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Full text of "A comprehensive phraseological English-ancient and modern Greek lexicon : Founded upon a manuscript of G.P. Lascarides, esq."

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1 1, * 

■ (.".oo^k- 


:■■, C.OO^IC 







Founded upon a Manuscript of 
Or. I*. LA8CAEIDE8, Esq., 

Vol. II. 


2? onbon : 

:■■, C.OO^IC 








«. 1 .) As ip 8 /"!™** fcrl TUB 1000 :, kdlaiiaxfj-1 luiu : iraiupu , 

2.) i» -wyincKZc MX, .Hagkter : 

«oiar>, MtBtoagfH; inGpspt, jih- 

M B iMiitiffiwPa-M'rnimg^f P , 

salSp*^*!. to— out's idf, Bi^Mftb- 

MeiliiunicDactor: AJI.^imoMsB- 

fab, T^maflu pf»v;ia;. — ra'ttflu. 

Ji: M.P., Member offwrliwBBM: 

ou. piaf m/io(,o. iaittirrf«i«Kj :j». 

MS., nuuuweript, Mil. 

ififilffroii «jfl B»j , ^ ; ilflTITSfH^ij. 

Mab, ei. (fuifi.) 4 pae-atmK w Sn- 

SlachiacK'luui, fa. wiufifanwj, »- 

Vdj07D«, f^fDs: —,41V, irOAyufl^O' 

p-ouS. avEl^itHJi J .ifllU| iiimjui, 

•osfl-oiiicf swirrnii, J; — ian^au. 

M8C, S>»T1C4 JtitkAws zpHlStprfio) 

wwnjofa. iilor*, A. 

riii uiM)fiJK»»/«ii^fi^auo«"Miw,*' 

Machioiln'iitiB, *i. («p-) *™i£<(,si : 

oce* jMoewilliam, u&f «■) Wil- 

4 (*KHa iriiv KSA&IUUk^Xii^w *J«q»il- 

liam, xtl. 

ItH'dunn^^itViwauc.ij. [hsoiwuGIhv, 

Macflilflutiiji 'tuia (^* rav Mac Adam 

Ma'diiuste, ^.l^dvi^u, npo».a- 

:_ : uiafUu 'Aiap), oil. io-Otup&miK, 

TBHjKfu, W)>»h£ih, fflgjmiayaVi. 

JufiiioTfwiii, jj. [ion^nvju, 

— ua'tion/ii. finunini,*-^ w^W" , 

Maca'damiw, p. i. st^&wiu^u MBaif, 

T^aaonK^-td. tooK — uu'liaBEji.,- 


^nnftofiai, mAr^anflgi. — nator,«£. 

jia .pucpai «£(=! : jwpt, lUffiuc, 

.fAt^Kvn^ipsafOit p&SuiitpyOi,*. 

fu.aX,o : xeiiuiu^iuTiii, Wsf UMf, j. 

Midu'ne, eu. j»»a»ij, i. fuiK*»«fia, 

— 'Ionian, *s. mr/nxvtitmi. 

re': [M*fTMA|| iinijnru; (impymi- 

Mfloaro'nic^g^Hf rf »f6f»i (iu»)«t) : 

«fi. j.a.»), A. 

— , «S. BTxwu/kn? H£«, $ ; *«&- 

Machinery, *i. ^^oi*Hi, w 1 ^V 7 - ***'' 

fidftafcc — t<Wf, 4 

Sla'iau«On,oii.iiiiiioi««», n^i^iit^iO' 

Mftchi'BiflB,*t. <f^J«uv n>«iqt:- 

f ua^nut^fltuJuiMffnjfc &f«(ffTq4{^- 

jn)» (^tippww*. Smv). _ 

aaca'w,*i. («'«*.) iUst f mamS: — 

MaGUl'lUBt, Oi. ^l^SWIIIBlOf, o. to. lie 

tree, oi. (jlata,) jimwfBfait, i. 

a —, ^ocanmoBIi'. 

Uiioe, au.«BpJ»j!, ii jW«ie», id: «vj- 

Mtt'cintitsli, *0. as. Maakialoah. 

Kiaai> t «a: teaj-Br, oil. ^aSoou- 

Ma'<;kaiel^i.(iz*. )ir*ifJ^oiJ .— igilc, 

*■•«, ^uMap^x, o r — wed, »v. 

ni,(iHEVT.) itii^cit noii«, h: — jkv, 

I**".) $ niaTupullw Tiipj. 

ei>. aip av *' 'it™ 1 "f ""* m*V*!S'j 

Maw, «i. 4 rau (uBWtapaau »- 

f-miufo: —ale, ou, tf*K apw- 

SLtt'okintoeh, «^. X^oefut ^wyjy. 

[iarta [i£voi i 6. 

(■ui^ HaiififWJfM, Til. 

Ma'eerate, f ^. jtupw.l*m, !«■ paaafcii, 

ItatlWC,.^-^ 7»lU>^f«IIfUETST«liU- 


■nifatf to — letters, fulnoua to 

TUBCypaflKl OTOIjJtrsK. 
Ma'cUe, si. (op.) ii8o; 1 yiaat&Hr,; 

miUi « (Jiti Jpwfiv). ■ 
Macrocc'phalons, 'n- pxupoiciQalat. 

— COWA) oft. to au/inav. — fo^y, »« 

p-ncpaiaylx, ft. 
Macta'tion, oft. ifi-ycao-filf, e. 
Ma'cola (n). maculfe), oi. xqltf (inl 

Teu ftlfou, Tflj nlqvqf )) Tfiv «l«tl>J7- 
T»»),ft: (l'aip.) ijujifiu, hi; — te, 
p, i. po/uw, ontilai, fftiAiftw: ■ — ■ tc. 
in. KnAcoWef, otkXuto'c — tion, 

iv. tnrikreati, f. [)»(, 6. 

Ma'eule, oft. xaUfa 4. "(ji^a, to. nrf- 
Macu'lose, ^ir. o-twtoc, iaTty/thot, 

Mad, in. /isviic, /imvipuvot, /mrubf, 
i/inxtis, ImnriSiK, irapafpai*, !«- 
fleam, afp-wi. a — dog, *ua.» iu<r- 

o-Sv, o. to tun, drive n render any 

one — i ixpad»ta nvi, /Lariat Ip. 
<aUu« ti»I. it drives me — , i«f i- 

po/iaift xxpafipep.11 : (after,On,for, 
of), JmsVfiii*, Jmjifflvii;, ijETtmfc. to 

be — , ftti/iaftio-Sal tiv(. to be — 

for joy, iiti x*pas in-rb; iauTOo -/(- 
7"j(*(lat. are you — ? fy* vyisAm; 

— apple, oft. (P«tv.) /nifraiKT, ft: 

— brain (i brained, fci. juavilj, hi- 

pifpait ; cap, ou. tfvSpuitOf /ia- 

voiif ^ j»a«o/«vof, af pun, 1 : napei- 

v»(, 4: head, ht. ltap&fptir; — 

-house, oft. j Tfiv juuvopcW yuin- 
**), ^ptyMs/iiIov, rd ; — man, eft. 
KvflpumifiaiviKi^nipafpwv, d: 

woman, 06. /ia««(, 4 : — wort, oft. 
(ton.) Ihm, rf. 
Mad, p. /. /lafvu, tx^afvu Tiva, fizvl- 
a» ijtidUti «><: — , p. tfte\ fiifvo. 

/in, to/mba/suii 1 — den, |i. /. (p. 

Mad : — den, p. ofto*. putta/ua, B£t- 
BT11/A1 M pivfiif ;■ — dil)£,'tt-/4xiydVc- 
»es, /ia»«i(, fia>«o(, (rvutntc to ran 

a — ding.ft — ding after, /iaI»«i8oti 

Ti) fclBu/lia ! If, flltp. /tKVMOc, 

i«fpa»oi(,irHp«ff rMH, iiwiinij: — 
nees, oft. jusnfa, Jiijoa, itvotix, if po- 



cruvq, i[apHQ>poinJvj] f t; rrapa^opa, 
4. a fit of — ueafl, oi. Uigig/13, to. 
Mad, Made, oft. U/km, 0. 

M&' dam, OU. (Svopa TtfWTUQV UpOifto- 

vou^(vo» d) (tyfjfn yuiaEji) Kupia, 
ft. p!') ximut tats yuvarfi /yya^oi,- 
«aj iya^oi;) »up(a, iS. 
Ma'dder,oi.(^tT».)Jpuflpooavflv, ipiu. 
bi&uvm, ti. to dye with — , Ipuflpo- 

Made, itapT. a. ^iit. jrall. 1. ^. Make, 

K0O|T0(, TUKTjf.well , (UKo£l]TO[, 

tOmirrot, «(it«/^(. newly f) joet — , 
turtu^ilt, viDupye;, vijtluiTO;. 
Made'irtt, oft. o7>«( Tit Misrioiis. 
MademoUelle, oj. xop^.-sapflivoj. J (! - 
Ma'dge-howlet,oft.yla&E,4. [Bowii,*. 

Mado'mia, oft. ivpfo,i) : ii'miv ritt nap. 

Sivou Mapla C . [n)a|,4 : iSoxas , ft. 

Ma'drier, ou. (up.) *uwni aavi,-, oi- 

Ma'drigal, oft. nonguaTion ^urni, ?j 

Magaii'ne, ou. fanS4xq, #.. Ta/«iTov, 
rap:i7ou, rd ; — of Arms, A* AoQrixii, 
ft. (i,uirp.) jrapafl»ai[, ft. ianiptav, 
Tn: ifvifitpi^ 1 ^. ouiTayjua, To: — r, 
oft. auyypafiuc £1' jpii^ipiiTif, 0. 

Ma'gdaien, oft. ninut,- >v>aui(9w ™- 

fpoy»»mjp(ou, *. [to. 

Magda'leon, ai. (ciTp.) i/mJaoTpa>, 

Ma'ggot, eft. (Hi), 4. OXbUq!', ai T^B- 
iwv (/«J(o»fl», x).),ft: iJioTponia, 
ft: — ineeSi eu. itol)aii6)*i,oJ; — 
ish: — -Vjiit.iriiipntiftJalv: iJiorpo- 
ites: — y-hwded, *it. iJioTporrsj. 

Ma'gi, oft. ir). /ta^oi, of: — an, in. i, 
ft, to T«> jttrjnia ; — an,o6.M*ye;,o. 

Ma'gic, ei. jtayila, /i«y«ur«^,^ ; yo^- 
«(a,^. topractbe — ,/iayiiitiv: — 
ft: — al,in. pxytia-;: — art, pa?""], 
$. fiajpul^aTH.Tci. a — incantation, 
/layixev ai^a, irf. iimo'q, ft; — ■ 
•lantern, paytnot Jlu^voi, ft: — ally, 
imp. /tojvKfi;. 

Magi'cian, aft. pa^ac, yirii, iirua'if, 
jiap/iBKiii, o. to be a — . p.ty<0ii», 

Hagiete'rial, in. ^iJaiiaiiio<, npo>-< 


TBXTMOf, ipX'tis, KlllV7TKO{ ; Uttf 

pnpavoj, imiponros:— ly,inip.o"« 
noTixwi, if flu«*«TM»t: UTttpifeuu; 
— ness, o&. to a"t(noTucoy, to i(ou 
jiaorixify : to uiripeitriitu'ii. 

Magistracy, 06. &px>i, y. apX"', "t t 
i. t««, t4 Ttin : ipzri, ij. 

Hi'giglnl, ■*. (^dp/iairoy) *anb(>), j 

Magistrate, ot. &px*"i p'vitvT>n, d 
the — s, of *v riiu, of Taj n,u;i[jl 
«** i«*< tz«™t,T« tU«!,.( £,»- 
Xo»t»(- the election of — a", apxai. 
piofai, af. [JiUTiictif 

Magistra'ticfl: — al,in. ap;c<iof T Peu- 

Ma'giatratore, oi. op. Magistracy. 
Magnanimit.y,o6. ixf/aiofvxic, ftys- 

loou/ifa,fl. /j.syxiApux'", To. /evisi- 



Magna'niuKinS,, Jr. fir) 
VaidypOjy, ^lyyaZe;, p 
be — , /ityaAa^uxiZi 



Magne'sia, 06. (x> 

II, <n. itsyafu 
Ul'gneute, oi. (dp.) ri Tfli /ia-yiiiiiat 

&*0p(UttXD*! tf^irioy fl o"*jnfov, to. 
ITa'gnet, o&_ (op.) iiBot 'HpK*J.niT^f,o. 

>u'0O{ 'HpaicAiia. ^. ux'/jyi-.^i, 0. po> 

— ioal, in. ^ay^n-nef : iixuiruidc 
— ically, tntp. pux/nrrurfif 1 — ical- 

ai. n /laTvijTixij : — i'ferons,in.|ni 
payuv payvirTiapov : — iflm, o&. /ie (, o. payv^riKi ivta/Uf, i 
animal — ism, C»"«o( /i«7»>jrio>of , 
4; — iza'tion, eft. fiaTvijTio-fiot, 0: 

ouJ, ^LHy»jjT(£oj«ai; — ize'e, ou. 
/iqyv^Tiofl*!; : — izer, oft. i itxyvrt- 

Tifm. {TO,. 

Mi'gnifiable, i«. inaiynof, i? lm («. 
Magni'fic fl : — al, in. neY«\mptirtt, 

piycuitot ; naJwiMt : piyat, lap- 

xp6f ; — ally, tn(p. /iiyaiOHptnoif , 

mlvrdAf, la/mpfflt. 
Magni'ficence, oi. fisyalonpfntia, no- 

JutUhh, lo/*itpiTiis,i».fnya)!loy,Tii. 

Magni'fioent, in. ju/aionpmi)s, /iiya- 
Jrios, Ja>iTrpO(, noJuriJliis. to be — , 
iajstlonpt*tvio~6ac; — ly, twip- p.%- 
;yaAonpjn(L{, iiiyalsiuu Ja/inpii, 
noiiiTsi£i{. [ T °()> B - 

Magni'fieo, oi. £pxu«, "■ i6/i"i ('E-«- 
Ma/gnifier, su. aufa««., /uytMnwv: 

Ma'gnify, p.i. «ufi.*j, inaufiyu, „lil- 

£u: — ing, in. avUrt'ef- iynupta- 
truif. — ing-glass, ou. Sdej, oVeu 
ra npaypaix /*if^owa 0>a(yiTai, ft- 

Ma^'uilo quimce, o«. /ifyaJiiyopJa, /it- 

quent,irr./ii-/ a ^ 1 J'/ P°s. aJa?(OB,jfo^i- 
nipiii. — lo'qneotljj hip. /AiyaA^- ' 
■/dpiu{, <ofiiriipii(. — lo'quoos, in. op. 

Ma'gllitnue, ou. juiyiflof, nJijflo;, ti(: 
^KpuTii!, ^. £apO(, to. onouctaiiiTij(, 
i. affairs of — , onouoala npaytixta, 
r«:(uafl.)n .0T W ,ii. [Wt™, y,. 

Ma'got-pie, Magpie, mi. (ap».) *(>o-a fl 

Ma'gydare, ei (f3«r».) ita/ilnpit, r>. 

Maho'medan, Mahometan, ou. M«a- 
fiESa>os, o. 

Maho' metan, in ,Min/n9»n<t : — iatn , 
oi. Mua/tiflayicrjiO{, 6: — ize, p. i. 

Maid, ou. naif, tttpn, . 

Iap5iy D , 

Jotov i) aya/toy 7opaj*!.y :fl V anai- 
va, flipananij, 1). a chamber — , fla- 
la/iomSJo;, ]j: ■ — pale, in. iixf'f- 
— , in, Baivf, ufliumit : ~ servant, 
Otpanaiva, Btpxvatvif, 6o'jj/>, : jTf,pi- 
Tpia, ^ : — diild, itopao-.oy, ro. 

Ma'id,oi.fe8.)?aTi i , r iaTO(,)i. 

Ma'iden, oi. op. Maid : ft'uyd f , o. w«- 
n, ^ : (2« W T.) Mra^ (Tflv ^fa.), 
t>: — , •*■ nnpflinaj, napfliyKis: 
ayavJpof «f/i^To s; — assize, 06. 
(yo^.) <ruyiJp<o. Ka.wpyoo""^, *• 
oj ouJi/Ua uavarin^ n((«i kuovtti- 



rm: — hair, ou. (£otv.) noXitptxoi 
kShatov, r,f : —like, in. nap«™ f , 
nap Onus's : a»/i.v05, noffjaioi: — lip, 
oft. (£or*.} irapOmiou, to: —pink, 
oft. (for. ) to J, 3 .fli 4 . 
Ma'iden, £. oS5. (limp napflivos npos- 
fipo>iai: — head: — hood, oft. itap- 

Ci.ia, xssd'j, ft. to lose her — hood, 

fi(uo/iiuiiflai: iyydT.j(,S: — linesa, 
oft. to napStviKop: xgd^ior^c, oi/xvo- 
Tijf, ft : — ly, fa. irapltfwof, nacBl- 
w*o"c : «/ivi{, aiStprav. 

Mai'dhood, oJ. muBtvtsi.ft. 

Ma'ihen, oft. lp. Hayhen. 

Mail, oft. Otipo:?, i; rcavoiUla, ft. coat. 
of—, shirt of—. ftfip=4, o: m?!!; 
(fai TeB npsjiirou), ft. £a*os, o ; — 
clad : — sheathed, fa. TtHtipxiu- 
s pivot: — ,p. 4- ireptSaJJiu T<vi to* 
fldpana, enpa*(fu Tlva. 

Mail, oft. o nSv fa,»Toi«» jaitJfOf ; ii- 
Xuoi-.3^stov,To:^iptn, :x- 
XO&pi/tOf, o : — bag, ov. J tou raj^i- 
Ipoptiov isbtxsf; — boat, ou.niotov 
Kopi(at fa^ToJaf, to: — coach, oft. 
ftp!" to Snpioto', oVaJa i\ txXf- 

/in|oiTO<z(a iS TaxuSpopittt : — . p. 
i.r$ TxxySpOfitianlpnutl aironlu- 

JKd faceioJac pEXjJJoJ, OVMSUaiJfc. 

Maim, p. d. mips, A»a7n;pu, jjuifvo), 
TOpuufaT&i.xoJoGw: — , oi.n>ip«!ii(, 
axp^TJJpia J(f . n : "Ao BoiTIf , JtoloiiiiS, 
if: |9Ja6fl, fi^tfe, ft : — ed, fa. irnpos, 
4vBmipos,xo)oSof : — edneas, oft.«o- 
UGvcrc;, ft, a«p6j , rr)ptaff l u&{, o. 

Main, fa. mipios, piyioroi, npfirot, 
S^ioto(, a^pos, MB>i\aio{. the — 
body, TO KpBTlJTOy, ft ir/iio-Tij M- 
va/ll{, TO JT/flfloj T>i( <rTpnTIa{ the 
— point, TO tlf aJaisv, rt jljywnv. 

the — part ft portion, to /i^mstot 
pipOi'. iimpfu^j iuvbi,vnipmiot-j, 
TipxTuit: ofuJisyoj, oiteuoaroc, e- 
t.s S , TtoJiou a(.o f . by — force ft 
Strength, *bt& xpaTo ( i) lvay«>|. lo 
look to the — chaiioe, to iaurou 

to ptyioTov pipes', to fie*, TO Ttav : 
to xaOaeo*, Toiparioro. : Uybt, Si- 

va.rfif, ft : W»to(, 4. rftaj^ To.the 

vessel is on the — , /niisipo'f «ir<» 
ft vaDf : ercpiK, ^Treipof, xlpo-os, ft : 
xos>tvog, o : Spvypx, ri. JirApul, ft : 
jitxrp5,.iE^lE, ft. with might and 
— ,nrl iparof, avaymj. forthe — , 
in the — , naBiTta., ^> ictfaAafu, 
■bBo'Jbu. upon the — , -rilae, to t«- 
itBialov, t()»iitS>. the — of them, 

(.but.) fopano., ti : — deck, oi. 
J.aur.) to irpiiTov iaTHOTpapa : — 
guard, ei.(ire.)iipoTtepi(a,ft. Tpai- 
rafuiaiiii, ^; — hamper, ov. mlfi- 
«J(, 4 : — hold, oS. (»a«T.) itftH- 
m;,ft: — land, oi, faupot, ti, ft: 

— line, el. ft Kupfa ipapiti (siS-ir- 
poofio>ou): ^maet: — sail. ou. 
(.but.) o ^iya« !««{ : — keel, ou. 
[wuT.JftifC" "0 fti**>: 4 p^5« 
tow mi Jaliou ; — rojal, ou. (»aur.) 
o-iirapot, S:— rigging, oi. (vauT.) 
Ta lia.pTiipa.-cx Ijilt ptyiXiK ixpat- 
at): — sea, oi. mJ>T((, iueiavot, 4: 

— sheet, i toS /nryaXou (orou *a- 
J»( : — Stay, ou. (viut.) t* too pt- 
ydlovlrrtvipiurpa.- to xipiei Ipu- 

■a : — stay-sail, oh. (naur.) ^ pt- 
1*1 jtpoTavfs: — lop, oh. (««ut.) 

iSicpoiPTO&/(tyaJou<o'ToS: — tr>p- 
gallant-sail, oi. [yaur ) ficroi*, 6 : 
— top-sail, ou. (va«T.) Wl»., 4: — 
yard, o6.(yaur.) to i|apT», toD p,. 
^aAou loToii: — work, oh. ipyoy, 
xipiov fa[TTio"iu^a, to : (ffTp.) noo- 

Ma'inly, fa(p. piiio-ra, hbGitoi, npa- 
ra, *up(o.(, npaTlnotf. tS ^>i»ti.. 

Ma'inor, oft. (vop.) to nianl* itpSy/ut, 
to be taken as a thief with the — , 

kiimtaliai in' uhTofdipu, Knvifa. 

Mainpernable, fa.oWj ti ly/vaoflaL 
Ma'inpernor, ou *7yu^iii(, ijTuo^, 4. 
Ma'inprise, oft, (»»/*.) ^S'tt^" "'!, ft ' 




kffim, in/yu>|(ri,-, tj ; — , fr.l. (»eft.) 
typA/tnt, ifiy/ud n.a. to — one's 
Self For any one, ^y/uSffflai 4 o ny- 
yjairila/ TIM, narstiriOToOo'flai uirip 

Mainswear (op. Swear), £. out, fm- 
Mainta'm, p. i. f uiaTito, Jtayu-laTTw, 
njpfl, e'tangpu: A»c;£u, "' T ')! ,u . *»- 
rtjfBftoc, oix v»*'iifft., oifo/iac. 
— one's ground, pinto, to — good 
Order, turaxrsv Jrxpij;iiv T ™^ T f'- 

pn, TpO«> J TH Ilt<T*o"l<a KKO ^£61 

«.(: 0,™ w: ur.^8: **«»», fa- 

P4>. to — firmly, lutxitplfatlu, 

i&Zupi£ia6xti ajro/o-yojunt, arcoAo' 

pi v », JiariJu ft tf iayoi *»<S» « : — . 

p. oil}. ivjUJOl^BjUBI, iuBJQtptfallKt : 

— able, /n. r>ipiiT*o{ : Jciixvewriot; 
— er, •*. i nif»», * *««;»*, 4 rd 
intrtiutt Bdfirwi; wp»»T*nM, ffl- 
Aa(, j9ai)6i(, ttUoupoi, i ; — ance, 
o&. to <reii£i<y, r^p^tr*;, £rccn5ffi<r£c, 
fi>*H|tt, xaropflwT^, gVTIffa, rj: Tt 
Tpiftiv, ftpijnt, rpopi), ^. t4 ri Jtti- 
TfiOEta irapaxi'v)) To^c^aiv, oYnfatj 
*. continual — ance, oWpofii, it 
&aoio-/fa,3: (»o/i )ftatS|Ui fef"l/«- 
T«lj), *i. 

Maiie, ou. fia, 4. («".) ip«W"«(. *■ 

Majestatic fl: — al, 'n. ^tyaiirot, pi- 
)iU»iip*7i^f,M8o:»/nof, oiSb«t«j,8>- 
^>4(, M^voVt u.of ; Ja/iTipof, itoftiroj. 
iitf ;— ally, 'n<p- MfuSi.ftiyaJiiut, 
piy ■ ) oirptniij, mpip avni{ i Xx /input ' 
— «lne?3: — ness, ou. to tityalttor, 
ri piysAMpticif. 

Ma'jeHiy, ot. /iiyaioirp^ntia, aJieTtpf- 
n«a,«/iraTq(,q. to fi/ajiloi; (t<- 
piITiKoy Syo/ia paaditat) MryaJ»io- 
"Ki 4- S. yoor — , <" j8*«ii&, u fte. 
iotk. Mb — ) i pttliitUf ri/iwi. 

Ma'jur, in. piljja*; — , ot. (vo^.)ii- 
iuiny Ix«i>'. (»T(J.) Tay^arajsxif , 1: 
(lir/a.) ifi /iiffuv itperao-if, Mju/ioi, 
ts : — dunio, air. owovo^et, 4: fix- 

rouKif fa/itxi. A: — general, oi. 

(orp.) im 08 T P «Tn/i>{, imo/«pa PZn! , 
tj! — ge'neralahip, oi. unoirpaT^- 

Ma'jorate, oi. raynaTapxia,^. [yfa.ij. 

Majo'rity, ou. to iroJu, to jr)iEo-ro», of 
noAJioi, of nJli(bu(, to vlf,$ot. the ~ 

of people % men, to noiii ij oi noiiol 

iii» avflfninuy. the — of votes 4 
voices,^ KX»«a ^aoKToDso: (/vipii), 
(*o<..) KtlMM^»o>ta, i,: fagta, j>. 
(*«>.) ivi)JU««Vi](, tj. to attain one's 
— , If-qtsi lifitnixt, tiiipxtvbat lit 
Ifttouf. ray/ixTapxi', 4- [»«[. 

Makable, in. npaiTfr;, duiaro,-, «»u". 

Make (napr. K. uit. ml, made), p. i. 

paimuafu. to — jplmionts, (//.h- 

:cch, a poem, noiilt k. ireitlo-Sai 
/o», ounifltyai ioyov, itoiilv ^ilet. 

; r/ *; t 

^ai, : iret»,&KO- 
iroiiu, /Jopo>fl, azj,y.xTlt;u : 
nTTipya^o^K*! iTiaJl^jTvu^I; 

j, saprf z »Ma': toifi, riSiyu, 

1/U,™tpopil&t.Xtl>&TW*xpb ( 

, alriof 4 af op/i^ v , V 1 ' J' ai ti- 
i: aicajtiiivv/ii, jcaHvmpH, i- 
m. to — any one king, ano- 

ie a slave, JouAouv nm, 

one free, Uiu8ipou» w»« : to — to— happy, tbtiai. 
Itma ito«t»; upar™, tx«; »*o*»i 
japSiva. (fop(«>)- to — aWpwrack, 
■aiwyBy : TlJffi, iiriTtifl ■ nnp(iiTi)/« : 
BT^pai, Kifloai.iu, lo^SA-u (xpii- 

/*«tb sa xpi>">T(;u) : {of, out of) 

>u/iai 4 lanSa.oi (j£pfl/iaT« Ix 

.,j ; 

ivaiiTroriAu. 625 feet 
— one stadium, 625 noVit anoTi- 
loii(T( jtb Jia» s napopiuu (nva noi- 
,t. I.) ! 4va-yi<i;«, «aT«.a 7 K«f M , 
aut>: nlar™, tewfl: (.«,T.)iC- — a port 4 sucb a place, 
titnA^m, «aTB(pl«, KaTaTeo-flBC, 

xpnlaUw. lo ~ dry, e«ls»i- 

S i. 

tt&u* S) iipxhtn. to — use of, xpfl- 
«fla( tmi. to — arrangements, m- 

Ti*a, ayaaBai t. 


to — fast, irn,. 

piUm, ifmltlh. to — nothing of. 

euSi, Tripafvti. fl fciorelita: i«>a.<- 
iJiiv.Bvaio'lv : * BT(rjipo> it" gilr/upliv, 
to — good, kkti^mv, Jiaoijiu, i- 

i/ipi-tur raff ij-.T0Jxs5sl'ji; j>a»a<, i- 
'Xupfftrfst. Sit<ixuptfaf)!n,eiiio<ili- 
■ '- /■■•■■' tam#iS6vtu. 

- light of, all-, 


•,S^U, dt5-n»fti x «ivi(with) 

npojiaff(C«8*'. to — a boast of, p t- 

/a fpoiPt[», /nyaloj>eov»rv lit! Tin. K 
— it one's boast, Ixatptaeat Tin 
turux&t8m ixixm. to — angry, op- 
}fytr,linc4r. to — clean, naflMpun, 
xa D a^i.v,B7ia*aeafpuv. to — haet*: 
uriu iu». to — ready, BTtieyalVSai 

B7T0 Tllilv, J S Stand. 

[ttboDhi, (jimrfu, nx&wBai ira- 
piuaVivav. to — complaint, bitib- 
«flai, /ii/if«ifln. to — a litter, pu- 

bbJv imieiefrai: Airsr/vcnt, 
— sport ft a fool of, ^Traffi™ twI, 
xJwagu* Tiva. to — war upon, ira- 
Itp-ttv twi 1i naif ii>«. to — means, — one's escape, ptu- 
7111, ixftiiytfy, tptcmrnltfli, to — 
much of, ssi-jou neiilioai nl A*7e" 

to — much of 0: 
fB.TaSwflai. to - 




vapiOpitTBi etrrolj. to — way, tl- 
*«». imtf>«», AnwMii 7f7.1t tat : i- 
SonoiiXv : npoGaivuv, Ttpoxoipttv. to 

— one's way to, jrpax*ipil., u$£-&tt . 
/tixptto — shift with, xpfaM ti»i, 
Tpinitflai ir/»J( — s shift, xalfic 
iiroSafvii, iu irpex&ipil. it — -# no- 
thing to yon, hit' oiSit not iftltt. 

it — s no matter to me, «-/8» «***- 

va jre-eSpiaf nvof, oSiiv >iai o<Bj*(pu 
ti. yon are a made man. iliitpayitt, 
■uffaioantt. to — incision, Jyi^irru*, 

to — a journey, itoptia. aoiiisflaj, 

baomopa*. to — land, (vaur.) 71)11 
dpS.. to — Bail, (vavT.) kfirymteu. 
'to— toy, M ftriwpi- 

to — known, oijiev., ixfutntr, it- 
fipuv. to — pnbiic, S n/umiiiw, *oi- 
.aneiitv. to — a loss, Cui/iieuo-Bai. to 

— equal to, iiouv, iJiaoOu, IjtewE* — manifest, «fi»(fii», •j =- 

cAviiv. to — an end of any one, im- 
Z/J?o9«( Ti.a. to — short work of 

anything.auiiTt/ — itone'a 
business.endeavour, object, aim, lp- 
ye. iranlsflai, Sn« f , icpo6uy«I*f«, 

ot«(, to — any one laugh, -/«!«» 
naisr» nva. to — people believe, 

npefirouIsBai ti. to — any One be- 
lieve that^jBTTKTaV TLB, (Of, 111. tO 

— choice, btUyuv, aieitsfiai, it- 

To — against, ildu",4nB«Ii(Ety. 

to — away, ^teJAmo«[ — 
away with, a.Biptf. ti.b, itrifriw 
&i»KnA>«*. to — away with one's 
Eelf,;{iyarirvfe U Ta»T<iDjUou,(xatv.) 
atTo/HjOiaijHii. to — away with . 
One's property, amtS&v, xaiattisa- 
6a», rip liifn. to — of, Jeyov noi- 

tUb-A tivoj. vo|i;-En,ic/ii'^=', 01*- 

vosIsSai: hsiiTv, itaoawfui^m : ti- 
^.S.i,S.fa.aiii tivs(. to — very little 
of anything, a'Jtyaietft Tivaf. to — 
one of the party, naprt>ai, b«bo;- 
jpt»iafl«i Tial, BvpxpiTtiai. to — out, 



t». tO — up.BCUlv , auoTiJirv, Bieaf- 

oflat (jyvfl<n]v) ; (ftijuirrvoetlv : »jr,- 
pew : liaU,,, (ipioa), ^(i.ou» ; *. 
rxrepOouv, inutaflnTauai ; irliipoO", 
i«7rJ>ipo6y. to — np a deficit, 4k- 
nlijpeuv; «yBToitIv,B0po/£iiv,TO>(i- 
7«v. to be made np of, tvytutrtat: 
/Lopfsiv,S t aiii>fiyiivv, txn/uni^t": 
(into) xaTipyafiooat, «lp7a;«9aii 
i;«w«9m-rKV!ii, a.TfJio'oyai: jtapa- 

ITKIUB^ICV, KBTapTVSiy, l&Tp«B(!;»ly, 

o\papT0«y, <rmiri6i>m, ovyfctoayyu- 

with a made np face, nXairn/iivof 
rjl ifu. to — np a lip, to — np a 
month, btkvkktiIh, ixtjfiSt ix*"' 
to— np to any one,npoti^>«i, wptt- 
iiStlt-mi,Tptnureai Mtwb. to — 
np one's accounts with, tiaXejKi- 
iBaiBpd(Tiv«. to — np one's mind, 
*po X -p(l;™9*l Ti : (Huto&tcL,. I 
[Dade up my mind, npoaip(S/ia<, 
*poHB*/nu, jSouAo/iai, Aiaraiii/ixi, 
(««.) mr^wrifw: trout, &„«&,, 
Sake, ^. o6o\ Tit™, mjiTiivai ft mcoirfi 
H! 4 npo( ti: itopnio/iai, Tiopji'av 
TowC^im, oJomopS: iru/iSiWopxi, 

tfOim, p. t T«ttt»p. t: (W «*«() 

Httltapu, itlittvH, aujavo.: to — 
as if, Bpopronwflai. To — bold, 
Bpaauyioflai, toJ/i&p. To — against, 
piiSuv ft f>;/i(av ? *p«v «t*jj (3ii- 
itiiv Tt>i; avtiyt)£/-/sr:Bai, avTiA.1- 

Ti". this argument — a against 
bis cause, ivn 4 inoo"ii|i{ £vti- 
U)«( «| ftaij buto&. to — after, 
lidititv, jLtTaSiiictii: !ire<r8a( Tin. 
to — at, ip/ifii ft ipp-Sotm tnl tt- 

7U>, tpmvriiur. to — for, if tjily, 
iwii-iiiTv, ffvpfepirj that tut: to 

— for a place, /irr/pxiaflai,, 
opaaoflat, BoptOnoa!, JxitepiuuSct. 
to — forth, fntfui, to — from, 
■mfotottii, r«7*». to — off, ami- 
>«, bb^pxibObi: AtrittpAmn. to 

— ont, Imnrxiduv. to — over, 
JiaCaiviiy, sipaioioflai, iiampaiau- 
»6«. to — towards, -fnAci£;«»|Tfo(- 
x«laf«iy T<y*. to — np, ip/ix; 6p- 
/■aoflai, Bopiudrflai; (to) jtpofinia. 
{«. t.vJ: (for) «aTaoT*.a, j. rdfu 
t-ivif, ^HTtJnpoi"' : «»Ti*aflioTa>ai ; 
(with) J^MXoytiv irn, cruvTiflioflai 
Bpifj ma i oWaTTioflai n^i( tiv«. 

Make, ti. Ipyov, mftyia, to; nara- 
«"m> i: *&?*,**■ puipfti.-b: — 
bate, 06. najiatnjj, rranasTiitef, 
o : — peace, ei. iiakXaxnip, tipjf 
voBOiej, s: — shift, su. npasdu^o; 
4»TiKani(rTairf( rivet; — weight, 
BU. Hpo;l)^J!>), ft. htlp.tTpa-1, kvatii)- 
pVftei) ti. 

Ma'ker.oi. Jii/iioupyof, Bonirfo, >ara- 
axfuaarijc, A - o noiriu. A ^oir.iaf. — 

of arms, hnXoivubi, i: — of watches, 

i>po'jj>y<nrinbt,A. a — of bricks, irl<y- 

Ssuay*!, J: iij*"oupjds to& navrif, o. 
Ma'king, eti. mx'Kiui^rf.lpyarsji: 

Ma'lachite, ei. (pp.) /lala^ftTif, &. 
Malfldja'stment, ov. na*i tutrwfa, ft. 
MaJadmirdstra'^ iauim;, 

iJieuSvuaif ft Si*x,uptiti, ft. 
iMftlftdro'it, ^n. naiis, aKfttf, Bfwij: 
ly, <jt(,j. AxmngaVgtf, iJtJtoc 

■ot«, j|. Ti : ifife, a*arf- 
(,4- ^ [p«.ria, 4. 

Ma'lady, st. r6tra;, ft. vrfffn/ia, to. 4p- 
MaJs'gmft, uti. (iaTp.) /jdla7/»B, to. 
Ma'landers, ou. bA. vrfsos o-kooBoutijct) 

Ma'lapert, <ir. i»a>»vet, iroesiTitj, i- 

TOfiit, ns^itpTwt : — ly, t*ip- tpo- 

mrflf, rra/iAc: — ness, oi. TtpoBt- 

T««, ira^oTIK, 4. [iraoB«ai)>u(. 

Ma'lapropos, ^Bjp. fatalpus, AironaipoS, 

MaTar, in. 4, ft, t» rt* y»aflou. 

MA 7 

Malaria, ov. Svtmpte, n- 

Mala'rioue, in. •eo&e'.K, lan/ipif. 

Ma'lcontent, at. Sp. Malecontent. 

Male, Ik. £pp>iv, flpp ivafi«>li, (xaiv.) 
ipsnait. the — sex, ii Sppti yi- 
*«(. to beget — children, ippwto- 
xilv: anJpiToj, h/ipabt, kppautat, 

&ppt*6tn ( : —dress, A» Spa* n*14, 

itip&t «rnM, ij : — occupation, 



— child, ir«r ( ,xopof, d : — spiritedj 
in. ippti& int : — , at. fi fipp»j>(rffi» 
0fo»): iral(, i. «»,)p, i: (Set..) T * 
a/)pi» yuri> I) jE*Set. [ministration. 
Maleadmiuistra'tion, 06. Sp. Malad- 

T(fm, txteptpfla, *\, 
Ma'lecontent, ot. A Jujipiaraj, i Si(- 

f»., «TBn^6i«, J ; — 1 : — ed, At. 
titfkptnts, Sbtxoiof- natuarmit; 
-^-edly, top. iutxplmif : — edness, 
oB. Su&aila, lutapimtaif. aSuplg.n. 

Malcdi'utbn, ot. opi, txi&px, i. 

Malefaction, ot. xaxoupy(x,ii. xaxeup- 

Malefa'ctor, at. law&pyat Kaicaireiif, 

Malefe'asance, ot. Sp. Malefaction. 

Male'ficonce, «u. Tto-inp(x, Kaxirri it Jj: 
mwireifa, A. — ficent, i>. iro»jpo(, 
xaxoroiof, iitiilo:(Jj<. 

Malefi'cience, ot. — ficient, in. Sp. 
Maleficence, *. — ficent. 

Malefonna'tion, at. iuspopmta, jj. 

Maleo'dor, ob. Jujao/ifa, *;. 

Malepra'ctice, ob. Sp. Malpractice. 

Maletre'at, p. I. tooxp&pat tat, ne> 
t&, Xp&ftxt tivi, tipl^ti tiv&: Ka- 
•oiteiS; ^AdnTU : —meat, of-, ita- 
tiXptmt, t: lBpit,itait>Tipttyta,Ti. 

Malevolence, Bi.xr.xe>poiK,xaxoWliia, 
tbfata, xoxoBvpt*, Suythua, 4. — 
Yolent, ^n. tftsvovc, fraircfvsuf, tv$- 
Juwtt, intxBUt, xaxifpwi, x'<ptx»- 

">t voleiltly, iittp. vawofpsiuc, 

<Wim> ( . [,axt tufitmnt, J. 

Maleiecu'tion, oi. xa.i) ixztimtf, n; 


la'lic, in. (*>!/■.) «J(»i|t fi«7np *u(i*»> 

[a'lice, oft. Kgutfsi, x«xo'th[, ito«io(a, 

poxSvipix, KaKsvpyla, it. eecret — , 

uireuieTiis, : i;(Bo(, tb. xi(to(, );if- 
Jo(, 0. p.vnatKtxKia, if. to bear — , 
pvimxaxjlv, xaiinaivuv, ^x 8 ='p">. 
luotl*. free from — , ixttet. of — 
prepense, ix ffpafavfcb i npaeupt- 

€at/)of, /.■j.tlvp'A'. . 
»(jtauec. — ly, inCp. KaKaisyuf, ■«■ 
fl-o^6w^, JCKif0€ajXAi{ t xovrtpSif i — 
nes8, ob. xaxarfiiia, k?.k6miz., Sbt- 
voib, i: pivot, ri. pjwx'xxfa, ii. 
Mali'gD, in. » ana;, xaniffipolv, inir M . 

votr&ti'n '. — » p. i- ivtpiy&i Z-/.&I : 
iy_<)xipu, )it3u,'li«f66v>» t ixoi: litt- 
Gdlla, KaKQJoybJ , jSairjtalvbi, tuko- 
fa>Tfi : — , p. ova*. ISiit/QpS,, xo- 
ra(vai, xhA'""' 11 ™! /"'* - — ancc : 

4. xaxfa, ■aKoeaulfs, 4 : 

„ xsAei, 0. (.miujiii, ^ ■ — 

ant, fa. xaxa^Oiif, navijpoi, xaxArt- 
X»o { , «a*i*p». : (iatp.) X 1 *"'''!, 
(koiv.) nai(oii8^(. a —ant diseaae, — antly, inlp. ig. 

at. J JiaSaJJa., awojiHVTiii, a- — ' 
ify, p. J. xa:ii> new T(; KairaiayA, 
JusfrijiiltM, jieEbUoi: — ity,ob.xa- 
xat.Hiix.Timr/Dtx,*: xaxla ,xaxims t 
o"ut«Bia, i,: fSivoi, i| : xotb(, b. /iv^- 
criKKKin, fl : (i«Tp.) x=i<«iiri«. 4 : 
— ly, Jirip. naxfi{, xairo6ouiw(: yflo. , 
vtp&S. Suiim&t, &xiy.6g. i . 
Mali'ngcr, p. otiS. npotxouiii/iou rbx 

"iniiini — y,oi.iiM( npotiriirot(. 

Jrfnii *■ (»/»B[. i. 

Ma'lis, ou. (iarp.) /(G\c;, 4. ^ioAia- I 
ila'Ikin, at. ^KTpa tS» KAiCavo,., 

iltva/nricTpov, tif, {««oi.) #oup>«V«- 

w», T^r pep/tiiv, ij. fiap/ieAuKuav I 

To*. f6Snrpoi (tSv jrmiifiv}, tv* ;yvti 
jiuTrana, jj. 
Hall, ou. tuitI;, tv« A;, fi. pdiraJon, to. 
inpufa, 7j : ofiiidiriM; SlplnBTOf, i : 

Mi Hani, oi. (<5py.) o fippijv ttjs ayptet 

Malleability $. — bleness, «v. to &a- 
to*. — ble, e*. /AatO(, i£iUbto< 
vfuptiaxot. [oi. tfupiiaaif,ii. 

Ma'lleate, £. i. irfu^ilaTu. — a'tion, 

Ms'llet, ou. oftipx, Tuitif , Tunaf, 4. 

Ma'llons, ou. of Dps (wt«(), ft. 

Hallow (<u*;pii»TdTipoi i» tiJ. Hal- 
Iowa), oi. (jJ*ry.) |»Ux>li pt'int, 
i marsh i) wild — , HBaia,i. 

Ma'lmnoy, oft. o tjis Movt/ttiKofat otvot 
qowTSj: OTapuii) ^JliTHrr], fl. 

Malpractice, Ou. Tnpavo^o; TipHj<f,ij. 

Mali, ptlpiy/ii-tiiTixsii 
irri, ij: — bam, ot. /JunoA-ini, $: 

— drink * liquor, efr. C59o<, o: — 
dust, oi. tb rlit £u"!S airoitaoap. 
^«t»: — factor,oi.oT«vpu>.j>i™- 
iwv : — floor, Tiif (Siviij aJuij; 

— horse, at. o npot ipu^o Tfa Su- 
ms TintBf : p;»£, flu's™ t, i : — house, 

ei.ipyooTasiev^yiJ Hrmmi^Ta! 
i^uni: — kiln, ou. o ipii |^sBvn> 
Tiii^u»iif«ileKv»(; — man,>- 
foirotec, o : — mil), ou. ij Ti)( ^u»o( 
jiiUii: — worm, ou. Cufionnriif , pi- 
(Wec;, 8! layypajy&o'is oEoijjia {"'p' 
to. soYa imrou). to*. 

Halt, p- i- /iiTaeaUu lis ,%u»«.: — , £. 
«4o\. 7<)r»o/iai puvij : — Bter, ot. 0u- 

Ma'ltha, oi. (o>.) *b*M- [«*•«(, i. 

Ha'ltre'at, p. J- "b»S, iraxiif iroifl, af- 
■ifsi : — ment, oi. *stti«$, itpit, «. 


Malva,ou. (pM?.)**^,*: — ceous, 
iw. iiolaxouSlK, /loJoxcuiJij,. 

Malverna'tion, ou. o tou oij.Jiooioy iyir<- 
fia/iot: TizvijfiK.TO. Tia.ot/^ia, rj. 

Ham, Mamma, ou. p.i/i/ia, pa/*/*i|, 
BeW tte, fl ((««.) Mflp.iiou*o<, o. 

Ma'melukc. oi.ij rflj Ai-/JnTouppou=i, 

Ms'huiiS (*/. mammai),ev. (IvaTja.) 1 


fi*o-T0((Tfi> flfltaoTiicSy 5tiu»), e: 
— 1, Ou. f«ov fiaiTTO^d'oDv, to; — 
ha, OH. si. T« /IBOTOpoBB ffia ; — 

lian, /it. i, *, to to6 lixVTotfpev 

W.»!— ry, **..,*, tit. 5 /«««. , 
Matntne'eiJ: — tree, 06. (£ot».) /ia/i> 

Ma'mmet, oi. fyaApa, ayaA/jii.ov, 
i^JrnraoTDV,T3 ; ^lop^aJuirnov, ^J. 
t(J0>, ri, [uns, in. tuxBtaftpof. 
mufer.ov^iaoTopdpov ^ — 
Ma'mmiform, in. peratttyf. 
Ma'mmillary, jn. o, 4, to tou /lanov - 


Ha'mmillated, *t. (i«ar^. w. ^ory.) 
Ixu* ttepAfun* Sp.otx BnXntu 

Ha'mmon, ou. Ma/iiiuvas, o : mukj, 
to serve — ,irlauT»i / auXtutn : — 
, oi. fiioxptiimies, i : — iza'tion, 
rt fiXaxr¥'f<iy. 
Ma'mmose, it. /laoTdoxi/iuc. 
Ma'mmoth, oC. (nu«.) 4 p.&pi*B. 
"a'mmv, ou. fiaiiji&piov, fiaftftior, 
y.i/1 fiiS Mi. to. 

an (it J. men), ou. aoupoinoc, avrjp, <V 
(.* avTiSooli Jtp0( oj> yui-alxa) iy^ f , 

o: iviip, riliMf avitp, i. to come to 
— '< eBtaie, to become a — , ivoaoii- 

oflsf, ii( saeoaf TlJlI': ov^p,ap^v, 
«(»-X= — child, itaf(,o.Bien- cooks, 
/ii-/«Boi,i^oiioiei,oI. mermervant», 
BtijairavTti.iiHJisiraijei] : fyflpeisot, 
o, 4. Tit. no — , oii St'i, /»io'ii(, Ou J«- 
^fa, yr l ciftia. l ouoti, fttitiiv. no — 
is able to express in words, ouJiij 
av Tiiv ;i«7i.J Jib id-jioa sVt>o-ui>. 

no , oil lii ri;. I'vi'ry ,llBOT0{, 

fffif, Rd[ TI(, iri-ia Tift "£> «■ any 

— , Tij, o rvzin — by — , Ka6" I- 

Kni:sv. maiiymiai,irollol,oi: off, 
o. a — of honour, i*r,p lait, xaya- 

flos, o. to show one's self a — , n=- 

ptxii' iaurov sTvJpa AjmBoy, avo'pa- 
Tafl«y, 4v«*pl5i«-fl(M : ly^p, o. (:= 
oTpBT^rvic, yauTyjs). my men E av- 
Jaji B-TpariSTBi ! three hundred 

men deep, M tttn. the men of a 

MA ' 

ship, vaOrai, oi, ™™s«, ri. •yapi- 
nit, eufuyo{, &*Jlp, £ : — and wife, 
trip S| fUjryti Kxlyvri,; ttpirttt, 
o"«&le{, rials, a : miroi, imrirot, of : 
— of w«r, vaiif (la-ca, rpntfnii ^. 
(koi».) iteii/iiiiv itloloii,ro, a young 
— , vioj, .u>l«i, 4. to come among 
men, *potX9tl' if; is fx-itpbi t) ti< 
roi( 'ittBpdiavi. all to a— ,xkvt« 

(ivm, foiuStpvi fl auiiiopoy 
he ir> not his own — , !fo> n>/=«n»ii 
yiyovt. Money makes the — , j;ff>i- 
par' ftnfp. the inner — , ol rpAno. 

. r ,W o 
ItoQOopat : ■ 

ing, itBpi 

anflpoiiropajioc, i; — hater, oi. /u 
o-avflpomoj, b: — killer h qneller, 
si.jjoni ( , i: — midwife, oi./iattu- 
*<)p, pMtvrMif, i : — midwifery, 
si. ftstewtc, ^.auia ($ *("*«*«((): 
— minded, (Wftftyotv; — uio'un- 
tain, oi. 7(t=(, b; — pleaser, oi. 
ai-flpoiirapisiof, i ■ — ropes, oi. nX. 
(«aur.)oi x"ptyyol- — slaughter, 
oi. 8J0«O£, a, o-^a-yvi, ^. (voa.) <£o'»oi 
a iTreeSoiJiuTas : — slayer, oi. fo- 
»ei(, a>Sewno»Tovof, o; —stealer, 
oS. ivJpaxaJuriis, i ■ — stealing, 

Man, a. ^. (mut,) viqpaB. a ship is — 
ned, ltHpw it™ /} ««uc (or,j.) xa- 

Biv'.Tifit ppauiiv, puisMiiv j swixa 
(tsv vou>), Bijavo) : iiiuvsa, fa«ouf fl 

OIlJluAOlTTM, f poll 06). 

Ma'imcle, oi.xiieoirio*,!,^. xufsirilsi 
to. x"pii"/'Of, I- —, p- *■ X"P« 

Ma'nage, p. i. hit X i,ph I^w, /*««■ 

X"P'v w *• pmr/itplioii-xt : si'-'ji, Si 
BIKu, otKiiveiufl, TB/Iiiii«. to — till 

affairs of state, o*.iic*m rv[» no)iv 
BpttTTHH !j JmnpiTTiH t4 Tflf W- 
\cw{, neo(o"i«o"flai, iiria-Tnril*, *}■ 

yilvBxt i-/,; miiiMf; -jianfiuu, tfa- 

iiifoj, 4uipa>, X«'pfl : sh™**;™, fcr 

obi.lituiia.iGi,iiuiiitita,ifopGi: — , 
oi. op. Management: — ability; 
— ablenesa, oi. T a iu ptraxttparoy, 
(uoqur/fo, h. (uajnuyoii, tiJ: —able, 
In. tiziflils, tuaycuyot, ntcfli(»cO(, ti- 
ll its;; «bioto( : — ably, trip. t»x>- 
p&t, li/HTa^uefo-rwj : — lees, in. 
tufX*pr)t, a»(i74i70( j — ment, oi. 
(Ufxtlfittf, Itaxtipatf, vj: luUv 
at;, atKOtopia, japuitt. Ty.p.ivjo~i$, 
tntTpo'iuunf , 4 : oiJidriK, ittithJu^. 
tij(, Z*a»i(Tijf, ^ : — r, oi. fteitnink, 
ijn/iii>]Trii, ^irfTpenot, ra/ifat, i. 
to be the — r of anything, J «uitf», 
iiriTjBOiriutiv, tb/i«u«i» T( : s ireir- 
T«» tj n»Of, iirfrponet. A; bubvs- 

good — r, xnlfic jiautiv to: Jaurau. 
Ma'nakin, ol. lp. Manikin. [S±px\i,. 
Ma'natee, Manalin, av. 15 6aia=iio t 
Ma'nche, oi. xuplt, 17 : — present, oi. 

8tapo£6x*ip& t r&. 

Ma'ncicate, h. (port.) -rptx&SiK. 

Ma'noipie, si. oUoi6/tot, rx/tlit, i. 

Manda'mus, oi. (vo/i.) xxpiy/tlua, i- 

.(bmtipou Stxatttiplov), ri. 

Ma'ndarin, oi. MavJapivoi. i (zz Sivo 5 

(i-IITBiflK fl ti^i^iii A UTTOKpTli- 

Ma'ndatary, Ma'ndatory, ov. t iisti 

«IDai™i«T«TKi^»Of: hiTpOTCBifi. 

Ma'ndate, oi. napay/iJ^a, Jti(tb7/ib, 

to. ^«tbJ^, *. —tor, bo. tkmttTDt, 

1tp0ffTBT>]<, 0. (uSIV.) J»TOilU(, B : — 

tory, in. n(»{TB«Tiiii;, J(btbxtci(I(. 

Mandelic, in. 0,BuyBa)e8(. 

Ma'uder, p. ouJ. op. Maunder. 

Ma'mleril, oi. 6 (too t^vou) <Je.l<! ( . 

Ma'ndihle,ai. yt!.us,7*aflB(, 4; (ppv.) 
ia/ifot,Ti. — blllar, &i. i, i), xb r?,s 
Tvaflou. — bulate. — bulatcd, in. , 
ytaSmrit — buliform,Jn./>a9atiJ>i{. I 

Mandi' («rp.)xla/ti(,^. eaysj, 
A: &ntv3vT-4f, 0; X'XbivirjfOt Ax v fi~ 
tvrat, A. 



Ma'ndle-stone, (op.)ap.vyfxiiii9ai, d. 
Ma'ndolin, ou. (opyavon pave.) to /ixt- 
JeWvav. \p«, i. 

Ma'ndore, ou. (Sp-/aaov p.ovo.) iravfou- 
Mandra'gora, M'andrake, ob. (porr.) 

/layopxy&paf, i. 

H'andrel, ob op. Manderil. 
Mandril, at. gtwl.) n<fl n «if 4. «o)oSd- 
Hipua; : — Stock, orj. Sp. Head- 

etock. [Tp&bpoi, ^pijiijuof. 

Ma'ndncable, in. lb~&Sip.o ; , iltaroi, 

Manducate, />■ I. /laffTafu, ^uxiriru: 
Tpd-j™. — cation, ob. p.iaaii<ri<, ij: 
toiifliuv. — uatOry.^n./iaooiirKdt. 

Mane, ou. x"' r i> ^ejiia, i0«pa, ij. tbe 
— of a horae, inTiou niim, i. with 
*h*ggy — • 1««™»*i Jt"T*"(: — 
sheet, ov. *aiu/<tt Tiff M«aiiif (iit- 
irou), rrf: — d, fa. xaiTiins. 

Mane'ge, ou. (irnomjuj, fcxun), y; in. 
■dapa/iOf , fl. 

Mane'rial, (V. sp. Manorial, fiiara. 

Manes, ob. nX. to. t£» nhuaTH> mill. 

Ma'nful, fa. smSpclot, avSpinif : yvr- 
vais;; — -ly, inip. i-iieiK&i, KapTl- 
p&;, kiSfuS&t. to act — lv, ivo'oi- 
5u0ai: — nees, efr. avdetfa, 4vd>a- 
TTji, &y3pA-ya8ia, ii. 

Mang, oi. ifuSri n jv» fr*f ■?■ 

Ma'ngaby, ob. (nfSWt ti ( Tflt'Ajpi- 
**]() 4 *v»diousas. 

Mangane'ee, at. (jura).) rs /is^iavrj 

Kavijiriou. — ne'sic, in. op. Man- 
ganic. — ne'sium, ob. paytarte-iev 

Ma'ng-eom, ob. Sirica /up.typ.irt 

(«,..) ^a-d*., to. 
Mange, ob. ty&pot, ^/etpiaatt, jj. to 

Ma'ngul-wurzel, ou. (£otv.) iHof xtu- 
Ua'nger, ou. switvis. namg, if. (*<wt.' y 

uSo( KEtfii fl niu»ou : — board, ou. 

to ia& niuvou diaeeay/ia. 
Ma'ngily,inip.*a<«{, xa^iptSt. [*«. 
Ma'^wpa^ov, to Jiiipu. 
Ha'ngle, £. i- iruytiniu, taiatomoi. 

[oJuiiw, Slteairpjeiajid ! trriAS^; J) 
tttlirrfl niifuy, roMpS (efldvat): 
— , ou. tt/'uvripoi (TTpi; orufiyoi^ o- 

I.™.), i. (,.„,) Hn.-.,^--, 

iu. d «airroiv, xaiaSuTqi, 4: li (tS» 
i9o>oi>) sTiAiriuTn;. 
Ma'ngling. ob. noaa^ioi.a. >araana- 
[(.(, ij: tj (r<S. dflo»»v) nUiTMHtc. 
Ma'tlgO, ou. yor.. dVvdpon i« «=■ nap- 
Trot) y.K-/yov. Td. [wurzel. 
Ma'ngold - wurzel, oi. la. Mangcl- 
Ma'tigrove, au. iittpov n rS« tpom- 

nwv niiMKTjuu: (7-Ji; i/Suos. 
Ma'ngy, in. fnf/aiios, faipAirjt 
Ma'nhood, ob.&vopsla k. avJpIa, &y 
Joicdn^, ro avd^ttov, 3tv^poou>q,^ : 
avd f ;'jj7r<iH, rvBprltnou yboti, avBpt*- 
itaT»{,q; iippt»or»j{, anJntiifijs, ij: 

i!Sn, <"^"i "if liltxiai, TtliU am*, 
%, w enter upon the age of — , tp- 

pttt lie rJS^y, ifijCoi jfymiflaf. 

Ma'nia, all. /tavia, $ ; /niflu;ite, j). nd- 
0o{, 4 : — e, ob. d /lavijj, jUavtjrAf, 
impAfpm, i: — c^: — Oil, fe./ia- 
nudf, jjpodlitToi, n«aifp»)>. 

Ma'nicate, fa. (^or».) T^ix^aqs. [pas. 

Ma'nichord,8i.(Sjijavo» poui.)tlaot iii- 

Ma'nicOQ, oi. (^or».) uaof irpux»ou. 

Ma'nifest, in. p «npij{, f/t^otijf, o">l>o(, 
najnii, ^>ap^s, daTad^Jot. it U — 
that, a>!Jlav, favtpii fariv, siz^iiai, 
dif, in. to make — , f anpoi-n, c%j- 
lo5» : — , 06. (<f"i.) diiioiau, iva- 
Vf«f* («u fopTiou), ^ : — J: — o, 
ou. x-npuyp-a, npiypappx, to. vpo- 
xnpufes,^. to tesne a — o,*ip&mtv, 
npoxitpbTTw : ■ — ,p, i. d^ia, j)n(»*>, 
kn«ftbtt, favipov itoioi: — able, 
— ible, in. iitliiifof, lidijJof, npa- 
fxrftf. — a'tion, ob. diiiuais, I»pan- 
«s, ij. ri anafaimv : — ly, inip. 
favtpAs, i/ifa*&;, Stasa-jat, iup- 
yw( : — ne&s, ob. rnipt'% «oo>ii- 

Ma'nifold, fa.rtoutHot, ttbvtoIoi, na»- 

noJil;: isoiuulif. — ly, inip. roi- 



Jlt'SS, OU. JMHtlicOt, 4. VIsiiKIYiilllSV. 

Ma'niform, in. (i*r/t.) fjfiuv o^aa 

Maniglion?, ou. iJ. at xiipe%a£(gt( 
(ifiv ngliMluv), 

Ma'nihoc, ou. op. Manioc. 

Ma'nikln, ou. &vopinv, brtp&pwr, iv. 
Pootacov, avfljounstpcov, to. otv&pwirt- 
mof, 4: (Svtfi.) iAs«ls(, i. 

Ma' nil. ei. tp. Manilio. 

Ma'nilio, Manille, "b. (icj<r/in 1 uii tAu 

X&vac ij npfcoj o mpi Taj nv^iaf. 
Mani'lla, oS. =3 irpo. : «o"o< xal*iiou 


Ma'nioc, ou. (^mi.) £>»}«!> tOu "IvJt- 

Ov, («„.) „«*.., «. 
Ma'niple, ou. ipiypx. ti. (xon.) you- 

funrtntv {rfl» JiiToupyouvTSH fa- 
p io..), ri. 

Mani 'polar, if. *, 1, r& t^j nniipBc. 

Mani'pnlate, p-i- *■ eiJ. x«e«;o>. o"ia- 
XitpfEu, /uraxtipffm. — pula'thm, 
ou. (>;>ia. «. /iiwJ-) )ittaxstpnltb(, 
S. ipyaffla, i. 

Manki'nd, oS. to roiv avSpciiroH ylvaj, 
re 4»6owni(o» yri>C(, avSsuTrei, o(, 

H»'n-]e?!. *n. StxiSptf, fiviu kitp&i 
t) Mpiifrwvi (»auT.) bvbi 7r)iif*^B- 

roo. like, in, nvfle»noii tit : hv- 

Spitet, aiiptKi;. — linese, ou. =»- 
Spilti *. kiipht. jj. to avaprfov « iv- 
Spttir, iynvojjfa, kvtpimt) Bvtfpa- 
•yaflfa, 3: — ]j,in.i«Jp«IOf,a>o'^c. 
K0(, iue sie\n, Si Spline irpiitiif ; <n. 
\o( KB7a6it. apoToj, Yevnatof. to 
be S act —If, ■»*> ayao.I., k*tpt$t 
sSst; — ly, Arfp. avo>ifu c , n»s>- 

STl. IttpTlp&t. 

Ma'nna, ou. /id™, ttpipih, rA : — 
cronp, oi. trt/tllaitt, A: — ed, ftt. 

iibi, 7 1«* 


.. o. iiof, $. iWflf, 
to 1 : ixflua, itpdiunon, to*. t& roD 

fiisif, Jib8k»[, 17- ifflef, to, Tpinett 

b: I8o(, ti, ni^of. A. ouy^Stia, jj : 
Jian-n, «. pVe*, o. in this % after this 
— , £i«, otT«( 4 ), rauT 5 (ri] SJ&), 
Tf( o"«, toutoi iiGTBOito.. in a peculiar 
— , Itltf, in a like ^ similar — ,4- 

different — .fiil'j, e«w t ,aJJi5v T pd- 
iro». iutheBame^aa, hfrw, *f«f- 
«•(. in Bnch a — that, oSrait -£{t«. 
in the same — , ipaiarpb-nu!. in any 
— , hi yt ifi Tjointj. in every — , U 
irasTof T^onou,irBi>TW(. in everypoa- 
sib)e — fKdrni imiairf, in no — , ol- 
c h a/icw(, fir,Si!i€ii. in a — , vpinw 
t«»b, TftSmu j-i.1. iu what — ? t(« 
TpJno.; tIvb Toiirov; it has no — of 
donbt, iia/tfiiayit int. all — of 
things, «Bvroia. in all — of ways, 
itaiToiwe, natraxf: — ed, Ix. »o/i- 
^<o( /Da/itcc, Ta.fiuTOc (j> nvSJoi- 
oi») good — ed,x BJoJtirmaiotn/iivot, 
■Sn^ ( . ill q bad — ed, a imp en aloe, 
AnaCs'iuTSt, Sypatxet, xtaoiiBiiC- — 
hood.ou. Tpiiroj, 6: — ism. ei.tpb- 
icoi Ttf imTti$ittTbf t to iripapyint* 
oe> *al JiriTiiJtuTeip rou Tpoirov (tflt 
/ifiU(': — ist, i ita/ ixtrtrqituni. 
H(?»yeafO(:^lineaa, ou.tCjjas^/a, 
t£np/sua, t- ncoV/tiov. to. cvrxii/ie- 
•W, (. — ly, in. Kd»|we(, itou^of, 
tS!fi6«: — ly, ^Tr^.xo/i^Sf.ioi^nioic 
— s, oi. nA. iTtryii, ^. tpixot, i'. 
fXlip.a t to. good — s, oW/iw, J. 

of good —6, xoy^ij, itwuiai, jjj"i- 

uroiSSvif. of ill — B, annpoialet, in. 
tonfi?;. to have ill — s, imipiri- 
Iiuio-Sai. of like -^a, i/uriTMs*!, 

Ma'nner, oi. (■■■.xupuli Mainour), to 
take ir. »i with the — ,f«pav,inaT«. 
f iupay. in'nuTOf ipsiiajuBavdii nrf. 

Ma'nnikin, ou. op. Manikin. 

Ma'nnish, i*. atSpiiiwiOf, Metuntiaf, 
hvSputii. ttiipatii I — ly, imp. it. 

8f9UR{>U«, itlptK&(. 

Mance'nvre, ou. iu>th{( { mlt^ui), i), 
cru>Tafi( ^ jv rolf onio,(, aiantieai, 
af . (cm*.) xttp'op-ts, t ; np«vayubr t 


MA . 

li ■Kpafttt, al. to cipa- 
,0 perform *} go through 
a — , 0«mSrr«(*u irai iiriWflioBai 
fifTttp iv /jbx>1 Svraf. Tix«l, ft. t(- 
(•■itjio, aijxanj/ia, to. a counter 
— .fawrfc*,...,*.— ,^..M.(«p.) 


! iv TOlf 


- the 

soldiers, napxTtnrio-Bt 
r&mffBat roOi t/7pxTtd*rxs oicirip 
U( pax**! iroulv oiajuvfCwSar rouj 

Mauo meter, ou. /iB«4u.[T^e«, to 1 . 

Ma'nor, ov. iypet, A. ;;wpfoy, ncrilfia. 
ti.tnoajhf tf/narpiiou Kal ot ntpl au~ 
r4v ir/pol: cNxarooWfc, tji — house 

ial, ««. i, 3, Ti rav tuirarpfoou. 

Manse, ov. (>Bji>.) irrauAii «ai al iriei 
aini» ayjjei: (Siair.) fis^uc tub, t). 

Ma'oeion, «J. oTtOf. J. oiifa, 4 ! /iiya- 
pev, to; oiK>inifio>, Tif '. — honse, 
o&. fi4yapo>, to\ fTtauAjt, ft ; sl*i0( 
«5 iij/iapx " C" AovJ(vij)), : — 
ary, fir. oixfiv, fia7uv. 

Ma'nsuetinle, ah. irpaifn)!, ft ; ti&W- 

Ma'nswear, p. »M, op. Mainswear. 

Ma'nteRB, oft. fS .iii«, (. 

Ha'ntel fi : — piece, Mantlet, oti. (ip- 

X«.} yiIio», t». 8/«y«S( (icrias), 4. 

J/), x. Mantle. 
HanWle't, ov. jfawdtm, xXaiiamat, 

To. x>at(o-iro(,o: (irp.) ■npeKihjpp.B. 

(tSi U*»v«jMJI«fil>), T^. [tH&Vov. 

Ha'ntiger, ot. (Cmo*.) ■**■* /iiyaAsu 
Ma'ntle oi. xIk&k, X^"fu(, ft. aWpef. 
i. *falo{ (vu>a»uv), e ! (fuel.) fai- 
«*ip/iif (rfi» fMtleutfev) : — fl= — 
ibelf, — piece, *T : — tree, (apxtr ) 
»piy«o( (hrrtcts), «; — , p\i\ jflirfm, 
KupfdUoi vfcutv : rfncnaAvjrrw : — . 
p. r)uo\ (tip*-) irtravvu^i ta irriea : 
KHuafu, X'" s ' V'-" 1 *'", I'safw : 
iiajmiooe/iai: afpi£&>, afpfj. 

Ma' ntlin g,oi .((ni oii oa .^in/ulo" nh. a, to 

Ma'ntna, oil. >j,va<jcifa ptoj.), ft I — 

maker, ou. i frirrnt r\ ft paims tS» 

Ma'mml.fn. i, ft, to m s x»'p*t, X"P*- 
stiqTst, z'V«"onflTO( : — labour, 
X«ipovpyta, j(!'p«o»<a, $ : airsx<ip, 
6, ft, iiioxiipoj eign — , iSiiypafof 
uxe/paeM, n- without the araistanoe 
of — operation, avut rf.s trup-itpa- 
fioat Tfiv xxp^'- — i •». hlt*tyt8i®', 
*i : (i**X.) awofij, « : —iat, ei. 
X«p*>af, *. 

Manu'bial, <Si. s, 4, to t£> lafu^oi*. 

Mami'lirium, ou. iaSi), ^npoJaBii, x>(- 
polaSii,^. [duetor, si. xnpayuytf, i. 

Manndn'etioo , oft. xuparuyia, j. . — 

Ma'Dufact, 06. ipv°Z"P ", Z u i ssr *Z"l" 

Manufa'ctory, oJ. ipyanir xupSi: io- 
jaoiiipiov, Snlltcupylfor, t6. a — of 

paper, x»p™«p7' lo, i t^. a — of 
cloth, o'es»ou/r/»rov, T d. a — of linen, 

Ji.oi.p-/rtou, to: — ^. — fa'ctural,rir. 


Mannfa'ctnre, ot. impyaifa, ipyatla, 

X«pOT«x>fa, ^: lp ? ov XKfonofaTov, 

XiipoupyD^K, x'tpat^iy-", *i ' — i 

0. 4. x'lpouayS: lnp.tsupyH, ipyiCn- 

pw, .arao^iuafo., n«<A: {inlo)J{ip- 

7a{o/<«i; — , p. oif. io"xo\oi>yai 

i"/=' X«p"Tix»yBTa: — r, ou. (u- 

fMtfJPIMi o. 4 ipya^o^ivoi, o"ii/iioiip. 

Vi(, 4: ipymaiiipxvt.t- 

Manami'saion,o&. t>iuSipo><(c,a?iiliu> 

flipuait (ioilou), *. — nri't,^. i. *- 

iauGjpow afitiftt, antituQtpv. — mit- 

tor, ot. i7ttJ(u8»pnrilj. i, — mo'iirr , 

Ifi.x«/Jojt(iPiiT8i. — motor, el. a/infa 

Xiipsxlniroc, n. [Jiaalvtsflai. 

Mauu'rable, in. 7tup^sifioc: eTd$ t-i 

Mann're, ou. nonpof, ft. irfair/m, *i- 

— , p. 1. xonpf £o), xonpS, tiitptv na- 

p'xwfJ^Hiahu.iHiaJ.t.:— r,oi. 

lwa-rtf, i. 

Ha'nuscript, ou. x»p*7P«)"», x«p«- 

. Tpafij/*", noTi7pao>ei>, *i(: — , in. 




Ma'ny, Ix. noJu,-, nollil, itaiu, 
flavor: (npa Tijv euo^iaTiiv i 
•™ n>6>§ tIBitbi ii( /upt 

JUVCI.U&.; — a lime: —times, 4- 
nfori, i'liyf,. Jviaxou, ieV art : itoi- 
i««;, ikjjvov, o-uxvai — aday, t<- 
*ls i/Uptu. Many people, »oaa I 
tm» avfljiijTifjv: — of the enemy, 
iroiAei Tfiv mAiuImv. at — ij in — 
places, noiiajioD mUarf, from — 
places, naAAoxofliv. to — places, 
soMa^oo-i. very — times, ir) uotbmj : 
— together, au^.o^iifiTroilei. very 
— , iiitipmliat, its/iit«Uai. too — , 
^listv roi J^ovioj, iiripjtoJvf. as — 
aa,tioi,i7t4iBt, bb — times as, Sire- 
aa"*. t: ijani*j& — .iwiri**)*, 
wapi6>0{. how — ? iroiiof ; how — 
yeaisV nsoTiv iros; in — ways, 
nUttx*, TroJlayflt- so — , Toirof, 

;, ■ Maraco'cb, oi. «>utov ti. 
i- ; Mara'smus, oi. pxpaap.b ( , o. f M»tf,*. 
') Mara'squino, oi. Sp. Maraschino. 
Mara'nd, p. oio\ y^o-rtvw, AfjAaTw, 
iilffo/iai, lapupaysi/S; — , »'i. J»j- 

— er, oi. injJiTij!, o. npiipap.01 el 
ana rfa rrpariaf , Jpariis, J: — ing, 
ou. Ti IiuJbtiTv. 

Ma'rble, eti.pipuvpav, to 1 , itapitupot, 

A. white — , )(u*oii8a, ra. iiuKOf 
Aifla;, a ; i*app.Kpivn Sj juapuapou 
w)a£,ih i faipitta pap/ukpivx *i p.ap- 
p.Aptia,?±. to shine like a — -, /»ap- 
ftapf £w» : — )J made of — , fiap^i- 

mbiij. they are too — byhalf>)ifo- 
X««iv kn>i(lnu i.a roS noAu), 
oTo» : — angled, mbvydmot: — 
headed, irolwripaioc — sided, no- 
lllni(UDO(;iroWT(»ir5{,7rBi«(Jo(, <rJ.; 
— , oi. o( TcolJoi, irJilSoc, rt. the — , 
si iroJiof. a great — , icltfiw. 

Map, oi. m'nai (-/twy/xifuioi), 4. /««- 
yp<t<ftz, i). (koiv.) j;a(tTi,(, *. a — 
of the world, jilt *iple#et, i : — , 
p. i, '/pif*, iixypifu, ixvoypafto, 
•X«Jiaf»)(irrn«i): — pery; — ping, 
oi. to ix'oypatp it« n/va«af. 

Ma'ple, oi. [porijifMKiinf, 4 : — , 
>I made of — , <rj ( (Ja/n.o«. 

Mar, fi.i.pVtanria, pSilpa, SixpSiipra: 
vtip-A. itoiouiu, loJ.ofo] • Jia^fliipa, 
o"<«TBpao-o-&j (tov »£8u,i*f«v, kt).) : 
— , oi.flafti,*: ;U*m,,4,Ua(, ti. 

Maratio'n, oi. (opu.) ip'jatc;b Wudt. 

Marabo'ut, si. i^in[ (™i Mwn«i- 

/tiSa.eis), a. [Bentriifa*. 

Maraca'u,oi.(Jpj.) utfo ( ^h 

inipiac, i: 

B, pap- 

cpi(0(,ivali8iiT8(; — CO'n- 
. i/jtrarpiitTOi, axa^itret : 

Itifjiapei : hearted, iir. oniiipo- 

napiiOi, i/iot, an^.^f. 
Ma'iiile, p. c. uo«Wi« (^i/fovpivej iffl 

Hapfiipiit). — ling, oi. to ramti- 

ij.iv (i«Ta /il/ivjirtv tou pap/tApou). 

— ly, is. ^ap^afuof. 
Marc, si. luay/ia, hmiirjia, id : A«- 

nip*», to. (napaiif«if»». 

Mares' scent, iit. (^otv.) /lapacuf^iivof, 

Maxce'scible, in. (^ot..) ^flnprot, jld( 

March, oi. Tp(™( /ml», Maprcot, o. 

March, oi. nopiia, oo~o { , * : — at 
night, vvKtaiapia, r\ ; ptya (orpoi. 
T.wnmsv), to. a day's — , yptpais 
tSbf, bSbf, t>. nxO/ibs, a: 
(jtiouo.) to 4/itartytov /iiiot : — , p. 
suo". ^afvsi, KBptiio/iB.1, o-TpatiuM, 
i\aunw. to — in, tifiAaim», lew 

o-Tpanum, i{ayH>. to — tlirough, 
tultivtn, $tipx"9*<. to — in bat- 
tle order, vtaixil". march! noptiii- 
oSi: — , p. i. itiyti «u( BTp«Tiii- 


I ftwr, 

»™i to — back, itiyat: — er, 

o!i i jiiuiw : <S iy td[ s itiBoploit 
xuTocibi* : ■ — ing, oi. 7iopiia,T]. [pa 
Mtt'rches, oi. nl tk ptBapvt, ri own 
Ma'rchioneea, oi. Mapmirta,^. [poi 
Ma'rchpane, rf. n ifnu 
Ma'rcid, in. ftapavflsif, inepaaayeii; 
axyif-fButtKot;— ity,ei.hx'im> 
Marcor, oi. = npo. [ftint, V. 

Ma'rcns, oi. «,«.., 4. 
Hard, ci. of. Herd. 
Hare, oi. fonof, 4. (now.) +opa- t , ij : 

^iriaUiH, a : — 'a- neat, oi. nJairpa, 

f a»Tao> H , ri • — 's-tail, ai. (|io T y.) 

bugqxt, -h. 
Ma'reechaJ, oi. lp. Marshal. 
Ms'rgarate, 06. (/lyi.) ^ la f Te '"< 

papyaptKBv o'Jiwf xai |9iirt<i( Tiyej. 

— garic, in. 0d7«.) pxpyxpa6 t . — 

garitt.'eeoua > in.H!tp-/xptiu$/)s l n*p- 
yuftnutii, —garites, ei. (p «.) 
pipyapiT,!, i,. — garilic, in. (xif-) 
Margin, ai. xifiot, «■ o'f sic, Sx6»j, 
^. Kptt«ft»J»y, t£: TUplBilpto* (jip- 

reu), Tif. to write >j mark in the — , 
KxpaypaifitH, napam^iaivii. I — , 
p. i. *eBBW»: wxpxypdfa, napa- 
o^i^ai.u ; — al, in. 4, J p to to& x«*- 
laut fl Kftarviimii nxpxypafucAf. 
a — al note, xapaypapij, -h, o^ifJcov 
itapaytypap/ttvov, to. napctffvjjUito- 
ctif, i): —ally, iiiip. napaypaporai: 
—ate, p. i. 'pwsntiia : —ate 1 — 
ated 4: ed, fci. fetm nip<9iup<8y. 

Ma'rgote, oi. {itf.) iMof Rf/uvc. 

Mft'riet, oi. (jfe™.) <To\j, ?ov. 

Mari'genoos, in. OxXxacat. 

M'arigold, oi. (^otv.) xpwx-.Bipof, 
*i: ("W T ) : —windows, <» ion If 
nxpxBupa, t«. 

Ma'rinate, p. i. raatxtwt. 

Mari'ue, in. Salao-not, irtla-viat, itiv- 
Ttof, napaJof : — affiiirB, T& mun- 
tx: — , ai. (>«ut.) inifittmt, i. a 

force of — s, to Aritarorfi 1 to «•»- 
may, t« .aun*a, »*««.) oW^f, 
$:— r, ei.-air.js.a. 

Ma'riput, ai. (faa/.) iHoj «tWo(. 

Ma'riah, in. TiXpxTiu<ir,t, ii/»yaIof. 

""'arital, in. A, 17, 10 ioii aiipes S| tou 

M, £"■ 


Mari'timal, in. BxXxat 

Ma'ritime, in. tWan™,, napaflaldo- 

vaurutii avya/uf, ^. vkutikAs arpsL- 

Ma'rjoram, a 



X apa T 

- of 

dietinctioD, infa-<i 
a— (iiri »lijKi) inuinuKiveiv ; ypa\p- 
p*l, $ : ivf inwo«, ^. nx/i^pwv, irn- 
^IlOB, rrf. xapafTiia, i. ttiy/ia, ty~ 
xau/ja,T0 J ; jyaioij, ep.&o'iy$ l 17; a^- 
jUilop, Tfj. fftttupbi (or( uTioyp<x^n) t 
S: anoJuli;, Euoitf r(, >) ; ikocts, a. 
to eboot 4 aim at a — , p'tijjuv 9) 
To|nJn»ne8iflinii/oni«, iroza5»- 

* ) hit the — 


-. [0 IJ 

,6 the - 

marc) ip/a!o> "At^Aikov .o^co-fia 
(i((a ( 13s. «.4d.): r.p^av«4» «*- 
pur/la (aji'at Is. K, id. ) : ifTa6/«i» 
Xpuoo j^ opyipou, r J : (avrt roi Tai- 
iuesu marqae) io'm, i. a man of 
no — ,iTtpof fj nlra^of a'»6pwTo(,o. 
over the — ,CraipTi a/na, <a8'unip- 

SoAijy. to overleap !? overshoot 

the — , intp Tft io-na.u^iia a/j«- 
tCsi. to be qnite beside the — , oi«s 
afal'niy h nXanasiai. to make a 

Mark, p. i. tnifiaivw, napao-iiuafrw, 
Tt*lL&tpw.$i&'iTip.oitvai t B/ifniois cta.- 
Xttptwi*: itS-np' us /»*^/"i*, pi'ipn 



1/iSallu: hto&, KBiavoSi. to — 
one's self, Tuftabfitu, fanti/uibi- 
aflni. to — out, tpl(tiv, ItopiQiti: 
ma twain, ^nnri7ptw&» : — , p . oil. 
iro*«ira. M .oiv),o-J<o,rfi, ««.«£: 
napaoiapaboi; . i'i r , ou.o c^wifw^. 
oxapnopir&i; : e (<>TOl{«faipijr>]- 
pfois) titnipinif: — ing-ink, 06. /il- 
ia »|,oY>b jjytnouiTatTflvjiBff/iaTa. 
Ma'rket, ou. iyapi, ^. to have l| hold 
a — , AyopKi irapi^(iv. to bring in- 
to the — , ta/iitut ii( rd» ayopai. 
to go to the — for provisions, ifa- 
»•!*: — of herbs, Ikj^nwUm, 
nf. fish — , txtwnHldtv. meat — , 
jrptojioAftov, to\ corn — , mtojko- 
JiIoh, ti: itpfio"i{, Hii-paaii, ft. to 
have a — , JiamitpamioSat.tohave 
ft find a good — ,i»i]TKf ft(*o<».Jo- 
yopaoTK< i^uv mMavj. it baa 110 
— , aitparov 7(7titb( ti, farpcrfK i- 
orf tivos : t<h>1 Team), ft\ ti/tfl ft »i- 
»o/uo,»iwi ; — da'y, **■ iyopa, A. 
yepafa ftyiifpa: ( ft; — -folks, ou. ir). 
d75eil«, of: — -maid, ou. !-, ti; 

rft« 4/opa> foirfflo-a: man, eu.>, 4: iyopaiTiSj, oimjrvif, *! — 
-place, ei. ov/apa, ft. jimljjTftp'ev, 
t4 ; — price ft rate, el. ti/h) tbxtij 
1) v«vepiop!/vT|,ft: — --toll, si. &yi>- 

l/imp*!**, ti ; - 

toll.ou. aTO- 
m, iyWatsy, 

-woman, ei. » 

Ma'rket, fl.f.iyopa* Hapten, jrpB.yu.a- 
Toio/tai, 4/tnoKSi, wQpMttt/t: — 
able, fa. Avnrot, npim/tot : — able- 

ing, si . ri ipnol&V) to ^pia/taW^im 

Ha'rk-man ■?,. — sman, ei. toEottk, 
o-taxaffnif, o : — amailship, ou. to- 
JtUTO.ll, ft. 

Marl, at. WTavef, 4. <[/j»J(a ys,$ : — - 
pit, OU. TITS>OpuX<l'ou, rj: — , ji. I, 
titbit*) Ajnabet: (vaur.) /tippiiflei 
itteuilo™ (mpl «■)«») : — eon ft : 
— toe, at. (wbi,) p4piu6os, i : — 

ine-spike, ei. (vaur.) jrfcrpev, t4 ; 
— ing, ov.intpttiSou IHp.U.f*; — 
ing-spike, ei. op. Marline-spike: 
— ite, at. Up.) TiTavrflrtof, o ; — j, 

fa. TinWf>e*l>(, 

Ma'rmalade, ou. naieS!), ft. italaSiov, 

to.(«...) ) .1uko». T<f. 
Ma'nnolite, ou. (op.)>iht)ec, 4. 

■ — ra'ceoua, fa. /iap^apo« J^(, /«otp- 

^Bp»o">j(. — rate ft. — rated, fa. 

ItKpji&ptf ItTptHpivBt. — ra'tion, ei. 

/lapjU.ipwo-jj.ft. —real, — rean, in. 

pxppiptvof, na.pp.Apv>t. [6io*o(. 

Marmose't, oi. (?»o).) /iixpis Tit *(- 

Ma'rmot, oi. {?»«).) ipxre/ius, I. 

Maro'on, ou. AiSfo^i JouJo« (o opairt- 

tcuooc xal xbtohA. i» Sptc, J) l« 

left Jp«^a[(Tfi» At,™a»'l»iifi»); 

— , p. t. fyKBraXi/iiriwtf ^> <0^."» 

vflff&i; Tidnpt fv Tvf Ti{[i Ttov Jpani- 


Ma'rplot,eu. a»aTa6o)Jo)» owo/iuol'ai. 

Marque, ou. (nop.) suJa, ft. oSlov, to. 
to grant to any one letters of — , 
9vix% 5t56v3i ksltA Tivat, xqpuooc» 
itttZiaBtzi: vaus irupaT<x4 ft l^oruft, 
li?iTpif, ft. /jiTTpiiri* nlolai, to. 

Maiqn^e, ou. a-JOjuft, ft. 

Ma'rqaesSf Marqain, ou. npo<ay4piu/iix 
Tijuii™c8»,4Miip«f»v. — quisate. — 
q nisdom , s i. . i i M np« (oj vo ( n til fia r«. 

Ma'rqnetry, oi. ^Sj:«o-<j, ^i)o>oXo7fa 

(Tfiv fuli.u. Wnliin), ft, U^fVU^H- 

iw, ri: to f>i^s6iTtIi'. 

Ma'trer, ou. ftnf flopiis, o'lafOifpiuv,^. 

Ma'rriable, fa. op. Marriageable. 

Ma'rriage, oi. ya/*o(, J. a second — , 
Anyajiiic, ft. to contract a — , ov- 
v^7«<y yay.o n 'i txryajufaf irauTtrOoct 
i/j-iiisif. in make an offer for — , 
Joyous irpasf iptti Jttpl yajieui — ar- 
ticles*!: — contract, ya/ti- 
Kal myypdfal, ouihtnai mpi oukoi- 
Jt^muj, suvOiitie iiipi yd/tai, ■!. 
(ko(v.) irpoHooii^foivoy, to : — bed, 
oi. Uxfif, Trf. «tv^, ft : — portion, 
ou. npo(£, fipift, ft. 

Ma'niageable, in. iniynpet, i,paio t 



>o>ou:»— ness, ob. ocpi), ft. to oi- 

palai -/tyurial yi/ieu. 
Ma'rried, far.tyyaus^riniayMf, ="!«- 

yoj. newly — , ndyap-oj, nloguyoj. 
Manr/on, to. iiaoTaydxpou,. 
Ma'rrot, su. (ip».) so. Auk, 
Ma'rrow, ei. (ihUi, 4. (fW.) J»Ti pl - 

'■""]> A. iynif alot, o. the — of the 
palm-tree, t tou f oJhk s, iynij) Blot. 
like — ,/i«(ldJi)(: TiavSostiravTOi 
«pay/*BTO{), to Spurray, ft 4n/l< I i- 

Tnlpof , 6. j tv> tivi, (aoiv. j rlytti- 

pot, 4; — bone, oi. oorou» puttiw 

ft putliir i) pip.udo)jitt»o>, to - : — 
bones, ia yovaTa. t*> bring any one 
down upon big — bones, ivn^i^iiv 
Ttva airfpiijiiii airfio-flai 5| sapm- 
rifoSai : — fat, =5. (loot bijou : — 
sah, to. ftutl&tif. — less, to. &pv- 
*Aof: uouvavo; : — y, iir. /iut\j(i«, 
pu&inoc [bcond. 

Mam/bium, aii. (j3or».) lp. Hore- 

Ma'rry (apj;i«S{. by Mary = by the 
Virgin Mary), Ixlf. «fi( yap 
na.u y«, ifi Sm, Til iiuSita. 

Ma'rry, p. 1. «. alii, (to) hSliu/tt, iro- 
iou(>, yvpifa, x. y*pla*<», <m%ri>- 
jrvu^j y zfi«. to — one's daughter tc 
any One, MiMhm ft «*oWoo8ai irji 
QvysTip* Tivi, jyvo«(Cw rfjv 9mya- 
rips T(v(: yauu, aya «pi( ya/iov, 
«yop.a< ywalKa, (*o.».) vu^j.uojaai. 
Co — a woman, tiM«i tl« *•!»«- 
k yuval*a. to - — auian, yajmlffflal 

■ «vi *, yafiiimrfniTivt, ouveutili «- 
H, (koev.) jnaudpzvtoGaL: — iag, eu. 
«u5wt«, oufuy<a,ft. 

»+ni() "Apiii, 4 : (rtft-) *Wip»«, 4. 

Harsh, at. Iio t , t*V«, rrf ■ — bred, 
ft. Huos : — cinque'foil, **. («"»■) 
ntuTafuJHo>,Ti: — (0oty.) 

ft t»A^«t«<<(( x=p«i«*rt : — ha'r- 

rifir, oi.(oj5».) apmj,^ : — land,o&. 
jpi) ranivoTipa nial Uuri &jf, ft. tb 
U, : — mallow, »&. (P»t».) iMato, 
ft : — ma'rigold,o6. (jBotv.) xpwiav- 
i/wv, til : — pe'nnywort, «&.(*«■>.) 

btjmtriXi,, yHx<-', HWx-v, * = — 
rocket, ofi. (pen..) iWo ( xapSipov : 
— rosemary, ot. (£or».) lioav»Tlf 

i rrj^atwint: — samphire, oi. 
(£ 0T v.) aiyaov, to: —trefoil, «v. 
^ Tv.) ( ^«a.8i(, to. 
Ma'rshal^u "■--■ — - 


, i : i luuBiT&t (to rfiu ay Sl- 

av j : Jimeu"Tii( (Sr^aalm 


icAputi * i «ij*=px'k> iiary*'"!. *■ 

«).: — , p.i. JiaTarrai, Jiucoo/ia, 
JnulitTwi ayw, ftfoO/in: — ler, oj. 
i Jiwsi.uSi: — nng.ou. J«wJs/iig- 

»'(, ft: lship, Olj. JITPlTrTOUX'", A. 

Ma'rshalsca, «i. i«ff/Mtrftj)«« (i» 'Ay- 
7/(11), T^. [flBTialOf, iXu&t is. 

Ma'rahy, l*. Hun, tiX/ixrAl-in, tiJ- 
Marsn'pial, ob. /tnpaniixpipat fflov, 
to: — , in. ^a(to«ro r Jpss: — kn, 
in. t, ft, tiS ts6 iiapaimfipovi — 
Old, <n. iiKpsmofiff o/ioiot. 
Marau'pioo, Marsi'pium, ou. (;«oJ.) 
juapo£iroc,o: ^Os(r»v of Sal/iuv rim 

Mart (itaTa nuyic. tou Market) i-yopa, 

ft: ijiiropioy, iyjiripton, To: — , ^. 

oif. Itenepivapat, XpinHerl^liKt. 
Ma'rtagon, «i- (porv.) tWo ( «pi«ou. 
Ma'rten,oi.(f=-ol.).Ti ( , jalO.ft. (m».J 

•ap.aupt. to : (flpv.) jruifuloj, i. £pi- 

xiilt, ft. rp»7i7iT,(, 4, 
Ma'rtial, iic.'Apittf, Koltpubt, pixi- 

liat,fD.a*iltitOf, fiii/iax't: t*f> ■• 

Jrt. 1 

1 »,»(«. 


io( >o^0{, A: [wO «Ji='tt|(, «•>- 
^Ir« : — ly, Wp- "oitfiiKfit. 
Ma'rtin, ot. (^pv.) ip. Marten. 
Martinet, o4.4 tS» otp=t.o>tcxS» .4- 

Hav i<pie^iTaTO( fi>la(. 
Ma'rtingal, Ma'rtingale, oi. purltp (Tn- 
1), is (»«»r.>wf*»™P 4 *?«("?- 
Etrin, to. 
Ma'rtlet, oi. (o'p.) Jf Marten: (In* 
,) itT>i>ot Shoui>, t6. 




Ma'rtyr> oft. (faitl.) /lapTvs, piaprup, 
ft. lobe a— ,/iapruprfy. to become 
the — of a cause, ire»*a )) rftv 8i- 
naTOu traafifttiv uitopnyaf ; — ,/S.f. 
Haifa x. aixi$OfiM,fiaaa>i$ta,ttpi- 
6i&; — -doln, 06. (m«J.) papTvpto*, 
to. to suffer — dom for a canse, 
x««Ta !jtJv eavaroy vireu&iii» imip 

Tivoji —izt, p. I. ftiu: — olo'gic: 

— olo'gical, t*. fiapmpolaytxif : — 
ologist, oft. /la^ivpoAdyot, J : — 
o'iogv, oft. /iaprupoJoyJa, if. n"p- 
n?ei6;ie>, ri, 
Ma'rvel, oft. flaft^a, ripat, to. a — of 
a Child, 9ayuao-To« ra iraicfoy; — , 
p. oSi". Pau/iBgu, Sau/ia^Ojiiai ; — 
lous, fa. imfj.n7-.-tn, SBup.aoio ( ,9av- 
/icill»t,iintpfuJis,Ttpartb&iit; am- 
%Bf, Tcap&talm. a — loos story, ita- 
piSoiof TipnTo\«7(a, ft. of — Ions 
size, of — lous beauty, flauaaoioj 
* BauaaoTot vb /i4yi8of, to ireiloc : 
— lously, tJrt'p. 9(iii/iBofo)j, flaupa- 
«tS(, viKpfuflc : — lousness, 96. tJ 

Ma'ry,oft.Mopia,ft:— bud.oft-tp'oTv.) 
ftp. Marigold 1 — o'latry, oft. ft Ms 
8iotoxov Nb^k{ iocrpcL. 

Ma'sculme, fir. .apoiiv, apptiv, avipt- 
««(, ipp«y<*4{. ljOpfvoiJ»]{, (ioiv.) 

oponptmis. tpanpis. a — woman, 
■)wn Apps>iKft itapi to pirpoa : 
(ypa,L.) kp,n,Hii-. — , eft. (ypx.?) 
To ApoiyMoy yi»o(: — ly, ftrip. Af- 
fflviKfij, ki&ptx&f. — nese 3. — 
Unity, oC. ii e^la, ivJpu^TiH, ft. 

Mash, oft. nolunifia, $. abyxpapti, si- 
vccypa, to. nJ^Got TH$vpp£vov, to\ 
popvrit, bi (ft $*8o*oi(a) sva>ufo 
rrj( j3uyfl( fffty tiart; £f«Tbev, to: 
-,«.*. Bno8;iS,y.ara8;WS,oiivMoS M , 
ov>Tp(6o>, «aTa8p«KT» : ovjijifyni/ii 
{^i™)VTfflSi«Ti): — tubij: — vat: 
— ing-tub, oil. i aKxtyr, 5; i K&Sot 
I 1 $ yiyy(T« ft /ilj« 1 — y, bt. ova- 
Ktfup/ii>t>f. fnpnf. 

Maak, oft. irpifMitoy, irpojomitoy, To 1 . 

itjOOfMUlc, ft. Hop/ioiumiom to : npo- 
fairtf, iipo^Mr:Vi$. ft. npofirofrq/jia, 
to, to assume % in put on a — , u- 
noipWfla. iT);>faa. to use anything 
as a — , npoxaiuiTTeoOaf tc; o'o'Aoc, 
4. under the —of friendship, irpos- 
jronuiis-joi »flof iTvai, ri)( oiiiiom- 
Toe frpopaoii : )(0po; •i" npofiwrdi : 
to rpajuat yiypap/Wyoy irafyviov: 
(apj^r.) ao^ffl^ov irpo^o^TTOv (^v i»a- 
7)vpw^, to. to take off the — , aij- 
kIti 'napai(o:li>FT«o-flai « bimKpiit- 
•9m, airapaKaJunrnf mu& n : — , 

p. ^. ivouto, ltpO(iltT» vol »p0(». 

ire». to — One's self, uitaJiiiffSac 
ttt(u, mluimi, ^TrwaJUirTB, axtna- 
;u : — , p. oie. i^ooiouai npitv- 
bok, unoKpiyo,«a[ o*xii/i«: — ed, Ar. 

— er, 06. TTpojoniiofipot, £ • — ery, 
oft. ^ roly nfiozwttSQ$Qp&v {?$u/*a~ 
via: — ing, oil. to i»Jiiuoai axfl/ta. 

Ma'slach, ou. fip/miiv ti ii i-rdw. 

Ma'slin, oft, op. Mcslin: — , ix.ptpiy- 
//<yo ( , jtocTot. 

Ma'son, ob.HMSitot, Idoiiyot, ).9o- 
foot, 4: Maofiy 0{ , *: — ic, fr=. /ia- 
ouymof : — ry, oft. Ji9oTo/<fa, 4: ti/- 

Ma'sorah.ot.f ESpaui) ipzpiiiiToloyU} 
/iioopa, ii. o^ifjia TfJs llalaiae Aia- 

Magqne, aft. tp. Mask: — rade, eft. 

y.op'9j i ffijv Trpowrlai : jUiTao^^pia- 
T"Ti«, ft. p.lTxa-/_ny,a.Ti0/XQt, ft : — 
rade, jS. ofto". o" (lomunru/yot nipif *- 
pofio.1 ; tiifypaivopat lv itpocuntSi : 
— rade, £. i. itpoeanTw Tcvi jtpojo.. 
iroy: «puitTu, «alvnTtu : — rader, 
oft. 1tp«i&xiSo$6pot, ft. 
Mass, 06. Ayiiof, ft. Slij, $, f\ipap.a, r6. 
he ie mere — of flesh, jhof aip\ 
*ot(v, itazus fcn to o««a : itlifSac, 
tft. a — of soldiers, irJflBot o*rpa- 
TioiTiay, to: [Zuyp.) £8poia/ia (foi- 
to S] »tX.), to : kspeur/ia, rA. in a 


— , oflposf. naionp-tl, rcavn-rpHTi 
■itapulq&ti. theses, 6 nelvc aptle 
si noUoi, ro ir\j)flo 5 . 
Mass, oi. (A,*J.) A«™pyfa, i, high 

,4 »i« JHUmxtff OpyavOlf itlTOUp- 

yfa. to say — , iiiroupytfv: — book, 
oi. A«irouoyuiit , 17 : — house, oi. vao j, 
A- — er, oi. a luTovpy&v. 
Ma'seacre, oi. ofn-yii, iBTaiyayil, ^ : 
^4vo(, 3 ; — , p.L xarao jfiiTTO), jdr- 

»» : — r, oi. f»»ii(, A : — sacring, 
oi. Vftyi, ta-taxBTi-f,, J,. 
Ma'sseWr, oi. (ivaT/t.) /ius i /larnnip; 

a-iixUpoi fui6i. 
Massicot, oi. (xvn.) to mJTpwov irpoj- 
TOfjo'lOV toD yoAuSoou. 

Ma'ssiness, oi. op. Ma'ssiveness. 

Ma'ssive, in, cttptos, oyx&Sijti Tragus, 
M*yaf. a — building, wmuuf iifli- 
»o. !j c-WWo., t6. of— gold, H6- 
Xpvwf, yfiuaoui nS { . a bracelet of 

— gold, ^Aiio* SAifxpucrov, to: - 
' ly, in^>. i-/taiiii, oTiptfli ; — nesf 

oi. oripiorne, irnxviif, $. 
Ma'ssy, fa. op. Massive: — proof, it 

Mast, oi. (not, o. the lower part of ; 

— , ipQixt, 6. to raise J to set up 

the — , JoTavoH i ofpuu m* /o-tov: 

— head, oi. rapxnvov, Supiuuov, 
to i — ed, fa. I^iiv ioTBut : — less, 
fa.av.ufoToG. ."paia.uv. 

Mast, •«. /3i jhv^s, $ : —leas, in. ■»«* 

Ma'sttr, oi. 8'i(Tror^(, xupict, J. to be 

the — of anything, tupautn 1) it ( . 

no C" ty ~< v di, Kparilv, ap-/ r tiv_ iyxpw 

r»f urai rivet : imfT&tnt, npoirr*- 

tjjs, a. <5 oioiHuv ti. the — of the 
ceremonies, ttltrApxm, A; — of 
the house, ouo J tpidmj, 4. dancing 
— , o'flCDonjs, o'pjTie-toJiJao«aJo(, 
A: TcouStuTJih oiosloxxIos, d: Jflrvof 
fl £p<iTOj Ti^vij, nva, aSi.jTiis, o. 
to be the — of anything. ™»u Ju- 
no* tlvai tl, ipiolpttt ix l " "vat. #• 

', *f*'* 



Tijv J»atTiv (: ipywi,'i: — of Arts, 
o Tift f looopfat iiMuiioj : o (■>- 
■ncpueu irJoiou) »ail/i>jpO(i (tijibti- 
«iin?0(w«ij!i(i)<i;piOi, o ; — Henry 1 
Kupn Henry 1 1 itusio;, irriia/iivoc, 
i ZM v, d: (noivJowoo-Btirom^o: — 
of the horso, 4 toD pxatinov fano- 
>r<»fou faioranif : — of the nlint, 
6 tov ^OfiiifiaTOionifev idufluvT^j. 
To be one's own — , iauroS «*►«<, 
ijkavo'ipou § airoyojuov <i>af. to be- 

yfynufei. to make one's self — of, 
ipiTiI», jirurparilv tivoj, niipiot y(- 
yvirfni T<vo(. to be — of one's pas* 
sions, iytpx-rit '.hot ™> ^mfiufidiiv. 
without a — , kMcKSTOf. like — 


:. f^FISI 


.. (»...) « 

»T^( vo:ujto:6>iou, 
a : — builder, oi. ap^iriitToiv, 6 ; 
— hand, oi. nWrai «^v*i, fl. Jia- 
o^poKia ^ Ttx»U i — key.oi. i ultij 
Sa«(you.airoJla(Wpa(,(»o 1 v.)a.- 
iuli(J(o», to: iSiifsosi (s:,s«3lifflv;, 
o; — leaver, 06. i JpaniTnisat imi- 
p/niii — lode, oi. J Kupto 'pi.if 
(/LtTinau): — masou, oi. ipx"i- 
ktuv, 6 : — piece, oi. JpioroV JIti- 
XWKiiaTov Ipyo., (now.) ap<«ovp- 
yijfta, to: Jiapipoma ^ihtiioWti?;, 
^ : — stroke, oi. npfijif ^mmiiia, 
^ : — tooth, oi. yopftai, f£«liTYj( o- 
fou(,i: — touch, oi. Ttiuirn;, ii. 
(a'ster, (S.i. xpatoi, «panlKu,<up(iuot: 
iniKparfi, ntpiyiyvo/'Bi, kzti jjfisi ■ 
Ti^v«&iTaT« iiripvi^opjif ti, Jai- 
□ z^ioj ; - — , p. oio. Sj»7Tirodc fit."', 
^^iisr'fl^],- 'iy_$> ruoi, iTtlzrauxt ti; 
— , rfir. fisfcoouvos: Jcp6>T0(, xup<0{, 
I£oj[Oi:— dom.oi.ipx^oMJToriia, 
ii: — fill, <». apxiKO{, JtinoTiitiff, 
aiCain;; o!p[iTo«,o'uvo; t '(aJ)ioToc: 
— filily, Ixlp. ipx"*! i ta^iora, 
ii^vKdrara: — ■'isnoTOe: 
ao'a/iaiTot, ix MW, ' 4, ™* i — hness, 
»i. tiLaifiipouoa ^ Wx*q: — ly, **■ 

a'rtyr, oi. (U*l.) /tip™ 

to be a 
tbe — of a 

', fixpnpii*. 

i unefiivut unto rwgc : — . p 
aulfa x. aL-i^a., pa a a<«,«, 
6Jfi: — dom, oi. («*).) p.apripi- 
ro'. to snffer — dom for a can 
tcavTE % t4v fla*aTo» v,b/k'i!i> 6? 
rt»it — ise, p. i. 8us>: — olo'gi 
— olo'gical, if . papTupoXoyaiof. 
Ologuti oi. fiBpTupo\iyoi, o ; ■ 
o'logy, oi. papTvpoltr/iaj if. pst 

Ma'rvel.oi. fla&^a, rfpaj, ri. a — n«tf»»: - 

low, *b. 6m 


,Ulttpflrili t ?SpKT&£w. < 

m[, TsapiSo&f. a — lous story, 
pajojot TtpiToKoyia, i). of — 

size, of — Ion* beauty, eaiui^s. 

$ »■<!/.«««{ to fiiytiii, re Bailor : 
— lously, fnfj). fav/iEsftif, 9aupa- 
rrSd Ojripsufis : — lonsness, oi. it 

Ma'ry.oi.Mapfa,*:— bnd,ei.(pon.) 
op. Marigold: — o'latry, oi.J) tjj { 
e«OTO«w Mapfaj iarptfa. 

Ma'aenline, ir. .apr^y, tfp()>}>, ivipi- 
fbt, ipptvubt. ippivoi&nt, (ifo<v.) 
ipmvcuot : avrSptfos, Mpwbf, la- 
SpoKp iTTiis, Kparipof . a — woman, 
7u»B ipptvurv napa to /.(root : 
(Vpafi.) aposnuroc — , oil. (7/mp.) 
TO 4p«v«iv yjvss: — ly, inip. ip- 
0"<»<k&s, avJpiKflf: — ness fl. — 
Unity, oi. k-ipia, itSpuirnf, V. 

Mash, flu. Tioiwp,t£ia, ^. avyxpx/ta, ai- 
•ay/ia, to. n!fl6os njojupjtiivov, rd\ 
po,5UTs{, 6: (fv £uflonoi(s) ava/iufij 
TjJ ( £ini( rrvv Wan: Jflmjov, ri: 
-, p. I. airofl i», Karaflioi, iruvfllnJoi, 
ov»Tp(6fli, Karaflpuirro) : ev/ijrfjmv/u 
(^iiv^vToiSJaT(): — tub*!: — Tat: 
— ing-tub, eO. i swifnj ft i Kaio { 
it S y(y»«ai $ /ilfif : — y, in. rap- 
TrifUpitt-Hf. fvptif 

Mask, oi. np4 t fuT[o«, irpotoiirsrov, ri. 

irpof&init, 3. /lopfisiujuiom to: irpi- 

wtxfttttStu trxtifix. to use anything 
as a — , npo«uiuirr«o n a( n ■ S6iot, 
0. under the — of friendship, itpos- 
noiou,uivo( o Hoi «"»a<, Tfij oiniiorrj- 
ros : %opbi ouv Tipt>%aHciet i 
to Tpayufif ytypa/ijU^von sofyna*; 
(wit.) khxw> itpdjuiro. (i» o>«- 
yiiipsO, ro. to late off the — , /ui- 
xirt itapa*aJuiTT<o-9ai ( unoicp/yi- 

p. *. M 

l(«TM T„i «pW- 

t'a self, iiiroiJuio^o:i 
irp8»»no(,iF0j(p(vE«ea!ii^ii/iai *pii- 

?Q»: , p. SWJ. UTTaOUOfltXt TTpJjM- 

itoi, CinoKpivOjuai o^jj/i»: — ed, &r. 
o^pnv Tcpoamlix : nntato/i/iives : 
— er, Bti.itpOiG>m£of&pos,b: — ery, 
oi. % tOv nf!o[«ir<io(iopoi» iitiv/ia- 
efa: — ing, ou. ro iilvtsBxi tz^/ 1 ". 

Ma'slach, ot. fip/iax6i re *( o'rtfou. 

Ma'slin, oi. 5p. Meslin: — , ^Tt./iiju/. 

Ma'son, oi. iifloiiuoi, ltieMyet, h8a- 
|oo t , i: Matrflvoj, 0: — 1c, fe. pa- 
«o»!Kdc — ry, oi. lifloro/ifa, fl: r«(- 
^iifia, lifloiiipi^a, to : tb t(3» Hi. 

Ma'SOrah.oi.fEepainjJ Tpa^aroJoyfa) 
fiaaiptt, A- a^iJJfa rrjs II x'ma; Aia- 

Maeque, oi. jp. Mask: — rude, oi. 
Zopoj oi» TtptKtmlai ■ p.ira<TXnit&- 
tio-<[, ij. /JiraB/«)iaT«rpo(, i : — 
rade, p. evS. Snaxaaafiiias nipift- 
pap-ai ; itypalm/tai I* npo fa ™(ii : 
— rade, fi. i, npofanrw rivi npija- 
no»: jpiiiTfij, nalvrrw : — rader, 
oi. Tipawmdcty&pQZ, i. 

Mass, ou. 5-/«o(, 0. Ujj, n- fupa/ia, rd. 
ha ie mere — of flesh, 5Aoi irap( 
inn, naxi{ ^oti to ray.*: nWot, 
ri. a — of soldiers, nl^6o c o-rpo:- 
r(Qir^>, to: (Cc*7p.) atipaiC p.a (voj- 
t«(, kt*.), to : aOpoio'/ta, rrf. in a 


i. (tatl.) Imovpyt*, i). high 
tin paunxstf ip/ivoit itiToup- 
) say — , Unm/pyti»t —book, 
iievpfuJi,Ji : — house, eu. unit, 

ft«K,i:— ,f 

H&'iaeler, si, (««|i.) /j&f o pnqntp: 

f^ipot jitu J(. 

lilSsicOt, 0&. (XU^.) TO KUTOIVO» JtpW- 

t(£ijj.e» tou /xo*Mm. 

Ma'esiness, oi. Sp. Ma'ssiveness. 

Ha'save, in. oTiptij, oyKtWiji, ite 
Mraf- a — building, aticnp a" 
™» t ii«.eov, ri. of— gold, SJii- 
Ijwofi xputrein n& ( . a bracelet of 

— gold,^«i)io» o)^puTo>, to: — 
It, Wp. oynw S&t, sTfpiws : — nesfl, 

OS. JTlpIOTIJf, Ttl^VTl)!, ij. 

Ma'isy, in. Bp. Massive: — proof, in. 

ifast, oi. !*ros, n. the lower part of a 
— i ofrffaf , o. to raise ( to sti up 
the — , foravai i aiptn ro» ftrrd'v: 

— head, av. Kapxhw, Brupimai, 
to 1 ; — ed, in. Ixun '"out: — less, 
in. a.«u IotoS. [pxiavm. 

M»ai, du. j9aAavc s , 15 : —less, in. avsu 
SU'ster, ou. iJiiTidT^t, «upi&j, o. to be 
the — of anything, tupuiut $ Si;. 
■ii(iri mis, ■piTii'v, ipx'", iyxpa- 
til ilvxl T(»o(: imffraTiij, jtpOffTn- 
tuf, 4. J Jwwoiii ti. the — of the 

rapid f, ' 

- of 

the house, oixo&'trnorr,;, i. dancing 

J: xaidurijf, tfitfamaJos, A: liiybf 
4 *>ioto ( «*"*• ti-j«, i8A.jT.ii, 6. 

to be the — of anything, «™ *«- 

vlv uvai ti, iijirifput tVm Tivij. t- 
nisraaBai rt, iptfro* M ti, aSA>i- 

T>i»iI»otTi«jp apx*«>o: — of Arts, 
h Tfli fiioaofiaj tfiinaxniof : 6 ji/i- 
iropucoS itln(ou) ixiixlnpot i (rtjiuiTf- 
*nJicoiiivvn(a)mipiO(,8 : — -Henry! 
irupti Henry 1: nup«}, KTijaajuivos, 
Iz»», ^ : ("Oiv ) owoJisjtstim, o; — 
of thehorao. i toS pastiuttb Iittio- 
jrnijfou ^nisTaTYjc — of the [flint, 

TCi> yOjUt7/*&Ta*OJ1Eioi> £tIu6lJVTlif 4 

lllbBtpar fl airoioiioy «w. to bc- 

-/1-pmBai. to make one's self — of, 
xpxnly, irtHpxnl' Tinas, *iipie» ?i- 
/>m8ai Tivot. to be — ofone'spas- 

HJOllfl, l-/*pCLTn that T&y 17U0UUI&*. 

■without a — , aWjiisro{. like — 
' like man, at kAvic, oTamap ai oVg- 
iraoa. 7(-yvo.Tai. (ko<».) ««Ta ia» 
<S*j>aAov jiiai s >ca8nT^i : — i,Oiia- 
dantjoi, ijrotfuuSuvT^s vauarxB/tev, 
o ; — builder, 06. tp(irie™v, i ; 
— hand, ou. h)«'»t.i t«x»i, fl. *'«- 
f^pouoa^ t(j;"i : ^key,o6. Millie 
11 aWyouoa iroJAas 8upn5,(aoiv.)a»- 
tixJiWiov, to: J ci£o Jd{ ( oWeAmv), 
J: — leaver,oi.i JpaniTiuiaj imj- 
yS^THii — lode, 06. * mipfo *il^ 
(/iiraJJou): — maeoii, o«. 4px<«- 
*t«v, 0; — piece, oa. ipmn ( t-i- 
XnKcit-aTOy Spyov, (ion.) apioToup- 
yinta, to: Jiapipoma iraTflJuonji, 
TI : — gtroke, ob. npaljit imtn^ila, 
V : — tOOth, ou. yofipiot, jIiuJItpk &• 
Saif, i: — touch, oil. tUhotij;, ti. 
jrriiepaTCD, irtptyiyvop-ai, Kctno^njoj: 
Tij;™cAtiTa aitijna^Ojuai ti, Jai- 
JkJUbi: — , ji. oil J, i/miipoi apt, 
i/ijtllpaf ix a «»os, inlsta/iai ti: 

ffoXOs: — dom^u.^px^.^ 1 ^ 71015 ^, 
$: — ful, ^ir. ipX'"**, **f*«"^fi 
aiOiej;^; oipinot, juvo;, KaU(9T0(i 
— fully, lrtp. ipxm&t: KaAinrra, 
Ti^ v "" iTaro: ' — lesa,iit.SWpt»T«(: 
nia,tia»To j, ax*^»»™s ' — Knees, 
oi. iia^ipovoa i) riw. — ly, in. 



iptatnc, itt'b j, irJiterjj rj| i/Hnlfta 
Xp&jitvet: jtiJliiToj, riliiot, &*p<- 
tirtaTOf, Ti^nitoirBTOi. in a — ly 
manner tj style, naiiuTa, rignitd- 
t«tb. it is a — ly performance, tfia- 
f ipitruf t>! rix«p aniipyawa., i- 
*i)jtp(6wTa<i 4()j;i«i;, rjiarainiicor, 
IfpESTUcJc: — ly, infp. rhri;(»if, 
niUuwi Tt^yttintTB: — ship, ni. 

JnnftTii, aplfll, 4; TTpolTlfo,-}. «pM- 

rtfa, Ta: JitnoTita, ircoipaTua, ij : 

"«'). * : — J, •*. JuvajTite, Ar.- 
xparua. JisnoTjfn, 4: ujtipojrt, i. 
to get the — ry of, noHtv iauro» jui- 
pio« 3] Jjjjcim* Tivif, xpaTliv, ircr.- 
*paTit» tivoc Jh.otik, aptn), J), 
to acquire a perfect — ry in i of 
anything, *tj™mn 7tv<ta6« m 
*«*, (two,), * 

Ma'sticable, in. lupioijroj. 

Ma'Sticate, p. *. p.aora£u, TptiyM,pV 
SpjJjmo, JUai™ rate oJouih. — ca'- 
tion, oi. Tpaijis, A. — catory, in. 

Ma'stio, Maatick, o*. /i*"!*.), ^ : — 
'a berry of 

Match, ou. arcrpa, ii. ain-ijliov, Ivav- 
o/ia, to\ BpuaiJi;, 4. DMxnti, to, 
(««») jtiWi, rrf : —lock, bv. «upo- 
S(ilo» ipxaloii, T ^ ! — maker, ofi. J 
iroifii epiiaiJMat h BuaiaifikK. 

Match, o&. litmoJif, urippamt, Inc, 

o>ows, 6. to be - for any one, Av- 

rinaioip )) ipijuJIiov «va( Tin, ap- 
Kd» irpdj tu«, not to be his — , ii~ 
tui roc, iSttbo"8k< Tivdf, %-nv il»ai 
root: ya/ioj, i. to make a — , ya- 
/uln i s/Av, 6. a^iiiia, ij ; — maker. 




- «il, ,' 

Ma'atiff, ov. M=/oo=«o( wan, 4. [yu« t . 

Ma'Stitis,oi. (iarp.) 3 tffiv parriiv j>io- 

Ha'stlin, air. /icxrof first, d. (koiv.) /ii. 
yaoV 5 ' /Hyp* /uraJistv, to\ 

Ma'Btodon, oS. Ooi.) fiao-Too'ims, J. 

Ma'atoid, t», (.bar/..) uniTTonfJiif. 

Mas turba 'tion. d£i. /lalaxfa, £, 

Mat, at. pep/is;, o. inSij, 17. jityj, a. 
f>feOo«, 4 1 ^auT.)»ai7>ia,T'J.p(irs ! , 
4; — grass, oi.roiia^iafloi-f map' 
*o»; —weed, oil. (£ot».) Met iu- 
yapiaj! —work, oJ. ffeSei, ai. — , 
p. <. f-<a6ai KaAwini :, iia- 

llt«», TU/1HJ.EJ1U : , p. f U'J. su/i- 

■ltto^ai: — ting,oi. r '/a0oi,ii. r 'i«. 
8i»a> orpUpa, ii, 
Ma'tachin, ei. x'P'i r 'i iTpariuTun't 


Match, ji. 5M. o/ioio< 717B0.nK. r, 
tivi, l/uuOjtot, liro&pai, Ttapurou- 
fint, t'-'-dfa : &px€t, &vrapKoi Tm t 
&-jTteit>o)ix( Tim: iv tew El>ij, BDTf- 
»niii( Ufli: ynfiw, )a^Si»o> Tuval- 
*«, W*i" w ' yapteKoi"", (*"'■) 

jupf.(yvuuai,iuviva?e/ia.; apfiofr, 
itpy.pp&fa, ibapfAOtrrdf tipi np6f t<. 
the wolf goes to — ,$ Aumu™ «u?a, 
fl ituifl : — , jS. i. isi^", ou^SilJw, 
sv/tpipu, ouvayu: (M>)au»oua5w: ap- 
ftufu, i^apfiii^M : J/i/iirpS, (Tu/i- 
£jiuy™/u, ouvaml^si, ya/<(5u *. ya^(- 
^"jttj, (kocv.J uTravfptOu: fripov ri 
SfAvibj npofipi* r t TirpxfApoi 1) iup(* 
i»: — able, in. napa6)ijtifi, riy- 
itpinff : euvJuasid; ; —able to none, 
inapaBiijTsj, kairyKpnui : — able- 
ness, oil. tb napa61j]T0» -. ri Upji.6- 
ttar: — leegjin. aTiapaei>;TO(, am>y- 
xpiroj: — lessly,iw(p.oTtBpaSJ^T«i: 
— lessness, 06. ri aTtapa6iijT0». 
Mate, oi. Koiiwvij, Jralpoc, ouvipyij, 
oH^/ii, 6. Jrafpa, eracpis, uv>tpyti t 
V- i»ii(>, ■y=fi*Tii(, ou£uyof, o : yu»^, 
yaftti^, oii»tu»0{, aiifuyot.ii: (?uoi.) 

To Upptt, TO O17AU: <ru/AjUa0t7Tl}c, £ ; 

(■but.) >auijqpg ( , j : — , p. J. It Si- 
JMjUt, o-jvou^b>, ysp^v M. yafitaxvt, 
(xoi».) imavipiuu, ™j. jbud ; ((«e>.) 
ouC'oy v uM £ i au^rTua^oi: iooppoirds it- 
/i£ Tin, fgfi, j^oifi : a;8iora/ia( rtM 
)) irpoe T»a, lirija npi{ T<va; — 

lean, in. S/a/iet, dmopa; : Dnirm- 

pos. [«, ft. 

Mate, ab. (ipBf it %xTpatta) tbfl, ftr- 

Ma'ter, o&. fitfmp, ft. 

Material, in. iiwif, oupxTtxbf, to.17- 

'/*"'<• «Joyi«^s : otisuJhIo,-, iw/fi?- 
os, initios, oOffitiJiTi : — i oft. arai- 
jtfov. ri. S/ij, ft : — -ilm, oft. £6(z 

[«"».) Ciu/ASf, d: — ist, eft. (xeiv.) 

uJiorifl(,o': — i'atto if; — i'stica], tit. 
iijtticif : — ily, eft. ioi/*aTuron, uii- 
*iv, to : nmitiatnu, i : — he, i.i. 
jiiraTpinw itc Uij> : — ly, inlp. vii- 
*£;; fU7«, Tioiv, ff»T»{, t» ovti, a- 
J>)flci(, oijiwoNi;. to differ — ly,iiir- 
arov t) «>7i( Sistfipw, — neas, oft. 
TO jliKljj : .ntovo'oHo'rijf, ft. 

Mate'riel, oft. (**p-) ixwictiiii, ft. 

Mate'rnal, in, fi^ipios, /ir/Tpuit, p-i- 

Tpuoj : — lj, inip. /«|TpfifoS(. 
Mate' mi ty, oft. re /uttpucen. [ktI. 
Math, oft. Dtpta/ibf, A. it;, after inaiA, 
Mathema'tic ff: — al, Jrr. juafci/taTi- 

xit : — ally, inip. fiaftofiaTiiifir ! 

— ian, oft. jUttflijpariicee, ft ; — a, oft. 

wi. jtahgfugritti (iirio-nifin), fl. 
Ma'ther, ou. s/i. Madder. 
Mathe'flia, «*. piSwi, ft. 
Mft'tin, in. iwflivot, »pw<»»<, «>9puf : 

— ■, eft. «i. (fad.) l|f*p. C , 0. 

Ma'trass, oft. Ow.) ?a*o ( , ft. 
Ma'tiws, ou. if. Mattress. 
Ma'trice, «ft. (iwtf.) pftrpn, ft*- («*• 
«7p.) iittpx, ft : (JitiKXijirci tSu 5 

Xp&i^ircov) ui jkv, Junou, KuavoDv, 
(pu9p0i>v xai It'Tplvon. 

Matrici'dal fa.juiTpo*Ti»iire'c. — cide, 

»ft. /UlTpOKTOV'a, fi: /HJTfWKTivef, 

WpaipiiTiit, A- • [«■ 

Matri'cula, ou. kjij *oyof, o. pr/Tpuav, 

Matri'eulate,p.i. KaT«ypap»,a.itoypa- 

fc/iai: — , oft. 4 KojTayr/pa^/iinot : 

— , J*. Jr)'P !t *« i f- — oula'tion, oft. 

iiwypae^ij, jteiTiypa^ii, ifl. 
Matrimo'nial, in. yaftftA-oi, ya/uuli, 
ft, 4, to irtpi «u( ya/wui: — ly, 1- 
iiji. ya/iirii;, ya/iijAtoif. 


itriz, eft. (a>T/i ) JiJfiif, uMpn, i • 

(finryp.) ^*tjj«, 4: (pjt«1.) op. 

a'ttoD, ov. owo&i&iotvz, •fj l iii yipac- 
T«pst, 7pav(, if. tOBtKipet, r,: — at, 
in. tL-nrpixbf, »pio8uT«ic: — iie, fr. 
i. veSo/tat : —like, in. «/tvo(, nrou- 
SaZof; — Ijfi-rtp.n/iv&s, oiKKiriii. 
Hatro'u, ( ni. — en),s t . umip(T>tc irrpa. 


J. ya/ict. ft. yap.r l J.n>txu. l 


f V a. 

meppnl*, m«liSa<: (filo..) iifl, ft. 
fffj^a, IT'Mp.a.?iK? L >, TO : Giro'DWlf, g- 
K0«-a»u, ft. loyoc,ft : ZCflC". "P*7- 
yjia, In'jO', ^vtcTPiaiuua, rJ: atTta, 
A. ai'rtov, rd. &px4, 4 : vlEOuJa40Ti^f f 
ft. Upon the whole — i^iot, t<! ti- 
l(ura[«y. upon the — ', ir ytnU no 
Bueh — , oioa/j(i(, oftia/iou. small 
— , p-HcpJn, ^paj;w «■ to the— , 
Ttpoj ipyo>. that hat nothing to do 
with the — , eJo'lv itpjj ip/o»ft npo; 


Of tiicr, 

itp&ypx, itutpB7fiivei 

take the — in hand, M™ irl to 

ItpSy/W, «itiz«pt[> To} itpiyjtaT!, 
axrtiflu r*6 ipyou. no — , 'tis no 

, ousl» rp&yiix, oil-ill; tpS&uoj, /v 

oft Je»d f *»ti Joyo>, tiie — fa clear, 

ituaiimple — , =tJloS( J 1070;, it 
ia a difficult — , ip7o> r, pi-/« Ipyii 
/iri.togo from the — in hand, it- 


no— of 

i Sizpipi 
tiuoj, oft fpa-irlfa ton. mat II 
different — , diioj « i T «po ( Jo 1 
oItoj. what isthe— ? t( Im: 
itpiTTtrat : what has been the — 

Tt'yiyoui; Tfaukiii; what ia 1 
— with yon? t( ixw, rt itioz" 
»ixo»9a[: » of complaint, aitf 
4^op/iij itaririrepias o MO|"fflt. 
wae a — of astonuhment, aitis 
*«»&*.(. ' 

3 B 



Ma'tter, p. oit. rnpxi'u, iivapxi, i- 
oyuw, itaf ipu. it does not — , oi- 
£1; Smfiav, oZSai; f66wf "iSh 
SitaTsu. what does it — ? t( toStq 

Ml*; w tsO« jii«3T«; it — a to 
me, Itxfiptt fiti ti. it — 5 a great 
deal tomc.TTovu/HHjiiUiijTiipiTrol- 
Jou noioiJ/iHi! m«0/ia<'. — lees, &r. 
tiuioi: — y, in. nvi&d'iK, ijutiuoj. [ft. 
Ma'ttock, ou. oIkiHx, vfuvuii, o-p-mis, 
Ui'ttreM) rf- orpfipa, t6. atpupv^, 
ft. foppbs, t. otiBhs, ft. [/>«•», fo. 
Matu'rant, oi. (iaTp.) mitawiejc ejap- 
Ma'turate,'p\ ^. op. Mature: (iarp.) 

vofiacfiaTp.Jituou/iar.— ra'tion.ei. 
ninavoit, Sopuvai;, ft. to grow to — 
ration, iopauo-flar, netaUtaSxt. — 

rative, in. mi«*«»ff ■ (i« Tp .) eWj 

Matn'rCj^Ti ipalos, ax/zaTos: 7riTr«pO{, 

ninojv, rorwe;, «opJ(. to take into 

— conaideralion, «aAfi{ ft iicavoi( 
poukuieflai: _, p. i. irnrcAx*, **- 
ntu, x5pwta, x$p& : — , p.oia*. m- 
jrafvtipai, USpoupat : a/ffia^m : — ]y, 
^n(p. iipaim, &p (ftoif : pi6ou)tt/p£- 
»o»f : — ncas, ou.itiiroiiiiitjiipiprfT)!;, 
fatpvi, ft: — scent, in. bpL/ia^oiv. 
Matu'rity, oi. Aptuarqi, afaMnc, a. 
Jpuvict, o. to bring to — , jr»«a(»«iv, 

itatttadai, oo"pouo"6'ai : Hips, xKp.ii, 

1^/lKCH, ft: (>9/>.) TO ^UTtpeUlS^OI. 

Matu'tinal, ;t. S F 6p,o S , faSivtt. 
Maud, oi. it ini ipUu Spaip-a. 
Ma'odlin, in. oiiiiliinTo,, ftpip-iouios, 

i/uptHf. — , oi. (pVr..) t* ftJO a- 

yftparov, ft ftjtfa Tcmp/wct. 
Ma'ugre, irpofl. ti *ai, kkIuj/j. (*mv.) 

r'Untn. [«. 

Ma'ukin, all. poppa, n : jmvft punapx, 
Maul. oi. runat, iunif,ft. pdrrniov, to: 

—Stick, oft. x"po8iris, * i — , p. i. 

iraioi, ptao-nyfi, ruim. 
Maund, oi. «a)a0O(, A ralipai. ti: 

.™»>i» (t<5» 1*Jifi.), r6. 

Ma'undering, oi. yeyyurpef, J. 
Ma'undrii, oi. nutiiiiq (tui avflpa- 
Kopii^fui), ft. [yniil IUpnn), 

Mau'nday-ThuWay, oi. (inxl.) ft /u- 
Mausale'an, in. Mauoailfie,. 
Mausole'um, «i. Mauo-oUsion, *6. 

Ma'uiher, w. via niripkuiiHOi, ft. 
Ma'vis, oi. (o f v.) k(x^i V atovo-a. 
Maw,oi. OTiiua):o.(Tuv {&»*), 4:(o'p».) 

TrpoJJ€o>, izp&iyopi&v, o : — worm, 

si. IKdlq£, J. acriaoi,-, n- 

Mawk, o£.is«3plc,4s — fl; — in, yu- 
vd punapa,^; — ingly, ivtp.pim*- 
' f»,,4*oT/iws:— iah,iir.4^ji}s, ^Ji- 
iv^To,. pj«)u()ij: — ishly, inlp. 4i]- 
e si,-, pSilvpSif : — isknesa, ei. to 
ai|f/s'. ai7^fa, ^. SJiJuy^*;, 2. 

Mawks, o£. »ia ioliWKaJof, f). 

Ma'wky, in. iritwitj«4i5)i». 

Ma'wmish, in. hp. Mawkish. 

Ma'wekin, ou. i (aito to& ato^aip" 
p.6rxov) huitJb. 

Ma'xillar fl: — ^y, lie. i, i|, ri T*i, yva- 
flov. — liform, *». yntb'&vsiOf. 

Ma'jim, 06. 7v5Jyji7, ^ouJi). i. kiietfLei, 
t6 i iLnAfBiypa, yvupitxbv, tA -. — 
— ist fl: — monger, ob, a kfyAfLom 
Xp&H*ve f . [ivoiTaTot pat/tit. 

Ma'ximnm, ou. flKpon, iryaTOv, ti. i 

May, ov. m pirns y^.Maiot, i(=Ta 
Tiii) tbu 6ap7ijJ<avot xal «( afx«' 
" Sxi/ja$opiavO{) : Jap, t6. aveifc,. 

- bloom, sir. 
(j3oTv.)*«„.a*a,e fl ,i}:— bug, >>■ 
(ivT U >^ J«9,, /.nioJovSfl, i : — 
bosh, oi. (^otv.) *p=T*< W , ': — 

day, oi. ft itpim to& Mafcu: — 

dew, ou. ft «B Mafou Spisotx — 
duke, si. (^otv.) aios Kipavlov : 
—flower, oi. (p^tv.) nti.vy6va.tot, 
to : — game, oi. jtaiJii ft itara tio« 
jtpoiTJiv Hafou: — lady, ou. ft tou 
«"'»» pa"".""" <iv ««.J ( «) ; — 
lily, oi. (port.) ip, Lily of the val- 
ley: — morn, ou. to wapb*, 4«^^ t 

ft : —pole, oi. iirSpay ntpl ou x»- 

May, (. i. \ 


nam ; — ing, si. ivBolayix ft '"a 

May (irapr. might), p. fioifl. faHa/uu, 
(BUoj, 9tl«, J*«<ifs ">i ; if""-', "- 
jmrii, bttm, vitipxit: — I speak 
to your father? i^urrl p.01 ipthX/ 

(k»iv.) i{ npi?>j touto. he — come, 

U»tTU jJJAfel'Sv. («<».) M^TBtvi 

K8ji, it — happen ij take place, ys- 
Mii' ay, foW^trm 7»«VSsi n =«/!- 
«*•«. — I die, «9v«(,»,( M i,.) .75. 
vi anofliym: — yon be happy! .i- 
t»xoiiti'. («ei>.) aifl« >4 .iTuxflffijf ft 
cfypnalaet .iiu^fayl somebody — 
aay, *i*o< ft f at* a* rn, (*o<>.) Eoa»{ 
ouyaraiTis vi ilitp. what — be the 
reason of this? H I ftxoTi rstfww =E- 
t»» ay .J, ; ifc op' ft airia Toirou ; 
4 (icaiv.) itofs Tax" Jiv*™ niini 
ft eurfa Toiirouj eat moderately, that 


Ma'yor, oi. neAiayo>oi, 4. (iroiv.) o> 
Mnm, 6: — alty ft: —ship, oi. 
oii/tapxi'a, %'• — ess, si. ft ts& Jij- 

Ma'zagan, ob. ffott.) t'Sot Kvi/uv. 

Ma'zard, oi. yraBat, ft : Kpavtov, Kpi- 
mt, rd : (/isry.) /t«piy pi- 
!«, to"; — , p 1 . i. tujct« to xpa.foy. 

Huari'ne, oi. to *ui»io* xp«fa: A.,- 

ibhov, ioitaiio., T.J. 
Maat, oi. JL«Suptii9ot, J: tiropfa, ra- 

S9 ME 

P"irt, ^. to be in a — , anop.!*, h 

iftopfa ilvac — , p, t. rapaTTu, 
o'laTapaTTM, «ujxi». 
Mazolo gical, iir. 4, iS, t* tou fiatrro- 
fopou f«(w. — logist, si. o Ta Mi 
p-aoTopdpW &&Bn fitnfdpiMc. -— 
logy, oi. Ta iripl Tfiy fiaircpopoii 

Ma'zy, (>. JaSupivflii Jf,i : rfirirta-viii, 
Ma'zzard, oi. (pW.) op. Hazard. 
Me, 4vT»y. npO(. i/ii, / — , e/*oc, 

/iOJ, .If i/ii, 7tp0( /it; i/ioi,/io(. give 

— this, ooj fioi touto. for — , oY i- 

Mead, oi. altiptli, iiSp6/uXi,Ti:~i*. 
Me'adow, si. Jn/iiiv, J. Uifdij, 4. ™a, 

ft. flat — land, rtip-a. to': —land, 

™. spy*!, ft : —lark, oi. (if ».) «- 

puJaiiiv, ft : mouse, oi. (:&isi.) 

op. field-mouse: — rue, oi. (j3ot».) 
»bJwtb»v,ti!: — saffron, ou.^otu.) 
«i;((«6y, t4: — , in. iu/ttiviof. *f<- 
/(Wurnf ; — y, i-n, hijixxwirit, lii..- 
/jos, ^a6u)n>iiy. 

Me'ager, (Magcr), Jtt. lirx»J(, J.irrro 4 . 
a ap«(,(»s.».)i.yvs; ; (iiti Ka f ' 
Juitpif, Tp«Z"i; aSJiof, yauAs;: 
ly, intp. iex'oif, iia/was! Tpz-jtm;, 
fxbltif ; — ncss, oi. iix»si»(, ieap- 
«(n, ft : $ t<fc 7fi( lunpOTflj. 

Meal, si. Jslnyoy, t4. ipaittSa, ^. to 
taken — , Jdiryoirourooa., muibgai 
o'tlltyov. to give a — , f unvonoufv j 
Tpof^, ft. litifta, J^ov, to: oinmc, 
ft. I have three — s in the day, i- 
ofltu rpiv hik TEauay ft /tiosy. break- 
fast is my best — , Tiiuroiy r,i\iTni 
ivTl to apcSTsv ^ fi npoyvipa y.o\j. 
morning — , Ti apioroy. the eve- 
ning — , Ti filiryoy, without — , 
a«« (i — -time, oi. ft T0« o-tln.™ ' 
(ft ts& ItpttT&t) «pa. 

Meal, 06. to (it /piBUi) «f it», aicu- 
p9i t» [Ik irtraa), tauwiSn, ft : — 
coloured, tn. ilproi.o'fa : — man, 

oi. n)$iTonail.if, : mouthed, 

jr. jp. Mealy-mouthed: — lub,0i. 
iA.* iroWiil, ft : — > b. i- IJivfxj /i(- 
3 B 2 

f *,t) 



™p> % i. 

T*uf«: niaaoi Alaupoi : — bess, bu. 
tb A1^(tS*« ( , to £iiv/»3ftt. 
Me'aly, tw. aifnt>u3rn: Aliujiet xtxa- 

a/ihi<: mouthed, iir. 8i>f, no- 

la£, oir yilaJ^Sfl { : — -mouthed- 

Mean. in. iambi, iyopzlos, $aO\0( 
j^JaTof, TKjrBvsf, fouJojrpin^i ; a 
viltiiflipot, yXlaxpafr oe'oKifjoc, /it 
KpoXdyot • titiJ^s, f aulof : — fel 
low, SiBpuvos aueVo; ague, oiri 
uav&s, £ ; ytiapyupef, r.vtnht, xl/xSit, 
o: — bom, ^tt. ayoii;: — . -spirited. 

&T. iuiJluBlpOi, TOBlHit, TMtllJ- 

Mean, in, uiffoj, J, 

(ia) /tio-^ : ^iraiav. a man of 
stature, /i^towj to /ifr/ifloc /ifc 
oia/wef, Avsi/iiBOi, I^itos; — ti 

h while, in the — time, in the — - 

while, fiiTifi, ii Toit-iu, i» Too-eu- 
to), in t& /itmE" XP*"¥ ! — >*'■ My- 
rows, T0. TO y-i-i'jJ, fllTptSrqi, |J2- 
aof>tf, i) : o pivoEu >j itk /tf«ou xp-*- 

jim^yiifiiijro. to provide — s.itoof- 

the necessary — s, £» r< s IHthi, ti 
ara/iifa irpri* ti. iii be acquainted 
with the — s which lead to any- 
thing, tiSbtcu ric; Tie if us Tie /nf Ti 
aHeotieaf : nJ. Xp>i/ws. «. owfa, 
ft., ai. (k>iv.) /.iaa, ia. a 

man of good — a, tOitspof ij luxpij- 
/laras ivnp I have the — s, ifop. 
/iii «Vf /ioi, wiptvi lj;ei to have re- 
course to every — a, ini itfiv Uvau 
irao-a» i jev i fin, ndvra **/«" m- 
«(» J) ii^zi. by every possible — b 
Ttav «B<a>>, irivva piftenitj/wec. ir 
the — , /unifu, t» t» junju xpa 
»u;naW;iou.i*f>— -s, by 
that — s, o*(4 ijuTa, o"<a. unjnst)) 
unfair — b, ra fit itpefrtirevTa, by 
foul — a, Irfucmt, SU. by fair — s. 
xalf xapjy, Truflol. by all — 9, ira». 

ri( TjsoHBM. by no — b, by no man- 

ner Of — B, fclSTa, fcaXHTTB, OS*"- 

fcff, «6Ja/ifif. by any — , jravTefoit 
Tporroif, itaffii 5o*Sl. by some —8 or 
other, ivf 71 t« Tpojuu. by — b of, 
iut, ini, fwrsi! by what —a ? riw 
Tfaiua; rim Tpinon; by every pos- 
sible — 8, in Tain fiB^x*W>Wi a — B 
of producing hatred, pinfipai, tt, 
a — s of calling forth any one's af- 

n (tt^t. 

ira9. ra 

art), f 

oil. jv va g K », it*: 
pouUKi.^siJoMn: i('-/si, Ot'i co. what 
I — is, iiy« *<. what do yon — by 
it )) by that expression? nfij touto 
Uyuc; rt )fy>c«; («„.) rl t'vstlj; 

I , Jo^SljllOt, «B0la/lB*v41, IBfll^s*: 

/iillu. 1 — to do anything, utilt* 

nocdv rt: tfijfixhat, vau, ividfAai, 

ii/i£. what does that — ? t( route 
Siiti;rt tbDtb Jivarai; rifl raGrs; 
(ioi».) rl otiitaivu roOro; that ^B, 
roDt' icTi. what does thiaword — ? 
t( wtr 4 Uf t ( mVd 1 to — well to- 
wards anyone, tu>aix£ic JtauiitBeji 
wp^s nvn, tu'jB^z^pi]a0B;c7ripiTfva. 
to — honestly fl sincerely, AriSis )j 
ifolaif irpatfipurftai: — , p. t. Sr,- 
XH, aVByalvu, savipev Ttoirj, etj/jnti' 


i la.oitBSai ia 
Mea'nder, at. ovatpapii, ^. JJiy/ilt, 4 : 

laSup(v9o(, oiiripfao'fli, a(: — , i. i. 

Ulrrv, arpif «, iriptayaf . xuprai : — , 

£. oho". jArtro^nac, laptev/tat, iA.(7- 

/iou( souGfuH. — Jrian. — droua fl. 

—dry, in. J1«to(, arpiirTit, iralu- 

■afiiroc, noivtairnrtif. 
Me'anel, bv. k>j\j( pikim 4 Iputpk 

Me'aning, el. taus, &■ s'lavaia, t/. t* 
JilJau/iivey, (iteiv.) aijpaifa, ii. »b^j- 
jh, tA. to have a — , vat!*, fuv«- 
aflai. what ifl the — of this word? 
rl .art ^ ltjif auTfl ; the — of a 

, speech, to Sylov/itvo* i» ra \iyif. 
there is no — in it, this speech 1) 
these words have no — , 0! Uyoiaut 


i iiy> t eMtpfai Ivvoia* txu. I do 
not understand ( see the — of any- 
thing, dux Maraptull six t*io& n)» 
tura/itv ft tiji. ivvDisc* revet, words 
without — , f iivai ritaijitM, ai. what 
i> the — ■ of it? S>. what does that 

SMXic,*. T«p , eu; D >ii.ov.fullof— , 
BiJioSilitJiIirrouafcoc — less, fit. 
«,3eS»T9i : oS* Ij;m» »oi;»a; — ly, 
Mp. p-io" una»ry/ieC. 

Me'an-ly. Intp, Tamtv&t, rastirafpi- 
''toj.air.t.tufltpvi, yMojfpttf^fOluiuSt 
f cl«pyiipM{. — neSS, oil. rair«»4T>jf , 
jbo}iJtyj{,^: to iyivii: TaTmnoppo- 
mi*>i,«: A>Ut«9i?iH,^; pxpoieyfa, 
« ptactla, f iut pyuria, ij. 

Means, ou. xX 2p. Mean: npifoioi, 
dfsoNn, a(. nepoi, oi. 


Hear, oC . op. Here. 

Siease.eo. 3 TroBiJnjs 500 npee/pitm. 

a — of herrings, 51)0 jtatnei, a/. 
Measled, *«. Ix«> l\**np°™t: [M 

X'lfrr) jr«l«W4ti — new, oi. TO 

tr« Z '<» »*o#«*»Vmo..: X aJi;«. 
<% 4. 
Measles, oS.TJ.«a-fl*,»aTi,T* («.».) 

aittl (Jivo'pwv), ^. [xzlafdfqs. 

Me'lsly, liuo ^favG^arwv : 
Mea'surable, iir. /«'?'"'*<• ***•/»*- 

To'f ! /lirpiOf, Ot 7toiu{! — ness, oi. 

ti jUTpijTiv. — ly, Ixlp. pttpivc. 

He'asure, su. pirpor, t6. to take the 

— , Ja^Eavsiv pirpov, p '~ p*ii' a 

of will!!, pirpti oivou, vs : pitpor, 
to. jcaviv, o. trr&Bptt, ij. to take 
anything as — , oTafljiisSai rinvc 
arxloyfa, rj- J^7 D 4 S 0, pirpov, ro: 
Tippi, ittpat, T<f. the — of my 
days, t4 rippa ™» itpip&v pw, to 

,, TO. < IX 



tptmlrn), t, ; p'no'tidf, o: pirpat, T 
WlthOUt — ,B>lTpO[.Ul — ,ptTpta 

h'p"^; , -(p'i<'!.)ptjSpi;,t:plrpay 
(w»(«nx*>), tJ: ;ufl>io( (i, X i,Bfi) i : 
TpiTtof, i: jSouM, ytA^m, /n)x<nii> 
ii.j3ou)iu)ia,Ti.totftke ft adopt— s, 
pou/tiiiaSar. against anything, aa- 
Teacpay/um&trvBti Ttvot, avT^jrpar- 
Tliv, a»Tmi7XB>a<Tflai Tin. to take 
— s of precaution ft preoautionarv 
— B,o>uJaTTH5ai,irpo*ulaTTt(refli. 
to propose — a, rp*fw « : Beyond 
— , out of—, ont of all—, vnip- 

pvtpac: ixlp. imtppirpnt, iwtlpat, 
irmptaXXivTuf, napa to pirpor. in 
great - 

in M 

t«, piif 

ptaiai nn. 
He'asure, p. '. ptrpsi. to — with % 
by anything, ptrpilt ti Tin !) Ka- 
li tc. to — again, ava/urpily, «. 
va/nrptTiflai. to — ihcorrectly, u- 
■A( /iiTpitu', ipo«Ti,inToe[» : Jiarp*- 
X"- we must — twenty miles to- 
day, ill V"i obptpm itoptuflil- 
vaf trie a it piha : io-yifcu.n.i, Ttxpai- 
M/IM, NjBfiw. (by) ippirpfi, optfa, 
puBplfa, TaTTu. to — the worth of 
man by bis money, nitrm r^» ».. 
5(a» a»Spoin»v rs TSi Xp>|fUrnn. to 
— all thinga by pleasure, t( fyler), 
ipl{u* *i mafl^fio-oai »a»T«. to — 
Out, ItpiTpiZt, J<ajl!TJ)«iv, ^Itl^I- 

Tpitv. to — orer again, Im/nTptTv. 
To — other people's corn by one's 
bushel, in tAi ilt-M ksi'vk. ra aJ- 
lirpts: — , (S. oti. ptrpn i^», 
/n5«o( ^ ^f/ifloj ix<*. it —s ten feet 
in the length, p9*ai ix" £*** "'• 
tar: —A, in. /iirpiiTOf, Siaptrpr,- 
ii(, iTafl*ii7Tii: — less,in.Sy«iTpO(, 
ajvdrp^Tof , &#aTapiTpi)TOf,inttpot: 
— ment, ai. ptrp-qirii, xaTxpirp-ri~ 
«f, 4 1 — r, oil. piTpqrfc, i. 
Meat, oti. oTto{, 4. Tpopi). J : fcpfaf, 

to: offering, oJ.('B8jj=''") V 17 " 

aula) f) iwo npiSv (wits . — pie A 
pudding, oil. Tb n» xptati nJaiouv- 
tioi; —^i — ed, 

ME 7 

iir.Ix»uii/)ftts: — teta,in.&tturpi- 

Meaw,Meawl, polo*, op. Mew, Mewl. 
Mecba'nic, oi. x"p"ix'"ifi p*»(ww*. soupybt, i : — fl! — al, h. 
toX<vH*oc. — art,fWX'"'"$(jtx™;), 
tf. p&vxvnot, pxiauaiKit : avrip.ii- 
tos, Sytu yvoViii f>"i);a«imf{; — al- 
ly, Mf. )itix'""<&i- avTOjUarojj: 
— aJnesB, si. ri /oix»*u6t: — ian, 
oi. /H|;(a»onoiii, 4 : l niiJ! t ""'*5i * : 
— S,ou.nA.fiij;[ai.uirii^.— nism.oi. 
Hr.zarniif, i) : /"ixavii, "jtbmi^, 
f,. (xoiv.) pix*"07l*f. '■ — W£t. *»• 
p:i7Xa»8iio[if, 4: pi)rf«ofO(,J:4no5(- 
Sruv Itni&as ra$ tou TujCijra^ro? /ie- 

nizc° P Vp.^™s. £tf££ii. 

Mi Vblni^.TcIxoTTTOnTTlsiroitMsMl- 
Mcco'oic, in. (zip.) pyicrwuiAs. 
Mera'nium, oti. 1-xiov, ri: (iarp.) ij 

* ? &-m K 6i,pot ppifou,. 
Me'dat, oi. vo>m/w (apxa!!oy),T,f. "i- 

ffu-aroa^ov, x6: — let, ov. fti*por 
vofua/iaToanpov, ri: — lion,oi.4p- 
jjaTok' vo'jiitr/ia ?j vo/xif/xaToaiifXQV. 
ii: n)ij ifwypayiffjuivi] fl yryjuji- 
/Jtvtl, $: — lint. oi. i ntpl Tct »o^/- 
ffuara ifimpof, wopitf/iariv-ds, o. 
(«ra.)vopi!i/iaTo)oyO(,i : Toiv m>n- 
epBT»v ^ vo/ni/iaro3i(fi»v ipaorf; : 
vo/iiofiaTooii/iojiinof,^; vo//iapaTi(- 
onpo'Ki^i*. * : — lnrgy, oi. *op.i- 

0>iaT«>}, fl * T^., ro& KOntllv 

Meddle, p. oio". (with) arcroaa., av- 
oam-ouaiTivOf.&icjiKpw Tin, fiira- 
>*pe&rop.a( T»o ( - (in, with) iro/v- 
wpay/toyoS, iiXoipio-xpaya. (koiv.) 
i»a^i-/vufiat tij E&ajinooims. — r, 
ei. itoiunpayfWJ, i : — some, in. 
iroAuTpayjUuv, aWoTpionpayjtiuv. 
— Bomeness, oi. noAuirpya/joiruvq, 
ilioTpianpaytimrb-iii, fi. 

Me'ddling, oft. iJUorploir^ayfe, i: — , 
in. TtoluTrpA-/fua» > aliorptaxpiy/MiHi. 


Me'dia, ou. iri. t. Medium. 
Medi'teval (Medieval), in. /i»na<aiv<- 

«£. J Iv fwiiiiL ftoa;. 

Me'dial, He'dian, In. pi^oo f .' 
:'diaiit, oi. (/iouj.) x'pH >S /**"!■ 

Media'stirje, Med iasti nam ,ei. (ivar^.) 
8i±$payp.a, ri. 

/ttaApns: /iunwty. — ,^ 
ILtviTivv, 4/ip.tatTivu, i-niiianphn, 
SintpaTTo/iai, to — anything fur 
any one, npatt*i(* tiv< ti, nonpar* 

ciliation between parties, Juliar- 

tiiv ( jiu£ib11htth» Tiva 7ip<J( Tl- 

va; — ly, irip. ^«(s^^ — nesa. 

oi. to ftiJiTiuii.. [ouvaJlayr), t. 

Media'tion, oi. /leo-inia, JtaupaEij, 

Media'tor, oi. puri-ntf, JinilanTin, 

OUValia^T^;, OlBiTTITW, &. 9t>/l€l- 

Ga; W ». to be— f.(Jir.«.v: (fl«i.) 

/ttiinjf (o XpcirSs): — ial, fl: — y, 

in. JiaDamuit: — ship, oi. ftint- 

tcla, %. [laSovca. 

Me'diatress, Me'diatrii, oi. $ avpil- 

Me'dic, at. far,.) iroa * U-nltxi, 

Me'dicable, i-t. vyiaitlii, uyiaarij, i«- 

Me'dical, in. iaTpnij, ■ apfiajnurwif : 
■js^a, fap^ae<f, 

' «be 

:i(a, 0> a p 

larptutirflal : — ly. 

hrip. ixTptxSii. Qttp 

Me'dicament, oi. fApp.<imit. t4: — at, 

in.iarpradf, ^apjUaxKurcxof t —-ally* 
inlp. iuTpi*&i, iap.anx&f. 
Me'dicaster, oi. iarpbt a/iafl>i(, i, 
Me'dicate, p. i. f ap/iaxono^S, fa^/ia- 

xffi, fapfia-Baai ; d, ^rr. <fxpiLtt*6t<Sj 

papinxniTTK, t. fxpiiaitlTii, ii. — d 

oi. fapfia«o"toiia, ^. [iTpiia, A. ' — 

Calive, in. aniTijuot, flipKiiaT.xij. 

Medi'cinable, in. iannoi, $ap/iaitiu. 

Mcili dim], Jtt, «>«f yaKiJiK ; bkIii- 
f<os, e.paniuTwii, (J(i«™j(. — -vir- 
tue 4 properties. Siva/itf aKicrt^oc 




4 9i/samuToi>i, i). a — spring, irn/fl 
Wcrti vyairi ,*;t — Ij ,<*'p. i»*p ««* t 
yappainiTwi;: uim/i fi/yiMev. 
Me'dicine, ov, fdpy.aicor t ito^ta, teS. to 
administer — , tf>ap,u;aifeu«'.i, $3p- 

l*™>. i» take — i fxppiKoit xpH- 

17041, (papiiamustrOai, QupptxKOna- 
«r». to prepare — a, fappgusiuxflv: 
iarputi, iarpd {rix'i), tj. to study 

Medi'ety, ov. ro jiijot, /icaarii;, i. 
Medieval, in. So. Medieval. 
Medi'mno, el. pitfqpKT, to. («jora.) 

MtAoV, TO. 

Mediocre, Me'diocral, i«. itiTptot, fi*- 
«f : — iii — Crist, at. A /ttrptxt 
Uai6niTif xtxTYj/Knoi. 

Mcdio'critj, ou. to p-tTptov, to fitoev, 
lurpjo'njf, y.i'Ja-tr^, %. 

Me'ditate, £. olo". (on) lairiiu, u-nri- 
A,usi, ita»»B/»ai, o"«07rS, ^iAitij, 
iayi'iap.a.i, feovTifs): h l&tx*, Sta- 
vsou/iai: — , p. i. ppavfl, vofi, ^wi- 
»ofi, iiayi/tA<rta. — ta'tiou, ou. re 
Jiaianliflac, Stfoatx, ntf-i;, fuJUrq, 
<. iov")"4t, <5. fporrlf, i. — tatiat, 
oii. o fiz>sou>(tvo(. — tad ve, iir. ou>- 

MUi.fpovtiirTwoi. — tatively, lirfp. 
{^mornSt. — tativeneas, oh. ovv- 

Medi terra' neaii, Mediterra'neous, In. 
ftioiyaioe, jketovcioc, a, 4, To iv tJ 
jmroyila, ^ioo^u.. 

Me'dium, («1, media ■- mediums), at. 
^.av, ri. (io-,«.) rt f too*. (ap<6>.) 
a ptbroj epas : to Ji'outho, -/(yvnaf 
n, /liirov, t*. money is the — of 
commerce, Xp'S/'aTa fieri Ta oV £> 
to i/iiropiov yf/viTai, 5], To /itooj 
i/impiau : to ptiafu /iipe;, /itirif- 
ne, ^ : through fl by the — of, <Jia, 
kt, pirfc (v.) 

Me'dlar, ot. (jJorv.) ni<r*Aot, to. 

(Lunp.) /i^«^uJo»,Tifi — fl: — tree, 

junO*. $. (teiv.) fMipil.4, *. 
Me'dley , ot.ira lufii Eia,^ . mi jifi r/fi a , ouy- 
KpHfiO., TO. KvK-ifipx, 4. 9'f^«,, 

^opfiis, e : — , in. /U/Uf/tt'St, avp.- 

Medulla, oS.{i<T/«.)/. u .14(, 4 : (,3ot*;) 

ivnpidiig, j): iyiiyala; , t; — r fl: — 
J, fa. ttiwiiJiK : /tuihvat, pwlollf. 

Mee'ching, t*. UTrsapirir);;, x'P-'p 1 "*^. 

MeeA, ai. /uaS6(,i. t</ji), ^. a8)o>,To: 
«£<'a, ^: — fully, (mp. TrpmovTu;. 

Meek, in. rcpati(, iTjoflot, -f/itpat, jhnof, 

^aJ9a«»!, <z*l*e: eyed, «io\i- 

p«», ffifpuv : spirited, irpiof, 

4»*f : — , p. i. rait»iu(J, ai/utm : 
— i!: — en, ^. i. apatl™, nmtirpaO- 
ih, i<^«it'«(j : — ening, av. tmi- 

Utt^pAfi — nesa, o«. upaerist, V- 
poT^i, ij;ol(«, Ji. [Mere. 

Mecr, ou. i(/iv>j, 4. rti/ia, to : opiov, 
pita/no/, ri: op. Mere ; — ahaum, 

Mee'Tia, ou. aa. Mirza. 

Meett'in. ivipfia«T>(, rispfi^i), ^iri- 

ri\$uot, Kxlb;,» : (for] xpA- 

:o be- 

«yij.t»5a( TI 

Meet (ta)>T. n. ,u»t. si(. met), #. *. 

ivm-rtavu, ^TiTuvxavu, <TVJTV, X i- 
vii, KXTaKaftixvbi Ttvd : ffiirixroi, 
ictpiizinrot, cru^LiciiTTO*, o^uSaii&i. 
ouvi'ira^at, owTjOJ^a; aitavTii, ou- 
vairairS, a»TO, (,T&, a«ns;«; 
ouyxpoBoi^UjU^a^oj, ouySai/w t<v/, 
ntlpxop-at iii x^pat «»J, ou»aHT«l 
«!,- p-ixi* *i*l : aua-TS (toI; liity- 
fiiMlf, ktI.) : iepo(f», ouvaOpaifto. 
they appointed to — us to-day, 
iiriffxioiiirau M(I> *po( fl/iat o - ^- 
tupvt. to go to -— any one, avrio* 
U8d>, bnOto, oi»avTa» ««< : — , 
p. iM. ou-ajToi^ac. ouviaxoP": "i 
Krtpai owipxe?-™ (toI; nolt^oi,-), 
ou/iniiio/Kit (toI; toJiyioc! )J Ttoo; 
tout noii/ilout), ev/t/il-yvvptii (rots 
nltuJoic): <, iSpoifofia.. 
opou -/(■/■o.uai, ffu»ooov noioij^ai. to 
— in a conference, «u»tl9il» fl ™u. 
■ Saivetv i(( l«-/ou«. to — in council, 

ME 1 

GouXu/aofiivout ouvttvati (£ju nora- 
/!&<■) oufiSiUw, (ruiiiii'/vu/n Th'iS'jip: 
{with) *tpinlmi», rtprwyxt''"* ml, 

ov/i!«(v«i, yl/iirai, itpotirfTtTii. to 
— with a great misfortune, mp,- 
taivtM ml naflir. ti piya xaxi*. I 
met with an accident, n/iMH m- 
ptfacew. they mat great reversca, 

Jwv*. if I should — with an aoei- 

T< -/•.»«. mpi H(>M.) iav «fi. 
Si) vi TtiSoj ti. to — with afavour- 
able reception, /■■atvili&'ai, iWoxi- 


in-flai, i/inoilCurBai, harri&pirra 

!x'«- prepare to — with, tpBjJiiiia 
ic. to — an evil, inixoup ilv t»[ oup ■ 
pop fl. to — an attack, ipv«*o- On ft 

met with. oiiy. liipi 

tber, o 



make both ends — , i£noD« i-i; is 
shmis THli dsiSott, to — half way, 
uiric'jrovTa npoO-j/nitr^nc. ou,u?E6a£i- 
oflai: - er, oi o.mavttuv. 
Mee'ting, oi. (rwiux'a, ffwavwio-H, 
B7tivT>tm(, $. Jnavrnpa, Ti. owe- 
Joi, 4. miilojOf, ouvaSoniTuti; (tou 
iioi), 4. 01>vaBpoio-i{, 4: pouJtuo-if, 
ju/i6oulil, ft: iru.uSoi.)) (of, iroTa/iAv 

ft Mfi»),ft: (fliol., AwWa, ft : — 
house, irpo.iunr^piov. to convene a 

— , mjJJaTov itoaltffac, uvy*a\il». 

trflat tmdI ri»of. 
Me/et-ly, in(p, TrpniroWoii, ir^odinJn- 

T(ut, ipfttiltig. — ness, oi. frrcrij- 

Judrne, fxavoTijt, 4 : ap/jto Jctinjc, n. 
Me'grim, oi. (i«Tp.) «,j<*p<"'a : n*- 

iraoToiTiviHorit, nortftnij ^. 
Mei'onite, oi. (op.) piioilTif-, ij. 
Mei'ofiifl, ot. (jSnTspoeov tr^4pa) pai'- 

Me'lampode, ou. (*otv.) /MJutiutjcW, 

Melancholic, rt. ^ayxoJuto'f : Svt- 

9vf«(, tiftoXof : — , ou p-iio.-/-/."'"- 

4 MR 

Kit, tittups, I: piia-yyala, 4 — 
chotily, /nip. /jiJa-/xoJww(, o'uiCu- 
p»i(. — choliness, oi. jmla-/;(elfa f ft. 
— cboliat, oi. ^«Aa7Z')J'«if, o: — 
choly, ou. /ulayxBUa, lutSupIx, ft, 
— choly. in. fxtkayxoiutbi, $vi&w- 
fiot, ^apiflupof. to be — choly, ta- 
IxyXelSr, i-jfSu/ittv. 

Mela'nge, oi. /rt-//ia, oiiyirpa/m, to. 

Me'huiile, 06. {op.} /«)avtT<j, 4. 

Melann'ms, tii. (igS.) rul&wptt, 0, 

MctaWs, oi. 5p. Molasses. 

Melee, oi. wpirlo*.). ft. 

Me'lic, in, fiiititii, 

Meli'catory, oi. ucpe>«li, rt. 

Me'litOt, oi. (fSorv.) pUtf-Toy, tJ. 

Me'liorate, /S. 1. *afl(oT>i"i u"t ft Jul rt 

jSilTioy. jSiirfoi iro.u, fii-lni. —ra- 
tion, oi. j3iJri6in(, <. 

Me'llay. oi. op. Mclfe. 

Melli'feroua, in. irapayoiv /»fti. — fir, 
in, piitTovpyif.—^ca'tii>n,ov. (ti- 
JiToupyfa, ij. — -Jttwnet, oi. ri ^it- 
Jippuwv, ftiuTiij, ^. -^rfueni. — 
Jii-iius, iic fitiipfiSBt, /i&txpbt, fit- 
iiyimne;, piliq^;, jvEilmovc, *»- 
lijmMt, p.tli<fioYpit. ■ — grnoWf ix. 
piiiT&iTif. — loquent,^w.^i)'ppuTOf. 

Mc'llilite, oi. («>.) jp. MeUite. [ T ci. 

Me'llit. oi. o?J^p= (fci iioJot frntat.), 

Me'llite, oi. (dp.) H6ot i piliefatf 

Ktio, <it. (xa^ ) pUinitit. 

Me'llow, in. iri»tuv , irinnpoc, ^alcMOf, 
tupi/iO(:^aJBzic,a7isloc,aSpil<: Ju- 
OTnufif, piiffpoiv (o7»ot) 1 ^pi/iiflu- 
004, oiuoBap^tf : — , p. t. ttIooh, iti- 
«■(•*■: MB/aTTOi. iKjiaiitTH. — ,p. 
olio, aosouyttt, nucaivofisi : — ly, 
inlp.niTTifpuf : — iiohs, ou. wpatoT^c. 
SJpfloi(,itiirnni{, :(: 4ita/iTij(, jua- 
laftjnit, ii : Vvniti iS : 4«p^ (iJJi- 
ufat), j: —y, in. jiajauos, aTa/i;. 

Melocoto'ne, oi. kvo\S>cov, t4 : iTJot 
p^Jov Iltpiimu. 03. Malacatnne. 

Melo'dions, iir. pi/ujo;, i/i/iiMt, ii- 
M«)'l( > ti>lZ^(, «Sfo«»o{: — ly, ("nCp. 


{, i*7«. 

fit ioi ita, iippeifa, ^. 

Melodist, ob. fL&wSbi, p-tiaitoioi. o. 
Me'lodize, £. i, /uJoiroifi. 
Melodra'ma, oi iuX6ipa/Ki, ri. 
Melody, ou. ,ulul U, t|. p.4io s , to. ti- 

Melon. ou. V.17I0TA71UV, ffUcjoTetrwy, o. 

(now.) nwen, ro\ — thistle, ou. 

(fcn.) Ka«o*. 4. 
Me'lrose, ot. patt/uk, to. 

Melt, p. i. T«Xb>, B.BrtJtU, Jiar»iKU : 

lira, irttXbn 1 1™, iincott, i xuvr u, 
/taAao-ffii : JiamtaSfi, jraiao-Tia6s. 
feiutvd. to — down, ixxraytiv, 
avyxwiiav. to — God's anger into 
mercy, mTiipiuvir- r$v rou Osoj 
Spyr/n: — , /5. ovo\ Tiilto/iai, Bva-, 
o\a-, ■■r«T4*«/i« t x^a/tai, o,« x (e- 

T^ttidai f ibcpusi !) Jai^uevta. to — 
— sway, Tnaiffflai, ijaTilireo-Oai : 
fSiipe/ixt; — ed, Jx. TijKTOf, xurot. 
easily —*d,tDTi)«TO(: — er, ot-x»- 
ntunSf, i: — ing, su.Tilfif, ttHuttt, 
n: TntiSini, $: — ing-ftn-naee, x*i- 
nuripat, x"'' a '"% **■ *«/«««() ^ : 
— ing-pot, ou.x*i*(o»,Ti. )!*"'»'!» >i- 
j;oa»o», rd. — ingly, fafp. xw"«"ti- 
*6f: aufiitafliiTiKut : — ingness, ou. 

T* JjHHVnh, TO TrjKTttrfv. 

Me'mlier, ob. (ovar/i.) /i/>oj, /il/iot, 
pAptov.&pBpoii.x&,™: xuXo*(l6- 
T*")j": (apjir.) uSlsv, Tif; >o<vw- 
tit, f«»^{<"» 1 o! — of a society, i- 
ralpos. (ton.) piiot, to: — of the 
senate 4 of parliament, Seultvr^t, 
J: (n«».) ,a«o( t*J ( j*psuola{ i, tfc 

I: — of a party, jtbitioItik, o. to 
be • — of anything. ptrixtn, *oi- 
>ainly fivot : — ed, iw. Ij;™» ptiii ■ 
— ship, ov. xojuttvln, },- 
Meoibrana'crous, in. i/nvcuiV. 

Me'mbrane, ou. («v»rp.) iiaijv, u . ii/ti- 

•a*,*riyt,v. the— of the skull, 
itipMpaiio:. «. the — of the heart, 
iy>5> ntemiptat, o. to TzipttapSioi : 
— bra.'ncons fl. — nifonn. — noui, 

. ME 

Mcme'nto, ob.i^ip.vrifix, uriptlov, to": 
mjutfeMTif, $: va«viypaf, *. 

Me'moir, eii, u*e>vi7u.a. ano/Lnj^4>iv- 
;.«, to: nl. ina/tti/ueta (An J- 017- 
yp&ltftara), ine/o^onu/iafa, Ta. 

to write a — h — 8, uitojuwijaaro- 

ypttptlv: rriyypajtfiLX.TO. /iiliT^,ii; 

— ist, ob. UTT0,u»jp«Toypa(iO(. 0. 
Memorabi'lity. — blenete, ou, to «((- 

Me'morable, in, fi*n( «{"(, Afio- 

JH'ij^lo'viUTOf. Afioioyof, an>tv«i«T«{. 
— ly. in(p. otio,BHj/jo«uTw(. 
Memora'ndum, (n).; —a, — da), 06. 
Vtip-vlltMl, Urnpiwov. TO. o-ijjuu'oj- 
o«, 4 1 — book, at. *Uto ( , 4. («oiv.) 

nifitiMftBTB^wn, to. to make a — , 

■'.a.Tzrtip.aUivfta.1, sijfitwvv 
Memo'rial. In- ft^/i6>uos h: -not,,iioitvrtK4v- — 1 0*. /itilnOf uiri- 
lit^Hot, ti : fiVTifiilou, ^»«poiruvov, 
o^j'3 h to". rTiflSu, i^ : — ]Bt T eu. UTio- 
^vij^aTHHTi^iito/iHifiaToVpafos, i: 
i jMT^pia fpi.p.jia.Ta iruyyp6ftir ; 
— lie, p. i. ypaiiiiara tuiiia HiroJi- 

».,.. [,..« «... 

Hemo'rize. ^. i, o-ij/iiifi ■ at^vqat-oi 

Me'mory, ou /in-n/"!, i. /iviibo»diO»,to, 

fiviijioffuiij, ^. to have a good — -, 

^vn^o»<«o* )J fiHfUra fl Kt/ivJi/toia 

■Tvai. to have a bad — , 1,«* V in , 
im'.riapova Jrai. to keep ti have In 
— , /ivi]/ioviuu> ti 1) Tivic, fiajui- 
/tviUSai Ti, Jia /iv^fiflf ijjuv 4 ^^. 
put ti. to retain in one's — , *ia- 

/1 ^(10 v iu 1 1 v Ti, ni £• iSal Tj j> Til M vii- 

/i-is. to impress upon the — , tiS<- 
vai if; prf/tv*. to lose one's — ,>»«■ 

ouaSai T^v avii/ifiv, Sut/iaBiimpoy 
yiyvitrSxt- to cull anything to one's 
— ,uno/ii/t»loiiiivTi>B ti. that's out 
of my ■ — , ou fttpntfwl Ttvot, jia- 
ntftuyt iieToiiTo. within the — of 
men, i£' joov £yS^ti?iw> f"»>v^i if 1- 
wrtfrai. nothing has escaped my — , 
ebtit/it Sixrftftw/t. aslipof the — , 
auapTJijia ^ijj/ioiwoS, t^ : pufla, 

tit p*il<*» n*i( : ^viijiuIbi, ii*i))i6- 

Men, oi. »A. t. Man: — - -pleaser, at. 

iipdainiiBuXat, xoiaf, a ; — plea.-- 

mjr^ou.SfBztp.oSwitia^xDix'tia, i. 
Me'naee, fi.i.imtiia: — , oi. &n«jlij, 

ft: — fill, in. iirjiJiiruiot: — r, oi. 

inuifiv, i. —ting, bv. onteiAiia'tf, 

•ft. — cingly, *n(p. onni^Tu»(. 
Mi>niL'ge>l: — rie: — ry, st. B^pioipo- 

^iTov, frf. naeao'iiTOt, o: (rntm(, ft. 
Me'nagogne, ei.f i.pp.Mo* i/i/ttiyayai- 

•vov, To. 

SLsnd, ( W.lxiop.a<, V-ziitfixt {idBif- 

tu, vijas), o-uppanroi, inmua{u, 
*»«™»«& ("I;(Of, »«"», y«)>up««, 
oo"ov): (to. Sim, <ti >- Jiop- 
flu, Arsvap«fi(tf>dl/iaTa): inavop- 

— , f>. lis'. pri T (« yiyjc/ixc, paf&i, 

ditton, ini rt «a\A«» Tp6«o-fla<, 

lnt(M« W ri pu™< : —able, 

«fid'[((()6njro{ ; ■ — er, oi. JjtioTvJf, A: 

— ing, ou. t-eatisSoirif, liipSmati, 

ft: — 8, oi, si. ip. Amends. 

Mendacious, in. fiulra, i/nuSintnt, 

ftvi'tytpet. [S: ^iDJot, to. 


Me'ndioancy, ail. iitairfo:, ft, 

Jfe'ndieaut, in. ntvx&c, -/"/"-if. i' **U 

ItXXTXitlkiropixttZiv.-nivTtiiY ivSiri;. 

a — priest, iitiTpvfipTHf, 6. a — 

'friar, irpsfairSv aovn);o{, o: — ,oi. 
: fcrai-riit, o: npstaiTwy /jovijjos, A. 
Mendiia'tion, oi. to inareilv, teti'ri?- 

m, ft. 

Mendi'city, oi. iitalniat;, o-yupn&i, 
■™j;tf*,ft. to reduce anyone to — , 
li ]tr«z"'a»fti{<rx I " ,r «»airi!/i(a»«a- 

Meuha'den, oi. »='»[ ('xMoe. [fliiravm. 

Me'nial, in. tf stows, ifototiof, iwii- 
*0(, 8>ith4{. a — position, iauiifa, 
ft: Jotoonpi7r4f,ti™Me.xa/4al£riAof : 
— , oi. JoDAo(, outcome, oicimf, 
vwitptnt,i. [falou pftwjntii. 

Meninges, oi. irl, (a»T«.) a( isu */m- 


, oi 

('"(=■) * 

«'3«l«c, i. 


liw), J. 

Me'niver, oi! 1 

. Minive 




, li. 

Me'now, o 

■ (fxfi.) op. Miiuiow. 

Me'naal, in 



wifti : /■«- 

Me'nse, oi 

r P , 

ffOfi, 4. ^ayoiyij, ft. — 

ffal, fcr.* 


,:— less,iir.#o^o(, 



a. toj. 



Oi, o, ft, TO 




fiux, > 


Me'nstruant, iir. tolc x<xTct/u]»<oi( inro- 

iilfitvat. [inro^iii/iBi. 

Me'nstmate, p. ebS. rolf icaioifiiivieif 

Menstrua' tion, oi. twtva, jn^ugvB, 

Tli. [«IOS, J!*Tafl^V(0(. 

Me'llBtlTKlUB, in. IBTa/Ligvlli jqc, flljvi- 

Me'nstruum (n J- menstrua), oi. (xip.) 

Mensurabil'ity fl : — bleness, 06. t4 

furfjijrov !, jtarapirpiiTov. 
Me'nsurable, ix./itrpiirOi, jurpiiTix 6s. 
Me'nanral, in. pup^Tocif. 
Mensnra'don, ou. jikrpnais, ft : ntxarp- ' 

Mo'ntal, l*. »onTO(, «oipd 5 , ^x««i, 
t«( ^uzfls, *ttTa t^v^uz*-/: —ad- 
vantages, i7«8i ra t»1 ^t-x^ npoi- 
itrx : — abilities, ap*iai ^uxft. ai; 
fujit, ft : — eiertion, ■f'uxfls iv^ 1 ", 
i. i-vxit Ip7»*, rrf: — cultiTation, 
ft t^t ^uzf* iratf tu«(. the — facili- 
ty, Jiivoia, i : — ly, inlp. ragp& tl 
Kara ti)» ^u^'i'', '» i^I ^"K?. 

Me'ntion, eu. /tv^<itf»tfB,ft. to make 
— of, filial* !j ^vtia-J noiiTiiSaiti- 
»0( i| mp( tivoj. worthy of — , i- 
tto^vi7fiivn,TO( : — , p. i. /tHw Sj 
^>«lavHoi«D/ia(n«os,^vij>iov«u(u rt, 
J^/ov iroiouf at »«p/ ti»o<, fl^nntsM* 
/ia(, Ujw 11. to — again, o«b«i- 
p.»i>mti* : — ed,«r. t'p>i"*vo(. worth 
— ing, ii-fnii afioc, a{io/i»i/t((y(u- 
to«: — able, A(. o!£iO{ iiyeu. 

Mentor, oi. (/iuS.) Itivrtip, & : <ri/i- 

ME ] 

6o»Ao(, i : — ial, lit. napautrucit. 


Me'ntnm, ou. (k,rp..) y*afl D4 , yi, w , ft 
Mephi'tion: — al, It. Sus&Iih, ioip&. 

iat: — we'asel, ou. (Saioi.) incri; i 

xaxoafio t ft ft S(«na. 
Mephi'tis, ei. (jCMf) oVft nyiynpi, ft : 

(£a»j.) o^j. Mephitic — weasel; — 

- 18IT1, oi. 67ji*ft loifL&S*H t ft. 

Me'rcantile, It. ip.itopt*is, ip.nopiurt- 
■it, ayopatrtKif. — people, tfino- 
f»i, of- to 6*117 0Q — transactiona 
ft bnsinesa, ip-itapivtallut. 

Merce, p. i. op. Amerce. 

Me'roenarily, inlp. /iMoWdj. 

Me'rcenarinew, ei. to /no-flut-iS*. 

Mercenary, fti. jii«6urd;, lktSdjhJso; 
oirifiurBof, /HO-BaiTi^iios. a — sol- 
dier, /iifffliaviiv, nvca-flofipos, J^»o[. 
4. the — troops, to pjovoijwpurei, 
Ti|«vocov: mu»jto(, cSiio;. ttrtAiis: 
fi/sxp^/i«roi, y.JdpvupOj, inJiufli- 
pot; — , oi. p.ia8t*Tii t piaHoyipottb 

Me'rcer, ou, d ^n7iopiui(u.ivo; /irraZoi- 
T«ft ^iUm u f iio-;iaTH,pwToiraUi!(, 
*: — s,hip,ou. KirtqWa, ft: — y,eS. 

Me'rchandise, ou. i/miptu/i a, t^iropi- 
*a Xpnu; an, #/jmii>j/i«, to. (Bui, 
' po^Tfa, i/iiropLO^TO:. ^jUir&Jti, *i : ip-- 
vepdx %. -pla, {infu{fo, ft. (*o<».) 

J»»»P <»i « = — , ?- «M. xpwxi- 

(u, ifijcaptio/iac. 
Me'rcbant.ou. ipnopot, 6: pmtSaiiut, 
6: K&miioi, ovyopalot, npayfttLTtu- 

rt*t zpi/"tTiot^(,4. to be a — , ip.- 

nopiu*sflo:i. body of S, (/ITtOpOl, 

ei.^iw^uiVjri: — goods, jjunlft, 
ft. i/iirOBiu/iarB, tb: — law, iu.jro- 
pixiv Jttaisv, T(f ; — like, ^tt. 
ptKit: —man, ship (j vessel, »o 
ipnepMft, ft, aTpeyyiiioi ft fopt-ifj 
fit kJIoTot, tcJ. zopTtjybi ft f spray 

■,6s >s>uc, &Ik*(, i : — service, 1 

ifl.Tnpir.ev, VBUTHliv, TO*. ti'lll 

OV- ijLXOpOppaTZTtli, &. 

Me'rchaiiUible,oi.ofo , sTtJ^7i8ptiJufl; 
Ue'nnM, in. ai/crip/m*, tiiftpain, 5 

:7 ME 

iocurfp/iuv, iltnfxBvvtit. to be — 
to any one, i'mu, kstijuI* t<»b, 
eUTl/p«v n»ii — ly, Mp. ti;*™, 
jiit' cixTip/ioO : — new, ov. jlcig/ia- 
•vvti, ft. eixTi/tjuic, i. 

Me'rcilesa, ov. njinlf, avjJi.iH.idv, a»i- 
Anjj, nvBocWpu.uv, ioii/inaflftt : -— 
ly, iirtp. nvijJiiis, vqitfif : — ness, 
oi. avtXtnpBeirrii, ft, 

Heroa'nalt <vt. btpKpyitpuif, iripy^t, 
irnouixlss, npoBujiati 'Eppain6i! 
ip-nopuii : — , oil. to a-xo uipepyu- 
ptu ipipfiaKoi: — ist, oi. b\maBr,i, 
4S('Sa[o ( , ajTBTOf, 6; iarpbs 6 %pii- 
lutet vipapyupei in tbIs fa.pp.i*6tf. 
— iie, p. i. iipapyiptf >ifyvu/i( n: 
— ly, inlp. itipyqtuSt, Spaurripiius, 

Mercurifies'tion, oi.ft Llpap-fipif pi- 
ftfti ft uSpapyupou Karaflxiuj. 

Mercu'rify, p. t. fiCyvu/ii iiopapyipu, 
(*oi».) i3papyvp&. 

Me'rcnry, ov. (/ju8.) 'Epfi^ t , 6 : (i- 
iTp>. i njBv^Tiii) 'Kppf,f, Sx&Buii, 
*= (XM/*-) uopdpyvpt*, 6: hapytia, 
ft. ,«».) fu^m,-, ft: (poT».) 
^oio-ni ft idofiJTTif, ft. annual — , 
9ij)uyovov f iiiov, to : ayyc'ioi, tyyt- 
hafipa, b: — 's-finger, 06. ^ot».) 
xpAxoi b aypto;, 

Ue'rcy, ou. oura t , to, iiiot, TiS. On- 
fiooirii, ft. oiirippbj, i. to show — 
to any one, to have — with ft npon 
an v 1 1 1 Hj , s/.i 1 E » , 1 a n i e •( j t i b a, 1'< t s i- 
/Jtiv T<va : 0V77W*jMj, oVyyyoia, a- 
ffdc, ft. to ery — ft for — , napac- 
rtlo-Sul tivs. cry — , cry yonr — 1 

iXlOf\ evyyvtbfir,'. ifeuwta, oEaieif, ft. 

to be ft to lie at the — of any one, 

&«{ TOO,, aiti T^- ifoKOto. T.»0( i- 

Mere, Jr. ^oks, oJJiv bUs, i< ^4,ft, 
nl^». it is — talk, ouJi» Silo u p^ 
f JUKpia, auT6;,ft,o: «aSaf04,Tf isi- 


It Of- 

1 u6au. Iuni- stranger, 

ft^fi< efc-t i X "i — ly, W-. **o.ov, 

iitASt. I have — ly heard, bbt not 
aeen^fltou's fiivov, iXX' oux iiaa- 


xa. to ask — ly for money, xpii/ia- 
T« xhttaSai, Slla li fir,Si>. let him 
— ly try, nip&ota Sit. 
Mare,o6.1I^y»j, fl.TUfia,™. 

Mere, ofr. ipoi, i.epiev, r&; — stone, 

SpQS, J.'oi/iilDv, ri : tHilti, i. 

Heretri'euMUi (n. intpiKot, KopwMc 

iira7U7*{, kmiTiUc. — ly, blip. 

mptutfn: — ness, av. ro irmpiicii, 

Td iropvdeo*. [jj. 

ilerga'aaer,ai.(efiv.)ii»iu/iei!, riliu, 

Merge, p. J. tp.e«mi(u, tmvatitu xx~ 

Tir^ira, xxtbxhhvw. to — one's 

self in state affairs, ittpi ri mlinxa 

intent ce/tai: — r, all. Jiiitrijf, 4; 
X»»«urt(, a: Tflfjif, K«Tar fl Ji { , A. 
Meridian, av. /ituyiSpivoi (liixiet) 1 : 
/•tnj^Bfifa, $. to be on the — , />»- 
ooupKmin.totakethe — line Xaftta. 

/«i, Kopuf^, ^. TO l(Tj; flT ": — , <!*■ 
IHOqp&ptvif. pio-oupiviOf, o, jj, ro 
tsu p-ittij/itSpivoO -tii-tim: (ttyarrat, 
E^iuTOf, iropujiaroc. 

Meri'dional, t>it. jiitni/t6p<vot, p-toijpi- 
pio;i — ity, ei. to fiio^^epivbv: — 
ly, imp. ptnifif pivfif. 

He'ril«,i>«.irl.iT«it«n s {Tavn«tfuv). 

Meri'no,ou.(f4.o/ JirpdSaroii to iitpiviv. 

Me'rit, ti. a{ia, 4 according to one's 

— , hbth m)v Ufa*, *£(fc{, if Igii 

*:<V " " ' 


.uS<>(, « 

ro\ («*..) 

a M r. 

oesstty, i'ifKii miSttStu; — , p. i. 
J.|,o6i*a., S.%ia'i r, ti/u, npac 
ixtl iui ii: — ed, in. J|«f, tbtcuot, 

itpoibuw. — edly, <Wp. kb™ tiS» 

it*av,4|[»(, *po jij«JvTus: — O'riouS , 
in. fifiof, ilKBMt, Ttoiioij >J lUnoTOU 
fifiOi : Af<£tifM(, KaAoe, Av4<ri/u>c : 
- drious statesman, &»>lp t£;£lip»f 
TJJ ndAii ■ — o'rionsly, Wp. diiojv, 


uepityM*:- „.._,_ 

xniov, xpi)*n(nM,4. 
Me' (nflv Tn/sidAoiv) oapo.- 

8po>: Tuvtuxtfo f ivsmg, ij. 
Merle, si, {op'.) Kdoovfot, 4. 
Me'rlin, •*. (o>.) iipa£ i a.'.aioiv. 
Me'rling, oi. ftfl.) iw,io,o t , i. 
Me'rlon, ot. (»rp.) icpoViai, ni_ 
Me'rmaid, ou . ( put . j Itip A' > ii. — -man , 

ou. i/nti.) Tptnn, i. [pof, i. 

Mero'pidan, Me'rops, ov. (Jpy.) p.i- 
Me'nily, iirfp. liip&i, tbtiv^t, «p- 

Me'rriment, bu. iAarp^mg;, ^mJpoTi)*, 
E[jS^^(a, tJ : — neas, ov. ^ srpo. 

Me'rry, i*. liipai juMmni, tDAu>ta(, 
b« — , lUfpcdvuBiu, liBu/titn Ixcn 
ij o!)itiii : (with) *aT«x*iS» T»o(, j»6j. 
«T»t« ill t -npif rtra \ iurpaiv.*of, 
icwymd Jitf : X«f'««, Mx«pc t . A — 
andrew, ytiwrmroiof, p'„p.oiiy^t, i; 
— tale,itacJia,ii. -/(ADtov,T(i. to live 
a — life, tt&yu* tiifpamtftiti : — 
make, cb. Tipirn)Ti)s, tip-bit, 4°'"»*i 
w: — make, ^. dvJ. afpcd-to/tat, 

Tipnaitat, ^ia/iat: making, eb, 

tiioplx, Ttpibtt,iii meeting, oS. 

ripjitt. 1/toii, i}: — thought, ot. 
ojtouji iarpxvoiTb* (tmi itniBilu), to. 

Me'rry, ot. (p'orv.) iypioiipiuoj, 4, 

Me'raon, o&, /.oTaJuoi;, fl. 

Meru'lidan, ou. (opv.) Ki.-/ii\, $. 

Mese'eme, p. anp<<(. Jezd usi, Sana, 
f «>«T«cf,«<:*apT.meseemed,W- 

Mesente'rio, in, (ivr/i.) /iitimpitdf. 
Me'seutery, ah. \kttf..) /uttrrl/tt**. 

Mesh, at, ppixot. i. the — es of a net, 
iftXi'i Xi'ou, <ti ■ o*1ktu», t : — , t.i. 
JutTvOif 0~uJUapEdy<k», ffscy^vdHi ■ — - 
y, ^it. ttKTuatta'fc, JutTwla'ijf. 

Meeh-fat, oS. $p. Mash-vat. [ok, i. 

Me'slin, ou. op. Magliu; «m/r4<»-/ ivw- 

Me'smerism, ou. foiiiro« /iByviiTio-^oc, 


ilabe, oil. (jitSA pttb'taitt, 4. 

, oil. i^ia.aa, Tfl : vvpiioi, b. Tup- 

I waa intited lo tbeir — , npoct- 
iciiiDi)* u'l to vvmhtev «vro»: ran- 
asriti, a-j*$intvQi, bpotpo\KtQoi i b. 
to belong lo any one's — i o~w3ti- 

eaptt tvftumm, ni: iropla; — 

Me'aaage, ob. iy/ilia, ft. Syyiipa, ti. 
a — from any one, rk Kapi Tfia- 
to deliver a — , kffOlttif tr/ytlia 
fiptrt. to send a — ,i'tay/t/.j,tiv. i\ 
rol^, ft. ■, iiJ: Jiaicoivs 
«i(, 3- a happy ft joyful — , iiwyy< 

Me'gsenger, ou. dyytiat, iy/dnpo'soi, 
npuSturfif. £ : TzpbSpopo(,b: (>aur.) 
To irep(Tj»^ov »j;Bivio>p. 

Me'aeial, ob. it Hindi, A Xpiftbt. 

Me'sanage, ou. ina«l[(, 4. 

Mot, KttpT. *. fur. naS. t. Meet- 
Met, ei. ^V»«., t6. 
Meta'basin, o». /utb«koi(, A. 
Meta'-bola.oJ. (i*rp.) pnttSoli, ft. — 

cArontim, o*. ^«T«xpe««7»*f» 5. 
Me'tage, yuiayflfajtai. <ai ii-ipoiv 
>i^Tpflffi5 : fbpot A ano pirptivtv, to 
He'tai, a&. /iJraJUov, ptTttiliuTbv, to. 
& worker in — , piraXirmpybi. b I 
B&ppof, to. rAp, fi : si *V iso- 
oTpwdav x<UiK>(: To Jii |9o)iJv w- 
oo» vfatp&r : — led, in. jimlMnif, 
o. /.»T«iJIii(, ft. —lie * ■- -lit*!, i*. 
^iT«U«4t: - -lifa'ctnre, ob. fitT-jj- 
impyCo., ft ; — lifbnn, At. ~ in. : — 
line, p-rnXUtrii, b. pngiiltif, ft. 
(mi..)/..™!*.**.,: /.•**«<«(! — 
Uat, o&. /MTaAJoupyif, 4 ; jVira^iu- 
ths(, i : — lua'tion, ob- ptTttiio- 

no(>|«(, ft: — lize, p. i. jtsTBt&llw 
ii{ pfraiia* : — lo'graphy, ob. tk 
tttpl T& ptraiia, ■ — lo'id ii — lo'idV 
al, in. pixttiUrrH, i. /iirililn,-, fi : 
— lu'rgicft: — lu'rgical, «n. ptTot',- 
Xovpyabs; — lurgist, oS. juialJoup- 
ybi, b: — lnrgy. oli. /•mtUon-un) 
(t^j;*i), ft: — man, ob. /iiTsJUoup- 
7*,, 4. 
Mett'-lepeis, ei. piTiX/i^, ft, — le'p- 
tieft: — le'ptical, (n. ^iroJiiirtiKot. 
— le'ptically, inlp. /urwliimuc»t. 
— mo'rphic. Ik. ptta.popiftivii.fiOi, 
(ufteriSiiiTs,-. — mij'rphum, 
•i^nrieinrov.— rQo'rphoae,^.!. (in- 
to) 5. to — into a bill, 
bird, ktX. anerau^oBv, anopviSeov. 

— mo'rphoae, ei. prrapipfntn, ft. 
— mo'rphoser, ot. 4 ptTttpopf&v rt. 
— morpbo'sis (itJ. — mo'rphosei), 
ofr. /iirafnfpf»o-<i, ft. — morpWl- 
tieaj, <ir. /iirBfi«p)ioiTii<4i. 

Me'tapnor, oi. pnttQepit, ki'wyopta, 

fi pho'ric %. — pho'rical, 

rafopuiit. — pho'rical] y, lity . pn«- 
fopiisiif. — pho'ricalness, oi.ri >it- 
tafsfimiiy, — phorist, ob. b ptrxye- 
pa.ii xpiipmt. —phrase. — phra- 
lit, oB./niafjsaoijjft. — p&rait, ob. 
piTSfpatriit, b. — phra'Btic ft ph ra'a - 
tical, iir. p.iTXfpxtrrwb t . 

Metaphy'sie.ov. lp. Metaphysics:— $. 
— phy'sical, lit. pttafwiHif. — 
phy'sicaJly, «n(f. /tmtfututft. — 
phy'sidau, ti!i. prtafuetKbt, o. — 
pliy'aica, ou. nJ.ft mpl Tilt rfi» na»- 
Tvyfuo'tats iKurrfipyi, (icotv.) uivi- 
fiwun), ft. [A. 

He'taplasm, ou. (ypap.) uiTnTiJai^i,-. 

Meta'staeia (nJ.MetastaBEt>),su,(iiiTp.) 
(MT-aliariJ (».!««), ft. 

Metatarsal, in. b, ft, to tou pwrAp- 

it p.) pstiTxpirot, b. 

7*0 ■ 

— the'ti. 

ME 7 

.v, ro l>,i9» ( h rf 
23 and bounds). 
Motempsycho'sia, o4.>itTt^^idiii s ,^. 
Me'teor, ou. /lniupov, ri: c^avrao/ia, 
f stitfta, trf : — ic i}: — ical, in. pt- 
Ttapaii : — ic atone, Mot 11 oupa- 
sou: — ob'te, oi. kipiit8n, A: — o- 
lo'gic: — olo'gical, In, fiiTuo/ioio- 
yixdf . — o'logiat,o J . ^intopo io-/Of ,4 : 
— -o'logy, ab. iitrtupoiayia, %. — 
omaney, ri./uTOaptyMirifB, 4: — 

Cro'scopy, oS. fiiriaipouKOnfe, -fl. 

Me'ter, ou. /iire-sn, to", (jtuofof iv o-uv- 
fliir«riv) otov-coal — , A»o>«mn> /ti- 
Teev, to. land — , yid/itrpo*, to. 

Metbe'gliu, eS. oino>Ui, to*. 

Methi'nks (ib^t. methought), 4. &np. 
Soxd pot n BBK&, fuhnal first. 

Me'thod, oS. pidolo;, Tpina s , A: — 
ic^s— ical, In. /itDodttbi, tbptdo. 
Joc— ically, in(p. hi&, tab" bSii. 
, p-iSoSuvf. — 1st, uli. fnBo3otb$, A- 
Unfit iiami/iembt, A: (iitni.] Mi- 
Mrnit, oi — i'atic : — ical, in. i, 
%, TeriivMieoo'io'T-av; — i'alically, 
imp. /neooWwfif : — iza'lion, ou. 
fitMcut nantTafic, $: — ize, j. i. 
tufltrdi, <"(Eu9«a, >aJu< oiMoi/tfi. 

Metbo'nght, nap*, t. Hethbks, iooj* 

Me'tic, si. fiJnixet, 8. [fioi, If&vr, /tat. 

Meti'cnlons. It. Tttptttlis, ittpif oSoc. 

Me'tis, oi. (iorp.) ■Iowijtiij, $ Jlffr*. 

Melon/ uric, 4 >— -si, in. /utano/utit. 
— ally, inlp . fHTamput&f. 

Meto'nymy, ou. pmnv/iix, -h. 

Me'topc, ou. ( /tirim), §. 

MetopoVopiet, ou. /iirwnoo-Kinof, A. 

Me'tre, ou, /ttTpon, t4. /iirpona.ia, f), 
the laws of — , t-o rcipi Ta /itrpa, 
fLiT/JU"i,i»: fitt-nov pfoevc, /idTpov, 
Ti. []y, infp. iHtpu&f. 

Metrical) in. ptrpiiit, ipp npot: — 

Me'trifier, ou. uT<xoupyi(, A. — fy, p. 
ebS. on^ou/tyO, *Tix<ntai&. 

Mu'triitt, 5&, oTcxoup70f, 4. 

Metro'logy, ou. fttTpate-/ta, i,. 

Metro'polis.ou./niTponoJUj,^. — poll- 



«oA(Tii(,a^«n''"<i"to;,4.— poli'ti- 
cal, in. a / j X i™«"<"TiHds. 

Mett, p.ouJ.o'iiipiiioaaijiiuTrHafejia.. 

Me'ttle, ob. a-rwxdBv, rd. uA^ (i{ fl t 
naulraf ti) : oiaflms rjj{ ^«Z*I(, i : 
Bippoi t rS. toJ/ji), Ap/tii,ii : — d fl : — 

■ aoitio, in. BujiiouJiit, ei-f ux°f , l"y x - 
lof po»», -/op-fa, iiiicaHi : — somely- 

— fiomeness, oi. i^/i^, i. flu/iot, A. 

Mew, ou. (o'(=v.) inpot, o. [o^uflufJa, 4. 

Jlew, eu. apnSaTpoftio> rSn itp&Kiin: 
ifitOf, to. <io*T>i, ti : <J(oSio», Td : nJ. 
itkS1o(, 4. tlie king's - s,inno»Ta- 
Oia ^a=(S«a, Ta: — , A. i. (tod /ttrlt 
up)dno>,i V Kltiu{lipo:*x;):(*T,po)p. 
poa: — , p.ebS. KTfpoppe&, nT<- 
poppuH; xpaZf*, Kpi%<*, (UiJJu (Jitirip 
aiaiJoupo.) (xo..,)w« u^:o. : — ing, 
ou. nripo^uno-(;, i,-. ii pufi™ (r*(f 
■ilsupsu), (*o<v.) tS naouf.o-ftos. 

Mew], ,j. oiJ. «vv((4, T/iifo., «fa?M 
(dlinip rfauv); — er, ou. 4 *pi$m 
(&(nip ia »^ma). (/lilaia, ii. 

Mcze'reon, ou. (^orv.) xa/iaiAafa, 6V- 

Mczzoti'nto, ou. ^ o'ia^eAa-Jiifxa^o- 

Miaem 4 : — a (ni.:— ata),oi./iiaafta, 
to; — al: — atic *i atical, it. /ua- 

W't*,*l.( k ip.)*M*KXI>«*Ht,*' — 

ceonfl, in, j;duj(tiJi a^^ju 0|U.oier. 

Mice, ou. t*. t. Mouse. 

Mi'chaelmaa, oi. ^ iootii tou 'Ap- 
XarW*ou M. Z onl). 

Mi'cbe, 4. ouo*. ipunro/iac. 

Ml'ckle, At, no)u(, /i^yat. 

Mi'co, oi. (fo,oJ.) die, ictfctnv. 

