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THE first edition of this dictionary having been exhausted, it has 
been eztensively revised, and certain new features and alterations 
have been introduced into it. 

1. The principle of arranging all words according to their actual 
spelling has been to a considerable extent abandoned. It was 
admittedly an unscientific one, and opened the door to a good many 
errors and inconsistencies. The head form in this edition may be 
either a normalised form or one which actually occurs. 

2. Words beginning with ge- have been distributed among the 
letters of the alphabet which follow that prefix, and the sign + has 
been employed instead of ge- in order to make the break in alpha- 
betical continuity as little apparent to the eye as possible. The sign 
± has been used where a word occurs both with aiid without the prefix. 

3. References to Cook's translation of Sievers' Anglo-Saxon 
Grammafy and to the Grammatical Introduction to Sweet's Reader 
have been taken out, as Wright's or Wyatt's Old English Orammar 
will have taken their place with most English students. 

4. A new feature which, it is hoped, will prove widely useful, is 
the introduction of references to all, or nearly all, the headings in the 
New English Dictionary under which quotations from Anglo-Saxon 
texts are to be found. A vast mass of valuable information as to the 
etjrmology, meaning and occurrence of Old English words is contained 
in that Dictionary, but is to a very large extent overlooked because it 
is to be found under the head of words which are now obsolete, so that 
unless one happens to know what was the last form which they had in 
Middle English, one does not know how to get at it. This information 
will be made readily available by the references in the present work, 
which will form a practically complete index to the Anglo-Saxon 
material in the larger dictionary and will at the same time put the 
student on the track of interesting Middle English examples of the use 
of Old English words. Besides directing the reader (by means of 
quotation marks) to the heading in the New English Dictionary where 
the relevant matter may be foimd, an indication has been given of the 


texts from which quotations are made therein, when these do not 
exceed four or five'. 

5. There have been many valuable contributions to Anglo-Saxon 
lexicography (by Napier, Swaen, Schliitter, Forster, Wiilfing and 
others) since the first edition of this Dictionary appeared, and these 
have been made use of, but (as before) unglossaried matter has not 
been systematically searched for words not hitherto recorded in Anglo- 
Saxon Dictionaries'. 

6. The number of references to passages has been very largely 
increased. All words occurring only in poetical texts have been marked. 
If they occur more than once they bear the sign f, if only once, a refer- 
ence to the passage is generally given. If not they are marked j:. As 
regards prose texts, the rule has been only to give references to par- 
ticular passages in the case of rare words, — ^more especially Xcyo- 
fi€va. The references to AO, CP and M which were given in the earlier 
edition have been retained, as a useful indication that the word occurs 
in Early West Saxon or Late West Saxon prose, as the case may be. 

7. By various devices it has been found possible, while much 
increasing the amount of matter in the book, to add very slightly to 
the number of pages, and at the same time to reduce the number of 
columns on a page from three to two. Most of these devices are more 
or less mechanical, but one method of saving space may be mentioned. 
Certain compound words, descriptive of places, which, as far as I know, 
occur only in charters and which may often be more correctly regarded 
as proper nouns, have not been separately inserted. Their meaning 
can however alwa3rs be ascertained by referring to their components, 
and where the abbreviation Mdf is inserted the reader will understand 
that examples of words so compoimded, or of the components, or of 
both, will be found in Birch's Cartuiarium Saxonicum, or in Earle's 
Land Charters, and that references to those examples are given in 
Middendorff's Ahenglischea Flumamenbitch. 

8. In the List of Abbreviations, etc. at the commencement of the 
book, editions of texts which are furnished with a glossary have been 
specially indicated. 

^ As regards the letter W and some smaU parts of other letters whioh have not 
yet appeared in the NSD, a reference has been given to its abridgement {The 
Concise Ck^ord DicHonary). 

* The part of the Supplement to *Bosworth-ToUer' which has already appeared 
shows that Professor Toller is examining snch matter with great care and thorough- 

J. xv. C. £[. 
January, 1916. 


NoU 1. Where referenoes are in UaUc fype^ quotations from the texts indicated 
win be found in the New BnglUk Dietionary^ under the head of the English word 
which is distingnished in the article by quotation marks (see Preface). In references 
to special passages volumes haye bmn marked off from pages by an inverted full 
atop, and Imes or verses have been shown, where theyfoUow <iher numerals, bv small 
superior figures. Occasionally where lines have not been given, the mark ' has 
been inserted to show that the quotation is in the lower half of a page. 

Ncie 2. In the following list the number (1) after an edition of a text indicates 
that the edition is suppUra with a complete referenced glossary or word-index, 
(2) that it has a complete glossary, but without references and (3) that it has a 
partial glossary or wora-index. 

Ncie 3. Some of the abbreviations given below are used in combination. 
Examines: MtLR^the Lindisfame and Rushworth M8S of St Matthew; BJP8 = 
the Bos worth and the Junius Psalters; ast = accusative singular feminine. EK 
ssEariy Kentish. 

* ' Quotation marks are used to enclose 
the "Kngli^h words which should be 
looked up in the NED in order to find 
etymological information as to, and 
examples of the use of, the Anglo- 
Saxon words to which the articles in 
this Dictionary relate, see Note 1 
above. If they enclose Latin words, 
tfaey indicate tne lemmata of Anglo- 
Saxon words in glosses or glossaries 
etc., or the Latin equivalent of such 
words in the Latin texts from which 
they are translated. The Latin is 
especially so given when the Ass. 
word seems to be merely a blincQy 
mechanical and literal equivalent. 

* IB prefixed or affixed to hypothetical 
forms. Normalised forms of Ags. 
words which actually exist are not 
usually so marked. 

' See Note 1 above. 

-f =ge-. 

± indicates that the Ags. word to which 
it is prefixed is founid both with and 
without the prefix ge-. 
s occurs in poetical texts only. 
s=occurs in a poetical text, and once 

M This sign is used to indicate that the 
words which it follows, and tie com- 
pounds, are to be found in the Dic- 
tionary under the heading given after 
it, thus meht>^miht is equivalent to 
meht = miht and meht- = miht-. 

a. s= accusative. 

A ss Angliant or, if foDowed by numerals. 


Anglia, Zeitschiift for Englische Philo- 

locJe, HaUe, 1877 etc. AB=Anglia 

M=JElbio. (References followed by 

numerals in parentheses refer to 

certain Homilies attributed to iEHfric 

in HL.) If followed by a book of the 

Bible the reference is to that book in 

MlfrU de veUre et novo Teslamenio 

(Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 1). 
iBOs =s ^lfric*s Orammatik und Glossar, 

ed. J. Zupitsa, Berlin, 1880. 
MB.=:JE\iric*B Homilies, ed. by B. 

Thorpe, London, 1844-6. (Quoted by 

vol., page and line.) 
^L=.^Slfric*s Metrical Lives of Saints, 

ed. W. W. Skeat (EETS). 1881-1900 

^P=r.£lfric's Hirtenbriefe (.£lfric's 

Pastoral Letters), ed. B. Fehr, 

Hamburg, 1914 (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, 

vol. 9). 
AF=Anglistische Forschungen, ed. J. 

Hoops, Heidelberg. 
Auc =the poem on Alms, in Gr. 
An =thepoem of Andreas, in Gb; ored. 

G. P. :^pp, Boston, U.S.A., 1905 (1). 
Ain>K=the prose legend of St Andrew, 

in J. W. Bright's i^lo-Saxon Reader, 

London. 1892 (1). 
ANS=Herrig*s Arohiv fur das Studium 

der neueren Sprachen, Brunswick, 

AnTssAnalecta Ang^o-saxonioa by 

B. Thorpe, London, 1846 (2). 
anv. = anomalous verb. 



AO = Alfred's tranBlaiion of Otooiiia, ed. 
H. Sweet <££TS), 1883. (v. alw) 

Ap = the poem of the Fate of the 
ApostleB, in Gb; or included with 
Andreas in Kiapp's edition (y. As). 

AP8=the Anmdel Psalter, ed. G. Cess 
(AF vol. 30), HeideLbei^, 1910. 

A^= Anglo-Saxon version of Apol- 
loniuB of Tyre, ed. B. Thorpe, London, 

AS = King Alfred's version of Angus- 
tine's £>liloqmes, ed. H. L. Hargrove 
(Yale Studies in Old English), Boston, 
U.S.A., 1912 (1). See also Shb. 

Az=the poem of Azarias, in Gn. 

B=the poem of Beownlf, in Gb; also 
ed. A. J. Wyatt and R. W. Chambers, 
Oambridse, 1914 (1); or ed. W. J. 
Sedgefield, Manchester, 1912 (1); or 
ed. Harrison and Sharp, Boston, 
U.S.A., 1888 (1). 

BA8=The Admonition of St Basil, ed. 
H. W. Norman, London, 1849. 

BB = Bonner Beitr&ge zur Anglistik, ed. 
M. Trantmann. 

BC =Gartnlariiim Saxonicnm, ed. W. de 
Grav Birch, London, 1883 etc., 3 vols. 


BDS=Beitrage zur Geschiohte der 
deutsohen Sprache, ed. E. Sievers, 
Leipzig, 1874^1914. 

BH =the Angb-Sazon version of Bede's 
Ecclesiastical History, 2 vols., ed. 
T. MiUer (EETS), 1891-6. (Refer- 
ence is nsaally made to the pages in 
vol. 1 as regards the various readings 
recorded in vol. 2 — not to the pages 
in the latter vol.) 

BK = Tezte nnd Untersuchongen znr 
AE literatur, etc., by R. Brotanek, 
Halle, 1913. 

BL=The Blickling Homilies, ed. R. 
Morris (EETS), 1874-80 (1). 

BlPs = Blickling Glosses to the Psalms, 
at the end of Bl. 

Bo = King Alfred's translation of Boe- 
thins, with the Metres of Boethius, ed. 
W. J. Sedffofield, Oxford, 1899 (1). 
IPs = die AE Glossen im Bosworth- 
Psalter, ed. U. Lindelof (M^moires 
de la Soc. nto-philologiqae k Helsing- 
fors, tom. 5), 1909 (3). 

BR = An Anglo-Saxon Reader, ed. J. W. 
Bright, New York, 1913 or London, 
1910 (1). 

BB=the poem of Bmnanbnrh, in Gb or 


BT=An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, by J. 
Bosworth and T. N. Toller, Oxford, 
1882-98. BTSup.=the Supplement 
to the above, Part i (A-EORD), 
,^»'OC=The Crawford Charters, ed. by 

A. S. Napier and W. H. Stevenson 
(Anecdota Oxoniensia), Oxford, 1895. 

Chb=Two of the Saxon Chroniisles 
Ftkrallel, ed. J. Earle and C. Plummer, 
Oxford, 1892 (1). The poetical pas- 
sages are marked tCHB. 

CM = the tract *de Consuetiidine Mona- 
Chorum,' in Anglia, vol. 13, pp. 365- 

Cos=Altwest8&chsi8che Grammatik, by 
P. J. Cosijn, Haag, 1888. 

Sp. = compare. 
P=King Alfred's trans, of Gre gory 's 
PMtoial Care, ed. H. Sweet (EEIS), 
London, 1871. 
^■C p=th e Corpus Glossary, in OET, or in 
WW (cols. 1-54) or (if the numben 
are followed by a letter), in A Latin- 
Anglo-Saxon Glossary, ed. by J. H. 
Hessels, Cambridge, 1890 (1). 

CPs=Der Cambru&e-Psalter, ed. K. 
Wildhagen, Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 
7, Hamburg, 1910. (C;Hy=Cam. 
bridge Hymns in the same vol.) (3) 

CB=the poem of Crist, in Gb. 

Cba =the poem of Men's Crafts, in Gb. 

Cbbat = the poem of the Creation, in Gb. 

Ct= Charters, wills and other like docu- 
ments, as contained in BC, CC, BC, 
KC and TC. 

d.= dative, dp. =dat. pi. ds. =:dat. 
singular; etc. 

Da = the poem of Daniel, in Gb; or ed. 
T. W. Hunt (Exodus and Daniel), 
Boston, 1885. 

DD=the poem *Be Domes Dssire* (*de 
die judiciie '), ed. J. R. Lumby (^ETS), 
London, 1876 (1) ; or in Gb (voL 2, 
pp. 250-272). 

DBOB=the poem of Deor's Complaint, 
in Gb ana Kl. 

DHy=the Durham Hymnarium, ed. 
J. Stevenson (Surtees Societyvvol. 23), 
London, 1851. (Gl by H. W. Chap- 
man, Yale Studies, No. 24, Boston, 

Don = the poem * Be Ddmes Dage' from 
the Exeter Book, in Gb (Vol. 3, pp. 

DR=the Durham Ritual, ed. T. 
Stevenson (Surtees Society), London, 
1840. Unes of Anfflo-Saxon onlv 
counted. [Gl by Uno Lindelol; 
Bonn, 1901 (BB vol. 9).] 

Du. = Dutch. 


EC = Land CBarters and other Saxonic 
Documents, ed. John Earle, Oxford, 
1888 (3). 

EETS = Early English Text Society's 
P ublications. 

EK = Early Kentish. 

El = the poem of Elene, in Gb; or ed. 
Kent, Boston, 1889. 



• =tlie Epinal Oloae., in OET. 

EP8=Eadwme'8 Canterbury Psalter, 
ed. F. HaiBley, EETS, London, 1889. 
(EHy=: Hymns in the same voL) 

Elf =the Erfurt GIobb., in OET. 

E8=£ngii8ohe Stndien, Heilbronn and 
Lei prig, 1876-1914. 

SWB^Eaily West Saxon. 

Sxstbe poem of Ezodns, in Gb or in 
Hunt's edition (y. Da). If follow^ 
Irf two kinds of numerals = Exodus in 
Jtljnc de vetere ef novo Testamento in 
the BiU. der Age. Piosa, VoL 1, 
Gassel, 1872. 

exe. ^except. 

f . =5 feminine, fp. = f em. plural. 
FAp=the poem *Fata Apostolorum,' in 

FBO=Das Benediktiner Offixium« ed. 

£. FeQer (AF vol. 4), Heidelbeig, 

For sthe poem of Finnshurg, in Gb, and 

most editions of Beowulf. 
FM=:The FumivaU Miscellany, Oxford, 

FT=the poem *A Father's Teachings,' 

in Gb. 

g. = genitive, gs. s gen. singular, gp. = 
gen. pi. ; etc. 

G =the Anglo-Saxon Gosp^ ed. W. W. 
Skeat, Cambridge, 1871-87. See also 
LG, NG, RG, WG. (Gl to WG by 
M. A. Harris, Tale Studies, vol. 6, 
Boston, 1899.) 

GD=Die Dialoffe Gr^ors den Grossen, 
ed. Hans Hecht (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, 
▼ol. 5), Gassel, 1900-1907. 

GEN=the poem of Genesis, in Gb. If 
followed by two kinds of numerals = 
Genesis in Mlfric de vetere ei novo 
teeiamenio (BibL der Ags. Prosa, 
vol. 1, Cassel, 1872). 

(?er.= German. 

GK=Grein's Sprachsohatz der Ags. 
Dichter, revised by Kohler and 
Holthausen, Heidelbeig, 1912. (A 
complete referenced glossaiy to Gb.) 

Gl= Glossary. Used also as a com- 
prehensive sign for aU or any of the 
extant Anglo-Saxon glosses or glos- 
saries: Cp, Ep, Erf , GPH, HGl, 
KGl, Ln, OEG, WW etc. 

Oh = The Gnomic Verses in Gb. GnE 
sthose in the Exeter Book and GkC 
those in the Cotton MS. Separate 
edition also by B. C. Williams, New 
Toik, 1914 (1). 

GPH^Prudentius Glosses, contributed 
by A. Holder to Germania, Viertel- 
jahrssohrift fur deutsche Altertums- 
kimde, vol. 11 (ns). 

GB=Bibliothek der Angels&chs. Poesie, 
ed. C. W. M. Grein and revised by 
R. P. Wulker, Gassel, 1883-98. 

Gv^the poem of St Guthlao, in Gb. 

GiTTHsthe (prose) Life of St GutUac, 
ed. C. W. Goodwin, London, 1848 (pp. 
8-98), or ed. P. Gonser (AF vol. 27), 
Heidelberg, 1909 (pp. 100-176). 

HBLL=the poem of Hell, in Gb. 

HxFT=The Heptateuchus, etc., Anglo- 
Saxonioe, ed.£dw. Thwaites, Oxford, 

HBX=The Hexameron of St Basil, ed. 
H. W. Norman, London, 1849. 

HGl =: Glosses in (Haupt's) Zeitsohrift 
fur dentsohes Altertum, vol. 9 (1863). 

HL=Hoinilien und Heiligeodleben, ed. 
B. Assmann, Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, vol. 
3, Gassel, 1889. v. also M and Shr 

Hn=the poem *The Husband's Mes- 
sage,' in Gb. 

Hy=the collection of * Hymns* at the 
sod of most of the Ags. versions of the 
Psalms. V. the various Psalters (Ps). 
[The numbering of verses etc. usually 
follows that in Wildhagen's Cam- 
bridge Psalter (CPs).] 

L = instrumental (case). 

IM = 'Indicia Monasterialia,* ed. F. 
Kluge, in Techmer's Internationale 
Zeiteohrift fur allgemeine Sprach- 
wissenschaft, . vol. 2, Leipeig, 1886. 

intr. = intransitive. 

JAW = Eiffentiimliohkeiten des Ang- 
lischen Wortechatzes, by R. Joidiui 
(AF vol. 17), Heidelbera, 1906 

JGPh= Journal of (Englt£ and) Ger- 
manic Philology, Urbana, HI. 

Jn=the Gospel of St John. v. G and 
NG (JnL=LindiBfame MS; JnR = 
Rushworth MS, v. LG, RG). 

JPs=der Junius-Psalter, ed. E. Brenner 
(AF vol. 23), Heidelberg, 1909 (JHy 
=the Hymns in the same vol.). 

J0i> =the poem of Judith, in Gb, or ed. 
A. S. Cook, Boston, 1889 (1). 

JxTLsthe poem of Juliana, in Gb. 

K= Kentish. 

KC = Codex Diplomatious Aevi Saxonici, 
ed. J. M. Kemble, 6 vols., London, 

KGl = Kentish Glosses to the Proverbs 
of Sok>mon (=WW 66-88, or, if 
quoted by number, in Kl). 

KL:^Angels&ch8iBches Lesebuch, by F. 
Kluge, 3id edition, HaUe, 1902 (2). 

KlED=F. Kluge*s Etymok)gischee 
Worterbuoh, 7th edition, 1910, or 
J. F. Davis* translation, London, 1891. 

!/.= Latin. 

LoD=LeeohdomB, Wortcunning and 
Staroraft of the Anglo-Saxons, ed. 
O. Cockayne, London, 3 vols.. Rolls 
Series, 1864-66 (vol. 2, and pp. 1-80 
of vol. 3 are referred to bv the folio of 
the MS, so that the rerareDces may 


also be available for G. Leonhardi's 
edition of that part of the Lod, in the 
Bibl. der Ags. Froaa, vol. 6) (3). 

LxAS = Uiepoem ' Be manna lease/ in Gb. 

LG = the iJndiBfame Gospeia, in Skeat's 
ed. of the Anglo-Saxon GoepelB (▼. G). 
(Glossanr by A. S. Oook, Halle, 1804.) 
jjifl = "Tinriigfkmft and Bushwoith 
Gospek. Y. RG. 

Lieb.=F. liebennann (▼. LL). 

Lk=the Gospel of St Luke. v. G and 
NG (LkL=LindiB£ame MS; LkR = 
Ruflhworth MS; y. LG, RG). 

LL=the Anglo-Saxon Laws, as con- 
tained in Liebennann, Sohmid or 
Thorpe. If followed bv numerals not 
in parentheses, or only partially in 
parentheses, the reference is to Die 
Gesetse der Angelsachsen, ' by F. 
liebennann, 2 yoIb., Halle, 1903-12 
(1) ; if by numerals eniirely in paren- 
theses, to Yol. 2 of * Ancient Laws 
and Institutes,* by B. Thorpe, 2 Yols., 
London, 1840 (3). 

La = the Leiden Glossary, ed. J. H. 
Hessels, Cambridge, 1906 (1). 

Los = the Lorica Hymn, in Kleinere 
angelsftchsische Denkm&ler, by G. 
Leonhardi (Bibl. der Ags. Prosa, 
Yol. 6), Hamburg, 1905. 

LPs = Der Lambeth-Psalter, ed. U. 
lindelof, Acta Soc. Sc. Fennicae, 
Yol. 36, Helsingfors, 1909 (1). (LHy 
=the Hymns in the same yoI.) 

LWS = Late West Saxon. 

LV==Leofrio*s Vision, ed. A. S. Napier, 
in the Transactions of the Philological 
Society for 1907-10, pp. 180-188. 

M= Mercian. 

m. =masculine. ms., mp., etc. =ma8c. 
sing., masc. plur., etc. 

Ma = the poem of the Battle of Maldon, 
in Gb, also in Br, Ex or Sweet's Anglo- 
Saxon Reader, Oxford. 

Mdf =Altenglisches Ilumamenbuch, by 
H. Middendorff, Halle, 1902. [See 

Men = the Menologium, at the end of 

MxT = the Metres of Boethius ; y. Bo. 

MF= Festschrift fur L. Morsbach 
(Studien zur Eng. Philologie, yoI. 50), 
HaUe, 1913. 

MFH = Homilies in MF, ed. Max Forster. 

MH=An Old English Martyrology, ed. 
G. Herzfeld (EETS), London, 1900. 
See also Shb. 

Mk=the Gospel of St Mark; y. G and 
NG. (MkL=Lindisfame MS; MkR 
=Rushworth MS of St Mark; y. LG, 

MLA= Publications of the Modem 
Language Association of Amerioay 

MLN= Modem Language Notes, Balti- 
more, 1886-1914. 

Mod = the poem *Bi Manna M5d,' in 

MP = Modem Philology, Chicago, 190a- 

Mt=the Gospel of St Matthew; y. G 
and NG. (MtL=Lindis£ame MS; 
MtR = Rushworth MS of St Matthew ; 
Y. LG, RG.) 

n. =5 nominati Ye, or neater, or note. (np. , 
nap., etc. =nom. plural, nom. and aoc. 
plur., etc.) 

N = Northumbrian. 

NAB=Narratiunculae, ed. 0. Cockayne, 
London, 1861. 

NC = Contributions to Old English Lexi« 
cogra^y by A. Napier, in the Philo- 
logical &>ciety'8 Transactions for 1903 
-1906, London (mostly late texts). 

NED = the New English Dictionary, ed. 
Sir J. A. H. Murray and others, 
Oxfoid, 1888-1916. (See Preface, 
and Note 1.) 

neg. =:n^gatiYe. 


:the Northumbrian Gospels, con- 
tained in Skeat's edition (y. G, IX), 

Nio = the Gospel of Nioodemus, in Hbft ; 
or in MLA 13*456^541. (The refer- 
ences to passages are always to the 
latter edition.) 

NR=The Legend of the Cross (Rood- 
tree), ed. A. S. Napier, EETS, London, 

obi. = oblique. 

oocl. = occasional, occasionally. 

0EG=01d Eng^ Glosses, ed. A. 
Napier (Ane^ota Oxoniensia), Ox- 
ford, 1900 (1). 

OET=The Oldest English Texts, ed. 
H. Sweet, EETS, 1885 (1). 

0J*.= Old French. 

OHG. =0]d High German. 

02V^.= Old Norse. • 

05. 'Old Saxon. 

p. = page, or plural. 

Fa = the poem of the Panther, in Gb. 

Part = the poem of the Partridge, in Gb. 

Ph =the poem of the Phoenix, in Gb or 

]^.= plural. 

PPs=the Paris Psalter, ed. B. Thorpe, 
London, 1835. The prose portion 
(Psalms 1-50) also ed. Bright and 
Ramsay, Belles Lettres Series, Boston, 
1907, and the remainder (Ycrse por- 
tion) in Gb. 

Ps = any one or more of the Anglo-Saxon 
Psalters. [NB. In the numbering 
of the Psalms, the Authorised Version 
is usually one ahead of the MSS.] y. 
A, B, C, E, J, L, R, S and VPs; also 



F8T=Philo]ogical Sooieiv's Traiuao- 
tioiiB (▼. auo LV and NG). 

QF=Mone, QueUea u. ForaohungeQ sor 
Oeeohiohte dor teataohen ut. u. 
Spraohe, Aachen nod Leipzig, 1830. 

RB = der Benediotinregel, ea. A. Schroer, 
BiU. der Ags. Proaa, yo\. 2, OMsel, 
1886-8 (3). 

RBL =the Anglo-Saxon and lAtin Rule 
ol St Benet (Interlinear Glosses), ed. 
H. Logeman, EETS, London, 1888. 

RD=The Riddles of the Exeter Book, 
in 6b, or ed. F. Tapper Junr., Boston, 
1910 (1). 

RG = the Rnshworth Qospels, in Skeat's 
ed. of the Anglo-Saxon Gospels (v. G). 
Mt (aU), Mk 1-2" and Jn 18^-* are in 
a Meroian dialect, and are usually 
known as R^; the rest (R*) is in a 
Northumbrian dialect (v. also l/3t). 
Glosaary to R^ by Ernst Schulte, 
Bonn, 1904; to R> by U. lindelof, 
HeLrinflfors, 1897. 

Rood =&.e poem 'Dream of the Rood,' 
in Gb. 

RPs=der Regius-Psalter, ed. F. Roeder 
(Studien in Eng. Philologie, vol. 18), 
Halle, 1904. (RHy=the Hymns in 
the same toL) 

RSL = Transactions of the Royal Society 
of Literature^ London. 

Ruin = the poem of the Ruin, in Gb. 

RiTN =the Rune-poem, in Gb. 

s.=gtrong; also = singular. sy.=Btn>ng 
Terb. swY.s: strong- weak verb. 

Sat —the poem 'Christ and Satan,' in 

sb. =Babstantiye. 

SC= Defensor's liber Scintillarum, ed. 
E. Rhodes, EETS, London, 1889 (3). 

Sbav = the poem of the Sea&rer, in Gb. 

8g.= singular. 

SHB=the Shrine by 0. Oockayne, Lon- 
don» 1864-70 [pp. 29-33 and 46- 
166 =MH; pp. 36-44 =:HL pp. 199- 
207; pp. 163-204= AS]. 

SHy =: Surtees Hymnarium = DHy . 

Sk£D=An Etymological English Dic- 
tionary by W. W. Skeat, Oxford, 

Sol = the poem Solomon and Saturn, in 
Gb (if in italics, the reference is some- 
times to the prose yersion, ed. J. M. 

Soi7L=the poem of the Soul, in Gb. 

SPs =PBalterium Dayidis Latino-Saxoni- 
cum, ed. J. Spelman, London, 16^. 
(Stowe MS, but includes marginal 
readings from APs, CPs and EPs.) 

Swt.=The Student's Dictionary of 
Anglo-Saxon by H. Sweet, Oxford, 

TG=Diplomatarium ^yi Saxonioi, ed. 
B. Thorpe, London, 1865 (3). 

tr. =transitiye. 

usu. = usual, usually. 

y.=yide, or yery. 

yi.=yaria lectio. 

VPs=the Vespasian Psalter, as con- 
tained in OET (1). [VHyrr Hymns 
at the end of the Psalter.] Glossary^ 
also by Oonrad Grimm (AF, yol. 18), 
Heidelberg, 1906. 

VPs= Psalter-Glosses in Cotton Vitel- 
lius E 18 (noted by Wildhagen in CPs). 


W=(I) Wulbtan's Homilies, ed. A. 
Napier, Berlin, 1883. GkMsary by 
L. H. Dodd, New York, 1908. (£[)< 
West Saxon. 

WA=the poem of the Wanderer, in 

Wau> =:the poem of Waldhere, in Gb. 

W^ = die Syntax in den Werken Alfreds, 
by J. E. Wiilfinff, Bonn, 1894-1901 
(copious material, and indexes to 
words in AO, BH, Bo, CP, AS, PPs, 

WG:=Weet Saxon (Sospels (y. G). 

Whalb =the poem of tne Whale, in Gb. 

WiD^sthe poem of Widsith, in Gb, or 
ed. R. F. Chambers, Cambridge, 1912. 

WiF=the poem of 'the Wife^s Com- 
plaint,' in Gb. 

WS=s West Saxon. 

Wt=An Old English Giammar by J. 
and E. M. Wright, 2nd edition, Ox- 
ford, 1914. 

WW = Old English Vocabularies, ed. by« 
T. Wright and R. P. Willker, London, 
1884. Cols.l-64=rCp; 66-88=KGl; 
pp. 89-103 =Oo2{o9. Monast. in NED. 

Wy=the poem *Be manna wyidum ' in 

ZDA=:Zeiteohrift fur deutsches Alter- 
timi, Leipzig and Berlin, 1863-1914. 

ZDPhsZdtschrift fur deutsche Philo- 
k)gie, HaUe, 1869-1914. 


» iteytaii...SP8 AJbuU be &brpUn...EP8. 
(.ioweoiTaii I for SPs rtad ELPs. 
i/mUti : far si read J?2. 

»|gw«fR : for LkL12«> f«a<i LkL12>*. 

flBttaritan : a<U Gbn76. 

ntanesfsoh: addliL. 

araidiiiig: addJi^. 

SBMWlga : for % read f. 

ifwan : add i)a6. 

ignlend : po9sessUm ahonJd be po§$es$or. 

igntondOo should be agniendlio. 

ICiyiMlaii : add MxnIU. 

itawylfan : add to ro0 to MP1*692. 
L^J^ antanmere, antifonere (i£PlM*)=aate- 

Isanlan : add LV57. 

ifpt«adaii : for GSPb read BPs. 

igOgam : for SPs rea^ EPs. 

ittllAQ should be atiUan. 

ittiag : (Mf(i E0448». 

itoifebUM n. sufeUing ca/used by poison, 
LoD 102b. 

ftttoegan: add oppress f (Tapper) Ri> IV. 

itfyimlMi : for VHy read DHyS". 

iwamlaii: read (APs)=a8waniiaiL 

+boardMl having a bead, GD279i«. 

besiigung : strike out sorrowing, VHy. 

beMMwera : for VHy read DHy 24». 

befenoan : eAd plunge into (fire), OD317. 

bfogan : add +by£^ bowed down, in- 
firm, Nio471» 

bllSe : add (+b. oooors at GuthISI*). 

orQe : add LV74. 


+dal XL part, GD311". 
v. T .dalmatloo : omU land add GD329*«. 

+drtos II. : add genOe {horse), QD7S^. 

iVlan should be ±e8iaii. 

+fadu]ig: add rule, dominion, 

IAiiiiM(ii)dlle (GD)=f«miih&dUo 

fArarnlng f . quick marching, GD 14**. 

fmntlnc f. read commendation, trust, 
guardianship, GD239» ; LL58[17]. 

taftnung: add exhortation, MkLp2* : 
monument, MtLp6*;lfk5^. 
' . "^ .pfantbtotsiiiig f . consecration of water for 
baptism, -fflP188". 

foobtUng : add MP 1-610. 

ferhUlo : add PP805^. 

tetond ! add SolSO. 

flogettan : aubatitate to fiy, flutter. So ; 


folelle : add worldly, secular, GD200U. 
tordimednes : add GD345*. 
loraewwleii aforesaid, GD12 ; 344. 
iMehfls : add LV33. 
f orewttuiig should be f Qcewitang. 
toitetediiM (GD227i«) =fcxi]»teiiiiea 
foriAda? m. traitor, plotter, MP 1*592. 
tonegenUo (GD233»)=fonewen]io 
lorMroinimg : for GSVPs read CVPs. 
toHSniaii : add NC289. 
tatW^Wk to profit i^profeere'), GD200. 
fullfraned : add -lice c^ter adv. 
fttUbil thoroughly well, GD24S1. 
fyrdgwtealla, fyrdgetrum : add f. 
+gang : add passage (lapse) of time, GD 

geadning f . text, MtL p8^^ 
gMnoynM : delete second line of article, 
gearowyrdlg: (kMMod61. 
glodsMl: aid t* 
geondflowwide ebbing and flowing, OEG 


geondlioan : cM Ph70. 
geondMndan : omiUi. 
gest- : for gest- read gsat- 
gtestraik: addVLn^l^. 
gISMtot: mUGDlOu. 
glomimg : for VHy read DHy; GD. 
godwebben : add GD17(^. 
bttftnlediMi : add GD346» 
±lmttiiledaii should be +hnftiuedaiL 
bitottan should be ±halettan. 
heals-iendUo, -igendlio: for SPSSO" 

road APs89» : imploring, GD17». 
bellegSBst : strike out f. 
bellegeat: <uU MP 1-610. 
beUestdw t infernal region, heU, GD 

blWeuKUo : sM. familiar, GD32. 
bnep (GD186»)=biuBpp 
bofsttogn : add muUleer, GDIQI". 
biitSnes: add MPUI^. 
biuelboz receptacle of the host, i£P178*. 
bwUstfcoe : add GD264M. 
+byldelto secure, safe, GD348". 
+IfttSan: add compassionate, GD216(f). 

Additional roferences to the NED: — bebod 'bibod* ; belQoan 'belouke* ; oempa 
'kernp*; oennan *ken*; olipung *cleping'; onsdpp 'knap'; dlbtere * (lighter*; draoa 
*drake^; dysgian 'dizzy'; tAone 'faken*; forbogian 'forhow'; forwleman 'for- 
worn*; gBtol 'gavel*; gl^Wglew' ; beonon 'hen*; bl9o 'lee*; bltehhan 'laugh^; 
brfiof *reof*; bryre *rure*; buru 'hure*; lerrQ 'irre*; latan 'lout* 




A &btoltaiiss&hifian; ftbSogtnrs&bfigaii 
"^ ftbeonuui* to take fire, PPb 105". 
a prep. [ =on] on, at, in, to, fdr, Abtowan (WW 2I7«*) = ab^wan 
ft I. (awa, 5) adv. altms, ever, at aU, ftbaran* to bear, carry : endure, wffer, Mt, 
coniinMOudu, for ever, M,AO,CB. a on Bo; M,CP : bear {a cAOd), iE : tcUte away, 
eoniflse; a bntan ende world wWumi end : remove : reveal : (rsfl.) reetrain oneself i do 
at any time : in any degree. [ON. ei, ey] without, NG 268. 
II. 1 c= & A-bardy -bered crafty, cunning. 
ft" (unemphatio verbal prefix) ; I. orig. s= AbarandUe bearable, 
forth, away, bat as a nde only intenaitive ftbaman (N)=&beoman 
in meaning. II. son- III. 7m(b)- IV. » ftbantan' to buret out, break out, JE,CP : 
a(I.) in prononna and participlee, and givee break away, escape, at a. break out. 
a aenae of indefinitenen. V.sA. Aba8eoiaa=&bedeoian; Ablagaa=ab70ffan 
ftAlan=Qnalan$ftAttan=aIe:San;ftbasdweb AUdan^ to [Mde,* wait, remain, detayr-^ K( Z 
ftbaean* to bake, JRB 2*268*. remain behind, AO : survive : wait for,. 
ftbAdaa to compel, restrain, ward off i exact, await, M : eaepect, Mt 11*. 
take ton : force out, extracL AMddan* to ask for, request, require, demand, 
ftbSBligan sebylgan pi^t V^ ^t P"^ J<i^t M i getby asking, 
ftbAran to disclose, bring to light, DD41. obtain, M,AO,CP : call out {an army). 
ftbflBia (W274>«) ^ftbeere Ablllan (eo) to tremble, quake, shake. 
ftbasman = on bnman ; abal (Gnr 000) s of ol AbUglS, abilhlS = fibylgv; Ablran = aberan 
ftbannan^ to summon, convoke, command : Ablitigsabyr^ing; AblH^-fftbiMC-=abylBg- 
an]Mm1lce, proclaim, a. ut eaU out, aS' ihltMix^ to bUetn pieces, tear to pieces, devour, 
semhU, Chr. J^ abanne^\ gnaw, MJlO : taste, partake of, consume. 
ftbarlan to lay bare, disclose. Abli(a)rian to turn bitter, CP341** : embitter. 

fabbad, abbod* abbot^^jabbad Abttt, abitt = abit, abit 

.abbnd (a, o) m. 'abbot,' BH,Chr;M. [L. AblAolan to become pale, grow faint: become 

abbatem] tarnished, OP 130>. 

abbadddm m. abbatial jurisdiction, BH. AblAoan to bleach, whiten, BJPb fiO*. 

abbndeise 1 abbess, Chsl. AblAones f. pallor, gloom, Lod 1*204. 

abbudliAd m. abbatial rank, dignity, LL. AblAoiing f. pallor, HQl518. 

abbudlftaat f . lack of an abbot, BC 1 156'. AbUta t inspired, furious. 

abbudrlea (o) n. abbey, abbacy, office or AblAwan^ to blow. How away, breathe upon, 

jurisdiction of an Mot (oaed even of a ^ : puff up, swell, Lcd9Zh. l*(Alow*] 
convent of nana). ^blAw-nes, -ong f. inflation, Lod. ^ *^ 

Abftatan* to beat, strike, break to piecesJWbHisgnisA ulcerated, Lod. 

make to fall. Or. I'abeat*] Ablendan to blind, put out the eyes of, M, 

»h9o%A% t ABO, alfiiabet. CP : dazzle, deceive, delude, JB. I'ablend'] 

Abedeetaa (etSe-) to get by begging or asking, AhlArad bare, uncovered, bald, [blere] 

. Bo 71". Ablloani to Mne, glitter. 

l^^abedliMsabbadesae; Abigail s&bfgan AbUegan^ablycgan; AblignM^Abylgnea 

Abelgan* to make angry, irritate, offend, AbUndaa fc>ma£e62ifu{, Bl151*. 

861; MJLO,CP : hurt, distress : be angry Abllndian= ablendan 

with, rabelgen'l ghUnxuak* to cease, leave off, desist, M,AO,CP. 

ftbftodan* to order, proclaim, bid, command, AbUnnedntf f . cessatioTi, interruption, A 

direct : summon, eaU out : announce, rdate, 5'465. 

declare, present, offer, AO; M. h£l &. to Abllnnendlfoa indefatigdbly, HOl429**. 

wish one good hidt, greet, bid farewell to. AbllnnendiMisablinnednea 

[' abede*} Abllilan {M) = ablfnan 

0. H. 1 


ibliflslaii io make glad, pUase, 6D336ii. ftk] IL interrog. particle, tchy, wherefore^ 

ftliloiigoii=abo]gen, pp. of abelgan. whether : in direct qnestionB^L. nonne, 

Ablyegan (i) to grow pale, M : make afraid. ^ nwnqM, 

Ablyiman = ablinnaii MlP^ '* ^^* ^^^ ^P* ^ ' ^^* * ^fO^*^^ > ^<^ : 

ftblyibui io Uuah. (t) «^»j> o/ oak : (w. nSpT&caB) name of the 

Ablysung f . hhuhing, shame, RB 133". rone for a. [OHO. eih] 

Abodlan to anmmnce, proclaim, LkB 12*. leflgan = acigan 
tbolgemiM t irritaHon, WW230". AeOglod ^eemUue,' Nab20». 

AborgUm to be surety for, LL : (w. mt) borrow, Ao»nn- =aoenn- ; AeaBiraii = acirran 
^x Aborian=abaiian fbuilEM^tobecomefroet-bitten,!^^ 2b. 

t 1 'Ibraeton to engrave, embose. 1^— aean* to ^aehe,* suffer pain, JS. 

'"^ AbiAdan L to spread out, dilate : stretch aoas, aca0erTN6)=flBO8 

out, M. Ih bake, LodHa. J^^^ ftebtam m. cxue-^ee. aeeen t m. accent. [L.] 

ftbraslUm to crash, crackle, QD 236". aooutlanT =aoiinman """ ^ . - - 

ibrtac pret. 3 ag. of abrucan. Aooynn n. a kind of oak, WW 430*. 

ftbrtat pret. 3 ag. of abreotan. ftodreno m. oa k drink, drink made from 

ibreean* to break, break to pieces, break acorns f, WW. 

down, conquer, capture, violate, destroy, ace=eoe 

iB,AO,GP : break away from. ioealdlan to become cold, M,CP. \^aoM'\ 

AtarMan* to move quiaay, draw, untkeath, ietaplan to buy off, buy out. 

wrench, puU out, Mt : wUhdraiw, take AcUan to cool off, stiU, quiet. Met. [^akele*] 

away, draw back, free from, iS»AO. fip fte0liiia=£oelma; ioen=ficen ""' 

abroden drawn up, raised up : start up, Aoennan to bring forth, produce, renew. Bo, 

awake. [\abraid'\ WO; Mi attribute, to. I' akennejd Y^ 

Abredwlan to lay low, kiU, B2619. AcennedUe 'genuinus,* ntOive,' tmO. 

§iiir9gMi to (Harm, terrify. Aoennednet {WO; ^), -oennes (OP,NO; 

Abregdan=:abredan AO)l(trf^ [*akenn{^l^n£9*] 

Abrtotan* to destroy, kiU. Aoennond m. parent, DR197^. 

Abrtotnea f . extermination, OBT 182. Aoannlege f . mother, DR. 

AbrSoSan* (intr.) to fail, decay, deteriorate, Acennlng f. birth, Bk 16. 

perish, be destroyed. Ma ; M. abiofSen (pp. ) AeAodan ( tr. ) to choke : (i ntr.) bum out. 

degeneraU, reprobate, JBOr. (tr. and wk.) AoAooungf. 'ruminatio,* WW 179*. 

deiiroy. [v. breOte*} Aoeorlan* to cut off, hew down, AO,CP. 

Abr«rd-=onbi7td' onweg e^ to cut away, of Sk. to cut off, AO. 

AbroSennat f. baseness, cowardice, W. Aotaaan* to choose, AO,C$P. 

AbrQoan* to eat, A 11*1". aoar=»oer; Ao«ir-=aoirr- 

Abmd-=onbiyTd- . - ^ §agnn to caU, summon. 

Ab4tan to dM(ro^, 4^8 36*. t^' Acbran (e, y) (tr.) to turn, turn away or 

^/^^^^MtfUtM (« on-) adv. above, ObbIOQOE. aside : (intr.) turn oneself, go, return. 

** *^ AbOgan* (» on-) to bow, incline, bend, sub- Aeirradnof ▼. onweg-a. 

mit, do reverence, B,ChrL; M : swerve, turn Acl=aool; AdAc ^ agl£c 

(to or from), deviate, GP : wOhdraw, retire : AeliAMlan to cleanse, purify, M. 

he bent or turned, turn one's sdf. {^^SuCl Aoltaf n. ooib lea/, LoD. 
Abunden unimpeded. Aelfofan* to cleave, E C351 ^. 

AbOrod not inhabited, TO 162>s. Aeleoplan to caU out, WW 378*. 

^ ^AbQtan, -biiten, -biiton. I. prep. aoo. oii,<+Aellant to frighten, OBtnte . [aool] 
N ^ about, around, on the outside, roui^ about, Aeluagen contracted, WW239*'. [olingan] 

C'P,ChrL,M. II. adv. chout, nearly, ChrC. «Aanelu n. acorn meal. Lob. 

[= onbiitan; * about'] Aemlitel f. mistletoe, Lod. Aoii-=6aon- 

Abyogan to lmy,'^pS9^or, requite : redeem : AenAwan^ to know, recognise, understand. 

perform, execute. ^ Aenynan to drive out, expel, SPs 36". 

Abyltan to mutter, WW 447**. (- it^ Aootrian to recover. Led. [' acover *] 

§bSgnn{e) to bwd, defect I subdue, bring tow I iMA^ affrighted, dismayed. 

convert. . Aodllan to grow cold, CPX*^ 

Abygendltev.nn-a; Abyig-,abylig-=&bylgLAeo]ltiis m. acclyU, LLlLA/ 

J^byigan, -byrian to taste, eat. Aoolmddt fearful mindeaymid. 

Abyrglng (-iri-) f. taste. +Aeotan5dian to cast down, sadden, WW 

Aby^tan to busy, occupy, employ : engage 209^*. [aool] 

in, undertake : take up, fill, 6D. C Aoordlan to make terms, reconcile, Chs1120. 

Abysgung f . occupation : trouble. AoorenUc eligible, worthy of cj^otcg ; CP 409— . 

Abywan (3o) to rub off, polish, cleanse, purify. Aoostnlan to try, test, prove, CM,Ww. 
_. Mt I. oonj. but : but cdso, moreover, neverthe- AersBltan to think outjd^nse, A046**. 

less, however '.because, for {}) land {7), As Acrammlan to cram, WW 236". 

iM9. ao gif unless, except, Bl 151. lOoth. Aerfoplan to creep, cravd, M. 


fterlmmaii* (y) to cram, stuffs WW. id«llMi' to delve, dig, exeaivaU, M,AO,CP. 

telnd f. oak bark, Lod. idellht iSftAy, WW. 

icniBuneii pp. ci aoiimxiiaa. idelsfev m. smoer, Hnk, M. 

AdAmmn to judge, try, deprive of or exeH/ude 

iet&n m. oak-twig, Lod. from by a legal decision : try, affiiet, 

ietrto n. oak-tree, Wnr 28**. idaoreUn to become duU, obscure, tarnished, 

icueian (^)=:aowiciaii CP : grow dark, W. 

ieiil =^aool; ieums (^) =r aoomba Jdarian to hurt, GD 219^*. 

Joumaii* to come, come forth {from), M rfi lesa m., adese f. 'adge,* hatchet, BH,W. " K" 
bear, bring : endure, wiUutand, M : get wM0za=&tSeKe 

or from, reach, Oen. Vacome *] ^id-firu f . da. -fmre way or path to the funeral 

f^msk-tm UL, 'he tn.' oakum, ' hards, tow, Led, pile, B 3010. 

OEO,WW : ashes of oakum : parings, idflnl n. limit? ash-heap of a beacon f 
. clippings, [oemban] EC 354*. 

icumeiidlle tolerahle, M : possible, •idffr n. sacrificial fre. Ex 398. 

ioumendllenM f. possibility. +Usiftii = +tedgian 

ioumaii (NG) «= onoaiman idltitan to compose, write. 

ieuniiteii to try, test, prove : eamerience, GP. ftdlhtlan to regulate, arrange, order, CP. 
ieqnnung 1 experience, triaLAD. ft-dn«ilaik, -da(i)ffian {f) to destroy, blot 

^^Mcuamn to accuse, MtL12^/£^ out, annihilate, devastate, CP. 

iewadan to tremble. ^^ Mtmintftn to become dim or dull, to darken, 

iewnnoan=aoweiioaii obscure, CP. 

ieweeean (tr.) to move, swing, shake, vibrat€,0§ai in., adle f. disease, infirmOy, sickness. 

Ma; m : (intr.) ^tver, m. ['ofuefeft*] AO,CP. 

towelan* to die, perish, iE^G^CP. • idl«g m. fmm of the ftsneral pile, Pr 222. 

iewenan to kill, destroy, JnL; MrhO,CP. ±Ullaii to be dtseased or ill, languish, M : 
[*a!quell*^ cause disease, DB. 

ieweUednw (e»>) I. slaughter, EPs 43». idUg sick, diseased, M. 
iewenoan to quench, extinguish, Mt; AO. §4SigtL m. sick person, idUhts&deliht 
i^aquench*'] ^idtaDm m. one crippled by fire, Gu884. 

ieweomft m. squirrel, €fl. Vaqueme*] [laiiiaT] 

ieweorran* to guggle, gorge, ^Pb 77*^. vidliioc sickofaeoniagiousdisease,'E899'&2li. 

iewern = aoweonui ^ [^ ^ •idl-Sniottl f . gs. -t^nsoe force of disease. 

iewerren = tuowoma pp. of aoweoma. •Idlang t %llness, ME I '122*^. 
ieweSan* to say, spook out, declare, uUer, «idlwMg weary from iUness, Gu981. 
express, answer, Oen : n^ect, banish, Gmr Iddn (for con]. ▼. d5n) to take away, send 
20L [*acweath*] away : east out, expel, destroy : (w. prepa. 

iewlelan (to.) to quicken, vivify, Ps i (intr.) to, on, from, etc) put, place, take, remove, 
revive, BH. ['etquick*] set free, AO,CP. 

aowlnan^ to dwindle away, disappear, go adoMsadeea; ldrMan=ondiAdan 
out {of fire), BH^LPs. idrAtan to drive away, shut out, expel, 

iowlneaii' to vanish, be extinguished or AG,CP. [*adreve*] 

eclipsed. idrAnet =&drenoed pp. of adrenoan. 

A-ewuelaiit -owyoiui s&owioian idragan' to draw {sword), HL 16*^. 

iewvdu m. an oak wood, ELC 0-218^*. idrifan s adrftfan 

iewylan = aowelan «adremlnie f . feverfew. 

ienylmaii to kiU, slay. idr^nean to submerge, immerse, drown, AO. 

lewylmlan to be tormented, W 220*. [*adrench'] 

iowyneaiissaowenoan tiMognn* to act, perform, do, practise, ^ i 

i^ynii0d=&oeDnedpp. of aoeonan. bear, suffer, endure. An; CP : pass time, 

i^ir^^aotrr- Uve,M. [*adree*] 

ie^Ban to show, proclaim, reveal, announce, idrtogandUe bearable, 
confirm, prove, idrfolians=adreogan 

•fld mn. heap, funeral pile, pyre : fire, fiame. idrtepan' to drip, drop. Ax. 

[OHO. eit] Urtesan* to faU to pieces, decline, vani^ 

idAlan to divide, separate. fail 

idfiadlan to fail, decay, mortify, become idrlbtn^ to drive, drive away, drive cut, 

torpid or callous, M. pursue, foUow up, LL ; ^, AO,CP : stake out 

idtollui to become deaf, WW 179» {a ford) : chase {metal), M. ['adnve'] 

Utafnng f. deafening, making deaf. Led. ftdrig;an=adrygan 

[v. ^adeave'] idrlnean* be drowned, extinguished, BH; 

JdelL=adl; II.=a4ela AG. fodrtn*'] 

. f^idels m. mitd, dirt, fiUh, filthy place, M. idrOgUin, adrawian {UtJS) to dry up. 
rt [*(iddle*] Vadroughe'] 



idrlgan (i) to become dry, dry up, wUKer, JBeandMi^aeambe 

CB I dry, wipe dry. Aoansieoan; 8BO(qfm=8Boem 

§idryBiiaikioextinguieh,r€pre9a,NQ, Bate, fioe=eoe, 9oe; 8B06d=:eoed 

adaa=ad60a; adutotaSsadelBSa'S tteedwln n. wine mingled with myrrh, MkL 

idumbbm to become dumb, keep eUenee, 15*". 
Mk; M. [v. 'dumb* vb.] ae«bui=ao6lui 

.^a-dOn, -duna, -d&ne adv. down, downward, laeetana m. chilblain, OEG,WW. 

M. [= ofdfine] Aeelmehte (ecil-) having chUblainB, OEG 

adQiie(i)Bt]igaii to descend, CPs. 1623. 

adanfeaUan tofaU down, EPs 144^. lAeon I. o wood of oaks. II. oaken, WW 

^adOnweanl adv. downwards, ChrL. [*a 270^^ IIL »Saoea pp. of eacan. 

downward*] tfjtoctr nap. noras m. jle2(i, «oim ioiui, cut- 

idOitrigsnrsandiistriaii '^ tieaied land, Mt; MJiO,CP; Mdf : a certain 

idwftsoan (e) to put out, quench, extinguish, quantity of land, 'acre,* AS; ▼. LL 2*267 : 

bht out, destroy, AO : suppress, M,CB. crop. 

A-dwellan to wander, stray, # aBoeroeorl m. countryman, farmer, NC 268. 

idwellan, piet. 3 sg. -dwealde to seduce, aearensnoem 

lead astray : hinder, M, saeerheffe m. hedge of afield, KG 3*33*. 

Adwttoan = adwfisoan SBoennAliiin by acres, KG 6*98*. 

Mwlnan^ to dwindle or waste away. ««e«niiaii]i m. farm/fir, WW. ['aereman*'} 

idydan to destroy, mortify, hUl, M. [*adead- mmwii n. nut, mast of trees, AS (i*) : 'acorn* 
en*] WW. 

^'^iAytkn to overpower u)ith sound. vaDeernspraiiea m. 'Hex,* oak sapling f 

tdylf = adealf piet. of adelfan. .£Gb 69". 

Ad^lglaii, adylegian=adilegian tfMenAd n. seed enough for an acref Ghb 

idymman = adiminiaii 1124. 

idyigfan to make foolish, W186i'. tflBoerteoSung f. tiOie of the produce of the 

A-aocentedYerbalprefiz»=:(l)u;t£Aoiil;(2)a-. soil, W310**. 
« A I. f . also Sw f . (and m. or n. 7 in NO) totp^wcartynlng f . fencing, EG 377*. 
{divine or human), cusAom, covenant, M)^#8BO«rweoren./eM-ioorl;, GPH391. 
GP; WOyNO. butan £ oUOaw : (esp. in 8MM=»x 
' pL ) rite, ceremony '.faith, religion, umihte saeest, eoeV pres. 2 and 3 eg. of acan. 
i^ false religion. GristeB S gospel : scrips Ad]ma=fioeima; 8Beirn=ara6m 
tures, revelation : marriage, M : {lauful) AolAca=aglfioa; gclteWg feljSaw 
wife. For some oomps. y. fiw-. [ cs*] ^Aentele degenerate, not no6fe , WW . 
II.=rga I. III. interj. oh/ alas/ +ftenteUende degeneraHng, WW 218". 

Aa I. = Sa I. II. gp. of fi ; floal- =eal« ^Borsaftt m. knowledge of law or ordinances, 
AaU interj. sSflJa; Aar-sear- reZi^'on. 

Aearglan to become remiss, AO 212**. HbctasHOg learned in the law ; as sb. = lavfyer, 

^Abfire (e LL) manifest, notorious, public, scribe, Pharisee. 

open, evident, dear, ['eber*] aserasv. ecer; aMren=8Boem 

Aabblan to ebb away, recede, Ghb. Ne.^M> ^* *oxe,* pickaxe, hatchet, GP; Mt (ex). 

SBbbung ( =ebb-) f. 'ebbing.* sft ». ^/, asest, sdcV pres. 2 and 3 sg. of aoan. 

bay, ^#^164 Aeumbas=aoamba; 8BOur=8eoer 

» Abebod n. injunction of the law, command, ifldeyrf m. {wood')choppings, BH 224". 

PP8 1181M nd (NG)=8Bt; aBd-=:ed- 

• Abto fp. books of the law, WW 439^*. asddeneaz (WW) ^edreseax 

Abire = Sb£re ; Abesn = fif can nddre, fidr = fidie 

AbUg-, -bi]i(g)- s= ftbylg- ; AblAo- = abU&c- «Adra I. f . artery, vein, pulse, nerve, sinew, B ; 

MblAee lustreless, pale, paUid. AO : pi. veins, kidneys : rurdet of water, 

«Abod m. business, M : statute. fountain, spring, stream, ['eddre*] 11. adv. 

«Aboda m. messenger, preacher, Qv 909. at once, directly, instantly, quiddy : {'f)fiUly, 

Abrasoe, -breoasfiwDnBoe, -breoa entirely. [08. adro] 

•AbreoS f . sacrilege, LPs. » Adraseaz (der) n. lancet, WW 410^^ 

■Abrueol sacrilegtous,QFIL 402. «^Adrewag m. artery, vein. 

y^^.^'V^ i^ fir-tree, M. £\kbiea] Adrllan=&drifan; 8Bdwlst=edwi6t 

Abylgn.=dby]gt$ ^^ SBfaMtsseleat; Afaoat^ewfaaat 

^ Abylga m. anger, LPs 77«*. aafdaaU -dell (NO) =ofdAle 

^ ± Al^^lgan, -byli(g)an to make angry, «6Bf d^e m. diclimty, Gl. 

offend, M. •At eUe without skin, peeled, WW 190*^. 

I Abylgnea f. anger, offence, JS. ^ asfen =elen 

Al^lgS, -bylg^ f. anger, AO. Mc Aten (e) nm. 'even,* evening, eventide, B, 

Al^]ig-=»bylgs A-byl8,-bylyg«=fiby]g« MkL,Qu (€fn). tO fifenea HU evening : 
AoI.f.=ao; U.(N)=:Sao eve,BB. 






•flCenooUalio ike 'ccOaHo* rm^ hefan earn' ^mtuok (e) to oorry out, do, perform, fu^ : 
pUne, NC268. eauae : endmre, euJ/& : (■\')Md, etutain. 

• Afendrtan m. even-eong, KB. [ON, efina] 

• At enselMd n. evening service, WW 129**. Mine »efne 

ttMengeraord n. eventfi^ meal, eupper (often ^Atnlan to grow towarde evening, JSi 
nted in pL of one meal). 'Mnung 1 'evening,* euneei, JB. 

•Afeoftroordtan to sup, give sftpper to, Afre ndv, 'ever,' ai any time, 8ai,Mt i aU "}>£ 
CM 1030. vfaya, eondanOg, perpetmOy, Or,BB; M, 

•Afengereofdung f. eupper, NC260. CP : hene^orth : ne A. ; A. ne (-i nAfre) 

p Af engeweore n. evening work, Lod 70b. never ; A. id »ldre/or ever, A. Ale, ^,<7Ar. 

» Aten-flelly -gifl n. ef»fi»n{|f repaet, eupper, A. Anig <|fiy ai aU, KO, 

AO,C^. •wtredft m. what ie taben or eeparaUd from, 

• Afen-gltei, -gl6ma m., -alOmang (omm-, OEO (Napier), [of; *lizeda (hzeddan)] : 

eom-) 1 ghaming, tmligkL tow, oakwm (BT). 

•Mieiofptom fierce aH eve, B2074. • t ran u ntnde pioue, r^Ugioue, Jui. 648. 

aCeolanssnfnian wffeeL safes; IL=nbs 

• Af^nlie n. evening eacrifiice, ewntfig laBbeegan to co90cte, £842"*. 

prayer, FPsliO*. »trtXefest 

% ftf enlAoan to yrow iowarde evening, Lk 24*. #wfnrMffe n. paetwrage, WW410>* ( = *«fee- 

• Menltohi n. evening UgJU, B 403. 

• AtenleoSt n. evening eono, 

• AtonUe of ike evening ; adv. -lioe. 

• Af anlof n. kmde (eervice), CM. 1035. 

• At enmeta m. eupper, 
% At anoflliing f . evening eacrifice, NC 209. 

•a»ftan adr. from behind, behind, in the rear, ^ 

Ma, [•<%/>•] 
4»ft«nwaard adj. behind, in (he rear, fcXhw- 

ing, Rd63*. 

t AtanrAdtnr f. reading (during the evening tMftamaat adj. laH, hindmoel, A»AO. 

•nttar L prep. (w. d., i. andr-ohiefly N. — a.) .^^ 
(looal uid temporal) after, along, behind, 
through, throughout, during : (oaoBal) 
foQowing, in eoneeguenee of, aecording to, 
for ihe purpose of : (object) after, about, in 
pursuit of, for, II. adr. after, then, after^ 
wards, thereafter : thereupon, later, back 
(i>ffi return), m. iSoa, i&em, 'Sisom; m, 
ISaam ("Son, tten) "Se; afterwards, there' 

evening settarA f . the book Deuteronomy, M, 

9ftarboren adj. 'aflerbom,* posthumous. 

meat ai a monaetery), 'coUatio,* CM. 
p Af en-rift, -raetf f. evening rest, 
§ Afemnng m. 'evensong,* JB,BB, 
s Atenteaop m. evening singer, bard, Bd 0*. 

» Afenaelma m. evening splendour, Osk2448. 
« ACenqvAo t evening talk, B 759. 
« Af entteom m. the evening star, Hesperus, 

Bo; M, ['evenstar*] 
» Afen-tU 1, -tima m. eventide, M, 
• ACenStonung I. evening service 

repast, supper, 
« ACenW ipwdflm m. evening service or office, 

WW120*«. mftonrntSha^ to epeak after, repeoL softer* 

Afeniing=Afnang; Ater=A{re owelSendra lof praise from posterity : to 

e nIeiBe f . name of a plant, Lod. renounce, abjure, Ceb 1004. 

8Bfes-=efes- »ftarqminff m. later ki ng, B H140"B. 

afasa? m., nfeee (m.) f. snfeen atterealn n. small beer, wwi29*. 

^ afesn» aafeeen f. reUsh, dainty, special pete- aefterfllian, nfterfiligendssBfterfylgan, nf- 

turage, pannage; the charge for special terfylgend 

pasturage, LL. 
■safest mf. envy, hatred, malice, spite, C!P; 
EtPs : zeal, rivalry, ['eveet*] 

nf eetfttl fuU of envy, C 

# i:«f eetfan -igian to be or become envious. 

# mtmtig envious : eealous. 
«f estDee s of oatlioe 

s flsffeMlS f. superstition, OEG. 

» flBfgerefa (-gxoefa) 'exactor,* LkL12*. 

# mtgryndo n, abyss, PPs 30*. 
SBf^rnde » ofhende 

»ilan (-an?) to be in a miserable condition, 
(}b1357 (or nfnan? GfoUanos). 

nfterfolgere m. follower, A0142''. 
ntter-lolglmn, -fylgan (AO) to follow after, 

succeed, pursue^ 

Mftarfylgednee f. sequel, £L23b***. 
ttfterfylgend m. foOower, successor, AO. 

-lioe in succession, 
afterfylgendnes f. sttccession, SHyll. 
Mtter^lgung (oft-) f. pursuit. 
nttertyllg- s asf terfylg- 
»tter-f enga, -gengea m. follower, successor : 

descendant, & 

aeftergengel m. euccessor, KC. 
nftergengnea f. succession, JK : posterity : 


aftergyld n. further payment, LL. 
nfterbASe f T autumn drought, AO 102?. 

• asfliit m. a wandering from the wayf Ex 473. nttertayrlgan to imitate, BH. 




altarlton n. reward, rucamptnM, reffifufiofiy 


iMtt«r]to Mcond, WW506^*. 
SBftenrA (oompO Meond, fcUowirngt nexi, 

latter, lower, CP. 
»tt6r-rip (M) -rfipe m. crupper, 
mtUnMaok^ to ride after. 
9tt«rTdwmii^ to row after, ESil***. 
MtUrryne m. *oeoureuB,' CPsW. 
9ft«mng m. (after-song), matins, GM449. 
Attenlngallle (— -Bftngtio) oj moHns, 


tttttrtfnf end m. suu^nior, yrw\2»^. 
stteima |0^ ay)MQir<i«, ^W^* NG. 
nftenpnao I. after^aaim, IXisSS^. 
Aftenprecan* lo eJoim, LL 226 [9,4]. 
ttttanpyriaii to irodk oiU, search, inquire 

into, examine, GP. 
8Bft«rwMnl adj. a/ter, following, ftuiher, 

behind, in the rear, later, M. 
CBttarweardnes f. posterity, WW464". 
»ft«rwrlteii written afterwards, LoD69b. 
8Bft«rwynMUi to cause, effect, 
att<r-yld« -vldo f. ^advanced age, old age : 

after age, later time, BH. [idd(o)] 
SDfttWMurd = tefterweaid 
9ft«waarde adv. behind. 
nttra =: aBfterra 
Attretta superL last, 
aaftum adv. after, MtR24n. 
ailSlaiie, safSonoa (o, u) in. insuU, offence : 

grudge, displeasure, anger. 
aAl-weard (CP) -ward absent 
flsfweardnas f . absence, Bo,GD. 
ttfwela f . decrease of wealth, Loi>3*170". 
flBfwendla (WW223^)=>efw3rTdla 
SBf-werdelsa, -wyrdelsa m. injury, damage, 

SBfwyitUa, m. injury, damage, loss : fine 

for injury or loss. 

«fwyKf(u)7 f. degradation, disgrace, RB. 
Myll9nde fulfilling the law, pious, Ce704. 

MyraSSe^ fp. sweepings, rubbish, [f eormian] 
Af n. (nap. figra) *egg,* LcdJLh,OKT,Met, 
fig=ieg; Ogsn^agan 
«Bge=effe; figen=ageii 
Agara (K) dp. of fi^. 
flK«rfeliiia f. egg-sh^n, LoD20b. 
Sgergelu n. ycih of egg, Gl. [fig, geoln] 
flfflota m. seafa/rer, sailor. An 2 58. [leg] 
A g g e n iang n. egg-mixture, WW. 
Ag-hwi ml., -hwnt, n. pron. each one, every 

one, everything, who or whatever. AghwSt 

nent. anything. [»g=agi] 
Aghwftr everywhere, in every direction, 

Mk; M : in every ease, in every respect i 

anyichere. [*aywhere*] 
fighwaM (g8. of fishwa) aUogelher, in every 

way, entirely, whMy, throughout, in general. 
AghwflBt Y. nghw&. 
flghwaSar (figSar, atSer). I. proiL each or 

every one (of two or more), either,* both, 

AO,Mt (gV). II. oonj. fighwtt^r (ge)... 

ge; £gS6r...and both...andi as well., .as. 
flg-hwanan, •hwaaon(e), -hwannon, -hwa- 

nmn, from aU parts, everywhere, on every 

side, %n every way. 
flg-bwir, -hwSr=fighwfir 
Affbwale = Aghwilo 
flghw^er = ftghwn'Ser 
Aghwider on every side, in aU directions : in 

any direction, anywhere. 
AghwUe adj. each, every, whosoever, whatso" 

ever, all, every one, Bo,Met. A. aura each. 

A. 5t$er each other. Ma. Aghwiloee in every 

uxky. [y. *eacA'] 
Ag-hwonan, -hwonoa (GP), -hwonenew 


AiSiwydar ^ Aghwider ; Aghwylc=Aghwi]o 
Agltt f. (m? nT) restitution, repayment. 
AgUde adv. receiving no ^wergud* as com' 

pensation, LL. 
AgUtrrAgylt; Ai^Ao^aglAo 
Af^iaw learned in the law. 
AglfWi m. white of egg. [Bm] 
Agmang (WW4»)=£ggemaag 
Agmore f . root of the eye, socket? Lcd3-98*. 

ing n a n sb. pi. awns, sweepings, chaff, Gl. 

[y. egena] 
Agnes =agne8, ▼. agen; Agnlan=agman 
Agru ▼. Ag; 8Bgsa=eg8a 

AOoiU (y) i' eggsheU,ljOD. 

AgSar = i^bws'Ser 

Agweard f. watch on the shore, B241. [ieg] 

Agwern = AghwAr 

Agwyrt f . dandelion, LoD t68b. 


Agylt m. sin, offence, [mw, gylt] 

Agype without skill or cunning (BT), 

PPs 106^'. 
aBhher (MkR4")=ear 
Ahlw n. paUor, OEG4897. 
Ahlwe pallid : deformed. 
Atalwnes f. paUor, Lod 1-294*. 
Alil^ m. breach of the peace, assault, LL. 

[op. »thlyp] 
Aht L f. (rare in eg.) possessions, goods, 

lands, wealth, catUe, Mk; AO : ownership, 

control [agan : *aifyA<' 8b.] II.=dht 
Afthtan to persecute, LkL21». 
Ahtboren 6om in bondage, RBll**. 
Ahte=ahte pret. eg. of agan. 
AhteUnd n. territory, BH368^«. 
Mhtemann m. tiller of the soil, serf, farmer, 

AhtMwAn m. swineherd who was a chattel on 
an estate, LL449^ 
Alitgasteald n. possession, Jul 116. 
Ahtgeetreon n. possessions, Ph606. 
Alitgewaaldt pin. power, control 
nhtlan = eah^iHni 
+»liUe f. esteem, B369. 
ahtowe (LkR2»)=reahta 



AhtipM t weaUh, riches, LPb103>«. 
AhtipMlg f»6^ 
fthtwelat m* tMoUh, riches, 
mhtmeing weaUhy, rich, Ji7l18. 
Ahwnnne, fthwAr, -hw&rsfthwwime, 

fibwjrrfui = ahwierian 
nbK=»08; nigsttg 
8Bl- prefix = Leal(l)-; ILel(e)- 
8b1 m. piereeTf 'oto!,* ^. 

AUMend m. legisUOor, SPbO*^. 
AlArenile m. feac^ o/<Ae lawt instructor in 

reunion, ElSOQ, 
AlAta L n. desert place. IL desert, empty, 

W47<^. IIL I. divorced woman. 
AlAien L^alfiten pp. of alAtui. IL=z 

Alagol lawgiving, GPH397>«. 

fibtn lo Miuae, light, set on fire, Imm, M,CP. 

Alirtow (-larcia) m. teacher of (Ae law, 

Pharisee, NO. 

AliS=eftU^; slbeorhtseallbeorht 
Ale [elo, ylo (VPs); ▼. 'each*] I. (pron. 

sabst.) any, aU, every, each (one), MjiO, 

CP. »io...dtriim the one... the dher. II. 

(adj. pron.) each. Led : any, CP. 
aolOMddt altogether cold, very eotd. 
nleor, »lei»=elcor, elora 
alonBltlgt ohnighty, aU-powerfiU. 
Atoabt (AO) nlowoht n. everything. 
8BM=tt]ed; 8BM-=ield- 
8BM«wiite (NG) = ealdwita 
Aiaeung = dleooung 
Aledf m. gs. fildesnre, JSre6ra9ui. A.weooan 

to kindle afire, Whals21. [ON. eldr] 
Al«df^ IL jiame of fire, PhSOBT 
Medltonui m. fie-hrand, B3125. 
nlflgriMlg ffreetiy, ^L 18»*. [eall-] 
alcfrine (RP8l27>)=ea]lgr6ne 
SDlelendlM = delendiso 
selflmldde I. exact middle, M. 
Alange I. lengthy, tedious, vexaHous, CP. 

[*elenge*] IL toeariness. ^^ 
AI«iignM f. tediousness. So, WW. ^^ 
aslepe? 'origanum,* wHd marjoram, WW 

29^*. [fBleneT BT] 
MopfUe I. *eeZ-i)ou</ 6iii^e, WW. 
m\A pres. 3 sg. of alftn; Ale8, A0=filed 
8»l0W6aldeiid = eaQwealdend 
»lf ml. (pL ielfe, ylfe) *elf,* sprite, fairy, 

goblin, incubus, B,Lcd. 
flBlUdl f. moAlmore, LoD 123b. 

0l-fwii, -ier f. loAofe army, AcmI, Ex 66. 
alfoyiiii n. e(/ln roee, Lod 123a. 
urif <f = tdf aro 

AI-Hm, -fix m. eeZ, TC242u. 
alllta =ylfetii 
al-ljreiiiod, -fremd, (el-) tiirange, foreign, M : 

(+) estranaed, LPs 67* : (w. iram) /^, 

separated from, M. 

nlframeda (el-) m. stranger, foreigner. 
SBlfraniediiiig f. 'aJiemiiio,* REjtP^. 
»]f-Mleii« (i^')t bright as an eff or fairy, 

beautiful, radianL 
nllridan f. elvish infiuence, nightmare, 

wtUaogeSSu m. hiccough {thought to have been 

caused by elves), Jjod 124b. 
aUSttodiloa = elKodiglioe 
asUSfeno f. nightshade, LoDl23b. 

atftylpe (-"c3-)t n- !• strange land. IL 

foreign band, enemy. 
ADiyd f. eel receptadef eel-shinf (BT) 

AUo (o/ (^ Zat0), 2e(^ lawful, M. adv. 

mun f. sustenance, QlT (t. £842166) 
Attng f . 6iirfitn9, iE : ardour. 
«lliig-=fileiig-; nll-=nl.,eal(l)-,el(l). 
MlmeHBeer m. ground of which the yield teas 

given as alms, first-fruits. All -3**. 
ttlmaabnS n. gratuitous bath, W171'. 
»lm«tdflBd f . alfiMdeei{, M. 
«lmeMl6Dde giving alms, NC269. 
vlmafteoh n. ahns : Peter's pence. Borne- 

scoL ['alfiw/ee*1 
ttlmesf nil charitatle. 
a»lmeiff Mill n. distribution of akns. 
Mbnefgeorii charitable, M. 
Mlmesglfa (y*) m. giver of alms, W72'. 
Mlmeiglfu f. alms, charity, W159**. 
ntaneahUf m. doU of bread, TC474*>. 
mlm^aMc giving of alms, NG269. 
ntaneslteht n. a light in church provided at 

the expense of a pious layman. 
8»lmflslle cAomoiie : depending on alms, 

poor. -Hoe, adv. charitably, GET. (Ot.) 
nlmetlond m. land granted infrankalmoigne, 

ntaneimanii m. *(Umsman,' bedesman, 

beggar. Led; M. 
aBlmeapanlng m. alms-penny. 
atanMriht n. right of receiving alms. 
flalmetae f. ^alms,* almsgiving, Da,Mt; JE, 

CP. [L. eleSmoeyna] 
ntanenylan (e*) f. almsgiving. 
Almesweoro n. almsdeed, Bl25*'. 
atanldde = aalemidde ; SBlmleiitig = nhnibtig 
almlhtig (ea*,e*) adj. *almighly,* B,Ps,TC; 

AG,GP : m. the Almighty. 
ailmflitlgnea f. omnipotence, AS 69^. 
aibnyrea m. one enHrely black, Ethiopian, 


nlmyMe = elmease 
Alnet n. eel net, BH. 
Alplg =s anlipig 
flBlron adj. of an alder tru, KC 7-316. ['ol- 


atayndilf separately, LkR2*. 
altAwe (So, 6) complete, entire, perfect, 

healthy, sound, true, M,AO,CP : noted, M. 

[Cfoth. tfiwa}. -Bee adv. 


SBlStecl (»KSied-)^::^HS6od nppla) aiw Hnd of fruit, fruU in general : 

al-walda, -wealda=ealw8alda *a^P^>' OPfOen : ojjple of (he tyt, haU, 

nlwlhtt m. tffroMe ereaJhiirt, nnontter anything round, BoJOPfioL 

[=*^wiht] : (in pL)=eaUwihtft. mfptVbSbit9i\ fruil-heairing : appUrheofring, 

mnberii =embr en »ppelb0ara m. orcheard, PPsTS*. 

ftmeUe intipid, WW43S^. »ppelb«rende appie-bearing, I)Rd8». 

ftmrinw f . sla ekness, doth, M : weofinua, flBpp«l«yim n. Hnd of app le. Lo p 07a. 

dfj^iMf, WW. »ppel«yni«l n. <M>pfe |>fp, WW440**. 

Amen, fimenne (AO) uninhabited, desolate, »ppeltet n. appU-veeael, ZI)A31-15*^ 

desert nppelf mIu a^pte-y«Oow, 6oy , B21 fl6, 

fimenne soUtude, AS4u (v. W^3). i^palhOi n. /ritt< «toreAouM, WW. 

ftmtrge f. embers, ashes, dust. Led; M. »pptfsoMla f. apple-core, WW371^ 

['em6er*] s sppeta er^aA n. (only in pL) apple-parings, 
Amel-=£men- WWllS^ 

Ametbed n. ant-hiU, LoDl21b. nppeltriow n. 'oopZe-free,' WW. 

Amethwll f . leisure, M. wppeltQu m. apple or fruit garden, orchard, 
AmothyU m. ant-hiU, GP 101». M,CP. 

ftmetiui =£mtian sppetifern m. erab -appU tree, B03*93^ 

Ametto m. leisure, rest, CSP. [mOt] asppelwln n. cider, WW 430*. 

tbmttU t* emmet,* ant, Led,WW;M, nppladt shaped like an apple, round, 
Amettlf (GP), -m(e)tif; {M) 'emnty,' vacant, embossed. El Vappied*] 

Bl,^ : unoccupied, wUhauJt employment, JB : appul- = apnl- ; np8^»flp» nbs. 

unmarried, OP. npien shameless, OEGT*^. 

Ainettlglan=:fimtian nptonat f . iieyroce. 

Amlnd6n./orye</iiIfieM, LoDl•384^ Ar I. adv. oomp. firor; rop. firoet» 
ftmM dismay^, disheartened, M,AO, ftr(e)st *ere,* before that, soon, formerly, 

Amt-sfimett- beforehand, premousl^, already, latdy, tiU; 

±Amtlan to 'empty,* ^ : to be at leisure, (oomp.) sooner, earlier ; (rap.) just now, 

have time for, M,CP, first of all, OBT,Jn,El : early, prematurely, 
Amtteni i. empftne^e, GD35". Qu,Mk. on fir; fir tSiwDm previoudy, 

Amtloa m. *ccscum inietHwum,* WW 160". formerly, beforehand, CP, t6 &r too soon. 
Ainynde=fimind e fir ot^ asfter sooner or later, hwonne fir 

Amyroe excellent, WW393". how soonf whenf hwSne fir just before. 

Aniyrie=fimeige; Ainytte=fimette on ealne fime mergen tiery early in the 

Antsifin; +nn-=+en- morning, ne fir ne ait^n neither sooner 

8Bnlweoe=imbreoe; and- = end- nor later. &TaxidtiiS at (Ul times. ILoonj. 

ibn9 (axte) once, at some time, ^,B : at any *ere,* 6e/ore that, until, MJlO,CP. fir 

time : ai once. [* end *] 'Sam('Se) before, B. III. prep. (w.d. ) before. 

nnedsened IV. adj. only in oomp. and sup. (firra, 

Anes ady. once, firest) q.v. V. f.=ar f. VI. n.=ar n. 

Anetre = anwintre Ar- = I. early,former. II. intensitive prefix. 

Anett, finetne8=anet; Anga=anga Arm L m. scraper, strigU, Ql. II.=fiiTa 

Anganoundes in a unique way? (BT), ArAt m. excessive (or too early?) eating. 

LoD 162b. 8Brbe- = yrf e-, ierfe- 

»nge, sengei = enge, engel ArbeSoht premeditated. 

AngUso=£ngli0o; »nld=ened Arboren earlier bom, first-bom (or ?two 
Anig adj. pron. and sb. 'any,* any one, words), Gbh973. 

Mh,Jn. finige "SSnga somehow, anyhow, »ro=earo; SBrce^aroe 

[an] Arcwlde m. prophecy? Mod 4. 

Anlgge = antege ArdAd f . former deed. 

Anl^xkon any one, some one, NG. Ardag m. (najK firdagas) earl^ da/y, early 

Aniht = awoht ; Anlnga = annnga mom, dawn : m pL former days, past times, 

»nlAnan=onlfinan; Anlefan=:endlafon AO. 

Anlip- = anlep- Ardta8 m. premaJtwe deaih. Ex 539. 

Anllo one, * only, * singular, solitary, P« ; Lk : snrdlan = ea^dian 

unipte, glorious, noble, splendid, excellent, 8Brdon=:»mdon? from eman (Gkein), 

Bo; i£,AO. ady. -Uoe. B(a191. 

Anllplg {M)= anlipig nrdung = eaidnng 

Anne ( AO,CP) y. an. Are L =yre. II. in oomp. = -oared. 

Anote useless, LL254[3,34]. Artafe ( =:fi*) detected, TC230». 

AnrAdnls = anrfidnee ; Anyge = aneage Areldo *anteritus, * WW 347^*. 

Anytte=finette; »pl)=s<»ppel Aren made of brass, brazen, MJlO,CP : 

apledssfldppled tinkling? [ar; op. Oer, ehem] 

seppel m. (nap. aspplas, rarely ap(p)la, Arendbdo f . fne^M^e, letter. 


Arenddnea (AO,CP) stftrendiaoa Arncmtif^iilto mahainal, GM277. 

Orendo zl * errand,* mesaage, BH,Ou; AO : Arnemntd (tformnetUioned. 

miMiofi, A%,Ohr : annoer, neum, Udings, M. ameweg m. road for riding on, raee-covne. 
ArsiMttaBit eonmiMioned wOk an errand, [ieman] 

ML2e^. nrnlaB « eaznian 

Arendgist m. oii^ GsH 2290. Mrnlng f. *fimmii^, ' riding, racing, Bo,OD : 

Orendiswrll n. wriUen message, JeUer, JR, flow of blood, MiLV^. (lorn-) 

GP. «ni8=emt$ 

±Ar«iidbiii lo ^ ofi <m errand, carry a wnSUgtn (1) m* house-officer, Ql. 

message, send word to, CP : iiUoroede, BE; wrnungsseaniimg; AronsArran 

i£:(+)«p6e(I,«iie6ee({, W238^. [*6ffu2e'] Am I. adv. earlier, 6e/ore, fte/oreAoful, 
Arendnoi m. messenger, ttposUe, ambas- formerlg, MJkO : rather. IL pfep. (w. d.) 

sador, angei, MJlO : represeniaiive, sub- oefore, 

stiiuie, proxy, BH270». ArartrsArett 

Arendie^ n. sk^f, smaU boaL Am m. Am in. adj. earUer, former, Bo,M!l ; 

Arandiaeg m. meeeeiver, Orar668. CP. on Anran d«g the day oefore yesterday. 

ArendiprAe 1 message, RdOI". ['cre»* 'erer'] 

Arandunf f. errand : emnuI-^oHi^. Vemd" AnorsAror; aMt=ean 

•M^ '] Anetaftl 1 oM toori;, aneienf ImUding, 

Arand-wiafla (AO) -wreoa, (CP)=Ar«Q« anehan^wnhensetwhen; AnHsAreet 

dzaoa Antnf=Ant«f 

ArandanttsArendgewrit Ar-Sam, -tSon, -tSamtSe ▼. Ar; «iS-s=yr9- 

Araue^ =: Arendeoip ; Arar = Aior Arwaool early awake, M, 

Aratt I. ady. and sapBrL adj. flrH, atfrsi, +flHrwa depraved, wicked, EPslOO^. 

before aU, M,CP. T$i, tSonne, aitnSan A. Arwala m. ancient weaUh, B2747. 

as soon as. A. tSnga Jlre< of oO. IL= Arworiild f. ancient world, Gb937. 

Ariet Aiyiid=Aiend; ArsrrsAror 

Artodar m. fcrefoArr, B2622. Atjit L =» Ariet. II. t= Areet 

ArfBBftB^arfee^ serf a^s^iezf e, yrfa Aa n. food, meal, carrion : bait. [OHO. 

ArgaddB done before, GP. fte] 

Aif aframed 6e/ore eommttted. SMC I. m. nap. aeoae 'aeJb*-<ree, O'lJTC ; Mdf : 

Aff alfead previously instructed, MtL14*. name of the nine for » : (t) spear, lance : 
Arsananined, -geendsAmemned ship, M* II.:s«oe 

Ar^eatriont n. aneieiU ireaetire. Aecsere unshorn, unirimmed. [eoieran] 

Arfawaoiat n- ancient work, work of Men Aeean to dema nd (legally), LL177^ 

times. Aeci4io(WW273**)=Aeoeapa 

Affewlnn n. former strife or trouble, M eeeobarandt m., -boraf m. spear-bearer, 

warfare, GB0e8l9. soldier. 

Argaw y rtitt n. former work, deed of M. aeicbaraiida spear-bearing, Gxv20il. 
AiglsBd very bright, Ex293. 

AigMf good from old times f, very good, Aeea f, fuking, inquiry, search, LL : claim 

ArtiwDumt ereioAt2e,/ormer^. (^ tnearaiice money for theft of cattle), 

flBilan=:erian; eeilg (OET)=earh LL175>. ['ael;* eb.] 

Arlhtt n. code of law orfaM. ibseeap (S^) n. rem nant, p atch. 

Ariof f . day-break, early morning (A). eeeoada fpl. refused WW 148**. 

Arise =Saiieo neeageiwip n. cinders, ashes, TG318**. 

Ariel L (S) mfn. rising VPs ; resurrection, saeeaB L fm. vessel of ash-wood, bucket, pail, 

(Mwakening, Jn;CP. [*arist^ II. s Areet botUe, cup. IL adj. made of ash-wood, 

JMiof ? very dear, OEQ66**. a^Aen, LoD. 

AriM=:arlSaet eeeofaala ashy-hued, WW 204". 

Arlie(i} adj. ; -lice ady. 'eorly,' Jn. meegneg ashy gray, WW204>«. 

Ariyft f. early morning air, WW415^. eeeohara m. naval force. Ma 69. 

seeetaoltt n. spear of euh-wood, spear-shaft, 

Armofgea (a^, a*, e*) m. early morning, lance (v. aleo Mdf). 

dawn, day-break. Aeelan = aoeian 

Armorgenlte of early morning, DR. eesemann m. ship-man, sailor, pirate. [»eo] 

sem n. dwelling, habitation, house, building, aeeeplegam. play of spears, battle, Jui>217. 

doseL eeeorind f . 6arib of the ash-tree, Lod. 

Am = firen eeeordft brave in battle. 

mnuLik to* run,* ride, gallop, BHi{-\-)to ride, aeeeetede m. place ofbatOe, Mod17; Mdf. 

ran to, reach, gain by running or riding, eeeeetederiMI f. cross marking a baMefkld? 

ilO:=+ieman. Ct(BT). 

eerndlan - flerendian eeeottr m. gkry in war, Gair 2069. 

Araa-maigeii, -merigen (A) = Armoigen eeebSraou f . baHUe, Qws 2163. 


8B0O-8rota, -"Srota f . a plant, fertUaf vervainf deprive of, enaleh away, draw off, withdraw, 

Ainml emattnese of the eye, jLod. Mt; M : release, rescue, enlarge : prevent, 

ibaaoganp. slough {of snake) JjodSSsu [a- ^L31^*. [^aibraid*] 

Bmogan] aDtoUflan to adhere, BJPs 101*. 

flBiOWOTt = eaowyrt SBtellSaii to adhere, OET 181. 

OBtewlga} m. {spear-) warrior. ntdSmaii to refuse, give judgment against, 

SDiGWlaiiot brave. EC202. 

SMOwyrt f . verbena, vervain. Atddn any. to take away, deprive. 

fi8eyidlaii'({e2tn^fvere,'PPs. «ta=ate 

AsaUeml (y*) m. lawgiver. »ttaea (eth-) m. * appendix,* OEG63^'. 

flM0=ha8el 9ttecn6a=ntyone8 

mlliaiMl m. law-breaker, LPs. »taaldod too M, ^{2^). 

aMn^ = esne- ; a&sp = sBspe I. attow- = niSsw-, »tyw- 

Mpe I. f . aspen-tree, whtte poplar, Gl ; Mdf. attean = satycan ; ategir = »tgar 

[*(Mp^'] IL=»b8 ateglan to Aorm, PPS881*. 

Mpen adj. €upen. attede piet. 3 b^. of *»tgan he came. 

A^eng, fiBprmg(e) = asspryng Atewlan = ateonan 

Bdsixind {pe) t. aspen bar%. Led. ['<Mp*] altow-=8Btiew-, et^- 

AsprlngnM = aspnmgenea ateray n = atorcyn 

Ai^ng nf. spring, fountain, CP. [Sa] : Atere (@^) m. * eater,* gUUton, Prov; NG. 

departure, Cbh^tTI. Atern I. (NG) vtjier. II.=&treii 

Ati I. = Saeet. IL = Sst. alSw- = ntiew-, nt^- 

AstAnan=a8tffinan; Astan^Sastan atfastan (» o^-) to inflict on, afflict with : 

astal m. book-marker, CP9. [L. hastola] fasten to, drive into. Impart to, CP115^ : 

ml = eeol commit, entrust : marry to. 

AfwApe sbpL sufeepings, rubbish. atCnstnlaii to fasten? entrust f AS 21^*. 

Aswio m. offence, stumbling-block, infamy, atfaran* to escape, ShbU". 

seduction, deceiL atf eallan^ to fall, fdU out : fctU away, fail, be 
Aswlca, oswioend m. offender, deceiver, reduced, LL; M : happen, [^atfcul*] 

hypocrite, traitor. atfele m. adhesion, PP872**. 

Aswlea m. violation of Ood*s laws (orT atfeng m. attaching, distraint ▼. LL2'279. 

aduUery), W 164*. atteohtaii*t to grope about. 

±A6w letan to offend, deceive, JE : apostatize, atf telan* to stick to : adhere, apply oneself 

WW342» : desert, M. to, continue in, CP. 

AswlenM f . stumbling-block, LPs 105**. atteonlan to tal» ^comi So 160^. 

Aswloung I. offence, stumbling-block, M : atf erian to carry away, bear off. 

deceit, M : sedition. atfllan=»tf Solan 

Aswlnd idU, slothful, WW422». [swTS] atflton* to flee away, escape by flight, M. 

A8yUen4l=ffi8ellend ra<)Iee'] 

at I. prep. (w. d. and, more rarely, a) atlldwan' to flaw together, accumulate, 

f local) *at,* near, by, in, on, upon, with, bcr SPs61^*. 

fore, next to, as far as, up to, into, toward : atfdn^ to seize upon, lay claim to, LL. 

(temporal) at, at the time of, near, in, on, to, [' atfong '] 

until : (causal) at, to, through : (source) atforan I. prep. w. d. before, in the presence 

from : (instrumental) by. »t feawum of, in front of, dose by, Jn;M. [^a^ore*]. 

wordum in ftw words, BH : in respect to, II. ady. beforehand (time). 

as to. II. ady. at, to, near. 8Bt nehstan, atiytlgan, -fylgan to adhere, cling to. 

sst niSeetaA flnaUy. set- in compositions a(-gadere (AG), -gsBddre (CP), -gsdre, 

at, to, from. -IB^flederum aidy. tog^ffier, united, at the same 

ibihiabi. eatables, food, meat, flesh, Ou;^, time, [gadrian] 

AG. fit and w»t food and drink, M : at-gAre n., -gar m. spear, dart, javelin, Gl. 

the act of feeding, eating, PPs;'MkL (e). atgangan' to go to, approach, Az 183. 

[*eai' sb.] II. pret. 3 sg. of etan. ['a<S^o*] 

At* = ate- ; -Ata y. seU-nta. atgeddre, -gedre = etoadere 

atAwlan=CBtiewan atgenumen removed, taken away, WW 
ietan* to eat, devour, AS IT^* ; 37*. 529**. 

atbten any. to be present. Atglefaf (eo, i) m. food-giver, feeder. 

atberan* to carry to, bring, produce, show, atglfan* to render, give, B2878. 

Da : carry off, B. [*a(6ear*] atglldan^ to slip away, disappear, 0EG7"*. 

atberstan* to break out, or away, escape from, atgrApe seizing, n. weorSan seize, B 1268. 

JB. [* atburst *] atliablMiB to retain, M. 

atbrUan = etbregdan athaaldan' to keep back. So 109^*. 

atbrMendlio abkuive, .£Gb23^. atbeblmn* to take away, take out, hold back, 
at-bregdan, -bredan* to take away, carry off, M : exalt oneself, CP 1 13". 

jsrrmNDAK ii ^deldugub 

setliliidaii prep. w. d. behind, afkr, Chr; M, wtgprlngaii* to rusk forthy spuH out, B1121. 

Vaihindeii'] ValBpring'] 

sttiltapaii^ to run away, flee, escape, W 162*. miMpdagnm, -spruiig(en)ne8 f . dtfeetion, 

mihJLfp m. asaavU, [op. fihlyp] »tipiiriuuk = flBtspoman 

wdXhAoMSk^ to touch, move, MtiM, [*a<rine*] »t^yriii]ig=rBt8pomang 

atliilne m. touch, »tsl=itot pros. 2 sg. of etaa. 

ttthwft each, every one, »tat- = oiSBt- 

astliwire xMieii'Aol, HOL421''. 9tit»l m. a«2, oMMtonee (GK);=et0teall 
»t-hw«ga,-hw»ga,-hweg(a)adT.«(miei0ila<, (BT), OulSO. 

toIeroUy, a lUUe : Aoir. SBtoUBppan* to step up to,. B 745. 

athwaorteii* to rehtm, ^fo 6ck;i, B2299. tttetandan* to stand stiU, stand ai, near, 

ttfhwdn ady. almost, nearly. in or by, ^ : remain, stand up : check, 

mthS^'eviscerata,' (skinned? BT),WW^92r. resist, M : cease, Lk; M. VaUtand*] 

setlenuui' to run avaay, M. [^aJlirin *] ntetaiideiid m. bystander, attendant, M, 

ntfafwrnn (o'S-; e, da, do, i, f) pret. «g. mmsMd^ndt standing by, QJ)2M*^. 

-ie(w)de, (tr.) to show, reveal, display, die- artsleall m. assistance, meeting with hostiie 

close, manifest, Mt (f), CP : (intr.) Moio inleni (GK) : station, camp station (BT), 

oneadf, become visible, appear, Mt (f). WaldI*^. 

[*aiew *] »t-<ient ▼. fletetandan ; -stente ▼. fletstyntaa. 

Attng f. eaHng, So 170* (d) : pastwret Mdf. aBtaOlhui to ^02, LoD25b. 

Sttnge (y*) speechless, OEG40**. »titr«iigaii to unMoU wrongfully, LL206^ 

8Btli pree. 3 sg. of flBtwesan, etbfiOQ. ntftyntan to 6{«n<, cliitt, weaken, 

mtiW'=miSeW', etyw- SBtiwerlMi* to deny on oath, LL. 

»tUMaa(»otS-)to<^'<«<»«(oyf'^* VaUead*] ntnrtgtok to keep silence about (be) GD 

«tlk adj. eataNe, WW,LkL (%), 217». 

atttogan* to lie uUi, JBQrV^, [*citiie'] Mtowtaamaa' to e«oa|)e 6y MOfmmin^, swim 

ntttmiiaa' to /a0 oioay from, escape, be lost, out, Chb918. 

M. iettaa (ayttaa) to eat up, 

aBtlddaa to 2iirl;, hide, AB. ['atfttlien*] Atter, JBttor=ator; Attr-=fitr- 

aBtaAbstoa (y) ad v. o< l ast, artSriagaa' to toi« away from, deprive of. 

ataes f. edibility, WW22«^K atwtaxaa^ to tncreoM (Swt.). 

flDtataaaa* to toite atoay, deprive of, Ex414. tttwegaa* to dear away, carry off, B 1198. 

aetol =etol Atwela abundance of food, feast, Sottl 123. 

AtOB pret. pL of etan. tBtwealaa to wean from, lL368'. 

Ator, iBtoroynn ^itor, atoroynn atwesaa aay. to be at hand, 

Atna -Strian astweteade at hand, imminent, WW. 

SBtreoeaa w. d. aad a. to declare forfeit, SBtwladaa' to escape, M. ['atvoind*] 

deprive of, LoD. ntwlst Lf f. i>re«ence. IL=edwi8t 

ACrea poisoned, poisonous, MtL (-era). flBtwItaa* to re^proocA (tri^), censure, tauni, 

[*atten»T ife<,P«; CP. [*a<u»ite'] 

fttreaaidd of venomous spirit, malignant mtwfnosLn to seize by fraud. 

(or? two words), GnE103. ast^eaa to €M to, increase, BH. [!ecan] 

Atreaaes f. poisonous nature, LcD55a. as^aat f. tfi«rea«e, BH. 

±AtrUia to poison, AO : become poisonous. At9aAa=ont^nan; A^age=Atinge 

[* alter'] »^=89ti8 pres. 3 sg. of etweBan. 

SBtrig jioMoiKHM, Xol ;M. [* ottery *] nt-ywaa, -ywian = ntiewan 

»Mhte (y) I. adj. riaht €U, near, present, astsiwodaes f. showing, appearance, manifes- 

at hand, II. adv. cimost, nearly, tation, revelation, GD. 

CBtiaeaa* to (ieny, XI;; ^ : renounce, JUk, mtfyrtgtndl^ demonstrative, MGb, 

[*atoaJbe*] nl^waes f. showing, manifestation, revela- 

atnuaae (ab, e, o) adv. united, together, at ticn : apparition, iE : Epiphany, 

once, AO. stfwiiagf. manifestation, Epiphany, CM 

•tseBotaa' to escape, disappear, MF (Veep. 531. 

Dziy). ASaa I. (d:)tofnal«oaiA,«t0ear. [iX] II. » 

•tieflltea' to «ftooe attuy. If$an 

flBttfttaa* to sit by, remain, stay, Chr, nSel^aBtSele; ASel^eiSel 

I'atsit*] ttSelborea of no62e birth, distinguished, M : 

ttttUpfta' to eleep fteeuie, LoD83a. free-bom, M : inborn, natural 

fBtoOdaa^ to slip, glide,faU, M, fleSellMreaaet f. nobility of birth or nature, 

vtMiaae (^)=»t0amae M : inborn nature, OEG4518. 

fBlqwraaa* (a) to strike against, stumble, go aSaleuad of noble birth, 

wrong, CP : rebel (»t). ttSdenadaet f. no62enee«, Bo 46". 

mtgpomang i. offence, etumbUng-hlock, mis- flBSeleyaiBg m. no6Ie king (Christ), M. 

fortune, CM230. aSelduguS f. no62e reltnue, Cb1012. 


flriStle noble, arisloertUie, exeeUetU, famoust Owloiiw f. etemUy, RPsl02^* (▼. p. 303). 

glorious, Ex,Otn; M,AO,CP i splendid, fine, Awletan (e, U 2f)» -wielme m. sowrce, fount, 

eosUy, valuable : lusty, young : pleasant, spring,beginning,AO,CP. [-BSawyun] 

sweet-smeiling, Oen : {+)natural, congenial, Awlntr«=&iiwmti6; Awlf-sfiwiso- 

suital>le, I'adtel*] Awlio L nf. ojfence, shame, disgrace, die- 

nS^l-ferSlngwyrt, -fyidingwyrt t sHtchr honour, AO. [(Toi^ aiwiaka] IL dis- 

wort (plant), Lod. graced, shameless, indecent ^^ 

+8BS6llant to nuihe noble or renowned, Hy, Aivliebereiido disgraceful, shamehd, WW 

ri-oMefe'] 264« 

flSells =»'5emo ; fiSello =6a«elio «wIm« = Awiao L 

aSattng m. man of royal blood, nobleman, Awtoe-fflrtnoiid (Ql), -fixina (NO) m. 

chief, prince, AO,Chb (▼. LI^*274) : "fking, shameless sinner, pubUean, 

Christ, Ood, Or : ^man, hero, saint; in pL Awlsollo disgracefut, infamous, OEG. 

men, people, Oen. [* aiheling*] Awlsemftd ashamed, abashed^ cowed. 

8»8oliiighid n. princdy slate, Lod3*438^ AwlseBM t shameless conduct : reverence, 

bbSUVOo noble, excellent, adv. -lloe. Awlt» m. counsellor, El465. 

«8«ln6f f . nobility, exceUenoe. AwUo legal, lawful, adv. -Hoe. 

«8elo s nlSela ± AwBlan to marry, M. 

flriktartenc m. stoeet smell, Ph195. Awnung f. wedlock, OEG. 

8Bo«ttiiiifolt n. noble star. ibwvl baske t with a narrow neekfor catching 

feSelu in. nobiUty, family, descent, origin, fish, WWISI^. rtscawl, Bl^ 

GP : nature : noole qualities, genius, talents, Awiunboran taufuUy bom, LL76'. 

jKre-eminencetBoiproducefgrowth. [*athel*] AwungsAwnimg; Awuiigt=Sawiiiige 

M- =: S«. Awyn m. stream, BC 1-542. 

Mm (d) m. air, breath, breathing, GP; A-wybn* -wylmesftwielm 

jSa<. (d) : oajNmr, JB : 62mI, iB. ['elAem*] 8BW]^dla=CBfw7Tdla 

Mmlan to /iMii«,exAaJe,emti a MiieK. Awyipm.<Arotoffi^a«»y:t0AalMoa<<ai(»y : 

08re=fidre anaborUon. [aweorpan] 

MreeUo fem6fe, BPs95^ Awyso- = Awisc- ; 8BZi=^»oB, eaz ; me =asoe 

ASrei- =fi'8r7t- me^f. ase-Aeod, Ghii1012e. [ft] 

SSSsot n. disgust, weariness. [&tSr6otan] nzfaru f. 'apparatus,* naval expedition f 

ASryt L troublesome, wearisome, disgusting. («■ sbso-T ▼. £3 37-184), Gl. 

IL n. weariness, disgust, tediousness, M. 8Bilan=a8oiaii; 8Bil=eaxl; nii=eo8 

«8ryte=ft1SrytI. ifadan=af6dan 

AStytnes f . tedium, r. OEG4582. itAgan to depict, figure, BH. [faff] 

d^yttan to weary, M. itflgrlan (m) to ornament, adorn, BH. 

8bSSm (Bd, Beaih-aong) = 0*950 I-t»lan» -f sBUaa = afyUan n. 

Awl.=8g. II.=£we itOmanfo/oamoiil, PPsllS^. 

AwAde without dolhes, WW230**. UAran to frighten, PPs,Mk,Ohr; AO,GP. 

Awan to despise, scorn, Ps. l*afear,* *af eared] 

AwlirAoe despising the law, M : adulterous, ftto8t=Swf8B8t 

LL. Usestan I. to /(Mt, LL, W. II. to let out of> 

Awbreoa (i, y) m. adulterer, LL (y). hire,MkRl2^. 

l*eaubruehe**'\ Ataatia interj. certainly / assuredly / M. 

Awbryoe m. adultery, M ; LL. [' eaubruehe^ '] itseetnlan (e) to fix upon, fasten, make firm, 

Awda, Swdamann m. witness, compurgator, confirm, AO : enter, inscribe, M : buHd. 

LL. ftfAttlan to fatten, anoint, APb22*; LPb140>. 

Awe L fn. married woman, M : married Uandellc=:afattdodlio 

people. II. lawful : married : bom of the ifandlan to try, test, prove, tempt, LkJLcd; 

same marriage. M,02 : find ouJt, experience, M. alandod 

Awelm = Swielm (and af anden T ) approved, excellent, M. 

Hbw^hbT^lioTin. brother by the same marriage, Atand-lgendllc, •odlio proved, approved, 

WW413>*. laudabU. adv. -odBoe. 

Awf ne doubtful, uncertain. ftfandung f . trial, M. 

Award adj. ? religious, or sb. 7 regular priest, ifangennes f. reception, acceptance. 

AKS 128-298. [op. Sweweard] alara=eafora 

SBwerdla = sef wyidia ftfaran to go out, depart, march, travel, ^^ AO. 

Aweweard m. priest, Bl161". i*afare*] 

AwfSBSt upright, pious, devout, religious, ituillSLii!' to faU down, fall in battle, Lk;CPi 

ii:,GP : married, M. fall off, decay, ['afiule*] 

AwfeBften n. legal or puJbUc fast. Ueallan = afyUan 

AwfsBStHo lawful : reUgious, GP (nf-). adv. if Man to feed, nouri^ bring up, maintain, 

-tioe. support, JB ;A0 : bring forth, produce, 

AwtaBftnes f. religion, piety. [*4/^'] 


if igan to join, DB (oe). iflraiiBui ( VPs) = ifremdan 

if •hUn (I>B) =: if eohtan itremlhiiig f . alienation, VHy. 

ifellansafyUan; ifeUe^fifeUe itrCoSan* tojroth, LcBiSb. 

ifeohten* to fighi, fight againti, attack, AO : ifrten (-ia, N) to deUver,fre€, 

tear omt, dettroy. afd6K=ofaldg; attar =«tar 

if ton ' odisH,* JrPs. ifaUan to become foul, putrefy, rot, be corrupt, 

if eonnlan to cleanse, purye, purify. defiled, 

ifeoimung f. ecouring, cUaneing, purging, afuUo perveree, ▼. ES42-162. 

So. ifulllaiid m. fuUer, BfkB9*. 

i-feomn, -feoEiiaii (CP)=safieTnuQ ifunde rare wk. pret. 3 og. of afindan. 

ifeonian to remove, do away, expel, diepel, ifuidennM f . invetUion, device, discovery, 

M : go away. M. 

if«r=alor; aftrm=ealora; ifiransrilAran UfUai to foul, stain, d^Je, corrupt, CP; M. 
afartan to provide horses for team work {as Vafile*] 

service for a lord), y. ANS100«73f. ifyllan I. (w. g. or ±) to fiU,fiUu9,replenish, 

H-faiian (Gl), -ferransafierran ^atitfy, M; AO : complete, fumL [*afU}']. 

if mean to become fresh, B086*". II. (y =ie) to cause tofaU, feu, beat ^^^, 

if enlan = afeoraian overturn, subvert, demolish, abolish, Lk;Mi 

ifestalan rWW49*)=8lMtiuan Oay, kill ['afeUe*] 

afeflgan=liaf6taan ifynlan=&fiiidan; ifyr-=afierr- 

iflenan (eo, i, y) to remove, withdraw, i^ran to emasculat e , affred (CP), af^ 

dejifort : estrange from, take away, expel, pp. aa sb. eunuch. 

dr%ve away, CP. [feozr} iiyThiux to frighten, terrify, MJlO. 

illerradnM (y) f . removal, NG270. i^da = if^red ; i^frran := Ifienan 

ifl^on fried, Ql. il^iilan = ueortian 

ifUgan to pursue, GxK 14". if^ian (intr.) to hasten : inspire with longing, 

illndan* ( =on-) to find, find out, discover, Bl : (tr.) urge, impel, excite : drive away. 

detect, Jn;M: experience, fed, M. [*afind*] [inti] 
iflr- = afierr-, afeor-, &fyr- iga m. proprietor, owner, GD230^. 

illrSan (—y) to remove, liODl '294x1. igAlan to hinder, keep back, preoccupy, 

illsBgen pp. of aflSan. detain, hold back, retard, delay, AO : 

ilMtoian = iflleman neglect, GP : profane. 

ifltan* to strip off, fiay, GD. igAlwan to terrify, astonish, AO. 

ifl9gan (DB) = l^egan ; iflinuui » aflfaman ifalan* to sound forth, sing, chant. 
ill ton*, -fltogan to fly, flee away, Chi : fiy igald=ageald pret. 3 ag. of acieldan. 

from, escape. Vq/lee*] igillan to become slack, CP65». 

illtotan* to skim, Lod. igan I* (conj. Wt640) to own, possess, have, 

ill&ui=afllegan o&totn, iln,Bo,Jfa,Jf(; AO,CP : give, give 

ifllegan (!, f) to put to flight, expel, J& (I), up, deliver, restore : have to pay, *owe,* 

[*a/Iey*] MtJ^k : have to do, ANS 123-417. a. at 

ifDeman (f) to put to flight, expel, scatter, flnd out, discover. II. pret. 3 ^g. of 

disperse, rout, Chr; CP : banish. [*<sfleme*] aginnan (ongmnan). 
ifllt^=afliegaa igin (oonl. v. gan) to go, go by, pass (of 

ifflgnng f. attackt LoD 1*338". time), Mk. oiu.go away : occur, befal, M : 

"iflfwng Y. mete-a. come forth, grow, Ps : approach : lose 

ill6wan' to flow, flow away or from, pass strength. [*a^*] 

oicay, AO,CP. igangan=agan 

ifljfg-, &flyh- s=afl!eg- iga f. possessions, property. [ON. eiga] 

if^ennes f . attack (BT), LcD 1*366'. agfon>=^ong6an ; igahwfir = Aghwftr 

ifl^man ss aflieman ; if 6g^n = &w6gian igeldan I. ito punish. IL = agieldan 
aft>l n. power, might, LL (304**). igilwan = ag£lwan ; igiman = agyman 

ifdn' (» on-) to receive, take in, take, Mk, igen I. * own,* proper, peculiar, BHJ3at,Iit; 

Ps : lay hold of, seize, MtB,Jul : hold up, AO,CP,Cbb,M. &. oyre freewill, agnea 

support. Vafong*] tSonoes vohinlarily, spontaneously : proper 

ifondlan = if iwidian {gram.), ^Gb. II. n. property, LL : oion 

ifor bitter, add, sour, sharp t dire, fierce, country. III. pp. of agan. 

severe,harsh,impetuous. [0lr(?.eiTar,6ibar] igin^ongSan 
afora s eaf ora iginbewendan to return. 

iforliltan to be frightened, take fright, iginouman^ to return, Lk8<«. 

wonder at, IE. igend m. otmer, possessor, master, lord, 

MtUnkn, -Mfrian to comfort, console, make ae ^ the Lord. 

glad, CP. [frdfor] igandfrte I. m. fer J, ottmer. Iht mistress f 

il^em-dan, -dian to alienate, M : become Gxir2237. 

aUenated, igandfrto = agendfrSa 




igendSee properly, cu one *s own : mpcrioiM- 

ly, CP145». 
if en-frlg», -frige = agendirga 
igSngehweortftn* to reium. 
igSnhwyrlan to return. 
igSnlernan* to run againet, meet. 
iginlAdmn to lead back, WW91*. 
igenlle own : owed, due, DR. 
ftgennama m. proper name, MC^bZS^. 
If enitM f . prciierty, M, 
if Cnsendan to eend back, Lk. 
if eiiilaga m. slayer of oneself, suicide, M. 
if initandan* to press, urge, Lk. 
if enuof = agnung 
ifiode=&eode pret. 3 Bg. of agio. 
if Mlwlan to become yeUow. 
if temilaB to mourn, grieve, 6D. 
if eoman = agyman 
if iotan' to pour out, pour forth, shed, MtL; 

CP : meU, found (of imagee) : du^oy : 

deprive (of), Jin>32. [^ageten^] 
ifletan* (eo, i, y) fo give, impart, deliver, 

give up, yield, relinquish, Mt (y) : reetore, 

return, repay, pay, AO. eft a. give bach, 

return, [*a^f»*] 
ifleldan* (e, i, y) to pay, repay, compensate, 

yield, restore, reward, AO : offer oneself, 

offer up ((M a sacrifice) : perform {an office), 

& (y) : allow : to punishf Ph408. 
iflemeliMlan (i, y) to neglect, despise, CP. 

agimeiSasod neglectful, cmreless, NC337. 
ifleta=agita; ififan (AO,CP)=agiefan 
ififlAB to bestow, grant, DR1241*. 
iflft=figift; ifUdaii(CP)=agieldan 

ifUpftn* to exuU in (w. d.), Soul 165. 
ifiltan = agyltan 
iflnieliaslan (C) = agfemeltedan 
iflmmed set with precious stones, M. 
iftniian = onginnan 
iftta m. prodigal, spendthrift, CP. 
iftten = ongietan 
i^ttan I. to waste, destroy, Chr, [*aget*'i 

iC^bid m. state of misery, Rd54'. 
if -lAo, -laot n. iroul}le, distress, oppression, 

misery, grief, 
iflAoat (S) m. wretch, monster, de$non, fierce 

iflfiocrcBtt (ao-) m. evU art. An 1364. 
iflAowU n. female monster, B 1259. 
i^Adan? to cause to slip. v. AB 19*163. 
if lldan^ to glide, slip, stumble. 
af n- =angn- 

if nere m. owner, .^!Gb110". 
if lies =agene8 gmn. of agen adj. 
ifnett n. interest, usury,IJsIjl9**. 
if nettan to appropriate, Gl. 
ifneUunf f. 'usurpatura*^ Lkl9>* (ES 

i:if Dlan to *own,* Rd : daim : appropriate, 

usurp, Bo,Mt; CP : make over (to), M. 

if nUan^ to rub off, WW386^«. 

ifniden L f. rubbing, Ol? (▼. A 31 -533). 

II. used, threadbare, WW220M 
if Dleiid (&h) m. owner, possession, 
±if nlendllo possessive, genitive {ease), MQk, 
+if nod own, CP262**. 
if nanf f. owning, ownership, possession z 

claim, declaration or proof of ownership, 
ifoienea f. effusion, sheddtng. 
ifratan* to carve, hew, sculpture, M : engrave, 

inscribe, ^. 
ifnifenUc sculptured, ARSPsl05». 
ifiiplan to grasp tighOy, ML%^, 
ifritan (oe) to attack, LkLR9«*. 
ifrtmetlan (y) to rage, GD. 
ifiban^ to quake, fear, LL, [*agrise*] 
iffowen overgrown. 
ifr^ndaii to descend, 
ifryian=agii Ban 
afu f. magpie, WW132u 
Afustua m. AugusL 
S^-» agyld- =agief-, agield-, figild- 
ifylpan = agilpaa 
ifyltan to offend, sin, do wrong, JV;CP. 

ifyttend m. debtor, 
igyltfiif f . guUt, offence, DR. 
ifyltnes f. guiU, NC270. 
if^man (e) to regard, contemplate, AS : heal, 

iffmeltaataii =agiemelSa8iaii 
ifyiiimed=agimmed; afyniuuksoiiffiiiiiaii 
ifyrnan to desire, be eager for, GD20CP* (eo). 
igytan = ongietan 
ah (AO,CP)=>ac (oonj. and adv.) 
ill ores. 3 8g. of agan; ih-=af- 
ihiMiban to restrain : (refl.) abSoin (fram) : 


ihaoelan to pick out, ML2S^. 
ihSBbban = ahebban 
ilMBldan = ahildan 
ihatannes f. rising, UfUng up : elevation, 

pride. ^ 

ihalslan to implore, 
ilianglan to hang, LkL23**. 
itaitan to name, MtL27». 
iliitlan to become hot, WW214*^ 
ihealdan' (» on-) to hold, keep, DR,JnL. 
ihealtton to limp, crawl, LPsl7««. 
iheardlan to be or become hard, grow hard or 

inured, CP : endure. 
iheardunf f. hardening, Lod. 
ihtewan^ to out off, out or down, JS,CP : 

cut wood irUo planks. 
ihebban* (oooL wk. pret. ahefde and pp. 

ahefed) (often w. up) to lift up, stir up, 

raise, emU, erect, LJkiCP i take aumy, 

remove '.support, uphold '.leaven. l*aheave*] 
ihebblan = aebbian ; ihetednes = ahaf ennea 
ihefeglan (CP), .hef(i)gian (8b) to make 

heavy, oppress. 
iheld ( VPs) =ahyld pp. of ahyldan. 
ihelUan? to cover over, conceal, hide, 



Ihel^n* to hdp, support (w. g.)< ihrfriaa = ahrinan 

IhSnui to hvmhU, LkL : aeeuae, NO. alMe=aBoe; ilMian=&Msian 

[hienan ; hean] mbt, aht = eaht, awiht ; ahte seahta 

HhmiikuUak to weigh, consider, Gl. ihte, ahton pret. 3 ^. and pL of agaa. 

Ihiran ^ahyian ihim (»g. ot aht) of any account or value. 

ftherUm to praiee, DR. ihtffoe etouthf, manfuUy, Ghb (E). 

Ahiiian = iQiYiiaii ihwft pron. any one* 

ilk6ffttaii(BPs)=ah7ntan iliwAiian to vex, grieve, affiiet, Led;M. 

lUieten pp. of ahataD. [^awhene*] 

italflgaii = ahyogan ; ililenaB v. ahSnan. ihwaane adv. when, whenever : at eomeUme, 

Uii«rdan (i, y^ to make hard, harden, CP : any time, RB : at dU times, 

encourage, antnuUe. [hean]] ihvnBr (a, S) anyu>her€, Bo,LL,M : ai any 

UIe8aii=ahytSaB time, ever, in any way. [^oirAere*] 

JihUihin (», e, y) to bend, incline, M : rest, IhwArgen anywhere : %n any ease, 

lay down (tr. and intr.) : turn away, avert : ihwat n. anything, 

cast down, destroy, ifawseSer (aw^r, afSer, itSor) I. pron. some 

ithlrdan (CP) = ahierdan ; iUAan s ah^tSan one, something; any one : ati^ing. II. adr. 

thladan* to draw out, letid out, draw forth, and oonj. either, AO,CP. a'Ser...ot$i$e= 

M : exclude, Bk18. either,„or, AO,LL, ['o«<Aer*] 

UUftca=:ag]£oa Uiwanon^ahwonan; iliwir=ahwAr 

ihlADan to set oneself up. Mod 63. ihwalfan = ahwy Uan 

ihlAmlan to become lean, M, Ukwortmn* (tr.) to turn, tmm away, convert : 

ihliapan' to leap, spring up, AO. (intr.) turn aside, turn away, Qen : avert, 

Ahliten (oe) to pitt out, DR66i*. I'ahwerf] 

IhlioSrlaa to sound, resound, GD. ihwfr^sOlhwfir ; Unrtrfan =ahwierfan 

ihllalilian* to laugh at, deride : laugh out, ihwettan to whet, excite, kindle, AO : hoid 

exuU, out to, provide : reject. 

ItalUi'^an, -nan =aluman iliwlder in cmy d¥rection,from amy source, M, 

VbiiOidtMJitodigout,OiL^tW^. [Ts:*alooiaa, ^hydesUiito turn away, turn from, avert,CB. 

cp. Inoan (BT) and v. ES42-165] iliwile=rAghwilo; ihwittllan ▼. awistlian. 

Alildwan to roar again, WW492U. ihwldan to whikn, BJFstSff, 

IhUttilan to cleanse, purify. iliwoBUk from any source, anywhere, 

ililyliban sahtiehhan ihwonB0=:ahw»nne; ihwydar=ahwider 

ihl^ttrtan s= ahlnttrian Ihwyltan to cover over, submerge, subvert, JS. 

ftlm« =agn- up a. pull up, loosen. 

ftlmfopan' to pluck off, Gv819. ihwyrfan = fthwieifan 

ftlmcaetaui to become soft or effeminate, AO : ihyogant to think out, devise, 

weaken, [hneaoe] ib^dan to hide, conceaL 

§hBllgfai^ to faU downt bow down, ^^^y^^■^|q -- &lii1Hm.n 

iboffian to aink out, be anxious about, QD. itayUeadUe efu^aie, .£Gb266>. [fthildan] 

iliolaa=aliolian ilqrttaa to trip «|), PPs 139*. 

iliollan to hollow, scoop out, CP. lit a. to ili^raa (e) to hire, 

root out, pluck out I engrave, emboss. Uiyrdaas ahierdan 

ih6a^ to hang, suspend, crucify, MkLB; Vtir&WBig t hardening, Bo2SZ^. 

AO,CP. Vahang*} Ah^asah^n 

Ahiqiian to lope /or (t5), Bl 17". Abyrttaa (sie) to roast, fry, LoD33b; 

AlirAcaa to spit out, Loi>9a. BPb 101« (e). 

ilirflBseiaa to shake offf (BT), LPs 108". ahyma to reproach, LPs 101*. 

Ahreddaa to set free, save, rescue, re<apture, Al]|3aa (ie, i) to plunder, destroy, devour. 

AO;M. Varedde'] [ha«] 

tbreddiag f. salvation, deliverance, HLO^, iMaa (y)7 *eliminare,* ▼. OEGT^n; BT. 

EC230. A-Id]lan» -idlan, -idelian to 6e or make useless, 

Uurioflaa to become leprous, MH174^'. frw^brate, empty, annul, ^,CP : prcfane : 

Uirtoiaa' to rush : /aU, fall down, M i be be free from : deprive (of), [idei] 

destroyed. Aleraaa' to run away, run out, go over : pass 

Abro^a to treai, FBO80*. by, go, 

Uirirma (» on-) to move, shake, make to AleSaa (&, I, f) to lay low, detnolish, destroy, 

trenMe, CP. cast out, 

ihrfn^ni (a. on-) to touch, handle, Lk, al=ea]l, ml 

['arine'] Al n. fire, burning, OEG4389; 4470. [cp. 

ibritfaa (y) to shake, stir up, CP : shake off. nlan] 

larese*] Attdlaa to excuse, Bol44*, aladiendfa 
Ahi9Baa=ahzinan *" excussorum,* BP8126*. 

Alvynui to cause to fall, destroy, Gl. ilgccan to catch, take, Chb 1123. 


iUMan (tr.) to lead, lead away, carry off, redeem, rekaee, aheolve, lit (y), AO,CP. 
withdraw, conduct, bring, M : (intr.) oe Valeee*'} 

prodwxd, grow, come forth. i&M-adiiM, -(e)iiee (fi, y) t redemption, ran^ 

ilSBiuuk to lend, M : granX, leaee. ['(dene*] eom, MtWLJt : remiaeion (of sine), ERHv 
ftlnr=alor 9". 

ilArsntoteocft, PP8118M. UlMend (S, I» ;) iil lU>eraior, deliverer, 

Ufison pret. pL of aleaan. Redeemer, CP. 

ilAton' to let go, give up, leave, loee, reeign, iDoMiidUc (y) looring, liberating, BH. 
lay aside, Jn; AO,GP : let, allow : release, iUeiliig, -Ifeanes (f )=a]ieMdiiee 
pardon, forgive : deliver, M. ['akt*] AIU n. eternal life,MFRlOS^. 

' ftlAtnes f. ZoM : remMeion {of sins). ftlllan = aliefan ; Uiflan := alibban 

alan* to nourish, produce. [Qoth. alan] AUh (DR) imperat. eg. of al€on. 

Manglan (impen.) to affect with longing, AUhtan to lighten, relieve, aUeviate, take off, 
i9ottZ164. ['oZofi^'] take away : 'a%At/ JBQr : (- onlihtan) 

Uatian to grow sluggish or duU, Gl. light up, ^. 

ala8 Lseala'S (▼. ealu). IL precu 3 ag. of ilimpan*t to occur, happen. 
alan. Mln nan = alynnan ; i]bend=allefleiid 

ftliSlan^ (Ol) to be haieful : haU : (hreaUtn. UlSlan (eo) to detach, separate, Oen : set free. 
9Xb t white garment,* alb,' LL. [L.] ['alithe*] 

aid (EWS,£K^)»=^eaJd; i]d=adl aU (striotlv Anglian, but found in AO,CP) 

Ueogan to put, place, lay down, lay aside, P<eeX, eaU 
give up, cease from, abandon, LL; Mjk.0, almfls-=»lmee-; aln-^eaJn- 
CP. aleogende word, aleqrendlio word alo«=:ealu- 
deponent verb z put down, aUay, suppress, ilooolan to enOee, AO. 
aoolish, conquer, destroy, overcome, refute, alor, al(e)r m. * alder,' €ll,KCJLcd; Mdf. 
MJjL : lay upon, infiet : diminish, lessen, alordreno m. drink made of alder sapf 
withhold, M. Vallay'] LoD40a. 

ilid L pp. of alecgan. IL=aIed pp. of alorholt nm. aUer-ioooi2, WW. 
altedan. aloRlnd m. alder^bark, LoDl2b. 

USfan=a]iefan alo8=eala; alr^alor; aliwi^ealswa 

9ilU^nBit infirmity, ML2l*^. altar, altar(e), altre m. *altar,' JE;CP. 

ilBflan to injure, maim; enfeeble, M. pp. [L. altare] 

iU, M. [l§f] ilttoan* to pluck up, puU out, separate, take 

ilenlan (K)= alynnan away. 

il8odan*t to spring up, grow. iUktan* (=onl-) to bend, incline, bend or bow 

ileoflan=alifian down,M. iloUfn pi^. submissive. 

iltogan* to lie, deny, deceive, be false to, aliiwe, alwe=a]ewe; alwakl-=eal(l)weald- 

leave unfulfilled, MJLO. Uybbans^alibban; il^n (£)saliefan 

Uton^ (« on-) to lend, give up, DR. U^ed I.=:a]iefed pp. of aliefan. II. « 

Ueonlan= alynnan &lSfed pp. of alSfian; alyfed-s=aJ!efed- 

H^mn to depart, fiee away, VP^Sl^ i]yht-=onlihts ilyhtan=ali]itan 

UeoSlan = alMan ; aler^alor U^man to come forth, shew forth. 

ilfia- = alioB- ilynnan, -lynnian (e, eo, i) to deliver, let go, 

ilasan* to pick out, choose. release, loosen, M. 

ilet (Da254) =»led U^ =aIiQ6- 

Alfitan=aUBtan; U§8ran=alfSran Al^Sran (d) to lather, Lod. peatSor] 

alewe, al(u)we f . ' aloe, * Jnjjcd. am (NO) = eom 

UCwed pto. /ee62e, weak, iU. [l§f ] im m. reed or slay of a loom, RD3d". 

alexandre f. horse-parsley, Led. I'alexan- JlmmlHan = ameaUian 
ders ' ] bnfinsumlan = amanenmian 

alf8Ble(AN770)=ea]felo Smfiran I. to extol, QI)206K II. (ueu.* 

ilftet n. cooking vessel, cauldron, [selan] utamf&r(i)an) to exterminate, BH. 
Ugeweoro n. fUre-making, tinder, Ql. imsMtan tofeedwith masl,fatten,feedup, CP. 

a]glan=ea]gian; alh^ealh imaglan (hamaogian) to revive, be restored 

illbban to live, pass one's life, AO. to health, Lod3184>i. 

UXbhend^ everlasting. Anian=onman 

illogan* to be subdued, fail, cease, yield, imang prep. w. d. among, amongst : while, 
perish, AO. whilst, during, a. tSam, "Siasum meanwhile. 

illetan (e, i, y) fc> allow, give leave to, grant, [« gemang] 
AO,CP : hand over, yidd up. imantan to exact, require, LL. 

ilIefed|Io lawful, permissible, adv. -libe imins-lan, •ang=aniangam-ian, -ong 

(GP,j£). iminsumlan to excommunicate, anMema- 

illefednes {f) t permission. tize, curse, proscribe, outhw, BH; £,A0. 

Uasan (§, I, f) to loosen, let loose, fru, l^amanse'] 


ftmftii-fumang, •Bumnnng f . excamniMnica' imundlan to proUet, Mend, M, 

Hath curse, M, ['onuumn^*] AmyltMl (tr.) io meit, m, 

ftmarod diehirbed, troubled, confounded, imyrdilaii (LL348,66A)saiiiyrt$rian 

[cp. amyired] imyrgwi to delight, cheer, Sol240. 

ftmitfdaii to amaxe, confound. in^rtan = amenan 

Amftwan^ to cut down, PPs 101^ amymn = (1) axmerran ; (2) (LL348»56o, b) 

imb (A9*205)=am; amlMlit^Bfambilit amyrSran 

amber (e^, o^, »*, o*, u*) mfn. veeeel^ pail, A-myiikaii, -myrOtian to murder, kiU, LL; 

pUeher, tankard : ctuk, dry or liquid measure Chb 1049 o. [* aiminier '] 

{ffour bushel*), [L, amphora] an I. adv. and prep. son. IL pies. 1 ig. of 

amblht (e^, o^, yS e*) 1. n. office,, service: mman. 

commission, command, message, II. m. an- in oompoflition represents (1) and-; 

attendant, messenger, officer, (2)un-; (3) in-; (4) on-. 

+amblhtan (embe-) to minister, serve, NO. An L adj. strong min. (asm. anne, £nne) 
amblhtere (embe-) m. servant, LikL22'*. *one,* Mt,M, in plur. each, every one, all, 

amblhthSra obedient servant, 6t7571 (o^). an and (after) an one by one. anes hw»t 
amblhthfis n. workshop, ^officinct,* CM 1087. some single thing, a part, B :a,an: alone, 
amblhtmann m. manservant. sole, onlu; in this sense it is used also in 

ambihtmeogt (o^» o'» y*) in* servant. the weak form (se ana; hS &na, AO^CP) 

amblhtnes, -sumnes (emb-) f. service, NG. and with a pi. : singular, unique : single, 
ambilitBeealet m. functionary, retainer. each, every one, aU {gp. anra) : any. 

ambihtseotr sm. minister, Geii582. II. adv. (also wk. ana) alone, only, on an 

amblhtsmS m. court smith or carpenter, continudUy, continuously, ever, in one, once 

LL3[7]. for all, immediately. tSiet an only that. 

amblhtSegn (omb-)t m. attendant, servant. ana=heonu ; ftna v. an. 
ambyht = ambiht Anad, ansdt n. waste, desert, solitude. [Oer. 

ambyre favourable, fair, AO. [and, byre] eindde] 
ambyiian (OEGll^*)=Qnbji]gan II. Anssgllan to nail, Nab4'*. 

flmeaUlan (ae) to become insipid, v. 0EG61*. anAl- =onfil- 
Amearclan to mark out, delineate, define, ancsSeUan fc> ({e^^racfe, Bo»lixT. 

describe : destine, ass ign, a ppoint, -i-Anan to unite, BH214'. 

amef m. sacred vessel, WW 348. [L.] ananbAam m. spindle-tree, LoD29b. 

Amelcan* to milk, Lcn. anawyrm m. intestinal worm, Loi>43b. 

Ameldlan to let out, make known, betray, anb8srnes=onbnmes 

i£,AO. anbesttngan> to thrust in, insert, CP. 

ameoa *ammeos,* bishop-weed, Lod 71b. anbid (-> on-) n. waiting, expectation, hope, 

[Gk.] AO,CF : interval, AO. 

amerlan=hamorian ±an-bldian (on-) intr. to wait, stay : tr. 

Ameifan to test, examine : purify, refine. w. g. wail for, expect. 

Amorran = amierran anbldstAw (on-) f . place of meeting, LL. 

Ameten* to measure, estimate : mete out, as- anbidung m. waiting for, expectation : delay, 

sign, grant, bestow, M. OEG3306. 

AmAtan to paint, depict, CP : adorn, M. anblht = ambiht ; anbindan ^ onbindan 

Ametendlle compendious, measurable, limited, anblaoopod = nnbisoopod 

adY.-l!6e. Anborenf ptc. only-begotten, 

AmefhwD = Smethml anbrlngelle = onbiingelle 

Ametalan to provision, Chr 1006 s. anbrAce (El 1029) = unbrSce ? 

Amlddan=onniiddan anbruool ( =on-) rugged, GPH402. 

AmMlan to be fooli sh, BH y6*. anbryrd- = onbryrd- 

Amldlod unbrtdled, WW226>«. Anbaend m. hermit, anchorite, Gn60. 

Amierran (e, i,'j) to hind^, obstruct, anbOgan (AO,CP)=onbGgan 

prevenJt, delay, CP : mar, injure, disturb, anbybtseeale=ambiht8cealo 

scatter, consume, wasU, spoU, destroy, Lk, Anb^e made of one trunk, dug-out (ship). 

Bo; AO,CP'. lose. Vamar*] WW181». 

Amlgdal m. almond, Lon. [Ok.] db»abyrdan (and-) to strive against, resist, 

AmAd=Am5d oppose, attack, 

Amoleen pp. of Ameloan. anbyrdnes f. resistance, LL214[14]. 

Amolsnian to decay, weaken, W147*. anbyrlgnee ( =on-) f. tasting, tasU, WW. 

Amolten molten, MLS^. An-eenned (se*), -oend, only-begotten, M. 

amore f. a kind of bird, yettow-hammerf anoer^ancor 

[op. emer] an-elAow n., -oleowe f. 'ankle,* Lcd,JE. 

am-peDa, -pnlla m. fask, vessel [L.] anenAwan = ononawan 

ampre I. *varix,* tumour, swelling, Gl, mjoaeorm.* anchor,* B,Bo;CP, [JD. anoora; 

[^amper*] IL I. dock, sorrel, LoD. from Gk.] 

O. H. 2 




ftn-eor, -oom m. tmehoriie, htrmii, M, {L, 

anAchorota; ,from Ok.} 
anoorbaiid (onoer-) m. ooMc , B1918. 
AnoorUe Uk$ a hermU, WW ittS'. 
taoorlll n. Mliiary lift, BH. 
aoMmuui m. mcn^ %n charm of CAe amchar^ 

•neoRip m. amchar rope, oabU, 
anometl n. prow of a Mp. 
taoonett n. kermmge, M. 
iiMonetta m. hermit, M. 
Anoontftw f. «oltlary phu, BH424u 
anoontrenf (anoor-) m. cable, 
Anon (aM) m. anchorite, hermit, m<mk^ 

WW;M. Canchar*] 
aneiiiiiaii^ to oftive, Gsirl884. 
Anoummum one 6y one, ein^ly, NO. 
AiMyn adj. only, A2-368; hBstl^. 
aaA oonj. ^and,* but, geSoe mad,..Ube as 

and- s an-, on-, ond- {opposition, negation, 

Oer. ent-); and oooaiioiiany a-, 
anda m. grudge, enmitg, envy, anger, 

vexation, Mt;M i teal, M,CP : injury, 

mischief :fear, horror, NG. [* ande, ' * onde *] 
Andsagef for one day, lasting a day. 
«nd»t- =andet- 
Andaga m. appointed day, M. 
d:Andaglan to fix a day for appearanu : 

adjourn, EC 163. 
miidb-:saab><mb- ^^ 

andbtenlan to make signs to, WW. 
andMta m. feast (of unteavened bread). 
aadflitow ^ anoKow 
andewoSan *eontradieere, frustrari,* HGl 

andewlM f. answer, Gv992. 
SkvAafinm t evidence, BH158*. 
aadd- sand-, ond- ; andaKende 
andtaiTM (e) eye to eye, in the face, openly? 

andtow arrogant, ostentatious, 8a 
andefn, -efen f . measure^auantity, amowU, 

AO : capacity, nature, CP. 
andel-bflor, -Mre reversed, OEG. 
andergUde at little cost? (BT). 

andetia m. declaration, confession, LL 18[22]. 
±aadatnea (ond- OP) f. confession, M : 

^lanksgiving, praise. 
andetta m. one who confesses, a. bfion to 

±andettan to confess, achnoudedge, M,CB : 

give thanks or praise : promise, vow. [and, 

andett-end, -era m. confessor. 
andetttan = andettan 
andettung m. confession, profession, CP. 
andfang m. acceptance. 
and&mgol *susceptor,' LPb46^. 
Andtaaldlltoe » anf ealdlloe 
andfeaz bald, W46K 

andfang (on-) m. seiung, receiving, taking, 

M,RB : defence : defender : aUack, assauU : 

revenue, means, LkH^yBKlO : iUcgal oc- 

cupation of {land). 

andtanga m. receiver, defender, undertciker, 


andf aage I* acceptable, agreeable, approved, 

fit, suitable, M,CB : that can receive : taken. 

IL m. undertaker : receptacle. 

andlengaiid m. defender, Ps : receiver. 

gal(^68 a. tax ecUictor. 

andfangMtdw f. reoeptacie, WW21S«*. 
andfengnM f. aooeptanoe, receiving : recep- 
tacle : aeceptableness, W2SS^. 
andf«E=andfeaz; andgaWman =a andlftman 

andgataf adj. plain, manifest, [andgieto] 
andglat (ond- ; e, i, y) n., andsiete f. «Mfer- 

standing, inteUeet, Mt; M,CP : knowledge, 

perception, CP : sense, meaning, M,CP : one 

of the five senses : plan, purpose. l*angit*i 
andglat- = andgit- 
andglttul intelUgent, sensible. 
andgltfuUlc tniettvtMe, cZeor. adv. -Boa. 
andgttlias /ooZmA, senseless, M. 
andglttteat f. want ^ understanding, M. 
andgltlio s andgitfuflio 
andgltol intdUgent, sensible. 
andglttAoani (ie*) n. sensible token, sign. 
andgytsiaiidgiet, -pt 
andhtafod n. head%ng, unploughed headland 

andhetan, andhettansandettan 
andhwaotfan* to move aoainst, blow against, 

B5i8. [or 7 onhweorfan] 
andlaa to be envious or jealous, 
andig envious, jealous, OEG. 
andUman = andldman 
andlang (o^, o') L adj. entire, eontinmous, 

extended, andlanxne dssa, niht all day 

{night) long, An,Ou. [*a&ng*'i II. firro. 

w. g. ^alcmg,* by the side of, M,Chr,KC; 

aadlan geampa (anl-) soldier fighting in hue, 

andlata (CBl436)=sandwlita 
aadltanf n. retribution, retaliation. 
and*laofen (ie, i, y) {., -leofa m. susten* 

ance, nourishment, food : money, wageSj. 

andBtones = onliones 

andllaten (AO,GP), andbfen^andleofen 
andlfiman (a*, n*) m. pi. utensils, imple- 

ments, vessels. 
andlong=andlang; andlytan=andleofen 


andracafBdtr n. wine or oil press, WW 128*'. 

andriasne = ondrysne 

an-diysan-, -dryBn-=sondryB(e)n- 

and-iyBno I. respect, reverence : etiquette. 

andsaoa m. adversary : denier, apostate. 

andsaelan to dispute, deny, CP. 

andssBe m. denial, oath of purgation, El,LL : 

refusal : strife, resistance. \^andseck*\ 




adj. kat^fiUt odiatu, repugnami, M i 

hottOe. [^andMte*] 
moOatghltf m. Mow. 
aiidq»aonuui* io &lumiU offointt^ NG. 
andepyniw t offmee, MtBlO*. 
ftndstr eeM =s aiutreoeB 
and-Bumntt, Hrandnet (-ion-) f. pwHiffp 

ehcutUy, virginity, y. OBG1696. 
^andswarlsn to 'annoer,' Lk; ^,CP. 
andawara f. 'aiMiiw,' rej%, B,Ja; CP. 
and-swarfan (VPa), -awoiianawidBwariaa 
and-ttmkar, -tymbersontimber 
aiidSraolan s on'Siaoian 
andSraBoa = onlSrsBoe 
andung f. jealowy, LPsT?^. 
andHsMaa 'eUiulari,* MtR2e'«. 
aadflstrunK <• 'aftomtnalio/ MtR24». 
andwOaoan a &dwfl0oaii 
aadward- = andweard- 
aadwaal- sonweal- 
andwaard ( + at ASCS^) preaeni, aetmU, 

exisUng, M,CP : oppogiU to, 
±aiulw6anl]an to present, bring brfore one, 

(+andweardiaa aisosandwyrdian.) 
andweardlla preeent, aetual. adv. -lloe. 
andwaaidnat f. presence, CP : present Ume, 
andwendedBai s onwendednea 
aildwaorc n. matter, substance, materiatf CP t 

andwerd^aad-weazd, -wrrd 
andwlg m. resistance, Gul47. 
andwllla s &nwiUe 
andwMan 3 andwyrdan 
andwb expert, shUful, Jul244. 
andwiiiiea 1 experience, WW20*. 
andwlst f. support f station? Ah 1542. 
andwlata =s and wlita 
+aiidwlatod *froniosus,* 0EG8M*. 
andwilta (a, eo) m. face, forehead, counite- 

nance, form, B,MtR ; AO,CP. [*an2ea*] 
andwilta n. » andwilta 
andwttteful 'wUuosus,' GPHaOS. 
andwriS hostile, enraged. Pa 17. 
and-ward, -wyrd^^andwaard 
±aiid-wyrdan, -wyrdian (e, i) to answer, 

JB,Mt;AO,CB : (+an-) *eonspirare,* 

WWdOO**. Vandwurde'] 

andwyrde n. answer, AG. 

andivyrdliis t *conspiratio,* WWSTS^. 

andfde protb of anddn (onddn). 


toe (l)=fin0, (2) heonn. 

ftn-tage, •«(a)gede {JBL) ^one-eged,* bUnd 

of one eye, 
tneega adj. havimg one edge, M, 

+ftnod ▼. ftaian. 

inSire, anSgedes&neage 


fknemntaito€m/nomnce,dsdare,Qn. Paname] 

kavtiMikio deliver, resGU€,lJ?sW*i EPtt49". 

Aness fines; toeaelan 3: ahniwoian 

toett nuL, ftneines f. scXiltude, seclusion, CP. 


in^feald, fald, -fealdUo singU, unmixed, 
singulair, wnique, superior, M; CP : simpU, 
modest, Jum^st, sincere, Mt; CP : fixed, in- 
variable, a. gerecednM or wptio prose. 
Vitfald'] adT.-Uoe. 

IwfaaMnaa f . unity, eoncord, AG ; simpUoUg, 

anfaalt f. anvil, OBGll*' and n. [op. anfiUe] 


infSta one-footed, RnfiO^. 

aa-lltt (JS), .filte (Gl), n. 'anvil' 

anfflndan = onfindan 

ftnfloga m. knsky flier, SiAVdS. 

anfdn (AO)i=tonfdn 

anlorht /ear/W, CbossII?. 

inforlAtan' to let go, lose, rtUnquish, abam- 
don, surrender, CP : omit, neglect, 

inforlOinea 1 loss, desertion, BlSS*^ : 

antorngaan in front of, MF (Vaap. D ut). 

anga (o) m. sUmulus, sting, ffoad, CP. 

inga {Se, 6) sole, only : solitary. 

angbrtost n. tightness of the chest, asthmct, 



angaald (vet 3 ag. of angildan. 


angel L m. * angle,' hook, fish-hook. Bo, 

ifti^ongol). II. m.—eiDfpi 
Angel n. Anglen, a district in Sehkswig, 

from which &e Angles came, AG. 
Angeiiqrnn n. the English pecpU : England, 

ftngeld s= Sngilde 
angeUe Wee, similar, Bo44» 
angeltwlece fm. a certain worm used as bait, 

earthtoormf WWJM. [*emgletwiteh*] 
AngetiSeod f . the EngHek people : England, 
Angenga L solitary, isotattd, M. IL m. 

soUtciy goer, isolated one, B. 
angerfld = mifferad 

ftngetrum n. ulustrious company, ExdM, 
angeweald s onweald 
±anglan to 6e tn ani;ncM&, RPaOO*; 142*. 
anglen =anginn; angO mangel I. 
aijllldan = <mgieldan 
ingUde (e, jr) 1* i^ single payment or rate of 

compensation for damage, LL : the fixed 

price at which cattle and other goods were 

received as currency, LL. [*angild*] II. be compensated for. llh tAr. simply, 

oniy, LL. 
Angfldea » ingQde in. 
angina n. beginning, M; AG,CP: talenfioii, 

design, enterprise, undertaking, CP : action, 

onset, attack ; rising (of sun). [*an^*] 
anglnnan (AG)=ongiiinan 
angltan=ongietan; angltfiil=xaadgitfal 
Angle mp. ^ne Angles or English (who came 

from Anglen ; ▼. Anffel, Engle). 
angmSd sad, sorrowfuf. 
angmSdnea f. sadness, sorrow, W188*. 
angnngi m. com, *agnail,' Led 30b. 





ftngnare (on-) m. wnm^ 0/ ikt eye, WW 

angnee f . oimel^, wneaetiieM, tnuM^ Inuis 

ofi/ttM^, /ear. 
Mlgol-sangel-y ongol- 
angrlda (y) m. terror, Bl203^ 
angrtnlte (7*) ^riefy, terrf62& adv. -(eii)Sbe. 
ang-set, -aeta m. enififum, pvetale, cor • 

6«ne2e, WW. 
ftngBum fiorrofff, Aor J, dijfletift. 
±anpminl»n to vex, affiiei, M. 
angituinllo troMuomt, ansdaiu^ pa4n/%L 

adv. -lioe M. 
mngBumnM 1 |»m, M : sorrow, iroubU ; 

difficuUy, perplexUy. 
Angnmsfiniffam dat. of finig. 
ftngyld, angylde = angilde 
angyn, angytanssongimi, Qngietan 

ftnliaga (o')t m. soUlary being, recluse, 
Milieiide (-10A-) on hand, requiring attenlion, 

Anhende one-handed, lame, weak, M* 
Antalwe 'uniformie,' OEGKHO. 
anhoga m. core, anxiety, Qn070. 

inhorn, anhoma m. unieom, Pb. 

AnbrAdnoe = anrMlibe 

Anhandwliitre a Aiiiu2re<{ yeore oU. 

ftnli^dlgt readbuie, firm, constant, stubborn, 

Anbyrne L one^homed, having one horn, 
II. m. unicorn, 

Anbym-ad, •e(n)de having one horn, Ps. 

+Anlaii to uniU, BH214. ^one* vb.] 

Anldaii {%, f ) to restrain, repel : force, fit 
a. expel, drive ouL [nied] 

Anlgsfinig; tn-lge, -]gffe=&neage 

anltastf last, in the last place, 

ftniman* (y) to take, GD : take away or from, 
deprive of, Mt (y); CP. [*anim^] 

inlnga = anunga 

AntiMan to cast down, Chb676x. 

anl- = andl-, onl- ; anlAo = anlSo 

±ftiilAcan to unite, M, 

Anlaga aeUng alone, WW491**. 

anlang- = andlang- ; inlip- (NG) » &nHp- 

anlto m. respect, regard, 

inlegere consorting with one man, WW 171^. 


Anlie only, unique : solitary : catholic : 
beautiful, [op. Anlio] 

Anneplg = anbpig 

An-npe (CP), -Upig (Chb), -ISme (nn-; S, f) 
L adj. single, separate, solitary, private, 
individual, special, PPs\Z\BH,MtB. 
[*anlepi*] IL adv. alone, only, severally, 

Anll^nea f. hneUness. 

gnBpvm (Sp) singly, MiR2d*>. 


Anmida n. unanimity, concord, PP854". 

amnMla m. pomp, glory i pride, presump- 
tion, arrogance : courage, fmdd] 

+anmettaB to encourage, AO. [mOd] 

mnniMk m. weight, balance, scales. Oh. [and, 

amnM steadfast, resolute, eager, bold, brave, 

fierce, proud, OP. adv. -Boe. 
AnmiM (^ one mind, unanimous, El\M, 

['aiMiioo'] ady. -Hoe. 
anmMnet 1 eteeu^Awliieee, resolution, Lcd 

AnmodBM f . usiitfu, unanimity, CP. 
ann pr«6. 3 eg. of annan. 
aiiiia=heona; Anne (AO,CP) v. an. 
Annet i oneness, unity, BE; M : agreement, 

covenant, Chr : solitude, Ou, ['afineeee'] 
Annlhte adv. one day old, Lod. 
AnpaSf m. narrow path^ 
anpolle f . {M) = ampella ; anr- = onr- 
Anrfid of one mind, unanimous : constant, 

firm, persevering, resolute, M, ['anreci'] 
AnriMllo constant, resolute : undoubting, 

Bl13^. adT. -lice unanimously : reso- 

lutely, persistently, constantly, earnestly, 

M : definitely, decidedly, 
AnrAdnes f. unanimity, agreement : con- 

staney, firmness, diligence, AO; JE, [*a9»- 


Anreoee (CHBl010ci>B)=anBtreoee 
AnrM-saniM-; ans- sands-, one-, one- 
an-Miatan (Cp), -ecSotan (£rf)son8oSotaD 
Ansald m. lonely dvjeUing, hermitage, Qv 1214. 
Anaott n. hermitage, BB136*. 
ansetla m. anchorite, hermit, GI),RB. 
aiidan I. (on- ; S, I, y) fn. countenance, face, 

CPJjk : form, figure, presence : view, aspect, 

sight, thing seen, AO : surface, ['cmeene'] 

II.t f . lofit, wanX, 
aiifl]iel n. conjechtre. 
ampUde eoZntory, Lcd lib. 
AmprAoe speaJnng as one, PPs40'. 
Anitandende jpto. standing alone, RB9^. aa 

sb. hermit, M, 

Anstapa m. lonely wanderer. Pa 16. 
Anstelede one-stalked, having one stem, Lod. 
Anstlg f. narrow path? Gl. 
Anstonde » anatandende 
ADBtnM (A?) resoluU, determined, CP. 
Anstraoee (Sf) at one stretch, continuoudy, 

continually, Cbb894a. 
amuiid sound, whole, entire, perfect, heaUhy, 

M (on-). 

an-aundnet, -eamnee f. eouiMlfieee, whole- 
ness, integrity, 
ADSunu m. only son, 
Answige harmonious, accordarU, 
aiis^n=annen; antp>sand-, ont-, unt- 
Antaorlst m. Antichrist, [L,] 
anUfn m. antij^on, ^anthem,* BE; M, 
antatnara m. book of antiphons, anti- 

phonary, CM. 
Antid f. similar time {i,e, the oorreeponding 

time of a following day)? B219. 
antra f . radish, Lod. 
Anmn alone, siMy, M, 
anundar s onnnder 




anuBg f . zeal, NO. 

inunga <U once, forthwith : entirelff, aUo- 
geiher, throughoui, by aU means, uninier- 
rujdedfy, B : neceeearUy, eertaifUy. 

anw- =aQdw-, onw-, unw- 

ftnwedd n. eeeuriiy, fiUdge, TC20P*. 

&iiwl^ n. eingU ccmSat, due l, M, AO, 

Aiiwl^e in eingU combat, WW 512^. 


ftnwIOa l.9d}.y)afid,ob$HnaU,CP,WW; M, 
[* onwia '] II. ady. wilfuOy, obeUnaieiy. 

ftnwIUIoa obeUnaiOu, CP. 

inwDnai f. eelf-wSl, obeHnaey, pereielenee, 
CP. mid inwilnene wantomy, wHfuUy. 

Anwlntre adj. one year M, yearUng, 

ftnwtte n. single fine, LLd4,31»l- 

anwl5h (I>Av685)=oiiwea]gT 


ftnwiinaiig f. edilary abode, BB134^. 

ftnwyliiMsiiiwilnes; aiUBiim-sangBom- 

ftii^ilaiisanidan; an^hftsanlhst 

inyman =animan ; aofwanson^an 

a|ia m. 'ape,* Cfljjcd. 

ipAean to seduce, lead astray, 

ftpSran to avert, pervert, 

iparlan to discover, apprehend, EC 164. 

apelder- = apnldor- 

iptauian to weigh, estimate, ponder, recount^ 
CP. [L, pentare] 

iptBfUiii: f. weighing, OEG1757. 


iplantlaii to plant, M, 

giSatod plated with metal fresplendentfOSO. 
[▼. •jptote'] 

iplueelaD to plnck off, JBG^VK^^ 

^poateta m. a/postaie, IiL(322^'). 

apoftol (Chb), apostel m. 'aposOe,* MtB : 
disciple, iSHl**. [L. apoetolna; from 

apoftolhld m. apostleship. 

apostoUo emostoUc, BH ; M. [^aposOy*} 

appel, apple^flBppel 

ApraUs m. Apru, Msir66. 

iprioean to prick, W 14d>^. 

aprotana f . soMemwood, wormfwood, LoD 
22a. \L, abrotonum; from Qk^ 

^>iild0r, apaldor fm. apTfie4rt/e. 

apaldmrind L bark of apple-t ree, L oD. 

apiddortOn m. apple-^irchard, WW (e^). 

i^iiMra, apaldar=apalder 

J^nlUan to pull, Lod 1*362". 

ipnndrlan? to measure out, requite f Bl680 

Apyffan to exhale, breathe out, Gl. 

ipyndrlan to weigh, HGi.5I2»7 (BT). 

iHpftan to put out {eyes), NC338. 

ir m« I.t messenger, servant, herald, apostle, 
angel, [OoL airasl IL f. *oar,* Ohr,On. 
IIL f. honour, worth, dignity, glory, re- 
speet,reverence,BH,Oen,JnLBJ*hi AO,CP: 
grace, favour, prosperity, benefit, help, B : 
mercy, pity, Ajs : landed property, posses^ 
sions, revenue, M,AO : eccUsiastiial livifUf, 
benefice : ownerMp, LL : privilege, "LL, 

76,42,2. [*af«/ *of8'] IV. n. ore, brass, 

copper, MJiO,CB. V. (NG) ~ ftr 
irAean wr. to reach, get at, Chr : hMforth, 

reach out, JR : get {a thing for a person), 

JB,Gr. i^areach*] 
MM I. (6) m. welfare, LLlMn. II. pre- 

pqredf, reeoluUt Wa6; GyE102r HI. 

irsMla (Bo46«)s&roda? v. arod. 
irfldan^ (but usa. wk.) to appoint, prepare : 

arrange, setUe, decide, BH : g^^css, pnwhesy, 

interpret, utter, Lk,Bo,Da,CP : read, read 

out, read to (any one), CP. [*aread*'\ 
MMnea f . condttion, sUpul ahon , BH. 
iiAfan to set free, unwrap, WW. 
InBtiian, -ian to carry out, aecompUsh : 

endure, suffer, M,A6 : beep in mind, 

ponder, M, [nfnan] 
Insf nlondllo durable, possible, 
IrAman to raise, elevate {onese^, M : 

(t) rise, stand up, 
iiwpaan (^-rasf-) to intercept, Gl. 
irAran to lift up, raise, set up, create, estab- 

Ush, Ohr,An,jn : buHd, erect, Jn : rear 

(sufine), LL440 : spread, disseminate t 

disturb, upset, Qp &. bring up, raise up, 

exalt, [^arear*'i 
irttrand m. one who arouses, 
irArBM f . raising, elevation, AO. 
irAian to rush, ^H140". 
irftflan to unravel, disentangle, CP. 
iristan to lay open, search out, test, detect, 

discover : reprove, correct, CP. ftrftsod 


IrbtaMl n. oar-blade, M, 
aiMast m, cross-bow, Chb1079d. [0,Fr, 

are mf. (aJso earo» earoe) ark, coffer, chest, 

box, M, [L. aroa] 
area (», e) m. archiepiseopal pallium. 
aroablsoeop Ite^i e^, y*, eo^) m. ^archbishop,* 


aroaUaoopdtai m. post of archbishop. 
arceMiooptaid (eo) m. post of archbishop, 


areablioopilea n. post of archbishop, Chr, 
areeMioopatftl m. archiepiseopal see. 
aroedlaoon m. * archdeacon,* WW. 
areataid (e) m. post of archbishop. 
aroerfoe n. arcMishopric. 
aroeatftl (sb^) m. archiepiseopal see, Chb. 
irorsBttlg respected, honourable. Da 051. 
inUMe merciful, Bl131>. 
irdagas mp,feMival days, WW206*^. 
ard]lo=arodlio; iref.=arni. 
triaflan to separate, divide. Ex 290. 
ireeoan to spread out, put forth, stretch out : 

lift up, erect, buHd up : say, relate, declare, 

speak out, explain, expound, translate, 

iflB; CP : astonish : adomf deckf BxmIO. 

Irtealtaitaii to be negligent, A9102*. 


ftrCd L =s&rfid I. IL (strong) pret 3 «g. of +aniniig = +eaiiiaiig 

ariDdaiL aradI.^idk,6oU»fwiy,CP. ILmlakind 

iroddan = fihieddan o/ plait, anunf 

iridton Hd flnal» rmid^, deviaer prcvidet trod pp. of Sxiaa. 

ammyv, carry out, CP:jEiu2,^iM{ofM*«tf«iy, aiodllo^iel;. adT.-noe9«idk^:w^orcm«{y» 

reach : ^n<{ out, understand. [xMe] ^,CP. 

IridBM = axAdnes ; Srifaan r= aifilnui ttrodnef i tpM, doUiMM, CP41". 

ireneaii to make proud, exaU, A11*117*M arodMtpe m. energy^ (iea4^%, CP. 

(BT). aion (NO) used as pres. pL of wetao. 

irandan to tear off, Lod 101a. inl^a f . oerdt^rM. [tape] 

irtodlan to redden, !>iush, BPs. inoamu f. ekame, modesty, PPsOS^*. 

iriOfaB=ahz6o8an; iHnuicirieraii imnlS m. copperemUh, 

iritan to cheer, gladden, M, [rot] intiBft m. (often in pL) support, useietanee, 

arewe = arwe Hndneee, benefit, grace, 

§rtB&gt respected, honest, pious, virtuous, JR, art. arS (NG)=e&rt, pret. 2 eg. of wesan. 

CP : mercifid, gracious, eompassiomaie, M i iraegn m. sertfont, BH378U. 

respectful iiSing n. a thing of vakte, lkR2lK 

irfMftlie pious, adv. -Hoe. arudjssiarod 

irtoatnea f. virtue, honour, grace, goodness, ftmng f. honour, respect, reverence, AO : 

piety : pity, mercy, M. pardon, 

Artet nap. -fata, n. braeen vessel, M, irunnen aanmen, pp. of arinnan. 

Art cat = §if 8Bst arwe (raw-, mw-) f . ^arrow, * LL,Chr. 

irful respected, venerable : favourable, hind, irwelaf m. watery realm, Air856. [ear] 

meroiftu i respeetfuL adv. -Uoe graoiout^, Ar-W6oi9, -weoi^e Aoaoaro^ venerMe, 

M, revering, pious, CP. adT. -weoHSe. 

arg (NG)ssearg; aigang=eangang Arweorarul honourable, M (a*). 

flrgeUoiid m. tumuU of the sea. Air 383. ±Arwoorittan to honour, reverence, worship, 

argentllle f. argeniiOa (plant), Gl. [L."] extoL 

ftrgtetere m. brass-founder, A064'^. irwaorSlle venerable, honourable, adv. -lloe 

ArgMweorf n. brass filing s, Lo d 30b. honourably, reverenHaUy, solemnly, kindly, 

irgewaore n. brass-work, WW308*«. JB. Varworthly'] 

flrgifa m. giver of benefits, Gbavt 11. irweorones f . reverence, honour, CP. 

arUioasearhlioe Arwaoi9ung f. honour, Ps. 

irhwnt eager for glory, tCHB037A. irwasa respected, BB 1 16*^. 

±Arlan to honour, respect, M,CP : endow : ArwleriSe^arweorS 

regard, care for, favour, be merciful to, Arwl88e f . oar-thong, rowioek, M, 

spare, pardon, JB; CP. l^are*] arwuiica, arwonge (A)searwnnga 

irldan^ to ride, AO US'*. Arwim, -wyrSKarweoiiS 

Aijddans&hreddan iryd dan, -rydran, -rytran to strip, plunder, 

Arlgend mi. benefactor, benefactress. Gl^WW. 

Arlht 'aright,' properly, LL. Ar^derian to blush, BRPsOO*. 

Aifman to number, count, enumerate, CP; Aijfpan to tear off, strip, Bd76' 

AO : relate, ['ortme'] Ai^o f. wave of the sea, Af532. [§ar] 

Ailnnan* to run out, pass away, 8ol479. Asadlan to satiate, surfeit, MF (Veep. D ziv). 
Aiban I. («▼*) to 'arise, * get up, CPy£,MtL : Aiinegan = aaeogan ; AssBgdnta = onsegednea 

rise, Mk : spring from, originate : spring up, AsAlanf to bind, feUer, ensnare, 

ascend, SI. IL ~ +iiaan L Asnndan = asendan 

Artot=»riBt asal, aaald (NG)=eeo] 

Arltaa dishonourable, base, impious, wicked, AaAnlan to droop, flag, Gull48. 

JE,CP : cruel, Jul4. [Oer. ehrloe] ady. AaAwan' to sow, sow with, M, 

-lioe M. asoa (NG) m.=asoe; AacaeanBasceacan 

ArlAasnet f . wickedness, BH, Bo. A icAdan s asoeadan 

Arltaft f . disgraceful deed, Mbt. Ateaooan = asoeaoan 

Arllo honoftrable : fitting, agreeable, proper, AaesBf en pp. of asoeafan. 

AO : deUdous. Ascdresfieoftre; A8eaftin=a8ceafan 

Arlloe adv. L honourably, becomingly, Ascamello shameful, HGl500. 

graciously, kindly, pleasanOfy,'mercifuO/y, Aeeamlan (ea) to feel shame, Ps,Cr. [* ashame'} 

CP. IL (N)afir]ioe aeoaa nap. of «bo. 

Arloe n. 'oarlock,* rowlock, FF288*. aaebaoen (ax-) baked on ashes, GD86*^ 

ami=earm aaee {m, os, x) f. (burnt) *ash,* Led : dust {of 

armelu ' harmala, ' wHd rue. Led, the ground), MtL. 

Armorgens&rmorgen Aieeaaan* (a) to shake off, remove, Mt : 

arn pretr 8 eg. of ieman. depart, fiee, desert, forsake, JB : shtUpe, 

arnian^eamian brandish, [*ashake*] 


aaciid an^ (ft) to sepatraU^ hM oioof or IsMan (gb) io saHaie, Ql. [svd] 
aawmdert ewMe, GP : tmakt clvar, eJeoiMC, iMgcndats f. an offarini^ Nab24^'. 
purify, ftseUan io ^ve ii|i, Aani over, deliver : cappel, 

fcififiMftin (a) to shav e off. L op. 6a»MA. 

imwillan fo jw<I ojlf, WW. ftsenoaii to eink, imnmm, OEG829. 

isendan to send away, send off, send^ give np, 
=a8oirpan Mt;M. [^asend*} 

isMllaii ^ftaoilUn, &MUiui ftsengftn ( JnL313) = aseogan 

ftBefofaii=a0oufaii; ft8MO»*=oii8Cciii- ftseolean* to become sUxcSb, remiss, rdaxed^ 

ftseeordan = asoortian weak, ^,GP. 

iMtoten' to shoot, shoot out, iE»AO : drop fttioa L sv* Io lool; wpan^ behoid, HL16<**. 

oui, faU, M : kmee (nixgeEy), ML20^ : II. bv^ to strain, Lod. 

mriseereOe, 0£646<'. iMonod relaged, WW228» [seonii] 

ft— <HM» = ftacieppan ftsteSan* to seethe, boil, CB : r^ne, purify : 

ftae0nui=aaciTan; iieeriaii = a«c\irian examine, 

ftaeerFan (VPs) ^aaoirpan isiowaii to sew, Cp42Ip (io). 

ftflGi&n (aos-, aha-, ax-) to *aA,* incwre, seek ftsatnes f. instiimie, law, LL. 

for, demand, JB,KC,WG, eto.;CP : eaU, asettaiisoiiaettan 

summon, B,Oen : (+) learn by inquiry, ftaettan to set, put, place, fiaCf establish, op- 

discover, hear of, Chb : (t) announce, point, setup or in, erect, buHd, plant, AO, 

iseleiidlle (as-) irderrogal^ve, .£Gb260^^ Mt\& \ transport oneself over, cross {the 
ftwdennui* to make, create. Ex : appoint, de- sea, etc) : take away, IiLll[12]. bi^ or 

termine, ttssign, AO. [^ashape*] eVSem a. to perform a journey, travel, 

fljwWflwn sMcyhhan laiSaii to af^rm, confirm, M. [afiiS] 

aaeildan to protect, BR. fttfoan h uv^ to stgh. So. II. to wean, 

ftBriUan to separate, divide, ▼. 0£G 1367 n. ; OPs 130*. 

FM 100. ififten to sift, Lod 13b. 

ftsdmiaii to shine, Lod 2-232. U^n^ to sink, sink down, deeUne, faU down, 

ftMflnaiii to flash or shine forth, beam, radiaie, Chr; CP. [*(Mye*] 

be dear, QD, * ftstnean* to sink down, faU to pie/ces, £. 

ftselrant tocutoff,eui away. iatogan* to sing out, sing, deliver (a speech), 

ftKUaii to oul off, separate, divide, remove, compose (verse), BH. 

M : set free, deprive of : arrange, destine, ftalttaii^ to dwell together, settle. Ml : appre- 
tecMgaiidllo disjuncUve, JSQb269^ (y*). hend, fear : run a/grownd, at a. starve out. 
iaelrpan to sharpen, rtMke acute, CP. ['cMif ] 

ftMortlan (eo) to become short, fail, M : pass ftalaalaa to become slack, deeUne, diminish, 

away, elapse, M,CP : ^roio tired : make slack, loosen, 

iseriadlaii to prune, lop, relax, dissolve, 

iMrencan to displace, trip up, cause to ftalacigandlle remissive, iBO B228 '. 

stunMe, CP. Vaschrench*] ftstoecan to slacken, loosen, WW. 

ftscrepan' to scrofe, clear away, ftalsBClaii = aaladan 

ftiorlDoan* to shrti^ up. ftalApan' (a) to slumber, dream : be paralysed, 

ftferOdnlaii (utn) to investigate, examine. Lod. 
ftacQIiaii' to drive out, remove, expel, banish, ftdAwan to blunt, weaken, make duU, 

M : push (away), give up (to). OEQlSb, 65. 

aseuB- = onsoon- telftpan = aslApan 

±ftMung f. * asking,* questioning, inquiring, ftslftwlan to become sluggish, be torpid, CP. 

question, Met,Bo ; M,CP. [slaw] 

iseyhban to scare away, r^ect, RPsfiO^'. ftsitan* to strike, beat, out, M : erect i make 
kujUnn to destroy, QF13.Z&Z*^, way : paralyse, of a. strike off, behead, 

iw^rUan, aacyllan = asoilian MtL ; AO. [* aslay *] 

Isoyndan to separaie, part {from) : drive i8llp0n=:ft8leopeapret.opt.3pLofa8lupan. 

away {from), M. ftalUsii^ to sUde, sUp, faU, Ps;M,CB. 

iMfr-=a0oir- [*(ulide*'\ 

ftw^yran to make dear, M. [acSr] isUdlng f. slipping, GPH388*>. 

ftsealoaii (Gxk2167) sftaeoloan ftslltan^ (y) to sUt, cleave, cul off, destroy, CP. 

9a.Uiia;ak>wilhsr,dryup,Lcd\ CP. [*iMear*] ftsiapan* to slip off, escape, (Reappear {oi), 
iftean to seek out, select : search out, examine, Ps. [' aslip*] 

explore : seek for, require, ask, PPs : search ftal^tan =a8iitan 

through, pendrate, \'aseek'] ftsmtagan to consider, examine, investigate, 

lf«^KMi I. to say out, express, teU, uUer, devise, elicit, treat of, think, M : look for, 

narrate, explain, announce, AO. II«» demand, 

QDBM^gan ismtaffung f . scrutiny, consideration^ 

iMfV^ndlte utterable, M, ftmitoii s ftsmtegan 


±iaiiilr-lan, -wan to §miear^ anoint ii taga n to go up, eimbarh, MkRO**. 

iimlSlAn to do emUh*a work, JaMcn, forge^ IstAlan to lay to (me*« charge, IiL(264^). 

fdbrieaU, Si ittAnaB^ to adorn vailh precious stones. 

innorlan to smother, strangle, AO,GP. Utmrtmn (MtB) =r ftatyxtan 

Asmorunc L choking, suffocation, LodISa. iitandan* to stand up, stand forth, rise jvp, 

Asiiitlgan=a8mSagaa arise, B;M i continue, endure, XI;; CP. 

Asnfltaii (a>) to spit, impale, stab, LLQS, S6. [*astand*] 

l^asnese*] Astendennei f. perseverance, iEL23b''* : 

■anlSan ^ to cu t off, Lod. existence, suMstenee, 

ftfoden ( WW20'<) pp. of aaSolSan. ifttapan ^Mtj^pan 

iioloen (pp. of aaeoican) sluggish, idle, in- Astallan L to set forth, set, put, afford, supply, 

different, aissohUe, M. display, a^ppoini, AO»CP : set up, estahUsh, 

ftsolo«nnes f. sleepiness, Mh, laziness, confirm, institute, ordain, undertake, start, 

W; M. [*aswolkeness*] AO; M : undergo, M. Ihtofiy off, rush, 

AsollAn to become dirty, A 2*374. Astcmnlaii to buHd. ^^ 

iqNknaii* to aUure, seduce, persuade, urge, Asttmped engraved, stamped, WW 203**. 

insinuate, AO. istenean to scatter, GD42**. 

Aspannan^ to unbind, unclasp, QB214*'. AsMopan = astfpan 

AsparlAn to preserve, GD 160>«. Astaortan* to die, MH 62*'. 

Aq»eatt ( JnLO*) = aapeoft AstAp- = ast^- ; Asterlan = astyriaii 

AspAdan to survive, escape, Airl628. astwlon ^asterion,^ peOitory, Lcdl-IM. 

Aq>6liaii to be substituU for, represent, take AstUaii to bwome stiff, M, 

^ place of, UjfTSLB, be exempt from. AstIllclaB=&Btyfeoian 

Aspandan to spend {numey), expend, die- Astt^n^ to proceed, go, M : {wsa. w. up, 

^ibute, squander, consume, AO ; M. [*aa- ni'Ser, etc.) rise, mount, ascend, descend, 

pend'] Jn; M,CB: be puffed up, A02»i: ['astye*] 

Aspaoft pret. 38g. spit out, JnB9*. [▼. speoft] Astl^and m. ridir. 

Asparlan :=a8pyrian Aatlglaii to ascend, mounL 

aspida m. asp, adder, serpent, viper, Ps; M. Astl^nas f. ascent, SPslOS*. 

[' aspide '] Astthtan to determine on, decree, Ghb 998. 

AspiUan to destroy, JiiL12i>. Attthttng (OEG) =atiliting 

Asplnnan* to spin, WW. AitUllan to stUl, quiet, MF (Veep. D xiv). 

Aaplrian = aspyrian Asttngan* to bore out, pierce out, Ghb : iiab. 

Asplwan^ (y) to spew up, vomit, M,CB. Asttntan = astyntan ; AsOrlan = astvrian 

AsplAtan T to split, v. ES49'156. AstiSlan to become hard, dry up, wiAer : grow 

Aapornaii to cast down, EPs 145^. [spnman] up, come of age, TO 203*^. 

Aiprfodan to stretch out, extend, GSF835^. Astondna8=a8tandenn68 

igpreeAn to speak out, specik, VFs. 9air§blllB,n to cast forth, 'KPalff. 

