tu b« uulq* 

Uv^-mi'tl Wmft'tikm Cor'lex." 
("Ittu*! of the Puiupgninatc Fniit/') 
Th« Pliiirm&cui»i»iii1 itiunii | U.S. l'b.J f<^r 
tli« rlutl of Ibo Truit ttt th« /Hi'i»i«i ^u- 
nn'lM ill, 

4dnuM'tl Itjt^l'ef* rUM-'tex.* 
(" Uftrk of PorDugrunuti; Rout/*) Tlio 
PtitirniaortixjDiAl name { IJ.S, Ph«) for the 
^rk (if tkv roift tuf tUv I*H'nirn*jnt$itt'tum. 

€^ra«i^ll-«l<*it*l<ai tu%.* [From ♦/r-Mw'- 
rfw, " lar^«/* HJii) */e<«*, a " tooth. "j 
Hmvia*; inr^e tiHitli, or ludoDtatious ; 

*' likTi^v/' Hfi'l ft"», ft *• fl«iwor/'j Jiairliig 
larj^ flowL^rs : {^run(tiflrt''rat<^. 

ilimnHH-lb'll'iiA** [From £^rai«'c//«, 
'*lttrc«," und /./^-M^^ w "kiif/'] Having 

fintn'dl'ticA," the plural of ffniH^tht, 
Ik** bailsioiii?/' A torin applied hy Weea«r 
la tubercles *a I hey becoiuo onUrgf^iL 

€)nui^tl«iio'iiiij».« [From ym»i'f/«, 
tfran^c/jfiiM, •* hiiiL"] Literati j, "ftill of 
DJill;'^ abo, **rc>ombliiig a hiiitptonc/* 
Applied to the 0« eii6t»i(/e«, from it£ 
irre^lar fonn. 

C!nui'd4H°l^ii.Graii'il1-nla. ("TTaO. 
or Hallttonc."] A •mnll. Imnl tumor t>n 
the ejoUd. auppof^cd to resctiible a baiJ- 

iarQ-nir'cr^-ciUiu [C^mii'lftsr: from 
u %'rajn/*»ni|/r'm»lo *'bcar."] 

r^nutllp. [CJraal'UM; from j/m'- 
tiiwiM* a "fraifi."] A kind of firiinilivc 
rtMsIc eonni^l "uiy e^scntiallj of quarts, 

' % [Cimnlt'iciM.} Be- 

4«r^tiiv f^roiifi. [Qnuilr'onta; 

from tjru'nvm, a "grain," and ro'ro, tt» 
**dcvfiur."l Eatiiig^ praio. 

Oraut'ifHir. [CJrtknnlA'rls; from 
nrftR'ttiuM, A •* liltio ffrain/'J (Fr. Grnufi- 
frNx, fftinUlrh'.) In the form orgraina; 
^ Ibe nature or appcaruuce of groou- 

€»rt»n'n-lat«rd. fOnutaln'ltui; from 

he Knfrir.j Uuvin;;; g^rain:^, *n ifr.innli»r. 

41naik*a*li»'llon. [«dn%oiilM'flo, 

a'f'f* i- from th<' ^amc] Thf divisthUi of 

metAlttc tttbMaQce** mtn »mall piirticleftt 

or gmmi» t* ^adi \lntn their o^iiihtnutloii 


with other riibatanoei, Atao, the pro^e^i 
hy which little ^raifiHke, fletihj bodictf 
form on ulccTi and iuppurAtinj^ wtiutidi*. 
ililinj:;;iip theeavitic*, arirl brtn^iii|;;iieiirc>r 
to^uthcr and uiiititi^!: thvir didcs. 

fSmn'iil^. [Qmn'ulums tbediitii 
nutive of ffm*numf a *' graiii/'J A Itttl* 

Gninnlc^nx. g«?c GHA?«rKAIt. 

Cirmo o>l]*ei»a'lla.* [From ^r^ft^Ut 
tHMf a **limo jrriiin,'* and r«)c'/»V, a 
"Htem/'] Haviftjf itUm acd brancho0 
covcrf^l with littk' liibcn'lii*. 

Omtt*ti.||fV'rM»n«. [Omnu'llft^r; 
fmm tjntu'iihitu, u *'litll« grain/' tLud 
/eW, l« ♦'bea.r/'] Bearing granules; aa 
the pholl of the Mitra %jrmi»liftrfi, 

4iirHti n-U-ftomi. [Gmiinliror'- 
mlMi from //rr*ji'ii/«»j, a *' litile grain/'] 
Kii^cmKiit}^ tittle firuinf. 

4^mtt-n-lfw'I-ljf. [CimnnloM'lltiii, 
li'ti«,' from thtr »aine.} A mass of timuU 
tuherclej*, like grui)ule«. 

€> mil ' D>l«iUM« [ G riui n lo 'man i f m m 
the Kptnc] IJaving granules; full of 

Om'nitni,* plural Gra'n^ A grruin ^ 
a emnli sfed of any kind. The sixtieth 
part of a droubm, or ttrcntivtb of a 

tJratie-AiiKtir. See Gi.hosk, 

Clrfi|»li-l-<i-r4lM«* [From )/w^V, a 
'*Btjlo/* **r '• wnticg-in."ttument/' and 
(1^, n "form/'] Resembling a «tyle; 
ity!oid. Applii'd to the styloid prinrees 
of the teoipoml bone. 

tirapli'itf^. [FrctMi yp'^M, Ut " writes" 
and Ai'X, a " slon*; /' fT< in it.^ iirtt" in mak- 
tUj; pcnoib.] Flumhaf^o, or black lead. 

OtfiMi Oft Of Jin itmr, A volatilo 
oil* pfiicured^ Bcc*irtftn^' to iSoyle, from 
the Andr(fpf*fjut* Vttittm»9 imimrttirntf. It 
is H'tmetimeB inoomHSlIy callof) »// n/ 


Qmilolii (frrnfth'e-O'l^) Of-fl^l* 
■tn'llii.* Thv «y^te>tnattc tiauie ot the 

Clm^ve'ilo^ d/w»V* [From f/raVi>, 
♦•heavy/*] Lit«mlly, *'hcnvine(Pi/* A 
terra for »•'»* yin ; h> ealled* jirohiibly, 
from lh« scnMJ of weTjrht or oppressiott 
experienced in a severe MttJirrh- 

OniY'vl. [Lilt. Llttil'milAt Fr. 
Gnivttff, grikvf 11' : from th<* Frrncb 7*11- 
rtVrjgrA'vp'A*/' gravel" or' '1 

A popular trrm iipplied « u- 

loiii matter formed in the I . , i^"*- 

Uvj: oiT in the urine, or to emali dij^tinot 
<•'»/*•»»/» or <?onor<«tion!<. It ii diflinjrui^hed 
frotfi rntifn* iM lAr hftuithr by being of 
iimiillcr siKc, Sec Cal* i'i.L'«. 


ClritVf»ne. See ilRAmt^ 

«jr»v iff L ier^uM* ^t U'roM^Jrav^- 

litu«.j lite wutuk' in thu tuiprvgiiatAtI 

UfftMlriai^if. (OnivJ4l'ttaii«|l'rf«y 

from tjf'tn'ift'i*, **\)vo'innnl.*'] TIib win- 
dltioii of ti wi»u>itn wiiij is {jrcgnAutj goA* 
tat i o » ; ] • fL-ir rn» n cy . 

«jlrjtv-lHn*<( <il-U9w.« [From jfwViV, 
*'lnMivy." iiuJ t/t'n'ttiftrt lu '* umroh."] 
W,ilkm>f with II hiiitvy trtsad. AppMud 
ill I lie plural lion tor {Gntrifr^t'difi) tn 
Bin <»rilornf MniiimuJs iu» lUia tsiviibaiit, 

41mv>ltn'e^ii»r. [i»ritvlm'i«tmui; 

from 'frti'iiM, '* lie-ivy/* in ' , ;i, 

**ujt'iuurc/*l An mfrrum 
t-uninx *i»" •pcjific ^rrrtvity 

from 7/-fi»''rl.M. *' wei^^hL'J TU it pt»wcr 
or timiJciicT liy wliicU all uuu^riiil Itodius 
ftr<L« "irtiwn tMwjinl.f cioli <'rln'r, «r by 
ffhifh a fltowd ur athcr bttdy ou tlio »ur- 
^ fAoi of tho o^rth ifl dr»wn ta«:«rdd Ibe 

liy whj'h lnj'Jici natiiFitlly t J:J 

tb^' oontro of tli-* yurl-h ; WLn;rlit. 

flmvltjr* €>nlro oC Su« Csxruig 
or (iHAvirr. 

«ar.-tv'll;r.M|>e-eir'te. Tho eomt»arii- 

tivo disiifity \or jy^mvlty) of ono Ijodjr 

eon<ii>l<?rod in mUtini to unotticr im- 

iiumo I it.» thu ubiiidarl. In meaaunti^ 

till* »ip«**Ufto )*i"iiivity '»f Hf(ui<|ji or solid*, 

i If t tor \n umiwWy tikeii Ai thu stnnd$i.rd 

l^ c«iiopr»ri<riti, betuj^ rtickonctd 115 n 

init; ill mu;i«iirifij^ Xitsus. vuiumun air 

fnt hydroxpn is n^^nnn^id aj» thn stftndurd. 

tdrent P«>-mp3tlii*lit* Xiorve. Seo 

Cirprl^ii.i Wji'lt-r. A Aolutinn nf 
nirriilit «*r -silver ili^i^ni*** I. Cv>f dyuitii^ 
tloi liiir hUmk ; Mi» Huir th:i(i dyed nmm 
b r »uii'4 |»urf»l«r 011 i<t|trj:>imi to Uui lij^lit. 

Uf^pii HHk. S0O CittrmTrtun. 

<lrf*i»» 9tlrk»t^««> ti.m ('ui.oitoMi!i. 

OrcMi Vlt>l*i»L Tho aulphnUi of 

OfNP{*n Wa'lipr** P«>|ialarly, the 
Li'hut, wlifiii ol A dark^ 4iirty> gn^cnUb 

€4ri'.v l^wllwii. Tbn l^tio ttttftn. 
Urir fltli'^ niiv'tiirv*, M(Konvl:*t> 
4ft>ill td nfi«-l<i'ri> l<'<*r'rl 4Vfrfi«-|»oii'l* 

!>• 1 ' ' Mixture ul Iroii' ). 

It it d" myrrbt nxthnn- 

uttj Ml i*f iruM, Audvpirit 

U it»«iiuii«» Umt tturrvM I 

kf ftiiMlStBfi ' 

11 ' I •• itifh I 

Ur4Mi«tu, ^THtvM. The d«eorUMiei 

grixift^ Mf tho votiiuian ot^t. 

titfiHtt'tU^ ttf «ome wHIcrt. Boa Ac<4«t t 
8\i?t lUui. 

<i»r«>MM-««o. ' Tbc FlroM^ 

ierti] li»r I'ln iob iiocw 

CJrowferiilii* 4 ' ^^U'lu'iU^-^, 0t 

of exci;. tin 


'" ^'(tojiLhcrry.' ] 't 

(luitnjurt t<t tt |>uciili 

from f{[oopclicrrice( and otbor aoiU lrilil%| 

formirti; tlio Uiuim i»f jidlv, 

(iridto.") A j^ffitlo II 
wliicb uarlMitili^* (tcid >; ^ 
Qtgbt^etl mebc^ iiVjovc ibv anrtMn < 
groumi, nil lb at it aflvcU do^* ajtrl I 
fmiiil i*fiimjil«, 
€mrM»wtU. ( Tat lfirrt^itM*ii'ltiiiii Tr*' 

aiiinuentAtion «il tbc Itoily in mil Ub pMrti, 
wilbuat ndV-rcuoo to ihn p(*ouHjir #tmt>» ] 
turo, or function, and. iko, diiUnet frgiiii 
thoiii^b nuarly ootiDiMivtvd vriib, I/p^^ 

Ornlft, Tho larva of inarcU ; mU\ m\ 
Hurt of uiai^^ot, batcbvd fn*m ib«j agg of f 
ib« Inftk' ( iVrffffi/>**M#}. 

Cd ru ' rit«»tt«i. i O rtiHtO 'ftlM X fffum ^ 
gru'm'i*, a '' ctut."] TbkekuUtid k do|l«4| 

C^ro'inan,* A clot of mlllli of of 
blood ; a cord- 

Uru'iuin.^ or Oni'tiiiw aflllMM*.* 
A Htimll whitf tubmilo o( lb« •kiti, »♦* 
liitoilnliii^ M toiilrlxord. 

4Jr|'l'lo«lr>r»ro-^lv'«'ni**^ i1*rrm 
r>r/n»'cff, a " wi»rl," ami 
Tb'^ wrirt'isfttin? tfr«**b' i 
wbiitb \n f^ait^hi for tbc 
(<aiil, id bitlht; olT tbc? cv !j<»o j 

it rtliSi* diMobiirguia tt ci>ri ; r on] 

tbo wound. 