Mi'cro-coat, oii. /unfit eimWrin, i. 
—eoam, o6./i«pd«oi/*o(, 4. — go's- 
mic ft co'smiwJ, In. /unpsKBaiuxAf. 
— coamo'graphy, ou. t$ irspi to» 
ju-uoditoir/ioy. — Coti'lttC, in. atfii- 
voi» to» ^z *- — ffT'Ptyi oi. r* ■*- 
^i to: /utpiL 5vTa. ■ — meter, ou. /li- 
Kpiiiirpiv, lo. — pA ne, oi. Spytt. 
not TO auf auov tO> fl^ '. — «cop», 



aoo'pieal) ^«. pepo< 
■ally. Mp- /»«/»»« 

Micturi'tion. ob. (fcrp.) to tlpttedui 

Jlid, i*. n^iroc —hour of night, ^ 
/iMii i-iis nwrij £pa. in — air, d» 
/ii™ tou iifioc — age, ou. *a0s. 

pfa* r»j; ooou; day, oi, ^^=o 

i/iipa, ii. to juioov rtj { fyUpas : iir, 

tifynp.$pii6t\ heaven, oi. /uvea. 

pane", to: in. iiiirripnf: ■ — -hour, 
ob. pvrr,p&pix 7 15 : — roof. oi. h fi-t- 
vn tyls: — sea, ou. ri p.lot»> Tifc 
Baiio-inii: — stream, oi. to /teas 
fiufacf. — wood, ob. to juiffm c"pu 
Mi'dden, oi. nonp&jv, o. [fioi 

Mi'ddest (iitipS. t. Mid), in. /uo-aira 
Mi'dding, oi. So. Midden. (to; 

Mi'ddle, Ik. pitres. o, *, to /urafi 
lUrptas: — ages, ob. i p-tan yiauf 
/Hjaitlv, 4; — station of life, ou. 
piojnjj, f«Tp.iSTi)(, )j : — point, oi. 
Itimv, tiirpoi, ri. a man of the — 
class, ivi)o ^« Jiipog % onfiirijj ; — 
linger, ou. iJaKTuiss i .ueiros 9) ai- 
tmt. a — road, way ft oonrse, oi. 
><io-7i bSif, j.smanof — size, /ie- 
T^iotTo/ityffloc. a — condition, /**- 
«Tfl{, /.irpiomt, ft : — age, ou. xk- 
IbiSm ijiurin, 4: fe. fmraiunxic 
— aged, &r. /« n anroiio ; , /i locoyinj j, 
(iwm.) /jin-o*eitOi ; — wall, oi. p,t- 
ra(i,iiK0!vbiTetxof,6- — man, ob. 
fitrinjs, p.ta&%at* t A: a^r.p ix 0%^ou; 

— strand, ob. (vaut.) pitpx t»5 

o-/oiy(o«, i\ : — tint, ob. [t^myp.) fli- 
nt jfotk, i: —voice, ob. fypm/t.) 
HiMlfurib, I): — ,av,p.iaov, 
o4tw. S. f* f *«, «i. more in the — , 
HKToirtoOi. in the — , pi<rov, parr,- 
yb, it /iijrf r xara /liaor. to besitna- 
ted in the — of two things, Ii p.i- 
09 tihos ml Tivof fin. from the — , 
be, lie, stand, be placed, 


; — , o"i« piaot &>«, pi- 
jMeoBn, p*0om. in the I 

— of the month, the year, thesnm- 

6*oou( : the — of the body, yaorJip, 
koi\Ih, n : —most (unif S. t. Mid- 
dle), At. yioafTOTOf. 

Mi'ddling, in. /xizpiot, p4oot- a man 
of — size, o-tip piTpiot to /liytStf. 
— ly, fatp. /it-rpint. 

Mi'd-earth, ou. ippaUf rlit yifc, : 
— , <ir. p-ittiymos. 

Mi'd-gaUey, ob. to /iiiov wiofou. 

Midjre, oi. xtinw^, i, i. ipfit, i. 

Mi'dland, it. /iindyiziOf, pio6yuof, b, 
i, rb it T>i /unyi/a. 

Mi'dleg, ei. to fiio-oi t![[ hv^/iijj. 

Mi'dmost, in. Sp. Middlemost. 

Mi'd night, ob.piii rvS,1i.fttaoawmf, 
«(. /u<r«B» >u{, *. {iro-^T. x. ton.) 

Mi'driff, ou. ( StaQptcypjc, t6. 

frt», 4. 

Mi'dship, ^n. 1, ^, to /itirtiu itJotou : 

— beam, ou. i /jio-ii Johoj nJoio»; 

— bend^t — frame, 06. (>aur.)J 

liiipos, b t — »,' si. x).' (vauT.) oi 
f«7io-Toi vojitlf : — S, <7tfp. j> T^ 

Ufdakj, OU. TO ,U!«» TOO ofipavou. 

Midst, ou. ,u.^iov, to. /iioa, th. /iwi- 
ri7(, ii. in the — of, ir to, /i^otii. 
from the — ,/uriSw: — ,(ir. /iioov, 
(hsh(™tos:— , Artp. i» M**^. in the 

— of the enemy, ^« f ^=» ts. noia- 

ttiuil 4 ! '* PI'OIC T0l( vti)>!/liois. 

Mi'dsummer, ou. pinBuToc tou 8(pow, 
Mi'dway, oi. ri pio-o» t»[( 4JoD. to lie 

in die - 

-, plm» s7iai 

in. l»T4?f.^o.oo"ou ii», /i/o-of: — , 
^nip. /» TS pisu oJou, 
Mi'dwife, oi. ftala, piubifiix, 7). to be 
— , /ia»u»«ii: — , ?■ i p-oitbo- 
1 : — ry, ou. paumiKi (t^"i)j 
jUatifa, 4. 
Midwi'fish, In. pauuruc6(. [tot. 

Mi'dwinter, oi. fiuouvTet tou z«fta- 
et. npitorao*, to. to to5 rpo t £. 
. ox4>a, if i{, *: tpoiros, 4. 




Miff, si. lu f $tHa, DMfflsAte, ij : — ,p. 
i. ivtzptitii, Svtfep&f SvfXtpttfoa : 
— ed, Jiisnoiof, Soiiiptoni/iLi'Ot 

Might, itapf . T.May, «oW|»i>. he — 
have gone, ^Jivar* anii«ai. 

Might, oil. Suvaptf, 'w/ys, <i. Kpites, 
to. pu, *. with all one'? — , *«a, 
A.i tpant, it ™» oWrAv. wit.b — 
and main, &rr«Ta/if»wf, orfov siiia- 
rairif /liiiira. — ltd, '". iwaiif, 
evya/iiyos, itjp/pit ; — ily, iirtp. »eo. 
fpa, vparip&f, icr^upSg, {yxcaT&f, 
lpp<ap.ivt* ( ; — ineas,ol.iVxw,$- /ti- 
Tiflot, r<f: (us njaojiivii/ifa) Kparai- 
4riif,fi: — y,Jir. JuvaTit, ftpaTtatf, 
tVjjueof, jrayKpanjf ; inctp»%it, pi- 
/as, 7toau{, #Kvof, i/Tztpft/^t : — y, 

^n(p. ittpncMf, <r$6Spx 
Mignone'tte, ou. (,80".) oivavfl>i, 4. 
Mi'gTant, aminos, ' 

/iito&ij oi( . /may sara 01 (, i 7io(*ij j 1 j , 
$. — tion of animals, oioraeeia, if. 
liMXK*hiim§,*Kpox£<nintti- - tory, 
rf». /uTavairiuTuof. — toiy bird, 

iSomisotSp-iif.i. — torv fowls, Split- 
8« ayualoi, s(. 

Milch, jn. yaiaKToG;(0[ ; — cow, 06. 
jrtxrriftN frit, «. 

Mild, in. nlnuk, fiaixiOf : 7tpas( 1} 
"pal's, «f05i»if, /niuiilc, jwiixwi, 
tS.uKivts, f.uipn.;, xptitrrbi : iyavo- 
fpmv: — spirited, itpfio;,r;nio{ ; i&- 
o"i { (t^v yivoiv), ylwupiif : — ly, <- 
■rip. itia«f, /iaJaxfif, */«(»(, iw'/t- 
2>»(i *Tnvffli, (iirp(u;: — ness, si. 

KpWtltf , 4fMpoVl){. rJiYionjf, o-/aio- 
fpfbin), i: ktttlxtia, *vyy*&iin, $ : 
— ocbb of climate >i weather, ift*pa- 
aU, ft ; ri *K. 

Mildew, si. tpu'lt-Q, i, trtfintlot, S, 
to Buffer from — , V" 8a *, i^i»oi- 
(eOffSaj, kvihoGtB"' : — , p. J nocti 
ti JeuaiBav; — ed, lit. lpvntiiSrn. 

Mile, ou. juhisv, (™«[{ 'Pu/mi*el 
5000 : ffT«o\a * n»'i« o'«ti4 = 

6280*AnliMl «Wk), ti : — post: 

— atone, si. iiiltiptot, 0-17/iilsv, ri. 
mill), rj, ()fu* f spot. 

Mi'Ieage, oft. bjto rfi> o-tb £>'(•> 1) fU- 
MiTfoil, si. (^otv.) nTdpp.U*t, i. iyij- 

^Ht-ev, «. ifmfyJuffo-ov, irf. 
Milia'ria, ei.(inrp.)irupiT6[i«iyxp'«(. 
Mi'liary, Jit. ( tyxpa uo'iSf. — fever, 

ou. n/iiroj a *tyxpia.t. 
Miliolite, si. & xi}<oii6o(. 
Mi'litant, iir. a-yuvifoiiyof . the church 

— , ttymt(ap.{>ri iitlntla, % ; — ly, 

^nlp. UTup/ia^wi.TiDJin^ai. [fllKAc. 
Mi'litarily, infp. o-TpariuTwas, xo/<- 
Mi'litary, i-n. atpaTtairtxit, trrpxTtu- 

art, wXtiuni) tix't/fi Anmf/ti), 4 : 

— experience, noJi/i«i) i/tnnpia, 

^: — command, ApX 1 ? ^ "ara rov 
TtoXtjiev : — force. iM-pai-iuti*^ W- 
»a/«(, ^ ; — fame n glory, JJJa ^ i- 
diacipline, w- 

fl a p X ia , 

OT f ar " 

vice, arpxtda, fi. Ta noJli/ieti: — , 

oi. of irpariOrai, to iTpariuTimfv. 

Mi'litate, ^- siJ. (with, against) **av- 

t LOu,ua t , a v T (* p s -jw , a v r w d Trr&i , iv Tr - 

ti(»». thesetliingado not — against 
each other, TaSra oii JiavruCrriu 
4 ivavriolpcpoiir,* alWau. 

Mili'tia, oS, JiJvajui<, creaTia, 4. (I iv 
Til KaTaXo7«. (noiv.) iroliTO^uJaiij, 
4 : — man, »«. ■altrofulaf, 4. 

Milk, =1. yaJa, to. curdled f( bout — , 

ofiyaJa, ^aAa xvjrf TOy, imniyoc, rrf. 
tO drink — , 7 aAjiifrs™ :•(!>. (0 llVB 
on — , TaXanrOf a7fl> : — fed, ft- -. — fever, 06- * &«• 

■yalaKTOt irujsiroj: t— hedge, ou. 
(^s»..) re TaJaKTo fo>>i —jug, aft. 
yaivireSixof'f<>X''U,i-- — lLke.iic. 
yaia«To»i^[r — livered, In. Jiiiif, 
STtl/UH: — m»jd, ofr. -yalaitTDHu- 
^'S, i : — pail, 06. 4>«)ytij, 4: — 

pap,riT04,4- — pandey,(i.{poTv.) 

ytxloutovilvivi, ri : — porridge fl 
pottage, eft. yaXatfa., ^ ; — rope. 


eli. o'uiij, ^nia.cj, &ix»&pos,A: — 
atone, oi. yaJtocTfTns KSof, S; — 
thiBtle,ei.(£orv.) jUn« 4 ytuuani- 
Xptuf. — thrash, oi. (i'aTo.) apflai, 
af: — tooth, ov. yaAatfay n vioyiioi 
Moif, o: —trefoil, oi. (£ot»;) jnSb 
i yalxtTOixes: —vetch, oi. (|SeTv.) 
ioToayaiof, A. flit, 1)i — weed, ei. 
(£otv.),^ : — white, fcr. 
faiaxt^itfii^yfliAanT^psuc — wort, 

Milk, p. i. fcptyw, pttii*. to — oat, 

gft^tiyuo: — er, oi. a^iiyuv, <J: 
)«liat»uji[ftoi(,ii: — Mess,ov. to 
yoAiicr&io'ii; — ing, 06. ap-i){<f, 
/Wiioij, ^ : ■ — v, ir. yalaKrivoj, ya- 
JtuxTixij.tobc — y, yttXiMTlfat ; -/a- 
JaiTSJoSii, yaJanTono'fo; xpao(, fl- 
nio;, J*i3(?4j TfiVfZp6i: — Y-WftTj Ov, 
(aorra.) ^alufiaffltunJlOi), 0. 
Mill, ov. jkvAii, fl. hand — , xcifa/oUii, 

i;(ipyaaifyttir, tv -jitli), oto» OOt- 

ton. — , Khaarfiwi, ti. barley — -, 
Slfdifon, to\ ■tJ: juujiv, BAirdt, 
i: — board, ov. vajTOjjapTO*, To : 
— eng, 06. Woii; piglocou rjooxou, i : 

— dam, ov. fivXit K^wfict, to :— 

i. U« 

BiUl).; - 

hopper, ei. ptUqi x^ni, 1 

flu, ftul&n, : — race, ov. viwo to 

Uaf, fiu^Tiic 1. /tvliiStif iiflos, ftii- 
io,-, 6. the upper — atone, Svot, 0. 
to bec through a — stone, Ji* iS™ j 

eoav : tooth, ei. yanifies, /iv\l- 

nj( JJoi(, ^luJbJouj, : — ward, til. 

fiuluiipxif- wheel, 06. y-niurn 

Tpex^s, & ; — wort.oS. fiiiAn, ij: — 
Wright, 06. riz»[Ti|( 6 uraTno-KniB- 

Mill,p. *. Aiiu. niTstiia, aMou: *«- 
oirrot, «otc r» (v /1 f s/iara) : x»a titm, 
kibjkuu )) yvafliiw : iruj najaj fl 19. 
raa-9-n, kM-jab* i.rpt&u, (voiv.) 
ypovBoxoTToi: — er, oi. ^luJieuc fivln- 
pbf, kitirnt, o : (1>1J>.) iiaiajij>l t ,ii. 

MiH, ai-. ('A/iipHavudv) vdfua/ttt, to. 

{= 1/1000 to* JoJopJov.} 
Mi'llefoil, ou. (|3ct.,) /iv^jfvUsv, to. 
Millena'rian, in. jfiAicnjf if, xtAitriit ; 

_ — , ov. z^ioiT^t, 0. 
Mi'llenary, ^n. ^iliimpeti — , ov". j(<- 

li(Tij/jJ(, ^ : x'*'«"ii{, 6, 
Milic'nnial, ^n. x<)iiTi(- — lennialigt, 

ou,' op. Millenwian. 
Mille'nnium, 06, xiliiTiipit, ^. 
Mi'Ueped, («J. -. — es) 06. <i» T/ ..) rr«o- 

Jo«t» Jpa, $. [o« 17 noiiiy BaJ/isi. 
Mi'llepore, 06. (5«oJ.) i.Jpo e "! f' *""- 
Mille'aimal, in. ztlurrJi. [nj, fl, 

Mi'llet, o& (parv. 1 xiyxpes, 0, ^. /iiAi. 
Mi'lliary, in. i, ij, to tou fuUmi: — 

COlumU, /AUI&ptOr, TlflllOV, to. ot<- 

Mi'lliary, ov. ^p. Mill-stone. [It, 4>. 

Mi'Ui-gramtne, ofi, to x'^'oto* ypa^i- 
fiapiou. — frtre, oi. ri x<*"»to» i(- 
rpac. — meier, oi. to x'^'oorin yi- 

Mi'lliiii'r, a!i. i itlKout yuyaiKilout woi- 
eDaa.^xaTasxivH^ouja jdxpujpaJoui 
1) frp^£ijuva, frpir^t/iivoiruAif, n&kpv* 

ol, j i 1* fivia ri npo( ■ ( jijiStjiii(i; — 
y, (n. 4, i, ri T>i! Kp.jifi^voirifiliD'of. 
Mi'lliori,oi.i*aTo» /uipiiti^td. («oiv.) 
iniTo/ioitipiov : pupiot iptS/ibf, i ■ 
— acy , ^s.Jxaro/i/tuBiouxof,i:^ed, 
^n. pvpUf. — naire, oi. Tto/vTaian- 

T0(, i«aTO«uvp(0vx«(, «■ — th, in. 

MQt, oi, (a»T,«.) iirJri", : (ixfl.) iftep- 

p.*, To.flopOi,i: — wort, oi.(^OTv,) 

o-!t)lWo» I ao-ni^jov, to; — , (S. /. 

fiyjl) Cfliiirnu, OiiovuuKc — er, oi. 

tjfHf, ^p D, J», 8opoyopo(, 4. 
Milwine, oi. (Jp».) (■>«£, o. 
Mime, oi. ^tfiot, h • naiyycov, rJ. o() 

Is,, *:—,(. oi*., f ti. 

/aqaq%&i — r, eu. yiluTOiroidf, c» 

Mi'mesifl, oS. ^(f«io-is, -ft. 
Mime'tic ^ : — al, Jit. pifugrad* 
Mi'micfl: al,iK.f>iM«os: — , ov. /(t- 

/ioj, fii^iiKOf , fUj«4r4(,l: ■ — ,p. oif . 

jun/wO^ai, aBO/ii/ioS/ia<i —ally, i- 

nto, p-i/tinaf. — ry, at. ptp-iais, $. 

Mi'mtokiog, oi. to x^'usKhv, yiJoiru- 
Mimo'grapher, od. pt/tv/pAfst, t. 
Mimo'sa, ou. (|3an>.) ail-npair, 5- 
Mi'na, ou. (.^wfu'EU.) ,«»a, ft. 
Mina'cious, ^w. uTrulJir^pcof. ditifiv?- 
Hiua'ottJ, ou. to iTirJiinirdy. [roidf. 
Minahny, in. Sp. Minacious. 
Mince, fi. i. KaraeoirTu, ,uuttwtjij[o. 
fi(iTil)Jl!g ) «nTax i I, * t ™ ;i ' u W'' rTil ': 
TtoeiraluirTU, irpotf>aj<» irsioujU"! i- 
tc ip tivo ( ,ut:oic opf Ea/ia i : Trpoj usft o i c ■ 
pivafbfiti&, ttiy(rtopa( ti, ^» ino- 
v«('a Af*/*i ti : — , p. oud. npofWi- 
n0I ^/™, paf.6,, aorarox pVdifo., 
■iav/tiiiuc-i. o-«uia iTdji pV»<D : i.ui - 

Jav Ktt^tuofna -. ~~ $: — d-meat, 

ou. ntplxofipa, ri: — fl : — d-pie, 


Mi'ntdng, in. traukos ; i-niTiv/iSsv/ti* 
voi( hfj.i/'iv. — ly, inip. Kaiaxtxop 
i/f'viis: iniMTijotuflinif. 

Mind, ou. asSf, diavaia, ^. f^>if, al 
yvu/iii^: povl$,yv6fii!, TtptialpKiii 
i). OKDTidt. i. to pouldptvo* : Jd£a 
■/Yf!iftij,Tj : o^avoca, yvcy^^ T ^: 6u^6s, 
4. TtpoBupU, kJW, i : p»«a»i i&. 

^»i7,«o"ifo>, td ; ^ux"t>i' perception 
of the — , vdjinct, ^. with oni 
i« piSs yvujBTif, fit, hi 
liiiSir. of one — , bp6$up.Of, bpj. 
pjat. time oat of — ,'« "v iitlnXti- 
«<,., « .*.(, (m».) « &mv^»- 
vtuTaiv xpdvuv. to direct one's — L 
towards anything, to have one's— 
fixed npon anything, *po(^x«" »* 
voiv mi. to be in one's right — 
f p oi>!i>,<KOf jiovirv. to be outof one", 

e of- 

ypdfijiiov, ypo»n^a, ii. n 


/i«TOi. absence of — i i*< 
isyio/jfly, t). greatne»s of 

iiv tc, ei« ip.-i-np.oiii viai too*, to 

itpbi. to tell one's — , i\m»t>xbw, 
iitoyainiSai Ti?v yviyijv. 1 have a 
great — , oxiJdv ti jSouJof/mv a», 
such is my — , outw tiixeipxi t»i» 
■yvoVi 11 - to have a — , ^ouAio-flai, 
i6j).iii.. weakness of — , tb rfitifm- 
XJit Avdi)ro». strong of — ,ippupi- 
vot r3 ^uxjf. weak in — , ri} fuxjl 
evonroj to make np one's — , d<a- 
■ycyvdwcin, d<a»oit<r8ei* to change 
one'8 — , ptTcc/ijnliBitur, jitiaiev 
1%-iiuv, ptTxiitt'. my — misgives 
me.tittatiu.thefactiBout of my — , 
iia^iftuyi pi ti. to keep in — , h- 


Mind, p. i. eKonfi, -po%i%t*, ithjiojiS, 

lofiai, Jiayoau/iHi: (of J Ivb/h 
iicm, uno/ttju>4»» : — yonr busi- 
ness, ov. ti o-auroO npaoffi, fpdv- 

— it, OjUtAii, ia x H 'p. B ' 11 TI - ho 
does not — it, diiyufitTouiov: — , 
p. ovS. yv&prtv noiovp-ai, oiavQou-. 
— ed, /ttt. Scayaaipt>of, ^ouXipi- 
rot. to be — ed, diavoiTiuai, ^oiiJt. 
ffe«:(;. ™vei«fli»).1ow- — ed,Ta- 
iri«djjps)». doable- — ed, dixoppuv, 
dolipif, S»oulo{. noble — ed, i)iu- 
Gtjros : — ednens, oj. yv&pn, 3t&- 
mix, Siidiffi; Tr,i <j/-jy.>ii, %: — fa], 
i-n./XrApHH, piiuoniai, E-jMiiiiviis, 

to be — fal, /i«iM<»'t u *" l > "*« 4/i»ij- 
/*ovrt. t-tvof : — fal of benefits, iu- 
Xapiffiot, ftvit/iuv t&v (ftijOYlffieiv ; 
— fnl of injuries fingibuai ; *po(i- 
itTiKof, OTteudatof, iiti/«J^{ ■ — ful- 
ly, iirfp. npetiKTU&t, iiaiul&s; — 
fulness, ou.>Tuvn, i, : Trpojox^i 
fl: — ing, ou. Ttpoioxii, ^: — leaa, 
^it. a»su(, aioyat, a^puv, iiAl0u; : 
an^d^uro;. dUyvpot. 
Mine, iv-rv jfioi. ifiij, ^/>ov, (»oiJ ; this 
b ;— , ip-i* tfri toutd. this book 
U — , ipif itfTi ti p\Buei touto. 


a friend of — , f (Jot you ti s it tit 

TBV $fA<u»pou. (df ftt. T^ira. npe 

Tdv ovoyiiTcov), ofou. miheeyes have 
seen thy salvation, ol of8aiyo(you 

iMov Tqv JWTIiM'it uou. 

Mine, ov. y«TalJlov, /iiTallilev, y»r«J- 
louyyilav, to. ealt — > yitaiiov i- 

i6(, t4. gold and silver — -s, xyio-ia 

xai apyieia {UfrvUa. coal — i &*- 
8yaVapuj; 1ISV > T, * ! ("PO umiveyet, 
o.iiro»o/j^, 4. Jiiipuyya,™: — cap- 
tain, ot. /nTtt)Jov(f/iiou /p]i*Tiif, J : 
— mas, at. oo. Miner. 
Mine, p. i. puJW*. to — for gold, 
copper, jtfontpuz&i x» 1 *»("'X«'» : 

— r> ou. yctailiv;. ytTaAAiunlj, 4 : 
iri. jatn(Utv»al, of: 4/nl iSvimo- 

.j.-,,(..„.)i I ...,™,j. 

Mi'neral, oi. yitailov, opmcrjn, ri: 
— , br. yiTallijtOj. the — kingdom, 
ri ^irsAAa, ra ipuiak, Ta Tfiv ui- 
TdJJsiy -/i«i. the — waterB, uymna 
loaTa, rii — iat, eb. opuKToA.070f, 
4: — iza'tion, ou. to /unBaUm ii E 
/liTaiiov i( ii ftiTaliai />lji(: — ize, 
* i. yiraSaiia. «i( ytraUov: yt- 
tqU&* yly-.uyc r — izer, ov. ul*i y<- 
r«U»4 ^nivJuafouia: — o'gicft o'. 
pCal, lit. O, «, TO Tfli o'^uJiToioyioj, 
opuKToJovwo's: — o'gically, <«!p. o- 
(BrtToloyilrfflf ; — Ogist, ev. opuHTO- 
ioyot, o : — ogy, ou. dpuMeioyla : 
/lev (pa J 071a, ^. 

Mingle, p i. y(y>uyi, juyyijwuyi^ia- 
p-tyvvfit : thosttoi, JiaTapaTToa, 
n/xiv. to — with A together, my- 
self with, junJiiaSai: yiyivso'Sai. 
— , p. avt. yiyvuyai, hnp&ftvp/u ; 
— , ou. yl£i(, oiyyi&f , il : evyxwif, 
$: — 'alile, &r. y«fTa7o$: — dly, i- 
*(p. fOpiV. Hvayit: — mangle, ou, 
fvf yo;, : — ment, 00- /t'ii<f,f); — T, 
oit. & /uyvuttv. 

Mi'niard, i". wy^of , xap(t<{. [*<&it- 

Mi'niate, p, I. yilTol : — , in. ytAnt- 
Ml'niatnre, oi. Snypapcxii $ Ti ■>«- 


* Wov 

futcp6Ttpa 1 

xa£ouae, ftapQypafia, 4: Jpappa 

/ti\r»iT6v t ri : iit. /iiKpaypxfOitf : 

— iflt, ou. fLiKpoypzitjOs, 4. 
Mi'nifrr, oi (;sjflj.; Jiumfrrit, 4. 
Mi'nikin, ^n. pucpii - — , ou. o/a7tn- 

TOf, TrpntfiXrtt, S ; ujes irioinjj, 
Mi'nim, du. fitxpb* rrpayaa: »av*oj,4: 

y«po t f z fli^ : yoya X if ^k tou t«7- 

(aoui.) TO ilaj;ijT0v JiaiTJiaa xpi- 
»ou; auyaT.ev, T i- (paeyit. j ««-/&>, 
1! : (ruiryp.) ™. Z rtov yupoTOTO.. 
Trf ; — ent, *u. -/pap/iara, Ta. yap- 
TUpiov, iri - ano'olific, ivJwfi;, i) : 

!. P. '■ 

ou. rt««x<»«»i T * '"X' 1 - 
to». the — ot'punlahment, n/tttpto 

tixyinTt), tl. 
Hi'ning, OU. ytraDcta, ytTalliuTixi), 

i. to carry on the — hnsinets, y»- 


Mi'nion, 06, f (lo f , i7a*T]Ti(, S : (tu- 
•ye.) yujja irtoixila, Ta. — like 4: 
— ly, bcip. *oy^S(, j(V'™^ 

Mi'nister, ou.umipiTflt. Jisinovot, ypay. 
yareu*, neitTrolof, 4; roG paailiac 
fliot, i Bpimir t« *«»* ti t* ito- 
AiTma fl t* Tii( niJisif, («oiy.) i- 
noup70(, 4. the — of foreign affairs, 
1 iitoupyos Tfiv fJuTi^nwv. the — 
of war, 4 hi tS» noJiy uiiv: TtperSiu- 
t*(, i: ttp&t, 4: — ,'^. ». irapix", 
it&tt/Uf npas fiptt^ xopvr?&,vnevpyfii: 
JioiitO, 4iaj;«pfCoyai, npiiriu, 5ii- 

7T&I : — , p. ob£. VltflplTOi, ixV-pKbl, 

4favo*&,0fyairiuai: Ic^tvoi , j f f \vy» , 

■ ' • 'uovtxac, u- 

01 v« 5 i-K-p.1. 

"it: — ially^nf/J.uit^ptTuiaj, jouii- 
K&E,iVTtitS&«: mltTiiAf: IisarMfi;. 

Mi'nistrant, ^ir. unriptTTif, Bipdnroiv, i- 
-oiouSoi, Jienoooc. 

Ministra'tion, ou. urnipmia, fianavia, 
JuTouo^ia, i) : autipyatla, a-ivtp- 
ytia, Jj. [-it, IwreupyiicM. 

Hi'mstrative, iir. ImipiTutis, Imbwi- 

ride:}, 4, t 



,Blpnira<y a,(l(pBira<v i (, li . 

Mi'rastry, ei. inyipmia, ^i cuvipya*ia, 

auyip T ..a, n : (to).) fiaWa, )«- 

TOUpTfa, (tpaT»ix, ^ : JteilTua, -i $ 

rfiv iroiiTiiciju Jia^^0L{. under his 
r/i hujUbutti; — of finance. ^ rfi» 

,..) Tt 0, 

iSHixfiy; —of war, ^ 

uiroupyrfav T&y tto/c^er&i«j kt).: au- 
Wipioy ^amliiiv, to. ei tb noJmxi 
JuiKoi-nii, (koi».) al uxovpyol, rt 
imoupyiioy : — (hip, op. Ministry. 

Mi'iiiuni, ou. ipuSfo/iiiiuBBof, d. 

Mi'niver, ou. (£woi.) J(u«eutri(, *1. 

Mink, ov. (?«<>).) «iis, ij. 

Mi'nnekin, ou. Sp. Minikin. 

Mi'nnow, ou. (1x9.) iiuutaxot, t. 

Mi'uor, in. i-aTio,., Uimra», (koiv.) 
/Mxporipo; ; /inpov *£«»(, o'ifyof : 
Mdripo,: (.uoua ) !/.a;;«> : — '. cv' 
fivij6oj, jltyoitiM, 4 : (*ey.) ^ i)aT- 
Tuv ^ (-assay irporaoii, BvflufafpE- 


_ .i7(ou*payjl«ou),o. 
Minority, ov. ay^Bof ^Wa, jltyoirfe, 
jj; sf oifv-,, of iiitrovn toy ap.B- 

Mino'tanr, id, (^u0.) i Hi.j^pt. 
Mi'nster,ou./niTp»7io)ui^ iiiiqiln^q. 

TpoVoAii, ^ : /io»a»Tiipioy, ri. 
Mi'nstrel, ou. ioiiif, vfivqn);, a; — 

sy, oi. aoiJii, ^S; ioioV. of. 

Mint, ou. (£ory.) «ala/i{>«n, .aJapiv- 
Dot, ttl.bx, if. ijjuot/wy, in 1 . 

Miut, ou apjupoK07riio»,ii. (*ai».)vo- 
J u.ii7iaTo».oirtfoy,Ti.i'pyaiT*p<o»,To': 
He hu a — of money, »0ii8p«f i) 
nladnsf 4sti: — mnn: — master, 
ou. &pyupo*o r iTO{, d. («oiy.) yop(OjU.a- 


Mi'nnet,_ou. Spxwt, v- {"""■) /""»" 

im*, ■si; kpptvla, jj. (km*.) ^1- 

VO»*TTO», Ti. . 

Mi'nute, ftr. toaxioToj, ^poxuTaret, 
i/iupos, }«m>s, «JtBpiati>c expire 
— , ad, TO ityjieoriy jiiptf rilt ojpa;, 
(«iy.) Jtntov, to 1 : aKaoi< xpovau, 
t4. in a — ,a*Bplf tl it axctptl, hi' 
ait/uly Xpi'Ou, rrapaxpjjia, iM'J; : 
^yj]/iomjvov,TiJ. t»p iiwuj.^.to make 
a — of, Kata^ipahi<jSai:inayfia- 
fit, i). irwipsAila, ti: tb kbO'Ikb- 
o-ra, (noiv .) Aiitroioyla, 4 : (rut/n. 
&P*1T.] To iJr.AScTOv j — book, ou. 
iiXtai, $. (koiv.) mifiusip-aTi^ioy, 
ri: — glass, ou iiTtrfiy kp.p6p.t- 
Tpar,ri; — gun, oi. TiltBAlon nu- 

haiul, oi. y»S)H»» Jiixyiwy tb J<- 
TTTa. JtitTofiliCTiK, : — jaak, ob. 
ipoioylwy iyal/iarioy to KpoDo» tA 

»*..:'(down) (otrff^rfiif* ' — ly, 
^rt/p. xaTa idntov, ktaptl: aitpiG&i, 
fmpoAoyui. to treat anything — It, 
^upoioytloSai: — ness, 06 .funp^Titt, 
JllCTSTiJf, q I diplElia, iiTtiaJoyln, fi. 

Minu'tite, oi. ir). ri fla;(i3T« : ™ 
■a6™ inaoTa. [uJo( ijcriJo;. 

Minx, «i. ..a. lt aycus"^, h ■ wi»y, ^ : 

Miny.^'floiFOf /utillt"; iirjyuof. 

Mi'raule, ou. Bau^ia, Sittna-revp-yyifia, 
(aUjUaiTiy. to. to work — a, Saufta- 
reupyily, TipBTDs-ociiv : ipi/ta ri !K 
6flu/i±Tt» : — monger, ou. bmr cit , 
ayupTa(, 4. 

Mira'culouB, in. TipaTaJJijt, 8au/ia- 

7l(p. S 





Ta <onl 

ra: fopoj 

, Mi'ragc, su. avTUcaTgnTp<o-/io< l 1. 
Mire, ou. flAp&opat, n^Jisc, A: iJuj, 4- 
t/I/j«, to 1 ; — crow, ov. (ip'.) aits 
iapou: — drum, ou. (opv.)doTipiKf T 

MJMUiNi — , p. M. ^op6opoB«a<. 

Hiri'tio if: — al, in. Sxupxirrbt, Sau- 

*««b ( . £*,,. 

Mi'rlneaa, sv. t6 poptapSi itf, t! mjlfi- 

Mirk or Mirky, At foffpef, o-itoru»o{, 

Mi'rror, eu. wffroxTpoy, tUcitrpov, t6. 
to look in a — , nai<>Trcfii{vrttu: 
■njMTUna/ia, tJ. uTteTUSMirit, ^. *a r 

Mirth, ei, sw<J>pomj»*, *«n«, iMupla, 
lixpans, xipftt, %•■ — lilt, *n. «3S«- 
pos, ru^p&dv, iXapbi, xxptut, rrtpt- 
X'fdtl ■ — filUVj Jnfp- *w&u(i«(, Ti»pi- 
gBpHf: — fnlneBB, iu0u/tfa, iS^ipo- 
<vvi4. X*ptt, i : — -lees, in. snap's, °i 
ii. nn^ir^c — lessly, <it(p. iTipflii : 
— lessneen, at. t! hxxpit. 

Mi'ry, In. peptop-bSra, rniiitnis, ioli- 
pee. [irtijtlafn|if47>i«if, $. 

Misaooepta'tion, ei. ti ira^uiix™*" 1 ! 

Misadventure, av. ivraixfa, art^ia, 
m//fop&, v,-- kxpoGovAtjTQi tp6voi,6-. 
—A%. — torous, *n. itiix^t, Kbko- 

Mi'sadvise, eu. oVBeuKa, tMoemJj'a, 
ii:— ,p. I. mi mjnoWiuei!— d, 
Ar. IHjiuc BV/iGeulEvSti;. 

Mieaffe'cted, in. xai6vau ( , lvt)itrtit. 

Miaaffi'rm, p. i. aw iiym r^v Aa^9«hv, 

Misa'iioed, in xaiiJSiiiTes. [^luo'eaai. 

MiB-alJega'tioii,-ov. ^tuo*i}« i*ltwie, n- 
— alle'gc, |S. J. eilc o>S3( J| fopd. 
piiait aiifiafva. «. JigMi. — otfi'anee, 
ot ya^io; Jv(-/ajio; )) ayijUQ;,!. du!- 
7«/«a, ii. — atli'ed, nat&( mi(tu- 
xSiis 4) aurcnaadiii. —atlti'tment, 
oil. ltavo/i$ iu(H»iii*yij, ^. 

Mi's-anthrope fl. ■ — a'nlhropiat, oi. 
finriaSptojioj. — aiithro'pic. — an- 
thro'pical, in. liiaitSpanaf, — a'n- 
- thropy, ti. pteiaBpMnta, r\. 

HiB-applioa'tion, aw. iirdxp^"(.xiTi. 
Xpiint, $. — apply, £. i- BuoxpSuai 
Tim, ui(( «v(, oix lie Jio» 
4 »«)*!. j^flf"' tivi. — applying, 
e!i . i-^/iypnaii, 4. 

Mia-apprehe'nd, p. Lnapaxovu.otixip. 
8 oif yiyvdeicu, nipt* W^o/inc. — ap- 

7 '__ MI 

prehe'raion, ei. n«pa>ei)i fuf-/»ai», 
««paauvl*ff . ii. 

MiBarra'nge,£.f. eu* tfhtf t<Ettm. — 
arra'ngement, ov. «ra((*. -i — «- 
no'ipa, — asai'gn, ,i. i. ou< 6=63; 

Miabeco'me, p. j. au n^inu, i7ipi?i^ t «- 
irrt — beco'ming, Jit. inpin-lit, ob 
vpoihntta. — beco'mingiy, tnlp. i- 
•n pix&t. — beco'miiignpga, « 6. inpl- 
jriiai, Ii. — beyo't, —begtftten, iit. 

Hubeba've, p. M. Invpnzlriopm, 
aiyr.ftoyb,, ay-niT itte, iLaKoypyit. to 

— againat any one, wiao-gyi peitit 
root: — d, in. fineirnDi. — beha'- 
vionr, ou. oixifi'WJii. imia/ita, i, 

Miebeli'ef, <•!>. itip»ta(la, $. tyrttfie- 
oin, 4 iripiri 6.1a. - belief, £. ouJ. 
sv suippoafi ittpiTnBtla. — beli'ever, 
au. fiT&pJ^o^?. ctyv&tiM-/ irtpi rn 
8i(b. o. — beli'eving, in. jTipiJoloj. 
— fcesfo'w, f . «\.ew> ipea( Jibv^oi. 

— Wn, in. o*u(T»zii(. 
Miaca'lculate, A. i. •j/tvia/iat % tta'pti- 

So/iai UytCliMMf, xKjtiSt iayl^eniu, 
afiilopat, iuzpapd>ii&. — calcula'- 

isca'll. ji. J. »£■ ipi&i iytft&frt tl **- 

Misca'rriagCi ai. «tu^(b, ano™z'") t 
iiujjn^i, oitornry/ia, tJ; a^ciptn- 
ua, to', njiififiiliia, 4: t^'jjs^Jj, a. 

|j n0 «, S/lS).*,! 


Misca'rry, (l.oiJJ. in 

Misca'st, f. {. jliiiiJe/iai le^cfilutvef, 

Migcellana'rian, ob. avyypitpvi iu/*- 
^(htmv, i. — ^ella'nea, og. irA. tb 
TioixCis, t* Jiaf opa. — tella'neous, 
Jit iru/i^uiTei, fvpi6c, Tteixiloj, iri- 
fvpp.i»i>t.— oella'neoualy,lit(p.noi- 
iriJwi. — cella'neouaneBs, ou.ti «ai- 

: K aav. — ce'llaniat, el. Ij>. Miacel- 

la'rian. — ce'ilany, ob. p-lfa, 4: T « 

Mischa'nce, vb. amxfa, SvfTvxta, *. 
In&jPHiK, ti; — cha'wcterite, fi.i. 
oil* ipQ&s x«p°" T 'i. t, ''j (J ti»b. 

Miseha'rge, p. i. nxpaXeyl^o/iai, obn 
epBuf omOTpafu; — , eb. nttpxko- 
yoyos, itrfxXitfvOi vnoioytafibf, A. 

Mi'schief, ol. Cl/'i", pifWn, A. Jt«i«, 
r*. iriifif>o : Di, $; Kimono if a, irairo- 
jtpayfiori.B, ^. to make — , >««/)- 
fjaifii». to delight in ■ — , brix<"P'- 
itaiuCi: - — maker, oS. KwcoppapOi, 
6; — making, (n. xaxopp&fof- — 

plotting, t7T.liaKO|U^J(«;'8f 1 <So'ilO(. — 

OhierOinB, i». xajioii/iyoi, xaxonpxy- 
puv, pKxiipl:, imGXxZAi, ftjuci- 
o"«f, Kans^x"*"' KxK0pp6f0(. — 
Cliievouslj, iirfy>, £\a6ipfi;, ica- 
Koilfj-/u(, ifiiQaGfij. — chievousness, 

xoppatflx, h. 

Mischo'ose, h. 4. eb* JpflSf ixi.iya. 
Miacita'tion, 06. op. Misquotation. — 

ci'te, fi.i.aiietpTuvu itxpxTiBifLtvoi 

Jl itaffae«i)uv. 
Miscla'im, 96. a{<««is 4 o6k apfct. — 

co'^nisanf, in. (»o/i ) alxtjia*, a- 

Jaiit. — CQtiip-rfie'nd,p. i. napayi- 

Miscoinputa'tion, eb. nxpaioyia/ibf, i. 
— Compute, fi. i- napaAoyt$Ofim 


Misconce'itS- - conce'ption, eb. afil- 
i eonoe'ive, p. i. nxpxtobai, oti 

6pBeit ye/v£tQxto^ nxptK$t-/ : ^. 
eM. a/ixpTarui T^i )mii/iii(, 

Mi3Co'nduCt,ou.TpiJito(KMoi,o[. irral- 
j/ia, Ti. tuuTfiOKia, tamvpyia, i: 
— ,fi.i.xax£is 6txxttp(&ftat {jnpar- 
tu : — , fi.obS. T^oVoi *a*fi ^pcu/tat. 

Misconje'cture, ob.iitxota ij ebx opdr,; 
— , p. i. x. e6o\ obx ipQ&s tuafoi, 

Misoonatrn'ct, p.i. trnprnNgt/uu, ebx 

opBibt ti^oXx/ttxiti: — ion,oi. Tina- 

58 Ml __ 

Mbco'nstnie, ji. J. irap«f anmwi, Ona- 
Aaju£ay« ofa epPotc, napif vyfi : — r, 
ob. A itotptpyiquiuav. [fi. KibXvpa, ti. 
Mbconti'nuance, oi. SiAiutit, iyxoiti, 
Misoorre'ct, p. t. ob* opB&f iiopOa. 
Co'untel, p. i. nanus (rujufmAiuu. 
— cou'nt, p. i. K. ebS. Kapaioylfr- 
/tai, napxpiBpH \ — , eb. Ttapxie- 

Mi'screant, oi. mxaOpyat, noiijpSf, A: 
trtp6Saiot, i, A nipi to Sila imSis, 
■ — crea'ttdi in. ovsudr.i, xaxA/iop* 

Misdate, jS. i. sun ipSut xpovoKo-fu: 
— , ou. iiiinprnp-iiii zp««oi8/(a, ii. 
— de'nd, ob. WKtipynpct, nJinj/in, 
Hiuir ((57«v, t*. -de em, p. i. k- 
■/■,»&, ailoy^oS, ifal)s,aac Tilt *'f>l 
n»o( xplamt. —drme'an, p\ £. to 
— one's self, naiters Tpdiroij zj>«r- 
aBat. —demea'nanl, eb. i p.ocp6* 
itraloiv. — deme'anour, ob. motel 
rpi-xm, oi. aTX^siruvi] . ixttpoxa- 
ila,axoo/ila, ^ : (rofL.)nlri/t/iliri/i<x s 
napxte'firiftoL,T6, — dert'te, p.i. ebx 
ipB&i TiccptMvfiidZoi : napdyot. — 
drseri'he, p.i.obx ipB&tntpiypifoi 
n. — devo'lum, eb. imexpula, Sti- 
ihJbi/<o»/«,iS. — ■ire'ct,b.i.nxp«- 
^u, nJuvjt, iJanaTfi. —.lirection, 
eu. jr)avii«(, ij. — disttTU/uish, p, 
i. w opflili *p/«w. — dnri'de, fi. i. 

tatfil Simpa divftioM, eb. sua 

« ( jSi) — do', 
Tfl.4., ««p« pT a«., cl^tUI. — 
doer ob.x<*xovpyof,t. — do'iug,oi. 
KaKeupytiaat, 6. — dia'toi*g, eb. 
iysoypavia i] ob* SpBti. 

Miee'docate, p. i. itnitSt nxiStbm. — 
emplo'y, fi. I (u&c riBtpai t, its- 
tiitp-al ti, ob/ ofB&f ypiijitt ti 

,r, zplnt 


il- — e'ntry, eb. iiruypafi) j 
ipB-i. ' \xipt-At, i. 

4i'eer,o&. xlp&tf, fiJapyupOf, aiojfpo- 
Ji'aerable, in. eiinptt, raAaiitupoi, 
dOKior., Tx\ai t iktttveft TMi/tmv : 



i»»t*«, rinsif »* ; (2ntMi ? Ous) iu- 
«p»(, Amrd-yjoit : ■ptX&pyupaf : — 
nusa, oi. xouia, irovijpia, Sutrujcfx. 
h: fauioTi);, ^ : jpilnpyupfa,^. — ly, 
inip. xax&c, ainxp&i, TBtixm&ptiii, 
xanoltafloJt, iSJifoi,-. [fpo. xivign}, 4- 

Misere'rc, si. J »a. ^*V<f(: (**«!.)«- 

Miserico'rdia, oi. (**ft-) Cic' B XPW a ^ 
T«>i, fl. (xotv.) KpoiTiitav, ri. 

Mi'serly, ^7r. KisxpeiupoMt, piioWdf. 

Mi'sery.o J. raJlainwpia, «« Wms, iV- 
tl^ia, Anjcfo, xaiioo'izi/ioWa, Jtaxo- 
siflua, uiiToii $. to spend >i pass 
one's life in — , «axojrafloiJ»Ta om- 
H> rev £w». to be in a state of ex- 

Hiaeste'em, ou. Siiyuph, « 

n t ,i>: — ,,ymp&, 
nil. — explana'titiii, oi. Tsupspnh- 
tnifif, £. — explicafti'in, oi. ira- 
prf^Tt"!! 4< — tXpo'und,fr.i. na- 

Huna'shion, p- i tfiHOrpifoi, tftapoV- 
pu. — /eu'aanCr, oi. (nop.) ir«p>«- 
»»(•(«, 4. —JVrm, p. i. mo-tfi™. 

K«TaiirxU«4>, ItiiTTOl Tl *a*W; 

Mhfo'rtuue, oi. fujTux' K > "»v);ls, ft. 
Misge't, p. <. aJixtus ."-fi^ii ti»oc- — 

y«W, f . i. B^fl{S>lTU, OUfTifu, o't- 

Tnio/iai. my raiud, my heart — 
funrrtutytat. — gi'eimi, oi. fufra-/- 
fii(, 0. sTTtfa, ifif i6oi£a, ^. — ;/»/ 
re' 11, p. ^. na*w( KB);™ ^ osjvtdfw, 
m*,- fisiKu. — go'vernance> oi. 
mtJt Xutipmtts ft Jw/11 ,b«, ft. — 
go'vemed, in. xaxfij oiockoi)/iivo« ; 
fuoAainic, aKparftj: —govern- 
ment, oi. «nirt <u£ipviiTi( fl o'io£ji>j- 
«f, 4: i^oioiia, ixpaola, 15 
gro'utid, p. i. oSe op66 f tSpim 
guidance, - ' * ' 

:j ft ilufiSj;{. 

Ttpai pitta 

Misha'ndle, p. i. «axw ( x«f'C»- — 

ha'ndling, ol. xaxes xup"P<°f, ">■ 
Miaha'p.oi.iiruxfa, o"u(Tv;;i«,ft. sfal- 

Mishe'ar, p\ *. nKpxmuu. 
Mish-mash, oi. nolu^iilz, ft. ovyirpi- 

, ri. 7rJ«flo( icifuf ua»*, ri. 

Miaimpro've, J. ^. xa*6>so*aTi0tyia( r*, 

xara^, onoxpoV" — mcnt, 

ipi^tTiA/mipo/iit. — inf-i'rm,p.i. 
9U> spO« j ay/illr*, brLSa/txt: p.ovi. 
(against) Jia6aJl», oviw^a>rd. — 
info'rmant:— intb'rmer, ov.'pivlii 

*■/■/«!«, ^suJaryiioj, o. — int'omi- 
a'tion, oi.^iarx*"*, *• — «- 

afru'ct, ^. i. eit o'pSoj,- Jifdixu. — 

imtrn'otion, oi. kbk-1 Siiwixlix,*. 

Misinte'lligence, ou. tywSxyyOda, ^. 
Jtafopz, fiaf^vfa, v 

Misinterpret, p. i. nzpippiivivu, na- 
ptxJ/x M a< , ovk opBwi UTCokaft&xvw ; 
— a'tion, oi. to saput^isSu, 71a- 
pl/)^ii»nio-i s , ^ ; ^^t, 06. irapipfin- 
»«uri)s, 4, — intre'at, p. i. looiicdJ, 

Misjo'in, p. 1. 4vop/io'ffri»e ouvo'ta ft 
o-ufwyvu/u. — -ja'dge. p. I. irapuyi- 

xpUiat. —ju'dgmenl, ou. ■yid.ufl 
xax^ 4 irepf n»Of , 

Mi'ekin, oi. ^o^EDikd;, 0. 

Miski'ndled, hi. *a*w { fJirfldj. — 
known, in- Sp. Unknown. 

Misla'y, p i. iv apa.ri n^U ti. I 
have mislaid anything, oV/nosi onoo 
xttT«BV« t., in.laflo>t,-,oiroii «aT*- 
e n xa T< ; — er, oi. i l> 4f««r Mr- 

w Ti. — If, p\ «JJ. ^iw^C«: — lei 

oir. to ^i*af..v. — /e'arf, p. ^. napi- 
Y«, jrlavfi, napupoifd, niparpinw, 
oiiSiifcii. — 1e'ader,ou. iiiavtiiv.o. 
—le'or», p. i. ovk JpMc Aiavfla.u. 

— le'arned, Jir.xn<*s ftafli» ; i/«. 

/infl^s. — ti'h; p. i.inroSoitipii;*,, 
inoyiyvdijiioi, inapfB'o^ai, ouk /- 
TtaivS ti. — li'ke,cti. inoSat/tatU, 
■iTiyivtif, ft. — li'Ler, oi. i ono- 

MI 7( 

—ling, ai. &p. Mule- 
—Wte, p. ova*. Humus Jia^mSvjSf 
•*; — ln'ck, ot.aruxfa, JujTtixfo,*. 
— lv, 'it. ipllt&3j;i. ■ 

Misma'ke, p. ^. *a«fis noifl n. — ma'- 
nage', j>. i. obx opB&t n wanflt Jioi- 
*»', nap<t$iatn&, ^ e /.mTaj«: — 
ment, o4. t4 oi* opflfis faurqUnw, 
Ti iJi)^BpTj]/ — r, bu. *xb*(5s 

*»««.. — ma'rk, p. i. aJx a>ta ( 

oiyutfi. — ma'tch, p. i. xaxfis svfiu- 
yvujii fl io^ofju ri. — measure, p. 

4. KUK&t U-LTp&. 

MiBna'me, p. i. ebr a'pflfij ovopa(u. — 
nu'mber, p. I. JtapxpiS/iu. [htatl 

MiBobse'rve, p. 4. av* dpBus 8wp 6 ( 

Miso'gftmist, ou. pariyafiMt, a. — ga- 
my, eb. /Ltaoyapia, 1], —qynist, ov. 
fumyuiDf, S.- gyny.oi. pinywla, 

MIsopi'Tiion, ou. iripotfolfa, )}. ft. 

Murpo'H, £. '. of. Mis-spell. — pend, 
p. i. ip Mia-apend' 

Mhpe'rsuade, p. i. irapamiflai, /htb- 
jrtffei. — pereua'aion, oj. to napa- 
miOtm, —pla'ce, p. 4. sun ap0Oi( i- 
nonijuu, o:lierpioiio/i»i,<v BpamiX- 
6>]/u t<. — pie' ad, p. i. eJ* ipMn 
autriyepS. — ple'ading, si. (von.) 
rvviiyapfa 4afxip.irn, ij. —ptifrtt, 
p. L obx IpB&i aWf«. — pri'n', p. i. 
ira^aruirii. — print, ov. ff^aJ/ia 
T^TToypsfi/.6y. ri. 

Misprision, »6. (vo/i.) liiHae, a/i&ptv- 
ft-j., trfaKfta, TO: K£tra'pp6rtttTif,t- 
tpa. *)■ — pri'ze, p. 4. iityupa, «a. 

Misproce'eding, ei. liayuyr) ob *s- 
<qu» t : W«f«, *. —pro/en, f . i. 
dux apBvs faayyOlofiai A Kpef (UW 
—piono'unce, p.i. ob«6p6Qtnpa- 
ftp*. — promincia'tkra, oft. itaini 
npofnp4,A. — propo'rtion, p i.iot- 
»aio>. 5 »^«)|f<pJfo,. 

Miannota'tion, ab. ifjnVt") aW/aty* 
tj TwfcmajMn), ii- — qnote, p. i. ouk 
ep9(S( inayo/iat 4 napnir^nu,. 

Miara'te, ^. 4. obx ep6w s ixTtpm. 

Misreci'tal, iaf oj/iimi dpriyijiri^ # 


reei'lf, p. 4. ait a'pSflj da^ye&pai. 
— re'ciun, p. 4. Sp. Miscalculate. 
— rela'te, p. 4. aix opOs ( fnryatyuu. 

— rela'tion,«w. ouxs'pd) JiK7no<(,n. 
— reme'mWjp.^.TlavOfiai, a/jap. 
ravn, AntiiB /u ^ p-v*)/**). — rrt- 
'■er, ^. /. napipjKiiinJa. — repo'rt, 
p. t ait opfliis aTTilisi. — repo'rt, 
ab. nix o'pW iyytJfa, ii, — repre- 
fl '**, A- ■. oiaS«;j M , itartpifa, 
jiiuSoXeyii. — repreaenta'tion, oi. 
iiaBaJ^; itapaTujrao-ii ^. — repre- 
wj'nter, oi. fiasTpeo>cu(, JiaSoio,-, 6. 
— repu'lf, p. i. Tift ittp£ 
n»8t y«4/i>!f . — rilVf, ofi.xax^ u"<of. 
xxo£; ^ xuGipy/}0-ts, fj. £\i^vo[lio., xa- 
urovo/ito, ^ : arajia, ffv/x l « r '(, *J- 

Miia (njvijp^iyov ix too Miatoea),o{. 

XOp^, TuSftTAf, irocj,fl; OIEHOOUV^^ 

.xupi'a, fl: haipa, ii. 
M:9S, ^ I. dttTBruyxavsj, a/xapravbi) JU 
^ayapmivw. to — iu shooting, pa- 
)«K, rotiiisvra, a,iapTa.«».to — 

— one'a aim, a f a/iapTa»i[> ro& oxs. 
*o6. irapaoT0);aCw9n< : rrjaifi^ai, 
afai'itijiai &$a\i : inaAt^no^ai, no- 
pillhii, irapftijiu. to — the Oppor- 
tunity, die chance, mp*Uimn t*v 
xaipo»; iiriCnrdl, Mil, ^it,Ou/iS. I 



noj[ia»nir8ai x. iro'ppu yiyvtuSoH n>[ 

— , p. abi. a'nufii, oux ii/il itvpdn : 
a.uapvKvu, 4nory/j;Tvo,, s£k bRO- 
%oim : BfAtio/twt, 4mx«: (of] ei« 
Jwgji, aynou: — , ov. ivatw, ffri- 
pi'if, fl : 4ir;4ti)«c, ^. mffloj, 4. 
^iiSufite, i( | irJij/j^iilijfia, iiralj/t«, 
ttpApnifix, Kapiipa/La, ti(. 

Mi'ssal, bw. ffatl.) .J^aW7«.,Ti. 

Misaa'y, (S. ai i. itjiii/i^cju Jiyruv, orro- 
ira xrya : oiaEiuiu, fu{4>»ufi : — 
ing, niovra iiyuv: SiaMt], *!■ 

Mi'ssel-bird if| : (trash, ot. (ofn.) 

xf^Jl i} KoxxefiTot. 
Hi'saeldine, su. jp. Hissletoe. 

,'po, p. i. Spapftr nwfi ti, tt«- 


p-'Pflf, v — n, iir. Sftopfot, Svt- 
ftpfiS, arirrgurrof, imp-ptrptf. 

Mi'ssile, 06. piXat, ^lilp",T6: — , i*. 

Miming, Jit. aajavxjj, &.im\t<i9t(t. to be 
— , *mT»«. amtarftjiiw : — ly, *- 
lt(p. othvtux?, xaipoS napaitiaonot, 

Hi , saioii,o&.ir^ lf ,SjijK^([,airs«o- 
iii, re/inr;, « j nptrrStlx, npiaGvjois, 
ft: ^»tdJ.i}, fl. iro^Ta-va-H, to 1 , (jh- 
Tfisirji, !•): (fttx).) JtpaniJBToioi, o( ; 
- — ary, ov.snrsvToiOi, Euaffo f AT'jJtaf 1 
i; —ary, in. ajten-ToJ.exo'f. 

Mi'ssive, tit. inioTo Juris, a. letter — , 
ftriDT0J.1l, ft : £)i]tos. a — weapon, 
/Ulot, pMu.i, to: — .el.iwimH, 
ft. to send any one a — , iirio-riA.- 
Xu» tM n. 

Mia-spe'iik, p ois. TiJn^tJfi iiymv, 
aT«na ievu: — ,p.t.ovx opl^rpo- 
otpw. —spe'll, p. i- ttvopBeypafCi. 
— Bpe'lling, oi.ivopflo/paf ia, ft. — 
tiie'nd, p. i. iiarnxBH, xaTanraflS, 
iaxarS. — spe'nder, ou. 4 <?<asna- 

HU-st*'te, p. <?*Sx o>0ss M* 4 fe- 
ll rgbnu^f n, StknTpifu : — m«nt . ot. 
iijlunf It ivo*«£( oix o>5ii. — 
$te'p, p. nifS. napomtzT&, iltoiaim. 
— *U'p, ob. tUrfnttt, ft.. 

Mi'sfiv, «b. (o>.) Sp. Misy. ■ 

Mist, oi. <W>), 'X^s- »«♦«>», ft. to 
be in a ■ — , ovc 6p6&z yt-fi&o~Kttb, 
sfilXtriai. to eaut a —^before one's 
eyes, ana-rav, ^annTa* tivo, xaTa- 
wtflfniat Tiia; — , p. I. ImmoTl- 
f», icincoTsgw, ixtvifSi : — ful, fa. 
iruivtfii: — ly, Mp.ixlNtttiit ; — 

inees, eb, ri iptxXuttt, t* >if tia- 

*is: — like, ttt.*tftirbtii: — y,iir. 

Vlf tl&tqf, tptxXtbi'nf, axluA&gf, 

Misukabie, <!t oI<S; h W Tci "<". 

Mista'ke, A- '• WOoy-ofi, V»<S, si* 
ipB&ftpim 4 yiyneWxt*, n«i'i(j. 
jm, itapaxeuai, fc/wtpmbii, osoTuy- 
!*»*, si.ij/1/uiJ.iB : — . p . nbt. ifii.- 

Itjfiai, tytblop.*t ; xaTaioy( £0/1. a 1, 0- 
iuAoyf£o/t«, a^aoTavru yp&ftri. to 

— one's way, ijionJla»ao-ijBi T^( 
ISeu, itJavioSa.: — , A. ltla«,, ft. 
Itlai-^a, iTalff/ia, a^apni/ia, to. 
ffJuijjt/i&u*, itttp&Kpeuirit, i,. there 
can be no — about it, f aivirof yi 
ToD"Jki5flJiiv ^nTi touts, to do any- 
thingl)y^,i/»80u>ra, taiiaSintf 
vo» jtoitt* ri; -<-n, jur. X. At- to be 

— n, afiafravtiv, o-tjicilluSai, isii- 
ifiirSai, nia>ao-0ai. to be — Q in 
one's opinion, ebt ieft&j yi-ftitttti 
r, ciavmETOai. to have 4) enter ain a 
— n opinion fl notion, ^mloioian 
— nly, hip. iipapriipiviit, ia^al' 
flAiHf: — T,oi.o n«pa)H)r»ii(raoiv, & 
irapuifl'(;(o> ""if •— W kjng.ou. nTot- 
o-jta, ir)i7fi^i)ijfta, ri. — ta'kingly, 
hrfp. ^«falp(vw(. 

Miste'ach, ^. 4. sua ap ea * JiWtioi. 
— (e'if, j5. J. ouk o^flfij JiiiynS^nc n. 
SC'ster, ob. rbptat, b. 

MiBte'rm, ji. i. oh* tpitu Apt$u. — 

thrtfw, P. i. iiremyj; 1 * 1 '*' fUim. 
— ti'me, p. i. napaxaipas noarm 
?l it s(« ti : — , p. oil. utr-rtpH tett 
xatpdii. — tt'tie, p. i. oii tpSSs iiti- 
Tpaj« fl Tipetayopibe*. — tie, f\ ebt. 
tp. Misti;. 

Mi'stletoe, oi. (£ot».) rr«)((, ii. 

Misto'Id, irapT. «. /«t. TraB. t. MUtell. 

Misto'ok, iTBflT. t. Mistake 

Mistra'in,p.i.i(ay;4ii Tpifu % iranfiuu. 
— transla'te, p, i. obn ipi&t /iitb. 
pp&(t>, ~- transla'tion, oi. /iitb- 
fpxaitil obtopH- — tre'at,p.i./a- 
xonaiu : 0<p(<;«, mV;». — trt'at- 
ment, ov. K&KOHfts, aixfa, Dflpic, 4< 

Mi'stresa, ou. Jimoi"", *«nDTij, j^t 
Ji(noI»«, oixso"/(ir'n»a ) ^ : iSiJao-Ko- 
)0(, iir Ipaptvn, ipnrif, $; irafoa ; 
«upia, y: (xai «( itaTaifpiivirTuiiii) 
^ JUijsaTira, »j : — ship, 9u. •yuvai- 
xoisarU, -4- " 

Mistru'et, ob. airwrta, Jusibiit/s, l7t«- 
<,>(«, il : — , ^- J- imffTiS, i!ii(7(iirT(S : 

—fill, *r. <fe«rrof, ivmitrToe : — 

fully, tltip. iiiiirra;, JujirloTtit, 0- 
icdirru;: — fulness, oi. Bitctrflo:, ft: 
— ingly , frrfp. aula™; : — leas, Jit. 
iui>ifln;, ai-iipo<«xo(, auraxos. 
Miftu'ne, p. 4. *al« ft 7iapa):«iS xif 
Kaphas, Anvj^vf 4) Jta^bixev Tzoibt. — 
turn. /5. !. SumpiQa,iutpitmpiftt. 

— Mb*,}, i. >=«»{ BO.J.UO,. 

Miaimde rut a'nd , p . i . nap mow, ny vafi, 
woptx tixtftcu, rcapavsai ; —log, 0*. 
itapajteuo^ia, to. nnpaitoil, 3yvoiK, 
napaavvivte, ft: £<xaapa, tptt, it' 
jjii.oia, t.afdnqm, ft. 

Misa'8age,oi.*anaiiTit,SSp£ t ,^: and- 

Z(»7ff'(. naraxpniris, ft- — u'se, p. 4. 

/■-zn£>, KatCt x/>&/ia!: nitoxpftftai, 

itzpxxp&, Ksufis jjpfi/Aai : —use 

ft: — u'sement, ov. op. Mtsuaage: 

— u'ser.o b.mxTaxf><t3Trit,i-{l'!izvp&, 
Misvo'uch, p\ J. ftuiepKti: oi,K opS&t 
MJSWe'd, p~. i. nr.ifl yapov our/a/ion. 

— v<ti'rihipper,ob. ^nuJoinrpiK, o. 

—MJri'te, ft. i. kfiaprxva ypayotv. 

— ivrn'ti!iht,iit. KaxoifEipyait*ivti{. 
Mi'sy. (ji/. (op.) ii fee jiliWtj, 
Mite, 06. (in/i.) awapo,-, i. xitxpi ri: 

{jA«pov vo/uopia) Kipp-inon, t&i 

spay/ia 4U X nn». 
Mite'lla, ou. (£«»,) ri lurptfipn; 

(X"p-) nuria, ft, [npnivraec. 

Mi'ti^Jlblc, (n. -rcpav.Hotf. gant, i«. 

Mi'tigate, p. i.vpafon, *ara7rpad™, 

%a. — tion, no. np-abttrif, aiaieu^i- 
aii,ftp.tpwo-i(,7t:ipauu9('a,ft. — tive, 
— tory, iit. itpaS»TiKO(. — lor, ou. i 

Mi'tre, ei. /tftpx, ft: ipxiipwmjvii, * : 
(4 M .t ) «««,<,?*, ■xD/tct, TO. — , p\ 

i, (iHTtflij/u y iurpa>: — form, iit. jw- 

TpouJftf, uxguftt. 
Mi'tlen, o£. nq)i;fupfiW, rd. [^sws.rd. 
Mi'ttimus, oi. (vo/i.) inrzApz ouJ)^- 
Mi'ty.dn. (tWju.) nMipii ixaplw. 
Mil, *\i. pdfufu, tFUpplyiUftt, lnttp(. 

yuiu, Ku(ca«, Mpftipu. lo — one's 

Belt' up with anything, fi'-z/ 

tivniat, inUricd*! 

self in the .'itFalrs of others, irolu- 



uTiov; — ed, ^It. /IMTSf, jlT^lUKT-aCi 
jifi/iui"!, fUprst, jnif -jp/itvis : — 
edly, ireCp. ,»<xt4Ss. . [ypa/*,uo { . 

SGxtiU'iieal, Mixtili'near, in. /turrs- 


Mi'itly, iirlp. op. Mixedly. 

Mi'sture, ou. p-lfa, inifiifij, Rvin]iri(, 
Kpfijis, fl. KpS/ia, juynpaya, tJ; 
f 5p_ua*ov, Tcf. 

Mi'zmaxe, °t- iaSiifiuSs;, 9. 
Mi'zzen, oil. (-hut.] initpoitas, : — 

-mast, oi. (. EU T.) o mQ iwtSpSpou 

. hnifi ri'gging, oi. (vaut.) ri 

tou bulpd/tBu torin: royal, oi. 

Mi'zK]e,p. o5 J. Jp. Mistle : ipantnuii: 
— , 06. l«df, n. [*-«*{ ft ^a<ai. ft. 
Mi'zzling, is. ^«if«», a — rain, oil. 
Mi'zzly, in. ax>vjSr ( i, $'.*-h£ a,. 
Mi'zzy, ei. Willi, Usf, t^. 
Mncmo'uic ^: — al,in. ftn)fMwd(i — 

Mo' an, p. ^. Spnvu. KaraSpiadi, olofu- 

po^iai, *iTo>o^ups,iA5i:' — , p. o&J. 

/uyupifs, si/M&£«, KAauflpupfftt,, i. 

Dupo>iii,»Tivif«: — , fl: — ing, s&. 

eijMdyij.ft.^njfiifl^Si.iinuSuvpi s/ii j, 

«Tt»o:yfi4e, oJup/tof i: — fill, lit. 

opqv&D^f, 70ipi(. iiupT&At i — 

folly, iitfp. 9/n)nJfi(. 
Moat, ou. Spuy/ia, ti. ttnpuxi, ft: — , 

Mob, ». nii!(is(, 0. of Koliei, 5x^1, 

jrupfiTss, 6. o'x>5y'i-/iDv, hi. to coort 
the — , oxJoaoiHTy. to be under — 
rule, ejjioipaTiIsflai: ^(Tpa(vwiripi- 
"ift.ft: — , p.i-"«*S,J«t«Of zp^/iai, 
iSpftw: <K<«f£: ■■Uxnt, mita. 
f»> (tftn myslftv) ! — bish,J». Jiijud 
Jjjs, TUpfiraiSiit, iypolxos, f opriiit : 
—cap, ah. /ihpa (•wnynft), ft: — 
courtierft flatterer, oi.o^liwojtoj,* ; 
— leader, oi, ixinyttjit, i 1 — like, 

in, "UpftT'JtSr^j: yopTuAi: — popu- 


larity, „i. jxitpwta ft : „ mi- & 
"*«*p a T<a,ft. 
Mobility., oi. tbnwfa, ft. Ta «„, r i, 
«,i:S X io,,i. Kin 

morality, oi 

Mobiliza'tioii, oi- (orp.) irapnmuaid 
^i ffrpar.a,. — liie, p\ i. {<np .) 

Mo'ble, p. *. n?Ki ,i«, u , *aTaxaM- 

Jloecason, oi. imecFij^a tu> 'Ivfuv, 
Mock, £■ i. *. cii. (atl^MO-o^a., p*.- 

Xltvifr, npu f 'i.a((; M : ^.vJw, (miv.J 
/"raiS: — , ah, /ifixoE, o. nS/ifut, 
infexu^ist, t4. j()njaota,ft. /iimtij- 

t")A%,&. nutrnpia/i^ t4. to make 

* at, Of, 5K(iiriljflKl (If Tt, 4p- 

«B(;n»Tivi, «*rp ufSt n.i : — b and 
mowes, popfaspai, i: — er, oi. 
M, Jt'«"»*ii«i «x<4imtt, 4. 
Mock, in. ffU jigc nimrref, jeicd* ; 
— door, oi. flii/s a ^»u4>l{, 15 : — 
fight, oi. ir^is/La X ra, Artfufo, 4. 
to cany on a — light, rajuo^tf. : 
—lead ft ore, «i- (ip.) ^mo'e/io/u- 
€004, 6 : — moon, oi. nxpae&.iysri, 
4: — poem, oi- iriiioe, 0. ytiiHor 

Wo'ckery, oi. M&r'if.xltuama.ft./ia- 

K0{, t, sxiifipa, ajrB3K»fi/ia, x-*"J- 
H*/ta, to. jcarayiJiuf, : irafyvEO*, 
re*, mtyjuf, 4 : ynn/ia, to. to make 

Mo eking, oi. atciftfieir, ro\ xaTaydbic, 

4: bird, oi. («'/»•) o«(i^, 0; — 

atock, oi. JtaTayiAus, i : to o»t«»i- 

nruiSi, XAtu«ruc£«: u6piOTUioi(. 
Jfd'dal, ill. plJTii, T!IJfTO(, iiptn/ihot'- 

— ity, oi. (jo-/.) ildnt, ft. ifw«, 
0. lartirraaif, ft. 
Mode,oi.rp«'irot,o': — s of speaking, 
iiltf, fpidii, ft : ifof. 'J. nijdn, 
ii'. — s of dresg, d"to\i), ft. axvp-a, 
to, t-pi-rcoi, 6. after the present — , 

ui ft *aT& tJi >u> Tpoirov, {*e<».) 
*«Ta tov irapo.ra avp/iiv; puB/tAt, 
4 : fuoi{, xaTiiTaiif, ft, ir^fl/ia (Tain 
ivTcxu/iiiMv), tJ : to tu^Iv, to ai- 
TO>aTov, fins, ft: (paua.) t«o<, ol. 
wirftp-ara, ra : (ypa/».) fyeAia-i.-, 
i: piMot, ft. 
Mo'del, oi. upotriTuite*, xpomvir, irpi. 
irlaj^a, ^apaiiijijUa, »a»o6»/ia, 
to. aravaSot, 4. to form npon a — , 
^ktuhouv: — , p. i. itloxru, njiroi, 
irpoTvxw, ixtvnH : — ler, oi. nAa- 
onj(, i : —ling, oi. ri iriairuv, 

Mo'derate, '/•■ jjetsioj, i/tatt/mt, i0- 
/ttrpes, tnttix-if, /Lisas, oi itoAij ; 
edifptar, iyxpaTbi, tvKtiXof, «tfpo- 
vixif, «o}ipon!TiK4[. to be — , /li- 
itpaoj. to be — in one's wishes, 
pretensions, aril, uirpta ■ povtlv : — 
p. i. «Mj>pov(?4>, «eiai;», kkt^«'. 

not to be able to — one's self, A*o- 
laerojf ixt": /""&, ilenr&i itpav. 
vv 1 tphtM, Statpiw, Smltioi th oti- 
f opa, fiaUu jiajiopav, (noiv.) in. 
fai(?(o. to — one's drink, etc, fit- 
Tpiontttii'v : — .p.ouJ.^iTpiifsjjjtpa. 
.Tii T.VO{, i-plfaTit ''fit tivsi, /it. 
r p'"S XP & f- xi T '"> ^tilip-ai -cam : 
ttJKpxtaf «"/«: irpoi4"p<u»; — ly, i- 
Tip. nivfp(ui, 3M<pp d-wj, iitaas, in- 
lUvaif. to act — ly, >HTpiafi<v, ih- 
f^ovHy, ijaparuiirfa.: — ncas, oi. 
/j«TpioT>is, iyxpinui, ffuppsoivr,, ft. 
Modcra'tion, oi. fiirpjonis, tufpouh. 
vn, iynpirua, «o'iai(i,i. to «ari- 
X'<* - — in one's passion, itnpunrii- 
fliia, ft : — in drinking, /nTpioito- 
o-fa, ft. to exercise — , i»«& o-ufpo- 

4Tun;v, a' J ,<f>r.-6*^i f) ff.trpi&; l%nv. 
with — , j*irpi(ii(, *aifpoiroic. witb- 
Ont - — , hp.itpt*t, &W" '■ *p<?&Tt>z, 
li/ruxi", anafiiia, ft. 
Modera'tor, oi.i ^iTD(ri?oi», ri [UTpi- 
afov, jtrJl.: npiitopet, S: — ship, oi. 
irpotJplia, ft, 

.. GocnIc 

MO 7 

Mo'dem, <tt. xaivot, arjp.tpivaf ■ yofi(- 
gjftcvot, i, ^. re li (Oh, m» : 
— languages, ai ^Offai -jAfiara-u. 
the— s, oi (4/«f oei, ol»D«: — ism, 
oS. ntmfufpbf, i. xawoupyfa, jiai- 
venpayfa, xcuvoTo/itx, f) ; — iat, ai. 
nvnpmutif. e : — ire, &■ I. vtairt- 

•OTO,u.o5 ; Uer, aS. naivc'aTrOuo'B?, 

viwTipoHeiis, »aivoTo/(0(, i : — nesa. 
ou. mu,6t»,, S. xo»i>, T*. ««ii- 

Mo'dest, (tt. actfolot, aUiSjuoy, ai^ou- 
fnvoj, pirpiBt, txatKit.xttpttt, eu- 
um7)M(.tobe — in one's behaviour, 
axiKOirfiiXv t &KQp.m$t kxi/inxtrroi : 
tuittoi, ty*fxrhs, &yv6f: — ly, i- 
■ttp. xunpiot, «a>o>povu{, kyt&t; pi- 
T^ffuj: — y,o6. ico»/iiiSTiK,iu«Qjji/a, 
/UTS.CTi:{,Ki<j4i{, SMjipsin'n);,^. fflli- 
«i)fia /lirpiou, t«. /i(TpieffOJuyn,i: 
— piece, efi. to tvJj ail ous im*mt4- 
fl.o. [Tfi, yu-««&v). 

Modicum, oi. eJiys*, pttpii, Spaxi, 

rf. [,>„. 

Mo'difiable, in. aXtfrt fUTnppuS^ifi- 
Modifica'tion, o&. iTipoftsffij, pirap- 

pOt/limf, t). (icaiv.) ip01tOKo(lJ(TI{. 

Tpoiroloyia, 4. — ficative, lit. frf 

pBltlWtbs, ititxppuSfurrae6i, — lier, 
a£. A utrappuBpav. — ry, £. i. irt- 
paifi, /iiTappv&u.{£a>, pUTafiaAAa*. 
Modi'liion, ou. (apx<T.) [?w, *=«*« 
Mo'difh, In. iflurit, KaivdTpoTiot, «c 
V0>, *btb Tav vu« rpdizov 7rma<fl/i£- 
«t: — ly.iirip. hbtb rtv vBv rponor, 
«st» T( iiajflij, (»«».) mill tov ovp- 
f>s>: ~ nesa, ou. to xaiv >, re uvai 

KBTBTO* Bup/iai. 

Mo'dnJate, p\ J. ap/ie^ai, puflu-tfw, 
(/ieue\) /tiJidfai. — la'tion, e6. 4p- 
>iov[h,S. pu8/iot,^Uoj, to :t4 ui/ti- 

Cl'» lator, ai, A puBplfa; i fit- 

ifHs. [i. 

Mo'dnle,ot.o'^.Model:(opx'T.}'«"' ; " 1 , 

Mo'dus (ni. modnses), t 

_ fou) fa 

. (epn.) /lliiaro^ayot, I.' 

Mo'dwall, of 

Mo'eHon, ou. 

Molia, eti. (^otv ) "xpoe, a. 

"Vhair, oi. Ip«» Tiif M7itupB(, tcS: 

upao/ta to U aOTOu tou *p(au. 
Molia'mmedan, 06. Mmfuflavo's, i. 
Mo'ider, fi. L rapitTtt, tiampirra, 
Mo'iety, oh. re %p.vru. [juyj;f». 

Moil, p.i. fieUvoi, syBfioluusi, J uiriiv&i ; 
" ' one'saeif^:— , p. 

Moist, in. aypif, ifvtpot, Sttpht, voti. 
paf, Hd&uypat- — Btar, ou. o , aI^vij< 
i. to be — , Ka9u"/pe(.<»e«!; — ,-Z: 
— eD, p. i. uypa(vo»t vot?£«, fx/tdfu, 
^p*X" '■ — ener, 0*. uypxlitav : — 

eniug, op. tifmtmtt, i ; — eyed, kt. 

iypifBal/iec.- — leas, $a. Snuypof. 
— ness, 00. uyp6Ti,(, i. 
o'isture, ou. uypinji, vypxcfa, ^. 1** 
ypbr, t4. »0T(a, wtje, i) • — less, in. 

nTir, It. pvhtif : — , oS. yo/ififot, 
^uJfTns iJoiij, iiu'Ulaui, i. the hin- 
dermoat — tooth ,*pa'rnp,i.\x''p'u.' 

Mola'sses, sir. itoiiuv ro iico Tou >ax- 

Mo Id -warp, oi. i/>. Monldwarp. 

Hole, ou. onOa; * o>IAo<, 0. «r(i«/*«, 
T*. foatotpi: (z«p «■ i'*/'.) fHv, i. 

Mole, ou. KirappAmif, 0. x 4 "/ 1 ", r ^- 
(ko<v.) npo>u/jaia, $: /<vfl/<a, ^v fl . 

t4 unft audit-not xzxuapivoY, ana- 
\onla, 7} : — c&U'her. ov. ao-runJa- 
xoe^pat, d : —cricket, ou. (ivrp.) 
youiloatfjtaJoJ, a: — -eyed.iir.i^. 
eiwv.^: — . rat, •*. (?*wi.) /»«< * 4- 
crTiaJal: — track, eu. i^vn iiiroUa- 

ioj, ra: — tree, oi. (jbot..) t u F 6 p - 

8l0», t6 : WSip, ou. ttCTTriAaJ. e : 

— , p. f. JMaaSafpu to; oialoTriat. 
Mo'lebut, 06. (i^fl.) (Bixpot kartpiif, 
Mole'cular, in: i, ^, to rflt drj^ou, 
— cw/c, ou. efrsfiot, 1). 


Hole'st, f . t. i**X*&l &X*°y Ttapiya, 
iutSi tub, aoxoMav" 1) Ttpdy/taT* 
rapqtai, Tnpiiow ; — a'tion, o!>. a- 
!».(, to: Mxluttt, lu,tla, v , l X Ut, 
o: — er, ou. i%Kripbi, Jusxipijs, 6 : 
—tul, in. XsiKtoi, p^pus, in*x ej lf, 
ixfluvo,, iui^upm. 

Mo'llient, in. paltUTixbt, irpaSvTuio't : 
■ — ly, An'p. paiaxTLtfij, npaiyriiiflf. 

Mollitiable, tr. ofdj ti /lalaomrflai, 
(i/ial«T8f. — fication, oS./iiXi- 
£i«, $ : rb npeOrratii. — ficative, 
in. ywlaKTUW, n^uvTixos. — fier, 
aJ. irpnu*rif, «<p>j»omicof, 6. 

Mollify, p,i.npaima I palartti, ihtb- 
paAaawu, /ibaJo-itu : — -ing, oi. 

Mo'lliuot, ou. BwJinti), ^. [s^ aSw«, ij. 

Midlu'sca, oi. {iuoX.) ir). ta /.ajaaia : 

Molly, ov. mfailuieuf, b. 

Molo'sse, oh. (/lirpov) o /ifebraj;, a, 

Molo'esea, dv, op. MalaaaeB. 

Mo'lten,/«T.T.Melt,Tij«TOf,xii»mro' s . 

Mo'ly, o'v. (pe-tv.) /uMu, to\ 

Moly'bden,^; — iw, iit./toiu* flra j, i, 
/iBiuSJlris,^: — fma,i*.fu>3,u6Sni>< 

Mo'ment, ov. pon$, lj: nqt/t), ij. a. 
Kapin fcse'.ec, 6. rb aortita >, napau- 
rUa. the right J favourable — , 
Kvupbi, 6. iii a — , iv atxpti xpi-jibi 
h Xf™«", *» ««=piE, onagri, at this 
— , abriBt, ft*pn)>, neteaxpii/ta. for 
the — , to nstptaitlta, re aorUa, 

the — one is bom, a^ayip^tvo,; 

^apvTYji, onouiaioriK, ij ; — arily, 
tnip.nxpsaTuca, mpx^ficc, a». 
Tina, (iiJa; — ariness, ov. to a6- 
rlia: — ary, in. anapiaTot, o, ^, to 
abrixafl napauTda ij Ttapaxpfyia : 
— Ij, i-xip.*apxxp%l la t «vr&a /«a- 

fivjv: — otus, in. meuSaJat, p£yn(, 
JujioUoyoj: — ously, fn(p. msuoWus, 
pxpit*t : — onsness, ou. o-noucW- 
tuc, j9apunj{, ij. 

Mome'ntiim (jt). momenta), ot, hihj- 
TUrt iu.a/iii, (S oirft, ij. 

Mtfmery, oS. ip. Mummeiy. 


Mo'mot, ei (°V V ) /Jo/iaiTos, o. 

Mo'nachal, in. jkwtxwit. 

Mo'nacbisni, ov. o /u'vaxnwc a.'o^. 

Mo'nad, ofl. >rtv4j, i ; — elph, ou. 
(|3»t*.) /tm&tufn, a j — ic fl: — 
ic.ll, in. lima limit. 

Mo'narch, ov. pdvapxoe, povuftXTit t S. 
to be a— , /io.apx>t»: — 4: — al: 
— ical : ^ic, In. fiarapxaSt ; — eaa, 
- oi. p.wip- X n it q : — icidly, Mp. /if 
■KftfEKAs : — iflt, ou. o vnkp Tg ( ^»- 
"PXf*t1 — iw,ji.rff.^i«pyfli — , 
p.l. KpHTS, <n«DHra, apx«: — y, 
ob. powpXte. $■ 

Monaste'rial, Mona'sijc fl : — al, in. 
/iDvaaTjjpcajfOj, /lO-jaxt/Qi : — ally, 

Jnfp. ^^ a ,T«oi( : —ism, ot. o ^o- 

.a.Tixii pioi. ' [ti. 

Mo'naatery.ou /loiiaBiiipwy^oivoSiov, 

Mo'nday, ou. AtuTlea, $. 

Mondp, ob. »05f.8 { (=i i'vSpanroi), o ; 
(napao-n/iov r=) * ofoilpa. 

Mo'nelary, ^n. vo/ici/iaTuii(. 

Mo'ney, ov. vofKofxit, t6 - Apyvptov, 
Xpuofov, t*. xpii/nttx, Ti. for — , 
itpy\tp(ov, xpn/jaTwv : — in hand : 

— down apen the nail, ready 
— , koy&piev. I have no ready — , 
ifioi /ii» o5j< Itux* napb' bpyv- 
ptor to reckoii anything after the 
value of — , lif hpyiipwv iaytyabal 
ti. the pabh'o — , tb i^/irfna xi"i- 

xi(uy xr*tit<zT<t. to make — , XP* 
/unHZtsBn, to collect — , ipyupo- 

to make — of, t$Kprufi(ttr, yap/u. 
pavt. to be foml of — , fiioxpn/ta- 
rtit. to do anything for — , ipyo' 
iato ; — bag, oi. Biiivrmv, to; 

— bill, ou. to ns*i taytiov >o/iotj;<' 
Ju» ; — bos, oi. afTUpoHmg, i J 

— brolter, ou.ozpi/t<tTO)y^iolTi7(i 

— changer; — dealer, oh.xtpn*ri- 
STi}f, irolJuSiTrtt, opyupafioieo,, d; 
-^ lender, oi. Javuirtt,!; — ma- 
ker, ob. KiSMoiroiSs, J: xpipirt- 
e«)f, i : — making, ov. xpnpxtt- 

eiio t , i: — man, au. ftUxptyMnt, 
i : — matter, oS. ra ittpl ra zp*- 
/tara, Ti TSv xplM™" : Itywftbf, 
o: — '8 worth, Ou npSr/pa K»rn(wv 
TSv Zfmp«™», to: —wort, au. 
{jSaw.) Ju.iftax«', ™f- 

Mo'neyage, ou. fiieng J htb t»fiia-/ix. 
to(. [vo^i^arutoc, Xf"li"T«^t. 


Mo'neyer, 06. ic«pfiaTiffTil(, rp«n£f- 
r>is, d: vo^iTuaToitisot, d. 

Moneyless, in. &xpi pares. 

Mo'ngcorn, si. do. Maslin. 

Mon'ger, e&.*iini))os, ayopalsf. d. (i» 
Xpiff<i i» swvUvuiii), ojj. cheese — , 
Tuf oiriiiijj, 6. fiflh — , fxftiaftdlitc, *- 
jct!.: Tiioiiptov UuvthA*, to*. 

Mongo'oae, Mongo'oz, ou. (£o>oi.) dp, 

Mo'ngrel, in. Ji^aoios, fiiSefufc, iri- 

v«Oi, d. 

^afvco-ff, tj. napaxtXtuffpbs, d; £v- 

fiiy/ia, TW/iiipiou, tiJ: ItJuEic, jj. 

Mo'nitive, in. nupainTiKOt, Tipoxpt- 

HTtti(, vau8«T«d(. 

Mo'nitor, au. irapaiviins, ici\nio-rnc, 
(Kmv.JiTjjMTiJixoJos.i: — ial, — y, 
in. dp- Monitive : — y, ou. n«e«(- 

^: unoJidasxaAef. i). 

Monk, ou. jio»(i;(4;, /»oiwoTi)f, d : — 
ery, ab. fio»ax"*( r" *- *• 

Mo'ukey, ou. (f M0 J.) jr(6Vo t , n(6«| : 
£ nvqC^^Hii ^nposliov, to. to play 
the — , yJuaptfv, txdirrct 6ai. to be- 
have like a — , vd!n*i%av : — flower. 
ou.(j8arv.) p&uf, : — iam, eu.iti6.j. 
xia/idj, : — wrench, ou.oreof iy£, 4. 

Monk-hood, oS. ^oyaxwot piet, o : 
— ish.: — ly (n.juovaxiitds:— seat, 
06. ftbtm ij /jovax* : — 'a-hood, ou. 
(j9ot<.) Unti>, lu«o<Td"»o», id. 

Mooo'ceros, ou. jiavoxip&n, 0. 

— ofe-omo'tic, in. p**6xpttt, u.o«>- 


Xp^aToj. —clinous, tit, (^sty/) 
ipfiappJJiros. — coiyte'iionou*, in. 
jioioKdruJot. — fracy, ou./iavaxpH- 
ifa, 5. — eular.—catous, in./io- 
Ho'nodist, su. u,oWit, h. 

Mo'nodon, ou. (;woJ.) novd'oW, i. 

Mo'nody, ou. «M»"a, t(. 

Mo'nogam, oi .(£«■* ) pariyapa S] ra 
^ovoaifl? fUTa. — ffnmtsl, eb. /*«- 
veynjuos, 4. — aamy, at. pavoyapla, 
4. — jram,ou.TQ poiiypappo*. - — 
gra'mmal . — gra'mmic. - -gramma'- 
tic if: — grammona, dr. pemypap- 
paras- —graph. — graph;/, ou. 
/iotoypojifa, i. — gra'phic. — gra'- 
phical, ^n. /ia«07jsajnnd(. — gra- 
phically, Jnip. fiovoypafBOJj. — 
gy'nian. —gynout, la. (^o«.) ^a- 
[yta, ^. 

Mono'patliy, oi. /io»onn8ua, it : — 
pe'taloua, in. (^ot>.) p-ovaxtTaiot. 
— polist. — politer, av. fiovoitoiJi7(, 
0. — polize, #.i./iovajiw)a. — po'y, 
at, /louonuJCa, $. the privilege of 
— , pononiSJioii, to. — pleral, /«, 
/loudBTipot. — pto'te, ab. (ypa/i.) 
mis ^ .«r™ T o f , 4 

Mouo-aylla'bie. — aylla'bical. 4n. po- 
vt>mi'iir.ios. — By'iiable,ou, )({i(fto- 

VOffU/>CtD5s r 

Mooo'theiam, ou. /lovofliEo-jis, A. — 


olone. — tony, 06. /iavoro«[a, $ ■ 
— to'nical. — tonoas, ^t./johStouos. 
— tononaly, in. /lovoTdvaif. 
Monoo'on, ou. iT<iuia< (nvj^oi), a(, of 

Mo'neter, ob. ni)ae, TJpaf, rrf. a sea 

— ,rilTos,*4. ft hnge^of aboar, 
HtyK ov4{ xptyt*. — s of cruelty, 
iiravflpmdraToi, oi^nSraTai: iiia*- 
SpBTtoo, d: — like^ in. TipaT6lJij(: 

-. f. I. ,.,« T/,.,. 

MonBlro'sity, oi. Tipat, to : TipaTOTo. 



tyibf, o: — man,ou. fiXoxpfinarot, 

o : — matter, 06. th it/ii t& xp^- 

/wra, t4 Tfiy xpn/Ld™* ; loyiip.b<, 

i: — 'a worth, oi npayp-a aurafrov 

rflu x^ n/jtcfeTur, to t — wort, oi. 

(florv.) lu«ip.a X <o», to\ 

Mo'neyage, ou. fipot inc tapir/ia- 

Tfl$. [*q^isuht«os, xpvtfi.a'ttx&i. 

Mo'neyed, lir. noiuxp.l/iare^irJouoios: 

Mo'neyer, oi. nipu-aTurTilf, Tfasigi- 

T>]{, : VD/i(3fiaT0KlilIll(, A. 

Moneyless, in. ixpV™*- 
Mo'ngcom, oi. Sp. Maslin. 
Mon'ger, »ft. aatujiof, iyopalof, 4. (i> 

Zpiio-«i i» oimfljswiii), 4 j. cheese — , 

npo*<b\vt, 1. fish— , fx6v«>*l<ic, &■ 

mA.: nloisipiov aliwrixov, rrf. 
Mongo'ose, Mongo'oz, 06. (C«o).) V 

HVngMt i'tt. Ji^aoiet, /tifofui)j, Iti- 

ps*u^(, yoflos : — , ou. inpeytviit. 

Mo,, t. 
Moui'tion, au.»oufliT>|jis,»ouflnfa, nn- 

pifuwis, i- mtpeuulnwytif, 4: iy- 

Str/pa, Tiipipaiv, ti: biuftf, i- 
Mo'nj'tive, iii. irapaivinifoj, irporpi- 

KTixic, voufltTutof . 
Mo'nitor, ou. irapamiiiH, ««Xiuo-T>)?, 

(koiv.) irpMTo'jsioios, d : — iaIj — J, 

it. ip. Monitive ; — y, 06. icapxl- 

Mo'nitresB,Mo F nitrii,o6.iTO[pai«tTfHH, 
if. ultoiiiaaxalef. V. 

Monk,jiu. jiovhx4(, p.o«am-/)s, i : — 
ery, oi. fLo»ax«o< pfo ( . 4. 

Mo'iikey, et.{f« B J.)irrt,iwj,irtt)iS. i: 
A mOijif (£oiv : (S^poiiiitiu, ts. to play 
the — , fivctpd.; moiirKaflai. to be- 
have like a — , mflij<^<(» : — flower, 
e&.(pVrv.)/ityiost»i — igm,oi.in8ij- 
nwfiis, i ■■ — wrench, ov.arplfty J, J. 

Monk-hood, oi. fionajfutii ?'*(, * : 
— ish: — ly Acpoyxxuret : — seal, 
eS. jisSioi jj ^■ovaz'l : — 'a-hood, ou. 
(fiiTv.) ajtOWTOV, JvmwtoW, ro". 

Mono'cerua, ou. lAovixtpoif, 0. 

— chroma'iic, iit. fitiixptH, lion- 

Xp-tipBTos. —-eiinoue, tn, [port.) 
iptiafp6liros. — eotyle'dtmous, i-n. 
(Bo»oki1tuJo5. — Kracy, oi./ievoKpa- 
tla, % —adar. —calou*, in. /ia- 

Mo'nodist, oi. p.o*<ti£b;, i. 

Mo'nodon, ou. (S<uoA.) //onSiouf, 0. 

Mo'nody, ou. /iovoi(SIa, i)._ 

Mo'nogam, ou .(£orv ) /lotiyttpa !) ri 
piBmitg jura. — ffnmisl, ou. /lo- 
v6yapaf, i. — onmy, eh. p.aioya/iirt, 
ft. — gram, ou. 10 /io>ii/pfl/i^o». - — 
gra'mraal . — gra'mmic. - -gramma' - 
tie »l : — grammoiiB, dr. paw/pap.- 
pans- —graph. — graphy, oi. 
Iiavoypafta, ^. — gra'phic. — gra- 
phical, i*. p.ovoypa<fn.6s. — gra- 
phically, itiip. fUfioypafaSii. — 
gy'nian. — gynout, ^ir.(p t».))io- 
»0)^>ni«(. [yfa, ^. 

Mo'uologne, ou. /io»o\oyo!, 0. ^ovolo- 

Mono'-machy, ou. p.tvap.axtix, %. — 
me*er, ait. povop-irpov, to*. 

Mocio'pathy, oft. /io»on=8(ia, $ : — 
pe'laloua, In. (pan,) jio»oWraAoj. 
— poliat. — polizer, o&./lohojkHik, 
0. — police, 1. 1, /isvonwia. — po^y, 
oi. pmnailla, %. the privilege of 
— , /louonoiJioy, ri. — pleral, in. 
fiovoitTepot. — pto'te, 06. (ypap..) 
litu /tovoirruTOj, j. 

Mono-ay lla'bie. — avlla'bical. ti. jio- 
M-nlliafo!.— sy'Uable,ou.J«. (f M- 

Mono'theiam, oi. ^o»o8iEo'/ioj, o. — 

— to'nical. — tonoup,iir./jov(itovov. 
— touonaly, lir. /iovotJ»w(. 
Moneo'on, ou. Itoifai (av 


*), oi, o( 

Mtfnster, oi. irt'Jup, ripat, rrf. a eea 
— , jti)TO{,tii. a huge — ofaboar, 
p.iya (rust xf^«- — s of cruelty, 
inavS^oinoTaTOi, 01/iiJTaToi: 4ita»- 
flp*Hto(, i: — likeyiit. rtpariltSvn: 
— . p. i. iroiffl tipaf. 

Monfllio'sily, oi. ilpif, 10 : Tiparoio. 




Mo'nstrous, Vb.ti, 

Tip HOT IDS. TtpaTllfif , Snvptk'* 

Aojpiot: "oi/iop^of, iufpep^of, af- 
o'Xpo's: jMrniT&t, pJiXuKTiJs: — fl: 
— ly, inip. fputm J»(, wiippuSj, 9au- 
fiaoYws, bJI)bkiJto)(, npariKfls : — 

DCBS, Q&. TO fpiv&d'ltf, TO TlpKTlilStS- 

Monta'nic, in. opEiviE, Spwoj. 

Mo'ntant, ou. (&px iT ") Trapaor&f, ft. 

Month, ai. /Bjn, e. in the — of June, 
iv pr/ii Imntif, on the commence- 
ment Of the , kpXOIli'BU TOU /!>]- 

>oj. in the middle of the — , fit- 
eoSvros tou /iflvif. in the end of the 
— ,f6(tovTos toO pqrit, of two —'a, 
nfiifvsc : — ling, ou. npa-//ia /ttiri- 
■Ioip, to : — iy, fa. fi^yinrof, Mta- 
»«, xaTH,urtv»i, Ijiiju^vaj. a — ly 
rose, b6Sc.v to «na pf[»a a.flauv, TO 
poJav vd ftqroSif ii ^navSov; — 
ly-flowers, Tkxatm/ttvta; — ly, 4- 
nlp. Kara /J»|»a, M pijva i*aoTov, 
p-A''<ii jk aoTou : - — ly, oft. iruyypKp.- 

Alo'nticJe, oi. Jkacpoc, loffarof, J. 

Mu'ntoir.oi. AiaSeAiuf, i. 

Montra'gs, ou. op. Matrons. 

Mo'nture, aii.lnnAatfitti Emto$. J. 

Ito'nnment, au. /tvn^itoy, fivq><c, iira- 
pnjp-a, (r»J/ia, to; x-iyOTa^iov, t* ■ 
— al, in. imi/ioruiit, A, ft, to roG 
liriyuieu: imtifiof.. — ally) inlp. 
liinaiiK&i. [pes, 6. 

Moo, p. s ie. fUix&itai; — , ov. /iiwuo- 

Mood, ou. uiuxifc o'cafiio-K, ft, n«flo ( , to" 
tpoirof, a : J/J/ii, ft: (ypa/i.) ty*i"K, 
1. to be in a melancholy — , tanZ- 
»Bai, afli/iws Ix»« 4 oWHo-flai ■ — 
ily, Arip. oxufijotti-oit, ifiijumt : — i- 
nees, ai. o-TvyMirns, 40u;ifa, rart- 
pun, ft: — y,'n. oeyfAas, ofiioV/ms: 
aSu/iaf, iripftyitos, «u8pomof : — y- 
mmd, ^it. fiavilj, juavuis, lunittif. 

Moon, at. mWvij, /iftvij. ft the — on 
theincrease, nM*q Turo/ifino, ft. the 
— on the wane", o-«lft«i ffltvoiio-a, A- 

the — 's increase, to efti;oo-«ijvo«. 
first day of the — , ft new — . veu- 
(Binfe, ft. full - , ft navoy-j.Of. like 
the — , pwciiSti, vtl-niotiHt. <ri- 
Abates: (nei.) to ft^iaiiqwiii; — 

-blind, tit. It/Munis' — -calf, oft. 

™0£4, Itiiupj A: (cOt/a ) p-j^i, ft: 
j9Aa|, ftlrtiras, o: — -dial, oi. oi/n- 
vtaxic iipniitot, & \ — -eyed, ftr. 
SpSJuoiirof, ii^.6Jii(»ini(: — leas te. 
ae-i\>l»0f, o-KeTB/ninaisi ; —legs 
night. iJMiro^nvo, woTOfiawa, ft; 
—light, oi. nlftunv, rrf. aiJij-nc 
aft-/ii, ft. oiln'^foiii tb. by— light, 

^v tftXJiVTl, TTpBf TB Tfls ffiJ-WV^S 05oj(. 

it is quite — light, oil^vn {«! la/i- 
irpa: — light, iir. triXyintxIot, una 
res o-ii n «7( fwT(Co^i»e(. a — light 
night, t6o-Ai7H8{ *vf, -ti ; — like, in, 
nlwtviif : —lit, in, op. Moonlight. 

Moonlight: — madness, oi. mXimxn-ft 
yojefj^piveeJaeHa.ft: — eeed, oi. 
(fiotv.) re jmivfo-TTip^Of : — ihine, 
ob. Sp. Moonlijrht ; Ti auJinoj s!|iav 

np&y/ia ; /iqv, s ; —shine ft shiny, 

ln.Sp. Moonlight. 
Mo'onlight: — -struck, in. •riXigwUq- 

T«i: — wort, ou. (^ot>.) ^7i(ita«ti(, 
Mo'oaed, iit. «)i7»o«o'iis. [4 

Mo'ouet, ou, iiiiiviav, tif. [lis», 

Moong, oi. (^orv.) Ti 'Ii&Kiy o>ao'si- 
Mo'onish, iir. iftjuTiSlnTOf, ioTaS* f . 
Ho'ony, ^n. oi]n>aufil(, o<I>i>aiO(. 
Moor, oi. iAj(04 Jn( 7ft ft. E*e<, tb : — 

buzzard, oi.(op.)apiri7,^; — coct, 

fowl, OU. (o'p».) TITpaoi* i IpV' 

BpeOt : — game, ov. (o'p».) TtTpa«», 
o: —hen, ai. (o'pv.) h/natoi Bpvij, 
4. alfluia, faXapit, ft : — ish : — y, 
in, iiAS-nt ; — land, oi. ilvaiiK -fl, 
ft: rH Xiprtf, ft. 

Moor, ou. AiBloji, ^.tXaj a»flp«rro t , 4 ; 
— ish, in.,o-noi6(. 

Moor (in toS r«U«eO mort), oi. to 
blow a — , mpmMh fo*aMr$s 
rj}( Maa>Bu. 

Moor, p. i. (yaur.) Ap/ilSa, wpfppi- 

£v, to be — ed, Apt**!* 1 — 1 jou auJ. 



iympstela, xetMi ayxufav: — age, 
oi.Zpp.HitB. i/j-NsoSoijuij. uiijisjjov, 
to I — jng, el, (veur.) op^o-.t, 4 : 
Rl. ttttoytarc, ra: 0^/105, 4. a-ymi- 
po^ioy, to. 

Moose, fl : —deer, oi. ((«wl.) ftbuc, i : 
—wood, 011. (^ot».) if i> Saws, h- 

Moot, in. ajBfioSijnjm^of, appnfi^T7i- 
Tfl{, ipco-TOf : ■ — , oh. ifiQieS/iTrivif, 
$. ajw,i: — easel print, ei>. iii- 
fopov, a/ifisSiininx, rii — court, 
ou. (vd^l.) Suao-Hiptri, tA: — hall, 
ov. of JmaoTaf: — if: — honee,«6. 
(p. Moot-court : — , p. *. «. oiS. 
Sialiyapat, tiixio-/t(t>nai, apf)i;Sq- 
rfl, kymi^opit ; —able, in. k/flf 
Sijrioi: — -er, eu. Stxeppifo;, Sta- 
AcKTCiOt,o: (vai;T.)£ yo^faui $jnaff- 

-uig, u 

apf 1( 

70[, 4. xopiijiiz, t6 ; ■ — 9 and mows, 
aXtya aJiiioToy, to. fiepja»p:o{,4: 
— , (S, i. onoy/fijoj, ano/taTTW, el- 
Mope, p. ouJ. diu^flv i^yfl ( Jynpo- 
*oj£y iiayw: — ,jM./lupa(yM Tiua, 
cuiiv annua Ho- rq/if ms ■ — , ov. 
o'viipomfAos, SSu^os, nipfAjjnos, 4 : 
eyed, iir. k/itimmti : — fill, in. 

&$iJIXai, tTKvBpwTIOt. 

Mo'p'ig, '*■ i*ttfi&ivii muBpuTtbt, &■ 
6-jfior- — ,oi iSuii(s,iitlxy X oU%,t. 

Mo'piah, in. i&i^ioj, r.nTnflii, eiuOpo- 
■ko; : — ly, i-ntp. a-KuSpom&s, aflu- 
j»«« i — ness, ol. n-'Siorflf, aBu/iia, 
«ar^««, i,. 

Mo'ppet, ou. nyalfLH, ayaj/ianou, T<1 : 
X0>1), i. KOpaOlOV, TO, 

Mo'psey, oi.=:;rpo. :yuyfl a*oo>iof, b. 

Mo'psical, in. (p. Mope-eyed. 

Mo'pus ov. oiuponoKot, fioipif, |JM> 
S.or, 4. [ft. 

Mo'ra, ou. (■•/l)%vj7**mtm, 1/iUua, 

Mo'ral,ii.^S«4c ■ — law, Silo; rApot, 
i, in a — point of view,^flnfi;: — 
philosophy, «9<k4j liyot, 4. ^6iv4 
^iJooof.'a, $ ; SUxiOitXpifcbi, ii- 

Joj xa-/«oo 5 , — , 06. ijflui.1 (i- 
mo-Tiip.11), ij. the — of the fable, i- 
mnl8ar,ri- — e, ou. to rfiuriv: — 
ist, ou. o itattt&ut taiit rpAitout. o i- 
ni ror talk nporpfntov, jjdonatbt. i. 
(toiv.) Muoiiyof, 4: — ity, «i. *- 
9«y), v. *]oof, to: t* tS. >i9ffiy, T& 

Blpf TBI $8,1. (kb|».) apITifl, /OI|0-T^- 
Ti)j l)Bfl*,4 iltpn fllBTpijti) napajra- 

«{, %■ — iza'tion, el. tb ijInMk : 
— ize, p. f. nfloTtwu : nSivsv ansoi/- 
K»ujni ti ; i)flutat xpap,xl ti»< : — ize, 
p. sv4*. ifuiSi J) vpifw tripl ^Su><> 
i>T«»i/iji«u«: — izer, ofi. ■o9e7roioe, 
4: — iiiiig,»0. to ^flonoiilv: — ly,i* 
nip. $8a& ( ; tuxiut.iifat, xpWT&tl 
— s, ou. nl. nfljicit iutrr^pJi, Ji n9(- 
na, Ti, ^8.«^, ^: n8o,-. to\ good — a, 
aSi? £p^ffra,Td. xp^vToaOua, 4.Tp4- 
iro. «aioJ. of. 
Mora'ss, 06. I>o s , r J. 74 Wusifiit, 4: 

y, ^TT. [ JuiOJl?, TCTjii Jflf . 

Mo'rbid, in. Kttunjf, appaoToj, voj^i- 

Jijs, Mnni, a — atate of healtit, 

ipp»o-r(«, t ; — ity it : — neag, ou. 
ao-9iv»(«, dppujria. %. iap&o-rtina, 
roo-HSii, t4 : — ly, iidp. vomtOt, 

MiirbiTic f,\ — al, in. voooitoiii. 

Morbi'llooa, I*, (imp.) fe». «avflli- 

Mo'rbose, in. hooijoSu, yonjpic, iitho- 
Morda'cioos, in. S«tritH; SmvAStif, 

JlJ*TliplO( : KaSaftTKO's ; o'{ij, tpt- 

piuf, «ap«a«Tntii;- — ly, inlp.Jii*Ti. 

K&f: rrapKgfJTiKfMi. •vastaiTao'v. 
Morda.'oiry, ou. £■&•$, i- iriypot, 4 ; t4 
Mo'rdant,ou.Sai!^,ij. neom)/ijii«,TJi 

— , p i- pimu, npoo-riifii-. — , in. 

xif. — ly, infp. npoo-TvnT«4i(. 

Mordica'don, oi. t4 JiaTpiiytin, Sta- 
<p«.c 5 , 4. 

More(iu7Jtp.T.many),in-ii*i"!"»i. , irll- 
oiy,(nO(».)Tti«ioTipoc — , in(p.nJ»Io>, 
ToiTipoy.with — courage, riflup:iSTt- 
pov, UappaJioirtpev. to be able todo 
— t icXcia iuvaiflai.tO be— .uplfrToi 



WOi lO-Kivd&ty. iirif>Sallt<>, b"ia- 
fipui. to give — , nposSiSbtai a).Xa 
*. nJJo, t,36vkt : — or.less, nlidv 
liarrot. somewhat — , 0/(701 nleTov. 
one — , tooouto, u f th *l /ai Siies 
«(. many times — . miiutlinot; 
it)i»y,niiov^, iitip. More than ten, 

lliio. i, Mm, %, K«o* TO> Jix*; - 

than ten, uirip Tois SUa. to love 
any one — than the rest, Qt\tt» 
t..« iigftpirra;, t|, pitto* isi» Si. 
la». St, tous aAJous : — than before, 
iittfipAvTuis ij iv to! ir^ii{fli» Zfwvu 
— than is right, jiiiJov tbu Mai- 
nour, to be — than enough, nA« 
va^(v ; It. «, itpof Toireif, a3, «C 
fli(. what -would you have — Y tL 
5i]Tii( sxpk io&to ajio ; I have no- 
thing — toaay,eoeiv is-yw ini nli- 

itiri ic/iapTButtr. he lives no — . 
eiW™ fj| once — , auflit, to o*iut». 
po». The — , reo-^utoj jiSilov. the 
— , the—, oiq /isi'jwij-, tosoi' 
fSiXet. bo much the — , t-oo-oi 
/laXtov: — and — , ini nliTov, 
fiS'ttrrt. much — 1 noiu uAY.w. IV 

the — , oiJiv ^oUlo». never — , 
irt" in, 4, out 6=tw ov!, moiji 
— above, *o*i 



rfocfltoTfBOe: wLse,aof!&TE/JOs: — , 

Bi. to iti/ov. (,<)„.) TO itJciitc^ov. 

More, 06. Uf>i, 6 : jW(«, J : —land, 

aS. ip. Moor-land. [p&p.&<i*of. 

More'en, oi. tifaepi ri i? iplou K. 
More'l, 06. (per*.) a.) puJirit, 0. p'.) 

"Tp«x v "!i 4, atpix'Oi, Tpiiyyoi, 6. 

y.) «tfo{ ttpstoiou. 
Moreo'ver. ^nlp. npbt toutmj, itflo ( o"i 

Tovroff , Ttpbt St f irtj npOiiTt 9 In 0*1. 

and — , SJioij it «a<. to borrow — , 
xpos$ain{(vr9<iu. to learn — , im- 


Hore'sk, Hore'eqoe, in. lmap.l.oi f) 

itttypafa/iivof *nTi rtv Tpifrcov 
Tuv Miu^ual'j). More'sque, ou. fu. 

ypdftyx j) kt-^io. Kara to* p'ufl- 

Morgana'tic^ir.; — marriage, yipot 
ou,-bvb1o70j (= tou bvSpo, i.Tof 
1 -'uri ( Jou. T»|f ■yuvaijiij Kara ry)» 


>. i m« 

*ap X apta. 

»,i nl B*yfc;- 

Mo'ril, oi. (peTv.) <; 
lifonn, tir. p\j^Tactir,t. 

Mori'llon, r,v. (Spy.) elooi HJJOffijf. 

Mo'rinel, ob. (o>.j xapitpiii, 0. (i|. 

Mo'rion, oii. jupivoi, to. mpixifaixlx, 

Mori'aco, ov. n yXoisaa tuv Ma^tTa- 
»o)» : S/>xio-ii Ma^/nuo-(«, ^ : opx<- 
oi^f, ; — , ^n. Bp. Moresque. [t6. 


Morn, ov. Spipat, 0. iuj, $■ = it. 

Mo'ming, su. i«c, i5. SpSpot, i. ear- 
ly in the — , Sp9po ( ^afl U (, 9. the 
approach of the — , mplopapoi, \6. 
from — to evening, loifltv /»*xf" W- 
irjf. in the — , a,u' Is, ioiSsv, 5 P . 
6p io(, Ttparf. to rise early in the — , 
SpSpier dvosTiivai. to do anything 
in tin: — , 4p9ptuttv. it is getting 
towards—, jipot SpQpov itrrl;i) 
1>p.iptt uito)a/in« ; ■% kptf (joii ^iou, 
«i irous, *tJ.) : _ glory, oi. (^ot».) 

KhflHTtl, fl : gOWn, ill. VVKTtpI- 

>os fl iinriTf,pios U6/H, i : — laud, 

fipoi S) iw f f ijooj (asTrif), i ■■ — twi- 
liglit, ab. <Mt6'Pvt, K *fpa;, mpi6p- 

9,010V, Tcfl , /n. iaifl(yo(, TtpulJbi, 

a — call, inioKtfts ioiSivq, ^ : — 
dew, oh. jmflwi) ipiijoi, i : — hour, 
ia.flu-1 & f a, 11 : —ray, i«Tlj ^/\J 8 u 
avdjiovTOj, it. at the first — ray, 

TipoJTOv i-noJa/lnoioyn rt( r,p.tptti. 

Moro'cco, ou. Moj5o«Iv,o f (Suf-tya, 17. 

Moro'se, ^'. iunoio;, o'mapUToi, ^a- 
into:, oiu6ponti( ; to loot — , »ku- 
flB«nafsiv: T/>ay_Us, iTvy.ot ; — ly, 

ou. o-uvflpojTro'Trjf, Ju;ito3(a, Tpoituv 
j;aA4ir^T«|i J Jvapioiiia, J. 




Moro'sity, ob, — itpe, 

Mo'rphew, oi. (tare.) 4)fi(,4: — , (S, 

i. iifolt xaii>»r(u. 

Mo'rphia, Mo'rphuie, oi./iopffnoi.T^. 

Mo'rrice, Mo'rriB 3 : —dance, oi. iiio s 
Hiuptrayilt9lt op^^jiut, Spxritif ■}■'- 
Jwreitetij, )J: dancer, oi. ipj;'- 

Mo'rrow, oi. y aupion !j ii imouirn i- 
liipf. on the — , iraiptor, rj! i%e- 
/ii»i) fyiipo. to- — , aiipioy. take no 
care for the — , p.*) urcip ■?*)* inipav 

ppo >u. after to , fisTttupi o v , (no iv. J 

p.tB<tip id». to- ■ — morning, uiipiov 

ni» nptofav. to evening, aCpio* 

t^v ianipxt. good — , Jp. good- 

Morse, oi. (gttel.) flaJatrn-isj Imeat, o. 

Morse, nopira (£jiivo'utou), ii. 

Mo'rsel, ah. ipa/iiov, fiptaiia, to*, ty- 
na^es, i. a dainty — , ktx'ivpa, 
Zcvifjix, to ; juttpit Tt h oliyav ~:t, 
ppi-yy *t. not a — , iliSl /inept*, 
eil' iXdxujToi. to be brought to a 

— of bread, tit ^b;(0:t>]» litap/av 


Mo'tanre, oi. HX<t,%. Srty/iif,b. 

Mort, oi. ftiJo; KpcuuVinov (naTa6aA- 
Ao/iltou BrtpCov Ttv6i) : /tEjairi natro- 
tyiijil-.irrxKwtrpiiTi);, o. 

Mo'rtal, in. Soiroj. tpSnbf, tpBxprot, 
fLporit : QavaTti f A pot, Q&vaatiief, ffa- 
uaT!iJi?(i i«od»o'tivO(, oiiBpns, (ta<- 
,910;, to inSict a — wound, naipixr 
(ir)n^.) n/rtWHv ti»«. s — blow, 
a s-A>ry4, A : afiaAAairi 

y,t z eni 


,-, ivBpfi. 

p>OTO( I 

T>)fjjis,i: Oa»aTOs,4: < tb 
— ity was great, f Sspa Ttiifani ayt 
■(TO jv9s!i)w>I ttvflpOHIlte, ivffeV 
nov f uc^c, avfi^ufr^rr;;, ^ : — iz 
1. S->[to. ttoioi ! — ly, hip. Bay 
(iu[,xupfu«: aya», tutfip6nai; — 
ness, oi. ie. Mortality. 
Mo'rtar, oi. o>)i, o, Sun's, "t-/lr,, $, to 

a — , ryo\fiiv:jjT* *vpot6- 
_ .idp-a™ ^aJJduia pQX"**- 
Mo'rtar, ni.T&^a, to", ni^og, o: xovfa, 

'pxii./tet, *. 
Mo'rter, oi. Juj-vo; vunrtpivoe, o. 
Mo'rtgage, oi. (hji.) airoi(>i»i/ia, tJ. 
MuBftm, ^. btjLbpaaiHi, *i. to bor- 
row on — ,£*ori^fi».tolendon — , 

VTISTI^a 0-031, tt ft OTl^Bfl-Saf, (koiv.) 

ia>iifiri« Mw*o64xg; (ogive in — , 
fHXvfl&c*, tVtjflipwftiv: — , *• *■ 

nnoripw,inroT/fl>i/ii, MxupiatlBj.the 
house is — d, i( oijtla inonttrai, fl 
(not*.) uvt I"r(6>i<i«/i^V7] ; — e, ei. i 
ujtoW^ivoit lifwAtr): — o'rt— r, 
flu. o 6if;, % o ivexi'pa^m'. 

Morti'ferOUS, <n. Savarnfopoc. 

Mortifiea'tion, ol (tn^.1 ino*inp«<rcj, 
yi-f/patiet, 8ijjt<i(i», 4~ <f aiiloj, o : 
(l«J.) wtaptttlf, «ola«( ifl. itafluv, 
^ : Tatti(»wii(, ^ : «j;8»!<JtJv, Juitj, ^. 
^^S. T*. [5= Tant(»i««, ^. 

Mo'rlifiedness.otl.viiipnirisTSv naflsv, 

Mo'rliiier, uu. t Hidfmv ra niflij. 

Mo'rtify, p. <. (;aT f .)'air8v«>pa:«oJ«- 
?«, —the flesh, itpa- 
Ttl» Tflv imBvptiiv, KeJa5«v tb sri- 
6u : iunfi, avifi, ijj.u. W feel — 
fied at 1) by anything, ax8n0a( r«i; 
— i p. bii. (iarp.) ■yayjjwtvflO^MCi, 
(r^a«*(£;o/iai : TttiaiirapoOjCiai: — 
ingly, ^n(p. imnjpoiii iviapoif. 

Mo'rtiBe, oi. rop^ot, J: (naur.) Jij»i(, 
i. — , |J. i. irtlpw ti lit Tt, irpojap- 

Mo'rtling.oi.op Morling.[f«ifMT(Twi. 

Mo'rt-main, oi. (»•/*-) itiJ/jb a»anai- 
iOTpfuTov, rrf : — nary, <it. ijrur^- 

DIIO(, ;»iaifi|Oi, jniTaifliDt.; , nil. 

twWiSttBV SlKliu/iB, *4 : HKpOTO- 
■pll-.-l, TO. 

Mosa'ic, ou. tprifotiiTiiitx, ^i]fo)ii-/n*ia, 
/louaifou, ri, wrought in ■»• , ifwifo- 
JoyiiTsf. to work in — -, make — 
work, fn^oBiTtCy, ipr,ep!\<ryrli. a 
worker in — , ip-nfoBinis, i : — Ii: 
— al, fir. iprffuiii i — ally, ^ttip. 


Mo'schatel, oi. (jSotv.) /ioix>*>1<> i >i, *. 

MO Ti^iEJOf (r&»Mwi>it<!s:»a>), 
Mosqui'to, (ni. : — es)*civ»iji,d,]j. (ti. 
Moss, oi. (jSoth.) fro**, /tile*, ti. Iti- 
X*c, 4. covered with — , flpvM«e; 
Eloj.Tf V"i ™ . a rolling stone never 
gathers — , b-nxnU aim Syti ire»( 
T#» itiSaiiiotlm ; — agate, est. (op.) 
Is. Mocha-stone: — claligrown, 
tr.ppvtlitiK: — rash, ob, Sp. goose- 
Cora: trooper, bb. iijnrfa, Au- 

Moss, p 1 . f. jSpuiu : — -iness, oi. ri pp«- 

Most (uiripfl. t. more), «w. nAtfe-ruf, 
noiuc the — , el ni«[*T«(, d voliot, 
ol itWouf. the — part, tb jioJv, to 
nitfiTev, rl itiilSs!. for the 
— cases, in 4*' to naXi, ri itAtl- 



-, jiiiiai 

, irJrt- 

Mo'ther, 06. pNftiif, i. from the — , 
from the — 's part 8 side, nvrpi- 
fl<», *pit /i^Tpiij, to become a — , 
rforut itaiJaj. the — 's brother, 4 
Tiii /iytpbi oiSiXfbii putpiiilyo^ A, 
Ottoi i Ttpbf firirpii. the — 'a sister, 
17 nfc finTpbf StStifti, pifirpASikfOi, 
a — 'sfather, jiijiponarap,*. a — *a 
— ,jHQTpt>j*4T<»p,$. * —'s affection 

( love, fiJoiropvla^Ti}(^i]r/»((: yn- 
vi), yipsiripa, ypauj, fl: Imjaaf jwmi, 
S. fl n-ptdKiauo-i. from — 's womb, 
& Kat}ix% jtoiTpbf, anb np&Tvn yz- 
ti&f. «ir«», tb. apjfi), J. reason is 
the — of moderation, o-M<ppoo-uv,js 
narfip Jtmv A lciyot. idleness is lie 
— of all evils, ipyia p$typ iraoiii 
■ roVl, 

possible, ojo( nliriTO., i'.a nltfj: 
— , Aty, nitforov, tb iriilara, 

ttWpsW tSv iiriSirsiv vjpi/amtft- 

t«i tl iwipfl.) eton. — advantage- 
ous, lunnUiMnt; — of -all, pi- 

ol noXXol: tb icltlTTou, i-4 ,uf-/isTiiv 
to make the — of the circumstance 
6ftliti'lxt Jtrav a'o-i ti 4k Tfl( b«/h- 
»T«»M>f ; — ly, (V. t4 fUUtno, ri 

ri nliloTa. his opinion was — ly, 

airrw i^ ji>ax r trr>7 yvtbp.rt r,v, 
Mo'stic, oi. if. Maul-stick. (rot). 
Mot, su. fSiy/Oi ti; (SjioiariKoi «/pa- 
Mo'tacil i: —la, oi. (»p».) pauCvrw, 

S. aaimaiylt, 4- 
Mote, oS. xliifix, ti, n61aJi, i. (b- 

ff,waiH, T(4: aVojUov, to\ ts ^jsp, 

Moth, au. oijt, 4. Ti'iyvr, ^. Jip^ijm};, 
i. (<en] pA-rpvax, T). 03.pi.iti, tb: 
nvpnuoriK, ( : ^aAnivH, J) : mi^v, 

in. nrrfasirn, rntAtpvitot; — hun- 
ter, o*. (ipt.) xiyiHlxtt b ■■ — y, lit. 

i. the — of the family, o< 

»a, ^ ; — chnrch, 06. fi pJinip in- 

■tXiiiria : — city, ei. pitp 6aelit, ii : 

— country, eto. imtpiiroXit, ij; — 
-in-law, tb. nivSipi, 1)1 —like, in. 
&tiup /f/inip,p.i l tpiai 1 p-Atpitbf: — 
-of-pearl, w, Sitpxtov, pipSip,,Tb. 

— -of-thyme, ou. (^otv.iBumoj * «- 
ypiot ; — tongue, «u. tfgt&pnt ;lS»- 
Ta, lllx -/X&tm, ^ : q UpxuJ, ;*n- 
oa, yitJDo-i (ws li^Tijp tJiilenrijyJ, 

^:— wit, »«6 ( , «. ffiiyw-f, rl : — 
wort, ou. (fieti.) itapSivio., id. 
o'ther.^Tr./iiifpioj, ^bt/iiko(. the — 
tongue, Ji /ivitpiKfiyiSianx: — ,p.i. 
■ijiienu/iBii, uiofl»TO: — , p. eiS. i. 
firm/Mi, iiroitaflifBuai, unoxa^fi 
lit t* *ar« : — hood, oi. to jjiirpi- 
nbt: — ing,ou. to go a- — ing,itoptii- 
w&txi b\ijicraofitvi>Y tout yovtli fiv tw 
ptosi tiif tto-a*pxK6<rt%t) : — le.-s, 

4-B, HjUlililp, J, ■>!. ^rjTpOi tpqptlf : 

— liness, bh. tb /nitpaby, flKtpoi 
liyitptKbr,tb: — ly,^it. ii-ntpaat, /ivi- 
tfatt, wtptitbf, &i*tp pi/trip; — ly 

care * attention, dipantla r, lmp.1- 

ijia fl iiapi t^tniitpbf: — ly, iirip. 

p^tpiK&t, fisirtp p.\-njp : — y, in. 
Moti'fic, i"- ip. Motive. [r^vysMqc. 
Mo'tion, ou,K(»iniif,$. *C»i7Htt I ti. the 
3 D 2 



— round anything, znpifopi, Jj. lo 
put, set in — , unify, to be in — , 
iivOttta, jipioflai. constant * per- 
petual — , ciit-jjii, r,: ifinH, tpo- 
Boplx, faifl»p:<a, ii. of his own — , 
ixovtrios, Ano TauTQ/i6iT0u J TauT0ji&~ 
TMf : liiJiynvif, ^. tisriyn/itt, t6. ypa- 
pi), npfalijoiE, iS {ioi*.)7rpoTHi";,n 
a— for a law, tyftt/tct, to. to make 
a — , KpvriSitiu T (, ii;f^«vfl«(- 
iryffoflai A /pitfun «, upon any one's 

- — , tpif BVTOS fl «(llM-/HI<UTOi TIVOJ. 

a — to adjourn. u'rtyincf mpi m- 
6o>fls; — t ^. ^. nporiBijfii Tt,npoTt(- 
»u, tttfipa, tiftn/tfii/uu, yparfu : — 
er : — iM, ov. J itp8Ti(vu» : — less, 
J*. iWvnres. in a — leas state, &*i- 

Mo'tive. fa. tr^-riaifspoi, xivrirftpioi, r.t- 
ntrucif, iTtiKAfiv: — power, KnnTi - 

itilj^-Joyoi, i. alleged — ,jtpojaji{. 
i . with 1) upon what — ? o"iaT(; t(- 
vos J(ap<y; W irafliivfl jiaBdv; xaTa 

Moti'yity, oi. «y«Tixij <Sv*af«{, Ji- 
Mo'tley, in. paXibs, ireiWJot, neutiJa- 
Jip/Mt, mmjhJuSo-tcxto j : in^oyiviii; 

— minded, fa. a«aTOf, •wrefifc. 

— ialjft — y, fa. Kirn- 


:.»cfcr T 

Mo'ttle, p. J. m-lfw, 7ro«fiJ« : — (I, fa. 
Mo'tto,oi. Uysi, J, oufi6oJo», TiJ. 7v«i- 
Mouch, jS. 1. op. Munch, [p->j, $. 

Mou'ffion, oi. iieot ayoiou TrpoSaTeu. 
Mould, ou. -yiS,7), ntaipa, r6: lipiis, o. 

a^a, J^rT,,,^:— , p.t'.x.ouO'.STipio- 
nfi, aaitplCu, fw&&; mvivoij *VTtp(- 
C&t: — or, fi- oii'l. tttptort&j aairp4£o>, 
/mis, otooaa^&nOT^iropai: — ery, 
fa. /iuSa\U(, Buitpbf, waflpof : — i- 
ness, »v. rO ilpfiJis, to pulaUe*, 
iupiit, S : — y, fa. lipAttt, tvp&erit. 
oanpog, ftijistkiot. 
Mould, oi. nlnos, xoavs«, KyJos, 0, 
ft/rcpa, $. (m>.) xaiouin, ro\ a — 
for baking bread, iriaSayov, to: 

(ivT^.) pa f * (toS .frofeu), 4: 
(vbut.) ipilpa, ta: — board, oft. 
4/iaA(oTpa (tou ap^Tpov): — 
■*. (*■"-) <X»«*/P«f«fii*t TJ : " 
ner, ou. repvnmta o ttoc(5» to 
*e«f : — warp, oi. {fail.) ooitd 
Mould, p. i. nJniro'oi, Avaitlao-ffw, Op- 
7=f*i, runfii, &u«nr«, rxtyiirrtt;*, 
fixK&aw.—bbh, fa. ir)«jrlo«:~ 
er, ou. TrXaffTTjf , 6 - — ing. oi. t K rw 
rav, X 6*tun*, to: (»auT.) ("x»OTpa- 

fia, to: (Jrar iT -) Qp'r/tf, * ; — i"g- 

mill, oi. (pyno-rnpiov, Sirou 7(vo»ia( 
oi tvjioi : — ing-plflne, oa.pnyati,i. 
Mo'uline, Mo'ulinet, oi. rpox^t ("S 

Moult, #. 


itr«|Soppo« : — i): — 
Ulg, e«. irrtpoppimii.i, i). 

Mound, oii, x Q/xcc,ri : wartf, Ji^o;, 
■/^Jofof, jiiiiofot, o. ?z'°(, i.o^u- 
pw^a, t^:— ,p.i. iitoTBjjptun, jri- 
pt^divw/Jti, luptEnJJu z fl (" H . 

Mount, ov. tjpos, to. yflJo^o,, 4: xapa- 
Ku/ia, t<(. aTTOiafpnioit, ij. 

Mount, p. oio", (up) a>a$fpO|Uai, svu 
pi'" : aiaosiuaf, iifiiiuai, dvu^oi- 
/iai : ■ipaTifve^ai, ifutvoS/iac fa( 
ti ; (to) lp. Amount ; — , p. i. 4v«- 
6a(Kj (fnirou, Sp^a, TO Spot i fai 
To Spot): tmSulvu, faa>a«a!v«. to 
— the throne, *K9t{urO»t fai OpJ. 
»ou. to — the rostrum >i tribtinc, 
iioBaivn. >, no^.^vai fai to B-HyJt. 
to order the cavalry to — , ktutt- 
6a£«v 4f ' fmro«( toiif tmsti : alpoi, 
iwal'pM, Ki'naS, i-/.w : $lpu: TiBwfll : 
upasniJa: Kuitij,"» (>;B!,o(iJ — <mn. 
Xpua&, jitJ.). to — a breach, Jfop- 
/iau fai ti( Z ou(. to— guard, fuJ dr. 
tuh : — able, fa. 4>aSare<, iDSaTot. 

Mou'ntain, oi. Spas, ti (noit ) jZou- 
>o>, T(S. at the foot of the — , On* 
t& Spu. the foot of the — . i«ro- 
pda, it- a chain of — a, (pi? wvijtij, 
t« : fttfa ti, t* piytrtor. a — of 
affection, fieyitTrrt aydni], ^. a — 
of slain, o-upi« eoatuOivrw*: — , fa, 
iptott; — ash, eS. (p\>r».) ^ou/»i. 


/Ik, $: — blue. oil. [ip.) nilxxirvii 
i /uivouj : — brass, ou.'op.Jo'prijjal- 
Mas, i : — oat, oO. fc*}S =',a. Cata- 
mount : — cock, ou. (a'p».) i r«v 
oW-i* T-irpauv: — finch, a*. (oo>.) 
o>8j7rf;n s ,o: — green, ou. (o"p ) fitt- 
iax'rif o npasiao,- ■ — heath, ot. 
(£srv.)ij op..v>) pufta: —holly, 
ei. (£«■».)' irpfto; i itsUiclafet : — 
laurel, ou. (,3orv ) o'piivij Jijivij, $: 

— mint, aft. (pm.) ipwirj ;ib«ig, *: 

— Out, 06. (|3oi» ) re o'piKipuov : — 
pass, ou. .dciioupa, Jiiiigoi^, ^: — 
pepper, ou. (jfcr».) of <e*xoi r^ t «»■ 
itipt-jc — plain,ou. aaniS 101 ,to: 

— ridge, au.o!.ipiipnn,ij: — sorrel, 
ou. tfor,.) K<M9p* 9, ipu*4, — 
Stream, o5. X i(aappa ; , 0. xxpitpa, 
ft : — sylph, "i. opui;, optanki, % 1 

— top, oi>. ^ iiapuf^ tpain : — tor- 
rent, ou. XKpAtpa., i\. 

Mo'untainecr, air. tSpth-in, opnvo{, i 

Mo'untaiuous, in. opeivof, spiles: m 

XdpiOi.piyar- — ttSSS, si. to o'piwot 

Moti'ntant, Jr. zipi/nciot, xiupob/nwij 

Mou'nlebank, ob. ci/iipt^;, j ila^irn 

6 : — , p. I. bits™, ^.a«>i - 

cry, 00, kyupnU, ^. [voi*. 

Hou'nter, oi. avaSitfl^, 0. o fevafiaf* 

Mou'nting, ou. a»a6a«; ij: xdipipx,, to; toti9s.ii: — ly, in. 

Mourn, p. ouo\ irlvSos iroiou/iu ft e-/w; 
/l41hv tpdruv 7TfljO<£d^Ao.u3f ; — , 
p. (. (for, at) Jt«vfl» t »a. flp fl »fi, m>- 

(«W( i^M, oSilpCUlU, TUTTO/jail — 

er, ou. opi^T^s. mvftnn)p,4: ;rpo$ 
to» fafov iio/ouBuv: mvflisyopSv; 
— -ful, in- QpqvrliJ'H, yotpbf, /O'JtStji, 
trbiuoi, oui9frfy.jT0(, jitn8ijTi)p(s{. 
wtr»A/t<". a — fui day, ft,u(pa «tu- 
y»*, v- a — f"l tone ^ voice, ourak 
Mm): — fully, iuip.BpiivuSui, to- 
SV*>j: — fulness, ah Uq, afupfe, 
rruyvoJTiK, it- ncvfec, to" j — ing, ofr. 
trt»9et, irivflio/ia, to. 6p%»ei, 0, to 
spend * pass one's life in — ing, 



ita iriuoouj tov fUt* lixytn. deep 
— ing,^apuirivfl(a, },. a —ing dreaa, 
imvS.kV) itrHt, h. pilau (ftxnav, to. 
— dove, oi.(opa ) mpurtpi 5 6pt\. 

tUm: — ly, iirip. »i.Sf/«(, xiau- 


Mouse (»1. mine), oi. (;»»J.) ^0,-, i, 
(Mixjinvruat, 4 : (.aur.) «o^«o,, 4. 
to catch mice, /nuatupai; — caWh- 
er, ofr. pvoBripxi, &-, Jung, oi.f«ij. 
to*, t6; — hawk, ai. (op*.) tpiop- 
X°!> ': — hole, oi./w-JTia, fiunvia, 
j: — hunt, oi. ,uuo^pa,*:(;uo).) 
/ijiyj )v>, ^ : — sight, u, A.nS iuw- 
nia, 4 ; — tail, ou. (j*«v.) /iiioupov, 
to- —trap, 08. (nuaypa, 1) : — , p. 
ouJ. /tuoflflooi; nx'oupytvopxt ; — , 
p. f. i.M Z (f», o-nap*.™, J, airnJ1 - 
pisaw; — r, oi. /luoflijpas, 4. 

Moutll, OU. ITTiJ/ia, TO. tO '1JICT I.IIU-'" 
, JlcfpUl Tt OT^/il, jijt "' ^siv^y. 

not even to open the — , p-nti fSiy- 
71180:1. to open one's — after any- 
thing, Z»«"> "P^t Tl, ^ItlX=0"J(i(ll 

fict ti itk A'TOjUaroj ^ Jia yldffpMt 
fz«v- to stop any one's — , i/t- 
j)piTT*i» h intSuur ro arj/ui; V- 

. *i,OV 

irauTij m/iftunaira-i, to have any- 
thing out of any one's own — , 
hutou ti»o( Hyovnt onoum. hy 
word of — , J07™ x r , * , &l u "*ti SA 
yKdaatK. to order by word of — , 
bio y\&,<n; iiytn h i<-!-l\\:,v. to 
report by word of — , aiiiv Sta-/- 
7iii»iv : p.optpxtr/ibt, 0. to make a 
— , to make — s, iw^ullafvu., o'ia. 

DTpifti* ft JiaiTpifisflai re itpo(»- 
irov: (upon) naiayiJam»o( ft Tivai 

to live from hand to — , airo;^ «. 
the story is in every one's — , nan- 


small — , /impoVropos. with large 
— , piytcUin/iaf: i tovs Jiyout troi- 
oiijirivoj {vtip riw;) : o-iofia, rrrd- 
fi'«», ro : EicCgiiJ, ««f tity (naTI/isu), 

$ : — friend, eli. rcpojneftjTef f'Joj, 
i. I Kponro<eu/iivo{ ?i)fav ; — ho- 

inade, in. npetnoliTOs, ■niartbt, u 
itonpinmSf : — piece, «S. Mopij, npo- 

ITO/.JS ylwTTii(aS.l>)TOv).p!p6l(a,n: 

J Tout i4-/evs!a)iou/itvaf(in4f!Ttis(). 
Mouth, p. I. k. oii. rttft^ata, fuva- 
oxot : i/TtolapGvvoi rtt fiaa&ptu, /i«- 
oTflJ&i, rpriyoj: ^ticj raj ffnfjuati, 
Jfnta^ofiKi : le(x<>>: OSpiiTw, JocJ of 5 : 
— ed, prr. (*v xpq.t. '» ™«««i««] 
it. hard — ed, B-*)npojTo/iof. small 
— ed, /iMpine/Hif, itri : — er, •**/»■ 
ya|, 4: —fa], oh. tynswaf, /uiaTa£, 
^wp-is, 4: Inftunc, n: jump)!" W, 

0p B X" t<I Olg, OU. »T0/l^KO>4j, 

d : — leBB, in. fioro/iof. 
Movable, <*. mnrric, ifotivqros, ifyu- 
Ta«lii;TOf, &y(i-/i/to;: — goods, Inc- 
1tl«, Ta : — property, 17 Kint*i nt- 
piouffi'*; — nesa, si. iSww'ii V- 

k(hito» t4. — -ly, iitip. lixiVqTMf : — 
irl. inrria, fa. 15 frtyrrrq iripc- 

:ir3, xiyi- 


Move, p .1. mv'fi, Jtuxlfi I 

1TT0), luipfmt, StttTp4ltM. it — Bill' 

am— d by anything, Tpiizopiui 
ti, Ilio< i/inoiiT /im n. to be - 
*>«o:0k: iiaWflwflw. to — any 

yoi, Tr»iflw,7rporp/mo, itapopjtiS; (to) 
napoguyu, iyitpra fl ivrvtfpa ti»4 
irpo( ti: (from) fer ity, ircorpfiro, 
Tiv4 vivos; irpnriflq/ii, tiff ipu, -ypi- 
f «, irpOTi(y». Ml be — -d to pity, iff 
twrii miiloflai. to — to laughter, 

■/iWra no«iv q « v«r» . to — violently, 

(tierntv, tmo-ttu*. to — gently, u- 
»omvitv. to — in a circle, *u«Ail», 
*u*Ao$opiZii. to — forward, rcpew- 
*•!>. to — together, (w/jtuit.; — , i. 

'4 MU 

npoSai.s,- (o-rp.) nepriopm inl v4 
ItpjIOJ^&iTroplliofiai, Igsp/iw; /ttttt- 
■", C iToticKojUai. to — Found any- 
thing, fipiaQxt, Tupifipcadm iripl 
ri. to — -in circle, ■virtofspirffo'ai. 
not to — , arpi/dSuv, 4rp»/iiiv : — 
On I iynivu: to — on, npoxspiTv, 
npoSafuuv: — ,oB.»ivqiTi(,q. — lean, 
in. axi'vqref: — ment, 0&. xfyqaiftq. 
tfa/uc, ri. to watch the — meiita 
of the enemy, TijpiiitiaitoTOv no- 

lay.ia-i ■ (iiyju .) iuS/ubs, 0. iyttyi,^; 
— r, AfrtjTia, b : i Tipatiftuv, u^qyq- 
T^f, 4. 
Mo'ving, ^n. <i«k)«1v, ii«>iTO(D(:"iia- 

TpinTi«s(, Stivit. a — apeech.iii- 

vos xal itporptTZTucot liyos: ^tvqTi- 
xi(, «<«jT>Sp«(: — , «6. ^(vqnj, qi 
rrpOTpsTTii, airia, op^q, q: ^— ly, t- 

— ness, o(. ri iitpmtuln, ii wy- 

Uow,t>>tii>i,i. (»3[».) 0!ij.oiv;i,4: 
nnhiAi, : — , ji i. Sq/iovo0i T fi, 

Mow, 0. i. i^aru, Sspfrw, T<MVW, OB0- 
ri/iva, to — down, xaraiinTHv, 4- 
laipiTv, f oxuuv. to — Otf, liraT*^- 
»»iv (t^« «if 1M1) : — burn, p. ait. 
Bipij>)fryo/tai, Jiajtiouai; — er, 06. 

flipcirq,-, D : /iBXBVq q » V1 «T«q : — 

ingjOb.Btpiaiiai. e.S^p(si«,i}: Jtijuwv 
11 Lyp&t 6 fl»pioflti{: — ing, in. Btpt- 
jriKoj: — ing-machine, Bipurtixq 
MZon)) q. 
Moxa, oi. (,3st<.) i'Jo; aprtfUfffat: 
(iip.) ^niAXa 'I«5cirt( opTi/iuriaj 
(Xp4fM*0(i| fltpniMtaritfiroo'aypat). 
uch (<ni-/i<p. more, Ompfl. most), #b. 
tio)6{, iuxvi(, feavic — wood,«o)- 
14 (via : — money, nolli ;(P'i* , '"a. 
very — , irJidrof , b4(ibdJu(, uitip-- 
«oJ«s: — greater, Troli.noJJa, ^if- 
f<j». too — ,uiHpBo)p[,inipeaiiD» : 
— , oh. ro noJii : ir)qSo t , t«. — mo- ' 

ney, ^pquaruv uiflSai. rd : £Uoxb- 
to( ti, irapaJs{«: to think, make 



— of, mpl noJisu xo<iIjoa..tO think 
too — of one's self, eturitu, ptrjn 

fftoO, TOpl .aUTOS: — , hip. *»li, 

noJila, leoiXbv, fx/x\xj a-yav, trtpb- 
Ipa, fir/alt*;; — stronger, noiii 

P-utpii. aa — ,-itos to ft'iffioi, tiv 
ipiB/iiy, input tojoutoj, Teso&TOi. 
u — as, oo-oj, Strat. as — as I can, 
ik riv Juvituv. as — as depends 
npon me, t£ ■/% in', Siav h i. 

Bible, i 

; Mt t, 

iriv /ixXtiTTx. as — as I know, 
i; <Ml (Wneci. as — more, as — 
again, — ,tU rooourof, ti- 
«IiiT(0{. very — , uitipitoAvc; *al 
/isila, Kill tfitpa, fiiiiiia. too — , 
a/av, ilaVfUKipfiaJiAo'vToi^ajiETpoif. 

thus — , so — , toj4(, Toi6(St, ro- 
eaOTBt thus — of that, so — for 
this, Tairaura ph »ipi tdut<»v iip^ ; 
o~0», toiouth jUlv ^4 TauTn, 


n,*.!,. e< 


this time, *sa»S> 8 i-pict 
t* irapoV. how — ? nooov;. rcoVou ; 
— asfl however — , *scin«p: — as 
I wished it jet, *ai 4 tainip itp6- 
fli*^o( a», t/tmt; — admired, no) u- 
eaifiBBroc — esteemed, imiur^oj, 
veiuxip-nTtt : — experienced, noiu- 
/laB-fa : — frequented, Troiuivflp tu- 
rn*!; — wished for, iwiuitdflijTor. 

Mn'chness, oi. imtoVik, jj. no™», t4. 

Mn'cid, *t. fivtuAhf, /i«iaioti s ; — 
Itess, oi. To jiuJaiiov, oaTrpdrflj, q. 

Mn'oiform, in. fatrtutillt, p-viovSii;. 

Hn'cilage, ou. ($arv.) tLi£ai,qi yioios, 
o- — la'ginous, fit. ^u£sjP^$» *yloc^- 
i>i(. — la'einoQSDC9s,o«.T4f.ufii^ts. 

Mock, ou. it<Sitpo{, ^ipBopoi,* : «ii'6«- 
is», fuitau(ia, to; — heap 4 bill 4: 
— midden, ou. niitpBu rapit, o. *o- 
«p(a, $. xoxp&v, I' —fork h rake, 
oi. SUpawi «irp«oy,Toi — worm, 
ot. Kirrpiir; i •■ ititevinmt, ^cJap- 
yvpo$, b ; — , in. uypbt, Su^Sr^ ; 
—, p. i. M*t>it«, Kinpci, Jiaifit, 

iauUnois — incss, ou.puso;, au^/iif, 

o : — y, in. fa-xxpbf, abxpnp't, 

t&X/i&liK. [{ittTp.) pit*, $. 

Mu'eor, ou. iup&l(, o. o-airponjj, if : 

Huco'sity, ou. pb»f, Td\ /ti(a, i. 

Mu'cous, in. putti Ji7;, isnAtiu, lip- 

Titoojii: — nesH, ou. to juuloWgg. 

Mu'oro, eu. six?-*, l«*ui ■$ • — aate %: 

— nated, iit. o'{uj : — nately, hip. 

Mn'eulent, ire. /lufdo"^. [ofiaj. 

:o>fa, ft. fall of 

Mud, c 


5. Uu(, 

—fish, oi. (fx» } Kiflapst, i ; — sill 
ou. (yvp-apttt) pxati, i> : — sucker, 
eu. (dp ) »f jja * iv ^opSopo, ; — 
wail, ou. roi^ot d h nilyuui : (opt.) 

/it Jl£?90 rpay0c, d. 

Mud, p. ^. pcpSopa, tti]Iw, vara^op- 
6np« ; OoJ&i : — , ^:r. 7riiJfio't]4, ^op- 
SopeOo'^r: — dily, ^ir^p. SoJiooif : .- 
diness, ou. to floJipdv: to ir>>}oio"is: 
— die, p. i. Go/u, 4»afloJu, So^Epu : 
flp-i/iiOilu : — die, /S. oui. p'opSopev- 
/iai, ;)«ou^iB<: Tuyxio^oc — ^dy,iir. 
pep&ap&liii, iXudiei};, ttni&tin, So- 
Xriiiixf. /SunapoV itXiiarb;, iRiJru- 
Tiic oTu-/vos, xmifAf, ericuOpunos j 
itif up/iivof, iiay«( : jSAiJ, ^/(8(0i : 
brained ^ headed: — minded, 

a'i6;vvU T^fyvotjU^w,/t»p*i(: — -met' 

tled,«»i<, ^paiuc — dy, ^. i. op. 
Moddle: raparrw, oi«TapaTTM,eo- 

Muc, p. I. is. Mew. [puSii. 

Mue, ^. ^. «p(fti, piufo*. 

Muff, ou. iK«nar/Aa ft 
ra> x"f £lu i T( * i — etle'e, 06. iiupbi 

Mu'mn, oi» aptot megy/riiBty, 6. 
Mu'ffle, p. i. (taXiinri., Buym/inm, 
iripcwoAuTTca. to — - up, mojfraJLU- 

3TTKV, OJr^ca^EIV^tp^lJLTTlLV: daSt- 
vu TOV ^OV (/loutr. opytxvou ntptt-. 
ALTV'^ia Til : — , A. Outf. dj^J^i o- 

/«1S: — , ou. iy/ilov (b » TiSiTai 

lu/A/jia yv'acieitotf, rd, 





M'nfflon, ou. (fojoJ.) Sp. Moufflon. 
Mug, ov. Sbtit, norfiptoi, ri : — 
hon*e, ou fu9oT[w)fIov. t6 : — wort, 

OU. (pOTV.) bpTtfllaiz. if. 

Mu'ggard, At. *ffTiif%. inperfiyopof. 
Mu'ggent, oS. (»>».) iTJof ni'in. 
Mu'gget, oi. t* AwMta (jtiexou). 
Mu'ggiBh,Mn'ggy,*iT. iypis, Sfuypot, 

Mn'gil, oS, fofl.) «ij>a)o{,3. rp(ylY, t i). 
Mula'tto, 06. iiikofuA;. 0. 
Mulberry, ou. (poi-v.) popov, miKx/u. 
v»», to: *J: — tree, ob-pepix, ovxa- 

Mulch, OV. V piolo f)Ti>i xipTOf, i. 

Mulct, oi. Sp. Fine; — , p. t ftp-S, 
Tf/iiifiei InrfSig^f ran: — nary S 
— ary, iir. fijpiO". Tipwpfflv : — nary 
punishment, o4.T/p»;jio,TO'.£;>i,u.(a, j). 

Mule, oi. ipsiit, ^pfevof, i. a joke of 
— S, o'pwo. S«uyo t , rtf ; (goi«l. pNm-0 
vdftof, A. fn^ofu^ii. ; ^itj^Bvn *)&?- 
»T«r), jj : — driver, ou. iptaxe/iof. 
A •■ — jenny ft : — spinner, ou. /in- 
z >»} xlctrw), 4: —wort, oi. 
(pVr.. ^/usvlns, ft. [i. 

Mu'leteer. ou. j^iiovijianK, e' J oio*<ip- $, 

Mu'liebrity, ou. yvvaixitx fJois, i): pa- 
Aoxo'tji?, yuua6rro~ :^, yuvo^/^ji?g?. 

Mu'lier, ou. (vop..) vis iirapflivDj, y: 
rlmoi ri irpi rouyapou ruXX/if&ii; 
— ty," oli. ifl Spttroi /ist& tov yipo* 

Mu'lisb, in, Jifit6yuBi : vjcXua^figv, 
inlpevos, iojnjp o>v(4fiwi ; — ly, in(p. 

Mull, ou. «o«(a, $. »evi(pr*(, 1: rp/p- 
paTa, t« : i««Bap<rte, * : (E*«t.) 
■iStJTioy t>js v.KOTiavifc, t#*. («8(v.) 
TaSxxofM'i, 4 : kitp&Tipto*) to : fi- 
faspa t.. 

Mall, p. i. xatSiM™, yiuKifu (« B ti) ; 
ItUfttzTA, nv/30: iffflllilTTipill ITOf&i 
(nora), su^ksjivw: — er, ou. A oVy- 
xiaifli : reinrri(j<07, t 6. 

Mu'lleio, eb. (/Sot..) yJope,, «*. 

Mu'llet, oi. (^8.) rplyXt!. tpf/Xa, i>, 

Jivriij. o, red — , ipuBpliof, i. 
Mu'lligrubB, ol>. irJ. KojJiifrj Willi, >(: 

SutBu/HiK. iwr/fioi, A. 
MnlfiOD) ou. OTnupi( {tSv BvfitSiaii) : 

— , £, i. natipiu (tit 6uplixt). 
Mu'lo, ou. {(«b>.) /i0( ipoupxUt. 
Mul»c, oi. oi»4^i)i, rrf. 
Mulsh, 00. 3 P . Mnlch. 
Multa'ogular, iir. iroli>)™»o(: — ly, *- 

nip. no)u"ycivru(: — n^ss, ou. to *o- 

Jvyu>ov, ■BsV/-,j»ta, *. 
Multe'ity, el. Sp. Multiplicity. 
Multi-ca'psular, Jir.itoJtvici^ot. — ea'- 

VOUm, in. noXuTfniroj- — -fa'riout, 

TsciuTpoT!o;,7toivui/is. — fa'ri onsly , 

>'», *». 7t»Ju f o p0 ,. —fid ; — fi- 

doufljln iroJuoX"5i)f, noJuij;'"'''! 

jfoVrtu*, ^n. ItoJuHvoSit- —fold, Vn. 
noiviiSrit.itoiuTroliulof. — -Jbrni,iit. 
noAu^op^Of, iraytiipojs^ot, voAutt- 

o"ri(. — fo'rmityiou.itojutiifajij 

fo'rmons, ftf. op. Multiform. 

Mnltige'neroua, in. nalw/triif, iroJun- 

Miillijiii'.iu-', ^tt. noiufiuyiit. (J>i(, 

Multi-la 'teral, ^n. ndun^iupot. — li'. 

Ileal) /it. Boliiypnyjiioi. — lo'cular, 

in. (^otv.) itoAuflaAa/jos. — li,'- 

quan-rt; ou. itoiu'.o/ln, Qiuapla, ij ; 

— lo'quetlt. ^lo'qnous, ta. noJulo- 

■vot, piuapof. 

Multi- no'date Jj — no'dous, At. iroW- 

ofe(. — no'mial, — no'minal, 

i, in noJJSv (poo. 
Multi-pa'roua, in.naiuymiet, nalvntos. 
— parti' f, in, naitiptpJ)t,TtoXufiipt- 
OTO{. — ped, ob. {ivTp.) noJlllTOUt, 
[mlo{,4. — ped,*Tr.TroJW7TOU[.— pfo, 
ou. u noiJaTfii jkk ipiSpAt. —pie, 

In. jrellaitAo&t, »oJjHxJar(o t . 

pt*z,in.noli,nTUXof. itoiu^ipfe — 
pli'ablr, in, nUaniiiaiarrVf. — 
pli'ableneae, oi. ri iroJinirAao-ia- 
«t*v. — plicand, ou. »oJiasia««- 

i. — plicnie, in. iro)J«7i 



Jaitiamnojiif, 4. — plieative, *7t. 
ijixutiiTtitbf, itoJlaTiinnHiTTimfi. — - 
plicatur, eu. no>Ann)aiTi«ffT>i<,o. — 

pljlilv, rill. J[/«liO{, Tit. ToWiljIlfa, 

ij. — plier, bii. irsJJiiraAtdHaoTiit, i. 
— ply, ^. i. : 
E&J. noAAa.iAanjo'. - —ply, ^. PUfl\ 

iriaflot, noXAanXaffii^o/JHi. —ply- 
ing, in. auhri^i, noiiairiairiafl-Ti- 
«=(- — potent, in. noXulwa/ios.— 
pre'senit, no. r\ trui/aftm it noiiett 

Multi-ae'rial, in. noiujToi);o(. — ri'li- 
qnoUS, in. (fWv.| iroiuioSof. — *o- 
nou£, in. noiufojyof, Tteivf&oyyos 
— Sy 'tlabtf ,oi.J.iEi{iroJu juJi a£s 1 ,ij . 

Mu'llitude, «i. n^Sef, to\ ni«ous, r) : 
ajflovfa, (uTropfa. a — of traitors, 
fopa upooVrcjv, if. to nolu, Toniri- 
o T (n ; e/iii«f.£;E)os,£. the — ,olitoi- 
Aei, no)uc J«iio(, ni-tfof, ro\ in a 
— , iroJi.(. in —a, 48/woi. with the 

whole — , Tta^nJijfliii : 7tn/inlil9l(. 
in great — ,dy6ovBs, : bySt- 
«tt, Ji<^i)fi(. — tu'diuary, in.=: in, 
Multitu'dinonn, At. TtoAUf, aflpoof, 
seJianJrimat: d *, to tou rriiiBout : 
— ly, in. noJunJiifliS!, jroJuapffl^us. 

Mn'lti-vaive, ™. j*a)«.ov I Z ov i»U* 
fitirri^iH, ri. — valve- — va'lvu- 
lar, in. noJuonoi : ■naiutiivfBf. — 

ve'reant, in. «l y mra8Jnrot. 

Hulti'-vtli&r, in. noJuriujiaroj. 
Multure, 06. to iMfluv. (*«».) ai(a. s , 

4 : ri iJinBlv I to (mi.) iimnirov. 
Hum, <«■ nyqUt, «i»>nflv: — , firiy 

or/*] oI-/a 1 — change, lb. tiSaii 

Hum, aii. clooi &6cu. 

Mu'mble, p. ail. /top/tipa, ^i9upf£ii, 
T«9epif«:/ia,rrBpu$'<i: — uewH,o£. 
entpfieX6yos.&: — -r, cv.Tovflopfor^i, 
i; i jtscaTtr-pifa-r. 

7 MU 

Mu'mbling, el. ftlhipia/ibf, b : — ly, 

blip. /11TB nvStpta/ia-j. 

Miuiuq, p. oil. nipiBaiispm "xfipa 
ilUoTpiov.he'uo^ai ip&rut aiiou n. 
*6i : - — tr, efi. nposftiTri J 50)000 f, A: 
yrf^i, : — ery, oi. >>oi)T»(tt, $; npa t - 

lt«A)«CC, li. [(»l*pO»J. 

Mn'mmify, p. I. raeij;iuiM, iHpuTfJJui 

Mu'mroy, ou. ouiJitov (i&fta), to. »«- 

*p0( rapi^dPTOs 1) T!tapij;iii/ia»o(, 

: to it BKiitToti (trrj/Lxrot) iiypii : 

faxiiv, v. to beat to a — , avtJiSe 

k14ttU« mi ; — . ^, i. Tn^ij;i«» 


Mump, *. wf. rovSop^oj : Jan™ ra- 
z i«{ : in«>t& : (of) oHaru, ifaitB- 
Tffl : onuOpmrafot: — , (1. i. sOitrti, 
tvtttk: — er, ai.inaims, i: — tng, 
ou. TOvBopivpbi. A : <pi->txicuiic;, 6 : 
— iflh, in, mriifii, axudpiinbt: — 

ishly, inlp. tKudpoinuf. — irhnees, 

ow.muflpwWTUt, l\: — 8, oti. irl.iui- 
tt*bt,iufwHm,ii:{bttp.)Kaf>*iTlt 7 i. 

Monch, p. i- imyxiKTv, Axipipfut 
Hanafya. to — dainties, taiyald- 
«» i — er,'i7?«/Oi.*aTa)!a-/as,i. 

Mn'ndane, iir. iyn6<r/iiat, «oo>ucof, 
yijEvoj. — da'uity, eu ti lyxoa/miv, 
|K«T«rfH(, ^. [in. naflapt.x^. 

Munda'tion, oi.jiaflapia^of, i. — tory, 

Mundinca'tion.Bu.fiirp.JaTroi^it (. 

Mnndi'fioative, in. (i«rp.) ustflapTixoi, 

erurit: - 


Mundu'ngnp,ou.vcxoT(ari Sit 
Mn'ng-oorn, ou. ip. Mang-com. 
Hn'ngret, in. k. et. ip. Mongrel. 

Muni'cipal, in. nuirwlii Sr,/ioTUtbf. 

— law.oi. SypoTixb; rifles, i. a — 

citizen, inKioXir^i. A. 
Munioipa'lity, oi. n/tit, * : 0/ rfls ni. 

Muni'fic, in. ip. Munifioent. 
Mnni'ficence, oh. xalvSoipta, pr/ale- 

Saplx, fiii toil?., ii. 
Muni'ficent, in. ■naliiropat, fnyxiiSn- 

pot, iituBlput, Sxftit),: — lv.infp. 
Mu'nify, f. i. ■JCC «. [piyaioJiipMt- 

: (•«/>•) 


Mu'niment, oi. 4x<ipmp.a, i 

ffi.Hfi.xta, ri. pap-rip,, , 
houie, oi (you.) 7pauB«T00>u\a- 
KIO>, apxiiov, Tij. 

Mrmi'lion, oi. iov/<«, 'xipoi/'o:, l!««f- 
Z<ay», rilxm, rd: jrapao-ifiyi), A. *- 
7ririio not ri U( tou nollBoy, (ion.) 
nali»ti?>4o\a, ti. 

Mu'nnion, si. lp. Mullion. 

Mnna | oi. IT'. TO JT0,UK, Jt. otytAQot, 

Mu'rage, oi. pdoos i airi' Tin nljpn. 
Mu'Tal.Ht.Tttxttdt: TuxoitUi' (ixtp.) 

Mu'rder, oi. f i*os, i- ip«y>), i. Sa»«- 

tk. *. =I>a, ri. «iTo Z .<p(a, *■ to 
accuse any one of — ■ , j ivoy (TieaHiv 
J) ypifieBttt ma. trial for — , f a»t- 
Jtrj ifao, A. guilt of — , fo-iKiv ao*i- 

v«. IfoiTT6), ^IHlfOVSJ: JlKffll^OI, 

— er, oi. jioviii, >f ttytuf, auTtS^up j 
■ /iixiyiias.i: uwpoy r^JiEiJo-J (noji- 

ouo-a.Ajoyiiioaoa: — ing-pieoe, ei. 

tii1iEeU«>, ri: — oub, fa. (oovutlf, 

pdnof, ftiKifdvof, iyfyoj tf«es ; — 

OUSlj, itip. fOritAt. [ipunrfi. 

Mu'rdress, ei. (tts\.) nslivJiTTpx. jj 

Mu'renger, oi. TiixoptlJUJ, 4. 

Mu'rex> at. irntppotj, *1 : — an. at. to 

■KQpfttptKW dfu, [*11 yufAQrii, yj. 

Mu'riftcite,ou.(^ji,u.) ooitfa io"po;jlaipi- 

Mu'rlate, oi. fau/i,) »opoxMp«». to; 

— d,fa.i>'«)B*>T« i<(: o«y ai^ijfiy. 

Muria'tic, fa. "uSpoxlupiiiat. — ati'fe- 

rous, fa. xloipoaxet. — ct/ette, at. 

(dp.)T(rayOf /inyytoio&;(«>4. — co ' e 

4 cntW, fa. oKivflas tx«v, BKayfei- 

Snt, ixavfticic. *iyTpoie'»if, — -form, 

fa, iiJjyOsil'J ^f. 

Mu'rine ( fa. /t«4Ji(, nvotcf ^(. 

Mutk, et. ffitit-of, 4. TJ.IyjfPa;, tJ: — 
tj: — y, fa. traftp&t, onoTiivai, 0*0- 



>. flopuSot, Bpov:, fiSupt- 

d/ib; 6 

To". m foyywrp.oi t 


6. fJoriBo; (CJaroo), : — , p. obS. 
Bopuiiptu, fiSueifii, jo/jniffti, Toyflo- 
p£;«, nlapufW, ufts^epfli — a'tion-, 

ei. tyiHucnitbi. : — e.t, au. ijud-jst- 

OTlii, -/OV/WTlJt, TOyfioplITlit, 4: — 

— ing, oi. ^ituawftaE, o: — ingly, 

fajp. HtTayey^ofioDiBi/i^cuoipiiif: 

— On*, in. iyiipoty yoyyuap.ii. 
Mti'rrain, oi. 7) ro> ^eojinuaTojy lii^ri 

j) iflopa, 4 tw. /SsumiBffTiuii Joi/iic. 
Mn'rrbine, fa. fioppivo,- (*(flo{). (A. 
Mu'rrion. oil.jipaiioi.Td. nipMijfaJiHio:, 
Mu'rther.oJ. n. p. ip. Murder. 
Musa'ceoos, fa. (pott.) payoy»iiJi5(, 
Mu'aal, fa. iror>)Tt>oV 
Mn'scadel,Mn'acadinc,oi. op. Muscat. 
Mn'scardine,ot. yo«[ raiy uirafoomw- 

«...:««..) At ,i.„„. 
Muscat. Mu'ecatel, oi. ^upoiTitJuJoy 

( /ioizoaiafuJo>, ri: o!»0( a orro 

Mu'scle, at. (ayru.) I{, §. buj, ^uiv. 

^Oi, *! — 

*uwS ni 

Mu'Boliug, at. TO /iu£po"i;. 

Mu'ecoid, fa. ppuou.l/ii, ppn&ir,t. — 

co'aity, oi. to ppwfiJit. 
Mnflcova'do, oi. sanx<tpt *h iCot/is. ■ 

— , fa SitpuiTaliojToe. 

Mu'soOTite, oi. oT/i/iot y| X(™ ,, f t ''*' 

Mn'scovy, at. (fwo).) bds 6 fiaa X sf6- 

«•■: — duek.oi. (d^y.)mooo ^ ,uo- 

o-xofipot: — glasa, oi. ^ Z/twtTi( 


Mu'scular, fa. buoj Ji> ( ; — strength', 

p"&pti, lirovfa,?): y»up(iJij{,(ixupo'(: 

— itytot. to ^u(5a"i(: io;(u(,$: — ly, 

/ft/p. iixvpS{> tfyyaroij. [t. 

Mu'soulite, at. puiliBet, «ooirt ( /iB c , 

Hu'sodIous, in. BUEuJqt: tvxupbt, vtu- 

»**«. [ri. 

Mu'scub (irJ.muBci), au. (fan.) ^puov, 

Muae, si. (buS. } Houaa, q. (ioVojf ^ t^( 

ltO(*o-ia.()! iJeivo atyin; A : to TrJt 

yiip-nt ttait, wtffaf, Jiayoia, *J ■ 

Jyiipe7T0ifl«(, 4: nooin)(, 4: o'n^ 

MU" T 

(mpypiyy.aro^.i, - Jii£ J 0t ,^ : — , 

fpWfw,,p.<,a- (upon,on)>AUi- 
t«, layt&pxi irspl twos : — fnl, In. 
avwric, ffujtTtSTHTec — fully, Mp. 
munruac. — less, In. oS jpovii:;w» 
ff*pi noinatv*: anmTOt; — r, ait. 
av*voVs,6vupo7io*&j,A.[yp&ytt&) l TD. 

Kn'set, ob. 6ia).ti/tit.x1)xvp<'>' »«o«(i* 

Museum, sir. (ioujefci» v TO. 

Mush, si. iZo'oo noirou. " 

Mu'shroom, all. (^ory.) /iuxi7(,.e: yio- 
nlourot, oJu'itJoutos, 4. — , In. 4fA- 
ptpos: — stone, ai. /tujrniiiSot.o. 

Mu'SlC, OU. UOUJIKJJ, ij ; suppMvftc, HJ- 

poyfa, ij r apa.oru/1, i). to mike — , 
pmtrtKtutoQm, jiow(£i». to com- 
pose — , fitloirottEv. a teacher of — 
tj: — master! e Tns powuri;; (SuSri- 
nultt: — mistress, ah. y Tfc p-°v- 
stxfyttSaotaias; — pftper, oi-xap- 
t1( i tilt /iilonoitev ; — al, In.jiou- 
ffoos: — al pieces, pttij, upoii/iara, 

Ti:a — al composition, aupjfn^Cx 

inn* Spyarx, rd, maker of — al in- 
struments, £py6*ar Sq/ttoupybf, 6. 
ally, I*, /igwwfif, $*<*** ! — al- 
ness, o5. to /huikIv, kp/ioulx, y ■■ 
— iaa, oi. ftttvnxbt, /ifwiaflf I/hii. 
pot, 4 : a T*i( /louoiKift Ji Jiff Jiff Joe 
oulitnis, ^iiriji, fiouaoupyot, J, 

Mn'sing, sA. to fpovtXv, ixtytt, ij. 

Mask, sv. /idc-go;, o : ('uoi.) ^off^o- 
eo/w«o, *: (po«.) /.ai^ot, «: — ap- 

Jile, eft. jito«zif/iii)oy : — beetle, eft. 
brp.) T^TTuSi^oTX'f^P'c— cat 
d deer, of>. (tjwoA'^orxorJopKHj. ' ! 
— mallow, ov. (^o T y.J fioioxi ^ eu- 
»fUf ; — melon, s6.(£otv.)>ioi);o- 
ntnmy, o ; — orchis, oi>. (£otv.) 30- 
Tup(e« to <v6>oij: — rat, eu. (fjuoi ) 
pXii o /lenxefo/jo ; : — seed, ou. x<f«- 

jiaWfi.T.:— Iness.oo.To^o^fio'K: 
— y. In. ponx&Sin, iMoqc. 
TOUf fan, TO : (op"-) mrifraf o nop it» : 

0i>a)g*lo{po r pOf 
• Ouffe... 


ry, o&. th itupafio^a ottJoe, 
Muaki'to, oi. op. Mosquito, [f i*<H, 
Mn'sliro, oi'. op. Moslem. 
Mu'slin, aw. tpov ri, 

Mn'smon, Mu'sin.on, «£. i-ypiov npo- 
Musqui'to, oft. op. Mosquito. 
Mu'srol, ou. mjrluc (xnlivoD). o. 
Musa, oi. naioii ti< ; — , p. I. Tipii- 

Mu'ssel, ou. (('xfl.) op. Moacle". 

Mu'ssulmau, bu. MunfitrJavev, '■ 
HlISt,Ulti1Tls p. *«. ^p^, nvHy»7 i=Tjv, 
itporineti, irptirii. I —do, Jtl fit not. 

one — speak the truth, i-i klrfii 
xp* Uj«., («».) ir/ifaB vi Wy».- 

tbi jj aJ^flna. you — obey your 

parents, xp'h °> nifetiozi toIc 70- 

viDoi : the body — be exercised, «- 
mqrfey r o ofi/"«. one — worship 

the gods, 6lpSiTUJTi0V TOU( 8ioii(, 

A<p«hiurEoc 9< fitoi, (koi».) nplnii 

iX*. onut ™ aiEWTfi. {rpi?, *. 

Must, oft. -yliuxOj, Tit. eivoj via;, J : 
Must, p. i. K. eiiX, tipili, lanpi^M, 

ImSs,, [Tit. 

Mn'stac oij. (?«ol.) n^fliiKot J Jopu- 
Musta'che, Musta'cllio, ou. (iiJiTaf , 6. 

Mn'stard, t 

■v.) „bn, 

:., t6: 

irofoxtlov: — seed,oi.«tJp8(iruvd- 
Mustfi'e, oi. !p. Meste'e. [nnoj, i, 
Mu'steline, In. i, f,, to rt( irrflf. 
Mu'Ster.jj.i.^itnon TCyonJuvnoioO- 

/ial,IElTi?41T0V0TpBT0V,TSU( JTpa- 

Tiirat fl t^» o-Tpartxi, iwtSutpS 

T0 Uf OT^««iT«, : Hl«( ^.Ti up) 

MU 7* 

wtpattvt**; the army —8 3000 
men, i rrcinj iaii 3000 4vA>fii> ; 
— , oi. U"*-"i-. ilxsivti.T,titi, hit- 
4«gif, ft : inlfXricoiiiic, Jom^aaia, 4: 
oTpaTee, i : aflpamt tOv ffTpaTiM- 
rSv. to pass -, iEtTatJiffflai : (for) 
iJam^iriaflai: — book, ' 

n va»), J. 


Mu'tiny, oi. xiitpot (roi 

Mu'tinous, 4i. ffrtM&tiif, m-aov. 
*St, «TK*u<fTUc<tfi — ly, iirfp. a 
aixtrriK&ii anoffTZTiKcis : — n 
oi. mint, Tapaxft, 4. 

Mu'tiny, oi. iriait, mwHporftx, Jixo- 


*.(«, <hre 

-, <>. oi c\ 

r T (iJo-,0(. s: 

roll, oi. (arp. 

(if T p.) i*uT»i>ty*r, ri. — master, 

oi. o t?( ijira-rituf jm/n)>iTn(. 
Mu F et-ily, intp. Evpafru*:, /juJaAcus : 
iricufl^uTiat i vwflpws ; — inesa, oi. 
(raB|»TiJf, ft. »if>M{. o: nHT^JJlia, 4: 
vsBpiTiK, ft : — y, ^n. /ivSiUot, «i- 
pitiii ibf&tw cxnpAs. to become, 
tarn— 7, lipoma. ; TtTfippfaf, 

Mutabi'lity 0. — bleness, oi. Iraib, 
li/itratSiijfl'i'a, anaTaaTaafct. ft. — 
ble, in. li/KTaSoJof, »6/i<Tn8ii]Tos> 

bly, Wp. «i,mTa6A:firw(, ao-Taroij, 

eTTafliL;. [psTfUiafcj, iMayft, 4. 

Mnta'tion, oi. ^iraSo/ii, /MTstarao-if, 

Mule, <ix. btbf, i»T*(, olJaiof, ayioir- 

n <,b«b(,<l r < 1 ..|.(w.)rta«<: 

aiyqlbt, [(«!«>: — , oi. *»«0(, afB- 

not, ai^/oe, £ : unnpinjt a aiwirdv 

" (it xijoVs) : (yoaii.) arai^srov apru- 

»o»; (/ious.)ro a^tSAuvov rout flxowf. 

— ly, iit(p. ijjojjus, eUdluf: ory.;- 

I'ii : — noss, oi. ssuii'a, JcuvilTnt, 

«™, i. 

Mute, 8 J. nilnpot (tmv nrr]yilv), S: — , 

p. «M. (if,.) «».«••, X i(«. 
Mn'tilate,j.*. itepuciiiTTM, iupMnjoiii- 
C», noletSii, camtinra, iripoi, a»d- 
iropoy iroiSS, )u,uaivo,nai: — fl: — d, 
in. inairnpof, itiTiapu/AiiiOf , nipc*o- 
mlf, KoKoSit. — la'tion, oi. mpi- 
■/.or:/ 1 ,, ft. bxpiiTttpiaefibty&.iriipoitti, 
ralA&wnt, xoioualr, ft. irtpw/ja, tJ. 
— lator, oi. iKp»nii>iieTij, £i — 
lout. At. mioSo 1 *: Mn) ( , ttiiltft*. 
Mu'tine, (i. gii<T. 5a. Mutiny- 
Mutineer, oi. oraffiosTflt, ffuvu/idmc, 
o. a chief — , araafepxec, i. 

«btS: — ing, oi. araoif, ft. 
u'tter, p. i. k. ait. ,uiif», yoyyufu, 
rev!of (£«, ypu£o>, p.oppopi$ai ; — , 
oS. TO»9o ( 3io , fiO(, iiopitopiajibt, i x 
— er,oi. rovSopiorfo,*: — ing, oi. 
yoyyuo/ibs, * ; — ingly, Mp, fitric 
Mu'tton, oi. if oSartion *if>ia(, to" : — 
chops, oi. nJ. TT^iSaiai tJiuoai, sd; 

— Cutlet, oi. jipoSiraiot Ti^axat!,. 

i ■■ — fist, oi. t»iyM **up&Sit r « 

nai iT^upi' : — ■ ham, oi. npoSartio; 
/typos TtTupixtrj/Aiwe, &- — monger, 
oi. dniiniTef, vuvaao>ia»i(, ft. 
Mu'tual, he. ipatSiaoi i to make — 
concessioni, iiflofio)o7tiv. to offer 

— salutations, i/tiSi(iou3Bt:i : — 
love, to fiitlv xxt fildaBat: — con- 
Cord, ft repot ailiiioui 6/iiiaut. to 

have -~ coufiilence, wwtwni iiiij. 
Ao <5 .tomake — protestations, JiJa- 
vaiTi laJ^ayeiyii'D J^£nSlu (ti, 
optouf, nitrra, xri.), o'({iiv Joiivai 
lai XxSiir. a — agreement, anSe- 
fjoXoyia, 4 : — love, fiXxxiyilia, ft : 

— fight, a)Jn)o,^ tt .ft : — ity, oi. 
VoiSa.oT^i, 4. a^ocSij, 4: — ly, ■?- 
;rrp auotSaia,-, t'jt fiai?0];>!;, xpo< 
i))^Joa{. we — lyagreed, i/ioJoyn- 

Mu'tnary.oi t tfav»<£omi>o(. [«uft^I». 

Mui, oi. a*a9apac , a, punapoT>if, ft » — 
y, ^it. i«aflapro(. [iam(,"ft. 

ii'zzineas, oi. ritn/ti^v, i : ftjaivap- 

Mu'Kile, oi. pbyx'i, t* : f'fiOi. i. ff- 
^iurpo», tii/iOi, 4; — , fi. 4. «T0»*a, 
jiyiiS, nij^a; to — one's rooiith, 

SUpSBRTKV TO <rt4f*X TrJOC, flltoSa 

T*va: — , ^. aio'. nX^id^ai to onf- 
,ua ml: ir.p ln ia»*»»ai ; — d, i». 


Mu'zzy, 4-n. iip'/uV-tf- auyittxv pi'ot. 
My, bvtm». i/tot, pav, i/iau, ip.avrcii i 

— property, t« i/isi. I for — part, 
to y' i/tir ; — frieud, *f it : — la 
Iher loves me, f'<« fti i natijp J| 

Myographic iff: — nl, in. imoypxi/it- 
***. — graphy, itepiTouifHiu- 
>«f. — &S#, B*. /tt-elojia, i. 

Mv'opS, OV. flvtity, 6. 

My'opy, ei. pyemia, A. 
My'olomy, oi. iwezo/ila, i. 
My'riad,ou.pu,jiBS.]j: niijOo(fcoiu,Ti[. 
My'riarch, oo.»iupfnp;eof,/tuf»«fi;<iii,<l, 
My'rmTdou, ou. fnaQu-rb^ {arpaTi&- 

TTJf), ii j>WTl)(, 0. 

Myro'balan, (|3otv.) >tiif!o6i)«»o(. ^. 
Myrrh, oi. pvppx, apbpvoz, i). of — , 

apvpvxlof. — ioe, ^n. ^ilppvaf. 
My'rtitbnn, in. pvpTeutitt. 
My'rtle, ou. (j3otv.> /i.vpTai, popirlni, 

i. made of — , piipwios, /inpiiyitot. 

a — berry, fiipTov, T J. p-vptlt, v: 

— grove, p.vpwii*i 6 ; — oil, oi. 

My'self, Imw, butoj. I saw it — , 

fy& n£ir4{ iTdev aire. 
My'siagogue, oi. fiuoTaywyif, J : (i«- 

Myste'rions, in. /luo-T.ipiiio'tif, jjuoti- 

KOJ, «pp>]TO(, inO(Jpi7T0(: JtflVTtTlSf. 

ill — terms, oY AnopjSijToiv ; — ly, 
inip. jiuTT^picit^fti^, anopo^TGi; ? *pv- 

My'steriie, p. i. no<s »i /iuffri7p<aJi(. 

My'stery, ou. /iwrr«f!<ov, to : nJiiij, 
i. (ffuv^fltus TtJitai. ai) /luffrflpia, 

>et^, jj. ait6pp/iT0*, fvjgTi,pmr t ti. 
to prepare for the — riea, jiwrayw- 
ysft. to celebrate the — lies, ti«Z» 

M/slic, ai. itvo-TtKbt, *: — 1: — al, 
in. ftuffrr,ptrilSili, y.nartKOi. /±uOTr r 
ptaxi,-. — a]ly,7«TT>ipiwc"(J f :_al. 

Myth, ov. ^tu9o(,4. puBoiifniix^ ii: 
— history, ob. iiubo'ioyla, ii: — ic: 
— ical, in. //.vSiKbi, fiufltio^c — o'- 
grapher, ab. p-uBofpdfoi.b; — olo'- 
yictl lo'gieal.irr. /j.u9oio/unf( — lo- 
gically,lnle. itu6olayiKmi. — o'lo- 
gist, "". p-uttoXeyoi, &.— o'logize, £. 
i. /wfloio-yffi. — ologue, ou. pufloJio'- 
-/Tijua, ro. — o'logy.ou.puffeioyfo:, ii. 

Mytillte, ov. p.u<zl a A.SojtoV 

Mysine, ob. (i*u.) pupws, b. 

S, a; <rvf*. N., north : N.B.nota bene. 
S.S. rlew style- [«« Tiurfi, 

Nab, £. i. kpTtX%bl, afKpTT&t^tiZ Tuy^O- 

Nah, ov. Spou; xopvfti, Ti- 

Ka^it, lb. B-dtxap Kpuarailaeir, ri. 

Na^lom, et. (/wui. *,=T=y v) J i-ISv 

'Etpalw i(Ht>7 fl Jlupa. 
Na'bob, oh. vpo;ay6pwu/ia Tip-HTinhv 

Ivjsu no-./jo.Oi, to: 5anJouT8{, S. 

Nacbe, su. op. Natch. [xoise, a. 

Sa'eker, »i. Svwi««i, («=cv.) o-i))o- 

Na'cker, Ka'cre, ov. t* toU pxpynpl- 

■ttv StTpaxot, mini, '/• fiaj3/aps;,Q. 


P, in 

^a'dir, ot. ( ot . T; =..) o onivo-Ti «C- f.- 

»(8 iroics, (xoiv.) >aoJp, ro. 

Na'dle-steLn, oi. (if.) piAo.ol.flo«. i. 
Naeve, ou. f a«c ( , o (irrl to& li^HTOi). 
Naff, Naft, oi. («>..) «8iw, i [iit.i- 
Nag, «i. fnna^ov, tJ. kU W , «a^i)- 
Na'ggy, in. Wfxolot, ou,-rponO{. 

Naiad, oi. (^fl.) val f % nA, A. the 

Nail, ■ 



NA % 

Xirrfipm, t<S. like a — , evuxetttit'- 
Jtiif, ya/ifOi, irajjaJo j fl ir«TTiio { , 
TvJo(, i ■ t) rau flt>v *aj> sH : KupT-j- 
/ia, xuyrdfiit, to; /itTpov ^ijuo-Ji ■« 
'2J- oaKTiiiuv )) <!£ 1/1.6 yipSxt: 

v-mB/tit Xtrp&v, ti. on the — , il- 

fliis, iToipm, Stm ivneol^?: — ma- 
ker, ou. op. Mailer: — mandrel 4 
— mould. ol. ^lo»t>7no», ti: —pa- 
ring, oS. owx'"/*'!' &'■ — smith, ou. 
Mo*oiO t , Moxokos, a. 

Nail, |i. I. iiio, yop<pa, naatraliiti, 
miyni^i ^)oi{. to — to anything, 
irpofnlouv, TrpoiTTBTTilfuii. t<vJ 4) 
Ttpoj n; — er, si; iiWotos, : — 
ery, ou. ri tSv tfJwy ■p^oo-rio'ioii : 
— tog, ou. tfWi;, i. 

Naive, fit. eipiltf;, kttJou(, aitepvit, 
anXotxot; — ]y t iTzlp. anXoixrHi, &ft 
l&f. — te, oi. ifil«B, 4. 

Na'ked, in. yv/ivos ^1*05. to atrip — , 
•viVivoOy; )rto S , >»^ !: ao^: p a- 

M(, luTii^s ; — ly, ^Trfp. yuitv&fi 

t*li. yuuvornf, 17. To yv^uyov. 

Nale, oi. iJvSonoiAtiov, to. 

Na'mable, in. o'vo/iaoriof. 

Na'mby- pa'mby, ir. npoint-nomiii- 
vo;: tUTtMi- 

Name, e£.fvafia,rJ. npotjjyop/n, npof- 
m-ju.ui'i, ij. to call any one by his 
— , ovojKMfi tiirrii rurf. a proper 
— , xdptov B-ioita, ti. to name any- 
thing by ils — , ivtp&tu* n t$ el- 
xtfo ***>an. a man of the — of B. 
■R by — B-, **ty B. to thtpA, injp 
npsrayopiuoj«»vo; B. of the same — -, 
Sfid,rup.oi, by — , ivojtairri. to call 
anyone — s,0Sp£?«v: ayflpwjros, &, 
■i, lis. to answer in any one's — , 
broKftitf fsu inip rivof. I had done 
it in your — , «»«" ooO iTioinoa tou- 
to. I greet yon in my wife's — , 
Xalpttv at unlaw sapil Tflt yuiautof 
/iou. to do anything in God's — , 
eu> ti3 8i<5 Kauh ti !; 47«8iJ tux? : 
pVi Ma, t|. a good — ,tis«£(a,^, 


to have a gow 
make oneself a 

, tvS'.idi. to 

by anything, 
>o;. without a 
— , iSalof. ivd-vvw. (yp'M-) "o- 
pa, ti. to call things by their right 
— s, o»o^af«» tk vtixa ounea. 
Name, fi. i. isop-a^at, t'lro.o^aSot, o'vo- 
M3['vio ; Kjiil, icBUiSiysaE'JM : jl-iv.x-i 
■ttomvp.3.1, iii-npoitimti; anoJti<»u- 
/*t H a?xyopzu> l >, xaaiaTvj/n, tlBijp-t, ' 
ipffiu; — less, ilt. ayiyu^Of : ayvsj- 
ffroi, So^/ioj, bo'o{o!; fippiiToe, 4- 
v^<jipniiTO{ : — lessly, iirtp. ovuni- 
/ioit ; aii\wt: anutppaiTQis; — less- 
ness, a»«v Uf Ja, iJoJia, ^:— ly, i. 
nip. Si, litlaii), lira, SrilaviTt, 
yi.p 1 ouo^iairi, iar' SyOjtia : — r, oil. 
i han&fytv ; ~ sake, ov. ifiijvufio;, 
Spotlit to Svo/ia., npos#*uy TO ovo- 

Nan, biif. t|! jiwiI [kiv«. 

Nanke'eH,oi.5f!!n-^ii,T(, (noli.) ri vny- 

Nap, 06. viisTay/ia, u7ivio», t^. to take 
a — t fiu(p9v anoXzvttu ^rryou. after- 
noon — 9i a — after dinner, ittli- 
■ithrvoc it— , tW. (wttifu, ana- 


6. lctzm, *oo*i(, ri. («o<v.) 
to : tv)o(, i. a/t&Sit, ^ : — , p. i. 

TTOfOl Jf pOX uJ« ^Ttj U^riffjUaTDJ. 

Nape, oil. aijj'i', TpaZi^Ofi '• '»«**, 

to ; op. Neap. 
Na'pery, oi. imrpaniCuti iiitcu, ai. 
Ne'phew, oi. (|5otv.) Nanew. 
Na'phtha, ou. (op.) »«»>3a, J. 

Na'piform, i». 7077«iouo'^i. 

Na'pkin, oil..^iipif^aiiTpov, htpttfAt, 

ti. iteir, imrpattCas, i. (not;) 
p.Kiivltk y $, a barber's — ii/iiit- 
rot, ti; — ring, ou.ziipo^iiiTpou 

KpClCOi, A. 

Na'p-les?, iir. di^vovf. — piness (S.t* 

KpoMtuo'ii : pupb* Sttvou, t^, — py, . 

in. KpSK&li)t, X'O^o'iC uirwWitt ; 

(iirl fuflou) ifpiiSm. —taking, ou. 

fl aifviitOi Katal/iftf. 
Na'pus, ou. (^orv.) 7077^4, 4- 

Narci'asiia, •», (/tore.) .jwbjs. 

Na'rcoeia, ™. (««.) vie*«o'i(, 

Nareo'tic, ot. naBUMrmey ft taw 

fip/naoy, ii: — fl: — &[, it 

—ally, blip, "apxai- 

Na'ruotine, e&. (j£1/i.) vaptutirr,, J. 
Hard, ofi. (parv.) vapfoj, ij. made of 

— , »ipo\w>[. like — , vaptin. 

lapStrtt, 4 : 4 oil of — , tip 



v«pfl*l*ia, t vi 

Nana, OU. flu*T»Jpij, pdlBr 

Na'rgil, oi. (por..) rs^ofo^f, o. 
Na'rrable, *«. lt*Ti;, ■niyqr.f. 
Na'rrate, )S. i. Uyw, fpa?», JcijtoS- 
^ar, otpqyobpat, iVto^w, Jtiffcunf. 

ifirn D i S ,anio'ne, ! ,i' lifyoj.o. Jin- 

rative, in. &tr]yt/AHrfxbi, afrr/npa- 
™ii, forapwsc. — raiively, ftiffu- 
paTix£[. — ra'tor, ov. for/qTi;, ifpj- 
yijrif, JoTOTToilt, a. — ratory, tit. 
Na'rroir, ftr. .-woe <ft«iilf, ^705: 

BT«>8X»p0i, mvanepaj, ««» HITS f . a 

— spsoe, iTtvoxoipia, 4. a — pass, 
onailitopov, to*. «t»v«, ra. a — gar- 
ment, hHi Kpotierxiiiiiaii.i: ijMs, 
eii7»(, tii Stnht t^v fin*. tube — 
minded, ail* opflwt tpliui. a — 
mind i — mindedneas, ppajjurjjt Tl is 
y/aifirti : a,vi\t\iBipo$ t $t\dpyvooz • 
&rptG*it. to make, render — , o"ti- 

come — , owayuSxi, MrrilitvOat. 
to have a — escape, fuxpb> itfiu- 

yttt (toO x. knxptpf.) : faced, 

a-criOTtpifitKat -. — -hearted : — 

-minded fl gouled, pitpABvpus, 

t"*P&ty a K ! >it |»«pa fpm&r, rammf- 
fpum — .mouthed, p.u.patnop.os • 

■ righted, kp&lbu'p: —.ob.nopb. 

/iSi, fivxapot, i. oriii, ra : o-.i- 

Na'rrow, £. i. sin 1 * : vusflyyv, nml- 

13 HA 

-/» : juvTip.vej, nip«(i(f» ;—,p,eH. 

PTIWlBpUU, jUETTtiio/l*!, luiayojim; 

— ing, 06. >W>u«c t i (TtivAv, tA: 
— ly, in(p. mtt&i : tr-si'iix&ptif, 
vuwHmKlpfvatc : trpaf£*Tc*cl»$ ; ia fi$, 
oasiSij;. to examine anything — ly, 

hxptiout, b./ptZSii iilTX^Ilt : fioytj, 
p.6st$, ptupbt, napn fnkpotr : he — 
ly eBcaped being drowned, fimcpin 
l$lf\r/t roj *viyflva< : fuoaMtf: — 
neea, o«. a-T»*<fnj{, ^wax"?'*, 4> 

atyvtia, n ■ pvnapta, KtirGttii^ <pt- 
\apyvpla, i: 
Na'rthex, 06. (,3on.) vapo^f, o ! «,««- 
tiov, rif: iiTpairAftoi, tiS: (^«kA.) 

j a n 'J u f , A . [jjMtJSaliiiiOi. 

Sa'aal, *b- *, ^, ri rflt pivrf;: (ppnot: 

— ,tti. (ypa^.) -/fappa Ippuw^i; 

'•X°< If f 1V0 => * : A'»<f7X«™* #»f/*«- 

— iza'tioiii ai. ri rli (k">i 'pofspu* ; 
— ize, p. i Til p»i vptf4fti; — ly, 
Hip. ippi- lat . [pc, rt. 

Na'eoal, oi. (iarp.) nn);, A. 7rpdi6i- 


Na'aceut, in. a(£auuv, ynijinot, jniu». 

N&sb, in'irfipiif. zputpo;: iriinalioj. 

Na'si-oornonB,*tpnt. — form , 

en. pttauSit. [*«**(! "'"XfW. 

Na'atily, in(p. ptmxp&i, iuaOipTus: 
Na'stbesB, oi. pvnapia, oKaSapiia, vi : 

ai) JIa, J^Jui^^ia, $ : aiV Z poT,n, *;. 
Na'sty, in. pvnxpbt, BnaflapTis, iriva- 

ptf. IfloMt, pttlvpit : aitXP'h ?««- 

Jot. [y<vifliia<i((,7n/i"Os: TFiTp«i(. 
Na'tal: — i'tiali— i'tioas^ir.yiviflJwt, 
Na'tant, In. (^ot..) nJfaov, fcunlfcw. 
Nata'tion, ai. to »ix" 9a '. •i('i> A 
Natato'rial.'in. (opv.) rfxT^t: »iuit(- 
Satoh, oi. th enM.a (^!8 f ): a-Jp«- 

yaSij/ia, ra; ill. al niipyou Jtele/ic- 

Na'tion, eu. Ihoc v*vai, fOlov, rt. of 
the aarne — , t^ipilm, l/u<Mi. of 
a foreign — , Ui««fl»>S(,kU"r«Ji*(' 

Sij/ioi, Jaoj. o. belonging to the - 
SriiiSoios, xeivit. with the whole - 
iravSn/iil. in the — , ft at the e: 
penae of the— , o^/jotiM!, Ji^o"'?' 

Na'tional, ^Tt. i$*tib;, roi Sfl>ov( i) fil- 
ial, *0i*4f, !»fi]^0{, Jii^iB-iot: ty- 
X&p'°i, Jmj|nipio{. a — law, «•(/«- 

4x(tipio( )) iVixipiot ripot, o. Ta 
jibtb >:*p«' vi/iij/ia. a — matter, 

ti» at/ix, to. a — feast, intx^- 
pies m noiiil io/j rtf, A : — religion, 
xoivai (ml, of : — dresn, Anx<fi/>u 
<.«)>} $. «e)i i vo/utjafibq. a - 

dialtvl, ip Jit^ipdi,- '/'WJH, ^ iroivfl 

JtcUtXTOf! it}", oi. <£<OvijflOf, 

vov iiflot, to : I9.0S, to" : — iae, A. *■ 
woln-iia. USufil Turn — ly, Mp. 
ifln<S(, tmxvpwn, itsuMf : — ness, 

Na'tive, in. irn-rpwot, Tii»p«f, ini;(ti- 
piot, aii*ax$a* : — land i] town, 
naT/jis, jiarpti ittUit, r, : — tongue, 
ly%Apu>t t iSia yiuiTs, r): fuiriKot, 
biTVfuit, o,^, to xara si»», joo<( 
Ji^ : .tX' ,kv : 2p;;<*a(.7rp&irJTl/1ros: (to) 
mj7*"*l, o>c<8{: (xi?/*. *;»p) *»"- 
yiji, txbxpit : — , oft. auroyi»«f, ^y- 
7<"i«, *«*(*•«■ auToxflu-,*: — i.y, 
inip. I)£«ip(*tt, punuSc : — ne: 
to flint i,Ttipxa», to j uotxo'v. 
Nati'vit] ■, nv.jiriai;, 7i"»Tii, 70;^, 4: 
(ainpv.) -jfi/tflXinAoTia, iipoo-Konia, 
anort/uiTp.aTiJt^, ^- 0e^ar[o*/*Q(, d. 
to cast a ■ — ,ftto calculate one's — , 
6ih«t(;iiv, upeMronifr, -jn»iO)ia)o- 

Na'tka, oft. (»>.) .Bos -olliupiovof. 

Natrali'w. oft. (ec.),tTp6>.<Bo t , A. 

Na'tron, eft. (op.) rlrpan, to*. 
K)i'tt...T jack, d. (5 M l.)*pS»e(,i. 
Na'ttflj , faff. tucao~jxac, HO/ti/ms, *<- 

Na'tty,i«. yjloxalo(,xon^oj, lOxeijaef. 

Na'tnral, it. ^ wricoc, aftTo^uiit, J, ^, 
to Kara tputriv, faaa unap/w, yt- 
yvi/iiyotti 4f'ij tup^yrfiiMttSffy. 

, HA - 

ytvfc) I/tfuHf. it is ft becomes — 
to me, fOni inap^st fl irapavfyviTaf 
juof ti, ^/jTrepiK? /lo(. to have a — 
hatred or dislike for anything, fu- 
tw/turilr n, /if»c f^cw Kara rtuof ; 

necessities, ™ iyayxa'a. a — want, 
fl icxrk fwm b'usi — evil, ive7- 
naliitata ■} TtaSi] a — death, 4 *«- 

tos, Jr aoTocpu^;, aird^uros, ^luoir 
uita/j^oiv. a — harbour, nlTo^u^t 
iip-iy, i. a — bridge, v*fr*" a ^ T0 " 
*f^(, ^ : ajrioD;, a^sA^;: avayxaEo$ f 

ssicwj, oi'«ai05. it IS , tixiii ltr\t, 

ivaymtov itn, quite — , tixirat -/t, 

kpiktt I that is — enough, oft 3-J, 

flau/jasTov 71 touto; viSfloj, /W'Z'- 
*(o(,oiiio/j6i;,aJo«i»io(: - — history, 

^ Tfl[ (MJHWi !0T0p(a, («0!..) f UO-IK* 

(jTopia, ^: — philosophy, filono- 
f(a ^ IMjji Tlif Tii» irayria* fUBiuj: 
— phenomenon, to «ara yil«» it in 
iSj ifum yijiig/uvDii, to icaTa flijtn 
(Tu/iSay; — produce ^ production, 
tiu««c ipvo". «f. f««' unipx*", to 
airo/iaToj! f Jv: — right tj law, t4 
Tj];fuoiu( ^ Kara fum — -, 
oi. i Kara u-jiriv avO/juiio;, a^iln« 
av^p, *: i^nflt, ^Jaf, f^r^fi i: — 
ism, oft- ^fry i/nap-%u ti svac^aypio. 
rrji, ^. Syjsiou, to : i) iiitip T&t »J/i»» 
Tifs fu«o>( iojaifa. — ist, oft. i tsl 
funiTJi ins:™--, fuiraiiyBt. to be a 
— ist, tA Tf[f puiiu; woitstv: — ity, 
su- anJljT>i«, if eiaa, A- anJ.ouv, Tii: 
— iza'tion, oft. to iro^ETifay Si^Avai 
tivi, (koiv.) noJ(TOypafl>fl8-i(, ^ ■ — 
voJVToTpnr*): ii^a^bi, iififbBi, vo^ur- . 
/jo» wocoD/iai, ttaSimiu : (to) *8<&> 
T«ait^(T.,mi-<fli?ii>TivaTW(:~- ly, 
^ir(p. f>uo«oi(. TTJffEi, khth f ucjy, 7I(- 

fuoucovr onddrp/f, aps^tra, A. 
Na'tore, s&. fW, ii- *4i/u>(, J. wSv, 
ti: pftmt, 4 (^ 'W/HMp)A(| 0): f"" 


«■«,$. by — „according lo — ,frotn 
— , fuaic, Tit> fOaiv, jcaia pun». tc 

be Wrong $ fortified by — , i%ypb> 

uvai fiinei to be by — , Mfuti'ai. 
after — ,nt(trifun>. against i) rati- 
trary to — , ««p& pu«y. the law of 

i ; —i, in. juoh J«uc((/hvo(. (rta). 

Naught, oi. ofio'iv pu Jtv, ro. to set ai 

— , ohyaptiv, Houltii%tti, mn- 
Jpovllv; — , in. oueiif. — , tTTlp. 
obta/i&t, eW oAwf, 
Naught, in. flxC r '" 8 s. f «"!»!, «a<i c , 
«ur«A^fi — ily, blip. jijkw;, ^5 ' 

, au, *a*dT^j 

iBtda. pffuAflT7j;, i 

j>. jtiKDj, «ov>]pO(, i^ouJoj; . 