Asprangan to cause to spring, fling out, 9atreoeAn to streich out, stretch forth, extend, 

ML 8*". lay low, M : prostrate oneself, bow down, CP. 

Asprattan = aspiyttan [* astretch * ] 

Aqirlndlad ripped up, Lod 80b. Astragdan to sprinkle. 

Asprtngan* (y) to spring up or forth, break Astragdnas? f. sprinkling, DR. ^^ 

forth, spread, JS; AO : arise, originate, be Astrangad {made strong), malleable, WW. 

bom, AS : dwindle, diminish, fail, cease. Astif anan (eo, y) to begti. 

asprungen dead, [^aspring*"] Astrogdan pp. of astreffdaa. 

Afpringung f . failing, VPs 141«. Astrowanai f . length, HGl443. 

A^rltan = aspirttan Astr^ nan = aetiienan 

A^rotan pp. of asprutan. Astundlan to take upon oneself, M. 

A-aprungannaa, -spnmgnes f. failing, ex* Ai tff acian to suppress, eradicate, GP. 

haustion, death : eclipse. As^llan=a8iellem 

Aspratan' ( = do) to sprout forth, PPs 140*. Astyltan to be astonished, LkLR. 

Aspryngan=a8piuigan As^ntan (i) to blunt, repress, restrain, stop, 
Aspryttan^ (e, i) to sprout out, bring forth, M. overcome, OL [' astint *] 

Aspyllan to wash oneself. Bo 115*. Ast^iHtn (e, ea, do) to deprive, bereave, GD. 
Aspyrgand m. tracker, inv estiga tor, VHy. aat^te orphans, [stdop] 

Aspyrglng f. *adinventio,* WVV613". A8t^(ad)naa (e*) f. privation, bereavement. 

Aapyrian (i) to track, trace out, investigate, As^an to guide, control, AS 9^. 

explore, discover. Astyrlan (m, e) to kill, destroy, Cr,Mt (e). 
Aap^wan = asplwan [* asterve ] 

assa m. he-ass, Mty7n,AS; GP. Vass*] Aatyrlan to sHr up, excite, move, move for- 
assan f. she-ass. ward, raise, Jn,Mk; A& : be roused, become 

asamyra f . she-ass, M. angry, M. astyred weoiCan be or become 

Alt f. kiln, WWlSB^i A9-265. [*om<'] anxious, M. [^asHr*] 




istyrlandllo ▼. im-&. 

iHyrisend m. 'vetUOator,* GPH393". 

islvrrod sktrrp. So. 

is^mng f . moHon, Loi>. 

i-cfleaii* -sugan to 9uck, ntek out, drain, 

iHittiMlnui, -snndioii s ommndran 


isQitan to be or become eow, WW. 
iswAman to roam, wander about : pine, 

ffttevef xXim 
tawSm« =a8wani- 

ifwAtan to bnretouiinperepiration,KR20^. 
ifwimlan to die away, Gsn376 : eeaee. 
ftiwt^pan' (bat pp. ftswOpen) to sweep away, 

remove, dean, Gr. 
iswarean to languiek, LPs 88". 
iswirdan to confound, BSPsTO**. 
iswirnlaii to be confounded, Ps. 
iswimung f. ekame, confusion, LP84S^. 
iswaftan to investigaU, OEG0". 
iswaartlaii to turn Uvid, become ashff or 

bhek, OP. 
itweblMUit to luU, sooihe, set at rest : put to 

death, destroy, Jud, l*<uufeve*] 
itwAlUui* to sweU, CP. 
aswaltan* to die, Ghb. 
iswenoan to afflict, DR. 
iswADgmn to sufing off, shate off, eastforih, 
isweoroan' to droop, ^. 
isweortan* to file off, polish, OPH. 
itwtrlan^ to mmot , PPs. 
iswlmn^ to desert, abandon, betray, deceive, 

Mt : offend, irritate, provoke. [*aswike*] 
±ifwleiaii to offend. 
iswleung f . scandal, offen ce. 
iswllkni to wander, stray, WW. 
iswlnd = fiswind 
Iswtndan* to become weak, shrink, fade f^umy, 

perish, decay, dissolve. Bo; ^,CP. 

iawlBgan* to scourge, DR. 
Afwdgan' to cover over, choke, CP411^'. 
toworettan to sigh, grieve, GD. 
tewornlan (NG271)=:a8wamian 
liwundeiinM f. idleness, BHldO**. 
i^ynderllc remote, OEG2514. 
±ifliyiHl-raii, -rian to separate,divide, disjoin, 

sever, CP,M i distinguish, esccepL \^asunder^\ 
ifyndrung f . divisi<m, WW. 
ata^t; AtAfraii(CP467»)=atiefnn 
fttAMn to wear out, injure, strike, smite, ^ : 

wound, CP296U. 
alAwlan = ntiewan 
ftta (n) f. 'oaU,' Led : wild oats, tares, 

it6ailaii=ateIUa; At§frmii=atielran 
at«gAr=:»tgar; atoljs^tol 
AteDan to reckon up, count. Bo ; AO. a. wiiS 
balance against : tell, enumerate, CP : ex- 
plain, interpret, [^ateU*] 
itemlaii to tame, subdue, render Quiet, CP. 
fttandan to set on fire, kindle, inflame, Chr : 
iroubU, perplex, AS'Z12^. ['atend'] 

Alendliif f. incenUve, So221». 

Atfon* to draw up, out, off or from, remove, 

puU out, lead out, draw, B,BH; AO,CP. 

Qp a. draw up, move away : protract, M i 

move, journey, roam : dealwiih, dispose of^ 

apply, use, Mt ; M,CB. [' a/ee '] 
AMorian to fail, become exhausted, weary, 

cease, Ps;Mzbe defective, MQu. ['ottre^] 
AI«orl(()«iid]lo transitory, perishable, M : 

failing : defective, MQjl 
AtAorodnM f. cessation, exhaustion, HLS***; 

AtAorung f . failing, weariness, M. 
Atiowans:d%Iewaa; AterMLtor 
Atiran« to tear away, CPSSQ**. 
Atcrtandlls = Ateoriendlio 
Atorlma (Str-) oat-bran, LoD 3*292'. 
AtnrtAnum dp. with poisoned twigs (or J 

-tearum with poison drops) B14M. 
Atetfiwdn ady. at oA, CM987. [awiht] 
AUdrlan to grow weak, GD69* (ydd). 
Attefran («, ^,l,f)to draw, depict, CP. 
atfewan=dfilewaii; Atthl-^A^ht- 
AtUlan to touch, reach. 
Atlinlir-aii, -ian to erect, buHd, AO,GP. 
AtfmpUaii to provide with spikes, NC271. 
Atltaf m. oat-fieldf 
atol L dire, terrible, ugly, deformed, repulsive, 

unchaste, B. VateV] ILf n. horror, evU. 
atollo, atollio dire, terrible, defortfted, re* 

pulsive, M. adv. -Hoe. 
atoUanda disfiguring, WW220». 
Ator, at(to)r, (£) n. poison, venom. Led ; AO, 

CP : gaU, CfL ['aUsr^ 
AtorbAre poisonous, ^Hl-72*>. 
Atorbaranda poisonous, venomous. 
Atorooppa f. spider. Led. ['otteroop'] 
Atoronsft (attor-) m. art of poisoning, W. 
Atoroyn (A) n. poison, Sol 210. 
Atordrlnoa m. poisonous draught, liH. 
AtorlASa f . plani used as antidote to poison^ 

betonicaf Lcd,WW. [*attertotAe'] 
Atorllo poison-Uke, bitter, WW. VatterUch'^ 
AtoncaaSat m. poMoitoiM enemy. 
Atornara n. poisoned spear, Rd 18*. 
Atoittgan (att-) f . taking of poison, Lod 1-4*. 

Atrahtnlan to treat, discuss. 
Atradan* to extract, extort, LL. 
Atraddan to search out, examine, investigate, 

AtrandUan to roU, JfetS". [▼. 'trendle'] 
Atras gs. of ator. 

atrum n. ink, A 13*28". [L. atramentom] 
attar, atton=4ator 
attraa gs. of attor, ator. 
atiiI=atol; Atiir=ator 
AtwAonlan to cause doubt, A8*333*. 
Atyddrian = Aladrian 

At^dran to b^et, create, El1279. [tfidor] 
At j^an a Atiefran 


itjhteii (i) to entice, attmte, ineUe i be tOkn- iSrunten (pp. of HttmtukjewoUet^, Rd38>. 

Htm : pnimoe, Rd61* : etrikh^ eskndp imm, (or? a1$niteii) 
ityhtlBf (i) L »iiteii«ioii, aim : inetigaiUm^ iSrOten pp. (of *at$rataii) mooOem, Lcd. 

0EG2*M. i&yoemn to prtea, oppress, 

i^ymlmii Bfttimbran iSSryn to robf drive outf Gl (E843*331). 

U^nan I. to shiU off, exchde. [tan] ip&yBemlan, -ISryaman {AO) to suffocate, 

ILsont^naii smother » l^atkrysm*} 

i^TDdan sateDdan ; ItfilaB = fttSoiian iSrylnes f . weariness. 

i^waBsromewan 9SMmt m. oath, GP8104*. 

is m. *oath,* B, Mt; AO. iSbwarm m7==attewara 

i8-3=01S- iSiwaringssalSewenuig 

a8fcwnaiw m. cklamani, CP271^ [£.] iBswaru f. 0otik-«t0eaniHf, oa(^ M. 

iSbryoo m. perjwry, W164^ iSkweilaiir to «oi0 tMlA af» oaih, WW387^ 

iSaogaii to take food, eonsnmef iSiwwiiaf f . oath-^weaHng, CK&»R8Pft 104*. 

a86geliil=ai^M Lt iSfwyrd (eo) n. ootA-MWoriiig, EPB104* 

iSUfen distenSed, WW. (6^); B2064. 

iSanean to tfttnl; oiU, deriMy eoiilrive, «fioml» i^um m. son-in-law, JS;AO i 6rc4&€r-m* 

AO : intend. law. Vodam*"} 

iSenenes 1 extension, VHy. iSiimwafflaii mp. son-in-law and father-in^ 

A-Sennan, -tauaa to stretch omt, extend, ' law, B84. 

draw oui, expand, AO : appitjf ((Aa mind) iSandanneff . sweOing, twmmr, Lod : eon* 

CP : prostrate. tumacy, WW87^^ 
iSanung f . extension, distension. iSwftnan to diminish, soften, Lod. 
iStedansfiSIadan iSwian* to wash, wash off, cleanse, baptite, 
iSCostrian (e, ie, i) to become dark, obscnred, anoint, M,CP. 

eclipsed. Bo; CP,yVs. ['athester*] iSSiwAA n. promise on oath, WW IIS^. 

iSar = a]iw»5er iSweran* to stir up, ch^um, Lod. 

iSancan to ihresh out, J5L31^^ A8«irlnaii to vanish, NC338. 

aSfetrlan = a^Sostrian ; iStwan = a«^aa ASwItan^ to disappoint, SPs 131". 
•Baia f . lizard, OET. iSwyrSa worthy of crediL ▼. LL2-376. 

iSSivdiiun m. confirmation {confifmere)cf an •S^an^&'Sywan 

ootft, LL. iSylgUn to dear up, ABSPb. 

iZgtlOi (kiSe-) n. promise on oath, oath, WW. 9Zfn=a,iSfwaix 
•Sudan to thrust, push, OEG60*. iSynnlan (i) to make thin, YHyS^K 

Alladan to separate, CP. iS^trian (M) = atSiestrian 

•8l«mn to dean, CP. iS^n 14 to sound, blow (a horn). II. to 

iSlettrian (CP) = fttS«oatrian expel, WW 19^>. 

iSlndan* to swell, puff up, inflate, increase, iS^wan to drtM away, AO : press out or into, 

CP : meU, pass away. (op. 0mdan) squeeze ouL 

iSlndunf f . swelling, Lod 93a. iuht s&wiht ; iuS«r = ahwn'Ser 

ft-8btz1an, -tSi«Qrigan(CP)=a1Seo0trian iw=n; ftwa=a 

A81 (VPs) =ftdl ftwaean* (on-) to aieaie, JB : arise, oriffinate, 

iSSkign m. perjurer, C&lfib. spring forth, be bom. [*awake{ny] 

A8oI = adl ftwaolan to awake, M. 

iSollan to hold oul,'^endure, suffer, M. Iwielan to grow weak, decline, fall, belittle, 

ftSolwara mp. citizens, Gir£201. ^,CP :faU away, lapse, desist Jfrom, abstain, 

i8or=&hw8B'Ser M. 

iSrtelan to dread : frighten. Awaonlan = awnonian ; Awssa- =3 awec- 

iSrAstan to twist out, wrest out, Gl. AwAean to weaken, weary. 

iSkkwrnB? to curl, twist, twine, M. AwsM-nlan, -nan (on-; a, e) to awaken, 

iSrtatlan to weary, be irksome : force away, revive, M : arise, originate, spring from, 

CP293>*. AO. ['awake(nY^ 

iSrfotan' (pen. and impen.) to tire of, iwAgan to deceive : destroy, annul, make 

weary, be tiresome to, disptease, disgust, nugatory, M. 

M,AO,CP. §mminntoroll,rollfrom: harass, afflict, NG. 

iSreioan » atSenoan Awnltan = awyltan 

iSriatan to weary, M,AO {f) ; Bo. &w»mmlan = awemman 

iSrlngan* to cr<wd or prees out : rush forth, Aw8Bnd-=awend-, onwond- 

break ouL nt a. emboss. AmDnlan—awenian 

iSifrtlan to be bold, presume, QD7 0*. Award pp. of awierdan. 

iSrotannes f . wear isome ness, WW 400^. Awwrged = awierged 
aSrotsum irksome, WW510>*. Awwian to avoid, DR39^*. 

iMwian to suffer, LoD68b. iwmean=:&wa8oan; Awftttans&wSstaa 

iSrozan pp. ofa'Sdnoan. iwandlan to fear, hesitate, .£G&162'. 


to diminiMf Useeim^ ' iwof-sawierff-, aweri- 

twumlui to become Uvid or black and bhie^ iwwiMi L to defmidt AO : himder, rmtraiut 

61)20** (y. NG332). Chs : protect, cover, eurrownd, mdoae : 

iwmiMlaii to diminish, KG4«2i3*. ward off from oneself, svum from oneself. 

ft«ir=&hwftr II. to wear, wear ouA (doUku), RB. 

ftwimlan to be confounded, 8P8. iw«ipaii = aweorpan 

tWMtaa* (») to wash, bathe, immerse, Lod. twaieim ( VPs) = ftwiscnet 

i.w«allAii' to %oeU up, flow out, break forth, iwlstan to lav waste, ravage, destroy, AO ; 

issue, swarm, CP : be hot, bnm, M, [*awest^] 

ftwtaMlaa to guard, defend, AwM(«d)nes f. desoUOwn, dettruOMn, 

imsasuai* to grow, grow up, arise, come forth, AwMend m. devastator, W200^*. 

GP. Awtzen » aweazen pp. of ftweaxan. 

ftweb^sflweb; AwM-saw»o- +iwlaii (AS42*)=+fowian 

ivrtoeui to awake, rouse, ineiU, excUe, Mk, AwUUan to profane, defile. 

Lk; M,CP : raise up, beget. [*awecche'] Awl«ntaui (e, y) to spoil, injure, hurt, corrupt, 

tveeenet (») f. incitement, GD199^ seduce, destroy, kiU, GP. 

Awe«gMi to undermine, shake, move, M. Awlerding (7) f. corruption, bUmish, HGl 

Awidan to be or become mad, rage, M;AO. 421**. 

l*awede ' ; wad] Awlflrg-an, -ian (», e» i, y ) hto curse, damn, 

9imeitLn* to weave, weave together, M. denounce, outlaw, JB,Mt,CPiV2. 86 

9me%{=t(n'yaway,'forih,out,ChrJitiCB. &wier(ge)daJlaiM{,d6vt<. [*ai«irie'} II.- 

Awegan* to lift up, carry away : weigh, weigh Awyrgan 

out, ^ : MtofiMle, conMder. ['aioetffA'] Airlht I. n. 'aii^Af,* anything, something, Ps. 
AwcgAnorpBM 1 abortion, LL (164*^). II.adY.alo2{,6ya9iyfiMaiM. tfiahteoioU. 

Awegeuman* to escape, M. IIL good, of vciue, M. 

Aw^Cada went away, JnL4t^ [▼. 'oicay*) MVOksak to become wHd, MJUU 

fiode] AvOIaiisawyUan 

AwagflioB* to fly or flee away, OB02169. Awflla (WW) ^Anwille U. 

AweggAn to go away, BH326^*. Awlndan' to wind, bend, plait : slip from, 
AweggawItan^toclMNM^ A074». withdraw, escape, GP : become relaxed? 

Aweggewltanw f. departure, M : aberraHon W148*. 

{of mind), JPbUS^. Awlndwlan (y) to winnow, blow away, die- 

Awehtnea f. arousing, BH422*** perse, Ps. 

awal m. hook, fork, Gl. Awlnnaii* to labour, strive, JnL : gain, over- 

AwaDaaasawyfian come, endure. Da. [*oiotn*] 

9mmaBm,n to disfigure, corrupt. AwfrgansLawyrgan; II. awyigian 

AwemmendnM f . corruption. Awlignas s Awyrgednes ; Awlso- &= fiwiso- 

AwADan to consider. Awimlan to become dry, wUher. 

Awandan (-on-) to avert, turn aside, re- Awistllan to AtM, W147*i. [hwistlian] 

move, upset, Ps : change, exchange, alier, Awladan to be or become lukewarm. 

pervert, JB;CP : translaU, M,CP : turn tkwlSHAn to befoul, make loaihsome, defile, M. 

from, go, depart, Ps; AO : return : subdue. Awlandan to exult, to be proud, 0£6 1169. 

[*awend*] Awlenoan to make proud, enrich, I>B59^. 

AwendedUesawendendlio Awly^laB to 'lisp,^ MLf^ 4-219 (NG338). 

Awandadnea f . change, aUeraHon^ M. Awo = a (awa) 

Awandandlle ihat can be changed, changeable, Awofflan to become proud, insolent : rave, be 

3L delirious, insane, M. 

AwandandlfeiMa f. mutabHOy, M. Awdglan to woo, M. 

Awendannas f. change, 0EG191. Awdh (crookedly), wrongfully, unjustly, LL. 

Awandlog L subversion, change, £839*322. [-on w6h] 

Awan-nan, -ian to disaccustom, toean. Awol = awel ; Awolflgaa = Awoffian 

Awiodlan to root out, extirpate. Awonlan (DR) = awanian ; Aworg af or 

Awawpan* to throw, throw away, cast down, Awordannet f. degeneration, WW 87". 

east out, east aside, degrade, depose, Mt ; M, Aworpadnat (EP821^) = aworpeimeB 

AO,GP. aworpen divorced, reeded, de- Aworpanlle worthy of condemnation, GP. 

strayed, apostate, of, at a. to throw out. adv. -Boe vUely. 

['atcorp'] A-worpannat, -worpnes f. r^eciion, what is 

Awaoipnei =3 Aworpennes cast away : exposure (of children). 

Aweoitbui* to pass away, vanish, become AwrAnan to make wanton. Lop 64b. 

worthless, Mt:(SQ)^-\'Weoei^an. [*aworth*] AwrOttan to wrest from, extort, WW397>'. 

Awaotuog f. *subsistenUa,* WW616«. Awraean* to thrust out, drive away : strike, 

AwtrsE&hwAr pierce : uiter, sing, relate, recite : punish, 

Av<rtaBs=awierdan avenge, LL,ChrL. ['awreak*] 

Awarde (»*) m. worthless fellow, WW 111**. Awraoean to arouse, awake, M. 




IwregannM sonwmenes 

Awrton^'* (>«on-) to di$doae, discover, nvetU : 

eov^ NO. 

AwreSian to support, uphM, OP. 
Awrldlan to originaU, spring from. 
Awrlgenat = onwrigennes 
ftwrlngan' to wring, sgueeze onl, iE. 
ftwrlt n. a ufrOing. 
ftwrltan^ U> vrriU, tcrUe down, describe, com- 

pose, CP;MJkO,CBB. : nuwk, inscribe, 

draw, carve, copy, [*awrite*] 
AwrlSSan^ L to turn, wind, bind up, bind, 

wreathe. II. — onwifSan 
awngones = onwzigenee 
ftwoer, a^or=&hw»1$er 
Awulii=awiht; &wul=:awel 
Awuldrian to glorify (N). 
ftwundrlan to wonder, toonder at, admire, 
Awunlan to remain, continue, BH. 
iwunlgenda pto. continual. 
Awurt-wallan, -wariaa = awyrtwalian 
ftwi]riSan=aweort$an; &wyht=sawiht 
Awyllan to roU, M. 

Awyllan to bring into commotion, boU, M. 
Awytan = ft wielm 
iwyltan, awylwaa to roU, rcU away, M : 

harass, BR (sb). 
ftwyndwlan = awindwian 
Awyrean to do. 

Awyrd- (^)sawierd-; Awyrdlasefwyrdla 
Awyrdnes hurt, harm, destruction, M i 

ftwyrg- = awierg- 
Awyrgan (i, ie) to strangle, suffocate, AO{i), 

M. l^aworry*] 
Awyrg edllOy awyrgendlio detestable, shameful, 

ftwyrg ednes f . wickedness, ^ : cwrse, cursing. 

Awyrgodnei = awyrgednes 
Awyrlgendd accursed, M. 
Awyrlgung f . a curse, M. 
ftwyrn (Men 101 ) = ahwnraen 
Awyrpan (^ie) to recover Qrom iUness), MB. 

iwyrtUan = awyrtwalian 
ftwyrtwallan to root out, CP. 
ftn^rSuDg f. stain, aspersion, HGl421. 
az-=a80-, 0Z-; iK-=a0o-; aze=»08 
A^dan (0EG8>M)=aidan; &ydUan=aidl]an 
iyldan to delay, QD21». [ieldan] 
Ayrnan = aieman 
A^n to drive out. [ut] 


lift nafn. and am. of b^en both, 

bao- y. bfldo. 

bmotkn* to 'bake,* M, 

baoas nap. of b»o II. 

baooa m. ridge, BC (bacM)e f. Mdf ). 

baeu nap. of b»o I. 

bid I. f . forced contribution, impost, pledge, 

LL : expectation, [bidan] II. (±) piet. 

3 ag. of Didan. 
-bAd«ra ▼. nied-b. 
bidlan to take a pledge or fine, LL. 
bflB*=ba-y be*» bea- 
b8M L n. *baeh,' Bo,MiLJPs;CP. on b. 

bachoards, behind, * aback.* on b. settan, 

Ultan to neglect, ofer b. backwards, back. 

under b. behind, backwards, back, ofer b. 

bugan to turn back, fiee. olfine b. habban 

to be straightforward, honest, LL128[6]. 

II. mfn. beck, brook, v. ES20«411. 
b»obord n. 2eft side of a ship, larboard, AO. 
b8Me=becIl; bAea^bdoe 

bttcere I. m. ^baker,* A I L=bgBere 
bnocring m. gridiron, WW. 
bsBoarn n. bakery, bakehouse, M. 
b0M6Stre fm. baker, JE. [*6«rfer'] 
bedocS, b»o^, pres. 3 sg. of bacan. 
bndstr = bteoestre 

btteUng, iMBclinga (on) adv. backwards, be- 
hind, on b. gewend having one*s back 

turned, i£. 
bttosUtol adj. backbiHng, W72». 
hmA%armm. rectum; )^\. bowels, entrails J&. 
+b6MU np. back parts, LPs. 
bnd I. pret. 3 sg. of biddan. II. =bed 
bddan to urge on, impel, GP : solicit, require : 

afflict, oppress. 
b»dan to defile, EPsTS^ 

bioddflBg ^epiphania,* DR. 
MMdel m. effeminate person, hermaphrodite, 

WW. [yr.'^bad'] 
beMldiyda = bedrid a 
beedend m. inciter, WW. 
bftdawCg n. drinking vessel. [w£ge] 
MMUng m. effeminate or impure male person, 

WW. VbadUng'] 
bAdon pret. pi. of biddan. 
b»dryda= bedrida; bttdzere=b«zere 
beetta, b»ftan {Mt; ^)=:be»ftan 
bseftanslttende idle, MG^62*. 
-bSBftlan (ea^„i^*) v. hand-b. 
bag=b€ag; bAgen=begen; bAli=b§ae 
bAl n. fire, fiame, B : funeral pyre, bonfire. 

bAlblys, -blyse, -blsBaef f. blaze of a fire, 

funereal blau. 
bnlc I.t m. pride, arrogance. IL m. 

covering, doudf Ex 73. 
beeloant to cry out, 

+bnlean to root up, CP879^*. 

baldan =bieldan 

bseldo (CP), b8eldii=bieldo 

bAlegsa m. terror of fire. Ex 121. 

bAUyr n. ^bale-fire, funeral or saorifidcU 

fire, B. 

htBlg, b»lig (NG)^belg 
bAlslade m. place of a funeral pHe, B3097. 
UU-8raou f. (ds. -ISneoe) violence of ftre^ 



bAlwudu m. wood /or a funeral piUf B 31 12. ta8e«r« m. bather. 

Mblwylin m. flames of a funeral-fire, Jul berime s=b«BEere 

336. birilern n. baih-houee, NC272. 

bAm=bani (v. b^en); beond^bend taSfni n. bathing-iub, LL466[17]. 

-f bAne? bones, NC292. bnShtls n. bathing-plaee, M, 

bAnen made of bone, iB. bflBSlan = batSian 

bnr L gsmo. Dares *bare,* uncovered. Bo : bseSsealf f. bathing-sahe, Lcd. 

naked, undothed, Oen, II. piet. 3 sg. of }MKXtt9dtm.,hmiSMwtbaihing-piace,WW. 

beran. beeSwegt °^- *^^ 

bAr L f. *6ier/ El;M ; handbarrow, UUer, baazwe m. bapHser, bapHsL [»X. baptiBta] 

6e<i» BH,JnB. [beran] II. a |)M«ttref bal- = beal- 

KC(BT). III. = bar ( AB 14-233). bale, balca m. bank, ridge. Bo, WW. [*baUG '] 

+baraii to behave, conduct oneself, OP : fare, baUIee (NG) = bealdlioe 

B2824 : *exuUare,* PPs. ['i-bere*] bal-Hun, .Bamum n. *balsam,* bahn, BH. 

b»rb«r barbarou s,'EP B 1 1 3^. balmiiSe f . bergamot, Lcd 3-90'*. 

bftnUse m. tray, WW. [beran] balsmlnta f . baisam-mint, water-mifU, WW 

bare=bere pree. 1 sing, of beran. 130*. 

b»ra- = bere- balzam n. , balzame f . = balsam 

-bAra soffiz (from beran); forms deriva- bim dmbi. of bSgen. 

tives from substantiTes, as in oweahnbAre. +ban = + bann 

[Oer. -bar] ±bftn n. *6one,* tush, Jn,M,Ol; AO,CP : the 

Mra^b&r bone of a limb. 

+bAre n. manner, behaviour. El : ffestuire, bana (o) m. kiUer, slayer, murderer, B; Ceoa : 

cry I action. [*i-bere*; beran] the devil : (f.) murderess, A 10'16 5. [* bane^] 

bssrldt barefooi. b&nbeorge f . leg-amumr, greaves, WW. 

bflsrhtm (A) =:bearhtm b&nbryoa m. fracture of a bone, Lod. 

bnrtte I. adj. of barley, KC6-79^*. II. open, bftnootat m. (he bodUy frame. 

clear, public, adv. -lioe. b«n-eo8a m., -colSii f. baneful disease, 

bArmann m. bearer, porter, JB. [*berman*] band pret. 3 sg. of bindan. 

besrn =b6re»m Mkneoe in pain in Ihe thigh, Lod. 

±b8Brnan (e) to cause to bum, kindle, bum, bAn-fsstt n. nap. -fata body, corpse. 

consume, Sol; AO,YPs. [y. *bum*] binUg adorned with honework (deer 

bflBmelie (e) n. bumt-offering^VI^. anUers?), B781. 

+bAm68 f. bearing, manner, WW 629". bangir (o) m. murdering spear, B2031. 

bBrnelt (y*) n. burning, bum, cautery, M : bAngebarg n. =banbeoive 

arson, iX. bingebreo n. fracture of a bone. An 1430. 

iHBndDgi. burning I bumi offering, BPaWK bftnlialm m. helmet, shield f Fen 30 (▼. also 

bssmlian n. branding-iron, 0£Q7^ barhelm). 

besnmm, bnmes f. burning. binbrlngt m. vertebra, joint. 

b«ro=beara; bAron pret. pL of beran. bftnhtlst n. body, chest, breast, banhoses 

bsBTt m. a fish, perch, Ql. [Oer. barsofa] weaid the mind. Ex 523. 

+bAr8elpe (LkL) = +b6orBoipe bAnltai boneless, Rd 46*. 

bestflt prot. 3 ss. of berstan. bftnlooaf m. Joint, limb. 

bsBTSO- = brastf- +bann n. proclamation, summoM, command, 
bflBTvynnJg m. notoriously wicked person, M,(jP : indicticn {cycle of 16 years). 

pttbUean, NG. ±baDnan' to summon, command, proclaim. 
+bAru T. +bftre; bflwwesbearwe b. at call out, Ghb. 

bsBSt mn. t innerbark of trees, * bast, ' M,OET. bannend m. summtm/er, Gl. 

bflssten made of basL +banngtar (-ger) n. indieHon, year of the 
boatera s bsBzere indietion. 

bAtan I. to bait, hunt, worry, M. [v. '6ail*] : bannuc m. a sort of cake, OEG. 

(BT) make fastf (Sedgef. =111)1 II. to bim ilt (y ) n. leggings, leg-armour, greaves 

beat against the wind? Bol44>^ [ON. Gl,WW (-rist). 

* beita] IIL to furnish with a bit or bridle, bftnsaalf f . salve for pain in the bones, Lod 

saddle, curb. 138b. 

+bAte, +bfitel n. bit, bridle, pi. trappings, b&nsele{ m. {bone-house), body. 

BH. bAnwsnro m. pain in the bones, WW200^*. 

btttera* bflsttra = betera banweore n. homicide, mtcrder, LL244,32,4d. 
bAtung (d) f. beating {against (he wind?) bftnwyrt f. violetf smaU knapweedf Lod. 

(BT), cabU (Sedgef.), Bol44n bir (A) m. 'boar,* £0r. 
bo8 n. nap. W6a *6aA/ a€ition of bathing, bara, bare wk. forms of ba r, adj. 

Lcd : laver, AO : U^id in which one baihes, barda m. beaked ship, WW289". 

medicinal spring, BE,KO. ganotes b. hithtlm m. hehnet with the image of a boar f 

gamtet^s bM (ie. ibe sea), B. FDr30 (y. also banhehn). 


tMtflMi to lay ban, uncover : depopulate, hmdu\tgdsLh9tAuwe,hmdowewar,ballU, 
W310". [bttT I] JhhHng, tirip. 

lMrlee=bearn|se; barmsbeftnn baaducU boid in baiOe, RdI^. 

barn L pret. 3 fg. of bieman. ILsbeam baaduorwlt m. 9kiU in war, Air219. 

banlge = beanige baaduonatttgt warlike. 

binpare n. boar spear. beaduewaatan m. violeni deaih. Ax 1704. 

birqprtot m. boar spear. baadutolm i. batUe-hantU BOOO. 

banttttiig=braethiiig ^^ baadngrlma m. war-mttsk, heUnei, B2267. 

bai1$ m baraue, *dromo/ WW 181*. baadutan^glt n. coat of mail 

baHSa=baraa baaduUef n. war-play, balUe. 

baru napn. of b«r adj. baadultema m. (bami-liglU), sword, B 1523. 

basillsoa m. basiUsk, PP890". baadimuBgan n. battle strengO^, force, BxS20. 

baaing m. doak, M. beadumioa m. baUle-sword, B 1464. 

±bianian to await, expecL baadurAs m. rush of battle, BCa 11 1. 

bSsnung f . expectation (N). baaduilnet °^- warrior, soldier. 

bastard m. 6a«feir(i,CHBl006D. [OFr.] heaAur6t\ strong in baUh, renowned in war. 

basu (e, ea, eo) gsmn. baswes purple, scarlet, baadurOn f . secret of a quarrel, B501. 

crimson, baawa at&n topaz. baadusoaarp keen in battle (sword), B2704. 

basuhAwan purple. baaduierild n. coat of mail, B453 ; 2600 f 

+baswlan to stain red, ES 33-177. baadusaaro n. war equipment. Ex 572. 

bftt 1. fm. *boat,* sMp, vessel, Chr. IL pret baadusarca f. coat of mail, B2755. 

3 8g. of bitan. baaduHrtat m. war-band, army, El81. 

batlan to batten, fatten, CP 173** : heal : grow baaduwApanf n. weapon of tour. 

better, M. baaduwangt m. batUefiM. 

bfttawegan m. boatman, EC254. baaduwaorot n. work of baittU, warUbt 
bait bai, cudgel, club, OEG 18bl8. operation. 

b&twft=batu baaduwrAd (o*) m. fighting company, Lod 
bAtwaard m. Mp*s untchman, B lOOa 125b. 

ba9=b8B'S banftan 1. adr. after, hereafter, afterwards, 
±ba«lan to wash, lave, 'bathe' (tr. and intr.), behind, AO ; GP (bi-). Vbaft'] IL prep. 
give baths {to Olhers), Led-, MJlO. w. d. after, behind. 

ba9u V. bsB'S. baAwntan to join in marriage, marry, Che 
be- prefix. 1. specializes the meaning d a 1052d. \fiw] 

tr. vb. (as in behOn, besettan). 2. makes baaftan (o IdmetO, MtLll^, [<-be-haletiaB; 
an intr. vb. transitiTe (beswfcan, betSen- '6e)%'] 

can). 3. is privatiye (bedfilan, bellSan). btag L {&, e) m. ring (as ornament or as 

4. does not alter the meaning (beoaman). mon^), coU, bracelet, coUar, crown, garland, 

be prep. w.d. and instr. (of place) '6y,*fiear, JS;CP. [*6ee*; bOgan] IL pret. 3 sg. 

in, on, upon, with, along, at, to. be eallum of bagan. 

altogether, be foUan in fuU : (of time) in, bCag-gSa, -gTiaf m. ring-giver, lord, king, 

about, by, before, while, during : for, because generous chief, 

of, in consideration of, by, by means of, h^BggOxt (h^h-)^ t ring^fiving. 

through, in conformity with, in comparison btaghord (h)t n. ring-hoard, 

with : cUHmt, concerning, in reference to : on btaghrodent diademed, adorned with rings 

penalty of. be awihte in any respecL be or armlets, ^^ 

follan in excess, be sumum dAle partly, bteghyrne (h) f. comer of the eye, WW156*i. 

be anfealdam single, be twifealdom two- biaglan (S) to crown, 

fold, be fnllan fuUy, perfectly, be ISam b6ag-ael n., -selef m. haU in uihich rings ar^ 

mestan at the most, be "^m ('San) 1$e be- distributed. 

cause, as, according as, how. be nortSan, btegtSegu (h) f . receiving of rings, B2170. 

sulSan to the north, south of.... be nftans btegwbe n. round ^tape, GD343''. 

besaftan bfogwrtSa (h) m. armlet, B2018. 

btacen (e) n. * beacon,* sign, token, phe- bftah I. =b€ag IL pret. 3 sg. of bugan. 

nomenon, portent, apparition, JnL{%) : beih-=b§ag- 

standard, banner, B. beAbalan to ask advice, Bl199*; 205**. 

btaceniyr n. beacon fire, lighthouse, OET bea]ftnlSS=beaiai^ 

180^ (ft). bealoan, bealoettan to * belch, * uUer, bring up, 

bfooenst&n m. st one en which to Ught a splutter out, give forth, emit, Pe;M : come 

beacon fire, WW. forth. 

btaon-=bieon-, bion- beald (a) *b6ld,* brave, confident, strong, Ps; 

bead =bed AO,CP : impudenL 

btad I. pret. 3 sg. of beodan. IL (NQ)» bealde adv. bcidly^ courageou^, confidently : 

bSod without hesitation, immediately. 

3adoy=4beadu ; baadowlg = bAdeweg bealdian to be bold, B2177. [^bold *] 




iMaldnM (a) f . boUmua. 

bMldort m. krd, mader, hero. 

bealdwyrdt bold of speech, M, 


iMttlg, beaUi piet^ 3 ig. of belgan. 

HeanuMS mp. '<e«(iei3i,' 02. ['baUock'] 

bealo, bealo-sbeala, bealu- 

bealu I.t g8- b(e)al(Q)weB n. *6aie/ harm, 

injury, dtitruetion, ruin, evU, misehie/, 8<U, 

Ps,Chr I wiekednese, rnaUee : a noxious 

thing, M, IL adj. baleful, deadly, da/nger- 

cue, wicked, eviL 
bealubend m. pemidoue bond, W 178*. 
bMlnbenn f. morkd wound. Ex 238. 
iMaliiblondaii pernicious, GnE 198. 
bMluchnnm inf. oppressive boud, Hxix65. 
bealnenDll m. magic art, Mcr26^. 
bealuewealm m. violent death, B2266. 
bealiuUMt f . evil deed, sin, 
baaluful * baleful,* dire, wicked, cruel. Or. 
b«aliitQ8 prone to sin, Rm 60. 
bMln-liyegeiidetv -hfdig^ medOaUng miS' 

bealuinwtt d. deceit, treachery, PP)b54**. 
bealnltast hamUess, innocent, CkrjQn, 

bMlunriSt lA* fitoKu, wickedness. 
bealurip m. oppressive fetter, Cb386. 
baalu g e a m n. wicked machination, Jttl47Z. 
bealuitiSt >&• hurt, adversity : death. 
bealtuorg f. dire sorrow, Ps409. 
bealimall n. baieful message. Ex 510. 
bealuSMDO m. eml thought, JuLiOd. 
bealuwes, bealwes ▼. beala. 
btam I. m. tree, KC,Bd : * beam, * rafter, pieoe 

of wood, Chr,Mt; CP^df : cross, gaUows, 

Cr : (t) ship, Bd : column, piUar : sunbeam, 

ChrJ^s I metal girder, AO. IL (NO)-byme 
btanwa (iff)=bfmere 
btamteMdut f. shade of a tree. 
btamtelft ^"^ w)od-dye, carbonaceous ink. 
b«amw«g m. road made wi^ logs, BC 1-417'. 
biomwer m. wooden wevrt BC2-242'. 
btan (ie) f. *6ean,' pea, Ugume, Led*, Hdf. 
bten-b^gas, -ooddaa (Lk) mp. bean-pods, 

husks or cods. [v. *cod^] 

bteneynn n. a kind of bean, WW206*. 
btanen adj. of beans, Lod 1-282*. • 
btanltag f . land where beans grow, KC 6-266. 

[v. ^bean'] 
bfemnelii n. bean meal, Lod 31b* 
btanaAd n. bean seed. 
btensealtt f. bean-pod, OEQ608. 
bearee (so) f. barking, Gl. 
baard m. 'beard,* VPs; JR. 
baanllias beardless, youthfuL 
bears !• m« * barrow* pig, hog, JUi{e),Bd. 

IL pret. 3 flg. of beoTj^UL 
b6arti=bearg I and II: baarht^beorht 
bflarhtm L (br-, e, eo, y) m. brightness, flash : 

twinkling (of aneye),instant. IL^breahtm 
iMwirtitma adr. tiMtefi%. 

baariitiidnrart swift as the twinUing of on eye, 

momentary, Azl07 (br-). 
baarbtmbun f . moment, twinkling of an eye, 

point of time, GD. 
baann I. (a) m. lap, bosom, breast, Lk : 

middle, inside : {\) possession. IL emotion, 

exeitementf PPb 118. IIL ^beonna 
beannoUB n. apron. 
baammBgi n. o^iroa. [hriBgi] 
baanntiaff yeast-box, LL45o[17]. 
baarn I. (a, eo) n. child, son, dewendant, off' 

svring, issue, B,Mt,TO ; AO»CP. Uoda b. 

children of men. [*6a»n»*] IL=banipipefei 

3 fig. of bteroan. III. piet. 3 ag. of beiar- 

nan. IV.=bere«ni 
baarnan {N)=bianian 
baamaannlega mother, DR. 
baarn-teoa (GP,^), -daoen (GP), -eaonod, 

-Saonigende (JE) pregnanL 
baamanda (NGHbienande pto. of bieman. 
baarngMiyrda fp. child-bearing, B946. 
baamgastrton n. procreation of children, 

baandiai childless, M. 
baarnltast («*) f. childlessness. 
baandnfa affection (for a chOd), adoption, 

baarn-myiSra m., -myrSra t murderer or 

murderess of a child. 
baarnttam m. offspring, posterity, AO : pro- 

creation of children, HL. l*batmteam*] 

baanlga f T *braugina,* *baruina,* Ql. 
baan^bvia; btenofpa^bSonolpe 
i:baaru m. bearwaa m. grove, wood, BE; 

GP;Mdf. [berwe] 

baanuuBS m. woody shore, RdS8*. 
baarwa (») f . baekel, wheelbarrow, LL466>*. 
baarwaa v. beam; baaaussbaau I. 
-l-b€at n. scourging, M. 
±btatan' pret. bfot and (rarely) beoft (E8 

38-28) to^beat,* strike, thruet, daOi, Bo,Bl, 

Pe : hurt, injure. Da 265 : tramp, tread, B. 
btotara m. 6eator , boxe r, M. 
btew m. gad-fly, WW. 
babaStan to ba&e, wash (to. intr. and rafl.). 
babtodan* to offer, commit, entruet, GP : bid, 

enjoin, instruct, command, require, MJtk; 

A0,(^ : announce, proclaim. l*btbede'] 
babtedand m. commander, master, GP. 
babtedandllo commanding, imperative, 

babaorgan* to be on one*s guard, defend, 

protect, B. I'bibergh*^ 
babaran* to carry to, supplp with. 
baUndan* to bind about, o%nd fast, JR, 
ba-Mrgan, -biiigan=bebyrgaa 
babltan (bib!-) to bite, Gp251ic 
babliwan to blow upon. 
babod n. command, injunction, order, decree, 

Mt; MJlO,CB. t$a beboda the {ten) com- 


iMboddttg m. appointed day, All'l02^. bieik^b9ao(e)n 

bebodlan wv. =bebtodaii beenAwan* to know, BB. 

b«bodriMeii t command, auikority, IPs baenedan* (o Ameod «j>, LoD93a. 

118^». btenydUo^byonendlio 

btbrddan to spread, cover, MH44^. beenyttan to bnit^ He, bind , M,C P, 

bebreoan* to break to pieces, Sol296. bMol-a? m., -e? f. spectre, WW630**. 

bebregdan* to preltnd, JjkL2Q^, bie-riMlng, -tr9ow=b5o-risding, -tr^w 

bebrQean* to practise : consume (food). b«ortepan* to creep into, crawl, AO : be 
bebOgan* to fiow round, surround, enclose : hidden, M. 

turn from, shun, avoid. El : reach, extend, beest xnres. 2 8g. of baoan. 

[*bibugh*] beeuman* to happen, befaU, M : come, 
bebyogan (A) to sell ^^ approach, arrive, enter, meet with, fail in 

bebyoguog f. selling, WW. with, B;MJlO,CP : happen, befaU, Bo,JB : 

bebyrdan to fringe, border, WW376«i. (impere.) befit, MkL14» [^become'] 

be-byigan (AO) -byiian I. to raise a mound bfoun (NG)=beaoaii 

to,bwry, inter, ^. ['bebury'] II.==bebeorgan beoweUii« to die, LL400(1). 

be-byrgednes, -byTig(ed)ne0 f. burial, bury- beew^n^ to say : speak to, address, exhort, 

ing. admonish, blame, Ps : * bequeath,' leave by 

belqnlg- = bebyrff- wUl, KC ; M. 

bebyrwan (? = -bywan, BT) to rub over, beew^ero m. interpreter, translator, EHy 

GD318». 16 (proem.). 

beo=b8Bc; bte v. boo. becwyddod bespoken, deposited, WW116*. 

bMSdflan to ornament, WW 137'*. beewylman? to torment (BT). 

+btean to make over in writing, grant by beoyme m. event, resuU, BH372>*. 

charter, EC202^ bedpan to mU. 

beoo = b»c n. beoyrran = bedeiran 

htoea m. pick, mattock, WW;M. [*beck*; ±bed I. n. prayer, supplication, M,CP : 

and ▼. Indog. ForBc himgen24] religious ordinance, service, M. IL^bedd 

beocanm.6ttyer,WW(KG)76». [-bycgend] llL=b«d pret. 3 Bg. of biddan 

bece m. =b«Bo II. badAlan to deprive, strip, bereave of, rob, £ : 
btee (oe) f. 'beech' {ires), 01 (v. alao boo.) release, free from, ['bedcal*] 

beotoplan^ to sell, M : buy, M. bMan=beo<lan; +bMaii=+bffidaii 

baoaf ed sbeoasfed, pp. of beoasfian. bodbAr (€) t portabU bed, NG. 

bteen L 'beechen,* made of beechv>ood. Led, +bedUgen f. payment for prayers, LL258 

WW. 11. (NG)=bSaoeii (51). [bycgan] 

becoorfan* to out, cut off, separate, M. bedbototer m. 6oZater, ihOou^, WW 124*^. 

hSalde b. to behead. badbUr n. bed-chamber, HGl481. 

beoeorlan to murmur at, complain of. irboddeofft (e, i, y) m. bedroom, chamber : 
beetowan* to gnaw in pieces. Soul 111. lair, Ps. 

becftpan I. to take notiu of, LPs. 11.-* bed-oota m., -cofe f. bedchamber. 

beoypan bedd zl *bed,* couch, resting-piaee, Jn,EC; 
beoe^ preB. 3 eg. of bacan. GP : garden-bed, plot, Lod ; Mdf. 

beddan to complain of, ^H2*470*. +bedda f. consort, wife, & ['i-bedde*] 

beoierran (e, y) to turn, turn round, pass by, i:beddaffRB mpL rogation days. 

avoid, Met;GP : wind, twist : pervert, Chr : beddeUS m. bed-coverir^; pL bed-clothes. 

give up, betray, ['bicharre'] beddolyfa=bedcleofa 

beol&man to plaster over, pouUice, Lod. baddgamAna m. cohabitation, CP99*. 

baclSnsian to cleanse, 8P8l8^*. baddlan to make a 'bed,* WW : provide one 
baolomman to bind, enclose, 8ol71. with a bed, LL. 

baclancan to hold fast, LPs 104^. badding f . * bedding, * bed-covering, LPs, W W ; 
bacltauiig=beciysung M : bed. 

bacttngan* enclose, bind. El 696. badd-rtaf, -reda (i, y)=bed-reaf, -reda 

baeUpS (CP)~beolyp« pros. 3 ag. of baddrastf f. 6ed 

beclyppan. baddstdw t bed, BH410". 

baclUung = bedfsung ba-dtagUan ( -dSahl) = bedlglian 

baelyplan (eo) to accuse, challenge, sue at law, badaotan to beg, M,CP. 

LL. ['bedepe*] badfi^ian=be^]ian; badiian=bed»lan 

baelyppan to clasp, embrace, encompass, h^dtUuk* to dig round, Lki bury, Bood;AO. 

hold, M. I'bedelve'] 

baelypplng f . embrace, OEG. badalf ung f . digging round, WW 149^^ 

baaiysan to dose, shut up, endose, confine, badan pp. of biddan. 

imprison, M. [oluae] ba-dSpan (VPs), -deppan^bedlpan, -dyp- 
baol^uiig f. enclosure, ceU, OEG 1522 : pan «,^ « 

p(ar%od, syllogism, OEG. badfalt mn. bed-covering, BB911'. 




bttdgortd n. {afU*s) » w<, L cpllSa. 
+bedgiht f. evening, WW 117*. 
±beilli1ls n. chapel, oratory, M, 
+bedlaii io pray, xcorahif, BH408>*. 
bodkiaii io surround with a dyke, embank, 

fortify, Chr 1016b. 
bedldrlaii = bedydrian ; bedleglan = bedig- 

be-d|Kllan (-dihl- ; ea, 9, ie) to eoncecU, hide, 

ob9Gure,keepeecret^M : be eonceaied, Ue hid. 
badlkUng f. eecret piaee, BPsSO^. 
bedfolan (K)=bed]6glan 
bedljpait (6, f) to dip, immerse : anoint, GFfe 

+bediiiuin m. worshipper, priesL 
bedftn to shut, PPs 147<. Ibedo'] 

±bedrfMeii t prayer, intercession, M. 
badragan ▼. pp. bedids. 
bedrSaf n. bed-cMhes, bedding, JR. 
bodrada (I, y) m. (and adj.) 'bedridden' 

(man), M. 
badrtetan* to overcome, deceive t GBai628, 

823 : deprive of, bereave, despoiL 
badrast=beddro0t: badrida=bedreda 
badrtfan^ to drive, beat, strike, assail, AO : 

foUow up, pursue : surround, cover. 
badrlneanj* to drink up, absorb, Lgd. 
badiljp n. com/pulsory service rendered to a 

landowner at harvest time, LL. [*bedrip*] 
badrag beguiled, QmseG2. 
badrfl^laii to dry up, Lod l'33d^ 
badryta = bedieda 
badrfpas io moisten, OPH391". 
+badadpat m. cohabitation, wedlock. 
+badft6v f. place of prayer, oratory. 

XL straw for bedding, ^L31*^'. 
badOd f. bed-time, WW 176*. 
+beddd time of prayer, MH126". 
bad-Sagn, -ika,m.cnamber'Servant, chamber' 

lain, WW. 
badu f. asking, prayer, CP. [Ooih. bida] 
badflfliii* immerse, submerge, drown, J7. 

badul suppliant, WW180^>. 
badwftbrllt n. bed-cwrtain, Ct. 
badydrlan io conceal from, M : deceive, M. 
badffUi to immerse, GD73*<; CPs68^*. 
badfglaii=bedjeglan; bad^pansbedipan 
ba-dyppan (e), to dip, immerse, JSi,Mt. 

badyrnan io conceaL [dieme] 
betastan to the east of, AO.Chb. 
batastannoiSaii to the north-east of, AO. 
baabblan to leave aground by the ebb tide, 

strand, Chb807a. 
baatadan to cut off the hair, JELZS^. 
baarf-~beyif-; bal8Bdinan=bef»'8man 
bafftlon pret. 3 pL of befSolan. 
batnatan to fasten, fix, ground, establish, 

make safe, put in safe keeping, M,CP : apply, 

utilize : commend, entrust io, M,CP. 

O. H. 

bafflBBtnlan (ea) to fix, M: pledge, betroth. 
bafatttan to fatten, anoint, LPs 140*. 
bafaBlbiian, -mian to eneirde, M. 
bafaran* to go, go round or among, traverse, 
encompass, surround, AO : come upon, sur- 
prise, catch, LL230,13»1. 
bafaaldan' to fold, rM up, envelop, clasp, 
surround, inwdve, cover, ^,CP : attach. 

bafaaUan I. (sv*) to fall, Mt,CP; M : deprive 
of bereave of i/all to, be assigned to : * befall, * 
^Gb. II. = be{yUan 

bafaastnlan (NG)=be{»8taii 

bat<san to join, ML23*^. 

bat algan = befylgao ; baf allan = befyllan 

bafaltKriM=hefSd'8r»d (HGl489) 

bafaohtan* io take by fighting, iM4". 

batlolaii' to put away, bury : deliver, grant, 
consign, enitrust to, Ps : betake oneself io, 
apply oneself, devote oneself io, persist, per- 
severe, CP : importune : put up with, be 
pleased with. Vbifele*] 

bataolban = bef Solan 

baffon io deprive of property, OEQ3167. 

bafar (ao, y) m. ^ beaver,^ JBQr (eo); Mdf. 

baf Aran to surround, M : come upon, over* 
take, pass by : go about : faU among, NG. 

bafletan to deceive, LL(320^). 

baf Dan, befilgan=befyian, befylgan 

baflod (HGl480) pp. of befSon. 

bafltan* to peel, sk%n, flay, WW. befiagen 
fl£8o entrails, i'befiay'] 

bafltegan* tofiy wpon, BJi. ['befiy'] 

baflfen' (w. a.) to flee from, fiee, escape, avoids 
Ps;CP. Vbeflee*] 

b^ldwan* to flow round, over, Wif ['be- 

bafdn^ to surround, dasp, include, envelop, 
encase, clothe, Bl; MJiO,CP : comprehend, 
seize, attach (at law), lay hold of, catch, en- 
snare, Oen : contain, receive, conceive : eX' 
plain, CP. wordum b. teU, relate, on b. 
hare to do with, engage in. ['befong*] 

bafar = baf er 

baforan I. prep. a. (w. d.) (local) * before,* in 
front of, in (he presents of : (temporal) be- 
fore, prior to, sooner than. p. (w. a. ) before, 
II. adv. (local) before, in front : (temporal) 
before, formerly, in former times, earlier, 
sooner : at hand, optnly. 

baforhtlan to dread, ^23V*>. 

baf6tlan to cut off one* s feet, iG25"^ 

bafrSogan to free, Uberate, Ps. 

ba-frlnan, -frignan* to question, ask, leam,M, 

bafifnung f. inquiry, investigoHon, OEG 

bafrynan=beliinan; baftan==be8eftan 

baf ullan entirely, completely, perfectly, CP5". 

baf^lan (i) to befoul, deiUe, Led; M, ['befile*] 

befylgan to fdlow after, pursue, persevere 
%oUh, Lod. 

befyllan I. to fell, lay low, strike down : 
(t) toibe by killing, bereave, rob. [feallan] 
ILtofiUup. [fall] 


big = bteg begnMan^ to rvb thoromghiy, LoDSOa. 

biga gmfn. of bSgen. b«giioriilan to mourn for, B3179. 

begmlan* to Hng incafUationa over, enchant, b6goiig=begang 

Led ; M, I'UifaU*] bigrs gmfn. of bSgen. 

begfta to go over, tratferee, ^: get to, come by, begrStan = begretan 

failinio'.goto,v%9U,carefor,euUivate,AO: b^rafao* to 6tfiry, ^2S36. ['begrave'] 

occupy, JB,BH,Lcd : eurround, Chr. ntan bagrfttan to lament, PPsTT**. 

b. benege : practise, do, engage in, perform, bagifndan*t to grind, poU^ Parpen z 

attend to, be diligent about, A,CP : honour, deprive of, rob, 

eerve, worship : profess, on borh b. pledge bagifpan^ to grip, seize : chide, Ps. [* begripe*] 

oneself, CP. [*6e^'] bagitwen pto. steeped in, M. 

bigan = biogan begroreii overwhelmed. Sat 62. 

bogang m. ^way, course, circuit, extent : bagroriilan=begnomian 

district, reifUm : business, undertaking, btgrynlan to ensnare^ entrap, [grin] 

practice, exercise, service, reverence, wor^ip; beg9m-=begim- 

cultivation, GD, [-^bigeng] begyrdan to gird, doOne, M : surround, 

b«gaiiga=bigenga; bagangan^ began fortify, CP. 

begangol n^igeong-) m.7 cutUvaior, LkB : b6gytan=bogietan; bih=beag, beah 

worship, DK. behabban to include, hold, surround, com- 

bo-gftnnM, -gangnes f . ' calendce, * eelebraiion. prehtnd, contain, AO,CP : detain, withhold. 

bagbtam m. bramble, ihom-buA. behidlan to unfrock {a priest), LL. 

bige = beeen ; bigea = bSga behttf ednw f . restraint, temperance, 

bigaan = biegan bata»psian to fasten a door, JEL^l*^*. 

bagtai I. m. attainment, M : aemiisitions, behAs f. promise, vow, Ghb1093. [v. ^be- 

property, M, II. pfet. 3 ag. of oegSotan. hest*] 

bagtai- =bepm- bahsatdan to scalp, M : mate bald, 

bagiman (KGl) = beglmen bahaldan = beheudan 

bigan nm. (bat where one thing is m. and bahamaUan to mutilate, hamstring, M : strip 

the other f. or n., the nom. ia ba, bn), nf. naked? 

ba, nn. bu; gmfn. beg(e)a, bSgra; dimfn. bahammaii'eleitxihw/ (of shoe) patched (BT), 

b»m, bam; am. bii; af. ba; an. bu both, studded wi(h naUs (Namer), GD37". 

▼. alBo butfi. [*6o*] bahftt n. promise, vow, M : ihreaL 

baganga =bigenga bahfttan^ (often w. d. pers.) to promise, vow, 

bagtomarlan to 2ame9a,W76». pledge oneself, JB',C2.ihreaiUn, ['behight'] 

bagaondan (AO, CP), begeonde, -seonan, bahftUand n. promised land, GD204". 

prep. w. a. d. ; and adv. * beyond, on the bahftwlan to see dearly, take care, consider, 

other side, jB,Chr,Jn, MU [' bihowe'] 

bagaotan = begietan bahtatdlan to * behead, * Mt ; MJlO. 

bagtetan' to pour over or upon, anoint, in- bahtaf dung f . beheading, M, 

fuse, flood (with), sprinkle, cover wiCh fluid, bahtaf odllo oapHal {punishmenlt), GEO 

Chr ; M, I'bigeten' ; Oer, begieaaen] 4042. 

bagar n. berry, Gl. babaaldan' to hold, have, occupy, possess, 

bagat=begeat pret. 3 ag. of begietan. guard, preserve, KC; CP : contain : keep, 

bagatan pp. of (1) begeotan, (2) begietan. observe, consider, Bl,Psi AO,CP : to ""be" 

bCglan=b€agian hM,* look at, gaze on, observe, see, Oen; 

baglallan* to sing, celebrate, Sbaf24. ^,CP : signify, M : avail, effect : take 

baglatan* (e, i, y) to get, find, acquire, attain, care, beware, be cautious, CP : act, behave. 

receive, take, seize, AO,CP : h appe n : begeL bahaaldand m. beholder, spectator, BH26*'. 

baglatand (e) m. one who gets, WW 214**. babaaldannaa f. observance, DR : continenoe, 

begbnan (y) to look after, take care of : do DR. 

service, aUend : take heed, observe, bataaaldnaa f. regard, observation, M, 

bagiman f. attention, observation, bahtewan' to cut, chip, chop, beat, CP : cut 

baglmlng f. invention, device : observance : off from, deprive of, 

care, regard, OEG(y). bahMan (KGL)=behydan 

baglnan^ to open the mouth wide, sufaUow. ba-hUa, -hdf (e)lio suitable, proper, necessary, 

baglnnan* to 'begin,' jB; A0,CP : attempt, M. 

undertake, JE : attack, AG. bahitnas f. convenience, uHUby, 

baglr = beger ; baglrdan = begyrdan bahalan^ to cover over, hide, 

bagltan ( AG,CP)» begietan bahaldan = behealdan 

bagladdianto6e/otfJ,poatfte,^ : stain,dye,M, bahallan to cover over, conceal, bury, CP. 

bagDdan^ to leave, desert, PPs56^. bahalmlan to cover over, Sol 104. 

bagnagan* to gnaw, bahtefian to lament 

bagnaorS? atten(tt«,BH370'(?»*beoneord, ba-haonan, -heonon prep. (w. d.) and adv. 

BT). on this side of, dose by. 




b»-li«ot, .hdt, piet. 3 8g. of beh&tan. 

bahlegan^behyogan; b6hlibui=behfdan 

behldlgOee = behydiglioe 

behlonan (CHs)=beheoiiJkn 

beliildMi to depart, EPsl38». 

behlndan L prep. (w. d, a.)> ^▼^ * behind,* 

after, Chr, etc ;CP, 
be-binon, •faionansbeheonan 
beblrliig = behyning 
b«liIwlAn to disHmMkOe, RBL16'. 
behlsBnunftn = behlemman 
beblAnan to eurround. 
bebUf f. remainder, M. [»*belil] 
behltapan' to leap vpon, eetOe on, fix upon, 

devoU onesdf to, CP. 
bebletaban = behlyhhan 
b^hlemniaiit to dash together, 
behndan^ to cloee, cover over, M,AO. 
behliden =belideB, pp. of bellSan. 
beblybhan* (e)t to deride, exttU over, Cfu, 

b^biySui to rob, deprive of, Rd ICP*. 
btthdf n. behoof, prcjU : need, want, OEG 

behollan (ab«. and w. g.) to have need of, 
require, want, BHJjcd; CP,M : (impen.) it 
behoves, eoneeme, belonga, i$ needful or 
necessary, MtL,Jn, ['6eA<N«'] 
bebolllo necessa/ry, Mk L. [ *6<lkwdy*] 
bebogadnw f. prictiee, WW427*', 
bebostan to care for, RB. [^b%hogien*'\ 
b«bogod careful, prudent, DB. adv. -Hoe. 
bebdn' to hang round, CP. ['behung*] 
bebonlaii to deprive of horses, Chb. 
bfltirtofan' tofixU : cover, eheUer, behroren 

pp. divested of, 
behriowitaii to rue, repent of, make amends, 

M : compassionate, M. [*Mreiwy*] 
bahrfiowBung I. repentance, penvtence, JB. 

I* bireusing*] 
bebrtewiungtld f. time of repentance, 

Septuagesima, M. 
behiimaii to cover with hoarfrost, Wxf48. 
behrtngan to surround, CP. 
bebrdpan* to plague, im portu ne, Lkl8'. 
betaiUmlan to besmirch, wW. 
behrOmlg sooty, MH62*'. 
bSbV f. witness, sign, JT7D174. 
bebwearf I. (eo) pret. 3 Bg. of behweoifan. 

II. (EP8)=behwearft 
bebwearft m. exchange, LPs 43^. 
bebweolfan (A)=beh^lfaa 
behweorfaii* to turn, change, spread about i 
see to, arrange, prepare, treat, M : bury, ^. 
bebwerfan = behwiHan 
bebwlrfan (e, y) to turn, change, convert, 
CP : exchange : prepare, instruct, exercise. 
behwon whence, BH. 
behwylfon to cover, vauU over. Ex 426. 
behwyrfan (i£)=behvjriaii 
behycgan to consider, bear in mind : confide, 
* trust (on). 

bebfdan (i) to conceal, shelter, Mt; M. 

b«-bfd6diiM, -by dnes f. ooncedlment, secret 

bahi^dlg careful, watchful, anxious, M, ndr. 

-b^digUoe, -b^delloe. 
btl^digiiM f. soUcitude, eare, anxiety. 

[hygdig] ▼. MP 1-303. 
bebyhtan to trust, W48^. 
behyldan to flay, skin, AO. 
bahyllan to cover, veil, JBL33"'. 
bel^pan (e) to surround. BH 188^«. [h^pe] 
bebfplaii to hang up, OEG 3 322. 
beb^an to let on hire, W W. 
bMifrung f. letting, loan, WW . 
bal^elloe sumptuously, WW 613*. 
baleman* (i, y) to run up to, over, or into, 

incur : occur to. 

belgbiam^sbegbSam; belnnaB=blnnan 
belnilgllan to seal up, RHy6**. 
bafman =beienian 
balundane = begeondan 
beliean' to inclose, Rd61*. 
belidlan to excuse, dear, MJX),CP. 
balidlondllo apologetic, that can be excused, 

balidlgend m. apologist, WW332>. 
balidung f . apology, excuse, WW. 
beUMan to lead astray, BB. [' belead '] 
balAfMi to leave, spare : be left, remain, 

survive. Pa ; M. [' beleave*] 
betondan = belandian 
belAVan to make hateful, pervert, W47^. 
be-lAwa (M), -lAwend, m. betrayer. 
belAwan to betray, M. 
bdAwung f . betrayal, treachery, M. 
belit L pret. 3 sg. of beHfan. II. v. behl&f. 
belandlui to deprive of lands, Chb. 
baleedswiora adj. having an inflated neck, 

Rd79^ [b»lc] 
baleeBlan, beloettan := bealoettan 
beld, beldosbieldo' 
+baldaii L to cover, bind {a book)^ JnL 

pl88*. IL==+bieldan 
beltan* to censure, reprove : charge with : 

dissuade, forbid, prevent, CP. 
beleogan to cover, invest, surround, afflict. 

An; AO : attribute to, charge with, accuse. 

bel«an=belffan; balendan^ belandian 
balana f. henbane. 
baliogan* to deceive by lying, OD : (impen.) 

be mistaken, ['belie'] 
balaoran (A) to pass by, pass over. 
balaorandllo paH, DR. 
balioaan^t to be deprived of, lose. 
baliwada (LL438*)=beUBwend 

bam^s n. btU-welhcr'sfleeoe, LL461(14). 
balg (sB, i, y) m. bag, puree, leathern bottle, 

pair of bJuows, pod, husk. [▼. 'beUy*] 
+ba]g m. anger : arrogance, RBBO**. 
balgan* (intr., lefl.) to 6e or become angry, 

CP»JS : M offend, provoke. 




b«lrnM I. injuttUse, MtLSQU (beUg). 

+belli = +beig 

ballirtiif m. beU^nging, RB. 


beUbban to deprive of life, 

bettogan* (o Ke rouncl, mmtouyuI, Aed^e «n» 

eneompaes, M,AO. 
b«llfui^ to remain over, be hfl, ^;A0. 

belDend m. eurvivor, OEG. 
bttllllui=belibb«a; b«llg=belg 
baDmaii to glue tofudher, 8o96>*. 
bellmp n. event, oeeurrenee, affair, 
b<illin|M«i* to concern, regard, behng to, con^ 

duee to. Boy CP : hanpen, B; M : become : 

(impen. ) b^. [* belimp *] 
be-Usiilan, -liBtniaa to caetrate, M, be- 

lisnod* •listnodpp. as sbm. eunuch, was 

b. 'etupnUur,* HGl607. 
helOXeji^ to deprive of, pp.belideQ<ieparte(2» 

dead. Ax 1067, 
beUan* to bettow, bark, grunt, roar, Bd, 

btlle t.*bea,* KC; M,CB. 
beUhfls n. 'beU-houae,* bdfry, LL,WW. 
beiltioeii n. indication {ecmnding of the hour) 

by a beU, BJjll**. 
beUlU f . a canonical hour marked by the ring- 
ing of a beU, (op. belltaoen) 
belddan 'intendere,' RP844*. 
belt m. *beU,* girdle, WW, 
belftoan' to lock, akut up, cloee, eurround, 

enclose, embody, Bl,CPJit,VPs\ AO : eiop, 

impede, block up, choke, M : preserve, pro 

ted : shut out, easdude, M, 
bamtlaii to lie hid, GD293". 
bel^n (e) to believe, M, pp. belyfed 

having belief, 
belympan = belimpan 
ba^rtan (N) to deceive, cheat, MtL2^. 

belytaglan to aUure, seduce, A0112*. 

bemAnan to *bemoan,* bewail, mourn over, 
lament, JS, 

bamanclan to maim, Lcn> 3-214*'. 

btaiare=byinere; biiiia=:b!eme 

bemaldlan to disclose, reveal, denounce, 

btaiera = b^mere 

bemetan* to estimate, account, consider, AO, 

bendSan^ to hide, conceal, CP : lie hid, 

be-muroian, -maronian, to murmur at, 
grumble over, A048^'. 

bemurnan* (alao wk.) to mourn, bewail, de- 
plore, be sorry for : care for, take heed for, 

bemQtlaii to change, exchange for, Gu42. 
[L, mutare] . 

bflmyldan to bury, WW. [molde] 


bta L f. (±) prayer, request, Lk; AO, 

CP : compulsory service, LL447 (y. 2*418, 

Fran. ). [' 6efie*] II. prat 3 ag. of bannan* 
bina m., bene 1 suitor, petitioner, AO. 
benadaii to lay bare, [naood] 
benAmaii (S) to take away, deprive of, rob of, 

MJlO, [nlman] 
benof. * bench,* B, 

benetan to make benches, LL466(13). 
benoslttendt m. one who sits on a bench. 
benoswigl m. bench-rejoicing, sound of 

revelry, B1161. 
bendSeit n. bench-board, uninseotted space 

where benches stand, B, [▼. *tikeal'] 
bend mfn. (+b. MtL) bond, chain, fetter, 

BH,Bl,MtJ^s ; CP : band, ribbon, omameni, 

chaplet, crown, WW, ['bend*] 
binftigaa mpL days of prayer, ^dies roga- 

tionum,' A8-329>*. 
dbbendan to bend (a bow), Ps : bind, fetter, 

Chr, ['bend'] 
bend! eonn = b&if eorm 
beneah (pret. pree. vb.) pL benoffon, pret. 

benohte to have at one's disposM, possess, 

enjoy : require. 

beneeed = benaood pp. of benaoian. 
benimaii = bensBman 
benemnan to name : stipulate, settle, declare, 

beniotan*t <o deprive of, rob. 

beneolfaui (i, y) prep. w. d. * beneath,* under, 

bftnteorm f . harvest feast? beanjeastt food 

required from a tenant? (BT), LL462 . 
bengeat n. wound-gash, B112I. 
benUan to compel? A 9-110. 
beniman* to take, assume, obtain, AO : tcJee 

away from, deprive of, bereave, rob, BH,Bo, 

Oen; AO,CP : contain : catch, apprehend, 

benimlng f. deprival, WW (bi-). 
benlVan = beneotSan 
binlto (oe) that may be entreated, DR. adv. 

•lioe beseechingly, DR. 
bennf t wound, mortal injury, [bana] 
hhnn pret. 3 ag. of baiman. 
benne f . reed-grass, BC (Mdf ). 
d:beniilant to wound 
benobte ▼. beneah. 

benoiKan in the north, northwards (of). 
benoten pp. of benSotan. 
benotlan to use, consume, ChrB, [' benote *} 
binifp n. compulsory service rendered to a 

landowner at harvest time, LL448. [op. 


±biiulan to pray, supplicate, BH. 
benst pies. 2 ag. of bannan. 
btafid f. prayer time, rogation days, Mek75. 
b^nttgVe, b6ntf5(ig)e granting requests, 

gracious, LPs : obtaining requests, succees' 


benS pres. 3 ag. of bannan. 
benugon v. beneah. 
b€nyi1{ f . ploughing required from a tenant,, 





benjrtfan == beneoiSan 

Mo I. f. nap. bdon; dp. bte(a)m *6ee,' P$; 
^. II. pree. 1 ag. of bdon. 

btelnriad n. honey with the comb. 


bteoeorl m. bee-mtuter, bee-keeper, LL448 

bfoeare m. bee-keeper, LL. [MHO. bikar] 

+beod =+bed 

b«od m. table, Mt : 6ou^, dieh. ['6eoei*] 

btedflBrn n. refectory, dining-room, M (-em), 
on bSodeme at table. 

beodan=bidon pret. pL of bidan. 

d:bfodan* to eommand, decree, summon, M, 
AO,CP. b. at call out {an army), banieh : 
declare, inform, announce, prodaim, Qu, 
LL : threaten : offer, proffer, give, grant, 
eurrender, M,Qen ; AO : (refl.) mow oneself, 
behave : exact, cdOect. ['bid; 'i-bede''\ 

btedbolle f . table-bowl, Gl. 

btedoUtf m. ''gaueape,^ table-cloth, carpet, 

btoddtr n = beodsBm 
btoddton to do joiner's work, LL456(I3). 
btodend m. preceptor, CM 967. 
btodandlle =bebdodendtio 

bfodern (^)=bSod»m 

bfodtet n. table-vessel, cup, WW204». 
biodf en TL grace at meal-time. 
bfodgsBst m. table-companion, Ak1090. 
bfodgeniatt m. table-companion. 
bfodgweordu np. fecut, G »yl5 18. 
btod(ta)nBSl n. table-cloth, WW126». 
btodlftfa fp. table-leavings, Bl53». 
blodland n. land from which the table of 

monasteries, etc., was supplied, glebe-land, 

btodlis !. table-aUowanee, TC474*. 
btodrtef n. table-doth, TC53(P. 
bted-aeiat n., -so^ m. table-napkin, towd, 

b^odwyst f . a table with food on it, LPs 

22». [wist] 

beof6r=beolor; beoflan=biflan 
beofor (e, y) m. beaver. 
beoft rednpl. pret. of bdatan ; beoftadon is 

from a later wk. *beoftian (£838-28). 
beof ung = bifong ^^ 

btegang m. stoarm of bees, WW. 
+btefOl (y) submissive, obedient : forgiving, 

M. [biigan] 

btobita m. chief f prince? £x2S3? 
btom I. dp. of bte L II.=bdam. IIL« 

bto pree. 1 sg. of bdon. 
btemoder f . gueen-bee, OEG. 
bfon L any. [conj. in fall (WS and A) Wt 

548] to be, exi^, become, happen, b. ymbe 

to have to do with. h. oi to be gone. (v. 

aJflo eom, weean.) IL nap. of b^ I. 
btona gp. of bte I. 
btenbrtad = bSobrSad 
bfonbrcyS n. meadf (or? beanbro^ ES 38*302). 
btonnon pret. pL of bannan. 

bior n. strong drink, *beer,* mead, Lk (v. 
A27-496). [b9ow] 
+b9or m. pot-companion, guest, M. 

beorasbeara; ±beoran=beran 

btorbyden f. beer-barrd, LL466(17). 

beore h {e, i, y) f. birch, Mdf : name of the 
rune for b. II. ( ± ) n. barking. 

beoroan* (tr.) to 'bark,* OP i (intr.) bark at. 


beoroen (i, y ) o/ birch. 

beorerairu (e^) f. lichen from a birch-iree, 

beorcriikd (e>) f. birch-bark, LoDll9b. 


btordr8B8t(e) f. dregs of beer, Lod. 

beorg m. mountain, hiU, Lk,AO;M.di : 
mound, tumulus, * barrow,* burial place, 

+beorg n. pr<MtiiMn, defence, refuge, W. 

beorgsBlfen i oread. 

±beorgan I. sv* (w. d.) to save, deliver, 
preserve, guard, defend, fortify, spare. An, 
Ps; AO,CP I (w. refl. d.) beware of, avoid, 
guard ttgainsL [* bergh*] II. = byrgan n. 

beorg-hin n. nap. -hleo'Sa mountain-height, 

+beorglto MiiHf* profitable, LL,W : safe, 
prudent, S*. 

beorgseiSol n. mountain dwelling, [setl] 

bebrgstede m. mound. 

±beorh L^ beorg II. imperat. of beorgan. 

beorhltede (WW178«^)==buiglSode 

+beoriines f. refuge, CPsSO*. 

+beorhft6w i place of refuge, PP831*. 

beorht (e, y) L * bright, shining, brilliant, 
Ught, dear, Bo,El,Ou : dear-sounding, loud, 
Cra : excellent, distinguidied, remarkable, 
beautiful, magnHicent, noble, glorums, PPs : 
pure, sublime, hdy, divine, II. n. bright- 
ness, gleam, lighL Sagan b. twinkling of 
an eye : sighL 

beorhtan = bierhtan 

beorhtbldwende bright-blooming, Lod 1-404'. 

beorhte brightly, hriUianUy, splendidly : 
dearly, lucidly, distinctly, CP. 

beorhtliwn (OEG)=bearhtmh^ 

beorhllan to glisten, shine, BHJPs : to sound 
dearly, B : to make bright, VPs. ['bright*^ 

+beorhtlan = +beorhtnian 

beorhfUe bridUant, dear, shining, splendid. 
adv. -Uoe, Jlfi;;^. ['brightly*] 

beorhtm = bearhtm 

beorhtnet f. 'brightness,* deamess, splen- 
dour, beauty, JnL,Lk; GP. 

dbbeorhtnlan (e) to grow bright, OEG 534 : 

beorhtrodor m. shining heavens. Ex 94. 

beorhtte (»*beorgihte) pL mountainous, 

beorbtu = bierhtu 

beorbtword (y^) d£ar-voiced, Sat238. 

bforhyrde m. oeUarer, butler, Cba75. 

beOTm- = bearm- 




baonna m. ^barm^* ytaat^ haven, Mt 

+b6oniiad leavened, MtR13**. 

baorn Lf m. man : noble, hero, chief, prinee, 
warrior, B,Ma: rich niant'RTJV 12. [*Mnie'] 
II.=Imuii pret. 3 0g. (rf bieman. IIL— 

beornan (VP8)= bieman 

beorncyiiliif m. lord of heroes, B2148. 


Beornioe mp. Bemiciane, inhabiiante of pari 
of Northumbria, 

beornlng {Me) t incenae, LkLl". 

beornVriat m. troop of men. Pa 50. 

beornwiga m. ^vxurrior, hero. 

bioncealo reveUer, feaater, B1240. 

±btenolp6, m. feak, banquet, revel, M,CP, 

bforselet m. beer-haU, banqueting haU. 

bionetl n. ale-bench, Jul687. 

beonwlBtg (NG)=b»n^rziiug 

bteiKeguf t beer-drinking. 

-beoiVUng (ie) ▼. hyse-b. 

±b6or8«r (e, o, a, y) n. child-bearing, child- 
birth : what is bom, foetus , offsp ring. 

beorttorewelm m. abortion, WW 348» 

b«oriih=beorg; be(Miiirlan=bi8miian 

btett m. beestings, the first milk of a cow after 
calving, WW : swdling (of the ground)! 
V. M(fi. [*beest'] 


±btet L n. boastful speech, boast, threat, JB, 
Oen. on b. boastfully : promise, vow, AO : 
command I peril, danger, 'Da2^. [— beh&t; 
'beot,* *i-beot*] II. piet. 3 sg. of beatan. 


±b6otlan to threaten, Jul : boast, vow, pro- 
mise, AO. Vbeoten*] 

±bAotlle arrogant, exulting, boastful, threaten-' 
ing, M, adv. -lioe. 

btetnuDCg m. lee^ier. Da 266. 

bteton piet. pL of bSatan. 

bfotung f. threatening. 

btetwordt n. boast : threat. 

bM(«of m. bu-thief, LL54[9,2]. 

bteiim dp. of beo. 

btew n. barley, Ql. 


btewyrt f. bee-wort, sweet fiag, Ixn>. 

bepAoan to deceive, cheat, seduce, Mt;M. 

bepAoand m. deceiver, M. 

bapAoavtra f. whore, .£6b175*. 

b^Aoung f . deception, OEG. 

baprlwan (6) to wink, Bo,W. 

bir (NG)=b£r 

baram. *bear,* JS. 

baneaean = bereocan 

barAdan to deprive, take by treachery, rob : 
betray, M : deliberate on: get the better of. 

barAaan to rush upon or into, M,CP. 

±baran (eo) to *bear,* carry, bring, take 
auxiy, carry out, extend, B;MJiO,CP : 
bring forth, produce, Bl,Mt,Oen (and v. 
*ibere*). berende fruitful, -l-boren bom, 
own [by birth) : (with up) set forth, open 

(o ease), Chb 1052b : wear, AO : endure, 

support, sustain, LL,Mt;CP. 
baraaatn n. bearskin, EC250. 
+barbad vermiculated, DR4*. 
bar>b§na, -bine 1 veH)ena, Lod. 

+bard-, +b&e=+bypd-, +b£re 
bara m. barlev, JnLR ; M. [* bear *] 
baraam n. *bam,* LkL. [here, »m] 
bartatara m. despoHer, 0EG4e**. 
bariallan to * bereave,* deprive of, take away, 

seize, rob, despoil. Bo; ^,A0. 
barteflgand m. despoiler, robber. 
barabrytta m. barn-keeper, LL45I(17). 
bariean to cause to smoke, smoke (tr.), Lci> 

baraaaan to relate : excuse or justify oneself , 


baraaom n. barley-corn, 
+barad cru^ed, WW : harassed, oppressed, 


bar«llan (KG) =beieafian 
barafldr m bam-floor, threshing-floor, LkL. 

[v. 'bear'^ 
baragatol n. rent paid in barley, LL 1 16 (59^). 

[op. gafolbere] 

bvagrsBt n. barley-grass, fodder, WW 148*. 
barahaim n. barley hauhn, straw, Lod 157a. 
baraland (ber-) barley land, KC3-367*. 
baran L of barley, M. IL^biren. IIL» 


barand m. bearer, carrier, Gl. 
barandan to peel, take off husk, Lcd. 
baranda v. beran. 
barandDoa with fecundity, DR32*. 
barandnaa f. fertility, DRIOS^^ 
baranhulu f. barley -husk, Sc05^. 
baranlan to bring about. Ex 147 : ornament, 

mount (with sUver), KC6a01**. 
barteean* to fumigate, LL(164>). 
bartefan*t to bereave, deprive, rob of. 
bartotan* to bewail, Hkll6. 
barfowrian = behrSowsian 
-barara y. w»ter-b. 
bararn (NG)=bereem 
baraaAd n. barley, BH366*'. 
barattln m. barhy-inclosure, threshing-floor, 

bam, MtL ',M. [* barton *] 
barawsBatm m. barley-crop, Lod 1-402*. 
barawla f. bartey-ywrd, demesne farm, TC, 

barg = (l) bearg, (2) beoig 
barg- = beri-, byig- 
barh=bearh pret. 3 sg. of beoigan. 
barbt, berht-=beorht, beorht-, bierht- 
barhtm- = breahtm- 
barian I. to make bare, dear, B 1239. [baer] 

II.=byTgan II. 
+barlan = +byTian 
bariaga = beaniffe 
berldan^ to ri& round, surround, besiege, 

LL : overtake, seize, capture, occupy, Cmi. 

baria L ^berry,* Lcd : grape, JB. 


berlg !• n. berry , RPs77*^ IL=byTig, da. beao9otuk* to shoot into^phmife into, implant 

of buig. happen^ occvat^ AO. 

bertgd renc m. driiik made of mulberries, bo-seeran, -Boerwan=b68oieran 

WW 1 14» beaotrian = besoierian 
berige=berie; beiigea^byiiga baioleraii* to shear, shave, cut hair, give the 
be-rlndan, -rmdraii to strip off bark, tonsure, ^,A0, [^beshtair'] 

peek bMderadnM (y>) f. deprivaiion, WWSSl". 

bOTliiiian* to run upon, run over, wet, bedew, baselarlaii to separate from, deprive of, Chr : 

Crll76. Vberun^l defraud, 

beriand, bem = berdand, bereaam baatiliian^ to shine upon, light up, iUuminaie, 

bem- = b»rD-, biem- Bd ; M. [* beshine *] 

banian (VPs)=b»man besdr-an, -ian=be ecier- ap, -ian 

barnhus n. bam, GDe8». [-beran-] bascltaii^ to befoul, WW607". 

berofon (pret. pi. of *berafan or *beiebba]i) basortadlan to scra/pe off, dean off, £842*171. 

deepoUei, Gik2078. baser epan* to scrape. Cod 101a. 

barowan^ to row round, Ciib897a. baaaOfan* to shove, impel, thrust down, hurl, 

barat = bynt throw, M,AO : force, M, 

+bent n. bursting, eruption, W 186'. baa^lan to look askance. Bo 121 » [aceol] 

^baratan* intr. (tr. at Bd2*) to break, baaeyr-=be8oi6r- 

^ buret,* fail, faXL, BJjcd,Ma; ^,A0 : break baatean to beseech, beg urgently, MF (Vesp. 

away from, escape : break to pieces, crash, D xiv). 

resound. baaaogan to announce, introduce : defend, 

bertbwD = beorhthwil ; bartQn = bereton excuse oneself : (w. on) accuse, M. 

barl^ = beorS-, byrS- baaalian = bei^lian 

+biru =s +b&ra baaalian to surround, cover (over) : hand over. 

berOmod = bebrumod, pp. of behrumian. baaema = beema 

barunnan pp. of berinnan. basancan to cause to sifik, submerge, immerse, 

berwa da. of bearo. ^^ drown, Bl,Mt; AO,CP' [*besench*] 

berwlnda f. *bearbind* navel-wort, WW baaandan to aetul, i£. 

30(H*. baaangan to singe, bum, AO. 

barffan to deprive. Mod 63. [r6af] baaten I. av* (tr., intr. and refl.) to su, look, 

herfptok deepoil of , strip, spoU, plunder, rob, look round, behold, JS,MkJ*s ;A0 : look 

M. after, go to see, visit : provide for. b. td look 

basftgan to sirik, GPH388M. upon, have regard to, CP. [*besee*] 

basaanoan = beaenoan II. bv^ to suffuse, Gb 1088. 

baaAtlan to lay wait for, AO 146^. baatoSan to boil down, Lod. 

baairglan to lambent, bewail, be sorry for, pity, baafowlan (i, y ) to sew together, sew up, Ep, 

M. [sarig] [*besew'] 

baairgung f. sorrowing, VHy : compassion, ba-aarlan, -Berwan=besierwan 

M. baaattan to put, place, set near, appoirU, M : 

baaftwan' to sow, M, own, keep^ occupy : * beset,* cover, surround 

baacted (bi-) n. di^inetion. with, adom, B ; CVySt : besiege, invest. An : 

baaetadan' to separate, discriminate : scatter, institute, set going, 

sprinkle over, Lod 20b. baaidlan to regulate the sixe of anything, 

baaoaadlan {8ol 339) = beeoeaduwian RB 89». [aid] 

baaoaaduwtan, to overshadow, BPsl39'. baalarwan to ensnare, surprise, deceive, 

['beshade*] defraud, oppress, AO. , [seam] 

baaoaafan* to scrape thoroughly, Lod 143b. baal^n (on) to rush, v. 'OEG4126. 
baacten pret. 3 ag. of bescinan. baalUran to silver, VPs67K 

baaceatwyrpan 'despondi,* v. 0£G1«^: baalncan* (intr.) to mnl;, ^10. l*besink*] 

2*^: £842*170. baalngan* to sing of, bewail : sing charms, 

baaefowara m. observer, VHy 24". enchant, M, 

baaotewian to look round upon, survey, con- baalrwan (AO»CP)=beBierwan 

template, consider, uxUch, ^,A0 : look to, laealhtAn* to sit round, surround, beset, besiege, 

care for, beaoeawod cautious, careful, Chr ;A0 : hold council : occupy, possess, 

L0D3-43611. [*besit*] 

baaeaawiandlio contemplative, 0£G991. baalwlan = beaeowian 

basofewodnaa f. vision, sight, baalSpan' to sleep, LL(284'). 

baaetewung f . contemplation. baaltan* to strike, beat, cut off, take away, 

baacaddan = beaoeadan deprive by violence, M. 

baaeancan to give to drink, Gir596. baalSpan to slip on, cover, impose, put on, 

baacaotan = beaoofan dothe. 

baacaoren (WW217**)=beacoren pp. of heemAU^^ to slit, tear. 

beaoieran. basma m. * besom,* broom, rod, AO,MU 


bamtafftii to consider aboui, inquire into, bMtyriAn to heap up, BH, [* bestir*] 

iEL23b». bertynnan to a^tote, Bo9". 

+btainMl curved, WWSIS*. [bfi em] betu =ba8a 

btemlng f. curve, ewrvaiure, WW. [bdsm] besOpan* to eup up, ewattow, Lod 113b. 

basmlrwan to 'besmear,' WW. bMQtlan to besmirch, GPH403". 

bennltan^ to soil, defile, poUuU, dishonour, b«iMan=:be sli'San 

Bl; M,CP. ['besmiV^ bwwAlan to bum, singe, scorch, M, 

bennttenes f. soil, stain, defilement, degra- bfl8wftfHin=beswapan 

dation, dirtiness, M. bMwAtan to sweat, toU, So 11 IK 

besmitttan to defUe. bMwIpan* to clothe, cover over, veil, protect, 
besmtttan to vfork (in metal), forge, surround CP : persuade, BH. [' beswape *] 

with forged work, beswalgan to swaUow up, EPs 106** ; 123*. 

bcsmoelan to smoke, envelop with incense, baBWomnaii to make to bathe. Bo 116*. 

Airs 84-3. beiwaiicaii to afflict, CPs 68K 

b6imyred=be8mirwed pp. of besmirwan. beswdSian to swathe, wrap up, wind round. 

besoAdant to cut, muttiate. bafwie n. treachery, deceit, AO(bi-),CP : 
besnlwlan to covertrithsnow, W W. [^besnow*} snare. 

be-snytSlan, -anvi^Sant to rob, deprive of. batwtea (bi-) m. deceiver. 

basolcen stupefixA, duXL, duggiA, inactive^ betwioan^ to deceive, seduce, betray, drcum' 

slow, CP. vent, frustrcUe, Bl,Mt ; AO,CP : to oi^come, 

besorg dear, beloved, M. supplant, AO. ['beswike'] 

beaorgtan to regret : be anxious about, dread, baawlcand m. deceiver, seducer, Gl. 

iSvrink from. Si. baawlcanaa f. <iece2><ion : tfurrencler. 

baaorh=beeorg baawiofalla f. (rap, Gl. 

baap&tan to spii upon, MB.2-24S!^. baawldan to escape, be free from, BH. 

baspanan* to lead astray, entice, incite, urge, baawlcol deeeiithd, CP2 38". (bi-) 

persuade, AO. baawlcung f. deception, WW. 

baaparrian to bar, shut, Gl. baawlnaan' to toA, exert oneself, make wUh 
baBplrlan=beBpyTiga]i toU, Jn : tiU, plough, M. beswunoen 

baapraoan* to speak about, AO : speak exhausted, tired out. ['beswink'] 

against, accuse of, Ps : claim at law, LL : baawlngan* to flog, scourge, beat, strike. Mi 

complain, ['bespeak*] CP. [*besunnge*] 

baapr angan to besprinkle. Led. [* bespreng*] baawylian U}drench,flood, Rood 23. [s wilian] 

baapyrlgan to track, trace, LL. baayttan to sprinkle, ^L23^**. [aiftan] 

baat adv. (used as superi. of wel) best, most, baaylfran ^beailfran 

baata, beate wk. forma of superL adj. betat. baqHan to sfiUy, defile, stain, ^. 

baatAlan (e) to lay a charge against, convict, baayr-awlan, -i(a)n=be8ierwan 

baetsappan* to tread upon, step, go, enter, M. bat adv. better. Bo. ['bet*] 

baatandan* to stand round or about, beset, -bMa v. dAd-b. . 

surround, JS : aUend to, M : beset, harass, batftenlan to '6etol;ea,* designate. 

Jn. ['bestand*] batAcan (w. d.) to make over, give up to, 
baataalelan to move stealthily, steal, 'stalk,* impart, deliver, enh^ut, commend to, M,Lk; 

^L32«. [atealc] ^^ AO,C?: appoint (for), set apart as, dedicate: 

4 baataf nod pto. provided vnth a fringe, WW show, point out, Lk : give orders, BB 130* : 

375". pursue, hunt, WW 92«. [* beteaeh*] 

baatalan* to move stealthily, steal away, steal ±bAtaii to amend, repair, restore, cure, CP : 

upon, AO,LL; JE,CP : (t) deprive, ['bestedll make good, make amends, remedy, compen- 
baatftlan = beatfilan ; baatSman = beatfman sate, atone, pay * bdt ' for an offence, M,Mt, 
baat«pan(»i)to<iei>rtt»o/ (cAOdren), GD76K Led-, AO,CP : attend to (fire or light), AO. 
baatlngan* to thrust in, push, M. 'Sorst b. quench thirst. [b5t; 'beet* vb.] 

baatridan to bestrew, cover, BH 154*' ( b). bataat = betat 

baatrtowtan to 'bestrew,* besprinkle, JB. batboran of higher birth, LL. 

baatratnhm to bestrew, cover over. bSta f. 'beet,* beetroot. Led. [L. beta] 

baatrlcan^ to make a stroke, Loi>186b. -b«e v. twi-b.; b§tal = (l) bietl; (2) bitol 

[strioa] bataldaii*t to cover, hem in, surround : over' 
baatrldan^ to 'bestride,* mount, JE. load, oppress. 

baati1|»an to strip, plunder, despoiL batallan to speak about, ansu)er, defend one- 
baatrQdan' to spoU, plunder, rob. self (against a charge), exculpate oneself, 

baatrfpan = bestrfpaii Chr ; M. 

baatiyWSan=be8trei}Kan bStand m. rutorer^ Ruin 28. 

baatuddlan to be careful for, trouble about, +b#tandnaa f. amendment, OEG58*. 

Kl 14*. betfon^** to cover, surround, enclose, AO ; M, 
baatfman (e) to bedew, wet, flood, B486. CP : dispose of, bestow, bequealh : impeach, 

[ateam] accuse, ['hetu*] 


iMtera ^better/ AOJik, followed by g.- b«V L=:bit$ pre^. 3 9g. of btoL ILsbntS 

better in rtsjpeet of.... bcftoncan = be'Senean 

-bitttre ▼. d£d-b. b«Sftii=be^iaii 

±b«t«rlan to * better,* improve, CP : trim MiwrttnA^ needy, indigent, KQhlO%. 

{lamp), GD. Mi9airnic praftlable, JEL2Sb^. 

beterung f. improvement, M, boKaarfod needy, ES8-474'<^. 

b0t6vt=bet«t; bettinan^betynan MHveetoi to cover, protect, cover over, concedL 

betthtUan to aeetiae, LL. batten = be'Song 

batman = betyllan baSenaan to eoneider, remember, take ihovifht 

batbnbran to construct, build, B, [*betimber*] for, take care of, care for, Qu : (refl.) refieet, 
batlna]i=bet^n; b6tt]ig=bfitimg 'heOiinh* cneeetf, Lk; M : tnut, confide in, 

h%a = bietl entruet to, AO. 

batliot grand, excellent, be-t(enlan, -ISennaii to cover, stretch on or 
bStnaa 1. reparation, atonement, LL(204^). upon^ spread over. 

batoea^betonioe bavSodaii to be joined (to), adhere (to), 
batogenea f. accusation, LL. RB134''. 

betolden pp. of beteldan. betfenean to winnow, thrash, PPb43'. 

betonloe f. 'betony,' Led. baVettan to bathe, Lod3-90" (A 30-397). 

batoat=:b6t6t; betr-=beter- ±ba9lan to heat, warm, foment, Lcd;M : 
batraappan = betreppan cherish. [' beath * ] 

batradan* to tread upon, cover, GPs 138^. batlrftwan' to twist, GPH391^. 

batrendan to roU ES 37-180. baVrldlan to circumvent, overcome, force, AO. 

heitreipgiBJii to entrap, catch, Chr. [^betrap*! ba9rlogan*t ^ encircle, cuscmpctss : beaet^ 
ba-trymman, -trymiaiL to enclose, surrouna, oppress, burden. 

besiege. beeryoaan to press down, Cb1446. 

beta! I. superL adj. * best, * first, AO,Chr,CR ; bat(rydlan, belSiyl^an = betSridian 

CP. aa sb. people of position, WW,Chr. baSi^ii to press, NG273. 

II. adv. in the best manner, most. baVanean (BD49')=be'Senoaa 

batafboran best-bom, eldest. baSung f. bathing, bath, fomentation, cata- 

bettP^bet plasm. Led ; CP,^. [* beathing * ; bas^] 

ba-tah, -tuozn (CP), -taz=betwuz be-Vurtan bwy. prea., 3 ag. -'Searf, pL 
betuldon pret. pL of beteldan. •'Surf on, pret. -"Sorfte. (w. g. or a.) to neecC, 

+b#tu]ig f. repair, mairUenanee, LL. hnive need of, want, M,CP. 

betwftnaii = betwSonan beStfan = be%ian 

betweoh, betweoh8=betwnx beVwten* to moisten, wet.l JPB^. 

betwtenan, betwdonum L prep. w. g. d. a. batfwyrlan to deprave, WW 386^. [ISweorh] 

between, among, amid, in the midst, Ps,Bl. baSf n to thrust, AO 168*. 

II. adv. * between,* BH : in the meantime, baufan=biifan; baQtaii=butan 

meanwhile : in turn, by turns, CM (-tw^-). bawaolan to wcUch, guard, M. 

batwaoz, betweozn, betwih(8)=:betwux bewadan* to emerge, Rd88**. 

batwIii*=betwdon- bawAfan to enfdi, wrap round, cover over, 
betwInforlStiiaa f. iniermission, BR. dolhe, M,CP. 

batmix (^,AO,CP) betwuht, betwix, be- temM^stai to deceive, frustraU,BVPB. 

twax(t), betwiflo prep. w. d. a. between, bawaognan tooj^Tier, pfoj0[er, B1193. 

amon^, amongst, amidst, during, b. ISianm bawftlan to oppress, afflict, Ak 1363. 

meanwhile, b. iS&m "Se whilst, [^betwixt*] bawApnlan to disarm, M. 

batwuzUagadnaa f. interjection, MGjl21S*. bawearlan to pass by : be free from, DR. 

batwuzftworpannaaf.tntor/ecfum^iGGBlO"^. bawaranlan to guard against, be on one* s 
betwuzbllnnaa (twih) f. intermission, DR guard, CP. 

12*. bawarian to keep viatch, guard, preserve^ 
batwQZfac (yx) internal, OEG3861. ward off, CP. 

batwuxgangan' (twih ) to go between, VPs28^. bewar nlan = bewaxenian 

batwuzganganda (twih) separtxting. bawAwan' to blow upon, Wa76. (biwaime— 
batwuzgaaatt interposed. biwawene) 

batwuzUcgan* (twih) to Ke between, BH72^. bawaaUan* to boU atoay, Lod. 

batwuzBandaD to send between. bawaalwlan to waUow, Bo 1 15*. 

batwuzt, -twyh, •twyx(t) =betwaz bawaardlan to guard, protect i observe closely. 

bat^btttan = betifhtlian bawaazan* to grow over, cover over, sturround, 
ba^llan to aUure, decoy, BH358^ M. 

batf oan (i, !e) to hedge in, enclose, shut, bury, bawaddandlle rdatingtomarriage, OEG 1 122. 

AO,CrP : end, BH. [tOn] bawaddlan to betrcih, marry, JB : give 
ba^nung f. conclusion, OEG3210. security, ['bewed*] 

batsfran to pitch, stain a dark colour, [teoro] bawaddung f. betrothal, LL442Ha. 

batyman to turn round : prostrttteoneself, BB. bawafan* to cover over, Lod 3- 146^ 




b0W6gMi* to eover, 

bewiled (y*) poisoned, poOuied, E838>««. 

b«wel]an to huad, mix togdker, 
iMwendan to tvm, twm round, JS; (refl.) 

1ft 9** : hum one* 9 aUention, convert, M. 

bewenlant to entertain, take care of, attend 

bewMraan = bewyroan 
bewaorpaii* to east, cast down, plunge, throw, 

^^0 : beat, M : ewrround. 
btweortAan to adorn, DD118. 
bdWMtlan = bewitian 
b«w6|wii' to weep over, mourn, bewail, ^; 

AO. ['beweep'] 
bewipendUc lamenUMe, 
bewlpnlui =bewepman 
b«w«r0ii6t f. prohibition, BH86". 
bewertan to guard, protect, defend, MJlO : 

cheek, prevent, forbid, M, 
b«wer^eiMl m. protector, M, 
bewerung f . defence, fortification. 
bewestan prep. w. d. or adv. to the west of, 

Chr, ['bewest*] 
bewldan to encamp, ChbB94w. 
bewlndan* to wind round, claep, entwine, en- 

vdop, encircle, aumround, B,Mt;AO,CP : 

brandish (a eword). hSale b. bewail : turn, 

wind, revolve, 
b0wlndUi (bi) m. hedge, border, BC(Mdf). 
bewltan ewv., pree. 3 eg. -wat, pret. 3 eg. 

•wiste to keep, care for, watch over, super' 

intend, administer. Had, guide, M,AO. 
bewltUn (eo) to observe, attend to, care for, 

administer '.perform. 
bewUdan to Ux>k at, behold, LPs32^. 
bewntan^ to look round, Gxn29**. 
bewdpen (pp. of bewepan) lamented : tearful, 

bewrooaii*t to drive : drive away, banish : 

drive round, beat round. 
bewrenean to deceive. 
bewrion^* to cover, hide, cover over, enwrap, 

proUct, clothe, 86l,Met; GP. ['bewry*] 
bewretnan to sustain, support, Rd81*^. 
bewrltan^ to record? Crsat19 : score round. 
bewitSan^t ^ bind, urind about, surround, 

bewrtzl-an, -ian to change : exchange, sell, 

bewuna adj. indeoL accustomed, wont, AO. 
b«wyddlan=beweddian; bew^led-^beweled 
bewyllan («ie) to boU auxw, Lcd. 
bewylwtan to roU down, roU together. 
bew^ptSsbeweptS pres. 3 8g. of bewepan. 
bewyrcan to work, construct, surround with, 

enclose, cover, B; AO,i£ : vfork in, insert, 

adorn, Lcd. ['beuxirk*] 
bewyrpan = beweorpan 
beyrfeweardlan to disinherit, A 13*321. 
beyriian=beienian; bezera=b8Bzere 
bl»bi(l)=be(prep.); (2)f.=beo 
bl- y. also be-; bIad=b^od 

blbUoiViee f. biblJo«eooo (AO) bibli«eoa m. 

library I bible, AS. ['bMiotheca* {L.)] 
btoea, bioe f. 'bitch,' Lcd,WW. 

Mogan (M) = byogan ; bloge = bicoe 
±bleii-«n, -ian (S, ea, ie, v) to make a sign^ 

^beckon,* wink, iu)d, Lk;CP : signify : 

summon, [beaion] 
+bloiieiid (e), i:bioni(g)end m. indicator, 

disdoser : for^nger. 
Uonendllc, -f-bi(mi(g)endlio allegorical : 

(gram.) indieaUve, iE6sl24K 
Mono! indicating, indicative, GPH398»*. 
±bIonuiig (ea, §) f. beckoning, nodding : 

token, symbol, figure, M : figurative 

biewlde m. byword, proverb, fable, tale, M, 

bid n. lingering, hesitation, delay, halt, Bd, 

±1ddan^ (intr.) to stay, continue, Uve, remain, 

delay, AO,Ps : (tr. usa. w. g.) wait for, await, 

expect, Bl,Mt^ AO,CP : endure, experience, 

find : attain, obtain, ['bide'] 
biddan* to ask, entreat, pray, beseech, AO,BL 

b. and beodan, h&kian to beg and pray : 

order, command, require, AO,CP. Vbid*] 
+blddan* (often refl.) to beg, ask, pray, Bl, 

Mt ; ^,CP : worship, MJlO. [*f -W^] 
biddere m. petitioner. 
bldenfsBt = bydenf »t 

MdflK (CP) pres. 3 8g. of biddan. 
bUfBBStt firm, forced to stand ouL 
biding f . abiding place, abode. On 180. 
MdsteaUt m. halt, stand. 
bIe=beo prea. 1 sg. of beon. 
bIeon=beaoen; bIeon«=bIon- 
blegan (e, i, v) to bend, turn, turn back, in- 
cline, Bo,Mk : depress, abase, humiXiaie : 

svi^ed : pereuaude, convert, ['bey,* bugan] 
bieldan (», e, i, y ) to encourage, excite, impel, 

exhort, confirm, CP,Ma;MjLO. ['bield'; 

Ueldo (y*) f. boldness, courage, arrogance, 

confidence, BH ; CP. ['bield'] 
blelg=belg; bietw-=bilew- 
bleme (e, i, y) f. trumpet, CP,WW : talflet, 

billet. I'beme*] 
blen=b^n; blenoodda8=b6anooddaa 
+blerde = +byrde 

-l-bi«rhtan (e, y) to brighten, be or make 

bright, iUuininate, enlighten, CP : make 

dear i celebrate, [beorht] 
blerhtu (e, eo, i, y) f. brightness, effulgence, 

briUianee, CP. [beorht] 
blernan* (ea, eo, i, y) to 'bum,* be on fire, 

give light, jBJbkfEx,VPs. 
biersteitt, bierst pres. 3 sg. of bentan. 
bieitS pres. 3 Bg. of beran. 
blesen^bisen; Uetglan=byagian 
bleter*= biter- 




U«a (6, i, f) m. *6ee(fe,* mdOet, hammer^ 

1il«tr- obiter- 

U«9=beo'S pres. pL of bSon. 

biffiran to feed, £^41*^. 

bUUui to tremble, be moved, ehake, quake, 

BoJ'aiM. [*6»w'] 
Uflgendlto (b^-) terrihU, NG274. 
Utttng f. trembUng, shaking, M. 
-btfung (eo^) ▼. eor6-b. 
bQylee n. neighbouring people, [f olo] 
1ilg=be; blg-=be-, bi-, byog- 
Vlg' =hidg-; blge=byge 
+1d^ediiM f. tn/Iecfiofi, dedeneion, eaee, 

lUgngnm =biffeiigneB 
Ugreb m. ardi, vauJi, M : indination. 
+H^endlle infieeiional, .£Gb01*. 
+U^endnQ8 = +bigednee 
Vlg^ng f. pracHee, exerdee, obeervance, war- 

Alp, M : oMimXiofn, St. [*6i^en0r*] 
U^engB m. inhabilUxni : cutttvotor, S^ : loor- 

ehipper, iB : htntJacUiir. 
Ugenge n. pradice, vnrship. 
blgengere m. worker : uHjrMpper. 
b^engestre f. handmaiden, aUendant, wor^ 

shipper, Ql. 
bl^ngnes, f . appiieation, Mudu. 
+blg«9=+byg«0 pros. 3 as . <» +byogaiL 
buying i bendtng, WW216^. 
bli^eal-(eo, i)=bi]eof- 
blgnes f . power of bending, bending, [biegan] 
+blgn«s if) f. frequented place, oaeemMyf 

Mgyrdel m. girdle, belt, puree, JB,Mi : 

treasury. [* btfgirdle*] 
blgytan = b^etan 
blhlanda (jrtL5»)=behindan 
bDist=byh8t pres. 2 ag. of bugaiL 
+blli« f. abode f Gu34«. [op. byht] 
bU^bill; bUeettan^bealoettan 
+bUde bold, brave, M. [beald] 
bOe m. *biU,* beak, trunk {of an elephant), 

WW : prow. 
bne=byle; bneta^bfleofa 
bOeofa (i*) m., bileofen f. support,suslenanoe, 

food, nourishment, M,WW \ money, pay. 

l^bylive*; tibban] 
bOteflan to support, feed upon, Gt7Th34'. 
bllewit innocent, pure, simple, sincere, honest, 

BH,Mt;M,CP : calm, gentle, merciful, 

gracious : plausible. [' bilewhit*]. adv. -lioe. 
bilewttnes f. mildness, simplici^, innocence, 

purity, M,CP. 
bOgesleht = bUlgesblit 
U^si, bilhst pres. 2 aa. of belgan. 
bngtf pres. 3 8g. of belgan. 

UUbb-, bi]if-=baeof-; billg=belg 

bfll n. *biU,* chopper, batOe-axe, falchion, 

sword, B,WW. 

bUlare m. *bibulta' (plant), WW. 
blllgasllht n. dashing of swords, batUe, fCHB 


billhata m. murderous hate, strife. Air 78. 
+bilod having a biU or beak. [bUe] 
bll-«W8B9 n. (nap. -BwalSa) sword track, 

wound. Ex 329. 
bllw-=bilew-; bl]yht=bfliht 
b&na (m.T), bime=bleme; Mnsbimi 
Unama m. pronoun, A 8*3 13. 
+bliid n. binding, fetter : costiveness. 
i:blndaii ev* to tie, * bind,* fetter, fasten, 

restrain, JB,Bl,Mt,Jn; AO.CP : odora. 
blnde f. head-band f £(76-133. ['bind *] 
btndale, -elle f. binding : bandage. 
blndere m. 'binder,* Rd2». 
binding f. binding, OEQ324b. 
btnn, binne f. 'bin,* basket, crib, manger, 

blnnan I. prep. (w. d. a.) within, in, inside 

of, into. II. adv. inside, wUhin, less than, 

during, whUsL ['bin*] 

bint pres. 3 sp. of bindan. 
Mo- =:beo-, bi- ; blotmrong sbismning 
biree = beoro, beorce ; bird {LkLR) = bridd 
+blrd = 4-byTd; blrele=bYrele 
blrtn f. she-bear, 0£T(Ot). 

bl^V, birh'S pres. 3 sg. of beorgan. 
Wrig, birig. =byrig, byrg- 
blrihte (y) prep. w. d. near, beside. Air 860. 
blrlhto=bierhtu; birlesbyrele 
birnan =beonian 

blrst, birsterK pros. 3 sg. of beratan. 
birst pres. 2 sg., bir(e)t^ pres. 3 sg. of beran. 
bliSBC n? m7 wallet, MtR10»». [LL. bi- 

bineo contested, disputed, U,. 
VtObot visit, QvlSS. 
biseeop (o*) m. 'bishop,* CP : high-priest, 

chief priest {of the Jews), heathen priest, 

blsoeopoyn (o*) n. episcopal {high-priestly) 

blseeopddm m. episcopate, bishopric : ex- 

blsceopealdar m. high priest, HL. 
bIsceopfolgoV m. episdopaU, GD66*^ 
bisceopgegyrelan mpL episcopal robes, 

bisceopliAd m. 'bishophood,* office of bishop, 

ordination as bishop, episcopate, bishopric, 

bisceopliidung f. episcopal ordinaHon, ML 

bisceophftm m. bishop* s estate, EC 365. 
biseeophtatodlln (o*) n. head ornament worn 

by bishops, WW 152». 
blsoeophlted (o) m. clergy subject to a bishop. 




UfMOplan to ecnfirm^ LL, ['6mAop*] 
Ufoeopland (o) n. episcopal or diocesan land, 

MsoMpUo ^bUkoply,* episcopal, BH, 
lilseaopflee n. *6f«Aoprie,* diooese, province 

of a bishop, BH, 
Uieooprooe m. bishop* s rochet, dalmaiic, 

Mieeoprdd f. bishop's cross, 
UfoeopMbr, -soyr £ diocese : episcopate, 
Uieeop-teld, -sell, -seifSi nu bishopU seat or 

see, bishopric, 
tttooeopteonoV m. synod of bishops, A 11-8^. 
Mieeopstdl m. episcopal see, bishopric, KC. 

Msoeopstuku m. godson at a *bishoping* or 


UieeopVCnung f . office of a bishop, BH. 
Msoeopunf f . confirmation, M. 
bteow^wlte n. fine payable to a bishop? (BT), 

forced entertaining of a bishopt (Lieb: y. 

Mscaopwyrt f. bishop* s-wort, betony, tfervain, 


UieeopwyrtU (o>) vervain, WW134<^. 


U-soeran, -soerian (i*, 7*)=:be-floi6raa, 

tilscop^bisoeop ; blseiip=biBoeop 
bisen, biaene (y) fn. example, pattern, model, 

JnLR;MjLO,CP : similitude, parable, 

parallel : rule, command, precept, [^bysen*] 
bbexie (y) bUnd, ir«Ir;NC274; JAW22. 

±blseiilan (ie, y) to give, set an example, 

instruct by example, Bo z follow an example 

or pattern, CP : express figuratively, 

i*byen* yb.] 

Usenung f. example, pattern, M{y), 
bUet m. the extra day intercalated in leap 

year, Mik32. [L. biaaextuB] 
d:bl8i^n to occupy, employ, ^,Bo;CP : 

trouble, afflict. Lcd,MeL ['busy*] 
hkagu, bisiga f. occupation, labour, CP,^ 

(yse) : affliction, trouble, 
hSguiig f. business, occupation, care, CP. 
IMg (y) *busy,' occupied, dUigent, Ma^ 

Miignat f. * business,* MtL (Gont. p. xz). 
Mameer^sbiBmer-; Usme^beama 
Msmer (y) nmf. disgrace, scandal, shame, 

mockery, insuU, reproach, scorn, AO,Bl; 

CP : filthiness, defilement, M{y). td bia- 

mere ignominiously, shamefuUy : 62m- 

pkemy : infamous deed, AO. [^bismer*'\ 
blmarful inmmous,disgraceftil,ignominious, 

shameful, M{j). 
bt/mngk%ow (y) n. shameful lust. M. 

±Usm«rla]i (y) to mock, revile, iUtreat, blas- 
pheme, Mk ; AO. [* bismer ' yb. ] 
Mamertend m. mocker, K6l298. 
1ilam«rl«M blameless, CBl326(y). 
biim«riioV n. scurrilous song, Gl. 

Unntrlle shameful, ignominious, contempt 

tuous,AO I ridiculous, frivolous, ady. -Hoe. 
MamtrnM f . pollution : insuU : contemptible'' 


Uamer-fprAe, -apAo f . blasphemy, Q, 
±bliiiitrttiig (y) mockery, scorn : blasphemy : 

infamy, disrepute, AO. 
M au iw war d (n*) n. reproach, insult, LLIO^. 
Uimor, biam(o)r-sbiamer, biamer- 

+ManMre f. imitator, DR46'. 
UapoU (hig')n.exam4>le, proverb, M : parable, 
fiMe, allegory, story, MtL ; CP. [* byspel*] 
MspeDbdo (big.) f. book of Proverbs, M, 
MMextus, gen. -te ihe intercalary day of leap 

year : leap year, [L.] 
birt prea. 2 ag. of bion. 
Uitsbidat, prea. 2 ag. of bldan. 
Mt prea. 3 ig. of biddan. 
Ut prea. 3 as. of (1) bidan; (2) bitan. 
Uta m. I. ^bit,* morsel, piece, Jn; M. IL 

biter, unld beast, 
±htUak^ to* bite,* tear, B,Rd; M : cut, wound : 

{-\-) dash down, MkLV^, 
Ute m. *bite,* sting, AO,Lcd : sword-cut, 

Ap,B : cancer. 
biter * bitter, * sharp, cuJUing, Qu\M: stinging, 

PPsll?^ : exasperated, angry, embittered : 

painf%d, disastrous, virufent, cruel, B,BL 

ady. -lioe, Mt 
Uteres bitre 
±blterUui to be or become bitter, CP : make 

bitter, ['bitter* yb.] 
biter net f. 'bitterness,* grief. El; JE,CP. 
blterwyrde bitter in speech, JB. 
bit«rwyrtdrene m. drink of bitter herbs, 


UtmMum piecemeal, bit by bit, iBGB230>*. 
bitol n. 6riJ2e. 
bltorr= biter 
bitre bitterly, sharply, painfuUy, severely i 


bltrea, bittrea ganm. of biter. 
bltat prea. 2 ag. of biddan. 
bitat prea. 2 ag. of bidan and bitan. 
bitt I. prea. 3 ag. of (1) biddan ; (2) beodan. 

bItt prea. 3 ag. of bitan. 
+bltt n. biting, gnashing, M, 

blttor, bittie obiter, bitre; bituU^bitela 
biS prea. 3 sg, of bSon. 
biwtune y. bew&wan. 
biwlat fm. sustenance, food, provision^ 

necessaries, Bo,M, ['bewtste*] 
biword (a) XL proverb, housAold word : 

adverb, A8*313*. 

blwyrde n. 'byword,* proverb, WW, 
bizen = byxen 
Mzant m. begant (a geld coin), [L, bysaa- 



tttte L {&) bright, doming, gliUering, flashing, hMmmi, bU&wst pree. 2 ag., b]Aw(e)V pres. 

Bd : pcie, paUid, wan, AO,GP. [blioan; 3 fg. of blawan. 

^bleak,' to ^bUaeh'] IL pret. 3 ig. of blagettan^blngettan 

blTcan. blan pret 3 Bg. of blinnan. 

blM = blsBC bUuieat m. (uhUef) horse, B, [* hUmk '] 

Mioern n. lamp, eafniU, Ughi, GP(A). dbbland n. bUnding, mixtwt, contusion, 
bUoUtert wilh pale cheeks, turrnoiL 

bttelan to turn ptde, M. ±blandan*t to blend, mix, mingle, Rd. 
blicung t a turning pals, paUor, M. [* bland '] 

bladeslan to flame, bkue, be hoi : emU an btondenlMzt grizzly-haired, grey-haired, 

odour, OBQ554. old. [blandan] 

bladesnung (at-) 1 odour, WW406^. bluin pret. 3 eg. of blinnan. 

bladeeung (at-» »t-) f. shining, Kghining, bU»; blueTe=b]nfle, blsMere 

£P876>*. b]Utbelg=bl£8tbelg; blasters plaster 

blsM (a) L 'black,' dark, BJBH,JS. II. n. bUUf livid, pale, wan, ghastly : low, hoarse 

ink,LL,WW. [*bkck'] {sound)t Ah 1279. [op. blSat] 

M«e^bl&o bUtet Uvidly, paUidly, Mm. 

bUtean to bleach, whiten, [blao] bbUssnuDgsbJiadeenang 

btoooe 1 black matter, OE6d62. blAtlan to be livid, pah, Gxk981 (OK), 

MAoe n. ? irriHaJHon of (he skin, leprosy, LoD. ±bliwan* (6) (tr. or intr.) to *blow, * breathe, 
bUtoemleoht (a) n. lantem-Ught. Mt,Ijk^n : be blown, sound : inflate : (+) 

bi8MSf«ede6tocik.Aafre<<,^Hl-456». [feaz] kindle, inflame, WW208'« : (+) spit, 
UflMSgymm m. jet, BH 2d». MkLR ?••. 

blfleeborn (e) n. vnk-hom, IM12a>*. bliwend m. inspirer, iBH2'47g*. 

bUteo i potior, Loi>. blftwere m. *62(n0er,* CP. 

btoq)ytt m. bleaehing-pitf EC383^ blAwung f. '6totMn^,* 62a^, iff : inflation. 

bUM^ustf el n. leprosy, Cp 103b. bleae = bloeo 

bleed n. (nap. blada)*Msde/ WW :Ie(^,aefi. bliat miserablef 6^963. [*62eto*]. adv. 
hlBbAie)hm. blowing, blast: inspiration, Ml bleate, B2824. 

6fe(i<ft, «ptrtl, M : 2»^e, mifkl : glory, dignity, bltaS yefUfe, «&y, cowardly, timid, Bd : «2b<^ 

splendour : prosperity, riches, success. II. /uZ, inactive, effeminaie, AO. [*62sCAe': 

-bled I. 6^. blode] 

blAdigende renowned, B 1013. blee^blaeo ; blloe = blfioe 

blfldbyllg m. bellows, WW241**. UUtta * vUiUgo, * WW53**. 

blAddsBgt m. day of proeperitiy. bled» blSd- =blBd, bldt- 

biseddenmere m. pain in ihe bladder, Ijod. blM I. (ft) f. shoot, branch, flower, blossom, 
bla»ddre==bl£dre leaf, foliage, fruit, Mt,Lcd;CP : harvest, 

±tMdtaufi:\ glorious, prosperous. crops, ['blede*; bl5wan] ILablAd L 

+bUMt8BStnes 1 provision, sustenance, blMan to * bleed,* let blood, Sol. 

i5L23b'^ blMtaWBSt growing guicUy or profusely f 

bUMglfat m. giver of prosperity. Rd2*. 

bUMhorn m. trumpet, M. blMre = blAdre 

bUMnes f . blossom, fruit, A8-31 1. [bifid] bledu f . dish, bowl, goblet, JE. 

bUMre (6) f. blister, pimple, AO : 'bladder,' blegen, blegne f. 'blain,* boH, bUster, ulcer. 

Led. [blawan] Led. 

mMmeHnm. abundant riches, CbIZ92. Vkemomn to deceive, cheat. Mod. ['blench*] 

blAge 1 gudgeon, bleak, WW. ['blay*] blind (e) pret. 3 as. of blandan. 

blflBgettan (a) to cry, QD278^*. Uend-an, -ian to blind, deprive of sight. Bo : 

bUbbftwen light blue. deceive. [* blend '] 

bUbs = bUtet blendnes f . blindness, DR 38*. 

blAsbelg (OET28)sblA8tbelg blent pree. 3 w. of (1) blendan, (2) blandan. 

biflBse (a) f. flrebrand, torch, lamp, M,Jn. ±blto n. ge. bleoe, ds. bleo, gp. bleo(na), 

[*Ma»e*] dip. bleom, bleo(w)um coUaix, Bo;CB t 

laHaBuenem. incendiary, llu appearance, form, Sol. ['blee*] 

blAsbom m. blowing-horn, trumpet, LL bltebordf n. cotour ed board, chess-board, 

194(8). bltebrygd n? combination of colours, sdntH' 

bUtot m. blowing, 'blast* (of wind), breeze, laticn, Ph292. [breffdan] 

Sx: flame, ' blfioorsBttm. art o/emSrot(2ef;y,WW354*. 

bUBstan to blow, Andb123*^ : rusht (r. BT). +bl»od beautiful, Gb909. 

bUMbelg m. bellows, Gl. bleodu =: bledu 

bUBstm m? flame, blaze, MFH90^ bltofmtnes f. 'delidce,* BP8l38u. 

bUMan to * bleat, * MQrJBLd. bltollg variegated, Gl. 

blsetesuiigssbladesang; blAt»-sblets- bleoh:=bleo 

UAwen = blfihfiwen bltemete m. dainty food, GD 99>*. 


bltonft gp. of blS o. kind. El : agreealfU, wUUng : quiet, peaceful, 

bltortad pwrpU, WW. ffenOe, Pa. II. adv. Pe, 

bltottanlnc i. teMekUei pavemmU, WW kllSalle genOe^ pkaeani, glad, adv. -Boe 

444« (Lk), ['WOfcely'] 

bltet piet. 3 8ff. of (1) blataa, (2) bl&tan. bllSflmSd glad, cheerful : weU-ttnekvng, 

bleoum dip. of bite. friendly, 

bltow pret. 3 ut. of (1) blawan, (2) bldwan. blMieortt kappy, joyful : gracious. 

MAowum dp. of blgo. +bllVlaii to make gm, RPsQl*. 

Mere, blerig bald, WW. bDSnM t joy, gladnese, pleaeure. Led; AO. 

bleae = bliose [* Uiikenees^] 

blSt pret. 3 Bg. of (1) bl&tan, (2) bldtan. bmte»4b]i8B 

blitan = blAtan bliwum = bleo(w)iim, dp. of bleo. 

±blAtalaii to eonMenUe, ordain, Mt^nL{oe) : blod - bold 

'hleee,* give thanks, adore, exiol, Da,PeJjk : blod n. 'biood,* M,QJLcd', AO,CP : vein. 

aign toiih the croee, M : pronounce or make bIM-dolg, -dolh n. bleeding wound, LcD. 

happy, M. [bldd] bldddryno m. bloodshed, AO 162'. 

blfttslngbte f. biUssing-bock, benedicHonal, bUMeg esa m. l>U)ody horror. Ex 477. 

EC250. +bldd6glan = bl6d^ an 

bMtslngBeaJm m. the BenedicUe, RB36». bidden l>loody, WW217**? 

blMst piea. 2 sg. of bl6tan. blddfigt Mood-stained, bloody. 

bIMsung f. consecraticn, Chr i *hUssing,* blddgamang n. a 62ood-miir<ftre, WW220^ 

benediction, Chr;M : favour {of Qod), blddgamenged 6{ood-«toined, W182^^ 

Bl,VP8. blMg»ot=blddgyte 

blSw =bleow pret. 3 Bg. of blawan. Modgtotend m. shedder of blood, LPs 50^. 

bliwtt prea. 3 sg. of bldwan. UMglotande bUoody, LPsS^. ^^ 

hOctkik^ to gUUer, shine, gleam, sparkle, datzle, ±blodglAii to be Uoodihirsty, WW216« : 

Sol : appear, Sol 144. [*blik'] make bloody. 

bUocattan to gUUer, quiver, Gl. bMgyta m. bloodshed, AO. 

bUooettung f. gUUenng, shining, VPs. blddbrftoung f. spiUing of blood, WW 113*. 

bUea m. exposure, LL6[34]. blddhrtow sanauinary, cruel, Ps. 

bllegan=:blvogaii blMlg 'bloody,^ WW; AO. 

bflOlan to shine, OEG 1499. blddlgtfi« bloody-toothed, B 2083. 

biM prea. 3 eg. of blican. bl6d-lAa, -Inswa f . blood-letting, bleeding. 

bOda^bllBfl blddUtettd i time for blood-letting, Lod 

blin imperat. of blinnan. 65a. 

blind 'bUnd,' Mk;CP,M : dark, obscure, hlUMkivm. blood-letter, WW. 

opaque, DD; M : iniernal, not showing mA- blfidltaa bloodless, i£GB66^^ 

wa^Oy : uninteOAgefilt : not stinging, WW bldd-ore, -m0nat$=bl6toro, etc 

322>*. adv. -lioe blindly, rashly, AO. blodriad bloodied. 

bilndboren bom blind, JnL9'*. blddrtow =blOdhr6ow 

4-bUndfelllan to blind, blindfold, HL8"*. blddryna m. issue of blood, bloody flttx : 

-bllndlan v. of-b. bursting of a blood-vessel, A0288''. 

bUndnei f. blindness, M. blMssBZ (e) n. lancet, Gl. 

bllnnt nt cessation. blodietawung f. supply of bloodf (BT) Lod 

dzbUnnan* to cease, leave off, rest from, Mt; 83a. 

CP : lose, forfeit : be vacant (pishopric). blodsetan someOwng to stop bleeding, LcD. 

[*6K»' ; be, linnan] blodsihta f. flowii^ of blood, LcD64a. 

bllnnea f . cessation, intermission, LL. blMSlgan f . tasting of blood, LL. 

blls (GP) = bliss ; blisa =: blysa blddwlte n. blood-offering, LPs 16*. 

bllscan=bly8oan blodyrnende having an issue of blood, BH 

bllsgera m. incendiary, [blysige] 78i*B. 

bliss f. *62tM,* merrim/ent, happiness. El; hlsmk m. lump of metal, mass, Ou 

CP : kindness, friendship, grace, favour, blon pret. 3 sg. of blinnan. 

Met : cause of happiness, Ps. [bjtee] blonca=blanoa; blond- =bland- 

±bll88lan (intr.) (o be alad, rejoice, exuU, blonn pret. 3 sg. of blinnan. 

CP,Lk;M : (tr.) make happy, gladden, bl5sa, bl6sma=bldfitma 

endow, ^Hy : applaud, ANS 109-306. bldstbare=bldi!tmbflere 

['bliss*] blostm IM), bldstma mf. *bloesom,* flower, 

bllsidg joyful, RPs 1 12>. fruit, Bl,Lcd. 

bllflsigendllc exulting, ^Hl-364^^ blMmbAra (M), -hAread» flower-bearing. 

bUssung f. exultation, EPs64^*. biaatmfrtels m. floral festival, OEG4720. 

bllV^bli^e bloitmlan to ^blossom,* bloom, BH. 

bDVe I. ' bUihe, 'joyous, cheerful, pleasant, 2&, ±bl5t n. sacrifice, AO. [bldd] 

AO,CP : gracious, well-disposed, friendly, bldt-=bldd- 


U&tan' (and 7 wy) to saerificet HU for bdewudu m. beech-wood, Rd41>m. 

sacrifiee, AO,CP. ±liod (+ exo. N) n. command, message, pre- 

blotare m. eacrificer, GPH398**. cept, Bo,Hy; ^ '- preaching, ['bode,* 

bldtmdiia'S m. month of sacrifice (8 Oct.- ^i-bod*; Oer. gebot] 

8 NoT.)» November. bod* m. mesaenger, herald, aposUe, angel, 

bldtore m. sacrificial vessel, OPH397. JS,CP : prophet. Cbode'; Oer. bote] 

bldtqff ung f . spiUing of Mood, WW 1 13^ bodan ^ botm 

lildtuiig f . sacrifice, AO 102^. bode pret. of bdgan. 

±bldwa]i I. sv' to *blow,* flower, fiourish, bodeg=bodig 

Idossom, Led. II.= bl&wa n boden pp. of b^odan. 

MowendUe blooming, WW240*>. bodere m. teacher, NG. 

blunnen pp., bhumon pret. pL of bliniuuL d:bodlan to tell, proclaim, announce, "tHyi 

-blyegan ▼. a-b.; blyB,blyfl8=: bliss AO,GP : preach, Mt; M,CP : foretell. El: 

blyia m. firebrand, torch, M. book, ['lode'] 

blysoan 'nOilare,* HGl434^* (y. OEG1196 bodlend m. vroclaimer, teacher, preacher. 

and * blush*). bodig n. *body, ' trunk, frame, bodily presence, 

biyse f. ^blysa ; blysere =blaBaere MJBH, etc, CP : main part, Lod. 

Uyilaii to bwm, blaze, PPs 17*. bodlgendllc to be celebrated, J3L 7-232. 

bIyBigesbljse; blyMtan (^)=bl]saaa bodUe n. decree, ordinance, Ckftll29. 

bl^e, blytSelioesbliCe, bllSelibe i:bodselpet m« command : message. 

b6=:ba, nafn. of begen. bodung f. message, recital, preaching, M : 

boe I. fn. ds. and nap. bSo 'beech* -tree, WWi interpretation : assertiveness, KB 136"^ 

Mdf : beech-nut, NC274 : 'book,* writing, bodiingdag m. Annunciation Day, MB. 

Bible, Bl,Jn,CP;AO,^ OMmh. gospel; 1-200**. 

deed, charter, conveyance, LL. IL pret. bdg m. arm, shoulder, AB;CP: 'bough,* twig, 

3 sg. of baoan. Imifich, Mt ; CP : offspring, [bil^nn] 

ItdotBCBnB mpl. freehold lands. bogm m. *bow,* (weapon), €fn;M : eurch, 

booblaee (e) n. ink, W225i. arched place, vault, B : rainbow, A : fMed 

bdoee=bSoe pardhm/etiX. [op. Oer, bogen] 

boe-osst, -oi8t(e) f. book-chesL b6ga=bdff 

bdeeneft m. learning. Bo. ['bookcraft*} bdgan to boast, BB. 

boecnettlg 6ool:-2eamee2. boganetsbogenett ^^ 

bocere m. scholar, 'scribe, writer, M. bogefddder m. quiver, WW143>*. 

bocf ell n. parchment, ve Uum, LL. ['bookfeU*'] bogen L name of a plant, Lod. IL pp. of 

boefodder n. bookcase, WW 194". bugan. 

bdegesamnung f. library, WW 203". bogenett n. wicker basket wiih a narrow neck 

boegestrfon n. library, BH. for catching fish, WW. 

boehord n. library, WW. ['bookhoard*} bogetung f. curve, WW356". 

bdehfts n. library, WW 186>*. bogh =bOg 

±bdclan to grant by charter : supply with boglan I. ±(intr.) to dweU, M : (tr.) to in- 

books. habit. II. = bdgan 

bdelSBden n. literary Latin, learned langnafn. boglbt ftiU of benas, MtL7K 

bdoland n. land Keld by written title, LL; boglncel n. smdU bough, OEG. 

^,A0. Y. LL2-323. ['bookland*] bogung (bdung) t boastfulness, arrogance, 

bdcttr f . book-lore, kaming. display, M. 

boeleden = bodsden boh = bdg 

boeilc of or belonging to a book, M : biblical, bdbscyld m. shoulder shield, EC226'. 

scriptural, b. sUaf 'ars liberalis,* HGl603. bohte pret. 3 sg. of byogan. 

bdeon pret. pL of bacan. bohtfmber n. building timber, AS 1*. [bdgian, 

bdcrftdere m. reader of books, WW439**. ES42a72] 

boorSding f . reading of books, WW. bdlan = bdean 

boertad red colour use d in illuminating bol? m. 6o^ trunJ;, Lod 143a. 

manuscripts, vermilion, WW. boloa m. gangu/ay of a ship. 

bdorMe f. reading of books, A10*143"^ bold (»botl) n. house, dwelling-place, man- 

bdcrlbt n. right given by wiU or charter, sion, hall, castle, B : temple, {;bold*] 

1X444(1). boldftgendt m. homesteeui-owner. 

boeseyld m. beech-ufood shield, TC661*. boldgestrten (botl)t household goods. 

bdestSBt m. nap. -staf as letter, character, EL boldgetsel collection of houses : {political) 

['bocstaff*; Oer. bachstabe] district, county, province, GD. 

boesligel f. beech-wood stile, kC5-70**. boldgetlmbruf npL houses. 

bdc-tAeuiig, -talu f. teaching or narrative, boldweard (botl-) m. housekeeper, steward, 

written in books, LL. M. 

boetrfow n. beech-tree, M. boldwelat m. wealth : splendid dwelling, 

boeweoro n. study of books, "LL (314"). paradise, heaven : village, Qms 1799. (botl-) 


bolgen pp. of belgan. bofWiM wUhoui a jMge, wUhaiU HCurU^, 

1ioUreiiiii6dt tauragtd, LL230[5]. 

lM>Uft m., bone f. 'hmd^ cup, poi, beaker, borlan to bore, perforate. 

meoMire, JBL,JnjAsd. Ihoritee very, extremely, Jl%, excenenOy, 
Hobter nm. *b6UUr,' head-piOow, euehion, A8-302,307,329. 

s . Qp^ bom =bani, pret. 3 ig. of bieman. 

+^\gtiiMA to support with piOowe, prop up, +bof8nung = +bKWMing 

A8-308. . , bwjaii pp. rf berstaiL 

iMlt m. 'boU' : croes-bow for thromng boUa boittor=beor6or 

^r amwM. ITlf. M* m? nT «ta«, cK6, lALR. Vboosy*] 

lioimnAv n. buUiing timber, ABV. [boti; bdan (CP),b««imiii- •6owm,'6ireeM«,woiii6, 

Y E8 42^**1 '^ * '^<>^« -^^ ' «^*' ^^^'^^v ^^• 

Wn I. f. omawieiU, Chb1063d. IL-bdgan lOmUg sinuous, OEGSK 

bon- bond- =bftn., band- b6t 1. Wte, reUef, admntage, remedy, AnJ)a, 
b6ndk m. householder, LL ; Aeeman, i«J; AO : comMnsatiom for anjnjury or 

plebeian : husband, ['bond'] wrong, LL {y, i'd3») : (peace) offertfig, re- 

Mndeland n. land AeW by a bdnda, Chb oompense, amends, akmement, reformasum, 

777E. [ON. bdndi] penanee, repentance, Bl;CP. t6 bdte to 

b6ne=bto * boot,' besides, moreover. [Oer. buaae] 

+b6Dlaii to polish, burnish, TO. [Cfer. bdtan^betan 

bohnen] bdtttton to improoe, r ei»»r. 

bonn^bftnn botton to y«< 6««er. 

hor borer, gimlet, Qi. I lancet, scalpel, graving ±botl (CP^)^b<rfd ^, . , ,- . 

tool Gl! [borian] Wl9m unpardonable, not to be atoned for by 
bora m- rtOer, Sat 600. [Trftdbora] b6t. • , j ^. » 

boreen pret. 3 sg. of beorcan. botm m. 'bottom,' ground, foundaiton, B, 
borolan to bark, WW : abyss, Oen. 

bord n. 'board,' plank, JB,Gen : table, Ps : bMwyfVe fwnioiwWe, tkatcai be atoned for 

eideofa ship. Gen : ship, El,Qn : «*feM, El. 6y bCt. [op. b6tlSaa] 

iMwda m. emferokiefy, omameiU. Gl. b6«=b6g<« ptes. 3 ag. of bton. 

bordolItS m. table-doth, OEG56". bOtJen mn? rosemary : doriM*, M : (Affme, 
bordgelic n. weapon, da^rt, Cb769. GPH 390. 

bordhwbbende «*t«W-6eaniv, B28d6. b6uiig=b5gaiig _^ .^ , .., 

bordhaga m. cowf of «*teW<, El662. box mn, 6ox-«re«, Tflf : 'box, ease, MU 

Iwrdrand m. shidd, B2569. braooas mp. breeches, Lod3198«. [Xr.] 

bordrlma m. rim, ed^. . . S[?^!l^^^ =^T !« ^i « 

bordrlVlg a stream running %n a channel braohwll f. moment, A8-318. 

made of planks? (BT),EC«0". :S?^ ^- ^\ .^ ^.a^ .,_«^ . a^ 

bordstttlf n, sea-shore, Av442. brid L oomp. bradra, brftdra ftroad, fiat, 
lKird8aoa m. shield-coveHng, testudo, Gl : open, extended, spacious, ««««»Gefi,, ' 

board for roofing, WW. A.AO.CP : ampU, copious, B; El. IL n. 

bordwean m. wall of shields, phalanx t buck- breadth, Bnf 137 

ler, shield : side of ship, Rd 34«. briUtox f . broad axe, Gl. 

bordwudttm.«fcieW.B1243. bridbrtot n. trufe *«». 

boran pp. of beran. brida far and wide, broadly, wtddy. 

borattui to brandish, Gl. briUleliae n. leek, Gl. 

boigm.cfedye.«cfiri^,6aa.<fe6«,o6K»o<iofi, bridhandf.|wimo/tiU*an^, WW264»*. 

LL (v. 2-331; 641); CP : bondsman : (ie6tor. bridUn to extoiki, reoA, A0234». 

V borrow' sb ] bridlistsDZ f. broad axe, Gl. 

borgbryoe m. ireoc* of «ire^, LL. brldUngaJto%, wit* rte *ai«l open, 

borgen pp. of beorgan. hrldnai rf. breadth, greatness, extent, surface, 
borggelda m. borrower i lender. M : Uberalily. 

borgUn to •6orrott7,* Jft^e : lend i be surety brtdpanne=l>i«depamie 

/or, OEG3812. bneo L a strip of «ntiuea landr {al:),hAj. 
borglend m. lender, usurer. IL=pret. 3 ig. of brecaa. „ . . . 

borz-flont (buTK-) f. trouble on account of brAo L (±) n. catarrh, cough. II. f. 6reo*. 

lading or set^, BXK&^. ing, destruction, ML&^. IIL=bi6o nap. 

borgwedd n. i>2e(29e, WW279» ofbrOoL 

boS^boig bww** 6rtecAee, GET. [L.] 

borhfatt^ feound, HL18*«. br«cco«u f. falling sickness, epilepsy, WW 
iborhlwrtaii to 6in<i 6y pfed^e or eiirely. 112". 

borbband fm. eectinty, evre^ {person), M. +br«C60 =br«o I. 


lirAedrene (S) cough medicine, WW 361*. brang pret. 3 sg. of bringan. 

bmeUan to cackle, make a noUe, QD236^*. brantt (o) deep, eteep, high, An,BL [^brarU*] 

IvAoon pret. pL of breoan. branwyrt f . morUeberry plarU, WW 133**. 

±brftesfoe epHenlie, lunatic brasUn = bnedan 

briM 1. 1 breadth, width, AO. [brad] IL f. +brastl (-bI) n. crackling {of flames), DD,W. 

flesh, Ph240. [OHG. brat] IIL m. trick, hrastUan (-al) to roar, rustle, crackle, JB. 

fraud, deceit, craft. [=*broffd; * braid*] ['brtuUe*; G^er. praaaeln] 

IV. pret. 3 Bg. of bredan, bregdan. V. prea. brasttung f . crack&Tig, rustling, crashing, M. 

3 8g. and pp. of bnedan. bnlU m. cloak, MtL6^. ['braU*] 

tartM-=:bnegd- (bread-) briao pret. 3 eg. of bruoan. 

±brAdaii (e) I. to make broad, extend, spread, brtad n. bit, crumb, morsel : * bread, ' JnL, 

stretch out, BH ; AO : be extended, rise, grow. +breadtui = +bredlan ; brtag = brftw 

[*6recle*; brad] IL to roast, toast, bake, breahtm L (bearbtm; », e, eo, y) m. cry, 

broil, cook, WW. [*brede*; Oer.hnXeo] noise, revelry. IL=bearhtm 

briMe m. roast vmoX, WW, ['brtde*; Oer. braahtmUui (earht) to creak, resound. 

braten] breahtmang f. *convolatus,* WW370*. 

-brfidels V. ofer-b. fareahtuiiibW8Di=bearhtmhw«Bt 

brAdopanne f . frying-pan (▼. WW 3d3H3). breard = brerd ; br tat- = br6ot- 

hrMiBglA.exUnsion,Bo4Q*: bedding, bed, brtaS 6rt<ae, LoDl•2eO^ 

DR. II. t. roast meat, OEQZieO. brtaw=sbrfiw 

lirftdliigpaDiie = brMepanne brfewern n. brew-house, WW 146"*. 

hrMH^R n^ * sealpellum,* Qh,WW, brte fp. breeches, Lcd,RB. [* breech*; r, 

brAdra v. brad. £S 38*345] 

brAdu, brfido f. breadth, width, extent, Ps. +breo n. noise, sound, CP. 

I'brede*] ±brto = ±brfio I. 

-fbnBgd :=br8&d III ; brsBgdan = bregdan ^breean L bv^ lo * break,* shatter, burst, tear, 

brsBgdboga m. deceitful bow, Cb765. B,BlJ^s : curtail, injure, violate, destroy, 

bnegden (e) I. (dr) deceitful, crafty, AO. oppress, B,Da,KC ; AO,CP : break into, 

adv. -Bee. [bregdan] II. fraud. rush into, storm, capture (city), Ma;CP : 

brsBgdnes (Ad-) tjraud, cunning. press, force i break or crash through, burst 

brsegdwift crafty, Gu 58. [breed] forth, spring out, AnJ*h : sfMue, tame, CP. 
brsegen (a, e) n. 'brain,* LcdJ*s; M,CF. II. to roart Ca951. [ON. braka] 

bragenpanno f. brain-pan, skuU, OE02815. tartahrsBgl n. breeches, PPs 108". 

brsBgensteo brainsick, mad, 0£Q. breomAlum = brytm£lum 

bragn=br9Bgen ±breonM f. breach, EPs. 

bragnloea (brogn-) m. brain-house, head, -bredV ▼. A-, eodor-b. 

Rd72'^. braetSa m. broken condition, mddes b. 

brsBgpanne^bregenpanne sorrow of heart, BI71. 

brsehtm (A) = breahtm breoung f. 'breaking,* LkB. 

brsBmbel, brt&mel^bremel bred n. surface : board, plank, CP : tablet, M. 
brAme (NG)=sbr6me; brAr (€)=brSr ['6red'] 

bras n. 'brass,* bronze, M. brM = (1) br^d, (2) brad, (3) br»d III. 

brasen 'brosutn* of brass, LPs; M. brMan I« to produce, or cherish, a brood, M. 

to do work in brass, niake of brass, ['breed*] IL (±)=: bregdan. IIL (±)' 

MQr216". br»dan L and II. 

biasne =breene breden (i, v) of boards, wooden, M. 

brAS m. odour, scent, stink, exhalation, brMende aocettful, cunning, AO. [bregdan] 

vapour, AO. ['breath*] brMettan=brogdettan 

brAw (ea) m. eye-brow, eye-lid, BH,LcdJ^s, +br6dlant (ea) to regenerate, restore. 

WW ;CP. ['bru*] br«dl(ng)panne=:brfidepanne 

bragen = brsegen brMbern = brtediaen 

brahtan=bronton pret. pL of bringan. bredweall m. wall of boards, palisade, ES 
brand (5) m. flre, flame, B; M i 'brand,* 20148. 

torch, JnL,Da; M : sioord, B. bredwian (eo) to strike down, trample. 

brandbUt burning hot, ardenL +brSIan to write down, A 8*308^^. [cp. Oer. 
brandbord (o^) n? treasure exciting ardent brief] 

desires (BT); care, anxiety (GK), Rzh46. brSg (VPs)=br»w; brega (i£)=brego 

brand-l^en, -isen n. fire-aog, trivet, grate, hr^lguito alarm, frighten, terrify, Lk; M,CP. 

WW. ['brandise*] ['bree*; broga] 

branddm (o^) m. 'rubigo,* WW44K bregd =br»d IIL 

brandrftd (o', e*) f . fire- dog, t rivet, Gl. + bregd I. n. movemeiU, change, PH57. 
brandrida m. fire-grate, WW 266**. IL = brsd IIL 

brandstafn (o^) high-prowedf Ai7504. hreg&Bkn* (bred-) to move quicUy, puU, shake, 

[»brant- 7] sunng, throw (ufresUing), draw (suford), drag, 

O. B. 4 




B,Ma : bend, weave, * braid,* knii, join Uh 
fieiher, .£€hr i change coUmr, vary, be trans- 
formed, Ez,8cl,Qu : bind, knot : (intr.) move, 
be puUed : flash, M. up b. bring up {a 
charge) : (+) scheme, feign^ pretend : (+) 
draw breath, breathe, 

br^en = brsgden 

+liresdnM f. trouble, affliction, MF162. 

+brecditafas mp. learned arts, Sol2. 

bregen = bnegen 

teigendllc terrible, RPs46». 

Iir€|^ = brsw 

hrhign^B t fear, terror. 

bregof (eo) m. nUer, chief, king. Lord, b. 
engU, manbynneB Ood, 

bregoilGe n. kingdom, Gbn 1633. 

braforof majestic, mighty, B 1925. 

breifoit5It m. rider* s seat, throne : rule, 

bragoweardf m. ruler, prince, lord. 


breh(-=bre»ht-, beorht-, bierht- 

brehtnlendtt = bearhtmiende 

brdman h {±) to honour, extoL [brSme] 
II. (oe) to rage, NO. 

brembel (M), brember^bremel 

brCme (oe, y) I. aA}. famous, glorious, noble, 
PPs ; AO. i'breme*] 11. adv. 

brimel {&) m. brier, * bramble,* blackberry 
bush, M,Lcd;Udi. [brdm] 

brfimeliBppel m. blackberry, Lod. 

brimalberle f. blackberry, Lod. 

brtaielbrdrt m. bramble-brier. 

brtaielltet n. bramble-leaf, Lcd. 

brAmelrlnd f. bramble-bark, Lod. 

brtaiolQyrne f . bramble-bush, M. 


brfimendllc noted, OEG. 


br Amlas nap. of bremeL 

bremman to rage, roar. [Oer. brommen] 

bremung f. roaring, WW242>*. 

brenciS pres. 3 sg. of brengan. 

brene = Dryne 

brfineiS pres. 3 sg. of ^brenan to make or dye 
brown f (GK;Bt readB biene8=bem^ 
preB. 3 8g. of beman) Rttn 15. 

^brengan (AO,CP)=brmgao 

brengnes f. oblation : (+) food, support, 
MkL12**. [♦bringnee] 

bronttng m. ship, B2807. [brant] 

breo-, breo- = bre-, brS- 

br«od(NG)= bread 

breodlan to crv out. Mop 28. 

breoht-=bearht-, beorht- 

brtosa (io) m. gadfly, WW. ['breeze*] 

brCoBt nmf. (usu. in pi.) * breast,* bosom, B, 
Lk,Lcd; AO,CP : stomach, womb : mind, 
thought, disposition, 0en;C2 : 'ubertas,* 

brtoBtbin n. 'breast-bone,* If Vf 158. 

brtestbeoig = bieoetgebeorh 

brtestbyden (e*) f. breoH, Gl. 

brtottOMrut ^ heart-care, anxiety. 

brtetteofat m. heart, affect ions. 
breoitgabeorh m. bulwark, WW466^«. 
brtostgehygdt, >bydt fn. thought. 
tetestgaSanef m. mind, thought. 
brtostgewAduf np. cortleL 
brtastgyrd f. sceptref OEG3303; 2»*. 
brSosthordt n. thought, mind . 
brtostllii n. $tomacher, WW407*. 
brtotUoeat in. mind, souL 
brtostnett n. coat of mail. 
brteftnyrwet n. tightness of chest, Lod 189bw 
brteatroee m. chest-clolhing, WW151**. 

brtaststttot ^' f^^^* heart. 
toiosttoga m. chieftain, Sol 184. 
brtastttng n. region of the heart, Lod 3*146". 

brtottwBMC m. pain in the chest, Lcd. 

briostweali m. breastwork, rampart, WW 

brtostweorSuogt f . breast-omamenL 
brtestwytan (e*) m. breast-fountain, teat : 

emotion, sorrow. 
brfotan*t to break in pieces, hew down, 

demolish, destroy, kiU. 
Breoten, Breoton = Biiten 
brioton = (l) biyten; (2) pret. pL of 

brtoVan* to decay, waste away, Lod 63a. 
±tetowaii' to 'brew,* AO. 
brtowtto n. brewing, ML\V^. 
brbr (s) f. 'brier,* bramble, Lcd,WW. 
brerd (ea, eo) m. brim, margin, border, sur- 
face, Jn,WW : shore, bank, M. ['brerd*] 
brerdful frrim-Ztttt, J?L6>M. ['brerdful*] 
brflrblAw m. brier-hUlock, £0450^. 
brflrtSyrne f. brier-bush, KC6-221U 
brtaan=bifBan; bresen^bnosen 
bresne (»)t mighty, strong. 
br§t pies. 3 eg. of bredan, br^gdan. 
bret- = brit-y biyt- ; brC8 = bnro 
br§Ver da. of brdSor. 
brio-, brio- =bryo-, bryo- 
brlcaiS pres. 3 sg. of brecan. 
brlest pres. 2 sg. of brecan. 
brid = Dridd; lHrId=bryd 
bridd m. young 'bird,"^ chicken, Lk; M,CB, 

bridel, bridels (y) m. * bridle,* rein, curb, 

restraint. Run; M,CP. 
brtdelsbrliig m. bridle-ring. El 1194. 
brldelffwangas mp. reins. 
brid-glft, -gifa=brydgift, -gifu 
±brtdllan to 'bridle,* curb. Bo; CP. 
brtengan = bringan 
brig=bTycg; brig=briw 
brlgd n. change or play of colours. Pa 26. 

brlgdlls (GL)=bride]s; brlhten=bi0rhtaa 
brlhtnee = beorhtlioe 
brlmt nm. surf, flood, wave, sea, ocean, 

unter, B : sea-edge, shore, [*6nm*] 




brtanoealdt ocean-cM, 
brliiwllf n. cliff by the wa, B222. 
brtantamS n. aea-short (BT) Da322 (or 7 2 

brlmfldd m. floods mo. 
Mmfugol m. Ma-6trcl, guU, Wa47. 
Iirtiiiglest m. niior, Rd4* 
brlmheiigeett °^- (M/ok-horw), Mp. 
brtmhlaBftt f. aea-produce, {fish). 
MmlUt f . flood-'way, sea-way, 
brtmllSeiid m. sailor : piraU. 
hHftim^itw-j- m. sailor : pirate, 
talmridt I. {sea-road), sea. 
ItttnmsLt ga^flyr (v. NG354). 
iMlimto iD n. sea-ihore. An 496. 
brtanilrtaiiit m. currenl, sea : rapid, river. 

briiiJfQysMt ^* ^hip, 

lirfmwisa m. sea-king, captain, B2930. 

brlinwudat m. {sea-wood), ship, 

Mmwylf L {sht-)wolf of the sea or lake, 

br imwylui m. ocean surge, seti-wave, B 1404. 
Mng m. ojfeHng, CPsSO"*. 
±larliigaii' (e, y) (and wv) to * bring,* lead, 

bring forth, carry, adduce, produce, present, 

offer, B,Bo^nL; AO,CP. 
•Miigell* ▼. on-b.; MoM=br5o0a 
iMlrt, britst, pree. 2 ag., biit pree. 3 ag. of 

Brit-, brii- = Bryt-, bryt- 
lufm m. pottage, porridge, JBCfrjMl. [*bree*; 

Oer. biei] 

±brtwaii to prepare food, cook. 
bilwtnoee as thick as poUage, Lod 190a. 
broe L n. <Miction, misery, care, toil, ad- 
versity, BlJSo ', MJiOfCP : disease, sickness, 

M I fragment. [* broke*; breoan] II. n. 
, .J^ use, benefit. IIL a kind of looustf WW 
V ['brock*] IV.=broeo 

brdo 1. f . (T only in pL brSo, g.v.). II. m. 

'brook,* torrent, Bo,WW; Mdf. 
broM m. badger. Led. [' brock *] 
broeeen cf badger* s skin, WW152K 
liroeeiMd n. badger*s hole, EC239". 
tooedan to tremble, QD 156. 

broeaii pp. of (1) breoan, (2) breoan. 
±liro€lAn to crush, hurt, afflict, molest, M, 

AO,GP : blame, [broc] 
brooUe fuU of hardship, W248^ 
brtanlnte f . brookmint, horseminL 
brftortoe = brficsSoc 

broeung t affliction, sickness, ME 1*472*. 
brod shoot, sproui, LHy6*. 
brM L * brood, * ^ '.foetus : breeding, hatching. 
broddeton = bro^^dettan 
broddton = brodian 
brMon pp. of brSdan. 
brddanmAlt n. damascened sword. 
brM«r=br5€or; brddei-=brogdet- 

brddUn to gUtter, shine, OEG. 

btMlg adj. broody, A8-309. 

brdg» m. terror, dread, danger, OP : prodigy. 

brogd«n pp. of biegdan. ['browden*] 

bfogddiUHlM =s brSdnunsl 

brogdetten to shake, brandish : tremble, 

brogdettuBg f. trembling, shaking : figment, 

d:brogn bough, bush, branch, NO (v. ES 
38-340 and JAW). 

brohi 'visceUum,* WW54^ 

brOtat pp., brdhton pret. pi. of bringan. 

br&ta8rta m. direcalamity, Gbk 1813. [brOga] 

brSm m. 'broom,* brushwood. Led; Mdf. 

brdmlBBStan n. enclosure of broom, WW414^ 

brdmlg broomy, Bl207''7 

bron- = bran- ; brond^brand, brant 

brord m. prick, point : blade {e.g., of grass or 

±broanian to crumble, decay, fM to pieces, 
rot, wither, be corrupted, AO,CP. 

brotnlendUo {M), +bro8nodlio (Bl,W) cor- 
ruptible, perishable, transitory. 

±broinang f. decay, corruption, ruin, M. 

+brot n. fragment, G. [breotan] 

Broi6ii = Bryten 

broten pp. of brSotan. 

brotettan to burstforth,shoot, sproutf (Napier) 
»brogdettan? (BT), ▼. 0£G1218n. 

broV n. 'broth,* Led. [brdowan] 

brofVar, brd6^^br58or 

bro«bund(WW329>>; 548>*)=ro6bmid7 

brolkv m. da. brStSer 'brother,* Chr,Mt,Lk. 
nap. (±) br6t$or, brdtSru, Oen,Jn : feUow- 
man, Ps : co-religionist. Mi : monk. 

brdVorbana m. fratricide {person). Gin 1626. 

brOttorewMdm m. frat rictde {act), GSN 1030. 

bHHSordobter f. niece, WW 173**. 

br66orgyld n. vengeance for brothers f Ex 199. 

brMtorltaa brotherUss, Bd86^*. 

br6Vorllo 'brotherly,* MQr. 

brMxrlloBM f. broiherliness, BH. 

brdVorlufu (-er) love, DR. 

broVorrAden f . fellowship, brotherhood, M : 
membership of a brotherhood. 

briMkiraolpe m. broiherliness, love, MiL : (+) 
brotherhood,fr(Uernity, AO. [' brothership*] 

brdVontbb f . kinship of brothers : brotherly 

broVonlaga m. brother-slayer. 

brdVorslege m. fratricide (act), OP. 

brdtloraunu m. brother* s son, nephew. 

br69onybb = brdVoraibb 

brotSor-tSnen, -tnneira f. midwife, M. 

broVorwIt n. brother* s wife, sisier-in-law. 

brdOorwyrt (e*) f. 'puUgium,* penny-royal, 

+br98^ii, -ra mp. brothers, brethren, ML 

+browen pp. of brSowan. 

brQ f. nap. Dru(w)a, sp. brona *6foi0,' eye- 
brow, eye-lid, eye-lawi, Rd,WW. 
±brQean* to ' brook, * use, enjoy, possess, par- 
take of, spend, B, brooen oyrtel a coat 
which has been worn, M : eat, JnL; M i 



€X€euU an office : eokabii wUh, [<7er. toydhlAp n. eerenum^ on eondueUna a bride 
braaoheQ] to Her new home^ bndeU, wedding, 6hr,MtL, 

brtleendnee eervieeaN^, 0£Q53^ [*6ri(ie2ope'] 

brOfiung t function, oceupaHon, BG 1*164^. +Iir9dlaii to marry, 

* brQdon, bragdon pret. pL of brSdan, bregdan. br^dlie n. bridal, wedded eondition, M : (pL ) 

brQn ^ brown,* dirk, dnekff, Bo,Ex : having marriage ceremonv, M. [* brideloek*] 

metallic hutre, ehining (y. NED). br^dlMV n. epithaJamium, OEQ. 

hrtmrn gp. of bra. biJdUo bridal b. gewiit Song of Solomon, 

brQB4M8U, -be(o)sQ brownieh-purple, OEG. WW388*. 

brOnecgt wilh>aleaming blade. br^dloom m. bride-chamber, Bl. 

brQnfltit m. iU», eryeipelae, Lod 1 8a. In^dlAp = brydhldp 

brOnswyrt ^ bronwyrt In^uf • f . love of a bride, Jtjl 1 14. 

brQiiflg bumiehedf brown-huedf B2616. br^nlht f. weddlng-nigM, MH 14». 

bruiig«B pp., brangon pret. pL of bringan. br^dneft f . bridal bed, 

brOnlan to become brown, Lod 106b. brutal n. wedding garmen t, Mt L22". 

brunmi = borna brfdsang m. epithtdamium, WW. 

brQnwmnn dnaby. As 1308. br^dttng np. nupUale, Bl [' brffdthing *] 

brQnwyrt f . * brownwort, * water-betony, wood- biygo = bryog 

beUmy, Led. biygd I. (bryd) m. drawing out, unsheathing, 

bruVon pret. pL of br6o9an. brandishing, LL. IL=bi£d III. 

brOwa nap. of bra. biyht^beonit ; bryhtan = bierhtan 

±bryoe (i) I. m. *breaeh* {*bruche*), fracture, :tbryldaii to eeixe property improp^ly held 
breaking, JB(i),OuJ,L : fragment, OEG. by another, LL. [-*brigdan? BT] 

[brecan] IL fragile, brittle, worthless, btym,hTymm>Ahnm; hrfrn'^htem- 

jUeting, [*brydie*] IIL m. use, enjoy- bryne m. burning, conflagration, BH : fire, 

ment, service, exercise, advantage, gain, fiame, heat, MtL\ AO : infammaHcn, bwm, 
profit, fruit, M{i),CP. [G^. branch] scald, Lcd:toreh:fervour, passion, ['brine,* 

htf 09 useful, prcfitable, [br&oan] 'brune*; beoman] 

-bryoel v. hns-b. br^ne f. 'brine,* WW; M, 

biyo«9 pros. 3 w. of brecan. bryntadl f. fever, WW 238**. 

bryog f . * bridge,^ M ; AO,Mdf . brynebrdga m. fire-terror, ^JfiJ /^^ 

brycgbdt (i) f. repairing of bridges, LL. brynagleldt (i*) T^rbttfnl-qffering. 

biyoggeweore (i^) n. work of building or brynahit (mrnina hat, I>om51. 

repairing bridges, bryneltoma m. fire-gleam, fiame, B2313. 

bryoglan to 'bridge,* make a causeway, pave, brynanet f. hard, fiery trial, HQL4dO. 

An, brynettar m. hot tear, Ce162. 

brycgweard (i^) m. kuper or defender of a biyna-wylm, -wehnf m. wave of fire, fiame, 
bridge. Ma 85. ^tming heal 

bryogwyreende ^pontifex * / DR 194^'. biyngan = bringan 

±bi:f c-tan, -aian to use, enjoy, DR : prqfU, biynlgt fiery, burning. 

benM, brynstftn m. brimstone, NC276. 

brycn pres. 3 8g. of brecan. biyrd =:brerd 

br^dV pree. 3 sg. of bruoan. bryrdan to urge on, incUe, encourage, Mxr 

br^ L (e, i) f. 'bride,* betrothed or newkh 13*. [broid] 

married woman, wife, consort, CP,M. biryrdnat f . incitement, instigation, 

brydes wede wedding garment : (t) (young) rtbr^B-an, -ian to ' bruise, * crush, pound, BH, 

woman, II,=brygd DD : season, Bo20'^. 

biyd-, brf d- =bred-, brid- +bi9Bednet f . bruising, crushing, WW21 1» 

br^dbedd n. 6rte2a2 6e(I, £. brfiewyrt f. daisy, soap-wort, 2x^1*374. 

br^dbletsung (i) t marriage blessing, "LL ['bruisewort*] 

72,38,1 . bryitmlan = brytsnian 

br^dboda m. paranymph, bridesman, OEG br^ pree. 3 sg. of breotan. 

18b71. Bryt m. Briton : Breton. 

bi^bOr n., brydcofa m. bride-chamber, bed- bryta, brytan=bi7tta, bryttian 

dumber, ±br^n to crush, pound : (+) break up, 

+bryddan to frighten, terrify, Sol 16. destroy, 

-br^de v. un-b. -brytednes y. for-b. 

br^deala, brydealo(t5) n. bride-ale, marriage- Bryten (e, eo, i, o) f. Britain, 

feast, Chr. ['bridal*] bryten (eo) spacious, roomy, Sat 687. 

br^dellc = brydlio brytencyningf m. powerful king. 

br^dglfta fpl. betrothal, espousals, brytengrttnd m. broad earth, Cb367. 

br^dgltu f. dowry : (pL) espousals, M, Biytenlond n. Britain : Wales. 

br^dguma (^,CP), brydiguma (M) m. brytenifce (eo) n. I. spacious kingdom, Az 
'bridegroom,* Jn : suitor, 107. IL kingdom of Britain. 


Brytenwealifai m. tpielder of Britain, Bret- bulluo m. male cd^, *friil2odb,' 8c, 

wMa, chief king. bidot, bolut raggedrMn, cudcoo-flower, Lob. 

brytenwongM mp. spacious plains, the bQii=buan 

vforld, Gb380. bund f? bundle, MtLlS**. 

br^est pros. 2 Bg. of brfiotan. bOnda =bdnda f 

btytlaiisbryttian banden pp., bondon pret. pL of bindan. 

Biyt-land, -lond = Birtenlond bundenbeord trilh bounden tresses, B 3161. 

brytmAlmn piecemeal, OBG1563n. +bundennM f. obligation. 

bfytner* m. steward, CP459". bundonstaf na adj. {skip) with an ornamented 

dbbrytnian (i) to divide, distribute, dispense, prow, B1911. 

administer, B, ['ftrttfen*] bune I. f. cup, beaker, drinking vessel. IL 
brytnung f. distriluHan, WW222«*. reed, canet TfVf 198^. ['6un'] 

bijrtofta pL esptmeah^ WW171^ [bi^d, bQiiM f. diMlUn^, NC292. 

Voft] bOr n. * bower, ^ apartment, chamber, Oen, 
BrjFtoii = Bryten, Briten WW : storehouse, cottage, dwelling, KC ; M. 

d:brytien f. fragrMwt, FM,G. [baan] 

^nytBiilkBJitoparcelout,diaribuU,0W3iiyWii ±bQr (luni. + ; bnt bflr at LL 92,6,3 ) m. y^- 

(+) enjoy, possess, i^ 8*473**. ?iolder of the lowest class, peasant, farmer. 

tifiai pree. 2 sg. of brSotan. [^gebvr*] 

Biytt^Bryt bOrliyrde (e*) ofpeasan/t birth, Gt. 

bryttaf (e) m. dispenser, giver, author, gover^ bOronlht n. tiunnberlain, eunuch. 

nor, prince, lord, ainoee b. treasure-giver, bflroot n. bed-chamber, OP. 

lord. [brSotan] btug (barh) f . (gds. and nap. byrig) any 
-hbryttan = +brytan importani dwelitng tnihin a walled en- 

±br3rttlan (i) to divide, dispense, distribute, closure, fort, casae,Chr,WW;CP:' borough; 

CP : rule over, possess, enjoy the use of. waited town, AOMt ; &. [v. Mdf] 

Biyttise ^ British,^ Chr. burg- y. also barb-. 

Bryttwealas, Biytwalas mp. Britons of bingftgend m. city-owner. El 1176. 

Wales. burgst — bniggeat 

BrjtwfOMe British, Welsh. burgbryoe m. breaking into a (fortified) 
hefStn f. breuring, drink, Qujjod. [^bur- dwetting, LL : penally for that offence, LL. 

iSien*; bro6] biirgeii=byrgen 

br^wtto (^)=bTSowl&o bQrg«rlhta np. peasant^ s rights or dues^ 
ba L n. nap. b^ dwelling. [Oer. baa] LL446(4). 

IL T. ba, b^en. bOrgeteMt n. pavilion, tent. 

=bbQan any. (intr.) to stay, dweU, live, AO : buigfflMten n. fortress, Qin1680. 

(tr.) inhabit, occupy : cultivate. [Oer, btugfOle n. townspeople, B2220. 

banen] burggeat n. castle-gate. 

btto, bnoc m. beUy, stomach, M i pitcher, M : burgliege m. fence of a 'burg, * Ct. 

beaver {of helmet)f [*bouk*; ver. baaoh] burg-hUSt ^ ^^V' -li'leotSa fortress-heighi 
baeea hl * buck, * he-goat, male deer, JS,Lcd ; (or ? s: beoig-h]i6). 

CP. burglagu f. dvil law, GPH388. 

budda m. beeOe, WW643^. burgltod, Idoda m. cUizen, AO. 

bOde 3 sg., bndon pL pret. of bilan. burglooat t^* fortified indosure, walled town, 

badon prat. pL of bSodan. burglond n. native city, Gb61. 

bflend m. dweller, inhabiiant. biirgon pret. pi. of beorgan. 

bntan (^;AO,CP) L prep. (w. d.) over, hurgjnBCVdxu fortress, Rxjut 22, 

* above* : (w. a.) on, upon. IL ady. burgrflnf. aorcereftf; pL fates, furies. Oh, 

above, overhead, before. btiig-i»lt n. nap. -salu city-haU, house. 

bvfan-eweden, -nemd, -sprecen aXwve-men- b urgsft ta (d*) m. deniun of a town, dUx/en^ 

tioned, GD. WW. ^^ 

batons: bnfan; blkg-^bii- burgwlpo m. borough, WW 497^. 

±bQgan L (sy*) to *bow,* bow down, turn, bnrgiele m. castle-hall, house, Riic30. 

bend, stoop, sink, JB,AOJRood : submit, give burgflttendet mpl. ciUf-dweUers. 

way, JE,B,Chr : depart, fee, retire, M,A(), : burgsorg=borgBorg ^^ 

join, go over to, M : convert, M. IL» bilan burgBteaU m. dtadelf dtyf WW 206**. 

lillb imperatiye of bugan. biirgstad«t m. citiy,castle. 

Milan =btian; bill tsbnla I. burgt&n m. ctty, Tft/ 31. ['borough-town^ 

biila m. I. omamemt. [L.] IL bvMt burgSelu f. ccMifejf oor, i^f» 30 (barh- )• [▼• 

£0449**. *1heal'] 

buIberoDde wearing an ornament, WW burg-waran, -warn fp., -ware (AO,CP)» 

106**; 0EG8*^*. -waras, mp. inhabitants of a *barg,* 

bnlantiia f. a plant, LoD44b. burghers, cttixens. 

balgon pret. pL of belgan. burgweaU m. city-wcM, M. 


biirgW9g m. road, HreeL buttrgeVweor n. butter-curd, butter, 

biirgwigeiid m. warrior, £l34. +buttrlaii to butter, Lcd 121a. 

biirhr=<baig bat«r-lo, -ac=butrac 

burhblMop m. bishop of a city, buterstoppa m. bvUer-vtsad, WW280''. 

burhbdt f . liabiXUy for repair of the waUa of a bfkton = butan ; butre = batere 

toum orfortrees, hL. butruo m. {leaiher) bottle, J&. 

burhealdor m. burgomaeter, mayor, M, butseoarl m. boatman, mariner, Chr. 

burtageard bi. ca&tie yard, EC328. [*bugcarV] 

burhgeatsetl n. jurisdiction over those behng- buttorfltese = bnteifleoge 

ing to the *burg'? seat in a court at the city buttue m. end, small piece of land. 

gaief (BT; or T two words, y. LL456,2). bQtO (butwu, buta, bute) both (neuter), v. 

burbgemet n. meoMtre used in a town, LL also begen. 