<dtt. -* Gufta,^ a 'Mro|i,*" ur Oiti*tm,^\ 

4Jiiii}4i<% gwi'alc r^r fpnri'ak. Tbt] 

Ju»-it-u;jti tiuMbu uf a tialuruJ urdvi- of 

(•* WiMid ul vjuditt<uiu.' J The rhrtnnor- 
eupcti&l bamo \\ for tnv w<miiJ of Iht? 
l7HMr''fi>«irn ij^>i\ta*lt, j^npuUrly o»lK'*J 
ht^'nnni Vi^ttr (" WiM'4 of !*ifif"|>, tii iiltii 
iiooi tfi it«4 jfreat inciUritiftl vtrtU(>«. It 

uU'.J Luit^iU'-ji fit' the ^y&tviu. 

tt' ■' * iiiiiiiuv. Tlio PbariUH- 

«• «' II for the onnrrpte juice i»f 

ti)' >f uj^ritutlr. It U iLltcnitivc 

ftnil 'iiuMjk.itit, nfi4 \ji tattch Udcd a« n 
?«iniHly ill tbeuuiutijstu. 

tJttnliiriu, or 4«ti»lncime, grtn'f,>f in. 
A rcs\t\\\u\ |«riaci|ilu IVmuhI in ^UAiao>. 
It 4iillvr4 tp«»u moj?t otbvr nshis, by 
Ijviii^ couvc(rt«*Tl by nitric aoid ioro OJC- 
tttio MOtil, iiti'ic'ttd 'T Hitiriciul Lutinin. 

f«tiJtiiM*uni,* p^wi'^kiVm rtr gwE^iy- 

I^Aiiio tree; a Linminn |:cnu4 of tbo 
eta«e< t^^f^nniirtn, f] ituratl «ir<h'r UttUtt^r^t 
Alfo« tfau t^liuiuiai ojiMriu.!! n;iiitv \Li»tiil. 

nr ' ' ' ?" ' ' ,n obuiiiisl irom 

I * f .im.» Tht' Ph*r- 

tiiHfi<t»|>u«iAi iiHiuti 1, LojkJ, ittid Kil. Fb.) 
1 for tbc wuoj uf (imntnvttMi ftjfiri*tiif*; 

r:zi\V:u':^-M nf.||^<nM'li9w* The 

i. s.iit^i. 11. (Siii^l to b« fit- 

i rivQii fruut Lbu rcruviun HuftuH^ hwtL^- 
I llooj •* dungf,**.) A nf»m?itsii of tnanuiv Tc- 

jDJMl uoooaat m a 

^^!fcrtUi*cr. If (Wn- 

' fuif 1. u^jiifllly «lv|fo»tU-'l «jii !«tiiuil ifdiiU'ls 
j ADit cWff* nfAT thi*pon.^t. In i^oiue |i1jiei.*<i 
I it i ' (If betid A»coiibl 

««i :io acciimuUtiitn 

': w, f;ii'"'ir^'^j'''<f'>tt(> " ^iiitJc»*'l<»*"^ovCfti.**J 
i ^oiiit'thin;u' wbioh guMos or dirccU. S©y 

nvxi nrlirb'. 

€iiib4»miie'ntiiinT<*«'tlii.* A fibro- 

tnui(*ijlAr conl btitwocn tb^ le?ficl« unci 
1 N?f '♦♦»«»?» i»i <h>» frfhi*. ^o niifiiod b(H:;iiiiao 
ill lio tcdticlo in tU 

a. ^ri. 

! < .. i .1 . v^inlJt*. • AnntbcT 

njufic IMF MjilHi^tii'ttii iHtppfir. B<et» Alio* 
111 M <?n N\4 P\fi.4i»i*r* 

f^ttlniw f*t*|»|i«r. Sea Caphicch 
A3 ?( I ill. 

€illlit'4« Wopou nthorwiso Cttl1<»4 
Nh'1I« Fi-lA Vi^or-* (wbiuh ix ci|ui\uU0t 
to ♦' <ik<iQ Miirui/' -<* caIkU bvcitutv it if 
woukU uO like u hk«>ut iif tbrc»dK A 
worui ttiund ubivtly in the Eu«t und Wpjtt 
lDt)i4i«. It I* jiiiiiJi Uj bu frtuiuvntlj tipr*?Ivo 
i««l kitig, mnA HbtiUl tbc (bicknc^n of a 
hor«ir-bHir: it btitro\t>. un<Jvr tbf cuticlcr. 
aud *' moy b« tcJi uuUisr ibc ekin« nntl 
trii«ed b/ ibc Angt^rn Ukt tbv «tiiiifc of « 
vioUo. ... It i^buirUl be drai^n init with 
grvut cAtitiin, ly iiirnn^uf a \nvcv ut »ilk 
litMi r«uud it:? Ui\%d: fur if, bjr b<nii(f too 
tDiicb et rained, tbv tiuiiuuJ bn«iLk« Ui« 
|jnrt ri'tuaining undiT tbia f^kiu will grow 
with dMUI-k* \j^itr. and oRcn ocuiieiuii a 
l«if4il iiiniiinttr»iili«it).*'<^0*vo|f.) 

€jttilit>»-tini ll>^, Tbfi vulgar 
nnnjL' <.t tbt- /Uttrf'nn AUki/cu, >tn ^3t- 
trvuj('t> uvrid pl»fil« U9*i*l in Jnmaica tii 

a fi^tllldLTiiMDo. 

€Jtil« ^OuU A PcrsiftD wi*rd Big^nifj- 

iBf^ a ♦* i«»n%'* 
Uiil Atlnr. Bee Attah or RtiSKS* 
Ivii't^'^ Tbo fr»**phn*jn*, or giiUi^t; 

[MipiilaHv, tbe Lb rout. 

Ultin. — (Jum'mi.^ *'Gum,** 
Uftiu. |Lat. Untn'ntI; Fr. G>mmct 

gumiu.J lUv uiucibigt.' (il veticUblcA. 
Oitm Arnhic. fw t;tnMi At Anx, 
Cifini It«»ll. [I'lirnliM.] Inllntn- 

matin n« ultf^i ff, or to it vf Ibc guinifi, 
mum K-lnMiic A term for Vvmtt- 

iiiitiit Jii'itl-ficr. A < -in 

Wliicli vxudes lu w bill* I Uiti 

JuHIt f t' f'f U» «"uh<Mm/»|M, It Ii ' ' I U"d 

unminiueh, and, bince, rot»luu«idc«l witli 
tbo aa»*rU^!Yn fif i\ riftritlcv i»h'u4i wn» ■ 
fulfiburit '' ' , tft- 

der it 1* ni« 

ink fiotii -. i , "L'b 

Ibc ex t« riot cuutittg vi tdxv hus IhscH 
»criiped «wjiy, 
<Jtiai ar ftic^ Tc^fii, Fee titlf> 


CJiini. Kiink li«*^. Tbe cumnion 
natne Ut the Stn>jJt'»titiit r'nn/0t*nt*. 
Utitii Rn*«h. lUd i^uin. A ^eitus nf 
i-e», ^'ec i?Tnoi»nifLt*s. 
The coumiun nmiiD lur 

titim lUwi ill, [Gum'tnKRf^l'tm.] 

Thv foriiTrf*" juiri" '>r certain |diintf. con- 
nail' s<Hii) fill, fEitni, utid 

C'Xti nailers (tMi1i»eff« niti- 

moui ^. .;, euphorbtuiot MBta- 

[Qnny, A.i\ 

Uwn^ Wlitt«. The eominon ii»iiie for 
»itf*ifih'nhtif ttt'huJn0, See FrttfO*iit> I i*N. 

Caiitnni^^ A loft tuiiior, »o u&mvd 



frnm tlie rescmblajaoo of ita coQt«tit4 to 

Clntn'titJ Acti'cijf*^(n-kA^ilii>-t!). Tbe 
PJjcLria:iuojMJL'iiit II II 1111.1 i;^Ktl. Ph.) ul' jj^itta 
Araliic. ohtiiinoil IroLU rba ^Iciieta r«.r'fi| 
and othvT 8t>coicfl uf ^Irririfi. 

tiiiinml Rnbriiiu Oniiibl4*n»e. 
See ICivo. 

Uoin'ml f«cf>r-pi-o'tilM^'' C#um'ml 
Nf^ti'e-yrtt,' Cluni ml ft^^n-v-jfitl-efli'- 
»^;'€luiii nil Tli^l»a'l-cuiii.^ Niiujii'd 
for >;uin AniKio. 

4iun-Ci»t'tnn« An exploalvo tub- 
I atiinuc, propare<J bj ^toepmg oottnn frtwl 
[from aU im)}uritiej in u mixturo of mA- 

Jkhurio anil nitrite icid^ tta 1 then wa.-«biD;r 
t Ofircrallv unrj dryiu;*' it It is priiici- 
P|>]ilty uiDrl r)r the manufiiiCturo uf Col- 
LoiMON, wbicb soe. 
Clnit'Jiiti* Tbo drtihl plftnt CaitituA/t 

Uitit'pow«lcr« A mtx!i3T0 of five 
pirM mI niliu. Miii.^ of (*ul}t'uir, and ouo 
wf ch:iro »»1» Hwely puw lurcX ami vltj 
aecurAtelj blondod. Tbo grains tro 
em tutbed bj fncliaD, and am tbeu Maid 
tu h(5 L'^lii/ud. 

<jtiji'l:><lf»-r.f« Oti«'f:^-tIve. [fJ^iui* 
i:%lo'rlaL% UiMtaii'iu.^; rrum ijuiUa, 
ffnut'f^tttm^ to •* taMte/"J liuloDgiog tti 
tbo Hon so (if tti$tQ. 

€dti«*ti«t<»ry 5ferv€»- The )in^UAl 
britnisb of the doqi pisrtiun uf tho iiif* rior 
tndxiltiir/, or third brunch <>f tbo fifth 
pair «f norvos. 

Oiu'iitfi.* [From ytSoftat, iu " lAatc."] 
Thi* >cn»ft of inAte, 

UntU -^ Gtrtif^ " Drop*/* 

tiltlt. cittlbniMl. =^ ttttt'tU qiitbum*' 
dim,* '* With a f-w drops/' 

Oiit/4f^^ [ VrJinntfe, (joijt,ft"drof»."] 
A tniriiiBt or the KixtioLh part of a llui- 

<J«tflA A-noil jj^-iM^^ (*'Aaod.vne 
I>r lu/') A iolutioo of ai^eiuto of nior- 

CJitfli« ^lirm. *^o Bf.AcK Drop, 

fiiit'f t» 0'|»»>^* (**Upftko Drop/') 
Tb<i di*«t«i<y uiilloil iml^riwif, iw dirilm- 
guishcd Umn ttvrfK SvAu\s\* whicdj *<*«. 

iJiit'tn Fitr'cilt^b* A namtt applied 
t4» the e moretc jaiec of the h'tn<*tttlnt 
ffttUtt. Thi» tiiibKt 111(^0 hhA bcon plACiod 
nil the priniarf Hiil of tbi^ M^ivnn, 
Mttiliea of the U.S. PhkLriniM^u]Ki!ia for 

fJutttft fto^nepR. or Onttii RoAPn* 

Sot' A< M»t Hni. Ktr \, 

fltil'iitfk^rf'n^* ("* Drop Si^rciie.") 
A iittiuo fdr 'i>innuftt»49, m whieh tho iii»' 
«aw W ntf in the rutioa. aud not tu tho | 

lens (it bninors of the eye, thli orffto ^^* 

pemrf uleur and natur><.L 
Outtat. = fi,ifui'um^ " By dropi," \ 
^ni-ta iini.^ [Fi'uiiio«i'*<i,a**afvp;T 

tn proHuripliotid, "drnpby druj^.** 
iJirTTircHot g. 

ttg. S«* 

€Jiil<ur>r>erw* [See Oi/rriricaot ««] 
Tbr Jur<«icurm namo rd' a natural order { 
of plan^^. S«e Cli muckje* 

Oatlirerol. Ser> nvxl arttete. 

4^ul tl-fei^-al^* Of €Jnt-ftr«>ffNfi 
Applied b)' Lindley lu tui tUiitt^oce t^r 
division of pluntit (or Irtt") coinpriidlof 
tbo»e which produc^i rtsein. i[See Urm* 
KitHou».) Tho <iiittiferal ulJtaiKW e(HD« 
jiri«(c?<, sitnonr; others, the trnpurl itnt natn* 

C^til-tir'#r-oiiM. [<att«'tif<*r. or 
€}iit4if'«riiH; from fft$t'tit, a *' elrwp,** ' 
liUil/t'nt^ t«f •*b«ar.*'] LJf?»rHlff "drfp- 
bciinnjj/' that is, "r* inff." 

Applied to a natural dh ; lU. 

Ont'tur, nri** Tb iJ#o» 

tho larynx or (riicbfra. Bee Uri.a* 

9JNu-tittn'tliUM.' [Froni y^fw4. 
'^ nuked," «nd u.ihi, h •* flowt'r/*] tlar* 
iti^' iirOfi'l fi<»wci^: g:ytiinnn'thuus, 

C«jriiiiiJV>iluuB«*'jitn nri'the-fiio. Uit. 
yti^Affnt^i innii y'fi*»H* "naketl,"] Thi 
|duce whtTf ibf" ttnr'If'n* Athlrtm aijil 
of hers v^ ^c^; Ml iiain#«l 

becttii?«c, o:toroijiG«i ihej 

atncpcd ,, ;.. K 

Gr. y "/iroff r<ctis J lioe jtrocedinp artlctli^,] 
Ilclon;^ing to gyiiiiio?<tie«. Svm ue&t 

OjrinniM»'«f«H«.j The ncicnow <«r ryvlc-ni 
by which tb» health h prnmotC'd md 
the ^tron^^t (j 1 1 1' ( l»M 1 ' od by the 

reguttir pnuiicij of n'l*. 

" Daked,'* and pX«rrt%, a ** priiu"] lUf * 
iiifr A naked f^-rm. Apptk'd to (loweni. 

|>iii»; from yt^i'iH^ *• nukud/' and **%^k, 
" fiuil-," or "9eod/'J Ilairini^ iiak^ 

^j j^ in ' niHIri' tktt. [ Cl>' tti n n^'cair ; 
from Y^f*'^* *• nali© !/' and >i^»i, to ♦*!» 
born," to " ^oir."] A dIvl»ion or eUat 
uf exo^enouM pluiiU, wbitdi |i.t%-fi no 
ovjiry* *tyle» or titi|:ftuu» but am mi won- 
f« true ted that tho p >l1rn falU iiiititndi> 
atcly upon tho naked u\ uh'p, Hrilliuut the 
Introduction of any lntiirin<?dlat»> "PP** 
riitii«. Tbe CunVV/jt mtiy b« L-itiul a# aa 
exmiiplo of thia c1ai*» of plrtnt«. 