JeuTCC, aajf^p-WV, KCtxaTpOKO, 

Tponoc: xouyof, ax-dlnarac. 

Na'alage, oS. vaiios, o. vauJa*, 

Nftn'machy, oS. lau/naj^a, t). 


seating, ftr. plthmts. — aea'tion, 
wnb, Smi, 4). flStivypbf, 1. — 
aeatrre 4 aeons, tw. imHit, amjpif, 
.^JiiuitTds, jtiibiptf, -— Beonsly, i- 
«<g. d)]iJ »(, (3o ( iupa ( . — eeousnetv, 
si. ajjiia, vaun'a, 4. |SifUu)7*0{, o. 

Nao'lic %: — al, Ar. vauraitt, fla)a=- 

Kw'-tilite, ou. (dp.) .auTiies, 6. [ait,. 

Nan'tilns, oi. (fa-TpMoi) i vnvrMs;. 

Na'val, At. navrutds: — affair*, to 

power, vaurunl ndlif, i). ndiij i i- 

pcdilioi:,»aurixi;3Ta»o;,o: — foice, 
»awt«6», to\ tauTixi) Sina/iif,^: — 
uniform,- vauiimi o-ro/i), 4. 
Na'Tareh, ou, nauapxot, o ; — y, ou. 

»*i;. 1. 

r, t , 4, (Jj«A) 

Na'vel, oi. (ovt/1.) o/Apaiit, 4. tJ rfii 
yaorpet pi«o». to cnt off the — 
String, Tiv iu.po.Mtv anni/itur. a 
rupture of the — , apf aJknnMn, ij : 
— gall, (tni nf( p &X'<-K ! *- 
irou), to : — string, ai. iptfakiov 
niDpon, to : — wort, o&. (fJor») 
■ mtvI-JA*, i. 
Sa'vew, ou. (/Jotv.), ptuvl*, (,■ 
Navi'cular, in. aitxf wuHt : (onr^.) 


Navigability, Navigableness, oi, ro 
Na'vigable, *n.n/MTd s , niiiipst, n)ti- 

nptth noWnopOf. — ly, i-nip. niai(- 

//«,-, nltuiTfi(. 
Na'vigate, p. i. nAf«, ttXitnvM, vau- 

aroifi, iWiuioi tov nJou»: — , p.olS. 

iwrrCUofuci, >ouo , ToA«u/i«i. — ga'- 

tion, ou. nA«ut, o. ri nJdv, vbuti- 

«<pui)Tiirj (t^ci!, 4. ^gator, ou. 
vaumc, .auBaTiK. voutUoj, o ! Sa- 
JainOnopot, *u6ipv^T>|f, 0. 

Na'vy, ou. vauri«e», to. »«UTiKa, Ta. 
»aur««j oiifJot, i. vaura^ ou»a»iT{, 
jj: — board,ou.To roiv vavrixliy evp 
&QUV.IOV. — yard,au. yaunqyilov, to 1 . 

Nay, iidp ou, oin, ohxl: xoi p^» «=i, 

oiia iil, Kll fit* ouv 71. {%! p-if-t, 

— iiik tat. far from ..., — even 
not, oi x Snuf, aii'auii. 

Naee, 06. iipwriSpio", to. 

Neal, p. i. if lairupC, Stppaiva, Staotp- 
/Utfntl — , jS. e6i. JiaiijipoO^ai. 

Neap, ou. Jyouif^ii/iaTot pu/ti;. 

Neap^jcaTfiTtpoj, p*W, (i&iwf ) : — 
tides, -ft Ariorpo^ Tfiv vJat-a.., a/<- 
noiTif, ^1 — *d, ^yiaTitliijjfliif ini 
t^i iipp.itu (inlnloiou). 

Near, in. i, i, to nJijuov, 7«T»(af»v : 
(fni ^povou), (v/uf, 0, A, tMdjov ou- 
n«, ^imiicdc oiitilot. a — , very 

— relation, nporinav, JTyuTaTa 

BOOrt«>» T^ fix* ■■ ('"I « JoO) OUVTO- 

pot, iyyii : a — friend, oiiilof : <•*- 
3 E 

fit: fttttaib;, fiiHt/awm, tncptG-ni. 
to be — , irijjtffe. (Thu, wh,mt(u*, 

If EfftWvat , iyx [rr«j«tii ti W. the snn 
is — his setting, ^iiii( Ijtiv inl 3v- 
vpatt. it was now — sunset, n> Wii 
«y-/ui iii'ou be— the end 
Of one's life, ixi rcituif tou piou il- 
v«, /tlUua 4nofl«nTy.'the — foot : 

— side of a horse, h iptmpit 1/t- 
■xfotrStas nou; titnou. 4 ipcortpi 

jt)tuej< Timou. to come — one, ml«- 

Ckv.^spmIsSS.™ rl.i. to be — , ly- 
jriifEivni TCu.,.,itapit;iut|>Jn7»ai,;p- 

X*«4«<. theyiyere — escaping, nap' 
oJiyov itfpeuyov.Iw&a — losing ray 
life, naoa ptxpii iiJlijffB inePewttv. 
it was very — being the rnin of 
them, iixxiirmu llii,<" StaipBiIpxt 
"*TOii ( . to bring — , mlafew; — , 
iitip. nirjefen, JyyOt, tiivtyyvffitilBt, 
lyyiiol, <rx'S&*: itpoS. napa, -spit, not so —i ireiinu ^ koeI o"«t. 
he is not — so clever, noJloi y< Jir 
ittiratJiuo-liaE oGtmc: — sighted, 
piiuty, I $. a^Siut ^ 4ff6ivitf tit» *- 
pw. to be — sighted, /tuuHtafttv: 

— sightedness, si, puuitlx, iptlim- 

Near, fi.i. x. oM. niiafst, npoEitd|«u, 
jrJnua^a, iyy^a: — eat (iraipfl.) in. 
lyyuraTQs, irftUtxaxesi — ly, imp. 
iyyufi, o^eJov, ff^iJJv rt, tchoh jtt- 
xpov, mtp' oUiyoy, ikiyou osTv, oAiyae, 
pupou. the horse — ly threw him, 
/««po& iJirpaj-W"*" aftriv 5 fimot. 

• they are — lyeqnal, ow tioUov Si- 
wrw t™ ifau: — Ly like, w/>cwl+- 
ffios, napi/wioc — nesa, oft. Ti iy- 

^, irJ^aiaffjubs, A; ay^tirrEia, jj ; fct- 
o"ii,jito"wiia,iuT«iitsi,Ti: — nessby 
marriage, ImypapSptiB, *ijtfiin, i). 
Neat, e«>. £015, of. ai. —cattle, oi. jSd- 
a;, £o6{, si: — herd, ou. pWiJAot, 

Neat, in. ico/i^os, yAaipupof, icafiapiOf , 
no ifuo ; , tvTtptvh; ; i*pBTO (, naflapo j, 
avifli[iTO{:(.jiit / s.)op.Netifaio , i|io(, 
hzttj\5uosi — ly, inip. *optySti, yla- 

oiipss,-, iOTHiju; : ^itiTiiosfas: — ness, 

ou. ajfiluoL^ yXayvp6TilSj xop^Ari^, 
xopipslx, rj. ti kAo/uw. iiriJiJion7s, 

Ne'bel, oi. op. Nablum. [$. 

Se'bula («a. — las), •'■ < '" «>«*V» 

6 iv otSp-sTi iflli,-: (ioTpn.) Kijiif vt- 

AsTipuv, Tel: (iaTp.) ri ytfdoiji; 
to« oOpout : — r, In. vtj> tl»J>j(. 
NeTiulose, NeTtulous, if. 4>xUo , u», 

HflJSie'lK, IUVHf!io">)j. [Joi^({. 

Sjobnlo nty, N'ebolousneHS.ov, to ytp«- 
Necessari'an, »J. i tit i^yn' a-iayi- 

Ne'cessaries, oi. n). i»a7nala, iniTfl- 
J«a, «»»t«, ra. the — of life, ti 
«'( ro» pfou avaynara j) Jirir«i«a, a£ 
u*c tsv j3(oy xfep/ial. 

'Ne'ceeeanly, litis. n»ay>n(»t,'f i«ay- 

, i..4»a 

Ne'cessaiy, in, ovay«alo(, fisiv. it is 
— , ivdyiii ftrrw, Jrt, Ki^-the thing 
mOSt — ,r* xaTiMiyon, ti a»ay«aio. 

rara. the — things h objects, i« 
Anaynata. the — precaution, itlct- 
6<ta n Tp5(iiitouD-H. the — zeal, 0".- 
Kaio; * itou^. iJie — nnmber,'(*a- 

vi» ij inrriiiEiou to irJaSo.. it ia by 
all means — , itbtb kii.ft.ii, nsvrt- 
X&i /piv.more than — ,nliiu t&> a- 
»ay«afwv,^al)ov toO Sio«Toj: tSfcu- 
IT0[, Sfu«TO(, t>«f(wr*f, axapxl- 
TUTot: <t>a/KBisv. jSieaisc, ivaujii- 
fioios: — , AxcyKtaoV; ayoio;, 


Neoessita'riaii, oi. op. Necessarian. 
Nece'swlate, ^- i n»ayjtaf«, JRaio?- 
XB^piBeo/iai^iBnpoiEyo..— U'- 

Nece'ssitous, lit. i»Jiii(, nwopoj, itTw- 
X*(, ittv>ij: ■ — ness, oi. i»Jtta, ino- 
f^". *An»X a »'"i *«»i«i ^. 


rd xpi&'. to place anyone under the 
vt I am nnder the — -, avayxig JitI 

fut, Myrf ijCB/iai, to be a matter 
of- — , <{ o«/«is ii"a<, it is quite a 
matter of — -, raoct xviyxti - — bas 
no law, atiytti art at dial ittUemu: 

— isthe mother of invention, kvdry- 
xt, ttl&ntt; to ayayxnifcyr pia, ij; 
vttla, T) : atayr/ala, ra. xpiia, fl. of 
. — , avuyxatoif, H o.ayoji, iyiyicj. 

Sect, oft. aix^y, Tpazi^os, o! — of 
land, M/ibt, a4jtr)«, 5- the — of a 
vessel, 0-roVa, to\ itoo'iAv, i the — 
of a bottle, JU^es, i. with a long 

— J P**fi «ta»i *. 4- ffUfiOTpaxil- 
Xos. with high — , i^iijiv, iiiri^n- 
yavaj. to break anyone's — .inT^a- 
jpiJffuy fiia. to fell on any one's 

irtpiSalJti. T<va. to tread on the — 
of the people, tvfUttvOt, limti(tir'. 

— beef, oi. ii xtpl tov Toa^jjloy 
p9ij Kffcf: — cloth, ou. Ttept&fittn 
(,««««.), to: w^Mpm, (a- 
jpfiv). to. ^itponiJi),]); — lace,oi. 
<rrp«irri{, 4. tiptcat, wftt4pttn, 
U/uot, *iptavxtviev, rJ. — laced, 
^». ijfwn uieiJipaiov; — land, oi. 

Neck- handkerchief: — verse, oi. 4 
KpSTovorfx'sToOva'.^alfioO'* Mi- 
serere mei ": — weed,«i. kfX^vA- 
Ke'cked, **. ix"» *p«3pi1« : («.«!««, 

nMntn), wf. long — ,/itupav- 

— ma'ntically,&ils . atxpe/timni 

Ne'cronite, oi. (op.) ytxooiiSc;, A. 

XV. F? 


Necro-lo'gic 5: — lo'gical, in. vixpa- 
ioyuds. — logist, oi. nKpoio-vot, 4. 
— Jogy, •*■ "xpoJoyla, jj ;. 4 lijy ti- 
•vqi&w J) BTroytvo/iinuv lariioyos. 

Xecro'-maneer, si. y<«po»ia»Ti(, jl^x"- 
}uys[, o. to be a — , frtayttv Jat/io- 

Mfe ^uxtfy"? 8 ** TOU; Tl8vA6dTa£. 

mancy.ov.mpofiayrifa, i. — ma'n- 
tie 4 oui'Qticiil, in, mcflO^anruie'i. 

if— be, S>, ib n Uj, « t< ti*,, 
tinip ill. to stand in — of, to have 
— of, eV yoi ran, Stiy'jai n>o c i, 
Xp«(a> lx"* "vo{. but what — have 
yon of me? aJli rttxpilx tf i/US; 
there is no — of it, oioi. ia. there 
is great ( much — of it, Ttwnia; 
Xp$ fl iraoa anavinj : <"»*•<'=■, !»- 
o"na, ij. afrieudin — , fiiot hnli 

Need, p. oil. Jil ^io( t<»o,, oVo^atTi- 
yoi, (yJi^j «>( Tivot, ^vo"eu 5 Ixh 
rno( : id, -npinu, yon — not fear, 
oiiiv ill jofietiflai it, oi poStiWo. 
«oi. you — not answer, oMb «V « 
airwcof.ssflai D (*oiv.) Ji. (J., a»ay- 

■fi«f(! ■ 

or',. :.■ 

4'liHf, avroffsi, 6: — ful, In. nva/- 
xaio; 1 ( vo (lit, OITOfe, ! full; , tirip. 
iycryitiiiut ■ — ftilness, oi. ayiymi, 
^ : — ily, ^jrljj. tyfiA;: 4tis^ius : — - 
iness,ou. anoplx, Will, iriyfa.lf. 
Nee'^iidyi;, ^apl(,ij, ij^Tpio., 
irf. itdiTpa, ^. to thread a — , Si- 
luSiiisiy 4 Clival pAii/ia. the eye 
of a — , * Tils Jaf Has Ani fl t^ju- 
pa)(a,TO r* > ^iJoy)i(t'pJJ>ta: (yaar.) 
fiay»i)iria ^ fiafnjTiK^ jStAiinj, ^; 
nciv Btimtulit ixflf", ("fluf^ W- 
■ fouflop "!'^: — book: — esse, oi. 
pxfiaoH'-*, fci.a-joHxn, i : —fish, 
ou. {ix«-) p'fis, * ! — fiirie, ti. 
(^ot>.( sniproy, r<S: — maker, oi. 
^afiDoitsi6(, jSsio'OitiiJnf,*: — mo- 

NB 78 

Uey,oft. T& Ti) eu!|v>£ tititiimz xpi- 
juATd, ri tf> ^ru.r^ otSoutvct x?f,- 
/iara : — spar, oft. (op.) i(9oj i &p- 
fKf/otirqi: —woman, oft. Worpta, 
ijrrfTpcsi,^. ipawTouoai — work, oft. 

Kee'dle, ,5. t. iro-fi ti p-tlovot.oVj : —J. 
Jn.faTTTis, paj>nJtuTr> t i 0slovo«Jiij: 
■— lul, eft. to f<ie /siMvqy ayayxatoy 
fcx/tfxa i — r, oft. pz<piGonsibs, 6 • 

Nec'd-lera, in. o6k ayayitaioi, itipu- 
ffift /israrof. it is - — ■, oft i?tr. rev- 
tou: tSnopoj. — leauly, Mp, oft* 4- 
«ay<ai»f, m^niAt, ttxptnoit, kiit- 
ti-riiHt, ollkt Usi. — leaaoese, oft. 
to iriprrriv, Ti/Laratay; ■ — ly.iirfp. 
4>a-/*ato{, i{ iaaytn j. ivay^pi — a. 
fci(p. (itui^Osh *. offline- /m'th tou 
must), i»a7*al«;, it Aiayiw, iviy- 
*>j. it must — S be, (iya-yKa/oi;) oV 
tTyai: — y, fir. Mwif, inopof, irroi 
X*!, Sti/urot, iiSt&ftx*". 

Ne'er, Avri ro6 Never. (H«ope ( , 0. 

NYose-wort, oft.(jaor».)M*6op8 t l| ii- 

Xefa'rious, iw. oruyepos, ifayJn, ptx- 

pbs, (M/iumt, fairfiuf, ««&!«: — 

ly, ^»(p. inifffcif, ftixp&;, iflefif- 

mtfi — nesSjOv. ^JiAupt'a, /iiapo'- 

Ncga'tion.oft. apy>ii<s, anapam;, ij. 

Negative, in. o.p«ijf not, anojiaTinoi, 
^BpnjriJCOf, o-rip»)TiKO( ; — , 00. 
ip«j«t, ij. apvyjTfK>l itpoTaa-<(, yj: 
(yoa/i.)p>i)iB anoparniv, Wjta iits- 
BBTotii, tj. to answer in the — , 

Ne'gative, i. I. knif^u, airo^aritoj, 
iicviua, ipou/iai, AffapvoSpBC, «J. 
apyoOjiai : — ly, iirfp. ap»jjT(lc!5{, 

Negati'vity, oft. t-4 ipijTutrfv. 

Negle'et, tb.kyAUit, i/Uyuola,imfu- 
lfa, aflipaniuWa, *: ajpeyTim'a, t). 

Negle'et, A. *. eliywpfi, a/Mifl, napa- 
/ji)S,; jjjo, "»/>' ti. to — in 
a calm I all on, rapaAifnm, jioAif- 
«""■ t° — the opportunity, itpof 


f«y 10D «a<po&, to — one's duty, 1 

itparrtiyTB ttoVt<t,iiitlwtn tou oi- 

o>Tot, paflu/iily. to — One's self, 4- 

, piXiltrBcu, oft fltpaiKuto-Aai ; — ed, 

la.riiulTliiiiti, an!/l«ii)TOj, ir^ius- 
li)i, aflipairmisf: — edncas, oft. a- 
piiua, appovruTla, ^; — er, oft' i 
bfill&v, 6 a/rj;>pt,* : —Ui\, in. fit' 

^iflu/ioi : — fillly, imp. afiilwt, oi<- 
yoipaif, i^iJnrt: — ingly, iirip. ia- 
flu^tut, 4ppovr(iTfu(, 

Neglige'e, si. n tsfa f n oiitis, iuf 1*4 
lofliif, ^ ; mpiJipaiOi, rrf. 

Ne'gligent, 06. U(0ii/io9uvi7. Svtiri!, i. 
Tb&vit/iirov t bpiXi<a, dJcytupla, ^Jn- 
«t(a, ^. AdRM^ti, a. 

Negligent, ^n. afiiidii ^#av, otti- 
y-U.')i r ^Aiyiipoit &vttfj.4*0i. &vnip~ 
phot, to be — , a/itiit-j. paSu^irfa. 
to be — in anything, a/uiilv Ttvoc, 
iytJflj !^nv to^(, oJrvaptlu t«0(I 
— ly, ijt(p. a/it'ias. ihy&paf, 

Negotiabi'Iity, oi. t* oI6r ti xpifari- 
t"6ai ^ luviAlaTrfofln. 

Nego'tiable, iir. oK(Ti xpi/iar^tiflai. 

Nego'tiate, ^. oiJ. npa^/iaTtuo^ai, 

XPmiKTifrfUtl; Ipnop 

uu, lite 

-, p. ^. 

J< aitpa j jo., XPVKriC ^ : liSyouj irpo ( - 

f^ptt Tivi 7TSpl T[vOf p ITpaTTM t* 7tpJ( 

Tiva, guvaJUdjTGU : ^p£oS<uo>T^ ouv- 
TlBtftat re T?po« n»a, to — *■ a peace, 
Aiyouj npOiftptli iripl IIpi)vr) E ^ TlpJ 

<rite-iSSi». to — a marriage, jrpofi- 
wft ya»wv. to — a bill of exchange, 
ln/inoidi, i(i/j.jralx-j, 

Negotta'tion, oi. xpi^T^pis, b-xpi- 
fLaTiiij, ),. Joyoi, ti. (.00..) luarpa/- 
/lariuo-is, ^. to open fl enter into — 
with any one, tif la-/ou« mmiSifv Ti- 
K, Joyous npofp /ptiv ri»i. 

Nego'tUtor, oft. ^p^^aT.ffT^;, Jtajjt- 
Ao{, ^l«(r>j(, itps?i»o(, npioSuj, ft : 
— of peace, iiaiiainis, 0. a itpoe 
fipai loyouc m;l i^c o'pvj"i(. to act 
the partof a— ,/niirtum : — y, tit. 

N'c.'jrr^, oi. Ai6tniti<, ij. 

Ne'gTO, 06. Aiflfo'^. fdia,- av9pw7t05. 0. 
/uia^Bporoj, i: — corn, ei. =e=- 
8o«TOi, 4; — head, 96 *o:irvo{ [Tit 
'Afttptk^i), i. 

Ncga'ndo, ei. (jSbtv.) tfbi a/iros, 6. 

Neigh, p. eii. x p*H"<(>*, xp'^Cn, 

A. X ptp.t- 

?(*""" . 

Xptiurlfra, x? tp, fpixyyx,T4. 
Neighbour, ei. tu't»>, icxpaaat, tt^- 
la,, i.J Jt).7]rt»y; o»topos itlqMsgu- 
p8{, B(TTir/e(Tuv, 0: irzpziAiYiK {It 

Tpnitf'f?), 0. to be any one's — ,711- 
Tvia;«v, yuTovtuiiy Tivi: itscseuutv 
t<«: Bdji M HroLKAlviff9a( tvi (ftp- 
Zpmigp] 1 -nspxxxS'iSxl nut: — ,/. 
4. iiwpQ, ouyo/iapfl nvi, yurvul^H • 
— . A. ouJ. TtiTviaJu, yiregnia, yif- 
Tovtiai, irii)ffio» i'ai>: — hood, oi. 
yuToyfa, ywtvixfrtf, yjii-dviio-i;, ij. 
7«rd'y.],i<a, ro. orpins, kriS/io- 
po". in the — hood, ir\>jirto». from 
the — hood, in yuttimr : ei irAijo-foy 
oiirauvTt;, si reipsu s 1 1; irapowouyr*, : 
y «tTvC««i(, ij. yj it I?l oi«i( ( v ^). « e>o- 
poi x«lp a : — ing, ' n - yuroiy, o/iopof, 
wpdi-//->po-: t Kp6ioixOi, uvT-jytirw, 
xXit*tix<*pofi piSipws. to be — ing, 
7iiTiviii;i™, ircO(Oi«[«, IMpolKlIy, 
7«iToviu«v. the — tag nation, of ni- 
— less, fa. iyiirmt ; 
lojyoivyi], v = — ly, fa. yicTviofaiy, 
■B&ptixoi, itpitttKti ; iiiyiJ>i,-, jjiio- 
fpvr: — ly, 4nlp. fdotfp&iwi, f«Ji- 
xfit : — Bliip,oi.'/iiTO»(«.ye(T-«'aiij,jj 
Nei'ther, eu»J. outi, p^n- — nor, oO- 
t« — «£rt, ^>1t« — /"ifi: — nol 
yetjoOrt — ouJi, juSti — pnti.wn 
that — , oir'ixdVe. nor then — , 
uMi to"t«: — , Ar. oJJiff, /iflo'uf: 
— of them fl: — of the two, oiW- 
rifjoi, /ii7i«Tipo(. on — side, oMt- 
rMmi, fcqftri^MH. in — way 4 
wise, otoiitfiw;, ^.isoivipiif. 

9 m 

Ne'maline tn.{ip)iii>iris,"i^aTitSrii. 
Ne'malite, 06. (op.) UStfhASnf, i. 
Ne'mean, fa. Wiuuof. the — game-, 

siNfVtmi *?»><«, TiJI^il. ' 

Ne'meais, oi. i /*««.) Neusji,-, 4- 
Ne'mora],Ke'moroua, in.Cliio'iK, J^u- 

Jjsitffys, xaT±$pUfL9t- [& ov i to 

Se'nnphar, et. (£01- >*oW«, *. p.*. 
Neodnmo'de, o5. vio&xp&Sm, i. 
Neolo'gic, -— gical, in. »(=( Jt£«f ^ 
fpziruc «(i-/wv. a — gical diction - 

2, 10 vitnUtan S fp«o-»»» i^<- 
. — gism, to (i,-i-/ji» nc'aj jtgii;. 
— giat, «i. ttfiywi >^a; Utile. — 
gy, oi, tJ ii';a-/ii» >in{ Jifuj. 
Neome'nia, Neo'meny,ou.yo«/iiivln,i. 
Neote'ric /f : — al, At. .io f , xpitfa- 
k tov *«iyo» Tpdnov i£.ip V o:- 

Nep, Ne'peta, ei. (pV>T>.) tultipm, $. 

Ne'phew, oi. ioM^ffoils, iJtA^ona.{, 

Ne'phrite, 0*. (op.) HSof 4 »ifpfng C . 

Nephri'tic, oi. fip/ixter to khtb t^,- 
y«fpai-)rfa,: — fl: — al, ^n. uppin- 
iiJ(i J, ■(, ts Kxrii Trit yiypal-yfaj, 

Nephri'tis, oi. (iaip.) vtfptnt, fi. 

Nepotism, ev. filom/yirux,i). 

Xeptu'nian ixAal&tutfttttml&iute 

Ne'reid, ei. (j»u«.) N fl p«j J Wnp^tj, ^ -. 

(S=Tp«oy) D 4. u .(T« ( .'' ' 

Ne'rve, oi. (i>r^.) vsvpov, t£ : teyiii, 
Ju.a/"(,i5. 6ipp»(,ri: ttupi, Xtpit, 
)). a man of — , !sj;"pO( &v$p, : — , 
p. i. rwp&, ilaflapt, ^oiyyiiu, iirip- 
poiyniu.ij^povitoiot:— d,Jit.(|30Ty.) 
yiupolo'Bi : — leas, fa. iou.arof; o- 
■nuMt, S, A. aroyot, SppoiiTas. 

Mrane, i». (■».,.) r..«l,, »..™i,. 

Ne'rvous, in. nup&lin, yiupiKiie. the 
— system, to ruy yiipuy rirng/ia. 
a — ferer, ^ TQy miipon y4o*( iu- 
p«(iJj?tr ivoH*fi(, mtpAitf. liio- 
yo«, pD^niioc; Jiiyot. a — stylo, i^ 
Tiiy Uynv o"i<»or>jj: iiuramf, xto- 
ntittplT&tivpa: (SirronTos, titpi- 
Siotoc: — Iv, ixlp. hxup&t, pw/ta- 


o.(a ™v v 

Nesh^ir. imaib^kAr/t'fi : miKaJiot, 
■ Nest, oi. .(Bona, *a).a 4) i«W«, ft. a 

bee'a — , &rSpi*vt, ti. a wasp's 

— , if titta, ft. a vulture's — , yuin- 
piou, rA. to build a — , (taTao-nua. 
f«v unlit*, noTTniuv; fooltfc, 1; 
. ocxiua, re: Stpfi^i tat wtyqpk oU(x< 
ft : tajcfiu AUftlsK 'X*/**"<"j «* ' — 
ofdrawers.ovpiapta.Ta; — , £. oSA". 
= in l —to, p. M, inutrti n 

lo&jiioc, rajf Arojwu i — le, £. i. 


'» i. 

t(Eh, ^[Asorop^u, ayni™. 

[a; u». 

flit. Maifl-Ti ^Htalzf (Jiff. 
Net. o«. o"flCTUQV, iufi^iio-TO., Til. bj- 

jftwt.ft: (W 8ftp«f) lfcw.sipfcfpw, 

t*. aptu£ r ft. fa^TraffTpov, tb\ iif«- 
>n, ft. to make a — , if a(»«<» ft jtli- 
«[ivJI>Tuo»,6ii^ar^Bi'. to oast out — 
B,tffctTua ipiivaix.Tifviif. to spread 
ft lay the— s,fc™«rav»uvaiftavaoir#v 
t= Jf-rua. to fall into — , i/urf- 
rim «> allure ft draw any 
one into any one's — s, Ipt&llia 

; rft tt« 

: Ti J<*> 

*(C —like, iff. taxvavHi, ietrvi- 
^jii,i«Tuiiflir8{: — man ft maker ft 
weaver, aft. Jchtus ji1o*o s , A; — mak- 
ing, oi. ifi^iSXiiffTpimi (Tij[v»i),ft: 
— trap,oi.apxy(,vif Ui,ft : — work, 
oi. Ti ilnni ft if limn Stoma, 
Net, p. (. ufalvei ft itWitoi tfdtrua: Bli- 
ps (futitu); — ting, oi. aMtvuoV 

ft JlKTUUTBV TI. a/IslSinOTpiKi*, ij ; 

(vaur.) ro Jcktiwitb: — ty, fa. tfi- 

*TUOlfCii; r 6lXTU&3vif. 

Net,fa.*i9opif. the — produce, 4 hc- 
flapa 4x0* oea. the — weight, re 
*ao=.po> pipef. KaSasas, ayv6f, d- 
miat!—, t.Lbnltfo 

Ne'ttle, oi. (£otv.) K*lS-q, luuMyn, ft. 
to whip with — s, K*tt&*: (navr.) 
ip. Knittle : — rash, at. (<arp.) *»(. 
Joins, ft: seed, ofr. mi Sitmppe*, itf: 
— , p. J. ««?«. ipt6($u, jnnTfi, ev,- 
yt>: — r, oi. o ^fnfl^Mi. 

Neu'ral, fa. ntupetoV 

Neura'logy, eu.mupaiei'ta, J. — sjwiit, 
ei.viupojitnirtflv, tb: — tic, in. wu- 

B M li i , tlC, 00 . » tvpDjJ» f dp/lHXOV , TO*. 

Neu'ter, fa. /liees, fitiJipis, iroA^uou 
bv p'-eyi/tv, fin* obeiripou t&v ^re- 
main — , Six piiov tlixi, p,is«> iau- 

TOV fulaTTbV, oux airTiflfifil TOg vo- 

li/jflu; (vBa/i.)fliJiTipo{.the^ gen- 
der, t4 ote'tTipov : — salt, iU »u- 

J«TtflB{, 4: — ,ej. i iltapfOTtpl$<0l, 

b f faos : ffisv ab&iitpov, ri. 
Ne'ntral, (it. /ito-Asijf, oHiJ^Teeoj : Jl- 
«aiB(, bd9b{. fiftr 1 ix^p" fiiir'tuyofa 
X"p£iixtv9t: — ,ov. Jp. Jienteri — 
ity, oi. liov^f", >i r* affirovJo*. ro 
observe —ity, bvx airrtireat tbO 
naJi/ioii, juj[io» Jiutoh f uiiTtii* : t4 
iirayf oTipi^im : (yoau.) Ti rufffri- 
pB> : — iza'tion, rf. oupafta, ft . (j(oiv.) 
BiJiTtpiir/ii;, o: — in 1 , i. i. avii- 
Tipfi. to be — ized, Sitpajirov yl~ 
y-JtaSxt: — ly, intp. aiSiripHf ; ii- 

e'\eT,inlp. bOho«, BiJiitortjjiftjrOTi, 
jiilflViro™ : — since, efrJinaTo luc- 
tbti: — a whit, eioVfis. *w« 
tthvtwv. for — so much, aiMwri, 
though — 

Ne'ther, fa. » 

I, («„.) « 





ttunpoj, ivipTtpej: i 

/iiiJafiO[! - 
— ending, iTt)iur>iTe( t — more, 
/Trip. eiJiiroTi : — theless, faip. oi. 
Sit imi, /nth i)tto», iJJ' J/iue, 
xai itittTs, oi /ift> UU, b^»tbi. ■ 
New, iir. vile, nanif, itpii{f«TO(, via- 

pis. a — garment, »*bv, »iovo-/i» 
IfiArint, to. a — house, Mktifrai '. 

««**, JJ ! 

ne ;, 

- milk, T" A « UTTi^UCOV, 

■ri . — wm(J] „j ( «vo;. a — lie, 
■KpAsifarvi ifnuSat; — soldiers, »io- 

^jctoi arpaTi&Tai, of. the New Tes- 
tament, h Km-', Anttgfcng. a — 

jra va/ii'o/iBTi, ra. — words, s 

Xi?I((. Hi! HJt!iBO(, KOzqftun 
CrHHTTM', t*». 

»oi>v. * 

TOillv, HI 


to da 

iivoirpaytTv : — blown, 
iinavfl^i : — born, moyii^s, opT(-/«- 
»^t, iiiivoipoj: — comer, si. Imjluf, 
(^vo{, ijiHifitvat, o : — fangle, ji.i. 
viaiittpiiju, xai/OTipxyA, xavioupyii: 

— tangled, xai»8oirouo"o(, xaivoril- 
)Bot: — fa'ngledne»: — fa'nglenesB, 

— fashion fl fashioned, iSubt, 

Hanirpsnoj, npi($«To; : — made, 
rtOtniX^lit v»sr«UXTOi, noupyOf, ip- 

rtto/ioii — make, f. *. 

muioupyi.nioiroiS; — married, ni- 
yajttoj, vi63iir,TJi : - — model, p. i- 
/uraniiTTB, puTarusfi, airaWfli)- 
pu : — moon, si. vou^via, ^: — 

Ne'wel, en. (oippj;rt.)«TpttjtT8c, 4, $■ 

Ne'wing, ou. if pat, 6. 

Ne'wish, in. «'«( . 

Ne'wly, fcr. apTfoif, kkivuj, ntwa-ri, 
»pd(fl>aTO» : — bom, tir. ifrtyirit, 
yioyiviic — crowned, opTHTijjijs. 

Ne'wness, oi. xbivotjis, rttnu^A- **• 

pin, ii : Si 
News, ev. ti v^oj, to vitiTipov, to ia. 
>ov, to iiusrj crufiEiv. what is the 
— ? tI icaiviiy; ti uttinpo" -/i"/o 
ou'tEq; to bring good — , ■ieyytit- 
fu4«, to bring bad — , wucayyi- 
. A«i»; — boy, oi, irals iifyntptto- 
sdJijt, S:— man, ou. ifriiiipeSond,- 
AiK, J: tam/tnii l^f-tpliav : — 
monger, oi.)eyeiiD«5v,i. e nJiTTwv 
Ji(>ou(, io7oiro(s<, o : — paper, oi. 
tftiiitplf, if- — room, ei. Wynw 


-rtyno* [•"■ i?/«piooiv),Tif ; — veeaVr, 
i- i^ij/iipioWeJa.iH," i : — writer, 
lit. 6 ifrtfxtpiSatv avyypayiue. 
Newt, oi. tr«)ap.a>o>a r, salaaato s . 

: D po^ e( ,o. 
Newto'nian, in. NiuToviioj. 
Next, ir. t x ipt,at, o, 4, to tin, nal 
ff'i'Si, eyyiiarsf, S/x'"«i, iriijnoJ- 
Tipo(, (FValjijci irpSrof tl ttmptf 
)ut& twi. to be — to, ixiaaad *,- 
vo; , fl*<xin9ai, ine34xta6ul nw, the 
— following, A (nopt»e( the — 
day.^uipariJiriouoa j intyetyop^hi,, 
fl {isTifalt, fi uuptor. the — way, 
$ o-u»T8jBwraTn: — of kin, $.~ff.t. 
oTet, i. i dyx<ita npod/mv; — , t- 
itip. iiij;, bf/ur&m, dyyurara, iiro- 
/thwtt '' TK , auflis, (JiuTipon: irpot, 
^i(o-or.), n apa,^,™(«ir.). 
Kias,«i. no 150;, 0. viosmov, Tlf : 01m- 

Nil>,oi.^ii)rx ». ^*MfSt,Trf:ooipa,l«fi(, 

ii: — bed,^n.!x u '' fij»fOf fclaWn. 

Nibble, fi. i. -xtpnp&ybi, iuttfit-fv, m- 
piifffltM, x""J«- (at) iiriO*HKv» a- 
irro(ia<: f^V*, pl/ifc/iNt: — , oi. re 
Ims'dtXTti*, to iMpirpijUn ■ — r, oC. 
KipiTpslyuv: ixoiitTiit, J, — Wing, 
oi. to »ip.Tpoiyu>. 

Niee, fn. Jiirrii, a»ax"(,/(a)ai<i[i ^i- 
Sintut, •yiutiaiQf. i'X'"<, Tpupipo 1 . 
foot, Tpufipos. to be — -, Tpupa., a. 
eoiTEvttrtlui: xoy^o^, *aJoc, sLnrp?.- 
n^f, llffrsf, yjia^upaf, lKl%aptt, ^a- 
pfvs, sopu; ; avAt&qc, tuirpOf»nof, 
■a/J;; awpiE^t, i;ii««ii-j, jrpofixTi- 
*if. i5u!KoJo(,anopos,xallxo{: i{u(: 
oyaflit, apioroj, iparwTos : i) Siii,tb- 
X&piTot (njv yrf)m>)i liTtTd*, o'fii t , 
o-ofioruioii »iA«6ijs, ir(j!u)a7ui«0(: 
puKpbi, oiJiv6«a^o<, dJl/o(, xoD^o;, 
jjaWoc,ii«aiafpiv^Tos, nara ppo hj - 
tutii; aiofl^Tinii, (iJpyiiTOi, (5op- 
yet: — ly, inip. anoioif, Tpiiyipiu: 
avf,t&&?' ■;o(oj^,^j-a op.^n.: — niiss, 
oi. /<«;«»(«, aSpiJin;, aSpooOvq, a- 
iro:/or>i(, ^ ; JinTifTvjj, ^ : to^ou. b- 
xpi6«a, 4- 


N'i'edy, nil. d?u, to. ofuTnt, ij : **?'■ 
Sub, 4 : axxu/iij, a : to kijSiituciIv: 
■.uiaSifi, inipi&nic, |J: <o/l£ov. rd. 
Ko/iftiu, i). moo-fiiiriis, 4 : ni. ^o"i- 
oTiatH, Ai^vtii/ioTtt, t«: — ties of 
words, JnrToloy^iTa. ra. with — , 

xKpiS^t, tm/uJAt. with the greatest 

— , itpiSinara, nioij imailiia. 
Niche, oi. (ie/ir.) Hupujta, noilow, ri. 

Niek; oi. xaipo;, i. tviyjai), $. eitapj}( 
/pitvoci e. in the — of time, h in 
the very — of time, tit tic, iv mi- 
ps), lit <aipd*: ircop.*, fymm}, i: 
ri*nxl*(h Ku(ei,),4.ont of all— , 
uirip-fiailovrHf, imip to jiirpov i — , 
p. i. it xaipoi ipxopxf- iyKinrrui ir- 
tiftviai e\pft6£oij ifOLpfi&%at: anaT&, 

i|anaT(i (^» KiiBoii). to — a horse, 

(vTop!i)v iroiilv ini Tiff oipfit Iiraou: 
— er, oi. kJ*itt^( fanrtfuM, *w 

TI&v (ia urOSotf), J. f JiaSoles, 6. 

Nick, oi. («u9.) ttUpui tti. 01(1 — , 
Ni'cknack J| : — Brj, oi. op. knick- 

Ni'cknanie, oi. TiAoto* oVoj»k, to. 71- 

TiapKiiu/iiov, to: — . /(. i. yiXilii 
Svofix oiSoifii Ti-n. ytis,io<i ovipaai 

Nico'tian. oi. (par*.) vuoriavj), #; — , 

Ni'ctate, p. oio\ pi«f>«p!fu, o-itapJa- 
^irTw,p) H ,finpfc>,totiU«: wdu 

(toIs (fipxei): — tion, ot. axaptJa- 
N'iil 1 , si. viosjia^. [fiU7^J{, J. 

Ni'dget, oi. lulit, oinoayoj, 0. £/s£, 

■jJrtiof, 6. [oi. ri .Btnh rotfiou. 
Ni'difieflte, p. i. op. Nestle. — fica'tiou, 
Ni'dor, oi. **(«», « : — sity, e*. Ipiu- 

•/pa, to. ipiuypiic *: — oils, in 

Ni'dulant, iv. (p*ory.) nerr«va». 
Nidula'tion, oi. Jp. Incubation. 
Niece, oi. ittlftfa, i,. (*«».) avi^.a. 
Ni'geot, oft. op. Nidget. [i. 

Niggard, oi it.cirof, *f/i6i{> xupivg- 
TpfTTijs, yvtfaiv, ]iiJlafyupo(, 0; — , 

in. KHictfi fnyp'iiiyot. W> be a — ■, 
jcifiSixivio-flai, /mp «AoyeT<rfla< : — , 
f. t. iptlto/ixt nyof, /UTpit* Xpffl- 
/Att^ nvr, axpiSojc rafiftio/iaf ti ; — 
ish, iit. onrrfc : — linesB,ou. xviiriia, 
iipiiiifii, jwcpoioyfa, 17 : — ly, <*, 
K«ni[, yii^Xfos, lu'po'i6-/ot, aKpt- 
B^(, Kip^SiJ; — ly, iiilp. fliiJljAat, 

Ni'gged, ou. Sp. Nidget. [jKaXftH. 
Ni 'gg ,e i P ■ *■ ""'S" "f" 5 * Tl «". n f°f- 

irnifu tiv), x<pTo^i5'T'*a, -vtia, i>- 
-/i-dl : — , p.oiS. fluapfi, J^pw : 
— r, oi. (rxGaimjf, oj fJii>apoc, 0. 

Nigh, (n. y«(TMi, nl»|0-(s(, faop4<0(, 

ixiptvof : — , i-ntp. iy/vt, nJijiiov, 
0Z«^*' ( ««pi /iHpoy, pupoD (Slly): 
npofl. irapit, irpiJ{. to draw — , nt- 
W(m, ftpOdrcAaSin : (to) iniASily, 
TTpotmJifiiy. to be — at hand, jrpo 
rOv eupfiy Ififrqxfuai. he was sick 
— to death, Ixniuvan flavrtv : — , 
p. olo 1 . mUfu, itfesmiifw, *(>of- 
IpXfipul Tt»t: — Dess, oi. r/-/uri]<, 
A. wi^jiaifBbs, 5. 
Night, 0*. yuj, J. by — , at — , xari 

it n«ro(, by day and — , ivitrnp 
xxl piB' iipipx*. to pass the — , y«- 
KTiptunj. to be i) stay up daring 
the — , iypumiti rt» nuitra. to wake 
the whole — ,-naa.iixiCtn. in a dark 
— , iroiJils n.*rS( eOirijt. attirovt 
iraJlou. until late at — , tit »u*tb 
pVtoav. it is getting — , »u| ( mi- 
rat yfyttrat. (itoJJaxii it euiBiot- 

..), i*. t< 

<a? y t 

anything a 

nopiiy. to write at — , wmc-fpa- 
j>lT>. to- - — , rauTJiv Tijy Jffitipav (J 

vixiav. in the dead of—, ir £a- 
flria iiwtl. the — is approaching, i 
»v| iid,.r.:tat ( lyxurai. all — long, 
<ir/p. iriiiyu^ai Jir. nanuses. gOOll 
— 1 ■j-ftaiit] jytziitTt'. [noty.) *o:M) 

yuxra! to wish 1) bid any one good 

— •, u-/(«(y«i» linity riya: fla»aTO(, i. 

the ererlasting — , i ai'&vtef 9i>a.. 

**Xi", ' 


- battle, 

•.pittas Sent , i; — brawl, 
brawler, ot. it 

1 IT «, YUITip SVTl) (, X0>/iH<ITlj s, 

ip, ov. /ilrpa vi«Ttpivi),q: — craw, 
'. (opv.) »g«Toito'pa{, o : — dew, 

4 Id 


rd», 4: — fall,oS. d*pom{, ajepow 
Xta, ^ : — faring, ob. ruKiottopi a, ij ; 

— festival, ob., $■■ —fire, 
ob op. Ignis fatnua: — gown, ob. 
iaBJjt rvimpiri, i: — guard, ov. 
vu«T0f uicrxij, ij : — hag, oi. f avTa- 
o/ia rvmptrb*, ri; — hawk, ov. 

(opv.) Xaijli;, ?t. KMrTOKOpaf, i : — 

jar, oi. (*«*.) uvxroxopaj, o: (opv.) 
ai'-jroWxat, 5 : —lamp, ov. i&xmt 
(uunTipivoj), 4: —man, o£. xonpoAo- 
yof, i: — marchj oi. vuitToiropi'a, 

)»ttw & : — raven, ov. (&p>.) *v- 
uronrfpaf, o ; — resl,ou.i? fia ramie 
Wif'a *> avairawnj, o iv ra*ri ". 

— robber, ob. »u«e*\«nTi7,-, 
season, «. »0C, a : — shadi 

(£«».) HTpUX'Oi »■ TpUXVOf, 

— shriek, ov. *pw//i tvmtptyii, ij: 

— soil, o$.«oVpO{anoiraToni,S : — 
spell, ou. yoqrifc xaTa •usripivoij 
avp.eirrof, if. — stool, ob. fficwpa- 
fif,V. iavavov, to. (opa,*!: — time, 
ob. HUXTlplVl) ijp«,w/>« nu«rt(, A: — 
virion, »ft. ittnim vvKTipivSt, rrf; 

— walk, o&. jiifinarot ra»Ttpi>>0f, 
4: — wrfker, ov. »u'ron)a»0(, o: v- 
iwo6aT>i(, 4 : — walking, ob. to irla- 
vSovai ir >uktI; ro uxvaCetnh: — 
wanderer, ov. J vt>xTip(vic jtia»*rfl{: 

— ward, is. tvKttpfbf, mtfiptof. 

— watch, ab. wHTtfwWfn, j|. to 
have fl to bo on the — watch, ra- 
*rafuiai«Iv:nJxTOfi01n{,i: — work, 

<lt. YIAFTCpO'dS '.TQvos, 0. VUxnpLUOV 

Ipytn., to. 
S"i'ghtcd,iit.»u*T>pivi(,vitoTitvi(, o*o- 

Ni'ghtingale,ov. (op ) i<siin,filo/i,ii- 

X*, r). 
Ni'ghtly, lit, wKTtpvrbt, tvKtipwf, 

Nigrc'scent, in. bno/itltif, p.»)a »(;»». 
Nigrifica lion, ov. to p.l)ai»«», to p«. 

Ni'grine, ov. (op.) /j«a» e'luJeriTavov, 
Ni'gritnde.ov.jK/avifnjs.r,. fi^«.,iiJ, 
Ni'hilism, o&. if. Nihility. 
Nihili'stic, ab. a, t), to n?; amnapfias, 

(koi».) nr/StitaitKOf, 
Nihi'lity, ab. inntttp(fa, 17. to o6< h- 

iMUjrt/uj iTv al . 
Nil, (ip-np.) ktupAnue ojip^Io*. 

Hill, OV. OTl^flflpis (to& Tfl/0/livOU XaJ- 

tev), oi. [AttUtsopof, 

Nimbi'ferous, Ar, tuiXUiet, OutUMt;, 

Ni'mble, far, iiappoj ulfuvos, »iirpo- 

*o{, tu«i»ijTO{, .vv.ip,j{, Jijidf : — 

footed, ir^o'a! (And;, ttafiponouc, d, 

^: — witted, Itoi^oj, ifiywic ; — 

ness,oi. luzipHajiuiivqjdjWafpfa 
Tazunjs,f&jTpoj)ia,ii. — ly,inip. «- 
Ja^pfflj, iSo-Tpiif WJ, tvcll^TMS, iS- 

Ni'mher, ob. va>»o(, 3. [?<o»o)s. 

Nimbo'se, in. ButlidiS-m, Tpauin^Sit. 

bus, ov. «i#0f ifiGpoQipav, tS; 

. :a.)a)« f ,o. [J. 

Si'ncompoop.oi. ^JaC^MouK./ioipoc, 

Nine, *t. i»v^ a . the number — , «»- 
v«a ( , ^. daring — days,Vv>.&. jj/ti- 
pa s , Si' h-iia i/iipav; — days, o 

— days, tvuiaraiot, iv>/a ij/iip&iv : 

— yeare old, ^vaerupof, ^»>aiTii ( , 
Jvvtdnc of — months, imip.^or. 

— times, imaitf. — , ob. to ovju- 
So^iv 9; a{ ivvtxi Moioai; —fold, 
h-iiaitixaiof. — headed, tnimci- 
fitlof: — pins, ov. irJ. *uvo«aiy>(a, 
il. nuvojrafyviov, to ; — score, in. it. 

n'eteen, I*, {'jviaiaffua. the eycle 
Of — years, ^vKan«(o'sicaiT^pl(, * : 
— th, in. ^*»iaiiaiJfaaTe(, JiKSTO; 

Ni'netieth, iff. ivvt^ooraY [snare;. 

Ni'ncty, ^n.iuvuiijiBiiTa : — times. »■■ 


Ni'niiy %■■ — hammer, oi. £ia|, 

p°i, Ahiioi, $. 

Ninth, 4it. Siiva-f os. for the — tim 
Ivvktsk. on the — day, iiaan 

— ,»t. (**».) jiov^c (fSi r , 

— ly, 4w>. Ev. aro , )) td !»„,,«> 

Nip, A-'. *»'<;», ««>[;», ««», 

sfi/yu, jt«f«. to — off, iiti ' 


ejroxalot (purs, jct*.). to be — pell 
by cold, anoxai'io-llac jj jiapaiviirflni 
iiiro ^i^ous. to — in the very bud, 
■ift. yiwijoina Jftdtffuv : minru, 
z liuaf( U ,^u«T» p if«:— ,oi.x«.ofio t , 
i. Kvtofia, jj-'stiio-jats:, to: insKgirn, 
$. Tpfyia, to : pipwitrit ($utw», 
xrJ.),-fl: oH(W*j/ii(,J. ffjcfl/i/ia, to 1 ; 
jMfi|««, ij. ptftiiwi, ri: — per, oi. 

4x»i; w » : (¥««*.) Eh*, 

Tri(,^xlaynro/ies, i: piftiii.a,ri: — 
pering, 06. (ixut.) nltxravv,, $: — 
perkin, oi. wii«lf, ij, iroTtfpiov, rd: 
— pen), oi. ixi. iaSis, ^ : patwr/tp, 
0. tpt^o\s6l(, ^ i(vaur.) o^oivd *u^i- 
ntAfy/i'nK, ra ; — piligly, iitlp. 
0>«itTixSs, aapKa«TMaS(, 

Ni'pple, oi. flijl^, j). titB(dv, ri: naffa 

NU = is not. [tit-flon Hit &*.p*. 

Nit,e£.*«'»(f,4. — ty, *». 
nlij/jfls «y(Ja». 

Ni'tency.ou. abyJi,krwuy$,ii. aSyajuc 
&xavya«/na,TO: 4p/ri, imSup-ix, ij. 

Ni'ting, £s. ixfLTTpbs, yxtSpAs; tap-^b^ 

Ni'trate, J. (xw.) a i«s virpoto'i. 

Ni'tre, oi. virpo*. alinrpat, ri. 

Ni'tric, 'it. iiTpoio'ijs, yirpixos, ihpio 

Nitri-fica'tion, oft. to /iiTa6ailuv ■ 
virpor. — fy, p.t. jurctdUoi, fun (i { vfrpo*. 

Nitre-gen, t4. (x*j..) «rpeyA>e», fife 
toip, iif. — genous, («. 0, i, to ,Teu 

■ virpeyiveu. —meter, oi. infifu- 
r/wv.rii— nrpoiJiH. — flity. 
oi. to ntp&Stt. [t«, i,. mp&Srit. 

Ni'troua, Ni'tty, in. tnpiziM, i, viTpl- 

•al,Ni veoua, At. xit—t, X'«'^ii- 
No, fcrfp. oi. abut, eixu eMa/tfflj. have 
you done this ? ap« «v y% Imtoivaf 
Tnura: nol oix lya-yt, oil iitoir&K, 
(inn.) tgtt — one, ebSdt, /.^o" «< 
it; : — where, oiinjiou, liS a/ifl, ol- 
Ja/iifli. by — means, in — manner, 
o6{aii^,/iiiSaitf!,/ir,iaiiiic. — more, 

SUifTt, ffliqJTIS , &t. sM(lf, /">!- 

Jtif. to — purpose, /t*rvt. u"k>J, 
laipiii! — wrong, oiJiv ilun*s 

— man; — body, oiM, /ni*. I 
have — money, ot>* ix" ipyip'o' 1 

— harm shall happen to you, bI 
mto-tt xxitbr oi J*». OH — account, 
eiJa/iSt ,ji>)o"o^i4Sj.upon — account, 
/iiiroi, /4^toi ■/€ : — , oi. ti S%'- to 
say — , oS f ayai, ipttltrBm. Ayea 

ob, oii. ttfalii, ft: ipy&T*ii ecTrauruir 

Nobilita'tiou, ot. 10 tlyiifll irotilV tub. 
Nobility, oi. ivyhusc, ■yaixtirrit, ii : 

— of ancestry, af <w/ia irpoyo™», ri : 
si yvcipiftei, ei npoiroi ii ry nii.ii, cl 
■vTi/joi, altuyivilf, of iv.ixrpiStti, a! 

No'ble,«it. nr/i^f, yi»«aJa(,xaiO( xi- 
yaSot, lixarpffijc: — descent, li- 
y4iua, 4. 1 am of — descent, xxiii 
tipi rb yfvos ji yoviotv tip.1 ayaSolr : 
yi.vatOf, ia3os, J d«i/iot, ioSJlj ■ «i- 
■)t4c, o^o.ji^o-TO;, ■• Jofcd ihSim- 
imc. /uraAosptit^:, ftiYaAtlot, no- 
lul-iiiq j : airioiif , xpl'Ti j, 'xiuSlpuu : 

■ — hearted. 7ivvaio , 8«/iof ; — man, 

oi. iunaTpidr;s, a : — minded, Jiu- 
fldpiss, /ti/aflufiof, (tuyaW^x'c: — 

— -,■ oi. iiv^/i ti7»4c fl y&p<i*ot •) 
••Ti/i»(, (ihraTjj(o"^(, i : — neas, oi. 
liyivua, yewvacdrqf , 4 : tirfxlaQvpltt, 
/icyaiafuxia, i : (njiAoTipf'niia, j. 

No'blca, ai. -nK. ol liyivsls, of iJira- 
rpiSxl. [/if/ai.a-xptit&t. 

No'bly,'nf?.ti)ii»ft(,)'ai«(, yi«va( B j: 

No'body, oi. 0W1I,-, ^ijJtfs, oiri[. 

Nock, oi. T»/iii, inami), 4. 




NotfambuU'tiun, oi. to .uiTorropiiii- 
f8u,Ttihn«<ct«b> — bulist, ab.w- 

Kooti'diaJ, in. rvxBi/ttpot. —ferow, 

**.nwT0f(fpoj. — tucous,in.YvXTo- 
w«Tip<«rt(.K»^ai>Tiii, -fi. — vnga'- 
tion, oi. jmiixii.ius, J to itanvu- 
_ x'S«>, nuxTsiref ma, *. 

No'ctusry, on. vwroloyioi', ri. 

Xo'etnJe, ai, «Ji>i vuxTtpfoet. 

-Wetum, oi. wnwipivi) itxtptia, fl. 

JJoctn'rnal, is. vuKTipcJst. Bni<f»(, 
IniiXot: — . ei. (iiTpy.) Spycmn, 
if oV *u of s<Tf ipli •■' ™-.-i KXTafu- 
TjNHMi: — ly, Mf. i> vuxil, x«t« 

Sn'coooa, in. piaSipof, iTtieiae>7(. 

Nod, oi. viv/uE, t«. to make a — , o>i- 
palvitv, jit(V«uuv^ viuotj, iwOjtuatif 
',■■ — , p.oiiS. vii», vev/utTi xefijuu, 
TJJ«pa)>j ajOii, HuOTafoi : iirmuw: 

»I«I*C»; , ^. i. xUvW, iyxiivu, i- 

■c«)in»i; — der, ob. & vtuuv; 4 ru- 

ni(Mt: — ding. in. >w»»,tnwua», 
Koda'ted, fct. o;ufn«, oVntos, »oJiuo- 

£os tion, oi. to i{mit4. [t). 

No'ddle, oi. (itatxf portiTut&i) KtfaH, 
No'ddy, oi. p'tki, HUiett, p;»pof, A: 

(o'p».) KIKfOf, a: xs-prtrasi'yvio'j Tl; 

Node, oi. iifu/ia, to. yoyypot. S. *pn- 
rani, 4; (z«p.) SyKoj, o: (Sirtpt.) 
ijHs, oufuyi«, oivoJof, n : (t«™/'-) 
HfiwiJi] rtfl/a 071^111, ■*: (£otr.) a- 
»p« srii/«»o(, >i: (icetiiT.) ittfMiMexi), 
*. [sity, el. ro'yoyypfio"« { . 

Kodo'se, <ir. ■yoyypoio'nf, e^Jn* — 

No'dolar, Noilnlud, Nodulose, in. op. 

No'dole, oi. papbt y6yypaf, i. [Tip. 

Noel, oi. fy, Nowel. 

K|)g,»i. nijutiov, to: <v3o(, o: yofijiot, 
ninaioj, £ : — ■, p. i. ye/ifu ; niiy- 
Ou: — gin,oi.ojTotTiv noTiipiov.Td: 
- — ging, oi rt irAnrfaiv, 

Ko'iBe,oi. 6op'jSo;, f><ffoe, BpoSf , SxJof , 
i.T*?*xt, i. ita-fayof, 4. lo makes 

— jflopyfiOi ITOVltv *. *01|I«8«1, Boou- 

£iiv. ■yoyyui/ioj, i: fii>ot, piOot, 
j>lala£ec,f : ijjj-s^, r,.>?i;v;jia,i-o. p8ey. 
yt, i; — maker, oi. Sapudniotii, 
i: — , (S.olJ. 8opuSu,iixS, nwfifuu 
fl «vfi ij airoTiiai 6op-j6o - fl ^jui ; 
— , jS. i. J(=6om: (iihroad, about) 
fiaf»i/il£<d, J.i^uAA.i, imiiiniit, 
hsittlpu, ttaipeib\ — lesa, ^tt. dp»- 
*O£,ia0'tfn/xfevyiyyo/t(V0;: xipGfeti, 
aifaot, i-tpifLimt, kfapiiTBf ; — - 
lessly, Infp. iteipt, ripi/ix, r.ptp-i ; 
ofofiiTl, anarayi; — leasoesa, ui. 
^ou^ia, rtpt/Ua, i. — BiJy, ^itiji. fio- 
pvfoowc — sintfls, ou. VipuZoi, xu- 
Tayoj, o- to eo/JvSiiJif. 
No'isome, in. pKxitpot, lm«X*(ii(, 
ftl^ilWflf, «aKO(, ivnairtpiot, 1«- 

pSiivKTii; — ]y. iir^. ^ineAaGut, 
xaxfij: noiui, ^(umtSii: — DeaB, 
ou. ts t'mSistSif, ;>]fiia. 4: iiitiM, 
%. ptslv/pbi, i. [pbf, ppe/iioi. 

No'isy, in. ^ojjtJo'iK, Tapani ijit.^uj- 

" li'tion, Xiile'itv, ou. ro ob ^ou«- 
ifitti. oxoukov, ri. 

No'raad, in- »0fiaouJ{, >o/«tono(: — 
fl: — e, 06. vaiiilsc, oi: — io, iit. 
»o/iao"o«fi: — ize, /S. oiJ. bjjiiiw- 
ptuo^ai, 7ttp(ipj;o/»ai, alavfi/tai. 

No'mancy, oi. /ia»rixii (<i lily y^*/t- 

]L±tb>v OjA/iaTGs). IJ. 

No'mblea, 06. nJ. iv-ipn, Jy«o()i«, iy. 
(iJa f ov),Ta. H.*. 

No'mbril, ei. ipfilat (amiJoj amooii- 

)'me, OU. 10/J0[,4; (^lOUJ.) VOjUOS, i; 

(a)yBp.) flifot, (=S ■ + P y ) : Un< 

■ ayiiaivulll», iJ. 

So'menclator, oi. o'vo^aroJifyot, o>a- 
lUtttiint, i: ivaiutKHfip, *• — 
clatrew, oi. ivo/ioTolrf>o(, ^. 

No'menclature,oi.o tuv avo/iaT«y*a- 
ra^oyocf Jtlcneou ^vo/iaTW, r<f: to 
tu. ipaiv i4E«a» (fa«ti(ft« T(«i(), 
— claliirUt, oi. op. Nomenolator. 

No'mial, oi. (iiyt.j op. Nome. 

No'minal, in. o»o/AaiTTiKi(, o'»o,naTi- 
cilf : KStT" Svana, o'vo/iaiTJ, f« tou 
ovo/*aTofr O'd/iSTj, jioyo>, TtpofXitv : 


— *: —at, ou. (fuoi.) o'vofiaoT.- 

p. i. , — ly, Mp. 0M- 

/jasri, iit' Stspa, Xijtf. to exiat — 
ly. 0-op.aTift is/oi sfjai. 

No'minate, 0. A>, iirovo^a^oj, 
«»)u: ipi^oj, tbttsi, nautiTnut : 1- 
vaJiwiUjiM, ivaJidupu^i.Bvayoptiiu, 
Anofahoi. — na'tion,oi.*ij|nt{,d.c- 
pivix. ij. £«oysc, tA : AiaJuftc, n- 
vayopiuoif, ft : ioyoj, 5. irooTanj, ft. 
my friend in in — for governor, J 
tpiXot i^bu ijtporaflii is iiotJtonfa. 

No'tniniltive, in. ivtp.xsTni<. the — 
case ft: — , oi. {ypxp.) ft litiU ft 
*>*) (irrflnc), ft .'»/>'•»<« ™»"S. 

Nominator, oi. £ uponivoiv to (>o>ia 
«v»(. , [J« W J«(, |. 

No'minee, ol. irirjTOf, afoiToj, intJi- 

No'injinir, ot oo. Nominator. 

Nomothetic fl: — al, in. vo^ooitkoV 
Son, inlp. (ir ouvWuiotv 6i; icpottSt- 
p**q w««g^=i i ,»,™w aft st- 
ability, oS. kSuaxplx, aviKanoTnt, 
3: — acce'ptancc, oo. ft p4 ictfu- 
^°X^ : — acquaintance, oi. onuipfor, 
a-vyoii Ti.os, ^ : — age, ou- »)itto- 
ttj;, a/ijRjf fowls, ft ; — Sged, tw. 

Nonage'simal, lie. (ao-Tp» ) ivinatrat- 
,oo.(ajTpv.)aj.». 5B .a.. 



Non'-claim, oi. {w/i-) itupxypapti i- 
jraiT^Tioij, i. — -cohe'sion, oi, 4- 

ouiapua, ft. coincident, i*. 4- 

o-u^iTTojrof. commi'saioncd.'fcr. 

officer, oi. ttKtfxnf, lixapxt, 

i. («w,)ijIiJ<o>,u.HT(»oJ } oi. com- 
pliance, oi. iitpeoupJa, v: iprtiais, 

». ouo\ eondu'eting, 

in.oS* ay»". — oonfo'rming,»jt.(fct- 
«A.) rrip^fsfafi — -confo'rmist, o£. 

(ix»A.)i«poo'oJo(|i. confo'rmity, 

OS. (fc*A.) (^., ^ t ivo^o.o^,, 

ft. conta'giouj,ijT.ouiotfMiJii[. 

— -contempora'neons, it- ioiyxpo- 
»o(. — descript,n <&mf(yf cnirat ; aft. 
Tipay^a oiiru nipiyiypaft/iivov, To*. 
No'ne. ^tt. ouJifj, finJut, o5tk,' /n5ri 5 . 
there is — of ua bnt will do it, a- 
siavr« irpafo/iiv uuro. there is — 
of ua that will do it, oiftlc ftjaoi* 

Itpajll TOUTO. 

No'n-elect, in. (hxl.) nit aiptto'f 
Non-e'ntity, oi. to wit h, to /"jo'tv, to 

p-AvnttpXny,™ ebxt'rat, Bfii'i&i- 

pal, In. ook JjUDtoKiKOs. 
Nones, ou. Ti. iiK-Zirpia, ftouxioTpia, 

|ue»ax>i. ft: (AoJ.) ft btatai. 
Non-eBse'ntial, ^ir. inmo-viSnt. — 

ettich, in. oTtapiEinro 



No'nagon, ou. (yiotjit.) ivyfiiTuv 
Non-aliena'tion, oi. to avaTtaiJoTpio 
ro*. — appe'arance, ot. tS i^ iitav. 

tSv iirl rjv tlmi >i itpo( ioi,( Jikb- 
"a t : — of the party sued, puyooV 

piov, to: — appointment, ou. o pn 
Siaptapii, —- attendance, oi. £»a- 
60XJ1, airourfa, $. — atte'ntion, oi. 
InpMifta, ft. 

Nonce, oi. >idvo. /v ti] ffim. for the 
— , t^ yi vuv, ireurov, d.a ro irap^v. 

Nonchalan'ee. oi. //aSupix, Lajltx, &.- 
filXiia, iJra^o/ifa, ft. — cbala'nt, 
^ir. aptptpyos, jsi9u/iDi, iuniliit, 4- 


-- , «>TMft 

■Iw, aiunaefia, ft . exi'stent, in. 

oi* e7.a 

- -ex r o. 

Noni'ilion, o ipSpbt InU ouv rpixxov 
No'n-juring, «». apvoi,aivoj optoy. — 
■juror, oi. o ap»oi/uvo( to" ipvrt. 
o'n-naturala, oi. tJ. (iarp.) rk nnpA 
t^v fdol y,(t Si &J5) ft Tcapa fiotv oYatTa. 
o'nny, oi. ip. Ninny. 
Oll-obsta'nte, ittip. ("oo..) 11 icai, xa(- 
7rip, oatoc, tt ii' opr-iz. 
Nonpareil, in. anapititirof, ooiyipi- 
to(; — , ou. ivmripfii^Tov, rrf: iTo'of 
pfaou; (Hot TU1I07/1. OTOl^faiv. — 
-payment, oi. uoTija/jitj (anoT(«i»{ 
ofiiMiM. — perfo'rmanoe, oi.ira- 
pain^i{, l*l«ifif,ft. m 

So'uplus, oft. imptx, inp*;n, *h to I* 
at a — , ivxiir&iu, Hiteiitfj, iv ami. 

iinopo. «afl<«-rava< Toai — , p. *. 

■(*?», (f( impim >ca0(7Tq^t nv,, 
Sou- ponderosity, oi. wev^InK, ila. 

?p'», A. po'nderoos, i"«. attput. 

«SfO(. — profe'e8ionaMit.ounivi$. 

luviirKyyti^nrfriiii. — -profi'cien- 

cj, at. ^ jii4 £r£fs«c4 npoKOmi. 
Non-rega'rdanoe, ™ iirpo 5 t{C«. 5. — 

-•■Mrfi'fion, oft, 4 /iii iaruiaTairro:- 

Wance, oft. &*»/>«t«ti)«, ^. resi- 
dence, oft. &n«Wa, -ft. re'sident, 

h. Snfig. — -jWs&inee, 06. iru- 

No'n-sane, ftt, pptvoSlaSfo. 

No'nsense, oft. i*poi, si. yiuxpla, %. to 
talk — , iuptfv, oWwaprfv, wap ain- 
pit.: _| * you talk — , oitftn M- 
TW; jrpB//i« ojTiJayi»H /u«pS(4- 

Nonse nsical, Jtc. apfiuu, Hapif f™», In- 
pAIiH, ^Auapoj, aJoTOj; — ly, i- 

_ iieyla, yjtuapfa fi. 
Non-M ositive, Its. n»afo-l)i)i'Of. so- 

».— -so'lvent,iB.oJj; clot 

V, lit, bt. 

fiuv, Bo-u/iTiaS4(, avii!>!s. 

So'nsait, eft. irau«>i oimif, 15: — , (S. tf. 

0«((>y«TOu p)j,u.aT0f, aRlJauvu foi; 

if3oW£>/ii>«uc.tobe — ed,/i>l Jay- 

Non-u'aance, ou. t-o oft xpiio-flai, to /ui 

Noodle, oft. (Jl&f, uwisi, iWitm, i. 

Nook, oft. yuvfa^.uu^Oj, 4. 

Noon, eft. jitoii '.pit"-, p-iaqpSplx, %- 
piox usjjMi, n, at — .iwirjv /11- 
«T|a<()i«». 'tis high — , uttrriptpta ■■ do anything at — # M> iM- 
tpii^ut. to sleep at — , jmmj/iSpia- 

£o*ra luJctf; — -, ii, ftrni/L&pivds . 
/Ltmtptpttf : — day v tide, a.) oi. 

ptTt]p.&pia ) ifl. 6 r .) (ir r piatifi&piibf, 
pinif/iipiBi : — ing.oft./mrjiplipivei 
Sn«Of, ; y(ij/ia (to ^tiij/iopi.ev = 

Noose, oft. ppoxot, i. iyxuJi), ipntW- 

, ui,i-(((o».)8iiij*,4. todraw toge- 
ther the — ,inimra»Tiv ppiffi*- — , 
' p\*. It* t. iv s^i, : lAtiC*,*W 
v»j« : ipnlixu, mprclixt). 

No'pal, si. (£eTv.) italcroi, i. £ out, 
riS» litt&v. [t* «paiii()- * 

Nope, oft. ,o'p».) mpp«vAac,«: ninyit (**< 

Nor, <ru>e\ oftJl, oftn, /rt]b*i. yijTi. riot 
— nor,oS — eOti,fitf — /uVrcjiieither 
— nor, oOn — oBti, /i^n — pirt, 

Norm, ofi. itp&iTiitujtav, 7rpi(Tvno», ri : 
SiXy/tat, nctp&SttyfLx, t£- 

No'rmal ,^jt. ipSbt, iTddnnris, Kaflsroc, 
iu^iTpot, iva^BT(H(,itayovuiot, tn- 

KTif, lO^ljKOf : OTOI^liiilK, OTOI^U- 

(griiif : — ifihool) o-^oiij i, iifitai- 
J Mil Jiowiliiv. 

No'rman, oft. ^avJivaSis, No^fiavJo;, 
*:_, ftr. # s? p. a »l tK 6t. 

North, oft. dfpKioj,^. poptBf,A. ranpoj 
apuTov.Tn ^ojgua. from the — ,,?iip- 
fafliv. to the — , «pit popp&r the — ■ 
wind.^opiH{ ,^oppa 1, J : — eastwiad, 
«a.*<a,,<!: — , *V. ap.Twij, fopc.oj. 
apKTfiot: — e»9t,a.),oS.Ta itpasBp- 
ktov xc Kxi T>)v (LvaT0^4', ('ao.)^fl- 
piravaioiotov, to. On the — eaf-t, 
npbt Spatai « nai ti}» *J(ou ^vare- 
l^.,( i ro<».) p»pu«KT.i«flf. ?.) : — 
easterly; — ■ eastern, in. irpot apJtoi 
■n**lTMj.t<rjkixToi.T,-i: — pole,oft. 
4pitT«o( 7idJo(, SpKtti^: — sea.of. 
% jt^S( ipttoui 8aJa»«a, slua.o,-, 0. 

— ward, a.) In. IpnTBSf, npi( a>- 
*TO» 5] itpbtpopp&i fi»i/iov ttrpap- 
. pivot : S'.)ft : — wards, iir(p. npds 
apKTor : — West, «,'!»«. Jcc-oovti. 
ni[ i:6'.)!j: — westerly: — western, 
in.irpo 4 SpltTi»T«iiia^;fou Juofiat. 
a». — lyS): — n,<n.apitTiiii(,^o f «- 
0(,o T M T ^°t ! — niy,iir<p.irpifa>*Toi, 

^ NO T 

No'rthing, ou. (vaur.) ft ferpMrft nXot- 

«T9» ferpmj stts t4» iimpvpai-i. 
Norwe'gian, oil. HopStybs, & : — , lit. 

Nose, oil. pU, fit, ft. (juimjp, o. (koi».) 

pimfy. flat ■%. sunn — , «/il)pi{,ft. 
the tip of the— ,*br>itpcAi &*#»*, 
nitpa ^J( ft. bridge of the — , ( 
ft t>5{ /ti vSf , to irjf ivot oat-oil » .ha ving 
a hooked — , ypvn&$. to speak in ft 
tlirough the — , pfliryio-uai wko pi- 

*■(,. to lead-by the — , rts #ni* U- 

Miv,£<yav T.ya, ifairarSv Ti.a,7ta- 

patpaim mi. to wipe ft blow one's 
— , Sntt/t&Tmtat. to tarn up one's 

— ,oip.ou"(rftyprva),p.UKT>,pffl£v.tO 

, eockupone's—, carry one's — very 
high, ppiMirtm, ?ty* ppavrtv, I- 
natpttrBac. to find ont, trace any- 
thing with the — , j3i»n*«Tirv. to 
thrust one's — intothe affairs of 
Others, itoluTrpa/ziov it*: S*fpi)atf,i: 
aapovnavTOtrcpayfiaTOijTS.the — ot 

the bellows, iKpo^imov, to. he has 

a long — , 4yj;{yov! tj li^u-fa iiriv : 
— band, oi. fpbt, Tt'tytbt, i : — 
bleed, oil. ft Ix 1S11 jttvfiy aifioppa- 
jla, imnnin, i ; (fiorv.) puptofvX- 
Joy, r6 ; ■*- gay,oi.«vfliaiv fafui,ft. 
| avfliuv jaiwJlos, d ; — smart, ou. 
(Sorv.Javappivov.To' : — of wax, *.■ 
n«8i(i, «6«ai05, 4. 
Nose, p. i. -ncpte^pxhofiat, i^yiuw 
^{iX - '«™ : & J 010-117,111, iiTix" npse 
«»■ : (about) tUu Tfl; l»4f, *{a. 

pWc ! —J. tic i ZM y 01v« (iv ^- 
in lv avyBiaittv), it;, long — d, 
p.axpdppi.o S , xtA. .■ —less, appij. 

Nosle, ou. lp. Noale. 

Noso'logy, ei. itafloioyfa, ft ; ra itij)t 
Ta>v3aou{. — lo'gicitl,IJt.7ra0oJoyi- 
«if. —legist, at. nafloirfyoi, i, [pit. 

No'stril, oiWofloiv, o. the— S,o!p-u<T,i- 

No'strum, ov. ( f app.a*o.) ft itava*,. 

Not, infp 0&.(xai noi j>oiv^iyT0(), ou*, 
»*Z. ^'.M *' : A"4. "8 — an- 

j KO 

grv, pi opy'Cou, ^ii Jp7taWt. I am 

— to answer, nnr!i am I to 
answer? H oir«p(v«^a< ; (km) 
npinet ta iitavTiiiu; Iwish,ii may 

— be, /*A yhono tauta. therewas 
a time when they were — , «» to- 
rt Xp4">S, I*' ««* -fiffay. I fear he 
will — come, StSta pi ov napii, 
(koiv.) ^.s-eoilaai prjnuf fly fla II- 
Bi). you call in physicians that he 
may — die, fapaKaiiiitatpous Situ* 
pi iito9a.ii. do it if yon will, but 
if — , let it alone, « pit ffoi toxO, 

Ttodioov, It Si itfi, txaoi ; (ipfaTi- 

xu{) ou pi. 1 shall — be taken, ou 

pi X^aifls. but — one, p-tt 1' OU. •"(. 
nay, do not, /n) J^. and — , — ei- 
ther, — even, no, — , ofiii ^no 1 * i 

— yet, oSJhru, nrjJiirw, («oiv.) Bxt 
i,Ki)iit : — any longer, emiri, /Hf 
h^ti i — at aU : — in the least, 

oCfoTIOUy,OUT01, ov pr.-t, ouTtuj. pr,- 

Ss/iii, unSiXat. certainty — , in- 
deed — , ou &■% pi yap, oOtoi, ov 
p$y. ou piyroi. in truth — , ov pit 
**.then— ,o6/i(y8u«. why — ? icu« 
yap ai; — only.but, 06 pfoov, a). 
Anxai. ia It — ? B*V»>i 9 V*P i 
^long since, Spri, irpo 4X(yov : — 
at any price, oiia/iut, piSi/iAt, 
Xotabi'lity, ov. to Imfwtt. [ebS6*<* t . 

No'table, in. inirqpts, tiKipts, iU«- 

loyOf. /n<ifayyi(. ntp&Ari'ret : aiico. 
aitptxii, bttptiJttt irpoTOtrotif i : fx- 
y«p*{, yrairii : — ,ov.lircipay^i, 4; 
— ness, iu. xp%P* H'i^oyai, ti, 

ov. — ly, iitlp. &(a\6y&ii, ionium, 
TttpitovtTii : oi*ovopiK&s, intpiioif. 

No'tal, ^jt. ™T<aio f , 

Nota'tial, in. vjp6oixioypsfai s . 

No'tary, ov. ovu£oizio-/pa<pas, 6. 

No'tate, '"- o-THiioi, Ttautirii. 

Notft'tion, ov. o-nitiiiuirit, ioTa»Vav. 
j((, irapa oi](i iJwiif, y : rnpiota, ft : 
ft 6Y i-rupoXoylixi buoluftt. 

Notch, ou. Ivtopi, iyitonjl, xapa-yi), 
yXufl;, ft. ziiiu/ia, tiS ; nopof, 0, 

NO } 

itocos, itipoSot, ft. (<avr.) iSobs, 
o: — weed, o«. pon.) oTpdpatif ^ 
irpiJfaE«(, t> i — , £. i. *«p*tWi, 
£/*6tct<u, yJiOfu ; — ing, oft. To iy- 

Nole^ oft. o-»[/Mloy, to : o-ii/iilev, of[- 
fia, ffu/iSsioii, to ; I/jtav/ia, oriy- 
^a. Tit : ujro^ivTj^a, cr^J/iov, rd : 
MSa, Alia, OTrovo'aia'-nji, ^nj/iij, ij. 
man of — , &yi?p Suixtht, f), 4|n£- 
f«tTOi iro) iou, a j>x * ™X<i> »>*W ioyo f : 
Tififsv Ooun-uov), to\ Tovoi, J : 
iw/irein),!iuaT8)^, ovyefpint, $ ; ftl- 

. yw 


ais-fl^ffts, 4- iraparflpr 
not take any — of, /u) irpoftxi 
aoYx»ep«i; J»y<»/<o{. t:(l/i-n f :,xtt- 
p&ypafev, t&. («<y.) n/ioJayia, 4- 
moiifw, V' a promissory — , a — 
of hand, xupoVpafo, to 1 : (noJ.) 

■OhAhjoIJ. ftVaKofy<tfIl( i. a — of 

interrogation, ^e«Tii/i«Tut** <rq^jt 
e», rA to compare — g together, 

teito/.v/fXeOxc, iyayiyoGoSai. to take 

— of, fpavrl^tn rnric, Jit(jiUJ««-0ai 
* Ati^nliloOaf tiv«(. — worthy, a- 
{[dia-/os,H?coftiinfni»«ui™(, — of the 
bank, x«fW"W a, to : — book, 
oi. JUtoc, i/. irifitiu/iarapiay, to\ 

Note, /J. ^. m/uifi, c'lao-iyiaW, oij. 
fitinti JiaiffjuSaw : irapatffi^alvo- 
pa., JiiTOo/ia. ; Caouo.)TOiJCw>/"- 
lonoiS : hkotiu, imoioirffl, IjttngjoA, 
WfOftx* : /-/-/papal, *aTaypap«. to 

— down, ivxyfi&fitj, aaTK/pajeiy: 
cistcWfu : — it, <ir. fn/otyiot, y«w- 

>JTO[, o'yO/iaffTOSI— dly, ^nffl. KKpl- 

£&; Si&ftpdvTt-is, itaipiraii, fLstlt- 
oTa : — dnesS.ou.&KJiio.fnioiania, 
II : — leu, is.ramtyii, tittHt, aov 
pot: — r, eu. axoliajTrbf, i ; oti- 

Wthing, ei. oftJiv, pq Jh, Tii. for — , 
<, about — , upot ouJl», vnlf Tfiy 
oftoVoj aS|-o 1 .,(«ip(S,ovff«ia i ) ! — 
to the purpose, oft Jlv irpd( iitot : — 
but, ouo*iv it Hi, silt' nli)v iTu" i; : 

. __ more, oJJi» mptttripw, tMh ij 

rrWoy. that is as good as saying—, 
2voi* Itytis. to COme to ■*— , ifiayf- 
CllOac, anoUuaBai, pSifoMOac. to 
consider — ,«ap'oiaiy T(6'^lJ6al,«ft- 
Jl^4[tt'{«yll^ 1 u(;<lv,)d-/opoio'*ya'IIO^. 
itoOafTiyot, to be reckoned^ con- 
sidered — , ly oiJiyif uyai jiiptt. 
that s — to me, oft /iii« /ioi, si 
fpa»Ti(w n»pi TOiiiou, for — , J»pt- 
iy, Ttpobo;. to be % signify—, o&o"*y 
i7Mu,to make — of n to look upon 

as — , i/itUli t) ilr/oiptlv TlyO{, own 
Ivrp'tittaBai Ttvot. to turn r, change 
into — , .Ml.*, apayif..., no.dv 
IfmituSm, of— , — conies, aio'i. 
in tou /i»j Jno( yiyytTBi : -^ebe,eft- 
«e»«ii5. good for— , eic*iye( «£ie s , 
kvAfmt, avwftJ^t, &xpnm<, <a«- 
iTov, fnvloVaroc. he has — of con- 
rage, oftoin riifi^i >] .Bappov$ SS ' 
eu* I^u OiSppos : — , infp. eftatiut, 
/L-niiias, euJlv. /in^dy r — m'ss. oft, 
ri ouJtv, Ti ou* (Tyai : oujixia, XI- 
ydnit, faraidr>i(, ^ : npfljyaovioi- 

Ho'tice, oft. alaBiiif, jcaravdijo-if, ^tc- 
vtpvft, i. to take — of anything, 
TUB!'. — is taken, hmpvfi yiyvi- 

toi. to take — , imoTpoVii' itoi»r- 

iflai: B7yiite, i). *6yoi, i. ivafoi- 
p u ^ r 5j ^- napa , y7Ujaa,To'. ftpoypafti, 
f„ (icoiv.j it>ripof»pi&, ilJijn;, eioo- 
iro(»i»i5,)j. I receive, I have — , ov- 
-jOiv. fEptTaf ;ioi, airay/UAtTat t] 
ItapavyOAirai jioi, w-iavs/ial ti. 
to give — , to issue a — , »**r*- 
ptbta,&itottiKriyai, npoyp&fut, ira- 

pajytiXttv. to give anyone — , o/- 

*(t». to give — to adebtor, btisi- 
rtfy to xp*»( . to take — of anything, 
TpOifx*" T * v *°'" 1 Tiv ' : "f ftn y one i 
n/t3y Tiy«, asirafurflai, xaipiW^iiy. 
to lake no — of it, i&v t., di.>o>- 
psJvf) ability mot. at aminute's — , 

iruptl, ir ojcapil. 

HO 8 

No'tice, ?. i. lisJiwjmu, /■avflivtu, *a- 

TOttOU, trIOSi : liCOiiyiti (viv vsSu), 
twca-retfoiatt: ilinftl/txfHt, ftn)/u- 

»«i t</ioj : — able, &i. aEiOjurnpo- 
■•un;, /i»ftu.nj ft W/ou £{iijj ; — 
ably, trip. Hiont/i/iortirtif 
.Ni>titi<ja'tion,oi>. fiij»uo-<(, oV£tf, E»o*«- 

pa, tnar/iK/ix, itap&yytl/ta, xi. 

No'tjfy, ft. J. j»i£, OBO-, 4>a-, fe- 

futHt, tn/tniri, Qxttpbv »o<3, (of) 

o/ytJJu, i-xayyilXit, JmrwiUw, 

No'tion, o&.iiJot, to\ ioVh, I»voia, ia- 
r(tiT]^i ( ,^. to get a — of anything, 

part a — of anything, i»»oia> tivo 5 
irao^ttv. to form a — of anything, 

•f»&IHi, Hi*, ft. 
No'tional, ix. ibjito{, ic"fiviicos: jav- 
THITl<4il7(, pn.TaffTiaif, JttvBt, /ut- 

tJsfi'a, 4 : yavrBOjua, to. yavTaofa, 
4" — Iji '"*/>. (emmA*, *ara fav- 

Xft'tionist, ttd yw*TatrttitrK&rtQs t A. 

Notori'cty, eu. ■yvapi/ioTra, ft. to na- 
T&tnltr, to Tttpifcttif. it is matter 
Of— , 7ri«T« s E.anv JH» nam xa- 


. J-jJos 



fxvipit, iufxvit.hapyj, 
iiaSaifrot, (aisijjiijtiof, TioluSpuA- 
Jj)to{, Jiiffiijuot, /aTa Seiet : — ly, 
hip. heuti/utf, i/istnoiij, TripiBoft. 
r««: SoifhjiMt : — neas, oi. to rca- 
(( UOT, t) ft. 
i *. 

No'twheat, oi. ulof «(tou. 

Notwithsta'nding, ami. n"»ai,«a/irip : 
— the difficulty of the way, naftiip 
Xidinft eu«i« Tilt itou : — the 
multitude, xal iv too-outm TrAftBu ; — 
your bravery, iyaSof ntp&r: — he 
IS very strong, 11 >al /liAo *apft- 
pot 4ari % Mp. i/w(, ouV i/ivf, 

Nbuga't, oi. to (icoiv.) i/tvylali-m. 
Nought, ou. ttiSiv, pJith. to bring 
to — , oiJuoiiv. to come to — , 4- 
yaviisiSai, t*<p'jc:?-,g a ,. to aet at 
— , sap' ouiJl. TfSio-oat, i6yov oi- 
Jiva noiiTo-Bai tivof : '(*>*>.) T0 
0&o"il, to ^njl>, aiij/iov tfij/lllov, 
tJ. (mi..) to M oV<.d». 
Noun, oi. (-/pap.) Ste^a, to 1 , a — sub- 
stantive, (>o^h npofnyo/wroJ, ft ei- 
oiao-Ti«6v, tiS : — adjective, Aw- 

fl«TOV, to". 

Non'rieh, p. i. Tpij«, tpopftir' *api- 
X», o-(t((u, £soicm : aifavoj, in- 

£. oii. Tpiipo/Lxi ; —able, in. Bpi- 
uWoj, oTot t« Tpa^itrBac ^er, oi. 
i Tc^fsiv, Tooynit, J ; — ing, in. 
6pcXTHcbs,8ptitTiipat, Tp&fi/tOf t aS- 
hru6i:~ ingly, it(e. 8^iirT«fis: 
— ment, ou. rpoo>i), ft. oiros, 4. in 
npjf Tov ^Co» ^nd^Jiia, p% s , i. to 
give — ment to anything, tpdfur, 
■ufantii ti : ftar^oyni i. 
No'vel, in. v(o t , ou* iw9u(, Hfrw : 
■aiuoj, ?f»os, SroiiBf: — , oi. km- 
voT8/i(a, ft, vtwripio-juii, o : X<(-/S{, 
liiiOo^, i. /jy6coTopi]/ta, T^ i — -ipt, 
ov. 'aivoemouo^o?, .fbirepaToJOf, xai- 

/airoijj, >iu8oiioio( t /iufliiTooiOTpci- 
fo(, b : — tv, oo. vio*, viodTepov, 
irp&yita vior, to, to vmhttI rrujaCa'v : 

vsairspeisoifa!, ft.vwirefiij.usj, 0. in- 
HOTtpifHlH, ft. [*»l6fIOf o. 

Nove'mber, oil. ivJiiBTOf ^iftv, 6. Ko- 

No'venary, lit. i»«TO(, fcxaTet : — , 
ov. *»<*;, 4. [4. ivvair<c ft. 

Nove'nnial, in- i'tnirnpst, tnanif, 

Nove'rcal, tit. piTpuisl ti\f. 

No'vice, oi. o-<W«f (juMEX*f) f li «■- 
afdrterTSf, vtof utov,i ; fiftt^pOf,npoj- 
TOVIipOj- £ivoc, i,ua!)f>! !x»>, o. to 
be a : — in anything, {<<•«(, anilooij 
ft etjczSuc Ix«" tcvo( : — ihip, oi. 
JOKi/ift, ft i aftSus, ft. 

Nu'oleifonn, in. (£o«.) napuotio" fa. 

Nu'clcus, (irJ. - — lei Sj — lenses), oi, 

(p"BT*.}inipJ>i, i. lapuoy, Bn<fir,T6: 
(iArtpi.) Kirtpai (natron), t6 : to 
ntvipov (TtavT5( npay/isTOf), &pxi], 
/Sails, i). [p>e?, kioKtuof. 

Node, In. yujivot, fiJot : (yap.) axv- 
Nn'dge, p\ i. vu«rai (a-y*a»i). ^£37x01- 

Na'diI»,ou.)v^y8ti5(,J'iJ.iiTi7f, lirTayu- 

,.vi M^q : *•««, 4 : (5»7p.) ««<!- 

«( jiu^vai jtip ( 6oJf|s. 
Nuel, 06. tp. Newel. 
Nuga'citY, du. ««<$!*, flvapiat, ifl. iii- 

pot, : to fiiKpoii ttfia* : luTpani- 

Wa, *. 
Nn'gal, oi. ttJ. ti /iitpov fifm rfpay- 

^ara: fruapia, ->i : ri tirfjiinJoi. 
Nn'gatory, #*, piipaiutio'iic, nxiSapi- 

&3*lf, arSTTOS, CtKXtpOty iiTip&Xr t $ ; 

/i.araiot, «vo{. to render — , *ia- 

Nu'gget, oi. psloi (/iiraJJiw), i^. a 
— of gold, jSoSAoe xpvn-eu : — , p. i. 
$i\to ^tuJoui (j(puffoO). 

Nu'gify, p. eiJ. jiuapii, /utTaianovoi. 

Mu'ieBin-e, oi. to £Aa6ipo*, to xaxiv, 
• Juaavrurev. p/a€,, A I d^ti-iv, 
*o^Tiitoip,TJ.tobe a — to any one, 
4V SxAou «'*« ft ■y(7»«»* a f •"»<) «*«- 

«v T.-a, fr flz itf. t.». : — r, ol. J 

jSJanTiiip, ivoxJirwis, o- 
Nul, itt. ('SjU.) oioiis, uiioVf. 
Null, At. (vo/..) &* U po t ; ebSivbf *|.0f, 

*tvbf, /laraioj. to declare anything 
android, ounifouv: — , oi.To oi- 

3lvJ( a|lov,Ti aiilv, TO |«]o'tv; — , 

p\ i. BKUjoS. [ti'dian, in. «>«rros. 
Nullifica'tion, ai. BKvew«-«, i. — 
Ku'llifier, oi, A ixupflv, ijiupoiTije, 0. 
Nullify, |». I *odfci, **™M», *afla.. 

pS, aOfifl, iuupoviraiS, 4<upfi: — 

ing, oi. aivpuo-ic, ^. 
Nu'llity, oi. iiupia, A, to e*up«» 1 ei- 

o"«v(a, '», A. to oi* tfiwt. 
Numb, in. *opit6>Jflt, vxpK&r, itxl- 

iS^TOt.i/iSJuc. to be)) grow — ,>ap- 

«ki, raptoiitiai, to become — wilfa 

Novi'tiate, oi. (Aurl.) Sott/iA, jj ■ /ia- 

fcjT,(a, (,. 

XpoWjust — , 8>ri, v6y J^. be went 
away just — , Wi imiJAin. lam 
even — saying, >C» o",j JJyu : v«v 

/if*: — , — , Ttri piv,TOTi *i, apTi 
/ii>, b>ti fl, »&» /ii», »0» Ji. until 
— , /iixp< tou viv. even — ,iT< >ai 
>uv, tittrt 1 —this instant, »Sv Wu. 
before — ,«pJ»,To «pi»,irj30To5, ira- 
ia(,rtitalai;— andthen,^/0Ti,Ije' 
oTi, htaxoZi — at least, Wi»eW: 
— rand— ,lTi^aifT(. how — ?««{ 
touto; tJ touto J^iol; — oW. *i, 
ioiirov: — thenla^fW:— , oi. Td 
vSiv, o Trapdbv xpovoc, ^ ^vtor£io'a 
srr/,!!,! ; a-days, inCp. at/tipa*. 

No-way %. — ways, inip. ^kco-tb, J- 
laxurra, obSafiStf, fiviSxfi&c : — 
whCTe,iw/p.oio'a/isS,^iio'a^o&, ^11- 
tapf.frota — , oiianiStt, utta/ii- 
(«» : — in the world, wSa/H&yiltx 
— whither, in(p. oiJa/issi, pnSx- 
pint, Baia/iau: — wi»6, STilpJvKI- 
DTa, DU0"l^W4, /inJx/ioic, oudlv. 

Ko'lious, in. ^^attpo,-, ^iri6Ja&i s , Ju- 

in.;p.^ae<f< ai *.'' rlSJoe£i «"" r 'P a «: 

— nens, ou. ^in6(pjy, «oaio», t4. 
Noyau, »6- "wrf. Tt. [W/tn, i. 

Nozle !j Nozzle, oi. £1[, A. p-uxtiip 0. 

r^TXafc «* ! S "( M » («i«y/»««<), to. 

&Kpa, i. the nozzle of a lamp, >tu- 
Nnb,p,^. op.Nudge. [*t^p latix&ti. 
Ka'ba, oi. SpitV(,it. 
Sulibin, 06. BTtliic oraxuf, 4. 
Knbe'cnk (t).— Is), eb. (aoTpv.) .s- 

fioy, to : (iaip.) n •' ™ o' f 6aA^9 

NnTjile. in. if lSo(, a«/ili?oi», aw^at- 

ot, ipatoj. — lity, oi. itv, &*?$ 

(iAu(a,), 1>. [avntfnt. 

NnTiilose, Nn'bilons, in. HftlMiu, 

Npe&mecta'ceouB, Nuci'ferous, in. 



10. H'J.i.KI, $. 

Nu'mber, oh. aftB/ibf, b. an even — , 
dfinai kpiipAi. an uneven 4 odd — , 

» ip t i o i ft n! p ir to i A p i s^nlj. a broken 

, *li^ 

- four, rirpii, t 

, * i 

is l/>[JfiS< limit : &■ 
p (9,065, o. iti^fisf, Td5 : in — , ro» 
apiB/iov, apio>«, to nJiiSo;. they 
are strong in — , —eiisr'Eiiri to «1>[. 
0«f- to be equal to the enemy in 
— , l*av Mvai Trt$ iroit/iiois to 
xirjSos. to reckon ( place any one 
among the — of the invited, kstb- 

fiBpuvi, TiOi.ii Tivi jv rolf irpotxt. 
>))7f.V»0(( : (jrpa/>.) bp<, i. sin- 
gular — , bectfr i. plural — . irlij- 

8m>TiKbf.u:ir}. itrtpov, TO.^UB>ot,4. 
atiijioVa.iS. atlyot. of: *1. to o'. pV 
6;.iov T>|f a. ataM»|«, of 'ApiBpbi. 
aoertain — of menjavSpwiroiTinf. 
many in — , in large — s, xtUel, 
oi<oi(7ai to kJt[9b(. equal in — H of 

the same — , < jOTrJnflijf, iiapifyflf : 

Nu'mber, |S. i. ipifl/iS, ipifl^O *aTa- 
ia/iiavai. how many soldiers fi men 
does the army — ? irdiov vb nXijBot 
T(uv iTpariMTfiy; (with) «aTaliyu, 
AaTiiJa/iat, jcaTaisyffopai. he was 
— ed with the transgressors, «an- 
lcy(afl>l>) KOTiTixSl '* rols napa- 
y^if./uraavo^vtteyfcaro: o*ra. 
izfi66,-iu ipiBpOl^ (tun.) TiBrUU 
bptBuows (ti oixlxti,**!.); — er,o&. 
i kftBu&t. kpiBpniht, t ■■ — less, in. 
&,vaplBp.nzoi, kvkpiBp.0^ airttoot I) 

Nn'mbles, eJ. *J.t& r/nblica, rk miXi.-,. 

Z »a (tffly iXAfon). 
Nn'menble, in. kpt6/ure6e, 
Su'meral,<fl/*iii"to( J — ,oi.»fl. 

/mZov 4ptB|KpjT(icov, to" ; — ly, info. 

kpiditiiriK&i.xaT'ipiB/i.ii. [pyiixis, 
Nu'merary, in. »,$, to apiBitoi, kpiB. 


'merate, p. i. otptBpi*, ieryttyjiat % 
.aTiloyi^o/iat. ip. Enumerate. — 
■a'tion, at. iptB/aiats, i, — rator 
.i.ifli6>>,T.|t,Jio7i<m)i,o: (*("9|".) 

Nume'rie i) : — al, in. ip'8/«iTunfi 
— ally, hip. lipiB/iv,Ttxai. 
n'merous, in. ;isj.ii. izoXvApt9jAos t 
avxrbt) kBpooi^ap.isi.'uBiii: kap.ovt- 
Ki(, i-mpp.iitbi ; — ly, hip. neig- 
irlijSst, iroluKfu'Sjiuj r — neas, oi. 

nir/0Of, TS. ant(p£a,i$ : kpp.otta l eu- 
puvfa, ibf>uBy.lx,i. 
Numiama'tic )| : — al, is. wju>p>ri> 

if : — S, DU. IT/. yO/ltopaTUCll (i- 

Numi'smatist, Numismato'logist, s£. 

Jdjrof, t. [<st$iiii), wiurnareivftft, i,. 
N umismatology , o&.vo^io-^aTut^jiHi- 
Nu'mmary, Nu'mmular ^ : — y, in. 

Xu'mmulite , o f . f o p . ) .o jii i/i *rs ) i Bo t , 4. 

Numps, su. p)aj, n/iS,o { , B : -i- kuU, 

sv. KQirfyijaui, d:o-j;.o: (xarafpa- 

■^tixiTx! <tf>a!4,^ : — kulled, iir. 
ij/(9io(, eiitSuf, />»0D(, .oiriof. 
Nun, oi. iaKiirpm, iiiruxiaTpttt, p,a. 
vajrf, ^e»affrpta, 4 : (opv.) aZyifla- 
XAs J fruavouf : 'KtptoTtpk ■] Ji^jta- 
Jofif : — buoy. oi. (•kit.) «ip«»- 
Tiio jtaivouiJiit, (i. 

Nu'nchion, a£. 5. Lnncheon. 
Ku'neiature, oft. {it/X.) itptaUix, A. 
Su'neio, ou. npoayyiXiit, i : ispiaiui 

(rou Uaica), o. 
Nuncupative, Niinea'patoty, in. *«- 

mipuyuiyof: irpoyopKif. a — will, 


. ypair 

Nn'ndinal, Nn'ndinary, in. 6, it, rb 
Tift &yop«i ytyvo/xjvris ava -RffTaav 

Nundina'tion, oi.xoi«o.»^( ( «rB.Tii.[Ti, 

Nu'nnery, e6./io»aoTi(jMoy /uiautrtov, 

Nm'ptial, be. 4m9aiA/tto ( , yxp-ftlaii, 

vupQaat, mpf io(, vo/ijiKds : — bed 

A couch, Ta^rliot ti»fl J; ieUini,iq. 

NU 8 

a — song, Imttnli/uos aSi, ft. u- 
pirates, o. a — gift ft present, y«- 
pijlisi fopov, Til : — a, oi. n). y&- 

Nnrse,o5. Tpapo{, titd.), nH'V.i : "H- 
iAiouiatjSiiixa-Tpr-tySpncTT.p, 9pi- 
irnip«,ft .tobe a — , tit-BiubbO ac tpo - 
f i{, rptfavira, ft. Greece, the — of 

the liberal arte,'EXAa t ft rpe*e ( ™-j 


■sx'-Sv : 

- child, oS, 
flTila £<f/i«vef, -/aiK9ij»lj, Ko^vlf, ; 

— maid, ei. naio'oTpo'pf, TmiaWo. 
pot, ft: — name.ou.op.NickBame: 

— pond, oi. ixouorpopllov, to. 
Ntl'rse, p. i. oijAaijM, titSiOm, -ipiya. 

bo — her own child, tpifttt te ft>/- 
<!>o; Ufa ynJauTt; ini/iiieSfiai, Jjti- 

/n(rc»o(. to — the aickjvomlsvicv, 
tifKiitiuuy »oo8ina,»e[ioxofitrv:(ap) 
T(Kfm, KaiJaym/fl : — t, ei, / 
/itiiiriif, Sipajriur^j, oipairiuaiv. 
xai£ayedy&f, o. 

Nn'rsery, 0*. oIkm/ib, iv « mMn 

t4 whoVh, itaiooTpapttef, Til : 

ntpuw, fvmbpfw, vtofurirsv, 
tj. ftf.f ( T «»fi< art.),*-: ™° 
4 : — - man, ou- ^uraujyot, furo- 

Sn'raing, ai. TiToVa, ft. oVaayiot, : 
ttpimtut, liziii4itia,j\: — of asick 
person, »o«Tpef(a, uoioito/ita, ft: 
puroupTia, ft. > 

Nn'rsling, ou- thtla^iptta^yxiixdri^t, 
i. pmrtiSiat Pptfat, Bptppa, id : 
KfOffdftt, (S. 

Nu'rtore, bu. tpo*,), ft : xatttlx, irafc 
Jcuinf , &y^yi$, 17 : — , p. 1- rpifoi -, 

Nn'atle, p. i. ip. Nn'rale. 

Nut, ali. laouen, ts. the kernel of a 
— , aipuov, li. Ke^uou itup^n, i. a 
little — , K*p&iio*, rrf ; to nipine*- 
1m. f>tUi«), "XJ'«t, * : («""■•) 
Ar£o» (&7irap=(), fi : — breaker, 
b*. (if*.) napuoKOTa«T>jf, 4. o-i'ttb, 
J, 1 — brown, iic. mapvi-tpoui : — 


j NJf 

cracker, bu. «npuo*aT*jrT>j{, 0. pair* 
xnpoEaro*, to. (opt.) pevxvpoSat, B: 
— gall, eft, iijuif , ft : — hatoh ft job- 
ber, ou. (op'.) Sp. Nu'tcracker : — 
hook.Bu.apirapjjft; — let,ou.«apii- 
iiav, to : — meg, at. jKOBXBKapu- 
bv, to : — OU, bu, *opuive« i/aio», 
■;& : — shell, oi. "apian ttlifxiav, 
Tb : tipSypa obtiiutbi, ti : — tree, 
bu. aapua,q. [tpv-fH {KWfitrt), i>. 

Nut, p- i. rpvyu «apua : —ting, bu. 

Nute'lion, B4.^TalavTfu« ( j(ro5 a{fl. 
VB( tt|( yHt 1) t&v twriptm) : (p»Tv.) 
Jl nJ(ir(j(Taiv furolv jipii ii» nJiov). 

Nntrioa'tion, bu. rpofH, 9/ityis, ^. 
^it. Tpoftpof, avfqrcjvtf'f. 

Nn'triment, ot. rpofi}, ft, Bitot, t. 
want ft absence of — , irptfla, ft : 

Jll. *lf. Tp6flfx0i l PpEKTIKOC. 

Natri tion, Bi. Tpofi), flpi^it, ft : to 

r* a£f>IT(K»v. 

H. Tpd^Of, TpOfiillt, 

atJ n r..o ( : — ly, ft»p. 
Spi7irnS( : - — neas, oi, roof 1/* itqt, 
ft. to xptmut*. 

i'tritive, in, k. ; — lj, Mp, rr: up. 

Na'izle, ^. i., flnlafc* : tpi'- 

fu, TfOpjv napijfu: jwuntw, oi- 

(t», JHBIN& : HBVlfl VltiJKW ft XI- 
p:Gai\w, Kl-yilJlUM ; T(flj),lil XpittOl 

Tj pivi : — , p. BbJ. (Tft» »falft>) 
*ptiirr« ((» t« aiiJir^i Ti|( /iijTprft) : 
^ai.oi KuBit/woi Tiu plva (wimp 

Ny'ctalopa, oft. nHrWuf, i. Ixotpos). 

Nycta'lopy, ««. vuxTalunlaiii, ft. w- 

Nye, bu. VBOTTii (nni»av), ft. o-^flfOj 
Nylghau, su. (fueJ.) JnnlJapBs, *. 
Nymph, 06. (fiu8.) Nu/ifn, J. the 
mountain — s, aTOputttt. the dale 
— B, Nairatai, al: tip-n, napui>B<, 
ft: — ft: -»(>*.: — *},Bu.(i^.) 
Xpuo-aUlt, ^ : — el,B«. nofii/ia pou- 
<o;.«ov. to : — eaa, in. a, ft, ro 
™» TSu/iyw. : — iflh, (it. vu^E^if,' 
nap9»iKii(: like : ~ly, is- vu/i- 



0, i> ( ipitii. 11 '*. 6, 11, 000 : 0. 8. 
= old style : »pi 'Jp) n ' J «"" ovo- 
fLirwu rqjgscfou uiof, o'ou, O'Carrul, 
O'Brien, »tA. 

0, fi"?. 3 ! af fl a" ! miserable 1 a 
SB\t, ! that, nfli, ««(, me! O 
woe is me 1 siw! fi/ioi! my trou- 
bles ! fsii twv i/iuv Kind' 1 that 
I had diedl fio>iiov 3)'i. ( iSj>i/ov 
(mufti [»«•», to : woirfls a^ff"."- 

0, on. iptifiif, t. Mh, (*bi».) foi-Ji- 

Oaf, ou. i>it«SaltfWb* Tfa>«», to": jSlir, 
piiio^iu^ai, o : — isll, en ijMiOf, 
ti>S9i)I,a6O.T(00j t jtwpd j: — ishness, 
ou. /i»p(a. t!ifi6nx, ljliMrijs, ii. 

Oak, oi. (3orv.) StSt, fiy>>i, ^ ; — 
apple ( . — gall, eu. Kn*k, v- «i- 
***«>», to : — bark, ou. ylorot 1 fart 
r<I( o"puo(; — evergreen, oi. npftet, 
Ki>rpoH.upofr>i, ^ : — grove i 
Oopse, ou. aUjos ipuat.ri: — wood 
5i wrest, ipi/pii*, i., i, n. 

O'aken, in. Ipilns, ^ynot i — pin, 

ou. «fl*os agktlQOU priiou. 

OaTding, ou. tpu&piot, ti. 
Oa'kum, ou. (vaur.) jtu*.j, vrbmn, 
ft. jTuirtloi, timriln, r6.[lputaSiK. 
Oa'ky, far. iripiif, artppht, atlnpbs : 
Oar, fli. ^tiiry] , 7], iotTfibi, o. (tocv.) 

ioun(, to. the blade of the — ,t Mtn, 
ft. ra^uac iwiius, id. a spear for 
an — , x»ittu(, i. to propel with 

— S, Kamiuim, mumilaTtTv. to ship 

rnuiVlii. to unship the, — B, lu- 
itv ras ndiraf (iico raj hancA/iC- 

, is9aciwmiiaTov» pull the — 8, 
■onrijiaTHV : — , p. I. ipiirta, i- 
TtijfiiTO, mnnflmTA : — 8-man, ou. 
tytTflf, uku^tik, o : — y, Jir. ™- 

O'asis, oi. Sams, ft. [muStuf. 

Oast, oi.*X6avos ft* tV*"« 6>«ov. 

Oat, ft Oats, at. frw'pot o. f«oi».) /3p!J- 
/m Sj |!)WJKq, ft. iipi&iiov, «J. wild 
— a ai^ii&i'/i, o : li'/ipm. 

o i — cake, 4 in* fo6pw «)«t- 
«oB( : — malt, ei. ft iitl fip6fuu 
jSu.^ ; — meal, eu. xeWoai, oi: — 
en, iir. J, ft, roino tou ppi/tou. 
'ath, ou. opitos, 6. ooxcov, opxoijua. 
a false — , imoptU, ft. to tak 
false — , imtpttiZ*, tyevSopitl*. I 
solemn — , oV*Oi >rpo( fliiiv, fyio 
fliS». to take an — . i>vii»m, 4> 
kou( jtoiiiiflai ft StSovxt. to keep 

one's — ,' ^WopiKft, i/ip-h 
role ipKots. to take an — 

.', Of *0 



■ 05 , «■ 

iva. to lay any one undej 
-, to administer an — t*S, tp- 
, tptiZtiv rwa, to deny by — , 
■vitai, ii6nmsl)ai. to break 

irfaTtn. to propose and accept an 
— , cp-tov iiiJ.ii ial Aap64>uv. to 
bind any one by an ■ — , ipxeuv, fp- 
■oi« icaTa\«ft6avi« n««. upon an 
— i with an — , by — , Aw/i<f«Bf, 
!voys*Of : ^n'p. ivipiwt, im/tinti. 
to assnre any one with an — , fl 
upon hie — , iiro/idaavra tfru>, sur 
9tAv opHu \tyut. the administrator 
of — a, ipitutiis, i : — breaker, on. 
/niop/oj, o: — breaking, ou. « , m- 
opfrfa, 4. [^,-^ep xapSlai. 

Obcorda'te, #«. (^ot>.) io-tpa/i/*t»o; 

Obdu'ce, Obdn'ct, i. <. •arauT.yafu, 
■ipiKaJiiTtTBj. — dn'ction, oi. iiti- 

01>dnracy, oi. oo'iaTpi^a, ^. to a/«- 

TKTpHTTO», -n7tl[8l.a, ^ ; nKJlljSlfT^S 

(rijf nap Jfas), iiBioeqala, 17. 
0'bdnrate,«Tt.a»ai ! rflflToi, o-*lTipi { ,J- 
najUJtTOf, oiJiarpiuTOt, o/«tairti- 
«TOi, 4»i»JoTot, io-xvpoyyw^iuv, to 
make — , o'xJ^poun, iiroo-nJiipfluv, 

O"«i0/ji»IIV ; ^, p, t. (TlcAll^UI* ; 

— ly,in(p. o-niiipus, si aM'f" ||4»H - 
Obe'dience, ou. Jtuflap^fa, tiirtWlia, 


orders, icntJ/uvd« m 
Obe'dient, fa. avnKOij,, mtifiiwt, 
inqxoot, *KTnxo«i, eOnmriOf, tf- 
thxto,, 7rsfflay3X°E- to be — , *umi- 
8tf«, mtBxpx'toi lUTaicTrt., to 
have — servants, oixfaais xpfljflai 

nnSouivMc. to show one's self — 
towards any one, ituBifuvo* J) iS- 
mi8% irxpiXltr tauter rnt: — -ia], 
fa.irt<8ap;[ixop — ly,faip.<uit«8oi,. 

Obe'isance, Obe'isancy, oi. to ««- 
«t»i», neointuvitait, ^> 

Obe'isant, fa. luitiifl^i : aioNi/utv. 

Obeli'scal, fa. vuf a/uitifc. 

O'belisk, ei. iSSiJitrxof, i. oojJlu, i, ; 
(runyp.) i «a u p4( (f). 

OT>elize, fi. i. JhMfo. 

Obe'ae, in. *»«•, Jraapo,, m/tdlifc: iu- 

Obe'sity, ev. l.TTHpia, ^. mjulafa, 

to. iliaxptCa, ij. 
Obe'y, p. ^. nefSoiiai, uitaiouu, to- 

fla^£i,axou«.to — anyonepunctu- 

ou. J ireiSoVsvo,, uirijxoo,, e. 

Obfu'scate, 0. i. n.*, fatmurffei: 
■ — , fa. fafiricoros. — ca'tion, oi. 
ixoraa/io,, o\ faciKifriTo-i,, i). 

O'bit, oil. farjf^o'iiet TiiiTii, ii. Sana- 
ro,, i : — ual, fa. tnti-ASuof : — 
nariiy, famno'ttei, : — nary, oi. i 
x&iTtBvt,iL6ta-i Kariityti: — naiy, 

fa. fa(*r,o"(IS(. 

0T>ject,oS. Xp^p.s,Ttpayp.a,Ti. the — 
of love, of desire, ts ipkium, to 
fai8i./ieufttv(», the — of hatred, 
d^Wi j*i««, **. an — of sus- 
picion, ulTDHTOj, o, $. viroitTov, to : 
(jMioo-.) to St, to iftgtjHm* 4 i/ja- 
to» : oxOBSf, o. r£lo{, to. rpoatpi- 
nc,yvii/iq, q. to live for the sole — 
of, fai rj twKT/HmfimttV.with 
the — Of, fai ra («■ airaj)^,,.), 
iva, in»)(. what oonld be your — in 
doing this? Ti4» £oul>ie«ijTOuTOiroi. 
no-ai, ; &»ofl»ei(, ij. on this — , on 
that — fa! too™, these — s, t=5- 

i3 ob 

to: fypxp..) to i»T«i(^ivo»: — 
glass, oi. paied, TijJHMmov, J. 
Obje'Ct, p. i. aiTiJrvu, i-Tiftiui, Oiro- 

iai/ifiiujii, jiavTisv/iai, Morauai ; 

£j,:(to)ov«£ij>,fy*aJfi, fiififOfim : 
(against) itptfipa, jipo6a))u, avri- 
rtttyaf t. ; — , jt. ,M. (to) iyrtltyu 
^nirHufiji, jvavTioJtoTOu/ial. 
Objection, oi. avriAoyia, 4»ri)a!il, 
ivorao-ij, q. to make, start, raise, 
orge — s, avTiiiyHv, ^uavTiousSai. 
I have no — , oMb tya lartaab, 
oil SiafipD/iai. oblit hrAt/tt. to 
have no — ,i)iiut iixtpat t<. if 
you have no — , i< oii yi ^illn, «' 
o-oi aouio/nvw <ifrti : —able, fa. 

airBfi«tfucTO{, aicpifStHzoi, aitiot- 
(Ttos, e&3£ a^iTQf. 

Obje'ctive, fa. rsl, aliDhafi LiXTOf, 
the — world, to. /lyvo^fia, to 
epara ; 4vt««^iviho v , the — case 
fl : — , eS. gcvrunfjuiiw (aiTiaTwn, 
ioTitii, *tX.) : — ly, blip, irruti- 
/«v(it«f : — nees, e6. rt avTuiii»»i- 
««», [*o ( , aur&ffyos, 4, 

Obje'ctor, ou. /v=»tIo ( , l»avT«iip ( - 

Obju'rgate, ^. i. iot!ap&, iwSifa, 
iiuTtpli. — - ga'tion, »i. fatri>ii). 
«i, ij. ^iSyo,j o. — g»tory, fa. ««i- 

J1ITTIK0{, falTl/U]THC0, 

Obla'te, fa. nj>4{ tou, niX«i ( inmi- 
u/iivet : — ness, e*. i *pbs Toi{ no- 

Jou, Wtntf. [ivoSpfia, ti(. 

Obla'tion, oi. fluo-fa, Ttpo&opa, i : 
O'bligate, p . (. aia-vicagU, n^o.i^u, 


, oi.iiitflorinoy, ii 


o discharge 


7!^(a, 4. liip/ityiltl, tL iiraptriait, 

ift.wip.i-rn vA;-'i- 4. to be nndei 
— to any one, inQia t..ix=fi», 


(vo/j>-) *"WP«**i ^- X"php*1»» 
to. (koiv.) xf"»"ixov InpafW 



ti. to sign an — for debt, x"po" 

ypapiK to make any one give an 

— for defct, vk fitttua jiecifrSm. 

O'bligatory, in. irupiot, avay*»IO[, o> 

va.yK&<rrf,p>t>i- to make — , mipoSv, 

Oblige, |i. J. trayMfti, <™va 7 *af>, 
£«;», xp«(fi<]>u, 7i«f9iu. (*0(v.) u- 
iraxf iO. the law — -t me to do this, 

am ft find myself — d (to), &/ay 

K&ftpeu, if&ymt »i ivay*«Is» fori 

/MI, tfd, Xp^ ^' i iUlp7IT-a, AvaO- 

rSfBi, avwrw/iaf Tina, to be — d 
to any one, 6jtiiei« «»i xioi». to 
express oneself — d towards any 
one, ipoXtyth %*■?" •■ — us with 
your company at dinner, uireexi- 
8>iii luiitixv^oiiv /itS' ft/iib. I feel 
extremely — d to yon, x 4 f*» o"ei — onewith a loanof 
money, %af0in9xt Saitity-na n.c 
Xpt/ufnt. to feel — d, x«P" «"»«" 

S| ix«'i <S;(api«T([v : " "*, °"' '"" 

v«iti)(, zpii"T|(» o : — t, of. auay- 
Obli'ging, Jt. fatyaptc, •f&typv*, fi- 
lofpoviTait, StptiTbf, liapuiot, 
6ieajnvTui0f , uroijsiTuccfi: — Jy.iirlp. 
#[Jarpp9YW4, aptorvi, ttpo6up.otf, 0- 

to*. x*f»ii i- 

Onli'gor, eJ. (*o,it.) bnixfiWf, 4. 

ObU'qne. '*. niayior. io(it, jeApmet, 
lytt&paat, iirmapirios ; SiaffTjsojiOf, 
0([jT()afiuinJ(, cmeliit, aTpifAdf. 
an — direction, to irliyion, nlayi- 
itnt, * > (TC=f-) = — cases, a( 
nlAyiai WT(imj(irM» rift ow/iasti- 
'■ji) : angled, 4*.;. 

an — way, itrf otii iJoD,^ ■ — ly, 

ittlp. irJayfuf, lefSf, : moiiSt : — 

Obli'qnity, oi. nlecyifaac, Jofrfnjt, 
i«i*a pt r(a, jj. il itlsywn : — of the 
ecliptic, '/nit as, »( : to t*|{ yvtSpii 
>i(b1(4» : — of conduct, tasXbi, t). 

Obli'tcrate, £. ;. tTntifjw, tixypif*, 

Staspii eh'ivvup.ii ibiro'jb'4-/vvp-t : a- 
i)>H»i£(i.,<393^a ] AvaiooS. —ration, ' 

Ov. ^z/41^1;, airiJoif^,i5 : afjvua, 
^. a<f>a>»/il ( , a. — rative, ix. if a- 


Obli'vion, ab. ii|*1, bnitwioei,*, a- 
fi*rmoev*ri,il : a/tryaTix, ii. act of 
— , ttp.*itrtl*t ypifi/ixra, Ta. to 
come, fall in — , Mflij bixtrSai, , 
K/4vniTiI<rfl«i. to allow anything to 
fall into — , n*paStl6*m T< TjMSif , 
jijfli; v soitlnflif Tivss. to canse any- 
thing to be buried in — , ivjSii-j, 

Jf.XMth T.V. t . 

ObliVious, <ir. «9ai(f J Mates, 1„- 
K^f, JuviiiiUJ : — ness, mi. Jno/10- 

O'blong, tr. fcri/i^/fls, napKp.-htr>t, i- 
npoft-^Ktu, : — , at. ff};fy*K fai/tri- 
»«(, ri : — ish, it, uiro/isat^of ; — 
ly, imp. Mimixis : ness, oil . to litf- 
^»iii!( ; — ovato, (it. iioiiJiis. 

Oblo'quy, oi. jmija;, iirirt^iij^ia, ri. 
Itiffit, n : Jut^n/iia, A. to cast — 
upon any one, x3*&< Xiyut nva, 
iia6aJi«v % Jia6aUti>ea£ Tl»*. to 
lie under some — , t«ttSo(Hr. 

Obmute'scence, oi. a?to«i4»^«(, 4. 

Obnoxious, in.lvBxej.uTriilfluvot.uTrii- 
jur<T>iT6{, of top-i orjTQf i iitiGlatJiti i* 
ihC*>«(. to be -, i*4("w : — ly, «■ 
irio. ivox™( ; iHwTGit : — ness, oi. 
CuroTayl, ^ : rt in^in *(■*. t] «J- 
flvvac tuf/ittua, iaiixtuiL, i. 

Obnubila'tion, su. hi(»m, ^tcixJ- 
ngnc, i). [W«>floyyo(, *. 

OTme, =S. (houj.) <.6ii s ofue^^t ft i- 

OTiole, oi..Tafl F iv, = lOSi 12 isiui. 

O'boluB, *6. ('EM. yipta-fiu) 6telb t ,i: 
uraBpb-j lloTisSpaxy-Ht. 

Obo'val, Obovate, w. [jSbtv.1 ie«Jil(. 


Obrepti'tious, ht. Ksu^a AqfSiJi % 


Obsce'ne, iir. ulaXpit, i-npiirht, /aih- 
pif, ooilyifa, aiirxf,<ii&-fOt. : — Ian' 
guage t) sayings, &ie%pt,l Kiyai, oi. 
uiaxpoloyia, %. to 086 — 1 anguage, 
«('o;polo-/i7v : pureapif, aSx/iijeij, 
«flo*i7(,£v(£ji7$; — [y ,faip.aiaXpiHf t 
pupoi;. disfi>w( : 0wiapw(, ii^fi; : 

— ness, 06. — in.. 
Obsce'nity, ol. inoiima, oiffxpiriK, 
aailywa, %. : aitrxpopprifiowrii a hi- 
iX/joioyto, A. 1&-/M 0J1 i&Bfiinilf, oi: 
akxpanpaylx, a.Vxpovpyfa, # ! 0"- 

Obscu'rant, oi. i xiTa rilf n«Mi(, 
Obscnra'tion, oi. atininf, i-metim- 

Obscn're, in. iraomvif, o^oraTot, *vj- 
fatof: apaviji, airajijf, aSriXof, s- 
oiipef, s'/vujrof, Sv;jipiTQi, 5vi"0- 
BTOt; aJo?0(, i^i^t, ayvaiorof, a- 
It-mp6rtpat npot Jojav :o7vooijf«vo{, 

SJijiof. to live in an — condition, 

Ipjiltai Syui tov pYov, i. riv^'a Ji- 
afjjv ; Ju(a»ii-/>oioTos: — , p. i. isi- 
vkotS, p.?.ucea ipavpoij tcvityiCw : 

yic nai ti. to — any one's glory, 
iratpsuBoxifielv ttva, ausupetJj t^v 
rinot Jotav. to — one's self from, 
«T»KpuTT(«9«i ; — ly, iirip. ohotji- 
>»C, JujxpiTus : AiiiJojs, airapfis : 
aynSiTWf, &o'o£»c— ness, o5. = irr. 

Obson'rily, J. ikJtoi': ifaviia, 
iaifttt, T] aiijlov, eiapts, vo. rii 
amy/iictait; ; — of Style, taiytut 
Tsi X6-/m: Too"u(Ev«yvcuirav: &•/*• 
•HO, 4: aj>a*«a, «o"o#a, fl. 

Obsecration, oi. l.Tapin, « i ^Jtfulir- 

Obse'quies, oi. rt. tajii), mioVa, i'*- 

HO/llSJl, hfOpSi, ^. KTlBlD'/ltt, T*. 

irti ? ,a, ri. 
Obse'qnioos, it. linsiSijf; ixfaooj, 
«aitf*00f: BtpaiTIUriitir, uT1p(Ti)T(- 

10 ; , £p 1 ir.o 1 , Tip 6 'Jn/i 5 . to be — to any 
One, vnyptrtl' "«i, fleposxiijtiy tt»4 t 
failaitptink, hflputaiiittn : — ly, 

^nip. <uti(Bu(; unr,ptTigTufi{, fl«- . 

psnriuTunuc : — ness, at. Tt«8»p;;(&, 

A: itpe6uttbt,«p4mut, fl.panjia,^. 

to 8apaTiurucd» : tfoulewprau*, i,. 
0T>serate, p. ^. ««(«, mtar.'uUt, «■- 

Obse'rvable, in. aiVfl.jTo't : if.o/in)- 

ftsdures, o£i»)o*/o[, Mn>p*t, tni- 

VtVTOV. ly, ITfp.l|:(/iy^/L8HUTW{. 

Obse'rvance, 06. fliwpfa, njpijBij, ira- 
paT^pno-i!. npesozfl, *«Tavdii*«. n : 
a(Jii, aljinf, r,.iTiSaT/ii(, i ■ tOoc, 

itoypap^iotjvo/ioi, 4. the — of one's 
duty, to t« Jioura jrpirrwv. to 
pay — t«, TpBtTlfV T « kk8b<ovth. 

Observa'ndi, oi. nl. rn rqpqriB, 
Obse'rvant, ix. npanKTHtbf, im/it- 
14(, iuittifl^i: fltpaxiuT«i{, T^pijTi- 
jcof, Tapampirwos : aiSdfpvtv, ai- 
o'Aptuv : — , 06. »apari7p>iTils, im- 
TijpnTitt, 0. i fulimn, i npoii- 
j;uv ; — ly, intp. npa(iKT«fif. 
of the laws, rt Tijpilv fl fuitrrtn 
tov; vi(/l(us, to ijUjii^viiu raf( »^oi{ ; 

fl«61p(«, 8uipi)0<(, T)]p>!0-(f, ittlT^plj. 

j^(, jfaraoxon^, fl. an — , nzpen/j- 
pipx, xaTavidyia, tij r — of the 
stars,oitpolo/ia,aoTpo»o^(a, jj. an 
astronomical — , aiTpoAoy»i,u,o,To: 
— of nature, fli»is'«#jo(Kii,5wo"ioio. 
yfa.JjialjBVis.JtsTfudiiJij. iitiTtpo- 
f 4,^. that did not fall nnderbis — , 
Slif uyiv !j tUiaBtt aSrriv. to escape 
— , Aay6'a?t*r: Tapar^p^ua, x6. to 
make, offer an — , fuvcu, Xiytn. 
army of — , imripittixbt wtparit, 
6. oTpaTIR 4 fuJaTTousa tou; ?ioj.i- 

Obse'rsative, in, npojiicriitds. [jufou;. 

Observa'tor, ot. napaTupiT^f, Im-rii- 
pitT^it &- A Tpoifxoiv: '' x(trave6i». 

Obse'rvatory, oi. oo-rpovo/nxil ntmt^, 
i. («oi>.) iiTipofrunfloy, 16. 

Obse'rve, p.'. Topw, JianipS, jiuJittoj, 
oiafuiaTTtu, Ifipfvai ; Siupu, tiotu, 
^THTHOIlS, KaTaSKOTfi, irpot^Z" T0 " 


vou'.to —the flight of birds, oi- 
wvo-TKOTrrf., «Wf<T0«. to — thi 
heavenly phenomena, fisTe»po«o- 

Ott l >i\ ffjiimiV TO* KatpOV, -to-tpfi. 

TqptZv, KxipoirxQntXv, xaipofuJla- 
ktiIv: 07s. Igoi, it«eO/MU, xpfi/ia. 
to — silence, «wmlv »x«» 1 im- 
lioflai, o.yjj ■/.ftfjabfu, ff.unav, s.,5. 
to — precaution, iiK6»ia» 
' iSac, iilaSi(a xpfti4<«. to — Order 
and discipline, tbtenrdi; (utoJ/b — some mode of behavi- 
our, TpaTraxplteBtti ; ii)*o, j»7>i/, p.v,j- 
/!■)» #/*6aI)o jripf mat : rafSspai, 

110S. to — tlie movements of the 
enemy, ^ulan^u noitlsOai tS> »o 
lepcsjv, ■vjUIttkv ToiisnoXiftlovt. ti 
bo — d, kj-tilayat, a£toiMrifi£vtv 
nt : — , t-'M. »p»rf x »(Ti» vol.) 

ob. wapariip^Tiit, *n!Tnpi7Tii{, o\ J 

nliimw, npsnfeiw. an — r of the 
heavenly bodies, a«rpovrf/iosi *- 
erpeliyat, i. 
Obee'rving, ^tt. irpO[iKriiri{, Trapanj- 
fnTOc^( : — ly, ix{p. irpocutT«fi{, 

OhSe'BB.ji.^. noilOpHS^npOsaaflijJOpaC 

r.?.K&,<lv*?.tr-''>p&: — illll,S[*, Jro/cof . 

*fa, n: *a*»<ii(, JmpovoBlaSiia, 4. 

Obei'dian, oi. (op.) Mm ftpac'iruec s 

Obai'dional , itt .ko) lopiiii t« d ; . [ o'^i a .J j. 

Obsigilla'tion, oi. ^TTiofpo/y>|t 

Obsi'gnate, (I. i. PiSaieS, tax 

nation, eJ. p ( gafo,<r ( f, ta 

ft. — natory, i*. JMnpur 

Obsole'scence, el. 10 iraimii 

Obaole'seent, ^ir. = 4». |x 

O'bsolcte, ta naiaios, ipxoi 


Ob?te' tricate, p. i. uoituojuac. — ca- 
tion^!, pinfeutrif.^: finiturir/i Ttx*Vt 

ii. — cian, oi, iiwtturip, pauurnuf, 
0. — cious, ta op. Obstetric. 

O'bsletrios, ow. n*., puiinrnitft, ft. 

O'bfltllllCy, oi. WidTpifia, o"uerpan[- 
j/a. ft. to (fcturrty, to ifitT^mc 
btov, f t^ upo yv sj ^0 ffuv 17 ,ft . f Jo vmx 1 a , 
ft : HVUltOTBIfTOV, tJ. JuiTtiifliia, ft. 

to maintain with — , i^upffi, wo- 

O'bstinate, /». «xXijp8T , paxn)o(,«Jii'i- 
pau^ijy, Wiarpjnrsf, oviuJoTof, 
ajlHOTOf, JusTpanEjof, injjupoyvli- 
Harj. Isyyo&i : auSAliit, JutirtiOii;, 
ivrtgTubf, f .Ao.iaot. tel be - , £<- 
iovic - 

■Mf, - 


i-aK^MpA'at MM«, *■< : — nes* 

O'bstacle, oi. i/ntiSiautt, t/mttm 

*(51u / .a, tWrfojitsc, rj: 4"u t iral/«, i 

Obste'tric, ft : — al, ta fiajiurwo'f. 

/isjv,an««FTot.tobe — in!) against, 
wj£i*pfi( KMimlYtt*. an — fight Sj 

engagement, iix"p4>"'XB,fl. an — 

complaint, /icupa jd/t^s. hclxcgvo- 
ala, $ : — ly, iirfp. aiflaJa ( , orip. 
pojtf, isxupcyvmpovMt, aSiarptTtTat • 
— neae, ov. EVz"p=T™^offO.^, i- 
S tat pvfix, ft. [/1 a, To\ 

ObBtipa'tion, ot. ijifpnfit, ft. ipy pxy- 

Obatre'pemus, in. flopuSio'^t, rapa- 
X&ttlf, oxliip6i. to he — , eipuSot 
5l rap:tz , i , '""I | ' , *»'. s =P''8rtv:— ly, 
iirlp. SspiSao'wf ; — neas, ou. arfpu- 
e"of, 4. Tapaxj), ft. 

Obetri ction, ou. oM-yypajJil, Kariyyiii?, 
■upeolaiov, t^. («ei».) zpi*""i- 
in-pBf o», t4. 

Obatru'ct, p. ^. anoypajvu/n, Siro- 
fpaTTU, anOKlttoi, tlpya, zr.ztcyv. 
to — any one's parage, ifpy«v tc- 
va t^{ 6o"ou: i^iTiof (501, natfj(o>, *tt- 

ion, oO. i(jfpaC<f,iirrf)ipat«, ^. 1^. 
fpayfia, Trf.^jiiepa/fios, 0. iymon^, 
ft: //ijctlia/ia, jtdiuu-i, tJ. to be 


; : «irsJu« 

iiiitoliartxic. — ive,ou.«tSAup:H,TO' 

O'bstruent, ^jt. i^TroJnrwdj, fiafpa- 

frruts'f: — ou. (ciiu^a^TToJiov, is. 


don, ovyyurifiiif xvfX&noi 
met. W — permission, tv/yv&pris 
nr/x«M«, JntpfacMfaf —by 

praying ft by entreaty, itapifc 

TTW, J .a 

- by labour, nil 
rfm he withdrew without having 
' — ed hia object, elupoitTOf iirffiSii ; 
— , p.o\i$. pivot, Stvp-ivtoyVTiapx*** 
■iBnityjiiLt, itaKpxtS, faliroiatw. 

the report — b ground, imiitortu 
i iifyoe, fu/^tTat : —able, fa. i- 
^iirrii, afpiroi, im]Tdf, faiTtir- 
«TO(, iSirop«rroj; — er.ou. 6 Tvy^a- 

Obte'cted, it. AwMwiiwUvo*. 
Obte'nd, p. I. k-mxim, -. iimX4y», 

Obte'nsion, eb. npifxttt, i. 

Obte'st, p. i. bun&tt, imtaloipxt; — , 
p. afri. (against) Jia/iaprupSi, Six- 
papripcpai : - — a'tion, ou. A«ia- 
pia, i : inayp-aria, i). 

Obtm'de, p. i. iisuS&, pix itpotayai, 
t inupipu. to — one's self, &9ti- 
i8at,iuptitittTw ™l(p(a),bftl<!8xt 
n>i, ii(6i«;iireai &< «v«. it con- 
stantly — sitselfin the midst of our 
researches, *>> iars ;ijni«m ira»- 
i»X»& wpntfttwt : — r, 06. i iyitif- 
fiivo;, o^lijpoj, a. 

Obtm'ncate, /5. & nolouw, «olo<i<u, 
ffjtpeaTripta^o). — ca'tiou, oil. Koi 

t*H{, XoJoiWIf , $. [xaptiJulofl. 

Obtru'sion, b6, to eijSwiKio-Sat, 
Obtni'sive, fa. <i^«o-T«4(, napiii 

Xi*ta4f. — |y, fafp. £fa, ivo*).)- 


ObtiTnd, p.f iuSJuvu, avra.ueiuvt 
OTrturatOr, c!>. (£>t/i.) puj J ir/yi 

Obtqs-a'ngnlar, fa. xp&\uy&vtoc. 
Oblu'se, in. iftSJiij. an — angle, ip- 
(Ida ywila, J : tufl<, Jusaffffli] - 

KtfMUf, nA(»«t ! r a»t, j9«.o ( . an 
— Bound, Jo5ito(,i : — angled, 1^- 
UujniH«c ; — ]y,fafp.j<o>^fii;, utupoi;, 
WW: — ness, ei. ApBJOnifi "i : 
nai'Jini, o"usaio-0>joia. iiaioflijjia, 
ft«f™«i 4 : fi £««>>. („«,, 4, 
Obtusion, ou. to otkujiovii, ppaSu- 
Oba'mbrflte, p. i. faiojtia;u, Kara- 

iKixo-pbf, i. jmmrtew, 4. 
Obve'rse, ou. ia IpTipooSev (taplapx- 
T0 4 ),TO |*TO«i-, in, (Jton.) 
S^6i» niv nipav ierpxppiw *p*( 

Ohve'rt, /J. i. iTfiifw, Hterptf* : — 
ed to ii towards, loTpappiva j, ti- 
rea/<utvas irpsj ti. 

OViate, *. *. npo )a/i6a»u, irpoana.- 

rau.a£Ti, np6iatxt »t«Cfun ,111) yf- 
»>]Taf re. — a'tion, oi, irpofuAaKi), 
irpo.oco, i. 
O'bvioua, fa, ivavTfos, in Wot : far»- 
8ipivOi : 5Ja»»po s , i/i^ai^t, (tara- 
faiiji, Jaioi, Ivapv^ft a»ay«al0{. 
to be — , Ja*.«» fl oafil tj fmpit 
uvai, ^afvtnflai; — to dispute, i/i- 

o-6^rof, ^.oTiif : — to all the 
world, ndm SijXor : — ly, help. Ip.- 
Qxr&f,fx*tp&f,l», ipiSilu t : 

IH.'SB. Ob, IXfkt, ti. GZtf foux, <i. 

iixpyif, 16. ivxpyua, fl. [pivot. 
OTnolutefl:— d^Ti-tporn^avfiTpajij- 
Ocea'sion, ou. mptrtm—t, auvrvxixA, 

— , Ik 

nthis - 

jraix*" 1 according to t 

raipov irapajT«ovTO(. on eneh an 
— , fai Toioijru %pay/tari. upon 
the — of going, mptvopiveu. on 
many — b, fa( nolJu» : icoipif, i. 

tviaipia, S. Kxiptov, To. lJ^ap«a, 
)J, (iyapia, $1. on — B, when — re- 
quires, Bvpfbptat. if — eerrefl, itai- 


pou ap/iifyiTOS : ifop/i/i,ix6A, t 

T«"(i <" iT f«, <*■ to g™e " u y one 

for anything, ifop^v taps;*,! 
StSdvai Tirt T(v8f, npofairtt napi- 
X". Ttvi T<v 0! , atosv y(v»we«( 
Tivof. to give — for suspicion, 
^(aynapexio-eai.Itook — to apeak, 
iVrrsJaSsln s7jio» : X pttn, btum, ft, 
to have — for anything, xpifa* *• 
Xii« rivit, i*iti5{ ixtm rait, I have 
— for anything, Jii/ioinvos.Jio. 
, /*«( rcvos, there is no — for it, o&- 

Itl Stl tlMf. on — , f« T. i>,ifTI 

Ooca'sion, p. i. aEriot 1) kfeppif yiyia- 

ya^s/jai, Ttapi^u, nposSallei n, 
itpifaavi Siirnju ft sapixu : if- 
trpaTTU, anoTtAfl ; i-rt-iyn, rcpoa- 
Y» : — ll. *"■ "X^") Jtaparvjr&i., 
napani!rdj», aJro»x««( : «&T#aa- 

t« tu^oi voufliT^oiij. ; —ally, inip. 


(/eenpant, oi. (»o^-) Exwv, *«tm^- 
va«, Sisjvitm, iup(S(, J. i laT^Uv- 
thefirst —finp&TCtxxrxlx/iSirm. 

Occupation, ow. *araln^is, K«Ta«x'- 
«i, KZToxri, ft ; Tb tym, xrtff'f, ft : 
— of a house ft land, olioiscf, n=- 
toimit;. hsttcn-j '!,?). the — of the 
town, wuhtfiftknn Tfl( ir&iac. 
before the — of the town, npiii iiitt 
ft a)s»ai Tii< noli*, to enter on — 

of anything, <nSaTtu«(»if(Tt: 4(7/6- 
Xitt, n- turxiXvpa, Ipynv, to. ip-ya- 
ffia, .TjpajfiaTii/x^ Siazpttr,, ft. 
O'ccnpier, oi. tx»», kixtfijuIvoj, nof- 

of this country, 4 itaTOiiKov Taii- 

O'coupy, fi. I. Kittda/iSitai, xarlxu, 
«oat(5, to — a place, irinpouv, tni- 

■"X". " a 'P ou ' 

, ijtiv i 

ofi. aiTios ilfrryiTti, ipj^yis, vp"- 

Toufryi{, i. [ T "*°f, tvir/tatit. 

Occa'sive, iir. (Sup*.) io-mfpwf, cV 

Oooeca'tion, oi. nif>l»a-ii, i. 

O'ccident, ati. a( tou ijiiou oWuai, Ju- 

J. in. j«up»«f, hit 


a, *«S< 


J x^p« 

vine ant. to — a 
«T», Kare«tf», iveutiT. ei- 

- a rank,ix«", Jirfj;*"' a-- 

- the first rank, np»««- 
iti, to irp«nls> ij;ii»; Ji- 
jvopw, oik» : KET-a^ejuJa 
u, iitixpaTw. to — the 

fpsvpat hi no)f- 
nol.v : a- 

'.»ii, lutlUK&t, 


Occi'pital, in. 4, ft, to tou aW9o. 
O'ccipul, ou. siritrSoKtfaAsv, imiBo- 

Occlu'de, 'p.l. Klilu,, am. 
■Jltfu : — nt, ev. to «ucAei(r^ inou. 

Ooclu'se, ir. mitliii/iiioc, nJiiiriilf. 

Ocelu'sion, oS. «arSif)uo<(, 4jtin]»i- 
iri;, ft : TD aJiarpqtoi. 

Occult, in. xpuTirot, k-nntapufijiiiei, 
SJijiof : — i scienees, af aitAppyirot 
imirrjl/iai ; — a'tion, oi. itpu^cf, 
Jcaranpu^ij, iito«pu<^, ij : — ing, 06. 
— up.: — ly, intp. tpOfx, laflpa : 
— ness, su. inoKpufi). >i. *eujtf*>, 
. a r »i f , rj. [ft. j C>aM.)x<»az4,4. 

O'cuupancy, oi.naril^^t.JtaTaiX""!, 

B^ar., f piupf * 
axolS, Ipyo> ft fc*x«U» •t«»(z*. 
to — one's tintd aEXoUavnaptxi'*. 
this — piesallmytirae.TjiiJovxpi- 
vop wtpj touts itaTpi&at, itpOfft in 

tbut^i 21oc ti/if ■ to — one's self in 
anything, to be — pied with any- 
thing, ajj-ailav ij;«iv ft aojioliloflai 

' * i Tl, 50 Z ol0, 

■i, fntrp(Cu*4«i 

. i^fi ti, in( TIN, I» 
tih : — , '/». oM. Bpirrn Ipyov, npay- 
HtxTidott-cti, 4mT*i&ivm npiyp.a.ra t 
•/tiro p si ,ii a 1 , ( « 7t » i , XP1 « «T(f B/»ai. 
Oocu'r, i. ofri. iuvtu7X«»« : mj/iBac- 
vu, -ffyvouai,, npo(jt(- 
itvoi, itapanfitTw: RipnthiTw, i>- 
Tlryx*'"' : Itaplo-TBfLai, litipXBjtai, 
i*ipXt/HU, it — ■ to me, svmia i^. 

PC 8 

-/iyvirsf fiat, i/nclum, fatpxiral 
jitoi, iisie;£«T«£,!rap(n-TaTa(/ioi, !p- 
^iti( /lei fal vo0», fU^fitfiiu, l*- 
Dvitovtim. it does not — to my re- 
collection, oil /li/ivnfiai rourog i 
■ufHVKtTKi, ylyvtrat, (jtiv <o"it», u- 
itapx«, '"'• the word — 9 in 
twenty-places in Homer, 4 ii(<; «u- 

piaxtt at fa ifoo atx'jipiot i Tov'O/xrip ou. 

Occurrence, ou. npay/ia, wptatwt, 

tufiSltr, cru/i!i€ij«i(, to. ri npotTrs- 

trufiyopa, a. 
Occa'rrent, Jir.aujiinIiiTuv,«ufiea(vuir. 
0'cean,ou. 'Qxtayos, o. jiUayo^, rd. 
■ii /i«jni)ij BiJaTtB : — 3 i — ic, 
— , iir. ghufacwf, uKiivioc, [iTinTdf 
OwTlated,*V.(eu«J^)B>««lji4) *>*»(, 
O'celot, ou. (Cms).) aiXmipcmipSalif,ii. 

— ally, faip, ixlaxpxiix&i. 
O'chra, oi. (o>.) axpx, /milt, ^ : — 
ceona, ^jt. Axptoitif, [fa. &XP"" Hi. 
Ochre, as. lp. Oehra : — onsfl ; — y, 
O'ctachord, ou. (u:ouo-. Jpyatov) 
Xoptat, t6. iicT&iixaf ivfipwv 
O'ctagOn, ou. BwajHMj. To*, (soi.) 
ppoi!p<o» onra/aiioy, to, — gonal, 
lit. «Sxrayo)vB<. — Ae'i/r'oi,<j[.OKTa> 
tJpof. — hedron, ou. eWairSpav, to. 
— merou*, fa. (fierr.) e'lcrapip^f. 
— -ndrian, fa. Ipoxt.) tx'f exTd) 
or-nj^avaf. — ngular, fa. mw/sJ- 
•io(. — ngularnetg, ou. intiyw- 
m, ti. [to Syjoov JiaiT^arof 
O'ctant, o!i. re V"" *«*J°v : (imp*.) 
Octa'nns,o;.(;ar»>.Jo*Ta i ^ V 0(7rufii 
O'ctatench, at. ^ 'OKTaTiu;(e(. 
O'ctave, i*. 4, 4, to « Ami : — 
i ayS6 ij ^Wp« ,to it to ii,utpe >:[/u 
4 *°>a *aofiv (xopfui ou/ifuvfo), ^ 
Octa'vo, ou. /SiBKov (a Sytia 

ti. bound in — i*««V«'»« «t SyeV 

o> : — , fa. Izmv O-jrtJM (yjoov. 
Octe'nnial, l«. mrTaeTirc, 4, fl. n. J 
trains, $. 1*1 sKTat, itas oly«> *V 


Octile, ou, (otTp.), op. Octant. 
October, si. o aV.atoa ^v, -Outm- 

»>»(. J. 
Oeto-de'cimal, iir. iiTtataitueHtpisa- 

7to f ._ de'ntate,<n.Ix»vJir»oJo'»- 

«t- fid,Mr ? «"-)«™/»r'*«- — 
gena'rian, ^. — ge'nary, fa. oy- 
ioijKnraunit, oyooi^onraiTJif. — 
genary , o£. ayoon* ovtout>j(,4;(/ib« ». 
Jpya»a»)o'<Ta^DpJo», tJ. — /o'ett- 
/ar, in. (£otv.) ix*"» fetfi iwputap- 
ma. — n-irg, in. oySoaSatif. — 
nn'ctilar, in. tx" 1 ' '"^ a>floX- 
ftohf. — ro'dialed, fa. iyati oit& 
ajiiT»Kj. — «pc'rmua, itt. oicrii- 
™ V /iO(. — «fy(V, oi. (ip;(' T ) * 
^KTBirTuloi vaif A a-raa:. — tt/lta'- 
bit: 4 $ylla'lncal, fa. o'xra juJJhSos. 

— syllable, eu. li|i,.'*ra«U««0(,i . 

O'ctujlle, it. dxraniout aiTKTTlanot. 
O'cular, /n. 5,^, to tou offla\/iou, o'- 

fBiipntii: — disease, hkkJip t* 
Tttpi roujdf8a)^ou(. nn — witness, 
a&ra'irrns, iitoVngf, 0. o tSv irpay- 
^lariuv ipiTiii, J nap&t. U> be an 

— witness of anything, nuToirrili 
TI, ittJjTT^v i*»a( T'»0(, Jiapilvai 

tiyi. to know anything from — " 
deraonstJation, irapoura nurtttiiai 
Ti.iir'ii/i^arM. 7r^miaflaiTi ; o>eaA. 
MOfan*!, ip-fiit, fovia^j. — ly, 
iirfp. opflaXfioyavOt, auro^tl. 

0'ciikte,Jjt.fx«^f9"V «t la »^nm[. 

Ocu'lifonn, <«. offla)/i«niii{. 

O'cnliat, 06. J Tfiv iay^ain&t iarpif, 
o'^SaA^da-aijio;, a. 

Odd, fa. i»^a\o S , avu^eA.ic ; (^nl 
a(n8/iil») Svapnot, mpiTTij, an — 
number of times, ntpio-o-airif : fi- 
v9(. an — volnme, ilf pintf to/ios 
(o'fi/aoii in t<Qv 7tnlia») : nipiTTil;. 
there's some — money, xpn/iaTa 

7t)l(«, Xpi/*«T& Ti»a TtlpiOOOTIpa. 

seventy — years, It-i iSo"a^AKo>To: 
V; ni.ioj, It>) irieiiH Tfiv USQut.Koi-. 
Ta: six ei'wSiii, jbiSqc ; SavfiaoiOf, 
SavfiaoTBc, iilixoTot, aroiros.that 
would indeed be — , ot«iio» Sv un. 



how — you are ! 5 ltup.iva I Z 
Sa.nn±<Tit) ail — thing!) affair, to 
Qaujtiirior : ayvoovfiSJo;, n/vomroc 
vxeiaiat knpsty/ do a thing at 

— times, ii Tttpmf &pa near* ti, 
it a^olr, Ip-yev Tl Ttrntll. 

O'ddity, oi. to B«UBirf«o>, to fl=w^a- 
<rro», HaupaaiOTiis, ft, to i/ldtio- 

ft bWioto*, 4. a man of great — , 
avfta HiOTponof, i. [ailojarw;. 

O'ddly, «p. ^ttii ; nap K o«| USt 
O'ddness, ai. to avikpttov, to iripd- 
rov, to avwav, iwca'o'nos, QVJU5- 
Jja, ftvsiiiiiTiq;, ft: 9aD/(«, Sait/no- 

Odd<, (!'. x. ill.), oi. avouoidV™, i«- 
fffij'.i, avotjitaAla, ft : uirtjoGolft, Ti 
uirs36alAo», to ttsocttov; o"<apopa, 
ft. Stifopii, to. there are great — , 
iraiit Jiap^pii. to he at — , Sixfi- 
ptiflo! r;»ift irpdf ma. it is— that, 
tf*d{ 7 e, ions, Tnflavrfv 4mt,on: 3- 
- y«os pft'pa, ft. (>oi».) £»<»-«> oref- 
jPJjuk, t-d (= 8 + 1 «A.). to lay 

— with any one, Stunt farpai 
itoi(fo-8ai int Tin: itJtevfaTitpa, to. 
itleev«|f«, ntoiamio, imifoxft, $. 
to have the — of any one, xpirt. 

yiyttsdai Tivof : Jca^opi, £p<s, $*~ 
J.ovaufa, ti/iftXoTt/a, ft. at — -, o"ta- 
^OpO!, iia^oi»0(, Jixoyvi^Mv. to 
set at — , o\!or«va<, KafliOTHvat «( 
VtftlOC TI»*(, VlttlOt tpUUw* Tliri. 

to be at — , *et?tn, Jiayanffio-fla! ! 

— and ends, ixfapftx, niroxiflaf- 
/ia, to 1 . Buppiiot, 0: *araA.iifLfia- 
t«, ra. [oi. oiOoiroid,-, i/ivo^f, J. 

Otic, oi. ',i-:-i, ft. u^»oi, o : — maker, 

Ode'on, Ode'um, oi. oWilov, to. 

O'dious, in. fumrtf, a{:o//i7»f, S£io- 

ftiVijTof, aiti^lMs. Jufx<f>5f- jiStiti- 

pb$, pSzlvxtbi, aTvyepof. kr^iii, &' 

onpoj; ;iti f eo.o t ; — ly, irfc. 1m- 

~o"i)itpSf : — ness, oi. a«4- 

xBsta, Lift*, «. 
0'diam,ou.fiZoos,T<(. i^Spa, 

ti. Ti airsxBif, to iir(c>0oyo». to bring 
— upon any one, irooayitv tivh ti; 
/ttait Tivot- to draw upon one's self 
ft to ineur the — of any one, tit 
'ixdpa* ip otvtWM rm, Sanxfiti yl- 

'do'meter. ei. o'tSo/nTpov, t*. 
Odonto'Iogy, oS. itotmlyia, ft. 

O'dor, oi:oV'S, ft. bad — , ousotoVa, ij. 
good — , liuSia, ft ; to auonrjiov, oi- 
p«>ia, p&pm, t{. to be in good — , 
tijofilv,ilft»a)fi s he in 

bad — , tamttrta,, /aKtSs =.oi«<» : 

— ant, in 3irpi)pT,tt — ate, iir. d- 
irypa:vTripiQ$, apoipaTttrfLtvos i — a- 
ting ^; — iferous, fit. iuijJik, tueti- 

roualy, Intp. euiftr/iw j : — i'ferous- 

ness,ou. tbuSla, !uoto/ifa,ii:— ous, 

4n. ip. OdoriferouB. [«/"<. 

O'dour, oi. Sp. Odor: —less, in. <*»«- 

OZcono'mics, oi/iti. oiuovo/d'a, ii. 

(Ecume'nieal, ^n. limvjiwuii — ly, 

CEde'ma, oi. (iaip.) »%», td. 

(E'iliad, oi. o f SaJI/ioij j3ol>4, ft. ^W/t- 

O'er, ttari avyK. tov Over. [/>«, to. 

CSsOpha'gus, ai. (a»T>i.) oio-ojtayof, 4. 

Of, ItpM. (bfpaftjufafl 7i».) a'.) the 
king — Greece, S t*|? 'EJliidot pa- 
o-<)iu(. i £'.) a multitude — men, 
nMSof a-fleolinuv : y.) siege — 
Paris, nxpvrlua 7roJcop<(a. the edu- 
cation — the boy, ft too nniJoj 
irniWa. a boy — ten years of age, 
itafc oixa ^rotvft Jf'xa ETfl-ycyovojc.a" 
man — great conseqmnicc, a»ijo 

tt?£[iTHT0? noJJou f] iv TtoJl^ Tlfljl 

fiv. a woman ^remark able beauty, 

geniua, i»Vlp ti^tu^i ft noJuvouj. a 
man — courage, bvAp 8nppa/is[. 
a matter — importance, a{iov\rfyou 
irpayjia. a man — great wealth, 
nv,)p ix<-" "o^a XP*>1™™, i"ip 
irlouoioj. plenty — money Apflonia 
XpnuaTuv i the best — all, o npc- 



Greeks, d toydraroj t&v 'EAJ>jy*.y : 
int. the admiral — the fleet, vav- 
xpX"( iitt n[( aamls. the officers 

— the artillery, «i Ari rats /» TO «- 
>ai<, («,..) »l btw/umtol tpv «u- 
paEoiweu. the friends — anyone, 
of xtp( Tiva : Pericles — Athens, 
HipiKJSj 'Aflijualoe : made — gold, 
etc. xpvtfo : j$. xt'Ji. fl 4k zpueo'j tk- 
noiij/iivo j : Cirri, napa. to be admi- 
red — all, Oni nayiaiv flav^afi- 
o8«(, to die — a digeage,o'«(f9i(pi- 
<rflai ft fa«Mlu<r$« una nriparis 
iivss ^ »oi« tiyf. to learn, hear — 
anything, ^ay6a»«v, iruvfiaviaflai 
iraaa Tiyoj; — one's own aceotd, 
iiro TauTO/iarou, aj>' iaiiTou. to do 
anything out — friendship. enmity, 

etc. On' Awimt, 0»'ij;8pa;, 5], fcr 1 li- 
.ofa, in' tx9pa, %, ityoia, Ix6f«, 

nciu* ti : b. to die — poison, it 

^ap/ianoiu &«o9nJ5«<v. to be i'.ihu- 

tivos, auyxdcBKtUTtwu. to make 

— a king a slave, o'oiiley brri |3a- 
jiJiaii iroulv ft xttfwra.w, to make 
something — any one, jre«r» airo- 

what will become — me ? if *«- 

tr,HB/tni-, Ti ^ivnJTjra. itifji tjis; 

beautiful — form, *aii{ t4 «*ost. 
blind — one eye, TupJof t*« £«- 
eov o'f tai/ih i Ac. — old, itpl; it- 
naloi, it raiaiou, in noiioii. 0/ 
late, tyrlff, ntwoTl, ajH-i.o/a little 
one, in naioot, ito<Jo8i», Jk vqiti'tv: 
■ara. this holds not only— men, 
eixaT" «8,™ijb fiifyev jjyirac tou- 
to : n»/<f. to speak — anything, 
«-/B»ire P (Tive( liiri,**. to ei- 

0«H BITO TWV JavToij 4 in Tfi* <oY- 

«». n/'set purpose, I' npeflieimt , i* 

X*pi». out — ignorance, sY ojpo- 
*unj». /or the sake of, Ivna, xa- 

ptt Tltbtt JCpbf QtiZ* [ffCIE'Jirv : Trpo 
(yt».) I'f all things, noo ira*T«y, 

>ia\io-T3. mt»TOiv, ufliniH, rfy, the 

battle — Marathon, t) t* MapitBuvt 
p&X*> 1 to be proud — anything, 
pi-/* fpovltr trt t<vi)| J<a ti. to 
beware — the enemy, fuldmsBxi 
tous iteV™*- 0/ course, prixi*;. 
Off, noefl. o«4, itttp a, ft<Ta, fa. to 
break — , Jnopp/jyviiyai. to fall — , 

OTT.ivoi, anipx'"^'. to keep — , a- 

ltlip/H>, iltOTptlTtlV Tl»« Tiyfcf ft 

ini Tivoj. to make — , anaiitpi- 
am, Mtip&mn, ImaSu* httij- 
yai ft y<7vnrflai. clothes are — , l£t- 
ouSrjv, »7i<{«*u6V. to be badly — , 
naftoflnniv, na<£ { Ixk». to be well 
— , luOrjviTv, xa/^ rji tuj[ii xpfiofiai. 
inip. ivSiv, ^tiu«i>, irnoWv. he is 
— , $povS6t Strrt, efuttti tpSrtu, 
o!x« — [Swmytltppti to look 
— ,aitopciv,airojrpift(yioi( iSfflai- 
ftms : — and on, Sliert aiJo t fl 
ffiij.cs «ai ailos, h-.i pi* outuj, dri 
Jl ilA»s. to keep — and on, ^ra- 

audon, i«ntn&. far — , patpln, 
nip/sot : — hand, i( i/noyutau, i- 

on, if initpepfc. well — , iSnopos. ■ 
ill — , badly — , Jujtujiiij. the af- 

come — , airotfityamniy. to go — , 
Mpxtttat, amivai, olxmBcu: ufi- 
n6ai, iatp&i : uiwxutpili : if liiKt. 
to get — , anoSal>i(v, «ari6a(vnv ; 

well, x a ^o*TX analiatTiaflai : — 
iislq>. inaytl lppi\ off with your 
boots, with your hat 1 aniuoWov 
la iinoiJipxri oou, ajia(ptno» tJ» 
nliov uo« 1 — , jtpofl. unip. the vee- 
sel is sailing - — the town, to irlol- 
sy uipnri(iiOnl J oT.7!.7riiiiv.tobe — 
one's legs, itl FoTaoflai i) xrMtdtu. 
he was not — the bed the whole 
day, t«tiTo iitlTHi xlhvf tao-ay rr)» 
flpip&»: — , in. aniiTiooc. tile — 
side, fj noppunipa tl i iirwHpa 

Offe'nce, ou. aStKta, 7,.ilUnlia,ni^/i- 
HiXiHi<z,$&pm/i.x, to. SSpic, i); nral- 
o/ia, ti, o'pyij, iyn»a<Ti]Ji[, Aim) i) : 
aStK-o/ia, xniptn^x, to. nXi/i/it* 
Ai.a, {/ : irpMoAij, frrifioJtf, fftttnif, 
4. to give — , aoW*, pUaitrtiv, 

i6pi'fi:Sar . to take — at anything, 
£apiu 5 )) *aAiir£if pipiiv t<, iyam- 
jiTi['jfjr!rm))itip(Tivo(:— s.agaiast 
the laws, BBf«»ofiIa,n: — lees, in. 
nupiawnaf, ivtirUijitTos, iiitji- 
BTO[ : 4»n(Tio(, iniyKAijTOj, iva- 

OnVnd, i.i Wfifa, *'«•• ?l*r«i! 

«/upTa»», npotn^jiTti, 7rjJ0;nTaiM, 
npetKpouu ; lurtai, i«S, apyiEu, 

iisr/iC". to be -ed at, S x euM 

II, ayavaKrilv M riM, ;(Hi»»£>; f^- 
p«? ri, to — grossly, daringly I) on 
purpose, iiwptafnv n»l, bSpTfin 
T(»tt fl U( )) npo< nva, .aflu6pif«v 
Tcuif) rivri. to be — ed with any- 
thing, o~itav3o:\i%to~6&i, Jujapt- 
ariloflm ; (against) ilaS, Jtapavo- 
fi», lrapiSaivu flv ifpor 
■ nut. ap.apTavo,, i(ap<tpT<, /uw*m/tKi. to — against, 

oil. kSix&v, 'iSpiurij;, fipz* 
Jtxfac, A : Jca*oupyo{, Kaxoirotoj, & : 
napa€aT7K irapavop-of, & : — resfl, 
ni. i a&xouoa, jj u6p(£euo-«, 
Offe'nsive, in. £.S.*.iti*os, iSpiiTixiti 

ens, A<mp6{, ^(tuxTdcs KoKOf, i»oi-, ^laSipie, i7iiH/"0(. it is 
— ■ to me, inapiffjiji /isl it, Sutx'- 
pair* ti, iutxtpU i«Ti /*o(«. an — 
smell, lv t u$ia, A: — language, *«■ 
icloylx, 4. to use — language, 
xaKoAoyiin, piavpiiftb* xp(|iflai "pi( 

*4s. an — and defensive alliance, 
m/ipaxfa, 4. ti.i enter upon an 

— war, ap Z «» «u -mU/tw ; — , 

OIF. >rpo[6oAi|, MBiMt, %. to act 
on the . — , to keep one's ■ self to 
the — , «vai fl ipp-a» *«( *""> *«*- 

fan, faritofef tih : — ly, *7i(p. 
cto*uri)rur&f , utipicrrfV&f : anapi- 
</Tsji, anizSacinie^aSsliiiirietrf- 
xotc : — ness, ot. to i^apto-rov, ri 
ar»iw», to im Z 6e,-: ri Jsi6laGi«: 


ifi'.p, fi. t. fipbi, npoffipWi irpofa- 
yw, Ttpt/Ttl-/v, tl3#p.t. to — sacri- 
fice, ftpl"i, iyn» ( npotayiiv iipa 
4) Buotec : napi^bi : aruoo'tEXiiu/jt, d- 
niStlKvufti ; TrporfO^jUi, oirop a^&> : 
^nayyiiiid, i/ioJoya. to — a choice, 
tiIv atpurtt Stiitai 4) irpoTi8e»n. 
to — itself, iiiiaiai, tatpmlima. 
to — Mb services, Ipyo* iitmyyii.- 
JicvTinf. to — to help in anything, 
auoioytiv, 'JTH^KioSui, sujunpar- 
mititiw, to — one's self, titBy- 

Tfl'Jiiv ri. to — one's self for a 
place, post, an office, etc., hay- 

ytiltU Ti/iijv, prqmviuBat &px*'- 
to — violenoe to any one, /Si*- 
5. fl 9a( r<v«, ^(« Z pflje™. , to — 
wrong, xa8uSp(5«v mh( 4 Tivi, to 
— an abuse, naicSc voitfv tub, A- 
i.«itv, aiicf^ffSaf Tita. to — mar- 
riage to a woman, Xoyout irpof^*- 
pirv iripj yapou. to — for Bale, a- 
iri>(7ioJ.av r — , p. ouf. napanlHTH, 
an opportunity — s,i jopuii Jloorai, 
■afp^s JrrTt, KBtipbt lEapanfrrTii : ^~ 
sayyd/Jap-ai, uircaxvaD^ceu rro^ffit* 
ti: ufl«Tap:ai,ajixOji'ac.tO — apriee, 
iruvfirravai »(u^« )] rifiat rmcf, ii- 
-/«»fluTOaZ«ta8a.Jii=»a(! — , oi. 
inayyaXfiXj to. jirayyt\fa, Tzpira- 
«(, j : i/isiayla fi/tijt, i. to make 
an — , i/ioJejutv Ttfi^», (mn.) npat- 
(Jpspa ripi'c, T>. : l^yec. d. to make 
an — , liyeut npojpipim i nrfnoi, a: 
—able, bi.t/ioio-yiriot. : — er, eb 
o irpoTE^iriuv : SuTiip, fluu», A : - — ing 
ou.Bu jia, npoff^pa, 4. i.ifl^^a, to. 


Offertory, ni. [fciA.) irp»s+0|»i, v •■ ' 
pint i ««« tit' &p*' 'rtiTr^ojf 0p5 

O'Bice, ui. Ttpotni""'~ a , (raMnewi 
tU«i, to. ip;pi, Sewfa, np4, A* 
roup-yfa, 4. to perform the duties 
of one's — , until, t* K«fl4«ovTa 
tb SiavTu. to enter upon C be in 
vested with — , &px$* 1«bcb»«» 
tltitiai Tii> ipx**, «"« "PX* 1 * H *'' 
oTBoSai. to be in — , asxi* &f>- 

XL™, TlpOtffT/ltl'IZI TCltf Ttpxyfixitv 

l-i r(in «hb(. to resign fl quit — 
flfiraofla., anaJiarTtjflai rifc ip. 
xas,l inuirilv n)>> ipx^'- to serv 

the pUbb'C — S,lllT0Up7<B(l<ITaup 

>«I». during hU— , Jiapa niv ip 
X^». whilst still in — , ^itbJu ap 
j;u» : npayfia, ipya», ri. Atfjralfe 
4: iirn^o'tu/ja, tS : unoup-yii/iia, £ 
mrpiTri/ia, Pioaircu/ia, ri. vnvpteio 
it«»if, if. lo render any one a kind 

— , XstpUlsAW '"''I Tl, X*f " ulTOUp- 

jwlv tivi, imipiTift ™« ; (6«sJ.) Jb- 

Tf £<fl, $pr t O*liy-\ TJ. ^BTpCU^B, 

8(fi» flip 

a ftp 

. . « render any 

S, TB va/ll(iif(tva HOrilV, B1T9Tliir» 

ti« : tujEoAayiov, tiS fypafiTo*, to. 
■ merchant's — , ipitopttbt ypayit- 
»•. a lawyer's — . iimiyor'Kb* >p=- 
fifo».the treasury — , re Btiaav- 
pofjiiiuti. the post — , I* tb^u- 
Spojuiov % ipyaaT-hptirs, ^uiouj)- 
yfov, 19 : Trjpomoioufl/inva, to. 
O'fficer. ou. &pxa», btUT&nit, itpo- 

<rTBT»>(, uirapy/j;, LJJEr)p<TT)f , A ; 

of justice, Jwairti, a; — of police, 
MTW^fUc. 4: ("p.) ioxoyof, ap- 
X-,, *. (««..) a£,« B ar«u(, i. an 

—a, *Ury*ttt*f « icai Xoxayoi. a 
mbaltern — , vroiox"""/**, *■ a ca- 
valry — , ilis^i, a. a naval fl 

marine— ,»*iap KOi ,*:(i«a.)i. 
laJlflJot, a . mm-comroissioned — s. 

BltTqK&tTapXOi, SiHapX't, Saxp- 

OTf o : — , p. *■ * aeijTjj/« lejjayout 
I (win.) ofcupBTUceuj : — ed, 59. 

well— ed 

youutvos 4 "pxO>n>Of . 
Offi'cial, {*■ solvit, $wi<rtBt. during 
bjs — life, while holding an — 
situation. Ii b?xf Siv, ytTafu ap- 
z »v ; nnki, jW6a<of, «>tp.yyu f, J- 
X*yyvo(, a if aXt,f. an — intelligence, 
<JC*)7"»I ir/* 1 '"! v. to give an — 

report, iyycXiut ti Siitoola | — - 06. 
Srifidsici, wKtipirijit & : — ly ( itt^p. 

Jll/lOfffa, #« TWV'vTaH ; i- 

fffaAuf : — ty, ou. (»uf .) fcnctol<ri- 
arri*ov lararrtpHr, to. 
Officiate, (1. «M. Iku ti^h 9 rajo. : 

710CC0 ^ TlA'Jj Tfl cipfl, ItpIUfr), TlffCtW- 

fiO( 4 BItlTsiO flui('«», Jllt-Jlicydj, 

Offi'einal, in. ipyxar-liptif, tcerptxif, 
plant, f ap- 



iir. 6ipaiiuT«S(, TipiBu/ias, 
tif. MJunfiyiiai, nipl'lp- 
he — , «e)uirpay/ioi>«r» : — 
ly, iirfp. npoBiijiBf, ifliia»Ti: iripi- 
^P7i)( : — ness, oO. >psvv r tf« l i : 
uoJurtpBVfio«u»i. titf-tipyia, i\. 
O'ffing, ofr. (vaa* ) oievTOt, i. iro'la- 
yot, fi. tfl gain the — , (»am.) /u- 
T U .pifw»,4vai- / «<v. 
O'ffucouring, ou. Kopn/ia, itB0ap^B, 

o-apwpa, to\ iripc^/iara, tb. 
O'ffseum, (■*. evitnit SX">i, aitoS)^- 

O'ffeet, 0*. p\aoT0f, e. (Wiao-in, *. 
^ia»tll0», plaanj^a, t^ : ('f>pj 
..«Tb« la W o,, 0. (*««.) im. 
orae/<flii(, i, : ntiS/ir,, t, : (ap Z iT.) 
unorpayriJwv, ti: — , p. i. iltv& 

O'ffshoot, ei. iraaajiuat, $. [Joyiojioiit. 

O'ffapring, ou. o'nWoffK, napaJonis, 
JiaoirepB.i: yov^, fl. yf»0{, ri. to- 


tai<«c4 In- 

to have fi leave an - 

yd, ous I z «v1li««™ii(««fl«i! yiv.1- 

fia, Ipyov, tj. [ou. op. Obfuscstion. 

Offu'acate,p.i.Jp. Obfuscate— cation, 

Oft, Often, tiUp.miiitit, " 
fxa, 6a/iiva, no/).a-/_rf, r 
very — , s)«iTa*i(, pup. 

uoa« s , tWn.Mi — , fir. 6a- 
fiMtcnxric:— times, (Ofttimes) 
^m'p. TioJiaicif ; — ncss, oi. Ti fla- 

Oge'e. oi. (ap;(£T.)j>iyiaTiov. TO. [/Wv. 

O'give, (Apx*.) 9ii»( yavidiSrn, o- 

O'gle, p. i. AwfflnVfu : rfputuo. 
jWiru cif riva, xariJUWlii™, iyKH- 
riiiineni tiv( : — , oi. ipartaii 
fiXi/i/ia^i: wxpitXtmut, to : — r, 
06. J Stttdpu-nrifityo;. 

O'gling, oi. napa6Ji/i/iH, to. 
1 OVlio, su. lit/px, riiii/uyp-a, Til. 

O'gre, oi. (/iu6.) Ipitui, : — u, ei. 
(«vfl.) o>a*a<ya, «. (fe( ™.) pi- o-^atpa, ft. 

Ogy'giftti. be. 'Qyirytot. [otyieil 

Oh, in. 5 fl fi! n5 ftaElje&l : — me! 

Oil, oS. llmot, ri : xpUfj.ii, a.\nfap,ti. 
to anoint one's self with ■ — , Jisa 
Zlittpmeaiti xpUaQ™. rd. to make 
into — , iltlaiouv. to become — 
QsJXxiBiiirOxt. Olive — , iXauSAi 

Jov.T^.dippedSisteepedJn — ,tl* 

Atpoxot, iXati/StuTOj, ilaaiafic. 

— of vitriol, «i««i»ifi,T*. essen 
tialfl volatile — , ClotH iiar/iinri; 
to.: — of almonds, k/LVfSaiiiain 
ti : — of roses, fitttot liatov, to 

— bag, oi. &Sip llxayipot, : - 
beetle, oi- (torn.) 'a-flapot 6 tin: 
Of&pos: — bird, du.(iS^v.) ntirip 

«t, ft : — bottle: — flask, ou. SJ 

nil, MkuSoj, ft. )i]icijflio>, ?i ; — 

cloth, oi. j<)4ng jtijjPHTi), ft : — eo- 
lonr, oi. •laio€ap,j, ft : — ma 
ikaux&Xr.-i, i\xuudm,/\es, i 
mill ft press, ou. Jiaioip<6i[ 
\a10up71lov, iAaiofptiiriov, tiS; — 
painting, 06. t/\nioyp<t$la } ft ■' 

palm, oi. fl>oiv«ilaiov,T(i: — shop, 
—skin, ou.ofloHjmjpuTi), : — stone, 

06. iJ.U!HKi-l-T„Yl. 

Oil, |3. i, olacfi, s'Ww xpfo ft alilfo, :' 

— ed, ^. iieuotif: — er, oi. op. 

Oil-man : — iness, oi. looping. 

ft. Xlnma/ia, ri ■ — y, £n. i'. 

llai&Snt, ilampof, iXatrit 

Sis: — y-grain, oi. (p»™.) to 'A. 

avtiicft>ap«v: — y-palm,oi,(]3oT- 

iivipov tfotvixottfaft T0. 
O r int, p. i. xplti, a-ltifct, ivrplBw ; - 

, oitwiiln : 

lent-box, p.vpo9%xi),ii.&)<k$aoTpO{, 

. to perfume witb — ment, jiupoui, 

.«,(£*». [2| 'A57J. Krpas). 

Oke, ei. orafl^o. Toupuas*, ni (= 

Oker, oi. Sp. Ochre. 

Old, (it. ynpxto^yipaibs, nptttint, 

t. TTpEtSuTi*, ft. yifuu, *. ypaiit, ^. 

to be getting — , to grow — , yn- 

p&trKtn, Ktnwinp&nxtiv, i-xoyyipd- 
Wl'». to be — , itpteitiitn ; jraXai- 
if, kpxiOat. to grow, get — , no- 
IomGiBu. «f — , irnlai, rd na)ai. 
in — time,Ta)ai,ii(MToD, innaiai : 
apxaro(,ap X ab(J(- Ito ( i-/uy%ix«"- 
tivo months — , Slwos. bis yeare 
— ,f{M>4 ttlr, y.»ovd. ( , J? 
En) i^oj», iftTQi ivos a/oi», ^/tus. 
how- — 1 m&»< ; how — are yon? 
(km-j.) ttiSbmv ^tfflv iiiai; f^dyi^os, 
itaJaiiTywu. young in years, but 
— in counsels, "toj til Uali, oii- 
j.i nof Ss Taj juaSouJis : — age, 
oi. yfyiai, to. -iiXikIx, ft ■ — faced, 
ytpoiriKif. — fashioned, lit. ap- 
xalef, apj;a«o(, kpxctirponof : — 
maid, 06. vputuyirit itapfl^voj, ft. 
(*«».) jtpo»Twi ( MT«.,Ti : — style, 
oi. kpxata xpovoXoyi*, ft : — Te'B- 
tament, ou. Ilalaia Aia^xn, ft 1 — 
wife, «J. vuvft f )ia P os, ft : (<x».) 
paipo^ao'TaE, 0. 1 — en, <n. i^. 
Old; — ish, fat. ^flWov yipm; — 



ncss, oi. ylticiz, i, ■ «Ut 
Z-ioruf 17. 

O'lea,oi. (£ot».) &ata, ^ : — ginous, 
At. iXxuZttn, ti«ta)pe<, £lariti« : — 
ginommcss, oi. to tkattktttl — 
men, oS. (i«Tp.)iXoif/,. i,. 

Qle'ander, oi. (|3otv.) podooafim, it. 
pr>S6Sri$por, v$ptov,T6. 

Ole'aster, oi, ((tow.) «oVivo f 4, ft. 4- 

Ole'fiant, iit. aa.o«<fpe { . [ypaXsda, 4,. 

Oleo-sa'ccbaruni, ou. EAaiov axxx^pu 

4 pilttt evyxupa/tcwv, ri(. [tio*qf. 

O'ieose, Oieous, fa. tiafauiiif, «ai- 

Olera'ceons, in. Aa * a ^os, la;; avo«o">-(. 

O'lfaa, 4. i. oafpzhopai, mrptytm : 

— ion, ou. Bofpnmt, J j — 017, in, 

oVjipijTiKO!, OTf(i3»Tr«^(. the — ery 

. nerves, t& Spys ' ' ' 

* *P7« 

ff/lOi, . 

, In. a\-itio">Js, o'jj 

Olig-a'rchal : — a'rchicl): — a'rchical, 

in. AiyKj»x«'l archy, oi. fli- 

yifntln, i. [pa, to. 

OTio, oi. TTOiu/iifia, fl. eiyxpa^a, pT-/- 

O'litory,i«. i, $, to 1% /a;(avfu S . 

OKva,'ster,01iva'ceaus, in. ila infant. 

Olive, oi. (£«■».) iJaia, 4 : ("apnfcs), 
ilaTxjii ; iJaiowJit ^po^ia, to: — 
bearing, ^n. 'iaiafopa;: — branch, 
w. ilain KiaSot, KlxSet llit-ie, 
I) Viaiyoi, 4 :.tiptrnu e/i61>i/ta, to : 
— co' loured fl green, £71. ilaionJp?;, 
«a(?«v : — gatherer, oi. «a.o«- 
705. 6: — ■ press, oi. ip. Oil-press: 
-r- wood, oi. JOlov ttaf.ov, TO : — 
yard, at., i/aiu*, i. iltuifim*, to. 

OTived, in. i)o(a rixtortir,ninit. 

O'livine, oi. (e>.) xpwfa'tox a iJai'i- 

Gly'mpiad, 06. 'OXu/im&t, 11. (xpoot. 

Oly'mpian, Oly'mpic, in. 'OJbpmwwf. 

*(4(, 17. 'O/U/i! 

O'mbre, »i. x 

rona^vov ti. 
V. a^tipo/atTpa*, i 

Orae'ga, <i. ri at ^iya : rt ti 




d — , to A xai to Q. (== 

TO («0<v.) afoyyiroy. 
men, OU. oiuvo;, niavur/lbs, 6. olir- 
vtafxa, to*, ty-fty-i), h- fvy-aoXov, trq- 
fitlati. To. of good — , aiiioj. it- 
%ibf 7 XP1 ffT 0(, i{*<pr,iJo;. of bad — , 
nutans, 4 f 5iiTip0(, oxaiof : — ed, 
in. siawrritit; ill — ed, iufwti. 


Tipej, Oil,-- 

IU011/1OC, (Siinj(ios. to speak — 
words, bufuplfaBea ; ^ly, inlp. 
inaaiut, ousp^uwf ; — ness, oi. to 

Omi'ssible, nap aXwrrit*. [an«(oio». 

Omi'asion, oi. nzpiMifii, i: liiu/itt, 
iXh-nls, Tzapdpa/ia, to : ay-tittx, ^. 

Omi'seive, in. sxpaXciirrait. 

(Kni't, |i. i, 4naIi(no/iai, a/«JO,.jra- 
aaJiinu, nas^/'i, iXXclmtt i&, *«■ 
pajSafv«. I — tomenlion anything, 
nuaaJifnu 4 iniiifnw n iiJiinoJ 11 
Ji/on", ocvnoi Ti, ay.vtinov& tivcf. 

Omnibus, oi. Atoifspstov. t4. 

Omni-fa'rious, ^ir. nu.tofoj, navro- 
ianif, Itoinrtoj. — fio, in. Sii/a- 
oU|070s tou navTi((. — form, in. 
nuvo-^jios, na.i.Jris. — fo'tmtlg. 
oi. to nxvaxtyim. — genovi, tv. 
navrofaiot, no«Ho{. — jia'i i'en(, 
In. n«/yt»irpM, nayysvi-nea, jin>i- 
foaas. — pa'r iy, ei. na»ia-(iTy;{, ii. 
— paious, in. ap. Omniparient. — 
perci'pience. — perci'pi el " i J'> »*■ 
T* tk n&rrabp&i. — perci'pient, 
in. navo^iot, na»Tino'nTi?t. 

Omni'-potence. — potency, oi. nav- 

navrap);'!! potently, 'nip. nav- 

TOiepaToo«(i(. — presence, —jne- 
seney, oi. t* nuiTaxoi nasi nap- 
rtvai. — pre'sent. — prew'ntiul. 

O'ffward, ^it. (»au 

Oft, Often, hip.* 

M T 

KM, &7Tt 

rit-os,™^: — times, (Ofttimes) 
^nip. noJJaici; ; — ness, oft. to 8a- 

Oge'e, oft. (ipx.r.V^™. Tj. {^..rfv. 

O'give, (apj;r.) Miff )*)ai(0iin, o. 

O'gle, jt. 1. imfScdttlfa ; ipuTnb* 
fii™ fit, laTtlXsratu, *,*=- 
TilliiTiTH ml : — , 06. iptiTixb* 
/}Ii/>p-a, ti : TupxSitp/tx, ri • — r, 
ob. StaLdpunrAfitvoi. 
O'gling.oi, napaSJi/i/ia, to. 
' O'glio, ov. ^vn«, ruft/uy^a, t6. 
O'gre, eft. (/.ufl.) o*p**oiv, £ : —SB, eft. 
(^u6.) tfixaitK, ij, (ini eiW.) /ii- 
laiva afxlpx, A, 
Ogy'gian, iir. 'QTuyiof. [elp-ei 

Oh, in. 2 fl iSI at f) ail jtDI : — m( 
Oil, oft. Maiow, to" : xpfopa, &),nfap l To'. 
toanoint one's self with — , " 
aJi/^iiflnifl xpturtm. ri. to make 
into — , i£»iaiou«. to become — 
^fiAaisufrfiai. olive — , iXeitJAa 
lav, ti. dipped r, steeped in — , tt* 
itfnxac, ilairfJauTOi, ^iatoSajiif 

— of vitriol, Buu&v e'Ju, to. essei 
tialfl volatile — , Mate* eiaTjuiBTo 
to.:— of almonds, kpiySttltiaa- 

ti : — of roses, b&Saai Uomv, re 

— bag, 06. 4<!>S» Vlaiojopos, : - 
beetle, eft. (*«T/t.) xdvflapot ft 41a 
af bpof. — bird, oft. (opv.) «»aTo; 
.is, i : — bottle : — flask, eft. ft - ; 
irn, JiiicuflOj, )j. lqKiJSiav, to ; - 
cloth, eft. IMnig noijSMTii, ^ r — « 
lour, oft. i)oco8ap>l, -fl : — man, 
l\atan&Kw, AnrinaiBiAOf, i; - 
milt ft press, eu. iiaioTptSiio*, ■ 
Anwup-yilev, iAoiOTpoTnov, t^: — 
painting, oi . Waio>pa#B, ?j 1 

palm, oft, nioiv«iiaiov, tiS ■ — shop, 
' oft. iiaiOTTMislov, UounEAlin, Tif: 
- — skin, ai. ofloHj xijpuTi}, : — stone, 
ou. iltttxiiiivr,, i. 
Oil, jS. e. ilmfi, IWu x/ s(w I) sU({f« : 
— ed, t. jlaiatrif : — er, oft. ftp, 
Oil-man : — iness, oi. JUnaporijs, 
i. Jrta.fia, ri : — y, in. Hatoutis, 
fXon&Svji, ilatripotf ilcuristf t hn&- 

-y-grain,=i.(^oT».)T(' "' 


'-. xpiv/t 

to. (Uetfi), i). eUufifta, to, to he, a 
dealer in — ment, /auoottoiJiIh ■ — 
ment-box, uupab^ir,, n- alaSaoraec, 
i. to pcrmme with — ment, /mjjoun, 

?»&». [2f *a w j.)[t P «o- 

Oke, oft. wrafl/Lo. Touen«o», ri (= 

Oker, oft. 0/1. Ochce. 

Old, in. -ynpaiij, 7ioatl[, irpioSuTnt, 
o. »tp«jSuT(<, 5. yipuv, ft. ypiif, ^. 
to be getting — , to grow — , 711- 
pacrncir, Kdrayfjpasvfcv, dne^pa- 
nw. to he — , vptattutn ■ irnAai- 
if, ipxaloe. to grow, get — -, ira- 

in — time,7rri)Hi,irpoTou,iitnajKi; 
kpxtiH,kpx«\*if iTtiS-/^r1ltx<"- 
tv.0 months — , ii/tyiva;. six jears 

— ,«*Tffi. 4 KE^ yMfNtf, i? 

Iti) E^m, ijtTov i'roj 3/oiv, ^f/nic. 
how^? iojilio(;how — are you? 
(koi-i.) ttinti tr&v tinai; fpifvi/10;, 
7ToJaioo>pwy. young in years, but 
— in counsels, »*oj Tjl ^luJa, 43- 
ia aofbi rh% iv'iSou/'J; : — Hge, 
oft. ySea*. rft. tiuUa,1l ; — faced, 
ytpnmtict — fashioned, in. ap- 
Xrfet, dpx«"*«- i-pxaiirponot : — 
maid, oft. TtpiiSuyiv^j napHbot, ^. 
{'Knvi.)ytpoiTBi6pitiiti,ti- m — style, 
oft. opiate xpoveio^'a, 4 : — Te'B- 
tament, ou. nalata tUaHxn, $ ■ — 
wife, ou. >u>ii flvapet, ^ : (1*9.) 
^aitpofiiiiTTBj, 0.; — en, lit. ip. 
Old: — ish, in. /.«!«» y*p«.<: — 



<t e . 

O'lea,ou. (^otv.) iXatti,i : — ginons, 
^ir. iiatdiS-rji, liatrifibf,ilattius: — 
ginousness, uti. rt iiatitZStti — 
men, ei. [i»xfi.] aio.p^, $, 

Ole'ander, oS. (porr.) Aoiolxfvt,, 4. 
. paiiSivags-i, vfy>uv, T i. 

Ole'aster, ot. (j3otv.) * o t<»0 ( i, & i- 

OlCfiant, i*. ilnt^i. \yp,tiatx, i,. 

Oleo-ss'ccharum, ou. iAui> vanxxpt* 

Oleoae, Oieoua, *jt. «awt.J^ { , iJa.- 
Olera'ceoiis, in. ia* eviipof ,Jl a* a ;o rnfii (. 
O'lfact, p. i. iafpzho/txt, itr/t&nn : 

— ion, ai.tffpnfif.i: — ory, in. 

Safpntmbs, 6afpxtT!ni(. the — ory 
- nerves, t« Spyava, SCSn oifpaivo- 

juifla, t« iefpamxk Bpyarx. 
Oli'banam, oi. iiSovuToc, A. 

Olid* 1 —on*, in. J iwIJik, iJujs- 

O/i0(, *a*OI)[18(. 

Olig-a'rchal : — a'rchic )) : — a'rchicai, 
in. ilryctpxaif. — arohy, oi.- eii- 
yapXltf, i. \n«, i*. 

fflio, ei. mh/jtttla, fi. lAytpK/tft, /ily- 

Olitory, in. i, i, to lij; Ja X a.(a(. 


O'Eve, <J. (jSotv.) iiafa, 4 : (-apTrii), 
iixia^r\ : llacocio'tc ^pri^a, to: — 
bearing, in. «Kioppei: — branch, 

•u. ilaia; niiSaf, kHSo( tiat-JtSf 
% tlatvac, £ :.CIf4ngc {pSAi^ix, 10 : 

— -co'lonred 4 green, in. iiaietiOn, 
tlxl$uv. — gatherer, o». il«ul6- 
yei. i: — press, ah. tp. Oil-press : 
--wood, 06. iiiio> «ai.o», to: — 
yard, Bu. iia.oiv, 0. iiaideuTov, to. 

OllVed, in. ilaia 'iKOBiinpi-jo;. 

O'livine, 06. (eo.) XputriiArSof tiiai6- 

Oly'mpiad, 06. 'Oiu^mit, 4- [xpouf. 
Oly'inpian,01y'mpic,Jir. , OJV*""«f- 

the — games, 'OJii/iiita, Ti.'Oiu/i- 

Cmbre, 06. xsif TeirafTWn rt. 

Ombro'meter, oil. i/i.Sp6/nTpav, utti- 

$>T)^8i, I 

Alpha and — , to A xaJ ia Q. (= 
to riim *ai ^ kpxfy. 

''melet, ou. to (hocv.) a-foyyarov. 

Inen, dv, nimbi, ei&rta~jtiif, 6. ol&- 
vityta, to*. <pri/**it V- ffOynoAo*, tr^- 
/iitov, ri. of good — , ofnof. Si- 
t'&tt Xp4°*bft tvpriy-Qs- of had — , 
witonj, ifjn7Tipat, maws : — ed, 

in. oiuwffTwifcill — ed, i»w&- 

''minous,In.aiia(i!.8(, kfxTtpis,tif- 
«: £<?«!, al<r» ( , 
ifiot. to speak — 
words, fanttyiifurSn : — ly, J«(^. 

airaui'u;, Jutf^to^ — nesi,ou. to 

Omi'erible, 7tnpaJLiorT(o». [aTtafmev. 

Omi'ssion, s*. ita f iJ.if i ( , * ; i/Jt</i«, 
/Diirif, na^iipa/ia, to : a/i/Jna, 11. 

Omi'SSlVfl, m. irajsaJtcjiTutrfe. 

(fell t, /. i. insiiiso/iai, &lltl&, **■ 
pttltiitbi, 9Kptmn t iXXiinw : i&t 1tctm 
pxpxhu. I — to mention anything, 
*xpaXti*» tl iiraiifru % «)iin» Ti 
J.(/tuv, nunu Tl, St/iviiltc-/Q TivC(. 

Onuubna, ot. liufo^ tTo*. tiJ. 

Jetioc, T.oiKliaf. — fit;, in. S-iipi- 
mp-tbt toO TtaiTiff. — form, in. 

Ttiuwnw. ™ v i-hi.—fo-tmity. 

06. ri itavaxripav. — genuts, in. 
naiiToo'aToj, neitiiat. — pa'i tent, 
it. irs/ysvinij, iraiToirupa, Jiefi- 
f Of 8(. — ^la'r (y, ou. ira»iB"ifT>is, 4 
— poi mm, At. op. Omniparient. — 

perci'pience perci'pienty, ot. 

to Ti iravTa hp&i. — perd'pient, 

Omni'-potenoe. — potency, bo. «««• 
To*piT8js(a, TravTepx'a, t- — po- 
tent, ^it. itavToipaioip, ua»TOo"uva- 
poj, Ju^anjTK, iray*far^(, 
TinirTap^»j(. — potently, *m>. "«»- 
T8*/>aTopnal{. — pretence. — pre- 
atney, ei. tb iravraxou ■*"'' "P 
•ivai. — pre'sent, — pre$e'ntii>l, 


ItHnofoj.navTiio-DjiOf.TiavTa ciouf. 
— sciently, iirfp. iravirrffuj. — 
tpe'ctive, in. iranTsjro'nrijf. 

Omni'vorous, in. na/ifayes- 

O'moplate, ou. (Bvr,u.) &nrml&Tii, i. 

Ompha'lic, in. opfaliKbf, ipfxlittg. 

O'mphalocele, oh. (<«to.) apfaKeitif 

On, Iqri'f. Jnl (>!».), xars (a.V.). on 
earth, ^iri -/St. on the ground, inl 
**t rts, X'f"'- (<■ *«& y*i*>- on 
horseback, ^j'finrsi;. on a river. Inl 
r<5 rcora/iu, ini rou noraaou ; ^» 
■(Jot.), on the mountains, i> Spin*. 
to be — tho road, iv oJa uVati 
iri^i (oW. oil), to wear rings — 
the hand, npl t>i ^upl JaxrWia 
fipuv.on the frontiers, mpi to i ■ 
jwn : riding — hor/50, npottlaiimv 
Ettt™. to be born — the water, *- 
noxtltrSm Mart, all depends — 

him, it TOVTSJ 71 TTHV VO Trpuylta. 

he IS — my side, irei< ^peu iirra- 
Toi : nepa. the fleet was — the 
coast, to (Kvrwin £v irapa T»j axrjl : 
(iui jjpdwm). on the third day, r« 
voir,) fipApx, fLtra Tplrnr ii/ii. 
piv. on the following day, Tji iffTt- 
pafa. on the first of April, rf npi- 
iT] 'Anpil&u. Sunday at seven 0' 
(:= on) clock, Kupiax^n rjj 7j 
ipse, on the third day, TpiTalOf. on 
the twentieth day^woaraiot. on the 
same day, auS^jUipiiv : ;»i, /«, o\l, 
lav*, on deposit, if" imottyii). to 
depend — , to rely — - a thing, 9ap- 
pjiv iim 4 ftrf twi, rc«toi«v«, rnl 
* *. iiti mi. on fair terms, i«i intaf- 
01s, in* i'o-sij. on condition, t^' £ 
- anything, 

:v ^ir,' n 


account. Si 
pain of — 1 Inl %i)iIk. to live, feed 
— , etc., aito' Twos ;*K on purpose, 
it tcpmitmt fl npoaipiai«(, *it& 
xpQaipitci. on the march, Inl rg t 

nopifai, iv rf iropifa, icari r>,r iro- 
/•■(aii ; a/ia a /urijii. on perceiving 

f'7°' J 

ptuiiuttt aJ«*. on the receipt ol 
your letter, JUBiiv !j a/ia SAaBov 
viWi"«oM» my. on a given signal, 
a*o sr t p.eio'j r irl aijjUtc'u, JoOtvros 
mpluu: *ni, •■«, Kara, to jump — 
the trees, ini va SivSp*'a'u. 
to strew ashes — the table, t«j pa» 

water — tho hands, xara xiipos 
limp; h. befall — one's knees, 
iv yivairt wtwrm. to put — board, 

nu;«^i>q(. to set — the table, 

^aSiffTivai ii rpa7r*f P .foBeat one's 
self— tbechftir,<i6L'fu8a£ ivtlpa: 

ntpi tyit.). to speak — anything, 

o'iaii-vio-flac q Joyous Tto«!!o-8a( Cl- 
ef vivos : on the one side — , on the 
other side, r* pit — r$ ii. on all 
sides, tn.-rnxfl, itavvax^iv. on the 
high, /iirtups;. on a sudden, If&f- 
^v^j, wfvtjfut. on the right, t<t 
r« j{(*. on the left, i» apiinpS, 

Tifs apurtspSt (z«'pi(). on the 
contrary, Tatiwclor. on the spot, 

Ittlpjn, izxpaxptyx. on foot, i«- 
55 : — , ^n//.. to put — , inmM- 
vat. to have — , linjHtn/i^ov ciibi, 
inp(6i«Jnifla,. his shoes are — , uno- 
o"iii/i/»Of ^itt(: rippu, itpiaa. to 
go — , Kpeliixi, itpotpxteBai. lead 
■ — , b3*,ytt ; Tripair^oj, nopputipat. 
and so — , xal te loiira, xai ra 
i?«f, ■a)ra. r .H(, J( ai«JliaTe<ali. 
ra : e-uvix&c, JJiaitef. to sleep 
— , iimeiu, oi< iytipto-Sai ^« tbI 
tnyou. say — , iiaxoioiBti Xtfur,/til 
nai>( Toii J<l',5ii. to work — , su mii- 

ylTmioeai if/a<^if.v»Bt. to write — , 
o'larilttv yp&foiiK. come — IS^tt 
dytril off and — , tfi&po Kaxdo-t, 
to be off and — , bUoti aUw< y pc- 
vitv. to be neither — nor off, »<*•[», 
anaprt', fitzofypo'/GCv : — , inn?, 
noptiau, napiiiaBi, (xoa.) 4finpif\ 


O'nager, oi. (Caio).) Stuefptu 4. 
O'naniBm, ob. ^aiaicia, ft. 
Onee, tvip. npirtpot, to irpiTipsu, 
irpjv, npd<r04v, Tcalai : wrra£. 


., gtr 5 

ma | ; _ for all, iJiinaJ. for — in 
ftway,aTn£, i 5 imapoia Si Ttapa- 
hiiovtoj Kxipeu • udnov. to many 
— , fiotoyg/iilt. to eat — in the 
day, /lovoffiTtlv : Ta>;ij, racial;, all 
at — . at — , I' rxM, iiilf*™, 
aifviliwi, crufdiavri;, oflpAoi, a/ia, 
i^ou. two, three, 

r l>*> 

-t).: - 

i, ri J(iiripo» : nori. 
for, — , this — , to 71 vu» Jjje*. 
One, ht. eii, p-ie, iv : — or noi 
«ija«iji, abStts&vHp; — by— ,»< 
(>a, xa8' i» ; trips;, to carry on ■ 
hand, xitpl fiptn ittpx. the- . 
the ither, 6 ph f-npoc, il Inpoj 

. 9 flill — , A <?i — , oi/iiv — of 

«"i — . one or the other way, iri 
BiTi,3B. on the — aide, on the other 
lide, ittl B&ttpa pit, i^i Bar 
li. from the — side, it tou i*l 
riea. blind of — eye, tu^Aoj 
tov sTissa offal/iiv. leaning 
aide, iripoicJivJK. to weigh down 
to — side, irtpoSxpiTv. to go lame 
of — foot, htpnulO* : «ff x 
pint, having — eye, pstifta.1- 
pui. to take only — meal in th( 
day, pwoorttlv : iV; xal iSrif 

jiro S ii 

, 0,110.0* 

- and the same, it ia all 

TEurdv J9T1U, ovolv iJiif ipll, ouoia> 
xaflforarai. to be of — mind, ejio- 
jmoi/iomrv. as — man, with — 
accord, SpoSvuaSbt, it pt$s y4>- 
Hi: t<(, ti : — of my people, tit 
iit iO« ipS*. some — , Tii. if any 
— asks me, <i i'i /" Jpoirg. the 
(air — , § nai^. the beloved — , ij 
i fw^ivq . the great — s of the earth, 
si piy&lai avlpit rflj yHf. they 
came with their little — s, nAflov 
tin t»I{ IoutAi Wxvacf ; — says, !*• 

yirai, Aiyouoi, ^aoi : — miglil, 
could, would say, f «'n rif an : — 
could-, would think *, fancy, «>«'. 
f« Ti ( ay ; — must, ought, iil,xpi: 

— ought to be, must he contented, 
aTanijiion : — day, rari, nilai. 
the last but — , o*iuTfpi(rj;«TOi : 

— and all, litttatAi ri(, inatrtouj ■ 
— , — another, Siies pi' — £*- 
Jos Si. a pii — , 4 11 — , i pit 

— oUiof Si, xrl.i — says this, 
another lhat, ?: — says a thing, 
another aaya another, SlAos ai/o 
Jiy«. at — time, at another — , 
oTJJote piv, «A) ri o"i, iroTi *ii«, 
aJJoii W : — way, — another, 
aliof alloo-e. each — , tiaoroi, 
every — , EtaBTBj, itSt Tl», iraoa 

TIC, 11B» T<. SUCh a , TOIOUtJi Tl j. 

any — , t<«, i tuz^»- at — , 0/10- 
-/vti^uv, i^o^psia, (ifi^6u»io(. to 
help — ,topeiituT<ia.itdoPa — good 
to see it, tifpabnrat, $3tra( ti; 
iJiiv. to squander — 's gooda, ra 
iauTuu jtpodffflai : — self, kktIj, 
atros rij. to prepare for — self, 

he — self again, 1* IxtrnH *&in 
■fyvvrSxi. to wash — self, Aous- 
•9ni — (i» «w8|w«w). ic ~ 
arched, /iovoflo/o< : — eyed, /'oyif- 
ffaJyuf, xt/. [fuAJoe. 