477(6). butueoh (Chk) v. betwux. 

burhgemot n. town *s meeting, LL. bQtun = butan ; butur uo = butnxo 

burbgerMa m. chidf magistrate of a toum, batwQ=butu; Mkwan=buan 

provost, mayor, WW. ['borough-reeve*] b^=bu; b^an (N)=buan 

burbgtfVlngV f. town counc U, LL228,1,2. byoeen (i) of a goal, goal's, NC275. 

burbmann m. citizen, W W . {^borough-man'] bj^eeram.=beooere 

burhrftdden f. diizenship, WW44]^^ ±byegan (i) to 'buy,' pay for, acquire, Mt, 

burbrost f. chamber -eawch, IM125^. [?» Jn \ redeem, ransom : procure, get done : «^ 

•burreet, ES38-347) seU, LL. \Ooth, bugjan] 

burhrttit n. town right, law in a town, lAt bycgend ▼. becoen; b^cii-=beacn-, biecn- 

477(6). byd-, byd- =bed-, bid-, bid- 

burb-rQn, -rune f. fury, sorceress, WVv246". bydel dl ''beadU,' apparitor, warrant officer, 

±burh8Clpe m. town^ip, civU district. Lk;J&: herald, forerunner, M : preacher, 

burtasdr f. city limits, city, township, M. M. [biisodan] 

burbsprAc f. courtly speech, Gl. bydel8D0«r m. land of a * bydel,' KC6*162*. 

burbstaM m. foundation of the waU of a l^en f. measure, bushel : bucket, barrel, vat, 

•bure,* LoDl-328«. tub, [Low L. butina; Oer. butte] 

burhvegn m. living in a *burg*; or7~ bydonbotm m. bottom of a vessel, WW 123*. 

burtSegn bydentBDt n. bushel, barrel 

burbwaminanii m. burgess, BH40'^. b^dla m. worshipper, NG. 

burhwealda m. b%trgess, BH 40*^ B. b^enog (DR) = bying ; b^end = bn^id 

burbweardt m. city defender. -byffan ▼. a-b. 

burhwela m. treasure of a city, B3100. byfgendlle =bifigendlic 

burbwelle f . spring that supplies a town? BT. byflan {M)— binan ; byf or = beof or 

burbwerod n. townsfolk. byg-, bys-=big-, bi, b^-, big- 

biirhwlta m. town counciUor. b^gan = biegan 

JgQrlMJid occupied by petisants,EC3S^\ byge (y?; i) m. curve, bend, comer, angle, 

burn f., buma (CP) m., bume f. brook, small cone {of a helmet), AO,CP : traffic, commerce, 

stream, Jn ; Mdf : spring or well water, CP, LL 128,5. 

W W. [* bum ' ; Oer. brunnen] b^gel = beogol 

burnon pret. pi. of bieman. bygen f. purchase, LL(328^^). 

burnsele m. bath-house. Ruin 22. l^endUo easily bent, flexible, BH. 

burnstow IT bathing-place, KG. byg«t$ pres. 3 sg. of bycgan. 

bOrrtaf n. tapestry, TC530**. b^gefi pres. 3 eg. of buan. 

b1lr80ipe=burh8oipe byht m. L (±) bend, angle, comer, Ct : bay, 

burston pret. pi. of berstan. 'bight.* [bugan] ILt n? dioelling. [buan] 

bfkr-IK^n, -t$en m. page, chamberlain. hSh% pres. 3 sg. of bugan. 

bui1Sre=byT<Sere; burub=burg byiiig=bu L 

bOst pres. 2 eg. of buan. b^l m? byle f? 'boil,' carbuncle, WW. 

bflt m. a vessel, LL455' ( ? = buc ; BT). byloettan = bealcettan 

bQta = (l) butan, (2) butu ±byld f. constancy, confidence, boldness. 

bfltan I. prep. w. d. and (rarely) a. out of, [beald] 

outside of, off, round abovi : except, without, bylda m. builder? householder? Gba75. [bold] 

all but, but only : besides, in addition to : in byldan I. to build, construct, KG. IL» 

spite of. II. conj. (w. ind.) except, except bieldan 

Aat, but, only. b. t^st except : (w. subj.) byldu, byldo=bieldo; byie = byl 

unless, save that : (w. subst.) except, but, byledbrteit (»bylged-?) puff-breasted, Rd 

besides, if only, provided that. III. adv. 8P. 

without, outsiae, Ghb. ['bout,' 'but'] bylewlt=bilewit; bylg=belg 

bflte = ( 1 ) butan, (2) butu bylgan to ' bellow, ' MH. 

butere f. 'butter,' Led; M. [L.] bylgV pres. 3 sg. of belgan. 

buter-fltege, -flegc f. 'butterfly,' WW. byllg=belg 




hflSht (Hy-) ukeroua, LcD63b. 

Iiylwet, byl(y)wit^bilewit 

b^me (^)=bieme 

l^mert (WW), bymesangere m. trumpeter, 

l9w^nU>hiUADiketnmpet,Pa,WW, ['6eme*] 


l^ndele, bynde]le=bindele 

li^iie eitUivaUd, inhabiUd, occupied, AO. 

^yre, byroe=beorc, be orce 

t^yreholt n. hireh wood, WW. 

I^Tvff proB. 3 8g. of beoroan. 

I^rd I. (i) f. bSih (pL w. 8g. meaning). IL 
£. burden, GD215^. 

+byrd I. in. ; +byTdo, -u f. hiirik, Cr : (k- 
scerU, paretUage, race, BH : nature, quaMy, 
rank, M,AO : (t) /»<«• ['6tr(2e*; beran] 
II. burdened, MtB 1 1». III.» + byrded 

-f byrdan to beard, fringey embroider. 

•b]^ilaii ▼. +ed-b. 

+b3rrdboda m. herald of a birih. 

+lvyrdd8Bg m. birikdau, Mtl4*. 

byrde of high rank, i£«u-6on», nobUe, rich, AO. 

+byrde I. innaJte, naituraL II. = + byrd I. 

+byrd«lieo energetieatty, zealously, CiP160^. 

byrdan = byi'Sen 

byrdloga f. embroideress, WW262» 

byrdlnanu = byiWinenn 

byrdlnK 1 embroideri/ig, WW294i«. 

-byrdlng t. hyse-b. 

byrdtotra embroiderer (y. ANS 123-418). 

+byrd]le (AS6U) = +byTedUo 

byrdUnff iorUnse, OE023>^. 

"byrdHng v. in-, fnun-b. 

byrdM^pa m. child-bearing, Ob 182. 

+byrd-tU f., -tima m. time of birth, 

+byrdii = +byrd I. 

+byrdwlglwa m. birth-divirur, astrologer, 

+byrdwftaKa m. astrologer, 

byra Lf m. (nap. byras, byre) child, eon^ 
deecendanl : voung man, youih. [beran] 
IL m. mound. III. (±) m. time, oppor- 
tunity, M : occurrence, AS 62". IV. m. 
strong wind, storm, OPH400. 

bfra n. stall, shed, hut, 01 ['byre'] 

+byred]le suitable, fitting, convenient, con- 
genial, DR. ady. -tioe. 

byrala ml. oup-bearer, butler, steward, B. 

byrallan to give to drink, serve with drink, 
Qu, i'birW yb.] 

+byrallc = +byTodlio 

byren L (and byrene) f . she-bear, M. [bera] 

-bfran y. neahge-b. 

byras f . borer, graving tool, awl, chisel, Gl. 

byrdS I.=bieifS prea 3 ag. of beran. II.b 
pree. 3 ag. of byrian I. 

byif gds. and nap. of burg. 

byrg- y. also byng-. 

-hbyiv I. (i) n. taste, DR116*. II. beon on 

gebyige (w. d.) (o help, protect [beorgan] 

byrga m. security, surety, bail, one who gives 

bail, Gl. [Oer. barge] 
±byi^n I. (i) to raise a mound, hide, ' bury, * 

inter, ^Hy; AO. U.t (e> eo) to tasU, eoL 

III. = beorgan 
byrgala (e, i) m. Umb, M,Ct. [*6iiHe2«*] 
byrgaMMV (e^) n. epitaph, HGl427. 
l^rgalsBang m. dirge : epiUij^ 
l^rgan (i, u) f. burying-place, grave, sepul- 
chre, El;M,AO,CF : burial ['burian'; 


+byrgan f. caulf LoDlSfia. 
byrgand m. grave-digger, PP878*. 
byrganllo« n. epitaph, BH94". 
byrgansang m. dirge, OEG. 
l^rgaiistAw f . burying-place. 
byrgara m. corpse-bearer, WW. ['burier'] 
byrglan = bvrgan 
byrglng I. f. burial II. f. taste. 
byrglMS n. dirge, epitaph, Gu 
byriit, b3rrht-=beorht, beorht-, bierbt- 
byrhtm = breahtm 
±byrian I. (impers.) to happen, pertain to, 

bdongto,b^,jS,Mk,MtR;AO,CV. [*6ir'; 

* i-bure *] IL = bjrrgan I. and II. 

byrig = burg, and gda. of bnrg. 
byrlg-=byrg-, bnrh- 
l^rrlgbarga i mulberry, LoD86a. 
+byrigadnat f. burial. 
byrlgnas L f. burial, BH. [* buriness*] 

II. f. tasting, taste. 
-b^d y. neah-geb. ; byria= byres 
byrltaang (i) m. dirge, HGl488*'. 
byrl- = byrel- 

byria m. trunk {of body), LoD68b. 
+byniian to ferment, leaven : sweU up, he 

proud, [beorma] 
+byrmad n. leavened bread, 
byrnan (iE)=bieman 
byrna L f. corslei, WW;CP. [*6«ni«'] 

II.=bume, bum. III.=bryne 
byrnata f. barnacle, NC276. 
byrn-ham, -bamat m. corslet. 
+ byrnod corsleted, MQr 256". [* i-bumed *] 
byrnswaord n. flaming sword, Bl109'^. 
byrnwlga m. corsleted warrior. 
byrn-wlgand, -wiggendf m. cortleted warrior, 
byrs, byr8e= byres 
bynt L (e) m. loss, calamity, injury, damage, 

defect, M. [berstan] IL n. {land-)slip, 

KC3-62* (y. also KG5112» and McU). 

IIL f. 'bristle,* Ep,Lcd; M. ['brise,* 

*brust*] IV. pres. 3 sg. of berstan. 

V. pres. 2 sg. of beran. 
+byr8tad/urAM^eci with brisOes^ OEG 23*. 
byrstful disastrous, Ghb 1 1 16. 
byrstlg broken, rugged : afflicted, [berstan] 
+byrtld = +b3rrdtid 

byH( I. pres. 3 sg. of beran. II. =beoi:t$ 
byiltanf. 'burden,* load. weight,Bl,WW; M, 

CF : charge, duty, [beran] 
byrVanmAlum a heap at a time, MR I •626''. 
byrVanmAta (e*) burdensome, KGlIOU 


byilleiiitaii m. miUaUme. esBpte i box, NO 276. [L. oftpaa] 

byiHenfllimiig strong at carrying bwrdena, e8Br-=oar-, oear-, oer-, dor- 

^H 1*208". onne (e) f. 'orcM,* water-creu. Led; Mdi- 

byrVere I. m. bearer, eupporter, M, [beran] emriOitfuU of oreee, KG 3* 121'*. 

II. f. child-bearer, mother. ocBite =oarte 
byrVestre (e) f. female carrier, HGLiOS'*. eOs =oSa8 pret. 3 eg. of ofioaan. 
byrining (e) m. carrier, OEG4922. oAge=oSfle; onttel^oastel 
byiKor = beoifior ; +b^ttd = +b3rrdtid esMter (NG)^sk)ea8ter 
byrlffilBenu f. midwife, QPH392. oU quick, active, prompt, M : bM, brave. 
l^veeoptB^bisoeop: I]^efu=by8ga adv. Me. 

Iqven^biflen; byilg-, byag-sbLqg- oiflle bold. adT. -Jioe promptHy : boldly, M. 

l^«mer:=biBmer; bynner-=bi8xnr- eaflwyrt^oawlwyrt 

l^imorgl«ow n. ehamefvl lust, ^23b^^ cifnes f. energy, ^H2-282«. 

byimor, bysmr- = bismer, bismr- eatortOii {m, ea^, e*) m. vestibule, court, court- 
I^B^byaen yord, M : haU, residence, M. 

1^ =bi8t pres. 2 Bg . of b eon. oilwtpe m. alacrity, boldness. 

hSMaigt beestings, WW 129*. [bSoflt] +9aiMtrtBXk to bridle, curb, CP. [cflsfester] 

1^ I. =bit pree. 3 sg. of biddan. II. =bytt ealihetan =oeabhetan; eilr=toawl, oawel 

b^ pres. 3 8ff. of (1) bSodan, (2) b^atan. eaUm* to grow cool or cold. 

b^l, bytl=bieil; byter= biter eale L m. shoe, sandaL [L. caloeoB]- 
bytlat=bYlda II.=oealo 

bytlAii, ±bvtlian to ^«U, erect, ^,CP.[botl] oaleati1ppe=coltetnBppe 

+bytte n. ouHding, dwelling, M. oalorond shod {of horses), GfE143. 

±byttuiig i building, M. oald (A)^oeald 

Iqrtaie f? keel : head of a dale. oilend m. the beginning of a month, AO : 
l^tmtng f. hulk, keel of ship, M. month. Men : (t) epan of life, ['calends*} 

bytne = bytme oftlendewlde m. tale of days, Sol479. 

I^tit pres. 2 ag. of bSatan and bSodan. eaUV=4cealf 

1^ L f. bottle, flagon, Mt,WW; M : cask oalfur (VPs) nap. of oealf. 

[*6»t'] II. smaU piece of land, KCZ'SS^. oaiio m. 'chalice; LcdJLk,Mt,VPs. [L. 

III. pres. 3 8g. of biddan. oalioeml 
bytte = bytt I. Hsalla (ZD A 10*345) ▼. hUde-o. 

byttohUd n. buU-lid, WW213". oalu (oal(e)w- in obi. oases) 'callow,* bare, 

byttryUlng f. fUling of casks, LL 178,8,1. bald, Bd. {Qex. kahl] 

by* =bitJ pres, 3 sg. of beon. ealww =oealer ^^ 

b^ pres. 3 sg. of biian. oatwOTHdiin, -clsmipe curds? WW. 

byt$me = bytme eima m. muzzle, coUar, bit, PPs 3 1 ^. 

b^wan (eo, !) to rub, brighten, furbish up, eamb (o) m. *com&,* crest, Ep,WW : Aoney- - — 

adorn. ^^ comb, LPs. 

byzen made of boxwood, WW. [box] cambiht combed, crested, WW. 

oamel m. * camel,* Mt,Mk. 

r^ oammoo (a*) nm ? *oammodb,* resH-harro/Wf > 

^ Lcd,WW. 

MSb-, cfic- =ocBf-, otec> ±eaiiip (o) I. m. combat, batUe, struagle, war- 

e8Mlerbtam=oederbtem; essfrB^oeaf fare, B,Rd. [*camp*] IL field, plaint 

08BtertQn=:cafortun EC 183*. \L. campus] 

eSBf S8i«r (o»b-) n. haUer, Gl. [L. capiBtnim] campdom m. military service, warfare, M, 

HMBllan ▼. be-, ofer-, ymb-c. campoaldor m. commander, OEG4433. 

esBUng f . hair-omaimen it, Gl . eampgef ira m. fellow-soldier, Gl. 

enH m. haUer, muzzle, WW. oampbAd m. warfare, BH. 

-eSg f., cftga m. *key* (lit. and tig.), ExJLL, ±eainpian (o) tostrive,fight,Ou;M. I* camp*} 

Rd : solution, explanation, CP. oampllo military, M. 

oAgbora m. key-bearer, jailor. eamprAden f. war, warfare, A2r4. 

eAghiorde m. keeper of the keys, steward, eampstedat no^ battle-field. 

WW. oampung f . fighting, warfare. 

cAgloca m. locked depository, LL 362,76,1. oan^wftpen (o^) n. weapon, Bd21*. 

-e^lod ▼. a-c. eampweorod (e*, ea*, e") n. army, hosL 

08Dh-=coah-; osBl-=oel-, oeal-, oiel- oampwiflrf (oomp-) n. battle, combaL 

^bM pree. 3 sg. of oalan. oampwlia m. director of public games, HGii 
osBin-; o»n-=oems oen-, oyn- 405. 

eApehOflssoiepehOs eampwudu m. shieldf £l51. 

essppe f. 'cap,* WW : cope, hood. [LaL can pree. 1 and 3 sg. of oonnan. 

cappa] oin m. germ, sprout f PP879^. [08, obian] 


db«uie n. jeering, eecm, deriaion, Gl. ewtulnat I. care, anxiety : ' earefulness, ' Led,* 

eanMlflr m. ehaneeUor, GkbIOOS. ILow L* tatgeeMor n. wrrovafvX eong, JirL618. 

oanoeUarinm] earg ist m. md epvnt, devU, QtrSdS. 

caaear m. cancer^ M. [Ir.] omrUn to care for, be anxious. 

eaaearftdl I. cancer, LoD41a. oariemn dp. of sb. toith dried figs, ML2Sh^K 

eaneemrund f . cancerous tpound. [L. oarioa] 

eftne-ataii, -etton to cry out, mo ck, de ride, earig (ea, e)t sorrowful, anxious, Cr,8oul : 

caneatung f . boisterous laughter, WW 3S2**. grievous, DD. [* chary *] 

eaiieor=oanoer oart m. tnan, [ON. karl] 

oandel In. lamp, lantern, *oandU,* WW; M, oarl€ai * careless,* free from care, RB, "-"^ 

[L. oandela] oarltain«s, oarleast f. freedom from eatre^ 

oandelbora m. acclyte, swuriiy, WW. [* carelessness*] 

eandelliryd (r=bred; BT) fiat candlestick, oarlfufol (eaS e*) m. male bird, cock. 

IM120. oaritot (ea) wrett^edly. 

eandalltoht n. ^condU'light,* RB. oarlmann m. male, man, Gkr. 

eandelnuBne f. 'candlemas,* the feast of the earr m. stone, rock, NO. [Celtic] 

Purification, Chr. oaneM (ea) n. home of care, Sbaf5. 

candehi MM ie iP laB n. Candlemas eve. oanlV (ea) painful journey, B2396. 

detansBMedaDg m. Candlemas d oy,NC 276. oanorg f . sad anxiety, Gbn 1 1 14. 

eandtisn^ls m. candle-snuffers, WW126*. carta (») I. paper for writing on, M : docu* 
eandelstnf m. candieslick, ML [' candlestaff*] ment, deed. [L. charta] 

eandelstloea m. * candlestick,* EC2W. oaru (ea) f. ^ca/re,* concern, anxiety, sorrow^ 
aandeltrfow n. candelabrum, MtRG^^. BJAb; AG. 

eandeltwtot m. pair of snuffers, Gl. oaiWylm (»'» e*)t m. weOing sorrow. 

oandelwaoea f. ' canMe-%oick,* torch, WW. eaieUU n. dub, GPH394 (▼. A3l*e6). 

eandelwyrt f. candtewort, WW 137*. oiterdom m. imperial sway. 

aandol=candel CIsere (Ouex, JnL) m. Ccesar, emperor, 

aanii L f. cognixance, averment, asseveration. Bo; MJLO. [*Kaser*] 

clearance, LL. IL (±)pire8.38g. of ommaii. ofaertng f. coin with C<Bsar*s head on it, 

oanne f. 'can,* cup, WW. drachma, didraehmaJ^Q. 

m. canon, rule. canone« bte oifcrllo imperial, WW 427^. 

canonical books. [L. canon] ofltern f. empress, AG 266^*. 

eanonlc I. m. canon. II. canonical, M. oaiBue m. hassock, sedge, Lod. 

eanonlclle eanoaiool. oaanwHal np. hassock or sedge leaves, Ixn> 
eana =oanBt pros. 2 ag. of connan. 170a. 

eantal m? n? buttress, support, A8*324>*. oaatal Lm. 'castle,* fort, Chr. Ihn. town, 

oantaleftp m. cope, Ghb 1070b. viUage, Mt,MkJjk. 

oantaresBppa f. cope (vestmient). easialiiiann m. townsman, Geb. 

eantere m. singer, CM 904. castelweall m. city wall, rampart. 

oantflntnt m. chanter*s staff, EC250. castelwaore n. castU-buUding^CERllZl, 

oaiitie {M), canticsang m. canticle, song. [L.] aaitencra m. cabinet, chest, TC631*. 

-alp Y. oantd-o. eaaul m. over-garment, *birrus,* cloak, WW. 

~ m. cAopZatn, EC,Ghb (late). [L.] ['chasubU*] 

4Mqilaii to look, up o. to look up, lie on its ciiiia m. (grammatical) case, MQn. 

back {of the moon), Lo]>3'266**. capiende eatt m., oatte f. *c(U,* Gl; Mdf. — — 

'supinus,* GPH393a. caul [S6n1] =oawl I. and II. 

aapttal =oapitol cawcUtet n. cabbage-leaf, Lod. 

ci^talliQs n. chapter-house, IM 122*. cawelcAd n. cabbage-seed, Lod. 

caplt-ol, -ul, -ula m. chajpter (cathedral or eawelitela m. cabbage-stalk, Lgd. 

monastic) : chapter (division of a book), oawalitoc (oaU) m. c<U>bage- stalk, Lod 1*378^. 

lesson, LL : anthem. [▼. 'chapiHe*] cawdwurm m. caterpillar, WW 121**. 

capttolniflBCia f. early mass, first mass. cawl I. (e, ea, eo) m. basket, AO. ['cawl*] 

-f M^ltulod divided Into chapters, LL(204*). IL m. 'cole* ('caul,* *cawel*), kale, cabbage, 

eappa = c»ppe Led. 

CB^vok m. ^capon/ WW. [L. oapdnem] oiao am. basin, pitcher, jug, M,(S2 : keUle, 

carbnnoulus m. carbuncle, CP. [L.] cauldron, LL24; 104; 116. 

caro-arn (AO,GP), -nm n. prMon, jaiL ctacidi (So) f. jaio-ocAe, LoDl00a,113a. 

[L. caroer] ^%SifMnri. ' cheek-bone,* iaw, WW. 

carccrnl^tra f. prison darkness, LL. cSacbora m. yoke for buckets, Gl. 

carccrnwcard m. jailor, MH24»'^. oaace f. cake? (BT) WW605»? 

cirallfc=garolife; care- = car- etacc (e, ei, do) f. * cheek,* jaw, jawbone, 

earful (ee^ anxious, sad, €hi,8oul : 'careful,* Lcd,WW. 

attentive, painstaking, Ps,WW : trouble- cemegn m. broom, furze, BC,KC. 

some. ady. -Bee, LL. ccaol=oeafl 




iMt (e) XL nap. oeafa 'chaff,^ Mi^,WWi 

oeat-=oaf-, oeaf-, oiel- 
»eafflne m. chaffinch, ANS 76-206. 
.oeafl m. jaw, cheek, jaw-bone, cheek-bone, 

JB,Whale, I'joud*] 
eeaflftdl (oealf-) f. dUecue of the jaws, LoD 

leaf or (e) m. cock-* chafer,' beeOe, Ps,WW; 


eeahhe f. daw, KC3-48**. 
eeahhetan to laugh loudly. 
eeahhetung f . laughter, jesting, M. 
-oeale (a) m. ^ chalk,' lime, plaster, AO; Mdf : 

chalkstone, pebble, Ep,WW, 
+cea]oiaii (se) to whiten, MtL23''. 
laalost&n m. limestone, chalk. 
.oeald I. adj. 'eoM' {'cheM'), cool, Mt,Jn; 

AO,CP. adv. oealde. II. n. coldness, cold. 
eaaldheort cruel. An 138 (oald-). 
•eeakUan to become cold. Rim. [*e6ld*] 
-oealdnes f. coldness, cold, M. 
eealer m. pressed curds, jeUy of curds or 

whey. [L. galmaria] 
oaalerlwfw m. pottage of curds, Lod. 
■eeall I. {m, e) nm. (nap. oealfni) ''calf,' £. 

II. = oeafl 
+eealf (e) great with calf. 
eealllan to calve, M. 
oealfloca m. ceUf-pen. 
eeaUre = oealre, oealer 
eeaUwyrt (a) 'eruca,' WW136i^ 
cealllan to 'caU,' shout, Ma9l. [ON. kalla] 
eealre = oealer and das. of oealer. 

»tep (e, f) m. cattle, CP : purchase, sale, 

traffic, bargain, gain, B;CP : price, LL. 

deep c. high price, butan oeape gratis : 

gooas, possessions, property, Chr ; AO : 

market, JR. [*cAeap'] 
cfopenllit m. bowghi seno anX, sl ave, Gl. 
otepd»s m. markeX-day, WW. 
oteptadlg? rtcA, v>eaUhy, Gn108. 
otepealetfel n. alehouse (v. BT). 
otepgyld n. purchase money, market price : 

compensation, v. LL2'338. 
'eteptan to bargain, trade. Ml : buy, Jn,Cr\ 

AO : endeawAur to bribe. Da 739. [ ' cheap * ; 

Oer. kaufen] 
'Otepman m. * chapman,* trader, BH,LL. 
eSi^flceamuI m. seat of custom or toU, 

treasury, G. 
etopsclp n. trading vessel, A0116*. 
otepseti (e^) n. toll-booth, G. 
etepstdw f. market-place, market, CP. 
oSapstrSt (e, f) f. market-place. 
Gtepung f. traffic, trade, LL. [*dteaping*] 
efopunggemdt n. market, WW 460*. 

oearcetung f. gnashing, grinding, W200**. 
oearclan to creak, gnash, M. [^chark'] 
oearde=cierde pret. 3 sg. of oierran. 
+cearfan to cut off, kiU, NG. 


oear-ifge, -raoe a vehidef Gl. 

oeart wild common land, KC. 

eearwund badly wounded? LL6[63]. 

cftas I.=cea8t; II. pret. 3 ag. of oeosan. 

-ctasega ▼. wnl-o. 

ctaslanger contentious, v. NO 276. 

ctasft {A, 8) f. strife, quarrelling, contention, 

WW : reproof. 
coaster {m, e) f. castle, fort, town, CP 

f heaven, heU. 
ooastorsBflc m. black hellebore, Lod. 
eeasterbQend m. citizen, B768. 
coutotf ewar^ = oeasterwar- 
eoaotorhorpaV high roadt (BT),KC6-217^ 
ooasterhlld n. dty gait, 0314. 
ooastorbof n. hou^e in a city. An 1239. 
eeastor-liod f. np. -iSode citizens, NO 276. 
eeastomlso (») urban, municipal, TO 244**. 
oeastor-flAtaii, -«ete mp. citizens, TC. 
±ooastor*-waran mp., -ware, -warn f. 

burghers, citizens. 
coastorwoall (e*) m. city wdU. 
eeastorwic f. village, Bl69**. 
eoastorwyrt f . black hellebore, Lgd. 
otastf 111 contentious. 
etaw pret. 3 sg. of oeowan. 
o«oe (FP«) =oSaoe 
cteol (ooecil) cake, Gl. 
cMo (VPs) =ciegde pret. 3 sg. of ciegan.- 
codelo f. the herb mercury. 
coder mnf . cedar. [L. oedrus] ,..,/' 

eodor-btam mn., -trSow (y) n. cedar -treey 
cMrlsc of cedar, BR. 
cot (i£))=oeaf ; oot-=oaBf-, oeaf-, cif- 
cAgan (VHy), ceffian= ciegan 
cetabettung = oeahhetang 
coico (MtLR); ceig- (N)=oeaoe; dg- 
eolr cry, clamour, DR. 
cUan {&) to cool, become cold, be cold, MH,^ 

VPs (oe) : (+) quench {Uiirst), refresh. 

cole I. (M) m. chalice, cup. [»oalic] 

celdot f. copious spring? [op. (hr. quelle] 
coldro=oeoldre; colo = (l) oeole; (2)ciele 
colon-dro f., -der n. '' ccliander,' coriander ^ 

cole-tfonle, -tSenie, oileVonie f. celandine, 

swaUow-wort, LcD. 
coU (A) = oealf ; colic = calio 
ciilng f . cooling, St : cool place, M. 
cells ^peditis, foot-covering, A 37*46. 
coUwoarto = cielewearte 
coll m. {monastic) cell, Chii1129. 
coUondor n., oellendxe f. =cellendre 
coUod (eT)t part, round? hollow? embossed? 

beaked? Vrs29; Ma 283. 
colmortmonn m. hireling, NG(v. ES42-172). 
d:c€lnos f . coolness, cool air, breeze, CP. [ool] 


eelod V. oellod. eeorl m. * churl,* layman, peatanl, htuband- 

eolns = oeallraa, nap. of oealer. man, CP : freeman of the lotpest doss, LL ; 

±cmaiSm3BL (m) to comb, JB, [*kemb*] AO.GP : man : hiuband, Jn,WW;CB : 

cemes f . shirt [X. oamiaia] hero, nobie man. 

een^a (e) m. wairrior, champion, Cfl,Ma; ceorlAi (=oeorllga«)imfnamed (o/toomen), 

M^O,CP, [oamp] LL360,73b. 

eampMtre f. female wairrior, OEG. eeorlboren low-born, not noble, LL. 

einf m. pine'torch, pine : name of the rune oaorlfole n. common people, M. 

for e. [Oer. kien] ±eeorll»n to marry (of we woman), LL,Mt i 

eendUe = ovnlio i£. [* churl '] 

ine hoUi, brave, fUrce, CPJjed,Ma ; ^,A0 : eeorile =oeorUio 

powerful, VPs : learned, clever, MetlC^K eeorUae (ie) of a * eeorl/ * churlish,* common, 

[*keen*; Oer, kuhn] also adv. ru^ie,LL,WW. adv. -Usee. 

oenep m. moustache : bit {of a bridle), [ON, eeorUsents t rudeness, vulgarity, 

kanpr] e«orlllo common, belonging to the people 

eeiille=C7nUo genenMy. tAv. -lioe commonly, vuljfarty. 

einllee boldly, M, [* keenly '] oeorlman m. freeman, LL73 ; 463. 

eonnan to conceive, bring forth : beget, C90tlgli%ng strong as a man, WW \0B^, 

ereaie, produce, Mt,VPs;CF : nominaie, oeoim-oirm 

choose out, M : assign, aUribute, give : ceomii L (ay*) to ereaib, LcD 160a. II. (+) 

declare, show oneself, dear oneself, make a »oierran 

deelaroHon in court (v. LL2-32 ; 279 eeoruiig f. murmuring, M, 

'cennan/ 'Anefang'), B,LLJ*s, ±o#OMm' to 'choose,^ {*i-cheose*), seek out,' 

cennend m. parent, Bl. select, AO ; M : decide, test : accept, approve, 

eenneiulllD genital. B,Oen, 

eannet f. produce, whcU is produced, EHy eaosal (i, y) m. gravd, sand, shingle, Ep,Mti 

6» : diUdbirih : birthd/ay, M, ['chesil*^ 

eannastre f. mother, M, oaotelbAre graveUv, shingly. ^^ 

ceimliig f. procreation, GP : parturition, eaotalftftn m. sand-stone, gravd, WW. 

birth, M : declaration in court (y. oennan). eeoflen (OEG 7"^), oeoslig (4^) gravelly. 

eanntiigstiii (y^) m. testing-stone, eaoioi I. m7 n7 gtMet, maw, II. =ceoeel 

oennlngitow f. birthplace, M, dzetewan' to *dtew,* gnaw, JB,8oul : eat, 

eannliigtld f. time of bringing forth, M, consume, M, 

eannyBtre = oennestre . eeowl (NO) = cawl 

Cant, Centesoir f. Kent, [L, Gantia] eiowuDg (i, f) f. 'chewing,* WW (i). 

•Btaur m. centaur, eip; oip-=:otop; otep> cyp% 

entaiirio f. cenlawry (plant). oipan I. to 'keep,* guard, observe, attend,- 

Canttngas mp. inhnAitants of Kent, Kentish look out for, take heed, M,Lcd,Ps : take, M : 

men, Chb. avail onesdf of, betake oneself to, take to, 

'^'^-Canttoo Kentish, bear : seek after, desire, M : meditate : 

Cant-land, -lond (AO) n. KenL regulate by : seize, AB. II. = oypan 

Cantrlea n. kingdom of Kent. odpnlan to aunit eagerly, NC276. 

Cantwara mp. inhabikmts of Kent, Chr, car = cierr 

einVn f. bolaness, B2696. oaran I. (e, y) nT new wine, sweet wine, [L, 

*^ ete f . chough, jay, jackdaw, M, oarenam] II. = oyrn 

etoca(TFff)=c§aoe; -oteelany. a-c. car-feUa, -fille f. ^chervil,* Lcd,WW, [L. 

eaod? oeode? bag, pouch, CP,LL. oerefoUam] 

eaodor- = oeder- ; aaofl, oeol (NQ)soawl I. carga = carig ; earlle =: cirlio 

'e9eim, ship, carm=oirm; oarr^oierr 

eaolaa mp. cold unnds, cM, Ac 103. [cieleT] oaia- — oen- ; eart- = ceart-, cyrt- 

eaolbor- = oilf or- ; eaoldra = oealre oartara charioteer, MIa 18"**. 

eaola (e) f. throat : gorge, chasm : beak of ship, caruphln cherubim. El 760. 

Gl. [6^. kehle] caa-; od8-=oeo«-; cis-, oys- 

eaolor m. throat, eta =otos pret. 3 sg. of ceoean. 

etol-Val n., -Vein? f. deck of a ship, Hu8. Cfisar (AO)=Caaere 

caoiwaarc m. pain in the throat, LoD 113a. oestarta^oeaster ; catttan = oystian 

eaorotng f . complaining, GPH 398. cite = oyte ; eatal, oetil = oitel 

:Ceor&in' to cut, cut down, slay, Mk,JS; eVVan=cftSan; oawl (NG)=oawl 

LkL : carve, cut out, engrave : tear. chor, chora m. dance, choir (singers), CP : 

eaorfsez f . ttxe, AO 160". church-choir (place). [L. chorus] 

oaorflngiian n. branding iron, Sc. ehorglSo n. dance, LPs. 

eaorflMBZ n. surgeon* s knife, scalpd, M. olan sbpL giUs, Gl. [Oer, kieme] 

±eaorlan to murmur, complain, iB, AO. oloal = cyoel 

eaoflg querulous, complaining, OEG. eloan (y ) n. * chicken, * Ml, W W, 


«loene {M) ^oyoene oUdeli<a« mp. swaddUng-chihes. 

okaopiso cydopeanf WW217". eUdonidol m. cradle, M. 

+cM n. aUereatUm, CP,DB,GD. eiMfU«iid« nwmng, MtR24». 

' rfccMan w. d. or wi9) contend, quarrel, M, olld-fdftre, -fistref. mir«e, LL, [▼. '/Mter'] 

fT W : complain : ' e^wie, ' 62at7i«, If i; ; ^,CP. ofld«MSO« f . eAOeZAocxi, i£L30"«. 
cidde I. pret. 3 eg. of oldan. II.=eySde €llMi9ong youthful, infant. 

pret 3 8g. of o^an. oUdhid m. 'childhood,* MkL. -^ 

olduiig if) t chtding, rebuke, AO. eUdhama m. womb, Jt : after-birth, 

elof M = oif es elldlfe * chOdish, * (Tea. 

±oIegan (€, I, y) (tr.) to caU, name, M (i) : eUdlufoK=oildgeogoC 

caU upon, invoke, eummon, convene, CP : olldUo childish, young, BH; M, [* childly*]^ 

(intr.) caU out, olldrii y. oild. 

eleld (o) f . cold, [oeald] eikbung f . childiehnese, LL. 

»el6le (e, i, y) m. coolnese, cM, 'chill,* froet, eUdtrog (oilt-, oilda-) m. oradU, Gl. 

B(;AO,CP. [oeald] eUe (AO)=ciele 

elelagloelt (y^) m. icicle, ellforlamb n. ewe-lamb, M,WW, 

etaUwMite (e^, y^) f. gooee-Mn, WW. oUlan to be cM. [dele] 

- etelewyrt (y ) f . eomX, oUle m. eack-doth of hair, NO. [L, oUioium] 

olelf =oea]f eIlle=oyIl; elm-=oy]n- 

tielll%{i,y)t fire-pan, lamp, rO£r(7. keUa] dmbal, oimbala m. 'cymbal,* Lcd,VPi 
olepa (e, i, y) m. mercharU, trader, M. [L. oymbalam] 

«lepe=cipe flimbalgllww m. cymbal-player, 

fliepehiis (ft^) n. storehouse, WWlSe^. elmliliig f. commissure, joining, WW 16*; 

dapemann (CP), oiepmann (LL) m. 200". 

merchant. olinUreii n. edge-iront {joining-iron, damp? 

depetttng (e, y) np. goods, merchandise, BT), LL455[15]. 

olepUo (y ) /or M2e,venJt62e, So 98^'. elmliftin m. base, pedestal, Sc226>. [y. 

clapung (e, !, y) f. marketing, trading, CP : 'chimb*] 

market-place, market : merchandise : market eln = (1) oiim ; (2) oynn, n. ; eln- = oyn 

dues, dnan^ to gape, yawn, crack, 

etorloe = oirioe ; elertlfo = oeorliso elnbAn n. chin-hone, jaw-bone, M, 

elarm = oirm olnberg f. defence of the chin or cheek, cheek- 

(o» if y) °i' turn, change, time, occasion, guard. Ex 175. [beorg] ^^ 

JB,CP,Lk,Lcd : affair, busifiess, nt samum olneuiif f. boisterous laughter, WW 171**. 

oierre at some time, once, ['chare*] eliid soynd 

±eA%mn {eo,i,j) {ix. said intr.) turn, change, olne L f. sheet of parchment, folded, 'di^ 

PsJ3at : (intr. ) turn oneself, go, proceed, turn ploma,* M, IL f . chii^, fissure, cavern, 

back, return, Mt;M i convert, be converted, oliie*=oyii(e)- 

CP : sulymit, Chb,W : make to submit, re- elneht (io) chinky, cracked, WW43**. 

duce, [' chare,* ' i-cherre*] elng, oining^soyning 

fdarradnes (y) conversion, M : entrance, etnn I. n. ^chin,* WW. 
admission, RB. otniian to gape, yawn? Bim52. 

±olenliig (e, y) f. conversion, NC341. eliit5V m. front tooth, grinder, Gl. 

«IM6 =oi8e oliiu f. chink, fissure, JB,Bo,WW. ['cAtne'] 

€Lmi, oiesS pres. 3 sg. of otesan. elo-=oeo- ; olo^odo 

elf as (ie, e, y ) f . concubine, harlot, AO. [Qer. olp = cipp ; o^ = oSap-, olep-, o;fp* 

kebee] c^ie (le) f. onion, [L, oepa] 

elfetboron adj. bastard, OEG6042. cl|iel«ao n. leek, WW380*. 

elfe8ddmm./om»catM>n, OEG6042. dpenaaU f. henna-oin)tmcnt, WW206^^ 

ctfeigemina m. fornicat ion. [L, cyproe] 

elf Mhftd m. fornication, WW. eipp (y) m. log, trunk : eouUer, ploughshare : 

eUgan = olegan uwatwr *s beam, A9*263. 

+oI^adne« f. calling. etrsderr; otre-=cirie- 

+olgendllo calling, vocative, JEGi^2iK eireiaik to roar, Lod 1*390" (y. A31-66). 

elgaro (ei) one who calls, DB194^ elroolwyrde m. computer, matikemoHcian, 

+ol^n68 f. calling, invocation, entreaty : A8-306. 

name, A 10*143^. tHicva m. drcU i cude, zodiac, [L. drouliun]^ 

±oliruiig f. calling, invocation, NC292. olrouUUU f. the shtngles, Lod. 

•elld (y) (nap. oild, oild-ra, -ru; sp. -ra) n. elrabald (Airl71)=oynebeald? 

'chUd,* infant, Mt,Lcd, etc. ; iS:,AO,CP : a eirtcAw nf. marriage to the church (a« when 

youth of gentle birth, KC. one takee orders), LL. 

-elldamsMsedsBg m. Childermas, Innocents* etrtobeUe f. 'church-bell,* Led, 

Day (Deo. 28). cirlobae f. * d^urch-book,* manual of the 
eUdatrog=oildtrog church services, W. 


eMebdC f. repair ofehmrehes. drps (y) curly. [*crisp*] 

drio-lvrAe £., -biyoe m. aacrUege, Mm ±etri«lan to cri&p, cwi, • — — 

elilOHlor n., -dam chvreh-door, liL. otrrra4oierr 

'^hl09(M,y)t* church,* rdiguMBeammunUp, €b^ faaUdiouB, [cteiaa] 

JBJBH,Mt; OP : chwch {ImUding), tempU, €Sm% {A, 6, f) m. * cheese/ WW. [For oom- - 

AO ; GP^df : congregation (non-ilhrisUan), pounds, ▼. also o^-] 

iV. eli«l, oiail^^oeoBel 

otaieand m. an eceJMMMlte. eis«nBppelm.<frtei{>2^,WW367'. [bojiIb-T, 

eliietilV mn. right of eanetuary : penaUy for cherry (BT)] 

breach of the right, v. LL2-537. dser-btam* oisir- =oixisbSam 

ofatetultum m. support from the church. ebnat f. fastidiotunese. 

elilegaiig (y) m. going to chwch, LL473r7] : elst (e, y) L f. * chest,* casket, Ol,JnB : coffin," 

churching, purijieaiion (of Ihs B.V.M.), BHjl : rush basket, WW : horn (as re- 

GM484. oeptaelef), WW. IL = oyst I. 

eIrtogMiiiiia (y) m. church-membership, obt pres. 3 sg. of oteaaxL 

W103» d5tt=oJ»tL 
tltxlogmnn ualous in church-going. C^SA ^san m. chestnut-iru, 6l. [L, 

eiriogttlht n. church-due. oaaianea] 

ebiogrtS (y) n. chureh-peaee, right of sane- tfitmUum eartusUy, 0EG4". [oSast] 

tuary, LL : penaUy for breach of the right, eltel m. ^ketUe,* caMron, Ep (e). Led (y). 

LL263[3]; ▼. 2-537. Vchureh-griOi*^ eltellinim (e^) m. keUU-sooL 

ebrlehid m. an order of Ae church, LL. ettellan ▼. to tiekU. 

drtnhilgiiiig 1 consecration of a church. eitelung f. tickUng, WW 2^9^. [' kitUing*^ 

oliiDliata m. church-tormentor, persecutor, W. oltere, oitre (y) i cithara, CJVPs. 

— ^elrleland (y) n. land of (he church, GD. M m. seed, germ, shoot, M : mo/be, CP. 

^ elrtollo ecdeeUuAicaX, BH,Chr. [^churMy*] Vchiihe*] 

drlemAnung (y) f. dedication of a church, erofmt well-rooted, MH.304P^. 

W 277^. elwunf = otewung ; oU = dfe, olawu 
elrienumguiig f . simony, LL. olibrt (Gl) = olfifre ; elao- s oltoo-, deao- 
cliieiiiittam.cAi«rcAme(Mure(o/a2e),TC144'*. tiacut injury, W^&^^. 
eMciited 1 requirements of the church. +clid6d (MkL6^) pp. of +ol&6iaii. 
drloiiytt f. church service, 'Cba91. cladentloo* m. nOue-stick, Gl. 
drieragu f. church-lichen or moss. Lob 51b. el«eltas harmless. 
otrlerSn (y^) n. saeriUfe, LL254K. [ran] otodur (ea) rattle, Gl. [olader] 
ditotang m. hymn : church-singing, olAf arwyrt f . clover, Lod. 
elrlMangere m. church-singer, BH4d6^*. olAfira f. * clover, * trefoil. Led, WW ; Mdt 
— dMasoaat m. * church-scot,* church-due at elAg m. *clay,* WW.' 

Martinmas, BH,W. eiMg ^clayey,* CU "— 

drtesoaatweore n. work connected ufOh the ±elAnian to smear, caulk, pilaster, anoinif 

grain given cts church-scot, KG. MJjcd. ['cleam*] 

etrlMden (y^) f. chfurch-privHege, sanctuary, elAmlng f. blotting, smearing, ^Gb256*. 

LL : territory of a church : attendance at alff^**""^" (»olem-) topress, QD. 

church. ol»mnM f . toHure, BB!290*. 

tMeiOd t serviee-time, ItJj. elAne (a, S) I. * clean,* CP,Lk,^ : pure, 

eirfotOn m. churchyard, LL. chaste, innocent, JE,Bl : cltar, open, El^ 

diloVSn m. minister of a church, "LL. Lcd,Ps. on oUenum felda in the open field 

efrMSnung f. church-duty or service. (of battle), CP227'* : honourable, true : 

eMenng n. object belonging to a church, acute, sagacious, intellectual, 11. adv. 

LL381 [27]. clean, clearly, fuUy, piurely, entirely, JE,Ct ; 

driemagere m. priest, W7f 155>* (yro). AO.CP. 

drIewMoee f. vigil, JAj. dAngeom yearning after purity, celibate. 

driewAd f. vestment, LL258[51]. dAnheort pure in heart, M. 

difewig m. wall of a church, LL. elAnllo ('cleanly*), pure, Bo,Met : excellent. 

dricwara f. congregation, LL40(K ; 2*539. adv. -lioe =ol£ne. 

drtoweard (e*, j*) m. churchwardien, sexton, cH&nnt^t {moral)* cleanness,* purity, chasti^ 

Item m. cherry-tree, Gl. [L. oerasam] elAnsero (e) m. prieet, CP139^; W72'. 

L (e, y) charlock. II. =drio]io ±elAn8lan (sn-) to ^deanse* purify, chasten,- 

d^ae=oeorli8c CP : clear out, purge. Led : (w a. and g.> 

dtam (e, ea, eo, ie, y) m. cry, shout, outcry, justify, clear oneself. 

uproar, MtB, W W. [* chirm *] dAnsnlan = olAiuian 

eliman (e, y) to cry, cry out, call, shriek, dAnsung f. * cleansing,* purifying, chasten-- 

Ou,Jud, [* chirm*] ing, oastigcUion, expiation, Mk; M : purity, 

drnel (GL)=cymel chastity. 




elAnsungdsBg m. day for purging, Lod 1 -330*. 
«lAii8Uiigdreiie (sn) m. purgcUive, MH72''. 
Gteppettan to palpUaie. 
eteppetung f . clapping : pulsation^ puUe, M. 
""^ «topplan (a^) to clap, beat, throb, 
«lAsn-=olfiDB-; dM^oUtS 
olnwtfVa = olewetSa 
olU pret. 3 8g. of cUf an. 

'OMm I. m. paste, mortar, mud, day, AJ^d : 

pouUice, l^cloam*] II.=oleamdp. of olSa. 
«Uunb pret. 3 8g. of olimban. 

> damm m. bavd, bond, fetter, chain, An,Bl, 

Rd : grip, grasp, [t. *ciam*] 

elang pret. 3 sg. of clingan. 
eliqipUn = olnppiaii 
4di8nlan (VPs)=ol£iisian 
elitaerop= elate 

olAte f . bur, burdock, clivers, Ol,Lcd» [' dote * ; 

Oer, klette] 
elatrung f . clattering, noise. 

elM m. *cloth,' 'clothes,* covering, sail,BH, 

Chr,Jn,Lcd ; AO,CP. under Cristes ol&9um 
in baptismal garments, Chb688x. 
+clfttaan (cl£San) to * clothe,' NO, 
— «tt1^v«oee f. wick of doth, OPH391. 
dauster = clustor 
«l&wan' to claw, M. 
.^.-.flUwlan to scratch, 'daw,' JBQrllQ^n. 
— olawu f. nap. clawe 'daw,* JS,€flJ*h : hoof, 

JS : hook, M i (pL) pincers f 
— rettwung f . griping pain, Lod. 
elea-=cl»-, cleo- 
4rifo = olawu 

flleao f . stepping-stone, KC4-36. [Celtic] 
elMMdan to hurry, M. 
oltat pret. 3 0g. of olSofaa. 
elftm*, olen- =c]»m-, clien- 
-elenean v. be-o. 
— «lengan to (uIAere, i2<229". ['denge*] 
«l60-; oleo-=oli-; clie-, clu- 
elio = clea, olawu 
— ^oleofa (ea, i, y) m. cave, den : ceU, chamber, 
cellar, M,BH, i'deve*] 

«ltefan* to 'cleave,* split, separate, A,Br,Ct, 

«leollan = olifian ; eleof u = nap. of clif 
- — eltofungf. 'deaving,* WW. 

dSone =oleowene, ds. of cleowen, oliewen. 

clep«=cl»p-, oleop-, olip-; elere^a^olerio 
—_«ler-le (-eo, -oc; olenu, PPs67^) m. 'derk* 
in holy orders, WW : derk in minor orders, 
LL. [L. clericus] 
oleriohU m. condition of a («ectt2ar) dark, 

clerical order, priesthood. 
dewtftSa {jb^) m. itch, GP71». [olawan] 

«Ilbbor dinging, Mbk245. [olifian] 
+dlbt (e; cleiM; olnsp, y) damour, CP. 
did-ren, -rin i. datter. 
dleplan = clipian 
' — '«llewen, oUewen? (eo, io, i, y) n. sphere, baU, 

baU of thread or yam, skein, JB,CPJ*h, W W: 

mass, group, ['due*] 
dlf n. (nap. oleofn^ olifu) ^dijf,* rock, pro-. 

montory, An,B,Ct; M,CP. 
dlfa=oleofa; dUsBhllg^elifihtig 
cman^ to 'cleave,* adhere, JS,CP. 

cUte f. 'clivers,* burdock, Lcd,WW.^ ' 


dlf er m. nap. olifraa daw, M. 

ellferf«ta cloven footed, JEL2S^. 

dIf-hMp, -hlyp m. a diff-leap, plunge to 

ruin? (BT),Gl. 

dillan (eo, y) to adhere, M,CP. 

eUXOg, olif-iht, -ihtig steep, Gl. 

dlfr- ▼. olifer. 

dlMan to scarify, scratch, M. 

dltrang f. dawing, talon^ GPH398. 

di titftn m. rock, WW37L**. 

difwyit f. dijf'Wort, water-wort, foxglovef 

+elllit pp. of +*oliooan, clyccan. 
-dbn y. calwer-o. 
ellmban* (y) to 'cUrnb,* 8oL 
dln^re = olympre 
dlndg rough. 
dlngan* to stick together. An : shrink, wither, 

pine, A. ['ding*] 
clipian (e, eo, y) (tr. and intr.) to speak, cry 

out, coil, Mt,Jn,Ps; GP : (±) summon, in- 
voke, M : {w. d.) cry to, implore, ['depe*] 
d^igendlle (y) vocalic, MQb5 : vocative 

(gram.), ^Gb23. 
olipol sounding, vocal : voodUe. 
dlpung (e, eo, y) f. cry, crying, clamour r- 

MtR : {±) prayer, Ps : call, daim, Ghb 

1129. i& olyponga kalends. 
dlpur m. beUHapper. 
dlroo=olerio; +oUatre=+cly8tre 
dlte f . coltsfoot, Lod lida. 
eltSa (eo, y) m. poultice. 
-diSan V. et-o. 
dtVe f . burdocL 

ellSwyrt t 'rubea minor,* divers; Lod 173b 
dlwe, cliwen= oliewen 
docoettan to palpitate, Lod. 
docolan to duck, make a noise, rumble,- 

felo^iamer m. fiddfare, WW287^'. [v. 
^^-*7^d7and Mdf] 
+dota m. counterpart {of a document), CO 

80. [eleofan] 
dole f . buchU, Gl. 
dofen pp. of eleofan. 
domm L m.=clamm II. piet. 3 Bg. of 


dop mT rockf v. Mdf. 
dott lump, mass, H0148S. ['dot*] 
duoge f. beU, BH340*. 
eUd m. mass of stone, rock, JBrAO i hiU, 

ES3813. ['chud*] 
el^dlg rocky, hUly, AO. ['doudy*] 
duteht (i*) bulbous, Lod. 
dufon pret. pL of oldofan. 




elufSung, clofSunge f . ercwfooi : a vegetable 

poison, y. OEG896. 
'«lafu f. dove (of garlic, etc.), btdb, tuber. 

'elufwyrt f. ^beUraehion,* buttercup. Led. 

[* elovewort*] 
dumben pp. of olimban. 
elumlaii, olummian to murmur, mumble, 

^ungen pp. of olingan. 
oaet. " 

, dttae t. bar, bolt : endoaure : cell, prison. 

[L. olausam] 
elii8ter=oly8t6r; elQttfir=clu8tor 

Ittstor n. lock, bar, barrier : endoeure, 

doieter, eeU, prison. [L. olaufltrum] 
«ltlstoroloofa m. prison-ceU, An 1023. 
eMstorloe n. prison, Gl. 

m. *dout,' paich, doth, Ep : piece oj 

metal, pUUe, M. 
+eimod ^^davAed,^ patcked, M. 
±elyoean to ^dutch,^ clench, IMJSc. 
el]i=olif; olyt-=olif-, oleof- 

elytto adj. deft, GPH393. [clSofan] 
elyimiilan to dimb, ascend, Sol414. 
-«lyiiipe ▼. oalwer-o. 
€lym|ire m. lump of metaL 
olyiia n. lump of metaL 
elynlan I. to roll up, enfold, GPH. IL=» 

elyniiAn (intr.) to resound, ring, £l51< 

(tr.) knock, NG. 

clypnei f. enArace, BH238*. 
<dypp m., olypping f. embr<toing. 
±4dyppan to embrace, dasp : surround, en- 
dose, VPs : grip, Oen : prize, honour, 

cherish, ^,MkLR {io),CP. ['cUp'^ 
-ol^n Y. be-b. [oluse] ; +clyip = +olibB 
olyit«r, +c^8tre n. ^dutier,^ bunch, branch, 

cl^ttng f. enclosure, apartment, M : dosing, 

period, condusion of a sentence, clause. 
elySa=oli8a; ol^en=oliewexi 
enmht (NO) =cnajht 
ensBpttng m. youth, M. [onapa] 
ciUBpp (e) m. top, summit, MjAt : fibula, 

button, WW. 
+eiiawe (w. g.) eonsdous of, acknowledging, 

M : known, notorious, manifest, M. 
enAwV pree. 3 sg. of onawan. 
enata, onapa m. child, youth, ^,8c : servant, 

jB,MtJ^s. [' knape, ' ' knave *] 

eniwan* (usa. +) to know, perceive, JB,B, 


eniweUtetng f . acknowledgement,KC^'l9Z^, 
eniwUte (€<) knowledge, £842176. 
+eiiAwnM f. acknowledgement, £0266*. 
cnto gp. of cndo(w). 
enearr m. smdU ship, galley (of the ships of 

the Northmen), fCHB. [ON, knorr] 
±eiifollaii to argue, dispute. 
cniatUQg f. in^isition, investigation : 

dilute, debate. 

onadsn* to knead, LcdJjkL. 
ciielit=ciijifat; eiifo)B=tongow 
oniodan, cneoht=oxiddaii, cniht 
+oneord eager, zealous, diligent. 
±eii6ordlAoan to be diligent, M. 
oneordlle diligent, earnest, zealous, M» 

adv. -lice. 

±eneoiiln«s f. zeal, dUigenu, study, Gl. 
eniordnes = +ondoreine8 
+eiiior-enM, -ednes f. generation, race. 
entores = onSoriaa 
onforiftnT napkin (BT), kneehosef (Kliige), 

enforisb6e f. Genesis, WW414» 
ontoriin (Bl), cneoriB(8), oneonii8(8) f. 

generation, posterity, family, tribe, natioUf 


oneoHQAean = cneordlAcan 
cntow I. (eo) n. ^knee,* Ao,BlJil,Mt : etep' 

in a pedigree, generation, M. II. pret. 

3 sg. of onawan. 

entowUgung f . kneding, ffenufieet icn. 
onfow-ade, -ade having btg knees, WW. 
entowgabed n. prayer on one^s knees, M. 
oniowliolen m. ^knee-hoUy,* butcher^s 

broom, LoD. 
entowlan (±) to kneel, M : know carnally^. 

iEL12». ['hnu'] 
entowllan to *kned,* LL. 
ontewmftg m. nap. -m&gas, -magas ibtfM- 

man, relation, ancestor. 
entowifrnf n. progeny, family. 
ontowBtbb f. generation, race (BDS 8*527). 
cntowung f. kneding, genuflection, (M. 
eniowiraBro m. pain in t he kn ees, Lod. 
entewwynt f . knee-joint, WW. 
cnapp=cn»pp; oniw^cneow 
onldan^ to beat, MtB21**. 
onU m. knife, WW. 
enlht (e, eo, ie, y) m. boy, youih, AO,Bl,LL :. 

servantf(Utendant,retainer, disciple, warrior, 

Chr,Mt,Met : boyhood, jSGr. [* knight *] 
onlhtoild (eo^) n. male child, boy. 
enlhtgebeoHtor n. chUd-birth, dUld-hearing, 

onlhtgeong youthful, El640. 
enlhthftd m. puberty, 'ffouth,* boyhood, ^, 

Bo ; AO : (male) virginity. [* kntghthood *] 
onlhttugoV f. youth, A 8-299. 
enlhtttaa without an attendant, M. 
enXtmo boyish, childish, Outh. ['knightly']^ 
onlhtVtewaa mp. boyish ways, GDI 11*. 
enihtiresaBdet when a boy, as a youth. 
enlhtwite f . boyishness. 
onissan = cnyaaan 
ODlttan to dispute. So 51^'. 
eiilttan=onyttan; 6iioelan=cnaoiaa 
±enMaii (So) to attribute to, assign to, load 

enoU m. *knoU,^ Ps; Mdf : summit, JSJBo, 
enop 'bdOationes,' WW8»; 357". 
-onoppa V. wuU-c. ^^ 
+cnos n. coUision, WW 376*. [cnyaaan] 


onosl n. stock, progeny, kin, famUy : noHvt oolpytt m. {cKar-}cocU pit, Ctr 
eoutUry, oolsweart djal-black, NC277. 

enosslan to strike, hit upon, Sbat8. oolt m. *coU, ' JB. 

enotmAluin * siriciim, * A 13-35>>^. ooltetneppt i a plant, * caltrop, ' W IF.*— 

enoUa m. * knot,* fastening, JB : knotty point, ooltgnef f T eoU^s-foot, WVflS^. 

puzzle, JS. ooltnappe s= ooltetreppe 

^onuoton to * knock* (door), JBJit : beat, ool-VrM, -tSred m. plumb-line, Gl. 

|xmfu2, /if »Xa2(o). eolumiie f. column. 

enfllan, onuwian to pouhd. o6m pret. 3 Bg. of cuman. 

•fooyoo n. bond, DR. oonmn (A070**)=oainan 

drcnyooan pret. 3 bc. o nyote, onyhto lo tie. o6mb, oombolsoamb, oumbol 

+eiiyoled bent, crooked, WW 458**. oomCta m. comet, tCmi976. [L,] 

enyht = oniht oommue = oanimoo 

enyll m. eound or signal of a beU, RB,WW. odmon pret. pi. of ouman. 

[^kneli*] oomp^Kcamp 

-^cnyllan totoUa beO, i strike, knock, LkB, oon=caii pree. 1» 3 Bg. of ouiman. 

MtL, VkneU*] oondel=candel 

enyllslan (LkL)=onyl]an; enyrd-soneord- oonii=oaiin preB. 1, 3 Bg. of ooxman. 

rkonysBan to press, toss, strike, hew to pieces, oonsolde f . comfrey. [L.] 

dash, crash (toaether), beat, M,AO,CP : over- const =oaiiflt preB. 2 sg. of cuxman. 

come, overwhelm, oppress, CP. oonsul m. consul, AO. [L.] 

cnytawPig t striking, stroke, JEGiB^ eoarit t, cohort, AO. [L.] . 

'±eiiyttaii to fasten, tie, bind, * knit* (* i-knit, * oop = oopp 

Mt, WW), jE,Lcd', CP. [cnotta] o6p mT ependyies,* cope, vestmenL 

onyttels m. string, sinew, 0E62935. +o5p proper, fitting, CP. 

ooc = cooc oopel unsteady, rocking? (BT)3C3-624. 

^-^•50 m. ^cook,* MJ^Si CP. [L. ooqauH] odpenere m. lover, CP. 

-—0000 m. cock, male bird, JB,Lcd,Mt ; CP^df. coper, copor n. * copper, * Led . [Z. capmm] 

""^ — eoccd m. * cockle,* darnel, tares, Mt. ooptan to plunder, steal, WW 379^'. 

oocer m. quiver, case, sheath : sword, spear. +edp]Ie proper, fitting, ady. -lice. 

coecrflA f. *framea,* APslG''. oopp I. m. top, summit, HOI. Vcop*'] II. m. 
edoBT^nnt i. cooking-pan, frying-pan. cup, NO. V^^*] 

+cdciiian (o6ca-) to season food, -eoppe v. ator-o. 

otenung f . seasoning, Lod. copped polled, lopped, poUard, Ct. 

eooor = oocer ^^ cope ( TT TF)J=^coep 

odoormete m. seasoned food, WW 281*. +cor n. decision. [ceoBan] _^ 

-t-c6GSlaii to cook, roast, RPs 101^ eorM m. inereasef choice growth? Lcd 3*212* 
o5eunuiig=o5cniiiig; cocur (^)=cooer (v. A 31 '66). 

— 'OOdd m. *cod,* husk, Lcd : b ag, Mt : scrotum, eordewftnere m. *cordwainer,* shoemaker,^ 
"-^^ooddeeppel m. quince, WW41 1^. EC. [OFr.'\ 

oodlc (coydjo) ^lapsana,* charlockf A 37*47. ±coren (pp. of oeoean) chosen, elect, choice,- 

ooe-, ofie- (N) =oe-, od- fit, M: precious, dear, 

^-^ ^eota m. closet, chamber : ark : cave, den. corenbig m. crown, A 9* 172. [L. corona] 

[*cove*] ±oorenes f. choice, election : { +) go odness, 

oofgodas mp. household g ods. O il, +oorenllc eleganl. adv. -Hoe, WW. 

coflneel n. titHe chamber, WW. ±corenseipe m. election, excdlence. 

^S^frlan v. a-c. corf en pp. of oeorfan. 

--^-M^etan to make a noise, cough f Jui>270. coifllan to mince, [ceorfan] ^ 

— -cdin., nap. colu, cola *coal,* live coal, corn n. * com,* grain, Chr,CP ; M,AO t seed,- 
M,CP,Loi,YFs, berry, CP^nJjcd; M : a corn-like pimple, 

c61 1. *cool,* cold, B,BoJjcd : tranquil, calm, com, 

II. pret. 3 Bg. of calan. oornfleeceda fp. chaff, WW 118^. 

-cole V. 5den-, w!n-c. ^^ oomappla np. pomegranaUs, OEG 

colowyld f. *frigida pestis,* ague? WW243^^. oom-bAre, -braende corn-bearing. 

'•^'^VttLn to* cool,* grow cold, be cold, An,OuJLcd. corngebrot n. com dropped in carrying to 
'^ coUandre f. coriander, Lcd. 6am, I>L461[17]. 

Gdll=odl; -colla V. morgen-o. corngesAUg rich in com, Lcd. 

— colleota f . collect, CM,LL. corngCBoeot n. payment in com, Ct. 

+collenferhtan to make empty, exhaust. cornhOs n. granary, WW 185**. 

eoUen-ferhlS, -fyrhtS, -fert^f proud, elated, comhwlcoe f. com-bin, JE. 

bold. [*cwellan {to swell)!] cornUd f. leading of com, LL453[21,4]. 

oolloncrog m. water-lily, nymphcea. oornaAd n. a grain of com, GD263^. 

— ^colmftBC f. 'coal-mouse,* tit-mouse, WW, corntteVung f. tithe of com, W. 

— c51ne8 f. * coolness,* Ps corntrtow n. comel-tru, WW.. 


•onitrogm.6on»-6»n, WW107^ craft, caUing, BB,CP,RB;M : work or 

«ornue, oomnch = oranoo producl of art, Hex : triek, fravd, deceit, Bl : 

eornwuram m. acarlei dye, Gl. machine, inetrumerU, [* craft*] 

TSL crown. [L.] onBfUi=oneftigft 

amdnlaB to crown, FPb5^*. ^eraftan to exercise a crafit build : bring 

eonnAd L piece of con&eenUed bread u^ich about, contrive, M, 

an accuBed person ewattowed as a test of enBtto]IOe=:or»ft]ioe 

innocence, LL. +cmftgUui to strengthen, render powerful, 

ooiKort, cortSerf ta. troop, band, muUHudt, AO. 

ihircng, reiinue : pomp, er»ftglta>w shUfut, wise, tCHB976. 

«ir w uny == oomworaw ; OMscon enBM(l)ea, •t(e)ga=onBltiga 

•osp m. fetter, bond. Bo. Vcops'] onoftig strong, powerful^ AO : skilful, oun- 

+eoipeiid«, +ooBpid fettered, laps. ning, ingenious, Bl : learned, instructive, 

m. 'kiss,^ embrace, JSlJ^k,WW. A 8*321 : knotoiig a craft, sdentific : vut' 

ooMetUBg i kissing, NG. tuom. V crafty*] 

to *kiss,* M. emftlga m. craftsman, airtificer, voorkman^ 

-eoti I. m. option, ehoiee, possibility : manner, architect, M,CP. 

way, DB : condition. iStas ooetea fSe on camtttgOc^ skUfuUy, 

condition that, ['cost*; ▼.NC341] IL(±) ermta^tm arOess, unskUftd. 

firied,chosm, excellent, [ofonui] IILmT etmm»artiflcial,AS'3n i skilful. sAy. -Hoe. 

costmory, tansy. Led. ['cost*] ^^ omttwyro n. clever workmanship. 

oost«re L m? spadSf shovel, WW 106**. vast n. nap. oratu, oreatn cart, waggon^ 

IL=:oo«tiiere chariot, J&. ^^ 

d:00ftlan (w. g. or a., alio intr.) to tempt, enBtehon n. eoH^horse, WW 108**. 

try, prove, examine, AO,CP. [Oer. kosten] onBtwAn m. chariot, AC. -« 

eoMgend m. tempter. omtwlMm. cAarioteer, AL 18**. 

oostnere m. tempter, M. orAwtt pres. 3 sg. of or&wan. 

+Mttii«8 f. proving, temptation, trial, BH ormllan (») to * crave,* ask, implore, demand^ 

218^. Chr,LL : summon. Led. 

ooftn-lan, -igendsoost-iaii, -igend oraflng (sb) f. claim, demand, TC644. 

MftniiiiCBtftw I. place of temptation, ±or«minton to 'cram,* stuff, JBQr. 

eoftunf, ooetnnng f. temptation, testing, erammingpohha m. 'viscarium,* NC. 

trial, tribulation. Ml; M,CP. [*costnung*] orampul m. crane-pool. [»oran, p51] 

ot (AO) n. (nap. ooto); cote f. *arf, oran m. 'crane,* WW. 

cottage, bedchamber, den, AO,IJB,Mt; Mdf. orancftSBl m. weaving implement, orank, 
eoiM«tlft=:oota6tU LL465[15]. 

-i»^tH* n. hamlet, village, manor, Chr : erang pret. 3 sg. of orinean. 

dweUing. ['colUf*] oranle m. record, chronide. [L.] 

«oli«tla m. cottager, LL, [*cotsetla*] eranlewrltere m. chronicler, 0EG7**. 

eott=oot * eranoe m. orane. [(?er. kraniob] 

-«ottuo, ootoo m. mallow, Gl. eris tfood, dainty, NasI 1^*. 

eoVa m., ooSe L :=oo8q erat (WW 140*^) = onet ; oratu ▼. oroi. 

9o/9lg diseased. erftwa m., crawe f . * crow, * raven, Ol,Ps. 

Mi9lIo« ia, miserably, Mn25**. ±oriwanT to 'crow, * Mt ; CP. 

eMon (AO)=:cu6on pret. pL of oonnan. orftwan-Uac (oraw-) n. crow-garlic. 

f . disease, sickness,JSi,Ohr,Lcd. [* cothe*] ertao- = orte- 
+eow n. thing to be chewed, food, NG292. ortad pret. 3 sg. of orfidan. 
eowen pp. of oSowan. ereatt- = craft- 

erft n7 croaking, WW208^. orfop pret. 3 sg. of ordopan. 

m. 'crab,* WW : Cancer (sign of the eatUmflne, elegant, NC277. 

todiac). Led. orftaallo daintu, rich. ▼. NG277. 

oraoalttngT 'crepacula,* OEG56**. ertasntt f. negance : presumption, elation, 

erieettan=:orftoettan OEG1108. 

to resound, * crack, * Ps. ereat = orat 

— -««radol, cradel m. 'cradle,* cot, WW. Crioas mp. the 'Greeks,* AOJSH. 

"^^eradolend n. child in the cradle, infant, Oriee=Greoa8 

W 158^. OrMse Grecian, Greek, AO. — • 

orA =orawe orMa m. creed, belief, confession of faith, M^ 

orAo«ttaii to croak, GD 118". [ora] [L. oredo] 

eiAe«tuiig f. croaking. oredloT a bowl, OEG29*. 

er»f« = craf- orett ( AS)i=<or8eft 

m. physical strength, might, courage, crenceatret female weaver, spinster, [orano] 

A,AOJSol : science, skiU, art, ability, talent, ±ortopan* (oooly refl.) to creep, crawl, M, 

virtue, excellence. Bo; M,CP : trade, handi- Bo; AO.CP. 

O. H. 5 



rtoper« m. crippU. [* creeper^] 
rtepung f. ^creeping,* OL 
crtew pret. 3 8g. of crawaa. 
eressa m. (Gl), oreflse f. sscane 

orlbb (y) f. 'crib,' siaU, Crl426. 


eride pret. 3 as. of origan. 

erfganT to bnbbk up. t. OEO7-i01. 

±erimiiian* to cram, put in, in9ert i erMmbU, 

crino 'eoikumuB,* ZDA33-260>. 

GriBean = oringan 

ering (gr-) downfaU, slavgJiier, El 11 5. 

±erlngaii* to yield, fail {in bakle), die, 

erlngwraau (gr-) f. torment, JuLSdS. 

ertppan = oiyppan 

er^ proB. 3 sg of creopan. 

■ ^erlsma m. e^rism, My oil : ekrieome-chth : 

crismal m? nf ehrismale, W36". 
ortnnhllguiig f . oonseeration of tke ckrimn. 
erlimlbliig (y*) f. ehrism-loonng, looting of 
tke chrismale, eonfirmaiUm, Ghb. 
— -«rlip (S£f)=oirp8 [*crwp*] '' ^ 

— Grist m. anoinied cm, Ckritt, M,GP. 
' — ertotalla m. crystal, M. 
«rlBtalliBC ofcryMal, A4-143. 
€i1istelmAl = cristesmel 
erfstelmAlbtein m. tree surmounted by a 
croeaf uprighi shaft of a cross f EC386'. 
-^--eifBten 'Christian,* AO,BH;M, 9a crist- 
nan =(Ae English as opposed to ihe Danes, 
— erbten m. cri«t(e)na m. 'Christian,* AO. 
•^ — erbtendom m. ' ChritUfndam,* lAe €hwrch, 
Christianity, AO;M. 
orbtenllo Christian, DR. 
-...^eifiteiiiiianii m. a Christian, MH170**. 
erbtennes f. Christianity : ChHstian bap* 

tism, LL412[1]; 413[13a]. 
eibtflf-iiiAl (C^), -mel mn. {Christ's mark), 
the cross, wyroan c. to make the sign cf the 
eibtlio Christian, LL. 
erbtnuBwe f. Christmas, Chb1021d. 
erbtn«re m. cateehisL 
eibtnes = oristennes 
- — ±cibtiilan to anoini with chrism {as a cate- 
chumen), 'christen,* baptize, catechize, BH, 

erbtnung f. christening, anointing with 

chrism or holy oil, W33». 
eif9=crigetS (▼. origan)? 
■erooe f., crooca m. crock,* pot, vessel. Led. 
erooohwer? m. earthen pot, OEG4672. 

-ordcod crooked, bent, NC292. 
erooseeard n. potsherd, M. 
-oroewyrhta m. potter, .£Gr. 
+Grod n. crowd, throng. 
•roden pp. of oriidan. 
m. croft, small field, 
m. crock, pitcher, vessel, Gl. 

ertgeynn n. kind of vessel^ wine-Jar, WW 

+erag6d (do) 'eroceus, oocdneus,* OEG6204. 
Ofoh m. saffron. 
ordh 1. m. shoot, twig, tendriL ILssorOg 
erolilia=oroooa; eroiiia=orama 
erompaht ' placenta,* a fiat cake, ES42*174; 

A37-48. C<>»*^*Hp«t'] 

oroag=orang, prei. 3 sg. of onngan. 
oropaii ppb of creopan. 
erop-ltoD, -Idc n. garlic. 
eropp, oroppa m. cluster, bunch t sprout^ 

flower, b^rry, ear of com, EpJJcL,WW x 

'crop* (of a bird), JE : kidney : pebbk, 
eropfdht austered, LcD38b. 
orOe m. cross. Led. ['crouch*] 
0rQea f . pot, pitcher, Gl. 
erucethflt n. torture-chamber, GHEll37r- 
erOdan^t lo press, hasten, drive,- 
eruft m? orofte f. crypi. [L.] 
orunia (o) m. 'crumb,* fragi/nent, Mt,WW,' 
enimb, oramp crooked, biBnt, stooping, Ql»' 

['crump*; Oer. kromml 
' enitnaa (onimin-) pp. of orimyiian. 
erunoon pret. pL of crinoaiu 
erundel mn. ravine, Mdf. 
•rungeii pp. of oringan. 
eriipon pret. pL of crSopan. 
erOse f ? cruse, A37-60. 
oiibane, orosne f. fur coat, Gu [op. <9er. 


eryoe f. 'orukh,* staff, BH; M. 
0170660 made of day, GPH 308. 
or^d69 pree. 3 sg. of oriidan. 
afymbtng f. curvature, bend, incUnalum^ 

WW382*. [crumb] 
+eryiiilaii, +CTymman (tr.) to crumble. 
+Giyinpan to curL 

eiypal I. m. 'cripple,* LkL, IL orippML 

III. m. narrow passage, burrow, drain^ 

OEG; V. Mdf. 
6ryp6]g6at n. narrow opening in a waU or 

fence? BC2-3991. 

6typ6lil6S f . paralysis. 

or^pdl, orfpo pros. 3 sg. of or§opan. 
±eryppan to crook {finger), close (hand), bend* 
eryp6=oirp6; cry8m-=crism- 
6rft=orydet$ pres. 3 sg. of orudan. 
cQ f . gs. cu(e), cy, ous ; ds. cy ; nap. oy, eye f 

gp. ou(n)a, oyna; dp. cum; 'cow,* MfLk^ 

oQbtttsrs f . butter, Lcd. [ou] 
otlb^6 m. cow-byre, cow-shed, Ct. 

0QC6alf (e) n. calf. Erf, LL, ['cowealf*] 
0U06l6r, ouoe(le) re = c ucler(e) 
0U06l6r6 'capo,* WW380". 
cuclsr, cuouler, cuolere m. spoon, spoonfid. 

[op. L. cochlear] 
6iiol6miAl n. spoonful, Lod. 
eucu (iE,AO,CP) ▼. cwio. 
oa6urbit6 f. gourd, LoDQ2a. [L.J 




e««ele f. etaOe/UK WW181«. 

cvdu (<£)=owuda 

iOtktaffe f. eye ofacoWy LLII6BII. 

0U6f8an = oweSan 

*cut6l f. 'cowl,' hood (t. NED2 p. rili). 


eufle, cuffie = oof el 

)Ugl«, oiig(e)]e, onhle f. eap^ *cotpl,' hood, 

head-coveririg, RB (▼. *0otM*). 

dUiom m. cow*9 horn, LL116. 

' efUisrhie m. cowherd. 

09}%= eagle 

»«iiUflr, oul(e)fre f. *cmlver,* pigeon^ dove, 

eulmllle f. smaU centaury, LcD22a. 

-•ulpaa as. of *oolpaT m. at *ou]pe? f. fauU, 
sin, Cb 177. 

eulpUui to humble oneeelf, cringe. Bo 71**. 

eultor m. 'cotiUer,' WW : dagger, knife, WW. 
[L. ouiter] 

eiili]fre=calfre; eOmv. cu. 

euBM mf . etranger, gwui, i£, AO,CP. oumena 
h&B, inn, wioung inn, gnMtch&mher, 

cimuui* to *€ome,* approach, gel U>, aUain, 
Lk,VPe', M,AO,CP, 0. up land, be bom : 
i±) go, depart, ii«,AO : come to oneself, 
recover : become : happen {sAao 0. foi^) : 
put : (+ ) come together, arrive, aeeemble, M : 
(t) w. inf. of verbs of motion, forming a 
sort of periphrastic conjugation for such 
▼erbs. 06m gangan he came, odm swim- 
man he twam, etc, 

onmb L m. vaUey, BCiMdi, [*coomb'] 
II. m. liquid meature, EC. [▼. *«om6'] 

cumbelgehnftd = oumbolgehnast 

omnbl = ( 1 ) oumbol ; (2) oumul 

eumbolt n. sign, standard, banner. 

oum1iolg«brMt, -gehnast} n. crash of ban- 
ners, battle. 

eiimkollMiga m. compact rank, phakuut, 
Jul 306. 

eimibol]i«l« m. warlike hate, Jul 687. 

eumtolwligat >&• warrior. 

Gumbor, cumbul^cumbol 

eumsn pp. of cuman. 

emietta*e f. godmother. [*oum»dr« A 37*52] 

eOMMOlVB f. cow*s milk, Lod 15a. 

Ottmere? -eras? np. Cumbrians, M. 

eumfMrai f. entertainment for travellers, Ct. 

[cuma, feorm] 
eftHBloge f. -migoVa m. cow*s urine, Lod. 

oiunllSe hospitable, [ouma] 
eumlfflan to be a guest. 
eumnVnes f . hospitality, M : sofoum as gucH. 
-cummise f. a kind of bird, *parra,* WW 

-oumpflsder m. godfather, Chk894a. [L. 

•mid, cuml n. swelling, Lod 1'60. 
eOftm ▼. oil ; eimtf^cynd 
-cund adjectival suffix dMioting derivation, 

origin or likeness, (-kind) as in deofol- 

ound, god-cund. 

•untglflBsst f. hound^s tongue, LoD4lb.< 
[L. oynogloesum] 

ounels, cunelle, cunille f. wild thyme*- 
[Oer. quendel] 

ouning = cyning 

±ounnan pres. I and 3 sg. can(n), pL- 
ounnon ; pret. cutSe, pp. ofiD swv. to be or 
become acquainted wim, be thoroughly con- 
versant with, know, AO,B,Lcd; CP,M : 
know how to, have power to, be able to, can, 
M,CP : express (thanks), Chr 1002. ['can, ' 

vnnnere m. tempter, NG. 

±ettnntaa <w. g. or a.) to seaf«^ Info, try, 
test, seek for, explore, investigate, B,BoJM; 
M,CP : experience : have experience cf, to 
make trial of. [*cun*] 

eunBung f. knowledge : trial, probaHon, 

euopel f ? small boat, MtL. [*eo62e*] 

ouppe t 'cup,' Lcd,WW', M. ^ 

ourfoB pret. pi. of oeorfan. 

eminealle (e, i) f. centaury.^ - 

curnstAn = cweomstan 

curon pret. pL of otesan. 

6un m. malediction, 'curse,' Ot,LL,Sc. 

oiinlan I. to 'curse,* Ps. II. to plait f 

oiinumbor incense, MtL2i^. 
oursung f . * cursing, * damnation, LkL : place 

of torment, MtL. 
eOs V. ou. 
oQso chaste, modest, virtuous, Qsir618. 

[Oer. keusoh] 
cQscote (eo, u) f. 'cushat* dove, wood-pigeon,*- 

eOself f. cow*sfat, suet, GPH392. [sealf] 
eQ-sloppe, -slyppe f. 'cowslip,* Led,WW. 

eQtssgl m. tail of a cow, LL109[59ft]. 
cQV known, plain, manifest, certain, Da,Ps,' 

Rd; M,AO,CP : ufeU known, us%uU : noted, 

excellent, famous. Ex : intimate, fanUliar, 

friendly, related, ['couth*] 
eQtta m. acquaintance, relative, CP. 
eOVe I. clearly, plainly, ['couth*] 11. pret . 

3 sg. of cunnan. 

eaman to become known. — — 


ztcOmAoan to make known : make friends 

with, JEiL. 
eQinio known, certain, evident, adv. -lioe 

clearly, evidently, certainly, openly, BH; 

CF,M •.familiarly, kindly, affably, An,BH; 

M : therefore, to be sure, hence. 
etiVnes f . acquaintance, knowledge. 
ollVnoma m. surname, NG. 
eflVon pret. pi. of cunnan. 
cQweann warm from the cow (mUk), Lod 

euwon pret. pL of oSowan. 
ewaelan to * quake,* tremble, chatter (cf 

teeth), JB,AO,CrJ*kL,VPs. 





•quaking *ir€mbUng,M,VP$; AO. 
owfldon pret. pL of owetSaa. 
ewmk pret. 8 ag., cwAlon pret. pL, of oweUn. 
€W8il-s=owal-, owid-y ewu- 
ewAnuuisoweman; owAB=owfin 
ownrtern ^ oweartem 
evratttS pret. 3 8g. of owdtSan. 
0Wb1« s= oweal- 

ewalitdw (LL 666[ 10,21) =cwe«liitft6w 
ewalu f . itfliiH^, fnnroer, violent deaths de^ 

HrueUon, JEfiP. [owelan] 
ewinlant (tr. and intr.) to lament, bewail^ 

deplore^ mourn, [Oolh, kwainon] 
ewftnlf sad, aomneful, £l377. 
avAmiiig f. lamentation, NC279. 
owsrtttrn = oweartem 
ewilern the number four at diee^ Gl. [£.] 
ewtad n. dung, dni, filth. [Oer, kot] 
eweaht pp. of oweccan. 
eweald pp. of oweUan. 

(e) mxL death, murder, slaughter : 

torment, pain : plague, pestiknee, MH; 

AO. [* qualm*; owelan] 
•f ewealmMftran to torture. 
ewealmMBre deadly, mmrderoua, blood- 

thir^, m. 
ewoalmbArnM (e) t mortaUty, deelruetion, 

ruin, M. 
ewealmbaalu n. death, B1940. 
ewealmberendllo (j^) pestilent, deadly, 

ewealmomn* m. death-bringer, B792. 
cwealmdrior m. blood shed in death, Qes 


•f eweatanful (y^) pernicious, HGl428. 
ewealmnea f. pain, torment, BH. 
ewealmttede m. death-place. 
ewealmttdw i place of execution, BH38'(b). 
ewealmtSrte m. deadly terror, Gx» 2507. 
ewearn = cweotnat&n 
eweartOTn (a, m, e) n. prison, M, 
cweartcrnlle of a prison. 
±eweeoan to shake, swing, move, vibrate, 
' Mt,VPs;M. I'queleh'; owaoian] 
eweeoung 1 moving, shak ing, w agging. 
-eweoetand m. quicksa nd, W W 367*. 
+ewed n. declaration, WW 423**. 
eweddbui=owiddian; eweddl=owedol 
eweden pp. of oweVan. 
-^cwMsBBitnt appointed fast, All'99 1 ES 


+ewednM t name, HGl441. 
ewedol talkative, eloquent. 
+owedrAden (i, y) f. agreement, AO : eon- 

+ewedrflBdnet (y) f. agreement, covenant, 

+owedst5w f. appointed place, place of 

meeting, GD183^. 
owehte pret. Bg. of cweooan. 
-cwelan^ to die, M, CP. 
cweldeht corrupted, mortified, LcD47b. 


oweMvAde (m^)l evening rider f bat, Shr 
29*. [ON. kyeld] 

d:0wellan to kiU, murder, execute, CP;M,' 
AO. VqueUn 

eweUend m. kiUer, slayer, GPH400. 

ewellere m. murderer, executioner, BHJiK ;• 
M. ['gneOer'] 

ewelm^owealm (but ▼. MFH 106), cwielm 

ewelmcre, cwelre=oweUere 

±ow§iiiaii (w. d.) to gratify, please, satisfy/ 
propitiate, JS,AO,CP : comply with, be 
obedient to, serve, ['queme*; ^t-queme*] 

±owiiiie pleasant, agreeable, acceptable, NO,' 
WO. ['i-queme'] 

tfwimed" = owfim- 

±owiliilnf t pleasing, satisfaction, com- 
ptaisance, GP. 

ewiniUe pleasing, satisfying, DB. adv. 
-lEoe graciously, kindly, humbly. 

±ewtainet f. pleasure, satisfatkon, mitiga^ 

ew6ii (£) f. woman, SciM : wife, consort,- 
AO,dhr,Oen : 'queen,* empress, royal prin- 
cess, MJiO,Ohr,Qr, VPs. [Ooth. kwSns] 

ewene L woman, Bd, W ; female serf, * quean,* ' 
prostituU, AO. [Ooth. kwino] 

ewenf ufol hen-bird. 

ewftnlilrde m. eunuch, MtL19^. 

ewAnUe womanly f queenly f B 1940. 


eweorn f. * quern,* handmiU, mill, MtL;CP»' 

ewtornbill *lapidaria, * a s tone chisel for 
dressing querns (BT),WW438» 

oweornburna m. mill-stream, Ct. 

eweome = oweom 

eworngUhnm. mill-stone, Ml [*quemstone*'l 

eweorntiV mp. molars, grinders, Gl. 

-eweomi y. mete-o. ; -^weoRaii t. a-o. 

eweorH name of the rune for ew(q). 

owflrii(NG)>B<oweom ; owertern —oweartem 

±ewfliwi* to say, speak, name, caU, proclaim,^ 
summon, declare, Bl,VPs',M,AO,CF : (+) 
order, give orders : ±c.(td) agree, settle, re- 
solve : (+ ) consider, regard, ML 1"'. c. on 
hwone assign to one. owyst 6& la safest thonP 
^numquid.* cweXie gb think you f ['quethe^i 

ewle [cuo, onon (thia last form Ib arohaior 
and naa an oooaaionalasm. cucone,cnoiine)] 
'quick,* Uving,aUve, BH,Bl,Bo,CPJjcd ; AO. 

owtoAht f. live stock, LL60[18,11. 

owlebtam m. aspen, juniper, Oljjcd. ['quick- 

owlobeaman of aspen, Lod. 

ewtebtemrlnd f. aspen bark, Lod. 

owiceliende moving rapidly f tottering f 0£Q 

owlee fm. * couch* ('quitch*)-grass, Ol,Lcd.' 

ewlol^ n. sulphur, LkR17**. 

owlotarirende living and moving, Cexat6. 

±owieian to quicken, create, JnL : com/e to 
life, come to one *s sdf, Jijjod. [* quick ] 

owlelio n. a living sacrifice, NG. 

owtolle living, vital, DR. ady. -lice 


ewtellflgendet living. ewylm == owealm, owielm- 

ewlnriiid = owiobSamrind ewylm^nd m. tormetUor, destroyer, GD. 

^-«— ewloseolfor n. 'quicksilver,* Led, ewylmtnde exerueiaiiing, deadly. 

«wlesQ8l nf . heUiormeni, puniakmeni^ toriuref +ewyliiifiil pernicious, HGl4&. 

. M, ewylmlmn (intr.) to suffer : (tr.) iormeni, kiB, 
ewtoiOsldn ptifygjon ai, A fT26. eructfy, A. [owealm] 

ewletrSow n. cupen, WW. ewytanlog f. suffering, tribulation, M : 
owleu^^owio (metaph.) cross : deaih. 

+ewloaiig f. restoraiion to life, GD218^^ ewytannM f. pain, torment 

«wlewell6 living {of water), JnB. ewyl-teten, -tld = owyldaeten, -tid 

ewld-=owed-, owud- ewylV pres. 3 ag. of owelan. 

ewldboo f. Book of Proverbs, CP : booh of ewyne=:oweiie; ewyrnXoweom 

homilies, MF (Vetp. D ziv). ±fmfnaL to squeete, dash against, bruise, M. 

cwlddUn (e, y) to talk, speak, say, discuss, owyst preB. 2 eg. of oweVan. 

report : make a claim against, LL400[3.1]. ewyV pres. 3 Bg. of cweSazL 

ewMdung (y) f. speech, saying, report, M. ow^lfaui, owy6e=owitSui, owide 

(y) m. speech, saying, word, sentence, ewyM pres. 2 sg. of owetSan. 

phrase, proverb, argument, proposal, dis^ ef y. ou. 

course, homily. Bo; M,CP : testament, will, eyoel (i) m. smaU cake, Gl. 

enactment, decree, decision, judgment, TO; eyoan=oioeii 

M. ['quids' ; owetSan] Oyeent f. 'kitchen,* M,WW. \L. coanina] 

-f owMe n. sentence, decru, fate. oyeenVinung f . service in the kitchen, NC 279. 

ewldegledd (i) n. speseh, song, Wa66. ^og«l m. 'cudgel,* BD8,CP. • " 

emldel%aBspeechiess,M{y):intestaU,EC2l2. e^dde pret 3 Bg. of c^tSan. 

— ' — ewlelman {m, e, i, yi to torment, aMict, ^ungsoldniig 

mortify, destroy, kiU, Bl,VPs; AO,CB. o^e L y. oa. II.=oSo 

I'quelm*] For oompoundB t. owylm-. o^ f. tub, vat, cask, bushel, AS, ['keeve*] -^ 

owlf erllce zealously, BB 122*. cyf BBMciefes 

ewttd (y) mfn. destruction, death, pestHenee, e^ m. tub, bucket. 

murrain, [owelan] ofgan, o^glingssclegan, oytning 

cwOdbAre deadly, dangerous, pestiferous. +«ygd = +oid; +e9gBdiieB = +oIgedneB 

adv. -bterlloe. oyloan 'ructare,* OEG20*. 

«wUdberendlie (▼) deatOy, NC279. eyld = (1) oild ; (2) oeald 

ewUdafldd nm. dduge, CP828>*. oyldfaru f. carrying of children, M. 

±ew|]dfiil (y) deadly, OEG. e3rle>>4oiele 

owUdrof deadly, savage. Ex 1 W. cylen f . * kiln, * oven, Cp, W W ' ' 

owllnmii=owielmaa eyl«VBnlB=oeletSonie; cytow=oyla 

ewllV pros. 3 Bg. of cwelaiL ^Un ^o^len 

-ewlnan t. a-o. ; -«wlneaB ▼. ft-c ^U t shn, leather bottle, flagon, vessel, censer ^ 

e«lB« = owene ^,AO,CP. 

+ewls conspiracy, OEG49(US. cyUe I. mf. =oylL II. soieUe 

V. un-o. QyUfjrlllng f. act of filling a bottU, GD250^. 

ewlBt pree. 2 Bg. of eweSan. €grln=cylen 

ewtV L (alBO owitSa) m. 6eOy, i0om6. [Ooth, eylu spotted, speckled, WW lez^. 

kwiSns] II. jpree. 3 Bg. of cweCan. 0ym imperai. of oaman. 

ewlVan to bewail : accuse, LL. eymlMlA = oimbala 

ewtVe = owide eyme (i) m. coming, arrival, advent, approaehf . 
ewtSeulie natural, WW412«. Bo,MtR ; AO,CP. ['come*] 

ewlVnes f. complaint, lament, GD. €pn9 (I) comely, lovely, glorious, splendid. 

ewtSst pres. 2 aa. of cweSa n. eymed n. germander, Lod.'- — 

mMvLtig{qn')t.complai7U,WW^S^. eymtnl. mn.* cumin,* CP,Mt. [L.] II. pp. 
ewolen pp. of owelan. of oaman. III. (and cymin)=oimmin 

-ewolftan ▼. for-o. Q^mliot * comely, * lovely, splendid, Ps. adv.- 
cwfoi pret. 3 Bg. of ouman. -lioe, B. 

ewue, owuoa = owic o^mnes f . fastidiousness, daintiness, Gl. 

(eo, i) n. what is chewed, cud, M : eymst pres. 2 sg., oyin(e)tS pres. 3 sg. of 

resin of trees, hwit o. chewing gum, mastic ouman 

owyetB^wio ; ewyd-scwed-, owid-, owidd- eyn = ( 1 ) oynn ; (2) cinn 

ewydele f. pustule, tumour, boiL i^na gp. of o&. 

ewyld^s^wild eyiMan as. of sb. smaU bundle, bunchf (BT) 

ewyldBeten f . first ho urs of night, Gl. Lod 2*68'*. 

ewyUlU m. evening, WW. [ON. kveld] ±oynd (u8a.+ ) nf . nature, * kind, * (* t-e«iti4e'), 

ewylb m. weU, spring, KC2-205**. [6er. property, ouality,Bl,Ou,Meti character. Bo z 

qneDe] nder, Ph : (+ )race, species, Bl,BoJSl : (+ ) 




origin, generation, hiriht +Hy : (+) ojf* 

spring : (+) ^geniiaiia,* M, 
+^iidbde f. book of Oeinuis, 

-eynde natmrait native, innate, B,Bo,WW; 

M,AO,CP : proper, fitting. Met : lawful, 

rightful, Chr,Met. Vkind,* U-eunde*] 
-^ndelle *lniMJ<y,' natural, innaU, Bo,Led i 

generative, of generation, LL7[64] : proper, 

euitable. Bo : lataful, BE. adv. -Hce, Bo. 
+eynd]lm n. womh : pL ^genitalia, * 
+oyndne8 I. nation i produce, inorea^e, 


+eyiidH», -a f. =oynd 
cyne = oine IL ; cj^Ba s oene 
eyneband m. diadem, NG279. 
oynebaaldf royaUy bM, very brave, 
eynebMTB (a*) n. royal child, Chriet. 
cynelioreii royalty bom, M. 
eynebdl f. king'e compensation, LL. 
eynebotl n. palace, M. 
eynMyBB n. royal race, pedigree or family, 

-^n«ddm (oyning*. Da) m. royal dignity, 

kingly rule, government, Chr,Ol; AO : royal 

ordinance or law : * kingdom^ {^Irindom*), 

royal possessions. 
oyne-^Mrd, -gerd=07ner7rd 
eynefewAdu np. royal robes, BBSS'*, 
•ynaglflrela m. royairobe, Mbt36** (e*). 
eynegUd n. king's compensation, LL462. 
eynegodf noble, weU-bom, exoelUnt. 
oynegoldf n. regal gold, crown. 
eyne-^yrd, •ffe(a)rd*f. sceptre, M, 
eynehftd m. leingly honour, state, or dignity^ 

eynehim m. royal manor, KG. 
eyne-halm, -healm m. diadem, royal orown^ 

M : royal povoer, 
eynehelmlan to crown, ZDA 20-37. 
eynehUlford m. hege lard, king. 
oynthM B. king's palace, GPH39L 
-eyaello I. kingly, royal, CP : pukUe, adv. 

•Hoe. II.=oynlic 
«yBellCB68 f. kingliness, BE 194**. 
eyBeniBBB m. royal personage, NG. 
eyBOTtB = oynren 
eyaerlce (cyning-) n. rule, sovereignty, Ckr, 

Cl;CP : region, nation, AO. i*kinrick,' 

cynetlht n. royal prerogative, £0202". 
cyBwotf noble, renowned. 
-ayBMelpa m. royalty, majesty, kingly power, 

oyBM«tl n. throne, capital dty, AO. 
ayBestdl m. throne, royal dviUing, dty, M, 

eyBMtrAt f. public road, WW71«. 
oyBetSrymllc very glorious, NC279. 
eyBaVlyiBmt m. royal glory, majesty, power : 

kingly host. Da 706. 

eyB«wft96B [-waden?] of royal purple, 
TC638. :r^ f I— 

eyaawlie f. state, commonwealth. 

eyaewlWe f. royal diadem, Gl. 
oyBeword n. fitting word, Rd44^. [cynn] 
oyaewyrlfe noble, kingly, A8-308, MF167. 
oyBf , oynigMoyning 
eyalBg m. 'king,* ruler, Bo,Bl,Chr; ^,A0/ 

CP : Chd, Christ, Bl,OST : (f) Satan. 
eyBlBgAVe man entitled to take oath as a 

king's thane, LL112[54bh]. 
eyalBge f . queen, Bl 13*. ^^ 
eyalBgaiwyrt f. marjoram, WW301*'. 
eyalBgteonB f. king's sustenance, provision' 

for the king's household, 
eyBlBggeBfna m. great feud. El 6 10. ^^ 
cyBlBgf iTMrdH Bp. royal banquet, WW 

OyBllo fitting, proper, convenient, becoming, 

sufficienL adv. -lioe. 
oyBB I. (i) n. kind, sort,rank,quality : family p* 

gemeratiiont offspring, pedigree, kin, race, 

people, JE,Bl,CP,Cir : gender, sex, ^,Lcd : 

propriety, etiquette, II. adj. becoming^ 

proper, suitable, CP. 
+iqriin = +oynd; eyBB-aoena- 
oyBBig fMMMe, of good family , OEG. 
cyBBrace aaat f^ enealoay, NG. 
eyBTdB, ( ^yDrC^ (EPa) b. kindred, family,- 

generation, posterity, stock, CP : kind, 

eyaratu a generation, Mt (pref.). 

oyo, oy p = ceo, oypp ; ofp* = <dep- 
e^pa m. I. (aLso cype) I. vessel, basket, Lk^ 

OEQ. Vkipe'] n. (e, I) m. chapman, 

trader, merchanl, &. 
±ofpaB (i) to traffic, buy, ssU, barter. [Oer* 


+0ype adj. for sak^ M, 
c$pe- = ceap-, oiepe- 
e^pedmg m. market day, OEG. 
O^eBd m. one who seUs, merchanL 
eypera m. spawning salmon, Mbt WK" 
oyporeB {M) = oypren ; eypp = oipp 
oypraB made of copper, copper, AO. [oopor] 
eypreMe f. oypress, Lcd3*118'^ [L.] 
cyp8aB = cyspan ; oyr- = oer-, oier*, cir- 
eyre m. choice, free wiU, JR. [^cttre*]*^— — 
eyre&9 m. oaXh swam by an accused man and 

by other chosen persons, v. LL 2*293. 
esrrent n. state of dependence on a lord whom 

a person has chosen? : person in such a staie 

(v. BT and NC279). 
eyreB = (l) ceren, (2) oym 
eyrt m. cutting, cutting off, JE : what is cut ojf* 


oyriel m. little stake, peg, WW 126». 
ejfTtet m. gourd. [Oer. kurbis] 
eyrfV pres. 3 eg. of oeorf an. 
eyrtge v. wiel-c. 

eyrin, cym (e) t 'chum,* WW.- 
eyrBel (i) mn. (nap. cymlu) seed, * kernel,* 

pip, ^,Led : (enlarged) gland, swdUng, 

Led. [oom] 




+«yrnod, +oyTnlod granvJated, rough, 0£6. 

4qfTps = cirpe 

eyiriol the Kffrit Slesscm, A8-320. 

— ' (SS!^^ ^' ^^^^^^-^^^^ WW 138. [oiria; X.] 

+?fyran to shorten. 
" — • eyrtal m. (man^e) tunie, eoaty JS^AO : 
{tooman^a) gown, Ct [*kiriU') 
^yrten I. fair, comely, iB : inteUigent adv. 
•Boe (and oyrteHoe) elegantly, neaHy, fairly, 
weU, exactly, II. omatnentf WW216'. 
^^yitonet (e^) f. elegance, beauty, 
±0yrteii]Aoan (e^) to beautify, make ekgani, 

eytt pros. 3 sg. of oyrran. 
ey»-, cfB' =oyee-, oeo »-, oi e- 

efBeHmt n. cheeee vol, WWSTS**. 

cfsehwfig n. tohey, Lgd 110b. 

^fktfSBt (LL456^T)=oy8ef»t 

eflgeriuin n. rennet. 

oyalrbtein := oiriabfiam 

9pty%h n. rennet. Led. [^eheeeeUp*] 

±Qyspaii tofeUer, bind, [ocMp] 

....^ ±«yMaii (o ^hisa, ' JS,BH,Mt. [oom] 

cyMtteee n. jneee of cAeeee. 

^yvt I. fm,free'Wiu, ehoiee, eketion : (w. gp.) 

the beet of anything, the choicest, M : pieked 

host : moral excellence, virtue, goodness, CP, 

JR : generosity, munificence, CP. [oSomh] 

II* ^GlBt I. 

efBt pros. 3 sg. of oSoBan. 

€ysten to sp^td, lay out, {ra< fA< mine of, 

<iyrtbimn = oiltenbeam 

^fft«l (scist-) f. cAe^tnnl-lree. 

eystttlfoe = oystiglioe 

oytttan (e) to |nc/ «n a cojfln, W. [eeit] 

^ — 0ystig cAarito^le» liberal, generous, CP; M : 

ffirtuous, good, [^custi*] adv. -fioe. 

cjrstignes, oystines f. liberality, bounty, good' 
ness, M : abundance, 

eiyvaum worthless, bad, Gnr 1004. 

oy8tllo=oyBtig: cy8tnes=oy8tigne0 

c^<V = oieeV pres. 3 sg. of oSosan. 

efswueii f . Ae last week in which cheese was 

' allowed to be eaten before Lent. 

^j^swyrhte f. (female) cheese-maker, LL 

«fta m. *kite,' bittern, Cp, 

e^e (§) f. cottage, hut, cabin, M : cell, cubide, 

oytel^soitel; •yt«re=citere 

ejrtwer m. weir for catching fish. 

c99 = {l)cfiSiS, (2)or» 
" — ±e9lfaii to proclaim, utter, make known, 
show forth, tell, relate, Cp,Cr,Jn;CP i 
prove, show, testify, confess, Mt,VPs : 
exercise, perform, practise, B \ (+) confirm, 
LL : (+) make celebrated, wundor o. per- 
form a mi^tacU. [*l»(Ae'; ctiC] 

+«fV0d]i« L testimony, LPs 121*. 

e^ere m. witness, martyr, M. 

cf9t$ known : (+) knowing, aware of, DR. 

^tttng f. statement, narration, GD86^^ 

±09t$lAcaii to become known. 

c^ttng = oy Ving 

±(^068 i testimony : testament (often of 
Old and New Test.), M : knowledge, 

e^Vi, cpSfSu f. kinship, relationship : *kith,*< 
kinsfolk, feUow-countrymen, neighbours, 
Lk : acquaintance, friendship : {±) native 
land, home, Bo;AO,CP : knowledge, 
familiarity, ^JBH. 

Qywes- = cyfe0- 

o^wK pres. 3 sg. of oSowan. 

e^woDg = odownng 

ititdoe (female deer), M, 

4M I. («) f. (nap. d&da, dAde) *deed,r 
action, transaction, event, M,B,BI,VP0. 

dSdbana m. murderer, LL266[28]. 

dAd-bSta (M), -bStere m. a penitent. 

dAdbCtan to atone for, make amends, be 
penitent, repent, M. [dfidbot] 

dMbMDM f. penitence. 

dAdbdt f. amends, atonement, repentonM, 
penitence, Mt ; AO. [*deedbate *] 

dAdbdtUlitlnf f. mitigation of penance, 

d«db6tBM = dMbetnee 

dAdoine bold in deed, B 1645. 

dAdfrom energetic, PPslOO*. 

dAdtrumat m. doer of deeds (good or hedU 

dAdhata m. ravager, B276. 

dAdhwastf energetic, bold. 

dAdlata m. sluggard. 

dAdlten n. recompense. Ex 263. 

dAdllo aUive, ^Gb. 

dAdon =dydon pret. pL of d5n. 

dAdrdtf bold in deeds, valiant. 

dAdiofla (CB257)=dea9souaT 

dAdweoro n. mighty work. Ex 675. 


i:dflBttan to put in order, arrange, M,CP. 

+d9ft6 mild, gentle, meek, Mt. VdafiU 

+d8BtteIfe0, -f dteftfioe ftUy, in moderation, 
in season, CP. 

dSBg m. ffs. deges ; nap. dagas day, lifetime, 
M,Mt,Mk; AO,CP. andlangne d. aU day 
long. dsBges, or on d. A^ day. t5 d., t5 
dnge to-day. d. &t the day before, same 
dcBge one day. ofer midne d. aftertuHmf 
on nis diege in his time, dsges and nibtes 
by day and by night, lange on d. far 
on, late in the day. emnibtes d. equinox. 
eaUe dagas (Huxtys, Mt : Last Day, Bl : 
name of the rune for d. 

dngcandel (o*)t f. sun. 

dflsgottV open, dear as the day. 

dAge f. {female) bread maker. 


dSBgehwele daily. 




dasf entto of this day, 

d»f 68 adv. y. d»g. 

d8Bf«-iag«, -«ge n. *da%nf,' Led,WW. 

+d»g«9 preB. 3 sff. dares? braves? W220*'. 

dsBgfflBSUn n. a £iy*sfati. 

daBgfdonn f. day^s provision, EC226*. 

dagllluttre adv. dearly, as day, Gn665. 

dnghryne = degiyne 

dsBf hwim adv. diaily. 

dnf^wimtte of day, daily, M, adr. -fioe, 

dflBghwn f. (pL) days, UfeiifM, B2726. 

dsBghwonlleo = dteghwamlloe 

dsBglang (o*) lasting a day, SolSOI. 

dsBglanges adv. during a day, M, 

dmglio = dflBghwamlic 

dSBgmAl nm. horologe, dial 

dSBiniAlspntt f. gnomon of a dial, WW126'^ 

togmilic toww m. horoscope-observer, as- 
trologer, WW. 

dSBgmete m. breakfast, dinner, WW267U. 


d8Bff-rM (or ? dagred) (^,CP) -red n. day- 
break, daum, Lk. [ dayred^] 

dsBgrMltoma m. light of dawn, NC280. 

dsegrMUe belonging to morning, early. 

dngrMsang m. matins, RB,CM. 

tegrMwdinat >a- daum. 

ds^rlmt n. number of days. 

daBgrtma m. daum, daybreak, morning, jB. 

dsBginrn* daily, of a day, WW224>*. 

dttisang m. daiiu service, W290**. 

daogioeald m? {shitild by day?) sun. Ex 70. 

dSBgiteorra m. ^daystar,* morning star, ^, 

dflBgiwAsendo np. a day* s food, LL(220**). 

dagtid f . day-time, time, period. 

dflBftldum by day, in the day-time. 

dflBitlma m. dakf-time, dJay, LPs 120*. 

dagVerlle of the day, of to-day, daily, present, 

dSBgVtfn f . interval of a day, LoD. 

dflBgVcriie adj. for use by day, every-day, CM. 

d»gw«BOcan fp. day-watches, WW 110**. 

dBBfweard m. day-waiehman, WW 110**. 

dSBgweoro n. work of a day, fixed or stated 
service. Ex : day-time, [''daytvork*] 

dttgweofl^uiig f. feast day. El 1234. 

dAgwUla wished for day, Gbn2776. 

dM^wlne n? day s pay, Gl. 

dSBgwIst f. food, meal, JE. 

dagwdmat =dngredwdma 

dBDl I, nap. dalu n. ^dale, * valley, gorge, abyss, 
AO. II. pret. 3 ag. of delan. 

-dfll (a) mn. (p. djel-as, -e) portion, part, 
share, lot, Cp,Bl,€hi{k),VPs;AO,CP i 
division, separation, ^(a.) : quantity, 
amount. Led : region, district, AO. d. 
wintra a good number of years, be d£le 
in part, partly, be healfam dele by half. 
be finigam dAle at dU, to any extent, be 
Mm dSle to that extent, oyoan be dftle 
to make a partial or *ex parte* statement. 

some d£le, be ramum dAle parUy : part of 

speech, word, MQr. [^deal*] 
±dAlan to divide, part, separate, share. Da ; 

M,CP : bestow, distribute, dispense, spends 

hand over to, An,Mk : take part in, thare 

with, Oen : be divided, fhilde, earfo^e 

dAlan to fight, contend, ['deal*} 
+dAledllee separately. 
dAlend m. divider, Lkl2«. 
dAlve m. divider, distributor, WW : aoeht, 

negodator, jB : ahnsgiver, M. [^deeuer*] 
dattng f. dividing, sharing, HGl423. 
+d«IUuid = +dalkuid 
dAUtas deficient, unskilled : destitute of^ 

ddUmAlum adv. by parts or pieces, M. 
dAl-neoni*, -nym- "= dShum- 
dftlnes f . sharxng out. 

dAlnlmend m. sharer, participator, M : par- 
ticiple, i£Gs. [Oer. teilnehmend] 
dAInlmendnes f. participation, BJPsl2r*. 
dAlnlmung f. participation, portion, share. 
dAlnumelnei = d&lnimendnee 
dAm-, d»n- = dSm-, den- ; dAp = dSop 
daare v. daru; diBrne^dienie 
dserst, dsrate (e) f. leaven, NG,DR : (pL) 

dregs, refuse, Lcd{e),Ps. I'drasl*] 
+d»rft6d leavened, fermented, NG. 
dfiK, d£wig=dtetS, dSawig 
+daf en L n. what is fitting, GD84*. li. 6e- 

coming, suitable, fit, proper. 
+dafenlan (often impen.) to beseem, b0t, 

be right, M. 
+dafenlle fit, becoming, proper, «ttito6fe» 

rigJU adv. -lice. 
6Ml0iiStonm t iU time, opportunity. 
+dafllo=:+daienlio; datn-sdafen- 
+daf nlendUe = +dafenlio 
dig m? (dah) 'dough,* Led : mass of metal, 
dagas, dages v. d»g. 

daglan to dawn, be day, BH ; M. ['daw*] 
^MJgungi. day -break, dawn, BK, ondagunge 

€U daybreak. 
dAh, dai=dag, dftl 
dale m. bracetet, brooch. 
dalf (NG)=dealf pret. 3 eg. of delfan. 
dallM (T for *dedaliB0) 'dedaleus,* WW 221*. 
+dAlland n. land under joint ownership, 

common land divided into strips, v. iJli 

dilmAd f. meadow-land held in common and 

apportioned between the holders, KG 3*200*. 
dalmattoe? f. dalmatic (vestment), ANB 

daln V. d»l; daraV, dareS^daroC 
darlan to lurk, be hidden, ^L23*'*. 
daroVt m* dart, spear, javelin. darolSa l&f 

those left by spears, survivors of a batUe. 
daroVhSBbbende spear-bearing, Jni<68. 
darotn&cende (etS) mp. spear-warriors. 
dardtoeeaft (deoretS-) m. javelin shaft. 

Gen 1984. 
daru f. gdB. d»re injury, hurt, damage, 

calamity, M. 




dalirum m. (indeoL) dote. 

diS 'bloma,' moM of metal, WWUl**. 
Dfttmo adj. of David {p9(dms). 
' dtad (±) 'dead/ JS,B,Mt; AO,CP : torpid, 

duU, d. bl5d congealed blood. 

dtatfboren sUU-bom, Lcd 1-206. 
±dtadiaii to die, JnL. [' dead '1 
dtadHo eubfeet to death, mortal, periehdbU, 

M : eaiMtn^ deaih, *deadljf,* fatal, AO : 

about to die, ady. -Koe. 
dtadrsBgel n. shroud, WW87*. [hnegll 
dfedtprtng m. vleer, Lod. 
d«MlwyUe barren, A026». 
dtef I. 'deaf,* Mt,Jtd; VPfl : empiy, barren. 

CP411**. IL pret. 3 eg. of dfilao. 
-dtaften y . a-d. ; tfiafUo = dSlelio 
dtefu f. deafness, Lod. 
deaf s=daBg 
dtag I. Ave, «nflre, u^^fFlf : *dye,* fTlf. 

II. pres. 3 8g. of dogan. 

diagf ade ^ottty, WW161*^ [d«aw] 
±dtaislan to *due,* OBQ. 
diagol, dSacol- =diegol, di^ol- 
dtagung f . "dying, ' colouring, M, 
dflagwyrmede goviy, WW 161». [dSaw] 
dtah=deag I. and II. 
dtahl, deal =:(%ol, deaU 
daalf pret. 3 Bg. of delfan. 
daaUf proud, exuUing, bM, renowned. 
daar prea. 3 sg. of *dixrran. 
dearo, deare6=deoro, darotS 
dMrf I. pret. 3 sg. of deorfan. II. bold, NG. 
daarfUo bold, presumptuous, NO. 
dearfMripe m. boldness, presumption, NO 
daam-nnga, -iinge (e*, i*) secretly, privately, 

insidiously, M,AO,CF. 
dearr prea. 3 sg. of *diirran. 
deanta (Ws)=daatite 
>dto« (So) m. * death, ' dying, An,Bo,Mti iJ9 : 

cause of death, Bl im-pX. 'manes,* ghosts. 
dte«-=rd«ad- (y. ES 39-324). 
dMVbAre deadly, CP. 
dCaffibArUo (dSad-) deadly. 
dtoSbtaottlgende bodinq death. 
dMtfMam tn. death-bringing tree, Qxir638. 
dtaiVbeddt n. bed of death, grave. 
dfeVborande /oloj, deadly, CP. 
diafVblni'ea f. deadliness, destruetiveness, 

dMVowalut f. deadly throe, agony : death by 

dtoVowaatan m. death by violence, B 1670. 
dfoHewylmende kiUed. 
dteMsBgt m. death-dajf. 
dteManuf f. vaUeu of death. 
dtaMrapo m. death-blaw. Ex 496. 
d«an»ir« doomed to death, B860. 
dteVflran f. deadly sin, Ce1207. 
diaQgedftI n. separation of body itnd soul by 

death, Gi7936. 

dMVgodaa mp. infernal deUies, trW447'». 


dtainiff m. deadly flame, Gb983. 

dialSlIe 'deathly,* mortal, Bl : deadiy : dead. 

diatnionaa f. mortality, mortal state : deadli' 

dtathnagan n. deadly band, Gtr867. 
dtalCrnead (-e*) n. sepulchre, Ph48. 
dtatfrfla m. sudden death, Ak997. 
d<a<r m n. ththing taken from the dead, 

spoils, WW397». 

dtattriow murderous, fierce. Air 1316. 
dtai9-«c0a» -soufa m. death-shadow, spirit of 

death, deifH. 

dfoltfoyld f. erime worthy of death, LL130'. 
dtaHioyldlg (LL), dtedBynnig (NG) con- 
demned to death. 
dtoltealat m. deaih-haU, heU. 
dtaltslega m. death-stroke, Rd6^^. 
dtaVipara n. deadly spear, Rd4". 
dtatdtada m. plau of death. Ex 589. 
dta^ornnlgnas f . guiltiness of death, DR. 
dtatnfinuiif f. exequies, last offices to the 

dead, funeral. 

dtatHmif m. plain of death, AirlOOS. 
dia1Sw«g« n- deadly cup, Gn964. [wAge] 
dtelTwIrtg dead, B2126. 
dfotMe n. dwelling of death, B 1275. 
dtoVwyrd i.faU, death, WW408». 
dtaw mn. *dew,* M,CF,YPs. 
+dfew devay. 

dfowdrfas m./an ofdewf Dji2n. tdrSoaan] 
dtowlg {&, 6) 'dewy,* Ex. 
dtewlf andlfe? dewy, HGl408. 
dtawlgf aVeraf dewy-feaihered. 
dfowung f. dew, EHyT**. 
dfowwyrm m. 'dew-worm,* ring-worm^ 

tetter, Le&. 
daoan m. one who has charge of ten monks. 
±dieaii to smear, plaster. 
dacanbid m. office of a *deoan. ' 
daoanon = deoan 
Daeambrli m. December. 
daolInlaB to decline, i£Gs. 
deoDnlgendlle subject to inflection, iEGB. 
deellnung f. declension, A 8-313'*. 
dM I. (A) =dM. II. =dgad 
dida (KGl) =dyde pret. 3 sg. of d6n. 
+dSf a (doefe onoe, in NG) befitting, suitable, 
proper : meek, gentle, kindly, also ady. 
+ MBUcftt, becoming, proper, ady. -Hoe, BH. 
daf an- = dafen • ; dUio = dSfelio 
+d§fnaa f. mildness, gerUkness, LPs 89^. 
+daftlb»a =+dnftlice; dag=dieg 
dig (NG) =d6ag prea. 3 sg. of dugan. 
dig- = dSag-, dieg-, dig- ; dagn =oegn 
dahtar ds. of dohtor. 
dehtnang (KGl) = dihtnnng ; del = d»l 
dala nap. of delu. 
4-dalf n. digging, excavation, iS),AO : what is 

dug, trench, quarry, canal, Mdf . 
delfan* to * delve* dig, dig out, burrow, M, - 

^0,6^ ;A0 I bury. 


detforein. dt^grer, Bol40^. dtoful?=kleofol 

delfln dolj^in, WW293». [L.] dtog pret. 3 sg. of d^aiL 

delfben n. spade, WW. dtohl, deogol=£di^ol 

delf ung f . digging, WW U9^*. ±d«oii (A) to suck, JAW 19. 

+ddlglan = +tekpAn dtop I. *deep,* profound, Ps : awful, mffs» — 

dell nm. dell, hSlow, dale, BH ; Mdf. terious, GP : (f) Aetnova, Ou,Jul i serious, 

delu f. tea^ nipple, CP405^. [OHO. till] MJemn, earnest, Ex. d. ceap iU^A price, 

dem = demm great price. II. n. depth, abyss, Sx,Mi : 
dSnui m. judge, nder, M,CP. the deep, sea, Lh, 

■ ±d9mMn to ^ deem* Ci-deme'), consider, think, dAopt adv. deeply, thoroughly, entirely , 

estimate, compute, ^,BH '.judge, determine, earnestly, solemnly, Ps. 

decide, decree, sentence, condemn, BH,0,SI; diophyogendet dSophydigt deeply medi- 

OF : assign : (f) praise, glorify : (f) tell, tating, pensive. 

declare, FAp. dtopUn to get deep, LcD 126b. 

d9m9dao that may be judged, QD23e^. dtopUe deep, profound, thorough, funda', 
dtaiandt m. judge, arbiter. menial, M,CP : gn^wms. adv. -lioe 'deeply,* 

dimere m. judge, MtL{oe). [*deemer'] Bo,WW. 

demm m. damage, injury, loss, mirforfune, d^oipnmt.depth,abyss,LPs,Nic: profundity, 

AO,CP. niystery, subOeiy, M. [' deepness *] 

^•miDAii V. for-d. dSopVanool contemplative, very thoughtful, 
d«mon demon, devil, DR. W248^; A8-329. adv. -lioe. 

den =denn; dSn =d6n pp. of ddn. dAor I. n. animal, beast (uau. wild), Lk,Met, 
D9tadagu,t the 'Dane taw,' law for the pari WW;M,CP : 'deer,' reindeer, AO. II. 

of England occupied by the Danes, LL. brave, bM, An,8ot i ferocious, B : grievous, 

den-MIre, -berende a. swine-pasture, Mdf. severe, violent, Da,aol. I'dear*] III. » 
dene = denu deore 

Dene mp. the * Danes, * Chr ; AO. dforan = d^aa 

deneland (») valley. dtorioren of noble birth, LL 104r34.1]. 

Denemearc (e^, tf, e*) Denm% f. Denmark, deoro 'dark,* obscure, gloomy, B,Ps : sad,- 
dengan (ncg) to beat, strike, NC281. cheerless : sinister, wicked, Lk,8aL adv. 

denge=dyncge deoroe. 

DenlM ^Danish,* Chr. wk. nap. Vft deoreegrAg dorl; ^ey, WW. 

DeniBcan the Danes. deoroful dark, gloomy, 8c. {' darkfuU*] 

denn n. *(2en,' lair, cave, M; WW i swine- A^frnHM 'darkly,* horribly Joilly,GPH9!ll^. 

pasture, v. Mdf. deorenea f. 'darkness,* 8e22SK 

dennlan (n) to become slippery? ^CsBi^Zl. deoreung f. gloaming, twilight, M. 

deastpw f. place of pasture, BC3-144*^. dtoreynn n. race of animals, M. 

denu f. valley, vale, dale, ^,Lk,VPs; Mdf. diore I. 'dear,* beloved, Jul '.precious, eosUy, 

['dean*] valut^le. Bo : noble, exceUenL II. adv. 

dfof = deaf pret. 3 aa. of dufan. dearly, at great cost, Met,WW. II L adr. 

dtefel-, d§ofl-=deorol- fierc^y, cruelly, [deor II.] 

deof enlan = daf enian d toren of a ujild animaL 

dtefol mn. gs. deoflee, nap. deoflu, deofol, deore8aeeafl=darot$eoeaft 

a 'devil,' demon, false god, B,Mt,VPs ;A0: ±deort n. labour : difficulty, hardshipi 

the devil, CP,Jn,Jul; ^ : diabolical person, trouble, danger, M. 

JnLR. [L. diabolus] dtorfald m. enclosure for wild beasts, WW 
dtefolcnett m. witchcraft, AO. 201*^. 

dfotolcund)len<iMA, JudOI. ±deoi1an' to exert oneself, labour, ^ i bein 
dtefoldsd f. fiendish deed. Da 18. peril, perish, be wrecked, AO. ['derve*'\ 

dtofol-gield (AO,GP), -gild, .geld (AO,VHy), dtortellen made of hides, WW328U. 

-gyld (i£) n. devil-worship, idclatry : idol, +&eoftihtM free from trouble, Ql. 

image of the devU, M. +deorfnee f. trouble, tribulation, LPs 45*. 

dfofolglelda (y*) m. devil-worshipper, idala- dterfriV n. preservation of game, deer-pro- 

ter,Mm -70». tection, Chb 1086. 

dSofolgteldhOs n. idol temple, A0284*. +deorf8um troublesome, grievous, Chb 1103 ; 
dSofoigltsung (diwl-) f. unrighteous mam- 1005 (y). 

mon, LkL16^^. dforgfot n. gate for animals, Ct. 

dfofoUlc devilish, diabolical, of the devil, AS. dSorhege m. deer-fence, LL. 

['deviUy*] adv. -lioe. deortan (CRB)=derian 

diotolscin n. evU spirit, demon. dftorllc brave, renowned, B585. 

diofoisclpe m. Miofalry, NO 286. dCorllce 'dearly,* preciously, richly, SI s 
diofolsfioe possessed by devils, lunatic, M. sincerely, acceptably, AS 4^^. 

^ioiolAiocnvB f. demoniacal possession. dtorllng (i, y) m. 'darlina,* favourite, 
dSofolwItga m. unzard, magician. Da 128. minion, jE,Bo,CP : househM god. 




dtormodt cauragetms^ b M. 
dtornett n. hunting-net, WWISS". 
deornunga = deamunga 
deonterllce = dyrstelice 
dtertQn m. park, Gl. 
dtor-wicfVe (CP), -wutiSe {M)y 

precious, dear, valuable, eaeUy, 



dtonnryrVllo (eo*, u*) precious, valuabie. 

adv. -lioe splendidly, m i as a iking o] 

vahte, M. 
dterwyrVnes (n*) f. treasure, 
dMV (NG)=dSat$; dipaii=dypan 
ddpe = deop ; deppan = dyppan ; dir = d£or 
Ddra, DSre mp. Deirans, inhabitants^ of 

dcrten (w. d.) to damage. Mure, hunt. Bo; 

iE,AO,CP. [*defe»] 
derl^ndllo injurious, misekieiwus, nospioiw, 

hwrtful, M. 
dfrUng (NG)=ddor]iiig 
dcme, deme- = di6me, dyrne- 
dernc^elegvtctpo (demeleger-) m. aduUery, 

fornication, N. 
dernelegar adulterous, NG. adv. •en Ucen^ 

tioushf, NG. 
darnuni^a (NG) = deamunga 
derodlne m. scarlet dye, CPSa**. 
derste (VPsHdnnte 
derung t injury, GD. 
detig = dysig ; ditt v. d6iL 
d§9 1. 3 p. 8g. pree. of ddn. II. ^manipulus^ ' 

sheaf? EPS 126«. 

+diinaB to kiU, morHfy, DR,NG. 
dMng f. puUing to death, DR72". 
daintaii? to suck, LkR. 
diaeon m. * deacon,* minister, hoite, JB,BE, 

dIaooBgegyrela m. deacon*s robe, BHSO*. 
dfanonhM m. office of a deacon, M» 
dfaeonrooe m. dahnatiie, CM 723. 
dIaoonVtauiig f. office of a deacon, BH273^'. 

fe ml. *dike,* trench, ditch, moat, AO,BH, 

Chr; Ml Mdf : an earlkworh Ufith a trench, 
dibef t m. digger, M, 
±dlolaB to make a dyke or bank, 
diosceard n. breach of a dike, LL456[13]. 
iDoung f. construction of a dike, WW. 

dSBwalu f. batOf of a ditch? KC6-334S*. 
dide, didoii=dyde, dydcm (▼. dOn). 
dlegan to die, NR33. 

:i:dl6gellie0 (e» eo, i^, o') seoretky, AO,CP. 
diegaliifls f. privacy, secrecy, solitude, GP : 

hiding-place, recess, M (i) : secret, secret 

thought, mystery, AO,CP; M (f). 
dbdlc^D, -Uan to hide, cover, conceal, hide 
oneself, CP. 

diagol {&, €, §a, So, i, ^) I. adj. secret, hidden, 
obscure, unknown, deep, [for oompounds 

y. diegel-.] II. adT. secretly. III. n. eon- 
cealment, obscurity, secrecy, mystery : hidden 
place, grave, 

dI«golful (§1) mysterious, Rd801«. 

dlelf = dea]f pret. 3 sg. of delfan. 

dielgian = diWian 

diond m. sucUing, NG. [ddon] 

diere (y) *dear,* beloved, Lk : precious, 
costly, AO : noble, exceUent, 

^dlernaii (e, y) to keep secret, hide, restrain, 
repress, AO; M{y). Vdem*] 

dleme {m, e, y) I. hidden, secret, obscure, 
remote, BJEl,Lk ; CP : decei^ul, evil, magical, 
B,CP,Qen, ['ifem'] II. (y) n. secret, 

dlerno- = deme-, dyme- 

dfarra oomp. of diere, dSore. 


+di;gaii (9, f) to endure, survive, overcome, 

dlgel=diegol (wk. dlgla, digle). 

dl^el- =^egel- ; digl-, dihl-a^diegl-, dlegel- 


dlgol, dlgul, digol-=diegol, diegel- 

dihnlan = dihtnian 

dlht n. arrangement, disposal, deliberation, 
purpose, M : administraticn, office : direc- 
tion, command, prescription, M : conduct. 
Ml (+) piece of writing, composition, 
literary work, 

± dlhtan, dihUan to arrange, dispose, appoint, 
direct, dictate, impose, M^Q : compose, write, 
AS. ['dight'] 

dihtwe m. informant, eatpositor, WW s 
steward, M (— dihtnere) : one who dictates, 

dlhttaMtendng m. appointed f tut. 


dihtnere m. manager, steward, M. 

dlhtBlan = dihtlan 

± diht-nung, -ung f . ordering, disposition, 

dUe m. *dia,' anise, Gl,Mt,Lcd; C?. 

±dn9ilMtk to destroy, blotout, CP, ['dilghe* ; 

Oer. tilgen] 

dilfV pree. 3 sg. of delfan. 
dllglan (CP)=dnegian 
dnignef f. annihilation, destruction, Gl. 
dill, dim=dile, dimm 
dtnihlw of dark colour, 
dim-hot n., -hole f. place of concealment, M» 
dlmhOs n. prison, OEG. 
dlmllo (y) dim, cbseure, secret, hidden, M. 
dImm *dim,* dark, gloomy, obscure, Bo,Oen, 

Sat : bluf red, faint, MH : wicked : wretched, 


dimmlan to be or become dim. 
dlmnes (y) f. ^dimness,* darkness, obscurity, 

gloom, Lcd,VPs;M : evil : obscuration, 

moral obUqtiity, LL476[14] : a dark place, 
dlmicOa m. darkness, sin? An 141. 
dlncge=dynoge; diner =diiior 
ding I. T. dung I. II. = dung II. 
dlngiung f. manuring, WW 104*. 
dinlgT (A8*4.')0)=dung 
dinor m. a piece of money, MGn. [L. 





dIo.=d«o-, digs diowl- (NO)=(Uk)fol. 

dtppan = dyppan 

dlrlge dirge, ^vigilia,' CM. 

dMing (GP)=ddorliiig 

dirn- = diem-, dyrn- ; dls- = dys- 

dlK m. 'dish,* plaU, bowl, Ol,MU 

dliebareiul m. dish-bearer, seneJiehal, WW. 

disolpul m. 'disciple,* scholar, BE, Mi. 

dlfletpula/efiuOe disdpU, BH236M 

dlMlpuUiid m. 'disoiplehood,* BE. 

dlfo-t(«gn, 4S6n m. dish-servanit waiter, 

seneschal, steward, M. 
dl8g, dimg^dyBig 

dltm (6iam) m. 'vapor,* 'fumus,* ES41-324. 
dlima m., disme f ? muskf mossf 0£046« 

(A30123) : 'cassia,* P844> (v). 
dlitof m. 'distaff,* WW',m. 
dlwl-sdeofol; dob »=do f-, dop- 
d6o m. bastard son, WW. 
dooce f . ' dock, * sorrel. Led, 
6ocgnm,'dog,* OPE. 
ddolnetl n. bastard. 
ddefe ▼. +dSfe. 

d5eg, ddem» (NG)=d«g, dema 
ddere m. doer, worker, DR198*. 
do«9- = deaS- 
doten pp. of dufan. 
doflan (dobian) to be doting, Ql. 
dof ung f . stupidity, frenzy, madness, Gl. 
d6ger=ddgor; dogga=docga 
dogUn to endure? Rd 1*. 
dflgor mn. (da. ddgor and d6fl[ore) day, AO, 

dflgor-gerlm, -rimt n. series of days, time, 

allotted time of life. 
d6h = dag ; dohtar, dohter = dohtor 
dohta pret. 3 Bg. oi dugan. 
dohtig eompeitiU, good, valiant, 'doughty,* 

Ohr. [duganl 
dohtor f . gs. dohtor, da. dohtor, dehter, nap. 

±doh-k>r, -tra, -tru 'daughter,* Jit;MjLO, 

CP : female descendant, Jn. 
dohtOTBunu m. daughter* s son, grandson, 

dol I. adj. foolish, siUy, CP : presumptuous. 

[Ooth.dw9lji; Oer. ton] U.TLfoUy,CV. 
dolo = dalo ; dolotwaVu = dol^iwaSn 
doll en pp. of delfan. 
dolg (dom) nm. wound, sear, cut, sore : boil, 

tumour, M. 
dolgbenn f . wound. An 1399. 
dolgMt f. five or compensation for wounding, 

±do]glan to wound, Bd. 
dolgUp m. idle boasting, B609. 
dolgrano f. pellitory, LcD25a. 
dolgsealf f . poultice for a vxmnd, LoD. 
dolgslegat m. uxmnding blow. An. 
dolggwaH n., dolgswaVn f. scar, M. 

dolhdrene m. drink for a vfound, antidote. 
dolbsmeltas mp. linen bandages, WW 107**. 
dolhwundt wounded. 

dol-Uo audacious, rash, foolhardy, foolish, 
adv. -lloe, CP. 

dolnutnui = dnlmnnns 

doltcea'Sa m. feU destroyer, B479. 

doiselpo m. foUy, error, CP387*«. 

dolmieltM = domsmeltas 

dolsprAo 1 sitty talk, CP385*. 

dolwIUen I. rash, bold, Jul451. II. n. 
rtuhness, madness, Jul. 202. 

dolwlto n. pain of a woundf (BT), punish- 
merU of the wicked, pains of hellf (Tnpper), 

ddm m. 'doom,* judgment, ordeal, sentence,^ 
BE,JnL;M,CP : decree, law, ordinance, 
eutiom, M,YFs : justiu, equity, VPs : 
opinion, advice : choice, optwn, freewill : 
condition : authority, supremacy, majesty, 
power, might, Jn; AO : reputation, dignitff, 
alory, honour, splendour, AO : court, (ri- 
iuiuU, tissembly : meaning, interpretation, 

-dtai maao. abstract suffix =:^ state, condition, 
power, etc, as in frfioddoL 

dfimsMrn n. judgment-hall, tribunaL 

ddmboo f. code of laws, statute-book, manual 
of justice, MJjL. [* doombook * ] 

dfimdttg m. ' doomsday, * judgment-day, 

dftmHaiHtt mighty, renowned. 

domoro m. judge, BoJLL ; CP. [' doomer *] 

ddmern (M) =d6mern 

ddmfsBSttitMt, renoumed, mighty. 

domfsMtnes f. righteous judgment, LPs 100^ 

ddmgetenf ambilious : righteous. 

ddmhOs n. law-eouTt, tribunal, Gl. 

ddmhwsBt adj. eager for renown f strenuous 
in judgment? Cb428. 

dfiniUui to glorify, magnify. 

d&nlflo w^. of the day of judgment, 

ddmltait inglorious, powerless. 

ddmllc famous, glorious, praiseworthy : 
judicitJ, M : canonical, CM 268. ady. -fioe. 

domne mf. lord, Chb : nun, abbess, \L,] 

ddmsotl n. judgment-seat, tr ibuna l, JR. 

dSmsetUnd m. juriseonsuU, WW429*. 

dteiitdw f. tribunal, WU8» 

d6mwoortkuigt f . honour, glory. 

±d6ii anv. pres. pto. do(e)nde, pros. 2 sing.- 
ddst, 3 d£t), pret. sg. dyde, pi. dydon (», i)» 
pp. ddn to 'ao* {'i-do*), make, act, perform, 
Gu,MetJPs; MJlO,CP : cause (often fol- 
lowed by the inf. with a passive sense or by 
tS»t), CP,VP8. hig dydon riou settan« 
theu caused kingdoms to be founded {^foun- 
ded kingdoms), AO : put, place, take (from 
or ta), 6P,MtJPs, d. dp pul athore, +dL 
up ^xihume I give, bestow, confer, Ps : eon 
stder, esteem i observe, hup : to avoid 
repetition of anoiher verb, JE,Qen,Mk : 
(+) arrive at, Obsl : (+) halt, encamp, cast 
anchor, Ch& : (+) reduce, Cbb^ <L t5 
hierran hade primoie, advance to a higher 
position, d. tO nahte annul, make of none 
effttA, d. t5 witanne cause to know, betre, 
furtSor, d. prefer. +d. for6 manifest, show 




tfnllG active. 

dop-«n6d, -miid f. diver, wakr-fovBH^ moor- 
lint cootf Ql. 
dopfugttl m. waUr-fowl, moorhen, Gl. 
-doppa V. dofe-d. ; -doppe v. lugol-d. 
doppettan (o |>hm^ tn, immeree, M, 
-dor n. (nap. dom, dor) door, ffoU : |nim. Led, 

Ps, [Y.'door'l 
&nmm.kwnbU-bee,EpJjcd,WW; M. Vdor'] 
dorf en pp. of deoif an. 
donia (%AO»CP) pret. 3 eg. of *diirran. 
dorwoard m. doorkeeper, N. 
dottni.Ae<Mio/a6oiZ,Lod. Vda*] 
-ddung ▼. on-d. 
doz dark-haired, dueku, Ql. 
doxlan to turn dark, £843-330. 
"draea m. dro^oa, sea-moneter, B,MHJPe : 

serpent, Pajre : the devil : etandard repre^ 

eenUng a d/ragcn or serpent, QPH392. 
drft^entae, -oente, -oonxe f. dragon-wori, 

LfOD. [X. draoontea] 
dnoee (N) = draca 
dNMan' to dread, fear, 
dr#f L f. expulsion. II. =dr&l 
±drftfaD to drive, drive out. 
drftfednat, drfifnee f. trouble, dietreee. 

drAf and L m. hunter, Cba 38. IL-drtf end 
+ drAg =: + drSag 

dnsf e f. drag net, WW. [dragan] 
dimg e/a prea. 3 ig. of dragan. 
dnegnetl n. drag-net, Ww. 
&rmM, dnegtS pret. 3 eg. of dragan. 
drAn, drano=:dran, drino 
drwp pret. 3 sg. of drepan. 
draeattg fuU of dregs, rubbishy, WW. 

[dflunte; *drasty*] 
drAI pres. 3 sg. of drAdan. 
.drif 1. 1 action of driving, Bl : 'drove,* herd, 

M : company, band, W; M. [drifan] 

IL prei. 3 ig. of drifan. IIL=drAf 
dragan' to drag, *draw,* JnL,CP : go. 
drigense = drioentee 
dr&n (A) t 'drone,* WW-, JR. 
drano pret. 3 eg. of drinoan. 
dn4^=dropa; drta=dry 
drtag, drMi pret. 3 sg. of drSogan. 
+drtagt (^) apparition, vision : troop, 

crowd, rabble : kanentaHon. 
drtahnlan (e) to * drain,* strain oui. Led. 
draaht pp. of dreocan. 
driam m. fo^, gladness, delight, ecstasy, 

mirth, rejotcing, Ct,Chrj3ai ; AO : melody, 

music, song, JB. [* dream*] 
drtamersBtt m. art of music. 
driamere m. musician. Bo 38*. 
driam-hssbbende}, -healdende{ happy, joy- 


drtamltast joyless, sad. 
dr Aamlto joyous, musical, Ql. 
drtamnas t singing, LPs 136*. 
drtap pret. 3 sg. of drSopan. 

drtarland inrushing tide? WW226". 

driarung =■ drSoning 

drtas pret. 3 sg. of drSosan. 


±draoeaB to vex, irritate, torment, oppress, 

aJllict, JS,Gen,OET. Vdreteh*] 
±draooadn« {M), dreocnng {Se) t tribula- 
tion, affliction. [* dretching'] 
drM =caAd pret. 3 sg. of drftdan. 
±drAlan to stir up, excite, disturb, trotU>le, 

vex, afflict, BJn;M,CP. [drSf; *dreve*] 
+drifadlte oppressive, A038i«. 
±driledn« f. tribulation, trouble, scandal 
drif end (A) m. disturber, RB. 
drefUanto'drtvei/ WW. 
drftfra m. disturber, RB 121». [drdf] 
dritttng 1 disturbance, WW lOO*. 
driga, dr^an=di;ge, dragan 
drttinlan (Jr0=dr«ahnian 
drstai pp. of dreooan. 
drim-sdrym-; drSmesdryme 
drane m. ' drt al;, ' drinking, draught, JRJUd ; 

CP drouming. [dnncan; * drench,* 

drenean to five to drink, to ply with drink, 

make drunk, Ps;CP ; submerge, drown, M. 

I drench*] 
drenoouppa f. drinking-oup, WW 329^*. 
draiiea-=dreno-, drino- 
drenoflMt m* flood, deluge. 
dranohorn m. drinking-horn , Ct 
drenahOs n. drinking-house, WW 186**. 
drang m. youth, warrior. Ma 149. Vdreng* i 


drioerwft = di^omf t 
draofonsdrifon pret. p]. of drifan. 
+drtog I. n. keeping (shoes) in good con- 
dition, M : usefulness f RB123*. td +d. 

gan to ease oneself, RB32*'. II. sober. 
±dr«ogan* to lead a (certotn) life, do, work, 

perform, fulfil, take fart in, conduct, OuJ^s ; 

AO. iride d. wanoer : be busy, employed ; 

experience, suffer, endure, sustain, tolerate. 

Ex ;CBi to enjoy. [* dree, * * t-dree *] 
+drioglAoan to put in order, regulaU, 

arrange, attend to, M. 
+drio^a (h) discreedy, carefuUy : meei^p 

modestly, humbly. 
sbdrtopan' to drop. 
drtoplan (6a) to drop, drip, trickle. 
drfopung f. dropping, VPs (5a). 
drtort m. blood, [drtosan] 
draord pret. 3 sg. of drftdan. 
drforffth bespattered unth gore, B485. 
dr iorglan = dreorigian 
drtor^ adj. ^bloody, blood-stained, B : cruel, 

grievous, Ou : sad, sorrotcful : headlongf 

\^ dreary*] adv. -lioe sorrowfully, M. 

\^ drearily*] 
drtorlgtarV sorrowful. Gal 109. 
drtorlghltor sad of countenance, Wa83. 
drtorigtan to be dreary, sad, M. 
drterigmad sad in mind, Gxk2804. 


4lrterifBM f. mMdnesM, aorrowi OD; JR. dropen I. pp. of dreopan. II. (B2801H 
['dreariness^] drepen pp. of drepMi. 

4r6oi111e, dr6orlio=drSoiig drop-ttg, -fih I. spoUed, speekkd^ LoD. 

drtenele m. dreary hall, Wi750. II. starUngt Ql. 

driorungt t fiMingj distiUing, dropping. drofUok to ' drop,* drip, tridUe, Ps. 
[dreoean] dropmAlvm drop im drop, M, 

^drtosan* tofaU, perish : become weeUt, fail dropptCMi, -ian to drop, drip, disUL 

4lrep=6rep7 droppetung, drop(p)uiig {Ps) t * dropping,* 

+drep m. stroke, blow, An 1446. dripping, fatting, M, 

±^9ptLD^toslrike,kill,overcome, B. [*drepe*] droren pp. of dreosaiL 

^^•t (y) m- ^^te, bhw, violent death, -i-drorsflle perishabU, NC293. 

+dretteii to consume, PPsTO^*. drte, drdBOA (M) m,, drOne (VPs) t sedi- 

4lrt-=drv- ment, lees, dregs, diri, ear^wats, WW. 

drif I. (±) 1 /ever, MkRI»; ANS84-324. [dieoean; 'dross'] 
II. (+) driving, movement : what is driven, drQga'8=drugo6 
stubble, ±draKUui to dry ii|», wither, [di^ge] 

-±di1tan^ to 'drive,* force, hunt, foUow «p, dmgoB piet pL of drSogan. 
pursue, JK,AO,CP : drive away, eaepel, Mk : drttfiyV f., dz^gotSa m. 'drought,* dryness, 
practise, carry on, RB; M : rush against, WW : dry gfo u nd, desert, LPs, [dryge] 
impel, drive fortoards or baekwards,Cr,KCi drikgviif srdrcigoS 
undergo. drub m. dustfBoxTL 17. 

MglV, dr%9 prea. 3 sg. of drSogan. drunoen I. fn. drunkenness, II. pp. of 

dtthfS pres. 3 eg. of drlogaa. drinoan. III. adj. 'drunken,* drunk. Be; 

drIm = drSam AO. 

± drtne ' drink, * beverage, Bo,Chr,0 : draught, druneenaf = dronoeimet 
Ml : drinking, earousoL dntBMiigMrD hankering after drink, drunk- 

•drtne- ▼. also dryno-, dreno-. en, 

drinea (m), drinoe (f)=:drino dnmeaaiyM m. dmnfeeniieM. 

+drtiiGa m. cup-bearer, NC293. druneenlg drunken, LkL 12^. 

drtnoan^ to drink, ^,Lk iAO,CP, pp. druneenlAw* SiM6riatM,' CPs2i^. 
drunoen refre^ed, elate {with drink), drunk, druneeniiM f. 'drunkenness,* inJoxioationt 

-\-&iiOMMk to swallow up, engulf , M. AOJjk;M. 

4lrine«re m. 'drinker,* drunkard, MtL, drunoamelpe m. drunkenness, 

4lriorig = drgori^ druneanwIUan drunken, CP401''. 

ds^ni^ falsehairf hairy roots of p^n»sf{V£) drunananneii a. drunken 

■\^dAtxxk^ ' eaeare,* Lcdl'^A^r i'drite*] Rd13^ 

4rftlBg f. 'egetHo* <80. venkris), A8-449. ±dninoiitaB to be drunk, M : ehik, drown, 

± drdt dirty, muddy, swampy, turbid, troubled, MtL. [' drunken * ] 
Led. [^drof* ; dx^faa] drunening f. drinking, LP822*. 

4r6fe grievously, severely, LcD 3*286^. dmsooii pret. pL of drinoan. 

+drotadn6t = + dref ednes druplam = dr<^ian 

drollg troubled, drupon pret. pL of drSopan. 

droflle troublesome, tormenting, druron pret. pL of drteaan. 

drog pret 3 eg. of dragan. drOslanf to droop, become Waggish, tiagnmntf 

droga f ? excrement, Lcd ll8b. turbid, [dreosan] 

drogen pp. of dreogan. drOt f. beloved one, DD291. 

<drdgon pret. pL of dragan. drttw-=drug- 

dr5h pret. 3 sg. of dragan. drf m. magician, soreerer, iB,AO : sorcery, 

drohnlan = drohtnian ICelL drCU] 

droht I. m? n^ cond ition of life, IL (6?) +dryoned afflicted, A0102^*. 
puU, draught, WW 486*^. drj^eraitt m. wittJicraft, magic, sorcery, M : 

ilrohtaV m. mode of 'M^» conduct : environ- magician* s apparatus, 
ment, society : MncRtion, employment, irfetmttig skUted in magic 
vocation. • 9 drforsBttlga m. sorcerer, 6027**. 

drohtlan (CP), droktnian {JR) to conduct dry6Cge=dryioge 
oneself, behave, asAdate unth, lead a life, dr^tan = (l) dmani (2) drSfan; drfg^drf 
live, continue, [dreogan] ± dragan (i) to 'dry, * dry up, rub dry, Bo,Jn ; 

drolit-(n)o9, -nungrrdroht-atS, -ung CP. 

•drolitnuBg f. comdition, way of life, reputa- dr^ge (i) 'dry,* A,Bo,Mi : parched, wUheredi 
Hon, conduct, CP. Lk, on drygum on dry foncL t5 dr^gnm 

drone = drano pret. 3 sg. of drinoan. to the dregs. 

4ropa m. a 'drop,* Az,Lk,VPsi AO,CP i dr^^nm {I) i. dryness, 
goutf Lcd : humour, eholer. di^aoted dry-shod, W203". 

+dropa m. a kind of date, OEG474. dr^bst pree. 2 sg. ol dreogan. 




4rfht (i)t i (±)mu2fo'iiMie, etrmy, companff, 

body of retainers, nation^ peopU^ Ex : pL 

men. l^dright*; dreogan] 
+dil^ta m. comrade. 
dryhtbealo = dryhtenbealo 
dnlitbearn n. princely youlh, B2035. 
dryhtewta f. noble queen^ Wid98. 

dryhtddm m. noble judgment, VPs. 

^toyht-ealdonnan (NO), -eaklor (WW) m. 

* paranymphus,* bridesman. 
diyhteB (i) m. rider, king, lord, prince, JR^B : 

Ihe Lord, Qod, Christ, CP. [* drigkfin *] 
dryhtanbiag (drihiin-) m. payment (to the 

hing) for kilUng a freeman, LL. 
ilrytatonboftlut n. great misfortyne. 
tfryht«nddmT m. rule, majesty, glory. 

An 1001. 
dryhtentaold (i) loyol, Qsn2282. 
dryhtenllo lorily : divine^ of ihe Lord^ M, 

ac^y. -lioe. 
drybtenweard m. lord, king^ Da 536. 
dryhtfolof n. people, troop. 
difhtg^M m. retainer, mrrior, Fnr44. 
dryhtgMtrCoik n. princely treasure, Rd 18*. 
dryhtfunoA m. ^warrior, retaimer, foUower, 

man : bridesman. 
dryhttn- = dry hten- 

diyhOtoV n. national song, hymn, El 342. 
dryfatllo (i) lordly, noble, B,Oen. d. gebed 

the Lord' 8 Prayer. [' drightlike*]. adT.-lioe. 
dryhtmami m. bridesman, Ql. 
dryhtnAtm m. princely trtaeure, B2483* 
dryhtnA m. tearrior's corpse, Bx 163. 
dzyhtielpat m. lordship, rulership, dignity : 

ffirtue, fxUour, heroic deeds. 
dryliti«let m. princeljf haU. 
dryhtolbbt i peace, htgh aUianee. 
+drytatu 'elemenkL,' OEG. 
dryhtwimend, -wemere (i) m. hndeimam^ 

OEG 1774. 
dnrbtwerasf mp. men, Meftains* 
dryhlvunleiidet living among ihe people, 
dryhtwurS (i) divine, M. 
dryhtwurlfai (i) m. theologian. 
difM pres. 3 sg. of drSogan. 
dsflogt t witch. 
di^llc magic, magical 
drj^man (6;=i) to sing aloud, r^oiee, LPs. 

[* dream*] 
di^nmiiii m. sorcerer, magician, M. 
^drfme (%), -f drymed melodious, harmani" 

ous, cheerful. 
drync m. ^ drink' {* drunk'), potion, draUf^ 

drinking, Cp. 
dryne- y. alflo drenc-, drino-. 
dryne^horn (i) drinking-horn. 
dryncelten (i) n. scot-ale, the ale given by a 

seUer to a buyer on concluding a bargain 

(BT). ▼. LL2-66. 
drynefSBt (i) n. drinking vessel 
di^egemet (i) n. a measure of drinkj NG 

+dryiionM f. immersion, baptiMn, ^L23b, 


drynowMg drunk, WW437*i. 

±dr^pan to let drop, cause to fall in drops^ 

jB,AO : moisten, M. ]^ drips'] 
dryref m. otasing, decline : faU^ deposit, 


drysllo tem6le, WW191*. 
drymilaiit to become obscure, gloomy. 
d:dryiiiaii to extinguish, NG. [droen] 
+diyBiiUui to vanish, disappear, LkL24". 
dubUan to 'dub; strike, knight {by sinking 

with a sword), CAr 1066b. 
±d1kfaii* to duck, *dive,' Itd;M : immerse, 

BH,Rd : (+) sink, be drowned, AO,CP. 
dflf adoppa m. pelican, LPs. V divedap ' ] 
diigan pres. 1, 3 dSag, dSah, pL dugon, jwet. 

dohte swY. (u0a. impen. ) to avail, be worth, 

be capable of, competent, or good for any- 

thing, MIL : thrive, be strong : be goodt vtf - 

iuous kind, Bj8at [*dow'] 
dii(«a9, -eS, -otS^duguS 
dugutS im. body of nobk retainers, people, 

men, nobles, Ae nobHity, Ex ; AC : host, 

multitude, army : the heavenly host : strength, 

power : exceUenee, worth, Hy; ^»A0 : mag- 

nifioence, valour, glory, majesty : assistance, 

gift I benefit, profit, toeaUh, prosperity, sal- 

vaiion, Cr : what is fit, or seemly, decorum. 

duguVoaldor m. chief man, president. 
duguVglfu (a*, e*) f. mun^lcence, Gl. 
dugulUe authoritative, chief, noble, OBQ. 

adv. -lioe. 
duguVmlht f . supreme power. 
duguVnAiiiara m. ^municeps,' OEG 7^'. 
duliia= dohte (▼. dugan). 
dulfon pret. pi. of ddfan. 
dulhrune = dolgrune 
dulmunasT m. a kind of warship, AO. 
dumb 'dumb,' silent, An,Mt; M,CP.^- - 
-dumblan y. a-d. 
dumbnct f. dumbness, NC282. 
dun = dunn 
dQn fm. nap. ddna, dflne 'down,* moor, 

height, hill, mountain, Bl,Chr,Mt; JR; Mdf. 

of dune down, downwards. 
daii-€Dlt, -elf, -ylf f. mountain elf. 
dQne down, downwards, [dun] 
dOnelf en f. mountain elf, WW 180*. 
danflftlgende descending, yP887*. 
dunfaalu dun-coloured, WW. 
dung I. i ds. dyng, ding prison. Ah 1272. 

II. f. 'dung,' WW. 
dungreg dark, dusky, WW246«. [dunn] 
dQnhunlg n. honey from downland, 

dunlendllc (danond-)/aUin^i{oim, totteHng, 

LPs 106" (BT). 
dttnland n. downland, open country. 
dOnlendlie mountainous. 
dflnllo of a mounkiin, mountaiU'dweUing 







dttBn *dun,* dingy brovm^ dark-coUmrtd, 

dunnUii to obscure, darhtn. Bo. [' dtin'] 
dunondllo v. duninidlio. 
DQniAtii mp. inhabUanti of ike nuwfilatiM 

of WaUs, LL 
dtbi-«en»ft n. luip. •■orafuJkitt-eoiK. 

durlQB prety pi. of deorfiuL 
durbwe (durere) m. folding door, Gl. 
diirnui*.(-f mNG)8wv. pres. 1, Sag. dear(r), 

2 doMBt, pL dnrron, tubj. dune, dvrre, 

pnt sg. dorate (a, y), pi. donton to ^aare,* 

venhirt, prtsume, Js^OtBH^,MeL 
dufitodl n. door-post, WW. 
duru (dure) i gi. dnra, da. and nftp. dura, 

duru *door,* aiu, toiektt, B,G; CP.Ghiu 
diiruhaldand (e*) doorhupsr, JnLlS^^ 
diiriistod (WW) = duntodl 
diiruViffii m. doork€€oer. Air 1002. 
duruttnan t femaU door-buper. 
duruwaud m. doorkeeper, M^JnL (dnr- 

weard). rdoomnnl'] 
dOit («) n. 'diM<,' MJjfA\ hS^SS^. 
dQltdrane m. dfrink made from the puheriud 

seeds of herbs, LoD. 
dtkitli dusty, OBG 16; 3*. 
dOataotawuiif t {viewing of dust), visit to a 

grave, BhllZ^, 
dOitawarm m. dust^Uke swasm, 0EG2S". 
dOrt SB dttat __.^ 

dOShamor m. papyrus, sedge, WW. 
dvnal-ssdwels +dwftrlMis-)-8wftriAii 
dbdwAa I. duU, fooUek, stupid. IL m. 

eliifiMy impostor, iSL23***. 
i:dwAae«n to pui out, exUnguisk, destroy, 
dwAatan to beeome stupid, HL. 
dw&Ua/ooUalL adv. -Boe. 
-t-dwifcamami m. fool, ASL 17^. 
dwAanaa t stupidity, fooKshness, M, 

dw&B pret. 3 aff. of dwinan. 
dwaalda prat. 3 ag. of dwaUaa. 

dwanaB to lead as tr ay ^ deceive, M, 
dwallaa pet^ ag. dwealde* pp. dweald to lead 

astray, kinder, prevent, deceive, BoJEtd ; JE : 

tobeltdas^trQu,wandeT,err,M^Mk ['dvele/ 

dwalaUB to wander, LP8ll8>». 
+dwaola» +dw«olaas:+dwola 
dwaaUgan ~ dwoDan 

dwaorg (e, i) m. 'dwarf,* OL [Ger. iwergl 
dwaoif a-dwoala, -d(w)oa(t)le 1 pennyroyal, 

flea-bane, Ql^Lcd. 
dwaorti = dweorg 

±divlld (y) n. error, heresy, Chr. {"dwOd*] 
4-dwlM»ttarfo|gii]ig (dwel.) i heresy, A 

8*4IM>; 13-318. 

-Kdvlldlla (7) deeepHvef W196». 
dbdwl-mor (-mer) n. fiJbaiiloM* ghost, iUusiom, 

+d«liiMrtla iUusory, wereaL adr. -Rae, 

dwlnaii^ to waste away, languish, disappear, 
Lcd,WW. Vdwine'] 

+dwol hereticaL 

d:dwola m. error, heresy, BH,MtLB : mad- 
man, deeeiver, heretic, Ji,BL : 'nciifo,* MtL 
p. 8*. [*<iiMiZe'1 

+dwonKlMOp m. nereiticdl bishop. 

±dwolonBtt nu oceuU art, magic. 

dwoiania^^ dwolma 

+dwolant perverse, wrong, erroneous. 

+dwolter. n. a going astray, RHy 6**. 

+dwQlgod m. false god, idol, image, W106**. 

±dwollan to be led cistray, err, wander, BHi 
CP. [*<iwe2e'] 

^ciO!kifooUshierrone4jus,hertiicdl,M. adv. 

±dwoliiia m. chaos. 

dbdwolman m. hsretic, ^,AO,CP. 

-t-dwolmlst m. mist of error. 

+dwolaprite f. htrttSoaX talk. 

+dwolaum misleading, erroneous, M. 

dwoMftng n. imposture, idoL 

dwolMBg 1 fooUAnees, insanity, WW390*^. 

dwomar s= dwimor 

dworgadwoaOa = dweorgedwoale 

dwyld = dwild 

dwytman ▼. f ordwilmaD. 

dwy«mar» -mor^dwimor 

dwyrgadwyala = dweorgedwoele 

dyMUan to pay attention to, OEG646. 

d^dan (-1) tokiU,LL. [dfiadl 

<l^a pretb 3 ag., dydon pret. pL of dSn. 


dydrtan to deceive, delude. 

dydiin m? yolk, Lod. [Cfer. dotter] 

dydniag («i) f. delusion, iHusion, M. 

Mtuk (—1) to dip, immeree. 

d^nf i immersion, WSO*. 

^iut prea. 2 ag. of duf an. 

dffal-, djgl.. ayW.=<fiegol., dieg(o)l. 

dyht, dvhtansdiht, dihtan 

dyhX^t (o)" doughty,* strong, BjQen. [dugan] 

d^a=dile; +<i^aglaB=+dilegian 

dybta m. festering matter, fiHh, mucue, Lcd. 

dylatlht mucous, Lod 26a. 

dynn*, dTii-=dim-, din-; ±d9n=dyiie 

dynega f . dung, ntanure, littsr : numured land. 

fallow land, OEG. [dnng] 
iyno m. 'din,* noise, StuJSoL 
+d3nigaik (AO), dyngian (WW) to 'dung.* 
dyslaii to make a *din,* sound, resomnd, JB; 

M : streamr ANSI 18-385. 
dfBlga L a plant, Lod 113b. [don] 
^puk, dynnan = dyne, dyman 
<^t m. *dint,* blow, stroke, bruise, stripe, 

d^pan I. to 'dip* : baptize, MtB{e) : (+) 

aiioiiilEFal4Q^. IL to moie ^rcoler, LL. 
dypla double, A8-334» 
dyppaa (e, i) to 'dip,* immerse, Lod^k : 

baptise, MtB. 




dyre ds. of dura. 


+dyre n. door-post, M. 

±dyrlan to afflict, injure : imperil, endanger. 
T. £839-342. [deoifan] 

dyrflng f 7 * actio,' GPH396. 

dyrfV prea. 3 Bg. of deorfan. 

dyrii-=diem-, dem- 

dyrneforlegen aduUenma, LL(144^). 

dyrneflrellgre L (ie, e) n. aduUery, AO,CP. 
II. m. fomicaior, DR 107*. 

dyrngewrit d. apocryphal book, WW347''. 

d yrnh flmende (i) fomieaHng, advUeroua, 

dyrnllee eeereUy, Lod3*424*>. 

dyrnUegan* to fornicate, 

dyrnmaga m. president at mysteries, GPH 

dyrnungm = deamunga ; dyrodlne« derodine 
d^m=dierra; dyrrev. *diirran. 
+dynlan to praise, glorify, hM'dear, priUf 

Ji7d30O. [diere] 
+d]TSt L triitUaiion, HbllIOS. 
dynt«=dor8te pret. 3 sg. ci ^dnrran. 
+dyT8t6lltoo = dyrttiglioe 
±dyntlg venturesome, presumptuous, daring, 

Md, GP, adv. -lioe. [*diirran] 
+dyntlgtan to dare, presume, BH4a8^. 
^dyrattgnes f. boldness, insolence, daring, 

presumption, arrogance, rashness, M,CP. 
dyntfjogpanne = hyrstingpanne 
±dyntlAcaii to presume, dare, M. 
+dynt]Aouiig 1 courage, boldness, GD71^. 
dyrstnes = dyrstignes 
dyru da., dymm dp. of doro. 
dyr-wiiiifey -w7rt$e=d5orwiert$e 
dys- = dis- ; dyieg^dyaig, dyag- 
dysglan to act foolishly, make mistakes. Bo; 

M : blaspheme, O, 
dyBgung £. foUy, madness, Loi>63b. 
dyilan = dysgian 
. dyslg (e, i) I, foolish, ignorant, stupid, Bl,Mt ; 

M,CP. [* dizzy'] foolishness, error, 

AO,CP. III. m. fool, VPs9\: 
dyslgan = dyssian 
dyBlgddm m. joUy, ignorance, 
dygigDM f. foUy, madness, blasphemy, BE; 

M,kO. [Uitsiiness'] 
dyallo focUsh, siUy, stupid, M,CP, adv. 


df stig dusty, WW517». [dizft] 
dyttan to shut to, close, stop. 
dyt( f. fuel, tinder, 0E02«*; op. IGSSn. 
d^t^-hoinar, -homer = dutShamor 

Sdfl. of ga. 

to I. f. (ustL inded. in eg., but with ood. ga. 

toa;,^,&,6te; nap. §a, San ; gp. Sa; 

dp. §a(a)m, ean) water, stream, river, Chr, 

O. H. 

Ps;M,AO. [*ea'; GoOi. ahwa] II. in 
terj. V, dala. 

toe I. adv. also, and, Ukewise, moreover, M, 
AO,CP. ge...g^^ayoboth...andalso. nS... 
n§ Sac. . . neither. . .nor even. . .. dao awa, eac 
awiloe also, Ukewise, moreover, as if. Sao 
gelioe likewise. Sao hwadSre however, never- 
theless. Sao t^on besides. II. prep. w. d. 
together with, in addition to, besides. [Oer. 

to4Mi m. tMition, increase, reinforcement, 
advarUage, profit, usury, excess, Chr;M, 
AO,CP. to Saoan (w. d.) in addition to, 
besides, moreover. Bo. [* eke *] 


tocen increased, augmented : richly endowed, 
strong, great, vast, vigorous : pregnant. 

taoonersBnig huge, B2280. 

fooent f. ufaUr-cress, Loi>35b. [Sa] 

todan to increase, CP. 

±tofl n1an to add, increase, be enlarged : be* 
come pregnant, conceive, bring forth, M,CP. 

tocnlendUo adj. to 66 increased, OEG1078. 

± toonung f. increase, Gl : conception, bring- 
ing forth, M. 

todf n. riches, prosperity, good fortune, 


Sadent (pp. of *Sadan) granted. 


Sadftumafm. giver of prosperity. 

Sadga wk. form of Sadig. 

todgian = Sadigan 

Sadglefaf m. giver of prosperity. 

Sadglefuf 1 gift of prosperity. 

todhrSVlgf nappy, Messed, triumphant. 

SadIg wealthy, prosperous, Cr '.fortunate, 
happy, blessed, perfect, Ou,VFs;M,CP. 

enrich, make happy. 

todlgUo prosperous, rich, happy, blessed. 

adv. -Hoe. 

todlgn« 1 happiness, prosperity, M. 
Sadlufu f. blessed love, Jul 104. 
todmid, Sadmddr=<Sa9m6d 
tadmStto =Sa)5metta 
Sadnea t inner peace, ease, joy, prosperity. 

Bun : gentleness. I* sadness'; SaS] 
Sadoooe f. water-lily. 
eadOFs (1) geador, (2) eodor 
Sadorgeard m. indosure of veins, body? (GK) 

An 1183 (or Tealdor-). 
eaduae (A 10- 143*^) = adeea 
todwdaj m. prosperity, riches, happiness. 
to ▼. Sa. MB- = ea- ; eatera = eaf ora 
toflsof m. river-fish. 
ealor I. mn? the obligation due from a tenant 

to the king to convey goods and messengers? 

(BT),Ct. II. (•) draught-horse, v. LL2-57. 

III. =eofor, eaf or- =:eofor- 
eaforat m. posterity, son, child; successor, 

heir. [op. Ooih. afar] 



MfoVt n- power ^ tdrtngOi^ might aald (a) oomp. ieldra, jldra; sup. ieldost, 

eatra=eafora; eaftrm^nfterra yldest *oU/ aged, ancieni, atUiqne^ JB^B^ 

%BgmV9^ (tk*) m, apple of the eye, eyebalL CP ;A0 : experienced, tried : honoured, 

iagbrSw m. effelid, Lai 1-352. [*eye6ree'] emij^enl, great. 5a ieldstan men the chief 

tagduru L totiuiow, MH. men. 

tage (S) n. *effe,* QJLcd; AO,CP : aperture, ealda m. old man, RHy6* : the Devil, 

hole, Lk. Mldbacen siaU, LL(300"). 

tagfce m. eye-ache, LcD. oftld-efW (AO), -cfiSSvL f. old home, former 

gagflteh m. albugo, a white spot in the eye, dweUing-place : old ac^intance, M. 

WW. ealddagM mp. former times, AO. 

taggebyrd i nature of the eye? Ph301. ealddfim zo. age, AO. 

taggemearo (eah>) n. limit of view, horizon, ealde =ielde 

DD148. ealdetSBder m. grandf other. 

tagtaftng (Sah-, eh-) m. eye-socket, pupH, M. eaMemddor f. grandmother. 

taghVyrl = SagtSyrel ealder = ealdor 

«ai^yU XDL e^brow, WW415'*. ealdfaBder m. forefaiher, M. ^ eUfaHkar'^ 

taghyrne (heah-) m. comtr of the eye, WW ealdfSond (i)t m. old foe, hereditary foe, the 

166". devU. 

tagmlst (Sah-) m. dimness of the eyes, Lod ealdgeeyndf n. original nature. 

11a. ealdgefi m. ancient foe, AO US'*, 

tegor^s^or ; Mgosplnd = hagospind oftldgef ira m. oid comrade, AO 152**. 

tagBeaU I. * eye-salve,* WW. aaldgentot m. old comrade. Ma 310. 

tagstoung f. disease of the eye, cataract, ealdgenlVlat m. old foe, Satan. 

WW414». ealdgeiiht (a^) n. ancient right, Ct. 

tagsf ne visible to the eye. adv. -aynes, M. aaldgesegen t ancient tradition, B869. 

tagVyrel n. eye-hole, window, BE. [*eye» ealdgadVf ni- old comrade, 

thurV] ealdgettrten n. ancient treasure, AO. 

tag-w8drc, -wyro, -wneo m. pain of tike eyes, ealdgewooret n- old-sianding work, the world. 

Lod. ealdgewlnn n. old-time conflict, B 1781. 

tagwund f. VHmnd in the eye, LL20[47]. ealdgewlnna m. old enemy, B 1776. 

tagwyrt f. eye-wort, eye-bright, LoD. ealdgewyrhtf n. fonner deeds : deserts of 

tall- = eag-, ea- former deeds f trciditional usage? B 2657. 

aabt (a, e, e) i assembly, council, e. beaittaii ealdhottende mp. old foes, Jm>321. 

to hold a council : esteem, estimation, esti- ealdhlftford m. hereditary lord, AO,CP. 

mated value. ealdtaifVar? n. an old ox. 

teht=sht ±ealdlaii (a) to grow old, Jn;M. Veld,* 

eahto (a, », e) ' eight, ' B,Chr ; CP. * oM *] 

eahtafeald eightfM, M. ealdland a. land which has been long untilledf 

eahtatayrnede eight-corjured, M2'4W**. (BT), ancestral property f (Earle), £C327^. 

eahtant I* to persecute, pursue. II. to ealdlandr»deii f. estaJblished law of landed 

estimate, appreciate. property, LL448[4,6] (or 7 two words, BT). 

eahtanlhte eight day's old {moon). ealdUe old, venerable, M. 

eahtatMlfa 'eighteenth,* AO. ealdnes f. old age, ^. ['eldness,* *oldness*} 

eahta-ttene, -tyne * eighteen,* Lk (eht-)« ealdor (a) I. m. elder, parent, BH,Oen. pL 

eahtatlg eighty, AO. ancestors : civil or religious authority, ch%ef, 

•ahtawlntre of eight years old, M. leader, master, lord, prince, king, M : source : 

eahtendm.iierMcutor, PPsllS^. primitive, ^Gil. [eald; 'alder*] II.n(f?) 
eahttetta = (1 ) eahtateoSa, (2) eahtot$a (f) life, vital part : (t) age, old age : eternity, 

eahtere m. appraiser, censor, Lod. on ealdre td ealdre for ever, alunys. awa 

eahteVa ( AO) = eahtoSa td ealdre, to widan ealdre /or ever and ever, 

±eatatlan (m, e) to estimate, esteem, CP : con- [Oer. alter] 

suit about, consider, deliberate : watch over, ealdorapostol (a) m. chief apostle, BH314'. 

M : speak of with praise. [Ger. achten] ealdorbana (a^) m. life-destroyer. Gen 1033. 

+Mhtlendlic estimable. ealdorbealuf n. life-bale, dea&. 

tehtnes = ehtneH ealdorblsoop m. Oiief bishop, archbishop, ^ i 
aahtolSa * eighth, * Men ; Chr. high-priest, M. 

±aalitung f. estimation, valuation, CP : ealdor-bold, -botl n. palace, mansion, BH. 

deliberation, counsel. ealdorburg f . metropolis. 