^«,f tn-«t4»-4»fM»r'tttKii'«»' [I'Trim yr^- 
■ */' ttiiil (rfffjfi'4. It *• *ct'J,"] 

U ^ ^d !*cinh. A|'|ilii''l lo u Liu- 

M I ffr.>/#ri, •• iiikHilh."'] Uyui- 
A]i|>Ueil 111 llic plitrul nins- 
^Lu...i , -. -irrtufWriimi) to A Ui\ t^uti r>r 
liow««, iu whkvh tho ori£o« ol' Uio tarn U 

^^»<«ii'€lrl«^'^ Tli(* tianiti of a Lm- 

[<]jitaii*drUi»: 'w»iuitn/' 

VT "f' in i1' /' nri-i a '*nni»i/' 

II - of Iho rt"Wi*r iitii|4)tl. A|i- 

< : . ; iiwpli'wm; fnmt 

^op^. In **»mar/'*l Lfft^mllv, " lUnl 

I . _ ■ , 

mno/* Of ** f«'iuftle," a^ Qe(rfttiviv anil 
Wr;.ij^#<, t^i *'|K>rfitrutf«." ] A toriii fct the 
iii)1ltfrulujti Ktr itti|uirforutiou itH tbv va- 

fr<*m y«»»ii, y<»*iijnlii, n '• w*nu(»n," aixI A**)**, 
n 'Nlii<c'iUT>tf."J A trv:ilt.-(] t\tt wiittiati, 
and tiitf |ivculiii.ritiv« nf lirr vi*iiftiIiitHt|i 

whirh IrviU/^ t»r rlio k*t««ir votifelitiitU'ti, 
^4^«fil'tt^l»«.^ [ FriUM y iff, ft*'wotiinn/*] 

Perl«inin>; to w<>d>cq. A^ijJii'il in tho 

|ituriil {tttpn'ririj, to iin order of fliscnsc^. 
^jP*iiob>i«ilA.» [From yM^-ij, « "nm- 

man/* ur *' Itmuk*/* and //i^ffj^t, tt**bfta«/'J 

The H»M! of a style or |ii«liL 
^fiyMm^^UnrvMMn, Sec GvH^rnonK, 
4t^p'»uiu.* ftir. ytn^or.l Tliti »uU 

pbntci iif liitte, or ftt*tuter tuf i\ti49, 

"turn aboiii."] Turning ubi^itt : TotAt- 
itij^ itaclf : gj'rant. Api^livd tc* CL-rtaiii 

I ^y'rmt^ [43 ji«*t«H ; Tn ut j/y V«^ In 

"turn Bbout^*'] LUcrttlly, ** lurutd 
nbtml." The stime iun riRci^ATU. 
^S**^ ' * A^n* I ^3 i^'t lo« o' f 1 1# ,* from 

I t'if'""* *fi/4n'tum, t«v ♦♦ turn *l*<int,*'J Th« 

I i^fti-^utiofi of iliiii£iftv>A. 

I |r» "»rifnl/" urul f>«;(^^>aXo» . iW ** Ipriiiii,"] 

». .-1 , . ,. . . . _ .,t , ,, f^'Mim- 

NhI. but 
_ I t'lit'tpli** 

I ^r'r^* [Tlio pliini) of j^'i •!«, 11 '* dr. 
ouit,"] The i«pir»l ttaviticit «f ttiv iiilir- 
ii:tl car. AUsu, ibe oaorolutiuo* of the 


Ctvm Y'V^, A "cirelc.'j Lliiviug ciroki«, 
or full of oirclcB. 

ifi.'rd f»m'HU* '**t Ibe bour of 
ult'i'p," in ntbt'r wr»rtl*j '•M lieiltimvi/' 
ilAblf. |lt«bU4«ii; froD) iui'ht^i. I 

iimte ftclbm* ^^cc Di4Tiii:pil». Mtd 
II it V in. 

UMa»T-Ciii«« [From An^S'K to '*iii- 
ftnb t," Hf **dwdl/*J LUormHy, "it 
ilwrfU/' Afiplted to a ptA«e irhem « 1 
pUnt li«0it jtrnwji, or nn anima) t; gcuv- ^ 
n»llt f««!n<K I 

tlfa»-«^tnn'tif^rk.* [Frrtm aflf^, 
*' hi?hi," or *' g«y/* mid fMviu, **iiind- I 
oom/'} Inmilty or deliriam tn wbicb { 

tbci pntiont Is chcorful or ntcrry, Com- 
piirti AuKNoii&MA. 

liir'm^.* jci^n. IIirin'^tcMi* [Ur. 
<i/iki<t.] Atniilbcr lerm for " bJond/* 

TT "<'fi-C«l%I-ii€>'«iliH^ [FroDi df^a, 
*ijX<t, it *' f|mt," iind i«T<i%. n 
] TU<:KMl^»[»ot di^ca^v, tbu 
iiik'Mv ^ivefi by li^jrcr to />j»t/»Moi. 

Itattiittri'lUtlitA* 8m It icM A TOOT A- 

IlH''rii-i»-<l,f n-^*niotn V*l«>r. [Ilir* 
nuMli'iiitiiitfvgfi t'lrttni t I i-uiii *i/^<i , 
<* blood," W»>ri|4i>« ♦•rirtWfr," nod jtir^^ 11 
'* iii«iii«ur«/'] An in^trninunt fur «k»ccf- 
tjiiiiing tbc^ fort*© of ihe cirvnlufi'Mi of tbr» 

lliriii'9«ff(i>ini<*- (liirnmat^'iniftt 
frtim *dft^t " blood." snd tlyai, to *^ aurry 


awfty," to "oxpeK"] Applicl to me<lU 
oiriu§ favoring tlie licceMa ot tbe vu.tik- 
uioniitf ur iho lieinc»nrljoiilaJ dwoliarjrc. 

tlip'iti^t* or Ifc'ttt^l. [HiriiMiliM; 
fffiiii atfi<t, " ttlood.*'] liflatLDg to bluud, 
or rlif btHo«t voas*ulii. 

llic'iiiiil Areli« A name appllott tu 
ttjii iireli fonuQri hj tb«; steruum aod ribs 
with tlio vwrtohrajt butsiiuao it pruteots ur 
enoli>!«e3 the tnoat impurtiint purtioa of 
the ru^utar j^yntum. 

Hie'itutl Ait^lM. A nanio applierl by | 
Owen to the central urgnD aod largo j 
truiika t>f the %'ft!<Qalnr »yatetn. \ 

lf»'miil S|»lne» Artotbcr name for 
Iho Hteraum. Unod hy Owen for the 
huinoloj^Q ol' tho stvruum and eoaifiynn 
earUU^r or (in tho ultUvmoo) far the 
/irt"'! afhn, 

llnsm-ili^loa-^riiy.^ [From attm, 
"bbiyil," iin>\ KfKJ;, 'Mirhito/*] Tin' 
butfy coat, or fibnu, of tho blood: bti>tu- 

llffi»ttm^l»'|»l*9«* [Prom aljMd, 

'• blootl," ait 1 f-'A, <*!?'*„ tbo '•o>'«/*] A 
di»ea^o of t!no eyu. in wbieb vvvry itbjt'ct 
apfiearit tjf a hb>uil roi<»r: bujm'uJopy. 

Ilm-innii'itiaii*'^ [Fniin a/^/i, 

**bl^>d/' ami &yOkti^ a " fluwer/'] Tbo 
Blood Plowor. a plant of tho n annJ 
order A>tt>trfftit(iitrf'!r. Tb« lloltiMit<*tH 
oru Aiiid to dip tbi'tr arrow headd in tbo 
jiiif3o of itti buTbpt, on aooount of Uh fioi- 
tonoaa profiurttea. 

Ilti«*iii3if»h'f*«ln, or bom a- fc' in. 
[Ilit^iuiililiifrnii: fr»fii ai^a, '* blami/* 
onti i/"^'*M " ot a lawn e tbif* "] Tho sub- 
itanoti wlildh gitroj tbo pale aubtfr oulor 
to urino. 

Iff{rni«^pi»t»li'il^^lii.* [From alfut, 
"lil'^oil/" tifhl npofjfi'fffitti,] Appiiod by 
Owcio, iu Com pa rati to Anatomy, io the 
laifiiiiiD of a vuftobra, wbiob lt>rni an ir- 
rejjfiilar oiinal, lod^jing the tumtnl n,tU ,- 
uUtu tbi; hoinrdoti^nti «f tho «:irtda|j« of a 
rib, or it* !«t<jrnal pi>rtirin. naucd in ruf- 

Oronoo til tbtJ f>JrsH*rl tti'fh, 

llif*-tnii«-t1ii>*ito>lii«* [From t^lffx, 
"bt«*i>d/" atid 4*i?3f.'na, •< dt?bili»y."] Po- 
verty, or d«*tLTit*ra(iHn. of the blood. 

Iltrni-^|j%n«9^ir«»'ir«.* [From af/ia, 
**blo'»d,'* and ti^aytAi/ff^ n •• raiiinj*" or 
*' brin^ up,"] A r^ii^^inp^, or I'ouiltliig^ 

or blO'id. Sf* ll.RHATKMHASJt. 

t i fPtn-i^l )i> II -1^ -on 'i»MHiii«* n r Itjviii* 

i^Iiiii-|]r<-i»j|>»-«ii«.* I rrnm m^iiu 

•* bbtod," J *iOi'f \i "v(iiM<»1,** nnd ***•«>,% a 

*' di«nri«j.'*| J*iM.'iini *»r tlm blotMl-viMPoIrt, 

ttt«*nt-^tii4i-ilrlH»'M|ifc.'> Tho Jiamo 

fiil 11 »l^< irAMllO'lUHOM, 

[Prom ttf/ca, 


•• blood," and ojre^'a, " 4of«<St,**I Tbt I 

ll# A?«^MIA. 

tu fi.fmutttfiftrnt. hiMoiitapor'iCi 

if ariii-^-lji|»-«r-rlBa'iila.* [Proa \ 
alftit, "bjiiod/' m6, "fjiini/' and *tf^»\ 
"utTuui."] Th« »ciparulion of •msa j 
from thu blood, a« iu tlie prufUM i 
chargoH of Vhufrtfi. 

llirtn >-t^|M»!i ' l^-4«lii. * [V 
*• blood,*' and aa^rtMHi, a "'l 
MfUiHtanU, ur transpoaitiou i»t 
to another jiurL 

Hit^nitt-t^pfMi^tittl-nMi.^ Boloof*] 
in;r ttJ ktiH'ififjiuntfmiK: hutmntM\>nntMl''}it,\ 

il«'in>-t«>-lfr'iiiii.* [Froiu ti^ 
*Mjli*iid," and iXatoi'^ '♦oil, "J A cotiOfiC#J 
oil cxis^ltojii; in the blood« 

IIimi«^leit]'<s^liu* tProm 
'Mjluod/' Mud i>uj, trt '• voriiiU"] V« 
JII^ of bbdMl. Floe 11 f.MAT^XAGOOll. 

llipni-^l€v>niPl'l-«ftiM.* DelongtnfJ 

to fttttHrttrittrtfitt; UnVUiUtmiXVt'te, 

tltrm^^fcp-^^-irv'iir^.* [From 4^1 
"blood," II nd irrtjwyfjf, an 'Vattack,** 
"inra»iuu/'J Congestion of bbwd In mj 

Ittriit-^itif'r'niiiii,* [From 
"ldot>d." and Oip^n, "be»t*'J HftfiB^ 
warm blood: b>i'mtilhcr'mr*ii.«, 

llieiii'ift'lil-flro'Mltk.* [From 
'' bloud," and i«/».i^7(v» a *" *wt?oltii^."l Afl 
ooxinff of bbKud-coloriHl ptfrttpiralton. 

HmimtlioniJC. Sec il.KMAfOTHO' 


Ilirffi-^tl'9-«l«.* rFroin 

'* bbiod/ J Tbo same (vn II C)t4To?roar^ 
lltr»iiti»l'l«rqu* [From h^.vtitietui 

"Ttilntin^ to tbu bbiud, f»r *T*«*«*m of! 
bloml-vo'itselK/'] A nun*' v Itfjk 

t}ood Io a Inland uf bi« "om*; 

prising diseases of (be l•^u.^ -. mna*'^ 

tion. Uit<umiiiHi \b alao U^vaX to dcii«l«] 
tnediciiicd which an* eupp<i«od to modify] 
in n<tmvi way tbo cotidition of the lfloofL| 
J^ec II t:MATi>iirA. 

Ilw^inat'l-riiiw* [Frv»m «nVa," LlooC 
llirtuiil'ic, Relatinji; Im tbo lOuod. 

llirm't^tln, or If irui o*fJ«i 
[Ilfmiatf'uiit from «//j«i, *' bbmd/ 
The c«tb»rini; tiintitr of thf bb»<Mli Mima 
timoi*. though imitriti^t^'t?'' tiTiacd ^ 
l't», A No applied tn \\w dMltirinji i 
of 1o||fwo4id, from it* rcj«tobij 


1 1 ii*«ti-ia.t In '1-4^ * [ Tbo | A u ral i 

iitine/*] A elann of tbi >■ 

Aiii;mt<ut tbo n mount oi 

blond. Tbfy C'»n5i«t rUillji. it aiul <x*J 

clusividjrj of iron and it« ootuponud*. 

— ■■■■■ y'lliiVlie-wlit." [Fmm oZ/ia, 
••bloodl/* And i<ir\t^, iinutlii^r larm of f\ai, 
to *-ht»l<i/* to ** rciitniiti. "] 8Ccrfi[>«g« of 
diM>har|{«4 of bttxid. 

H »m i ^ llHU i^inniw* [From alftm^ 
" bluvi," Afid i<f9p<^, the " fauccf/'j Ua'ia- 
nrrbiiKc finm the f»uci?ji. 

tljrta'#*tal4>« or Ifent'#*tile. 
[ltirilllftiJ*l«»1 from alfta^ "Uluod/'J 
The Ut^ioU-ttonej m ipvcica »f irun 

HjnM-^U'tim IfiT;*.* [From tff/t^, 
*'MtM»d."J InflAniuintion of tbo Mood. 