O'ue-berr)', ou. (po«-) nap's Tirpa- 
Ouei-rouri'tic, «S. s\tra*tprng(, J : — 
— ?: — ai, /it. ivstpoKpttix6i — 
m'lot/y, si. iviipoloyin, h. — ro - 
money, 0" 


ova;, , 

jviir-i,', A. 

O'nerary, in. fopTaywyis, oxtuopdpoj. 

^'neroae, O'neroua, ir. texxMt, x*- 

Jiiros, foprmot, ^apus, o^ip'f*. 

I'nion, ot, (£otv.) icp«>fUN*, «po><u- 

o», ri. a small — , *poppbS™»i "■ 
lite — , xpoppuolJiis. a bed of — s, 

Kpopu&v,h'; leek, KpupM-pi- 

■ ON 

■ysviij mi;, A: I have seen — his 
face, ^lo-jijy T17U Sjia «firo& lApBx* : 

■ito'v. to benefit those — , who arc 

praised, a«Toi; Toii( inaivou/iitoui 
ilflXll* ; - — , hip. JlivoH, /iifvwf. I 

have — heard, ^«u«-« jiovev : — 
, now, tliis moment — , apri, k/Mff, 
hvfx't- not — , but also, 06 p.4*tn 
— , oAXi xai nX>iv, iXAa ( nA^v 
iija. I heard — I don't under- 
stand, fcautra ph-mi, nlit &XX' oi 
wyndnu, I am about to apenk, — 
listen, Aeju Jii, oJia wyi aVouiov. 

O'nomancy, ei. ^ Totj ypa/iya»iv hi- 

Ono'matope, Onoma'topy, oi. ono,ua. 
O'nset, ai. npo,-BoJlri, lifSoM, httint, 

* r Vx.S. Kxrxpxi, *:—,£■ i. *■ 

mrlBtpttt, xpocitfom : — ting, 06. 
O'nslaugltt, oi. op. OnBet. [Mflutf, 4. 
O'nstcad, ou. IsauJii, ij. 
O'nto, irpofl. n"j, iiti, irpoj. 
Onto-lo'gic. — lo'gical, ^tt. ovtoJo- 

yuif. — lo'gieally, Mp. onolayi. 

*&;. — logiflt, ai. inTiliyot, A. — 

logy, ei. 6'ToXoyla, fi. 
O'nward 1) s — a, hip. Jtnara, tit *a 

irpcm;(oipiixti( : bctioiii, npoio'^aj. 

O'nyclia, A. M X »„ r6:{Sp.) *.«{, I. 

O'nyx.ei. (op.) ovul, o. made of — , 

O'olite, «i. (o> ) iai.flof, 4. [ogives. 

Ooie, 06. iliic, i). r«V«, to: fars>- 

poia, miyij.i,: (a^*d( 5 pupao&ttyi- 

*6t;— F . oil. -rife, J.-ttcWio. 

to let water — through, Wwp cfia- 

*.«.<». [p-ar^™. 

O'ozy, iit. ^opBopuJin, iJuio'us, tiI- 

Opa'city, 06. i) 06 Jiajovua 1} o^ai. 

Opa'cous, lie. oi o'.apa.ii; ( Jiauy^< : 

ness, oi. Sp. Opacity. 
O'pah, 06. i*o"of i;;Wo(. [que t — ncas. 
Opi'ke, h. *. : — ness, oi. Sp. Opa- 
O'pal, oi. (op.) oiriiiws, : — e'ece, 

i. buS. nftTivoSola ; — eacence, oi. 

ts dirali.ov : q iau^u {tou oiraJ- 
A(ou); — e'scent, ^it. iicj'i'ilra Sp.1l' 
at : Xapitwv fitJiip J inaJJUoj ; — 
ine, in. (SiriJ/ifd Spain;; — ixe,p.i. 
inxXXita n Sfioiet irufi. 

Opa'quc, fcf. ou $utf*-/is 1) Itau-yfc, 
tpKVpts, muabt,' (of iWik, moTfll- 
oc : — If. — ness, oi. op. Opacity. 

O'pen, ^tt. kvufyptiat, bvoiitoc, &»=- 
■KtitTBipint, a*Xtiarni.aa — letter, 
llXupitti tl iifpayiuTOi imtrcMi, 
$. to receive any one with — arms, 
iSioii % ie-pitui Sixsa6at,\iicaSix*- 
=9al T»a, the — field, iri*«», rd. 
the — country, ii uTtsiflpa : ■ — 
air, aiflpfa:, i. unaiflpov, To. in the 
— air, aiflptos, unaiflpot, inattpwt. 
to live in the — air, ^» naflapa o<- 
xii». to bivonae in the — air, !rt- 

■p< a ; f: . 


n K'-i '■ 


the - 


stand — mouthed, xcxi'f'at : — 
bowelB, uita7ouo-a noiAfa, ^. to 
have the bowels — , lani-maSon : 
imbpmt, tucSpot. an — town, 
anlj;£«o; iri)i{, i) : kohoj, Snpo- 

- trial, 

table, iiTiai tov ^ouUjBSvav uci)- 
6ti» : laraf a»^t : iltibtpo;, irpoji- 
ris, lujrpotiTOs. a place — to 
strangers for study, tjttoc tcIc f^- 

^■TtCecjiiivot. most — to the enemy's 
attack, IfoS&rpTx tbZt noJ«firt"( 

» be ■< 


Tt«! inJouf, «)"tpiv« 

act in an — manner, axlo^ioSac : 
&Kpttr>t t aJianpiTat, ipfippimoi. a 
question — for discussion, {ifni/ta 

oJibk(J(to». an — account, Joji- 

0^0; iJianpiTotf) n^fitSflT^K/Aai 1} 
(«etT.) nvoucTus ; a>«npi t , tftf>n)c; 

OP f 

— tale, amriipoiii, 4. (««w.) iV 
/mpmtla, ft. with — force, I»e- 
icJot, unlur/iivaf. to set — , to 
throw — , Anolyicv, a»a!MTa»»uva<. 

tO lie tO, UftTTKlStU, iKTiBttBxt. 

to lay— , aits*i«Hi»ai, imoicxiu- 
»ai. as long as his eyes ore — , 
. ?S»roj aSroji. wv i* Tots Mffi». an 

— winter, irpelet x 1 " «4»»- to be — 
to conviction, a*oi(iv,ir»fflio-SaI «- 
>'- to appear in — . J{ii>ai iff tous 
4v8p6jnov(, irpoilfliii (i to f avtpiv : 

— eyed, At. iyptyopot, tvpWP* 
*ii, iypumej: — banded, In. tint- 
tifist, fililupof, luip-yirwo'c : ■ — 
headed, in. iw*n4c — hearted, 

^tt. inioC(, xpijorit : — heartedLy, 
hrfp. ifAmcpoiit : — heartedness, 
ai, krtlinu, xpiffufrin, ulntpfiu*, 
4 WiuSipionit, J; — monthed, 
O'pen, A- '. l»o(7M, Xalfi, 4*aniT8*- 

little, 7rapo(y*i'»ai,iraf enKvici (n)v 

ftipav). to — aletter, luu», Jfijw- 
(T«. inio-rol^ip. to — a book, 4*i- 

fc> f JiSav, fiiSoTO/itr*. to — a 
dead body, Ttptiur, evxtj/iko, 4- 
(■JXfgw >«p4v. to — the month, 
Xaivii*, ][■*(&>. to — the eyes, tfi- 
ofyuvTouf op Savour, to — anyone's 
eyes, ffoif eoviCu*, cxjiiamnii mi, 

to — one's eyes to flattery, napi- 

(t»,tiati/f*;apxu, it*f>X"> i">?p- 
Z u, *arApxo/i<*{ Ti»Of. to — a 
school, ifapxtiv o-^siifsu. to — an 
assembly, ittlisim itoiiTv, Joyniv 

fpxro « i? Awl***** to — a case, 
ii ( i T i(» tonr*. to — a bail, l&px'f 
)(ope& ft Tilt ojjjfno-Eaij. the day — s, 
i/tipa uncfaiuti ft Intaliji-Kit: ino- 
KflAujTToj, i*ajcrutfflai, fqlw, faifi- 
po» Jtoift : o-af j]vilu, Jiao-apijvlfw, 

ipuigmuu, tup/iwtiv to the 

body, W«<* ft i*aye<. t^v «.()<«« : 
— , £. oio". otvafye/uu, fibTK/uu, 


Za»/*fip«<, Xflivu i j Spfpat, up X i» 
iefi8a»u. the spritig — s, lap »■»• 
" *Wu : (ftti *».«») i.«Jaf6,, 01a- 
Wfi : — er,ou. ayOiyiuv : — iug, oj. 
to a»»(yuv, aVo&f, xiJao.;, 4. M- 

Bl( (*BIJT0J|J;), ft: av=HTTO>«T((, ft ! 

*TB>«, z»»/*a- *■*■ o"^i ft : — ing 
of a case, ttfryuy^ ft : ipx%, i»ap- 
{<f, ft : — ly, hip. ItuMaiK : f aut- 
pwi, i/ifavGf, it to& ■ avipc&, ava- 
pnaa*, anapaaaJilirTuj. to diclarc 
one's self — ly, nappmtaEiana. ft 
irappiiiaxp^ofl *"■•/>( Tivo*: — ness, 
ou ovoifif, ft. to 4>OHTa» : air idTiif, 
Zp>j«8rii{, iiii«pfv«a, ft : — new 
in speaking, nsrfpqtrta, ft ; npaij- 
tTK, ftlH,T 4C , ft. 

O'pera, oi. /iiIikov Jpfi^B, /itirfjpa- 
^3, T* : — house, o*. Hxrpar, to ; 
— tic ft : — tical, ^ir. iLiiaSpapa- 
roic, [-ipy..a, ft. 

j'perance, O'perancy, oS. t- 

O'perant, ^ir. op. O'perative. 

O'perate, fr.oiiS. (on, upon) is x iu, I- 
" ttp/Si i (z^P-) X"f>t(°>, X"pe»p?<* : 
(«p.) w-vS^a, : — , *. ^. Jpya- 
fojiiai, faripyA^apuiittwifi.futnpitT- 
r», 4itsTiAA. to — a miracle, 9au- 
^areupyslt. to — against, a*rivif!- 

Opera'tion, ot. Ipjsv, irf. jcpofij, ft. 
ini)£i^i!Ma, rd : iuva^. { , Jp5iii(, fr 
(X'V-i 3t"V<»f *(. 4. («».) *Htt(^- 
«({,ft. a military—, Troltfiuaispa- 
{u>, al. ri npangysv/uiB. a plan 
of — , orpaTTiyta,- ft. iyparfty^>ia, 

ri. the base of — e,ip/aiT^pat,ri. 
O'perative, in. hip-y^t, inpybt, i*ip- 
■yriTiKOj, itpa«Tni(, ipfanmic : -*, 
oil. IpytttK. piojiinzavoj, z»p**a(, 
I : — ly, ini'p. /y(pyi]Tilcfi;. 

O'perator, o*. i htpy&v, iip&i, hi- 

Z«pqrt(, A : Xttptbp79t. 

Ope'rculatefl - d, jn. (poT..)«i»oJup. 

-.*.«. — oulifbnn, *«. Troi^aro- 

•:*ft(. [to : <ixS.) SiT^aiov, to. 

Ope'rculnm, oi. fj3or».) -xipaikpiaot, 
Opeio'se, in. fnfnovof, npay/iaTuf^c, 

XOltsimc, Ji. Ttptr/iurtSiStt, TO. 

Ophi'dian, Ophi'dionfl, fa. ty«mJi)c, 

ojjiiJni, if ii)'/io(. 
Oplii'dion, 08. jf ihJik rif i^flus. 
Ophio'logy, oi. ifteioyix, ii. 
O'phite, Jit, of iuO)ji, dpiiviit: — ; 

8, tt>. (ap.) tl'Jm ifiTHt. 

Ophtha'lmia.ol (i'arp.)ofe!ii>i(«,^.to 
Buffer from — ,ifialp.tii, iySn i/ti- 

Oplitha'lmic, i*. SipdnXpuii. [£h(«i. 

Ophthalm'ologistjBi.syial/ioldyoc, i 

O'phthalmy, oi. (iafp.) o'pflaJpYa, ft. 

O'piate, oil. unvoiTivov a rajsKuruii 
f&p/iaxov, t6 : — , in. iirvoiTwof, 
vap* to nun's : miTarpxvvTHtif : p. i. 

Opi'ferous, 4n.apa-/b;, inlxovpof. 

Opi'ne, p. obS. vo/iifoi, cio/txi, Soul 
us,, iBoiauEiva. 

Opi'niative, /it. iff^upoyvw/jMv, Ami- 
o-tosi iJiKTpnTOj. avi»Joroj: fav- 
rao-uWai : — ly, bitp i.St*.Tpiirr<*< : 

neSB, ou. itrxupoyivfiorbivi, AoV 

arp.^a, ft. 

Opi'nion, si. Sofa, JAoonj, inoJaf'f, 
7>d/t<I, e!i]Hf, ft. in my — , *ata 
rrt» fp.»l» yvi/iija, fyioi o"o«£[». u ( 
«>•?*■<. to entertain an — , o*<ffav 
lx»'». Jojifuv. to declare ft give 
one's — , faoyahtaGm yit&p.'qvj 4- 
iroj)6i/ynflai. to ehange^alter one's 
— , /iiTa7iy>^iTKciv, iWioiowrflai 
t^v Tvojfi^v. I am of — , Joxffi, »o- 
p(Cu, Jofafo., Y"^f»)« fx»- to b« of 
one — with any one, o>o/»u#tovtiv 
tm. of different — , fri ( j<f<Jo{o ( . to 

• differ in — , <A. mirk Jrf aftw, 41- 
Wai £s{av i^i'v, iTtpoyj»p.n.itlt. 
to be of a contrary »i an opposite 
— , inavWav 1^1111 rfl» 7«d/n)i. to 
have a bad — of any one, *oth- 
yiyi&axtw rtv4t ' y&fWi Jiavoca, 

Opl'nionatc ft : — d, ftr. lo-xupoyvd- 



he. k. 1 — ly, Mp. 4>. 
npo. ; — ncss, oil. io-j( u f 3 'y v6 V le ™ ,, Ji 

Opinioned, tit. iaxvpoyiapai, aJ\xi~ 

Opi'nioDist, 06. w)(i'f»yve>g l » fine 
O'pium, si. JTTiov, pyjirbva,, ra. 
Opo'ssum, si. /iapatK*f6po* n (Oar. 
O'ppidan, si. 4«4(, 4»™i{, 4 : — , 

/it. i»f«0(. [a>ifCftn|*ff, ft. 

Oppo'neuey.aS. f»avT<oloy<a, ft ; 4/i- ■ 
Oppo'nent, in. imrb;, hmtri/w 

to, : KMbi, aroitct r — , oi. /»«>-. 

attftraAot, e. an — at law, ivri- 
fu*s , 0. A aitileybiy : — . in love, 

Opportn'ne, Vir. xalpios, tvtmpof, i- 
■nitaipot, *nlo[, ittiriSuo, • — ly, 
Artp. iv Kaipu, lit najpht, iyiccd- 
p»5, Kaipi'tos, npot^iSpoij. it cornea 
fl happens very — ly to me, •<( ti- 

ps{, (tiaipfa, iyiteupbt, iTurniciA. 

Opportunity, ob. taipi t , I. tbtaipla, 
i>. there is a good — , nalfflf iu- 
piX" : — preaenta itself to me, 
xaipof nxptcwtwru jut, ixipiv Jafi- 
IttMt. to allow an — to escape, ita- . 

paWiruv T0» taip&K tO give 4 

afford any one an — for anything, 
4fop/*i)v, ia6^v ft irpdpanv Jtii- 

Oppo'se. p. i. 4vTiTaTroi, ktrrrttmUf 
t«ttw, i»r(Tt(»«, a»Ta-,u»(fo^iai : 
rf...™^,.,, a.Wx» i i.TiA^u : 
4>e(<ria / >a I , twiuw, airajtuiua. to 

— force to force, 4»Tie<afio-8a(. to 

— one's self, 4vT.raTFio-fla(T<vifl 
•npdf Ti, i»fl(«-a 5 flal till ft *pd( ti- 
va. lo be — d 4vruti!'j8a( 1 H hat. 
r(a ( «-ai, htW&ttol, 4-tit.tb:- 
z fla., faf»4«> T(r»>«6=« ! — , ,3. 
ouJ. (agabet) inirtoupai, &,6t- 

liyoi, irpof«i(Jop;ai ; — d, *it. ifnih 


tJ=(, ivr 

uriXiytn : — i, ah. I 

»a»T(0(, ivBITIOiifllvOf, i ; 4vT(lTIl 

io$, k/i-ayuviclTtii, noXipiot, o. 
Oppo'sing, jit. hairios, IvriSisf, 4> 

rihr« ( ; — , oi. ivTto-ra .{, 4vr. 

W»!n, ooifcmi, $. 
O'pposite, in. »Tfa{,lvavTfo(, Amxo 


li. just - 

tiou, il( r4»a»r(a. from the — 
Side, U rou *-»«vr<ou, « iW»rf«t(. 
to be, stand, 1), be placed 



l«>iot. id an — direction, 4v T fotpo. 
pet, to put, place — ■, avTMaflio-Ta- 
*at, 4vTiirap«raTTm. the — party, 
of avrrtaJei, of imvitsi. to be en' 
camped — the enemy, avTixaflij. 
ofla<, avTiiTpaTeirio'iun&ai: — , ai. 
ivs»Wo(, iv«»Tioii>(vfl(, 4«W)"M«- 
in!;, 4vtAr«)of, i: to tarrb*, tA 
iratrla, ii an rid nit, i. to be the 
— of anything, btcrriav thai rut, 
— ly, i*lp. ivav- 

fpax<«* xpofr'ipo!"': 

mv». to be — ed, Wmtisem, «■ 
teitof «. to be — ed with grief, 4- 

?it/te>tB>, iymi&n ; 0apijv», ^ttiSb- 

k(, nJi/iB, *3js>i!(, *6,5if, 1): ivay. 
rn, a-nopia, raiamapia, Ultdngd 
3 : (feTf.) i7Tivo,c«p*oi, flityif, ttf- 
*voi«, i. to snfier — iou,«a«S( «4- 
iX'"j kltKiiirbsLt. 
Oppressive, in. fapv;, xilin6(, **>«*- 
««[, illKpcs, inajjfi^f, Jlltf ops(: fii- 
B<0(, TupHvyixcf; : — ly iltip. fel- 

xflu;, ovifipv; : tvpanutfif , — 
neas, oi. to ictiumk to tu- 

y, 4™>« 


Of. TO 4vt<ICi(hi 

Opposi'tion, ah. i 

nc, i»avT<6r,,s, $ - 4,t( n/ i.a5t f , $ : 
(to) 4vTi7ti8.(«, 4 : 4vTiJo7.'a, ivst* 
rioieyfa, J), it meets with — , in 
TiJUyttal ti, ah* btauGtta. with- 
out — , /iijo'iyo, (vavTiou>it»ou i 
xwUovTOf : 4rT(trrao((, 4vT<na)(- 

rtto, i,. (UN.) 4»T<H»X(T. W <(, A 

the members of the 

[&rrpv.) 4»t(k 

.,T»r a .,aC,., 
- to, «»to:, *{ 

: T.»i«^o'( 

Oppo'sitive, «**. avTiSiTiaifj-, ha 

*;.ie» : 

l. *. «tf«, 


Opprobrious, &t. aio'j(pO(, fc 

ly, nifp. ilrovi.oV- 

4>«u», ti. ' ' [%■!. 4. 

Opprobrium. ot. d»i<$os, ti(. 4Ti/i(a, 

Oppu'gn, p. i. TtpifTmlt/i&, laTaTro- 

iip.<Z, op/i», Jmn'D^tBi : (»bvtisu- 

liat, 4vri^!ii ; — ancy, o' ' 

ti. h 

O'ptative, in. »««*<(. the — mom!, 

«UKT«li, * : — , 8U. (W>«/».) «6KT(Kii, 
^ I ly, ^n(p. lUKTUCflf, 

O'ptic, «i. to OnTHtd. : — if t — ttl, 
<7t.orrTiJri(,ipor«i{.an ^illusion, 
^ JRT04 4nat^ : — ally, fcip. o'nri- 
nOe : — s, ah. itJ. oVrool, %. t4 d- 
itTini: —inn, e&. o rfl ( o'nriKiii il- 
Humy : i 7i<uitiy diitiko: Spyaua. 

O'ptunacy, ot. tuy^«na, ^. of ivyivclj. 

O'ptimnte, ^t. il/«v^ { , Sptttnf : — s, 
ti. lU.oi (utoiIs. [»a, ii. 

O'ptimism, oi. xUtatttt«, IptHii*- 

O'ptimist, ii- aio,ofofo(, o. 



Opti'mity, 06. tiipatn, to 

O'ption, bv. iiotffii, iiio-yij.fl. 
at any ono'a — -, to give — 

0111!, Ji'filo SiSivait) TTpOTlftvai 

wpottiim. it is at my — , Hint 
/i9i xlpialt, la/iSavw atpca:*. 
have no — , oi* im /mi tdpat 

T0& npsfpUITOf. 

O'ptional, fa. fatrpfauv, i6i).<>iato< 
it is — to me, reap' ijiof ton, it 
4u.of ion : — ly, iirfp. in' ifouote, 
W &eVac, At ti3v 4o*ouv™v. 

O'pulence, Opulency, oh. ntattette 
tifli7via, tfijjpijjiaTfa, ij. to bet) liv 
in — , ivSimiru, iSnopitv, ii4aip:c 

O'pulent, ire. reJouo. 

iuiroptfv 1 — ly, falp. txmApt 
Opu'scle, Opu'scule, ou. ouy/p 



>r if. ti 

1. £*vt". 

Or, ou. {fai lEw.) xpuo-it , 4. 

O'rach, ou. (porv.) ftrpapsfic, *). 

O'rncle, e&. fltoirpomov, to\ xpl'f *(, 
4. jtivnu/ia, uavrtfov, Joyiov, i ' 
to give?) pronounce an — ,/ikvti 
wSoi, xpi'pyt'i', zi"i?'<". t*> 00 
suit an — ahout anything, uavn 
iiflai, xp)W)ai T ? 3«i, Xpi"1p' 

■ ?ijflai : /tuvTiTo., xpiornpiov, to t 
XPqtpuHnK , xp >]i".<"4yof, o: (fail.) 

TO aJuTOV I OOjJOS, lUforuv, 0. 

Ora'cnlar fl. — onions, in. u-avviloe, 
u.a«Ti*if, XPV't"? *«*«, j[p|»rt|WOf. 
an — b eutence Aoyiov , jjp <> j u. ii o*n pa, 
to : airaf^c, 4/iy(6olo,-, £< pop ou i/i- 
»o(. — cularly i). ■ — ciiloiisly.iiri'jj. 
Xpria/iaStKUi, fiayritSt : ■ — cular- 
oS. to. Xfi- 


O'ral, fa. iiyf j;=i- 
itpofopnbf, 4ia rou e-w/i 
■ — discourse. 

«*, 4. 

message, o4to» inayytlliiv. to 
give anyone an — instruction i) 
command, ours yldnitt iiyttv g) lv- 
TttJiroai : — ly, o*ia * «tio tri/ut- 
to{, 4uie yAArrnc, npo$opnfi(. 

O'range, ov. (£otv.) pjjlov Mqjusv, 
XpvaAnnitv, to'. (*(iv.) iropTO*alio», 
to :"— , in. /jijJivoii4*( : — mnsk, 
ov. Mat anion : — tree, oS. lailia 
MijoVii, is. (<o<v.) nopTOKaJlii, ij. 

O'rangery, ou. nopTOKaJilv, 4. 

yw s (=4yp.*v9p M re«0,- ««V«.*. 

O'rary, eS.fAwl) fetTpn^lwn, t4. 

Ora'tion, oi. loyot, o. a funeral — , 
loyot imrapioj, i. to make an -— , 
14-/cug; noiitiruaf. 

CKrator, si. pfirvp, 4. 4 liyuv, & iroioii- 
fiawf Wyowf : — ial fl : — ical, fa. 
pi7TopiKo t . — ical talents)) qualities, 
JTOvUrtl) Jining;: — ically, tir(p. 

4tT0J>(ICU(. [ lt / 5 ° v ""'-,« '-"OSi ™. 

Orato'rio, oi. fijii oiijuyoivfa, i : pi- 
O'ratory, 06. 4flTo P i-* (ri Z v«), *1T«- 

("'", 4 : 


g, Oratrii, o4. i 

liyov, ^ 4i7TO/)iiouin. 

Orb, xuniof, 4. the — b in the heaven, 

Taoipama: ifalpa.iS. the — of the 

earth, yfl itSoa, obtmpubn, i : the 

— of the eye, >ipu, i> : rpozot (i- 

/»at")!s),4: (a»rp.) Tpoxio, i : «u- 

jtlonSi: ooJA 191 <<JT|iaTioiTfiv), To : 

— , ji. i. orpffyjvAa, orpoyjvJpioi, 

OTpoyyuJaivw. [eo(. Ipv.fioj. 

O'rbato, «"- opt*avi(. opfavHOt, rf- 

O'rbef!, in. nwloii4i)(, ffrfljyyUjf, 

TpozoiiJ'ii i inpiniMJw^ivo;. 

O'rbic r\: — al, ^tt. opaieonJiidOTpojf- 

O'rbinle, ou. sfattfJm, rrf. (tuJo;, 

Orbi'cuiar, in. o^Hipoti4i)(, nmJoii- 

4i)5, oTpoyyiXos ; — ly, infp. opoa- 

piifit, *v»tJoTipiu( ; — ness, ou. t4 


Orbi'calate S : — d, fa. (^otv.) ■»■)». 

Tlp4(. 'ftupouo^f ■ "Z*/" 1 *#■>- 

pottSii. — la'tion, oi. op. Orbicu- 

r m 



O'rbit, iv. (a<TTp>.) ««jic*opa. *. «0- 
iJot.i.the— oftbeeye,ml-/xs,$i 
tf atftitat, ii : — &) i: — ar, <n, 

Crbitude, Wrbity, si. oppnuia, 4. 

Ore, Oroa, ob. iiXtph i ftutKtmiiit. 

O'rehard, fli. pijXiiv, A. alec; Ji/iipnn 
tivSpbtv, to*. x w f^ ov SinSpitTt nyp- 
WfApolf nc^UTftuu^vav, to. SpX°S- 
OBjiret, i : — grass, b6. (^otv.) 
iiexTBuoniiiJiiv, rd : — ing, su. $ 
Tfi» Tjftiport iivSpwr ittjXBvpia : — 
181, ou. * T*v {juipi»> SiviptoV Kl|* 

O'rehat, at. ip. Orchard. [itb«/>b(. 

O'rehel, 06. 4>. Orchil. 

O'rcheatra, ai. opx^rpa, jj : /uwtxel. 

0) : — 1 ij. — Btrio, /it. 4, ij, li t^{ 

O'rchid.oB. (j3ot- v.)o>x4f, *. [tb. 

O'rohiB, Bt.(jSBTV.|iflX«»i!. ff=TV/»S», 

Ordl'in, 0. ■. ffaflfrrr^*, SiartGr/ae, 
■wWfat/u : JibtA™, fmrarrti, 
nfio^TaTiM, irapayytfJUw: Apifa, ^fa 
ptf w , xMempt : (tod.) Z i.f<.e.Tfl, 
KiipsTonil : — able, in. Tairor, Ipi- 
orj ( . _er, o5. i thttu* : xtipo fli- 
rt Jiantrrui : x"fSiTiiais, *i. 

0'rdoa.l, iv. ^ffaviir/io,-, : iaxtjitt- 

O'rder, oi. tb£ s , Iiiti^ ftitanf, 
4. xaVfiBc, 4. SiKioD-jU^sis, 4. good 
— ,tlrrx£itx, tbtonfiin, i. to pnt in 
good — , Jiarinic*. latitat pnl>, 
iSJ) inJISs BWiflivm'; «We ( , re. 
vaf'f, fuM, ij. to be of the same 

range by thrir — 8,TaTTm,$i!«pil»: 
«<«,*. «f«p.*,TB. TflE.[.^.an ar- 
tist of the highest — , t&. njjn- 
rS> tb jrpjMTifa Ijjwh : **(«i ft. T '- 
ioj, re*, equestrian — , Imraj, $. 
tiw senatorial — ■, rb pevXivTutb*, 
si h ineyxH™ rtlou»i«. the sacer- 
dotal — , el UptCt ■■ *«>««, «ni», 
B. iflef, tb : iit(T-ay/i«, np*»™W*i 
™. futrafo, 4. to give— a, npB f - 
tiTTiu, IsiTtcrTuv, ■napa.y/ili.Bi. 

I did it by your — s, »su iriiiuav- 

TOf.fl iraprgryytHavTec iio(>]ii tou- 
TO. W Obey — I, iriiflspx 11 " fl »»«- 
nou«c». an — given hy tlie genci al, 
mp«V7*l«(, ft. itapay/iJpa, ti: 
iraiptfa ft iiaipla, avtrtaatt, ft. a 
religious — , ra-ypa. to : uoi^ul- 

«(a, ^. to enter into holy — s, x«- 
po6tTtT7&ai -. [fp-Tt.) TtpOiTaypx^ tb. 
itnM,, * : ^ouin, 7"*/"t, i : ("P- 

X«T.) Tii?((. $. »B/10(, ^tifl^ot, i: 

(pa6.) ^sB/ior, 4- in — , A£if«, iff 
Hi. in — to, in — that, irpas tb, 
tmlp, hui tou, ini tfi, fi(Tt. Cva, 
j>cu«. in — that, so that, Ivtxa, 

he — ed stones to be carried by 
slaves, ioiiai; intrant KopiEui 
3(8ovc- to — weapons, Mi mni. 
tfloi. to — some paintings, iiistat 
MuhSai. to — a meal,5tap»OK»ua- 
iKT^at JfTnVBV : apX&, xu&lpJV, fii- 
ouS : (&*)..) puu, ^fipoflirS : ift- 

baek', ■v«*liI«, 1 ^« — 

Up. irpOiJiaJitu, imitxitt" : — > ^. 
oil. upojTaTToj, /niTairw t — er, 
B«. J«ue«j«, 4 : apywv, i iniTaT- 
T*y, 4 : —ing, oi. Tdf.j, *<*»«{«, 
JiaTayii, 4 : noJtTa-/>ia, Kapsyytl- 
fia, tJ : — leas, in. AraitT-os, aoun- 
TanTB{, ojjoo^ot, aJicfiiTBf : — 
liness, bu. ou/ij»iTp(a, lievBy-ta, i: 
tbraiix, v : — ly, it. «« * "aiSti 

TtTK7fI*»B(, *VTEX»;, ItiffpiOt, tO. 

BtTot : ipfitrpof, truiiftirpos, iDpu8- 
pof-piWoociSG^io". tCTKiWf i 
— ly-bouk. ^ififon t(o» yivtxfiv Bia- 
t«'/mv : — ly-officer, StxyyiXsv! : 
— ly, iwlp. «irajTsi(, tftnoo-^ut, 
IB»pi«(, t&pufl/iwf , T«Tay/.*vw{. 
Ordinal, in. tum^s. the — number, 

OR 85 

ttotko,- a*i6>i«, i : — , ei. ranri- 
xos ifrf/.lj, J : (i«l.), TO. 

O'rdinance, at. »poEratc(, ■ ( 'W»rti 
Jnt*74, .-to).), 4 : rAVt, i. «('<*- 
/•a, to : ^cij.) 6»fie(, i. ri ye/«- 
fo>iv«. [*ai, iino^il*(0(, J. 

O'rdinant, ei. J pttJUt) x «eoTOnilM- 

O'rdinant, ei. ^RleKanec, e. 

O'rdimirily, hip. u; <?ni to itoJu, wf 
■iniriirliI»rev,iKiaTeTf: «»$«><■>(, 

O'rdiuary, in. r«i«iJ( : tithctyiiMf, 

uuv^Sflf, tiatSat : vujfwy, infTu^wv, 
xsivii, aye^aCej, ;yueal0f : ajiopf o(, 
&u;/xopyoi : — , e6. (»»/*.) np'*Ai, 
Ji^a-nit. a i (fa**.) <it(o--o^O( (<Jl- 
ihITcoj), 6 : iipiii; (rwy KaKoipywy), 
a:ifl,> fl Te'.<ru. 1 t<J.<a,$:*auTa.«i: 
neiviiTPSITriiJa, Jj.iajrnJitea, rt-.toi- 
»o. Jilnyay, To": Ti^r, (iSta/intOf) jj 
Ordinate, frr. iuS| talrb; T«ra-y/«i"yof, 
clraxre;, Kifiuiet : — , ei. (yiuH ) 
i) irpif-riv aTJjwya i&flifa ypn/ipt] : 
— ly, ^nip. racrtiAf, (VTanrmt, ii- 

Ordina'lion, at. uraimiirrt, JiaToijij, 

r) : (fail.) TtA«Tij, Buijaij, xiipofli- 

e<a, 4. [1... 

O'rdnanoe, ei. re euvele» tojv tyjJ«6o- 

O'rdonnance, e i . «a r orat; i f ,<}i it at if ,q . 

O'rdure, oi. «4it(Mj, i}. ("tip, ve\ 

Ore, ei. /ijvalAoy, ra. raw — £«ief, 

$. copper — , jfalmnw ics °t, i. 

iron — , sie^vis )i9o(, e. lead — , 

(ie)iiSJa(yB, yaiijii?, ^ : — weed : 

— wood, oft. e>u«o*, to. fund, ?j. 
O'read, ei. (u.u9.) 'Oo«4{, ft. 
O'rgan, oi. tpyavov, &p9pat. ti. an 

— of the senses, aMqtfifm, ti( : 
(jutn.) Spyw i^nyiuiriKsv, Til i 

— builder, oi.i JtiTaajtiuiifui'fiava. 
Spyatm, 0B7«»axeid(, J : — loft, ei. 

Orga'nic: — al, At. f f j«i l>™v, e>- 
y mulls, an — defect, )>ueiy.o> iJar 

vw,"a, Til. ftllv,4n(p. nnyavi/ii 

— alnesB, ai. re ip/atmi*. 


6 OR 

'O'rganism, si. pint, . 

Tflv o'pyavoiv, re 1 , [yavev. 

O'rganist, ei. (Jxx).} * xpeioty t* 6p- 

Organiza'tion, ou. <«tkoksu^, fueif, 

aeraeif, «*ie,rvavt«<f, 4. e*<«8.- 

j ItapyirwfK, ij. 

O'rganize, 0. (, esyaKS, Jiapyayfi, «i- 

TOMB/atJOj, fieocw, Jiaiceafiu, iTlBTf- 

Oij/it : (^iouj.) mr&ttt. 
'rganlin g, oi . /« *p o j ?a iSa [ <; itpay 8 «(, i . 
Organo'graphv, ei cpya'Oyp"ft", i. 
O'rganon, ov. Spyavev, t4. 
O'rganj, eu. (jSotv.) eplyavee, tJ. 
O'rganiine, ai./i*Taf= JinJii, ^. 
O'rgeia, si. ip Organling, 
O'rgieB, 'Opyia, ri. to celebrate . 

the — , epyft^tit. 
O'richalch, ei. optlx«i*os, o, 
O'riei, fl : — window, ei. {apxn.) 



O'rient, •». 4varo)(«i(, iSof. l&pmn, 
iapnaii. fxiSpbf, Jiawv^{ ; — f ei. 
a( ieu i)Af«u AyaraJel: Mvaroiai, 
o(: — , ^.J. wpij Tijv !tu)|7tao(Tr)y 
tow ^iieu 4»aTei^» Tehiw r — al, 
its. sfj*Te/«o( : — , ou. o Jv ivara- 
Xali \bil ayaTelav : — aligm, oi. A- 
yaTeJi'rl f uses, jj : 4yaToX«e( (Jia- 
Tte/i4{,fl: — alist, ei.*Twyiva T oXi- 
jtfiy vJuoo-cS.yiomoJoyej: — a'tftf, 

OU. TO i»IT(J>.(K0V, 

'rifice, oi. eTo^a, j;ai/i;a, tJ. (!ir^,^. 
O'rigan, Ori'ganum, ai. (^art.)eptya- 

v ryovi»ai ana To>o t : >(•«(, ve : — 
al, i*. t, h, to nar' 4px^» ft kot" 

i.pX'i, *PX"f*5l •W***J "PWTSTU- 

Tiywyoj, Tta«Toyivri(,. the — al 
constituents fl clementu, va n^ara 
ji-o^Eia. the — al language It 
tongue, noMTiTuirat jifiae'B, ij. the 

al evil, apx^l t0v ""**», ^- an — al 
letter, ohtiypx^a ypiii/Ktia, ti. % 
•/«j7jw(, ointlof, fo"ic(, nacJTe/iec. 




Ori'gin&l, oi.vpor 

to -. aftro'ypaa)oy 
to: iltirpmtat, 
ity, oS. npoiiirui 
is, to ISier ■ — ly, trip, npwri 
npSra, i£ apxti, «i' ipx"*. if X 1 
t+i iez^»: iffiorpimii ! — neas,* 
op. Originality. 
Ori'ginant, Ori'ginary, in. mmirm 
ydw^cof : apxitiQi s npvTOytvj^g, -rrf 

Ori'ginate, p 1 . t. alfiof ^ 4px^ y'yv 



wpTfl : hmrc 

__ , o6<S.apxoua(,ep;i;>}> 
)nfi6iv», op^iu ^k fl £710 Tivai, y(- 
ynOjaai In T<»0(. — na'tiOD, 06. ao 
jpi, niria, -li : ytnftt. veiri'ii V 
ytoafj ri. xaraytayi, 4- — native, 
ht.*oti\Ttxbt,iiaBB:yir/a.4t. — nator 
el. hItioj, ^lj^ioupyif, 1. 

(Crillon, eft. oWs icpepiix&ttt, A. 

O-rUle, ei. (o>.) frUtp <**. 0. 

"' ' ), oft. (aoi-pv.) 'Qpfmn, S, 


t. Jiujii 

0*1109, eft. (vavr.) irtrdfpayp. 
O'rmola, oft. J.£uidxpuoo 5 , 0. 
O'mament, oft. nitr/nat, A 


t, <rtp.™p.x, 

ii the — of her 

■uytnaiKfiv. he is the — of hie 

country, Anrpfmt na.ituv tS> Jaw- 
teu iru/iiro*iT6J» : — . p. I. Koff/ici, 
jnujiu, najluioi, «aiiomf{o> : — 
— a], in. 4yiao<, Mncttof, nop^ec 
}2afupAe, nioptfOf : xa\Auvnijpto$, 
«o»-/hitu[4«, ««il«ir(jrixO(: — ally, 
'nip. KOOTmTurfi;. 
O'raate, in. ™» ourftii 

■ atyle, lo> 4 <»x 

wUc, 1 


f o(j«\/»a, t<(, 

Oruisco'pics, ou. nl. opuoMonfa, $. 

Omitholo'gio ft : — al, in. dpmMoyi- 
*rf(. — logy, oft. opitfoleyla, S- 

O'rphan, ou. natfe ripj>avOfl| ep^ami. 
to make a child an — . opy aveO*, 
op f iitni. to be made 4 to become 
an — , Jpfaviv jcaTBJifmo&'ai. to 
bean — .oppose! it> a<, op j>a mis nflo 1. 
to take Care of — a, oppavtiitiv nal- 
$<*t ■■ — asylum, 06. Spffuorptfa- 
on, ri ; — , in. apfitbf, ywiui I- 
pnpot : —age: — hood fj; — ism, 
eft. op*>avta, ipfmroti Trig*, fl. ep- 
*>anu/t«, TJ:— ed,in.o'pjifl»ijS(i( • 
■ — o'trophy, ei. ipf sv orpof do v, to. 

Orphe'an, O'rphic, iir. *Opf«xJf. 

O'rpiment, oft. (o'p.) iravo'apeiiij, A, 

O'rpine, 06. (£orv } T^iipie*, rd : xp"- 
actiSit ri xp°/*=. 

0'rrery,ot.irJav,T « n.e.,To. [oif.e. 

O'rris, eb, (|3otv.) ■( ipi; : xpuooftf «peir- 

Ort, aft. Jttipjia, KETaJitippB, ittya- 
vov, to, 

O'rthite, oft. (o'p.) o>9(tu ( )rto ( , A. 

O'rthodox, i-a. opfl^JoJot, 0. to be — , 
JpSoJoltt. : - ly, ix. ipM4Zu S ■ 

— j,w.i e M»\(^4,. 
Orthodro'micB, Ortho'dromy, oft. 

(.auT.)opflsJp8/(«^, y. 
O'rthoepy, oft. opeoiiwa, ^. 
O'rtbogon oft. ipflo-yilnoy, to ; — al, 

/te. ^p0oyuxo(; ■ — allv, in/p. op- 

Ortho-gra'phic. — graphical, in. o"p. 
taypizfar&s. — gra'phical ly,iitip.ip- 
Bo7pa<piKo5s. — graphist, oft. op8o- 
ypripoj, J. — graphize, fr. ait. dp- 
itypafb. — grapby, oft. ipBoypa- 
f(a,ij. —I»gy, 06. ipioityU, i. 

O'rtive, in. avatoXiitdi : iva*«Jsi*. 

O'rhtlan, oft. (ipi,)x&fXp«pQt,i-('W*.) 

iprUtev, TO. 
Orta, oft. nl. Ti ano)«/«. 
O'rval, oft. (per,.) <ti«t «tl<f>a««ou. 

1, oft. aurijoioir. 




Orycto'-giiosy. — graphy S| logy, a&. 
Ob,'oS. oVroS., ri. *" 

O'tcheocele, oi. {<«?.) sszux^lq, ^. 

acillate, p. eW. Jov«vp.a ( , Ta)«>™- 
»/•« j «V fl 6=l>*, ;■*»;». — la'- 
tion, o«. Siriipx, ri. tb1*vt»it.s, 
A. — latory, in. Joiijtif, t«1«»t«i- 

Osoi'tancy, si. xai/itf, y. xxfpbt, 6. 
gar/ngnf, ^ i ^ifl^fioiruni, W17&1- 

p('a, j^iiii^, fixdv-xtz, r). 
O'scitaat, in. x a ^w», ^'/"V 1 ""* : 
Afieiil;, alfysijioc, ^iflv/iOf : — ly, 
lirfp. jSbHu/ik;, iutJuf, »u9pfl(. 

O'scitate, /. oio". x*<™,x**i'&i""- — 
ta'tion, oi, Jo. Oscitancy. 

O'acnlate, fi ■ i. yla, (carByiifi : Snra- 
/jai, if auroral. — la'tion, ab. afi), 
&nf4, fl. — latory, Ac. ifanTiKOi, 


Osijula'tory, oi. iixin toS Ipierai, 1) 
TUtUxtxyixi 1) iirrtiCophi, ; . 

O'sier, oi. (p r».) tine, 6. atria, Jii- 
ytt,Ti. madeof — (: — i*. oi. 
•ttr* [#pJ» 8 ,.). 

O'smazome, (X*>ft.)4 Bipiof ousia (toii 

O'sminm, »4. (*>.) «o>w*, ri. 

O'smand, oi. {^orv.) iWof impose. 

O'sprev, «u. (oo».) aJiiiTat, aAiaiiTs;, 

*■■*••■. 4- [T<!.« l ET lnol ,),Trf. 

O'saelet, oti. irripw (au(d»o» «V Tfi 

O'saeons, At. (VtAmc, JtthIo'ik. 
O'saicle, "«■ Jorapion, r<f. 
Ossi'culated , OsBiferoua, in.lzmaiTx. 
Oini'tV-. iir. ooroicomTun's. 
Oaaifiea'tion, oi, jo-nte-ic, A. to ti(. o- 

O'Sflifrage, oft. [ipt.) ojtokbtbitih. i. 
— franus. At. IrriBxAjsof. 

O'saify. |S. i. oxifiir^TvujUn tl< latev* : 

Oaai'vorons, At. c'tTefoiyas, 

O'Muary, »«. ojtmSiIiiij, $. 

Oat, aft, If. Oast. 

Oateasibi'lity, ov. t» »F<f> ti intSd- 

xtutrQoittl kxofxlvtrd&t : to Joxeuv, 

to X^jf^unif. 

Oste'naible, At. jiutJ; : mSavoi, 
ii«i,-, Aeys^iEvOf. Sex&i : fpc-Koii;. 

Oate'naive, Ar. tiarixit, initturt- 

*if. — ly, Ati'p imtiucTutds, 
Oste'nt, oft. Actfnfic, 15 : flaifin, ro. 

Ostenta'tion, •*. ^nffi^<«, ^ : sla- . 

?!i»e(a, ^. lC0^HKS/ii (j J. 
Oatenta'tioua, At ilafovL.if, iJafin, 

liF/ttiTf/apBi, KO/lICSITrii, <7!iJu»Tl- 

**{. to be — , #7netrtm, ^fo7«o- 

ffSai : — of anything, pryaAau- 
XilirSai Ari r«. : — ly, hip. il«- 

^sviicuf, IntliuTiKSis : — neaa, oi. 

Mtuim «Ja;o«i«,j,.>o/<ita. / i*«,i. 
O'steooele, oil. (iarp.) irrurtX*, i. 
Osteo'-loger. — logiat, ob. 01710/0-/05, 

'. — lo'glo. — lu'gical, (<t. (Jitio. 

ioyot, iirioioyiitof. — lo'gically, ^> 

nfp. ooT«o)oyci»(. —logy, ei. a~ 

o-rviXayitt, i, [(tmi.) Bupvabf, i, 
O'fltiary, oO. tttolt (irora^ov), i)t 
O'atler (from hosteller), 06. (ttwoko- 

/<ot, 4. \x*?°'i T '- ^ - Hostlery. 
O'atlery, av (Triroorainov, rrf : gcvojo- 
O'stmcn, oi. nl. oi h 1pl*Ma Aavoi 

O'sLracimn, ou. otrrpaKHTjti's, i£ocTpa- 

*io/io{,J. oupcucopofiia,^. to bani-h 
bv a judgment of — , iiTp«ji(;i(» 

4 t-J^TBa.i;... T>... 

O'stracise, p. j. ^ooTpa-ffu. . 
Ostra'ccouB, /it. eaTptim, Ssrpimi. 
O'strich, 06. (o'pv.) »Tpsu9«n/ii7Jo5. i, 

il. orpouSisiv, 0. rrpaari; }) ptr/«JU). 
Oatri'feroua, /ti. (j;w» Input. 
OtnCOu'stic. /ir. i, 4, to rj< (UotIj, a- 

jfPuffTiifJs: —, air. Spyttvoi to Jia 

O'ther, 4"T. a))oj. at — times, 61- 
Uti. from some — place, ai)o9i» 
»69i». in — reapecte, is t« axja, 
aU» ( . to — plaeea, SMort. in 
some 1) any — way, nUlwf it«e. 
to many — places, alien no*)a- 
xJ«. each — , &U4Au>. he and two 
— B,TpI«{ Birds : Iripat. from, on 
* to — aide, frdpuBtt, Mfnh, i. 



the — , i /iiv — i tk, SlU . . 
illtt H. every — dsy,ilyi^pi» iw 
b/tipx* 1) rap >' tpipxv : &ilet, h 
pot, JUloZot, itafopof. to become 
an — man, (-ripon yl-yttaSai. t 

— day, hu'jtJ, SpTi, Kpi iliyi 
onlytbe — day,z*« mi! itpiv 
love each — , iyaitar* iiiiUoii 

— while 1) whiles, hip. &. 


,-, iripa 

;v Si pi. you 
must pay us our wages, — wi 
we shall leave yon, ia ineJovi 
V«r, tSv ;,iieov,' ii 4! jirf, arcoA 
^»fijv o-i, [stirfxnuiit. 

O'tiOBC, in. friQuftos, BHiTlpot, vnuS ' 

Ctis, oi. (J P ;.) OtM. 

O'tium, ou. Jafcnia, anpayjiaoTJi 

O'ttar, oi. p^o".va« IJacov, to", 

O'tter, oi. (tuoJ.) A 

cruSiprov. T<f. 

P. 'OSrl.p 


O'ueh, oil. ifxJovn (*<» T ,,lwu), * i 
mpiij" tpaim xpvttXf, ti ; irrJpmj, S). 

Ought, for. T., inovv. 

Ought, p. £o>,i). jfiUu. one — , ifii- 
i« «(, Zj»*. *«I *«•«■ I — to "Tito, 
III pi yp&fttt, (<o<v.) np4nti ta 
jipijl*. men — to serve ihe gods. 

o.'jpoSnoif SlpBTHUTlov TOPif fllOUf. 

not to understand what one — to 
understand, /<i) hCsravtsa to Ji- 
w«. you — to have done it, ibQt' 
'xp>f« " m>ab audi people — to be 
punished, Toii( roiourouj f o"ti "la- 
Ounce, e&. oiyifo, ouyyte, fl. [finr. 

Ounce, >i. (f«sl ) l&rt, *. 

Qw, 4>t. ^fiinpot, ^huv for — sake, 
4p£u zap". i"r*P ^m«, i/ifiy [v«- 
■a, re nan" jJ,»£(.froni)i of— coun- 
try, ij/i »**""><> we love — parents, 
taO( yavilf y deu/iii 1 : — 's, b ^/Ain- 
f»f. A ifTipa, to tptnpw. your 
house is on a plain, — 's is on a hill, 

4r4 9! 

4Tipa tVi 16 

i (Vi inftou, q £■ 

i. that's 



Ouraiic/ graph v, oi. otpnvoypnpfo, j. 

Ourselves, [ too myself). 4»i. 41- 
l<il(macMf, ovToi. we — , i/tOt a&- 

Ouse> ou. Jp. Ooze. [tat % npSt. 

O'usel, oi. (cpv.) xiftgot, tiriif Of, 4. 

Ount, 0. /. anelajiBavio, ipatpeupti ; 
(vs/j.) otoSw, ("hSbUm ; — er, si. 
&*<»«-<«> £*tl«l«, fetwrtc, ^. ^<- 
Tipi3/iic, o : 8 «7i!iauvsj-j. 

Out, Mp. I{h, fctrfj. to go — , «'^- 
.*(, ilip X „ex,. to be — , hri t «- 
>ai: to be — , to be gone — , o6i»- 
vuirrJai, an09«»uaSai. the time ii 
— , i taipbi napfMtn, &X""- the 
barrel is — , i jri8silti*a6r, : nam, 
oJ«(. navTil»3 4 . we are — of bread, 
i SpTOi iii-Mt tjfiraei, irepoiMtSa 
apisu. she is" — of all, ffriprtrat 
itani( : Tpmii. to laugh — , in- 
yiJav.tobe— ,w)ava«8ai: ijiwt.] 

it*p*X<ip it$u* ; — three years, I- 

Tii inapri Tpia.. right — , "anuflO, 
opSiiv : — , Mf. airaya, imiroJiy 
iitiOi, Eppi : — with it, a?(, hBa. 
lei : — alas! ytu/ioi! : — and — , 

Out of, rpii. k. Mp. I* t) H, ilcrbt, 
Il» i — one's own means, U r&, 
({■iuvzpn/iaTojy.tolive — the town, 
Koi rili iroiiw; tixtir. to live — 
country, iiro J»/iiI»: — door, house 
fl doors, li«», iiro't : — reach of 
anything, ixrit nns. to be — all 
danger, ii>™« «5» K«jta» iitaJJa- 
Z^vac, ^<to< «*Ju«u iTvai i — 
Sight, If djiSaJufiv 9| Sp/li-v/. tO 

put one's head — anything, ")» ■«- 
faJ^« itpoTi(vu» nviit. to look — 
the window, upoicuiiTiiv lift Ovpl- 
Sti. the flame bursts — the roof, 

,aK«ip< 0i 

fl^i, iiu.^fl^ 5 ; — one s mind, 
mlf, fUEKwic, fpntiiitir 

:. >4- 

ffTfls, $tuntfiuy&s'. is. 

— Homer, aireypaju 

fii-j in toD 'Ojufyou. 
ture — ■ wool, if ipin 
?<.< : av™, xap ', t i — 

— nil rule, iueBsoos 

', fisra/pa- 
o uianuf«c- 

all method : 

ptfv OS 

to go — the way, napajfw- 
su,{iiriC(<ra<r0a<: J.a, urn! : 

— ignorance, oYioty 
yvo.av, afposvvij, a/v 
i,Tii foSau, (poflii : — 

07t'.6y ( ,i a ,,0T''i x ep O 

■npoaipttif, i*ov««, t 

<s -. — fear, 
ove, enmity, 
: — design, 
<i< : — that. 

1 o.a : — li Jin 

,.Mk>, ira. 

Oat, P . i 


a, ■nipxxplfi. 
(of) fcr.Sauv* 
: «7reT(flip.a<, 

u, airsSfi. 

i. i. iiTii^Sifvoi 

imif », fa. 
tfuviv no<- 


a'rgae, fi. I. v.ifi nva inU(«». 
O'ut-babble, p. *. «utfi 
piiv. — balance, p. i. Smpvtat- 
/tif«/*at, uropTaiavTS. — bar,p.i. 
irnKltla. —bid, p.i. u.i> rfc. T.- 
p4> ijrayyjJJo^ai, tnnf C«U« t>J t.- 
H, (*a.v.) uirspflt/iaTlfw. — bidder, 
oi. 4 JnTipfi*, ( ul >,) 6n.pfl.aaT.- 
»t^(, i. — bto'unt, in. avantpu- 
eT)/t4*>{, oyx&liis, — blush, p. i. 
uri(()Sa)\u nva t>! ipn6p6rnTi : — 
bom, *«. fives, f.xKij, 41Aarpt«: 

— Sound, iit. (vbut.J itfiiVfitvei 
tta iiviii (x&lpa.). — brag, S. ^> 

UTt.pSalvat t.v* Tf fi.yaiauxi'a 

irfliv, p. I virtpSalva nva rV> 0pa- 
■unm, — brazen, f.i. antpSahm 
Ti>aT>|avoioV«. — break . — break- 
ing, ou. iitpifa, i). ipx*;, $. at the 

— of the war, yiyve-fifvou rev so- 
iroW/iou. — breathe, *. J. ujr.pSal- 
i« Tf ivaTvog : — , p. ail. i„. 

- Kvi M: _:bud, i.'oiJ. ava^a^ra- 
vu, fetWraiiu : — build, p. i. 
imeSallai t.vb rjj oi«^ ^«..i : — 
building, oi. TtxpaaaSi/i-ij/ta, re . 

— burst, o J. Itjnjfic, $. 


J. uTipEaUei tui T*f 
irposneniff... — cast, iir. imSSi^- 
TDC i.SiiifOj. £Keii]S;((. — cast, 
oi. o>uyB{. aViuyaiv, &Tr<e&iv, d : aa- 
flapya,iTexaflapa«,i4. iftDn,. — 
cheat, ?■ i- iittpaitBTfi. — climb, 
p. 4. untp6a(vs« nva «vapp<)!0>«vo( i 

— ea'mpaa, p. I. wrtpSxMei (t4 
ptTpwv). — Cra'ft, /5. «. Joloi, <a- 
TXSBfl^u. — cry, ou, KxraSeii, ta. 
rxxpeai/i, n: anoK^puf.s, ^. (xe.v.) 
iripn-xpiiia, %. iritimripiatpbt, i. 

— Cry, p. auo\ pooi, xpavyx^ai. 
Out-dare, p. <■ av6ao'<at;o>ia.. Bps- 

ylynt/uu. — drink, p. i. vi«« tiv« 
ir(«uv. — dwell, p. i. «/i.li5, Ita- 
paiiim-i, iniu'iBf™. 
'uter, if.. i£<ii V i.( , iJi.rv.icos, *, *. 
rt £Cu 1) ii»e«>. the — parts!) por- 
tions, ta Sfu. the — world, ra ii- 
TOt^flv.ti: opu^tva.the — workfl, 
mptrirxfiuKTK, ra : - — ly, inip. i- 
E«,«»«p«S 5 . !r.,,^Ta» ( . 
'Ut-face, p\ J. aiflaJia?, flpa- 
euvcfja. — fall, ou. iirspopa, a- 
itjppuo'ct, ^ : Ipis, ">.)on«i'a, $. — 
fawn, p. I. vjripSa) iltt rjj Ko)a*.fi.. 

— feast, p*- i. n«a Tiva' i B/ .7ro«ei- 
?»v. — _^(, oi. napamnni, ij. vitJ.. 
(T/iet, : naTB>TB«(, (= Xpi/"" 
Ta Ttapa^wpoii/iiva), if. — flank, 
p. l.{iTp.) iTr.pix" TiirTzoltfidiv tS 
x ipaTi,uir»p f«l ayyfi ,un.p» ipa. to — 
the enemy's wing, uir.pTifvuv to 
Kie«(, mkIoDv Tiva, — fiy,p.i.»- 
Tstpniniixi: —fuol.p.i.vTstpS&lit* 
Tivi r>i>.«p(a. — frown, p.l.ewo- 
jip.a^wvaTrnJa nva. 

I'nt-gate, oi. IfoJoj, ijilmo-if, ij. — 
fft'ner"!, f.i. vntptiiia t.v« t() 
sTpatriyla. — give,p. i. iiicp6mti 
t.vb tu ^[flava., i — */o', ^Oafu, npo- 

irAi0 , .t.TU T.vof ; — - ^^, ou. Sana- 

on t 

iravi), i). fa&Xttptt, to : i<rxxTla, ij. 
Jpiov, t6. — yrow, p. I. inupfuo- 
?.*,, aifa>o,. a < M julfo. jb^oj : 
n^f w|t« ( . — guard, eS. («Tp.)npo- 
fuAaici), i. — gu'sh, p. i. feSiufu, 

O'ut-herod, p. i. umpSaUu rivi rjj 
A/torirri. — house, ou. irapoutoJo- 
pn/ia, to 1 . ix*y-i*i e«^«. *■ 

jUCTt. — jilt. f. J. uirep6iilw Tiva 
Tfl anaT>3. — jn'ggle, £. i. o"o)w, 

..T«..,I5». [/«. 

O'ut - kn a ve, ^ . ^ . u nip 6 aJUw t>I 7ra» o up- 
O'nt-la'ndish, in. £i-» s , {i*ud(, *{»- 
T«dj : kypoZnot. — &u(, p. i. o"ia- 
/ii«u JJ 8iap*& n\4av. — lain, o&. 
fn*ju) BJioJii, i, ^. o iwuQpiq(p*b I 
i^rrii, i. — lata, i. i. immjpUTTti 
■mi, airolii' vtwa ffHii/M fliroioi, si 
Ti/iS, fvydlx Ttgoypifai Tlva. — 
lswry, 06. (*«fl.] itpoypaty, fu- 

ti. Sa.Tid.iA, V- — le'ap, ^. i. uitip- 
irrifii, uitipSai'vw. — learn, p. i. 
uiripSallw Tina t<5 ^a»fla«iv. — 
Zri, oS.fEoo' f,f*ei/.|,$. *To>«,ri. 

J X «o t , Ifrw) <«-)»»«. *.»i4- 

OUt — , avifoJof, aviicSatoi. — 

lie, p. i. riKS tivk ^iuJo>ii»0(. — 

Iier,ou-.d nippurou spyou rou 81*6.. 

O'ntline, 06. rcipiypajv), Staypx<p-/i, ;■ 

fij/ia,To.todrawsn — of anything, 
faayp&fuv, ffKiaypafpslv T*; TUH0(, 
4. to treat in — , *v tvnif ii»ii», m- 
p(A.a/i6avu». to give a general — > , 
£>: iv Twa> i) pr) it' ittptSitei iiplj- 
eflai.: — , p. I. Jurjpi^w. ntpiypi- 
$»>, uii&ypajjiu, tuitoj JajiSavu. — 
live, p. i. (TiiSiffi, Tttpiylyvo/uu. — 
liver. 06.4 intBiuv. — look, p.i. «a- 
TaBtUiu r(va io-KapSaputi |9)emov 
ailTrf- : W/y«. — look, oi. npiWa, 
nilittiz, B>oo»Ti( n. — ly'ing, In. 
Kd/urtt t V TOi( fiiiepioi;. 
Ont-ma'rch, *. *- xpofSdvai, *aTa- 
xpottpu rivoj. — me'asure, i. (. 



(ynt-most, in. Sirarot, Souths. 

O'nt-numlier, p. i. nJ.ii8« t) kpiBidf u- 
ntpIaAJai Tiva. we — - them many 
times Over, neWrn\£ru>i ia/iiv 

O'at-pace, p.i.Ttpofdxva, (arairpoTi- 
pSI Tivot. — peer, p. i. 6i«p6aJlJ\!ii 
Ti«a rji twysvifi. — po'iie, p. /. u- 
tripotifl^i^o^ai, unioTaJavrfi. — 
porch, ei.dtoSat.i. — port, ou.Ji- 
/i>)v b -Kappa (roii )i>iiuO{ soJiojf). — 
post, oJ-npofu/ami, ^. ft;/aj<ii7piD«, 
to.— pray, 0. i. ™<p6bAAu tivkt*J 
Jt^uic. — preach, p. ^. umpSaJlu 
ti»« ifl JuJuxjl- -i pro'wl, jJ. obi . 

O'utrage, #. f. aioyu.ot, ikiwuxw- 
w, aixtfa, ij&plfyr, XrttSGlfLatj j*vt- 
pla^m, yiyaJa a dud. to be ^d, i- 
tptZfiimt ■ — , p. olS. — ieily/l- 
>oi, aKoJairuc -x'-K aa-uTius^iac 
- — ■, o&. i.&$ij, aiictio:, &&pt{, iitr\- 
pua, pia, r). ixr.ptxa pbi, i: aaii- 
yua, ojtoiaola, j\. 

Outra'gcoua, in. atr^phs, imi-hnf, 
liaiiKii, ivitrioi, /iiapas j ^ieioc, i>- 
SpjrTtfxJf : — treatment, aixla, iu- 
6n, 17; ajxtrpoi. imtpSa-Xloit, Stndf : 
"-ly, J^Ip. 0(pio-T«6>(, aiiio-Tiiiwt : 
untpSaAiovToifi : — nea?, o£. &€pi(, 
p(a, pStiupltx, /uapim, y : pia, v) ; 
ipiipua, fl. 

Oatra'ie, f-i. i*pt{& : xaraaTpipoi. 
— - reach, p. & nipiyfyvopin, uirtp- 
Sa)>u. things — reaching remem- 
brance, ipayuara elixiri biQuitoi- 
H*va : — reason, p. oil. uittpSnl- 
Xa Tcya Ti[ yviifxy. — re'ekon, p.i. 
imtpSAXX* Tiva to. Xo-/ap.6* : — 
w'ign, p. i- p*otU(n> ntxpt t^Jok* ; 
— ride, p. i. napiniriuoi : — ride, 
p. o6i. iirnivu, t^ow-isa. — rider, 

^in7T0(, : imyptnn l'fii"tO{ >] if 
kfXUnt, & : *Anrtp (napWpou), 4. 
— ■ rigger, oi. (nur.) s^«Qim)| 
(tou TtpoSit/ou). — ri'ght, jnrp. 
«0t(<«, naoavrdta, nnpaxpityia : 

_OJJ 8 

ivtti&z, to laugh — right, iz/M*. 

— ri'val, p. i, vx& tiva kya^i- 
. fnvof. — ro'ar, p. i. 'mtiptaA : — 

root, p. i. imtiTmi, iipifo : byx- 
>&.. — ran, P. i. wrpix*,, >ra- 
pavplxn, «Jfla»u Tivic tfijuf, mpa- 
f Save., ivipSiilv. 
Out-sa'il, p. i. itiion iripaiovpai ft Jfo- 
£af*a>. — ■ scorn, p. i. aliyvipv fi- 
•«{, xarajipovw. — scoring, ou. 4. 
iroKdflHp^a, ti. — sell, p. i. jim'ijo- 

irapai, 4 : — set, ah, apxft, <' a fE'(, 
ft, — shi'ne, p\ i. Jiajfiu \djtpiv s 

iLXjLnpirnTi. — shoot, p. 4. iinip- 
tilia T.viTil poi/j shot, p. i. 

O'ut-side, lb. ri IfuBo, tA Hu-from 

the — , l{«0a>, towards the — , iff 
rt ft tA ijw. on the — of, ««fl<v, 
^<To t . the — appearance, ft ittoj 
^irifay««,iKoi,5Z')/'«.ro.attlie — , 
TAjililora; tiJi^aTOv, ri Warov. 
Out-si't, p. !. xaSn.Biift ^e'vu ivltav 
roO JievTot. — skin, 06. fnJlpfdf, 
ft. — -skip, p. £. fiai^tuyu, ji^iijyu 

tt. — tkirt, ei. itpoiirsiei', r6 

sleep,, jS. 4. oiix aWJanouoi noi>«i- 

Boai,p. i. imtpniTo/tizi. — sound, 

p. 4- vntpfQiyyop-ai, liutp^Si, — 
■peak, p. 4. vntpS&Uu rot rf i- 
/iMx. — sport, p. i. GiripSaUoJ Ti- 
ns Tj) nai it& : — spread, j>, 4. 4k- 
™.w, iirixTuvti : — stand, p. i- 
istiUfto, uipbrTx/txi, htt^e/Mi : 4- 
BTtBUf&utiii. to — stand the time, 
linttpHy Tou KKipou : — stud, p. 
o4o\ irpefa-j-Bpcu : iK'X'"' »p0t;r». 

— standing, 4n., — 
itep, i. I. vicipixlia. — street, 06. 

i Ji{ u msi x-ftv nslin. — stretch, p. 
I. inTt/vu, favrtfra. — Strip, p. 1. 
irplTptXU , JTOO0iw, itpotiBJu. 
Put-talk, p. i'. nui r,ya piaipuv. — 
throw, p. j. £»6a)l&i. — tongue) A- 
J. mTaSefi, virssSoS. 

J2 or 

0'nt-va'lue,|l.i.ui™pTi/»». — venom, 
p. i. ume«al)M tivA t£ J>i)>iiijpi- 
*fu». — vote, p. I. .Mfl Tint fft- 
foif, iiriupa™ nvoi ^jHf. 

O'ut-walk"^. •- v«« ti»« Ttpntartf. 

— wall, oil, t e|si TaIj;o{ ; fitifA- 
««, 5f ,, ft. 

Ontward, *» ^»na«««, ««, *«ri* 1 
^EuTKOt, Tr f 4{ T i¥£u: i.UptiTitiss, 
A-fl/ifiiri.Oi, bent — , xuproc, plai- 
«o s . to bend — , «uprov», jUaiveiv: 
— , eS. TX^I^a, tttof, ri(. i^is, ft : — 
ft : — s, i-nip. tin, I{u9s», iKTbt, 
irpoc to I|<H ; — lv, ^i>. HaBtr, 

Ont-wa'tch, p. i. vuoi «™ rS iypu- 
svfa. — wear, £. 1. 4n» T p(s H , »- 

Tarpteu : JiaTpffu d/i-^p ii( : Jiap- 
x<9 nJie> ailou. — we'igh, p. 4. u- 
itipBTttB/ilZop-at, uiapraJan* 1 ii. 
7tipGaAA»i,uiripTi(ia,nipH™"ii!*. — 
went, itapr. t. Out-go. — tcinrf. 
p. (. ii», inoJi*.. —wit, ^. i. iira. 
rO, IJairaTa,«aia« r if p. K <, «apa- 
ipouu, BipaJoy/foftii, jtipipx*^ 5 ". 

— work, b5. K .p<T.^. t pa, tJ.— 
worn, jatr. t. Out-wear, T(Tpi)i/i(- 
» 0( . _ wre'sl, ^. <. ,S(a Jfwpfi r( 
t<vo(. — write, (>. V. vmpSaiiw «. 

>a ru ypayiiy. wrought, /«T. T. 

Out- work. [noifa. 

O'ut-iany,*& nvai^ yjioiTe- 
Ou'zel, oJ. (iSp«.) "ixU, ft. 
O'val, in. iouJiit: — bo' men, el. ri 

)tid»pa (<ioS) : — , 06. r»" ueuSkt 

«X$lta : — iform, i-a. «o«iii( : — 

ly, hip, &m<» ( . 
Ova'rions, in. 4, ft, to i| «»». 
O'vary, oS. AoBftuii ft. 
Ova'rium, ow. (^otv.) mip^oSftjiTi, ft. 
O'vate ft : — d, *ir. Aauite. — u'ljlong, 

to, ioui^s. 

Ova'tion, oi. 8p(a/»(o(, i. 

O'ven, oil. KpltxiOi, «/i6avo[, e ki/ii- 

»o 4 , Btppaavpa, ft. 
Over, npnC. imip. the clonda — onr 

head, tA vlfri iiitip ris mystify ft- 

P«» . to go — the n 

OV ft 

(pot umpGalfKt* : sari, to fling any 
one — the rock, xbtb Tilt nirpxt 
plTtTtii tub. to run!] flow down — 
anything, itarappiti'.xnrai^oioSai 
ibtb tij9{. to pour out — any one, 
xaT/zx'tr, MtravTltTt rl rivat. there 
was great Borrow — all the city, 
pjyi xiv0oc *bt* «b«b» njv itiiiv : 

»a : — the whole land, a»& 


raj. tc 

"jv v* f 


«lri». to cross - 
the market, tii rlit &ye?S< £ai(- 
fn» : i ni ; — a space of forty sta- 
dia, -ewJ ctb&b TicrfipiisvTB. fa- 
mous all — Europe, o'veuatrT*( riri 
«a»av Bipiirijv : i», npit, ntpi, a/i. 
f£ to be — anything, «»ai !» t<vi 
4 npiSf Tim, Ix E " "r*f ' 1 "V' «j 
KpnrTtiv ti: — hisdinner, Ji 
to fall asleep — his boohs, 

Jnp9i.iHp4vayi-/v ( iiiiaiiTaTil}(il9<v.) 
inoKaiftSiiAKt h5> fattyivtitrica. to 
weep — a misfortune, t xtpaut In! 
rS na8« : — affairsi ol i~i tSh 
Bpa/^iTOH. to Bet any oiie — any 
thing, i^wravoc t<vb «x, to have 
charge — , imsYanb ti 
lord, ruler — , sfp;;"* w 
notorious — , npntb rata (Arl 
Xpfneu) ttf. — night, tit w 

— winter, Jihxsi/i&voj. the 
was — our knees, rft Stfup ii> Onlp 
«»« t£v tovbtuv i/ifiv 

tfiipxeffSai, iia(a(i([» ; — a glass 
of wine, aap a ndroii : — jit (p. (ini 
scfcteuc). afoot — , mSbt re «ff*o{, 

l), *sivTij. all the world — , jtbv. 

Tax 1 * W* y*I(i !■!»(, BMtiiSt : — 
and — . itollajtit, smtpdatf. it ii 
— , WJatizu, ic^naurBi.itisall — 
with me, «wja, bitJJmIi, ritual : 

— again, =58i(,Ti JmJTipov; itipa, 
a(pa»: — the sea, trepaJ| nipa» 
Mt flaAajtrijf. to bring — , Sixia- 
ft(ut, it«paiou» : <■■«, in' aiiiS 4 
l«" auTsu : «ls»» 1). an — clever I 

read a book — ■ i 
ro piCl&v. — against the church, 
4ir*»a>Ti Tilt Unliiaias i — and a- 
bove! — ami besides, up if roir(i(, 

npbt Ji, tt^os^ti, in Si. to be — , 
7ta 1 s(l*)), J.^t^Juttivni : «■ 
piylyvuBai, jripttfvai. to gain — 
and above, vp9(xraTSai,{iriJCTas6ac; 
— , in. nttptXBiiv, 6,T:artrt).inpiv0i l 
Siantuptxynbof, Tiliiof. 
Over- abo'vmd, p. tit. <mp-npnttbm, 

— -act, p. i. Karairovfi, ipttpo,, 

Xpffipaf tcvi :!nttf*«*a. — affect,;. 

1. vntpa/anS. — -a'gitate, p. i. &• 

yau ftlovti*a. 
O'veralls, ou. «J. fipsaUv <psp6nt;iv 

If iT^ouJviuuarof. 
O'ver-anaious, i". itoluy^</iva(, no- 

iupps»T(5; arch, ^. <. ^raAiJfi, 

ouvopoffi. — -a'we, p. I. fsSi, ix. 

nlnTTm. a'wful, inMniyxtucit. 

Over-ba'lance, £.1. i/ntprraB/tlfrpai, 

vmpralavTfi. — balance, ov. pa- 

nli,},. vKtpZ&llav, nltaiiiai, ti. 

— bear, p. i. upaTifl, niptyiY>B/itti, 

i(u,Mri,nU{v. — bea.'ring,iT.unip. 
Cioj, Lfirtp^avo^ i/&ptffTfc, utpwru 
nit, Cwipf ipiit : — bend, ^. i. !mtp- 

reivfo, J7iij>ivT[(»oi bid, p. /. /Jll- 

£« Tii»Tc 1 «iiuiira-/^fti8 1 iiai,iT«'i^(3 : 

— blow, p. t. e\a(ro65, JiairroS, 
anasxi javvu/ii, ommo'juu^i : k- 
navflu, napa^afu : — blow, p. 
ail. (vnut.) rj,«Ki'ni). 

OVer-board, i*(p. to throw — , ^*- 
J5a)ii.v D iispffew. tif r^v 9a- 
Iairo-a», JitSoJV|/ <>8aJJti»ai. — 
boil, #. *. imip«a Z laf<«, [nopfta, 

— bold, fs. |>( r 'eK{vJi>voc, irapa'- 
TB)fi5t,ToAMiP' T aro(. — bo'ldly,/- 
irlp. irapariJ/iut. — borne, hit. t. 
Overbear. — bo'nnteous, Jir, yu- 



den, p. i. pepilo* jmI(sv imSallu, 
inieyt^fljw, unioGapiu. — burden- 
ed !/Tiip&3pJ)i,v*ipxxGJif. — busy, 
in. iri^(<pyo(,Boiua«zoJat. — buy, 
p. i. imllov Ttpta/iaitl ayopx^oi. 

Over-ca'me, nap. r. Overcome. 

Over-ca'nopy, p. I. mpiitaiun™, — 
care, oi. iityltrnfpa'Tii,i. — .care- 
ful, iir. iteUtysevnc, S, jj. — cast, 
p. i. inSa))*. : irapappan™ : fm- 
vs«J>a : -fiuca/iai 1) StxftiSepxi Ke- 
yt$6y-M> t : -ioy(l;oy.xi nJiov (nCtt- 

insist, ini^.s;. — cau'tioua, far. 
x/xr jrpo^i)flfli fl npo»o>jrGie(. — 
charge, P i. unipnliipu : iinipi/ml- 
niniu i fapwHfimtxpivt, (r>|v ,iv,j. 
/nj» xri.) : xpu/n'i i"rtp6oJar t : u- 
mpTt/i& : — charge, ol. t« ftnip- 
ti/uEv. — cloud, p. i. htftfA, KX- 
Tanfj-3. — clouded, tfn. ntpmfjii- 
)ot, imnifilot, Buvrifiket. — cloy, 
p. i. unipi/in(n)ijpi, hxtpxepiiwp.1. 

— co'ai, ov. IniiSiirnt, o. — cold, 
.*. U», ^xpis. 

O'ver-come (lp. Come), p. i. xpxr&, 
i-nmpat&, ntptylyvopxi, Kam^uM, 
xpilTiai -ylyto/tat, xnpoHp-xt, >«fi, 
KUTxywil'opat. to— in battle, *a- 
Txnolint[». to — in a duel, jtaTo/io- 
teiix X tti. to — io wrestling, kbto- 
nai a(u » , to — difficulties, obstacles , 

XTi.OTTGrjVJua^m ra ^ire jeuv. to — 
all difficulties, Jib na.rwv ttx&it- 
tBxi. to be— ,V T a»flac,vi«a jflai inif 

T(VO(: JHTBTTC/50J ; Imipjti>lpfi ; , 

p. ofrif. Tia'ivi yiyt»iixi,,*pxta. — 

vu^rufj, d. — coming, eu. zifpunt, 
#niitpaTi<a, y. — comingly, Mp. 
t$ iTtiKpxTtix, Si^nip tuctiriis. — 
OO'nfidence, ob. nOjmt, 6paouri7(, i. 

— co'nfident, in. nponiT^f, napa- 
ToJuo;. — CO'unt, ft. i. U7i(pnp(0, 

— cover, p. i. iir««Mitr«. — cre- 
dulous, in. ifau iOntirgf. — crow, 
/i. i. nopnafo), ^(ya^nuzS. 

O'Tsr-daring, <n. napareAjuoi, I6tl°- 

tlrSvuos. — da'te, p. I. napazpo»o- 
Joya. — diligent, in. im/ulirrm- 
to;. — do, p- i apiipoiih imiptai- 
\av?uc zp£ifj.xl rtvi: vntpitrr/w i — , 

p. quo. noAuaizeAtit *'/*'■ — dose, 

ai. pejiliiSitii, i dra'wn, p. 

i. ix/iSxtai rcJIiov TSu Jtovros : — 
dress, p. i. noAi- i»ou«. — drink, 
p.i. to— one's seli>n«>iifl>!«« 

ptfilC drOWn, p.i- «atHJI8«T(- 

;«. — dry, 0. i. xxtainpxi-ia, — 
due, in. iiK9i(/upo(. 
>'ver-eagcr, in. ayxy tptattutU. — 
•eagerly, Mp. lis? op/i>iT«c»j. — 

(5.^. uiripjfimniipj/H.lo — one's self, 
iictpii^TiijiiiSai, CinipijUittitiaofiai. 
— e'mpty, p. i. i««»». — e'sti- 
matt.ji. i. umpririS. — estimate, 

rawimmf , 4- — feed, p. i- vittp- 
i/minJnf". — fierce, ^tt. aypiioTx- 
ret, Ci/iiTXTot. ■ — fill, p. i. uirip- 
iuTriTri^yt, untpiiAqpu, — float, 
P. I. KZTXKiifa: iniMli;*. — 
flow, p. ait. unipvt%hpxt, u- 
H-spiriiw,- 4 i>airl«ci( u'ui, iimpin- 
nlwAX/Axty Ac^va^u, irArg/c/iupv, u- 
Tupalpoi, ijtSa(y»: — Bow, ^. i. 
gBTatflu^oi, m^^aTKjrJu^u, ^itixs- 
T(«Au;u^iiri>J6f»,. — flow, oJ. *- 
Rlxlufif, /n(x u, "ti *11W»p!fc 4 : 
ifflovla, ^. — flowing, sii. umpix* 
ZUTif, A. — flowing, Jit. £1)60*05, 
■Snopoi, inipiiiarat: — flowingly, 
inip. it irepieud-tac, ofBovut. — 
fly, ^.i. impnirafLHi ; — fond, tit. 

forward, in. npemr^t, &nrpfsat> 
nra( : — fo'rwardness, 06. nponi. 
T«a, anipctrnt^a. ij. — freight, p. 
i. fopxlo* ^«!»t /nie=JJ«. — fruit- 
ful, in. ifav NKjMraf apo(. — full, 
fti. WpnJMf. 
)'ver-gild, ji. i. iraraxf "•"*■ — P'di 

p. i. «ia5(iv»u(«. — glance, f. i. 

xxtiopci. . %0,p r i- VTttpSxivbtj fil- 

aSifyw. — go'ne, /ht. iou Overgo. 
— gorge. P- '■ xwtoptwuni. — 

grace, p. I. KaTH^or^a. — great, 

«. pAyta-ros. — grow, p. i. iniut* 

autf. umpipuofini, Mp/pvpt: — 
grown, in. uittpfu^t : — with any- 
thing, KlTirrjcii; T(V[ : With 

trees, uaraJivtfpof, — growth, oi. 
O'ver-hale, p. i. If. Overhaul. — 

hang,p' .o&<S . iaiKpi/iaitiu. — hang. 
p. I vrtptptnirvvpt. — happy, It. 
umptviatpav. — hasten, £. <. u- 
xtpSlto : — hastily, inlp. Hit* l- 
vntitapfvo;. — ■ ha'atiness, «i. jm- 
ytinj T*x&Tiit, -h- — haul, p. I. 
(v*ut.) a.anrra.v^.,^'™, *fa- 

n, In* ^B'" «Cri : if.tafr *I- 
Si( : — head, top. urelp T »f Kif «- 
lilt, &'v, inavm, uirijofln. — hear, 
p. i. ■Kapa.nouai. — heat, p. I. urna- 
Qippuliia, -nipaBsppaitu. — hong, 
in. iiiHptpifLXfitvvs i iimtli/ilios. 
O'ver-joy, ,5. i. Sii-yat, tipnn, tbfpml- 
.» : — , oi, ^ Jb^, W^<(, * : ^-ed, 

to be— ed, A7B»tjfl<rf ««» to 

mi, ni^iii ti»*. — just, <it. 

Over-kno'wing, in. -nxpnitripBi- 
Over-la'bour, p. i- ««■«■■».»«, ««n« : 
«?«» )J <iri/n)fii ipyi(a/iai. — la- 
den, p. i. fBprim p.ilty» tnit&lXa. 

— laden, In. unipyopas, vttpta- 
pJlf. — land, inip. Jii fpjpSt, ra- 
il yijv. the — road t) way, tf xht4 
yiji Hit- the — traffic, y *aia 
7f« tttftttia, to journey — , m£jf 
mpiuwfsi. — lap, (i. i.napaXXis- 
n>. the — lapping endi of broken 
bones, napaUay/iXTa iniu; tA.. 

— large, in. vntpjitytfyt, inupfu. 
*i, iHnpGjtlitt*, apttpot. — lay, 
6. i. nipiTilvw, imWflii/ii, «araKa- 

^ OV 

Jurat, lupiytu «'f n. to — lay 
with gold, silver, copper, xaraxpv- 

• «ouv, xantpyvpouv, *ar«;(aJ«5» : i- 

Tdniypt. — laying, ou. tS tmi&i- 
vai. — leap, p , i. uwtprniia. — 
leather, eti. i Toiiinot-f,iiaTtit xtrin, 
»4 (MuvmJ»}/utTSf) a.s. ttpfut. — " 

leaven, p. i. flyay g V p«i : f 8ilp» 

live, p. 1. inttiA, iniylyopst. — 
lfoe,P.tii$. C* M/uufii. — liver, 
t iniytyripttof. — load, p.i.iimp- 
ytpi$u, LntptapA, fnp-:iot /uTCn 
ImSiUw, to — one's stomach, ii- 
Ki(Mfiiii7iJavai rjy yairripa. — . 
loaded, /it. unipyapat. to be — 
loaded, iintpyi/twi : ntptaais Sj n. 
pttrit, au — loaded style, iKpi* 1 - 
oeJoyla, ij. — long, <i. iHftffi^""!!. 
— ■ lo'ok, p. i. Ka6ap&, npotopa, 
xuTKiKonQ, Tj-'QpCi : uT£p^5i riv^: 
Jit((nroiT6t, ta(vTaT&, ifopSk : netpo- 
pit, iintpopa, napinfil, napstStupG : 
Ktzrafpaiai, ap.ii.Si, napupclti, \4- 
yor obStitt iwieOfiai: — lo'oker.ou. 
intarixrii, ifnrtft&t, -npoiriitt, i. 
— loop, o6.(vhut.) lp. Orlop. — 
love, p. i. umpayairS. 
Over-ma'gnify, p. I. vnip/ityaiirm : 
Jxfoeii-aiuw. — master, p. I. nfi- 
■/iy/iii-xi, iniKpxr&. — - match, p. (. 

xxrwlpliopal TIVBC, *T«p«Ta TI- 
Mi, hcipMUw, — match, oi. i w- 

irip€aJJuy, 6 umpjirxvcav. — me'ji- 
sure, #. i. uth^iti/iu : •intpayanat 
Tt,bntpTH,kUa* ixupi%wc<: — , 

modest, in. miSyptviaTaTiis. — 
moist, jr. uypiraret. — mo'unt, 
p. 4. u7rio(itT«/iHi. — much, (IT. u- 
nipmiut, vntpptTpiis : — much, 
brip. untppkepat, iyttt, Mai, nliat 
rail iioyfOf S) reu ptrp(ou. 
0'ver-nice,in.J(«« Bi&eXet.— night, 
hip. n<J>' eiitif at. — no'ise, p, i. 
hia;u, — nu'merous, lit. na\u- 

Over-officious, in. its* xelvitf ay^u*. 



Over-pa'iut, fi. I. e'Jsoif ^pd/iain C»- 

■/payw. — pa'ss, p. 4. irseaifi, TrspS- 
/ituu, JiaEiEizfu, tutxonlZto, napa- 
xo.flf^u: vcKpaSafnoJ, TtapaJlilTil, (II- 

ttfXfltn : iUpxo/txi. — past, I*. 
napiXflj)., mtpi\ii\u6iii, naptux6 
/t»»0(. — pa'y, p. i- noAioB tfoiov- 
jua< ri. — people, p. i. unsp giWfta. 

— persna'de, p. i. nxpxntlia. — 
pins, ov. to ntpiio-ev, re mpunStv. 

— plf, f ■ '- iirifopWf*/- — poise, 
p. 4. untpffTaflp-lfop-ai, uiri^Tsiav- 

TW. pO'Iish /S. i. X«TBeTl)66S.— 

power, p. *. £'*?», naraSiafw, *a- 
ruxvu, u*<pG«llopai. — prai'se, 
p. 4. inttftnaaS, — press, p. J. *a. 

TBTTlf foj, xpaffl, mTaBJiSld : nifflll, 

4»om1Bm, — prompt, 4n. iioi/io- 

TKTOf, npedtiporaref. — ' prond, &r. 

iinipavxat. to be— , Inttpnaxth. 

O'ver-rake, f. 4. (vaur. M avjiaruvj 

flAS., x«oM£. — ra'n, m^i. r. 

Overrun. — rank, in. Ko ray/e'f : 
ayav rpviptpof, — rate, p. i- untprt- 
/•&, unip ayirjtaii, iirlp T-ivaffav flau- 
nt ai;to, imp 9a vp: a £;u. — rea'cb.p.f. 
KaraAa/iHava., nap^ouai : napa- 
*pouto, irapaKoirTsi, iiroiml/fu; — 
reach, p. eio". (ini fmteu) «<»» 

TMif a7T(S0(susTi(oxc jroji r(ixptm^jv. 

— reach, nli. J) t£v inrieiuu ire Juv 
myxpoiHil (toI[ ipwposBhiif), — 
re'acher, oS. TTOJu/ii^nyof, i : «na- 
riilv, piva£, J. — ready, &r. npo- 
flu^oTaroj. irsi/iiTaTos. — reckon, 
p. i, vnei^lisftai nipav r»& tit,. 

ri'de, p. i. ij>imitv»y xaraitaTffl t) 

irporipsi tivo< : iTripvu.0 (gu E icexf- 
«()- — ri'ghteons, Ar. oNxaioTarot. 
■ — ■ H'gid, i«. auffT>7piraTS(. - — 
ripe, i". h-nipapot, inipxaipos. 



^.i. Imxparffl, a>x«, 01 
piit upt, mpat I^ai : (van) at J(. 
xaftoi, iiroio.^aSa. to — rule, 
an; one's policy, ooioG., xarao-o- 

■ (£«», jrapaxpoiitiOni. — ruler, ov. 
ajwvif , nvttpv-htiit, &. 
Overrn'n, p. f. n<££u, tantutgu, xa- 
raOK.aC" I «.aT«xM> : xar*e«w, 
Kxtx-rpixa, imrptx* : Kpm&, 4m- 
xparu : fOdvaj tivb Jpo/io, TtpofQd- 
vu : iiaw.Hv xaranaTfi: OnjpBiUw, 

(tuTtyp.) /i>mcT0M<i ftirmw*. '■ 
face — with wrinkles, fmtSaiit 
itp6f>mo* : — , p. oiJ. nipippiv,, unipnolaeu ; — 
Tier, «o. i Tacdiit, h xaTarpixuv. 
Over-scrupolo'Hity.- -scrn'pnlousneM, 
oi. OHpMua, ltnwi«7iB, ^. — bctu'- 
puloua, in. unipaxp<e^(. — sea, fir. 

Overse'e, /I. i. iniaxona, ifSpfi, in»- 
rtiuu : — r, oi. fn^xona;, Zfopoi, 
4mnanjt, iniirmt, im^tl^Tilf, 4. 
to be the — r of anything, incm- 
nit» n, ^imrratitv rivet, iiti/ititt- 
aflai ri*>c : — rship,ou.(n«Ta»(a,i, 

Over-se'ethe,p.i. unu<psi£ti, irripxa- 
X '*?'-•'■ — Bell, p. i. neJIJeu TiRpa. 

Over-se't,|i.i. avaTptSrw,lvairr^f« : 
itvaipjt, taSxis'S, xaraaTp4$a : — , 
£. «v«. xaraninru, latsfipo/iai, 
ava:o«no/iai. — slia'de, ^- i- ini- 

e«afu. — eha'dow, p. i. fitn)u-/i- 

£u, in.o-«ia?6., tninxi^i, mimi- 
af»: npofiTBjial, npoaTaTiiiu, fni- 
isupfi. - — sha'dowed, ft- fniiuvac- 
et, «ario«o(. — eha'dower, oft.o #• 
n(sxia£»>. — sha'dowing, 4it. 4xii- 
-l«£. i, »)■ — sha'dowing, juaxia- 
e/iif, o. — shine, p. t: inipJa^nc. 

— ahoot, a, f. umpGaJJai, On«pa- 
*ovt(?iu, vniprofiuu ; *>i<rjriue**) : 
untiiSaima : traran(nr*i. to — ahoot 
one's self, wlmt/uXvb, xapspiiJUb ; 

— shoot, ^. oio. inipaJ!DVT(Co^n(, 
O'ver-sight, oi. inioraj(a, im^f Jim, 

ri : napopxp*, ittaU/ut, niri/ipi- 
Jil/ta, a/j«prr]/ta, ri. by Some — , 
*7vo(h, irr' aTvoiaj, 
O'ver-size,^. ^.'JnipBiJJw t»J p.t/Utt; 


(apx.T.).^, -ataW^iina. 
Xsifw, ittptaltifa. — skip, fi. i. 

sla'ngh, A. i. (*T P .) napopS, napa- 
SXina. — sleep, p. i. irif>av TOi 

. llavros xafliuJoj, to — sleep one'f 
«lf,{«>n..)«:iraw. i i« 9st. —slip 
p. t. i*n<1TTo>, ilaltf-STu, ixfsiyv. 
Stat^vr/v : api\&, napa/riJkfl. — 
so'kl, /"iT.Tiafl.T. Oversell, —soon, 
iirfp. n(j[i™. — sorrow, p. t. xa- 
tuluiia. — span.p.i.inrEp^",™',"- 
HTihii. — speak, p. i, fiuapa, 
ixia. — spe'nt, ptT. impw&t, 
Spread, p. I. iumpAinu/H, imp- 
«(m>, ntpiTtlvw, htaptx*° ! #<aj>4- 
p(?«, oVaflpuAlti. — spread, £. oto". 
uirtprifaopai : JcaBpuJUou/iai. — 
State, p. i. Ji>!7«ij/iiv^( ti ^pflfini 
impttialt. — step, 4. i. mptaivm, 
xpoSxlvoi. — stock, ob. ntpanht, 
mpmwfa, #, — stock, p. i un«p- 
i/drAclqjut, imipnl-npw. U± — stock 
the market with goods, uiupniij- 
pouv niv iyojsiu iviiu». — store, p. 
i. unepvArjoA. — strain, 4. ofrJ. 

. wmf£i«Tt(vo/iKi, UTrtpnovoi, imiB- 
/»« ip-,a$op.Evof': — p. i. iiiripj- 
xTtlvt*. — stretch, p. 4. ;= irpo : 

B/tiTput xp&/Lit£ iih strew, 4. 

i.*arap pafvw, iwtppxivu. — strong, 
ix. Ivx/pimm. — sure, in. pV 
Eaiorarof . — sway, /S. i. inixpa- 
Tu, irepr/fyyefu«. — swell, p. i. 
«ip6a(va> tu 07*01 — swift, in. 
OVert, in. yanpo{, inftufa. — ly, 

ilrfp. yOCUJEDlOf j i/I^ Ji G{. 

Over-talce, p. i. aarBlap.6ai.iu, fn- 
KarElapSavoi, in.yf-yvopai, irspisp. 
(apai : i£ an^oo-o'oKiirou irHyfyvij - 
fm)J.B«i(7iTS), xarapflBwo, if- 
■(fv>lf *aTaia/i6£ —in fault, 
•atafepir, in' abrotpipto Aa/i£av«v 
«i«. — taken in drinking, pi&W, 
ptoWef. — tax, £■ i. iniBaiiw pi- 
pout nlifouf toO tisane. 

Overthrow, /S. I. 3»w *«t« tiocS, A- 

>. AvaTponi), xaflafpio- 

; 1 : 

>5ttb, J) : — er, ob. i*aT 
ibtbIuuv, 0* j»(b»v. 
O'verthwarl, in. nla'/tOj, lo£os^ i?. 
■Epjioj ; iJiayvti^iiiv, ijiorponot, 
p.0-j6Tpono{, SuiTp&TiiXos, Brdnog, 



. ixi., 

ota-— neighbours, of £«<><■>?< v «. 
tovi( ftp.** ; — , hip. x"ao-Ti, jiop- 
priS&r : — , itosft. itk ptirou ; — 
ncss, 06. to irJa^iou, rs i-yxipnav : 
iJiorpoirfa, ij. 
O'ver-tire, p. i. *arairovfi. — toil, ^. 

"— took, *apT. t. Overtake. — top, 
y. I. iti X » ■ ini^aiu, roxi T.v,, 
uitip6a)iw. — trade, £. i. i/ina- 
piiiojiiai irepav ifiv nrfpiuv ^ou. — 
trip, p. i. vTttpni I o"'fi. — trust, p. 
obi. ■nipxvTouiiarTos-niiriiuia Ttvi, 

O'verture, oi, x'"P«> «. o'nri, jj ; 
iroiJ*lijni{, i. AiJ-/o s , t to make — s 
to any one, Uytut itpotfiptn )) 

iuKKtbifit, ^ : ifiX^- iifx/u-fi,%: 
{p.wr) Mt«im (fl(ioi), to. Ava- 
!ol^, n- »08aiJJi5/JK, iroooiuisv, to. 
O'ver-turu, fi. t. avnTpiir«, avaoip*- 
foj, naraiwu, KaSaipa: <paTU, ine 
«paru, luprjif/ns/iai ; — fl -. — ing, 
oi. a.y.;-po-/ : , jitiiw,-, naSalpi- 
<ri[ I — able, in. iynTptnWoi : — 
er, ou. ivarpojituf, 4. uaflaielov, 

Over-va'luc, ^. I. uiripTi/j«. — 
va'luing oS. id vnipT(,unv. — ve'il, 
jt. i. Biis.KsJiJTrrw : iiriiKia^u. — 

TOte, p. t. »(«* TIVH ^>ifOI{, ™- 

watch, p. i, itaianovS nva Ti) a- 
YfJuir^Ca. — weak, in. l(x* luhrh. 
— weary, p. i. xaTanoua, *a^aT(S, 


ya ppovfii, iitaifK,, 


en, j>. oht. pi- 
«*rfa t , 6. — 



viumflai. — weeningly, intp. 4)a- 
foiruiS(, iiTTtpiirruf. — weigh, f. 
I. viHptTU&ntCo/txt, intiptxlaara. 
— weight, nil. u-ntpt&llar, irltova- 
<ov, ri: umpoxl, il. 
Overwhelm, 4. i. «ara Juii, bwM&t, 


rtU.: 1 


i — any ■ 

■a Joyo<f. 

to be — ed with grief, ow«xw8s« 
Aum). to be — ed with misfortunes, 

t.<<(iv(1xl nj/ifopalj - — ed Wltb 
debt, ifHi/ixoi pitawsia/iivoi : — 
ov. ri irifliyfyviaflac, ^ilpunt, if • 
— ingly.Wf. »«™«n-S(, 
0'ver-;wise, fa. aW<«r a f- — wise- 
uess, ai. Jeaijtfiiosila, i. — work, 
p.i. iaranovw. to — work one's self 

Overwear, inupn* 
»s{. — wronght(j«i 
fa. U» feiftwKptVx, fas.^- 

ir/i^»0{ : vmpSaJnat, umpGaUuv. 
Over-ze'alous, £ir. Jfau aireuo'alot 9] i- 
Ovi'cular, **. o, A,t* toS iofi. [*Ttv^ f . 
O'viduct, ov. Arfvjbt, i. 
Ovi'ferona, ^ir. tiapo/ioj. — form, in. 

t4B«io"ji(. — gerous. — parous, fa. 

O'vine, in. irpoSamoj. ■ [rsifa, ij. 

Ovipo'sit, 0. <.iioTS«a ion.ou.&o- 

O'void U : — al, in. Atutis. 
O'volo, ou. (4,=^it.) ^hot, *. 
Owe, M- OftiiaixpU,) : o'fWAu &«- 

piv) ; t%oi, x4*Ti>put. to — one no 

goodwill, to — oneaspite, /iii7«t- 

/MU. TIMi. 

O'welty, ou.j>ep.) Jiajiapiij JCitoDva. 

O'wing, in. tnroj^taic, sum of money 

— , xpi"(, SoLvtta/La, ri • atTiof, u- 

itairioj. it was — to the following 

circumstance, atrwv totivSi. it was 

— to me, Uiat, nrruf tyd ro6 : ~ 
to the storm, iv«a r%% rpauptxi. 

Owl, at. (•>..) -A«vt Si jixOf, ft. the 
homed — , «to{, t. aWaf, ii«a(, 4. 
like an — 5i : — ish, fa. ylmtii- 
Jis i — et, oh. ip. Owl : — light, 
ou. xvlf ac, to. SdKn ft a^/a. 

Owl, p. bIiS. (uo/(.) Tia^i/inafHueyBi, 
7rapu(«o/ii£6i,irapi/«KoJa; — er, oil. 
6 napsu.-xBptu6pivoij o napUfXo/t(- 
(«», (*>■..) Aafl^aopoi, o i — 
ing,«u.(»B/*.)*iem/ia(« ipnopia,il. 

Own, iir. EJiOt, with my, thy, his, «f I, 

— hand, ril ftiHiiTou, naurou, Can- 
tou x«f f. my — self, iyA aurif. of 
one's — aocord, (airt;) &j>' iauroC 

A >afl' auTdy. out of his — means, 

nap' ianttou. Ula. he wroteit.with 
his — hand, auToj typwjit. to be- 
hold anything with one's — eyes, 

• il.a. 

;, H«s 

a houag of their — , Hit oU!b,ti 

o be o 

i, lam 

.:.a, : 

ilttiBtpai )| airi»o^ov iTva 
Own, p. <- ij;(o. 'T«/ia(, nc/iini/iai. I 

— anything, i^o» iirlu, ipoi lnrn r 
bit&pxu h ItTTi /tot : yeyr&txn, iitt- 
yi/vc&O'ifca, yvbiplfa) a'ayvupf^M, a- 
^ioloy6, iryaota^oAoyS ; — er, eu. 

iX<»», KiKTItltitOS, KTlTTUp, 4. the 

— er of the house, * ix«' $ «xtti- 

ui-ie; Tijt otxlav : — ghip, Ou. *(;- 
itorila, J. Kpiret, ri. KuoioTJjf, ij. 

Owse, 3 : — r, 06. Afatoj to fijpaott- 

Ox, (iri. oien) /iaiJi, i. to drive fl feed 
—en, pavMltiv. — bird, ou. (o>..) 
jcoWnaf, : — bow, oh. fait, t ; 

— driver, ou. jSovxiUik, ^oiii^j, 
^ovUmt, 4 : — aye, oh. (fion.) 
^oiif SaX/ion, ri ; (ipv.) (nr,^ rq(| 
r — eyed, ^n. psudmjf • — fly i 
ou. (iiTp..) olirpae, fviwf, : — 
goad, ou. pohicitTpoi, ri. pouitJ^U, 
4 : — heal, 06. (Sot».) j>i$Soon f , 
0: — hide, oi. ^a{fo,!a),ft : _ 

like, fa. poAint : — pecker, oh. 

(opv.) MoJonaJ, J : — »tall, ob. 

O'xvrrhodine, ou. polotb-i ffoj, j£up- 

PouoraS^o., jinnrfw., to\ £ou- 

p'o'o'iov, M. 

BTojIa, j) : — tongue, ob. (fto-iv.) 

O'ycr, 00. (»o/».) a«poao-i t , avaxpcsij, 

^ouyJoja-oov, rii. 

$. a court ot — and terminer, o\- 

Oxidii'tion, ob. a{t»fo,««,ii. 

xasT-rjpio. a>a<pfojfu( icai iiro^a- 

O'xidiie, ^ *■ e?uJ.ii. 

tivt : oVi^acs, atri^o^, $,, 

O'xycrate, ou. (xij/i.) ofinpaTeii, r4. 

O'yez, tnlf. axouiri (-"-: axeumWi). 

O'xygen, ot. ()Tjy.) iSJuyomv, *t : — 

O'ylet-hole, oi. ip. Eyelet 

ate, /I. 4. o'iuyiJvu oujifiiyvu/t* ti : 

O'yater, ob. Borpio", tJ. the pearf — , 

■ — a'tion, ob. ?p o(v/6»a pifif: — 

fiapyapOf, 0, ft : — bed, oi. totco; 

ise, p\i, op. Oxygenate :— izement. 

it u mlvTfti ra SVrpsa iv rij flaiaj- 

ou. op. Oxygenation. 

0-17, s'irptoT(Sopi!8«, to; — catcher, 

O'xjgon, ou. (ytap.) «?uyalviBV, to" : 

06. (o> ) o»Tpiou,5pa{, i : — shell. 

— al % i — ial, <n. djuTtiviaf. 

O'xymel, 06. o'f u/iiAi, to. 

wench: — wife h woman, oi.ooTpt- 

Oxymoron, oi. (*it.) o'lufiupov, mi. 

6TTl.lJ.fl4, %■ 

Oaae'na, 06. (i'«Tp.) SJaiya, 5. 

P. tif evyt. P.M., post meridiem, Sii- 

i-tl.T), IHTanuriixSpia, i>; P.S., poet- 

Mript,(«<v.)u<TTipo>a»i.v:(ap l e>.) 

P. 100; p, 400,000. "[irturfe. 

Pa'bular, Pabuloufl,iTt.TpJf(fiof, flpi- 

Pahnla'tion, ou. Tpoji>i, ^. xdptoj, i. 

Xip-raopa, ro\ 
Pa'bnram, rpoyil, 4). ntnt, t. 
Pa'ca, tb. (5» B 1.) § .to. [«,, *.. 
Paca'tion, ob. tXttv/tit, 6. lipnuoiroh- 
Pace, sb. /M/*a, rh £a=ct, ptitm%, -j. 
p«Stepet, 0. pifafu, to. to move 
at a plow, leisurely — , ^ijig>, 
«j;o)>i rtopiiiioflm. to hold )j keep 
— with any one, tn,/iSa6{{itv rt»l; 
{fcri ^Tpou) pg>«, To (mpftrou 2* 
niJat). to measure by — s, fapx- 
Tl(u», i/ieaitim. 

Pace, p. ouJ. irtvu, fnftfu, z »pfi, 
(lfT«ictn>)»T&mU*<pWi;Hi— , 

p. i. pV«r(fu, I/iCbMu : pu6/j(- 
£u to ^a : ~d, <tt. (euvit«»( ^v 
ffu.fe.trn) d,(,Biow— d, p>ao"u6a- 

,u«v, «t1. : — r, ou. a pxftguv : 

(rir-tot) x«T« ntU>( |S«M&.» 1 p>„- 
fUETicrrfc. *. 

Pachydc'nnatons, in. 7tayiJ»p^oj. 
Paci'ficVn. ii(jnv«rf ( : fliuxos, tiaX- 

KT*p«(, J.a)Ja*T«rf ( : — wait: 
,cb. Eiprjvfxof w»tiiy4f,4: —ally, 
fp. tipigv«Kfi( : ftiu^sif, JiaUairi- 
■f : —a'tion, 0*. JtaU«y>), ij : — 

, r4. flipTOS, O 

J*a'cify, p. i. it/jbuvo 

Pack, t>b. Slpa. it. i 
f ixiUot, A : yopT( 
0-aifKOj, o:fiz»0f, foprf. 
^ : — of cards, f *KeJAo{ naiyvio- 
xdpnm, i : 0^)04, irupf «T0t, A : oot- 

nl»ieo{, to. a — of troubles, 
™„. 7ti*i8o[. a — of hounds, >u- 
vrjy/oio*, TiJ : — cloth : — duck, 
«1. *a»va6<»o( jMng, ^ : — horse, 
oi.jwpTflyJiflfopmyniosrTToj.a: — 
house, ob. anoSiixij, ij : — load, ou. 
fopr(o», Tif ; — man, ir)a»i/inopo{, 
KdmiJot, i ; — paper, ob. jjapnif 

t hu3xvjxvhk6( ! — saddle, tb. 

<,A 7 p a , friiraypa, tA. «a>Br}).«, th: 
— Btaff, ob. jfeumpfe iriavi/.iro'poK, 
^ : — thread, ob. pi/i/tK. tJ. 
Pack, p. I. luoxluafu, crri»6d; U , oar- 


/« (n«tyn*x«pr«) I it*f>x**,v£(o- 
/i«, napayyiliw, irapa<ilttioj*ai. 
to — ajury, n« ( j"« B "! 11 " *'**- 
ffrijpioy : h-noSi&Koi. to — away ft 
Oat, airilaumv, iiroo'iri*iiy, dno«o- 
Bitv. to — up, agn.iuaf«.i. : — off, 
HTTK-/1 ft cppt U{ mipaicaj: — , /5. 
oto\ owoutC*, f a*il<s : (off.with) 
»»«uJ«, ilripxD^tm : napa»Kiua£o- 
fin, (HivioTauai : — age, ou. *i- 
«l\o;, J. foprlot, Ti. ruvitvfiot, 
i '. fApoi 6 and *kk«3^« : auvxaua- 
W«, ft : — er, ou. immiufmTftf, t. 
Pa'cket, ab. jopTfoy, re. f 2*1)01, 6 
. Jcua, £ii/hT[ov, r& : ayycAfgfopov 

,aii ( , J 

- of It 

ters, $%KlA0f ypxpfiiToiv, A 
boat : — ship, oi, a7-/i)i«$nfpov 
itloloy, t6 ■ — day, ov. rnx^P'- 
ptiov ftuica, 17 ; — , p. (, ouuytv- 

Pa'cking (up), ab. jua-«ua»(a, ft : 
Tix»ai7/ia, Bofii/ia, to : — needle, 

.. aS. (UiaTpa, ft. 

Paco 1 s6.(;waJ.)'»MoiJa^a ( . 

Pact * : —i(.n, ob. wrtftm, ri>fls«(, 
«j/i6a»«, ft : — ional ft : — i'tious, 


If rit ol 

, p>r,! f . 

■ Tpsirof, T01S05, 4 
1>7Si 4 : ifl"i7(, laiitoouTiH," So'ojju- 

Ja{, (9. to go upon the — , Ijariu- 

«y, luitoJuTitv : — nag, oS. (Tinoc 
poprfl-yof, £ : — , p\ obi. «t£* ta- 
psoopai, »EfiiJu, mijoiropii : 1>|- 
enbu 1 — der, oi. JhsPTftc, XunoiSi- 
TDC, t. 

Pad, oG. atiSai, tu)t|, ft, tvihh/, to ■ 
naJafloj, t. Ha»oSv, r<f : — , i. I. 
nxpifj.SaiX'ji TuisTou, 

Pa'dar, oi. Tmsayij, ft. 

Pa'ddle, p\ obi. *pt«*, if*TT«, 67m- 

p4TS, (**»■) xsiirijlaTw : Ka^afc*, 
xu/iaWfo/iai s ^n)Jtcf«vMat; — , /I. i. 
r'ljlaaJu, ImfalxfJi ; rruitq^arfu : ^ 
oi. Ittinij, ft. iptTpbf, ■ -' Tpojiat 

(aT/Aorrlotou) : farvoi/ia icatap- 

TpexaufoTjto/iiixayaf): — bo&rd,et. 
ft Kiiitij rpoxoo (ar/toitl«fov) : — 
box, ot>. ft rfiy Tpo^JJv (ar^oirloiov) 
9ft*n: — shaft, oi.oa£(o>>roO rpo- 
X«& (at/ioirAoJ»v) ; — staff, oi. f«- 
oipoy (ipdrpin), t^ ; at. ipJnit, 
itnr,p jrjj;, jtUTnjJ.ET^j, 5. 

Pa'ddock, (B. pfiuiot.o. fpuni, ft. (Si. 

rpaxot, i : — pipe, ofi. (fieit.) 

i^oupit, ft. 
Pa'ddock, ou. iyplln-r, to. 
Pa'ddy, 06. Spuijoy, to : iTKUirriK* 

■np',iiA>\tp.tx (t&* 'lp<layo'&y). 
Padeli'on, ou. (jtarv.J ii3yTeitiiJ«y,Ti. 
Pa'dlock, oi. irJufipey ^irrtl^Tov, ti( : 

— ,/,. i. xltttptf imSXiTa xitim T(. 
Pa'dow-pipe, oi.(^om.) op.Padelion. 
Pw'an, ou. ii-niau. d to eing a — , 

ay, i. ' E-te, ft. 

Pieo'nia, Pie'ony, rb. (jSotv.) iraioi- 
Pa'gan, ob. i9.i*o(, tiiSuioJaTpi),, a" : 
— S? : — io : — ical : — ish, t*. I- 
6»ait: —ism, su. iia'uiolaTpila, 
ft : — ire, ^. ^. itotfj iidfaAoJaTpai : 
— US, b, «M. npotfipoiituiiftitit- 
iolArayj. [ri( oll^ac 

Pa'ge, «6. «Ji!, ft : — , p. i. ait/itia 
Pa'ge,o6. itai(, tongpfaic, * : — , ^. J. 

Bspamuu, umjpiTii. 
Pa'geant, ab. ira/tnifa, ft. ift^not, 4. 
Na, ft. e^a^a, r-i I tnisuKTUcft in- 

Pa'geant, iir. itofiitAJ^f, tmitatuitt 

inm6Xau>s, oIik 'iutpiHt ; —, p. i. 

tmltUiup-K : — ry, ob. ita/imfa, ft. 

xA/ixss, i. 
Pa'ginal, in. h milium m^mijinoj, 
Pago'da, ob. yai t tSv 'lyt!>Sy : tUt>lt>» 

■rb iv attTtii:'U 5nAt. 
Paga'rian, nil. (?woi.) niyoupa«, a. 
Paid, irapT. «. /iit. itaS. t. Pay, . ' 
Pail, ab. xputrebf, *.&tt>t, i. mdk — , 

Kills, ft ifiij>iu;, u ; fill], oi. 

irl*p>li xaJof, *. 
P«l-maU, ol. ftp. PallmaU. 


Fain, ou, aiyot, t4. iXy^S&i, pioi- 
»a t , ij. to be in—, have — i &-/<&, 

■Xturfaf, jroviTv, Mu«a T rJ!(i : ir). 
nova;, ^0^805, fcapaTO{, J. oirouo"^, 
t1. to take — s, bitouJh;«> ntp< «,' 

Bi.iJI(,A ; TBfajrt, fpairli, ^ : jl- 
A>i'a,it under, on, upun — of death, 
uanaTou fojKfa, u«»4t ¥ : — in the 

head, »f xlaiyix, give — , X<j- 

mTv, AJtuvuv. Io pot to — , aJ^u- 
H», fWevfiJtu. free from — , o> 
nciyhi, l&6tf*f! — , &■ i. aiyuvw, 
iSuvXi napixta, oSuvai, avtoi : ^vo- 

zU, »,.*;«, lnH, «»*.. »e »re 
— ed at the death of a friend, >.v- 
irou/iifla inl roi flavaTO) »>flou. I am 
— edat 1) to my very heart, xnpTn 
IwcoB^tcu : — fill, in. iXjMnit, &i- 
ynpof, oSwrtpbs, o3rjv&3qs. nspi&Su- 
VDfT Xunnpbf, oviajjos, ?"P"i, i""- 
xiiit, M<. a' — ful feeling, Junj?, 
Siynnt, V : frrfiroiof, apay/wrti 
e">j<: — fully, hip. &lyiiv&c, e'o'u- 
njpwt : ^itiTtivM( ; - — fulness, ai. 
slynvo.jTO. papiret, il. tint*, 

legs, it. iviavvot, awn'Hi, a. ._ 
Bot, anao^ : — lesaness, ou. 4mA- 
yWa, ■vuoWx, aJWa, #. -s, 
ko\oj,o. ipeuii), tTii^eisia, $. (xp«- 
aiufl /id»o» i» iv«a). my — a were 

taken, ovSt/ilx <ppovTU to 
take —a, otv.Iv, o-nouoV^v, nitou- 
Jij» !;(kv ; — • -taker, oi.juJifnsvot, 
o : — s-takiug, in. tptXSmms, "pi- 
Aipyo; : oi. piloirovia, ^. 
Paint, ji. i. fpifa, ^aypofSi, ypa- 
^fitlxiCuil InwtCu, i«o»oypapu: 
tiaypaf^, xp&lt* >vT(i(eu. to — 
one's self. iitplMw : (out) tW 
KOO/lfi, KBfl" 1" LlBOTOv, 
Hjprypa£«, anoyahu : i>rp{6M f J9<E- 
«t«, *ail6.irf;«, fwjc«a. to —One's 
eve-lashes, aTiy^ffmeai, unaypa- 
f'iiv ri Slifvpx. to — one's self, 
puoSiflai. to — one's self white, 

n pa ■ 

fifviia KaranldTTiouBi, ^e^uDou- 
oflai. with — ed cheeks fl face, xt- 
laXiams^m to Zf*M«i |S. "uo\ 
C")P«f*i /iitlpX'^" ti» Cwypa- 
?D v; ^lauSoiaac, pu.ouaai: — , 06. 
Zpfiua, xpwu «">». t»TjM/*/»n, tJ. 
red — , J>u«os, funrie*, To, tyxovtrn, 
fi, white — , fi/iu8iar r to i — er, 
ou. ypxftut. ypafm, ^uyflafoj, i. 
portrait — er, titviaypxfat, & : t 
iniXpiaiv ■ (vauT.) Kziuauv. to : — 

er upon glass, ^nmli, i; — er 

— Stainer,oi. ooi»Off6fi6i»7paptvt ; 
— ing, ai. (aypafia, yptftKn, ?"- 
ypa^iK^, ii : faypiynpa, ri : il- 
kv>, h : XF a l", !«W r '- ■Wi- 
led in — ing, ypafabt, ^ypafua; 1 

— ress, ou. E^yoa^oi. $- 

Pai'ntHre, oi. -/pafn^, S»ypa<pi*-f,, ft. 
Pair, 06. fi&70(, ts. «v$v7ta, ou-wp^t, 

fl: Efifyo;, to. (itsiv.J i»iJp6-/iivo«, to. 

a — of boots, fti/yo; i)7roo'ii y uHran. 

a — of scissors, f ai((, '*. a — of 

bellows, ^i^a, ^. ■uiirr4pis*, to. a 

— of compasses, Jia6>iT«, 4. a — 
of tongues, mp&ypa, 1). a — of 
scales, tptravri, i,. a— ^ of trowsers, . 
irsjOii^iJis, ^. a — ■ of stairs, kXi- 
aaf, avtx&Htoa, ri. in -^-s, Cwyw Jj;v, 
jtar4 ?e"Tn, *ara ouo, irutjuo. 

Pair,^. i.Ctiyv/Ai, ouuJuaiJw, gwlw 

jUiEju. to — dogs, iiulanwi ; — 
b, oiiff. nvif-iiiyjvtr-at, SueiZop.xt J eui- 
&*&?«<■: ouv« P >.o? /.a,"tO— Off, 
<n>Sux(ay.hcu( iflaTwen- tUf fa- 
Pal S] Pall, 06. nvtVaxai, 4. [jwjwjsfat. 

Pa'laee, ou. ^ao-H«o», t*. onairopa, 
Ti : — court, 06. Ti Ju<aornpioy 
Td aiiXuiv. [ko;, /lifalonpinn;. 

Pala'oious, tit. ivairToei«o( : ^hoiJi- 

Pa'ladin, ou. (nnoTis. 0. 

Palfeo'graphy, ot, jp. Paleography. 

Falanke'en, Palanqu'in, oi. yoptfov, 
fiptrpov, r6. 

Palatable, ^ir. <0y /"•<, iOxuJo;, ^Me, 
(ioiy.) toart/tot : — ness, oi. idz«- 
jala, ■S Z uJ(a, ifuT fl( , ^. 

Palatal, in. (yptt/t.) eipavwuoirpa'. 

QspTOf : b t »?, ry tou oipavfrrxou : 

— 7 ( OU. GVptXVltritQ1f>6lftpTOY tfiift- 

Pa'lale, «i. oijaa.fricof, iTrtpt&a, ft: 

ylVITie, ft; (£ot«.) 4vi«oiiov, td, 

Pala'tial, in. p'ao-IJtjiot: fi»y*i«tp«- 
'«*{, ^«yaiitot, jroJurilijs. 

Pala'tial, is. o, ft, to tou niparttrtcu. 

Pala'tic, (it. op. Palatal. 

Pala'ver, ei.ic.Ji.rt, ft. ixUynpti, Td, 
Jijooi, oi : uoJamia, fluniia, ft ; it- 
iitfit, A>ti(a, ft. i*v", si : — , p\ 

t. o5o\ a 


p5, o.o'oJiio'xoi ■ — * 
fliii, £ ; <>\uapof, 4. 
Pale, itt. wxpof, axpn\ii, x)«pd ( .to be 
ft turn, grow, — , dxpiS", '&*?%', 
■fXaptSy. rather — , irtdx^wpof . 
ghastly — ,mliJvoc^ niWt: 4- 
puvpbi, BaXtpdt, mipit; — co- 
loured, Sixpot: — eyed, in. &xpAp- 

Haraf. filced, — in. &xpit : - — 
hearted, in. aflu/ief , tarnffit : — , 
oi. axpota,it-taxp it t>. ot^pca, w- 

Pale, p. 1. irtWvu, k/twvpB : — , p. 
oio*. &xp'&, *«Jffltf*»fi«, 4yaupou- 
pa.t : — ly, Irtlp. (ij;p£;, Ifiaupflj ; 
— ness, oi. &xptaaii, i>xpti-nit,ii- 
Xpdrus, ft. 

Pale, si. milef, i. xapaf , *. ft- «au- 
po<, TTHo-flaXos, b.fpxypbh i.fpiy- 
' /in, ti. Ttsplfpajna, ri : Spot, i- 
ipiO«, to\ rrepiSoJof, 4., ft : 
n6inoi, 0. within the — of Chris- 
tianity, iJ rS xp"""*""'!* » : — , 
p. i. x"pn-it{%a. xapu*& ; ntputuxiS, 

Palea'cpous, {"■ xxup&SiK.lTttpuitiet. 

Pa'Ied, ^7.. **«*•*««. 

Palendar, oi. «)otov 4<Tonloi*ov, t£, 

Paleo'-graphy, najaio/pajiia, ft ■ ft 

t>I< »alaio-/pao)ia;y»6JTis. — logiat, 

in. jraiaioiifyot, ipj;ato/(fTo;, 0. 

— logy, J. nalaiaXiyta, 4p/aio- 

io*«. «. 
Paleous, in. ijpjpoio'jjs, [xaJaioriidt, 
Pale'Btric ft i — al, in. ™itturcptKb t , 

Pa'lettc, . 

. {;«tp.) Mi*, ft. 

Pa'Iftey, oi. o-oGapOf Imros, Eititos tia/i- 
iti«ti)(, j : nagaJJnj, t ; — ed, in. 
Ittbiuuv xagiUnv. [an iS&you S . 

Palifica'tioo, oi. ft iraasaJois nipfe-' 

Pa'lindroue, oi. lijij ft =ti',<o{ naiin- 
ipe/ies (^ ?toi iy(t7i>»uoKi,uiv0( 
«rri tic os£iSv iiti •{ apisTipuv ut- 
vii auToj, di;, madam, ft, Bubi dura 


Palingene'sia, Palinge'neay, oi. *a- 
/<V7<y»k, ft. 

Pa'linode, Pa'liaody,«i<»«o*ia,ft. 

Palisa'de, oi. oTaupw^a, TiipisTBupoi- 
/ia, xxptttoiia, to. z*pa( oraupit, 
it—f-t, X*p«*&, xxpuKliti, »1- 

Pa'liah, ^it. bttaxpot, unixifpot. 

Pall, oi. i^iKH-tixbi /lavfiac, : x'- 
T«. iroJiSpij, 0. ) aj i.iipa io-S,Js, ft ; 
4TtaJiStoif ftapoc, ra : — p. t, mpi- 
naiuKTM, aivpucxiu-ircta, KXtmtaXi- 

«*- f apo>. 

T«l0(ft ;^uxpoj ylyto/tai, 


it?,, , 


Palla'dlum, oi; iraUsftov, to i I 

Pa'lhwh, oi. (;«o).) ira)ia S ,ft. 

Pallas •*. 0*uS.) Da»i(, *A»n»« 
(a«Tp».) DaU.a t , ft. 

Pa'llet, oi. upaSSaToj, niraavTuc, 4 : 
Qfr,p.) Ml(, T,;-iTi!t fMeTopi- 
aj iwarii : to t«( ^pi"Ao'»ai( («• 
Xa.p.J.0. ft Ir.prf» T< 1 (>i o«o<r.) 

Pa'lliate, p. I. tcMnu : xphtTv, mj- 
itpUTTO, »apairaJimTii, npifasan 

W. — a'tion, ai itpiaxtji*, ttpoxa. 
hifmtn s TO. Ttp6$*ats, ft t fitltaOLC. 


Pa'Uiatire, in. 

;, ft:4va 

Fa'Ilid, in. iixp'at, l"*xpr>s, jjlupoV : 
— ity 1, : — n«88, oi. ixpiu, &x?&- 
")(,*:— )y, inif. irxp&q. 

Pallmall, oft. (nairS.a) mgd/Wvu ipal- 
pa n «a< 4oir(U» ! Jonaiov, t^. 

Pa'llor, oft. wxP'=, wXpoVn(, ^- 

Pa'lm, 06. fo(n(, 4 ; 1) ; — branch. 

«o(v«o S «JiJ 0( , 4. fMio., TO. ^xls. 
^ : atifarot, 4 vfioj, q. tobearofi 

the—, 'txnfopiXi. the — of mar' 

tyrdom, tou fixpruftau irifaist 

— berry ; — fruit, eft. psivutofji' 
lotot, S : — oil, eft. foi-jtman !■ 
Jaiov, to : — Sunday,. 06. f, Kupia- 
xt, toiv Bafon : — tree, oft. fo(v,f 
$: —wine, «4.*oi.m(t« (ot-os). 4. 

Palm, «tl*/ui, *. fllvop, t<) : (^ipev) 
unlacoT^, q. of tho length fl width. 
of a — , naJaiiT^i, iraJaiOTialoi : 
(.but.) *v«e, 4 : (Ws t ixxniiBp*: . 
TbitUibxipxTOiJUitiw): — , 4. 
i. .pur™ ti t'-j rjj x"f' : Kaaiino- 
|UBI 4 Ifoito/™ thT^ ;(ipo), ^»lJ<I- 
eri; inKTB ; — ed, /i»r. (ilti ilafou) 
ix"" xipara nAsria. 

Palma-Christi, su. (£orv.) Kporur 1) 
Xpirav, 4. t4 <r». : — r, (it. itala.- 
o-TialOfi 4,3, TbTijsitaitipvi.[x*ipl- 

Palmate $ 1 — d, At. ij3eTv.) 4>o<o ( 

Pa'lmer, eS.4o"eiinfpo(,44Yri7(,i;iTati. 
pafipet, 4 : yoiit, payyxtiuTJit, i : 

— worm, oft. .But oxoUwj. 
Palma'tto, oft. (^m.) ,>«(., {, 4 (t«v 


Pahni'ferons, in. Qotvatfvrof. 
Pa'lmiped, in. (op».) airyo-ritioat : 

Palmister, 06. xtipapAmf, x"p»"i- 

Pa'lmirtry, oft. x«p°f«™'", Z«'(»- 

Palmy, it. nJiipnt poivutu* : ax/i« 

(uip : iiicwpopof. 
Palp, /*. i. tifrrojua'i fpaitrofiai, fliy- 

V*»a., faiioi: — abrlityi: —able 

_^ PA 

ness, oft. to aiiflqrdv : —able, /it. 

aiff6qT0t T ^/ajT''^ : JqUei, **xp- 

ynt, ipavepo'f : —ably, in(p. aioSij- 

rfif i ivacpyois, ipyav&t '. — a'tion, 

oft. lne.fl,,,, ^Jap„.<j, t,. 

Pa'IpltatD, 4.ofto\ TraJAojitai, itoirafpw, 

ffpuiTw, — ta'tion, oft. nulfibi, 4, 

ff^ufij, 15. opuy/iei, 4. [irapajuros, 

Pa'lsical, PaTiicd, fcr. va pa.l„r,xbt, 

" 1'lsy, oft. mpOutrtt, i, : —, 4. /. 

(Irtp.) napa.iiia. to be palled, 

Palter, 4. tW. n 


. wpT /« 

oft. ltipin6vi,pot, xtutippafOt, 
-nfSdti '■ [x<xx(*,n. 

PaltriDBss, oft. olauAiTns, nori,pia, 

Pa'ltry, iir. fxulos, pixpbs, rantiybt, 
fi^aiot, ollyou h oiltvbf af.of. 

Palu'dal, ftt, TiVaTciJ'ii;, iJo>Jn(. 

P«1^ i- i.J. . {in| o£,oj.) nrpa- 

.„.,.„. [Tt,*U«*. 

Pam, oi. fi«Taiy«oz=fiTo<i)e f*vr>i( 
P'amper, p. i. otrtua, and, nrltya. 
obe — ed, Tpvf&v, xl'*o'»"8a'. 
o — one's self, *5u»a8tf», Jina- 
rezi, xaafctarjxt 1l SovMuv ■:■}. ytt- 
rrpi ; — ing, oft. rpufo, rpVftpi- 

im. xMn, *■ 

Pa'mphlet. oft. piVUttot, mi/ypap-^a- 
tiou, T<S : — writer, oft. 4 tuyypa- 
fcuc 3iSlii!7w» : — , p. (i:'r?. auyypx- 
4>u ^SitiJia : — e'er, ou. Js. Pam- 

Pampi'niform, iw. (ivr.) JJiicTrff. 

"m, oft. (jiv).) Bfc, *- 
in, oft. «pan(0». frying — , Tiiyavov, 
xaAjriov, t4 : -tuTrapo* (tw» irupo- 
S««»), 4 : <) j — galley, (timyp.) 
o-™x«eWff««, t4 i mrtov ti, olov, 
brain — , xpavioy, Kpavoc, t4. knee 
— , Jiti^awis, x6yxl-n, /niA>i> ^ i to 
Tfc xtfa-Wf &Kpov: to 4pyu))fl£s( 
arpa/ia (yflt) : — cake, •' 


h), 4. 

Panacea, — . ,, 

alt fapp.axoi, rii —u, in. 

:*.r,i, itavaxiiOf. 


r A 

Papa'da, Pana'de, Pana'do,efl. iriiTof 

4 iTIS a>TOU. 

Pa'nary, ah. ipraSitn, 4- 

Pa'ncreaa, si. (««,».) .eVy^.at, i*. 

Pancrea'tic, i7T.S,ft,T0ToDirayiipiBToj. 

Pa'ncy, oi. e>. Pansy. [orfjoiriuo. 

Pa'ndarUe, £ oio". irpoaTaryiuw, pa- 

Pa'ndarous, in. patrptmitit. 

Pa'ndect, oi. iravo't/rai, at. \ini8rip>t. 

Pande'mic, in. rail ft/uoj : imJiipiet, 

Pa'nder, at. upaayntyiis, jiaarpowbt, 
i : — , p. 1. t. oh). /taiTponiin, 
itpoxy&ytuu, /iaul(£w : — ism, oi. 
pxrrf BVfCl, itpoxynytta, ft : — ly, 
^t. ,ijiajTpoirij(o(. [t(. 

Pandiculation, oi.(iarp.)T«(po'(vi]/Aa, 

Pando'ra, oS. («u8.) Uati&px, ft. 

Pando'ran, Pandora, ah. (^ouo-. Sp- 

Fane, ai. (*>*«.) <px nujta, Tt!. 64- 
«i7, ft : Trlaf &tcM»), fl ; *ao , /iiT<KiJ>' 
i-nippx/i/ix (ini uriicT^s ^u9flTO{), 
ri : Tfl (mtr» Wo xavJaicwy). ft : 
—II, lir. (TTIXTij, irt«fl»( : few 
wUout ! —lees, <tt. Sv.u B l««l ( ia- 

Paoegy'rie, 06. i-yxeV 10 "! rj. h-aivas, 

xavnyupticbs (liy«i), o i — ft j — 
al, ir. navir/upiii6i ; —ally, «Vp. 
xxvrryvpu&t : — gyris, ah. irav^yv- 
pn, ft. — gyriBt, oft. ir*w/«a<mif, 
{iratv&nf, i. — «yme. 0.i. irxw- 
jutafea, navviyvpifa) 4yK&u.iov liyot. 
P&'nel, ai. C*W T f ■««/»■» trf : 
*pi;<*na, (if'Jo-j), to 1 : o-avi f (■»<<■ 
*>as), ft : ffaraAoysj T&v apKtar&v : 
— , J.i. f«»S, lav.oMJi — led,*n. 
farvarii, farina rucOf : — ling, 

tt. f *T>«0.f, ft. ' 

Pang, ou. aJ/o;, t6. aXyqiiiv, ayaj- 
vfa, A- fiSoi, 4 j — of death, Ayw 
»(=, ft : — of the heart, iJijaavfa. 
luio;, ft. the — s of conscience, $ 

TVJKf T% B\l»«J^0'!W5 : — , ,4. i. 

eUyunu, Satrovifw, lunfi 
Pa'ngelin, oi. (;<uol.) fairstjiM, 4. 
Pa'nic, i*. Tawing, a— terror, mt- 

•«»> tit/tu, ti. irgnuic yd6s,-, i : 

— , ot. 7ta»«oy («V/ia), *«*. «**<- 
x4( fo6s(. nanta ft **»*(* (Jii^ia- 
ia) ia. to be taken ft struck by a 
— , ira*iKoi BofnlSiy ffuafjllirflai, 4- 
irafO( fj a*' acriat eBJifiiA; ftc- 

Pa'aicfl: — grass.oJ.^otv.Ji^y^of,*. 

Pa'nicle, eS. bWo.ft : — d, in. =: iit. 
Pani'culate fl : — d, iir. (^oiv.) o»fl*i- 

Pa'nieum, •». (p»r».) itnpH, i. 
Pnni'yorou!, ^ir. ipTOfdyof. 
Pa'nnade, oi. o-Kiprno-K, f,. 
Pa'nnage. ew. ii iv lain rpofft (rSv 
^ots'jvj ; tpApQf g air 1 auT^c : $6pos 

Pa'nnel, si. rfys, ft. iffin™*, ri : 

iT^nax't ('ipano(),4. 
Pa'nnicle, oi. (^otv.) I f . Panicle. 
Pa'nnier, ah. a-nvpU, ft. K^f (»o(. i. 

<a»i8v, «ivsi), Til: — cd, ilr. i^in 

Pa'nnikel, oi.apmfov, ti). [xojJvouj. 

Pa'noply, oi. najoitJfa, ft. 

Panora'ina, ah. irovopajia, t4. 

Panso'pbical, fit. nairep**. 

Pa'nsophy, so. itavaopJa, ft. 

Pa'nay, 06. (j9or..) Io», ri. 

Pant, ^.ooJ. n>iuoTifi, 4oS^af«», as9- 
/ta5«: «(o/<a<, Italia., naU«fiou: 
(after, for) litieu/ia, ^(t/wi, o>*- 

iraJ/i6(, vfvyftbst h -. - 



ent(, i sfttszsu, ai. tiijiHidJis, ft, 
Pa'nte?a, oi. «*d(»*u ((tpa-wvVft. 
Pa'ntheiam, ov. Jo"Sa ™v «yif6u™» 

ts Spark aha thai 8il», («o«.) 

TtavBlin^ot, 4. 
Pa'ntheist, oi. jtav8,rim5(,4: - reft : 

— ioal, /«. 4, ft, to tou na*8rti/ioO. 
Pa'ntheon,»eto»i. na»8«e»,T*. 
Pa'nther, oS. (Cwoi.) itavSnp, a. nap- 

JaAij, ft. the skin of a — , rapSx- 

Hi (Sapa), ft. 
Pa'ntile, ah. Ijmiif 'ipa/tof, i. 
Pa'ntinp, oi. asjua, ro* ; — ly, Mp. 

Pa'ntler, oi. bptoQblai, 4. 
Panto'fle, oi. p>aum, 4, p'iaudov, 

to. <r<£vta*j», x6. 
Pa'ntograph, oi. tffjatrt St' ou ri 

»««■ 7p*f>o..iai, nayTa/pap on, to. 

— graphy, oi. -yiyiiti) nipiypajH, i- 
Panto'meter, ei. apyavov oY-oii th 

niyrn/itTpouvTai, navrojiirp av, r». 
Fa'ntomime, oi. opxioriis, mci*6pi- 

cal, in. oflznOTutof. — mj'mically, 

iltfj, Dp^qOTCVUf, 

Pa'ntonfl: — shoe, oil *7o"o( mrtUov. 
Pa'ntry, oS. rapursy, Ta/<i[oy, rd. 
Fa'nym, oi. iflvuif, 4. [o^sWl, V- 
Pap, oh. hjX4> 4. 
P*p, oi. no'lrat, * : /*u«Jo( (irapniSy), 

i : — , fr.i. tpiftt nolroi. 
Pa'pa, oi. ntinnas, nanaj, 4. 
Fa'pacy, oi. Upapxii, t. {wpbf, 4, 
Pa'pal, Vir- hpxpx"4i ■■ — ty, ei. 
Papa'ver, oi. (p-ory.) ^*»«», o ; 

. : — OUS, in. Mtmvukf, jfn- 


rvpoc, 4, 4, ^apT^^. o. 
X^ptto; to. a sheet of — , f '" 
x6. blank: — , x*P T it «"/?"?■ 
Zp WTnr/iof t * . fpipptra I-vypif «, 
»a. ; ifn/icpit, 4 : 7/><*piJ, iroy/pa- 

yh, $ ; j;apToyo><»fia, to" ; — in. 
ptth*f fl rUttwtfc x*i»»-«»( : " 
mipou !| 0u61cu : — money, rip. 

tpx HHJlipOU * piSJUvoy, T(f : - 

case, ei. zaflToflfi«ij, tf. y;apTOipu)c 
«iov, to 1 ; — cu'rrency, oi. x"? 1 ' 
vcfiispctTtis xvfiofQpta.i: — cutter, 
si. op. Paper-knife : — faced, it 
iiuKavpiitauos : — hanger, oi. 
3(cipT)i in«oop!aly t« oui/ioTa: - 
hangings, oi. id. OTMTas zi*ot>1( 
«V ov ta aufipona noo/iDU»Tai : — 
kite, oi. i xnpuvof bntt : — knife, 
oi. ^aproT ifiOf, o : — maker, oi. 
xapronoiif, o : — making, ov. j[«p. 
T8ii.ii, V: — merchaht, oi. x«p- 

tottiUjii, 4 ' — null, oi. z«proup- 
ytfev, to": — seller, oi. xapTonii- 
1«, *: — etainer, oi. 4 mtxiUw 

Pape'ecent, in- /iaiaxic, noiroio'^e, 

Pa'pese, oi. wanio-ffa, ij. 

Papi'lio, oi. (iyr/L.), ^iuxIi ZP usa ^-"!i 
4 i — na'ceoua, in. xpvo-aAiio'i 3- 
/»eu>(. [—Ions, in. feu* fli^y. 

Papa'lla, ei. iyX-i, 4 : — ry, — lose. 

Fa'pist, oi. 4 t« tou liana fpoyfiy, 
nan.iT^t, nanoinTp»j{, o : — ic fl : 
— ical, in. naxijTi*i{, Upopxotit : 
— ry, oi. [<papx(« tou Hana, h. 

Pappo'se, Pappouf. xyooUnf. 

Pa'ppus, oi. (jSoTv.) x*.D(, 6. 

Pa'ppy, in. noiTslS>t(, ^ImJik. 

Pa'pala (nJ. —lie), oi. (utTp.) »u. 
j.o(, i. fUxraiia, f JiwTanit, 4' i«-, to. ' [t vs . 

Papulo'ee, Pa'pnloun, in. flmtanii- 

Pa'pyrus, oi. na7i>jSBi, i,fl. jSiSiot, 1. 

Par, oi. to ?oov, irirnt, V- to (ia(<ov : 
innpto, f, : (E^np.) ipnov t^. at 
— , it ■!& iprloj. above the — , 3- 
»» tou iptiou. below the — , xaru 
tou aprfou, 

Parable, oi. napaSsM. 4 : — > p. i. 
napaSolxii ^pw^a., ^iU.>6> c^.a na- 

Parabo'lic fl : . — al, in. napaSoJiKij : 
—ally, inlp. it*p*«aXi*a tl b na- 

Parabo liform, i-n. it iiitt ■snpatalf,t. 
Para'boloid, oi. foiop.) o-xispa napa. 

Salii Spmtav, r6. [<*>(-, %- 

Parace'nteai*, oi. (i«Tp.) -napanitTr,. 
Parace'ntric fl : — al, in. (yiuju.) ra- 

ptiTpri^i>«« ts6 icuilou. 
Para'chroniBni, oi. pitaxpa via pit, i, 
Parachn'te, oi. tS iiiEinroiiov. 
Pa'raclete, oi. (flioi.) IIapi«Jflroj, 4. 
Para'de, oi. mp^i, hUtufa, 4i. to 

make a — of anything, iniolufn 

nonlo-flai T<»«(, npOf«(m» ; (orp.) 



8^6. irapaTaJ.f, JiOw^'j : £ t& 

— , p.t. iirtf«c(iy noioi^a. : Wpo- 
™'™ ™&< «f«™&TK( iv *oop.u : 
— S p. ouo". ,("p.) iitXturni, napi- 

Pa'radigm, oi. napao'iiyfia, xi : — 
a'tic *i : — a'tical, in. napaSuynx- 
t«0( : — a'tically, inip. irapuJiiy- 
fiataSlt. [niyitalov), i. 

Pa'radiae, oi. irapao'iiiiot (:^ gaplay 
Paradisi'ac fl i — al, Paradi'aian, Pa- 
radi'aie f : — al, in. ndysaiat, %ti- 

Pa'radox, si. rcapaJoSov, aWoWoy. 
x6 : — al : — ical, in, napatfofof, 
aiMsoroi : — ically, inip. Bapa-- 
ti\at " — icalliess, oi. irapaoojoy, 
to i — o'logy,oi. sapaJotoloyia,^ : 
— y, oi'. irapao'ofov, tiS. 
Pa'raffine, oi. {xip--) tapafiv,], A- 
Pa'ragoge, oi. Ijpa/x.) npotBiixij, ini- 
tio), ^. [itp<n8inxff. 
Piirago'gic i : — al, in. napaywyit, 
Pa'ragon, 06. tipoTiTtu/ia, irpiitia 
ff/ta, bpxixvno*, xi : — , 0. *. no 
paS:f/ii!j. noioufia(,iiitoVl[>Wfii: — 
$.aiit.n*pa6a.XXa isuroJ Ti»i*ir« 

Pa'ragram, oi. to Tflf WJinf irat^e 
napovo/iao'fa, jj ; — matUt, oi. 
ttapavo^aa'taic ^p&i^jtvt;. 

Pa'ragraph, oi. napKypafti, $. vrapa- 
ypxfoi, fl : ibUav, to" ; — , p. oiJ. 
napaypaf^irapaypafo/iat, trapa- 
/fjaf« : — ic; — ical, in. napa- 
ypayuit ; — ically, inlp. icbtb ita- 

Parale'ipaia, Parale'paia, Paralepay, 
oi. Qlix.) napdXufit, i). [jiiva, 

Paralipo'mena, ei.11). Ta impr.i.nn6- 

Paralla'ctic H ■. — al, l*. i, *), to rg; 

Pa'ralla*, oi. (iirpv.) napiXXafa, f>. 

Pa'rallel, in, napxXXvXas, to place — , 
irapai)i?<kl£trv : npoiop-Btot, napi* 
fwiai : — , infp. napalAijJaj irapa)- 

iijioij, & naeaJUrjW. to riin — , 
At TiapaliWou ntai* ■. —lines, 
■ypa/ipal of Ti^palin ioc : — circlea, 
nuikec oi jrapalJiijioi : — , oi. »a- 
p&ilrtlot Vf«W"ii h ■■ («aor.) t\>*X<n 
ItapaHqJos, 6 ; AtfdtOTIf, i^ori7f, ^. 



rMrm-todrawa — between, 
napaJiijla Tifviiv: — ,p.i.napaX- 
JiiifJw : i>«, !{i-j«i, oaoiu : ouuSi J- 
Am, ita^aSiiJii, avyKplvm : — ism, 
oi. napa)J<7A(o/iii, : napa€',)r,, 
7tapafl«. f , ^ : — \y, lnip. nxptlXA- 
Juj, ix napaAl-tiiov. 

Paralle'lograiH, oi. Kxpaiirtliypxii- 

i/aJUnl^eaaaot. [ItnintSo.', xi. 

Parallelopi'ped r) : —An, oi. wapaiir,- 

Para'-logiam, ow. napnJoyiOfiit, 4. — 
logize, p. oJJ. nopa)oy(fo^iai. — 
logy, oi jtapaJoyla, ^. 

Para'-lyaia. oi. (<aTp.) ita^alu««. — 
ly'tio, oi. napxivxutbi, napiXvxof, 
o : — ly'tic- — ly'tical, in itapaiu- 
T«4(. — lyia'tion, oi. itapalums, J|. 

Paralyie, p. i. irapaiuoj,«ao8i.a. 

Pa'rnuifnt, oi. ixmlx kxI ita fi.fiy.ara 
(owfa,-), ia. " 

Para'meter, oi.(-/i»i/».)napa/<iTpo(,4 

Pa'ramount, in. uiraTot, uit*pTaTos, 
(itavrwv) xpotxuv, vntpSaXlur, ti- 

xyipw. dxpoit TTp&T-OC, 


: . lord - 

l„ m 

■■ *PZ»». tytv/hf, i : — ly, inip . 

ti6-/,vi, iuipfiaiidvTmi. 

Pa'ramour, oi. ^pao-Tilt tpi/mat, 0: 
ipoptov, V ■■ haipmit, i : iiafpa, 
iraiplj, naUsicit, 4. 

Pa'ranymph, oi. «apatuf(f0C) ' : I 

truLHCTivo>j N frujSayioi. 
Pa'rapegm, oi. napimj//ia 1 t^. 
Pa'rapet, oi. bnlfic, 4. flupawoy, to: 

Pa'raph, el. Uum) yp^pA a /<«t4 
r>i» iiroypaji^y : — , p. (. 4pKTi*ot( 
axvx^i'i (o-d^arot) npoo-^ui,a ti. 

Para-pherna'lia, oi. nX. t* napifipva. 
— phe'rnal, 4n. i, y, to Tfi. itapa- 

■ (f-rp.) 

' PA 

flpvuv. — philDo'. 
Kapatpfaoioitj, $. 
Pa'ra-phrafle, ob. napafpati;, 5 : — 
£ . £ napHfpa?«. — phrast, oJ. na- 
paypaorit, (.■ — phra'stic. — phra'- 
atical, ire. irapattyaoruios. — phra'- 

ftically, i-"(p. napaffHsTiicwi. — 

pkreni'tia, ob. (iarp.) napavoia, 
irapaaipotnjvii, f). —ph'gia. — 
plegy, ab. napairtij-yia, irapajrAij. 
Pa, i 

Paraqui'te, oJ. 3p. Paroquet. 

Pa'rasaang, 06. irapaoayyns, o. 

Parasele'ne, ob. napaoiiiivi, 4. 

Pa'raaite, 06. irapanrct, loiaf, ijai/io- 

K<iia;, poi/ioi6x'>t, t. to be a - — , 

Kit. — ai'tically, i*ip- irapBciTixfis. 
— si'ticalnesB. — sitUm, eS.Trapaoi- 
rla, KOBxMla, il. 
Pa'rasol, ov. -TMaoW f| «iafi«>, to. 
floAia, 4, (*oiv.) avfl*J(ov, to\ 

Para'theaiB.oi.-irapafluK, i. 

Parava'il, <ir. Jo-^atoj, *«TiirstT(f. 

Pa'rboil, ,S. ^. iS/t«>«. 

Pa'rbuckle, ob. (vauT.J/iiJiijT.ipiei.To'. 

Pa'rcel, oS. /tipot, r<f. pipit, i. >iop<- 
ov, to. ootpbs. 0- T&pifa, tj : kov6toi, 
il : wlts/toi, i. ftip-lf, fl. pa*i- 
lat, i : Ip-iios, SxJoj, A. : Syitof (Aa- 
7a»), 4. bj —8, *» p-«p«, «afl' tv 
iKaoTOv : — book, ou. piSAcov «>a- 
k«h», t d: — gilt, 4v. Kara pipoj 
iniXpuaot, $iiAutixpuo(*p.i*Of < — , p. 
1. p.lpt>u, fl\ap.(pfc> : (out) Jiav*- 
pu, cfiaiSl'o'wjU.i, iireiip I f anAS. 
to— a Beam, (vaur.) etMvii ckmkAu- 
ICTicv xcci xaTamoooiv ; — ing * : 
— ling, 96. re 404ry uUmn *ai 

Parcenary, «5. (»op.) idyxnitif, Mi- 
ni iniiB, ii. to hold land in — , a- 
■*ie»4i4nic vi/mobii a/pJu. 

Pa'reener, ol. (*b«.) ouynAtjpevdpot, 
J : ovy*T^T6tp, 0. 

Parch, 0. i. fpuT<», ppurrai, fflpoft«, 
ttvxfvu. to — up, iirafitpatxti* ; — , 


p. ooo\ hpaivo/tai, ano^npatvaiicu : 

— ed, At. Xip'ot, *a*u%-ripo-s ; — ed- 

barl*y, 06. xajrpu,-, txyxf>":t % ■ — 
edne&g, ob. inpir-nt, fijpao-fa, b, : 
—ing, in. xausruiif, naup-aiijpos, 
«auuaitiJiif. the — ingheat, naii- 

' - "ugly, top- 

TIKflt, ■ 


Pa'rchoiCDt, ou. Tripyapijin (xapw). 

^. (no<».) /lip«paya, i. [JaJ.s, ^. 
Pard, ou. (ft*»J.) TrapJ (, na.S n p, Trap- 
Pa'rdon, ^. i. av/yr/iaatf, mr/yiai- 
put lx>- t) mnri/tat, ovyxoipSi : 
kfiri/ii tins 1 — , ob. luyyvdp^, 
tvyyieia, juyTvwpooTjvii, rif/ftuni, 
^, 10 ask — , JeTcflai trvy-yy&jpinj 
aiVilirflai ov/ftA/up. to grant — 
to any one, ffuyyvd/iijv «7tov(pii» fl 
txttv Tivi, truyyv&w noi&iOat tt- 
vo{. to obtain — l <royy6ian f^f 
Xa.iiv nap* Tivof. ifortf, tuyyuA- 
I"i, v. I beg your — , Trapairoupai 
myy.Lip.nv, {ton.) (ri-ra truyyvcip.iv : 
—able, ^n. nuyyvuoTis : — ablc- 
neas, ob. il suyyvconiv : ■ — ably, 
lnlp. (ruyyvwcTTMe : — er, ob. h iuy- 
yvipijv onov^ptuv : ^ing, lit. auy- 
yvcipuv, ffi/yvvupoyiKd^. 
Pare, p. /. mptripi™, fatW/u>«, ouv. 
rjpvai, ittpiiioTiTii. to — one's naile, 
avuxfCnv «. o'"«z(f«»»<" : inrffr", i- 
iroi^M OflJa, «J.) 1 anoE*'« : (off, 
away) anoripatu. bjtmoiitw, ^jj»i1- 
utiu : /iiiiu, iJaTT-S : — r, 06. i iti- 

Parego'rio, iit. napnyeptnos, itxpnya- 
pA-racih itpaLivTWoj : — , eb. *api\- 
ydpljua, Trapaj&u&iov, to. 

Pare'lcon, oi. (yp»/i) Trap^Jnioit, 1. 

Pare'mbole, oi. 7rapi/it!oii), $. 
Pare'nohyma, ou. (dvr/*, it. /3o".) «*■ 
ptyx/ipu, to. 

'■■ * -al, Jir. 


yivvfjeovTij, si ioiftI{, af fu«avT<( : 
p*Ti7p, atria, A. aZTio', to. indus- 
tiy ia the — of sobriety, ipyvvla 



/Limp aafpomtt,,: —age, o&. y- 
»*«, fl. yoios, *A : — ai, in. »«- 

Tp&Of, natpdltOt, JlXTptxbt, /«]TJK- 

fii, J, ^, re tuu yo»i*>: jxidsrop- 
yos : — al love, oro|>7>), piAeaTop- 
yfo,^.with — alcare, pJaorrf/syui : 
—ally, 4n(p m icaTput&ii, iiyjTptx&i. 

. ii;ncp yovrfs ; yiJagropywt : — leae, 
in. opfavrff. 

Fare'athesia (itA. — aes) napivfliiri^ 
ij- to put in a — , naptvriStvai. 

Parenthetic H; — al ,ix. napev6<TOf ; 
—ally, infp. b napttBittu 

Pa'rget, o5. 71^05, A- anlpui, mlppot. 
4. Xanjnij, A : kov(«, iS. nspiaAwp.- 
fiBj to ; xpfina, lvTpi/i/.a, talirb- 

ItlOjtia, T<(. [4. BBp^iia, TB. 

Parhelion, Parhe'Kum, o5. napoiioj 
Pa'rial, ou. (in Tt«(yv(oxafT0i() TpCo 
X*prla i/uutfi. [p,t, pAp/mpav, to 
Pa'rial), In. n&ptos : ,— marble, Ui- 
Pari'etal, in. memo's ■■ (owtji.) i t A, ri 

Farie'tary, ou. (j9orv.) il&n, *iie* 

Paring, o(. To afatpt&iv « anar/i.] 
fliv, ano^m^a, Spbipilav, (infix 
WtpiTto*. Ti : Wm.^, anoiin, 
>/>■, rj. the — a of anappIe.Ta a 
noimco usrfl /i^ jou ; aTtovu^to^ia^W 

Pa'rJB.ov. (ffOTv.jToipa.^o,. 

Pa'rish, ou. infnid, ivepfa,)): — 
church, fmlijaia tjjj ivoplxs, ij 
ivoplrai, ol : — , In. Inptanif. — 
clerk, 06. a avayvAimit (ix*Jiia('a{) : 

— prieat, oti. i^opiatbt Upt^t, i : — 
ional, In. Sp. Parish : — loner, 06 

Farl'sian, in. [[aptjmvif. 

Parisjlla'bic H ■. — al, in, iooouUaSoj 

Pa'ritor, oS. xXitiip, 6. 

Pa'rity, 06. (air™, fion/ifa, j>. 

Park, au. nap&tnMf, : (or p .) 
6oAof, i : — of artillery, 
(Mini) to« Bv(io8ol[iioi>, ^ : — keep- 
leaves, ou. it), vitipirav, to. 

Park, p. I. lyxitia It naps J»f™ i 
er, ay. d tou uspacitasy ^u/af : 

ish, in. 0, >j, ts tsu napaoVoou : 
napxSsl™ Spo-et. [xowloyix, *. 

Pa'rlance, Pa'rle, oi>. Ji*J<|<s, 4/«).ia. 

Pa'rley, 4. oliS.iini(yo/ixi,16yovt ou^- 

6aiAv 7) npeifiptij : -~~, ad. ajai.i- 

fct naivaioyfa, I*Tiw{it, 4. )d>'> «'• 

hold 1} have a — , •ruvsiBsly tit 

Parliament, ou. ^aui^, r, 

t?( jSeuiiji. amember of — , ^ou- 
liurt(, : — a'rian, oi. povJiur.- 
xis, i : in. /3oul«UTiXB ( ; — ary, in. 

(3ouiSUT«0 S . 

P'arlour, ou. {iv povtnriip£o(() ai 

,v (ai, 


I"' iTroJazJIf, ^. 

lHiUl, ra. 0, i, TO Ti)( llss ; «ll! ; 

cheeae, i Tilt Daf^iai rupas. 


Faro'chial, ^n. Ivopiailt 1 — schools, 
iaa^iana a^aliEa", i« ; — ize, jS. J, 
Jm^ii iff Ivopiat : — If, Intp- K«r' 

Paro'dion: — al, in. wapatix6t. 

Pa'rody, oi. imputlm, it. to make a 

— , naprttStti : — , £. i. napvo'v. 

Pa'rOl, OU. Jlf^Of TTpOpOfMKOf, 0. 

Parole, oi. Mo^unc, fy: ><■«(, 4> 

irioTO!, T(t ; — , in. (>■/*.) irpofopi- 
wci, layai ^pflffa^jv^i, Jta toD oto- 

Paronoma'sia, — ono'masy, 00. na- 

onoma'stioal, in. i, ii, to rijt na- 

Parony'chia, oi. napmvuxfa, i. 
Paro'nymoue, it. nap&wnot. [tbxo3. 
Pa'roquet, ou. (ipn.) «#0{ /impoS ^<t- 
Paro'tid, in. (a»T^.) 6, i), rt Tfl t itn- 

poirioot : — gland, (>«tp.) napa- 

t(<, 4. 
Paro'tis, 06. (avTjU.) napurtt, jj, 
Pa'roiysm, ou. napofuojitf, i : — al, 

in. £, i), to Tev nnpolwrjueu. 
Pa'rral h Parrel, ot. (.avr.) xphes, t 

(mvijjoty Te* iffrovrl] «ipa(a). [vat. 
Patri'cidal, in. «BTp0KT0'™(, naTjsofe- 

i. to be guilty of — )J to commit 
— , TO,,..,...!,. 
P>'ITO1, .*. (if) ♦•"«■>! »■ ""«■ 

*4<, 4. ^iTrwn. % '■ — fish) oi. 
(ixS.) ffKstpe;, i j — i ry, ofi. ti /ii- 

juftrlfoi ri» ^IITTOISV. 
Pa'ny, p. V. ijroicpoiopnc (iriiij^v), i- 

Pa'ree, p. i. (ypa/i.JrijtiioJoyfi, tizkj- 
Ao^lav Tia«5/iai: — r, oi. (y^np.) 
Ti^va^^yso e. — sing, •'• "X" - 
Joyfa, i. 

Paraimo'niuus, in. piiowi&i, jjtiaii/ii- 
»t : — ly, trip. ftituXSii : — ne»H, 
Hi. = in. [o\»M, (vrtliia, A. 

Fa'ralmony, ot. fiiJA, f nJuiia, fii- 

Pa'tsleyi «6. tfim.) iH T/ »>£ti»ay, t6. 

(uroiy.) /lairayif, i. like — , itiAivo- 

Pa'rsnfp, oi. (£ory.) BTKfuWvos, 4, ^. 

Pa'reon, eu. tiptitt (4wpix t ), Upai.6- 
y»s: —age, »i. e«es "f*"t, I ! 
fipaTtfa, ?. 

Part, eu. /Wpof, Ti. ptpif, /lol^a, $ : 

ofabook, mjyTaypa, nugg^TSt 

the smallest ■ — , iroJJooni/ispiov, 
to\ to have a — in anything, pi- 
■ttxft* tc»4(. to take — in any- 
thing, xoiwuyily, piTa)a/i6ayss8ai, 
ffuXAB,u6a»s<r(iai Tiya{ : fTTDl^lIsv 
(o-i^arot), to ; plpe h t6. t4 T.y 0{ , 

(xm*.) K6ppa, take — with i) 
to take anyone's — ,«vai * yjjvc- 
oflai fl FffTaa^ai p*r& Tiyot: — , t : 
— , to /ijy, to it, oi pt», of Ji. I 
for my — , ky& /tb/,iyery*,Tby'in' 
i/tal; xpAsnnov, sx*)p"> ti. totake 
% act a certain — of a play, uno- 
■pfyisSat irpofBTroy » oxfyia. to act 
• tragical — , &yaiif£wfai rpayu- 
Wav. to give any one a — to per- 
form, xperifliyai xpittuitiir : liny, 
wpeeiJKev, xaflflxon, Xpies, ri 
my — , itposiiMi jao( ti, it is your 
— , xpof veli tWo. to do one'. 


iitiT^JuBriK, i! : — s of mind, iot 
Tal rrt E ^X%, fj< 
— B, ivi)p iirtTijaWc 1) «avof, «. a 
man of sonnd — a, iyijp Suppsiv, 
6: rims, b. x&p«, %■ X"f>iv< to\ 
the flat — ofa country , irie"<a(, q. 
niiwv, TOiTflrfwi, o. (*«<».) nip- 
nipipoBa, A. the — 8 of Bpeech, ti 

pipit tou ioyou. military 

c««o « 


a K«»l I 


is, 3 : (lo/.) 
make a payment in 
iiilsiy /Upas n T3*s 
arkpipott ^« pipox/s. 

— , ToiritIoro» /itpot, 

Ti nAitoTa, ixl to noJii. to takein 
good — , ti/Atvffit a7ioJij;(j6ac. U> 
take in ill —, z«iwa t ptp«v, J«- 
Xtpai'tw ti, *xS'=Sa( t<« 4 /nl rm: 
— , intp. pipes ti, to /iiv, to Ji. 

SRO ujjco'jf. 

Part, p. 4 ptptfa, oiauififfM, iiaips, 
X«^fu, Jfxa Mlfl, J.aJa^Savs, : 
Jiav^w, S.atlSvp,, &*op.ptCu : 
Kplvw, airoxpfvcd, Siaxplvw : apn- 
pff„ : («wrj *,a«r«, BnSff nfi : — , 
p.olil. ptrizu, pttinrt pet: Stlna- 
pat, e X tC°t"", X<*?l(i>/"», MX« I" 
•vvofiai: (from) ■(j-iewpai tivo( b 
iwo tiv»(, x«C*t yl-/tepai Tivoe. In 

Tims: apGrTapai j) i(uTa/ja( timj; 
(with) TtxpaSiSapi, &vbX<3Kv : — 
able, in. mpto-rac, diaifiTiS:- 
Pa'rtsge, ai. /it^io/tis, i. iiaIp«o"if, 
Jiavo//ri, b. 

Parta'ke (!p. Take), p.i. k. -IS. pi- 

rtX", t"i" ttlx^ tM, ptraiap- 
Siva, lapSam pipes TivtS; : (oQ 
xootiyfi, ^itTaJBfiSaaouai, mi'i'lap- 
Sirepai. to — equally in anything 
with any one, ioa^oipif* tiv(tivo(. 
to make anyone — of anything, 

TO i»> /UTijIW TWOS TIV1, K0I.H- 

yit> m<« tw : — r, e6. xo«*J>o(, 
I. i pniyut, pl-nxm. i, i. ptpi- 

a i - 



tic, t. — ta'king, ob. teimnttt, abi.- 

^•/"hvupiUTOxM. [xt Z «p'opVv8 ( . 

Pa'rted, fa. Sirjpt]fiivOi r SixbtftriTQs, 

Pa'rter, ei. 6 xwp<;*iv, & ptpK<*». 

Parte'rre, ob. itpaoia au&iai «ijiwtiu- 
f*«Hi i : opxAarpa (?' !■**??)■ *• 

Pa'rtial, fa. i. ft, to h pipit, hub pi- 
pout, Kara pipes, (*»'».) pipn-ic : 
ob e*6ta<e« ft opSif, i-rtpifalm, in- 

poptpfc, «pof«7tsM7tTii(. to give a 

— judgment, six opDSf cpfnun ft 
lix&ljitv :it»oI«i f , iD/iin^t. to ba — 
towards any one, tbniKwt ix" v 
itpasTti* l i.b/o(a x pii*$xlnipi Tina: 
— iat, ev. KpOfMsoiiiimif, i : — ity, 
at. Tii iripo^nAcv, nposwrtoJijf £n, ft : 
XkpiS, tbpirtm, ft ■ — ly, Wp. fc 
ji^pai, Kara /lipoj, iiri ^ipout, /*i- 
pejn: -jiit epflilf, avfaan, aifasif, 

P^ctibi'lity, oi.,(np«Tiu,*(nipfT4u,T». 

P&'rtible, fa. p,tp<iTef, <fiaipiTd>. 

P&rti'cip&ble, fa. >n6«ris, etet ti 

Participant, fa. atirxoin, uraiUMnSj : 
oil. ucri^wv, ituMii;, i. 

Participate, p. I. x. «M. (in *.ot) pt- 
Tixu, jtoivuaO, aupi/urijiM. — cipa'- 
tion, al. Jioiv»v(a, ittvovala, ptji. 
iilfit, pMtftt, mppBtitf, /itroxit, 
ft: tuaop-i, ft. — cipative, fa. pt- 
TB^i'of, KBMtrutif. — cipator, ob. 
pitoxot, *of»iuvil;, o. — oi'pial, fa. 
(ypap.) fUT/rxtxif. — cipial, ob.\pt- 
™xt) *. — ci'pially, Mp. pix»x'- 
k&s. — ciple, 8S.(yp«/j.)^tT»xii,^. 

Pa'rtiole, ob. //sp<o», tb. ato/iot, f, : 
Mdxnrav ptpat, ri : (-/pap.,) /iipt- 
o>, ti. npojOtel, ft. 

Parti- coloured, fa. itowOoj. 

Parti'cular, fa. tliat, *ixupijp*ve s , 
ptpt*b<, xa&" *«utov, «j«' ttao-ron : 
tfiitbf, Itvtlttpot : Siafipui, ii-npt- 
niii, atafpiree : (aujuaawe, oUdVa- 
Ta<, Trapao'a£*£, i6t6rpQTioi s clxpi- 
Hi : (»but.) pipwit. a — friend, 
•unlss^niMit fiJof. a — way, t* 
WJfaerev, to BapaJoJav : — , ( J. 

Juairav, («iu.) Itnrtpiputu, a(. 
for — 8 apply to... Iptirnmv rk 
KaB'IxaaTai] lirn-n/ijsi.'ai rtv... 
to goii enter into thefnll — s *a6'i» 
Iftaarav dulflrtv • iSt&rr.i, i. JD — , 
lltx, tiafipitT^t, ilaipirruf, ^a- 
J,ara, •i x 4 u .«t— bm,ri.(fc*l.) 
A S«« Taiv «^;o»T*. (a-ri Xp<- 
orifJia toic fcJnTNa Wfim) : 
— ity, 06. iStirns, ^. i* i^iev : 4- 
(cp««a, ^ : to £Ue*OTev, to irapa- 
Joto». HiorpoTia, A. — ize, 0. V. /. Uyui uttB'ir Iira- 

BT8, . ljr, JTrtp. <Jia, XWf'il " afl ' 

Su i.aoToy, ««i /i^po t , locpii&i, 
Trivia if i|^( : Jia$ipi(»T«(, ^{aipi- 
™ E , /nalio-Ta, otv. ^ K1 oTa. 
Pa'rting, fa. axaiJinTTV , "f> '< VB X 8 *- 
pSv. to give any one a — kiss, 4- 
■aU«m(B*»ov pjrfv. a— cull ft 
viiit, IiTiutij ^ npi roD aniJflilv & 
itpo Tij{ iCeJou. a — Cup, ifrnvpia, 

t«. a — apeech, i{it>ipiO{ Aiyo«, 

i I — , ou. imtilBYi, i-nox'ipir'f, 

it&iutu,ti o"<axpcoi{,$.x«P'»><0(. 0, 

Pa'rtiBan,oi. («p.) ipxnyie (iraxTou 

OTpaTOO) 4 ! 35T0UJ«0T1)(, OTBOIti. 

t»k, mrtntiintt, *. anyone's — B, 
of iu> mi, of iut& T<»o(.tobe any 

one's — , ncouJafuv Tivlfl BlplT(»a, 
axoXauSih tw, Ixteflal T»ot : av 
■«,, iraIpo(,a"Wouflo(,4:mflirT^o» 
(oTpaniyau), r6 : Uyxtj ^- ^»P U , **■ 

Pa'rtite, fa- (P«t».) e'.^jSTi/ii.Of. 

Parti'tion, ov. ptptspbf, J.a^ip'"/ 1 *!, 
4. tudftnt, ti : ianio/iTi, kmii/ni- 

Jia^pay/ia, iiBTt4(M>U , > T '- * *" 

^.o-o. A *'* *t*«w Torxot ! (fTor..) 
r^pm (aWilou), to : (ipir.iT.) xfi)o", 
Til— W*U, ot. *(ar«^ia/ia.TO: 

_, 4. i. >iip(5». titfupK* ■■ "ip", 

fcray^Ui, jiavl/iu : — mfiut, eS. 
Jia/iipieif, ^.~JiavO(«), ft. 
Pa'rtitiye, fa. (/p«r*-) fu^iftWd — 

ly, faip. /npcaT«0(. fro. 

Pa'rtlet, ol. (7u»aiitro») «tpti«^»», 


Pa'rtly, snip. Sni pipage, i* pip***, 
*<rck p4pas, I* ptpt ■ — ._ — > «i 
/iltt ei Ji, ta pi* — , Ta St. p4pat 
pit Ti — , pipot 14 n. 

Pa'rtner, 06. neivuvij, p4rex°<, /■*■ 
Wx»*. ovnpyei m/M.iimup, 4, 
(jfoiv.) wiairtpot, siivTjjOf of ,i^ip£ 
tozo(, ; iuvo(jj;iiiTii( 4. aunopx^- 
BTpia, ^ : trupnaUtap, eu/tnalfuii, 
£ : aUjr/ns, S,ij: (icnrr.)nL ol (jtb- 
i«b*ai : — ship, oi. xai»»vla, fiirs. 
X*, *(*«».) ■>"' , ™ £ /»'*' ,i *» *- m " r f 0- 
fia, 4. to act, undertake h do any- 
thing in — ship, xevmtttt ml ti- 

">f, *«tjx«'> tSv Ti.e ( If7uv. to 
canyon business in — ship,«oivai- 

Partoo'k, *mpr. toS Partake. 
Fa'rtridge, si. (o>».) ntpSit, ij.xajMa- 

617, 1). to Cry like a — , KtvaaSlifit. 
Parturiate, ). oil. &S(,<*, &tns t rf- 

kt». — tn'rient, tmiuuv. 
Parturi'tion, su. t6xs,,o: ullv,<»3lt,V. 
Fa'rty, ei. £/«io<, ix- 10 ^ ' : (**(*-) <"- 

Xaj, J : niptitj, oiioi;, fUfif, 4' 

(-ISC*.) ITOAlTllto'* KlJ)l/ia, to. o>,jo> 

T^a,^. to form parties in the state, 
orcHiagicv T7jv neUi>. to be of any 


— , JlidS 

oii/imfiio*, to\ (noiy.) onvavaiTreo- 
W, 4. to give a — , invite one's 
friends to a — , truptxiti' fliout ii; 

pflv. to give an evening — , my**- 
itir tit iajtiplSa. to give a dinner 

i t tdw 

,Ti X .„ ■ 

n Job j 

4 oW«l 

fofiivot. the contracting panics 
nifiCdU»vT*(. the parties in a su 
■I ttataa&pnei, "'<■ imioWs i 
Spuvvi, 0, n : — coloured, in. ro 
xhae, lcoiKd.ixpwt, bnpAxpuut : - 
jwy, oft. 4^»«T6i» Sosxarbpio-J 

i : — spirit, ev. t* tresiajTCfcov fl 
«™™wJ. : — wall, ..5. ><«.i- 
Xio>a,To'.iii^*o>)i S& pianvnX- 

riitrft: (inl ofxw.) I iripnpiiot. [i. 
Pa'ms, el.(o>n.) mytBtdbt*) cdyiBxla,, 

Pa'rvis, Pa'rvisc, 06. irpsniia.*, .«. 

xpeTip.4*i*ita, (faxlqnac), to : o"oi- 
ftartoy (/v ToI t Tfrnukafaif), td : 

B/ifii6^TiiO-i( (^ira?u run o'nouila- 

OTfi» Tijf veji«i!|{), A. 
Pas, sS. pupa, to 1 n^oripi?"!, ii. 
Pasch-egg, 06. ubr tou H(fc«x*i t4; — 

flower, ov. (^otv.) a/tfiiiiij j cTfuy. 

Pa'achaU *it. 4, i), tt tou 7raix". the 
— lamb, & tou Tt&a-t" ip-'it. 

Paaigra'phic 2 ; — al, in. 6, A, t4 rt.t 
■xstoiypaftac. ^graphy, nh. nn- 
W-f*-, *• (flower. 

Pa'Bque-flowcr.oi. (^ory.) Jo/j. Pasoli- 

Pa'sqnil, p. 4. m. Pasquinade. 

Pa'squilant, Pasquiller, oS. saTvai- 
OTiJf, auXXaypifat, 4. 

Pa'squin, Pa'squinade, p. 4. sstu^u, 
■r.U=i»ot : — ,ou.aaTup«,^.iOOo(,o. 

Pass, i, oio". /jiTaSai.u, jSaifSoi, ^ai- 
»H.X«C«.nf0X! u f«,yitifiMMj)oia- 
SiSupxi. to — on his Way, nspatTi* 
pa jipoffXiaBai : mp&, ounfi, a- 
ftllb/iKi: irnpt^ofini, lapairopiu- 
a/iai, nctpuyoi, TztpaXXdrrti, na.p(ri- 
pi, napoiiiu ; (itf Xf^Wc) oiX'l"", 
? ii>ya), lupxtpm (o-^v^eidf «i a- 

way), wpipxopm. the night was 
— ing, »«{ ix^pti. as time — es, 
XflivouiijseeHhBVTot.tolet anything 
— , ™ P 4p X t,ezC n, *atttt9*l T. : 
JiaUiiTTSfiai T8i fijv, irroyiyyo/jai, 
ijtTti^u, TiJiuTii : mvsfiEi, J^yw, 
nap^itM, Sdpxopt', Tvtpoixopou :, litanS, ■fafLZapzi : (inl 
mptirpdtaiii) x u P fi . iio^wpw, ^(toi, 
i-yuyc/ioi iiui, (koiv.) x-jxiofesA, 
jtipyfl : (iirl ifl«») inopara, btt>- 
S I 2 



(for) *=<* a 

— es for a juat man, ihnioj [I'vai) 

tk'tttu, x<Ap«v l X u : nipfbtu, mpt- 
ifwpat. the sovereignty — ed to 
his brother, ittpiflniv (i$ rii Javroii 
b Jt)f iv 7j ip/ij »i napi]aB« it)* (3a- 

/iiranftiTU mi Tiva : imptirw, Jia- 
npiTTM, vitipixu: linipeiiiu, umf- 
£a£v& : (iarp,) x a p^*i &nex M pw> H ' 
nsJuo/i"', airoz^/>l!rof"" I Snttipya, 
I^F>'(* *a.y.. 0X a,™ f )V«- 
jjfav ayw, ou /i!tiz» tou ira(7«(ou. 
To he past, oiroTslrfoflai, ijwirpar- 

eup6ahu-i. to bring to — , iiavii- 

iir>* to let — , irap.^va., rtapa- 
JsiTTJiv, ten. let that — , «i» : ifti- 
p«(, HTioir^Ttiv : a^livai, av«'y 

/iiSitvai. to let — unpunished, 
Ti/^p.1* Tiva. to — in any on 
head t) mind, ffnijrTiiflai, J<aw 
oflat. in — ing, it napdJou, in irapo- 
*«, irnpaJpe/ia^v. To — about, 
jrJavatSai, jrspiif>x !a ^<". to — a- 
long, HB^p;(wfla.,ir=f>anopii;M9a<, 
nxpoStiui. to — away, ™pws- 
jUae, irapanspiuiiSai : airt'p^ttSai, 

*av(£s*flai. to — by, nxpipxti&a,, 

HX'pxGaivitv, TixpxTK/piiia&at. tO 

in, ffspmfnrnu, i/iitiirrm : ti'tip. 

iij. to — into a law, ripot bwokb- 
flfcrrnirSac fl ylyvurBxi. to — into 
oblivion, iifiy ivlj;n9ai, a^»nirtl- 

>«», npoxwptXv, Tixpatxlva* ; ylytt- 
»»«•, ju^Safvu.. to — ovi; 
eiirflai, JiaTripaieuirflBi, £i 
Stxmpxv : xttpopSv. to — through, 
*< 3 S a ,\. s ,., Wva., S,i pX v,f>*< : £,- 
lAxiivnv, StxftpuBxi. 
Pass, 0. ^. Ttxplpxap.ui, itxpu 
/» 1 "<» h, irapo&o/. «, itafio Ji 

!j PA 

paSnivu ; {iTtipSaJUoi, iiripBahoi ; 
Juctolvei, JiaTupaiou/Aal, SUpxvpxi, 
3tXTiope&Qnai, SixTtspoi : £ tarpf€oi, 

i<a>», 4»aA.(iri[ii. to — 8 day in, 

il/iipx-i 4ya)fffjniv fa{ tmi. to — 
one's life in anything, Stxyvr J 3m- 
tpiSui riv plov jtowi.TB t<, iiafti 
iraioDnraTi. to— the day at a place, 

»'. to — the night, vuxT«piu«v, i<- 
aiuKTi^tuin, to — the winter, sum' 
mer, spring, iiJia^ti/iatjini, 6sp(~ 
(an, it$tp(i;u», (ap(?«v : irpoiri,*- 
irai, npoayru, J(KK8/iiCs> : SiipX'l"" 
(rolt offlaXfLoif) : hfipw, -npofiptt : 

pxifoi, Stsxntpatvt*, St«7:pxTT0i : iw, 
napaSttfuM, Itfjra, irapaAiinu, bb- 
plTjfii, ltapdpxopxi, xiirafiovit : ■»- 
paiToipai, oi> o ixo/izi. &p»cj»xt, «■■ 
vaniia : ai?a ti, ovit <va»TioD^B< t(, 
nvyX'ucti, intTptwbj : xvp&, faiici/pZi, 
rfl J /f^{(o/tXl, 'j'r.VQV.pCi t at^XO^Bfj U- 

jropeiiui -rt, unof ipw, iBpripu : ita^a- 
Ohyu, 3i a 3(lupt, nxpx r/ fii*>, hb- 
piyyufi, cizyy&^'iiij.c : ^96i 1 'iXeLU~ 
V»: JrT)S«, mpiqes, fiul^o. to — 
sentence (j judgment on, t(9nflai 
ffljiov, ansf ahioflac v>iai^>ti>, Kpfiml 
yvaj : uji» irstciffE)a'|(*0<v.) iirS}IB<f{u'' 

lo — one's verdict, iiropfltyyuflai, 
iiropa(v«flai pA^ij». to — ODe'i 
promise, irfortv J ( JiivBi to>1, (*ei».) 
U7r(ix v 'f»8ac. to — to account, kb- 
raAeylfwflai, 0itoX97(i;cir9a.. to — 
muster, ooj«fia£ta9ai. to — oneTi 
accounts, Wyov )) ivfhjvac fouvai. 

irttpav ttt6rai. to — anything 
through a hole, JiaEaUitv, &■;•- 
eaJJ.<», ILjuv J. 1 ijiTYit. to — th« 
hand gently over anything, hbth- 
•pijv mot ft ti. to — had money, 
xtelnix xpfi/iatx Ttd4mt ii< tuiia- 
fop/av. to — in review, »aS' lv I*a- 
it»» ava^i/miftxin, (orp-) (Jcthji» 

7lSl|[l6ai, (XSIV.) ^5I(0lii/)!ta. to — 

thee ponge oier,i(xiiif «t» ti e*rf]r)>¥ - 

— backward Sj to — aatern, (va«T.) 
unonJf'tiv. to — away, StxTplBm, 

It&ytis (xpivov). to — by,xaei*vo:i, 
icapipX" ™! napilaiivuv, Ttapotfiu- 
«•, wapa^iiStaSai ; irapepau : ouy- 

itxjttpx*, StaGatvtiVj '/j&Tagatviiv, 
imipSatrvr, vxtp&xlXuv, iixxo/d- 

pxlcinur, ii.. 
Pass, oi. rcopoj, o. tlote;, nipo3a; 

■™ p {«,i.t 

Mi*, 4. 

pr the — es. xaTaiaStZv % Rpol 
£e?v Tie Ttapo 1 Jfluj ; StxGarlipiMs to : 
assia, 4- (iik U**pav, 
«iA.). to": (rrp.) &&u* (iire u0 -(«(), 
i* : (iv iif o^a^fa) iraosBoM, $ : m- 
ri»T*aw, 4. matters are at a fine 

, Kv.iiii'iy_;t to Mpxypa. I see that 

things have come to such a — that, 
o>& t4 npxyp.xt«. lit touto npo»)«- 

Pa'asable, £n. iropiujifw*. o , o"tu<F< i »0(, 
p2Tos,^iiiii/jo (, tuiropo j : 

*, cavalry, {irawp 

■zsjits:, iuiKTOf, fitTpios. — ly, 
(nip. ivutreif: nirplzif. 
Pa'asage, oi. fattum, Jii^oJot, m- 
palaatt, Siampxlvatt, ^ f in,-, o"i- 
amwiJj), uitEseolij, i'lJfiuiii, ft : 
JiaSamt, A. ™pBy.b ( , birlouf, Ka- 
panJous, 4. after effecting the — 
over the river, lix6dtrts il. irora- 
po* : t4 iitlaiiif. during his — , 
litlairoiv. to allow (| grant any 

pi&«, itapani>*JH'» Tt«i ; itBpBfltT. 
«», tJ. y«&lo(, 4. liitwt, Ti. ; Ji- 
vtivfta Stantpxi&'iut S JixSaK- 
«(, Ti i o'mi, i. i»M»> A. : — of the 
urine, otip-iiSpx, i) : ■npifji.a, au/i- 

' 3 PA 

6«Fyov, aupSxi, rd. to ytyviiuvov : 
{it piSiiv) pflai*, i). pxpTupiov, %t,i- 
p(ov, To':V«iJo[)maJof,§: (jtoun.) 
Xtophiu /iJJsuj, TO : Jiodcjioi; (upa;*- 
/*4tuv), il : jitmipwuf (yeptaax'- 
oVwJ.ij : (kpx't-) S'x3p°i>a,, A. liinl 

Of 1 otfoiTTOpOf 5p«s, fi, Sptlttf 

■yclntw, s(. a — throngh, ItaScta, 
V. in — , *« Ttxp6iov, «v napila, 
rapx!pti)i.A$w. — boat, ei. nepS- 
/tito>,irloiHpiov, nJ. jtop«(«,ij : — mo- 
ney, oS. TTOpefiilBv, vauAoii, Ti ni- 

loj, <i. WllBflU, TO, 

Pa'saant, ^«. fiapcpun, Hox*t : /5a(- 
rtav, irtpiirorOv : faiito'lau);, a/iiJ^f , 
oi(yupos. en — , nap«'p-/w(, f> napif- 
Jc^, 01* & napdo**]. 

Pa'Bsenger, ot. Winn, oJooropot, i \ 
(vauT.)vaueaT«,;«.e H T,K,vouTC)8 4l 
J : (•f't/natHf), o t>/>S(Si|vA( to h^- 
/ia,napaeaT)]s,o; — 'sgoodBfliug- 
gage, l^inw, Ti. 

Pa'aeer, oJ.J.aeaT^ A : — by.oS. m. 
potirjii. A- nxpoStti^jj. 

Pa'eBerine,iTt.(spy.)i, jj jT oToui7r^ov- 

OOL.. OTpOuSOK^!. [9nTDV. 

Faaaibi'litv f, '■ — bleuesg, si. to m- 
Pa'ssible/^ir. iraflnide. [fla. 

Pa'seim, Mp. irayTa Z oO, 1.0. xai %,. 
Fa'seing, lit. i$alpvro(, innptniit, Jia- 
npnt^t, i7r(o»j/iO{: — , Arlj>. tiuft- 

pivTOJS, V7T3p6aAjLffvTAfC, igutpfablf; 

— Strange,J(a» J[ap4io£ov : — ,oi. 
iiaSo;, & \Knip%vtt;, JiaSaaic, ^. in 
— , in nap£S<f,Tiapip-/at, ix itapi- 
Jou : — bell.'oi. vcipmot xolo* »v, 1. 
Pa'aaion, ot. nafloj, n*9^/<a, Tif. in<- 
flvfiia, o'flyij, ^. TriSflot, o. to Control 
fl govern one's — a, Kpttm t'tai 

iv iviBuiiiay. 


ntB 4 .tc 

have a — for anything, int6up,tl 
1. fl uu .o ( , 4. tofallinto a—, ipylfr- 
iSai.&yavaiTirv.toputanyone in s 
iltnoiiXv T(»i ; — flower, oi. (Sotv. 
foi&yBtpov, ri : — week, ev. (in 
jfl.) itiyal-Q Kiojiif, ^ : — ary, of 


(UkX.) imprvpoXiytav, ti : — ate, 

^n. (jUITbS^C, ipp-fili) KXpK$OpQ£ t 

Btpfioupybt, ottv*^, tr$o&pbf t ittf/u-- 

/ios. a — ate disposition, charac- 
ter J feelings, ipirafltia, ipyH, 
Kf»SpirQ§,1l : flufuxoe, tipbt opy/i* 
p&Stat, ipyiloi to be —ate, oju9u- 
(tlT» ; — ately, iir/p. i,i™a85(, 9io- 
/*«!<. to be — ately fond of, ipttrt- 
■oif ix'<" T»i( ^ npAt ti : Bpyflut : 
— ateness, oii. i/uraStia, op7ii, ajo- 
Spity;, ij : opyiliTijf, o ! £u9vpD««, 
• ♦:— ed, i*.J^7i(ifl^(, 1/i.p.xvJif, bh- 
papopot, *«»(({ : — less, in. anaflijc, 

Pa asive, ftr. <m*z«f. to be — , *wrf- 

an a^iivfl i Z ei», iWa£S'v, »«pri- 
pift ; (irea/i.) ltafli7T(Kij : xaprt- 
pi<s(, ujio^o»i|tuio( ; — obedience, 
ntiSapxta, >i: — debts, tb Xp^J, Ta 
ijmi^/tara : — , eft. (ypa/A.) ita- 
oViicSv, (A-ipa), r* : — ly, Mp. *■ 
»ii z <o(, iipavfit: jtBflijTiwfic : — 
nc?s,-8*. fp< Possibility; uno/ionl, 

Passi'vity.oS. tqtisBvjto'v. [4<Si4Joo'os. 
Pa'sslees, Jt, aSarot, anofloj, aWoi, 



Pa'ssport, oil. ov/i6oJo> 

*. (*oiv.} Smtxtipto*, TO. 

Past (irapr. *. p-«T. jrafl. T. Pass), lit. 
jtapilflwy, ■napiliXuQiif, lrgpoixi- 
fitvoc, yiyivttp.4vo{. at a time — , 
riv nxpiX66vrK xpi'ot. in times—, 
itaiai, Ti nalai, h t3 napiJSdvr. 
Xp^'f 1 — t •*• i ™peJ.9<i>» H napi- 
JqlwSAf XP*"°(' * *poo-9av SjSuirpe- 
fffliv xpi'Oi : r« 5tap«lnlu9oia 3) yt- 

ytmpAi*,*k'K*p<»t i ! t w- — "f**. 

irapa. to go — anything, napipxt- 
o9o( T(, napaf ^piaflaf ti : irclp: — 

boundary, imlp ra open fl Wpav rfli 
ipfaiv : — all danger, fori* *avT». 
■rivJuvou s — dispute, 4v«pii>Iloj>o{ 
ftiKjiacfAtnrroil — help, 4M»U' 
w«! — enre^recovery.av^jfisToj 
i»£ar«{, iiuyfaoro,; : — hope, in)- 

half - 

quarter — five, «Am «ai W- 

Paste, e!i, fipa/ia, r&. iratf. (yt>. 
<rra<TOi), rrf./.«f«,4. (««.) ;ii^, 
^ : *411a, ij : (/ural.) /*T/Ba, to : 
— board, ofi. xapTiK i ffuyioAXet, 
iz&mtpoq xfipbi 9] iruxva( T J. (icotv.) 
vairozofiTDV, to : — • board, in. Ix 
vaiTTOXapTOu : p. i. '0\Xu, mryio\- 
1&. to — up, TipeaioXX&v. [ot^/>, o. 

Pa'etel, o*. (^otv.) hra* K , f, ■ x p*- 
Pa'stcrn, ob. nt<rni«o, (tunou), r6 • 

neovnala, ra : — joint, ov. ipBpia- 

«i; (itojoj tmrou), ^. 
Pasti'ccio, oi. pup/iif, o. nZfifkiy/tx, 

t6 : aTriLxavla, ^ : fxtiotpecfta out' 

TeSir^eidii ^k fiajiiipwv nJJuv, rd. 
Pa'stil, Pastille, ou. a/m>iaTMi» flu,uf- 
Pa'Stime, ot. ttnyityli, rpiSil, Siarp,- 

€fl, naifiic, Tt>i/.i(, A. (ks(v.) iii- 

o-niUo-ii, ;,. 

Pa'etor, oft.naiji^v, J: IijJii<(, irv«i./ia- 
T«is nBTi)p, 4 : — al, in. iroi/ilvi- 
■£;, j3oiMoiwif,- m^aifwo; 4 ««ya- 
Ji(5(. a— al life, vtpxSnbf alt,, 
i. a — al poem, /SouhsJho* u'AtUt. 
ov, rii. a ^al song, a«,u« i-oi/ti- 

.ixey 11 potuelixev, to. a — al Staff, 

lt8(/">l«l) /laSJoi, A : 4, i, TO T0& 

irvw/taTMBv iroi^ivoi • — al letter, 
txitmXil inwxiitou, ii ■ — duties, 
ra Icpioit iraS^KovTs: — al.ob. peu- 
xaliiov ,;SiXXm», 16 -. {ttnl.) Ktno- 
•««•, ti : — ate, 06. (toarite, jj • 

— like 8 : — ly, /it. (if ktW, i — 
ship, hpariia, 4. 

Pa'stry, ■ i. n^/i/ia, irip/ianoy, jjijpa- 
>ta. to. (»oi..) Cu^apwa, Ti: « V - 
^15 i-iiiip jsfov, Tri^fiaToiiwlilot, ib : 

— cook, «S. TH^fiaTOujsyoj, o : — 
man. ot. m/i/iBToitolJn!, *. 

Pa'sturable, ^«. ofo; ti i/iicSm, 

Pa'sturage, «u. ^sot^oit, j;opTao-^a, 

to. to/<^, tj. to drive cattle to the 



— . iUy 

-i ini t)v v 

... i) tea* 

Ulr, utipaitut. 

Pa'sture, ou. xopTKijftn, rd. ve/ii, Tpo- 
M>*: —cattle, po«^BTa, not- 
.^»i«, tk : — grouud rj land, oi. 
»ty"i, ^ : — , p. t. «&<*, noi/inlvM i 
— p. not. it/ie/iai, noi/*, 
?iv*op.*<. [fi&Sa tp.otOi. 

Pa'sty, oi. aprexpfaj, to : — , ^n. 

Pat, *». «niT>jo'tio ( , suKpp.oiTO;, ft- 
op^nffuv : — , onip. «S«p/id»TM(, 
ap/ioila;, &*piji&f. 

Pat, oi. p.uXxx-/i Eirajii), $. ip^Jafij/ia, 
r<( ; /mrpa (3fiJos, >j- SpopStov, ri : 
— , p. i. tytiXaffb, iita, Kaia^iu, 
il&<pp&l ^o;Tfto"(f&> l iiafpav TiXn-j^v 

Patch, oil. ovppap/ix, intSXri/ix, ix(p. 
pappa,r6.if>fnts, — on anything, 
inippinreiv, im&alluv Tivl n ; j;«- 
piov, &;p(ltov, TO: miioirnrMJ. 
nxmriv 0Tf-//ia, to : Ti/ii;(iov T * 
/mppanTO/iiuev (^v noiKlAjunn) ; 
AvOdtLteiov Tcorqpov fl KcrxcffTOV, TO 1 
TtAoiToiraiot, o : — work, 06. x^»- 
t|wv, 0. 

Patch, p.t. BKOUp-a., panTW, OUppB- 

»T«, twtpp&mu, bamto&fa: x*X- 
Awrfgu (rt wpitum) n(r/>«t. 
to — up, O-UppanT"", WTd^tf- 

itTti». to — upon, /i^f e»8bi : — 

ed, in. jfirappapOf, patt&Siit : — ■ 

edly, in(p. pattaken: — er, of. i- 
"•*ri)f, i : — ery, oi, to ouppi- 

Pate, oi. ufKM, it. *pa*to, to; to 
Sippa Kstpzlijf iiiexmi ; — d, fir. 
(iv z ^,u iv wvW.Bn), »;, long 
■ — d, f ofo( tj)v xt]»M>, JJuiff aloj, 
£{uji«p,jiPOf ; vstiot/pyec shallow 
— d, ftwJOS, tf-MOlPi, avd^TOC. 

Patefa'ction, oi. o^Wi;, «7to>aJu^ ( , 
h«n«f, 1}. '.jiiKf. 

Pate'lllform, in. unb; )) ln s » «. 

Pa'tellite, ot. (op.) We *. 

Pl'ten, oft. nri.,, l«am,j : (fc«l.) 
Jce-jrapcov, tJ. 

Pa'tent, in. iv«p^s, xaraoVof, i/i- 

vot, iiOiKTot : npo»o/i(«v ixwv. la- 
tere — , tlnXap-a, to. mvoaij. i) : 
— , ou . Jinl w ji a ,rd . ' x iv .) npo u s>i o», 
to ; — rolls, 06- ni. d tmv tftTrSo,- 
/istoiv xarnioyos ; — , p. i. nxpixa 
SlxXw/ia ; itpetieatai fi j«mi,) *pa- 
vo/i.o» Jio'oijiif mil — e'e, 06. i i- 
X vv to irpovd/»o., (<o».) ■npa^ept- 

Pate'mali in. irarpuof.the — estate, 
to irKTpolov xrijjLS ; »aroco{ r ■«=- 
r^ndf. the — frienda, oi itarpmoi 
filer, &;ittp nxrrip: — care ^afifc- 
tion, filoaTQpyiz &tmp airo tdu 

irarpos. a — government 8 rale, 

rcoirpovo^a, ^. (<oiy.) TIBTpK* «u- 

«pv„„, fl. [A. 

Paternity, 06. to narpoov, JiiXTp^Tue, 

Path,eu. rplSoi, o,ii. irpanit, 4. rrf- 

Sof. BllTOf. 6. (*01V.) /10V07T<1t< (o»), 

to : iJos (toS pVov), ^ : —leas, h. 
fi6«TO(, Sitopot, Siolot : — way, 
ou. op. Path ; — fi.i. oJoTtoifi ; — 
p. oi*. pa*(5M, pahtu. 

Pathe'tic $ : — al, *n nao^T. K(t , 
o/inafliit : —ally, <irfp. ira9«Tuil( : 
— alness, ou. to rrafl^TiyJv, 

Pathognomo'nic, in. TiaBayvniiiimxit. 

Patholo'gic y) : — al, on. nrfoloyoro*. 
" ' t, ov. naBoiii>0(, 0. —logy, 
iloyia, i,. 

Pa'thos, 06. nafles. T<(. 

Pati'bulary, in. 4, ii, to tou o-raupou. 

Pa'tlence, ou. unoyonii, ayox^l, mpri- 
p(n, /fiKpr.8jjiLx, fi. to have — , 
/iiverov thai, /lanpoBu/itTt. to have 
— with anything, aWxio-flaf «, 
liro^^imv Tt, ff(j«v n : Kaprtpla, 

iympripyait, i). to bear with — , 
Ttptiti flpfo. to listen to anything 
with ^, ov^i.oai AnoiovTa. to be 
" bfelrtsil, ovz 


I'tient, in. napTipiiit, /iivitoj, i!o»- 
j;0(, npatif, pia'pofli^iioc, uno/*o«i- 
TiK^c: jU7v*o>Jio>», ouyv v «F 0v( " o t ! 
1/Lp.irln, /til/pot. to be — , JtapTr- 


pit*, 4»i X .je al , Ono^.w, ; — . gfi 
a na.9iiTatif : 6 vgrr<;>., krOstis, &p- 
puiTTOi, S ; — ly, iittp. tur^ixfii, 
uRs^avqTufi;, xpiv;. to bear any- 
- thing — I y, TtpSstf fiput ti. 
Pa'tin, au. 3>. Paten. 

nefls,o5. ip/ioiiiriis, imrn Jsiritii.-.ft 

Pa'triarch, si. warpiap^r,^ a\pw/irr}i 

P*4WW> * : (**«*■) Tarpiipxti, e: 

— al : — 1C, in. watptapxiitit : — 

ate % dom : — ship ; — ly, no. m. 

rptapX'", ft. 

Patri'eian, In. tOmrpw, ibmnpCfit. 

tuytfis,Tt«TplKiac — ,oi. luniTpt- 

tilt, & ' — isnii ob- ivyixiit, ft. 

Patrimo'nUl, in. nxTpmec, naTpflof 1 

— estate, TiaTpfio" urifjtia, to : — 

ly, lidp. nxrpiK&t. [ft. ra irarj>$a, 

Pa'trimony, eu 7tnTpGia KAqoava/u's, 

Pa'triot. ov. ^iJ^Ttoii;, fiJifraT,s({, 4, 

ft. (koiv.) iraTjKifrrK, 4: — ft : — ■ 

ic: — ical, In. fiX6nxTpt(, i,-ft, »j- 

Tpi«TWi( : — ically, inlp. irntpt- 

nrtituf : — Ism, ov. i Tilt nBTpite; 

tpm,, r**"*P", ♦• («»•) «v 

aiTur/iot, 4. [n*Weu« Tfls M,j(i ( . 
Patriotic i: — al, in. 4, 4, to t<0> 
Patrol, eb. ■uo'Djyo^o'poi, ninfttoAoi, 

of. the leader of the — , mpirtoX&p. 

XtSt mpmiKxpxei, * : nspmi'wtt, 

ft: — , p. obi. ntpttpxepxt, i$e- 

Jtuoftai, irieinelS. 
Pa'tron, oi. upoo-ianif, xjiJi/isIii, 0. 

to be a — , itposraTrtv ; mrtiyopof, 

e&lttKOft * : (t^iOJ 7tpOBT«TIJi ft yu- 

la?, 4. aysfleo'aO'**, 4. 4 (ixxlqW- 
«i) KTtfroip : (»aur.) jciaOtpxi, S : 
— age, eii. »pocrraj(a, irpoiTaT»fa, 
ft : (i«x).) iit/it>i, irpoiTaifa, ft ! t4 
Ti[{ iipnrilaf a*titafup« — al, in. 
npeorar/ipiof. the — algods, narpi- 

■ rl. : — iie, ji.i. irpouraTdiu £017- 
fl», fmxwpa : xaptCepxi, tbvoiit&t 

ffrinjf, A ; — leu, in. airpeiraTiu- 
to( : — flhip, eb. Sp. Patronage. I 

56 PA 

Patrony'inie,o*. t4 TcaTptitu'^mir: — 

ft : — al, in. narpnwinx6t. 
Pa'tten, eb. KpoinaJa, ra. Kpoiintfai, 
al- (ap^dT.) (TruJ&ffaTfl;, i ;*a3(Wi- 
6m., xt,Jl<«a9pe>, T<f. («m».) fciio- 
icdfapovpTo: — mater, eu.l *pou- 

Pa F tter, p. eiii. fcf&, nxrayH. 
Pa'ttern, at. tttypx, nnpiStr/p.*, 
isp&iToVymy, apxirunoy, to : oify- 

/ta {ifHrop«U/IKT8.>), Trf ! TUBOS, 4. 

book of — a >f : — card, ^BJiov 
tvypAmt, ri : — •, fi. i. aiteTuitM, 

Pa'tty, oil. si.a^a, jlmtjwno., to : 

— pan ,ou.TiTiinrifi/<aT»iiT4ya»ov. 
Pa'tnlous, i". ava7riirri^i«os, i4pv(. 
Pauci'loqay, ol. t'li/oyuflia, 4. 
Pa'ncity, oi, ^Jiyorne, ft. 
Paunuh, eu.-/ain}s, nulla, ft: — like, 

I*, y&ttp&irit : — , (I. i. iiuoiiiZ'a, 

huothifa, ittvTip<r,u. 
Pa'nper. ou. xtrqs, '^t»z*(> * : — iin, 

06. myto, nruj;<'a, 4. 
I'use, ou. naSJ,a, iviiiauJi, ft. Sii- 

ittp-fia, SatliXitov, ti. (jioua.) Ita- 

•7-to)^, ft. after a short — , iu*p6t 

3tai.m'Jiv ft .y.oiv.) pzra ftapttv n au- 

tutlliitw, irau)a> ixpUiut. sab'. 

ifa, ft : (ypa^.) naSia (— ), ft : — , 
p. obt. irauo>ta<. a.aTauojxai, S,n- 
Jltfnu : snoeu, e'lirrifa.Lo — upon, 
tontCiu, ajaft^tUin 1 — r, ov. e 
o(BA,(iir M -j : 4 Jiirafw singly, 

till>. i» T& /lITa^U, ■> ^a)l( W JT(. 