0ali=^eaU, eel; ealai=(eala aaldoroearu (a^) f. great sorrow, B006. 

teUinterj. a2a«/oA/2o/^,AO,CP. [Sail.] ealdoideegt m. (2ay o/ {t/e. 

fottd f. watery vxty, Ah441. . ealdordima (a^) fm. chief judge, prince, 

taland n. island, Chb. ealdordeofol m. chief of the devils, NC282. 

ealaV v. ealu. ealdorddm m. power, lordship, rule, donU- 
eaIbeorht=eaUbeorht; talc=»lo nion, authority, magistracy, PPs; M,AO, 


GP : supericriiif^ preeminence : beginning f men, jS, II. adv. fyXiy, wholly, enHrelp, 

Jtti. 190. [* alderdom '] quite, Cr,QD,Oen, e. swa qrUU as, juet as. 

MldonUNnHo * principalis, ' EPs. e. 8w& miole swa as much as. mid e., mid 

aaldordomaelpe? m. office of alderman, Chb eallam aUogeiher, entirely, ealra s^ii^ost 

983o. espedaUy, most of aU. ealne weg (alao 

•aldorduguSf 1 nobUiiy, flower of the oontr. ealneg) cUways. oier e. (neat.) 

chiefs. everywhere, into oU parts. IIL n. oil, 

Mddorfrto (a^) m. lord, chief. Da 46. everything. 

•aldoTKMtfd m. enclosure of life, body. An ealla=ge^]a 

1183? (or? eador-) wmmuht^ aU-bright, resplendent. 

eftldorgedUf n. dea^ eallbyrnende burning all over, M. 

•aldorgeieMft f . staU of life, Bd 40». eaUeraBMi;! («!-) aU powerhU. 

oaldorg«wliiiiat m. deadly enemy. oalldiyge compl^y dry, M. 

eaktorlang life-long, eternal, tCmi937A. eallonoten m. season of Lent, RB60*. 

ealdorltat L Ufeless, dead, B15. II. de- Mdlengaseallunga 

prived of parents, orphaned : without a chief. miIIqs, ealle adv. (g. of eall) entirely, wholly, 
aaMorlaguf f . destiny : death. fully, quite, e. for 8wi6e aUogeiher, utterly. 

ealdorUe 'prindpaUs* chief, princely, excel' eaUgeltaflle universally believed, catholic. 

lent : authentic, adv. -lioe. eaUgdd aU-good, M. 

ealdorllonM f. authority, CP. Mdlgrinef all-green, green 

•aldormanii (o*) [v. IX.2'369] m. ^alder- eaUgyiden all-golden, CP (ael-). 

man,* ruler, prince, chief, nobleman of the nallhing aU-holy, PP8l31^ 

highest rank, high civil or religious qmcer, Mdlliivlt entirely of white, Ct. 

chief officer of a shire, Chr; MJkO,CF : as ealllo universal, catholic. 

trans, of foreign titles, JnL,Mt. ealUnga = eallnnga 

ealdornerut i life*s preservation, safety, eaUlren «n<ifeZyr>/ iron, B 2338. 

refuge. eallblg all-icy, very cold, 

•aMorsioerd m. high priest. aaUnuogent n. utmost effort 

aaldondpe m. seniority, headship, supreme aaUmAst (al-, nh) adv. nearly aU, * almost,* 

acy, sovereignty, M. for the most part, JB,Chr. 

ealdorstol m. throne, Rdi23. aaUmltat f. omnipotence, PPs 135". 

aaldorSegnt m. chief attendant, retainer, die- eallmlhtig = solmihtig 

tinguished courtier, chieftain. eallnaood entirdy naked, GBir871. 

ealdorwlta (a^) m. chief, Gsn 1237. eallneg = ealneg 

•aldoK (ald-aht, -ot) vessel, Ql. eallnlwe quite new, M. 

eaMrlht n. old right. aallnunge = eallnnga 

Eald-8eaxe -Seaxan mp. Old-Saxons, Con- ealloflrung L holocaust, WW 130" (eal-). 

tinenial Saxons, AO. eaUreord = db«ord 

ealdspeU n. old saying, old story. eaUrthte adv. jtist, exactly, BB 131". 

ealdsprAc f. proverb, by-word, PPs 43". •allseotoen entirely made of silk, Gl. 

99^ungt process of growing old, age, MfAO, eaUswh just as, even as, *as,* as if, so a#, 
ealdar>=$ealdor likewise, AS,Mt. 

ealdwirig ? accursed from old times. Ex 60. eallswllc just such, M. 
aaldwlf n. old woman, M. ealltela adv. quite well, Gbk1906. 

ealdwita m. venerable man, priest, sage : eaUunga ady. aUogeVier, entirely, utterly, 

Pharisee. quite, indeed, M,Mi ; GP. [' aUinge '] 

aaldwrttera m. writer on ancient history, ealiwealdat I* aU-ruling, almighty, II. m. 

OEG5449. Qod, the Almighty. 

tales V. ealh. eaUwealdend m. ruler of all, M. 

eallWa m. pack-horse? A4-147'^ (v. NG etJlwetddexiAe * all-wielding,^ all ruling, ^. 

282, 342). eaUwlhtat fp. all creatures. 

aalfelat very much. eaUwrlten adj. holograph, WW463*". 

ealfelo bal^^ dire. Axil I («lf8Ble),RD24*. eallwundor n. marvel. Ex 678. 
^aigttiio^ aU ready, prepared. ealm-=eallm-; ealiiillitlg=8dlmihtig 

±ea!tg^n to protect, defend, M. ealneg (AO,GP), ealneweg, ealnuweg, eal- 

e algod webb n. * holosericus,* aU-silk doth, nig, eaining(a) always, quite, perpetually. 

\^n^395". ealniuiga= eallnnga; ealop={eala 

aalgodwebbon aU-eilk, WW. ealolllrung f. holocausl, WW 130^*. 

aalh (a)t m., gs. dales temple. ealogeweoro n. brewing, A0222^ 

ealbstadet m. temple. taIond=ealand; eaiM (AO) v. ealu. 

tallfer f. liver-wortf Led. [^eOeber'f] eUowosa m. dU-tippter, Wy49. 

tanSend m. seafaring man. An 261. ^^ifA^if f. * ambrosia,* an aromatic plant. 

ean I. adj. (has no weak form) *aU,* every, eal8wft=eallBwa; ealttowesflBltiewe 
entire, whale, universal, ^,Chr,Mt. pL all ealu (ealo) m? n? gds. ealoV (AO), eaUS; 




J. ealeSa 'oJe,* beer^ Led;M. [v. A eudwunung f. dwelling in one*9 aum 

S7-496] country, W120». 

Mlubenot <• *a<e-6eficA/ £. iare n. 'ear.' j|fl^,FP«;i9S,CP. [Gcih. 

Mlueljte m. beer-ceUar, 0£G4^. ansd] 

ealutot a. aU-vat, Urn 53b. tarwie Aamn^ a handle, WW122**. 

Mlugafol n. tas arirHmUpaid in ah, LL448. iartflnger m. UtUe finger, WW. 

Mlugtl drunk wiih ale, Gxn2408. i«rel4^rlea=Sarlipriba 

MUvgUoM ^' drunkenness, NC282. aareiMlel (eo) m dayspring, daum, ray of 

MluhQi (a*) n. alehouse, LL228[1,2]. light 

Mlumalt (alo- ) n. malt for brewing, Lod 167a. eartaV- = earf oV- 

Mlufoerwen L biUer drink? (BT), (ah- aarfe 17 tare. [L, ervnm] 

spiUing), mortal panic? (Earle), B770. earf ad- = (1) eaifoS- ; (2) yrfe- 

Mluaoop m. etn^wr in dUkouses, LL: eart«f9^:^6arfot$ 

•aluwAf at n. ale-fiagon, aU-can. tarflttf «r » Sarefiiwer ; aarlod- = earfoS- 

Mlw-=eaUw-; aam (VP8)=eom (▼. wesan) aartoV L n. hardship, labour, trouble, diffi- 

tem L m. uncle hua, materoal; paternal culty, suffering, torment, torture, AO.CF. 

imole=£a»dera),AO. ['erne'; (Ter. oheim] {Oer. arbeit] II. adj. hard, difficuU, 

II. dp. of 6a. troublesome, JBJSo. ['arveth*] 

+teii yeaning, M. aartoiSolarra (atS-) hard to conv^ MH US'*. 

Etonian to bring forth young {wsa. lambs), aarfoKowlda m. hard or dark saying, i£. 

Ps 7VK [* ean ^] aarfoVoynn n. depraved race, PPs 77^. 

«a6t«r m. nver-bank, Mn 19» aarf<^M«da diffl^ CP 147". 

aapal, aapl = sppel ; aappul- = «ppel- aarfOMsff m. day of tribulation. 

aar *occa,' harrow? OEG2359 (y. A36*72). aarIo«a I. (^,GP)=6aiio8. IL adv. with 

9itiil.lL* ear* {of com), lit; AO. ILf ul difficulty, 

wave, sea, ocean, IILf m. eorf^ : name of aarfoVtfea difficuU to pass through, AS 44*. 

tke rune for9a^ IV. = fir. V. = fiare aarf oVf^da hard to find, M. [op. SaVfynde] 

teraou f. rt'oer bed, KC6-122U. aarfoitniAwe difficult to be seen. 

aaran- = earon ; aarb- = earf > aarfoffiiwll f . hard time, Skav3. 

tarUad {S^) n. stalk, blade {of com), straw, aartoVhylda evil-disposed, obstinate, lER 

aare, earce (a, m, e) f. chest, coffer, Bd : 1*400^. 

'ark,' Mt,Ps; CP. [L.] ^aarftftttaii to troubU, Ps. 

iaroUbiisand m. litOe finger, WW 266^ aarloVlAre hard to teach, GD 1 10^. 

aarenaiistftn = eonnanstan aartoftnAta hard to discharge, WW 1 13**. 

9smQtnt*parotis,* a tumour near the ears, aarloimo difficult, full of hardship, jE, 

WW113». ['arveaaieh\ adv. -lioe with difficuUy, 

aard m. naitive place, country, region, dweU- painfulhf, retuetantly, hardly, searcely, Mt. 

ing-place, estate, cultivated ground, B; M, [*arre<AacAe*] 

AO,CP : earth, land : condition, faU, ^Hy. aarfoVUonaa (iS:)=earfot$ne8 

Verd*] aarfotfinaBOft °^- *^^f^' 

aardbeganga m. inhahitani, LPs. aartoVnea £. difficulty, hardship, trouble, 

aardbagangnaa i habitaiion, BLPs. affiietion, pain, misfortune, JS, [^arveth- 

aard<;yV0o f. M acquaintance (eald-7). '^^^'3 

aaidaawnaaoa (LPs 118>*) =eardwTeooa aartolfiraoea hard to relate, W22^«. 

aaidfsast eettleei, abiding, AO. aarfMfrfbta hard to correct, NC283. 

aardgaardf m. P^^x^ of habitation, world. wMMmt hard to enumerate. 

aardgytuf f. gift from one's native flace. aarftitteAUg unhappy, unfortunate, Cra8. 

±eaiJt^kiLntr.ajidmte. to inhabit, d%oeU,abide, aarf<rtSal6t m. troublesome journey : mia- 

live, AOJB ; M,CB. [* erde *] fortune. 

aardiand m. dweller, GD. aarti^VtAena difficult to be shown, Mbt2(H*^ 

aardiandllD habitable, BH36d>*. aarf<yV«rig f. sorrowful Hme, B283. 

aardiand n. native land, PPs 134^*. aarfoiVwyMa hard to subdue, Lod 3-436". 

aardlufa 1 dear home? B693. aarg (earh) slothful, sluggish. On : cowardly, 

aardrloa n. habitaiion, Gu826. BH; AO : craven, vile, wretched, useless, 

aaidstapa m. toaiulerer, Wa6. MtL. Vargh'; Qer. arg] adv. eaige. 

aardstada m. habitation, Ph196. aargiat=eanag6at 

dbaardung f. dweOing-abode, tabernacle. iargablandt n. tiiooe-62eiMl, surge. 

aardungburg i city of habitation. i aigas paaa m. whisperer, privy councillor, 

•Kt^unghVa XL tabernacle, habitation. WW 351*. [— spreoa] 

aardungstdw L habitation, dwelUng-plaee, aargCvut f. eaoioer of orroiot. 

tabernacle, CP. ±aaiglan (i, y) to shun, fear, turn coward, 

aaidwaan m. ionJ-ramparf, bulwark, B 1224? JS : ferrt^. 

aardwlot n. dtpeiltii^. aaigila sMhful, shameful, bad, M, adr. 

aardwraaaa m. exUe, LL51n5. -lioe. 




ear^M (arog-) f. liceniicu&ness, MkB8*. 

iaiiniiid m. bottom of the sea^ Ab40. 

eargaoipe m. idUneas, cowardice : prcfiigacy. 

earh I. f . * arrow, ' LL ; An. IL^earg 

tarhrlng m. * ear-ring,* JB. 

iariso (So) f. rush, reed, flag. [Sa] 

%kM m. water-etream, Cfp TH20 *. 

SarlflBppa m. external ear, WW. 

iarllpflBa m. flap of the ear, extern al ear , NQ. 


eaim (a) I. m. *arm* (of the body, sea, etc.), 
AOJAL : foreleg, M : power, Jn, II. poor, 
wrdehed, piiifM, deetOiute, nUeerable, Mk; 
M,CP. [*arm*; Ger, arm] 

eann-biag, -beah m. braceUL 

eannoaarigt f^ of eorrowe, 

aanne ady. mMerably, badly. 

oaimella m. ideeve, BBlSd**. 

eannful wretched, misera ble, Lo p3'44(y. 

•aimgeglrela m. bracelet, WW386^. 

•aimliaort hwmbU, poor in spirit, GP209' : 

temd/er'hearted, merdfid, 
eannlirtad 1 arm-ornament, B1194. 
aaimlan to pity, commiserate. 
aaimliig m. poor wretch, M. [*cirm«fi^*] 
eaimUe miserable, pitiable, mean. Met. adv. 

-fioe. [*arm«d^(e)'1 
•annaoanea m. arm-bone, LL82[65]. 
eannsoa^paii wretched, unfortunate, miser- 

earmallla f. sleeve, BBL93*. 
eannatoo m? sleeve, IM 128"». ^^ 

aamurtrans strong of arm, muscular, WW 

aannawlV «<r(m^ of arm, muscular, WW486"*. 
aannKu f. misery, poverty. Bo. [*amUhe*^ 
earn I. m. eo^fe, El,Mt;M. [*eme'] 

11.= em. III. = am (y. ieman) 
eaman (yP8)=eman 
earncynn n. eagle tribe. 
earn-giap (y. AB 19-164), -gSat, -gSot f. 

vuthare, Gl. 
d:eariilaii (a) (w. g. a.) to *eam,* merit, win : 

labour for, Bo,Ou. 
•amingland n. land earned or made freehold 

(-rbaoland; BT), Ct. 
•amang f . merit, reward, consideration, pay, 

M : labour. 
earon (VPs)=8mdon pree. 3 pL of eom 

(y. wesan). 
8aroii=ffearam dp. of sSar. 
earp dari, dusky, Kd4^. [0^. jarpr] 

terplsatt m. box or blow an the ear, M. 
dbtarplflBttan to box the ears, M. 
iar-prten, -ring m. ear-ring, M. 
aaire (N)=ierre 
ean (») m. posterior, fundament, buttocks, 

JB. i*arse'] 
aar-Mripel» -aGiypel (eo^, y*) m. UtOe finger, 


flaraaalf f . ear-salve. L op. 
aanandu np. buttocks, WW. 

aaragang (an-) m. privy : excrement : 'anus. * 
taralage m. a blow that strikes off an ear^ 


aaiBllng backwards, Ps. [*arselings*] 
aard^T m? buttocks, breech, M. p&ra] 
aanode *tergosus,* WW. parsed'] 
tamlnl f . ear-ring, Gl. 
earaVerl n. 'anus,* WW160^. 
aart 2 Bg. of eom pree. of weaan. 
aaiK I.»=^yr9. II. = eart 
§ar9an=:£r ttem (y. fir U.) 
aail^e (N)=eort$e 
fcttttyr el n. 'fistula, arteria,* ear-passage f 

(BT), WW238" [or=ear8-«yTel, -tSerlT] 
aaru=:geara; earun(yP8)= earon 
CarwsBTO n. ear-ache, Lod 14b. 
larwloga m. 'earwig,* Lcd,WW. 
aarwunga/or ndhing, gratuitously : without 

a cause. 
iaay. ea. 
aaae 'ca uoale ,* an umbelliferous plant, wHd 

carrotf WW2021. 
iaapilng = fiapryng 
taat I. adj. comp. east(er)ra, anp. SastmeBty 

eaatemeat east, easterly. II. ady. east- 
wards, in an easterly direction, in (he east, 

BH, Met ;A0. ['east*] 
•aatSBV n. river-bank, sea-shore. Ma 63. 
tastan, eaatane from the east, easterly, AO, 


tastaniunltanyyom the north-east, WW. 
CaatannorVanwlnd m. north-east wind, WW 


^tmlvuMtknfrom (he south-east, WW 3 *. 
tastanslkSanwlnd m. south-east wind, WW 


iastanwlnd (e*) m. 'east wind,* WW 143^. 
tastcyiiliig m. etutem king, A0148**. 
tastdAl m. eastern quarter, the East, AO. 
taata f . the EasL 
testemeat (AO) y. Sast. 
taatanda m. east-end, east quarter, AO. 
Eastengla mpL the East-Anglians : East 


Casterftfen m. Easter-eve, BH. 
testerteg m. Easter-day, Easter Sunday, 

day of ^ Passover, M. on dVran Eaater- 

dsge on Easter Monday, Chb1063o. 
Castarfeeaten n. Easter-fast, Lent. 
•aatarf eorm f . feast of Easter, LL. 
CastarfrfolidflBg m. (he feast day of (he 

Passover, Jnl3^ 

fiaatargewuna m. Easter custom, ^L23b*'*. 
teatarllo belonging to Easter, Paschal, Lk. 


teatennAnaV m. Ecuter-month, April. 
iastarna east, 'eastern,* oriental, Oen, WW; 

iaaternlht f. Easter-eve, Hsll15; MPl'611. 

Sastarray. Saat. 

fiaatarsannandaBg (tor) m. Easter Sunday. 

taataraymbal (tro) n. Passover. 

taatarOd f . Easter-Ude, Paschal season, M, 




iMtMrwueu f . RatUr-wuk, 


iasteweard (e*) ecui, ^tastwmrd^* Mt 

€Mtfo]A n. eastern noHon, WW396<*. 

tartgineoK m. eutem ooeaii, AO 132*. 

iastf emAre n. eeutem confines, AO 132*. 

iMttiaaU f. east side, Ghb894a. 

taftland n. the Bast, M : Esihonia, AO. 

JMthmg <o <Ae east, eastwards, extending 

east, Ghs893a. 
tasUtede mp. Orieniais, BH. 
iastmest ▼. dasi. 
iMtnorS fU)rlA-«Mter{y, AO. 
tastnoiKerne north-east. 
iMlnorVwlnd m. north-east wind, Ol. 
iastportto n. eastern porch, M. 
iMtn Y. east. 
iMtre (lum. in pL eastnm, -an.; gs. -ee in N.) 

f. 'Easter,' BH,WW : Passover, Bl,Mk i 


tastrtam m. stream, river. Da 385. 
+ta8trUn to elapse [during Baster), W208**. 
flMtiteo n. eastern kingdom, eastern country, 

empire : the east, M,AO : East Anglia. 
CMtilhte dxie east, eastwards, AO 17^« (y). 
iMtrilites (Sat-) due east. 
iMtro, eastni = eastxe ; tastro- = Saster- 
iastrodor m. eastern part of the sky, PPs 

Castron dp. of &Mt6r. 
iastsA f . east sea, 
East-8eazan, -Seaxe mpL East-Saxons, 

peopie of Essex : Essex. 
iMtBt8B9 n. east bank of a stream, Gt. 
iastsM south-eastwards, AO. be SastauSan 

to the south-easL 

CastBttMAl m. south-east part, BH264M. 
9mBtB0SUng from east to souths A022". 
taatSiod f. an eastern people, 
tast-weard, -werd east, 'eastward,* Ct,Mt, 
tastweardes eastwards, M. 
tastwagt m. pa;(h in or from the east. 
aata (N) =eta imperat. of eian. 
•atan=etan; 6atol=atol 
telf («,y) = (l)Sa»e, (2)ie« 
iaK-bede, -bSne easy to be entreated, Pa. 
iatn>e-irtai6, -gftte easy to get. 
feVbylgnes f. irritability, NC288. 
feVbyUg (j\ e*) eastty irritated, W253u. 
MSonfiwe easy to recognise, MGb. HI*. 
iaMAde (y) easy to do. 
iaffe (8, eo) I. easy, smooth, agreeable, kindly. 

11. adv. easity, lighOy, soon, JRJ^O,CB : 

willingly, Readily, M. e. msg perhaps, 

lesL III. n. an easy thing. 
iaKeUo easy, possible, Mt : insignificant, 

scanty, slight, BH(&);M. Veathly*] adv. 

-Uoe {Lk). 
iaKeUeaea (etS.) f. easiness, WW400*. 
te^ire easy for travelling over, WW 146*. 
iatttynde (e, y)t easy to find. 

•sOgmn (S8-) easily pleased, WW218*. 

^aUfgmflM (e^, y^, S')t easUv seen, visible. 

iaV-^Me, -gSate easy to obtain, prepared^ 
ready, M. 

feVhrMg = 6adhr&6ig 

iaVhylde contented, satisfied, RB. 

felf-lAea (ir*), -Ueone easy to cure. 

teffiAre (ead-) capable of being taught, in- 

±ialhnMan, -median to humble, humble one' 
self, prostraJte oneself, adore. 

M&nMe = (l) SatSmdd, (2) eaSmMn 

tethnMOtea {josA-) humbly. 

ialteaidu, •medo(CHB) f . genHeness, humUity, 
Ps : obedience, submission, reverence : good- 
will, kindness, affability. [*edmede*] 

ia'VinUum hunwiy, kindly. 

iatfanelte = SaSmylte 

totf-mSttu, -metto np. humility, weakness, 
imj)otency, CP. 

iaIS-mod (CP), -mSde humble^minded, gentle, 
obedient, Ps : benevolent, friendly, affection- 
ate, gracious. l*edmede*] 

^ialfimddUui to humble or submit oneself, 
obey : (+) condescend : (+) adore, worship. 


taVmddllo humble, respectful, CP. adv. 
humbly, meekly, CP : Jnnaly. 

ta!0m6dnas f. humility, meekness, eon- 
descension. Bo (ead-). [* edmodness*] 

iaVmylta easily digesied, Lod. 

foVnee f . easiness, lightness, fddUty, ease : 

iaMMe (StS) easy to guess, ES 36-326. 

ialTwylte (etS-) easily turned, 0EG1151. 

team dp. of 5a. 

tew = (l)ea; (2)eowV.; (3) &(w). 


tewdnes f. 'ostensio,* disclosure, LL412[3]. 

tewenga (AO)=eawanga 

tew68e-=9awiBO- ; fowtest^=^wfaBflt 


tewteoUe manifest, open. adv. -Uoe. 

fowlsflrlna = fiwiacfirina 

tewUl=Sala; tewu=Sowa 

tewunga (CP,^), Sawonge (LQ) adv. 
openly, plainly, pubUdy. [lewan] 

tawyrt f . river-wort, burdock, Lod. 

aaz (») I. f. axis, axle, axle-tree. IL=»C8 

aazelgeapann n. place where the two beams 
of a cross intersect. Rood 9. 

aail, eaxel f . shoulder, /&. 

•azleUK m. scapular, M. 


aazlgaataallat m. shoulder-companion, com- 
rade, counsellor : competitorf (BT). 

eb- = ef •, eof - ; Mh = seb- 

abba (as) m. *ebb\ low tide. Ma. 

±ebbian to* ebb,* Gen. 

ebblnd rebind) 'tenaeitas ventris,* Ln33*. 
[ON. abbendi] 


Ebrilse (e, i) Jffe6mr, ^/n. VHebreish*] 



iea wk. m. form of See adj. edlung=edgeoiig 

taamlM=:aoambe; tean^ieoan ±edlfioan to repeat, renew, ML. 

teeeUe = SoeUo edUtoung f . repetition, LL(416^). 

•ee (e) m. * ache,* pain, BE, Led; M, [aoan] edlAht pp. of edlecaiL 

See perpetual, eternal, everlasting, OET, VPs ; edtes- = edles- 

M,C2. Bdy.etemaOy, ever, evermore, [*eche*] +6dl8B8tan to repeat, ANS84'6. 

9t94{Bd)miL acid, vinegar, M, [L. aodtum] edlten il reward, retribution, recompense, 
eeeddreno m. add drink, Lcd. requital. Bo; M,CP. ['edlen*] 

eeedtait n. vinegar-vessel, Gl. dbodltanlan to reward, recompense, 

teelle eternal, everlasting, adv. -Koe VPs. ±edlteDlend m. rewarder. 

i^echUche*] ±edltanuiig f. recompense, remuneration^ 
•oeii=5aoen; 6eer=8Boer retribution, Ql. 

9e«re fds. of See adj. edlte- = edlSc- 

9eg f . ^edge, * point, B,Lk ; M,CP ; Mdf : ( t) ± edlesende reciprocal, relative, MQvl. 

weapon, sword, battle-axe, B. edlesendllo relative, redprocaL adv. -lice, 

•ogan to sharpen : harrow, Cp. [*edge*] edlMung (»^ y*) i rekOion, relating, MGtl 

•eKbanat m. slayer with the sword, murderer, edmAle (e) n. rdigious festival, WW 45*. 

eoKheard hard of edge. An 1 183. edmUtld f . festival time, TG 168». 

•egheiat m. sword-hatred, war. Mmod = Saomod ; edniow- = edniw- 

eegUst mf. sword^s edge, edidwan adv. anew, a/gain, 

eegplega m. baliUe, Jxn>246. ednlwo I. renewed, new, M, II. adv. anew^ 
•ogifiraou f . hot c<m<e< <, B5 96. again, M. 

aeguig f. harrowing, WW 104^. ±ediilwlaii (eo) to renew, restore, reform, M. 

•egw»l n. sword-slaughter. Gen 2089. ednlwlgend m. restorer, A 11*115*. 

Sdlm- (M) = fioelm- odnlwlnga (eo*) anew, again, 

eettnga (*=ec^I-) on the edge, IM. ±MliiIwung f. renewal, reparation, renova- 
feneB f. etemtiy, VPs. a on ScnesBe/or ever tion, M,CP, 

and ever, l*eeheness*] 9do (NG)=Sowde; edor^eodor 

iere df 8. of eoe. Mr- (A)=fidr-; •dree^edroc 

•esdV, fiofldtnice (NG) verOy. edreooan to chew, ruminaU, WW533"*. 
9d'preiRx,deDDtee repetition, turning. [=eodoroan; cp. edrocian] 

M-=@atf- edrle=edroo; ediine=edryiie 

+edbyrdaii to regenerate. Soul 100. edring f. refuge? Soitl 107. 

adeUnei f. a becoming cool <igain, VPs 65^^ edroc m. gullet, Gl : rumination, Gl. 

(oe). edrodan to ruminate. 

+ede6niiaii to regenerate, create. edryne m. coming again, return, meeting, 
adoennlng f. regeneration, BEPslS'. 

+«lclegaii (§*) to recall, LPs 101**^. adsoeatt f. new creation, regeneration. 

•delarr (e, i, y) m. return, CP. e drihtt (etsith) f. looking again, respect^ 
+edcucoda (ea^) m. man restored to life, M, WW43**. 

edewie regeneraU, restored to life, CM 499. +ad8ta]lan to restore, A13-366^. 

±edewtoiaii (cwyo-, cue-) to re-quicken, ±9dMMeXiArk to re-establish, restore, M. 

revive, M. tdatsMeiilg renewed im^ength. 

edewlde (et$-) m. relation, narrative, WW43. ^edstaVeUgend m. restorer, M. 

adeynn-=edoeim-; edeyrr=edcieiT edstatSelung f. re-establishment, renewal, M. 

ide=Sowde; eder^=^eodor ; ed66e=ed]0o ed8ta'Sol-=edBtat$el- ^^ 

+edtrfo]sian to re-grant by charter, "EC 197n. edIAiiguiig f . reconciliation, WW 172^. 

edgeongt becoming or being young again. +6dVrftwen Wetortus, * OEG 1062. 

•dglft f. resHtuHon, TC202**. UulbtSBf =e6el8t8Bf 

•dgWhrung f . growing again, WW 149*^. ed-walle, -welle = edwielle 

edgung = edgeong edwendan to return, RPs 77**. 

edgyldan* (»ie) to remunerate, 80162". ed-wendoii,t -wend f. change, reversal, end. 

adgyldend m. remunerator, Sg127^^ adwld^^edwit 

•fedlilwlaii to shape, conform, reform. edwielle (a, e, i) f. eddy, vortex, whirlpool, 

edhwyrfkn to return, retrace one^s steps. edwihte? something, anything, Gkn 1954. 

+ edhyrtan to refresh, recruit, GPH 390. edwille = edwielle 

+edlijfipol7 (+edyppol) 'reeensendus,* GPH ed-wlnde, -wind f. ^vortex,* whirlpool, Gl. 

396 (v. ES38*17). edwlst f. being, substance, M : sustenance, 

edliwyrtt m. change, going back {to a former food. 

state of things), reverse. + edwistlan to feed, support, LPs22*. 

•diac m. enclosed pasture, park, Ol,Pe ; Mdf. edwlstlio eonsting, substantive, .£Gb201*. 

[▼. * eddish*] edwit n. reproach, shame, disgrace, scorn, 
MaOk^nn t quail, VPs. abuse, Ps;AO,CP. V edwit*] 

adlwweard m. pork-keeper, gardener, Gl. edwltan^ to reproach, VPs. [ edwite*] 




•dwlttiil diagraeeful, Qu adv. -lioe. 
•dwltlftn = odwitkn 
odwltm XL U/e of dishonour, B2801. 
•dwltaolpe m. dugraee, shame, WaldIK 
•dwIlsprAcf f • 9009%. 
e d wf topr eea m. scoffer, Gn418. 
•dwItstODtt m. reproof^, disgrace. 
edwylm m. whirlpool of fire, Whalx73. 
±6dwyrpan to amend, become heUer, recover, 


•dwyrptnc f. recovery, £H2*26**. 
+edyppolv. +edhyspol; ef«-=efen- 
eten (nfen, efn, emn) I. adj. *even,* equal, 

Uhe, level, AO : just, true, JB : eahn, har- 
monious, equable, CP, on efen ▼. onemn. 

II. adv. evetdy, M,Ps : equaUy, Bo : exactly, 

just as, B,Cr : quite, fuUy, CP,Oen : namely, 

ef«n- often =//. oon-. 
ef enseVele eqvaOy noble. 
•t^nimetan =efenmetan 
•tenapoatol (e{n(e)-) m.fellouMiposae. 
etenbehife (ein-) e^ua% usefta or needful, 


etenbeorhtt equally bright 
efenblaeeop (-oop) m. coAnshop, BH112''. 
•f anbUsftan to r^oice equaUy. 
•fenbUVe r^oidng toUh anoUier, 1^28*. 
efenboran of equal birth, LL(256**). 
•fenbrid as broad as long, £S 8-477. 
•tenbyrda of equal birth, ^L33*. 
•taneaaatarwaran mp. fellow-dtixens, BH 


af ancampa m. feUow-sMier, M. 
afanorfsian (em-) feUow-Christian, LL. 
af ancimian* to come together, agree, 
af end^a equally dear, LL. 
afentadlg equally biUssed, tH78*^. 
afanaald contem/porary, coeval, ^,Wid. 

afanaardiganda dweOing together, Gb237. 
afanicat (ehi-) co-etemaL adv. B. 
af anadwistUo consubstaniial, M, 
afanShV f. ndghbourhoodf neighbouring die- 

trietr Chb894a (y. BT Supp.). 
afanaana (efne-) m. feUow-servani, N. 
afanatan to eat as much as, Rnil**. 
9>Un¥^% juti as easy, Mkt20^*^ (efn-). 
afanfala (eo*) num. adj. just so many, as 

many, AO (em-). 

afanfrA-fran, -frian ^consolare,^ EPsl25^ 
afangadAlan (efn-) to share alike. Ex 95. 
afangafton' to r^oice together, sympathise. 
afaogalto Uke, co-equal. 
af angenoa m. equa*, fellow. 
afangamsDCoa (efn-) m. companion, fellow, 

consort, CP. 

afangamyndlg commemorative, BlIOI^ 
afangafplttan *eonspuere,* MkL14^. 
afangM (emn-) equally good. Bo. 
afanhida m. an equal in ravic, co4>idtop,GD 

•fenhiUg equally holy, Bl46". 

af anhtatda m. fellow, comrade, NC283. 
afanhaafodltng m. miue, fellow. 
afanhfeh equally high. ^^ 

afanh§ap m. band of comrades, WW 376**. 
afaDhammaaT to fetter, EPsl45^. 
af anhaort concordant, harmonious. 
afanhaoit(a)T -neaT concord, harmony, DR 


afanharanaa f. praising together, CP832^. 
afanharlaa to praise together, VPslia^ 
afaa-talMSor} n., -hltotSning t harmony, 

union of sounds or voices. 
afanhlaolMan to sing together, KC283. 
af anbl^ (6*) equal in rank, BH. 
af an-talytta, -Ueta m. sharer, partner, M. 
afanl««a (d) just as easy, Mxt20^*'. 
±afanUtoaii to be like : make like, match, 

imitate, JB. [*evefiZeeAe'1 
afanUtoand m. imitator, M. 
afanUteara m. imitator, OEG1967. 
:tafaiilAcattra f. female imitator. 
d:afaiilAcuiig f. copying, imitation, M. 
afanlang (em-) equally long : prep. (w. d.) 

-lange olon^. 
•fanliata f. the herb mercury. Led. [*even' 


afanltef (em-) equally dear, AO. 
afanlaomara m. fellow-disciple, OEGSa***. 
d:afanllo even, equal, comparable to, of like 

age, Cr. ['everUy*]. adv. -lice equally. 

evenly, alike : patiently. 
afanlica (efn-) m. equal, Mxt20^. 
-f-afanOclan to make equal, BH372*^ : (±) 

'complacere,* AV*P825*. 
afannonaa f. evenness,equality,CP,Ps. (Sm-). 

afenlliig (efn-) m. consort, fellow, EP844'. 
afanmAra (efn-) equally famous, MbtIO*'. 
atanniflBaBaprteat m. feUow-priest, GD283*. 
etanmadoma (efn-) equally worthy, MH 134*. 
afanmatan' to assemble together, EP861* : 

compare, VP848**. 
afanmloal equaUy great 
afanmld adf. middle, PPs73^*. 
afanmlhtig equaUy mighty, WW. 
afanmddnca with equanimity, OEG2978. 
afanntah adv. emiaUy near. 
afannihV =efenSn5 
af annea f . equity, justice : comparison. 
afan-nlht f., -nihte? n. equinox (23 Sep.). 
afanrMa (emn-) equally fierce, A068*. 
afanifoa equaUy powerfid, BH416*. 
afanaioard m. feUow-priest, A 11*7*.. 
afanflira (emn-) equcMy bitterly, CP413**. 
afansirglan to sorrow together with, com* 

miserate, M. 

afansirfuiig f. sympathy, GD180*. 
afansirig adj. (w. d.) equaUy sorry {with) : 


afansoaarp equaUy sharp, PPs83*. 
afansoolara (emn-) m. feUow-pupil, AO 132^. 
af anaoyldlg equaUy guilty, UL, 
afansorglan (efn-) to be sorry for, GD346^. 
afampMigUo consubstantial, BH. 


afenqirAe (efne-) confabviation, LkLpll^. ±«fMaii to hagUn, hurry ^ make Acwto, Su 

wtengt ilUin to prepare^ make ready, execute, [of oet] 

WW208**. [»*efexistatSelian] ablung f. hastening. 

etentung = ef eenng aft ady. again, anew, a second time, JS, VPe ; 

ef enswlSe (etn-) ^ut as much, GP. GP : then, thereupon, aftenoards, hereaf^p 

tftenttam (efne-) m. conspiracy, JnLO". thereafter, Chr; M : bach, Chb : likewise, 

•t^ntbiwiaiaiic consubstantiaL moreover, Mt, [*e/t*] 

•fenVefn (eine-) m. feUow-seirvaml, NG. efMoeiiiied 6oni again, N. 

itanVtoung f. supper, eftioeiiii(ed]i)68 f. regeneraiion, N. 

•ttn-Viow, -t$6owa m. /eZZow-^ervsnt, ^,GP. eftArist (€) resurrection, NG. 

•tSeowen f . feUow-servarU (female ), HL IS***. eftiriiNtn^ to rwe o^tn, VPs. 

•f enlhrdwlan to compassionate, sympathise, ettbitung f. making whcle, NG. 

GP (efn-), M (em-)* ttSbottn bom again, JnLR3*. 

ef enVrdwung f. compassion. So. efkMt f. rMtoraftoii to heaUh, NG. 

ef enVwtee ogreetn^r, GM 82. eftoamn = eftoynran 

•tenunwemme eguaUy inviokUe, LL250 eftoneoreto regenerarfton, BR. 

[14]. efteuman* to come back. 

efenwSge f. counterpoise, Gl. •ttoymet m. return. 

etenwMzan to grow together, Lod. ttuijfme/li pree. 3 sg. of eftouman. 

efonwel <u weU, LL(324^). eftaynnos (— oen-) f. regeneration, NG. 

•lenweorS o/ equal rank : very tMrtAy : •fteyrran to turn back, return, M. 

equivalent. ^^ ettedwltan* to reprove, MtL21^. 

efenw«rod np. comrades, WW 381^*. ett«r^=<«fter 

efenwesende contemporaneous, co-eacistent, «ttem? evening, IUi24**. 

Gb350. eftfldwan* to flow back, HGl418 ; 462. 

afenwiht n. equal, fellow, associate. eftflowung f . redundance, HGl418^. 

efanwiftan (emn-) *eofMcrt6er«,' EPsl40*. efttorgltnM i ^remissio,* ^reooncUiatiOp* 

efonwyroend m. cooperaior, BH464'*(t8). NG,DR. 

efenwyrlita (em-) m. hUow-worker, m. +eftgadilaii to repeat, GD277^. 

•fenwyrt(e=6fenweoro etCgeafung f. remuneration, DR60^. 

efenyrfeweard m. co-heir, BH. [ieife] eftged^n to recaU, BH260'^. 

efeortOee (GHBlll4s)=ofoetIioe eftgeeyrranseftoyiran 

efor, eleif6am=eofor, eoforfeam eftgemyndglaii to remember, DR. 

Mam (N) =«feii aftgamyndlg remembering, NG,DR. 

afaa, efeeo L the *eaves' (of a house), LPs : aftglan to repeat, GP421»'U . (^) restore, 

brim, brink, edge, border {of a forest), side, strengthen. 

Chr. afthwaortan' to turn back, return, eft- 

afaadrypa=7fe8diype hweorfende, -hwyrfende recurring, M. 

±afa8lan to dip, shear, cut, JSOr. [^evese*] aftlten n. recompense, GbIIOO. 

afaat (VPs)=«Bfe8t, ofost; ata6tan=ef8tan aftltenland m. rewarder, DR89^*. 

afastOca hurriedly, NG. attlbliig (S) f. redemption, NG. 

afaaung f. shearing, shaving, tonsure, Cp, attloeung f. ^respectus,* regard, DR86^. 

WW. [* eavesing^'\ attmyndlg remem^erf ng, NG. 

afate (WW) m., efete (M) f. 'eft,' newt, aftnlwang f. rMtoration, DR. 

Utard, M. attonfond? receiver, NG. 

9tgtM (OEG8^**)=8Bfg8BltS; afn^aiefen aft-raeoan pree. 3 Bg. -rehV 'subdere,' OEG 

±afna]i L to make even, level, Bd2S^ : liken, 6167. 

compare, MtL. ['even*; ON. jafna] aftryaa m. *oceffr«iM,* retiim, ypsl8^ 

IL=8Bfnan aftacfoglan to put one^s shoes on again, 

afna I. adv. even, evenly, equally, exactly, CM 687. 

indeed, precisely, only, just, alike, likewise, att-aalanaa, -aelnes, -tdselenea f . requital, 

just now. e. swa even so, even as, just as if, NG,DR. 

when. e. swa tSeah even though, e. t6 attalttan* *residere,* ^Gb167*. 

next to. II. (», eo) interj. behold/ truly/ 9ttM^ m. journey back, return. ^^ 

indeed/ M. [efen] III. f?a^m, ^. [cp. attalVganda turning back, retreating, WW 

fBliine] IV.? (») n. material, DR. 491». 

afna- = efen- aftsdna a second time, Mk : soon after, again, 

afnanQ interj. behM now, CLPs7^*. likewise, Mt. [*e/%tfoofi*] ^^ 

alnaa quite, exactly. aftspallung f. recapitulation, WW 491"*. 

±atnattan (emn-) to equal, emulate : make attKaretan? (-Vrncan) 'reealoOrare,* Lklu 

even, adjust : (+) compare. (v. * thrash*). 

afBlan=efnan I. aftSlngung f. reconciliation, DR88'. 

efal-sseolal-; afor^eofor; Mra=:Sfre aftwyrd f. j'udgment day, resurrection dayf 

elUan = efesian (or ? adj. future, QK), Ez 539. 




6ttiyni seftryna 
•fulfiuigs^dBiuig; igsieg 

«f-=*g-, Sag-, l^'l •« ▼. eg-la-eg. 

-igan Y. on-& 

•CQgung (WW 104") =:eogiiiig 

ege (tt) m. *aic«,' /ear, terror, dread, Pe, 

MtL; MJiOfCP : overawing inflnenee, M : 

oauM of fea r, VPe. 
•gean (WW469^)=eogan 
egetul *awfiU,* inepiring or feeUng awe, 

«gelif T i 9wrvivor9 of a baUie, Ex370 (or 

? egorlaf , GK). 
egeltas fearUae, CP. [*awelesB*] adv. 

-lioe, CP. 
cgeltatnes f. bMneM, BlS&^. 

egoUe terrtWe, SP876^ 

flgenu £. chaff, husk, WW 412*. 

egesa m. awe, fear, horror, peril : moneiroua 

thing, numeter : horrible deed, W281^ [ege] 
•gesluUlc terrible, adv. -Sbe. 
egestulnes f . fearfulnese, fear, JPb,LL. 
egMgilma m. terror-mask, ghoeL 
±age8laii^ to frighten, terrify, AO,CP : 

threaten, OEG2481. 
egeslg (eiflig) terrihU, Sat36. 
•geslto awpd, dreadful, terribU, threatening, 

CP. adv. -lice, 
agasung f . threatening, terror. 
ageswin n. a kind offish ▼. NC284. 
ega^geilii^ npL harrowing implements, 


•gewylin m. terrible toave, PPslOO**. 
+egglan to egg on, incite, MkL15^. 
aglde L=eogede pret. 3 sg. of ecgan. 

agile =egle; •glt-=ege8-; eglt(e=egtSe 
agl fnT mole, heard, awn, ear (of barley) : 

daw, taion. [Oer. aohel] 
«g-l&-eg *euger BRPsaiH. 
±eglaii tr. {Jud,Lcd) and impen. (LL) 

to trouble, plague, molest, amict, M,CP. 

agle I. hideous, loathsome, troublesome, 

grievous, painful, M. IL = egl 
Agnail V. on-€. 
ignas f. fear, £Ps88*^. 
•gnwlrht 'merz,' EPsl26* (^^genwyrht? 

BT; agenwyrhtT ES381). 

«gor nt flood, high tide, WW386"; 474«. 
Sgorheret m* f^ood, deluge. 
igontriamt m. sea, ocean. 

•57 ^®5^" » •*■' = ®8«-. 5eg8- 
egVe £. harrow, rake, Ql. 

•gVere m. Aorroteer. 

BgypttM Egyptian. 

•h^eoh ; ih- = eag-, leg-, ig- 

aher(NQ)=for; elilifoMe=heahheolo6e 

alisl=eaxl; ahtaUBht, eaht; etataissfeahta 

±QilaB to attack, persecute, pursue, harass, 

MJlO,CB : consider, judge, observe, [dht] 
ehtof eaU = eahtaleald 
ihtand xn. persecutor, AO. 
Bhtare m. persecutor, M,CP. 

•htnw f. persecution, MJiO,CP. 

Shtung f. persecution, A0274>«. 
ehtuwe (RD37«)=:eahta 
«g>=i3c|g; aiga=:ege; ais-=eges- 
eHm. the letter h 

el-, ele- (prefix) /oret^, strange. 
«=(l)n, (2)£1; alaii=eglaii 
ellwga {M) =elnboga 
ilo(NG)=&lo; eloh=eoUi 
ekdan to put off, delay, M. 
ekdeiid m. proarastinator, M 12^**. 
eloor ady. else, elsewhere, otherwise, except, 

besides, BH. ['elchur'] 
eleora, elcia, eloian adv. else, otherwise. 
elcaiig (A) f. delay, M. 
eleiir=elcor; eld^eld; eldort=<ealdor 
eiem.oa,I«(i;iS,AO,CP. ['efe';!'.] 
ele- = el- 

elebaeen cooked in oiL 
elebtam m. oUve-tree, M : elder f privets 


elebAamen of ihe oUve-tree, WW 128'. 
elebtemstybb m. slump of an elder, EC 190'^ 
elebearu m. olive grove, NO. 
elebeige f . olive. 


elebytt f. oil-vessel, chrismatory, WW432<*. 


eledroana pL dregs of oU, Lod 1*310^ 

elefSBt n. oil-vessel, ampuUa, WW. Velvat'] 

elegrtoto m. oH-vesself OEG (v. BT). 

elehorn m. oU-flask, WW434^ 

elehtre f. lupine. [L. eleotrum] 

elel«at n. oUve-leafr Lod 102b. 

eleltait f. lack of oil, GD44'^. 

elelendlM strange, foreign, as sb. stranger, 


elene=eolone; eleidrosna=eledroBiia 
eleseaif f . oH-salve, nard, HGl405. 
eleseoeche f. oil-strainer, WW164". 
eleslybb m. elder-stump. [ =ellen-] 
eletredde f . oil press, GD. 
eletrfow n. olive. 
eletrtowen of oUve trees. 
eletwlg XL oleaster, WW460". 
«e« m. aUodium, freehold, Gtj38. [=etfel] 
elewana m. lack of oil, GD44*. 
elfen f. nymph, spirit, WW362^. [«ielfeii] 
elletu=i]feta; ettreined}=^l£remed 

elhygd f . distraction, ecstasy. 
ell = el; ell-=el- 

eltorn (Cp), el]am=eUen II. and III. 
eUandt n. foreign country. [* eilland ' ] 
e]]e=ealle; elletne (iifi)=6ndleaian 
ellen I. nm. (always n. in f) f^ol, strength, 

courage, B,Bo,Ou. on e. boldly. [*elne*] 




IL n. 'Mar'4reA, Led; MdL IIL adj. of 

Met-wood, LoD. 

tenable f. elder cuh, LGDl21b. [^asoe] 
•Ueneroft m. might, power, PPs98*. 
•DendAdt f. heroic deed, 
•Uonde L adj. foreign, etrange, exiled, 

IL n. foreign parte, 
•Denga = eaUonga 
•IleiigAat m. powerful demon, B86. 
eUengrifa m. elder-grove, 302*469*'. 
•Qenhaardt migh^f, brave, bold. 

eOenhato m. jealauau, A 11*98**. 

•UenlAoa m. champwn, eombalani, WW. 

•Ueiiltaf n. elder-leaf, L(n>122a. 

elleiiltas wanHng in courage, JuL [*eflefi- 


allenlle brave, M, adv. -lioe. 
ADanmArSut f . fame of courage, 
•nemind t elder bark, Lod. 
eUanrdt courageous, powerful, M. 
aUensteo mortally wounded, B2787. 
ellaiiqirite f. strong speech. Qui 128. 
dlen-atubb, -atybb m. elder stump, Ct 
•Dentiii'in. elder twig, LcDllOb. 
•llanlrfow n. elder-tree, Ct. 
eDenMite heroicaUy bold, Jud 133. 
•Danweorot n. heroic deed, 
•UenwM I. f. ieal, PPs68*. IL furious, 

JxjLl40 : zealous, earnest, OE0364. 
eDanwddtant to emulate, 
allanwddnast t zeal. 
allanwyrt f . elderwort, dwarf -elder, 
aDanwyrttruma m. root of elder, Lod 101a. 
anaoht n. elision of the letter I, OEG5471. 
aUaa adv. in another manner, otherwise, Mt; 

M,CP : 'else,' besides, BlJSeaf; M,CP : 

elsewhere, 0EQ2***. e. hw»r, hwergen, 

hwider elsewhere, e. hwet anything else, 

aUnung = ebmng 
aOorf elsewhere, elsewhither, to some other 

place, e. londes in another land. 
allortOsf ready to depart. 
alkMr-gSatty -gast m. alien spirit 
allonlV m. death, B2461. 
•Oraord, ellreordig = ebaord 

atan m. *elm,' elm-tree. Led. [L. nhnoa] 
alm-ssnbn-; atanbogaselnboga 
almrind f . elm-bark, Lcd. 
aln f. fore-arm, *efl' (a foot and a half to two 

feet), Mt,WW; iB^AO.GP. 
alnboga m. *elbow,* WW{eLe-); GP. 
alna, ehiee da. and gs. of alien. 
alngamat n. eU-measure, 6xirl309. 
±aliilaii to emulate, be zealous : strengthen, 

comfort oneself i gain strength, Lod. 
alnung 1 comfort, consolation, ^L23*** : 

emulation, zeal, M. 

alone =eolone; alotr, elotSr (GL)=elehtre 
alpan- (VPs), elpen-=elpend- 
alpand (y^) m. elephant, AO. 
alpandbAnan (elpan-, ylpen-) of ivory. 

Atpandbin n. ivory, 

alpandta« m. ivory, WW397*'. 


alra comp. adj. other, B753. [*el; Ooth. aljis] 

al^aord, -reordig of strangespeech, barbarous, 

alraordlgaaa f. Girbarism, Gl. 

-els maao. suffix for inanimate things, as in 
rteels, wfif els. 

altst (^)==ielde8t snperL of eald. 

altf tod L strange people, foreign nation, (in 
•pL) foreigners, enemies : (pL ) aU people, aU 
nations, Gb1084, 1337: exile, AO. 

alVtod-c^n, -ian to Uve abroad, wander 
as a pilgrim : (+) make strange, disturb, 

alStodgung s eltSSodnng 

atVtodig foreign, strange, barbarous, hostile, 
Bo,Met{m\-); AO,CP : exiled, wk. form 
mp. el-6€odian, -fi^odigBXistrangers,foreign- 
ers, pilgrims, proselytes. [* alAeodt *] 

affitodlga (io) abroad, LkRlS". 

atVtodlgUo {tdi-) foreign, strange, bom abroad. 
adv. -Hoe. 

aiVtodlgnaa f . foreign travel or residence, 
pilgrimage, exile, AO. 

alVtodlsc /orei^, strange, Mt27'. 

alStodung 1 residence or travel abroad, BH 

alVld-, eltSled-, el6Sod-=elt$Sod- 

aliihtra=elehtre; alwllit=»lwiht 

am m7 (Ke letter m. 

am«=efen-, emn-, ym-, ymb-, ymbe- 


amb, ember^ymb, ymbe 

ambaht (NG)^s<ambiht 

ambahtlan=ambihtan; amMht^s^ambiht 

ambran (v^, i*) n. bucket, pail, Gl. [Qer. 

amdanas, emdeme8=endemes 

amal=ymel; amar=omer 

amlaoht n. elision of m before vowels in scan* 
ning verse, OEG6473. 

amn, emne^efen, efne, efn- 

amnat n. plain, AO 186**. [efen] 

amtwft (on) into two equal parts, in half, 

-an suffix L diminutive (nent.) as in mssgden 
(from mn^tS). IL to form feminines (a) 
with mutation (gyden, from god), (b) with- 
out mutation {%eoweafrom oeow). IIL ad- 
jectival, with mutation, denoting material 

in- = an- ; and oonj . = and 

+andadung f. finitiiing. 

anda m. *end,* conclusion, Mt : boundary, 
border, limit, Ps; M,AO,CB : quarter, direc- 
tion : part, portion, division, AO : district, 
region, AO : species, kind, class : death. 
et (tSsem) e. finally. 

anda-bard-, -bird-, •bred-=sendebyTd- 

andabyrd f. order. Met 13*. 

± andabyrdan io put in order, arrange, ordain, 
dispose, M. 

andabyrdand m. one vfho orders or arranges, 


•iMlel9rd«t in an orderly manner, regnlarlif, tngetrfow = hongetrSow 

properly. EDflalAiul il country of the AngUe, ^Sng- 

andet^yrdlansendebyrdui land,* BH. 

•ndebyrdllc ordinal, .£Ob282K adv. {±) Emslaii, Engle mp. the Angles (m opposed 

•lioe in an orderly manner, in order, in to the Saxoiu) : ihe Englieh generaUy. 

eueeeseion, M,CB, [Angel] 

•ndebyrdnM f. order, eueeeseion, series, enflelleseiigeUio 

arrangement, method, rule, M,CP : grade, EngllM *BngUsh,* jB,LL;CP. on E. in 

degree, rank, condition, M,CP. {the) SngUeh {languaae), JBGr,BH,Mt 

endedngt m. last day, day of deaih. EngUsemann m. * Englishman,* LL, 

•Bdeddgort mn. last day, death-day. enguf f . narrowness, confinement. 

•ndefflMtend m. fnieher, DR27^. enld =ened ; inig =finig ; •nltres^anwintre 

•Ddef urh f . end-furrow, Ct enletan = endluf on ; inllpig = ftnlipe 

•ndelif f. last remnant, last, B2813. enne-ltao, -Ite = vnnelfiac ; eno =neona 

endeltant n. final retr^mtion. ant m. giant, J&JLO. 

•ndeltai, -iSaalio (M) * endless,* boundless, tnieynnn. race ofgiants. 

eternal. Bo. adv. -IToe, M. entlso of a giant, 32979. 

•ndeltasnea f. endlessness, infinity, eternity, entte=yndfle 

MQvkliei^. «nwlntra=&nwmtre 

endelll n. life *s end, death, El586. eobor, eobot s eof or, eof ot ; toe = geoo 

endemann m. man of the world* e (supposeJ^ Code L pret. 8 sg. of gan. IL =Sowde 

final age, M. eodorf m. hedge, boundary : limit, region, 

•ndflmaa (^,CP), endemest adv. equally, zone zinclosure,fold,dwelling,housei prince, 

Khewise, at the same time, together, unani- lord. 

mously : fuUy, entirely : in procession. aodor-lirMiV t, -brice m. breach of an in- 

•ndemest (ende-) last, MF ( Veap. D xiv). closure, house-breaking, LL. 

andemeatnat f. extremity (v. MF167). aadoroan to chew, ruminate, BH346'. 

aiida-niliat, -nSxt (I, y) extreme, final, last, [««ediooian] 

M. aodorgoog (eder-) m. begging f (GK) irobberyf 

andarim m. number. Sat 12. (Liebermann), Ob 1676. 

andasAta m. border-watchman, B241. aodorwfir m. wire fence, Rd18*. 

andaapAe f . epilogue, CM 1 166. aodur = eodor ; aof al = yfel 

andastfldft m. end, conclusion. aofar^eofor; aofara=eafora 

andatfma m. end of life, last hour. aotaniiodlg=ofermodig 

andaVrftat (aande-) f. end, destruction, GD aofat=eofot; aofna=efne 

337*. aof Ola f T danewort, endive f LoD. 

± andlan to * end, * finish, M : abolish, destroy, aof on = heolon 

JnB,Ps; AO,CP : to come to an end, die, aofor (e^, ea^ e') m. boar, wUd boar, Lcd,Ps : 

Ou ; AO. boar-image on a helmeL ['ever'] 

andlaofan (e*, i*, u", y*; o*) num. * eleven,* aofoni=eafora 

^,BH. aoforaumbol n. boar -image on a helmetf boar- 

andllfangllda entitled to eleven-fM com- shaped ensignf IBhld; 269. 

pensation, LL3[1]; 470[7]. aolorfaam (e^) n. a hind of fern, polypody, 

and-lytta, -leof ta, -leof etSa ' eleventh, * Bl,ML Led, W W. V everfem '] 

andlyfta in the eleventh place, elevenlhly, aoforiiaafodaagn(ea^)n.6annertoi(Aa6oar'« 

LL182[11]. head design? B2162. 

+andodlto finiU, Bo44» aoforDo m. boar-image {on a helmet), B303. 

±andungf. * ending,* end, Mt;CP:{-\-)death. aofonpara (u*) n. boar-spear, 0EG7**. 

andwaro n. pain in the buttocks, Lod 174a. aofotsprtet n. boar-spear, Gl. 

[w»ro] aofonwin n. boar, Lod 98b. 

anad (»^, i') mf. drake, duck, Gl. [^ende*] aofoilMng m. {boar-throng), the constellation 

analteo = 3mneldao Orion. 

inatara = anwintre ; #nga = anga aofoilSrota f . earline thistle, Lod. 

anga I. (a» oe) narrow, dose, straitened, con- ±aofot n. crime, sin, guilt. 

strained : vexed, troubled, anxious : oppres- aofo9=eafo9; aoful- (A)=yfel- 

sive, severe, painful, cruel. IL (a» o) adv. aofor (VPs)=eofor; aofut (NG)=eofot 

sadly, anxiously. ^^ «ogor=«gor; aogo9=eeogat$ 

+angad troubled, anxious, WW35V. aohf nm., gs. Sob war-horse, charger : name 

angal (n) m. * angel, * messenger, Mt ; M,CP. of the rune for a. [Goth, aihwa] 

[L. angeluB] fohf [<«Iw] m. yew-tru : name of the rune 

Biigal= Angel for to. 

angalound angelic, Gu 72. aola, eolo»B<eoIh ; aoldran = ieldran 

angaloynnt n. race or order of angels. aolana = eolone 

anganie angelic, of angels, M. tolaa gs. of eolh. 




•olet XL voyagef (Codjn), B224. 

eoih m. [g. dolee] dk. 

eolh-nnd (-sang, HGl431) n. amber, Gl. 

eoIhSMg (eolhx-, eolx-, iliig-)m. * papyrus,* 

reed, eedge, Gl : name of a rune, RtthIS. 
eolhstede = ealhstede 
eolone f . eieoampane. 
eoM=ealat5 (v. ealu) 
eolneeg = eolhBeog 
•om L ▼. weean. IL=heoin, him dp. of 

hS, hSo, hit 

eoiid«7=ende (but ▼. JAW31) 
MW- ; Sor- =ear-» ier- ; §ar- 
•oronanstAn, eoro(l)an8t&n m. predoue 

skme, [Chih, -airkns] 
tored (o*) dI. troop, band, legion, company. 

[eoh, r&d] 
foradetat (o*, ie>. e^, ^)t 1 troop, company. 
forodg«atW9 fpL miUiairy gpj?or eZ, B2 866. 
Soredgoild n. troop of horsemen, WW229^ 
ioredlifep m. troop, host, DD113. 
iorednuBOg zxl horseman, Rd23*. ^^ 
toredmann m. trooper, horseman, BH,WW. 
toredmenlgu f. legion, Gd. 
teredttrtet m. troop, host, Rd4^. 
tered-waorod, -wered xl band, company, 

eori m. *earl,* nobleman (oriflly. a Daniah 

title = the native ' ealdorman^), Ct,LL,Ma : 

(t) bratfe man, warrior, leader, chief. Or, 

€fen,Rd : man. 
eorleund noble, LL. 

oorlddm m. earldom, rank of an earl, Geb. 
eorlgebyrdf f. noble birth. 
•orlgMtrfont n. treasure, weaUh. 
eorigewAde n. armour, B1442. 
aoillo (l)=ier]ic; (2)eorl]ic 
eorUso of noble rank, LL173. 
aorlUo chivalrous, manly. 
eortmsBgent xl band of noble warriors. 
•orirlht XL earVs rigU, LL468[5]. 
eorlaolpet ql manliness, courage. 
eorlweorod xl hoai of noble warriors, B2893. 
aormeiicynn (y^)t xl mankind. 
•ormangmnd xi. wide world, B850. 
•ormenUf I. huge legacy, B2234. 
•oimanstr^iid I. race, ffeneraHon, Sol 329. 
•onnen1$tod (y^) f. mighty peopHe, Mmrl39. 
eorn- = geom- 

ewnea f. anger, Bl123*; HL. 
•omoit f. earnestness, zeal, M,CP. oxi 

eomo8t(e) in earnest, earnestly, truly : 

seriousness, W : battle. [* earnest*'} 
•omoate (e*) L * earnest,* zealous, serious, 

JS, II. ady. earnestly, seriously, courage- 
ously : fiercely. 
eomoBtnee L adv. *eames(ly,* stridlu, truly, 

in truth, indeed, MtJjL. IL coxij. iherc' 

fore, buL 

•omnst^eomost; iorodMteied 
•offKseorSey heoHS 

60iK-4Bpp6l xiL xiap. -nppla *earih-appte,* 

cucumber, M : *Yiianc^ora,* WW. 
eoiKarn (e*) xi. earOMumse, grave. 
eoiSbeofuxig (i*) f. earth quake , AO. 
eoitnieige f. strawberry, WW 242*. [bene; 

Oer. erdbeere] 

eorSbl^enga xn. earth-dweller, BH268". 
eorVbl^ennei f. agriculture, WW 144*^. 
eorVbryog f . bridge of poles covered with earth, 

eorS-bflendt* -bug(]g)eiid pou earth-dweUer, 

man, iB. 

eoit^burh = eoitn>yTig 
eorSbyfung =eorubMfuiig 
eorVl^eii t grave, NC284. 
eofSbyilg f . emihwork, mound, embankment, 


ooitfeater xil cockchafer, WW122». [oea- 


eoilHeenned, -oend earth-bom, Ps. 
aorVcraBft xn. geometry, OEG3119. 
eoIt^-ol7pel, -oryppef xn. paralytic, palsied 

man, NG. 
eoriteund, eoitktundlio (GP) sprung from the 

earth, earthly. 
eoitteynlng xn. earthly king, king of the 


eorSoynn xl human race. Ex 370. 
eorUenu f. vaUey, NG284. 
eorMraoat m. dragon that Uves in the earth, 
eorVdyne xn. earthquake, Chr 1000. [* earth- 
eoiVe f. ground, soU, M,B,LkLi AO,GB : 

'earth,* mould, Gu : ujorld, jE,B,Mt : 

country, land, district, Jn, 
eorVen adj. ofor in the ear^, OEG 33127 
eorSern = eoronm 

eorVtsBft ' earthfat^* firm in the earth, M 
•orVtol XL eartMy vessel, body. Soul 8. 
eoil^ifealls, -galla xn. earth-gall, lesser 


eor8ge-bynt, -bent xl landslip, Gt. 
•orSgemfire xl boundary of the earth, PPs 


aoil^emet n. geometry, Gl. 
eorVgeaoeaft f. earthly creature, Met 20^. 
eorVgnef xl hole in the earth, Bd59*. 
eoii^rl^ f. earth* s embrace. Ruin 6. 
eoHAieie xn. a covering of the ground. 
eoiinirArnea f . earthauake, Bl,NG. 
eorVhOs xl cave-dweuing, den. 
eorSlflg (y*) il ground ivy, Lod 1*212. 
eoimio * earthly,* worldly, Bl,Mt; M. adv. 


•ortning = 3rrtning 

eorVmsBgen il earthly power, Rim69. 
eoiK-mats [-inalSa?] xn. 'vermis, * worm, Gl. 
eorVmlstel ul basU {plant), LoD33a. 
•oiVnaf ela xn. asparagtis, Lod. 
•orVnutu f . * earth-nut, * pig»nut, Cu [hnatu] 
oofVraoed xl cave-dweUing, B2719^ 
•orKrest f. bed laid on the ground, WW362u. 
eoiWoet XL earthly kingdom, earth. 
eortMnta xn. a plant, Lod 120a. 




eorHwrsBt n. ds. -Mnle cave'dweOing, 

eavem^ CP : sepulchre, 
•oilSBelet m. oave-dwelling. 
oortfollhtM doae to th^ ground, M. 
•oritoieda m. earth, PPs73^ 
•odbtlruiig = eorSstyrong 
•orS-fflyren (6D), -stYreimet (NG), -sty- 

rang (M) f. earth^[uaie, 
•orVSUa m. ^earth-tiUer,* huabemdman, 

farmer, W305». 

•orStin f. ^earth-tiUh,* agricuiture, WW. 
oorStOdor n. human race, PPsll?**. 
eofStyrewe f. eaHh-iar, hUwm/en, A074^'. 
•oiflu (N)=eor6e 
60I1^V8Mtm f . fruU of the earth. 
•orS-waran (GP), -ware mpL, -wani fpL 

earth^toeUere, AO. V earthware*'\ 
eoiltweall m.'earth-unU, mound, 
ooilSweard m. region of earth, B2334. 

•oHIwagt n^ earth, 

eorVwela m. weaUh : fertiUty, AO. 

•orVweorc n. work on the land, 

•oriTworod n. tnAoManfa of earth, W26^; 


aorV-westm, -yfig=eoit$-wn6tin, -ifig 
tarwiega = earwioga 
ios g8. of eoh. 
•osel, eoeol=e8ol 
•osele f . ehe-ass, Bl. 
i08(-=Sast-; eoaul=:eeol 
•otan(yP8)=etan; Eotaa=Eoteiiaa 
•otent m, giant, moneier, enemy, [ON. 


Eotenas mpL Jutes, ^^ 

•otend (=et6nd) voracioue, gluttonoue, WW 


eotenlso gigantie, B, [^eteniah*] 
Eotolware mp. Italians, BHIOS^^ 
toton=eton pret. pL of etan. 
•otonlac = eoteniso 

eotonweard f . watch against monsters f B668. 
iow I. dat. of g6 pen. pron. to you, you. 

II. interj. 100/ oZm/ IIL=giw. IV.=iw. 

V. m. sheep, 

fowi=eowII.; Sowaii=iewan 
iowberge = iwberge ; tewolg = eowooig 
«owd f . sheepfM, M : flock, herd, M, 
fowde n. flock (of sheep), herd, M. 
tewdesotop n. sheep of the flock, PPsOi^*. 
iowe I. gs. of eown. II. = ewe 
€owed, eowede=8owd, Sowde 
towendo (dat.) 'testioulis,' LL64 [25, 1]. 
tower I. gp. of ge pen. pron. (2nd pers.). 

IL poeseas. pron. your, yours, 
towerlendlso of your land, vestras, ' ^Gb 94^ 
towesire m. sheepfold, 
towlo aoo. pL of 5u (v. ge). 
towlstre = eoweetre 
towooig of a ewe, ewe*s, LoD 16a. 
towod, §owode=:Sowd, towde 
towohumele f . female hop-plant, Lod. 
towomeoluo f. ewe*s mHi, Lod 70a. 

town f. *ewe,* MJLL. 

towunga = Sawonga 

•pistol m. UUer. 

epl^eppel^sppel; eppan^yppan 


•r-; $r-=»r-, ear-, ier-, yr-; fir-, Sar- 

•ree^s^aroe; eronaitin (NG)=eoroDan8tan 

erello /keretteoi. [L.] 

erlan, erigean to plough, JB,Bo,Lk; CP. 

erlnaoea pL hedgehogs, PPslOS^^ 

erlnglmnd n. arMe land, Ct. 

•rlung f. phughina, WW104*. 

eroV (ioB) f. crop of com, BH44"c. 

mo m? stubbU-field, EC282'; 290\ 

erteheii f. quail, iB,WW. 

isa v. 5b. 

<soMp=A8oeap; ••l=eazl 

eane m. labotirer, slave, servant, retainer : 
youth, man, CP. [Oo th. aa neia] 

•aneeund of a labourer, WW212««. 

asnemon (n^) m. hireling, JnRlO''. 

•snowyrhto m. mercenary, hireling. 

esnllce like a man, manfully, ^,GP. 

eaol mf. ass, CP. [L. aaellas] 

en m. name of the letter s. 

eaalan to waste away, RPs 1 18^. 

ist mf . favour, grace, bounty, kindness, lopt^ 
An,B : harmony, consent : (in pL) delioacies, 
WW,&. VesU'] 

•Stan (w. d.) to live luxuriously, WI90^'. 


tete gracious, liberal, B,Oen. [*este*] 

istelto kind, gracious, EPs68^' : Mieate, 

daintyjpf food), MF (Vesp. D xiy). adv. 
-lice, CP. 

istful gracious, devoted, devout, M : fond of 

luxuries, WW2\%^^», ['eslfuU'] adv. -lioe. 
fstfulnes f. devotion, teal, CP : luxury, 


tetgeorn delioatie,fond of luxuries, WW218>*. 

fetig gracious, libercd. Pa 16. 

tottnet f. benignity, £Ps64M. 


istmete m. dainty, delicacy , luxury, M. 

-estre = f . agent, aa in witegestre, prophetess. 

9sium freely, willingly, gkuUy, 

08111= eeol 

aauloweorn f. miU-sUme turned by an <us, 


at I. =8Bt prep. II. pree. 3 sg. of etan. 
•t-=st-, ed-; tt(NG)^»t 
±ataii* (ea, eo) to *eat,* jB,AO,Jn : devour, 

consume, Jn;CP i (reflex.) provision one- 
self : (+) eat together. 
atalond n. pasture land, KC2*95^«. 
atama8t=ytemeBt; atan=eoten 
atand m. eater, glutton, 
atanlAa t paHure, LL452[20]. 
atol (ettol) voracious. 

atonlso (B) = eoteniao ; ataomna =»t8aoma 
atrt=it8t prea. 2 ag. c^ etan. 
ettan to graze, pa^tre land, AO 18**. 





ettulnM f. greedineM, gluttony. So 56*. 
iV L comp. ad7. more easily, IL =y9 

cttewlde (GL)=edowide 

•V«t barren, waste, desolate, [Oer. dde] 

tieaiiftafas mp. treachery, deceit, B1018. 
tteentioen n. deceiMl token, Gb1666. 
Smog m. plaice f loackf WW180*>. 
fldaii to try to obtain, get, AO 152^ 
ficn?s4faoen; fiene=f£(nie 
faeum dp. of feo. 

Mel (oe, N) mn. sa. SSiee country, native ±taidlaii to arrange, dispose, guide, M, 

land, home, Lk,Met; CP. t^wfiles 6. the fadlend m. manager, OEG56***. 

sea, Chb975a : name of the rune for m. ±fMluiig f. arrangement, order, disposition, 

[^ethel*] dispensation, M. 

iVelboda m. kmd*s aposUe, naUve preacher, fadiir (A) sfsBder 


Meloynlng m. hiryg of the land, Cb097. 
•VoUriam m. domestic joy, Obn1607. 
•Veleardf m. naHve dweJUng. 
iSeltestant n- fortress, 
Mallaiult n. fatherland, country, 
iVelltast homelesi, exiled. 

iSelmevet f> boundary of one*s country, fsscUe (GL)=f8eK)ele 

f8DC (e) n. space of time, whUe, division, 
interval, Lk; M,CP : period of five years, 
lustrum, WW431". ['fee' ; Oer. iaoh] 

tooean = f eocaa 

iBDCdlo (e^) f. torch, WW. {Oer. faokel] 

fAeenlbe = f&oenlioe 

Smetul spacious, 8olS5^. 


iVebldet n- native country, 
Melifhtt TL hereditary righL 
iVal-aeldt, -Betlt n. settlemenL 
MelitSBf (nl, yl) m. heir, successor, 
Meistattolt m. settlement, 
CSelftdlt m. hereditary seat, habitation 

royal city, chief city. 
¥MMw\ f . dweUing-place. 
ggalturtt t (da. -tyrl) fatherland. 
Meltfrymmt m. glory of one* s own land. 
fVelWMtfdt m. lord of the realm, man, 
Metwyniit f • joy of ownership, 
i/dgung t, breath, breathing, inspiration 

hard breathing, RB68*. 
Man to breathe, OD : smeU, [*ethe*] 
Mr (N)=£dr, £dre 
•Sung I. f. laying waste, destroying, Gl. tedaneiVelot npL patrimony : paternal 

fSene I. deceitful, treacherous, Ps : vile, 
worthless, II. adv. decei^ully, maUeiousiy, 
disgracefully : (f) exceedingly. 

fSenIg 'dolosus*? RPs72i' (or ? ffioniRong 
'dofiM,' ES38-13). 

+ted orderly, weU-eonducted, LL : cakn, 
composed, W61*«. [fadian] 


fSMler (e^) m. usu. indeoL in ig. * father,* JB, 
VPs; AO.CP : male ancestor, LkL,Mt : the 
Father, Ood, Jn,Mt,VPs : (in pL) pairenU, 
M. eald 1 grandfaiher. 9Tidda» Ifiower- 
t$a f . eto. great^-grandfalher, great-great' 
grandfather, etc 

fadara (e^) m. paternal unde, AO. [op. 
Oer, Yotter] 

+f8Bdera m. godfaiher (in his relation to the 
father), M, [Ger. gevatter] 

[$t$e, !6an] II.=et$giing 
ifSwUte easily turned, 0EG1161. 
•uwft inteij. woe/ Gl. 
§w- = &W-, Saw-, eow- ; two = Sown 
ez, eze f. brain, LoD (y. A 30* 129). 
6Xi=4eaz ; ezen v. oxa. 
ezllstealla f = eazlgeetealla 
ezorebta m. exorcist, ML^l^*^. 

tt V. f ah I. 
faoa gp. of feo. 

faderen paternal 

+t»deren bom of (he same father, AOIU^*. 
tBBderenlMrMor m. brother {from the same 

faderenontel (fsadren-) n. father* s kin, LL 


fttderenoynn n. father* s kin. 
fBdderenheall f. father* s side, Chb887a. 
fSBdoranmAg m. paternal kinsman, Chb 


fBDderanmAgV f . paternal kindred, LL392[3]. 
fSBderMel m. faiherland, AO. 
tBBdertaoli n. dowry paid by the father of the 

liean n. nap. faonu deceii, fraud, treachery, bride, LL. 
sin, evU, wickedness, crime, Mt,LL ; M,AO : feedergeard m. father* s dwelling, Gsir 1063. 
blemish, fault {in an object), LLn4[66]; fBddergestrfon n. patrimony, Gl. 

398[9]. i'faken*^ 
ttoendfid f. sin, crime, PP8118**. 
nean-tul, -fnllic deceitful, crafly. 
tieengaewls f . conspiracy, WW. 
fieengaawlpare n. deceit, PPs82*. 
ficenltes guileless ijrnre, NG. 
fleanllB lieeettM RB95»'^. adv. -Hoe, iE. 

fieenaaarut n. treachery. 

tsBderhlwIac n? * paterfamilias,* NG. 

fsederingmfig =f8BderennuBg 

tsederiand n. paternal land, inheritance, 


SmAti\%B» fatherless, W. 
fttderllo * fatherly,* paternal, ancestral. El. 

adv. -lice. 
+ftodIlo fit, suitable, proper, adr. -llbe : 

orderly, quietly : craftUy, CPaS2^. [fadian] 




tedem-ssfsdenn- fSr {%) L m. mMen danger, peril, BJBx : 

iBBdenlftgm m. parricide, WW. tudden attack : marvdf Bl199**. ['fear'^ 

iBMlwswloa m. traitor to cnt^e fiUher, ML IL=fSfer. III.=fa9ger 

19***. fBBr-siar-» fer-, fear-, feor-, fier-, for- 

ftodm={sD9m; tedr-ssfeder- Ukr^^reBx^il) midden, fearful; (2)fSr- 

•f tedrian to Aave (Ae same father, AO. fAran to /WgAton, ^; CP : raven, MtL7^* 
fMne (LkR 1**) =ffiiiine («). Vfear*] 

+f8BC 6etow<2, B915. [OHO. gifag] lArbana m. peasant, emaU-holderf (Lieb.)> 
-lAsan y. a-f. LL383[60]. 

fOf • 7<w/ doomeci (to death), fated, desUiud, fOrblfoiigaii beset by dangers, B2009. 

An,B,Ma : dead : «iiJhajDpy, oocwrMcI, Cr : fArbUM (S^) m. MMUm liUuA {of wind), 

feeble, cowardly. On. [Oer, feige] Ji7l649. 

±togeii (w. g.) fain,* glad, joyful, rejoicing, lArbryna m. scorching heat. Ex 72. 

B,So; AO. Iftielamm (9) m. sudden seizure, Exll9. 

tog6iilaii=f»gniBii Ukrao/HvLt apoplexy, Jjod. 

fBBgennea 1 ioy, NC286. tArowMrim m. sudden pestilence. 

tegar (ft) L fair,' lovely, beautiful, Bo,Oen; fArayle m. intense cold, Gibk43. 

AO,CP: pleasant, agreeable, Sx: attractive, UMLUX m. sudden death WW361». 

Qen;M, 11. t becnOy, Bo, lArdfyre m. racMen/ott, Cra 48. 

tagar- = ingr- fAredUe (£) = iftrlio ; teraht =temht 

fngerilea splendidly, LkL16". fiwald (a^) nm. way, journey, passage, ex- 
tBSgeitnmt. * fairness,* becbuty, LPs J3c I M, pediOcn, MJL0,CP : retinue, company, 
fngarwyrda smooth-speaking, FT 12. AO : course of life, conduct, M : progress, 

tegn =faBgeii power of locomotion, M : the Passover. 

fagnet f. diversity, LP844^. fflsraldfrtols m. passover feast. 

dbtngntan (a) (w. g..eto.) to r^oice, be t»ralt(AO,CP)sfnrald 

glad, exuU, Bo,Met : fawn, M : applaud. teronn«f=£nmes 

['/stn'] toraV pres. 3 ag. of faran. 

dbfagnung f. rMoidng, ELSPs. terfrig without passa ge-mon ey, Kxm 

+fAgoii pret. pi of +feoii. fArfyll (on) headkmg, WW420*. 

fBDgra (n) fairly, elegantly, beautifully, ^ : lArgrtpef m- sudden grip. 

pleasantly, sofiy, gently, kindly, Oen,Men : fArgiyrat m* awful horror. 

well, justly : early, LkB24He). [7atr'] fArhaga m. hedge of terrors, Gu933. 

^tSBgrian to become beautiful : adorn, fArlnga (S) suddenly, unexpectedly, quickly, 

decorate. forthwith, by chance, Lk ; ^,CP. [j/eringe '] 

lAgVr f. imminent death, Ah284(GK). fArilo sudden, unexpected, AO,WW; M,CP. 
fAlian=fSganIL fnht=sfeoht adv. -Uoe, Lk. VMY] 

ttbht f . haMity, enmity, violence, revenge, fOMrnes 1 passage, traffic, BH^iR. 

vendetta, AO. [fah; pp. Oer. fehde] fArnlV m. hostOe attack, B476. 

fAhlMt 1 payment for engaging in a feud, fArrita m. sudden rush, LkLS**. 

LL266[26f; 286r6,2d]. fAnAsanda (S^) *repeniia,' DR125^*. 

fAhtfe, f&hlSo, ffihQu =ffiht$ fSBrilht n. passage-money, ^L23b'*'. 

fnl- =feal-, fel-, fyl- feonoaatt m. peissage-money, fare. Aims. 

fAlAoan = falAoan lAnoaaKa m. enemy. Ma 142. 

lAlat L faithful, trusty, good, Ps : dear, fAneyia m. sudden shot, Cb766. 

beloved. Vfele*] II. adv. truly, weU, lAwaaro n. sudden a rtifice , Cb770. 

pleasanJOy. fAntoV m. deep pit, WW 193*. 

d:fA]slan to expiate, condition, cleanse, fAnllde m. sudden faU, PPsll4*. 

V^fy : (+) P<M« through. fAnpaUf n. dreadful tidings. 

fAman to foam,* MkL. [f&m] tnnt pree. 2 sr. of faran. 

fAmhidlle = fAnmhadlio ; lAmlg » famig t Antlca m. sudden sUtch {painf. 

lAmnanhid =fftmnhftd lAntylt m? amaument, IJai5**. 

fAmna (S) f. maid, virgin, bride, ^ : (+) fArswIga f. amazemenl, MkL6**(S). 

woman : viraffo. fnrS LsfeifS. ILspres. 3 ag. of faran. 

fAmnbid m. v%rginity, maidenhood, AO. tArungm, fftmnge (^) sfArii^ 

fAmntaftdesmon m. virion, RB 136**. fAruntrymnes l sudden sickness, Lod 107b. 

fAmnhidUe (OEG), fftmn(en)lio maidenly, fArwundor n. terrible wonder. Ex 279. 

virginaL tan (n, ea) n. fringe, border, MtL. ['/m'] 

tonixf en tAioaaftnM = f easoeaftnee 


, steadfast, 

dense. Led; 


L n. (falso f.) nap. fani (±) way, UsA^ nt seed, offspring, progeny, 
journey, passage, expedition, A Jjk. mannes fa8iilan=fe8tnian 


rtUgious, Christian (book). II. (Gul92) smt^A hf omamenUd wUh ifold. [op. GM. 
-iBBston fStjan] II.:=:f«tt 

±te8taii to fasten, fnakefirmfToHfytestablUht ftttedblfor with cheek omamente, B 1026. 
MkLJjkL : enirMt,commU : 'fasC {*i-fast*), fAtediliio n. beaten gold, Aiff478. 
abstain fromfood,A,BlJLcd; GP : atone /or fftteto, f Atel m. vessel, AOJLed; M : pouch, 
(by fasting), t)A692. bag, sack, M,CP. VfeOes'] 

tmKt^(e)*fast,'fimUy,seeiuray,BH,Bo;M: f»teiiUii=feteLnan 

sIsuiUy, stric&y : heavily (sleep). lAtatolaii to put into a vessel, 

fsBften XL ftistness, stronghold, fortress, AO, fsBtfyllere (e^) m. cupbearer, QD. 
GP : cloister, M : (±)fast (abstinence from ttMgold il beaten gM, B1921. 
food) BlJjLJit,VPs; GP : firmament, sky. fftthengest m. riding horse, Rd23K 

['fasten'] tSBttan^fetian 

fSMtonbebafediiM i ixifMmoiiv, WW604». ffttnaf I. * fatness,' Ps; J&,CP : ihe richest 
tottenbryoe m. 6f eocA of fast, jX,W. |»rt o/ anylAtng, Ps. 

fnrtandflBg m. fast-day, KB,W. +fat]ilaii = +fettiaii 

fSBStendlD m. fort-diteh, moat, Gt. Wtt I. (^) fat, fatted, JByAOJLk. II. sfftted 

tost«iigangol=£n8tgaiigol fAtttan (+) to 6eeofiie /a<, Ps : (+) anoint, 

fflMtengeat n. ecwtfe-^, Jim 162. Ps : /aOen. ['/oTI 

fsBStengewooro n. )iafr${t<y /or repair of the +f»mgfat, rich, GF819*. 

defences of a town. £M« = f et$e 

fBBft^«ii]lo, -emlio quadragesimal, DR. IwSelM *AM<rKme«7 ▼. OEG39'. 

tostonnet = f aastnes taiCI«r = f et$ar 

fastentld I. /(owf, LL. tefSm (e) mi. ouMrete/ied or encircling arms, 

fSBStenwuoe f . week offcuting, JEL 23b^^. embrau, grasp, An,Sd : protection : interior, 
fft8tenn6dor=fdetoTmMor bosom, lap, breast, womb : * fathom,* enbU, 

iBBiteni n. fast : Quadr agesima, LG. ^^Cp.lf IT; iE : potper, jB,Cr : expanse, 

f8B0tM 6y cmrnce, WW. surface. 

tBbStgsMgol(o^,e^) steady, faithful, CsulSO. foB/Vman, isBtSmian to surround, envelop, 
fBBfttaafol retentive, tenacious, M : sparing, clasp, embrace, An,B. ['fat hom'' ] 

miserly, GP. fttttaollc embracing, eneUmng, WW486*. 

fflMtbatolnM f. economy, GP4fid**. -fa^Vnuies y. on-f. 

fsBSfheald firmly fixed, ML2S*^. fsBVuuliii xl fathom, oubit, Ph29. 

flBstlif dlgf constant, sttadfasL f»z = f eax ; fflBznaf s f eaxnes 

±tettf»n (ea) to eommefuf, eniriMf, eommil, tasEUB\g1m.pomad€,CpZ19w^ (▼.AB6*163). 

LkL. llf I. variegated, spotted, dappled, stained, 

fBMdng 1 keeping in trust, LL68[7]. dyed. Led : shining, gleaming, Ps. [*faw*] 

f8B8tliigaii=f8B0tman IL=:f&hL 

taBSttngmanii m. a kind of retainer, EG. fig- =f&h- ; Ugt t (WW94) =iaog 
tBBftUe firm, fixed, steadfast, resolute, adv. tagen, iageii-=£egeii, iaemi- 

-Boe (+ in A3) fixedly, steadily, constantly, ngettan to change cotoiir,Ixn)3*24(P. mid 

Bo : unceasingly, ^,Bl : verity, but, NG. wordnm f . speak evasively. 

Vfastly*] ttgotung f. change, .£H2*6d8". 

flBitiiidd constant in mind, AO 288^^ ±llglaii to change, vary in colour : embroider, 

iBBttnos f. firmness, massiveness, stability, BB137*. 

Bo : 'fastness,' stronghold, JE : firmament, fl^es f. soab, ulcer, eruption, M : various 

M. colours,briUiancy, HL : 'quaUtas,' ' varietas,' 

fBBttnian to 'fasten,' fix, secure, bind, An : OEG. 

confirm, ratify, conclude (peace), Ma,OBT : fagiilan=lttgiiian 

belroih. ttgung f . variety, DB,GD. 

drfsBstnuBg f. fastening, bond : security, figwynn m. basilisk, yPs90^. 

safety : protection, shdter : ratification, fih L nap. f& hostile, B i (±) proscribed, out- 

pudge, engagement. lowed, guiUy, criminal, B. Vfoe'; f^an] 

CbbsMM firm, constant, steadfast, BJSo; IL (±) m. 'foe,* enemy, LL; M,AO. 

GP^. ['fastrede'] IIL i=dhg 1. IM 

tsBsMbdMo constant, steadfast,Bo20^. adv. fahame (-fea-, fSorh-hama?) womb, WW 

-lice. 40*«. 

tesMMnes f. constancy^ fortitude. Bo. ^fUmianii m. 'foeman,* LL60[5]. 

fBBftsteall standing firmly. tahnlan = f ttgnian 

f8Bg«=f»8t fiOa L (WW52U) j d. of *fea]h tube, pipe 

tet n. nap. fata vat, vessel, jar, cup, JSJB, (ES 38-337). IL^sfela 

JnLi AO,GP : casket, El1026. ['fat'] WAes^n to be at enmity with, show hostility to, 
f»t Lt n. plate, beaten out metal (espetnaUy LL160[20,7]. 

gM), gold omamenL IL=f«ti 1. fal-d, -sdd, -od, -nd m. 'fold,' staU, stable, 

±fflten to cram, put (in), load, GP. . caUU-pen, A,Ol,Jn. 

0. H, 7 



fiMgftng m. going to the {sheep-) /M, W 

faldlirlSar n. staUed ox, MF158. 
taldlMi to make a /M, hmrdie off eheep, LL 

464[9]. [70U*] 

fiOl- (VPs ; NG) :=:feaU. ; bdod =fald 
tali L adj. faUe, W272«. IL n,fahekood, 

fhivd, counUrfeiL [Ut e; from £.] 
filttng maee^ load, WW33*. 
falu=feala; faliid=fald 
ttm n. 7oam,' BHJBp; M. 
fimUg=f&mig; ttmbttwendt t. lig-l. 
ttingtoii to foam, boU, Ex 481. 
ttmlg (A) 'foamv,* Bd. 
ttmlgliord wUh foaming banks {of a stream), 

ninlgbdsiii with foamy bosom. Ex 493. 
ttmlghMlst foamy-necked. 
fftna m. banner, standard, Jfe<;OEG. 

I* fane*; Cfer. lahne] 
+lftiia gp. of +fa. 

fantofide standard-bearing, ▼. OEG1744. 
tend pret. 3 sg. of findan. 
tendare m. tempter, So206«. 
±tAndIaii (often w. g., but also d. and a.) 

to try, attempi, tempt, test, examine, explore, 

search oui, AO,Gen,MkJiun ; OP. Vfand, * 

*fond*; findan] 
fandung f. investigation, trial, temptaHon, 

test, proof, i£,CP. 
lane I. f. (NG, o^)=fann. IL^fann 
tong m. jUunder, booty, Chr1016. [fon] 
fangen pp. of f5n. 
+lttnglan to join, fdeten, Bo9^*. 
tann f. winnowing, *fan,* CpJtkJJj. [L. 

Unnlan to 'fan,' SclW^''. 
fast (o) m. Vonl/ A : baptismal waiter, HL 

fftntbi^ n. bapHismal wakr, loner of baptism, 

tantfttt n. baptismal font, M. 
fanthilgung (o) f. oonseoration at the font, 

fanttiiHg holy from connection with the font, 

tantwflstar n. * font-water, ' water used at bap* 

tism, kiver of baptism, Lod(o) ; M, 
tanu f. standard : iris (plant), 
lira gp. of f ah I. 

+Iara m. travelling companion, eomrade, 
itfaran* to set forth, go, travel, wander, pro- 
ceed, Bl,Oen,JnL ;AO,CP : be, happen, 

exist, act, ^fare* (^i-fare*), get on, undergo, 

euffer, JB : {-\-) die, AO,CP : (+) attack, 

overcome, capture, obtain, AG. 
tan's- =faro6-; fweld=fereld 
farett- =farotS- 
Varisdlao of or belonging to the Pharisees, 

rfaraVf m. shore : stream. 

faroVhengast (ea^) m. ms-Aotm, «Aip,EL226. 

taroMeandet swimming, sailing, aa sb. 

tarottrfdende sailing, Ajr440. 

fteoMrAtt f. path of the sea. 

fam f. way, going, journey, course, J& : 
expedition, march : procession, retinue, 
companions : life, proceedings, adventures, 
M : movable possessions. 

laa-=ftBB.; fatlaB(NG)=fetian 

fata ▼. f »t. 

faVa, fatSn f. father's sister, paternal aunL 

fathiaunu m. father's sixer's son, Chb1119. 

taul m? evil spirit, LcD43a. 

fte I. (±) m. ioy, AO,CP. IL n. « feoh. 
IIL (feawa) adj. nap. feawe, auperL fSa- 
wost, feast 'few,' B,BH,Chr,Mt. feawum 
8l5um seldom, adv. even a little, at alL 

faadiir(A)=feder; +ftagan (NGH+ffon 


±f eaht L pret 3 sg. of f eohtan. IL = f eoht 

leal- =f el. 

+feald n. region, abode? Wald2^. 

i:f eaidan' to 'fold, ' wrap up, furl, ^,Bo,Bd. 

faaldattol (y) m. fMing-stooL 

f eale, fealewes ▼. fealu. 

fealewlan=fealwian; tealfor=felofor 

f eaig pret. 3 ag. of fdolan. 

tealga ▼. f ealh. 

fealgUn to fallow, LL454[9] (▼. A36*71). 

f ealh I. f . nap. fealga fallow. [Oer. falge] 
IL (e) f. 'felloe,' feOu {of a wheel). Bo. 
III. pret. 3 9g. of feolan. IV. y. fala. 

+f telle joyous, pleasant, ady. -lioe joyous- 
ly, W284W 


feaUan' {±) to 'faU' {'i-faUe'),faU heddlong, 
faU, decay, die, B,Ps; AO,CP. on f. fidl 
on, attaek : flow, AG 19^ : {+) overthrow, 

tealle f . snare, trap, OEG. 

f eall-endUe, ^enlio unstable, perishable, tran- 
sient, Bl,W. 

feaUettan 'coneidere,' MkLR6*(a^). 

-feallung v. feax-f. 

+fealnls f. ruin, LkL2*«(»). 

fealo = (l) fealu; (2) fela 

ttel6g w. g. destitute, Gu217. 

fealohUte yeUow-hHted, UaIM. 

fealu I. (feale) adj. gsm. feal(e)weB, fealawee 
fallow, yellow, tawny, dun-coloured, grey, 
dusky, dark, M. [Oer. fahl] II. n. fdOow 
ground, E179'. 

fealuwlan=fealwian; tealweev. feala. 

fealwlan to become 'fallow,' fade, vnlher, 
Sol : grow yellow, rtpen. 

ttenea f. 'fewness,' paucity, BH,Ps. 

fear=fearf; ftar==fearh 

f tera gen. of f ea. 

f earh {m, e) m. gs. fteres little pig, hog, Gl. 
[cp. Oer. ferkel] 

fMrhhama m. littU stem, WW 161*. 

f eartir^r n. buU, Bl. [f earr] 

+fearhsugii f. sow in farrow, WW. 




fMfftte of a biM, OEGllu*. 


f eann m. freigJU, cargo, Qbk 1394. 

fMrn n. vem/ Bo^Cp; ^;Md l. 

f MIrnbed zl fem4>ed, BO,WW. 


taair I. m. beast of burden^ ox, ImU, MJlO. 


f iasoMittt deHihUe, nMerahU, helpUs8, poor. 
ftaaeMMg dutihOe, poor, Sbaf26. 
ttaseMttnei (£^) f. povaiy, 0EG1171. 
feast- =f8BBt- 

fMitu (VPs)=£ata nap. of f»t. 
ftew-=fea-; ftawa=fSa 
f«awllc/eu7, EP8l04». 
f tewnes f. fewness, paiuUy. 
feaz (m, e) n. hair, head of hair, B,BHJjcdi 

M,CP. Vfaa'] 
f eazeUV n. cap. 

+f eaze furnished wUh hair, BHOG^. 
f eueaoan pL forelocks, WW343» 
feaxede kmg-haired {of a comet), GhrB&2. 

+feazen (NAB37^)=+feaze 
f eaxteng m. seizing or dragging by the hair, 

f eaxfaaUung f. shedding of hair, mange, 

f eashftr hoary, gray -haired , RdT S*. 
toaznfldel f. crisping-pin, WWIOS*. 
teaziiM (fB, e) t hea d of h air, 
f Mznett iL hair-net, WW. 


teaxprton m. hair-pin, WWIOT". 

f eanceacga m. bunch of hair, 

teancMflS^^ shaggy, 

f eaxseeara (e^) fp. s cissors for hair-cutting? 

Gurling-tongs? WW241«i. 
feaztaslg? v. fsextnlg. 
f eaxwnnd f . wound under the hair, LL20[45]. 
feb-=fef-; f60=fiec 
±foooan (flB) to * fetch,* bring, bring to, draw, 

M,Mt : seek : gain, take. [«fetiAn] 
feeelo=iiBoele; foegan^feoosn 
fMan to *feed,* nourish, sustain, foster, bring 

up, Bl,Mt,P8;M,CP : bear, bring forth, 

produce. [fSda] 
f Mednos =fedne8 

IMelfugol (oe^) m. fatted bird, MtB22«. 
IM-els, -eal m. feeding, keep : fatted animeU 

(birdf), Iflf ; Cp. IfeddU '] 
i^BVas^n fattened pig, NC343. 
feder, federa=f»der, fsodera 
fMlngf. 'feeding,' CP, 
fMnas (») f. naurishmeni, BH88*. 

fSler mn. gs. fefree * fever,* Lk,0; CP. 
fUeridlf. 'fever,* AO. 
f MerfOge f . feverfe w. [ L. febriiagia] 
Utem^oe feverish, WW405K 
lilor, fefcur=f^er 

fMrlan to be feverish, suffer from fever, LoD. 
t9Mg feverish. 

+f8g n. joining, joint, M : composition. 

[Oer. getage] 
f^n I. {±)to join, unite, fix, adapt. Led, 

Bd;M,CP. Vfay*i Oer. fdgen] II. to 

paint, WW. 
+figednM f. conjunction, connection : bond, 

fetter, DHy6«. 
fagar, fegeie=fadger, faBsre 
±t%g!ing t conjunction, ^ObIO*. 
+tignM 1 associationp companionship. 

+feli=+feah prot. 3 sg. of +ften. 
faht sheepskin with the fleece on itf TC119; 

V. ES37-177. 

+feht=+feoht; fehtan (N)=feohtaii 
f ShV pree. 3 sg. of fon. 
fel=feU; fa=f<k>l 
fela (ea, eo) I. sbn. and adj. (w. g., or in 

agmt.: rarely infleoted) many, mwh, B,0, 

Led, etc. II. adv. very much, many. 

Vfele*; Oer. Yiel] 
felaAte 'mordax,* OEG23^*. 
felafAcne very treacherous, GvE148. 
felafeald manifold, many times over, Ps. 

falatMldBM (fele.) f. muUitude, EPsS^^ 
felafrtonat very fierce, bold. 
f alagtomort very sad, sorrowfuL 
felageong very tfoung, FT 63. 
felageonge having traveUed much, GbbatS. 

felabrdr^S of exploits, B27. 
felaldetoprAee emptily chattering, CP174». 
f elalSot very dear, Wif26. 
f el»*meahtlg, -mUitigt fnost mighty. 
f elamodlgt very bold. 

±fftlan I. (w. g.) to touch, *feel,* AG : per- 
ceive, Rd. II. ( VPs) sfSoIan 
lelaspaool talkative. 
lela-apaoolnM, -spreoolnM f. loquacity, 


telasprSce talkative, CP281i«. 
telasynnig very guilty, B1379. 
telawlono very stately, B,d W. 
falawyrde taUBOtive, W40U. 
f elawyrdnes f . talkativeness. 
teleyrt n. foreskin. 
feld m. OB. felda, felde open or cultivated 

land, field, plain, A,Met,BB ; AO.CP ; Mdf : 

battle-field, on olsenam felda in the open 

field {of battle), CF221*^. 
teldsDlbtn (WW362i«)=feldelfen 
f eldbCo f . humble bee, WW. 
feldbiaoMpwyrt f. field bishopwort, ANS 

feldclrlee f. country church, LL264[6,1]; 

falde=fylde pret. 3 sg. of fyUan. 
f eldelf en f . wood-nymph, WW 189<. 
f eldgangendet roaming over the land. 
feldhrlVer n. fidd-ox, NC286. 
I eldhOst n. tent, Ex. 
teldland n. 'field-land,* meadow-land, plain. 





teldUe ntfioZ, M. 

feldnuBdtra i. fiM-madder, roaemary, WW 


t«ldmlnto t fidd^iiU, vM mint, WW. 
f eld-more, -mora 1 parmiip. 
f eldozA f. field-ox (i.e. an ox oat to gress, 

not a stalled or iat ox). 
teldrude f. wiid rue. 
feMBSBten f. field, LPsTT^'. [aeten] 
f aUswamm m. fungua, ioadetool, WW 404**. 
f eldwtatan n. desert. 
faldwdp m. plantain. Oh (T«s*feldhoppe, 

ANS 119-436 ;FM200). 
f aMwyrt f . gentian, Jjod. 
+fUe eeneiiive, Ijcd. 
t«al«a8 inameiMe, dead, Wt40. 
f elg, f elge 1 '/etfoe, * feUy, rim of a wheel. Bo. 

felffe-rola, -ro9e ^pdipodivm,^ A24*432 

(▼. MLN23-186). 
falh =fea]h pret. 3 sg. of f Solan. 
felhK (KOl) =fy]gt$ pres. 3 eg. of fylgan. 
lellgean =fVlgan 
faU L n. 'fM^ehin, hide, B,JulJjcdi MJiO, 

GP. [//. pelliB] II. m. = fiell 

f alien (i^) made of skins, M. 
feUer«ad (So*; -*padl6r§ad? ES43'316) 

purple, NG. 

fUlun=fSollon pret. pL of feaUan. 
-fetana y. nger-f. ; felmen-=fy]men- 
±tanea f . sensation, feeling, M. 
telotearV, f elofor m. name of a bird, hittemt 


tUon (A)=fa]gon pret. pL of f Solan. 
+ffililan = +fnkian 
f elft pres. 2 b^. of feallan. 
feljityooe n. piece of shin, Iajd 1*330. 
feltm?n?7ett,* WW. 
telt-ere, -erre a plant, hoD. 
leltQn m. privy, dunghiU, GP. 
feltQngrSp f. dunghiU, NG285. 
feltwurma m. ufUd marjoram, Lod. 
f eltwyrt f . mullein {plant), 
tM =fiel« pros. 3 eg. of feaUan ; f Off =fyl« 
fettSa (Gpl288) rare gp. of feld. 
feIu«=felo-; fim-, fSmn- (VP8)=fSnm- 

tenampre (o*) 1 a marsh plant, LcDSSb. 
fencerse f. vxOer-cress, Led. [^fencress*] 
feneeter n? m? window, GD220. [L.] 
fenfearn n. maarsh-fem, ^salvia,* waJUr-fem, 

WW 136*. 
f entreoVo 1 fen-refuge, B861. 
fentugol m. mcor'fowl, Lod 96b? 
±feng m. grip, grasp, embrace : capture : 

prey, booty. [f5n1 
f Sng pret. 3 sg. of f 5n. 
f engelt m. lord, prince, king. 
fengelid n. marsk-path^fen, B1369. 
fengnes f. *susceptio,* GPs82*. 
fengnett n. {catcking-ynet, PPsl40^'. 

f engon pret. pi. of f 5n. 

fengtM (») m. canine tooth, LL81nl6. 

f enhleoVu np. /ea-eoverfo, B 820. [hlit$] 

lenbop n. fen-hoUow, B764. 

tenlx m. the bird 'phcsnix,' JBGrJPh : date- 

tenland n. fen-land, marsh, AG. 

f enUo marshy, JB,Guth. [^fenlich *] 

tanmlnte f. water-mint, Lcd 14b. 

fenn nm. mud, mire, dirt, CP,WW : 'fen,* 
marsh, moor, B,Bo; AG : the fen country, 
CAr 906. 


fennlg dirty, musty, mouldy, CP (»fynig) : 
marshy, WW. Vfenny'] 

f enntoe n. fen-covering, GET {Bd>). 

tenoI=finul; fen(Hnpre=fenampre 

fenyce f. marsh-frog, Bd41'>. 

fSo^feoh; also ds. of feoh. 

fSode pret. 3 se. of fSogan. 

fSogan (fia, N; feon) to hate, persecute, 
LkL. [Soee'] 

tfog^ung (Sa) f . avarice, BH 130"*. 

feoh n. gs. fSoe, ds. fSo catUe, herd, LLJSol; 
AG [Oer. vieh] : movable goods, property, 
Bo,Ps', AG : money f riches, treasure, BJB, 
Mt; M,CP. wX Ucgendam fSo for ready 
money, iELO** : name of the rune for f« 

teohbebit n. promise of money, Ghb866b. 
feohbl^enga m. cattle-keeper, NG343. 
feobbdt f. money compensation, LL46n6; 

leohtang m. offence of taking a bribe, LL 


feohgafol n. usury, NG286. 
teotagebftt n. promise of money, Ghb866a. 
feobgerSta m. steward, LkLB12*'. 
f eohgeseeot n. payment of monev, Bk28 ;29. 
feobgeeteald n. possession of riches, JnL686. 
leobgestrSon n. acquiring money : treasure^ 

possessions, riches. 
feobgldsere (GP) ^feohgitsere 
feobgletu f . largess. 
feotagletsere (GP331*)=feobg^t8ere 
f eobgUref avaricious. 
f eobglftf f . bounty-giving, largess. 
f eobgttsere m. miser. 
feohgod n. property {in cattle), LL60nl. 
feobgyrnos f. greed, LL396[4]. 
f eobbord m. treasury. 
feobbHa n. treasure-house, WW. Vfee '] 
leoblAnung f. lending of money, WW 116**. 
feoUand *pascua/ PPs. 
leohlias without money : not to be bought off, 

past compensation, B2441. 
f eoblSasnes f . uxint of money. 
feobsoeatt n. money-payment. Da 744. 
feobspSda fp. riches, GI)273*. 
teobspllUng f. waste of money, Chb1096. 
f eohstrang weU off, Gl. 
±feobt (i, o, y) n. aaion of fighting, BJ^s : 

'fight,' batOe, AO : strife. Mod. 
±feobtan* (e, K) to * fight,* combat, stnvt. 


OhrJ,L;M^0,CP. on f. attack, JigriU feord^feord-^sfierd, fierd-^fyrd- 

agaitut : (+) oain 6^ fighting, toin. ttorat gs. of feorii. 

+teolitd»g m. day of toOe, PFs 139^ f eorg^eorh 

faohtof.=feoht faorfa (e) nm. gs. fSores, dao. feorh life, 
faohtohorii (yi) m. batOe-hom, PP874*. ffrineijde of life, soul, spirit, AO,OP. t6 

f aohtond m. fighter, OEG3805. widan f 6ore/or eternity, for ever, f . geeellaii, 

faohtere m. fighter, ES39*». figiefan to die : living being, person. 

laohtgegyr ela m. implement of war, missile, f eorhidl f . fatal disease, iB. . 

'falorica, * WW399». f •orhlMiiiA m. man-slayer. 

faohttfto n. fighting, LL. VfighUac'] f eorhbealuf n. deadly eml, violent death. 

f eohtUng (yi) m. fighter, OD 110". f eorhbenn f. deadly toound, B2740. 

+ftohteiiiniie8f.^'oj((^afMM,NC292. r+f«o&] fo<M*hberendt m. living being. 

foohtwite (i\ yi, y«) n. penalty for jighHng, feorbbold n. body. Rood 73. 

I^ f •orhbona = f eorhbana 

feohwlte n. fine for coining false money, LL feorhbora m. life-bearer, Bd92*. 

319 coL 2. f eorhowalut (e) f. slaughter, death. 

liol pret. 3 sff. of feaUan. f oorhowMlmt m. slaughter, death. 

f fol ($, i) f . *file, ' Bd ; ML. f eorhoynnt n- race of morUOs. 

f eola =fela f eorfadagas mp. days of life, asir2368. 

ftelaga m. partner, 'fellow,* C%rl016D. toorhdolgn. deotSy imn»n<i,CBl466. 

[ON. fSlage] feorhiMteii Uving, Obh204. 

±ffolaii* (9) to cleave, be joined to, adhere : feorhDngen/atii of life, glad to preserve one*s 

enter, pen^raU, pass into, through or over, life, JBL23"^. 

betake oneself to, Chb : undergo : persevere toorhf ebeorh n. refuge. Ex 369. 

tfi. [(?(rfft. dlhan] f •orhsedllt n. lieflrf^. 

field pret. 3 sg. of fealdan. f •orhgentr n. preservaHon of life, LL 
fooUe=folde 2a4[7,3]. 

ftoldon pret. pL of fealdan. faorhgeninat m* mortal foe. 

tfoUieard haird as afilef hard enough to resist f eorbgletat m. giver of life. 

the file? Ma108 (or r»*felaheard). feorligletii f. gift of life, feac67 

ftoUmn tofiie, .£L32*m. feorh-gdme? f. means of subsistencet -g5ma7 
f teU pret. 3 sg., f Sollon pret. pL of feaUan. m. jawf Cb 1547. 

faolQsfela; feolu-f«r, -Iez«, -for=felofor teorhlwrdt n. breast, soul, spirit. 

feon s=fenn f aorhhllf n. soul-house, body, Ma297. 

lion L (d:, OBU. +) BY* w. in or g. to 6e glad, feorhhyrde m. life*s gttardian, protector. 

rejoice, exuU, CP. II. =fSogan feortalist m. sUp taken to preserve life, flight, 
f tond (ie, y ) m. da. fiend, f Sonde, nap. fiend, B 846. 

feond, adversary, foe, enemy, A,B,Mt; feorhlfon n. revenge for bloodshed? gift of 

AO,CP [f.=/cmafe enemy]: * fiend,* devU, Ufef Ex 150. 

Qu;G2 I the Devil, Lcd,Hy. [pree. ptc. teortalegut f. life. 

of f6ogan] feorhUo (fera-, ferh-) vital, HGl453. 

tiondAt m. eaHng things sacrificed to idols, feorhHf n. life, PPsl42>. 

PPsl05M teorhloea m. 6reM«, Gn625. 

f tondgrftp f. grip of a foe, B636. teorhlyre m. loss of life, LL466[3]. 

f Aondgyld n. idolatry, idol, GD,PP8 : de- f eorhnern f . preservation of life, refuge, sal- 

moniacal possession? MtL4>«. valion : nouHshment of life, food. 

fiondlto AofeM hostUe, fiendish, WW; M. teorbrdM m. salvation, Ak1656. 

ady. -Hoe, Jul. ['fiendly*'] feorhieyldlg guiUy of deaOi, LL. 

fiondrSden f. enmity, M. leortastoo mortally wounded, B820. 

ftondrfls m. hoHile attack, Gsn900. feorhsweng m. fatal blow, B2489. 

ftendsoeatfait m. enemy, robber. teorhVMrf f. urgenl need, PPs69^ 

ffondsotpe m. hostility, enmity, haired, AO, teorhwund f. deadly wound, B2385. 

GP. f eorlon = f yrlen 

fiondsioe possessed with a devil, demoniac, feorlio /ar off, cUien. strange, KlIOO*'. 

BH 1 84^ f eorlond n. distant land. Pa 10. 

fCondulf m. public enemy, criminal, male- feorm (a, », o, y) f. food, provision, sus- 

factor. [fSond, wnlf] tenance i enterta%nment, meal, feast, supper, 

f Song =f5oung ; f eonn =:fenn £,AO,CP '.goods, possessions : stores : rent 

feofsfeorr, feorran-; fiora feorh, flower in kind, EC : profit, ben^, OP : tilling, 
ffom gp. of feorh. LL454,8(y). 

+f Ion = +f «ra f eorma = forma 

f eorMlend dwelling far off, B 254. f eormehim m. farm, Chb 1087. 

feor-oiinien, -oond^feoiran-^samen, -oond teormend m. entertainer : cleanser, politer, 
teoroftW f. distant land, B 1838. furbisher. 


f eonnendltai wanting a burnisher, B 2761 . t9omwK9^Bfaur-€omered,9quar€, AO. [Bceat] 
feonnere m. purveyor, KC4-278*^. ttowartime (feoVar-)/a«r-leame(i, VHy. 

foormfultum m. help in food, LL356[69,1]. ftowar-MoVa^-tfiogtSa'/ourteentft/ J3£r,irfl ; 
±teoniilaii to entertain, receive as guest : AO. 

cherish, support, sustain, feed : consume : ftewerflene (S*, y*) ^fourteen,* MtL; AO. 

benefit, profit : scout, cleanse, furbish : tiowvcttg * forty,* MtL; AO. 

(+) harbour {sMen goods), LL108[4,6}. t^wvUglvsM fortyfold. 
feonnung f. Aardourtfi^, LL : furhishing, ttowertlsllc guadragesifnal^ BH. 

c2ean«tn^, LL. f towflrlli^otbi '/orfielA, * J6. 

f eoriiM f . distance, BH 72^. f fowert^ne = f Sowertlene 

feorr I. comp. fi(e)rra, fyira; snp. fierreeta ffowedte (lfO=fteTt$a 

'far,* remoU, distant, BH,Chr,RB;CP, UolWT^-^eowelt',ieoT' 
lh adv. comp. fierr, firr, fyr(r) ; sap. f town ▼. l6ower. 

^{e)Treet, fymet *far,* far away, distant, ±tiovniiig f. r^oieing, joy, 0EG1118. 

remote, OP : far back {in time) : further, [+fSon] 

besides, moreover, ftewi]r-=f Sower-; fer=f8er 

feomn I. adv. from afar, from a remote time fer-=f»r-, fear-, fier-, feor-, for-, fyr- 

or piace, B,El,Qen : far off, iU a distance, fir = (l) i&T I. ; (2) fefer; f§r-=f»r-, fyr- 

Bo;M,CP. [^ferren*] II. (m, y) to re- ±tin m. associate, comrade, feUow-disciple, 

move, avert, turn aside, withdraw, B : A0,0P : wife : man, servant, y. LL2*427f. 

proscribe, [^far*] firan to go, come, set out, march, travel, B; 

f •omneumeii come from afar, strange. JnL(oe), GP : bdiave, act : .(+ ) accomplish, 

faorranound, feoTicnnd come from afar, attain, obtain : (+) fare, speed, undergo, 

foreign bom. suffer. [*/er«'l 

feoirane, feorTen(e) sfeorran I. tSrbedd n. portable bed. 

f6oirfanui< *vexaH,* LkLT{i^). f«rbUM=fflerblSd 

feorrlan to keep apar;, M : {±) depart, fereian to convey, bring, Chr : support, ^L 

NG(ea). 23f^ : stuff up {with lies), Mh2Z'^. 

feoirung f. removal, departure, GD40^^ Vferk, firk*] 

f aoralan to go beyond : put far from, expel : tercung f . stutenanee, provision, food, JE 

depart, remove, separate. (9^"). 

feonn=fierBn fordvryrt (ferw-)? a plant, ANS84-325 (or? 

feontutf nf . support, WW. »feld-). 

f eorttng f . 'pedaHo, ' WW 162". tCre able to go, fit for {military) service. 

teoi9={erhtS +tire I. f. company, community. II. ae- 

fforiSa (ea, N) * fourth,* Lk; AO,CP. feortSe cessible, Ph4. [faranl 

healf Aree and a half. f erele f . rod, GD. [L. ferula] 

feoilfe fourthly, LL168[16]. fSrend m. sailor : messenger. 

ftoHf-ling, -ung m. fourth part : * farthing,* fareV pros. 3 sg. of (1) faran, (2) ferian. 

MkLJjkLi S^. Vferling*] fireV pres. 3 8g. of fSran. 

fterum dp. of feorh. fergan = ferian 

f aorweg m. remote part. f erht I. honest, Gl. II. =ferhS 

f aorwlt = fyrwit f erhtUe just, honest. 

fios gs. of feoh. terht^t (ferS) mn. mind, intelleet, soul, spirit : 

faoftnode (OHB963x)=f»Btnode pret. 3 sg. life, widan f. etemally,for ever. 

offaMtnian. ferhWiaiiam. micrcierer, £x399. 

feet- = f et- f erhVeeailg of anxious mind, Gbk 22 1 7. 

f MS pres. 3 sg. of feogaiu ferhlMleofa, -oofaf m. breasL 

f MSer-, fSoVor- =feower- f erhVfreo bold, brave, B 1 146. 

tteung f. hatred, OP. [fSogan] fertitttrlVeiide (rV) sustaining life, Rd39*. 

leow-, feower- v. also fitSer-. ferhlSgenltna m. mortal enemy, B28S1. 

Itewer, feowere [indecl. before a ab. bat ferht^ewlt (r6)ii. icni2er<stonasiij|f, Ob1184. 

when alone, osa. g. f eow(e)ra, d. feowernm] I ertaVgltewf wise, prudent. 

*four, * Cr ; M,AO,CP : four times. f erht^rlm (rt$)t savage. 

f towerdogor mn. and adj. four days. f erhffiooat m. breast, body. 

f <ower-eege, -ecgede four-cornered, square, ferhVlulu f. heartfelt love, AN83(y). 

LoD. ferhlteefat (i, y) m. mind, thought 

f towerf eald fourfold, Lk 19*. f ertiVwMgt eoul-weary, sad. 

f towarfealdlloe quadruply, Bl. Pierian to carry, convey, bring, An,B, 

Unmefrl^ttfour-foGted, AO ; M. [* four-foot*] El; JE : (with refl. a.) bete^ oneself to, be 
fiower-tdt, -iotede four-footed, versed in : depart, go. Ma, V ferry*] 

t9oiwt!rgaAn.fourfcidcompensation,'LL22S'. ferlend m. leader, bringer. 
fiowwhwfolod (fyr-) four-wheeledf BHy firing Lf f. journey, wandering, [feran] 

4i». (v. ES3815) II. i.'insimulaUo,^QiL. [f«r] 



+f SrlAoan (e) to associate, uniU, M. f eiVerbedd n. feather-btd, WW 124^*. 

+firlle aasoetated, adv. -lioe sociably, to- t9/9tttwtnd provided taUh feathers, feathered, 

gether; -liWice GD313««. WW466*. 

±tSrnM f. passage, transition, passing away, feVereraeft m. embroidery, WW 491*. 

+firrAdeii (asn. +) f. companionship, t^wgmirw^ fp. feathers of the arrow, B^ll9, 

fellowship, M,AO,CP ; friendship : society, teVergewooro n, feather-embroidery, 

fraternity, congregation, M. tetferhama m. wings, piumage, Cp,Oen, 

fen nm. verse : sentence. [2/.] [[featherham*] 

tenc 'fresh* {not sait), AO : not salted, KC. MespMlg speedy of foot, C&A53. 

-ftnean y. a-f. fMewi^ m. boMe on foot, affray, 

f wneeta m. freshet, A 20*382. f tfSm = f »5m 

±fSrMlpem./fatern%,C(>mmttn%,re<tnic«: feiSorliynto split into four, IiCDl48a 

society, feUawship, companionship, CP. (A 30- 129). 

+finelptan to unite, accompany, DR. ftfSra, fetSre v. fetSer. 

feniaii to versify, .£Gb218*. fetMan to become fledged, GEO 26". 

ferS^eihtS +t«Srlaii to load, AS I", [id^or] 

ferVa m. «!:«», hide? A30'**. f«9riht/ea«Aered. MtL p?^^ 

ferSan»furtSam fi9u (WW110»)=fe«a 

f fean, fSsian =fy8an, fysian fiViing f. walking, motion, M, 

tmt^teet; fM=fyst; lister- =fdBtor- fez;={feaz 

f estnung f . munificence, WW 440^^ ftag- (N) = f Sog- ; fibulae (Gl) = fif ele 

fistrlaii=fdstrian -h He n, deceit, [y. 'fickle*] 

fet pree. 3 9g. of fetian. tto m. fig, fig-tree : (^S^-^iMOM), venereal 

fM L pros. 3 Bg. of fedan. II. ds. and nap. lUeer, hemorrhoids, Lcd. [L. ficus] 

of f5t. fleidl f. fig-disease (v. fib). 

+f etan* (o /aU, MtR 13''*. flo»ppel m. fi^. 

fetel m. belt, Bo,Met. VfetUe*] Hebtem m. fia-tree, ^,CP. 

f etelhllt n. Mted or ringed sword-hiU, B 1563. -flelan y. be-f . 

f Stele = f fitelfl flioltaf n. fig-leaf. 

f etelBlan to provide with a sheath? BG3-216>. flool 'fidde, ' cunning, tricky, KOI; W. 

+f etelBod ornamented? (BT), belted? ringed? flctrfow n. fig-tree. 

teter^aifetor floung f. fraud, trickery, LL242[24];254 

-ffeterfant to fetter, bind. [28,2]. 

± fetian (n) to bring near, fetch, B,Oen : tlowynn m. tn/e^tf iiaZ to orm. Lop 122a. 

bring on, induce : marry, [»feooan] tlowyrt f.)Sg-toorf, WW134*'. 

fetor (eo^, e*) f. 'fetter,* shackle, Cp,MkL, flefaene=fiftiene 

Ps : check, reetratnt, Wa. fleht pros. 3 8g. of f eohtan. 

fetorwrieen f. fetter, chain, Av 1109. ±flell (», e, ea, y) mn. fall, destruction, AO, 

+fetnn, +fetrian = +feterian CP : death, slaughter -. precipice : ease, in- 

Utt I. pres. 3 8g. of fSdan. II. =f fitt flection, MQn9V*{y). [feallan] 

fettan =fetian fleU- y. fyll . 

fette pret. 3 eg. of fetian. flelt pree. 3 sg. of fealdan. 

fi9=feli8 pres. 3 Bg. of fdn. flelV pree. 3 sg. of feallan. 

fCVa m. fiot-sMier, AO : band of foot- fiend =feond, also ds. of feond. 

soldiers, troop, M : warfare, batde? Jttl389. +flend (y) mp. foes, enemies, Lk, ['i-feond*] 

fCSan to lead, JE : go on foot? M{9***). tiendwic n. enemy's camp, LPs 77". 

fiVe n. power of locomotion, walking, gait, fler y. feorr II.; IIer-=fSower- 

pace, j^,AO. flerd (», e, eo, y) f. national levy or army, 

ttKiwemptii m. foot-soldier. Chr : military expedition, campaign. Ma, 

f Megang m. journey on foot, Qeh 2513. PPs ; AO : camp. [*ferd *] 

MVegeorn anxious to go, Rd32*. flerd- y. also fyi^-. 

fiVegeett m. guest coming on foot, traveller, flerdlan (j) to go on an expedition, march, 

f fiVehere m. infantry, AO. Chb. 

f Mehwearf m. band of footmen, Gu 162. flerdltae without an army, undefended, un- 

fHfelistt m. step, track, course. protected, Chb 894a. 

f Meltaef footless, crippled. fleren- = firen- ; flerf Ate = f eowerf ete 

fCVemenn mp. infantry, NG,WW. -flerme (eo) y. or-f. 

tiVemund f. fore-paw, Rd 16^'. flerra, fierreet, fierresta y. feorr 11. 

feller (e) f. nap. fet$(e)ra, feSre * feather,* flersn (e, eo, y) f. heel [Oer. ferae] 

LedJ*h; pi. wings, Bo,Mi,OET ; CP : pen, flerBt= first 

Lk; CP. Hf nsu. indecl. before sb. ; but when alone, 

f eVer- = ftewer-, fitter- ; f eVeran = fiVerian has na. fife, g. fif a, d. fifam *five, * A ,Oen,Mt. 

teVerbOre provided with feathers, winged, fllalde f. butterfly, Gl. [Oer, falter] 

GPH390. fflbto fp. Pentateuch, WW470*. 




me T. m. 

fICeeged9 having five angles, JSGb289". 

fifel n. (htige) tea-mcnster, giant, Wald2'*. 

fiteleynn n. race of sea-monHers, B 104. 

fflelddr n. door of sea^monsiers, river Eider, 

fUele f. frttdUe, WW403*. [L.'fibuia*] 

ffleUote 'petOue,* A8-449. 

fltelstraam m. ocean, eea. Met 26**. 

lUelwAg m. ocean, eea, £l237. 


fiffoald 'five-fold,* M ifive each, CM840. 

fm%UA five-footed, OEG130. 

Hflliigre f. ' poiUfntiOa,* 'primviaj* cinque- 
foil, oxlipr Led. Vfiv^nger'] 

nm9rt five-storied, M. [fl6r] ^^ 

tttg^Kt n. period of five years, lustrum, WW 

flt-4iund, -hundred num. five hundred. 

fUtoppeda having five lobes, LcD69b. 

fU-ltaf n., -Itefe f. *potentiUa,* cinguefoU, 

Led. ['fiveUan 
fltnuBKen n. magic power, Sol 136. [filel, 

fUnlhte five days old, ANS 129-22. 
Ilfto * fifth,' JB,Mk; AO,CP. 
flttalsder t. fssder. 
mu fifthly, LLlSSil^l 
fmeg=fiftig; fm«8«a=fifteo«a 
fIfteogoSa 'fiflieih,* JB; CP. 
fIf-tMSa (;>)> -tetSa, -tegtSa 'fifteenth,* BE, 

fimene (y\ S«, f*) (often w. g.) 'fifteen,* 

A,B,Ou; AO. 
flfflenewlntre (e*) fifteen years old, Bl213^ 
fiftig num. 'fifty, JBiBh.a set of fifty ^ Mh. 
FUdgdflBg m. Penieeost, MkL pS^*. 
flfdgeVa, firtigotSa = fIfteogotSa 
fiftlgfeald 'fifiidold,^ containing fifty, M. 
tmsne (M)=mtlene 
mwlntrt five years M, ^Oe287". 
flgan^ 'fngere,* £p. 
fihl n ? cloth, rag, NG. [ T-fliht] 
Oht !• pres. 3 sg. of feohtan. IL=feht 
lltat- =:tyht- ; flhtan=fyhtan 
+flhK pre8. 8 Bg. of +feon. 
ffl (Ql) =fSol 

+fDa,n = +ty]Bik; +lUoo = +fylce 
llld sb mUhng, LoD63b. 
flldeumb m. milk-pail, Lod 122b. 
flide field-like, of the nature of a plain, AO 

+ Ude n. field, plain, AO 12". [fold] 
lllgV, filho pres. 3 sg. of f Solan. 

ffllende pto. rubbing, WW407^. 
fllMe n. hay. 
fllMRteg m. meadow, Ci. 

tme tiymer 0EG5e^. [-oerfiUeT] 

lUmenjfy) n. 'film,* membrane, thin skin. 
Led; M : foreskin, M. 


IllS proB. 3 8g. of feallan. 

fin f. heap, pile. y. OEG 2466. 

flna m. woodpecker, WW49'. 

fine m. 'finch,* Ep,WW. 

find = fiend 

Undan' (bat ocoL wk. pret. fonde) {±)toiind, 

meet with, B,OenJul,Met : discover, obtain 

by search or study, Cr,MtL,Ps i provide : 

consider, devise, arrange, dispose, dedde, 

AO,CP : show, inform, f. »t obtain from. 
findend m. finder, GPH391. 
±flndlg (y) capable, iBGs69*. 
finding f. invention, initiative, CM 1082. 
final = final 

finger m. 'finger,* Mt,VPs; M,CP. 
fingeivseppla, -appla npL finger-shaped 

fruiU, dales, ML,0W3t. 
fingerdooca? ml finger-musde, Gl. 
fingerlle belonging to a finger or ring, WW 


fingwItV n. finger-joint, NC343. 
fingermsBl n. finger *s length, NB22*. 
finn m. 'fin,* JS. 

finft=finde8t pres. 2 sg. of fiadan. 
fint pres. 3 Sff. of finda^ 
fintaf ni> l^^ti consequence, result. 
finul (e^, y\ o*), finugl m., fina(g)le f. 

'fennel,* Sp,WW. [L. foenaoolamj 
finulsad (o*) n. fennel-seed, Lod 157a. 
flo^fSo; ffr=:fyr 
fik'ast mp. men, human beings. 
fird=fierd; fird«=fierd-, fyrd- 
flren f. transgression, sin, crime : outrage, 

violence : torment, suffering. 
firenbealu n. transgression, Cb1276. 
firenomtt m. wickedness, Jul 14. 
firondAdf f . wicked deed, crime. 
firenearfflVe n. sinful woe, Gxh709. 
firentremmende sinful, CbIIIS. 
firenful (y) sinful, wicked. 
firangeorn sinful, Cb1606. 
firanhlcga (y\ y*) m. aduUerer, GPH389. 
flranhlcga (fyrn-) f. adulteress, OEG. 
flranhlegend (fyra-) aduUerous, OEG. 
±firanlan (y) to sin : commit aduUery : revile, 
firanllo (y)uncked. ady. -lice vehemently, 

rashly, Wald1». 
firanllgarlan to commit fornication, BSPs 

firanlost m. lust, sinful desire, luxury, 

wantonness, AO,CP. 

firanlustful wanton, luxurious, A 12-602". 
firanlustgaorn wanton, W263*. 
flransynnlg sinful, Cb1379. 
firantAonlan (y) to commit misdeeds, BHy 

firanVaarf (y) f. dire distress, B 14. 
firanum excessively, very, intensely 

malignantly, [dp. of firen] 
firanwaorof n. evil deed, sin. 




firenwyreandet nnning, sinful, 

llrenwyrhta (y)t m. eml-doer, 

firf oda = f jrf cfda 

flrsenbtem (y) m. mountain tree, B1414. 
[Ooth. fairgoni] 

fligenbeorg (fergenberig) mountain, Ritkb- 

flrgenbucoft m. ibex, Lod. 

flrgenditrtam = firgenstrSam 

fligen-gftt f. nap. -gfit ibex, Qu 

llrgenheafod n. mauntain-headkmd. 

flrgenholt n. mountain-wood, B 1393. 

flrgenstrtamt m. mountafn-titream, wood- 


flrht=rfreht; flrhlS^ferhtS 

flrlgendstrtam = fiigenBtream 

flrfnggftt=firgeiigat; flnodlg^xfiymdig 

flrmettan to oak, beg, AO 186*. 

flrii« sfiron-, fym- 

firr, firra, fine, firrest v. f eorr. 

lint I. (e, ie, y) nm. period, epaee of Hme, 
time, reapiU, truce, B,Chr;OF, ['frist*] 
II. (ie) f. eeUing, £p. [Ger, first] IIL- 

llntlirftf n. eeUing, 

llnt-mMure, -gemearo f . period of time, ap- 
pointed time, interval, respite, 

llrtf-=fyrtJ-; llrwet-=fyrwit- 

ftoe m. %h,* VPs; M,AO,CP; Mdf. 

flso^Vy -(n)o9 m. fishing, AO . fishpond : a 
catch of fUh. [▼. NC286] 

flsebrf lie m. fM-brine, WW128>*. 

fltMynn n. fish tribe, M. 

flsedtah t fish-dye, purple, OEQ6103. 

fiseara m. ^fisher,* flshaman, AO,Mt : king- 
fisher (bird), 


llsefloduT m. fish-flood, sea, PET . 

flschfls n. phie where fish is sold, WW 184^. 

natikMk to 'fish,* Bo, 

flMsmara m. fishpond, WWiM^K 


flsenatt n. fishing-net, 

fksonoV, fi8ooS=fiBoatS 

flBcpdl m. fishpond, JnL, W W, [*fishpo6l *] 

flsattrtkt m. smaUfish, MtLlSK 

llaewaUa L m. fishpond, A 13-321. II. « 

flsowar m. fish-weir, fish-trap, LL454[9]. 

fkaowyUBfuU offish, BH. [weallan] 

flitlng f. *fesiculatio,' WW. 

ntaltdta thin, slender, WW16I>». 

Iltantloea m. tent-nail, WW 187* (7-»fi«er. 

ntt I. fr struggle, contest, fight, Qen2072. 
II. f. 'fit,* song, poem, Bo;Qi^, [? con- 
nected with I. ▼. SkED. under fit (2)] 

Mala f. fiddle, 

Malara m. 'fiddler,* WW ^11^, 

Malastra t female fiddler, WW311>«. 

llSar-sfeower-, fe^er- 

Marclan to fiutter, GD 100". [fiCerel 

MardAlad quadripartite, quartered, 0£G. 

Mara (y) n. nap. fit$(e)ru, fit$era(8) ufing, 


Martaald 'quadriga,* EHy4» 
ll5arflManda (y^) flowing in four streams, 

flVarfldwanda ylotoina in four streams, OEG 


flVarliama m. wing-covering, MLM'^{j^), 
+fi9arhamod covered wiA feathers, MR 

fiVarhlwa 'quadriformis,* OEG177. 
+ttVarian, fiVrian to provide with feathers, 

or wings. 

ItSarltaa without wings, Wy22. 
fiVarrIca (y) n. tetrarchy, Chb12o. 
fiSartoiatas mp. four quarters f Sol 32. 
ftSartlaht m. flapping of wings, joy f OEG 


fllVru y. fit$eie. 
flxa, fizaa, fizum=fisca, fiacas, fiflcum, gp., 

nap. and dp. of fiac. 

flzlan, fizo9» fixno9=fi8oian, fiscatS 
HA f. arrow, AO, ['fio* ;««fla n] 
flaeg catapiasm, plaHer, WW380*. 
tiMOT^Jlying (of arrows), [cp. Oer. fiaokem] 
ll8B-=flea-, fleo- 

flft.=fl&., flfia. , figp- , files flAc^fiftac 
flAra f. earlap, WWIS?^*. 
flAiO (S) n. 'flesh,* JB,Op,Lk,VP; CP : body 

(as opposed to soul), B,Jn : carnal nature, 

Mt : living creatures, Lk,Ps, 
llAsoAt m. animal food, R6. 
flAaebana m. murderer, GD. 
fiaaeoofa m. body, LPallS* * 
flaaae^lng f. meat-market, WW145>*. 
tUbtceht fleshy, Lod 83a. 
llAscan of flesh, like flesh, GPH;I^ 

flflaoannaa sfifiacnea 
fUtaogabyrd f. incamaiion, OEG429. 
flflaohama (o')t m. body, carcase, 
-f-flAacliamod incarnate, M, 
flAsohordt n. body, 
flflaohOs n. 'fesh-house,* place where meat 

is sold, WW, 
flflaolic 'fleshly,* corporeal, carnal, JB,BH, 
flAscDcnas f . tncomate am^»(Mm, .^B. ['flesh" 

flfiaomangara m. buicher, WW. ['ftesh- 


flAaamatfn f. maggot, WW122u. 
flAic-mata m. nap. -mettas flesh, animal 

food,LL;M,CP, ['fieshmeat*] 
^flfiscnaa f. incarnation, Chb. 
+flSacod incarnate, iB. 
flAscsand portion of meat, NC287. 
flAfloatrftt f . meat-market, M, 
fUtoctftwaram. torturer of the flesh, exe- 
cutioner, WW189". 
flAsctflV m, one of the teeth, WW416>«. 
flSscUtaiuig f. use as food, NC287. 
flAsowallara m. executioner, hangman, WW 

382*. [fi»sc, oweUere] 


flflecwyim m. ma^fgotf Led. [^fieshworm*'} fliot (ea) m. fleota f. water, aea, estuary, 

fl«tllo=flfi6olic river, AO : raft, ship, Hy. Vfiut'] 

floBVeoomb m. weaver* » comb, WW. flfotan* to float, drift, flow, sufim, sail, M, 

flSBZ (MtR) = fleaz CP : (tr, ) Mm, LoD. \^fleei '] 

flagen pp. of flSan. fifote (or? fleota) =fleot 

flili I. n. wickednese, treachery, Rnf47. fltetende )Ioa<iny, Oen 1447. V fleeting'] 

II.t adj. toOy, deceitful, hoMe. nioUg fleet, swift, Rd52«. 

flAn mf . barb, arrow, javelin, dart, B,Ma,JB ; flfolwyrt f . seaweed, LoD 101a, 

AO,CP. ['fflane'] fleotSa (ea) f. waier-liUf, LcD. 

flinbogat noi* bow, lliow pret. 3 eg. of fldwan. 

llano m. flank, OEG50**. fliow«=flew6 pres. 3 sg. of fl6waii. 

fttngeweorct n* shooting gear, arrows. -Aire v. tSri-, fu-f . 

fl&iilired? arrow-swift? arrow-equipped? (of flliriiig f. stoiy (of a buiUing), M. [flor] 

death), Rim72 His = flies; fltae^fls&BO 

llftnlht re attng to darts, WW 426*^. fletwlan (eo) to whisper? puU a wry face? 

nknnrwaui t onset, attack, BH122» (JAW 30). [or ?fleBwian dis- 

llaaoe (z) f. *flask,* bottle, semble, ES44*470] 

llftt pres. 3 SK. of flitan. flat^=^ett ; flit, flete r= fliete 

flaxe (QD, WW) =flaflce fletrsMt f. couch, B 1241. 

Hazfote weh'fooied, [»flox-] fletslttendt m. sitter in hall, courtier, guest. 

flte I. mf. *flea,' Ep,Lcd. II.=fleah n. flett n. flcor, ground, B : dwelling, hall, 

Utag pret. 3 sg. of fleogan. numsion, Vflet*] 

flteh I. n. albugo, a white spot in the eye, CP. flettgefeobt n. fighting in a house, LL 18[39]. 

II. m. =:flea I. III. pret. 3 sg. of fleogan. llattgestealdt n. household goods, 

IV. pret. 3 sg. of fleon. flettpM m. floor of a house. Gen 2729. 

fitam m. flight, AO,i£. on f. gebrengan fletwerod n. hall-troop, body-guard, B476. 

to put to flight, on f. weortSan io flee, floV6eamb=flsBSecomb 
fliamdoin m. flight, N O 287. fliwsa m. flowing, flux, issue {bodily dis- 

fliamlist m. apostacy, WW 500*. order), Lcd. [fldwan] 

flian* to *flay, ' Cp. llAwff pres. 3 sg. of fl5wan. 

±fleard n. nonsense, foUy, deception, fraud, flez=fieax 

supertiitifm, LL', OEG. ['flird'] flezascer m. JIcu; 2em^, KC 5-389^*. 

ffleardere m. trifler, NC287. flozgescot n. co/ntaribution of flax, 

fieititiisji to be foolish, err, go astray I grow flezllne f. flax-winder, reel? flax line? 

luxuriantly, thread? LL455[15]. 

lliat I. pret. 3 sg. of fleotan. II.=:fltet +fllan, +flyn tc drive out [flSon] 
lltewyrt f . fleabane, W W, ['fleawort '] ffieee n. 'flitch ' of bacon, ham, CD,Ql, W W. 

fleaz (», e) n. 'flax,* linen, CP; M{e), fUoorian, flicerian to move the wings, flutter, 

Il6az-=flex- JE, ['flicker*] 

fleeta = fleohta ; fled = flett ffle = flSah I. 

-flidan V. ofer-f. lllebV pres. 3 sg. of fleon. 

flUa adj. ta flood, full, overflowing, AO. fliama (e, i, y) m,fugUive, exile, outlaw, AO. 

[fl5d] Godes f . excommunicate person, LL 362 [66]. 

flMlng f . flowing, M, [fleam] 

fllg-=flSog- dbflleman {&, e, y) to put to flight, drive 

fliga little ship, JnL6><(oe). away, banish. Gen ; CP. ['fleme * ; fleam] 

flahta= fleohta; fltai-ssfliem- flieman-faorm, -feorming f. offence of, or 

flana=flyne; flio=fl€a penaUy for, sheUeririg fugitives from justice, 

i:fltegan* (intr., cp. fleon) to 'fly,* EM, LL102[30]; 2-302. 

Jud,Jul; M,CP I flee, take to flight. Ma, +fllema (e) adj, fugitive, BR 147*. 

[Oer, fliegen] fllamlng (flymig) sb. fugitive, OEG 2965. 

fltega (e, y) f. any winged insect, 'fly,* JB; ffles (e, 6o, i, y) n. 'fleece,* wool, fur, seal 

CP. [Oer. fliege] ekin, LL,Ps{eo). 

fltogenda m. bird, CPs. fflai (WW 489*) = fleot ; fliatan = flitan 

fltegande )fyt9i(^, winged, i£GB44*. fliata (e, y) f. cream, curds ipuni, [fleotan] 

fltegendtte flying, wing ed, ^ Gb56». Og =fleah I. ; fll^- =fleog-, flyg- 

fltogryft n. fly-curtain, WW373» fllgel m? nf 'flail, * A 9-264. 

fltoheynn m. a kind of flies, PPsl04*^. fllht L m. patch, MkLR2»(y)- [fleohtan] 

flfobnet n. 'fly-net, * curtain, Jud, II. = flyht 

flaobta (fleota) m. hurdle, flIbiaelM m. patch, WW206». 

±flfon* to fly from, 'flee,* avoid, escape, O, tObX pres. 3 sg. of flSon. 

ife<,FP«; AO,CP : put to flight, M : fly fllma=fliema 

(intr.), ^. flint m. 'flint,* rock, MJBp,WW. 

fltos (VPs) =flies ; flaoB- =fles. fllntan of flint, W262^ 


flintgrftg gray like flint, Rd4^*. flothere m. piratical fleel, B2915. 

fllo = fleah I. ; fib = flies flotlan to 'float, * Chr, [flSotan] 

±lllt (usu. + ) n. strife, Ps : dispute, con- llotlle nautical, naval, WW 205*7. 

teittion : *scandalwn*; to +flitefl emuUmsly, flotniann m. sailor, pirate, M. 

VfliU'] flotoiteii=floterian 

±fDtan^ to strive, quarrel, dispute, contend, flotsclp n. ship, bark, WW. 

B,BH ; i£,CP. flotemem n. floating grease, fat, LL463[4]. 

flltersaft m. dialectics, logic, OEG. flotweg m. ocean, Hn41. 

flitonBttlto logical. fldwan' to 'flow, ' stream, issue, Ps,Sol, VPs ; 

intend m. contentious person. AO,CP : become liquid, melt, VPs : abound : 

fllttre m. disputer, chider, quarreler, schis- (+) overflow, AO. 

matic, Bp, ['fliter'^ fldwednes, fldwnes f. flow, flux, overflow, 

±mt-ful (OEG), -fullio contentious. torrent, CP. 

+fllttulnos f. litigiousness, A1M02M. fldwende 'flowing,' Ma66. 

±flltgeorn m. contentious person. flowendllo flowing, LPs 147^. 

+filtgeorii contentious, RB 130*^. flowing f. 'flowing, * MtL. 

+flltnee emulously, BH406". flugl- (OET26) =fugl- 

±flltniAlum eontentiously, emulously. flugol fleet, svnft : fUeting. 

•flltme? V. uA-f. fiugon I. pret. pL of fleogan. II. pret. pi. 

fllnsum (OET) =fleo8um dp. of fleoe. of fleon. III. =fii]gon pret. pi. of feolan. 

floo n. flounder f WW. fluton pret. pi. of fleot«n. 

floean^ to clap, applaud, Rd21>*. flyoerian =fiioeiian 

floeo m. 'flock, ' company, troop, M,Chr. flyoge fledged, OEG. 
fiocemftlum in troops, AO. ['flockmeal '] flyctleliV (Gl) = flihteolaS 
flooglan to shine forth, GPH 399. flyge (i)«m. flight. 

floerftd f. invading b and, troop, Chr. fl9gd=fleoge 

flocsllte m. «e(^^iofi, WWlld**; A8*461. flygepll n. flying dart, Mod27. 
Add mn. mass of water, 'flood,* wave, M,Qen, flygertew wiM inflight, Gxr321. 

Mt, VPs ; AO,CP -: flow (of tide as opposed flygul =flugol 

to M), tide, flux, ewrrent, stream, Chr ; AO : fl^hst pres. 2 sg. of flSon. 

the flood, da.uge,B,Lk',M. f^ht m. I, flying, 'flight,' ^(i),OET. on 

flddbUUs pale as water t pale through fear of flyhte on the wing. II.=fliht 

drowning. Ex 497. flyhthwaatf swift of flight. 

fldde f. channel, gutter, Gl : floodf (Earle), fl^hV pres. 3 sg. of fleon. 

EC 120<^ fl^- =r fliem- ; + flyn = +fl!an 

flddegsa m. flood- terror . Ex 446. t^e (e) f. baiter, Lod. 

floden of a river, WW240. flyi (iE)=flie8; flyt, flyt- =flit, flit- 

flodhamm m. piece of land surrounded by fl^ pres. 3 sg. of fl§otan. 

water f KGl*289i<. fl^e I. m? 'pontamium,' boat, WW. [cp. 

flodllo of or belonging to a stream, iBGsM*. fleot] II. t. =flTete 
flddweardf f . sea-wall. flltme f. fleam (blood-letting instrument). 

flodwegt m. watery way, sea. [L. phlebotomum] 

flodwudu m. «Atp, Cb864. fly9=flyht 

flddwytanf m. flowing stream, raging billows. ±tn8Bd n. nap. tnadu fringe, border, hem, M. 

[weaUan] fnAran, fnfirettan to breathe Jteavily, snort, 

fldd^tt f. wave of the sea, B642. fume. v. NC356. ^^ 

flogen I. pp. of fleon. II. pp. of fleogan. fnaM I. n. dp. fnasum fringe, WW 426". 
floggettan to fluctuate, [fleogan] II. pret. 3 sg. of fnesan. 

flogoVa m. liquor, GPH 402. fnAst m. blowing, blast, breath. Led. ['fnasi'l 

flfih f. chip, WW416^ fnfistlan to breathe hard. Led. [v. 'fnast'^ 

flolitenfdte web-footed, Lod 33b. f niosan to breathe hard, sneeze 

flor fm. ds. flora, fldre 'floor,' pavement, tikhoi^wag I. sneezing, WW. [v. ^fnese') 

ground, B,Lk; JS : bottom {of a lake, etc.), ±fntaan* to sneeze : pant, gasp. 

Sat. f nora m. sneezing, M,Qis. 

fMirtBO flowery, CM 44. 16 pres. 1 sg. of ton. 

fldntftn m. paving-stone, tesseUa. foea m. cake {baked on the Tiearth), ^L18'**. 

flot n. deep water, sea. on flot(e) afloat. f5da m. 'food,' sustenance, nourishmenl, JB, 

['float'] CD: fuel, Sc. 

flota m. (floater), boat, ship, vessel : fleet fodder =f odor 

sailor : (f) piraU. Vfl4)at''i foddor, foddur =fddor 

+flota m. floater (whaie), Whaijb7. fddor n. 'fodder' (for cattle), food (for man), 
lloten pp. of flSotan. MJjL : case, sheath, Gl. 

lloteflan to flutter, fly, M : float, be flooded, fodorbrytta (fodder-) m. distributor of food, 

overflow, JE. herdsman, WW 111**. 


fddoifltu (foddur-) food, PPs. folenidt =folcgemdt 

fddorhee (fodder-) rack for food or fodder, tolonSd f. people's need, PPsTT". 

IjL455[17]. folortMf m. pubUc benefit, 

f MornoV m. aueUnance, folorAden £. decree of the peopU, Gba42. 

f odortegut / partaking of food, feeding, f olorlht L n. right of the peopU, common law, 

.r!^<'/«>f- ^ . . ^^- Vfolkright'] IL adj. according to 

lodorwela (foddnr-) m. wealth of food, pro- common law. 

vUicne, Rd 33^. f oIcmbI n. house, Bd 2». 

KdM m. provisions, AO. folMoearut f. peopU, nation, province : 

'<>?^(N)f=fe.,£S. peopfe'a laiui, B73 (Earle). 

+f fig n. jcnnifi^, jotnt. f olMoeaSa m. villain. An 1695. 

+fOgitin (Mh) m. i^^famc, CP263". folosolpe m. nation, people, Rd33» 

foh imperat. of f6n. folosltta n. sedition, WWII !••. 

«oht=feoht to}Mi9Atf m. dweUing^jOaee : batiMield. 

fohten pp. of f eohtan. tolostfiw f . country piace, BH 16(H«. 

lol (wk. adj.)=fiiU fotawiot mT troop, muUih^, £x677. 

+J®1 •«J- yfithfoal. folotala f. genedlogy. 

foI-=ful- foletog»t m. cAiejiatn, <xmiiiiaiw2er. 

folA m. 'foal, coU, Bl,Mk ; iE. foletraiiia m. Ao«f , LPs. 

'^n. /ott, i>eop{e, nation, <ri6e, M,B; AO, foloQ=folooa 

CT : a collection or dass of persons, laity, folewalag populous, WW476" 

Bl,Bo : troop, army. folewerf m. man. 

folcAgendat ruling. folowlg» m. warrior, Rd 16". 

folobealo n, great triMaiion, Msk126. folowlto m. public councillor, senator, Cba 

folebearnt n. man. 77. 

foIocQ (folou) f. people's cow, PP867". foIew6h n. deception of the public, JEL2S^K 

toleeM noted : public, BH. foMmrnt n. earth^house, grave. 

foloowta f. queen of a nation, B641. foMigeiid m. earth-possessor, earih-dweller, 

foloowlde n. popular saying, NC287. Ph6. (MS. folcagend) 

tolo^ngt m. king of a nation. f oldbold n. house, castle, B 773. 

folodryhtt f. muUitude of people. toldMlend m. earth-dweller, man, inhabitant 

foloafflrant '• public enme. of a country, CP. 

faloegetnim =:fologetra]n folde (eo) f. earth, ground, soil, terra firma, 

toIec«M m. aeiwsral terror, PPsSS". B,Jud : land, country, region : world. 

folofrte m. lord of the peopte, Gbk 1862. toMgnBtf n. earth-grave. 

'?oJ?? 5??VS,^ ^^ ^f cUitenship, LL loldgrAg grey as the earthf OhC31. 

.VWj344[46]. loldhrfcende tiwttfny o« «A« eort*. Pa6. 

folegedratBM f . In^iOtKum, NC287. toUbrnt f. re«< tn tA€ earth, Cb 1029. 

fologef eoht n. pitched batik, AO. toldwrnrtm m. fruiU of the earth, Ph664. 

to^m^t n. meeting of the peopU of a town foldweff »• «wy, paA, road : eoit*. 

or dtstna, LL. [*folkmoot*] foldwel* m. emrOily riches, Bim68 

folegerttft m. public officer, WW. foldwonrf m. plain, earth. 

f ologeriht = f olcriht f olen, f olgen pp. of f Solan. 

fologesetnes f. statule. folgm« (AO) = folgo« 

f olcgaint m. prince, noble. folgare m. ^follower, ' attendant, discipU, M, 

f olcgosteallat m. companion in war. CP : successor, AO 160" : friman who is 

fologestrten n. public treasure, Gbh 1981. not a householder. 

folcgetaBl n. number of fighting men. Ex 229. ±folglaii (often w. d.) to 'follow,' JnM : 

f olog^umt n. army, host. accompany, Ps : follow after, BiM attain, 

fologeVrang n. crowd, A0134-. CP383" : obey, serve, oberve. El (t. also 

folcgewlnnn./pA/»ny, uwr, MbtI". fylgan). 

folelao of the p»ople,popular,secular, common. folgoS m. body of retainers, following, retinuei 

folol«sungr=foloIeaflnng pursuit, employment, serviu, dignity, office, 

f ololagu f . law of the people, public law. rule, MJlO,CP : jurisdiction, district : con- 

f ololand n. land held by freemen according to dition of life, destiny. 

« *^ "*^ ^^ /amt/y inheritance, v. LL lolmt, folme f. palm, hand. [fSlan] 

2*403. fon=fann 

foleUr f. homily GD. f6n» (±) to take, grasp, seize, catch, BJBH, 

f ololtasung f . slander. LL. Qen ; G^,M : capture, make prisoner, Chr : 

foloUe public, common, popular, plebeian. receive, accept, assume, undertake, B,8ol; 

folonuBgent »• public force, army. OP : meet with, encounter, f. on take up, 

tohOD^^ f. ^^, nation. begin, resume, Mi take to, JB, Bo. f. tdrioe 

f olomAlum = floocmftlum ascend the throne, ^,A0. f . t6g»dr© join 

lolomAre celebrated, GbkISOI. together, join issue, engage in battU. him 


tteSuiet f eng chUehed ai him, B. him on refirain, GP : suffer, endure, ioUraU, humour, 

fnltam feng Kdped ihem, JudSOO. hlyst CPJS^H : restrain, II.=foreberaii 

+f . listen, Vfang, ' * i-fang *] f orbernan =: f orbeonian 

fond=fand pret. 3 8g. of findftii. forbflnten* to break, hurst asunder, vanish, 

fong-sfang-; foim=£aim; fontSB^fant faU, LLtUtgohy defauU, EC20r. [^for- 

f onu = ianu burst *] 

for I. prep, (with d., inst. and a.) (local) forb§tan=forebStan 

before, in the sight of, in or into the presence forbl|;an (S, f ) to bend down, bow down, 

of, B,Oen : as far as, IM119^' : (temporal) depreciate, ahase, humiliate, degrade. 

during, before : (causal) *for,* on account forblgels m. arch, arched roof, WW 126*. 

of, for the sake of, through, because of, ounng forblndan* to bind (up), muzzle, CP 106''. 

to, from, by reason of, JSJB,Oen,Met. for [*forbind*] 

wonilde as regards this world, M. for forblsen=foreby8en 

Bzyhtne by Ood : in order to : in place of, torbltan^ to biU through, HLI8**^. 

instead of, equivalent to, at the price of, forbttwan* to blow, AO : blow out, inflate, 

M,QuJit : in preference to. Rood : in spite Led. {^forblow'] 

of, Ckr. II. conj. for, because, for hvrf, forbUndlan to blind, MkBO*'. 

for hwam, for hwon whereforef for 6am, fdrbde f. iXinerar^, OEG2023. 

for tSon, for %^ therefore, because, since, for torbod n. prohibition, LL ; OP. [* forbade^] 

tS&m tSe {by), for if t$e because, for tif forboda==foreboda 

tot, for Dam 9»t in order that. IIL adv. torbreean* (n*) to break in pieces, bruise, 

too, very, M. for an only. violate, crush, destroy, Jn;AO,CP. for- 

for^ L denotes loss or destrootion (as in hiooea bn^een down, decrepit. [*forbreak*] 

f orddn, f orgiefan), or is intensitive or for-brUan', -bregdan to tear in pieces : draw 

pejoiatiTe, as in forb«man, forrotian. It over, cover : change, transform. Bo. Vfor- 

IS not connected with the preposition braid*] 

'for.' Its original form was fer- [op. Oer. for-brltan, -brittansforbiyttani 

Ter-]. IL oocly=:fore- forbiTt-ednes (ESPs), -ennes (V^Ps) f. con- 

fer I. f. going, course, journey, expedition, trition. 

BE ;A0 : way, manner of life, [farani forbrytlansforbryttan 

II. m. pig, hog, OEQ. III. pret. 3 sg. of forbiytCan to break in pieces, crush, bruise. 

faran. forbUgan' to bend from, refrain from, avoid, 

ton (N) = f oran ; f ora- s fore- ; torad ss f orod decline, M,Ma ; CB : flee from, escape, CP : 

foran L prep. (w. d.) b^ore, opposite, hold down. Vforbow*] 
II. ady. before, tn front, forward, Bd; M, forbj^gan=forbIgan 

AO,CP : to the front. Da. foran ongean fcwbyrd f. abstention, AO30**. 

opposite. [*fome'] KTH forbyrdlan to ii»i^ /or, EP832>*. 

fmmnbodlg n. thorax, chest, WW 158^. f orl^rdlg forbearing, NC287. 

lorandsaff early part of ihe dayf ^(NC), forbyman (^)=forbeoman 

firH dayf (BT). toree f. *fork,* JB,WW. 

torane =foran n. loretap forestalling {in trade), LL234[2,10]. 

foranhtefod n. forehead, M. [-B*forecfop] 

I oranoUit f . early part of the night, dusk, f oreeorfan* to carve out, cut down, cut off, cut 
evening, JE. ihrough,divide,^,Chr;AO,CP.[*forcarve^] 

torantd prep. (w. d.) brfore. foreiowan' to bite off. Bo 36**. 

forftVsioreatS tor-clerran (CP), -cerran to turn aside, pre- 

forbflsman to cause to bum, bum up, eon- vent, avert, avoid, CP : turn oneself away, 
sume by fre, be consumed, JS,Chr; AO. escape. 
[*forbum*] forolerredBOt (y*) f. perversUy, GDIW* : 

torbSBrnednes f. burning up, Ixjd. turning aside, BPb126^ ^^ 

forbearan =f orberan torolening (e, y ) f. turning aside, CVPs 126^. 

iorbearnan = f orbnman forolnnan to deny, disown f Sol 107. 

fSrbed n. portable bed, litter, ZDA31. forolpplan (y) to cut off, RHy 2". [cp. Eng. 

torblgan = f orblgan chip] 

forbelgan* to be enraged, Bi«. forclAman to stop up, Gl. 

forb«n f . prayer, BHy 138". fordas mp. prongs? NC287. 

forbtedan* to * forbid,* prohibit, Chr,0; M : torelingan* to wither, shrink up, Cp, Vfor- 
restrain, Ps i refuse, Lk : repeal, annul, ding*] 
LL42[49]. forelyoean to stop, close {ears), BPs57*. 

fdrbiodandlie dehortative, dissuasive, MQb, toroi^n to dose up, Lod3-92**. 
225^^ forenldan sfotgnldan 

forbeoniaii* (e, y) to bum, be consumed by forouman^ to corns before, prevent, surprise : 
flre, AO. harass, wear out, dedroy : overcome, conquer, 

forbsran I. (sv^) to * forbear,* abstain from, obtain : surpass. 


farounnlmn to tempi : under&tand. forealdlAn to grow oid, decaffs BH; MjCP. 

for-ettV {M) bad, wicked, in/anums, foul, Vforold'] 

deepieoNe, JS,Bo; AO,CP. adv. -ooVe. for«ifttr6C«uifofay2oto,ot«rtibfoio,£P8l06**. 

['foreouth*^ foreftV m. preiiminary oath^ LL (▼. 2*646). 

foieOS-Uo, •Iioe=for-ou9, -oaSe l^foreoath*] 

forowfltfaui* to speak ill of, almee, revile, CP : forteVa very easily, M. 

reprove : refuse, rejeet, CP : boast, promise fore-bteeen, -beiMm (M), -becen n. sign, 

great things, GhE49. portent, prodigy. 

f orewolstan* ? to swallow, Lod 18a. foreb^B to intercept, Chb 1009x. 

forow^san to shake violently, SPs 109'. torobenui to prefer, BH294^ 

f orayppUn = f orcippian f oraMtan to make legal amends (mcariously), 

toreyiran (M) =forcieiTan * LL. 

fon^lbui to surpass in knowledge : under- fora]iirlc=foreb7rig, da. olforebuiiL 

stand : argue, urge. torabisaop m. high priest, MtLl>*(mg). 

ford m. ds. f otda 'ford, * M,AO ; Mdf. toraMaafflaa to preoccupy, OEG 1236. 

tordAlan to spend. forablAattn; (S) f. shoot, branch, EP879^*. 

foidiad dead, MtL28«. fSraboa (HQl454) =fdrbdo 

fordalfan* to delve, dig, EC 120*. forabod n. proph^, preaching, NG. 

tordlmaii to condemn, sentence, doom, Mt; torelbo^m. forerunner, messenger, Atl8^^*. 

M : prejudice, EC 145 : decide. So 125*. torabodJan to aiifuwnce, (iecfare. 

['fordeem^] forabodunc f. prophecy, NG. 
fordlmadlla to 6e cofulemfiefj, GD208*. forabrAdan to prolong, £Psll9* : over- 
fordimadnas f. eondtmnation, proscription, shadow, MkL9'. 

BH34^ forabrtoat n. cheet, WW. 

fordCmand m. accuser, JuL p5*. foraburh f . outwork : outer court, vestibuUf M. 

f ordCmlan = f ordeman forabyrd f . longsuffering, CP 41 ". 

fordimiiig t plunder, spoliation, OEG3149. forabyaan f. example. 
foidanmian to dam up, block up, EP857^ toraeaorfan* ' prcecidere,* J EGnl l^^. 
fordattan (KGL)=foidyttaii foraeaorfand m.fronttooih, WW264U. 

tor^!MgtLntoshutoutbyaditch,bU)ckup,CP. foracteaan to chose in preference, BGJRPs 
tor-dUglan, -dil^gian, -diligiaii to blot out, 131^^^ 

deHroy, abolish, BH. ['fordilghe'] foraoUplaii (y) * proclamare,' BHyS*; AKS 

fordlmmlan to obscure, darken, 8c. ['fordim*] 122-265. 
f ordlttan = f ordyttan foraentewrlsii progeny, EPs. 

forddn anv. to undo, bring to nought, ruin, foraaoatigan to profane, EPs 88**. 

destroy, BH ; AO,M : abolish, Chr : kiU, M, foraaoatung f. profanation, EPei88**. 

AO : corrupt, seduce, defile, pp. fordon foracuman* to come before, prevent, BH : 

corrupt, wicked, abandoned, [^fordo^] overcome f Ps : come out, come upon, NG. 

fordrAfan to drive, compel, LL2462]. [^forecome*] 

tordranaan (») to make drunk, intoxicate, M. foracwaiVaiif to p/reach, predicL 

[*fordrench *] pp. f ordrancen drunk, CP. toracwida m. prophecy : introduction, heading 

Vfordrunken'] {of chapter), NG. 

tordritan^ to drive, sweep away : drive on, toraeyma m. proceeding forth, MtL p4*. 

impel, compel, AO : drive away, expel, M. fora^ynran, -oynred n. progeny. 

[Ger. Tertreiben] torac|11an to make known to, TC300** : 

fordrlfnaa f. objection, opposition, NG. ' pronuntiare,' EPs 70". 

fordrinean* to make drunk, be drunk, CP. forad =forod 
foidrOglan to become dry, wither. Met. fora-dyra, -dere n. vestibule, OEG (v. 135). 

Vfordry*] f oradyntig ? ' presumptuosus, * LL409[22]. 

fordrawlan = f ordrugian foratSBgar very fair, ES 8*479**. 

forduttan (VPs) =f ordyttan fora-f ang, -fong =forfang 

tordwllman to confound. Bo 14*. foraf iran to go before. 

fordwlnan^ to vanish, ^. ['fordwine*] foraf az n. forelock, OEG5326 ; 2***. 

f ordyalic very foolish. Bo 42^*. f orafon' to prevent, anticipate. 

fordyttan (e, i, u) to obstruct, block up, dose, foragftn anv., foregangan' to go before, pre- 

Cp ; M. ['fordit'] cede, BH, VPs : go in front of, project : excel. 

fora I. prep. w. d. a. (local) before, in the [* forego'] 

sight of, in presence of, B : (caasal) because foraga- =for(e)- 

of, for ihe sake of, through, on account of, by foragaarwung f. preparation, parasceve. 

reason of, from, BH : (temporal) before, Cr : foragablddan* to intercede, RB62*. 

for, instead of. If. adv. before, beforehand, foragabAt n. vow, ^L23b***. 

formerly, once, Ps. Vfore*] foragabAtan to promise : invite, NG. 

fora- ocoly.=for- foraganga m. forerunner : predecessor, an- 

foraald (y*) very old, BB114^^ cestor, CP : aUendant, Jim 127. 


teagengel (lor-) m. furedeeesaor, Ghb963x. tOTMteui to appeal (forhuHee), LLlSSfSI 

foregeseegan to predestine, MtL pi*. foresMgan to menikm before, M : foretett 
for6ge8ettan=:foraeettaii BH;M. y«^««», 

foregeswuteltonde 'indaqande, * OEQ 1504. foreteld n. firH teal, MtL23«. 

for«getten> to poini out, HGl41 1 . foreselten to spend, advance (money). 

tor6g«miigian=fore«iiigian tor^BBUdmn to send before. 

foregidd n. proverb, JnR 16«». foreston* to 'foresee, * Ps : provide, BH : vro- 
foreglelpan* (0 Miim<, AO. vide for, BK. ^^ 

foragbl m. preliminary hostage (Swt); fore" foresfond m. provider, BH338>* 

most hostaqe (BT), Chb878. torattenM f. foresight, providence, BH. 

mtgi^w foreseeing, provident, wise, pru- tw^ttnm,'aeteneBL proposition, ourvosez 

dent, M. adv. -lioe. preposition, ^SiQn. »i^j«^ 

foregyrnan to show before. So 203". foretetten to place before, shtU in, VPs : pro- 
forebAUg very My, ANS 84-3. pose : prefer : precede, ['foreset*] 

forebOs n. porch. fortslngend m. precentor, WW 129". 

toreta^ran to hear of, BjI foraslttan* to preside over, BH. 

forelernend m. forerunner, WW339». lore-smtagan, -sniean to think beforehand. 

foreiAd-iiow, -twa m. precursor, LkLR forMnotor very wise, B3163. 

. 22■^ fore-spAe, -Bpeoa=fore-8preo, -spreoa, 

toreHACtui to lead forth, MtJjW^ fore-sprAo (CP), -Bproo, -Bp«o (WW) f 
forelAreiidm.<eacAer,BLl49u. advocacy, defence, ercuse : agreement, 

lorettr f. preachtng, MtL pl6'. arrangement : preamble, preface, prolooue. 

foreldan to defay, NC288: M,CF : promde. V foi-dpiech']^^ 

foreldan =forieldan torwpreoa m. intercessor, advocate, mediator : 
forelegnlsrrforl^JB sponsor, 12LU2\1\. 

forelteran to go before, pass by, NG. foresprecan* to spedk or answer for, be surety 

M*?''** '• V«twruja«to,' transgression, for, intercede for, CP : my 6e/ore. fore- 

BP8lOO*(op. ofer-L). spreoen above-mentioned, aforesaid, Bo' 

twsilwic BL 'forelock,* OEO. ^forepecan. i*forespoken*J 

'^S^*®**" 'P'^^^^P^f^^f respicere, aspicere,* torest»ppan(^)=fore8teppan 

^'^s- foraitflBppend m. precursor,Lk22*^. 

toremAre illustrious, renowned, fam»ous, M. foresteoppung f. anticipation, A 8*331. 

fortfnArUo eminent, Bo76*«. forestandan* to preside, lead : e«ce2 WW 
laremArnasf. eTOtnence,/ow«, Bo. 464»». * 

foremanlan to forewarn, BH412>*. torestiqiul going before, GPH 196. 

loremanlg very many, MtL pl8u. forerteaU (for-) m. intervention, hindrance 
tor«nealittg=foremihtig (of justice) : an^nuh, assauU, offenceofway- 

loromaareod before-mentioned, GM378. laytng on the highway, jB,LL : fine for swh 

foraniMreuiig (e«) f. title, chapter, NG. an offence : resistance, opposition. Vfore- 

for«maitlg (ea) very strong, most mighty. staW] ^'' 

adv. -Hoe, twtat9miaAn to prevent, hinder, NQ. 

toremunt m. iiromofitory, WW464". (orMtftora m. look-out man, pilot. WW 
forene^forane 404*. » ^ » 

forenyme m. taking before, Gl. forestoppan* (») to precede, go before, M : 

loroifm m. prologue. excel : forestaU, prevent. 

forerynel m. forerunner, herald, morning torestlgan^ to excel, ^Gb154"xi. 

star, M,CP. forestlge m. vestibule, OEG4688 and n. 

for esaoan* to forbid, MtL 3". f or estthtlan to fore-ordain, M. 

torMdd aforesaid, J». [Aforesaid '] torestthtung £. predestination, ^. 

lore^sflBgdnes, -saga £. preface, NG. foreswerlan* to swear before, M. 

loressBndan = f oreaendan f or etAon n. * fore-token, ' prognostic, prodim, 

for«8C«aw«6(£or.)m. •prorMor/ES39-327. sign, wonder, Bo; CP. '^ nry» 

forasoiawlaii to *foreshow,* foresee, M : pre- foretienlan to foreshow, BH216". 

ordain, decree, appoint, M : provide, furnish foreteohhung f. predestination. Bo. 