HflNvV-lo-^mr'ituin.* [FroDi iJ/ia, 
••tiliMid/* liQi 'iopcxs, "fruit"] lltivitijcr 
tn\i f]x«tt<e*l with rcfl: hit.'matoear*(>oii£(. 

lljpni'^-IOH|;:«l«^.* [From alfta, 

"I ! ' ' 1 vfi\tt, a *'tum«r."] Kii- 
1a ' tho (crotiim. from Uhtod 

Wii nn or vthtrr of ifa tniiic^. 

H4rtii^to*f^|»li'^lii».* [Front 

A I ^ ■ ■ T ftiipion of 


ii»nt ^f 4^4*|ie ■i^i^'« (Frutii aljMd, 
•Wooti/* ajnl \^;w, t«* ''ciracuutc Iho 
bowH^. '] A ' ■ ' I. 

Ilirin^*!*!^- [From a(y«, 

•*ljlvodp" ami > belly.**) Eflu- 

«nii tir ceo^|>o ol* blood into tho perito- 

**b!t*<«il."" iiiirl «jA-o,, a ••nirtiu'," Brtme- 
tlmcs the " vii;jinii."] EfTci**!*)!) of blood 
into tbw riM^inii. Also, n oollcctinn of 
btoodp vf of ltic>»«trTini jn*f*rr(ioo, there. 
i'l^t4»-€Xr«'tnl-||nc. [From 

1,** lind cprvrfiiXXdJ., *'cr^*S!lAl."] 

Ifin. ), ofv toiiiid ;ft the reniatni 
r blootl, Jti mnn the 

t!! nnA rrrtnn rnlftr 
.' of 

.,,......., ^. of 

i€ bright n'«l iiin«l«r 
. ;;rn» (lurk red under 




cx :i . - . 

f*>Tm. I 

the m!Iu> 

thrit uf ci;J. 

Il*rtiii^*i«»^.r^nl'n^* [From 

■t^, "' bloud."* and «v<«j«.( '* b!u«."] The 
ttlne e^ibtrinj* matter of tho bluod: 

llarni^-to-cJN'tla.* [Fmm alfta, 
"blm»i|.;' litiil rio-rif, m "bln^der/') A 
rjr>t runUtinln); MmnL Also, cITu.-i in 
of bl'Mid inti thfv iir.nory blftfl*ler. AIfo, 
ent'Yiitecl ha^ain'-tmn : n b».'iti'ntcH3y«l, 

llirni-«9-(o'«f ^4, ' [ From a?!**!, "blood/'J 

Full ii'l b'l'f'ul. li.'i'ttj'uto*n, 

II«piiMil;a«l^iiaiiu»iBi«t«r, SeeU.icM- 


««me »s (t LOB VMS. 

lIiPin-^loic'r^|>Iif. [llirmiito* 
^m'plitn; from alf^t, "blooa," iind 
y^l^M, to ••write/*] A iJMcrfptiotj of tbv 
bloinl, it,0 niiturc and (juality. 

IIirin'%-l4>kl. [lliritintol'flctii 

from fl/^Mi, '■ hloo«i/' and «*t^, u "fornu"] 
Rc^etubliuK blood. 

Hiiriti*i^tol'dlii. [Bf#riiintf>l«ll'itti| 
from Airmrr/riia/'Uictti»tiii."J Acr^ntNJ- 
lino bodjr produced fpontaneoualjr from 
hfcinntin during the dr.viri;.' of bio* id. 

lliriii-^*lol'4i-ft;j^* * |ilnt»ft«olo'> 
fsliti from «if'a, "blood,' and U^n^, » 
"dbcoiirpc/*] Tbo biflikry of the nn' 
ttire iod eonttitution of the blood; the 
^fioncc of ibf b!u< d. 

lifriii^to*l|^t'l-f>^« [From «?/<«, 
"blood," Kiid >iiu, to "diesoKc/* to 
"irefcken."] A term fip]di«d by tt^mo 
wnt««r9 to n rlii« of retii^dir» which iiii- 
p'lVfrbb (ht< llui>d. Sec 8 1' A Kit MM, (in d 

tliriMi-^»fo'iii9«ii/M.* [From alfiaHut, 
to '"turn itilo blood*"] A uloody tumor: 
II b^om'ntitTncu 

IIiriii*ii^fo*m9*1o'Miii.* IlftTing 

hnntnft>n/u _' fitt»(iiHt4tfrfi(*»04. 

llfi'in t^^to-inel-a4 li '5 'Mn^* { From 

alfia^ *• blood/' ftcra^ " beyond/' end X^ctK, 
nn "effuffif^n/'] TraD<sfn^ioii nf blood. 

1I*ptKi-a-fotit'e>t<^r« [Ilnmiitoin'r* 
trnni ; irc^Di tufta, "bbnid/" wod ^^r^oi, t 
'•mtnaiiiirc/'] An in^trnmcDt Jor mea- 
ftunnf? tb<» fnrce of blood. 

lltrni'^to-mc'tlr^* [From wtfM, 
•'bbmtd/' nod ftHTf^t the ** Womb/'] A 
filling of the womb with blo^d, 

lltrm'iutO'iue'lM-^* [Frcm al^a, 
"blood/* and ^rr^u. to *'men*me/'] Tho 
meoieiiring of the foree of the blood in 
iljienurse: h«*m«tom'etry. 

II irfti*4«^ font ' fib^lo^^le. * [Prom 
nlfiM, "blood/' ci/K;^aA<Wf the ** njiTcI/* und 
trtrH, ft " tumor."] Tumor at the navel, 
turjfid with blotid, 

■firin-it-toiii'l'-^^A, cVii." (From 
aiVii "bt<MH|/' nnd ^vr^t, tt '' fonpu;*/*] 
Ftnifju* /ifnuatffffrti. or bluody fitngtiji. 
^oe Fi^nt < lit V ATonm, 

Ilirin^^ton 'fHMMk* or Iffrm*^ 
ton'oHKiiAi" [From •/m-i. ''blood/' nrid 
;iL<ricKjr, *'di?«'n.'<c/'] Ilti.<«fniic *»f the blood. 

nirRi>-fo*|Mhrl-<«r'd]*iTin." [From 

pTm, "blotid/* lifld p4>rirar'rinm,] Effu^ 
i«ion of bliiod into tbo ;**-r»>"rir/*ti»w. 

Tlirtn^tf»-pli|^l Ituu* [From alftn^ 
'"UcmmI " ttinl vn^XUv, A "Icuf/'] Ilin ing 
lrav<«« (in>;od with a blood color: birma- 
topliy Flout. 



llf«in'^t«*p1it«i'iit^ Ar;«.» [From 
fl/,i4i, "lilMod," and b-Aut/uji, n "lonn^* 
tion."J Xht) |iUiitio prindiplu of tito 

**blujtl,' fui'l ifoi'fun^ tt "mitkinjr/'J 
AiiniJi'latiiDi tt\' \\iv. ulivlo Uj bk»u4J. Tho 

I1 15711 m-lo-piiiHtt'I-^Uii.^ Belong- 
hi,/ t»» h^r »'tr ffi"if*i'» .'^ hirnmtnpoioi'io. 

II rm- it-t op-cy Ril*^. '* li flPtn«ii* 

ti>j»'t5>«W.' Tbo i^aino a* H.kmoi'TVMh, 

ili«2]i<i^«l4»r'rli9^«tili«*^ [From crtVi, 
'' lilooU/' unit P"ixf». ti*» " PitiDt'/'J EfftJ- 
8i*Hi tjf bh>od intr> thti afjiiio, of into tba 
tbi-'diof fbn i^iTiniil lUnrrrtTif, 

IiTjn>-tt»r-rhrt?>.* [From alfta, 
*' hlo h\" anil (i=oj. to •♦flow."] A pMtivo 
fltiwinK'^i' bbiod; ha*monrha)j«, 

Ifipmito^ini^. Sec It f<«Ati!C. 

11*1*111 n-tofilM.* [Frnm alftar^ii, to 
*' iMi\u^ )>l K)dy."l A AuWf ur IJux, of 
blo'Mi; a hujm irrbdnfo. 

If :citB>-to^pll'I-9»^ [From vf^ci, 
"bb> »rl," and ffTiAu;, a '*«|mt."] A aamu 
for fitcfK-n htmorrb'trjicit. 

IIi«^iti>*l(Mi|»on-isr(t'iil«i«* Tho for- 

tnatiftn or ;;r'iwtb *>f hfrm»itrnrpom/H0. 

llji^jit'it^io-MtHtii'irnM** [Ffoiii atVa. 

♦"bl •' ' i>y«,-, 0. *'fl|»oijg«."] /*Hrt- 

»*« ' u- bloudj ftingtui. Sfo 

IIia>jii>v-li»-Mjpiii pli«»-ro'«Jii,* or 

*'bl«»«»rl/' ftUd tfV<PVJ7>?<Ct *>!■ 
^'iij<i)imiibli»g ti)|;othor/' a 
CLin^Ltdtioa of blooJL Set' 


II ivmittotlioriuK, Boo H .« if oth o- 

lln*ni<-iA*t»-l<»%'i<% IIii*in-nt-tr>Y'ir. 
{lljiritimtotoKlCDJi, H£r]iifit^3K'iciiwi 

fruui M}ix, ** bluod," and r«;iJr«»i, " [toison."] 
Bol^n^to^ to ft v'Ulftiod etate of the 


If iDiii^lov'i'n^t* or If ipm-Q-tox* 
j^-ll'it^.^ Tlio ti. during uiattur i>t lag- 

iIt««m-9*tr>«'#-loii.* fFrnin atftn, 
•*b!i>Hl*'* and (mW-, "wood/*] Logwood. 
A liitiT!;i^ in 'Xtinua of itit»da'<jH D *^nH*hi>u 
Qfttur kt ord T Lf'fttmift^itK. A]i»o,tbu Plmr- 
tnii(^')prnii1 nuno (Ed. atifl luS, PbJ of 
tbc If Olid of t/:r itrtiu^tftftn C itifprrhtftnttm, 

(*'W^Mil of Jhptnatcit^bni"')* Sue H #;*)- 


liiriiiMf>it>l«n €'«iu>pc-«ltl-i»'* 

ninit.* Tlu* !«r(iW"»<td trcu. 

copa'ial riuiiR') (Lond, IMi ) of lugwuud. 

irirfii-^eo-«o'<Mi.^ fFrv>tn il^^ 

"bl'Mid/' ftiid l***^\ nn *• nTtTrmiTil 'V Ai 
nuitnji^lculc diflonvr 

rl-f^.' [Fmui ai^ i ,. ..,, i t^, 

the *'nriiifl/'J A diiioik8«» In wliiab Mood 
1!' dii*'.'hurjj«'d ^ifh TT^Tn^. 

llK-nt-(>-Ci Bdnn^ttif t4 j 

ttHttKtt'i' t't ; i 


from iilf*<i, '"blotid/'] \ 
f>tiLneo ubCaitied fr 
ac>ti(i>n <if dry coU 

}it :■ '■■->;-'■' ' •■: 


11, ^' , J 

aflV.'li^'J Uv ('tr^aij; iiiuu'i'al «i4^^(U, 

Iltvm mlitr»e«*ar, * b f^ni -r»-d '}-Ta'«bi^'l 
[Fri;»tu Ilfritt tt/'t'tum, on'- *" '' - T ' 

A nahinil nrd(*r of i^n I 
eeoa!! fdatitjt, ff>iiiid In N 
eomt" •fthi'r jxnti^ of tbc w*Hld« 

lin-filiMIK*!*^^. 8r*t5 Tl f(ii4roitBtcil.l 


^•blu.Mt.' nit'^ 

8i(iia of blood into Lh^ t^biiiiib^rf^ i*l> UkJ 


IItpni«o-proc't4iii,* or "" -- 
proc'lii»«^ [Front mV'i. " i 
flr/^fij*?'^. tli«i **{inuF/'J Hii^chot. 
from th« bijweli^. 

IIji*ni-f»p'tl-«*iM.* Btl^Dfrittf 
(t/Khr hwmo|t'tic, 

St:. ,_i. r; --.>,H,« Of IfiV'^lltl*!!'* ^ 

l4iN«t^ ^ From ftinct, " blood/" 

A ■ ■ ■ _■ ■■■ '" • ', ^ 

IIirnMtrrtiiMEt** Sec TIjrvoffwimHi 
llirm-or.rtm'drl-9** [Fr 

"bl'Mid/* and pfrvfo. ««♦ "bin 

rha};^c, or hn^in'orrhuj^y. A iiiirntinfl 
fciHh of Idornl, frntu wbwtc^vvr cnnM*, To 
tbv plural, an ontur of tbo claM i'yrtxim 
of <'tillvn<i Xoi-biffy. 

I f n'tn-€ir>rti Adr l-moi. * B«brfig 
to bMMM'O'ihfi;!"; hji'mcrrbft^iri 

lln'mnkr-rlitfi 1*^* (From «J 
*"bbM>d.' and pit-, ibc **Do3i«/*j The f« 

lliriti-or»rlicr'^> TbcRiiDoa* II.) 
Aioitnit*T \. whieb <«rn. 

MM*tiiorrliw'tt iV-t«N4'lfe1«i«'tli 

tSt^o I*KtK«"Hf«,) A tenn wUioli ti« 
been n[)[>li(uilt>nvbroi]ic9 foriia tit pttrjtur 



Hjiessi «r-rli<»i«l. [Ilaem4>r'rli«f«t 

l*lr»t' from mlft** '* l>l<n»d»" unil /'im, to 
•*fli>w/*] LitcraMy, n " hiriuorrhn^/* 
»T I l.v ui«iv*l in thifl HmfC iu 

i." n"w rcfitrictcH In ih© pitca, 

li i M I - ivbtm tlity ills* 

wi- /. wijfn ihcrr is 

li I- «f tU« orilcr 

0apiii*iOr«rltof 'V^ •T-i-morrliol- 

BcNm^ifiK Im liuMit r {tile?;. 