Pant,ou.(jS8Tv.)iiiipj;op»(ii<ipo J s8(, S. 

Pave, p. i, o-Tpduvu^i ft mranTpiy. 
vuyi j/6nij (Koi>.yc9orrp«vvugt. the 
streets are — d with stones, hI 4Jsl 
ii'jf A<fl4sTD6iToi. to — the way for 
any one, TrpanSaTnniirnt : — ment, 

til. llxfOi ilSoiTOMTIHI, TO. (Tpfiscf, 

ft. &itupt*Tbf b&bt, ft : 1 — ment - 
beater, ou ayopolof, £. ^7ooa< m- 
jj(rpi/t,uo:, to : — r, ei. i USatf 
(fTpoHnuoiy t* tiafBt, oitupflv. 



Pavi'lion, til. okw/i, tj. ^letw/tic, r&. 
*«■<, i,. 6iXo. : , $■ cipx-Aoo;, 4 : 


- — | p- i- «*j*OTTBca>, ffxrivannj'/b ; oi- 
■<$« ir mtq.atf. [to., To. 


P»'vi0UT, BU. A JifloiJ STf.UV.UUll- TO 

H=# o(, iJeitoiit, o. 
P»»0, «6. (op.;) Ta» ( , i ; (lurrpt)i 
fa&f : — nine, irr. itBur&Br £cntp 

Paw, ou. mOf (w« Mou), 5wE, 4. i- 

«*■). J«J>1| 3 ! (*«T0ipOO»>!T«t6is) 
X«p, < ' — 1 *■ "'' i - MBfWjfi/tMi 

{uu xso"l, Kpniirn 1} itsrioisi rfly 
/11« nooV ! — , 4. I. t£ IpxpovBia 
»o Ji xpoum ; fiazitf^u ti adijiuc : 
uJohvai, flmituiat : — d, in. Ixuv 

Pa'wkj, in. ratnpftf, xiptfal/of. 

Pawn, oi. iVfjfupov, ijtnpBv, to\ utto- 
fcitu, 4. to put in — , i»^*"» «M- 
"H. in — , at — i inyjp «"(!{. to 
lend upon — , 4*1 i"X"pf Jami- 
fn» : — broker, 96. * iirl i-ity/up-' 
.««■&»: 4.1 Mxvpafu, ht ZW H- 
at>, vmrffiuiiu. to be — ed, inn- 
ul«9ai : — e'e, ol. 4 ia/iSi™ 4- 
idxupav : —«i % : — or, oi. 1.4- 

Pawn, st. <l* fonWf ) 4 «Tp«r«Sr«. 

PlS, BU. J OTaBfOf O iMTK^lUK 4 

ij ifxdiv ^ <iffitafoM«"l (npo Ti)(i?o- 

BBU T* fetl**!**). 

Pay (irapr. *. (Mr, «aB. paid), 4. i. 
rim, iitorf™, iktivu. to — a debt, 
in><JiJrW< xCipaTa, iutjuicn airo- 

iii«. ™ xH«. (.">"•) 'W 1 * T » 
zpisf. to get one's debta paid, 

Jialvtiv ti of«W#it»a. to — taxes, 
msTildv, f am^|iii> p4po», Ji- 
vnir. to — wages, >«o-8oJoTilr, 
to — well, fiptt* *4p£v{. to — a 
price for, xp^i" Ta 1 *pv"pi«» *."- 

nUwi, i.ilrfai ( o-jwpdtjiui ri ip- 
lUfUu, iHpicnu (riva Ti/ialf— ti- 
psi) : ifiitS^aai. LfTxitaSiSrupt ■ xe- 
infu, *tn»ipaifiau. to — for any- 

thing, Jf«»jv Itlivtu ti rtviiv t'mip 

fuBt. to — the debt of nature, 1. 
wix"' ti» t>I ♦uo« 4j>tJ4ptii«» 
e^.^rov. (xoiv.) nJigpuntiv ts xaoal 
Xp^Sf. to — attention to, irp8(iz«<v 
(w. «D»). to- a rist, JttBxmO. 

Tina, («01y.) tlKnEIKTMSaCTUW. to 

back, ansrlvio, ijtapiB.utlv, ans- 
Mbiii. to — down, KuraBaAAuii 
4 KuraTiBitou apyuptov, to — off, 

tofau. to — off a debt, J.aliin* 

TB Z pi 0( . to — OUt, (««.) 4W- 

™ xaiav Ttj iyKilpa : — , ov. tti- 
lun«, aHO^BBic, ^. (ko».) til^paft^, 
^ : /mflii, 0. /jijfl»fopa, 4.. fJiSw- 
fia, ti; JupiA, LfLo&v, y: — bill, 
ot. 4 Til( paBofapBf tirr&lt-/<?c; — 
day, b4. i rti airoJrfo-iu( ftpipa, 
(>oc».) ^ Vp« T ^« nlijpu/iflf : — 
maater, ov. 4 tbv ytir^tv b.?ivtt>v t 
^ib9oo'ot>|{, ra/ifa{,4: — mUtregg, 
^ Toy purU) ^«Tivouo"« : — office, 
0*. TB/ier«,Trf:— able, Jit. fcroo".*. 

tfljUBf, htio ^CTBO;, ifl::p69tvfiGs ; -~~ 

e'e, BU. 4 ttz6/u*ts t4v ju»9<{> ■ 3 

Jixd/uyoi e«vaJJay/*a: — er, oO. 
4 £rot(>uv, 4 aKodiJoUj: rapia ( , 4: 
— ment, oi. Ixna-ii, anifioirit, 4 ( . 
a?vwr<{, 4. (»«».) «li»p»/ni, 4 ! 4- 
^o<6^, fl. /mrflic, 4. 
Pa r ,p.i.(.a,T.) n .«=B,( n JBlB,,«r).), 

— over, *tfnxftm,nfta^tfv. 

Pa'ynim, ov. ip. PaJnim. 

Pea (tti. peas «. pease it : x- three h 
four peas : a bushel of pease), s4. 
(pot».) itfo-oj !| irfo-o-Bt, i. made of 
—, itlmrtf 1 — soup, ni«»o( ?u- 
^os.i: — nut, oi. op, grauud-unt. 

Peace, eli. iipijyi). i. to bo in — , ii- 
p4v)l> &■/*(*, li&yw it (fp^vi), Hp>j- 
tiunv : )j<pjx('a, «[p^»>), 4/idysia, 4. 
to be at — with any one, <» lipjl'p 
fl iitcma fiiyu>i lipiivnui fia- 
mliihu npds Tiva. to break the — , 
Airtiu 1) naaaCal>«y raj nroyJac. 

to keep the — , ftouxlay "V*™ 

gstv, r/iwxif xffti&ttt. to mak< 
("p.) mHh «i^ii«i» Ttvi, Six 

' " c ilMW treaty 


VlSxl, K 

„ ) f „ 

with any one, ItallaiTta 
«oii( nva, ^[/isii5ai, (: 
Jiout-Si;, ayairSoHai niin. to nave 
no — from any one, tioylilaflsu im£ 
tiuoj. to leave any one in — , jmi- 

ilv Aioxltty r<ys : — of mind, »■'- 

prir-ii, tvtuiila, ft : — of conscience, 
•cpftyn Tijt tyuxilt. to hold the — , 
qnx'w ny«», ■")*» I — , »"<)>■ «- 
Ana, iu^/ib:— "breaker, ofi.i 4"<a- 
iiSo>. Tit«ra»Ji(i ♦iJoripajias, 4: 

— maker, oi. «>itv«»i4t, JwlU- 
*»]{, 4 : ■ — making, ob. S iiUr/4, 
4 -' — offering, «i. Kaflaprftpio* (£- 
ipou), irpoWXtion, Det/ia, t4 ; — 
officer, oi. tipirefiiat, i. 

Pe'aceable, fa. upijuorif, «ipr,yaIos, 
■Iju^oj, ii/rfi»if ^7r(flufiuy : — ness, 
ou. to iipi;yOf4y, jjavjjiH, ft. — ly, 4- 
Ittp. liprjta&s, lipriJalOi : ftaijxaif. 

Pea'ceful, in. lipijyiito;, lip^talat, $- 
(Tuxof, ft/tepof : — ly, Mp. tipijyi- 
■u(, itfjinaltH. to live — ly, tip ft- 
vijy, ftoitftay a-yiui ft I;(h»: — ness, 
ou.>ip^»),ft Tifipijmiv^o-u^a, ii. 

Pea'celeBS, ^n Tapani iiis. i>.jouj;os. 

Peach, oi. (jSory.) /j>iJ*a Ilipewft, ft. 

(itoiv.) poJaii.ia, ft: /i»}ny IIipoi- 

**», to. (MW.fpWfenvv, t* : — 

stone, oi,. 6 rou prtXttu UtpfiKou nr t - 
p-fa ; — - tree, oi. Sp. Peach. 

Peach, p. I. k. oio. of . Impeach. 

Pe/achiok, oi. vioosof t«&, 6. 

Peacock (Po'afowl),ot. Tad (, Mb, 4. 

Pe'ahen, oi. ft flijAifa rails. 

Peak I oi.a)ipoy,To'.aitpii,«pufft,ft.the 

— of the mountains, ft Kopujft rou 
4>0U( :(jim«) a»ft, (wwjji, dxlt, 
ft: (,avr.)Wp8pey, rd ; — halyards, 
(vavr.) ft riplipia irataaf ; — brail. 

r.)4 5 

j PE 

ofi : Jpxoj, Jp niif6),Tanc(»ou)iai: — 
ed, fa. Iz»v Mpufftil — iflh, fa. 
iptiv&t, Bpttot: itxtis- 
Peal, ou.nxot.o:— softhtUider.pVoii- 
Tai, ai — of rain, payJaToc 6p.%pot t 
4. pxytala £poxft, ft : — s of shoots, 
&l«l« V p.ol,ol:— ,p.«M.ftj[S,ft»»- 
tO ; — ji. i. KaraSpovrO, ifiEpw 

™, ;« Hf <s (rfc 5r«) : ««*«»i5». 
Pe'an, ou. Sp. Piean : — iam, oi. «ai- 

e.cap.i ( , <6. 

Pear, ol. (j8otj.)Sx"i, ariof , ft. a wild 
— ,a Z pa f ,ft. (««,. A, 7 i»«) fcla- 
liM: &«•>.**("<•-} *X*'<<*>). 
n( i — main, eft. ("Jot >ift)ou : — 
shaped, fa, AxMuJfti ; — tree, oi. 

Pear, ^. ouo - . « P . Peer. lamof, ft. 

Pearch, ou. ip. Perch. 

Pearl, ou. /tapyapa*, to. fLapyapinjj, 
*. itvpyxpiTit, ft. a — shell : — 
oyster, yapynpoj, o. o-fwy&ii, ft ; 
ituxa/ut (ifflal^ioO), Ti : ri a/il- 
apcora Tuiroypapjca vrot%ita : — 
barley, ow. nTurani, ft. (win.) *a- 
p*t, t : — diver, ei. i pap^aphat 
ava?iiTM» ; — eyed, i*. Ix«> i«u- 
xoifia jvrfi o'jiOaiyC : — stone, oi. 
(op.) «Ho( p.apyap(tBv XCBov. 

Pe'arly, fa. n)^p>j( nap 7 apiT&r; p*p- 
-japiiS-rtt : o^a^av^(. 

Pea'sant, oi, ayponM, iypoliot, yiwp- 
>4(. 4. (win.) x<«pMo*, 4. a — wo- 
man, "/U-Jfl ajso"(>0(, ft. b.-/pBt&Ttu 

ft. («<..».) xo.p.«ft, ft s — like, fa. 

iypoixait. : — ry, oi. oi Jy iypolj, 
a^potitoi, oi.x»p«oioi: aypourfa.ft. . 
Peac-codft: — shell, ou runrai *(- 

-rot, t6 ; stone, oil. (op.) mtrai- 

XiSos, 4. 
Peat, ow. <rnr>iirvt« til), ft. ufoc TiJ( 

(«iy.) ityoitirttt nipf^f : — bog, 

Oft, TOJIOf, if OU JpUTTtTai ft TUpfl : 

— moss, oi. riJ^iaTflld'nf Toitof, 4. 

Pe'bble, oi. x**<?, *, ft. ^ft^o«, fn f it, 
ft. Tp^uaio;, o. toeiiunt with — s, 
4>1f(C*" I — d, fa. tf-apit&Sytt: — 

stone, «b. !?. Pebble. — ly, fa. 

f r, f ■, c< $*i i _ j/r, f i ii S r, ( ,no )u fr, |j|(, 4 ,ft , 



Pe'cal, at. lp. Fecul. 

Pe'can t : — a a ■ ~ nut, eC. {per. ) 

*Bpue»-*(jc 'A/fipucflc 
Pcccabi'lity, ov. 7to»»ip(B,/iOx*ip' n i 4- 
Pe'ccable, in. o.doioc, 4a(«ij{, hov^- 

po$, a^apTGMOc. 
Pecoadi'llo, bv. «/<aprj]/ia su^yiu- 

«To«, is ; iZcJef; TtnTBycfeu. 
Pe'ccancy, 06. xaiij 5j p laStplt i iarvi 

(™ JWS»), ^ : aaapT^a, ro. 

Pe'ceant, iit. (toxic, /laxflijpic, stpap- 
T«io s , B.oWc: fi/aSspo;, tiriSXa. 
Wt, venio'wCi ta'miii ; iiStili, u- 

Peek, 0*. (jiarpov x«piTK^Tnros} to 
TiTaprou rati pityirM : TtiijBos, ri. 

to be in a — of troubles, inopia 

in*X»o-flac, e» nJWflc xzicfiv ■&«, 

Peck, p. i. jtolairru (pappii), (koiv.) 
«M«iflu : Jamai, TiiitirS, alto*«- 
ii*S : a!p» ti (Jii roD pi/ifout) : 

■lllTtM, TV1TTH. tO dOWtl, HCBTS- 

&pu<jKO/x-nTrt$i 4 I ('pyallfav Of «m- 
KO.) i$*«» T po», re. [x*««SV. 
PftVten, ai. : fofl.) KTitf, 4. (««..) T* 
Pe'ctinal, in. KTttMrfife: — , 06. «T6*sf 
ixSwx- [KTWcWmt. 
Pe'ctinate «: — d,«i. (por.. k. ivr/i.) 
Pectina'tion, ei. xTt*tv/ibt, 6. 
Pe'ctoral, in. oTT,flrBio(, >ti]Siiis(, 
rfnw, 4. oTtpviTif, 1) : — medi- 
cines, «Tl]8[lfB f«p/lBXB, TO ; 

miucles,e{ tnfitcaot /tmntt: — at. 
trrfiatbv f&piimxtr, ti : (n«p"l 
*pa(oi() t4 mpitrifntt •■ — ly, hip. 

Pe'eulate, p. euo\ viteicAairTM tb Sr. 
/i6iia xpii/tata, u^aprtafai, apifi 
pi£o/ia( : (>sju.) iaJittoi. — la'tion 
ti. to BHuAImn, */oji>j, ij. aft- 
■uptnfibi, vojin/iii. iijafpMif, Cm- 

(e(jsio-k q. to be guilty of — lation, 

v>dkJW*tic», vofflZttBa.!, aftrtpl- 
fiscal, 0*Biprtff-fl«i. — lator, at. 

iptTlpiOTlif, >0»flOT^(, uMlTTIK, 4. 

Pecu'liar, tn.ionc, iuifo(,(<nni.}(«'n 
aCw. it is — to him. lam avreG. 
it forms a — feature In bis charac- 
ter, rtpac Tpineulariv afiroO, irtfu- 
kivbutoj. (xgiLi.}c?«cfu« , Hd>Tw4t'v) 
IJKiTOuZBpK'Tflpocrou: — nature, 
Wifaif, n. Eo".«\>, i$tnp.a, ti ; Bao- 

fA€C6~tQf, klloifOTOf ; , OU. KT?ifLa 

iStev, To.iT<[in(io'te,i5; n jrpov4/M- 
ovIx»^=B AucJLqafati — ity, «£. ioV 
o'm(, n. tfiov, leVa^a, to : — ity of 
a person, iftoTponia, n. I ftot rpo- 
ios, a : — ity of character, ri pl- 
KiiJiav: — ize, 4^. r'o'iw, Joiotoiw, 
OiBiiai, Tteo(D«ciu : — ly, /nijj iff- 

w{:««e»DT! U j;— nes«,oe. op. Fe- 

Pecn'niarily,iirfp.zp , i>" tT '* Bi f' 

Peeu'niary. ht. xpnwixbt : — loss, 
iite*oXii apynplou, -ft : — embar- 
rassment, atropia jpii/iBTaiv, fl. to 
be in a — difficnl^, a»op«Iv zpn- 
jUotbh : — penalty )] fine, Ti/ijjpa, 
to. zpn^ariitn fiififa, ^. 

Pecu'nions, air. iDnapas, nMn«. 

Ped, ou. piipbv vdypB, TO: <aJa9o(, 4. 

Peda-go'gic fl : — go'gical, /«. ■«• 
i'aywyiird}. — gogism, ot. n«ja- 
yuyffl A- gogne, oi. TiaifaTHyot, 
4. — gogy, av. naioayojyia, i). 

Pc'dal, &. 4, A, to tbu iroJaj : nafiaN 
o$: — -, at. irA^xrpov T& wit gpou6- 

Pe'dant, oi. yp%iijiaioi%ti«KaM(, a ; 
itiilp iiapoUyof. ff^oXaaTurit, a i 
— icfl : — teal, tit. S/mpot, p.upe- 
147ec: — ically, i-nlp. axoiaata&t : 
— ry, 06. ^luipoJoyiB, axpiatru.6- 
tie,*. [lapatrxtiM. 

Pe'date, in. (^otv.) naSetxiSiif, ««- 

Pe'dde^olip, Peddler. 

Pe'ddle, p- dS. flvapfi, lupH, papa- 

nalS. to go — ling ahont, Jtaitu- 
Ait» icat'eiltovc: — A' '■ *anij)«u»: 
— r, eb. i tar' oIkovs ttanal&v, tic- 
ranpamc, itali/iirpaTiicJcinnloc^ I 
— rcssi o4. kbthiAJc. v ■ — ry, o4. 



itJjiaTfi, Jijoriuoi ; — ,A.abS.lato. 
fiotauimi. ixXmCZo/ttu : — er, oh. 
A IxJlirftTw* ; JtjoTfJs, & '. — ing, Ov. 
fieivitbt, A. KlXufts, r&. 

Peel, ei. to ntvapiey {iSi 4pf»s»ifi») : 
(ruyp.) Kpi/iatrrtpioy Ipyaltfon, TO : 
•ppaipun, -ti. 

Peep, p. 4. pUm,, tltfltm,, wriii;*, 
«apoavit™,(«<>.)*UTraf. ) .to — «t, 
ispoffltnta. to — into, tyitiitTtn, 
lntximsi* ttt ti. to — through ,«eo- 
(cuirTi(»,itiuitruy : — , p. aiS.ftzi- 
■o/iai, pavtpoc yl-/np.xi, Siafaiw- 
fiatyixfaivoftsui itaf&rxtti — .06. 
ft ji>ma iitdirpuf ey.To'.To xunri^tiv. 
to take a — at, pi(*«n d( ti, uf 
titjtut ti : — hole % •■ — ing-hole, 
oh. dm) ti' ft ft Siimi : — er, o&. 
&rnrT««Ti)p, 4 : epOaluit, A : kbto- 
Tipsy, ro. [ — er, oil. vtotabt, b. 

Peep, p. obi. iriTtafw, Tri*[? W , m«u : 

Peer, oi. (coti/ioc, o^rtfMf, d : fOos, 
iTolooc, d : timaTpfJvrc, t&yiv^f, 0- 
/«Sti/m){, 4. Chamber of — 9, to 
tuv o 1 u.or(p.o..™y«piov.the— aof 
the realm, of sunaTpItfai 3j of i/i6~ 
ripoi TB& (Ja«ilt(ou : — , A. i. ireifi 
Tiya ift6rt/io¥, ii'st^v Toin ditori- 
y«* ra?n> XKtirmpt r — age, ev. 
r} Tfiy o/<oTi>iiay T&ftf. olA/tAri/iot 1 
—ess, 06. i A/ioTlpov yuyii ( »ii?u-- 
y*t> — leas, ftr. uTrapn61,iTi>(, i»«y. 
K/uToE, SouuSl^Tot ; — leesly, 'trio. 
iiuapaSJ^iaif ; — leisncss, ofr. to 

Peer, p. oof. fslno/iat, £i«paf>ofiBi, 

TiipaTiipSll/iiT&itpoe-exflt^i™ n. 

Peert, <V. raxi*, A*""*".- 

Pee'ridh, ir. atuUpwrbf, dufnoloj, Juc 

■ KxmtXtia, ^iTBTpaTfa, jj. — linfr, 
dw. /tiKpoii/nt, nijitfa^ot : *«tr»iliu- 

Pe'deraat, oi. ira(d"tp««T^f, 1 — y, 

Pe'deet&l, el. fidbpti, vnitaipn, ri. 

u tio« a S»t t> s , o. £ i at 5, tj : jtu Jo 8nnj t,i . 
Pede'stiial, die. d, ij, to tou irodof . 
Pcde'strinn, 'it. lriCii iteptwd/uvof : 

— journey, it irifif itopifa ; — , au, 

iri£onopo{, ni^of, ^liiuriif, i : — 

jam, ou. Tii^oiropfa,^; — ize,£ 

Pede'strious, he. Sp. Pedestrian. 
Pe'iliccl, 06. (^ot«.) ptrx?t, 4. «m>Uf 

(«vtt't.»), S l —late, *«. (^ot..) I- 

X»y ofo-^oy. 
Pe'dicle, oJ. (^otv.) Jp. Pe'dioel. 
Pedi'cular, 'it. fBup&Siit : ('"p.) I. 

Jjaiv Tfl» fflnpfaiiy. — oula'tion,oi. 

(■aTp.) ^SeipiaiK, ij. 
Pe'digree, e£. */t>t aJJyii/iB, ri, yini. 

itaTpia, jj.withnut» — ,ayf»io:id-/>i- 

T0{. [fl«, TlJ. Jt/TB, Tlj. ItTipi, ti. 

Ps'diment, ou. (IpX**-) *" , °*i *• * iT " - 
Pc'dler, ob. ip. Peddler. 
Pedoba'ptiam, oi. 4 Tfiv >d*A» p«- 

nrio-ij. — baptiat, oi. i iirlp Tii( 

To>y vnirfuk jSauTfiiw,-. 
Pedo'meter, 06. to rOy fa/tArl" p4- 

tpoi. — me'tric i metrical, 'it. p^- 

Pedu'nele, ou. (jSotv.) Jp. Pedicel : 
— d, in. Ix*» /«<»xoy. — colar, fit, 
fiitrxtf ip.oiBi. — cnlate fj. — cnlat- 
ed, in. (3otv.) nri^i'i^u fu^ivof. 

Pee, p. 0«i. i'l if8xlp.&' ipS tj pli- 

IU TIV« ! d, Is. TUf )1{ TOV iTIpOV 

esSaiftJy, jugySfflalfiOj. 
Peel, ou. fAoiit, A. ItrtOf, Td. linvpoy, 

TO. Jlftff, h. 'filitt fl.d. STTOJi-.TdT.Ji 


off the — of anything, anoMfr 
fclmfllBi ti : — , A. i. fIoR«, m- 

pif JoftV, lin«, aitolfew, airiieirf- 
C«, fal,it(?o., (<oiy.) taJ^fu, £,- 
•>lo«*iS». to— off, 
— round, itipif Itt^utf Trcoiiini^i 


fuir : — ly, 'nip. oWoi.nt, o-ruflpw- 
it» s : ajKTamtoTuc :- - ne»B, «i. *u- 

OXOjfa, OXU0OUTldTi;s, Tp^TTOjy ^xl(- 

Peg, eo. •auaJot, y&itfot, nalftbf, 
: !^,"a, ru. s^psi], 4 : i xoljoifi 

PE 8( 

ft to faro* wv (tSv pmit. ipyavw). 

to take a — lower, tbiwvoBh, xa/i- 

ntuv, ouirrtJuu : — striker, oi. & 

Xtti'ur fotpturtt : — top, ei. (*a(- 

yntr), ft. Kuvtalttr/ibs, o : 

^MtW&i- Mr.ri.ftwff- 

o-ala«. [«p.) Hftyanf, i. 

PCgasus, ou. i>u&.) IH7SMS, A : (=- 

Pegm, oA. n^y/ia, ri. r pf«o(, 

Pegiua'tite, oi. (o*e.) ypavtoif i ypa- 

Prira'stio, iit. HUpaimifuf. 

Pe'kan, ou. (fuel.) yalif, hri« (Tifc 

jtytfeu 'Aptputji), *■ 
Pelage, ou. 4 rpixutrif ks! to J^n 
(ran iyplwv f(&wv). 

Fe , leeau,oi.(o>».}o>. Pelican. [t«,tJ. 

Pelf, uli. irJoOioj, i.*(/io"es,Trf. xpjpo- 

PeTiean, oi (e>v.) irtlwiv *. mluft, 

*:(Z1(«.)«H«( *wlnr«no« iyyifou: 

(xlcpJooWaypo:, ft. 
Pe'liom, oi. (do.) 1TJ01 uljbit. 
Peii'sse, oi. titfSipa, strip*, ft: liiv- 

Jutjjj (yuvaiKiIof), 4. 
Pe'llet, oi. efxlpuv, aipatplSiov, to. 

xMpst, : (opx'T.) rorfli«d» ti >o- 

B/"i>i«; — , b. i.afaip&: — ed, Ai. 

Pellicle, oi. («W«.) l^ftv, : (porv.) 

iimipat, tS : (X*P-) "6y° (, /nfiia- 
734, o. [»"!", HUp«(lpoir, T(J. 

Pe'llitorf,oi.(poTv.)THpe*v<o»,7ii f J(- 
PeU-mell, <Vf/>. 4vap.lf , *i,)oV, bp.06, 
«*i), a«oi miTu. to be placed ft lie 
about — , (hj utoSm, tpptp-itivar 
itvai. to mixh through together — , 
xmflv, etamwob, (wil tfiappinrdv. 
Pelln'cid, fw. Jiapavfa, Stav/tf : — 
I7, ^nlp. tutfmfif,! — ityt — ness, 

Petoponne'esian, **. IIiloirovvijjMi. 
Pelt, oi. s'ip/jz, to. o>&, jftk, ft : 

pipa (fubw), ft : (iimi{) ft niJnj ■ 
uliryft, ft. Ko*.i$is/ia, *6 : — mon- 
ger, all. EMuTomiiiK, titf Sip OTubl iff, 
1 ; _ wool, ai. l>«w * /Mill (tSv 

tiSuioJrw. ;i»v), id. 
Pelt, £. <. pillei, f flr™. to — any 
one with atones, p"«U«i» t«& itSon, 

1 PE 

irainv Tiv«A(8oi{,A(9o6oA»It.tO — 
with mud, iBTafioluvii* : — ate 3; 
— ated,&t. (p<m.) imitSuutiJis: — 
ately, ittip. iamtottSsii: — er. oi. 
1 psttlu* j) pinroiv ; — ing, oi. Ti 
lifleeolrtv : Tpo.Sn)^, ft. 

Peltry, ai. Mp/*nTa, ti. JifoVpe:, ft. 

Pe'Ivis, oi. (a,T/..), ft. 

Pen, oi. ypafixQs naXa/iot, A. Tptfnlf, 
ft. (*oi».) Kovivliev, is: — case, ou, 
■oiAiloiftin), ft : — holder, oi. *s»- 
Julofopoi, 4. — knife, t/tthi>v,yi.i- 

$»»«». TO. {*»(».) ■OT*Blo/*iX a "/W', 

to : — man, oi. tpafiKis, yprtfi 
i/iTTiipoi, ; naMiypafoj, i : Jija- 
malo(, w/ypafiif, b: — mansliip, 
oi. jpajiHrt {rix'i), ft r (n«pT. «. 
/itr. ira9. penned), ^. I. fp&ftn. to 

— down, ovyypxyuv. 

Pen, oi. t(/Jitri), ft. I/j*0(, tJ. irtpf- 
Qpay/ta, to, injieOi, 4, /i«i>J(j«, ^ ; 

ned), p. 1. ffjcmt, tupw&TTu, M - 
pttlpym : vtft&fa, pttrtpt&u. to — 
Up, iyxltfur, avoKllftiv. 
Pe'nal, in. itoivalot, (»«».) ir«««^ : 

— code, 0/ nipl t« iJotft/imTB »i- 
fM., (m».) t* wota i(«a,ov: - 

ly, Mp. IBMtf, RWWKAf. 

Pe'nalty, oi. Tiooii, fpifUa, ft. t^ii/*oi, 
n/JOfT^n^a, to. (*oiv.) npocr^o*, 
to. to Impose a — , <;>J/*fa» firmS*- 
»a( ft TipotTiBivxi. to condemn, ft 
subject any one to a — , fi)fu«C* 

T,.. ,rt,.« « (..».) tefiil,,. 
«!( T1VK X| 1/""' ri ** v Wp^fTl/iOV. tO 

pay a — , J|i7/ifa« &i™rf»it» ft *ktJ- 

»o», ?fl/*(a« lo/<8i>u>i frfmio. 

Pe'nance, oi.^«Trivo<a, fursMtlato, ft. 
to do — , jiKTavooDvTa Unix"* oY*i)v, 
Si jipipmx: (i*K\.) xaiiiv, b. ti- 
lttfljia, ri. [narjsffiei fl«o), o(. 

Pena'tea, ot. nl. fPup.) itftrruii D 

Pence, ou. »1. t. Penny. oVipn, to. 

Pe'ncil,8v. (;«}■/>.) ypifAor, to. ypa- 

sj{, ft; xpmnitp /iilltos, b. (mill.) 

jiuliSiJoxivoulffv, rJ 1 — ehapod. 


yfi'pu, Siaypdfa: — $to- 
ypx-ptytu, ri. 
Pe'nd),oi. 4*T< t , i,: —led, In. l x «» 
idTtaaf : (j9otv.) o*r<-uTSi. 

Fend, air. Sp. Oil-cake. 

Pe'udant, oS. (Epnjua, ro : frAnm, 
iMe*f utv, aanf.ii tw. iiw., to i to 
liicpttiU {iipaXaylvv )) pi)x* , '>ff} : 
*p*ypv.K<tpip.<t ipic % iroieo>o<dvT.- 
rt : (vaur.) 4mnfu>, 4. jij^iIh, to; 
•reii/iv tptjitta-rbs (tou foiraipiou), 
i : (ipxiT.); w xpty.ip.noi 
(i* t*Jj o>epfa). [k1id-is, 57. 

Pe'ndenoe, 06. kJ(«s, iyttJUnt, inl- 
Pe'ndenay, ah. int/tlio-it, $ : t* /u*4- 

Pe'ndent, Ar. Kpip.ap.ttaf, iptpae-ibt, 

KsOtlasic,-: uevtoipos, iMpI/lljf, af- 

'Vnding.iit. dfrpiTos, mT^wjSQs, (voiv.) 


action, Jivi tsKptp-r-.t, n : 

^j &1, ir^ai. era : — the edit, tVTj 

Pendulo'sity, si. to aiupw/uvtv,. to 

Pb 'ndoloue, in. 1101,11 a/; t vot ,xpt/ia or is , 


HJro^oi,ie*8B(0(: — ly, ftrip. p.<- 

Tisipwt, i/i^iSoluf : — uesfl, (J. op. 

Fendulosity. [iooJo/iwv). 

Ye'ntlu\])Ta,Bv. Ti(tBn.)i*xptplf (rem 

Penetrabi'lity, oS. to jurtKdv. 

Pe'netrable, in. lambs, tuuupiw 

Pe'nctrail, all. to tyJov (irpay/iaTOf)- 
Penetrance, Pe'netrancy, si. ri o"(i- 

Pe'netrant, it. oWapan-i/iocotVo'tp- 
Pe'netrate. p. I- ii;o\ii6). tiVouu, o"ia- 
iripfl, (iiri a urof) inii,n'.i : avn- 
murt/ft.iH, e/ixluiviHC: fiayiyviunu, 
Jiao-KOjtoS, tUuptvKw, rJiifrta^u, 
(xoiv.) tpXxnh,, rifM*: — ,0. o<-o\ 
jia Jutfi ■<, ii<E< » o&/i«i, pVa Stipxaitat 
Penetra'tiDg, fa iWuriKo^o'israipx. 

a-ruo;, J <utvou«i*Of : of'Js, (ifiuojy, 
otmSipniit. a — eye, Jiita S^if. i. 
a — speech, a"uy«iv«T<«i{ Wyoj, i : 
— ly, i-rrip. fianipaa-Twfif. 

Penetra'tion, el. i<t tfunit, o"iadWi(,ft: 
dfvTiJf {fplv3v), J(. TO T*is yvolflltf 
ixyxivwt J; ostvov, lufuvioia, ti?TO- 
Xi«, «HE<*o«a, *• » man of — , i- 
v>)p «ftfuviro< ( iyxfwui. 

Ptne'trative, fa. Iixlurubi, Samipa- 
HuitpiHt, : — neas, 
mt-jtait : to oEue'ifM^c. 

Pe'nfish, ou. «o"oi !-/^eJvo{. 

Pe'nfold, »&.»>. Pinfold. [rt»*«tx4fr 

Pe'ngain, oi. (Jpv.) OTtTrjuoJuTije, J : 

Pe'nieil, av. ((hm.) X&fast) tifnliXtt 
(rpuxfiv), t ; (xup.) paras, a. 

Peni'naula, oi. x»po-o»i70-oi, >i x»f pi- 
i. the inliahiiant of a — , 

■r/glrr/s, 6 : — r^iJT.^Ipoo^^Tios- 
Petti'nsulate, ji. i. xVpOO'"!''?", X'PP"- 
vr|0-ia(u : — d, in. x'P* an t««ti'qc. 
'nU, oi. itiot, ti. norfn, ^. 
'nitence, Pe'nitency, oi. ^iriiveta, 
utra^fJua, i : (Uxl.) ia>Av, 0. 

/nitent, ^Jt. /iiraioriTuot, fUTS|ii- 
luTutoj, /HrafitJj; : — , ou. a,u«p- 
tuAo; d /iiTavofii, a ^f 0/10 leys u/ii- 
voj to: i/iapT^/iaTa : OWxm» iroi- 
»{vitiiioiavovaTi8^iiio(:?[). 8p n - 
i«uTlii«it<iJ!j)iori)T((,zi: — ial, lirr. 
fiiiKjinJijioiie /urayoiTuds: — -ial 
psahiiB, jiau/ial ftrx 


-ial, 06. (*«J) t 

jBoJoynTipwn, Tif : — ially, Mp. L 
p-trayaiif. — iary, oi. (i«l.) »«.«. 
/ixTiitOf, oi d JEo^oioyoupiitoc rd 
ittapTTiiiKTSt : Jta/ioJayqTapi 
trriifcttviirtviptQV, Koiv&Thptt 
— ly, iir(p. /jira/iiJiiTMfiit. 
Pe'nnached, i«. -/pa/iiui: 



t'nnant, oi. (vout.) /moiloiv, 4. a-,)-. 
Pe'nnate >l : -— d, ^«. *t«jj»>t4«, «ti- 

pn70iT0f , tniirtpot : (jSom.JjrTipoi- 
Penned, Jn. ^ xpa. [tit. 

i : jtonouioSi-ioi, i, 


, in. * 


- geroue, At. uttpefipti. 

Penniless, in. axptpaTvs, &xpn/<»» 

arapyupnt, hkt^/amv, 7i«»^ffT«T0( 

— asm, of>. k%f»ipjrtt<t, uraiz'"! "I 

Pe'nnon, ou. fy. Pe'nnsntr mipbr,r6 

P'enoy, (*), pence 1 pennies. 4 rileu 

roiz ftoptyl n\p.aivtt TOV api&pb: 
t»> vsfiKT^iiTuv. otav. I spent all 
my pennies, JJtncAing**Ma ri xpif 

fi-VTZ /IQV.), Ou. TO Sft&tMiLTriH&ptQV 
'fftiiAoi/j ^ntpinoti) rb SiKarrtp.6piav 
ffXPitt tiftipioi, t6: luxphi tto- 

ob. (£ot..) fllinrit, 4 • — grass, 
si. IfioTt.) op. Penny-royal : — ■ 
post. ot>. to ir4A[u( Tayyipap-tXet, 
ii jSaoiltiou t*x" fy"> u ilo y : — royal , 
si. (fior,.) ^ 7 «y ft -/W Z »y, : — 
weight, oi. (orno>Jy)T* A-t*1( o&y- 
yfat : — wise, in. ptidtoXos, f«Jo'- 
f»M( («« th ftucpi). (itopoui.): — 
wise and pound foolish, fuiailidJt 

p-IKpk i-ai Tiara/ii ei; jilyilft ; 

wort.ol. (6>oTy.)ix<0", vi:— worth, 
ob.npay/ia 3) jroo"aa a£ta( o^vxpioi: 
>u«ye( iyoo*, ifi : *«1«(, * : ftsaX" 
Pe'nsile, in. xptpJi/iitot, nptp.x<nbt 

oil. TO iprunsTSy, TO aioipou/Hvoy. 

itprfjs ftf, 4: J«pli,i.X<"p«^«.Trf. 
<Jwpi* Mirtot, xtpnyta, A (*•».) 

J>j/io«<a Tp*f«9ai ; Jwpta iTy)oios 
XOf-rr/O'Jp-fir, xir/pixy avti Jtmtrou, 
A ! iJioiiuii* |noiox«Io», to ; — /I. 
J. Swptav Jr^O'ioy fl oliiToJo *o- 
pir/fi «Vi ! — ary, in. iraptSq ittl- 
oieu aiiuOil;, aiirx(n ia/iSiyrov : 
■ — ary, ou. i tapia* <t^iiou Xx/i- 
<Hy6iv ] (iroiy.)oiJVTa£(o&x<'<, : — er, 
efi. — npo. : i {new.) "unaipofot : 
■1. (paoJixij) ioijuaTopu)a*>j, jj. 
Pe'nsjve, it. oiiyyouf, iiflirfiv, lejn- 

«*/*"•*, (*<"».) Juiioy.^yof : — 
ly, ftrlp. u-jcdTTiiBj, i^eiiiTioTicac : 
— neBS, 06. o"u>voia, *). ii ffuyyouy, 
fpovrit, ^. 

Pen-stock, ou. u«t«^k*tij{, i \ ih^ 1 
(ivTlfas), : xo>fu)of oeo«, 0. 

Pent, irapr. k. . nan. r. Pen. 

Peota-ca'psnl&r, in 1 /3ory.) !x*"" t ' 1 '- 

Tt Kl/itia,-. Chord, OU. HtTEt- 

XOpSoy, TO\ «)!>ia£ nnrixopS et, ft; 



• rfa'cfy/, (6. (ij(9.) 

^KKTuioy. - — COB, oi. ir«VTa')>tiyoy,_ 
t<(. — go'nai. — ga!nou»,iit,ttti- 
T«j.a)« t . — go'nalty, hb.non- 
jrAvtuj. — he'dral. — be'drical. — 

AerfrOMs,iiv.Trivtaiop(j;. — he'drov , 
•u. JMyreiioov, to. — meter, ofi. 
miTn^iTooy, Ti. — me(er, in. mi. 

Pent-a'n drian, fl. a'uiirous, i*. 

(p«T».) Ixwy «*>T1 ntyMMtf. — 

a'ngle,ov. jtiiTayinoy, tJ, — a'n- 
gutar, in. nutiytntf, 
Penta-pc'taloufl, in. (fie**.) m**ant- 
T11J05, mtTifulltt, — i/iast, oil. 
r"lX«"l < tX""*- "^' T * x/H> 

- ttivh 

I, OU. ^ DlvTi 

Trf. - 


TO Tijj It 

— al, in. 4, V 

MOaTi^v yryvifttva a?Le?aifixra Tolj 

bpnin.. . 

'e'uthouse, ou. npoiTiyBi/ia, npooTi- 

]wv,yc{rat>fUi, shelter by — , 

^iioo-oiiy, 4no/iio«o&y.« 
'e'ntice t) Pe'nticle, 06. s: irpo. 
Pe'ntile, 06. nipa/iot, 4. xisapi;, ij. 
Pe'nolt n Peua'ltimate, ou. nxpaH- 

youffa (milafc)), *. 
Penn'ltimate, *n. JtuTip/«x aTB t, !«*• 

pKTtJtuTnloj. the — syllabi e,napa- 

J* r yo»»«H'"'CaTiMuTe(tn()l«g*,'S. 
Penn'mbra, oi. (oiT/>y.) to nurffNti 

(?""/)'■) vi ^p'sv uKiis-sl Kal f 1UTO5. 


Penu'rious, in. yilsxp't, Qutaibi, 
ft'iipyjpQi : ofraoiof, ivStAu ano- 
poi : — ly, Arfp. fwioiJflj: ivJt3s, -. — ness, at. tficaWfa, y^i- 
o^porijj, i&Wliia, 15 t e«s"i(it, A. 

Pe'nnry, oh. ntrCx, Aitopta, ^ ■ o-na- 

Pe'ou, ou. nifs( orparitinjf, o:(£» £a- 

Tpufu) oTpaT!WTl7{, i ; ultljpiTBf, i. 

Pc'ony , u . (pi t y.) natoi « (a ^wiu af o"n , ij . 

People, fjri. people x. peoplei), oS. f- 
fl» (, to 1 .the different— s ot the earth , 
t« Jiifopa rijf yjjf Iflv„ : laet, *K- 
/*ot, i. the whole — , H mrtn/ite 
Tt^Bst, ro. irelioi, si. S^Jos, i: ai- 
Spotnoi, of. the — of the town, city, 
of no/trni, 0! io-To(, country — , ai 
i" a/ypolf, iypotioi, al. (/.civ.) x«p<- 
■of, ytupyel, of. a world of — ,n*%- 
Bos AaaS 1 — , p. ,. «&($«, ouvouf- 
f<», kstsixKu. a thinly — d country, 
Xifa iiiy&tBpwxtH. i. [xev, t6. 

Pepa'stic, ou. (iarp.) piipaaxey «*n> 

Pe'pper, ol. (j9arv.) 7i*it. ?1 to. nntpl;, 
4: — box, ov. imripooMxot, i. irs- 
itipoSoxtlot, ia; — com, ou. iruri- 
pic, A. -miput, -ri ; nptff/ta J)i- 
XHtro. : — grass, ao. (p~oT>.) 4yp«- 
v&pla/i*,, 10: —mint, at. (p-eTv.) 
fU*h n mnpfnii — mint-tree, ou. 
tf»«.) unpjrtl $ .fcalxures: — 
wort, eu. (£otv.) Sp. Pepper-grass. 

Pe'pper,p.<.«« P Tu»itii«p(™, («...) 
PaAAu TriTT^pc : nutiT<y&, i%lpv ; 
— ed, in. xtiitfi&Tsxsros, imnptnic, 
i. trimpiri;, fl : — ing, &t;*auarrr 
F*s, itau^anjpof 1 ojuppaiier, ipyt- 
Jo t , oftiflufioi : — y, /it. irortpinjs, 
i. ncnipfus, fl : o'fiippOTios, e'pydos. 

Pe'ptic, in. {Iarp.) iwrnxac: ,0*.- 
«to( : — , at. ^iarp.) pap/ituox tJ 

Per, iprffl. o\t, iva, xaTa ■ — be 

it * 4V l«v( s — cent * centum, 
*>tt t«I; ix«i i, : —u, atrif xa»" 


bvt4v. a man — se, A.*np ffozof 8 

tfiapipotv (ran fiMon): (aie npera- 

■t«>) avllaS^ =) aya*, iiay {ifbif 

Per-acu'tei in. ^JiiraTBt, Jpt,miTB70(. 

— adve'nturc, tnip. Isu(, Tax 1 *! 

tuxo'v: iat tvj;1(. in* lauro/iiiTou. 
Pera'mbnlate, p. •■ Jiefnu, o'htio- 

ptuepiKt, GlOOOmOp&j AIpfvaTU; j- 

jpia irJliuj, xiA.). — bula'tion, eu. 
o'laWpnuif, i<io'tuo-i(, mpiiraTfl- 
si(, ^. ittpinaiot, : iji(o*ijtij, Jnt- 
8«6js>li[f, ^. ■ — bula'tot, o"coJ<ii- 
iiv: iJsjicTao*, to ; ap-afto^ ri. i- 

/•«**( (fV'r a »)' *■ 

Perce'ivable, in. nVf igTic, votitos, i- 
parat. — ly, imp. aiiflflTflj, rare- 

Peroe'ive, p. i. afn9i»o/iai, /ia>9iy»i, 
ivvooj, (aravgu, bpu, yiyvuiKU, xa- 

irpO(^xw», * aio-o'av9> ( >s(. 
Peroe'ntage,oJ.^ ixl rotf ir.axbi tifiif 
oJoj. to work by — , ipja(trBat 
inl tiaa. toI( tnari-i. a certMn — , 

Kipto, Tl. 

Pe'rcept, ov. ii 4p6/iiiO» t« ni»9iiT4». 
Perceptibility, '(•■ t* ai«9i]iov, re »e- 

ijt4v: xaTB»ii|n(, xaraJij^it. ^. 
Perce'ptible, in. ttnrvf, acVB^T6(,xa- 

Tali7irT0j: J>lJo(, yanpo{, J/ifnvi5j. 

— ly, Ivlp. aio-fl^Tfisi lanifiSi f«* 

vepii(, <aia/nTTi*4i(. 
Peree'ption, o(. a<ff9i]«(, fl. to ai«8i- 

Ji^t, ^. I have a — of anything, 
aisoijatu !x» ij.l*^Sa»si Ti'df : [fi- 
;»<r.) T» Bi'ahiTav, ^uva^ic tou at. 
aS^xiSat ; bIoSx^ib, iraStijua, ts. ol 
quick — , tiaiatvrtf, to be with- 
out — for anything, a-jatethrttm 
i"va( -apii ti. [imxij, vei]Tix^(. 

Perce'ptive, '«. BirftjTixo(, xaral^- 

Pereepti'vity, ov. to afaflfjTon, o'uvo/ii ( 
toO aisBavtaaai, 4 : f^fiqvif, 4. 


Peroli! ou. *^T«wpa!i h ittnupo* (ipvi- 

P E' 8 

GW), ri, initxQpav, r6 ; «■*&>, J. 

Kouf (16 £ too^v): bxipuipx, to: 
—, fr. out. (sal 7tr.iv.5v) «Hfl(;« $ 
««e(;o>ta<, <7.iita9i;« ; — , p. 4. t(- 
SV< (t< hi mraupo,,) : —ant, ob. 

?«v (i.i ^et^V-) : »*t«V" [«*■ 

opfSuvj: (o>v.) upixtin, o: tJ. 
(fcwl.) lajmrafft*, mi. 
Percha'nce, hup. Ur*,,nzAv; 4*4x0- 

Perchlo'rate, oi. (xim) =^°f ™V- 

X^aptavxai, ti. [toastf, >d>j<r.s, ^. 

Perci'pience, ou. t-4 HioflavisSai, «E- 

Perci'pient, Jit. Biannual, »o«T«ij : 

— , oft. 5 aisflaviffuvot, vapatipri- 

T*(, J. 

Pe'reolate, £■ 1. tafia, nfulifu, Jm- 
If;*: — , i . ofto". Jiuflo&><«i. — la' 

ti'jn, ou. ulii/Lic, t, 

Peroo'ss, A. i. oV-a, it 

—iOIl, OH. vlBf.OS, J, ...... , , 

tia/iOi, i. 

..-, ly, iitl/i. it.atH, ,. 

Perfect, *ir. Winot, AirtAijf, navr»- 
Afo: ao~TT(Aoc T aifvipaTa^, oicf'patot: 
Ij»ir«.pOf . t« be — , p~te«to* fl 4opa- 
)*i tlvai, to) be — in. to have a 
thing — , ijiwvpoi a"va< Ktpf ti, 
oKOi6a s fitisraiSai H stfivai t<: (4- 

*i— ,«5. ' ■ ' * 

. .«fttu 

is : — ion-powde 
zporurr) xifvic, vj. 

Percu'tient, <«. sAjrniv, wc 

Pe'rdifoil, ot. (jssf».) P u«e«,™„ -. 

Perdi'tion, ou. f Sopa, Jizpfleea, vj. S- 

iiSpo-' *■ «<axei«, 4™Jna, *. the 

— of the army, ti Katurtpofr) ti 

nparei, [to.;, per" U»S(t> 

Perdy', tXp. rjirov. oNf", ii^flfis, S 

Pe'regrinate, p. el>S. noptiionxi, ito 

trap d , ana jq/i A , ex iii/ifi . — na'tioi 

oi. bSliTtopla, avTDCfluia,, 

i. — nator, oi. aJInjt, iJocnopos, 
Pe'regrine, in. \i*t, kiXttanit-. 

*&. („>.) jj ( »,.««. 

Peregri'nity, ou. tS a>Jo£«ndv. 
Pere'mpt, 0. i. (»•/*.) if avifu, SirdX- 

iu«.i, kixipb : S.f.aoti ttoim, an;,, " 

-im,rf. (..,.) i,J,.i.,,* : l 

p«»«, «J; — orily,^n'p. avaipiTi* 


1, f uvaT«t, (^^pOc, &>a/if>( 


o speak 

-orily, Sp 


-o'rineBa, ev 






« i^ra« 


4«p M T 

ncof : o^/iiio 



in. Inai* 

OIKflS, ivHtO 


Unas,, iW.oi 


T()nWTl}{, 0. 

ibi'lity, ou, Jv 

Perfe'ction, oi 

ii», inaifnio 


a^f£iia,r): xs 
to bring to — 



jtOT-eJiI., i7.<rdtl», 

upillll. in — , Ttlsius, liuriiftj ; 

— al, in. anOTiTtlti/iivas, T^Jtist, 
ip«T/»*»«: —ate, ^. i. iUf- 

Jusirei£ ; — ing, sfi. T«)iioiro(i]«<ft 
fi: — iet, ou. a Jdsa^uy, in j) ^»- 
tUiik Jariv ^fuTri. 
Perfe'etivc, ^n .tkIhntrbc, TiJuOTroi- 

<ts — fy, itie. TiJti*j™a ( . 

Pe'rfectly, ^nip. Tiiifwt, i>n)6(! 4- 
■piCAf, AnpTurjahwc — nesa, eS. 

lvTii«l = , Ti)ti0.5i(, TlJlWTlH, ^. 

Perfi'cient, iir. anoTiJsi/iaTnit. 
Pcrfi'diouB, lit. fatten!**, JoJtflt, •(- 

*. 1 ... j („lo6[, U7.StX0(, 

-ly. fafp. («. 

eila, irp«J«»ia, 



Pe'rfiilv, eft. anuria, ft. <SoAo t , o. npe- 
oWia, tmUvXi,, ft. 

Perii'x, 0. i. JpfSu, t-kttw, npasaiCu. 

I'erfo'llate. in (?or>.) i X v» nip I rbv 
«H«v TO jnUlan. 

Perforate, p. *. c\arpunfi, oW.Tpaf- 
»n, o"ixni<pu: — ft! — d, it. ip r,- 
rbi, SiotrpnTof^ 3iatttfoni*0i. — 
ra'tion, oft. T,cu:tiiiT<f, ft : rpunt)/ta, 

it. - 


Pcrfo'rm, p. i. near™, SixnpiTTa, 
ieyajap-a., Knn^|«i, intpya- 
fofiai, aTOTtJa to — (HiC's duly, 

ra. to — one's promise, Atiooou- 

nayyi^av, (»«».) *ic«l«r» rft» 6*4"- 
ffxioiv. to — a musical pi ere, im- 
TiXili uunxft*. to — a religions, 

atfrvicr, ixiTti&j Buiim : — p. «M. 

imoKpl'«0/<ai, B7««l$9JtOU (npd{0J- 

Ttav, atf/iit) ; — able, in. npa hpus, 

npxtti, TtXiivin, rrpajii, ft. Jpyeu, 
npeyp*, ti : indxpioij, ft. (xo<v.) 

iraoa5T2TC{, ft. the — ance of a 
tragedy, rpte/e/itxt SiSxaxxXia, ft: 
— cr, oi. npaxrup, npaxr^p, J: u- 
ntupirit, a., a — er on the flute, 
cithara, etc., ailijTfts, K.SapKjrils, 
J: — ing, ou. irpS(i,-,ft : urt«(iuis,q. 

Perfu'matory, in. auuJia^wv, iMim. 

Pe'rfhme, ai. sirdoTa, ttwo-fii'a, J«/i^ 
ftJila, ft: /lipo*, to 1 : — box, &ia- 
eairoov, to : — , £. i. tWinf*., 
imp((o : — r,oft. a luuftafuvft p.u. 
pi(ut : puponoiof, /tvpstpbt, yupo- 

mSlitc, o : — r"» flhop, oil. juu(»iT«- 

Jitov, ri- — ry, at. /»ipa, Ta : /iu- 

p>*(a,ft. [anpotiiTw,, ininolafm. 
Perfu'nctoriIy,in(p.o>USs, pM/iut, 
PerfVnetorincss, oi. i^iJua, paSu- 

pifa, anpos.{(a, in.nala.o-r-K, ft. 
Perfu'nctory, in. ftiuhftf, ■xpdfunf, 


Perfuse p. i- Swiftf, i"'Xi«, *<» 
pt. — fu'eion, eft. ttajyt't. «*<«- 

ijif, ft. — fu'sive, in. littyyTtiii 
Pi:'r:.'"lii, oi. mi]»ft, ft. ax^nM/ia, ri. 
Perhaps, inip hut, toj;", ttxoh, 
Ti z ' *". t«z' *' "w<- [<*»«(, to- 
■'riaiiUi £t — ium. oi. fp'oTv.} n^pI- 
i' e ri • ^a' rdiac . — ca'rdialft: — ca'nlian, 
in. (&rifi.)TtipMxp$tot.~ ca rditim, 
ou. (&*Tp.) xtpiictpfiisv. To. 
Pe'ri-carp. — ca'rpium, ob. (£otv.) 

(?'.,..)!, ),'«;.» vmriL. 

'[■i cn|)!', ^5 iripiioir^, Jijni, ft, [ri, 
IVi-if-rii'iiinm, om (a»ru) TitaiKpavioy, 
Pe'ridot, 06. (Op.) xpueiX.Bo;. ft. 
Perie'cian, ou. (-/tu^p.) Ttteieixot, i, 
Pe'ri-gee. — geum, sS. (iiTpv.) mp(- 

■yscou.T^.. — -jivijiA,ov.THpiypBjM,il. 
Perihe'liou. — hc'lium, oi. {aorp».) 
»4A>a>, T<<. 

Pe'ril, oft. xbiWc, 0. to be in — , 
-r-vJuvsiKv : _ous. in., 
napaxlviuvoi, «*JunUqt, ff^aAi- 
po; : — ouely, i»(«(»5ij«oi{,ofa. 
)<p«l{ : — ousneas, ov (xmivJuw, 
afxXtpbv, ^aliitftv, ri. 

Peri'meter, at. (ytu/j.) mpC/mpe*, x6. 

Perina'eum, oft. (a«yi.) nipi.nov ft 
n«p(ytov, rrf. 

Pe'riod, oi. nphttt, ft : (7f""*'. «. 
^iir.) mphlnf, ft: Wloi, nipat, to. 
to bring to a — , nipnfmv, tiant- 
ptxtvtiv; — icfl — ical,i*. mptoti- 
nit: — ical, oi. 5u-/ypa/i/io »ip<o*(. 
xo», t^ : — ically, Mp. itipieti- 
*€•(■■ — icalness, 06. rl mptolixii. 

Perio'steum, oi. (edt/i.) ncpuie'Tioc 
i/A>)v, J. 

Peripate'tic, 3: — al, <n. TripmaTYjTi- 
xrft. the — 8, o( ntp(jratT|TOfo( : — , 
oft. TttpiitxniTiKbf, i'; — iam, oi. ft 

Peri'-pheral. — plie'ricfl: — phe'rical, 
In. ntptysp-tii. — phery, oi. (imp.) 
niptfipuct, ft. 

Pe'riphraae, ft; — phrasis, oft. mp(- 
fpaait, ft. — phrase, jS. i. *u*ie-/p«- 


_ ) »M,irff.i ? pa«nx,efi/'».— phra'e- 
tic: — phra'sticai, lit. nip«ppctaTt- 
"it. — phra'slically, inip.-nspifptx- 

Pe'riplus, oi. ntpiniom, i. [uruiiOt. 

Peri-pneumo'nia. — pne'umony, 06. 

pnenmo'nical, it. iupanv>itant4f. 

Peri'ptere, oi. (ap%iT.) uipinnpov •£- 


1, 4>. IT 

Pe'rish, jr. oie. S\\u/ixi, kn6\Kl 

ex.*, UByfaiw, b7io«v^jicb : fWv», 
KireySfroi, to — with Hunger ft by 
hunger ft famine, airifUuifai ft 4- 
no8vna-*nv ></a<^i r) into Jc/ioSfl (/oi».) 
ino irtivije. to — by drowning, ir»(- 
ftvlyiffDm. to — by 

cold, fate 

» ^X«< 5l 1- 

—able, Jit. fSxpTbt, «(«]■ 
\i(, flvijiJ} : — ablencsa, 1 
*flapri», liiffr^Jov: —ably, iir^. 

Pc'rispenn, »3. (£st».)t4 n is (0^1,0 /m 


— al,-**. 


,, ft, mpfar, 


Pe'riwig, oS. fOjini npoVit 
vd»n: — , p.i. Wfl^pl t 

Pe'riwink, Pa'riwrnkle, oi, vijpifnjj, 
O; (/3otv.) ivopirnf, 0. 

Pe'rjure. p. i. iiuoprCi. ftutopKH. to 
— one's self, ira^opfcrtv, 4iuop> 
— d, ^n. intspKoi, tytuSopKOt, 
tipxtos : — r, ei. imopm't, •piiSop. 
to;, <l>iu$aiitiritf,i, — ju'rious, J 
•frsvSapKot, twtapxaf, — jury, ( 
Anopsia, failepxlx, ft. iiioptm. ■ 

Pe.'k, p. oil. yxupt&.xxux&im, ppi 
Suoujueti ; KxeiCopx, (M nvoi ft <ir( 

tl)l , ^. fl. XSTjT-'JJ! *XTajCQffjU&, 

KK/iuTTitB,: — , *Tt. UopS(, l09u- 

/ioi : ivap-/fa, if /u)tmo«, (*0<v.) ?»- 

apJ;: urt£pitp«»a(. 
Pe'rkin, oi. iit»t unil-rtu iiiai. 
Perla'ceoua, «it. itxpyaptbirit. 

Perliistra'tiun. t 

. Uwpt.ffti, i-r.tbfA- 

Pe'rmanence, Permanency, ou. /<ovri, 
Jiajiovi^ft. [4 juovi/ioii, iiafiiriii.ft. 

Pu'riniiJieiit, in. /mm/i» 5 , i/t/itvftc, 
tuenlis, inmlof, xpi*Uf, Sthtpf/if, 
piBxics. a — friendship, pttaia 
ftUa, ft: JiHTtiftj, offfnins : — ly, 
i7t(p. fml/uif, tiaTEiOt, ptBxias, 
f>itto"«Ss. [ T „j, ft. 

Perineal" 'lily, av. rb JiiT«iv, ^a>s- 

Pe'rmeahle, i-x. Siirtubs. Sixlurubi. 

Pe'rmeate, £ i. {hi furrfi.) o>. 
Penetrate. — meation, ot. cWm- 
«(, $. [/ti.os. oir/ajufuf.'o;. 

Penni'ssible, Jir. Siptri;, innttpx/i- 

PermiVion, 06. tru7/^ii<ri,-, ijiiir;, 
nfYi&ttn, Houiia,ii,(icetv,) xvux, 
il. to give, — , ijouilay >j aoiinv Ji- 


Permi't, p. t. auyxnpa, tniTpinti, <£ 
t<v« it*«f. t,, i f ^ t , UnrUa ™. 

tva,4, : ({ouria, oiiin, ft ; — tance, 

oi. ep. Permission. 
Pcnni'xtion, oi. op. Permistion. 
Permuta'tion, oi. Ulsyft, iuia/Joji}, 

JiaAAo:^, ft: (oAyi6/>.) |utb»ui«, 

^«at«J.(, ft. 
Permu'te, p.i. UXxttiu, itali&rxa, 

ptrallxTTa: — r.oJ. a»r«JJa<M ( .o. 
Pe'niancy, ou. (n/t.) ttKXTtix. hi. 

Pomj'cions, <ir. iUtput t iJti6i a e^s, 
^AnSipij, ffln)ir<«l{, Ju8tjti((: — 
ly, inip. Slstpim, plxStpat, iv 

pla&tpbt, f$aprbv, n. 
Pernocta'tion, oi. tiarvicriptujii, ft. 
Pe'rnor, oS. b inma/Htouyoo?. 

Pe'ronate, h. (^ot..) x»*&tw. 

Perora'tion, oi. Mltyo, \\6;ov) 0. 



Pe'roxidc, oi. (^a.) »*,?<,)■, IS, e*, rd ■. 

— ize. £. i. utttptiuis n. 
Perpe'nd, p. i. MtitopKi, loytCopzi, 

5, xKoyi^o fiai. 

Perpe'nder, cii. (np;;cT.) nap«Tj(, 4. 

Perpe'ndicle, oi. *afl«TOf (ypapp-i), 
y ; st*6/iii, i). 

Perpeudi'cular, in. opB4(, o'pflis firi- 
/inoj, xkBitoj. a — line, ii naSi- 
™S {yp'W'i) : — . «"■ >"8«oi? '"■ 
Bfa (ypappn),j : uraBp^ii./Mi,-,, 
A: — -ly t lictp, opdiii t Kara ^ npoj 
orifla.,., <«■».) .oWrt-i. 

Pe'rpeiid-slone, oi. 5p. Perpender. 

Perpetrate, p. i. ipyutypai, fljipyatjo- 

T-.r.-O-iiTtir.ti.p-ti.Ap.a).— petra'tlon, 
oi. 6".anpa£.( (*7*X^«t«), *. — 
pctrator, oi. i Sianptrrai (anitt- 

6, t, Ipyo-), S *p*l* t . 
Perpe'tiial, <n. UcsiliinTOe, aitara- 

BKUSTOf, nvcxii. M*i*Xtli Jil'i- 
Xfl( 7 aitjyiuc, atSvjf ; povtpotj ippo- 
vos. the — motion, to aiucfvnmv. 
to be — , pJwm, napnufciliv: — ]y, 
i»(p ail, B^fslu'TtTUf, *»*i1(j;m 5| 
ffvvixiit- to be — ly doing any- 
thing, JiBIlJlI. nO.OUVTH Tl, (nOi».) 
ija/oiouflfi v* npirr*> T(. 
Perpe'tuate, i. i. aSsvarffu, Jufyum- 
oro. euS, ('s».) anoSavaWfoi, J'- 

Pcrpetn'ity, oi, a« Stint, MtUx™*, 
«i«vi*Tiif, fl : t4 iSakktaney, ri 
aiiivtav. for — , i«l, ^>J»J(j(fi!- 

Perple'l, 4. i. rapd™, Stavapif 
t«, «'; anopfav mBtmiiH, l\oy_iu : 
IpnUitv, ItipinliiM, tnipltlixai ; — 
ed, in. H,uil);a>»{, (Inopot. to be — 
ed, 4^fl>;a»ir», anopi[», i/Hixavoit 
I^W : KcntiTT/JV^evoj, n<p'nio«i ; 
---edly, inip, andput, Afut^avHf : 
nfpcnlonwf ; — edness, oi. avyvy- 

0I(, BTafia, ^: xHA^mifo, anofnx, rj, 

Perple'xity, oi. auyxv't, irijMnlew), 

i: &p.ix<i*la, kitapla, a., to be in 

J **"lZ"">t«, OTOplIf. 

Pe'rqnisite, 06. itpSet »4 npie ti w- 

iiSijtuvov, ro nopan(nro» Kiplet, 
■upcal, h£. (» ( v.)T«xip**,™. 

Perquiii'tion, oi. Ipu»*, «/ IO r« ( , ij. 

i'rrier, oi. Ji^Swoi, iftvjjyi), -4. 
Perm'qnier, e&. o>a!uo«oirocoi, b>ki»h- 
Pe'rry.oe.jHTritlTfljoNof. [«onciJi7(,J. 
Peracruta'tifin, oi>. Sp. Perqniaition. 

■ '(11. Zytctjixt, i-.tUet/nci, ijax'tii. 


4 : Sibfn, iv6 x lw;, y. —Beco'tor, 
StiiKTin, t-aTaSiiiivy, h : -^-decn'- 

Perseve'ranoe, ou- tutpxtpla, im\utif,, 
(tKpTJp>]ii t , iyxxpTipn«<t,ii irpoj. 

Pereeve're, f . ov*. J^ptvii,, 
TtpotnaprtpA, lyxapTipa. t« — 
one's demands upon anything, A.i- 

HEpIIii Tiva, itis(irreapil» tui. tO 

— in doing anything, futtiXiIi 

Peraeve'ring, in. ippirfti, judw/we, 
i Z it(, intent: — ly.i- 
t , Kapttpu&t. 

Pc'raian, in. Uipeutif. a — woman, 

IIlpslc, i, : — , oi, HipTlK, !• 
Persica'ria, oi. (fitrt.) ^oliJiov, t4. 
Persifla'ge, a6. llnwffta, mprep(a, 

r[. St&auppbf. 4. 

Perai'st, p. ouf. (in) /»i«t, i>i>ii*u, i- 
■nipitm, iixvp'il /"". (it«xi*(rfCef««: 
— enoe : — ency, eh. tb iyxaprt- 
pil>, xapTtpwts, tyaptia^trt;, ^. 
(««.) irc<;itmt,*: iJ.aTpi^ia.idZ"- 
pffynijfwniivij, j>. Ti iyirdiruo'Tev : 
(pUJ.) JiipaifS, 11 : — ent, ff. /••(- 
infie;:iaxupor><>ip&'; — ently,*nfp. 

fiu>i/i«i,*&e ; — ive, in. i^i- 

pirilf.pbvtp.of, ouvix^tiOo'caiicnTOj. 
Pe'rson,o6. ™pi,T4'.pHi(j,4.«r4'o(,Trf. 
fiopffl, 4- *x4f>«) *^- 't'Si •■ t0 * 
have handsome — ,>aJiv uui n)n 
pepm?/*! itnpofbnitv, i6<r;g));iovtfv. 
in — , oirii, irasiv, (Jio,- : d>Spu- 
R9C, 4, ^. Kp4f«>nc>, tJ ; rij, in- 


9T0(Ti ( , htAm, r«: (ypaf.) fp'i- 
tmov, to. No — , ebStlf, imitit. a 

aida. in one — , i aitit. as regards 

my own — , iywyt, lyi nii-nt, to 
yt in' Ipot, to view anything in 

tj regard tlie — , a*o*tii t*» tihj 
ijiay, BfjB(Mto))]itTitv. the .safety 
■ of his — , jj itla itfAteix. \uHtf. 
Pe'rsonable, t*. ifr/iopj oc, tufuijf, tv- 
Pe'reonage, si. inTipoc, si. si h riln, 
foyintTr, u( : o^a, tWnc, to. tyre, 
ij: irfiasu7rsi'(Jpap.arofl, TO. (noiv.J 
XajiiiKrijp, i. 
Pe'rsonal, #V. EUTot, msit, Wioj, 
(ran.) 7i(jo(W7rmf(: — differences, 
ItSiai fl TTfPOtfdjtuaJ Jiayooai. to en- 
tertain a — hatred against any 
one, iila fl irpo«w7nxfi{ /iisilrnix: 
(vo/i.) kiv^t4( : — estate, xviittj ms- 

piOVcfa, rj ; (ypKjU.) ItpOiUTTUoV a 

— verb, pii/ia itposoiimov, to; — 
ity f: —ty, (S. irp^Birov, to\ (*«*.) 
Arouc^uTJj^, 4: VK&/ifia: t ti. xzprc- 
lila, Xotoopia, ij- ("'» } npoconriKO- 

toio'v, t6 : t«ut»tik, i : — ly, «Vp. 

ttl'a, io'lais, (xM«.) npOtoJHIIcfis, «- 

TOfi ww (.to come — ly , aiyTl» fl npo c - 
uni«&( ilflfly !i Tt spxylyy i Q-fla i. lo 
become — ly acquainted, *ht* S- 

fir JvTUXtH Tim 4 (*0«.) irpssojwi- 
«(j( ^lifiipf-Uy TtVii. 

Pe'rsonate, jl. I. ptpaD/w, InoxpltB- 
Itm, npaixmaupa.f. iowd (tin), if. 
« a f»ftV=.i> (t,v(). to— one's 
self, ixfiXi^tn apJitoTtoy % o-^ii/i* 
SHou T«df : — . p. ml. woKpl.o- 

/«<. — sona'tion, oi. ^<>>iti,, iiro- 

^(pijo'if, Ctto«pio-[{, 4. — sona'tor, 
ou. fi(H>iM-(, 'v.tonpa-hf, i. 

Personificn'tion, ot. npotaiTrojtoii'a, 4. 
(new.) np04Mironoii)a-i(, 4- 

Pctso'nify, p. i. wpstunonoifl. 

Perspective, in. a-Kixypafmbf, mt»j- 

.oypafuoVa — drawing, may pi- 

pilBa.ri: — , oi. S^«,alro^i(,A. 8i«, 
4i mxypxftx, arnivaypaftx, fl. to 
draw in — , exwypuftiv, omjvoypa- 
jut.; — ly, <;ii>. B-K.O-/pB F IKU( 

Perspi ca'eious.ifi.8{«J«pafl(,oJuwn^(: 
&7X' >M> b ^'Oparinif, mrttit : — r- 
]y, infp. ifuttpgHf. Jiopsrnifflf r 
—new, oJ. = (it. 

Perspica'eity, ou. eiiuWpjtiia, 4 : i5- 
*m<rfa, 1k(«<«, 4. 

Perspicn'ity, 06. ttaipxoitx, eWyfia, 
ifl : o-af 1(, to., itxpyua, %. 

Perapi'cuOHS, ^7t. iiafavr :i , Jui,;^: 
sajjijt, bae/r)t, Knrafnyrjt, o"dio( : 
— ly, in(p. Itapsr&i, iixu,&( : oh. 

' fu f , Ivapyfic — ne«s, oi.op.Per- 

epicnity. fiuVai. 

Perapirabi'lity, 06. t« «tev t« Jfnini- 
Perapi rable, in. ettt n JEnT*JJ«Sn, 

Perpira'tion, cl. ISpin, t. i$L5pbiai s , 
Sfttpiaait, ^. [wit. 

Perspi'rative, Perspi'ratoty^n. ilpH- 

Pergpi'rc, p. lot. ttpi* ■. — , p. i. <- 
fcT/ifiM, Hfifpoe, [imBiyyivu. 

Peratri'nge, p.J. lupofli^a; txrapiai, 

Pcrena'dable, Minfan, 

Pcraua'de, ^.^. tti<8o>, iboTiiiflw. to — 
any one of anything, hiitiiv mj 
ti. to — any one from anything', 


s self, * 


zu?:tn&: - -r, ot. ittrffT^p, ffu/ifit 

Peranasibi'lity, ofi. ri 1O1 
Peraua'sible, in. iCt 

:iits(, iriBai^c : 

Persna'sion, ou. nttA, nitii{. ^ . iti'- 

«■<(, ^: KtmiBwif, 1) : y&ni, 4>. 
Poreaa'sive, J». mtrrait, luwritput, 

mfavjc- a — diaOOUIfC, Jt.flavois- 

yia, 4 : — ,«6. Jo/ot miontoiai, mp. 

SouAiutuic, 0. n^oTpom), q: — ly 

PE 8 

iitip. Kurru&f : — noss, oS. irifla- 
vitra, tciiS&j, xiSa>avpy<xi), 17. — 
sua'sory, &r. op. Persuasive. 

Pert, *ir. "iCflufiOi, »apos, (*«».) gang, 
ptii : BiSi^ijj, iSpnTtKo'i, i.a.Jns, 
iTK/idf, npOTntiis : — , uu. KiflHo"!] j, 



Pei'tina'cious,^ir. a; 

urn,, ilia 

Pertina'city, oi. aJiarp^a, xiSiiux 
5) ai9a0"ia, iffxufW7»(Ujl0O-uvi7 q. 

Pc'rtinence, Pertinency, oi. to nppo- 

J(0», ap/iOO*[drij{, avaJoyfa, ft. 
Pc'itineut, in. Imtiivo,, kppiiiot, 
tixntet, Jea:iU..]is{, Ttpojijuwy ; — 
ly, iirfp. Imnltlwt, kpfiatlut, «a- 
Talir.i'ii,-: — ness, oi.tirirjioWrin, 
ft. re o"(o», to TTpOJijKOV. 

Pe'ft-]y,(ji(f .ivaio'a,-, ritatec, i«pi- 

ei. uSpif, npoir/rtiK, 4»«tf«st, Iw- 

Pertu'rb, M- TapzTrw, J<«TBpai™, 
ffuvxiw : ilex US, Jto^Jfl. npiy/iara 
icecpfeu — a'tion, oi. mpx X /,. ra- 

?«t<*, r»m#it * : i>*ximr<«, 4 s 

to be in great — ation of mind, 
ejiSpx Tfl» r'uxftv raparrnrflai, m- 

XOItOIOf , 4. [TITp»/li.O[. 

Pertu'ae, %s — d, in. kvirprrrtf, <T.b- 

Pertu'sion, ei. S>atpt)ixii, Jtarpumi- 

ffif, ft. [Siyti fniiojv. 

Pe'ruke, oi. ftvam, ft s — , p. ^. W- 

Peru'nal, oi. triyremt, ft. ri c*iavB- 
y»«nt»: Hitw t , *e«(/ui»fa, l- 

Peru'ae, p, i. itttipxo/iai hmyiyiii. 
o«uv, \vayiyv6aita: iftTafa, Ipw- 
vfi : — r, 06. i avzyqivdmuy ; «<- 

Perva'de, p.i.SitiUtp.i,Siipx»,tai, tit- 


id, eu, sc<joW<;, 17. Jia^u<ri;, 
17: — va'uive, in. 3ut,k6,. 

Perve'rse, (71. Jimri pofQf, axoh&t, 
SviicoXsij JufTpsfrac; iteytipot, aro- 
?oj: naiijrpOTTOf, Ttivoip/at: iJco- 
rpoire?, c'Jioyv6)/i»v, naK5ii9i](; — 
ly, hip. rtpttj&(, fmrprfncuj, no. 
njpOc «aito^0u(: - — ness.oi. orpi. 
S)er^(, JuuoWa, *a*onfl«<a, ft. 

Pcrve'rsion, oi. o'lao-Toejn;, ft ; tiia- 
fSopi, ft. 

Perve'rsiity, oil. ttaaTpafi, trrpiSXA- 
tijj, ft; xxxorfiux, junipta, kbki'z, 

.ft: — of manners, tprftisi kbko; ft 
novnpof, o(. km audita, ft. 

Perv-e'r.«ive. i7..0iaiTpi7tTiri s ,ijtieia- 
e^t, *flapr.Kd!. 

Perve'rt, (S. i. ttanplQa, itapauTpt- 
4>sj, irapa-)-" : Jiajjesfpo,: inootpi- 
f m, craoT-ptnu : — er, ei. i Samrpi- 
foja : o'.sf Sjpsui, e. 6 J^^lpu,!. ■ 
— ible, ^ir. oK( ti o'lacrpf'jiiifixi J) 

1'i'ln't.liL'^tu, i. i'xvivu, JvjxhiJm, 

PiivH.ii'ii'.v, Pervicacy, oi. ioxupo. 

-« 0( : 


S, Itt. JnTwti, iianip 

= !!'(!,>, t 


■ 1 a.ep 8o &v 

Pe'ssary, oi. (iarp } iriiuot, i. itprfj- 
Pcst, oi. Xoi/iii. a. riant, ft. vdrr^a, 

TO; & X 0t n b*. fOpj,Kt,y, lu/tB,TlKiv, 

Pe'Bter, A- *■ *xl«« «V'z*- ^»Z^, 
Jutiw: if j innptav xaSdrtytt, t«. 
pairoi: Sapui-oi, <ara6api:v» i^no- 
«fo.: — er, oi. 6 i*<> x l&,, i ,rop«- 

I'l^'t, oi. to Joiuwo-j. [yox^w"- 

Pcati'ferons, in. \otp&5rn, Joipmij, 
ipnu>: iiiSpiat, eix&ipbt, ft>*j>ti- 
Kit:~-\y,irc{p.',oipir.&t:ini%i,a:to, ( , 

I'li'Htiliinnc, oi. ioi/ioj, i. f6opi, ft. 
<KO<».) -ra.iT.Jn, ft. 

Pe'stilent fl: — ial, in. ietuiioist, vo- 



— ially, Ixlp. 

Pe'stlc, ou. butpoi, ti. u.Tipot, rpi- 
nnif, o. (*oi>.) (-/Ookobbvov, to. a 
— tor Bait, aioVpii/i, o : fittipatte'ij 
p i-naiai (tuv x),iT.ipwv), ti! : a— r of 
pork^auifl, miAis, ix'''s, n. (koiv.) 
XOif o^ipov, tJ: — , f.t. «07ra'j(;«. 

Pet, ou. 4-/avaKrijji{, ou^ivt.a, ep/iV 

$. to be in a — at, £ap(u { )} x a- 
iinuj pipit* ti, ayaua/Tiiy Ti J| 

Pet, ou. iprLpivos, «^ipii/iivot, atva- 
■ >)rof, J : ST«io"ixa,Ta. laiyviov, to : 

Tt)\u7£T0f, T17\u7<T^(, 0; p. t. 


Pe'tal, ob. (,3or».) njTaJav, Ti : — ed, 

in. ix<f niTuia: — iform : — ine, 

h. niTaWns. iriTaio.To'i : —ism, 

ou. it«Ta)n/iof, i. iicfviiofopla, 3 : 

— it*, ob. (op.) TtiraAoMat, 4 : — 

like fl: — oid, Jit. iriTaioio'iji: — 

OUB, <ir- &«' t^raJn; — shaped, 

*ir. 1r.TaW.75. [irulov. 

Pe'tare ft Pela'rd, o&. M'*^**, «'«■ 

Fetarde'er, ob. i pn'iioiv to ^nicnuJo*. 

Pete'chiie, ou. ttJ. (ialp ) xijiii )j Bf ' 

afjuaio;, ndia/ts to if' aifiaros. 
Pi'li-'iJiisil, in. ('XTp.) ixtri OTtik&px. 


«,*. - 

it) fjpo=(io(; 

Pe terel, ob. {ip>) Oxi.ioooSd^i, iV 
Petip'laM: — y, &t. (,3otv.) iit. p.1- 

Pe'tiolate, %: — d, in. i*ojv pli^si. 
Pe'tiole, ob. (£oti.) ptoxoc, *• 

Pe'tit, ^IT. /J I epi^M")" &«"''>» "«£">!■ 
Peti'tion, oi. «n«(, =iT»s«, a{fu« s . 
5: yca^jUHTa iJiijTiitaij ixiirtK, ra: 
(ttric, A<r-j, <■ (va^.) : —of right. 
tiKiia/ix euHnoti to. at your — , 
$ inihrat ft «<*.»«,. 


Ht/ITTU ipiy.ll.ITi 

— ary, lit. Sm-riKae, intivtmot, i 
KiTipiof. — e'e, oi.A K)i)Ttuo/«vo( 
— or, ob. Tta^afTflT^j, i/i-rt^., & : — 
ing,oi. eW's, aEr^o-ii, i& : Uaht,4i 

Petong, oil. «ooj Iiukou x«i*oi. 

Pctra'ry, ou. J.uo6oAo f , ij. 

Pe'tre ou. of. Nitre. [oe. mrpiSiat 

Petre'an, in. li'oWt, iiuaios, iteef al 


».!(&>«(, AwoiBswn 

0. iiSai 

m;is M(I 

ParilVrtivc, in. k™Xt8uTix4(. 
fYtriiii-a'tioii. oi. is. I'ttrifn'ction :' 
luipwnt, (nfc rlijt*)' "taSna,^. 
lYtrifv, f. <!. lite, JmeAiSu, ^.TaSaJ- 

feitlijrTM, iKfoeu : — , 0. (U, i- 

Pe'trolfl: — eum. ot. ntTpilawt, to. 
Pe'troneli oi. nupoMlov Sirjov (roii 

Pe'trons, ^. l«i»»(, iiSaiej, ntT^aJ- , 

Pe'ttkflat, oi. to Isu9(v (7uvniir<Ifl.) 
mpf;«/ta, (»oiv.) /iio-oojoujTa, ^. 

Pe'ttiftjj;, ^. jM, imoppetai ; . — ger, 

lixroiifm, '■■ — gery,e6- Swuppx- 

f '«, p.nx.aveppxf'"-, ■>.■ [^pax«"V5, i> 
l'i:'tl!tif.-s, O'l putpoTnt, toiuinn, 
Pe'ttish, 'it. liop'/ijTOS, liiopvof, n/ya- 
VaKTlJTtXOj. ljepj6!JT04, ic,i'/.o;: — 
ly, fcrfp. !iop7»(, ^p7iJo){ : — nefs, 
ob. f?tEXvn/a, ^a\cnJTi7(, 6pyi\6~ 

Pettitoes', oi. nl. of »«« Ji) F am f 4 
ypijJJou ; (<ata}ip8»ivT:>ii(,-; irdo'i( ) a{. 

Pe'ttrel, 0*. op. Poitrel. 

Pe'tty. '"• P"pl"> oblr'b<j n'E'Of, /ii- 
«pouiS£iO(,io6)J0i,fUTeJ^ii — warw, 
fsa-xMit, Tit . — cliiip.-, ou. (o'pv.) 
iruiiofiayoj, J. 'niJo!(, ano/atj, 15. 

Pe'tutiuice, Pe'tuliuicy, ob. ojtoJasia, 
iailyux, jrponiTna, li ; Bp*o-inr,t, 


Pe'tolant, /t- tuilatret, n/urpot, &■ 
wtlyti, nj58n»T^( to be — , npoiri- 

»«»! — ly, Mp. aiiA/iis, TrpoTii- 

Pew, oft. (** ttAnvlf) raarl Sw, H : 
— fellow, »ft.oi>> iri 

■Tltt* . 

«„0f, i 


'e'wet, Pewit, oft. (oa».) xaoaopiit, 
Pe'wter, oft. 'Ayyiixbt xturtrlripot, h. 

Pe'ntty, eft. x>«vi {u^ni/i=iT»v), i. 
Plia'etoil, oft. (p.ufl.), t:i«u>, J: {«- 

Sat oxn/»««s) *ai9«", 4. (op.) fa- 

«»■-, ft. 
Phagedena, el. ('«?.) y «■/«* bimi, « 

^de'nic , ^n. fayii «<v i*<f(. — de'nic, 

Du, ^ayiJaiVK&H d)apjUaXOV, TO*. 

Pha/lanx, oft. faJo:-/t,ij.toform a — , 
tiri a>aAaryoj T ( 7 y 5 j8ai ft Tarri- 
<,eK>:{k,T.} f iX«?Z,i,. 

Pha'laris, oft. (?ot».) yilxpU. ft. 

I'liiL'liirnpP, ou. (opi.) ipxlapArtms, i. 

Phn'ntasm 3 : —a, eft. oaa,*a, o*v- 

- airoi'i. 

'OS, «• 

.op. Fantastic. 

— agory. 

Pha'nta«y : 

ticni, ou, ip. Illusion. 
Pha'raoh, Pharaon, oft. (x«ptanxCyti- 

ov) i fipotft j>apa6 c . 
Pharisa'ie ^: — al, in. fnpi&aixbt, 
. uiro*pm*si : — ally, Mp. fxptial- 

Koii, Circoxp iTixmt -, — alness, oft. to 

f *pio"3<icoV uiro*pia-fa, ft. 
Pha'ri'aism, a*, f xpnalipbf, 1, 
Pha'risee. oft. ♦apisalo;, 4. 
Phnrmace'nti(* n : — al, fipuxxwTi- 

*',-: — ally, Wp. fnpoimuruSc 

—8, oft. Tl*. 0>IB/.ai«UT!K^ (**> 

X"j\ ft. 
TCiarma'colitr, oft. pipunnaJiBot, 4, 
Pharmacologist, oi. ^ap/ianoAsyoj, 

—logy, oft. fapp-xxoloyia, ft. — 
. 'H-, oft. pppwd*. ft. 
Pha'rmacy, ou. fxp/mxsii, ft.. 
Pharo ft Pharos, oft. yapoc, S. ypu- 

I/xm, ro. 
Pha'ryns, oft, (aviyi.) papuyj, 5, ft. 

Pha'se, eii. fain, ft. 

Pha'sel, Pliase'lons, oft. (par,.) pa- 


Fhccse, i.i. ■*••{{»>( inpigftu, tIJ)», 
i«(Jk Ji^fi p\,p™oVw: sf-Fcase: 

Bia/tbf, ft. 
Phe'eay, ^h. avftou/os, <lfpiflijTO(. 
Phe'ngite, oft, (ip.) i(6ot 5 fr/irTif, 
Phe'nii, oft. ip. Phoenix. 
Phenoga'mian, Phenoga'mic,Pheno'- 

gamons, in. (|Sorv.) <patriyxia>t. 
Phenol, oft. ( X r,v..) bSpa,Bp*£, i. 
Pheofimpno'higy, eft. t& nipi ^ame- 

Pheno'menon (iri. phenomena), oi. 
fXtv4jitvQi J T&nFp&ytia a'/X6K0Tvt t 

Pbeon, oi. Sicpa fpOou«l, ^. [fiaifl. 

PhialjeA.fialii, ft: — , f.i. Tifl^i •> 

Philanthropic fl: — al, it- fdiiBpa- 

wa(. to behave towards any one 

np6t Tiva. $<Aav0pcu7tac npo$<pipt-. 
oflai: —ally, htip. fiim»pAi<tt(, 
— a'nthropist, oi fiJavflpomof 4, 
— a'nthropv, oS. fiJaiflporafa, ft. 

Philhe'llcne. oft. fUOi^», 4. 

Philibeg, oft. i>. Fillibeg. 

Phili'ppic. oi. ^iJiTTTiHro* l4yoi, i: o- 
v«j«rrtx^ Jiyoi, S. [TOpS, 

PhilippiiC, ^. oft*. ovKoVfoj, (.hit,- 

Phill-horse oft. Shaft-horse, [pta. i. 

Philh-re'a, oft. (fin*.) fth,p4*4 pli* 

Philo'-loger. — lngist. oft. ftleliyBi. 
i. — lo'gic. — lo'giral, ^tt. jiiJ.ols- 
yait. — lo'giBaUy,iir(p.f[)o)o-/noi(. 
— logiw, p- ofti. fiioloyfl. — logy, 
oft. fiXpXayia, ft. 



Phi'lo-math if: - — mathema'tic oi. f< 
Aaa^f, 4. — ma'thic 3: — ma'- 
thieal, in. ftiopadris. — mathy, ou. 
piifi&ht*, i. 

Phi'lomel fl: — a, oi. filepila, £ 

Phi'lomot, «n. gjutpsf. 

Pbilopole'mic ^ : — al, it jtioirdlt- 
p«( : ifihtpif, i, i. 

Philo'sophaster, ob. jicuSoftliaojtis, b. 

Philo'Bopheme, oi. fdostyiip*, to 1 . 

Philosopher, ou. fiiisofo;, i. moral, 
— , i roiiTpdnou, m»'™., («i".) 
r,6w ohi-yus, o. natural — , fv 
Joyojji.tobea — ,ftloeoftt»: 

PtOIli', (ji[l0!T4J>IK5J AiOo;. 0. 

Philoso'phic: — al, in. ftlaatftttbf, 
fdAtrofos •■ oKpiSii*: foujcot, npau; 
inip«T0( : —ally, intp #i\o«"o 

alness, si. ro ^uAoo-of t*£v. 
Phi lo H -sophism, oi. rtfi orfa, •ptuSofi 
lotofia, $. — sophist, oi. oojiuTijt 
*. — sophi'stic. — sophi'stical, in, 
aofiBTttos. — sophiae, p. obi. $*• 

Philo'sophy, oi. piiooopla, i>. moral 

— , i}8[*ii fatsrVu, >1. to study — , 

Phi'lter, ou y»Tpov. rii — , pj. ft*- 

Tpu 70>jr(u<» fl itaTKyoijTIViu, o'u- 

ytlpw ip MT a.. 
Pbin, (ntJi svyit. toC PhyBlOgnOmy), 

ou. (<«T«fpO»1Tijia()^!, oflami,^ 

Phlebo'-tomisi, ob. sAi6otJu,««, &, — 

tomusp, p i. p)t6oropo>. — tomy, 
ou. cpA[6oTop(a, jj. i-6'*AtSoTO/iif'- 

Phlegm, ob. fiiypa,ri iipfos, i. }.& 
jtu, Kxp-nn, M : fyatvmt iciia- 
fopia, ^vzpoVns.ij; — a'tic: — a'ti- 
cal. I". flty/utrmiit piiypori ate s : 
iaxBr)s 1 >p>ixP l 'ipP™vs'-— a'tioally, 
inlp. fit;pa-rt*&,:j.v X pat,iitae& t . 

Phle'gmon. oS. (i«p.) fir/port, i ; 
— ous, Ji». f Jiy^ovoi3)jt. 

Phle'me, oi. op. Fleam. 

Phlogi'stic. I*. (x>uO fJoywrifc (i- 
KTp.) pJiy^ardJiif : —ate, ^. 

Pfalogi'lton, -a*, (ii/i.) to ifiXo'/coTo*. 

Phone'tics J) Phonics, oi. «). pminTt- 

Pho'nolite, ob. (op.) )(9of jj/.jTijio'f, o. 
Phonology, oi. p»voio yia, ij. 
Pho'sphate, oil. (*>)>».) prdjpopiouxoi*, 

to. b a sf opuXJXH. «■ 
Pbo'sphor, op. Pho'sphorufl : — rate, 

P- *■ CfW.) ,■*>*■»>» ptyrupi: — 

eous, tit. fvsfipa Ofioios: — esce, 

p. i. la/ina fifinp fiifopDt . — 
e'acence, eb. pMro6oJia, a. — e'a- 
oent, lit. fwrolajimfc : — ic fl : — 
ical, in. f u f f o P «oi : — i«, oi. | op.) 
poiipopinii, o: — OUS, in. ia^iroiv 
&>(:tlp y&ifopof. f aiifopoi/xos : —.■ 
US, oi. (ilTpv.) ^IfdffOpOS, p»Jj>lf- 

pos, is{x*/«.) fo,ifopo;,i. [pexos. 
Photogra'phio 17 ■ — al, in. paroypa- 
Photo'graphy, ou. feneypxflot, y, 
I'lmlo'loiry, oi. ri jripi jojtoV 
Ehoto'meter, oi. furo'^irpou, tJ. — 
me'tric >I : — mc'trical, in S, v, ro 
tou foiTO/iirpou. — metry, ou. psi- 

Phra'se, oJ. F pio-.,, J«i«, ii: —book, 
ou. ^ifiJiov fpaaio>», to: —less, in. 
^ypoitrroj, avirf^paoTof. 

Phra'se, p, i. araiii, o'vo/iaC" 1 — , p. 
eW. fpawioi xp&pat: — olo'gic. — 
olo'gical, in. fpa*leX<r/utit. — olo- 
gist, »*. A fpiffioi xP&IM't- — 
o'lo)jy, ou. ^ rii A4Jew> ruvafctx, 
fp"<rto>o-/ix, i. 

Phrene'tic, it. fptiyruit ; — , 06. 
fptvtrtihs, fpiuoSJaSiij, d 1 —ally, 

i»(p. fipivqTEffblf, UOVf6>J0(. 

Phreni'tis. oi. (i«rp.) opcrttw, ^. 

Phrenn'Iogcr, oi. yp»vo/rfyo(. 0. — 
lo'gic. — lo'gicsl, in. fp»voJojriito{. 
— lo'gically, in. ippsvaioyu^. — 
lo'giflt, oi. fpivoJoyOfji- — l"g>'i »i- 
ppivoioyfa ii. [*lTiji ^. 

PhcJensy. oi. patia, %. yolVo j, o. poi- 

Pbry'gtan, in. fpuj£o ( i (pouo.;. opii- 
Phthiri'asis, iu. (iarp.) ji»«pia««, ^. 



PhthiVical, Phthi'aicky, in. fQtaui ( . 
Phthi'sis, oh. {iarp.) fSliit, if. 
Fhyl'scter ^: — y, oh. fvixKitywv, 

Phylli'te, oh. (ip.) nUfrqt, 8. 
Phj'sctcr, oft. (('x«.) yunji^p, 4. 
Pby'sic, oi. Htrpuri (, * : f*p- 


!■ fapinuco 


i, i. Siioi/n 

. i«rpth- : i«f 


Physical, *i 

•un) (im»TiSim) 3. to apply 
self in — science, pjnioJ.oyiTy 
Kdv to: Tiijj famii : tatpuait '■ 
tri/tot. 9»panivT«o'ci pa/j^ouiiiJijt ; 
— ly, Jx4jp. fvo-tx&t ; raTfcxvc : — 

Phyai'cian, oh. iarpif. o/csiTTip, Ui^a- 
ir«urilt, o. a — 'a fee, faction, rd. 

Physico-lo'gic, o&. i fl>u«olo7uni, (i- 
SMni/iq). —logical, lit. fvwmlayi* 
xoj. — tkeu'loyy, oh. ifutritn S«o- 
i07fa, i 

Phy'aics, oi. fura* (fliaipCa), f u«o)o. 
yia. ii. to Study — , titmfri Ta T*Jt 
f i^iu{, f ««« ioyitv. 

Physio'-gnomcr^. — griomist, ou. ■ 
o-coynV"*, o. — gno'mic. — gn 
mical, iir. yuii<vyvoi>u*ij. — gn 
tnics, oi. jri. punoyvto^la, JJ, 
gnomize, p. i. fuiioy»o>«ovfi, 
gnorny, eS-pw!«oyv<j/«o*(o:,J): up 
mto> TO. if If, J. to toS ItpOflil 

Physio'graphy, oi. fuiieypafU, ii 
Phyaio'logcr <. — logist, oi. fviio 

yOf, o. — lo'gii*. — lo'gical, in. fu- 

cnlvyuit. — logy, oi. pui»eio"/a,i5. 
Phyti'voroua, in. jutoj a^os, jSoray^- 

Phyto'logint, ei. i ™i> P uiuv ^ p Ta- 

voiv o'ia7ni(riJis - — logy, ell. j3oT«- 

,„* (J»n*„), j. 
Pia'culsr. in. KsHapttptot, Utetipi- 

Pia-mater, ai. (AvTfi.) p»i«yj, fcotfa- 

F anct, oi. (o*py.) i pijcpo; SpuoxoXi- 
nrrif. xlrrst 1) ifora, ij. 

'ftUl^t . OW- y.ili'i2*vi<-&tr.*l.<.*:rr,<;, 6. [to". 

a'notj: — fort«, oi. xieiJoKi^aJov, 
ft'ater, oi.»o>n>ia hpyupouv a'.) "I- 
oTav,« D v= a{ta ( 80 iinrfiv. p.) 
ToupxiKQv ro (koij.) ypiaiav, to 1 .- 
a.'zza,oi.(iip;(iT.) "Toil,^: 7rJnI!ta,ii. 

Pi'ube-paTtble, ou. ify*i>.fluKpfe,ft. 

"'" 30TU, 06. (^oui. t>pymt*) tlSaf 
■05. [.05 ,.««« (tS. E*4to,»). 

Pi'brach fl Pi'broch, ot. j"Jo{ »oli/«- 

"" [, ou. (op».) Kiosa, i ; (iarp.) i- 
Bvpix, IflRf, i : (*««!.) vponv 
irap ( o», t* -. /.i^aia TUBO-/^a fl ,a 

roo'o, oS. mipuntt, o. 
Piccadi'Uy, oi. ipx"'" « "V «1«'|»»*. 
Pi'ecage, oi. d ani inpaTniy/iBToiv 


ick, p. *. «o)a»ro. : »<vt5, «iv T (f«, 
uirroi: ylvfoi, El 11 ■ i«ifT», aitoli- 
701, i-at'si't^, icaraJtryoj, Kf>Ut->, tK- 
tpivbtx GUAxiyoij juv^v^, Spiitbt^ a- 
7roo~ptit«, aTToipiTtouai. to - frnit, 
(tapTtoloyiTv. to — ears of corn, 
aTaxuoJoy*E*. to — grapes, rpu- 
T^v. to — flowers, au9oJo-;«l> : ntp<- 
ip(SyM. to — a bone, nptipAyto 
iiToii. : t(U». c-tO-v. anoint : *a- 
Cii'p'j. Snabi>u. loSapiCti. to 

to — one's teeth, JiaiaSaipijflai 

Kpt*&. stfxptvA. inXv/fit: i-fi-n- 

,,, /«))., (..,..) ,..T. 10 - I 

quarrel, «vvbsthv nftoj npJc nva. 
to — acqiiaintnneo with any one, 
ii( niipav(p^(=fla(Tivo{.tfl — one's 
wsy, itsptiiisSa. » JSaJi';«y 4""oy, 
rpiTineaiS xtpvtiv &S&i. to— the 
pocket, Jifl^a iyaipdiflai n ^it toD 
^aJaufcu^ fiopamfou. to — alock, 
p.nh tytuSmiuSiov to titWpo* ava- 
titav. to — a woollen clotb, Kpo. 
JciJas airoTi))iiy,*poiiuo'lftij, igp. 
yoJo'/tl.. to give any one a bone 
to — , ipyxslxu 7ropi;«» Ttvi npbf 

PI ■ 8 

ti{4»: Jpyov imTttirm f) irpo^TaT- 

eoat, /loifiaoflal riv», fiipjiaflal ri- 
le* Tiva. to — Off, 4*or(Jl«v, OTO- 
m^rru.. to — out, faH/«.v, fa- 
cArrttn : aipll(r6a<, npoaiptfsflai, 
»pf«<f, tKKpbuv, ixUyw : oviupi- 
«*«», mffgu*, bcmptiu*. to — 
Out a livelihood, htnavtat iropffi- 
rtm t* np» { riv pf »«. to — out an 
eye, oftJoA/iiv i*«poiinv f) iinpur- — up,«ff«»,tita(p ( .»,{«iv.) 
nutoWv. to— -np from Ihe ground, 
cipuy n Aito t*(( -v^;. lo — up 

BtrSWB, (lTapOl/1.) If; T«Tj)umi^>0t 

iJSoy Airlift, <T«tu« divt/iov Onpav. 
to— one*B crambo, ivTpc&Nvwuflflai, 


. ita 

! ppaths. 
mi npt(utT«*f Trparru ti. 

Pick, Ol\ xiSTpB, KpOTat)i[,4; s/l|>ut). 

to 1 , naia^i;. $' : hh&if fcrlejn}, J) 

a»9o!, to. Jk/j^, $. to have the — 
of anything, irportaOjuuv : a*pov 
ri. aurpa y^(, $ : (runoyp.) iiaoap- 

4 : 1_ lock, d. ftuSexMlw, T 6 \ 
JotnODUTi)« t ligg-h);, 3 : — pocket >i 
purse, eli. pala» no rectos, S : — 

pOCket, <!lt. JfioTri/llfOf , JtJoiTIOf : — 

thank, ou. Miat, 6w^,o:Tto)^p H y- 
/ta*,&: — tooth ,o i. o<JovToy)uisif, ij. 

K'cked, **. t&t, ifimtt, if«W**i 

aJU«)n»^o 5 i J. 

<Td;, an-ifli*- 

the army, to, avfloi t 

h; e 

:. the — soldiers of 

r,i«orijf, *. 

Pkke'er. A- "**■ */>«*<*'. A>i™u,)i- 
(jlsrA : iK-poS'./i^o.uac, o-u,ut1£<o- 
pai : — er. ofr. JtyjTijf, itupsnjf, 4. 

Pfcker, ou. i (coJanroiv. «tJ. <Sp. to 
fapx Pick : ffftcu>j, iKa)is, it : iii- 
im: — of quarrels, f iWvimof, J- 

5 PI _____ 

Pi'ckerel, of (i*< )* irorajUios a»8(at. 
Piekeroo'n, p. t>M, AKpoSoJifo/iai. 
Pi'ckrt, oi. nBiro-B*Of, oxoio^, ittou- 
pis, 4 : (*Tp.) irpo#uAa<n, j), to be 

mtixm— , pW. Z apa«3: ™p<- 
jparf« : oitoJoniiw (tub). 

Pi'ckiug, ou. i*)oyil, ^ : n/. itl/t/ia 
Katdiu/i/ia, vtiitifi/ia, to. 

Pi'ckle, ol. gU./m, aVafa, = ***/»>< * ; 
Suixipua, laiTixia, h : tb vtrapt- 
jr.n>/rf»ei. : itipif po7,aa, to : — her- 
ring, 7«J.OT07IO(O(. 0. 

Pi'ckle, p. ^. Tapi^iiot, e1ju.iOh, ip . 
Tii u , il(f«: -d, ^it. a/nTOi, ip- 

rapi^et/Ta, Ta. Tapi^o^i TO, i. 
Pic-nic, ou. *rtnvo> <ruva-y»Ti/io« )) 
iuv*Ofiio-Td» S ju/jpop^Tiu To ana 
ovpSouioiv, irvvnyciyiov, t4. Jpauot, 


Picoto'0, *5. <j3"».) X a!pia)uHo» to 
Pic([iH't,5i.o"p.Pi'ckct. [m«po; oAnfe. 
Pi'cromel, ou. (zi^-) ^ T»]i j;o)fl; iito- 
Pict, 06. to irpfiro. fuJsv to (i. £xu- 
ifa diTSulTav. HbTai, of. fypapiut, 
Picto'rial, in. 7pa««os: — ly, hip.. 
Pi'etural, eh. Siaf/.4pfuut s , $■ t«ov ( . 

n.nbi. 6. 
Picture, *». 7p»*^, A. twrpaipii^a, 
x4. *(»«(, (»o,..) ,««»; 4: Iiuba. 
op.a, airiKifviijBa, to: 7paf«^, (m- 
ypeifixi), $: l/ifiptia, o/monjf, 6. 
to make, draw one's — ■, yp&ft- 
e9ai, ?ai-/pajj(!'(Tfla( : — book, ou. 
^tMfoviMgysyfiafiBv, Til: — frame, 
o*«(ru« ««vo 5 , T^ : — galim", 
ou. souofttKq, ^ ; — like, h ,!- 

Kit, i>0.0*. 

Pi'cture, f. <- yp&fw, faypzyQ: im- 

fcfffn, J[ap.Oppu, *:V5"[-W, a-7F£!/0- 

vi^w. to — one's self, irapiiraaSai, 
fxrriUoda.1 : — T, oh. ?uypa»'.[, b : 
— sqn«, (it. ypxipitbi, fuBvoypatjit' 
tbf. a — squc view, S^it i (<o<v.) 
flta imnoypafimi: — aque, ofi ii 
ypxfuiv; — sqncly, hip. ypapi- 

PI t 

*&t, nn)»7p<uuxfif : — squeuess, 
ob, to ypafix&v. . 
Pi '(Idle, p. ova. ttii^u. piuapfi, IvpQ; 
KmwtrtrUf nao'jjo), i'iv aplZwt i- 
frflfu : (inl mtim) oipa : — r, <tb. 
fliaptf, pixpoii'/os, n : n i'tuvpi- 
jlWS ttrbim. 
■ Pie, ov. &pT6xpiaiyTd: [ruir/p.) o"Ti- 
X<-" pipr/pi™, t*. to have his fin- 
ger in the — , fisr(x«'» ti»«s. 
Pie, off. (iijM.JitfTTft **(««, A:(i«i.| 
rpewWTipiat.Ti; >iios,fki,xpo;. 
6: — bald, in. %aaUiat na.mJoiiip- 

Pi'ece, ob. pipes, ti. pipif, %. p.ipioi, 
x&Aov, T^.^ityavovft tbu^;^ ('"'/- 
■ypi/iiimcf), t6. a — broken off, 
airoS^avT/ja, inoVJaojiin, ti(. a — 
cut off, Anaitofijiia, ti(. a great — 

Of folly, ptyxtTi paipta )) oQpoau. 

«j, 17. a great — of wit, atnlat 4- 
voia Sj trictytt. a — of good coun- 
sel, naXi imptwli), 1). a — of 
wood, (ulo», to 1 . S — of good for- 
tune, (urvxnpa. rs i TijliSiflov, to. 
/.%v6-i<.ov , r6: oitlov, ts : vA^ua^na, 

ictppjt,' ii. a — of gold, xf""*f, 

8. xpuTOii, ^ : P*f"5i "■ 

xwpoj, o. a — of land, kypbt, i. 
X«pio», to : p.O,oi, to. a — of mu- 
sic, KpnuT/ia, /lilof, to. a — of 
work, Ipyi, T^x'-">f"*i r ^- a — for 
the stage, Spifii, *i; ypa&i, h, 
ty'/pif-tipa, -ci. (iKtJi, ^iniipvi],^: 
noior« t[ 5: oXyov. pca;:ii, t<{; — 
by— .xae'SvixaiTo-.bYthe-,*. 
pipit, «a6" iv lita«o». A — , Inra- 
otos, iti.OT/i, tueorov. he paid the 
men a drachma a — , IStSt* ina- 
otbj Spaxnt)". of One — , Slot, p.a- 
lOlttpii, i\opipr)s, iauvBlTBf, Up- 
pafos Si ippijiis: pourfSulo;, povo- 
, li9o f of a — wilh, ijtoiif tin &- 
/lOiii'iij. to tear in — s, Sixvntxpi*. 
b«v. to take to — s. /ii)(f«v, i,*- 
psllUvi. to break in — s, ttappr,- 
yviivac : — broker, oS. pwroiroUiK, 
(: — goods, oi. ni. ufao/iara h- 

piep.kveu /iiinaus ; ■*— meal, imp. 
Tt/taxi, nt)iiiTl,ntl-nSAv : — meal, 
in. Ttftttxiinbt, Strjpripivai - — 
meal, ob. Ttpix"», Hpxiia pa, t6 ; 
— mealed, in. Ti/ia;(<oTO(. 

Piece,p.i. iu^pinzn,intppxnru:niii- 
pA, avanfripoi, inavopfiti; ituuhtttqi, 
avvnp/iofto. to — out, iirippanmy, 
(Vnli7pai>v, ^)]jtijy»i«, inTt(v«v, na- 
pariimv: — , p. eiS. trwi-nTO/tai, 
auvap/id^o/tiu: — less, hr. *lo^=/")i, 
/ioyo^ip^c — ly, 4-nip. wocd'Sv fxsc- 
otov: — r, el. himtik, *. 

Pi'ed, •*. irocw-los, ST<Kr6 f , i.o.K<)i- 
otcxoj : — ness, ot. to neatlXot, TO 


Pi'er, oi. oT^Jr, i iiro«i(/if.u, ^imc.^: 
XOf «, Ti. Z flW, 5 ; (*oi'.) itpoxu- 
p;aia, -n": — glass, ou. to /iirofu Blj- 
pio'sjii jiaToirreoy : -—age, ov. f 6po( 

Pi'erce, p, i. JnTpu7[fl, JiariTflafiai, 
limnrii, itamipa, Itarirpdmu ■ 

liaoKona, itayr/i&atv, JiaEiinu: 
J. I ?.Taf i ..i«p, u >a. to— one's self 
through with sorrows, JumlaBtu, 
aj<9t»8a(.to — withadagger, fia- 
JajiSivnv T&lyx"p>^(<f' — if. oii. 

iiayiyvvaitm : —able, l». iiiTud?: 

JcaTpundiv: TjjUTravii, ifl. Tpuiravsv, 

TipttpOv, TO. 

Pie'rcing, ^n. rooot, rpari)t t Hvt, ti- 
to{U«, J.anyjioio; , okbittwoc, n<- 
Jtpd;: — ly, iizip. Sicmputrtov, oia- 
rop«; : —ness, ob. rb cLaropov, o- 




■ical, in. ibi4«i,a. 
Pi'ety, so. tb<riUta, Btaeitiut, ono- 
rj)i, n. to show one's self — to- 
wards the goda, BftizBitt tou; 9a- 

l<H («f 


PI ■ 

Pig, •*. SUfaK, A, h. /pv'Ao!, i. 
o!o», ri\ us, iu; o, it. x"'™;. a, ^ I 
|9fil( { (ptraUau), a i nipui,-, a. 
iiJpa.tif, ij. sucking — , et-i.jsas, A, 
«. filficiii) to'; — dealer, oO, xo 
ptntitUi, A ■ — headed, in. x<*p ■ 

itfysrlet : ^io|, ljii'Sios, /«op4f : 
iyup<iy*&pt*i: — nut, ou. Who- 

fry. tb. ra rail xo(pou brittle: : - 
sty, 06. svf •!(, 4. xoipoxo/Mtov, ^8 
pVTpbf cTsv, yocpofixvopio'', tA '. - 
tail, et.niucriHi il ou/iirioiii) Tpyjtf 
i. cputiUoc, : xairv^uJUa n ttt/s; 
/*«, id. 
Pig, 4. eit. Tintit z"'p*«« i — gery, 
oil. !p. Pi'g-aty: — gish, in. xo(- 

fuetr W^.np/o(,if Jflpayof, «uL«i(. 
Pi'geon.oi. (e*fv.) iHpHTipa.^.yonng 

, ItlpUTSpl Jlllj,D. mpiSTlpiiJiOV x. 

sipioTipiov, t<(. a wild — , a wood 

milk, (jra/»</i.) Aukou nripi : — 
hawk,ou. fjvcofiizs, fxim<f6-rnn 
'"•• — hearted, in. tfwJos, Stiin- 
liuw, f,e,iT!ti s : — hole, TiipiJTi. 
pi<i, ei Jtn), 4 : «X (ira< T .,<f» xi) 
tfMipillotf iraife/Hnou : — house, 
tv, nipmripiiii' A, wipurrtptrpi- 
fUat, to : — livered, in. »pao{, 
npit;, ffir.os : — pea, oi. |0otj.) 
™ (W«r>v) **«» : — wood, lb. 
if. Zebra- wood , 
Pi'geonry, eb. n^unpiii, 4. 

pfg B «, .4. ..«...„ 1. 

Pigme'an, ^ir. op. Pygme'an. 

Pi'gment, oi- x/jfi^a, •«?<««<, to. 

Pi'gmy, ov. Tiv^/iftltf, vavwo;, A. 

Pj'gnerate.M **ix«p«S», '"Xwp "*?«■ 

Pigiiora'tioi) , aft. ^v<xupa*/ti;, 0. hi- 
Xtip&aiit, ittxvpixrti, 4. 

Pignora'tiTe, in. tnjfipinaii. 

Pi'gwidgeon, ob. UnplU, i&. 

Pike, ei. Myxn, V- Up", ti 1 ««?■- 
w.,fi : &*t>o>,Ti:Z*li,h:(ix»)I- 
<">l, 6 : — devant, ab. e{i.( kAjhv, 
i: — man, ei. tipxTt&mt loyjfO- 
<'iptt, °: — staff, <•«■ i6 7XV W- 

Jov, t£: — d, 4n. (Jut, dguravoc, 

Pi'krollte, oi. (op.) KUf&ttof, J. 
Pila'ater, oi. (an*.!.) e- T *iu, fl. «tO- ■ 

/o;, «Tu>ila-|co(, iigvlcrnot A, 
Pi'lch, ei. o.dipa, J. 
Pilchard, oi. (&9.j «o*o t jutfrnf. 
Pi'leher, oi. BiiiipK, ij : xoi»t (l i. 6^- 

Pile, ou. iweot, crslpni/ia, to. oojptia, 
«: — sofa bridge, y«oiioa( und- 
Sa8pa, Ti. a funeral — , rupi, i 1 
eixotyw/iB, to: mipk oixaf o/nijna- 

r»v, ^ : — a upon — », tupnlAi. 

Pile, ou. naioaioi, OTavpos, o : i *bi- 
<t»». rltup* (ra/Uap.KTOf),tj,l!{fii. 
Ion;), ^. to beat down — into the 
ground, KccranvyruvBi xxiriraievf 
""( Tijv yil*. to drive in — s, oiai.. 

pout, to strengthen with — s, *a- 

pa.[;«,, zapoei... " 
Pile, oi. 6pi£, 17. x«oD; (Of io^aTOi), 4. 
Pile.^.l. iaptia,inmuptiu, A\Sp<itl;u, 

ipnJflpu 1 — ouj, in. rpix&it)t = 

r, «fi. 4. SU/9IU6». 

Pi1eate«=— d. fe. n.WioV 
Tka, oi. nl. (icpr.) tifioppatht, xl. 
i'lfer.^. i. y>jifl, ijro<iiitrot, uapa- 
x1*ttt(o o-jiiTipl^ai : — er. oi. t 


Jam), iiTtefa^ioit, A : — iugly, inip. 
Im/utitHi — y, oi. «7i«{a<piM(, ^. 
Pilga'rlic, ot. fsiliupct, 4: j9Jaf, te- 

Pi'lgriin, 06. iiemipot, 4n»Jn^*iy, 
(^oiv.) npo»»uv»rf^(, ! —age, oO. 
itetxaplx, inolvniix, -i, [tpixorif, 

Pili'-ferouH. — form ?: — gerons, ^ir. 

™" OU. -rfC/laws, 0. KaTBHOTtOV I) 

risoro», ti. >a«0(, 4. 
Pill, M iti/KfJo^u, inoiftr*,, air«A(- 
nl^w, Uimliv ; iixpTzx^.U^laiH, 
sxuAiuoi: — , b. abl. iTrof ioiouuac 
— age, "6. =p"21"i, Jiapifay^. itij- 
lasta, K>^h)«j, ^ : ipna^ta, t4. 

age, o.i- opirdjH, jiaf ira^ti, luJlau, 



Iforita, Uyniti-, — user, oi. ap- 

TtZKTiji, Ipirftf, wlftTMp, 0- 

Pillar, oi.(o,p;<.T.) «iOJ«. 4. .rftii,. ft. 
■foiv, 4 : Jpsiirpa, viKpur/ia, to*. 
avzrtptf, ft : aT^A»>, ^: — ed, in. #t> 
piCTTuioj: Jx 01 " »™lo»(i aru'/auBfi;, 

Pi lied- garlic, oi. op. Pilgarlic- 

1'i'lliii!], ou. a&yri, >i- tfiimion innpi- 
oiov, to. 

Pilloried, i*. *i«V*«'* i> *W». 

Pillory, oi. jripan, 4. fi)o., to. *ioi- 
it, 4. to put any one in the — , (">■ 
X* p.^.D. tov «&;<*»« : — 4. *. t<- 
fnapA, jSturani^oi, fuJ(j jji/ioi to» 

Pi'lloW, OU. Cl7IOICSlf'2*210V. 7ipO;KI<J>a- 

Iniov, to: dTjoif.yJ, srpopiJiyJ, 4 ; 
C. a «.)rp Wf «U„ (1 ,(™uMW,), 

rti : —case ft slip, ou. nspniiAu/i/iit 
TtposityaJoriou, t J i — 4. ^. Tlfl«/il 

Pilo'se, it. rp<x»rO(, Tfux&SrtS' 


Pilot, si. XvBtpvftTlK, XuStpvqTftl 

KiiTiii, S (<oiv.) tiIo^to: ft vna'/oj, 
J: — boat, oi. (»auT.) irAoi)7i(, ft. 

Pilot, f.4. KuScpra. ««*(■$«: —age, 
oi, xueip»uTiic4 (t«x»'>). xufe>»n»t,-, 
ft : b toZ ttv&tprh-roti mi&iii — ing, 
oi. icu6('p»^«i(. ft. 

Pi'loua, ^n. of. Pilose. 

Pilser, o i . ( iv tji. ) Tup auarijf ,o.^u;( ^ , ft . 

K'melit, ou. (op.) Jlflot 4 itifMiftt. 

Piinc'nto, oi. to poij-oiriirtp i. 

JisT^i, 4: — jf.i.jipoi'yoiysiioi, /*a. 

Pi'mpcniel, oS, (£otv.) KipKopOi, 4. 
B.a-yaJUit. ft. 

Pimpi'llo, oi. ^ot.,) ft 'Ivou^ mm. 

Pi'mping, in. p«pi>4, iilyof. 

Pi'mple, oi. ^ayfljj/.a, t4. pJixiaiva, 
pJujCTif, ft: — d, t*. f XmraaAtyt. 

Pin, oi. ittfe»n, £*o»(f, ft. (itocv.] 
itappli^a, $ : yf/ifet, 6; niaaaXot, 
i;nip&rri (rpoxoC), ft. curling — , 
«,„1,1. (,..,.) .,„(r;,,i: „- 

xiMo^ 4 iriTOHlOV (twv ^OUO"U1(3» 

op/ayoiv), to 1 : jrivrpov, to', inoitis, 
4 : fLi/tupit** (^fflal^ou). ft ! («Jo» 
Ka/r.oposiiJes) pa)a-/{, ft- *«««««* 
Tfl* ^uxiiE, ft- to lw upon a peevish 
— , sVffliTiIsBai, 4u,-ho)h{»<!u. to 
be in 8 merry — , tu ft <aiois o\a- 
Kilooai ft eWtMtSiu r>jv ^iixft?. I 
care not a — , oi piiu /ut, ao"ia. 
j! dam : — afore, oi. nipfijoi/ia, ri ■ 
— case, oi. |5ilo»o(Mxii,ft: — cush- 
10U, si, ro iflv vtpur&T irpOiKipa- 
Jaiov : — dust, oi. pnhpata (£•- 
io»w»), ia: — feather, ou. rtT(Ao», 
to 1 ; — feathered, ^n. nrilaiTos : — - 
fold, oi. mpifpaypx, ti. fidnipa, 
ft: — hole.eiftTffspaplo'oio'mlSjTflu- 
paJia: — maker, oi. jiapiclonoiir, 
^tlovoirtilTji, 4 : — money, oi. to: 
(is ('livriy ft KaUuirtipov SeSoy-cva 


Pin, p. J. xi/nw, Tipotncpovu, ^e!o><i 

7TpO<«ffT&l ; 7TpOfrj^OJ T kEE@t7Jlw ; CTT»7- 

pf^u, i,a<fa.Xvt naSi'-iTJipi : ^yiclito<, 
self to a woman's petticoat, *Tv«i 

' *^iri T>) yuuaui, yuvHWOKpaTtlo-eai, 

to — one's self upon any one, npi- 
po^flai ii t^voj, 7[po;KoJAa'tts'a£ ri- 
ve, to — down, ^/iniJovv. to^up, 
irullapieavtEKftavEiTTO./Eiv irtpi^. 

Pi'naster,ou.(j!!oTv.),«ru f .ft. 

Pi'nccrs, oi. iv. k. ni. Xati,, ft. i«p.r- 
»o f , 4 : d^o^Taypa, ^ : to/mui, o. to- 
f»lo», io. Tojtit, ft: nupoJa6i:,ft: 
TpfjjoAnS^. «. paf[?Ti)p:ov, to". 

Pinoh, 4. *. Ja K riJoi( «i*e». (<o<v.) 
Tnp7ru:0ir6[o, n.ii;», l*ir^f» : fa- 
MVM, 4v<w, iuna : u'j anspiav «afl£- 
•m^t, anopov .aflior^i Ti.a, ia- 
Aaiiro>poJ Tiva: opyLfa-Ktipopylfa, 
to be — ed for anything, aTropttn, 
l, (raoel* a*va<, 8i«irf«(. lam- 
ed for provisions, lis uriyiv t* Tfli 




it of 

™!£a, ft. milvof, i: — coloured, in. 
tvKipvtlpoe. — needle, ui. Jm)riav 
roipivwv, re; — aterned,^ir.(«iuT.) 

xafTeptlv, "to be.'— ed for wi 

food, nti^eo-Bm i.,u£. to — off, <fc- 

mnv(t!cv,oiro5rraa,iiW)Jiiv(Tjj(^a(l. I jan/iiimv, 1 
Pinch, oi. Alette, V. 'fyf 1 '. to. n(ti<{, sAaTuirpu/i 

il : mvaxttplu, airopia, 4/, to give Pink, ft. <. jiaitivrfi, 

anyone a — ,(lit(n iivi. at a—, 

in anopia. to bo at !l — , in airopfa, &*epdv, (JUfarfu : — fist : 

— penny, eft. «<>6i?, xu/*ivo*4u£ti, 

oJiiapyupoi, o. 
Pi'nchbeck, oft, ^aJ«o« 1iuko«, J. 
Pi'nclicrs, oft. Sp. Pincers. 
Pitching, oi. SIXfi;, izictrti.i). 
Picda'ric, fx. rWapcird!)) ni.aaf«.of 
Pine, oft. (^st».) irirut, io. Uifij ^ ap- 

fijv; ^i7Tf»j7, 17 : — apple, oft. &»a. 

vie, : — grove, oft. tteim ' ' 

oft, niiut, irsimj, J^ar^, ij. 
Pine.p.oftJ. Su/tufSopa, T^ie/it 

v,i: - 

anything, ; 

ilo-,: f 
fOCvd, pflfvo/13 

— away with 
Mo-flai i (at) JUirau^r^W 
(for, after) fipo^a, n6Sn,no6i 
p. i. pxpaha, knopapatyu, jSi'uw 1 
■arnipvx", i*Tou^il, miiuvS. 

Pi'neal, ^*. MpaSaoi.o'vK. 
Pinea'stcr, oft. (£otv.) Pinaster. 
Pi'ncrv, oi. to'ito,- Ivfla jtaJJUpytrrai 

A»a»a ( . 
Pi'ney, oi. pigrfw; ii ina riit i»'tu«c : 

— thistle, 06. yoTv.) ^irof ^ ««. 

PillSIili'dillOllS, ^s. )tlfLll4f t lfflfiJVjf, 



, oft. K< 

»*-, T! i. 

Pi'nite, eS- (=>-) J*« i«l«™. 

Pink, oft. OfifixTisv, ifipizTCSto* r4 
aTa»: — eycil,^"[pif^flal 1 uo{:(^OTv. 
■apwfjuJUoi', ts : )iu«fpuflpov (/pa 
pa), ri : TO orfupiWoTaTov, TS Ifo 

(<Z*0 f oCt»o(, i- )hwWio»,t^: fJj»>. 

«apOtyiuTru : 

frangfpu. KaT 

p. oiJ. ^JlfflOt^tJ, ff 

— er, oi. ttcMivrS*, j» *i« ivraSoa. 
Pi'nnace, aft. (vavr.) popm, ««i ( , *. 
Pi'niiacle, ou. (ap;[iT.) aitpa, j-opupj, 

^: — , |S. i. KTi^oi mipa/(OnJi?i xo- 

pv<t&t. [to*: — ly, istlp, n-ruurQf 
Pi'nnnte, % : — d. in. (J3otv.} ttruv 
Finna'tiped, In. iTtyaviitow- 
Pi'nner, oft. itofruv ; ^a^iJoiraiOt, 


Pi'nnouk., oi. (o'pv.) a^iBaAiJs, aiyi- 
Oiisi, ft. [xorilai, el. 

Pint, oi. {w { l-^io-Ta) {^riot, <5io 
i'inta'do,oi.(o> i ..)Ta ; i,-(Tii 4 rou(«ia(),o. 
Pi'ntail, oi. {«>».) niioa, ii. 

l'l ntli', si. (orp.) PSV.J04 mJflpoii;. 1) : 
7rao-o-aios, ytpfet, 6 : {"but.J 70^1- 

*0( KliltlK, 0. 

Pi'ny, jtt. jr)>jpi|( iXar&r, 

Pi'oneer, oi. (n-rp.) oaajtavtut, oJonoi- 
Oj. 6 : npooSott npSSpojtOi, 0. 

Pi'ony, si. <j9otv.) jro.a-fa, *. 

Pi'ons, in. iia(«^ ( , flioTsi^t, tnftlilf, 
offios, ajii/iitrof. to be — , ii«6ilf, 
fliofflSilv, a7iiT«iuv: z"?'*'!: — ■ 
ly, (nip. tv«BSt, Jifuc — nes?,«B. 
tii^Ssra, fltoo^Sna, ooiiriit, ^. 

1taiyvioz=pT«")oy9a)/io(: to iv tS) 
/inJo) anipp-a : — , fi. oftJ. wonrifo*. 
Pipe, oi. (pouo. Sp7a»ov) iriipi-/?, i. 
aiJJt, Jivai.i. bag — ,at)4(, jSop- 
«uj, : oj£(to s> aoil^y, aftii ( ,4 : «- 
nvaaiipiyj, S. wind — , (*»Tfi.) Ja- 
puti, P&pvyt. i, 4if"»*, ^:f<*o( 
(X^-lTBOTBTOi 120 »««*.(»»), ft J 
— clay, oft. fiipoxfloj, /iopofo(, 5 : 
— fish, oft.(ix 8.) p apl { . 17 : — shaped, 
in. a , «\v)vau£i}{, au\oirJ4c, trupty- 
•y&Siu: — tree, oi. Sp. Lilac: — 
wort, oi. (/3ot».) ra ipiixavlw. 

PI 8; 

Pipe, p. i. aup<£», aim : — r, oi. ai- 
)nr«p, «i)ijnjf, o-upnTiit, & ; — rS: 

Pi'peridge, ou. (£oru.)5p. Peppendge. 
Pi'perinc, oi. (zi/ 1 ) Tri!«piv>), ft. 
Pi'ping, <ti, £noi : fitrrilt : — hot, 

Pipi'uLrel, oi. «5oi .umptfot. [o", to\ 
Pi'pkill,oii.Pte3it<iii,j;.s;- /? «5»*eji/«(- 
ri'ppiii.-ji. udoffrtiau. [piov,6&TVKJ. 
Pi'quanej, oi. if i/iungc, h. to SiikH- 
PPquant, &i. Sptfivi^ inKt^ptos, &1- 
jctuco;. luxpit, Satc/tbSnf ; — ly, i- 

llip. S l?«TIKO»;, Kit8aiTT£.t£i(, £ptfl.4u{. 

Pique, oi. Ix»0(, to. wires, 4. ^ttraj, 
to; ofuuUuta, opyi/OTflc, ft: — ,p.l. 
i'jssl, xipTO/iii, acf i/fi, a-iiiCa ; ira- 
Dos lpe£iXto,Kxpotmo,,iyitpa, m- 
popyOZw. to — one's self on ft in, 
JM^a f/niigti hi Tin, aZp»o8ai k. 
inaipcaBai tiw, iiripnjiaytuioSm. 

Pl'quet, oi. X"pT07I«i^lli» ti, {koiv.) 

tottix/tov. [carry on — ,mipwiuui. 
Pi'racy, oi. mtpHTtte, lito-rt'*, tf. to 
Pi'rate, oi.irEiearnt, JpsTilt.e^.auT.) 

p. i. xiiparnju : iyeTurcS, /Jstktv- 

Pba'tiofl: — al, in. iriip«T«o(, J^- 

oTmit ft l)jiTpii((. a — vessel, )j- 

rrpiKbv nloFov, rci. nttpetTinbi ona- 
f 0(, tiS. Jjorpij, fl ; —ally, tnlp. 

Pirn, oi. ngrlav, to", supiyl, ft. 
Piro'gue, oi. nifii /ieyi{u)Qy, to. 
Piroue r tte, oi. (^^»;o*i() yupse, #Tp6- 

&)o ( , i. 
Pi'rrie, Pirry, oi. 8u»))a, lali*^, ft. 
Pi'scary, oi. almas JmaiM/ia, t*. 
Piaca'tor, oi. kiitiii, t : — ial '■ — y, 

H. i/iiuTimSc. \x<fti, oi. 

Pisces, oS. nJ. ixSuj, »« : (aatpi.) 
Pi'scine,nr.ixeui«o(,ixfiw">^(. (*«>« 
Pisci'vorous, in. I'x^opayoj, ijrfa- 
Pish, ini*. aiSol! xairaf: — , p. oio\ 

«a T a*po*6. 
- Pisiform, (ir. opo6ou«"iit. 

Pisolite, oi. [ip.) xwihSet, i. 

™iss, p. oio\ ovp/a : — , ou. oupoy, ou- 
pjyin, to : — a-bed, oi. (pory.) 1«- 
ovToirddwy, t<(: — pot, oi. oipi)- 
rpi,-. j.oupiiupa, ft. (xoiy.) abpeSa- 

X UO,, TO. 

PiWsphall, oi. niioiofalTOj, i. 
Pista'cliio, si. mar &m, ft. TftnwTibiB. 

I'istC, -5i. i' Z «0((™Ji,Ii™o»),Ti. 

Pi'etil, ou. (^or>.) o-7Tip,uaTif, n\oio- 
t^, ft : — la'ceoue, Vn. (^or».) f vi- 
tutOi inl ontpiixTlSot: — late, in, 
(Pot..) l X <*- o-ntppxrlSa. 

PisiOl, «V. ^ (KOiy.) TTHTOJO, JTEO-Ti)!, 

to: - 


Pi'ston, oi. Iu6oio ( , i. 

Pit, oi. Jiui;, piipot, jSo9uvo 5 , o. 
pipatipoi, t6: (a»T,u.) anil — ,/*a- 
Jl, ft- — of the stomach, npotip- 
oiov, rd : no.i'irij, 4. koUov, rd . 
fapuBpor, to. d&usaoi) 6 : oto/iiov, 
to. to open a — , oro^ica i»oi/un: 
op^^oTpa fliaTpou, A. the spectators 
in the — > ol Stars*: naJafo-Tpa 
(oYAJixTpuojiifijt'av).^. to be at — 'a 
brink, irpof to or*/iaTi ft ripfiaTt 
to5 piov i — fall, oi. imyfc, 
* ! — hole, oi. oiJ^, ft ; — man, 

Rptovisrwv : — mouth,ou. sto/iisii 
Pit, p. i. ri»n/« <» )a.xo,, ftTMrfl, iy-. 

^ic, &vTfTiapaTdTTO). [naJfirua&s. 

Pi'tapat, oi. na\/i.i(, i ; — , imp. 

Pitch, oi. riooa, nirra, ft, to look ft 
Bmell like — , n>ii':ui, to do over 
ft coat with — , mo-0-sOip, xocmin*- 
vouj. to boil — , moeo«nvriZ» : — 
black, in. 7riii(fwy t^. xp^ay, ■'"- 
m?( ptltk'TtpOi; — coal, ou. (op.) 
iafa*TA6in yKidu9pa'£, A : — far- 
thing, oi. Ip Cliuck-farthing : — 
fork, oi. Jta^avov, -ci; —ore, «i. 
(Sp.) «Jo{ oip=>iou: — plBEter, oi. 
Spai-asf. 6 :- — stone, oi.irio-To)i8o;,o. 

Pitch, p. i. iruO-O, KKTaiiKf ifi: -ed. 

PI . 

in. !rnr<roiTo'( : — er, ou. i niatri 
— inesa, ov. tb nsrSfrf : — y, ■ 
itias&Stis, Ttitrtrftpbi^ ititrff^Ui. 
Pitch, ci. l^oi, to. £atyos, i:Tt\ai, 
ItXWi, tyiarev, to: ixl/"". /**•/«- 

fl«j (Oil/MlTOs), T(J. (*0<V.) ivBOTll- 

/ia, t^os, rrf; (jiieuo.) f8oYyu(, A; 

— of the voice, Tovoi, 4. a— pipe, 

ro.ap.ov, ro : (ipX't.) KOpuf'i [of o- 
pfls}, $. to a high — , inl noio. to 
reach a high — of anything, ini 
iteAu rtpoilSiTv nvoi, the higher 
— , a*po», Jn^aton, to. to reach 
the highest — of anything, /{«mt- 
oflai tic to Io"xairiv ti»oj. to such a 
— , «« tojoutov. to what a — of 

infamy, of oTi^Iaf,{*ocv.) tic Arrisv 
fluBy-bv aripJat. 
Pitch, p. J, 4<itt», jjaiio) ; h%>vjii, 
i^SiJlu i Ttfqpi, Ka6itjT>iiit. to — 
a camp, OTpaTojiio'iiJ«v,*aTB«Tpa- 

juetAtth, iptfw : — ed battle, /*a- 

XU ^K TOi jUTl-iiS-n. : {.UD-jT.i *¥«- 

iufn tj itapxnt itiXaus, ij-yoGfiai a- 
SUs : npAtvu/u (ooo») : — , p. ell. 
jcafltfopiai, sTpaTOJtiiftuo- 
ftsu, Jtarao-Jtiiviu, KsrsuMgepai; jt(- 
t r« : (on ,npon)y»fiMTiv otto j afi o/i at : 
i<Ji-/ru: (vauT.) oaJtuo/iai : — er, oi. 
Tp'jTtmov, t6\ oT&fLvot, &,vi- it&Xnn, 
itpoxa'l, iilpfa, is — ing, in. f»i-, Kxnxytp-ii, KKt&mn; — 

$ : aalot [wJrfw), *i ! U ooTpcooia.ij! 
Pi'teoufl, in. Un^Wf oiiTip/iwv, yi- 
Xotxripp-Oiv, tTv/x-naB-tis : &»rvoc T of- 
icrp&i: fol) ivni7f Of, iviapos, aflii- 
o(, TaWjiwpoi, idsmvo,: — ]y, i- 
alp. iiftuoi;, eucrpSt: — ness, oO. 
iXcni, gIktos, oiKTipjiii,i: ctOXi6- 
tjis, TflJatTrwpta, tj: aOupla, q*tu- 

VOT^l 4. 
Pith, OV. (^OTV.) ivTip»4«l, ^. tptfof 

le(, i. i/xaptfiev, to. a*Tpa,ii. (i- 
>«r/i.) /lUliil, i. lb dpiwi (jipxy- 
p-tnt); IffXft, ^- cre*yOf, t*"; ^a. 
pet, tA &ffe, *: Ifmk, «r— , i.L 

.1 ' PL 

i£*7i) tov /iu(id»: : — ily, hip. pto- 
/nciifis, It7)pip5ii : — inesa, ou. poi- 

iii, I'xjit, i'^yt'K, i : - — less, in. 

a^ufXof : xzKapts, arovo;, ao'jva- 
Wi — y, in. /wiltvoi, pvUttf. 
3T(Jo>7uiof: — yeipreBflkm, ffTpo-/- 
yOJov, t6: — y style, SfOi vtu- 

Pi'tiablel *« iltutif, B i K r F it : bBIhj, 
raJaJnupoc — ness, o^.Tioiifpo*, 
afliiiJTivs, ^. — ly, Mp. aiitrp&s, 

Pi'tifiil, ^n. ^)i^/iuy, olHripp.^, tvp. 
na9^(, ou/iitaoyiuii: 8i«;foj, i/.eei- 
>>d aflLos, TaXulmtposi — ly, i- 
7tip. JJwinAc, ouTpui : a8)(us, ra- 

OUftTaSiia, $ : BflAionu, 

Pi tillVii, ^7T. BVEJtli^SIII,nnJjJilli{,Ovai. 

7iiT«E t JutaiTiiTos, iinmi, i»oi- 

fTT^pjVuv, a'flrriay^vas, Oh^ud; ; ■ — ly, 
inip. avyXt&s, avoucT^oTfuf, avv>r- 
il/iiv&ifi — uess, si. a»iJiij/i05uvn, 
oo'u^TraOiia, u/ijtik, i^. 
Pi'ttance, ei. pitpa, pip's, *- 
Pitii'itary, ^ir, j^'aTp.} ^iiy/jaTcJont, 
fJijiftsrus;, fJi^aria»(. 

Pi'tuite,oi. ((«/..) fii»^,Td.[«r. f . 

Pitu'itous, *it. pJejuaTiuoi, pity/iaTi- 

Pi'ty, oS. Usof, S, ^Aiij/ioo-uv^, ^. c<- 

ktos, ouTip/fOf, o. to have — on 

h upon any one, iXtiiv, kktcIhi* 

that, Jilili ^afsta, Wnvjy JrajO*- 
^11 TO...,(*O.V.) 1«1 J.ultupi» OTi. it 

is a — he as dead, Xintiv lpy&(trin 

mpb>, Sri 4n«a»«v : — , fr.i. i'.iv, 
icoTEJiS, oixT^u, tixnipti, <otoi- 
KTtipu, (with) n/»a(rxH : — , p. 
o£J. ouTi'^o^at, ffuiJurroVjUae, 

Pi'vot, ai. oTpsfsi;;, i. oTprff/j, ij. 
«.tiJaJ (Tpo/ou), 4. [*^«iT«iv, U. 

Pix, •A.tlnJ.) bpff 4n, 4 : *«*^*ro» 

Pizzle, ou. »(o*i (Tirpaitoo-o,.), ii. 

Placabi'lity, Pla'cableness, §6. Alt- 


:. C.OO^IC 


Pla'cable, ix. titaTiiili 
lanTot, Itflaimt. 

Plaoa'rd, ov. npAypa/i/ix, ti. npoypx- 
fii <: — i p- 1. 'paypifa. to — 
any one's name as infamous, roi- 
lmuiivfini^ypttpiij Twin's oTiji^v. 

Placa'rt ov. J>. Placard. [1(6,6. 

Pla'cate, p. i. xpaW, xKtctvpaiyu, 

Place, ov. tAizosi x&p°f, o. x&p a > it. 

Xoiptev, z6 : niXit, )j. zmpiav, to, 

K&pri, it : aiTfn, $. aiTioy, ti : ti- 

£[;, ^. XoipOf , i. X<4pa, if. ipyov, to. 

9»T.(a, *. (.ol.) Me-K, 4, a — of 

command, tyx-i, 4. to take a — , 

Bitrn. to have a—, JouJiun»,{»siy.) 

i X «» »(«>: (p<Bif w) #«,, it. w 
iipurr,ti. («»[».} ^Wfloy, To: OUt(a, 
4- »i*o(, £. o&ijrflpioy, Tt> : xaTpit, 
*: (erp.) Ipv^a,, ni X i- 
aixa, t6: x)a«Ia,i&. in the first — , 
npHtn, to rrpflTOv. in the second 
— , iiurij»», to o"«ir«pov, iiti. in 
the last — , ri forum, to ti)w- 
raloy. out of — i iKTiii iirnipulas, 

in another — , HXXeBt, iXXM mu, 
iAAaxii. from another — , SAAo- 
6iv. Of this — , ^WvJi, ^TiSe.y. 

s»6" eiroii, ^y<aj£ou. at every — , )| 
at all — s, nayra^oS. from every 
— * from all — s, ita»Ta^b8t«. of 
4 from what — ? mjflin ; at no — , 
oio^oi. in hie — , JW «6™o. 
to be in — , napiiyai. to put one's 
self in any one's — , JaaSavuy ti 
tivo(. were I in your — , t( i/it l- 
nafxsv antp K«i oli, (icbiv.) ja> fl- 

/iijv 41, rt» M«y uou. to take any 

one's — , tiaiixtaixt ny«, bewttti 
ttn «'« »^y Tafiy. there is no — 
for doubting, oujtis Myot 4 outfi- 
pix ax-tin apfrSaMaf im&pxtt. to 
put anything in its right % proper 
— t iMtTtZy, jnuhrtfjlwunt, Jia- 

TiTTti* x«vt«. to give — , rfnw.a- 

mbnin, xapavaprtv. to take — , I'- 

!txttr$<xty ytyttata.t, OJiiitabuv : — 
holder: — man, tb. (-«».) vnix. 
XiX»;. I. 
Place, p. i. WV, laTsT^n/", *=6(- 

mt/u, Tarrn, KaiaToTTM, x«Ut>, 
/SaXXu, laraeaAXu ; iiatiBifiat 
(XftUHf*), Tonffu fzpii/*ara). to 

— confidence in any one, xiniviiv 

— in Order, tAttii*, JiaTarrnv, 
i'mujuiIv, to — in office, ixoJti- 
jmfeM! — r, oft. o riM/tnwt : s ipt- 

(Tri}x£f T[y(,ol X0OIOTJl*OTf f : one?- 

T<fl.^.y 0( (xpfr*™). ' 

Place'nta (iri. — tas) t*. (iyr^.) x *- 

pu>*$ Xap^'i Unpn, ti, (fort.) 

a-ntp/ixTixbf n6pot, i : — 1, In. i, 
i, Ti tou x*p{Q<j: &,$, to toO nris- 

fiZTLKQU n6pt>v. 

Placenta' tion, (u. (^OTy.) 4 ttiraiti 
■t&t oTrip/iaTMOy itopwy. 

Pla'cid, in. ^o-u^o;, wp&os, f/iipos, 
pitilxies, /*><'«';( °i ti ^«y]}s,v a *>!»!» i- 
o«, V«Jli)yi( i — ityfl: — neaa, ov. 
TtpaoTyts, ii&vxt&, lu^u/yica, $/i(po'~ 
T.K, ii: — ly, inCp. npaou, iloiJz»t, 
fUtli^wiiftynAc. [f»g,A.f4f !0>a,Ti. 

Pla'cit, ol. (ys/i.) poulw/ia, ti. yi&- 

Pla'gisrism, ah. loyexXonla, 4. 

Pla'giarist, ov. loyo»io«o(, Aoyoiy pp. 

Pla'giary, oi. := npo. [fiiinls, 4. 

Pla'gue, ov. nanoy, ti. au/ifoph, lv- 
■ji, «yox)ioi(, ft. to be a — to any 
one, >vRHy WB, jyozltty t«i, S^Joi 
t) Trpa-^aTo. napiz""-'"': ioi/ioj.i. 
v<(o-ec, 4. yiffqfin. to. cpOoj-.i, 4. to 

have the — , letpslTruy i — mark : 
spot 4 token, ov. ILio« oiX-b 4 Ano 

Pla'gue, p. t. \mtH, int, ^anav^«, 
i»o K Jfi : x/>a'>«>, yaionoifi: — ly, i- 
nip. bux'lTiiSit: — y. ftt. itiiit- 

ks(: ^yojtiiiTiitos, fvjipajro;. 

Pla'iee, *fi. (<- z fl.}^««*^i««.5«'- 

ta, iiaivi*, i : — mouth, »v. iro/ia 

•Jpv, Ti. [to. 

Plaid, ov. (2*wr.) ufairua ^eeJaiTe*, 

Plain, 'x. A/ialoi. {D-aRtJcc, iifot : i- 

PL .8 

^(Aiif,airAous knipirrot- ft — dress, 
p-irpfa iiHi, fl'- 4n«p<ipyoj, afii-if, 
i/oo-jTtOf, ixaiJtiiiiaTOi : 4nlovs, 
ani^ntBt,f'i't (ldyos).hi — terms, 
srXaf,^a.fiit.lo speak in — terms, 
aniiif »((«irf>)) irco^ afvttv: iitAous, 

■/.p-lVTb;, Ei'lliaiVT-s ; s?io s , ITa«n)|, 

'»ap-/>Sv, T^m^t: Jit^s; J»r«t : — 

Stuffs, Oi. («>»r*-) ).(!« J] MoiJi,- 

miraoma,Ta ■ — dealer, ou. av>)p 
XpijiTii, 4 : — dealing, in. xpi- 
«t6s, lUtcntt Senlmt; — dealing, 
oi. j;pinTTOTi]f , bbJo't.js, ttuuueoii- 
»), iiiixofviia, § : — hearted, in. 
anAouf, ^pvjirTdj, liAttfwifa: — 
heartedness, eu. 4nA(STinf, ^fltrrf. 
tt);, tiiiKpivna, ft; — song, ou. 
(iHtJ.JiJ^jy.l^iroj.i: — speaking, 
oi. liflufnica, $: — spoken, in. iv- 
faimjc, *Mv7l«inrae: — iitlp. 4- 
nJfli: npoo"^Aw{, pavip« fl oSqlui. 
Plain, cfi. niJrov, id. mftfcf, * ; i™**. 

Plain, pSi.opiaJIfo., xatoiucHlWa- 
Atreu ; — ly, i«(p. o,uaA(3j, Ail«c ; 
anl&t ; favap&s, iuaevus : an/ais, 
Xi^ictSc, *>iA3{, tiAiKpivSi : — 
ness, ot. iftsUngf, ii: iirWntt, 4- 

JiAtia, ft : Xfi)<r«Titf, tiXucplnia, 
; Ti o-a^if, jajr^ma, i«ap)riia,ft: 
JitoVjk, (irtJiia, ft. 

Plaint, el. flpUvof, oiupiiet, oiopup- 
poc, 4: i)*i>)ii«, ro. airta, Kitfonc, 
tvi^'f , ft i (up.) ypap .}. xaojyopfa, 
ft. i?xA.Hia, rrf: —iff, su. (.o/*.) a 
«3rnjopo 4) J cTirfumi ; — ive, in. 
SpijvtSJijs, yoijlOf, iaupipayos : — 
ively, «Vp. epimnSSf : — iveness, 
ofl. T* e^vtoo'ij: —-less, in. dmi 

PUut, oi. TJo^Bjidj, ft. nA(fxa/«(, d : 
nrif,jrrvxft,ft: — .jS.i.nruo-o-ai, nAi- 
«■; nlfc<u,'in.^ir«xw, jtJon(fu(Tpf- 
>!"(): — f^. '■■ nTwrifj, KlutTOf. 
rtfiitJutTOi ; — -er, oi. & ntw juv ft 

Plan, at. fTawJljj, ft- psiltvitx, to. in(- 
»ais, ti&neta, yvA/u), ft. («iv.) b Z j. 

mptUOxt, /9ou+c- 

feuJ ,„. 

ro.izn»ypa f (a, 

4. (n«v.) BX«ie», to. to sketch « 
draw a — for anything, fioypa- 
a>a« h Ono7pa*i,v tc, {»«>.) ixaflV 
4?ll« ti ; — , p. i. (Joviaiiii, piixa- 
«4fUU, (*<iiv.) ^.*.4f(o. 

Planch, p.*. nonJu; — er, t*.fOi 
»av < i«Ti», Til. 

Plan'chet, oi. xltaia* /ittaXXau, ti. 

Pla'nchingj oh. oa<i(, S: ffav(Jai^e,ro. 

Plane, 06. (7(01^.) /vlntlei, t4: ii- 

. o"Tpov, tcI. (viTpn, 4 lf»ipo>, to, 
jiviavii, 4, 

Plane, fa. oripioj, jn^nio'ec. a — an- 
gle, f'niiKo'of 7«»(a, i,-. — , p. i. i- 

•N, W- 

: tKrf 

™b, ^ 

!«vio~ti1(, i : (mityi>.] J- 

/ia/(oTpov, T^. [tree. 06. ^ TijSo. 

Plane, oif. (jSot».) TtJaravof, A ; — 

Pla'net, ou. 7t5av*T>«, iriavqc, o : — 

Struck, in. napa7rJ>)»T0(, fumi/if 

oiiffTii/ia ; — ary, lit- nla»>?Tii<ss. 
Plariifo'lious, in. (|3otw.) i/iaJot. 
Planiine'tric >I ; — -al, in. J/iSaJo^t- 


Plani'metry, ov. ixiTriJo/nrpfa, ij, 

Planipe' talons, in . (j3o r».) tipv nita ) os . 

Pla'nish, ^.i Itai-u, Kira{*«, *aflo- 
,«iii> • — er, o*. siia)i«f4p, s. 

Pla'niaphere, oi. fanrtWajwitpev, to. 

Plank,o&,,«: —sol' 
a ship, Wpaia, Ta. iTTijy«vfo'i(, at, 
— road, 06. Jfic cravE^JcrTpbTo;, 
4 : — , p\ i. cavifit : — ed, in. ta- 

?i aimed, in. pouAivrdc. [m euros. 

Planner, ofr. o ponliuo^tvoi. 

Pla'no-conical, ^t. ivonriac ital xtws- 
iif^S ; — horiEontal, in. icontooi 


Plant, ol. vuro*, srOrcu/xa, rd. f&ari- 
til,y. to raiae ft cultivate — s, jjh- 
Torpofilv, ^uToup^itv JiviTiw^io*, 
/nisjjtufia, t4. Trapao^u&s, ft : -/o;0i, 
Ixyoves (4v9p«*u») 4 : ! K/ ovov (;«i. 

8 L 2 



at), to ; iro Siicaiiov, ra. rapaet ito- 

Sbt, 6 ; — cane, ofi. oB^apoxala- 

fLOV, TO ! CUtt«r, fli. ^UTOTO/tOf . 

o: — eating, in. fmtipoti — 
like, in. QvT&l-iif ; — loose, oS. ij 

Plaut^.J. fmiuu. to — into anything, 

t/i*urnitni n»f : itKu, itfpuw, «a6i- 
' o^iuoi : io-Tij/11, taoiViii^iL, 4v(ot>i- 
/« (ti)» »>]^«(k>) : fuTiuu, xaraju- 
Tiiiii : iip,yoS/ia<, «ij^pa> : [jti|>ii, 
**0Utw, (Tfl)(SJl<.») : (apx.T.) ri- 
6y,/Li (toy njfirey iT(xoy tO» if0sj») : 

-able, fcr. 

■ee, oi. p* 
— ed, in- )>ut«ut4(, bi 


I X*>!" 


OlvJpOfWTOf, 11. OfvJp&V, 4. vtOfV' 

nla, jwraKnr,*: liriywnf {fr>- 
o«lfttf),^:iiwau/iO(,o.i»o[Kia, i. 
Pla'nter, ou. jurnritc) j>uTii«a/ios, >pu- 
rwp/bt, jmnuia{, o : ofnio-rts 4 i 6 
iii«j«)fA« (o>ija/i(av)i yioi/io'fiot, 5 : 
— ship,ofi, $ rfls yaioKTit/ioo-iiviif 

Pln'nticle, aft. purapiov, id, [piov, to. 
Pla'nting, ou. puToup7«^a, rrf : jiut£- 
Plaah, a*, auorif, $. tU/ib, ri. Ekfe, 
$ i itCtulos (miitiSb) a . KAaJot .yp- 
Ti( A Jib <ru^.7rJofr^y : — , b. obS. 
tttvUfe, («...) MTMli^MzM. 
$oj : — , 4. *. fliyya.u. ^aua., fa<- 
ix-M, ■ lupniiim (Aii^leit irAaooui 
IMpai): — ing, at. av/inJlifis^Jla- 
£&>v Sivtpav), if. —j, in, lino;, 

Plum, ou. xiuir/Li, rrf. tutto*, 4. ^iii- 
rpa, i ; — a'tic i : — a'tioal, ftt. 

Pla'ster, a». nan's, $. ytyof, 4. m(paf 
1l arlppot, i: (iarp.)limlxnn t 1/t- 

ply a 

4:4nor«« i^iJ^sra inS -yifou; 

—ing, oi. KaraitJaaK, iirfirl««e, 

i: «ovfaa. ( ,i&. [ity,«i.TOTtJlosTMB». 

Pk'stica:— al, *». irl«w«e<,;_ 

Pla'atron, ov. nifuaxtpHiiai (Tflytijo- 

Plftt, i.l.riixa l auii.niiiio>. [/utxw),Td. 

Plat, oi. o-/pl ( , o. ^uplov, ro : mktw, 
?& I KUyjw, to : (..out.) airrpa id*. 
XTrj, it : — band, oi. Ttajjii^itot, 
4. au^pa, ayfl^pa, li j (ip^ir.) 

Plat, b. e/i«)ii, 'inlnt$o< : — , feCp. 
Pia'taiie, oft. (Sot*.) TtJ*Ta» Dt , #. 
Plate, ei. nia{, n. Ubs^b, it/toJov, 

irJaTua^a, ri; B6p«|,*l (J.'iJ.. 

ir^a) itfraj, 4. Jonas, ir*TB»n, ^ ; 

(«».) ,t,va* 10 v, rf. gold — , ra 

Xf uiii^aTa. silver — , tb apytpa. 

pouv S, xpua-oiv »o/4ur/ta (a. ( /9,5a- 
/9ilev), to : — armour, oJ. $&?«(, 
&■ — basket, ou. i rfiv mixKav x&- 
iaOj; ■ — full, oi'j. tiHms mvBKiav, 
to : — glass, oi. 4 T»y KXTittTpW* 

SoJoc — polisher, eS, J tui /iirtU- 
iu« OTilirvairn; :^iT«Jiotv ^jiTpa,^ 

Plate, p. 1. nalvnrat jtipmiTaJa. lo — 
with gold, xarazpuao&v. to — with 
silver, Ixapyvpov*. w — with cop- 
per, crctxaJIxoiJr : 0oipBfc(fu, iniSai- 
pxtlt,** : 7TiTa)4S ; — d, is. mr*- 
Itu «ixa)u/i/iivO(. [av, 4' 

Pla'ten, ou. (mnyp.) nldcf (iti«T>i/>f. 

Pla'tey, *it. miwt&iw, 

Pla'tfonn, ou. Ixtaypttfix, f). itiypK/i- 
/iB, to : jSeuiii, yitbim, A. («•<*.) 
aj;Wis., tb : (apx'T.) I«p.a, ra. 
nily/ia, t4 : oriiflafov, elSptot, ri : 
eifitiiax, ri. Kpnnls, i : (vaur.) i- 
nofpayfiu, zi: ntyaa/ia,Ti. 

Pla'tina, oi. Jiu-4 Z p.o-o ( , 4. («o<v.) 
nAaWva, 4 : a?yvptiv> UsofiB, tJ. 

['la'tinjr, ou. to ni,annrBiou>. 

Platini'feroue, Pla'tiuous, in. wtpU- 
X"» )u»ozp»ae». 

Pla'tinum, n!>. ip. Platina. 

Plato'nici!: — aJ,<it. n)aTa»iKi<: — 

love, iriHTMHudt (put: — ally, Wp . 

Fla'tomsni,eA.^BTEdVu>t filotof Cx,ii. 

Pla'tonist, ov. nianuvwix, 3. 

Pla'tonize, p. outf. fpovS t« tou IIAa. 
rnvoj. [ftif, 1. Uq, 4. 

Plato'on, ei. (»rp.) TSiIpa, $. eiiix- 

Pla'tter, ol. XaAvt,, ionkt, nafa»-i, *. 
(»oi».) ja6afla, ^: nJtduvs, e: hyiv- 
Tw, i: — faced, in. niaTunpiswnof. 

Platy'pus, oi. (fuel.) opitiopxr/xoi, A. 

Plau'dit, oi. KpSruf x*'P^"t ^- («"■) 
XitpoxpoTitms, ij: — ory, ^». jjiipo - 
Kpari*6f. [arte, h : tSnp/mia, j\. 

Plansibi'lity, ou. riUoyov, 10. afioiri- 

Flau'sible, in. iu)o-,o 4 , iut£c, faxfiv, 
Bi9a»i[, (mm.) tiinynfxiiii, tuTpi- 
wit, Ittixums, a— reason, i£io- 
xptait UTte, ft, *f£fa«f,ii : — liens, 
oS. 3/>. Plausibility. — ly, inlp. iti- 
tnwSf, AntiKflf, iiirpi7r&f, (*o.v.) 

Plan'sise, tftt. x"po"potutAt. 

Pla'y, ov. xaicia, jj. narcpai, 4. irsu- 
7>io>, iratypa, t4. it is mere — , oh 
jfaiijriv fan, ovx lor<vtpy»v, aliup- 
(iK,Ttf : (jious.) /iilof,TJ: JpS/ia, to 1 

TpX;r,,SI'J, XI] Haslet, ft Traiy»lDy,T((. 
■utllf a q : u BtSitJl r t> t; , i . (* t a . ) it up ■}. a r a - 
•'(, A: (./"IX^XAW, T »" ! X«(Wt, 4 : 
a^ipuypx, ri. Itpapuy* (xpapx- 
roiv) f »j : o/yo'kv, 6] irpaftc,^: roui- 
f«» : — on the guitar, A mBa- 
pia/i6f. the — of the lips, xttXSm 
x»4sh«, ai. the — of the hands, 
Xtipavofiia,*!. the — on an instru- 
ment, xpwaii, it. to put any one 
Out of his — , TapaTTiw, flopuSiTi 
t«i, hvglnti ti»(. to play a fair — , 
iS ft tal&t upttfiptttiu. (o play a 
foal— , xexSt iEp*ffJ«*Btu. to win 
St — 1 7tl«ov«Ti?v naliovrat) xtAti- 
ovto. to lose at — , pnavoTirv ira/- 
fovra ft xuSfjovtb. to go to the — , 
U*« ^ iroplit'flai tit re SiaTpov. 

at , ««/5oVT0(, XuSlOovTOl. full of 

— , .ia«K»f, uBfiffrniif. to give 
full — to any one, tituPtpfaa ns- 


pi-f.m tiA. to keep fi to hold any 

aStfianffiiTi : — actor, ov. vTtoxpt ■ 
T, if, u; — bill, oi. Btdrpov npi- 
ypxp.p.a, ri t — book, 06. ipapt, 
•ti : — day, oi. *opTa«ifie( nj"'- 
pn, )j: — fellowfl mate, oi. auy-- 
rca^fbtp, cru/iTraucT^p, A. trufinxi- 
xTpio, 4 : — game, ei- »a(y«ev, 
t*. jtoiJia, ^ : — house, oi. flia- 
Tpa», rii — thing, 06. 59up^a, 
»aiyviov, to: — wright)) writer, 06. 
Jpa/iaroi-pvot, 4. 
Play, p. obi. ita(>, aSupw. to — a 
game, irafCuv natjeau ; o~Kdnru, 
miBfiro/iui, yaJoisiCtj: (with) ivo-^- 
r«( xpoi/ixi rut, «v6«v», JiaxuetilM 
T. ; iwpya, irparru: unoitpltofi<t( 
riva, to — the honest man, una- 
t xpno'TO", 

«up(su jipaTTiiv : bipyfi. to — 
loosely, itaiftiii, r«&KT(n, to — 
false with anyooe,(i7raTai', i?ana- ' 
tSv, pivcuf^Hn. to — a part, imo- 
K/>(*io-9a( oxflpa ( nputamen. to — 
the fool, /iBipxhtiv . to — the fool 
with any one,fiua,siI>,lupt[v. to — 
tricks, aSuHv, fUcnTu*. to — any 
One a trick, irapaapouisSa' Tina, to 
— at dice, taitrita, asTpayalfJtiv. 
to — at ball, «)jaipi?iiv, ijxipo- 

upon an inatniment, Kpebtt*. to — ■ 
upon anyone, Ji«(fnv nods rrva, i- 
rr ?. r a ■/ , f iv 5 < 1 1« » . 1 1 ) — nponworiU, 
TCBpavofiailai; j;p^'8ai. to — away 
One's money, irai?ovTa Jairava>ap- 
yupiov. to — with, OTianal?M>. to 
-1 with anything, ntfgtiv ml, mi- 
Cm n, <rx'*'«C"'» «» «« : — er, 
oS. 4 Tca!f*>, itadnrns, * : tinotpi- 
Tii(, pl/i0(, : Ku6iui-^{, 4 : — full 
7) some, Jir, )t«i-/»iiifi)(, naiJiKi;, 
naiJ«iJnf,itar/viJi*t»v: — fully, '- 
wfp. naijinfif, »«r/»i«Jfi{ : — fill- 

PL 6 : 

hubs J) sonieness, ou. ib-naiyn&Stf, 

iniuTitt, fiioiraiyfieCTuvij, ^. 

Pica, ov. (ro/i.) tl)tn, ^ ; ■pdmuie, $ '■ 

airoV/ia, ft. to take up any oar's 

war. olfiooij, Jjijois, ft. 
Plead. fi.nliS. (top.) ouagepai, Suttt- 
• Ki^o^ai ; (for) ntjfytpH, u-xipSi- 
kw, iwolo'/ou/ifu (unip n>s<). EO 

— any one's cause, rmnjopai tiyi. 
to — causes, oV.aj Jiysiv, iwam- 
^074lv, ayoptuitv : npofipti,jiotpi- 
*ej*ai:iarB07tiua> Trpojasii, jtpo- 
patf/fopa!. to — against, narjryo- 
pii>. to — anything against, h in 
reply to — , kmlault, Axrryp&ft- 
rrKai : — able, Ik. JnoloyiiWoj : 
napIKTiOf : ol&t T« Trpopao/fioflai : 
— or, c£. cruvnyapoj, rovfiitof, &- 
KaAoyat, Jucaioliyov, *: — ing, ei. 
iuca.iBi.ayta, o-uvjj-/opfa, JutoAoyia, 

PU'asant, in. ftiit, -ttpmbc, yhmut, 
^Wos,jrposfiA.if,ftptoTOf, il&ptnat, 
ae-irao-roi, capitis, xixvpur/thot, 

TIjJTTVJf. STTtfof iUV,1K1t(is4 I EU9U- 

fio 5 , /iTvjfliij fiapoc, «[pi)(apft( ; 

— lv, Jirip.fti'ioit, Tiprcvoit, ipimoV 
Tfuj I iattlo.; : — neas, ei. ftiov.1, 
Xap(<, npitviiTi7f, ft. rt ft Sii, t* jiri- 
%xpi: tuBunieiyiOfpoivvt], iiap6rni t 
ft: — ry, >(. iwhyife, ft: iracita, ft. 

■ itafynov, xapi(»r<o-/ia, T *- &«•'« 
A070S, 4. 
Please, p. J. rtpirw tt»«/w>, inBufii- 
av nap<z«. ^a/n/fl, «Vi tyi- 
atu: xapffepsii to be — d at, j;al- 
ptiv Wtm, iJiJiffSaf mi. to — one'a 
self with, to be — d in Si with, m- 


T(«, ioirtftdfu ti, iiiav^i napfyt' 
fioi ti : iottt U.OC, apiiiei juBi, £oii- 
lsfMu, if it : — you, if yon — , i£ ioi 
Jo*tf, u ffoi fiJov, ri oel (Sou)*,**- 

,, t> 

j 3b« s 


irau, aripytri ; peultoflai. yon are 
d to say BO, hpfo/u ooi |imlv 
ijra. be — d to sit down, Ka(l>j- 

. ««Jp^v)0f<iV4.,( M1 ».) K B^ja- 

. jtapaicaJiO: — yourself, npa- 
i. Suae SUtcj. to seek to — , «p»- 
liinfac: — i.nM. apiirxti, Jo-ii. 
— s me, ai»w, iyaitoj re, flopal 

6««re 4) i6ap»jm 
—8, to Jofav ft StSoy/ihov irpar- 
t«iv. hard ft difficult to — , Jutud- 
loii: — jgivetnea glass of water, 
(.ro.v.) „ap«*aJS, *o ( pa lv »«*- 
p.0. S;«t*« : — God, if it — God. 
if God — , iri* etfl, li e«4 t ^fi^- 
J«: — dly, in(p. mui r ipiirOi; 
— r, aJ. >«aS, fli^, a. 
Ple'asing, <ir. apuroj, aptaitoi, );a. 

irtti — ly, hip iiSJt-it, ttpin&f, i- 
piavavrajf, op»TV$: — D6SS, o&- to 
aptoToi', xiftt TtpmiJrtj{, ft. 

Ple'asnrable, ^ir. Tipitvif, i^Tipinit, 
■uf p an rno j , «ar afliJ/iiof , zapfnf : — 
neas, bO.iSJoj^, Z^f'Si Tepirvir>j(,i5. 
— ly, inip. ripmflt, fifpa>TK(Jj. 

Ple'asure, ow. ;(Hp<5, *. to do any one 
a—, xaeifiaflai nn: W{a, J. «- 
fan, tJ. ■/■j&fi/ii a. to foxouv. at — , 
according to one's own — , it tS» 

o fa»T M »,fc'l(™i( a( , llt»; T<; ,? u- 
Jirai: qe'sv^, rip^i;, ifriraSua, q- 
iunaSna, ft. rb Ttpavst. to take — 
in anything, xafpiiv ^irf nn, JjSt- 
eSctt Tin. with — , idivi, apiMuui : 
— boat, ou. Up£o% r(p^is. e >l *(a- 
sKtSkatait, ft: — ground, "6. ira- 
pvSttooe 6 \ — house, ob. iv-n&r,- 

Ple'aenre, p.i. rip™, <ufpef»t», liflu- 
fifav nap.'xu: (with) x=p(fs^a( [*<- 
vi) : — , ^. ofiJ.ftJuifD^iai, ibfpaivo- 
ft a i ■ — is t, c i . ft 3 utt a fl ^ t . f li * e sv a f ,i . 

Plebe'ian, in. fffl^oTmij, iyo^ato:, . 
o'fjjU&jtjc; TUp^tT^jJiK, n-zpabof, a- 
ypumat, f epruiof : — , oi. inip ^K 

fA/MW, D")]pi(T)H,iJl(iTl]C,0.the B, 

roniildot, of Ttslisi, 4 noAis oViiot. 

Ple'dge, oi. unoS^») 4.Mxv v > *"- 

XJpxopa, ii, iyybri, ft, to put in 


— , Inxup&tyn, JvqcufM&B. 
give anything in — , ivtyypi 
rial; irdrrit,^. iWTii, ndrrtw^ai 
^yyut]Tfl4 f Tyyuo;, J 1 TO rrporrt: 
fdorytrixr rivi 4 (xeiv.'j u« u/« 
rive's: — , (l.i. iit^ueifu, i/t.x"P'- 
aiw, niton uw , unarttij/u: at«a«S. to 
— one's self, narsSMai, lyyuS- — one's self to do anything, 
uirtirx y<ta0a:< xoifa/w re. to- — one's 
word 4 honour, mora S| I i{iav tt- 
tinurttt; Tipanhu fiXottitlar tci, 
(urn.) tiaon-iva lis iiytilm rive's ; — e, 
ov. i jv^i/pa^a'pavo?: — -r, oil, i ivi- 
jpipaflltv, o ilTTOttW/Mvaj ; & -rpom- 

mh i — rj,«6. i)7U7i3i{, KKT«itf«ra- 
..,, .}. [,*«, ri (km*.) f.rr*., tA 

Pledget, ov. (x«|S-) / A0T '*i °- *»aT«- 
Ple'dging, eft. lv«;(iipH«/iis, o. iniy- 

Pleia'ds, it). *1. mjriJK )) mvifiies, 
Pie' nariiy,fnfp."4>iT<)i3c,T[i/< na^x xv- 

tb»«« {»). [4, 

Ple'nariness, oi. t«)« Jtoi, 41o<Jnfj(x, 
Ple'n«rty> at. (■«/*•) *i l««*f »fct( ica- 

To/vj. [aj, «bt.Ms. 

Ple'nary. In. na>T(Jv)c, imiili , W)u- 
Pleniln'nar, fl : — y, iTr.iravatlrjviioiif- 
Pte'mlane. at. Tianttnvas, ft. 
Pleni'potence Pleni'potency,a». ^{»u- 

m, *.(«*•.) n ^^«..«^ ( , a. 

Pleni'potent, iff. lz»v iSouefa., (*o«.) 

Plenipotentiary, a 6. fahptmot, aiie- 
V«*V* *■ (*•<*■) «V , $< ni ™e> *: 
— , Jb. lp. Pleni potent. 

Ple'nish, p. i. *lnp&, &p. Replenish: 
— ing, ou. (E*wr.) Iimtla, tb. 

Ple'nist, o£. J iefafnv, In oiJcU «- 
»ef xfipef fantpxu iv tiO nia/ut, 

Ple'nitude, at. TrJvjtf/iovv), $. iti^pti- 
an, iJ. jrWe»««, $. "Writ, $: 
if Serfs, iwpiavofri, -b • {(«?.) tiJ.j- 
9df«, iriij*<uo(=c, Cm»(= xia«»K,$. 

Plenteous, l«. fiffla.ef, JafiAvk. a- 

*Wl((, mpltTOf : l&7TpO 5 lJJlDT0{, 

iv7ipJ t oJa(, iS^iosot: — ty, iirfp. 
Mpuf, a$<)6*w< : — ness, si. 

ifflovfa, iriBie-o-ifa, 4: ireAufo- 
pla, i 
Plentiful, It. apSavBf. ia^Lis. iDtto- 
paf , mptvffbi, 7roAiii ; cfapo'ea Jes, 
tvfeptf, iOnap»-B(, BoWmanes. a 
— harvest, iroluKa/inla, ft: — ly, 
hip. ipSdvwf, i6irio«i(, iafilSf, 

lUTreafc, ft ; tuxxpnta, nalufopitt, a- 
fSanfa, ft. 
Pie'nty, ov. nip<i«fa, *), ntpinsn, to, 
irtpiautr^a, a^davJa, 4: trapnofopia, 

itHpepia, th'irMa, 4. to have — of 
anything, ifSmixv i^nv tiv4<, b- 
ffovov ixur ti liiro/silv Tivei. to 
live in — , lv Bj>9<J<ot( aiariuii*. I 
have — to say, ivnooii Jri iiyu. 
(naiJaait /iiTa X »a^iTai ij Jil'c ial 
*.( * B /fl.rov avvi reD Plentiful, oUi 
"water is plenty" aJ)' !a» ( i j^fl. 
o£5 a&Tri Otwaifrai ^g^ai/tivir). 

Ple'ouasm, ei. ffcrr.) niiaMajtic, *. 

Ple'onaste, au. (op.) ujos yoavfrou. 

Pleona'stic*!: — al, it. >li)nni. 

nit: — a!Iy,inif.>nvair)i8va»^ov. 
e'thora, Pletliory, eft. {<arp.) jtA«- 
6&sa, q. [ally, /tt(o. irli,6»p«ii(. 

Pletho'riovji -*-al,in. nkfiupaAti — 
Ple'thron, Plethrum, ou. niifleo., to, 

'ra, 06. (4>t>i.) witupi, J). 
Pieu'risy, oi. (iarp.) xieiplni, i: — 

root, ai. (pom.) an-Kiu itiat,-, 4. 
Pleuxi'tic r) : — al, jn. icXtvoiittbf, 

im, oft. (»»/*.) lyyio, tuy/i-nait, i. 

Ple'sifonn, *7t, (i»T^.) 4W <v iTo'.! 
Ttiiy/iat-av. [i, 

Pliahi'lity, oi. iuia/i^i'a, ilsrpofia, 

Pli'able, in. iafiirre«, iuia/iitTa(, iu. 
■pojjo[, tSyvnp.jETef, itiTpofat, tl>- 
'pifflf: uiridtTiKo;, iuitii0>){, tl>&- 
jyot, iv«alot: — uess, ei. i6*a>i- 
a, tbffrpofia^ 4 : ^«^'s, ft. i* 
a7«*yor, iv«o)ia, ft. — ly, hip. 
, tii^yov. 

Pli'ancy, ou. (fr<rTpoo>fa, inuvfb, tj; 

e>.Pliable: — ly, ht e . ,h- 


Sp. Pliability. [o, fiailii 

Pli'cate 9 : — il, i". ttvx&Sim, cpai 

Pli'catnre, °0- mvi. *ruxft, ft. 

Pli'crs, oi. *A. AaSif, ft. napKlvos, o 
PH form, in. nTu^do>)( 
Plight, o&. imo8iiK^, ft. hixvpov, «■ 
r^slnus, rif : iariuTHsit, ft. in t 

Plight, 6. l i-wpitu, i*t XV pt&£» 
a-iron/id, uiraridj^c. to — one'* 
faith, mara ft aifcav Jiiova. «>1 

o-rouv tnk Spaa, my faith is — ed 
uni»;(*!'"J 11 ; — er, e£. ^yyuijrftt, Vy 
yuot, i. [eiiahta 

Pliuth, ou. (apxfa.) *i'»fl«, ft- 
Plod, p. oii. tto.S, ralaiirupAi ml ra 
lanrupou,»ai, xar«iroi'oi>,iMi(, iiri»o- 
vajj Vpyafoiiai: tp-/uSrif -napiiio/ia 
ft Womopoi : (upon) uipiftvfl, fpor 
Wfri.fulirS «:— der, ou. i ralai. 
ir«poii/u»es ktI, so. toS.: — ding, 
ou. Karairov>jj<j,ft (npoD)piiMr4,4 
Plot, ■", x w . ,,0J i ". ^Tp*!) '■ gardci 
'a,ft. ground — of a build- 

ing, o 


Pint, ou. TiJoKii, nipnrloKi, iftirl#*4, 
ft : jitiGavlft, ft. ciriSouliu/ta, ro 

ft. p-QXX'Oppx'pte, px&iovpyiz, ft ■ 

^■ W ii»u,«a, Tt)I»aafia, -rcl. Jelof, a; 

i]»Tuii««(, tut/paty, swaypapfo. 

i. a man of much — , nmoupyrf. 

raret, itolv/i-fix*vet i»>ip, rf. iii- 
i layer of — 9, /ntxawppa:- 
'lay— s,t«( •■*;«», /"iza- 

fMi 4. 

Plot, p.«\ «i« 

3taypd<pt->i imorurroi, tfmaypo:<p€l : 
/ultra, ?/ jo*t(& (rnpf «*•«) i — , 
p. eio". (againPtJ, mu<(- 

ful, it. ielsllJjfxef : iwMitImbi : 
tor, ou. /mxavoppapef, JoJoitJonof. 
<nL6ouliurftf,ffuva>/£or>af,4: — ting. 

«*. i 


— , tit Ipyo* that : — beam oS. 

fr/pbf, ?otq6ocu;, o : — bote, eo. A- 
porpou (uliicft, ft : — boy, ou. * i- 
lauvtd* Tb.aporpvv, : H'/pouOij 
4; — hole: — handle)) neck staff, 
ft stilt : —tail, o*. ixttKn, ft : — 

land, ou. SpoupK) &p6ai/iQf y%, ft ; 
mil, J: — man, ou. aporftp, ipi- 
rij(, oporiu;, i ■ fiypowof , yoprwef, 
i •■ — Monday, ou. ft /urt r& la- 
ttmipjpa iaitiptt:— pointft: — 
share, oh, tbiAmi, ft. ipotpoitouf, 
i. &»ii, t»v<s, ft ; — wright, oi. ipa- 

TpBHOlif, o. 

Plough, p. (. apw , iparpiuv, iporpiw, 
oporpia^di : aUwlfti: — , fr.ebS. 
iporptf xpS/uu: —able, in. ipiat- 
/iOt, «psr^o-ifio{ : — er, si. ipst^p, 
ipo ni(, aporpiii, 4: — ing, ill. 4- 
perftatli, xfoTpliamt, it. 

Plo'ver, 06. (dpv.) x=paJptif, napja- 
lac, o : tiHi'pa, ft. 

Plow, 06. 3p. Piongh. 

Plnck, ov. ruftot,!. rU»n,ft : raMtJlay- 
X»a (Coieu): flappot, ri. ril/xy,, ft. 

Pluck, p.i. Spina, Jpinoyn, onoJpi- 
iro/iai, Bjrol^yn. to — fruit, Kap- 
Traloyir-, i*pi(ov»: tain, inlUu, 
aitoonO. to — fowls, r()lw«, kt«- 
pfl« yu/ivouv. to — asunder, fi«- 
ttllur, >arar01«». t« — away, 
IneoTtSv, to — out, 
itraitit, napxr^iiiv, Mxoxifu.. to 
— up avarnan. to — up by tile 
roots, iKpt&iir. to — np one's spi- 
rit, courage ft heart, Sappifr, &va- 
'..s/iiivcii Bu/ism: — er, oli, i Ipi- 

Plug, ou. -yoyfos, A; /iturriipnou, la- 
gslov, to. tfieoltuj, 4. fite/ia, ti. 
Biwtf*, ft: (»«w.) *«„,*: — 
hole, oi. (»aur.) ^t/pittpot, 4: — , 

p. i. i/»6i«, iiraSiu. 
Plum, si. ((?srv.) KOMU/mlgv, TO. 

(koi».) i«/i««ii™»,T4.tiiewiId^, 

PL 8! 

npoS/j.vov, t6: sTxylt, iaTOfif, »ra- 
fuli ( , i : jwoov 100,000 Jipu.nWiK 
norfia'f : — cake, ou. 1 &tii iTap(» 
i«( irJaxous : — pie, all. tUet nla- 
aeunrot : — pudding, ou. rciaiiouf 
At mptta. ft'&m,, o : — tree, 

ei. Kencvpi)Ma, ft. (<01>.) Ja/<a- 
«Wa,ft. W.«TD«, T i. 

Plumage, ou. hti/sm, to. utipaati. 

Plumb, ou. JcafliTOf p-oXitta;, i. pe- 
tit, Kaflnoj, A;— , in.epSct, m- 
P/iqrtff: — , iirfp, <ara »tk8^ii]v, 
ipdoo-Tdly,, opiao-Txii*: — line ft 
rile, «i. iTafl/iij, ft. 

Plumb, f . «, p^Ugu : («««•.} *«»«<«. 

Plumba'ginoos, is. iiaivMowffftf. 

Plumba'gO, ou. /loidSairx, yaJlftn),ft. 

Plu'mbean, Pln'mbeous, in. fioXl- 
6Sto t , fioiteivot, ^.aXteitK&i. 

Plumber, aii. paXt&lmpybf, A: — y, 
aii. fiGiuttSouf/ix, ft. 

Plumbi'ferous, ln.(xatr.) fieXvt&eixas. 

Plume, oil. Ttnpov, mtin, ti. ntt- 
pu(, ft : Mrniw, ^pagifsv, ti : X6- 
poj, o : itbtpatai, to : imp^paviia, 
ft: (^otv.) aKpfSaTiptio'i id: — 
alum, ai. iMof ioSeorou. 

Hume, p. i. Tirtpalf xarp.6 ; rlila, i- 
■ KTiXXii ; (mi Tin,**-) xa8a(f™, Ha- 

M?" (** «V*): *«P 8 « (*e* v 
nripd»): l-sxlpa, jpovij/iaWftg. to 

e-flat, flpivuwoeai : —less, in. a- 

Plnmi'geroos, irt. itTtpurdt. 
Plu'miped, **.(»>.} nr.poirouc — , 

Plu'mmet, eii. siaflfiij, ft. jtavin /io- 
JiuSJivdc, 6. ffrayij/17, ft : (uaur.) 6o- 
lie, ft i ttoXu6S<iKi-iSv\<>v, to : — 
line, o*J.(.auT.)^oJli,,ft. [rttl&tin- 

Hu'mow, Plu'mous, in. «tl*>T*Si 

Plumo'sity, 06. t* jiT(Jwri». 

Plump, ill, eitaiot-pi«J>l(,£Uiapif8{,na- 
3£Uf, jtyj<7«» : itirbf, inap'/iifi wpi- 
iilae: — faoed, 4k. iraxwtpisw- 
Ko ( ; — y i. (out) itoytSi, ififu- 
e-a, inxfvira i luaapxa, iiilw, if. 

urro^upiMv) i — , p. alii, ifttferfvu, 
&*ott*btn-,htp. al r -| f , ifri. 

ou. Aittavrftf, i : Syjtot, i I Kara Sn- 
Xoi itu&tii, i : ^ityof, ft : — ly, I- 
in'o. SnAO(, rtUuc, na»T«)(5(, o ).«;, 
ira«Toi( : — ness, ad. tuffapxia, no- 
i wap<f a, ft ; — y , ix iu jap* o ( , najiilt. 

Plu'mulc, oS. (£otv.) Ti impimpitav. 

Plu'my, At. nr*puTi(, ltriluTif, 
'ader, oS. 0:^11071), iiapnxyi, lj. 
jtiik, fi. J«(a, ft. op7toy/*«, tJ. 

Plu'nder, p. 4. (ofjipnajw, Jiapfta- 
fu, Jijtfo^aijJporiilu, Jti])arw, ou- 
i<5. to go a — lllg, Ajoteuu., Xtri- 
Xxztfi, Xafvpayatyilv : — er, ou. arn 
iraKTi)p, JuiiJTOip, Jjirot, 4. 

Plu'ngp, i. 4. piKTti, puTTiiCw, tin, 
ihvtI^m, <«Tan«vT(fsi ; (into) aafll- 
Dfu,xaTetedU« . to — into anything, 
ifiSdrrti* ml ft A ti. to — one'a 

sword into One's body, nipiirftfTiiii 
Tfl ttfui ifjtTo.. to— one's self, 
iil6m iauTiiv r,v< ft iT c ti. to — 
one's self into difficulties, mpim- 

iuot: — p. ouJ. (into) Jiioua., na- 
Taiuo>ia<, puQi&nat, to — into 
anytbing, tftrtttt % kfiivai ia«Ti», 
Phi'nge, oJ. jSaitriiif , KaTaJmit, utto- 

oWij, ft. to take a— , tt(icT«»,xa- 

T«it[itT«»: ivr/KD, iwopfa, ft. to 
be put to a — , 4' iitopfa ■IfBi, a- 


Plu'nger, «u. xolu/itnTftc, mf)up.4oi, 
Jurirvjc, 4: ^uSsXiuf, d. 

Pln'nket, ou. rb «ua»8i«. 


Plu'ral, **. (>pa^.) Bj B e u vT.xrf t; — , 
ov. nXy BurttKis, (api9»tis), : — 
ist, ou. £(p£Uj £ n/iipivas noAAac 

PL 8 

Plurality, ou. to iro/u, to icl<m«», of 

noJJioi.Ti Kiil6Q S :i ix noiim btt- 

Plu'rally, Intp. nJi,flu»r«as. 

Plurl'literal, in. i^uv tto»4 jto-ziI«- 
Plus, *7t<e. (nafl.) *«ov (= +). 
Plush, oi.t'ifoi xva&fous olos^pwou 

* (« 01 y.) ^.JoOJsu. 
Phl'sher, oi. (ixC) xunoxlf a)os, a. 
Plu'tO, ei. (/»»».) niourav, *. 
Pluto'nian, Pluto'nic, iir. IlioMToiyiat: 

KaTaxW«'Of> viptifOf. (yuti.) u- 

$iffriOf. f^pivot, Dft£p&$-*ii- 

Plu'vial, Pln'vioua, iit. 4>Spie{ e>- 
Pliivia'raet*r,oi. oftSpi/tizpay, uitS/ii- 

Tpoi>, to ; — ■ me'trie. — me'trical, 

iir. i, +,, rb tou eySpOjairpou. 

Ply.aS. «tux>). icJd<4, i : *J(« 5 , f>o- 
*»), 4. to take the — , M(ia6xi. 

Ply, (1. i. unriTTovO, iarnTfU;((ii Tiya: 
/irigaJJu, irBOsgallfd: with ffnov- 
J^5 -p6i*i;/Lx( rtvt, Xinap&t XtaQO- 
pai : imlva, imttlvv : oWtJESSs ^ 
/«"ra B-ttouJflf /itraxiiftfa t) jutTa- 
X-p^ac: (with) a^o.*,, nap^ 

li, (npay.UBTa 7T«^7. U*) napi;(« 

, ™(: i™fl, twrtr.idn, (iiXtT&; — , 
A.oie\ Ka^sTopai, xuproDjiai: Xo- 
nifl, Ttovw, imnt>Qs/pyi(opai; fi- 
po/mef ol^o/iai, inrtijo'u ■ (»aur.) 

j«(i6i, «(ajo>. to — one's oars, I- 

piaawi, xairiflartXy ; — er, ou. op. 

Plier: — ing, at. /in* 98 !' *- *«(**- 

A««, 4 : fv«uT.) 4 xara roS iy^ov 

Pneuma'tic fl : — al, fcr. nviu^ame's ■ 

flvt^ouf, a^tof : — HJ, °^- r) ino? 

tou Wpaf jnunq/iig. [xiiJi), ^. 

Pnenma'tooele, »&. (iito.) ityiujuaio. 
Pncumato'-IogiBt, ou. TryiuaaraJo'yet, 

J. — logy, ou. i™^CTilujla,i 
Pnenmo'nia, Pnen'mony, 06. •viu/io. 

via, jriiuueuif, r). 
Pneumo'nic, ix. jiytu/ieyiKoc : — , oi. 

(<£TB.) nVIUfl«VIK9> fipjUl 

Poach, A- 1. W*« (A*), (»«.) "<*- 
^vn /isria : mnrfvu, fiaiaKlfoi j a- 

TlJlflOTOV i& TJi ItJ.l'lJI 

PO _ 

kUit.. (t4 tnpta), *«**£»: — ,p. 
aai. XaSpa tXtittu Tct$/ip(a: liypat- 
ne/iai, vorttje/tai : — ard, ov. («p».) 
vifria i) SaJasTist : — er, eft. i ia- 
flpa KiinTwv t4 Snaia, nuniipiunii, 
di — iness, ofi. to TiJI^zruJtf, □- 
7potT]{, 15 : — y, i-n. Dko;, il»o"i]i, 

Pock, at. flwi-aiva,*. (*«».) itleyfa, 
li: — aredil: — broken — fretlen, 
in. fXuxratvAtnt, (icoiv.) tblaytk- 
pnt : — hole : — mark, ol. fi airi 
t<5v f Ju.Talvwvfl t*( ltltjl«(aiUi- 

Po'cket,ou,it^pn,^: ixipnvn^b. pap- 
ivmev, flulaiiiov,™. to put in One's 
- — , KpunTiry T& juapvviTfr): 6-jlaii 
(vf&ipvmiplou), i : .muk, 4: — 
book, oir. wivanrlt, Mirof, 5. (noiy.) 
tr-iiituiftaT&i>u>Y, ri : — handker- 
chief, sJ.j=<y^/j.aKT(»y,ri : — money, 
06. ra npo;(iiea X (rt/*a". 
j'cket, (J. i. xpuirrai is ^apinJiriM, 
KlpfaCnu: (np), npuitTU, KBTaHpv- 
n™, banaWtit/ii : (up) inalyfl ti, 
lii9i» irsisiJ/iaC thus, to — up an 
insnlt, uSomSiyra uiro^uiyiiy. 

Poo'kiness, ou to oul&Stf. 

Poc'ky, ftr. flvKTcur&A'n;. 

- ■ ■ , (jS»ti..) Urtc, «mrp«, «(iu- 

r .„ .■*. ; 6o f , a. 

Pod. ^. otiJ. oHatvM, o'-yKfi ; wapavu 
— der, it. i JoSSy ffvil^- 

Poda'gric fl: — al, iir. JtsSfypmif. 

Pode, oi. /upfyot, i. 

Podge, at. «•(. t<I. IU(, tj. Ta,ua, 
to: Tioiros, ^. iflip], 4. 
I'em, oO. nitty*, t4. a lyric — , pi- 
lot, tb. an epic — , tb imj. 
t'esy, ai. irofnoij, tj : hooitik-Zi, -i ; 
A.-nSfBtypa, to. 

Po'et, ou. itecnTJif, ierfot, a. a lyric 

-, hroiroiO(,'ii — astflr, aw. no(yj- 
ji(n«iJ(,*: — e8S,e&. Ttonirpia, i: 
— lau'reate, e&. lafrqfipti itoin- 
lis.o: — ici5: — ical, At. «eniT<- 
d( : — ioaJly, Mp. irarr|r«a{, » — 



ics, ov. itJ. n jroi»;Tiictf : — he, f>. i. 

»oi«5, irnxtfa, orijjeupyoj. 
Po'etry, ou. wodio/t, mmroril, ft. epic 

■w, eVoTtoiia, ft. Inof, Tif: ntxevp- 

yta, ft : mfiyuE, rrf. 
Pogh,M'j>.<3! (SaSaf, ? jS! 
Po'ignancy, eS. Jpi/iurot, i(utm, m- 

*J>ot>js,4: Tpa)(tlrij{,ft. T * *1"T«dv. 
Po'ignant, in. tpipiit, 'txpbt, Hvf. 

oSiktmJj, xa9a7rrixdf. — ly, Ixlp. 

Pu'illt, (b. Sxpai, ro\ aiptt, axis, <"h, 
niuitft, 4. a>a*ff (/MJow}, 4 : hxpu- 
rl,piat,ti:yi. u ^l,,ii: iii t , i. a.) 
Cu»Tii(3ie», to. jS'.} X&TBOl', T«\ y'.j 
(tot™.) irriy/ia, ti : nepm?, mp6- 
»B, 4 : (vbut.) 4vijHiJ(jf>o/<6of, : 
iriy/ia, ti. jTi)7ni,n: wly/ta (xou- 
yvtox&prm ft imooiv), to: xoielei, 
to 1 : icaipof , h. Axapic, to ; jwbo,-, 
a. to /SsaW^oov, y«ii, ^o>jiii, ft : 
ifiM/ia, ir^iiAij^a, to. nprfraoct, 
4. to itoq/il«ov, ^0704, 0: pxi/ibs, 

i. the highest — , to &*p»*, to I- 

o^orov. to the last — , i<rx**at, 
i-x'&xpw, o'nlirltfffTev; vtfyia, iirf- 
ray/*a, to: ju^iTov, to: (vaur.) fo- 
pa Aii/uu, yopa, ft : (/imu.) o-ijusE- 
ev, to : ftxo{| 0- ftx>). 1 '■ 9°P 4 > V" 
Pfti 4: 4 (•"H/Mftxft) MTifrailf : 
aOTKOTW, HOfJip'JTlls, ft: inpL&H.<J. t 

ft : tiapaluy/m, to. to grow to a 
— , ii{ a*fii]v ftxiiv. to stand upon 
—a, iipiSfii ^iTd^iiv, axei6oCv. 
to biing to a — , iicmpahttv, Six- 
ntpaivm, a.mpy&>;tv8ta, xaTipya- end in a — ,™iiuT«v « s 
tapuf -i/i, iwam>pufwa9ai. to be on 
the — of doing anything, fttlltn 
tlf* rcoufv t(, tpx'tfat noiiloo.Ta 
r(. the — of death, fiom) tou ptev, 
4. to be at the — of death, itr x i- 

t»[ Jintloflai.itfjof to nlivTBu «- 
>ai,, the taming, cri- 
tical ft decisive — , poirt, ft. to be 
at the turning — , <i peitj] ft hi 
pc-xilt foravai: — of time, icacpot, 
0. chief — , main — , the most im- 

portant — , xtfuittun, to, to /icy<- 
vrov, to itpsiev; — of view, mivo- 
V"(, 4. in this — of view, t«utj. 
to bring things under one — of 
view, uiti iUai lirafn fiyiiv, to 
look upon ft consider anything in 
a right — of view, dpCfiv ft xaia 
to ii oitomiy ti ; — by — , — after 
— , lav' kaoTa, tuff & txaireoy, 
Xfftt' — of honour, JoJ« t»& ii6~ 
>iaTD(, filoryifa, ft. filiti/m', Ti. 
a — in dispute, ri Scd-papat. the 

— in question ft under considera- 
tion, to ?nToufLi>««. in — of, #a- 

ligion, ti fceia t^> Bpi<"-tiz». in 

— of fact, t*i il^Bifa, T»i fm. in 
this — , as regards this — , Kara 

Xciplot j] «'{ rauTiJ. matters stand 
ft have arrived at this — , «V 1*- 
ptt ioti to npri/^ gain, car- 
ry, make one's — , JiaKpagavOai 

of, o- 




— , ir/ii[ lifyon : — blank, oi. ,«i- 
o-o»,xd»Tpou, rt : in(p. «6SCi, dpflilv, 
dp6us: o-aoioi<, Siappfitrit, prirg,;. 
'Oint, A- «, a^io, ana£6>«, Bi,yu, a- 
«0,0, airoxspuew : (yea/*.) orfft) : 
(at, against) ttiin lie rift nooi ti: 
(to) Stiivu/ii, ff^fiaivu. to — to 
anything with one's 6nger, Jit- 


ifixiuvai, fafvio, oiio^afniv, na- 
paoqf.tioSv; (ip^'T.) yu^u n) np a 
ft nipixplu: — ,J.ov*. (ypa/l.)Ti- 
i»(a» onyu-fli itpotSalJio t^ liffi, 
uiro«(f« npat iifiv: (at) i'anTuJo- 
Jt!*Tu': iSniCoi, cvpoptfa : on/ialtu, 
o'lliffi : — ed, in. ofiit, itvm«(, ■- 

{UTCVqj, O^UTOpOi i XOpVf dvifs, /E»- 


IJ^'JOi) -*Oy;(&»TOS, OKpl&Sltfl TK- 

KTii, iipu/tivt(: Sr,iriKt>(, 7i:« p6; ; 

— rily, **<p. «ta ( : <W«ts s i ii- 

6iWi; edlieSg, OB. s'lJTinf, Of ',"'-' 

tik> »1 : — el, oi. ypafdOB, ypafilt- 
bb, to": — er, oi. JiXtTTjf, J: -/vfii^iQiv 
(upoloyiou), i: itisju nipiSutoiSroaj. 
o; fluffs, 5 ; — ing, oi. Tbatiiav, To o"s*tuJoo"«iitiIh — 
mg-BtOCk, oi.TO &btiKH>ibob yiJtu- 
TBC leSB, *1t.i/*eii», i»(M((}«tTOt. 

Po'intal, oi. (^otv.) qiaicaT.,, i}. 
Po'iss, oi. £aeOf, to: hopponix, jj : 
«r«0/<i(, o. (ujrfOB, to! £=pOf, to\ 


'. ntiaiTnB/iS, fuyojiaTfi. 

MiUu: fc«j; a , o"<a6ao-ra£« t (3 a. 
pvju t int&apvvm: — d. ^n. iaAppo* 
t»i.well — d, dvoUoyos, iiip eono( 

C, o. <pnppar 

, iitiijxfi' 

> give fl administer 

TUB 4 «>a^/lHHIU«V TIB 
Oi. (tSb 0>1Ub) x «lo 

lock, oi. (p^tv.) tdnutt, Ti: — 
ivy: — oak fl tree, ou. aio-o-of 4 
f ql>rrvc>i«$ : — nut, ou. to to& «rp(- 
X'ou tipuoi. 
Po'ison, p.i. •pipp.aim USti/iif) irpoj- 
■piji'ji, Qapp&TTu, fmpiitSUuH. to 
— any one,f ap/uemn, &l*t$tlptu 
fl feiacpth ti.a : Z o='»» WWwaB. 

to be — ed with, foa-nl/misaflcu, 

lUTixei'-rnt bobou: (vrith) ItxfBti- 

t*Tb>, laBrtv f&ppaitx ; — er, oi. 
fxppaKtiit, ^appavoiroios, fap/iet- 
*of , c>ap/xa*r.uT4f , o : ciarGif jyi, o : 
— -iag, ou. •pap/taitiU, BjapjiBKOTTo- 
»(«, At — ous, 4n. fapim*<bgy,,, i&. 
tat. ieSoios: $ooso7rot6«, yoopcot, 
oVl™ip">f, o)tBgiQ {: | ^ -iiU3lv. <- 
rip* f BpfixKotS &1&Z. a AhMV' T * 
fapp-xxal,; ■ J&fHp 4(3; 
Pu'itrel, oi. rpgrtifnw (E linou ), im- 
fl!ip.OB, ro :, *. 

Poize, oi. oo. Poise. 

Po'kal, oi. itorqpwB, ri. [<o t , 6. 

Poke, oi. n n p«, «. j3«Juh>nov, to. oa*- 
Poke, oi. xoboWo;, 4: yuoee«, o: fu- 

7=., *■ 
Poke, p. *. e>oA: o\a£>,T&, fjqjajwv 

Cflrsj : avg^gi/)^, o~iro:A-(ub>, (koeb.) 

e-<«)(C». to — the fire, uic««he1iu- 

fiin,KO-T!i5(i9n. to — fun at, «d- 
iti-sin : — r, oi. o oiflSB : im&Xtuipar 
(iropoi), Tel: p:op/io)ujii(ov, Ti. 
IVkin;;, ii, /tax6iipb{, imMM: ^T- 
/£OTi*ot duptiJiK, why do you go 

— about ¥ i( mmrafiK JIximb ; 
Polar, ■>. ap.T« 0( , p6pue t (»o.b.) 

nilwif. tKe — star, 'Apuroijpot, i: 

— bear, ou. (?ojoJ.) ^ Xiuki) "Ap. 
«0f : — ity: — iza'tion, oi. (*o<b.) 
xtl<*r*,1,: —be, p. *.(«„.) m - 
Jw : — y, In. JtcuOunoVtBOj npo; 

Po'larchy, ou. dp. Polyarchy. 