«^*'*» ^' ioret«on to fore-ordain, frame beforehand, 

foresefowodOee with forethought, thought- arrange. 

fuUy, CM76. foretW mp. >on/ toeM, WW. Vforetoothn 

foresofowung f. contemplation, foresight, toTtiSgm.forecouH, porch, UtW: 

providence, Sc ; M. ['fore^iowing*] toretj^nd shut in, BH 386». 

foresototan* (for-) to anticipate, forestall, foroifbtno nou forethought, providence, eon- 

Bo 124". sideration, deliberation, CP. 

foreseleldnes f. 'proteetio, ' EPs 120». forettanoUo thoughtful, careful, prudent, CP 

for«cyttels m. 6oft, Aor, CB312. adv -Koe. ^ ' ' ^ .j-^h^^, v.jr. 


fiir«(Vaii«ol pravidenif prudent, ooneidtraie, JB,MtL : ^fcrgo,* absUUn from, neglect, 

CP. Io0e, M ; CP»^. II. sforegan 

for tfVanoolnes f . pnutnice, PPs 48*. fmf •dfin = f ordfin 

foreVencan to iiremecUtaie, consider, he mind- forgeMrnung f . mearit, DHy 132^. 

ful,CP. ['forethink'] forgef anM =forgiefiies 

foreVlngere m. tntereeMor, meciiator, M. forf igan =foig^an 

forciVliiglaii to plead for any one, intercede, fotgeldansfoigieldan 

defend. f oigim- = f oig&m-, f oigiem - 

loreVlnglend m. iniereesaor. lOTgoorne very earnemy, very attentively, Bl. 

foro-tnngrfiden, -tSingnngf. intercession, M. forget =:foiyaet pres. 3 sg. of forgietan. 

forcfSoneMoreCano ; forewall =foreweaJl foiglefan* (i, y) to give, grant, alhw, BH,Bl ; 
f oroward = f oreweard CP : * forgive, overlook, Oen,Lk,Mt ; AO,CP : 

forewarnlan to take vxuming beforehand. give up, leave off, CP : give in marriage. 

foreweall m. rampart, bulwark, Ex. [^fore- forglefiiof (i, y) I. pardon, * forgiveness,* re- 

waU*] mission, Bl ;CP : indulgence, permission, 

forewaard (aS e>) I. f. condition, bargain, BH{i) : giftf Cr426. 

agreement, treaty, assurance. II. m* out- forgleldan* (e, Uy)to pay for, CP : requite, 

post, scout. III. adj. * forward/ inclined reward, Bl;AO,CP'. indemnify, make good: 

to the front, MfiH ifore, early , former, M. pay double {as penalty), LL ; give. Vfor- 

f. gear new year. IV. ady. (-wearde at yidd*] 

AS66*) in front, CP : towards the future, forglelpan' to boast in public, trumpet forth, 

Oen. iram foreweardom once more, BB. W234^*. 

toir9W90t^SBik* to predestinate, MkLpl^. foiglemeliafiaii (i, y) to neglect, abandon, 
fore-wesan any. pret. 3 sg. -wm to be over, give up, omit, CP. 

rule over, BH. forgietan* (i, y ) w. a. or g. to * forget, * B,Ma, 
Smti^rtB foreknowing, HLIS***. Pe; AO,CP. For comps. v. forgit-. 

forewltan swr. to foreknow, Bo. ['/oret0i<*] forglf-=:forgief- 

fOrewIteglan to prophesy, M. for-glf enllc, -sifendlic that may be forgiven, 
forewltegiing f. prophecy, OEG. Jlit : dative, ]£GB22»(y*). l^fojyivelich*] 

tfnttiwMg foreknowing, M. forglf eetre f. female giver, I>Hy40*« 

tmw9itol foreknowing, Chb1067d. forglfu f. 'gratia,* DHy78'. 

f orewltttendUe prescient, OEG 1602. forglf ung f . gift. 

forewltung t foreknowing, presage. forglldan =forgieldan 

foreword = f oreweard f org&nan (e, f)to neglect, pass by, transgress, 
forewost (e*) m. chief, captain, NG. B{6). ['foryeme*] 

forewrlgan = f orwteffan fOTglmeliafiaii := f orgiemelSadan 

twewtlUn^ to proscribe, banish, forewriten forgltan= forgietan 

above or before-written, CM27fl»«. forgltel (eo*, y*, o», n*) forgetful, M. ['for- 

forewriteniie8f.j9fVMor»ption,ea^,WW46e*. yeteZ'] 

f orewyreend m. eervant, ML 3^"*. f orgltelnes (y ') f . forgetfulness, oblivion, LPs. 

foreword f . predestination, Gl. f oiglten pp. forgetting : forgetful. 

forfang (fox^feng) m. capture, (legal) eeisure, forgldng f . forgetfulness, CM 1066. 

recovery of came or <iher property, LL : forglendr-an, -ian to devour, swaUow up, W. 

reward for rescuing property, LL (v. 388- forgnagan* to eat up, JR. [*forgnaw*] 

391 and 2*279). Vjorfang ] torgidduk^ to grind togeiher,dashdown,crush, 
fortangfeoh n. rewatd for rescuing catHe or break, LPs. [*forgnide*] 

other property. [LL 390,3,2] forgnlden con/rtte. 

forfaran* to pass away, perish, Cbb : lose, forgnldennes f. tribulaiion, LPs 13*; APb 

destroy, ruin : intercept, obstruct. 146*. 

forfengl.pret. 38ff. offorf6n. IL—forfang forg]ifdaB=foigmdan 

forfAran(^)=forof€ran foigrlndan* to grind down, ruin, destroy, 
forferlan to let die, LL68[17]. consume. 

forflSon' to flee from, escape, avoid, evade, M. forgrtndet n. grinding, poundina, Cp. 776o. 

forfl^gan to put to flight, ZDA31*16*". f«gi1|Mtii^ to seize, assail, attack, overwhelm. 

forfon' to seize : anticipate, forestall : sur- forgrdwen groum upt overgrown? J?tm46. 

prise : prevent I forfeit. [v. *forgrow*J 

forfs^lan to stop up, obstruct, WWHQZ^. forgumlan (Ll474,2) =fors^an 

f org- = f oreg- f orgyf- ^ f orsief - , f orgif - 

foigftgan to transgress, trespass, prevaricate, forgyldan=forffieIdan 

M : pass by, omit, neglect, 0£G,W. forgyltan to stn, be or become guilty, W. 
forgfigednes f . transgression, trespass, M. forgylt condemned, guilty. 

forgAgung f . fault, excess. So 1 16*. forgj^- = f oigim-» f orgiem- 

f orgAIan to avoid, LkL. f orgyrd = f ort^[yTd 

f orgin I. anv. to go or pass over, by or away, fotgyrdan to enclose, encircle. 


fofgyt-sfoigiet-, foigit- twhiSh feofffd, afraid, adv. -lice. 

for-habban, pret. 3 ag. -hnfde to hold in, torhtmM timorous, timid, M. 

restrain, retain, keep back : draw back, re- Uarhinm f. fear, terror, M, 

frain from, avoid, M, f orh»f ed continent, forhtung f . fear, M. 

abstemious, torhuglan = f orhogian 

fOrhSBbbenda m. abstinent, continent person, forhwasn, forhwftn=forhwon 

GP. torhwaorfan* to come to an end, be destroyed. 

forhAf d = f orhSaf od f orhwertan = f orhwierf an 

lorhflBf (•)diias f. temperance, continence, self- tor-hwl, -hwig =forhwy 

restraint, abstinence, BH;M,CP : parsi- tothwimtmn{e^90,i,j) to change, transform: 

many, ['forhevedness*] remove, transfer : pervert, CP. 

forhMed oumt up. forhwon wherefore, why, for what reason. 

torhfttan^ to renounce, forswear, ^. [*for- forhw^ (I*) why, wherefore, Ps. [forwhy*] 

hight*] 86 forhatena the devil, (Ten 609. forhwyrfan =forhwieifan 

forh«afdnes (AS22i*) =forh£fednM forhwyrfedlle pervertie, Bl31*. 

forhiafod n. * forehead,* brow, skuU, WW; forhwyrfadnef f. i^erterM^, NG288. 

M. [—fore-] torbyoisan to disdain, despise, reject, CP. 

forbeaMan* to forsake, faU away from, rebel torb^dan to hide, Ps ; CP. ['forhide *] 

against, B : defile, poUuU, <Sl : keep back, torl^gdeUe despised, LPsllsK 

withhM, LL 130,6,1 : misuse, abuse, l^for- torbybnan to refuse obedience to. An 735. 

held *] f orb^nan = f orhlenan 

forbealdnet f. «fieAMi»<y, NC288. torbyrdan (i)totor<ien,£PP894*. [heard] 

torbeard very hard. Ma 156. forleldan to put off, delay, CP. 

forbeardlan to grow hard, LVPsSO*. forlernan' to run before, ouJtrun, Jn20^ 

forbtewan^ to hew in pieces, cut down, kiU, (fore- JnL). V forerun*'] 

Ma. [^forhsw*] fortnOoe thoroughly, exceedingly. Bo 94*. 

forbafedne8=forluBfediieB fdrinweardUoe thoroughly, genuinely. Bo 

torbegan (KQl) = f orhogian 137". 

torbelan* to cover over, conceal, hide, protect, forliean't to mislead, seduce, deceive, betray. 

JB,Bo;CP. eaane {. conceal a guUty man. torlAdan to mislead, seduce, M,AO,CP : 

Iforhele*]' bring out (-fortS-), £. [Oer. verleiten] 

f or-bellan 7 -helUan to hide, OEQ 5410n. forlftran to teach wrongly, lead astray, seduce, 

forbergend m. mva^er, Gl. pervert. An; M. [Torlere*] 

tor-berglan» -herigean, -heregian to plunder, forlAtan^ (o lei go, relinquish, surrender, lose, 

harry, ravage, Snastate, destroy, AO,CP. leave, abandon, neglect, An,Bl;M,CF : re- 

[Oer. Terheeren] mit, pardon, excuse : loose, release : let, 

for-bergtuig» -her(g)iang f. harassing, devas' permit, allow, BH : grant, give, up, in f. 

tation, A074'*. to direct upwards, within. an(n)e i. =an- 

f orblogan = f orhyogan f orlAtan. [*forlet '] 

torblaiiaii to cast down, defeat, humiliate, lor-lAt«nnes(iS:), -Ifitnee, -letin^f. {eam'fiy, 

humble, outrage, oppress, waste, AG. [Oer. departure, absence : loss, perdition : inter- 

yerhdhn^] mission, cessation, end : remission. 

forbigan =f orhyogan torlAtlng f. intermission. 

for-boged-, -hogd- = f orhogod- f orlegenes = f orlesnes 

torbog^n to neglect, disregard, despise, BH; torlegenlio meanJooking, ugly. 

M,CP. forl6gere=forligere ^ 

forboglend m. despiser. for-lagis, -leges f. prostitute, adulteress, CP. 

forbogodllo contemptuous, Bl77^. adv. for-legls-, -legor-=forl]ger- 

-Bce. forlegnes f . fornication. 

lorbogodnM f. contempt. torltogan* to lie, perjure oneself, slander, M. 

torboguog f. contempt, BPs,CM. lorltoran (EPs 143^^) =fore]eoran 

forbobnes = f orhogodnes f orleornung f . deception, Bl 1 83*^. 

torbradlan to hasten before, prevent, antiei- forleorte redupl. piet. eg. of forl^tan. 

paU, frustrate, M,CB. forltoean* to lose, abandon, let go, B ; M,AO, 

forbrave very speed ily, qu ickly, soon, M. GP : destroy, ruin, Oen. f orloren ruined. 

torbrired annulled, WW. [forlese '] 

twhi afraid, Hmid, cowardly, AO,CP: fright- forl«t-=rfor]At- 

ful, terrible, adv. forbte despairingly. forlettan (fore-) to prevent, MkLlO^*. 

toirhtlaifainthecarted, timorous. forllegan' to commit adultery or fornication, 

±lcirbttan (tr. and intr.) to be afraid, sur- AG; GP :fail, lapse, LL178[7] : screen (a 

prised, fear, dread, M. thief), LL274[12]. [^forlie*] pp. forlegen 

forbtlendllo timorous, WW 442*. used aa sb. ttdulierer, fornicator. 

forbttge humMy, submissively, BB70*. forllogend m. fornicator. 

torbtlgeiid timid, W : dreadful, W. forttden pp. of forllSan. 

aH. 8 




torlldtniiat ^ forlitSennes 

torltgui = f orliogan 

lor-UgenM, -ligneB^forlogneB 

lorUffer I. n. aduUery, fomieaiion, wanton- 

nes8, immoralUy, M. II. m. whoremonger, 

adiiUerer, M : fomioairessf III. adj. 


fOrUgcrbed n. bed offomieation, 
forllf ere =forliger X. 
forilgeren adi.lomieaiing, 0EG8***. 
foirllgerhfis n. house ofiUfame^ OEO. 
forllgerlle unchatiU, impure, OEG. 
forUgerwU (-ego) n. proHUute, MH140". 
forUggang m. house of iH-famef fomkaHonf 

forUgrlan to commit JomicaHon, EBSP872'*. 
torilr = f orliger II. 
ioiilVan^ to suffer shipwreck, 
forttVennee f . shipwreck, OEG. 
tor-long, -longe adv. long ago, NG. 
forlor m. loss, destruction, AO,GP. tO for- 

lore geddn to destroy, CP. 
torlorenee f. state of being forlorn, perdition, 

destruction, VPs. [*forlomness*] 
tor-lorian, -loeian to lose, NG. 
forlustnce very wiUirtgly, Bo 51^. 
torlytel very little. Bo. 
form = feorm ; form- (NG) = fnim- 
forma (eo) first, earliest. Bo ; CP. [* forme *] 

on f orman at first, 
for-mAl, -m&] f ? n? negotiation, agreement, 

treaty, LL. [mel II.] 
formArnes =forein£nie8 
formanig very many. 

formelle f. bench, ANS849. [L. formella] 
formeltan* (y ) to melt away, dissolve, liquefy, 

bum up, AO ; M. [* /brmeft '] 
formesta=f7nneeta wk. saperL of forma. 
fdrmete m. food for a journey. 
formicel (j*) very great, LL302[20»2]. 
formogod corrupied, JEL23"K 
formolsnlan to rot away, crumble, decay, M. 
formolsnung f. corruption, OEG 1251. 
formyoel = formicel ; tormyltan = formeltan 
tcumyrVrlan to murder, LL,W. 

torn =foran 

torn f ? m? trout, WWISO*. 

fornSman to be worn out, affiieted {with 

grief), GD246*. 

forne=foran adv.; forne f. =fom 
tornfiah very nearly, teetl-nigh, almost, about, 

for-nten (JE), -neh, -n6on=fom§ah 
FornMes tolm a plant, Lcd (v. BT). 
forn09an to expose to danger, sacrifice, AO 

fornlman^ to take away, deprive of, plunder, 

waste, devastate, destroy, consume, B,Lcd; 

^,A0 : anntU : disfigure : overcome. 

fornfdan to coerce, compel, W168>*. 
fornyman =fomiman 
tornyrwan to oppress, ANS 128*67. 

fornytllo very useful, GD174*. 

torod broken down, worn out, useless, void, 

abortive, M,AO,CV. 
f orott very often. 
forpAran to turn away, lose, spoil, pervert, 

destroy, M,CF. 

forpyndant to do away, remove. 
tdrraeu f. itinerary, OjBG7^'^. 
f orradlan = f orhradian 
forrAdan to plot against, betray, W : con- 
demn : injure. [Vforreie'] 
forraVe very soon, M. 
forrepen taken, JnL p6*. 
torrldan^ to intercept by riding before, Cbb 

forrldei m. fore-rider, forerunner, messenger, 

M. [7orTuW] 
torrotednes (a*, o*) i. cormpi maUsr, rotten- 
ness, J&. 
forrotlaa to roi away, decay, CP,WW;M. 

forrynel sforerynel 
torsaean* to object to, r^ect, oppose, deny, 

refuse, AO,Cp,LL : give up, renounce, AO^ 

CP. ['forsake'^ 
fonaoennes f. denieu, A 11-386***. 
fonaoung f. denial, NC288. 
forsAcan =for8dcan 
forsAtlan to lay wail for, besel, surround, 

foriAinian(e) o hedge in, beset, EBPs21l^ 
forssBweitre =forBewestre 
fonawen =for8ewen 
torse m. *frog,* jS (frox); Gl. 
toracAd- =for8odad- 

torsessnoednei (LPs40^*)=foTecrenoedne6 
torBcamlan to be ashamed (impers. w. a.)» 

CP. I'forshame*] 
toreeamung f. modisty, GPH390. 
toraeapung (AO)=forB06apang 
tonotedan^ to scatter, disperse, CP : damn, 

condemnr Gi7449 (GK). 
forsoeamfan =for8camian 
torsoeap n. evU deed? GSN898. 
tonceapung f . misdeed, crime, fauU. 
torsciaw- = f oreaoeaw • 
forsoending f. confusion, LkR21**. 
torseeortan' to gnaw off, bite, eat up, AO 

forsoiotan =fore8cSotan 
tonoeppan = f orroieppan 
forsoeta waterfall, OET575; MF434. 
torscleppan* to change, transform, Oen. 

torsolp n. ^foreship,* prow, WW. 
forsoranoan =for«orenoan 
torscrenoan to supplant, overcome, vanquish, 

east down, M : dry up, OEG4926. 
torsereneednes (scnnc-) f. suppkLnHng, 

deceit, LP840i*. 
torserenoend m. suppUxnter, M. 
torsorltan^ to decree, Gl : proscribe, eon" 

demn, doom, M : (f) bewittk, cast under a 





fonerlBcan* (iatr.) to akrink, dry «p» wUhet 

awajff JB. ['/orMrtnJb*] 
toneOftin* to ea$i down {pnd€\ Ex 204. 
C ori c y l d lg lm io condemn, for-sojldigod, 

-floyldegod guiUy, IR, 
foneyppftn =sfoncieppan 
foneyrian io separaU, MHF159. 
fon^tUB to asdvde, prevent, obviate, M, 

fonterlan to eear, dry up, wither, M,CP. 
fonMrarenneB ssforsewennes 
fontean I. to afflict, II. = loraScan. 
IMriMgaB to accuse faUdy, slander, accuse, 

M : io speak aboiU, discourse on, 
fdneffenes f. contempt, VP8l22^. 
tonigoii sfon&won pret. pL of fon^on. 
fonellMi to seU, NC289. 
tonendAii to send away, banish, send to 

destruction, AO. 
fonten* to overlook, negUd, scorn, despise, 

r^ect, renounce, Bl;M,AO,CP : refrain 

from. [*forsee'] 
tonioiiM f. care, BH84*. 
fOnfoVan* to wiiher, consume, M, 
tonMaii (AS10«7)=fontemn 
fortitnlan =fonAtxuan 
f onettan I. to hedge in, obstruct, BH, Vfor- 

set*] II. s foreeettan 
fonettadnes ^foresetnet 

of poor appearance, adv. -lice, M, 
tonaweiinM f. contempt, M,AO. 
foraawMtro (»*) f. female despiser, OEQ 

fonliiglaii = f onyngian 
fonlttan' to neglect, delay, LL : block, ob- 
struct, besiege, AO : injure : abserU oneself 

(from). Vforsit*] 
forsman to perish, B1660. 
for-flftwaii, -sl&wian to be slow, unwilling, 

delay, put off. Bo ; CP. Vforslow*] 
lonlfeB* to cut ihrough, strike, break, kiU, 

destroy, AO. 

tonlegenllo mean, i gnomi nious («forl^-T). 
fonllet m. slaughter, WW28». [slieht] 
fonntan to consume, devour, PPs77^. 
lomnorlaii to smother, suffocate, choke, sl^e, 


fonorglan to despond, W69>". 
fondS indeed, verily. Bo. [*forsooty] 
totwpibo = foresprAo 
forqwiian* to mislead, lead astray, seduce, 

entice, JB;CP. [^forspan*] 
tonpanlng f . aUuremeni, OEG. 
fonpeoa ^forespreoa 
for^ecan* to speak in vain : deny, 
fofipMlaii to speed, prosper. 
fonpendan to spend, give out, squander, con- 
sume, AO, [*forspe7ul*] 
fonpannen (OEG612)=forBpeimuig 
tonpannend m. procurer, JEGndO^y 
fonpenn-eiide, -endlio seductive, votuptuous, 

defiling, OEQ. 

tonpaiiiMftra f. procuress, MQb.W^. 
fcwannlnc f. enHeemeni, seduction, evU 

attraction, ■^c. 

fonplM m. destruction, CP294». 
for;«pUdaB (CP) -■pillan (AO) to wasU, lose, 

disperse, bring to noting, destroy, ruin, kilL 

fonpilladnM f. waste, destruction, perditwn, 

fonpreo-sforeflpreo-; fonpyll-sfonpill- 
tonpyrean to dry up, PPb 101'. 
font (frost) m. ^frost,* Phjtd. [frSosan] 
fontnppan sforesteppan 
fontal (LL) :=foraiteall 
fontallan (refl.) io steal away, LL. 
fbrstandair to defend, help, protect, LL : 

withetand, prevent, hinder, resist, oppose. 

Met : benefit, avail, CP : underslana. Bo; 

CP : signify, be equal to, EC,LL. ['forstand '] 
fantoaU =foreiteaH 
fOntalaii^ to steal away, steal, rob, deprive, 

MtBJLL',&. r/orsteal'] 
tenttg 'firosty,* BH(y); M. 
fonttle glacial, frozen, WWITS^. 
fKinlopplan to stop up, dose, LoD 16b. 
fontrang very strong, Rd51^ 
tontrogdnM f. *precipitalio,* NC289. 

lontyltan to be amazed, BfkLR. 

fontyntan to blunt, break, crush, WW 375*. 
fdntkean*, fonugan* to suck out, empty. 
for-sugtan (^,A0), -Buwian (/t) == for- 


tonuwuDg 1 silence, OEO2085. 
fonwAlan to bum, bum up, inflame, con- 
sume, M. VforsweaV] 
fonw80« (DHy38^<)=fdtew»« 
tonwipan't io sweep away, drive off, 
tonwarung f. perjury, NO 289. 
fanwaflaii *prosperare,* EPslH**. 
fonwelan* to bwn, bum up. 
f ofiwalgan* to swallow up, devour, consume, 

absorb, B ; M,CP. [*forswallow '] 
fonwaltan' to die, 
tonwaoglaii ^forawinan 
f orsweolgan = f orswelffan 
tonweorean* to grow dark, obscure, 
fonweorfaii* to polish, cleanse : grind away, 


fonweotole very clearly, £818*333; 43* 162. 
fonwerian* (refl. and intr.) to swear falsely, 

MJjL : renounce on oath, B, [* forswear*] 
tonwlgtan to conceal by silence, suppress, 

pass over, M,CB : be silent, 
fonwttani to impair, TC584*. 
tonwfS very great, €^kat26. 
fonwlVan, forswIISian to crush, press upon, 

overcome, repress, CP. 
tonwlVe adv. very much, utterly. Bo. 
forsworeenllo dark, obscure, Dfiy24. 
f orBWoroannM f . darkening, darkness, M,W. 
fonworaii fop. of forswerian) "" forsworn,* 

perjured, M,Chr. 

tonworenn9»tperjury,M. l^forswomness^} 
tor-awuglan (CP), -Bygiansfonwigian 


foufngtaB (i) to $in gnaUff. ['/otmh*] forSbyldtnf f. emboldening, eneotiiragemetUp 

forayngod m. einner, LL. Chb099b. 

tortioen = f oxetaon f orSolyplan to eaU forth, [^forthdepe *] 

fortendan to bum away, eauterite, sear, AO f oHSeimiaii* to eome forth, proceed, arrtve at, 

46^. succeed : come to pase, come true : be bom. 

lortioii' to mislead, seduce, Cr : draw over, tortSeyme m. coming forth, birth, JB. [*forth» 

cover, obscure, [*foretee*] come*] 

fortfht- = f ortyht- torSefVaii to announu, declare, CVPs 1 18". 

for-tlmbnui, -timbrmn to close up, obstruct, foiKddn to put forth, BH, [*farMo*] 
fortogenai I. griping, spasm, Lod 89a. f orVawle very much, greatly, M. 

fortredan* to tread doion, trample on, JB\ for86arlIee(iMoltctely,eiiltreZy, RBll^. 

CP. ['fortread'\ toi«6lcUn (KOL)=fQr67ld(ff)ian 

lortredlng f. treading down, crushing, 8o96". foiKenoaii (») to mistrust, despise, despair, 
foitr«iidan to block (by rolling a stone), t. Ps. pp. foroOht despaired of; as sb. poor 

0EG114. wretch, M I r^lea,imjlZ8^. ['forthink'] 

tortrOgadnaf, fortruwednoB sfortruwodnes forVtofan to steal. 
fortrQwlan to be presumptuous, over-con- tofVioii L(By^'') to mrpoM, excel, BB 131^. 

fident, rash, CP. II. to crush, oppress. Rood 54. 

foitrOwodnes f . presumption, CP. foiKiottrlaii (ie) to darken, LPs 104". 

fnrtrOwung f. presumption. Bo 9'. foiVtoder m. * forefather,* ancestor, JB. 

toirtrynuDMn to testify, confirm, JHQ, loriKaran* to depart, die, Bo,Chr;M. 

fortyhtan to seduce, 1^208. [^forthfare*] 

fortyhtlgeiid m. polluter, defUer, OEQ3337. ±forVf«raii to depart, die, M, 
fortyDan to seduce, Gb270. foitf-firednw, -ffiringf. death, 

foitymlirlaii =:fortimbran forMdwan to flow, BH418*^ 

fof^nan to shut in, enclose, block up, CP. foilSfolglaii to follow, CM 1062. 
tofoady. * forth,* forwards, onwards, further, toMlk I. f. departure, death, BH, \^ forth- 

A,B,BH,Ct : hence, thence : away, JB : (time) fore *] II. piet. 3 sg. of f orSf aran. 

continually, still, continuously, henceforth, fortttorUfttan— f . licence. Bo 12*. 

thenceforward, B,Sp : simultaneously, t UuMmaiMn to grow to maturity, WW466*** 

mid ealle forthwiih. I. on continually. foitKromung f . departure, CSVPs 104" 

iram orde oV ende f . from the beginning to foilftjfligan to foltow, fall out, happen, CM 

the end. i. tSmt untH. 1109. 

foil^ (N)=faitS-; torSa=for6fim foi^Kiii anT., pret 3 eg. -Sode to go forth, 

foitUUd^n to call forth, BH444". advance, proceed, passby, go away, go on, 

torlttiHlgton to bring to nothing, blot out, precede, succeed, Chr,Mk, [VoftAyo*] 

MFH160. foiUkaiif m. going forth, progress, advance, 

loiltAm, fortSam, forCan (CP), forVon (AO, success : privy, drain : purging, evacuation^ 

CP) I. oonj. for {the reason) that, owing to JELie^. 

(the fact) that, for, because, on that account, foi1^iigaii'*lo go forth. Ma, [^forihgang*] 

therefore, seeing that, for C£m 8e, eto. toH^ao^iaii to caU forth, REPsdT^ : 

with Bame aignifioation. II. adv. for that exhort, BH54". 

cause, consequently, therefore, foilXgecliplan (y) to call forth, provoke. So* 

fwVigotaii poured forth, ^L23b*". EPs. 

forSahttng (— eaht-) f. exhortation. fonK^eltoansforSfaran 

toilfaneful very thankful, ES 18*336 ; 43*162. foiKir*' Ami =forVferan 
forV&tten' to bring forth, produce, M, pp. foiKffelAstan=fortnfi8taii 

fortSatogen. foiVgelang dependent, LL(280^*). 

loilttiirneii pto. elapsed, BH280'^. forQgelioraii to pass away, die. 

torKbftre productive, Gbn132. tof^e\%cfteAnmi.departure,dealh,Oii>2%2^. 

forinieouman* to come forth, f oi1fgel6elaii (BPs 101") = f ortSldoian 

torVberan* to bring forth, produce, BH*,M, toiKgenge inoreaeing, effective, successful, 

Vforthbear*] M,CP, 

foi^Mfon* to look forth, LPs 101". tot^eong = f ottSganff 

forVbl, forSbie prep, by, past, CP197". fofBgeorn eager to advance. Ma 281. 

forSMgfarande jioMer 6y, NC343. iM9g%otM,n* to pour forth, BH. [^forthyeU^] 

forSbUtatan to blow forth, burst out, WW txa^^Omed in unbroken succession, B^li, 

393". ftorl^cteaattt f. creature, created being or 

toimiiawanv to blow forth, belch forth, WW thing, world : future destiny, 

397". fori^ertraiigiaii 'confortare, ' LP868*. 

foHRwran of noble birth, foitl^es^e visible, conspicuous, Cba 1. 

torS-brengan, -bringan to bring forth, pro- torVgewttan^ to go forth, pass, proceed, go by : 

duee, Bl,Lk i bring to pass, accomplish : depart, die, forogewiten Ud, tima paei 

bring forward : adduce, quote, M, tense, .£Gb. 


foiHgewltenef f . departwre^ LPs lO i*. foittepell n. dedaraHon, Mod 47. 

tofltanrd m. fore-girdle, martingale, WW. fofVspdwnas f. proeperOif, BH 106*. 

foriOieald 6en< forward, etooping : incltnecl, forV-«tnppui» -stei^wn* to is9%e forthf prO" 

eUep, BB5>*. eeed, paee by, ML : follow, A8'333**. 

torniealdaii' to hold to, fdttow out, keep up, foHteteppIng f. advance, DHySO^*. 

observe, M. foilbyllan to give out, pay out, LL175[3]. 

foiinieold L=fortS]iealcl. II. pret. 3 9g. of forKt«g (KQL)=for9l4 

forfShealdan. forVtSon* to draw forth, brina forth. 

forSherge m. van {of an army), Ex225. Uu^Mg (e*, y*) m. veHibuk, OEG3828. 

toilftillllan to be prominent, BH322*«. torVtlhtliig f . exhortation. . ■ -^ 

torVhr toMUk* to rueh forth. So 101^'. <<"?^ = f orCtlg 

fern =foir9y forlNlagn m. chief noble, MLd!^^. 
±t<oiMuk to further, advance, Chr : carry out, foH^iim =fur6am 

accomplish, Chr. V forth*] fofSung f. furtherance, ANS 125*. 

f orBig = f or9y f oiihreard (e*) L indinedforward : advanced, 

forVliidaB* to dweU up, Lod. progressing, growing, ready : endurinff, ever» 

foittnglftiisforetSingiaD Xa9ting,conHnualipiJtwre. BAY.conHnuaUy, 

fortnAdan to Uadfwih, bring forth. Sat; M. PPs : prospectively ^ JSOr : forwards, on- 

['forthtead'] wards, W17«. Vforihward"[ IL in. looh^ 

torfnAdnes f . bringing forth, BH 76*. out man, pHotf Oxir 1436. 

forinAiteii to persevere in, accomplish. Unt^tairdea forwards, HL16*'(e). 

forVlAtoii* to send forth, emit forVwrardnes f . progress, QD 1 17*. 

f oimatnan to invite, Bl. torVwoaiaii^ to break forth, burst forth, QD. 

fMinioran to proceed, BH312*. pforthwax*] 

toMlio forward, advanced, CwblIOMj). torSwcg m. journey, departure, in (on) 

foiinillan=fort$hlifian forSwege away. 

fortnSelan to look forth. tor8wqfd>a<forCwe ard 

foimntan* to lean forward, fall down, VPs. torVwIf n. matron, WW 309*. 

f oritasAre very glorious, <>tBAT 60. f ofVwyrft tortured, mutilated, ▼. OEG 5028. 

forthnan m. man of rank. tot99 !• conj. /or that, because, therefore, Jn, 

iM^megi foremost, MtL. V forth/most'] Vforthy*] II. adv. for that, therefore, con- 

forVollan to go without, lack, Wa38. sequenUy. 

tor1f-on(if£r)=fiirt$am; for-Von=:fortSfim for-Vyldlan. -6yld(i)gian, -t$yl(de)gian to 

tor0oneol=fore9anoul; tcnKorsforCor bear, support, endure, wait patienUy, M. 

forSrAoan (tr.) to push out, protrude, JEL forQytanan fto shut in, enclose, envelop, 

25*". ob^iure, cover over, overwhelm : suffocate^ 

forffrAsan to rush forth, rise up : Jut out, pro- consume. 

fmie, RP872^ [rfiaan] tot^ygpt^n to make manifeH, CVPs. 

fofVrAstan (9) to cru^, afflict, oppress, VPs. fofSyrnan* to run before, precede : continue, 

Cprthrast*] M. 

foifcAftednM (6) f. tribulation. torSyrrian to dry up, Lop 82b. 

forSret- =for9ry8- foiHynned obscured, WW 246*. 

foi1frieeednM=for9ryooedne8 forS^e=:forSf ; fomd^forod 

toiltrltate adv. straightway, at once : «n- for-Qtan, -flton adv. ; prep. w. d. except, 

mistakably, plainly. without, Chrll22. ['forout*] 

toiKrtngan to rescue from, defend against, torwaarnan = f orw icman 

B1084 : elbow outf disjdacef RB115\ fonrarnlan (WW442*)=forweomian 

foilhyeean to press, sgueeu, crush, oppress, torwana m. abundance? GP465*. 

suppress. forwandlan to hesitate, be reluctant, CP : be 

forViyoeednes (i) f. pressure, oppression. ashamed. 

forVryones f. extortion, oppression, tributa- forwandung f. shame, SP868*. 

tion, LL;MFH150 (fore-)* forwai1S=forwear9pret.3sg.offorweor6an. 

forSryne m. onward course, Gxh215. forwaard I. (NO) beginning, front : heading, 

for^tfrynnan, -Grysmian to choke, suffocate, title, chapter. II. adr. continually, always, 

strangle. [Vrosm] Gbn788. [?=fortJweard; or foreweard, 

foritoeaoan* to pass away, BPs 143*. JGPh 12-257] 

l oftfae enoan to pour forth, give to drink, forweardmeroung f. heading, JnL p3^. 

WW464*. forweazan' to progress, arow too much, be- 

tmcVeeypem. progress, BE92^^iv). come overgrown, CP ; AO. [*forwa»*] 

foribetennasf. 'propo«t<to,*MtB12*. torw^ddod pledged, [wedd] 

forWV m. going forth, decease, Chr; M,C1?. forwagan* to kiU, BiA228. 

[*prthsithe*] forwel adv. very, very well, M. 

fonfetnan to depart, die, M. torwened insolent, [wenian] 

foitfiinoter (tt)t very wise. El. tOTW%neA'suspectus,^Bl>S90'l2^. [w6nan] 


foiw«ii«dn« f. inaolenee, AN879-89. torwynuui (M)=iorwiemMik 

forw«ir«iissforworan torwyrnednes t restraint, nif -denial, etm- 

forwooriian=forwienian Unenee, BH160". 

fofweomiaii to dry up, yntker,fad€, ffrow M, lorwyrpnef f. oagting out, LPg21*. 

roi, decay, M. toryld = f oreald ; f oryldan = lorieldaii 

lorwaoipaB' to throw, cast out, cael down, forynnan to reduce to poverty, bring low, 

drive off, reject, throw away, eg^nder, B, BH,W. [earm] 

[^fortDerpe*'\ loster^ m. epade. [L, fossorium] 

forwaorpnef f . migraiion, MtL V^. f teter^B^dstor 

tmwenAmMi*(j) to perish, paee away, vanish, fMor n. sudenanoe, maintenance, food, 

Mt;AO,CPjR. f. on mdde be grieved, nouriekmsni, Lcd;M. ['foster'] 

l/onoorth '] taftorbaarii n. fosUr -child. 

forweorSeBMsfonrordenee I6ftorbr6iVor m. *foeter-brother,* WW. 

torweoHKiiQio exeeUeni, B066". ttetoroUd (e') n. foeter-ehUd, ML. 

forweofnlaii =fQrwisiiian fottortoder m. ^foster-father, ' MH. 

forwereftiia«forwyro«n; fi>rw«nl»foreweard fastorlABd n. land granted for the support of 

forwered=forwerod the recipients, Ct ['fosterland*] 

forwtrednes f. M age, 8P870^^ IMorlfon n. payment for mainUnance, LL 

forweren (WW217») =iorwoTen 442[2] ; Mxk 162. 

forwereiin6s(RP87(]^)=forweredne8 tMorltng m. foster-child, nursling, WW. 

lorwernadnea continently, W284*. [for- ['fosUrling*] 

wienian] ttetonnann m. bondsman, security. 

forwtrod worn out, very eld, M. [weriAii] fdstormddor f. 'foster-moAer,^ Ma. 

tarwtiDg t destroying. ttetomM m. pasture, sustenance, EPs22'. 

forwett =:f orewost tdstonweotlor f. foster-sister. 

forwlarnan (e, eo, i, y) to hinder, prohibit, ttetraV (e*) m. food : mannek. 

prevent, repel, refuse, repudiate, deny, imCA- ttetrian to * foster,* nourish, 8c{^). 

hold, oppose, AO,B{y) ; CP. Oglting m. disciple, NG. 

lor-wlrd, - wim- = f or- wyrd, • wiem- f tetiir = f dstor 

forwiBiilan (eo) to wither away, dry up, fdt m. ds. fSt, f5te» nap. fet, fdtaa foot {as 

decay, roL UtiA and as moamre), BJiL,NO ; M,AO, 

terwltan = f orewitan CP. 

forwltolBMl. intelligence, diligence, [^fore-] fdtidl In. gout in thefeeL 

torwl«iioail to fill with pride, puff up, CP. fotidUf having gout tn the fee t. 

[*forwlench *] tttbrad n. foot-board, stirrup, WW 107<. 

torwoffd I. n. iota, MtL6». II.=foreweard fdtelAtf m. *eommisswra'r MtL9^. 

forwordenet f. destruction, failure. ±f6toopiian, +fotcyp6an to fetter, Pss. 

forwordenUe perishable, W263". f6t-oosp, -oops m. foot-fetter, M. 

forworen (pp. of Morweoean) decrepit, de^ tdtocuVu f. gout in (he feet, OEG. 

cayed, OEG 2 109. tdteee m. gout in the feet, Lcd. 

forworhta =forwyrhta fdter n. darnel, tares, MtL 1 3*^. 

forwraenad banished, RB 82*. t6tf etar f . fetter for the feet, WW 1 10*. 

forwreean* to drive forth, carry away : expel, fdtgangende govsg on foot, OEG 6254. 

banish. f6tgemearc n. foot-measurement, space of a 

forwrCgan to accuse, calumniate, Chr. foot, B3043. 

Vforwray '] tbigemei n. foot-fetter, EPs 104". 

torwrten^ to cover over, LkR 23^. tdtgtwAde f n 7 covering for the feet, RB 88^^. 

forwiftan^ to cut in two, B2706. +fdtlan to hasten up, MkL 15**. 

forwifSan^ to bind up, Lcd 122a. f6t-list (M), ASbet mf . footprint, spoor. 

torwundlan to wound, Chr. [^forwound*] fdUle on foot, pedestrian. 

fonmndortte very wonderful, GD. adv. tditaMl n. foot-measure. 

-Boe. fotmAlum adv. step by step, by degrees, 

forwurSan - f orweortJan CM 883. 

forwyroan (e) to do wrong, sin, M,CP. for- tdtri^ m. the loose part of the sheet by which 

worht mann criminal, CP : ruin, undo, a sail is trimmed to the wind, * propes,* WW 

destroy, Cr;JE,AO,CP : condemn, convict, 167^'. 

owse : forfeit : barricade, obstruct, dose up. fdtsOMinol (e", e*, a*) m. footstool, M. 

ftirwyrd fn. deMrudion, ruin, fall, death, t6iac9uncnm.foreleg, Lcd l'3Q2. {y.'shank^l 

M,CP. [f orweorVan] f dtietl n. footstool, Chb 1063c. 

forwyrdan to perish, Ain>B. tdlild reaching to the feet, NC289. 

forwyrdendllc perishtible. f dtspor n. footprints, spoor, Lcd. 

torwyrlit n. misdeed, MF 100. f5tspiire n. foot-rest, foot-support, Chb 1070x. 

iorwyrhta m. agent, deputy : evil-doer, male- fdtttin m. base, pedestal, A. 

factor, ruined person, [fore-] Idtitapol m. footstep, LPs 17**. 


f6tfW8BV n. (nap. -swatSu), fdUiwaf$a f. foci- trappings, armour : m. adomer, Cb556. 

prifU, footstep : foot, M, [+t&we] 

fdtowlle (y) m. swMing of iht foot^ lcp . fmtwsBdiiM ^fnetwednes 

f6tw8Bro n. joatn in the foot, gout, LoD. AO : clothe, cover over, CP83^^. 

fdt-welm, -wylin,-wolmam. M>Ieo/<A« /oof, fraDt-wednes, -wodneB f. adorning, decora' 

M. tion, ornament. 

fdV ind. pros. pL of fdn. firaBtwlan v. fnetwan. 

tW-or (-er, -or) n. load, earOoadi, Chr : food, CnBtwung f. adorning, decoration, omamentf 

fodder : covering, case, basket, [* father*] M, 

fdVom m. lancet, Lod 19b. trairendllo =fr>ini8f»nd1io 

Idwor =f6ower H-Mgian to learn Oy inquiry, MtL2^. 

fox m. *fox,* Lk,VPs. fram (o) I. prep. w. d. (inatr.) (local) *from,* 

fozasclitef. friinlodl;, LoD54a. by, ^,Bl,Chr : (temporal) sifice. A, Ma : 

fozescnte f. foxglove? greater burdockf WW (agent) by, Bl : as a result of, Mt : (with 

136n1. verbs ol laying and hearing) of, about, con- 

loxtgfdt m.foX'foot, ^ iphion . Lop. ceming, f. gan to depart, eomps. ▼. 

fozeagldfol/oo^feve, WW296*'^. fram-, from-. II. adv. from, forth, out, 

fozhyll TSi.foX'hiU. away. III. adj. (eo) strenuous, active, bold, 

fozung f . foxlihe wiU, crafliness, ML 16^*'. strong. [Qer. fromm] 

flnt=fram; fraeed, fraoeo, fracod>=^fracotS franiioyrran=framcyrTan (in this and the 

fraeo<S I. adj. vile, bad, wicked, criminal, following words fram- may often be taken 

impious, filthy, abominable, BH : useless, as a separate preposition). 

worthless, ['fraced*] II. n. insult, con- tnixaMneaiY.toiakefrom,doaufay,cutofff 

tumely, disgrace : wickedness. cut out. 

fraeothUM (-od) f. misdeed, W 188^>. framidr^n^ to drive away, expeL 

fraeoVe adv. contemptuously, ehamefuUy. framfthyldan to turn from, Lod. 

llraeoinie base, ignominious, sham^ul, Uwd, tramftnf dan to drive away. 

M,CP. adv. -lice, CP. tramisMsean* to shake off. 

fIraooV-ltenes, -nes {M) t vileness, coarse- tramistyrlan to remove, RP865**. 

ness, obscenity. tnisAi^n* to draw aunyfrom. 

tneo^fitetpe (-od) scandalous conduct, BB ftramAtsran* *diripere,* .£Gb168^. 

141*. fram&wendan to turn from or away. 

fraooSword n. insuUitui word, GD 152*. fram&weorpan* to east atoay, MXjIK. 

fraoud, fraout$^s4fraooD ; frA- =frea- framMge m. apostasy, W49". 

frflBei»4frec ; fr»o-=freo- (v. £S 39*327 ff. as trambrlngan* to take etway, Lod. 

to these four forms). frameeorfan* to cut off. 

fraeeful greedy, OBG2445^ trameyme (o) m. issue, posterity, Gmr 1765. 

frsBemise (e) f. titmouse, WW. framoynn (o) n. issue, posterity : origin. 

trAeOS (GL)=fracotS franM^rrran (e) to turn from, avert : take 

frsBfel n? cunning, Gl. from. 

tnetelB bold, insolent, cunning. [Ger.frevel] framddn anv. to put off, stop, interrupif 

tnsfellan to be cunning, Gl. So 131*. 

frsDfelllee shamelessly, AO(e) : tututefy. tramfsBreid m? n? departure, M, 

frsstelnes f . sharpness, shrewdness, OEG. Iramfaru (o) f . eaeeess, DR 17*. 

-l-ft]ftge (e) Lf n. hearsay, report, knowledge, tramfundung f. departure. 

mine +f . as I have heard say. II. adj . weU- tramgewltan^ to apostatize. So 83*. 

known, celebrated, reputable, CP : notorious, tramlan to avail, benefit, BB. 

disreputable, [fricgan] tramlernlng (o^, e*) f. outflowing, I)B8^. 

Ira^gn I. pret. 3 s^. of frignan. II. fregen II. framlgendllo effective. 

frsBgnlng f. questioning. tramlAd f. departure. Gen 2098 (o). 

frssm- = frem- framlioe turned from, GPH 401 . 

frftmioel pre-eminent, WW 530'*. framllo strong, adv. -lice bcildty, strongly, 

fr8Bng=fnBgn strenuously, quickly. 

±tr»pglan (NG) to accuse : reverence. framloclan (o^) to look back, CP403*. 

frAt Lf perverse, proud, obstinate. II. pret. tramnes (o^) f. vigour. Nab 7**. 

3 sg. of fretan. tramsolpe I. m. exercise, action. II. m. 

tnstegung (^)=fmtwang ' fraternity. 

frotew-, fnetew- = frsetw- tramsetnung f . foundation, JnB 17*^. 

frestgenga m. apostasy, Gl. framslV (o) m. departure. 

frAtig perverse, proud, Jul2 84. framsNtnes f. desolation, NG(o). 

frsBtlSBppam. (2eu;-2ap, WW179*. t ramsw engan to snnng away, shake off, 

frAton pres. pi. of fretan. WW 524**. 
tmtwa, frsBtwe fp. treasures, ornaments, framung=fremiing 




fnmwawd (o) about to depart, doomed to die, 

BoJSeaf; CP : enierpriiingf l*fromward*'\ 
framwMrdM (o) adv. away from. Lea* 

fMUi pret. 3 ag. of frinan. 
franoa m. lance, favelin, M, 
±frlalaii to a$k, in^ire, find out by inqtwry : 

trisanf f . queetioning, temptaHion, 
fratwlan = tratwian 
frtof I* m. gs. frSan rvlet, lard, king, master : 

the Lord, Chriet, God : huebanL [CMh. 

fraaja] IL (VPs)=fT«o L 
frfe- intenaitive prefix (»L. per-). 
trtabeoriit glorioue. 
frfebaorhtiaii (£) to proekum, CP841*. 
trMNMUan to prodaim, declare, LPs 118^*'. 
trfedrtaian to exuU, LPs. 
frtadrihUiit m. lord, master, 
frtefeett (A^) very fat, WW632M. 
friagltaw very wise. Bah 88. 
frtetarsBd (A^, -hneV) very quick, Ql. 

trUxoAr^j very celebrated. 

friamlcol (A^) pre-eminent, WW 630". 
fr«aiiiUit great strength, RP842>. 
freamsum = fremBom 


friaofestUce (&) very quickly, WWSdO". 

frtareecere m. prince, IJRPbIIS^K 

frtas pret. 3 sg. of fr^osan. 


firtotorht very bright, radiant. 

frSaVanotan to exult, BPs52^ 

friawlnef ni. lord arid friend, 

f^iawUtig very beautiful, NC290. 

frfewrtsn f. splendid chain, B 1451. 


fireo {», i) greedy, MtL{i); M : eager, bold, 

daring. Met : dangerous (y. ES39*327fiF.). 

freeaf m. unrrior, hero. 
trtoed-=frSeen-; fr4oeInM=fr$ceimee 
trteelsod exposed to danger, WW465». 
trCcen n. gs. frdonea danger, peril. 
firteendlio, frecenlio (GP) dangerous, mis- 
chievous, perilous, terrible, adv. -lice, AO. 
f^ieennes f. harm^ danger, CP. 
f^eceo 'lucor*f 'lurcor'f Ch)1240 (▼. ES 

39-336; 42*168). 
freeful (ae) greedy, OEG2445. 
treellee greedily, GI)3P. 
freoinis0=fr8Bomaae; fr6oii-=freoen- 
frtene (fi) hdangerou8,perilous,CP : terrible : 

savage, wicked : daring, bold. [y. E8 

39-328 f.] II. ady. dangerously : fiercely, 

severely : boldly, audaciously. 
frecnes f. greediness. 
trtenes =fr€oenne8 
+freoiilan to make bold. Da 184 : endanger, 

imperil, ^L30-436. 
freewftsend m. gluttony, A 6* 100. 
-\-ttidtLn to fed, perceive, ^,Bo,CP. Vfrede*; 

+frMeiid]to perceptible, MGu^*. 

+frUiiiAluiii littU by KtOe, OEG3245. 

+trMii<8 L feeUng, perception. Bo. 

-f-fk^idra mart acuU, GP123". 

tret allee = fr»feUI6e 

fritarnai f. consolaiion. 

±frilraii to cheer, contort, console, BH; CP. 

friCrend (ie*) mf. eon^orter, consoler : the 

Comforter {Holy Ghost), Bl. 
fritrlan (Jn; ^)=fr«fran 
frttrung f. consolation, GavST**. 
4-trige = +frftge 
fregan, fregn I. sfriBgn prei.3 sg. of fzignan* 

II. n. qu^Uon, Ak256. 
fragnan ssfrignan 
tragnVaarle enquiringly, M'L2P^. 
f^egnung f. questioning, MkLp4". 
fraht nT *auspieium,* !DR97^. 
tremde/oret^, alien, strange, LL; AO,CP : 

unfriendly, Sol (-ede) : estranged from, 

devoid of, remote from. [*fremd*] 
d:f^enidlan to estrange, RB : curse, BIkLR 

(y. A16127). 
frema Lf vigorous, flourishing, B,Gen. 

Vfrim*; fram] II. = frema 
tremade =fremde 
tramadlAoan to alienate, RP957*. 
±f^emadnes f. accomplishment, fulfilment, 

effect, St. 
fremful useful, profitable, ben^ial. Led. 

[*fremiful*\ ady. -lice efficaciously. 
f^smfulnes f. utUiiy, profit, RB83». 
^trsmlaii, fremman to further, advance, 

support, An,B : frame, make, do, perpe- 
trate, commit, afford, B,Gen;CP : (w. d.) 

avail, benefit, do good, jB,Mt. ['/reme'] 
tramlio (eo, o) profitable, BH30". 
^trenmiliig f. purpose, effect, performance, 

progress, &. 
franmes = fremednes 
fremBum beneficent, benign, kind, gracious, 

fremsiimllo benignant, kind, GD280. ady. 

-Hoe; CP. 
fremsumnes f. benefit, benignity, kindness, 

framV- (NG)=fremd- 
-f-tramtnan to curse, BfkL14'^ 
framinio ^firintflio 
f^emu f. advantage, gain, benefit, Bo,Sp, 

Lcd;CP. Vfreme*] 
iremung (eo, o) f. advantage, profit, good. 
FYanclsc * French,* Chr. 


frendian to analhematize, WW484*i. [cp. 

freng=fr8Bgn pret. 3 sg. of frignan. 
irto I. nap. often frige *free,* BoJSx,JnR; 

CV,M : (t) glad, joyful : (t) noble, iUus- 

trious. Gen, [frSo- y. also frig-] ILf f. 

vwnan, lady. I II. m. = frSa. IV. hnperat 

of frSogan. V. ft freedom, immunity. 


triobeam n. fne-bom chUd, child of gentle frtondmyne f. amorous itUenticn, Qks 1831. 

6tf^. frSondrAden f . friendship, M : conjugal love, 

trteborh=fri«borh frtondsdpe m. * friendship,' BjA^d; AO, 

frtebrdVor m. own brother, Ex338. CP : conjugal love, 

frteburh f. cUy, B694. trioiidfpM f. abundance of friends. 

frted Lf f. peace, friendship : goodwill, tr^ondtipWg rich in friends, 

affection, IL pp. of Mogan. IlL =fr6ot frtene asm. of fr6o adj. 
trteda pret. 3 sg. of Mogan. frionoiiia=fr6oiiama 

f^fodohtor f. frteboim daughter, W 193*. tt^orlf^ freezing, froten, cold, chiUy : blanched 

frtoddm m. * freedom,' stale of free^wiU, toith fear, sad, mournful, [frSosan] 

charter, emandpaiion, deliveranee. Bo; Iriorig-f arV, -mGdt mm» Gu. 

AO,CP. frforlht n. rights of freemen, LL,W. 

fraodryhtant = frdadrihten ±frto0aii> to 'freeze, ' ^,Bl. 

frfodsolpa (ES39-340) =fr6ondBoipe? frtesoaat m. freedman, RB 138*^. 

±tr^oga,n to 'free,* tiberate, manumit, JB, triot m. freedom, LL. frSotee tSolian to be 

Chr; AO : loie, emhrace, think of lovinglg, reduced to slavery, 

honour, friotglfa m. liberator, WW. 

+ trtege =s +fr«Ke ; trtoh = f rSo frtet-gifu, -gift f . emandpiUion, WW. 

frtolio n,freewtU offeri ng, ob lation, LPs 50*^. f^fotmann m. freedman, Bk,TC,W. 
frtolAta m. freedman, WW. freoS- =:frit$- ; -frte«aii> ▼. &-f . 

±triollc free, freebom : glorious, stately, fraoVo-, freoVu- =fri9o-, fritSu- 

magnHleent, noble, B : beautiful, charming, frfiowlf (i^) n. free-woman, LIi7r73]. 

Vfreely*] adv. -lioe * freely,* readily. Bo, friowliia=£reawine; FtetansFrisan 

VPs. Fteatae (y) in the Frisian manner, Frisian, 

frMB I. mn. freedom, immunity, privilege : Chb. [Frisan] 

feast-^Uty, festival. [origL fiiheals] !!.» ±iretaii* to devour, eat, consume, CP : break, 

frSo I. Ex 147. [for, etan] 

frtelsAten m. eve of a feast, LL383[66]. fretgenga sfrntgenga 
friolsbte f. charter of freedom, CL frattan to feed upon, cons ume, [fretan] 

friobbryca (i) m. breach of festival, frattol greedy, gluttonous, WW171K 

trMaAmg m. feast-day, festtval-day, M, fretw- = frotw- 

trfolBddm =freoddm f^eiVo =fri9a ; tratSo- =frit$o>, fritSu 

frtob-and, -lend m. liberator, EPs. trI=fr6o I. ; frte=fr6a 

frtelsgefa m. emancipator, "LL 13[8]. triand (A) =frtond 

frtelagir n. year ofiuhilee, WW420". friborb (v. LL2-81) =:frit$borh 

frtelaian {±) to deliver, liberate, Bl^EPs : frlo (NG):r:fieo 

to keep a feast or holy day, celebrate, JB. frloea, friocea m. herald, crier, CP (T v. ES 

VfrcU*] 39-336). 

tt^laXic festive, feetivdl,aiLWi. ady. freely i frtogan^f to ask, inquire into, investigtUe : 

solemnly. (+) learn, find out by inquiry. [Mgnan; 

triolsiiiannm.yree<lman, KC3'296*. op. Oer. fragen] 

frtetonlht f . eve of a festival, NC 290. fdclan to dance, Mt. [*frike '] 

frfolastdw f. festival-place, LL338[38]. mblant w. g. to seek, desire, 

irSolstId t. festival, feast-day, M. Iriolo f . ap^ite, Lod 73a. 

frtolsung f. celebration of a feast. frloo f. 'uswra,* MtL25*' (y. ES39*328f.). 

fraon =fram III. ; fraom- =fram-, from- firloolo ady. eagerly, fervently, 
tr^mjBbg\ m. free-kiruman. triotruiig(OET26)=frihtrang 

frfomanii m. ^free-man, ' freebom man, Oen, trldbangeat = fritShengest ? 

LL. JErlenan = frinan = frignan 

frtenama m. surname, BH. Iff and y. frSond. 

frtend m. da. friend, nap. friend, friond, +MBnA -pi. friends, Lk{f). l*i-freond*] 
* frdondas 'friend,* relative, B,El,Oen ;A0, frIg)»4freo; fi1gan= freeman 

CP : lover. frigdng=friffedeg 

trfondbaald amiable, Lod 3- 192" . triga Lf fp. love. II. y. frSo. 

f^tondhaaldUc related, akin, WW217». frl^aa m. lord, master, LL (-fi^). 

frtondUr f. friendly counsel, B2377. trIgaAlan m. Thursday evening, M, 

frfondlatSu f . friendly invitation, B 1 1 92. frfgadsBg m. * Friday, * LL,Ma ; &, 
irtendlias 'friendless,* JnL, i. mann out- +Mg;and m. liberator, VPs. 

law, LL, £riganet=fiigneB 

trtendltast f. toarU of friends, Li;336[35]. Cri^anlht f . Thursday night, W306*«. 
tr^ndSle friendly, vM-disposed, kindly, BH, trlgeat, frigetS pres. 2, 3 sg. of fricgan. 

W. ady. -lice, CP. +fr^Slan to embrace, MkLlO". 

ttftonOMt kind to one* s friends, 'E&Z9'^40, ±frignan*, frinan ask, inquire, B,BH,Cp, 
frdondlufu f . friendship, love. Gen 1834. Ps ; AO,CP. i'frayne *] 




±lrifn6f t inierroffotion, ^[utHion. 

frlgnung f. queMi<m^ 01)137*. 

trigst, irihst pres. 2 «g. of iricgan. 

frihtere hl cuviiier, 9oothdayer. [fieht] 

trlhtiiaii to divine. ^^ 

Mhtning f. soothsaying, divination, WW. 

Miiidig=fiyindig; frfBaii=frignan 

fifnd= friend; frfo^frSo 

trfi if) crisped, curled, GhESO, 

FrlMik (e) mp. Frisians, AO. 

fflMA = fryicft 

Mstniearo (GL)=fiT8tmeftro 

Mt, friteS, fritt pree. 3 sg. of fratan. 

tM (y) mn. peace, tranquillity, securiiu, 

refuse, AO;CP,M. f. niman to make 

peace : privilege of special protection, and 

penalty for the Ifreach of it, LL10[5] : 

restoration of rights {to an outlaw), iaL 

316[13]. VfrUy] 
tM stately, beautifid, Rd 10*. 
frtVa (eo) m. protector, PPs70*. 
frlSM m. oath of peace, Chb 1012b. 
MfbAna m. supjiiani, refugee, LL. 
trtgborh m. surety for peace, LL. 
frfVlirtBe f . breach of ihe peace, LL. 
triVbiiif f. town with which there is peace, 

eUy of refuge, LL222[2,1]. 
triooandelt f . ihe sun. 
IriSgMnl m. enclosed space, LL : court of 

peace {heaven), Gb. 
tMg^dMln. death, Qwi!flli2. [ferhST] 
irtQgegtliU m. member of a peace-guild, 

LL 173 Pro. 
flrfVf eom peaceable, MtL9. 
Mfgawrlt n. peace agreement, LL144. 
frtSgttd n. peace guUd, LL181. 
frtSgbl m. peace-hostage, LL378[9,1]. 
trtVhengwt {fnd-) to. horse of peacef RD29f 
frtShtta n. sanchtary, WW 186". 
flkiVIan (eo) to give fnS * to, make peace loith, 

be at peace with : {± ) cherish, protect, guard, 

defend, keep, AO,Chr; CP : observe, [frith'] 
frtftend m. helper, defender, PPs,W239*. 
frtVland n. friendly territory, Chb. 
frttHtaf peaceless, outlawed, LL318. 
trltnio mild, lenient, LL. 
fMtail n. article of peace, LL220 Pro. [mftl] 
Mfmann m. man under special peace- 
protection, LL222. 
frtSopB^freoVa, fritS 

frlttobtaoen (eo^) n. sign of peace, Gbn 1045. 
frtSosoealo (eo)t m. angel. 
frl9otlbb f. peace-bringer, B2017. 
flrlSospM (eo)t f. abundant peace. 

frlVotien n. sign of peace, Gbn 2369. 

frt9o9tewaat (^) mp. place. 

trtSowAr (eo^)t f. treaty of peace. 

frtSowmng (eo^) m. peaceful plain, B2969. 

trtSowaru (eo)t f. protection. 

flrtHo-webba (eo^)} m., -webbef f. peace- 

frMtoolpe m. ship for defence, LL441 ( T read 


frlMon 1 sanctuary, as^wn, LL. 
frtVsplott m. peace-spot, LL(2i8'). 
frlVstdl m. sanctuary, asylum, refuge, LLJ*s» 

frtvBtdw f . refuge, sanctuary. 
fMllBum pac^, peaceful : [+ ) safe, fortified. 
MbumtaB to make piacehu, protectt NO 290. 
trtSu (eo) fm. peace, safety, protection, AO^ 

Mt : refitge, asylum. \^ frith*'] 
MVtt-=fri6o-; floega=trQgga 
tM.'\ wise '.old. 
fHMlan to be wise, Rnf 32. 
frftfar^frOfor; frAferlaii=fr§fran 
trAtor fmn. (e*, n') gs. frOfre eonscHation, joy, 

refuge, JP; OP : compensation, help, benefit, 

froforbte (e*) f. book of consolation. Bo 50*. 

frdforgist (fir5fre-) m. consoling spirit. Holy 
Ohost, Ccinforter, Jn ; M. [y. 'frover'] 

fr6forUc (e*) kind, hdffuX, W. adY. -lioe, 

fHtfornw f. consolation, LkL6'«(oe). 

frdforword n. word of consolation, 00344**. 

Mfrian =frefraa 

Irogga m. jrog, AB,rrfr. 


fromiB^fram ; from- also =frem-,fnim- 

froran pp. of frSoian. 

tro«e=ior0o; froat=font 

frowa f. woman, DD291. [Oer. frau] 


frugnan pp., frngnon pret. pL of fiignan. 

triim I. primal, original, first. I L = fram 

frunia m. beginning^ origin, cause, AO,CP : 
creation, Chb 33 : originator, inventor, 
founder, creator : first-bom, CP8135" : 
(t) prince, king, chief, ruler, on fruman 
atfirsL wtaetmniTumBiifirstfruits. [fram] 

friimioenBes f. nativity, JnLp5^*. 

frumbearn n. first-bom chUd. 

frumbyrd f. birth, TC369*. 

frumbyrdllng n. youth, WWlll'*. Ifrum- 

ttume^nntA first-begotten, firsUwm, iB,AO : 
original, primitive, MGu. 

tnimentow n. primal generation. Ex 371. 

f^iimeynt n. ancestry, origin, descent, lineagei 
race, tribe. 

frumeynnand = fnimcenned 

fnuncyrr m. first Hme, LL164[25,2]. 

fnimdyslg n. first offence, NO 290. 

frum-gftrt, -garaf m. leader, patriarch, chief- 
tain, noble, [op. L. primi-pilus] 

irumgascaap n. creation of the world, Cb840. 

irumgeweoro n. original construction, A 

frtimgewrit n. deed, document, W252^'. 

trumglf u f . prerogcUive, privilege, Gl. 

frumgrlpa m. firMng, W113*. 

trumgyld n. first ineUdmeMt, LL 190. ^^ 

tnimhtewung (I) f. original formation, WW 

trumhrsBgl n. first garment (lo. of fig4eaves), 
Gbn 943. 


tramUdo f . primeval time, WWdil**. [iddo] fryVHfriV ; tryt^ alto ^fnotS-, fyitS- 
Inim lgoht n. daum, AF4-56. fiigeIt»^fcigol 

frmnlle ort^noi, primiiiw, ady. -Hce. fugellwiia m. fowler, Cra SO. 
ttxaaOidtLm. chief sailar. ▼. OEG32. tugMnjfptn water fowl, WW IZI». 

fniml^htaii to (iouTA, 6l207**. tugalere (AO)=:faglere 

tnimmyneWega m. firet coinage, ML2S^'^. fui^elatw^a f . larksp nr, W W 2&SH, 
frumrtM m. primary ordinafiee, LL24A. f Of «lhw»ta nou augur, WW 140*. 
tnimrAdan f . space of time. As U7. tug ellbii m. bird-lime , OEQ 3105. 

frumrlno (o^) dieHain, RHy4i«. f Of allien n. bird net, WW277i*. 

frumrlpa m. firetfruits, LL40[38]. fuir^n<^> fugelolS = fueolotS 

trumsoaaft f. fret creation, origin, primeval fugalllmbar n. young bird, Ph236. 

condition, B : feature : Ao«ne. [*JVimii- tugaltrio n. perch (of a b ird). 

echefi'] fugalwaohlaram. ati^ttr,WW108i*. [wig* 

trumgeaiVaii first created, first, JE. lere] 

tnnntoaaU m. firslfruits, BLPs. tuglara m. 'frider, * AO, 

frumscepand m. creator, DRld^^ ttiglaabSan f. vetch, Ql. 

framseyldt I. original sin, fugllan to catch birds, M Or. ['fowl*] 

frumsatnas f . auiharUy, DR 123*. tuglung f . bird-catching, WW. 

trmnaatnuiig f. foundation, creation. JnR fugol m. gs. fuglea 'Z^* ^^* B,Mt; CP; 

17«*. Mdf. 

tnauMp m. first sleep, AO. fugol-, see also fagel-. 

fnmiapalliing t reeapitukMon, OEG 1163; fvgoleyBii n. bird-tribe, A VfowUein'^ 

2». f UgoMflBg (a*) m. feast-day, TC460*. 

InimaprAo f . first saying : promise. fugolbAlsara m. augur. 

frumftaVol m. first st ate, R p61«. f i^^loV m. bird-eakking, fowling, M. 

frumstaiiin m. proi0, WW288*^. fugolwjila swarming with birds, BH30>*» 

franstdl m. first or principal seat, paternal [weaUan] 

home,llu tugul- = fagel-, fugol-; tulil«=fagl- 

tramtalu f. first statement (of a witness)? fOht damp, moisL [Oer. feuoht] 

LL385. tOhtfan to be moist, KC290. 

frumtfd f. beainning, GD212*. fuhton pret pL of feohtan. 

trumt^htla t. first accusation, first charge^ ful I. n. beaker, cup, M. ILts^fuU 

LL 336(35). [tSon U.] 101 I. *foul,' unclean, impure, vile, corrupt, 

truna^hymti rotten, ^,Bl,Cp,Cr,WW;CB, f. beam 

hvmwtBOtm mS. flrstfruiis. black alder, lijaD29b : guUty, LL. II. n. 

trumwaore n. primeval work, ereationf As filth, foulness, impurity, crime, offence. El, 

806. OET. ['foul'] 

frumwltaiig f. first marriage, W304'*. fulbaorht very Mght, resplendent, GP87**. 

firumwylm m. new-bom teal, RB 135*. f ulbraaan* to vioUUe, LL280[2,2]. 

frumwyrhte m. creator, DR37^ fuldon any. to satisfy, RB70*^. 

frunan pp., frun(n)on prot. pL of fiioan. tOla adv. fouXiy. 
frnogon =frngnon piet. pL A frignan. fulioda pret. 3 sg. of fullgan. 

fruron pret. pi. of frfioean. tfUatrto n. black alder, Cp430A. 

trff^^Moi ftyeeaa=fricoa fulfeBStnlan to ratify Mly, Chb675b. 

fryht- (N) =forht., fyrht- I ulfaran* to travel, LL383[66]. 

frylslaii (Bo) =freo]sian f ulf ealdan* 'explicare, ' ifiGs 138*. 

firym-sfrum-, fyrm- fulgeara quite weU, ^L3^. [gearwe] 

fi^mdlg (i) curious, inquisitive, M : desirous, fulgdd very good, MLt^*^. 

f . bfon to entreat. f ulgon pret. pi. of fdolan. ^^ 

f^ymatUngf. yottiipcotr, LL461[13]. tulhftr completely grey, very hoary, WW 
fVyintf I. mf. origin, beginning,_foundation, 380^. 

Bo; M,AO : (in pi.) creation El : creature, fulhaaldan contented, WW211**. 

['frumth'] IL=fyrmt$ tulht-^fulwiht- 

tryioV-Uc, -elic primeval, primitive, first, m^n to be or become foul, decay, rot, AO,Ps. 

adv. -Uce, OEG5211. fuU L adj. (w. g.) */u«,' filled, compleU, 

frynnVu, fryintk>(JftL)=fi7m6 perfect, entire, utter, OenJ*s,Lcd ; M,AO, 

firyml^ldo 'prknasvue'r v. OEO 2381. CP : swelling, plump, Lgd. be fnUaaxfuUy, 

tr^nd (M) nap. of frSond. perfectly, completely. II. adv. very, fully, 

frftssfriB entirely, completely, ihoroughly, Bo,Ps. t 

VYyBan=Fri8an nSah almost, very nearly. I II. = ful 

tryaen I. (i) m. kite, bittern, Ql. IL *pusio*f fuU- v. also ful-. 

Gl (v. A 19-495). tuUa m. assembly f Ct. 

frfsV pree. 3 sg. of frteaan. fullAst (a, S; fylst) m. help, support, Ex. 

tryi pres. 3 sg. of fretan. Vfi^^'i 

roLLJSTAN 124 fu:eue>erluoob 

±fiiIUtetftii (6) w. d. to hdp, mppoii, AO; mnmt f(mbtu$,iUihy mmO. 

Lk. VfiUl*] tfUon nre piei. pL of fSolftn. 

+tuI]A]i = +fy]]an tulnffe adv. very auiekht, AO. 

f ullbenton* to 6ttr«« compUUlff, W2ffV*. f nlrf^ mature, RB 130*. 

f uIlbMan to fnake fuU amend*. tOlftfiieoiide fcul-ttinking, 

f uUbDVe very glad. tulsiimii« f. abundance, EPs48^ 

f nllbortii complexly bom, CP367^ : ofnobh fiiltflMiisfiiltiim 

birth. tiilt«iii- (CP), fultom- ^faltom- 

tunbqroe m. eomplOe breach of the peace, tultrltwiMi to confide in, Bo60". 

LL. fultum (te) HL hap, support, protection, B; 

tuUcUlBe very pure, AS 29^. M,AO,CP : forcee, army, AO. IfuUum *] 

f mienBMc very efficient, virtiuoue. +f ultiima m. helper, SPs 18". 

tvSkM notorioue,famiou$. ^tultum-An, -ian to heJp, eupport, aeeietj 

-fiille ▼. gin-f. ^,CP : (f) be propitious to, overlook. 

tullendlaii to oompUte, BE. V/uOend ] ±tiiltmii«Bd, fultamiend m. helper, feUom- 

tiill«r« m. ' fuller, ' bleacher, Mk. worker. 

f nUett^B^fiilUtet fultmnllM without help, AO 66"^. 

f ullflioii* to take to flight, escape completely, tnlwa m. fuUer, MH26**. 

f ullfoiinaa to fulfil, N0291. tulwMnn enHrtly warm, CP447K 

t^anremedperfect,CP. ady.fuUy,perfeedy, tulwere m. baptuer, baptist. 

completely, BL f uIwMff very Hred, MFH 160. 

tvmremtdn^i {.perfection, BE ;CB. I' fuP- ±tulmiuk to baptize, BE,ME;AO,CP. 

fremedness*] VfitU*] 

±tiill-freiniiuui, -iremian to fulfil, perfect, tulwlht, fallnht (Mt) min. baptism, Chris^ 

practise, dofuUy, compteU, Bo ; CP. ['/mO- tianity, Mt ; AO,CP. VfuUought '1 

freme*] ±tiilwlht^ii, -ian to baptiee, Chb,NO. 

tumyllgnntofoaow,obey,W96^:*persequi,* tulwlhtb«8 n. baptismal bath, font, X 

EP87«. (fulluht-). 

fiilUSrllaii'com;>2ere,'^^163^ Vfi^fil'] talwllilb«iia m. * compe titor, amicus vel 

fuT-fftn pnt. 3 8ff. -€ode any., -gangan' to rogator baptismi,* WW 207". 

accomplish, fulfil, perform, carry out, M : f ulwlhtere m. baptizer : the Baptist. 

follow, imitate, cifey : help, AO. fulwUtttedor m. baptismal father, godfather, 

f uUgaarwian to finish, compleU, OD 126>. baptizer, Bl205^^ 

fuUgedrlfen (w. g.) driven fuU of. tutwlhtliid m. baptismal order or vow, Bl 
fuUgeorne very eagerly, CP266». 109". 

tuUgewflpned/ulIy armed, Chb. fiilwlhUiaiiiR m. baptismal name. Christian 

f ullgr6wan* to grow to perfection, flourish, name. 

CP67". -f-tulwllitiitan (falhtn-) to baptize, NG291. 

f uman I. tofulfU, complete, perfect. II. (Jn) fulwlhtotdw f. baptistry, Bl 140". 

«fulwiaii. fulwihtad f. time of baptism, Mev 11. 

tvOnefuU, Chb 7860? : 'eatholieus,' CH7I5. fulwlhtVAaw m. riu of baptism, Mxrl". 

adv. -lioe entirely, fuUy, perfectly, com- fulwlhtSSnung (-uht) f. baptismal service, 

pletely, A,BE ; M. W38». 

ftUllo foul, unclean, objectionaMe, shameful, tulwllitW8»tor n. laver of baptism, NC291. 

base, LoD,W. adv. -lioe. fulwlhtwere m. baptist, Bl161*. 

tuIUgmii = falvian f ulwulit = folwiht 

tvmnuLnnodfuUy peopled. Bo 4(fi''. funde wk. piet. 3 sg., funden pp. of 
tull-med«me excellent, perfect, OD. adv. findan. 

-medomlTce, OD331". -tUBdelnes, -fundennee ▼. on-f. 

lullnM t fullness, fundlan (w. d, td) to tend to, wish for, strive 
ffUlnM=fulne8 after, go, set out, go forward, hasten, JS,B, 

I11U00 final or definite agreement? 1X386. Cr,Qu ; CP. ['found *] 

f ulloft adv. very often, CP. tundon pret. pL of findan. 

fuUVungen (faf-)yiiZ/-9rot<7fi, RB133^ fundung f. settinq forth, departure, Chx 
tulAungennei f . fuU development, MFH160. 1 106. 

f uUuht^s^fulwiht IQra v. furb. 

fullunga adv. /uZ2y. furh f. g8. fure, 69. fyrh, farh, gp. fura 
fiillw9pnod/tt&y armed, Chb1070x. * furrow,* trench, BC,So; M. 

fullwer m. compleie *wer/ fuU atonement, furhwudu m. pine, Cp420p. 

Rd 24" r ±fQrian to furrow, OEG. 

f ullwyroan to complete, fulfil. turlang n. length of furrow, furlong. [farh» 
f ulnuBgen n. great power, W 186". lang] 

fulniah I. adj. very near. IL adv. very tuiKan, fart$on=fart^am 

nearly, almost, CP. fiii1{erluoor=fiirtk>Tlioor 


tinltor adv. (of place and time) * further,* (yUo, fyUu f. futntae {of food), *fltt,' fmui, 

mart dUlarU, forwards, kUer, JB,Chr : more : scUieiy, AO,B ; CP : impregnaHon, 

superior, f. don to promoU, A, fylmen =fil]nen 

f ufjo rltoor (e>, u*) op. adv. more perfeeUu. l^lnet I. (±) i. faU, atumhling'bloeh, offence,^ 
tui^^oj^. adj.* further,* greater,9uperior,Jn, NG : (+) tranemigration, MtLl". II. = 
furSum (-an, -on) adv. even, exactly, quite, fyUnes 

already, just as, at first, Bl,Mt; AO,CP : l^lnetsfulnes 

further, previously, syCGan f. just as soon ^Ist I. fm. help, aid, Mt ; i£,AO. II. pres. 

as, [*'forthen*'\ 2 sg. of feallan. III. pres. 2 sg. of fyilan« 

turSumUc huBwrious, indulging, AO SO^*. -(-fytoU m. helper, M, 

fuHturtB^fnrtSor ; turiib =furh d:^litan (w. d. ) (o aid, support, help, protect, 
fOs stritring forward, eager for, ready for, M,AO, [^fallnstanl 

inclined to, willing, prompt, B;M : expect- ±tyl8tend m. helper, M,BB,Va. 

emt, brave, noble : ready to depart, dying, tylt pree. 3 sg. of fealdan. 

Vfous*] ifW I. pree. 3 sg. of fyllan. II. pres. 3 sg. 
fOse = f iislibe of feallan. 

fflslicVt n. death-song, dirge, fplS f. * filth,* undeanness, impurity, Mt,8c, 
tOslto ready to start : exceUeni, adv. -lioe W, [fill] 

readily, gladly, tylwMg faint to death, B963. [fiell] 

fflsnec f . quickness, EHy 6**. fyn- = fin- ; f^d = fSond ; +f^d = +fiend 

fiistra? 'focus, * 'ignis, * ▼. OEG 1428. tyndele m. invenHon, devising, 8e. ['findal*} 

fyf-=fif-; tylifaiW==feohfang lyne mT n? moisture, mould, WW183». 

^ht- = f eoht- ^egtan = fynigian 

lyiitan (I) to moMtefi, OEO. [fuht] tynlg (i) mouldy, JS. V fenny! 

^1= fiell tyii!lilmn{e^) to become mouldy, LL, ['finew*l 

±f91an to befoul, defile, pollute, M, ^ ▼. feoir. 

-^tyieBiL band of men, troop, army, host, CP. tSr (I) n. *fire,* Ex,0,VPs ; M,AO,CB : a 

[folc] fire, Oen. 

±fy!oUiA to marshal troops, [folo] f^ran I. =fSran XL to out a furrow, OEG 
fyld m. *volumen,* 'ruga,* OEG. 2492n : castrate, 

fyldst61=:fealde8t5l fyras^rfiras 

±tylguk w. d. or a. tofoUow, pursue, M,CP : ffrliAre fire-bearing, fery, OEG. 

persecute : foQow out, observe, obey. flfrlMBtf f i^ fire-bath, hell-fire, 

lyigend m. follower, observer, BH472'. ^rbend m. bar forged in th e fire , B722. 

^estro t female follower, OEG 1228. ^b«ta m. fireman, stoker, WW. 

pigtail ssfylsan f^bryne m. conjla^tton, A0252*^. 

fWnf i- ^following, DR. II. (m) harrow- fyroUan (y?) to flash, fiicker, Chb1106. 

ing, harrow, [fealg] ^rolomm m. band forged in the fire, Sat39» 

fyllan, fyligan=fylgan f^roraoe f. crucible, Cp963o. 

^llgendnc that can or ought to be imitated, f^reynn, A0252**o. 

CM 803. ^frd=fierd 

fyllf nee f . fallowing, practice, BH 100". lyrdorsBft m. warfare. 

^ll = (l)fyUn; (2) fiell fyrdend enrolled for military service, ML 
±tyilan I. to*m,*fiU up, r^tlenish, satisfy, 25*». 

An,Oen,Ps; M : complete, fulfil. At. [full] tyrdeene m. warrior, BH148*. 

II, ± {9A,e;=ie)wr. to cause to fall, strike tyrdtflereld n. fyrdfam f. going to war,. 

down, 'fell,* cut down, Psjtd. -l-fylled military service, LL. 

wdg. bereft : throw down, defeat, destroy, tyrdgeatewe fp. war-gear, Rt7v27. 

hiu, BHjOrJPs : tumble : cause to stumbte, fyrdgemaoa m. fellow-soldier, M. 

MtR. fyrdgesteaila m. comrade in arms, 

tyUat m. filUng, fUUng up, Gxir 1613. (yrdgetrum n. band of warriors. 

-t-lyllednee (i) f. fulness, completion, fulfil- tyrdham m. corslet, B 1604. 

ment, M, fyrdbrssgl n. corslet, B 1627. 

-lyilen (fylen) v. m5naV-f. fyrdhwastf warlike, brave. 

lyllend sfylgend tyrdlan (ie) to go on an expedition, Chb. 

+lyUendlle filling, expletive, ^Gb261*. fyrdlit f . remnant of an army, MLZS^. 

^Uestoe epileptic. lyrdltas (ie) without an army, Chb804a. 

lylleitoonet f. epilepsy, LoD 1*164*. firrdlMVf n. war -song, 

fyUe«fl6d m. high tSde, Gl. fyrdtto maHial, M, 

lyilewwre n. epUepsy, Los 06a. l^rdmann m. uforrior. Bo. 

lymng f. fUling, comple tion, N C291. ^rdnoQ (e) m. liability to military serviu, 
+f:7mnglld f. compline, WW207««n. B03-71*. 

±^nmt fulness, plenitude, satiety: supple- f^rdnwa m. fire-spewing dragon, B2089» 

ment : completion, fuffilmenL i'firedrake*] 


fyrMaa wr, to serve in the armif, go on oeHve iyriiwMo4 ▼. fdowerhwSolod. 

eerviee, ML2S^. tyrten (B378) =ferian 

fyrdrlnet (®) n^< vforrior, soldier. fyrlan I. to supply wUh firing, LL, [*frt* 

tyrdieaorp n. armomr, Rd 16^*. Tb.] IL {±) to cut a furrow, [farh] 

Ijrntoolp n. battU'Ship, LL. lyrten L (eo, e) far off, distant, remote, M, 

lyrdtMuruf n accoutrements, IL n. distance, M. 

tyr^aAen f. mOitary service, Ct. tfH^eht n. gleam of fire, B 1616. Vfbrelight'} 

fyrdftwm m. 6o(2y o/ soldiers who serve for ffrttama m. gleam of fire. Sat 128. 

a fixed term, armff-corps, Chb921. ^Dee =£nrlioe 

fyrdllber n. military saerifieef (Swt), WW ^loetLm. fiery prison, 8at5S, 

418tt;A15-187. fynn=feorm 

fyrdtniniA m. martial band, army, MR tfnMim.marklmmtinby fire. Ax 1136. 

1*442*«. fynnett (o) soperL of fonn* L * foremost,* 

fyrdung (eo, i) f. miUtary expedition, arma- first, M,CFJm : motA promtneiU, cAte/, 

meni, LL;M : camp : fine for evading best,El,Mt. IL sAy. first of aU, in (he first 

military service, LL. [^ferding*] place, at first, most, especially, very well, 

tyr^mAn (i) m. military carriagef EC 250**. W. 

lyrdweard f. miUtary tco teA, L fi444[ 1 ]. tyroA t. harbomring, entertainment, LL : 

^rrdwerod n. host, army, WW 399**. cleansing, washing, [feorm] 

lyrtfwle n. camp, M. tyrn L (i) edi. former, ancient, Rd. II. ftdv. 

i^rdwfM m. chieftain, CraTT. {±) formerly, of old, long ago, once, ML. 
tyrdwisa f. military «iyie, Nab9**. Vfem*] 

l^r&ente Ti, fine for evading military service. ±(ymdiigis mp. days of yore, ML. irOd 

lyrdwyiHe distinguished in war, Bl316. f^ndagam old, aged. 

•lyrede ▼. twi-» tSri-f . fyrntul = firenfnl 

tyren^firen tyrngtarf np. former years, Qn,Ps. [*fem- 

^ren I. of fire, fiery, AO,CP : on fire, year*] 

burning, fUining. II. fire, CPs. fjrnf tarsf adv. formerly, of old. 

tftentiai fiery, LPs^lV. f^n-feflttf n. nap. -gemtu former quarrel, 

fyrtngit (WW 423^) = fii^gengat old strife. 

^•ntioen n. fiery sign, MFH 13P*. fyrngefllta m. old-standing enefny. Pa 34. 

^entienlmn *rompeUere*{ T) RHt6*^. ^ngemynd n. ancient history, £l327. 

^enVeoele f. firebrand, BH476^*. ^ngaieeap n. ancieni decree, Ph360. 

1^68 = fvTB ^iigM0tat np. former seat, habitation. 

tyre8t=tyT8t, fyrmest superl. adj. fyrngestrfon n. ancient treasure, Sol 32. 

^owyt = f yrwit tymgemeote^ n. former, ancient work. 

f^eaxen fiery-haired, WW. fyrngtwlBB n. primeval struggle, B 1689. 

^rfdda Ci) m. fuel, twigs for burning, OEG tyrof ewiltt n. old writings, scripture. 

7**. ^^ tyngemjthtn. former work, fate, Gv94/L 

ffrgMTWungs fp. materials for a fire, WW l^ngldd n. ancient prophecy, El542. 

401*. ^nlaii=:fironian 

tyrgebeorh n. firescreen f protection from fire f finite former, of times past, M. 

LL455[17]. ^nnmnn m. man of old times, B276I. 

lyrf ebraac n. crackling of fire, Osk2560. 4-tyr nnw f. antiquity, NG294. 

i^rgenr=nfirgen tyraategen f. old saying, ancient tradition, 

^TgnMMt m. sftark of fire, Ajx16^. [ON. Ak1491. 

gndati] fyrnaeealfai m. devU, As 1348. 

f^h V. rarh. tym strtemaat mp. ocean. 

^h&t hot as fire, burning, ardent. El. tynmynn f . sin of old times, Jnii347. 

['firehot *]. ^num = firenum 

tyrtaaard hardened by fire, B305. ^Bweoref n. work of old, creation. 

±tyrhi I. afraid, timid, [forht] II. =fTeht i^nwito (eo*)t m. sage, counseOor. 

tyrht-an, -ian (frvht-, N) to fear, tremble, lyr-panne, -ponne f. ^fire-pan,* braxier, 

DR : (±) frighten, terrify, BE. ['fright,* Bl,MH,WW. 

vb.] fyrr v. feorr. 

frytatnea f . fear, AO. fyrraee (fineoe) f . fire-rake, WW 273*. 

lyrbto, fyrhta (fryht-, N) f. 'fright,* fear, tyrnui=feorran 

dread, trembling, Ps,VHy;M,AO,CB : (yra I. m. 'furu,* gorse, bramble, Bo,WW. 

horrible sight, [forht] II. n.=fen 

fyrht^=^erht$ fyneofl f. 'fire-shovd,* WWViS^: 

±fyrhVe n., fyr(h)9 f. wooded country f Ct. tyrilaii=feonian 

['frith*] fynmaortande ▼. smeortan; lynB=fienn 

f^hOs n. ' caminatum, * house with a fireplace tfnpencn m. fire-spark. 

in it? WW. ['firehouse*] fynt L 'first,* ChrJBx : foremost, principal. 


ehief,LL. Ihsdv. in the firat place, frBOy, ±gadr1liii (n) to ^ffcOher,* untie : (+) ML.) 

at firH, oHifinaUy, CU III. (JS)= first I. OMtmblt^ Chr : coikct, stare up, An,OJ^s; 

and II. ^,CP : pluck (flowere, etc) : ampUe : (+) 

+fynl n. froet, LL464[11]. aseociaU {with) : (+) amceiHrofe {tkaughts)^ 

j[;ynt-= font-, first- Bo. [geador] 

tynlftii m. 'fi'eetone,* etone used for striking gft=gda; gAe^geao 

fire, flint, W W. gnd n. society, ftSomskip, Sol449. 

lynweait black toO/k mnoke, Ce984. gAd =gad I. 

tfrteng f. Cfire-ytorifs,* A 9*2 63. gssdellngt m* HtMnum^/eOoii;, comtMuiKm •» 

lyrtorr m. beacon, lighthouse, WW. arm«, comrade, B,Da, [^gadUng'\ 

t^Mkag = f SorSling gssder-, gaadr- = gader-, gadr- 

lyiltoUe f T furnace, stage on which martyrs g»t=geaf pret. 3 sg. ctf giefan. 

toere humid, OEG. g»f«=gieln 

rtfyrVMn (Gl,AO), fyrVian {Bo;M) to g»f«ll. =geafl I. II. (jrtL)=galoI 

* further, * urge on, advance, promote, benefit gAfon =gtefon pret pi. ol giefan. 

lyiitrlngnes t, fyrtSrong (Led ; W) f. further^ -gAgan ▼• for-, ofer-g. 

ance, promotion. [* furthering^] g8B|^U)ArneasgagolD&mee 

|yrwet=fyrwit gftlan to hind!^, impede, keep in suspense, 

l^rwetful curious, anxious. CP : (intr.) linger, delay, [gal] 

l^rwetgeorn curious, anxious, inquisitive. g»leV pree. 3 sg. of galui. 

adY. -Uoe (QD174H). gAUng f. delay, CP39^ 

lyrwelgeornes f. curiosiiy, Bl69''. gftbiM=galneB 

tyrwn hm curiosity, yearning, M. 11. adj. gAlsa (9) m., gfils? (0E061I) f. pride, 

curious, inquisitive. wantonness, luxury, M,W : (worUtty) care, 
fyrwltnes f. curiosity, M. MtL13'' : a greedy person, [g&l] 

f^rwylm m. wave of fire, B2672. gSlfllo 'luxuriosus,* NC291. 

±fyian to send forth, impd, stimulate : drive gsslV pres. 3 sg. of galan. 

away, put to fiighi, banish : (usa. reflex.) g8Bnuilan=gamenian; gAB-=gean- 

hasten, prepare oneself , An,Cfen. Vfuse*] -gAnan ▼. tO-g. ; +gaBnge = +genge 

ffitan (e) to drive away, LL, W. Vjeeze *] gAp = geap ; gasr^ =gear-, gr»- 

tfsi (§) f. 'fiet, ' ^,OET ; CP. gArHigear 

l^stgabfet n. blow with the fist, CP315. gAred wedge-shaped, BC3-261'. [gfir] 

+f9Btllan to strike with the fist, &cV*. -gArode ▼. twi-, Cri-g. 

lystslflBgan struck with the fist, WW 396*'. gam (gnes) n. * grass, ' f>lade {of grass), herb, 
^rVer- = fitter-, f Sower- young com, hay, plant, An,Cp,OP ; M. 

fyVara, fyVeras, fy9(e)ni, nap. of fitSere. gaenama ^gsBrsuma 

^ = fiso gmrsbedd n. (jfrass-bed), grave, PPs 102^. 

^e (OET) f. she-fox, vixen. gssnclS m. blade of gra ss, A O^^K 

l^an (i) I. f . she-fox, vixen. II. ad}, of a fox. gssngrine grass-green, WW 199**. ' 

f^entaShA (i) f. she-fox* s skin. gSBri-hoppa m., -hoppe (eMf. * grasshopper,* 

locust, MtR (grsBs-), Ps,VPs(<e). 
gflsrattiqM = gerstapa 

Q g «i r w wyn n. paaiurage-swine, LL445[2]. 

gssrttapa m. grasshopper, locust, M,kO» 

gft imperat. and pres. 1 sg. ind. of gftn. gssrstdn m. grcLss-endosure, meadow, LL. 
gab-(GL)=ffaf ['garston*] 

gabole (u*) f. side-dish, EGl. [L. gabata] gssrstHndlo m. meadow-dike, Gt. 

gid I.t n. lack, want, need, deeire. [CMh. gasrsum mn., gsersama f. jewel, cos&y gift, 

gaidwl II. f. *goad,* point, arrow-head, treasure, riches, Chr, l*gersum*] 

spear-head, CpJSol. gserswyrt f. *Aer6a/ grass, APs36'. 

±faiia m. comrade, eom/panicn. Sit. [Oer. g$Bnyt9 1 pasturage in return for ploughing- 

gatte] labour, l/X447,4,lo. [' grasseartk*] 

gaderlan {M) =:gadrian gAsne (e, Sa) w. g. or on. deprived of, want- 
±gad0rielp6 (») m. matrimony, OEG. ing, destitute, inirren, sterile, An,Cr : dead. 

gMlerteng continuous, united. [^geason*] 

gadsrtangnes (e) f . continuation. gsest (a, e, i, ie, y) m. (nap. gastas) stranger, 
±gad«rung (») f. gathering together ; MtL{e),Bd : ^guest,* B,Gen{ie)',B,B{j) : 

* gathering,* Led : union, BH : assembly, (t) enemy. 

A,Jn. gAst I. m.i=^aBt. II. pres. 2 sg. of gan. 

+gadsrwyriitaii np. <usembled workmen, gsestSBrn (e^, y\ e*) n. guest-chamber : inn. 

iBL6186. gAstanto/r^Afen,/ii^l7. VgaH*] 

gid-Iren (LL456,16), -uen n. goad. gsBsttaof n. guest-house, Cr821. 

gador = geador ; ±gaMlorl(ge)an=gadzian gmthUs (ie) n. * guest-house, * guest-chamber, 
±gadorwlst f . companionship, WW. inn, Mk. [fkr. gasthans] 


rt ho»pUahU I inkoBpiiabU^ dreary f gaf ulfwIllAii to gargh, Gl. 
^7} . gfti L n. luai, luxury, vnnUmness,/oUy, levity, 

IRRe (i^) hoipitaNe. IL adj. gay, light, wanton, Bo,BH : proud, 

g«ftll8ii6f f. hoepiialUy : ehelter, home, wicked, igoh'] 

ANS 122-248. ±gmlaii* to eing, caU, cry, scream, B,Met : 

fKftniAgeii (i^) n. band ofguesUf Gbv2494. sing charms, practice incantation, ['gale '] 
gnttsele (e, y)f m. guest-haU. fald«r-=galdor- 

gMV =ga0t galdor (ea) n magic song, incantcUion, spell, 

gntsgeat; gftt nap. of gat. enchantment, M. 

gAUiB =: jp^Satan galdororaBft m. oceuH art, incantation, magic. 

gAten of or belonging to a goat. galdororsBttlga m. wizard, LL38r30]. 

g09 pres. 3 Bg. of gan. gmldorewlda m. incantation, RD49^ 

gaf sgeaf pret. 3 Bg. of giefan. galdorgalend using ench antm ents, WW. 

gat el = gaf ol galdorgalare m. wizard, WW346^*. 

gafellan to rent {land), Ct. ['gavel*] galdorlM^ n. incantation. 

gafallle (WW403») = safolUo gakkirwuig m. incantation, W253^. 

gaf «lro(n)d ( WW204**) =gafolrand g-aldorword n. magic word, Rim24. 

gafeltto m. spear, javelin, OEO,WW; ML. galdre m. wizard, magician, 
[^gavdock*] galdrigge f. enchantress, Gl. 

gairetung f . scoffing, mocking, M. galdru nap. of galdor. 

gafol (SB, ea^; e, a*) L n. gs. gaflea tribute, galend m. enchanter, VPs. 

tax, diUy, AO,Ol,MtL(n) : interest, profit, galare m. wizard, snake-charmer, WW. 
rent, €fl{m),Mt; M. [giefan] IL f. fork, gilfarhV wanton, licentious, Jud62. 
0£T4d3 (▼. A36-60). gilfrfols m. revel, 'lupercalia, ' OEG. 

gafoIlMDre m. barley paid as rent, TC 145*. gftltul wanton, lustful, luxurious, adv. -lice. 
galolgarita {»\ e*) m. taxgatherer, MtR. galg- =gea]g- 
gatolglelda (AO) (i*, y*) m. tributary, tenant, gtllan to be wanton, So87^. 

debtor. OalllMae Qalilean. 

gatolgyld n. *fiscus» * revenue? GPH 396. gmlla ( VPs ; DR) =: gealla 
gafolgyldere m. tributary, M. gallao =gal]oc 

gatolheord f. taxable swarm {of bees), LL Oalieas, GaUias mp. Oauls, Franks, French. 

448[6]. ganed=gea]led 

gafolhwltal m. tribute-blanket, a legal tender gUllo lu^^, BH,Bo; M. ['goleUch'] 
instead of coin for the rent of a hide of land, Gallie = GalleaB 
LL 108[44,1]. Galllao Gaulish, French. 

gatolland n. leased land, land let for rent or galloe (a*) m. comfrey, gall-apple. 

services, LL126r2]. gilm6d wanton, ItcenOous, Ji7i>266. 

gUomc fiscal, 0EG6"^. gilnes f. frivolity, wantonness, lust, 8c ;M. 

gaf olmAd f . meadow which was mown as part [* goleness *] 

of the rent, TC 146*. gUMlpe m. excess, luxury, lasciviousnesst 

gi&olnmnung (ea^, o*) f. place of tribute or wantonness, JB : pride. [*goleship*] 

custom, MkR2^1 gUsere m. licentious person, W72*. 

gafolpenig m. tribute-penny, LL446. pdamArt frivolous, facetious, jocose, RB30*. 

gafolrftdan f. tribute, rent, LL. [▼. ^smere*} 

gafolrand m. compasses, [gafol II. +rindT galung f. incantation, OEG4940. [galan] 
A 36*69] Oalwalas mp. Oauls, Frenchmen : France, 

gafolswAn m. swine-herd who paid rent in gambe (o)t f. tribute, 
kind for permission to depasture his stock, gamel^gamol; gaineUe=gamenlio 
LL448[6]. gaman (o) n. sport, joy, mirth, pastime, 

gafollIiilDg f. fencing-wood given as part of *game,* amusement, B,BO; M,CP. 

the rent, TC 146*. gamenlan to pun, play, joke, ^,Sc. ['game * ] 

gafolwydu m. firewood supplied as part of the gamentto belonging to games, theatrical, OEG. 

rent, TC 146*. adv. -lioe aH^^, JB. ['gamety'] 

gafolyiK f . land subject to tribute, rented land, gamenung f . jesting, pastime. 
LL447. gamenwiQu (o^) f. merry journey, B854. 

±gafkprAo f. foolish speech, scurrility, ML. gamenwudu (o^)t m. mirthful wood, harp, 

glial = gafol gamnlan = gamenian 

gagfttw, gagatBtan (WW 148*) m. agate, jet, gamolf old, aged, hoary, ancient, [ge-, m£l] 

BH. [gagate'] gtaaoltBtaf grey-haired. 

gagel m? *gale,'bog-m/yrtle. Led; Mdf. gamolferhV old, aged, Gm 2867. 

gageleroppan mpl. tufts of ffale, Lood 33a. gftn pret. 3 Bg. of ginan. 
gagelle, gagoUe i. == gagel ±gin pret. 3 Bg. 6ode, any. to 'go* C^-go*), 

8Sgol = {I) eh\; (2) gagel move, proceed, advance, traverse, walk, JB^ 

gagolMBrnei (gi^l-) f. wantonness, CP. BH,0; CP : happen, turn out, take place. 


Lk I {+) ffain, eonqner, occupy, overrun, Oen^EzyMt; GP : ffood or bad ftpmt, angel, 

AG : (+) observe, praclice, exercise, effect. demon,M;BH,Mt:HciyOhost,A,Jn,VPs: 
gandim m. gander, MChr; Ct. man, human beirkg, Qu. [^ghosl*\ 

ganet = ganot gistan to meditate f AS 3^. 

gang L (e, eo, o, a) m. going,Joumey, pro- gittberend (»)t m. living soul, man, 

gress, track, footprint, BJLcdJiB ; M : fioiw, gistbona m. soiAeiayeT, the DevU, B 177. 

stream, way, passage, course, path, bed, AO, gistbiHeende pr<ictising in the spirit, M, 

Bl : drain, privy, Jp : (in pL ) pUUform, stage, gistoofa m. breast, Lbas 13. 

GPH394. ['gang,' 'gong'] II. imperat. gisteund (») spiritwd, Gtr743. 

and pret. sg. of gangan. giatowalu (e) f . tomyenUy pains oj heU, Git651 . 

+gang n. aecurrence, WW 394*. gistoyalng m. soiul's king, Ood, Gkn2883. 

gangan' (B,Bl) pret. geng (eo, a) =gan gisiedom {&) spirituality, MFH 112. 

gangdSBg m. one of the three processional gistgadUf n. death. 

days before Ascension day, Bogation day, gistgafaygdf n. thought 

Chr. I'gangdays*] gittgemynd (ft) n. thought, Gir574. 

gangehare ^ganghere gistgenRHa (fi) m. devil, Jul246. 

gangelw»tre=gangewnfre gtatgerynef n. spiritual mystery : thought, 

gUigeirniL privy, WW IW*. [asm] consideration. 

gangowlfre {eo\ o*; »*;»*) f. (a weaver as gUilt[tminn{A)tiL soul-torment, pains of hett. 

he goes), spider. gfta^lfu f. special gift of the Hciy Spirit (e.g. 

ganggeteM n. portable tent, WW 187*. gift of tongnee), WW200*. 

ganghtre m. army of foot-soldiers, AO 154**. gistlUUlgt Ao^ in spirit, holy. 
gang-pytt m., -setl n., -atdl m., -tiin m. (M) gisUtaa lifeless, dead. El [*ghostless*] 

privy. gistlte spiritual, hcly, A,JS;CP : clerical 

gangweg m. thoroughfare, WW. ['gang- {not lay), BH;CPJE : ghastly, spectral, 

way'] Nic. adv. -Uoe spiritually, M. [' ghostly *] 

gangwuee f . Bogation week, the week of holy gisttufu (£)t f. spiritual love. 

Thursday, Hi k. ['gangv)eek'] gisUunut m. spiritual son. Godea g. 

fflOs^Mn to yawn, gape, open, Ps;Qij. Vgane^] Christ. 
ganot m. 'gannet,* sea-bird, water -fowl, B, gat=:geat 

Chr. ganotes baG the sea. gftt f . as. fffite, gate» nap. gfit, gSt she-* goat, ' 

ganra=gandra Cr,Ep,Lcd,Ba. 

ginung 1. yawning, WW 162**. gitahlarde = gathyrde 

-gaplan v. oler-g. gfttahfla n. goal-house, WW 185*. 

tfbf L m. 'spear,* dart, javelin, B,PPs. gfttbuoea m. he-ooai, WW. [* goai-huek'] 

['gore'] II. tanpestt GsirSld. III.-»gara gfttehAr n. goaX^s hair, M. 

(Mdf ). gitatrfow n. cornel tree? Lod 32b. 

gira m. comer, point of land, cape, proman- githyrde (io) m. 'goat-herd,* LL. 

tory, AO. [gar; *Oore*] gatu ▼. geat. 

girbtam m. spea/r-JiaJi, tBx246. gtV pres. pi. of gan. 

girbarandf m. warrior. ge oonj. and, cdso. both... and, not 

giroine bold in fight, B 1958. only. . .but also ; whe&er. . .or. eg(hw8B)tf er 

girellfe f . agrimony; hoD. ge. . .ge both. . .and ; either ...or. 

girowealm m. death by the spear, B204d. ge- prefix (indicated by the sign + in this 
gare = gearo Diot. ), original meaning together ; but it has 

girftout f . warlike expedition. nsaally loet all colleotiTe or intensitive 

girgetmm armed company, Cb673. foroe. 

girgewfnnt n. fight inth spears, battle. gi I. (le) pron. 2 peri. pL, dp. Sow, ap. 

girhSapm. franiio/toamoftf. Ex 321. ^w{io) 'ye,* you. II.=gfo 

girliott n. shafted spear, B 1835> g§a adv. * yea, * yes, BH. 

girltao n. ' garlic, * Led ; J&. geabul =galol 

girmlttlng f. battle, tOHB937. gtao m. cuckoo. [▼. 'gowk,* 'yeke*] 

gimlS m. conflict, war, GnE 128. giaoasrtiro f. wood-sorrel, Gl. 

girrSa m. bakle. Ma 32. gaador unitedly, together. 

gineeg m. ocean, sea, AO. geadiiling = gadelfiig 

girtorn m. fighting rage, Sol 145. geaf pret. 3 eg. of giefan. 

gir-tfraen f. da. -t$r»ce baJtOe, El1186. geaf-=gifs geafl=(l) gafol; (2) oeafl 

giiMrtt bold, daring, geafol^af ol 

garuwe =gearwe gtaton pret. pi. of giefan. 

gir^wlgaff -wigend{ m. spearman, warrior, geafu =giefa 

girwudu m. spear-shaft, lance. Ex 325. gtegl !• mn. jaws, throat, gullet, Lod. II.— 

giarb m. savage person? Rmrx Caskbt. gal 

gmtP'^gaset gflagilse {§b, §) light, wanton, BH400». 

glsl (ft) m. breath, Ps,VPs : soul, spirit, life, gtaglawlle m. swelling of the jaws. Lob. 

O. H^ 


gMgn-sgesn-; glfthlsgtegl ±ffMJrelui to prtpvrt, procwrt^ 9wp^^ 

%%tM-^M JEL. [gearo] 

geal pret. 3 ig. of gieilan. gMreang f. preporo/um. 

gtAlidl f. ^-i{Me(Me,ya«iMl»ee, LcDiOb. ±gMureuiigilaBg m. preparation'^y, day 

gtaUgft (gte 1& g«a, AS) yta, amem, RHy. b€fart the Sabbath, Q. 

gMdd prei. 3 ag. ol gieldan. gtaraynlng m. consul, WW375*. 

gMdd- = gald* gMTd I. m. * yard, * enehaure, oomri, residence^ 

gMdgft (a) m. *gaUowg,* oroM, jB»J«i,ff Tf ; dwelling, land, Mdf. in geardam ai home, 

gtalglan^geealgian gtardagatf mp. UfeHme : days of yore^ 

g6dim6dt sad, gloomy, angry. former days. 

gMlgtriow (a) n. ^gaUowS'tree,* gaUowe, gtardagumf ady. formerly, in days of old, 

eroae, BJ)B. onee. 

gealh^i^gealg ; gtallifwile sgteglBwile gaare =gearwe L and EL 

gaalla (a, e) m. I. *gatt,* bile, Mt,VPe,WW i gMra-*=gear-, gearo-; gtar«:=gSara 

M,CP, II. a galled phce on the skin. Led, gtarteo n. space of a year, W72^ 

[*yatt'] (I. and 11. possibly the same gearfoV>4earfo6 

word.) g%t^mn9MC n, space of a year, Qv 1216, 

gaallidl f. 'melancholia,^ ▼. OEG?***. giargsmynd n. yearly commemoration, NC 

geaUed ' galled * {of horses). Led. 292. 

geaUlg 'acris, trisiis, ' H6l456. giargerUit n. yearly due, W 1 13*. 

gealp prei. 3 sg. of gielpan. giaigeilln (A) n. number of years, y. ES 

geaipettan (a) to boast, NC291. 30*342. 

gaalpettung (sb) f. boastfulness, NC291. giargetai (»^) n. number of years Lod2*284. 

giamrttng ( VPs) = gSommng gtarhwamlloe yearly, EC220*. 

gtamung = gSmung giarliae = garldac 

gtan, gtena = g6n, gdna giarUe yearly, of the year, annual, M. ady. 

gten-, see also segn- -Hoe, CP. 

geanbde f f . duj^ieate charter, counterpart, gaarlfee = gearolibe 

gtanoyme ($) m. meeting, EPs63*,ABSHy : gfannAIiim year by year, MxT 1*. 

coming back, return : *adinventio, * RHy 1^ giarmareet n. annual fair, TC372^. 

gtoneyrr m. ( -cymes T f. RPslS^) meeting, gearn (e) n. *yam,' spun unol, Gl. 

8Ps 18* : return. [* gainchare '] gearnf ul (NG) = geomf ol 

giantser n. going again, return. gearnung =geomang 

gteogang (fi) r€/tini/ LL8[841. gearnwlnda f. yam-winder, reel, Gl,LL 

gtongewrlt (S) *rescriptio, * OEG862. 466[16]. 

gfenhweortan* to return, HGl. gaaro (geara) L (wk gearwa) gsmn. -(o)wes ; 

gfonhworf ennes f . return, HGl470. asm. gearone ; napn. geam prepared, ready ^ 

gfenliwurf m. retem, OEG669. equipped, finished, OsB^Vf, [*yore*] II.— 

gtonhwyrtt (fi) m. turning again, LPs 125^. gearwe adv. 

giannes f. meeting, HGl613. gtaro =g6ara 

gfenotf? complaint, OEG xiv. [Chlh. gaarolirygd f. gukk movement, deft playing 

gaundVos] (of an instrument), Cba 50. 

gtonryne m. meeting, ERLPs58*. gearofolm wUh ready hand, B2085. 

gtonttngian to reply, Gek 1009. gearonce readily, fully, clearly. 

gaanwyrde known, acknowledged, confessed, gearor oomp. of gearo adj. and oearwe adv. 

gtap I. {&, e) open, wide, extensive, broad, gearo-snotor, -snottorf very ski^U 

spacious, lofty, steep, deep : bent, crooked : gaaroVonool ready-Ufitted, «fuD342. 

deceitful, cunning. II. pret. 3 sg. of gSopan. gearowes gsmn. of gearo. 

gCi^ies (gs. of sSap) adv. wide. gearowlta m. intelleet, understanding. Bo. 

gfeplic £ceitfia, cunning, M. adv. -lice, JR. gearowttolnes (a*) f . sagacity, W53^*. 

gtepneb adj. {epithet of corslet) meshed, gearowyrdlg ready o/ «peecA. 

Wald 2^* ( ? = *gSapweb wide-meshed). gtarrim n. number of years, AO. 

-giapnes v. wer-g. gtartorht perennially bright, Gsn1561. 

gftapsolpe m. cleverness, cunning, craft, gtarVtaung i aimiiaZ Mrv»ce, LL382[38]. 

deceit, trickery, artifice, M. gearu^gearo; gearw-=ffearaw- 

gii4>web T. geapneb. gearugangende going sunfUy, Rd41^*. 

gear pret. 3 sg. of georran. geariiw-=gearw- 

gAar (S, ft) nm. *^year, ' iB,AO,CP. id gSare gearwan = gierwan 

in this year : yearly tribute : name of the rune gearwanlM =georman]&if 

/org. gearwe I. adv. oomp. gear(w)or; sup. 

geara =ffearwe; geara- =gfMro- gear(w)06t weU, effeetuaXUi, sufficiently, 

glara of 'yore,* formerly, in former times, thorouahly, entirely, M,A0,CP. [Oer. gar] 

once, lon^ Mnes, AO,CP. (gp. ofgSar) Il.f i. (nsa. pi.) clothing, eguipment. 




omametUf trappings^ ham€99, armow. 

III. (a, »)f. *yarrow,* LoDUTa. 
dbffearwlan (», e, i, ie» j) to tquip, prepam, 

make ready, M,CP : conetrud, erect, make i 

procure, eupply : chihe, adorn, 
±f awwuiig £ prtparaiion : ixmMceve. 
gMTWungtog (60^) m. parasceve, JnB. 
+Cawwaiigii« f. preparaiion. 
fwrwutol dMMtere, LkL19*>^. 
(•MOMft ▼. gtetoeait. 
giMBf (J«Z)=gAnie 
f mU n. (», e) DAD. gsta (gefttii VPs) 'yale/ 

dcwr, opening, A,BH,m,Q; AO,GP; Mdl. 
gtet pret. 3 ag. of gSotan. 
fffatan {A, S, So) lo eay *yea, ' eoiMen^, yroiU, 

eonflrm, [oSa] 
gMktoUet aaonie(2» epiendid, magnifictdU^ 

gMUtorrt m. gate-tower. 

gaatwft = geatwe 

geatwMH to e^ip, Rd29'. 

gdfttwa fp. arfvM, equipmente, trappinge, 

omamente: organe, membere, 
gMtweard m. gate'iseeper, door-keeper, 

porter, Jn. Vgateward*] 
gta^t ^ fooUAneee, mockery, [gSao] 
gobeUlo (0£T,Cp881) =gafoUio 
gto (OET)==^oo; geoel, geoile (GL)=gio6l 
g0d =g0d, gidd ; geddXgidd 
f6dertan = (l)gaderiAa; (2)deriaa 


gef»(l)gealpret.8Bg.ofgiefan; (2)(N)gil 
get- = gief . ; gIglOM = gtegliflo. 
gegii=gfo; gegn- see abo gfon-. 
gegnowlde m. rtpHy, anewer, retort : (in pL) 

+gflgiilan to meet, DR. 
gagnlnga = gegnon^a 
gagnpfl^ m. opposing path, Rd 16*. 
gtgnslege m. latUe, An 1358. 
gagnumt adv. avjay, forwarda, straight on, 

gegnunga adv. immediately, dirtetiy : eer- 

totnjy, plainly, precieely : completely, fiiUy. 
gegotr=geogu9; geher (NG)=ter 
g^holsgeohol, gdol 
gafafVuf (eo» i) f. care, anxiety, grief. 
g«ld ^ gield ; gold- = gild-, gyld- 
gtlde eterile, WW226»; 3M'*. 
gaU-zsgeall-, giell- 
gellet n? bowl, Lod 122a. 
gatansgilm; gelosgeola 
g0lostr=g6ol0ter; gelp^gielp 
g«sa==gAl8a; gett(KGL)=gylt 
gima-sgfeme-; gSmerlan=gdoiniia]i 
gammesamm; gAiiiiiM(VP8)=giemenet 
gemst&n (£S 7* 134 ) s gimmstan 
gtrnung (6a, i, y) I. marriage, MtR,DR. 
gimttngUn to marry, DR109^^ 
gfmuagUe nuptial, MtR,DR. 
gSn !• (ie) (A, rare in prose) adv. yet, now, 

etiU, again : further, besides, also, moreover : 

hitherto. II. adj. direct. 
giii-=g6an-, gSgn-;. glmsgto L 


gende sgengde pret. 3 ig. of gengan. 
g#nde=sg<Uende t. gdian. 
gang I.=sgeoiig. ILsgang. IIL pret. 
3 ag. of gansan. 

+g6iiga m. falow4raveUer, companion, W. 
gangmn, pret. gen^e to go. Fgong] 
i:geiig6 I. prevaihng, effectwui^ appropriate, 
BH,Qu. l^genge'] II. n. troop, Chr; 
PBO.W : privy. Vging*] 
-gangal v. mter-, f or(e)-g. 
ganlgandsgimend pres. pto. of ginian. 
gtao, gfoa=g6n 

gio (In) adv. once^ormerly, of old, before, 

already, earlier, CP (^). [Ooih. jn] 

gooo n. *yoke,* ^,AO,CP : yoke of oxen : 

a measure of land, GET (Ct) : consort, NG. 

gCoe (teo) 1 help, support, rescue : safety : 

gaooboga m. yoke-itow, yoke. 
glooandt m. preserver, Saviour. 
gaoelan (ino-) to yoke, join together, 
gloataui (w. g. or d.) to preserve, rescue, 
gaooled n. geooleta (ioo-) m. a measure of 

land, GET (Ct), v. i2L2-627. 
gtooort harsh, terrible : bitter, sad. ady. 

gaooM m. scb, Mst2*. 
geoostao4ia pairt of a yoke (8wt), bdU of a door, 

bar (BT), Gl. [atiooa] 
gaoeaung f. sobbing, Wwl79«. 
geootlma (ioo-) m. animal yoked with an- 
other, WW 106*. 

gtodAd (m-) f . deed of old, former deed. 
gaof=gii; gaol-=gief-,gif- 
geofana gp. of geofusgiefn 
geofon (i, y)t n. ocean, sea. 
geofonlldd m. ocean flood, A£l26. 
gaofonlitia n. ship, Gsirl321. 
gto-giara, -geare adv. of old. 
gtoglare, gSpgelero m. juggler, magician, 
W98*;HGl. [(?er. gankler] 
googoK (iB,AO)M;eoffatS 
gaoguV f. *youth,^ M : youna people, CP : 
junior warriors (as opposed to dnguV) : 
young of cattle. 
geogiroonM n. young offspring, Rd 16^. 
gaoguVfeorht n. time of youth. 
g60gut$-lild m., -hadnea f. state of youth, 
gaoguffUo youthful. 
gaogu9luat m. youthful lust, Bl60*. 
gaoguVmyitS f. joy of youth, Rd39*. 
geogttVtMVung i. tithe of calves. 
gaoliol, geohhol = gSol ; geoh(h)al- = g5ol- 
goohsa = goooaa 

gaoht (iuEt) n. yoke, y, 0EG7^. 

gholjL,gMAm,'Tule''tide, Christmas, fir- 
ra gSoia December, wf tera sSola January 
geoio»=geolooa; gaolds gield 



fioldsBg (geoh(h)el-) m. TuU'dafp da^ at 

gtoltan (ia-) n. reward for ptui dud, Wald 

g60l6ea=geolooa; geol«riad=geolnr6ad 

geoltattor = geoJster 

ftobndiiaiS (iul-) m. Ikeember. 


geolooa, geol(e)oa m. ^ffM^* M. [geolal 

gaoloraiidt nu (melder covered tmS ffeUow 

geol-fiw, -stor mn. maUer, pue^ poieon^ 

poi9onou8 humour, diaeaeet OEG. 
gtoMrlg eeereting poison, parulent, OEG. 
gMlu gmn. geolwee *ffdlow.' 

geoltthwlt pale yellow, 

geolurted reddish yellow, WWZ7S^. 
±g90l9rtan to become yeUow, 
gtemann (ia)t m. man of poet limee. 
giomiowle (io)t f. aged wifef B. 
giomer- =g6omor-, geomr- 
%hommtToMed,ead,mi9eraiU, adv. -more. 
gtanorMd very old, GKir2224. 
gtomorglddt n. dirge, degy. 
giomorlie sad, painfvl, AG. adv. -lioe. 
gfiomomiM eorrowfyJL, ^. 
gtanoniM 1 tribuLxUon, LP8ll8^«>. 
gfomorung -gtemroDg 
gtamrlan to be aad, eon^piam, lameni, bewail, 

mowm, M,AO,CP. 
gtanruDg f. lamentation, groaning,moaning, 

grief, M. 
gtanur =gSomor 
geon adv. *yon,* GP. 
geoii-=geoad-; gtena (NG) ^gena, gSn 
geonaV pres. 3 Bg. of geoniao. 
geond (e, i, y) I. prep. (w. a. and, rarely, d.) 

ihroughottt, through, over, geond... innaii 

throughout : up to, as far a$, during. II. adv. 

yonder, thOher. 
gaondan prep. (w. a.) beyond. 
geondblgwan' (i^) to inspire, iUuminaU. 
geondbrSdan to spread over, cover entirely, 

geonddrenoan (i^) to drink excessively, get 

drunk, KGl68<*. 
geondeardlan to inhabit, BPs32*. 
geondfaran' to traverse, pervade, M. 
goondftolan* (only in pp. geondfolen) to fill 

completely. Gen 43. 

geondf iran to traverse : surpass, ML2Zh^. 
geondfldwan' to flow over or through, Hxll 

geondfolen v. geondfdolan. 
geond-gin any., -gangan' to traverse, go 

geondgiotan* to pour, pour upon, suffuse, M, 
geondhweorfan't to traverse, pass over, pass 

geondhyrdan to harden thoroughly, 
geondiican' to traverse, flow over. 
geondleoean to water, LPs 103^*. 
geond-lecenng (gynd-) t moistening, water- 
ing, Bo2V. 

gtond-Hhtan (GP), -Ij^htan to illuminate, 

enlighten, OP. 
gaondllhteiid m. illuminator, DHyl28*. 
geondmengan to confuse, bewilder, Sol69. 
geondsftwan' to strew, scatter. 
geoadaoiawlan to survey, consider, reflect 

upon, review. 
geondsclnan^ to shine upon, illuminate. 
geondseifSan* to pass through, traverse, 

stride to and fro, MFH 163 ; W250*. 
geondacrttftng f. course, passage, OEG 263. 
geond-aftean pret 3 eg. -edhte to search 

thoroughly : pervade. 
geondsendanf to overspread. 
geowbfon* to examine, B3087. 
geondamiagan to investigate, examine. 

geondspAtan to squirt through, Lci>78a. 

geondaiurengan to besprinkU. 

geondsprlngan* to penetrate, OEG 2840. 

geondfprQtan* to pervade, Cb42. 

geond<4piiriiaii, -epymian to cause to stumble 

geond-«tr^gdan, -atr&lan to scatter, suffuse, 
besprinkle, M. 

geonda(;yrlan to stir «p, agitate, Mrr6". 

geondffencanf to reflect upon, consider. 

geondwadan* (P) to know thoroughly, be 
versed in, GPiM*. 

geondwOtan^ to look over, contemplate, 
examine, scan. 

geondyrnan* to run over, JEQjai271*. 

geong L (e, i, n) oomp. gingra; supwL 
gingeet 'young,' youthful, MJlO,CP : re- 
cent, new, fresh : (enperl.) fa«C, B. II. (NG) 
=gang. IIL=geng pret. 3 eg. of gangan. 


geongerdom =geongorddm 

geongewlfre =gangewi£re 

geonglAean (gyng-, inng-) to pass one's 
yoiOi, HGl608;O£G4361. 

geongtto young, youthful, M. 

geongileaes i. youth. 

geongling (in-) m. youJIh, ^Gb3^ 

geongordomf, geongoraoipet m. diedpU- 
ship, aUegiance. [08. jungarddm; jon- 

geongra (i) m. youth : disciple, - follower, 
dependant, servant, vassal, AO : assistant, 
deputy. [Oer. j&iger] 

geongre (i) f. female attendant, assistant, 
deputy, JnDl32. 


geonUc (M!F103*)=:geongUc7 

geonof er adv. thither. 

geonadf m. departure hence, death, MFH 163. 

geonung s=ginang 

gtepan' to absorb, swaUow, Bn 24*. 

geormanltaf n. mallow. 

geormenletle mallow, WWISS^. 

georn I. (uen. w. g.) desirous, eager, earnest, 
diligent, studious, AO,GP. [Cfer. gem] 
II.=geam pret. 3 ag. of +ieman. 

geornan = gieman 




georne adv. eagerly^ zeakmsly, eamuO/jf, 

gladlv^ M,AO,CP i tueS, carefuOf, earn- 

pUtdy, exactly, M. [Oer. gem] 
geornet = geonm eB 
gaornaste (WW409^)=eonio8te 
georn-ful, -faUio denraus, eager, zedlaue^ 

dOigetU, AO,GP. ady. -Hoe, M. 
geornfiiliies f. eagerness, zeal, dUigenee, 

iB,AO,CP : desire, 
gaomiMi =siemAn 
gaornllc aaj. desirable^ AO. adv. -Hoe 

zealously, eamesUy, diUgenUy, carefully, 

geomnai f. zeal, industry : evil desire, lust, 

wickedness, NG. 
geornung f. yearning, desire : dUigenee. 
geomuat- = ecmiost- 
georowyrde (BH)=:gearowyrd2g 
geoRan=g3mran; gM»Bt=gOT8t 
geontaiidng snentandaff 
geontu inter]. 0/ VPs. Hileran] 
gtoMeaft !. destiny, fate, B 1234. 
g«OM«aftgift m. doomed spirit, 31206. 
geoatra, geoetran (ie, ei, y) *yester*{-day, 

-night). [Oer. geetem] 
gtot=giet; -gtota V. lead-g. 
gfotan I. (8v*) to pour, pour forth, shed, AO, 

CP : flow, flood, overwhelm : (±) found, casL 

[Oer, giesaen] IL=g6atan 
gfotend m. artery, WW352*>. 
gtotenlle molten, fluid, GPH 394. 
gfotora m. founder {of metal), A054. 
-gfottng y. in-, on-g. 
gtetton pret. pi. of gSotan II. 
geo9tt=ffeohtfa=geh9ii; giow=gfw 
giowar (GPH 395}= Sower 
gtewlan = +eowan = +iewan 
gfowlna (in) m. departed friend, Sbat92. 
gaoza=geoc8a; gli»^geap 
gar- = gear-, gearw-.gier-; gtofsi^gSar 
gard=gierd; gard-=gyTd- 
garaw-, gerw- =gearw- 
garnwlnda =geamwinde 
gtaetpa m. jestf Bncll. 
gte y. gds; gaaoa, geeoea=geoo8a 
gisa (i, y) ady. 'yes, * [g 6a, sw a] 
gaaan erUrails, iniesUnes, WW 231**. 
gMna, gSene=gfi8ne 

gaat,gS8t= meat, gist; gaBt-=gfiat-, gieat- 
gtetanda(OEG2499)=yBtende; gat=geat 
git I.=ff£t nap. of gai. IL=gSat pret. 

3 8g. of gSotan. III. (VPs), g«ta=giet, 

g«ten L to destroy, hill, B2940 (or? gr«tan). 

gitanwyrda consenting, agreeing, [gSatan] 
gl- (NG, etc.)=ge-; gib=gif 
glocan to *t(e)k,* Led. 
gkoee 'itch,' LnBZ* iy). 
glaolg purulent, HGl453. 
glaal, gicela (y) m. icide, ice, DD,WW. 

gioalgabland n. frost, RHyT^. 
glaatig gladtd, icy, OEG. 

glcalatiB m. hailstone. 

glcanaa (y) f. itching, Oeh, Gl. 

gMa (ie, io, y) m. scab, Ueh, itching, M,CP : 

hiccough, Ijod, 
gld-=:gyd-; gld-=git- 
gtdd (e, ie, y ) n. song, poem : saying, proverb, 

riddle : speech, story, tale, narrative. 
±glddlaii (ie) to speak formally, discuss : 

speak with aBiteration, recite, sing, AO. 
gtddung f . utterance, saying, prophecy, song, 

poetry, poetical recitation, metre, M^. 
gla=g6; gla0lSa(CP)=:gio«at gladd$a4gidd 
glaf (rare EWS)=:ffif ; giat-=g^- 
glala (eo, i, y) m. donor, CP. 
gtatan* (e, eo, io; ea, ia(A), i, y) w. d. and a. 

to 'give,* bestow, BJ3ol;AO,CP : commit, 

entrust, Da : give in marriage, Chr, 
glaf and (e) m. giver, DR. 
glaf arnaa (CP) = gif emea 
giafl (i, y) n. morsel, food. 
glaf naa (e) f. pardon, DR. 
giafu (e, eo, i, y) f. gift, B,Bo,Mt;AO,CP, 

td fneie, gief es gratis, freely : favour, grace, 

Bljjk : name of the rune for g. ['give*] 
glald ifeo, i) n. service, offering, worship, 

sacri^ce : money-payment, tax, tribute, 

compensation, suMitute : guUd, brother* 

hood ' idol ood 
±glaldan* (e, i/ y) to 'yield,* pay, AO, 

CP : pay for : reward, requite, render, AO, 

CP : worship, serve, sacrifice to : punish, 
-^aldara (y) y. galol-g. 
glaldm=ielara oomp. of eald. 
-gialla (e, i) y. atan-g. 
glallan* (e, i, y) to 'yell,* sound, shout. 
gialp (e, i, y ) mn. boasting, pride, arrogance : 

fame, glory, AO. 

gla^an* (i, y) to 6aM«, eawtt, CP. ['yeip'] 
gfaipcwldaf m. boastful speech, 
glalpan (i) boastful, CP. 
glalpgaorn (i, y) eager for glory, BH92*. 
glalpgaomas (i) f. desire for glory, W. 
gtalphlsBdan (i) boastful, B^eS, 
glaUiIng (y) f. glory, Sol44^^ 
glalpUe (i) vaingloriotts,boastful : ostentatious, 

showy, ady. -lioe. 
glalpna (i) m. boaster, CP. 
glalpplaga (y) m. war. Ex 240. 
glalpaaaaVat (^> ^*) ^' arrogant, boastfui 

glalpaprAe f. boastful speech, B981. 
gia^word (y) n. boast, AO. 
gialt=:gylt; glams=gimm 
gienian (e, I, y) (w. g. or a.) to care for, heal, 

CP : take notice of, take heed to, regard, 

observe, AO,CP. 
glama f . care. 
^amaltas (S, y ) careless, neglected, stray, CP: 

incurable, MtL p20u. 
glamalSaslan to neglect, despise. 
glamaliaslle careless, CP. ady. Uce. 
glamaltaanaa (S, y) f. negligence, BH242>*. 
glama-ltait, -Heat f. carelessness, neglect, 



134 GDIAN 

gltmen (%, 1, f) f. care, oveniglU, hud, gUn umfid, ^,^27^ ; W. 

dUigenee, m/e, AO.GP. gOn grudf, rapacious, raventmt, CP : 

gl«iii«nd (f) m. goven%cr. So 117^. desirous of. 

ileiii(e)nM (e) f. ears, anxiety, DR,NG. gUtoMtt m. present, B378. 
gl«mliig f. eare, anxitiy, CP 129**. gifitdlt m. mft-seat, throne. 

glen, glen»=g&i, gSna; glendsgeond gift (y) ni. what is given, price, *gift,* 

flendan ▼. gynde; gfeng^geong portion, marriage gift (by the bridegroom), 

glerd (ea, i, j) t *pard,* rod, staff, twig, CP : dcwnf : (pL) nuptials, wedding, marriage, 

rood {measure), [Oer. gerte] M. [giefan] 

flerede prefc. 3 fg. of sierwan. gUtbttr m. bride-ehamber, EPslS*. 

±gl«rela (e, i, y) m. dress, apparel, AO.CP. gItUllesgiftUc 

[gearwiao] glfaeorm f. marriage-Jeast, NC207. 

±gl«r(e)llaii (e) to dothe, gltOitlf (y) n. house at which a wedding is 

+glarallo (e) adj. of doihes, WW 603". being celebrated, Mt22M. 

giarlaii = gearwian gltttan (y ) to gite in marriage {of the woman), 

+gltriiig f. 'directio, ' RPs 138*. G. 

i:gi«riuui (eo, y) (w. g.) to 'yearn' for, strive, gtftttoV n. epithalamium, WW165**. 

be eager, desire, entreat, seek for, beg, glftUe nuptuU, belonging to a wedding, M, 

demand, AO,CP, [geomi gltn (iE)=ffiefu; glful^gifol 

-f gterneiidllo (y ) desirable, EPs 18". glTung (y ) ?. consent, BH 86**. 

glariiM =geome8 gig ((^ 142o) sgiw 

framing (CP) =sgeomang ; glamn -gyrran tip^t m. giant [L. gigantem] 
glentandflBg (eo, y) m. yurtertiay. [gieetran] g^antmsBCgm. «mo/ay»anl, Gbh1268. 
glarstentto adj. of yesterday, DHy47(eo). glgutt^eogaV; glliM=geoo0a 
±gl«rwaii (ea, y) to prepare : cook : deck, glhVa=giooa; glh9o=geh6a 

dress, clothe, AO,CP. gUd=gield; glld-=rgyld. 

glMt («, 9, i, y) m. * guest,* OenJiB{j) : ±gad {j)m* guild,* society, CU 

stranger, MtL{e)JBd{m) : (f) enemy, ±glQ6m m, mM%ber of a brotherhood of relaied 

gieattiQi {SB, y) n. * guest house,* Mk, persons, v. LL2-378; 446. 

glMtian (y) to lodge, be a guest. gUdan s (1) gieldan ; (2) gyldan 

glastig (e) adj. being a stranger, MiL26*'. gUddagat mp. guild-days, festival-days. 
glesttng (e) f. exile, Gl. glide ▼. twi-g. 

gtattnliig (e) f. hospitalUy, lodging, NC296. +gUdbaaU (y) f. guild-haU, KC4-277». 
glestran adv. yesterday. gUdlio adj. of a guild. 

gl6stnuiAf«B ZD. yesterday evening, adv. giNMMan (y) f. guild-membership, Ct. 

-fifene. dbgUdselpe m. guild, brotherhood, OtJLL, 

glet I. (6, I, y) adv. 'yet,* stiU, besides, VguUdship*] 

further, afain, moreover. tSh g. yet, stiU, gUdieatar (y) m. measure of bulk belonging to 

na g. unhl now. II. pret. 3 sg. <» gSotan. a corporate body, TC606; 611. 
gleta s gfet I. ; -gietan v. beg. glDaa = gieUan 

glettere, gletdan=giteere,j^t8]an gUUiter n. giUktre, f. p!klegm, pus, matter , 

gH (e, ie, y) conj. (w. inf or rabj.) '•/,* Lod. [«geolBterl 

B,0, efe. ; CP : whether, though, B. gUm, gilma (e) m. handful : sheaf, 

gito, gifan ^giefa, giefan gUp^gielp ; gllt^ gylt 

gifeet (Gl) sgefeoht ; gifel ^giefl gUte f. young mn0» WW 119'*. 

glfen I. pp. of giefan. Il.=^Qfon glms=gimm; glni-=glem- 

gtter m. glutton. Soul 118. gimbAre gem-bearing, OEG. 

gttere =gffre glmeynn n. precious stone, gem, 

gnerBoe greedily. gimftoat (B 1272) =ginf«ftt 

gUemes f. gnediness, ghUtony, avariu, glmm (y) m. (occl. nap. gimme) preeioiue 

M,CP. stone,* gem,* jewel, JB,Bl,VPs;CB: {'t)sun, 

gIffliiBe L granted by fate, given, II. n. fate, star. [L, gemma] 

2o<, B3086. glnaalkuik to adorn with gems. 

giftatt endowed, talented : (w. g.) capable of. glmm^ee jeweXled, Nar6'*. 
gffheail f. haU in which gifts were bestowed, gimreoed n. bejewelled haU, palace, MvrS**. 

B 838. gimrodor m. draeonite {precious stone), OEG. 

glflan (ea, eo) to present, endow : glorify, DB gtanitftn m. stone capable of being made into 

IS^* I (+) wait for, expetlt DB20*. a gem. Jewel, JS; AG. [^gemstone*] 

glflgricA, A 11-171. gljnuiig=g6miuig 

gifl = giefl gtmwyrhta m. Jeweller, M (y ). 

gif neef f. grace, favour. gin I. n. yawning deep. Ex 430. II. adj. = 

glfol liberal, generous, bountiful, CP. ginn 

glfola m. giver, AS 2^*. gbi, g!ha=gSn, gSna 

gifolnot (io) f. UberaUiy, gliian^ to yawn. 


glnd^eond agruable,Ps, Vidy. -Jloe* gladly,* joyfully , 

glnfaBstf ample, liberal, [ginn] kindly^ willingly, BH, 

Slng» gingetit v. geong. gtodmod glad-kearied, cheerful, joyous : 

glngl-ber, -fer(e) f. * ginger,* Led. kind, gracious. 

glngn I. (M) V. geong. II. =geongra glAdmMnes f . kindness, bounty, CP391'. 

glngre sgeongre ftodnet f . * gladness, * joy, BE; ^,DR( + ). 

glnian (eo, y) to ^yawn,* gape, make a noise, gtodsclpe m. gladness, joy. 

AO. [g&um] gUMstede=fflSd8tede 

ginnlf spacious, toide, ample. glAmf m. gleam,* brUUance, brightness, 
glBiian=oiiginnan splendour, beauty, Qen,Jvl : a brilliant 

glnnes f. gap, inUrval, Cp373i. light, Qu. 

glnnt»st=giiif»et gtong^gleng 

glnnwbed (y) very wise, Gxr839 T gl»r m. amber, resin, WW. 

glnuog (eo, y) f. gaping, yauming, Gl. gtoren vitreous, glassy. [gl»s] 

glo)=(geo; glofol^gifol glsM n. nap. elasa, and (once) gUaaas (GPH 

globtuid =geogntSHad ; glow -glw 397) ^ glass, Bo,Cr ; M. 

glowlaii (BG)=giwian gtosen of glass, glassy , Bl. p^^ewMn*] 

gipung =gypang glanenfage grey-eyed, WW41 6^ 

glr^ =geanr-, geor-, gie r-, gyr- glttsfnt n. glass (vessel), BH398* (o,B). 

gird =gierd ; c^en ( vPs) =giin gtesful m. a glassful, BH398* (t). 

glntUtuiig = giistbitong glSMhllltor cleair, laranspar eiU. 

glrwan sgearwian glnteriao to glitter, 0£G,WW. 

•f gbean to dose, bolt, bar, Gl. gteterung f. shining, RPs48^*. 

glselan to sob. Bo 8*. gtotUo = eledlio ; glAw = gleaw 

glM sgSse glappe f. ourdoek, buckbeanf LoD. 

gbl, gisel m. hostage, AO. [Oer. geisel] glasu v. gins; gliw=gldaw 

gbUiAd m. state of being a hostage, Gp99o. gltam m? nT revelry, joy, Gkk 12. 

gbUan to give, hostages, Ghb. gltew (I, A, 8) penetrating, prudent, wise, 

gist I. m. * yeast,* froth, LcD. II.=:gnet skilful,G,VPs;M,AO,CP:Wgood. adv.^ 

gist- = gsMt-, gieflt- ; gbt = yst gl towf erhVf prudent. 

gbtran=geoetran; gtiiUDg=git6nng gltewhyogende}, gleawhfdigt thoughtful, 

git dnal of pron. 2 pen. (9u); a. incer; d. wise, prudent. 

inc ; a. mc(it) you two. git Johannift thou gl€awUo {ib, $o) wise, prudent, diligent, adv. 

and John. -lloo. 

git, g!ta = giet, gleta ; gltrlle = gitSrif e glfowmM wise, sagacious, CP. 

gitsere m. miser, M,CP. glSawnes (») f. wisdom, prudence, pene- 
gitsAuk if) to be greedy, long for, covet, M,CP: tration, A. 

(+) attain, CP364**. [Ger. geisen] gifowictpe m. wisdom, thcughtfulness, dili- 
gltslendUo tn«atta62f, RPslOO*. gence : proof, indication. 

gttsung (y) f. avarice, greediness, covetous* gl5d (oe) f. glowing coal, ember, fire, flame, 

ness, desire, CP. PsiM. [gldwan; *gleed*] 

glS- =srffi' ; gltSu =geh9ti +glMan to make hot, kindle. 

glu (^)^g6o ; glu- = ffeo- gladdlan to sprinkle, throw over, LcD 3*292^'. 

GIullDg July, (^ 70q (A20-137). glMegau m. fiery terror, B 2650. 

gfw (oo) m. griffin, vttUure, WW 258'. gledene sglodene 

rtglwUn (T? v. A 16*98) to ask, NG. glMfest n. chafing-dish, LoD 123b. 

glwung f. petition, N. gledlne = glndene 

glid pret. 3 sg. of glidan. glednet (KGl) =gl»dne8 

glad- T. glsBd. gIMseofl (oe) f. fire-shovel, Cp7u. 

gladlan (ea) (t) ^ gleam, glisten : (±) intr. glidstedef m. (war. 

be glad, rejoice, JnLR,Lcd : (:t) tr. gladden, glemm m? blemish, spot, W67'. 

rejoice, gratify, appease, JB, VPs. [* glad '] glenean = glengan 

gladlne =glndene glendran to dwour, suhUIow, MtR. 

gladung f. rejoicing, RB. [* gladding*] +glendrlan to precipitate, IJeL4**. 

glasd I. (glad- in obi. cases) (t) bright, gleng mf. (nap. gleng(e)a8, ^lenge, glenga) 

shining, briUianl, gleaming, iSfen,Ph,Sol : ornament, honour, CP : building, NG. 

cheerful, *glad,* joyous, Cr; M,CP : ±glengan (a) to adorn, decorate, ML : trim 

pleasant, kind, gracious, M,B,Q. II* n. {}afmp)\(-\-)sei in o/rdtr, compose. 

joy, gladness, Wy68. gleDge= gleng 

glflodene (a, e) f. iris, gladiduJi, GI;Jjcd. +glengendllo magnificent, brilliant, adv 

Vgladdon*] -lice, OEG1202. 

glAdestede = glSdstede glengtul decked out, adorned, GPH 395. 

glSBdlne (Gl) = gl»dene glengUe = glengendlic ; glentrtan-eglendran 

glSBdllfi bright, shining, Wid i pleasant, glte)=^liw; gltet (▼. late)=gleowlL 


glaorau f. splendour, RiTiir34T fnasfensgntgen pp. of gnagML 

g^9ow L -gliw. IL piet. 3 ag. of c^wuu fiwt m. *gnai, * mtdge, AO^LcdfMU 

gltow- =glfow-, gHw- fiiacmii* to 'gnaw. * AfiiJ>D. 

gllMUi to ffloBs, iBGR293". [L, gloBu] -ffnlst v. fyr-ff. 

gliflBC f. ghasing. exptanaiion, tramdaUom^ gn%aX niggardly, B,BHz/nLgai, [▼. ^gnede*] 

i&GB293^«. ffnfeVllonM f. fnigalUg, OEG2437. 

i^Mr=gltew fnM« seaniy, svaring, WW. adr. -lioe, 

fib (OE03173) =g%a gp. of gUg. GD. [v. *gneihen 

glMa (io) m. kiU. vuSure, H/Tp. VgUdt*] gn«8«llenet=giiteo]ioiiM 

^gnOtiuai^io'gUde,* dip^Mle^Anfii M^6, gnUdtn modertUe, modesL 

CP : glide away, vanish, gnCViiw f . frugality : MOfetty. 

gUddw dippery, VHy. VgUdder*] gnidaiii to ni6, gnnd together, erwmbU, lA; 

gnddrton to slip, be ymsUMe, OEG4104. MJiO. Vg^^*] 

gUdw ( 1F239'«) =:gl]dder gnMU m? rubber, pestU, Cp440p. 

gllilcruiif (y) f. phantom, WW40l^. fait pns. 3 ag. of gnldan. 

gBgi^VLw gndgoB prot. pL of gnagan. 

gllnd m. hedge, fence, BC 1>296. gnoriit I* *fd, sorrowful, troubled, depressed. 

gUoda (Cp) =g^da IL m. sadness, sorrow, trouble. 

g!UlMnto'glitier,WW, Vgliee*} fnoriiaii=gnaniian 

gltanlan (y) to * glisten,* gleam, (flitter, 8hr, gnorneMrfg sad, troubled, Ji7l620. 

Bun. gDorngmnsgnomian 

gat pres. 3 0g. of glidan. gnomlioft n* prison, eelL 

gtttenlan to glitter, shine. gnornlan to 6e sad, murmur, complain, 

gUtenung f. coruscation, gleam. mourn, lament, arieve, CP. 

gilttn- = gliten- gnornieandenda hastening away in sadness, 

gBm (So, ]g, io» !a, Sow) n. *glee,* pleasure^ PPs89^. [aoyndan] 

mirA, play, sport, Ph : music. On. gnoniioift {* sadness, sorrow. 

gllwbeam (ig) m. musiccU instrument, harp, gnornung (e) f. sadness, sorrow, lamentation, 

timbrel, LKSPs 149*. iS,AO,GP. 

gllwbydeiiMtro (y) f. female musician, LPs gnomwordt n. sad speech, lamentation. 

67>*. gnuddian to rub, OEG56**. 

gDwenDlt m. music, minstrelsy. gnyrmn sgnjTran 

gDweiim *lt&m/ LPsl46>*(f). fnynit f. sadness, mourning, calamity : 

gOwdrtan (eo) m. music, mirth, B3021. wrong, insult, fauU, 62emM. [gnom] 

^were m. buffoon, parasite, OEG. gnyrnwneu f. revenge, enmi^. El 359. 

gOwgamen (ig) n. revelry, W46^*. gnyrran to grind the teiOh, W138'* : creaky 

gOwgeorn (|g) fond of ^port^ Lod. 

gDwhlMlXrlaiidlle muneaZ, WW 446**. +giiyMii=ony88an; gn^Ka—gnSatS 

gnwtan to make merry, jest, play (music), gteff 3 p. sg. pres. of g6ian. 

sing, BH{^)J0L : adorn, Bd27^. Vglew*] gte=g«oo 

gnwlend m. performer, player, SPsd?". God m. Dp. -as, -a a *god,* image of a god, 

glIwliigiiian(OEG60*)T=ffl!wmaii JS,JuIJjL,Ps ;A0 : Ood, the (Christian) 

gDwlic mimic, comic, GPH396. Deity, jE,BH; CP. 

gDwmAdeii (ie) n. female musician, ERPs g6d I. comp. bet(e)ra, bettra, raperl. 

67**. bet(e)«t *good* (of persons or things), 

gDwinaii m. *glee man, * min^el, player, virtuous, B,Bl,Chr,6 : desirable, favourable, 

jester, B(^) ; CP,WW(ig). salutary, pleasant, Bl : valid, efficient, suit- 

gllwre=gliwere able, A2,Jul,Lcd : considerable, suffieienUy 

gOwstaet m. melody, joy, Wa62, great, Chr. II. n. good thing, advantage, 

gllwitdl m. seat of joy, Rd88*. benefit, gift, B,Bl,Mt\ M,AO,C? : 'good,* 

gllwuDg f . boisterous laughter, OEG 1472. goodness, welfare, CP : ability, doughtiness : 

gllwword (Sow) n. song, poem. Met 7*. goods, property, wealth , CP. 

gat, gl5fe f. *glove,* B,Outh. foxM g. godasppel m. quince, WW364>«. [->cod- 

foxglove. dnppel] 

+gl6fed gloved, AS 42^^. godbearn n. divine child. Son of Ood : god- 

gldtung f. supplying with gloves, LL450[10]. child, W. [*fodbaim*] 

glotwyrt f. glovwort, dog*s tongue, lily of the godborg m? solemn pledge (given in church f), 

valley, Lod. LL 18[33] ; 66[33] and ▼. 2-332,ld. 

glSm m? gloaming, twilight, Cbsat71. godbdt f. atonement, LL268[511. 

gldmung f. * gloaming,* twilight, VHy. godound religious^ sacred, divine, heaven' 

l^awan? to 'flow,* JS,OBO. sent, Oen,Chr; M,CP. ['godcund*} 

gldwende 'glowing, * burning, LcdSOh. godoundlle divine, ^,CP. adv. -lice divine^ 

g|y-=:gU- ly, /E : canonicaMy. 

gnid prei. 3 tg. of gnldan. godoundnuBht n? divine majesty, HtL. 


godouikbiM f. divin€ nahure, divimUif^ Ood- godwnMlIe impiaiu, OD232^*. 

head, JBJjcd : divine service, [*ffodcinid' godwnmkmtvfichedneee, impiety, 3^101^*3,, 

neee^'i gofol=gafol 

gMdJM f . good work. Or i benefit, PPe. g«an to lament, NC346 ; JAW 27. 

goddohtor f. 'ffoddauffhter,* CU C« pret. 3 eg. of galan. 

gddddndt m. (nap. g6ddend) doer of good, gold n. *gM,* JB,OBT; CP. 

6ene/aclor . goldAht f . weaUh in gM, B 2748. 

goddriamt m. joy of heaven. goMbeoriitt l>rieht with gold, 

goda- = god- goMUteh n. gOden h^e, WW 140^. 

godtodar m. Qod the Father : *godfather,' goMiMiiui m. goiden bloomf W261U; Ifo 

CtJLL. 105». 

godtraonaa (BRld^*) ==godwnonfla goMbvift £. city in which gM is givenf rick 

gMframmand m. doer of good? B299. eityf 

fSO^tpfhX(e,i) godfearing, pio/ne, An, Vgod- golda f. *s6Ueguia,* heUotropef marigoldf 

fright*] WWdOlK VgM'} 

godgald=godgield golda- sgold- 

godgaaprftca (BH) =god8pi«ca goMan pp. of gieldan. 

godglald (d>, i*, ▼*) n. hetUhen god, idol, AG. goMfflatt n- ffo^en vessel 
godgUdlio 0/ ufo2«, WW4661*. goldffttad plated or adorned with gM, 

godglm m. heavenly jewel f El 1 1 14. LL4eO[lQH]. 

gomd m. divine nature, CP26U^ goUflg variegated with gM, ehining with 
gddton to improve, get better, Chrjjcd : make gM, 

beUeri(±) endow, enrich, KCiM, ['^omI*] goldfall n. 0oU p2ate» WW368U. [?a-*gold. 
godlng m. Son of Ood, LkR4^. Sell] 

g6dlir f. good teaching, LL304B. goldflna m. * goldfinch,* WW, 

gMltaa bad, evU, BH, i'goodless*] goldflngar m. ring-finger, 

gddUe * goodly,* excellent, Oen : comely, fair, goJdtraatwa fp. gM orna ments, 

QPH394. gfOatylA covered with gM, WW SW, [gold, 

godnuBgan n. divine power, divinity, fealdan] 

godmMor f. * godmother, ' 8hr. goldgaarwa fp. gM ornaments, KC20B. 

gMnaa f. virtue. Bo : goodwill, ben^eence, goldgawaban tooven with gM, OEQ4297. 

kindliness, BoJS, V goodness*] goMgawaoro n. golden object, MH222. 

godsAd n. {Ood*s seed), piety. Da 90. goMglafmt (i, j) m. gM-giver, prince, lord, 

gMsolpa m. kindness, DR, ['goodship*] goMhUtad gMm hiUed, Rd661«. 
godieyld f . sin offainsl Qod, impiety, Jx7i«204. goidhladan adorned with gM, For 13. 
godaoyldlg impious, Ou834. goldhoma m. gM-adomed coat of maH, 

godaibb m. sponsor, W. Vgossip*] £l992. 

godslbbidMan f . sponsorial obligations, goMtaord nm. treasure of gM, treasury, Bl, 

W228«. VPs;M,AO, 

gMapMlgt rieh, happy, goldliordbQi n. privy, WW 184^«. 

godapal n. glad tidings, Mt : one of Ike four goldliordtenfoeottect(recM«re,Aoard,Scl73". 

gospels, AniJ&,CB : ihe ^gospeT (for the goIdhrodantomamenterftpiiAyold. [hrSodan] 

day), Mt, goMhwnt areedyfor gM, 63074? 

godspalboduDg f. gospel-preaching, new dis» goMtofar f. gold plate, H0L4dl. 

pensation, ML2^*, goldltaf n. gM leaf or plate, W263*. [» Infer] 

godapallbdo f. book containing the four goldmaatlliig (e) n. brass, WW. [cp. Qer, 

gospels, LL, [* gospel-book*] mesBinff] 

godapallara m. * gospeller,* evangelist, Bl; goldmitnn m. erecMtir«, B2414. 

^,CP. goldmaatUng = goldxnttatling 

godfpalllan to preach the gospel, evangelite, golddra m. gM ore, OEG 1810. 

Ps; JR,CP, ['^o^pel*] goitealaf m. haU in which gM is distributed. 

godapall-la (JE), -iac evangelical, goktomlV m. * goldsmith,* JB, 

godipalltniht m. gospel commentary, goldamtVu f. goldsmith* s art, Wt73. 

godaprAca (§) n. oracle, BH. goldapUlg rich in gM, Jul 39. 

godaunu m. ' godson, * BH,Chr, goldtorfat bright like gold. Great 78. 

godVrymm m. divine majesty, goldViof in. stealer ofgM, LL64[9,2]. 

godHrymnaa f . divine glory, AS9«7 goldMM m. gM thread, WW 196>^ 

godwabb n. fine doth, purple, CP, goldwaard m. keeper of gM {dragon), B 3081. 

godwabboyn? (gode-) n. purple (cloth), goMwaeg m. a lump ofgM, OEG451. 

godwabban purple, Bl95^*. goldwlnaf m. liberal prince, lord, king, 

godwabgyrla m. doth of purple, W 197^ goldwianof brave with gold, richly adorned, 

godwabwyrhta m. weaver qfpurple, goldwlanau f. gM ornament, Bl 195. 

gddwtUanda well-pleased, £Hy 16*. goldwyrt f. hdiotrope, OEG26<*. 

godwnao (e^) wicked, Bl. golfatung (LPfl78«)=gaffetiiog 


gdlon pret. pL of gaUn. graflgrine 'grauifreeii,* Ep (e^, oe'). 

golpen pp. of gielpan. gnBfltaoppa m. yroM-Aopper, lociui, 

gom- =: gam- gnBanoMe f . grtentward, B 1881. 

gtaift m. (8g. or pi. used indifferently) inMt grmwrnngt m. grtentward. 

of nwuth or ikroat, pakUe, j(MWS, LcdJStd^ grAtLspres.38g.of (l)gTfidan, (2)gr6taQ. 

VP» ; M. [*^m'] II. =great 

gombet f* tribuU, grAton = gretoA ; fEMp^and 

gomor Hebrew measure, omer, JB, ['yofiMr'] grif nm. ^orotw/ BC; Mdf. 

gon- =gan- ; gond- =nnd> geond- •giita ▼. ellen-B. 

gop m. slave, Mrvant, RdGO*. [or ?»gtep] ipnfaii* to dig, dig up, Met,Bd,Rim : * grave, *' 

gor n. dung, dirt, fiUh, JE,Cp,Rd. [^gore^\ engrave, carve, chied, PPe. 

gorettan to gaze, Hare about, 0E06' : pow grafet n. trench, £0354; 365. 

fourth, emit, QPH398. gram (o) adj. angry, cruel, fierce, AO : 

gorettung f. 0a«tng, 0BG5*n. oppreeaive, hoetile : (as sb.) enemy. 
gorian to gaze, stare about, OEO 7*. [^grame *] 

gm{Op),ttontm.*goree,*furxe,MH,MtR: grama m. rage, anger, £ : trouhU, Led, 
juniper. Led, [^grame*] 

gorstbtam m« furxe bueih, Mk 12**. gramatlscerstt = grammatiocneft 

gte f. nap. ges *gooee,' LLJld,WW; M. grambAre passionaU, CP289*. 

g6s-f ugol m. nap. -fiulas goose, Ct. grame adv. angrily, fiercdy, cruelly. 

goshafoc (a*) m. *gosliawk,' WW. gramfArnes f. wrath, LL (^^grambsBmes). 

gost=gorst; gtet=gast gramhegdlgsgramhj^dlff 

Gota Bg. -an pi. *0M,* BH. gramhsortt hostUe-minM. 

gotan pp. of gdotan. gramhyogende hostile, PPs68**. 

-gotennes t. td-g. gramhf dlgf hostile, malignanL 

gotwoKe 1 goaJtweed, Lod. gramlan to anger, enrage, W199'. grami- 
gdung f. groaning, BH76". [gfiian] gende raging, QPH402. 

grid m. {X), gride f. «teD, grade, degree, gramHe wraikful, fierce, etud, severe, M. 

rank. {L. gradns] adv. -lioe, Ps. ['ymmely*] 

grAd m. grass. grammatloerssft jxl art ^ grammar, BH 
grAda=gr«ada 26S^. 

grAdan I. to cry, eaU out. Led : to crow (cock), grammadeera m. grammarian, A 8*327. 

CP. Vgrede*] II. ds. of wk. adj. grassy, grammdd cruel, Bl223'*. 

ML 18*«*. gramword n. evU speech, PPs 74*. 

grAde =grAd ; grAde-, grfidi- s=grAdig- grand pret. 3 sg. of grindan. 

grAdtg (S) *greedy,' hungry, covetous, M,B, grandorlias (o) guikUss, Jul271. 

Bl,8ol; CP. adr. -libe greedily, covetously, grinlan* to * groan,' lament, BlJPs. 

eagerly. granu f. moustache, Gp335M. [Oer. granne] 

grAdlgnes f. greediness, avarice, M. grinung f. * groaning, lamentation, JS. 

grAdmn ady. greedily, Gu710. grip I. f. grasp, grip, [gripan] II. pret.. 
grssf I. (a) n. eave, * grave, * trench, 8eaf; Mdf . 3 eg. of gripan. 

[grafan] II. n? style for writing, WW. ±griplan to feel for, lay hold of, seize, touch, 

[L. graphium] JR,B,Bl,Rd,VPs. [V^*l 

grAfa? grafe? hush, bramJUe, grove, thicket, gri^lgendlle tangible, ^H 1*230. 

WW','VL^ibrush'WOod{fcrbwming),}uel, gripung f. sense of feeling, touch, JB, 

Chr. [*greave*] Vff^oping'] 

grsBf en pp. of grafan. gritaoinnen made of grey shns or grey fur, 

grsBf era m. ' sculptor, * graver, WW 164^'. Chb 1075d. [ON. graollcinn] 

grsBlhthi n. grave. Sat 7 08. graslan to *^n»e,' jLcd. 

grsBlSez n. graving tool, WW. [seas] grasu v. grass. 

grsBft mfn. graven image, carved object, gritan sbpl. groats, Lod 3*202**. 

sculpture, M. graVul gradual, antiphon. 

grwf^eweorc n. graven image, griada m. lap, bosom, CP,Lk. [*greade*] 

grafts pros. 3 sg. of grafan. grtot (ae) oomp. grfetra ^ great,* taU, large, 
grAg 'grey,' JB,Bp,Oen,Met,WW, thick, massive, A,jE,Bo,Chr,WW : coarse, 

grAggta f. grey j unld) goose, Gl. BC,Lcd. 

grAghAwe grey, WW 402^. gr tetewyrt f . meadow saffron, WW 298^. 

grAghama grey-coated (of spear f or wolff), grtottan* to become enlarged, CP. ['^«ai*] 

Fik6. griatnes ifi) f. 'greatness,' RB^^. 

grAgmAl grey-coloured, B2682. GrSolsc Greek, Grecian, M. 

grAgds =gr£gg5s grM^grfid; grif- = grief- 

grssm-, gmn- =grem*, gren- ; grAp = gr6p grSg* = gr£g ; gram- = grim- 

+gr8Bpptan to seize, MtL(14'^ ±greniian (AO,Mk),jaemmesi. to enrage, 
n. (nap. grasn) 'grass,' An,Cp,CP, provoke, irritate, 2E,CP : revile, ['greme 1 


grcmuBg (e) f . provoctUion, LP894*. +grlndt n. impact, eroBh, 

grta« *grun,* Cp,Ct,Lcd : young, immaiurtf ±grliidan' (y) to rub together, grcUe, ecri»pe. 

Led . growing, living, LkL( oe) ; as sb.. Led, Rd : gnash. Pa : * grind, ' sharpen, JEJii. 

grSnhAwen gretn-cciowred, WW379K grlnde f. shingle, BC (v. Mdi). 

tf^ri^Ka to became* green,* fiowrish, MeJt, grindel m. nap. grindlaa bair, 6ott. pL 
grinnai f. greenness, BH; GP : (in pi.) green grating, hurdle, 

ihings, plants, A 8*310. grindere m. miller, Lcd3-178*. 

grennlan to 'grin,' gnash Ike teeth, JulJSc; grlnde(6« m. grinding tooth, molar, WW 

M, 440». 

grennung (») f . gri nning , Qp 174b. gring>«cring 

grtoto m. po<, iwn, WW. |W. griebe] gEtnlan to ensnare, KOI. [*^n*] 

grtop =gr€p grint pree. 3 sg. of grindan. 

grfotn (io) gravel, pebble, KGl76*. [Otr, gri08n=gr6oen 

greifla] gripft m. handful, sheaf, 

grfot n. *grit,* sand, earth, AnJB,Oen; M. ±gttptLn^ intr. (w. d. g. or 16) to seek to qet 
griotan' to cry, weep, lament, B,SoL [y. hold of, B,Bl,Gen : tr. (w. g.) seize, take, 

'greet*] apprdend, 8ol,WW. Vgripe*] 

grtethord il body, Gul240. gtipt m. grasp, seizure, attack, B,WW;M, 
grfow pret. 3 sg. of grSwan. gutSbiUa g. Meld : hand ful, L cdJ*s, 

gr§p, gr^pe f. land-drain, ditch, furrow : gi^end m. seixer, robber, WW616^*. 

burrow : privy, OEG(^). -l-^penes, gripnes f. seizing, snare, cap' 
gTa9-=gnBe-; grM-= great- tivity, EPs34". 

grCtan I. (±) to * greet,* salute, accost, speak grtpuf f. kettle, caldron. 

to, challenge, JB,B,Mk,Jul : {±) to seek out, gifpol 'eapax,* WW198«*. Vl^ippie*] 

approach, visit, B;W: iU-treat, attack, AO : -giban {f) v. a-g. 

touch, take hold of, handU deal with, JBGr, grisUo * grisly,* horrible, J7L15»*(very late). 

heearpaaigrettai play ihe harp I cohabit with, grist n. action of grinding, WW : * grist.* 

Il.t {&) to wup, bemoan, lament, deplore, [grindan] 

Cr, [y . < greet *] gristbat- « gristbit- 

grMogf. 'greeting,* sahaation,BHML{oe)'. gristblte m. gnashing, W188*. 

present, grislbltlan to gnash the teeth, BH,Mk,WWi 

grtttDghOi n. audience chamber, WW 184*. M, ' [jgristbiu *] 

grMngwoTHn. word of greeting, MOj^209^*, grlttbltung f. gnashing of Ueih, Bl,MU 

grettosgiytU ['grielbiting*'^ 

gr«9e *sodalie*f OEG29*. grIvUan to gnash, grind, Gu 

gr«w« pres. 3 tg. of grSwan. gristle f. *gristk,* Gl,WW. 

grlellJUi (i) to irritate, provoke, offend, OP : gristlmig (y) f. g nashin g, 

gnash the teeth at, creak. [*grm*] gristra m. 6aA:er, WW. 

grietra y. great. gritta=grytta 

grlghund m. 'greyhound,* WWTH^. grl9 n. truce, (temporary) peace. Ma : pro- 
griDaiisgrieUaD; |^1iii(GP)=:grimm texHon of ihe person, <uylum, sanctuary, 

gifmaf m. mask, helmet : ghost, guarantee of safety, ['grith*] 

grlmena 'bruchus,' eaterpiUarf £Psl04*«. grlVbryoe m. breach qf 'gritS,* LL : penalty 
grimet- sgrymet- for such a breach, LL, ['grilhbreack*] 

grbn taifi&rce, violent, E6 39-348. ±grMan to make a truce or peace, Chb : 
grbnhelmt m. he^et {with visor). protect, LL. 

grbnlng spectre, WW 446**. gitVlagu f. law of temporary or local peace, 
grimlle fierce, blood-thirsty, cruel, severe, LL470[9]. 

terrible, iB, AO. adv. .lice. V grimly*] griVltas unprotected, W 158^ 

grtanm fierce, savage, B,Bl : dire, severe, groe-=gr€- 

bitter, painful, BH; Bl. ['grim*] grdf pret. 3 sg. of grafan. 

grtminan* f to rage : haeten on, B 306. grom =gram ; gron- =gran- 

grImmAn n. terrible sin, BH 60,8b. grond pret 3 eg. of grindan. 

grlnmie savagely, cruelly, severely, AO,Oen, gronwlse *acus,* Cpl60A (y. AB9'36). 

['grim*] grdplan=gr^pian; -^;roren y. be-g. 

grimnes f. ferocity, cruelty, Bl,Ou,WW. grornt I. m. sbrrow, sadness, II. adj. sad, 

['grimness*] agitated, ady. -e. 

grlmslan to rage, BH. gromhof n. sad home, heU, Jul 324. - 

grimsung f. harshness, severity, GP126^. gromlan to mourn, complain, 

grin * Uium, * region of the groin, ILL. grorntorn sadness, Rdc 66 7 

±grln (I, f ; also short?) li, snare, gin, trap, grornung f. complaint, NG. 

PPs,VPs; M,CP : halter, noose, Mt{y). groihu. particU, Bo: AO, ['grot*] IL n. 

['grin*] groats, coarse meal, 01, [greot] 

+gTln«n to enenate. grotig earthy, GPH396. 


±fr6i«mB* to *gnno/ inenatej BOfCp^^ gryfliBti UniNffffm, El 76ft. 

WW : germinate, KQl,Mk. grjrtttht adi. (iisedaftsb.)«polf«iiborror, B. 

grftvend* *growmg, ' (Ten, 1^61 yfifrt (ft?) m. fem6ls wtramger, B2560. 

grAwnas f. growth, BH. nfi e g— tw fp. wtr-goatr, B324. 

gnnmBon pret. pL of grimmftn. gryrtfiw n i twriftfe fe'iM, Air 468. 

grand m. ^gnmiMi, * bottom, B,Oon^oi, VPs : gryrtliQiVt n. lerriUe «(m^. 

foundation, LkL : a6yM, AeO : plain, comifry gryrtllDt ferri6fe, AomAle. 

land, earth, An,B,Bl,Wid : mo, water. grjrmOtt tierrii>U power, W106*. 

griiiidb«dd n. gromnd, eoU, Rd81**. gijiieilg m. way o/ ferror, dan^ieroiM ex 

graiidlia«iidt m. eatih-dwetter, pediOon, B1462. 

gmndon pp. of grindan. gryirmn to gnath, DD 106. 

grandetwelge (i*, a*, ▼*) f. *gromnd9el,* Led, gryi-, gz^- »gni-> gib- 

gmndfOs haetening to heU, Mod 40. gift L pret. 3 eg. ofgrSotftn. IL v. gidt. 

gmndbyrda m. keeper of the abyee, B2136. gr^ f. greatne§e, Nab8**. [grSat] 

gnmttngftsgnindliiiigft giytte, giTttan pL eoaree meal, bran, chaff, 

grondllM hottoadeee, wnfathomaNe, Bo : BpXcd,WW. [*yri«'] 

boundleae, vast, Vgroundieee*] gijtte f. eand, Ps. 

tnuaiimM»boundUee,vaai,CP 417^. gifttim (A4161)==*gii0tra op. of grtet. 

grandUng m. groandting (pih), BC3*626 ['greater^ 

(Mdf). gry«-=griS.; gQ>-^g6o 

gniDdlniigft (i*) adv. from ihe foandaJtUm, guMon pret. pL of ^eldan. 

eomplitdy. Mi to the ground, prone, proe- gvUon pret. pL of giellaa. 

trate, JES. galpon pret. pL of gielpftii. 

gmndOB pret pi. of grindftn. gammt m. man, hein>, B, ['^ohm*] 

grandeoifttt ""^ region. gnmcyniit en. human race, men, mamkind, 

gnmdselet m. abyemal dwdUng, nation, 

gmiidstiii m. Joundation-etone, WW. gmneyitt f. excettenee, bravery, virtue, 

[^groundetone*] liberali^f. adv. -van excellenUy. 

-^gnmaaitatettui to eetabiieh firmly, JELS*^. gvmdriamm. enjoyment of life, b24flld. 

gnaaOwmg m. earth. Ah 682. gumdrTliteii m. lord, B 1642. 

gmndwangt m. {ground-plain), the ea/rHh : gumf 6Va m. troop, B 1401. 

bottom (o/ a lahe). gumfrta m. king. Da 661. 

f^pnOmeeXim. foundation, £,Lk. \^ground' -gumlan v. of er-g. 

tmll'] gimmyum m. man, B1028. 

+gruiidWMdllui to eetabUeh, found, £P823*. gnmileet n. kingdom, earth. 

grundwelA m. earthly riches, Gsk067. gumrlnet m. man, warrior. 

grundwyrgen f . water-wolf, B 1618. gumstol m. ruler *« seat, throne, B 1062. 

gruntan, gmnman (OEO) to grunt. gumVegoii m. man, Gba83. 

gmnnettftn to ' grunt, ' Cp. gunnSfod f . folk, people, Gek 226. 

gmnuDg, grannang f. grunting, bellowing, guBd m. matter, pua, Led, ['gound*] 

OEG. gundefwUge (^p,^r/,Ln)=gruiide8welge 

grut m. gu^, chaem, ahyee : stone, rock, guiig=geong; gung-=ging- 

OEG1814. gUBgon pret. pL of gangan. 

grat f . (d«. grft, grat) groats, coarse meal, Cp, gunnon (BH) pret. pL of ginnan. 

CtJMi grains, the spent grain after brewing, gupan *clunibus, renibus, eoace,^ WW 205** 

Led. Vgrout*] (v. A31-622). 

gnitt, gratte=srat; gnrUan^grieUaii gurron pret pL of gyrran. 

grym^grim(m) guton pret pL of gSotan. 

giymet-tan, -tian (i) to grunt, roar, rage. guttas mp. *guts,* entrails, JJ(?I408. 

grymet-mig, -tang f. grunting, roaring, gOVf ^- combat, battle, war. 

bellowing. gOf^t^eank m. fighting-hero, B^l^ 

gryiiim=grimm; giyiiiiiiaB=gremman gflVbUlt n. batUe-biU, sword. 

gryn = gym ; gif n =grin gflttbordf n. war-shield. 

+gTyiid n. plot of ground, TC231". gttVbymet f. corslet, coat of mail 

gryndan h to set, sink (of the sun), WW. gOttoearu f. war-troul>le, B1268. 

[*^iii<*; grand] IL>«gruidaa gOSeraeft m. tcor-cns/l, B 127. 

grynda t ^ a byss. gttttowinf f. warrior queen. 

grynel (WW 291*) =ojme\ gatfeynlngt m. warrior king. 

grfiilaii=grinian gOS^yst f. troop, warrior oandf (Kluge) : 

giynnntV m. worker of HI, An 010. bravery f (BT), Ex 343. 

grfpe (OEQ4290; 4744)=gr«pe gOMtett m. death in battU, B2240. 

gryraf ni. horror, terror : fierceness, violence, gflVfaiia m.gonfanon, war-banner, ensign, 

DD8 : horrHtle thing. standard, M,AO. 

giyralir6gat m. terror, horror. gOt^-fU ? f., -fl&n T mf. batUe-arrow,Qmv20eS* 




pSMogtL m. winged fighter, B2B2S. 

gOfttona = gotff ana 

gtttttrto m. foarlike prince, Av 1336. 

gOVfraet bold in batOe. 

gltVtreeat ™* warrior, 

gttVfremmendt m. warrior. 

gttVfugol m. bird of war, eagle, Bd25'. 

gUSgoatwef fp. armour. 

gUSgelAoa m. warrior, £l43. 

SOl^Mndtt n- battle, ccmbaL 

gUSgetftwe = gutSgeatwe 

gOXgeHSUigui np. battle, eontesL 

gUtliawSdef n. war-dreee, armour. 

gat^oweorof n. warlike deed. 

gQXgemlnnf n. battle. 

gOKhafoo m. war-hawk, eagle, tCB3i037A. 

gOVhaard bold in battle^ EL20i. 

gOSbelm m. helmet, B2487. 

ffllHiaret ni. warlilDe ho$t, army. 

gOtfhom m. war^hom, trumpet, B1432. 

gOVhrM m. martial glory, B819. 

fflfStmmi fierce in battle, Ap67. 

ffiXMt n. war-eong, B 1622. 

gttg-DMeaga, -xnaga m. warrior, Sol90. 

gttVmddt toarlike. 

GOtayrea pL Ethiopians, Ex 69. 

gO^legaf m. ottodb, batHe. 

fOMBat m. batlOe-riuh, ondaugkl* 

gOSriat n. armour, Jxjl2S1. 

giar§Qm fierce in battle, B68. [hrSow] 

gQMnot m. warrior, hero. 

gQVrtft brave in battle. 

gOttecaaru f. etaughter in battle, B 1213. 

gtMteaaaVa m. ravaging invader, B2818. 

gOffwaorp n. armour, jTn>329. 

gtMSMrQd n. armour, £l268. 

gMiearot n. armour. 

gOViala m. haU o/warriore, B443. 

gQtfiq»all n. tidings of a war, Osir2097. 

giMfifwaord n. sword, B2164. 

gtMNfracuf f. hostile attack. 

gOtm^tot m. warlike troop, Bzl93. 

gOVwaardf m. war-lord, king. 

gOVwaore n. warlike deed. Ah 1068. 

gOSwirig wounded, B 1686. 

gttVarlgaf m. warrior. 

gfl(9wliiat m. battle-friend, weapon. 

gttVwudu m. spear. Fin 6. 

gy- = ge- ; gyo- = gio- ; gy4Xgid(d) 

gydan (AO), gydenu f. (oooL gs. gydenan) 

goddess, [god] 

gydanlla 'vestalis* (-tolifT A31-63), WW 

gydig (i) possessed (by a spirit), insasie, 

OEQ6009. Vgiddy^] 
gyt=gif; gyt-=geof-,gief-,gif- 

gyhtKa {M) = gioGa ; gyhVa = gehSn 
gyld=gield; gyld-=s^-; +gyld=ffyldeii 
±gyldaii I. to gild. II. (AO) =:meldui 
dbi^an * golden,* BJ)an; MjiO,CP. 
gyldaiibiag (gildan-, M) m. ero wn. 
gyManfaaK gSden-haired, WW848". 
gyldanUwa gold€n4hied, OE043*. 

gyldanmttSa gMen-mouthed (Chrysostom), 

gyldanwaeg ((nrkliiig-) m. gold mine, WW 

gyUaii, gyllan to yell, shouL gylienda 

'garrulus,' OEG66»". 
gylm=gelm; gylpM^elp 
gylt (e, i, ie) m. 'gutU,' sin, offence, crime, 

fauU, A,Bl,Chr,Mt; AO,CP. 