, liirm*or-rlft«Kt U^u»«^ This ernne 

i If tMi^KIKtlOlhtl.. 

]|iMn*o^]N»'Hl-^* [Fr^tm «tJ^a, 

•^lo ^urf»c<i r»r tiio b^rty^ bfin;^ ojd ^j.- 
tittniUfifi uf titti prinei|ibt of ricy cii|t- 

I« ih 

lifrttii«%|«r*«« ti<$ M.irw <rMi. A now 

iti ■■' .. . _. __ : . ^ : ,---'. I ;iH to 

Attract the l»U»ii<i to tbcMtrcmitiCK wiHi- 

©iif ♦Ittii'mi-bifi',' fb** tTin«t- rtf flirto Hqiii*!. 

If , , -■.■-:-,-',..,,( ..'%li*.» 


iij^. , .. . , , ,.^, , ■■rtLe 

lilrNifi ; ttiMo a|»pttci| %i\ U1X itptfriitioa f*)r 

•lupfUTtiLr bb»tn!. 

Ifa^ltr. : nrKWttJAt'l- 

uittijtii, .,. ..,|,,,. . .,. euiplrtjcd 

htf ulAtmchitig: or ajTeming husmorrhit^ ,* 

**bhMul." jitnl rfafjfd^, tbe " scipncB of 
wcijiht?/'] Tbt' powers or lUf^tifini' of 
Ihf bbuMl, »n^i tb(^ Inws by whir-h thD?*o 
liTf TT'T^Tlntr'i in tbi! vi'a.^tsb of lb« boily : 

< vl-^v llinn-<»-lf«m'lik* 

1^1 -. i»bnid»'* ftti4 T^i*sy ft " li^ttc- 

fartiim."] Bijisoluliqn or lirtticifnotion 
^f %\iv bbiOfi 

[ HarfiiHii-f ti * ■• > •,• nr llfrtn'n^ 

PVi(. Ibr '**U*t '«. ! J iir i<-pitpi*or btocKl 
info the Uiuriuty Ihruugb & wound or 

ItamiolAxIrnii. Be« lI.evATOTOiri- 

llfi*fii«4it'ro*|>lijf. [Fmro tdtm, 

**k>lo<iiJ/* ftfid rf**^f **tiwiiriibmenl-'*J 

An oiE«e» of san^uinotias nutrimt^nt^ n« 
di^Linjriiii^bcf] ftuin bypcrtri»|ilij iitiil 

ll«tr. (I.Ar€'itf»ll liitt^tmd IH lti«t 
Or, flp r: Fr. /*o»7, pwAl,] A ?iib»liiticu 
like bi»rn, 7rri\f inj{ fnuu tbi- skin <.f iini- 
mal*, )fi nnirty cyhttHrfrdl filnnicuU. 

»lnlr-I>9^r». [Tfixrtit'rti* iii|ill> 
loVliiii.] Tbc b>i«i# ,.f in,.j.t uf Ibu 
ji(»W4liir>, pMftrj, niul Itijuidr *'t>)d iioii^r 
this tiauiCf IB f II her lend or ttJttr. Tm 
tbeeo arc ft^mctinicj ntblfd litbnr^Q* 
pliikrd liiiiCt Olid »tarcb, 

Ilnir* Morbid. 8ce Tntciioiiis. 

Ifltlrj, .'^ii* lIlRMf TK. 

]3iii rj^ «£ciil|K Tbat pnrt of the 
intfgiiment of the hritd whii-h is covered 
witb buir«. 

]|itll»er<I-Nlin|tr<l. Fee Hajitjitt, 

itfllettlO. J^« t II »LlTl"!i. 

iliillltrfi|ilil<t. Se« llAMmiuriitA. 
llfti |.|t«i4i'. fA f^orntpH-n of H<J$ 

h*ii.<^' ~' ' ' .,^, iibit'h 

Wll^ I by Iho 

Vilfiivfl iittribuUd to it. 

Hnl l-luii.* [From kn'h^ Jh<ifuVi>m, 
to '*brtatbc,*' or **brtnrh<* «mt," U* "cx- 
bnlc/'] (Fr, llnUlnf, A^l^n' of IIAn'.) 
Vjipor. *ir br< »(b* 

Ilnl'ltti» of thr Itlecfll* 7hi' ra|inr 
%^hitb iiiif'vs ffntii tbt! blood hIkii newly 
finiwti fn iij the b«'dy. 

llnl-tii-cl*itfi ftin. [HnUttclttiiV 
tiO« <l'/rt» ; fit^iii hullu*f it'M^ hufiiiriun*-^ 

turn, to *'iniFtfliie/'J BfeDUl error^ tr 
ftHtliph imNfTiDfitinn. 

Hill lHm<i If til IifX,* and ttallcjx.* 

Null] OS ftir Old! ^rvftt Kir, 

lifi'Ich, tfc'hr*.* [Fritn *?itjj^ a "cir- 
cle."] Tbf* cirnlo whicb Mirr*iiindit tho 
fUD. moon, or 51mi>, wb«n Ihuir riirs um 
n?fraic!fH in <bf>ir pnri^tigf? throu^'h % 
mipl. Tbt.' rtrro/a, or brtJi»ttti>b rirclft, 
arttund lht> feinnlc? nipple. Also. Uic rvd 
nmrfrin, nr arrt*ltt* nr^itirid jm^dib #. 

linr<»<^befi* or llMl ci-A;t>ii<*. [From 
*\. ♦••'iilt,'* iind v""'"* t" ♦• prodtirr/'] 
A ti^nji f mpb-y^fd by Fi-ntidiiip to dfnoto 
hoilte? which foini fdUh with tnctab, U0 
chlorine* bromino, iodine, fluorine, iind 

lt9-l<iff'nk*|»tlif. [Ilnl«irrfi'|>tiln; 
from TiX^y **>«<tU/* und )r>*/*^'» *'' " *vriti\"J 
A d«**erifdion of *«l*g, 

"»ft!l.** nnd mW. ii "" form,"] Applied 1o 
»ttU»» rotnpf^tttlded of thi- mt^tnls with 
chlofine. ttKiin(% Hrotnitu*, bec^nn^e ?i!nU/ir 
ill nftlUTf»orpompc*?iti(ii bMMirntnfin fHit 
ll^lor^H^- [Ititlalo'grtii; rn.ut 




It9^lc»iii>*t«r, [Halmtt'cCram? 

fiinu .U,, *' ealt," aod fisr;<ff, ei " muu- 
Biirv."] An instniracivt tor mcu^unug 
t)io T'tin, an^ltr-'*, t'(c,, of cull*. 

IIft.|c»]>)i'l''loa^ [lIiUo|»h'fltiM; 

UuU^htinjf io n. s«al iinpregtubtod witb 
ifii]L Af*[ilio"l to ]i]Antj<. 

iI{irw-j>Uf'ti*«* [ H'ilopH'ytii«]i1ijrat 

It '*|i!.bnL"] A ttliiJ»j of ptoAts wbieb 
mil ibLt *Alt uviriihcsi, ntidl by G!ODibujsiti.oii 
jrieM hi^niltt, ha StUittay tSalicoinia, ftDcl 

llitlui>li5rloi^ or Hafopliytiuii* 

SCK it U.OI'Ht'tK. 

[From Ihit u'nifUt one uf Lho generu,] 
A iiiiUirtii «iritor of e^&'tgonous pliant^, 
fcjiin^l in ditinp (^IcLce.")!, «)it(?bfiii, e\ja* 

HlU'it^r,* gun, lliy-i^'rte. [From 
iXrnfi, liQ in^trumunt luick'utly UM»rii in 
g^iiiuit^tie eiLi?roi.'4i?.] Apiftii^d m tbo 
nominmive plttrfvl iff t/t'rf*) In two 
tmibil luavalilu b mIic** whit^h aro 
or bani? uhiivu tbc wini^i* hi the Ih'pifin, 

"wait/* an'l fVj^'p * '*Tivork/*J The |>ro* 
CH.ti>8 t>f formiagf exirticLtuj^, or ]>rodut'iug: 


Iln in itm i4f dtireir^, * h utn - fi-mol -c- 
dii'^flUc-e^ [From //fji/i^irt»r'//»»ono of the 
gtsnera-l A nuturnl order of cxouctioth 
Ittivi mid flUnilix, found in Ania, Ni>rlh 
Anioricn. ami Atrioo. It iuciiKk-a tho 
Witidi ll:wul. 

Iln' inn t(*. [Ifainit'tiiii; fn»m Ar?'- 
fiitMn, n **lmuk."] A hoitinir'ciJ term sig- 
tiifviii^ hnvin^ ii book, %tr hooked, 

l€j|>m'Ul^rnt, [llMinir»r'uilM; 

fram h^t'muM^ » '• book."] Rutjutubltug a 

Ifff&'tfKMie. [IIitRli»'«iaii ; friuu ha'- 
nnnf, n " houk/*J Having a hooked ap- 

llAiia'fitrlns', OnlVr, Tho It'uepm 

Ilnin'ii-lfmc. or fflnin^n^lAn*. 
[llitrttiil(»'iinH; from knnt'itfHn, a. **\'\l- 
tto liMjk."] II iviiii£ littlit bookiu 

tlwiit'ii'ln^* [Diinintttivo of hn'- 
w*». II 'book,"! A littiiji bonk. AppHod 
t<»thoboiik-tiko portion of {hv ptt'ryi;oid 
prooitM tif t!iQ Kpbisutdtl lioiio, or ajiy 
ibnltrir objet't. 

Ifnitrlic*, hrtv-b. Tbe Froooh tarni 

for "bif"/* Srt" CuX\. 

fiittltl, [Unt Itfw'iitWt Fr. Jfain, 
m\i<i*.] Tbo uv^ixa of prcbufisituii in 

mfiOf extfoding from iho mriBi ia Uia 
extremities of ibc fiuKer*. It CMti»i»ui 
of tbrco paru, the W»a»t ivt Car^"^ 
tbe MiiTACAAtHK a«d ib« Fj^t^cKi^ 

which will bo outicvd on V "' re- 
«l<eoiivG b«Mid«, In Oi it 

denote* this third portion ><i Tu*r 

cxtrcmUy which iiippori<* tb« wtti^, 
having one dugcr, ftnd vt;^tigo» ^f two 

llAiMlfUI. BceMi:^frt Lr.<$.Pr0iu.DJL 

linngr'tnff- [Ku»pen'iiNH 9'ni«J\ 
Sa«iJ«nsioti by tbo ii«ck^ CMMiAUig JLm' 
phffjria ^uffftcftionit, 

lI»p«lo-«fkr'(ll*«i«!. [From ut)mf^ 
'''Vvilh'Utt f'tjd. " "utinpltf," t.r *' iiii|cl«.** 
and Kiip6ia„ n "hearL'*] Ifavitigr a «iD|^l(l 
heart. Applied t^* fiebc^, «tc., m di»iai> 
guisbed frtiui MamiuftU, wbitb hi*ro m 
dunblu b«nrt, and nrc bt'noo U rtuod diplo* 

l£H|Kt4»l/l-C9.« [Fnirii --e..,„ to 
'*t'>uoli/'] Tbo iloctriuv \ "t 

tho pbcnouicna of tontrhr <>> >, 

llar'drr-l Cilli«n'4ttt*Lju l' ijiuml 
of llanUir,") A isinud in rnniin«Ui£ »lid 
pttcliyOonnntoUM (|Ujidrupcd». tmd xa 
Wdf-. ntnr tbe inner (Mii;;lo <d the v\x\ 

Iinr^^-I4|». [Lut. I^t tiliun i.«tiNK 
rl'num; Ft. Btc de L*ctrr, bck d^li 
Id-^vr'.J a con^rnitd cloA, or divUion, 
of one* or both li]!;. imi^t frcqueotly th« 
upptrr. \i\A ?i>metiiDi;;4 diaibiu. 

BIiu*b:ii^» h&ufl, A Fr«fj«b t«iiit far 
HKn?fi4. which 8oe» 

llnrnt^-lnnc A booutif n1 colormf 
^nbstfltioo obtained from (he p<-cd of tbe 
horinaUpiaut {iKffmium h*irmr,Ui\^m)\\t\h 
i^rowfi wibl in tbo i^ull #teppo« uf tho 

tlii,r'tiio*n|'. rniimMi'ittei rrom 
iS|,,jiM, to "iidnpt,' J A vitT= '- •' "^'vn, 
ntthrottiitf die^nutlti^f a Kimi t<K 

f^cthcr. tu tho titttful and ^ i I'f 

tho f.i.t^p. 

Iliir. |>ll. •Rm. ty, =^ liu'rum |rt/»- 
tii*mm mmnn'tHK itetJ* '''Lot thn^ of 
tbti-'ti pills lir hiki'ii/' 

IlHJ*t«'litftrn, Tbo born of certain 
kiud« of tbo hart, or utiig. Tbo eub* 
•tnnco CuiHu VfrvL Tbo t*^'Viil>^f natn* 
for L'tfitnr Amntttnitr, nf A< ' ' , "j'l. 

IIi»r>c»t HofT* Tb«.^ I*"- 

tuuitut'ii^. A variety nf (ii irl 

which infc^tH tbo okiii In Liiu ituUmin* 
prodnoifig; inlolcrAblc itcbiitg^pn€>errd«4 
by ^HoK«y wbt^als. It if aba oaUcd thO 

HtmUinh* or ffMMCllli»«li,b&-9b«itth'. 