Pole, ou. o-«oJoJi, z^P^J. "■;""£. «^b- 
ro;, o. fopu, -rii : dii.ipp.z-/iiv., rix 
(■yiw/i.) koJo{, i. the north — , ip- 
<Tuto5 iToiot, i. the south — , a»- 

rzo'.ri/:; Troi.c;, u: fa/tit (iln&ins), 
i: (mcbt.) a-rpa-Toj, q/ouaTq. q: 
(ij/wpa, Jioiulov («JnSo«u//Sa)ou), 


o'aywa {=: 16J tto*!1b), 4i —axe, 
oi. Kio"Tpa, ft: — cat, oi. 7«M, 
wrt;, ^ : — lathe, oi. i'ooi TiipBou; 

— mast, oi. (b*ut.) smiis, 4. 
Pule, ou. D0J0.B01, i, 

Pole, p.*. X*P*"&3 iraooalfi.anojic.a, 

Po'lemarch, ou. mlfju apj;o(, o. 
Pole'mio, oi. fwiucrnis , ». ijafuCq- 

T11C0(, i. JlBTplSq ipioTUll, q : — 

q: - — al, in. TrOitp.i/.bi,' 

if of, a^toDttTCceV 
Pole'moscope, oi. «Jo( TBjA.iixoiriou. 
Polemy, oi. Ipi(, Jo70,ua);(a, ij. 
Po'ley,oi.(pVr>.) ( 3Lj z , U B,,& : _ grass, 

0V. (^OTB.) JiiSpoB, to : — DlOUil- 
tain, oi. f^OTB.) TIUIpWV, Ti. 



•tenia, ft : of ntplno- 
i, (ioiv.) ai iimm/iUDi tXirijpit ; 

— constable, *iplnoXot,b. (xoiv.) 4- 
rru»of i«oj xAnnle, i : — court, oh. 
tifHIvaSixilav, t6 : — inspector, ov. 
Tttprneiio^iK, a ; — magietrate.ou. 
tipiy&pxis, & '■ — man ft officer.oft. 
jrfp(iioA.ot. 4. (nam.) aoTuve/iMo< 
lAiiTrip, o; — station, ot. mpiso- 

Poli'ced, ta. iJ^o^ou^ivet. [Auiv, to. 

Po'licy, ou. xoIitiki), TroAmfa, ft; tru- 
M*((, tppivwtt, ft: wavoopyla, itoi- 
KiAoj>oooiJi»|, ft i o oAof, A. i.-ty-'i, 4: 
opiio/fa, a*e<Snfif, ft. (tfjr,e.): — 
of insurance, affa>aAt(TTCJci) aTioJu- 
(iS, ft : — holder, ofc 4 Iz«n iijia- 
A«rT«c>jv iitio'tijiv. 

Po'iiBh, *. i. u», (*», *«<>», )«a, 

ffriASol, otiAitv&, la/iirpj»«: *a<- 
itiiu.ftfHew^ltolv.) ■Jioj'iWfw: ■ — , 
h. oht. OTiinvo&fiai, la^itpun/iai : 

— oh. on'ASof, »-T(in»iTii(, Aa/i- 
HpoT»)(, arO(aiOK, 5; iratfifrDn-ij, ft; 
— able, in. iTiKstrioc naiJiur<e«: 
— ed, /ir.JiiT0{,£uiTO{, Atfot, otiA- 
imbj, Adjunso;. a man of — ed man- 
ners, Mp 'al&l mnaiScupi.ot: — 
ednesa, ev. rrtlfaiit, ^malSivai;, 
ft; — er, oi. tuiritp, ^TiXSurin, a : 
o-lflSoiTpoy, v£; — ing, oJ, (io-if, 
\tionrtt, o"riA5ruo-((, ft : n>iip mii, 

Poli'te, hi. naAAij injtaiJsupfvet, «i- 
■HpothyapSf, (*0(v.) luYtv*!, fiAo'- 
1 : t&sx-ftjioiv, limping iOta- 

behave — ly, ko^cuio-Oi 
/ie»«r«,(xoiv.)ei)iiyu, npoifi^ioflai. 
to treat any one — ly, ftlof oovir- 
D"9a(T<y«, Stpamutiv tivh : — nesa, 
oJ. iceB/nifT>7t, Konfirm, thoxyip-o- 
<>»**,, tintlcL, ft. [an.] iW»u«, ft. 

Poli'tic d: —ml, *«- so)iT«<i(: — af- 
faire, tA JiwifflW ft Itetvi, ra rts 
B^lfai((K/JO?y/iaTa):iravoup70f, 00- 

Aio ( , (j M n.)o'ntlai/iaTouf(:— al eco- 

3 PO 

nomv, ft tSv Jii^oo-iwv j;je7i^Hiiuy 

' ally, i-*ip. noltTitSii, itavoupytuj. 

Politic.!' iter, cu. TroJirwst /anas, i. 

Politi'cian, ob. roliTiKi; an)p, ivty 
oiD(Cu« ^Risra/iivO! ra Mimii, 
4, (»oiv.) nolcTnot, i; itavoupyovi- 
To t , mAuAHfett..,- M*. 4. («.».) fi- 

Po'litics, (S. nA. noA.™*, ft.ft t£v «d- 

A^Hfly JA""'P<a : t« noAirma. 
Po'litv, ot. xoAirtfK, *: ToXirar), ti- 

tUnft, ft. 

Poll, (i. K«»aA^, ftr «yflo«K8t, *, ft. 
Tn: (i»ef«ti«*) /aTaioyos, 0: ^"1- 
1^0 jioptK, ^ : si •piifoi : rfl( rjiTrfo- 

<poptxt iino(. to go to the — , ^n- 

fitioda^ Tijv if Vjf ov rfSioSai, ^j;ss- 

4: — evil, »&. fufta (^nl auj;ivof 
irnou), ri: — tax, oli. inuctfi* 
Aaioa ft iiriKiyaAiov, r<f. to pay a 
tax, nark xiyai^i titflpuv Of- 

Poll, p. I. two*™, itpHmpitCu, >o- 
AoOm, xoAoCS, Ktipa (rpAxat): in- 
yp&ym, iyypi^a (mut ^« P of 6peuf) : 
fnfi$onai, rUttiu rit' #"W*», ^"ijo- 
^Ojoto: — ed sheep, indent-on a«- 
po» ft SiipaTav, to. 

Po'llack, 06. (i^fl.) Sp. Pollard. 

Po'llard, oi. thSpt* M*huh, *&: ve". 
/Ltapa rtpbvsot, tS : lAa^ot aio- 
SaAaOo-o Ta itpara : (i x H.) >m^| 
o"Ev/=fJiX( (> a - — , ^. '■ ^ntJfdjrro* 
(J«vJ f a). [(f^O *•*!•»*«■ 

Pollen, oi. nainaXr,, fi ; (^n.) -/5pi( : 

Po'ller, 06. 0. Atcciirrai (ta ttnlpxU 
xiiotoi. [Ta, To^ai) : ip*ai, 1A1- 
TTTft^, 4 ; ipfrtrofipos, i. [s^boij, ft, 

Pollicita'tion,oi.(voAi.J/n"B7viAia, ijro- 

Pollinctor, 06. yiKpaxi/iot, tixpoeri- 
Ao ( , J. 

Polli ni-'ferous, ire. (j^f«.) 8x*"" )"!/»<*■- 

Po'lliwig, ov. yvpi'os, i. 

Polln'te.ji.i. f»J4w, f. 

aftu: ^i6»Afi, KaSay^«: liaftii- 
eu, Auftafiopa' : — d, ^n- p-tapb$ 




puaxpbs, npo;TponaiO[, iji/iiro;, 
, l*a;l,t '. — 4r»ess, 06. jnUoioij, ft. 

fimafLbf, A. pfatr/ia, to" : — r, oi. 4 

ftotiva-j: StafSopiut, i. 
Polltt'ting, in. /loJuytof. 
Pollu'tion, oi. mriloinf, ft. ^loluu^ibt, 
./itao/ii,-, oia-yot, /iijioj,to: (iarp.) 

o'vupvy^io?, iZovupuy/tbtj 6: &no- 


f, »■ 

Pll'lluX, fli. ((iufl.) QoAuJljinK J 
(ioTpy.) i UoiuitlijOl!. 

Polone'ae, ou. neJmuiift ylfi*™, ft, 
Polt, oi. onr/iot, I, KoAafio-ya, to 1 : 

foOt, oi. JTfuBlSf nOUf, d : — 

foot ft : — footed, on. iytvUiaiuf, 

x U lWnou t . 
Poltro'on, oi. Julie, an»o>« ( , flp: 

aii Jiiioc, o ; — ery, ou. ^ayjpfa, ft. 
Po'lverhlB, ou. (x'V.Jft F" T " v "pp 8, 
Po'ly, oi. (f«T».) m(i™», to. 
Poly-aoou'atics, ou. irA. 17 at|»|T, 

xil i-ii- rx*'" Ti^vi]. — mid- y, ou. 

noii»ayo'p(n 1 ft. — anthus, oi. (j3ory.) 

tapxtnc noJuavfliii. -^-arcAy.oi. 

noAuspv.fa, ft. 

Po'ly-chort, oi. (|im, tipyaioi) * 
lvx«oJo>, tJ: — , in. noJujtopJi: 
— chroma' tic, in. noivxpaytof. 

Poiy'-gamous, in. i, ft r^t noluyap 

«f : (po™.) irolt>viv*(. — gamy, 06. 

miuytt/ila, ft. — Jjenou*, Jn. 

Po'ly-glot, in. noAiiy*»osO( ; — , oi. 

noMyAuio-o-Of (4yi)jo), 0. — ffon, ou. 

no/iyoiyoy, ri. — yanal ft gonous, 

In. noiuyinof, nsluyuvoc. 
Poly'gonum, Poly'gony, oi. (/ory.) 

noluy&Mov ft noluyoiyos, rJ. 
Po'ly-gram, oi. noiiiyeapi^oy, to\ — 

graph, ou. ftiwavft, 'eYft« mU«r)»> 

Bid^ovTiir rai»T(TuB«. — graphy, 

oi. Kfnmrtypafia, ft. — gy'nian. 

—gynous, in. (p^ory.) no*uyu»aio S . 

—gyny, oi. no/u^la, ft. 
Foly-he'drftL — he'drical.— he'drons, 

in. noliiJpot. — he'dron, 06, (71- 

Poly-ma'thic, *r. mJuiuitftf. — ma- 

thy, oi. nelu/iaflfa Jj noJuj«i8«a, 
ft. — mu'rphons, in. noW/iop^o,. 
Po'ly-neme, oi. (i^8.) noJuyiipiof. — 
ne'sia, oi.noJunjir/n, ft. — tio'mial, 
in. no/vc&yujuoc. — o'nomy, oi. no- 

iWlU^K, ft. 

Po'ly-pns (nl. — pi *J; — poses) oi. 
(^uol.) bo1i>»ou(, 0: — in the nose, 

otr/tvAat, 6. oafl.ui.T,, S^aoa, ft. 

Poly-8pa8t,oi.(z«p.)TS neJuonaaiov. 
— tpermout. In. ((Sorv.) noAiiinip- 
/«( . — itytla'bic ft. — tulla'bical, 
in. neiumJUaoOf. ■ sy'ltable, oi. 
Jt'tif noluouDalot, ft. — synthe'tic 
ft. — oynlAe'tt'eoi, in. noluiivfli- 
rot- — tu'chnic. —technical, tit. 
no)uT*xvOf ; noJurij:nn<((. 

Po'ly-theiam, ou. Ma noJuSio;, ft. 

noluoifa, ft theist, oi. Soiifa* 

TtoiXoiif, fliouj. — thei'stio. — thei'- 
stical, in. naU0io«. 

Po'mace, oi anoniio-^a.frfi. piXov), 
ti: — 0118, In. p-tit'at, yijJonJfl{. 

Poma'de, oi. xfop*, tJ. to do over 
with — , aJrijitiv, xffa>3rt: — r, 
oi. /wpoWim, ft. 

Poraa'tnm, oi. jp. Pomade: — , £.4. 
.araxplw, alJfo> (raj Tpfca,) i.a. 

Pome, oi. (£o«.) MJilo>,TJ. [ii(f«. 

Po'mecitron, oi. (Sovt.) /iiionlTpwi, 

ti. (aom.) KlTpO/H)lo», Tl(. 
Pomegra'nate, oi. {jSotv.) ^«4, p^ii, 
ft; foCa, jiatS,o>, r&: tii^nni n 
Sx&np potiat; — seed, oi. x6k- 

Fo'me-roy ft: — royal, ou. paoiiuoi 
/ijjioj, t({. — water, oi. /ir]lo> ts 

Pomi'feroue, in. ^qJofopot. [iuxu/iov. 

Po'mtnage, oi. Jp. Pomace. 

Pomme, oi. (iitl !«»,) ^flJon, t*. 

Po'mmel, oi. afaipaiit., to. the — of 
a sword, la€i), x&s>) f (fov;, ft : — , 
p. i. novJnisv^TpiSwrii.1, Triif ttau- 
»uft naivoi riyiii/iiilowftoi; — led, 
in. (JnJ otnoo - .) I^uy o-f aipn/ta, 

POIIlp, fli. R0P7T0, TTSUTnin, 4. x|!h- 

no{,i.^nyaJanpin«tt, no/uTilua, ft 
Po'mpet, oi. (runyp.} nili> Jp«(, J. 



Po'mpion, ou. ralexwt)a,-i. (nam.) yiu- 

■dkoIdxuiiSoii, to. 
Po'mpize, si. &mo>»|lov, to. 
Pompo'sity, ou. fcg/Lirsj, 4. ^lyaJfiyo- 

pia, u^vjyopfa, ^. 
Po'mpons, <■. /iiyaioirpimlf, p.iya- 

l«l«f, i:oiuTi>.nt : «o6apo j, ito/inubf, 

iravfryupmof ; — ly, iirfp. /iiynXe- 

bear one's self — ly, Hjininouac, 
o-oSapEiWIlai: — nets', ou. t4 no/i- 

Pond, 0&. TffOS, Tfl\ lilKOf, 6. T *V«i 

re. a fish — , ;z9«o«opao», to : — 
weed, t&. (^oTy.) »TOfu/tfmii,'i. 
Po'nder, p.t. loyi^ai, nnO^a/uu, 
o-«irfl l M VU !>f'«:— .MM") 
iKieyiCo/im, Ilvk^u, (iti K S, <V. 
/wJiT*S; —able, far. Aoyciiiof: — er, 

Po'nderal, in. arnfljmirss, eV^ne. 
Po'nderance, 08. f>apo t| to. iTa6fii ( . a. 
Po'nderingly, iitfp. «iirro«5<. 
Pondero'iity,oi. 3«po ( ,TJ.p[ipi;Ti]{,ii. 
Ponderous, iir. faevf. &6p,9,)i, e. pl - 

/ivil, i'tpytts, htpyif. pbftat, 4"sj- 

»rfc — ly, iitip. £aoiii{: — ness, »6. 

fl&pet, to. Svpitaif, A, 

Po'nent, irr. oWudfe. [Wins. 

Po'ngo, oli. (CuoJ.) *fBsj«ac Tftiyla- 

Po'niard, eti. iSoiwv, 4. ^yx«j> laiev, to. 

fj-<x-/_xipx, Jj : — , p. ^. 0(iC-^jU^*y(o, 

Po'lltage, o&. a an* yifiipaf fipo<. 
Po'ntiff, ou. ipx'tpvjf, f(p4f>X>K> {- £ 

Pouti'tio^:— al,in,ufixiip*uTiic4f.iix- 
■KiKOf. — al, ai. 4 (*air«ii) Xuroup. 
yutrj ; tpxupxTueil Jo-flifTij, at; — 

a'lity, ipx'f »»«*i, $ ' »**»»uvn, 
4; —ally, rap. t^ufCTuidii itH- 
w«0( : — ate, eu. op. Pontificality. 


Po'ntlesis,ei. Bva;<niri8/<4(IEni(ou).o. 

Fonto'n, Ponto'on, ai. {o-rp ) yiQupx 
Tt/oioi; igor/pfvi), q. to throw a — 
over river, fwynvrM ft yijwpouv t6v 

iroTafiav irlofois: (vaur.) A^6o(,i: 

—bridge, ot. ip. Pontoon. [to 1 . 

Po'ny, ou. inTrapiov, ncjAfm, (nrtWuv, 

Poo'd.oi. (Poij.) ararty (= 36 if- 

Pooh, tnlf, it [*e*i),&- 

Pool, ou. TlljiiH, to". M/wj, 4: — 

suipe, eii. (dpi.) rjcscMaptt S *pv- 

Bpinovv [a^TraifoVoiv. 

Pool, ou. 4 jfaTa«eA.j (jxaareu ™» 

Poop, ob. (hbut.) npiifJLia, itpiifiivj, 4, 


6J6S ifti Tfls npu/ivv]{ : — ed, 4n. i- 

X«* ITpUjUV^V J blfiv)^^ tpOS Tllll itpu- 

p;»Yj>: — ing, lit. upoijiis «u>iaT»v 

Poor, <n. iriviji, iToi^of, ii- Juts, «aTa- 
Jiiit, ixp'iM' 110 !' «"ops(. to be — , 
ni»«0«, n.y<a b.^wSm, 7FTo. x .ii. 
Irv ; ivjp6(, oralpoj, aitapiraj, apo- 
p0{ i fu\o;, SOXcoj, KUDJjffim, 
j>av*.o( : — oreatnre I w tA4/u» ! : 

itattip6(: — food, faijji] Tpafi,!). 
a — subject, (teapot us^Ourtc. a 

— dress, oxl*" 1 tuTtJ^c pLinpoj ; 
itpojjui^j, iyaTTiiTOi; — house, ou. 

ItTUXoJo^lioiP, TtTMZOTpOJuIoV, T<(. 

(*0<».) jrT(oxo«f»IIoy, to : — jolni, 
ou. (^fl.) -yaJo; {>jpa»fllo(, o 

rate, ofr. f6pot& 5ik touc irrajjfouc 

— spirited, in. SuXbi, «>avJpo( j 

— spiritedness, oS. JtJfa, 4»av- 
jpia, «. 

Poo'rly, Mp.ittiSt, lavtjcput : xocfic 
oWQ[; ofl)fw( : aviapuc, JmrnpS;, 
to live — ly, lotap&i % Auni)p«( 
?ii». to be — ly in health, kppv 
o"T(iv, «aitu( Ix«* T8 »*</*■ : — i fe. 
ai6ivi)c, oTpptioToc, 

Po'oraess, ou. irt-Ta, ivjwa, 4 ; io Z va. 
o(a, 4aapit(a, 4= inaptt", ifopia, 
if.ixKoSatptriK, fauianjf,4: tb. 

Pop, 0&. JidfOt, J-plfro;, t. $6fi)UX, 
rt. itiTayof, i. iiaTB^/ie, t4. to 


PO 81 

i/tttkliw, itgSdcUtw, «>Sii>. to 
— upon, on, fjcifBid Tivaj. to — 
upon any one, l/nrfimn u$ tivs, 
jinla/ifetnu* tiviS: — , i.i. Trpot- 
f«pu, Spojayti, iteplxoi ' rajjiov '■ 
)oiv»"ft ^SS : .if-riir™ : (off) am>- 
xnA, — into one's head, 
Ivvota /co< t^irdim J /rTfi-vitac 
, Inlp. aifvqStra;, tt-npOftox-fTv;. 

Pope, oi. nim, o. dp ipxns 4 : (i'xB.) 
/ulavoCpo,-: — 's eye, oft. asV(«^- 
/*Mf). '■ 

Po'pedom, oft. ft toD Ilaira ftpapxfa. 

Po'pery, oft. i auTutft Qprmtia, ft «a- 
Sel«>5 Upapxia.. 

Po'pinjay,'pv.) ^(ttbhoj, 4: Jpuo- 
koJbttttis, i : jJ.iip.miOf, taiiuTH- 
errie, 4. [^tip. itan«S(. 

Po'puih, lTs.v<,UpBpxi*&t: — \y, 

Pc'plar, oft. (/3ot».) aZyupot, icft*„, ft: 
— , fc. ay.fp.vof, Mbmi. 

Po F plb|s6.vj>a[i/i(iTi^eTa£o^aJJi«ii«. 

Popli'teal, Poplitic, in. (a»i^.) fy»u- 

Po'ppet, oft. S>. Puppet. [<M>7f- 

Po'ppy, oi. (^otv.) fiiKait, fiijt»»if, 

fl. like — , ^itovouJiic — head, 

oft. is>o*«e, ™Jia, Mairis, ft: — 

juice, /iijicoiMoip, ii. 
Po'pvilitce, oft. jrMBsf, 1. o( noAlai, S- 

Xits, =upfiTO{, 4. 
Fo'pular, in. J^oTi«l(, irowo't: 4"ii- 

poropmif, Jijpioxapto: iyx&piof, '* 

7T.;((ipl0s, a BOngl ■totyit M/lfl, 

rd. a — affair, who* Tpay/ia, t^. 
ft — tradition, xonis ft oSip.dio'iif ii- 
yet, 4. a — feast, nz»tiyupn, xwt 
ioprft, $: IvB*i]fi(i, iTuJiifiiot. 
Popula'rity, oft. /onoVi] i, ft : yh oijfie- 
TWO», xaptt ft *p*f roiij jto)3eii(, tu- 
>«!■ ft irapa Tu> ni>™>. to court 
— , S-iiUvxon&Zv.zxXoxontiv ; — hun- 
ter, oi. in/iowiiot, i. [<afl(oTflfn. 
Fo'pulariie, 4. i. Ju/ioii'tv n « 
Po'pularly, iidp. J»/iotui«(: pdooV 


la' t ion, at. oi i-raitt 

Jp<?>\ 7ToJuavOpo>7TG{v : 

flporaia, mXuavlpiei, ft. 

p'rcatefl: — d, in. (p"0Tv.J auAaxoi- 

Po'rcelain, oft. K*pap.o{, Jiaf mfc, 4. 

ppia, /tdpp.a, $ I (0ot*.) ivOpe:-' 
4, ft: —clay, oft. xtpifilnt {■/*), 

injjivj ; — ile, ofi. (op,) eWo j (Ec- 
Porch, orj. (ipxir.) *po*u)a<ov, wpo- 
ti-.noalU (.roa],'ft:;, 4* 

ircupine, oi. (jojoJ.)tjTp<{, SorpryE, 
«, ft. «!•««, ot —fish, ou, (r'*9.) 
i>. Globe-fish. 
Pore, oft. (■"■/».) nJpos, the — of. 
a sponge, mipayi, ft. the — a, of 

Pore, A. oftJ. IttWTB/i^Mif )] Trpotinn- 
if'jiE itpO(6JJitrd, to — on ft upon 
anythbij, ptinSi rt, iayl(ieda( tc 

np6i rt: — r, oft. 4 7rpof^x uv rDV 

Po'rgy, oi. (c'z^.) iHoj oaiitnf. 

im, ou. (71H/1.) irop.o-p.a, *&: — 
ie >T: — a'tical, nopiirpKiTiKo'f. 
Pork, oS. .p^a b», *.>(>■», t« (mm.) 
jliif.*^), t4. 

Parker, 00. x='p«(, yp«l«(, *■ 
Po'rket, Porkling, oft. tilyai, 4, ft. 

oiifi/mv, xoisl Juiv, t4. 
Poro'sity, oft. to mpA#<|,iptuo'ritt,'ft. 
Po'roua, i«. uopijjiio'ni, noJimopot, 

0"»ipa77EjJ^s, Bpa(4f; — nesa, oft. 

aOfi^tir/if, Tb itop&Sti, • 
Po'qMW, oi. (ix5.) *!>f'i, o. 
Porphym'ceoue, Porphyritic, Porphy- 

ri'ticali tit. KopfupftTp 4>«u(. 

Po'rphyrize, pA. iroioi ti tfum* nep- 

tvptty, [shell, o v. ■nopfipa, ii. 

Po'rphyry, all. (if.) topfupim, t : 

Po'rpoiae, Pu'rpus, oi. (<x8.) 4p. Por- 

Porra'ceonB, in. uirdxlupoi, x'te&titi. 
Po'rret, .&. (jfcw.) -/""»». 7*™». 

T<$: Vp^/lVOV, xapT&v, KXpTOV, TO. 

Po'rridge, e4. nrfiros, 4. «6apa, A- [*. 


Port,oi. )i/»>|v, ip/iot, 4: mill], 4-"u- 

lw»,4; (yauT.),yarvai/ia,TO. (noiv.) 

r>|l«GoSupls, A : 9up«s s'ni), ft : n ('O- 

Sw/«ivui{) nil* op. «. Port: — fl! 

— wine, o7ao () (tjj s noproyallfaf) : 

— bar, oi.(iavr.)li^»of jjpBVjUoj, 
4 : — cbargea, oil , wJL t« ilii/nn- 
■a (rtiu), t4 illi^yiov : — grave : 

— greve *[ reeve, o&. Jt/HvapxiK, 

1: — holer od. (»bvt.) farina, 

T<(! — mlUl, oft. 5 «iTOi«0; ,[S;i« 

jw/ii»K iv lifi/n; — eell, ou. il 

4*Xip.irte*: — town, ou. no*!*; ft 
irapi JlijiAu: — watch, ou. (vaur.) 
si kpimp6T0ixBt. 

Port, ou. (»hut.) * ipurnpk nliupa, 
vxiiKt, ri. {*o«.) «a<.„ (tou o-oi- 
fl«T«<), *■ Tponw, of. 36», to : — 
crayon, <A. ypafJe, ft. yptfitm, 
il. /ioiuB Jo«» Ju'ofopOf , i : — fire, 
ti. BpoxlXlt (mJiSolou), 4- 

Port, S.«. f*p«, ne/iifa, KljM) jSairra- 
C»: (vaur.) n«jtfCuit|P*« r« ap.ort- 
dk: — able, in. pWreurrif, h.y4i-yi- 
jBof, fliopnrof, iMiarajiTef, ptta- 
f iptftai : — ablenew, oi. ri ^kjth- 

KTOV, Ti ■i««OTaXT»». 

Fo'rtige, op. to f ip«<» K pxari^u*, 
mf/iio-i;, ft: jufnirpov, fopllon, tJ. 

(«,..) Td *«>«,«: 4 K.UT.U M-- 

rS4f : 4 /uraSu Jus nJniiljiuy jro- 
raiifiv oioifet. 
Po'rtsl, at. *uii», 4. mil*. A : iW*« 
flolo*, i : Kapaflijpa, ^-npoJof, ft. 

Portcn'llie, eo. (« 
t;—,p.i. fanxl**, *) 
ed, J*, ijpn xarappaKTt 


Porte, ou. ft 'OflfujiaiiKij llulii ft AS- 

>4 : — d, fa. I Z »v flupat. 
Porte'nd, p. i. irpoayyi) i«, irpoy ihu, 

irpoo-iyiafva, TtptSshmpi, upooiu- 

Porte'nt, oi. Trpotrijjiasfa, ft. e-n^itou, 
p«T(i*>i(, flau/iamot i — ously, faff. 

Po'rter, ah. 8up«p»f, jtuAtopoj, o : iJ>o- 

ptuf,ropTojiopo f ,paaTaKTTif, ? opT fl . 

T0 ( ,4. (»«.».) kxtoftpe,, 4: jlotfoS. 

XOf,4:4^i\a ( ?6flo,: — age, oi. 

fiiptrpr/, foptlov, t6. 
Portfo'llo, oft. iwtaXuJi fln'n,^- X=p- 

Po'rtico, 06. TtipiiTiuou (j iri(j(tToov, 

ntplaruiar, ri. a-nk, ii. 
Po'rtion, e&. pip's, r4. (iipff, pulps, 

■A: tiijot:;, i. nlnpow/ni/m, t4 : ftp- 

tr>, npoJf, A. 

Po'rtion, 4. 1. /iipl^u, iwJ/u*, o*ia- 

Sltapt, KHmt/m; £utxlvp& : <gip- 
■Ax,u, irpo«i?w, 14>4oj: — er, of. 
4 Juvi^iuu, 4 avo/iipffuy, ansvi. 
/lflTV){, Jiavowiu;, 4; — ist, ou. 4 
/iit^oji 4j*a4np'o«oi* >*itSoS: itJij- 
piKS; xai oi uirstAAiiioiaiTii-oJ ijuTe- 
XovT<(T»v nuTS»npOfWo)V! ■ — lest, 
in. Sitlnpts: 5jrpo«of. [flup(4o s ). 
Po'rtlast, o&. (vauT.l A xX<«4;( (rfls 
Po'rtliness, ov. riju^nri, lapiirp4T«f, 

^t'/l5o(, pipBi, t6. S-//GS. 4. 
Po'rtly, it. ihrjMmiti o-Ejuvif, ayau- 

Portma'nteau, Portmantle, ot> nripa, 

imomipa, lamtoiriipa, t\. 
Po'rtoise, it. (jbut.) ip. Portlast. 
I'o'rtrait, •«. thin, ft. ansfxaa/ta, t4 ; 

— painter, ab. linovoypa^of, 4 : — 

painting, ou. liximiypaftx, ft. 
Po'rtraiture, ou. |«A>, rj. lio'tuJov, 

tJ: t^WBfun) (r^fl), ft. 
Portra'y, p. *. yf«f? in««a!;t>, -ypa- 

f», fwyp«a>a : jtip<ypaj» ; *o«/<*l, 

inxxBapSi Tpa">ai(. 

Po'rtrets, ot. ft itpupit. 

, Google 

Po'rtuguese, 4it. Qoproy. 


iUiKsj : 

Pose, p. I. KnoflO?fluf iirepfav naBf- 
irn)/t{ TIM, iJcarnpaTTti. to — with 
artful questions, olnopov tpttrtt, 
eo^iir/iHriov itpoSaiJwv nnf- — r, 
nu. o tfiaTapaTTuv : to oTnopov. 

Po'iited, ^ir. rtfln/tivos, KapxxaTtVit- 

Posi't'lOll, D&. 9inr?,n TOn»;, A\ TOTiaDj- 
ffia, $: KarsiaTH«{, n: Subpiiita, 
trf. yvfifytrj, it: tr/f.tia, tA. rpdnot, 
i. r.&as, to: (-/pap. *■ fdn.) Ws<(, 

flttipvifia, Tif. (KOiyuvtK^) ra£i(, $. 
to give anything a — , Ti6i»ei, *a- 
Tar.Mvai i-(. to have a — , «««- 
rftlnrtm, SwnlSardat. to have -a 
good — , xaifif !j tfi«a(po)f xslsdai, 
to change — , piraTtaraffu. 
Po'sitive, ^tt. hnxot: fyupimc, np.f- 
5j])0(, aapiis, ^/ijiavijf, jSjjtoV: Ka- 
ra pa T<ir4f, piSotot, aoyaJris, 4<pt- 

S»{. I have.nothing — to commu' 
Dicate, oSJiv ,a P i s » p«««« ix" 

(iirdv; turrif, iriflav.);. to be — 

> that anything is right, nirttoflai 

ep&fie jf^acv tc irp87i<Tr)>, ra>.u.v,p6^ 

[Jio*/vtO/ia», iDjjuporvii/iuii, atro- 

jTti^uv. to speak in a — way, 

9xppa\4u t kiytiv, co^pi'Sio-flai : 
iJrjffrts : ava^jfaEo*, aic^oDf, UTra/u. 
roj : — , ot. to flsTurov, tJ £s6«io» s 
(ypa/t.) fltTiKov, airoJuTO», anolfJu- 
pivos, tiS : — ly, tntp. fatiSi, ayri- 
«pu,, StapfiSr,*: OiTixui : ^iSaJtoj 
O ao>fi(i — ness, oi. altfcut, ^ ; ft- 

6cU0ri7£, ^; EO^UpOyHOJ/AOOnjvi;, 4, 

Eositi'vity, ou. =: »p. 

Po'siiet, ou. x"Tp(a», x»V Wm *« t,f 

Xurpf{, $. )Kevio-.ev, to. 
PoBo-lo'gicn: — logical, fa. 4, 3, rtj 

hooot^to(. —logy, oi. (iVrp.) T* 

sef i Sjatuf. [jjmpojiuJaKii, rj. 

Po'sbB, ou. ivonlot ftvapif, *: (.op.) 
Posse'ss, p. i. ix">, Karixw, ninnr/fai 

lori p.oi, iitaejjf' ,«<": Hupiiff dpi 

1 PO 

;tA-<ip(i. fear — ee me, ^Tiipxirai f "' 
Siot: (with) TrfpirAnpi, ipii<jrl>7pi : 
(with) «f E.ivai,- Tzapiya: (of'jiuifoj, 
ivanufai; (of) fpctfu, iircfafvu, 
tfniifi, (voir.) iriupopopfii 1) Sit oi 
wXnpofaptat, to — one's self of 
anything, hnxpurth ti ku/jiov yiyia. 
ifla( T(»oji — eel 3: ^ed by the 
devil, SjUTivcuiTOi, oaiumiaiioj, «'n- 
fioaifo/ii>aj. to be — eil by the de- 
vil, oa</iona», fBifUv^wBn. to be 
— ed (with) ■onxrf/uMf, antlq^u- 
fit-Jof : 1 am — ed with tear, fcEo; 
».,li.„ S MniT.! ,.., (..,..) 
poScii/ia!. I am — ed with hope, 
titlni,, tifu : — ed of, !x~v, iwTTj. 
*iiyo(. to be — ed of anything, l- 

XClt KCT^ZIII Tl, ^KTTlIO-Sai TI, >2ft|- 

afla£ ti. 
PoBBc'asion, ou. trilatt, %. to l^ini : 
KTityia [Jwv, t^. jynS^ora, th ; t4 

Jai/io»av, Ja<^oyio7r\oi'a, tl. to 

have in one's — , nfctTfliflai ^ ix""- 

to take — of, >x-raXa/iSavtm Ti, 
mixta! T,, xpaTrt» T.vo ( . to he in 
— of, Sik xcpit i x «v, tiKxnipl&t*. 

Posse'saive, in. K^nvmof. {ypn/i.) xr^. 
*utt: — case, -y«™«i. * i — ly, *- 
rrtp. KTvituGii. 

Poase'ssor, ou. ixu», (cixrri/jfvej, Jt ( - 
mJTi7f,iupiO{, 4: — y, Jn.iJidicTijTOi, 
■ aJriitnjTii t (rtyi.); — y action, 
iywrf iripi -aroxHi- 

Posset, oi. iroriv ti t4 in nfl<TeO ya- 
Ja«ro( nitl o!»ou. 

PoflBibi'lity, e«. t4 Ju»aTi», (lotv.) to 
ivSixi/itfov. according to — , »«- 
ti JuvoiTov, Kara t4v 4;6*tu rpd- 
iro». there is no — that, oix loB' 

Jbui, (*0,v.) fiv t7y» ivyfliT*,. 
Po'aaible, in. Smtnbt, iuuoris. it ifl 
— , *u»aTil» 4m, eU» n *tt(, Ivi- 
«Ti, Wlzwet, imapxu, lnt*pA it 
is — for me, Iwnfuu, tturt tun. 
if — , U Jvvarify io-Ti, flv Sutarbr 
r t . hb much as — , us ofo'v ti y*a- 

PO 8; 

iin^ifri <fuiaTo., «.fl' hm hSi- 
Xtntt, irSrxppfatt. as quick ft as 

Tax'Ta. all — care, fl tviw&iiirri 

t-xtpiXus. to use all — precaution, 

TflJ t;Sl X ou.i*-r,-J jupjyoiav ItOllTlflai. 

in every — way fj by every — 
means, lx Tliy jietixo^uv, irao-i7 
M17X 1 "?- to do every thing—, iitl 
■nii' iirai, putia -napaXtlmvi. — ly, 
4nip. ly£ixa/j.Jms:l<nii, Taxa. 

Post, oi. napanii, i. the— of a 
door, TapaaT&Sts, at. «cafl/tof, i. 
cr$it), i). starting — , vuma, i- 
-, J. i. («l ,1 op) ■,.,■■«,■,, 
irpocniyvu/ir : uaWPnju, amoV- 
«u/«, spe-jpif*i, (ioiv.) ■UnosS 
o"ia toij;8»oJiii«i«(. a bill — ed up, 
■xpAypappz, to. npeypaf), (>e<..) 
TDi/oicgJJiiiinc, n- 

Post, oi. TaJ«, atipa, 4. («.-.) W«j. 
ij. to have a — , !;(>« rafiv fl ■£&• 
pay. to remain at his — , keep at 
hie — y uKOjuiviry it rf y.kpx. to 
desert one's 7—, Xttitwi ni» Ta&y, 
wapaxupiry t>I; raj-is);: x^f"*, >&■ 
ZUjDi'ov, to 1 , totcoj i; (oTp.) oraS- 
juos, 4 : tpyavitt, ioxoltx, fl. ijtitjS- 
Jcu/ia, Ipyoy, vif: Ayyafuiov, to 1 . S- 

X>J^B TO oS^ITiOy * KOiVOV, (xeiy.) 

raxuipo/iiZoy. T#: liyyapoi, ol.jnocv.) 
T%%>j$p6 pus, ypap-fiaTOKOfttifTvit, A : 
fcyyiAia, >j : ittrpa' iripi to{ Jiio 
l«uyai. in — , vttovtfj, tbxW, iv 
T*X€U ill all— , t>)v rax(0T» v (0 Jiv), 
&; taxiura. to send ft forward by 
— ■, (xon.) itiliXUl TajpilpC/iuSf ft 
}<« tou raxvipojiiileu. by the first 
— , earlier — , by return of — , 

lit TOU TTpoiTOV t«Xvip»lUf#l; 

boy, oi. ayyapoi, 4 : — chaise ft 
coach, si. Sxnixa tnpiaie* ft xoiyoy 
(H0(v.) -raxutpot"** *>«&*i $. — 
day, oi. ra;(ufyej.ifo.i ^»tipa, ft • 

— free, iit. Asrs'f/it T06 foet/eu, 
(■My.) iltiBipi! ifi» TuyvSptiLuut: 

— ha'ckney fl: - — horse, oi. iyyi- 
ptHft (kdiv.) ittxuSpapiiiit "root, 

)9 PO 

: — haste, a'.) oi. anouoSj, imt- 
f.i, ft : p'.) (m>. .ntou**, o-.a Ta- 
xant , &s raxiora : — horn, oi. «i- 
pas rov ayyapoufl (itoiy.) TtG ray- 
Spipav, ri: — house, oi. op. Post- 
office: — man, ou, -/pa/iji«To«o,uc- 
or>if , raj;uiJprf,uO(, i : — mark, 06. 
3 tou TaxuJpOfiilou afpieylt : — 

*»t, (jroiy.) d ToS TaX"Jp">iiJoii Si- 
iuft;iTn(: — master- general, oj. 
i yiyiKOt fmtvnT4( tou Tax^po- 
^tiou: — office, ou. Taj^ifoo^i'oy, 
rif : — paid, i-it. itii-Ai f*ptitu% 
(<8iy.) iitiffifos TaxuJpo//nou ri- 

1»{! —road: — rout, oi. hSht 

fSi ayyapaiy, TaX"^poan^ bib;, ^ : 

town, oi. KtUlci) ix 8 " 11 * i-axuJp- 

Post, Jnfp. »noi>Jfl, Jiaraxout. [/aio». 

Post, ,5. i. t(S»^I, tiarlBniu, Tavro.; 
*<ara It o>: (<«...) paila * J(j H 
(<XMT#i4>) lit to Taxuo>o/<f<oy ; 
{(/■itp.)anoypBr«ft jtaTtcypayu {Jv 
To> Kvpiu pttllto), (*0iy.) xa-ranpi- 
y». to -one's self, (orp.) ta™- 
oflat : — , p.evS. raz*oi( iSoaopo., 
jjrauJw, tniiyiiai ; —able, >?ir. 0"- 
6f ti KaTayci^iflOat. 

Po'stage, oi. yopiloy Tti. (/oiy.) faxu- 
tpopvbv re'io(, rd j — stamp, 00. 
ypa/i>iaTOinpov, TO. 

Po'st-date, ^. /. : (»o<y.) Jiairl#XP*iht- 
Jo'/fi; — , nil. aTtcifloxfoyoJoyia, ^. 

Po'st -diluvial 5: — diluvian,^r. d, i, 

TO U»T« Tiy KKTBclur/t^I [iKTliflj. 

)'st-entry, oi. ^ vvzlpa tou f*poi> 
>'ster, ou. mxvipiues, t: A S(Sa-i 
lit to raxuJpo//ttoy ; vpOfpwfti, i. 

(WO.) T« X «»i^«,, «. 

Poste' rior, iit , iffTipet, JiubIi » , imyiy w - 

/»»«: J.rVtyo(, ^/"»»:. o»(»»«- 
<><• to be — to any one, im<rB«( 

mil fl ,uiri T»a, ixiwuierv, i«J- 

trflia, Ttuyfl, ^; — ity, ou. |«iW- 

Poste'rity, oi. oi h-^r/yopiyoi, oi inn- 



TX yi-fii/ii-ioi. III piXXtrttf ismSai, 
o< Wt««, («.,.) of p,r ay „i,Ti- 
p<" to leave a — , itaraAmo-0Bi 
Po'stern, oft. (ofX'T.) oWoia flftpa, 
nla-y.a Sftpa, paoicili, ft : (arp.) 

ipnK/mfii — , fa. imtut: *pu- 

Pu'st-exiatcnce, eft. 4 /iiWouj* Snap. 
Po'st-fil,oi.(7po^.) «uU*fift ft ***«■ 

JtltKTOlft: , p. t, riBllpI KHtdJll- 

XllKifl JuM.a6>Sv. 

Pu'atkuJuoiiB, in. fylyevof, faryivo'- 
^tvos: «araliiro>.oj : (Iwi /&«<- 

Ou) ixioBtii JUTS tVj> TlltUTftv ■ 

ly, ^n(p. /lira rftv T«Jl««rfiy, 

postil, oft. irapay^apjl, Ttajjuifypaji^, 
ft. s>;oi<e> nepayiypawthen, ri : 
— , p. oirl. Ttapxypatpa, o-j;o)i«i"i», 

Postillion, ov.£yya.pB<, (ctiv.) Tazu- 
l pipes, i : ft npotteuvui 

Po'ating, oft. Syyaptfa, ft; 

6juii» TaxuJpo/MKoiif Eii7iou{:(^inp.) 
rt mTaypepto {& IS Kupllo piSlf^i): 
— house, oft. aiafl/iij, ft. 

PoBtlimi'nar. — liroi'nious, in. &«■•- 

p4V (•l.oijfl'lif, «p«j(6tlt t) OUfl&tc. 

— /hb»"'» u»( ft. — liminy, 06. 
(ve/t.) ft i« rr irpoiipa Karaorcioti 

Post-meri'dian, in. ft, ft, ri p«t& ti|i 

jinr^^Spi'jv, Juiivftr. —morning 
oft. jtl. (.aur.) ri vaOotTa. 

Po'st-nate, in. Srripov -/tuft/woi '"'- 
3nyvo>iv0f. [/ta, rd 

Po'at-note. oft. Tpanifmin owsUay- 

Postpo'ne, i. J. i. 

"■Bol*. 1 


t, oft. 4»aSo)il, tWpfli- 
•((, <: — r- "*■ fuUil»iifi •. 

Postposition, oft. t* S«T»po« r<8«vai. 
Postremo'K, i«. ijiiahtpot; nrjppoi 

iniX"*. [(*om.) i«T«poVpafov, Tii. 
Postscript, oft. napirypapfia, r4. 
Po'stulant, oft. ft firth 4 jutiMM» ti, 

(*0<v.) irnatyfioi, ft. 
Postulate, p. i. suToupai, i{i«; n«- 

bxkxj.u, npOf aufi : — , ou. ft/wij- 
ynpx, afiojfia, T(!. — la'tien, ou. 
ainjo-is, 4?(uai(, ft : Iffro/ia, tJ ; 
fdtujft.— la«-ry,<n.(>7.)a{«.» 1 a- 

Postula'tum, oft. afiUjua, tiS. [midf. ' 

Po'stule, 06. jiJiKTawa, ft. 

Po'sture, oft. «x*i>a, to. («oi».) »•««, 
ft. ora«<»<o., rd: ra ntpl ti, ta T.- 
K( : aaTaiTTaiif, ft. in this — , ou- 
■■«.. to be in better — , *:iXX<ov 
npiTTu». to be in a — of defence, 
[Kaiit (tin artepix*'^"- 

Po'sture, p. i. riB^pj, Sunllhipu to 

be BO — d, TOIOVTOI Tl Bufip' !/»", 

out»« iutrtSurBx,. 
Po'bv, oft. loyoti ft- iiyui (rt in(T»I ( 

omtuKois): 34<rpn, Motitpi, ft. 
Pot.eJ.xuTpa.ft. Kipapot ft.asmBJl, 

— ■ X<irplo*, yytpiiun, to. Xurplf, 

ft. to pot in a — , x<«-efC««, lw- 
rp(£«v. like a — , x»'' B0 «^ 1 is; ■**• 

, juvg^ ft, ft. *aJmj, ft: ri ^v X^ T P9? 
Trunin : (/IJTpOv) {Ivmc, i. I go 10 
— 1 ^«fi>, arJMvfiJIsOBi, Jia- 
ipOsfBi jSai ; — bellied, (k. yaatpiiiv, 
jt<6ri>aoTp (, 7*oTB<iJT,( : — belly, 
oft. /ii-yaXi) yiffT^jj, ft : — boy, 
oft. uimp^TiK xsmtltleu, h : — com- 
panion, oft. trup-itintf, t : — herb, 
oft. Xajcim*, to. to plant with — 
herbs, i^mninv; — book, oft. 

j.ilo., ^uSoTroiAitov, ■ 

iprnp, a. upravij, ft 

(<o».) to ivpuritfptmi (iJio/ta 4 

iroroa): — man, oft. su/urftri)!, ft. 

5tfSonoJtiou uiriipirii(. ft : — ma'ri- 

gold, oft. (jSoth.) xp"Ba»9ipo» rft (- 

SAStpti : — parsley, oft. (jsorv.) a. 

^ioiU«o»,Tft: — seller, 06. x«Tpo- 
TtoiJii!, ft: — shard : — sherd, oft. 
SoTpnitoy, flpaue>ia, ri: — atone, 
oft. xipxplf y':, ft. 
I'ot, p. i. rxptxiM* hriBnp, (iv x 6- 
Tpa : f uisrlih (iv xvrpa) : — , ft.eS tf. 
irfvoi, pi«6uu: — able, Ac, r.iripos: 

Able, oft. ITOToy, TrOJXK, XQTIvpx, 

tJ: — ablenew, eft. rl nirijuon. 

- Ld, oft. 

PO | __ 

Po'tager, oft. Sp. Porringer. , 
Pota'rgo, sft. ifJsf Wwifg eJjUtf. 
Po'tance, oft. 3 |9asi{ oTpojuyyej (6 

poJoj^), ». 
Po'tflflh, Pota'asa, oft. v(too», Ktoov 

TO. (««».) TTOTaO-.a, $. like — , *, 

tp&Sttf. [raatiti 

Pota'asium, oft. (xn/t.) to («oi..) ire 
Poia'tion, oft. irJrot, o. *rfnc, ij: no 

*f» «. 

Pota'to, (wi. — ea) oft. yuS/ii*kav, t# 

PoWh, p.i./urpiat if-&.J)£<;a> ^v 

Wot.. [M«»f * psUMl 

Po'telot, eft. (jftl*-) fl<«ux ou rt( /»&- 
Po'tenee, oft. (iiti Burn-.) orauoof, 0. 
Po'tency, oft. foTci(, Surapii, jj: Jft- 

«a/"(, ^ott*. $. (itoiv.) imppaJ,, i. 
Po'telt, in. iexupif, Ivraxbt.tpattpit: 

i'tpyt;, itipyJn, iiyypbi, fiavoj. 
Po'tentate, oft. gWiionqc, Jtworif, tif 

n8T)](, mipio:, 4. 
Pote'ntial, h. »Wto«, htttf/um 1 

*v»aTof, f«xupo"ci <<«p.) nauo-Ti- 
«d( : — mood, (7js b/i.) i Jukijti- 
mj'(tj"A«f«s}: — ity,«ft. to oWtiv, 
t! ivoxxaftmsn: — ly,ini,s, ivJi^o- 
lihwi, iurvramt. [Jmfij- 

Po'tently, Wp. *apr«pfi{ iVzuffit, 
Po'tentness, oft. dW/i<s, io^vs, jj, *pa- 

TOf, TO. 

Po'ther, oft. B6putii, A, rapajrt, miy- 
Xu«f,ij; taiiiin, t6: — , i efto". Bo- 
/.««<., n»v?e£»>: — , f.i. TaJaina- 
pfi, iw^JS, J^Jou H npi.-jim.tx »a- 
pix a - a»*ol 4 ^"u Tiva. 10 — one's 
Self, no«e» Jj;«iv Jtoteuvtw Ti. airou- 
Jafiiv npf ti. 

Po'ttage, oi. C(u/*4j oui Itpioly. 

Po' ^v xftrpa &*: WTepixii;- 

Po'tler, oi. xipxfiiiit, xvptut, ooT^a- 
muj, 0. to be a — , mpafiivnv ; — 'g 

Kipa/iae, nqXAf, 01 — *a ahop, oft. 

Xii * 


(«««.) t* ir^Jiva o/jiia; Kipa/id: 
4 xtpapturuili (TiZ"l), $: Mpa/iii 

Po'ttle, oi. /iiTpsv(=4pinW); «ai 

Fo'tulwit, iir. /ic8iJBvi iroTi/ioc. 

Pouch, oft. KOiifa, S : irijpa, & p"a.lBV 
tiov, 16 : ^apaunsf, : Treosf^ouoi 
■Koiiia, A; — mouth, oft. ti nay 
ati/ia: — monthed, iir. Tra^Z"' ! 

Pouch, ft.j. KpuTTTU t» /isjuiJitk: ita 
Rrfb, KaTa€po^8i?«: fwxWfr- 

Po'older, ft. i. Sp. Powder. 

Po'uldron, eS. Sp. Powldron. 

Ponle oi. ip. Pool. 

Poult, ov. o'f ulfliov, tJ. [ipdfot, o 

Po'nlterar, oft. oAnrpuo7KlAi)(, ipviBo- 

Po'ultice, oft. Karanlan/ia, jibt 
otov fep^iaaov, to. hot — , ! 
071a, to. eold^, iiry/ia, tt 

Poultry, oft. SjwOtf, ai. «p,tx, 
va, Ti: — houae flyard, oft 
Smv, ft: — market, oft. iAi^o'™- 

Pounce, 06. ij iti*n Tijt uavJapaitni 
javJapaxiii: iomiuTiv ijtyixtipi 
t4: — boi %:-— t-box, oft. to t 
^itncdn'Ki >t(6!iTis»: — , p.i. kbt 

Pounce, oft. Bvv% (ruv. aeirB«TiH£iv 
ITT>]I>A>), 0; — , p. 1. i-a Srvxt ttp- 
»a;u: — , p. oftft". (on, upon) ini- 
W0(fiai, ^fopjuw/tai, oBfiii: — d, 

Ponnd, ou. ,uvS, Jhpa, ^: (xpuooii» 
vdpiiTfix) Jfpa, ^. penny-wise and 
— foolbh, ip. Penny. 

Pound, oft. i(p*T>), ^anJpa,^! — 
breach, oft. tiippt/iif /iivSpas, J). 

Pound, p. I. •:ip;tu ! rj/).ilt!t. 

Ponnd, ft. i. Tunroi : Tpitu, twTplttt, 

Po' under, oft. Impo^TpmtyyA . ■ 

PO 9 

XO»^ijjO(/i(o(| &io,/.Tl.lnpSir,(<iT- 
er, a ten— rgun,T»jl(6olov T&vSixa 
JiTpfiv) ; a ten — man, & tx<-" I- 
Ttoio* iito&tip.a 34na Mpaf, stitio* 
ti ply*. [pariov, rii. 

Pou'peton, oil. MuooViraoTov, Lyxl- 
Pour, p I 2^»i n^^'u, kuti^iu, !■!- 
6u, ffJrevJ&i : piai : fyx* u - to — 1° 

ft into, lisx*"", i/xfc-v. to — on ft 
upon, imxftf- t*> — in upon, to 

— on, upon, K«rmlu£ffy. to — 
Out of anything, ixxltiv, npaxhtr, 

Sarxittv- to — out the hearts the 

SOul, anofalvsffflai trl* fvaijini, to 

— out wine, shoxailr. to — forth, 
in»ppt'i<», ixpiuv, to — over any- 
thing, Jt«ta;((nv, KnTa»TJ(t» TlVOj. 

to — one's forces into a country, 
•IwnpaTtiiisixi X&?f n«i. to — 
around, Tripsin, a/ifix^"'. t0 — 
• itself forth, lUpriyw «. ijteiuyi- 
o0i(, jit8a)j.!i». OttillMat — , (3. 
o«o\ x*'!"", (down) Koinf^opm, 
raTalsKofiBl : p^O), ijrOjjiu, ixpio, 

i<6al)!u. ijcpfa. it is — ing with 
rain. Hap noli, ytyytra, Q oipa- 
toil, (nocv.) pp4x>< poySafwti — er, 
ou.4^io)>, j;iJT>j(,i : — ing,oft. *ii- 
■"(,fl : — ing forth, S*x"™(> o\nx«- 
*■'(. xfi6xu*it, ft. 

Po'urlieu, ou. $p. Purlieu. 

Po'ursuivsnt, eu. If. Pursuivant. 

Po'urveyanue, oi. j^. Purveyance. 

Pout, si. (epv.) \iSa3imipSi(,ii--i- 

T»i, t- 

Pout, p\ eM. l*ux6{(-»> npoiiuMaiva, 
3xv$pwi:£(w. to — upon, ayava- 
x«i, r,« ; _er, oft. 4 ^flffav: 
«io( ir«p <0Tipa s : —ing, oi. /<ux fl '- 
sfibf, t: snSpanims, h- 

Po'verty. oi. m»i'a, Jviua, anopia, 
orramf, iTTWXtfa, i. to fall into — , 
tl« itivii. S| airoplav (HtCiiTajCiti, 
irevi)TK7j anopoy'-/(yy>jflai: i«apn6< 

i^isptx, i, : -— of intellect, «-a rfc 
/wSjuh ivjtij : — of expression, 

2 PO 

Po'wder, oi. xov«, ^, Tpijyta, W. ko- 
Wa,ij. to cover with — , kojiooto&v, 
*=v,o» : «Jv« « «v(a m,p<.„, $. 
(lac.) svpirif , -h : vxmZ).r>, ft. nai- 
iraJiojia, ri : — bo3, oi. TO Ttfl( ■ 
1ta(iraJ^( xiSilnov: — cart, oi. ft 
»>i: jtuprtiJo! n/taija : — chest, o£. 
(»auT.) to ni&iTjov Tfl( mjpftuJos : 
— flask fthorn, ou. «ipa s xuviiyi- 
tkov to ?(4 tVj» nupircJa; — ma- 
gazine, oi, nupiT«noSn»1, 4 : — 
mill, ou.nupiT(mpyitoy,Ti; — mine, 
ob vitovofiot TtHtpus nupfaitioii o - 
— nionke)', o6.(»avr.) naU ifipuv 
rfr m-pir.Ja: — room, oi. (vavrO 

Po'wder, p. i. (taraTpiSw, auiTptSw, 
<ruv0Au: jtovuu, itairiroi, JniTiifca'iru, 
itpotnaooi). tn — with spots, msi- 
- o-iaBOttfJJiw, «<$«»:— , i. 

auf. XBTO 

i itiflo! rai Tapcx"" 1 !)" *ps«v;— y, 
in. xovioprciJjj{. 

'o'w-dike, oS. £)o ; , ri. 

r o'wer, oft. JuvH)iii,i5. ibjuc, ^. «flly({, 
io:W™^i ( , irovTja,^.(KiKy.)^np*- 
po^, 4, to have the — of doing 
anything. JJouofa fori ^oi !| i|ou- 
ofa» Ixnv jroirtv ti. it is in my—, 
#oJ»tev Ix», i£o U (r.'a SiSorxi pot, 
In' Ipol tart Tt.Xkn reasoning— a, 
mlviiii;, yiiiim, Jiavoia, ii: Jiva- 
H't, i). horse — , 17 SirttfLif Inirou : 
KpaTot, Tii. iniKpirtm, apx>(, /{ou- 
ria, ^ : <5uva/i< t ,^ . i.M9s( iTpatinri- 
«ov, to: Jiiva/iii, j. *paTo f , to. die 
great — s, at /isyd^m bunx/itis. 
England is a great naval — , A-/- 
yiia ttvt ^tyaJij vauTnii Aiiva^if : 
fiiiov, to. veo; o. Sxtpi'toi to: #• 
(ouo'ia, &i[Tpoirij, S- (»ou.) nJijpi- 
Jounoms, A. to have full— , i(<,». 
'«?'"', ii(TiTpa/(/t*.oy uvat. to 

give full , ijI!Tp(7t«<», it«U7<H7 

JiJouai ft napixic : ipxA, i>. the 
men in — , oi iv t&c, oi apxo»«;, 
of sifitS'JTif TB xo»a. to be in — , 

nuSipva. tijv nificv, the legislative 

PO 9 

— , i, vapoBiTtx* ifoujJa, of voy.o. 
tani(Jwt,] Htm/ttt, ij. raised to 
the second — , Tirpa'/ojvos. raised 
to tile seventh — , iTrrayoivo;: |Sfa, 

ri7t, the best of one's— ,xaii 
Mia/nv, Kara to oiivarov, ip'Soov 

fal ™ «fl.r». beyond one's —', 

napi i] ral/j fuHtpm. to have ■ — 
Over any one, iparilv ti»oj, ££»«- 
oSm n'( h -wpas T<va. to have any- 
thing in one's — , xparrf. f) fa. 
icpaTirv ti»o(. the —a of the 
soul, af r^t ^ujrf« Juvsifuit ; — 

loom, Ov, BT/iO*(n|TO{ Uf a»TUtl) («- 

Po'werful, in. Ivxupbf, Kapripb}, oV 
»Bro ( , ^oi/ialioe: 1wpyi)f, titpyof, 
tsinbf, jSaput, /»*Tai. a — speaker, 
Jlivit re» loyo» ti X4yu-J. a — 1 " 

eov 4 ^a.o. f if 


noiiol liiTttv -A ta <n(»ou p/iovoun- 
*ii: — ]y, Inip. Smxta;, iayypBi, 
iyxparoij, ayiSpn, Horn, oEyav : — - 

7E<a,£uva/ji;. Ji:xp±ios,TA, kpxijl, 
Po'werlees, he. &n6n>n, appoiiro;. a- 

Jfcaros, a« u po t : — ncss, oi. a<r8f- 

Mia, ippatrla. aoW/ifa, >/. 
Po'wter. eft. tTJo; jupimipSf. 
Pox, f )«ra.. fl , il. (*o.v.) (JJoyii, $. 

•V. amall-pox: tufdiTuci vdoos, ?j. 
Poy, ou. Ti iabppwmv (™« oxo<' j o s b- 

Tfiy) ; — bird, e6. tWos bttjAu. 
Po'm. £. *. iif aTropfa* KaOorn^i, i- 
. vo/Au. op. 1'ose. 
Practical) i'lity, Pra'cticablerieBs, ai. 

TO Ttpi^lfXOV, Ti TCiJXTUV. 

Pra'cticablc, in. npafc/Mi, mpuxrbt, 
a»u5Ti(, Juvaroj: icopsiiitpo;, biiii- 
tri/iet, ^aT*v : — for cavalry, It- 

iaVfooe,. — ly, iidp. a.ujTfi,-, tfu- 

Pra'ctical, t*. npamutbt, xtijieupyi- 


Hi;: — application, Xpfa's, >i- for 
— purposes, npbt ni» xpfl™*- '° 
have a — knowledge, lpnt(pt»f 
fX«. «»*«:— ly.ta^^axTBfi,: 

ipmtplx, l/intipui-.—neu, ofr. to 
Pra'etice, 06. as*ijji{, ^tJini, ^. lo 

Slit in — , aovetu: Trpo^ij, ^ttitij- 

ri Jtkt/jJiijuv, iaTjstJa, ij. this dis- 
ease is beyond my — , obx' oioiti 

ovmyopfa, 17 : to /iiT^uSa. : ■*■ 
pa, i>i«ipln, rcpafi(, ]j: TpiSit, o-u- 
v^fliia, ^; vrfuot, 4. to >8fiifV ,v9y i 
!9o(, to. Tprfitot, i. it is any one's 
— ,vf/uili* inl t,«: Stfatni, i- 
iriTno'iioTiii, Uaydr-nt, ii : ji^x^'"!- 
jiia, jtEvoij/jyvijia, Tix»1>ia, ro. irpS- 

art Tcpo€X*t}AXTQtv. 

Prfl'ctisc, p. i- ini, imrnSiiv, /«).i- 
rO. to — justice, J«awsil»i7 xpii- 
iflai: -/u/tnafoj. to — medicine^ 
surgery, iarpnint, ^itiTijitui^ tr,/ 
latptt^i. to — at the bar, ^tuti;- 
o'iijhv t^v vojiaip, vwiyipilJ : — , 
prOvo, &?*&, ite-vgvea Ti,'?unv£fafi(^i: 
■paiTai, Jianpa Tropin, im/r/afo-,^iTno'iuw,xn/)oup>rto: pntpxe- 
/ixiytTtayyiiAofixt; nx/afxaifxui, Co- 
Jmio/iai; — d, it. ao/ijTJs, ^iSjti]- 
Tilji — r, ou. £ p.tTtpx&ji.ttit TI, ii- 
»'^t^(, 0. Ji^aatfuii, o. 

Pra'ctieing, ^n. ■npxicrijtbi, iitnn3io~ 
nicoj, ft el imps (, 

IViii'ii tioner, oa.-npixr/ip, kattiT/i;, b: 
isTpoj, b. to be a — , iaTptiien. 

Pnecipe, ah. (>■/•,) ititxypit,Ti. 

Praico'gnita, oi. Tipoifaapi-ja. 

Praemunire, ofr. (vo/x ) i,dta.yp.a f) 
Iy*J„,aa, r*. 

Pne'tor, oi. h ?B Ito>^, i. arpwybi, 
I: — ian, Jtt ffT,saT^v»tii(. the — 
ian guards, ol Scpuybpot. 

PraglLA'tio, ^i: — al, in. irpay,uaTi- 

«8s: IT0/im/3i-//« , ''J, nipfipysj, IT^O- 

irtnSc — ally, l*ip. irpa^arwwi: 


patttc6v. n0JUiTf ayjuefrvviq, ictptip- 

Pra'bable, in. txautttt. Ktmatme, 
■ £{«><.— iy,t*ip- i*atnt&s, 

Praise, oi. ai«o(, Inxtrot, 6, ti^vjfiia, 
A iytdipiov, ti. to beatow — upon 
any one, timiinf* twbi iifja, «C- 
*).««, 4. nMoc, t>: ;#« (t<ss 81$), 
fl. to sing in — of, i^v«iv, naflu- 
fivilv, ii/ivuftlr Tivst. 

Praise, p. i. faairtS, liJeyfi, iyxu/ua- 
(«, M«;« : (for) lir«*fi (n,« <Z t 
ti). to — any one about t? ou ac- 
count of anything, inamtr Tinas ft: 

u,«vw, naSu/ivfi, ipvwJsi. God be 
— d, tii« t« B%&: — d, ft«. «ivc 
T&(, UjUmitoc: — leas, Itt. avryxb-. 
/iixoio;: — r, ai. teoWTijf, iyxu- 
Hiaaritf, i : — worthily, Mp. 4- 
{((Ta/vrji; — worthiness, ei. to 

. i|iiiTa(y»Toi 1 ■ — worthy, in. turn- 
vitsj, af ifiranoi, iWveu »E<a S . ' 

Prance, p.«M. (if ' faitni.} avaxa.Tf- 

Eai, fipi.uainro^Hi, fiiTiupifi) riml- 
Jij; yaupifii/iai, unifi)fmu«jiin< 

Pra'neing, ei. if i)«fo««, 4. [JiHti^ai. 

Prank, j5. J. isa^O, <ata*o^ia, naA. 

Prank, ei. ita^>ce>, *e. iraijia, 4. to 
play One's ■ — ■ on, ^Aoaeitv, irai- 
;«v ; — er, taliamniit, & : — ing, 
ei. KttXXamir/iit, 0. 

Pra'nker, ei- xnliunarit, t. 

Prase. ei.<=>.)xpe*V«« e ,.. 

Pra'son, ei. (fiotv.) naae-on, to. 

Prate, ov. JUAci, erapuJia, ^. mere 
— , l^pei, 0/. 

Prate, ji. i- ». suf. i*i£, )a)*yS, j>) v - 

apw, e-rw,uiiiJu, *ut(AA», Aiolj- 

ff^&j: — r, 5u r a4'(J^e'fr^7]j, iroi&ioyoc, 

fluopet, i. [$. 

Pi'a'tic,oi (-aur.)aJua ■vyxnvtwfKc, 

Pra'ting, ofi. Aaiia, trm/wii*, 4 : — 

[y, iirfp. Jaiuf , ■ Auapws. 

Pra'tiqne, ou. lp. Pratic. [/n/ia, t«V 

Pra'ttle, ei. JaJ.a, Jalay^, ij. iala- 

Pra'ttlo, £. suo*. nupuilu, iJeJUo^S. 

fiuapfi, imiw; — merit, ut. fioa- 

pfa, laJii, ij; — r, oi. ioW^IS' 

lurtiae, pMaeo f , o. hia Z 6«,rfa, $■ 

Pra'vity, ov. xanln, xbkbVik, icavn^Cai 

Prawn, el. neurit, xaplf, 4. 

Pra'xis, ei. npa^is, aixijmt, Tf : irapa- 

Pray, p. sit. iCxofiai, n/»tiu;(oaai,*v- 

(KiTtuu, IfaBo/iaiJ to — for any- 
thing, tuxttaai Sials o.o^vb. ti. to 

— that anythiugmay not come to 
paaa, intixHSa' ytv/e-flu ti. to — 
in aid, (vo^.) i£a«^jfla< r^v p«A- 
fluav tiv»j. I pray fl pray ss I 
pray you to tell me fl pray tell me, 

^N>jtB V Mdl,.M|M|- > /J' 

luiTtuu, JiicapS, npo^rlnrw: alrai. 
Prayer, ol. «vxi), »po f mxvi, J. (^''i 
at. to say one's — , tixot icsidiSai, 
■SxnSn t^ Otcj. iiijeii, xlniatf, t!i- 
X4, a^ojcTJt, if. (Ji^us, alTi^ua, tiJ. 
the Lord's — , -.-4 <0di4p %w. : 

— book, at. cwxo*«7'°>'> ™- (****.) 
neeuuxirdpie", tif: — full, in. tu- 
a»Sij(: — folly, faff . liirfSc — 
less, ^tt. antif. — tessness, sv. «- 

Preach, p. I. liyw 1) iijajf mauuat 
np if re« JiSjuw. to — anything, 
itapaivit.: (/xxl.) rvpbmm, (xeiv.) 

by.tls>. to — a sermon, mipuTTuv • 

— er, si. itpoXS-/n, xtfut, UpoiHiput, 

i : — man, eC. (larapeavijT.Kfii) 

(ipoViipi^, J: — erehippOi.Tafipon^- 

Dv<»s {iHkyyti/ia : — ing, at. n)av- 

{if , JiJaj;iT|i| i — inent, oi. (nara- ■ 

fpe«)T«6l() *^puf(s, ii. 

Pre-acqtia'intance, ai. 4 jtpirtpot 

y»isii- [adami' 

Prc-a'damite, oi. A Ttaaafa/uafec. — 

Pre-adniinistra'tion, ai.^ "psriyou/ii- 


Pre-admo'niah, p. i. itpenxpaivfl. — 

admoni'tion, ei. irponapalitsif, 4. 

Prea'mblei oi. npM^us*, trf. it^ai*. 

. p. I 


70s, o: TipoauJ^pa^ to; 

Pre-a'mbulate, /S. ei eaujyoiipa i,npii- 

ayot. — ambols'tion, oi.!npoiiy>|0<;, 

4. — a'mbulatory, Jit. 7rpotiyoi,ui- 
Pre-anno'unce, oi. npoayyiUu. [.Of. 

Pre-antepenn'ltiniate, in. (wi»-) *, 

^, to riif np6npe nafaiir/airiif. 
Freapprehe'nsioa, ei.v nporipov a%n- 

jnHTtoPiIoa yv ^ ,!/.«, 
Preau'dieuce, oi. («p.) to Axafu/ia 

Pre'bend, ot. i™*apn(* (^pipipfou), 
^: — al, Jit. tipnutjiEHtJf: ■ — ary, 
ai. /liaflofopoj (i«jcl>iala(), ifig/ji- 
(S(o<,o ; — ary -ship, oi. ^pijytpln,*. 

Preca'rions, .Jit. iSiSoicoj, »*aJ<pof, 
JMOfOlMt, Sutpeof airit, aoTaWc 
— lv, ^Trfp L afittSattt;, uHpnavsl&i-. 
— uess, oi. fffaJUpoy, to. to i6(- 

Pre'cative, Pre'catory,frt.fjnTn>riierff. 

Preca'otJOn, oS. 7ipovoia,i£}aewa,itp8- 
jjrdra, fpovrlf, pipi/trx, t>. to use 

, npd.oiav noitfaBsH, liiaSlloeai, 

^uJamofta.. with — , iiiaMf, m- 
jiuia7fii7-Jos. with all possible — , 
ii; «Wv » piliara ntfula.-fpirii(. 

Preca'iition, p.i. veufimi, sapaivoi: 
oWpy«, anotpinmit: — at 5: — 
ary, in. npo'enratt, npBfulnim- 
nifc — ary mea&urea.fuiaml^.pi'- 
J.aitTiipiov, Ti. 

Frece'de, 0- i. ^yo5pa<, mpoiiyo&pKi, 
KpoSaf»*i, npoTT8pnJo/i«t: npowrep- 
X«, npo-y/yvo/iai; ii>ii iirip timoj, 

, jtpo^ipot rivbt, itpiirr* up.l*aa(. 

Prece'dence, Preee'dency, oi. npoij- 
yi)«f, 4: to np6npov, to npoytyi- 
yiyiivev: nportpJioit, ^. Ttporfpi^a, 
rif. npoiTila, ^. npwTiIa, ta. jipoi- 
ipfa, fi. to have (1 take — of any 
One, itpori/<a»l)ai, spiod' — - - 

b the 

, imfitu* Tivf. to dispute for the 

— , 4jua>«Sj|Ti]> rcipi ttptiTtfiiv. 

Pre'cedent, in. «poy«7tmW»o.;,ir,soS- 

RipX g " , i «po6it«pJa(; KpoiryijTMiijL 

5 PR 

— , oi. irBpaJiryjua, *p&tvim t r6: 
to ttpinpov % Tipi* 7*yt».ipi«ov J 
y»«f ptnei- : — ed, in. it *&i itpeTi- 
paiv futauAoyoi/uiioc : — ial, in. 

BpOnyOTlXOf , JIPOTcp>|TI«d'{ I ly, J- 

ll(p. itpoVipav, ltpf«, itpoi|youp«>!0(. 

PreceMing, *ti. iraOTipof, 4,17, to npe- 

rSi> J nportpov )) i/iitpoo'8iu!i7tpiv, 

jtpoTipovyivo7i«»0f, iipoyjyiviipho;, 

Bpo«apxo*»- in the— nigbt, tj! 

npititi 4 Tii nportpaia rani, the 
night — hie death, i npb tou 6»- 

Prece'ntor, ei. JvJirJoij ro /liloe, 
(f iw . ) itpoi t ^ aJlTn j, apx [ M D w atx ° * 1^ ■ 

Pre'oept, oi. Onsypa^/jlt, 0: Jjr(Ta7- 
^ca, nap&yyilfta, nposTffyua, Ji'Ja- 
>ta, Hypa, To ; — , p. ?. Bapory- 
ym* ! *• James. : — ive, In. napay- 
yiipartxbi. 6i6a.HTi]ptOf JioatTixoc 
— er, oi. J(*ai*aJo;,nttiJwTili,o: 
*i«iift,»T 1 )f (o Z o)iiou), i: — o'riaJ, 
in. ■JifaiTwo'c — ory, in. tp. Pre- 
ceptive: — resB, 06. SitaataKieaa, 

l'rece'BBion. 06. itpoirrnoii, 4. [^. 

Pre'cincM, oi. mi. op«(, t. Ipiov, to ; 
S*\uos, i -. — of a temple, tiifftii, 
T4/itWf, TmtHepa, t£. 

Pre'cions, oi. neKimUis, KoiuTipoj, 
Tip'Oi, TinaXfJifi — stone, H6s( 
ttoJvtiJ^c 4 (anUi<) A(8oi, 4 : £li- 
puvat&f) iyaflif, ip(o"TOV : — ly, 
ftiJp. Tip/on, noiulfput: — ncaa, 

0U ITO)uTi)li«, Ti/lll)'Tl!f,ii.TO t//ko>, 

t4 T(,naJf *(. 
Prc'cipe, oi. (>«/■.) Jp. Pneoipe. 
Prc'cipice, oi. Kpn/irbf, i. [tsi». 

Pretsi'pient, in. npnyyiUoH, fcriTar. 
Precipitabi'lity, 06. (xi/i.) to Kara-. 

oraJa Z i?iv. [*tA>(. 

Preci'pitable, Jir. (Zlf.) «arao-Ta)a- 

Preci'pitance, Precipi'tanoy, oi. Hpo- 

WTUa, ipp-i, taTirnivati, i. 
Preci'pitatit, in. taxaitpiiinisBtlf, na. 
tw*pnpVH£6lu*Qti imii7ripx^(,onou- 
*aIO(,npoirtTiSj: ajrpoto'oiJiToc — 
ly, inip. imtintpx&t, o-iroutffl, "p=- 
itiTftic — neas.oi. KaTaonwo-n, *. 



Preci'pitate, in. irponiriit, Bip/i6Sou- 
Xef. xpivii, XHraKfn)/t«;iffii»Oi : 
imou&&Bftiyoi, intampxhi '. — > 
fi. i. xsTsitpii/tiifgu, fftiTU: itpom- 
Tfij irparru, Ttpoirtriuofiai : txyy- 
>i), »1t(uJ», foti?M : — , p. obi. in. 
TaKpn^vffo^ai; — , »S. (*>]/<.) to 
KBraiTaiaxflii 1 : — ly> trip- npoJri- 
tS(, irpotpanitfiji', IppnttitQi. 

Precipita'tion, ah. xaTasTMoif, Kara- 
npif/JHOis, 15 : Trpon^ma, op/iil, jta- 

Pvnci'pitator, 06. narsupij/iHsnif, 4; 

Preoi'pltouB, in, an6icp-iip.v<>;, Serito- 
Hit, tpiifi.iiiSnt,wBpp-ii^: intBTttp- 
XlU irponcnis : — ly, Arfp. ansro"- 
/loic inioTripxfis. i«ou£j]: — neas, 
ou. to *pij,«>6ii«t: irpoirirna, J. 

Prcci'se, Jk. a»piS^(: intoaipiS^!, n- 
«(wB(ornTS( : ozu*pt{, flpuTtT(KiJ[ : 
— ly t inlp. kxpittat, UKpiSiaTtLTa: 
— lifts, oil. itpiStn, ',: i psyiatl 

kxpltan. U> apeak with — nees, i- 
Preci'sian, oi.iXixv ixjnCfr : — iam, 

Preci'sion, o&.'n.p(6«a, ij. ' 

Preclu'de, p.i. aitonr-iffa: xmMh : npo- 
la/i<ivo>v ti, irpiioiay *oioi>/tai y.$ 

Preclusion, o&.&iriiKiuoif, xcOludf, ii. 

Preclusive, iir. tntluni^i — ly, 
inip. irotiiiiTUiu;, swJutixSj. 

Preco'aOu&,4T .-np&ip.Bt, «f)«<vis, npo- 
Apaf, */>i wf aj irijia<vJ/nvo( : — 
ly, £irfo. rpo&poif, Tpoity-tti: — 
ncsa, ou. ri np&ip.m, vpni/ianis, 11. 

Preco'eity, oi. — npo. 

Preeo'gitate, £. ^. wpo/nJtra, npomi 
niimjKci. — ta'tion, oi. npoptXi 
tij, i, (fou)i), nponeia, i 

Precognition, oi. Treoyvmo-ij, npo 

PrecoUe'olioD, J. i npittpai nlloyt. 

Prc.compo'se, p. i- irpairu'rifln/n. — 
concei't, ou. npfanfif, )J. — cr~ 
ce'iee, p. i. irpo0iro)ap6dyiu, n 
Ononjnfi, itpcawflavOjUaf. — 

ce'ption, oti. itp6Xr)ftt, 4. — con- 
cert, JTpOTaTl-GJ, 7ipO0p(fw, Itpofioy; 

iiuojiiai. — conee'tled, ix. irpo6t- 
■aidujatwc. — -conaider,p.i.npei- 

ti't/n, p. i. irpoiuvo/toAoyfi, itpo- 
ffUufSijiat. — eo'nslitute.p.i.npe. 
llpitt. — co'ntract, ol. xpeofieio- 
yix, npoo-wM*«, $. — COntra'ct, 
p. i, npoopeXoyii, TtpmurriSifu. 

Precu'reor, ou. -npiSpopoi, a: — y, 
it. Jtpariynri'if, npeayytXtuii. 

Preda'ceouB, in, a^naii-ucif, aona- 
K-rtipiof, lytrriii6t. 

Pre'dal, Pre'datorj, h.l;Ritl{, Jp- 

VTplxit, kpiiXXTfptBt,, 

xtsn-i/itif ; nu»aiioi, Xi/i.iiii)(, aS- 

Pccdeoe'ufle, p i. npoa*o9»4o^4i (t ( - 

vo ( ) : — d. it. irpoTifl»n«w(, xpari- 
Sutoif, irpoTtisutflO-ai. 
Predece'esor, 06. 6 Tipeytyovii;, 6 jcpa. 
ysytriifiht>(,6npi ti»o S i/uvt^ ip- 
X>l*, Tii» *•?■/)* f) "i» ofro(av,(«Oi 

■, ft a 

itpt'itoxSf ix 
Predeai'gn, ^.i.Tr(JO{«7tw,iifoS8v)iuM. 
Pmlestina rian, ot. J. JoiiC"" to w 

Tip0Kz6lvTv,iLi: — , p.M, Jojfljii 

Kpoupttrfiiyot. - nfi'liim, o&* n^o- 
vptaLtbi, i. — native* i>. npoopt- 
eTinif. — nator,ou. l.Ttpttpltyw: i 

Prede'stine, p, i. op. Predestinate. 
Pretlete'rminate, in. upsuoio-juive;, 

irpoTiraji/iijos. (n/ioopia/iit, 0. 

Predetermina'tion, oi. irpoTali;, ij. 
Predete'rmine, p. i. npoo/>ifaj. npo- 

ranst, TrpnpAiHi — d, in. irpoaipi- 

O'/tiKOf, Tipooiooyftivoi. 
Pre'dial, Jit. aypoTinoj: — estate, ^»- 

p(o», re. iypit, 0. iitaulif, i). 
Predicabi'lity, oi. naTnyopfa, 4. 
Pre'dicable, in. (Xtry.) KKTV/apatf. 

— , ou. Kttnryapi*, %. 

Predi'cament, oi. xarijyopfa, $■ xatij- 
yApYttia, (irOnwr, ri: riin, n: "«■■ 

i); — ai, in. MtTtyeput&t. 
Pre'dicant, ov. mj/iul, (ipoxijpu?, b. 
Pre'dicate, fr.l. (loy.;»aTvj;<o|iw: o>o- 

Aoy&, ^japrupd, jStoaid: — ,ui\*a- 

T>77op>!fa, to. *anj)'Opei;/<ivev, to 1 . 
Predi ca'tion ,oi .ip o Jo yia , |8i Sains i j,J . 
Predi'oatory, is. iittMtuuTubi, fli- 


Predi'ct, "£. J. IC^oAJTW, TipOHYO/JtUW, 

fiavrsuo/iai, xpHto, Xpn'/Ufti : — 

ion, oil, nivTiln, irpoj»)Tiia,ij. Trpo- 

ayopej/ia, li: — ive, ^*. iipoayo- 

ptuTuof, irpoyiji-utiSi : — -ively, ^~ 

irfp. TrpOjlJjrucaj : — er, oi. /ikvtis, 

spofrmit, i. [(*">■) Z^'iMij. 

Prcdige'ation, o&. S TaxuTavii ntyit tl 

Predile'ct, p.l. Ttpoaipou/tai, TtpoTifioi. 

Prediction, 06. irpor^iiirif, npoaf- 

p«'<t, )j. to have a — for anyone, 

{Lxl/o-i ayanSv, irpOTi/ia* Tiva. to 

have a — for anything, BpoaipiT- 

,9a. t,. [aimv. 

Prediapo'nent, oi.rb irponapamiua^ou 

Pre-dispo'ae, p\ i. spa/SixtlBiiiH, itpo- 

fia^w. — disposition, ob.npoit&St- 

01 (, «penKpa»*(«l), ^ 

Predo'njinanpe, Predo'mi nancy, 06. 

PreuVminant, in. umpi^wv, Wpn- 
Xm, irr«pHT#s. to be — , isupxtth, 
tcvutav; ~ly, istp. iniip6x'»i- 

PrenVminate, p. i. ». obi. unipf^M, 
vstpSaUu. isttpxTa. — na'tion,ou, 
inipov..), inupirwif, $. 

Pre'dy, is. Tix.psanuxafi.iint, ito<^o(. 

Pre-ele'ct, p, I. spoxipoopxi : — ion, 
oi. itpoaipio~iSyT\. 

Pre-e'minence, eu. istp ejp^, usipZol-/,, 
)i. to have the — , InspSaJJii", irpo- 
ix«": sportpitaif, -h. spoxip^/ix, 

X»t, &Tpim):, /feiir* 
^sfpiTef.xaJliorof. ■ 

i, J ( a f ip«« 

£r(p. iUxut, lKspm&,, K=t" «e- 
X^', pxiuITa, lixfspivTaf. 

Pre-c'mption, irpoa/ops^Hu ■ t* 
iisakipa toS npoayopifiii. 

Preen.ou. impavoiTOn ^-/ulilg? (oYu- 

Preen, f.i. fetHflaCcoj (t:ts TrWpuyai). 

Pre-enga'ge, p. i. npo'Tjpov JtaTaJajt- 
6avw T.*a opi™, (not*.) npouno Zpl « : 
— enga'gement, oJ. ^ spJripov 4- 
»apmiis, (*6[V.) upoinroxpiuo-tf, 
%. — esia'bli'h, p. i. HpeitaOiipvv. 
— establishment, oi. npoxafifjpu. 
"hi- — eio mino '(ton, oi. Tip oipEu- 

p.l. irpaaumpivM, jtpo<fera|u. — 
exi'tt, a. obt. ■npovn&pxu. — 
exiitence. — exi'gtency, oi. npofl- 
!rap£!(,irpo™f«-0!=it,^. — i:\isttnt, 
(n.np3i>7iap);(ov. — expecta'lion,ow. 
i TtpittpO-i ■npofb'otia. 
Pru'fact, oii.rrpoofnio»,'To. KpoJoyof, i, 
iJfa-/»7i?, n. to make 6 w.rite a — , 


Pre'face, p.i. npaoi/ux^o/, xpoMyet; 

Prc-fato'rial, — fa'tory, is. upooi/iix- 

Kit, sc'iiryorjiKo's. a — fatory dis- 

course, spent /itav, 16. 
Pre'fect, oO. tnapxot, : imo~rirnt, i- 

mptJijTijs, ; — ship >[: — lire, ou. 

inapxtx, -i: /Trapxiiov, nJ. 
Prefe'r, (S.i. npo-ri^a, npoaipou>jai, 

thing to another, aipitiSai w npS 
ti»os ^ iuii nvo{ fl fiiAAov tivIs, 
nporijiiavfl itpoxpivtir T(ic«(:npo- 
ayco, irpoSiBofu: npojjipw, ifcorim, — acompln.iiit.KUTv] V c,j5iJ 
T(»d( T-i.^aTn-zopiav nonloflai. to — 
abill against, ojro^piivJi ii;s.Jpu* 
oTunjv 1 VpafTi'i — able. in. ofpt- 
TOs, irpoKpiToj, irporifttiTipos, af. 
ptTinpof . I find this — able, afpi- 
ToiTipsv i«l poni&To; — ableue^s, 

oi. ii TtpoTi^iio.: — ably, iir/p. 
kit' 1£ox$*i Sixfipi/nit, jiieUiov fj. 

Preference, et, (to) Kj>et{*ui«f, npo- 
Kputt, nptTip-ix, §. to have the — 
above fl before anyone, npalx"*, 
xpanptitn rats, to give the — to 
one over another, aiprfeflni n npo 
fl avrfrivat. to obtain the — , npe- 
Tijufiiflai, npexpJviffSai. 

Prcfe'rment, el. 7rpoH7UT^, npogrta- 
atc t A, TrpoGt6a<r l nA4, a: t<m4j apx^, 

Prefe'rrer, »v. i itpoTt/t&i. [$. 

Prc-fignra'tian, (A. 7tpoJiiiTvn»o-(f, 
$■ — fi'gOrative, in. npao*iaTt/nM- 
tuo;. —figure, p. 4. inotvffi, itpo- 

PreG'l, p.i. nj>or(flt|fn: »peop(fa> : — , 
oi. irpoOnrft, j. irparaxttiij <ruAA«- 

Pre-fo'rm T p. t. nforuirA, TrpaffxfljiiatY- 
5«- — -fa'tgancy, iv. itilapjiic, >). 

Pre'-gnance ij : — gnancy, »i- xii.|o-i[, 
xvQfOplK, r) : si'ffjvEiria, ayffTOX^i 
^ : >ov[jU^nj^ jj, to zvogthoj. 

Pre'gnant, fit. iywot, tyxip&n, to be 
)) become — , «uii», fywov -j-Jyvi- 
fffl*!, i» yaBTpi «iac« ^ Ixiiv : nop- 
■ncf6pn(, tiifopot, irsMpopof ; snsv- 
Jaiec, ^apu;, ijidioyof : lufvJu: ill- 
/»iSxavet,.iroiup.iteavos : bitfttiuit, 
tortftut, tinaxot : — ly, fcty. /«- 
vitiws, xxpnof&puf. aitou Jatut : la- 
fl.ii;, M«v. [itTU. 

Pregra'vitate, p. o6o\ Ivtxa hi.tfc iti- 

PregUata'tion, oj. To spwyivio-gai, 
itp«7«uffi(, i. 

Prehe'ngible, in. *«Ta)>iiiTic, toirtis. 

Pre-he'nwle, <«. Innroe, xanilitirn- 
*i s . — he'nsion, Xnfrt, it. 

Frehisto'ric, in. npeio-TapHerff. 

Fre-instrn'ct, p. i. %p*itiinm. 

Pre-jn'dge, p.i. neexara7Tv<S»KH 
npaupkai.Tpoxara J«a!;w. — jn'dg- 
mciit, oi. npoxaTayv»it(;,4- to con- 
demn by — ,npanarao'ixa£nv ti»*V 
— ju'dioate.p.J. npoxaraxpfnu, Tips 
Jixafu. — ju'dicate, in- npaxtxpt- 
/tittt : jtpo««Twiiiffii»8j! — opi'- 
nion, a*. cdF,s euir dpM, 4. (xM».) 
xpiXiifis, i). — ju'dicately, Mp. 

Pre'jndicc, ftt.WEa =4" e>H *.(«««.) 
rpo^if, *l fU<*l. fi/«f«i 4- to 

ny — , i») r& tfis rata. 

Prejudice, p.i. SixiiUoi, -irvxefzv 

Prejudicial, in. JinHpUet, pJaCipif, 
iWininf. to be — to, pUirersiv, 
iu/iabtiSai : — ly, into. pixStpOs, 
im£|i7/iiiii : — nesa. oti. rb iiri^la- 
t4f. fai MtxnBI. 

Pre'lacy, ol. (tpapx'a, hmnn), ^ : 

Pre'late, »S. Up&pxit, iniwnos, i: 
ship, eu. Upapxl", V- 

Prela'tLC fl : — al, in- Upapxixet, t?ti. 
Buoirwoj : — ally, iitip. liprpxtxiic. 

Prele'ct, p.oit. (upon) tiwiijtpn, 14- 
youi mtrt^MEfj o*Jaffic6i: —Ion, oft. 

a>ayv»i«f, JiJazrt.ii: — or, all. i- 

Preliba'tion, oJ.(or)irpsvm/ia,Te. wpd- 

Preliminary, Jir. i-po^-pirmie, Ttpo«i- 
yo«^t»0{, ii(a)*i7als,itjdT«p«(: — 
iratruotion, ,,.,..J.(., J. (..„.) 
rpcxnTapxrixil natSiiaA to give — 
initraction, upairai Jiutiv ; — arti- 
cles to a treaty, ra npsupeloytini- 
»« ; — , oil. npoo(>nD» ri. tittr/oiyt, 
i. the prelim in aries, ol irpwroi m- 
pi >fp4ni[ irB«(f«prfjmiioi \dysi, ri 

Pre'lude, ot. npaa(^iov,To: ivttfipm 
(.iltJ.Oi), TO. OvaSoiii,^, Tipaaulq/iO - , 

Prelll'de, p- e'5. avaxpousi, irpoava- 
xpaua/itt, fcaSai/c/ini, ivtliuai, 
noeot^iairouBc — r, at. a i'Sicv* 

Prelu'dial, i«. nposiMiB«»(, iitayotyi- 
Preb'eive, Prela'sory, in. irpodia^w- 

Prematn're, in. npiEpac, npoapat, S- 
«ipa(. to be — , npa«Kfni?H», a 
— death, Bprfupof Must**, a — 
bir^h, i/i(J«»if, 1); n^antr^f, kit. 

plmmie^, aitpo»oi]TO(. to act in a 
- — manner, npamTtbtvQstt \ — ly, 
iittp. npQ&pt*i t h&pwi: report ru; : 

Frematu'rity, ou. ri>,, npuiA- 
Preme'ditate, p. t. k. «M. irpovefl, 

k/jsISouxium, irpO/I(ltTffi, sijiraii*- 
urepai: — ?: — d, br. npeCtSou- 
Jsjuevoi, npovoijTcx J{ ; — ly, hip. 

Premedita'tion, ou. irponoia, n-peSou- 

Preme'rit, p\ oio". nponapiijco/ 

rtv xpiimueii. [fljipia, ra. 

Pre'miees, ou. iti. cmapxai, a(. ixpo- 

Pre'rnier, 'it. npfiref, ipxixit.the — 

minister, %: — ob. npolluueupyif, 

i: — abip, ob. npo8uiroupv<«, ii. 

Premi'se, p. i. tcpoi-iya, xpooifKafo. 

juaci : — , p. obi. uiwrifi/w. 
Premise, oO. npitami, y. Atf/<jia, to\ 
pj}. (Joy.) ra irpoirymljima, tb itpo- 
tior^iia-. oub(, J. d-/psi, si. jirnu- 

Pre'mium, ou. aSJo*, Jfilpov, yipa(, 

t4, (««.} bpoitr), v: ivaW/innt. ifl. 
Pretno'niflh, />. i. itpoxopamfi, uno^i- 

pw™; — niuiit, ot. = iff. 
Pre- monition, ob. itptntapttiwrit, §, 

— mo'nitory, &*. irpoitapaimTiicif, 

Pre-mo'nstrate, p.i.npaStCmiupi. — 

mo'se, i*- (|3ot«.) intSiStiy/itro;. 

— mo' lion, ou. irpoiflijoif, A. 
Pre'nder, ob. (vo/<.) to Je/i£dvu> rt 

irpiv tcpOiftpif. 
Preno'men, ou. op. Pramoinen. 
Prwio'miiiate, p\i. «poov(fia£ai: — , 

in. itpoaiiop.aap.iyot. — na'tion, 06. 

Kpeora/iao-la, $. 
Preno'stic, ou. op. Prognostic. 
Prcno'ic, P- «• npteiiiu'v. 
Preno'tion, ob.itpofttwti, vpatiriaifji. 
Prent, p. *. (S*o>t.) S>. Print. 
Pre'ntioe, 06. (p. Apprentice: — ship, 

ob. ip. Apprenticeship. 
Pre-obta'in, p. *■ nptiaptim. 
Pre-o'coupancy, ou. npoxttTOxi, $. — 

occupation, ob- *ponaial/i^i ( , $. 

TR __ 

— u'ccupy, itpoxaTalapSdrt*, txpo' 
■.arixo-. «trxoX&. his mind — oc- 
;npied, «0v»ouf. 
i-opi'nion, ob. jr&pm jjnpl* o^ii- 

/HTrfffliTsa, ItpoXtifpts, 17. — o'ptlOD, 

>u. to irpeaipiiaflai. 
Ero-orda'in, p. *. npoopl^ai, npomz. 

ftltmipt, — o'rdinance, ob, to npo 1 - 

iipov tt&Taypa. — ordina'tion, oil. 

itpooptffjibt, 0. 
Prepa'rable, napemmmta: 
Prepara'tion, ou, napamiuaoit, napa. 

0-Klufl, TrpOlTOl'/lOHj, fl. tO — , ITS- 
paint s-jiin* : (iraiiE-j^, o^apTulfcl, 
A. —of dinner, o'un.oiroiia, ^: — 
of medicines, fop^aioiraiia, i 1 
(X>W»-) to Kapto/iuaitn^av, napa- 

iJttuaifia, t^. to make -~» for war, 

irapaxiiua^tiVBi u { iitl ne\i^o> I) 


Prepa'rative, In. irnp«mK.atrt-utoi : 

««•), >i: — ly, Inip. napa^^aoTi- 

Preparatory, iir. napajKiuao-t-iitiSj. a 
— inatroction, icfumuitia, j 1 iff. 

repa're, p.i.tfoOirapaiHiiiBfsj.jtpoxa. 
iptiiw, i?«pru«, (tib/una). to — 
one's aelf,napaoMui?tiBai.tO — for 
one's self, xrasSai, -cpi'ftiv iauTU, 
larautma^iiv iaurS. to — forany- 
thingi /*Ucrfl», injtiiJiiav, — 
for a jonmey,«uejn*a;n8a( n|v ito- 
pifa>, (nrnv.) jtxpnaiuuainrBat Sis 
taiilitot. — , p. obS. irapaoxiua<b- 
/i«<,iroifia5op;oi.tO — tO,»ap«o*«u* 
6(utai inl ti, ii( T< Ij npis rt: — d, 
in. mpnwc Vvot, Ito<^o«, jtpo'- 
Xupac — dly, iitfp. iroipiiti — 

dnees, oi. hw^jriK, npox"p°r<ii t 

itap«m«u^, j : — r, o5. irapao«u- 

Prepe'iuw *i — d, in. (-o^.) wf»»*- 

tuoc, irpoS»8owJ»u/ii»o( ; — ly, i- 
Itto. ix itpavofas, iCiirlTilJ((. 

Prepo'llence, Prepo'llency.ov. inixpa- 

Prepo'llent, ^te. xpiiTrwv, uniptiaJUwy, 

Preponderance, Preponderancy, eJ. 

W il vx'P'X'), iniKpdnix, r). 
Prepo'ndenint, in. *pt(TTto», naSunip- 

tcpae, urtEptiaJJav; impgap^f. 
Preponderate, p. i. pinu, pfMf ■■ po- 

** i z «, iiupstfpu, ;,„pa™. — 

ration, ou, op. Preponderance. 
Preposi'tion, eO. (yp=»i.) n>nJ8wi«, rj : 

— al, iir. hmSitmJ(. 
Prepositive, *«, (-/pap.) npa9srai t : 

— ,»ft-(7r'«/».}pi| ,a >»ir|0(i8iTMavi. 
rriipi.'.iitor, ei. J;iis-toetik, 4. (»e(v.) 

Preposse'as, p. i. jipena 

favonr, AvaKTfiaflai ft avapTsfaoW 
iiip«: — ing, in. iitlxaptf, 6, %. i- 
nsyotyjc: — ion,oi. HpeicaTOxi), $: 
*.£« at* opfl.), *. (»iv.) itpUq^tc, 
4: — or, oi. J itpwtKtix 1 ™ «■ 

Prepo'Merons, iir. itp«8uo-«j)oj, av«- 
arpa/^vos: iiaoTjOejios, MpiSAis, 
arairo (: — ly, <•«.>. M™ t iicu- 
>oito(, irapaioVii. to talk — ly, 
/into uy.fc liyity. — ness, «4. Ji«- 
JTpojjrj, ironfa, fl. 

Pre'puce, =i- (kurju.) m(c*j, 4.mfa0i- 
ov, T<i. a-poSuffr/a, t). 

Fre-remo'te, ^t. TporspOi, navojpjfac- 
oj. — . i:ijnirt>-, fi.i. irpoairairiS. — 
re'qnirite, in. (*ei».) TrpoaTtamiu- 
/*ivof. — re'quisite, oft. to &tay. 
■ aZav nplv n. (*e<».) to TrpeairaiTou- 
/i«ov. — reso'ive, p. i. npoopi^w, 

— of the king, /Sao-iii/tJv tttija- 

KJ.r f po»ou.tCr' StKxvrApiov : — d, in. 
ft,. ,,.,!,«,. 
Pre'sage, •&. npsafjUiiaij, ft; irpoirij- 
jiaafa, 4. m/titM, rin/ixp, TeS. 

Pre'sagc, p. I. npoayopjuw, n^oJ^ym, 
fLOLVrtvQp.cii s npofvjTtvu: — ful, £ir. 
•iovinujc — T,Bv.TtpofiTii,Xpn- 

Pre'ebyter, ou. (&*!.) TipwSiJTtpoe, 0: 

I.. (<»i.) 


vos: — ian. 


b. (iwiX.) Ttp»ieuTiprov, 

s, np .,e u - 


6. Tipd'-yvsio- 

t, *. 

'resci'nd, p\ 



're'aoioaa, tv 

, npocia l &jf . 


TaTToi, !*■ 

irreu, npo- 

ayoptiw, TrposraTT*). to" — a law JJ 
rule, Tarriiv, tiSivbi fl -/papiiv vo'- 
/iav : (tarp.) npojTarTW pap/iaxo*, 

«"*" »V-"«. ("«'J 7P«- 
<pu wtTxybr; -^, p. sui*. yo^oBirai, 
vij/iov TiBr,//!! (»op:.) lrpOTif»M TO 
youi;ojis»o»: E805 amnf«fl(irrafiKi ; 
— r, a6. 1. jiriTaTTUi: ouvraTTiuy 

Pre'HCript, ^n. infranroj, irprftraiToe, 
trbi, p^ro^: — , ofi. liE^rwy/iee. 
irpoypaaiii, iS- ve/iot, a : (iarp.) 

Preecri'ptiblc, Ta*Tiov. [*uvTa-/4, rj. 

Prescri'ption, oi. npoypayil, v- ftrf- 
■ayp.a, irposTo^a, to ; (iatp.) To 
[potraxfli", iuvtoj^, $: ri vo/iifi(. 

Prescri'ptive, J6a*(. [/iiwv, 

"■e'aence, ou. napmitia, t). ti itafnT. 
vai ; si TiapdWif : 15 ivgjncov fip^ov- 
T8I jrapouaia; j(p)i/.«Tio-r*pio», to. 
(«o«.) aiflauo'a napouo-iaffaoij, ^: 
irj;3p:a, t4. Tpiirof, 0. In any one's 
— > in the — of any one, xapov- 
T0( Tiwoj, tpnpasBtv h l»6injov ti- 
»sc — of mind, i/xo'"". ^- («•<".) 
jroifijrqf Tov irv»ii/ia«(, i): — 
chamber i room, eu. xp^/x'Twrrt- 

/H0», T^. [Offlflan, j^. 

■e-BCosa'tion, Preae'nsion.ev. npoaf- 
Pre'sent, in. irapav, itap«y»»4^ ( vof. 
be — , xxptlvtti, n*payn4atiui 




Sinus, tliiwr.s: itapialot. i, 
>6v, aSW*a * napaxptlita.: f- 

:, Ta^USi (?/Sa/».) &HT(if, 4, 

uv, jiepdv. things — , ri ira- 
, ii i^tTatUn. times — 4 the 

nee, t4 vO, irap^ta, J »&» 
:. the — lift, iUI'i phi: 

-&v 4 r4 *., {».-.) nip. 
irapo*. the —(time), 

In, i 

, Otpi- 

Pre'sent, •>!>. (ypa/t.) o i* 

net): to >Sv, A .v. xpi>0(, to mi- 
ll, to mpjxi i&pov, *6. toiptlt, -h. 

tipq/ia, to-. ("o/».) by these — s, 

£l« TI>Ut01», fid TS» 1tap*»Tll>v ») Tolj 

Prese'nt, fi. i. xuttrntpt, ouvdrrvj/ii, 
naplamtHJx&yt,, :itixpi X a; (to) ovv- 
itrttpi, itpot&yai, (*0[v.) ■nazovatz- 
£o* : •npotffpw, napix^j trii&tapu : 
(.T f .) 10 -«,„,«!,,...,» iri«, 
(*oi».)]icifiouonifii» on)«; (^/«rp,) J- 
lrtfi&tfUjiu, airo<W*vy/u, trpofipu ; 

(ksiv.) tfwsii. to — a j;ift to any 

petition, etc., iBoJiMvai i) ti(fi~ 
put itiffta. to — One's self, f alit- 

00 a*, nxpxfxivtadai, 'p&vtp'ov yty-Jt-- 

(02i : an opportunity — b itself, «- 
yop^r) Sitorat, Knipbf irapairlirTU ; 
— able, i». irpefpiprof, ktJ. JjS. to 

4, to *irt« a tl irapaurha, ray 
— a'tioB, ai>. TtapitratrH, napo 
$: rpatajn/Ji, ("■>«.) oiiorao-.f, ; 
povtlaets, y : itpotfopa, Jcifnii 
#:— I 

rafJ.i s .i 

(vo^.) lu>, 
pia» : — er, oi- Joipjjrvip, o. A *po$- 
f4ptti: iwwriit, htisaydyur; — 
iate, t*. 7r^oaifffl>jT(j<iii : — iment, 
efi. »-/5oaiii6n«i(, 4. to have a — 
hnent,irpfl«u8avn»BHi : — ime'ntal, 

iir. npaxHrBtrtKil: — iTj isfp. au- 
Tfea, rcopauTdta, itapaxpUpa, T a- 
^a, (jrdcv.) tufiOf, a/M r <rtof : ou noJti 
lo-Tipo', /JiT'ofrnoJuvjjpvov.fae.u.) 
/»ir' ^ifyou : ■ — ment, ei. irapaoTa- 
»<{, napn X ri, i, ; oviTaois, ^(icytoyVj 
i, ; iso^f.s, * : (»„,..) J««jTi«>) 
i7*Jn«(, A: Ji«a<rri«ii i'titfri, *. 

Prese'rvable, in.Ti)pi7Tfos,fuiaitT(*4{. 

Preserva'tion, ou. puiami, Starjipiitf, 
ouTqpia, ^: Jiar^pqoi 5, q. to ^t^^tiv 
tl fdwtfSuv. 

Prese'rvative 1} Pwse'rvatory^Tt.Ttpo- 

nrfv : — i «^- itpo^uiaKi), ij. fula- 
KTiijjiov, i)t?ifip^a«:ov, to. 

Preae'rve, p.i. '&(u, t,a<rd.^, *ulaT- 
tu, 3 laTvipH i atTpa)^; Wflii^i t ra- 
p( X iOoi, apiwH, altu«, (*oc».) >a/i»o. 
i;axopiii"J«TO*. «Aart5u (jt^ata, 
mA ): — , •£, xapiros T«rap.xiu/it- 
vo(, *. («0(v.) 7lu«6v, t^ : napaJii- 
ffD{ «pO{ 8ipa>, i : ^r, oi. aariip, 
Jiarnpnt^S.o: iapix«uT^( (jopmiiv, 
xtJ.) 0. ?a*xap07i)aoT>i(, i. 

Preai'de, jO. dud. npotSptuoi, npox&Bn- 

in ihecoimeil, <^M^t*«(iir4f^ni- 

Pre'sidency, ou.npoiJpi(a>) rtpoifpJa, 
4: tViOTizrfii, n: Xf"=! Ttpsifpfa;, 

ij. during his — , TtpotJpiuovTot 

Pre'aideut, ot.TrpoiJpO(,i.7TpoiJpeuoiv, 
A : iitiOTBTiii, o : Trpiiravij, i. to be 
— , TrpoiJpevuv, 7ipo*„Ti,re a ,, „p U . 
Ta»<ui»i — ial, in. o, ^, ri tou 
itpaiSpou: —ship, ofi. TiposJpia, ift. 

Prcsi'dial, Presi' diary, iit. l/ifpoupat, 
fpmipiKis. _ [i^/ianrn, ^. 

PreBignifioa'tion, ov.7ipo^lo>oi(,npo- 

Presi'gnify, ^. '. npoonuaiino itpo«y- 

Press, p. I. )T-iC", 9ii6«, Karaflile.. 
to — any one to ones bosom, •!»- 
ay!rai*£;«ir0af Tiva, iiif>i7iJt«o-8a( 
tivi. to — any one's hand, JiSiou- 
<r6a<Ttna: ^tipuvu, SifSw: tJSoi, si- 

PR 91 

il^fli. to — one another, iSiEsflai : 
intiytt, xaTiintyoi, avayfcatTw, ra- 
Xvvwj etaraxvvu, ^Aauvoi [famui) t 
KBKfi, T«AaHr«pfl: xpiiHuyii, m- 

f situ/toi int. to — with a re- 
quest, Amapilv, npSfA.innciEy. to 

— with question, lttfn»T&». to 

— anyone to do anything, -nvpep- 

flS'l TIIS TO«I> Tt! SMfftt, ITBTfi, 
iSa, on; 9(5. tO — down, xaToW- 

?kv. to — forth I) out, fcM««v, 
JKiri^u*. to — into, Kticiitu, IB- 
ptF** r "" »•«'■ Tl - to — on^ 
upon, (J(« Kp»(s-/t«*4 inttfipttv. iy- 
y«v, *ar«7tt('y«ip, to — heavily 
upon any one, ptiputut t«b. to — 
upon, frr«it»Sa( tiv { . to — upou 
the enemy from every side, «av- 
tbx<10!» iresminriiv Tilt mit/ilttf. 
to — together, «v/imif«v. to be 
— ed, mvijtrtu*. to be hard — cd, 
T«Ja«iM^itii9K(, unfit*, circnm- 

(xoiv.) a I ittpiuTiisis avayjiafoimv: 
— , p. aii. iittlyepat, Mpxo/uu, 
.mifo, (**».) iWf^.i: mifat", 

(mCdrac 4 »«i*«ti — *d, in. int- 
er, ou. J m4(ttt : itna-riip, 6 : — mg, 
in. i.»a-/)fa[0(, g^ui ivtiyiqv ; mini. 
JtiJi: — ing, o&. Wcmf, ovpirnnf, 
irflMi;,i: — hlgly> i"if. imyjtaf- 

Preua, tli. iiiirif, A. iriiffTiifjioy, &- 
xiioTiijKS*, ro. Toiwnlp, 4. a wine 
— , l>i*4t, J. irarirrfpiov, ri. a 
printing — , TunoTpBfunv iritort- 

a book is in the — , ju.iiJ.ei Traoif 
intt'Jnvcu ftZXlai ti : rb twksu* : I - 
Xi»t, uBrevioi, de/ies, i: (ubtios-j- 
xiuuv,Tif. £jiBT(e0ixij,iS : rb mr/xpo- 
Titv irfsTJi, (<«*.) orpaTolo/fs, 
i i*B7KasTnij; — of aail, (vaur.) 
nXimatlitt ; — gang, oft. {top. 
*. >avr.) rdy/ia. ** wyapoTeO* »aii- 


Tuitsycx<t>os t: (it P .) J 
rj» ivaTnairTiitij* »auroAoy/a* S| 
oTparoJayla* : — money, oi. npo- 

XKTXJlitT, t ot*5«S»fl, TOlS lIMlJ- 

ilxT-Cfc: — room, o&. mtorjipteu Jm- 

/iBTw*, to : — work, ou. ro runw- 

p.a, to nnt»M». 
re'ssure, oft. irftoit, tv/imbHi, t). m- 

icrpbg, 4: ^apof, rd. avayxir, V- ^~ 

,"'(, ii : Tt iyxifoSat, T*iG«<f, iiw- 

£ if, i) : i*nlit»eic, $. 
Prest, it. tToi^os, npixvpti 1 t"Bi- 

P'bs, Kafijiic. — money, ov. ip. 

Press-money, [(x«**) xiipvpi), J). 
Prestation, o&. InooW.t, Ixti«i, * 
Pre'ster, oi. (^ttWupov) -rtpwilip, 6 ( 

irl. (e«t^.) irpiiffTapii, of. 
Pre'atige, ofc. inavij, nla»i?, 4: y»it- 

Tt(a, ayjprifa, tau/IXTOltolta, i. 
Pre'stimony, au. iliattxiv Ktj&lwMi 

(npit wri/mm Upla>t), to. [?&t- 

■e'sto, Hlf. «*<*■(, i* ™ K «: T o B - 

Prcatri'ction, si. tfiCUmi, VfihiH- 

Presu'mable, /■. dtaa-ris, Jijurij, 
— ly, >nlp. tixorvf, u< to linbj, 

Presn'me, p. oiJ. iiKi?«, Jo(afu, r«- 
>iafpOjuai, (kocv.) inrolayCavv, oro- 
yifouai. isoO*™ : (on, upon) Dap- 
pii, KesoiSa: T»J,«M, aTtiroi^ii: 
(upon) a«;c viua/iHi, ireo( jraioii.iiBI , 
tna^M/iai. jli I — , it ( i/toi tonX, 
(xolT.) Git ^f( fafJITat, Hf ■tnfr.tfa: 
— r, si. tutaonfc, 1. b <ixa;u* : J 
daaouvo/iiroff A irKipofAviai. 

Preso'mption, oh. i6%a, l&mrtt, vri- 
vera, M)t,K (IKflola, 4. («IV.) 
»niflio*«, 4 : (upon) niiroWi]o-[{, i I 
TJAjiirj, SoBCTUTqt, ^ ■ uTrio^^nvfa, 
niafWa, 4. 

Presumptive, <k. linairof, Joxfi*,e«- 
TBOToxasTindf: vjrip^fa»o t , jtpo- 
ittTilf, toA/iiipic. * — heir. «W- 
JeEof JiaJajtof, *: — ly, *»ff. tl- 
«bT»s. iij iiViisi : untpoirrut. 

Pre'sumptuoua, ^n. i/a^iv, ime^fa- 


vog. ftla^omtif, uSpurriKii;, to be 
— , a&tefiafio'Sat, Oi[ipji^aviu£- 
odac: — ly,fa(p.imip>iya"aff, viya- 
\ofp6rt»f, iXci^BvciEvi: — ness, oi. 

Presnppo'ea), ei. npeunAQims, ft. 
Presuppo'se, p~,i. upoSieifflij^i, irpo- 
vnoAa/iGauu. [OirdDiirif, ft. 

PruHupposi'tion, Presunnise, ei. tpo- 
Prete'nce, oi. irpiya«t, ft. Trpofsji/""! 

ttpCfxeftylS; tJ. far0jcp<4TJ(, r\. 11]]- 

der — , (ffl npopamt, iir' onf/iaT<, 
irpo^attgif/Mvoc. In — , irpopKii. 

— not to know, irb npifluutfrQat. 
they — to be unlearned, apif"'- 
£»t« azotic &«. (««,v.) ,cpo(- 
xafwuTai hi «»■ apaStff. to — to 
be, imeff4i)to$Xt n: irpeprOioS- 
fiaf (ti i) riiBf), avTiRaisiijuai: 6pa- 
Bvjo/Lzi, ano&zziv'ioyai, biafcovtv- 
B/iai; — ,|M. aiTfi, aiio&^ai, ifift, 
Juaifi; (against) i»avrfou/(a(, av- 
Tileyu; — ed, in. npof*Bi£;4pivB(, 
ttpetTtoujTBc; vo/xt£apivos,oox£iv: }»- 
7o/tivo{ ; — ed]y, ifrfp, in! wpojia- 
ou, irjwttoniTiis. ioy", 7rpnj>a«y; 
— er, oil. i (waifiuft a£«Sv ; iiidlvj 
imonpiT^;, 2 : £ fliTi&v o fiinpxo- 

/uidt ti : — er to a throne, i itpos- 
Koiou/iniec r>|« jSamJitev : — er to 
a lady's hand, /tmgnftp, & : — ing, 
(to), *x. ii-po[irmiiTO(iJ( : uirip^pavot, 
uSpioTiieo'f : — ingly, iitiji. irpopiei- 
qmcdB : wSpterof&s. 
Prete'najon, sB. upofiroftiirif, JiroKpi- 
•"I, ft. axm^Tar pis, i- Wi«p«, 
Ti. e?iWj, oW<«tf, air„o-<v, 4. 

Ti ; «i9a £■«< , unipii jiaviia 4 Ompi- 

+«vfa, aAafovifa, ft, 
Pretentions, in. airnrHii, miofofot. 
Pre Wri'm perfect, ou. (»papi.) a «apa- 

mo* (xp°"f>- 
Pre'terit, in. (jpap-) itapUflAy, »■«- 

Pretention, ou. ti irapiiflin, to ira. 

ptpXVP*"*- [lului&s xpi">(- 

Pre'teritnesB, ou. d mapilfliy ft irapt- 
Pre'ter-lapeed, *ir. »apiJe«v, -napthn- 

iufl&r, nap^cf/iu^t. — kyo(, *it. 

Pretermi'ssion, oi. mtpiiu^rif, ft. 
Pretenni't, p. I. ilitt™, irapaJci™. 
Preterna'tural, fir. 4, ft, to itapi ju- 

IIV,U7TipfU>lf,icfuftf, (lOIV.) UIKpfU- 

oweY — na'lurally, hip. iiittppuflf. 

— nstnra'lityflna'turainess, 

Pre'terpcrfect, oi. (ypa/i.) n«pa«(p.«- 
>oi ft iu»Tii«»! x?A"f- — phi'per- 
feel, pi. fypa/i.) o inipffu»Til«o( 

Prcte'xt, 06. irprffaoij, ^. i-po«xi"", 
irpoMaluu^ta, Tij. a plausible — , 
npofaai; (uio/o,-, n- to make — , 
ftpsfao-f£io-0a(, iijnTtidzt. under 

— of doing anything, nptfatm, 
»( 7rai*jo,v «, («s.v.) irpof a«fiy ( . 
»0(, (ti 9a aapiiTC. 

Pre'tor, ti. ipx"', "padup, o; — 
ial Si — ian, tw. apxonT«Ji. the 

— in bands ft guards, ol Scpvfi- 
po<: — -Bhip, oS. irupJtila, i. 

Pre'ttily, inlp. naASs, ko/j^*j, ko- 

Pre'ttineas, oi. vqtfdnK, iinpiirna, 
Xapcj, ^ : «Saxi/ 1D,n ' v 'li "WTa|io, -o. 
.•e'tty, ^b. uss/iiac, noivfiii, liitpt- 
trVrs; sisiiJii:, tunpatuna;, naAif : 
(lipwviKfii) flau/iaa[0(, iUJMnc, 
(koiv.) yitrtpot: /tirpUf. — , blip. 
Unpins, iwunBf, axtSer, (miv.) 
ap*5ivi-M(, &ta>£s. OOD1 in — high 
in price, * rtttj humw in-i/iot, 
(« 5 .v.) a ,lT 0f (Tx ap*au»Tei< a«p>- 
6s»: — nearly, ixtft*, •3t*"* r,! 

— clear, »x' J '*' « J « Jov - 

Prcty'pify, ^-'. uireTuiWS,irpoJiBTvnfi 

Preva'il, p. oi*. xparfi, JnwpaTfi, »i 

>S: (on, upon, over), nep<;;(y»opai, 

itaeuntpeiyCyvopiai, vmA ; jcbtixw. 

3 K 

— a amongst tl 
«<ftr<»«<v& rot; -AryJoK, (««-.) 
«uvu9(?<rai /«ra{i: TS» 'Ar^an: 
(with) i«v», rutfu, (*o».) inxpiB- 
?». to — on t) with any one to do 
anything, niton ti>>& wiiIv n:w- 
Ja,- anoBafya. to — upon one self, 
ftiifxirfcH, mi^iy. to — one's self 

Of, (iip!J.(fujv -/(-/>».■«: — Dig, Jr. 
xparuy, >:jpt(j^v, nvptof, d-u'Jhi, 
<ruvii9i]i. to become — ing, fctwpa- 

Trtv: fvlji-yij, iy(pyri(; lUUTIItJf. 

Pre'valenee, Pre'valeucy.ev. xpiTef, 
ro. ircucpiTiia, «l»oyi5(a, Jn«p«;£ii, 

(*siy.) frifpeiq, 4: to JjtKpitTdv: 

Pre'valent, Itt. {nrip.6aAd)y, u\ioy«. 
Joiv, xpifrroiv, xaSun^pTipos, iin^po- 

X8(, itCXpaTJJt: xi/MOf, HH$ACi ■» 

— opinion, (nwpaTouj* yw&pii: — 
ly , iirfp. ittiKparaunTOf : iVjjupffif, 

Preva'ricate, p'.i. ttxinp4fu raUijotf, 
flux opQwi vTtoXxij.£xv'jt: xaSwf(rifJ.t : 
— , p oiiS. i^tuiofiai, npofati^spac. 
naiat.oTpof *f orp«j>fljiai: JinroAo- 
y£,A<nT«Jwys9fUU.— ca'tion,ou. o"ia- 
OTpoflj Ti( oJqA((a«, xaflliftoit, A«- 
irToloyla,AjHj<)oy(a,?l. — eator, oii. 
i JiniTpejuuj irit 4i»jfl«(a(, ltnro- 
Aoyof , e : iJoA^rxit, »■ (MwWi o. 

Preve'nient, i«. nporipee, irpsyiynn- 
/i(»0(, npotmapjfay. 

Preve'nt, p.i. irpSTipfi, xitarpizcpa, 
itflaiiufiiuM, irooa«avT« : usiWw, 
i,uiroo'f£M, ipttftttt ytyvt/ttt, tip- 
>" : —able, in. sttf « npoAaftSa- 

r>l(, o: — ingly, infp. xuAutikmc 

10n, ofr. KlixUJIf, H*OTpOJtl), j. 

by way of — ion, »ij>uAa7/Wv»{, 
lUaGfic: — ive, in. npopulaxTi- 
"Os, KtthrttHis, ttataiuTirif. — ive 
measures 4 ; —ive, ei- aiXiuJi, i, nci- 


Av/ta, npopjAaxTViptoy , to : ■ — ivtily, 

tin's. Kiiiurwa,-, jtpojfwAaxrixuf. 

ripev, ro naiv $ to itpdo-0«v, npe- 
7«y«y»i/i<yoc, npoTtpaloc — pay- 
ment, npoKxrit£oh.r„ i: — ly, hip. 
npiaiti, Ttpirtpov, to xpf»; — 
ness, oil. TO npflytytvil/Uvav. 
Frevi'flion, »&. npedpiirif, npdyoia, 
npo/itfSeia, ij. [**. 

Prewa'rn, p.*. nponapaiyfi, npovoulli- 
Pre'y, oi. apnay^, %., t. 
\da, «. Aapvpsy, t6: Mipaf a-/p J, 

i). Syptu/ttL, to. a beast of — , *i?- 

pwv apnoiTixev, tJ. a bird of — , 
efuvac, 4. to be a — to sorrow, 

Pce'y, p. oui. Allan mob/ua, li7ifo- 
pxt, Xa$upit;*ya : (upon, on) af>- 
. 7raC«, opnaT^v nDisu/iat : (upon) 
nmriK *ara(Si8pii3>iii; Tflxauac, 

jKTTi«o/<3i. to have one's mind — 

ed by anything, axflnrflaf tiw: — 
er, ov. yrjiT^s, Xiyj'fdTtii, apjroj, o. I 

Pri'ce, ou. Tlfli*, AJIa, Ti/iri/ta, ri. 
what is the — ? tif * «/nii at 
what— ?Tii(rau-, iil itaisi; at a mo- 
derate — , Tiis ij(«(, (kow.) 11( fit. ' 
rpi'a« ri,a^v, beyond the — , inrip 
■rtr &ttev. to fix, settle the — of 

anything, mrvrrinu Sj TaTTtm T*» 

■' irvo;. to raise the — of any- 1 

thing, jitiTiftavl) BtBTtjtav n,irAsi- I 

«tflpca;«». to rise in — , ismwa- fall in— , puourfat % iiief- | 

rsusfai n)v Ttfiflu. at a high — , 
itelioSi),roM.», («<».)axp<ea. at a 
low — , fiixpaw, (koiv.) P 9 n va (from 

<j/Sn»i»). to sell at any — , t«u 
(up4>T0< kite&iStaQut: fuirtht, i. 
(koib.) k/io&h, 4: — current, oo. 

latdioyOf 6 rwv n/iSi. (u».) Tl- 

Price, p. 1. rat™ TijuiSir: — less, Ar. 

inrtpt(iit«t, nXllttOU sT|'B(, RsAllTf- 
fi>iTe(i avaEwf. 
Prick, Kiirpov, Mun/u, xyniniptov, 
tj, iyxiiiTpif, i; inayoi, r : o*i{<fi 

PR ! 

tJ: (ft«8.) ariyfi-a, tJ: i-fioi rai Tro- 
jan Aayuou, t4~; OKoiri( (Tofiurfiy) 
*:(v«ur.) omlpz,ii; — louse, av. 
(taTxf p anw*&i)p&m*tt, i : — ma- 
dam, eu. (?ot>.) 4i<£ U ov, to; — 
punch, at. iriajvi), A. 

Prick, 4. <. «y?a, «vWC«, K«»Tf(f», 
xvlCu, vuttw: Jiuiivth : mlgu, ira- 
pop/iii, /tuwidCtt, tyKtvTpt%ti (tii 
fairer) : aqpiuA, ntfufetf JiaAaji- 

. Siva, iWnpiriiN: (out) iWgu: Jibe- 

mpS, TpBH/imffw. they were — 
ed in their hearts, ttinripairi. ttjv 
xXpai&a atrSv j Jfuau (o7yo») : — 

ed wine, Impavlxi oi»o(, 4. to — 
a tune, /iiAeirouT:'. to — up the 
ears, inapBpti^uu ri atra. to — 
with the spurs, naUit *ol t /i&wfi : 
— , 0. eW. XKUtnrfgajueu, xa/ifii- 
o.uai: TtsotAivHu: QTex*5o,nB(: itju- 
neS/iai : — er, ou. j)i#io», *ctt>it>j- 
pwf, 6ir*at, dmino», ti( : ximjr^j, 
li— et, ot. (C«km.) nartaKaf, 4: 
— ing, et, nbtijiTts, j ; KtWqpit, 
T<f : xlttupint (» J304), ^ : Aayjuoii i- 

Prickle, oJ. i>tv. x. gwtl.) S« a .fl H , 

i: — back, eft. (<x8.) xiiTpfo-jtot;, 
t: — backed, fe. ita.W^TSf. 
Pri'eklmess, oi. to iuttut&Sit. 

Pri'ckly, fa. htirSuf lx«», onxvBi, 
ff»j(, 4xiv(liSu«, xwtpgiifiif: - 
at. (flew.) (ariitvit,, to. 

Pri'de, at, fityoXafpeeurti, ii-ntpiifi- 
oiia A Inoprif avja, ala^sm^K, fl. iy 
■Of, 4. 1M3J1H, /aupdnjf, A: it- 
faXonpinua, iroJurUua, ^. /try 
Allan, to. /iiyailroTT];, ^: fla)«( 

ri; «^a (^ 4 : i»<* fc«w. 

Pride, 4. d. to — one's self upon any- 
thing, n*'y J *»po»iZv, ur/xhofpr; 
inl to!, inxipso-Sxi, iyilXtiBai, .- 
/tmnN KM r) in ( tiv, ! — fully, 
Mp. (Xntt.) *Ua^»«»«: — ft' 
new, "0. (Ek&jt.) imtp/ifattitc, y. 

Pri'diugly, inlp. vjcipufiiut, 

Prier, at. mXvupiy/inr, 6. 

Priest, «u. itjstif, *. to be a — , «,- 

5 PR 

o'fl « : — craft, eu. 4 tAh /ipiav a- 
irinj: — ess, 06. Upua, i) : —hood, 
at. ltpxntu t Upsia, Upoitruvi}, ij ; l- 
tpttt, el: — like, is. lipxTitit 1 — 
[inesa, o&.to lipaTucov, to ersSao/fi- 
ov (iipiois): — ly, in. hpamoj, S, 

ft, TO T0& (thiols I — lj office, Up!*' 

Prig, ou.noVWroj, angftatfefrj : <li- 
trijs, 4 : — gery, oi. oEijoit, <ivooii- 
(ia, ij- — gish, fir. fiiraioj, Kivif- 
iofst, a6SaJ>i{, uiripijf i»oi : Tipo- 
•rrrff; — giahly, im'p. ilafovwOi; 
— giam, ou. tntpYtf&nta^ av^dSiin, 

Prill, oi..TJo(." Z Wo f . [■)■ 

Pri'llion, 06. <aja(Ttp8;o airi muofat. 

Prim, iir. 9outthoj, «t<aiJ»mo/"'-o,-, 
Bdp;6^i. ruff TfiiJTrjts OntpaKpiSii:. 

■f( B^<o(eE(a» TOf( Tpifnocc — , f.i. 

(iirtoiKpiSoSs jisjkO 5j lj J iailtftw. 
Prim, ot. (jSotv.) ifa^KA, fl. 
Pri'macy, ot.ipa.Tifa, ^. irpuTitK,TK. 
Pri'mage, oft. ({pfs.) WwoAan, tiJ. 
Pri'mal, in. jrp«T»(, apx'»^(i "puri- 

*™af. [)(fi v i itoiiTOt, npiiToy. 

Pri'marily, Jitlp. 4% apX%f> *«*' *f " 

Pri'mary, <h. irpdrof, 4, ^, Ti Itpx^v 
H "*t" apz^* * '1 «fZ*l(, */>Z«*f. 
itpwroTuitBt : E^io^of : rpntiiw 1 
CTOixiiiJli, oToizuoj>iaTU(0{ : — 
sohoola, r* JiiftoTKa axaista, the 

— matter, irnxilm, to. !>ij, o- 
Pri'mate, b6. ('«).) opxiiit(™oitos, : 

— abip, it. &pxttmnexJ), ft. 
Prima'tial, Prima'tieal, in. kpxmtf- 

Prime, in. npflTOj, iJpiirof, Kpariitoc 
^nfpiToc, J»c7rpin>i{, Jianpinitt, *- 
n(<r>i/io«: aa^alo;- — minieter, <rpo> 
6Woup)po(, i. 

Prime, oS. 4p5pi, xarap^, d: SpQpof, 
i. loif,^: !a^, to (»ai>.) nlyoifit, ^: 
ax/ii), 4. =f'8oi, ts. d«TO(, 4. a«- 

tov, t6. the — of age, bjh/oI qX>< 
*fa[, 4. in the — , 6pato t , i K fiar- 
oi, to be in the — of lift, htpi^m ; 

Pit 9; 

(UxX.) Spflpot, i: — of tliu moon, 
■ouaijvte, r,: — tide, oil. iap, ri : 
— COBt, ituvla, $. 

Prime, *. 4. xpvutalZa Ti wpSTov 
ypwpct.; iKiaiprJu (i-Kl.oj). 

Primely, tnip. npiTev., ifxA*, "ar" 
Vx*"' »PX«*s: tE«f/™t. [tov. 

Pri'menees, oi. ti ip);i«d» j to ^lufpj- 

Pri'mer, <rc. TrpfiTot; — , oi. (fjra).) 
tirxo'/AyiO', irpotmxflTapioj, To : itt- 
>ax((, fl, a-r"X"'Kbv ( sto<x««pb- 
t«4» p^iio., rii. (■»«,) AlfaS^- 
rapioy, to: rvrroypafuev ti otoi- 

Vf&Ttu inxTOvTxirnpli'tt. from a 
— period, ino toS nam apxafoii.' 

po£iflou), o: (C»7p.) 4 irpfiTOf xpoi- 
tiariBixif ; — wire, 06. dirttwv 
(mpoBiUo,,), to. [x, u . 

Priroi'pilar, in. i, ii, xi t«S rajiap. 

Primi'tial, At. 0, ?j T to tUv oiropxwv. 

Pri'mitive, in. i, i„ ri hpx$" )) *«t' 
apj^v ft H kpxft, Spruit, Hpiiii- 
tuitoj, vp&ros: <rs/ivit, jacyaJoirpi- 
m5f: (ypaiu.) np4)T<Tuirs!.a — verb, 
npd)To8irow, hp«to'tutiov, Sijuhti- 
r'<" f%/"t, to: — ,«6. (ypa/i.'j npa- 
riSTUito*, to" : — h/, iirip. ipxijt, irpfi- 

ipx«8», opza«(m( >!■ [«•<*. 

Pri'mness, oi. ri v*ipexpittfTots_Tp6- 
PrinKwge'niftl, in. TipunytrJit, »p»- 
T^Tovst, irpunfTaKoc. — ge'nitor, 
oi. npiyonof, RpeitaTotp, 5. — ge'ni- 
tore. si. Jiptattiyivna, npr^Toyt- 
vtur, $: ('op;.) npirroiigia. 1) Ttpa- 
TOTonita, tb. — ge'nitureahip, oi. 

Primo'rdial, <it. ipxh'"°i. nptmyi- 
v^i,irpSTO{, apjiawc — , oi. &px$, 
Primo'rdiatc, in. $p. Primo'rdial. [4. 
Priuio' rd inm, a . ipx>i , b h (a ,y f* a it, t> ■ 
Primp, p\ cbS. kuk^tuouoi. 
Pri'mroae, oi. (|3ot>.) jjpivBt/Mv, ri: 

6 PR 

— , }n. avflivflf, nvSipo;, rz>$l/t»- 
Pri'my, Ar. ivfijjpit : irp£I//ot. [3ns. 
Prince, ou. paodiut na.U. v4*(ijtpo- 
•nce'c, i. ^aiiJo'jtBif, (*07-) npijti-p, 
b : iyt/ii", a>X»». ipz>I)^Tiw, npS- 
rot, irpwTiortiiut, i : — dom, «6. 
fiytpotitt, i : — like, (it. 4ytps«- 
Kot: ^f/alotipmnt: — lin«M, oi. Ti 
■hyifiottKo'r ; — ling, ow, ^ti^o»(- 
ikoj, d : — ly, I*, paeiltnt, &p- 
X**bi, trytp-ovatft : /ii)iaAoi[p»iH(, 

fur/atea;, nuiuTtXflf. ly, hip. 

patruutS^ 4y*puHxA( : — bs, oi>. 
Sarilum, 1) : ^ytuovlt, ii : (mi.) 
^yifiovijuait, irpr/im-io"«a, ij. 
Principal, in. npSrot, liJyttfH, fy- 
Xi«f, mlpiet, S) 1 '^"*''**, aptirof, 
ipaTiirTot. the — arguments, tu- 
p-ftpix irafitrrara fl ^ifiaiJraTa, 

>i. opx«»i apziyif. *ps- 

j, Kpuru 

rT^s, : inarri' 
Tili, npsiJps;, i. JiiuPuvrrij (ir/a- 
Jiii)o:>[fiJai8.,ip);alo», to.(<oiv.) 
X3r;y.xfixbi> ttfxJuiov, TO*. «flpi jui- 

Principa'lity, oi. epx^, p'airiiita, it: 

ait, ^. irporipTj/ia, to. 
Principally, ^Trip. pialnrra, irpfirav, 

Pr'ncipalness, oi 

o-.«fip t 

:i /i^><- 

Princi'pia, oi. irl. fltMp^paTo, aji«- 
Pri'nciple, oi. kp-xh, -If. ahtu, i), el- 
Tiov, to: Bwpyp-K, afiw/ic, to" : 
oroixiIov.Ti: inrrfjij^ii, thS(iii, ^: 
Joyoi, i. J^yiov, W. Spot 0. thU is 
my — , oSwt Jt*it« yryvilirim, 
(mil'.) atnj uvi ■* ipx-i fio* to 
have no — a, «wi) neaTTin Jti St 
t^X^i C'S 1 ' KpQS fir^iva ii&yav arro- 

X«». on this — , rnuTig. on what 
— ? xbt* rf; a leading — , Ti dp-- 
Xnyi". Ti i\-,siio*ti6t. 
Principle, p. I, iiSarmi tiv* Wyous 
4 (xoir.) apx«t. a — d man, auflp»- 


U— d,Iz.<- 

■MMl «PX*i. 

xaAij fyxi;. 
Pri'ncox, oi. KxSlusio-r^;, 5. 
Prink, p.oio\ raUaiirffsjtai! — , 0. i. 

Print, oi. brinmt, ft. Fywi, T|J - 
•riSoi,i; — of astep&wj, »*■ the 
. — of thewheels.t-oexi&.a/iiJoTeo- 
)£i«, ft: mtjiii«e(, ng/ulen : Tuitoj, 
4. •ewriruirov, ri: a butter — , 
ptUTifw tuito< S; /ifrpa: iyxip'V 
/i«, ro: uiiisc i, nsaypxtUx, ft; 
to nini/ia 9) tuti-jGIv, mptaSuhr 
aiyypx/ifix, To\ tftylipk, ft- pub- 

tic 4 daily --B, ifwioili;, ui. to 
put in — , iiTuiro6>. to come oat 
in _ 4aSU„6xi. out of—, (««».) 

Print, 0. i. ijtvttw, lyxaf aero : ino- 
Twirfi, ^"P**"™! t>n ir™ i it^Of • 
Tpf&ii, ^vrtO^uf: i<ru;roi oopiioif, 
tutw ; — p. oio", iijul tvwe/pcif Of: 
— er, oi. A rvittW, mire/papo;, i : 
— er's devil, oi. Turtoypif i(ou TtaTi, 
A: — ing, ou. TuxoypcifJsf^Tu goy ox- 
acid), ft; Ad&va* xiip*sit. ft: — ing- 
honseft office, si. Tunoyeijiro»,To: 

— fog-ink, oi. ytl3"i niTieypiji- 
nft, A: — big-machine ft press, oi. 
timcy/iafuie* S^yano*, ti; — less, 

7 PR 

Pri'soii, oi. Surtairipwv, to. fuiaxn, 
ifexrft, -4. jtt/tol, of. to pat to t— , 
to put ft to o;tst into — , txTxzi9i- 
vxt sii to o*toj£WTfto<ov, ttp-/u* t tx- 
9dpym\ — base ft bars, oi. irxcJii 
ft trx3iaipt/tlx : — house, oi. b"i- 

Pri'son. p. i tlpyn, *xt>itpywfii, i/tx- 
6Up-/rjia, l/tltlsi: *ixJtxlt>Ti('»: — 
er, oi, iu^itiK,iiiiixh»t, o. wjr. 
. /liloiTOf, i. to take ft in ike — er, 
ttiXi»aliiro» iaSiia, xijC/ixiiirC^tn. 

Pristine, hi. apxxlai, nxKxtbt, IpX'- 
*i(, n^ijTipo;. 

Prithee (= pray thee), nxpxK xl& at. 

Pri' We -prattle, oi. •pluxpix, iiAii, ft. 

Pri'vacy, oi. n/witTon, to" r lxSpxii- 
f If, "I : ipn/tix, ^i"X^ x < Wmwfa, 
oiireueia, A- to live in — , ^» ftju- 
Z'a o"<»:y«ni. iJiairtim. 

Pri'vate, fa. i o".o S , iaWaoc, ouds ( : 
— alfair ft oonoern, Wio» n/=<i>- 
/ta, to. my — affairs, ti i^a. to 
manage one's — affairs, i" 

I !<J.o 

.i r opov, 

**. * 

, E X »o U . 

r, in. «f4r«BO(, upyxlii, nxkxi- 
it. to be — to, nooTiei(»: — , oi. 
(/licni.) npotwriif, ^Toufitvoc, i : — 
ate, oi. qyou .uevCm, i : — eas, oi, 
ft/ov^i»iio«, ft: — ity.ou. »p»tiJ«, 
ft. itpori^/ia, -:i : — of birth, xfu- 
' imufi, T(i: — ly, trip, icpuzi- 
pui,irpiv, — ship, oi. fr/au/itvia, 
ft : — y, oi. Koivofcoy, ^ovai-ni^iow, 

Prise, fr\l.*.M.Sf.Vti*»x. Pry. [to. 

Prism, ei.{y«»/t.)iteio7*n, rii — a'tio 
ij a'lical, lit. rxtipx itplaiLxnt I 
Xt**\ iptAtvt: — -a'tically, ttlp.Ttpt 
rparwfif : — ato'idol, in. a/two 
o'id, oi. to ajie 

ft itix Mjiivx, to have a — audi- 
ence, His Xiyou tv^il", /ij>o» *V- 
Tvncdiitn' twi, (xo...) I X «» W«<- 
Tip»» ktpixan. to grants— audi- 
ence, iJfa ttSivxiliyoitul («4».J 
J(Juv iJiairioan ixpixiu • — pro- 
perty, iJioy, tJ : — life, ifwriia, 
ft to receive a — education, HU 

ft KST'oMoaTtauiSs'iiirSir. a — house, 
oidia io-fa ft WwTurt, ft. in — , 
xpvfr, i&9pxi — , ob r a.n6ppvft9t 
ti fluaru^ aun.oivMjr;, ft: urjiKTi-j- 
t^(, i ; — er, ei. Ijiotjjiko* nJori", 

r, p. i. o 


: ox'Ii UH : — J, **■ fiillp npi- 

ing, Oi. TO OBJifil ti«p«r«ou ox4- 
fo{; — ly,#it(p. iila,iSimf:tpifa t 
XxBpx: — nessjoi.ftouxfx, ipti/iix, 
ft : HiuTtia , S . fit s i i Si »r .< o j ft i 'St o ; , o . 
Priva'tion, »i. rr ipijo-is, hto*t^d^o((, 
o?af/ie « j, ft : ewni'a, l>Jni, ft : 
(fdoo-,) aQ'Apttnt, ft : ««Tatiav(rif , 
aHoTa.uTL'ij, ft. 


Priva'tive, in. <ntpiiTui; l ini>crip: 
kos: anaiitiaruif. i^ofaruAf: 
OV. Ti ITlfT\TUil ; (ypa>i.) to o 
pIJ iui» 4 ipiii|Toc4»: — ly, 


0.(,SBT,.)llpa U^ ai 8 f,« , ■ ever- 
green — , i«>apin!, 4. 
Privilege, oS. Ttpovo/ifa, A. jrp8»i/ico», 

ItpOTipil/ia, TlS; 1TJJ0W/H]II1(, ij. to 

grant a — , npavo/ifav e'le'o'i'ai tih. 
Pri'vilege,p.i.npovop(a>'c'io'*v«:— d, 

in. nptra/iiar )J npB»opiB» !*••», 

ipovflpia xpolpivoj. 
Pri'vily, infp. nfiya, Jaflpa, HJa. 
Pri'vity, at. inoKpujii. i>. to *pvnriii, 

(KOi>.)/«lBTuiT17(,4 ; «U»l(J"l«i, i. 

with any one's — , ov<«Jero( t<- 
»o{, (««>.) yutittmTif Tinas, with- 

JaSpa tj xpO^m mi;, aim 
— , Wopa, foVa. 

Pri'vy, I*. imippiiTot, ipufiat, *pu- 

Kttot, (Us.) foWr*p-af; rjutiiSiui. 
to be — Jo anything, Bv-.tieWi t<. 
without the others being — to it, 
on.v«B^T«{ to( ( aJi« ( . the — 
parts, li aioVa; — chair, o&. 
Bxsjpapit, Wpa, If. — councillor, 
Ou. 0-j/i6duAc{ ;j inoppiiTwu, 4. 
(■flli.) fiusTutBO-u^efluAjs, b: — 
purse, ov. ta Mia xpijp.=Ta. to pay 
Out of One's — puree, nap' i«vtoG 


Pri'vy, oi. ^iTiXH", *8i»»>»(, *; apB- 
£o;, eWironc, 4- (kbiv.) anayxatav, 

Prize, rf. a&Uof, o. «81o», to. •/•>■«, 
^paEiloy, to. to cany off the first 
— in anything, t4 icpurtla, *, 
npffira ffpuvfl fVp(B0«fT|VB[i niol. 
so aipifliiii WSiv, tb. iafupa.oO- 

aiy/px/ifia, byi-iia/HZ, T<j : fight, 

o&. fry**, J. i/tSviifta, to": — 
lighter, ou. huktik, J: — master, 
ni«i«pXO< l»#()«'i'TBt iiMay, J: — , 

Prise, |). I. xirra ti)» ti/uJv, ripAi 

nwicD n^u/iai, wipi irnijoij iibioO- 
fiau, (kb(v.) UKolltvrgfMUi — r, BV, 

Prize, p.i. kiap.oxit\if- — , oil. pa- 
Pro, TrpiS, iinjp. pro and con., vnie, 

■a! Kara, to argne — and con., 

i.tynr in' n^frfrepa. [r>ira$. 

Pro'babiliem, at. Sila i/ jrtp! niQaxa- 
Probabi'lity, ei. tblc, iBicryo*, tJ. 

kibWtiKi >i 
Pro'bable, i*. fCloyof, tiiiA,-, *e*fi., 

luBcait. it is — , leuri, Joxil, mvbju- 

that they, Jbkbubh. — ly, «"ir(». 



(tan.) niBajfif. very — ly, rfn tSu 

lUoyattf. ffayeu. 

Pro'bang, tl. (x«p-) * 9«"ip tb& fo-s- 

Pro'bate, ta, (»o/i ) tttnpc, 4. isJ- 

Proha'tinn, ou. itilpa, inanupg, i(t- 
t... ( , ^. «.raT.»4 (l B. («w.) iW 
/las-Ia, ^. to sabmit 4 subject to a 
— , iih""' iteitfuflai Twat, niljiav 
Ja.uSimv I) Tonrsflai TiH<: iJiy - 
XB{, o: Xpirttf Soitfiaaiat, B. Jtffl- 
>i^ ^: — nl 5: — aiy, dr. inoJd- 
KTiitif, DryKTixit: — ary year, 1- 

'-tp.m, npMTsT(ipo«, i : — ership, 

Bu. 4 i>t» iBNi^ao'fac XpsvBf. 
Pro'bstive, in. Sp. Probationary. 
Proba'tor, oh. ifiTaBnk, o : (»•(«.) 

xatiyopet, l%t/.tytis, i: — y, in. 

kiaStatait, iisyt-rnh;. 
Pro'be, au. (xup.) iivii,i: — sciesors, 

ai. wl. (X"p.) failf, 4- 
Pro'be, p. i. (x«p.) /"jJS, ^Jaffi: 

JufliaCu, avipiuvBi. 
Pro'bing, oJ. p^Junj, i, 
ProT>ity, at. KpaT^f^t, JkbiootIvb, 

KaAeicayaSfa, a'/ae&jou^i], tiKwpt- 

*■», 4. 

Pro'blem, bo. wpdWij/ia, rrf: — a'lic! 


— a'tical, in. wpttiiitaTiK&f, npo- 
Siii^ariiiijs, 4>pto*JUf. oHi|lsc., p- 
ffa*>!(: — atically, inlp. TipoSJi;- 
fj-aritftt;, curafStf. 

Probo'scia, oi.itpogonj((, i), [Cpwtifc. 

Proca'cious, in. timubs, aMnJn,-, u- 

Proca'city, oti. afcoJaoia, utptf, <W- 
«*ub, 3. 

Procata'rctic, /it. icpmatapmt6t. 


Proce'dure, ei. TpoVoi, 4. itpoj«, fl: 
(<o(v.) JtuJucsurfst, 4: nptxtipv/ut, 
10. irfiejpipfliif . fr « jn*t — » Jcxai- 
ciuvi), ^. a legal — , tffinj, *pt<"f, $■ 

Proce'ed, p.ail, wjoiooi xwptft, spaC^u, 
npetairv, Tpn%np&. to — on the 
march. jropauM-flai jttpairipot ft t- 
nl tb vp6aa-- (from) »**jK s f u "j 
•It7r0fjiuepai: apxcpxi, &PX-i" '*"/'■• 
Batu, yf )>VB|iMi( fl unapyt* iirif tiuj, 
EirtKv ijfw nns rug; 1) u rivof; 
Bufrfvo/iai, xuhaa J«/iSa»«; ano- 
Bafwi, Amx"pH, nlturfi : (with) 
"parrot, y.f&pxi: *l«r«W, (mi».) 
i!f KuoJcuflw. proceed with your 
speech! W71 to. jimb Taura ft Ti 
iiHt. («<».) ifotmlnWtt >a «yp !: 
(against) *«ls (i<t i&i>), umtjw, 
tft&JKro; — er,ov. Ttpo&xtvw. — iri£. 
oti. upajfdfqnf, S : spalfif, fl. rpi- 
not, 4 : (vea.) !(«), i 4 Tfa Jfexe 
irpaj.f, (*otv.) talaaaix., i, : — 
inga, oi. iti. vpi&tei, ai. niptes, 

Proceleusm a'ti c, in . Jtpoxilim/* aT«4{, 

Pro'cer, oi. SymtTpe*. to. 

Pro'ceas,ofc xpojfiijsnua^i.itpojtotyij- 
o-ii.iS.iii — of time,Bfo8aI»o>«[T8u 
Xpt<t>», xpi*<?:*f&tti, * If?**, «' : 
{>0«.) tUto, i. i)*', 0. 1TBB>^a,TO. 
4 Tflt Mm* itjoafif. 

Proce'ssion, ou. no/im), no/ijru'a, tj : 
— to a temple, irpdeooos. ^. to hold 
» — . go in a — , iroitloflai ft Ti- 
lth ne/im}v. to make — B, no/mat 
aytti; — , fi. »M. riis t, iroioB/iat 
nnuiniv; — al, in. itOjuittuTiipioi : 
— Id, oS. («*«1.) jBiSiio. to nioi 

t-if no/ijt(t(i — ary, in. ito/iniuTii- 

Pro'chronism , oi. npoxpevi/'tt, »■ 
Pn/cidetlCt, ou. Katafupa, ft. (itrrp.) 

Proci'duous, (it. npflnfnToiv. 

Frocla'im, f . *. njewo™, iirunoioo*), 
avziiipva-o-oi : kwyiipvju, a>ao*f- 
xvw/u. to — an emperor, aureus i- 
Topa av«7o/jnln>. he WR8 — ed 
king, n»>)-/spii6)i paiiAtuc: upr/. 
yilJoi, npOTffrii^i, iqio/fafoi; — er, 
«*. mieul, i. 

Proclama'tion, nJipviis, k'ariipvSii, 
Siittait, ^: Asa^O/Muffif, jj: i-yji. 
Ate, 4. 

Procli'vity, 06. MAirtt, ^om), ^. 

~ tJOO'tWul, oft. on8iiirBT0(, l-napxat, 

— ary, in. &>(uKar«j«: — ate: — 

ship, »i. &>0viraTtte, i), 
Proera'Btinate, p. i. a»a6alJ», iia- 
Sa;Jlo^aI,BvaSo^>noia^a I , Omo- 

riBt/iat: , l>. ou-J. M™, /ifiiu, 

tfrji-afu. — na'tion. oft. avaeaJ^, 

uttpttttf, iiUi*<rtf, i. — nator, oi. 

ivaSiAAuv, /jiAXijTijf, 0, . — na- • 
tory, dr. piUntWc, 

o'creant, fc. yd»r^.o(, x«oirofrfjsoi. 
Pro'ereate, p.'. it»«a, t(ktu, fiiu. — 

orea'tion, 06. ylmois, -/iv»i|oi(, ^, 
— Crea'Mon of children, JraiJoyo- 
vte, noiJonoifa, ^. — creative, in. 

ymmnatf, n«< teyivPt. — creative- 
nets, OU. 7IVITC0Up7O( JuvKjUlf, 7). 

—creator, ou. ytiviwp, y«»»iir>jf, 

•o'ctor, oi. farfnsvof, ftom^T^t, J : 
iit(OTBTii(, hmmid 4 : npoi/opoj, 
i 1 — , A. J. *<o«S, ^itioTarw ; — 
age, ot. J(ottno-«, IwiTpojuia, ^ ; 

—ill, ilT. <!HTpOf«4f , ilH0TBT(«(j(: 

— ship, oi. »niTpsn«a,irriJTaaia,fi. 
Procu'mbent, in. vponHunv ; (per*.) 

ieinjoTKo'f. [easily — , lOTtdysiorot. 
Procn'rahle, in. «f)ri(, a«o*T^Tif(. 
Procura'tion, 06. iitnponli, bnrpiwtit- 
>+ 4 : w»pwMfi ° ' itouoia, ft. 

Pro'ourator, oi. iTrfrpoirat,„- 

at, 4. to bfl — i fcllTpaiKuuv : — Lai, 
in. dirirpanudj: — ship, 06. jjti- 

rif*. «poWv«: ni 


o. 0113'. .uao-Tpoiriusi : — ment, oi. 
itspir/ios, o, *r4«t, q: o-Wpywa, 
mvsf.yix. jSaiflfouE, i); npo^»i]ffif, f\: 
— r, ai. npoayiiyof, ^lajTponif, } ; 
— W, oi. uairpenif, /iiuJif, ^. 
Pro'digal, ^». o*a*av>ipB{, npo«T«o(, 
op.J^i, a<ruTD(. to leads — life, 

OHIiiTtiisffOsu : — , BV. io-IHTe,-, »! 
— ity, oi. iftio'ifa, BirafliiEiii, bw- 

Tlia, aia Xxsia , 4 : 1 V, imp. (!- 

VIBVilpflf, 047£&TMtf. 

Frodi'gious, ifn. rdugioc, niiupai, 
TtpaiiiJjis, Tipaiitoj: iifirJijuruiit, 
flaujiajrot: — ly,Mp. n^aerfoij, 
Tl/Jirufif, mtaffeft JjtitJiiKTuiuf : 

— nes&, oi.Te TtpaffTrav, wita0,TB. 
Pro'digy, ou. »ilwp«v, niiwp, f ao/ia, 

tV»«*, r.f : (of) flav/na, t*\ 
<i[K0u.';M, siji/w : iialepa (if fifif, 
itpofipn, wmptgpfimt. to — Witness- 
es,," a, .=r',,p a 5 T.pov.ytu% iniytaSsi: 
pita, ixfuu, fif*, 7i>vA, t(hi», n- 
vaidat/u.fipu (tapirotii) : (faf ^to- 

milfi: t«td, wa.S, lpyx&/lai. to 

— an effect, ivipj-rl «»ai. to — an 
effect upon any one, *<nl«, mifliiv. 

4i*j[6< — a good effect on any 
one, » 4 xbX£$ Jiariflivai :i*». to 

— no efiect, oiSiv oWoBai. to — 
a noise, BApvtm neittt *. ite«Ii8a(. 
to — a tone ( note, futl; fadr, 


xipSet fipta: fuiauvaj, 
*"«*"l"'»» (?f "«•*■) : — , oi. ana- 
papa, npa'cua'o;, tj. napxbi r a. x&p- 
nafia, tA: — of the conntry, ri 
*btb Ti)v xiipnv fuifiivaT, ylinjfia, 
T<(: npesivra, tb. ripiot, tA: — 
ent, oi. (■•*:-) * insyo>« u °f pip. 
Tuoat : — r,oi. yi»i»i» , if , ywiinip,!. 

Producibility, oi .to yiiiptu, to ita- 

Prodn'cible, ^it. oW/uv«« xap&yt- 
rfai ftnpoji^pio'Saii — nese, oi. to 
JuMi/insi jrapayiffSai. 

Pro'duot, ou. to 7t7vo/itwi» la tint, 
yrvirttitij to. aapnoc, A. the — s of 
the country, i4 fujfuvK i» >>i j;A- 
pa )) itar* ti}» Kip", yiMit^*™, 
Ta. the — of any art, fix"!* '(='/"" 

1) kire-reinr/ia., ri>: SQiloi, tipist, 
to: airoTiJu/ia, ti; — Ue, in. o/xi- 

Produ'ction, oi, Bpopapi, ytvtwts, iro(- 
nt'i, 4 : y<>mi/ia, rd. aapirat, 0. ft 
— of art, tix'ns lp/o», rix'ip-», 
*A : — s of the intellect, r& Hit i- 
vtpytfac aitoTtl*«/iara ■ — of the 
brain, nJao-^ia, jiavTaifia, objii- 

Prodn'ctive, in. 7i»y7iTOf6s, ■/Anntf, 
(«oi».) 7TB()ay(ii7«o(: fiptpot, iDfO- 
pO(, tuaapROC, Toiijiifino; : Ivip- 

yit, «ooit[jiJ(. to be — ofanything 1 , 
#ii»cv, yivvai ^ ■ fotiv re : — ly, *. 

Kxpnofopia, itQepix, ij: ix'pyna.i. 
Pro'etn, ou. Ttpoe<>ioi, ri: — ial, l». 

7ipoai/iiait(, tijayaiywdj. [oua, to. 
Prolana'tion, oi. ^iS^JMiit, i. pU. 
Profa'ne, fn. pi^^iof, t*Up*t, *«»i(! 

av^IIOC, aoiG^c auuigTOj, Ixtxif : 
Xn^lJbrTBE, p.MtpAf : - — ', ji. ^. jStSq- 
iii, /Itaivoi, Kaiiyt'eoi, adiGa. a(- 
a^voi; — ly T ixip. ^iS^3o,(, aai- 
6oJ<, Avoirlttf. to act — ly, i>«c- 
aupyili, intttiri — nesa, eu. anon- 
A-nts, avoaioupyla, luiiux, it — r, 
oi. iaiSilf, bvoo-ios, pMSi,it(, i. 
Profa'nity.ei. If? " 

Profe'ga, p. i. i/iaiaya, fnyl, icpuxyo- 
atueu, pafvfu, atnofatvoi, anof^i-/yo- 
pm, tiae/ytiXtfiiUt imuxveu/iai, 4- 

ttiu, /p/s^afm. to — medicine, 
i-xim&BJw r>t> larpuif, imp «■»- 
to — one's self a christian, tinay- 
YiXXtaHxt tS» xpteTix*6* i — , p. 
tii. icaiSofitiiayu:(ixi.X.) jittBxioi,- 
/ihi — ed, *r- f anpbt, Silot : — ed 
enemy, naUpMt InuttSuyp-troi: 
— edly, ii*(p. i/iivt, irpaf «»4j(, l« 
toD npBd>«»ouf. 
Frofo'sston, oi. bp-oloylx, i/ieltytim, 
imyytitx, i\. a — of faith, c^oii- 
. yl« ^ Inay/iXitt Ti)( xitmuf : ipya- 
rfo, TtX»),4, fa^aW", Ip7f.,ri. 

to follow 4 have a — , t X m h Ipya- 
(taOzi 4 BVKtti r&ni*. to choose 
one's — , aip.rrfai fainie'nip.H. to 
embrace the — of anna, alptlsflai 
to npnwH-wa'v. of what— is he? 

rf famJnui to be of no — , it- 

btiuicv : Ti4c(, >)• (ri aiivoJov it: );. 
Tfiv lOftiK&r. laTp&y, ktA.). the 

learned — 8, el iu«w*'tu/i«">M : iiTtd- 
rxirif, fttayytlfa, 4 : — a], 4, ii, ri 
Te5 iiEiuiJiu^aTBf, rriu ■ — al in- 
Come, /uaSbs t farts tix'li Tjiesi- 
I'tJQi-. — al men, e< Tat Ttjpat «V 
y«5eV<voi: — ally, fafe. iftafyil- 
Tur£i<: apaia/nrtiwc, vara n4» 0/*a- 

Profe'&SOr, oi. &polayiiTii,t: I imyytX- 
la>t>o< ir««Iv T- : r tX "*)Tnt. 1. 1 rl- 
jtvflv Tcvoi lpyo.$6iit<iQ$ : ttSiffxalog. 
a. («««.) irafcjyijnlf, 1. an ordina- 

ex inordinary — , Ixnuist x«tV 
TiiTilj, i. a — "s fee, ftfatrpev, 
ri. to be a — of, icfotnuw: ha- 
Tflotiit. (r#x">')" — U, fa. «M«- 
rKaAuttc, «afl.ry»jr«o , f : — ship, 
ou. iJiAWirajUa, it- (toiv.) k«6ij7*- 
»fa, +. 
Pro'ffer, eft. tna/yiUa, nprfraffif 
Fro'fler, f . (. irpoTiixu, n^»ri9>i/u 
er, ci. o Kptwifcti*. 


s»j, fatfonc, wpM*s, i\. ' 

Profi'eient, i*. ttSsunbs, noluustfcif, 
t/uwpK, (nil.) ■ ilf ti. 
to be — , TtpoxB-xi,* noiHsSai roMia, 
i/autpvt l X u* rati. (««.) xpexi- 
ktu« ilc ti. to be quite — in any- 
thing, i(ire(jT«afliiiri; — , oi. «"iri- 
Br^/iwi>, i/insipij tii|0{, i: — ly, i- 
n(p. ^itiuTii/io'iHj, xoiviixll&f, iii— 

Pro'file, all. t4 jiktb xp&nm* irr^f", 

KBTBTOfl^, XBTBypaf*, 4 : — , p. V. 
IV-K-tpiff ST»lK3vi;u4 &TVKS. 

ro'fit, oi. xipSnt-, ri. dfjAno, $: *- 
swcqiKta, awtld neijjooof, 4: 

(faiy.) htuipJtm, v- ha*lptu; 

ri. to gain — , ne/joaf»«». 
Pro'fit, *. *. usiifi, iuirmia, ira/upi- 
pa. what does it — ? it SflnAas; 
■•>£<>( ffjsw: , |S.oiJ, ifiponinu ; 

Xfi/"it'?ii^H(, Afi^ob/uti b rivsi, 
to — by, iiroliiidy : — able, tic. ttp- 
SaXioi, iifO.ifiit, /vjn-jJili, iu/if«- 
po(: npoioii'Ki,-, timpoii&wrot. to 
be — able, aviiftput, lutn'tUV: — 
ableness, 06. ts <6npdf*eVi: ou^i- 
fi=o», Afil^ts/ t^: — ably, iir(o. 
Kips*zxiuc, J.uiiriias, im»a>tAiuf : 
— ing, >u. fipSatf ri. nyiitix, it 
— leas, in. oiujup loot, e:vuj>Ui){, si. 

KapnOi, a^piiiTTOf. 
Pro'fligacy, oS. , XK ix, lastinn, <iu- 

»Tn«, i™™, 4. 

Pro'fligate, fa, inicii^nc, kwhito j, a- 
ouro(, aifiaT^c, lixaJlBcrrot: —do- 
ings, rpiy/iarx h«xp«, *<aavpri- 

Pro'fluenoe, at. naax<ipii<(<, npJCssi;, 

Pro'flnent, <ir. itpiwv, nptppim. [If. 

Profo'und, *t. jSaSiitj — peace, ^a- 

fliU4iraJJi) (Mng, 4; — sleep, 

Idi: J3a6ujifi!jy, ^aSiJSouJ!!?, naiosu- 

_PR I 

TiJ(i xpufbt, xpifas, xpvyelet • la 

a — knowledge, SniA «vn«f, no* 
iH l/inupfa, i.& — grief.itni «!■ 
yv Jiv, *. a — misery, /uylvrn ra 
Jtu*a|j/i, ^. to observe — silence, 
juaxpav etyr,* trtya*: — , cu. pa6oi 7 
ti. paSim,, $: bSuoio,, i! :. — ly, 
Imp. jtafiuc Jiwiif, ip.tpuBuc: — 
ness, oi. — In. 
Profundity, oJ. ^iflof, to. /Jaflwnif, 
ft: ttHBTrn, ti : — of wisdom, pi- 

Proftl'ie, At Jaitav^is, Anf-iHt, m- 
pw»f, SpHvot. noluf, Kitijos- — 
of flowers, nvGs^Ji.t, i»S/>i. 5 , to- 
luavftjf ! — Iv, fr(p. Jo^iliij, i.ftt- 
i&i, bfiiiat: — neps, ri.ifud'fc, 
SivjiUtta, at}6oi(a, ittpmuaia, tKii- 
<r«o»ii, ft. 

Profusion, oS. Ja^fliii, itipiemrb, 
liirop ['« , ft . nltf 9o j , to . it o lu frl>i 9ua ,fi . 

Pro'g, p. ail. InaiTfi wntxtiu, itf os- 
■Jru; (of) l|a(T&: — , ou. IniT^- 
Jua, Ta. 

Pro-ge'nitor, oi.npiiyoiiot.nponBToip, 
j. — ge'nitive, °J. 7^»i»'(, A. — 
geny, ofr. yivsf," ylni/", onlp/ia, 
ti. iniyotai, of. 

Pra-gno'sis, tt.tptfttmt, i(. — -gnoe- 
tie, fa. npayivtTTBtdf. — gno'ttic, 
ab, to *po"/vMOT«oy, oh/hToh, aiip-a, 
ti. — gno'iticable, i*. npoynoiori- 
B(. — <jno'at%C"te, A.i. pavTiuc/iai, 

Prognostica'tion, ai. npey»o«ns, /»«»- 

Tli«, J. /tOVTttljUl, T*. 

Prognosticate*, oi. npeji^njf, xpi- 
7^9/dyoi, ;fprjityi6j0'a,, o. 

Pro'grsm, oi. npoypajifia, ti. 

Pro'gTeW, eti. npa6ao"if, npo;(iip>nJ'<, 
■(. Ttpo^iijSfl^ia, to. to make — , 
xpoiiwif Kpo6afvii* p npolpxHrfoi, 
npoxuptft :npon8n>i, lirloWt;, npo- 
oioi,aS(^5i ( .ij. to make — in any- 
thing, httttiimt £ ( ti % ln< ti, I- 
ntioacf Aajvffairci* Inf ti, itpoiti- 
nTiw ilt ti. to make good — , »a- 

!2 PR 

lis nptXpijUb, in 1) daring the — 
of anything, upoloWst Tivij. 

Progre'se, A.oi/3. ftpoSaivu, npoizy& t 
npo;[4>p fi , npo ilaiivM : — ion.oB.nps - 
o Jo,-, npoxwp.;oif ,Trpo6;ti[[{,ft :(^io9.) 
auiijois, n : — ional, in. npoofniTi- 
*if : ■ — ive. In. npafiainow : (apifl.) 
4t( au£«o>(>ie< J) intfoai* neiou- 

Prohi'bit, p.i. nail™ : Ana/opnioi, iip- 
yu : — ed, In. «n8p/»|TB(, nulwrii : 
— er, ofi. D anefyopi^wv, J kaAusai'. 

Prohibition, eh. axtyiptutti, ^. ana- 

Prohi'bitive, Prohi'bilory, in. 4na>o- 

pIUTPOC, X«iluT&0(. 

Pro'ject, »J. jvsj/j^, 0ouJi), 4. poii- 
lo-pa, Ti I«o,«, 4. («<».) , z «,. 
ov, xi. I have a — in my mind, 
fiauXiuopai n iteLvBO&ftal ti. 

Proje'ct, p. i. paJlu, ^Inrw : nporz^, 
ilexn, irpoSflJi'j: jizyaaDfieci, ptv 
j;*yS/iai, npsBallnJ, linofi, (koiv.) 
o- X ««-. — , {,. oii. W X », np - 
I^u, npeTif «a, iimp^u : — ing, lit. 
ISiX"'. «(^S«l«f , np««l>it : — ile, 
In. npa»ifl>iTi«rf(. a — He force, 4 
rtj jiol^t Si pnrif, twa/tit : — ile, 
no. j9oM. *■ jWjik, t 01 —ion, th. 

lUx*. npoSoiii , 4. TipiSSsloj, o. npe- 
Si-!^, id I pni^, ft. P^^a, piir,~ 
til*, ti: nonof, i. InizJlpfliBa. to: 
TvnOf, o. unoruji&iff^, c-frfBypctyMa, 
4 ; ^-or. o£. A p.-jixx*6 t i&*£z ti : 4 
unOTvnfiv: — nre, f". (apx" 1 -) npo- 
6«i)i, 4. TvpoSoJ.oj, o. 

Prolft'pse, f.OBo 1 . npenftrrn. 

Prola'pse, Prolaption, ti. (iarp.) npi- 

Pro-Ia'te, p. I. l>$u>&, Inflow, npo- 

■pi'pfj. — la'tion, oi. npef epa, ij ; n- 

mtSoJi), ^UI^ok, ii. 
Prolego'mena, npo)>7o/nva,Ta. 
Prole'paia, ti. (p»jT.)npolii^i(,^; iua. 

ypovtop-bz, A. npil^^if. 
Pro-le'ptic *J. — le'ptickl, In. (ioTp.) 

np« l^nrul (: iv a/p s »irr i" e f . — le'p- 

ticallj-, htip. itpaiiicnKUf. a>axpo- 
virrubi. — le'ptics, oi. mJ. (bt^.) 
1 liyntsts, 4. [oaiilet. 

Proletarian, fa. iwivof, oVj/iotuuc, 

Proli'ferous, in. (£otv.) ■yovijuoj. 

Prolificacy, ou. napuojo^iz, liyopin, 
*Wii via, 4- 

Proli'fie if : — al, in. yivifiof, hoIiIto- 
K«t, irs)u7s»oc — virtue, iija/ii; 
7(vmoup/6(, ^ : —ally, inip, yavi- 
/*«s, mjiuyi^wt : - -a'tiiiii, oi. yivi- 
ci(, t&vn«c,4i (|Jm.) /UArnrnt, 
^: — ne8s,oi. «ipopfa,?roiumvIa,i7. 

Pro'lix, fa. pan/Jit, AermiS j, iroAuAo. 
ya;, paupiXriytif, <StiZoHifJt. to be 
— /ia«poley»I>, littfnfiopUt : — 
it y , oi. iiaxpoXsyiK, m>XvXey(a, px- 
Kjniypia, %tftan\ajta, fl: — ly, i- 
«</». /lanpiryopiis, JilioJiKotc — 
ness, ou. o^.Proli'iity. [toujioyouj. 

Prolo'cutor, ou. Jliyoav, o. 4 noieu/iivot 

Fro'logue, oi. upoJoyot, J. wpooipiov, 
to. to speak a — , iqwB<juutt;«fai. 

Prulo'Dg, fi. t. hrrtlir*, ^ijiivM, iiro- 

ttiytcr 1) M&XXw 7papiyijv ; &va- 
GiJUu, avaSo^v twou/iki; — ate, 
f.i. /ijj«u<»; — a'tion, ou. p:>?*u»- 
«s, ferttuHf, i.aSoM, *: — e'r, oi. 
"o sa^aTifVbv: /A(ii»iT^ff, 0. 

Prolu'nion, ou. mpoaviiipouo-pia, to. 
irponii/Tj]Oi(, npoyu/ivaoia, 4. 

Promena'de, oi. mafnatac, o ■ — , p. 

Prome'tbesn, fa. 4, 4, t4 n 

p«. «p.*ar*. 

n pSjB 

Prominent, fa. irpoSMf, tt'x^it n f w >- 
Wiirof . to be — , tpiitiXXsiSa^po' 
ijfifv; t«iio«icii(, oiajsanijf, faiowrjf, 
i|'x«»: fainilaiet: — eyes,fa«r(!- 
la«i of 9al/iei, oi:— ly, fafp. f^- 

Jfuf, Klplfat&(. 

PromiBcao'sitf, oi. iit(i<, Bu^yitit, 4. 

PrOtni'flOnooP, fa- fitprif,. tv/miimt, 

"W'TTiti m<pupiiiiot : fai*oivsfi 

— intercourse, faiVceivoj ptfa, 4. 
fa<P-<5, 'o-u/^iya, 4y«.»iE, 4>upAgv, 


I iJlSL. 

oi. [njfl/ii(l;,4. OU7«peo/IO(,o. 
m nuse, oi. iiiriii);«ji(, o/ioioy<a, ^- 
nayyiifa, Sioi*t>t.&yT t tfti, nioTij, ^. 
a — of marriage, lyyvii, $. to 
give, make a — , uno«x«»v fl i- 
«ay/tifa» mittsBxt rm. lo keep 
imp's — , inotfouvai i>[> uirooxtHu, 
feirtltf* t^. fa«xy«y«», iy draw 
Ti xa6u/iBX<ijinha. to make a ver- 
bal — , Cirio-jfurtiSsti n ii-/« : tt- 
itis, irpo(oWa,4. to hold out a — , 
iXitfi*i Xiytt* 1) noiitoflat. a youth 
of great — , lfi«Ji»n, 4, 4. & nUitx 
«nWa ( * K«ii-» rt» «hH« napi- 
X»»; — breaker, ai. 4 /nj fuJar- 
r»» niv u7iiJffx* ,r ' v : — keeping, oi, 
ro fairiJiIv xJH imcyytXita. 



ApoXoyA, KaDopolayu ; 
itmtixQfuu, kmtixafisu. to — for 
certain, fia6ieaiou>eai:jAnio'Bira- 
pi%oi fl unoriivdi. to — one'e self, 
itpos£lxi"8'"i ltpmSoKSL*: — e, oi. 
(vop.) s airoJiz^nof tj)» innfoj;i- 

Pro'mising, in. unuxvoujuvot : «C«i- 
*■«, o, 4. irJiiirac ^nio'ac* uJiji 
Tii» iiitrta nap4x—; a?«o( oefid(. 
the matter seems — , naWen^oxH- 
pir to npSy/ia. is the matter — ? 
?tota« viva iinrta uaas'xei ti; the 

«aJfl t ■ 

lorily, fafo. faayyllTixfif, m> 
Ta r^> unoo-XKriv, rf| tti'o'th. 

Pn/missoryjfa.faayyiiTuilf, unoaxt. 
Tuit: — note, avyypafi.i) (icon.) 
vnor^iTwov iyyfjasov, id, 

Pro'montory, oi. tUt, iupwripur, 

Promo'te, p. S. itntttt, limtbit, ai- 

£avcj: niis^H, frpo€c€i^ct», aif iAu : 
iyefos), Sttryiip'ji, xapo|uvu: alpu, 
faafpu, i^fl : itseiy w tsi tic ti- 



j*&c, npesryu : — f t oi. i npoayui, 
i npo6i&&fav, trc/vip'/of, & ij-jji.Ttp-i' 

Promo'tion, ol. irpoay»rt, xpotlta. 
C<(, i. nfiuSraaff^ii, i..iit«i!i>]<rif, 

4. to receive — , «i|av»<rflsj «/■$. 
Promo'tive, (it. xpaityayats, upott- 

Pro'mpt, in. «tb(/ioj, xpoxujwi, ™- 
X<ti, B9K*oi t irpifOvpsf, at papa cj- 
«rot. to be — npoflu/ijlsflai, bp/tsi- 

ou. TipeSsir/ih y t4c fcWirew; n 

■ (uta.j nlijpai/iijf. 
Prompt, I . *. itpiiu, xapatxiSi, jra- 
ptpp&, Ttapoiitv : iixat&XXti (Arf- 
youf), in«/u/i«t«Kw: — er, eu. tin- 
T^tH*, ^TyOu-rT^, a: vjra6e4(Uf, 4. 
to act the part of the — er, una- 
SaAAtir; — itude, 06. Ti z « ( , to. 
TstyyTy}s,zTGifi.iTrn, TtpQ8i/fila J 6ppJi I 
ft: — iLude in paving, hcpiSuu I 
iT-io-sco; . « : — lj, ixip.Taxivt, i- 
■cBifint, npaB&iuaf. — ness, 0(1. ia- 
Zwnif, iioifiint, jipoSv/ilx, ft. 

Pro'mptuary, »'■ "noo^ici), ft. tb/i«I> 

Promu'lgate, £. /. im:»>ipurr», 4ys- 
p.u«i, fa^Uii, Jia/yiJU«, (Mi*.) 
aomoiraifl. [7^ w*tf, ifl. 

Promulgation, oh. avait^puCif, am- 

Pro'mulgator, o*. AyyiUuv, ffeVy- 
71 Jo;, ii. t Ktipintn, 

Promn'lge, t>. 4. Ip. Promulgate : — r, 
nb. ip. Promul gator. 

Proua'tion, oil. (ivT/i.) it itpoj ra n: 
™ «p«fii Tilt TtiiXi/tnf. [voj) ^0 

Proaa'tor, 06. (far/i.) i (row fr axj< 

Pro'ne. fa. npoiriTfo, fafeopoi, xars 
PVK> Atmiimit, ii»arapopos: kuj 
Tis : Irei/Mf, TpdSy/jc; : falpptir*! 
— to anger, K/iof 4p7>|» jlaowi 
— ly, Mf. irpeirirwt, famlivoij; 1 
T»if»){, faippimiif : — neais, eJ. xa 
rxfipttK, i : jioitii, npoOujiia, im 
dupia, ft: — new to rice, i£x«p" 

TO*>)pia;. 4: BJt 3 0*0) la, sJuSu/i(i,: 
Prong, ov. •reVfluyi, ft. o'oow, i: - 

hoe, 00. ^»iWTi/iO(, ai — eJ. ftt. 
Msnwtif, Igttv oropfluyyac. two 
— ed, o"ucpouj, t(*paiot, tisfa. 
three — ed, rptylAjpv, 0, #. four 
— ed, Ttrjisijiot. 

Prono'minal, in. outhuu/uiesc. 

Pro'nonn, 56. (ypn^.) fcim w^tlo, A- 

Prono'nnce, (>.i. i/f6i»»),ij<)iia«.(«o(v.) 
TtpoQipr*'. f&i-/yotxai, hn$xi*opsu 
(ynifiiiv). to — sentence of death 
on, KttT&xpivtLi, St&ytyv&iTKU* 1 — 
able. tit. oT6f Tl % ama l it;1i 7TO0- 
ficuSnc — r,ou. i ttfipbn, i itpa~ 

Prono'uocing, h. t, i), ii Tiff npofo- 
p*i, upo jioponis. a — dictionary, 
«({»» rfl[ irpofspSj. 

Ttptfeplt, %. a bad — , xxioo-'e-d.uix, 
vj. a good — , spflo^riia, ^. 

Pronu'noiative, in. o, A, t* rt(irp». 

pop 3;, irpop opiio;. ' 

Proof, ei. iiroJHfi*, £vJ.cJ< ( , *. Ur/- 

TBSflSf, : Tttlpx, ajvdv;upH, J«m 

j»j. 4- to make — of anything, t 
put anything to the — , nt 
KitoirstpacOai tiv«(, R(t/>a> 

*tt*rt*it, to give — , mijit 

vai : ^El7^a, tjQiryfLX, jti 
^a, to. (iMftyp.) ^OAAov StopB&at- 
wt, re. to bring forward 
adduce — », ottoJi({«( ii-/«> t f (■ 
p«v. to give — of anything, &*d- 
tttU» noitHrtai t»o ( . a**Jtu»WH 

- hona. 

si. is« 

mipotiifl»» iitiwv, ri : ~ sheet, eS. 

f T'jit^c.'i LxiStGpO&crion pu\A( 

Slfy/Ut TUTtd/pa^OV, TO. 
Proof, <*. Si*i/ie(, Stdextpaz 

fire — , aap nAfif I^wv ispbt t> 

water — , BT^wn.iiaTDrrijKiK: — 

less, to, &>**<!;»*»(. 
Prop, au. loui/ta, untptcs/ia, Ip/Ja, 

ri. krtqpM. $'■ — of a lever, iino- 

jio^iiav, ta: jruaup^a, SojiOwa, 4. 

Ip«/ia,TO. napa^flia, tj. avilit — -, 

oinutfjjy, tn. 

:, Google 

Prop, p. i. dnipt&u, tnoimjpfUw, xpa- 
tuvu, IpiiSu, imifditi. to — one's 
self upon, atfaturBat, tWmiirri- 

Pro'pagable, iir. oisj ti Tixvoyovrtv fl 
SmliluSai. [t.mti -j its-,. 

Propaga'nda," oS. i irataia to5 npo;- 

Propa'gandiBm, oi. npojJilvTiffuif, i. 
— ga'ndist, ob. i irpDfijJurfCw". 

Fro'pagato, fi. i, yjv™, eOw, Avafuu, 
furiuH. to — hb race, Aryi'i'evt, 

port, Spultir, SiaBpvi&f Siafn/tt- 
;«v, eialttivat, inselpur iayev: — , 
p. obt. iKfi-iovi ll aTaJuTTSt. 

Propagation, ob. tixroyovla., ytnctf, 
ylmtait, 4: iiaSoait, irapdJoirtf, 
J(a<nro0g, »j : faavfid't?, ^. 

Pro'pagator, oi. 9>uTnjT>i(,!ni6ptuf,o : 
d «Wtf»«, i aijnvuv. 

Propel, p. I. irpouBd, Ttpoaivu, irpo- 
ilmW, jipeSifiifw : — ler, oi. o 
xpauS&t: (kT/toxlotmi) li.t, J ; a- 
T/idjr J o(ov iktxofbpov. To. 

Prope'nd, p. abS. (to) *J(v«, irllvo/iat, 
*aT«£/po>iat, tytUm itpit ti : — 
ency, ob. KXttris, iyicito'if t intxlt- 
rij, A- iMp-Tiatf, M- Aeywiibi, t; 
— ent, #*. f^orv.) npoKaimfif. 

Prope'nae, lTt.nata<l>ip$i, xavtiipopot, 
Rixardfepof. — ly, 4ntp. Imppf 
irSc — neas, ob. imfa/ita, npodu- 
ftfx, impeatut, i>. _ 

Prope'usion, Prope'iiaity, ob. tjnltwc, 
^: iirippeirim, it*aT«yap(», $. to 
bave a — to h for anything, p i- 
buv ft farax^xotn^c T!, imppinU 
J tinoTHpopoy iivn npo; r< !] iitf ri. 

Pro'per, in. («*.) tin* ok«Ioj,: m*- 

the — expression, ii nvpia irpapj- 
ytpUt. tbe — signification of a 
word, i nvpai »«u« tou «Wjuc»c. 
to nae tbe — word, mpioltyilt : 
npimtt, irpB(ii«ipJv, (icvou/moj. the 
— time, i ap/iiiitt 'atpif. that 
which iii fit and — ,t* wp-orficov; jf. 


noios, imtiiJ.iBf, fiEiot: linpiirii;, 
B?(07rpejrt(, ib&ppoo-TOf ; iafttit, 
ettftt : KO/HJibi, irii(, iiijiop^of, 
Kaiij ri fl^aa !| t^v /topftv. to 
be — for, itp*nu», upoj limui : — 
]y, inip Hint, xvptMf, oi/liail, irpos- 

ifioiiyu!; — ness, o». iitiroJuJ- 
"1!, i. ri J^on, to nposflKO», iwn^i- 
1I(ir, n' ib/iOpipla, t). 

Pro'perty,«i. (^^^(To.itrfloif, ^. iJi- 
ov,Ti, obola,ii m bitdpy_o-JTa t TX. it U 
my — , Ip&t tni, viro^^ir /mt. to 
have a good deal of — , to be a 
man of good —, xpVfH jts)i& 
iXtii 4 xiicr^irSiti: tl i'Jm ft oinit- 
e», Tpiirof, j. rJiiTijt, ^, it b the 
— of virtue, rl rtf fcpntfc 
is the — of God alone to be infal- 
lible, 6ieu ^ivo* t* iva/iipniTov. 
to have such or snoh properties, 
tomuT8» iThu: iparoc, ri. xupni. 
rat, i : *J. {Scarp.) ffMuij, ra. — 
man, oS. (Star^ .) u«KOfiJAa£,i j — 
tax, oi. S bttJ tA» Lmapx^yTwv xpl- 
^«i(o» frfpos, ifsfopa, ii. 

Pro'phaaia, ob. (iarp.) tt&ynxnt, ■&■ 

Pro'pheoy, ob. irpofjTt/a, fianrifa, 
xpw/u>i<r,{x,ii. — pheaier, «u. npo- 
f*"J(, Xpl«fwW>Mj '■ 

Pro'phesy, p. j. ftamiefuu, xpi£n, 
Xpie/itfi'&, npof-iiTtiiH : reasqpai- 
»"• «/»f«'«t- 

Pro'phet, si. npo^ijTiisi /ia»T<j, xp»j- 
tr^tojioyef, o; — esa, ob. itpofilrif, 
yur/t p-artif, ri: — ic ii: — ical, <n. 
irpo+vjTiKit, p-arriKit ; — ically, ^> 
it<|). Kpo*p-r)Ttx&t. 

Prophyla'ctic. — phyla'ctiuftl,ftr.Jtpo- 
fu^aKTiitif i — , ob. (iarp.) irpopu- 
laxTixiv, irpofi;)aiiTV »> rli - 

Propi'nquate, ^. oW. rnJafw, Bposm- 

Propi'nquity, oi. Jjtuttk, ^. n)i7iia- 
tfibt, i- i-rjiBTua, ^: 4-/z<«««, *■ 
«r Icvfta, ti. 

Propi'tiable, i*. tilxaTxi\tuTOt, tb~ 
JiaAAtttTOt, iJiXaaTOf. 




Propitiate, fi.i. rcpaflvoi, xaraTrpauva, 
»-•, £. obi- {itiixot $i*.n 1 / ft Ttfiatpl- 

Propitia'tion, el. iiaiT/tit, itdattib;, 
i. itlXxt/iB, to : {JuiT^pcei, *i. 

Propitiator, ou. Usir4(, J : 4 imf'jjuii 
J(m?» : — y, iir. iiaonipio j, i)a«-ri- 
xii, Uiffi^ioe, ^!(l(x«i: — y sacri- 
fice, eu. xalM^«io», xaflapnjpiov (i. 
.pi*), aptfrfJna*, ii: — y, eS. (I- 
6pni/o fffTopb) ii irpo rj( xcfiuToi 

Fropi 'lions, in. ttioit. amf/iuv, iufu- 
*4(, filif^a»», #iriM{i*c> to be — , 
OmrUnu, be — I, Ui«»nn ; — ly, 
in (p. limiif, fiiaf pitta : siai-a: 
— nees, "1. X'p'it fi^o^siuvij, iu- 
/ttuta, A : xoli., "town, t*\ 

Pro'plagm, ei. aptou/to, t». [ij. 

Propla'stice.oii.Trpoiria™^ (t***(), 

Pro'polia, e*. itpo7roli{, ft. 

Fropo'nent, «i. (»ej>.) «i«7irn}f, *. * 

ldyOL>S XpOftpM. 

Fropo'rtioo, si. itaXtyla, ft. J°yof , i. 
in - — to hie fortune, kith nj* u- 
vipxouaa' c'oiIki. in — to the size 
of the town, «pi t t» /i/ytfl-( th ( 
nilun: ™>iu-rrpi'H,ft. t« su/i/itTfMv, 
ilipirpi'nit, $. good — i liflpno- 
D"T<«, appo'ix, 4. Out of — , imi.u- 

fiirooi. continued — , «»aA»yIa 
•muxftsi ft. TtHfMrfirt, ft. arith- 
metic — . iiaivyia Aitiyqrun), ii. 
Propo'ltion, p. i. avaAsyei ttsiou/iai, 
»u/ifiiTp« (riTi«),4fft*!;*> <r( rmft 
ri lepij ti): — Kit, fa. 4»a)oyof, 
«iJ/i/itT^ov, tfmtrptf, 6p/iifoiy.well 
ft dnly —id, «&pufyio{. badly — 
ed, appui/tet : — able, it. u»a loyof, 
Bu/t/itTptt *«■& ft rcpii; — able to, 

nvaJo-;o>f, kbtb Ujet ■ — ableness, 
ov. ri xtitm'/ai ', Ti oil/i/nipon — 
ably, 1h(/>. i>al<fy*><, «ari )) * ni; 
W/s» : — a), fa. ina/eyot, irv/t/M- 
rpos : — al, ol. (/tafl .) ipo ( , 5. o- 
nX^ia, 4; — a'lity, 06. avale- 
?(*, ft. xdy«,o. /i*tpo>, ri : — ally, 

Mo. ktwMjtttt *aTi i<f/o» : — ate, 
lit. ov/ipiTpac, iuHcrpSf, iiiioyojj 
«uo'j9/iffl(, iB/m-pos: — ate, p. i. i- 
raltiyn nocoufiai, aup/tiTpii ; — 
ately, in(/>. ju^uerpru;, iiiUy»(, 
kituf. — atenesa, »i. Itix/oytx, 
n/t-fisrpla, i). /lirpav, Ti; — less, 
fa. Susx-taXtryo;, iiTVftfitTpO^ - 
Propo'eal, at, iiyec, i. umfflte-is, irprf- 
9(jij,«. (noi..) itpiTanj,ii. to make 
— a of anything, iayou; (tpetpijixn 
nipt Titaf, to make — b for a treaty 
of peaoe, Jo^ou* iripi tipii'it "pof- 

Propo'se, f.*. (to) itpoTlSnitt, rpoBAX- 
ia, lifVnu/tai, npoifipv, napa^- 
ftt, au/ttwlmt, l/iwrtft/ita, (noiv.) 
npoTiW to — anything to any 
one, wtsTiSriairtvlti, Aifouf npac- 
fi'puv T»i iripi timi- to — to one's 
self, pouAiitiSat, iiHiniIiSat ; — r, 
su, 3 Jiiyaui npefvtptiiV) (ifflyjir^^, i. 

Proposi'tion, si. npiflicrl;, itllffilllj, 

{(uux, Strbfri/iis, itpoSi^a, ro. the 
— of an argument, (>ey.) npira- 
«l(, A: — -al, *r, RporaTUift- 

1'ropo'und, ?■ '- npoSiiioi, imorifrs. 
j»ac, («».) npertliwi: — er, o&. i 
J076US H^ptallaHj ii'siiyTirjj, 1. 

Propri'etary, in. iJiijcniTaf, airo- 
xrgTSf: — , 06. tiptt, Sifttims, 
*T7]japj»0(, 4. i tgiur, 

Propri'etor, 06. nflpioj, «ucm/ir»o(, 
Jwitdrijf, S : — -ship, «i. *piTO(, ij. 

XUpiSTIIC, JtpMTila, -A, (xs».) fJi«- 

■Taife, A. [*•«■, *. 

Propri'etress, oi. 4 kixt1ip-1»i, iis- 
Propri'ety, at. Ktt/Ut, ti, trfjatt, $. 

Ititt, ft; ditiriTifa, 1!. xp&TOf, ri. 

xusufng;, ^: faintJiioTiIs. q. TO *i- 

o>, Ti np>(i)K«v: Ti irptnav, tint pi. 

irita, ft. xtiffupi, i. tutoififo., ttoafu. 

irni, ft- with — , ftpiEivrvt, tt^sc 

Propt, «e8, /ik. t. ^. Prop. 

Propn'gn, ^. J. unip/iax& «• vnpy.i- 
Xo-iai Tivpf, asiiaToOficu (uslp r<- 




»3j): — er, ail. UBijaaffiriirrtt, iitip- 

P«;t«(>*- [&>!«-■(, ^. 

Propu'lsion, »v. to jipoiiauym, npotb- 
Propu'laive, i*. *powrtt*if- [iaylav. 
Pro-ra'ta, (i/«p.) Molayu;, xar" ftva- 
Pn/rogate, p. J. avaSai«», en>aSol>4> 

Kscaujitai, imipriHipai. [4. 

Prorogation, ou. CmapDwif, avaSaii), 
Pron/gne, p./. dviSaJJopai, avafa)- 

iu, iimprtOtfiM. 
Prorn'ption, ou. i<pn£<s, v. 
ProM'ic, d: — ■ al, tit. m(i<: fvxpff. 

— ally, top. xit&t : ■fuxp&t- 
Prwcri'be, M. *P"lt*f°'i fawn^M* 

vw, &mnnjp«m», fampwara : pya- 

*el», ^op.'C", U««iX<*, inuXakm; 

inayopiuat, airoWyw, xuiim : — r , 

Pro'sCript, ei. xpaypaf i), &7ro*iipu$(s, 
q ! — ive, in. ii A. to Tifc inompii- 

Prose, at. i«5e( » #"ioj **>(, «. in 

— ,taTalBy±S7)*,xt(&f, mft, nt^i- 

k«(. tw write in — , lutZoypufdn, 
layeypajilv. a — writer, nifeypa. 
poj, loyaypdf8(, n: — , p. oio". iti- 
5aypaffi, lcyoypajifi; itipiTToAs-yw, 
ifvXpoloyS : — r, o». jiifoy paeo f , In. 
y«ypi*B(, a. 
Pro'gecnte, 0- <. 4»i)t», (fani™, tin- 
(utw. to — a work, e"taT«A»I» tm- 
pi re tpfai : S vbim writ, ypaf e/tai, 
(itEryot,, iifoyy^Uu: — , £. 
oio. fii&itopai, iSotijn etuyu imj T(- 

PrMecn'tion, 06. iWpiSi,, (. 'irinj- 
3iu^a, rt. literary — 's, i mpl rfi» 
ypzpfLaTow vnovo^: Jfeafff, yps^, 
tHTaywyil, laTijyosi'a, 4> 

Pro'eecntor, ai. o Jiofcuaiv, i ypayjp;i- 
»of, s ype^ijMVBf, "aniyepBj. 

Pro'secntrix, ou. $ iWousa. 

Pnyaelyte, at. *pt&n*s, i : — , p~.i. 

npO(fliuT(?l>, : mr»Jili0M. 
Pro'aelytism, si. irpBfi)\un«^l(, o. 

• Pro'nlytiie, ^. 4. lp, Proselyte. 
Proeerpi'na, ah, Htpatfint, 17. 
Pro'sily, Jirfp. ipuxput, fioyaiiitii. 

. , at. fuxptloylx, t 

Pros-o'dinl. — o'dical, /n. npoc^iJi- 
«is, npojaiaWdt. — o'dically. top. 

irpofiifinat. — o'dUn. — odistjoi. 

8 TI)f JIpO(^lOVa( Ip.!UlpBf . 

Pro'sody, a6. irpo(«*te, jj. 

Prosopolcpsy, ov. npotainsJii^Ja, jj, 
Fro'spect, oa. f^tt, airo^is, vpiofa, 
■5. («ot«.) Sia, 4: «iri(, itpasJax/a, 
^. to have a good — , liilirirMlv. 
Pro'apect, #. »«. J^«'C*>, wpo!*B- 
*S: -—ion, s£. 7tpiiy»*nTif, irpa'- 
Tata, 4: — ive, 'ft- irBavB^rurBf, 
fuiaKTixss, npBpqlMs: <ita»Tmes, 
antutlt: — ive-glass, ob. vn\ur*&- 
»(8»,tb: — ive, et. airo^cj.S: ta> 
JwKoiriB*, tb; — ively, Wp- i> Tol 
fliUwti: — iveness, 06. irpoifB- 
k(«, i. [7«)f«, «p yp« f ^, ^. 

Prospe'ctns, Bi. »pBypaana, ri. iy- 
"ro'sper, p. I. ifiAfi, ^siflA, «oi*t 3) 
rfhip' ti»« iM«[/*»»«i— , P-l**. 
ttrnxA, tbiiita, tv tl xxi&f Ttsiiju, 
iio^ip«, (uJ(c(|isu{g,iunpay£i. agri- 
Culture — s, 1! fiptrai 4 yiupyta. 
Proepe'rity, eb. tirv^fa, ttnpayla, ti- 
trpaj la, t vig.utpfa, tiiSztporfz, i,. 10 

enjoy great — , kbAji ijl tuxj xpl- 

Pro'sperou?, fir. itrux^t, ilSwi, ti- 

Jafpuv, tirftptpeti — Condition, iv- 
irpayfa, i : s3p.o t (A*/Wf), =!■"»(, 
ttfibs, ■«)*(, iyaflo'c — ly, blip. 
»a/i{, luTv^wfi lisai^oistj, tvx<1' 
^fit, il8(« ( : — lieu, ou. titvy.ia, 
tirfjfitpia,^ 4. 

Pro'aphyda, eu. (iarp.) jrprf(»vB"c(, ^. 

Pro'itaw,. ti. (inp.) irpBrrciTiK, i. 

Pro'sihesiB, ai. (ypa/i.) irpo(8m(, i : 
.(iarp,) TtpJfSmt, 4- — th'etio, Vir. 

Pro's^tnte, p. *. xaranopviio., Ttpoa- 
7i*ytv« i *aTttnrz«'Mi ari^S- to — 
One's self, wpoo-rtuai, itopnivtirflai. 

Pro'stitnte> o*. upoorit, «rfpm),ipya- 
tii 7W*>i, i». » common !| vile — , 
j[afi«ifiir»), 4- common — a, kral- 
pat, lir/aitiLat, at. 

PR 9: 

Prostitution, eft. upoayniyila, napvitx, 
irttiptia, Irnipviit, ^. 

Proetitntor. 06. ttaf9tptii(,Tipvtf,i. 

Pro'strate, in. liniSr,* Kifpivet, xa- 
Taittl/itvet, KaTa8iflAijfid«o( : npn- 
•r,t, itpofxirrttv, irponir^f. to fall 
— before, tumatimat, it^oninrtiv, 
irfjesnumlii ; — , p. i. 



s self 

before, itpct««vifc>, npafufirruir. 

Proctra'tion, oi. *atoffiiri«, ■=ta*o- 
lil, % : irpiirretjif , npotbiutt, iteo(. 
■u»»)«(, fl. H(jO(mi>flfia, to 1 : oJuya- 
Itla, inl-jju, 3. 

Pro'rtjle, oi. (apx'-r.) jrpa'oTulo», te\ 

Pro'sy, fa. «i?oj : <puxpi(- 

ProsyTlogiam, 06. xpoaulloyiirfibt, i. 

Prota'gonist, ou, nprraytmaTbt, i. 

Pro'ta&is, aft., $. 

Prota'tic, he. irpeTamif, (Ctayaiyus'f. 

Prote'ct, (i . i. (from) a/tuwi, rcpefira- 
^ai,T[pe«TBTiu<B, JirucgvsO. |3'jn0w : 
— ion, ei. /SoijSda, imxeupla, irpo- 
oiaTEiH, o>u»a, f\. to implore any 
one's —ion, fenxaAtfirvW Tim. 
to afford any one's — ion, npeora- 
Ttuuv Tty£t: itp&6irip.a J t&: — ive, 
i*. Bja«»Tfy>u>f, vpoitTKTtptOi, b)i- 
farlipa;: — or.eft. vpoirimt, •«(- 
xaupog, fiort&bt, sarltpj a: fncvra* 
T>i(, hitjM>N, a : — o'rial, in. i- 
luiiripat : —orate: — Utthip, aft. 
wpMrama, $ : Innpeitix, 4) s — or- 
less, In. 4irpo«T«Toite( ; — l-ess : — 

PrOte'g£, eu. i npe»Tariue>ii'of. 
Prote'gee, eft. -/writ <jj jrpnatariuopivii. 
Prote'rvity, aft, MuSfumSmif, Tfonaiii 

Pro'test, eft. Jw^aptvpla, fiOTw 

=6 cr., 

-, Un 

•VyyeajHiv; — , p.<, /lapTvpa » 

efi^at (riva), (liSaiS, Siatt&aiti, 

etapaprvpovnt/wv 3&yparx: —nnt- 
ly, tirfp. JiafiHpTu^ou/iivu(. 
Protests/ tion, el. ^iSniuoii JiafiiGst- 
p Jii, 4. Sp-toc, o: (against) fix/iap- 
vpl«, iynwtt, *. 
Prote'ster, **. tfcaBieetMnjf, s: (a- 

gainst) e\a/iapTi;pou/tiv»f, 0. 
Pro'thesia , ou . (*(ip.) irpeSuij, q : ( UaX .) 


i,°: i PX'Tp«^/*«tuj,4: — ship, 

ipxryfU/ircU, #. 

Pro'toool, 0v. une'/iviyia, ro*. (mh.) 

wpatrexoileii, to : - — , p. ■?. iiaypa- 

f>6», unoypafw: — IBt, aft. -jp3.p-p.1z- 

tui<, a. 