±gyltaii to commit sin, be guilty, CP,MtJRB, 

VPs. VguiU/ 'guiUing']_ 
gyttand m. sinner, debtor, CP. 
gylUg offending, * guilty,* Mt. 
gylttng f . sin, DR. 
gylUlc sinful, DR. 
gyltwlta n. (gvld-) fine for unpaid tax, 

gylnng? *garrulitas,* OEG66^. 
gyiii=gimm; gyiii-=:gim- 
gfin-sgiem-; gyiiilan=gyminiaii 
gynm = gimin 

gymmtan to cut the throat, kill, OEG3799. 
gy]|.=:geon-, ffin- 
gjrnda pT6t. of *giendaii to drive. 
-gype f-IT) V. fe-g. 
gypigand yawning, QPH398. 
gypung f. gaping, open mouth, GPH. ^^ 
gyr I. m. mud, marsh. II. fir tree, WW 

gyr-=geor-, gier-; gyra^gyrL 
±gyrdaii (pret. gyrde), to *gird* {sword), 

Oen, PPs : encircle, surround, JnL : (+) 

invest with cMributes, PPs. 
gyrdal (e) m. * girdle,* belt, tone, Lcd,Mt; 

M : purse. 

gyrdalbrad n. *pugillar,* WW 277^. 
gyrdabring n. girdle, buckU, WW432. 
gyrdals, gyider=gyrdel; gyrdll-=gvidel- 
gyrdwag m. road with a fence on eSker side 

(BT), KC3-412«i. 
gyrdwite n. affliction caused by a rod {used 

of Moses * rod). Ex 1 6. 
g|ran=grm; gyniiaii(LP837*)=oirmaa 
gymf mn. sorrow, misfortune. 
gyriutaias mp. injury, affliction, Ji7i.246. 
gyrnwraaut l. revenge for injury. 
gymn* [»gierraii, geonan] to sound, chatter, 

M : to crwk, grate. An 374. 
gyrratan to roar {of lions), LPs. 
gyraandaeg (]lFH97)=gientand«g 

gyrttaadag (JE) =g ier«ta nd<^ 
gyrtriow n. fir tree, WW 138^. 
gymf. sgyr; gyrwaii=ffierwian 
gyrwalenn n. marsh, MXi^W^. 
g9sa=gSBe; g^al=gial 
gyBt = (l)geet»(2)gi8t 
gyit-=rgae8t-, gioBt- 

gyt=git pron. 

g^ L pies. 3 8g. of gfiotan. IL^giet 

gyt«> gytt (NG) m. pouring forth, 
M : p}od, M. [gtetan] 


gfimMl m, (dp. sytMalum) joy at wine' bidung f. eonMcroHon, ordinaHon, CkrJjL. 

pouring, caroumu^ JjTD^i, ^^ [r. 'Aoife*]. hidnnge nnderfOn to iahe the 

Cytwtr Aun m. running etream, WW. veil. 

gyttMrm f. piougMng-feast, LL462^1,4. hidttiigdflDg (i*) m. ordinaHon day, £L33**. 
gyttoorn (i) n. epvrge laurel f LoD. lUBb, lueb- (Ql) =li0f, luef- 

gfSrlfe f. eocUe, Lod. li»bb-=habb-, bobb- 

ed = g6o hsbbednot f . eotUineneef A 8-320*. 

hnbbendlto *AaM^,' iBQB64«. 
-h9bb«r« T. sulb-b. 
U hmcim.graiing,'hakk,* kdlfifaU,CL 

' ' h»o-=bM. 

ta is often wrongly prefixed to words, m in +taSBOQa eaueage, WW411**. [haoian] 

Gookney Englisb. hsBOoe I. f . crozier. II. gs. of n»o. 

bi m. oar-thfA, rowlock. »t ha. for each oar, hmower m. hatch-weir, a weir in which fish 

or each oareman, CBRlOiOo. [IceL h&r] were caught, KCZ'^50. 
liftbbMi anv. pto. pros, bnbbende; pros. hAdor=li&dor 

1 sff. b»bbe, 2. basttt, 3. h»f6, pL baebDaV, hssdref etraitly, anseiou^y. 

babbatS; pret. 3 sg. hnfde; sabj. hnbbe; hMr«=badre 

imperat. bafa; pp. (±)b»f(e)d to ^have,* hsef I.f n. (beaf-, baf- in obL cases) eea, 

Bl,G I poeeeea, own, hold, B,BI,0 : keep, ocean, [cp. Ger. baff] II. (OEG)-bttfe 

retain, Bl,VPe : entertain, cherish : esteem, hAfd:=bSafod 

consider, BE : be subject to, experience, Mk : hasfde pret. sg. of babban. 

obtain, Chr,Mt : assert. Led : used as bsBf o L m. leaven. [Oer. befe] IL =befe 

aazjliary to indicate past tense, have, M, bAfed=:bSafod 

ChrJSz. b. for consider : (+) hold, keep -bsstodnes ▼. be-, for-b. 

from, preserve, retain, CP,M. yfle +b. hSBfegftsung? f. covetoiMneM, EPsIlS**. 

afflict, torment. bat en 1. f . property, possessions, M. \Oer. 

Iiaea m. hook, door-fastening, Gp311p. babe] IL f. * haven,' port, Chr. IIL — 

[Oer, bake] hefen. IV. pp. of hebban. 

-haeetan y. t6-b. hsBfen-=bafen-; hssfenblAte—bJoferbUBte 

liaeele (e) f. doak, coat, vestment, cassock, b8Bfene=baBfen IT. 

'paUium, ' AO,WW;M. [' hackle *] bssf er (e) m. he-goai. 

haeod (IB, e) m. pike, WW. Vhaked* ; Qer. hssferblle m. forceps, WW198i« 

beobt] bssferblAte f7 a birdf bUtemf sea-guUf 

liaoole, baoule=hacele WW116«M 361» 

hid m. (rare gs. hada) person, individuality, ha^lergtt ~ baf e r 

JS,BH,Mt : degree, rank, order, office hssfern m. crab, WW. 

(especiaUy holy office), ^,BH,CP : con- bS6flg=hefig; bflBfne=befen 

dition,state, nature, chcaracter,form, manner, bsefreblile = hseferblfite ; bssbt y. babban. 

BjSol : sex, BH,Chr : race, family, tribe : hssft I. m. bond, fetter : captive,slave,eervant : 

choir. [*had*] bondage, imprisonment, affliction, M i {±) 

--bid masc. suffix; nsu. denotes state or seizing, thing seized, 0IiPsl23*. {Oer. 

condition, as oUdbad, mngtShad. [Eng. baft] II. n. *haft,' handle, Lcd,WW;M. 

•bood] [Oer. beft] III. pp. of hteftan. 

+bada nx. brother monk, LL. drbssftan to bind, fetter : arrest, detain, im- 

liAdbot f . compensation for injury or insult to prison : condemn, DR 197". [Oer. bef ten] 

a priest, LL. V hadbot '] bsstte = bnf t II. 

Iddbreoa m. violator of (holy) orders, LL. hsslteciomm m. fetter, tCHB942A. 
bftd-bryce, -brioe m. violation of {holy) +Ii8sttedne8 f. captivity. 

orders, "LL. hmtUAiimm. slavery, captivity, Mvr25^. 

hUeUee ady. ae to persons, DHy 29*. bssftan f. confinement, Chb 1095. 

JiAdesmann m. member of a particular order, +h»ttend m. prisoner, MFH 136. 

Chb995p. h»ttented=bnftnfed ^^ 

liAdgriV n. privilege {as regards peace) of holy bsBtUnoel (e*) n. slave, WW. 

orders, LL471 [19]. hssftlng f. fastening, lock. 

±liidlan to ordain, consecrate, BH;M. YimKOn captious, OEGt. 

[^hade''\ hsettUng m. prisoner, captive, M. 

Mdnotu f . office of a priest, LL458h. hssftmSce m. hilled sword, B 1467. 

Mdor I. n. clearness, brightness, B414 (or ±h8Bttnes {y.MF165)=b«ftednes 

7bador, = heatk>r). 11.^ {A) bright, clear, hssttneV=b»ftno« 

fresh : distinct, loud. [Oer. heiter] ady. ±haBftiilan to take prisoner : seiae, detain, 

hadre. tassftnled (AO), {6, f; M) f. custody, im- 

liUswApa m. bridesman, W W 174 **. prisonment, bondage. 

bldswApe (a) f . bridesmaid, WW. ±bflBttnIedan to take captive, GD 136^. 


iMBftnlMUtng (S\ y>) m. eapHve, ML, liAmad («) n. (nap. hAmedra) eohabiUUitm, 

hSBftiilednes {f) f. captivity, NC299. M,CP : marriage. 

ImftBoV m. oonfinement, impriaonment, hAinadOMrl m. married man, LL. 

ImftiiiiDg f. cofi/InemeiU, capHvity. hAmedstmAiift m. moirtfiMmy, WW441**. 

hmttaSd (i£)Mh»fiiiIed hAmadlio n. eoOwm, Rd43*. 

iMBttung f . feUer, MF ( Vesp. D xiy). liAmedrlm m. * Unocimum, ' OEG6046. 

luBfV pres. 3 flg. of haobAo. hAmedni v. hAmed. 

imfuo = liafoo ; Iwf - = hago-, hAgu-, heap; hAmedwIpo m. cohabUaHon, wedlock, 0E6. 

+hAgftiiT to vex, harasef Ex 169 (QK). hAmedVliif n. ooMon, ooAoditolion, ML : 

[0^ h&] marriage. 

+liaf n. encheure, meadow, OEG ; Mdf . hAmadwU n. married woman, 
lUBi^ safe and eound, DR. hAiiiare m. cofMort, &e({/eaow» M, 

JoMgAm, -tis, -tosse f. wiieh, pyihoneee, httm^t, hAmetfshftmed; ImnKhenn 

l)8Bg9orii(^)=hagatSom hAnaB I. to etone^ Jn;M, [*Aefi4*] 

lUBfweard m. keeper of caiUe in a common II.=Uenan 

field, LL462[20l httiiep (e) m. ^hemp,' Lcd,WW, [Ger. 

]i«h-=hSah-; h»htto=h»gtes hanf] 

hal n. omen, B204. hnnfuffelsshannfngol; lmnii>BUieim 

hmi I. = hfilu. IL adj.-hU hAnVu := hIen«o 

linl- ; hfil- s: hel- ; hil-, hSl- +haBp, heplio fit, convenient, 

liAlan L (±) to *heal,* cure, eave, OP,Lcd, +lifBp]tonM f. convenience, 

Mt,Ps;M (+) : greet, eahUe, GDSa**. Ymvatt^haep,* fastening, JB, 

+hfill Hoeanna/ [h&I] IL to eojlnife, hB&paUai to *ha$p,* fasten, JS, 

LoDd'lSe**. liflBpte (pret. 8 m;.) jumped, MLZl*". 

+lwld==+hield Mbr (a, S) n. '£ifr,' J^; ^ : a hair, JB, 

liSBlat m* man, Aero. Cp(S),Jlfi;. 

liAla=hfilQ; +liAl6dshal hour- =liar-, hear-, her (e)-; liflr^shflr- 

+taAledne8 f. healing, GD247U. iiAt^ f, McJbe2o<ft of hair, Mt; M. Vhaire'] 

liAlend (fi) m. Saviour, ChrisL [*healend*; +liAre, +hfirede Aatry. 

6^. heiland] h§bt9n of hair, BlJiCd, ['Aatren'] 

bAlandllowAo^Mome, OEQ163*. taArenfajfEOl sb. hedgehog, SPslOS" (op. 

hAlet- =s halet- hatte-f . ). 

lUBleVf >&• (i^c^P- hteleCas, hteletS) man, hero, haarfest (e) m. autumn, * harvest* -time, A,Ct; 

fighter, B. rheleSh' ; Oer. heid] AO : August, A10-IS6, h. handfnl Aaiui- 

hiBAlainielm = neolotShelm ful of com {a due belonging to the husband' 

lUBlfter n. *halter,* WW. man on an estate), LL460. [Oer. herbst] 

hAlgere m. sanetifier, DR(a*). lUBrfaatllo autumnal, M. 

htbSblht fuU of comers, [heaih LI hauteestaoiM m, * harvest-month,* Septem- 

hAUg unstable, inconstant. Bo 1 10*. ber, MQrAZK 

bAUng f. * healing,* Nic. hnrfeft-tfd f., -t&na m. autumn, harvest' 

jueUm = healm time. 

liAlnes f. salvation, safety, CP : sanctuary. hflnrtaftwAta m. auiwmn rain, AO 102*. 

[*healness*] hArgrlpa (£; t. late) m. seizing by the hair, 
liAIiietgrlV n, peace-privileges attaching to LL611. 

a sanctuary, LL471[ie]. hAriht hairy, WW613*. 

hAlottd f. prosperous time, Ghb 1065d. hArlng m. '^herring, * Ql{6), WW;M, 

hAlsent (Cp484i) =h£]siend hArlnglfma m. herring season, Ct. 

bAlsere m. soothsayer, augur, Cp963A. hArloooai mp. locks ofhair,HOL [*hairlock*] 

±hAlstaii to exercise augury, take omens, barn f. wave, tide : (t) Ma, ocean, 

foretell, prophesy,, Gl. [hfil] bArnAdl f . curling-pin, OEG 1200. 

hAli-iend, -igend (a) m. soothsayer, augur, tanmllota m. ship, Gul307. 
hAtoung I. f. augury, divination. IL— hSBneeard n. hare'Up, Lod. [Oer. haaen* 

halrang I. aoharte] 

liAlV, hdltSo f. *heaUh,* JB : salvation. Led; hArsyfe ($) n. 'hair-sieve,* ii 9-264. 

M : healinq, JB. hAs f. *hest,* bidding, behest, command, M^ 

hAlu f. htoMh, prosperity, safety, salvation, Oen. [hatan] 

iB,CP. hsMal m. *hazel* shrub, CRJjcd', M; Mdf. 

hAlubeamt n. Saviour, Christ. hsBaelhnutu f. *hagel-nut,* €fl,WW{tk). 

hAlwyri f. *pulegium,* pennyroyal, WW bAaara m. nuMter, lord, LkLR. 

300**. bflaalshnael 

bAlynd ^hAlend baaalan of hazel. Led. [*haeelen*} 

bAmaabt (likR 1**) =hdahiniht baoap =h»p8e ; bnaauo =haaaac 

hAiDMn to have intercourse with, cohabit with, bAatf L violent, vehement, adv. hnat^ 

M,CP : marry, MtR. -Eoe. IL t violence, strife. 


]iAswalw« (WW7") =*ifiew8alwe hafooqrnn n. hawk-l ribe, M. 

hmi m. *Aa(/ Cp,AO; M, liafOMre m. kawker, WW235*. 

hAt pree. 3 8g. of h&tan. batoefoffel m. hawk, LL(162^'). 

±liAteii (a) tr. to *Aea<,' 8hrJM : into, hafoewyit i a j»2em<, Lod. 

become hot, 01. liato]m=hafela; -lialol(ii«) v. wan-h. 

hAtoole = h£t$cole batuo = haf oo 

hAte f . hetU, MJLO. [hat] hafudland (WW 147i*) = heaf odland 

hflBftaru np. garments, ME. [*Aater*] baga I. m. hedge, tnclomiTe, curtilage, WW; 
liftto=hAta; hflts (iBL18'**)=luBgte8 Mdf : fortified enclosure, B : homestead^ 

liAtst pres. 2 8g. of hatan. house, Ct ['haw'] II. m. *haw,' WW 

lUBtt^lUBt; liAtte=hatte, ▼. hatan. 204» : trifie, WW136^; 269*. 

tUBttende attacking, [hatian] hagal^hagol 

lUDtllaa (e) to scalp, LL334,30,5. liagalSorii = hagatSom ; iMge- = hago- 

hmtu {o\ e>) f 'heat,' warmA, Bl,Mt,VPs; +liagtaii (impen.) to please, suiL gif him 

M '.fervour, ardour, VHy. (hine) td tSftm -f-hagige if he can afford 

bAV I. nm. ^heaUi,^ untUted land,waste. Ex; it. 

Mdf : heather, Ol,Lcd. IL ^lustSa hago- v. also h»g-. 

liMa m. hot weather. hagol (m\ e\ a', e*) m. *haa,' JB,Otn,Met, 
bMberie f . uhorHeberry, Ij od. Ph : hail shower. Bo : name of the rune for h. 

hJMtcole f. name of a plant, WW. hagoltaru (hsgl-) f. hailstorm, Wa 105. 

hMan I. (e) 'heathen,* heathenish, pagan, hagoUan to 'haU,* AO (-gal-). 

MJBl ', AO,CP. II. m. gentile, heaihen man liagolwQr m. hail-shower. 

{espedaOy of the Danes), M,Mk. liagolfaii m. 'haHstone, ' M. 

liMeiia m. heaihtn, LkR21'». hagortln (ea) f. speU, Nab50^«. 

bMaiMyiiiiig m. heaihen king. Da 54. hagofplnd (ea) n. cheek, [haga] 

bAKeneynn n. heaihen race, Gsn2546. taagostaaM L (h«g-, heh-) unmarried, in- 
bAVemdom m. 'heaihendom,* false religion, dependent. II. m. unmarried man attached 

LL. to a court, bachelor, young man, warrior^ 

bAVenf eob n. heaihen sacrijket JjJhSS. Uege man. [Oer. hagestolzl III. n. eeli- 

bAVenfolo n. heathen people, W223i*. bacy, Rd 21». IV. (heh) virgin, LL,NG. 

bASengleld (i*, y*) n. idolatry : idoL bagottaaldhad (hng-) m. unmarried slate. 

bASengUda (y*) m. idoUOer, M. bagoataaldllo (heh-) virgin, DR66^ 

bAVenbare m. Danish army, Chs. bagoataaldmonn m. bachelor, warrior. 

bAScmiae 'heathenish,* pagan, AO. bagoitealdDes (heh-) f. virginity, N. 

bASeniiet f. heathenism, paganism, BE. bagu-=hago- 

[' heathenesse *] baguttorn (ad^) m. ' hawthorn, * ai,Mt,Lcd. 

bAVenielpe m. paganism, idolatry, JS/,Chr ba ha intetj. 'ha/ ha/* MQr, 

(e). I'heaihenship*] bal=heal; bal-=heal(h)-; bil-=h£l. 

bAOenstyro m. heaihen calf (ihe golden calf ±bil 'hale,* 'whole,* entire, uninjtared, 

of the Israelites), PPs 105^'. healthy, well, sound, safe, genuine, straight- 

hJMieHm. heath-land, BoZ4?". forward, Lcd,Mt; M,CP. was t$a h., h. 

bAVlht heathy, KG. weetu, h. beo tSa hail/ 

bAVln-=h»tSeii- hilliATt w/holesome, salutary. 

bAtteUpat m. heath stalker, wolf, stag. balo(OET489)=healh 

[stsBppan] hU«g, haleg- =h&lig, halg- 

bASung f. heating, MB. 1-286. [*hfttaiig] hAlattan (ft) to greet, hail, salute. 

bAwen (S) blue, purpl e, axu re. taUettend m. middle finger {used in saluting), 
bAwengrfine cerulean, WW 379« WW. 

bAwenbydelo f. a plant, Lod. bftlattung f. greeting, salutation. 

bafa, imperat. of habban; hafast, hafaO» hMUaui pious f heal&yf BJilT^. 

htdiBt, h8Bf5 pres. 2 and 3 8g. of habban. bilga I. wk. form of adj. halig. II. m. 
-bata ▼. wan-h. batela=:hafela saint, JS,Ct. ['hallow*] 

bataatu = haf ast 6a hilgawana = haligwaraa 

bafeoeram. 'Aaiffl^.'IrX. ±bi]glan to 'hallow,* sanctify, M,Jn : 
bafalaf (ea) m. head. consecrate, dedicate, ordain, BE,Bl,Chr; 

liafelM=hafenl§a8t M : reverence, ^Ey : keep holy, Bl. 

bafan pp. of hebban. -i-bAlglgand m. san^ifier, DHy64*. 

bafenlanf to hold, grasp, [hebban] ±bllgung f. 'haUounng,* consecration, BE. 

bafenlAas destitute, needy, poor, M,WW. bftlgungbde f. 6ene<itciKma2, NC299. 

\^havdess* ; h»fen] taUgungram m. consex/rated ram, M. 

bat enlteat f . want, povertiy, M. bill- = halig- 

bJU«rn=hAfem bftltg 'holy,* consecrated, sacred, A,Lk : 
bafatlan (i*) to clap,Jkm, M. venerated, JS,0,VPs : godly, saintly, CP, 

batoe (ea) m. 'hawk,* OBT^Wyrd. Mk. as gb. what is holy, MtL. adv. -Hoe. 




biUgan I. to heal up, get weU, CP. IL« 

hiUgdag m. holy day, Sabbaih, MkLJ^L. 

hiUgddm m. hoUness, HghUouanua, mmctUy, 

iff ; CP : holy plaee, mnctuary, chapd, M : 

relics, holy thtnga, LL : holy office, CP51K 

liiUgddmtalls m. *sacrar%um,* CM 818. 
bUf ern n. holy place, saneiuary, 
liillgm6nat{ m. {holy month), September. 
taiUgnM f. * holiness,* sanctUy, religioH, Bl, 

Ps; M : holy place, sanctuary, CP,W : holy 

thing, relic 
biligportlo m. sananary, CJVPs. 
biUg-rift, -ryft, -reft I. veU, M. 
biUsmMwa m. vigH-heeper, LL (224"). 
liiUgwsBter n. *holy toaisr,' BH, 
biUf-wans, -ware mp. saints, N. 
hAifgweoro n. sanctuary, APsTS'. 
hUort n ? satvatum. [hfill 
liftlp=healp pret. 3 ag. of nelpao. 
lials-=heali-; UUs-^hAk- 
bus f. sdlvatiim, Cb687? 
hftlsere = hAlsere 
halsgang (WW190»)=liealsgaDd 
hAlsiaii (±) (da) to adjure, call up, convoke, 

CP,Mt,OET,VPs : exorcise, LL. [v. 

^AoZm' and also hAlrian, heaLsian] 
hftlBlgend I. m. exordst, M. IL = hfiJBigend 
UalstiUi = healatan 
bitoung f. eacoreism, LL, [▼. ^hcdsing*] 

(v. also hmlroxig and healsung.) 
bUswitf8uiig f. thanksgiving for safety. 

Ex 681. [hals] 
taalt^aOiealt; liaI«=healdIL 
taJUwenda m. Saviour, M. 
hilwende healing, hedUhful, sahilary, M, 

CP : sanctifying, M. 
hJUweikUlo salutary, wholesome, adv. -lice, 

liAlwendnM f. salubrity, BH28**. 
hilwynda = halwende 
bam L m? under-garment Csubucula,* 

OEO), WW. Ihame*] n.=hamm 
bftm I. m. da. ham *home,* dwelling, house, 

Bl,Jn,LL ;A0 : manor, estate, hamlet, JB, 

BH,Jlit, IL adv. ^home,* homewards, 

Ohr,Jn;M. III. 'cautsHum,* A30-258; 

bama m. covering, dress, garment : womb, 

*puerperium,' v. OEO : slough of a snake, 

NC299 : bridle? Lcd3-42" (A30-257). 
bima m. cricket, WW. [Cftr. heimohen] 
htaaiBM familiar, NG. 
bfanoyme m. home-coming, return, M, 

bamele f. rowlock (only in phr. fet nlore 

hamelan for every oar, Le. rower, Cbr 

1039X). [ON, hamla; v. also ha] 
bamellan to hamstring, mutilate, Chr, 

liamer=hamor; -bamer v. dod-h. 

0. H. 

±bAm0ttaB to house serfs, Ct,LL. 

bimfaurelt n. going home, AO 146^. 

bftmfflBit restdentp settted in or owning a 
house, JE. 

bimfaru f . attack of an enemy in his house, 
housebreaking : fine for housebreaking. [ y. 

bAmbenn f. domestic fowl, LoD92a. 

+baiii!an to establish in a hornet JnL p 188^ 

bimltas homeless, Rd40'. 

bamm L m. piece of pasture land, enclosure, 
dweUing, Ct;ML;kdi. Vham*] U. f. 
*ham* (part of leg), Lcd,WW; M. 

+baiiimoii studded ivUh nails (of shoes)? 

-bamod ▼. +fit$or-h. 

bamola (o^) mutilated person? ANS98*127. 
to hamolan besoiran to shave the beard off 
{as insuU), LL68,35,3. 

bamor (o^, e>) m. 'hammer,* Jul,WW. 

bamorian (amer-) to beat out,forge, GPH396. 

bamoneef m. hammer-sedge, LoD. 

bamorwyrt f. black hellebore, watt-peOitory, 
Xe({ 1-374. [*hammerwort*^ 

I1A111MS&* f . aedileship, Gl. 

-bimseyld ▼. riht-h. 

bAmslttend in. home-possessor, 

btnitlUaiide living at home. 

himM m. return home, HLIO* ^. 

himtflttan to return home, WWII81*. 

bimsdcn f. offence of attacking a man in his 
own house, LL : the franchise of holding 
pleas of this offence and receiving the penal- 
ties for it : ^ penalty itself, Ct. [*hame- 

bftmsteaU m. homestead, Ct. [*homestall*] 

blmatede m. * homestead,* CU 

hamulo (Chb 1039b) = hamele 


bfanwaard homewards, towards home, on the 
way home, Chr ;M. [^ homeward '] 

bimweardas adv. 'homewards,* Chr. 

bimweorituiig f. omamenlofa home, B2998. 

bAmwerod (eo*, v') n. household, BH191». 

hftmwerd (JE) = hamweard 

bftmwyrt f. house-leek. Led, [*homewort*] 

bAn I. {boundary-)stone, BC. [* hone *] 

baoa m. cock, M. lOer. hahn] 

banautng m. cock-crow, MH4^*. 

banorM (n) m. cock-crow, M. [orawa n] 

banerMtU (o^) f. time of cock-crow, WW 

band (o) f. (gda. handa) *hand,* Jn,VPs, 
WW;AO,CP,M. brad h. palm, on h. 
gan to yiM. on h. ayllan to give a pledge : 
side {in defining position), JB. awitSre, 
winatre h. rtght, left, hand, on gehwntSere 
h. on both sides : power, control, possession, 
charge, Ps,RB. on h. agiefan, td handa 
leetan to liond over (to), on handa aeUan 
promise, bargain, id handa healdan hold 
(land) of another, on handa aettan entrust, 
commit : agency, Ps, VPs : person regarded 
as holder or receiver of something. I 





taSBdnz f. ^dextraiis,' a hind of axe, WW 

handbCBftlaii (ea*, a*) io lament, NG. 
luuidbaiiftt m. ^auer by hand, B. 
luuiA«U f. *handieU,* OL 
huidbde f. ^handbook/ manval, LL,WW. 
huidboiiA = haadbana 
haiidlirad n. palm of the hand, breadih of the 

hand, ML. 
huMM n. towel, M, \^handMh'^ 
handeopa m. handcuff, manade. 
luuDUloraaft m. manual ehiU, power of the 

hand, handiaraft, M,LL. ['Aaiuicvt^*] 
handevyrn f. hand-miiU, iB. [oweom] 
haniWMMa m. doer with his own hand,ljL. 
luuidele= handle 
+luuidto8taii to betroth, 
handtettnunff (e*) f. joining hands in con- 

firmatian of a pledge, WW. 
handfuU nf. ^hawfftU,* EpJiPa. 
handsanf m. imposition of hands : surrender, 
handgamaca m. companion in labour, ML 

handgemdtt n. battle, B. 
taandgesoeatt f. handiwork, Gxn465. 
handgeieUa (o^) m. companion, B1481. 
handgartaallat m. companion, B. 
handgeawing n. blow, stroke, El 115. 
handgeweaM n. power, possession, PPs 106". 
handgewaoro n. ^ handiwork, \creaiion,JEJPs, 
handgewlnn n. manwol labour, work, 

struggle, contest, 
handgewilt n. handwriting, agreement, deed, 
haadgewitSen woven by hand, B1937. 

handglft f . wedding present, fHy lO^*. 
handgoQg =liandgang 
taandgrtpe m. * hand-grip,* B966? 
liandgitV n. peace, protection given by the 

king's hand, LL (▼. 2-494). [^handgnth'] 
handhabbend red-handed (thief), LL172[6]. 
handhaf m? n? burden, LkLll^. 
handbamur m. * hand-hamm er,' W WA^K 
taandliradgl n. napkin, towel, WW 127^ 
handbrlna m. touch. An 1022. 
handhwn f . instant, £. [* handwhUe '] 
handle f? 'Aaiulle/ Cjp. 
handltenf n. requHoX, recompense, 
liandleng(u) f. a hand's length, IM1247«. 
±handllan to ^handle, 'fed. Led ; M : discuss, 

^8*304; 308. 
handDn n. hand-cloth, napkin, 
bandllnga adv. by hand, iELll"^ : hand to 

hand, at dose quarters, JB. [* handlings '] 
hnadloe^nf joined together by hand, 
handlung f. * handling,* JB, 
bandmiBgent n. bodily strength* 
handmilta = anmitta 
handnsBgl m. finger-nail, Lod 125a. 

handplegaf °^ fiQ^f battle, 
bandprtest m. domestic chaplain^ M, 
handrAe m. onrush, attack, B2072. 
Iiandr6t famed for strength. Ex 247. 
bandsoalu = handacolu 

handsooluf f. retinue, B. 

bandseyldlg condemned to lose a hand, LL 

handieald given personally {by the king), LL 

handseaz n. dirk, dagger , M, 
handeelen *maneipafio,* WW440". 
taandeeten f. attestation, signature, rat^fieo' 

tion, Ct 
liandsez=handfleaz; taandilyhtsandalyht 
handwMBll m. blow with the hand, *alapa,* 

handspltel m. hand-shovd, spade, 
bandiporu f. daw, finger, B986. 
bandstoo n. cuff, sleeve, ▼. ES38-352. 
bandswigeDoe adv. similarly, RB. [a nd-] 
bandnvjle m. swelling on the hand, WW 

bandtam tamed by hand, £L8". 

bandt^egn m. retainer, servant, 

bandffwtaljD. uxwAtfi^ o/ tike Aancb, WW 140*. 
bandweorc n. handiwork, Bd,LL, [* hand- 
bandworbt made with hands, 
bandwundor n. marvd of handiwork, B2768. 
bandwyrm (o) m. a kind of insect, Cp,WW, 

bandwynt f. wrist, WW. Vhandwrist'] 
+bange (o) disposed, indined to, Rdc 42. 
bangeile t appendix, Bd45*. 
bangen pp. of hdn. 
banglan (±) (intr.) to ^hang,' be hanged, JB; 

CP : depend, rest on, JB : (tr.) hang, suspend, 

bangra m. hanger, wooded slope, Mdf . 
bangriM ? (£S 39*348) = hancted 
bangwlte? n. penalty for miscarriage of 
justice, EC. [v. ^hangwite*] 
bir h ^hoar,' An : hoary, grey, old, B,Jud, 

Met,Wa, IL=hfir 
hara m. *hare,' Ep; M, 
baranblge hare's foot {plant) , Lod . 
haranepeocel viper's Imgloss, WW299*. 


baraste<»ra m. dogstar, WW 198". 
hard = heard; hireb1lne=harhune 
htee-wy rt, ha ran- (Lcd) f. a plant, ^colo- 
casia,' WW135». 
birhOne f . horehound. 
hirlan to become hoary or grey, JE,8hr, 

bArnes f. hoariness, WW. I'hoamess'] 
bArung f. hoariness, age, i9SGB295^^ 
hirwelle, harwenge {M) hoary, g rey-ha ired. 
hArwengnes f. hoariness, old age, WW 198*^. 
hfts 'hoarse,' WW, 

hiWBta m. oarsman, rower, Chb 1052s. [ha] 
haBewa=ha8wa wk. form of haen. 
Ka«iiiifft*m« to sound harshly. 

hislan to beer become *hoarse,' JE, 
baslbnutu {WW)^ hmelhnata 
hianes f. ^hoarseness,' WW-, M, 
hassue m. coarse grass, KG, ['hassock'] 
bisswSge sounding hoarsdy, GPH391. 



hMut (m) dusky, grey, ashen. hiafod n. gs. hSaideB *head,* JB^nR,VPs. 
hMvMg grty, ashen, Bd 12^ hSaf dee t^liw to JarfeU life : top, OET : 

ImMxqfMarey-eoated.^OBJB^^Zl. somree, origin : chief, leader, CP,Chr : 

htmwUttwrt^ orey-feaihered. capital (city), AO, 

bit [862] I. 'hoi,' flaming, OuJ^; M,CP, htafodSMW (afa) m. chief field. WW 147^*. 

AO : fervent, eseeited, Bl : intense, violent, htafodAdre f. cej^kUie vein, LoD96b. 

An,€fuJ*h : inspiringf attraetiver SsiLT64. htatodUn n. skuU, Lod. 

II. n. heat, fire. III. {±, not + in N) il hSatodbtag m. crown, Boll2>*. 

promise, vow, L kL;C P. htafodbend m. diadem, crown : hsad-hond, 

+bate m. enemy, WW393**. feUer about the head, M. 

±hitanv aotive pret. h6(h)t, hd(h)ton; btetodbMVf t A«/me<,B1030. 

poadve pret. (origly. pres.) h&tte {CP,Mt) b«iifodbMrbt with a splendid, shining head, 

to command, direct, bid, order, M,Ct : Bd20*. 

sumnum, Dan : vow, promise, Jul : (w. btafodUwMp m. high priest, M, 

nom. ^Yoo.) name, call, AO;CB'. be called, hUtodlMUM m. skull 

M. VhigM*] hUtodhoUin n. pillow. 

hUBBdv. hotly, fervidly, JB. Choi*} hBsdodboU il ancestral seat, CL 

bJUbaort (y>) I. n. anger, rage. IL (±) h%atodburh t chief city, M,AO. 

wraOful, furious, passionate, M,CP : btafodoUlV n. head-clolh, head-dress, WW; 

ardent, whoU-hearted. adv. -Hoe. ML. ['headdoth*] 

bittioort6f.=h&theortL btafodewlde m. important saying, LL : 
+bitboorttftn to become angry. chapter, DB. 

bJUbeortnet f . rage, fury, mania, M,CP : btafod^yrlee f. caihedral, LL. 

zeal, fervour. btafddoeo m. headache, M. 

i:bAtbiertan (i, y) to become angry, GP. btafodlrsBtonnea (e>) 1 hairpin, ornament 

bAttalgo m. anyer, PP889^ [hyge] for the hair, WW. 

bAthort(K6L)=hatheort btafod-gamaMoa, -gemaoa (OF) m. maU, 
h a Man , -igan to *hate,* treat as an enemy, companion, feUow-servant. 

CP; JSi btafodgarim n. number by heads, greatest 
bittan to be or get 'hot,* VPs. number, Jud309. 

baOgond m. enemy, iEGB206*. btafodgetel n. cardinal number, .£Gb283*. 

bftttgende becoming hat, Lod. biafodgewAde n. face-covering, veil, M,'W. 

batlgendllo haUful, iEL3^. btafodgllt m. deadly sin, capUal offenu, LL 
+biaand n. promised land, BH346*. 380[2J. 

\iMMihosl%U,biUeT,M,WW(K€fl). ['hotel*; b«afodgliiimt m. Aeoil** ^em, eye. 

op. hetol] btatodgoM n. orown, PPs,W. 

bfttta v. hatan. b«afodbAr n. hair of the head, WW. 

battefagol ab. hedgehog, AP8103* (op. btatodbebba m. beginning, A8-304 : prime 

bfiren-f.). mover, ^L23***. 

batung f. haired, LPs; M. V hating*] biafodbragl (u>) n. head-dress, So74*. 

bilung f . heating, infiammatton, Lcn>. btaf odbif dfSo f . sewrfiness of the head, Lcd 
bAtwande hot, burning, £x 74. 85b. 

+ba1$erlan = heatSorian btafodlbt (e^) with a head or tuft. 

ba1k>]tt(a m. e26ou;, Lod 99a. btafodleabter m. capital crime, deadly sin, 
-bAwe ▼. earf o6-h. M. 

b&were m. spectator, CP2291'. btafodliaa 'headless,* WW; M. 

±biwlan to gaze on, view, look at, notice, btafodUe capital, deadly (crtme), Bl. 

M,CP. I'headly*] 

biwong f . observation, AS. btafodllng m. equal,fellow-servant,MtHad). 
h% m., heol., hit n. (pen. pron.) 'he,* she, it; [*headling*] 

phthey: {reAeai.pTon.)himself, herself, itself, btafodlond n. strip of land i n afield, left for 
bfe I. np. and nam. (wk.) of h«ah adj. turning a plough, (ft; WW. ['headland*] 

IL=h&khady. IIL=hie, hi, nap. of hfi. htafod-mdHrff -maga{ m. near blood- 
bia-=heah-; beador=heai5or relation. 

btador , hSadeor^hSahdSor btafodmann m. ' head'^nan, * leader, captain, 
btet m. mourning, lamentation, wailing, AO. WW;M. 

[^hbot] btafodmynster n. church, cathedral. 

bCafd- = hSaf od- btef odpanno f . skull, Mt. [' headpan *] 

baatdlan to behead. htafodport m. chief town, Chb 1086. 

btaf ed = heaf od ; beaf eUi = haf ela biaf odrlce n. empire, AO 68*^. 

biaflan ( JS) = hfiofian btafodair m. pain in the head, Lod. 

btefllo sad, grievous, Bl123^ btafodalent f. (eyesight), eye. 

beafo (B2478) nap. of hnf. b«afodsl8Bge (a*) m. head of a pillar, WW 
baafoc^haloo 376^*. 



liiafodniia»l *eapUium,' pari of a woman*9 htahtore f. 'Aei/ff/ M,BH,WW. 

dnaa, WW276» ; 369^*. btalifriat m. high lord. 

]i«ttlodftMl« m. ckUf place, AO : high place, htalifrfolB m. great feeHval, IJi344[47]. 

eaered place, LL470[3,6]. h9ablt%oMM9gm.greatfeaei (2ay,LL262[25]. 

htafoditdl m. capital, AO. htahfrfoWU f. great feeUval, LL252[22,2]. 

haatoditdw L place for the head, BHS24*. htahfru (ITVf )=hteMore 

htafodiwlma m. dixtinees, Gmr 1668. hWiffr n. towering fame, Whalb22. 

htaXod«^i = hSafodden hM«*it m. Hol^f Ohoet, Gb85S. 

hiatodiyiiii (A^ f. deadly ein, W290>*. htahgMOdor n. charm, PPs57«. 

hiafodVwtal il waehing of the head, WW hteliferita m. high sheriff, chief officer, pro- 

146». coniul, prefect, JS. 

hHtodmurcnL pain in the head. Led; WW. h9mhgfnmnung f. principal eynagogue, 

[*headwark*] Mk5**. 

hMMtw9Brdhtwatchovertheheadf B^Wdi htahgewMtt f. Yio62e creotere, Gxk4. 

bodjf-guard, LL444[1]. ['headword*] IL htelif eiea^p n. fate, B3084. 

m. chief protector, leader. III. f. chapter, htahgastrioiit n. ricA (recMure. 

hiafodwliid m. chief wind {E, 8, W or N htelif etlmtead high^iU, Sat29. 

wind), Lod3*274. htelif •dmbnit npL lofty edifice, 

htalodwltet m. chief, director. hUbgtKMng n. u^elmtng food, Rd4**. 

htafodwdV f. voice, Bd 9*. htaliffiiVangeii = hSahtSungen 

htaiodwiiBdf. iMmn^tn<AeAe(«2,LL20[44]. hMaiieiworc n. excellent work. 

htatodwylm m. tears, El1133 : Immingpain htabgnankVBgt ^ ^^ fT^f- 

in the head. htaligod m. Moet High, Ood, PPsM*. 

htetodwyrhto m. chief workman, ME2-S30. htabgmft carved in bae-relUf, WW348*. 

liMtola=:hafe]a; hiafre=h«ahfore btahtaid m. holy orders, LL(S34*). 

htaltang m. dirge, WW430». [heofui] htatahalm loftily crested, ZDA33-238. 

hMfu (B1862) nap. of h»f. htahhtelode (fih-) f. elecampane, LcD28b. 

heafue (VPs)=hiiloo; h«atud=li«alod htabheort proud, Da540. 

htagVsObieah; liMg»-=hAgo- blahhllVt n. ^i^^ Ai'^. 

b«ace (^)=hgah adv. btatabwiolod (d^) having high wheds, WW 

beafo- = hago-, haeu- ; btagum v. hML 140**. 

btab I. (e) gam. fites, asm. hSan(n)e, gp. biabbylte n? high woodf Ct. 

bSar(r)a, dp. heagum, htem, oomp. hierra btabbyrde m. archimandrite, head abbot, 

{i, eah, ie, y) ; sup. hiebst (te, e, y) 'high,* OEG910. 

tall, lofty, M,BHXcd,VPs, etc. : high-class, btebbyrae^Saghyme 

exaUei, suJbUme, iUustrious, important, CP, btablAce m. learned physician, MH. 

VPs : proud, haughty : deep : right {hand), bteblandt n. mountainous c ountry . 

II. adv. * high, ' cOoft, JBQr. hSabUriow m. head teacher, WW. 

btabaltire m. high altar, W. btabliee = heahlfioe 

btehbeorg m. mountain, PP894*. btablaorntre n. high teacher, master, 0E6 
btabMioop m. archbishop, pontiff : (Jewish) 910. 

high priest, HL lO^^. bftabUc = healio 

btabblln f. exultation, PPsllS^u bteblutef f. great hve. 

btabboda m. archangel, Gr296. bMmmgeii o. great force : power, virtue, 
b0abbiirg f. chief city, metropolis : (f) town ^L. 

on an eminence. btebmsMie f . high mass. 

btaboisare m. emperor, fHy 7**. bfjahmamadasg m. high-mass day, NC300. 

btebeleofa m. principal chamber. btabmlbt} f . high authority, great might 

bfeb-ellf n. nap. -oleofu high cliff. bSabmodf high spirited, exultant : promdp 
btabcrsBft m. high skiU, Rd 36«. haughty. 

btabenBtOga m. archOecL btabmMnw f. pride, CP301^ 

btataeynlngt m- high king, Ood. biabmunt m. mountain. 

btabdtor n. stag, deer. btebnama m. most exalted name, fHy?^*. 

btabdforbund (hSador-) m. stag-hound. biahnes (M) = hSanes ; btabrm ▼. h^. 

btabdterbunta m. stag-hunter, Ct. bAabrecedf n. high building, temple. 

btabdiaoon m. archdeacon. biabrodor m. high heaven. Gen 161. 

bfob-aald* superl. -yldeet (CM 36) excellent, bSabrdn =hagoran 

distinguished. btebsftoerd m. high or chief priest, 

bteb-ealdor, -ealdonnannm.ruler, jMJrician. btabsfilf 1 great happiness. ^^ 

btabengel m. archangel, M. btabsAKtolT m. chief pirate, WW. 

btabtfldder m. patriardi, M,C1? : Ood. biabsangere m. chief singer, BH314'. 

Yk%eb!laMX permanent, immyJtable,WiD\4,Z. bfiabaeeatSa m. chief pirate, GEO 8^ 
btabfBBsten n. fortified town, city. [scatta] 

btebflod m. deep water, high tide. btebsetowere (e^) m. 'pontifex,* DB2I^ 




htebacfremaii (e^) m. 'procurator/ DB103*. 

htabseld n. raUrutn, iJurcne, 

hWiflele m. high haU, B647. 

htalisetl n. exaUed Mat, throne, judgment- 
seat, JS^nL{e^). [v. ^eetOe'] 

htabsomnung (MkL ; e^) = hgaBgwiamnnng 

haahaitap very high, Gxn2839. 

htahstade m. hiph place, B286. 

htahstef nf having a high prtno. 

h«aliitr«t m. highway, Ct, [^high elred*^ 

hMhstreBi^ f. etrengih, PPslOT^. 

htaluiuine (Si) very «tn^MkR2^*. 

htatasynn f. deadly ein, crime, 

btahtU f. feetiwd, holy day, LL, Vhigh 

hiahtliiibar m. lofty building, Chu45. 

htahtrtow f. eolmn compact. Ex 388. 

htahVearf f. great need, PPsll7. 

hiahVagen m. chirf officer, captain, M : 
apoeUe, & : angel, 

htahVflf nuog f. important function, Ez06. 

btehVted (gi) f. great peopU. 

htahthrfe m. great terror, Gxh2646. 

htahVrymint m., hdahStymnest f. great 


htahVungen of high rank, Hhu trioue, AO. 

hMhwtofod n. high dliar, WW186>^. 

btahweore = hSal^y^weorc 

htahwlta m. high couneUlor, Chb1009. 

hiahyldMt ▼. h«aheald. 

b«al = (l)heaUi; (2) heall I. 


btala m. hydrocele, CP66*. 

bMtorn n. haUbuilding, B78. 

bMldI.n.i>ro(ee<um.C7Arl036;£C. {'hM'; 
»hie)d] II. eloping, inclined, bent, 

+beald =+hield 

beaMan' (a) (±) (tr. and intr.) to *hM* 
(^i'hald^), contain, holdfast, graep^ retain, 
poeaesf, inhabit, AS,Chr ; OP. t5 nanda li. 
hold (land, etc,) of ano^er : (±) curb, re- 
Hrain, rule, reign, Chr,CP : ( ± ) heep, guard, 
preserve, foster, cherish, defend, M,Bl,Mt, 
Ps; AO : withhold, lock up i maintain, up- 
hold, support, M,LL : regard, observe, fulfil, 
do, practise, Bl;M: takeeare, CP : celebrate, 
held (festival) : hofd out (intr. ), last, ongSan 
h. resist : proceed, go : treat, behave to, bear 

+bealddaga8 mp. kalends, WW 176**. 

+bealde contmledf careful? ▼. MP 162. 

baaldaod m. protector, guardian, ruler, king, 

+bealdendgooni continent, DR45^T(ai). 

bealdlend *custodiens,* EPb114'. 

±beaidn«s f. keeping, observance, BH : 
guard, watch, APs38*. 

baaUtoum (haJ-) sufficient, ANS 120-26. 

-fbaaMmim prowaemt, economical, frugal, 
CP : chaste, continent, ML. 

^bealdsumnas f. keeping, observance, de- 
votion, M : custody, preservation : conti- 
nence, chastity. 

+baaMuiig f. keeping, 

btal«O0 (GL)=rhtehUBoe 

bialade suffering from hydrocele, ruptured, 

baalf (a) L adj. *half,* A,Ct^udJjcd; M, 
AO. Vridde h., etc. =:two and a half, etc. 
[Ger, drittehalb] II. (a) f . half, M,Q,Ckr : 
side, Ol(A),Mt,Ct; ^,AO : part, CP. 

baaUoUmed half -plastered, HL17«'. 

bealfolungen (a^) half-withered, (^ 2658. 

baaltolyplgeiide adj. semi-vowel^ MQ^ 

bealt-cwlo, -oacu haffdead, AO,CP. 

baaifdted half-dead,AXSD, 

baalf aald (a^) half -grown, LoD02a. 

baalllMa lame, OPH396. 

baalArfo half -free, W171«e. 

bealfliir somewhat hoary, A 8*449 

baalfbtefod n. front part of the head, MOa 

baalflvfUi half -rough, WW162i«. 

baalfbundlng m. cynocep halus , Nas. 

baalfbwft somewhat white, WW 163'. 

baaUh^ half a hide (of land), LL460[7,1]. 

beamnann m. 'ha^rnan,* jB€hr27, 

baalfmara half a mark (v, maro). 

baalfpenlifwiiitl n. halfpenny-wcrih, 'LL,'W, 

baaifriad reddish, WW149>*. 

baalfwyUUg partiallv guilty, ZDA31-23. 

baalfiatta* m. half a ^sester* (measure of 
bulk), WW444«. [L, eextariup] 

baatblnawaalt semicircular, WW 179". 

baalfaiapande half-asleep, LV3; MH138^ 

bealfMMlan half-cooked, 

baalfter = hnlftet 

baalftryndal n. hemisphere, WW140^ 

baalfunga to a certain extent, partially, im- 
perfecUy, M,CP. 

baaliwudu m. field-balm, IiCD44b. 

baalgaman m. social enjoyment, B1066. 

baalglan = halgian 

baalb m. (?n. at LHy6*^) (nap. hala«) 
comer, nook, secret place., CP,Outh,WW : 
comer of land left by the stream in a river 
vdOey, Ct (r, Mdf). ['Aole'] 

baalblbta havina many angles, 0E0121. 

btaUe (6) high, elevated, exalted, lofty, 
sublime, JS; CP : deep, profound, intense, 
M,CP : lordly, noble, great, iUustrious, dis- 
tinguished, JS;(yP : proud, hauaMy * 
egregious, heinous, W. adv. -lice highly, 
aloft, JB : in or to high position or rank, 
loftily, BH : intensely, very, Bi, [* higUy'} 

btallcnes t, sublimity, majesty, M, 

baall L f. 'haU,' dweUing, house, B,Mt; M, 
CP. II. =healbi. III. rock, 0EQ4111. 

baaUle palatial. 

baallrtaf n. waU-tapestry, Ct. 

baaUwibrift n. wall-tapestry, Ct. 

baatan I. (a, «) m. * haulm,* stalk, straw, 
Lcd,MtL,VPs : *eulmm,* thatched rooft 
land? LL116[61]. II.=helm 

baatamtriaw n. stubble, SP882>«. 


baalp pret. 3 sg. of helpan. 


healreoed n. haU-lmiUi$tg, B68. hian^idlg poor, Gra 26. 

bMlf (a) m. neck, Otn : prow of a Mp. hiiv ml. {of ihinns) *Aeap,' Cp,CP : koH, 

[*hahe*; Oer, hals] crowd, asaanbiif, company, troop, band, Bl; 

healfbiift m. coUar, necklace, ^,CP. 

haatobeorg f. neck-armour, 0E6. ±htapUui to *heap* up, coUect, bring together, 

htalibde f. pkylactery, G. [h&k] aceumukUe, Lk, 

taMltbrynlffe coraltt, ▼. 0£Q2«>'. hta|nnAlum adv. by companies, in troope, 

haalsfswt adj. a$ a slave, Osn2238. flocks, JB,CP; AO. ['heapmeal'] 

hiialifang n. fine prescribed in subsliMion hiapum adv. in heaps, in troops, 

for capUal and other punishments, preferen- hfopung f. heap, BH, [* heaping^] 

tial share of the *wergdd/ LL (▼. 2-489). bear- (N)=heor 

VhaUfang'] hCara=h6ahra (y. heah) 

baalq^abedda t beloved bedfeOow, consort, baaronanf =heoroniin£ 

vfife, B63. beard (a) ^hard,* harA, severe, Oem, cruel 

baalsguBd (a^) m. nedb-tMfiioitr, L(n>»WW. (things and persons), B,Bl,Cr,MtJLcd : 

h99MKn to entreat eamesUif, beseech, implore, strong, intense, vigorous, violent, B,Bl : 

AO,CP. [v. also haLnan, hfilaian] hardy, bold, B; AO. 

baalileiidlte (a) thai may be intreated, SPs beardewlde m. harsh speech, abuse (or 

89". adv. -lioe importunately. Theannowide), Cb1444. 

httdOUend^ m. sitter in halL bearda adv. *hard,* hardly, firmly, very 

bealil«9er n. reins, OET622. severely, strictly, vehemently, AC : exceeding- 

bealmmgeV f. beloved maid, Gsir2165. ly, grecOly, M. 

baalmiyna m. necklace, M. [mene] baardeq; Lf sharp of edge. 11. f. sword, 

bMtood (a^• e*) mn. head-doA. El 768. 

baaladma f . neck-tumour, Lod 132b. baardbara m. a fish, mulletf Op. 

baalsref ««er (a^) i. feathers of a pillow, down, beardbiaw chisel, C^408c. 

Rd41*^. [cp. OuG. halsare 'cervical'] baardbeort hard-hearted, M : stubborn, 

baals-aood, -ed=healBod obstinate, M. 

baalstAn (a) m. small cake, WW. baardbaortnas I. hard-heartednesJt, M,CP, 

baalsung f. prayer, supplication, conjuring, baardhlcgandat brave. 

entreaty, [v. * halse ' and also hakung and ±baardlan to be or become hard. Led : Juirden, 

hfilrangl Led. [*hard*] 

baalsunggabad (a) n. litany. baardlngf m. bold man, hero. 

baalsungflma (a) m. time of supplication, baardlic severe, harsh, terrible : excessive. 

NC299. adv. -lioe harshly, resohUely, severely, 

baalswasre m. pain in the neck, Lod 113a. sternly : stouUy, bravely, M : excessively : 

baalswrlffa m. necklace, Bd6«. hardly CpaukUim,' 'tractim*), ES42-174. 

baalswyrt (a)f. aplant,dafMilf*epicurium, baardUcnat f. austerity. 

auris leporis,* Lcd,WW;OEQ. l*hals- baardmdd brave, bold, over-confident, M : 

wort*] obHinaU, iELSO***. 

baalt (eo) 'haU,' limping, lame, AO. baardmddnaa f. obstinaof, MB. l-252». 

baall- = heald- baardnabba m. raven, ^H2*144". 

baaltlan to 'halt,' limp, CP,VPs(9^)iM : hwr^9§ t' hardness,' Ep,Mtj4:d JIB. 

hesitate, ML 18** : faU away, BH. baardra (OEQ) =heardhara 

baalVagnt m. haU-offieer. baardrftd jirm» constant, 6sh2348. 

baalwudu m. woodwork ofhaU, B 1317. baardsAllg unfortunaU, unhappy. 

btam v. heah. baardsAlnas f . calamity, AO 104^^. 

biam-ol, -Hi miserly, frugal, Cp. baardsAlV f . hard lot, calamity, unhappiness : 

btamolsolpa m. miserliness, NG300. misconduct, wickedness, CP. 

bfon 1. lowly, despised, poor, mean, abject, baardwandnca strictly, BH365". 

B,VPs; M,AO. l*hean'] adv. htene. baarg (as, e) nap. hearaat, em. temple, altar, 

II. V. hSah. III. (-k) to raise, exalt, extol, sanctuary, idol, AO,CP z grovet AallO. 

BH. [-*hlen, hfn; 'high'] hwtg%nt (heirh-) m. dwdUng in the woods, 
bianai f. 'highness,' i4(h5ah.),CP : some- Wif15. 

ihing high, high place, height, Jf<(heah.), baargUc (h) idolatrous, WW236'. 

VPs. on hSaniMam tn the highest, 'in baargtnef (tt^) n. »doI-fempfe, B176. 

exeelsis,' M : excellence, sublimity, CP : baargwaard m. tempU>'Warden, priest 

high rank. (herig-), Air 1126. 

btanbM m. difficuUy, WW. baarbHhearg 

btenllo ignominious, abject, poor, AO. adv. baann (e) I. m. damage, ' harm, * injury, evil, 

-Hoe. affliction, B,Oen ; M,CP : grief, pain, Oen : 

h%aaaoib&f downcast, depressed, sad. insuU, calumny. 11, ad}, hmmful, ^' 

biannas I. (S) 1 treading down, NO. IL-* nanf, evil 

hSanet btannshrSam 

pneATtUA 151 HEFELD 

hMmui m. BhreuHnausBf weasel f OET (Cp taealtugrlBit JKeree. 

666). [OHG, hArmo] heaffuttot n- batOe-play, batOe. 

heanoMolBnen made of weasel skinsf Chb h«a9u]lnd f. shield of linden wood, f^HB 

1076D. 937. 

h6«nnb«rK (») m. grave. Rums Caskbt. hfe'SullSeiidet m. ssafaHng worries, 
hearmewalu f. greai suffering, Cb1609. heaVimiAro /amedt in baitU, B2802. 

h6aniieweod«llaii(VPB)wy.-"h€armoweSan h%sMuri^^ m. onmsh, attaek, 
heannewflVaii* to speak evil of, revile, NO. haaVurtaf d. war-gear, B401. 
beannoweVond (e^) m. slanderer, JPs 71^ beatfurtnet m. warrior. 
beannowlddSan to calumniate. Bo. bea9ur5f f famed in war, brave. 

bMRnewtdet m. calumny, blasphemy : beaVuseMid? dinied in war, B2880? (or 

heavy sentenoe, curse, 7 heatStuoearp baUk'Sharp). 

baannowldol evU-speaking, slanderous, M. baaVusteo wounded, B2764. 
beannewldolian (eo*, e*) to calumniaie, heaHuslgel m. m», Bd72^*. 

Psl 18^**. beaVusttapt towering in balUU, 

beannowldolnes f . skmder, EPs 1 18^. baaVuswAlf m. blood of baUle. 

hMrnutog m. day of grief, B3153. boaVufweng m. batUe-sbroke, B2681. 

baarmadwnt n. grievous reproach. beaVutorbt clear as a battle-cry, B2563. 

b«ann*ful, -follio hurtful, noxious. beatluwAd f. armour, B39. 

-bearmgaorn v. on-h. baaVuweore a. battle-deed, B2802. 

bearmbaortnes f. murmuring, complaint, baaVuwMff weary from fighting, Wald2". 

WW51 1". baa«uwytait (»*, «■) m. fierce flame. 

beaimlaii to * harm, ' injure, JB. b toum = hfiagam dp. of hteh. 

baannlioVt ^' ^^^IfV* lamentation. +bfew n. gnashing, grinding. 

beannUo harmful, grievous, M. btow- = hJSw- (hfiawi, Cp 303o = hftwen) 

baannloeat m. prison : heU. ±bfowmnT to *hew,* hack, strike, cleave, cirf, 

hetanaaplegtim. fight, strife, Qbh1898. cut down, kiU, JB,BH,ChrJudJjLimaj^ 

baannsoatSa m. terrible enemy, B766. by hewing, A. «ftan b. to slander, W 160*. 

beannMaarut f. afHicti&n, punishm/ent, boawan (K)=beofon 

penalty, [aoeran] -btowara ▼. hrltSer-, wadu-h. 

baamislega m. grievous blow, Cb1435. -bebba v. hfiafod-h. 

baarmsprfio f . calumny, WW 198«. ±bebl»n« (n) pres. 3 Bg. h«, pi. hMon, pp. 

baarmstaBtt m. harm, sorrow, tribulation. hafen (hafenl (wk. forma in LWS, pMt. 
baarmttn m. shoot of sorrow, 6sk992. hefde, pp. hefod) to 'heave,* raise, l%ft, hft 

hwrpe {m){.'harp,^ jB,VPs;CP. up, exaU, JS,B,Bl,Ps;CP : intr. rwe, 

baarpansBgal m. plectrum. W 100*. 

baarpera (a) m. harper, BoJj n\M ,CP. babba =h»bbe ▼. habban. 

baaipeatra f. (female) harper, WW 190*. -babba, -hebbing v. up-h. 
baarpastrang m. * harp-string, ' ApT. bebbandUo exalted, DR 181K 

baaiptan to *harp,* Bo; M. babald=befeld; baban=heofon 

baagpnaagal =hearpe n«gel baber=h»fer; babuc=hafoo 

baarpaang m. psalm, WW129**. baac^hno; baead=bacod 

baarpalaga m. plectrum {instrument for b6eann. iki<i, £835*332; NG 367. 

striking the harp), OEO : harp-^Mnng. baog (GHR547ET)=hefle 
baarpawig m. sound of the harp, BtFB 150'. baega-splnd, -awind = hagoapind 
baarpung f. 'harping,' Bo. ±bMan I. (w. g.) to 'heed,' o6««eriw, BJ^L; 

baarrat («, o, ie, eo) m. lord, master, CAr (»), M : look after, care for, guard, protect, take 

Qen. ['her'; Oer. herr] charge of : obtain, receive, take, AS. II.- 

blam=h6ahra (t. hfiah) h^dan 

baar8tapanna=hientepaiine badclftV m. a coarse, thick, upper garment 

bianiim=hfenam like a chasuble, Lod 1*346^'. 

baart (NG)Mheord, beorot bUdarn (f) n. storehouse. 

-baarwa v. Sigel-h. ; bias ▼. hUh. bCda pret. 3 sg. of bSgan. 

baaaaan sshyscan ; baaau shaan badan m. robe, hood, chasuble, LL. 

baa«o-:sb6at$a. («tf»r) badandlic captious, OEO 3208. adv. -lice, 

baaVort n. restraint, confinement. WW 199^. 

d:baa;SDrlaii (e*) to shut in, restrain, control. bataMlan =hefeldiaii 
bfotfirym sbtehVrymm bafda I. (VPa) s^bsfdepret. 8 ag. of babbaa. 

baaVubyrnaf f. war-corslet. II* v. hebban. , 

hemnJodBott bold, brave. beta (») m. weight, burden, M : m%na, 

hesLtvOrmanBnde fighting. El 130. talentum, ' OPH 396. 

baaQufyrf n. cruel fire. bataful severe, RB49". 

baaffagaong ycma^ «A toor, Fik2. batagXbefig 

baa9aglaiiuii m. wound got in battle, Rd57*. bataM m. weaver's beam, 01 [v. 'heald J 


±hefeMiaii (a*) iofx Oc wtfi, begw the web, tatld L^hyld, hyldo. IL shield 

Gl. iMUaiisliieldaa 

heleMMM m. thread (for vfeaving), Ol. hMt L f. tatu^, Led,WW ; M. VhOden 
hefelgyrd (eP) f. 'Udaionum/ weaver*$ II.=hyldo 

ehuUU, Gl. iMto f. subterfuge, LL(Z2I^''). ['Acle'] 

hef o-lle, -Hoe =■ hefig-lio, -Doe heto- = helle-, ele- ; hUend = hftlend 

hefen L («) f. buirden, loadf RB49i*. II.» heltnmg ^heoloning ; litM sheleV 

heof on ImU- = healf -, hielf • 

hefettme =hefigtime ImICui to halve, CpSOSB? (herbid). 

hefflV pree. 3 sg. of hebban. helgod=heI]god ; htOiiiliieshelleraiie 

heft(lftB=hefigian ±h9)llmntoeonceal,cofter,hide,JS,LL. ['Me*] 

heflg (SB) *heaff^,' Met,Mt : im/porlaiU, grave, hiUe, h«Uoe=htehlio, hMToe 

eevere, eeruma, A,Bl,Mt : oppreuive, hftll f. Hadee, JS,VPe : ^heU,* infernal 

grievous, PeJ[/L. [hebban] adv. hefige, regions, ^^aee of torment, Oehenna, Bo,RB ; 

Ps. AO,CP,M. [helan] 

±lieflglaii to make heavy, VPs : weigh down, halltwnd mf. bond of heU, B3072. 

oppress, affiiet, grieve, BH,CP,Mt : aggra- iMlleiilht m. devU, demon, MLV^. 

vote, increase : bectme heavy, depressed, heUenftttm. AettMApoiMr, Ah1104. 

weakened, CP,Qu. [' heavy *] heUound of heU, W254». 

heflgllo toeightp, serious, severe, burdensome, iwUewataf f . pains of hdL 

grievous, sad, A. adv. -Hoe, M,CP,Q. halldort n. gaJte of helL 

Vheavily'} heUabMlu n. hea^baie, Cb1427. 

heflgmAd oppressive, ERPs64«. hellahrdga m. terror of heU, LPs. 

haflgiiM (e) f. 'heaviness,* weight, burden, hei1Mxyitem.heU'fire,Jxn>,W. 

affliction, MtL ; GP : dulness, torpor, Bo(m), haltoeAgaii pL keys of heU, MFH 128. 

haflgtyma (!*) grievous, severe, troublesome, hallaoaafl m,iawn ofhdt. Air 1702. 

oppressive, JS. [tfaml hallaeliui n. AeSM^nioe, Gb1020. 

hallgtfiiines f. trouble, M. haUaalainm m. heU-bond, Gkn373. 

liafod wk. pp., hefS pres. 3 eg. of hebban. hallediofolt mn. devU, 

bafoB = heofon ; haft- = fanft- halla-dort n., -doni { f . gate of heU, 

hafttg=hefigu pL of hefig, CP285i. heUMbrm, floor of heU, courts of heU,8Ar 70. 

hig^hieg hallaf^ n. hell-fU^. 

±higant to perform, achieve : hM (a haUa^tf (a*) m. «pm<of M7. 

meeting). haUegeat n. gaU of heU, MR 1 -288. 

hegdJg - hygdiff hallegnmdt m. abyss of heU. 

haga (ea) m. * hedge, ' fence, JB,Gl ; Mdf . hallagnit m. pit ofheU, OEG 684. 

hageclifa t,Jiedge-divers, Lod 20a. hallegryn m. horror of heU, Sat433. 

hegaglan =hegian haUa-h»ftt -hef ta}, .ha»f tlingt m. prisoner 
hagahymala f. Aop.pbnl, WW302*. ofheU,deva. 

hegal(VP8)=haBgl,haffol haUahfaf m. waitings or howlings of heU, 
hegarAw f . * hedgerow, ^KC(&). Gkn 38. 

hsgwiUteleavers,goosegrass,Led. [^hairif] hallahlnea m. heU-Umper, devil, Avll78. 
hegesUU m. hedge-stake, GD24**. [op. Oer, hinken] 

hegeisugga hedge-sparrow, WW. [taoga; hallahund m. M2-AottfM{, KG3-350>*. 

^haysugge*] hallahQf d. heU-hoMse, GTr640. 

±hetiUak to fence in, hedge, enclose, 8e. grep haUalla=heUic 

h.tocutagrip,Uj456[lZl ['hay'] htUeHoc n. heU prison, GI>S2t!^. 

hflgnaa = hSanes hallanuBgan n. troop of heU , MFH 166. 

hagataBf m. fence, enclosure, WW206>^. hellamara m. Stygian lake, WW. 

hagstald- = haBgsteald- hallantS m. torments of hell, Gbk 775. 

h«h (VPs, N), hSh- =h&kh, hteh- hallarHna f. pythoness, sorceress, M. 

4-h«haD ( VHy ) = hean HI. haUasoaalo m. devU, Sat 133. 

hd hi indioateB lapghter, ABCfr. Vhe*] heIleMaatfa=heU8cea9a 

hahstald, hehstala- =hagosteald, hngsteald- hallettalS m. pit of hell. 

hiht pret. 3 sg. of hatan. heUeitlsl n. heU-tormeni, M. 

h«hiru«»hieht$a ; +halga (KGL83^)»+h8dge hallaVegn (he]-)t m. detil. 

h«ste=hghsta v. h6ah. hellawlta n. hell-pains, torment, M. 

taitweg m. highway? ECISO'. haUawItatodgm m. horror of heUtorment, 

hal^heU W151". 

h«la {&) m. *heel,' JnLjAsd,OET,WW. haDflran f. heUish crime, Pakt6. 

±halan« to conceal, cover, hide, AO,VPs; heXtSOaf bound for heU. 

GP. i*hele*; Oer. hehlen] hailga«wlngn.coii/f)iemenltniUS,Gnr696. 

hihui I. (oe) to calumniate, MtBS^. II.— haUgod n. god of the lower world. 

hfilan I. haUhaort terrified, NG301. 


helUieoVo f. vault of AeO, heU, Sat 700 (or heofetnow (enge-) n. gaUcws, GPH306. 

T two words). lieD|n>*lto n. fintfor not detaining an offender ^ 

iMOlo AettMA, J?. rAcAidb*] LL496[4> 

iMlbOMtKa m. IMfoe, devil : *%nfemu9.' iMim (sb) f. 'hen/ A,Mt,Lcd. 

btU-tnot, nap. -trala n. demise temple, bwiiftin. /oiof, LL(220^). 

Ak1693. liMiiielMlle (») f. henbane. 

hftUtrtfa m. hett4orture, Gnr73. hmnfagol m. hen, Ct. 

bell-waran, -waro mp., -warn fp. dwdlers in bantaii to pureue, attack, LL;JR:{±) appro* 

heU, M. priaU, seize, Chr. P hetU, ' * i-henU '1 

hellworod n. hoet of hell, W. htaX, h&it$a=hynV, h^t$a ; )Mnu:=beona 

heUwlht (hel-) in. devU, W186'. bio h nasf. and nap. of pron. 3 pers. *she,* 

helm m^ protection, defence, e<n)ennff, crown, they. ILf^blew 

JB,Rd : eummit, top {of trees), JSJbIo, W W ; btodag adv. to-day, Gkn 661. [Oer. heate] 

GP : helmet, Cp,WW : (f) protector, lord, biot I. m. wailing, numming, grief, ^^O. 

I* helm*] !!• str. prei. 3 sg. of hSofan. 

betana m. *helm,* rudder, Bo,Cp,WW ; M. h9otm?' (pret. htef, hdf, hSofotf) to lament, 

babn-bAra, -beniide leafy. CP. 

hbhMibeinnd m.i hehneted warrior. beoftn=heofoii ^^ 

irbetanlaii (y) to cover, crown. An : provide btofendlto dismal, mournful, WW. adv. 

with a helmet, .aChr. [*Mm*; 'i-helmed*] -lice. 

-babidg ▼. Idaf -h. ±btef-laii, -igian to lament, M. 

bataiilbt leafy, WW305* ; 403>*. booflg- = hefig. 

batanwaard (holm-) m. pilot. Ah 359. bioflgandtto mourning, lamenting, A 10*146 ; 

b§lo=h£la; balor=heoIor 188. 

balp (y) fm. 'help,* succour, aid, AO,B,Bl. btafflc lamentable. 

balpaa* (w. g. or d.) to 'help,* support, bfofod^B^iSafod ; baofog (BL)iaaie6g 

succour, M,CF,Ot,QJjLJPs : hetnefii, do baofon (e)mf. (often in pL )«£]/» ^IrmafiieiU, 

good to, Lcd{ya\x.),LL : cure, amend, Mk. JB,Bo,VPs : 'heaven,* M,Mt : the power of 

balpa f. =help heaven, Mt,Lk. 

ba^ndm. 'helper,* Bl. bfofon I. f. lamentation f Ex 46. IL str. 

balpandllo auxiliary. pret. pL of hSofan. 

balrOn = hellemna baofonbaaoan n. sign in the sky. Ex 107. 

bataHna m. hellish monster, B163. baofonbaorbtt heavenly bright. 

balr^agu f. sorceress, witch, WW472". baofonblgganda ' Calebs, * DHy. [ON. byg- 

bibpure f. heel, VPs. gja] 

bait I. = hilt. II. pres. 3 sg. of heldan. baofonb^ma f . AeavenZj/ frwmpe/, Cb049. 

III. (KGL)=liielt prea. 3 sg. of healdan. baotoneandalf f. light of the heavens, sun, 

baIVegn=he]letSegn; babir^eolor fiiooa, stars. 

bom m. ' hem, * border, W W 126^*. baof onoaimad heaven-bom, DHy 108«. 

+bima? customary f AS32**. baofonoolu npL heat of the sun, £x71. 

bamod (BC 2*622') y. hemman. baofonound celestial, heavenly, CP. 

bimed = hsemed ; blmoV = h£med> beofonoundUc heavenly, W. 

bamatfa under-garment. [Oer. hemd] beofoneyntaig m. king of heaven, Chriet, Bl 

baiii]ie(iE)=hymlio 201. ['heavenking*] 

bamman to stop up, dose, PPs 106*'. [MHO. beof ondCma m. heavenly ruler. Sat 668. 

hemmen] b9ofondlloa=hdofend]ice 

bammbig m. shoe of undressed leather, WW baolondrtamt m. joy of heaven. 

468*^. [*heming*\ baotondiiguV f. heavenly host, Cs 1665. 

ban>4&enn ; bin = hian ; bin- = hien- baof ona (iB, W) = heof on 

binan = hienan baofonangal m.t angel of heaven. 

+bandan to hM, PPs 138*. [hand] baofonfugolt m. fowl of the air. 

+banda near, at hand, ^,Mk : hand/y, con- baofonC^r n. fire from heaven, W262^*. 

venient, AG. adv. near, at home, A. baofonbAllgAoIyafuf Aeaven/y, Ak728. 

[* lyend *] baof onbimt m. heavenly home. 

•bandlg V. Ust-h. baofonbiab reaching to heaven. Da 563. 

+bendii6s f . neighbourhood, proximity, M. [' heavenhigh*] 

banap - hnnep baotonbaall f . heavenly haU, LL(382^*). 

bang pret. 3 sg. of hdn. beofonbUft m. bread of heaven, manna. 

hmg^eiain. overhanging diff, WW 190^. baofonbrof m. ^vault of heaven, heaven : 

bangan f . hanging, M : cross, M : rack, tor- roof, ceiling. 

ture, S» : im'prisonnytid. baofonbwaallt f . twatt of Asaven. 

banganwItnimgf.tmprMonf»ieii<,LL471[16]. baofonbyrat f. omamxani of the heavens, 

bangast, hengst m. staUion, steed, horse, Gsv2180. 

gelding, Ct,WW ; M. ['hengesl*] baofoniso (e«) heavenly, AG l*. 


h^toiMohin.hMvenlffUffM,Ajx916. heona (aii(n)a, ane, eno, (he)ono) if, but, 
heofonltana m. heavetOy Ught, Air 840. therefore, moreover, whether, ANS91-205. 

hnoUukUs'heavenfy,' celestial, Bl; Ik. adv. lMoniiii(jro=heonon 

-IToe, JBGa^DHy. bSop (LP867i<) =htep 

heofomnsBgwit »• heavenlff force. hfoplmoiAl (▼•) m. dog-roee, bramble. Led. 
iMofonrlee n. kinffdom of heaven, Bl,Cr ; AO. [v. *hip*] 

Cheavenrie*] hfope t *hip,* eeed-vesael of wUd-roee, Cp, 
iMofonseU n. throne of heaven, DD277. Lcd,WW ; M i bush, brier. 

haofonsteomt m- <tor of heaven. hear = heorr 

heofonstdl m. throne of heaven, Oxv8. hMn gp. of hS, heo, hit. 

hMtonttmber n. heavenly structure, Qms 146. hteraa = hferan 

hMfontorhtf very bright, glorious. heorailaii (e, y) tr. and intr. to 'hearken,* 
haofontuogolt n. heavenly luminary. listen, JB,Guth. 

heoto ngrtat m. heavenly company, 8at222. heorenung f . * hearkening, * lislening, power 
heotoiitlrynim m. heavenly glory. of hearing, JB. 

heoton-wara, -wanm mp., -wara £p. inhabi- heord I. (e, io) f. *herd,* flock, ^,Mt,WW ; 

tants of heaven, M. ['heavenware'] CP : keeping, care, custody, CP. II. syea- 

heofcMiwwld0nd(e>)*amtonen«/O£O23^*. more, LkR 19«. [heorot-?] III.=hired 

haofbnwaardt m. heaven* s keeper, Ood. heordan pL * hards* (of flax), tow, Cp,WW. 

hootonwerod n. heavenly host, W. heorde I. ( VPs)>=aiierd6. II. = heord 

heofonwlltig divinely fair, N030I. ±h6ordn« f . custody, keeping, watch. 

heof OBWoleant n. cloud of heaven. hMrdrAdmi f . custody, care, keeping, watch, 
htofonwdmat m- terrible noise from heaven, ward, ML{y^). 

heofonwuldor n. heavenly glory, fHyC". +h0orduii|r i. guard, watch, EBPs38*. 

hiotMm. lamentable state, RmiS J [hSof] MonLf {f) pleasant, secure, BigenOe, mild, 

h60tiui=heofon pure, Oen. ['Aere*] II.=hiere 

htetung f . lamentation, mourning, M. heorl =eorl ; heoroKfheoru ; hiorod=hiered 

hfofungda^r m. day of mourning, M. heorot m. * Aart, * stag, Bo(heor t), VP sj-ut). 

hfofiingtld f . time of mourning, M. heorotberge f . buckthorn-berry, WW. 

heohm = helan heorottoembel m. buckthorn, Lcd. 

heold pret. 3 »g. of healdan. heorotbrfir f . buckthorn, LkR I7*(heart-). 

heoldan =healdan heoroteUU^ f. 'hart-clover, ' hemp agrimony, 
heolforf n. gore, blood. Lcd. 

heoUrigt go>nff bloody. heoroterop m. cluster of hartwort flowers. 

heolor (e^, e*, a*) f. scales, balance. heorotimeoru n. hart*s grease, LoD46a. 

h eolor bledu (o^, a*) f. the scale of a balance, heorotiol n. stages waUowing-place, Ct. 

WW427». heorr mf. hinge, B,Bo,Cp,LPs : cardinal 
heolorian to weigh, ponder, Gl. point, Lcd. [* harre '] 

heolorung ( e^, e« ) f . * momentum, * the turning heorra = (l)hearra; (2) heorr 

of a scale, WW460". heort I. (± ) high-minded, stout-hearted, ML. 
heololteyim n. denizens of hell, C& 1642. IL^heorot 

-hiolotto v. hfiah-h. heortan = hiertan 

heoloVhehnt (») m. helmet which makes the heortanenyi f . * {com)pulsus cordis* f t. ZDA 

wearer invisible. 31*13n. 

heolp = healp ; heolr- = heolor- heortbuoo m. roebuck, WW 1 19^'. 

heolstor (e*) I. m. darkness, concealment, heoirtKltkLi, heart disease, "Lcd 65h. 

cover, hidina-pHace, retreat, [helan] II. liwu!t»t heart iorgan),Lcd,VPsz soul, spirit, 

adj. dark, shadowu, M. A,B,0,BB, VPs : wiU, desire, VPs : courage, 

heolitoroofa m. dark chamber, grave, Ph49. Gen, VPs : intellect, Mt,JnL. 

heobtorhof n. hell. El 764. heorteoe m. 'heartache,* pain at the heart, 
heolstorloeaf m. prison, cell. Lcd. 

heobtor-ieeadot f., -Boawa{ m. concealing heorten (y)o/aAar<»Lox> 1*216". 

shade, darkness. heortgeelda pi. entrails, M. 

heolstrig shadowy, obscure, WW. heor^ryre m. terror of heart, W86*». 

heolt = healt heorthama m. pericardium, internal fat, M. 

heom dp. of hS, heo, hit. heorthogu f. heart-care, Wl77^ 

heona (LkL), heonan, VPs{io), heonane heorUtas<2M|Hr»ted, DD124, W137s*. 

((Ten) =heonon(e) +heortlloe adv. cheeringly, GD317". 

heono (NG) =heona heorttufu f . hearty love, fHy 9**. 

heonon, heonone hence, from here, away, Mt : heortecraf n. heart, 1)1)39. 

from now. h. ior^ henceforth. hMOia^ocill from heart disease. 

heononM m. departure, death, Don 86, heortwmnm. pain at the heart, Jxm. 

Bk21. hffM(e)m. 'hearth,* fireplace, Ol,Az: house, 

heononweard fraiMient Aome, iff ^L. '"^w. 


li6<n1l-=eort$- hw^ M a em , -Macn n. miUtary etmgn, 

heorVa L m. deer- (or noai- 1) akin, WW 337*. standard : beacon, lighAouae. 

II. (HGL483)=heorda httro-beorg, -byre f. lodgings, quarters, NG 

heoHnMotn baked on the hearth, M. 346. [Oer, herberge] 

heorVeneobt m. aUendani, GP 361 >*. btnbeorglan to take up one *» quarters, lodge, 

hBoMsBSt having a setiUd home, 1X322^. Ghb l(H8r. [Qtr, herbeigen] 

hoorVgentett m. retainer. bmreblMt cowardly, £z463. 
heorVpentng m. * hearth-penny,* tax {for tike herobrdga m. dread of war, B462. 

Church), Petsr^s penny, LL (v. 2*606). henbyme I. trumpet, saekbtU. 

heorttewApe f . bridesmaid, Cp 701p. h«rdbyrglaii = berebeorgiaii 

beorVwerodf n. body of retainers. taerebyine f . ccrdei, B 1443. 

heoruf m. sword. tasreoftnii m. war cry, Gu872. 

haonibtto mortally wounded, B2488? hertelst = hereoyst 

h«oruoiimbal n. standard. El 107. hereeombol n. standard. El 26 T 

heonidolg n. deadly wound. Ah 944. hareeyitf I. vforlike band. 

heonidrforf m. suford-hlood, gore. +h«rwl]te (LPs 106*) s +hierandlic 

hMrudrtorlgt blood-stained : deeded, crest* iMrefeldt m. battle- field, field. 

faUen. herefeoh n. booty, AG 1 IS*. 

beorudiyDO m. sword-drink, blood shed by the harefitta m. war-troop, Gb 1013. 

sword, B 2368. tasnU^iiia (i)% m.fugitivefrom battle, deserter. 

heonifaBtai m. deadly grasp. Ex 604. li«r»folot ^' army. 

hearufU f. arrow, LPs 66*. herafong m. osprey, WW. 

hisoirvtgfSn^ fierce, greedy for slaughter. h«refiigol m. bird of prey, vultwre, eagle, 

beonigriMlgt bloodthiriy. Ex 161. 

heonigrlmmt savage, fitrce. hang- = herg-, heri^ • 

heorubdclhl with formidable hooks, savagely hengang m. incursion, W312^. 

barbed, B 1438. here-gtat fn. gp -ge»t(w)e, -geat(w)a, -geata 

heoruiig=heraiig war-gear, military equipment, Bo,Ma : 

beomsoearp very sharp, Bd6*. *heriot,' Ct,LL (v. 2*600). 

beoruioeorp n. war equipments, Hxll73. beregeatland n. heriot-land, L220. 

hBormsrwf f. coat of mail. bereglld (e, eo, y) n. war-tax, DanegM, 

beonitwoalwe f. falcon, hawk, Wt186. Chr,Ct. ['heregeld*] 

beoniswttiigt m. sword-stroke. beregiltaiat m. helmet. 

b«orut = heorot benband f . violence of war, BH 366**. 

boorawApan n. sword, Jttd263. barabldtf f. war-host, troop, Gu 1042. 

beomweaUaiidai gushing wOh destruction. bere-bttV, -hytS f. booty, prey, plunder, M, 

baoniwaarg m. bloodthirsty wolf, B 1267. AG. 

baoniword il hostile speech, FT 84. beraiit f. remai ns of a host, M : spoil, J&. 

baorawnlf m. warrior. Ex 181 . bertUe martial, WW374<*. 

b6ow I. pret. 3 «g. of hfowan. IL =biw hertlof mn. fame, glory, GEG. 

btow- = h!w- ; biowaa = hSof an baransBOg m. warrior, Gvs 2483. 

bepllo = h»plio ; bar- = hear-» hier- baramngant n. warlike force, multitude. 

b6r I. adv. *here,* in this place, M,Q,YFs : baramann m. soldier, LkL7*. 

in this world, BIJjL : ai (his point of time, biramann shleremaim 

at this date, now, Chr,Ct : towards this place, baramattol n. national assembly, El 660. 

hither, B. II.=hAr baranai (e) f. praise. 

bir- shfir-, hIer-, hjhr- baranatt n. corslet, B 1663. 

binattar {f) adv. * hereafter, ' later on, A,BH. baranlV m. warfare, B 2474. 

birbaforan adv. before, previously, W62^i . barapidf f. corslet, coat of mail. 

FM361'*. bar(a)-pa9, -p»t( m. miUtary road, highway, 

bir-baufan, -binfan adv. here alcove, pre- v. GG46 and Mdf. 

viously, GP. bararfla m. hostile raid, W271*. 

bSrbtkandat mp. here-dweUers, dwellers on barerfiiwat m. commander. 

earth. barartet f . war spoil, plunder, booty, M. 

barbyrgiB4herebeorg ; barenlansbeoronian bararlnot m. warrior. 

bflreyma m. coming here, advent, Gb260. baraaoaatt m. spear, B336. 

bard s=heord ; bard-, h6rd- =hierd*, hierd- baraaoaorp n. war -dress. Fin 46. 

bara (obL oaaee nsu. have herg-, herig-) m. barasIVf °^« wirlike expedition. 

predatory band, troop, army, host, multitude, baraapM f . success in war, B 64. 

Chr,Mt;AO,CP (*8e h.* almost always— bftra^l n. discourse, Gbbat77. 

the Danish army in Ghb) : battle, war, barastrAI m. arrow, B 1436. 

devastation. [*here' ; Oer. beer] baraatrAt f. highway, main road, GP376* 

bira I. f. dignity, majesty, importance, and n (LL666,10,2). 

IL ( VPs) = hfire baraswlg m. martial sound. Bust 23. 




hen^yroe f. ccrda, B1511. 

tierattam m. phmder, detftuiaiion : pndalofy 

li0r»-tiiiiA, -tfma m. atrmy leader, general, 

king, ruler, 
hwe-togm, -toha m. commander, general, 

chieftain, JB,BH ; AO.GP. I'kereioga* ; 

Oer, henog] 
henVriatt m. wir4fan d, tro op. 
htmVrym m. phalanx, WW411**. 
harewAd f. mail, armour, B1897. 
harewApen n« weapon, PP834* 
herewaMma m, prowees, B677. 
harawftfiat m. warri or. 
harawag m. highway, WW 146**. 
barewaore n. war-work, £l666. 
harawlan = hierwan 
harawlc n. dtbettinge, camp, "Bl. 
harawfsat m. capiain, generaL 
harawdp m. theory of an army. Ex 460. 
baraword n. praise, renown, C&1009r. 
harawdsaf m. warrior. 
harawull m. warrior, Oen2016. 
barawurd (HGL423)=hereword 
barfa9t=luBrfeet; barg=hearg 
barg-=lierff-, hereg-, heri(g)- 
bargaV m. harrying, plund^ng, devastation. 
bargara m. one who praises, DR. [^heryer*] 
-tbargtan to ravage, rounder, lay waste, 

'harry, ' AO,Chr ; M,CP. ['harrow' ; here] 
bargung (AO), hergiuzig t 'harrying,* 

ravaging, raid, invasion, attack, BH,Chr : 

plunder, booty i 'harrowing,* Js. 
barlan I. to extol, praise, commend, JS,AO, 

CP,VPe{iB). Vhery*] II.=liierwan. III. 

« hergian. IV. = erian 
barlg^hearg ; v. also here, 
berlgandllc Hudahle, commendable, £. adv. 

baring =heraiig 
bArlima adv. 'herein,* ^. 

b«rof adv. 'hereof,* of this, A. 
btron adv. herein, Ct ; LL. [' hereon '] 
bArongean adv. contrarily, in opposition, 

bArongemong at 0iis point, in this connection, 

meanwhile, CP : among others, CP. 
bar-paV, •po9=herepa9 
bSrra=hdarra, hferra (v. heah) 
berst-=hient-; bimim^hieraam 
bfrto thus far, OEG56**. 
bSrtMaean besides, W. 
barV = heor9 

bartten p). 'testiculi,* LL84[66]. 
bartnMllg m. 'scrotum,* WW. 
barmand (NC357)=yrtnand 
banmg (eo) f. praise, JB,CP. ['herying*'] 
barutbag (OE064*)=heorotberge 
barw- = hierw-, hirw- 
barwtV adv. 'herewith,* ^0236. 
bas-=by8-; bi8t=lue8t 

bit pret. 3 ag. of hatan. 

bataa to atteZk, MLW^. 

bata (ea) m. 'hate,* envy, maUoe, hoetiUty, 

persecution, B,BH,VPs ; ^AO.GP. 
batagrtant fierce, crueL 
batalla hostile, malignant, horribie, violent, 

excessive, AO,B. ['hateKeh*'\ adv. -fioe, 


batanfff m. hostUity, epite, wickedness. 

batarot fuU of haU, Av 1422. 

batarOn f . charm which produces hate, Rd 34*. 

bataaprftc f. defiant speech, Osk263. 

bataiwang m. hostile blow, B2225. 

bataVanaf m. hostile design, 

bataVonaol hostile, JtXLlOS. 

batol hating, hostile, evil, M,W i moUnt, 

severe, RB67^*. 
batotaMS (e>) f . fierceness, OEG 1 1^. 
hbUm pret. pi. of hatan. 
bMt (AO) =h£t pres. 3 ag. of hatan. 
battandf m. enemy, anta^mist, 
battanda prea. part, of hatian. 
Mtai=luB9en; b§wan=hi&wen 

bI=hSo, hie 

bloamiaa f blue titmouse, WW132*«. 

biegan = hycgan 

blcol m. woodpecker, BC1*47 (Mdf). 

bid L fn. a 'hide* of land {about 120 acres, 

but amount varied greaUy), BH,LL, v. EC 

pp 467— 461 and LL2-513. [hiwan] IL« 


bidanof ar adv. hither. 
bldar adv. 'hither,* to ihis side, on this side, 

JE,Cp,VPs. oomp. hideror nearer, h. 

and t^ider {Cp,CP), hidres tSidies (Vndres), 

Bo, hither and thither. 
bldarayma m. advent, arrival, BE. [' hither- 

bldargaond adv. thither, yonder, 
bldarryna adj. directed hUher. 
bidartoayma = hideroyme 
bldarwaard adj. and adv. 'hitherward,^ 

towards thij j^ace, Chr. 
bldglld I. n. tax paid on each hide of land, 

Ct. I'hidegeld*] IL=hydgild 

bldmAhim adv. by hides, KC6-08*. 
bidraa v. hider. 
hia I. nap. of he, h6o, hit. ['hi, hy*] 

II.=heo naaf. of he. ['hi, hy*] 
biadar= hider 
blag (e,i) n. 'hay,* cut grass, OJad,VPs. 

blagfafla (§, I) n. hay More, WW. ['hay- 

blagsltta (S) m. hay-scyAe, OD37u. 
bfobra, hiehat ['highest*] v. hSah. 
blabttu (fi, «a, f) f. (often indecL) *A«t^/ 

highest point, summit, 8c : the heavens, 

heaven, Cr,Bl,0u,8c : glory, [heab] 


±liteld («B, ea, eo, i, y) f. (iwa. +) kuping, ±lilflntaa (e» i, y) to fry, roast, scorch, pain, 
custody, guard, protection, CP : observance, CP. [cp. OHG, gihanten] 
observaHon, uiaehing : secret place : pro- himto (e, y) i. hierBtepaiiQe (ea, y) f. 
tector, guardian. frying-pan, CP. 

±lileldaii (e, ▼) intr. to lean, incline, slope, hlentliig (y) f. frying, Im ming , CP. 
Bo{e) : tr. force downwards, bow or bend blenttngliUf (e) m. crust, WW 372^. 
dawn, BJjkij), [*AfeU'] ±Ueniim (^ ea» i, ;) w. d. obedient, docile, 

-lilaia« (y ) T. eaif o«-h. BH{f), Ou{U), ['hearsum '] 

mBit{e,y)m. handle, CP,WW. [*helve*] ^hlenumlaii (i, y) w. d. fo obey, serve, 
hleUlliig (e) m. miU, farthing, LkL12<. BH{eaL),Mt(f);AO : (+) reduce, subject, 

[healf] conquer, Chr. [*hearsum*] 

htoUan to make a noise, EP882*. ^hltefuimiM (I, f) f. obedience, submission, 

htollMtf pree. 3 8g. of helpan. BH{f) ; CP. {^hersumnesse*} 

hlelt preB. 3 eg. of healdaiu ±lilmtaa (e, eo, y ) to cheer, encourage, CP ; 

-bteltan (y) ▼. &.h. [healt] M. [*heart* ; hoort] 

lilelto f. lameness, MH 116^^(e, y). ^literwaii (e, i, y) to abuse, blaspheme, eon- 

drlitoiiaii (ft, S, f) tofeU, prostrate : weaken, demn, ilUreat : to deride, despise, 
crush, afflict, injure, oppress : abase, humble, liltrwmid (i) m. blasphemer, 
insuU, BjjhL : (+) accuse, condemn, CP. htorwvndllc contemptible, adv. -l!oe (e) 
['Aeon'] wUh contempt. 

blfliM as. of h«. ['Atn'] lil6rwliic(y)f. 62eMpAemy,Sol37». 

+lifeiie (g)reoiy to /att,DR 189^. htarwnM (i, y) f. contetyipt, reproach : 

hl«iiend(e^)m. aeciMef, JnLp6*. blasphemy, W70^'. 

hliiiVo (A, e, y) f. humiliation, affliction, hlew^hlw 
oppression, anfwyance, CP : loss, damage, hfowettia m. hewn stone, A0212^^ 
harm : act of hanging, DHy 60'. bfowet (y ) n. cutting, CP. [htewaD] 

lil«ra gp. of YA, Ykho, hit. [*Aer '] tafowlan = hlwian 

liIarasJiieRa y. heah. lilewV (CP) ores. 3 8g. of hSawan. 

±hleraii (6, $o, i, f) tr. and intr. to *hewr,' bU- (v. OEG3013)=hiw. 
iMten(to), B,Mt,Jul,VPs : (w. d.) obey, li]g::=hie I.; blfeMileg 
follow, JB,Mk ; CP : accede to, grant, Bl i lil^=hiwan ; hlg«>^yffe 
be subject to, belong to, A,AO,B,Ct, hliandllM quickly, immediaidy, MF (Veep. 

±literdan (i, y) to harden, make hard : Dxir). [higianl 
strengthen, fortify, confirm, encourage, CP. higara m., higere f. iau, magpie, jackdaw, 
[heard] woodpecker. [Qer. hfther] 

hierde (eo, i, y) m. shepherd, herdsman, CP, hlggan— hyogan 
I guardian, keeper, BJBi,Oen,Met,WW : tal^lan to *hie,* exert oneself, strive, hasten, 
pastor, ['herd'] Bl,Bo,CP, 

hiardebdo f . pastorai book (tianalation of the higid = hid 

Cura PastoraUs of Pope Greffory), CP. hlglft *heur RPs 1 19*. 

hierdebellg (e) m. shepherd's bag, Bl31^'. hlgltast = hygelSast ; hlgntk ▼. hiwan. 
htordecnapa (y) m. shepherd boy, ML 2S*^. hSgo (N) = hiwan ; hfgora =higera 
hierdaltas (i, y ) ufithout a she^^Herd or pastor, blgre = hi«;ere ; hlgieipe = hiwscipe 
jB. I'herdiess*] la^ i. exertion, effort, ZDA. ['hight'] 

htordeUc (y) pastoral, CP. bigung f. effoH, aD254*«. 

hii&rdeBuaim. shepherd, JB{j). [* herdsman*] hlh8an=hy8can; talht^s<hyht 

talerdawyrt (i) f. name of a piant, Lod. hlhtlng f. exultation, gladness, WW233«'. 

±blardiie8 (eo, i, y) f. custody, watch, g uard. talhVo =hieh9u ; talle =hylc 

htordung (y) f. strengthening, restoring, WW hUd Lf f. war, battle, combat. II. ^^hield, 

150^. hyldo 

hiare gda. of hSo. ^her'] ,^ hildbedd n. (2eatA6e(2, Ak 1094. 

lilered= hired *" hlldehlllt i^* '^''of'^'- 

taltoreman (5, i, y ) m. retainer, servant, subject, hlldeblAo deadly pale, B 2488. 

hearer, parishioner, CP. [faieran] hlldebordf n. buckler. 

+blerend m. hearer, CP. hlldeoalla m. war-henUd, Ex 252. 

+hIereiidUe *auditus,* LP8l42*(fi^) ; *audi- hUdeoorttor n. warlike band, Ap41. 

endue, * MQn 162*(y ). hUdeeyit f . valour, B 2598. 

+liI«riog (5) f. hearing, hearsay, LPslll^ hildedfoful d. demon, PP895*. 
blarlngman (e^) m. subject, A 1 1-377^^*. hildadSor war -fierce, braie, JE. 

blemaa {6, ^) f. (+) hearing, report : {±) bildafracat m. warrior, 

obedience, subjection, allegiance, CP : juris- bUdatrofor f. war-help, sword t shield f Walo 

diction, district, 2". 

blarra = hearra bildagaatwat f p. war -harness, 

hVutn V. heah. [* higher'] blldegasa m. terror of battle. El 113. 




hndsglMl m. batOe-idcU {biood dripping 

froM a swotd), B1606. 
hMtgHimt m, ememy, Rd64*. 
lilUafnBdlgt eoiftrfor batOe. 
hSMegt§9 ^ t hotUU grip. 
talUMiMra bold in 6attb. Ap21. 
hlk te htomt m. crash ofbaiOe, 
hlMalioiiuit iDL. Oleam of batUe (name of a 

Bword), B. 
hlkMioiS n. yfor-song, Ji7i>211. 
hllitomiee m. sword, B2202. 
MWinweg m. warrior, B799. 
taUdttiMret f . wair-miake, arrow. 
hlMepIlt m. dart, javelin, 
tailiterAB m. chargt, aUaek, B300. 
hlldenuid m. shield, B 1242. 
hUdwIiiet m. warrior, hero. 
hlldsMBd baitU'Wom, B2723. 
hlldMOMip n. armour, B2156. 
hlldateOr m. shower of darts. Gull 16. 
hlldMaroe f. eorslei. El 234. 
hUdeMtt m. saddU, B1039. 
hUdflspell n. warlibe speech. Ex 673. 
hlldflftrengo f. vigour for battle, B2113. 
hlldeswit m. vapour ofbattUr B2068. 
blldeiwflg m. sound of baiOe, Qmx 1901. 
hlMtotorlit shining in batOe, Mir 26*. 
Wldetire m. tusk (<u weapon), B 161 1. 
hlldittreiiiiiift m. warrior, Jul 64. 
hUdainrymiiit m., hilddSiyVt L, warlike 

strength, vaUmr, 
hlldewftpen m. weapon of war, B39. 
IdldewliM m. commander, B 1064. 
hlldewtaiat m. crash of baUte. 
hUdewrflm t fetter for capHves, Sol292. 
hUdewult m. hero, Gsir2061. 
hUdJEram valiant in war. As 1204. 
hlidfrumat m. battU'Chief, prince, emperor. 
hlldlataf o^- laggard in boMe, coward, 
hllitotaiia m. warrior. As 1260. 
liUcWraeu f. onset of battle, Gbh2167. 
taUe1S=hil9; hllliiiiui=:hylleh&ma 

tallnuui helmet, cover, Gl. [heLm] 
4.I1U111JUI = helmian 

lillpastu=hilpeet tSa (pres. 2 sg. of helpan 
andpron. 2 pen. sing.) 
hUpetf, hilpG pros. 3 sg. of helpan. 
hUt L preB. 3 m. of hmldan. 11. nuLnhilte 
hnte fn. handU, *hilV (of sword), B,WW; 

{pL =sg.) jB,BJ3oL 
hllteoiimbor n. banner with a staff, B1022 

(or T hilde-)* 
hlltod 'hiked,' with a hiU, B. 
hOttag m. sword, OEG768. 
hUtltas having no hiU, WW142M 
±lilltu np. (as Bg.) hiU. 
tM pros. 3 sg. 01 helan. 
lilm OS. of hS, dp. of hd, h6o, hit. [*him'] 
himwwiiig (Cp 1567) 3= hemming 
Una Y. hiwan. 

litiian=heonan; lilnan=hienan 
•lilnca ▼. heUe-h. 

hind (y) t'hind,' {female deer), M,Chr,WW. 
hlBdaii from MvM, bMnd, in <Ae rear, 

MJlO. mt h. behind, M, [Oer. hinten] 
hliidanwMrdJ adT. hindwards, at the end, 
hlndbarge f. raspberry, CpJSpJLcd. [*A»n<i- 

hlndbrCr m. raspberry bush, LoDl46b 

liliidOMdfmn./aioi», fflF. ['JUniool/*] 
hfwdwnat snperL adj. hindmost, last. 
hinder adj. after (thought), sad (thought), 

MF (Veep. D xiv) : adv. behind, back, after, 

in the farthest part, down, on h. backw ar ds, 

M. [Oer. hinter] 
hlndergtap %o%ly, cunning, deceitful, WW. 

Undergenga m. one who walks bac kw ards, 

OEG26» : apostate, 0EG6^. 
hlnderhde m. trick. Mod 34. 
talnderllng I. m. mean wretch, sneak, LL666'. 

II. adv. in phr. *on hinderling* baekuoards, 

PPs. Vhinderling'-] 
hlndamee f. wickedness, guile, NC301 ; MF 

hlndarseq^ m. wickedness, DHy,OEG. 
lilnderMoetru np. nether darkness, PPsSe**. 
binderweard backward, slow. 
hlndewaard reversed, wrong end first, from 

behind, GP. 
talndfalod n. hind-fold, KC6112«. 
hlnd-bflBiettop •heolo6(e) f. * ambrosia,* water 

agrimony, WW. [v. 'hindheal'} 
±hlndrlan to * hinder, * check, repress, Chr,LL. 
hlndslV (Bi ) = hinsIS 
tatne I. as. of h€. IL ^heonan 
bines: hiwene 

blntOsf ready to depart or die, 
blngangf m.* departure, death. 
blngrlan (B2; ^)=:hyngrian 
liinn-=hki-; blnon=heonan 
blnslVf m. departure, death, [heonan] 
talmRSgryre m. fear of death, Sat466. 
bio V. he; blo-=heo- 
blonne? f. *dura mater,* LL6[36]. . 
blor=heorr; bIored=hired 
bIoweeolfce=hiwiBclice; blp-=hyp- 
biptful (OEGll^)=hyBpfnl 
bir =hfr; hir-, h!r- =hier-, hSot-, bier- 
hlra gp. of h$, hfio, hits 
blre gds. of hte. ['her'] 
htnd (So, ie,f) m. household,family, retinue, 

AO,Bo,Mt,WW : brotherhood, company. JR, 

OU ['hird'] 
talredenlbt m. member of a household, JB, 
hlredcOV domestic, famUiar, Sc203^*. 
biredgerifa m. 'ex-consul,* WWllO*. 
blredUc pertaining to a household or court, 

domestic, familiar. 
Idredman m. retainer, follower, AC^Ma. 

biredpriost m. chaplain, EC 266. 
bIredwttniaD m. female member of a house- 
hold, TC631*. 
blredwlst t famUiarity, 80203". 


his n. of hS. Vhu*] liUM«rwyrt f. ladder-wori, Jaeob'9 laddtr, 

Ms (BH) r=i8 : libo- =h^. Lod. 

blsiMUishjBpaii; Usse^shyae WmihwmiiflrLwaier'feheel, wheel for drawing 

Mtv. bS. CU*] up water, WWUV, 

hlUMniY)U)faU%nwUh,meetwUh,*hii'npon, hlSBdstshbBtstiures. 2 8ff. of hkdan. 

OkrlOid. [ON. hitta] hlflsdtrenddl m. wheel for drawing water, 

blV- =hvt$. : littfor =r hfler OEO602. 

lilii(J\r6')=h«o hUUdlge (&, €) i mietreee (over eervanie), 

Uw {60, Te, f ) Q. appearance, form, epeeiee, LL,VPe{k),WW : chatelaine, *lady,* gneen, 

kind, S,Bi,WW : apparitiim, If ff 230* : Chr,Ct : the Virgin Mary, Cr. 0SO eoJde h. 

*hue,* colour, A,Bl : 6eoiiiy : figure of the gueen dowager, Ca^lOSlo. 

speech. htofl = Inf el 

Uwup mp. (gen. hlwna, bI((;)iiA) iiwm^ef^ 0/ +liUBf n. derieion, acorn, Dom15. 

a family, houeehold or religioue howe, Ohr, htofoltaii (Cp317)=lilagoliaii 

€f;M. V hind, ' ' hewe '] hlSBliaii (N, VPs) = hliehhan 

blwbeorb A- radiant, beautiful hlsshter s hleahtor 

blwound ibll') familiar, domeeiic. hlAmui 1. to cauae to lean, Jui^GS. IL— U&Dftn 

UwoM (ie) familiar, wett-known, M,CP. -hUtaan v. ft-hl. 
hlweOSlle domeatic adv. -lice famUiarlg. liUtaie * Uan, * M ; AO. 
+liIwefl1Rlelan to make known orfamUiar to, ±hMftnlan (o ftecoiiM Uan, OP : mo^e (ecm, 

N02M. «tom, C7P. ['2ean*] 

UWofMiMs f. familiarity, QD71*« ; 140'. hWimes f. 'leanneM,' JB,OBQ. 
liIw0tl9rAdiMsl/amatart7y, WWIQI**. dzhlftnstan (o ffMii» lean, i0«a£en, OBQ. 

lal99Wkn.houaehM,JS. Vhewen'^ ['lenae'} 

hlwsre m. dia^embUr, hypocrite, M. hlApawlnoe (WW) = Itepewinoe 

blwfssger comdy of form, MFH 167. hlssst n. burden, load, freight, B,Sd. holmes * 

hlwfssst comely, fair, OEG. h. finny tribe. Vlaal*'\ 

hlw^edil n. divorce, 6. +hlsBStaii (e) to load, Burden, BH : adorn, 

±hlwlan I. to form, faahion, WW : eohur : JirD36. [▼. *laat* vb.] 

diaaimulate, feign, pretend, M : fiqwre, hiasling i toU on loading a ahip, TC369. 

aignify, ^ : (+) tranaform, tranafiigure. hiaulaelp n. trading^veaael, Cpl47u. 

Vhue,* *hued'] IL to marry, CP318^ htet=l»t 
hlwtsnd, hiwigend *informaior,* OEG 3007 hlsstst pres. 2 sg. of hladan. 

'meditator,* GPH390. hlAwf (a) mn. mound, cairn, hiU, mountain, 

Uwlso n. household, ^ : hide (cfland y. hid). B i grave-yard, barrow. Met : hoUow mound, 

adv. 'lice familiarly. cave. Vlow*] 

+hIwlAoaii to form, ahape, faahion, NC294. hlil m. ^loaf, * bread, food, A,JnL,MtL ; M, 
hlwltas ahapeleaa, WW : colowrleaa. Led. AO,CP. 

Vhueleaa'] hUUUMa m. (* loaf -eater*), dependant, LL. 

hlwlte comely, Lcd,OEG. hUUhrytta m. alave in charge of the bread- 

talwna V. hiwan. atoref EC256. 

hlwrAdMi f. family, houeehold, rdigioua httfdls(VP8)=h]»fdige 

houae, M. hMtfgang m. attendance at, or participation 

hlwsoi^ m. family, houeehold : hide (of land), in, a meal, BB : proceaaion with the hoat, LL. 

GC 127. hUU-gsbrsost, -gebroo n. bit of bread. 

hMn pres. 3 sg. of hdawan. hlifhwAta m. bread-wheat, TO 144m. 

hlwung I (So, ^) f. (±) appearance, likeneea, hUUItast f. want of bread. 

form, figure : pretence, hypocriay, £. hlftfinsBSBe f. *Lammaa* (Auguai l),AO;M. 

II. f. marriage, AG 64**. hlftfiiissssedSBg m. Lam maa-da y. 

hlaosrtan to deride, mock, LP824'. hUUotn m. baker^e oven, WW411*. 

blaoamng f. unaeemly bihaviour, or worda, hlAlord m. 'lord,* maater, ruler, A,AOJB, 

LP943^^ Chr,0 : ^,CP : huaband, Ot : the Lord, God, 

i:hladan* (e, ea) to *lade,* draw, or take in JB. [hlaf, weard] 

water, JB,JnB: heap up, lay on, buUd, load, hlAfordddm m. lordehip, authority, OP : 

burden, B,OenJRd ; GP. patronage. [* lorddom '1 

hladuDg f. drawing ('hauatue*), DHy08*. hlilordhyldo f. loyaUy, AG. 
hlA = hUew hlifordlng m. lord, maater, W298*. 

hhBdn.heapfbwrdenrOP2V. Vlade'] httfordlias without a lord, leaderleaa, B. 
hlSBdder (Bl), h]a»ddie = hl&der V lordleaa '1 

hlSDddlso m. loaded diahf WW 126» hlltordUo « lordly, ' nobU, OEG ISIK 

hlSMtolm. 'ladle,* A,ZDA. hlAlordseipe m. 'lordehip,* authority, rule, 

hlSMton L m. bucket, WW 123*. IL pp. of OP : 'dominatio* (title of an order ofangela), 

hladan. JSHl'^42*K 

hUMer f. 'ladder,* A,M ; GP. hiifordsoaru fn. high ireaeon, LL. 




hliftardstai f. act o/MMng ihe proieeiUm of 

alord^ Lli. 
hlifordswtea m. Uraiior, Led;M. ['lord- 

hlif ordswloe m. high treason, trtaehery, 
li]iford<iwlciiiig(MFN167;W225»), -syr. 

wung (LL16n5) f. betrayal of on6*e lord, 

hlitordtMnim m. dominion, power, NC302. 
hlifraMd f. oren-rake, 0£G63» (hl&b-). 
hlibtaUDS f . bUssing of bread {on Larnmae- 


lilagol inclined to laugh, W40^. 

hlafoUan (») to sound, 

hlane 'lank,* lean, thin, Jnd,PPs, 

hlaad (o) n. wine. Led, ['lant'] 

lil»«laii=lASian; littw=hlfiw 

]ileadan=hUdaai; li]eahtor=hleahtor 

hleabtartul scornful, Gttth. 

htoahterlio ridiculous, Guth. 

jbleahtcw (e) m. * laughter,* jubikUion, BJSl, 

CP,Sc I derision. 
talMhtoniiifV m. laughter-maker. Ex 43. 
hleahtrlan (e) to deride, LPs21<. 
hltepui^ to *leap,* run, go, jump, dance, 

spring, ^,B,BH,Chr,CP : (+) leap upon, 

mount {a horse), 
VUmp9Tt m, runner, courier, Chr : *leaper,* 

dancer, WW : itinerant monk, RB 135**. 
hltapMtre t female dancer, WW311*. 
hlA^tettan ▼. to leap up, BH390^. 
hltapmvliieo f. 'lapwing,* WW. 
hUtipvaig f. dancing, jB. ['leaping*] 
lilfot pret. 3 8g. of hieotan. 
hlee leaky, CP.OBO, [v. *leak*] 
hleean* to cohere, CP361**. 
hleda, hlede m. seat, ^X}b34*. 
hMf =hUlw ; -hMfan (oe) ▼. &-hl. 
lMg^(LkLe^)=]&ws^l btohliaiishliehhan 
hlttm m. sound, GP. 
htominiui to cause to sound, clash. Whale 61. 


htenM f . coat of mail, £x218. , 

hluman shiyiinan 

hlenorttar m. hyssop, LPs 60^. 

bltet m? n? (hleow), gs. hleowee (only 
found in sg.) covering, refuge, defence, 
shelter, prot^tion, CrJ*Ps r priector, lord, 


hliobord n. book-cover, Rd27^*. 

hMoburht f . protecting city. 


+lileoda pi. of -f hlid. 

hlfofSBBt consoling, protecting, CR,RB. 

hOohnucDM i.*supplantat%o*?h^fi40i^. 

hMolfosf without shelter, comfortless, 

hleomoc m? hleomooe f. speedweU, Led. 
[v. *brooklime*] 

]il4on=hl§owan; lil60n-=hlm- 

bltenaV m. shelter, Gu222. 

hliOBian to thrive, Pb25. 

liliop pret. 3 eg. of hltepan. 

hlfor n. che^, 'Lcd,WW:faee, eouMUmanct, 

E'p,Ou, ['leer*] 
hltenu (^L) = Iforan 
UforMa n. {cheek-boue), temple, LPBl31^ 
hltorbolftor m. piMow, B688. 
hiiordropa m. tear, Gnl315. 
hltoneeamu I. confusion of face, PP868*. 
bMonlsBg* m. ablowonihecheek,QSP2%\K 
hMortorht beautiful, Bd60*. 
bliof otorp n. shdUring robe, Bd 10*. 
hMoteni to east lots, iE»AO : (±) get by lot, 

lil«0« = (l)lilSow«; (2) pres. pi. of hlSowan. 
hMoSor Q. noise, sound, voice, melody, song : 


■\-hMISor harmonious, BH60>*. 
lilMVorewklet m. speaking, words, discourse, 

song, prophecy. 

hMOToreynM m. coming with trumpet- 
sound. Da 710. 
hlMfontade^ m. place of conference, 
hlioMan to sound, speak, sing, cry aloud, 

ret^ound, proclaim, M, 
bUoVning 1 reproof, 8P837". 
htoothi T. hU6. 
+liliow I. warm, sunny, Nar, adv. hleowe 

Led. [T.'lew*] IL = +ia5w 
±liliowan (I, f) (±) to warm, make warm, 

cherish, Bl : become warm or hot, ['Uw*] 
hltowdnriitNi m. protector, patron, Wid04. 
hllowtsVre fp. sheltering wings, Gbn 2740. 
hliowlora m. one who has lost a protector, 

hlfowmA^ m. kinsman who is bound to 

afford protection. 
liMowon pret. pL of h]5wan. 
hliowitede m. sunny place, WW336^. 
hliovstdl m. shelter, asylum, Gzn2011. 
hltowV (I, f) f. shelter, covering, warmth, A 

±liltowiiii|r (i) f. sheker, protection, favour. 
hlMtan = blaetan, hlystan 
hlet (KGl) pres. 3 ag. of hladan. 
hMt (yPs ; MkB) =Uiet 
+hliQat m. companion, denizen, [hlo9] 
hli«rtan=hldo«rian; hl«w~hU^w 
hldwV pres. 3 sg. of hldwan. 
hlld I. n. 'lid,* covering, door, gate, opening, 

JB. lI,=hhS 
+hXLA n. (nap. hlidn, hleodu) covering, vault, 

hlldan^ to come forth, spring up, PP871P^I 
hUdlsMt closed by a lid, J£, 
hlidgeftt n. swing-gate, folding-door, SC ; M ; 

Mdf. ['lidgate*] 
+hUdod (eo) provided with a lid, BH32(fi^, 

hllehhaii* (e, i. y ) to laugh, M,CP : (± ) lauqh 

at, deride, jB,JlitL : rejoice, 
hDep (y) mf., bUepe f. *leap,* bound, spring. 


sudden movemeni, Crjjcd : UUng to Uap lMBtiShtm^mMrderlfifamBmbercfa(famgof 

firm, AO : (7) v. 0C64. maUfaciors, LLIH[29]. 

-hnepo, -hlleplloe t. stoS-hL +lil6w n. loiring, beUounng, M. 

hDDpen pree. pL of hlSapan. taldwan' to low, roar, beUow, M. 

bltopgMl (f)n.ahw (foU, KC. [*leapgaie*] htdwung f. lowing, blUating, beUowing, WW 

taUet («) m. lot, chance, fortune, €P. 192^ ; 196^. 

Ii]|fni4 (hllb-) MfMfeiwii^, Cp223if. blflil ftdj. oomp. hiadie, hluddie 'loud,* 

hnHaa to riee high, tower, ocerhaatg. eonoroua, CP ; M. 

hUgan^' to aUribute (to), CP,Da. UQdellpol Umd, noie^, RBL35>^ (hint-). 

hUgsft (CP) -hUsa hluddn y. hlfid. 

hllban, hlihoan, hlihhan ^Uiehhan I1HM0 adr. loudIif,ahud, Bl ; M,CP. ['loud'l 

hUnmuui' (y) to sound, remmnd, roar, rage. hlQdiiot f. clamour, noise, il 8*332. [^loud- 

hUmnMt '• stream, torrent. ness*] 

blln I. m. mapU'tree, Bpse*. [Oer. lehne] hlQdrtefiM kmd sounding, WW416^. 

II. = hlynn hlQdiwIgt adv. loudlu, M. 

bUnbtdd n. siek-bed, oouch, B3034. hluiiimon pret. pi. of hlimnuyL 

hUne m. ridge, bank, rising ground, hiU, BC, hlUDon pret. pL of hleapan. 

Ph ; Mdf . r* l*nk '] htaion pret. pL of hleotan. 

hllnerAw f . bank of turf, EC370. liUltor, hltittor (e>) gsm. hlfitrai pure, ckar, 
hUndurut f . UUtieed door. brighi, sincere, £,Cr. [Oer. lauter] «dT. 

^hlliilaii (eo, y ) to ' lean, * B(eo) ; M : reeUne, -Uoe. 

lie down, rest, Jn,MhL ; CP. hUUorikBM = hlQtomet 

hllnnsoedt n. prison. hlQtoniM f. cUamess, brightness, simpUcUy, 
taUn-floQatt -eoawat m. darkness cf eonfmS' purity, M. 

ment. hlQtre I. ady. dearly, brightiy, II. dn, of 
MliMlan = Uynman hiator. 

httnung f . * leaning, * Lk : seat, coueh. hiatt«r, hlfittor =lilJltor 

hOosa = hlisa ±lilQttrlui wy. to clear, purify, make brighi : 
hBf/l^ pros. 3 8g. of hlSapan. to become clear, 

lillra=lTra li]y<l=hlid 

lillia(io^)m.«oMfu{:/am6,r«fiioiir,r8fiot0ii, ±liiyd f. noise, sound : (•!-) twmiU, distmr* 

glory, Cr. bancs, dissension, [hlfid] 

lilbbAra renowned, OEO. Hl^da m. March, Led. [*Lide* ; Uad] 

hfMu/Sig renowned, famed. Bo. hl^dan to make a noise, sound, clamour, 
hntHmgnm f. renown, Bo75>*. voeiferaU, M,CP. [hind] 

hlbful of good repute, famous, M. ady. Mf de f. torrent, BC (Mdf ). 

•Hoe, MJ^O. hl^dlg garrulous, 0£G1418. [hliid] 

blUff renowned, 0EO8*«. hl^dlnc f. noise, cry, MtL25*(l^.)- 

hllstan = hlystan hb^hhan = hiiehhan 

VM I.t n. (nap. hleo9a) cliff , precipiee, hlyminan = hlimman ; myns hlynn 

slope, hillside, hiU, An,B;MdL VWh*] lilynian»(l) hlynnan; (2)hlinian 

II.^:4h]id ±li]ys]i I. m. sound, noise, din, tumuU, AO. 
llllwp^leow II. f. torrent, JnL. [*linn*] 

hloooetung f . sighing. hlynnan to make a n oise, r esound, shout, roar. 

liUM pret 3 8g. of haldan. lilynilan to thunder, WW519M. 

lilodd shiot li^nslaaf (i) to resound. 

bMfon pret. pL, lil6h pret. 8 ig. of hBehhm. liiyp^"<Uiep ; hlfia (M) = bllaa 

hkmi (WW 117>*), hlond =h]and hlJMiimee ^hlisfamce 

hltee f. pigstv, LL464[101 ; NC302 ; Mdf. hlyman to 'listen, * MtL ; Cp. 

hlofaere m. listener, OEG2333. h^snere m. hearer, DB20*(ly-)* 

hlomlan to listen : wait, M : be on the look out ±hlyvi f. sense of hearing, JBJjcd i listening. 

for, spy, M. hloeniend 'attonitus. ' I'list*] 

blot, hlott n. * lot,* part, portion, share, JB, ±htyttun(e,i)tolisten,hear,CP;M '.attend 

BC,BI,0 : (+) choice, decision, MM>- lo, obey, Lk. VUst*] 

bloten pp. of hleotan. +lilyBte audible, NC294. 

+lilotkuid n. allotted land, inheritance, 2R* lilyst«Bd, hlystere m. listener, M. 

hM f. troop, crowd, band, company, AO: -hhiytittul attentive, gracious, "LPaW*. 

booty, spoU : complicity with a band of hlyitung f. act of listening, Kl. 

robbers. h^ hlyte m. lot, portion^ M : band, troop. 

}MSIM t. penalty imposed on a member of a h^ta^hlytta 

gang of malefactors, IJL, +lilyta m. com^panion. [hlot] 

hl5twre m. robber. [hld9] hiytero m. clergyman, priest, KC302. 

hlM^gMrod n. mass of troops, Ro 4*". h^tm m. casting of lots, B 3126 T 

liUttan to spoU, plunder, BH. hlytman to decide by Jof, MFH167. 

an. 11 


lilftte m. diviner, MoOMyer, A0184>*. haUol ihruiUng fcrwards, addided io butting 

[hlot] {of an ox). 

+lilyUo fdUnoAip, DR. hnlta f . Umat-tgg, * nit, ' EpJ^ed ;iE. 

liljttor(HGL418):=hlnttQr,hiator tanoU m. top, erown of the luad, Ji,VPs. 

UyUrtan to purify, .£GB222f. CnoU'] 

Uyttmnf f . cleaning, refining, WW 170*. hnonlaii to eiribe, Rd 6'. 

-Ultfaui («ie) ▼. be-hl. ; Uff^^iySn hnot bare, bald, *ehm'Cropped,*MSHr. I'not'] 

htgW" shlSow- ; mywlDf shltewQBg liiiiitMam m. mil tree, 

Imaood snaood ; bnAeui snfioan bnuteyriMl mn. kernel of a nut, LoD. 

±lmftgin I. to bow down, bend, humble, curb, Imutu f. gs. and nap. liiiyte *nut, * Erf, Led, 

fwnguieh. [hnigan] Ih to 'neigh,' .SOr. MtBiMdi. 

IIL =nAffan +liiiyoiMd wrinkled f Lod 97a. 

tanAgiiiif X. 'neighing,' MQr,Op, lmyiteto=liydele 

luuBpp m. boiA, OiQ,WW. ['nap* ; Qer. hnygttlaii (i) pL cUp pinge, WW. 

napf ] ha^lunc f . recUning, WW 163**. 

biudpp- = hnapp- +luiyiean to orueh, MtB21«*. [hnaioe] 

Imasppaa to etirihe. Bo 130^'*. hnyioa ^ hneaoe 

hmwuw shneioe +liByit oon/trUe, fPsC 127. 

+liiifltt, +hna8t n. ooXUeion, confiiet, battle, Imyte gs. and nap. of hnutn. 

[hnitan] hd^shdh 

tiiMg,hnehl.bentdown,abjeet,poor,humble, hfttenoa m. coucA, WW 280". [h5h1 

UnSif: niggardly. IL pret. 3 sg. of hnlkan. h6c m. 'hook,' BH,WW i angle, Mt,Nar. 

linM|ilMi {m, e, ea) to date, «Iitiii6er, &e/p, hooe m. moOow, Cp,LoL Vhock'\ 

OF,Mt\BL ['nap'] hdoada curved, f (7. ['Aooleci*] 

fanai^ung (e, ea) f. napping, doting, hdoer=hdoor; -hdolht ▼^heora-h. 

«{«iii6eriii$r, CP. h6ob«ni n. email eicUe, WW23I^. 

linAt pret 3 ag. of hnitan. hoeUaf n. mallow, Lod. 

hiMiV- (VPs) = hnap- hdoor n. ineuU, derieion, W 164l^ 

Imtow mean, niggardly, etingy, mieerlg, CP. hbcorwyrtlM derieive, eeomful, W164". 

[Oer, genan] adv. -Ube. hdd m. 'hood,' Ep,WW. 

hntevnet f . meaniMM, CP. hot n. eiieIo«iir«, court, dweOing, building, 

bnaooa m. 'neck,' JB,OP, houee, hall : temple, eanetuarff. [Oer, hot] 

lmfl8ans(l)iiAffaii; (2) hni^gan hdX I. m. *hoof,^ Bun,WW;M. Ih piet. 

luieofiilaf.=hntfol 3 sg. of hebban. 

-Imfopan ▼. a-h. [op Ooth, dishniapan] hofdlog m. chief, leader. [ON. l&ffima^] 

lineoton pret. pL of hnitan. tadfft f . * hove, ' alehoof (plant). Led, W W. 

linepptan (KOl) ^hnappian holer m. hump, Gl : eweUing. 

homM (9d,i,j)eofi, tender, mild, CP I weak, boferede humpbacked, CPJjcd,WW 

delicate, JB : elack, negligent, CP : effemin- ['hovered'] 

ate, wcmton, ^. ['neeh'] hoteriend, +holerod (.£L)=hoferede 

±hna»rtan to make eoft, eoften, M,CPe : be- -hdHan ▼. be-h. 

come eoft, give way, waver, CP,Led ; ML. h5flto pertaining to a court, OEG2096. 

['neeh'} +ta6fod hoofed, JEL26*^. 

laMeelllo eoft, luxurious, geminate, AO. adv. hdton pret. pL of hebban. 

'Vioeeoftly, gently, tenderly, CP. ['neshly*] hofor^hofer 

hneMnes f. eofineee, weakness, effeminacy, hibt'feo,'Tmon. hoof ^track, bridle-track, Jxsd, 

CP,Lcd,MtL ; M : eoft part of anything, h otred e confined to the house, bedridden, 

['neshness'] WW162». 

tanett {MtL4^)=iiett MMng m. print of a horse's hoof {^h6nuiDg) 

hnezlan {M) = hneacian OEG 18. 

hDlfol m. brow, forehtad. bofweard m. adUe, WW 1 1 1*>. 

ImtlolH Mrumb , -ornmp inclined, leaning over, hog- = hoh- 

prone, WW. hoga I. careful, prudent, DR,MtL. [' howe'] 

bnlgan^ to 6010 oneself, bend, bow down : faU, II. m. fear, care : attempt, struggle, OEG 

decline, sink. {Oer. neigen] 8". 

iin^Aii to bend down (the head), LcD7a. hoga*- =shog-, hoh- ; hogade =hogode 

Imlglan shnvgelan hogde pret. of hycgan or hogian. 

hnlpend bending, lowly, HGl436. hogelias free from care, NC303. 

hDtplBntobowdown,Met,OEO;JEibow1he hogg A09, NC302. 

head, look gloomy, CP. [' nipe '] ±hoglan to care for, think about, reflect^ busy 

hnlppan? to sink down, 0£G1579n. oneself with, M : tntond, strive, wish for. 

hnlaee (MkB 13<>) = hneece [hyge] 

hnitan^ to thrust, butt, knock, come into hogode pret. of hogian. 

colUsion with, encounter. hogu f . care, M. 


hoirang f . endeawmr, DHy 8^*. hoUng f. hoUow place, GD 1 13^. 

hdh QL, gs. hd8, nap. hdas, hdB, dp. hdum hoUnga ady. in vain, iffiihaut reason, 

hough, hid, M,Jn,P9. on fa. bMnSL : point hoU shol 11. 

of land, Ct,Nar iM6i, [*Ao.' 'Aoe'] hoIWwj n. onion/ TTfT 270". [*AoBei»'] 

hob-tost, bog (a)- (KG) pnideni, oauHoua, holm m. ^vtave. Ma, ocean, vfater, B : in 

t&Me. prose, eep. in jplaoe-names) island {esp, in 

h6hf6t m. Aeel, LPsS5^ a river or creek), Ohr. ['holm'] 

hohtul (hoga-, N) oarefiU, thoughtful, M : hotanmn n. ahip, Gxk1422. 

fuU of care, anxious, pensive, sad, Ct,8c» hohnclitf n. sea-cliff, rocky shore, 

i^howful'l holmeg adj. of the sea. Ex 118. 

hohfulnat t. care, trouble, KC3'349^^ hohnnusgen n. force of the tcaves, Rd3*. 

hfih-hwyrflng, -hwerfing f. hed-tuming, hotan-tfnMiit '** £"• *^BKwoe restless sea, 

circle? t. OEGISn. hohnwMdlm.i0fl3lo/Ma tc»(er,Ez467. 

hohUoe (hoff- ) prudently, LkL 16*. hotanweard (Air 350) = helmweard 

hofamdd sad, sorrowful, W72*. hofanwag m. ssa-paih, Ak382. 

hdhsoanea m. Ug, shank, LoD 14a. hotanwyfan m. hittows, B2411. 

hohSGlpe (hoga-) m. prvdsnes, N. hohias f. hoUow place, GD99**(o). 

hSibiOimt sinew of the Jieel,^JiCd, ['hough- h51oiiga=fadlinga 

sinew^} holpen pp. of helpan. 

•h5h8nlaD v. on-h. hota1aa=heolorian 

hShspor n. heel, WW160». hototof m. *apex,' tittle, MtR5^. 

hoi I. hollow, LcD : depressed, lying in a holt nm. forest, wood, grove, thieketp JE,B ; 

hoOow, OP,Ct,MH. [*hoU*] II. n. hollow CP ; Mdf : wood, Hmber, Jul, ['hoW^ 

place, cave, hole, den, Ot,Lk,Met,WW ; kO, holt-hana, -ana m. woodc ock, WW344I*. 

M : perforation, aperture, Cp. [*hole,* h6ltlhte f. calumny, WW. 

*AoS*] holtwuduf m. forest, grove, Ph : jufood 

hdl n. calumny, slander, JE, (timber), [y. *Aott*] 

-hola y. oter-h. hdliiogashdlinga; hom^ham 

•i-hola m. protector, defender, M, [helan] hdm^dm ; homan s=dman 
hole n? holoa? m. hole, cavity. Led. [' Aom*] h6n I. (ey*) pr^t. heng, pp. hangen to hang, 
hold I. gracious, friendly, kind, favourable, suspend, crucify, M i adorn, II. pL 

AO,B;M : true, faUhfid* ^f^* M,LL', tendrils of a vine? A4143. 

GP : acceptable, pleasant, \fhold^ i ON. hon-shan-: hona = (l)h eona; (2)hana 

hoUr] ady. holde graciously, loyally, Ps, h6ike6» having heels, WW IQI». [h6fa] 

Vholde*1 II. n. dead body, carcase, Mt; +hoiigB = 4-faange 

M, ['hold*; ON, hold] III. m. holder hop n. prtt^, y. OEG36i«. 

of dUodial land, ranking below a jarl hdp m. hoopf y. NC303. 

(Danish vjord), LL : mtUtory eMrf, MkR -hop y. fen-, m5r-h. 

6*1. [ON. holdr] hopa m. 'hope,* ^, [osu. tdhopa] 

holdiV m. oath of allegiance, Chb. hdpgehnittt n. dashing of waves. 

holdelloe=hold]loe hoplan to 'hope,* expect, look for, A,^; 

holdhttford m. gracious lord, liege lord, Chb CP : put trust in, AB,Bo,BL 

1014E. hdplg eddying, surgi ng,'P Vs 68*. 
holdlan to cut up, disembowel, iBL23". +hopp n. small bag, WW406'. 

[hold II.] hoppMsLm, upper garment, cope, WW ISS^*, 

holdllo faiihftd, frientOy, OEG0O*. ady. hoppe f. a kind of ornament, AO : dog-eoUar, 

'Hoe graciously, AB,WW:faiihfully, loyally. LL194[8]. 

Choldely*] hoppestro f. female dancer, JE. ['hoppes 

holdrAden f. fidelity, faithful service, MEL tere*] 

2*150*^. hoppetan to leap for jou : to throb. 

holdseipa m. loyalty, allegiance, Chb. hopplan to hop. Jump, leap, dance, M : limp, 

holeoerae a jOant, Lod. ML2l*^^. [Cfer, faiipfen j 

hotogn =s hobn I. hopso^to f . sheet, counterpane, M(9^), 

bolenl.m,*hoay,*Op,WW;M;lilLdi. adj. hor n, adultery. 

ofhoHy, Led, II. pp. of helan. hora-=horu- ; horas y. horh. 

holenga—hdlinga hdrewene f. whore, adulteress, IAj. 

holenltet n. houy leaf, Lod 127a. hord nm. 'hoa/rd,* treaswre, B,Ohr,Gen,MtB, 

Aolanrind f . holly bark, Lod 20b. W W. 

holeiutybb m. hoUy-stump. hordSBm = hordem 

holh (GP), bolg n.* gs. bdles hole, 'hoUow. ' hordburg f. treasure-city, B,BC,Gxir. 
hoUan to hollow out, scoop out, ^ : to become hord-oleofa, -clyf a m. treastMre-<iiest,treasury, 

hollow, be perforated, M, [*Ao2e'] aeeret chamber, M. 

hSUmn to oppress, Ps. ['hale*] hordeola m. treasurC'Chamber, closet : (f) 

+hollRii to obtain, CP200>*. breast, heart, thoughts. 





l iord w m. freomirer, ekambeHaim, tUwatrd^ 

bordiRi n. freewufy, «toreA4Mf«e, M. 
taMrdeniyot 1 offot nfirttuwtr^ ChkIIS?. 
iMirdtvt n. iTMMiire-receptaele, M. 
bMd-ffMt n., gi. -gates lioor fo a trmmirt* 

chamber, Rd43". 
hordfMMont o- Aocmiecl frecmifie. 
hordloca m. tncuwrt-chui, eof/tr : (t) Morel 

lAongAte, fnMid. 
hordimfewi o. ndU«, Da 676. 
hordmiSiiit m. Koardtd trtatmrt, 
liordweard m. g^ardum of irmuw : isiii^ : 

heir, firet-bom, 
bordwvla m. hoarded weaiik, B2344. 
iMirdwMMlfttiif f. hommring 6y gifts from the 

hoard, B962. 
hoidwttt n. tretuure of wisdom, Kl. 
hordwyim f. delightful treaears, B2270. 
iMNTdwyrVe worth hoarding, B2246T 
hdre f. whort, proHihUe, OEG. 

+horglaii to defile, Bk : spiL 

liorh (horg) mn., gs. hor(w)ea, incir. horn, 

nap. horas phlegm, mmcus, AB,BlJSpJJcd : 

dirt, defilement, U7ieleannes8;lidi, ['Aore*] 
horbAlit = horwiht 
hoiian to cry out, Ps. 

+lioiteii (N) s +horgian 
hartg foul, filthy, ^J^L. ['Aory'] 
hdrlng m. adulterer, fomieator, WSOQ*^. 
horn m. horn {musical instrument, drinking- 
horn, eupping-hom), beasl*s horn, Ct,Lcd, 
LL, VPs ; AO : projection, pinnacle, Ps. 

homMIre homed, .£Gb27^. 

hombliwen m. horn-Mower, trumpeter, 

hombogaf i^i. bow tipped with homf 

hombora m. hom^beiMrer, trumpeter, WW. 

homllse m. garfis h. Ay 370. 

honifdtad hoofed, WW213*>. 

borngiapt broad between the pinmades or 

horngeftrton n. wedUh of pinsuuies (on a 
house)? [or f->hordgMtrSoii], RnH23. 

+lioraiaii to insuU, HkL12«. 

homltas wOhoul horns, £839*349. 

boniple m. pinnacle, MtL, [y. ^pike*"} 

bomroeed n. haU with gables, B704. 

hornsAl n. =honiM]e 

honiMAaiS 1 pinnacle, MtL4^ 

hornaelp n. beaked ship. Air 274. 

hmnmeU m. house with ga bles, Q ms 1821, 

honrangsaiitt m. bastard, WW466^. 

horo- shorn- 

horpytt m. mud-hole, EC445". 

liort n. horse, OET,WW,VPs;MjLO,CP; 

bonbAr f. horse-litter, BH;ML, Vhorse- 

hone shofp, quick, active, ready, daring : 
quick-witted, wise, prudent. 

bonoamb m. ^horse-comb,* curry-comb, 
strigil, WW. 

boffMbw»l (-•^honhwnl) m. walrus, AO 

boffMlto sosdid, squalid, foul, OEG 1780. 

bonelloa briskiy, readily, promptly : pru* 

dently, wisely. 
bonealbt m. master of the horse, equerry, 

groom, esquire, M{9^). 

bonervt n. *biga,* chariot, WW194*>. 
bonelaiia f. eleca mpane , WW. l^horseheal*'} 
bontm n. stable, WW. 
bcMigwitQii m. meadow in which horses are 

kept, KC3'414>*. 
bonbalaiM s honelene 
iMxnblerde (i*, y*) m. osHer, groom. 
jnw rwn to yr mmte Wwfnnorses, \ynr, ^ norse j 
bonllea =:bonolSbe 

bon-Vagn, -tSfin m. o stler, groom, equerry, 
bonwfiB m. chariot, WW140«. 
bonwaalb m. groom, equerry, LL22 ; 132. 
bonweard f. care of horses, LiL446[2]. 
bonwag m. bridle^road, KC. [^horseway*^ 
bortaa sbpL 'whortie* -berries, y. 0EO2«». 
bora = horh 

boniiia« m. sink, pit. Bo 112". 
borawag (o>) m. dirty road f KC6173". 
borwabt = horwiht ; borvfas v. horh. 

+baiiir]glan to defile, spit upon. 
borwibt (e>) mueose, defiled, filthy, Qvth36K 
borwyll m. muddy stream, EC446^. 
boralle = horsoUo 
b6t I. t escort, company, B924. II. f. 

bramble, briar. III. v. hdh. 
bosa m., hose 1 * hose,* WW. 
boaaband m. hose-band, garter, OEQ4822. 
bosp m. reproach, insult, contumely, M : 

blasphemy, M. 
bofpowlda m. insulting speech, £l523. 
boqwtUn to ridicule, Gp6978. 
bospaprfta f. jeer, taunt, JSH 2-514. 
boapul *irritus,* RPs88«>. 
boapword n. abusive language, contemptuous 

expression, M. 
bdatig (i£L36>*<)=:6atJff 
bofu f. hose, RB : pod, husk, Cp 1867. 

bolbDat m. darkness^ the grave. 

hnoa m. throat, Lcdf Vrake*] 
brica (fi) m. clearing of the throat : spittle, 

braea, hraou f . throat, M, FP«(e). [* rabt *] 
brad- ▼. hr»d- ; brada=hrat$e 
±hradlaB (ea, %) to be quick, haO^, do 

diligently : further, prosper, ML20'^. 
bradung (m) t quickness, despatch, daigestce. 

on hnedinge quickly, ML. 
br8a-=hra-, hza-, hrea- 
brA^hrfiw; brA-ahrea-, hr6o-, rA- 
brAca m. clearing the throat. r«hraoa] 
brAoan tr. and intr. to 'readi,' bring U9 

{blood or phlegm), CP,Lcd;M. 



+linMan » +reooaii brtgUre deadi^, WW408I*. 

lirSoetiiiig f . eruUationt Lo p 69b . hrigra m. heron, Gl. 

lirAogebnM n. wre throat, WW. hnumfeall»a:ramgeaUa ; brimlgchrSmig 

bneelng f. deteniion, DRd6^. bnunnui m. cramp, apamu 

tarAotan to eruetaU, LcD84a. hnun-sa (o) m., -te I. onion, garlic, Sp,Ledt 

hribetxtaf t uvtUa, LoDlTa. WW, [Vowm/ *rafMon*] 

brAouDg f. clearing of the (hroai. Led, hrwaaaaarop m. head of wild i^lie, Qh, 

[* reaching*] hraa (o) m. whale, Gl. 

hrtdA (e) (hrad- oody. in obL oaaea) quick, hrfln I. m. reindeer, AO. II. pret. 8 ag. of 

nimble, ready, acHve, alert, prompt, CP,Ql, hrinan. 

Ml [*rad^\ tarand I.=rMid. II. pret. 3 sr. of hzindAn. 

hnedblta m. blaekbeeUe, WW (hne6-)* hrandsparwa (o^) m. sparrow, MtLlO*. 

bnBdfarnes f. ewifhuss. Bo 72". hranflz (o) m. whale, B640. 

hnedh^dlg haeiy, tarinhundT m. deerhoundf v. LL2-117. 

hrsBdb^dlgnas f. haste, jprecipiiaUon, CP. hranmera (o) m. sea, Mbt6^. 

hnedlng f. hasU, W22^«. hranridt I. {whale* s-road), s ea. 

bnedUe (tS) quick, sudden, premature, B,Bo ; hntele f. 'bobonica* (plant), WW29d*. 

M,AO,CP. ady. -Hoe Quickly, hastily, hratfan to rush, hasten, OET («hradian7). 

soon, speedily, forthwith, M,CP, [^radly,* liratto (e, e) ady. oomp. hratSor, superi. 

^rathely*] hratfoet hastily, quicldy, promptly, readily, 

linMlllcnes (e) f. suddenness, Guth : earli- immediately, soon, JS,B,Bo,Or,VPs ; CB : 

ness, EPsllS^^'. too soon. So, swa h. swa as soon as, M, 

hraBdmdd hasty, ML lO^t. ['iys^, ' 'roJlhtfr, ' 'fa<A€«<*l 

hnsdOM f . (± ) quickness : brevity, hraVer = hreVer ; hraVlan = hradian 

taradrlpe (ned- ) ripening early, WW. tar&w = hx&w 

bnadtsBfle quick at throwing dice? CEi.73 hriwirlg toeary in body, Ph564. 

(y. ES 43*339). lirftwUo=hi«owUo 

lir8Bdu]ig=hradaiig brta I. f. indigestion f LoD94b. [hreaw I.] 

hnsdwAn m. swift eharioL II. = hreaw I. and II. 

hrsBdwllnas f. hasU, precipitation, CP. tartao m. 'rick,* heap, stack, TC,WW, 

hrsDdwyrde hasty of speech, Wa66. liriaoeopp m. top of a rick, LL453r21,4]. 

hrmfn I. hnef en (e) m. raven, £,B,0, VPs : hriacmete m. food given to the labourers on 

sign of the raven (the Danish banner), completing a rick, LL462'. 

II.=h8Bfem -hrfod y. earm-hr. [hrSoVan] 

braefnoynn (e) n. raven-species, M, brtalr=ireaf 

hrsBtnatfot m. ravensfoot, dnquefoU, OET hrfiam m. noise, outcry, alarm, M,CP : Cfry, 

p8. lamentotMm, sorrow, B,Cr. l*ream*] 

-hrAgan y. ofer-hr. ; hi»g < I =hrggl hrtamlg clamorous : lamenting, 

brsegelgetrsBtwodnat f. fine clothing, ILL liriane8=hreohneB 

(396*^). hrSas pret. 3 Bg. of hreoutn. 

hrsBgolSegn m. keeper of the robes, *ves' hrtet pret. 3 eg. of hratan. 

tiarius, * lireatwmlkt (a*) t baL 

hnegl n. (e) dress, clothing, Gl,Jn ; AO,CP : hrealTlan (VPs) ==hradian 

armour: sail. [WaiV] lirtaw I. (eo) *raw,* ^,Lcd, II.»lirAw 

lirogleyBt f. clothes-box , trun k, Ct. nm. III. pret. 3 sg. of hreowan. 

hrsBglgewAde n. dress, WW430". hrtow- =hrdow- 

hraBglhtte f. vestry, BB. hrtowde pret. 3 sg. was raw, WW216^ 
h raagls etera fp. shears for cutting doth, (reaw-). 

WW24l^ (r»gl-). hrfowie ^hrfiwio 

brngltalu f. vestment -fund, KC,BB. hrtawnai I. f. rawness, crudity, OEG3233. 
braglung f. clothing, WW 151K II. =hreowne8 

brsegtweard m. keeper of vestments or robes, +liree = +reo ; hrlo-=hreo- 

WW 279^. bred (KGl) = hrsed ; -tareda y. nfreda. 

lir8Bgnlooa=brsB2nlooa hraddan to free from, recover, rescue, save, 
hrsBinn, hr8lm=m«fn; hrsBnahjem Cr;JE : take away, Vredd*] 

hrAron pret. pL of hreran. breddare m. defender, NO 303. 

hrfis y. nr»w ; brcBsostmigssraeoetang hreddung (») f. salvation, liberation, M, 

-tarsBselan y. a-hr. hredrndnao^hretSmdnatS 

hrsBtelwyrt f. rattlewort, WW301'. ±hr«tan to roof, M. [hrdf] 

hrttV^hrsBd. ['raihe*] bretn = (l) hrsefn; (2) h»fem 

hrftw I. (a, 8a) nm. gs. hr&e living body : hrefnan=r»fnan 

corpse, carcase, carrion. IL=farSaw I. hretnoynn = hrwfuu vnn 

hrAwIo (hrSa-) n. place of corpses, B1214. hregrest? groin, MLN 11-333 ; ZDA33'244. 

liril^yll m. slaughter, B 277. tarih = hr6oh ; taram » hrefn I. 


hriman I. (o boasL [Otr. rflhmen] IL» lirtowlle(i»7)yr»MmM,mf(^,«K{,uTeleAe({» 

hriman mUerahte^ aid, ChrJ*s, adv. -lloe, AO, 

hiimll^ boasHng, vaunUng, exkUing, Chr. 

bmnmrs^hrafn L hrtowBM (6a) f. penUenee, oontrUum, repen- 

-jkbmiuiuui to hinder, cumber, JEL tanee, LL,€fl ; CP, [^ruenese, ' *rewniss^1 

taranmtng f. hindrance, obetade, hriowon =r6owon pret. pL of rSwan. 

taremn =hnBfii I. lirtowMnd« =hr6o«eiide 

hnaHan to emeU of, be redolent of, QolW, ^tartowatan (y) to feel eorrow or peniiemee, 

lirio=hrSoh,lir6ow; liriooan=rdooan AO,Mt;CP. [*reicne*] 

biiod n. 'reed, * rush, ^,BH,Ql ; CP ; Mdf. hrtowgnaf I. repentance, penitence, eorrow, 

±lirtodan* to adorn (only in pp. ^hroden). CP,Lk ; M. [*reusing^} 

brtodbedd n. *reed-bed,* JS. dbtareplan (eo), hreppan to tofteh, treat, Mt ; 

hrtodeynnn. i^ndo/ reed, NC 303. iB : olfacib, Bk6. [Vepe*] 

hrtod-lg, -iht, -ihtig (e*) reedy. tarepaung (SiL) =:iepaung 

brtodwcetar n. reedy mareh, Nax20^. hnpung f. eenee of touch, touch, M. 

lirtof roufh, ecabby, leproue. Whale ;CP. hr9r UghUy boiled. Led. [*rear*] 

as Bh.^Uper. ±lu9nn{tr.)tonun)e,ehahe,agikUe, [hrOr; 

-hrtoflan ▼. a-hr. Oer. rflhien] 

hr%oai.t9cabbinese,Upro9if,CP. II. adj. hriradiiM (;) f. AcMte, LP851*. 

leprous. brftmnus f. bat, WW. l*rearmouee* ; 

tartoHa m. roughness of the skin, leprosy, hrSran] 

M : Zeper, JS. [hrCof] hririMa (f) t dishu^nee, commotion, tern- 

hrtof-llo, -lig (M) leprous. pesL 

hrfofMS f. teprosy, 2e. tanslshriail 

hrtotol, hrfiofol = hi«ofl I. +lmtp n. tearing, destruction, NC294. 

lirteg = hrtoh +lirMpaa to tear, PP843". 

hrioh (d) I. adj. rough, fierce, wHd, angry, hrittshrfst pres. 3 sg. of hrfioaan. 

Met;MjLO,CP : disturbed, troubled, sad lir««=:linBd 

(t. hrSow) : stormy, tempestuous, B,Bo, hrfSf mn. victory, glory. 

Chr. [* reh *] II. n. stormy weather, tempest. lirtSa m. covering of gotat-skin, Gl. 

brtehful stormy, ES 39-349. hriSan to exuU, r^oiee, Ex673. 

hi^hMM stormy, tempestuous,'Wl3ti*'. Iira0e=hra8e; hrMe^retSe 

hrtohmM savage, ferocious : sad, troubled. hr9l99tMg^ glorious, victorious. 

lirtelmas (fia) f. rough weather, tempest, lirlV«ni6iiaiV=:hr66mdna6 

storm, M. hn/derf {tk, t^) m. breaet, bosom : heart, mind, 

liriol Bb. 'reel,* A,WW;M. thought : womb. 

tarten- =r9on- Imlterbealo n. heart-sorrow, B 1343. 

brtonM = ( 1 ) hiSohneB ; (2) hrSowneB tan'teoofa m. breaet, Gb 1323. 

hrtop pret. 3 Bg. of hrOpan. hrtSergltew wise, prudent. Ex 13. 

hnopian = hrepian bnfSerloeat m. breaet. 

hrtorig adj. in ruins, RunrS. [hrSosan] -lirMng ▼. €ad-, sige-, will-hr. 

±lirtotaii' to faU, sink, faU down, go to ruin, brMiaa inglorious, Gn 878. 

JB,B,Cr, VPs ; AO.CP : rusk. I'reose*] hrMmtaatf m. month of March. 

hrtOMndllo perishable. hrfSnas f . cruelly, inclemency, N. 

lirioslaa=]ir6owBiaii hrelfor=hre6er 

tariotfS (KGl) pree. 3 ag. of hrSosaii. tartVilgor m. glorious victory, B2583. 

-hrtoiSa (6, Sa) ▼. bord-, soild-hr. hrtog^hiyog 

brtoimg (la) f. hardness of breathing, asthma, bitolaa to ctU, cut to pieces, ML2S'K 

±lirtow I. f. sorrow, regret, penitence, repen- tartose rick, wrench, eprain, Lci>27a. 

tance, penance, B,Bl,CP,Cr. Vrue'] IL hriddaln. 'riddU,' sieve, LLiBSill}. 

sorrowful, repentant. III. adj.=hr6ohT hMnr (01), hiidder {JB)n. sieve. [^ruMer'l 

IV.=hi6aw I. and IH. hifdilaa to sift, winnow, Lk. {'ridder'] 

hrtowan' (often imi>enonal w. d. pen.) to +brland destroyed, WW496^. 

affect {a person) with regret or contrition, liifewV pree. 3 Bg. of hzisowan. 

JBo,CP,OmJ/L : distress, grieve, Cr,Oen : lirlt n. bUly, womb, MJlO. 

(intr.) be penitent, repent, BfkL. [*rue,* -{-htitlMBL to bring forth, JJ^aV*. 

S^ew*] +hiltnlan to tear off, AG 142«. 

hrtewMarigt troubled, sad. biiftiung f . pain in the boweU, WW 1 12". 

hx^rnmOib penitent, LkL {&). [*nie»fv*] liiff«of.Micr/SiieM,LoD90b. [hrSof] 

?^!??*'™*=**^*<*^'^ hrifwwro (e») m. pain in the bowels, WW 

hr^wlMn to repent, m£l^. 112". 

Mowlg sorrowful, sad, Gbk799. hrttwimd wounded in the beUy, LL6[61]. 

hrtowlgferM-f sad, sorrowful. hrUfisthryea 

hrtowlgmddt ^ad, sorrmrfuL tarlkn m. 'rSne, • hoar-frost, Ph ; JB. 




luUnan (9, f) to cry otU, ahout, rave, JB!{f), 
CP{e),JnL{6) : OewaU, lament, [*reme* ; 

-brlkiiaii v. be-hr. 

hifmoeald icy cM, Wa4. 

bzUnfont m. hoar-frost, LPs??'' (rim-). 

lirlmtploel m. iciele, SxAvlT. 

liilmi; rimy, frosty, Bl. 

lurliiilglieard^oxen hard, RD88^ 

•fhrin n. morsel, £P8l47^v. 

+lU!to (NG) = +rfn = +r«n 

taiHum^ (w. a. g. or d.) to touch, lay hold of, 
reach, seize, strike, Ps. [*rtfie'] 

brincg^hiing ; hrlnd—iind 

brlndan* to Uurust, push, Ri>55^. 

brine m. sense of touch. 

dbtartaiMiM f. towih, contact, BH. 

bring I. m. ring, link of chain, fetter, festoon, 
B,CP,OJJcd I circle, circular group, Ph : 
border, horizon, Oen : (t) (pL) rings of gold 
(as ornaments and as money) : (f) corslet, 
b : circuit {of a year), cycle, course : orb, 
globe. ILf m. (only in w5peB hr.) sound. 

brlngan to *ring,* sound, dash, B,8ol : an- 
nounce by bells, BB. 

bringbin n. ring-shaped bone, WWlbl. 

brfngboga m. coiUd serpent, B2661. 

brlnge f . ring, 

brlngedf nuiie of rings. 

brlngedstetnat ni. ring-prowed ship. 

brlng-figy -f a^ ring-spdted, variegated, 

brlngllnger m. * ring-finge r, * L ed, W W. 

brlnggewlndU m. sphere, WW426<>. 

brlngbvn n. ring mail, B322. 

bringloca m. coat of ring-mail. Ma 145. 

bring-mAlt, -mfiled} adorned with a ring 
{of a stDord). 

bringmere n. bath, BTmr466. 

bringnmw m. ring-prowed ship, B 1863. 

brlngnett n. rina-mail, B1889. 

brtngselef m. hall in which rings are be- 

bringsetl n. circus, OEG. 

brlngilttende sitting round, looking on, 

brlngKegut f . receiving of rings. 

brlngweorSung f . honouring by the gift of 
rings, B3017. 

bringwban adv. ringwise, in rings, Kab16^. 

biltataig f. touch, JnL. [▼. ^rine*"] 

+briorde (w) = +reorde ; bii^ = rip- 
bib n. twig, branch, \Qer. reis] 

briso=riso; bftooan = hrye can 

briiMbt bushy, bristly, WW513*. 


briflal, hriiB(i)l f 7 shuUle : bone of the lower 
arm, radius, [hiiBian] 

brlsian (y) (tr. and intr.) to shake, move, be 
shaken, datter, AnJS,Ps,VPs. [*rese*] 

Ivrb^ (ryug) bushy, 0£G8**^ 

biiit pres. 3 Bg. of hrSoean. 

bristande, hriatlende noisy, creaky, 

brigtto f. rattU, WW391'*. 

bristling f . shaking, quivering, ratUing noise, 

brfV (n) m. fever, Ixn>80a. 
briS 14 f • snow-storm, tempest. II. =hri6er 
brtSAdl f . fever, Lod 80a. 
brfVer (y) n. neat cattle, ox, buU, cow, heifer, 

Bl,Ot,Led,WW, ['rother'] 
brlteen of cattle. Led. [*rotheren '1 
brmerfrfols (y) m. catOe-festival, OEG4719. 
brfVerbSawara (y) m. butcher, M, 
briVerbeord {f) herd of cattle, M, [▼. 

briSerbyrde iS) m. herd&man, Et. 
brfVfald m. omLe-pen, 
brfVbMxrde (ie)=hrI6erhyrde 
brfVlan to shake, be feverish, have a fever, M* 
brflttg (y) storm-beatenf ruinedf Wa77. 

brittng f. fever, LGD96b. 

brIung=ltfSoung; bifw-slir6ow- 

brtwtTpres. 3 sg. of hrSowan. 

br5e m. *rook,* CpJBL, 


brodan I. {±) covered, adorned, ornamented 

(pp. of hrSodan). II.=roden 
brdf m. *roof,' ceUing, JS,B,Cr,G ; AO,CP 

top, summit, Bo,Cr,Mk : heaven, sky. Or, 
brdftest wi^ a firm ro of, M ir 7*. 
brdfltaa (rdf-) roof^s, WW186*i». 
brdHMle m. roofed hall, B 1616. 
brdfMIn m. roof stone, ^H 1-608. 
brdfdkel f . roofing tile, WW. 
brdttlmber n. material for roofing, P EG 22 66. 
brdfwyrbta m. roof -maker, ouHder, WW. 
bromsa^hramBa; bronJa^hran; brop=rop 
brop m. clamour, outcry, lamentation, Bl. 

brdpan't to shout, proclaim : cry out, scream, 

howl, Ou,Ps. Vrope*'] 
-bropt V. ofer-hr. 
bropwyrc =5 rop w»ro 
brdr stirring, busy, active : strong, vigorous, 

+bror n. calamity, plague, ruin, BH284^ 


±broren pp. of hrSoean. 
-fbrorenes f. downfaU, ruin, LPs31^ 
+bror0ntto perishable, transitory, unstable, 

NC294 ; Mf^. 

brdft m. perch, 'roost,' i;L464[ll]. 
brastbtag m. woodwork (of a roof), Rvin32. 
brot m. scum, Lod 84a. 
brSVgtarala m. crown, RPs20'. 
broVbund (A8-460)=rotShiind 
brdVorf m. solace, joy, p leasure : benefit. 
brOm m. soot, Shb,WW. 
-brOmlan ▼. be-hr. 
brOmSg sooty, WW362^. 
brung f. cross-bar, spoke, Bd2S^^. [*rung'^ 
bruron pret. pL of hrSoean. 
brurul *(2ecul«iM,' BD830-11**. 


hrtMtf. iorlk, mU, gnnmd. htl»iXL*kuJk^' ikip,LL,WW;M:hut, JB, 

hrOX (a?) *balidii8' {validu»r), WW361» LL,WW. 

brOten* to make a naim, wkiz, snon, ^,Cp. bulftatie f. plover, WW132U. 

[* rout *] hflllo pron. of what sort. 

bnlV =shiit$ ; hrttVer =:failt$er hulpon pret. pL of helpan. 

+liraxl n. noUe, tummU, y. ES39-344. hula f. husk, pod, WW. ['hkU'] 

hrQadUui (rnx-) to make a noiee, M tRl^. hfUuoo (AO) =halio ; bnina soma 
hrye = hryog ; -taryeoe y. com-hr. huinelA = hymele ; httumi ( VH j) s ymen 

liryes (i) m. back, epme, MjO^Jjcd ; AO : httaOMta ady. in whaX way, how, JB. 

* ridge, * elevated surface, B,CtJ[jkJPe ; Hdf . huneettaa to limp, halt, RPs 17«*. 
luyQgbiii nu back-lwiie, epine, Pe. [*ridge- hund I. n. hundred, A,AO,Mk ; ^ : (in 

6ofie*] oomp.) decade, [*hund*] II. m. hound, 

hry^brfidan (hrig-) pL flesh on each side of dog, Bo,CP,Jud ; M,AO, 

the spine, LoD 3*118^. l»iiid«hUtlg ( VPs) = hnndeahtatig 

bryogliAr n. hair on an animal* s back, LoD liiindnllet- ('»nd]nf-)=liandendlufoik* 

1 -SaO". hundeatatetig nun. * eighty, * M. 

liryoglinBgl (i) n. mantle, TC529>*. hundAahtattgwlntare eighty years old, M. 

hiyog-mearg (i, -meartS) n. spinal maerow, taimduid-Iufontig, -leftig (ib*) hundred and 

WW292». ten, 

bryegDMigltV n. sp ine, W W26g*'. tannd-aiidliifondfaiVa, -elleftiogoCa hundred 

hiyogrib (i) n. rib, WW. and tenth, CP. 

hryeg-ribto, -riple flesh on each side €f the hmidMbfo I. dog's parasite, WW380". 

spine, WW. hnndeicwalean pi. eoloeynth berries, WW 

hiycgwag m. ^ridge-wa/y, * road along a ridge, 364*^. 

Ct, hiindeifltofe f. dog's parasite, AO. 

bryolgan to plough over again, QPH398. hundMhfefod n. snapdrctgon, Lod. 

h rydta g f. clearing, paieh of cleared land, himdMlDs f. dog's parasite, M. 

WW 147^*. hund0s-iiiie6«, -tnnge f . cynoglossum (plant), 

luryflng f. scab, Lod 32b. [brSof] Lod. 

bi7g=hryog hunda swyrm m. dog's partisite, dog's worm, 

br^man (e, i) to cry out, shout, rave, M,CP : WW 122« 

bewail, lament, JnL{%). ['reme'] bundfeald hundredfold, JB. ['hundfold'} 

br^me = hram ; biympelle =rimpel bundfrta m. centurion, MtL22^ mg. 

+bryne = +r7ne bundllo of or Uke dogs, canine, M. 

bryra I. m. fall, ruin, destruction, decay, bundnlgontMSa ninetieth, M, 

^,B,Bo ;AO,CP. [hi^osan] IL perish- bundnigontig mnety, ^. 

ctble, M. bimdnigoatlgwlntn ninety years old, M, 

brfr«-=hr§r-, hrSre- bund-red, -rafS n. * hundred' {number), 0,Ps, 

bl^scan to creak, y. £839*344. WW,MtL{s.1S) ; M : hundred (political dis- 

brysel =17861; bryslan, hiyasanshrisian trict): hundred-court, or assembly of the men 
Iiryst=hyr8t of a hundred, hondredes ealdor, mann 

br^st pros. 3 sg. of heosan. head of the hundred court, centurion. 

Iirystan=h7ntan bundredgem5t n. Aundreci-mool, LL. 

brfta (y?) 'balidinus,' WW 163" (cp. hint), bundndmann m. centurion, M. 

hrf^erpsshniSer ; laf9lg=hi5Sig bundradpenig m. contribution levied by the 

bry98a=ry89a; bi9wiie=lirtowlio sheriff or lord of the hundred for the support 

brywilan =hreowBian of his office, T0432 ; 433. 

bf^wV pros. 3 8g. of hiSowaian. bundreV {MkB) = hundred 

bH ady. 'how,^ CP,M, hCi gerades; hu bundsaofondg num. «et«niy, ^. 

meta how. hu gearea at what time of year, bundseotontigfeald seventy-fold, M. 

hn nyta wherefore, hu ne dd6... T do not... f hundsaofontigaVa seventieth, CP (io*, io^). 

hu njB... ? is not,..? : (with oomparatiyeB) bundseofontlgwtaitra seventy years old, M. 

the: {±) in some way or other, Shr : hu ne bundttontig hundred, M. 

nu'nonne.' bundtSontlg-teald, -fealdlio hundredfold, 

bOos, hucz=huBO ady. -lice, W237*. 

bOdenlan to shake, CP461". bundtfonOggtare being of the age of a hun- 

bOf =af I. and IL dred, ^. 

bOfe covering for the head, Cp, W W. [' houve * ; bundtfontlgwtaitre a hundred years old, KC 

Oer. haube] 303. 

bflflan to put a covering on ihe head, M. bundtwalftig num. hundred and twenty, M, 

bO-bwega, -hugu somewhere about, h. 0wa AO. 

about. bundtwentig num. hundred and twenty, JS. 

bull hniglinterj. bundtwentigwbitre aged a hundred and 

bullpe=nwilpo tvfeniy, M, 


J mndw MOh m. servant who looked after doge, hOnmi n. dweUing-lumee, NC303. 

WW111**(»'). hflsbonda (a^?) m. householder, maeter of a 

hunOmU^ a hundred-fold, UtLW. house, Mt,Chr. ['husband'] 

tmndwlntre aged a hundred years, M, htbibonde f . mislress of a house, M, 

hflne t horehound, Lod. httolnyoe (e*, i*) m. housebreaking, burglary, 

ha ne nlk 'nonne,' BP862> ; BjV. LL. I'housebreach*] 

hanger =huiigor hOsbryeel m. housebreaking, burglary, WW 

hungerblteii hunger-bitten, starving, Chb 206^. 

1096. Wktbryne m. burning of a house, Gt. 

huDgergter n. famine year, M, htlsbuiMla = husbonda 

hangfiilAwe famishing, starv ing, L Hy3*. hftao n. mockery, derision, scorn, insuU, 

hungnUe hungry, famishing, WW. Gen,WW. I'hux*] 

hungor m. * hunger,* desire, An,Cr, VPs,WW; hOsoarl m. one of the household corps, member 

CP : famine, AS,Mt,Chr, of the king's bodyguard, Chr,KC. [* house 

hnngrlg 'hungry,* famishing, MtL,Ou; earV ; ON,] 

iS,AO. hfksollo shameful, ignominious, M, adv. 

hungor =htingor -lioe. 

hunig n. ' hon^, ' AO, VPs ; JE,CP. htksoword n. insuUing speech. An, [v. ' hux *] 

hunlgSBppel m. pastille f bdU of honey f OET hOMl = hosl 

(Op 1512). hOflMUgung f. attendance at the eucharist, 

hunlgbAre honeyed, OEG. communicating, M. 

hunlgbln f . vessel for honey, LL455[17]. hOsellif tremains of the eueharist,LJj{ViS**), 

hunlgcamb f . 'honey-eomb, ' ScSO^. hOMlportto (a*) m. sacristy, BH94^^. 

hunlgfldwende flowing ufith honey, Qv 1260. hOsfsBSt adj. occupy ing a house, Ct. 

hunlggafol n. rent paid in honey, LL448[4,5]. hOshefen m. ceilirtg, WW432*. [heof on] 

hunlgvQge f. honeysuckle f clover f privet f hCaMUord m, nwster of the house, M, 

Cp,WW. Vhoneysuck'] hflshltow n. housing, shelter, LL(282»); 

hunlgswete * honey -sweet, * mellifluous, JB. W 74*. 

bunigtAar m. honey which drips from the ±htlsian to * house,' receive into one's house, 

comb. LL, 

hunlgt§ar-en, -lie nectar-like, Ql. hflsineal n. habitation, DR,yPs. 

hiinl-f11g«, -saoesshuniffBage hOsl (-sel, -sul) n. 'hciisd,' eucharist. Lord's 

hOnspora m. * doUm,' ppcet C^Z^i>. supper, M,BH : the host, LL : a sacrifUie, 

hunta m. huntsman, M,KO : a kind of spider, MtL\2''. 

LcdS4ak, • ['hunt'] hOslbeam (-ul) n. communicant, Gu531. 

huntaV = hontoS hOildlso m. housel-dish, paten. 

huntaXtarat hunting expedition,'LL252[22\. hllsl-f»t n. nap. -fatu sacrificial or sacra- 

±huntian, huntgan to huwt' (intr.). Lea, mental vessel. 

WW;{tv.)JB. ^ hflalgang m. going to, partaking of the 

huntfoge f. huntress, A 6*188! eucharist, M. 

huntigipere n. hunting-spear, WW. htlslgenga m. communieaiU, v. LL 2*263. 

hiintlgystre=hQnticge hOsllan to administer the sacrament, LL, 

huntiyS, hontnotS, hnntnold, huntna<5 m. ['hansel'] 

hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, htlatVin m. acolyte, LL. 

prey, JB,Ct,Lcd ; AO. ['hunteth'] hflslung f. adminietration of ihe sacrament, 

huntung f. 'hunting,' WW i a hunt, chase, JB. ['houseling'] 

DR : what is hunted, game, ES37*188. hflslwer (-el) m. communicant, Gt7768. 

hQnfSyrlunp. holes in the upper part of a hOsrftden f . household, family, LPs. 

mcut, WW288". dbhtlasetpe m. house {e.g. of Israel), race. 

hOon^hwon ; hupbin, huppban —hypban hOastede m. site of a house, Lod. 

-huplan v. on-h. hdstlng n. tribunal, court (esp. in London), 

hupseaz n. hip-sword, short sword, dagger. Chr. ['husting'] 

[hap- = hype-] hitoiil, htlsnl- = husl, ha8(e)l 

humltu =nymetu hOswlst f. home, LPisS*. 

hUni adv. at least, cU aU events, however, httV f . plunder, booty, prey, M. 

nevertheless, yet, even, omy, LL ; M : about, hfkz^hnso 

not less than, AO : surely, truly, certainly, hwft mf., hwset n. pron. (interrog.) *who,' 

indeed, especially, CP. h. swfSost most what, M,AO,CP:(mdei.) any one, some one, 

partietdarty. anything, something, MJlO,CP : each, swa 

hOnlVlnga at least, espeoiaUy, JE. hwa swa whosoever, swa hwiet swa what- 

htks n. 'house,' B,0,RB; M,AO,CP : dwell- soever, td hwfim wherefore. 

ing-place, El,Ph : household, JnL : family, -hhwft each one, every one, any one, whoever. 

race, Ps. -l-hwSd« slight, scanty, small, young, M. 

±h€aa m. member of a household, G. hwasder (CP) = hwider 


+liwAdii6S f. feumess, insignificance : fine- liwwtMlp* m. acHviiff, vig<mr, boldncss, 

nes9f «i(6t2ely. bravery, AO,CP. 

hwAf (d) n? 'loAc^/ LL. hwtttter (e) I. adj. pron. which of two, 

walnu, M^O, II. pret. 3 eg. of hwelan. hwaB6er...6e wkeiker,.,or i each of two, both : 

III.=hwalL IV. (Exl61)=wnl]ir one of two, either, CP. ILoonj. (wiihmibj.) 

hwttlaii like a whaJtef Sol263. and ady. wkether, JR,CP. 

hwnlhuiita m. %^ude-JMer, whaler, Mr^O. +hw«i9«r both, either, each, 

hwaBlhimtaS m. whaie-fiehery, whaUng, AO. hWMt/fSnt, hwBl^(Q)re I. ady. however, yel, 

hwsBlnwrat m. sea, neverthelese, Ml, M^O,CP. IL = hw»Ver 

hwailwef (wal-) m. eea, SaAT63. ady. 

liw»m = hwemm -f hw lfa r t neverthdese, 

hwAm da. of hwa, hwnt. +lnraBVtrM everywhere. 