A pri'purntiun of CnttttttUm /»fi*o«, or 
bcmpr used ms an iutujiioatta^ dru^ by lb* 




Ambi^, an if gtrncraltj Ihroujerhout Fyriiu 
It U matle l»y builiivj; iIk* It^nvr:^ und 
fl ' 1 plAtit wuh WAnr uti'i Ircsb 

I Hn INC. 

i: , u , [llnMljft'tnfli; from An«'lrt> 

A »(»ti*r/ J Jake » ji|>car, ur hjtlinrd. 

ll4ii»-ti-f6'U^iifk [MiwUfo'lliUi; 
frvui ka«'t*tf a '* spear/' an«l /r>7»«iw»]^ a 
** lejif."] liar Id ^ Lactate leaver. 

llai^4l-ft»r'i»lB.* [From knu'tn^ n 
*'#pcar, *J Ile«?iiiblin^ a NjKcar: hu«tiitt<i, 

HAooeli. [Lat.Clu'aU; IV. Hutuhe, 
hO%t^h,] Ttic rvi^ioti foruteil hy the lato- 
raJ imrtfi of the pclvij aud tbo hip joint; 

iiiiuiit. = UatUM'iHM,^ "A t^raogbt" 

llniM'lUH.*^ [Frf'Ri Antt'nVt, Aolur^ 

Ikw, t« "drink irn^^'dily."] A li«|uid 

sKout iTTrt ounce? in ^nnntitj? : u dmujiftiL 

ilAUl lliU, ho mil. A Fmirnb ivrtn 

far *pili?i»*y in itj full dov*'lM|jnieiJt. thnt 

JJM^ ai.*coin]iani(;d with Ci'Ufultfiuiitf. Sco 


llt»-%i^'ri iaan'dn.ltP.* (''OliLDds 
of llft**-'r/\i £%!•« rivsi Jiriide, 

llMVentliin ( ha ror'?^bc-rto) fSbiniljtk 
Til* ijjtme <if th«» futiy ImhIjcs which nro 
fcNiiiti ifi c*>iiiiie4!tjun with tnottt i%( iXw 

r-*- — '^ - -■' '■ — '-«'-m! th« 

► I hctn 

iiiiMii *i*i%fy" fftntirfulrMnr. 
H^.^^w^i,%i, IsiV.". -•---'> !V, A 

lerra ^ivcn. fn-tn ; di,-- 

et'Tfr.'r»*r. t>, ,% i,rry , .fjitiis 

• 'T -li the .HiiLjttancf) 
«'i nicdiillNry mnt- 

*' ". nmy he regarded na cu- 

Lit t th<;in. 

llt». __ //o'W» "The pTant." 

**At k'-mj? to Led/* 

II^iimI. (LitL l^'|*tit$ <7r. «f.f4iX<;; 
Fr, y*-**', t(?l nr tut] hi higher antiQftL«^ 
I hat lurrlion whi^ih c^-ntninJi the hrr»in» 
mith the chief organs of Bvnti<\ na slight. 
hr:—--- ' rrrll n« the month iind 

*" in. In lowt r ruLiiumlj^, 

i< nth. f>f opciVinjT tr* ihc 

•tf>iji>, uiid (ht^ ]rrinc:i[ui1 or^itnst t>f 
»vn»« whf'Ti th«-54? pxist. The humiiti 

• d t<fc iJiiJ^io. iho tpi^^itinin^ 'd ih piirt. or 
la anjr niiMfid prnfnberniiT which can 
bo iru|*|rtiM?d to rcmninhlv a head. 

Utm^'meh^ [C>|»luiliil'alii.] ruin 

Tbiif dtsrlTiirrtHl 

In the h«*a«l. diffffcrdly dennminiiftHt 
accttniin^ to the imrl iifTocted, t»r ILl 

H^iMrinv. A t n-paniti >ii of ri|fiitl 
part^ of alum and i^reco vitriol, usctt in 

'• • ' ' ' -rid 

tun i>t WFnrineaSi 

from al rt tm*- 

nous infl I ^d 

uki?rii in '.'..■- ,..,.:..... .,t j!u#. 

llmtr'tnit. I Au«li Utn.) Thar f<ni« 
by whii'b v<»uniL< ntv HiBtlngntehttU tbo 
nrpnn of wHirh is thr f(ir. 

Hfwrltir* Iil<irl>i*l* f^cc PAwArrsis. 

llMkrf. [Lnt. tor« Cor 'ilia; l«r. 
itop^it J Fr, rnr9it\ kuK.J A bolbiw tinr»- 
culiir vbuua tituutrd bitwecn the* iun^«y 
btti more «i>d<*r (he trfl on<«, iind vn- 
idosed in th*i /irrrVMrr+fffrfH .♦ frtJin nhicti 
prorr^d* »br<firrulntirn of fhi* M«<id, In 
iQnn tititt m 4!ilhcr Matuiuab, it ij> d«>iibk, 
lhi>t in. it confirt? of two piirt*, thr ri^-ht 
vdnfrirlf and nurirle for ibe pultnnnifl 
oinciitation. mjiJ thi* Ml rt^ntriole ntid 
nnricU.i li»r the general ctr «vftctuic cir- 

Il«wr4'-Ituni. The popular name for 

llfiiri'-ISlMtp^d. Tbo same as Con- 

llM^t. In a s^cml tpn!>e, tbe nmt 
n» CAKtttir, Heul tu a tnibi form is n4e*- 
ce««Ary ta the life of ptnntf mid nr»iniut*. 
In tho biitrr, thii nec'dfitZ ti«m|>v nit tiro ti 
in peirt fumii'hc'd by tht* n'>pirtilijfy 
tipparnlnn, liont ii nlso ono <»f f h<' tnost 
iui|i>ortant tijire'nt.'i the chenui-t or phar- 
ntaeiM can cotnniiind^ for <ifccting' botli 
<?hcniiral uninn and dfconip<»siti< n, mc- 

-' f *' - nner in whi*»h it ij 

t«r of Ibe «ubi<t»tic«s 


Il<>«kl^ Ab iM»*lliit4^. The whole qiino* 
tity «>f ruluric vAi^liiiji^ in a body ; Bibj<u* 
liitri ciiUiric. 

HMkt, Antfit4kl. Sec Cas^OII Amua- 

llewt, Prlc-kl^. C«*nmnm tt*nn for 

Spti«t1^l<*, See C ^t,«Hu:. Frck. 
s !»€»»*. J^<e iE.HTATEa. 
Il«*n%> %Mtr» 8ee llinrTA. 

He'lwH* fGr, "'^ii. "ddwti," or "inci- 
pient beard;" bonoci ^* youth."] Youth; 



'if the go^liltigf of Yaullif rnhlvtl by tlie 
anoicntt) to buve been cuj.'-beuror to 

Ite-hi^-ian'tliiiii.^ [Ftoid '6V" youth,** 
*'d4iMrti,"" tixu\ >'ti, A "flctwi-r/'j Jiavtug 

IIn!>*t«^jti>'|»ii^* [Frtim^yf^i. **y»uth/* 
'* ilown/* iiO(J «ra^w^, **rnjit."] HttTlog 
puliitMcc^nt rrMiU: ho}>oeftr'pott*. 

Ilf'-licr t^ilim.* [ Fr.uii 'tin> "youth/' 
'•iliiwn," ami JcAi'o;. a " bmrii'li."] lliiii- 
Ui'Z pubescent branches: hcbua'ladittii^. 

II p-be^ 5^-11 mi.^ [From <Sn, "ytmth," 
**»|ijwii/' titul yji^j?, a •*wuiiirtn,*' nr "fo- 
IimIi!."J Uaviug pubeACBiit umriu^: hn- 

If r^b-o-ffcl'^liut.- [Fmiti flJi?, 
**yMiith.""N|own/'itin1 iJtra V49,. a" )»ftal."] 
l[iivin<i:pnbt''9ccrit putuU: hubcpct'^IouK. 

il4>l»pi'l-cuiu* [From *tJtj, ♦'yuuth/' 
or " pii^Mjrty/'J Bulon|L;tiig to puboi'ty ; 
youth Till: hobet'ic. 

IIi*b'f^iu(l«, [IlelioliiVlo, flitt^.] 
l^uliie?!^, or inaonfibility. 

Ilrli-r^-dtfii'droii '4'4i4n-lKHkf-«-l'- 
<l^k,* A gattiferoua ]ibinlt wlik'h.vioMj* 
n kin4 «f gambojjc ii'tt 4i?itiri>xtii'bublt3 
i't'Mi} rliiit uf Slriu^. tSt't) i-ivMuorji?. 

ll4>«'-^to»pai,f I'luH. ' [From Uarii^/, 

Having loaveii i^ompoied uf a bu!idriL<>i 
(or n irreiU n amber of) foliule»: hcca- 

Il<«eilc. [Heo'iJcsui; fMio l|n. 
MiabiL"! (Fr. Hert,\f„o, i^k'U'k*, or 
Ji'/iifu-, &'tiik*,) Bebjn;;<Ji^ to bAblt or 
.^t ' ' » ,ty^ jijj ilii(tiii|;^ui*'bc>rl from ilU- 
*■ I uro the result uf miiamu ur 

t ■ 

lli^- tic Fe'wer* flmt. Pe'l>rlik 

lloe'llrH; Fr. Fthrp fffctiqut^f h ii\n* 

6k'U^k\] A xlow, i»^i!illus fuvir* iiHi>- 

' piitbio »>r»ympt'»matio ; tlic bitUi firifin » 

in ooiistiquoiiuu of sotuQ iucurublo luciat 

lli?e-t1-cfi»|»,f^r'^l4Ht«* or IT4?e*tI* 
€«Dp',f-r^i,' [From ff<g, ''liJibil," ttiul 

ir Y^ **r «^ -/ifnV, n "fovor,"] ibn'tio fovi-r. 

tii}%* wr**; from Ittanii', K "biii>flrc<l.'" 
and f/rrfinniA.] tOD ^^nilliinoii ; oqujil iu a 
OF :< <lr. '_M52 gr. rtvainbitMiis, 

ll«*rl»lltY«, ok tu'lAtr'. [Froml*m<'di', 
ti *'liiin<iri?iJ," «Hfl H'tr^.] ItJll lUre«; 
PHijjtl i() JJ.M7r Knirlitib cubic f*«<nf. »r 
TI Imperiat gnUoiic»» or 2| luipcritil 

iloptiitiirtri»«bi!k-tO'Qn'>'t<'roi-ck'l:(i • 
nu'^tii'. [From UaT6p^ a "btmdrcdt" ftu'l 
fMorr*-.] 1(»0 ijiutrca; or 100 jrArda, 1 
fupt, I Inch. 

(Fr f.tV 

ToyaL The I'liurmieopM i<ii n nm. . rffi. 
Ph.) for tho hurb of U.' u«^ 

*jiunirm, Fcnavroyjil i*" ,. 4ni- 

umtic iiihI ctumunii'^ojfuu. 

lleclf*o lua Pii-lc-«i-<Krtli4.« TW 
iiyrittitaiitic iiiiUKT lit tbi* pkul PoiiO|rojdL 
Si-c preccMliog j»rticir. 

II«Hl>-r^ llp'llz.* 
Ic'i^r'.) Tho ijystemrtiic n 

iied-e-m ci'oun, 
from //r'/''iV»i thu "ivj% J .. ,, 

the ftriirra, or IVV* 

ii<*«itrf'*ll^'»iop» Commoa 

for (t)itfiut(i ujHi iufdi*, 

liel-cor'^c^-'* [From IV*;, «a 
"ubcr.'' urj4l jru>i, '*ct>rruptjap,'*J ]|a- 
JiKUtint itb'cr, 

1Ip1-c«»'«Ic*4.'^ [Frnto f>^;, nc "itlotr.**] 
Ilnviii*; utevr«« or full ul' uletTi. 

liu *iik'tir/* jiiiU «tcV/<tf, R "luiaar.*^ 
O-^^b^nK^tixia uk*'rntion, 

Ilr^l'cfiia. [lff4J<-«l'<l«^; tntm Umt* 
ail ••iilocr/' nijd n\^;, a '*(i»rm*"] Ili- 
srniblio^ jin ulcor. 

llt^l-rol'o-lt^'* [UHeolo'Kla: froQi 
I.\<tri, ftti "nkcr,* iitifl Xi>>'i»f, ft "di»» 
o.>iii'*i.%"j A bi>lory of ulL^vrx, 

llf*]-et»-t»«*'llJ-5^* [Trotii fXcs;, HH 
'Miloer," sind ^^t^ II "taoulb/'J J/4<f«#< 

ffikit of tt c ■ ' :i uloerj « 

toll of viiai 1 

ll4*a-e«i|»i»-^ I fuioiXiv; 

irict;fr>uf>t opbthtilmia. 

Jtlrl-rCtt'NlA*^ [From /^Xw;, qq "nl^ftr,**] 
The jir'))Lrrc-i>' of uUm r;itniii» 

llf^rt^ntn^or lli*l>^t«lii«*. Elv6iun^ 
pane Caiiiphor« A voU'tliln, crysiiillmf 
#ulid, obtaiuod fj-otu tho I^'hIu Arie'- 


ii(*i-i*fiffi'tii4^iiiiitii«* Fro«i«(»n. 
Tlifj PharintKH»|Ki'ijil num««(r*f^. Pb \(or 
tbd hurb of Lbtis ^ciutnlhetHum CViia<^ 

llel-I^a'dM.* [Fmiii rVf. n '^ooil,- 
or iiiiy Hiiii^ spiral,] Full <ff wiodin^i 

iIpri*eoi<l« fll«>lle«il'<tc«« ttMm 
rX'l, n *'t!oil/' ftjnl t7'o,, » " ftfrm."J |l<h 
SMuliUii^ tbut which f« ^pirrd. 

II<w|i«* ti-litit,^ [ T hill ' o 11 it vo r f A »Vi'jr, 
or ''►\<i, u "coil."] Apidiuij io thtf plural 
( flhynfi) u tho rotMftcU of plimtii 
» hol^iotile. 