Pro'topopei oi. & (kocv.) *i»Teii«iiB(, 
Pro'lotype, at. npuT<fTwiro>>, npdru- 
«»», ipx*""*"! r *- 

Pro'toiide, eft. (xn/i.) TtpntofuiJiBv, 
-ra ; —ice, |i. V. Hut&. 

Protra'ct, p.i. fuiavHa, Iii«, irapU- 
■«, BiraTifvv, KKpatttM) : IvnSai- 
Atu, w iMi naiai, Bpatwu. to be 
— ed. x/tw^irtm, ^fltet la/iCnto, 
i; u^ica,- ^ *i p.-jipai i-ninlrtaBxi : 
— dly, i-nlp. irap«TiTapi»B(: — cr, 
til. i fya&nm 4 "i|Hiil.«-:- 
ing, eu. ppctSvrtif. iutteUi, i ; — 
iiig-phi, ov- fjtaO,) aStHtricOf, i -, — 
ion, ou, napaTacrif, ainSc,Hi,ii: na- 
ptixunt, %: — ive, tw, ava»»n- 
*rf( : —or, at. 1 (z«p. -Jpya).) Uxw 

Protre'ptical,<ir.jrpoTpiiiT«o(. [r>)p,S. 

Protrn'de, o. t. (into) irpaaiSaJ, anu- 
65 ; — , p. oiJ . JffsTB/tai, ^ft'/t,, 
Vp«fX«<, irpoitfola/MH. 

Protrn'siou, oi. jtpeAt>>i««, ^. 

Protrn'aive, /«■ irpoworiaiJe. 

PiotD'berance, ProWberancy, a6. S. 

lai&riatf, i). 6-ytnf, h. Cytaipa, tip- 
nt/ia, KUfaipM, to. 

PR 9 

Prota'henint, in. iHxm t npotUx"", 
npoSXiif. to be — , iqwfen*, ireol- 

Prota' berate, jt. ttvt. i\iy. a \ Ttoofyta. 
nfttiiiapu, tietimbt,, Avow'*;™. 
— ra'tion, gu. 6ymi t i. clc *?jua, *u- 

Pro'od, in. f*y« fpo»fiv,/ii)pa)rffpuii, 
VTriatfpavse, Onipfau-.'. to be — of 
anything, /it?* fp«>il> fci r««, i- 
iraI / jiofla.,iyaJinfla(iml|/ir(Tiv < , 
vme^aviut»8ai : /iryaiauxo*, y«B- 
pot, iyipvyas; Spxnit, fT=jiO(: in- 
■y»s(, ia7HK:(z«p.)tJ«JapJ[, 11a- 
Suye»f : -«-fleflh, I«#uoi(, i: — Ub, 
fa. S„,.„«i,:_lj,hy. ™- 
pifyawf, jityu)io$p6vtof t vntpfta- 
iotj. to speak — lj, tynlaJMytlx. 

ProVable, In. fti»*i«™(, itUr/aref, 

Prove, p. I. ^{>Ta£u. oW</««>, ««• 
pafb K. KllpS/iac £fl*YUjU(, jvftf- 
■vu/u, bnoiuKwpt, Sr,*.S>, Hi- 
MfX", &«a+a(va>, pXprvpS. to 

clearly, timu «(>> fyiy avff«*. able 
to be — d, inncrit, ™S«'Ai-/Ffvs;. 
hard to be — <t, futmrMtortet : — , 

£. oiil. iMipfiuai, JoNi/iatriai ttoi- 
ovutu: TTHjt'^w ^suto*. to — true, 

f*f y(r>°/><". iilJoOfiai, ^aiyouai : 
BTroSstiyi), (upfoiajw, 7<y>afui. if 
tbej — impartial, ia» am6a(.*jei 
Katret; —d. tn. Jfciuoi, merit, 
yv4viec, iajrfif. a — d friend, j>(>oj 
iraip^t icaj nrrtji — r, eu. J ana- 

Prore'ditor, Provedo're, o&. («o.) 

VeplfotV, 7Eapi0"T^(, X u p"V*?i inap- 

*d», s. (*ai».) Tpofotimt, a. 
Pro'veoder,ot.Tpof*(T(S. fiu«, eJav, 

xipt't «»6*o« >j f"7p»f, *»!.), *■ X*" 

Aij, 4. x ipitttp.a,r6. 
Pto'verb, oi. nttpolp.iov.ti. irapaiftfa, 

h- «>s(, A. lo make anything a 

— , TcxpaititiUkt ti. to pass into a 

— , sape^itafurSoi. after the — , 


1 the - 

"W'" (M 

UaJaiS; aia(H)H7(Ji— ml, (It. Ti- 
ptiptAint, irapetpttttb!, irapoi/na- 
(Aptiot. to make — ial, wapei/wi- 
f«v. to become — ial, nape iptafc- 
irftai. a — ial expression 1) saying, 
Bapw/iia;*/iivo( Arf7»(. to Use a — 
ial phrase, napiipttiCurBxt : —, ou. i Trapoyiiaii x?«^ £i, =f ■ 
— ialize,p\i. rrapoi/iiafio: —tally, 
Vir(p. itara ri)» mtpti/iixt, Ttipot- 

Belf — ialty, napoifuai;«j8a(. 
Provi'de, £. i. (against, for) upoopu, 
Irpavefi, npad~Kair&, Tl^O^uidTaOUV- 

to — against snffering, trpoimsTriia 

yintrat ti: (with) TrapaoxuiHiaj, 
nepl{u, xapixu, teapitS, xopnyw: 
(for) jrpavoS, npirew* 

self, ^iir- 

po$fiv. AjUcAoyfi, at 
™, Vf«- to — one 

(against) feiaTTs^iai, itassulivTa- 

fui: — d that, ni»o*. 3i» i«T«, ^v- 

Ttip, tSimp, fi^vav ti, ft. « uiSmv. 
(jtau.) yivov Wv: — d yon are 
here, iiv rt (novo. i*aai jitoGSsi. 

Pro'vidence, «6. nnaniiinni, it(je«aTa- 
mnui), V' ipiioict, ^prf»ijri ( , 710a- 
/i«fl«a, % : divine — , Si(a impi- 
1««, Stfa fl>povyi«, Ada potyn, 4, 
by divine — , 9iia fij;i7. 

Pro'vident, iir. iM*6i)(i TraevonTmit, 
jiuJanriKit, Trpo/iijfl^f, niptypai, 
irpoop&Ttt&t'. — ial, in. Bpotaiiri- 
'bi, i, i, to Tijs Se(«( ijioiotaj: — 
ially,iit(p. fitla vu^p, irpeveijTiiriis ; 
— ly, Jtio. (uJaCa;, 4< ir/savei'ac, 
iraovaviTiiffif : — nGBS. III. tlilittttt, 
«ae/iiifliia, ii [«i]Jt>i&v, i. 

Provi'der, ou. neoie'Tiit, <mfUAign)(, 

~ ■o'vinee, 06. /itap^fa, fl: «/i*(, 6. a 
man of the — , bsapxtArnt, i. the 
governor ofa — , l*apx*t, m/tip- 
■6 o 

PR 9 

xit, "f «w><. « ■■ {i**l.) hnwirti 

ft: &nti, ft. tpyov, «a9n»ov, T(f. 
(**...) tiK«ut<nl«, ft. that is not 

within my — , avt4n ^c< /^lu «u- 

r«», at war' *ji! touts, eft* Io*ri» 
f>*. Ipy.. tbOtb. 
Provi'ncial, it. inapx"^ti<- the — 8, 

ypowixif, 4ypo«uT<»[o'f : — ism, ei. 
yJW«ii/ia, i4. 7J.fio-<r*, ft. ixapxi- 
-o» rtfofut, to: — ist, fa. faop- 
X«ir>K, i: — ity, ov. 7Uani^«,ri. 
Provi'ne, p. »M. /*wrj(«u»>. 
Prori'sion, if s.bik, faip.Uii«,irpo/i.!- 
6hk, ^. to make a — for any one 
fi.anything, irpavoifi T<nof, jipo»oi- 
orw stBJIftrOaf T*v3f: nap«ff*iuTj,7rea- 
Tinpoff**ij^, 4 : oFrec o vTtip^D^ ; 
— t, iti. ctit(b, tb. <rii«r«, ft. fa<- 
nno/iic, 5. tetttfUH, avayitala, 
t«. money for — , tmptm**, to\ 
to lay il) — , tefKrifeo-eai. to be 
short Of—, uiroo'rtiflai : — for a 
journey, ^eoo\av to. ft ifo3t* t ri. 
to lay in — , ifotia(it6ai. to make 
— 9, vpeiaSttt. [ T ? a - 

Provi'sion, o-itottoiO, jitoJoI, scrojue- 
Provi'nional, fa,.npS(noipo(, d, A, to 
/itralii, («o.».)np (»ipi.iJ S :— com- 
maiiil Jh government, oi. ft ti« pi- 
ta, UftA, (xon.) irp«{»pivft xvBip- 
vjurie i) oioi'Kigiri;, 4 : — ly, faip. 
Itpejxaipoio, rpe[»/Hvfl[. 

Provi'eionary, fa. op. Provisional. 

Proviso, oi. wiujShtic, oilfiSamj, ft. 
with a — , with the — , if' $, if' 
fn Sj fal rfi {■«! IxKpty*.). 

Provi'sor, <A. Siounrits Im/ulirrftf, 
iithpovvt, & : (ixxX.) & npetwpvibf 
ttiioxos: — y, fa. npiftatpet, i, 
ft, to k»th «uvfti. H (. 

Provocation, ou.nps*li]«f ( ft: IptBi- 
«fi(, o.^pi8i«^a,To.napofi«»*t, 0. 

Provo'cative, fa- irpoiiiTuif. iptQi- 
orritit, KKpaiwnitit: — ,o0. (of) J- 
pffu/ui, iptfliiTcxiv, irafaftwrun*, 
ri : — nesa, ou. re ipiflioi-uciji. 

Provo'ke, p. «. nfoxaiou^ar, tnwlS: 


(against) 7tapo?u»M, fai8i!>, itii 
Bb( JfiSillu. to — anyone's anger 
9: — him to aii^er, rp»ayttv mi 

any one's hatred, wtBtrr&tat ma 
tf< /itssi. to — any one to any- 
thing ft to do anything, napop/i3* 
Tiva npo'f ti, irapofiivm ™a fa( 
ti. to — an appetite, fpHNiA Spi. 
Jiv inf. to — hnngerii thirst, itil- 

+« napan-tluiC"' * »spi Z «w. to — 
perspiration, [f pono«I» : — r, ol. i 
irpsKoAfin : iptQurrJii, napofuvr^j, 
0: amo-ian-iii, vraaniTiKis, i. 
PrOTO'king, in. rttpaSwrttbt, Sutxi- 
""';- to be — , iiil*, Juimv ix*". 

Ql, iJu«ipSi, u- 

— ly, hip. &v, 


b. 5iiufluvr% {«xoliI0 *': ttysp- 
XO{, 4: — ship, 06. inwrarta, ft ; 

Prow.oi. irpfipn,ft. from the — , npA- 

Pro,wes9, ib. apiri), avfpiis, Juvo/nf, 

Prow], ^. i. iiro«iiirT«, ir 1( Hir) 
/i«i Aiiirriuuv : a. out. Hsifi hi 
Tijv aprayft*, kpiti^ra, — , 
0i. tb j£iiva( <Vi rftv apTayftv : — ■ 
eft bu. £pna£, apTTCUTftf, 

Pro'ximate, in. ^yyie, m^i/ivf, i/yu- 

Tnrst, jt*nB"(fl(: — ly, iitip. "TX'i 

nXijaftii, tTTif. "HP'S. 
Proxi'mious, fa. sp. Proximate- 
Prosi'mity, oi. liryvT<iit, byx'"' 1 *, 

•fitTertet, ft : — of blood, bpaiiio- 

tfvvv) t Ajuac/ioTitf, ft. 
Pro'xy, oi. imrpoitft, ft. by — , 4V t- 

itiTpontiz; IntrpoTiOi, iniTtTpafi/iivoc, 

i. to do anything by — , it' W- 

pev npinma in — ship, in. im- 

Prnds, si. o-ittiBirBURi^ini yuvft. ft. to 
play the — , SpimirViu, abcxfcjiofiai. 



Prn'dence, Pra'dency, oft. fpirqm 
aufpoain,, kyxhetK, tipe/t^tuc 
npAwa, tbeouila, i. want of — 

Prn'dent, iir. fpAwpti, o-tijipMV, <G- 
Goujicz, ICpOVQIlTUbi, tft\a£ii;, npo- 
jMlf 4f, <ruviri(. tuAdyiffTOf ; — 
counsel, *a^ iiryiHt r *oui>i,ij : — 
conduct, liSouiia, «* fpov^itupa, 
to", to be — ', eufpontfv, ^fwviuiih 
i?3ai : — ial, jir. fpdvtjtgfj ibfpw. 
— ia'lity, oft. mp(»oia, ii: — ially, 
trtip. fpovifivij nfpiw&ti ittatift- 
litmt, itifuiayfiimc — iala, oft. 
fti. tot xaiet pavAKjfjura, §ra\ri if 

fiouAr,'. — \j,lnip. fpOvl/Mify nifpA' 

J'tu'derY,ou.&KKiaiib(,i .ftauttsfibt, t. 
Pru'dleh, i-r. ■yauxeof, rouKot, hkici- 

Prn'ne, "p. 4. (Uoriu.u, teJ^, 
>iaj«uu: — , e. ofto*. KeAXoiirfSo- 
p«(. — r, *Aaffnlp, KXifivntp, i. 

Pra'ne, oi. (0otv.) Ksou^ulev, t*. 
(wcv.) jjt/utaoi'ev, to. wild — , 
Tpaup.n-1, t6: — tree, ou. n*«v- 

Pru'nel *J —la, at. (p*».) Aypunox- 

xi>/n)l«n, rrf : (iKTf.j HuoaJylH (xap- 

, *(«(), *i (*.tm.) yiii%*: —fo, 

Pmui'terone, J™, f ipuv ito«upijla. 
Pru'ning, at, irJaiWij, jj: — hook 

', knife, ou. mjjiou|ouf^ fia/aipa, y. 

(«•«.) xiafatr a/Men, t*. 
Pm'rienoe, Pro'rieacy, oft. grfqut, t4. 

KVL<Jjlbs t y -1 py a Jo t , o .yapyaXis p. n , to . 

Pru'rient, In. -tw^rlo"^ ; (^n,) «vf- 

?(UV, JXAo'jCHaef. [.',(. 

Pruri'ginoufl, lit. irvqs/idJ'iK, iiapii- 
Pru'rigo, 06. (iaT,e.)i(»nr/i*(„4.mii- 

opoH, "t'^rn, *)■ {•**. 

Pru'saian, I*. Ilpurastt — , 06. Opan- 
Pry, £. tit. (into) (7*"*™. hnxun™, 

wripxraTu, i{i i»;*>, (x«(w>: — ,oft. 

Jucnurnoinl, iJiTaoif, noliMrparjiie- 

•u»i, y : — ingly, hrlp. lJtTaiT«S(, 
Pry'tanis, eft. jipbrzvit, i). [2;(v«uTi<oi(. 

Pry'tany, eft. npuianfa, 3. 

Psalm,oS. r 'ai>iot,3 tosinga — ,^a)- 
/to«7it»: — isl, ou. tal/Hflefjal- 
juoiiyot, o; — o'die t) o'dical, in. 
6, 71, to ii|( falyutiat; — odist, 
ou. tzlfioSi;, i : — in, A- *■ +''■- 
Ju: — ody, oi. ■iai^Moi'a, ^: — 
ograph: ^'grapheri o'graphist, 
06. itoiiiT^i^ail^B«,o : — o'grapbj-, 
ou, Italian ji3.ifi.&>, i) : — singing, 
ot. ■paip.ifSia, 4. [yion, to\ 

Pea'lter, ou. ^airiieiox, to : io».M&- 

Psa'ltery, eti. (fisvi. ipyavoi) jtair^- 
fiiov < ^alrnpion Tpiyaver, t6. 

Psanimi'ti;,cu. (op.) ipx/i/tiTtst Ittoi, I. 

Pseudo (<• n>vDim<i»l |tuoo, ^tuJ • 
— ipOBtle, til. ^lUo'airisToAof, 2 : 
— graphs graphy, oi. ■ptutoypx- 
f fa, ^, — ioyiet, oft. ituSali/ai, i : 

— martyr, oft. ^•uio ( i.cEpTut, : 

— nyme, oft. j/atiiav/iat, vo". 
Pshaw, iitlf. pa«a(, tft«or, (ko«.) t! 
Psi'lothron, 06 fa»S/ui, tif. [Ja t 
Pso'as, oft. (a» V .) ipo'a, file, $. 
Peo'ric, Vb. (.arp.) fo,p,xo t . 
Psyoho-Wgic. — lo'gieal, /n. fuzo'o- 

■/miif. — lo'gieally, i»lp. ^jj; ' | ot'- 

kAe. — logy> 06. fi/xoieyla, i. 
Pta'rmigan, 06. (ipv.) nrpiuv Ja- 
Pti'san, »ft. «T<oavn, 4- [yrfnouj. 

Ptolema'ic, in. Di-oiiMaE^ii,-. 
Pty'aliatn, oft. (iarp) ntvclivfitf, 4. 
Pa'beral, cV. ^<tS«a«, Jc-)e«<!<. 
Pn'berty, oft. fltq, ^Auia, dx/i^ tii( 

T(j.«((. ;j 4. to reach the age of — , 

tj6ay, jjiijeav. 

Pa'bes, oft. Tptyts at ittpl ra aifita. 
tf.t-,)X»6l 1 i:(i<rp.)«h*. 

Pnbe'scence, Pobe'seency, oi. i3fir,, i- 
e^e«'a, i^ij, 4: <£oth.) xvo&f, 0. 

Pube'BCent,'ir.Ip)6o ( :(pory.)xvouJ>i{. 

PnTilic, fa. <oi»i(, l^p-iaiBf, niitvi- 
/Mi, liutaratf, iq/tmMf- — mo- 
ney f| the — treasury, Sri/iisia, Si 
' %pi)utTB<. at the — expense, 


iWL otto 

pbi,ipf i«o,-,n6)5ul/^^ivo[, iomake 
— , itfcficv, fauipov irmilv, 8p-J- 

3 o 2 



/i(», imBpuiat, to carry on tile — 
affairs, ■apirtw t* r$ t niKiut 4 
to. tiipi6*ut. the — good, t4 xoi>4>_ 
e.-yxfoy. to issue a — notice, etc., 

*po*.yoprit, r , avu-yapniuv, Hfrft- 

«". to lead a — life, hold a — 
office, hold a — function, xoXirti- 
tsflai. to be a — man, ii irelm- 
kh npBTTiiv. the — debt, ri iii/ti- 

Pu'blic, oi. oVec, i. Svp&w, *oi- 
v4., id. a*&>Oi.roi, si; (9ia T p.) fiti- 
Tai, .(. t4 fl-atpo*. of ■*•**•* « 

a.ayiiieTai ipiS/ie-j): oi ttuji! ro 

iri^8«(. to appear before fl in the 
presence of the — , Hit^at n« tsuf 
Mp&voui * n'i « o»,uosii». to be 
nmong * before the — , '" «>a»ips 
•!»(«. to bring forward in — , iii 
rj^iiov f ip,„, ityuv. to tie talked 
Of in—, $t*wt>*9ui, SpvUl-Bxi, 
SisHp-jitiiSzt ; — hearted, minded 
5j spirited, iir. ^ii1i{iiit P ((, 1, jj: 

— house, OB. «™>])ltov, T*i — 

mindedness, ou.tJ if iJhIvto «nii. 
Pn'blican, ai. nAunin, S; jutirqlec, 

Publics' tion, oi. itnpiifjit, ivarteuEit, 
i«/ioi(msi(, i. (««!».) *o«o*e(i)iif, 
4 ! iKfanc (SAKeu), ^; ypojnj.ouy- 
ypof>>, 4- vbfyptpiut, pttHov, t6. 

Publicist, oi. 4 ittpi to>« *oivO. J« K (- 
ojv ouyypa bm«. [Jiiluffij, i. 

Publicity, 06- to f«»w>, «■* i*ilo», 

Publicly, i*(p. ti/tooU, fautpttt, ■*<• 
•J, ^« ToB puipoS, iv tS pampa). 

Pu'blicnees, oi. panpi., ii; houSt,],-, 

Pn'blieh, 0.£. Jij/iomia, wpoayopnloi, 
&«aim|MTTa t upaypafw, $mpa: 
ixHta/u (,3(61(0.), /x f ipait tpvUf), 
JiaflpuJUfi, a\aj> hvJ^m Ir/ov : — er, 
au. 4 xjjsuttuv, x*pvf, t: p&i.n- 
ihMw, 4; 4 UliSmi (SiSilov) t| i 
o"a*d»ij /kSiSou; (filtiCot). 

Pn F ee, ^n. c^pioi, f xi6i, 
Pn'celage, eu. -napitula, 4. 
Puceron, oi. (4>i/».) iflj, 4. 

Puck, oi. xoSaJoj, 4. xsk4> tupivm, 
t4: — baU,oi.(flo«.)«'J </ iU xflT<.(. 

Pu'cker, p.i. Auniu, pap«fl"S, fvstS 1 
(up) ittum«: — , ■h^UTtf, f«(wif, 
!"«)$ (. ^u<rini/ia, ri: — ed, iw. 
fiutiiSeLSrrf, pusabt, fxpxtSt!t$r,i. 

Pn'dder, oi. flipuoe(, epo&s, 4, tmpa.- 

;ri, i : — , h- 'M ■ Boputa, — , p. 1. 
Pu'dding, ou.fia^B fuori,^.(toii.) no- 
rJjua, fl: Vpti, 4- black — , «i- 

— grass, si. (finr.) fUv^A, pi*- 
X«>,4: — headed, jt- u-apbt, f,'A- 
lufi — time, at. A «& *tim " " 

: «pfi. 

Pu'ddle, Ob. mrckt, 4. rii^a, Tlj : l- 

Pu'ddle, p.i. SeJ6(lJ«p):— ,f.««J. 
Pu'ddling, mil. i mtiipsu xiBxpatt, 
Pu'ddly, 'ir. popUp&lw, iAv&tys, 

Pu'ddock, »i. (a>.) ip. Paddock. 

Pa'deiicy, oi. ailrt/usirti, aiSiit, ti- 
)a««a, 4. 

Pude'nta, ab. irl, ti niJofa. 

Pn'dlc |: — al, *r. (4»t^.) aiiauKej. 

Pudi'eity, eb..ip. Pu'dency. 

Pu'er, oft. t^kvb», ppifoi, tit — ile, 
in. ncuSapt&Srtf, p>upaun&tnf t ntu- 
iuif. — ilely, brlp.iuulutQt, icai- 
Japi»JS{ : — ilness, oi. s; iir. 

Pueri'lity, oi. unniinif, 4 : itaiJia, 
fXuap(a,ii. i$psf.A. to commit pue- 
rilities, jt«(o"u» fLnJt» Svifiptu. 

Pue'rpernl, Pne'rperous, in. i&xnf. 

Puet, oi. (e>.) Imi4, 4. ' 

Puff, oi. jJtraa, 4 p'lf", T<i : Trvtii- 
,ua, itipa, to. 7i£y tyzBuptiv ; itaoi 
/lix^rot : xaii;fflo-<i, *. fTTiiyot, o : 
— ball, ai. (fin'.) ip. Lycoperdon. 

Puff, p. i. #u<r£, iiifuact, ui» : 
(up) )!■'"•«"', ixxauvoi, <irucouf(;», 
Iktujioi, e'-vxoi. to be — ed, iiafu- 
uajflai, ^ruj-oi-aCai, B^xiSai, i- 
naffii&at: ivanlaiow, xup/&; (a- 

way) d.) ««•#<*»•, *i«™efi, (*'.} 
iiafuifi, Bpvfycitfi timtttmi/tet 

(tpifa) aSJa.o, (M» Tip..).). U> — 
off one's self, rcupyo&v icrera»; — , 
/>. eiS, mlv, fuioi: oio^oviuopot, 
<o,«;rj£«, avoiJabw, 4"co(o*b(v«i — 
ed, ir. kvnirifuar,}i-li>os, Ay&iitS*tf, 
biupflfxraf. — er, oi. 4 puT&v. 

Pn'ffin, O'j. 4 ipiTflOj btiiu»oJut>i( ; 
JJof /(«*;•»«. 

Pu'ffiness, su. iitsomt, ^. 

Pn'ffing, eu. fncpnf, A; &»«peoJ«ii 
lirmvos, i: — ly, Virfp.iiirtpiifai'Oif: 
ftt0' 'umpttlanu iirafvou. 

Pu'fly, *w. avxittfi»i;pivf9f, o'viciiJn; 

Pug, ou. Kvtipiet, to ; nlO»ns«, 0. (8«. 

r* : — ■ dog, fi&. xu>ap*ov Nr^iTaFsv, 
t4: — faced, fit. vitttmp6;tmof. 

— nose, ot. «^ *■!, "^rut, i : 

— nosed, in. 
Pugh, imf. &\ (noi>)m<i\ 

Pn'gll, 06. ri iaov o{ rptl; npfiToi i&- 

■ruJoi 4u.a»Ta< i«6.I». 
Pu'gilism, eu. iwvfwxfe, #y. 
Pu'gilist, ot. ituxnic, 47w»coTi)(, : 

— ic, ix.iruy/"«lf,iri'<T«S{. tocar- 

17 on a — ic contest, ■wmdn. 
Pugnacious, ^*. /m^Tuiof, ttboSij- 

po c p>axto4a<: — ly,in<e /layijTniSf 
Pugna'cily, o5. ^Trrflu^i'a uixic. 'i- 
Pu'isne, in. jitrytv^f, /israytr^t, ft- 

raytWoripot, nttripat: — date.ou. 

/uTa-yivio-Wpa x,Bo»oie'//a, 4: =<■'■ 

Wt |*«P*(, t«T»):*f: (.OB.) KHTtl- 

Tipoi: iXiffaur, Karattis, unalti- 

maac [«;<"(, *■ 

Pn'issanoe, oi. Jiiia^if, ^. oflivof, to. 
Pu'issant, J*. oWto ( , /«y3iDt«|s, f- 

oxvpoj, irperaiof : — ly, inip. xpa- 

iaiO(, irxvp&f. 
Poke, 06. atrsj^i/i/ia, £#yua, rdi /■ 

*»T«4v (fapp-aitov), TO. 
Pake, p . oiii. ipSt. intytfi : — r, 06. 

ip&V -. ifitTIK 0» (•dpfUlinv), TO. 

Poke, *ir. f aii,-, Spfttvm. [f, 

Pulohritnde, •&. nail**, to,. -aJJovn 

Pule, 4.<wo\ (•>.) ■»(?«> (fuel.)™*. 

f«/iai: *lav8iHipi(<» (Sitntp rjiioij 


Pule, 56. (Jiqi.) *i»a, $. fuJlof, 4. 

Pu'lic, oi. (jSotv.) ion>;z, <. fnUiio., 

Tlf: — ose, (, OUS, («- Si-fit <fa\- 

Pu'liugly, i-nlp. /uri jtlau8>iup<TuoO. 
Pull, 4.i. Out, (nrei, oJpu, (Syoi. to 

— an oar, Iplatta, xtaniarar. to 

— on shore, npofopiiliui rj» »buv ; 
tfOjtt. to— in two, in pieces, it- 
yvuvac, xarxppfiyvvzi, Stappujyru- 
Mtt, ;.,.-,. 1 , ,-. : T(i) W . i«T(Ua, 
inoonoi, Jpf«« (ii(»rou(). to — 
aboot, 'i.-'iu'. Jii<ir£v, IIiiiii. 
to - along, VO..M.V. to — a- 
gaimt, oWSttm*. to — atunder, 
4 afiart, IhikSi, JiiJutio. to — 
away (from), anomdv roof, af^l- 

«tfl», 4»UltUB., *v«l««w.'to — 
down, xaTHiniiSiv, .a8«)« ( ». .««- 
ovpuu: K«aeaXAi<v, KiTipilmi^ 
«aTa9fta*T(». to — in, ^uSiJJd-, 
■ijiiicnv, to — in pieces, orrapoT- 
ttn. to — off, aiteairofo, J^ii.Kiiv, 
a7T8iru^ttv, kitoJuiiv, Iro'uciv, to — 

off one's shoes, unoo'n/iKTa uneJii. 
soflai. to — off the skin, hitli- 
pttr, txtiptn. to — in. kf&iuv, 
ajtoo-uiv: i^-jjsaO'Ji, lfi?utitv. iv- 
flitw, a/Lf<ivviJ™, ipiri^irt Tiva 
ti. to — on one's shoes, uroftt- 
■fldU. to — OUt, «a.pto, *»««.«», 
im«[4V, JxtUW. to have a tooih 
— i:d out, IfUioSo. iSf-n. to — 
to, ^urrav. to — Up, Avainov, 
ttipt.iv, iiia(ptii t itaitvixi mptui- 
fuvat, twtormicr notarial, to — 
stakes, /AiToao>i(fti» Iirwia. 
Pull, »6. 41«A. 4. ii«i(, 4^ J,appa 7 ^, 
A. ^-/jua, tp: a7&jy, 4. a-z^v^c/'-x, 
t<S. give your patience another — , 
vflo>t»o* In/iiKpdv: — back, ot. 

Utiles, ^KoilCV, T«f. 

Pn'Uet, oi. op.18.ov, t4. 

Pn'lley, 0*. xpoxiti* fl Tpo Z a««, ^. 
— maker. 06. Tpszaioirinit. 4; — 
shaped, In. Tpoxa*-&&1f~ 

Pullulate, p. til. (p^T..) i»aeia«,i- 



>w, toXaiT&*u,iixvB&.— la'tion, 

Pu'lmonary, in. (&*tj*0 miujawctdt: 

— disease, roups vfa, rauju>Jc,4. 

Pu'lmonary, «i. (^mi.jTvtu/iovtaf, A. 

Pulmo'nic, oi. iznv/iovuif, ii: ro«u- 
/iowkoi pap/MUMi, to*: — fl; — il. 

Pulp, si. niJiOi, pi»)*{, i. oi/sf (nf- 
n»v), i : x4X uf <,( («aj>t), to ; — , p. 
i furetiila ti lis nolro*. 

Pulpit, oi. £V> a»i8aflpo», to, »'- 

KviSaj, 1. (imd,) *ys»v, o. to enter 

the — , npotiSttr (iri riffi/uc; — 
orator, »i. itpontfejt, A: — ical, in. 
Ajirtp kn' a'/i£«voc: —\ah, ix. a/r.- 

Pll'lpOUfl, in. TrolTtS ill!, /iUl)lSJl7{,'H(l- 

hijoNh: — ness, 06. to /tutlalit, to 
Pu'lpy, •«■ S>. Pulpons. [inpi&St!. 
Pu'lsate, p.eil. nAXlt*. the heart — s, 

q napilx niJ,Xu. 
Pu'lsatile, irr. (pom.) KeoujTdiis. 

Pulsa'tion, oi. irai^St, ifu^f^ti ». 

«? ifcs, A. 
Pu'lsative, /it- nalfiuoc, iiuy^.«i>(. 
Pulsa'tor, oi. * Tiniuv, *f>ou«v. 

Pulsatory, in. op. Pulsative- 
Pulse, ou. i^uy/iit, J. a full 4 strong 
— , Hopit sfuyjiif, 0. a weak 

afiaeils rfuy/ioj, i. a regular 
i'0o-o>(<a, $. to feel one's — , 

$aTTTI?9g! rou 0~d)uyp0U TlvOf : c 

irvvflBvitflal tim« : — , i. oil. n 
)m: — less, in. «0)miftO(: — leas- 
ness, ol- atfulla, i. 

Pu'Ise, oi. (/Jot..) **«?«», rd, Spa- 
tot, X^'frS A. 

Pulsi'fic, in. iptiiaTiicbt roD o)nr//io6. 

Pulsion, oi. fi9iio<<, A. 

Pulta'ceoua, in. TOlriJ^t. 

Pu'lverable, i«. (CSpunrof . 

Pulvera'oeous, In. (^ot».) X'odoaf. 

Pu'lverine,oi.(x^.)^' ri Pi Bi "{ T, f« B! '- 

Pn'l veritable, in. i>. Pulverable. 
Pulveriza'tion, si. to naiiTu nn jceviv, 
Pulverize, i.i. luorpiSal, ajiilKiii. 

Pul'verous, in. 4, 4, ri «Vx**mk. 
Pulve'rulence, oft. to Kovw^rijJif. 
Pulv.e'rulent, i*. (/3»".) (ce.walioi. 
Pu'lviimte fl : — d, in. (*PX"t.) npo<- 


Pu'micate, p. i. Xtixlau, x«n]pIfto. 

Pumice, fl: — stone, oi. niaipif. ft. 
to smooth with — , Kin^Cun, *a- 
■cxtoriipiCni: — ous,in.*<siipoiiJ^i. 

Pu'mmel, su. op. Pommel. 

Pump, oi. ivTinrtp, o. avT)ijT^piov, 
ivTJl(o>, ««Jii»t(ov, t4: opxi?»ri"o? 
hniinp-a, to: — brake, oi. )a6.i 
artlUt, ij ; : — gear, oft. t4 trxt&ri 
ittXlot. — maker, ei. ivrJoTtoiis, 
A; — weU,(i.(-=vT.) t . f »voe^fl,i. 

Pump, i. ail. knla. to — out, S»»- 

t)tl»:— ,^. i. ixp.3vfl*«g {Ti A- 
T)lJTl)f , i. ini^TipIO., fj. 

Pn'mpion, Pu'mpkin, ou. naiojiiJ»8a, 

Pun, ou. to rts li|i(« BBty.ii*, liapo- 
vo^mta, *: — , 0. si*. 7i«p»MBw- 
»(»i{ XpOfiai, 7r=p*7pa^p.a[T(;w ; 
o-op'; B ^i«: — , (S.*. napow^oicrfait 

- ititfu * AvainfSu. 

Punch, oi. TiptTpav, xwcr,xj\ptai, ii; 
Kolafoj, i: iioto* /itftjonjtii, to: 

YI^UTOICO(Q(, &faU-0t'>-£3i, O: IlTTG5 

papif Kv.l drpaf^i, b: svdpunz- 
f»» iroiuoapKOB, ti(: — , in. ibrpa- 
fiii, itgiiiooipitoi. 
Punch, t.i. Tpu*w, fiaTfjvna: iraioi, 
Tbirni: — y, iir. lirpafiit, Troiu- 

aaiet riSv 120 -/alo»i«v, : napa- 
vra; pupk^ if. — er, oi. Statpv- 

Pu'uchin, oi. Ipcu/ia, Tii. 
Punchine'llo, oi. yilfuroiroiij, 0. 

Pu'notate 9 : —A, in. jtu.t» ( , Sd- 

Pu'nctiform, iit. ittleuS-lis. 

Pnnoti'Ho, it. fLtytm atpttux, \. 

PunCti'llOUS, in. uiripaioiS^i: eji/>i- 
eoiiyoi. to DO—, ntpl sTtvOv (k- 
cpiBoJii^rtoBai: — ly, /nip. /iit' A- 

PU ft 

*pi6eiBjifaf : — iitiHs, oO. ixpitaXe- 
Pu notion, si. fatcp.) iraprafn^nc, A. 

Pn'DCto, OU. an/panM, TO. TO iig. 

^Ij, oirffSiia, t) ; iifLo,- ((» fifofia- 
X'f), *• 
Punctual, in. (fij: £*pi6>?(, *jk/h- 

1:5V, 0HIKpl6ld/1^0C — ist, ou. o d- 
*("8*i: — ity, ou. anplSnn, imp.1- 
iiix,l); — ly, im>. JupiZat, inpt- 
la t , {• xaip&,npbixxip6v. to come 
— ly, ixpiSu, t, I* mips ip X t*B*t : 
— new, ou. Iupi6tia, rj. 

Pu'nctuate, {-. t. {yp«p.) <*{$», <r.a- 
Ht*t>. — atiou, oi. (yp*p.) rttiit, 

Pu'actiik.te, M =np. [cTtaYnfc, 4. 

Pu'ncture, ov m Tpvntitia. to: viryp\tL t 
IcwTij^a, ro; — , ,}. i. hiutu, MV- 
Ti^s., «irr«: »t!;«. [««. J. 

Pundit, oi. wtraio'ig^ Bpttxiti- 

Pu'ngar, ou, (;«oi.) xaf>a«o ( , i. 

Pu'ngence, Pu'ngency, ou. ^lyuTitf, 
o^vtik, irt*/>oVi)s, d. 

Pu'ngent, *». lp<)*i>h of if, frgxrtxicj 

WUIpif. (£OTv.) HtHTflTHlJc — ly, 

Pu'ngled, in. puiof. 

Pa'nlo. in. Kapxn^i'">( : efauraf, 

KpetmaAtt — , 06. S Knp^ijJtinoj 

Punid'Oiia, Pnni'cial, iit. iroppuea- 

6nf f,;, naptypASotfOS, &Aoup7>j{ ( 


Pu'nine&s, «S. /tuptnu iturirtt, A. 

Pu'nUh, p.i. irtriBiifu SU-qi, «oinf», 
T</i»/)ou/iai, ?>)/««. to — any one 
to the utmost severity, toXiUm n- 
va rat; b^anttc TtMapfelf. to — 
any one with death, flavaToi ;«,«- 
ou* Tiua : —able, it. 5>i^(ai ft ti- 
fiotpfaj «{u!(, Ti/i»jgi7Tio(, Ko-aiii- 
o(; — ablenesa. 0*. to Srijilas a|i- 
o>, diiKav, svoiriov, tif : — cr, efi. 
itp-vpHTfa, Ttwlrrap, &; — ment, 
oil. ihivt), {li/ifa, Tipupix, %iptta- 
ifr;, Koiao<{, 4: T(i/irua, i«Ti>[0», 

irpii;nji.)», Tii. liable to — ment, 

Pu'nitive, Pu'nitory, Jit. ri/neif -nt'tit, 

'unt, p. uS 

"*" TCP*- ' 

jampot, saSsviis, ouriJavij, 
JenrrfS,-: — , ov. uupotf l», 
to; ipoiroiiiipot,- Wcfci/Uf, *. 

Pup, j). oW. (tVi xvvAv) t/cth: — , 
ou. Jp. Puppy. ["uiifr, )). 

Pu'pa, Pnpe, ou. (An-p.) ^puo-irAii, 

Pa'pil, ou. (k»Tp.) '6pn, y\t">, i- 

Pa'pil, oi. ficcSijTigc, t.-saUnina, rt(. 
f Oman)!, 0. to offer to take — a, 
^ir«). ? iiisjeai fiJauiAsv i!-,xl n- 
vo S : (wja.) i«4li{, i. [/KtSt,rtia, ^. 

Pu'pilage, oC. (^ ) av,So,- W,«'a, ^ ; 

Pnptla'rity, «u. C»iSoc iiuria, ^. 

Pn'pillary, ^re. 0, A, to TiH wt.Sm i- 
h*iat r jtafhiTutiii. 

Pnpi'verons, h. rpifiu zfu'aJrfaj. 

Pu'ppet, ot. SyaX/ia, oyiA/idriov, »tu- 

(tc> U vuo>() a>o><a ( , : ^aulov 4v- 
fyjiinto* : ini/Hw/ja.Tt); —man : — 
master 1j player, at. xupooitdoTi;;, 

'$, A. nfly/tx (ro)v n^gni- 


U), tt. 

*iiaK,i. muJmk 

■>{«*, 4: 1 


iNiuonjf , inti^dnnif, i 1 ■ 

(iiri cuvfiv) t(ktu : —ism, ou. a 

TToiut 9jcji^( : o£rf«"(f, a/a^ovfa,A. 

Pur, Purr. ei. i yoyyui/ibs [yalii i- 

tSo/i^i): — , i.oM, (iitlyxK-Ai) 

Pu'rblind, <it.Vej.uo,iroi, a^eJuMrr^v, 
ariraJos, ^uuto(, /<uo>^, A: — ne&B, 
0u. iuSiuiuma, fiuunia, 4- [rtoj. 
Pu'rchaaable, in. (Jvio;. di^Tj;. iaij- 
Pn'rchase, oi. Avij, i. iyepaipbt, 6. 
kfipattt, $. to make a — , &pywpt<? 
XTiioaoSai I) i»H 7tf>9(ia,i*6i««« ; A- 



— money, oft. tijinj, e TfpijHa.Ti. 
Pu'rchsse, p. 4. xpny-™^, naitJttt: 

bijabuvLi. r.piipxi, kyop'i-Cto. na.- 
•tuyap&tyt; (voh.) faceufi, IvuTwi 

nj!oa7», wpomvio. to — from any 
one, iyepaCic ft oivtlaflai ti napi 

oft. uvilTiff, ayopa^aiir, a^upaaT^d. 

Purchasing, ou. d »i), «Svii«i« f kyipa- 

Pure, 4tc. xn9(tpi;, ccyvos,, a- 
xipiiot, ittJipsn§. lutpatfit, iili- 

— wine, airpaTt-f i) fwijpif ofvoc 

— gold, miOa^is i) ditiipaTOf H/m- 
(TOf, £ !;, tb*ptri)i, li)«pivij(: 

— langqage, titpirfs l*V*, *■ ('■ 
iri tvpBv;) KttOiptot; kytbi, 5*axof, 
inej, itaptliiot; — friendship, fi- 
lls icfii, i. a — virgin, napOiwi 
ir/ipirtf )) ayvil, ij. to be — , a- 
yiivuv.toleada — life, Woif tfjs*! 
Sitf, Tin,: fiiivaf : anio&c — ly, 4- 
T((p. <aflapiii, grjwett, ialaHTMf, (£- 
Ji*(»>fi{, iiirioi;, tint, /iif»o»: — 
ne&S, »fi. nadapint, $■ mt«pb*, Ti; 
luxpfmiz, si\tKpimx, y_pr l a\i\/;i t 
aja^ziiir/s, it - xytdir^, if/vslx, *,. 
iyviv, rii. hSlminii, $•■ latiirntt fl ! 
nxBaptiint (t(ieu{) 17; to i{m'piTo>. 

Pu'rfile, Pu'rfle, oft. ntbai/ut, ti. 

<»».) riff** Ti. 

Purfle, pi. Tioi-iOJti, ( M iv.)mv»*.— , 

p\ oil J 1 . KHre.uulfiti'I'f tijlU. 
Purga'tion, oft. jaflapjiiSi, laflapupij, 

d. icaSapiis, itm*&6xptti,$! I*xpi- 

«';, i. vwayuyi Tflf K/n\laf, Ha- 

Qxpo'ii, rt. 
Purgative, Ik. KeflapicTiicoc, *a9ap- 

aiat, Imxymyit : — , bIi. Ka9ap*Ti- 

K&v, taQapcio* (fapjuaffovY io: — 

ly, into. *a8a|WTUI«5{. 

Purgato'rial, Purgatti'rian, Pn'rga- 

tory,tor. ay»ijr^pio(, naflapiffiiSpiof. 

Pu'rge, p. i. aafafpu, avaicaoWpu, a. 

*oj, Kaic&Zte. uit&yaj, iitoj«vu n)v 
neilfa.i rn> yaoripa : — 
one's self from sins, if b*mC*Ski f 
scb)f;u, f iflSa (i-ppiv) : — , p. eiS. 
naflapfce/iat, ay>l!;t>/ttt<; — ,oi.x«- 
Oaprripiov (fdpfi&KBv), t6: — r, oo. 
(aflapni,-, 4: Kaflapi^pio*, to. 

Pu'rging, oft. fluty.) naflapiis, ™- 
7C4/!J (Ti[f itoiA.'at), ^mtonpowtf, 4. 
violent — , vnwi*i)«i , tJ. 

PuriGca lion, «. jiaSae^oi o.aiSapsis, 
airoiiaftapni, jj: iyvm/iilt, 4pay»[- 

Bfisf, 4. a7«t(«, oileringof — 
xxBappbt,, t, iyviiTtpiB", xi. a 
place of — , B>»turfpwi, to. 

Purifiea'tor, ou. *aflapr^(,o;yi'(OTi,t.*. 

Puri'ficatory, In. naiapmubs, xaSip- 
o-IOj, UymtilaSi. [hpialrit, i. 

Pu'rificr, oft. «a9apT^(, i: ayvurr^f, 

Pp'riform, in. (iarp.) ir«iJ»i(. 

Pu'rify, p. i. (from) ia8ajp«>, hwnuu 

6a(pu, yaQ&po* Troth, l()ljrpivA. to 

v «p(;«i.: *ui9s(i/p*i)r— , p.'oM. 
naflapiiioi, Kaflapniioi, faiJpuvo/iai; 
(rjrvifouai ; — ing, it. xaBapfiit, 
KaBapio/ioc, i. [Ee«> azplGxa. 

Pu'riam, oi. ^ nipi Tfli ^p>i«M« tS» i(- 

Pu'riBt, OU. liutpi^s j-tyn;, A. 

Pu'ritan, oft. (t<*i.) -aflapur^, 4. o( 
*a9apo(: — JJ : — ic: — ical, in. I, 
4, rt t»> >aflap<iiTwv : — ically, i- 

rip. a(^! l ol[^^4^fllII| , : tsm, 

(6. (4<x) ) Ta rSy xaeapurav doy- 

Pu'rity, oft. xaflaf>coV«, 4. K«8ap4», 
ts; — of soul, tiittptttt*, jj : a)r»o- 
nit, ayn/a, 4. ayioi, Ti : — of 
Style, to «aflipco.1|»i«aeaprfrB( 

Purl, oi. «paffnifov naiu l/iive»," t*;<Tt±B( (Maroi), o : (BSo( o m 

Purl, fi. i. *pxsnil&, ipBtrau: — , p. 
BoS.-piSupKBi,niapC!:<j,iipifa ijiofv. 

Purlieu, eft. x a P° t * " a f* vtj^idn 




(pii/isO: Spis-i. 
man, ou. spool 

Pu'rib, •*.(»«* 

Tftp, 5w]li(, 0. 

Pu'rling, ou. /tlxpwpb;, i^tSupttiii(,i. 
Pnrlo'in, p. J. ufapirafai, iitoiAinTw 

•tyio-Tft;, i: — ing, »4. xioirft, ini- 

{aip.a.f, ft. ■ [pit, ft. 

Pn'rpart, Pu'rparty.ofr. xLjpos, o.^ii- 

Pu'rple, oi. nopfupa, ft. noojnipiov, to\ 

' mrepfupls, ncpfipx.&loupyif, ft: 4- 

«a Kapo'i.aKov.ft : (p»T».) Ipx'i, *- 

dyed with — , nopf upo€af fts, aJoup- 

tJ«. to make — -, to dye — , wp- 

ptipDun: — ■ fish, nil. Xfpfipa, ft. S- 

Ttptai ft Srrpttev, to. toyx&U, ft. 

bora in the — , nopf upoyi»»i;rof . 

Fu'rple, in. irop^iipiot, voppupiut, 

fwmtbf, fxvfawi, alaupyrtv: — 

dyer, ou. itoppupawt, irop^upiSa^oc, 

i: — iiteitdp^upoj : — 


Pn'rple, j>. I. BoppJpS- 

Pn'rplish, lit. uitoTroppupos. 

Purport, aii. juvzai«, ft. vouj, 1. o"ia. 
.«ia, ft. (*o<».) mftxata, ft ; j9«Uu- 
/«, iMpi/ia, to 1 . (*ow.) nrrif, 1: 
vngBieif, ft. the — of the letter wan 
the following, My<ypa*ro ft ifptTo 
tho". *» r>i timrsU): — , p. i. tin- 

uch : fipa, Tifvm ft tniiTtl'tt •■ tit 
m/u. ft"*, irpofafHj. 
Pu'rpose, ov. ftulft. y* J »h W»««, 
ir^aipian, 4. oicoirof, i. faiitupa, 

ri; rliet, to. to accomplish one's 

— , hi to Ti)«( 4fi«viliflai Tii( 
npafi»(. not to accomplish one's — , 
kjmpt&vw rikynd/ivt, inoTuyx*- 
•u», 47tpa*T(t». for the — of, fat 
rfl (*. aitapvif .). on ft of — , 
Bfie»o(a(, t* npomptaitit, htinili .. 
to no — , jusiT>j>. for 9) with what 
— ? fat Wv< 4 ini r^i W fovlfa 
•Of; for that — , fat reiltc-, i 
touto. to some good — , ApUiitt 

falT-qJitOf, Xpftoi^Of. tft HO , ft 

t, i. 

caJoxig, ft. orpM- 

Taiae : paTiiv. that is done on — • 
irpoaipiTis, faaujics: «ou«i»[, in 
npsai^iiTtuc. Unit is nothing to the 
— , oiJin npO( [p/ov ft tnof, napip- 
-/arn&ta. tospeaktothe — , xpif- 

Pu'rpose, ,J. ouo\ fa<vofl, Jiavoeupac, 
i»flu/iou/iac, potiJonai, (jtem.) rxi- 
im/iat, /ultra: — dly, iittp. Sp. 

Pn'rposely: —less, in. /laiaiss, 4- 

rimrlittta,; — ly. into, in npoai- 

pintut, ii xpovoixi, litir^Sis, juau. 

•(at, iBtiorrt. ffpnypa, ri. 

Purpre'etnre, oi. Qpaypit, 6. mpi- 
Pur'priee.oO. (>ofi.) wtplfpay/M (oiiti- 
fl X^P="), ^. l»sl».) onaprt/io- 

._, rat mpiiip.ii (x«pfou). *- 
Pu'rpura, ou xg^jfiilij, iropfOpsi, ^ : 

(iarp.) nopfuptTis, ft. 
Pu'rpnrate, in »opfup«rf(. 
E*u'rpnre, ei. (ini oikoo.] xi nopyupat 

Purpu'real, it. noppvpiof. [ypaii/iii. 

Vwrr.t.avt. if. Pnr. 

Purre, »6. («liTitf o7vof, J. 

Purse, eu. apyKpoW*!), ii. pa)a»T<o», 
t^. fA&po~vxoc, A. fixpevmor, r6, 
one's private — , t« IJta zp^/Jara. 
to give ft epend ont of one's — , 
nap' iaureu 1) It Tfiv i KbW Si&ivxi. 
the public — , to tnpbwi fliiaau- 
pa$uJla«iov, ft o fqpajnac fl.]Taupi( ■ 
Hoffiy j;^fl/iaTMy, t^ : — pride t ofr. 
4 W apyupmi Syiaj: — proud, it. 
ftti zpiipairn uiir<p>jra»miy<ie(: — 
taking, ou ^iJavtioTa^la, ft. 

Puree, p.i. ri6-np.t, xpbm* -r& paJav- 



, aft. (» 

■ Ta M f a( 

vo< n , ft. 


Pu'rslain, ou. (ISot*-) Mpixm, t, o«- 
o*paniT|, ft. (*oi».) yJuarprta, ft. 

Puraa'sble, fa. *™*T6>f. 

Pnren'ance, ot. Jf»S< ( . to lp.fhtn, 
•HoAouSta, ft. in — of, (»«■: — 
of anything, i«olou8a>f tcv(. 

Pursn'ant, in. nu9ipx*»i, imfJouSoj: 
—fc—, iitepi»«(, Ivua. 

Pnrsu'e, p.i. ti&*M, KaisfuiKu, fat- 

iaii*<e, lUTili&ita, nptttfixiA, Iva- 
/■a*. etxoiouB&; iniyt*, iyxupxt, 
folnu/iat; /ltrcpya/izt, SuLxu, 6*,- 

i/tiiimr r»l ftftaxipin. 

mi&fa (xtpi t.), p.. 


TKXtipitopxi (n): . . 
T«iS fl iJiayiyvouai iroiM> nj — r 
lib. Jitijcwv, xarciiiiKU-j, 3lAttnt 
Stuitrbp, t: [n/t. ) <arnyo / so{. 6. 
Fniwi'it, at. (ot) frttfc, raTxttufa 
4. Jiai^fiii. 4. in the — of anyone. 
*«Ta«H.'jicsn vi»a:, imri). 
imsii, i). jtenparia/toj, J. iWft- 
€>),»J. ^itiT^o»u^ia. rrf- literary — s, 
i xiei Tfl» ypappaTtai ittouot}. to 
devote one's self to philosophical 

Pursuivant, ob. £*o/ou9os, irafi 
Pu'rsy, in. jr*tU|iiaT6>i,n, du;i 
iupnouiif, itvinffTiOv. 

Pw'tenance, oi. t* irpejicif/Mn 

vtdtyxj* ha, ?H. 
Pu'rnlenee, Pu'rulency, ei. (iatp.) 

Pu'rulent, <tt, (fare.) itsioiroiet, imci- 
Itlt, IpmMc: — ly, iit<p. m/atHf. 

Purve'y, fi. I- "up Bju, d^»vw, o^w.i- 
a$io, nno/iij6iuti) : — ance, ov. itop<- 
fpvt, I- Aipwviotj *j: ^irtT^ffwa, ra, 
Af0p/4aJ al c(,- tov plo v : — or, ou. 
9 ^gg>i;ti 4. J nop ffu. i uaoTpimo(, 6. 

Pu'rview, el. o^Joyia, ■unStaif, oui>- 
94*11, »}: "iSf"f, 4: <afl4*o»Ta, ra ; 
iittitKiiri, ir.iTizoto., 7). 

Pofl, oi. (iarp.) nC«y )) icD«e, to. 

Push, 0. J, «!«£, iXabva, &yu, Jtivfi: 

r«xu*w, iiim 


ntOou: ^«C«, ivayitafu: tvo^ifi, 
JunS: JisIim, 9ijp&. to — away, 
SmuSitv, anOJteoiiii.. to — about, 
f<oiM;«>. to — back,air«9rt.,B7.i- 
Iouvkv. to — ■ down, AvaTflntti, 

— forward, ltpooifiitv. to — from 


If, Jiu9iio0u. to - 

■ "?•■- 

rp SiS«f«» to — 
nut, l{t»«il., ^ciawitv. to — to- 
gether, uuyuBtli. to — mattera on, 
ii8iZ« ra uprjuara. to — things 
too for, iixiped'/iuv to nirptor , 

p. oui r (at) eBOppti, TCpozGttJ.i.01: $- 

i. iint, bjSqgij, q. to give any (me 

a — , w Sun, to make a — , iajypi- 
;n9ai 4 o'ia-.-.(..o8ni- (against) 
TipD4Soi»i L inf9«9ic t ^E xpoiptmri, r,. 
Ktlcuapa, To: JVPtwrtf, fyran-i!, Jj. 

when mattera have arrived to 

that — , m«fA*»»™» ™i t. P 3/- 
/utTow tl> aJtii> ri> £«/»)■: — et, 
oi.i*>: — ing, in. neaxTusc, 
£e*vet, «BtoJ^o(, ttl/aipit ; — ing, 
oi. ii9iofiB(, i. iu>wttc,$: — ingly, 
hi,. 1M 

Pusillani mity, ou. /iizpafv^la, /uiju- 
9ujufa, o'jjAia, Ittttvipla, 7). 

Pusilla'nimoug, <ir. /ujcpe^u^a;, /i<- 
HpiB-j/toi, Stiibi, Sraripoi. to be 
— , pMpofv£dt, iHtpotvplIy, la- 
HMvefpomr. ; — ly, iitip. jiapoifi- 
X"t, i'itSput, auiSf. — ness, ou. 
op. Pusillanimity. 

Puaa, .i. i («,..) fudmc (= 4 ,«!*)). 

P u ' ni ul ar, P u s t u] ate, in f lux t ai ■ u e *, t . 

Pustulate, ^. i. Tcapix", tn«Hp" f'U- 

Pustule, 06. (iaro.) fXitmn, f J u . 

* ' get Vj have — s, f iv~ 

Pu'stulous, in. fJu*raive(iJi)(, #Au- 
Put, (napr. x. ,uit. «a9. put), p. 4. 
■tiQtyUi '"»J/i', ^dUu, KnSUrn/ti. 
to — clothes on the body, a/ifi- 
hmntrnt, litfitrtat. to — trust in, 
to — one's trust on, nnik. t.vj, 
n.n 01 fliva< ti*J 5) iir{ t.v,. to — ill 
8 word; paivitv * npofowpiiy Sj npa~ 
fiptn ioyouf. to — in a state of 
defence, (ro.ilv tc l*a»ia iitu/iax'- 
jflai. to — in pledge, tvixupatjuv, 

idv>pia;«v. to — into heart, flap- 



floj 4/mcntY, ivaSopouvtrv, liOapiiVf 
noiiiv. to — in fear fl inloa fright, 
foSft iiiSaiXtu 4 Ijuutdv )} napi- 
%ia ti«(. to — in hope, iinlia 
aaptxf ura, inikti((ur tivh. to 

— an end to, onuruy, ftowirav, 

iripifltiv, o"ttxfIlpa(ytiif. to — in 
jeopardy, 1/tUUin lit «vJuuou s . 
to — in trust with, i/imrnvio !) 

(iHTjjfVetv tivI t(. to — to death, 

— any one in a passion, ipttlCm, 
Bufuiiir, ^Eopy/fiiv. to — in practice, 
owily, ip-/i%u6xi, hnnStiuy. to 

— to pain, Ttpiy/ixta irap/;(t<y. 
to — any one to shame, to the 
blush, i-jTpimt x. Sixtptvuv *<va, 
iputpaivtt* x. IpuSafytiy. to — to 
flight, U fuy)' rpixu*. to — fire 
to, <W*t«», iiinrtn. to — any 
one to charges, rcfljvzi i-ivi ti( Ja- 
navaf. to — on account of, ^iri- 
<Mf»u> rcW ti, B.Bnfltyai i. fm- 
nMw Ti.f «, to*— anything to 
the vote, ifnifi{ia9xi, Jujjje^iopify. 
to r~ in Willing, ypafuv, myypa- 
f«iv. to — in print, httiSim. to 

— a supposition, ujrolap.6i.Kv, 1- 
sbtWwSbi. to — ont of joint, £i<*. 
iTpffui, napaiTp^jtiy, ifapSptfiv. 

to — a question to any one, irpo- 
"' , npttiih 

the ( 



a thing on board ship, 
HS&H.UI1* tic ri)r >aij». to — into 
one's head, yuan' ty.i", vopifnv, 
lj(i«fla< •fv&p.iti tfit. to — any 
one in mind of, aiainumMui * 
ime/upiiirjinriiu nvi ri J} xo6(. to 
— to sea, aniyiHrSai. to — into 
port, KaTa^Hflai.xiTHyHV i) xpeti- 
]£«» IT)» vhuv, oppfStoflal, JCBTai- — anyone onhis mettle, na- 
pappii Ti»a. to be — to anything, 
*»)[#«• B npiy/iara Jj(Il» uk*> «- 

wt fl *ipf ii. to ■ — any one hard 

To — about, tiaiciynur ; ira- 

Tpiwtrt, avooTpi*ti». to — again, 

^navHTifijiPH!. to — aside ( to — 
away, iwaiiMint, /urartoVvac, /it- 

away one's wife, ixo-xi/inin 1) In- 
Siiltir niv ymafira. to — back, 


further back, iij nfabu Sytiv ii 
■afiiiTiivBi. to — back to a place, 
(vavt.) nil,. &«*-/«»•« t*t ma io- 
»o», Ttaliv iitonJrtn. to — before, 
SoyHtMUtiv, bimtiW™. tO — 

between, napiptiiUii. to — by, 

ararrftM., KBpaTiflivoi. imworfy, 
irapamytry : a»o»Tp^j«iv. to — bya 
tbrust.irapainpouiio*., dnoWon-flai. 
to. — by, from, a)iirotita>,Biroiu- 
ptiv; 0'.) o'Jjyoipirv, i^t)tt»: il£y- 
X"i<v, JSii^yx""' to — down, * 


SiXA.iv. to — forth,<<T ( fliya<,itpei<flivai,, irpoSaMitBiM: 
(jSotv.) f ij.'i» : l>o* io*d»ac (pi *«•»). to 
— one's mind forth, impUyytriatt, 
BHO^aluiiy *. airojs afvfBvw n$v yvtA- 
/!«». to — forward, itponflivai, 
KjMnfufflr, ■(Wfaravai, irpoix'o'&ai, 
*(.»«*»«««<, to — one's self for- 
ward, tiafipm, inTtptittcr : Taxi' 
■in, Jirira^iiiHv, mttuJtiy. to — in, 

iu.em.u-j, 1»tM>o.,, i>tr<s<>B<, tic 

dSatrftw : iBTaEaJAiK (mip^a) : j. 
vB7roT<8(»ai. to — in a word for 
any one, ir«pa*rtrsfla* : wptp.&iX- 
lit*, nBpi>Ti8^»ai. to — in bail, 
ttpljC*" * npstaytni i-/jKBr>l>', fi- 
ty/uay T*ya : naf ayytJiAfcy r«, ffiroi^- 
fapx«i» to — into, fM0irrs>«i 
/iiran8tvai. to — into another's 
hand?, me-Tiutiv, iHiroifl^yat nil, 

iueffflai, aitoounOai i 1tep«x*s5ai 


K»K7sir0K!, AmAeIv! fwitti) rapi^i* 
r..i ilitlttt. to -t off any one with 
vain hopes, mvalf iinla pouKoArt" 
Tits. I am not to be — off with 
that,oO/«><«apKiri«STai: AvaSiJ- 
lurflai, iittpT/ieo-Sa!. o"<aip<8iiv. to 

on, AiNuf tu, 1tipiteUt«6a.t. 

O^lfrfiyuUoftaL. Kvauiiv, au^.rtvwjv3i, 

fcjaKfeuy, mpiMli.,.. W — Oil 
one's flhoea, unaoVo-flai. to — on 
one's sword, mSAwtirim to ((- 
fOf. to — onataK,rnTTnv)|/Tiiyfa- 
fEiv pfoo.: Ji«vuii«, javioOv m»- 
ii«: uitnabtiSoi irposiroitTtrBm. to 

— on a grave face, mrouo'aiwf (- 

upon, imnShxi, tpSalluv, t iriSaJ- 

ig ft signal, a<- 


eyes, ^ooftirciy touj o'pflal^oiJ! 
H: (/Jan..) a-/ 1( y {j=l;i { — (Stfo**- 
Jtf.) ; MtSotxi (a,'M^) : in- 

(C»vw«. to — out money on in- 
terest, jltl ri/.!A imtiUc. tO— OUt 

one's child to be taught, StSiiKt- 
uBcr.i wsAtat. to — out of one's self- 
-pOBsession, n^nw, QopuBilr n- 
y«. to — ont of joint, iixixpi- 
*«., iU&pcto. to — over, (to) i- 

&iJJnflKi. to — round, nsp^eii- 
X«v, Riajn8*Vw, to — to, iwtrtit 

y«i, n-sojTiSsuar : ;rj7»iiva:i, iiro- 
fiirpu»o:i. U) — to it. rapaTM.y 
Tiyi, ivox^'tivi. I shall be (hard) 
— to it, bxtpitrai, (vow.) fla ttptu 
t* knoplif. to — to the sword, 4- 
naiplZt, fovni«y, to — to haaard, 
nxpxtxllut, aiioitvttitt*. to — to 
a stand, ncM^m, muJuicv, o"<a*»- 
W.iv; ii{ hmpUst 5; inopov itaftf 
iTavai t««. to — together, «vv. 

«u»T(fco«i«. to — up, JKTiSinw: &- 

Df ab 

avuroSiIy, ixo"itJ*Kv 

,n«A>ac : 

B-mnrsuaiiiy : ctfSnv, awonfflnv. to 
— up with anything, itj»««« ft- 
pen, ayi X iafla., bifftfan, ofnSv, 
nipjut. to — np at any one's 
fj at a place, Jtaroliitiv napi mi 
1) nasa torn ft *• TOirai R>L to — 
upa claim to a thing, &{iou«, airrtv 
ti. to — np to sale h auction, a- 
mpireM*. to — upon, lrni9bac 
Pot, MS*. w»««fw(, fipcf"*': (to) 
tuScp*&, ohaJ&t: £Aaoray«, 4ira- 
tlnTRHt. to — about. &ia<rTpi- 
ftiQat, to — forth, (»hut.) «i«v 

UtJti.triflai: (vaur.) Kf*A«iv«(», op- 
p&oSai: to — in for, pirfpxwSat, 
o-irojo> it»«W»m iripi T<»of, ffnau- 
aVj»:sI*. " , 

Put, oft. iva-vum, v- iWwjPWMtj "■ 

Put, oft. jSJi{, Taiahtuees, ^USm( J. 

Pu'tage, oft. (ao/i.) Trapvita, 4. 

Pn'Unisra, oft. = irp. 

Putative, t'n. iciti%ip.tiot, tnK&i. 

Pu'tcal, oft. (fpixroi) iripi«Td>iov,To. 

Pn'tid, in. ■«»»(, ayopatos, ^auiot, 
Xu^bIoc — ity: — ness, oft. aoiyo- 
t-uf, f aulims, i). {/ia,ti. 

Pa'tlog, oft. (i W 'T-) fi«Jf«. &7»- 

Put-off,oft. npisxAi**, ri- -npiftotf, 
it: ayaSoJ*, 4. [jta*05^8i, oanpo f . 

Putrc'dinous, lie. totAtia, S-itoapes, 

Putrefa'ction, oft. ■flf't*, feJrafifa *: 
o-aKpirn;, vxitpta, fi. 

Putrefa'ctive, ^ir. ntntulf, luDinraf : 
— ness, oft. »H7tfiiT»)(, A. 

Pu'trefy, ?■ '. minw, ujioo^to., tmtri- 
■mt: — , p. ait- rtnpMt: — tng, 
at. = in. 

Putre'seenoe, oft. rf^f, nmpimt, A- 
Putre'flcent, in. oijirrt^iot, njnT«i(, 

Pulre'sciMe, ^n. iuo-^tttos. 



-ity ; - 

f if, Miqnnif , f/. 

oi. trU- 

PutriGca'tion. oi. Sp. Putrefaction. 

Pu'trilage, ov. »», ri. 

Pu'tter, oi. fltnip, Sims, I : — on, 

oS. ITHIIlilTJH, j. 

Pn'tting, oi. W»k, $. to nNnu ; — 
on, JniCaJt^, ^. a — down, xiTi- 

Pn'ttock,oi.(o>*.)Hp*| ) o\ t , ""<-ii. 

Pn'tty, ei. AifloiteWia, ij. (iJtuj, ij 
Xf&nxiol itxloupyol). 

Pn'tty, p\ «. xolifi, minyvS. 

Po'KZle, (S.t'. TCpSTTU, fflBTKp*TT(d, 
ovy^M, c*4 d-rroptav xaWffTv;^- to 
be — d, inopilv, 4/ii)jn»i[., 6 and- 
peif tivoi. to be — d about an an- 

anejcpWe«i: — , p. oil. ir.npoi, 

4: fupitit, i: — headed, Tapaxroj, 
nefup/iivot; i — r, au, A trc angptx-i 
xaflierfiv. — lingly , trrfp. rap «xtix fi^ 

Pn'zzolan (i — a, oi. *••(«, 4. 

Py'onite, oi. (op.) mnrfng«, i. 

P/cnOstile, »i. lapx<T.)7jux»d»Tulos,o. 

Pye, oi. irpaiKujtijrieiB", to% ip. «, 

Py-ebald, oi. 5>. Piebald. [Pie. 

Py'garg, Pyga'rgna, si. (o>».) iriynp- 
70,-, 4; (£«).) »l- m 4. 

Pygme'an, <n. nuypalss, va>v&e'i)«. 

iripm (f&f 

Py'gmy, oi. iruy/ialot, vflinof, S: — , 

in. nwyfitttof. 
Pylo'niH, oi. (ivru.) nulaipif, A. 
P/ot, oi. {«>.) M»s, 4. 
Py'ramid, irupaplf, ij: — -al fl: — 10 : 

Pyre, oi. m,pa, *! 
Pyre'tica, 0i.1t). ril^iit. 


Pyre'iial, Pyre'xical, in. nuprr&tns, 
Py'rifbrm, in. 4««no"ijj. [mputitif. 
Pv'rite, oi. (o> ) mptrm Kflo t , i. 
Pyri'tic fl: — al, Py'ritooa, lit. h, i, 

rt itvplTou Mm. [pirofopoo. 

Pyriti'ferone, in. (op.) nupiToflxof, «t- 
Pyrito'logy, oi. t« nipi tov imping 
Pyro'logy, oi. nupaUiK *. (iiflo/. 
Pyrotna'ntic, oi. nupofA±-iTit y i, 
Py'rope, oi. (sp.) mipwnbt, i. 

Pyro'techoy, oi. supoTfxvm), ^. 

Pyro'tic, In. nupunxij, lauoTinit : 
— , oi. ithuo-twJv fipptuov, ti. 

P/rrhicist, oi. nvpptxaiT/ii, t. 

Py'rnB, oi. (£ory.) ™o f , $. 

Pythago'ric *!: — al, in. Uvtayipasf. 

Py'thoneea, oi. llMa, $: fxp/t*xtb- ■ 
rpia, papp-axif, *. [jap^amii, i. 

P/thonist, oi. pivTi 5 , ^ : ^r/«c, yo^t, 

Pyx, oi. (4wi.) ttpg»4« l ,4i (»««.) 

KiSdTiuy iTijj i!U{ (|J« (, TO. 

Q. (it Jtprfp^TB*.) <f.) 500: JS'.) 
Q, 600,000 : (iv (uymiHtt) Q = 

Qua'b, oi. (i](fl.) *w6io(, o [question. 
Qna'ck, ^. oi J. koeeIiu, nJla^u, noJay- 

Tafoi. to — as a frog, mkfltjtn: 

/i»/aloppi/"Ovfi, xau;£0>p-s« : iyap- 

Toio), t>noxf;«. 
Qna'ck, xii?n» Tils x*™« iyup- 

Tvrt, f w»aj, laoirAavOf, : alnfi v, 4: 

— doctor, «opift«*»of inrpos, o : 

— medicine, iyupTiin, fnpuaxiia, 
^. IterptU jtaxil : ^-ery, w. ijvp- 

<. i- 

n/a, ttplpzix, 4 : &i«;oyfa, fl 

Ub, jit. ayupTUcIc — iam, oi 

•/op* tin, A. 
Qaa'etle, ,5. i. m(yu, naT*mlyv. 
Qnackaa'lver, oi. iyiipnt, nftfy/u- 

, H ;a T p* { , i. [0a«), TO. 

Qoa'dragene, oi. ouyxupijnipioy (tou 

Qnadrage'dma, oi. i (>oiv.) BiraJn 

THiapoaoimi: — I, in. Tuiapaxon- 

flii/npoc —la, oi. it). (<x*X) Bpoi- 

fopai, >(. [T<f- 

Qna'drangle, oi. (y»>fi.) twptty»yo», 

Quadra'ngular, is. rirpaTajnof, ti- 
tpajtttixit, rttfiayartalaf. 

Qua'draiit,oi.TtTiipTflfio'p(0»(itu*lDu) l 
TirnpTo*, ti: {Spyavor /*=0.) AitAc, 
4; — al, «ir. J, *, ri «a wwpw- 
^opfou: — Hi, eo. jcuSo;. 4. 

Qua'drat, «i. Tirsiywuov ipSoytbiiot , 
r4: {rvnyp.) rttpi-/w«s» (uio 4 

- /UtkUoi, rd. 

Qua'dratc, In. Tirpiywvoi, TiTpaya- 
viaiM: TiTpapipjj;, Ttrpifieififf, 

4 in' aJlMJuv inio-ri.K. 90" 

Qna'drate, 0. o&J. (with) ap/uSf*. <- 

Quadra' tic, fa.TtTps/uvec. [j>apfLof«. 

Quadra' tri.t, t>&. Qia».) Titpiyar/e* 
opfloy£vio», rrf: 4 Sti rflv rpiro/d- 
«» )>w»(a{ jta^inMij ypHju^iij. 

Quadrature, sv. TiTp3yw»io-«Sf, i: 
Titp&yavoi, ri: (oo-rpv.) 4 i* T »v 
*i(ou inosraaii iflt «H>„ ( xaTaOO" 

Qiiadre'iiiiinl, is. riTpainif, Tirpai- 
rnp«, iiii> ttair&pti'; — ly, inip. 

Qua'drible, in. riTpayatnTalai. 

Quadri-ca'paukr, ^.(p^m.)!**..™*. 
aapsts nspavi. — co'mus, in. ti- 
rpixtput. —dentate, in. (£or».) i- 
X&iv Wo'upaf iJovrat. — s'nnraZ, 
in. Ttrpairfa- —Ji ', Jit. t. 
no,. —Joilh foliate, in. 
fulios. —ja'gate 4 ju':t . 
Tirpafuyos- — la'teral, if. rirpi- 
itXtvpo,, — la'teral,o<>.(ytai)jL)ax$- 
/*a TiTBan)«uf)o>,ii. — la'teralness, 
oS. to T-iTpailtupov. —li'teral, in. 
i< rtnipmt yea/i/iaruv. 

Quadri'lle, ou. xmpTraidftit ti ; Sp- 
Xqaf,-, ti(- [ospat loSaw- 

Quadrilo'bate, 4 : — d, 'n, i^av Wo 
Qua'drilocular, ftt. (0ot».) *jj«* Wc 

aapa, n^Ua,. 
Quadnme'mhral, in. nrpafulifc. 
Qua'drin, av. ^uioEiiiis*, ntfyidrii 

JUxKtw, ri. 
Quadrino'mial, Quadri' partite, tw, 

Tirpapipit, TiTpa/ioipati — ly, i- 

nip. TtTpaptpAt. 

Qnadrjparti'tion, ot. ttrpa^/pua, %. 
Quadriphy'lloufl, in. (fJoi».) TiTpi- 

drireme, eu. (»aur.) Tirp^piji, 4- 
Quadri-Bylla'bic fi syHa'bical, in. -rt- 

>«jull«6o,-. — ay'llable, oO. JVfif 

■.TpxtbilsCof, i, 

'drivalve, ^>. (£stv.) TiTpaUi-pot. 
Quadri'vial, in. rtrpaoo" o(. 
Quadroo'n, ou. Tiiipnj y4n« ^ in 
•(low /pilars! yovfapi". [ri. 
Qua'dnlraane, oi. T«rpax"p=» f" "' 
Quadra' manoiis, in. (|>oi.) Tirpa- 

Z«'C. *, $• 
Qna'd-raped, ^n. TiTpinoui. a — ani- 



. tU. i 

airiifofisH. — ru'plicate, p. i- 
(saniaeiiftt. — ru'plicate, ftr. 

■panii(Tio{. — ruplica'tion, ol. 
panlatHEcrwit, i, — ru']ily, 1- 

'. irrpaTtX&i, tiTpanJairfuc. 
Quaire, npocraiir. Ip*u»>joov, ifirs- 

Qnaskir, ot. rapJaf, i. to be — , T«- 
/iiiumn — ship, oi. iim/i, 4- 

Qua'fF, p.oi*. (off)^n(.u ; pofli,na- 
Tappofi: — er, oi. nrfnii, p)B7i^- 
riH, nfinaViit, i ■ — ing, 06. n4r»j, 
3. ftJionov£a T 4- 

Qtta'ggy, '". fJ<iJl(, Jifi»iiJjj(. 

Qua'gmire, °6- **°f, Tix^a, t*. 

Qua'D, f. M. nniii», inonr^sn*.: 

Ha, >i. 


-j. arj//i(a, iti - 

Qua'il, oi. (op. )ipruE,l. a small — , 
opruyioii, rJ. to keep — s, tptvyt- 

Qna'mt, in. yiapvabt, naSapioj, «o/j- 
fbs, *6iffU0f. tipyirriicbi, xuiUti- 
mv^iitf ; riz«fii, T«x»^«it, tea- 
liiict : Scu/iiaiat, oAA^jc#ts«, na- 
pS:toi«f:—Aj, intp. Ko»^fi(: '«- 
[ xxa&f: napnodSiii: — ness. ou. 

■ gu - fr 

K0fif6r>]s, xotiixiorvn. h: TO Qpvr.ri- 

«<fv: tb itap&Soljov. 
Qua'ke, p. oil. ipoSoufixi, rptpn,Tpo- 
pit*, fpiaaa. : rcao'tro/iai, trtta, 
iraiio/iai, atie/iM: — , «f>. rp6p.ot, 
i. fptxr,, ''i. eila/ia, to : — r, ou. 3 
Tpt/ieav. (&c*i.) Kouaftioot, i: — 
ism.ow. ta Jo-//iaraTuvKouajt(pui' L 

Qna'king, cv.Tp&/*of,l. fpUr,,-^. «r- 
«■,-=, Ts : — grass, ai. (£ot..) fi 
Pj/fa, r« pp,£ouSH jutb. 


Qualifica'tion, oi. r* xoiouvTa n» 
ijfa.ov iioei, ««», T<l. <J>MIS, f>. 

sforarnler, Tiwi 

" «M<*< 

ii)f , ii{uJT)j s , is ouo-ia, A. to possess 
the necessary — & for anything, 4- 
nttiiSsiov JJ xptirtiinv i'va* irpof Ti: 
— b of mind, tifuta, ^: iripiopi- 
afibi, A: ikiTT&vtf, fxtlotirit, avro- 
)>j, -fl: Tiapzjifliypa, ri. (noiy.Jiuyxj. 

Qaa'lifledness,ou.[KivoTj] t ^. [^jaiic,^. 

Qua'lifier, oh. i i««vo« itoimv Ti>>a t) 

Qaa'lify, p. i. app.i(<a, hpop/ti(ti: 

TTOCM Tivi HVHI T£, 1), JtTItSJuOH «- 
va, 7ip,f; I,, l KS ,S>; U „S, <ru«Wl- 
)w: Tiipiopf f*i ,nap af fliyyo/i«i,(xo iv.) 

Qoali'tative, *n. irouoTiitds. 

Qua'lity, oi, icohStik, ii-. jnlffit, i). t! 
oWirii hit, ri unifi^oj. particu- 
lar —, ro [ Jcov, llit*p.o, r j. it is a 
— of man that, ivflp^nou 1stJ>. 
(■. oitapi/i)!.). the qualities of ani- 
mals, TB :ui fisiav ^ tb nipt Ta 
££a : Jn^iis JtaBurif, ■)■>««!?, JJ. 
TpimHot, flfln ri; jwis, $ui), i: 
■ra&f, 4. iffa/M, to. ijSa, 4. a 
person of — , yip'/"!, ivrifi 05, (i- 
T<»)«, *. 1 1* tU*i (fi») : ppxrpCa, 
OWt-iJlia, $. (««.) IVVTpOffa, ft. 

people of every — , a.SpwTroi ita- 
<r>K Tafi»i(. to stand in the — of 
a relation, of a friend, etc., 
■i7)w>*0f ft ^tlsu An, 

Qoa'lm, oi.«juy/iof {aiuas-ss), £ • > 

Quanda'ry, iv. fforsni, 4,uo>[o-6^t.]- 
31,-, ^. ivioiaspi% i 6. BTTfl^ca,^; - — , 
|S. J. tif Biropiav ft atjpo* KtcMrrq- 

6iriKi{, nanjTUTi, «W8«|, apiS^O. 
there is a — difference between 
Jthings, nMe«**loiiyihi)«*i- 


(TOTlJi,*. Trlflflof, 

great — , if flouia, ^. according to 
the — , *aT« tJ ««ff»ii. a certain 
— , iroo-iv T(. without — , Sitoffof. 
to state the — , iconSv ■ (aafl.) ««. 
ffiSrnijn: (7p«/iO /i4Tpo»,To;(uom.) 

, oi. I 


to perform )> pasB — , rasupitar- 
" Vfipti pi"" tt» T«( ItoJlBC 
(v»/».) i Tiasxpa/crriti h f j^pa 
jiiviE ^v T^ ockfa tou isuT^( avipof : 
— , p. <. (»(t»T.j riS^u virJ byiu: 
vo/iiKqv naAapsiv. 
Qoa'rrcl, >i. Swyopk, Ipif, b/iftieyla, 
S. n(«of, ri. object of — , [pw/ia, 
ri. to have a —with any one, o\a- 
fiptaSai naif tivb ft /iitb t(vo ( , i- 
pffuv m(. to pick a — with any- 

Qna'rrel, ov. pilot lyo* iaSJita* S- 
■pav; WiOi-tirpiyniii, 6: aJauei 
i{Kinn.,Tl ti Mov i ). 

Qua'rrel, p. oii. ipi^f, tisynlS*?"! 

ipilovuK&j 8 i^ojraroi, Siaylpopst : 
ho.mnif.ia, ■tpofp.dxo/tot: — , p.i. 
tutdwtm viIkos itpit Ttva: — lor, 
oi. JJl)6»n*3(, ipuT/lt, fiisptrryli. 

|. — ling, i. filaviiKla, ipi<, $ : 

Q.U 94 

— lingly, Mp. ipitiTtKUi-. — Ions, 

fili'pit. to be — some, juJonmiiy. 

a BOme fellow, yuinucot, ^a- 

X>)ruac, i : — soinely, hip. ipirrt- 

icuf : — soroeneae, eu. f[)o>«jt(a, 

t/ut, fiieltKla, v. 
Qna'rrier, oft. iMtifUt, lihrl/ut, t. 
Qua'rry, ei. nrpaymyai HBot, t. a- 

IptuiiK [Uphi.ii>), to : Lfwpif Btfpa ( , 

o: Uk TiTfd-}>u>Bf, J: jSiiof iu- 

«Xi, to 1 . 
Qua'rry, aft, iaTouiioy, to. larjafc, 

JuAtra/ifo., -fl ; - — man, ou. lani/wt, 

iifmpjii, i. 
Qua'rry, (S. £ lamaO: — ing, au. t( jcl. Maa.a to Ik Tfi. 

)aT0/i-)«.r«* Kflajv. 
Quart, *u. (jtitpoi) xaftUj, • : (°p=s 

j(ooT0H5iiyvIani) TirctpT ij . $ : 

in. iirapTalof: — , oft. n 

Quarta'tion, 06. fop., k. ptsnl.) 4 
(Ul{l( TiTapTou Irpif rirapTey. 

Qua'rter, ei. TirapTB/iopioy, T^rep- 
*•», ti( : — of a year, rfowt, ii. 
Tpi/i>)naio( jipciiOf, : — part one, 
pia kxI Tfraprov: Tpt/tV—v, ti : 
irtU\rri( riraptoy, ri : «)i>a, to, 

• x* OB i^-ttiefour — softhe heaven, 
nc copat Tsi) oupayoQ. in southern 
— 8, iV /luij^Spia :^up(8», to: — 
of a oity, xAjni, i. to divide the 

Jin kit* mi/iat. from all — s, mv- 
Taxofliy. from many — a, noJIaxe. 
6»: (t>ol.) cuii), 4: vLKTipuipa, 
Ti. vncripiv^ o-i^vi;, ij,, 0. 
(up.) MimlaJ. smtvoipiB, orpKTii- 
«fri, rd. to put into — a, j«n»oDy. 
to assign as — s, iiriaraS/iitlHy. to 
take up — a, laTBOTpaieirid 
oDar . to take up — s with any 

move one's — s, HauHCttSai; (up.) 
A..oTa6>ia, ra : (orp.) Z ap« f u *«, 

$.to ask, cry — ,4 call for — ,*«■ 
pamUta rt» ^fc.. to give * grant 

- QU ■ 

— , myztxpiX* tot plev; (hut.) irpv- 
/■**, ^: (/ l 'Tp ") »*»*> Ww"°'t '' ! 

— badge, oft. (y but.) 6upit(Tfl(Kpu- 

/"■!<)■ 4; — bill, ai. (mut.) Jia- 
ra{i s ^y vaoiiaxla: — day, eft. 4 
irptiTit Tofi Tp</i*vi>u 4/t^pa : — 
deck, aft. (vawi.) npiifiya, $ : — 
master, oS. ora6>oo'o'r.|(, iiriorafl- 
««*, i : (vavl.) U7reyau«l>)pe{, e : — ■ 
point, ei. (vavr.) ritapToy, re": — 
sessions, at, af Tpcyi)v<alai o"«aort- 

naJav Uvmiti, to. 
Qua'rter, 0. i. -rtTpi>y_iira: iitf&v, St- 
a<p*: dfti&IUtt, t«»»*»X*,' f"'* 
f«: ffrafljua, ^TUTaS^iuu. to be 
— ed, jra T aj K i,yw, j IIC « (inl 
a.'icoj.) ri'Jujut: — , p. oil. mojvii, 

^uar'terage. rpipiiviala irposoJej, ^. 

Qoa'rtering, ol. TtTpazi'fo s, S : ixil- 

y»ii{, itaTaiit^yua-it, *i : T« finfMi 

rnv imtrta (oixooiinou) ; (»/>X 1T -) 

irrflla,, af. 

Qua'rterly, ««. rp(p.ii>rala(, Tpifiy pif- 
"■ ■ , ^n(p. o"i4; Tprtou /irives. 

ot. (jUtpoi OypSv) TJTap- 
, ai, ri. ■ [-P^Byyo,, i. 

Quarte't 3: — te, au. irvpfoivia rtrpi- 

Qua'rtile, ou. (ioTp.) iija 
irlayqrfiy 90" an' eJli^uy. [«, To. 

Qua'rto, at. /SiSJfo- i» TtTept« .rx^/.a- 

Qua'rtrain, oi. Jp. Quart ain. 

Qua'rti, ai. !•>.} CtUlibc, t. 

Qna'eh,f.i.81(Sa.,Blii,iJwolS.e(jiJKT M , 
ovyTp(fo> ; Kaiainifa, itaiia, aara- 
irauu: (»o>i.) Um, fialuet, iva.pu, 
ino^qfitTa^ai fl Jiaypafa (J6<i)>): 
— , p. oil. tfiiittital, Sntv/xai. 

Qna'sh, ai. If. Squash. 

Qna'si, hdp. olo», aUul, &t**p, in «". 

Quassa'tton, ei. ouir/iac, Jiaom/iotjO. 

Quassia, oO. (|9a«.) Ta (.am.) *>,pt- 

Qna't, p. i. npi.^ [tuU>. 

Quater-Consins, oi. itJ. ouvytviI< ti- 
Taprau ^a6/iou, «(. 

Quate'mary, *ir. it Tianipun. the — 
number 4; — , aii. Ttrfit, 4- 



Qoate'rnton, ou. TiTpaoVov.ji. nrpi- 

Quate'rmty, eu. rirpi 5 , i. [Sim, to\ 

Qua'trsin, ou. Ko/jiu-ttTirpiwTfxov,™. 

Qna'luor, 06. (itau<r.) Quartet. 

Qua'ver, t. ohS. ni.Uj>p«,, *?*>*, 

xpop& : Ttpetii;*, (j*mt.) piXlfa : 

-,o6.o(i.ri, l eu..dp- / ivou}*c lU *<- 

up.6f- (/iouj.) /uiirpbt, A: i itpt- 

Twpif fl to npit,ap.x (t«( fu>4{): 

(fioui.) ri SyStm p.lpBf : — er, ei. 

1 Tcpsri^ai fl i p.fkl%mi; — ing, 

.1. I,. Qamr. 

Quay, ou, -npixupa, ri. koijtt1(, $ ; 

'x^li »> : — of a seaport 3: — 

berth, H«!pn"<, y : — , £. ^- ~po- 

X&*vviH. itipajceivvu/M. 
Quea'chy, in. tpopmit, ree^cSo 1 !?!, i- 

TviTpo^ios: Jffnuf, laoio;, Ae^i&e'^f. 

Que'an, ou. TCupvrj, x a /' a * Tt ' Tn Jj ^ : 

<£*«*.)-,:■»«, *(VW'V«,r4. 
Quea'aiiiesa, 06. olir;, vauuta, -h. 
Quc'asy, /jr. afUopot, iix"at. Tpuj(- 

piGiaj: iSifrponot; vaus-iduj. 
Qneen, oS. jSaWliia, (JmOwos., iiii- 

«,<:—<:— bee, p«rfl«™« t«v 

fu)i(T(r(5v ; — consort, ofr. liroiifla- 
o-iiesi; ■yuv*. $: — dowager, ou. 
xty* j»a.tttw«, 4 : — like, eft. |8«- 
»i)iiip o/ioio;: — mother, (Sarnie. 
pinmp,i); — recent fl regnant, el. 
Awtyvathra jfaetiins. 

Queen, p. ouo". n»i; M tV)» pae-tiio-ic* : 
— ly, in. fit/atlltran iu.eioj. 

Queer, *tt. Qxvpatrui, aAAo«ore{, 8- 
TOnof. a — fellow. =»>ifi io'iorpeirat 
fl tlayt&iiiai % kliitatut, 1: — ly, 
*jri/>. vap*S6%ui, (^Wtox: — 
ne.«a, ou. to Sau/ianev, to iiJoie- 

Qaeest, ou. (op*.) f sira, i. 
Queint, TtspT. K.uir.nali.T.fV Queneli.' 
Quell, /S... nvmpoi. wjito; «<(;«, 
itauo,, iiiin M iiu:xiif<,««f«™ll- 
^«. to — a riot;* insurrection, nau- 
**v r^tf OTao*tv ; irpauaw, *aT«ffpau- 
(u: — , p. oto. S»);iniMt imtfufww; 
iJarrou/iH.i, /iiieS/iiu: — er, ofr. yo- 
•lif, : KKTa<[i<D-r4(, 3. 

Quench, p. i. aSiyiupi, anoaSivuupi, 
intaitivvupi.tQ — the thirst, etcy- 
*£>«<«*««<» r*, =>»: «»«*», 
fu-.(07«, a.eeSe.-u,.,: .u.T«i«, 
koJitCm: —able, iit. eW( « eStv- 

yusBai ■ — ei*,qu.ea6svvO«v,0St0Tii0', 

J; — -ing, ou, oSitriijij: — leas, in. 

fA< ivi{ a i„nre !: — lvwiv, 

inip, nvifaitfTrroic — lessncss, eu. 

to ajStore.. 
Querci'tron, ^1. (f3erv.) 6 Ja.fldi fA- 

ftiputeiMrsf), Spilvoi floiis. 
Que'rcue, ei. (^ot..) * f 5 (l i. 
Qucre, op. Qutere. 
Querimo'njous, in, Spqnofac, fn/n«- 

^oipec — ly, jjr(p. pipiJHitrtpuf : 

— TJi'ss, eu. /Atpit/ittptx, i, 
Que'rist, ou. iptn&i, ;>)r>]Ti)j, J. 
Querk, ew. ^x««iF H , T ^"i/"", "er- 

»ouf7i7fia, rif. 
Quern, oi. x«pofiu) n , i; — stOiie,e&. 

/»uKri( k. /iuidiStt M8os, t. 
Que'rpo, ou. xtreittojMi, 0. x«=Ji"o», 

to. in — , iSonSijTo;. 
Que'rquedule, ou. (o'pv.) iMo t v^ae fi ,, 
Que' nitons, in, ojudtuo;, /iivupbj, 

fiiiarorot ■<jiiii.otpli(,ip-niiiSr,.i; 

— ly, inffi. Wli/STlirfSf,' S*n«Jiis : 

— ne&3, ou. re 6SupTiK6v, y.tifpifici- 

pta, ^.^ 
Que'ry, ou.^ptorii/jn. TJiBo5Di«[,Ji.lo 

propose a — , irpoT.fvin irpaiHoi". 
Que ry, p, olJ. ipuTa.irKpoiTeJj iruv- 

flave/ial : lyo'eia^oi, iinrotw, airo- 

p&: — , ^. i. ?^iffi; i/ifiiBTiTu, 

np^cyvoa, OTTIfTTOi. 

Quest, ou. frttii«-i[, Ipiuva, *1. in — of, 
ipiuvoO-Toj. to be in — *of any- 
thing, iiiTtTv, ava;>)Ti[v, tWvaiv ti. 

-man,ei.(.o^.)«. T ao-Tfe^.u. 
»i7T^(,i: — monger, eu. pUti*tt t i, 
Que'stion, ot. ^/jiiTiiiiit, 1$. ifeTrityia, 
ri. jtuo-n(, ^.toputa — toany 
one, ipvTi* Tiva. to answer a — , 
iprnTriSirra imtphtaSm. in tlie 
form of a — , iptngiarait : npi- 
UuK, (4na/iK, Ti. nporaei;, n u 

— is raised, txtptttm, iiu^tc- 



au ' 

Siilu* -wpi- j Qne'stuary, h. fAaKipUii, kpyv- 

eamt. that's poli/t;.' 

&a,Tfi t (icB<>.) | Qoi'b, «t. wfifljux, To 1 , aaaxxipb;, i. 

. what is the i Qiu'bble, •*. aifia/ia, ri. iiirrolsyd, 
impx-/<nyi,, $. logical — fl, nX'io'u 
oialutritui, a!, petty — , atxptfi-' 
n/i-bt, t. aKxixBupiixr jdi, to: — , 
p. oii. aofC(o/iXi, iiTroJo-yi: — r, 
icpl Tsunu ai/o; li- ' ov. i|Ttnj»,if-/of, eofiariK, i. 
il. Iiiltyf, A: (uoy.) Quick, ^it. jtivijTit, «" 

that, oiw &n<pt(&n-riBi. without — , 
auUii, (ton.) esvz/i* iSoJmj. the — 
i... «t*Tfe», w^biSm zpj. that's 

another — , 

$if€tf 11701 c, r|. ivooiao-fii;, 1. iito- 
p's, *: pao-a»B(, jj. /{trao-ue;, o. 
to put to the—, P*™<Ch». in — , 
;-<ivo-Jftsvi(. the matter 4 point in 

- — , Jta^opov, Au^rsSflTij^a, ro, 
beyond all — , &va/iycW-/««, ava/i- 
pio"6flT^i«(. out of — . stva/ifi$A- 
/s>(. to beg the — , uTtoJlB/iSixiv, 

OmtrtiiSat. to make a— of, 4>- 

ci|€i)Ttl>, iyvotla nt(3( Tivot. to 
bring into — , nxpxSaliur t. ita- 
«s6a)lnfat ri. toeall in — , i»a- 
«(»«» «»■. to be out of — , i> oi- 
attic itvai iiytt. you Jose sight of 
the — , Hlftx&tl tou Ad-vou. it 
bits nothing to do with the — , tu- 
ft* npo; iitof, ripapyx raura. W 
!l«k — B, Jlf>0Tl(*»W * Kpttiilm 
itpotiattt. previous — , irpoToo-i. 
nijji ftja6o/^5 Tivof, 
Que'stion, p. ouo\ ^o»Tfi, AnpurA, 
xuv&ivofiat: tixU?B)ix, ■ (with) t- 
p(£u, JwaioioTfi. by — ing, Ipn- 

xpiiai: aiifitiliM, tlttx%u, iiro- 
oij : — able, In- A/t^rtolOf, a/»f* 
Jo'/of.i/ijmtiiinftjijiiat: — fcbleneas, 
ov. ri a/tftttlM ; — ably, Mp. 
a/if iZi'/a ;: — aiy, i". ^pwrwv, ttiu- 
(TrvjpEOf. ncuaruot; — er, 0", ipco- 
t»», 0. If<««4(, i: — int, ->u. tf«- 
Taor,)(, ipcvwtin, A: (iv navon- 
RifyKtfai) iiiro^flpiot. o; — less, fa. 
ina/i^rtoyet, ava/tpifSVirqret; — 
lePB, ^irfp. nJ?^iJr/J r /(H)i, 
Que'stur, oi. e^ffotpofiiJaE, 4: — 
ohip.ou. 4 tou BwmpvfiixKB; *%ix., ia/iafo;: yojr/oj: ta-^i;, 
o£uf, &Wj;, OoOf, fUOTfOpOj: £fa?i. 
(tii, i/iif<a^0(, ifiSwf. the — ■, oi 
EAnif: (with), *■/*>»», f/itisuta, 
iynua,-. to be — with child, fyriwa, 
iyaip.wtli : yapyii, ip-Txiiii. &"• 
vo:, iiimjpo;, iju; : — of hand, 
rxxiixtip. A, If. — of action, raj(u- 
*p/o(i — of growth, rxxuSXx- 
bto(: — to anger, ofuGujUos: — 
of hearing, >{inliMc: — of learn- 
ing, ivp.xaJn- — , be — I £7" W, 

i-yKO-ui, 0-m.uii.. to be — about 

anything, taj^uj noiitv 11. they 
are not very — at it, ov o-Ktuiau- 
a-iv: — beam. oi. (^oTv.)ia, tnji; 

— born, ^it. ?flv yirirfitt; ; — 
changing, in. *//(« rpofiif; — eyed, 
in. Taxys t^» opaiiu; — grass, 06. 
(£ot».) ^ J«vjij typmnt: — lime, 
ov. tltiv8{, aoo«TTO(, 5: — match, 
i)i.(Tii» itueo£sli* r .£ii)t<-'<Fjau.u,Td: 

— aaud, ou. <ripti t , t : — scented, 
In, oJii{ T.j» bfjjounvi — set, oi.v 
(£qtv.) a;;i f Jo(, Aox/ifl, alalia, 
q. ia/ivs-j, a — sighted, in. i&ttp- 

i"*s, sfuumi; i — Bightedneas, ei, 

sivtipxtat, 4(uiinlx, ii: — silver, 
«6. (o'p.J uipipyvpas, i: — silver- 
ed, in.'if. — 
■ winged, in. T a Z uirii p3i : —wit- 
ted, Ik. trffpaif, dJrro)to( : — wit- 
tedneas, 06. B7x(»sia, ^ : — , ixlp. 

TO-Xiili, ( J K lUIUSlI (Of. 

Quick, 06. o-apt, ^. to cut to tha — , 
Juptt" 4r xp(o. to touch any one to 
the — , lvnil> 4 &»ia» ma: furtv 
BiiJev, t^ : (p«r..) iypwrlt i liu- 

(Ill . 

, p. oio\ ipfux 

«., f«< 

iftlpm, nipejuyw, wapappS: tnsi- 
ytt t Bictu&w t TKXv»tt,imTaxvvo>: — , 
}.»&!. 5&>onaieuuai, JJoayoyou/im, 
l/ift/XOVftat : xooG/itH ra^fac: 'y - 

'■JflOVWT W, 0*. ;»I07TOC4(, fullu- 

pfiy, J: — ing, ou. fweireftffis, //"- 
fu*'«, *■ 
Qui'ckly, inip. raxiiaf, tbexu, ojri 5) 
tifc Ti X o Ui , A. t*x«, Kr* anou- 
cV- us — as possible, in tsx'- 
ot«, we lixtna, ti)» nqcfmgi. as 

— as he conld,£; hj;< f*x"«i. 
Quickness, ei. raxvriii, h. ^X'f. T ^ : 

— of wit, Adnata, $'• — '" learn- 
ing, iiu/iitcia, i : ivipyiio. Spa,, 
vrapti-rit i, 4 : 7<ipt&*1t, nf et pit-ns, 
itipyu*. 4: oJvtik, o'/5i y iiviiji, ^. 

Quid, oi. fidcninij, ij. 

Qui'dam, avflpomos t. ( . [(^««»). 

Qnj'dany, ou. ni/i/ia r« inl auooivim 
Qm'ddittjve, in. afouuint, rfyoumos. 
Qui'ddity, 06. oivla, ft. it, 16. <pie,t, 

i ; ,6 f «,p.a, ri. 
Quiddle, p. ou J. f iuaeO, m{fe>, lr\p& : 

— r, eft. jnHipoWyot, *• 
Qui'ddling, ou. piuipCa, ^BpoJoyia,^. 
Qui'dnunc, o«. TroiunpnT/Awv, matip- 


""Qui'ence, fi.oit. v^X^", '•■/&■ — 
nee: — ncy, ou. $™xfa, V"*> '" 

ix.favx°i, fyt/ixlof; (ypa/i.) h»»- 
yo t . t, — nt ietKr, if (ovey ypi/i/iir, 
to: — nt, ou. (y*-ajt.) to fij>o.»o» 
ypx/iiix: — ntly, fa^». <> myj! 

Qui'et, cr. fax", faptfifc, iipi/tat- 
0;, fa&X—t, =np*j/in>v. a man of— 
steady character, Ifiip nimni)- 
/livBf, 0. to be — ^suxia. Ix«v $ 
«'/ll>- i}pl/nty, orpi^iity, tcTpt/iiicii: 
cuJfO;, atrvpotyTQh yaivtis- ina- 
frpjs, IUKo)o«, t&fptH. 

Qui'et, oi. fyruxte, r)pi/t(x, ipitirjtii. 

Jui'et, £. i. i)!vxx%*, tatKttim, ipt- 
pifa, yaJijv^M: — er, 06. i faux'- 
£».; upij-tanoibf, t: — ing, *Tt ]j- 
mj;a jtiko,-, irpaiyrimff: — ism, ou. 
(^«J.) t4 iiiycii. <v ipt/ila, ri *a- 
«uvafm ri niftt:— ist.oi. (i«).) 
i tctnvi[iii ri 7ti9>i : — ly, imp. 

iSopiiSoif, i^OJ.l]T(; sipiqautii,-. til 

take A bear anything — ly, fall- 
oii 4} np&otf fiput tc, TTjsau^ ^ vf 

.. *«x*,*- 

iraui<{, r). eav*TS(, d. 
Qui'll, ou. niix/iot, itauiit irripOu, J. 
nplyt nr<p«u, ^: aitavfli (uirpiy- 

»[)*[< rpo», i^, Mp/I;, ^ i.invxil, 4 : 

— bit, ou. rpuitavoy, id: — driver, 

Qui'll, p. i. nri»», Tti^«. 

Qui llet, ov. rnff ifffia, t* : npofieif, n. 

Qm'lt, at. oxtir^, *. n^di/tit («)i- 

Qni'lt, p.(. Sizpp&nTi*; — ing,ou .if a- 
Qui'na, Qni'ni a , 6. (t» v .) Quinine- 
Qui'nary, in. ic«»rafw8(. 
Quince, ou. m*»n(« fi^lia, nuJaiyta, 
i: Kuo^ixov (fijjlev). «r^og9('s», to: 

— tree, oi. KuJoivia, ^. [j;cao-t(. 
Qui neu'neial, iir. z'a aids : — ly, isle. 

Qui'ncunx, oh. (iw^i, * : (p'or..) 

■ivraoroixa', T<f. [y-yos, to. 

Quiui'ne, 06. ((are.) xnf>«», TO. «■/■ 

Quinqu-a'ngular, itt. iwyTayaivoj. — 
eca'paular, in. (JUn.) lx<*' «•'« 

Quinque-de'ntilte, in. tgfM nirrt *■ 
o-d.T«e. — fid, 4*. (far*.) n>» 
ffz ,^ f . —fo'iiatt 4 fo'liaUd, In. 
(|4ory.)iri*r=*vi)0(. — tfUfl,t*. 
Qua ni»rt ypiiijina. — ia'bute- 


— to'bated, «*. (j9«rv.) !*«> *'" 

Qninque'nnial, is. tmmitiK, loi i 
Quinquennium, aft. iri»t««iipJ( , ij, 
Quinque'partile, lit. itunE/Hpifa. 
Qiiinque'reaie, oft. m&< ij murtpif. 
Qui'ii que- valve, ofr, ustxi ii Trivial), 
pes. — valve I) \a'lvular, in. niv- 

Quinqu'ina, oft. uvfeev, to. 

Qiu'nt,.l.(i.™.y.« z ^™« s )*iTi / .i.T,. 
Qui'utniii, oft. ptiiff cni/idou. Tij. *«• 

fu«D^aX' H > >™pUKo6oifa, 4- 
Qni'ntal il : — ine, eu. ifr^a. iKBTo\. 

Wot.a, of. oral*),,, i. 
Quintit'tsoiice, 06. xpxntnt, to in- 

Quintessential, it ti> i( xlSipCou. 


Jra tt*'vti »j JiavfoTi (xopouv ovif- 


Qui'r.tile, «i. (Amp.) 1, Airdo-Tajis 


itXanrrAi in' aJUrilvv ««T« 72°. 


Qui'nlin, oft. is. Quintain. ' 

Quintuple, is. JM.raTrloe j, ■ntmadi- 


Biot ; — , p. i. imrtntlcUiK^ti. 

Qui'p, su. ttpzop-ia. j(lw„, 1}. JKoip- 

- it 

,.«, to. ««7p4,, *. [<.(£* 


Quip, 0. 4. yttpTo/t&, xlma T a, tsTa. 


0^ it, 4. s^ko-tjjb, 


(with) ^-T«„e a , W s r,.a. 
Qlll't, rtr. UivOi^o;, i»Autoj. to be — , 
XivrBat, inoMiofiat, ifttrixi. to be ' 

— from, iiiufltpev I'vaf tiioj. I 
shall be — with you, BftsoWu 

0-01 njv z«p"»: — claim, nil. &k6- 
f«{if, i: — claim, p.i. ifltsapai 
i) tiurta/tat tinof, %aipnt is ti : 

— rent.ot/.x).rtpi»/Q[XiHyiTZf>6iO$az 7 it M 
Qui'tcli-graiU, oft. (£otv.) njpams, $. 
Qui'te, ftrfp. «»(, naviut, tietmlfit, 

««.Tiira«(»),«.T( : —happy, 
tb na-jTa tbSalpoiv : — sure 5| safe, 
oaf jo-THToc, p<6ajTaro(: — right, 
'ts, Wp. oiui, oJorr^cpfit. we are 
-, ouo"tji(a airjjir.c imapx" f* TH - 
(u rifisv. to be — with any one, 


'iarf «aJ " 

■«wt, i- 

!, *. 

ji'tter, 06. jraTal«'it»»; iltuBipu- 
C, )i sliitfUl (ini t«v mi*. In- 
a): — bone, oft. atly/ni ri (fct.i 
i«j iirJSs iTrnot.). 

, oi. fnptrpa, $. fctpttptiit, 
1; — ed, lit. ipxptrpittpSpos. 

It'ver, fl.oiiS. xpsiativftai, ita)/o- 

l.) ^«At»ic, 0. 

pal, i/i*iUo/iai I (with) T^faiu, 

, to. )inTo)o;ffa,)j : 

Tpo/ifli — ing, ou. upaJaviif, Vj. 

To^a, vj.ft,,, 4: 

Tp^/ioj, ita)/jo(, 0: — ingly, Mp. 

: &xpi$tia,ii: fat. 

Toc/tiKai. . 

auJ^v) ^fip i| ; — 

Quixo'lic, br. /intuit, eavTBHtioin. 

>,, {!»«»!,. 

Qui'xotisui, Qiu'xotry, »i. JuieKoroi 

. ttbC, quit ». qoit- 

ani's,M. x l«««e-. f .«Ait™: — ', mfi^- 

i»TaJlt/ n », 

pa, x*.tiao-fiB : (| — zer,eu. o-Hii- 

ilil/it, iraoaJiLi.-s), 

irois, b : — »ial, in. naimxif ; — 

oil ioi ta v) : u»itrr h- 

ring, t*. x'-«wi. 4- 

*TVn, «n0T(A&, 

Quo'dlibet, eu. Hfut/tK, ri. JtnroJo. 

nUo, iiroJutyjO, 

7 (a, fl: a-UYJCfBjua fisAiifiSv, tb. 

»lf*! (M/l.) ■*•- 

Quo' if, oi. ««/:uf Blot, : — , p. 1. t(- 

wv:(to)*ir/)'«ffi t 

8>)«< ItHpuf xl»*. 


Quo'iffure, aft. i*i«if ilan; K*T/ia,-,i. 

ftU &j 

Guu'il, et. Coil. 

tjlio'in, ■<>. (np^lT.) sfK^ssyuvixIof li- 
. Sot, 4: (ruityp.) irnMu, t. 
Quo'it, ab. timet, o. to piny at — s, 

t) tO throw a , Sir ituttii. Standi. 

playing at — a, liaKotaKla, % • — 
caster fl thrower, at. Jn.nrij, o\- 
s-itoSdlos. J; throwing-, ou. Jio-xiu- 
f>«, ri. 
Quondam, fa. 4, q, i o nilai, io/al- 
o,-, italacdj : — , fa<>. mtl«, not.. 

Qua' of, p. Bit. Throb. 

Quo' rum, «6- airnjorfa, i). 

9 KA 

nafwCali), y. [ton.) in 

Q,w> , U,p.i.M„H*z,*p, 

fJpf, npoBiihf 
{«...) ^ai^w, 
{rt» ftp*. M») 

Qao'th.r*. »**.(*» Z| 

sp«ir«i *ai rpfriji 

rSw»*»w» Xr™ vw 

Qooti'dian, fa. 9, 4 

p'p"'t my«*(, ■ 
Qno'tient, »i. to bh 

R, ^> ov/xeiri! R^ b.) rex, regina : 

" ?'.) royal, y'.) rare. 
Ra'bbet, oA, kpnoyt, w^CsJ^, jj, ip- 

/ioj, 4; — joint, oi. ap/iis, 6: — 
plane, efc. {vmpat, ri. tiitpi. i). 

Ra'bbet, p. i. !jii«;u, K«(s/i^(foi 

fas itppayi-s, twf/ufgtl, faap^Jfu; 
— ing, si. i-p/ioyfi, i. 
Ra'bbi, 4: — u (ul-Rabbiee), =&• 4*6- 
Si, hunfanfc, A. 'PaCGlvo;, i : — 
nic: — nical, fa. 'Pa6mKo<: — ism, 

nistij: — nite, si. 'RaBdioTiis, i. 
Rabbit, si. ((uti.) irsvulgt, 4. ItC*. 

pif, i. Irytila*, ri : — ry ij : — 

warren, ev. Mnixlorpefilw, ri. 
Rabble, oi. o-uppiroi. S^Jot, 4; — 

charming, fa. o'^Joitonpc — rote. 

ofi. fiajTOloylK, ft : — root, ov. otip- 

Rabble, fa. TxpxxdiSnu <rupfiT&Si}f. 
— ,t.ait. f lvap&, ialaycS, io'oli- 
*X* = — ntent, «6. mif>o)iTos, o. 

Rabdo'idal, **.{&>*?.) pxttavlfa. 

KaSl&t>'logJ,ot.(iiH9p..)b«etoXi> 7 ta,i,. 

Rabid, fa. fiavnos, /*av«S4i](, iui- 
aalfoc, luoo-w^^i ; - — neae, av. Jgv- 
ff«, ^ : pat-ia, **p*f po.6.i, i. 


Ra'binet, o&. iMoj 4 
Ra'va, «A. iti«uTO(, 
Rhcco'oh, tti. tWo« ' 
Race, 06. yivof, to, 
t4. of the same - 

pill OS, iftol-irtt 

rqSvArw, i. 
Race, oi. i&, ri. ="po>os, 4 
Tio J|3 o^^q ,19 . ahai 

4a&<,4.^iufia ) ti 

jUrii(, Spofify-i r) 4 
Race, 0. oil}, irraoi 

fos, 4: tpop.(af it 

Racema'tion, at. j3d 

4: i/*i«Aoufi7fa, i 

Raoe'me, oi. (,%rv.' 

Racimi'feroua, Ra'eei 
fa. perpuefipst. 

RA 9 

Ra'cineas, eu. 4 U til, iiifovt >tO«< i 

ihrfviu (, », £*ou<), it. 
Rack, oi. it-piSA.], jj. isiuTijpisv, 

^MBVlOTVJpiOV, T<f. Tpfl;(if, '- tO 

put to the — , orp(Siauv, (Saoavf- 
S«v: awav. to put any one to the 

* F *,Ti F V™l f*W (f<L), 4 I 

.'oxapa, 4. MtUf, 4: (»w».) ■»!• 

Rack, oi. vwt»{, 4. vStov, to. 
Rack, eu. niffltu uso iou Ant/uu jji- 
popivai, at. 

Rack, oi. **AnTpe», rd. Waxaw, $ i 

■ — rent, eu. jiHpis npi;oio t , ^ : — 
renter, oi, i AitoTivoiv T^« nMp« 
v&otc. [(«.v.)p a ^. 

Rack, (ovrl Arrack), ti*fouu/ut, ^. 

Rack, p. i. Ttf.u,«. TKviiui «a- 

(Tavt^'J. 0~Tpt6}&: 1Hp(*o'ir70J. *ia- 
o'iuu («vo>a ft *>1ttl«") : (off) Kic- 
TKiTKfirilLu (mjot), aWfgu : — , p, 
oio". (tVi «pi)(o») fipopxt una tJSv 
iW/uw: — er, o&. |3a««yijnj{, npt- 
€Aoir4c T A : SJifiiQf) A: Katavaytt*' 
rtifc, *. 

fta'cket, e4. iWiurt* pinaiat rrpot 
sfipiff[x6^ ; ifiofot, iraTayo?, &6pv- 
fioi, 1: pAtJovttz, J. to make a 
— , keep a, SepuGiIv, Siputn noiif- 
d-bWi: (imoJn/iit) x<oyohht({, $: — , 
p. * ft«tf« (Racket) : — , i. o«<S. 
flopiifcS. 6opu6o» miaifteui — y, in. 

Racking, oi. arp46iuns, 1,. to put 
to the — , OTpiSAoui: Iwwis (i- 

(ohov); — can, oi. ota/iMs, ij: — 
pane, oi. to «;tb ut^lof ^ASttfut 

Ra'ey, oi. iiriSfuv yijc Jfifv Jfiyu, j-iv. 

Ra'ddle, p. J. itipntUxoi, o*ucrrpty*> : 
— , oi. x&p«Z, i : fpxy/iis, t. fpay- 
jib, to: — hedge, oi. mpifpayi, 

i. mpffpayua, TO. 

Fa'ddock, oi. *>. Rnddock. 
Rade, ei. iwttptui, ii c «ajq, 4. 

Radeau', oO. rxitfo., 4. 
Ra'dial, i*. ix™4*n,i («.t^.) mn- 
JuoV the — nerve, to xtputtxbi 

Ra'diance, Ra'diancy, oi. airy/,, i- 
Itav/Jtj Kz-iflti, \Bp.npdrnf, *!. 

Ra'dianl, iit. la/uutr, iriimis, lap!- 
npsc, pcittvii, £it»uto(. their faces 
were — ■ with joy, ymlpol bib* to 

wpdayf — ly, hip. iirrcvoiJffli, 4- 


Ra'dlate, p. i. inovyd^a. KatauyiC", 
mptXiniur. — , p. oiJ. oriiSu, ino- 
ffrilfoi, itTi»o8oJs. to — in all 
directions, na>r>] ^ni6aJAiiv rat a- 
RM t : — , Jit. b*ti™to<, iiT..o- 
(i'4(> — d, >i«r. iraS, bxTfur&t. 

Ra'diatmg, in. i*TivMTO[,aj(Tivo6o)os. 

Radia'tion, oi. annyoSoAta, lap-fit, 

Ra'dical, in. piCuic, ^ifims: '• v t 
to ^*t' apxt*. npwTOTUitot. a — 
word,pflp.a apxiTuitoi,npotTOTUirov, 
BtfiaT'fbv, rAi Trpoppifai. a — enr^, 
i£a«i(ri(, Jj : Mow, eimi&Jqt, «■/- 
/•iff, tiifvre t . a — vice, <v7(>4f 
Kairia, * : — , oi. (ypajti.) apxiru- 
ito», irpoirifTWrov, to: ();■)/*.) P"<"5, 
^. o-To<x»[»fia, t<( ; (ipifl.) p(fa, 4. 
nu8>i^v, A : (tioJit.) piTappufl^norni, 
pi;oiuairTi](, J: — ism, oi. ni ruv 
p,fo(ntao-T<5v &p X tti: — ity, oi. &p- 
Xi, a;T(a,* :T o«p Z «i.-— ly, <- 
ire's. npvTOTvnu;: ^ apx%: fii(66t-j, 
npippi(a, irpoppifaif, apo',j». to 
cure — ly, iji^ialvnv, i(uyvZ{uv ; 
— neas, oi. to ap^iitdv. [fofu*{. 

Ra'dicant, in. (£ot».) pi^otSoXoc, di- 

Ra'dicste, p. I. f>t&6ela, p^oufiar, 
piCat ctytii, fittyyua. — ca'tion, oi. 
":a piSousSii, p(C«ff rf , 4 ■ 4 TeSn pi- 
50)v io"idT«s. ^a. 

Ra'diele, oi. pffiov, tiJB^. f>(av, to. 

Radio'meter, oi.(irTp».)aj<T<v^irpo». 

Rft'dioud, iir. amvoWio*. [to. 

Ra'diah, oi. ^afavit, ij. pafnriinv, 
ri. («en.) ftmtatut, to. 


Ra'dlDP, ot. (yt^fi.) fabm J,a^,. 

vpof- V- to C/iigu i% luxjiiranu : 

W **■<(. *:(*.».) la, 4. 
Ra'dii, (itJ. radices) oS. (■/,«,,.) ptfa, 

4. Bpwro'nmeT, re: (ipiS/i.) p(?a, 

4. nvft/n})', ). 
Raff, m. pipjia, ri. fopuritt i. tup- 

fipifa, To : t&Qappa, aitoxaflappo:, 

*«, i : nA. oi iteliol, 4 t x \o ; : — 
merchant, oh. p«*oirsD-{, t. 
Ra|ffle, ot. nUte, 4. iarpxyiha^i;. 

Raffle, p. t. iuSiuik: — r. si. miGiu- 
nj(, aKiprnptwriit, o. 

Raft, ni. o-.Jfa, 4i _ bridge, oJ. 
7«iupa o^oYms tfnr/pfnj, 4: — 
builder, ot. a-^il icupybi, i: V 

man, oh. i t%, r^itac M v & : — 

merchant, oi. i T /,i fuludfc l/imptf. 

Ra'ftcr, oi. JiaJsxft, 4 rtptiTT.p, ?u- 

7«f, i.iotbffi,-. — *1, iir. I x »v *•- 

wie: — ing, 06. ri nfltvai rat 

iWis. [ tr . L rp 6 t . 

Rs'fty, in. rbp&ut, tbpi,lti(, /tutxXi- 

Rag, oi. pi»Of, fifti-, p«»'ov, l( : «1. 

tb pimj, )xx(Stt. a(. covered with 
— s, #«WuTe(. 4. ij to near — b, 

paao^apilv : patof&pos, paxnti- 

TW,»! —bolt, OB. (voUT ) eyttow- 

rof jAec, d: — dealer fl man, ei. 
paKonilne, *; -r- fair, ei. paum- 
Jtloy, t<(: — atone, ot. i/ip.o'JUeej, 
4: — weed, —wort, oi. (jS»T».) 
ip.6poo(n, 4; ripiyipw, o. 

Rag, p..*, r.ipmp.a, nnxlfTTu. 

Bagamn'ffin, oS. avflodmoy nov»po> 
( (tamorov, to\ oiiust ijioe, 4. a 
parcel of — a, n/ijGoj t/upruov, to. 

Rage,oi. Jvooa,4:pii>0(, ri. *4io{, 
J. epyij, ji»ii»i{, 4. 8u/iif, o. f>av(a, 
4. to have a — for anything, 4p- 
Ita8oi( ImOtiou upoj n. the — 

for money, jiloxp^nTia, 4; 1*- 

«"«(, ij. ivSouoiaoyof. 4. TpoStOf, 
0. iOllf, to. (icoc*.) <nptibt, t. 

Rage, 1. atf. uaftojHiu, i/iiaivoitcti, 

Au»o"fi, /it«tm'»ai, napySi, xoK&jwu, 


a disease is raging, &ifia£<i 4 *o- 
oo t , soliolf femrfaril 4 >oV*f . llie 
plague —s in Asia, S Ao</i4( Ate. 

Ragg, si. (dp.) op. Ragatone. 

Ra'gged, tor. paKiSvi, p*ttnt, Tpu- 
Z«po(, oaxiWuroi. to be — , ptue. 
tvnli ! (Itti ii6u'0 paienfs (nri fw- 
Mfc) Mpxaiiof, KlpX'^Jlt. a — 
voice, Tpvmwfa, 4. >»px>ao^o f , 
J: — ness, oi. t4 potaiif. Tpxw- 

Hli'ging. in. /jxi'Ofiiuoc, fiaitif, jua- 
'MOi, JuooiiJns. a — diaease, n.A. 
W « J,.v^ i, i./aCox" yrfoos, ^ : 
(^iri fla)ao-j„ ( ) icujtioJ-uv, (cunaTii- 
*■?(: —i oS., iiiooa, itapafc- 
pa, $: — ly, Jn(p. ; ik»u^; Jujom- 
Jfls. [a»W««, t4. 

Rago'ut. o£. (tTSof iSiirp-irot) mpc- 

Raid, 06. ««Cs}4, ^. 

Rail, Ot. /lOJfiiiJ, ^Soili-i, *! Jl.Jo- 

i( 5 , 4: 3pifx*Ttt, x'p*(, «: *■'.- 

fit;, 4- inlVtoo-TpOv (jljflpojpo/iev), 
to. (koi..) Tpox<«. <i; — road H : — 
wav, mtripo&poftof, &: (vavr.) ny- 
*ii { q (*lpi rtv *poVav): (o>.) 
Kpif , o. o'pTuyo/jBTpa ijr — CAT, eu. 
rti*petpA/fo a/iafa, ii : — fener, 
ou. itipffpay/13, JpOfrajiTov, to. 

Rail, p. i. iitpf^pdTTbl, apu^pafffu, 
fpu^axTav ncptfiiAAu. 

Rail, p. oio. (against, at, on) AonV 
p£i, ^e^vpl^u, ff/tiarto, ^/.Kijj^rj, 

/u«T^piCu. to — at one anotht-r, 

ioiJaptliflai; — er, *$. ominnji, I- 
. «t«Mt*r>ie, fiiuanit. o : — ing, 
in. )jiiua<rTcito{, anojirrwdf: — ing, 
eu. mlxoi, to. loifopla, q. JotJoeq- 
p-a, ri; cpvvzxrs;, i. $pvfBxtav l 
ri : — ingly, Mp. x^aomc^, 
oicoHtTuiOt i — lery, ov. o/tip/ia, 
' ' 4. xiiu. 

Raiment, o 

. M4t, ntpiSoli, * 

(. o. 


A pouring — , fyifyia;, i, w*. 
unit, want of — , avo,u6p(«, jj : — 

beat, (tt. wt»> piajflifj ■ — bow, 
oi. Tpit, i) : — bringing, 06. i/iSpo- 
<f6p»r. — drop, 06. utfotTOf moyiiv, 
Sp-tptif tree/ill, i: — gage, oi. 
o/ilSpoyiTpo*, to: — tight, Ai. iti- 
itpoxtf. — water, tt. tii( oi- 

Rain. p. ahi. S«, i^tpa. it — s, U< 

Ziuc t) i Bibt, unci v&ap, (K01 
ppiyu. it — 1 hard, itap »oii 

o>Spo* tnipfiymrat. it IB going 
tO— ,fc>««: ««!«», A*"- ««■«• 
— -ed from their eyes, o*axpua 1- 
peuoau ^* Tdlv opo'a^flif auTuv; — 
incsp, o"- to £ju£p<0>, re o'/tSp&Jij: 
— less, iir. ivo/itpas: — j,in.Sp- 
Spiot, i/ttp&tnti ino/itpet, {noiv.) 
- fipozipif. the — y season, &p* op- 
8p(W w Jj gu/UfHri, ■$. the — y 
month, 4/iijv tro/iBpoc — y irea- 
tlier, opBpix, lraiuofiGpttt., i. 

Rain, oi. aliaj, n= — deer, vb. Sp. 

Raip, oi. £a6oo{, $. [Rein-deer. 

Ka'i sable, ipT&v. 

Raise, p. i. ctipv, iralpt*, IZxtpe 
(«oi».) «-*u>u ; (up) <Wj.ii. a.a 

. h*ip*. 

- lip 

ine's voice, f WyyiiBai ptywrev, 

nxipttv Tii» f«vii» ; (ffrp.) utrxJU. 

/h, IiUtu. to — troops * an army, 

,^ (> 

»Hyi(» *i nzfiittxi 

fjiSai iTp=T<olT»(: ovlliyti (fipor 
z= jiopoioys) : nop<?». to — mo- 
ney, means, jftvp^xiiv. ino({m 
XpAf«ra. to — money by trade 
and loans, irpB7pi«Tcii»9ai btto Sp- 
ntplas ml favuo-ju»v : Imt-ilvu 
(r^v «^» — 4,«™/iB) : lyrfpt. (1. 
pila, ktI.): (up) lyiipu, jrapofi- 
vo»: iirayu, to — ghosts, ^iti7«v 
oVponaj; iytipm, kirytlpa, ovlonj- 
/ii (Jk v«p(S>); tyilpw, nzpofuiu 
{t» 9ifp 0i ) : ifiitatS, tpSilXv [*A. 
"1) : lattlimiu, to — a report, o\- 1 

■ - ■ BA 

aotoavxi ioyOv: irpo^aajw naps^wfl 
roiii: xtTietyiyve/i&i: aitxwnpa- 
ayj, irpo&oafu - f£p0u[Z3 flTpaTO- 
iriftuu): iyilpo, ouroJo/toJ: tpi$o», 
ivarpifta (5fia). to — plants, jm- 
tiuKV, f UTOupytfv. 10 — fruit, oirrf- 

(sm», jiutmk. to — a siege,a block- 
ade, ^u«" ni» miapKia: to — a 

crv, '.pi-vyi}" illicit. avafioaV to — 
one's self, «i|inffSai. to — dongh 
JJ paste, ku^ouv to fipajia. to — 
a loan, ferariiSn : — r, oi. op. 

Ra'isin, oi. o-rasi,-, Btrra^i,-, erayu- 
'!>, ^. made of — a, u-rajdJiof. to 
make — s, «Ta*>iJoi>»: — nine, 06. 

(TTaJ!B\'T>!j a OJTaflJfT)l{ JliO S . 0. 
Raising, oA. 1710 ir j, 4 : ISpvltf, ii. 

Ra'jah, oi. Ci>J6i) iytp&r, t : —ship, 

Ra'ke, o&- (jnflr.) aypiTyva, ap^, ^. 
xrtls. i. «pitajo7, ^. (.agr.) jSomi .'- 
orou, 4. fore — , npoSoJil Ttp&pxs, 
if. — of the stem )} length of the 
— abaft * : — aft, A fa** rftt "pi" 

p>Di: dioMtei, iSifxilo;, i. 

Rake, p.i. if ayij owayo., tf 5p>i 
iiaivoj If ip-ziifa: HKaKt\tv l (TKOA- 
a» : (together) i9poi>, oiua- 
7&1, oupiuu: nupoUKA (to itAolov) 
jtaTa rflf jrpv/i!"i(. «»*f(Tfi. to — 
np, (iriiTvi) naluittifi (to «Cp): 
innntaltuun : KaTa Z «..viia«. : — ,p. 
oiJ. (for) C^tw, aiaClTv: ra^lui 
KKfliiauvf ) : («iur ) uxi.pnfi4ftftu.iiai, 
lintpexXiio/Axi. to — into, Jia^i* 
tiI>, Jtipiuvav, .^Eipiuvav. to — a 
matter, J'i{ipti'?a> n: a/o/atrrai- 
«« : — r, ei. analfur^i, 4. 

Ra'keshame, oi. aoioioj, i/oJasro,-, o. 

Ra'king, e!i. S rf bT/wj ■juthtrjaite j 
(viut.) ii icbtb rilt itpvprnt m)i- 
Stiqrif: aoBjTf/a, ij; — pins, o J. 
wl. (m».) of na^of. 

Ra'kieh, ^ir. aiairst, fawj»ba{, inJ- 
yiit; — ly, Inip. iatfrnif, aitaix- 
rrwc': - — ness, oi. iuiXyun, dm- . 


Ra'lliaoce, oi. owayuyij, q ; xiiua- 

a/ibt t A. tric&iiftj, to. 
Rs'lly, p. 4. (e-rp.) o-uhXiyu naAiv. 

oi. q *al„ L-^ZSh £p*Ui 

krxnpafl), q. 
Ba'lly, p. eio\ xJ«.afu, Wei*™, in. 

o;-iTTu ; — , ali. iriciiJus, g. cituy 

M«, ts. ziimto/ies, »■ 
Ram, o&. ifwoi.) rets tl urOsi, a : — 'i 

head, (Ap^ir.) v*<> ' ; ( ,r P-l — 

battering-ram, «p<=i, «. j^ui),^: 

(aiTjw.) Ipisj, i: — rod, oi. t)t- 

Uittlf, i. 

RatIL, (S. ^. eia^jjarrai, InoifpaTiu, 
i/if pairai , ira <r£, &9fl; (i nto, do wu) 
*»«T>,p(; M . btOia: (up) airse/iar- 
Tw, x«C«*'?u. 

Ua'mage, p. 4. op. Rammage. 

Ramble, p. oua"., mpoiAsi- 
■Sjuai, iMpmoptuo/iai, mpinsirS : 

, «6. ItUvq, ntplltlil^lUf, 1I«pc- 

vArrr.-jll, q; — r, oi. iriav7|(, Ttia- 

Ra'mbling, in. *ia»s,-: Sraarac: 4- 

- ItiivOf, i. ilqr.te, q. [xlaJou 

Ra'meal, Ra'aieona, in. i, q, li to( 

Ra'roents, si. itl. i^wni, £o/a»i- 
«><aTit, ri ; (£bt>.) Wn.a^a, &«>. 

Ramifica'tion, oft. t«v tkilu* £A a . 
' <r>ioi[, ^. with many — a. loiiii- 

4»(, ttslwlaJec T^ijjKt, jj: — oi 

a science, Itatpmt VmoTq>qf, h 

— of a plat, SiiSniis, $. 
Ra'mify, p. 4. 3,<api**, Sisal/ta, it- 

aipA (iif r/ttfauij xl& iovt, «Ti.): — 

0. B W.(0OT<. )i jfrTO JlHtjUill/taTBD/l I) 

Ra'mmer, »i. 6 uSur. 

Ra'mmUh, ifi. xprdUq;: ouceouoj: — 
nets, ti. mvaSpa, n . 

Ra'mmy, tw. xptutia: $«(s»/«(. 

Ramo'ae, Ra'mons, in. *ia&&4i,f. 

Ramp, p. oit, &r&ppix&/iai : [fie 
Mnanxi, (on) iripA2/iSs»« 
(upon) ailt^ia', irq^a, oxipTii. 

><(, q. aJ. 

3 RA_ 

Ramp, ou. mt3i),t<a,Tii. nqoiii 

^a, nlp-titu*, *i. iralpa, Ij j Jbg- 
«**..;(*««■) KltoftJi (.V.) 

Ra'mpancy, oi. (nixparita, rtlionffa, 
q: itifnnfa, nipiouirfa, fl. 

Ra'mpant, in. iripM-o-ot, impxtpW' 
ah : a.aSaTiiro,. (faoi ) to be — , 
SpBior imxitm, a»axair<f»v. 

Ra'mpart, si. itfe/iaxc&v, o. i^u/ia, 
o'xupw^a, xfl/ia, to. inpiT«xi^i,-, 
i. tOHnrround the (own with a—, 
mptcaxft^a r^v «*!». 

Ra'mpion, oi, (^oi».) attaptv, ti. 

Ra'mson, ou. (jinn ) iTJoj tKop&lcu. 

Ita'miili, ot. bJ. ilafei, platTo), o(. 

Ra'mutose, Ra'mnloua. iti. <SaJ<iJv;;. 

Rance'eeent, hi. — iir. 

Ra'ncid, in. Tnyj*(, lanpif. to be fl 

infp. Ta-yyS^, (Tan^fif: 

-ity fl 

Rami, t 

eu. i^Ssi, Tii. i^rsc, x^ a t> 
{, ti. to b«ar — against 
:, tStiixiptlv rot, jc«to1m» 
*V : — ons, iir. iSiJij-Scoi, ™r^- 
(, iitfaorec — oualy, litip. tmA- 

■piTniSw, ytlXm, ti. tttc- 
pvfr,, i : ty-xt. o. iyaiflifl, n . 

Ran'dom, aft. rvjq, ij, at — , tiitf . iu- 
^jfvruc, anipcffKirrTu;, anaaysqrajf . 
to act at — , pSouiia ^pifo0 a(; ^ 

Ra'ndom, iir. lintalof, ivx&*, auro- 
(Et6JaJlaj,*p<jittTnf : — talk, liiaiO' 

Rang, nut. ». p. Ring, [lsyfa, i- 

Range, oi. ffrfxe* )i "oft !* '■ ■ — 
of mountains, Sbti mm^jf, ™ : tx- 
Jij, JtaTii/rt, 5. rB7,nB, ri : p^fl- 
Hi; 6 mc H/.uMOi, ftaS/iis ft Ti)( 

■«««w, tb: 4 T0&o'x>iMaT8{^u/Ul; 
fspa (itovrieu), ij. ^f ' oio» riiai- 
fcx Huvtiiat. to be within the — 
of shot, iicbi rofduuaros 1) (5i)ouj 
ynfeloi: (va U T.) snilpa («Uw), i. 
Ti m&Oi/ta, rb I«r*/ia. 

KA 9. 

KailgP, p.l. JiBTHTTW, aTOIxlfa'- &•*- 
OT(I^(fu,(l7Tp.) TaTTH,K«pttTirT(klt 

Ra'nge, si. tcAbhiitk, TttpiitXiiiiijo-if, 
^: Jiiim/ia, TO. o pira{ii tJho( : 
' X^pfov, to. toho(, o. a man has 
not encmgb — of thought, aiflpw- 

TT0{ BUI t)(tt "ikvov Kullet c'flfil. 

Range, £. oiii. (over) ictpiKoptvapai, 
ittpcvocT&, oVairJBv&jUBf : — r, sv. 
itld>04, jilsvijTii;, J; Iijbpm, i: ft- 
wjldrvji tj ix**t*3**li jcuuv, 6 : vAoi- 
po ( , i; — rship, bh. aJji»>ia ulttpau 

Hanging, tti. it tp <7rlav>|«f, ij : napa. 

Rn'nioe, fct. £aTpax«<>f. the — arte- 
ry, (bit/i.) $ p*Tpax«iot ■pT.yrfa. 

Sank, at. n'p/JOf, sr<;(Of, *• ""'Z 1 ), TH - 
(<;, $. (ore.) tb{( ( ,^. ta/f.=, to. 
ursfyof, o\ to draw np troops in — 
and file, mvt&mn i) napavamn 
Toij uTpariMTat. to fight in close 

— in — and file, tmnrixyp.t»out 
■xcpiiivtta : tbJm. x*P a - TI H> ** 
pa, i,. map.*, to. to have* oc- 
cupy the Brat — , npoiri««n> T(/<ll ft 
iEri/iBTi, npfirov i7vai tj} n/iif. of 
the same — , Ipaioi n)v xipfir, i- 
jonfisi, to hold a high — , nolu- 
wjiiIsSai, ivii/iov i7»ac — and file, 
ffrpoTifirm, of. to take — of, S- 
yofo-Bm, npBrfyiliBxi. of — , titt- 

Ra»k*'p. V. 9T <xff». « , ««e<z'ft-. *'- 
btbttw, mip£i, iaxagp&: (with) 
to — one's self with any one, W. 
tijioh «ivai fiuB, UfinffSai fr« nvJ: 
xcrarcTtw, (tan.) taliis/iS; — , 

(with) Uinpii «>(, TijuSftoi Ebb 
t<W, I^oi nlv ta(iv Tivit, *wnl« 
tic raw : — r, at. i itnK**p&; e 

Rank, In. p»>tBli8(, ipewplvat, tpn- 
rtptf, iax"pii: ""X^li ■•f**, ""■ 
■»•"(: (Born.) tilsopos, ItsluuBpnot, 
/on^6(, unipeu^ri ayfwlntf, zuJal' 


ft: Tpupipof, S:Spo5,B«i)fpl(, ino/a- 
(PTBf I 03tip6»A/o»u, ntpiTTOs, imtp- 
pttpHf. o?uti»j)5, o{ubto/jO(, (xo<»., 
KQKTtpiti tra-npbt, tayyii. to turn 
)i become — , Ta-/yft;«ii> : o*ii;iio'jji, 

iBBTa^^ : — 

on. Y«vif 


"Wti *. 
Rankle, p. rf*. m 

futfm, yloyta, itapaTtf^Ttpi 
piryo/iai, j{asTe/iai, «spi 
«ai, opyl&itt/t. 

«ild-/w?({, piiyuov^,^ j /i»j]o«BJj(a,i7. 
Ra'nkly, Jnlp. aSpfif, TpupipSs: ifav, 

vfidJpB, iox u p°'>: Tayy&c: iypotxtit. 
Ba'nny, ei. (few).) ptu^McM, ^. Spaf, 

Ra'naack, p.l. apna^u, Biapirafu, su- 

lfi! 0~lt{ipeuv«, J(l£(Tif W , JUI^TU; 

— er, ah. lngUrM, i: infiTaor^t, 

i; — ing, oi. J(ijisiTi|Di(, ii: tfii- 

tipeimxt, A. [w», ™. 

Ra.'naom, ou. liJrpov, nfisTpov, to. a- 

Ra'naom, p. ^. JurpA, &imluTp&, lix>- 

fiai.inolvofiai; — W, oi. JuTpwrfa, 

i: — less, At. inpfaret, kvi-naiioi. 

Bant, ou. arivia/opfa, f;. i i»> Jii-yw» 

KBf(7IO;, to itSvp^p.euiti T^i U{l- 

Ht . p.*T««)9y<«. ii- 

Rant, p. sub-. t.flouMiSu, fixhofia,, 

WJIMMl ^BTaioioyfi, p H yamt«l 
(J«l.) j ;» TSC( O^Oij KiipuTTU. rB 



(i»J.) t4 i&yp.caa alpiotof. , — y, 

jit. egaueuei);. 
Ra'nula, oi. (iarp.) pitp*xtf, o. 
Banu'nculns, (ni. — ti A:' — ln«e»),Bi. 

(8oT..) ^«Tpa Z «o., t». 
Rap, ou. nlvyii, i. pinu/ii, ri; ti. 

pi* fat n(tiiiar, tb. 
Rap, p. t. panii*, ni/,TT*i, nitiitu ; 

(at) JcirrTM, Kpoitt (tbi fliipae) : kp- 
ivaSoav. to — and rend, pv« ip- 

Rapa'cions, iir. spirant-i/is, acTTBXTii- 
p«os T HflTrtt£ } o, ^. aprrai^o« : tfjjo- 
mtruiif, tiirlii!rT((: — ly, inip. ap. 

TT3*TtK£c, kfnrz'Ht-lt, hpTty-ydr;»'_ a- 

nJrtiTMc — nea>, oi. — in. 
Rapa'city, oi. to b^bkikji. apira- 
ync ^iSu/<ia, rj r irluntffe, fl. 6 
TeB irjliovurid* IpMf. 
Rape, oi. hpnvyit, -h. i/mayitbi, t: 
{,op.) ttpn t tuutipwt, A. to com- 
mit a — , £.i;.ffOfl< J) &'x pii>vv< 
a6x, ywaui. >B., U ( .04. 

Ripe, ou. Kapnii 6 if ipy.r6i.u airs- 
Rape, ot. (fiort.) pxfxrec, panu,-, tj : 
— root, oi. (pan.) p^irw, ft: — 
seed, oi. tudsof t^c ^jiip. 
Ra'pid, At. Mis, taxi*, flUf : £[««>(, 
aya&pi; (jiom/iJt): — ity,o&. 6*u- 
TT7f, TayJTiit, ^. ra/et, ti. ejftngc, 
ippi,,!):— \j,i*ip. TajjtiK, oo>o. 
ip&t: — ness, ah. lp. Rapidity: 
— a, oil. xi. xnTappirtai (ii™- 
P*0), «(. [tyfal, i. 

Ra'pier, oi. fi r » ( , »: — 6nh, hi. (i"x8.) 
Ra'pil, * : — lo, ei. a( .i; o-ranTrj. 

fiira 6 ;>j gilsai ufuliTiaii tim. 
Rapi'ne, oft. apita-/^, Ipirfifa fl. ap- 
xawtBc, o. to live by — and plun- 
der, ir.b Tiij Iwcrtlat iteu[[iS(u tin 
ffw: /Wa, #. 
Rappare r e,_ eS. (>!«•***) ljwrjc, S. 
Rappe'et °u. urJos ippivav f aSaxeu. 
Ra'ppel, ot. (irp.) n-ajtJni^uv, to. 
Ra'pper, oi, J k/wuoiip, S jcn-run : Ji- 
*>C (Sipas), *e"pa{, 4. 

Ra'pping, 06. xpoiicj, i. 

Rapt, fin. n«fl. i. p. Rap. iKitJayifs. 

Rapto'rial, in. {*/>'■) apnxmtKbi, ip- 
«aliov : — ,ati.6pttov BpTiitxTueiipi. 

Rapto'rious, in- tp. Raptorial. 

Ra'ptore, ow. s<Sounajf.;>;, i. «»flou. 
cfaffff, SxaTSJif, ayaJiiacrcf, nepi- 
X«p««,ii: — d, Jit.Jp. Enraptured. 

Ra'pturous, in. Siiirtfpioj, itBvuniA- 

Itji, itarcnttis: — ly, Hip. lyflou- 

Rare, «V uavSj, acaioj: inaviaj. to 
1 ■ r,„l(.„: 


Ra'ree-ahow, oi. ij tOu nupoeTtaiTwu 
Rarefa'ction, «i. Aiimi»s«, juitoiij, 

ip«(*«r.,, A. 
Ra'retiable, In. ipaiwiioc, /*TarJi. 
Ra'refy, p. ^. apaifi, /ta»«, wcrtiJM : 

— , ^.oil. (to) ipaioOjant. [(iinii, 
Ra'rely, iirfp. marlm, HtyAtu : flau- 
Ra'roness, et. jiianonij, apaidriii, ^ ; 

ffiravic, ffnavioTtit, iAryinit, A. 
Ra'reripe, in. itpfiSiot, itptiEfist: — , ou. 

K«p7IS( TtpAI/iaf, 6. 

Ra'rity, 06. kpxiims, /upint, h* 
irirairtr, dravi^Tnr, Tj : bxtipz, 0<a- 
jua, ro. Oau^aoufn tc -r.paytta.. 

Ra'scal, oO. liejijeie, Kanoup-yos, pairt- 
y(a ( , J ; (5o, J.) f.xi.4 Uaf*i, 

-, .it. 

Jv/u£i>, m< 


[Wtk(, 4, 

Raaca lity, si 


i. Flmn lM 


Ra'scallv, h 

a — took, 



Rase, p. J. IfaitTO/iai, *aeaim> 

iiafi'a: JfouffU, ItlOlffW I 4fH- 

Rash, iir. 4ipftnro(, anp8*i>]T0(, as/i- 

Ttroc, anipflUHSTOc, aitpo8oul('JT»5, 

iJovnTaj; flparti, ToA^npos, Bpo- 

mi4(, ira^ilii dpi. (crtre(). 
Rash, oi. (iarp.) i£a>tV«i ":■,"=,«. 
Rash, p. i, iix-rtpvu, SuxKAmai: — 

er, oi. rpifl^a (Suov), to. 

eitpovonruj, oSoiiwc: toJ/iopw;, i- 

TKyfls, Spnitwf. 
RaMineae, oi. aSouJlCa, anpoEoijlfa, a- 

Bteiimt^ta, q: nponirna, Opaoui^,-, 

ita/ulT^t, i. 


Rasp, oi. {uirpft, {iiirea, ft.fu«pe.i, 

Rasp, p\ #. {uu, n»o{i«, *»«, 

Raspatory, sir. jSivv),ft. Xvirptf, to. 

Rs'splierry, *i. (p«».) jSiw* 1*«ri», 
ij; -^- jnice $ vinegar, rjj-oj to 
ini tS> /3jruv ; — bosh, si. /Si- 
TS( ? x t t iait "'>i 'l*«(st, $. 

Ra'sper, oi. ftlorpov, urijiTpot, *t. 

Rs'sping-mill, si. irpio>ijrftoio», rs. 

Ruse, oi. lH»ol ) yaJU) (rt( 'iiSif), ft. 

Ra'aare,su.i!« ij ji j, a no|m. t) ft; Juofta , t o. 

Rat, oi. (Suoi.) ^D( s fi<7«(. lo smell 
a — , uiroimui" nl — ditcher, 
oi. /lusfl^jjaf, a : — 's bane, oi. Aa- 
o-(viir6» (yip^my), to: — bailed, 
iiclnUmpiaaStU- — tails, si.iri. 
voVo f ik tuk tints*. 

Ra'table, fa. ■nr^iqrfac, rtpwos; : 
)>osolsy>iTO{, Stzinofipof. — ly, ^> 
itl^. Kara tatrlfuimv ft avaloyiai, 

Ratafi's, su. uloi nVoitwufumc. 

Rata'n, si. J>. Rattan. 

Ra'tcbel, si. xxJiKif, of. 
- Ra'chet, si. roo^c'intof, s [ — brace, 
oil. ocTsc Tpifnavou. 

Rate, si. rifi'i, i(ia, ft. Tl/iopa, ri : 
Saaji-bf, i. Teioj, v<i. r^rj TtHTft, 
ft. Of the Brat — , h/mithS*,* njajf, 
"eeJToe r/t* Tf/iftv. 'lis a first — , 
tout' ioTi wptmu b$(xi. at this — , 

tlie — of interest, rsxst, A. U> sell 
at dear — b, noilou inotiitatxt. 
at any — , l* hrvtsc tookou. at a 

high — , iioAuTtAft{, Wats,-: kipfc, 
fiiyxi, k apripas : iiyi»j ;, «p«T«iHi , 
Ra te, fi.l naMonifti rft. ti/**ji>, t W S, 
/irtnpifl : Tarrai popov : (for, abpnt) 
mors, fUpftpat, tumpA ; — , p. 

«i. rtfugrftf, i. [Bpotf/iiit. 

Rath, tit. Trp&ifLQtf'KpQfilpOf. — itxip. 

Ra'ther, inlp. pHUai. to have . — one 
thing than another, UMn u vpi 
TH05, ■npttligSn x( Tini. haity — 
than wise, Tajfiiipocft seytTtpsf. 
fttplmt, imiuui : — carved * 

bent, iniyp-jitof 

timid, uitso't- 

Irrijusc : — before that time, ii — 
sooner, oiiyto npQTtpo* : Jja^i/sd*- 
tu;, ifwpirwf, |UMwT* t six $ki- 
•«r«. ^ [«k, prtxlwrtf, ft. 

Ratification, si. iu/hhtii, ixacopti- 
Ra'tifier, oi. tnuvaem},-, 0. [J3iC«fi. 

Ra'tify, A.'- «v«*, "tiiwsS, i*«ue«, 
Ra'tio, w.l*>i, *. (<o.v.) k **ltyht, ft. 
Ratio'einate, p. oiJ. ouiloyi'tjo/iai. 
Ratiocination, oi. «uMsy«-/iic, J. 

Ratio 'cinative, in. oviisynTMo'i. 
Ra'tion, oi. («-n.) p'p'i, ft. nrip!- 

S*ES», tTlTdfXZTpQ'J, t6, 

Ra'tional, In. hyitos, io/WTMOj, Ip.- 

yasm, Qp&Jipv;, luaoa,-, (ildywrsc : 

— , si. 3> is>wo», to : — e, si. io- 

7<x^ ipu-i-jzii, i: — ism, oi. \oyi- 

Xft, ft. SAyp.% T(u> lfO/AL^vT<JV TO* 
Joyov flitpov (ivat Tfi» XftyutrUT: 
— ist, oi. i vo/nlfu* tsv U x s» /i^. 
tbs> u»ac Tfl« ZP1*'*™' : — ity. <>»■ 
l*70f, 4. suvsiif, ft: — \y, inip. 
taunx&s, KoycKu;, i/ippims: — 
ness, oi. i&Joyfa, ft. ippi-iip.Qi, ti. 

Ra'tline,s6.(v ( >uT.)^ae^ 1 foj X oi»s»,T«'. 

Rato'on, si. naiads,-, A'. 

Ra'ttle, oi. tpirxXei, xp^/iSalov, itJa. 
ra^Awsy, Ti: iprf™!, irarayot, J06- 
WS(, i, Tjiataf^ft, ft. KTiiiroj. i; jco/£* 

ltfjpptJ.UUOUv^, ft ; pUzeO{, •: xpilx- 

X*>, to: i>t..) ^va»«a», ri : — 
box, si. r>r».) HpirmXtt, i: — 
brained ; — headed ft pated, in. 
iiripfiraiTtTOf, gtmXof; — head 4 
pate, oi. anisisv.iitTOt, &Go»lb S ,&; 
— moiue, si. vuittplf, ft • — 
snake, si. (f»sJ.) xporaliaf, 0. 

Ra'ttle, p. ois. •pBipa, xsot», i flH sa, 

iifii. Kfli^SaArfo. : 0S0VGU, SiiaaSov 
noMuyai: Ppse>x.&, xtpx'St; — , p. 
t. iosrai(f», KfMrd, mraioou!*, 
aos^Tvbi: JaiSoptA'.Bip-Aiii vwasyfi. 

Rattling, si. Itpaypiit, irzra/oc, A. a- 
pav^ia, Ti. [A>*W*T, rt. 

Rau'oity, si. rpsyyfuAa, ft : (uwe.) 

Ban'couB, It. *ip^n)ia(, xsp^vfic'irc. 
Ra'vage, ai.-ainra.-fli, nipB^ats, Jljoj- 

»i(, Tpflirit, «: 4>0npi, ^. 
Rft'vage, ji.i, TrepSfi, iWopflfl, ap- 

ica?«, JijS, ffitlfoi, : — r, ou, 

Jta^OopEiif, BulfiT^s, TtopOflTJls, rrop- 

Q-hroip, i. 
Ea've, £. oM. lialie/iat, iuiafi, At- 

Jta'vel, p.i. (out) &vx*l{*a, fcinns- 
mt, ivanrrui™, i»iEi)(TTsi ; ipn/1- 

qu£, QiltTTopm: tm-jxiO!i-<XL. 
Ra'velin, ab, npmtxtfpa, ro. 
Ka'ven. ah. (if,) *»paf, S- a young 

Ea'ven, a. I. crpnoifu, Kfxpn&Zr*: «a- 
Tttrtlot, HstTxnlfM: - — er, ob, &\p- 
iraf, XriffrJli, o: Tctiiifcc/oe, a^ea- 
yoi, Ixlpapyae., t: — ing, su. ap- 
itayri, Ljanfa, ii. 
• RaVeuous, in. apnxxraof. kSiiyz- 
■yoi, )i6po(, xalufttyaf. a — appe- 
tite, j3»ulytfe, $: — ly, *"ir(p. Js- 
€p&j;, anl^'rug : — neBS, e&. itpiza- 
XTittov. r6 : Aafipoauuji, iaSpoTtc, 
ixt^apyix, jj. [T(a, j. 

Ra'ven, ei. ipiray^, *«(*, *: ^1- 

Ravi'ne, ei. xap«iopa, f*p*vt, i. 

Ha'ving. #7i. fianif, pvidiliK, /iavt- 

lULvh, lia»tt, $: — ]y, *ir(p. ^a«. 

«£di{, ififiai'li, 
Ra'vUh, p. (. ap»a$w: iitfBtC'ptt, St- 
<UBp&, uSpifoi, it«T«fxuv»: rip- 

ed with love, p.ltpaorTifip : — er, 
ab. JijiTilf. ipsa?, i; Jiae-Sopui;, 
6: —ing, rfir. apTiaxrr'dg; oixao- 

pIUW» : 6»JxT^piO(, TIpTt»df,lJtfl»T8<: 

—ing, 08. apita?*, 1&: ixayary^, 
4: *oW, ripf-iv, * : — ingly, trip. 
ipjraxTHfit: Hii*™*;; — ment.ou. 
apirayii, ^. aprcay/jof , : ifiayoi- 

Ran, £r. iifi.6(. to eat any one — , 
fi,«e» ■arajayil» tjvb. to cut — , 
aiun/Ub: aiiiepyaaro;, alraiu- 


>ir, &.i, to Kara Qbttv; — tanned, 
i/iaii^iiTOi : — flar, BJ^liJlJO*, 
TO : aiEalJsuTnf, fysSqf, aypios; a- 
SiifSaptas, Supxta;: Ayu/iraaias, 
£n,,po s : (iiri *atpe&) rpaxui, «)»- 
p05 : acupo;, a Terror, anineipoi : — 
— bone fl boned, lit. i*x**ti *■ 
oapxef ; — head, ou. npoBao-iiavi- 
at, to". Xx/tiaj i: — lah, jit. ^yt(- 
ffloc tpv/b-n;, Kputp6;; — ly, Jrtfp. 
i>««44T»c: fi^fit: i*BufnJT«c, n- 

aap(a, anef/ia, Ij: ans<p/a r oltt^i- 
imirfa, A; iTpiiMns, rp«)(VTii(, ij- 
Ray, ab. &*if, aiyfl, oiyJ>i, 19. to 
emit — a. aitnvaSuJav, auyaffiv : 
Kjjfl.) jfecii,, 4. f5a. 9t , 4: — of- 

light,4«i;, tj; — grasa.o*. (/3oTy.) 

i„r^W. ' ^ *■*""""' 

Ray, p./.aKri-oSoJlii.ailva;!., anau- 
Ju: pmtli:—, paBJwrifi: 
nvuT^f. [J*S, ^. 

Ra'ze, si. (|9orv.) pi^a Ti|( £tyyi&ipt- 

Raw, ji- '■ xarasiiitTU, itaflaipfi, xa- 
Sa.iw, xaraiKircru, ^ [0 'n ? (>, 
— acity, icraJayl^H. irdl.v Tivi. 

Raie'e, o&. irlalou noii/iuov, to. 

"a'zor, ab. ?upo«, rrf. /iax"p'f, *avpis, 
fl. (*0I>.) EoupafiSt, rd: x«'-'iiao!(i 
(Jti U »), o: — bill, 06. («>».) lma- 
pox>i»,ii; — case, oi. Cupoiiai], >i ; 
— fiah, A. («*.) «»^., 4. 

Ra'zorable, in. oi*( ti typ&afat. 
ire, oi. Js. Raeure. 

Re, wporaiiK.) au))j:e^ l/tfatnavta 
Jira.ajfljyiv fl At«iEi)«» T>1( arcJej 
!«/.™«i ri|« XHtv;. dov, #» re"- 
joioe, recommend. 

ReaWrb, p.i. aZdti avappofC. 

Reacce'BS, oS. iioiot, *ri»oJ8 Sl ft. 

Re'ach, ov. to f?mnfit)(U • amjorae-fe, 
*iaBT«T(c, ^. within — , <f«Ti{, 
afpiTas, KaTaJ4*Ti>t, #> lara^u. 

lobe within — ,^vx«T«l^«i« 
come within — , <os ffariv UBiTv: 

oi.afut, «twrf«, fl:— Of thought. 

Byxo'xa, lusrsx'a, 4. the mysteries 



are not within the — of the human 
mind, 0$ naTtfXnirtk tQ &v&pG*itfv6j 
.om tk /tmriipta. it is not withiu 
the — of my power, r»5r' Ira 

i, t : p 


of deep — , naveupyos, mlv-rpomt, 
i : iitrao'i;, wapiittarw, %. pfaas, 

to. the — of a river, 16 tips; no- 

Reach, jS. I. ipiya, npaTtfiu, napi- 
Z». to — any one the hand, «po- 
T«6«»fl iftfto TivlTfl»/trpB. (to) 
Hpo;]j(jKi», iyJiooi/ii, iyxjijiiS&i : **- 
hwsujiin, x«Tala:j*6«u, tu-/ Z «.«. 
^Ttruy^ffVfii : japfiaw, «acTOJVju£ia- 
yfr, ^ayfldvai; dnarffl, Janata;* 
fLxvoupat; lattGav&jSixofiutyVpOi- 
SiXPItat i — ■, p. ov&. riivoj, tfiari^ 
«», jcsfiqcu (if, f?iri % nag; T< K, 
tttZpt Tiyoj (up to), to — to snch 
a point of, xaSfcu* iff, tori ti, the 
mountain — es to the sea, to opo; 
KxBiirti •■(, 4, isl r^v Biixaaxi : 
o£uivoO>iai: (after) ifltfixi, opiyc- 
li.xi. as far as an arrow — es, hiav 
Tjfsufia f&atttiuu. as far as the 
army — es, !«ov i%ix si ts nrparsu- 
^a. to — -the mark, tvmkviii nitf. 
— -ahle, in. ipi/rif, aipecif. — 
less, iir. i»f'if(XT0f, aiBTaAijTTTOi, 


«oW ivr 


—ion, »6. 

BVT<TU*<a, 4- ft/rftwrM, x6. 4v«- 

*o*i. i-niitpaVt, $ : — ionary i 
iw, t*. a»Ttxtpyd», ivTiitpirrwy : 
— ivenes*, ou. krtiSpxait, A. 
lU'«tl, (iKpr. *. na9. re'ad) i»a- 
<yr/>e>«w. to have — a book, 4va. 
■phtu iim^rsKftat ri. to — over, 
a»«iiyu9fli, tnWd* ktxytr'&w- 
ra. to — over hastily, faerpixm 
luxjc/*At*mTu.tB — throngli, iia- 

• : pa«8i™. 

sjroi. ttx 

.. To- 

aior/ryneintO/HU: — , Ik. well — , 
iroi[<7pa/iftaTos, naJufiaWil — able, 
in. titptvit, iua»i)iy»DTO( r — ey, 
oi. a-.>ayniiT>i(, us«i«yi6»Tt|f, 0: 
(ruir/p.) Juf 9ut4s, i: — erahip, av. 


Re'adily, iitip. irof/iu{, Hpoj£«fpw;, 
7TpoSu^iut, ^oe'^f, ao'^iybf. 

Re'adiness, ou. {toi/iottd . npsfluinta ■ 
— of wit 1) of mind, Jiapairn- 
011 rijf ^u^«ii, A. tppirqpst, to. 
j>poyi7«-<i,n; — to please, apfraua, 
yi. vrrjpiTtitut&V) to. xapri, ^- witll 
— , jtpeflu/iHf, iir>i^ysii: — of com- 
prehension, ojimjt, if. tokeopone'B 
self in — , jtapae-KB-aftiSai. to 
stand in — , Itoi/iov iT>ai fl uirap- 
Z«», npixupv «!>«<. to have in — , 
npixuptn i z «». 

Rea'diug, oi. iviynoinr, ^. love of 
— , -to f iJaya-/y»»TlI'>. a person of 
great 4 extensive — , ypaftn***" 
TtcJJayi/iitupi'stv i^isiv : irolufiafiua, 
iroJuanaj-ywiIa, ^ : TpaTn), fl. ypn>- 

para, rsi. different ^ various — s, 

JiTToypayrf^ivov, tb. the difference 
in the — S, Snroypxfix, if. 
•r-itpa, rxiim, to: — book, ava- 
yuaanxTapuit, to: — desk, ov, i- 
ira^oyifof, ava^vcoTT^puiv, rit — 
ronm, oi. ktK /ni tr tp u*, to. 

Re-ailjo'urn, fi. i. iyafioiijB Ttoiou/iai 
auflij. — ailju'at, p. 1. Satoa/ia 
auSif. — atlja'stitwut, ou. 4 »i/iv 
iiirnEie : — admittance, oi. 17 
itaAw npoia-yoiy^. — aifa'pt, P- i. 
rraii» ivojixa/uu. — ottb'ni, p. i. 
akin inap&. — adr,e'rlency, ot. 
«irayi9loip»io-i(, $. 

Re'ady, iit. (to, tor) iraptaxttfMjuivo,-, 
itoj.uos, irpd^uoo;, ij/irptirrs. to 
make — , iwpa»«u«;uy, hmiti- 
tjny, i6rp«B(f«iy. to get — , keep 
one's self — , »apa«iuaC«»S=', *«- 
pxSkXXurtai: ttpStuim, Itoi/u;. to 
be — > -rpo'flupoy «yai, itpoSu/tu; 
Zzti* : lioi^io*, iTo[/*o{. Jro(fi«j/if- 
vo(. with — money, kpyiiputi, re. 

Ke'ally, htlf. alifi&i, Tf! ainBlia, tu 
tvrt t irrtitt — ?.alii8'jj; id S111; 

Realm, eft. apjji), psartitte, ft. 

Re'alty, eft. (yap.) iirapxavra d lyyica 
mti/iaTX, Ta, (jioiv.) «k(»bto( in- 
fuouffia, $. 

Ream, oft. fxiuUef (^iprau) i. 

Ream, 0. i. iftpftyoi fa)*. 

Re animate, />. I bvx'anupo,, ewaM, 
AvaEiu — anima'liou, 06. «mi£«- 

lie siidg'x, jM. xiia npotiprH. — 
annexa'tion,ai.4ii3J.»ii|>of±sTi)nf I 

Reap, p. f. flioi'w, xe/ifgojisu, suyxo- 
fti&pat, rjAif'/w x. ouiieyo^ai «ap- 
noij-' (from) Ja/iSii>« k. Jla/i6a>o- 
jital ti, aitolauu tivoi. to — the 
fruits of anything, moirsij Aa6(- 
ffSoi mi ( ft napnouo-flai ti: — er, 
si. fltfuiTijf, A/MTile, I ; 8tfJ«T«^ 
PW-b, ^: — ing, ow. *Vi*/»os, 4. 

Mewcf,*« / sneieyte,juyj!0,uie"i),i5: — 

ing hook, eft. Jfraiwi, Sipiffrripi- 
ev, tJ; — ing-machine,' 9tp><flT«i) 
PR***! i. 
Re-appe'ar, p. ofte". i^afxtno/iii. — 

Re'flr, oi. (ftp.) 3 T-fonpaTcij oftpa, 
oftpayien, ti. ebpayln., jj. inmBtji- 

i.taui, si. to bring up the — , «i- 
paytt,. to cover ft guard the — , 

airiefloj ulairtl> : — admiral, ai. "*- 
&WoT<2uapxo(. ^ : — guard, at. orci- 
afle#iila«(, el: — line % rank, eft. 
(arp.) eipi, ^ : — ship, ei. evpa- 
ybt mui, 17 : — ■ ward, eft. (srp ) 

D 71 1 rf il J U /*«■.,-, 01. 

ear, Ar. iyiipSos. 

.ear, M- af,m>, jiraipu, «a<poj: 

(tip) a.) ifji'j, oiuoSop-li, iyiipm. 

tafTH/u: p*.) na.o'iuM, ipefo.. 

— at hiuuj, npjjjupoc to pay in 

— money, xaxaSxiXui ipyiptor ■ 
il(ibf, tiinptw/is, a.yxb6i. a — 
spuaker, avip iyaflsf rtv idyon : 
«S^, "X«f- a — wit, irapaoraai; 

rifc {^qc9ci fl: — to please, fltpa- 

wiurmot, unv)a«T^T«J( : — to have 
a — sale, Anjti* tx.t" «olAovs. 

Ke-affi'rm, p. i. iraJw imituffi. — 
ani'rmance, ei. .i *» »*ou Stx&iGat- 
uo-if. [(jiap^aicov), re". 

Rea'gent, oft. (xi^.) iviiopaarmav 
Keaggrava'tion, oft. (i«i.) ft rtiiv- 

Keal, tw. 4Jn6ni, i-lnSi-os, &>, Jnap- 
xai»: — things, ti SWa. the — 
nature of a thing, f, JUiifliia ti- 

(y 0/t .) ^avipoj, tjtrttrta (m«.) x<- 
vijto':: — property i| estate, f«t*w a 
aio-Ja, ^. f Hvifj* fl iitfiv/j «t^a- 

Real, oi. (vii/tiepa na*a.«e») JftUi- 
Reaagar, oft. (s>.) ta*iap*a, « irav- 

tap&xn, ^. 
Ke'aliflt, «i. o 0*lp Tail npay/Lam>ieO. 
Rea'litv. oft. aJ^6..a, ouofa, iinoiTa- 

eit, %. iXntti, i', to". Sttk/i{<j, 4. 

Rcali'iable, in. oKt t» irtpaiaivaSa.. 
lltializa'tiou, aft. y ipyu air^o"iiJis : 

iidnpaZtf, if. to yfyvirfai. ii iiij- 

Re'alize, ^. i. 5^Vi>> Kaflio-nifii, ^«iti- 

plan, nsesi«i» 4 JianpaTTto r4v 
yaw^iiv : iEapTupf^oi i fiarMtfiei 

(ra xpA/""*) **» T <^ (from) """o - 

fp#u, avorpipu. 

o — children, 

■ together with, , , 

air>*t*pifuv: ■ — , p.ait (If'Imnw) 

re . m 

are not within the — ofthehuinau 
mind, ob jarai^irra roj aydpbmfvcj 
»o£> ra puT-riptx. it Is nut within 
Uie — of my power, tout' tm 
napb. ti)« tiit3.ii.ii /i«u ; mcaul-Zl, 
i,. iriyoj, 6; pnj;ij>i/in, to. a man 
of deep — , KcrnoGf ysc, nolijrpoirof, 
i : inrao-i;, irapi*Tno-i;, ft. jiflirot, 

to. the — ofa river, to (Jfjoc "»- 

Rcach, 0. i. opiya, irportfyw, Tiaei- 
X u - t"> — "ny ° ne the hand, npo- 
Tif-uyft ipiyuy twinr- xitpa. (to) 
■apasfipa, btittt/u, tyxtipi%m *a- 
Suniau/tai, xaraia/iSayGi, t«7)!* v!j - 
^TnTuyxayu ; 2o>i£avbt, fcara>ajv€a- 
■ju, payflavai; iitarfl, ^lattaru: i 
^uvou^ai; Jka^cSayoi, iixofiaijitfo^ 
Si^ttftai ; — ■, p. oto\ riba, Jiarel- 
vh, jtiSi-km lit, iif h *fif ri a. 
p*Xpi T "°i ( U P to), to — to euoh 
a poiat of, 'xHitut tit, M ti. the 
mountain — es to the sea, to Spot 
KrMKei tif.1l, inl T>)y flaiao-o-av ; 
i,puv<&lttu: (after) ifti/uu, ipiyo- 
pxi. u far aa an arrow — es, ooov 
Tjjiufia ttanatat, as far as the 
army — es, i«o» &!•*;« tJ trpttriv- 
fia. to — the mark, T«yy;ay»iy tivoV 
— able, tit. ^fi/TO{, alpsrii; — 
lesa, sn. Hv/ifixTOf, J*arriA.>jTtTO{, 

Be'aet. p. ^- amicO, ivTxntltSupt, 
ivnuhmi, i»rm™0: —ion, aft, 
irnntfa, ft. i'Trtunoy, t<[. a«n- 

101117. i»Tfeprfi«, A: — ionary ft 

]Ve, IT. OUTtHpyuv, ivTIJIpBTTMl 

— iveiieB*, oi. arrlSpari;, ft. 

lte'ad, (napr. *. ^it. na9. re'ad) lv. 
•ytyncVnut. to have — a book, i*a- 

«i.aJ«y«flai, o'liifliij iyayiyyi;.- 
ra. to — over hastily, iniTpixuv — through, iia- 
ttrjr/timiir: auOive/uu, tir*«»i- 
<s/<ai:/im0aya>, napaia/tSiyu; o\- 
bt/ojim. cTia-yiyyinu. To — on, oi 


«ia-/iyvfiuw/ia< : — , in. Well — , 
na/uyp&iipttTOt, KoJ«/inOfl(: — able, 
4ts. rinptmlf, <4a»ayv«(rTO[ ^ — er, 
06. ivayndCTiK, irirava-y>>&irij{, : 
[■myp.) luipBwiiii, t: — erahip,o&. 

Ke'adily, inip. irsfras, irpojjifpM;, 

npoflu^«{, yjj('»(, 6.a f-i-'Vi. 
Re'adiness, ou. 1wi/*Jtik. irpaflu/ifs : 
of wit ft of mind, napajTa- 

— ,npo9iifi»f, 4opiiu6);i — of com- 
prehension, oJuti],, ft. tokeepone's 
self in — , ltapae-|c™aC»ea.. to 
stand in — , Itoi^oi <I»at ft vn&fi- 
j£n», irpix*<po' •!•«. to have in — , 
npAx'tp<» *X«"- 
Reading, ou. iya/vaimf, i. love of 
— , Ti julavayvHaTti-j. a person of 
great ft extensive — , tjhxiuMtb" 
Tioiitiv ifLitupiz* tx*>*: noJ.u,i*a6«a, 
KoJvayavyuifa, ft i y/»a^i), ft. ypi/i" 
/lara, ts. different ft various — e, 
diTTsypafdyiiav, to. the difference 
in the —a, fifroypafia, fti yJiff- 
o-^^a, ff^ J «"t T »: — book,'B»K- 
TKuffnaTapiay,^; — ■ desk, o>. i- 
vaioyiloy, 8*37*61 Tr^ptov, tJi — 


1. oS. a» 

^. «■ iyafioAiif Ttoiou^ai 
tu/ju'tt, p. L fiaaao-jiiu 
idjttfttmrnt, ti-. ij uiiiu 
«ctraei| : — admittance, ei. ft 
nsiXiv npo{ayii7^. — aiin'pt, p. 4. 
mid aTT0oij;a/iH[. — arfo'rn, p. e. 
Itili» aoa-jufi. — adee'rtency, 06. 
^irayafliipiio-!,, ft. 
Re'ady, in. (to, lor) irap€«t««irpi/yo{, 
froc/toc, Tspt>xttpoii tt/npticf\t- to 
make — , itapaomua^ty, iToijia- 
5«*, ttrpiirfijiiy. to get — , keep 

one's Belf — , T&pxvKtuiC'aUm, is- 
p i&i\iiirdxi ■ Rp<feuj»g;, haip» t . to 
be — ^ Tpo0up:oy icvac, irpo0u/jo«{ 
lXi<y '. troi/io,, irolfiot, iTorfiai^^- 
yot. with — money, 4pyu=io., to. 



— at hand, npix*W* ■■ to pay in 

— money, *aTa6aiini apyioiev : 
iil'ii, luxptwJit, iyaW;. a — 
speaker, a>rip iyaflof Tiv 16-/o» ; 
o{uf, ra;jiji. a — wit, napaffTaoii 
fflf ^"X<Js_, $: — to please, 8ipa- 
nivr.Ko!, ™i)ptT>iT«et: — to have 
a — sale, £*ijth[ i/»i» itoJUouf. 
iuiT^Jtcoi, fiiltof, xpojftipoj, •* 
Xstimij: — , fcfp. «.), iref/ius: 


, p. t. w&kr ^itotupQ. — 

amnnance, oi. n J< *<« fiaGierf. 

atrif. [(pap/iaico.), rif. 

Rea'gent, oC. (xi/*-) i>n3pxaTt*bv 
Keaggrava'tion, ti. {&«!.) ij riiiu- 

Keal, *n. iiu<Me, ilisSwit, *.*, inap. 
j;«y- — things, t4 Svra. the — 
nature of a thing, t oU-iflua ri- 
•ec: ovo"«W>jf, iveunot: npaarwif ; 
(«^.) *«<po t , i/«p««fc, (wi».) *i- 

niirrft: — property ft estate, fa»ipa 

ttuaiz, T). pavlps ^ ijif ivij rriiiu- 

T«,ra. [«,ri. 

Real, 06. (a^ut/is Wav.«*) ptaJ.. 
Realgar, rf. (•>.) «,***?*«, ft n»- 

Japaxi, 4- 
Re'aliam.oJ. 1 (ioi».) Jtpa-/««Ti«yo(. 
Re'aliet, oi. uirlp roi npay,naT<»/ioO. 
Reality, oi. aMStia, eiWa, iitdita- 

me, v- i-iibu, 3,, T <l. Uxpbt, i. 

mm, {ni« ra «* i*(«/0 f>. Realty. 

In — , rol Svti, Ipyu>, iJijSit, 

Ruali'aablc, fc. aW( ti nipatow6ai. 
Realization, o£. q lf>-/») kimScTkCi! : 

Stinpttu, J); to ytywrfcn. ^ o^- 

Re'albe, 4. i. Ipytf *aBltrnip.t, twm- 
is, ijaaiiis., mpulni: to — one's 
plan, iwpaivciv ft Jtanftartuip t^> 
yv£y>l> : i^xpyvpl^ : iiarifli^ai 
(ra xp^aTa) tlf Tt: (from) iroioO- 
/uu, Ix/iSira it T»oj. to — a 
profit, tiptat itwtR. 

Reallege, p. i. **iyop.a. m»». 

Ue'atly, en(p, kiifiSiu t>! ajlufltfa, tS 
««., *>T*i ( r — ?.aivjS'ij'i t« Sir.;' 
Realm, tt. ipxii, jSariWet, 4. 
Re'alty, oS. (»g/..) inap^o-Ta ttyyua 

pioucria, ft. 
Ream, tfi. fimJlof (^Sprou) i. 
Keam, p. i. tbpwu iit*». 
tie a'mmate, p. i. a-ja^umtf u, ivaia, 

ang((5 — anima'tiou, ol. avjftu- 

Ue-aiinc'x. A.#. nii« nfjosiprft. — 
anneia'tion,oS.flnaiivir)iO(a : oTi)»i;. 

Reap, p. J. flioiru, lopirojuai, ™-/ko- 
ui'fouKi, tvA;*',w Jt. Tuiiejo^ai «ap- 
nei,-: , liv.'lii) JlapEavu ic. la^Cavs. 
/«t( «, iiroJaiu «»». to — the 
fruits of anything, iiapnous laSJ- 
oBai T<vi( f xapitoSireai T<; — er, 
06. Stpwnlt, ipijrtp, ; Sfpurtai) 
/"7^a>i|, i: — ing, ou. Sipu^lj, 4, 
0/piaif 1 *api»A9y(a,«u-/Jt8|U:<c'ij,$: — 
ing hook, oi. ipiirauoi, itputritpt- 
««, ti!: — ing-machine,' 9ipc<rr«^ 

Re-appe'ar, i. oSJ. ivajiafupoi. — 
appe'arance, oi. &*apa.ctr«, A. — 
np/ilti, p. i. naiiv apurffu )J upsj. 

Re'ar, oi. (tfip.) S nif trpxriif aupi, 
otpayiov, ri. elipayla, f), ixutayi- 
lajii(, oi. to bring up the — , ol- 
payih. to cover * guard the — , 
onuflof uJaittlv : — admiral, nb. 4v- 
Suitovaiiap^ot. 4 ; — guard, 06. oii- 
rflo*u)a«(, oi; — line St rant, ov. 
(»rf>.) ofya, ^ ; — ship, oi. ovpa- 
yoj vaus, ^ ; ~ ward, 06. («rp ) 
djiiiee ? !ij.««{, of. 

Rear, I*. fipUfiot. 

Rear, 4. i. afp«, iira(p«, .«aCpo.: 
(up) a.} li/nv, oiVsio/Jd, iyi(p», 
i>ftTi)/ti; p".) Kialpiu, rptfru. ix- 
rpifai, civKTpifM. to — children, 
iraiJorpo^i/v to — in, ivrpifur ■ 
to — together with, mvYptfm, 
auwrpifuv: —,p.shi (tf'tnmti) 
ipt&i («■«>.«, .fai-a;*, «iil- 


fWT^If. i 

puti, AvH/sHTtfu: — er,oi. r^oyi 

if.ofit, i. 

ra'nging, 8u. pcntieV/Hgaic, #. 
Beascc'nd 1 , p, i. l.aSafvu au8<f. 
Ke'aaon, oi. ioyof, »ouf, io-/ii/i4f, J. 

f ^.„,„ 1,1,..., 4 : .,'««, «. «. 

■/Of, 4; e"(««rov, iiron, afiev, to. in 

all — , iwirm, "at* ** "■«**■ Tor 

wlmt — B? Kara r(va Jliyov; with- 
out any good — , oil' it ivo t ip- 
8o0 liyev. to State one's — , atri- 
«» Tivii )J7tiv. I had many — a 
for doing this, iroJJa ijn ri finii- 
ftttt pi TBUTB 1Mb, by — - of, i- 
*««a, x&fm. for tills — , Jib to&to 
( tbutb, dirt tbvtou. for these — s, 

r«. from whatever— ,1) whatever 
may be the — , erev ii.imn l<m. 
for which — ? rivet x^p'v; with- 
out — , &loyot. to bring any one 
to — , trofpevlCi'v. 
Re'ason, £. oitf. (of) JeyfC'/"". ot^'o- 
yfge/w : *fbm, yryiuW (with) 
ataJeyquu, jren-/paTiun/iBi: — , (I. 
;. itnsv/.B, o-utflTu: mi'tw, o>a- 
»t(8(o: —able, in. loyucic, Itr/inc 
«flf, «>./oyos: ifxQpto*, (rb>irdf T ppa"- 
»i"0(, triip/jwy: tuloTOf, oi« dfJo'/es: 
ft'cnis, in«unj f) /ifTpwt, Iso{. oi 
nsiu;: — ableness, of*, ri Joymfj: 
/lerpunit. i(: — ably, bap. icxoiui. 
»SWyo.(, ta-atat, opOSfi — cr, oil. 
Jeyisrti, vBnjunu, IEit««ti)(, a : — 
ilig, ei. Xeytipbi, ■viMynue;, 1. 
the — [ng faculty, ri Joynrme*. 
art of -~ing, )o->«r), tmiixrui, q, 
false — ing,, i : — 
J t' ftv , (7i, avauj, aiojcs, £ff,r>, iau- 

•asse'inble, p. 4. &ix-/itptt;- 

M. ttila J7i(po/. B (. — nWrf, j(, 

. ira)i» — ane'rdon, 

'. i. «aln infl^ 1) a»>ip*> o 
w'fltni/ii. — ami'milatt, p. i. 

anoAauCavai. — o«ati'rnn», at. i 
*aliy io*)iai«<[. — attu're, p, i t 

itaiiv afff stiffs. 
Beat, IB, prfravov ri. 

Be-atta'oh, /S.i. kUiv irpofairrtii. — , 
a'chment, oi.ij fa tiau niva^f. 
tUte'tnpt, p i. It(isfifl« Haiti. . 

Beave (*apt. k. iut. *»». reft) p. i. 

iiumSt, B^Bjma^u : : — r, ai. k\4- 

Re'aving, oi. cAem), fl. [rcrisi •■ 

Heha'te, ^. «. a/i«v>«, ifaaEAuvw • 

i}arT&, /fitu: rantfoi, ce/kstu: 

(i»i tib(I() tyxip&i,vf«tp&, {koiv.J 

Rebate, at. ipyalUr vfuttah', ri: 

(iraicavau) Jn€q, >]: r6 u^niv«< r^c 
ryia (l { <8 ,v.) (kitthik, i : — ment. 
oli. ft&tVif, UAmmt, ^ : (i/i-itp.) 

TO OsJltuai TB! TI/i« S . 

Re'bel, tic. Sp. Kebdlious -. ■-, oi. 
iiaculiTflt, iitairraTiiE, o. Tapaji- 
mlit, i. 

Rebel, p. oitf. (against) iirayiiTHBoi, 
TnpBZii* lMI0v(i«i, BTaa'tiJai, $opv 
6u; — Hon, ei. oraiif, iiraisiaTa- 
<ri{, ineoTBsic, 4: — lious, in. 4i«. 
vTBTuaft vtonrtAextKbi t fftaff*iJ*K. 
lo be — lion?, aTa«a£n»: — lioos- 
Iv, ia(p. anooTaTi>;fi{, cTTBoiBSTi- 
r.&t : — liousneas, vii. ri rTsnc- 

Re-be'llow, p. oiJ. B.TiBewjfa/iai, ar- 
rtCafi.- — MffOlB, ^.oii. aJSif MUh. 

Rebo'und,p.a&a*. aianaiJefiai, oiro. 
rra/;.o/AH( b etvak^itTOju.a{, svBirrro'u ; 
— , p. i. ivafii/Jii, B'Bpplirru: ii- 
ravaitJS, itrvj^fi : — , ou. dEf nJnt, 
4vanaJ.o«, i. 4van^Ji]|BB, t^ : — 
ing, in. iraArvTUKilf, avaTaircy^. 

Bebn'fF, oi. aTdflrwt, 4 > «*f «*'ni«t. 
apiqcit, Bnitnutic, 4- tomeetwith 
a — , airaaVxi/ia^idocii, anaTuy^a- 

HO, " [d^Olio.. 

Bebu'ff, p. i. Btufls, 4.o«(Vt», bito- 

Rehui'ld, fr. i. avcuiaa'a/ifi, tnoutio- 
/iSt. dvaoitsua^w, avapfifi, drizvisn;- 
/ti: - -er, ov. svryffTiif, ubIivJe- 

ti/mip, a -. — ing, ei. imxttip*- 
Bebu'kable, in. /it/ntrbt, lwi/up.r. 

Rebti'ke, p. I. jii/ifBfixt, ft"ftt, im- 
niijaa&i, imTi/ta, the devil — k sin, 
(*0i«.) o JiiieoJlos *auy« Tov<rr«u- 
peV tbu; — r, pi/if a /if/Hi, ijiiyuv, a, 

Re-bulli'tion, ot>. i»iSoasi f) ft. — 
bury, p. i. Sd-nru iraiiy, 

Re'bus, (kJ. rebuses) ov. jplfof. A; (I- 
Tri oUos.) yptfOi, A. 

Rebu't, A. i. »n»6S, &ite*peuoi : — 
ter, ou. 6 eiruSuv, £ aTtoxpeim. 

Ecca'll, ,S, I a.aWfl, V na v Ma i«, i- 
TKtai.ii : (from) /iirairi/inejiBi ira- 
ii». to — a commander, BiiaoTpn- 
nryov iroiti*. to — from exiled ba- 
nishment , xaJtl. iriAiv, *ariyiiv,x a- 
™*fc«(«i: ai-aTlBt/tai, iuWT<lf 
/Axt r na)iliey3, naJoaiJw. to — 
anything to anyone's recollection)) 
memory, ivet/unrimu*, ^nayajii- 
ftwSnniv tub ti *! rosf. to — any- 
thing to one's recollection S) mind, 
dva/Uf.»ijffjiiafla( Tivat (j m : — able, 
«r. inaxlijrit- 

Reca'll, oil. avaiinffi;, ^sayixinart, 
4: nai^J^ia, iraJ-tvw^ta, 4- past 

Beca'n!, p. i. iraJiileyfi, ayaWflipai, 
iralivufu ; ifoTtwai: — , p. ovS. 4- 
{o>nup«: — a'tion, iu. naJilio/fa, 
iyaJii^i!, nxlnaSia, *i I — er, ov. 
A naicmi fi» : i i'i>>MJ. 

Eecapi'tulatC, £. *. iyaifijiaAaiw, n«. 
ltUryA, — capitula'tion, oS. ay«- 

*£pa4alb>eif, nx\;{3. ! ),- — Ca- 

pi'tnlatory, iit. ayaMpalaiaiTixoj. 

Eeca'ptien, ou. fcc&qfic, i-axr-isti. 

Reca'ny, p. 1. aiaxo^ffw, inoVyu, — 

SI RE . 

cult, A. I. Svajttvtuoj, piTaxal- 

tutiiisi, jMTitvaiu, fHfop/uffu ; 

xiapi6/i-w, ava/ieT^A. 
Rece'de, ^. euo\ifroni)ajroxai0fi, iire- 

Mnai, vxexusfi, i^io-in^ni, aitt- 

Reee'ipt, ov. )#i{, irspzliji^;, bttJ- 

iii^it, tifoaxi), ij: vTcoisxAi 4 { 'be 

— of custom, W)a$, to 1 , fdpos, d. 

TiJtOxov, tJ: — B, Jii^Hf, npo;o~ 

o«, tf t oe"", a(. to be in the — of, 

7tfS(0cfou( !x*'" 4 la/iSaviiy: jff- 
«e, ii» z 4, #. (*■»■) iSifJ,..*, i- 
noJiiJif, ij. to give any one a — 
for anything, lm»xt* T«i 
timc, i«i> V p* r «> t.. (<o.v.) J«i« 
inW«5<. Jiat<r (farp.) « iarpoii 
Ttip&yytln*. auuttriH, «I: (xeiv.) 
.uyTayfi,^ j — book, at. (S.Sito- J., Ta. [dlSH ando'iijrv. 

Eece'ipt, ^. i. 4«o;(>S» irtoi^i, (nei«.) 
Recei'vable, ^tt. TtposJwrej, And^i- 

utoj: — nessi aS. ri itpatJwrav. 
Recci've, |>. I. Xafiiana, Tiapala/i- 

pu, ine«xo/tea, ^J^[0/ia(, ianti, 
navfoiciuu, fi-.tfu. to — any One 
atthedoor,a7ravT(i> ti.i irtlTas flii- 
pa«. to — friendly , i raifssSaijjiio- 
feviaaBxi, t&ulbaSn, to — hear- 
tily, «aTao-nafio-Oa<. to —with 
open arms,aa^iTuc ot'xi^^at: /a/j- 
Sa«w, Kara^a/iEavM: lt X o/ix,. i< ( - 

Aa/iSaiiu: xa^ifo/iai. I — d your 
letter, ina/tai/i^i ti)u irap'Ci>iS» 
fcuToJ^y. I — newe, titxyyilltTxi 
lie*, to — a benefaction n kiml- 
ness, i6epyf«tafla(, » 7rao- ztl .. to 

■j rctnrn, o-nitix 
:a>ov, iiiiii^io 

to — into a league,rrpef ayio&ai av/i - 
liixous- t*> — >nto a society, S4%t- 
aflat, «y«Jix<ifl«'> irfojypaf uv Tiva 

rivi: te, liflix"/"', litKtpnci, i& 

(ij/titl, (ii/HoDo-flm ; uiroAK/iSanj, 
f(^«,Tu-/xz><u,xe^;«:— doesfl,sS. 
a-noSax^l, Jil^is, ft: — r, 06. 6 Ix/i- 
(awiv, 4 Aa6«», h|inti|(, bitooV 

■ Z£ & S , ». (m*).*'^™?, i:<* 
T0{ nvmuaTcxiJs ovt«bs) uilu*c xci- 
Ju.; — rof thecustoms, Tti&*w,A. 

Rcie'ltilratC, p.i. iopTal> ireU.v. 

lieVdicy, 111. TrpscfKTov, imy^sy, 



Xos, urrrfynios 1 — ly, fa(p. vittarl, 
Opn, vICv, nptiijv, Oiroyuioii. quite 

l;ci.'.»']!tscle, ou. Sox-il, 15. Jo^rto*, **- 
Joxeio*, ri : Mum, 0.11084*1, ft : 
'"—-■* — *- S. — cepta r cular, fa. 

op. Receivaljleness. 
irfexH, iwSotf, i- 
1 <i friendly — , St- 
1^4,-, i : — ofstran- 
<JajE4, (rnttxta, ft: 
o- 1; ,ft;irepaoo Z ii,ft. 


to fa<oW«<fv. 

'»',■/!, a.-'xy&pr)Gts, u- 
anpafi'a, ft. jrauiit 

17ia,S: XaTapuy)!, ft ; 

"jr^pio - '!, imoxijon- 
'(W«"f, ft: n*f>ax6- 

UITalJaTTO^ /uOap- 
ge.p.i.Myvl) xa- 

auKif nps s SaAJM. 
njysTin&i) iiajiJijiij 

2 RE 

Re'cipe, ou. {<«Tp.) iatpou iraBa/yil- 
/.«, r.f. {«.►.) OUVTayft, ft. [«J.'piiui^lc, oi. (/iaB.) yuviri/MTpgv, 
Reti'pioiicy, ni. *'(•'=". i^noo^i;, n. 
Reci'pieut, oi. 00. Receiver; (x>v*.) 

Reci'procsJ, in. *>oiSo7es . a — con- 
teat, murder, iiiijiouax'^. toi<tle- 
foirfa, ft. a — affection, filotUlij. 

lta, ij: • aJI<vo>8^<iio'i: — ly, lirf/t. 
mis eWexftv, ix o'<ao'oxi3{, i/«i- 
Baloii, e/ioi6o£f';: — nees, o&. a,uoi. 
84, ovrandioinf, ft. 
Reci'proeatc, p. «H. d/uAtym: — , 
p. J. 0V0V Ti xal Ja^iSayo, 4 »- 
^ouaf Tl, auEiSw, a.TaJJdrrai. — 
CS'tiOD, OV. ajiaifii, lird/tu^tf, hv- 
Taliayft, ft ! ft Kara aWegftv faa- 
vooo t . — city, ov. to o>oi6afoH yi- 
-/■ajMvei>. there exists between them 
a — city of needs, UVw M»»- 


Eeti'sion, ou. biioico^c;, owoi^noii, ft. 

Rcci'tal, oS. iiiiyi<"f, iinay/tlig, a. 
viytwri;, ft: Jiftjnprij, ft. Bira/ivq. 
ltiucu/ia,aipiB/ia,ti. [jiri'/wtf, q. 

Recita'tion, ou. ajrofiv^fiiJuuint, ft : 

Ki.'tiUiii vc, fa. fiOiutitiii: — , 06. 
ponatfia, ft. i.n chant in — , aa-,a~ 
Stiv: —ly, faip it aTo'n /jo-woVa't. 

Reci'te p\ i. i»«7n™*«««, iwayj^l- 
ifd, &.vtzi4yoi r jrataitye), Jr^/ou^ai : 
rpa^&ijoi, ps^uou: 3isipi6p.5i t i£a- 
pi'tuM, xaTap'Sp;6i : — r, ot. aiuty- 
7^U»v, pa^Jos, i. 

Re'cklesa, in. ofpiivTiiTov, nj>po»Ti(, 
o^/ueo(, i/iEJ^j, aiiytiTTOs: Spa- 
iuj, 1»>1)pi(, ira/AOs napaSoJot ; 

— ly, fafp- ttMiioi,, OfpOvTlITT'drif, 

iltyipHS, avti/iliiut : iTa^fi { ■ — 
nesa, Qu. OjUfieia, iloyiffTr'a, appg- 

Re'ckon, p. *. Joyifo/iai, iptB/iw : «■- 
Taioyi^ac (up) Anapie^a, ifa- 
piO/ifi, Kxtaioyi^o/ixi: oio«iai, Jo- 
■fl. ftyou^Bi, nojuiiu: (with) o'lala- 
j-Cfo/ia. (n^i(« n.a): (on, upon) m- 


i — upon doing anything, 
itnantnoft. to — among 
a ueixaio class, Kara Joyful) a ( v) 
KBrap.Sytfv 5] Tifli»ai i'» Tin * ti f 
n>«{. to — for, imiloyn iivcu - 
foMtu. to — in, Imalayl^ttts. 
to — up i, together, iuHoyi;EoflBi 
— er, ou. Jo-yiiTns, or — ing, oi 
Joynr/iii, 6. hpiSp-w;, y \ ioyi 
'fit, KHTsiioywf si, iiKoXoyttub; 
I: yiijit, KpCaif, i): (vaur.) dea 
— ing, iji^iir/uioij (nlofou), ij. t' 
be oat of one's — ing, ^iuiSuSoc i 
tiaf tilcSai io-nid/j.t-.iv, ojaUs 
o8ai: — ing-book, ^rfiiiov OiroJoyi 
otcxov, TO. 

Eecls'im, p. I. 4™**Aii: omama, « 
nair^oi; (from) avopow, iiravopflw 
illjutpw (y%v): iapSi, Sa/iafa, y 
litpH (inpte)- — , p. si*. avaEcfi 
fefuvfi: —able, in. anamjrioj 
iyopiWioi: —ant, oi. ihwtisu^i- 
■o^AvnUyoM, Mifowof, b: —loss 
In. istITI«ifpeuTO(, atfiifpetuTOS. 

Beclama'tion, oi, inafr^o-i}, .5 ■ fa«- 

Re'clinate, in. (pW.) *n<*i<v«. 
Kerlimi'tioii, ou! c^iit/ijis. i-.ixiim 

v: Klbif, lyy.^ti, ferixlMic, 4. 
Recli'ne, j>. i. (on, upon) «v«xif»*, 

irpogtpslo'cii, j(BTa*A£v&j: — , p.ovS. 

inalivepai, ffaxurJMvspn, iviiKji- 

KaiamicJIc/i^vof, iTTtxllvifc. 

Be-clo'se, £. i. nilm »Jif«. — e/ua'tf, 
A. i. inty*. 

Keoln'se, in. ohtnvpii, Ipnft ' — , oi. 
i»»Z"pl"is, ipnpinis, tiova X bi, i: 
-iy.inlp. ipy lK &j, p*.*x«$ii 

««fl' jjauxfev Sixyayii. 
Recln'sion, oi. = apt. 
Reeln'sive, *tt. ipnnix6;. [iiv. 

Reco'sst, P .i. ■««««, ira*Me*<t- 
Heoogtii'tion, ou. iva;mni, ftustynk 

jm«(, jj : tniyiiojoit, 4. 
Reco'gnitor, ou. (yep.) Spawn}?, i. 
Recognisable, in. tiyutipioroi. 

Keco'gmzance, ov. aiotyiawff, a»o> 
yi&puftf, i,: (»sy.) lyyftt, it- 

Re'cognize, p. i. i»ayiyvti=Kw, hiz- 
yvoiptfa, iict-fi-w&tjxw \ it/flfiOA. to 

p'afla/n;d>eAo-/i5:— .i.ovo" (uoy.) 
IjTvAuoh: — e,oi. (vep.)e fyyuqtifc. 

Beoogni'ier, Eecogni'zor, oi. (vofi.) 

i/yuijr^,-, 4. 
" % p oio\ a.anaUo/i " 

, ^V 


ingly, iirlp. insitalTMw;. 
Eeco'in, p>. J. ^iraxapaMi), ove Z w- 

vtvu : —age, oi. pirnxapsefK, $. 
RecoUe'ct, 0. i. ^i<pvno/o^a., iva*..- 

/i»iio-|<o^a<, ino«i/i»^7«s/ini, hvij- 

KoOollt'ctio.11, Oi, ^Vlju.1, &VB/UI]«f t 

iiro/ini»«, ft.t« the best of my — , 
Recoile'ctive, /n. a»a/i»n(TTiicos. 

He-OOinbina'tion, oi. ii naiiv iv>4(«j 
)J ouvap/ioyii. — combine, i.i. na)iu 
jusap/isTTto. — comjnE'ncB,p, i. oJ- 

1 i i :,- f 0)1 3. i r .v s ,-, ir i ; ,v J ,; , x -: . ; ci t < v i , 

iuaJa^Sam. to — the war ( hoaii- 

^.oiJ. Buei(y(yo/<ar,apx">'*<''^i». 
jcomme'nil,^.^. (to)oTj»(ori7/ii,]rpo. 
£..«,(«».) m^- aba,- i»<- 

physician, nap 

iv xpr ;v 

•, ino r, 

iio-8ai unrf tinoj. a letter of ^, (- 

Eecomme'ndatOTJ, t-x. ouiTarHco;: /- 

3 4 2 

Reeommi't, p. L aiiflis iriirtuw S 

T«tata%u fl ivoj;BnocS. 
Re'compense, p. '• i»opflfi, avr. 

sV; H .i, , 

Re'compense, ou. tironipSHitd arco- 

icaTajraffit, ivTiScan, ofAotGr,, n- 

Recompi'lement, ov. ft V* vieu i*)oyi), 

i". — compn'sr, p. /• icilsv itpa\>»t* 

ft KaraTrpaflnu. — composi'tion, 8v. 

4 fa vAw uvvSwif. 

KfC.'.iui'lklili!, in. itaarallajtrot, ti- 

iiiihHT9 t ,t0uur»s, tv/iap/Hxpbi 

SiaMayfiv : — ness, lb. n npif tupapua, i&fiaJJafiTev, 


Reconcile, p. t. Six/Xana, iutXiu, 

euvaJJarrw, ouyMef**. to become 

— d witli any cine, JhAUtwU 

o be - 

Anything, jij 
meut, ot. it<) K a^4 t , 4. xaTaiia^, 
ti: — r, ov. diai/axr^ti, ifaraiia. 
ii^:> p*«'t>j(, 4. 
Reconeilia'tion, oi. ftaUayi), *«Tal- 
la?,), waU^, 4. toWpij, i. 
tiAiunt, $ : anixtcm, tfiUwnf, n : 

ap/10ufe,SupJ6lv[a,^. [alleiCTlipiOJ. 

Reconci'liatory. tic. ifiJaoTtfpiOf, St- 
Reeondensa'tii n, ah, i> in riou fifa. 
Re'condite, itt. airaKpufoj, airoM- 

Kpup/Wyos, uplift, iaflpatflf: ipa- 

yi?(, ovafijj, «ji)Ja$: o'livi,, |Sa6u,-. 
RecoWitoiy, «u. inoflijKi?, ij. 
Recondu'ct,, 4. i. avayu, i»a*up(- 

C«, ina-ayo.. 
Rccoimoi'tre, 4. ^. (orp) npoffionS, 

jtaTamranfl, naraffKOJtuioi, (ratnlli- 

w/im, Jiiptuvii. to — the enemy's 
itplui. to send persons to— ,n<p- 

«rfip ai.— co nqueat ,o» J«S«n 

Re-coiisi'der, 4. i. dyaioy^opiai. 