+hwAmlle each, every, LkLO**. hwml- y. hwial ; hw«lt=h wealf I. 

-hwAnan y. a-hw. hwaU (-»») forward, bold, WW 499" ; BB^K 
hwane =hwone» asm. of hwa. [hwdlan] 

hwAne =hwdne hwim da. of hwa, hwnt. 

hwwtmie, hwame {*when*) = hwonne hwamm (o) xa, comer, angle, prominence^ iB» 
hWBMr^a^wer CP : ptirek, 

hwAr (&) ady. and oonj. ^ where,* whUker, hwamstfii (o^) m. coni«r-«toit€, MtL21^. 

M : eomenthere, anywhere, everywhere, M, liwan=hwon instr. of hwet. 

CP. wel h. nearly everywhere, swa hw. hwin=hwam; liwaiuui=hwanon 

■wa wheresoever, wherever, elles hw. tlee* hwaiM=hwone aom. of hwa. 

where, hwfir . . .hwfir here, . ,there, hwanna = hwonne 

+liwAr everywhere, in aU direeUone, M : on hwaoon* hwanone ady. v^enee, M, 

every occaeion, always, +hwaiioii ady. from every guarter, 

hwmf^hwearf ; hw»rfui=hwiDrfan hvnnohhvnga tAr, from anywhere, 

hwauflung = hwyrflong hwir, hwara = hwfir 

hWBBa I. sharp, piercing, Cb 1444. II. gs. of hwiit- = hw^st- 

hwa, hwet. hwafta? m. eunuch, Mi, WW. 

hwAsan' (6) to ^wheeze,* breaihe hard, M, hwat- y. hw»t. 

hwAstr blowing, y. 0£G2452n. hwat-a I. m. augur, soothsayer, M, II. (s), 
hwAstrlan (a) to murmur, mutter, NO. -an fpl. augury, divination, 

hwAstnmg (a) f. ffifiniMcr, whispering, hwataml *iris lUyriea* {j^nt), 

muttering, hwatt mg f . a ugury, divinaiion, LL. 

hw»t I. (neat, of hwa, which see) ady. why, hwial (WW162«)=6w6al 

u^erefore: indeed, surely, truly, for linte/rj, hwaalf I. concave, hollow, arched, vauiUd, 

what] lot (oaUs attention to a following IL L vauU, [op. Oer, gewdlbe] 

statement) ah! behdd/ M, II. adj. (obL hweaUiafoo=wealhhafoc 

cases haye hwat-) sharp, brisk, quick, hwealp=hwelp 

active : bold, brave, AO. III. (CP) pros, hwearf Lf m. crowd, troop, concourse, 

3 sg. of hwettan. [hweorfan] II. (a, e, eo) m. exchange : 

-f-hwast (O) neat, of +hwa. Vi-hwai*] what is exchanged : (-h) vicissitude : error, 

hwme{6)m,'wheat,*com,M,CP. [hwit] MtR27M : going, distance, lJkLR2i^. 
hwsBttedlg very 6fove, El 1195? III. prot 3 sg. of hweorfan. 

hwAtecom n. com of wheat, Lod 13a. hwaartan = hwierf an 

hwAtaeynn n. wheat, PPb 147*. ^^ hwearflan to turn, roU or toss about, revolve, 
hwAtsgryttan pL wheaten groats, WW 141*. wave, CP : change : wander, move, pass by, 
hwAtahealm m. wheat straw, Lod 40a. AO. 

hwAteland m. wheat-land, KC3'169'*. hwaarftto changing, mutiU>le, transitory : 
hwAtaoMlu n. wheat-meal, Lod l20a. g^ick, agile, FnrSS? ady. -Uoe in turn. 

hwAtan *wheaten,* M. -f-hwaartnes f. conversion, CP447^. 

hwAteimedma m. wheat-meal, Lod. hwaarft m. revolution, circuit, circle : lapte 
hwAtowsBStm m. eorji, CPsTJ^, (of time), 

bwaBthwara=hw»thwaga hwearttUan (y) to revolve, turn round, JE, 

liwsDt-hwugu, -hwiga, -haga, -hwega, hwuKtuagi, revolution: change, vicissitude: 

-hweffa, -hwyga pron. and ady. somewhat, exchange, 

dighUy, a little, something, hwablning = webbnng ; hwadar = hwider 

hw»t>hwiigimiingM (CP), -hw^ganonges, +hwidiiat (KQl) = -f-hwAdnes 

-hnganingas ady. somewhaL hw9g=hwAg; hwaglshwSol 

hwsBtDea ady. ouickly, promptly, hwalan^ (y) to roar, rage, 

bwsstmAdt bold, courageous, hwele (AO,CP)^hwilo 

±hw8Btaes f. quickness, activity. ±hwellaii, hweUan? to suppurate, CP : cause 
hwastrtdf firm, determined, [r5d ssrAd] to suppurate. 


bwelp (ea, v) m. *wkelp,* the young of an aU ihe while. 09re hwIle...6tSre hwile at 

animal, cub, AO. one time, . .at another time. 

hwelung f. din, WW 423". hwlle (e, y) interrog. pron. and adj. 

hwem =hwemm which, what : (indel . ) whosoever, whichever : 

hwemdragen eloping, ekmting, Bl207^*. any {one), eome (one). 8wa hw. 8wa w?u>- 

hwemm {m) m. corTier, angle, M. [hwanun] eoever, whatever. 

hwwniiiaii to bend, turn, tndine, Chb 1052. +livnio each, every (one), all, many, whoever, 
bwta« (A) adv. somewhat, a little, ^,AO,CP. whatever, inra +hw. each one. 

[inBtr. of hwdn] hwltohwegashwilohwagn 

hwaogl =hwdol hwlle-hwene, -hwone pron. eome, some one* 

hwtol, hweogol, hweohl n. * wheel, * Bo ; Mdf . bwllo-hwugu, -hngn (hwilo is deoUned ) pron. 
hwiol lig ha ving a eireuiar border or decora- any, some, some one, AO,CP. 

tion, WW376». ±hwlloiiM f. ^ity, M. 

hwioUist m. orbit, DHyOS^'. hwDen paseing,transitory, Whali87. 

hwioMd f. rul, Cp 2330. bwltoiid« (So), hwflendlio (GP)=hwfl- 

hwfop pret. 3 ag. of hwdpan. wendUo 

■^hvnoTtconveriid, MtB 18* (+werf) : active? hwlletf pies. 3 sg. of hwelan. 

Cra 68. hwDhwtga adv. for some time, 

hvnortm m. whorl of a spiiidle. hwOon (M) = hMam 

^hweorfan* ^o, n) to turn, change, feohtan hwUpe f. curlew f Sxaf21. [Du. wilp] 

mid hweortendam signm to fight with hwllstteoe n. in terval, short space of time, odd 

varying success, AO : move, go, come : moment, WW420'*. 

wander about, roam, go about : turn back, hwOtldom ady. sometimes, at times, M,CP. 

return, turn from, depart: die: be converted. hwiltidam...hvll^dum at some times.., at 
hwoorfbin (a, y) n. joint, kneecap. others. 

hweorllan (e) to return, AS. hwDSrig f. period of time, QD243». 

hwfof pret. 3 sg. of hwfisan. bwntnii adv. (dp. of hwfl) ^v^ilom,* some- 

hweoffa s hwitSa times, once, M,CP. hwOnm. . .hwilum now 

hweowly hweowol = hw6ol . . .now, at one time. . .at another, [whilom] 

hw«r (», y) m. pot, basin, bowl, ketHe, hwDwende transitory, temporary, M. 

caldron, M. hwOwendtto transitory, temporary, temporal, 

+hw«r = +hwfir ; hwerbin = hweorfban M. adv. -lIoe» M. 

h werf I. m. ' wharf, ' dam or bank to keep out hwlmpel = wimpel 

water,EC2&9. II.==hweaif hiK^nan^ to hiss, whixz, whistle, ['whine'] 

hwort- shweaif-, hweorf-, hwierf- hwlnslaii to whine, NC303. 

hworgen adv. only in phr. eUes hwergen hwlnsuog f. whining, NC303. 

eleewhere. hntrten s hwieif an 

hwerhwatte f . cucumber. hwlrfV pres. 3 sg. of hweorf an. 

hwtaan (iE)=hwAsan; hwltin^wAt bwfrllo (HQL434)=]iwearflio 

liwite(KGL)r=hwfite liwlioettuiig f. squeaking {of mice), GD 

liwete-, hwet-stan m. whetstone, AO. 186* (o). 

±bwettan to *whet,* sharpen, incite, en- hertgprtan to* whisper,* murmur, "SO. 

courage, M,CP. [hwaat] hwlspruog f. whispering, murmuring, JnB 

-liwette V. hwer-h. ; hw«Vershw»t$er 7^*. 

bweVre s hwmtSeire ; bwl = hw^ bwlf tie f . reed, whistle, fipe. 

bwloce 1 locker, chest, trunk, OEG 18b^. bwlitlere m. whisUer, p%per. 
bwloung f. squeaking {of mice), GD185«(o). bwlstllan to * whistle,' hiss, Nab43^'. 
bwlder {») adv. * whither,* M^OjCP. swa bwlstlung f. whistling, piping, music. 

hw. swa wherever, whithersoever. bwit I. * white* : bright, radiant, glistening, 

+bwlder in every direction, everyvdhere, any- flashing, clear, fair. II. n. white of egg, M. 

where, whithersoever. d:bwltan to whiten : brighten, polish. 

bwiderryne adj directed whither, 1^43**. bwltcom n. manna, JnL6*^mg. 
bwie = hw^ bivlt-ewldii, -oudn m. mastic, LOD. 

-hwtolten (e, y) v. a-, h^-, of-hw. [hwealf] bwItebUf m. white bread. 
±bwierfto (SB, e, ea, i, y) to turn, change, bwltel (y) m. blanket, cloak, M. [hwit] 

convert, return, CP : wander, move, go, bwlttdt white-footed, Gl. 

depart, AO : exchange, barter : (+ ) overturn, bwltlan to whiten, become white, be white, ^. 

destroy, [hwearf] bwltingmelun. w/kt^tn^-jxnmier, LoDll9b. 

+bwlerfednes (y) f. conversion, BH. bwltbigtriow n. w hiUen tree, 

-bwlerftore v. pening-hw. bwltltao n. onion, WW 303*. 

bwig = hwy bwltUng m. a kind of fUh, whiting f NC 303. 

bwn f . * v^hUe, * time, M,CP : a long time. tSa bwft-loot, -loooedej fair -haired, blonde, Bd. 

hwile (tSe) while, whilst, meanwhile. nQ bwftnes f. whiteness, iB,Bi^ 

hwfle just now, a while ago. ealle hwlle bwtVa m., hwitSn (eo) it air, breeze, ^,CP. 


hwol? SnjS^efM/ OB037«. hfdeii m. hiding-piace, eaw, MkR^L. 

tawomm = hwamm [* hidels '] 

hwon f onn of inBtr. oaao of hwft» only found liyd«r = hider 

in adverbial phrases like 't6 hwon, for h^dgUd (y*) n. fine to save cne*e ekin (i.e. 

hwon* tohjf. iniead of fiogffi ng)^ LL. [*kidegild*] 

hw^nl. ad}. litOe^ few, II. n. a liiOe, trifle, lifdlf I. JeoMsm, WW 125**. ILsrhygdig 

somev^atyalitOewhiU. IlL adv. som ewha t -k-hfiom f. contort, Cp210o : Movrily, CP 

hwonan = hwanon 387. 

tawone asm. of hwa. liydselp ^hftSacip 

hwdnllc liUU, smaU, M. adv. -lloe, hStt'hive,' Gp,Led,WW. 

moderately, slightly, liiOe, M. +liyfd (i), hvgd (at PPsl20«) fn. mind, 

hwdnlotum (««-hlotam) adv. in small thomght : reneUion, forethought. 

quantities, Gl. IVfdlf heedful, ihough^ul, earefid : ehasie, 

tawonne adv. when, then, <tt some time, CP : modesL adv. -Hoe chastely. 

at any time, nil hw. just now : as long as, liygdigiiaf 1 ehaetity, modesty, DR. 

until. lijfe (i)t m. thought, mind, heart, disposition, 

hwonon= hwanon intention, 8eafJ)a : courage : pride, Gxzr 

hwdpan't *o threaten. 854. V^Hf^*} 

hworf an = hweoif an liygebeiid mf . heartstrings, B 1878. 

hwosU m. cough, WW. Vhoastr] bygvUliid mentally Uind, JulGI. 

hwdstan to cough, LoDQ6b (hwdoaS). Iqrgalillttet blithe of heart, ghd, ioyfuL 

liwotterlan to foam, surge, JSH 2*388". hygeeHame put^ in heart, V^lOiF. 

[hwit$a] hygMneftt m* power of mind, wisdom. 
hwoVrung f . murmur, a low sound, 0£G2d^ . taygMmftSft wise, prudenL 

liwu(LWS)=hu hygedrfht f. band of household retainers? 

hwugudAl m. small part, HL 18*<*. Rdi 21. |lilw] 

hwurf- = hwearf •» hweoif-, hwyrf- h y geto it wise, Kd43K 

hwurfon pret. pL of hweorfan. liyfaMd wise, Gxh 1053. 

hwurful fickle, CP. [hweoif an] byiafrdftMi' f . consdaiion. 

hwurfulnes f. inconstancy, mutability, CP. hygegMsa hesitating, dow, siuggish, Ph314. 
hwf (inst. of hw»t) adv. and conj. ^why.* [gS^en] 

to hwy wherefore. bn^egil loose, wanJtan, Rd 13". 

hwyder (iE) =hwider h^egir m. wHt, Mod 34. 

hwylan=hwelan; hwj^ c^hw ile hy gegio m ort sad in mind. 

hwylea m. tumour, boil, WW 161*'. taygegt^awt pirudeni in mind. 

hw^lon = hwflum ; hwylp = hwelp liygegilm savage, cruel, Ji7L505. 

hwyr = hwer ; hwyrf- = hweorf •, hwieif- liyg^as (e, i) thoughtless, foolish, rash, M. 

hwyrfel m. circuit, exterior, higher part? hygeiiasUc (i) tin^rtcOei, OEG3170. 

Bl125>^ : {meaning doubtfid), EC328'. hyg«ltaat f. heedlessness, foUy, M. 

hwyrlepdl m. whirlpool, eddy, WW383*^. bygemMum (i) reverenOiy, B2909. 

hwyrflede 'rotundus,' v. 0£G23«*. hygenuMte sad, saddening, B2442. 

hwyrftung (e) f. turning, revolution, month f hygwott stout-hearted, liuve. 

V. OEG1992 : wandering. hygwHn f. secret. El 1009. 

hwyrfnet f. dizziness, giddiness, LcD. taygeseeaft t mind, heart, Gair288. 

±hwyrft m. turning, circuit, revolution, hygenoUm^ sagacious, wise. 

motion, course, orbit : way out, outlet. +hw. hygeiorgt t heart sorrow, anxiety. 

geares anniversary. hygwtnog (i) brave, Mxif 42. 

hwyrftllan = hwearftlian hyg«tSoiiat n^* iujury, insuU. 

hwyrftweg m. escape, Rd4*. liygeMow f. fideMy, Gxk2367. 

hwysti- = wistl- ; hw^l = hwitel liygetfanet m* thought 

h^ = hie ; + ta^an = hean III. liygsVanooIt thoughtful, wise. 

±liycgan (i) to think, consider, meditate, hyjgtflSOkUg (i*) courageous, B746. 

• study : resolve upon, determine, purpose : hygiiViymm (i^) m. courage, B339. 

f*-- tetairnber : hope. h. fram be averse to. taygsViJ^ (i) f* pride, insolence, Gnr2238. 

h^d l.A'hide,* skin, ChrJjL ; AO,CP,M. bygsmlm^ m. agitation of mind, anger. 

hyde oolian to undergo a flogging. II.»h!d hygwlaiiet haughty, proud. 

+lij^d I. furnished with a skin, NabSO*. liyggMai=hycgan; l^gli(LP8)shIgla 

II. pp. of hSan. III. = +hygd. ta^bMnsh^iBoui; ta^bft v. hteL 

drh^dan I. to 'hide* {'i-hede'), conceal, pre- hyhi {e, i) mf. {±)hope, trust, BlJPs;M,CP : 

serve, Bo,CP : (refl. and intr.) hide oneself, joy, exultation : (db) deeire, expectation : (+) 

CP,Ps : sheath (a su^ord), bury (a corpse), comfort. l*higJU*] 

M. II. = hedan :kliyhtKn (i) to hope, trust, Ps : refoice, exuU, 
hyddeni=hgddem; -liydele V. h»wen-h. be glad : soften (hardship), Gutk86'. 
+li^deUcn66 =r +hf VeUones Vhight*] 


+hsfhtimSn»tobehopedfor,GD2»'&". tajn^rigshiuigng 

byhttiil (e, i) hopeful : fuU of joy, mirthful, hSnsm t perseouHon, BHd4*. [htei] 

pUtuatU, glad, taynniUte (Ep) =yniiilteo 

liyhtgleta £ pkanng gift, Rof 21. l^nlS, hyntSa = humOo 

hyhtglta m. giver of joy. El 86 2. +h9lMn (M) - +htepiaa 

byhttng (i^) I exuUation, WW2dd«*. bypMn n. hip-^kme, WW201*. 

liyhtliM (P) unbelieving, Gxir2387. hype m. 'hip,* Bl,WW ; iB^CP. 

byhttlet hop^ul, joifful, pkammL adv. b^pe 1 heap, M, 

-lioe. liipebin = nypban 

+liylitlle eommodioue, l^pel m- heap, mound, Qim 

lxyh^leg»t n^ joyoue play, eporL ta^em sshapeeax 

l^tmlXtKf m. hoped-for joy. +liypnii (IA0*)sh78paii 

l^twynnt ^'joy of hope, joy. Ignpwnro (iS e') n. pain in ihe hips, WW 

ta^Vo^hlehtru; hylsfayU IIS^*. 

liylo (i) m. bend, ham, Ql. lifr (i) 1 'hire,' wages, HJLL : interest, 

+liylMd divergent, GPH3M. tmry, ^ 

hyld (e, i) m. grace, Oen : 2ayia%, fdeliiy, hyn gp. of he, hte, hit. 

Chr{e)Jd0. ['held*] hfis m. «erraiil» follower, mercenary, hire- 

hyldMi 1. (e)=:hie]ilui. IL to Jloy, ^Jbtii, Ung, GP. 

JB,WW. I'hUd*; hold 11.1 Ivyna to ^pit, MkB 14**. [op. +horUii] 

tayldftS m. oalA o/ajfe^nce, LL396B. ±h9Tan = (l)hIeran; (2}hyriAn 

taylde f. decUvity, slope, KC,WW(e). ['AieU'] hyroiilan=heoronian 

hyMemAgt n^ **^^ l^tiwifMrn. tayrd f. door, Gsk2696. [Chth. ha^rds] 

l^Mere m. flayer, butcher, Ql. [hold II.] hyrd-, heord-, hvrwd- s=hieid- 

+liyldlg patient, SPsT". hyrdel m. 'hurtOe,* JB,WW. 

byldliif 1 curve, ineUnation, WW882*. l^gda. of hte; hfreahSore 

[heald] l^rebofg (ie) m. interest on money, WW 
hyMo f. favour, grace, kindness, protection i 615^. 

attegianee, loyalty, reverence, AO,GP. h9red=hieced; h^reftershSrefter 

[hold I.] hyre'fe oe , -geoht^h^igeoht 

hyUMMen t fidelity, TC610n(e^). hfregUda m. mercenary, hired servant, WW 

hyldu(^)=::h7ldo 111^^ 

liylest pies. 2 sg. of heluL h^mannshleremaim 

hyU < J:)=shielf h^iS^oht n. hired yoke of oxen, LL24r(K)l. 

byULmf. *A»a,'^:Mdl IL^heU hyrtan to tmttofo. Bo. 

hyUehima (i) m. 'cicada,* cricket, grass- h^rtanto'hire* ('i'hire*),JB,Mt. 

hopper, Gl. ta^rignuum I. m. hireling, A,Mk. {'hire- 

+liylinanaihelm]Aii ; •h^nuHi v. for-, ofer-h. man '] II. = hleremann 

hylp =help hyrlng f. imiUUion, 

ligripiV pree. 3 eg. of helpan. h^rUng m. 'hireling,* MkV^. 

hylften baked (on ihe heairth), WW303*>. h^niiaiin == h^rigmann 

bybimg 1 'tympanum,* timbrel f (BB4-82), tayman to jut out like a horn, Ct. 

EPS 160*. hyrnef.onyfc, comer,<;Mdf. ['h€m*\ 

taylt = hielt pree. 3 eg. of healdan. rhymed Aorfie<{,6eal»u{, Led ; M. [* i-homed *J 

-hylte T. h&bh-h. hyrnednebbat homy-biUed, horn-beaked. 
h]^ = hielto [horn] 

taylwyit f. 'hiUwort,* pulegiwm, WW. tayrnen L of horn, LRPsOT*. II. angular. 

taym=hixn; taymhUee (GL)shymlie 0EG7< 

I^^bre ebpL Northumbria ns, O ET571. h^ee » hiemee 

hymele f. hop plant, WW;Mdf. [L. hyn»i,hjmetat'homet,*ai,WW : gadfly t 

humnliiel WW 12V*. 

hymelloshyinJio ; hyuMiiB^iiieii hymful angular, having many angles, OEG 

hymUo (e) m., hymlioe f. 'hemlock,* CflJLod, 121. 

WW. hynlg angular, OEG 121. 

li^=hean; bj^nan (^)=hieaan byniitftnm.eomer-etofie,l:ey«tone,^H 1*106 

liyiid;=4uiid byroia m. Atred o«, LL 1 16b. 

-bynde ▼. eiz-, twelf-, twi-h. ; of-hende. l^mm (KGl) =heorra, heorr 
hj^den f. communi^ of 100 men, LL. l^rra I. y. h«ah. IL =h^ 

hyndnnmann m. chief man in the community byrttt I. f . (±) ornament, decoration, jetoel, 

of 100 men, LL 175 ; 178. treasure : ocooicfremefito, trappings, armour. 

byiM— hineae. of h& [Oer. raetung] IL m. hUlock, eminence, 

^thyngran, hjmgrian (i) to be hungry, height, wood, wooded eminence, Bd,OETi 

'hunger,* (impen.) JB,JnL ; (intr.) OrJLk : Mdf. ['hurst*] 

(traoa. ) hunger for, Mtfi*. bynl- = hieret- 




^liynten L to dteoraie, adorn, onamomi, 

equip, [Cftr. riuten] IL (+) to wim rmwr, 

UlJtlS*. IIL=hiantaa 
tafnum^^hlieEmim ; liyrtanshiertaa 
byiian = heorteo 
HyrV f. skin, hide, E841-S23. 
liyimi (Op)=hyTde l 
+llfniiiff f. hiring, WW213". 
liyi=liiB; lifnn? shyaoaa 
±hfanai (ea, i) (tr.) to jeer tU, deride, re- 

j^oack, JnlJ^e : (intr.) to rail, utter iamnie, 

W, I'heaeeen*] 
t^wMDd (i)m . revUer, GPH808. 
IqfMlId (WW170U)=hyMoi]d 
tajMt nap- hyaua m. mm, jfoiUh, ytmng 

man, warrior, 
hjfmlieor^ar n. the bearing o/maU offspring : 

6oy, u^mng man, 
lHW-tarntng, -byiding m. the bearing of 

male offspring. 
h y ie b irfrd f . woman who bears a son, SHy 

.W. [bytCere] 

tayMaOd n. male chUd, iE»AO. 

liyMrtne m. young man, GBSSS". 

taywwlw adv. a/Eo' tibe manner of young men, 

hgwpssa {e, i) pret hyrade and hyvpte to 

mock, scorn, deride, revue, AO. [hosp] 
hytpeiDA m, eahannialor, BP871^ 
+]iyipaid]lo abominable, LPbIS^ 
liyipful ridiculous, OEGllu*. 
byip-nes, -mig 1 contemely. 
luft Lf. AeiK, B2649. [0^. hita; or T read 

hat] IL = hit pron. 
li^ pm. 3 ig. 01 hydaiL 
lifV L f . landing-plaee, harbour, creek, port, 

Cp,auth,MetJ's ;M,CP, ^hiihe'] ILi 


+hfS appropriate, convenient, M. 
hpSuk (i) plunder, ravage, [huG] 
±^9o^iBn to faeUiiaU. 
hyvegung f. advantage. So 12*. 
±liy9e]lD suital>le, proper, convenient, ad- 
vantageous, adv. -ficie. 
+h9tMbfliiM f. *opportunitas,* NCS45. 
li^glld n. harbour offering, sacrifice or 

service, OEO. ^^ 

h^tnie belonging to a harbour, WW. 
+li9tnto = +hfi5etio 
+liyViiM f. aauifi<a^» £L23b** : occasion, 

hyltoe^i (i) n. a Ughi, piratical vessel, Gl. 
hfW f . ^tm, cuivonto^ 
+liytWo n. subsistence, ^L23b^^ 
h^Kwaard m. warden of a harbour, B 1015. 
bjhvrs^hiw; +li^waa=+iewaa 
ta^zan sshysoan 


b(Ji)=gSa; Iieiwtti i =aggapee»aie 

bMliietos, laoiatiis m. jao»ii(4» CP. [Z^. 

Ifegul:=geagl; larmsgearo 

iarwan=ffierwaa; Ib-=if- 

lo pran. (1st pais.) '/, ' Cp^n. [Qor. ioh] 

kan, ioean=feoan; Ioa=9oe 

ioand OL 'auetar, * ^X}b48". [leoan] 

loaftn L 'oncfm;,' iEGB48u. 

lOfa only in phr. 'i<^ gold,* treasure-goldt 
rich goldt B1108. 

UsBgw adv. on the same day, M. 

Ual I. (often Idl- in obL oaaee) worthless, 
useless, vain, M,Cp,Oen,Mt,VPs : empty. 
desolate, bare, void, destiiuie, devoid (of), 
AS,B,VPs;CP : *idle,' unemployed. Mi, 
on L ady. in vain, JS. IL n. emptiness, 
frivoKiy, idleness, LodJ[iL,8ol(f) : inatten- 
tion, carelessness, 

IMgoonk slothful, idle, 

Malgjlp ( e*, i*) n. empty boasHng, vainglory, 

Idelf^ n. vain worship, idolatry, M, 

MelgUdolIruiif t offering Co an idol, M, 

Malhanda empty-handed, empty, M,CP, 

IdaUngm (a>) VWvofo/ GPH389. 

IdalUo vain, idle. ady. -fioe, VPs. Vidly*] 

IdelDM f . frivolity, vanity, emptiness, false- 
ness, VPs ; CP. in (on) idelniase in vain : 
^idleness,* idle, vain existence, LL, 

-MebprAoe v. fela-L 

tdes virgin : (f) wDmoa* wife, lady, queen. 

trngbusyfaeUveriBT!); greedy for f desirous 
off (GK), PH407? 

Ul-v. IddL 

±Idllan ta become useless. 

Idol n. idol, LL. [X.] 

1» V. te. 

leoan {&, S, Sa, i, f ) pret. ieote, Ihte ta in- 
crease, enlarge, add to, augment, prolong, 

AnJjcdM(l) : (+) f^fil, carry out, RSL 

11*486. ['eehe'i teo] 
beinotus = Zacinotoa 
boeasQresgeaoeeeure; fedel-sidel- 
bf (ig) t i^nd. [«a] 
togbOand m. idandir, CP. 
togoUf (^.) n. sea-cUff, B2893. 
laglaikd («, I) n. island, 
fogBtrtam (S^)t m. current, river, eea, 
fehtan=dhtan; tolo-:=flo-; laM=ieldo 
±leldaii (i, y) to dday, put oft, prolong, 

hesitate, tarry, CP : connive at, dissimitUate. 

['eld*; oald] 
leldet (e» ea, i, y) mp. men. 
toldan (») n. May, BH400>*. 
toldend (y) m. one who dela ys. 
toldendlle (e) dilatory, WW441>. 
ieldest {m, e, y) snpIerL of oald (JB,Mt,CP: 

leldaeta m. chief. 
laldtul (i, y) dOatory, delaying, OBG. 


teldlaii (y) io pui off, dday, M. ±Wmui (Sa, %o, f) to show, display, reveal, 

lekttiig 1 dehff, tarrying, CP : dismmukOion^ disdoee, point out, CP. [Sage ; op. fiowan] 

toMo {m, e, i, y) f. age, M,(hijjed : period : Ilegnslfig 

old age, old people, M,BliCP: an age of the Ulgn.*ivy,* COJMJShr. 

world, AS,Cfu, [*eM*; eald] Ulgtinto ivy-gnwe, OOBO. 

toMra (y) (oomp. of eald) used as sbpL Iflg-erop, -oroppam. e2iMiero/»«y6errie«. 

parente, aneeetore, B,BoJSl,Bd. Pirft fer] Iflgliaf n. ivyUa], LoDllTb. 

toMntodflr (nld-) m. grand^ik&r, WW?**. Illg-tMro, -tara n. ivy tar, reein from tar, 

liidasieldo Lod. 

lelfto (y) mp. elvea (▼. arif )• Illht ivy-eoeertd, KG. 

lalfeii (», e, y) i 4f, fairy, If =io ; Iff =l0g ; Ig^Mliiid =iegbaend 

Mflff (y) raving, frantic, mad, WW. [▼. Igdnges^Idi^efl; Igel^Q; te=i^ 

'giddy'] IggaV, iggoV, Sg(e)o6 m. *atl,' ^of, «matt 

liini]iig(WW277»)=g6miiiig; lBrd=gierd idand, M,(Jhr, 

lerf- T. abo yxf -. Igll, igl (^) =:a 

lOTfo (», e, i, y) n. heritage, bequest, property, UHUaA (S) n. *island,* BH,Bo,Chr,Whale. 

CP : cattle, [Ger. erbe] ^09, igt$=igga9; Ui=io 

teflan (i) to tnJkmf, possess : (+) to «todk Ttkt/e -pnt. 3 sg. of leoan. 

with eaUle, Q Oiil) i^* hedgehog, porcupine, 8hr,WW; 

ilKgtm to dishearten, [eaig] CT. [*a*] 

leigVu f. rem»Mne««, shth, cowardice, AO. Iland=]g]and 

[earg] Ilea (y) pron. (always wk) ^ same, An,Bo, 

tarUe (i) an^ry, vehement, ApT. Chr,OET ; CP. [* i/ib '] 

^knnaii to harass, vex, afflict, CP. [eann] Hoe adv. y. swa; lld-sield- 

tormlng (eo, e, v) m. person of no account, Ue (y) m. sole of the foot, M : eaUosity, com, 

poor wretch, AO,GP. M, [op. (Ter. eilen] 

IflfmV, iermVu (e, ea, eo, y ) f. misery, die- Ufetu, i]fe(t)te (y) f . Moem, Gl ; Mdf . 

tress, poverty, B,Bo,Ps : disease : ortme : IIlea=iloa 

reproach, calumny, CPbIIS^m. [*ermth' ; nkneui. surfeit, WW 37S^. 

eann] -f lllero ead s urfeited, CVPsTT**. 

tenum* (m, i, y; rimian) piet. 3 eg. am, Unetu (WW367»)=ilfeta 

cm, pL umon; j>p. omen {±) to run, Ilugieeg ▼. eolhseoff ; lmbe=ymbell. 

move rapidly, hasten, flow, spread, ^,A0, ImberdUng, imbyrolingsinbyTdlixig 

CPJjcdfVPs: pursue, BoJ^Si cause to move Impa? m., impef f. graft, shoot, sdon, CP 

rapidly, turn, grind, AOJSH : (+) get to, 381^'. Vimp*] 

attain, meet wiO^ : (+) occur (to one's mind), Impiaii to *imp,^ implant, graft, LL464[12] : 

GD : (+) eoagulaU, Led : (+) grow up. (+) busy oneself with, CF 132'*. 

Vem*'] In I. prep, with a. and d. (instr.) (looal) *in, * 

temlng (e) f. discharge, flow, NG. into, upon, on, at, to, among : (temporal) 

lerre I. (i, y) wandering, erring, perverse, in, at, about, towards, during : (purpose) 

depraved, Ps,8ol : angry, fierce, JBJBl,Chr, in, to, for, IL sb. and adv. =inn 

CP ; AO. II. n. anger, Bl,CP,BlJ,k. In- (v. BH zxziii ff.) =on- 

toireDi6d (y) wrathful, wild, B726. lniberan« (inn-) to bring in, M. 

torrenga (eo^, yS i\ u*) adv. angrily, fiercely, Inidl f. internal disease, Lcd. 

CP. inAlan ( VPs) = on&lan ; Inlgin =xDgan 

terreVwearh (y) very angry, Sat399T Inlgtode =indode pret. 3 sg. of ingan. 

lersG^ (y) m. anger, LPs 9". InHsenrtan to send tn. 

±ierslan (i, io» y) to be angry with, rage : inAwrlttIng f. inscription, LkL20*'. 

enrage, irritaU, CP. InbSBmednes (C;Ps66); inbflBmes (Gl) f. 

lerslgendUo passionate, emotional, M(y), bumino, incense, franki ncens e. [»onD-] 

temmg (i, ▼) f. anger, CP. InbeeweVan* to inculcaU, WW429**. 

lersunga adr. angrily. InbeMMan to lead in. 

Ier1$-=eor0-, yrV- InbelOoan' to shut, Bl217**. 

Isflca (£p,£rf)-geoojMb ^^ Inbend mf. internal bond, Gu928. 

leeend, iesende entrails, WW. [— gesen] lnber-=on-, in-b^- 

iete1$ pres. 3 sg. of etan. Inberan to carry %n, LL386[1]. 

Iet$ adv. comp. (—eatS) easily, An,Met; Inbemes (VP8)=inbemes 

AO,CP. Veath'] Inbeslian to hack into {any one), LL86[74]. 

+le«an (S) to aUeviaU, Gt7 1179. Inbesttngan' to penetrate, LL7[d4,2]. 

leVe I. easy, good-natured, pleasant, B ; AO. Inbet^nednee f. life of a recluse, GD212*. 

IL (t)=St^ Inbewlndan* to enfold, enwrap. 

leVegean = 7V|^n InblrdUng = inbyraling 

leKeUe easy, ^ : adv. -Hoe easily, AO,CP. Inbliwan^ to inspire, breathe upon, JnB : 

Mnes f. ease, pleasure, CP426u. inflate, puff up, EC. ['inldow*] 


iafcoiifm proekUmed. [aobtedaii] Intanid n. in-eomingt eninmee, M : interior z 

iDborai pto. indiffemms, native^ GPH890. tnfinfin»-Wot> inlaagen-Ofif eb. right of 
[* inborn^] judging tkievea ecmght wiUUn ike UnUte of 

iDborh m. haXi^ eeewritg in eaeee qf tk^ LL> oiU^ejuriddiction, and qf taking thefineefor 
[*inborgh*^ iAe ortme, Ct; y. LL2-523. VinfangaU^:i 

iBlirMMi* to &icr«l in nfxm. GPH308. tofuanP L to enter, JS^n. ['fi»/br«*] 

brmgaa to bring in, freeent, ILslimefAnn 

ML ['inhring*] Infttu t inenreion, inroad, dot 1048. 

inbryiM (byr) m. confagration. IntwJiMi* tofaU in, VPs. 

iBteyid- s onbiyid- inftwoan to fetch in, Bl 176^. 

taiMaB to tfOoMI, MiL 23». InflnB to enter in, M, 

taMtand m. inhabitant, WW210». tafllit n. brawl in a houee, LL597^ 

m-burg, -borh f. haU, WW. liilliidaii> to JKiui, dieoover, NG. 

lBltft6ie bom on the eetate, CL taOMb^ fuU of toater. 

Inbyrdltng (e) m. elave bom in a maeterU taMaa* to fy from, Bmil. 

h^ue, M, Infteter n. bnnging np, rearing, LL396'. 

InbyiiM (DB) sinbirpe iBtrtdf Mry o^, exiperMiicad 

InbyilS preB. 3 sg. of inbeniL lug L name of the rune for ng, IL=giii^ 

Ino {Mt,Mk) da. of git, dual pen. pron. geong 

[Site*] ^ng soifiz, M in eunuQg, lytling (otigiiially 

iDoa m. question, eeruple, euepieion, doubt : patronymio). 

grievance, quarrel, grudge, BH. inoin In-gin any. pret. -tede to go in, enter, BE, 

witan to have a grudge, ML [^ingo*] 

IHDaViodftsingeSSode; inoessyiioe lBgaiigin.fii9reM,«iilr(mee,<ioceM,6eg»iMi«ti^y 

liicigaiitooaa«iNm»DB110*. [olgan] £ir^« (inn.) : enfrtmee/Be. [Sm^m^'] 

lueigung I. invoctUion, DR. tngangan^ to ^ t n* enter, M. 

I ncem pa m. eoidier of the same eompanff, fngebed n. eame^l prauer, PPb87^ 

WW207*. tngeberfgan (NG) sanbyigaa 

Ineer (y) I. gen. of sit, dnal pen. nron. Ingebiliigan* to bring in, £l150^ 

IL ad], pron. of or belonging to both ofgou, li^pB-elgaii, -oSgan *invoeare,* VPs ; CpB90i^» 

Mi. ['tnker'l ingedte any. to put in, BH4d4». 

H-mefulUan to offend, eoandaliee, MtB. [inoa] IngedrineaB (GPH391 ) sindiinoan 

liiogm=inca li««fMllui' 'inoidere,' Pe. 

Indt ace. of git, doal penonal pronoiin. IngeJioht n. internal loor, BH. 

Ineleolli (i, y) m. chamber, doaet : eave, den, tngeiole n. native race, £zl42. 

Inenlbt m. household servant, M. tngehrlf (-gefif) n. womb, LP&21*. 

Iiieofa m. inner chamber, JEJj : breast, heart, iQge-taygd, -h^ (M), -hid t consciousness, 

Mxt22^. mind, conscience, sense, understanding' : 

InetfVu f . internal disease, M. intention, purpose, design, 

tneuman* to eome in, go into, enter, JB, IngeliygdiMi i intention, IA48*. 

[*income''\ ingeUMan»in]Adan 

Ineniid interior, internal, inward, secret, ingelaVlan to mvtte. 

^CP. ady. -libe, M, IngiUMiig y. gemang prep. 

Incundaee t inward conviction, sincerity, tngemgnAf in. reeoOeciion, memory, mind, 

W lOC^ I inward part, recess, DHy. Ingenqnde wea-remembered, El896. 

liieM strange, eactraordinary, ady. -fioe. Ingenga m. visitor, intruder, B1776. 

taieyme m. entrance, LV32. ingeoDgaa (NG)=:ingangui 

IndAlan to infuse, DR. Ingtotan* to pour in, fJL 

tndipan iod^in, LkL10>«. ingtodng ^yn-? »ymb-) L inpouHng, OBO. 

IndlM Indian, M, Ingerec n. broU, BH. [»ongerec] 

liidrenean=ondr6noan Ingerlfsingehiif 

Indinaa^ to ejaculate, utter, 8at80. Ingeeeted^^aeecl in, inserted, 

lndrihttti=indryht6n IngetteaM household goods, B116& 

IndrtaiMai* to imbibe, drink, indronoen tntBttweH n, internal swelling, WW HZ'. 

^wUh^nk. it^ttfi^ maj^ 

Indnrhtfln duttnguished, noUe, exceOenL tention, M,CP. 

ladryhtot t honour, glorv. tngeVtodf f . nation. 

limurdlan to dweU in, inhabit, VPs. Ingeweunn implanted, WW427*. 

InUdiM n. household stuff, furniture, WW li^;e«liui n. dvU war, A088» 

U7«. [yddiBo] iogemttnmt consciousness, coiisoience, BO. 

Ine]fe=innelfe; iiierto=s]nmeile ingong (CP) siogang «— »^ «** 

*^ft^n"^'^' ^"'"'^ •^' *"'^- %??o?- V^"^ in, infusion, inspiration, 

[ tnjare J GM424. [g«otan] 


miiAtMi to mfiame, 6D29*. liiii»- = inn-, in- 

fntaebban (CB313)=oiihebban limeeaiid adj. inward, GP139. 

tnTwld a n = cmhieldan IniiA-fanui, -foran bowela, Lod. 

InlMord f. herd kept by the lord on hie lands, iiUMlle n. bowels : womb. 

LL449[7]. IniiMiMSt (superL of iime) adj. * inmost, * Se : 

iBlifred m. family, household, M, mostintimate, deep or close, CP. ady. inmost, 

In-blwan, -higan sbpL members of a house- Innitm (oompar. of inne) * inner,' interior, 

hold or community, servants. WW : mental, spiriHuU, BH,LL,8c 

iBhold loyal in heart, Lod 3-442'*. InmrS = innotS 

Ubfrnm t possession, EC 364'. lime-weard, -W6rd=mweard 

lnIlle=i]meUe; liiliiiuuisoiiiniiAn tDBhietaednmanm. one of the household troops, 

Inlid f. righi of water-passage iniand : MtL8*. [inhired] 

entrance-fee. Innliera m. home force, native army, Ghb 

InUMaD *indueere,' to introduce, NO. 1006x. 

Inlmid-siiilead- Imrian to go in. Bo : (±) put up, lodge, Chr 

±lii]aglaii to reverse sentence of ouHawry, 1048 : (+) include : (+) fiU, restore, make 

ChrJjL. [Snfatt;*] good, M. ['inn'] 

liiUuid n. land in the lord's own occupation, limlerio (e*) n. household stuff, furniture, 

domain, demesne. goods. Bo 31^. 

InMlan to invite. Iimlffi ( Cpll 5i) = innelf e 

iDlalSlgeiMl m. inviter. So 1701'. imdlit ( WW450U) =mcnihtT 

liilee =mlio ; Inligaa (VPs) =oii]Iegaii Imdwlan to renew, DR 168^*. 

tnWIitftn =iiilihtan limon=i]man 

Intonda m. native, Ol. Inner {^Or^ oompar. of inne. ['tuner*] 

In-tenito, -lendiso native, indigenous. taUMiS mf . inside, entrails, stonuMch, womb. 

lnMohUuis=inmitan breast, heart, £H,Bo,0; M,CP. 

Inllo internal, interior, inward, BE : native. innotSmsBgen (e*) n. strength, EH76". 

ady. -Boe inwardly : thoroughly, sincerely, InnoViydmiM f . wea^aness of the bowels, Lod 

heartily, BHJBo. ['inly'] 106a. 

mibdioiniing f . incarnation, DR. InnoiKwuBd 1 iniemal wound, Lod 88b. 

dilnlThton (aoon-) to shine, iUiuminaie •»- imumssinneira 

lighten. Innong f . dwelling : contents, takings, revenue, 

Inllhtflnd m. iOuminator, DR2*. Bo,KC. ['inntn^*] 

tnHhtlan (»on-) to iOwninate, ent^hten, innw«ard]Iee=inweaidIioe 

NG. • Innweorud n. retainers, household, WiD 111. 

InDhtDM t illumination, VPs Innylfa = innelf e 

InltVtwfto =: onlitf nwao Inorf n. househM goods, fumUure. 

UllMMa to become light, dawn, lili23^. Inra (i£)=sinnera 

Inlocaft snperL ady. innermost, most InrsMan *ingesserunt,* WW420" (y. A 

heartily. [inBoe] 31-632). 

lnl^htaa=inBhtan toaritaaa to rush upon. • 

tnmaaig n. marrow, GPH307. Inrioals n. incense, LkR 1*. 

bxaMb dose to one's heart, important in one's Infoglungsinseglung 

estimation, RB ; Bk 16. InsAte adj. dependent, WW 186*. 

Inn L n. dtodUng, apartment, lodging, lns8BtnM=in8etneB 

chamber, house, JS Jit ;A0 : quartering Inaetowere m. sn^peefor, DR104. 

. oneseff {of soldiers), ['inn'] IL ady. Inaetowung 1 inspection, view, NO. 

in, inwtu^, within, inside of : into, inn InaeeltonitosunBdeSOende 

on into. In-Mgal, -segl (n) n. seal, signet, JB,CL 

tnn-=in.; lnna(LkL)=innot$ [Hnseil'i L.] 

Innan L jfsep. (w. a. g. d.) from wiihin, B : ^InaasUan (e) to seal, LL ; ML. [*inseil*] 

wUhin, %n, into, 0,QtnJjcd ; CP. IL ady. Inseglung f. seoMng, seal, M(m). 

wUhin, inside, in, AO. [*fnn«*] Immndan to send in, put in, VPs. 

innanbordM ady. (wUhin borders), at hom€, Innetnaii f. regulation, DR. 

CP. Insettan to institute, BH, JnL. 

Innanbnrhwara sbpL residents within the Inaigle n. seal, signet [inaegel] 

walls of a town, TC610*^ Insilit f. narrative, JnL. 

tamaneund tnner, inward, iiUemal : thorough, Inslttende sitting wUhin, Rd47^. 

hearty. Inamoh m. slough, MH162^. 

Innane = innan n. ; ImumwMvd ^inweard Insden f. brawl in a house, LL697[80,12]. 

InnaV = innotS Insonmlan to gathe r in, B R 274^. 

Inniwrttdng (XI;L)s:onwriting Inspinn n. spindle, WW. 

toaendr. in, inside, within, in-doors,ArAO, Inatepo I. m. entrance, iEiHl*84. IL» 

BH,Chr,CtJ/sd. instflepes 

O. H. t 12 




adv. forthwilh, dirtcUf, 
(o*) to be pnseni, DR. 
InrtaiMfciiMmo (o*) required for present lue, 

Inrtete (y) immMaidy, NG. 
In-ftope, -«tepes sinstepes 
iDftapvan* (») to oo «», enier^ M, 
tnittoe m. inlimei Mching pain, Lgd. 
iMagaii^ to eUmb in, GB24. 
f»>«Hfc«>ii f0 appoint, arranffe, LkL p2*. 
InsUnf —onBtmff; Iiiitytde=iii8tede 
Infwin m. lord s swineherd, LL447. 
taHwdfan' to invade, BH278^. 
tamrtgemiM f. onnuik, BH 110**. 
Inllsm (KQl) = intmga ; Intlmb- = ontimb- 
InttDga m. matter, Imsinesa, M : cause ifauU. 

bntan intinffan in vain, empUly, 
I11I6 prep, witti cL (iDstr.)* a> into, to, against, 


Intrahtniniif 1 interpretation, MtL p2^ 
iBlttor adv. ofNift, MtR 17^ 
ItfVloee eroM, lAicib, MtLlS^. 
IdVlDMi f. female servant, QPH401. 
iDlVlng (N) = iatinga ; iilVwiaii = onSwean 
tn-wwre, -wrao m. internal pain, 
InwAie f. intemai humoitr, LoD07a. 
InwMurd L (innan-, inne-) adj. internal, 

inward, inner, intrinsic, deep, sincere, 

earnest, ^,B,Bo,Cr, as sbn. inward parts, 

^,WW, IL ady. within : nwntdU/y, 

sptrituaOy, LkL. ['inward'} 
InwMxdllo (e) internal. Led : sincere, W. 

adv. -Hoe * inwardly, ' M : deeply, thoroughly, 

heartily, sincerely, M,MeL 
Inwendan to change, VPs. 
Inwewo XL indoor work, LL454[11]. 
lii«wd-=inweard-; lnwld>:^mwit 
Inwldda m. adversary, enemy, 
Inwlae f. eoiuitmefil, LoD69a. 
Inwtt L n. evil, deceit, guUe, IL adj. wiebed, 

malign, deceitful, 
Inwltf eng m. spitMl dutch, B 1447. 
Inwltlttn m. treacherous shaft. Mod 37. 
tnwittul wicked, crafty, 
InwttgSBCl m. evil guest, B2670. 
Inwttgeeynd n. evu nature, Sol 329. 
Inwltgynn L treacherous snare, PPs 139*. 
Inwltblemmt (id) m. treacherous wound, 
InwltfarSf m. unfriendly roof, B3123. 
Inwltaet n,j%etof malice, B2167. 
inwitolSt m* cunning hostility, 
luwitrQnt t evil, crafty couneeL 
InwttMear m. murderous attack, B2478. 
InwltMaro n. artful intrigue, BllOl. 
Inwltsorlit t sorrow, 
limllipeD n, tale of woe, Orar2024. 
InwltilflDtt m. wpSkedness, eviL 
invltSaiiet m. malicious thought, hostile 


Inwltwrimt t hostile fetter. 

InwrsM =s inwaio 

Inwtltere m. writer, secretary, ZDA31-23. 

tnwritttng f . inscription. 

tanrmid f. intemai wound . Lop 70a, 
inwunaiiM L persistence, WW426*. 
tnwanuiig i. residence in, NG304. 
fcH=geo-; Io(»la>^g6o; loe^=4geoo 

tonnm (N) adv. within, 

lorf m. name of a river-fish (eelf) : name of 
the rune for to. x 

lonlni^ = ttmiiig 

kurttV =iemtS pres. 3 ag. of ieman. 
loniaii (KGl)= Ionian 
iotas mpL the Jutes, 
low m. =s!w ; fowaa =iBwaa 
lppln^k«ii=yppiiigireii; Inap^SBea 
M»=ieife; li|j«n=eaigia n 
IrlnfBs w«f m. milky way, WW 53**. 
Inn*; izn-sierm-; iem^ eom- 
Im^B^iene; lra-=ieei- 

|f fi^tyilt n—fa iinhft|nr^ 

liming =yrtniiig 

li pros. 3 flg. of eom, anv. 

ii n. 'toe/ BHJiet,PPs : (pL) pieces cf ice, 
BH : name of the rune for 1. 

liHMH (GL)=lBeani 

lsese^'\ iey cM, Metfieaf. ['toeooM'1 


iMarn (», e) iil hakyon, kingfisher. 

ban L (bam* tren) n. ^iron,^ Ji,BH,CP,Ql, 
LL : iron instrument. Led : fetter, Ps : (f) 
iron weapon, sword, B : ordeal of redJkal 
iron, LL230[6]. \per. ejaea] II. adj. of 
iron, *tro».' JB,B,Bl,CPJ)a, 

banbendt (tr-) ml iron bond, fetter. 

banbyraa (isem-) t iron cordet, B671. 

Iaaiid=ie8end; banaimW=lBeiiamig 

banletor (bem-) f. iron fetter, Gl. 

bangelAiiia (!r-) m. iron instrument, Nas 

bangmt m. iron-minef KC6-234'* 
bangrOg (grdi) 'iron-grey,* WW. 
banbaard (ir-) hard as iron, B112. Ptrom- 

banhaaida f. (* iron-hard*), black eentauty, 

vervain, knapweed. Led. 

banbabn (ixaen-) m. iron helmet, WW 142*. 
banbora (-em) m. iron-dad army, Bx348. 
banbynt adj. with iron fittings, KG. 
banwdil (y) n. ordeal 6^ iron, LL. 
bandra f . iron mine, Gl. 
ban-panna m., -paone f. frying pan, Gl. 
banaoofl f. iron shovd, Gl (bernaoobl). 
banaeOr f. shower of arrows, B3116 (-em). 
banamtV m. blacksmith. 
banswit m. drosa of iron ? Lod. 
bantaog f. snuffers, WW327^«. 
banVriat m. iron dad troop, B330 (ir-). 
banwyrikta m. Uacksmith,W?fZW». 
bani(l)^i8en; (2)=beani 
bgablnd n. fetters of ice, B1113. 
bgabUM (f) n. ice-blister, chUbUUnt Lod. 
Ug 'icy,* Met : shiningf glisteningt covered 

trt^tcef B33. 


Uigftflkn vnthfroHed wings, Ssae24. aceumMtion, exculpaie oneseU : let off, excuse, 

matiey, ML2BV^^K M,AO,CP. 

USm adv. immediaiely, LL(338U). lidlendllo exciuabh, WW23S^. 

m. icy lake, Mbt28**. lidmann bo. eanduetor, guide, JS. ['lode- 

±lMOiB n to cover toOh iron, pp. bnod iron- man*} 
dad, WW230". lid-rlno? -rinoman m. conductor, escort, LL 

llMt, itst pres. 2 sg., ite«, itt pree. 3 sg. of 3[7] (v. 2*441). 
etan. ladsarslaaer 

nn=4!eS lidsdpe m. leadership, WW481*. 

I9an l&, 6, y) to laywaste, ravage, devastate, UMtfow, l&d5Sowi=4Utt6ow 
desoiate, destroy, M. ttdung 1 earndpaUon, excuse, defence, 

lu-, iu=geo-, g«o; luo^eoo apology, M,CB. 

IQdiM sbmp. the Jews, G. Uto = (l) iSao; (2) Uo; IAoa=J»oe 

IHdMio Jewish, O. -lAoa ▼. ag-, ellen-L eto. 

tii8ian=ffeooian; lolh (NO)=5owio, Sow +iaoa ewidous, GPH391. 
Iiiwlaii (AS 7^) = lewan lAean to spring up, rise, flare up. Sat 716. 

In (Sow) m. ^yew,* yew-free, Mi'ULdl, +lAeaa to emulate, OPH391 : Join with, 

IwlMrge (Sow) t yeuh-berry, Lod. make commcn cause withf GPs 140*. (Uo] 

±l8MM»ui to seize, grasp, comprehend, JB : 
capture, catch, Chr,Oj^L : receive, ML. 
l( Ctakh,' *i4ecche*'i 

IAm JS, v) m. physician, doctor, BHJAbL; 
WordB beginniDg with k will be foand M,CP : ^leeeh,^ WW;M. 
under o. lAoebde f. book of prescriptions, Lod. 

Utooemtt m. * leech-craft,' art of heaUng, 
Bojjcd ; M : medicament, remedy, prescrip- 
I Hon, M, 

"" lAoeomfUg skiUed in medicine, Lod 186b. 

It inteij. lo/ behM/ oh/ ah/ M. la ISof lAoeeynn n. race of physicians, Bd6^*. 
O Lord/ sir/ I indeed, verily, M. hwtet lAemfysii.msdicine chest, QJ>3U". 
lawhat/ wal&waloliM/ lAoeddm m. medicament, medicine, BE, 

label == (*la(el), Infel ; laber (Led) =]a^er WW(fi); MfiF : salvation. [* leechdom '] 

Uit id. play, sport :{^) strife, batUe: sacrifice, Ifteeddmlle salutary, A5- 468. 
offering, M,CP: gift, present, Mt;M: booty, lAceddtnnet f . catajpto«m, WW. 
B : (t) message, ^lake*) Uteefeoh n. doctor*sfee, LL(148^*). 

+lMt n. tumuU, commotton. 8we<»da +L Idoefloger m« Cleech-flnger*), fourth finger, 
batUe : crowd, host, Gb896. Led. 

liean' pret. 3 Bg. leolo to move up and down, lAcegeatwa? (-getea) fp. medical apparatus^ 
leap, jump, steing, fiy, Jul : play (in^ru- ▼. NC304. 
fi^'^nt) : (t) fight, contend, B : {+) incite to, ISeehOs n. sick room, hospital 
AO : be rewouded. [*lake*] lAoelren n. surgeon's knife, lan cet, Q D 82. 

liodAd f . munificence, OE03833. lAcesealf f . medicinal ointment, WW614>^ 

liogeofa m. generous giver, PPs67". Ifioeseai n. lancet, OP 187*. 

+lidaii to present, bestow. lAoewyrt f. medicinal herb, drug, M : rib' 

lieUe sacrificial, 11,{3S0"). worU 

±tteiilaii (fi, S) to heal, cure, treat, look aft/eir, IScnlan =laonian 

JB,BHJAsL;AO,CP : foment, dress (a ISdan {±) to 'lead,' guide, conduct, carry, 

wound). ['Uchne') lift, take, bring, ^,BH,Bl,Chr,VPs;CP. 

ItCTilgMMlHo surgical, HGl478. wif 1. take a wife, marry : ( ±) produce, bring 

lienlmende only in bSon L *munerari, ' BHy forih : pass, lead (life), BH,Met i to mark or 

3^'. beat the bounds of land, EC 165 : perform, do, 

Hmnmg f. heaUng, cure : medicament. An : place, lay, M i sprout forih, grow, 

remedy. spread. 

Uomig m. offertory hymn, WW130>. Idde (BH400*) =l£wede 

iaetno, laotu-oe, m. -oa 1 kUuce, M. [L.] lAden L (e, So) n. 'Latin,' A,BH,CP : any 
laou f. running water, stream, pod, *lake,' foreign language. Led {'leden'). II. adj. 
CAr666B. Latin. 

lid I. f. course, journey, An,B : (±.) way, UMenboo (e) f. LaHn book, M. 
street, water-way : leading, carrying, LL : UMend I. m. bringer. II. m. excuser, 
maintenance, support, ['load,* 'lode'] IL apologist. [*Uedan] 
f. clearing from blame or accusation, pur- lAdengereord n. Latin language, Lod. 
gaiion, exculpation, CP. lAdengetMode n. Latin language, OP. 

ladan (NO) =:{aadan lAden-toe, -Uo Latin. 

±lidlaii to dear oneself from dame or l€UiiuilMjtt knowledge of Latin, W124l^*. 





+lMMilie 'dmeUUs,' JSBbVJ: 
WAmnmnuL m. Latin noun, .£Gb292^. 
UMra^rAe (6) f. LaHn languoffe, iS,C!P. 
UMADStatimi if) adv. in LaHn, Jnl9>*. 
UMMiware mpL Latin people, Roman; CP. 
UMenword («) n. £a<tii iiwd, JSGb 122*. 
UMdm f. 6rtii^'ii0r/or(A, BH. 
IAI=(l)laf; (2) leaf 
±UUmi (e) L to 'leant,' beqweaOi, B,Jn; 

M,CP : epare, leave behind, have left, Lk, 

Mk : remain, ^. [lii] II.=sliefan 
lasfel (e) m. spoon, basin, vessel, bowl, cup, 

IQer, IdffBl ; L. Ubellam] 
lAfand (WW 168") - Uewend 
lAtor f. rush, reed, iris, gladiolus, Led,WW; 

M : melal pkUe, M. ['laver'; 'levers'] 
lAlwbed n. reed4)ed, WW 138» 
IflBf pret. 3 8g. of liogaiL 
]ag=(l)ldag: (2)lieg 
lagdaslegde nret. sg. of leogan. 
lAgon Diet. pL of liogan. 

teht pp., laehte pret. sg. of Isooan. 
lAl (6) t, ]£U m. fo^ whip, switch : 6r«Me» 

iMoZ, stripe, Ex. 
lAlan, l&Uui to become black and btue, be 

lAmaii (S) o/ day, eairtken^ M. [l&m] 
lAn (a) I. nf. loan, borrowing, lease, grant, 

aift, present, benefit, M,CB. P§on] 1L» 

±]AiiJUi (S) to 'lend,* WW;CB : give, 

grant, lecue, Oen, M. 
lAndagaat mpL loan-dags, transitory days, 

days of a man's life. 
Imcto-, laBndeQ-slenden- 
lAne (e) lent, temporary, inconstant, tran^ 

sitory : periMbUe, frail, poor : weak, sinful, 

CP. pfin] 
lAnelto passing, transitory, 
imamd m. lender, WW, ['lenend'] 
lAnendllo = Iftnelio 
Utaerom. 'lender,' WWIS&^. 
IflBDgsleng; Iflangten-slenoten- 

lAnland n. leased land, t. LL2'323. 

lAnllo =lfinetio ; -lAnung ▼. feoh-L 

IflBpeldre f . dish, M, 

bsptwlnoe (e) f. lapwing, Gl. 

toppa (a) m. lappet, piece, section, lobe, 
portion, district, CP,Lcd ; M, ['lap'] 

-teppeda ▼. flf -L 

±lAraii (d) to teach, instruct, A,BH z enjoin, 
advise, persuade, urge, preach, L forC 
hand down {to others) : (+) convert : (+) 
frecotf, £837*197. ±l&red learned (op- 
posed to Inwed), henoe clerieal {as opposed 
to lay), spiritual (<m opposed to temporal), 
M,CF, ['lere'] 

+lAre emptu, hungry, NC295. [Oer, leer] 

+]AradBM I. learning, skiU, BH. 


lAraatre f . instructress, M, 

UhfBdAft adapted for instruction? FTdl. 

UMg m. edge, border {of a shield) fY. A37*6fi. 

-lArlgtan t. ymb-L 

lArlngiiiJMaB n. female pupU, 

UMngmaim m. disdvle, BB20*. 

lAmes f . emptiness, Lcd22h. [' leemess '] 

Ina pret. 3 eg. of leean. 

Uta L («) adv. and sbn. less, lest, M,AO,CP. 
Cy Ina (5e) conj. w. sobj. lest, IL f. gs. 
Ifiawe pasture, JnL{6),WW;M;MdL 
riease,' 'Uasow'] IIL f. {blood-Vetting, 

Utelwraii of lower birth, LL(246»). 

UtoMt (MtR) = Utet I. : UMan ^Ueiwiaii 

Utoon pret. pL of leean. 

lA«a adj. (oomp. of lytel) 'less,' smaller, 
fewer, M,Bo,Chr : inferior, MiLJitR{h). 
8b. AyS, adv. BE, 

Imt f. fauU, sin, NG306. [ON,] 

l«at I. sapttL of lytel 'least,' QuJjcd',CB, 
AO. 6e Utete feet, CM. ILLporformanee, 
fulfilment. Ex 308. IIL = last 

±Utetaii {6) to follow, help, serve, B,Bl,Met, 
OBT ; AO perform, do, carry out, accom- 
plish, AO : endure, last, conHnue, Cr ; Mi 
furnish, pay, W ['last' ; Oer. leiBten] 

lAate f. 'last' {for the foot), WW, 

Utotend m. doer, performer, BH. 

+UMfiilllan to testify, LPs 80*. 

Utalwyrlita (eo*) m. shoemaker, WW. 

lAfwa ▼. Ubb II. 

^Utawlan to depasture, graxe, feed, J£,LkL. 

IflBt L (lat- in obL oaaes) oomp. ItBtra ; sup. 
lietest, Intemeet slow, B,Bt,CPJjcd\ M : 
slack, lax, negligent : 'late,' Lk, IL m. 
man of the doss between the slave and the 
ceorl, LL (v. 2-664). ['last'] 

lAt pies. 3 sg- of l&dan. 


lAtan' pret. 3 sg. l£t, leort (tr.) to aUow to 
remain, leave oehind, depart from, 'let' 
alone, Bl,CP : leave undone, BH : {±) be- 
regard as, consider, BH,Chr,CP : behave 
towards, treat : (intr.) allow to escape, emit, 
let out, set free, JSJjcd i' let' (on lease), BC : 
re/Vain/rom (late) ; -fl nSah land a«proadk 
Ike shoref (E837191); on b«c 1 leave 


Itttlqrrd f . slow birth, LoD 186a. 

+l*te I. n. manners, bearing, NC296. [ON. 
l&ti] IL n. junction of roads, M, 

lAtemsft L adv. lastly, finally, NO. IL y. 
Int. ['kUemost'] 

lAtliMlg douhminded, duU, Cba 10. 

ImQlM adv. slowly, Ou, ['lately'} 

ISBtmsit = Istemest 

Istnes f. slowness, delay, ML2^b^^ : sloth 


tetni (JBJLL) ▼. lAt. ['latier*] lahbryM m. breach of the law, LL. 

IflBtriMe slow, deliberaU, CP 149^^ lah-otep, -cop m. monetf paid {by an outlaw) 

lattum backward, Ckr. [' laUeom'] for restiiuHon of leaal righta, LL. 

lAtt f. (pL latto) beam, *laih,* WW. Imlillo latsful, le^, So46*. adv. -Hoe. 

lAttiow=]&ttdow lahmann m. an oficial declarer of (he law, 

lAttoWMtre f. guide, conduetreM, M. LLZld. [▼. 'lawman*] 

[lattdow] lalirlbt n. legal right, LL. 

l8Bttiiig=]ettiiig ; -lAtto V. onl. ]«li-«litt fn., -elite m. fine for breach of the 

IA9 n. a division of a county containing (Danish) law, LL. 

several hundreds, 'lathe,* BC3-162 : landed lahwlta m. lawyer, LL(308^). 

property f (meadow) land? LL400[3,2]. Urn n. *loam,* clay, earth, M, WW ; Mdf. 

lAtai to abuse, revUe, hate : cause to shun, lama (o) wk. adj. and sb. m. crippled, lame, 

RB1P>. [la«] paralytic, weak (man), JB,BH,Cp,El,Mt, 

ICtm, UbIStSo (CP) f. wrong, injury : hatred, WW, 

malice, BL [*leih* ; WS] lamb (M), pi. ]amb(e)ni, lambor (A) n. 

maw = l«ow • lamb, * JB,0,Gl,Gu, W W. 

lAwa (8) m. betrayer, traitor, Lk ; iB. [▼. lambyrd f. imperfect birth, Lod 186a. 

* lewe '] limfflBt n.t vessel of day (the body), 

±lAwiii to betray. [Ooth. iSwjan] lamp I. prat. 3 ig. of limpan. 11. (K6l)= 

-lAwe ▼. dninoen-, hanger-l. lamb 

lAwede lay, laic, unlearwd. as sb. layman, lamprtde f. lamprey. [£.] 

BH;M,CP. I'lewd*] Um-pytt, -BSatSam. 'feamj>t7/ Ct. 

l»wtl=lefel limwyrhta m. i>otter, O. 

lAwand m. betrayer, traitor, Gl. lin slfin 

lAworoe =:laweroe ; Iwwll slnlel ianaii obi. cases of lana. 

lflDZ=leax land (o) n. earth, 'land,* soil, B,BH,VPs, 

lit f. what is left, remnant, legacy, relic, TFfF;Mdf : territory, realm, province, 

remains, rest, Sl,Chr;M : reUct, widow, district, Cp,Chr,Bl,VPs : landed property, 

M,AO. t5 l&fe alone, td lafe beon to ^,Bl : country (not town), Ji,BH : ridge %n 

remain over, w Apna, daroQa 1. survivors a ploughed field. ^^ 

of battle, hamora lafa results of forging, +landa m. compatriot, kinsman, WW 211**. 

swords. Vlave*; Ufan] kaidftdl=hlandadl? ' 

lAferea =laweroe landsslf f . land-elf, WW616**. 

±lallan to pour water on, wash, 'lave,* bathe, landflgvnd m. native, BH. 

B,Lcd : ladle out. Led. laniUiende owning land, LL. 

lag- =lah- ; -laga ▼. lund-L ; lags- =slaga- landftr f. landed property, M. 
lagsn pp. of lean II. landbogsnga (i*) m. husbandman, peasant, 

dblaglan to appoint, ordain, W. I' law,* native, CP. 

'i'lahen*] landbagsngnes f. habitation, BPs 119*(o^). 

lago-=lagn- ; -lagol v. ft-1. Umdblgong m. diaeUing in a country, BPs 

ligon = Ifigon pret. pi. of licgan. 1 18**(o^). 

laga L f. (old neat. pL lagn; Chb1062i>) landbtef. 'land book,* written grant of land, 

'law,* ordinance, rule, regulation, M ; Chr, Ct,WW. 

LLJIB : right, legal privilege, LL : district hmdbrAoe m. first ploughing (after land has 

governed by the same laws. II. m. water, lain fcUlow), WW105^^ 

flood, sea, ocean, Qen,Met : name of the rune landbQend I. ml. inhabiiani, naiive : husband' 

for 1. ['{ay'] man. II. f. colony. 

-l-lagii np. extent, surface (of sea), Sbat64T landbQends dwelling on (he land, native. 

[08. gilaga] landbfknss f . colony, settlement, Nas. 

lipwnbWgskiUed in seafaring, 3209. land-oiap, -o5p m. fine paid to the lord on 

lagufBBStent n. sea, ocean. the alienation of land, BC. ['landcheap*'\ 

lag uf teOm m. enveloping waves, Rd6P. landsfsn m. measure or proportion of land, 

VsigaBAA VL wave, stream, waters, sea, ocean. Chb1085. 
laguUdf f . water-way, sea laadsonann — landmann 

lagamMffg m. sea-horse, ship, Qv 1306. landisssten n. natural fortress, AO80^*(o^). 

lagaslVf m* sea-Joum^. landfeob n. recognitory rent for land, KC. 

lagastrAt f . sea-path, B 239. landfolo n. people of the counh y, inhabitants, 

lagostrtamt m. water, sea, ocean. M. ['lan^dk*] 

iaguswlmmendt m. swimming in the sea laadfranam. ruMf, prtnce, B 31. 

(fish). Umdlyrd f. army. 

lih piet. 8 sg. of l8on. laad^ifdl n. land-tax, tribute, LL. ['land' 

lali-=lag- gavel*] 

lahbrsoa m. law-hreaker,impious man, £k}9^. iandgshwarf n. exchange of land, Ct. 
lahbrsesnda impious, profane, So9*. landgtman m. neighXimr, OEG. 


Uuid<^(tiiiAra, -gemiroe n. btmndcury, Umii, langgMMoD n. aneietU tUtre of weaHh, B 

frontier, AO. 2240. 

lamlgMooattf. 0ar(%efecih»re,DA36O. laaglaii (o) (impen. with aoo. of pen.) to 
iMidfeiw or c n. fortified plaee, B 938. ' long * for, yearn after, grieve for, be pained, 

landg twy rpe n. heap of earth f Ct. AO {o): grow longer. Led: ewnmonzbekmg, 

landhAbbeiide ouming or nUing land, +langiaii to send for, eummon, caU, M : 
iMMihiUfaD I. real property, LL22[32]. apprehend, eeixe, LL2()2[6,2]. 

landlMra m. native force force {opposed laagtoMo f. advanced age. 

to naval force). langlhw adv. for along time, long, at length, 
IftadhUfbrd m. lord of a country, lord of a M. 

manor, landlord, lansDIe long-Uved, 

landlireddliig f . redemption of land, langnidd constant, patient, long-suffering* 
landlagu f . local law, LL. adv. -Boe. 

lBBiil§aa not owning land, LL, ['landUss'"] Ux^nMlg long-suffering {Y,ls,te),'SCU7. 

lADd-Hod m., nap. -leode, -ISoda, -ISodan la ng mM i m f . long-suffertng. So 10^*. 

inhafntant of a country, native, AO. langiMt f. length, M, [*2cm(^fieM*] 

landlyre m. loss of territory, Ghb 1106. langoV m. longing, unsatisfied craving, dis- 
landnuum m. inhabitant of a country, native, content, 

ExJjL, [^landmann^^ Isagsosmlihaving along shaft, 

taDdniMre m. boundary, langieip n. man of war, Chb897a. 

+laiidod having landed property, LL 1 82 [11]. langftnng * Umganimis, ' LPs 102*. 

landopenung f . first ploughing of land, WW langsom long, lasting, tedious, protraded, 

147*. B(o)Jjcd', M., I'longsome'] adv. -lioe, 

landrflden ▼. ealdlandreden. A068^'(o). 

landTMt I. grave. Av782. langmmiiM f. lengih, Ps;M. [^longsome- 
Umdifoa m. landed proprietor, ness*] 

landite n. territory, AO. langnroorad (y*) long-necked. 

landrtht n. *landright,* right to own or ImgpHMIg lasting, assured, BllfiS. 

occupy land or connected with its occupation, langnng (o) f. *longing,* desire, Bl : weari- 

B,Ex,Oen : that u^ich is due from land or ness, sadness, dejection, M : dday, CP (o). 

estates. pangian] 

landsoaani (a*) f . trad of land^ province, langunghwll f . time of wearine ss, hx 126. 

country, CP : boundary, landmarh,\j, GC48] langwtb n. warp {in weaving), WW 187". 

landselpe m. region, Gkn 376. langwege *peregre, * MkL 13** (o*, ob*). 

landsooru = landao eani laagwyrpe obiUmg, NO 306**'. 

laiids6tom.Mtt2er,WWllP*. [sftta] liiitauid=l«nland 

landsetan f . occupaiion of land : occupied laim (o)t f . chain, fetter, 

land, estate. lanu (o) f. 'lane/ street, Bl, 

lands^Vla m. occupier of land, TC693*. lapiaii to ^ lap* up, drink. Led ; M. 

kUHMdu m. custom of a country, CP. IW^t (Gl) = leppa 

tauidtlttende occupying land, (Jhr. Ur f . * lore, * learning, science^ art of teaching, 
Imndsdont ^- search for land to settle on, preaching, doctrine, Bl ; JE,CP : precept, 

landspM f. landed property, KC3-349**. eschortaiion, advice, instigation, JnL ; AO : 

landBpMlg rich in land, M, history, story : cunning, Grn2693. 

landsplott m. plot of land, KC4-39>*. Iirb5e f. book containing instruction {used of 
landstede m. region, Wxp16(o). 8t Paul*s Epistles, and Beds' s works), M. 

landstyeee n. smaU plot of ground, GD,LL. Urbodiinff f. teachi ng, pr eaching, NC305. 

Umdwara f. inhabitants, population, B2321. lArbysn f. example, WW 163**. 

landweard m. coast-warden, B 1890. Ureniht m. disciple, IkL p 2*. 

landwela m. earthly possessions, Ph606. ]iren»tt m. knowledge, Sol 3. 

Uuie=]ann Urowldat m- teaching, precept. 

Umg (o) oonrp. lengra, saperl. longest * long, * lard6m m. teaching, instruction, LL268[61]. 

tall,AO,BH,Lcd,MH;CP. lir-tow, -ow, -aw(a) m. teacher, master, 
+laiig (osn. w. et or on) dependent on, preacher, BH, JnL ;M,AO,CP. [^lorthew*] 

attainable from, present in, belonging to, \§g%cmt^biam. function of teacher, instruction^ 

M,AO,Qu. [▼. 'along*] CP : ecclesiastical authorUy, M,CP. 

langafrU^edflBg m. Oood Friday. UMowne like a teacher, OEG. 

laogaV =langotS liriowiatl n. teacher*s seat, pulpiL 

laagbolstor nm. feather-bed, WW276**. UMwMslartowes n. of l&rfow. 

lange (o) adv. comp. lens, lenge, snperL UkitmatiUk n. presor&ed fast, AIV99. 

longest * long, * a long time,Jar, B,BH,Bl,Bo. lirlilyttaid m. catechumen, OEG 2881. 

lugfOre lasting, protracted, M. lirfatts n. school, HGl406. 

langfirnM f. l^igth, long duration, So29^ liriAMt (S, f) f. want of instruction, ignor- 
laagflnt m. long space of time, Gu920. once. 



lirUe conducive to Uaming, inetntcHve, M. IftVqMl n. aad tidings, AO. 

betwnz larlloam gefykmm anumgsl soldiers litNMow = latteow 

in training, M. drUiiSang f . caUing,inviUUion, CP : €usemblyf 

linaniVt m. (nap. -BmeoVM) teacher, congregation, church, M. [* lathing*] 

counsellor. UVwrautot hateful, hostile, bixd. 

Unpen n. homUy, sermon, treatise, M. liSweiideindd AM^iemind«2, Gen 448. 

[*Iofe«pe22'] UVweoie n. eimX d^ed, PPs 106^ 

ttnum ttachable, NC805. Isiir m. laurel, bay, latfer, Lod. 

linwtoe m. trickery, W309^*. laurMam (lawer-) m. lawrd, 

Urftew (MF), Uniwa (N) = (*l&]^Sow), lanrberlge f . laurel-berry, Lod. 

I&r§ow laurloe (Cp) = l&weroe 

liHtegn m. teacher, NC305. laurtrtow n. laurel-&ee, Lod. 

llrwito m. teamed man, LL(308^'). laiiwer, lawer =Iaar 

Utoer (o*) m? weed, tare, Ol. Uwene {&) t *lark,* WW ; Mdf. 

list {&, 0, M m. sole offoot : spoor, footprint, Ita I. (VPs) =leo. IL gdas. of l&ih. 

track, trace, B,Bl;M,CP. on la8t(e) 6e* Itee I. {&, e, eo) n. *leek,* onion, garlic 

hind, after, in pursuit of, on 1. lecgan to aarden-herb. Led ; M. II. pret. 3 0g. of 

foUow. lastas lecgan to go : gait, step. moan. 

Vlast'] liao-=l6ah. 

drUst (A, S) n. aecompUshment, observance, liaoUnd n. leek leaf, NC305. 

BBS* : duly, due, obUgation, vow. Ifooonne (e')f., cress, nasturtium, Lod. 

-hUislSalhelpful,servieeabl€, LL ; AO. [*last- leao-trog, -troo, -trie^leahtroo 

fuU*"] \Uaaai{lML;U}i-)'garden,garden 

listweard m. successor, heir : pursuer. of herbs, LkL,WW. {'leighton*] 

Uistwmdn. fame after death, QntATlZ^ UaotQnweaid (e^) m. gardener, WW 121^^ 

lasnr = laser ; lat- ▼. IsBt-. [' leightonward *] 

late adv. oomp. lator, snp. latest *late,* Chr, Iteeweard (e^, o*) m. gardener. 

Jul : slowly, Led : at last, AO. [Ittt] ■ Uad (h) n. 'lead,* BH;M,CP : leaden vessel, 
latemMt = listemest II. ; UUtow := latttow cauldron, A 9-264. 
d:latlan to be slow, indolent : linger, delay, Itadan (S) *Uaden,* M,LL. 

hesitaU, M. Itodgedelf n. lead-mine, KC3-401^ 

lator, adv. comp., latoet (»), snperl. slower, Itadgeota (o) m. plumber, LL455[16]. 

later, A,Bo,MtR ; AO,CP. Vlatter,* *last*] lAadgewlht n. lead-weight, a scale of weight, 
lalt==lsett Y. OC77. 

Umhi. guiding rein,WWl2Q». [lad] Itadstsf m. loaded stick for Uating with, 

littSow, lattSowa {&) m. leader, guide, WW441*?. 

general, Bo,VPs (lad-) ; AO,CP. ['latUw*] Itot (i) L (±) f. * leave,* permission, privilege, 
Utttowddm m. leadership, guidance, in- BH,Chr',M,CP. IL n. *leaf,* shoo*, pi. 

struetion, CP. foliage, MtL(^),VPs ; M : shet of paper, 

latimg f . delay, hindrance, 0E6 7^**. BH. 

litMow, latnw = latteow ±Itafa m. belief, faith, JB,Mt ; AO. ['Uve* ; 

Vh% L (±) haled, hateful, hostile, mdlignanl, Oer. glanbe] 

evil, AO,B : loalhsome, noxious, grievous, dbltefe (A) f. leave, permission, licence, M. 

unpleasant, Ep;CP. [*loath*] II. n. ±ltaffiil believing, JnB : faithful, trust- 
pain, harm, injury , misfortune, AO i insult, worthy, MtL. [*leaffid*'\ adv. -lice. 

annoyance, harmful thing, BHJL6d;CP. +l€n!Mm9i. faith, trust, faithfulness, ^. 

[*loath* ; Oer. leid] Uafhelmlg leafy at the top, GPH390. 

IMblte m. iMwnd, B 1122. ±ltetlily8tend (e) m. believing listener, 

litto adv. inimicaUy, in detestation. catechumen, OEG. 

U90OW = latteow +lteflte8 unbelieving, M. 

Utfottan to hate, loathe : make hurtful or -i-lteiitasnes f. unbelief, W294*. 

repulsive, M. +Itaf-lta8t, -lyst f. unbelief, M. 

Ift'Sgeidinat m- persecutor, foe. Itefleoht lights easv, BB5^*. 

lil^etaonat m. en«my. +\%aO!ie credible, faithful, M. adv. -lice. 

IftSiewtama m. enemy, Bd 16**. Itafnas (S, f) f . leave, permission, BH. 

lattan to invite, summon, caU upon, ask, M, +Itafn68Word n. password, B246. 

CP. [Oer. laden] ItafScead n. leafy shade, Ph205. 

littan to haU, be hated, AO ; JE. Vloathe*] +liafftiim beliemng, faithful i credible. 
lAWtas inoffensive innocent. Itafwyrm (i*) m. caterpillar, ASPs77". 

ttmie 'loamy,* hatMl, horrible, repulsive, Itag I. (6) t *lye,* alkalized water, Ep,Lo 

unpleasant, BH ; JSt. adv. -lice. ILslSah I. IIL pret. 3 sg. 6f leogan. 

litfeetpe m. mirfortune, Gsn2048. Itegung f. lyifigf Nab2'^. [iSogan] 

litfiwara n T hateful, contrivance. Da 436. IMi L lease (Cmi) m. piece of ground, * lea, ' 

WSM m. painful journey, death. Ex 44. meadow, BC ; Mdf. II. = iSag I. and m. 




iMdite prei. 3 8g. of leooaii. 


laahtor (e^) m. vice, 9in, ojfemee, cnm$, famU, 

M,CP : reproach : diseaae, if^piry, Ijod. 
laahtorMn laugkaMef causing laughter, BB 

18*. [hlMhtor] 
leahtoiewldA m. opprobrious speech, Jvl199. 
iMhtorful (eS e*) vicious, seducHve, 
l0alitorita8 fauUUss, blameless. 
leahtorllM fouO^, wickedly, M. 
-leahtorwyilte t. on-1. 
laahtras nap. of leahtor. 
leahtrian (e) to accuse, revile, reprove, biame, 

J6 ; AO.CP : corrupL [' lehirie *] 
laah-troe, -trio, -trog m. lAuce. [L. 

Itehtniiig («) f. blaming, detraction, WW 

UalitQn = Itectan 
Uan I. n. reward* gift, loan, compensation, 

remuneration, retribution, B,Mi; M, 

{'*26an'; Oer, lofao] II. it* (pret. 3 sg. 
og, Idh) and wr. to bHame, censure, re- 
proach, AO,CP. 

Maogyfft m. rewairder, LoD 3*436**. 
±IAaniaii (e) to reward, recompense, repay, 

requite, M,CP, [Oer, lohnen] 
liap m. basket, W : basket for catching or 

keeping fi^, WW : measure : trunk {body), 

JuDlll. ['leap'] 
Itaa I. adj. (w. g.) withoutn free from, devoid 

of, bereft of: {±)fidse, faithless : untruthful, 

deceitful, WW;M: vain, worthless. II. n. 

falsehood, lying. Bo ; CP. [< lease '] 
ItasbrM (-bic^d) I. lying, false, deceitful, M. 

II. m. cheating, trickery. 
liasbrMa m. trickster, ES 43-306. 
Itesbrtdende unly, deceitful, iBQB286*. 
ItaibrtdDM f. decepHon, falsehood. 
Itaseneft m. false art, M. 
Itaaera m. Itar, hypocrite, MtL : buffoon, 

mime, jester, foot. ['[etMer*] 
Itaaettan to pretend, M,B,B. 
Iiat-f«rti«, 'tjTh!6, false, NC306. 
liasfMltnM f. levUy, folly, CP. 
Mastyrhto = leaaf erho 
liaagewltiiM f . false witness, M. 
Itaagielp m. vainglory, CP. 
Marian to lie, Ps. [* lease '] 
liasUo false, decei^, sham, empty, JR,CB. 

adv. -lioe, M,CP. 

liaalfooettan to dissemble, WW388**. 
Itasntotlung f. dissimulation. 
ltasm6dnM f. instabaity, CP308*. 
Itasnes f. lying : levity, BH322**. 

Itasdleeoan to blandish, flatter, 0034*^. 

Itaadleoung f . empty Idandishment, WW 

liaangol (u*) lying, false, M. 
liaMeiaww m. spy, B253. 
Iteaspall n. lie, fiOwn, fable. 
liaaipelliiiig f . etnpty talk, AO. 

lla«poiiiiiic f. aUmrement, WW 462*. 
liasltrUat; liaft-==lMt- 
liaatyhtan to cajole, W W 431 *. 
Itaityhtung f . oajolay, WW430**. 
Iteniht («wihi7) entteer, seducer, OEG4014 
Hatung f. 'leasing,* lying, false witness, 

deceit, hyw)erisy, artifice, Jnt laUe, Ps i 

empty ttuJt, frivolity. 
Uanmgiptfl n. idle tale, AO40*. 
Mai prat. 3 flg. of Ifitan. 
laallan=latian; +laattans+la9ian 
l«a«or n. soap, soda, Lcd,WW. [*lalA<r*] 
liaKorwyrt (iSoQo-) f. soap-wortt Lcd 16a. 
Mawllngar m. index-finger, forefinger, PPs 

leaz m. salmon, Cp{m),Met,WW(e);MU 

leb-=lef-, Inf-; lee=hleo 
+lae prat. 3 «g. of +laoan. 
Me I. m. look, regard, M ; All-118**. II.« 

Iteo I. and II. 


laoeaB pret. 3 eg. leahte, le(o)hte to water, 
irrigate, wet, moisten, slake, CP. [op. Qer. 

toeelng f. irrigation, watering, WW {KOI), 

Mea^lAoe ; Itoetan (KOl66**) =Hoettere 

i:lacian to *lay,* put, place, deposit, set, JS, 
Gen,Led,MtL,Rd;CP. L on (w. d.) |mc< 
upon, charge with, Chr,Ou ; CP : bury, Jn : 
put before, submit, JB : betake oneself, ao. 
lasias 1. go, journey, on last L foUow : laiy 
{egg). Led : prostrate, east down^ lay low, 
kUl, Bo,Lk,LL. [oaasattve of licgan] 

IMwyn (Cp) =l£oevyrt 

Mcnlan (NG)=laonian 

leetrtesleahtroo; itet On- = Ifiahtnn- 

iMVa m. 'sentina,* Ol,WW. 

lM=slSad: lManr=l»dAn 

lM0=legde, pret. 3 eg. of leogan. 

IMan^lttden, leaden 

Mf I. (i) feeble, infirm, weak, injured. 
II. = leaf 

Mf-=]eaf-; Mfan = (l)llefan: (2)lfifan 

+Mtod weak, sickly, aged. 

ietel, lefil=lnfel 

+Mfense^ m. justification, JnL16**. 

Mlmon m. sick person, GvE46. 

toft (K ;?«lyft*) 'inanis,' QFl***. 


Mtimg f. paralysis, ^H2-486u. 

lag (-«leg) pret. 3 sg. of liogan. 

I«g = (l)lleg; (2)l€ah;Mg-=lig.,l«og. 


legda pret. 3 eg. of lecgan. 

+toge f ? lair, bed. Mdf. 

ligaMoht n. light {offiame), MFH168. 

lagan pp. of licgan. 

lager n. lying, illness, AO,B;M : *kdr,* 
couch, bA, Wif : grave, LL;M. oUtae 
legere consecrated grave, on life ge on 
l^gere in life and in death, LL. [hogan] 


legtrbAre sick, iU, TC61 1"*. ±leiifui to lengthen, prolong, protract, tMair, 
Iflgerbedd n. bed, tick bed, Mi bed of death. Da : extend, reach, aJttain : belong. Vleng^] 

grave, tongeten- = lencten- 

+i«gwed confined to bed, M, lenge (e) I. adj. (± ) belonging, related : near 
l«gerf8Mt eieh, iU, BB64*. (o/ time), B83. II. ▼. lange. 

+tegergleld n. *luperealia,* WW437^«. +leiige belonging to, related to, JE : addicted 
logentow f . bwritU place, M. to. 

I6g«rttem m. cohabitation, marriage, langest {Chr,Mk) superl. of lang, lange. 
legorwlte fm. fine for unlawful eohabitaiion, [' lengest '] 

LL. [' iairufiU '] lengfnre m^yre durable, ANS 1 19-436. 

MgM=l5age0 gs. of Ifiah. lenglan (impen. w. a.) to long for, ask for, 
l0g«V pros. 3 Bg. of lecgan. Sol270 (GK). 

legle t. legion, AO. [£.] lengUta oomp. of langlife. 

•legu y. ealdor-L ; leh-=leah- leiigo=leiiffa 

Uh = iSah ; Mh- = iSao- ; Khiuui = legman lengra (BH) oomp. of lang. [* lenger *] 

liht^Soht; lehtan=lihtan lengten^enoten 

lehte pret. 3 sg. of lecoan. langtogra oomp. adj. drawn out farther, more 
lehtor =leahtor ; Ml (KGl) =1&1 prolix. So 16P^ 

lelollra f. eilvenoeedf Gl. toogVu f. ^length,* A0144\ 

tomb = lamb Imga t length, Bo,BH: height, Sol. Clengh*] 

Itaieii (KGl82^) =l«men tent f. lentil, Gl. [L. lentem] 

±temlan («b) to eubdue, CP303" : lame, die- toiiteii=lenoten 

able, B 906. Mo mf . gdas. iSon, also ds. iSone, Monan, asf . 
tompedu f. lamprey, WW43l^'*. [* limpet^ \ Mo, and dp. iSonum ^Um,* lioness, AO, 

lamproda] M. {LA 

tomphealt limping, €fl,WW. ['limphdli'] Moe (WW283") ^Mac 

Mnan (KGL)=]Anan Itod I. m. man, LL14[26] : 'wergeld' for 
lenoton (») I. m. springtime, AJjcdiM : manslaughter, lli {^Idodgeld) : {-^)feliow- 

thefast of Lent, W. 11. adj. pertaining to eouniryman, compatriot : (t) chief, prince. 

Lent, A,RB{ad). i*lenten'] king,B. ['lede'] 11. f . (usa. in pi. Mode) 

iBiMUiMli. spring fever, tertian ague. pet^ile, nation, B,Bl ; MJlO. [*McIe*] 

tonetonbere m. Lent barley, ANS 84'**. ieoda = lida 

tonotenbryoe m. breach of the Lenten fast, Iteda L=+Mod I. II. (LW8)=Mode 

LL344[47]. Itedaa* to spring up, grow : spring from. 

lanelendag m. day of Lent. ^^ Itedbealuf n. calamity to a people. 

lenoteneHto f . land ploughed in spring, WW Modblsoeop m. suffragan bishci>, provincial, 

106^ [eortSe] JR. 

tonetonfsesten n. LerU, M. Modburgf f. town, 

lenetenhAto f. heat of spring, AO 102*? 16odbygen f. sale of one's compatriots, slave- 
lenotenJIo of spring, vernal, JE : lenten, M. traffic, LL20[llIjd] (y. 2133). 

lenctenllfen f. Lenten fare, NC306. Ifodtqrnlng m. king, tuler, B64. 

l6iieteii8Ufel(l8Bngt-)B«-2^if/oo({,LL460[9]. liode fp. men, people, country, B,Lk ;A0 
tonetontld f. spring. Lent, M. (y. leod). 

lenetentlnia m. spring, OEG3837. Iteden =l^den 

lenetanwuoe f . a week in Lent. ModJErumat m. prince, patriarch, chief. 

Ieiietl]i-=lenct;en- ItodgMrdf m. co«n^. 

-(-lend I. furnished with land (by the lord), Itedgebyrgaf m. lord, protector, prince, 

LL448'. n. = -f-lynd king. 

+lenda m. one rich in land, OEG3164. Itedgeld n. * wergeld' for manslaughter, LL. 

lendan to land, arrive, Chr ; M,AO,CV : (-H) ModgetflneiV f. crder, rank, LL. 

endow with land, M. [*lend' ; land] Itedgewtnn n. strife, Jitl201. 

lende- = lenden- ISodgote = leadgeota 

lendenbin n. loin-bone, WW159^K [*lend- liodgryre m. general terror, 8ol278. 

bone*1 liodliato m. persecutor, tyrant, GD. 

lenden-brMe» -br6de f. loin. Itedlietet m. popular hatred, hostility. 

tondendd reoMng to the loins, NC306. Itodbryret m. fall of a prince {or nation f), 
iendenu (») np. loins, reins, Mt,WW;M. B2030,2391. 

[^lend*; O^.lenden] ^^ l9odhmmi very valiant, ElU. 

lendenwyre m. a disease of the kidneys, WW -Itodlso y. 9ider-L 

113^*. [w»Tc] ItedmAgt m. relative, comrade. 

-lendlso y. diln-, ap-» are-, at-L ItodmsBgent n. might of the people, host 
ltoe=lftne power, virtue. 

leng I. (») f. length, height, M. II. ady. Itedmearot f< domain, country, 

(oomp. of lange) longer, JB,Lk. Vleng*] Itedrftden f. country, region, GD204''. 




Uo^ftt n. leno of At land. 

liodtoeara f. iribe, naii4m, Ex3S7. 

liodtOMiSat DL pMic enemy. 

Modtetpt m. naUon, people, M : country^ 

ModftafD m. race, tribe, PP882^ 

HodStaw m. pofMilor neci^ 

ItodWMurdt f . goivemmemL 

liodwvratt mp. men, human being*. 

Modwwod n. hoei of people, Ex77. 

Uodwlte m. wiee man, elder, ekiej, LL466. 

Hodwyim f. home joy, fHyi^. 

Hodwyrlite ^iSoSwyrhta 

Itof I. adj. dear, valued, beloved, pleasani, 
agreeable, JS,B,Chr,CP. II. m. beloved 
one, friend : (in addrefldng penooa) airf 
eire/ JB,EC : impure companion, GPH 
894. V^^*] 

laoftti = lif en ; tooflan (BZ) = tibban 

IBoflan to be or become dear, GuIlO. 

Hofllo dear, lovable, pleaeani, beautiful, 
delightful, B : precioue, valued, adv. -lioe 
lovingUf, kindly, gladly, willingly, BH. 

MofqMll n. good nowe. El 1017. 

Hof-tAl, t&le kind, lovabU, loving, dear, 

grateful, agreeable, CP. 
liotwenito kind, loving, gracioue, acceptable, 

eetimable, agreeable* 
Uofwandum ardentiy. 
±ltogan* to *lie,* Bl,WW : (w. d.) deceive, 

belie, betray, M,CP : be in error, JEGn. 
Ifogere (e^, o*) m. *liar,* false witness, W, 

MtL ; IBa : hypocriU, MkL7*. 
Itoht (9, 1) I. %ht,* not heavy, AO,BH,nd ; 

CP : slight, easy, trifling, inconsiderable, 

OP,MtJscd : quick, agile, Ph : gentle, Wid. 

II. n. 'light,' daylight, JS,B,Bl,Chr,0,Ps, 
W : potoer of vision, Bl : luminary. Led. 

III. luminous, bright, * light,* el^r, re- 
splendent, beautiful, BH,Lcd, VPs ; AO,CP. 

MohtbAre brilliant, luminous. 
ItohtbtonMde brvght-shining, i£H 1-610. 
liohtberend m. light-bearer, Lucifer, M. 
Itohtberende light-bearing, luminous, M. 
Mohtbora m. light-bearer, LVSd. 
ItohtbrAdnes f . levity, frivolity, wantonness. 
Isohteslehte, pret. 3 eg. of leooan. 
16ohte I. adv. lighUy, easily, comfortably, 

BH. [* light*] II. adv. brighOy, dearly, 

brUUanUy, Bl,Cr. VUght*] 
l6oht*f8et n. nap. •fatii lantern, torch, lamp, 

light, M,CP. 
MohtfiBtela m. lamp, LPs 17**. 
ICohttnimat m. source of light. 
16oht-gMoeot, -gescot n. payment for pro- 

viding lights in church. 
Mohtlan I. o 6e lightened, relieved. II. to 

become light, dawn, CM 474 : (f) give light, 

Hohlbeni (e^, KQ) n. candlestick. 

WOimsm devoid of light, dark, A V tight- 

^§ohtU» I. light, of UiUe weight or importance 

M,CP. adv. -iloe Ughay, sUghUy, BH, 
Led : inoonsiderat€ly : easily, quicklf : 
gently, softly, slowly, CP;M. VUghOy*] 
IL bright, radiant, Bd. 
lM>litiii6d oasy-going, GirB86. 
laohtmSdiiM f . Umiy, inconstancy, frivolity, 

ISobMUrand author of light, GPH 3 89*. 
MolilMtewlsmid light-seeing, WW434'*. 
16ohtsoeot = ISobtgeeoeot 
Iftobtwyrtite slSoCwyrbta 
leolo pret. 3 eg. of lacan. 
dbMoma m. ray of light, beam, radiance, 
gleam, glare, Bi&i lightning. 
+lioiiiod having rays of light, Lod3-272«. 
toomu nap. of lim. 
Iton I. (bt^) to lend, grant. [Qer. le hen] 

II. gdae. of l6o. 
liona mf. lion, lioness, M. 
Uonatiaff m. lions* den, GD160*. 
l%aaBm§on.lion*silesh,Lcdl'BQ4. [v.'lion*] 
16onf6t m. lion* s foot (pl ant). 
Itenhwelp m. lion's cub, WW 434*. 
±16oraii (WY., but rare pp. loren) to go^ 
depart, pass, vanish, die (A ; v. JAW 44). 
±16orediM8 f. departure, transmigration : 
death. Mil : vision. 
Morende, +lterend]ic transitory. 
leoman = leomian 
leomere m. * learner,* disciple, M,CP i 

sdiolar, BH : reader. 
Uomee = Idorednes 

dbleomlan to * learn, * read, study, think about, 
jB,BH,MkB ; AO,CP. 
leomlngtdld n., leomingonibt (£,CP) m. 
student, disciple. 

toomlngeiide teachable. 

leomlnghOi n. school, WW. 
leomung f., ds. leomunga * learning,* 
reading, study, meditation, CP ; AO. 
laomiingomft m. learning, £L38io. 
leomuiigmaim m. learner, disciple {used 

evin of women), /E. 
toomnngiedl f. school, GD14'. 
leort pret. 3 eg. of Uetan. 
Itoeea (§) m. groin. 
lMy6=leot$a y. li<S; lMy«-«rli6-. 
1609 n. song, lay, poem, B,WW;M,AO» 

lleoth*; G^er. lied] 
ISCSoratt m. poetic art or skUl : poem, poetry, 

IMVeneftlg skilled in song, ]>xob40. 
16o9owide m. lay, poem, AO 120*. 

IMfgiddlng f. lay, song, poem. An 1481. 
UolSlant to sing, recite : sound forth, resound. 
IMSUc versified, ^H2-134. 

IMVorOn f . wise counsel given in song, £1^22. 
liottowyit = IfofSorwyrt r 
Uoffrlan = hlfioMan 


MoVniig m. wng^ poem, poetry, BH. 4-Uwed weak, iUf M (Ex22^*, op. limlfiweo 
tooVa I. f. retinue, following f Bm 14 (OK), or T read +lSfed. 

II. ▼. lit$. liwend == Ifiwend ; l§w«r s= Ifiower 

lMl9ubeiDA\mi. chain, fetter, bond. liwia m. weaknese : Unopa,* £P8l39^ 
tooVueOga t Umbe u^ieh served as a key, (hlSw-). [IM I.] 

Cb334. tez=leaz ; liznlan (WW241*^)==:laoiiiAn 

leoVuersBftt m. shiU of hand. lib-, Ubb- =l]f -, lyb- 

lM9aonBn=:l$ot$QnBft Ubban (7)_pret. 3 sg. ]if(e)de to *live,* be, 

ieoVuerssnis agile, Ph268. exist, JB,BJSHJ^, VPs ; AO,CP. 

leoVufsMt a62e, «M(/«Z, Cba 06. Ubr^ « lifer- 

leolhillc appertaining to the limbs, bodily. He n. body, B,Cr : corpse, AO,B ; M,CP, 

leoViisAr n. pain in the limbs, WW213*. VUch' ; Ger. leichel 

leotTiiayreet f. corslet, •- +llc adj. (w. d.) *aUte,* similar, equal, Mi^ 

leotfuwie (i) with supple limbs, fiexihle, M,C2. +lioo8t double, twin, 

pliant, C?fa84. ['leathwake*] +lIoa, +Hce wk. forms used as sb. an equal, 

leatfuwioiao to mitigate. M,CF. adv. ±Iioe (usn. + ; and +lio in 
tooVawtcimga (liVe-) ? ' compeditorum, * EPs NG)» Bl. +]ioe and like as if. 

78^. Ueain-=llcham-' 

d:leo1fuwfteaii to 6ecoiiie pliant, be sub- UobeotgL coffin, sareophaguStCp463. 

missive, grow calm , soft en. +lleblflDung f. imitation, DR76^. 

lioVweoron.jM)etry, WW 188*0. lloburg f. cemetery, Cp433o. . 

IfloVwlse f. verse, poetry, M. lloeere, licoetere =lIoettere 

Ifotfword n. a word in a poem. As 1490. Itocettan (M) = licettan 

IfoVwrenoe m. poem, A 8-334. ttoeUn to *lick,* ^^Ps : lap, lick up. Led. 

UoVwyrtita m. poet, ^Ob. Ueoung f. licking, MB. 1-330**. 

Itew (fin) n. ham, thigh. lloeiiiaslibhama; lleendllci=^ioiendlio 

-Ifow (e, a) y. mnnd-L Doettan to feign, pretend, dissimulate, GP : 

leowe f . league {distance), WW 147**. flatter, BH. 

Itower pL of leow. Doettere m. deceiver, hypocrite, OP. 

lepewliioe=l»pewinoe noettung, lioetnng f. feigning, deceit, 

leppao to feed (d hawk), Wt89 (v. £S hypocrisy, flattery. 

37196). Iloewyi1to=llow7r6e 

lAran (KGl) = l£ran netelt &• f>o^y- 

lere (KGL83»)=lyre; I«riow-=lareow- llegan* {±) to *lie,' be situated, be at rest, 

lte-=lieB- remain, be, Ph; M,AO,CP : {±) lie down, 

lesan* to ccUect, pick, seUct, gather, glean, M. lie low, yield, subside, lie prostrate, fail, lie 

['lease* ; Ger. lesen] dead, JB,AO,B,Chr,0 : lead, exUnd to, M ; 

lteea=leo6oa AO : flow, go, run, AC : bdong to. 1. for 

-lesende, -lesendlic, -lesang ▼. ed-L take Ae part of, LL162[3]. 1. mid cohabit 

list = last ; lesu = lysn ; lisw- = ]£ew- with. wit$ licgendum f §o for ready mone^. 

lit L pret. 3 sg. of ]£tan. II.=lfit pros, notaaina m. body, corpse, Bo,Jlit;M,CF. 

3 sg. of Ifidan. IIL=l$at pret. of lutan. [*licham* ; Oer. leiohiuim] 

litan^lStan Uohamlias incorporeal, ^. 

litanUi m. litany. [L. litania] nctaamUe (o*) corporeal, bodily, carnal, mate- 

letlg (KGl) =lytig rial, Bojjk ; M. adv. -lioe bodily, person- 

dblettan {») to * let,' hinder, delay, impede, dUy, in the flesh, BH ; M. ['lichamly'] 

oppress, JB,Bo,Ou{w.g.), W;AO,CF. +IIeliamod incarnate, 

lettend m. hinderer, ES 39*349. -Udtaamung v. in-1. ; Uchom-^lSbham- 

lettlng (e) f. 'letting, ' hindrance, delay. BB ; llohordf n. interior of the body. 

GP. Dohrsegel n. winding -sheet, MH 76**. 

liV =lfi9 ; -letter t. heals-, weald-1. llehryre m. bodily decay, death, Gbn 1099. 

Ie9era= libera lIeliryst=liorest; lIoliwamlle=l!ohamlio 

lelteroodd m. Uaiher bag, TFTF117*. [v. UeUm (w. d. or impers.) to pteaee,^,£i,Bo; 

'leather'] GP. ['like'] 

leVerensleSren Uelendlte a^eea62e, pleasant, adv. -lice. 

leVerhelm m. leathern helm et, W W 142^. +lIelAtan^ to liken, compare, MkLR4*0. 

letforhose f. leathern gaiter, WW. UolioV n. dirge, OEG. 

leVem =let$ren UeUo relating to the dead, funeral, GPH401. 

Merwyrhtam-teotAer-ffiaier, tanner, currier, +lIollc fitting, proper, adv. -lioe equally. 

Gl. Ilemann m. 6earer, paU-bearer, M. 

li«r-=lf«r- nenet (±) f. 'likeness' {'i-likeness'), figure, 

letfren (i) '2eaf^kem,' WW. stature, image, JS,MtL : (+) parable. 

liud = (l) liod; (2) Ifiwede liopytt m. sepulchre, grave, iBGB66^*? (or ? 

liw f ? weakness, W166* (op. lif I.). die, pytt). 


DfiTMt f. sejnUehre, lom6, M : *earr%m,* UlMMuf t cart abtnU life, 

hearse, £L26^ VBUmg m. nsp. Ufdagaa (tun. in plnr.) *life^ 
Oes- = liz- da^, * lifetime, B,Cr. 

nesang m. dirife, OEG. Ultte, lifede pxet. tg. of Ubbaa. 

llMirf n. iMmiki. mwht'Uver,* Bo,WW;M. lUtaweighi, 
naMw t place of hurial, QJ>340^. WW432». [2^. Ubra?] 

IbiyrM f. corslet, B550. Uieridl f. liver eamplaita, LoD^WW. 

DetOn m. burial-ground, M, llftrbf 1 m. prottiberance of the liver. Lob 76b. 

Il09iiiiiiig f . obsequies,funeral, M : laying out Ufwliol n. hoOaw in the liver. L op 76 b. 

(of corpse), JSL31^**. UlMtoppft m. lobe of the liver, WW. 

BoiWote f. pore, WW160". llfarwnrc m. «iti» tn the liver, Loi>60a. 

DclVrdiran m. leper, JS. lltewyrt n. hverwort, ANS 84*326. 

VbeflMh t coffin, GD. lUam = lyf esn 

Ileuiii- = libnam- nUadung f . regulation of life. 

±1kmg f . pleasure, CP. [' liking '] Hftoe n. lifeUme, life, LL,W. 

noivnglnngt necromancy, LL{24S*), ±IIffmt living, quickened, fuU of life, 
Dewund f. wound. Ex 239. vigorous : setUed, 

±IIewyi1to (e, eo, o, a) pleasing, acoeptahU, i:Dftoftaii to quicken, endow with life, M. 

Bo;CP: estimable, praiseworthti : accepted, +lIfEeBftiila]i to quicken, RPs 142^. 

recognised, sterling. [' likeworA *] Uffet- = lyffet* 

ttawytVOM pleasingly, M. DArtat m. Lord of life, Ood. 

DewyilhiM f. good pleasure, LPs 88". llllruiiiat m. source of life (Ood). 

Udt n. ship, vessel [liSan] lllsaa = libban 

Udftt m. sailor. DlgwIU n. death, OD. 

Ildea pp. of llSan. IHfeMeattt f . life '« conditions or record. 

ndiV pres. 3 sg. of leodan. n^tntniuui mp. twins, Sol 141 . 

Hdmannt m. seafarer, sailor, pirate. ttllaat W =libDan 

Udrin -leCren lllltiide (y) that lives or has life, BH : when 
UdwMtfd m. ship-master. Ah 244. alive, BH,VPs zBBsh.the * living,* VHy. 

h&wMg weary of sea-voyages. Ah 482. DflAd f . course of life, conduct, RB. [' Uveli' 
netan (e, i, f) to aUow, grant, concede, Mt{f), hood*] 

CP. ['Uve*; leaf] nflAtt ^liflSast 

ztDefan (e. So, i, y) tr. and intr. to believe, natal not endowed with life, * lifeless,* in- 
trust, confide in, Bl,MH{y). l^leve*] animaU, M : d^d, M. 

+lfeted {f) believing, faithful, pious, M. llOtait f . loss of life, annihilation, death, 
+]IafMUe permissive, LL(436M). M. 

+li0fed]loe trustfully, credulously, AO(y). mile living, jB : neceseary to life, vital. Hex, 
■^fiibUjk excused, IAR\4?^(^). DHy. adv. -lice vitaUy, so as to impart 

+ifofanflelpe m. jusHflcation, JnLB15». life, M. ['ticcZy'] 

Ifoflastan = liffmtan in^ m. loss of life, LL466[21. 

1S»g {&, e, \) mn. fire, fiame, lightning, B,Bl llfnani f . food, sustenance. Ah 1091. 

(e) ; CP. Vleye*] llfre gs. of lifer L 

]Ieget=l^t lUre-=lifer- 

Uagtn L=lege9 pree. 3 eg. of leegan. Utrlg ciotted^ A 30* 132. 

II. pres. 3 8ff. of liogan. Ilft=lyft 

nehi- = ISoht-, liht- mweard m. guardian of life. El 1036. 

llehV pree. 3 sg. of leogan. Dtweg m. way of life, way in life. 

±llefan {h, f) to loosen, release, deliver, Ufwelat m. riches. 

liberate, Cr.{f)JLkR{^). [' leese *] Ufwelle living {of water), JnL4^*. 

+llBMdnes (y) f. redemption. DtwiaiQut f. pniection of life. 

Oestaif I. (I, f) m. freedman, LL. II. f. Uimymk^ t. enjoyment of life. 

deliverance, release, LkL(S). [* leesing *] llg(JR)= lieg ; Ug- = lyg- 

+ltenei (S, f ) f. redemption. ngbAre, ISgbecend flaming, Gi*. 

XM- = US- ; llexan = Uzan I^brynet m. 6iirfwfi^, fire. 

m I. n. 'life,* existence, Jl,B,Chr,JnL : life- lUrbfslg (6) busy wi& fire, HdZIK 

time, RB. on life, id life, Ufes alive, BH : D^owalu f. fiery torment, El 296. 

way of life {e.g. monastic), BH,Chr,Lk,W ; D^draea {B)f m. fiery dragon. 

CP : place where the life is according to fixed Ilgegeea m. fiaming terror, B2780. 

rules, monastery, Chb. II.=lef. IIL— Ugua (6) fiaming, fiery, M. 

leaf I. ilgwiword=lygeword 

m-slief. +llg-er, -ere n., -ernes £. eonnAinagt, 
Hfbryegimg f . conversation, way of life, DR fornication, adultery, AO. ^ 

7i». nts^ 

UnyyUg ^ruggUng for life, B966. 


IKet nm., Ugein («) f. lightning, fiash cf 
lightning, BH,Bl,Mt; MJiO. ['lMl';Ueg] 



Bi^ttmac m. Ugkining, fiaak oj Ugk^ eonu- UmrAdtn f. chakf formf dispfmHan of ike 

Goitofi, Lk 10» [l^et] limbs? y. OEO2630. 

Bgetetohl (§^, »*) f . lighitUng-siroke, tkundtt- Hmsioet lamt^ panUiftic. 

boU. llmwAde n. cloihing, PPs 103*. 

Bgetong f. lighininif, £Hy 6'^ Umwnttm m. gtaiure. Sat 130. 

UgeV pres. 3 eg. of liogan. llmwirig toeary of limb. Rood 63. 

Vi'UbmtfDdid, -famblawende vomiiing fin^ nn n. fax^ limn, doth, napkin, towel, 01, 

BH432^ JnB,MiB;CP. [*line'] 

Vgt9r n. fire. Ex 77. Ibiaotr m. fax fiM, EC239. 

Iln*=lieged8. of Heg; Wt-Uget llnd I. t lime-tree, linden, Cfl;M;Mdl : 
Ugllo{6)My,QxJTKm^^. it) shield (of wood). VUnd*] IL=lynd 

Qg-looo, -looced having flaming locks, WW. Underotet m. crash oj shields, battle, 

ngnlan =:]ygiuan ; QgnsM (6^, e')ali^etnB80 Unde lime-tree, linden. 

U^-raBSMtung, -ittBonng (y^) f. lightning. linden made of ^linden* -wood, OnB. 

ngsplwel vomiting flame. Undgeerod n. shield-bearing troop. An 1222. 

UglTproB. 3 8g. of ucgan. UndgeUo n. battle, Af76. 

ng-tmeat f. gda. 45T$ioe fiery onset, violenee llndgefteallat in- shield-comrade, companion 

of flames. in war. 

I^pi f. wave offlre, B2072. llndlmblwndst m- shield-bearer, warrior. 

nh imperat. 9g. of Vbon. Undplegat m- shield-play, battle, 

nht^ISoht llndfyog m. ridge where limes grow, KC3'70'*. 

nhtan (5, te, 9) l.(±)to make 'light,* easy, Undwwedn. troop armed with shields, ELli2. 

relieve, alleviate, CPJjcdJjL : dismount, llndwigft m. warrior, B2603. 

'alight,* BlUy). IL (ie, y) to Ughten, iXiA'-^ngmid^-wiggead^m. shielded warrior. 

illuminate, give light, shine, M,Jn{f) : WmL Une, cable, rope, 8ol,WW '.series, row i 

grow light, dawn, Da{f) : *light,* kindle, rule, directi on. 

llbttag I. f. relief, alleviation, release, LL. Uneoe (WW28d'^)=lIhete 

r Uhting '] II. (So) f . shining, Hhimination, Uoten aidj. * linen, * made of flax, Bp ; iB»GP. 

tight, JB I dawn : lightning. ['l%hiing*'\ llnenlmBgi n. linen clolh, NG. 

llhdngnM f . lightness^ taxation, LL(306*^). lliiMiwsrd dressed in linen, LL(370U). 

imtOM f. brightness, TF2301*. ['lightness*^ Uneto (-eoe) f. linnet, WW286*i. 

llhV pres. 3 sg. of ISogan. Dnet-wlge, >wigle f. linnet, CpJBrf,WW. 
mni.*lily,*BlJxd;M. [X. liliaml ['{ffUti;^^'] 

Um (y) n. nap. leomn 'limb,* member, M, -Ung suffix (1) for fonning personal noons 

BH,Bl; AO,CP : branch, B : agent, off- (d£orlinff,rftplmg). (2) for fonning adybs. 

spring? BZ»33 : bonef CP86*. (hinderluff). 

Dm m. anyUiing sticky, 'lime,* mortar, Uahibwwi fax-coloured, hoD. 

cement, gluten, Ep, W W. Knland n. land in flax, KC3-19*. 

+I&1UUI to cement, join, stick tog etkur Ibiltag m. flax ground, EC 166. 

Umbstofnlng f . hanging, curtain, WW 191**. Unnan* ( w. instr. or g. ) to cease from, desist, 
mnOa f. Hme-heap, 6C1*618«^ lose, yield up (life), B. ['Kn*] 

llmgeleeg n. shape, WW. DnsAd n. 'Unseed,* A{e^)JUd. 

llmgesUi9 f. body, A 2-364. UnwAd f. linen cloth or garment, N6. 

Umbil sound of Umb, Gu 661. Bn wyrtf . flax. Lob. 

4.1IIIIUUI = +liman Dd (WW438**) =]So 

hnaogi.smearing,plastering,WW.i'liming*] Uppam., UppeT f. (LL2'136) 'Up,* Lcd,BB, 
IbnlAw f. injury to the Umbs, mutilation, WW. 

LL(278**). nra m. any flesh y par t of the body, muscle, 
UmlAweo maimsd, LL132[10]. calf of the leg, WW. 

Umltas without limbs, iG2*270*'. +llre = +ligere 

HnwnlMqm ady. 'membratim,* limb by Umb, Ifreht fleshy, Loi>91a. 

WW. ['Umbmeal*i ]b=lis8; lb-=Uee-; Umo (GL)z=li»an 

Hmmiam^ Crippled, W4^. +llae (e) nap. +leoBa n. reading, study, BH. 

limnaood stark naked, Gxk 1666. +lbian to slip, glide, CP437. 

+llmp n. occurrence : misfortune, accident, -Usnlan, -liBtnian y. be-L 

CP. Use (tiSs) f. grace, favour, love, kindness, 

dbUnqMB* to happen, occur, B,Bo,Chr,Meti mero^, M : joy, peace, rest, Ph,W : re- 

M,AO,CB : belong to, suit, beflt, OET,Ct : mission, forgiveness : saving (of life). 

concern, CP. [* Ump, * ' i-Ump *] ['lies*; llfeel 

±llmpfal fliting, convenient, AS 2K Ibslan to subdue, Sol294. 

Un^lAean to unite, connect, OEG80. Ust mf. art, devemess, cunning, experience, 

+lln9tto fitting, suitable, ML. ady. -Boe skm, craft, Cr. ['list*^ Wa^xkm cunningly, 

(±). skilfully. 

H-Umpllones f . opportunity. Iitan = lystan 




Ibto f. *lUt,' fringe, border, Ep. 

UgtoDM adv. ear^fuOy, Lod 11a. 

llatlMiidig skUfyl, Cba96. Uftam ▼. list. 

Ustwrene m. deeepUon, W81 ; 128*. 

IM pres. 3 «g. of leean. 

Ut eotour, d^, NC306 (late). 


ntan to bend, incline, Mxt26u*. 

llto-,litel=lytig-, mel; Utlf=l7tig 

lttl8«n m. dyer, NC306 (late). 

1Itl-=lytl-; lltniuuiii=litS8maim 

W I. nm. nap. leoSo, liSu limb, member, BH, 

Cr;^AO,CP '.joint. Led. V^Uh'} II. n. 
JkeL [ON.hii] 
in L n. eider, native wine^ fermented drink, 

CP : beaker, cup. IL pres. 3 ig. of liogan. 

III.=li«eadj. IV.=mi« 
liVa m. name of monthe June {mm L) and 

Jyiy (eftera L). 

ItVidl f. (/out, LoD.WW. 

nVan^ to go, travel, eail, B,BH. [* lithe'] 

me I. adi. gentle, eofi, eeiim, mud, ApT,B, 

Mt ; MjkO,(J2 : gradaue, kind, agreeahU, 

sweet, Bo,Qen;M. ['htke'] II. ady. 

gently, sMg. 

ItVeMge fiesMe, yielding, JB. ['Ii«fte6y '] 
ItteblgiiM 1 fleanbility of Umbe, Quth90U. 
DMle gentle, soft, mild, CP. adv. -lioe, 

CP. blithely'] 

+llffen (y) having travelled much. [115an] 
mendan to smooth down, fatter, Gl. 
Iffiere f ., libera m. tUng, dinging pouch, BH, 

Cp;M. niOAer*; letSer] 
ttVefen = leoren 
BVtrlto of a sUng, WW247«. 
+ltVewiolaii to ealm, appease, mitigate, JEL. 
ItSewAoan ^leotSawfioan 
ItSgeat = hlidgeat 
USlan (CP ; J:) = mSigian 
+It9lan (eo) to incline, accustom, A2*68. 
nmg lithe, ilexUfle, bending, yielding, JB,W. 

iniglaii {±)to soften, cdlm, assuage, appease, 

CP ', & i be mid. [Wt(Ae'] 
Utnnoel n. liUle joint, WW. 
llVllosIISelio; lt9miam=lidinaiiii 
nSnes f . mUdntss, softness, gentleness, kind' 

ness, M,CP. 
lltk>-=leotSa-; IttfresslitSere 
JtBre=lyt$re; UffrlnsletSren; llVisliss 
Itltefown. synovia. 
IHteiiiaim m. seafofer, pirate, Ceb. 
ItSu ▼. li«. 

ItSule m? synovia, Lod. \WS, ele] 
Mung f. aUeviation, relief, Lod 1*112*. 
Mwftge n. drinking<up, B1982. 
IfSwnre m. pain in the limbs, Lod 49b. 
ggwyrtl e mild of speech, NC348. 
nVwyrt f . dwarf elder. 
nzan to shine, flash, glitter, gleam, 
llzoBde splendtdly, LkLl6». 
ttning f . briUianee, brightness, N. 

•16 pL -Ifin T. nuBst-, Boealt-L 


UMbe t spider, LPs. [*lo6*l 

toe L n. 'lock,* boll, bar, ^,BH ;A0 : en- 
closure Jold, prison, stronghold, CP : bargain, 
agreement, settlement, conclusion, [laoan] 
IL-looc L 

Ide, Itea interi. look, see, look you. L ha 
however. 1. himme, hwonne whenever, 
spel L hwmine mann wiUe a discourse for 
any oeeasion you please, M. h hwfir 
wherever. L hwAVer whichever. L hwa, 
L hwet, whoever, whatever. L hwylo 

toea m. enclosure, stronghold. 

Ide»-htl ▼. l(k) interj. 

toebore f . one who wears long hair, free 
woman, LLTFTS]. 

toeo L m. 'lock* of (hair), hair, curl, Bl,CP, 
Bp;M. IL^looI. 

tooead 'erinitus,* OEG66". 

ioeoetan (MiL)? =rocettan (JAW77). 

±loeetaii to attract, entice, soothe, CP. 

tooen L pp. ol laoan. II. (SatSOOT) =1oo 


toeinz n. hair, WW379**. 

toegewlBd n. hair, WW 199*. 

Ido-hQ, -hwnnne eto. ▼. Idc h&, Ido hwwnne, 

loehyrdel m. sheepfM, LL464[9]. 

IMan (±) to see, behold, look, gaie, M,Bl, 
CP,Mt; AO : observe, notice, take heed, 
Bl;M. L t6 regard with favour^ CP : 
belong, pertain, M. 

loeor plane, Gl. 

loettia m. keystone, ^L23'^. 

-Ideong ▼. Cnrh-L 

toddere m. beogar, M ; Mdf . pfSre] 

+lodr f. baelmone, spine, LonOte. 

lodning f. rubbish, nonsense, WW478*. 

+lo4myTH. sHverioeed. 

loeige (£p) np. of lorg. 

tof I. n. (m. B1536) praise, glory, repute, 
Cp ; M,CP : song of praise, hymn. [* k/*] 
II.t n. protection, kelp. 

161 (OE(36241) r=gldf (?), T. ES37186. 

lot bAre praising, giving praise. 

tofdAd f. praiseworihy deed, B24. 

lolgeom eager for praise, ^L16*** : lavish? 

lofhening f. praising, LPs 65^*. 

lollan to praise, exalt, Gen,PPs;CP i 
appraise, value, ['love*] 

loflio n. offering in honour of any one, W 

lollAoaa to praise, LPs 118^**. 
loflio laudable, adv. -lice gloriously. 
lofmsBgen n. praise, PPslOS*. 
toltaag m. song of praise, canticle, hymn, 
psalm, BH ; M I lauds. VWsang*] 
lofwalm m. the l^M Psalm, RB3d^*. 
toldngende singing hymns of praise, OEG 

tofkum praiseworthy, Gxv468. 


lofte (on) adv. phr. in the air, aiofi. Hex, ftuien, $hut up. An : (intr.) dote up, form 

MLN. ['fe/fT one moM, Pk : inUrlock, intertwine, twist, 

lofung I. praieing, laudation : appraieing, M. wind, CP : conclude. [*louk*] II. pluck 

Idg piet. 3 ig. of Iten. out, puU up. Me'. [*louk*^ 

-logs Y. kH; trdow-y word-1. [leogan] ludgSBt n. side-gate, poetem gate, Qh. 

IdgM T. Idh ; logtftter =logVer ludon pret. pL of leodan. 

±ldglaii to lodge, ^aee, put hy, M : put in totolteslnflio 

order, arrange, M : diseouree, M : divide, luten f. hopef (BT; QK), Da 7332886. 

portion out. +1. up lay by, deposit +logod lufestlM f. *lovage* {plant). Led. [L. 

nprtbo {weU)-ordered speech , style . leTistioom] 

logttor (o*) eunmng, artful, WW. lulettn f. female lover, OEO. 

+loguiig f. order, GM609 luflendlle slafiendlio 

Idh I. n., ffs. Idgee place. Stead (only in phr. ±hiflaii to *love,* cherish, show love to, JB, 

on hia Idn). II. piet. 3 ag. of ISan II. JnL,VPs;CF : fondle, caress : approve, 

IdhsoMft m. boU, Sort AS 1*. practise. 

loma =lamA lullend m. Unver, M. 

±l&iiia m. tool, uitnsU, article of furniture, latlukAib affectionate, JB€hr. [* loving*] 

BH;Qh. I' loom*] lullendUo, lofiflendUo lovely, beauttful, M : 

lomb, lomberslamb lovable, amiable, M. 

±W>mb{l)wli. frequent, MLSl^^^*; (2)adT. hMmaamiable,loving, Led -.lovable, Ps. adr. 

often, frequently, oft (and) +L constan ly, -lioe lovingly, kinJUy, CP : wiUingly, gladly, 

mgenUy. BH. i'lovdy*] 

+15med = + ISomod ; Idmelle = Idmlio luMMaii f . love, LPs. [' lovered *] 

iiltailAMU tofreqwBnt, M : be frequent. lotram loving, lovable, j^easanJt, Cr. ['fove- 

+ldiiiUtetnd« frequent, M : frequentative some*] adv. -libe graciously. 

(vb), .£Qb213^ luframnM i. pleasantness, kindness, Gl. 

+ldmUMiig f. frequency, frequenting, MQu luftiMn n. *love'token,* ^1863. 

213^ luf-t^DM {M), -tSme (R6) pleasant, sweet, 

+16m]io repeated, AO,0P. adv. -lice fre- grateful, benevolent. 

quently. luft^mllo embracing, OEG66***. 

+16iiilletan to become frequent, Bl109*. liifu f. love, strong liking, afhetion, favour, 

+IdniUciMS f . frequMted place t frequency t JB,BH,Jn, VPs, W W ; AO.CJr : love (of 

CPs 1 17*^. God), JnB : amicable settlement, LLZ92'. 

lomp pret. 3 eg. of limpan. lufwande lovable, pleasant. 

londi=i<land lufwendlio yWeYM%, KGl73*«. adv. -Uco 

londftdl f. strangury f LoD 108a. [Uand] gently, KGl80*^. 

lone —lane ; longF^lang lugon pret. pL of Ifiogan. 

LongbMurd-an, -as abmpL Lombards, AO. loh n. loch, pond, NG ; Mdf. [Keliic] 

lOBn, lonuslann, lana +hnB9ndko occasionaL [limpan] 

loppe f. flea {spider f silkworm f), Bo,WW. tompon pret. pL of limpan. 

Vlop*] hmolaii to Umpf LP8l7««. [op. Norw 
loppestre f. *lob^er,* WW ; J! : locust. hmkeT] 

lopust, lopvBtre=loppettre lundlaga m. IMsisy, M. 

lor n. (only in phr. t5 lore, t5 lose) loss, lungen f. ^Wng,* Led,WW. 

destruction, Bl ; CP. [* fer *] iungenidl f . lung-disease, Lod. 

-lorm T. hlSow-1. limgvnsealf f . Vung-salve, Lod 141a. 

loren pp. (str.) of Idoran. lunganwyrt f. * lung-wort,* Led. 

lorgy lorh fm. pole, distaff, weaver* s beam, -lunger ▼. oeas-1. 

Gl. lungret adv. soon, forthwith, suddenly, 
loi=lor ['loss*]; loeewlstsloewist quiekiy. 

loslan (a) wv. {±)tobe lost, perish, BofiP ; lunnon pret. pL of linnan. 

M\{±) escape, gel away : ^lose,* LkLl!^* : UIpe f. loop, leash, Gl. 

destroy, LkL 17". Hks f . nap. \p * louse, * JB,Cp,Hex. 

loslgendllo readv to perish, M. lualan ((}PH) = losian 

loelng, loswist f. perdition, loss, destruction, lust I. m. desire appetite, JE,BH,JnL : 

NG. pleasure, Bojjkipl.) : sensuous appetite, 

}ot n. fraud, guile, ML,CP. lust, JulJjcd,WW. IL adj. willing, W 

loten pp. of Ifitan. 246^^ 

lotwrene m. deception, deceit, cunning, fuBthtbin desirable, pleasant, agreeable, cheer- 
artifice, trick, iB»AO,CP. ful, joyous, ^»A0 : desirous, JBLi^^*. 

lotta m. upper ga rmen t, mantle, cloak, CP. liistbArlie pleasant, AO. adv. -Ube. 

loz m. lynx, BH, WW. [Oer. luohs] lusfbAraes f . enjoyment, pleasure, desire, CP. 

luta-, lube.=slafe. lustful wishful, desirous, AOIW". ['lust' 
IQean' I. (±) (tr.) to lock, dose, enclose, fuU*] 




^lustfOlUaa to r^aiee, enjoy, JR : 
U>, CP70". 
±liiittullIoe joyfuUy^ gladly^ heartily, BL 

±IusttiiUiuig f. dMtre, pkaaure, M, 
:£liiBttuIiiM f. duire, pUtuvrt, BE ;CP. 

loftgMniiies f . coneupiscencef G. 

lUitfryii f. snare ofpleanure, Soi7l23. 

lufttloe wiOingly, gladly, Bl ; MJlO. 

tuftniooe {. lady^s-emock {plaiU), Lod. 

lustramlle pkaeanL adv. -lice wUUngly. 

luttam ady. vriih pUaewtt, gladly. 

V^Oam m. epindU-tree, EC445*^ 

±iataii* to bend, eioop, deelitu, MJ^O 
+loten d89g after part rf day : Iww, make 
obeisance, fiU down, Bl, VPs : (+ ) lay dovm, 
MtL8"» : entreat. 

±maan to lie hid, hide, htrk, JS,VHy ; AO, 

CP. ['foftf'T 

latter, lattor=hlattor, hlator 


lybb n. dlrug, poison, charm : witehcn^ 

lybbaa = libban 

lybbestre f. sorceress, WW200**. 

lyboom n. a medicinal seed, mTd saffron 9 Gl. 

J^boratt m. skill in the use of drugs, magic, 

witchcraft, Bl. 
lyblie nm. occtdt art, use of drugs for magic, 

lybUteft m. wizard, sorcerer, Gl. 
lybstn, ly ban = lyf em 
^e- =:lffio-, lio- ; lyoM slyge n. 
l^elS pres. 3 sg. of laoan. 
l^deii(LWS) bidden; l^=lSf 
l^-=l«al-, lef-, Uel-, lif-' 
l^e, l}rf ede pret. 3 sg. of libban. 
^osn (i) f . charm, amulet, knot. 
^fletere m. flatterer, M. 
lyflet-tan, -tian to flatter, M. 
ly fletung f . adulation, fUUtery, M. 
^flails Man, libban 
lytt fmn. air, sky, clouds, atmosphere, B, 

Lcd;M,AO,CP. on lyfte on high, aloft. 

[*Uft*; Oer.lvdi] 
lyltidl f. paraiysis, palsy, BH,LoD. 
lyftedor m. clouds, £x251. 
lytten of the air, airial, M. 
lyfttot n. vessel in the air (moon), BbSO*. 
lyftflteg«nd m. flier in (he air, bird, Sol 280. 
lyttfloga m. flier in the air, dragon, B2316. 
lyftgeUUsf n. flight through ihe air. 
lyttgwwanoed driven by ihe wind, B1913. 
lyfttaalmt m. air, mist, cloud. 
lyfOieendet sporting in the air, flying. 
lyttlte aJbrial, NC314. 
lyftsoeaVa m. aUridl robber (ratten), Wt39. 
lyttwundor n. aMrial wonder. Ex 00. 
lyftwynnt f - pleasure in flying. 
lyge I. (i) m. 'lie,* falsehood, BH,8at. 

II. lying, false (A; «*iygge, JAW26). 

IIL ^sicalia,* secdU? comf rye? WW301*. 
lygen (!) f. lie, falsehood. 

lygraian = lygnian 
lygMaanit n. lying wile, trick. 
lygMpeU (i) iL falsehood, WW440>. 
lyfaqmnlg (i) lying, false, El800. 
l^tom {i) feigned anger or grief, B 1043. 
iygeword (i)t n. lying word, lie. 
lyg«wyrlit» (i) m. liar, Lbab. 
iygnas (i) f. falseness : false things. 
^lygnlaa (i) to give one the lie, convict of 
falsehood, M. 4-lygnod perjured, M{i). 


lyhV pres. 3 sg. of iSan. 

l^llV pres. 3 sg. of leogan. 

lym=]im; iyiDan=I6oman 


±]ynd (i) f . fat, grease. ^^ 

+lyiidu np. joints of (he spine, WW 150**. 

lynlbor n. borer, gimlet, WW 273". 

lynb m. axle, axletree, 'Unch'-pin, Bp,WW. 

lypanwyrhta m. tanner? y. JGPh5-467. 

lyra (e) m. loss, destruction, damage, hurt, 

WW ; M. [*lure' ; leosan] 
lyrewroie m. hurtful intrigue, MFH 160. 
-lyrtan ▼. be-L ; 1^ ▼. lus ; lfs-=sllea- 
tyiforiit = leasf erhC 
lynum, lyBnere=hlyBnan, hlyanere 
Ifna (KOl) sUessa ; lyiian =lysw«n 
±lyBtan impers. w. a. (d.) of pen. and g. of 

thug or inf. to please, cause pleasure or 

desire, provoke longing, JS,Bl,Bo ; AO,CP. 

+ly8ted deeirous of. plisi'; lust] 
lyitere (OEG4a74) = T lyftere, lyffetore 
+lysttull&M slnstfulUbe 
lysu I. base, false, evik IL n. evil deed. 
lyswan L purulent, corrupt, Lcd. II. n. 

pus, matter, Lod. 
Ifl adv., adj. and indeoL sb. Utile, few, B, 

DD,CfenJlun ; iB^AO. 
iytan=latan; lytog^vtig 
1^1 L adj. ' liitle, ' not larj^ ^,AOJA,Met : 

short {distance, time), B : not much, MtJPs. 

IL adT. htOe, slighUy, Ps. IIL sb. AO, 

l^lh^dlg pusUkmimous, CbjlIO. 
lyto-llc, -l]be=lytig-]io, -lioe 
J^lmod pusiUanimous, CP. 
l^lDM f. smaUness, MQr22A^K ['lit^U- 

lytMnA, lyteB(t)ne adv. nearly, within a 

little, almost. 
Vthwta adv. and sb. (w. g.) liUle, but little^ 

very few, iE,CP. 
lytig (e) crafty, cunning, AO. 
lytlgtan to feign, act crookedly. Ma 86. 
iytlgllG (lytelic) deceitful, crafty, adv. -Uoe, 

lyttgnes f . cunning, CP. 
±19tllan to lessen, decrease, diminish. Bo, 

JnL ', CP : shorten, curtail, abrogate : faU 

out of use, LL267[37]. ['UtOe'] 
letting m. litOe one, infant, chUd, &,GP. 
l^iim adv. (d. of lytel) litOe by UtOe, gradu- 

aUy,JS;CB. ['mum'] 


+1^11111; (i) f. imuffidency, warU, So57^ (op. nmAmM m. sprig of tnadder, LoD. 

EHy 5^*). +iii»d]a m. chatter, Lod 122b. [mntSel] 

lyttl-=l^tl- mSbdluitL m. meadow-land, KC. 

lyttuooM mpL particles, emaU pieces, GPH mAdmAweot {—'wett) mowing of a meadoWf 

400. LL448[6,2]. 

Iyt(=li9; 19tSa=ir5a; +lytai = +lit$en mAdrAden f. mowing, tract of mown grass, 

lyiforful evil, vile, W40*. KC6I6310. 

lyVerUo bad, sordid, mean, vUe, AO. ady. mSbdsplottm. pht of meadow-land, KC4'12''. 

>Iice (n^). msDdwa m., m»dwe f. =mced 

lytfornes (u^) f . wickedness, HL 18*. mfidweland = mfidland 

l^raii (S) to anoint, smear, * lather,* JnL{e), msog 1. pres. 3 sg. of magan. II. (So 4^: 

Led, [iSat^or] 12^^) = maegen 

lyt$re=litSere ±mag L m. nap. magas (v. LL2-651) male 

IfVra I. (e, i) adj. bad, wicked, bcue, mean, kinsman, _parent, son, brother, nepihew, 

corrupt, wretched, ^,AO,Lk,WW, l*Uther*] cousin, B,Epii^) ; MJL0,CV. [* may '] ILf 

adv. wretchedly, badly. Sat 62. II. oomp. i. female relation, wife, woman, maiden. 

oi tiSe. mftglMUia m. destroyer of kinsfolk, W242'. 

Ift^vyrt s litSwyrt ; Ifzan s= lizan mdgbot f . compensation paid to £Ae relatives 

of a murdered man, LL. 
mAgburg f. family, tribe, race, people, 
^ nation : genealogy, 

mfigolld n. young Idnsman, 
mft I. adv. [oomp. of miole] more, raiher, mAgonafa m. yovMuL kinsman, BC 2*329'. 

longer, hereafter, further, M,BH,Bo,Bl,CP, mAgoftV related, 0£6. 

VPs (m£). t$e ma t$e more than, II. ab. mAgowalm m. murder of a relation. Op 

(indeol.) more, JS,An,BH,Bl III. adj. 179p(e). 

more, A,Bl, [*fno*] meegdan (Sd) n. wi flijien . virgin, XX ;^ : * 

iiiabuldor=mapalder; maca=s+m»ooa girl, Mt : maid, servant, Bl. 

maoallo convenient, MkB6^. nuBgden- see alBo mfiden-. 

• madan to * make * form, construct,\do, A,^ : msBgdenAw f. marriage %Diih a virgin, 

prepare, arrange, cause, M,Oen,Mt : use, nuBgdonhid m. ^maidenhood,* virginity,' 

JB : behave, fare, JE,Bo ; CP. maoian ap Cr ; CP. 

to put up, M. msBgdenmann m. 'maid,* virgin, AO, 
mieroftlg ( » msBgenor- ) f mighty, [ * maidenman '] 

mawing f . making, doing, Chb 1 101. mAge = mage 

+iiiftd = + m»d ; mUmf^mSkiSm nuDgan I. (e) n. bodUy strength, might, * main * » 
mftdmdd n. /oo{i«An€M, Mod 25. force, power, vigour, vdour, B;M,CP : 

iiiA=ma virtue, efficacy, efficiency. Led : picked men 

±mBBO weU-suited, companionable : similar, of a nation, troop, army, AO : miracle, 

equal, [magan] II. subj. pi. of magan. 

msaoan = meogan, mengan nmganftgende mighty, B 2837. 

« +iii8BOoa (a, e) mf. mate, emuU, one of a msBgenbyitfont f. huge burden. 

pair, comrade, companion, JSQr(9,),MtR{e) : msDgenooilJor n. strong troop, Gmr 1986. 

(±) husbartd, wife, JB,Mt,OET. ['match*^ msBgenoraBftf m. main force, great strength, 
mAeeflso = meoenso might, 

msBCgt m. man, disciple : son msBgenoyiilngt m. migJity king, 

msBOga m. man, Wy 52. msBgendAd f . mighty deed, Cba 12. 

msBclan = meogan, mengan nuegentaoa m. succour, Az 138. 

+m8BClie conjugal. So. msBgdntaoent mighty, vigorous, 

+m8Dene8 f c(Jiabitation, BH. msBgonearfelwt n. great misery or trial, 

+iii8BC8elpe m. cohabitation, Cb 199. msBgenellaii n. mighty valour, B669. 

• mAd (e) f . dB. (EWS) meda ; nap. m»d(w)a, nmgenfSBSt vigorous, strong, steadfast, M, 

m&dwe *mead/ * meadow,* pasture, BC, msBgentolcn, mighty company, CrS17, 
OEQ ; ^»A0 ; Mdf . msBgenfultum m. mighty help, B 1455. 

• +iiiAd, +m»ded ^mad,* Rd,WW i foolish, nmgenMapt m. powerful band, 

Cp. msBganhaard v^ strong, Rx7ir5. 

• maoddnt ^madder,* Led; M, msBgeolan (gn-) to gain strength : (+) 
+mAded = +m&d establish, confirm, BH306^*. 

mAden (^,AO,CP)^m»^den msegenltas powerless, feeble, helpless, WW ; 

mAdenclld n. female chtld, girl, AO;M, M. [^mainless*] adv. -lioe. 

[* maiden-child'] nmgenltast f. weakness, feebleness, M i 

mAdenhtep m. band of virgins, DD289. inability, RB. 

»niAdenllc maidenly, virain, M, nuegenrAs m. migMv onslaught, B 1519 

mflBdere=m8Bddre msogfiardtf powerful, 

O. H. 13 





nuBgenseype m. might, power, Da20. 
msBgenspM f . power, virtue, 
mnfenstiii m. huge etone. Hit 5^*. 
msBgeiutrmnff t of great virtue or etrength. 
mngra-strengo, •strengSa f. tnain strength, 

great might, 
nuBfenVeJKen m. mighty minister, Gu 1099. 
nittgeiilflse f. violenee, force, Rd28^*. 
msBS^nVrtott m. mighty host, 
nuBfenViynmi m. power, might, greatness 

glory, M,CF : heavenly host : (f) Christ : 

(t) heaven, 
mab^mMijmDm f . great glory, majesty, M. 
msDgenweorot n. mighty work. 
mngrawlBS m. general. Ex 663. 
nuBgWiwudtt m. strong spear, B236. 
msBgrnwundor n. striking wonder, Cb927. 
» nuBgw meagre, lean. Lob 90b. ^^ 

maftfertaa to macerate, make lean, WW. 

[Oer. magem] 
nuBgwtor = m^^iBter 
nutigt/a, m£geo=megtS, m£g9 
mAggemftt n. meeting of kinsmen, A0248^'. 
mAggewrlt n. geneaiogtf, pedigree. 
mAggtoldaii'f to conUtbute towards the fine 

for manslaughter by a kinsman, LL 

mAghAnMd n. incest, BH280^. 
mAghand (mSg-, mSi-) f. natural heir, 

nmglster = magister 

mAglagu I. law as to relatives, LL266[26]. 
mAgUai ufithout relatives, LL. 
mAglle belonging to a kinsman, M. 
mAglutu f. love, Jul 70. 
mAgmotltor n. murder of a relative, Gl. 
mAgmyiUrs m. murderer of a relative, 

parricide, 0£G,GD239*. 
iiiflBgnla^mngen ; m8egiuui=nieiigaD 
nuBfon = magon pros. pi. of magan 
mfigraeu f . feneration, genealogy, M. 
inAgrAdeii i. reUUionshxp, AO. 
mAgrAs m. attack on relatives, W 164^ 
mfigseir [meg-] f. division of a people con- 

Uiining the kinsm^en of a particular family 

(BT), DR 193". 
mAgalbb f . relationship i affection of relatives, 
mAgsibbung f . recow^iation, peace-making, 

mAgslbUo related, WW376i^ 
mAgBlaga m. slayer of a relative, parricide, 

fratricide, ^. ^ 

mAgsUht m. murdfir of a relative, WISO*. 
nmgster = magister 
magVt I* ^' SP- mngtSa, dp. mngtSnm, 

otherwiBe nninBeoted maiden, virgin, girl, 

woman, wife. [Ooth. magatSs] IL {±) i. 

power, greatness. 
mAgV (f) f. family group, dan, tribe, 

generation, stock, race, people, MJLO : 

province, country, M. 
nuBgVa m. mayweed. 
mBgVbtod (gets) n. pudendum muliebre, 


nuBglMt tfine for assault on an unmarried 

woman f LL7[74]. 
BUBgtto f . mayweed, [cp. msBgtSa] 
nuBgVbid m. virginity, chtutity, purity, 

MH;M,CP : band of young persons, 

mAgVhJUi m. relationship, M, 
maBgtniidlle maidenly, OEG 1469. 
nuBgtflagu = mj^laga 
mAgintaa not of noble birth, WW219*. 
mflBgtfnuuiii m. maiden, virgin, LL8[82]. 
mAgtSmoiKor (S^) nm. murder of kin, OEG 

mAgVmjnrlftra m. murderer of kin, OEG 2*^. 
mAglSrAdeii f . friendship, OEG. 
mAglSslbb (7>) f. kindred, HGl623. 
mAgwinef m. friendly reUUive, clansman, 
mAgwIlto (a, §) m. aspect, appearance, 

species, form. 
iiiAgwUtUui[ mSg.] to fashion, MtLlT*. 
mAfwUUlM imeg'] figuratively, mLLp4^, 
nuBht^^meaht, mint ; m8Bta:5=mego 
mAl I. (a, e) n. mark, sign, ornament : cross, 

crucifix z armour, harness, sword : measure^ « 

Led : (t) time, point of time, occasion, 

season : time for eating, *meal,* meals, CP ; 

M. II. f. (t) talk, conversation : contest^ 

battle. [masSel] IIL = mal 
+mAl stained, dyed, AN 1333. 
+iiiAbui to mark, slain, Ji7ii691. 
±mAlaiit to speak, talk. Gen. ['i-mele* ; 

mAloearu f. trouble of the time, B189. 

mAldflBgt m. appointed time, day. 
mAldropa m. phlegm, saliva, WW24y, 
mAldroplende phlegmatic, WW 161». 
mAle m. cup, bowl, bucket, i?p ;Loi>(€). 

mAlgwoeaft f. fate, B2737. 
mAtooeata (»?) m. canker, caterpillar, WW. 

msBltan (VPs) =meltan 
mAl-t ang m., tange f. pair of compasses, 


mAl-tfdf., tima m. meafttmc, NC348. ' 

man = menn nap. of man. 

I118BI1- = man-y men- 

±mAnan (e) to *mean,* signify, intend, JE, « 
Bo,Scl ; GP : mention, relate, declare, com- 
municate to, speak of, B : associate {some- 
thing) wUh, AO : ccmpilain of, lament^ 
bewail, sorrow, grieve. Bo ; ^,AO,GP. 

niAiie I. {±, UBU. +) common, general, * 
universal, Mt,WW ; M,AO,CP. [' i-mene '] 
II. ( + ) n. fellowship, intercourse. HI, false, 
mean, wicked [man] IV. (+) s^Mued, 
overpowered. [=*+m»gne, £843*308] 

iriiiAneUo (usu. + ) common, mutual, general, 
universal, M. adv. -Hoe. 

+mAiMlleiiM f. ''generalUas,* OEG. 

mttnibrAde relating to many things, WW 

mAiillo =s mfinelio 


+mAimes f. community, felhwship, inter- +iiiAniiig? 'con&ummatio,*'RByS^\ 

course, union, Shr : land held in common, m8Brw-=mearu- 

BC 1*597'. [▼. H-mene*] ±mSrweg m. boundary road, Ct. 

+mAiiflcipe m. community, feUoufship : mArweorom. no62e loorA;, PPsllO*. 

union, ^248**. mArwyll m. boundary stream, 

±inftiisiiiiiiaii to participate in, have feUow- msBscre (»Y) f. mesh, WW450^^ * 

ship with I live with, marry : partake of nuMen brazen (Earle) ; of maple (BT), EC 

Eucharist, M. 260. 

d:i]iSii8iim-nes, -ong f. feUowskip, partici' msMlere m. sacristan, GD. 

potion, M. mmn\tng, nuBglen {MkL)=m$dailing 

msB]iu=meiiiga msBBsanbaoolesixueBseliacele i 

mArfto f. boundary-oak, £03-379". msMse (e) f. 'mtus,* Eucharist, celebration of * 

mAnui (a) I. (±) to declare, proclaim, cete- Eucharist, jE^BH,OET ; CP : special mass 

brate, glorify, honour. II. (+ ) to determine, day, festival of the church, [L, missa] 

fix limits, Wn>42. msBssedten m. eve of a festival, 

mSrapeldre f. apple-tree forming pari of a maMse-boo f. nitp. -Mo ^mass-book,* missal, * 

boundary, KC3-390*. LL, 

mArbrde m. boundary-brook, KG. nuewoorMa m. creed said at mass, Nicene 

msBro (l))=<mearo; (2)=meaiK creed. 

mAronoll m. boundary-knoU, EG446. massedSBg m. ^mass-day,* festival, Bl, * 

mArdfo f . boundary-dyke, KG. msBisegienla m. mcus-vestment, surplice, 

iiiSBre = (l)mare; (2) mere I. GP87^*. 

mAn I. {&) famous, great, excellent, sublime, maMseh acele f. mass-veftment, cope, chasuble, 

splendid, ^,AO,CP. [op. Oer. mftre, LV40,WW327". 

m&rohen] II. pure, sterling (of money). mauBthrmgl n. vestment, surplic e, CP , 

[v. *mere^ adj.] III. (db» nsa. +) boun- nuBSselfto n. mass-offering, host, WW. 

dary, border, Mk, VPs ; Mdf . [* mere ' sb.] maDSsenllit f . eve of a festival, 

mArelsrftp m. ship*s rope, cable, WW. nuessepirtost m. 'mass-prieet,^ clergyman, # 

insBntorht=meretorht; iii»rgen=morgen high priest, JB,AO;CP. 

matb. (CpJSp), marh- = mearg, mearh- meBSMprfoBtbftd m. office or orders of a mass- 

mAr-hege, -haga, -hege m. boundary-hedge, priest, BH. 

EG 447. xnassepriostBelr f. district for which a mass 

mArhDM m. notoriety, WW382i^. priest officiated, LL. 

mOrian to be distinguisJted, DHy. maiMrbaiia m. murderer of a priest, W 

msdrlngowudu n. mcistic of sweet basHf 165**. 

LoDlSla. miMsere m. priest who celebrates mass, Az, 

+inArlaou f. boundary stream, E0387. [*masser*] 

mfirlie (7) ^^<^> splendid, gloHous, famous, nuMsertef n. mass-vestment, M. 

M,A0,OB. adv. -lioe, M. mmmetamg m. offiee of mass, 

mftrnes f. greatness, honour, fame. msBSsesteiUl m? seat in a church choir, v. NG 

mAipul m. boundary-pool, EG 445. 307***. 

mArpytt m. pit that forms part of a boundary msMsettd f. time of saying mass, LL(140'*). 

(BT), KG. nuBSseVegn m. mass-priest, LL460[5]. 

nmno =merBO msMatfMnung f. service of the mass, celebra- 

mAnere (e) pi. herald, DB56^'. tion of mass, A 11*8. 

d:iiiAnlaii (S) I. to make famous, celebrate, msBSse-Qhta? m. or -ohteT n. hour, or 

proclaim, declare, announce, M,CP : ode- service, of matins on a feast-day, NG307. 

brate : glorify, honour, exalt, praise, JR : msBStewDi (e) n. wine used at mass, WW. 

spread (of fame) '.enlarge. 11, to mark out, msowtan (±) to celebrate *mass^* ^ : (+) 

bound, limit. attend mass. 

mAntin m. boundary stone, BC. ['mere- meost I. m. (ship*s) *mast,* B;M,AO. ^ 

stone^] II. m. * mast,* food of swine, acorns, beech- 

mAnung (e) f . fame, report, renoum : cele- nuts, BC. 

bration, festival, M : exctUing, magnifying : mAsI (&, e) I. adj. (auperl. of micel), AO, 

{±) magnificence, celebrity. Chr,Bo,Mt. [*rnost*'\ 11, eAr. mostly, for 

mAnungtlma m. time of glorifying, MR the most part, in the greatest degree, chiefly, 

2*360**. especially, eal m., m. eal almost, nearly. 
RUBiH = meartS m. I&lo nearly every one, M,AO,CP. 1 1 1, n. 

mArS f . glory, repute, fame : famous exploit, most. 

glorious achievement, M,AO,CP, ±iii8Mtaii to feed with mast, fatten, M,CB. 
mAiKom m. boufidary^hawthom, KG. [Oer. mfisten] ^^ 

mArVu = m»rtS msBstoyst f . mast-socket, WW. 

mArVum (instr. of mfirtS) adv. gloriously, nuestelberg m. fattened hog, MtL6'. [bearg] 

UMBra^meara msMten m. mast, pasture for svnne. * 



DUBSttnriMsii f. righi of feeding twine in mAwpul (a) m. tea-gnOe* pod, Ct. 

masl'pagturee, KC3-461^'. ^^ mAtoaMrm oomp. of manigfeald. 

iii8B8t«iitrtow n. tree yielding mcuit WW malHan to go aetrap. maffiende waxing 

137«*. wanUm, NC307. 

msMtland f. land on which there is maet, TC iiuig-=m»g- 

140*. magm L m. *niaw,* stomach, CpJjcd^WW ; 

mAstllooft adv. (saperL) poHictfJdrJy, CM ^,CP. II. powerful, strong. 

1169. miga Lf m. son, descendant, young man, 

nuBStlliig I. n. brass, WW : braxen vessel, man, IL gp. of meg. 

Mk. [^madin* ; Oer. meflsmg] llmfatUng, magan swv. pree. 1, 3 ag. mseg; 2, meaht, 


miht; pi. magon; pret. 3 8g. mealite to 
be able, nave permission or power {I ^mag,* 

mawtllngimtg m. brass-worker, WW 539*. 

DmsUdn sbpl. pulleys at the top of a mast, I can), to be strong, competent, avail, prevail, 

WW 199**. lSJB,Bo,0,ete.;CF. mng wit$ avails 

BMBStriMaa = maeatenrieden against, ctires, LcD. 

niantrip m. mast-rope. Ex 82. mjgas y. m»g ; inaga!8a=m^i^6 

mflDSttwiit m. rope which supports a mast, magilalatrtow n. almond4ree, WW 139". [L. 

WW. amygdala] 

mast I. pret. 3 eg. of metan. II. =mete m. mage f. ( fTYf 169^) ^maga 

±iiiAtaii to dream (impen.), ^;{tmiB^) inMi9{m)t female relative, B;M, pmotce'] 

Led. ['meU'] nOieeici^to. augmented, WW. [ieoan] 

nuBtefss^mete magtfSe (»^, o*) f. camomile, mayweed. Led, 
mfila (e) mean, moderate, poor, inferior, WW. [^maythe*] 

small, bad. [metan} maglaii to prevaU, ERPs 12* ; NC348. 

^ +iiiA(e suitable as to sue, RB ; ^IL. [* meet '] maglster (e) m. leader, chief, master, teacher, r 

iiUDtt8Mt-=metlflB8t- JB,BoikO,G2. [jL. magiater] *^ 

+mAtgant to lessen, limit. maglitardom (maegBter-) m. office of a maeter 

+iiUDtglaB (^L) s= -i-metgian or teacher, 8c 120*. ['iiuMteriiom ] 

mAting f. dream. Led. y meting*^ +iiiigUe = +ma]io 

mAtoii pret. pL of metan. +iiiagiilan to be restored to health, GD338**. 

mM I. f. measure, degree, proportion, rate, magot (magu) m. gs. maga, nap. mnogas 

^ i AO : honour, respect, reverence, LL : male kinsman, son, descendant, man : young 

what is meet, right, fitness, ability, virtue, man, servant : man, warrior. 

goodness, M,CB : condition, lot, state, rank, magodryht f. band of warriors, Bd7. 

M. I'methe*] II. n. euUing of grass, BC. magogeoguV f. youM, Cbi 1429. 

[' math *] magorAdend m. councilor of men. An 1463. 

iiiM-=m£gB- magorSswat m. chief, prince. 

±mA9eglaa to honour, respect, spare, W ; M, magorinot m. youth, man, warrtor. 

[*methe*] magottmbert n. child, son : increase of 

mieVel (e) n. council, meeting, popular family, progeny. 

assembly : (t) speech, interview. magotadOTf n. descendant, offspring. 

nueVelewldet (®) m- discourse. magoVe, magt$e=magetSe 

nuelSeienit n. council-house, prcBtorium. magoVegnf m. vassal, retainer, warrior, man, 

nuK/MtM (91) mn. security ("friS*) enjoyed servant, minister. 

by public ttssemblies, LXi3[l], ( v. 2*464). maga = mago ; migwUto ^ mfi^lite 

maBt1M'hiigeiad&^,-heTgeiDdeholdingeonclave, ±iiiih bad, ufanton, shameless, importunate. 

deliberating. iiialian= magon preB. pL of magan. 

nuDttobtMlat (e) n^ place of assembly : batllc' + mUille^+maho 

field. -^nMoM f . importunity, persistence : shame 
mflBVelword (e)t n. address, speech. lessness. 

mfttten = me^re malit ( VPs) = miht 

mfiVtul humane, JBQr. [* metheful^'] mU I. n. suit, cause, case, action, tenns, 
mAtnan=m£tSegian; m8Bin=nuB6el agreement, covenanted pay, Chr. h5 scy- 

nuBVlaa {Cr) = maVelian lode ix Boypa of male he paid nine ships out 

mSlfSihMimmoderate,rapaeious,^. l*meihe- of commission, CoKlOiSlo. [*mail*] II. n. 

less*] spot, mm k, blemish, M. III.=nuBln. 

mdVUc moderate, proportioned, befitting, mAldfleg=mftld»g 

jEOr,TC. adv. -lice humanely, courteous- +nAUo importunate : vxinton, shameless : 

ly. ['methely*] wicked, adv. -Hoe. 

mMnML f. payforhe^making, LL462'. -f-mJUtonet f. importuniiy : wantonnesii, 
mMre m. mower, WW. sham^elessness, CP. 

^ ±niMrlan to honour, LL. malscrung f. enchantment, charm. 

mAVuiig f. measure, extent, NC307. milswyrd n. sword with inlaid omamient, 
m mAw (ea, e) m. *mev7/ sea-guU, Cp,Shr{e). TC560**. [miel] 


malt (C70^mealt ; malwe(frff)=mealwe +inaiig«iiiiM=:+maiigne8 
nuuniiM f . teai, OPE 40V^. [L. mamma] mangere m. trader, merchant, broker, M. • 
mamor, mamra m. lethargy, heavy sleep, 6l. mftngewyrhta m. sinner, PPs??**. 
mftmrtan to think oui, design, PP863*. ±iiiaiiglan to trade, M,CF. 

• man I. pron. indef . one, people, they, B,Mt ; +maiig-iies, -ennes f . mingling, mixture, 

M. l^man*] II.=maim. IILpre6.38g. OEO. 

of munan. mangling f. trade, business, M. 

mtai I. n. evil deed, crime, wickedness, guiU, mangunghfls n. house of merchandise, Jn2^'. 

sin, M '.false oaih, MP2iei^. II. adj. bad, mAnhfls n. home of toiciedness, hell, £z535. 

criminal, false, AO. [Q JV. m ain] ±manlan (o) to remind, admonish, warn, 

+man (o) having a mane, WW492*>. exhort, instigaU, M,CP : instruct, advise, 

man*=mann> M : claim, demand, ask. [Oer. mahnen] 

+miaa m. community, company, M : com- mftnldelf vain and bad (words). 

panionship, intercourse, BH : eohabUation. manlehd m. admonisher, CP40O^ : collector. 

t6 +manaQ in common, CP. [*mone*] manlf-=manigf- 

manatS pree. 3 sg. of manian. manlg {m\ e^, o^, e*) nap. maneea *many,* * 

mAn&tf m. false oath, perjury, LL;BL. many a, mvch, JB,AO,B,BH ;CP. 

[*manath* ; Oer. meineid] manlgiaan= manian; manlgeo=menign 

mAnbealu n. crime, cruelty. Da 45. manlgfeald (as, e, o^) manifold, various, com- • 

numbot {6^) t fine paid to ihe lord of a man plicated, ^»CP : numerous, abundant : 

slain, LL (v. 2-576). [^manbote*] plural 

ndinluynt m. fittdl,destiri4^ve fire, ChrW2 A. ±TK^^ to muUiply, abound, in- 

manogere =r mangere crease, extend, OEO{n^) ; CP(a'}. [*mani' 

manc^, -oas, -oos, -oua m., gp. manoena fold*] 

(GP) a 'mancus,* thirty stiver pence, one* manlgfaaldllc manifold, adv. -lice in 

eighth of a pound, JB,BC. various ways, CP : (gram.) in the plural 

manewealm m. mortality, pesiilenee, de- number. [* manifoldly*] 

struction, Chr ; AO. [*manqualm*] maoigfaaldnee f. multiplicity, great number, 

manewealmnos f. manslaughter, NG. abundance, complexity, WW. [' manifold' 

manewyld (o)f . mortalitiy,pestilence, BH 190*. ness *] 
•manoynn n. mankind, ^,B,Bl : inhabitanls, manlgilVM (mani-) adv. many Umes, often, 

people, men, CP. [* mankin*] W IM^. 

mancystf. Aumanvirive, MPH169. manlg-ttow {m^), -ttwe, -t^e skiVul, 

maad (o) I. basket, Cp,MtL {o),WW. dexterous., M. 

[*maund*] manlgttawnet (mnnit^-) f. skill, dexterity, 

mindAd f. sin, crime, M,AO,CB, OEG. 

mftndAde evil-doing, wicked. manlftas uninhabited, WW (o). [^manless*] 

mindeorf wicked, LL(d82^'). mAnllo infamous, nefarious, M. 

mandrtamt m. revelry, festivity. manlloa m. effigy, image, statue. 

mindrlno m. poison, Bd 24". manOoe adv. manfully, nobly, B. [* manly *] 

mandryhtent m. lord, maeter. manlutu f. love for men, Gu324. 

maneg = manig manm- = mannm- 

mintShtfu f. wickedness, Grk1378. mann (o) m., nap. menfn) person (male or * 

manfaru f. host, troop, Gu267. fern.), JB,Bl,Lcd,Mt,VHy ; AO,CP : fnan- 

mftnfeld m. field of crime ('campus scele- kind, Mk,VPs : brave man, hero : vassal, 

ratus*), A0108**. servant : name of the rune for m. 

mAnlolm f. evil-doer, PPsl43'. mann-, see aleo man-. 

mftnlordAdla m. evil-doer, B563. manna I. m., man, M. II. n. manna • C* 

mftnforwyrhtt n. evil deed, sin. (food), M,CV. [L.] 

mftnfirtet m. lord of evU, Devil. mannbAre producing men, ME 1*450. 

mAntremmendet sinning, vicious. mannSaisa (mon-) m. issue, progeny, AO 

mAnlul uncked, evU, infamous, degraded, M : 158*^. 

fearful, dire. manntan to *man,* garrison, Chr 1087^. 

minfulllc infamous, evil, sinful, M. adv. mannmn^n (o)n. troop,force,cohort,JnLlS*. 

-lioe, M. mannmanlgu (o) f. multitude, AO. 

mintulnes f . wickedness, M. mannmyrring f . destruction of men, Chii1096. 

manfultumm. mt/tiary/orce» AO (o^). manrSden f. dependence, homage, service, 

+mang I. n. mixture, union : troop, crowd, tribute, due, JB. [^manred*] 

multitude : congregation, assembly : buei- manifrnf n. number of m«n. 

Tuss : cohabitation, in +m. during, on mAnsoaatt m. tMury, PPs71". 

+m. in the midst of. II. prep. (w. d. or a.) mftnaceatSat m. enemy, sinner. 

among, M. minsolld f. crime, fault, sin, fHy 8**. 

mftngenga m. ev»2-<£oer, BH36*. mansetpe m. humanity, courtesy, BC.*MB-. 

mftngenlSla m. evU persecutor, Ah918. [* manship*] 


minseyldlgt criminal, guilty. iiuuniistIiigo4elf n. quarrying of marble, MH. 

manslsBht = manslieht 1 -560*'. 

manslaga m. man-slayer, murderer, M. -marod ▼. a-m. 

mtaslagu f. cruel blow. Ah 1218. martir, mart7T(e) m. * martyr,* BH ; ^,A0. * V> 

manritai* to kill, murder, BB 16» (or ? two [X.] 

words). martlrloglum m. martyrohgy, IM122^. W^ 

maoslege m. man^oughier, homicide* nuutr- = martyr- 

maoallelit (e'» i*) m. manslaughter, murder, martyrdom m. ^martyrdom,* BH ; ^,CP. W»~^ 

CP, [^manslaught*] maityrhid m. martyrdom. 

maoalot share in ownership of land? measure +mar-tyriaii, -trian to * martyr, * AO,BE 

of land f V. NC307. [ON. mannflhlutr] martynracu f mart^ology, iSL23'**. 
-miasumlaiiy -manBamang v. a-m. maityiung f. passum {of Christ), A025^**. 

manswAs meek, RPs 24*. [ * martyring * ] 

minswara (o*) m. perjurer. mii1hi=m<Br5 

mAnswaru f. penury, [swerian] mftrOfla horehonnd. [L. marrubium] i* 

vJOaamvrlwa^* to forswear, perjure oneself, LL. maae=:max 

['manswear''] miae f. name of a smaU bird Gl. [Oer. 

mlnswloa m. deceiver, traitor (mami- 7 ▼. LL meise] 

2-142). -mastan v. a-m. 

mauylen (i*) f. traffic in men, act of selling massere m. merchant : moneylender, BkIO. 

men as slaves, [sellan] mftst=m»8t; matta(C^)=meatte 

maiKVlawt m. habit, custom (T sometimeB mattuc (s^ea^e^, eoS o')m. ^mattock,* A, * 

manVeaw sinful custom). AO ; M : fork, trident. 

maiMot m. man-stealer, v. L 2*642. mftV pret. 3 Bg. of mTSan. 

mantSwftre (o) gentle, kind, humane, mUd, miMAm.fnaggot,worm,grub,WW.[*mathe*] 

meek, MJj,CP. [OHO. mandwari] ma1Sal-=mat$el- 

-f manVwArlan to humanize, CP362'^. -f-malfol n. speech, talking, [m&l] 

manVwAmas (o) f. gentleness, courtesy, malfolere m. speaker, haranguer, WW. 

weakness, ML{f*),CP. [y. *mathele*] 

^ manu f. 'mane,' Erf\\%%. mattoUant (8e\ e^ a*, o<) to harangue, make m^ 

wiawiing f. admonition, CP : daim : place of a speech, speak. An {e),B,Cp,Cr{m). [^mell,* 

toll : district for purposes of tribute or tax- *mathele*] 

ation : residents in a taxing district. matfollg tumultuous, turbulent, KGlTS" 

mftnwamm (o*) m. guilty stain, Cb1280. maVelimg f. garrulity, loquaeiiy, OEO. [v. iH ^ 
mAnwaoro I. n. crime, sin. II. adj. sinful, ^mathele^] 
manweorod (o) m. collection of men, troop, mftKm=matSum 

congregation, assembly, AO. m&Vm- see also mal^nm. 

manwaoilSuiig f . adoration of human beings, mAVmAhtf f . val%iable thing, treasure. 

LL(248'). m&t$moleofa (mad-) m. treasure-chamber, M 

manwlse (o)t f* manner or custom of men, (9*'^). 

mAnword n. wicked word, PPs58^'. mAKmcyst f. treasure-chest .Mt27*. 

mAnwrdca wicked, WW426». mAVmgestrCon n. treasure, B,VFK. 

mAnwyrhtaf m evil-doer, sinner. nMvahord n. treasure-hoard, ExdOS 

manwyiK n. value or price of a man, LL. mAVmhOs n. treasure-house, treasury, AO. 
^mapulder (o*) m. maple tree. CP. 

mapuldem made of maple. mAVrnJiyrde m. treasurer. Bo 64". 

mapul-dre, -dor, -dur f., -treo m. (Mdf)» ma1$ollan=mat$elian 

mapulder mA99um^mat$um, mat$m 

«*mAra m., mare fn. (oompar. of mioel) malSVum-fat n., pi. -fata precious vessel, 

greater, *more,* stronger, mightier, M,Bl, M. 

CP. adv. in addition, Mt. mAWumgesteald n. treasure, Jul 36. 

mAran = m&ran mAWumgifu f . gift of treasure, B 1301 . 

mArMam(VPs)=mdrbeam mAinSumgyfa m. giver of treasure, prince, 

^narc n. a denomination of weight (nsu. half king, Wa92. 

a pound), mark (money of account). mAVVumseto m. haU of treasure, Sol 189. 

mardan =mearcian mAinSumslgle n. cosily ornament, B2757. 

mare I. f. silver weed, Lcd2-74*. II. f. m&tStSumsweord n. co9^y ffu^ord, B 1023. 
* nightmare, monster, Ep{e),Lcd. ['mare*] mAWumwela m. valuables, B2750. 
mAre v. mara ; mArels =mflerelBrap maKu f. = mat$a 

mirenls=meaniwnes; margen-=morgen- mAVum m., gs. matSmes treasure, object of ^^ 
' * market n. mar ^'e/,TC422™>. [L. mercatum] value, jeivel, ornament, gift, On,Met;CP. 
marma m. marble. [L. marmor] [*madme*] 

marman-stAn (marmel-, marm(or)-) m. mAVum-=mat$m-. matSCum- 

marble, piece of marble, jE,BI [* marmstan *] mAwan^ to * mow, * AO,BH. h. 


m&wpul = mAwpul +mean(lan to be rich, marrowy, LPs 65^^ 

— max n. net, WW* {'mash'] meargtte maarrovoy^fat, VP8(e}. 

mftxwyrt f . mask-wort (maU soaked in hoiUn^ mearh, mearg m., gs. meares horse, steed, 
- icaUr), Loi>. mearlUMoel n. sausage-meat, WW411*^. 
me I. das. of pen. pron. io me. II. (RB moarlicofa m. bone, PPslOl*. 