II f*«II-4»- t^f ■ ' I r Ic. ft f pl I«tep0 ' tri* 
cn*«t from jIAw,. (be* "snu." uti*l ** r^i^it^, 
"ctntriy."] Iliiriii;( the -uu fur the 
c«infr«?, or p lint c*f (ibncrvntioii. 



li... -nil. h.'Mii^uL 

U«^l»««» •Hr p. [ H«*lloiii '#lm ni : 
ffroia |Ai«s, tb« **«utt," iitiil ^rrjwj', a 
••iiMsiwurc*^ An iii!ilr«tin;iil Tor tu«*i- 
iuring thtt upparctit diiUDctor of the 

He'l l o M e ope^ [1T<>li«Meo'pinin : 

mrrro/*} .\a indtrumeut tur ob.-^niug 
the fim* 

iI«'ll>o-«ilAl,* [Fniin^X«««*«mn/' 
• nd f^Tif^i, ti> **vl«od.^* to **eftnni ro «tati(l 
KtilU") An iDfltruin«nt b; wliich thti 
sQfihi^am cKd Im flteadily directed to ono 
qftnt during 111* wholo of iU dlnniiil 

lIi*-fl-4Ktpo'l>1-4iivi. [netiotro'pi- 
u«it frum tt^oH, tho ***unt" un<l Tjibr<^,'lij 
*'tnr«/'J Apjilied to planU, the fl'iwor^ 
«f wbbli turn eon^iliuitlj tawiLrda the 

the "#1111,'* jvfi'l ni-ri.t, i<i ••tnrii/'J Thtit 
fbnulljr by which cerUin filiiDts con- 
fftjLiitly tnm their fluwori to the fun: 

Rctlv. If/** fGr, I>iJ; frora rfv u, 
to**wintS fthoiit/*] liitfrnlty, a "coil," 
<»r wny thing aptrnJ. The outer iHtrrlcr 
of the /'tw#t*i, or e.\tcnia.l oar, Al**». the 
snail, m gtnat «»f JHoUnvert^ ordiu' I^ui^ 

lIel-l«^bo-rH>eoiiP». [fIf1tpi>or»'- 

CC'lDK*] llutiiig iinarningctiicjit of piut: 
Hi It! H'fifhtwtf*^ 

Hri l«^b4MN** [Gr. rv>t;*«/-if.} A plimL 
JsM* IU;t T rmoitt ^ 

ll4«ll€iMftr<^ Amcrieait* Sco Vera- 

llrl-Uvbo'r^iM.* Belonging to 

llel-l«^Wrlit, or Ili>l-ieh'4»-r1ii^. 

Ah ftcri(l nil, *ui*l to ^Mtitiiin tho a<*riil 
prin< ij'lfl of tt»c iifltffiurnA Hit/eCf hlack 
hi'llr^Ui'tv. or rhri'<tai*f rose. 

ll*»l«lf»i>*o-rtni.* fFrnfn lX«rj»» l<» 
"it4T*lrijy/' n.n<i tl' r"?] llliu^k 

lIcUfb'Tw. A h us of tbo 

el — - f'-f' '— I.....,,... ..r^icr Riiitua- 

Plimrroiicopu'inl nftmc 

(it II , n-j r ; \Ui^ /i.ftrhnri AVf/n* flmlir 

V'KmA of Blttok Hflkhoir' I of the 

|i..i.i;.. m, ^nprritt, Ilfllchoro U ft 

li .mj rttifhMHif: it iil8« 

1 jo'jiic proftrrriw. 

run. Allmn.* The Phwr- 
f<ftu*c <I»ab. Ph,) of tthUf 

I- ' i 'j'»L Si«e V»-nATi:itji Ainru. 

Il4*llet>'artiii r4i*ll-4lufi.* r*FcL«tid 

irplluboro,") Bciir'S'Faot The lonTOi 
Imvo hof^n extolled t^ a romi'dy fur Cli« 

lirllrUorU!* .%r^r,' li4*l|c»b'«- 
TfiJ* ^M-IH-t-iiw'ilJ*.'' >j«ti*ttiatic names 

or b1tt« k holl<?bMn!>* or Mvltun^uttiittm, 

lIellcl»'orn!«a-rV-eii>ti%'lbb* r*«Ori- 
CDtuI llellebtjre.") The root wn» fomierl/ 
pxiullcd in luaiiia, f!ipilcp«y, ind dropfy. 
It \^ AxW u*Gd in the LeranU 

llei-niln'lh^K'ACu^ [Heltnlii- 
tllA|c«'vii«; fr<im [V*Vt ^V'^^m ^ 
"worm," aud a)^s to "curry or driv« 
airay/'] Tht' same m Anthf^lhistic- 

liel'intii'tbM.* [From rX^^^, rV(v> 
<^% a "worm."] A cla<« or division in 
Zoolofj^j, inoluding the rariuus kiodt of 

IK^I-min-thi v^^ilik* or ilel<4nlti^ 
CliHh * [ F roiii tXiti vu r A^i*flbv, A "worm , "J 
The hn^cdinj; of irorxn^* otlmrttf in %nj 
part of I hi" iwiiv, 

H<^l-iuiti'iltlr« [Ii<>lnilit'i]ilf!mt 
from fV'f» fV"^***»i » "wonc/'j Bo- 
lonsrinjc to worm)^. 

H«^l-niln.tltoUI<^k* r^Vim IV'^i » 
"worm/*] IIiv%iu||f woring, or fall of 
worm *- 

llta-mln'lliokt. [Tit'lmiittlior- 
4|«-9; from fV*''** •* **worrti/' nud t*^*, a 
"form."] TCi''s*'niblinp a worm. 

Hrl-n«ln*cliol «k.^. [ilHnilnllio- 
lo'itrln: fr<*tn lA^^^, n •'fvoriii," nud **»yiH, 
H ■"di.<(j.niri»«/''J A tnnii^j on wonuit, — 
inirtioiilarlji' inti<5:tinttl worintf; ihnt 
hrum h of miHlU'ttje whi^b troftti of in* 
ic l^nril wormfl. 

lli'l-ntin-tlMipli'ltLKMtii.* [From 
fX^f.'s. n "wonii," utiii 'iOeti, ii "wjtMlintf 
away."] Tohf* «*r<Hn »*#**, or wantinK 
from fh© pre«roce of iolv^^^rtfial witrini, 

Il€^l-iii«lit-4liOf»'#*rf^* [Fn>m t^^ttn, 
ft " wortii/' aud irrp, or »rf|itr*f, a " fever."] 
Wi.rm lever- 

1It>lo'UI-tM.« [Frowi?Xa(«,a<'tnanth," 
a "pool/* ikiid 0mt "life/'] Living on 
m"i«hire: nqtmilc* 

tl<^1<i'4M.* [Frr.fu rX^, a *MoiiT»h," 
n"p»M»f/*] FtiII if tiifMttturc. Applttul 
to a fc'vt^r with profUau rwpjtting: a]«0( 
to nmr^h fovrr. 

IIe-l«>p'5'-r9.* fFroi«ifAo;,a*'miir9h/' 
atid»«n tt *' f«ver.**] Marsh or iwump 

H^'loA.* fOr «Kj Lnt. nit'vmk fl 
*'nnil."] A rmm«i (tir*»n *« the tttnt'tT 
formed by prolitpsiuy, ot fjrt*n\Untiii r'/ rt/i't^ 
puppoiM^d tft TV *r to bin a naiL 

llolwIniclncM*!!*.^ faeUwio-je-o'- 

*hf-*r. A oflnirii* order of oxogviif^n4 
ah rubs, wliieh appears to bn eutnpuiwd 



of n iint^Ie gcnujt. HvtwMffia^ found In 
I2<i^nisM*,vnnln, ^r file mat ^Yc^niiln. 

8<»l* 11 KM ATtH VANI.VA. 

limn nil. f>oi3 Uuval. 

aliit, '■\ihi>yA,'' anil irpa»<rtft, tliu "imtta,"] 
Th ^ Fiorich term for PtLiis, whic-li Mv. 

llr>ni»llc. iSeo HcwATic. 

lii^mvitltp. See H.(:i4ATiTR. 

li<«tii-i^*r^lA'p^l-9** [From iV^* a 
*'<l.iy," mil ''>p, Hji' "oye*") A (k^foot 
«f vbiutiy l»y which ohjeats are scon only 
til bnutil da^^li^ht: diiy-«iglit; ui;^lit' 

Ili*iit-e-r9*pli0'itl-^* [From ftftf(M, 
a "tlifcy/'n. (iriv., uml >^(^-'n, tho '*voWo.'*j 
LoS'* nf vrtitjp diiriiii:; ihe iliiy* 

KI«»iii-e-rod'ro-itauii** [From itftipn, 
ft ** d»v »" n n I iV *^ 3v . a ' * ouu rjjc, " ] A i>|j1 iutl 
to Ik Vcier whit'h runs its courso to n 
liny, Tli<» *inii> us EcriKWKin s. 

lletii-o-M>l>,f-ptilo'iil9** [Frrrii 

^^ijM, li ••dxy," iiuil rv^X(j>nf, "MluU- 
tiosy/'j [Jay-hlimUiuss, <tr A\\if t tfrtpitti. 

llf^iti^l^'Car'iiiia.* [Fn>ui iV*''"s* *^li*' 
"luiir;" HoJ <.ij3«rii,-, "frrtit.'*! E(U>h |>ur- 
tiaii of a fruit iThieh nuturiilly HopiiniiLvei 
\iso\f into hftives. 

lIoni-l-^ppli'l^liiM** [Frura ftfUvni, 
**hi»]r," atul *£fKi\n, II **hiMiil."] A mofJ- 
tt«r^ri£tti4 vrttli hair a hend. 

IIi«tn-1-cra'nl-^.* [From fpewc, 
" hiir," »nil *f/»ii loy, tho **h«'iwL"j (Fr. 
M^fintlw', raA'i?ii',>a' or ui(5'gu4«',) A 
tfuvi*rop&in, ifonorally hyatorteal, Lcrvous, 
tir tjili'iii'o, aTfi^tin; f>tio hiilf or aide of 
Iho iit'4 i; » mil *iiiii. 

IIein-1-criui'l-cii«.* Belonging to 

lI#ni<l-fleM'ftiii>ft Iit'd1«cu«i.* An 

Axoljpid'iji'^o '!H 1*1*11 1. tli*j root of whirU 
in u.^i'd in (n liit un Icr the natiic i»t' 
t^mittry SutM tft it 1*1^1, tf. hnjs het?ii itn'IcJ 
Indiiui or Sjuiilud SarfiApnTUlii, oi' tho 
rwtt of SiHit'ff nffi'm, 

Ii«»m-1-I»e'flr9l, or ni*m*f-«4l>lc. 
[ Fcioii fV( 17 s. n '* li ilf," rtml'iY*!, ft**UAa*,"J 
[J iviii4^ hilf ftc 1^, or f:m'ls. 

•l«»Ttt-l-i»-pi%r|pl-^.* [From Jl/M'*iE. a 
" h itf.'* r.l^ti, thti *' tivt?," ittnl i^ywf, '*|i;tin.'*J 
|[ ' 

♦•n-v,' nr wK (.li« ''t>)o."J llcfciL'-t of 
vtfl>4]« undtft which only thu Uuif uf 

iiUji<;«! i^ «r<i||. 

noin*l-pl ^'^1-f ** If ^m-l-plrx'I'^* 

[From ♦! ii ,, 8» *' liitlf/* and vXij^rj, tt 
'•■tr.ko/') l*Ar ily<ifl, iiflVsctinsrofi 'hu!f ur 
tiii\t of the body; ptrat^iuft kumpU fica, 


nem.i-plelt'lr* [Ilfi^tilptr^ l«ii^] 

|l<»Illipt< xiC'l|i«* .^<k' UjlMlMLtaA. 

Iimcct.^ ivhtcb hiivc ouc half of th«<f 
Win;;!! thick and C(»niir>L<oii#, bnd (W 
other hiUr uicukbr.itiouf, at Iha l«u|f, 
tioU, td<?, 

n<«m«lp't<M'-<»*lo'|r1-^* [From I^- 
<"!(» a " httltV irrq0>*, u "yfiiijgi/' and A*y^ 
>i 'Mlscourso/'] A iresaiki) on Iba il^ 

Uem-lp'ter-oufi. [lieratlp'i«niAi 

from tiico ly, a ••Uatf." utnl — a, i» 
**wi»iK'."] lialf-wisi ' - «n 

ordor of in?«'ctj<. .^ 

liotu'l'-Mph^^re. ^ « 

"Uiilf.** and a-MiiHi, a '• - i'be 

httlf of tt Bphc*rc. Applies i yl.t 

the two fMirtions* which tujaAUi;.it! ih* 
upper portion <•* tho uf rub rum- They »ra 

Ilr-nilfro-poiMk inrmli-'roptiB; 

frtun fi^j<rnf, n "half," auil t, j, i,» 
''turn/'] Applit^d to n - . avd 

«if two pjirtB or halvcN rv "d, 

but (Hi if the .*ii|jt.<rtur huo iinitLi>;<jiie ai 
roi'ohthoo ii|KHi the tnifrior. 

Ileni'locU, Tho (*mnm mttcufntmrn, 
ll<*ti>'luck PllcH. Th« /'i> Oiiiv. 

llf'Enoptyiile, i'mop't^*!^. ttm 
F rem eh lunn for HfiMOrrirHis, whitdu | 

lV^ni{>rr|ia;j;lf>, i'rno'ri'«h*', Th# 
Frcueh tcTHi l^r ILcxoumuaoia^ wlikh 

il^-mori-lioHfles, 4*iiioVu*^|'. 
French term for Pilrs, whioti fe< 

If^inp. !!^iic CA^HAma, 

Wlemj*'^ '".'■. • T, - "f" 
of ioiue jd-> 

OUlllS, Wli 4l|d 

pttlo-c tlorcii, ruMcmbiitJi; hftuit-s^w^. 

licti'bnitr. [ lly «iMC>^' AiiiiM*] A 
puwerftil nart^utie phint, Nftid to li^poij«>il> 
oil A to tho du»mc«ti<» fowt, Scv llroftcvji- 


'iion*ltllml'fi<MiNi. [ITyrtvtlii'pIn,! 
i^o lonjici bi«Mii(iac licnd tiiv nuid to Uc 

»iuirii'ci lu it. 