•KOnfl, tfjaJiayriiniixw. — | 

. =0. a 


■ rifw — constru'ction , 06. avaaniml , 
infnn^, 4vokt<iti(, $. — conve'n- 
tion, eli, ovTiKaTiyopia, ann/papi), 
*. — conra'y. £. J- ina-aya, psra- 
$jpu ti tfj Ti. — conveyance, oS. 

Reco'rd, p, i. /tipwima, auapipii^- 
nm 4»«7pif«, aitoypafoi, ir/pi.- 
fw^KVTttypdfO}] ifl , ropw,^(fl>pu ( uat, 

Re'eord, ol. miyypap/ia, Ti. papTu- 
piov, t4. jri. Tpap^ara, Ta. (*<..;>.) 

Xpov«a, t«. the stat« fl public — b, 

ra i^p-ieta ypdji/ixra, ayaypapai, 
a(:KaTaJoyof,i. i7ro-/paf>i.i.yp«/ii- 
(laTttov, ti. 7pa/ipaTo^i>Ai«inv, 
XapTofrulaxtov, Tif. 

Rcco'rder, el. u7iopvii/iaTiim)f, «uy- . 
Ypajitij, 4: 7pa^aro?ula(, z*f- 
TOf liJaf, 4. 

Recount, S. i. fmyoii^Bt, «arali>w, 
HTio/jvii^jvEJu : iirnspiBpO. 

Recou'rae, e6. ^itiarpof^, iTroirpofi), 
avDJst, siraust'si, aviia/i^u, tj : «i- 
rafuy^, npot^u/ii, ij. to have — 
to »ny Olie, Karap ivysn Tip6i T«a 
Sj inf Ti»a, rpttttaiai npos T<va. to 
have — to anything, km/ppO* 
spii ti, (iriSiasSai ti. withont — , 
(tiutp.) avtu V/u-jf. 

Reco'ver, ^.^. bnerAfuu, AvaJapea- 
ym,avaj(op.(Co^ai J anoJapSa™.to — 
one's strength, i>a/)pni>>»un9«!, to 

debt, iTroia/iSavi.v 1) mo^i^irfa. 
XP<°:: (from) 4ltu6tp&, ai»Jiu0c 
p»; i>)uTp»: iWeri)/", u>ii(H, i- 

tapp&imiu. to — one's self, (» f- 

autii YJyvwSai, iauti" ivnlapSsi- 
■■»; — , £. (iJ. (from, Of) pafSu, 

ivapiatiK, ivappuJvmpni, ivaJap- 
Satu IpauToy : avanauopai, nauJau 
jap€avo>, LvaxT€,p.a[ ifxaurbv, — 
able, in. 4va»Ti]T0s: fan;, catyiof : 
— ableucss, o4. Ti i»a<Ti!Ti», iva- 


xrfliif, f, : txnt, i, : — er, oi. 6 4*a- 

KT&fllvOf.BtpXTFt'JTJlit 0. 

Reco'very, oi. interfile, anaKo/iitfij, 
*. anal-j^is (xp«ou(), it: (from) i- 
vaJi?^, aw5^p&.j(; p vj ; ivaTtvausrs, 
Avaipu^, ii. 

Re'oreant, *tt. * ( ,)S { , 5»a.o> ( , fii-al- 

ieiiit, ava>>Jpe{, A : (it*i.) knsazi- 
Re'create, 0.i. i»aipuxfi, 4va?',™eo>: 

rip™, ■ippa(»a«. to — one's self, 

a»anaiJni8afi ^uxay(*yfi,aianauoi : 
— , p. oit. avafmnipoG/iai, ina^u- 
jptyMl: ivanaioftai. 
Re-crea'te, £. i. iiaJijficov^yS. — 
creation, oi. banlswc, 4. 

Re-crea'tion, at, oW^uxi), dvn^ulit, 

J'i^k 4i fesirawt*. 4 - oWfi- 

Eij, (vBujufx, ivpaairijini, q. — - crea- 
tive, in. a^a-J/uxTiKbi, Tjpirvi;, ift- 
^apte/iinof. —creatively, infe. a- 
vo^wrtKfit, Tffnrvfli. — crealive- 
ness, oi. t* lua^uJitHSv.Ti TipnuaY 

Re'crement, oi. mupu, i, tnttrrqpa, 
io. K&Bxptia, Tif : 4ni;(pififia, £•!"/- 
»ia, iK/J^ia, rrf; aH; — i'tial, is. 
mtwpt&Sntf afradaprot. 

Becri'minate, p. i. avTirxaAfi, £»ti- 
icaTTrycpfi, avTiypapo/iai: &*T(iot- 
Supra, kvBvipi^fii, kvtiftijiyopau. 

Ttypafpiij $. avT^y*iq^ja, re 1 . 
Reeri'minator, oi. iniicaTTf-yopOf, 
irdutptar/it, 6. 

Ee-crude'ecense, Recrode'seency, si. 

(imp.) ir«\<yK0Tf«, naAryitifrijo-ii, 
y. — uiude'eeent, in. nuli/KOTOf. 
Recni'it, /5. i- (<rrp.) itaraJ/yu, ou)- 
iiyu mpaTvarxf, eTparaioyS : »au- 
Toioyfii anao-Kiua^u, aiopSfi: 4»a- 
la^Bavw. to — one's self, U laurf 
yfyvurOaijayaAapCavifv ;aurJv ; — . 
p. eiS. iv lit suv & ytytt/ttu, i»a- 
Jo^eivu i/iaurov, &>a;oinupo&/iai: 
irrpaTG^oyoupst ; — , oi. vstSA.;- 


A; iwEirltyunc, i. inanAiipu^a, 

nt, si. erpiToJoyfa, q. [flij. 

Recry'st&llize, £.«. irtoirpuo'TaDfi aS- 
Eecta'ngle, oi. ipBryimti 5j 6p6iyu. 

,„ >TI [. _$, _ d, 4*. — is. 
Recta'ngular, In. dpOojiiims, apOiyu- 
».C— lj,tw^.tpt r ^b t . 
e'ctifiable, in. o".oefl«Tto s , inavop- 
Rectifies-' tion, ov. Mpttwit, tnutip- 
«>i, i : (X1H-) itMuit, loSfcnf,*. 
Re'ctifier,oi.Ji8pfluTil5,inav(ip8»r^,- 1 i. 
"e'ctifv,F.i.o'iopflii,tea»opflol:( Z u /I .) 
*««;■, JniflO : — ing, iir. StapQu- 

T«i(, ilta-O/jfllltTUlrfs. 

Rectili'nial, Recti li'near, Recti li'- 
)us, in. (vo<f>) »iSi7P tt *'i tI0 (- 

Re'ctitude, 06. «tfer«, dpSJms, «: 
tifliirm, anUriK, XPt* T ' r 4li '•* 
msr#>4,4: ipBi*p<nt,*. 

Re'ctor, ol. Kut*fw$Tin, b" iweri- 
riK, 4; — of school, sx'^pxti, 
b: npvTxtif (na>ini(TT<7fifeu), $\ i- 
ftpo<J) eiiov«Vo({fioiiairr>ipfeu) 1 a: 
— ess, tli. ftiv8v*TfH*, i : — ial, 
•it. ntfSsouiji-iiiii, kta. 5=. Rectori 
— ship, oi. iniBTBiia, iirisraTiia, 
^: — j, ai. ispaitfa, ^ : afrqpa (. 
I^fu(, Tlf. 

Re'otnm, oi. («»T/i.) opj;»e, *■ 
Recuba'tion, oi. iraicXistf, ii 
Rcca'mb, ^. «M. avaiiJUvo/iiai, iar«. 

*!(»/•«, vnti«;»fimt — enceil: — 
enoy. oi. krixX&ti, tm&xitett, ii: 
— ent, tn. xarouthv-rif ; awaxJi>T^- 
piaf. a — cnt chair, avenii.r^ov, 
njjiitiiiiJipoi, rrf. 

Re-cu'perate,f .i. ivairS^at, ivaia^- 
8iv». — cupera'tion, «6. avinrij- 
rif, gtwElig^icd ii. — cu'perative — 
cn'peralory, in. ivMrnriKiv. 

Recu'r, p. »<•!. imni/ijja/uu, voitS, 
oiMnirrA, it — a to my memory fl 
to my mind, Imoia r/yinntl pat, 
inipxtrat k. mie*' 10 * p.i, ipxtt*( 
fiai ini »ouv : (to) narajniiyH, naos- 
tpkneitxt: ('ale.) OnoToamaCa: — 
rence : — rency, oi, xwhttlpa/da, 

Recii'rvate, — cn'rve, p\ i. inaitapt- 
irra, avmJiS. — cnrra'tion.^ cnr'- 
vity, oS. ivaica^iv, i. — cn'ired 
tl Cii'rvous, In. (jSoth.) inaxupTot, 

Re-cu'sancy, oi. apw't, ij. i p$ m- 
fMLioXh, — tu'MIlt, in. oil npojJi- 
Xburwi n, — cu'rant, oi. ImiiHt, i. 
6 Zpnipivot JipSi^wflaf n. — 
Ciisa'tioD, ei. kmSoitiwata, apv»)- 
aii,ji. — cusative, i-r. o\p*nTtxoi r 

Red, in. IpuBpif. crimson — , foivi- 
«oS(, fKnn6iis. scarlet — , nb*iu- 
to;, MDxxnoSaif-iii. pnrple — , *op- 

fvpovs, iltvfr/if. to make — , ipu- 
iftiiwu, yeiAavtn. to grow, turn 
— , ipuQpvhzsQect, ipu&pta* ; sgp- 
fit, {if wpaT#() KBpu«t*st: — 
beaked, in. fatanif^uncai: — ber- 
ried, Jn. tpv8p6/.otxaf. — birch, 
ill. (fvcv.) ipvSpi «i/tvts(, ij; — 
blight, ou. ipoattii, it — breast, 
ofr. (if.) xuppzits, 7i: — burning, 
in. ™?p6 f : — cap, ri. (ip.) ■•- 
£)^m>p<{, 4: ^bo^ax, rtjjj, to; — 

cedar, ou. (porv.) xio'ps » Jpu«pa: 

— chalk, oi. 0p.) ftt™**: — 

Cloak r, cloth, OU. JJ01II«1(, ij; 

ri : — footed, in. IpuSpincut: — 
gum, ob, {it-rp.) ijavflijjiia (hi rou 
nptginnu Tfi» siinlui), rd ; ipvstSti, 
S: — haired, &i. ityppBpif, S t $. 
nuppirpivoj '■ — - hot, in. ninupa- 
jtrwyVvo*, iisnupsc — juniper, 06. 
tfm.) H&xttpet.i,: — lead, oi. 
(op.) /i"tro{, (raaiuE, ii: — let- 
tered, in. afffiof, lunxfis: — ma- 
ple, oi. (fitrv,) 4 ipuflpa ff^v£a- 
/ivo{: — pole ft poll, ofr. (ep«.) m- 
m™p't,%: — root, «6. (jSatv.) 
lifliinippev, ri: — shank, o5. 
{•>».) ™a>tfp ( (, 6; (npDswvuyia 
Tfuv jpivfiy Sicmt.) vu^voeietJifa, b: 

— ailver-oro, si. (o'p.) nupapyiAt- 
9m, i; — start, eb. (4p>.) #i*ia»- 

, (i«rp.) 


Stipes ri foiiUoupOj, A, ij : 
at. (£or»_) It/punit, tl. 
Red, eu. ri ipvtpb' v.p 
nJ. TE t>f»|W. 

Rcds'et, p.i. «xi^«(;«, pepfS; w»- 
ritl/u, airnpifu. [$■ 

Reda'n,o{.(urp.)i!^i>^B,TO. /JTpo, 

Ke'dden, b. i. ipubpxUu, tfvSottm, t- 
pufpotit& ■ — , f. tit. tyuBfbo- 
ftoi. ipufpiA. 

R^'ddish, in. imipuQpoi, ipv6f>&3i(, 
iyiptiQpOf, unJiruppoc, bovetot, fiou- 
tritiJijf. to be — , pourfCiM : — 
new, ei. to imtpiAptr. 

Reddi'tion, °b. kitties*, i.ran.Ji!- 

Re'dditive, fa. iitoitpiTiiio!. 

Rede'em, i. t. lurpoOnai, anoluTpou- 
/**l, Ivap-ai, #{ay*pi£«i : <»/>.) **- 
Jii«, inolu«, ^<Jurpoi. to — a pro- 
mise, anoJoD-JBi T17V uut*x**Bi Si- 
op»&, faavop90: (from) r&tiuu, 4- 
MiiirtM, tiijfapu: — able, tir. 

luTC^T^St, Otif Tt Hx/OpiClsesi 5t 

iitvlijioijOai; — ablfiicss.ow. thSv- 
vafitvov lnoiuTpoiJjSai ; — er, ot. 
ouTilp, Au-awnii, jj(u9tpurd{, b : 

(fclli.) « SuT^p. 

Re-deli'ver, ^. i. naliy i-izeSllvp., h 
inoJurpu. — deli'ierance. — deli'- 
very, 0^- 4 naJ\iv 6\-n6£oo r iitiTtxpd- 
testt. — dsma'nd, p.i.itiin itiiTd. 

Rede'mption, ei. ifrpttnt, 4™lu- 
TpoiaiijaitiJuiij, n. (i'tl.) mnjpfa. 

Eteds/mptiDiuuy, oi. 4. iuTpi6ti{. [n. 
Re-de'mptive, — de'mptory, in. Iv- 

rpur^if, <t'j*Tiipt<i$. 
Rede'ntcd, ^n. MsuniTtf, oJo»tdhJi({, 
Redhihi'tion, s6. (yo/i,) ««0p«o<(, ^. 
IU'iihi'bit'iry, in. (vo/j.) nxufpan-ixij. 
Re'dient, ^n. inavip^oju 1 ' *' 
Re-di'lltegraW. b. i. ivexaivltm, Sya- 
• viS. — dhitegra'tioiii 06. Ivaitai- 

v<«(, fl. avaiama/iit. i. 
Re-diatri'bntc, p. *. "='» J<a»i^iu. 

— distribu'tion, oi, ij in viou iia- 
Re'dly, in(p. ipuflpiSf. [-o^/j. 

Re'dneggi si. ipuBpiT^t, «. ipuQr.p*, 


ti. IputftctaK, %. to produ 
ipvipabu*. [tbtipitt, *, 

Re'dolencc, Re'dolency, 06. Autts 
Re'doicnt, iv. ttiiiSiii, subi/ios. 
Re-do'uble,p. i. brfnrJani^, a, 

&»>«; — , jj.oM. avaoWajM^O- 

put. — do'nbling, 06, inxti 

Redo' lib table, fa. £o6ipoi, ttttit. 

Bedo'llbt, oft. ittpirii'xijjua, to - , np 060- 
W, t). irport/xi'/ta, to\ 

Bedo'und, p.aio". a»KTilio/i«<, 4no- 
naU/apai; imXivopQftfii : a-jxppfo, 
naKippia : rpfao/tft. the censure 
— s npon the censor, aixfipnm t 
$iyo t tii aftro. tov ^iyovra. $tu, 
]iip».it — a to my honour, n/n)v«f- 
po< /*«. it — a to any one's credit, 
npdi iTiamov .ikh )) iraa^ov ftps' 
■cal n: — , aft. 4«u&7!a<S, i: 4»r*- 
ZD««, ft. 

Bedn'ft, 06. C'f«i»0 (*"*•) *«"«/=» 

auva))ayp.« fl avriTpiSo/ia, to: 6*au- 
Teeon IvTfjpBffli, ™. [run*. 

Redra'fl, p. i\ ir«i» ItK/pift) t) Ono- 

Eedra'w, 4. «*. iral.v oW/papo. fl Oiro- 
Ttmrii J 3*ixypxtp&: (i/Utp, /ca<».) 

Redre'ss, iiopflw, ^itavop9«: irapajiu- 
Qou/iat, nuprr/Q{j&:, port- 
03: irpauvw, itaTairpai™ 1 — , oO. 
ftapoWt, iwApdnati, ft: pr.iOitx, 
ijotoupla, ft I vaprtyaplx, napa/iu- 
6ia, 4: 4 in«o U pSv ft p^oW: — 
er, ou. Jfopflurfti, fttsMapaWifc, a" ; 
ttunlp, jSoijOit, Muupg;, 4: — ive, 
fir. Ju.poWnt.fs: —less, «■*. 44iap- 
6« to 5, iviiravrfpoWet. 

ReiWar, p.ofto*. flpaftu, ovvrpiSu (tf- 
J«po> dtp/iiv), 

Redu'ce, p. *. fotiT*, ^ira-aya., i»a- 
fipu, inawp4pa; fictu, fosrrO, 
awr&Ua: (into, to) /tcTuCaUu, 
jUcraDaTTu, iizTX/>ocfti : 4ta(p&, 
J uluu. to be )j become — d, ilar- 
toCbUhi, piuSfSm J«rox<'o'o» ia^- 
6awb ft ^fljS' t, xara4ovA«. to — 
to (darery, Joulx-/wytI», 4vo'paiio- 

ii^taOxt. to — a place, mf tup el> : 
ii7ia{<i>. onyalai, an/jw: naraSi- 
6a;w, /iuA. to be — d in price, *- 
JaTtoui6at Hvti^». to be — d in 

*lx hixtiBai. to — to itshes, t«- 

ppayy, 4norappoiJ* : (ua6 ) pit&, a- 
■jx'j.ibi. tn — to tu'dtrr, C'.iMjjEiv, 
luflitsly, to — to not! ling, 4f«»(- 
?«», aiiolJOvKi; — ment, oi. Sp. 

Bedn'cible, in- otdj ti «Ka-/ia(ai, i_. 


Redn'ction, ou. itaeywyi), narxyoi^, 
inajiBpa, iira-'appa, j(: /isiu^i;, . 

mskea — ■ /i(iov», iJaTtouv, iuv-' 
T^v„v : «a9afpur< 5 , «arairrpo ? *, 

(<U: (-aVr*'^, 1 ^ feiv") 
«atapr.a/iii(, i. 

Redu'ctive, ^r. ^iiai r txo«, tt« T ™«. 

*if. , 06. TO ftKurtlfjv ! lj _ , #. 

7T(p. ^I<61T«a ; . 

Redii'iulancp, Redu'udnncy. oi. iui- 

ouo-fa, aa>9ov(a. Ttipiriorn,-, ^ ; -— . 

oflangnage, jriptaaaJo/a, tripii70- 

(ilia, itoJulov^n, %. 
Redu'ndant, in. ntpitait, rffflavos, 

izlwHttrnxSi. to be — in words, 

Re-du'plicate, p, i. Jiirina.rijrg, iva- 
iSi-iaxi^^a^ifJih — ,tn.4v«. 
a'tnlmnaauivoj, JiirJouf. — dupli- 
ca'tion, oi.lvaJinJaaiaa^ii, 0. — 
duplicative, ^ir. s"(7;iiju(, imnaXn- 

Re-e'cho, ^. bM. 4-tbxS, 4«Ta»ax)w. 

Reed, oi. (^0".) *a)a^j(, W»«{, u, 
nav»a, ^: dxiTi)(, aailii" (xanrneau- 
ptyxos), d: Kaxa/jfvac a^Joc, A. *<£- 
ixp.i<,r, tiptji, ft: piios, ri. aiaro;. 


5 6. ;«>! 


bird, ail. (ipv.) ipu^aliyo^ i ; — 
buck, fli. (Cwl.) lUiipayo,, I: - 
bunting, ob. (opu.) ffx 0,v ' l[)o s> • 
B, 06. (j9otn.) TUfq, 4: 


lit, *:- 

rope, 0*. (vaur.) anapri 
0*, to: — sparrow, ov. (if.) *X°<- 
vixXof, A: — warbler, 06. (op*.) 
xKla/talbTtii, 0. [Aapt&Jig(. 

Re'eded, Re'eden, 1*. *aia,uivfl5, xa- 
Re-edifica'tion, ah. avoucoSi/iiioii, $. 

— e'dily, p. i. tooattyifi. 
Re'edless, &■. axaia/io { . 

Re'edy, in. Jana/tiJiij, ixlxp&Siis. 

Re'eft oi. (nut.) Bpfoi, rtpSptei Ufa- 
pat, si. to let out every — , ffitS 
vox TtiyTB <alwv: pa;((a, $. Ippjt, 
r6. to>*lo ( , a : — - band, o*. ("hut.) 
«r» — cringle, oft. (mur.) 
irpfxof (tSv imiwv), : — knot, 
06. (»aur.) oraupOf, a : — lines, ei. 
xl. (*«ut.) 0/ Bpfen — points, 06. 
(vnvr.) mp&tutf to: — sail, ffi. 
(»«vt.) mpitmt, r<f ■. — tackle, 

0&, (wflUT.) fcpapOt, b. 

Reef, /(■'- (v«u».)«ttl« t«W« : 

— y, ftr. utaltWiic. 
Reek, oi. xrnrvOE, 4r/i0{, J. ht^, *: 
ffoipsf, flwjcos, ; — , j>. obS. xa- 
irvou/iai, xaituS, XHKiiv iviJu'u- 
/": — y. **■ 'airvtio'ijf, itairvfaf, 4. 
Reel, oJ. Tpoxaite, rj : — , p\ *. *}£- 
floi, toJuhiuw, [>, iJiyjio). 

Reel, jS.outf . napa^opsv ftaSl^w, oyil- 
Re-ele'ct, £. i. aipaipxi naA<v !] Jiii- 
npov, &My«h — ele/ctioil, 06. tiu- 
■ tiptt xlpttrtt % is\ayi, 1). — eli- 
gibility, ob. T* Svictntre* iitMyt- 
sBat itain. — eligible, in. alii ft 
Jxltyuta «41<». —emba'rk, p. i. 
wale* ^6i6a$(o ((i( to wloiai). — 
emba'rk, (>. oSJ.ri JdiTipov IxiSaf- 
»8i. — embarka'tion, oi. to /mSi- 
feif.iv *>Uu. [to. * n«/wyy/U», 
Rcena'ct, p\i. t4 JiuTipon irpojrir- 
Re-einVrce, p. *. (orp.) inucaupo, £0- 
nflS. — enfo'roement, 06. ^irutoupfa, 
/Me.ia, 19. 

Re-e'nter, p. ovo". tthIiv i^p^o/iai. 
— e' ntcring-angle, of>. Toiyla «(<- 
XOwia, it. — enthro'nt, t. i. naht 
anoxaflfiTYj^f nva (SaorJia. 

Re'ennouse, at. (;•»!.) nuxripfj, i. 

Ee-esta'blish, ^. i. fc»«oUimvu, <a- 
iiiTfl.m ndLU», inxiopS-7,, iitiaxcuA- 
{/», iitsittfopOw. — esta'blisbcr, e J- 
i ftra»opflSv, — enta'blishment, ou. 

etirOKOTioTao-if, JiJpfloicrif, kkJUv- 

Ree've, ofi. (•>.} itJa, ™<.JAr««<. 
Re'cre, p. 1. (-auT.) Jn^iiiji, J«,'- 

po, (r^.yfo.J. 
Refc'ction, ou. in*»6p6w<is, 1, ; ava- 


Refe'ctive, i«. ai 

Xlftr — , ofi. TTfin *,7.fuKTt*6v. 

Refe'otory, 06. jTTc«Tipipco», ioriaTif- 

Refe'r,' fi. i. ava,™, i»«<./i^« : (to) 
npatrptiiia. to — to anything, a- 
rupipttt ill 1) npit t<, (ioiv.) ri- 
puTTa/iitu* >I{ ii. to — to a person, 

.0 the council, a-mlili 
l*> : — /t. bW, (to) Tt(i 

:«n«: litipstiop-xi, . 

!f (po., ini- 

jLapTupofiat: — able, xara, iip6f: 

— e'e, o£. Jcaif»jr^(, yv&p.MV, A. 

Re'ferenoe, ei. avapopa, (VenafapA, 

*: («/!.) ^TTiTpir^, i: oyapopa, i 

Ilia, 1p05, T* ^BTii T< ft ItpOf Tl. 

to have a — to anything, Trim™, 
InlUnv npJ( ti, man!* npes fl 
iff Ti. in — to, Kara, iripi, lava. 
to give — b to any one, bafipm 
di Tiva. withont — to anything, 
tit oiok-j anaS^iro>v. 

Refere'ndsry, ob. 6 Sixip-vat tat a. 

Referme'nt, p. I. dvafu^iii. [»aj>opH ( . 

Refe'rrible, i>r. Ait rt d.afio.sSai. 

Refi'ne, ^. * ™ealp*, i«a9afpo. i- 

jtonafialpoJ: (iirJ/HTalJoiyJi^u, ^k- 
t(<oj: «D>i^iiiM, JiTrTOupTol, J«Irr«- 

RE 9t 

loyu, ttxKpiBoi: — d metal, am- 

$60f. d, Ktptybt, JtnTOf, XHTJJJJH- 

vtip.ivos. a - — d person, fiis*aios,o: 
— ,fi. obS. Bum: rcaii'iijo- 
/ibi, i)fitpoupot: — dly, infp. xx- 

Sltfl&ii; IMfw,-, J(RT£);: dneSS, 

oft. to KaJapdv: Kou^snit, ltnrd- 

Refi'nement, ov. tdSopris, anoKaflap- 
JiS,fti li/ievtia, >o/i^sti){, Jinro'. 
"If, ft. to Cultivate — , f iJonaitlv : 
lsnroloyla, ft. o-ofro/ttc, to 1 . 
" Refi'ner, oi. xaflaprftf, 4 : — of me- 
tals, 3 i-rftirav to /liraJUa. 

Sefi'nery, eu. ipyaariatm npit fy>i- 
my (/«Tai.), tiJ. [&»oob£, aiefyuu. 

Refi't, p. i. avomu&C", inUMluafw, 

Refle'ct, p.i. 4va K Ja,avra»«it)(i,avTa- 
noofiujic. to be — ed, avTtJa/inwi', 
ivraiTtrv, inoKKTafaimflai : ■ — , 

Tti&y.ittoi avajtap.nrOjU:Bi : ivflu/iou- 
juaf, o cavooD/ia', /iiist&i, <raonii, Jla- 
yfgdpsi, o"<a)oyi£; (upon) /ii/t- 
" a»/.ai, StaSollu:— ed, in. av«- 
xJaoro:: — ent, in. ivi>JaoTo;, &«- 
TavaxiaffTKOi: — ible, in. olJi ts 
&»Tava<Jlfio-6«<: — iug, in. (uvvovc, 

/«JirfiV, /V(J^B»KO{, JJpeiWiSTMo'j : 

ivTauyfts, i/«)>aviis: — ingly, imp. 
n»Ta»axAuitor»{ : fitfutrixAf- 

RenVction, oi. a.rayaaairii, aurai- 
ysia, avnpjra, ayWia^^ij, O.VTK- 
iroooo. t , ft: oxtfic, ft. iiyiiuos, J. 
{■Giipiio'if, ft. power of — , auvwc i 
avaxeuipi,, ft. 

Refle'clive, in. avTav«x)ao-r«o s , aS- 
ronaSfts. the — pronoun, ft avra- 
.raJasruftft rfnmSfea*n»uai> 
a — verb, pip a avifoTpoyoii ft /ii- 

£vTBVBx)<«TIltfil. [nTpon, Tlf 

Refle'ctor, oi. i.T«»axi«*iiriv xsto- 

Re'flei, in. naiiiiflTBiHTBt: a<Tau-/ft E 

(£qt».) intxB/Aitft*, in(xupT0,: — 

oi. ayrauytia, ft : — ed, iir. aiiaxvp 

Wf ; — ibi'lity 3 : — ity, oi. ts av 

9 . RE 

TayairWiW. : —ible, in. d»Ta- 

vailaTTwot. [Reflective. 

Refle'xive, in. AvravaxAarrrixiij, op. 

Reflore'soence, oS. Jua.avfl^m, ft. 

Re-flo'w, p.oio. inappiw, nrlippioi. 

— flucta'tion, oi. zr Jir. 


Re'fluent, in. iraiippous, tyippau;, 

Re'flux, oi. a/tippaia, iptums, ft. 

Kefo'rm, oi. /ttTxsxiP'"' , pt't, i. p 

rappii!t><ij«<s, Si6pBunt, ft. pltat 

)ft BlJ T* KpSftTOH, ft. 

fu, inaiopflw, puTafpuBpl^u, av 
MCOffot, ^['laeaJJia, p-.rano™, pt- 
9a.pp.iQia. to — the church, fiirap- 
pvSpi^coSai, viox/wS* tk ii 
'.tit. inavopfloDfi 



JD, oS. JlJpflsKH(, inavdp- 

/larfff/iOf, 4. /*£T-afisl^, ft: ^ . 
religion ft the church, ft mpi i 

fltZl ptTxppfflpilBli ft V!(fz^6"< 

— in the conduct, /«Ta6oLj t 

Refo'rmer, oi. inavopflsitftt, nomf 
rit, o : — of the church, o >utb, 
uB/i^nat rftv epijMaiau- 
Refo'rmist, oi. (i«*l.) r .- r ,- 

Tftf, Jia/iapTupotJai»oj, i: inavop- 

Sorftt, i. 
Re-fo'rtify, pi- to Jcirtpov ox"/*"- 

— fo'und, p. i. anax uu «J ! *, >" ra - 

Refra'ct, p.i. ivaxiffl:— ion,"e«. i- 
vaxJiaflL;, ft. flvn/Sx^u.^, o: - — ive. 
In. 0AasT[Kd{, ovn)aoTL»os. 

Refra'ctorj, in, Anitftf, avirairanroj, 
/iaz^TiK»i, lucnumf, wj(up»)Bii- 
/i»u, OTt^porpaxiJas : (xif-) * u <* 
JialuTOf , in ixdviuTOs : — , "v. "Jn- 
paujT)", OTtli7p 0T P 1 'Z'' 10 *' *• 

Re'fragahle, Jn. iAi^Kiioj, »6tAi7- 

Refra'in, oi. (fuur.) i™«(, i. 
Refrain, p. i- naTi;:«, i«*X~. 4»«- 

riJJ*., Kpatu. w — one'a self,' 

■pBTfWswrri:— ,*.***. (ftoi 
Refrangibi'lity, Refra'ugiblenese, oi. 


Refra'ngible, in. (SS/aorot. 
Refre'sb, p. 4. oW^ux«, *aT«i/niz» 
dmruinjjow. to — one's self, 4va 

^OJTTUpOijO'Sat, avH/a/*6av£.V fauro'v 
'VV|U, iff.ppoivvUH, ITHpi^u l> 



— Hlg, 


'■(■^ufa, ■*: — ing, in 
= VHllJT[Tl!«ff : —dip Hi 


Rcfri'gerant, in. ^mriipioi, i/uxTMOf, 
fuXp'Toiif. — , oi. (iarp.) fuirtii- 
pttti 1>ipp.axtri,Ti. 

Eefri'jtetate, i.J. fu^to, o»B^iv_tj, u. 

TB^vxet: — . **■ ^tfKTiSpoJf, (IT9- 

^unTixof, — ra'tion, oi". jiufif, 4»n- 

f"t««i =>M'i, rt. — rativc, in. xa- 
TB^i>xr«if, ^njnTnpio;. — rative, oi. 
(iaTp.) a-aluiToio. fip/naov, to. 
— ratory, in. = np. — ratory, oi. 
itnTB^uKTiitJy jkiuoj, Tif. ^uhttjji, 
4. ^U*TflptOV, rd. t°V K , TV- 

Reft oi. pHyy-iL, rtftp-a., to. x«P*- 
Re'fbgC, ou. jtaTOjwyi), artouTpojj^, jj. 
to take — with any one, *ara.jii- 
ytiv Tipif Tjya v, btt( tivb, Ttpotrpi- 
imfla(Tiva:iaTnfuj^,n. aiuAoi, to. 
Refuge's, ou. »«•/«(, J, $. 
Refu'lgence, Kefu'lgency, ou. al'/Jb), 

Refn' f «»>(, lafinp&t, k/l«- 
bs, ■auy/icif. axlrfat — ly, inip, 
Xtt/Htpus : p.! yalonpi mi,-. 

Reni'nd, i. i. anoWvu, inoo'io'&iu:, 
auranjtfio'wui. I shall — the mo- 
ney to yon, th xpip-*™ airap.8- 

Refutable, in. 4p«jT*o;, opu^ai/iof. 

Refu'snl, ou. a7to»jijji{, &{, 

TtopalTJJ»<(, entoVtufc, f. til meet 

with a refusal from anyone, ino- 

TUX"''') itvXUl 1iapi TlHOf, fl.j ni(- 

v &nont>n», 

-<vi, fL^ * 

yoilfiai, to- 

bat, fuye/*nx«t». to — ai 

Apvito"6m xpda* Tiva. tx 
sents, oi Jixuflai »wsn. to— to 
do anything, oi* «&■<., oi j3ou- 
UiSxi 7to«{< «. to — all terms, i- 
{apv.!=6a. naraii opoJoylav. to — 
any one's request, ptf nc(8io8ai ri. 
k, Ja«lf/fifl(u *rj> Ji^o-.v : ImoHi- 
1&>, HTroJojaua^u, oi Jtxoaai : — , 
p. ovS. apvovuat, napffl.Teyuai, eu 
npOiD'E'xoan/ ti: — , (n. aultvht S- 
4'Sj, oirdfi-ijT^: — , oi. ie9app2, 
AnoxaOapaa, 4:nooapw^a, Trf. oup"- 
fCTOs, A- — -r, oi. o apvou/fivo;. 

Etefn'table, in. siiAtyxos, i{iltjrxTO{. 

Refata'tion, oi. Uryz'!. °. ««/(<;, 

«jrfAty?(j, *. OTTtAlv/tit, 0. [Kit. 

Refu'tatory, in. Ui>xToi«t, jftlijart- 
Refu'te, 4. i tl^X". 4««W". ^£'- 

Unn, auao-iiuafo., iiaJim, iva- 

iiitulyti-tlia. easy to be — d, aW- 

Jiyjtrof, rJEstAj >kvos : — r, oi. 4 i- 

Regai'n, 4. i. 4valtTw^ni, avi\ay- 

fiavoj, aya^o^I^opar, avaooifb^flt. 
Re'gal, in. ^atives, fSanJooc 
Rega'le, ou. ou^nono., to. tiw^'a, 4- " 
Rega'le, />. i. lanfi, ivuxS : — , 4. 

oiiS. iaTi&ftat, ciu^ou/'aL, Jaivu- 

aai: — ment, e*. Irrfanf, Unn(,4. 
Rega^ia, oi. nJ. r« jlnnla* jubSo- 

Ja (o7ov, j-^nrpov, f litnpK, xzl.); 

Rega'lity, oi. jiajiJiia, $: o-u/<<o)o« 
TJf! paiiXifat, to. 

Re'gally, ixtp. panAnfij. 

Rega'rd, oi. npotsx^.in'rtpofj), &pa, 
otiouJ^, ^. to have — for tj pay 
— to anything, knetlbito np6; 


.oj, tppOTTl^w tttit. to have no — 
for % pay no — to anything, oi- 
Itra Jufyov m/uIrSal Ti«ot , all if film 
t%xn rait, oix trrptsiatcu fl «ara- 
fpoyilv Ttvoj: aiJdif, Tt/tJ), atttms, 
ftrpoirt, B.pantla, ff. (*oiv.) inoJi?- 
^tS, rf- Kpo»p>3?<?f 4 : -^ySSi &■ with 
anything. anoSiimwy np^s tc, 


o this oi 

certain —s, Tprfnav ma. in one — , 
in another — , itij pt», irt M. in 

oByTanaoi. ont of — for any one, 

Rega'rd, f.l. pli™, inoSiiW, npo f - 
tifau : npos^rjn T * v *ovt, aicon& ri: 
fpovrf;o); no/if;**, ^yoC/iai, t(8>),u< 
t( n Si (i /tip" ™&t- 1 should — 
it aa a favour, »i»py'™!fK avrJiffiy; 

ffW.Ti^W, jlTpCITOfin, <It<BTpOf^V 

neerimt, a«i»6i n't J npo's ti. as 
Ti npos *| kbt' i^i, to &r" 


, iWia/ 


(it. irpOftnTOtit, Jmptlitii — fully, 
*nfp. itfio$txTt*flii\ {tiT* od9o\ii\ — 
ing, irpiffl. y.ata, nip), (y«ta: — 
less, in. &npos«y,rot, SoMonoj, 4>«- 
■Msi aypovTif, apipi/cyoc. to be — 
less Of, oitfiva iiiyo. noiita-flai ti- 
vot, oi ppovrJi;i(y rttif: — leasly, 
itlfi. iir/iipus, iirpOfixTMj, antpi- 

«;»: : — leasness, oi. fotpofiffa, 

Rega'tta, oi. li/iMpo/tte, %. 
Re'gcl, Rc'gil, •*. [iffTf.) 4 ^v t& 4- 
rrtpta/tQ tou Opfcuyoj ^a j ioriip, 
Re'gency, oi. avTi6a<nAsfn, ipxA Jrci- 

Tponna, n. in the — of fl during 

the — of, imrfifitfievrsc 7iv4 i: ^i 
iu-rttatrtiitutiftivii y<*?a.. 

Rege'neraey, oi. a>ayliwi«$, t. 
Regenerate, p.i. naiiy -/ev»u, iyayiv- 
yS, inilo: — , in. na^iyyivilj, 
ij9iij: — nesa, oi. nuay*yy>i- 

««, * 

oi. *><■ 

Jrjr/emria, ft: (flto)/.) aMhritwif, 

Ji{i«/i.) iyajnjii, v. 
Re-ge'nerative fl. — ge'neratory, i-n, 

iyayMviiruiot, naliyyiviiioi. 
Re' gent, ^tt ap;(oj» T lxwv-r^» Bp;(tf« : 

oiltuMv, i. d fjjoiv T.)y (to^nv: im. 
SaiiJiii, J- — ess, oi. t, Spxwia, 
jj flufflJlo-ffB! nvTi6nn-(i ( iiH, ^: — 
ship, oi. 4yri6a«)ifa, n- 

Re'gKidei air. o to& ^hiIhi,- pdvos, 

?upavyo<To'vo;, rupavvo^oifOf, A. 

Re'giment, oi. (otp.) tb?i(, 15. t«7- 

Re'giment,^,^. ouyiaJS riypiaro: — 
al, in. Ta7p.HTi.iis! — sis, oi. nX. 
tTTpariuTWirloTOj^,^. , 

Re'gion, 06. X' 1 / 3 "! V- X M f' 0, i T * : 
«J(p.«, to. the western —a, ™ 

4. x&pct, 4 : plpot (otijUaTo^J, t^.' 
Ri;'gistiT, oi, /BTaloyOf, i. ino^pa- 

f^, &t*y P xfn, fi: n(ya£, J: r^/rap.) 

WTorpKBi), 4: p-nxava/ibf i-tpot, 

6: (ruiryp.) (i^rpa (tiSh irotxttov), 

%t BVT.-/pafjii ( !j xaTaypatpiin, i. 
Re'gistW, f . j. yiTiiJo70i noisupai, 

S»tf7pa$u, anoypa^oj: ^ed, £w. 

ByaypKirro j: — ghip, oi. ti T06 *a- 

Re'gistrar, ai. «ynypK*ii>(, ypa/via- 

TOfuJaJ, xapTOJJvJal, i. [fl, ^. 

Registration, oi. iy/pxf/i, laraypa- 
Re'gistry, oi. lyypny/i, xaTaypa^ivi, 

ii : Tpa^aTO^uAiiHov, to i Kari- 

loyoj, 6. 
Re'giua, in. pxillue,, pursuit. 
Rc'glet, oi. (rmryp.) na-iy, t : (ip- 


Re'gnant, to. /Scurilititav, Spxttv. '"'- 

Rego'rge, 4. 1. km/t£ : catirf <h, <«(■ 
TaS/sox"'?* 1 : miiiv ««THjr(»M. 

Re-gr&ft, / . #. jt«Ai» ^Ti!yT(jl;». — 

grant, A. I. rnkiu irapjjfoi j titv/tt, 
Regra'te.A. L rpotnou/iai: iravraiiot. 

navroirsiJiH, 4. [tfoi, 17 

Re'grese, »u. hvoJoj, toavoJof, *nflo- 
Regre'sB, £. ait. iuaiipx'f"", *» 


K0^ 0/ . 


, B 6. toav Cl ff 

an]n$ , f,, _ ive, In. tofvoorof, 
xaini »/tucJf ; — ively, to(p. rca- 

Regre't, ov. rnfflof, 4. hntrffane, & 
to feel a lively — for anything, 
irnfl'u fiptoBai rivoc liiim, jtira- 
»«a, ^jiTa^iltia, i. with — , <Uo»- 
ti, anpoeu>.«(. we feel — at Si for 
any t Ling, i^fliutBa to! mn, l»n«ii- 
/ufla ti, 

Regre't, p. *. JwwDjuai, &I78. I — 
Co have done it, airafii)«< /isi noc- 

iat touto: — fill, to. itcptiujfqre;, 
nolmiofl^rof: —fully, tofp. lum)- 
pfif : — able, to. iwlumfflijtof, toi- 

Re'gular, ti. xa*ov»tsf, infurpot, 

)tTi;, re/upas, SUaat, i-napus, IU- 
aiafl^t : (ypap.) xayevutlc, i/iaiii. 
B — verb, £*i/»a iunliv, vi : ufli- 

he (faxl.) nmtii : — , oi. (lei) 

fM»=X*( raTMavet, 4 ; raiTwif 

JTpaTlIuTte, 4. 

Regularity, o&. au/t/iiTpta, iiipvB- 
pia,il. viaiiiov, xavi-jiufix, SttKiat, 
ti. ttatiSua, lunula, rj. 
Regularize, 4- i. Ip. Regulate- 
Re'gulariy, toijj. navorit&i, xej/ifuf, 

Re'gulate, A. i. litrti, Statin*, 

fu, Ktt*ov(Ca: ip/tiit,, «uvapft4f«. 

Regulation, sv. itdrat't, Jiaioi^n- 

ffif, ^ : *off/iO(, vd/ios, 4. 
Re'gulator, ei. «ar#»m)c, 4: (pnx*.) 

Spyavor ti faBptyv T)jv x(v»|t<». 
Re'guline, to. fri/i.) ixi6J4A»,- ^«- 

Re'gulns, o&. (xw-) a»f6J>i)ov ptval- 
*•», r4: (aivpv.) ^affiAlcrnoe, 4. 

Re-gu'rgitate, A. *. «U<v li*,6& : p: 
T«x4u; — , j>. ovS. &iapp4w, na- 
lippim. — gurgita'tion, ou. (iarp ) 

Re- habilitate, f. f. 7ta«» itaS/itrui 
n.a u( TTin airou rai-v. — habili- 


Rehe'arsal, ov. toavaJ>)^((, f!*y>iii(, 
ft:(fltaTp.) Tips/isiinats, icpaiv- 
/jvaofa, 4i4a?xzJfa, q. 

Rehe'arse, A. ^. ^avaJa^Savu, i*a- 
■/r/vi&s*u ! (fitatp.) Si&aeiui SpS- 

— r, ofr. 4 tostvn^ap:€avbiy: 4 npo- 

Relgle, ou. <av6n, 4. i-s X *payJ,, $. 

Reign, oi. ^aei>i(a, apx), $. in the 
— of Cyrus, panituovro; Kupou, 
titi Kiipou (?ao-(Ai-;i!vTO( toi rou 
Kwpou; pWAiiSv, rti : Jiiva^t, io- 

Reign, 4. oiJ. ^anltuu, c!px u i *•■ 

08. apX"", pa«llu(,4: — ipg. I*. 

Rei mbu'rsable, anoJoT*ov.[Jni«paTw». 

Reimbu'nse, f . ^. airortuw, ovraitoJl- ^ 
Ju/H, Imlhji^ ano/aSi'fftTi^i !j 
aiTiK<n.Bimi/u: — ment, oi. iir4- 

Re-impla'nt, 4- i. taJ« fuTiiiu. — 
impo'rt, p. i. niJi» tf(S]i«i. — i'm- 
porfune, 4. *■ "*^i» ifox^ 10 . — 
impre'lt, p i. 4»htuji». — fm- 

Rein, oi. ijite, i. Avfov, rd. Z"*" 1 *!, 
4. to have 4 guide the — s, ijxb- 
Z«i». to let loose the — a 1) give 
the — s, x«M» Jj if«i»a< zaJlivi* )} 
ti; ij-j/as. to give the horse the 

8, iftival TO* ft 

ai Ton Imrot, to pi 

Rein, (i. i. qvux«> xalivaytoyii ! 0°) 
Re'indeer, at. (!>ol.) ripanSot, i. 
Re-infe'ct, £. *. alfli! voB-oiro<Q. — 

info'rce, j>.i. — inforeemeat, eu. 

If. Re-enforce*. Re-enforcement. 
Eei'nleas, In. axalivMi-ot. 
Reins, all. it), vifpol, els naptta, ft. 
Re-iuspi're, p. i. naiiv ififv^a, iua- 

foioyevfi, — tta'll, p. i. naiw «(• 

Re-lnsta'te, p. 4. nil™ Kaflfcmvc, .a- 

tb* w. — insta' (a men (,e J. ino < aii- 

iT«ffc{, *=r<X7»yit, ft. 
Re-iiiBa'rani!e,oiJ. n ^k «'ou inpilinf. 

— insure, p.i. «5»<* i»f««f». — 

invest, p.i. Aufijuvupi ii iv- 

J(a9«r<j («5v xpij/iaTtu* « s «). 
R e-i ' terste ,p . i. i 7ra» a la p 6 a » w , nalil- 

lo/ii. — itera'tion,oO. faaiaJnf is,b. 
Rejc'ct, o. <. aTroSoiJdt, su oV^a/iai, 

a-nt/ppt-rtTtd, ajTod'gfrrua^u, aiwyi- 

lt«XCtf envfi * BiwWpTTii, ainuflS: — 

able, in.bt6*tiu>s, iniSX-q-Tof.—er, 

oli. i airoSillw. t) BiraJaKi/idCjuv. 

Reje'ction, ou. BnstfoK^ajfa, artoSo- 

lft, apv„o-i,-,ft : #°«/i4s, «■ ava- 

HOp.!tft, aTTOppl^lf, ft. 

Reje'ctive, hi. knatiataii. 

Reje'Ctmeni, oi. indxpi/'fti, is arco- 
» JeKipiaola, -o. 

Rejo'lce, ji. ^. ttppaivcu, ripnu, fai- 
o>S, iJBupfav Trip^ni. it — 8 me, 
I am — d, jjafp&i, si/ppsc(voptu, ij- 
■ iepMt; — ,p.t>bi. X xtpa, iujjp*(vi>- 
uai, Mop-<*.t- to — greatly, uirip- 
Z a(pt(v, wriptfttrBat. to— at any- 
thing, xafpiiv, Wurta/ twi Si **< 
rivi. to — . with, irujijjafpuv : — r, 
nil. i xafpain. — jo'icings, oft. xapa, 
rip^ii, ft : npitvei, ;£Bpu4iuiiov, to*. 
that ia matter for — joicmgfl, X X P~ 
rij, inixapTo^ — jo'lringly, *ir<p. 
una jjapaf, aiuevws, ftjtaf. 

Rejo'in, t. i. avflis mviittoi : iraAin 
TO »ru7);!'»w s — , p- of>*- «™l*a- 
Savu, avfili/w, i/islBo/iai, airo- 

Bejo , inder,oi.andKpm ! ,^. [ipiw^ai. 

Rejuvenescence, Rejuveue'scenuy, 

«t, ft. 


Reki'ndle.p. J. avaSwitupfi, a 
Rela'pse, oi. inrsTpoirt, q. vxoipoit- 

affjtiij, 4. vnoffrpsfv}, ftaAEywiJTrjKf , 
»«liyjOTla,A. to have a — ', «a)iy- 
Kar^a mp^n^iTTc™, naAiv^pa/Jd )} 

Rela'pse, p. ouJ. /itTaTiiitru, unorpo- 
iriiju, naJiyiOToi: ijiiira/Ant na- 
iu Ot «. to — into the same 
fault, iit ft taliv TaJriv ifa,uap- 
tiIv; _r, ail. d wtlw ^a/jsprivEuv. 

Rela'te, p. i. J*T«, *"!yoSftat, j-pafo,; 
J-ijJsi, ifii'/aufiai, Jii(tip:i, iarapA, 

— , /I. ottf. (lo) moiiS ft rtfvn nptij 
t,, ouvT.ftco ft fcnia-n, ,i s n, («<v.) 
afopiS: — d,iit. lEpoiquDu, 4»ri*»v: 
ffv/ytfifa, 7rpof4'U' Tt5 yiv« f aray- 

itaiof, imVai. to be dosely — d, 
irfffrrmei ; — r, ot. Xoyoneiit, 

Relating to, irpofl. ^ari, npij, mpf. 

Rela'lion, su. f 147110-1;, ajnjyiinj, -ft ; 
(lojavayopa, q. (fcoc-.) ax.itr«, $ ■ 
avalo^te, ii. Ibyoi, A. to have 
friendly —8 with any onc,9>tl«5{o' 1 - 
Bifirtr5nircpsiT™a:ffuyy^afa,l^! tl#- 
y»yi)f, Syj;«ITtU(, irport*u«, d: itA. 
s( TTpOi^^ovTEj, of ivay*a(oi: — by 
marriage, *q£*<rqc, iijeut^;, i. in 

— to, Jiaii, irpij, itipi, h\*a$ap>- 
»'~>i: — al, It., avafspwiic — ahip, 
all, tvftinui, &yxio-Tt(a, olnttoiti 
bvxytsairnt, ft ; — ship by mar- 
riage, «ilJ8{, xJiStup*, r&. 

Relative, in. TrpOifacov, av^xw. «prf { 
ft ft il'j r<. Kara, irois, iripi. things 

— to politics, ri itpe ( rt» *eXi. 
tiibv. to be — to, i.'x$tpttr9tu ft 
avapopav Ixkv npit T< : (ypa/i.) i. 
iafBpm6t: (l*y.) ox* ,r ""'s : — , •*. 
t* ox""o»: (jn<<) iva^opix* iv- 


ly, itlip. avapopIK&f, «;('t<**>S : 

(to)-*'.*™: — ■ess, .6. 4«- 

Eela'tor. ot. (vsju.) i dnolD70ii,mvo;. 

Eela'x, p.*. foAifu, x*lfi. irapaxala, 
ftfhiiu, pM/i/it: ('"p.) TapaTTu, 
Jlaiivoi 1) Oni^u nj» no.Jiav : irpa- 
Cvu, UTaijiiira, ptTpcsfoi: anw 
(rev vo&v), .iV" ""p^Z«: — . 
p.oio\ irovffl, Iniipa, xalapoi;- 
pii, xBuveOjuu: i^ia* «-/*>, t- 
VKirafeptt; — , fa. Z «J H p4 f , «w- 
ms, jjaiao-roi, bjito{ ; — able, i- 
vttiav, In. xalaoiit . 

Eelasa'tion, «*. xala*. s , 4- Z«l«- 

ffjuii. 4. BTOvfa, ij: lu«<(, o'laiufflf, 
tj: AWk,4: —of mind, anus, 

fiatrtirj-fl, T], 

Bela'sative, Jit. taxi** x*l«" 
— , oi. btov(koh fiap/iairo:', ii( : u- 
jiJSSaron pgp/tanv, ti. 

Eela'xing, fa. am-mei. 

Kcla'V' '"• 4yv*f«« 6nwii| S/»kvoi 

01 J«IJ*X«: flliplUTUlo! KU»1! o( It- 

iioxoi: ffraS/ibf, e. 
Eelea' sable, ^iiufl>p&>Tiov. 
Relc'aae, oi. ihuiiftntt. *fme< *"- 

m t, iniJmris, jj ; imma/un)i sttbJI- 

4.(M»)iiir)«-i,*i(* v .)«r» 

Eele'ase, A- *. 4?(-i/", p-dUt", ««* 

p«, )0m btioIuih: lireir^Tru, o\a- 
ni/iiKo: X"''' 1 '- — rm'-rit, oi. Sfatf, 
iituQtpatil, i: — r, iltvitpv* 

Eelega'te, #- *. fuyaJfuO, ifop(>, 
faoailto, 4iri)«uvu. — ga'tioo, oi. 
fu/ii, $. l(opia/ibf, t. 

Ecle'nt, p.oiJ. <a/iwT8/i«i, paltod. 
Ccy.a.t t p.a\t)xiti%ofio:i, fa<ffAai/iz< 
yva>nrojia<, ivalvo^ai: — , /■'■ 
M*TTfi,/mS,;(« ll P fl: irpaiivw, *«, 
rairpaijuw ; Xiia, a»a3uw : — ing, oi 
* ui( 4im«(,4: —less, fa. *>.«(. 
kid,-, &vt Jttytuit, BvoiJiTfp,u»», a. 

lessly, intp. lutxitnmf, 4n)Ata(: 
— lessneaa, oi. to a«a/inTo». 
Release's, 'ot. anai)aTTo>tvO( ft 

Relesso'r, 06. (voji.) i(oyUv. 
Re'levanee, Re'levancy, ot. ivxfapd., 

TO fatrn.o'dO* jrpo( II. 

Re'levant, fa. ivajopiif0i,jxir«4f : i- 

nirriJiios, xpfarifMf* 
Reli'able, fa.»ioTO{,(<D£y.)aEio7rwro(. 
Rel'iance, oi. it(o-« f , mnefSmrif, $. 

B&ppes, t6. to have — on, flBppiI» 

■ rtyi, air(<TT«s JianIo'Sat npitf ■ 
Ee'lic, ot, hipp*. 

, lii^ay 

Bs/liot, »6. xty", ij. (ofl/ia, t». 

Eell'ef, ou. noijjjuij, ouaisifioii, a- 
viiif, fxm&nii, it- iouf<o'^0(, i : 
(from) iitaiia/.), Joo-<(, anoJum, 
*oio*uv*a, *. fuUiy^«, to : (orp.) . 
Itaioyii, ttaliZts, n. divided into 
— parties, mt' ivairaolas Stripi- 
phot: (nrp.) in^ouflia, |3o*8«a, ^. 
to bring — , fai»oupiT», ^orjOitv: 
^Bira, faapxia, fyiitm, 4- q 
TO- n TUX fl U .-npAlKI (>J U tt.) 
i<TOitM/ia, rrf. iaruiios ir,sOTo>A^, ^. 
wroaght in — , inruiroj. to repre- 
sent in — , faTunoO* : (frvfO T * 
^|*Zo*, xpoGeH,, i. W produce — 
by light and shade, to: poiTecu* *ai 
rxcipa ^yyuf irapBTtBli'Bf. 


oi. m 

Eeli'evable, ^oiiSiit^ov, ittJ. 
Reli'eve, p. i. kou^h, fawouoiCo 


Hdhu, : 

H ft 

to — guard, Jiai , Jx«9«i fjJanyjy: 
(oip.) ixaaufQ, loosftiiSfl, faa/iii- 

vu. to — a besieged town, faa/tu. 

•Iiv ittiti Trolispxou/i^vi 1 apuu, J- 
nap »fl, j9o»iefi, faotoupti: (>*M-) a- 
mUinu : — r, oi. per,Bb t , fal. 

Relieving, fa. Kovfimnbt, kutripiCf, 
liiayiof, nxoerfipiof; — pain, Xuel- 

Reli'evo, oi. (yAum.) 3>. Relief. 

Eeli'gidn, ou. iraiGiict, flisoiSda, 6dij- 
juiin, «. to hare — , limSify iripi 
nv« flfeuf : ra iripi reuf fliouj, ™ 
Si!a, ?j 9tptwla **? Bt&r, to fipa, 
)pl««fe, ^ : dieXoyix, ^. liberty 
Of — , fotortpix ii wipi rft Sust, 
(» 0l v.) ava£.B P >].«i=, * of the mine 
— , e/io0prij*o£, s/irfjruTfli. com- 
munity of — , to o^<t9jj^««a». 

Reli'giouist, 06. (usiSuav irpofitoi- 


iu>C, tv»$4« iteci 
rtBiij: hpbi, ■?'«i 
6p^tao(: (ipSj, £-/«;, Sitof, xtpi- 
Grit : . ItponptxJli, ixx^rintaffTLKOi : 

duties, to. ntpl ra Mx, 1a Bpifitv 
mi *B6fi<ona. a — sooiety, 1t«i- 
pix Bpqmfurou), ^: — , oi. pevit- 
);4f, i. fovH^vi, jj; — ly, falp. tv- 
<ri6&i,lat*H, (fijwnrtuifit: — nesa, 
ou, fl«D*6na, Jffiorrij, j. 

Relinquish, p. *. Jiinw, iitoldirw, 
lUtribkifRM, &fii)fti t /iiBfiyit: neo- 
Alfciiu, drcoxweffl : — CT, oi. *aia- 
iifawv, i afm<ifH*»f : — ment,ou. 
i-.tiSisiif'ii, K«Telufi(, A; axorafi;, 
nxpxX&pio'i, $■ 

Re'liqusry, oi. Xutyxta* Hnn, $. 

Re'lieh, 06. vtSo-ij, $: (for) 4'M, 
t1o^<{, ii. to have a — for, /Jio&ai 

n«(, Ardhtful* twos: $£»■( npaT- 

Relu'cent, Ar. Ai^irwv, A«/«tpJ(,foi- 

Relu'ctaucc, Relu'ctancy, oi. iuri. 
rrattf, i»a»T(swi,-, HEUifiaia, i»n- 

itaflfis, $. with — , an^aSv^iut, 

Relu'ctanl, in. <»a*Tio«/«.iO(, hvti- 

flu/ioj, : — ly, fa<p, aKOuffiut, a- 
«po8i^<u S . [ivafJiyai, 

Relu'me, Eelu'mine, p.i. a-a«r», 

Rely', p-oiJ. (on, upon,) flappO, m- 

p.!» t, n 

— opon any c 

:, Sap- 

1'in, p. obS. jtivw, Siaftiva, kx- 

Ht/tilH, ItKpn/tiltl ; llxrtiil, lli- 

tiaTpltit* h tiiyw ti n.i Tfaw! 
ItUta h x*>pfa: (with) irapa- 
^ U;Spe ^^(r„l):(over)J u ; M . 
j*ar, vnaiUfnt^su, »s^cAt^ito^a* T rtt- 
pytpipt. to — in, Ipy-i'iiv, <v- 
JiaTplBiii. to — near, xxpa/xirtir. 
to — behind, Imo^iiia; — , ov. 
izipikgtjt/Lx, ri. 
Ren.a'inder, oi. ict//im, Tripduy-p-x, 

p.6,1.) im 
debt, imili 

ntiSbi (yiKpou), $ ; {x- 

>. Ulux 

Icmif, « 

■■2io mSl 

Rema'inB, 08. id, Karxiu/t/ia, to 

Kpot, J. the mortal — of any 

Rema'he, p.i. iitoitaflisni/K, ina 

Rema'nd, p.l. inoTtijinw, dvan^nicj, 
airatrTiUai: i»mi«liS, ina.a>a^, 

Re'manence, Re'niauenoy.ot. Jir^/ii 



Rema'rfc, i. i. xiaBivo/txt, KarsyoS, 

■aTi^avSavw. I — ed that he y/aM 
relucWnt. itaSoy aBifi Si/i8ii/*«( 
IXO'l: *'t", jwiifl* i^Ba U« (■•- 



ft rivas), fi\)ii. (xoiv.) irapar»p(5, 
o>]/mfi: — able, ft- a£iiAo-/0[, i- 
iionnjiiiitwcaf, f»4fu|( fl \070u o> 
f»C: ^7TIfX'ii(, ^iriuijus,-, cWiniAe;: 
— aMeneBS, oi, t* nWAoyay, ra i- 
fwpyiyieyjuToy ; — abiy, B|ioAd- 

Rema'Bticate,M. iva/tainS/tw, S»a- 

Reme'diable^ir.iKTis, ia«/ie«. [aij.A. 

Reme'dial, fa. flipanumirtf, iWij: 
— ly, falp. ittTuflj, flipan«uT«fi s . 

Re'mediless, fa. ay^/dorai, 4»(bt»(, 
ayuyfaoTef; SSoWnTO; : iirapBrpi- 
HT0(, ii^uifT8(, Sfiu*TOj : — ly, i- 

TS I TO avSTO'fliUf TO v. 

Re'medy, oi, [«j*«, «/.os, $nSp/ia«oy, 
to*, a — against anythinj 

pte, 4. ^ 


I; fl«p< 
mfpaf, 0. ipoppd, 
.4 ivpqps, ia: tuiurtf, ^. 

Re'medy, p. i. iw^iai, i/ioiroiw, Btpa- 

tliu, aWe/lBi: ^O-jSfi, dxtopai, i- 

mioupffl. easy to — , iSl«T»t. 
Reme'lt, p. *. avExuvtuw. 
Reme'mber, £. i. >ihihdvjuw, Jiofini- 

/laviOoj, [J.'.t!. , /r l <SKO!l-tx<r, ivn^t^v Je- 
well as I can — ■, *>,- (71! n»rtp>]( 
IjCai, sia (7* //ipvnpai; p»iijtfl» 
micA/iou, lirs/ivji/ioviitu, Jiyovnoi- 
•u/ibi: oijtb?o/i«( tub, (xnr.) WV 

respects to her, hiJsum ati-iii 
piiv >i (*oi«.) irpd,-sipE tbus J 
a-pavc ^w ii{ auriji.. to be— ed 
J : — -able, dr. /ivijponiurit, ii 

Reme'mbrauce, avi/jv^ffij, unj^iii- 
nt. /iy«fa, ■.ng/icrinq, 4; fitful, 

ptloy, ^»^4uuvoy, ijt ypi/ifti 
tb. /mpnjpwu, To: intd/uni/ie, 
nijiwbiiftf, $. to call to — 1 
thing, BUjnntMr6<tf nvee. to bear 
in — , &* >»4j>igf Iz"», /" 

»8ai. (o keep anyone in kind — , 
fU/trftSxl mas /mt' li/od;. 

Reme'robrancer, 06. Ifa/iifirfiatw. 
(nit.) uno/in7fi«riffT^{, o. 

Reme'morative, fa. AvBpunoTinof, u- 

j'migrate, p. oiii. inlaa Boptiiofiou, 
faa.tfoBjiai, bnompfipopcu. — 
gra'tion, oi.fadyeo'ot, fn-WTpajnijJi. 

emi'nd, p. i. (of) ava>«/iy>io-*«, i. 

TiBva/iifLviio-jtii, unopn^vrto-itw, jia- ' 
/iv^p:ay(uai: — er, ou. aya/u/jivi5- 

Remini'acence, ReminiWncy, 06. 
IvBjUv^jf^. ^; /iv^jUtJt imdftviivtf, 17. 
eminiacc'ntialt ft. iva/iviiorutaV 
emi'ae, 06. (vo/i.) iireianf (xpi- 
0U( ), *:*>.*<(, A. 

emi'ae, p. J. (»ou.) iiiJiJ^i, ana- 
(ofl>i[A/^) : apZ-iuf, fatrpfacd. 


Aapas, ay«/i/vac: kpybi t fipxSvii 
vbifipac, appwraf, &/l6Ju(: d/uA^f T 

aoi'ssible, fit. auy/yuiT^. 
Remi'aaioD, ov. am«, vfin«, TraptTij, 

If! f\aTTdd(Tff f jJ-li'Mtfli, 4' A(Jp^fTf5, 

irajoifm;: fipisij (ejii(\fl{), Jia- 

lunf.ij : if 1015, my/v&w, ifl : (i/inp) 

anam-oiii, i. 

Remi'ssive, fa.ivT/7/v»/ieyi"ot [flu^ct. 

Remi'ssly, titif. x*lapfi;, apiJ(ij, ^a- 

Remi'sBnega, ou. fitSiijuomiyij, JnMif, 

&^UtiB, o'Jiyoipin. ij. {ftevixo;. 

Renii'ssory, in. m/y/mrtht, avfftu- 

Remi't, p. i. lnoni^irai, (tvairifinn. 

iffiyi': inrfyoi i aneWm to zp*- 

ptaffl, SlSu/tt fa apTUpiav, fmiuei 

(rflv d^(t\^y) : «o\a?«, kbtix*". 

ttlTW, puw : ua)i>i/u, DV/xupS, 

tiSlSvpi, 0M77w!i^»|y Ij;« (riyi) ; 

auyyivvoiiKu, kjh'i)^i, nvy^upai: i- 

mrpinw i-noHSa/it ; (i/Mp.) Jtt/t- 

iTsJiu. to — one's self to, t- 

c«: !3 ( 

custody, itaiiv oiraJi* <»a 

s/taf, juiul', ^a^apau/ia^ AvpA: 

RE 9 

— inent. all. anaflifi^if, $; ifyurtt 

{ijtitp.) KiB^rf ft. I/iSaa/iB v(i; — 
"tfll, ei. napciieolc, ■jla.pKX&priai;, 

ft : — tance, at. w/z*pi"f, *f "<fc 

4: <«>np.) Anarw.j, ft. (».».) ano- 
arali), ^. [^Caijua in : — tent. is. 

• iffilKi i ^6a;iiy (xpij/UITB): 
m.-/^«pS « ; ( VU/J.) 4*4$ em;, nap a- 

.Be'mnant, in. &ai*i«, indAemaj, i. 
«il>Btt,-: — , si. itl/tiia, liniiup- 

/.«, irif ««., tJ ■ infie.nev, tJ. 

Buno'dcl, i-i. ptTonlaiaw, ataB/aa- 

T*., /itTaffXWPBTtel^ /Mtttptflfw, 

Htiappu8fiit;bi : — ing. «u. atrania- 
•<(, ji(T«/i4>f««c #. ptTaayMUE- 

Ecmo'llient T in.»p«i>T"'<(. [n»p;i(,d. 

Eemo'llcn, in. 4*aj[»t uniMf. 

Bulno'listrante. si. >wIUtii«(, ibudV 
•fa, xapaivitris «. vauJinrttB, re 1 : 
intfutic, 4= iut/utpTupia, i. 

Bemo'nstraDt, in. tauttnatt, napm- 
v«»e f : — , *v. (;«*;.) */i7"T«(, ft 
sa^aivir^c, »eu6iTij«lf, J. 

Etmo'nMnite, p.™**. »eu6iTS, irapsu- 
v3, t-nijiijifup-at, (against) J<a/iap- 
tipofiat: — , p. i. JiajUBfTvpu, i- 
TriStixiup.1, lj.f-/%to, 

Ri'iQoiistra'tiou, sv. Remo'nstrstor. 
•i. op. Bemo'nBtranoe x. Bemo'n- 

Bemo'ra, at. itaStii, n. xdiu/in, iy.- 
vitur, ts : [ix 6 -) t'x^nts, ft- 

Remo'rse, it. cTvtf,;, 4- ('an.) blii-/- 
X«i ft 4 ™tyf "S ou*Ba"eTef, to feel 
— i JnzW'ai Tin 6u/J» : ptriwiB, 
/irTB/(t)t<a!, 4 : *fxrac. a. liimi, ft = 
— ful, iir. piTa/uJapiwsf. /uts/ii- 
>>;ti*&s, fwijiiBi: Hift/iatu, aixrtp- 
u hi : — leu e in. at ^ito/ji liquet -. 
avoilTOf, Ivt/Iiif, auitJay^yos, o- 
ni»8p»ne(! — lefbly, Imp. imid/- 
K>h(, Biu/iRaefif: — leasness, «i. 
iiilnj/ieavrii, dou^naflni, ft. iiai. i 

Remo'lt, is. (from) rtxtapiipivof, ns- | 

7' RE 

W 9) y.Mp4i anix" 1 '- to be ft he — 
from the sea, ytywtn <t illaSei 4- 
■eSaJl«as<i(: nSppo S>», onri K «i>, i- 
»XOT0f, paup4 ( : £ivef, a^tros: — 
ly, inlp. nipfm, Ikbj, fiaxpiv; — 
new, at. Mmnd JcaaTaaij, ft. 
jidsrig/ia, Til; tS Wj;ii>. 

Rcmo'ttiid, p. i. ntls inataAw ; — , 
ot. (orp.) inirct Sminxioii, r>, 

Eemo'vable, in. nipiaipnif, /UTazt- 
njxi(, /i»Tanvj]T iec. 

Eemo'v»J,ei.xi«i|iij,amn[fn]iii, KM- 
axm^: /WTffcfl«o((, /i«rox(v>iaii, jui- 
r«Tati(, iS: (from) *xjfu{if, iniJa- 
crfa, ftmnttytm), 4:n«6a«, 4: a»«- 
xeian't. ^: /i»ToiK«ri(, A. furw- 

Jlayii, /itTBiTaaif, mpialpcaif, j. 
EemoWe, a4.4mni. W (,i:^iT*Staif, 
■(lira? ("ijdis. ^ : Bnitaa-iB, amiire/i- 
mj, 4 : an^tfTaars, Jjacrrainf, ^ ■ 
Uvtn% To ifu^teiv. 
Ktmo'vc, p. I. msini, airijct™, a- 
no f lp 6j ; irtoaxiuatlw, 4no«J/i(fw : 
ansmrfi, ^^jruowv nacaD/iai, fiiTtt- 
miua^ui hvA, iicnnwC"- />■- 
T«tv£, f>I Um^U, fitiaTih)/>< : 
(vo/j.) ifl'nfti: amiaOvw, n8U«. 10 
— fi«m office, raTinailuv ti(( if- 
X4{. to — a burthen from anyone, 
■aufijtw Tfi row pipavt. to — 
ships, ^i9op«if«. : (from) !(«>(:», 
PitoikIC'*: •--, p. a^J. /iaroixG, ^/.e- 
Taml^/isii, /iiravIsra^Bi: omV,^r, 
airu^iopru, inaiiniu-ouai: npaJd- 
naj, tVbUfaw, AnaWma W l»-': 
— d, in. ncppoi &r, Biri^tiv, ,ua- 
x^et : avaj;ajp.iTii{, Ipii^as : — dneM, 
a6. «itiarB»<(, jiaarccaif, ft: — r, 
a&. 4 fiiTaiiivflv. fCicrSai. 

EemuneMbi'lity, eu. ri eB» *« k/ul- 

Eemu'nerable, in. el&t TiAytiStaBtti. 

Kemn'nerate, p. t. (for) imiituut 
X&p'v, i^, 4vi(Jwpouuai. — 
ration, at. avrMaaif, flvTtfwaaa, a* 
fioM,*,' — rative. — ratory,in. a- 
/uiCajv: imxiaa^c. 

Bemu'rmur, p. i. ovrvixfi. 
3 X 



Ben, »b. (i«v) "Qp&>, *' : — al, '"■ 

Vlf p<al0(, VI$p(oiOj. 

Reim'scence, Rena'sccnoy, ou. 4va. 

yl»i)iftf, &«na(v«r<{, ^. 
Rena'seent, ^ir. aJfli; yiyviSjUtnof, ava. 

fudfi«*Of, nvayivvoi/isyoj. 
Rena'scihle, in. o"o( ti avanouffSai. 
Rencou'nter, 06. ouy<pomnf, ouvavri)- 

oij, o-uvtvtiufit, ov/iSoM, iruvoJo(, 

ft: (Mft.) lymtnc, 1; ^M^- 

pflv, ov/iwAoJri, ij. 
Reiiuou'nter, /). i. /vruyx*""! 'Tiruy- 

Qtpai: — ,b.abS. kfutntv/tai tit to 
a tith , b/ieu yl-/rap.ea : ou/iSaiiu, su/i> 
nlfao/im, i<( ^ifpat ifxajMl. 
Rend, (««pr. «. p«r. ■>«. rent), P . *. 
ptf/fUfu, <rx f ?»: (off) iitoppnyvu^i, 

*«*«,««-»: (from) 4^*5". «* 
$aptiaf M . 
Ren'der, 0. *. ™fl<J»/M, avrairooV. 
Su/ii, imma6htn^', i/t-tHt/tia : I- 
mnlffl, no«a, KaflfoTiifH. to — any 
one a kindness, tSitpytrtit riva, a- 
yaflo: ipyaEio-8«< rivet, aft/ii* ti- 
»o. (o — any one a service, iwiipi- 
rrfv the. to — thanks, i&;i;api«T»l»: 
(into) /iira^pa^u: (to) ltapatlSa- 
jtt. to — one's self to any one, i- 4 ta««<g«» l-vr* «». ; 
»)««*», oV&: itSm/il (ioyov), a- 
TTcfxivQ/iat : — , 06. napiianif, 1) : 
(wjt.) tWnnt, * s —able, <We- 
W»v, At, airoJofft^oc — iug, ou. 
rrapaoooij, iii ffliroosa-ij, ^; uiri- 

Rendezvous, oi- * •uynrf/imts tcI- 
itOf, to ovymijiivov, ij nyKii/ievi) 

iuhoJos fl ivfrj^ii. to give a — , 1- 

liOr.'jyiiu toitov , oiteu J*J mtpihai, 
ev™£» Tin jwTiM.a.. 

Rendezvous, 0.«5*. mtpxa/uu it'i 

ouyittfjiivov liirau: — , ^.i. aytfpw, 

tj aSyisIfu u'f o/ioioynfll-J %ttptav, 

Re'ndible, lirocToWoni iir. iiwcMo-i- 

Rendi'tiou, 06. auraiido"oo<i, »j- napa- 

Re'negtide, oi. iireiraj, &irocfT(<*>];, 
t: ('tp.) nbT&iieia;, lur.ozxxTris,b, 

Rene'w, p.*. >«(»&,, i)*ai- 
yfijtu, iiacYoiratfi, £>«>•». to — a pro- 
cess, TtxiiirltKtit, to — the friend- 
ship, mklti f iMbu jroiiloflai Trpdf Ti- 
nt, to — the contest t baltle, alflif 

anriiflai rg{ /«ixi7». ItAnpm yaz*- 
rtiu, avap;ax«r*a(. to — hostilities, 
Tiaiiv xararrflvai it n^Juiov, iva- 
irdijUiTv; ava^u^u: aKa/a^fiavoi, 
inavalBjue«v&i: {0ial ) n»a/.v-fl, a- 
veuaiv^u; — able, ix. o'jj « icvi. 
Rone'wal, ov. a-javiuoic, a»a*afviii { , 
4- naaiiKiHi/jos, J. Jninnn), il f- 
muAXtifit, 1). [■■xzixi/iit, 6. 

Bene'wedness, ou. tmaaiiiatt, 4. k- 

Rene'wing, hi. 4»aitaiu(f«ii : — , ou. 
ay«a(vi<ri c , 4. 

Re'niform, in. mfpASi;. 

Reni'tence, Reni'tency, ofr. irrlfrm- 
atf, 4- Juavruu/ia, id : ixxdnoia, 
o.Ti-ffaOeia, <). [su/nvsj. 

Re'nitent, At. a vB.jTa^. <«,,-, ivavri- 

Re'nnet, si. miria, ituiria, Ta/iuo{, 
ifl. cheese made with — , mpmhnt 
tupif. to curdle milk with — , Ru< 
TU^UK 7aJa. 

Renou'nce. jS. i- i/avsv^ai, inapvev- 
pa( : iiri^ii/ii, iit^ppiimii, 4f(BTa. 
^a*, itlarK/iai, iu ^^[pfii->, npo-sf- 
itMi — , b. oil. Uipvi, tiy.1 (rose): 
(<» rorj »at/»io^aproii) ipnou^at 
(ro 3[pfflya), o4^ o/ioJoya : — , oft. 
Oflvqsii (tou xp'JijLtnoi Tfflj itaiyai-. 
»X<fproi>): — meat, oi. apnjait, ^i 
Syieis, httotoIk, ^. 

Ee'nOTiitc,#.i.S|9. Renew, — va'tion, 

Beno'wn, ou. xliot, rrf. q)^, fofe, 
luxJiia, )i : — , p. i. ibSixt/tai itoifi, 
Siiat ft i^os iKpixoii — ed, In. 
Itnoofsf, «SJo?0(, iSwliiri, *Juro( 1 
— edly, ^t(p. ifriltflf, ivJrfEotf ; — 
lew, &r. SStfaf, iniiib. 

- RE 

Kent, ei. pflyj/a, lyhs/M, to. Siappu- 
yi, tents, ij. Jami/ia, rij — , p. 

ol o\ivTispil paveio/iaijXO/trcOpp n,!tO vol. 

Rent, oi. fiuSSs, o. /itlnSu/ix, t£, /it- 
• sSwffif, ri: itp5io5oi, ai. popa, aTto- 

popa ,ij . t< J04, -ri : iWk <ov ( ouIas),*i. 
Kent, p. <?. /icrfw, tiSw/u M p-nfls ■ 

ixju&BH, an«/inSfi, ikStfuia: — , 

jt. oiJ. p«0(vpH. to — a house : 

titi /iio-fla genii »j fx" v «iti«» : — 
able, ^ir. oWf « /uoSo&oflai: — age 
*u. (p Kent; — al, 06. (9(6 J»» Ttfioj- 
ecW, iwuXaytov, Tcf : ai TipiffO- 
Son — er, oi. £ pi*M*, i Jtiove 
i!iri yioUw : piiSaTifo, a. (xaiv.) ji 


Re'nuent, fir (ivr^.) mwiTHrof. 
Rennncia'tion, oi. (WrayiJ, iwdrn- 

Reuve'rse, in, (ixl auo«.) ft-aorpopi, 
Re-obtain, *, i- avala/joana, ivsmo- 

lt($o/uu : —able, fir. &»ai«Wof. 

Oppo'tt, p. i. ITOtllV ivK>TUU/lBU. 

— orda'in, p.*. »aii» xuporovS, 
Reorganiza'tion, 06. A *■ n^ou xarap- 

T»/ID(, (*0[n.) a'aJra/iyavio^is, i. 
Reorganise, p. '. Mtrapi^w ni&iy, 

(*«».) avafntp jum^m. 
Repack, (i. i. /iiTail9>i/ii, ijaurju. 

<t;cJ«i t p(Ta«<ttia{ei> : — er, ofi.i^iira- 

Repai'r, ou- firtociui), firavopSoit 
Repai'r, p.f. imvttui^ti, a«oir/tii 
SvoptM, iitarepSa, lutitfuu; itSjiai, 

f9 - . RE L 

ns/JfluTiOj, tinitarfpButtf. — ly, i- 
irtp. uiinavspBwrwf. 
Kepara'tion, oi. itdpSuntf, InwepQw- 

i t »x ( .Ti.T«« ( , $. (*«<>.) ™;^- 

Kepa'rative, ^it. J«p*uTi»Oi, oWtjS- 
pus, «<mt«0( : — , oi. firavopflu- 

Reparte'e, ot. 4»Tarrd«pui, 2ro</io( ij 

irpox«/w(, *■ to makeaclever — , 

foot/iait aTtoitpivw'Jai. 
Reparte'e, ji. oW. irei)i«f fl irpox«'- 
pSJf B7T0Xpf>8,lia<. [4 icafispw>i*(, 0. 

Repartition, ou, Jiavoyij, inovifi^m, 
Kepa'se, £. ^. k. oio". KtUn iropeue- 

pm f, fiaSafvu: *aiiv i.iS.Sifu. 

Repa'st, oi. tpmav, yii/ia, SiTnvou, 

to. to take three — fl a day, tp«( 

Tilt ^'pai ittiwt: till/at, tysi, 

ri. Tp0f>), «. [r^'i". 

Repa'Bt, (i.e. Sn-Kvi^, W, o.t(;«, 

Repa'y, p. I- imttiu/it, k-jTunotila- 

(i(, annpiOfju, a/i9(Sefiai : — able, 

in. &iroo*DTio{, ovTarroJm^ot : — 

inent, ov. AvTaTE^o.fc, &/io<S^ 4. 

Repe'al, =u. o*upaio-is, nironupuo- 1( , 

Repe'a), p. i. l*vp&, a«upo» noifi, i- 




. oii. fanxtuMmh, «■ 

U ilXTplt/l, 71 : TO KTCip^l- 



Repai'r, ^. oto\ no/it^g/iai 

pfi, ipZ"f"" «/>^( f' v = toiroi. 
Eepa'ml, «». (^otv.) aw»o<: — one 

Ra'parable, in. £v»*iuasr4o<', ina- 

abi'Uty, =«. 

KupoOff8«i : — able, anupoiTioy : — 
er, ou. 4 oxvpAii, naraivnle, 0. 
Repe'at, oi. facna^qfv, icaKMoyla, 
jj 1 (/louj.) ina»±A^^iWi oi/itlov, ri. 

Repe'at, #.^. fa«»«Jap.ei»», ™it/- 
Jo-yfi, *iloya. to — a narrative, 
iarfttuiai TouTii. to — the same 
thing in other words, TaiToioyilv ; 
(t»aJa/i8a»m. to — anything, in 
««* * o*iunpo» ^ nal<» irowiv Tx: 
KaraWyu, arto/ivijjUOviuu: — ad.At, 
iroUj, o-ux>"f»: — edly, c!it(p. no\- 
)aj«(. to do anything — edly, rai- 
rff> ™p< « ■ — Wj 8i - * i,ra ' a - 

)a/iSavo)», nal())oyO(, o: iipoii/t- 
ov feoy/B unomj/ia[.ov t«; (Spas ; 
— ing, in. nalLlioyas. 
3 h 2 



t pxfiim fipu, funjiifitipii : (at) 
fOovoi, ptraftAtC/tait —r, 
ob. /itfuftyetfat, wyytitrit, a. 
Repi'iiing, du. ptp^ipoipix, 4 1 — ly, 
iaif. WHipoij, iujitdlaif. 

Bepla'ce, i. i. *U« i, mU.. Kafl/tm,- 

fit, farm&plxu : kvTuzdioTifAi, d- 

Replft'nt, f. i. 4vnfwiu», itmyv- 
■ciiiu: —able, in. aids t« /iiTUfu. 
rtufffSai. — ta'tion, oS. »;it««>0tiu- 

Reple'&d, p. i. *aJU> eiinDvpfi: — er, 

Rcple'nish, p. i. niin l/tntnX-is/iii &- 

■taTi).r,ptot ; — -er, ov. b htaninpan • 

— meill, nu. B» a p""'(, y. ■»■- 

*Wp»/t*, ri. 
Reple'te, in. f-trrbs, kvipctTtt, «M- 

P n; : — ness, ou . m (r. 
Rcple'tlon, at. nAijo/javii. TT^puart, 

$: (inrp) nXnBA/m, nXi,9t.fta, i. 
Keple'tive, in. itl-npftititt 
Reple'viable, in. (>e/i.) ivaxniTtof : 

aicpJuTiar, frAvrpecrtof. 

Reple'viu, ei. (»a,u.) fcMtp*.!..,. (i«. 

vvpau), $ : JiiTicy>*a t» axupovn 
Kardsxina ; — , p.d. If. Replevy. 

Keple'visflble, in. dp. Reple'viable. 

Reple'vy, p. i. (-'Of.) kmifH 4 ttuftt 
*ecfi tnria X im. 

Re'plicant, ai. a kweKfui/tuti. 

Replicate, at. (fi«ui) diravdJijifiic, 4. 

Replica'tion, ob. iiThx*"", kt&xX*- 
«(, ^; knitif tttt, ■navnqmc, ij : 

(w>u) tvTtWBfKypKf*, $. 

Repli'er, oi>, i knenpnoiitrtf. 

Reply', ob. iwixfiaif, ktranixpttif, 

Reply', p. "IS. Hionpivdftai, ifiiffa. 

/lai.inaJa^eKVi); (upon) AvT-dtyij; 

(agaioat) ipiZv, StKiucioyii. 
Repo'lbh,p. I. «Sfl<f tit t iiilvji. 
Repo'rt, ati, mra/st, a, tiat-aynua, 

ts. fdyo;, 6: loyos, a, imij. t>i(ui!, 

j. to spread a — , ttmlMttx \J. 
yi», iififui Xiyti. to spread a — 

Repel, p. {. arrwOi, nspt,B&, Jiwflw, 
rfpjw, aiiQKpQ-j'j*, airiiav^&i, nau- 
»Ofi«: — , p. eio\ oVoYirsi/iau: (i- 
are.) jrat^uo) (t^v <ruairflapiv(7(v u- 
•yfldi) ; — lenee < lency, oi. imitii- 
("H, a:ndiaoun«, aWitanc, ^ : (iSTp.) 
Ktiiuj't (mtagaiPtuaiut uyp£i>), A: 
— tent, i*. inawruif, iTraf.poujrc- 
■ in: (iarp.) ivnimaitutit : — lent, 
ou. ra nvTiamcffTucoT fdp/tccno^ : -*• 
ler, eu. 4 a<nuvfi> : — ling, <V i»- 
TJnicat, atTtTuxJi;, [x«/ittiptni7(. 
Re'pent,jK Ipnaiv.ipnusTua'E:(^aTv.) 
RcpVllt, £. DuJ. (of) tltTSIliXofKtl, 
/MTayi>av/(xi, fitranafi, /dra-yi- 
yviiir«M. I — of anything, /itrafu- 
ii( /»< T< !| talc 4 iripY t 1M( . I — 
my silence, ptrsfOv iai ar/itta- 
T., i ^tra^flu fiai rfl{ iiyflc — pUtajaJlua, funbwo, pn- 
riyieta. J. to have (i feel — ance 
(if anything, itmpiiiatal tm 4 
nip( Ti»o(;^aiit, *V. utrstptAa'- 
f«»e(, /iiTBB«)>i»-utd[, jiira>ilai; 
— ant: — er, a£. £ nkTaf.tX&j/tt- 
>a(: — ing, ou. /ttra/tiXiix, fttrd- 
Y>ai«, 4 : — ingly, hip. /ink /u- 
raiiaix;: — leas, ire. sifiiTa^Jlnrot, 

R^pr/ople, p. I. nalt. =<'«;£.. 

Repcrcn'BB, jl. < anwflai, diojip.iiu i 
iiraneJlduui, famCMlaMi — ion, 
au. &>uaff4, iniipsuaii, i\ : i»a- 
Kiao-if, avTaKanrWic, 4 : darirv. 
ir(a, BUT^xtje'ii, 4 : — ive, ii(. iira- 
xpouiTuec, AiTuceicrwd; : Avrava- 
^Jsa"T«5e, avrt]^»iruco(. 

Repe'rtory, ai.iaiaJoye;, *. aiceypa- 

Bepete'Dd, o5. (V s -) * " ™ ( 5 '««'■- 

xale iiinoii /na>ipxd|U>ac ipifl/io;. 
Repeti'tion, ot. inaiaiitf if, ^ : naliJ- 

Xaylx, Idoyla, dia^aaielayfa, 4 : 

iraa , iiS-/iiais, ^ -.tavTaloyt*, ii ; Jrfa- 

nalfa, Ttpofu/tvaaiij it. 
Repeti'tional, Repeti'tionary, Repe- 

ti'tiOOa, til, i,ia» ain^Tiirot. 

Repi'ne, p. atd, (at, against), «zfla- 


all m 

a place, SpvXkii* ft ImSpvX- 

haa been spread, Itip/iTxt f, Jia- 
(Merai loyot, MjKlgtrM, Hytrin ; 
Sit* t&itlitx, liSolla, ft.xiiot, rd : 
iyytlix, ft. ayytliia, ti. Xiyii, 4. 
&*xfjtM<t, ft. an authentic ft histo- 
rical — , ii«4/ivn/ix, ii. to send in 
> — to, imr/i-ajm ft Jiay^lxiiy 
■ if *e.i : (mjK.) IkSmk, ft. 

Bepo'lt, p. J. i»Ta*a*l*, 4vtxz*' 4- 
■na-/yij.\u, Jiay/ilJoi : lisay/JUta : 
■TyLLtat, itdyilUw: Uyao, Jiijyou- 
• pn.'mipao'fjtyu: J<aflpi>Ala, o\a- 
■qy^», imllSaiii liyor. it — ed, 
fitrt, iiytrxt: — er, oi. Aoyovroidj, 
- inijoiT^i, e: a^yiAii;, o: {*a/t.) tit- 
nyuyibt, i. (norv.) urn/frit. A. 

Repo'aal, si. to ntlm: btetninc,' 

«»ioi(, 4. ivin-aui- iipi«j , to. 
Repo'ee, oi. ftou^ia, ijpiyla, ^ : avtoic, 
4>«Ttaun(, ft. to take aoine— , pt- 

xpit It ivxu-jur.iizi : L"<v05. A : mi- 

la, a»airaul«,ft; (£">7p) h 

Jtepo'se, p. I. rldn/ii, «atat(0^i. tu 

— trust 4 confidence in, ihjtiuim 

TlW, 7r.].8i5ivnr Tivj ft fcrf Il»l. to — 
one's self, ktmrnvtatm, airmraiii- 
oBki, xaTanauullai - — , p. «H. tu- 
f», KaSiuJiu, xgiftu/iai; Avanaiio- 
iU«, ftovj;a5o.: — dness, oi. ftoKxfa, 
atdvau7Cf, ftptafc, ft. 
Bcpo'sit, pi. inTari9ijfii, htiot.'S^uc: 

Bcpo'sitory, oft. (frig, aite$rixn, ft. 
RepoBse'ea, p. i. iwniuci; — ion, 

Reprohe'nd, ji. i. ptpfepiat, ^ryu, i- 
idti/iA, jjlyzw: (of) fiipfa^at.evii- 
tlfyfiji (pot *i) ; — er, oii. jitftfi- 
/ttvof, ^jywv, 0. 

Beprehe'nsible, frr. >upirrof , irri/iin - 
nroi r J uii> J uflT*c f tTroviiJuros ; — 
ness, »i. t» Atl/upim*, to iita»J- 
illtli, — ly, trip. Ixtntt&lmif. 

Jteprehe'nsion, ii. p-tp-f% p«i*-fA, t- 

Ttnlutitrtt, ft. 

1 RE 

BepreheWive, in. ptpnetubt, itut*. 

srait: — ly, imip. jw/iitrixSj. 

Beprehe'neory, in. = npa. 

Repvese'nt, p. i. npb ifSakpiAt *'ao7- 
iTrific, npoStUvviit, -csifioa, Jtpe- 
rfSn^i : bnofxtvu, Stityouitxc: Six- 
/.opffl, wmOfr, &*..**£«, aire 
nvfgu, irAaTiu : ypifti, yptvp-f '/- 
iraxaSw: iiresTuna, napfsm^i {^v 
r$ KitiltxTt), B<»a ! (Biarp.) Otto- 
xpinpau to — anyone, vKO'pht- 
ffflai jt(=i(fun«v ft ffx^p.a tivoj; h";- 
a7» Jjjflfia (lit t>1» jk>|>^v) : na- 
piX 4 **- napixo^a., i»ix» Tafc» ri- 
ng;, Oit^x*' yy?i-' nuns, «,«i ivTl 
TIVS(, (X0l».) iuTlirp9(MiriU« tb — 

any one in any matter, Jianoaff- 
■IM n ai-riii»9(: (to) &»p4i»ft<i 
M»«'ji,ijioTi'fl-o^i, ijteeailw. I— 

ed to him also tbe greatness of the 

danger, (Zltol o' airii <ai -qlfics; o 

aivjuvoc to — to one's self, iite- 

tuirsuiSat, f «i>T!i?iiiflai Tf, aul- 
itmW I'- 
Representa'tion, th. Ttapanxnt, hi- 
tuith airsJIiCic, ft : iuiBBih, /ii- 
>n]si«, o'lIftapjiwD'ii, 4. lixaviifisc, 
i. BAaiTM, ixruirsWK, *; tocij-; ft. 
iMJxi^a, nil uitOT0nH><(. a>aru- 
BiMrtf, ft: (Jpafiatos) JiJaixaiia 
ft utayMjnj, ft. (■•».) irapaBTajt,-, 
ft: «a, ft: (fnSvi"S, i™o.({ lf , ft: 
UBuH^TIITCt, IHKivin,-, 4. voufltrn- 

^a, ti. according to yonr — , &; 
ov l(y*S : Jihtjmitub:, ft. (miy.) i»- 
TiirpOiWTrila, ft : ai inmTpi/i/ii- 
»oi, (*oi».) ai avTiTcpicoinei. men- 
tat — , iwaia, ifisa, s*j{«, fj>n- 
ate, ft. 
Represe'ntative, Jr. iTroTuirwrixif, Jc- 
7]7B^iaTimi{ : iiriTpenuBi, avriirpa;- 
«™>iv : — assembly, of imrtTpap- 
p.ha ft (««.) oi a.T.irp B .»ir i: _, 
eft. «lKa««.a, to. iix&>, ft ; 4 Toray- 
/iJnof i"t' fiUou t»8(, o iitiTcray- 
/ii«ot, («e».) iirfTponof, ivrmpa;- 
oinof, o: (vop.) napamirtf, irpd- 
Jhoj, o: — ly, ixij>. burpmaxtf, 

Represe'nter, oJ. uno/pintt, e ; i ti- 

m-/ pivot AvW T(vo{, StvrtnpAtttTtQSjO. 

Repreac'ntmeut, ei. op- Representa- 

Repre'sn, jS. i. K«am(? a , tirem*^ ; 
xar^.iirfco), icoii^, .aMo,,™- 
sriilu, KaianiXXH-. Sa-.p.Z,Sxp£- 
(»• *«**>, xaTanauu; — er, 06. e 

Kilobit, xMvik, L K«lao/i4«' t; 

KKTtUumft fl: — ive, £r. Kolaort- 
«0{,nuoriiiBj, xaBi»Tc«o(, tMinxit, 

Repri'eve, oJ. svoSoM, i-^tpdiatf, « : 
&tntaX$ (mfnltxils noivflf), jj. 

Repri'eve, jl. i. i»a6aJ)o/<Bi (ni» k«- 
s alijrfy iroiui)*}, &va6oltfv naiou>ai 

Reprimand, ou. JTr<n>q«s, /topfii, 
1). $iyos, a. 

RejirLma'nd, i. 1. (for) vo«0tr<3, ^(u- 
^0/i*<, ftytt. [ — , A- '- ouaTinrfi. 

Repri'nt, afl. iva™™«( (pt61feu),$: 

RepriW, ii. 4>Tair<f Jooij, £ : — 
to-B npij r»a. [0 make — B, I«a a»- 
TanaJiJifiiai Tivi, rfl» Ii>]» ptrptln 
T ,«, KO Ta W «)..v iOo-.a r,v,. 

Repri'se, ai. (vok,) «a T T U o-.( (Jana- 

Repro'ach, 06. iotlapta, /li/i^if, 4. o - - 
v«Jo?, fotiSttrp-a, xxTr^opiiia, 3- 
mTlariini. ti. i\i-/x'.i, i, 

Repro'ach, p.l. imii(#, *yna)», pip- 

to — anyone with anything, pip.- 
ftiSaC fn>« £( n, xBTijyojjif-j rivjf 
:: — able, in. /Mu-nrof, bd/u/t. 

; Im 

TififlTi){, (Jviidwrnf, J: — full t«. 
o» bo uT«is, inovtf d" iffrot : aiixpei, 
iSparutdf. — fully, imp. siro.uo'i- 

«t«< : ai*xp&f. to use any one — 

fully, «aTa<o-^i»«y Tiv« • — fulness, 
oS. To ijioniiJioTOv. 
Re'probate, i-rt. iitiSJ^rai, aiaVi^Of, 

BiraoiJo^.^atr^fvoi; fziiioi, ££w>m. 

;: tomiTtilll 


laBap^a, tiS. iftiJiti, 0. 

Re'probate, p. f. STroB^i/iaSM, ana. 
fiaAlu; icnra>£7vtia"«&i, jraraJixa- 
(w : — ness, ou. novate, f>aa/aVi) tl 
KBxfa, 4: — r, ou. 1 ino faci/iaguv, 

Seproba'tion, ou. anoJoju/iairia, a- 
■ndppiftt, i: (Siol.) iiarato^, jj. 

Reproba'tioner, ou. (taTaJwafoo, 

Reprodu'oe, p.i. AvanJ^io-u, avajnioi, 
avHyiwoS; nttll npoftpa i t /jioov, 
ltaJ(» tffli7f« fl irpor(fl>i^(. to — tha 
same thoughts, t& auTa ua^/iara 
mpafipuf * irpanS^vai: 4ica#i(ioO- 

avaoOoiv: niin 

;o f .pto.. 

i t«t- 

Reprodu'ction, si. avayjwi 

poo-.;, fonrJari!, 0. 
Reprodu'dtive, <tt. &vayii»fi»: — pow- 

Reproo'f, ofi. jHOja^l, iirii(^noi<i vou. 
fliriim, ininiiiEif , tf : ^syo(, 0. van. 
Bin/is, t4. 

Repro'yablei !■'■ ft^wric, Jnf/WjunTOf, 
inonfJciTOj; — ness, 0*. to Jironf- 
J(oio». — ly, iitlp. InOYiiShTtai. 

Repro'val, ah. lp. Reproof. 

Repro'Te, p.i. fi-kfxa, I«m»^. pip. 
f»luu.1*/»: vov9it6: — r, ei. 4 
mpftlUMs,, huxifoirit, 0: rau- 
SJT>|«, J. [vo,-, ayapalof, ^uoaio;. 

Repti'le, in. tpmiiiv, ipnuo-iLiiJt : «»i- 

Repti'le, oi. ipTtuiriis, 0. ipmrov, rrfr 
%v3aToi avtfpunoc, 0. 

Repu'blic, eu. Jii^ioKparfa, lr;/icripx- - 

Repn'blican, iir. &iip.oitp#tatit- a — 
Constitution, iitumtpxtiti, i): — , 

ob. nit/.QXpaTUQj av^p, 0. (xoiv.) $r,- 

i n . 

fiOKpdtnf, : — ism, ov- i-qp 

Tfa, $ ; iM, |i. /. S«l2 Ti>>; 

Republica'tion,ou. JiuT^a!"Joi. t (^i. 
8)(au), fi»Tarun»ji(, inttuBMSK, ii 

Ropu'bHeh, f. i. n<U<» ttJf<t*^< Qh- 

«(a») : — er, «6. 4 runiv U vie; 

Bepu'diable, hi. iitocpi^rioi, &#6xi- 
flof, a7rJ£Jv]T=,-. 

. Bepu'diate, p. t. kmtaUa, hnwl/L- 

Jib* eoiio/iai, iiro inu», ItapaiTO&jia 1, 
Bepudia'tion, oJ. &»ivtuiri<, KKpaf- 

«^v), *- 
Bepu'gn, A. ^. i'tiliyu, harttaioya, 
iraiTteuitat: ircntpaTTu; — Mice 
— ancy, ol. i»B»W&>ua, ri. 4»- 
" ; ivTinaBna, 


Tfrafi,, avrfor 

jcbkovoib, 4; — ant, i*. <vo 
vavTisiiinncf, aiTtJiTUV • JutxipBf'- 
™, ovaBTTfi/H/of. to be — ant to 

]y, imp. aqofi(. 
Bepu'llulate, p. niS. kraf&efnti, ava- 

Repullnla'tion, ou. ajaEia<iriji<;, 4. 
Repulse, o«. AntVhxn;, fc«oou«s, a - 

noxpouati, 17: apyvjai;, anapv^sit, ■!. 
Repulse, f. i. iioKpovu, izipcuu, a- 

7iwfl£, anwflou/iai, ano*/JoiieBB(, a- 

xa/iaxofitu. to — the enemy, 4™- 

flitiSai ^ avairWluv Toiif ™«/*f- 
•u; : — r, ei. a aneiipowi*. 

Rcpu'lsion, oC. kwAinaic, imKpovnn, 
%: inzbta/tbt, 0. 

Repu'lflive, in. inonpouo'TiKit: Ju;- 
np ethfepat, iuiiiTBiKTiii, tusniXa- 
rt*t: — \j, inlp. imtpBittmSt: 
— ness, oi. t4 kitoKpovarttii: iS 

Repu'lsory, fa. ammptvaruif. 

Repurchase, '?■ I. na)i« wiou/iki n a- 
yopitlw. — -, oto. i} if titou ojvrio-ig. 

Bepu' table, in. iBfi7fi«, «4t1»>),-> iv- 
JoEoft *"Ao[: — ness, ah. neutri- 
no*, to. ti/it, V' cutiun, 4- — !j") 
fain, tufii/iws, iwiiltfit. 

RepuU'tion, oJ. fVi M{«, 4- fiw- 
^n, to. good — -, iBO*o{Ya, BviJcfi, 
•tfojc^iiWf , ij. bad — , eupcltia, 4 : 
iUu/ix, t6. 4fi«o-[ 5 , itu-,), *. the 
■ — of Yirtne, ijfaioij rt( iptrflf. 
of no — , iiniat, ffnfUf. 


Bepn'te, ah. <f*im> Sifx, a- foe^a, 
to be in good — , thiaftti, thSi 
litli. to be in ill — , aoofit 
Soltt-i. to bring any one in 
— , aJoJiav tt&Tamtui'tii «vi, ei 

RBpu'te.p.^.ftyoS^ai, »o/*(;m : — dly, 
iirip. i; jli^irai : ti^((uj. 
Cque'st, ov. JiV's, «Ir<«f, &£&!«?, 
Xpifa, brwEtf, ^. ainj/ia, to. to 
make a — , oilaflai mos: ipiTn- 
»if, E4ni«(i 4. at yonr — -, aiioiju- 
to{ irou. it is in great — , &ym 

Keque'st. f.i. alrs^ai, JE an-fl: ai- 
T&i, aiTsuusi, Siop-xi : ipwrun — 
er, si. si^iiEvst, iiijntt, s. 


Be'qaiem, oi. (in* J.) Jvayu/ta, to. i- 
«eyi«tii(, i. («!».) § u»i^ TOi T£- 

Bequi'rable, iir. Mm, auav«ats<, 
Reqai're, p. i. (of) Bird, 4™ri 
fiS, Jmw: XP"/"'i Sia/iat, mc 
^tA: aiTou^iat, (vru>^amta, $ioft<xt. 

it — a much expense, noAXifi im-i 

iairi»o{. anything is — d, xp«' a 
iiri twoj. it U— d that, ill, ivaj- 

Jv t«< Ka.jiwv )} (j<o<».) i* tS» *s- 

as present circomstanoes may — , 

lx TiJv naponTuv: — input, ov, a'l. 
Tnsic, a{fai*[(, fiKxfuiif, A: !(«(», 
ifl. xpfot, ". fca-yxii, -4 : — r, au. o 
BHairuv: i ti4/ttvBi, i«irr,;, i, 
Requisite, fa. a.a^iaioj, fiuv, n/io:- 
tSkuv, imrJi Stta;. the — caution, 
tili&ustii npstiiiivia. the — niim- 
ber, isavev ir imr/ilta? to itAfl- . 
Sat. it is — , SO, AvayxaU* fort, 
Xp^i, (nocv.) npfau. it is — for any- 
thing, Si\ rivot icpif T<. more than 

— , niii'jj T'j» avayxafuv, llAXitri 
Trfitiattn: — , eh. ittv, itjiortxo*, 
TO 1 . Z p.(a, ^: — ly, Hip. bmrf*«U, h 

avd/ici] : — ness, oujcp\la,&*iynri,i). 

», a. 


Rcquisi'tion, e6. airqnc, a|iWi; 
*tUtnni,y: aitaiVijirif, ',: Jiara 
*i, «Ja(«t«(, fl, to put in — , 
9t»,* n (tpef if. Tin 
■ri.) muay/JUHv. to make 
upon, cxaWvai iitiTa-yjriaTa, 
TatTHH, irapayyO)«v. [mat. 

Reqni'sitive, in. xhnrmis, anaini- 
Requi'tal, ol. i/ioiS^, ftvra/utft), i.. 

Requi'te, p. i. imtt&upj, avransJf- 
SctpA, &vT(iraifi, a/ii&tyiai, avia- 
/itlSopjct, to — any one's services 
*, kind deeds, eumiptlifr 1) kvtcji^- 
V«t* "'a: — r,"TairoMs.». 

Re're-mouae, oi. vmtripit, J. 
Re're-ward, oi, Jp. Rearward. 
Reaa'U, f .i. ananXiw, inairAfo iraAiv, 

Ue'aale, at. iuz-an>iin<'<s, n- 
Iicuci'nd, p. i. bSitu, Stupor noiw, 
ecufifi, «K(io»i, amyiyyrfinm : — 
able, 'it. ixvptttiofi — ment, e£. 

Reaci'saiOTl, ofr. 40«Tiio'if, ajtuowoij, 4. 
Re aci'saory ,hr. ixujsniruii j, ivaiair i» 6f, 
Kb'scoub, ou. b>SjUS« 4 j^at'a Jliufli- 

Rcscri'be, M- avrr/papn, Oirmwri). 
J.B ; SUTiy^ajKU, aircvpif si, /ura~ 
yesifw. [ri; kvrcypxfi), %. 

Rescri'pt, oi. airJiCjEiiiric, ^; Jiara/ya, 

lie 'sellable, nie-Tn*, iiiuflipwr^iv. 

Re'scae, e&. tiiu^tn«, aittiivSipu- 
ait, anjAytrj^ ^: ona))ay>i 7/: ira- 
sava/ia; jliu(i(i6i«f, fj : ("out.) firi- 
xwplx, pa-lfiia, 1). to come to the 

He'scue, ,S. i. (from) «1;«, J.astifc, 
pia/Aai : i\uBt/>& l ImtltuStpu • — ^r, 

Re'scuing, sv. &iu9ffu«c, antltuSf- 

Reacuee'e, oi. (»»/■.) J JinAptoflifc. 
Rescu'saor, oh. Ss. Rescuer. 
Kese'arch, eu. (lira^tt, i(inurit, I- 

pm z,a>R< j»n; , ij. lo make 


•• J X<" 

i: /(tvs^ 


4 dvaKTwimw 

Rese'Uare, oi. 4»aJ>i^<(, aiasnteif, -4. 

Reae'll, £. i. jjiraTtmiS, /iji-tirpirTw. 

Bese'mblance, «u. a/i«anic, fuyinna, 

a. to bear a — to any one, i/aiti 

thai TNI, CoMiW TIM. 

Rese'mble, p. o Jo". S/ioio\- «>( rm, I* 
acfca, ii«i;>*iu, ipfipaitxi. to — 
very much, a/teist-arai tfiof ri«. 

life (turn gun. [nil*. 

Rese'nd, p. I. 4»a**>7it*, Itotkmit 
Rese'nt, p. i, JgsfaeS, iyavaxTS, ,5a. 
ptoif 3] ^aJtiroii pfpt*; — i?r, o£. A 
dVjjtpaiv*™: — ful, Jit. oa/l*.ai,J- 
irfnorot, a7a>aim|Tii»c, Ti^ii^hjTi- 

fully : — higly, Juip. eV/Uu;, b)«- 
tamriiTuteis; — ive, lir, *iop7i|ro(, 
a7B>ax < r>|TUfB(, ipyiloi : — uient, 
oi. iyar&XTiiittt, ipyh, finjnKaila, 
^, la'rof. a. tn feel — ment against 
•ny oue, )[■*«""'»«"' "*t 

Reserra'tioD (Reservanoe), *i. Quix- 
xi), ft ; jcptyif, 'iaff»i(, 4. withont 
— , 'n. ouolv aironpunTo/iivo; >i a- 
KOfpvl.i.iir.-it>z\ hstp. aitX&(, cfj-/l- 
p&f, uaopiiflta, a^AHf. 

Rese'rvatory, >u. anoS^ica, unojex^," 
A. hr«a-« X tf»», t*. 

Eesc'rve, oi. ipi^K, MqCMf, lx*xi, 
siJaSwa, 4. («(».] Jit, ? uAa(,i, 4. 
without — ■, ol/ikt &mKpv*TAiitf9f 
^ anajcjou^a^ivoc, aTfl&i(, naoo-fl^ca: 
rxHi'nJirif, iitoSimt, 17. to keep in 
— , JiofuJla'TTuv, fi<c«£fu>, Sniau- 
fi'Im, anaT^ie-flac (»ro )_ farM- 
Tay^noi, uit»TtT«7/iLJi*i, o(. M- 
iayn«, r*. (»n.) tftlpita, jj. to 
stajul fl be in the — , ^ncrifaxSai, 

Jill Tift ifiSptiat TiiajiSai, J)H- 

Rese'rvcp.i aTioWB,;/!!, n/uiuti : Jia- 
yulairu, fiijoav^^ai, TnaA, imiTi- 
SiBsi. to — to one's self, k?.t«/'J. 


™9a< **ut_ i Afs.fij.J.o^i.. I — 
to myself the right of, 4|h» Impn 
*ai«iv n. It hag been — d for him 

to, tttarai hiitw. it is — d for 

me, nivit ui t^fefettnu * *?**«- 
t«( /»■? ti. the glory of it is — d 
foryoB,a«|»*™»SiiS|aliT(B:— d, 
in. uixSJts, irpojwlaxTtfii : xpujii- 
iwi, inyavef, inoivAyijMf : — dly, 
i», eU.xSut, irpojurifi;, «>j>pd- 
»«k: — dness, ofi. npufivoist, iiei- 
vomjm'a, IviaCuoE, tnililjtlipif , ij. 

Rtservo'ir, eu. Sitnq, &it<>(M«>i, n. in- 
'jejCifef , r* ; o*«{b«<vi}, u Jatij, fl. 

Rese't, oG. (Xjtoit.) xitirTaitBttny,), 4: 
— ter,ov.(£i«r.) «;iim-B7M*c>xt>f,o. 

BeK'ttle, p. i. kwna&laTillli, xatiTMI- 
/ii, inxtopbi,, inut iu »$u ! italrt .ll- 
ano iyfi * o.arirrw : ai'flif (BT9- 
■painn- oS6if iMifi: — ment, ov. 
iirojcaraffTfltfii, avf-rtavo'p&usti:, A : 

Sedli'p, /I. J. nalni paprifall yifd^n 
ti itiolo>: — meilt, ofc. i *« >aivi=,- 

Resi'de, £. (W. tut, ivsufi, Jiarpf- 
Re'eidence, «t. tiniiri,-, tiaitriatt, 4 : 

•Welt*,, A. uiViiTii/lMV, to : tiltfe, 

4. stunt, o. o!«nia. 
Be'iident, in. olxfl v, xBroutS*, lnoiu;, 

ia™«}( : — , ot. •inJ'H^t *i"jTiis, 

J : itpijivof, fatiparot, i. 
Reside'ntiary, in. Imxet, miroiMf : 

, d ItpVJi J I> Till X(4pa (Ufiir. 

Re'sidetitehip, oi.npelivla, 4. 

Beei'der, oi. •MTjraip, ouijTrit, 4. 
EesFdual, Residuary, fa. irif iluiuL 

««*0f, JisJl**"*!, mptlatwBf. 
Be'atdne, o*. mptinjipa, iiiiJii(i/«, 

iemiv, inileino*, W. 
ReM'diiam, ei. (xn/i.) uirirrifpa, TtS, 

uTniarcm,-, »): (rtfl.) IJOlipijita, to. 

Mew, 4. 
Resi'gn, p.i.n.obS.&flrjfii, /iiBtiifii,i&, 

■KBpxXiimt ; ifdrrnimi, H£ivra/tai, 

xmarlitftiu. to — in favour of 

any one, 1(1*tbi08( 4 rcapa;r>p<Iv 

n« rts ip^^f. to — one's ielf, to 


1* fip«> T(. 

Resi'gn, p. i. triAw o-xoypa&u. 

Resigna'tion, ou. mtp&xd'pi"tt atrtS- 
trraiif, 5it«i$ir, &*tlfo«c, n. to give 
in Si tender one's — , i(l*rtuixi 4 
Inoliurvm tt!( afjcHc, «it»i"lfi>'- 
tiiv Ti). ipx^n; »psi^Ti|(, iutjixa- 
xfa, 4. 4 Tfi> tsuiit inu/tarit- to 
show — , (Hi) H(/*a)cjMipilV, rtpiui 1) 
linsioit yistiv TI. 

Resi'gned, (it. kftinlmt, irro/»o«tT(- 
aif, Tan«vif (. to be — to anything, 
iIkvi 4 BpiaxnBxl rrvi, s-Tipyiiv ri 
4 Tivi, itpius i?ipn« ti, urn/ntiiit 
It: — ly, iitip. uiro/ioniTiitSf, ivi- 
xnx&f. [ti, dii.ioxi>i, t, 

Resigne'e, it. (»a/i.) 4 fiao'ix'r'i>il< 

Roi'gner, ot. 4 ita,jax»pfi» ( * if'- 
iTii(nvs;. (vif, ileum; Jt)«s, n. 

Resi'rierice, Resiliency, o*. &itiJTceii- 
Beiilient, te. amnijJOi', gntoataic. 
Renili'tion, «i>. i*. Resilience. 
Re'sin, ab.^nritis, 4. to coat with — , 

^i7Ti»au»: — i'feroo*, in. fartHfi- 

pof : — iform 5: — 0UB,fs. p»iTivii. 

Jv]c: — onsness, 06. to pwnvwJi;. 
Reaipi'scence, ou. /itrivsia, ^icrniii- 

Jtia, u(Tst7»utr[(, 4. 

Reili'st, p. J. OVT^W, ItVTITUVH, SVTI- 

iciwrtt. to — the action of fire, v- 
nup-hta % i/iirut ri Tivp: — , p. 
vii. arctrdva, itKiru&iiau, aaW- 

Stxpax9p.m. to — Stoutly, ivTW);"- 
pffddai, *apTipilv. to — an at- 
tack, Jiyuflai *>nd»Taj Toi; na- 
Aiui'ou;, ins/iaxiffSai TDUC noAl- 

Resi'etance, oi. avTrrunCa, avTu»Tr>), 

rfuua, utilufia, Til. to make *) offer 
— , ivavT«euo-*ai Si i«Wir«i8a< npij 
ti. without offering 9) meeting any 
— ,/tilinat jvavTieuuivoui) miiiuti- 
to( f) a/Hiia/iivou ; <Vaxti 4 «/ JE - 
X^rif. [oil/itvof. 

Beu'itant, ftr. itflnrri^nvtf, bsm- 



Resistibi'lity, oi. to ^axi**", ^»bu- 
TioriK, *. [oSk i.«rt{, ?Sii. vp 6 ( . 

Resi'stible, in. ^XT**, "to^raiot, 

Kwi'Bting, (tc. ivTiTumls, avTiivires, 
rjvt. avijfrtxof, ^rijritwd; : - — ly, 
irc{p. avTKTTKTtx&f. 

Resi'stless.iii. a huitoVt aTa { ,4jt a fltxref , 
b<«tiiixito;, al/ut^of, onrpo'tjiiaxei: 
— ly, inlp. AitKTHixiTitj, B*tax<', 
o^hzi"': — ness,aij. re 4««ranx»- 

Resoluble, in! tijitoj, x"'*»^I- — 

ReWute, ix relpiipbs, til™Jl^8t, i5- 

flaemj;, aajfyof, iirpofoffMTTOj, i- 

»Z"f 0/«l^*l*, (xOlV.) STTOpKHBTHOC 

— ly, jirfp. Tol/tn^Ss, luTtSipuc : 

nens, ov, raL/ij, ilijmWu, fcxp&. 

Resolu'tion, au. (jpM*.) l*»«i a»aiu- 
«if,$: (ley. )»a(l.) ivaJvOi;, %; &p- 
si{ (aufnoliwj), 4 : «it«*e<«is, ii. to 
give — , InrexplittBat, Sili-jai ft 
ir5[*lT0at «irdxojei»; Yndpig, npoal- 
ptzit, r). to come to a — , nfsatpir- 
iSa(,y»(S,Miia TtereErfai, jSoaieudilai: 
£6;iin, fJjfiapa, to, to puss a 
^eu)*v itoirto-Sai, ^yl^iirflai, j 
peravilv: to pvpziiv/ raw ii'flouf. 
•Ste^fa, i*. «0r8l/tov, T.f. j9i«ai^- 

Resolutive, <V. avaiuTimff. (tiiktoV 
Reso'lvable, Jit. JialuTdt, i&tf<aiuTDf : 

irifaiij, i: fiypa, 
Beso'We, £. *■ (jW-) ami™, JibJuu 
(itttfl): (ley.) iwiO*)! ip/u»>v». 
jus «■!]»* j'j : Hiv/n anAnpiair, k- 
ItOXpUoftKf- ihiOm, BVOltlfSaj. tO 
be — d (of), mit«W»(u, «rt«i- 
iiy, ntffliu fauTo'v ; ntiSoj {mi ti), 
Ttapop/io (nvj lit ti). to be — (I, 
iytUKittu, yn4pv> *X""i '" •» ■- 
XV, ^ouAto-flai : (iai,s.) &tx<fi>- 
p&: QtaB.) Xia: — , /.. «M.(w/».) 
«-j«i-Js«ai, (into) T^tuoi : yi/ji!.- 
iKa, &iayt-fv&siu>, alpov/Mtt, ,Ssu- 
loispai, Jtavaafyiai, ^iff^iftai. to 

— npon anything, tol^fi* : — dly, 


in( ( 0.Talyi)pS; T «6T<fV u S,*' lo J' ! " 1 - 

rrstac: — dnesa, 06. tiSA/iij, p»6ai- 
•nif, ij : — nt, in. ImXviMit, Jia- 
popijI-Htdj: — nt, ov. Sia-faprrrab' 

fWJOKW, T8. [O-K, $. 

ReBo'lving 1 , au. pouJ^, Tvafyu), ajiof a- 
Re'sonance, ou. £>nftliiri)«f, inli- 
ne, avr-ixw"*. <i- [inT^Ou. 
Ee'sonant, iit. i»W«n«, «>t(tvtto(, 
Reso'rb, p, i. aicmtvu, ktufpatitA: 

—silt, ftr. ^^tIvmv. 
Reso'rt, »u. tvmtpH. ri»«*«*, i5- «!*■ 
Dot itslu, s\<)Sa( aue a !iir«» a-ullt- 
yDjU^vuv, Tii: %fi>p{a* ifi rukktyov* ■ 

TBI, X"ffo v KlXa^IVflivOf 38/JoI(, 

TB: utrcfovi), J). KBTapuyiov, to. 

Eeso'rt, p. aid 1 . Ipx 8 ^" 1 , JE 10 ? 63 , »f" 

^3: (to) JUTajiiiju, TtpSTpcno.uai : : (to) ijtaWpxo/im (*f 4( * «!( 
ti»b). — 6t, ou. j fMTfiv, feiTYj- 

Reso'nnd,^.'. avTangJIJu/ii, avrava- 
xi&, i»r«i : — , (.on*, f StftgfMI, 
o»Tif fliy-/o/iBi, iivjxfi, l«Hzfll — , . 
bS. avnixi««, a»*X1"«> 4- 

Besoa'rc^al.ofop^, inoiT^Ofi), *a- 
Tafuy^,^. rnJco;, a ; ^a^9<i/ia, tJ. to 
proTide — i,mal(i» mJpauf.tohave 
coDfliderable —a, imttpth. I have 
but one — left, /da juei Mymipa l~ 
Ti a!pox»a; — less, In. anopat, n- 
€oT}fli7TOS. [jUB(,u7rala^6avu 

Keape'ak, /S. i.nd)« li/u : ino»pi>o* 

E«8pe'ot,oJ. inTpsmi.Ti/fi), aiJoif, fli- 
anirifz, ediiait, 4- (ksk.) uir^li)- 
$t,,i: &$(«, i. &{i»ra,T6. to fesl 
— for, aWrfaflai Tina, htphmBxt, 

to have — shown one, itpantit- 
aflai, to beheld in — by anyone, i0- 
f Mifutv itapd Tim, TinaaSai iini n. 
vac; J0705, i™^Ja70(, 0. tniarpafij, 
j : dimas^iac, i fiiparda, 4. In — 
of, irpij ft >'( 1i()i«ii, i"p' "vat. 
with — to anything, kbtb, tit, iipt; 
n. in this — , t» *bt4 toDtb, t»0. 

BJE 9 

mother — , M pi»^it1> ti. out of 
* — to any one, ti/iSvtoi «»«■, a 
person held in great — , amle 4Ji- 
o'lfiarof noJJo'u f) *oa; mllSv Sepa- 
itiitiflai.pray remember my — a to 
him, itapairaAfi, npi&tpt airiB 
ToJ( 4onio/ioijf nou. to pay his —a 
to any one, 0«pairi»«i« nvi, xtp-iii 
4no»l/<ii> Tirt. to co to pay his — s, 
aiitaa^tuou Ttpoiiaxtvhcd Ttvt. 
Respe'ct, p. i. imtlba* (irp6; toa), 
i.iye-i >j CntBloy»» fl <iii«T(Wf^» nec- 
etyiai (riuoi) : KtoxdrasUB, aiJoB- 
/tai, ^vToiiroaai: fltpairiuu, rtftol, 

6EU/ldfu I TtfvU (nf <(( Ti), OVVTlfvo: 

(a, T <), ««»a M< T <), H 4- 

f opfi. thU — 8 you.rouTo ixoiul npo t 
oi h iftfS at. 
Respectability, ei. httfinif xt/ui- 



Respe'ctable, h. i{io ( Aoyou, fijr 

aiftslfioj: sviifio;, rt/iioj, fid'oKi- 

oi. j/i. Respectability, — ly, MJ). 

ivixtpi'Vi, rqufaf. 

Respe'ctful, in. aioWt, mAi/uni, ai- 
t*>pa*t: xepjibt. tit/Utt '• — -ly, 
info. cU*f«f , aiiii^eniie, «i>t<»{ : 
— uas, si. alt&t, Stpaniia, $ : 
K0/i^7tn(, leaajwitiij, ij. 

Bespe'ctiog, Tif 06. nark, mpl, lie : — 
the treaty, k«t4 n)v juxflilKiiv. 

Respective, in. InaoTOf, thsc, oottio;, 
oinpt,, the — ambassadors, oi 
irpto<iif j«arijsu», oi anS iiaripuv 
ntpfBivrit. tbe traitors in your — 
states, of Tap' i/.a-ripwi TtpaSarai. 
they perform their — inactions, 
nsiouiri tk tuioToj itpoffaonTft tj 
(tau.) apAmtMi ri [Jin Ip*ya : 4m- 
^ofiKBt, <rj;»ni(rf;; — ly, inlp. i/.i- 
otot 1 , l*arif »o~( : i if fa, icafl' 1> 4- 
"anoi, .011. iviitua, %■ 

Respe'ctless, ftr. annteM/uni: — nees, 

Respe'reion, ou. to iKTappafoui. 
' Respi'rable, in. aii( n iianrittr 1) 

17 KE 

Respira'tion, ou. limMt, iimvofl, 

(Lcnvoi), 4 ' ono-if, nvajraijio:, dvs- 

■veij, 4. 
Re'spiraWr, oi. Spyaici ImtmtuFct- 

tbt, ri\ — y, in. xiunuic, am- 


Respi're, p.ouo". miu, 4™rv«M, iw. 

•nv4tii i t[47iv4«: — ,p.i.i*iT*/"r&)7r*oi5v. 
Re'spite, ou. inaeoJli), ■nriplWc, irps- 

Surptfa, ij : 4»a$opa, ivairavo-if, 

iraSila, ivaltauia, ij: ivaSoiij (*i- 

■ alufi faults), I). 
Ke'spite, ?. I, a>aSaU<u, 4»«6ii)o- 

fiai, iviSoWv nstsupxi : iiuairsuw : 

avsSaiA4) (ni» ^i)"f=» fr ni« x«^a- 

Tt^to. fci.). 

Resple'ndence, Resplendency, of). oJ. 
yaa/ia, ti. li/mparnt, Hff't, fl. 

Kespie'nden t, in. Jifiirwv, tf SSru v, fa. 
iinoj, ayJaoj: — ly, inlp. l«/inp«s. 

Respo'iid, p. elJ. (to) 4>ileofia(, 4- 
nxaboyal, ivranoitpViiaaa. : (to) 
kwit<a, i^xpiiO^a, TtpBiina: — , 
p.i. iiirtmnTiXXu : ( , «^,j <wuiS, ey- 
yvS/*ai. [ainfi •po.i V z1f). *■ 

Respo'nd, oi. (lul.) D^ixi (ifo/iivoi 

Respo'ndence, Reapo'ndency, o5. 4. 
■ninfumf, ii av/ifaria, *j. 

Respo'ndent, ^r. avranoiipiiij/iivoc ; 
ip/lijuu, 7tporiKOJ»; — , 0*. («»/•.) 
frar>]7opou/iivoc, ^vr7o^ivoc, A; 

(»»«.) i/JWlTl)*, 0. 

Respo'nse, oi. an6iptttt, inoiiii, 4 = 
Xp-imitbt,i. /limu/ix, ti; (teicA.) 
4»Tijnini5i(, o^idiSjI, i : (/louf.) i- 
ItWSOf , A. 

Responsibi'lity, oi. to uir«u6uiro» : 
(ip.1t p.) TO fspiy/uo., to kXtixptat. 

Reepo'nsible. in. umuSuioc, un^/yuss, 
uirafnet, uiroJovoc. to be — for 
anything, untuouvov (ivai fl utc^*iv 


■rvai I 

be - 

. to make any 

M(: ^ness, oi. tp. Uesponsibi- 
lity. — ly, hip. i»i«8«oi(i 4»ti- 

*Bpo'nsi«, '"■ ip,u6itir, npCfJitvr, 

Respo'usory, oh. (jMu*.)&>nfwl«, q. 

Rest, «i. qiuxfei ipiptx, *• to have 
no-^-,itln*(IiSai: tj^xia, nauja, 
**a>r*v«c4: „,.),, ix^a,*- 
*»>fa,& tohaveqgivp tonne's self 
— , •rxoi-f,, i;«v | I^M". lo be at 
— , ipt/ul-r, qovxfav ei'/tw. to Uy 

<it; imjli, Yi?tyl", 4: — of the 
wafer, yaltfvn, 4 : — of the wirrd, 
■nvi/tia, 4: uhjo(, i. to lay to — , 
Mtrmviftiv, mipfe. to take one's 
— , to retire, to — ,fl, go to — , i»a- 
Xav<ff4«, xartuTaf(o6ai, xoi/iaoflaj : 
feS'nwf, 4: iv4«i, ft: ivmtmwnl- 
piov, Tii. avairaviH, ij: tT^pty/ix, 1- 
ptie-/ix, incipts*p.B, to; (ptwi ) Jia- 
■ <tt.1>1, 4: (»idt.) */•*<(, ji — 
harrow, eft. (^n.) fnwrcf, 4. Ivo- 

v/ia, To. flovi-rif , q. 
Rest, £. o»o\ -hpi^C, Unixl** &Y" 4 
(X«, Kcivigr lit lint : {from) nauo/iai, 
sianaOoyai, aaraiiavefiai, o-^s/a- 
t- (lirf t.v.[), 4™ Z af« : (in, on) 
a/air*. cTTcpyo), kptf'-oftat: 7«*vj- 
»«S, yaiiSvi) fin : ml/tat, isStvJu, 
xa(pa^tat,iaTa»(fi&^ai : (on, upon) 
faspiiSap.xt, fam^map-si, (yrli'vo- 
/iai, flnooa. It — s with me, tV*- 
noi fan n. everything — e with 

God, i> Ti «t* 1I3VTN. T» tU*( 
i«r<: — , 'p. I. itsoi*. «.«*«ii., ft- 
ouxi^w : (on) fatptttu, «y<ii»4i, a- 
v«JM*h: — ing-place, eu. av&rau- 
ia, f(- avanauffnlfnov, to: «aia)u- 

Eeat, •£. Jecni>, Jw**><"«*> fefioc 
iron, t**i the — of the day, to Jai- 
ns* tilt ^ipaf. the — of the mo- 
ney, Ti facta*** rfiv xplfiarMii 
the — of mankind, eJ loixti 1)ai&i- 
Xei a'OpuTui: (tp-itp.) aite'Si/ia fl 
*i»0i/i*t(ksii «i*jAaio». re", for 
the — , Jouti v, to JbihIj , rfJUa, t& 

Seat, p. .6J. JiiKB^tu, Jmitrf tipi, «a- 

paHi»»: — assured, el Mi. 
Re'stsnrant, ai. (koiu.) o^tiAW, to. 

Reate'm, p 1. a*6>es i ««/««. 

Re'stfuJ, fa. iirux^liVp'/tolaf- — ly, 
trip, a*uv«c: —neat, *i. qffV^la, 


o-xupayiui/Mcruini, 4. 
Restitution, ai. Aicsd'wif, lionaTK. 

;, q. [liitavop SotT.ii, s. 
(i. a so Jo nip , kropSurit, 

Re'ntive, fa. *. Re/itiveueM, «■«. tp. 

Reatbf a. Bestifneaa. 
R'estleas, r*. olirauirot, *jtar«™u- 

•Tot, (mo.) kri,nx»f. ojia^tqTfc, 

a'ypum»o$, auTTvpf. to pass a — < 
night, 4-/pu?i>«lii q Jia)ipMir»tn> t^» 
vj«ra: p,tTif4pos l Knap&*i aSiAaiOf: 
raoa^iJ-v;, 5sp/Suniic- to be — -, 
axaTaiTartI>, 8spufiir>, («*xJiHe«c 
— ly, iirfp. imtvo-rJ, a^o*Wi! i«a. 
roitiia;, o^iflSo'Jl-c — ness, ui, 
mjcoAuc, q; iijiiia, i): iisiairja. 

Reato'rable, It. intaitai/tte, e'H n 

Bitaxaein-Tarfai. ' 

Restoration, oS. iiwHri*™i(, A : 

(ftom) «»aJnf I( (i^tid«),^: 4«. 

Saint, $■■ (to) h«t«70O^, i»"7«yfl. 

j). (»ora.) ^T-araorasii, 4< timif 

9»« f , uva«ai, ( j«, S. 
Resto'rative,in .ijroKaTHrraTutilciva- 

i^iETucOc, iripitfTf ir^c : "-, efi- ovk- 

ly, Jtrlp. aia^nrxfic. 
Reato're./I .i iiro JiJa u i, b> tbho I IS »^i c , 
ivajiio'jj, uyia^oi, Sipxxiiv, it4a- 
fiai: *aTi7W, ivcryw, mbi^h. 
to be — d to one's strength, ivaj i- 
puSsi. to — anyone to liberty, 

iltuitptin, iKsi/Sipm noulv ; — 
ment, ot. If. Restoration: — r, sw. 

inotfonto, t: inaplnr^t, kvunat- 

Bestra'm, {/. 1. >oi/x«, Wx", •TpV", 

inin^u, ipar£. to — any one 
from doing anything, intSftU Ti- 
nt THil 710l(iv Tl, *«lWu» Tli* fll) 

iroiilv Ti, in-erjJiriiK ti»4 ipynu ti- 
vos; ivBiWlJlB, icaWxo), .o)a£oi 
(t*» Vrt»), *p*T« (rt( fyyflf): i- 

*ifq/ii, ipnaunat, Avavtuu: «u- 

ht«™ (ri|( iit«6if li f ) ; ielljn, nt^i- 
tpiC"- to — one's self, i>airlU(- 

«fl«l, JT0oWi./u3l(, 071^(11831 : — 

•bit, fa. *6iiuTi(, iip<Tio( i — edly, 

hip. ntptmpis/i4itit,taitipyp4iiii: 
— Or, «*. 4 c«Mmv, a n»a;(H.T(fiiii t 

— mart, •*. 33 in. 

Re&tra'int, at. aaUuvit, miSuofif, sa- 
flifd, ni9Tgli),K^>9i(,4: A»«rtu, 
pi*, n. to keep under — , tatixu; 
ittiutiv, «»nrWUm. without — i 
intinija; : fai^. aifi^Wf- 

Kestri'ct, f. J. suiTi'Jliig, nari^H, ifp- 
/», "aSiipyw : n«piypaj*>, ntpiapt- 
foi, a^ou; W0/)/ii: voAa£gi v xnTtx- 
itAiitj. to — - to a confined place, 
rrv'i'/w iif glfy*». to — a propo- 
sition, upaijjiln ti ri]; Tjietio-fuf. 
to — one's expenditure, <UJT<fi>4» 
I) nxrWUut t4,- Janavaf. 

Restriction, ou. nifioeig^gf, i, gv- 
•roifl, likili, naraiTgit), n : Spi- 
ejia, to. o/Jot, 4, with — , iu y nTni- 
pi'tii. without — i •'uitggrtfltii, 

Bcatri'ative, Jr. i^jirruto't : «vaTa>i- 
*it: — ly f fa(p. ipHiwglf! «u»™i- 

Reatri'nge, /S. *". V5". *f»pl%v- (<- 
utp.) gvorclloi, gmipu, inognif H < 
— ncy, oi. nipaputpbf, I : (i«rp.) 
*rv^<f,4: — nt, fa. sraiTotOf, *rv- 

■T(IO«: nt, ofi. f&p/WMl «TURTt- 

. «i», to. 
ReMli've, p. At. auO.j nugfljiai, fai- 

Re'sty, fa. if. Reetiff. [Su>iS. 

Keaubje'otioo, «v. < t4 ttbrtpm iixi- 

Tajii, — judufiun, ou. iviopa- 

Result, ei. Ix6ag-«, 4. *4 ane-BSv.Ta 
ixtiv, mpaiaiui, to. iiifoJof, i. 
inoT*it«/i«, Ti ; — of anything, 

Ti oVjitaivoJTa ari tivoj. to give 

the general — , nj» Jii™i> anoiw- 

tojv Jv <ijaJ,aiof( ifi(rif Jiiivai ; 
(wiv.) o" ituv to *nDTtli«f(a ffdv- 
TWv : (/-a9. ) (Tv^n^ao-pa, Ti. 

Reau'lt, ? At. iokaile^ai, ivaTtclJJo- 
/lac (from) inoSafjoJ, gv/iEaivc*, 
yfyve/IKi (b T(vg(), )rsoryljt8«ii, 
(««>.) n^omiirT»: — ance, ou. ino- 
TC/tfT^fl, SUjUTTtf ag^ut, Ti. 

Eeeil'ltaot, si. 0")X-) ™ aReTilio-fia 

Eesu'lting, fa. yiyvifin-gi (Ix Tivg ( ). 
Eeiu'inalile, in. i™Ai7itT^e(, inwrii- 

Resu'mB, (S. '. avnla^Saaw, inavB- 
iafiSajn, iTtuo'^nnai Tii/iv: kl- 
*<«V«, *«»«f */»•/*« (*«' Ti), i- 
»oAanSiv«. I — my discourse, «"- 
mnipx^-t ««■ ««i», * «"( t^» 

Resu'm£, o(. itg>aAaiBv, to. iiinfi- 

Re*iiTnmon, p.J. au<ii( xpoxxi.* 4 •'"- 

Trio.:— 8, ei. (»e^.)* *" *«'»«« 

(Mtnm* _ [*<(, «. 

fiesu'mp^on, ot. S»*iTTiiit, n»aln- 

Kosu'mptive, fa. 4>aJ>inToirf(: — , 

•i._iva)fli«Tix(», fomup6)/ia, ro. 

Besu'pinate, fa. (^ot».) &w*p«np.4- 

Sesupina'tion, 06. uirnai/i»(, ». 
Reeupi'rie.fa. 6nr<«(. [Jt*xt*nE«( 1 4. 

Resurrection, ou. fyif gtf, i«i»Ta»n, 
Eesurve'y, p. *. noUw xaBepH ^ na- 

-a<r«n«: — , ou. q to liirtpov 

Eesu'scitate , p .i. l-/iCpf, aviyu'eoi ,i»«- 
icritw: — , jS . avf . svaEi^Kg/iai, 

_..aSig£yiai, Mangpii fa >M^A*.[4. 
Beauscita'tion, ei. tytpaa, i>(yifW, 
Resu'scitative, in. rytprmos, i»afe6*. 
Bet, ^ i. mi™. 
Retail, eB. *«n»)t(«,i. to oarryon a 

RE t 

— business, mnnjliiim*: — trade, 

ItXVTeitllillK, ft. 
Reta'il, p. i. unmiliiSu. bbXi'/kbitij- 

lauo* I — -er, oh. K&rtr.kot, nxhtyxz- 

nql'Of, wpoit&kqs, titKpfjinopof, o; 

—meat, ob. Kan-iitfa, ft. , 
Reta'in, p. I. 1x<*, Kxrix", inl%t* : 

Jiatijpw, huriiptA, JiaiKufu^m, it- 

■• uIiSttm. to — in one's memory, 

fipti* (j Hx«» *ia /t«>i/i>js ( /i»i7fio- 
viinv, ffsJIJuv, ojavclL'En ;(k)m )xa- 
ri;(o»: fu«fl«vjiMHj niiflu jiin8fi; — 
able, in. J«njpuW»(, net*.. — er, 
eJ. £ (tarJz«", ibtojjiu:, i : i»olau- 
9o(, 4. the king and his— ere. i 
psiiut-js «il o( ov> wits) *) si bit 
ot»S: to ttw^Tirtctu fiirtti, 4: 
— ing, in. £<BT>)p&u; — ing-fee, 
ot. JmiyoptKov, ri. 

Buia'ke (op. take) j. L a.aiau*a»«, 
ivistfluii, «nola(ioi»M, nolle" «t- 
at> (nhn, «Ti.). 

Retaliate, p. '• >«t itpir I<ra mtrS, to 
ij/ioiov iir« JfJuiti ft avTxmi'lSup.t, 
avTUfii(Gopxt, (uTtSpSi, xirtnatS,, 

! (upon) *tiuw/ictl tivx j/icrfctj, 

■ Retaliation, 06. onrtferif, ivrand- 

Reta'liative, Retaliatory, in. hvtb- 

noioTiKij, £/o"((tijruti(. 
Reta'rd, ,U. fraM™, IftmSlin, ini- 

X&- ■ — ft'tion, 06. ^vaSali), jttiUig- 

ffis, ^: £p«J0ri7{, A: — atlve, in. 

BvaSlijiwOf, (Bpaii'-jvTwo,-: — er, sJ. 

i fipxlumiv, i -aimij: to *Qj)u/t«, 

*wiuev; j/iicMrav, ro : — meat, o&. 

BvaSoi,), JiiJlums, 4. 
Retell, p. M. IfiiTiu, raunfi. 
Rete'cious, in. oktuo.hT™. [yfUu 
Retell, p.i. ajflif Ittftpxpiuu 1j is"a>- 
Rete'ntion, ot. affile, *a6si;is, *aTo- 

X"t. ft: tfianip-itrtf, oWiafrj, 1): ('- 

«Tp.) Jwioupi'a, iijjsupfa, »tpa 

p'a, ft. 
Rete'ntive, i>r.KaT8;(''f,J'BT'ip"iT<xo<: 

— of memory, pngjuKwfc. lo have 

»0 RE 

/tig, ft. /mit/uvMio," t j : — uess, et>. 
ri o'lar^piji-wov. 

Re'tiary, oS kpbyrii, ft. 

Re'ticence, Reticenoy, ou. 0«o«ttSit>[- 

«t(, &HOff((inijni(, napaoiMir^olf, ft. 
Re'ticent, in. Sneo-iunSv, irzpxAtl- 

Re'ticle, 01). p-tupht tUnti, *6; a&*- 
Reti'cular, Reti'culate, fl: — d, Re'- 

tifonn, i*. SurwtiSii, Jutuuto;. 
Rot i'o uktion, oi/.ts ?«f,ni««;«V*JC'ifME. 
Re'ticnle, si, Ktlpuieoi, i. 
Re'tina, ou. (avr/t.) 4/iS)wTpotiJ>i( 

*«*», ft. 

Re'tinaaphalt >?: — am, Retinite, aS. 

(o'(>.l ^Tivio-falTO,-, ft. 
Re'tinne, ov. aitolsufll.,*. Sipai«ii,fl. 

ildioilOOI, farffUWI, ol. of 5UV Ttvi, 

of /tiTi ti>o(. to belong to any 
one's — , tt'ai tO» k/ifl ti»«, mjvi- 
Rinfiai 9 av^JouSiiv Tin. 

Retira'de, ah. («if .) z»pfo v t'/pfi*, 
■fuyH, h. (*«(»-) OirsxiupiiTi- 

leti're, p. i. hnimu, anSeiicii, am- 

mjp», to — one's self, i.vt*x*p'X' '■ 
— , p. obt. ivax*"fS, it«pKX {, 'i s «, '■ 
iro^sipfi, iiira-/n: (from) tfinifu, d- 
noj[tup« , i ntpx*/ 1 ■', hndMTt o/t at : 
(from) ivaiue/tai, airoiifrru ra tp- 
you. to — from business, 4)>tirra- 

ylynatxi, tjalAflf'. iirsirTpaiiiio- 
fuil, i$(«TB|iBi Tift oTpanSt : i»«- 
R^Jlu,iirBVBipsiJs/iB(,(i]>' Hans) 

UTTOVOffTU : d, &I. KKCVptt, ipfl- 

>to(. a — d life, ei*oup<a, fl. ;, nafl" 

(. to lead a — -d life, oiieoupstv, /» 

Tjouxia Ji*7!(»i flirpB7pwv: Kpu^ 
itris, iirippaTO!,: — dly, Mf. i- 

pi/iBf, ifliiz^f , '• ■iwxft ! — dness, 

ou. r,trir/i«t otitoupfa, ftt — inent, 
oS. a«flj|!ipi?sis, ina(«xoVf1ff"(, ft : 
tpYI/ifa, ft. kmyip',ji.x, ri: si'kou- 

ay/rtov, rd. 
EetO'rt, f .*■ Avulfi, atxtip-ma, Jv- 

lis irp^f m: LureIifi6«vu J 4vTiKpoii» 
(against) iaoftpa : — , (I. ouf 
(upon) ap.ilSop.rn, atrrpiitopat. 
to -7- upon one another, inrairo oV 

totai oAA^Ioif. to — an accusa- 
tion, ahlat /ittxzTpif tiv. to — an 
argument upon any one, iitiitsi- 
f«(v miUr/ujui wii ■ — er, »i. A 
iiVTifTpifw, A arotpnApt'Of. — 
ing, eli. fatAtafif, $. 

Retortion, ei. atruipotfi, rj. 

Keto'sS, p. i. avafjaJUsi, a»ap/jiir™. 

Retou'ch. p. /. auBtf S-wnpat: iittp- 
y&(opeti, /urawafifi, /itTax«p{g« ; 
— , oi. t, it rUa Inxfi \ intftpya- 
<rt'«, 4. 

Retra'ce, £. i. b!8ij ijfvoypaffi : ana. 

tp4c«, — one's steps, 

siuBTiiv jiajjy, £na>ipx ta ^ B1 <'< 
to aire", to — in ones memory, 


Retra'ot, p. I. k-novipot, ataovpot: a- 
van'V*'. u-iTarifliHai (™ ltjjBtV 
T«),iraiiiicuSa. to — one's opinion, 
avartoiaflai oti fowrt. to — ■ one's 
word — , Auw miu Oniax* ff,u : *> va - 
Aaa; 6avo», aTroXv^Savu ; — , p.ovd. 
Avaautyiai, naJivaio'Q : — , ou. Ti 
Tysanfin (Svu^a iTTrou): — able: — 
ible ff : — ile, in. oK( it avatlof- 
■Bai (ra tipnpita). 

Retracta'tion, Retra'ction, ou. nali- 

vtu o la, s »a J 1 jit i ,$ ; (i '-t-f . ) au aToli) ,T) ■ 
Retra'ctive, in. naliv N Jfiv : — , 4 ira- 

Retra'ctor, ou. £ e.a T i6i^..8( (ia lt- 
xBitTa): (xt<p.) I< " 1, ' a >*> - Jiaaoj, A. 

Retra'xit, el. (top.) nxpzlxnati (St- 
mt), i. 

Rctre'ftt, ou. Cmaywyi), kixx&pwt, 
iuBx^pi"'!, ijtaj;tipit«(, jj. to com- 
mence the — , tfhuatai $ ippd- 
aflai Jul Tija kvity&pwt. to effect 
one's — , ti)» hinftiiptiaa irout. 

il HE 

aflai, tov oT^otiip iita«iycc». to 
give the signal for — > to sound a 
— , to ataxivtriKbt oyjpaltut, aij- . 
fiafmv a>aiJ.»nv: a>ax«fi]«i, ei- 
toupia, ipiipta, f,; tarafayi, Itpef- 

fu7i}, ^. Mula*, rf. to give any 

one a — , «'s t-^v otKiau unooixi- 

Retre'at, ,5. oSf. (into) «»«x*Y>fi, o- 
iroj;»jioi, aiarpixru, i*«X u P*'i ^ ,I " 
lajtwjsO, inrajw, a.axafo/.ai, i>a- 
irfim.: (vaur.) a-a^^Jopa,, ova. 
itpoiisfat: ap(ara/iai,aiio)»inii{Ti), 
it imixla f ia/6i : ijzopptra, narafi- 
popm. to fight-^-ing, fuyo/*(tx"I» ! 
— .ment, ou. ip. Retreat, 

Retre'nch, $.i. liTrru, hmtAmu : ou- 

STE^U, rj.Tf.Wl., Ji«TT<<>, /lUd, 

W* Tl Ta.Janavuv: (np.) a- 
Koxxp™*, ™p<xapax&: — , F . •us'. 

rjHTip^fa/iai: — ment, nv. uyxtpt- 
«(j, ultoTo/i^, ^liMirif, ilovrrtiati, 
»; nnoKH (faira-a-) i: [«*.) 
Xapixasts, airoTappmiK, i). 
Retri'bute, p. <. Avtiitftifti, avTaTro- 
flJu>ii, anTinoiS, LtTtipSi, kp.ii- 
S«; — r, b6. 4 anuSojUivof,- a av- 
T«itoJ(Ju>. [ii(, a/ioiS^, Waif, ij. 
Retribu'tion, ot.avTlioo-is.a.raitiiJo- 
Retri'bun've, Retri'butary, iir. 4«Ta- 
iroJoTwdj. [*mTia;. 

Reti'i'evable, ^t. inaiopSuriat, ita- 
Retri'eve, jl.i. i»a*T(o/iai, bro.ia.pti- 
>»: iinwaSiJT^.ui, inavo^Sfi, lm- 
mudC*, aitojuai: (from) i*axe- 
ja'£u, ivayeo, ina»ao>*(3M. 
Retroa'ction, ou. 4 its ri itapdSov i- 

• ipyr.t'j, avajpsfli), ij, 
BetrM'ctlve, ^jt. xtaSpop-tnii, it rfi 
ira0ticuuTi *«V»**: — 'y. ^ n 'f- «- 

iniffu JawJilu* (n): A.iax'ipr, 


u*sxdf»iri(, imrrftfH, i: (iarp.) 

/UTikvtKttt, *. (rt, ham/at), i. 

Retrodu'ction, oi. fcrytny^, unatyti- 

Ke'trofle* 9 : — od, Ketrofra'cted, in, 
AunEjMtfe hbnprat, 

Ketrograda'tion, ou. mdo tpapja, na. 
iiviipo/nj, itnl»jpil^i)<i[, j, 

tietro'griideA. 0!tn9e««/iu», ottwBs- 
**n«, nilhtpo;to;, vtlntpa/iaii, 
mtiitapoat. a — morch, AraWe<, 
iiraufwyij, ava^iipri j((, 4- aviTro - 
itvpfc, a. 

Bfttro'grade, p.ouS. inavip^a/iocij u- 
narrp4fa/ixi, hcnurtptf»/it:t, na- 
MptfiA, — , p. 1. ftxurefffn. 

Rttrogre'seion, ei.ip. Retrogndation. 

Eetrogre'ssive, in. wxlivlpoiuKis. to 
be — , Tiakitopefiiin: — ly, Mp. 

Eetro-ini'ngeney, »i. imffiaupla, 4. 
— mi'ngent, J*. simO supine *-. — , 
oC.t'wsv ri om«8oupT|TUfiSv. 

Eetropu'Iaive, *n. 4™oVmn ; . 

Retro'rsely, Hip. iiuaitfy), uc to 

fvioDiv, OTTIIS,. 

Re'trotpect, =t, (of) to BnteCMmin •<( 
ra itopUWrni, imarpatii, i. br'i- 

'Bc'tnupect, £. •itf. inrfUiw «s ti, 
i*a.luTpoO?.nt ti; — ion, ail. ra a- 

liir,a/.ip.tyo;. to cast a — ive look 
at the part, &*oUinii< iff th >«. 
palS<vTs: —ive view, it t&> n- 
p«l<Wvr*w Bi<Bftvi]«i( ; — ively, l- 
ntp. ri) iia^iilju. 

Betruve'raion, oi. (iarp.) ivajroo^ 
{rtf Jiiywd, ij. [ft.TioTjrffw. 

Retrove'rt, ft. i. [iarp ) anaoTpf j»i, 

Eetm'de, p. '. in»ea, ami/psuu, 

Retni'M, in. npunrit, iitojiupupipt^- 
tae: ifppn^fMf. 

Ke'tting, at. tfiiSpifi;, tutpaxi, i' 
— pi t S] pond, oi. a rtf $ iaSpj{i- 
*t i««.o f : — tank, o&. 4 t*so"ih- 
Cfttim (><<>.<c« u< ) =.^i^. 

Ratu'nd, p. i. i^eju.w, ana/tUuvN. 

Rctu'ra, oi. imitates, intaetpafi. 

viniru, kAAoo'ov, icai«7»yi), ^: 
voittos, 4. BidftAou;, #: ^Tavanps- 

*4, Awbuftftf, jk«>wui^i(, 3 : 

{iarpj imorpam), imoorpofi, 4 : 
xipie£s«, ntpi^pourt, /itraSeli) (rfiv 
iipfiv), f : . on the — of the spring, 
jvpit Ti jap, lapx jsiAe/iiteiTo; : 
*n«i oxijiarfo, $ ; iirsfwic, avra. 
itejsirf, 4«*aTaiTaot(, A: amm- 
«(,$: apjiCi), * : iirofopA, $. icip- 
*S(, Til. (iffliJua, 4 : &it6rptvtf, v ; 
477<''«,^. «57«i««.Tl(: ina /y./ia, 
^. unrfftmpH, ri. (■«».) USc«(, ^: 
alptolt, tyqifOfOpix, 4; jcaTflio-/5f F 

i. ("»■) "<»■<«<**. 4 ■(»•(*■) **- 

jpijsoa iitiiTTpo^, ^. at the — of 
the jear, JiriirTp*fo»TO( tov irsut. 
to make * — to any one'a love, 
kmipiUh. a — of Affection. 4 love, 
■»T<f l i*jio'if, i. in — , i»r(. by — 

Of pOSt, J'« T06 jrpiTnu Taxufpo- 
/ifsu: — day, oi. (»/*.) ii»*pa t- 
miTpejiflj iyyp&fw, i. 
Retn'rn, 4. i. aira<tf4uui, a*nltStop.i, 
arremaiiia/it, jtmnccBlartt/tt; ano- 
T<w, aitapiS^a : iirtxoA, &n»8£ ; 
£>Bfip«: ifiafSofUEl, avTanaJiow- 


<> *"Xap 

Ti7i(0Ti»ieiv. to 

ahe'g salutation, 4(TBntc(ic0ai 4 
itvrtKpawyaptvtt* T&fc. to — a 
favour, iTTBrtpytTiIn, inTninBiitv. 
to — a kindness, auTij'ae/Eei'Oai : ■ j 

(vop.) AnayyiUb, Jiv/yiAApt, ■((- 
nyytAAw, iirofi^ti: iVnti^inu, am- 

1ti/«™, (itoru.) rfjTUTp^fM ; KB- 

paSiSvpi, StattSu/it : — , A ab). i- . 

fia>ipX eut ", in^>u/ii, Urtt/u, 4n- 
«ooTfi, xaWpxo/iBi, inooTp*f o/.a(, 
fureiTTpiifiOjuai, h.-xKoji{(o/iii ; 
(upon) avBirtitToi : atTi/i</tfauiu, 
avTsirifi^iai : rpinajnm, (iKTp.) its- | 

i(»f ponS, unaT^m(ii(«. mi illness 
— B, Jiiripai ta«<«iu 4 ™»fe 
■aJuvf^pjUit ; etnoxpivaft-xi. to — to 
labour, *ii<> lfimim iff ipfa- -" 


nttv. to — to the subject of, i- 

jravayiw Jauroy tic(Tt : —able, in. 
inotfoWot: liftc/ytliit ; — less, in. 
Beu'uion, ou. iraya^iv, iu»apo-if, oii- 

luvanniSai f) ouUiyiiBai, awa- 
Bpevris, ipiiyu/Ht, 4 : niKKUiy^, ei- 
xXixyi,, i. 
Eeniii'te, p. i. ifioO ita'Jiv mm, ni)<» 

y«vS: JibAAbt™, .7iiyoWAaTT«; 

— , p\ 06J. niLiiy «v»tvo&/iHi. [oif. 

Revaluation, si. k it «aivij{ ttaTi/iri- 

I Beve'al, eS. {apx<r-) htfflwu&t Ai- 

Reve'al, t.i.,, ysvipfey imiS, i< 

■m, (fliei.) o^mbJ*.-, airaxaiunTM. 
to — one's self, j aytpai yfyvurfai, 
fxhaOta: — er, eb. h iijifiv, pqw. 
t^s, 4: A ananaJiinraiy ; — nient, 

Reve-iiie, oG. («».) r* (■»».) tit>tjf*.. 
He'vel, at. xfifiof, Masse, i. jSixjiiuoij, 

h- p**X' u ! la ' Ti; (4px< T -) $f- Re- 
veal : — master, ai. jvjiine«ap)E>j(, 
&■ — rout.oS. jlxxxw/ii, ri, [>iuu, 
Ke'vel, p.euo'. iu/ia£u, ^zi^euu, Sis- 
Revel, p.*. Uatp&, '»■"*, aoaipfl. 
Revela'tion, ei. Munt, fayjpwmt, 
ii. a — from the goda,a divine — , 
Ti nafli ifiv Bi(3y ffii/iaivdjiutt • 
(8ioA.) &rt»taA^<;, ij. 
RcVeller, oi. Biao-iST-n;, xupaimli, 4. 
a baud of — B, Bi&ns;, iw/iac, 6. a 
fellow — , euvfliair&TJn, i. 
ReVelry, si. iiolues, 4. jSa>x(uii{, 4- 

^aixiujua, to. 6(2m('i, i). 
Reve'ndicate, p. t. Snii™. 
Revendica'tion, oi. analnjoii, 4. 

Reve'nge, ot. i-i^mpta, tin*, ^. Ti/ioi- 
/njjia, t4. AtAnrric, *J. to take — , 

Ti/iMpifirBau, rfiraoTf M. 
Eeve'nge, £. f. TifutpaSjttn, rtna/m, 
££xr)« J} TtfAapia* la/t^avu, ajwuva- 
/iai, •kJiiu, (wn.) itSiKavpiii: — 
ful, ix. ft-ntatxTJtet, rijatpetab;, 

MtmiTuit, l/**TOf. — fiUly, imp. 

ix 4ui « ri*S< , /iyi«i» ax»( : — fulness, 
ei. pyr,eaaiaa,itS(itnett,i: — leas, 
in. oivuf 5 urjroc : — r, ov. rtfAt>ipbi t 
rtfJ.aipT.Ttis, TtfAOipoupfJOit A. 

Beve ngingly, imp. rtpapnra&t. 
Be Venue, ei. lUeiot, irpdisooi, ai. 

Tipanovra., ra. fol^ti, ri. 1%/j.p.x, to. 

to retarn r, yield as — , irafipur. 
Reve'rberant, in. d»nitdll4j», krra- 

Revc'rberiite, p. i. avrxmiitu/ti, a»- 

i.ouS. aianaileyai, BTrOTtaJJo^ai, 

avTinpoiia^iai, avt^j;S. 
Ravcrbera'tion, eb. kntmileati, av- 

t™«1««(, i«<Tvitte, d*r«x>i«c4. 
Reve'rbera'tory, Ar. ivaxinsTuiot, a- 

«)ajT<K^, ^. 
Beve're, )*■'■ fitt/uu, nJoGfUu, 0(6/- 

Be'vereoce, ov. aiJoii, j. t&ac, r<{. 

fltpHTtiia, aiJitri(, ri; RpoCKUHqift;, 
4. ri m^iT«v, {<ai».) inoiiA«r<(, ij : 
(naa^-u^ia rl/ i nTU ^ bpfW) «Sa- 

BUnfllK, S- yOUT — , li V/MTipB II- 

|aranfri)f. to feel — for any ooe, 

allt-to % (r^ioSal T<va. 
ReVerenoe, ^.i. ^>. Eevere: — r,ou. 

Pisaniuriif, 0. 
Re'vereod, ^n. iitaitj;, trtt&eitiot, 

«,«»«(, o-i/ive^piunt, aidolos, ilfO- 
Rc'verent, in. aifo^puy, «j^u>, 

aiVatof. to show one's self — , ai- 

JiTs9a(, ais^uveoSai. 

Bevere'udal, in. aii^^u, Sipaniun- 

koj: — ly, in(e. = in. [mu™m. 

Re'verently, inip. ai3r,/iiru(, 6ipa- 

Eeyeri'e, si, »y«(ionoW«, $. to in- 
dulge in many such - — B,noAi& rot' 
hDth Jviipenelrtv Jf tiJ 71(6/111. 

Rera'rsal, ^n. ayarpomxet, iicupHTi* 




Reve'rse, h. i»ayTla ( ,ovioTpa^/.(i-e;r 
ivTiOrrej ; — , at. 4>l«yii, jMTaBt- 

RE -9: 

ii, ft: ft *»avWa ft Mp* nXiupi, 
ra ImBtu: mpmirua, ft: — of 
fortnne, iripfsraoct, ft. Jvfruxn^a, 
irixil", rfiXfta, ii ; Jvavrfeu, ri. 
Reve'rse, p. i. avacrpipai, turattpi- 
fu, ivaipiitw, ntpiTpint 


, ;™w 



1Uit&: iiaorpijiLj, 
H»Ta6a)lw, M to-, mil, piTaiXarni, 
Ht9ap.xi%at: _d, fa Jiaoipojot, 
krriarpQfQf; haipuBtlt, anupej: — 
dly, inip. K»ri<ripoj>siv, araatpi- 
♦*>« : — lees, in. i/«(iii))iTOf , ivo> 
™t(Nitt8(: BiMr/KTSf, flitturfnE- 
foi: — ly, trip. aixnTpSfaf. 

Reve'rsihle, ft. olit « avaorp-fjK- 
oSbi t awupouT^flt ttri. 

Reve'raioii. ei. CiTioTpoitii. imoirrpg^ft. 
butTpefi,ji: tii.l'ii{,tutto x -i,il. to 
have the — of any one's office, tut- 
jfeutaf riva : iMf t* Sixtifa*. 
fortune in — , ri-nporanitt npotiJo- 

jfwfiiui), ft. to iwtiJsiiav mpmurfai 

itoosiJflilv irpi< Jaurou (fin* ri» 

Oa'jar^v t*vb(), [pori^ mptouolav. 

Reve'raionary, iir.irpofJoiui. ijiipovo- 

Reve'raioner, oft. & TrpojJonfiv *li)fo- 

wt"*nv rctpcewrtay. 
Rcve'rt, p. I. iiatrrpiyti, juiraiTp*- 
fu : 4i)o<iJ: — , p. tit, inayipxo- 

p,(Xt, Tt%hvopOp&. 

Reve'rt, oft. (/io u o.) fmtxUn^K, ft. 
Rove'rtent, oi. (Jaif.) f iM«o> oxi- 

HT.rtSV, TO. 

Reve'rtible, 06. ivawporriet. 
Reve'rtive, ^tr. ayaTTpcirrrxog. aAAoi- 

eiruof. yijuSafffids, 4. 

Ke'very, oi. e»«po;ro)£a, ft : (<=fp.) 
Reve'nt, p. I. =;ei f i»oM« ft Kpptfew 

/ji : («p.) a38i( jrolispima. 

RcveH, f. i. i vtp .) *aiuri™ (Ttfxsi) : 

— ment, ei, (its.) jteAu^if (ti(- 

X'Vi), $■ 
Rcvi'brate, p. tit. oXiiit itxUsjitar. 
Revibrfl'tion, eft. tpxSxffpbt, i. *pa- 

*»<»(, ft. m) fa , r*. 
RcvieV, ■£. Ipws, Vft'rai«, ft : iw- 

ripa ijiraits, ft, to aJflif eVfjp* 

itfa, ft. to bold a — . tt«r« 
daflai, to be present at a — , iU- 

tiijiv fliupilv: Kpiixii, inurpwtf, A: 
Kpcnxev TtEptotiixbv ffvyypxfifxa, to". 
Revie'w, £. J. kwttxboi, fwamrtirti : 
aJSi{ ii tertpoi opiu n p'tinu, aZBit 
rfvrvTxa.* ( T »0 : aSfcj WftK.p-i 

(«),«.»«-: {„?.) «*««.««- 

(Jt,«ih>): — er, aft. itiTa^rtt, in<- 
fliupiji^t, ii Kpiriif (^iSiiou), 0. 
Revile, p.i. loitapS, irpamjluKlCn, 
Siaaiipa, it>iSearrJu.«c, tcor.&i ir/u, 
laxelorS, jia«alln>: — fl : — 

ment, ™. l»<^ B fa, X«t6pw t , t- 

&f't, «aHOjffT(a, >j: — r, oi. Koito- 

pot. xaxoX6yot, piio-fn^o;, i. 
Revi'ling, ^ic. ittlBptf- —, "6. Jo<- 

tepla, ioiSopriiis, h: — ly, trip, 

ictSoptnu&ti i^pto-tttEiq. 
Riivi'ndicflte, 4. i. alflij tialuaia ft 

Reri'sal, oi. ft nairv ^<t«*i< I) Sp^va. 
Revi'Be,oi. ft tmip* IftrMif, &•■«<. 

4««h ft: (tviryp.) to oiiirtpon 

yiJJo» tiopBtattaf, t*. 
Rcvi'ae, ^.1. ftr«»e>p8S, {>i(ncoir£, a!- 

6k ({(rafsi ; — r, eft. (JiraiTftt, i; 

ilBpSftlTlit, S. 

Revi'sion, ou. ft tvnip* iiktoaif; i- 
ii'inifii, inayipfloiO-K, ^mJiaOTttu- 

Revi'sit, i.^. au6i( ^nni^7rrep-an. au- 
6.( himti, ^iranaSiffi^ai : a!8i f 
foirfi: — a'tion, ei. timipw iTtf- 
. «i^<s, ft. 

Revi'val, si. fofiutvpncM, ft: ivavi. 
uifif, avwcal HBtf, ft ; iyafbiB^SHi- 
j«, amCtunf, ft : (fl«o).) a*a-/t»M]- 

Revi've, ^. siJ. ovbM, niaSiii, in- 
? 6 ™ U poi.^ai,i.C(omp8S^ai: (xnft.) 
xaSalpsuKi: — , p. t. avafunupa, 
tifampa, iytlpf, asnytlpoi, i»»- 

:na, &><, 

«rffe t 

the old enmity, 

Ut i z flpav : (6or».) awftdUu, a»a- 

lic/ttJia-Ka: fxn/i.) xatalpu. 

Revi'vifieate, M- 4«a6iw, iyafiiTtupfl. 
Revivification, ni. faa.tlt»trn, i, to 

Revi'vify, p\ <, o»«;«m,pa, itrfunu- 

jaw : ivajifi: avxfaAAti. 
Revi'ving, ei, IhIAwic ava!;«o7o'- 

virirt,^, [>aelwiic,£vafu7njp>i<iic,^. 
Revi'viscence, Revi'viscency, 06. i- 
Revi'vor. ou («/».) JmnnUiifif, iva- 

vi»ii( (larrr/opdet), fl. 
Re'vocable, te. inaxiiiTioi, &«upu- 

rio^i — -ness, 00. ra aKup&rlov. 
Revoca'tion, ov. ivaniiiiif, inaiiutATi- 

»If .)) ; ■ »&#■(, KltlnniftlC, * (.op.) 

htfiomm, aiirtiatt, kintpuit, $. 
Revo'ke, ».l. lataatiAi (wju.) a*upo> 

7TSIW, BKUpfi, KfllTiJ: I'jiu», J,W.7TB- 

«**;»: — , *. ogi". (i» iraiynoxap- 
tok) ipieupai 4 ou* o^oAo-y*. (to 
Zpfi/ia) 1 — , oi. to p->| inoioyrt* (to 
■/.pap*): — ment.ou.A'p. Revocation. 

Revolt, oi. kninrnttt, in«ysiiTa«{,^. 

Revolt, p. »M. &fivTtfj.tu t inavOrra. 
Itca, itnni^i, imwrttrfi, («o«.) t- 
novojra™: (agaiaat) foaviira^ffi; 
«y«(p« iirf;<fl«a«i— , p. i, Tp6r» 
•if fur^'i iyananTfl, feiftpu ani». 
it is— ingto anyone, spOfimtTa. 
tcvi Ml — er, ou. asoorariif, ith. 
iiaeTiit, 4: — ing, in. o-rao-iasri- 
nif. Ityaramrita6(. 

Re'voluble, lir. oH* t ( ku1b3o*Hi. 

Re'volnte, in. (po«.) inawprof. 

Bevolu'tion, oi. irip<o>cpi,n«piTpejrii, 
mpiJpojiiT, msioJos, A. iuk/sj, j : 
mpirjlufflf, ivamSiliilOIf, 4- ewamj- 

xfcufioj, A. the year having com- 
pleted its — , Ht*Mrt* toS bin*- 
Tou: ntptntruct. j*<Tafoit) p uit^- 
■itToiitit, 4. to undergo a complete 

To6>airth» : inarpoml, nurikimt. 
OTctmf, ft. iwTipiaiibf, 1. (win,) V- 

Revolu'tionary, fir. TapajjiJiit, ora- 

flT(ltdf, VltoTlpOTEaioV 

Revoln'tioner, Revolutionist, «&. «*- 
rtpiiT'l{, »raic»ni(, ina> n 1 rarn t , i . 

Revolutionize, A- i. Karaiuai )) 4»a- 
:piiroi Tii« noJ<r»(a>, vwnflfii, 4- 

pu, ffniitro/iai, X071?! 

anything in one's mind, ijiorivai 

■IS later ti : — ,l>.ovl. (on, about) 
Kujti» irsprsipojiai, orpipoaai, iri- 
ptaTpifDfisLt^tptAyo/iatt KUf).oufAxii 
Stavaaufixt, £ta6ovlt\iofittt, IvSv- 
/to&pat? — nc.v, ou. vip($ipi<a, a- 
»«xaxtatf. 4. 
Revolving, /it. xuK)*f, ntpipipo/ii- 

Revu'lfllOn, ou. (ilTal[(y,jTi{, tyifpf- 
:, * S (,«■».) 4W™,,,, *.*«.- 
ao-pos, 0. 

Revulsive, ^ir. (iwp.) a>rimn««r*(: 
— , oi. aytinraiToiv fap/ia«a»,To. 
iwa'rd, oi. Joipov,Trf. taptk, i: j;a. 
pi!, irrarc6to3ti, jj, fic9$S{, 4 : a- 

Rewa'rd, A- <■ v',u6i *oipoi(, iapa Si- 

J«in : a^i(<So/iai, i»Tait»^ Muju, a- 
noaiSfjjin ^apirac, avrauip^cT^, 
avnumifi: —able, Jji. 4/.o!«« ( a- 
(io«: — ableneM, ou- to eidv rt a- 
futfufn: — er, 06. Avrtutpyi- 
Tfl» : —fill, In. ftjafcururtf, iviiu- 
■P7iri<cd;: — less, iir. 4Spa€«uT0i. 
Re'wet, ou. ipirupfus (irupo«dJ«* 0- 

Rewri'te, pJ.prtaypafa, ivrrypajiOK 
Rhaba'rbarate, in. ^« pi«a/<n<»o,-. 

Rhapso'dic^: — al, <•. ^tf£m6f. 

— ally, iirfp. ^a^uo'u'Oj. 
Rha'psodist, 06. ^a^&ifig, 4. [>t«, t^. 
Rha'psody, oi. (lafWfa, ^. ^nffiJii- 
Rhe'nish, iir. 4, $, to toD "PA.Ou. 
Rheto'ric, pirtpiirt (r^v>[).p'«ToptIa, 

4 ; iHnica, rfwfa, ^. (xo...) ti- 

T l»rTTfa *. 
Rheto'ricali *i- fi\Tnpuc6( : tuin<){. 

RI h Ju.BTOf Ityta, (<oc».) iO- 

fiwtnti — ly,«irtp.p>jrop«S(: — 

ness, oi. to prtapociu. 
Rhetori'cian, oi. p>iT»p, J: pr/Topt- 

tii &rip,b. JofHTiit Xiymy, i. 
Rlie'torize, p. oiS. /itayyiilofiat tbi 
Rheum, oi. (ptm.)lttov,ii. [p^ropa. 
Rhe'uiu, oi. (iaTp.) piip.a, to. *a- 

■tapptvf, i. [trit. 

Rheuma tie, jr. /Ifu^arHiOi.iiufiaTW- 
Khe'umitJsm, at. ptu/iaTteubt, i. 
Rhe'umy, tw. piuftanicoe. 
Rhime, oi. op Rhyme. 
Rhinoce'rial, in. o^TOTo&pivoiiipou. 
Rhino'ceros, 06. (?woi.) ^inSxtpnuj, 4. 
Rho'dium, oi. («>.) *«»», to. 
Rhomb, ei. (r«ift.) Jo>«Of, A: — io; 

— oil! 4 oidsl, in. fapGnud-ert. 
Rhu'barb, »i. (pom.) pS, pier, rf. 
Rhu'mb, g: —line, (»«tur.) (= pu>t- 

Sot) * *bt' ivStlar rpo^ii (it)o(eu). 
Rliy'me, oi. t4 oaowr&iuTO., (,«».) 

o/i«cMaTKliit(n, fi. a verse in — ■, 

orijioe ipioioTiijiirof, i. poetry in 
— , m^int iii irlx"' i/wioriJoi- 
tuv, ft: ptiiftlU) ft: irofanc, ft. wof- 
it/ia iuoioTfituTov, to. there is 
neither — nor reason * in spite of 
the teeth of all — and reason, &- 

Rhyme, p. otiS. o>mot*)iuto'j 11/11 -. 
mxepJiSa, uTixoupyS: — . p.£ it(- 
Xovf o/*o<ohAivtou{ irotfli — less, 
lit. ausijoisfeAwTDi; : appu0>to( : — 
er. oi. orixoiroiS;, <mx«Tfts, 4: — 
ly, oi. st<zsto.( h , Q-T- X npyi«, ft : 
— ster, 06. jTijtoupyif, i. 

Rhy'thm ft: — us, oil. pu6>it, i. 

Rhythmical, in. ivPpuiroc, ippu6>sc. 
not — , appuflaet ; — ly, btip. pvB- 

fIUU(, tuplifl ,!!»[. f/(OV. 

Ri'ttl, 06. (>o>waa 'Ijiray«i.) to i.a- 
Ri'ant, /n. ytlfiv, iyjtl&v, iniycJuv ; 

Rib, .6. [btpJiAtu**. 4. the larger 
— a, ximpal yvfte-iai, af. the small 
— H, ir)*upai wfl*i, a/ : (»auT.) tro- 
t's, $. t« tjnl\ta: (£««.) paxn, 

ft. the middle — of a leaf, fays* 

fJiiw, ft. 

Rib, 4- i Ti'Bij/tc 7iA«t*pi; *. im/tivai : 
mptCsMu, mptrt6i)jiM: — bands, 

(nam.) of Tpo«o(. to place a — 

ship's — bands. Tpsniv to .<a f o[. 

Ri'bald, oi. IviiiiiSipof, ;p>f «»|, fhi- 

^o/ffysc : — — <j oil. ovriip oitraiTOf, p'oa- 

moAoxoj, 4. (ijjmioyfa, ft. 

Ri'baldry, oi. po./ioln'jjiuaa, nf. ai- 

Ri'band, oi. Ta<»(«, ^ • (.aur.) «T(fa:- 

Ri'band, al>. lp. Ribbon. [-i(, ft. 


Ri'bbe-rabble, »t. S^iot, rupMrtt, 0. 

Ri'bbon, »t. rmvfa,*! i/ta t , i: — 
grass, oi. (perv.) yaJapij, 4, 

Ri'bles^ <i. **Uuf»(. 

Ri'broaat, p. i. pane/a, ttipt*. 

Ri'ce, oi. (p^oTv.) ipuja, ft. SpuCo*, id ! 
— bird ( bunting, oi. (op».) opu- 
fo^ayot, ipu^oliyat, b : — paper, 
«w. ipu^oxapTTtt, i. — pu'dding, 
oi. i iiro t4( Jpi^ni mSJro;. 

Rich, Itc. nAoio-fOf, -niovT&u, ivxp$- 
/iaroi, «irtopa(, SiBiat ; (In) itap- 
««.) SjiSovaf : — booty, mllj, ltla t 
■ft. pastures — in flocks, »op.oJ 1- 

thing, /nircf rivoc — in nourish- 
ment, rprfpLjiioj, flpiimnot: — milk, 

irfov (/iis), r<f : (iitl rJiteu) liJaf- 
flUV, (uiopo;, iuiapitO(, KapTrofii- 
jSB(; HoluTfJ^C (lo9ii(), rlfUW, Ja- 

«aviipi( : /iiyaltfot, la^npdt; J- 
f Bov»(, laipiiif, apuJftc: ftJiiTTac, 
)lwim<: Won, ii7rap<((. very — , 
pafliirJouT8(, xp*t" T » ioJfle.a I- 
Z«». to be — , itiourtft, Axjiafm 
itlevT«. to be veiy — , iiitipiclcv- 
ttfti. ' [ra. tiiiap(B, ii*fl<ufa, 4' 
Ri'chea, «i. k*.. ulaOrot, i. ^pftfiara, 
Ki'chlv, 'tip. t/ouoiois: ajjWvoii, 4- 

f iiJfit, fafilAf, — provided with 
anything, itAftptj$ n>4c , thnpsi , n>- 
X»ov fl Ikkvov I^oh Tt:fuU«, iriw, 

Ri'chness, ou. nloSrst, 4. tf Sonia, c'«. 



ipllux, ■nipuunta, r,.il/fOpi 
iria, ft: yayi«.dn?(, ft : no 
ft: rpifi/ie 
ivrtif, yiuxuriM, ii: tana? 
Rick, oil. x'P r 'c, (rlrec tic tapii oo- 
rtr/iiivci, e&pbi, Owuo t, i. to gather 

Rick, p.i. imi™. suvr^9iiy(ti{8r>ip9y. 
Ri'cketi, (wtp.)«4«wHcInc,4. 
Ri'oketj, tit. ('«ip.) (guv yo<ro» pnx(- 
T<Ja; Wiiinros, Aifl»yii{, appwirs,-. 
Ricoche't, ei. (trip.) ^™>i irqaVft, ft, 
Rid) "tr. «a«. t. p. Ride- 
Rid, (irajST. ■, ^it. waS. rid), (from, 
oat of} sdfot, iuunifu, t"*iuu, 4- 
nsM», WtuSipfi: ctyfopi, p.iBtyu.t, 
lutaitent*; laxdaipn ; ipavlfu, 
i«too"a.y iro<oC/iai, AjjupS, to fret 
— of anything, imiiAinoSxt, {■ 

MuSspon yiyvsaSai, iksuBfpouaSai. 

to get — of any one ft of anything, 
luafioBa., &n<uSiI?a«[ 

Ri'ile (ihjjt. rode ft rid, /«t. nafl. rid 
ft ridden), p. avi. tmrauu, iiriraSo- 
mi, !«7H]/«T(5, (/a.w!u tii timu ft 
TS> i'ltno-J ft if' irnrsu, iAsiivo), If 

imtev 6xr,i,/iat. to — like a woman, 

.; «« 

«, KJTO 

» get — of 

"8 debts, JcaAuioSai Ti zp*^. to 
ue — of anything, HtuHpor iZvzi 
ft iimiiaxfiai tivos. to be — of a 

thing, 3<otTt0(!<0a< T(. 
Ri'ddance, oi. fawJUr/ft, iitillafo, 

ft ! afto%i«f, cepwe, illufli/SMOU, ft. 

Ri'dden, ^ir. m). t. p. Ride. 
Riddle, oi. aUrtyiiB, ri. yplfit- i. to 
make — , to give — , to invent — , 

<TLivT(8f'vni, irpoS-iiijm, iUjSij 

/•aTfliarS, ozoS/"". (now.) &pa|«j- 
i«™ : (yaut), (on) *U» (-.^J, 
to — upon the main, /trriapw tl- 
vb(. to — at anchor, taiiiiiiy in" 

a7*up«; (ft a7«ufoiv), app.Hi, to 

saliuity. to — in the offing, ino- 
nc/luttx. to — fast, 4»« jtpaTOj t- 
laiim. Toy ftraoy. to — against 
one another, iyflt«it«i«». to — by 
ft pant, napiinriwiy, naeilaijuiy. 
to — down, «oT«Aau»u». to — any 

not, i!s !!tir*Snr a af tub. to — in, 
ifanwJuv. to — off, if mmim, 5- 
lulaiivEi*. to — on, «t«x<ftfai. to 
— round, mpnAKiiiuv. to — 
throngh a country, laXaunw X&- 
pa., to — up to, Jf nraiiiHv, if m. 
natjioflai. to — up to a person, in- 
m&a*™ fipttOzt Ixl lira.: — ,f.i. 
im™«, BUi»«i (down) «><«*, Ail- 
KpBtS, Kilfni: si'pw. 

Ri'de, ot. durante, ft, to lake a — , 

iTHiitFtav iitita;io-»al !j noiiltSai: 

*jtt«f> ft. to give any one a — , o- 

X"> «»" : !*xiiiuM{ M*t, ft. 

■ Bidea'u, ei. ("p.) iripiTttyio/ia, *■> 

■cyjuo. to guess at a — , tvtyrftU- 
i«» atviyfia. to apeak in — a, ai- 
nirmflac aivry/iarifio-Sai. in — a, 
it airr/itoU, if aaty/uerm*. 
Bi'ddle, p. i. Auw airf/uara, oaf»i>f- 

?4>, iiaiaimv^M ; — , p, ait. it' «;- 

ulyjiSy J*^), aiviTTO/tai, aiyiyfiari- 
lo^ai; — r, ov. 1 aixiTi/mOf. 
Ri'ddle, ah. jtio-Kiyoy, oilTpm, ri. 

Ri'ddle, p. *. itoj-KiytiKJ, nnȣ>t, i- ^ax's, &npi>ptx 

ksitiJh: fcareusfi. puf), ft. l^fos, o- »» 

Ri'ddlingly, inip. aiviKr^pias, aiwy- I q ; tji mks, ft. tf ai/ii 

Ri'der, ot. tmrirqcg (njriiis, (mrwr^t, 
Ivatiarne, fn<6aT»)(, it: apfioTiila- 
f >?f , J: nbiJ.o3a/i»tL, InmSupotvTit, 
o : {^fi7r/j.) : — • for ordera, t npaf- 

i: -nap&ypxn/ia, t4: Epuopa, ini- 

Ri'dge, 06 

svvopst, T(i : (ipXrt.) opOfri, ft. i<- 

m/ia, to : — bone, 06. ^ax<>> *■ 
(a, A : — rope, ei. (vavr.) mq- 

, *■ 

Ri'dge, p. i. avl«jc^u: 4utio"u: mjp. 

Til: (ont) /iiTKfvniiu (futa). 
Ri'dgel, Ri'dgeling, 06. (iirl /iwsoD 

£[U8u) rf/TOjltfaf , 4 : ft^fflCTOpiaf, 4. 

Ri'dginglyj inip. p«X"' 1 &f- & dlti 

Ri'dgy, iir. Ix«* 4a;p]« 1 feyiftuw. 
Ri'dicnle, oi. xinin, ft- jcJfwwMfo 4, 

yiloiov, yiXotev t4. yiluini;, ft. to 

treat with — , 7*la>T« ft h vttun 


Ri'dicnle, i.l. ytlS, narayiJfi, j;iiu- 

aE>, ava-yiiu : — r, 011. xtaMMTftf, 

Ridi'culoufl, in. yU*Mf, yilotof; ita- 
ncytlnraf. very — , itayyiAowf, 
ii!C7fAo(04. to make one's self - 
yftcara of iiTv. iu pat anything in 
a — light <<c riiarx tplitui rt : 
— ty, inlp. yiJofuf, naTay«Aa»T«( : 
— neea. o&. ri ys/oTov, ytiot&TM, ^, 

Ri'ding,au. fitiras(a.(inri)Jai(a,[itir(v- 
<ri[, liaiif, A: iimurt, 4: ijit««- ft ; 

(xS*() tJ h™*** : vo^Jf , 4. to take 

a — , fa,ia7i'« fin(af«4« I) wijieZ- 
iflei! 1T5 t«> TpiuiMfiSv Tflf inap- 
X<a< 'jipKnt' — house ft school, 
ov. InxiSpo/iof, A : — matter, »6. 

4 Ti[( fTTTTlltill J(J*oltll0(. 

Rie, oi. *>. Rye. 

Ri'etboc, oi. (?uo).) j>. Reed-bnck. 

Rife, in. iimp<tT&; ■u(hoj»» j A««V 
ju*i(: — \j,in(p.4mxpa,Tov*xut,yt- 
tiK&c. — nesa, oi. afflevfa, ittelr. 

Rift-ra9, o&. tei^t-t^s, aapu/ia, Ttf : 

KiliC, p. i. Sixpn&Su, aviS, ixuJiusj, 

■p*a(u: — r, icAiimjr, 0(S7raJ,-Ju. 

Rifle, &.i.ot!ffbu.p«GS&. [mJumi,!. 

Rifle, ei. iwp»*iil«» 4b«<Tiit4v, rj: i- 

(X»> 4a6J»rty SitJon, r<S. 
Rift, ov. ^n7n, ptrfiLx, ^hmi, tJ ; 


tttjya>cT>j(, 4 : i|«iT- 

Rift, 0. i. «x(f«, P 1 *)™ u /"i *ar«ppft- 
yv\jff.c : — j £. c'"$. t fiiap- 
pJiytu/iat: iptir/afttn. 

Rig, ot. ivJuua, to. urat^ec, 4. xnX- 
iwTtiT^a. to : ;(«i/<£i», IzUaiji, 4. *a- 
■nuyli, ft: Joyoj, 4. mpuyil, ft: ml- 
7»i8», tit naiJia, ft. to run the — 
npon any one, ^fafijuv, itrpvyS* 
tm :h*!,*, *A P i*,h; (**«■.) (- 
irla 9) <Kiuq ra ni jtiofc-j. 

Rig, i. *. i''^uu, a^f(/»»UHi, ISn/iS, 
■«JW£h: (vaur.) «*!(?.., J(ot.ii- 
f«: (ont) itaoamtua^w, xarantvi- 
C»; — , 4. »1J . i«oiajta(«o. to — 

abont, » — and ramp, r.<ap.iut»: 

— ger, nli. 6 ksi/iw>, i iaU««l- 
Eotv : 4 inltSut (ri> yagy): Tpox«- 
Ifa, lii — ging, av. ra iflj it Ac J- 
itla 4 TKiiiij )( 4irJiiaara. to get 
ap ij fix the — ging of a ship, 4- 

Riggle, (l.ov*. ip. Wriggle. 

Right, in. ip8b(, ife, i&fliij. a— line, 

iifl<ra « ^oij ypap-p-ii, $: (uttt.) 
opBAs. a — - angle, ipBoyotvia, ft: — 
angled, opBsyiivijj : Jlwaioi, Iwa- 

you are — in so doing, intra 
Rparrwv Jlun «oiTTii( : iir,ir,ii 
iKtj9nii,TA""(: ipSis, iiciTt&n- 

os, oiiiisc, nf^nuv. to take the — 
way, rftv s^flftv iSav iptmrSai ■ u- 
yiij!, byu&nn : itlrft. the — eye, 
i itfrb; if6al/t6i. the — hand, 
ft tii,i %dp. to give one's — 
hand, Stftote&xi r»a, Ji|ih» fi. 
M»i t.,1. the — side, t* Jil.a. 
on the — aide, tit *■ Jif'a, ft 4"t- 
(ii. to turn to the — aide, tsItii- 
»«'«< l7r( ri Jilia: aKpiSftj, aijjflftf, 
Jficaist. you are — , oAn^^ ft Jbata 

ft o'pflus i^yuf. he is quite — not 
to keep silence, icai&t irattZ juft 

Ta«Tiit4(, SpUt. To take by the — 

end, arritrfiaf ritoi oiitfu., Jin) 


not >tit. at the — time fl moment, 
ii (aipfi, 11; itiHpda. to make 
— use of anything, t! ft ii{ ri o"i- 
ov xp i|»fia( mil the — proportion, 
ii ,t*Tpe». it is — , xp *> (*«"-) *»'- 
««. they say it is — , pao-i 11 W- 
youn Bi/itt «»ai. it is not — , av 
iOcoisv. it U not — of yon to do 
so, iiixils TiDra itonSu. to con- 
sider anything 1 — -, w/«';«» ri op- 
«*( [ Z uv, >a/if;ii> »'i«!«. ti. it 
serves you — , i((n ft tiitAra rA- 
BX«i{, (■«■>.) xaii mBafatf. the — 
pronunciation, ri ii>|Bij Til; f u- 

wfc. to be — in one's judgment, 

ipQ&i Kfina. to set — , iiSimn: 

Right, intfi. ivSu, opflftv, ds6uj: — 
on, «aTiu6u f Jp&ftv -. vo/il/tut, Suat- 
W4: axpiSw;, apTt'&ic, J*avSf, ff^d- 
(fpi, iu6u: — in the middle, iij 
airt 16 p:^«o» ; — honourable, iv- 
yis: — reverend, MSas/uira- 

tef, aWjjiuaiTKTjij: iliiOilj, Tila>- 
ti : ^fUa, iu ^dia : — wall, *eteJ- 
Jjitts : — gladly, «*»» ^ tiv>i : ■ — 
away Si off, *ji*r«i, a/itXXnri. 
Bight, si. Awiwii, ti. my own — , »e 
ipjn ibuuei. I have a — to do so, 
SltCtoit li>( Tours irautv, ii'suo-jan 
iju sroiiin ti: Sim, ft. Slxvtat, ri. 
04/Uf, ft. opSiit. 5s<ov,Tif. with good 
— , np6£i, dutalwc, npspiKoWaif, (I- 

iji*(. to have — on his side, /*« ■ 
ri reB o"i*a(ou arrival, contrary to 
all — , itapa uj.™ ri te™ : ts 
a*/xSi(, ai^Sm, ft. to be in the — , 
ipBStf Asyitv ft xoheivs ^tuo.'a, 7,. 
to have a — , ttsuaun Ixuv, »iipi- 
« «*«< : on his — , .i* t« Jrf.a, 
#• £tf<a, iWifat, WHia. by — s, 
Jiiaiuc 9p9uj. in — ofhU mother, 
U pxftpit- to set to — s, to put to 
— s, *««M<«, *W»f*b, *a- 
vop&W.toset anyone to — a, »ou- 
fliriTu, <ra>)>povffMV ma ; JiaJUaT- 

TIH )) KaraliaTTiW TIK Tpiii TIM. 

Sigbt, p. I. otuaia mni (mpf ti»«), 

pit* ro inio'dAior; — , p.oiii. avop* 
So tip. a;, <na»op8ou>tsi. 

Ri'ghtcous, iir. Jbiaiot, t&rtSfts, xpi- 
fftif, fl«fmnij{ : — ly, hip. Sixxiatf , 
ttitxMt, xp1"&t: — ncss, ov. ti- 
MiMWini, xpB»""l(, «yo8or«, ft. 

Bi'ghtful, in. i/nn«f. Jf*nws, >«><- 
f>f- — ly, Mp. ua/iliirat, istauic: 
— ness, ei. niu/Unis, f ixKucuiii.ft. 

Ri'ghtly, Ixlp. ipB&tt *"«""(, oin- 

fltoc, Yplir<$'T0Jf, axprflw^, ffa^ij^. to 

judge — , ipBoi; Kpttm. if I re- 
member — , 11 rapSc ff.iiiirip.ii. I 
don't — know, oiit aUa oaji^ k 

OJIplSfiE: tJ, wriro ii'ic, ttxt*<i;, 
XTl. op. lb tm'8iT6j. 

Ri'ghtnesB, oi.»MiinK,ft: ffamon, to. 

Ki'gid, 6r. UMpmf, o-Tipiis, "ip- 

. pus: 4nf<6ftc, OKOuJnlo;: Tpa^ii;, 
■tinpii, aiinipaf: wiiift — ily, 
cu. irrtpiifrfjj, vx^pirkif, i/ap.^(5, 
ij ! wu»i»y(a, aiirapJias, ij. i,ui- 
rrjt, V- - — ly, i*tp- ffTtppwff, ox&vi* 
p&t, auo-TJipffii, i*i>i™v'ji; — ness, 
at. op. Rigidity. 

Ki'glet, su. 2p- Eeglet. 

Ki'gmarole, su. fXuapis, mmloyfa. ft. 

Ki'gorons, <i. rpaj;u(, oKAijpif, «-tp- 
pi{, xai»ni(, ajta/mra!: — eduoa- 

wftt- ■ 

■a* Ha : 

ft — law, iraeee »a,uof, i. a — 
winter, Sutbf ft *ii>«( xu/uin, Ju;- 
XUJH4V, $\j$xiiff.ipQi, i : afcptfijis, 
oTtovJnloc — ly,iit(p.ti<J.iipffl{, iTip- 
pfic, abtTTTipdc: aJcp[6Q>f, VTcauoaf- 
«(:— HMfla, ov. auffr?iperr)«, axlti- 
poTvii, rpaxumc, ft : i-tpiSui, ft. 
Rj'gour, ai. vapjevj, ft. vapjnj/ia, ri : 
(WT".) •>*«(«, «t fplxa, Ta.(.o.. ) 
plyt, ^X"(i **: <wK ****' 
pirnt. ft : X<tJlrteVi«, nup^iiij, o«- 
»Jr»j{, ft. with — , xal«nfit, rp^xd- 
us, Tutput. to proceed with — , 
to have recouree ft resort to — , ra- 
inroniTi xf'i'Sai, x«i!*w; fl Tpa- 



X^uj rcpo<f ^ptoDai : 4nrp(*ua, a«fi 
Soiavia, ft. with the urinous; — 
<ttl r* dxp^mpov. of extreme — 
IntjxapitM: ixa/i^ia, ft ; —ism 
i/i^n, irfi^a, ft: — irt, ri 


Rill, ri. 

Rill, p. oil. ps«, ^<fc,pf£t 

Ri'llet, oi. Jif6>o u . to. 

Rim, ou. x" 1 ' ^ wpurifuw, rd-: alu. 

fpus. Kp»[7ri(, ft. [icpasfrWo, «tA. 
Kim, £. i. «paiT«8'(5, TtipiAajiSiva 

Rinuyri. nix"!! Sp»«aK*r.'<t, ft. 

Rime, p. »M. «hz"*. irajptf". 
Rime, ri. fay/ia, cxiift, to : pal/tic- 

Rimo'se, Bi'm 

pa/diiS,Mi» a 

Ri'mple, 06. putlf, «tux>1, 4. 

Ri' tuple, 4. i. iuT"?«> papx.ifi, jluriji, 

Ri'mpling, ou. xu/jaTta/iOf, 6. xv/iav- 
•'<> ft- 

Ri'my, in. nax«i«if, ItKytrAtnt. 

Rind", ri. fWx, 0. topeeloffthe — 
of tree", s>iof:«» ™ ihlsx- Ums, 
ri. Ancict ft. iiiw/»«, rd: *rix«- 
ya*, d. [f-, «W?o,. 

Rind, A- '■ fi»«». W«, in«i™- 

Ri'ndle.ei.^ijaMsii,Tii™liS» 1 (ixiri(.i. 

Ring, o&. xiixjof, xp/xer, J : iocxTiJi- 
9i, A, yupu;, i: (7101/1.) xiixlo;, 0. 
o"X*l/'« xuxlixov, rd; Spyatti Ji'oS 
fKTpotm xb Too itXioit ii'foi : ncixaf- 
«pa, ft : — bone, el. yayylieii, yey- 
yi)io«,T( : — oase, ri. JtottuJiofl^- 
»7, ft: — dore !j pigeon, ri. (dpv) 
faooa. ^iTT«,ft r — iirif^^r, do. Jb- 
ktujIiajti);, 0. danrnilet Kaposi - 
is;: — formed ft ehaped, &r. iv- 
xleifiSlf, iwxlwd'ijt, xuxiurdi : — 
lead, /S.d. ASyiyS, ay», ftyou^ai : — 
leader, ob. iyt/tiiv, Spxttu, •Vxt- 
7=;, ipxijy'nit, 0: — worm, ri. 

Rin^. d.^. iripurjxiiwa, iripuuxJA, xu- 

ri*. kuiIh nipforqpi. [»» ( ifaos. 
Sing, ou. f4f a«, ifo"!. 4 : rau xaWu- 

Ring, (napv. K. pat. iiir&. mug), ji. 
i. Ktt&avi'a, BnutudWCu, xpOTa- 
A(?«, Kpaim (upoTalov): ij/S: — , 

A. DVO*. i^6i, /.**%-/-(£>, IpOfd, ETTtSpO- 

ft«C/l«! .ix<5, a»Ta>ai(Ja, annix"- 
mycarfl — , fJo/iSoOn ,1101 el anoaf. 
it Mill — a in mj ears, luawAdu um 
don, i ^x°< Tflf fw*Jf I* toS( 4xo- 
Ktf napa/i^vii ■ — ed, dir. xpixaiTd;; 
— er, ob. i Kpoieri xsWwvs: pta- 
Zilf tiiijpoit, 0. 

Ri'ngent, in. (^btu.) flv«uwi<»«{. 

Ringlet, ab. iii-yp-a, Snrruiiini, ri: 
(Sdirpuxot, irJiixa/ioj. 0. 

Ri'nse, p. i. inoniumi, ivgitluvm, ^x. 
>j;u, anuJeuu. to — one's mouth, 
oiaKluiJdjflK! rj srdyia; — r, ri. 6 
J'.asU.o.., a ^«Ai>». 


Ri'Ot, ou, xu^ao'ta, n : SdpuCot, 4. n. 
P"y*, »r«ni, ft. to tan — , txoia- 
otbJ>h>, ia-txyifti. 

Rj'ot, p. aio". Tfjujifi, xu/i«5m: iiii- 
■yfi, a«o)oaTai»*i:flopu6ifi, inni- 
;«, <» ardoti si^i : — er. o Sopugfiv, d 

Ri'oting, ri. ixoJaiia, fts BopuSot, 4. 

RJ'OtOOB, in. Tapa.-/_i.Sr,i, iopvSibiiii: 

JilC axolaDiot.diitl/^t.ftipyBfi — 
ly,^ir/p- 6opu6&io&i(, TtBoputiifih&t ; 
Kxaiaorcvf : crratr'aiTcxDH : — r^en*L, 
ou. KdviHofa!,^ : SiiouSej, d. npax'i ,ft . 
Rip, p. 1. tr^i-jw: (from, out of) ix'^i 
oiapp^yvu/H, iiroonJS : (off) liim, 4- 
iroAvtt, TrapaAuu, avucppiivu: Jxxa- 

paox(?B- : 4ir xs W««. to — 'out, 

facffTOpfiv, 0pSto>Yttc d^(J4fu. tO 

np old sores, taints arafipuTilai, 
avafafito [*«(,. to — off, ^t'l- 
)s5v: — , p. rio 1 . a'lapp+ymjfiai : 

Rip, eft. Jiappa/i), ft. (My/ur, trf: «a- 
AaSaj (i'xAumv), d : npiyjia oiTtda- 

Ripa'riHn.iit.napanoTa/iias. [»«, ri. 

Ri'pe, in. niji»», niirup os, upaloc, u- 



p«of, fipifio?, alpif. — fruits, a- 
ipai ft nimipei xapnoi, at, nfampet, 
upslsf, ni/intof : - — for marriage, 
(uoHtoj yi^uv. a maiden — fur 
marriage, upxlx ivfyos. to be of 
— age, xK/ittZm rij ftkifc : t>mi- 
pac, Sw/Lalot, TiXiiat. of — expe- 
rience! mi JSv f/tnupot ; — ly, 'nip. 
iipifitijf) £v rZpz, z/.ttp-Aaii. 

Bi'pen, f. i. xtirabu, ao'pw, itfpO- 
■h; — t f.eM, kipoupm, miai- 
yo>uu, bptp6£n, i«/ia;«. 

Ei'peness, 06. ipcuirin, j>pipJTi) ( , a- 
Spuvfftfj kip6rrn t aKjUrj, tj. 

Ri'pening, in. iriiravTiwff. 
Ri'pper, ei. £ ttaextl**- 

Ri'pping. oi. StioxiBif, Siippniti, j». 
Ri'pple, oi. fpl'rt, fpii, i. «u«b, ku- 

/tat.ov, to: [jwwp.J *r«if, 4.