36* ; 127^*) =:meiin mearhgehaM n. sau&age-meat, WW427'^ 

meagol (e) mighty, strong, firm, emphatio, iii0ani]stin=mannaiLBta.n 

impressive, [magan] mMrn pret. 3 8g. of maman. 

meagolDoe adv. earnestly, Bl. +mearr I. n. stumbling-block, obstrueiion, 

meagolindd earnest, strenuous, error, GP. [Ooth. gamanseins] II. wicked, 

meagolmodnes f . earnestness, Bl. fraudulent, LL 140[1,5]. 

meagolnas f. eamesiness, strength of wiU, mearrlan to err. Bo 55**. 

BL.HL. mear« (ae, e) m. marUn, Ep,AO. ['maH'] • Wf 

maaht I.)=;miht. II. pree. 2 sg. of magan. meant (», e, y), mear(u)w- in obL oaeeB 
meahte pret. 3 sg. of magan. tender, soft. Led : frail, GD 1 19^^. ['meruw^] fffr 

mealo pret. of meoloan. mearuUc (merwe , maerw-) frivolous, adv. 

mealcinleT=meolcU6e;mealehOs»melubuB -lice delicately, luxuriously, GD. 
mealewe = mealwe ; mealm = meahnstan mearuwnes f . tenderness, fratUy, OP. 
^ meataneht sandy f chalky f KG 3-394^*. [v. mtast=m£st 

*malm''i meatte (a) f. *mat,* mattress, WW. IL. L 

meatanstAn m. soft stone, sandetonef Ume- matta] 

stone f AG 212**. [v. 'malm*] mtaw=m»w 

^^mealt I. n. steeped grain, *maU,* CtJBp. meo as. of io pen. pron. 

[meltan] II. pret. 3 sg. of meltan. +meo = +m»c 

mealtealoV m? n? maU-ale, ANS84***. mtee m. sword, blade. [Ooth. meki] 

mealtgescot n. payment in malt, W 171*. mSoeUse (&) m. mullet, ^Gb308^ 

mealthOs n. ' malt-house, ' W W. mecg = madog 

mealtwurt f. 'malt-wort,* WW. [wyrt] meogan to mix, stir. 
mealu = melu meeh = me 

L -mealwe f. 'mallow,* Led; M. [L. malva] meohanlse mechanical, ^. [L.] L 

mear= mearh mM I. f. 'meed,* reward, pay, price, com- . 

*^meere (8b, e) f. (±) 'mark,* sign, line of pensation,bribe,^L{gB.mMee),B,BH,Bl; 

division, ^,MkL{e) : standard, MQr : {±) GP. II.=m£d 

boundary, limit, term, border, BC,Oen ; med- in oomp. principally indicates medio- 

GP; Mdf. t5 tSsBS +mearcee tSe in the ority, bat often comes to have a distinct 

direction that : defined area, district, pro- negative value; see, e.9.,medtrum»medwiB. 

vtnee, AG. [midde] 

mearoa m. space marked out. mMa v. m£d ; -mfidan v. on-m. 

meareere (sb) m. writer, notary, OEG. medder=meder; medder-, meddr-=medr- 

mearogemot court for settling boundaries of meddrosna fp. dregs of mead, LGD48a. 

properties^ v. LL2'143. +mMe I. n. consent, permission, agreement, 

mearchof n. dwelling. Ex 61. covenant. II. agreeable, pleasant. 

*^mearelan to 'mark, * stain, brand, seal, BC, medel =m8BVel 

LL,MtL,Ph : M : mark a boundary, delimit, medeme (eo) middling, average, mean, little : 

define, describe, designate, £,Qen : mark sufficient, considerahle, respectable, proper, 

out. design. Bo : create : note, observe. fit, worthy, trustworthy, perfect, GP. 
meare-bem, -isen n. branding-iron. ^bmedemlan (eo^) to mete otU, allot, assign, 

mearoland n. border-land, march, moor : (f) place : m4)derate : respect, ?ionour, M : {-{■) 

province, country, district : sea-coast, Rd4**. condescend. M -. {+) advance, promote. 
mearcpsB^t m. road, path. medemllc moderate, mediocre. : worthy, adv. 

mearcstapaf m. martA-haunter. -lice moderately, incompletely : suitably, 

mearestede m. border-land, desolate district, worthily, kindly. 

Sol 2 17. medemllcnes f. mediocrity, OEG. 

meareVrtot m. army, troop. Ex 173. medemmieel (i£) =medmicel 

mearcung (sa, e) f marking, branding : mark, medemnes f. dignity, worth. Bo : benignity, 

characteristic : ( db ) description, arrangement : condescension, Bl. 

cansteUafion : title^ chapter, NG. medemung f . measuring, measure. 

mearowadu} np. shallows, water by the shore. mSden = mngden 
mearcweard m. wolf. Ex 168. mMer ds. and LWS gs. of modor. 

meard = ( 1 ) meord, mod ; (2) mearS mSderce = myderce ; medere = meddre 

mtores v. mearh mMeren, medem=m§dren 

^nnearg, mearh (ee, e) nm. I. 'marrow,* pith, mSderwyrhta=meterwyrhta 

Led. II. sausage. [=mffirg] medewyrt=meduwyrt 

miargealle (e^, e*) m. gentian, 1jci>. [mearh] mftdglan to bribe, [med] 




midgllda m. pensioner, hireling, St. 

iiiAdl-=m&tn- ; -mMla y. an-, <rfer-m. 


nMdm- = medem- 

mMtanloel I. mcderaU^zed, short, small, 

limited, unimportant, slight, mean, poor. 

11. n. a little. 
modinloeliies f. smaUness (of mind), SP854*. 
nMdmlele oomp. medmare, adv. hunU>ly, 

meanly, slightly. 
mMlo =medn ; medom- =medem- 
mMnn I. maiemal, of a mother. II. n. the 

mother's side {by descent), LL156[11]. 
+inMren Iwm of the same mother, AO 114^. 
mMraneyim n. mother's kindred. 
midrengMyDd n. mother's nature, WW. 
mfidminiAg m. maiemdl kinsman. 
iiiidi«iiiiiAK« f. maternal kindred, LL392[3}. 
+mMrlan to have the same mother, M. 
medrlM of low rank, WW 116**. 
ooMsoeatt m. payment, fee, reuxird, bribe, 

gift, M,CF. 

medaSItt (n) f. iLl-fortune, AO. 
medspMlg poor, Cra9. 
nwdstranf of middle rank, M. 
medtnim weak, infirm, sickly, iU, GP : of 

lower rank. [cp. medmicel] 
medtninuMS (met-; y') f. weakness, tn- 

firmity, sickness, iUness, disease, AO»CP. 
madu (eo) nm. gs. med(6)w66 *mead* 

(drink), B,Rd(eo) ; AO. 
ineduflBni n. mead-hall, banqueHng-house, 

medttbenot f . bench in a mead-halL 
meduburgt f . mead dty, rejoicing eity. 
medudrtemt m. mead-joy, iMity. 
medudrenc (eo^) m. mead, W 246*. 
medudrine (o*) m. mead-drinking, Siaf22. 
modutult n. mead-cup. 
medugtlf mead-excited, drunk. 
maduhoallt f. mead-haU. 
medum- =medem- 
madurSden (eo^) f. strong drink? (6T), 

dealing out of mead? (GK), OnE88. 
mediiscano (eo^) m. mead-cup, B 1980. 
madiuald n. mead-haU, B3066. 
madiuell n. (eo^, o*) mead-seat, B6. 
madusdg f. path to the mead-haU, B924. 
meduwAlgt overpowered with mead, drunk. 
mednwong (eo^, o') m. field {where (Ae mtxtd- 

haU stood), B 1643. 
maduwyrt (eo^, e') f. meadow-sujeet. Led : 

'rubia,' madder, OEG56«»(e'). ['mead- 
madwls duU, stupid, foolish, CP. [cp. med- 

mSdwyrhta m. o hireling. So 123". 

nOg = ( 1 ) mew ; (2) m»g 
m6g-=mng- ; magol>=4meago 
]iieh=meo, me, as. of ic 
mehtt=^ineaht, miht ; mil, meig =mftff 
meige (KGlSI**) =m»ge pres. 3 sg. subj. of 


metVbid (KGL56*}«m0gt$had 

iiifil»mfil n. 

iiiala=mela; meie^meolo 

mAleingtot = meolcf set 

meld f. proclamation. Da 648. 

malda m. reporter, informer, betrayer, M. 

maMan (ae) (Rd) =meldian 

malda f. orache (plant). Led. [*milds* ; 

Oer. melde] 
maldfeoh n. informer's reward, LL96[17]. 
±meldlan to announce, declare, tM, proclaim, * 

reveal, Ps; M : inform against, accuse.^ ^ 

[ * meld ' ; Oer. melden] 
maldung f . betrayal, BH 240*. 
maladtew mn. honey dew, nectar, Ph,WW 

(mild-), ['mildew'] 
malawas=melwes gs. of mela. 
-maUa, -melnes v. £-m. 
melo=melu; melsc=miliac 
±maltaii I. (y) (sv*) tr. and intr. to consume • 

by fire, *meU,* become fluid, digest, dissolve, 

bum up, B,CP,El,Lcd,WW ; M. II.= 

malteatre = myltestre 
maltung f . digestion, Lod. 
malu (ea, eo) n., gs. mel(u)weB ' meal, * Jlomr, a 

Led ; JE. [Oer. mehl] 
malugeaoot n. payment in meal, W 171. 
maluliQdani n. meal-house, LL4 55[17 ]. 
maluhfis (eaS e*) n. meal-house, WW186>*. 
maluw (LWS)=melu 
many, mann; mtnan =a mi&nan 
m«iid-=mynd-; +mina- = -f-mftne- 
mane (y ) m. necklace, collar, ornament, jewel. 

[Oer. m&hne] 
menegian=mynegian; menego=m6niga 
menen (i) n. maiden, handmaid, slave. 
meneacUUng m. moon-shaped omament,,coin 

worn as ornament, Gl. 
±mengan (n) tr. and intr. to mix, combine, lO C 

unite, Lk,8at : (±) eusociate, consort, « 

cohabit with, BH,Ps : disturb, B : (f) eon- 
verse. [*meng'] 

+mengedllc mixed, confused, adv. -Hoe. 
-i-mengednes, -i-meng(d)ne8 f. mingling, 

mixture, connection, ^,BH. 
mengeo, men^o, mengu=menigii 
mengung f . mixture, composition, ZDA : fd- 

lowship, GD I {+) confusion, ['menging'] 
menl (LWS) = manig ; menlan = mynian 
menig (LW8)^manig 
menigdtt f. band of people, WW448*^. 
menlgu (a^, ab^, eo*) f. usu. indeol. in sg. com- ^ 

pany, multitude, host, i£,AO,CP. [manig] 
menlo, meniu (LWS)=menigu 
menisc = menniso 
menn v. mann. 
mennen, mennenu= menen 
menniso I. adj. human, natural, Bo,CP ; SL^ 

II. n. mankind, fcik, race, people, SI; M 

CP. ['mannish'] 
mannlsellc human, M,CV, adv. -lice, iB. 




menniso-Uones (EHylS**), -nes f. sktie of 

man, human nature^ incamaHon, BH ; 

M : humaneneM, humanity, [* mannish- 

nMimlsou f . humanity, human state, CP. 
t » nMntel (n) m., gs. menUee mantle, doak, CP. 

[L. mantellum] 
mentelprioii m. mantie-pin, brooch, Gt. 
iiMBUiig=:(*mynnng), mynegung 
mio mf ? gs. and n ap, meon shoe-sole, sock? 

sandal r RB.WW. 

+iiieodiiMf.(2t^%,I)R192'. [^medemnee] 
meodo, meoda =:medu ; iiieodom-«medein- 
iii6odoiiia=meodania; meodren^mSdren 

meoduin- = medem - 

meodunia m. toeaver's beam, treadled WW. 
% meolo I. giving milk, milch. 11. (i, M) f. 

*milk,* BH;I&,KO. 

HMoloan' (e, i) (o milk, 

meolodtend (i ; -teond) m. suckling, JVPs 8*. 
meolotet n. milk-pail, WW123». 
DMOlehwIt * milk-white,* OPE, 
•meolclan (i) to 'milk,' Led JShr :{±) give milk, 

suckle, Bl 
meolentfo (ea) milky, CM 49. 
meolesfloend m. suckling, WW. 
HMOlo {Bo) = meln ; meoloe (CP) smecdo 
meolasrinela; maoliic= meolo 
mten ▼. mte. 

meord f. reward, pay. [Ooth. misdd] 
meoring f. danger? £x62f 
iiieoi1$= meord 

miM I. m. moss, St ; Mdf. II. adj. mossy, 
iniofe =me8e ; meotod, meotud^metod 
meottoc {Op) = mattuo 
+iiieotu =+meta nap. of +met. 
meotud* = metod- 

meoVon (BH)=mitSon pret. pi. of mlSan. 
miowlef f . maiden, virgin : woman, [Ooih, 
•nMOZ (e, i, y) n. fiUh, dirt,- dung, JB,Bo,Lk, 

OMOzbearwe f. dung-harrow, WW 336*. 

meozMSofl (e^) f. dung-shovel, LL466[17]. 
meozwllle (os) f. dung-haskei, LPs 80^. 
mera m. incubus, Gl. 
mero( A)r=imearc ; meroe^mereoe 
+meroe =+mieroe; m«ree]B=miroe]s 
meroong (NG)=meaioang 
^mere I. m. (f) sea, ocean. An : laJee, pond, 
pool, cistern, B,Ep,Jn ; CP ; Mdf. [* mere*\ 
II. » mare. 1 1 1. = miere 
mSre (VPs) =mfire I. 
mereMt m. sea-hoai, vessel. Ah 246. 
merecandal f. sun, Mxr 13*^ 
mereoe m. smaUage, wild celery, ^,€fl,Lcd, 
mereelest f. sea-chest, ark. Gen 1317. 

mtredteVt >&• death at sea, 
mioredfior n. sea-animal, B558. 
merofara m. sailor, B502. 
meretaroiVt m. surging of the waves. 

mwttiK m. sea-fish, B549. 
mereflodt m. sea, body of water, deluge. 
mere-grAot (M), -grot n., -grota m. pearl, 
maregrundt m. lake-bottom, depths of the sea. 
merehangestt m. sea-horse, ship. 
merehrsei;! n. sail, B1906. 
merehOaf n. sea-house, the ark. 
merehwearf m. sea-shore. Ex 516. 
mfoohwft pure white, sterling {of silver). 

[mfire XL] 
mereUUl f. sea-way, Hn27. 
marallVende m. seafaring {man), sailor, 
mere-menn, -mennen, -menin n. mermaid,^ 

siren, Cp,WW, [^mermin*] 
inere-iiSMldra m., -nnddre, -nfidre f. 

*murena,* sea-adder, lamprey, 
maresmylto quiet as the sea, oaim, Mxr 21^'. 
merasteall m. stagnant water, MPH 169. 
merestr Atf f . sea-path. - 
merestrtamt m. sea-waier. 
merestrengo f . strength in swimming, B623. 
meiMwIn n. porpoise, dolphin, Cpjjcd. 

[* mereswine'''^ 
BMntorht (e)t {rising) bright from the sea. 
maretorr m. towering waU of the (Bed) sea. 

Ex 484. 
maretSyBsat m. ship. 
merewaard m. sea-warden, Whalx53. 
marawirlg sea-weairy, Skaf12. 
merawlf n. %Bater-w%tch, B1519. 
merg {Cp 196m) = mearg 
]iiarg-=mearg-, meii-, mozg*, myig- 
mer-gealla, -gelle=meaigec3le 
nMrian to purify, cleanse. Bat : tesL [*mere *] -wvi. 
marioa (Gl) = meroe ; marten smorgen. 
merig = (1) myrge ; (2) mearg 
mertg- = myig- ; mertgan (^,A0) = morgen 

mema—meigenne ds. of mergen. 
merr-=smierr-; min-=mArB- 
mersc (e) m. 'marsh,' swamp, Bl,Op;CP.^^ 
menebdle m. marsh hove, LoD36b. 
meneland n. marsh-land, Chb1098. 
mersomaatwa f. * marsh-mallow,* Led. *> 

mersomaargealla f . gentiana pneumonamthe, 


merseware pL inhabitants of marshes. (1) 
Bomney marsh, Chb796. (2) the fensf 

martze f . merchandise, W W 32". [i/.meroem] U 


mafSem made of skins of martens. 

mArVu (N) =m»rt$ ; maru {MtB) =meara 

maraw-, merwe-=mearu(w)- 

mis (K)=my8, ▼. mns. 

mesa fpL dung, LoD37a. 

mtean to eat, Rd41'* [m5e] 

mtee (eo, i, y) f. table : what is placed on a i 
table, [L.] ^ 


mista (KGL)=:me8ta snperl. of mioel. 

±met (usa. +) measure {vessel or amount), . 
^ : act of measuring, appointed share, 
quantity. At : spa^ce, distance^ LL : boun- 



dary, limit, Bo,Mei : manner^ degree, way : +mett8B8taii {»\ e*) to compare, LPsiS*^. 

cUnlity, capacity : rule, law : mood (gram.) : +iiiett8B6tlle moderate, adv, -Hoe modeetly, 

metre : moderation, MtR, ealle +mete in humbly, meekly. 

oil respects, on +m. in vain, RPs88^. +iii0tf8BstnM f. moderation, modesty, BH« 

n&nam +m. 6y no means, on no account. iii0ttot=metef8Bt 

[^met,* *i-met^] +iiMtffBt n. a measure {vessel), M. 

•\-mbi suita!>le, fit, proper, apt, meet. adv. +inettest- = +metf»6t- 

•mSte. metge ard f . measuring-stick, rod, pole, percht 

+mit = +m6t ; -mM v. wea-m. WW 147*>. 

meta (Sol53)=moto; iiietaBni=m6te»ni ±iiietglaB to moderate, control, govern, M, 

« ±m»tan* to measure, *mete* out, mark off, CP : weigh in mind, consider : assign due 

^,Ex,Mt, VPs I compare,Bo ;CP:es imate, measure to. 

Bl : m. wi6 pass over, traverse, B. +iiMtgtend m. ruler, governor, AS 11*. 

<» ±mAtaii I. to *meet,* find, find out, fall in ±mBtgimg t. moderation, temperance, A0» 

with, encounter, Bo,Bl ; iB,AO,CP. [gemdt] CP : refieetion, meditation : rule, regulation. 

II. to paint, design, £Qr. [' mete '] matgynl = metgeard 

metlMBJr m. waUet, LkR22**. mettan I. to supply with food, provision. 

%iiiete (n) m. nap. mettaa * meat,* food, BH, II. =metgian 

Lk,8c ; ^,AO,CP. mitfng I. (±) f. meeting (friendly or hostiU), * 

mite = m&te ^^ assembly, congregation, RB 46* : ( + )finding, 

HMtMenoi n. refectory, GD,W W. discovery. II. painting, picture, M. 

meteftfflung f . atrophy, WW. +iiietiAoaii to moderate, CP 101". 

mbtieelkyUkm. food-store, pantry, OEQW^. +iiiatllo fitting, suUable : moderate, adv. 

mataoom n. aUowance of com to dependents, -Uoe. 

TC. ['ffietecom'] +matiM8 t moderation, MF (Veep. D zIt). 

mateeO f . cow for kiUing, LL. +naitikM — + mdtednea 

mataewaorra mf surfeit, indigestion. matodt m. fate : Creator, God, Christ. 

+m§tadiies f . finding, discovery, LPb27^. matodsoaattt f. decree of fate, doom, death, 

matatet [met-] n. dish, GPH403. gewitan m. sSon, t6 metodaceafte to die, B. 

mataffttals m. cupboard for food, WW 107*. matodwang (meotnd-) m. battlefield. An 11. 

*^f^ I'metefetUl'] matrip m. measuring-rope, sounding4ine, 

matag- = metg- Cp 178b. 

matagafol n. payment in /ood, LL448[4,6]. iiiit8oaat=m§daceatt 

metagaarwafp.j>rej)afatimMo//oo({,LcD78b. matBelpa m. feeding, meal, XL 178,8,1. *^« 
matagyrd = metgeard [* meteship *] 

mataUtoi=meteUe6t matiaaz n. meat-knife, AO. 

matelif f. leavings of a meal. ^matslan to supply with food. 

mataltas without food, JE. matsung f. feeding, provisioning, Chr. 

mate-Oast (AO), -le(a)8t, -list, -lyst f. lack of +metta m. sharer in food, jB. [*metU'] ^ & 

. food, starvation. mettae=mattuc; mettas ▼. mete, 

metend m. measurer : Ood. mette-=mete- 

mitentad f. requisites in the way of food, "LL mCtte pret. 3 eg. of metan. 

383'7 (v. 2145). metten tone of the Fates, Bo 102**. 

L mHmn.'metre' {ipoet.),A,BH. [L.] mettlan = metan I.; +mettliig = + meting 

meterftdere m. reader at mealtimes, NG309. -nK^tto v. wea-m. ; mettoc (^|>) =mattac 

miterorasft m. art of versifying, BH 258^. mettnim^=^edtram ; metud (N) = metod 

mStereund relating to metre, WW. mStSe (f) tired, worn out, dejected, sad : troubte- 

mMere m. painter. some. [Qer. mode] 

mAterfers n. hexameter verse, BH. meM=m8e6el 

mMergeweoro n. verse, BH484*. itmCtSglan to exhaust, tire out, impair, 

mftterllc metrical, OEG. mStSian to grow weary, LcD57a. 

metern = metesem mM$lg tired, weary, AO. 

miterwyrhta m. metrician, poet, WW. meVl^^mflet^l, mseoel ; meVl-=miBSl-, matSel- 

metesoon f. craving for food, appetite, LcD mMnes f. fatigue, GET (Bd*). 

66a. +me'9rtan to honour. 

metestlcca m. measuring'Tod, WW 126**. mSw = mew ; mezscofl = meozscofl 

meteswam m. edible mushroom, WW. mlocl-=miccl-, micl- 

metetld f. meal-time, GD277*^ mloel (y) adj. comp. mara, superL mffiet(a) 
metelSearfendet needing food, destitute. great, intense, much, many, M,BC,Bo,Chr, 

iDibi/sf^gjim. seneschal, steward,'E,Ti\Z\. Led; AO,CV : (of time) lon^ : lomd. sb. 

metetttng n. operation connected with cooking, with gen. much, AO,CP. adv. greatly,^ 

NC309. much, CP,Oen. ['mickle'] 

meteatslht f. dysentery, WW. micelAte (y) greedy, Shr16**. 

+mett8BSt moderate, reasonable, modest. mloeldoend (i*) doing great things, DR45*. 


mleelhfofdede htg-headed^ WW 380^'. mlddelgeseuldrunp. part of (Ae body between 
mleaUan = miclian the shoulders, WW 169^^ 

mteellle great, splendid, magniflcent. adv. mlddelnlhtt f . midnight, 

-lioe greaUff, grandly, splendidly : tfery, mlddeMoe n. the middle kingdom, Ghb887a. 

exceedingly. iiildd«n- = middan- 

mloelmdd ma^pnammotM, PPb 144*. mldde-nlht, -neaht, middenuBht {LkL) f. « 
mlcelnes (y) f. greatness, size, M,CP : *midnighL* [v. E8 39*350] 

muUaude, almndanee : magnificence. inlddesiiiiier=middaiiBumer 

mleelspnoendo boasting, LPs 1 1*. mlddeweard I. adv. in the middle of, ^ough , . 

mleelu (y) f. largeness, size, LcD. the midet, AO. II. adj. middle. III. 8b. '^ 

mlog^myog middle, LPs. [^midwaird*] 

mlcga m., xnicge f. urine. Led. [*mig*] middewlnter =iniddanwmter « 

mlcgKa = migoVa ; mlel- = mioel- mlddun- (N) = middan- 
mlcle, mioles, miolum adv. (obi. oases of iiildeard=middaiigeard 

mice!) much, very, greatly. mldel=niiddel; mldemMt ▼. midd. 

±intollim (v) to become great, increase. An ; midtesten m. mid-Lent. 

AO : maJce great, make larger, magnify, mld-feorh, -feorwe (CP), -ferb(9) mn. youth, 

extol, Bl. I'miekle*] middle age, Cjuventus* Gl). 

±iiiieliing f . the doing of great things. mldlyrhtnes f. middle age, Bl 103. 

mleul = micel mtdgoarwuiig f . preparation, MkL p 6^*. 

mid I. prep. w. d. inei. (WS) and a. (A only) mldgeslV n. companion, OEO680. 

with, %n conjuTiction with, in company with, midhelp [mit$-] f. help, assietance, DB29^'. 

together wiih, JB,BC,BH,Chr : into the mldhl^ m. *cofMort»um,' NG309. 

presence of : through, by means of, by, BH, mldhrlf nm. * midriff,* diapihragm. Led : • 

Qen : among, in : at (time) : in &e sight of, bowels. 

opinion of, ML,MtL. m. ealle, eallum mld-hitBre, -hrytSre n. {{tapAra^m, CTp^fTTf. 

diiogethesr, completely, entirely, M,Chr. m. \^midred* ; brother] 

tSam wiih that, thereupon, m. tSam t$e -mldlan ▼. a-. 

when. m. t$am t$et through that, on that mldl n. bit {of a bridle), M : ooT'thong. 

account, because, when. m. tSf (t$e) v^ten, iiildle=middele, ds. of middeL 

while. II. adv. cU the same time, together, +inldleahtrlan to reproach f So 200*. 

simultaneously, likewise. Led. [mid*] midlen (e) n. middle, centre, midst. 

III. = midd mldlenoton n. mid-Lent. 

•'inldd Buperl. mid(e)me8t mid, middle, mid- mldleit saperl. of middeL 

way, BH,CP,Lcd. td middee ady. in the mldlhrlng m. ring of a bit, WW 456^. 

midst. [*mid*] ^ndmui to halve, divide, VPs. 

*^mlddfleg m. * mid-day,* noon. Led : one of the ^inldllan to bridle, check, curb, GP : muszle, 

canonical hours, sext, W W. fram middnge W 191 . 

o9 n6n from noon to 3 p.m., M. mldUgend m. mediator, BH206^. 

mlddsBgUe adj. mid-day, meridian. mldlung f. middle, midst, ady. -longa to a 

mlddSBgnuig m. mid-day service, seat* moderate extent. 

mlddsBgtld f. noon, WW450*. mldmest y. midd ; midmyoeI=medmice] 

mlddsBgMnung f. dinner, NG309. midnedseg m. mid-day. 

mlddan (on) y. onmiddan. mldnes f. middle, midet. 

mlddandsBgUc =middee]io midnlht f. midnight, M. 

middaneard (J'n)^middangeard mldor compar. of midd, adj. 

«y^ middaogeard m. the globe, world, earth, B; midrid f. riding in company, LL176[4]. 

M,AO,CP : mankind. [*middenerd* ; ON. mIdreoe=:myderce; mldrlf =midbiif 

miVgartSr] mldslngend m. one who sings with another, 

middangeardUe earthly, BH 118». WW 129*\ 

« mlddansumer m. midsummer (24 Juiu). d:mld8lV(eg)lan to accompany, associate with. 

mlddanwlnter m. midwinter, Christmas. mldspeoend m. intedocilor, MP 1*592. 

mldde I. adj. mid, middle. II. f. middle, mldsprecam. a€{tY>cate, iEH 1*388. 

centre (only in phr. on middan). mldsumer (e*) m. ^midsummer,* A. 

* middel I. n. 'middle* centre, El,Mk,Ps,WW : mld8W<gan *'concinere,* EPs57». 

waist, Bl. II. adj. (superl. midlest) middle, mldV&m, midtSy = mid 6am, mid tSy 

intermediate, BG.BH. mldVeahtlan to consent, RHy6*^. 

mlddeldaeg m. mid-day, noon, Lcd. midweg m. midway, GP399^',GD314^^. 

mlddeldAI m. middle, AGIO*. midwinter m. ^midwinter,* Christmas, Lcd. 

mlddelflnger m. middle finger. mldwfst f . presence, society. 

mldde l-flfaa m., -flere f. partition, septum, mldwiinung f. living in company, M. 

WW. mldwyrhta m. worker together with, co- 

mlddeUdt m. insUp, WW 100". operator, CP. 

mlddelgemAru npl. central region, 8ol255. mldyrfeniima m. coheir. So 148'. 


mtoht = miht nd^MSSf n^ distance reckoned by mik»f road 

mlott pros. 3 tg. of meltan. toilh mUeskmes onitf £L,£x,Rinr. ^^ 

Mtoroe, Mieroan pi. Mercians : Mercia, Ghb +iiil]icad honeyed, mixed vfith honey, WW 

(lit. borderers ; cp. meuo). (v. mileaoian). 

+iiileroe (e) n. boundary, limit, A4'141^ : milieapuldor f. stoeet apple tree, Gl. 

sign, token, MkL16^^ iiiUt-=mild. 

Bfteralse Mercian, LL(e). ±inlltaii (e, y) (tr. and intr.) to melt, M : 

mten (e, i, v) f. 'mare,' BH,WW. [mearh] digest : refine, purge. 

mtom m. deceiver, MtL27**(e). mllt-ootfo, -ootSa f. disease of the spleen, LoD. 

±iiilMrTaa (e, i, y) to *mar,' disturb, confuse, milte mi 'milt,* spleen, OlJLed; M. [Oer, 

CP : scatter, squander, waste : upset, hinder, mi\z\ 

obstruct, JB ', AO : err, MtL. miltesfoe splenetic. 

mlarrelse (y) f . cause of offence, Jui<33S. miltottre = mylteetre 

mtemnd (y) prodigal, wasteful, NC311. miltownro m. pain in the spleen, CP. 

mtorrlng (e, i, y ) I. hindering : squandering, mllte f . mercy, compassion, benevolence, kind- 

waste, CP. ness, favour, CP : {^)joy. [milde] 

±iiilgaii^ to make water, MGu. ±inHtilMi (w. d.) to eompassionaU, pity, 

iiilgitfa=migo8a; iiilgfa(JB)=mioga ehow mercy, Bo,Mt,Ps ; M,CV : soften, 

mlCKung, m^inff f. mMng water, WW. make mercifuL [*milce,* *i-milce*] 

mlgol diuretie, £od. ±inlltatond m. pitier. 

mlgoiVa m. urine, LcD. mlltelfNidllo pardonaUe, venial, M. 

mlht (a, m, ea, e, ie, y) I. f. * might,* bodily mlUfimg f. (±) mer^, sympathy, pity, in- 

strength, Bl,Lcd : power, authorily, ability, dulgence, pardon, M,CP z moderation, re- 

BH ', M : virtue. Led : mighty work, miracle, duetion {of punishment), LL468[10]. 

0. II. adj . ^mighty, powerful : possible, mlltwrsBO = miltewsBio ; mllz = mUts 

mlhte pret. eg. of magan. mlma m. 'mime,* MH. 

mlhteltei = nuhtl&ts +iiilmor (w. d. ) known, adv. -lioe by heart 

mlhteUo, mihtlio possible, adv. -lice mint? small : common, vile. 

'mighlUy,* powerfully, by might, miraeU" m&i I. pron. my, 'mine,* JE,B,Q. mines 

lously, jE,BH. fiances by my will. IL gs. of io of me. 

mlhtosetl n. seat of power, EETS34*301. mlnd^mynd 

mlhtig (m, ea) 'migJUy, * important, BH, VPs mlnddm? m. staU of exile, PP864^ 

(ib) : able, effective. Led : possible, adv. mine=myne; mlnet-=mynet- 

-lioe. Bo. ['mightily*] mlahc petty. 

mlhtltas powerless, weak, exhausted, M. ndnlloe adv. in my manner, WW 449'*. 

wihtBaodn. violent temper, passion, ^^149. minnawi 'manipulos,* sheaves f EP8128'; 

mlhtu= miht fin 'magnolia,* 105*^. 

mO I. f. 'mile,* Bl,WW ;A0. [L.] IL n. mtaine I. nap. of min. IL=myne 

millet, WW. ['mile*] mlniMn=menen 

mile (VP8)^meolo ±mlnslan to diminish. 

mllde L adj. 'mild* merciful, kind, generous, minwuig f. parsimony, OE03748. 

gentle, meek, B,BI,OuJjL;AO,CV. ILadv. mint? (MtR),mintef. *mtfU/CP; Mdf. [L.] 

mercifully, graciously, Cr*, mlo*=meo* 

mlldtew = meledSaw mlreapuldur (Cp) = milscapoldor T 

mlldeltc propitious, adv. graciously, affably, BUroe, Mircan =Mieroe 

kindly, AO;M. [' mildly*] miroe I. (y ) adj . murky,dark, black, uncanny, 

+mUdglan to mtlt^ote, VPs. evil, B,Ph. II. adv.? An 1315. III. n. 

mlld-heoit, -heortlio merciful, element, com- mwkiness, darkness, Z>a448. ['murk*} 

passionate, MtL (milt-) ; A0»^. ['mUd- mlroete (e, y) mf. sign, token, seal, signet : 

heart*] adv. -lioe, ^,CP. mark, marked place, ML : trophy, Gu429. 

mlldlieoitnes f . loving-kindness, mercy, pity, [mearc] 

LL ; M,AO. [* mildheartnees *] mire = miere ; mire = minre gdfi. of min. 

mlldian to become mild, GPH399. mlrg-, muig- =myrg- 

mlldnes f. mildness, mercy, NC309. mlrgV, mirhtS ^mjrrgtS ; mlrr- =mieiT- 

mlldsi=^milto mlsbegin anv. to disfigure, MtL 6". 

mlleselan to become mUd, mellow, WW. ndMUoduk*(w.d.) to ill-use, injure, do wrong 

[miliiKs] to, LL, W. [' misbede *] 

mJOgenuBt m. mite-measure, milestone f KC mlsboren abortive. Led : degenerate, {'mis^ 

3-262« born*] . -y- L 

mllgemeare n. measure by miles, B 1362. mlstoroden drawn aside, WW 224*^. 

mOgetflBi n. mile. Nab 33. mlabyrd f. abortion, Gl. 

mlUse (e, y) suxet, mild, mulled. mltbyrdo f. malformation, Lod. 

n^te soldi^e, NC309. mlsbysnlaa to set a bad exampU, ^H2-60. 

mmtlse military, GD. [L. miles] mlsoalllMi to east a calf, WW466". 

mSCENNING 205 im)AN 

mlaeennltagf.flawinanif^icim^niifnffmeiU mlasaii (w. g.) to *m%ss* (a mark), B : (w. d.) 
for correction of such a flaw, y. IiL2'148 ; escape the notice of a person. 

1 84. mlflsare = missere 

mtoclan to mix, apportion, [L.] mlsscrence distorted, shriveUed, Gttth. 

mlsorooettan to croak or shriek horribly, mlaaerSdan to clothe amiss, MRVtiBO. 

Guth36^ [oracettan] mlsse- = mis- 

mlseweVan* to speak iU, curse, N6 : speak missenlle various, manifold, different, diverse, 

incorrectly, AO. adv. -lioe, CP. 

mlscyrran (»ie) to pervert. Met 2^. mUnenllcnes f. variety, diversity : *qualitas*f 

mlsdAd f. 'misdeed, ' evil deed, sin, CP ; M. GD46*. 
rnlsddn anv. to do evU, transgress, do amiss, mlsseref n. half-year, year. 

err, JnL,LL, W, [' misdo *] mfsspowan^ to fare badly, AO 82*«. 

ml8e=meee mHaspneaxi* to grumble, murmur, 

nlmtosian to cut ihe hair amiss, LL{25^^). mist m. 'mist,* JB,Met,WW : dimness (of 
mlsendebyrdan (i*) to arrange amiss, LL382. eyesight), JEJjcd, 
mlsenlic, misendlio = missenlio mist- = mia- 

mlsfadlan to order amiss, LL. mlst&can to teach amiss, M, ['misteach*'\ 

mlsfadimg f. misconduct, irregularity, mistel m. mistletoe, Cp,Ep : basil. Led, 

mlsfaran* to go wrong, transgress, OP : fare l*missel*'\ 

iU, jE, W. [* misfaren mlstelUm n. birdUme, WW 279^*. 

mlsfMan (oe) to nourish ill, ^VPs. mlsteltfn m. 'mistletoe, ' WW{i*). 

misfeiig m. misdeed, sin, NC309. mlstglom mT misty gloom, Whalb47. 

mlsfiran to do wrong, err, transgress, M* wSAthelm rsx. covering of mist, SxtlAIO. 

['misfere*^ mlsthllVt n. mi^ cliff, cloud-capped dope. 

mlsfdn^ to make a mistake, be deceived : fail mlstlan to be or grow misty, ^, \'mist*'\ 

to get, mlstld f. evil time, FM360". 

ndsgedwleld n. error, perversion, Jul 326. mJalldaii (impeis. ) to miscarry, fail, LLZ4S', 
mls^hygd fn. evil thought, Ak772. ['mistide^] 

misgeUmp n. misfortune, W211*^. mlstlg 'misty,* B, 

ml^mynd f. evil memory, Sol405. mlstlhtan to lead astray, dissuade, M, 

inl8(ge)wld6r m. bad weather, storm. mIstlhtendUc dehortative, iE)GB226^. 

mlsgrCtan to greet amiss, insult, Gt. mlstU- =: mistel- 

miag^man to neglect, LL, ['misyeme*] mlstlinlan [impere. w. d.] to happen amiss, 

mishadhhen&ib being iU, MiLS^*, Bas, ['mistvme*'\ 

mlshealdan^ not to keep, to neglect, ^5(9^*^). mlstlio^mialio 
mishaaldsimmes f . want of observation, care- mlstran to grow dim, M. 

lessness, LL(196*). mistriwan to mistrust, DB39i*. 

mlsMmes f . act of disobedience, W. mlstQclan to ill-treat, Chr 1083,GI) 15. 

mls-bweorfed, -hwyrfed, -hwortem perverted, mMton* to mis-thrive, degenerate. 

inverted. .mlsweazan* to grow improperly, M. 

mlihyran to hear amiss, not to listen to, dis- mlswendan to pervert, abuse, M : be perverted, 

obey, BB,W, [*mM^r'; hieran] err,^. 

mlfllAdan to 'mislead,* ^. miswende erring, ill-behaving, M. 

mIslAran to teach amiss, give bad advice to, iiil8weiilaiitomMiMe,a6iMe,Sc224^^(7»mi8- 

iEL5119. werian, MLN25-80). 

mlsUr f. ill teaching, evil suggestion, misweorc n. misdeed, JnB3^*. 

mlslio- =mi8lio- misweortfan* to turn out amiss, W. 

mlslie ujUike, various, manifold, Bl,Bo;M, mlswlder=mi8gewider 

CP : tvandering, erratic, ['mislich*] adv. mlswlssiaik to mislead, LL130 ; 381. 

-lice in various ways, diversely, aimlessly, mlswrltan^ to write incorrectly, AtOr, 

Bo,Chr, ['misliche*] I'miswrite*] 

misllGlaii (w. d.) to displease, disquiet, JB, mlswurtnaii (boo) to dishonour, UUreat, "LL 

CP, ['mislike*] 381 [26]. 

mlsUones f. variety, diversity, JE, iiil8wyBSigaii=miswiB8ian 

mlsllmp n. misfortune, mite f. 'mite* {smaU insect), WW 122*, 

mlsllmpan' impen. w. d. to go wrong, turn mliUim,,mittef, a measure, bushel, Ct,W W ; 

out badly, AO. i£,CP. ['mit* ; metan] 

mlslybban to lead a bad life, M, [* misUve *] mittan = metan ; mitte = mitta 
mlsmloel of wuying sizes f Ex 373. mittlng (^,A0) = mating ; mittf = mid %f 

mlsrSean to abuse, ^H2-690**. ml« {LkL)=^mid 

mlsrAd m. misguidance, M : misconduct, M, mlSan^ to hide, conceal (tr. and intr. ), keep to 
misrAdan to advise wrongly, BB. oneself, dissemble, BH,Bo,WW ; CP : eon- 

mist n. absence, loss (Swt). ceal oneself, remain concealed. Led : (f )avoid, 

miss- = mifl- shun, refrain from. [* mithe *] 





iiim=inldl; iiilz=meox 

mlzen (v) f. dung-hMip, dung, JB^LkL, 

[*m$xen ] 
mlzftiidyiige (y^) f. dung, LL464[9]. 
mlXBnpbuite f. nightshade {pian t), Lcd. 
mliforoe (y) f . dung-fork, WW 106**. 

mod n. (±) heart, mind, spirit, *inood,* 
temper, B,BH,Bl ; iE,AO,CP : courage, B ; 
AO : arrogance, pride, AO : power, vioUnce, 

+m6d of one mind, harmonious, peaceful, CP. 

modbUndt blind, undisceming, 

mddbUsslendet ezuUing. 

modbysgiing f. anxiettf, Dom84. 

modOMrigt sorrowful of heart. 

rnddOMTut f . sorrow, grief. 

modoraBft m. intelligence. 

moderflBftlff inteUigenL 


moddran of mothers, ApT4". 

iiioddil(f)6=mddrige; mdde-=mddig- 

mddearfoV n. grief of mind, fHy 4*^. 

iii6d«g=mddig; mdder^mddor 

moderoynd = medrengeoynd 

mdderge = m5drige 

mddful proud, haughty, LodSISS** 

modgehygdf n. thought. 

mdd^myndt n. mind, thotight. 

modf fomort ead, deieeted. 

mddgtfSftno m. tnought, understanding, 
intellect, mind. 

m6dg«V5ht m. thought, understanding, mind. 

mddgvttyldlf patient. An 983. 

modgewlniiA m. care, Gbn2797. 

rnddgtan = mOdigion 

mddgldano (N) = modgeVanc 

mA^lmd joyous, Qul311. 

modgltaw wise, Sol 180. 

modtaapT brave, £x242 (GK). 

modtaete m. hatred, Gbn 1766. 

mddhord n. secret thoughts. An 172. 

mfidliwstt brave, bold. 

mfidlg (CP), modi spirited, daring, bold, 
brave, high-souled, magnanimous, B;M : 
impetuous, headstrong, JE ; CP : arrogant, 
proud, M,CV. [* moody'] 

modlgan, modiffiAii to grow proud or over- 
bearing, be high-minded, glory, exult, show 
bravery, iB : take offence through pride, M. 

mddlgUo (made-) htgh-souled, iopy, proud : 
brave, bold : splendid, magnificent, adv. 
-lioe. Ma (mdde-)- ['moodily'] 

mddlgnes f. greatness of soul : pride, arro- 
gance, haughtiness, M. \^ moodiness'] 

mddilio = mddiglio 

modltes spiritless, KGl66«<>. 

mddlAaat f . want of courage, M. 

mddltef dear, precious, FT 28. 

mddluftt f. heart's affection, love. 

+mddod disposed, .£H1'524^. 

modor (e*) f., da. mSder 'mother,' WW; 
{of animals), LL ; AO,CP. 

mMoroUd (m58-) n« a child of one's {own) 
mother, PP868*. 

jnddMeyim n. maternal descent, Chb I067d. 
mddorhealf f. mother's side, Chb1076d. 
m4dorfarll n. ufomb, PPs. 
mddorltaa (e*) motherless, W228». 
mddorlio (e*) maternal, AOr. ['motherly'] 
modorlufu f. love for a mother, NC309. 
mddonlaga m. matricide, WW335*. 
modrige, mddrie f. mother's sister, maternal 

aunt, ^,A0 : cousin. [m6dor] 
mddrdf valiant, An 1493. 
mddsafaf m. heart, mind, spirit, soul : 

thought, imagination, purpose, character. 

modateo sick at heart, Gev 1236. 

modstoonaa f . disease of the heart, WW 199*'. 

modanotort wise. 

mddsorgt f . heart-sorrow. 

modataVol m. principle, character, LL(318*'). 

rndd-^talfolnaa, -stat^olfiestnea f . firmness of 

nUnd, W63". 
-hmodsumlaii to agree, CP. 
+iiiodauiimaa f. agreement, concord, CP. 
modawfVt reschUe. 

mdd-Vraeu f. gs. -Snece courage, B386. 
modttrta m. anguish, Bd4*®. 
iii6d9wAre meek, LPs 24*. 
mddSwfimaa f . patience, meekness, W. 

mddwAg m. proud wave. Ex 499. 
iii5dwallg gifted, talented, wise, fCP. 
modwlanot sioui-hearied : haughty. 
modwyn f. heart's joy, property, Rd87^. 
moetan (Cp) = metan 
mohtSa, mohVe (N) = mot$tSe 
moloaii n. coagulated or curdled milk. [op. 

Oer. molke] 
molda? m. ▼. molde II. 
moldflMnt n. grave. 
moldoom n. granular tuber of saxifraga 

granulata, and the plant itself, LoD. 
molda I. f. sand, 'mould,* loose earth, dust, 

soil, Cp,BH ; M : land, country : world. 

Ill i. top of the head, Lcd (or moldaT). 

moldam = moldsem 
moldgawlnd n. top of the head, NC310. 
moldgnett n. grave. 
moldhrtranda moving upon earth. Cheat 

27. . y 

moldb^pa f. heap of dust, i£H 1*492. 
moldstow f. site, sepulchre, GPH391. 
moldwagt m. earth. 
moldwyrm m. earth-worm, SotrL72. 
molagn n. curds, Gl. 
molagnatycaa n. piece of curd, Gl. 
moling =mo1egn 
molan n? decay, NC310. 
irmolanlan to moulder, decay, M. 
moltan pp. of meltan. 
momra=mamra; moii>=^man 
mdna m. 'moon,' Bo,Lcd ; M,AO,CP. 
mommAfan m. Sunday evening, LL. 
mdmuutog m. 'Monday,' A,Jn. 
monauiiiit f. Monday eve, i.e. Sunday 

evening, lAu 




mdnall m. nap. mon(e)9a8, monaV * months* 
BUyBoMfLcd ; AO,CP. [mona] 

mdnalUUU f . morbus menttrualis, BH. 

mdnaK&dUg meTistiruous, BH78'. 

mdnaVblod n. *mensUruum,* WW. 

mdnaVbot f . peTiance lasting a rmmth, LL 

mdnaVfylen f. time offuU moon, OEG. 

mdnaVgeoynd f. * menstruum,* Lod. 

mdnaVUo monthly, lunar, Gl. 

mdnatfstoc I. menstruous, M, II.sm6n8Soo 

mdoatbtecnes f. lunacy, LcdI-170*. 

monoiu = mancus ; mond = mand 

mondsdg = mdnandiBg ; moiw f . = m5na 

mdnello lunar, M, 

monettan to despise ? An 746. [*manetian ?] 

+mong = +mang; monlgiafmanig 

moiiUe=manelio; monn^maiin 

monoV = monatS 

monstec *moonsick,* lunaUe, epUepHc, MtR, 

moiit=munt; mdn9=monat$ 


mdr m. ^moor,* morass, svoamp, £;Mdf : 
hill, mountain, AO. 

moraV (57) n. stoeet boiled wine vfith herbs. 
[L. moratum] 

morMam (a, u) m. mulberry tree, bramble, 
VPs{a). [v. "more'] 

mdrberie f . mulberry (fruit), ^L25*7*. 

more f . carrot, parsnip, Led, W W. [* more '] 


morfsMten n. moor-fastness, Chb. 

morflfoge f. *cariseus, * a kind of fly, NC310. 

morgen (a, e) m. ds. morgenne *mom,* 
mcming, foremoon, M,B,M.iL,YFs : sun- 
rise, B : morrow, OP. on mor(gen)ne 
(1) in the morning, (2) to-morrow, 

morgenoealdf chiU at mom. 

morgenoolla m. morning terror, Jud245. 

moTgendsBg m. morrow : morning. 

morgendllo = morgenlio 

morgendreno m. morning drink. Lob. 

morgengebedtld f. morning prayer, Guth 

moigengifu f . gift by a hu^Kind to his wife 
the morning after ihe wedding, BC,WW. 

morgenlteht n. dawn, morning. 

morgenlio matutinal, morning : of the 
morrow, morgenlica dte^ to-morrow. 

morgenlong lasting a momtng, B2896. 

morgennuesae f . morning mass, first mass, 

morgenmete m. morning meal. 

morgenrftn m. morning rain, Az82. 

morgensteo sad at mom. Air 241. 

morgen8|»So f . regular meeting of a guild on 
ihe morrow after Aeguild-f east, TC. [* mom- 

morgenspell} n. news published at mom. 

morgfimtt^rmm. morning star. Bo. [* mom- 

morgenswfig m. cry a< mom, B 129. 

morgentU (a^, e^) f. moming. 

morgentfdUe matutinal, BPsl29*. 
morgentortat bright at mom. Ay 24 1. 
morgenwadan to rise early, WW. 
morhfiV f. mountain-heath, PPs82^<». 
morheald heathy, marshy f £x61. 
morhop n. moor-swamp, B460. 
morig marshy, M. 
morland n. * moor-land,* mountain-uxute, 

mome ds., momee gs. of moigen* 
morod, moroS = morat$ 
morsoeatta m. robber from mountain heights, 

morseeg mn. sedge, Lod 3*140*'. 
moneohtre f. marshy ditch, NO 310. 
morstapa m. traverser of moors, RnK2. 
mortere m. mxurtar. \L. mortarinm] 
moi1{ nm. <2eatA, djeatrudMn, homicide, 

'murder,* AO;M'. deadly sin. [*murth*] 
morV- = mortSor- 
moiteimdel mn. barrow raised over a dead 

body? deadly pool? corpse-pit? KC3-23'. 
morVdAd f . murder, deadly sin, crime, M. 
mortSornm.,g8. morCres (mp. mortSraa) deed 

of violence, 'murder,* homicide, man- 

slaughter, B,Bl : mortal sin, crime : injury, 

punishment, torment, misery. 
moiKorbealut n. videnJt death, murder. 
morHorbed} n. bed of death (by violenee). 
morVoroofa m. prison. An 1006. 
moiHoroTflBft m. murdirous crime. An 177. 
morl^orowalu f. murder, NO 310. 
moiKorowealm m. murder, death, GnE 152. 
morSortaete m. blood- feud, B1106. 
morSorhot n. place of torment. El 1303. 
moilSorhQs n. house of torment, Gb1626. 
mof1torhyogende| with murderous thoughts, 
moiltorltan n. retribtUion for sin, Gb1612. 
morVonoyldlg guilty. An 1601. 
moilforalaga m. homicide, murderer, NG. 
morVorslagu f. homicide, murder, NG. 
morSorslege m. homicide, mvrder, LL( 148^*). 
morVorsleht (morValiht) m. slaughter, 

mortforwyrtata m. murderer. 
morMaga (M) = mort^orslaga 
mortteUht = morVorsleht ; morMr = mortSor 
morVweoro n. deadly work, act which causes 

death, murder, LL. 
morVwyrhta = mortSorwyrhta 
mom f. parsnip, carrot (a»more). 
mdrwyrt f. moor-wort, Lod 48b. 
md§ n. I. bog, marsh, BC. [*moss*] IL n. 

food, victuals. [Oer. mas] 
m6tt, m5ste ▼. *m5taji. 
mot n. mote, speck, atom. 
m6t I. {±, U8U. -f ) n. 'moot* C gemot*), 

society, assembly, court, council, Uhr,MtL ; 

Mdf. +m. wyroan to take counsel : liHga* 

tion. Bo : (+) conflict, encounter. IL f. 

toU, tribute, MkL. [Oer. maut] IIL pres, 

Bg. of *mdtan. 
±mdt»m (e*) n. place of meeting, eourt" 

?umse, AO. 



motan* swr. pies. 1, 3 eg. mdt, pres. 2 ag. 

mdBt, pres. pL m6ton, pret. mtete {may), 

to be auowed, he able to, have opporiunUy to, 

be compelled to, must, JB ; AO,CP. mdste 

iowoyldihailmigkH ['mote'] 
mdtbell f . beU for mtmmoning a miooi, LL, 

[v. 'moot'^ 
±mdtlMorli m. hiU of mating, BC. 
mdtora m. public speaker, WW. ['mooter*} 
rndtgwita m. moot-reeve, chairman of a moot, 

EC 342'. 
d:mothtl8 n. moot'haU, place of assembly, 

WWiW. [*mooihouse^] 
±m6tUm to speak to, converse with, address, 

harangue, JB : debate, argue, plead. Hex, 

mdtlMu sbpL courU, assemblies f TG433*'. 
+iiidtltali m. meadow of me eting, BC. 
^-motauum m. orator, WW 164** ; 310**. 
+m5tst6de m. piaee of meeting. Soul 162. 
±mdt8t6w f . place of meeting, forum. 
mdtiing f. conversation, discussion, OEQ. 

[' mooting*] 
mbtmtm^ (u*) quaUfied to attend the moot, 

mxAinitiuk moth-^aten. 

moVSe f. *moth,* MtL (mohSe). 
muQgwyrt f. artemisia, mugwort, LoD. 
inuozle=miuoelle; mQdrioa=mvderoe 
mflga m. 'mow, ' heap of com, JB. 
iiiiigan*=magan; mugwyrt=smaogwyTt 
mlUia {Cp)=mugtk 
mtU m. mule. [L. mnlus] 
mfllbyrde m. mule-keeper, ^Gb36*. 
maltOB pret. pL of meltan. 
+muii (w. g. ) mindful, remembering, A04S^. 
±miiiiaii (uBu. +) pree. 1, 3 sg. man (mon), 

2 manst, pL manon, pret. mnnde swr. to 

think about, be mindfid of, remember, Bl, 
Jul,Lk ; M,AO,C^ : consider. [* i-mune *] 
miind f. I.t hand : palm {of the hand, as a 
measure): trust, security, protection, guard- 
ianship, M : protector, guardian : the king*s 
peace : fine for breach of the laws of pro- 
tection or gtutrdianship of the king*s peace, 
Y. LL 2*555 ; 641. [cp. Oer. yonnund] II. 
m. money paid by bridegroom to bride* s 
fcUher, bridegroom* s gift to bride, Cb93. 

III.— mynd 
mundbeorg m. protecting hiU, PPs 124*. 
mundberd = mundbyrd 
mundbora m. protector, preserver, guardian, 
advocate, M : prefect. 
mondbryoe (i*) m. breach of the laws of pro- 
tection or guardianship, LL : fine for the 
breach of such lavts. 
mundbyrd f. protection, patronage, help : 
fine for a breach of the peace, IJj. 
+mundbyTdan to protect. Bo. 
nrandbynlnM f . protection : security, indepen- 
dence I protector, guardian, advocate. 

mundbyresmnndbyTde (da. of mundbyrd) 
mundensfl m. protecting power, Lgd 1*384". 
munde ▼. mnnan ; +munda = +mynde 
miindgripef m. hand-grasp. 
mundhMUa f. protectionf Cb445. 

±mundian to protect, watch over, act as 

guardian of, JE. 

mundlend m. protector, TC525'. 
Dnmd-Ifow, -Ida, -Ian f. wash-hand basin, 

WW. [ON. munnlaac] 
tnundrof strong with the hands, Rd84*. 
mundwlft f. guardianship, protection, NC 


munedan to make a monk of, LL. [* monk '] 
mimetares mynetere 
mungungs mynegung 
+munlng f. rem^d>rance. 
miint m. mountain, hill, M,^0,CP. [L. 


muntsBlten f. mountain-nymj^, WW 189*. 
munteiyse f. mountain prison, W84h. 
muntland n. hiU-country, Ul**. 
munuo m. 'monk,* BH,RB{f^)i {used also 

of women), A27-255. [L. monachua] 
munuobehftt n. monastic vow, HLIS,*^***. 
munuoofld n. chUd intended for monatltic 

life, M. 
munuoenapa m. young monk, OB. 
munuegegyrela m. monastic garb, BH34*'. 
munuehSd m. monastic orders, (Ae monasHc 

life,JS,BH;CF. ['monkhood*) 
manuebiUp m. company of monks. 
munuelan (e*) to meJte a monk of, LL. 

munuolic monkish, monastic, BE ; M. adv. 

•Hoe. ['monkty*} 
miinucllt n. monastic Ufe, M : cloister, 

monastery, ^AO. 
munuoriaf n. monk*s garb, QD2V. 
munuoregol m. monastic rule, mode of life, 

JE : a body of monks under a certain rule, 

munuesorad n, monk's garb, MPliS^. 
munuestow f. place of monks, BH236**. 
munuoMaw m. monastic rule, ANS84-7. 
munuewlse i. fashion of a monk, i£L6*247. 
mOr m. waU, [L. munis] 
mOr-btam, -berie=m5r-beam, -bene 
muro dismal, wretched, PPs 145*. [myroe] 
murdan to murmwr, complain, repine, grieve, 

muron- = maro- 

murenwe m. complainer, RB21*. 
murcung f. complaining, lameiffUaHon^ sor^ 

row, CP. 
murge = myrge 
muman* (and wv.) to care, be anxious or 

fearful about, An,Bo,WcUd : 'mourn,* 

sorrow, bemoan, Wy i long after, ^n37. 
nsurra, marre = myira, myire 
mtls f . gB. mus, muse, nap. m^ * mouee^ * Bo ; 

M ; Mdf : musde {of the arm), WWISS^. 
mus-oello, -cule i. sheU-fish, musseL [L.] 





mmoflAoto f f a snuiU fly found in wine (most- 

museto = nmscelle 

mtlseplse f . mouse-pea, veich, WW 148**. 
mOsfealle (a*) f. mouee-trap, WW. 
mOsfealu mou3e'C4>hured, WW 448* . 
mOshafoo n. mouee-hawk, buzzard, WW. 
miule =mu0oelle ; mussoel (Gl) =mu8oelle 
must m. *miM(,' new wine, Bo;M, [Zr. 

-mUtlan y. be-m. 

mtttimg f. *mutuum,' loan, WW449*'*. 
mttV m. * mouth, * opening, door, gate, JB,BH, 

mQVa m. mouth (of a river), estuary, AO, 

Chb : (t) entrance to a hou se, door. 
mQMdl f . mouth-disease, WW. ^^ 

mOVbentung f . eruption of the mouth, WW. 
mOffbona m. devourer, B 1^)79. 
mQtfooVu f . mouth-disease, WW. 
mtlVettan to blab out, let out, ^(6^*^). 
mUVtrto/ree to speak, PPsll'. 
mUtftiAl n. wJiolesome speech. Ex 552. 
mtl9hT5t m. palaU, OEQ332. 
mfMAAas mouthless, Bd61*. 
mHwa ( W W 348*) = maga 
muzle = muBcelle 

inyoeT (ES43-309), myoel (LWS)=imoel 
myog (i) m. * midge,* Cp,Lcd,WW. 
myogem (i) n. internal fat, suet, WW. 


myognet n. mosquito-net, WW 183"(i). 
myel- = miol- ; myd- = mid- 
mydd n. bushel, AO 190^*. [L. modiiu] 
myderoe f . money-box, chest, M, 
mygg (Ol) = mycg ; EO^gV = mAgtS 
iiiyhtlg = inihtig 
m^hV pres. 3 sg. of mtean. 
myl n. dust, JAW32 ; ES41-163. [6er. mfiU] 
myloan adj. of milk. 
inyldan=miltan ; -myldan ▼. be-m. 
. myle-=mylen- 

(^•^inylen mf. *i»»H,' KC,LL,JtB;^dl. 
mylengafol n. miU-tax, mill-rent f NC310. 
mylenhwfol n. ^miU-wheel,^ Led. 
mylensoaarpt sharpened on the grindstone. 
mylenstftn m. grindstone, WW. [^milis tone*] 
mytentroh n mill-trough, mill-conduit, WW. 
mylenwani f., mylenwer m. miU-toeir, miU- 

dam, Ct. 
mylenwyrd, myleweard m. tenant of a 

{manorial) mill, WW. ['millward*] 
myUer (EC 179^) -myle(n)wer7 
myllse, mylso = miliso 
mylma m. retreat r GPH398^*<^. 

myltan = ( 1 ) meltan ; (2) miltan 
myltenhtks n. brothel, ES9-39. 
myltestre (e, i) f. prostitute, M. [L. 


myltestrehOs n. brothel, WW 186*. 
mymerlan to keep in memory, remember, 


O. H. 

+iiiyiiaii = +maiian 

dbmynd (usa. +) fn. memory, remembrance, 
JB,BB,Met : memorial, record, ^ i act of 
commemoration, Bl,MH : thought, purpose, 
BL on +m. niman to reeoUecL ['mtnd'] 

+myndbllSe memorial, EPs 101^ ; 134^(1). 

+iDyndd8Bg f. commemoration day, anniver- 
sary, BH. 

+iiiynde I. mindful. El 1064. II. river- 
mouth, BH398" (V. JAW31). 

+]i]yndewyi1fe vforth mentioning, BH486^*. 

^myndglaii to remember, be mindful of : 
(w. g.) remind, W : intend : commemorate, 
mention, PPs : exhort, warn : demand pay- 
ment, LL206,1>2. +myndgod aforesaid. 

myndglend m. one who reminds, B1105. 

myndgung f . admonition, CP : remembrance. 

izinyndlg mindful, Mk. se +myndiga the 
aforesaid. [*mindy*'\ 

+myndlglie = + myndlio 

+]i]ynd]glloii0s f . remismbrance, SPs 101^. 

±m^^h9M foolish, senseless, M. 

+]i]yndllc fitemora62e. adv. -Uce6yAear<,iE. 

+inynd]^t f. madness, ZI)A31**. 

+iiiyndstow f . m^onurnent, tomb. 

4-iiiyiidwyrSe = +myndewyTCe 

myne l.t m. memory, remembrance : feeling, 
affection, love, favour, m. witan to love : 
purpose, desire, wish : memorto/. [fmiman] 
11. m. minnow, WW. III.=:mene 

+myne I. mindful, MtR5*'. II. pres. Bubj. 
of +inunan. 

myneoen, mynecenu f. female monk, nun^ 
WW \M. [*m»ncAef»' ; manno] 

myneglan = m vndgian 

myneglendlle hortatory, CM30, 

mynegung f . wamin^i, admonition, exhorta- 
tion, M : claim. 

mynelto desirable, Wxd4. 

mynesolUlng = meneecilling 

mynet n. coin, money, Cp,Lcd,MtR. [*mini* ; 
L. moneta] 

myneto^a m. mcney -changer, ^H 1*412. 

mynetere m. ^minter,* coiner, JB : money- 
dhanger, Mt ; M. 

mynetlan to coin, LL158[14]. 

myneUaan n. coinage, .^IL23^^. 

mynelslege m. minting, coinage, ^L23^'*. 

mynelsmimfo f. mint, LL158[14,1]. 

myng- = myneg-, myndg- 

mynlui to intend, be impelled : direct one- 
&df towards an object, ASl*(e). 

mynlg- = xnyneg- ; mynlt = mynet 

myiile f. desire, Mst26*'. 

mynnan = mynian 

mynstor (»*) n. monastery, nunnery, BH : 
mather-church, ''mineter,* cathedrtU, LL. 
[L. monasterium] 

mynsterbdc f 7 minster-book, NG310. 

mynsterolAnsung f . purification of a minster. 

mynsterelflM f . monastic enclosure, staU, cell, 
CM 22. 

mynstarfflMtor m. abbot, 01)293^ 




mynstertAmiM f . nun, BH 20^*. myiet sbpL flUs, PPs 104'^ 

mynstafgang m. act of joining an order of iii^=m68e; iiiyttiiig=mitt!iig 

monks, LL(146'*). -\-m$^ n. {usa. pL) mouih, confluence, 
mynstargtot n. monastery gaie, GD 145'. junction of two streams, BH,Ct. 

mynstorhftm m. monastic house, monastery, myz = meox ; myz- =iiiiz- 
mynsterhate m. persecutor of monasteries, 

mjnsterlio monastic, M. adv. -lice. ^ 

mynstorilf n. monastic life, M : cloister, 

monastery, nA (5) adv. conj. not, no, not at all, not even, 
mynstemuum m. monk, M, never, by no means, MJiO,CP. na Snt in 

mynstermunuo m. monk who lives in a not oniy, iia...nA nei$ker,.,nor, ne na 

numastery (i.e. not an anchorite), M. nor. na ma no more, ^OrJBL l*no mo*] 

loynstorpratost m. provost of a monastery, na mare sb. nothing more, Bo,Mk, [*im> 

TC434«. more 'J 

mynsterprfott m. priest of a ehuirch or iiab-=naf- 

minster, LL(254'). nabban anv. pra. 1 eg. nsbbe, 2 nmtst, 
mynstonolr f . control of a monastery, BH 3 nafatS, nam, pL nabbaC, nsBbbaS ; pret. 

468^^. nsBfde (y. habban) not to have, to laem, be 

mynftentede m. monastic buildings, GD without, Bo(-\-TUBBid),Jn;AO,CP.[Y.* have*] 

182^*. naeat m- vessel, boat, ship. [Oer. nacben] 

mynstontdw f. place of a minster, town, BH naoed =nacod 

160^*. ±iiaoiaii, -f nacodian to lay bare, strip, 

mynaterdmbning f. building of a monastery, naood, nacud (n) (+) I. adj. 'ntUsed,* nude, 

GD147^^ bare, JB ; CP : empty : not fully doAed. 

mynsterMaw m. monastic custom, BH462^'. II. f. ncUcedness. 

mynsteitfogniiiig f. mofuistic service, BB86^'. iiaeodn«8 (e) f . nakedness, M, 

mynsterwbe f . custom of a monastery, nsB ady. = ne 

^tmyntan. to intend, diermine, resolve, JE, n»bbaV, n»bbe ▼. nabban. 

Bo : think, BJud : bring forth, So21£P : iiAbre=n£fre 

give up to, LL400[3]. ['mirU,* 'i-munte*] nsBcad {Cp499E *&Merto*)=naood 

myianbiatod n. mare's head (a nick-name), ±nAeaii (hnjBcan) to kiU, M, 

Chb 1010b. ii»e6d>=^nacod 

Myroe, Myrcan=Mieroe ; myrM^miroe naoedu f. m^cedness, MFH. 169. 

myre (i£,AO ) = miere nact = nibt ; nsBddar- = neder- 

myrensBddra = meren»ddra lUDddarfUi snake-colowed, HL 15^ 

myrgan to be ^ merry,* rejoice, PPs. naaddre (CP)=n«dre ^^ 

myrge adj. (e, i, a) pleasing, agreeable, M, nsDddrewlnde f. odder'tco K, WW 287^*> 

jB6,ife<(e) : j^Ieownt, sweei, DHy{e). adv. nAdarbita m. ichneumon, WW. 

mjnglSce pleasantly, melodiously, GD286^. nAdl (5) f. ^needle,* 8oul,WW ; M, 

[* merry 'J nAdra (e) f. ^ adder,* snake, serpenl, viper, 
myrgelM n. epitaph 9 BH 94^'( b). Mt ; AO,CP. 

myigen I. f. joy, pleasure, MET(Introd.)5. nAdrewyrt (der) f. adder-worL 

II.^=:<morgen nflsfde pret. 3 8g. ol nabban. 

myignm f. melody, WW33>^ nsBfebor ( A9-263*) =:nafugar 

myrgK (e, i), myrnC f. ^ mirth,* joy, pleasure, nsBflg (NG) =nnftig ; ubAm =nebie 

sweetness {of sound), jE,Bo. nAfre (e) adv. 'never,* BJBo,Bl,0;CP. 
iiiyrig-=myTg-; nii^llc=nuBr]ic [ne, «fre] 

myrr- = mierr- nsflit ▼. nabban. 

myrra I. m. sweet cicely {plant). IL (n) L nasft f. need, want, poverty. So 167**^. 

* myrrh,* JS. nsDttcyiTend not returning, CP77**. [neft, 
mym f. = myrra ne eft] 

myrrelse f. offence, scandal, stumbling-block, imttig poor. So 190^. 

JnL338. ±nft^ui Lf (e) (often followed by wordom) 
myrtan I. n. flesh of an animal which has to accost, speak to, II.=hn&gan 

died of itself, carrion, LL. II. adj. dead {of naagal =n»gl ; nsBgan =ne mngen 

animals which have not been killed), LL. nsegl m. 'nail,* peg, AO;M : finger-nail, 
myt9=inyTgiS toe-nail, daw, ^ : pledrum, Wtbi>84 : 

myrKra m. homicide, murderer. (in comp.) handle. 

-myiKran, -myrtSrian v. for-, of-m. nagladbordf with nailed sides, 

myrSnmg f . parricide, murder, WW 467*^. naagladciiaarr m. nail-fastened vessel, ^Css. 
iiiyrw-=meaiiiw- (v. meani); m^ y. moB. 937. 

myican to afflict, PPs. neagMorsBt n. iron charioL 

+myiean to defile, OEG 17«^ luegiadilne n. studded vessel, B2023. 




±iUBgIlaii 'to naU/ fasten wUh naih, MiLB ; 

nsBglMx n. knife for cutting ike naiU, WW, 

[seax; v. ^naiV} 
naglspere n. (sharp) nail, Cp260u. 
iidh=neah; nAhsta = niehista 
DAht (NQ,VPa)'p=!xi3ht; iiAht=naht 
nsDUflMsnealles; n8Bm=neom 
nAm f. taking, receiving, NC311. 
+n<Rinim to take away, Guth14". 
nAmel receptive, NC311. [»nnmol] 
nfimlng f . bargain, contract, WW 180^*. 

+BiBiiiiilaii (LL466')=neiniiian 
nmmnlendllo = nemniendlic 
nAnlg pron. no one, none, not any, no (lued 

as sb. with gen. and as adj.). nfinige 

fiinga (S320) adv. not at aU, in no wise, 

[ne, «nig] 
nAnlg-wuht, -aht in no wise, nothing, 
nAnlht (NG) =nanwiht 
nAnne y. nan. 

nAp m. turnip, rape, Cpjjcd. Vneep*] 
nApsAd n. rape seed, LoD. 
nAre, nteron {M,AO,CP) = ne wfire, ne 

nArende pto. not being, [ne, wesan] 
1I8M I. (AOyCP) =ne wns. II. ady. not, not 

at aU, CP. [»nal»B] III.=sn»88. IV. 

pret. 3 sg. of nesan. 
lUdan fawn-skin, Ql,Lod. 
nsMgristte f . nose-gristle, Gl. 
naM-tallV n. dp. -hleoVum dedivOy, slope {of 

a headland), BU2S. 
lUBM (e), nseesa m. 'ness,* cliff , headland, 

cape, B : (f) earth, ground, 
+ii»stan to contend (wit$), Rd28>*. 
nsMtor *cauc ale,* an umbelliferous plant f 

wild carrot? WW202i. 
nsBSt^l n. nostril, 2&. 
±nAtan to annoy, afflict, press upon, subdue, 

nAttag f. blaming, CP353U. 
nafa I. m. =:nafa. II. =ne hala imperat. of 

nafWV pres. 3 sg. of nabban. 

nafela m. navel, JE,AO. 

natette m. nave {of a wheel), WW 106*^. 

nafogir m. *auaer,' Gl,WW, 

nafu f. nave {of a wheel). Bo. 

iiatula= nafela 

nafulsoeaft f. naveZ,-LcD3'124*'. 

+iiftg striking, pressing? Rim 67? 

nftgan* pres. 3 sg. nah ; pret. nahte, nahton 

not to owe, not to be bound, not to be allowed, 

to have no right to, not to own, not to have, 

to lose, be unable to, AO nahte ought not, 

[ne, agan] 
nilit {&, an, 0) I. n. * naught,* nothing, M : 

wickedness, evil-doing, CP (nawht). instr. 

nahte w. oomparativeB= noCAtn^. II. use- 
less, bad, poor. III. adv. not, not at all, 

CP. [na, wiht] 
nAhte v. nagan. 

nfthttremmand m. evil-doer, PP858'. 
nfthlgltsuDg [nauht-] f. wicked avarice, CP 

nfthtUo good for nothing, uxirthless, of no 

avail, Csr979x. adv. -Uoe wiclxdly, badly, 

VP8{6). VnoughUy'] 
nfthtnes f. wortklessnees, CHB449a. 
n&htsctpe f. worthlessness, Chb449s. 
nAh-wAr, -wftm adv. 'nou?here,* in no case, 

never, notataU, A,^,Bl ; GD(d). 
nfthwselSer pron. and oonj. neither, CP, 

nAhwir = nahwfir 

nitawlder ^no-whither,* nowhere, Bo,BB, 
nfthwonan adv. from nowhere, 
nataM, nalas, nales (AO,CP), nalles (CP)» 


nalde (N,yPs) =nolde pret. of *nyllan. 
nam I. pret. 8 sg. of niman. II. (N)sne 

nlm f. (legal) seizure, LL. 
nama (o) m. 'name,* JB ',AO,CP : noun, 

nambd c (o) f. register of names {in a book), 

WW 342". 
nambred (o) n. register of names {on a tahlei), 

WW499*. [Qer, brett] 
namctkV weU-known, celebrated, M, 
namoOVlIoe adv. by name, M. 
±nanilan to 'name, ' mention, JB : nominate, 

nammAtum adv. by name, OEG880. 
+]uumia m. companion, Rd63* ; 64^'? 
riamnian to address, inpoke, j!&. 
Dftmon pret. pL of niman. 
DftmrAden f. learning, WW431*. 
nta as. nftnne, nanne I. pron. and adj. ' none* 

not one, no, Bl,Chr,Ct,nL. nana oinga on 

no account. II. sb. w. g. none, no one, 

nothing, Bo,Jn,BB. [nS, an] 
nAn-wlht, -(w)uht I. n. (often w. g.) nothing, 

naught, AO,CP. II. adv. not at all, in no 

nftp pret. 3 sg. of nipan. 
nard m. spil^nard, unguent. [L. nardus] 
nart {JnL) =neart ; nam =neani 
nas =ne8 =ne w»s 
ntot (— ne wast) v. nytan. 
nas19i*l=ii»st$yTl; nasa=noea 
n&t (Bo,Jn)=ne wat, v. nytan. 
iiAtethw5n {M), natet$»6hw6n adv. not, not 

at aU, by no means. 
nAthwi adj. pron. some one {nescio quis). 
nithwAr adv. somev^ere or other. 
tMhwwt pron. something or other. 
nftt-hwllo, -hwylo adj. pron. (indef.) (/ know 

not whid^), some one or other. 
nAtdliwdn, natd68Bshwdn=nate6hwdn 
nMHUto (AO) =na€ylns 
nftVer (^,AO,CP), nat$or (iS:)=:nahw»t$er 



nMno n. nothing, HL18^. ±iiMai-li0, •lii(g)e (luu. +) sufficienily : 

nftSyifis nottnthslanding, nevertheilesB, AO almndantly : often, frequently : earnestly, 

(e*). ntahhebflr = neahgebor 

iiAuht=iiaht +iiealilielIoe (nehJ-) euffidentiy, frequently, 

nftwa adv. never, LoD94b. [ne, awa] usually, LL,Outh. 

n&wor =nahwer ntahherguog f. war dose at hand, 

nftwftni [»>nahw«em] ady. nowhere, WW. neah-hto, •hige=neahhe 

nftwht, nawiht = naht ; n&wtfor = nahwaBtSer +ntalilaii to draw near to, LPs 90^. 

nftwuht (CP) = nawiht, naht ntahldoan = nealtecan 

ne I. adv. not, no, M,CF, IL oonj. neither, ntahland n. neighbourhood, 0069**. 

nor, M,CP, ntah-mAg m. nap. -magas near relation, 

nta- =neah- BiahmOgtS f. neighbouring tribe, BH. 

ntad =nied ; n§ad- ▼. aJBO nied, nyd-. atehmimn m. neighbour, BH. 

nfiadclamm n. necessity, extremity, LPs 106**. ntetamunt m. neighbouring mountain, GD. 
nfodoofa m. prison. An 1311. ntehnes f. nearness, neighbourhood, BH. 

ntadgafol n. tax, tribute, LL. ntetanunniiiyiisttr neighbouring convent, BH 

ntedgewuna m. enfo rced cu stom, WW221*. 254^®. 

nfodgyldA m. ({e6tor, WW221^«. ntehdbb L adj. related, IL f. affinity^ 

ntedbld m. compulsion, force, WW 480". relationship. 

ntedhAs f . order which one must obey, LL 12. ntelista = niehsta 

±n6adla]i to compel, force, constrain, urge, ntelistdw f. neighbourhood, place near, 

impel, M. iieaht(ife<)=niht 

niadignM f . obligation, OEG2106. ntehttd f . approaching time, BH290**. 

ntadlnga (AO), nSadlunga =neadiinga ntahtfkn (e) m. neighbouring town or village. 

ntedVearfllc lucessary, useful, adv. -fioe, ntahVdod f . neighbouring nation, AO. 

MGr, ntehwsBter n. neighbouring piece of water, 

nfodSearfnes f. opportunity, occasion, LPs Nab 22**. 

9'*. +nfoliwlaii (€) to draw near, cleave to, NG. 

iatMingn.necessarything,RB61; MPWl laahymOu m. neighbouring wood, QI>229^. 
ntadung f. compulsion, M. dbntalAcan (w. d.) to draw near, approach^ 

ntodunga, nSadnnge adv. eompulsorily, JS ; AO,CP : be near, GD 85* : cling to, CPs 

forcibly, M. 136*. ['nehleche* ; ueah,lBboaaL] 

ntadwb needful, fitting, due, M. adv. of nteUtaung f . approach, access, M, 

necessity, m. ntello (e) near, neighbouring, adv. -lioe 

niadwbDM f. necessity, OEG2396. nearly, about, Bl;CP. ['nighly'] 

nfodwito n. inevitable punishment, MF nealles adv. not, not at cdl, by no means, 

(Vesp. D xiv). CP. 

ntadwraca m. avenger by necessity, TO 6 1 1 **. neam =: neom ; ntam- = neahm- 
nCah I. (e, i) [comp. neara, superl. niehsta nten adv. from near by : close at hand, near : 

S.V.] adj. *near,^ nigh, close, BH ;A0, nearly, about. 
P : late. IL adv. *near,* nigh, about, +ntan =+nShwian; ii6ap=hnepp 

almost, nearly, lately, AO,Bo,0,Lcd,Met, ntar comp. of neah» adv. near, nearer, AO. 

etc. ; CP. ngar and near nearer and nearer, +near = + ner 

»t niehstan next, at length, finally. III. ntara, n^rra (AO), oomp. ol nSah, adj. 

prep. w. d. near, dose to : according to, later, latter, nearer. 

AO. neaia- = nearo- ; nearo ( AO) = neara 

+nSah Lf sufficiency, abundance. IL pres. nearobngd f. crafty trick, Juii302 

3 Bg. of +nugan. nearoorsBtt m. skill in enclosing f B2243. 

ntehbOend m. neighbour, Bd26*. nearoffth intensely hosiilef B2317. 

ntehoeaster f. nearest town, BH 52*' (nSh-). nearogrip f . dose grasp, Bd81*. 
nSahcyrlce f . neighbouring church, GD. naaroUo oppressive, straitened. El 91 3. adv. 

ntohdfil m. neighbourhood, GD71**. -lioe narrowly, dosely, briefiy, accurate^f, 

ntehdOn f. neighbouring hill. Nab 14*. ^,CP : strictly, stringently, oppressively. 

nfiahfta f. neighbouring river. Nab 22'. nearonM f. urgent need. 

nSahtoland n. neighbouring island, MH84^'. nearones f. strait, AO : oppression : distress, 
nfohlaoder m. ' vidnus pater, ' GD 179'. anxiety, trouble. 

ntoh-feald, -fealdlic (GD) intimaie. naaiollancnes f. wickedness, LPs27*.- 

nAahtrtond (e^) m. near friend, near kinsman, nearoVearf f . dire need, Cb69. 

Guth56**. Tiib9aiartnot,Bo. ['Tuzri*; neeart] 

nSahgangol (w. d.) placed near, iBL23"^ nearu Lf f 7 n? gs. neani, near(o)we strait, 
nAabgebtkr m. ^neighbmir,' CP. danger, distress, difficulty, n. tJrdwian to 

ntehgeb^n (nehhe-) f. neighbour, Lkl5*. be in straits : confinement, imprisonment : 
nfobgeb^Ud (nehe-) m. neighbour, LkL 16*. prison, hiding place. IL adj. narrow, eon- 
nftabgehflsa (e) m. neighbour, JVPs. fined, A0,0 : limited, petty : causing m 




aeeompanied by difficuUy, hardship, oppres- 
«tye, Bl,Ild I strict, severe, CP. [* narrow*] 


nearusaarut f . dark cunning f imprisonment f 

memnuoTg f . crushing distress. El 1261. 

neanlSano m. wickedness, OEO. 

nearuwreno m. evil trick. Mod 44. 

nearwe adv. narrowly, closely, stricUy, B, 
Met : care/iiUy, exactly. El ; CP : oppressive- 
ly, forcibly : artfully : anxiously. [* narrow *] 

nearwelloe = nearolioe 

nearwlan {±) to force in, cramp, confine, 
afflict : become smaller, shrink, 

nearxnawang = neorxnawang 

nfeslan (VP8)=neo0ian 

ntot n. animal, beast, ox, CP,VPs; pL 
cattle, [*neat*] 

+iifot m. companion, follower (esp, in war), 
Chr,WW : dependant, vassal, tenant who 
works for a lord, y, LL2*427. [y. *geneat'] 


::tntatland n. land of a dependant or vassal, 

+ntetinaim = +ntot 

+ntotrlht n. regulations as to the tenure of 
'geneatland/ LL445[2]. 

+iiaatseolu f. band of comrades, Ji7l684. 

niawett (AO,CP), nSawiat (M) fm. neigh- 
bourhood, nearness, presence : society, co- 
habiiation. fnSah, wesan] 

ntowung (N) z. nearness. 

nebb n. bill, beak^ beak-shaped thing, OpJ^h : 
nose, LL : face, countenance, compiUxion, 
M,CF. j:**i«6»] 


nabbian to retort upon, rebuke, confrontp 
^H 1*256. 

nebcorn n. pimple, LodI'1 18. 

nebgebrao n. nasal mucus, WW. 

nebsealt f. antimony, face-powder, OEG. 

nebwUtful barefaced, shameless, OEG 2*^'. 

nebwUtung f. barefacedness, impudence, 
OEO 4306. 

nebwllte m. face, countenance, M. 

nechebtir = nSahgebiir ; neoti- = nihte- 

ned = net( t) ; dM = ( 1 ) nied ; (2) niod 

nM- (A)=nead-, nied-, nyd-; nMl=nftd] 

nMre (VPs), neddie=niMre 

nefa m. (± ) nephew, MJiO : stepson : grand- 

netene f . granddaughter : niece. 

netoe = nemne ; nfitre = nfifre adv. 

nefte f. ctit*s mint, [L, nepeta] 

nifugol m. bird of prey. Gen 2168. [*nSo, 
corpse ; Ooth. naas] 

ii6gan=n»gan; negled-=iuegled- 

nfh^n^h ; +nebe» +nehli(ig)e = -i-neahhe 

nShst, Deh9ta=mehBt, niehsta 


nelrmawong (N)= neorxnawang 


nele (AO,CP)=nelle {M) piee. 1, 3 sing., 
nelt=pre8. 2 8g. of neUan. 


nam-nan, -nian {±)to name, call, M,AO,CP : 

enumerate : address, speak to : nominate : 

mention, relate, M, [nama] 
nanma (A;=WS nymtSe) conj. and prep. 

unless, except, save, only. 
namnlan = nemnan 

namnlandllc, nemnigendlic naming, nomi- 
native, iEGB22^*. 
namnlng f . name. 
nam'8 a=ny mCe 
nanft (WW262i) =ne na y. na. 
ninig (KGL)=nipnig 
niobaddt n. corpse-bed, bed of death. [Ooth. 

ntod I. f. (S, le, y) desire, longing : zeal, 

earnestness : j^/easwre, delight. [Qolh. 

niuVs] IL^nied 
nfoda adv. (instr. of neod) eagerly, zealously, 

nfodlracu f. yearning, greed, MirSl^* (v. 

ES 39-336). 
ntedfrtond m. kinsman, friend, HL18^**. 

nfodful zealous, earnest, Jul 720. 
ntodhua n. necessary chamber, NC312. 
d:ntodian ("Sa; impen. w. g.) to be 

necessary, req[uire, be required, MB. [*need*] 
nfodlaVu f. wish, B1320. 
nfodllea adv. eagerly, carefuUy, zealously, 

diligently, ^ : (f) greatly. 
niodlof n. zealous praise, PP8148*'. 
ntedspaaruwa m. {resUessf) sparrow, PPs 

BiodVaarflle necessary, GD148*. 
niodwaoitaDg f. zealous honouring, PPs 

naofa^nefa; ntel^^^eowol 
nto-lAaan (yP8)rl«oan (if (L)»neall&oan 
naom=ne eom {am not) 
naoman = niman 

ntemlan to sound sweetly f Wtbd84. 

+ntepaii*7 to engulf, overwhelm. Ex 475. 
ntor adv. =n£ar 
+naortI contented, Cp644. 
naonmawaag m. Paradise, M,CP ; v. GK. 
naonmawangUc adj. of paradise, GD179^ 
nftoaan, nSosian (iB) to search out, find out, 

inspect : (±) visit, go to : attack, visit with 


ntesIV m. death. Mod 66. 

±n908iiiig f . access : visitation, visit, M. 
ntetan* (osu. w. g.) to use, have the use of, 

enjoy, employ, [Oer, geniesaen] 
nao9-an, -ane (i) adv. below, down, beneath, 

from beneath, JE,Bl,Bo (on). ['netAen*] 
naoffanwaard adj. lower, WW26*(io). 
naotto-=ni<6e-; naoVonr=4neotSan 
naoVor, neo6oT-=ni(Sor, nitSer- 
naotSowaard=ni6eweard; iiaoVra=nit$era 
ntew- = ni w-; n aowal = neowol 
nCowirao (WW454»)=naw«m 




naowol (i) predpUous : keadUmg : prone, 

proatriMte, JE,Bo{i) : obscure, deep down, 

abysmal. [*niteZ*] 
neowollle (P, e*) profound, deep, MLl^, 
BeowoliMS f. depih, abyss, chasm^ ^(i^)* 
nip only in phr. f orSganges n. wUhomi power 

ofadtmndngf Ex 460. 
nipflod m. neap-tide, e66, low tide, Gl. 

:tner (ea) n. refuge, protection, JELtjLO. 

+ii«r-«diM8, -renes f. deliveranee. 
iMrgend m. satriour, preserver {Christ, Ood). 
±iietlan to save, rescue, liberate, M,AO,CP : 

preserve, defend, protect. [Ooth, nasjan; 

Cfer. n&hren] 
iMriMid, nerigend = nergend 
oim = near(r)a ^^ 

+iwntMle m. refuse, sanctuary, WW 180**. 
nmuiig f. guard, protection, OEQ6396. 
nerw* = nearw-, nirew- ; nan- = neorx- 
±iiMaii* (um. +) to escape from, survive, be 

nase (») adv. no, M,CP. [ne» d] 
iMst I. n. *nest,* MtLJPh;M : young bird, 

brood, IL n. food, provisions, victuals, 
ntat, nesta (VPs) =nieh8t» niehita 
DMtan to spin, NO. 

nestilan to make a nest, LPs 103^. 
nastpohlui m. waUet, MtLlO^^ 
net=nett; iiet-^nyt- 
Mta m. caul, WW266**. 
netel, netele f. * nettle,* Led. 
niten (£o,FP«)^=4meten 
netaiMf=nytenneB; iiitt(Cp)=nfidl 
netle (Cjp)= netele 
netoii=nyton pree. p L of nytan. 
netrip m. snare, gin, WW. 
nett (y) n. 'net,* ^,Bo,WW : neiUng, net- 
work, spider's web, PPs. [OoA . naii] 
nette (y) f. the net-like caul, WW. 
nettgem n. knitting yam, EC 377. [geam] 
+netdan to ensnare, OEG4596. 
d:nMaii to venture on, dare, risk, AO. [ndt$] 
+iiitfedllc = +mededlio 
+net$oriaii = + niSerian 
nSVlng f . boldness, daring, AO. 
neurlsn f. aneurism, LcD. 
newestelSa (i^) m. pit of the stomach? bowels? 

newest = neawest 

nfot (LWS)r=^iehst; iil-=nig-, niw- 
nle, nice adv. not I {=^no). [ne, io] 
Bleor (e*) m. nap. nicras waier-sprite, sea- 

monsier, ByBl : hippopotamus, walrus, Nar. 

[* nicker'] 
nlcorhds n. sea-monster *s dwelling, "B 1411. 
nid =nied ; nld- =nSad-, nied-, nyd* 
nled I. (e, ea, eo, i, y) in. 'need,* necessity, 

compulsion, duty, B{y),BH{e),NO{e) ; AO, 

CP : errand, business, ^(eo) : hardship, 

distress, difficulty, trouble, pain, AO : force, 

violence, VPs{e) : what is necessary : in- 

eviiiMeness : fetter, DxobS : name of the 

rune for n. II.=ndod 
nled- V. also n€ad-, nyd-. 
nl^dan (e, i, f) to compel, force, urge, press, 

jB{f), Bo JfQle) ; AO,CP. ['need*] 
niadbid (e, y) f. toU, exaction, blackmail. 
niadbidare (S) m. toU-coOector, TC29i^ 
nledbahAfdlle necessary, BH396*«. 
nIadbaliAfBdnaa f. necessity, M{e^). 
nladbahSfa needful, necessary, M(j^). 
nIadbaVaarf (y*) necessary, CPV. 
nIMa, nfedea (ea. So, i, y) adv. (instr. and 

gs. of nied) of need, needs, necessarily, com- 

vulsorilit CP. 

•fnbdadlla (e) compulsory, BHe2»(v.L). 
nfadanga, niedunga adv. necessarily, by force, 

forcibly, CP. 

idadfarat f. compulsory journey, death* 
nladbAmad (e, y) n. rape, LL. 
nladhfomas (e^, e*) f. slavery, DR6*. 
nladllng m. slave, AO : sailor. 
nladmleal (e) urgenL 
niadnftm f . seizure. 
nladflo^d f. moral necessity, CP67^ 
nMsIbb (ea) f. relationship, OEG. 
nladVaarf I. f. need, necessity, compulsion, 

force, CP : distress : want, thing needed. 

IL adj. necessary. 
BiMSaarfkias (ea, e, y) f. need, necessity : 

compulsion : distress, trouble. 
nladoiow (§, f) m. slave. 
nfedthwfung f. reproof, CP297**. 
nladwfidla m. poor wretch, Gbk929. 
nlahst L adv. (soperl. of neah) most nearly, 

in closest proximity : l<ist {in time), £U^ 

Oen{e). Ih wdj. latest, last, JS,Jud,VPs{e)z 

nearest, 'next,* CP, Chr,KC,MkL{e). sfc 

niehfitan at last, next. 
niahsta mf . closestfriend, CP :{±) neighbour, 

MkL, VPs : next of kin, LL. [' next *] 
niarwan = nearwian 
niatan (§, eo, i, y) n. small animal, beast, 

cattle, Bo,Lcd ; AO,CP. [* neten * ; neat] 
niatancynn n. kind of animaL 
nfotanlic animal, brutish, Bo35**(S). adv. 

-lice like an animal, W65*'(y). 
niatannas f. brutishness, JE{y). 
nla1Sama8t=ni9emeet; nlaVar>»<ni6er 

nlfara m. new comer, stranger, PPs 38^. 
nifol dark, gloomy [ =neowol] 
nlft f. niece, BH,Ep,TC : granddaughier : 

step-daughter. I'nift*] 
tiig'=mw-; nIgani=<nigon ; nlga-scmgo- 
nlgacyirad newly conv^ted, OEG 3447. 
nigahalgod newly consecreUed {of a king), 

newly crowned, MLIS***. 
nigahwyrfad newly converted, JSLIP*. 
nlganda = nigotSa 




nlghworfen netdy eanveried, ^H 2*130**. 
nlgon 'nine,' A,Bl,Chr ; AO,CP. 
nigOBfeald 'ninefold,' MQr, 
nlgongylde entitled to ninefold compeneaU<m, 

nlgonnlhta nine days old, ANS 129-22. 
nlgontioVft 'nineteenth,* Chr : 'ninetieth,* 

OE02521 (nigen-). 
nlgonUene {y*) 'nineteen,* A,Men, 
nlgontig 'ninety,* Lk;CP. 
nlgontyiillo containing (he number nineteen. 
nlgonwlntn nine years old, AO 186^*. 
nlgc^ (7) 'ninth,* Bl; MH(7) : ninth part, 

nlgotto ninthly, LL181[9]. 
nUpBl^ood pto. freshly smoothed, glossy, MH 

nlgun - nigon ; nlh (KGl 66**) = nteh 
nlliold (Ql), iiihol=iieowoI 
nlbst, ii!liata=meh8t, niehata 
nlht {tB, e, esk, ie, y) f. (gs. also nihtes) * night* 

(often used in enumerations where mod. 

Eng. uses days) ; darkness, BH,Bl,Cr,Led ; 


nlhtbealu n. dutruetion by night, B193. 
nlhtbutorfltoge f . beetle or moth which flies 

by night, WW 121» ; A8*460. 
nlhtSage that can see at night, WW. 
nlhtMUd (night-old), that has happened 

yesterday, LL. 
nlhtegato (a, m, e) t nightingale, Cp : night- 
jar, ['nightgale*] 
nlhtige = nihteage 

nlhtegesa m. nocturnal terror, FPs90*. 

nlhteme adv. by night : during a night, LcD. 
nlhtonmes f. night season, Lcd 3*288*^. 
nlbtes (8b) adv. (gs. of niht) 6y night, M. 
nihtfeormungt ^- shelter at nighL 

nlhtgengat >&• night-goer^ goldin. 

nlhtfengv f. night-prowler, hycsna, WW. 
nihtgeilmt n. number of nights, 
nlhtgUd n. night sacrifice or service, Ql. 
nltatgldm m? gloom of night, Oi7916. 
nlhthelmt m. shades of night. 
nlht-hrsBfn, -hrefn, -hremn m. night-raven 

nlhtliroe m. night-raven, LPslOP. 
nlhthwn f . space of a night, W 147*. 
•fnllitlan to become night, grow dark, NC296. 
nlhtlang lasting through the night, M. adv. 

-langes, M, 
nlbtUo nocturnal, of the night, at night, M,CP. 
nitataebstlg having fasied for a night, JjOD. 
nlhtremn =nththnefn 
nlhtrest f. couch, Gkn2863. 
jilhtrfm = nihtgerfm 
nltatsaag m. compline : book of service for 


Blhtieadu (a*) night-shade (plant), WW 136*. 
nOit-scQat ™*> gs- -8ou(w)an shades of night. 
nlhtslAp m. night*s sleep, ^L23^. 

nthtnun = nyhtsum 

nlhtwaeu f. night-watching, /Sea/7, ['night- 

nlhtwsBoee f. 'night-watch,* vigil, Lk. 

nlhtwaru f. clothing for night, RB90*. 

nlhtweard m. guardtan at night. Ex 116. 

nllitweorc n. deed done at night, B827. 

DIM (MP 1*613) pres. 3 sg. of nSahmtn. 

Dlhwyrted (OEG3138)=iugehw7rfed 

nOfired newly initialed, OEG3138. 

iille=n7le, pres. 1 sg. of *n7llan. 

±ii]iiian* (eo, io, 7) to take, assumje, under- 
take, accept, receive, get. Bo, VPs, etc. : hold, 
seize, catch, grasp, pluck up, carry oft, 
Bl(eo) : bear, carry, bring : betake onesSf, 
go. Bo : contain : suffer, tolerate : give : (+ ) 
grasp, comprehend : (+) take to wife. £ri9 
+ n. make peace. h% hine genam he collected 
himself, reflected, sige n. gain victory, on 
n. take effect, LoD. X'nim*] 

-ntanmid, -nimendnes v. dfil-n. 

nlmlng f. action of taking, LkL. ['nim- 

iUia9e=n7mt$e; iiIol=neowol 


nlpT sb. rope, GPH399«*^ 

+nlp da/rkness, mist, eUmd, obscurity, M. 

d:iiipaii^t ^ 9^^<*^ dark, obscure. 

+nlpfiil dark, gloomy, ES 39-347. 

ntanswett (nirw-) n. narroumess : narrowplace, 
defile, pass, AO : hardness of breathing. 


nlrwtf f . prison house, WW 399*. [niervaa] 

nls (jB,Bo, VPs)=ne is (is not), ['nis*] 

nlstoVa = neweseoVa 

DiMMleB ptc. newly-boiled, OEG326. 

nlstan (VPs), nistian (8Ps) to buUd neets. 

nlstlg adj. fasting, Lgd. [ne, wist] 

nlst-lan (PPs), -Uan (BPs) (7) to build nests. 

iilt-=nyt-; iilten=nieten 

niton ( 60) = nyton ▼. n7tan. [* niten *] 

niV n. abyss. Sat 634? 

niV m. strife, enmity, attack, war : evU, hatred, 
spiU, Bl,Cr,VPs;AO,CP : oppression, 
affliction, troubU, grief, AO. ['nUh*] 


BlKan loAote, GDI 17*. 


niSewalu f . violent death, destruction, Cb 1268. 

Bitfowealm} m. violent death, destruction. 

BlMnMa m. hostile dragon, B2273. 

BtVemest y. nitSera. 

BtVer (io, 7) ady. below, beneath, M,B,Bo; 
AO,CP. I'neiher*] . 

nIVera (eo, 7) (comp.) adj. nitSemest, 
n7tSeme8t (super!. ; positive not found) 
lowfT, under, lowest. Bo, W W ; CP. ['nether*] 

BlVerflsetlfan (^o*) to push down, JE. 

nlVerftstlgan^ to descend, M,CP. 

BlVerfttredan* to tread down, tread under fooL 

BtVerbogSB ptc. beni down, KC4-72^ 




iil90rd«l m. lower part, PPsl38» 

nlVere adv. below, down, low down. Bo. 

ntVerfldr f. lower etory, GD170^^ 
nitforgin (y^) to deacend, JE. 
niltonnuig (y) m. descent, Lcd3-246'. 
ntVerheald bent downwards. Met 31**. 
ntSerhraoseiMto (y ) falling down, M. 
nlSerhryre (y^) m. downfall, preeipitation, 

±iiMS«rlaii (e, y ) to depress, abase, bring low, 

oppress, Jnd,Lk,VPs;AO,CP : condemn, 

accuse, +nyi5ied ignominious, ML2Z\>^K 

+iiftferlffeiid]Je (y) deserving condemnation. 

So 162». 
nlSerlle low, low-lying, inferior, lowly, CP. 
nflfoniM (y) f. deepness, bottom, BH212*^. 
ntSerra = niSera 

nlVoriototende (y) rttshing downwards, 
nlVenoyte m. rushirtg downwards, descent, 


nlttonlga (y^) m. going down, LPs. 
nttfonflgan =mtSera8tigan 
ntVerstlfe (y^) m. des^nt. 
nlVertorllMi to throw down, GPH390. 
nlttorung i, humiliation, downthrow, con- 
demnation, BH(y),OEQ, ['niiher'l 
+iitVeniiig f. abasement, M : condemnaJUon^ 

nlVerwaard adj. directed downwards, adv. 

ntttoweard situated beneath, low, nethermost. 
nlVful envious, quarrelsome, ill-disposed, evU, 

JS, I'nithfuU*] 
nlStullIoe maliciously, ^Hl-46''. 
nlVgfBStt (y*) m. hostile alien, feU demon, 
nll^tfon n. attack, Gek2068. 
nlS^weoro n. evil deed, B683. 
nlVgrama m. anger, maUce, W 180*. 
nlSgrimf fierce, hostile, 

nlViripa m. fierce grasp, B976T [or T nyd-] 

nlSlieardt (and £Ps27«) bM, brave in battle, 

nlShell f. hateful heU, HL15^*«. 
' nlShetet m. nostilityy evil intent : affliction, 
torment : foe. An 8337 

nlShyegandet evU-scheming, 

nlV^dlg (€*) valorous, B3165. 

nlSlg envious, malicious, OEO p. 224ii. 

nlSlng m. wretch, villain, coward, outlaw, 
Chr,LL, Vnithing'] 

+DlVlat m. enemy : enmity, fierceness 

nlVlIee adv. abjectly, OEG744. 

DlSlooa m. place of torment, Hbll64. 

ntVor (eo, y) comp. adv. hnoer, M,CP, 

nlVplega m. battle, fight. An 414. 


nlVsoea'Va m. foe, persecutor, Rd 16**. 

nlSsdpe m. inclMiness, LPs 7^*. 

nlSsele m. hall of conflict, B 1613. 

nlVsynn f. grievous ain. Sat 180. 

nlWasf mpl. men, 

nlSwaorc n. battle, tCHB973. 

nlVwnusiit f . severe punishment, 

nlBwundor} n. dire wonder, fearful portenL 

nlwan (eo) adv. newly, lately, ^,A0. 

nlwanienniied new- born, MH 170^'. 

nlwanemiMn (WW) =niwcainen 

nlwaiM = niwan 

nlwlwoeii (nig-) newly baked, M, 

Dlwoend new bom, BH 144** (nic-). 

Dlwellet newly whitewashed, A0286**. 

nlweumen (ni(ff)-) neophyte, RB. 

Dlwe (So, ie) L (nig-, nl-, in compoands) adj. 

*new,* fresh, recent, novel, unheard of, un- 
tried, inexperienced, JBJLO,BH,NQ,Ph, 

WW ; CP. niwan stefne again, IL adv. 

(BO = niwan. [*fiet0*] 
nlweme (y) tender, M. 
nlwMtoVa = newes5ot$a 
nlwlan to renew, restore, El,Lcd, [*ft<w'] 
nlwllc (y) fresh, adv. -IJce lately, recently, 

M,kO, ['netdy'] 
nlwUnga (eo) anew, GD266**. 
nlwiMS f. ^newness,* novelty, BH{^), 

nl wtyrw d newly tarred, B296. 
BlwuBg f. rudiment, OEG914. 
nlwunga (eo) adv. newly, anew, 
noctem m? n? noctum (religious service), 


+ni6g, +ndh I. adj. enough, sufficient, abun- 
dant, An,Bo,RB ; CP much, many, 
II. adv. sufficiently. Bo : fuUy, guite^ 

abundantly, Bo, [* enough*] 

+n6glan to be abundant, NC345. 


nolde V. *nyllan. 

nom pret. 3 sg. of niman. 

Bom*, nome- =nani- 

non m. title of senior monks, RB. 

Ii6nfn(m. B,B7Z^*) the ninth hour i'^Zp.m.), 
B,BH,Lcd : nones {service held at the ninih 
hour), RB, WW, ta ndnee HU three o 'dock, 
[*noon* ; L, nona (hora)] 

ndnbelto f. noon-beU, 

ndngeraord n. meal after nones, dinner, RB 

ndnmete m. afternoon meal, 8ol,WW. 


nftnaang m. service at 3 p.m., nones. 

ndntid f . ninth hour, jB,Bl. [* noontide '] 

ndnt&na m. ninth Jumr, 

noHS I. adj. comp. nortS(er)ra, superL 
norVmeet northern, AG. II. adv. comp. 
nort$or northwards, Chr,Met : in the north, 
'north,* AO,B,Bl, 

norSan adv. from the north, AO. be... 
norl$an prep. (w. d.) norih of, AO. 

norSantestan adv. from the nofih-east, north- 
easterly, AO. 

BoiKantaftanwtnd m. north-east wind, WW. 




NorSanbymlire, NorVhymbre mp. North- 
umbrians, Chr I Norihumbria. [* North' 

norSanweard northtoard. 
noiHanwesten ady. from the north-west, 

north-westerhf, AO. 

norSanwMtanwlnd m. north-west wind, WW 


norSanwInd m. north wind, 
nofSdAl m. north quarter, northern part, 

north, ^,AO,Chr. ['northdaU'] 
norSduru i. north door, Bl203. 
norMast sbm. and adv. ^north-east,* BG, 

norSiastendo m. north-east end, AO 14^*. 
noiUdasthyrne 1 north-east comer, LV71. 
norKSastlang extending north-eastwards, AO. 
norSemest = nortSmest 
norifonde m. northern quarter. 
nortforae * northern,* Northumbrian, Scan* 

dinavian, ^,Chr,MeL 
norVerra (BC,Chr) ootnp. adj. ▼. norV. 

norVeweard adj. northunrd, north, AO. 
nortffolc n. northern f elk : people ofNorfcXk. 
noiKgemftra n. northern limit, AO. 
norVheali f. north side, north, AO,Bl 

norShere m. army from the north, Chb910a. 
Nort(hymlire=3(l) NortSanhymbie ; (2) 


NortlhymbrlBe Northumbrian, M, 
noHtland n. northern land or shore, AO,Chr. 

nornanu f . north lane, Ct. 
norintode mp. northern folk. Angles, LL. 
normio northern, WW36P. 
norSmann m. dweUer in the north, Scandi- 
navian, ^,AO,Chr, [* Northman*] 
noiUmest (AO,Met) snperl. of nortS adj. and 

adv. [^northmost*] 
noiHor (AO) ▼. nortf. [* norther*] 
noiKportlo m. north porch, BH 106*. 
noilfra v. norO. 

noHlrodor m. northern sky, Qt7l263. 
BorSryhte adv. direct northwards, due north, 

AO 17»'". 
norSsS f. northern sea, * North Sea,* JS,Chr. 
noiltsofota m. northern point, promontory, 


norMiod f. northern people, BH50^*. 
noHNtunor m. thunder from the north, £S 

NorS-wtalas, -walas mp. North Welsh (t.e. 

not Cornish) : Wales. 

Nor1(wtelcynn n. inhabitants of (North) 

Wales, Chb. 
noHSweard adj. and adv. north, * northward,* 

Chr ;A0. 
not9wwid9S adv. 'northwards,* Chr, 
noiKweg m. a way leading northwards, 

Ex 68 : Norway, 
norlhurrat adv. 'north-v)est,* AO,BC, 
nortfwastende m. north-west end, AO. 

norSwestgemAre m. north-west limit, boun^ 

dary, A08». 
noriTwlnd m. north wind, WW 378^. 
nosef f. ness, promontory, 
nosgrlseto = nosugrisle 
nosle (WW 16Z)= nostle 
nostle f. fillet, band, CP,WW. ['nostel*] 
nos-ffirl, -Cyr(e)l, -terl {WW) n. 'nostril,* 

nosu f. gda. noea, nose *nose,* JB,Chr,CP. 
nosugiisle f . nose-gristle. 
not m. mark, note, A 8*333. [L, nota] 
ndtere m. one who makes notes, scribe, writer, 

0E62846. [L, notarius] 
noteVAshwdn =nate6hw6n 
notgeorntikiiM^rioiM, W72*. [nSotan] 
±notlan to enjoy : use, employ, Bo,BB,}VW ; 

M,CF : discharge an office : {+)'noU,* MtL. 
notu f. enjoyment, use, advantage, utility, 

AO,BS : employment, office, discharge of a 

duty, BB ; OP. [* noU * ; nSotan] 
BOtwrl tara m. one who makes notes, scribe, 

ndVf ^< daring, boldness : booty, plunder (OK ), 

ndttor (CP) =nahwflBt$er. ['nother*] 
ndwend m. shipmaster, sailor, NO 3 12. 
nft-wiht {CP,VPs), -wuht, -wyht=naht. 

nowttor {BC) = nahwntSer. [* nouther *] 
nQ I. adv. 'now,* at present, at this time, 

AyAO,Bl,VPs',CV : very recently, A,Bo : 

introducing commands, rwueets (Bl,Cr,Ps) 

and arguments (JE,Bo,CP), nu gen stiVL 

nu giet as yet, stiU, nQ (Sa now, already, JB 

{'nouAhe*). II, oonj, now that, inasmuch cu, 

because, since, when, Bl,Bo, VPs ; AO»CP. 

III. interj. lo/ behold/ come/ M, nu la now. 
+nugan* swv. impen. prea. 3 sg. +neah 

to suffice, not to tack, 
numen I. pp. of niman. II. 'vulsio,* MkL 

p. 2" (▼•A 16-74). 
numol (eS e*, u*) 'capax,* holding much, 

quick at learning, MQr,WW : 'vnardax,* 

quick at seizing, NO 3 13. ['nimble*] 
nUna adv. now, WW254*«. 
Vimfdmne f. nun, OD60, 340. 
nunblred m. nunnery, TO 232*. 
nunm n. life of a nun, GD 199^*. 
nunmynster, nunnanmynster n. convent, 

nunne f. 'nun,* JE,BH : pagan priestess, 

vesteU, AO. 
nuoserQd n. nun*s dress, TC638^'. 
nustotf a = neweseotSa ; nVM v. nfi. 
nybtto (VHy)=nymtSe 
+nycl6d (OL) = +oynoled 
n^d I. = n!ed. II. = nSod 
n^d- = nead-, nled- 
njNlbebod n. command. Great 72. 
n^be-hdf, -h5flio needful, necessary, 
n^dboda m. messenger of evil? £x474. 
n^dbrioe {§)m.requirement,need,MlI2'l4A*^. 


nfdbyiga f. toil, trtmbU, Rix 44. nyitlaii =iii8tlan ; nyt = (1) nytt ; (2) nett 

n^dbyslg distreUed, JnL423. +iiyt pree. 3 8g. of +niedan. 

n^ddeofat m. pri&on. njrtaii (e, i) anv. pres. 1, 3 6g. nat, 2 nast, pi. 

nydoosting f. affliction, 6u 1126. nyton, pret. nyste, nysae not to know, to be 

n^ddAda m. one who ads under compulsion, tgnorani, M,AO,CP. [ne, witan] 
LL36[26]. Byton ignorant, M. [ne, witan] 

+iiydeiille compulsory, BHd2'*B. n^n (LcJ)t=<iiiet6n 

n^dfara m. fugitive, exile. Ex 208. nytende ady. ignoranUy, M. 

n^dgwUUt n. forced dissolution, death. nytondnes = nytennee 

n^dganga m. ufrelched wanderer. Da 633. nytenlle ignorant, M. 

n^dfestealla m. comrade in need, B882. nytannes (e,i)f- ignorance,1axiness,ignominf 

nydgawald m. tyranny, Cb1461. M, 

nf dgUd n. eaxiction, tribuU, W 1 62". nytUe useful, profitable. [Oer. nntdich] 

nydgr&p f. (Rim73), nydgiipe m. (B976) nytllenes f. u<f2%, LcdI-SU^ 

coercive grip, nytnes f. use, benefit, convenience. 

D^dlitaMsIre (9) f. nUsiress, eoneulnne, nytt I. f. use, utuiiy, advantage, AO.CP : 

0EG4451. duty, office, employmeni, B : supervision^ 

n^dhelp ml. help in troubU, LL(278*). care, GD 180>*. II. adj. useful, beneficial, 

d:ii^^iiAS m., -mage f. l^ood-relationf helpful, profitable, AO,CP. [nSotan] 

cousin. 111. iiytta=nette 

n^dniflBgeii (e^) n. force, DR 117". ±iiyttlaii to enjoy, use. Led : eoL [^nutte*] 

nydiriRfnan to force, ravish, LL. nyttnet = nytnes 

i^dnes f. necessity, LL(158"). nyttol useful, LoD32b. 

n^dnlma (S) m. one who takes by force, NO. nyttung (i) f. profit, advantage, WW116''. 
n^dnlman* (ea) to take by force, aiduct, nytu (lf(J27")=hnuta 

LL360[73»2]. nytim=nyton=ne witon 

n^dnlmu (€) f . rapine, forcible seizure. nytweorff- =nytidei9- 

nydntmung f. rapine, abduction. nyt-wteHSe (GP), -wirtSe, -wyrtSe (M) useful^ 

Bfdrllit n. imperative duty, office : due, profitable. 

tribute. aytwleiinie useful, profitable, adv. -lloe, CP. 

n^dMowetllDg m. bondslave, TO 628". nytwuilf-, nytwyrtS- =nyt wi«rg - 

nfdttowigan to reduce to servitude, exact nytwyHfnes (eo) f. utUiiy, WW. 

service from {an ecclesiastical establishment), nytSan = neoVan 

LL381 [21]. nytto-, nyt$er- = nitSer-, nit$r- ; nfi^- =mw- 

n^wraout f. violence, distress. nywel, nywoli»ineowol ; ■9xt=mehBt 

BfdwrAolfoe violenUy, if:L23b^. 
n^dwyrhta m. involuntary agent, LL. 
+nylie = +neahlie 
iiyiist=4nieli8t; nytati=4iilit 
+iiyht fa. abundance, fulness, sufficieney, o=on; o(N)=a; ob, ob- (K)=of, of- 

CP. [+nugan] obet (Cp,Ep) =ofet ; obst (Cp217B) =ofd8t 

+iiyhtfiil abundanJl, plentiful, WWHO^. oe =ao 

+nyhtnoe abundantly, WW 3*. 6e pret. 3 8g. of acan. 

::tiiyht8um abundant : (+) satisfied, eon- 5con pret. pi. of acan. 

tented, adv. -lioe, VPs. oeusta m. armpit, Gl. 

+nyhtiBiinlan to suffice, abound, M. 6den (5?) f. threshing-floor. 

+nyhtsuRm68 f. abundance, plenty, VPs. ddenoolo hollow serving as a threshing-fioor, 
+nyta« (W 196») = +nyht ? EC 121«. 

nyllan* anv. pret. nolde to be untoilling, jB, +6don = +Sodon ; oe-=e-, %• 

B,CP,VPs ;A0 : refuse, prevent, PPs5*. oeg (N)=woeg=weg 

[*niU* ; ne, willan] oeg-hwdr, -hwelo (C^)=fig-hwSr» -hwilc 

nyman =mnian ; -nyme v. fore-n. oaht- (N) = eht- ; oembelit (Cp) =ambUit 

nyiime=nemne, nefoe oenuetan («ymb-) f. sltoot, slipf (Swt), 

nymtte conj. unless, except. row {of vines)? (BT), Cp634A. 

+ nyp = + nip oezen = ezen v. oxa. 

nypel m. trunk {of an elephant), M{4^. of I. prep. w.d. *o/, 'from, out of, ^,AO,Bl,0, 
n^ = near =neah adv. etc. : among, concerning, about, AO,BH : 

nyrgend =nergend ; nyTKra=nortSerra by, Chr, etc. : derived from, made of, belong- 

d:nyrwan, nyrwian to narrow, curtail, re* ing to, ^,AO,QP, etc. 11. adv. off, away, 

strict : repress, oppress, constrain : blame, absent, Bl,LL,Mt. 

threaten, [v. * narrow *] oficiaplan to buy off, LL 122[74]. 

nyrwett = nirewett ; nys = nis = ne ia offtceorf an' to cut or prune off, AO,CP. 

nyne, nyste {Bo,Bl,VPs)^ne wiase, ne oHesian to find out by asking, be informed, 

wiflte V. nytan. [*nist*] hear of, learn, M. 




ottddn anv. to puUoui, tear out, LL 86(70,74] : 

leave out, except, LL182[10]. 
ottdrtten^ to hurt, chtise, drive. 
ofidrlnean* to drain, M : quench, AO. 
ondrygan to dry off, wipe off, CP71". 

ofUitawMi' to cut off, ^L29**'. 
ottsoeaean* to shake off, CM 003 : excuse, 
olfsdrmii (e, y) to cut off, LL68[36,6]. 
ofiaSoVan* to purge, purify, BH288*. 
otisltaa* to emiU off, Chb. 
otttton* to puU out, withdraw, CP. 
oflilan (M) = ofacsian 
otbfotan' to beat to pieces, beat to death, kiU, 

ofbUndlan to blind, JnLR12«*. 
ofealan* to chiU, make or grow ecid, M, 

ofeilplan to obtain by calUng, call for, M. 
ofounuui^ to spring from, be derived from, M, 
ofoyrf m. a section, cutting, M : amputation^ 

oidml inclined (doumwards). Bo 53^*. 
of-d»la, -dele n. decline, declivity, descent, 

abyss, CP. 
of Hito anv. pret. -dyde to put out, put off, 

take off {el<4hes). 
otdrSdan^ (but wk. pp. ofdiftdd) to fear, be 

afraid, ternfied, M,CP. 
of drilaa = of adiif an 
ofdflne adv. down, AO,CP. 
ofdOnehoald adv. directed downwards. 
ofdOnesattan to set down, VHy. 
of dQiiMllfeaiii to descend, VPs. 
ofdQne-waard, -weardee adv. downwards, 

ofdOmllito downwards, MFH 170. 
ofeannlan to be pitiful, ERSPsSd**. 
ofMnnuiig f. compassion, BlP8102«. 
ofihtan topersecuU, RP843^^. 
ofen m., gs. ofnes /umoce, MtLB : *ovsn,* 


ofenbaoMi baked in an oven, M. 

ofen-raoa m., -raou f. oven-rake, WW. 

ofer I. prep. [w. d. (rest) and a. (motion)] 
*over, ' beyond, above, upon, in, across, past, 
JB,AO,CP, etc. ofer bsBO backwards, back : 
throughout, BH : against, in contravention 
of, contrary to, beyond, AO,BH,BL,CtaL : 
(time) after, through, during, at the end of, 
AO,Chr,Lcd : more than : in addition to, 
besides, beyond, BoJLL,Mk. 1 1, adv. above, 
on high, PPa i to or on the other side, AO : 
from side to side, across, AO : beyond, above 
(quantity), A,BH, 

5fer (o*) m. (gs. dfres) border, margin, edge : 
brink, river-bank, sea-shore, jB,B,Lcd ; AO. 
[*over'; v. Mdf] 

ofer At m. gluttony, fetuting, excess, CP; M : 
feast, [* overeat*] 

oferftte gluttonous, RB17i*. 

oforihoblMUi = of eriiebban 

oftorbflBcgetSimg f. tetanus, WW112«*. 
oferbebfodan* to ruU, WW178•^ 
oferbeeuman* to come in addition, supervene, 
CM 134i~«. 

of orbeeumendllc supervening. 

ofar-bton anv. pree. 3 pi. -dnd to be over, 

command, CM 112 ; WW 178". 
ofarUdan^ to outlast, outUve, TC. ['over- 
ofarbltaniaf (y*) f . excessive bitterness, 8Ps. 

[* overbittemess*] 
ofarbUoa m. surface, 0ET181««. 
ofarbOSa too light-hearted, CP. 
oferlMAdan to spread over, suffuse, be spread 

over, overshadow, cover over, CP ; JBS. 

[* overbrede*] 
ofsrbrAdala m. outside, surface, covering i 

coverlet, veil, garment, M,CP i cerecloth, 

ofarbriw m. eye-brow, Lod 3* 188*. [braw] 
offtrbracan* to transgress, violate, AO. 
of arbrCdan = of erbregdan 
ofarbiMala (KQl) = oferbriedela 
of arbragdan* to draw over, cover, overspread : 

be covered over, show a fikn over. 
oftorbrQ f . eye-brow, Gl. 
ofarbiyaglaa to span as by a bridge, M. 

oterasBfed overlaid wUK ornament, GPH394. 
ofaroaald excessively cold, BunW. ['over- 


oferoarr m. passing over, MtL 1^. [darr] 
ofarcldan to chide sharply. 

ofaroldiiiig f . chiding, reproof, EPs 149 ^ 

of aralll n. steep place, overhanging eUff, WW 

ofarattmbaii* to climb over, it0134^'. Vover- 

ofaromft m. fraud, LL(166**). 
ofareuman* to overcome, subdue, compel, 

conquer, AO,B,Lcd,WW ;CP i obtain, 

attain, reach, overtake, BH,Cp,Jud,WW. 

ofaroyma m. arrival, BH436**. 
ofarcftfon to outdo by preponderance of oaths, 

V. LL2080. 
oferddn anv. to * overdo,* do to excess, M. 

oferddne Ving excesses, A. 
ofardranc (^)=oferdrync 
ofardranean to make drunk, intoxicate, AO, 

oftardilfan^ to overcome, defeat, dispense, JC, 

DB : confute, M : cover {by drifting sand), 

AO : outvote, LL. [' overdrive*] 
ofardrine = of erdrync 
ofardrlnoan' to drink too much, get drunk, 

CP,LL. ['overdrink*] 
oferdrlnoara m. drunkard, HL 12**»^'*. 
ofardrunoan I. n. drunkenness, LL. II. ptc. 

ofardninoennas f . drunkenness, intemperance, 

ofardryna m. over-drinking, drunkenness, 

CP : revelry, feasting, [v. * overdrink*] 


oferdyra n. {tnleZ, WW2801*. og, pass away, end, AO,CP. [*overgo,* 

ofere ovtr^ across, y. L'^S. 'overyon^'] 

ofortoea m. swrjUus, overplus, remainder, of6rgapla]ito6e/or9e</«2o/,iicg2ed,BB112*. 

addition, increase, JS. ofergten M, LoD 19a. 

oleraaid (y) very old, RBdl" ofergeatu f. oblivion, PPsl28*. 

oteraaldonnaiiiim. chief officer, BH261^t L). ofttrgeatul = ofergitol 
ofertea = oferfiaos ofersMlryiio n. excess in drinking, Bl99*^. 

ofereldu (HL 1 1**n) = oferylda ofergMlyre = of erdyre 

of ertt = of enet oterganMt n. excess, AS,CP. 

ofer-etol (CP), -eotol, -ettol gluttonous. ofergimnet f . watching for, NG. [gieman] 

oferetolnas f . gluttony, CP. ofarg«nga m. traveller, Lod. 

ofeiter n. passing over, NO. otergenlhtsumlan to superabound, Sc 131^*. 

oftorfflBrdld n. passage, journey over or across, ofergaong (=gang) m. going across. 

MJiO, oferg«otaii=ofergietaD 

olerfSt too fat, W W. [*overfat '] ofei|[fotan* to pour upon, suffuse, flood, over- 

oferfaBtoan to envelop, overshadow, whelm, M. 

otertann* (intr.) to pass, cross, go over, oterg«otend« forgetful, BH114**. [ofer- 

Ps : (tr.) traverse, go through, penetrate, gietan] 

Oen,W ;M,AO : came across, meet with, oter-geotol, -geottoI^Bk>fergitol 

overtake : pass through, withstand, overcome. ofergMettan to set over, CP, VPs. 

[* overfare *] ofergMtondan* to stand over. 

otorfeallan' to attack, Bl203. dfergetlllan to overcome, ^L23b^**. 

oferftong I. m. fbula, buckle, dasp, Gl. otergetlmbnui to erect, Bl205. 

II. pret. 3 8g. of oferfdn. ofergttol- = ofergitol- 

olerteohtan' to conquer, CP. ofergvweoro n. superstructure : sepulchre, M. 

oferfiran to traverse, cross, pass over or otargewrlt n. superscription, inscription, 

through, ^,A0 : come upon, meet vfith, ofergleten* to forget, disregtsrd, neglect, CP. 
oferferlan to carry over, transport, OEG36S0. oteiilfre gluttonous, CP. 
oftrfinies f. chance of crossing, fordahle oferglldaii=ofeTgyldan 

place, BH68^. otergimin to neglect, disregard. 

otorftSre overloaded, ▼. £843*312. ofergltan =ofergietan 

oferfll=oferf7ll of«r-gltol, -gittol (ea» eo, y)forgeifuL 

oferflMan to overflow, flood, Lod. ofergltollan (e, eo) toforaet, JVPs. 

oferflMe in flood, Lod. ote^tolnM (e, eo, y) f . forgetfulness, 

olerflten* to fly over, M : flee from, yield otwglmagtd over-adorned, LL(386^*). [glen- 

to, B2625. gan] 

ofarfntan^ to overcome, heat, confute, AO. oferglldan^ to glide over, traverse, pass over, 
oferfldwan' to flow over, run over, * overflow, ' overshadow, M. 

AOJjk. oUitfSf^iiAg too covetous, W. [^ overgreedy*] 

offtr-fldwadnet, -flAweii(d)iiee f . excess, ofaifr6waii' to overgrow, CP336^. 

superfluity. ofargumbui to negUct, disregard, RB 1 13*. 

ofar-fldwand (RB), -fldwendlic (Bk18) otargyM ^ttt, ^. 

superfluous. [* overflowing^^ adv. -lice. oleirgs)ABn{i) to encase, overlay or adorn with 
olaiflownaa f . superfluity, CP. gM, M,CP. 

olait6ii^ to seize, take prisoner, AO. ofargyldan overlaid with gold, LL460[I0]. 

olartrtoadnai f. pressure, oppression, VPs ofargtauui=ofeigiman 

Sr. ofargyrd pto. girt, GPH394. 

oferfroran frozen over, AO. ofargytan = of er^etan 

ofarfull too fuU, LPs. [' overfull*] ofargytnat f . oblivion, forgethUness. 

ofarlimdaiiiiai f. trial, experiment, OEG643. otarhaoala f. hood, LL(140"). 
ofarCylgan to pursue, attack, CP. otarhangan covered, GD202". 

otar-fyll, •fylla f . surfeit, gluttony, excess, ofarhiafod adv. especially, in particular, M. 

Bo,Lcd ; M,CP. ['ov erfyW ] [Oer. aberhaapt] 

oferfyllan to cram, RB,WW. ofarhiah very tall, lofty, Run26. ['over- 

ofartylnai f. surfeit, excess, GDdSQ*. high*] 

ofartyrr f. excessive distance, A024*^. [feorr] ofarhaaldan' to ptU off, neglect. ,„„„„ 

ofargSgan to transgress, M. ofarhaalf htefod n. crown of the head, WW 

otargAgadnas f . transgression, M. 156^K 

ofargAgand m. transgressor, MLW^^K olarliaarglan =oferhergan 

ofar-gftn any., -gangan^ to pass over, beyond, ofarhabban* to pass over, omit, neglect, AO, 

across, traverse, cross, JE,Lcd, VPs ; AO,CP: LL ; CP. [* overheave *] 

transgres*, MtL : overrun, overcome, over- ofarhalian to cover over, conceal, Sc ; CP. 

spread, conquer, Chr,Ex,Lcd,Rd ; M : come ['overhele*] 

upon, overtake, seize, attack, JBi,An pass otarhalinian to overshadow, B1364. 




oferhelung f. covering, veiling, conceeding, 

oferheortiiM f. vehemence of feeling, AO 

oferhergemn to overrun, ravage, AO. 

oferhldlg = of erhygdig 

oterbleran (eo, y) to * overhear,' hear, AO : 

disobey, disregard, neglect, AO, 
oferblemes (S, I, y) f. neglect, disobedience : 

fine for transgression of law or legal orders 

('^'superauditio*), LL. 
of erhlgd = of erhygd 
oferhlgo ? m. pn&, PPs SV, [hyge] 
oferhlgUm to delude, turn the head of, B2766. 
oferlilnui ( AO) = of erhieran 
oferhlastan to overload, AO. 
oferhltepan' to jump over, swrmount, over- 

eome, BH : pass over. Led. [' overhap*} 
oferhltapend m. over-kapar, WW190*. 
oferhlteilrian to surpass in loudness. 
otwhlMka failing to hear, PPs 93*. 
oferhUfani (OEG), oferhlifian (iE,CP) to 

tower over, overtop, excel, exceed, surpass. 
oferhmung f . loftiness, sublimity, Gl. 
oter-hlQd, -hlyde clamorous, noisy, WW. 

[*overloud*] adv. -hlude. 
oferhl^ m. a jump {over something), A 

8-308 ; 316. 
oferhlyitrian to clarify, strain, iS:GB222*. 
olerhoga m. despiser, proud man. 
oterhoglan to despise {Bl,Bo). ['overhow''\ 
oterhoglend m. despiser, RB48*. 
oferhogodnet f. pride^ disdain, GD144'. 
oterholt n. phalanx of shields. Ex 157. 
oferhrAgan (w. d.) to tower above? Sol35. 
of erhrifan to roof over, cover. 
oferhr^red overthrou m, WW . 
oferhrops greediness, WW102". 
of erhr^an = of erhr^f an 
of erhi^red = of erhi^red 
ofertayegean to despise, AO.CP. 
ofer-h^d, -hyd-=ofer-hygd, -hygd- 
oferhygd (i) I. fn. pride, conceit, arrogance, 

CP. II. adj. haughty, proud. 
oftorhygdglaii to he proud, CVPsG". 
oferhygdlg I. n. pride. II. adj. haughty, 

ofer-hygdlgOoe, -hidlice, arrogantly, NC313. 
oferhygdu f. = oferhygd I. 
oferhylmond m. dissembler, PPs 118^^*. 
of erb^ran = of erhieran 
oferh^ heedless, neglectful, LL(244*'). 
oferhymod having honM above. Bun 2. 
oferh^es f. heedlessness, neglect, dis- 
obedience, LL. 
+oferUui to elevate, HGl428. 
oferldylUoe vainly, emptily, GPs30'. 
oferlng f. superabundance. Bo. 
oferUUl f. *translatio, ' solemn removal of the 

body or relics of a saint to a shrine, DB62*. 
oUnlSMMSi to oppress, Bl. ['overlead'] 
oferlAfan to be left over, remain, LkLB. 

oleriagu f . doak, Gl. 

ofertoogan to place over, CM 899 : overburden, 

surfeit, BIjU- ; 12^: 
oforlSof very dear, Buv23. 
oforltorui to pass over, or by : transgress, 

oferliomes f . transgression, CPs 100*. 
oforlibban to surtnve, AQr,TC. ['overJive'] 
oferUoe excessively, W. [▼. 'overly"] 
oterllfft (y*) m. excess, NO 348. 
of orDflan = oferhlifian 
oferimtan to light upon, ^L23b*** : excel in 


oferltSan^ to pass over. 
oferlufu f . too great love, W. [*overlove '1 
oferlyfUio above the air, NC314. 
ofennsBOgat m* very illustrious being. 
ofemuBfent ^' overpotvering might. 
ofemiBMtaii to over-fatten. 
ofermAte excessive, immoderate, AO,CP. 

ofennAtUo vast, A062i*. 
of armAto = of ermetto 
ofermagan swv. to have greater power, pre- 
vail, Sc97". 
ofermAVum m. costly treasure, B2993. 
ofennaaroung f. superscription, MkL p6K 
ofermMo I. n. prtde, CP. II. adj. proud, 

arrogant. [m6d] 
ofeimMla m. haughtiness, pride. 
ofermMu (CP)=oferm$tto 
ofermete m. gorging, gluttony, CP. 
ofermCUo f. (often in pL) pride, MjLO,CP. 
ofermloel over-much, excessive, AO,BB. 

ofoimieelnes f. excess. So 13. 
oformdd (1) n. pride, insolence, Oen,Ma. 

['overmod'] (2) adj. proud, overbearing, 

insolent, Bl ; ^.CP. 
ofer-rnddglan (CP), •m6dig(i)an to be proud, 


ofennddguiig f. pride, CP. 
ofermddig proud, arrogant. Led; A.O. [▼. 

ofermddlgnes f. pride, haughtiness, arro- 

gance, Mk. [v. ^overmod'] 
ofermddlio proud, haughty, insolent, CP. 

adv. -lice. 
of enii6dn6s = of ermddiflnee 
ofemtod f . extreme need, Bk,LL. 
ofemimaii* (y) to take away, carry off, seize, 

oferndn fn. afternoon (after 3.0 p.m.), WW 

oferom=:oferam pret. 3 sg. of oferyman. 
oferprQt *over-proud,* presumptuous, arro- 

gant, haughty, 8c. 
oferpr^da m. excessive pride^ 
oferrAdaa to read over, JS : consider, infer. 

oferranc too luxurious, W4»K [*overrank*'\ 
oferreooan to confute, convince, convict, CP. 
oferreneu f. extravagance, W46*. 
olSRlOslaii to rule over, CP119**. 



ofenUan^ to ride across, BH. [* override*] 

oferrowan' to row over, M. 

otenfiUe on the other side of the sea, BH 246*. 

otenAUg excessively happy, DD246. 

ofenAM f. excessive pliasure, Mst6*^ 

ofenAwlso from across the sea, foreign, 

ofeniwan* to sow over, Mtl3**. 

ofersetodan' to scatter over, sprinkle over, 

of«r-foeadJaii (CP), -soeadewian to over- 

otenoeatt m. usury, interest, MtR26''. 

ofenetewtan to superintend, LL. 

ofenetewlgend m. overseer, bishop, LL. 

otonclnmn^ to illuminate. 

ofeneflaii to overshadow, 

ofentem m. bag, LkL12**. 

ofentean to overtax, B2686. 

otenegl m. top-sail, WW7«. 

ofanegllan to sail across, lit. [* oversail *] 

ofarsCgon=oferBawon pret. pi. of ofeneon. 

otenendan to transmit, .£6b172>*. 

ofonteenes f . great illness, LL. 

oisrMolfrtui (y ) to cover over with silver, AO. 

oferston* to see over, overlook, survey, observe, 
see. Bo : despise, neglect, W. [* oversee*] 

otonattaa to set over, VPs : overcome, GD 

olenlttAn* occupy, possess, Bo,VPs -.forbear, 
desist, refrain from, JB,B. [^oversit*] 

ofenlflBge = of eralege 

ofenlAp m. too much sleep, Lod 1-342". 

ofenUan* to subdue, overcome, BB32^^ 

oftonlege n. lintel, M. 

ofenlop n. loose upper garment, surplice, 
stole, Lcd,LkL. [*overslop*] 

of«nIype m. over-garment, surplice, M, 

otemntaung f. too exhaustive consideration, 

ofanprAo f . loquacity, CP. 

otenprAoe talkative, tattling, tale-bearing, 

ofenprAdan to overlay, cover, RB. 

ofenpfvca m. onewhotaXkstoomuch, OEG 28*. 

ofenpreean* to say too much, be abusive, 

of ersprtoe = of enprieoe 

ofenpreool talking too much, tattling, 
indiscreet, CP. 

otenpreoolnes f. talkativeness, CP308". 

oftostAlan to confute, convict, convince, M, 

ofentsBppui* to over-step, cross : exceed, 

ofentandaa* to come upon, BH 308**. 

oferstaall m. opposition, iEH 1-634*^. 

otentealla m. survivor, MH210''. 

ofenteUan to jump over, BH400^. 

of cintoppan = of entseppan 

ofentl^an^ to cUmb over, mount, scale, sur- 
mount, overcome, AO ; M,C^ : surpass, 
excel, exceed, BH ; M,CF, [* oversty '] 

oiantfge m. astonishment, ^L23***. 

otentlgendllo superlative, £Qb15". 

ofenttgomiM *extasis,* passing over, OEO 

ofbrgwlmman* to swim over or across, B 

2367. I'overswim*] 

ofonwlngaa*'imiimer6efafe'! 60344**. 
ofenwTttan (y) wv. and bv^ to overpower, 

overcome, conquer, vanquish, M,h.O,CP : 

excel, surpass, 
otenwfSe adv. over-muc h, exce ssive, 
oferswfSastre f. 'vietrix,* WW 224**. 
ofenwlSnes f . pressure, distress, NG. 
otanwfSrlan to prevail, conquer, 
otanwISung f . pressure, distress, NG. 
oferswogan' to cover, choke, Bl203*, 
of enwytSan = of erewitSan 
otersy Itrian ( AO ) = of erseolfrian 
ofan^man to overload, oppress, [seam] 
ofeitsDl n. odd number, Lod 1-288. 
oltortftie superstitious, Sc218". 
oterteldan* to cover over. Ex 81. 
otertton' to draw over, cover, JE : finish. 
ofortogennes f. the condition of being covered, 
ofertrahtnlan to treat of, MK 1*202**. 
ofeitredan to tread down, OPH, [* over- 
ofertrQwa m. over-confidence, LX 180,8,7. 

ofertrQwlan to trust too much, CP. 
ofaiifoarf f . great need, extreme distress. 
ofarifoarfa m. one in great need, Cb 163. 
otafSaooan to cover over, hide, M. 
ofarMon^'' to excel, surpass, M,C^. 
ofarHoht thought over, considered, Gl>318**. 
ofaiKrtawlan (a*) 'increpare,* EPs67*^. 
ofarHryooadnaB (i) f. pressure, oppression, 

ofaiHrymm m. excessive power, DD62. 
otanvadan to wcttch over, JS, [^overwaie*] 
otarwadan* to wade across, ^40 72**. [* over- 
ofarwaaldan^ to get the better of, LL464[7]. 
ofarwaaldand m. ovtr-lord, ruler. El 1236. 
ofarwaazan* to overgrow, overspread, JB,BL 

ofarwadar n. storm, tempest, Chb794b. 
ofarwallg very rich, NC314. 
ofar-wannan, -wenian to be proud, become 

insolent or presumptuous. 
ofarwaorc n. sarcophagus, tomb, JB,OEQ, 

[* overwork*] 
otarwaorpan* to throw over, overthrow, CP, 

Led : throw down, assault, LL66[11,1] : cast 

something over another, sprinkle : stumblet 

B1643. ['overwarp*] 
otanvlgan to overcome, Sol 299. 
ofarwlUan^ to boil down, [weallan] 
ofarwlnnan'to contend with,overeome, subdue, 

jE,AO ; CP. ['overwin*] 
ofarwlntran to go through the winter, WW, 

I* overwinter*] 
ofarwist f . gluttony, excess, CP. 
otarwlstllc supersuhstantial, MtL6^*. 
otarwlanoaa to be very wealthy, A044^*. 

ofarwlanou f. excessive riches, Qv ^99, 
ofarwraoan* to overwhelm, WW 36^. 




of erwrton^'* to caver over, canceeU, hide, VPs : 

clothe. Mi, [*<wenury'] 
oferwTlgtlB n. covering, Gl. 
oterwrlt n. epistle, MtL plO^. 
of erwyllan = of erwillan 
oferwyroan U> cover over, overlay, Sol ; JE, 

AO. [*overu>ork*] 
oferyld (W 147") = of eryldu 
oferyidu f. extreme old age, MFH 170. 
ofMyman' to go or run over, ^,Lcd : ^o/ver- 
run,^ cover over, overwhelm, JE,BH : run 
past, cross. 
ofOr^ f. overwhelming wave, SPsM**. 
oiMO f. border f KCd-393» 
ofost, ofe8ta]i=ofoBt, ofstan 
ofet, ofett (e) n. fruit, legume, Oen,WW. 

ofetrlpT n. harvest, ZDPh 36-560. 
ofeweard=ufeweard; offdran^ftferan 
offaran* to intercept, overtake, /till upon, 
aUack, M,AO. hmdan o. to intercept from 
behind, cut off retreat, AO. 
ofleallan^ to fall upon, cut off, kUl, destroy, 
end, ^,Chr ; AO : faU away from, be lost to, 
LL144[6]. bine oStoXL committed suicide, 
Chb962a. VoffaU*] 
offeUan = offyllan 
ofltran to overtake (an enemy), M, 
offerenda m. psalm or anthem sung during 

the offertory, MP IQS^; ANS84-6" 
offerian to carry off, B1683. 
offestro f . a xooman of some unknoum calling f 

oflltogan* tofiy away, 
offrian to *offer^ sacrifice, bring an oblation, 

A6,A0, VPs ; CP. [L ofiferre] 
otbringeUtf m. offertory cloth, NC314. 
offrlngdagas mpl. offering days, OEGiO". 
oftrin^dlso m. offertng-dish, paten, Ct. 
offrlnghUU m. shew-bread, Mtl2*. 
ofbingBang m. hymn while an offering is 

made, ^Hl-218»; ^a»214« 
offrlngsoeat m. offering-napkin, BC 3-306. 
offning f. presenting to Ood, oblation, 
sacrifice, JS,Mt : thing presented, * offering,^ 
M, [oflfning- V. also offring-] 
ofEnmghtlB n. hoiuse of sacrifice, NO 314. 
oflningsplo n. sacrificial bacon, JSL25*'. 
oftyU^^ to follow up, LkLB 1*. 
offyllan to strike down, destroy, kiU. 
ot-gin anv., pret. -eode; -gangan' to de' 
mand, require, exact, extort, M : attain, 
obtain, acquire, gain, JEI : start from, begin. 
ofgangend-e, -lie derivative, MQb^ 
of^fen (Gp)=:ofgifen pp. of ofgiefan. 
ofgtetan' to moisten, soak, steep, M : quench, 

of^rid fiUing, Bo8>. 
ofgesttgnes f. descent, MtL p6^. 
otgtetflUQ' (i, y) to give up, resign, leave, quit, 

desert, AO. [gidEan] 
oftaabban to hM back, M. 
oHiaglan to be inconvenient, W. 

ofhaaldaii^ to withhold, retain. 
ofheannlan (imperB.) to cause grief, 
ofhende {out of hand), lost, absent, 11x125**. 
oflilDgilaii to be hungry, JE(3**^), [*o/- 

oftanltan to gore to death, LL32[21]. 
ofhrtosan' to overwhelm, cover over, M : fall 

down, faU headlong, M. 
oftartowan* to cause or feel pity, JS, [' arewe '] 
ofhwyUan to roll up f ARHy 2^*. 
oflman* to overtake, J&,Bo : tire wiih running, 

M, ['ofrun'^ 
ollfitan' to lei go, levy aside, leave behind : Ut 

flow. Bo 66". 

oflAte (a, e) f. oblation, offering, Ps : sacra- 
mental wafer, MJjcd, [*ofieie* ; L. ob- 

oflAthUf m. sacramental wafer, OD343^*. 
oflanglan to long, J?. [*oflonged*] 
oiUte(FP«) = ofl»te 
ofleogan to lay down, PPs68^. 
ofltegaa* to lie, be false, PPs 17«*. 

oflicgan* to overlay (a child), LL. Vofiie'] 
oflldaii (w. d.) to displease, be displeasing 

ofUnnan* to cease, stop, Bl247*. 
oflonglaii = oflangian 
oflystan to fill vfilh desire, please. Bo ; M. 

pp. of-lysted, -lyst desirous of, pleased 

wiOi, lofiust*] 
ofmanlan to exact (a fine), "LL, 
ofmunan swy. to remember, recollect, CP. 
otmyrSrlan to murder, Ghb979x. 

ointedlan to obtain by force, extort, TC295'*. 
ofnet n ? closed vessel, Lod lib. [ofn] 
ofnlman* to fail, LL(170*). 
ofor = ( 1 ) eof or ; (2) uf or ; (3) of er 
otost f. haste, speed, zeal, I&, adv. -lice. 

on ofoste, of (e)8tum speedily, hastily. 
ofr (GL)=hofer 
ofrSoan to get through {an ordeal) success- 

fuUy, LL333 ool 2. 
6tre8 g8. of of er. 

otrlan, ofrung (A0)= offrian, offning 
olridan^ to overtake by riding, overtake, £, 

Chr. Vofride'] 
offtaoan* to deny a charge, XLlOSsn. 5. 

ofteacan* to shudder, OEG4160. 
ofsoeamlan (a) to put to shame, JB,Bo. 

oftetetan* to shoot down, hit, kill, M,AO,CP. 

pp. ofscoten elf -struck {of cattle seized wilih 

sudden disease), 
ofseleaones ( APs43'') = ofslegennee 
otMotlaa to shoot dead, AO. 
olMndan to send for, summon, CArl048. 

['of send*] 
olsion* to see, beh old,^ . [* of see *] 
offeetenes f. siege, WW458**. 
ofiMtnlan to besiege, NO 349. 




obettui (») to beset, oppress, affiid, Hept, 
Lcd;M. V of set*] 

oiBsUimg f. pressure. So 143*. 

ofSlttan* to press down, repress, oppress, JR, 
CP : occupy, Hept,Bo ; CP : hedge in, com- 
pass about, besiege. [*o/«t<'] 

ofilten* to strike off or out, cut off : strike 
doum, kiU, AO,BH,Lcd ; M,CV. Vofslay'] 

otIitoseiiiiM f. slaughter, JRVP843*'. 

ofsntan* to bite {of a serpent), M. 

ofsmoiian to suffocate, strangle, AO. 

ofiraltten^ to cut off, kill, M, 

ofsprlng m. * offspring,* descendants, pos- 
terity, JB,CD, 

otipyTlaii to trace oui, LL96[17]. 


ofitseppan* to trample upon, M, 

otBtandan* to remain, persist, continue. Led ; 
M : restore, make restitution. [* of stand*] 

ofitede adv. immediately. So 193^'. 

otetende hastening, CM 186. 

otBttoian to pierce, slab (to death), transfix, 

obttg swift, QPH392. 

ofjitlngaii' to pierce, stab {to death), AO,Chr ; 
M,C¥. V of sting*] 

otstlnt(» of stent) pree. 3 ag. of ofstandan. 

olitnoe = (rfoetUce 

otBtofen impelled, PPs. 

ofitum v. of oet. 

otBwelgan* to swaUow up, 6046^*11. 

oCiwerlBii to abjure, deny on oath, LL. 

ofSwlngan' to scourge {to death), AO 164'. 

oft adv. comp. oftor, super], oftost often, 
frequently, CP,0 ; M. oftost svmle con- 
tinually, o. a,n.d geloTXke diligently. [*oft*] 

ottacan* to overtake, NC326 (late). 

ottalu f . rejoinder, verdict against a claim, 

on«on< to withhold, withdraw, M,CP. 

ottMn requiriTig many journeys to carry, v. 

otthr Ad- = of tried- 

otdga m. withholding, LL. 

oftorflan to stone to death, M,AO. 

oftrAde often or always available : frequent. 
Bo 136". 

ottrAdUo frequent, AO. ady. -Uoe, CP. 

ottredan* to tread down, trample on, tread to 
death, M,AO. [* ofVread *] 

ottsl5 m. frequent occasion, AO. on of tslSas 
frequenUy, Chb979o. 

oftlKirtel n. frequent washing, NC314. 

ottyrfan to stone, AO 172**. 

otMnan to moiHen, Lcd. 

otSeor, OEGll'^'andn. 

oUtoqsan lo destroy. Gen 2002. 

otttoflan to dry up? i£L34^««. 

ofSencan to recall to mind, CP349". 

oMannan = ofSsennan 

otSlnctf pres. 3 sg. of oftSyncan. 

otSlnen moist (pp. of *ofoman). 

ot-Vreooan (KQl), -t$riooan=of5rYCoan 

ofSrlngan' to throng, press upon, M. 

ofSryooan (e, i) to press, squeeze, M ; oppress, 

afflict, repress, M : occupy forcibly. 
ot-ttiyeoednas, -tSrycnes f. distress, trouble, 

oppression, CP. 
oMryBean to repress, subdue, CP. 
of-ffrysmtan, -tJiysman to choke, stifle. 

oftSylman to choke, suffocate, NC314. 
ofl^can (impers.) to give offence, insult, vex, 

displease, weary, grieve, JB,AO,B,Bo,CP, 

LL. i'ofthink*] 
otByrstan to suffer from thirst, be thirsty, thirst 

{for), Hept,8aul ; JSi [* athirst, ' ' ofthirst '] 
offi^tiian to obscure, 8P873'^. [tSeoetrian] 
otunnan swy. to begrudge, deny, grudge, envy, 

otweard( MFH 170) =aifweard 
otweoipan' to stone {to death), hiU by a 

missile, ^»A0. 
otworplan to kiU {by stoning), LL. 
otwiindrtan to be astonished, M. 
otyrit (WW386») =afyredjpp. of afyran. 
dga m. fear, terror, dread, M : terribie object, 

S». [ege] 
dgengel m. bar, boU, WW459i*. 
d-hllde (e*, y*), -heald sloping, inclined, Gi«. 
dht I.t f- persecution f fear f [op. Oer. acht] 

ohtrtp V. ofetrip. 

d-hwAr, -hweoer = -a-hw^r, -hwstSer 
ohwanon = ahwonan ; dhylde = 6hilde 
61 pret. 3 Bg. of alan. 
dlAC"=olece-; olb6nd=olfend 
±oleoeaii {m, i) to soothe, caress, flatter : 

please, charm, propitiate, CP. [leccan] 
dleooere, 51eoere m. flatterer, CP(i). 
61eoeung (se) f . soothing, flcMery, persuasion, 

allurement, charm, CP. 
dleotend m. flatterer, Cpl619. [»61eooe(iid 

pree. ptc. of dlecoan] 
dloctung (MFH 170) =51ehtung 
61ehtung f . flattery, MFH 170. 
olfend mf., olfenda m. camel, Bl,Mt;CB. 

[*olfend*; L, elephantem] 
oUendmyre f . she-camel, M. 
61100-= olecc- 
oil n. contumely, contempt, scorn, insult, JE. 

on oil *nequicquam,* OEG2000. 
ollono, ollnnc, olln ng (L WS ; A)=andlaiig 
6I6wong m. strap, WW379»«. 
61yhtword n. flattering speech, Bl90**. 

6in m. rust, ^. 
6ma? m. omeT f. a liquid measure, ▼. NO 

314. [L. (h)ama; Oer. ohm] 
6nian fp. eruptions of the skin, erysipelas, 

Lcd. [cp. healsome] 
omb- = amb- 

6moynn n. corrupt humour, Lcd 31a. 
omer (a^, e^) a bird, 'scoreUus,* Gl. 
omlan to become rusty. So 196*. 




&iiiddaii = onmiddan 

dmlg rusty, ruat-eaten, rust-coloured : in- 
flammatory, Lci>. 

6niUit inflammatory, LcD. 

ompella = ampella ; ompre = ampre I. 

on I. prep. (w. d., inatr., and a.) (local, etc.) 
* on, upon, on to (but ofer is more common), 
up to, among, AO,CP,Bo,BH,0 : in, into, 
within, JE,BHJ*s : (temporal) in, during, 
at, on, about, jS,AO : agatnst, towards, AO, 
BH,Mt : according to, in accordance with, 
in respect to, ^,Bo,Ps xjor, in exchange for, 
II. adv. on, BH,CP ifortoard, onward, km : 
continuously, M (f or<S on), on riht rightly. 
on nr adv. formerly, on an continuously, 
in concert : at once, forthwith. III. pree. 
3 8g. of annan. IV. (M)=ond, and 

on- I. often meaningleBS, and only rarely» 
prep. on. II.=an-. III.=:un- 

onAbl&wan^ to blow on, i£. 

onaddn anv. to put on, MLV**. 

onAht f. possession, 0VPs2^ 

ondlan to set fire to, ignite, heat, inspire, 
incite, inflame, bum, consume, Chr{a3i-), 
Oen,8ol ; M,CP. [* anMal{ed) '] 

onAlend m. 'incensar,* QPH399. 

onAlet n. lightning, LPs 143*. 

onAr adv. formerly, [on] 

onse/Seie (w. d.) natural to. Met 13". 

onttiebbaa* to lift up, exalt, CP56^'. 

onfti n. burning : incense, what is burnt. 

onftrban^ to rise up {against), ERPs. 

onam pret. 3 sg. of onieman. 

onisAwan^ to implant, instil, MFH 170. 

onflsounung = onsounung 

onftsendan to send into, implant in, impart 
to, CM 203. 

onAsendednes {&) f. *immissio,* LPs 77'*. 

onftsetodnes f . a laying on {of hands), NC349. 

onAsettaa to set upon, place on, impress upon, 

oniswAgan to sound forth, LPs 28'. 

onAwlnnan' to fight against, LPs 34^ ; 65>. 

onbsac adv. backwards, back, behind. 

onbsBcUng (e) adv. backward, behind, o. 
gewend having one^s back turned, M. 

onbeaman to kindle, ignite, heat, excite, in- 
spire, inflame, bum, AO,CP. 

on-b8Brnlng (JPs65^*), -bsmes (8Ps) f. in- 

onb&ru f . self -restraint? 6u 1027. 

onbtaiung f . expectation, DB 4**. 

onbeblftwan^ to blow upon, LPs 104^*. 

onbeeUng (£Ps) = onhseclmg 

onbecuman=onoaman; onbCgan = onbigan 

onbSgnes f . bending, curvature, WW. [began, 

onbeht = ambiht 

onbelftdan to inflict upon, WW 00. 

onbSn f. imprecation, BH104*. 

onbtedan' to command, order, AO : announce, 
proclaim, M,AO. 

onbeoraan' to set fire to, inflame. 

onbtetond threatening, impending. 

O. H. 

onberan* to carry off, plunder : diminish, 

onbergan = onbyrgan 
onbesctawung f. inspection, examination, 


onbesctefan* to thrust out, WW220i*'*i. 
onbestSlan to convict of crime, LL30[15]. 
onb6Stlngan=inbeBtingan; onbtdi=;anbid 
onbldan^ to remain, unit : w. g. wait for, 

await, expect : attend upon, U)ait on. 
onbigan (e) to subdue, subjugate. 
onbllit= ambiht 

onblndan' to unbind, untie, loosen : disclose. 
onblrgan = onbyrgan 
onbltan^ (w. g.) to taste of, partake of, feed 

onbUtet m. * impetus,' onrush, attack, EHy 

onbUtetan to break in, WW42SK 
onblandan* to mingle. As 675. 
onblftwan^ to blow into, inspire : puff up, 
onbUwlng f. breathing upon, JnL p8*(in-). 
onbMwnes f. inspiration, Bl7**. 
onbllmian (MFH 1 18) = ablinnan < 
onblotan* to sacriflce, kill a victim, GKR2933. 
onbran =onbam pret. 3 sg. of onbeoman. 
onbreoan* to burst upon, attack, destroy. 
on-bregdan, -bredan* to move, bow, start up : 

burst open. 
onbring m. instigation, LL. 
onbrlDgelle f. insiigation, ^L23b**^ 
onbrosnung f. decay, corruption, £P829^. 
onbryee m. inroad, OEG2480. 
onbryrdan (ab-, inb-) to excite, inspire, in- 
cite, encourage, M,CP. onbryrd excited, 

fired, ardent : contrite, [brord]. 
onbryrdlng f. incitement, WW419«*. 
onbryrdnes (e*) f. inspiraiion, incitement, 

ardour, ^ : remcrse, contrition. 
onbtlgan**^ to bend : bow, submit, yield, to 

agree toith, Bl,Mt ;M,AO : bend aside, 

deviate, ["oit^oto*] 
onbOtan prep. (w. d. a.) and adv. abouJt, 

round about : round, around, adv. phr. 

west o. f aran to go west about. 
onbyhtaceale = ambihtsoealc 
onl^rdan = anbyrdan 
onbyrgan I. (e, i) to taste, eat, M. II. to be 

surety, v. 0EG7". 
onbyrglng f. tasting, Lcd 1-136^'. 
onbyrhtan to illuminate, Bl 105'^. 
onbyrlgnes f. tasting, Bl209^*. 
onceig- (N) = oncig- 
onoennan to bear, bring forth, M. 
oncer =anoor; onoerran=onoirran 
onolgan (ei*) to call upon, invoke, DR. 
onclgnes, oncignng (ei) f. invocation, DR. 
onolrran (e, y) to him, alter, change, trans- 
form : turn off or away, avert, prevent ; 

turn oneself, go. 
onclfow =anoleow 

onellflan (eo, y ) to adhere, stick to, persist in. 
onolyflende sticking to, tenacious, Ct. 
ono^lan to call upon, M. 





OB-eoAwe, -cnawe knownt recognised. 
onenAwin' to understand, knew, perceive, 

observe. Ma ; M,CP : acknowledge, confess, 

disclose, JB. [' acknow *] 
on-eniwtiiiiM {M), -onawnes (CP) f. ac- 

knowledgmenl, knowledge. 
onanyisaii to cast down, afflict, GPVPs. 
oneayttan = ononyttan 
oiieor=aiioor; foan=ancr» 
onmuiuui* to come upon, befoL 
onounnaii swr. to know, Gl : reproach, 

blame, accuse, CP. 
oneuDDM f. aecusaiion, JVPs ; BH212^. 
onemuiliig f. aecusaiion, BH212^*(b). 
onewealdaii to slay, EPsdP. 
onewntei* to answer, resound, echo, JR : 


oiMsyrfan = onoimtn 
onofffoa to make known. 
ono9M«d f. hur^ deed. Ah 1181. 
on^ttg (EL725)=unoy9ifl7 
onoJWf t' pain, distress <^mind. 

ondAUm to infuse, DR. 
ondAland m. one who imparts, infuser. 
oiuto-=aQde-; oiidor-=ander- 
ondenlio* ondeslio (DR)=ondi7Ben]io 
ondetn, ondeenes f . fear, DR. 
oiidglt=andgiet; ondlim = andlSm 
ondllota = ondwleota, andwlita 
endlong = andlang ; ondo (NG) = anda 
onddn smv. {l)to undo, open [»im-] : (2) to 

put on {clothes), CM.390;So»3^. [^ondon] 
onddiing f. injection, LoD97b. 
on-drMan^ (and wv.) pret. 3 eg. -drSd, 

-dried, -dreord (A), also -dri&dde, pp. -drisd 

(tr.) to dread, fear, B,Chr,Mt : (lefl.) be 

afraid, El,Lk. ['adread'] 
ondrAdendllc /ear/u/» terrible, M. 
ondrAdlng f . dread, fear, terror, AO. 
ondrencan to intoxicate, Guth62**. 
ondrem = ondrysna 
ondrlnoan' (w. g.) to drink, BH. 
ondrlslio = ondrysenlio 
ondnmcnlan to become intoxicated, EPs35*. 
on-drysenllo, -drys(n)lio terrible. 
ondrysne terrible : feared, venerated, vener- 

ondiymUc = ondrysenlio 

ondryinu = andiyraio 

ondrystlio = ondiyBenlic 

ond8-=aiidB-; ondw-=andw- 


onealdian to grow old, SPs31'. 

oneardlan to inhabit, GSPs. 

oneardlend inhabitant, indwetter, GD^PPs. 

onefen, onefn = onemn 

on-«gaa, -ignan (oe) to fear, dread, [dga] 

onemn I. prep. (w. d.) abretul of, alongside 
of, by, near, during, AO. II. adv. together, 
exactly, directly, o. tSiem at the same time. 

onemnilrdwlgan to sympathize, i£L23b**'. 

oneiian to plough up, M, CP. 

onernlng f. attack, DR36^. [ieman] 

dnottan to hasten, hurry forward, be quick, 

M : be busy, brisk : anticipate, M,CP. 
dnettung f. predpitalian, CP465". 

onlSgung f. breathing on, ERPslT". 
ontognlan to fawn on. Bo 102". 
onfflDreld n. going on, progress, journey : 

going in, entrance : attack, <issault, incur- 
sion, Sc212*. 
onfSMtnlan to pierce. 
onfnfSmnei f. embrace, Bl7**. 
onfangend m. receiver, ES9-37. 
onfangmnes f . reception, acceptance, M. 
onf ealdan' to unfold. 
onfaaU (e) m. sweUing, Led. [* onfaU '] 
onfeallendepto. ruling on. 
onfehtan (VP8)»onfeohtan ; ontoll«onfeaU 
onleng L = (+) andfeng. IL pret. 3 sg. of 


iionfeng- = andfeng- 
onfeohtan' (e) to attack, assault, fight with, 

onflUende ptc. falling upon, overwhelming, 

onmte (WW) =anfilte 
onllndan' (but occL wk. pret. onfunde) to 

find out, learn, perceive, feel, notice, observe, 

discover, CP : experience, suffer. 
onflndend m. discoverer, GPU 391. 
onflAsenea f. incarnation, Bl81** ; BHy 2^. 
onflyge m., onflygen n. infectious disease 

(BT), LoD. 
onfdn^ to take, receive, accept, BHJUd,Mt ; 

JS : stand sponsor, Chb : harbour, favour 

unrighteously, LL : undertake, engage in, 

Bl. onf angenum gebede after engaging in 

prayer : begin : conceive, Ps. Vonfang*] 
onfdnd m. undertaker, supporter. 
onfondUo (an-) 'accipendus,' NC314. 
onf ongenes = onf anxennee 
ottfOran I. prep, b^ore (time), cU the begin- 

ning of, Cnr. IL adv. before, in front of, 

Ps. ['afore'] 
onfordon pto. destroyed, LPs 101*^. 
onforeweard-um, -an sAy. in front, in the 

first line, in the fore part, above aXt, M ; 

onforht = anf orht 
onforhttan to be afraid, fear. 
onforwyrd n. destruction, CSPs. 
onfundelnes f . experience, Lcd. 
onfondennes f . explanation : trial, experiment, 

onga = anga ; ongngn, ongftn = ongean 
ongalan* to charm. 
ongalend m. enchanJter, BlPs 57*. 
ongalnes f. song, BRPs70*. 
ongtn I. » ong&ikn. 1 1, any. to approach, 

enter into, ES38** : attack, ES41-325. 
ongang m. entrance, incursion, assault, 

ongangan^=ongan; onge=enge 
on-gtan (a, 8) ,-geagn (», e) L prep, towards, 

a{iainst, opposite to, contrary to, M,Lk', 




AO,CP : against, in exchange for, IL adv. 

apposite, back, JS,Chr,Ct,Lk : * again.* 

eft o. back again, o, tSsst on the other hand, 

on the contrary, 
ongCancyme m. return, M, 
ongSancyrrendllo relatitfe, iEGB23P^. 
ongtanfealdan^ to fold back, roU back. 

So 148". 
ooftanfftran (agean-) to return, 
ongfiaaflowende ebbing and ftotmng, y. OEG 

ongtenhworfeimes f. turning again, OEG 

ongtanhwyrt (ag-) m. return. 
ongSanhwyrfan (ag-) to turn again, return. 
ongSanlecgan to lay up, store up. So 156*. 
ongtenspreoan* to speak against, revile, 

ongtenweard going back or towards, AO : 

near, Bk4. adv. -weardee, M. 
ongHnweudlleadversative. adv. -Hoe, ^Gs. 
ongtanwerlan to revile in return, R617^'. 

ongianwmrlan to oppose, 8033**. 
ongtanwyrdnes f. opposition, OEG 3975. 
ongeboren in-born, OEG. 
ongebrecan* to attack, ravage, 
ongelirliigaii to bring upon : impose, CM 36 : 

enjoin, CM 1185 : incUne, induce, ^L25*^*. 
ongeolgan to eaU upon, invoke, RHy 1^ 
ongedgung (ei*) f. invocation, DR99i*. 
ongaoopUoe =aiigecop]ioe 
ongefsMtnlaii = onf eetian 
ongeteht n. attack, DR. [f eoht] 
ongaflogen attacked by disease, Lcd1'86'^ 

[op. onflygen] 
on-gegen, -gegn =ongean 
ongatarfiosan* to rush upon, fcUl upon. 
ongehrlnaii^ to touch, 

ongeli^Vnes f. advantage, profit, LL476[12]. 
ongel, Oiigel= angel I., Angel 
ongelAdan =ingel»dan 
ongellhtah ( AS 2*) = onlihtan 
on-gamang, -gemong prep. (w. d.) and adv. 

among, during, CP : meanwhile, CM. o. 

ISisum, i$&m. meanwhile. 
ongemet = uneemet 
ong^n, ongend=ongean 
onganAman to take away (from), Guth 14^. 
ongenlman* io take away. 
oogeotan = ongietan 
ongtetung f. pouring in, LoD88a. 
on-garwan, pp. -gered (VPs)=:ongirwan 
ongeaten = onsSon 
ongasetenes f. kno^dedge, BH474^*. 

ongedtan* to slay, BH44". 

ongespanan^ to draw on, allure, WW 421**. 

onget- = ongiet- 

ongetAcan to enjoin, CM 363. 

oiigetlinln*an to build up, AO. 

ongettwSre = angetSw&re 

ongewlnn n. assault. So 33^'. 

ongewlss = ungewias 

ongewrlgannei (GD139^)=onwTigeimeB 

ongtaldan' (i) to atone for, be punished for, 
pay [the penalty) for, AO : pay, offer (gifts, 
sacrifice). [Oer, entgelten] 

onglan = onginn 

ongierwan (AS 69*<*) s ongirwan 

ongtetan' (e, eo, i, y) to grasp, seize i under- 
stand, learn, recognize, know, distinguish, 
judge, consider, Mt(j) ; AO,CP : see, per- 
ceive I perceive by hearing, hear : feel, 
experience : know carnally : get, take away 
(&g-). Vanget*] 

ongletenas f. knowledge, understanding : 

ongifan' (») to give back, M : forgive. 

onglldan = ongieldan 

onginn = anginn 

onglnnan* to begin, attempt, endeavour, try 
hard, JSi,0;AO,CP. (This vb. is often 
nsed periphrasticc^ly w. another vb. in the 
inf., to aenote the simple aotion of the 
latter. The compound is best translated 
by the historical aorist of the second vb.) : 
attack, assail : act (ag-). [*ongin*] 

onglnnendlie inchocaive, MGn. 

onglnnas f . undertaking, 

on-glrwan pret. -girede I. to unclothe, divest, 
Hrip. [»ungierwan] ll.toclothe,EVslSl^. 

onglt=andgiet; ongtt-=ongiet- 

Ongla (AO), OngU80= Angle, Englisc 

ongnora T ongnere = angnere 

Ongol= Angel; ongong=ongang 

ongris-y ongrys- =angriB- 

ongiypa m. attack, W 187*. 

ongryrallo horrible, Guth 36**. 

ong8ata=angseta; ongimnene8=onginn68 


ongyrdan to unbuckle, unfasten, BH 196**. 

ongyman to impose, infitct on. So 10*. 

ongytan = ongietan 

onhMfan to unfrock, divest of holy orders, 

onhSldan ( VPs) = onhieldan 

onhAlaf secret, concealed, hidden. 

onhAtan to heat, infiame, AO,CP. 

onhaglan (impers.) to be possible or con- 
venient, be fUting, suit, please, M,CP : be 
€U leisure. 

ovitMaik^^ to promise. 

onbiltian to become hot, WW. 

onhftwlan to behold, MLS^K 

onhealdan' (an-) to keep (peace). Met 11**. 

onbtew m. iirunk of tree, block of wood for 
hewing on, WW. 

onhebban* (occl. wk. pret. onhefde) to raise 
up, erect, lift up, exalt, M : leaven : begin : 
take away. 

onhetednes (an-) f. exaltation, RB23*. 

onhald- =onhield- 

onhergian to waste, ravage, BH. 

onheri- = onhyri- 

onhattlng f. persecution, OEG 2^ 

onhlogan = onhyogan 

onhieldan (CP) (i*) to bend, bend down, lean, 
recline incline : decline, sink. 





onhleldediMt (e*, jr*) f. declining, CVP872«. 
onhlerwan (u^, y") to deride, blaspheme, W 

onhlglan to deapoU, 0E6. 
onblglend m. deapoiler. OEG2209. 
onblndan, onhinder adv. behind, backward, 
onhinderUng adv. back, PPs. 
onhfaoan = onhyscan 

onhlldan^ to open, reveal, uncloee : appear. 
onbllnlan to lean on, Ql. 
onhnlgan* to bend down, bow, worship. 
onhobSDlui to detest? (BT) hamsiringt 

cripple, check? (Bugfe), B1944. 
onbon^ to hang, cruc^, 
<mlir8Bgl n. covering, wrap, H6l490. 
oiihrAran=onhreraii; oiilirfi8=onrflM 
ODhr^odan* to adorn (or ? omeodaai^ redden) 

onhrtosan* to fall upon, rush upon, 
onlirtran to move, disturb, agitaie, arouse, 

exciU, CP. 
onhrfnan* (w. g. or d.) to touch, lay hold of, 

onlirine m. touch, contact, Lod 1*328^ 
onbrop m. importunity, M. 
onhuplan to step back, retire, CP4 41**. 
ontawelan^ to bellow back, resound, WW628'*. 
onhwMirlaii* to change, turn, reverse, CP. 
onhwerfan (y*) to turn, change, turn rour^. 
onhwerfednes («) f. change, AS 9*. 
onhyogan to consider, DA473(i). 
ontayldan = onhieldan 
ontayrdant to strengthen, encourage, [heard] 

onliyTeneB f . imiiation, CP. 

onhyrgend m. emulator, imitator, WW. 
ontayrian (e) to emulate, imitate, CP. 
onhyring f. emulation, imitation, zeal, M, 

onhyTsamlan to be busied with, occupied in, 

onh^Bcan (i) to mock at, vilify, reproach : 

detest : deceive, [huso] 
onleman' (t) to give way, open {of a door) : 

*currere,* BPsUS" : 'incurrere,' LL 

onlnnan prep. (w. d.) and adv. within, into, 

oiilAo(Cpl726) = onleac, pret. 3 sg. of 

onlsBO-oan, -Ban to vex, EPs. 
onlflBoeung (e*) f. 'irrita,* EPs. 
onlSdan = inl£dan 
onlAnan to lend, grant, let, lease, CP. 
onlSpiiei (BH128**)=anlipaes 
onldtan to relax, loosen, let go, permit. 
onlang = andlang 
onMc=anleo; onlee-=onlseo- 
onleegend« (salve) to be applied, LcD. 
onlegen f. poultice, Lcd. 
onltogan' to misrepresent. Bo. 
onltoht- = onliht- 
onlton^ to lend, grant, give. 
onltoVlan = onlioigan 
onlta- =