IIf*ll*4l4H*\u|tKll|« [IIcrlMi >r«S<*'« 

niliitt fr toi r>ie:at '"olovnit" nod yutiSt 
no A ftmim tiivinig: »lere(t 

tH}it ■ :h| «i.lo#, 

IB ' ' .. ! iriiiih^ A "liK-l iiifi' fkfO- 

curt* I III h jypi fr im Ihc / /-'- 

«iM>, tfith whi'h thu woiu uo)r 



fln^vrf nnd Toet A lid ti#fit] foy dyt^ing 

IT ' .. <■■■:*'". : i%. [Fnjiii 

It 1 1 vtT, Mf or- 

gui .. .. .;.. .., ,-i.oLlVKU.) 

The term Af/#nr, or •• (ivrr." ira* f nncrly 

wi'.U iilkntic>9. ffi'in their /nvr-M^* apt>ear- 

He'pAr An-tl-itiik'iiKI*'' (''Liver of 
Antimoiij/*) An o;c^-si]lpliurctof imti- 

AoUpliti'-n^'laEii.*' A crtulc bt^ul- 
phtiivt '»f CMlctiim, fee (aiuviitlGd a;i ftn 

ff<*'pnr ^TT!i7!inr-N,* ("Ltvcrof 

'Mirvr." tiiul «Ayfl<, "pj5in/'J Pain af* 
foot in T tlio liver. See Hcr.vTonYxiA* 

•Mivcr," tnnl •ti?f7, •* iaercaso/'J Bn- 
rj;jemciil i>rtUij Mver» 

'UvtT," \x\i\ r/i^ftf; f, *♦ obstruct i«n. J 
Olixlrucliim iiftlxi livtT. 

r»«p, tho " liver/' antl «I/io//5«yfa, an 
"cniption of blood."] lla'Uiorrhiigc 
frotu tlio liver. 

Uf^l^^t-hel-co'itlfi.* [Prrtm ^a^. 
the '*livi'r/' end rXiroAjtf, *'iilcon*lion/'J 
l' *" the lirer, 

[II«*p4%1'lcafi; from 
IJ- he '*livt,"r/*j Bcloii^lnj* to 

%hv iivvi* .\jntlic4 t<j ve»?clst dnrt*. «*tc- 

Ifefmt'Ae Air. Another niiint* for 
ml; '-••'',• - , 'l,-f», it 

It lilCL'tl 

h; n tho 

II«i}Mi«*lr P1h«. BilUiuji Flux, The 

r . p4i4 l-«9.^ [ Kmm hrpm' »>>««, " be- 

t<» fh« liv*'f,"] Liverwort, A 

t' _ t^iibt' Liu moan 

I'f - - itiiil of lU *uj»- 

po'W'l tnc«iicifiiii virtue* in hcpnt c affro- 
lioiid, Ainu, the PhJtrtu«/'tntiriiil nnuio 
(r.H Ph.) f.r the ludvca of the ILpit'ita 

It i>pAt l-^CiP*** A niituml ardor of 
fliivrrrlrMM pLinI", rrUtcd to Mowes, foutid 
in iL'LiuM, -hjid^ |)liMii«.-. 

Ili^|M»l'l-c«>HH»ri-rti«.* ' [Frum **•- 

pfii' it-n*, "h«ji»llc," iitid f^tVirmi^ ** ut 

dio eoloti.'^ Belonfing to Hid lirw in J 

Kcwpai'|^'tbk4 [Fro to kt- 
pnf*i' tt*, " liiv|MitH\"auil fv-jTirt'/it, "of llio 
kidfMi^v/*] B«lt>tjgitig to the liter and 

llc^lMifirnw. 8e<!* iliet*ATlc. 

It t*|>-^t I r*r licr '^.» (From flu^, t ho 
"liver, ' jirul /J .1, ti» " fiuw/'J A ptirj^ingTf 
with liiliuud: civucualionit, &c« Hkfa- 
Touniifr i^. 

li^lNiIlt^. Fee llrPATlTlK, 

Ile|»-^llt't>rtiii«« Ikdonging to 


lie|»-9-tl'tU, l^/r*,*' [From ln<ifi, thu 
"liver;" Fr, //r/iaful'r, i^'pHi i^t'.j lnHmu- 
tiiiitlon of the liver. A geut^a of the order 
J*hffi/i»n»iir, eliu)M Vjfrixiir, of Culleii'il 

II<*|i^ll*xa'llon, [HcimtlCA'llik. 

o'nii ; ffcun >o^.. the " Itv* r/*] A ehsnfc^o 
*d' Mruotiire in the lung** ' r ithor lei- 
Lfire, itirii >i Hvrf like fuhftwnce. 

ll<*|f'^l*to^H€*.^ [From lfff<^». tbo 
** liver/* iind «^)A»ri n *' liirarir.'J UentiH, 
in whicd) n part of the liier prt4ttidc4 
Ihroii^h ih0 Mbdottiinul pnro tes.. 

Be|»«^*to^l#ifl't*«.^ [From h^t thn 
"liver.* Odd .i-r.-r,, "piiiii/'J Chfonie 
pain in the ti\er. Kt'ii.rty the eiitu« ns 

iIi*|M<qi-l<»-BrNM'lrlr. [Frtim Ihretp. (bo 
" liver/' QtKl yi*orr»ifi, the " fTomaeh."] .\ 
term Appliefi to the f»uijiller 1 mDnium, 
s^\y\] ■ ■ -'■- --'■: "-r-- •* ,■ - - , 1,. 

II a* 

plilii I. 

to *• wiilv. "J A dfpt* pti.u id 4he livef, 
it" ntt lobmenLs* funeti- i»f, rto. 

Ij - ^ ■" 1liiim« [From <«a/f, the 
")iv j\', a ** »t4.tie."j f'uhitlut 

or ! I the liver, 

lU«l>-^&oi 4H^^. ( Ite|Mtt«il«i 'rtn t 
frotu iTr«i/», tho *• liver/* niid Su-^m;^ u ••Ji*. 
enur^e."] A tfeiiti«e on fjie liver; the 
.''f'ivtieti wbirU lrcAt$ of the uiuittm^k 
fuucth^n-!. niid dlfeii?et* of the llvr-r. 

it<«l»-M-tff»n>uii.^ [Fnim ^hrir* the 
"li\ctr,*'nttd*;yr6<,ti".'W«dliTig/*] < hronjo 
hrft'>t:ti-,, ni' >\Ml1ioi^ *»f ihc livrf. 

lfft>|t-»*i4»-phlcK'iiion* «r lfc|>"ii> 
flo-|>liU'|c'M«o-ti4N " [From iittt/-, ihe 
♦*liv*-r/* imd ♦Xfy^rpj, *< inHamaiAtion/'J 
Thr nime »* Ilr^4TPT!«t 

ttf*|i-9-iot»ii V : TT r -^ 

topli'tlio-e.* 1." 

** wn^ttof^/*] lonpumptioiii iico«jr» or 
wnMiiij*. of the liver. 
il<»l>^-l4»pli-lhtt'I-rtift.* Of, or le- 

tull ih^' t . hf uHtufththut^, 

2 i:t 



thu **liver/' tunl V'«'/*"' a " *iippurfttiui; 
tiiin(»n*'J A MiJf«f)urHtk»n of lh« livi^r. 

fle|>>^tor-rlia'|^-^* [From .ir«p, 
tho" liver/' iLDil^^ii;*'!'^*, In "hurst tortU,"J 
A di9i*h»r«;o I of ttluoi] i from thu liver. 

Ilefi-4i^t4*r*rliex'l«.* [From inap^ 
Iha "livor," and p>frf, » •* mpUrs/'J 
Kupturo of the ltv«?n 

llcp-^t»r^rl>«e'^* [From ^d^ tlie 
*' liver. " jiiid /i^w, Ui " flow/'J A tLvw uf 
li]mnl fniiu the hvor. 

f lap-^lo-fo'mf-^* (irli^p-^^tof 'o- 
mj^. [Fnno T*jp, Ibo " livtsr/' iinil ttft.tjif 
l4j "'cut."J Di^r-cctiun of tho liver, of 
euHin^ in(<) tlio livor. 

llep'i^Hvoi** [ilcpCaipo'iintn ; 

from hnif ** seven," and yw.ia, *ti " an- 
gle/*} A pinno fif^uro Laving lovon 
©qnal anffl^« and i»idci», 

luii; from t^ra, **w3Vcd," and y%i#j», a 
" wumaiif" or " femftlo."] Having 9er«n 

If e|i-ti«ii*ilrf^.* [From brrlf ** e«?- 
cn. ** And oi-ir^j, fi* V'i,, a " mftn/' or ** male/'] 
The seventh LlautDitn clue of planum, in^ 

L eludtnj^ thoHO which have lovcu st&metis 

' in enob dower. 

If«^p<i»ll'«lr1-olVi, r>r Hep>t«il'- 
<lroii«t. [Ili^ptnti'drinvt; from tho 
siiine.] Having seven iLuuient). 

UlliJi; frun Iwr.'t, *' eevon/' nud itrrtiAatt^ 
a "|.otiil/'J Ilavinj; ?ev«*n petaU. 

•' Icuf/'] Huvinu f'evcu Jonves. 

»*!*evoii/' and ^\tvp6ift « "rih.**] Bftviug 
fcven ril»3. 

** niTVoij/* Eind tt:p'<*fttiH, A " fcpiil/'j Hat- 
in;sr ^evt»n i^c^pulj*: hrpUtaop'alumi. 

llrp-t^Mtpcr'inoiM. [Hcptll'- 

iipc*r'itinH; frmn hri, '^ioven/' aud 
9ftiftfst^ 9. "need/*] Iliivin^ seven feeds. 

Ifcr-bn.' (Fr. /A -A. ♦.:'«!•.) An borlu 
i pljint with a t^i^ft nnd mioeuleiit d^tulk. 
irhiiib ilic* to the rnit every yeAf. A 
ptant of whit'h the stem dood not b«ooino 
' lt«»ridy and persistent. 

ilf*r-1>tt'€Poiij«. [n^rlMi'eeiu*] 

fliivMi^; sol't HtHlk», Mnd pofj-^hin;! to tho 
root efieli y-'itr ; of the nntnre of an hcrh. 

ll«r-lNt'rl-uiii.* [From krr'ht, an 
** hf^rl*," riird 'f turn, a Latin Ittroiinatiori 
drii'.iJMij; .1 n<]ii)'<itnry. or the plner' where 
nTiy (tiimz I- Lr'i.t. See OvARM'M.] < Fr. 
Jftrhirr, ^r'ho AM A Cfdlfrnlion oi dried 
fpeoimeii* of ptanti: a ll'trttm ticc-Mt, 

IIf>rl>^. See UkHlii. 
llerblor, Sco lliitBAiitinr. 

from krr'tut^ fit] *• her*^'* tittd w'r^t, 

*' dyvour/'] Feed I' . ■".. 

lie^retl Uc^r$ . ,^L^t.Ai$m'riv»i. 
from ^"rrt, Ajr/y%/*«, an - t»«ir/'J (Fr.f 
JiftMifnif^t i'rA*d*'tAti',) lie rived hyl 
iuht^ritHntsti; lrausEuiU«il fnim pareni la 1 

KI«'wnAAph''r(»^iie. [H4*»-tt*«9»H- 
POdt'tas: llerifiaphntdilus 
to ho th« 8au iff i/rr'ntfM {in 
and Aphr<*'fi'(r (ur Venu»), and l • Umc J 
united both «exe8 in one pvr^onj <)d« I 
in whom either Iho utulo orguh» of gcB* ' 
eraiion aro tiKi uliiilitly, r»r th« fcta«l« 
loo hij.'hly. drveltTprfl, ni eifhrr r i»0 i 
proiichii t| 

of the . 

Lu a flni%L. .. ... .. .. 

pblil^ Within the Aatjic r iaU, 

ll^r-maph-n»^ H'U' < v<i pk* J 

FOdll'lena,] Jicluiigitig; Li n Lcnuapb* 

il<<r-iiiell4*« or lfir'?*'ffT-^* t^f-i*, 
[II«niici'i€iii«; friim ' 
who ill !<atd to huvo inveu 
BclouifinK: to chemiplry. 

llemset'lc Seal. Tho closinj^ of I 
the end ot n phw* vessel or tnbe,f whil* ] 
iu a Khitc of fujiion, 

lIcr^iiio-<tfhc ij^-lmt.* Tho aiielinill 
name of a |dnnt puppu^'d io bo tfulohicais* I 

Iler'nl-^* [Frutn /pj*^,a**braj>clitorl 
pomethitt^ fiiwn aO'/'] (Fr. 
battn, ur I/rmif^ <Bii'nd',J I 
lanj^^uaf^e^ a '^ntpture/' a turn ; 
by the protrusion of Any of tho vi»iL<ij«| 
of tho ahdoinc'ii hof ond it:* parieles : aliHAt | 
displacement ' ' ■ — — "* '■ ' rmal | 

OAvity. A j: /U 

clai.'c Ltfcoim, 

the Tlrain/') Protniiiion of tho tub* J 
?trtr; ' '^ hniiuthruugbtbvf«iiiaii«l% 
'M opening uiado by a tim^ 

tui. ■ ;rie, etc. 

llkU'.VlA* Ca»QK^ 

jfrrt'*V«,] Hernia rv 

HnnW; '" [?rf. ' 

nia.") I 

under l*< '- 

thronj^h wh»»h th^* h ftiia dcMx^i**lj 
vnriou^ly called thu crural, ur frmtiral, | 
ri«c, and ertir:/ * 

Hrii'nia II ' i'<numural| 

Hernia/') Ai imatlon of |J|» 1 

testicle, or sHK^Uvd ((lailtole, 8m Ol* 



'^f : ■ , I .>!• ith. 

I, mgU 

til ^. , f', *'V 

tiirrt^, whtm It |»)i!<se»iiut ill rh]itu|kf